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F. R. BdCRiOKB, 635 Arcb-fttreet, Philadelphia. — Ons C 
St. liOaia.— Kxix k Co., Chicago.— Smitu Ac Woktiii.'*. 
Clevelaad.— HsNBY Tdrnbb k Co., 7T Fleet-street, ant 
London.— H. TaRinut k Co., 41 Pieadtlly, and 15 Mar 




Thu day 'biings to a close the labor of mmj montlMS 
and, as tbe last pages of this volume are passing through 
my hands, I desire to saj a few words in regard to the 
■cope and aim of my nndertakiiig. . . 

A work of snch TUUTersal necessity and prime impor- 
tance to the honueopathio physiciaa as oar UAmuj. of 
SiKFTOKATOLOOT, of oomiBO Is in constant and daily de< 
maud ; and, when it was found that the last edition was 
ezhaosted, and the work out of print, it became a matter 
of no small moment to have a new edition prepared as 
promptly as practicable. But, as many new remedies 
and a vast amount of clinical experiraice had aceomn- 
lated since the former edition, it was judged advisable 
to embody ae much as was valuable of this in the forth- 
coming edition, bnt without encroaching upon or mu- 
tilating the original text, except where it was found ab- 
solutely faolty or erroneous. Li this way, therefore, tiiere 
have been added tnem^-ma new remediea and sotne too 
h/undred pages of neio dinioal easperienoe, some of which 
relates to the new remedies introduced, and some to the 
older remedies which have been long in nse. Wherever 
it was practicable, also, a aueoinct resume qf ike at^ion 
of each rer * was given — showing its general sphere oi 

actdon, its qiention, md its uAota tm ipeci 
oi^aoB : a meet impoitant kdditiou, ^ vlSS&j d w 
onij .be tuAj nndeittood by m attentive penutiL 
This, the second volune, ktneTei, iiu ttswA 
fall and complete in erer; paitica\&i ^t it v 
to find anjtliing demuiding vsuSa ilteration < 
All the chapten were w Ml and yi& ^gee 
eeveral -wayft— new BoggeBliona and iniicatii: 
medies wore bo completely tonatiilled— ^t i 
forced to content lumadf vith ad^ng Bac\i 
as bare come into Tiae mnce &e \eAt ft^ 
reeling any erroie ttIucIi bad. imaToid^V 
former edition. It is boped ^b&t \h& 
and QBefnlnees of tbe -wliole -nock. 'wi\i 
creased. At all eveata, no \a^r baa "bf 
it what it elionld be, and to 'bxing it 
of tbe present day. 

"And here 1 cannot -witblioVA & \ 
to those who have devotei Xkemae 
BO -worthilj to the ady&iiceiiaeiit c£ '' 
both in this and Undxed. 'worka. 
HiTLL, HKKizra, Ssufbx^ "M-asor^ 
parably connected -with, our "^tet 
gratefnlly regarded 'by -oa -Who i 
their labors. In fact, -wTs-cn o^s&. 
of homoeopathy thirty yeara ^j 
at the present xaoxnent, on^ ca 
deq>e8t obligation to those -w'' 
its claimB, and -withstood the 
To BQch men as GitAjitf Gsx" 
JoBLiN, Mo'VxaKA:Ee — men -vri 
gave dignity to the canse 

V V^-r.^,^-U-l^ 





*^ *>« BO 

* difficult 
^ ^ their 

'^'^^ Oi admiration 

eft ^ eameBtly and 

>mcft^pathic literature, 

*^^ names of Jahb, 

i^^ GtTHBHSEY are inse- 

3^^ and mTiBt ever "be 

d Teaping the 'benefits of 

ooks Wk at the position 

), aad then at its position 

aot "but OTNn a sense of the 

a We BO manfdly asserted 

>ii\mi of an Trnpopnlar cause. 

) Huix^'VAKDEKBuao, Batakd, 

iae leammg and social position 

fl^ey esponBcd— are due its pie- 

^ position. Tbey haye redeemed 

Mid We elevated it to the dig- 

'^'^en ns a portion honorable 


in the ejes of the world and ex 
have colleges, clinics, hospitals 
before we were denied these adi 
the simplest medical conrtesy; 
powerful sect, holding the conj 
and protected by law, where we 
of neglected and nnregarded the< 
and manly front presented by th 
to the encroachments of onr op; 
stability to onr foothold; while 
forcible writers were spreading 1 
far and wide, and carrying a 
every honsehold. 



I N T R O D IT T I O N . 

Im plwnog li«fbre the pnblio the second volame of oui' work, whi 
the Snt, bu been leTisad and Mitirel; remodelled, we are compi 
expreta our regret tlut the greater part of the French pbjsidfti 
attached too mooh importamoe to the old Repestort, which 1 
annexed to the German edition merely as a simple appendix and 
betieal register. Eetimating the materia medioa and the Bumnu 
the Text (VoL I.) as the only huat on whioh inTBtdgations sho 
evtablished, our dengu has been by no mean* to fumiBh ab«olai 
eationa, but only to ^tb instmotionB for making just researohea 
Refektokt has been arranged to be employed in oonunon w: 
Text, Materia Hedioa, and oUier ptaotical works of bomOMpatl 
not to plaa of them ; whenoe it is, among the indicationa pven, t 
hftve frequently exeeeded the Text in reoording many ■ymptomi 
its eonoise summariei £d not contain, but whiob have been < 
from other homDeopathio works. In oonseqnenoe of this a part 
cnpanoy bai arisen between the two rolnmn of onr work, which, 
theloM, will not incommode those who are at all &miliar w 
•onrcee from whence we have derived oar infbrmation, bat whicl 
to be vexations to tlioie whoM knowledge of homtsopathio worl 
not extend beyond our Muruu. A complaint hai also been o« 
ally nrg«d, without nflectton, that, whenever an accurate eorreapt 
existed between the Text and the Rxpxxtobt, the latter thoi 
have been altered, which would, to the extent, only afford a eonr 
to the student of pathogenesis, while it wonld be qoite nnaaited i 
to auawer as a sure guide to thoaa who have no previons knowli 
the materia medica. 

On this aoconnt, however denroua we have been to harmon 
two volumes of this work, we bave deemed it essentially iicpoi 
ipve this a form whioh would w it more oseiiil for begbne: 

were the fngmmtaTy indioaf F the old Rbpxktokt, and in 

respect a noet unerring goid have, tharefiire, placed at Ui 

ct mA olH^tar, ud nndor of Cuncu Rxiuuut^ At 

ItOM M ditcl of Ndi ot Ik ficnmnt im.'ff te ^ wnnltei mt 
to tlM ditennt bnu of £bm» ', tnd, T^i^( AitM iuikalMiK 
iiMt MMibl pirt of tba Uliiiill,v« Ui« IaW til ^V^£ 
urlii^ Uiem u toth i isuuiu ^ w 1^ ^tMa vmi\Kt 
th) old RinLTD&i eui U enlwA] dii^wA vil^-, ^>i&t < 
wn, in bi> ranuoliu, jui ^m<1] Inrn tU CUwoL tn 
iiHnmariM of tlw Tiit. 

That il U thu t\ie oM 'RmnotT iana,m ni!fii^,\^ 
ment to Ibis Don odMon, n^b niU ft(n« <& \lSii\-] Vi ^ 
putLcol&T waet, bat to vbkb ¥« ftMn^ oiA^ a kmi 
ID the icfiute «hi>ic« nl *, medieuBent. '^ii ^uw 
nnd inth tqoil mk, ftnA Kni'idtei n^ iA\ \lt« a« 
Tot; ud it niU b« canett,t\] tAmneA 'ink 'A '« 
of Uie prior edition in pTHeiiiii^ t!be consi^a&ini 
In ttM mMDtimo lh« n&«l tannB ot '^ ^asur 
found in 6m IvA, n'A'a' unii,«iA im^ 'Co 
thftt bu guided oi to itA n^sl.'ntiQ^ ui& as ii 
idUl; HjDODTmout «xptMnow m «> hh^ u^ 
«\iMTT«d, alio, that & ■^m'gloui <A Aa %,iyu 
in the oomipoa£Tt£ ^ba.'gtei cA 'ik« 't«i 
oliBpter, and mslung put <A VBtlia.«t ^d- 
Oftaee itiU, i*Vteii ttie pft!£bo%e'D««« ^ a. 
no dirtet tnce o! & tym^Wnv t««iit&,«& 
to rekd it ^tb abtBn.&i'a V> «Ae«iH^A "t 
oient for ita regiBtT%tioii. '¥T«a^«&A 

lia.'V* BOtn«tliaes nddoA &e^jiLA:b ^«*\Cv 
toms, -would 'h&rf« '^TO'^^Al "bMHi lUi 
non, tb« TnOT« fti« -cciwifeT twoCd^ 

* It !• qult« *.a «K*7 laolt : 
■noH KM oar RsrsKTOKT o' 
make « BitnnMr irork -woul | 
«11. Tbia «ppU«> to »ii o 
monize 'with tliA Freoo* 
OemiMi T«xt tbe perpi i 

fug it -wontd. 1>« tu er- 
"whioli ive ahoiild ntn' 

10 nsTEODuanoN. 

la the compoaiUon of the Clinical articles we have generally followed 
the arraDgement of Haas, ^^^ffi ^^^ RUckertj but, instead of giving, 
as these authors have done, a mere compilation of isolated facts, of 
which a precise counterpart would rarely occur in practice, we have 
endeavored to furnish, for the employment of each medicament, general 
datOf applicable to almost every case where a drug might be indicated. 
The sources £rom which we have derived these data have been the 
Clinical cases published by the various auiiiors of our school, as well as 
the practical result given by Hahnemann, Haktmann, Hsrino, Soq.^ 
joined to the indications our oi:n experience has disclosed. At the same 
time we have considered it useful to exceed these clinical observations, 
and to indicate, besides the medicaments already tested by experience| 
others which might be occasionally consulted in extremities. But^ to 
avoid error, we have, in quoting the doubtful drugs, added the word 
perhapSf that we may be clearly understood to advise that our opinion 
should be confirmed by further experience. 

The plan we have adopted in treating these articles is, in reference 
to ail, as uniform and simple as possible. We ordinarily commence 
with an appergu of the principal medicaments against the affection in 
general ; then follow the medicines against the varieties of this affection 
and the causes which have produced it; and, finally, we conclude by 
establishing the particular indications for the employment of each medi- 
cament cited. In this last part we have almost always founded many 
categories of medicaments for consultation by constantly using the first 
with more details than the following, and by frequently referring thn 
residue to the pathogenesis of medicaments or to other analogous medi- 
canQB, in order to escape all confusion. 

Those who may compare our Clinical Remarks with the articles oon- 
tiiined in the works of Haas, Ruoff, and Kuckert will perceive, at the 
first glance, that, besides a large number of details, we have contributod 
a much greater number of articles and more perfect indications. At 
Uie end of the volume we have also added an entirely new essay on 
oases ot poisoning and drug diseases, especially profiting by the excellent 
indications given by Hering on this subject. In the meantime it would 
be a great error to suppose that we had exhausted all pathology in our 
articles. On the contrary, we have only desired to treat of ♦hose mala- 
dies which are most frequent and most known — ^leaving it to time and 
to experience to furnish other and more accurate indications. 

The finished practitioner, in reading our articles and the indications wo 
have given for the choice of medicaments, will frequently find, without 
doubt, that we havu said nothing new to him, and that, in truth, any physi 


oian thoroughly aoquainted with the characteriBtio symptoms of medioineH 
ooold dispense with these articles, or even compose those which woald ho 
preferable. This is indeed bat too true; and, if our labors onl)* concerned 
those physicians who are alike aeoomplished in a knowledge of the homoeo* 
pathic moteria mcdica and medicine in general, we should hayo been more 
careful in the construction of our articles, or should have abstained alto* 
gether from the publication of thitf Manual. But those for whom we havn 
written this work are principally neophytes in homoeopathy, who, without 
having hod the time as yet to make long and laborious studies in the materia 
medioa, have been obliged to use it, and to select a suitable remedy from 
among a number of which they do not know siny one sufficiently well. In 
indicating to them for each affection the name only of twenty or thirty me- 
dicines^ how is it possible that they should reoognizo the oases in which one 
should be chosen more than another ? It may be said to them that this 
should be the remedy which, by its symptoms, best oorresponds with the in- 
dications of an individual case; they incessantly demand: ^u^ what are th$ 
symptoms which, in such or such a casCf indicate mc^ or such a medicament 1 
To refer them, in a final answer, to a comparison of the symptoms of all the 
medicines would be, wo confess, the most convenient expedient for us, but 
not the most expeditious for them, who, in an urgent case, could not delay the 
ehoice to the pursuance of the profound studies the predicament might de- 
mand. For them, a labor M'hich groups the most suitable medicaments with 
their principal symptoms, for each affection, is a veritable guide^ as indispens- 
able to them as it may appear superfluous to the initiated practitioner. 

It will be, unquestionably, urged that the contribution of such aid to 
beginners is the lending of too moch assistance to idleness and ignorance, 
and that such measures must estrange new adepts from serious and pro- 
found studies. As for ourselves, we have too good an opinion of the 
French phymcians who embrace our doctrine to believe that, when they 
have once commenced their investigations, they will fail to free them- 
selves of such imputations by appropriate and soientifio studies. But if 
it occur that there are those who reject serious occupation, and prefer 
to live on the reflections of others, we think it safer even to furnish 
them with detailed indications than to suffer them to select at hap- 
hazard from among the medicaments with which they aro saperficially 
acquainted. Man is usually fond of instruction, but he does not always 
love to be occupied with matters the practical importance of which Ke 
does not comprehend, especially when the labors they demand are long 
and numerous. To encourage rather than to alienate them from labor 
will ce most readily accomplished by clearing a>vay the first difficulties 
of <rtudy, and making them perceive the neocsnty of it by examplea 


Bendes,* on ezamixuDg oar articles closel j, and using them frequently, 
our readers will be conTincod that we have by no means entertained 
the idea of preparing a work which the first comer might open to find 
at onoe, without trouble or reflection, the needed and appropriate re> 
medj, as if it were a book of ready-make calculations. The iiidicatious 
we have given have been intended to put the practitioner on the right 
path, but not to save him the trouble of pursuing his journey ; and all 
our remarks, far from answering for erery case, would frequently leave 
him undecided, unless he should have recourse, in the last required 
analysis, to the entire pathogenesis of the medicaments, or even, in case 
of necessity, to the original materia medica. But the advantage which 
these instructions give is the power of distinguishing, in a given case, 
■ometwo or three medicaments for detailed consultation; for such assis- 
tance, among twenty or thirty drugs, must necessarily diminish very 
much protracted research. Finally, the Ciinical Remarks contain a 
summary of the most characteristic symptoms of the medicaments, still 
more concise than those of the Text, and principally of those which most 
particularly refer to the affection of which it treats; and it is especially 
for this reason that they require completion through the ulterior details 
of the Text every time that it is necessary to make a final decision 
among the two or three appropriate medicaments. 

Another objection arrayed in judgment against us has been that, in 
our Clinical RemarkSy we have taken for our point of investigation the 
pathological names which are opposed to the principles of our school. 
To this we answer : '* Ce nUst point Vhabit qui fait le moine,'' if we may 
be allowed the use of a proverbial expression that best conveys our 
meaning.' It is of little importance, in the choice of a remedy, wliether 
we take for our point of investigation the name of a simple symptom or 
a prominent symptom, or, finally, of a group of symptoms, provided that 
the single name of neither one nor the other, but the totality of symp' 
toms only be allowed to decide the choice. But it would be even pre- 
ferable, in making our researches, to select a nam£ which at least repre 

* In expressing the foregoing ideas we are by no means ignorant that there are 
men who not only think, but still prqclaim that any ignoramns can practice ho- 
m<Bopathy, provided he can spell the symptoms of a Repertory, and who think 
to find a mechanism through the aid of which the appropriate dmg can be ob- 
tained by taking, for each symptom the sick complains of, the name of a medi 
cament. These people, it is true, are very sorrowfal apparitions along the 
horizon of homoeopathy ; but, by the grace of God, they are rare exceptions, 
and no person need confound them with the serious and enlightened who prac- 
iice our art. No one need fear that they will ever form a school among judi- 
cious inteUeets. 



** **»« last ^ ***« 
* the ri '"' ^ «^ 

*;»» *«!»«»• ,j ^ */o*ed,, whether 

•ents certain forms of possible suf 
porisU, who, while they shun ever 
agency of a pathological name, hav 
absoluteltf by a single name, and i 
lated sensation which is always chot 
No, Uideed ! when the fattier of h 
the abuse of pathological names his 
physicians that he attaclied no iuip< 
but to the sense and the spirit of 
have to offer is, that Hahnemann hi 
wheueTer he desires to indicate by 
fections ; thus we find, everywhere t 
these words ^ cholera^ phthisis, htei: 
fear of committing the slightest indl 
wise, the more we are convinced thi 
jectf the more we ought to assent 
indicate in a general manner what 
and individualized; moreover^when 
facilitate to the physicians of the old 
offer to them points of investigation 
liar. The greater part of tH% namei 
prominent symptom, and not the c< 
in such a manner that those who 
pelled to erase from our vocabulary 
we are constantly using to distingui 

2. Symptoms of 

In the Second Section of each el 
literally named, which were arrange 
4itle of Nature of the Sensations. ^ 
' alphabetical order, although we do 
best; but every other classification 
equally serious faults and inconveni 
to preserve that form to which Uu 
To avoid the inconvenience which 
separating that which by its natur 
quently referred from one ezpressic 
their synonyms. As to the subdivi 
nderably diminished tliem in this 
every chapter corresponding to aa 
medicaments^ will now be found ai 


ftlphnbelioal order. Thne, in the chapter on Feren, for example, nher* 
formerly chillM, htat. Ice,, formed separate aubdlTUiotiB, it will be found, 
in the preaent edition, that the chilU are arruiged under the letter C, 
heal under H, ie. ; and that, in affeUiant of the htad, vtrtigo and ttupe- 
faction are placed under their reapectiTe capital* among other symptonu 
of the head, Ac. Our deiign in adopting this order hoa been to umplify 
the reaearehee as much as poanble. 

Many of our frieods have expressed a desire to see in the Repeb- 
TOST, as in the Text, the clinical symptoms distinguished from the 
others ; but the eiecation of snob a plan requires six classes of different 
characters to designate the medicines anderlined and not undertiued in 
each of the three claaaes of Eymptoms that to have established; and the 
dis^Otion of medicamentB, by means of signs placed at each abbrevia- 
tion, menacing hi enlarge the volome of this work too extensively, we 
have renoonoed this project, and have done it with lees regret since the 
Ctimcal Etmarki placed at the head of the chapters render this dis- 
tinction abnost superfluous. 

In respect to the distinction of mediyments by italic cfaaraclerB, 
we had, at one time, the intention of abandoning it, obserring that it 
was as likely to lead to error as to the selection of a good remedy ; 
for how /Ttquentlg dots it not happen that Iht totatilg of ismptorm it 
tueh that a medicament not underlined may answer better than any 
Other, although it may appear less in relation with the aymptom that 
should by this rule be regarded aa tiie prominetit one. And, in the 
majority of cases, all the medicines which have the same chataeterislda 
symptom have io this respect absolutely the same value, unce the to- 
tality of symptoms only cnn give a preference of one over the other. 
Thus it is, for example, that Coffee has no more value than Aconite, 
Arunic, or Ckamomilla for ang<r or discouragement from slight suffer- 
bg ; the choice is here to be dedded by the other symptoms which 
characterize the case. If, then, notwithstanding the objections, we have 
preserved the distinction of italic latlere, it has been with respect to 
^mptoms where there wae a ma«a of designated medicamenta, in order to 
meet those sooner for whom the symptom is most confirmed than those 
the symptom is most characteristjo — a shade the observation 
may sometimes be nsefiil, without, in the meantime, meriting 
attention, if the symptoms of the drug have been well observed, 
ilio character* of the Repertory must not be confounded vrith 
the Text, seeing that two different principles have dictated 
e object of the Text has been to compare and distdnguieh the 
of the same medicament by tliemsclvos, while th.-U of the 



Repertory has been to compare and distinguish the medicaments which 
have the same symptom. Take, for iliastration, any medicament the 
symptoms of which number a hundred, and suppose that it presents 
two cases of comatose sleep and one of sleeplessness^ we should, of course, 
put the first symptom in italics; but if afterwards, in the Repertort, 
we compare this medicament with others, in which the observations of 
this symptom are infinitely more confirmed — such as Opium, LackesiSy 
Ac, — ^we must necessarily give it an inferior rauK, until renewed obser- 
vations progress to confirm it in the same manner. Thus it will happen 
that medicaments will be frequently found in the Repertory in ordi- 
nary characters, the symptoms of which are printed in italics, and 
vice versa. 

In comparing a section of symptoms with that of Clinical Remarks^ 
articles will be frequently found registered in both sections. They are 
those which, according to the manner of viewing them, can be considered 
just as much Diseases as simple Symptoms — such, for example, as Debi- 
lity, Sleeplessness, Coma, &c. Having treated these articles in each 
place in different aspects, it need not cause surprise that a much larger 
number of medicaments will be constantly found among the Symptoms 
than under the Clinical Remarks. 

8. The Conditions nnder which the Symp t oms appear. 

We have been frequently requested to record the circumstances im- 
mediately beneath the symptoms to which they belong. The idea is 
quite natural, and, if we had well-settled expressions in our vocabulary 
of symptomatology, nothing would bo more convenient, nor more easy 
to execute. Buty when considering the great mass of synonymous ex- 
pressions — such as, for example, cramp-like, contractive, constrictivef and 
drawing pains, anguish, inquietude, anxiety, &c., dyspnaa, difficulty of 
respiration, &o., — ^we found that we should be absolutely compelled to 
repeat each condition for each one of the synonymous expressions, or 
refer constantly from one to the other, which would fatigue the reader 
in his researches, and augment the volume of tins work at least one* 
third. These difficulties, it is truO) would not in the meantime hinder 
the execution of the thing if it were absolutely necessary; but it is 
equally evident, in the greater number of instances, that a condition 
which exists for one kind of pain, or labor of respiration, or every other 
kind of suffering, can be regarded as existing also for every like kind of 
suffering in an organ. Thus may a rending toothache, which the Mer^ 
cury produces, be aggravated at night from the heat of the bed, as 
would a lancinating toothache, &o. But the difference that presents 

16 INTBODnonON. 

itself is tha% neither the same pains in the different organs^ nor the 
different kinds of phenomena in the sanie organ, necessarily show them- 
selyes under the same conditions.; so that it would he entirely false to 
suppose that a medicament which produces, for example, pains of the 
stomach at evening will also produce in the evening the vomiting pecu- 
liar to it; and, whilst it produces pressive pains of the stomaoh at even- 
ing, it can be reputed also to produce, at the same period, the cramp- 
like pains of the stomach contained in its pathogenesis. 

On this account no one condition will be found for every kind of 
separate pain, but always for the entire class of .phenomensr— such as 
Cephalalgiay Vertigo^ Pains in the Stomach, &c., in general, when many 
expressions will be frequently noticed, such as Feebleness^ Lassitudey Fa- 
tigue, Prostration, &c., which we have reunited to indicate the totality 
of conditions. In the General Symptoms, Affections of the Skin^ Fevers^ 
Sleep, Mindf &c^ we have preferred to indicate the circumstances in 
sub-order to the suite of symptoms; whilst, in a greater part of the 
particular organs^ it has appeared most advantageous to us to indicate 
them separately, and to register in sub-order the phenomena to which 
they belong. 

In our first edition we had separated by subdivisions the Aggrava- 
tions and Anuliorations ; but in this we have found it more convenient 
to arrange both in sub-order of the condition to which they belong, in 
indicating by the abbreviations Am. or Amel. the medicaments which 
have ameliorated in this condition; whilst those which have aggravated 
or have appeared under the same condition have been placed beyond 
this condition, either without any particular indication, or with indica- 
tion of the symptoms which aggravate it or which appear under this 
condition. As to the distinction between Aggravation and Apparition 
of symptoms, it appears to us the more superfluous when we have not 
observed it in the Text, and when experience has appeared to us to 
prove, what has scarcely an exception, that a condition which aggra- 
yates a symptom can also provoke it, and vice versa. 

4« Goncomituit Symptoms. 

We have ordinarily followed the conditions of each chapter with 
an alphabetical registration of the symptoms of other organs which 
accompany the phenomena of this question ; such, for example, as 
Nausea^ Colics, Fainting, that attend Vertigo, Cephalalgia, Sec, which may 
be found in the Concomitant Stmftoms of tbo chapter of the Head^ 
and consecutively for the other organs. In the meantime the utility 
of this section is not as great as it would scorn at the first glanco, and 

pefliaps it would hare been better to have omitted it^ so far 03 it 
coucerns the beginner, who, in neglecting to reflect, might frequontlj 
be led into error. Take, for ez;\mple, a toothache which is attended 
witii great AggravcUion, while the residue qf the symptoms indicate Aco- 
nite; the beginner, in looking for Uus combination among the Con 
comitant Sjiiiptoma of Toothache, and not finding the AconitBy will he 
not necessarily address himself to some other medicament he finds re- 
gistered? And jet the Aconite would be perfectly indicated, since it 
produces, in general, a great aggravation to the slightest pain, and 
during general eofferings. But the simple reason why ho did not find 
this registered among the medicaments which have Aggravation with 
toothache is that no such precise local combination eisists, and that, 
if we were to introduce into eacli section of the Concomitant Symp- 
toms all the combinations that reason and good sense indicated, we 
ought to repeat the entire Repertory in each one of the sections— 
an essay, in fact an absurdity, that would be without a parallel. 

It ought only to be with the most profound precaution tliat we 
should use the indications which are to be found in the Concomitant 
Symptoms; not that Ihe medicaments there registered may be inexact 
in themselves^ but because they may not be sufficient^ and because, to 
bo perfectly sure of tlie fiEU^t^ we ought to complete the combinatious 
by all the rest of the symptoms of the other organs. It is only in a 
oasc where the rest of the symptoms aocord equally well that we 
should give a preference to that which the combination sought for ia 
perfect; but when any of the medicaments having this combination does 
not accord entirely we should not heatate to address ourselves to ano- 
ther which shall comprise the totality of symptoms, even when it may 
not offer them exactly in the combination required. 

Nothing can be more absurd than a desire to practice homoeopathy 
according to the mere single indications of a Repertory. It is abso- 
lutely impossible to choose the medicaments well without having a suffi- 
ciently general knowledge of the pathogenesis of each of them, in order 
to make thousands and thousands of combinations that the Repertory 
does not indicate, and which it could not indicate unless its b^i^udarics 
were enlarged for the reception of all ima^nable eventualities! Also 
the combinations we have gjven in the Clinical Remarks will not suffice 
at all for every case ; all they can afford, as also the Concomitant Symp' 
toms, is to aid in placing the beginner in the right path ; but he should 
stop by a sure aim at the first step, and remain to familiarizo himself 
with the materia medica itself and to vivify, by the spirit of patho- 
a^esiJ^ the dead letter of the Rxpuitoiit. 

18 3iaxBDDiroiiav. 


Having concluded oar remarks on the dongn and composition of tho 
aooond yolome of oar Manual, it is almost saperflaous to add any 
ftirther partioalar instraotion for its afle» the more especially as those 
irho have acquired the principles of oar doctrine and a knowledge of 
the materia medioa know themselyef^ better than we can teiich them,' 
how they oaght to apply this second^ part. And as to those who, ig- 
norant of the rndiments of homoeopathy, without erer haying seen the 
** Oi^^anon,'' or materia medica, or any other work which treats of oar 
doctrine, woold neyertheless practise according to oar Manual, the best 
instruction in the world can do them no good; the Repertory will be 
of no more seryice to them in selecting the appropriate remedy than 
the best yocabulary, with every possible explanation, would enable a 
person to comprehend Tacitus or CicerOf who knew nothing of the 
grammar or genius of the Latin langaage. If, then, we be tempted to 
make a few comments on the practical ose of our Manual, it is more 
with the intention of making them comprehend the spirit in which it 
has been composed than to induce neophytes to practise homoeopathy 
in a manner both mechanical and diyosted of all reason. 

The Clinical RemarkSf in our estimation, should form the bans on 
which our first researches ought to be established, and, in the greater 
number of acute diseases, they will be found sufficient to enable the 
practitioner finally to select two or three medicameatB for detailed exa- 
mination. Haying established a record of symptoms from an examina- 
tion of tjie patienty the practitioner should directly look to the Clinical 
Remarks to ascertain whether the Cause of the malady may be Cotd, Loss 
of Fluids^ &c., or whether the kind of affection may be Rheumatism^ 
Intermittent Feyer, or l^hoid, Syphilis^ Bdng-worm, &c., and then, by a 
carefiil suryey of the registered medicaments, he can readily select 
those which best accord with the affection he desires to treat. Haying 
distinguished, in this manner, two or three medicines which appear to 
merit a preference, he can next haye a recourse to the Text, to ascertain 
which medicament entirely corresponds with the totality of symptoms. 
Thence, in yery marked acute cases, he will most frequently and readily 
reach the most suitable medicament 

In chronic diseases, and in ejections of which the seat and kiiid are 
doubtful, the subject, it is true, is ordinarily more complicated; and 
frequently oases wiU be presented where the Clinkal Remarks do not 
afford safficieat indications to distingaish at once a small number of 


medicaments for consultation, according to the mode of haying recourse 
to the symptoms of the Repertory. To abridge the reseaches as much 
as possible, in this instance, the practitioner should take only two or 
three salient points in the table of symptoms — such, for example, as the 
caiM€ which engenders the malady, the salient pathognomonic symptom^ 
the extraordinary condition under which the symptoms are aggravated 
or ameliorated, or, finally, the characteristic concomitant symptom. By 
inyestigating Uie medicaments which correspond to each one of these 
three points we shall soon reach, in the majority of cases, a sufficiently 
limited number to carry out our ulterior researches in the Text. 

The difficulty does not always consist in finding what we seek: the 
essential point is to find what we ought to seek; and this has always 
proved a stumbling block to beginners. Nothing, in fao^ can be more 
difficult than establishing a perfect correspondence between the symp- 
toms of the patient and those of the medicament. It is generally said 
that the characteristic symptoms ought to accord; but what are the 
dharacteristic symptoms 1 What are the essential points to which wo 
should direct our attention ! Is it the cauu which produces the malady ? 
Are they the pathognomonic symptoms t The organ vfounded t Or, indeed, 
the conditions under which the symptoms manifest themselves, or the 
general symptoms which accompany the local symptoms? Is it the kind 
of pain, or its seatf In our opinion, no one of these points alone is 
essential, but the whole together, and each one according to its value. 
The catuSj in conjunction with the local and pathognomonic symptoms^ 
indicates the kind or fiunily of medicaments we ought to consult; the 
conditions and concomitant and general symptoms distinguish that which 
is specific to any g^ven case. In the meantime, it will not be less true 
to say that -the general and accessory symptoms with the conditions indi- 
cate the kind of medicaments to be consulted, among which the catise 
and local and pathognomonic symptoms consequently distinguish the spe- 
cific for a given case. But, to whichever side we go, we shall equally 
reach the same conclusion, provided, in the research for the medicament, 
we consider every point in an impartial manner. 

Frequently, and in the greater number of cases, we have trouble in 
finding a medicament which corrsponds in every respect, while we dis- 
cover many others which accord in a single point, so that it remains to 
us to know to which of these the preference must be given. We 
promptly reply that it should be undoubtedly given to that which best 
agrees with the individuality of the case — that is, with those symptoms 
wHch distinguish a given case from every other case of the same disease. 
Whence it follows that a medicament which does not include all the 


pathognomonic symptoms of au affection, but which refera, in general, 
to the organ injured, and, in particular, to the accidental or couetitu« 
tional individual symptoms of the sick, should be preferred to that 
which has all the local and pathognomonic symptoms, but which doea 
not refer to the indiyidual symptoms at all. Experience confirms this 
reasoning every day; and if one reflects that the greater part of local 
affections follow an anterior alteration of the vital economy, which 
decides the preference in accidental or individual symptoms, he can 
readily explain how frequently a medicament, which appears to relate 
only to some extraordinary symptoms, and which also appears to have 
no correspondence with the malady, has produced cures as radical as 
they were unexpected. 

When the cause which has engendered a malady is not known, the 
accidental and individual symptoms should bo traced vnth the greatest 
possible resemblance to the symptoms of a medicament; whilst^ on the 
contrary, the cause being evident^ and the specific antidote being known-^ 
as^ for example, Arnica against mechanical injuries. Mercury against 
syphilitic affections, &c., — ^we can frequently substitute this for charac- 
teristic symptoms, provided it is always the particular character of the 
cause which is evident in the individual symptoms of an affection. Now, as 
the same cause will frequently affect different individuals in many different 
manners, according to their age, constitution, habits, and other peculiarities, 
which are not always the effects of a single cause, but also those of the 
individual constitution which is reflected in the individual symptoms, 
for this reason, in all the cases of the known cause, we should be assured 
by a comparison of the symptoms of the absolute fitness of the medica- 
ment in question. This precaution is entirely indispensable in every 
instance where it is most of an antidote against the pathogenetic cause. 

T^Q proportionate resemblance of the symptoms forms another point 
which should command our attention in the choice of a medicament. 
We have before said that the cause, organic lesion, and pathognomonic 
symptoms indicate the kind or family of medicaments to be consulted, 
while the accidental and individual symptoms enable us to find that 
which, in a given case, was the true specific. But, that this may 
become as true in practice as in theory, it is yet required that the 
individual symptoms of the medicament correspond precisely to the .in- 
dividual symptoms of the malady. For the sake of illustration, take an 
example of phlegmonous angina, with a tendency of the tonsils to sup- 
purate, and characterized, as to a salient symptom, by burning pains of 
txcoriation* Belladonna, Mercury, and Cantharides may be indicated in 
such a case, since they relate to the pathognomonic symptoms— euob 


at) swelling, inflammatorj rednefls of the parte affected, difBcult, painfal, 
or even impossible deglutition, &g. Belladonna and Mercury may also 
cover the symptoms of burning (or smarting) pain of excoriation ; but the 
only medicament applicable to this case is the Cantkarides, since neither 
the Mercury nor Belladonna have this symptom in a manner as decided 
as we suppose it to be in our example, while the Cantkarides produces, 
not only in the throaty bat also in all the internal organs^ burning pains 
of excoriation as one of ito most distinctive symptoms. On the contrary, 
in another an^na of the same pathological nature, where, in addition to 
bunung or smarting pains of excoriation, the most prominent symptom 
is an excessive salivation^ we should be in great error to suppose Can- 
tkarides still indicated, because it also answers to salivation; for here 
the Ifereury coDunands the preference, inasmuch as the salivation is u 
more decided peculiarity of it than of the Cantkarides, and also because 
the salivation is in this case the predominant symptom. 

From these examples the reader can perceive how perfectly impos- 
sible it is for him to do justice to homoeopathy in contenting himself to 
turn over the leaves of a Repertory to establish the choice of a good 
medicament, and how perfectly indispensable to that result is a know- 
ledge of the entire materia medica. In very many cases advantage 
cannot be taken of the cases of concrete combinations which the Bg- 
PERTORT indicates; but, on the contrary, it will be necessary to make 
new combinations, founded on the general character of the medicament 
or on the analogies given in another organ than that in which the 
symptom is sought, and frequently great risk will be run of committing 
the most serious errors by searching mechanically for the symptoms 
of disease in the Rcpertort. In our introduction to the studies of the 
materia medica (Journal de l^ Doctrine HcLknemannienne, No. 3), we 
have reported an error of this kind, where Nitric-cuiid was chosen against 
raiduer in the back in consequence of cold, for the single reason that the 
Repertory represented this symptom literally, whilst the combinations 
made in the spirit of reason would have indicated Rkus-toxicodendron. 
If we vnshed, we could multiply by the hundred the mistakes we have 
known committed through the mechanical use of our Repertort; but 
it answers our design to signalize them in a general manner, in order 
to prevent beginners, and especially those who only see a mechanical 
labor in the researches of the medicaments, from encountering the nu 
merous shoals on which they can be wrecked. 

The final advice we have to offer in regard to the profitable use of 
the Manual is, summarily, to study especially tke patkogenesut of tkt 
midicavMWts in order to acquire a general idea of tjheir total charactur. 


and i( as^ almost meTitable, tine praotitionera who embrace our doe- 
trine are obliged to use the Repcrtort before being suffioiently familiar 
with the pathogeneais to appreciate the data it contains: that then, at 
leasfcy thej do not decide before comparing the symptoms of particular 
organs with the General SymptomSy instructing themselyes at the same 
time by the indications of the Clinical Remarks^ and as much by general 
Affections as by particular diseases, and that^ moreoyer, they never apply 
any medicament without being still assured, by the study of pathogene- 
uSy of a perfect resemblance of its individuality with that of the disease. 
In thus using, always simultaneously, three essential parts of our work — 
Clinical Remarks, Repertory, and Pathogenesis— he will not only defend 
himself from a multitude of deceptions, but will attain, in course of 
timCi the power of omitting every guide by confining his researches to 
the pathogenesis of the first volume. 

We desire to say, in regard to the comporition and practical utility 
of this second and last volume of our work, that we have endeavored to 
render it as useful as possible to the practitioner. To imagine it a 
perfect work, or one that left no room for improvement, would be a 
delusion far from a compliment to our resources or energies. Such an 
idea has never been entertained by us. On the contrary, no person is 
better acquainted than ourselves with the defects of this work, and how 
much could be still done to render it what it ought to be; but no 
person knows better than ourselves all the difficulties opposed to its 
execution ; and no person can better judge than we can, just to what^ » 
point it is impossible to satisfy for the moment all the exigencies of 
practice; and all the difficulties which, even in a more extended work, 
would not have been easy to surmount, have been considerably aug- 
mented by the limited form of this Manual, which shackled our pro- 
gress at almost every step. Convinced of the impossibility of the enter- 
prize, we have abandoned the idea of having succeeded in any respect 
for the general satisfaction. All that we demand is that others will 
consider the efforts we have made, and the path we have been obliged 
to tread, in a science which is only in its infancy. To have contributed, 
as much as was in our power, to facilitate to beginners access to the 
practice of our doctrine, is our sole ambition ; to soon see another more 
competent than ourselves put forth a better work is our sole desire ! 

G. H. O. JAHB. 



L — On thx Dksion and Composition ot th£ Refjertort in General. 

II4 — On TBS Arrangement or Material in Particular. — 1. On Clini- 
oal Remarks. 2. On the Symptoms of the Repertory. 3. On the 
Conditions. 4. On the Concomitant Symptoms. 

niw-^N THE Manner or Usino this Manual. 



I. — Internal General Affections. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Symp* 
toms. 3. Conditions. 4. Concomitant Symptoms. 

n« — ^Affections of the Skin and External Organs. — 1. Clinical Re- 
marks. 2. Symptoms. 

JXL — Sleep and Affections relating to it. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 

2. Symptoms. 3. Accessory Affections which Hinder or Mani- 
fest themselves during Sleep. 4. Breams. 

IT. — Febrile Affections. — 1. Clinioal Remarks. 2. Febrile Symptoms. 

3. Accessory Symptoms. 

v.— Moral Affections. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Symptoms. 

VL— Affections of the Head and Scalp. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. 
Symptoms of the Head. 3. Parts of the Head affected. 4. Con- 
ditions. 5. Accessory Symptoms. 6. Scalp. 

VTL, — Affections of the Etes and Sight. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. 
Symptoms of the Eyes. 3. Symptoms of the Sight. 4. Con- 

Vni. — ^Ears and Hearing. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Symptoms of the 
Ears. 3. Symptoms of Hearing. 4. Conditions. 

IX.— Affections of the Nose and of the Smell. — 1. Clinical Re- 
marks. 2. Symptoms of the Nose. 3: Symptoms of Coryzft. 

4. Concomitant Symptoms of Corysa. 

X. -Affections of the Face, Lips, and Jaws. — ^1. Clinical Remarks. 
2. Symptoms of the Face. 

XI.-- -Affeciions of the Teeth and Gums. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. 
Symptoms of the Teeth. 3. Symptoms of the Gums. 4. Condi- 
tions. 5. Acoasnory* Symptoms. 


XII. — ^Affsctiokb of thx Mouth. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Sjmp 
toniB of the Throat. 

XIII. — Affjections of the Throat. — 1. Clinical Remarka. 2. Symp- 
toms. 3. ConditioDS and Collateral Symptoms. 

XIY.-^AppmTE AND Influence of Food. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. 
Symptoms. 3. Suffering from Food. 

XV.— Affections of the Stomach. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Nau- 
\ sea, Vomiting. &c. 3. Symptoms of the Stomach. 4. Condi- 

tions of the Pains of the Stomach. 5. Accessory Symptoms of 
the Pains of the Stomach. 

XVI. — ^Affections of the Abdominal Organs and of the Inguina. 
1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Symptoms of the Hypochondria. 3. 
Symptoms of the Abdomen. 4. Coudltiuns. 5. Concomitant 

XVII^ — ^Alyine Evacuations, with Anus, Rectum, and Perineum. — 

1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Alvine Evacuations. 3. Conditions. 
4. Concomitant Symptoms. 5. Symptoms of the Anus, Rec- 
tum, and Perinssum. 

XVIII. — ^Affections of the Urinart Organs. — 1. Clinical Remai'ks. 

2. Urine. 3. Conditions. 4. Concomitant Symptoms. 5. 
Symptoms of the Urinary Organs. 

XIX. — Affections of the Genital Organs. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. 
Symptoms of the Genital Organs of Man. 3. Genital Functions. 

XXd — Affections of Women and Children. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 
2. Symptoms of the Genital Organs. 3. Sexual Functions. 
4. Concomitant Symptoms. 5. Symptoms of the Manmiae. 6. 
Diseases of Children. 

XXI. — ^Affections of the Larynx and Bronchi. — 1. Clinical Re- 
marks. 2. Symptoms of the Larynx. 3. Cough. 4. Condi- 
tions. 5. Concomitant Symptoms. 

XXII. — Affections of the Chest and Heart. — 1. Clinical Remarks 

2. Respiration. 3. Symptoms of the Chest and Heart. 4. Con 
ditions. 5. Concomitant Symptoms. 6. Exterior of the Chest 

XXIII. — ^Back, Loins, Neck, &c. — 1. Clinical Remarks. 2. Symptoms 

3. Conditions. 

XXIV. — Affections of the Upper Extremities. — 1. Clinical Remarks 
2. Symptoms. 3. Conditions. 

XXV. — Affections of the Lower Extremities. — 1. Clinical Remarks 
2. Symptoms. 3. Conditions. 

XXVI. — ^Poisons and Medicinal Maladies. — 1. Antidotes. 2. Poisons 
and Medicinal Maladies. 

Glossary of some of the Technics used in this Work. 





• »• 




{" Abscess (Internal). — ^A tnmor containing pas. 

For ACUTE or phlegmonous abscess the remedies are : Ars.j osa., 
bell,, hry,, cham., led., hep., mez., phos., puis., and sulph. 

For CHRONIC or cold abscess may be selected : Asa,, aur., cole,', 
carh.'^oeg., con., hep., jod., laur., lye., mang., merc.'cor., merc.^sol., 
nit.-ac., phos., Sep., sil., and sttlph. 

Special indications point to the following remedies : 

Arsentcuk — ^When there are : violent pains and insufferable hum- 
ing daring the febrile stage ; chUls, fever, and consecutive sweaty 
with secretion of offensive matter daring the second period ; mason- 
lar prostration, trembling, sleepless restlessness, and termination in 

AsA-F<ETiDA — ^When the abscess is characteriied by: discharge 
of discolored and thin nuUter; heightened sensibility of it and the 
sarroanding parts ; and insufferable pain to the tonch. 

Bbixadonna — When there are : pressings bnming, stinging, and 
rending pains ; curdled, fiaky matter; especially in abscess of the 


VOL, ri, — ^2 IS 


Bryonia — ^Whcn the tamor aUemcUes in color from red to whiUf 
yrith tension and heat of the skin. 

Ledum — Is most useful in the early stage of abscesses, when the 
tumors are painfully distended, stinging, and throbbing. 

Mezereum — Is prominently indicated : in abscesses that originate 
in fibrous and tendinous structures; or in the misuse of Mercury; 
and are attended by stinging'and throbbing pains in the ulcer and 
its border. 

Pulsatilla — When the abscess bleeds easily, with stinging and 
cutting pains ; or violent itching, burning, and stinging in the peri- 
phery of the abscess ; peculiarly when the veins are fforicose ; or 
after violent and long enduring inflammations; and when the areola 
is quite red. 

E.HUS — ^Has been of service : in abscesses of the axillary and jxh 
rotid glands; when the tumors were very painful to the touch ; with 
stinging and gnawing pains ; and discharges of ichorous matter.*''-^ 
R. L. Ed] 

Adenitis* — Inflammation of Glands. — See Gi.ands. 

Anasarca* — Dropsy of the cellular system. — See Chap. II. 

AlUBmia*— The best medicines are, in general : Calc., carb.^.^ 
chin., cin., fer., hep., kal., lye, lach,, mere, natr., natr.-m., n.-vom., 
phos., pltos.-ac,, Sep., sil., staph., sulph., verat. 

If this state arise from debilitating losses, whether of blood or of 
other humors, the preference should be given to : Chin., n.^vom,, 
and sulph,, or else : Calc., carb-v., cin., phos.-ac., staph,, and sulph. 

When caused by violent acute diseases, recourse may be had 
to : Calc., carb.'V., cliin,, hep., kal., natr,, natr.-m., n,'Vom., and verat. 

*^* Sec also : Chlorosis, Weakness, Scurvy, &o. 

Aueiuisini — The medicines which have been hitherto employed 
with the greatest success are : ^Carb-v,, ^lach., and lye.; also: 
^Guaj., ptdsat,, and sulph, — ^In some cases recourse may be had to 
Calc., caust., taid graph.; or else to: Amb,, am,j ars,,fer., natr.^m. 
zinc, [^spig.] 

AllJ(er (Consequences of). — See Emotions, Moral. ^ 

Apoplexy* — See Chap. YI. 4 

Arsenic (Effects from abuso of). — See Chap. XXYI. 

Arthritis or Gant* — The medicines which have been found most 
efficacious in arthritio affections are, generally : ^Acon^ ^ant,, ars., 
^bell., bry., ^calc,, caust., chin,, cocc,, coloc., ^fer., gttaj,, hep,, ^iod.^ 
led,, mang,, °«.-iw»., ^phos,, ^phos.-ac., ^puls., ^rhod,, ^sabivL, sass.^ 
^ sulph.; and in some cases, perhaps : Canth., chel., cic., ^cokh., con,^ 
^daph,, duk., ^men., ^merc, stan., ^tart., and ^thuj. [" ^Alum, 


^atnic., kal.-bich,, ^natrum, ^oleum, ^ol.-jec,? ran.-i,, °ran,'sJ 

Sangu|naria. — Dr. Bute used this remedy benefieiallj in a case 
of *' g<nit, with swelling of the joints of all the extremities, displace- 
ment of the right shoulder and shoulder-blade, cramp in the nape of 
the neck and larynx, and bad taste in the mouth." — En.] 

For Acute arthritis the principal medioines are : ^Acon., ant, 
ars., ^bell., ^bry., ^chin., fer., ^hep.y ^n.-vom^^ ^puls. — [*^^Amic. 
^cocc.y ^kreos,t stdph. — ^With gastric derangement : ^Ant. — With 
violent pains in tlie hands and knees : ^Cocc*' — Ed.] 

For Chroi^ic arthritis, besides the preceding : Calc.^ ^caus., coloc., 
guaj., tod,, mang,i phos.-<ic,, rhod,, sass,, stdph, [^iocA., phos.^ °«i/.] 

For arthritis Vaga, principally: Am,, mang,, n.-mos., n,'Vom., 
^ptds., or else : Asa., daph., plunib,, and rhod, 

[" For arthritis with Swelung : ^Ant., ^am,, bry,, ^chin,, ^chu 
mn., ^cocc., ^Jiep., ^kreos,, ^rhus, ^sid. 

With HiEMORRiioiDAL or MENSTRUAL troublo ', ^Berb, With uri- 
nary affections : ^Berb,, ^canth., ^sass,*' — Ed.] 

Arthritic Nodosities require especially : Agn,, ^ant., bry,, ca&., 
carb.-v,, ^ graph., ^led.^ ^n.-vom. ? rhod,, and stap/i,, or perhaps also ; 
Aur,, dig,? lye? phos,, ^sabin., sep,, sil,, zinc, [**^Carb,-<in., °n.- 
mos, ? — ^Previously painless Nodes become painful : Nitrum, — Oc- 
curring after Epilepsy : Ran.'b," — ^Ed.] 

Arthriii^ Contractions are often relieved by : Bry., catM., guaj., 
Hdph.; and Cole., cohc,, thus, sil,, thuj, may also be employed. 

Becourse may be had to the same medicines against the precur- 
sory symptoms of arthritis, and Metastases ; but the former will 
often be successfully combatted by ^Nvayomn,, and recent Metas- 
tases by BeUad, [^iVkc-t?..^ ^staph\ — See also Arthritic Ceph- 
alalgia, Ophthalmia, &c. 

In arthritic affections of persons addicted to Spirituous liquors : 
Aeon., calc, n.-vom,, stdph, are preferable, or else : Ars,, chin,, Jiep^ 
iod,, loch,, led., puis. 

For those who live upon food which is too Succulent the chief 
remedies are : Ant., cede,, tod., ptUs,, and sulph, * 

For persons who sometimes work in the water, especially : Calc,f 
puis,, sass,t and sulph,, or else : Ant,, ars,, dulc,, n,'fnos,, and rkus 

%* In making selection of a remedy it is necessary, especially in 
Chronic arthritis, to consider the totality of the constitu 
tional symptoms, the state of the stomach, intestines, lungs, brain, 
&c. For the different pains and other symptoms which aooompany 
Acute arthritis see and compare Rheumatism. 

S8 CHAP. I. — 0£NXKAJJ7XE8. 

[" Arthritic-lIke PalnSf— °Joc?., mag.-artif,. ran.-b., ^sangum^ 


Aconite — For ^piercing pains and paralytic sensation in the suf- 
fering parts. 

Caustic UM — For *dr awing and lacerating pains. 

GuAicuM — For ^piercing and lacerating pains with contraction of 
the suffering parts. 

IlEaAGLEUM — For lacerating pain in the limbs. 

Magm.-artif. — For bruise and fatigue-like pains in the small of 
the back, knees, and all the joints, occurring in the morning, in bed, 
after resisting a desire for coition, 

MfiRCURius — For "^excessive pains in the limbs and joints of 
muscles and tendons. 

NiTRUM — For pains in previously painless nodes. 

Petroleum — For pains at night, in the hip, knee, and foot-joint. 

Rhododendron — ^For ^pains excited by unpUasajU and stormy 
tceather, and aggravated by rest, nighty and loamUh of the bed; 
^sub-inflammatory state after subduing the inflammation by Aeon., 
am.f sulph. 

Sepia — ^For drawing pains in the knees and flnger-joints. 

Spigelia — For piercing and lacerating pains." — ^Ed.] 

ArthrOCaCCt — ^Coloc. and ^phos.-ac,? have been chiefly recom- 
mended against that morbid state which sometimes accompanies 
chronic inflammations of the joints. — It may also be well to refer to : 
CoIq., hep., sil., and ^sidph, [Merc, ?] 

Asphyxbl or Apparent Death. — Homceopathic medicines may be 
administered in almost all cases, either by putting some globules on 
the tongue of the patient, or by dissolving them in water, and apply- 
ing them in the form of a clyster. - It is obvious that mechanical aids 
ought not to be neglected, but blood-letting, which in the majority 
of oases cannot fail to prove most injurious, ought to be avoided.— 
(Chinin ?) 

[In those cases of Asphyxia (more properly defined a pulseless 
state) in which there is apoplexy of the lungs, accompanied by 
laborious breathing, venesection is not only admissible, but abso- 
lutely required by sound experience and true medical philosophy.— 


If Asphyxia be caused by a Fall, Am. may be used, espeoiallj 
if the patient has not been bled. In the contrary case, or if con- 
siderable loss of blood should have been occasioned by the fall 
itself, it will be better to administer China first, and Amica after- 


When Asphyxia is the result of Suffocation, and Stkanoulation 
is threatened, Opium should be employed ; \7hen it arises f^om 
Deleterious gases, Opium, or perhaps Acanit, or Bdlad, ; and in 
oases of Drowning, LacJiesis is the appropriate remedy. 

When Asphyxia has been caused by Congelation, Ars., carb.-v., or 
Aoon, and bryon. may be opposed to the sufferings which succeed re- 

If the Asphyxia should have been produced by iLightnino, N.-vottl 
should be administered in preference to any other medicine ; and 
the patient should be placed, half sitting, half lying, in newly 
excavated earth, with which the whole body should be covered, 
except the £ice, which must be turned towards the sun, until the 
first signs of life exhibit themselves. 

When Asphyxia occurs in New-born infants, Tart., cpium, or 
chin, ought to be administered. 

Atrophyt — (£maciation). — See Atropht of Children, Hectic 
FEVER, Tabes-dorsalis, Marasmus-senilis, Phthisis, and Scro- 
fula. - 

Atropby of Cbildren* — ^The best mediciaes that can be opposed to 
atrophy of Scrofulous children are : Sttlpk., followed by ccUc.; also 
Ars., bar.-c.f bell,, chin., cin., n.-vom,, phos,, and rhits, or else : Am., 
cham., hep., tod., loch., magn.,'petr., phos., and puis. 

Of these medicines the preference should be given to : 

Arsenicum — When the following symptoms are observed : Dryness 
of the skin, which resembles parchment ; hollow eyes, surrounded by 
a livid circle ; anorexia, or vomiting of food ; desire to drink often, 
btU little at a time; excessive agitation and tossing, especially at 
night; short sleep, interrupted by starts and convulsive jerks ; oede- 
matous swelling of the face ; loose faeces of a greenish or brownish 
oolor, with- evacuation of ingesta ; fatigue, with necessity to remain 
eontinually in a recumbent posture ; coldness of the hands and feet; 
palpitation of the heart ; nocturnal perspiration. 

Baryta — When the symptoms are : Engorgement of the glands 
of the nape of the neck, and of the neck ; great physical debility ; 
constant disposition to sleep ; bloatedness of the body and face, with 
distention of the abdomen ; great indolence and aversion to ail kinds 
of labor, corporeal and intellectual, and even to amusement; absence 
of mind, inattention, and weakness of memory. 

Belladonna — ^When the symptoms are: Frequent colic, with in 
voluntary evacuations; capriciausness and obstinacy; nocturnal 
cough, vnth rattling of mucus; engorgement of the glands of the 
neok ; unquiet sleep, or sloeplessness ; aversion to movement and ta 

80 CHAP. I. — QicwicrtATjnM* 

iho open air; ncrvoufl ezoitabilitj ; precocity of intellect. — Blna 
eyes and fair hair. 

Calcarba — When there are : Great emaciation, irith ieen appe- 
tite; IwUow and wrinkkd countenance; dullness of the ejes; en* 
gorgement and induration of the mesenteric glands ; excessive 
weakness, with general feeling of fatigue after the least exertion, and 
frequently with profuse perspiration ; frequent diarrhoea, or etoci/o- 
lions like day ; dry and fiahby skin ; dry and brittle hair ; frequent 
palpitation of the heart ; shiverings ; sacral pains ; oyer^sensitiveness 
of the nervous system ; dread of all movement. 

China — ^Excessive emaciation, especially of the hands and feet; 
oedematous swelling of the abdomen ; voracity ; diarrhooa, especially 
al nighty with evactiation qfingesta, or freqtient whitish evacuations^ 
of the consistence of pap ; frequent perspirations ^ especially at night ; 
indolence and apathy; hollow, pale, or earthy countenance; stupe* 
fying or unfreshing sleep ; great weakness and decrepitude. 

CiNA — ^When there are : Verminous sufferings^ pale face, wetting 
tfie bed, and great voracity, 

Nux-voMiCA — ^Where there are: Yellowish, earthy complexion; 
puffed face ; obstinate constipation, or constipation alternately with 
diarrhoea; enlargement of the abdomen, with borborygmi; keen 
hunger and appetite, tcith frequent vomiting of food; constant occor 
sion to lie down ; dread of the open air ; ill-humor, irascibility, and 
passion ; excitability of the nervous system. 

Phosphorus — Principally in the case of young girls having light 
hair, blue eyes, delicate skin, and a tall stature, and especially when 
there is a cachectic cough, diarrhoea, and frequent and colliquative 
perspiration, great weakness, with ebullition of blood, palpitation of 
the heart, or oppression at the chest, on the least movement. 

Kiius — ^When there is great weakness^ with constant inclination to 
lie down ; pale face, hard and distended abdomen ; violent thirst ; 
vivcous or sanguineous diarrhoea ; keen appetite. 

Staphtsagria — ^When the symptoms are : Enlargement and dis- 
tention of the abdomen, voracums appetite; retarded evacuations; 
engorgement of tJte submaaiUary glands and of those of the neck *, 
frequent or constant coryza, with scabs in the nostrils ; sldn easily 
becomes tdcerated; fetid perspiration at night ; frequent furunculi. 

Sulphur — In almost all cases, at the commencement of tlie treat* 
nunt, and especially when there are: Keen hunger, tendency to 
perspire, engorgement qftlie inguinal or axillary glands, or of those 
of the neck ; hard and distended abdomen ; rattling of mucus in the 
respiratory organs ; fluent coryza; frequent mucous diarrhoBa, or ob- 

8BCrr. l.—CLDnOAL BEMABK8. 81 

stinate constipatian ; oppression of the chest ; palpitation of the 
heart ; pale complexion, wan countenance, sunken eyes ; pricking in 
the chest and sides, &c. 

*^ For the remainder of the medicines quoted, sec their palh(h 
genesy, and consult the articles : Hectic fever, Phthisis, and 


Back (Strain in the small of the). — See Mechanical injuries 
Chap. II. 

Bon6St — See Ostitis and other diseases of the bones. 

€ari€8t — See Ostitis and other diseases of the bones. ^ ^ 

Catalepsy.— See Spasms. 

Catarrhal Aflcctions. — See the organs in which they are seated 

ChamOBiie (Sufferings from abuse of). — See Chap. XXVI. 

Chill or Cold (Effects from a). — The chief medicines are in general : 
Aeon., cqff'., cham,, dulc., mere, n.-^vom,, puis,, and sulpk. Also : Ars,^ 
hry.^ cole,, carb.'V., ipec., and sil. 

When the affections caused by a chill are Acute and Painful it 
becomes necessary to have recourse to : Aeon., ars,^ bell., diam,, coff.^ 
n.-vom.y and puUi, ; but when there is, on the contrary, little pain, 
J)%dc. and ipec, will be found suitable in the majority' of cases. 

Obstinate or Chronic sufferings, caused by a chill, mostly re- 
quire : Carb.'Veg., calc., silic,, and sulph. 

The effects of a chill In the water, or of Cold damp air, require 
principally : Calc,, dale., puis., and sulph., or else : Ars., carb.-veg,, 
nuz-mos., thus, and sassap.; and: Antim., cede., carb.'Veg., and 
sulph. may be consulted in cases of suffering brought on by bathing 

Chills in the stomach, caused by partaking oOces, fruits, or (icids, 
generally yield to Puis, or axs. 

For the effects of ^he Suppression of an eruption by a chill: 
Ipec. or bryon. are usually preferable ; for those of a Suppressed 
rheum : Chin., or laeh., or puis.; and for those of Checked perspira- 
tion : Bell., bry., cham., chin., dulc., or silic. ; while in the case of 
persons who are apt to take cold, in consequence of Ferspirino 
FREELY : Carb.-v., chin., )iep., mere, plu>sph.-ac. will frequently suc- 

A Disposititon to suffer too easily from a chill will be most effectu- 
ally combatted by Carb.-v., cole., and sil., administered at intervals of 
BIX, eight, or ten weeks, provided that the constitutional and other 
symptoms of the patient do not more closely indicate Bell.^ cJUn^^ 
coff., dale., and n.-vom. 

The medicines which merit a preference in the case of persons 
who suffer from the slightest exposure to Cold air are. especially : 


Bryon,, cole,, carb.-veg., mere., rhus*tox,, and veratr.; also': Nusi 
torn, or cham. yrhen the least breath of cold air causes shiyering 
and Arsen. if cold air generally produces pain. 

Great Sensitiveness to wind should be opposed by : Carb.-veg. 
loch,, or /^cop. Sensibility to Currents or air by ; Bell,, calc,, sHic., 
and sulph.j and sensitiveness to Cool svsnino air especially by.: 
Carh.-veg.y merc.t and sulph. 

The remedies for chills caused by Raw damp weather are : Oafe« 
carb.-veg., dulc., lack., rhodod,, rhus, or veratr. ; for those caused by 
Stormy weather: Bryon,, rhod,^ siUc.; for those produced by a 
Change of weather : Cede., carb.-^veg,, dule,, loch., mere, rkus, sUic 
sidph., and veratr, 

(During a change of weather, From heat to cold, Dule, is often 
preferable ; while during a change from Cold to heat the symp- 
toms yield more frequently to Carb.'veg.) 

Chills in Spring often require : Carb.-veg., rkus, and veratr, ; 
those in Summer : Bell., bryon., carb.^veg,, and dulc, ; those in Au- 
tumn : Merc.y rhus, and verair. 

Chills felt in Winter, when the atmosphere is Cold and Dry, re- 
quire : Aeon., bell., bryon., or Cham., ipee., nux-vom,, and suif^. ; but 
when it is Cold and Damp : Dtdc. and vercUr, will be frequently 
found more suitable. 

With respect to particular symptoms caused by a chill, a prefe- 
rence should be given to : 

Aconitum — When there are : Odontalgia, prosopalgia, or other 
neuralgias, with headache, congestion of blood in the head, hum- 
ming in the ears, painful weariness in the limbs, violent feverish heat, 
discouragement, with agitation, and tossing, &c. 

Antimonium — Against pains in the head or gastric sufferings, with 
want of appetite, nausea, disgust, &c. 

Arnica — Against pains in the limbs, rheumatic or arthritic suf- 

Arsenicum — Especially in cases of asthmatic or gastric suffering, 
with pains in the stomach. 

Belladonna — Against : Headache, indistinct confhsed sight, sore 
throat, gastric sufferings, coryza, feverish heat, &c. 

Bryonia — Against : Convulsive cough, with retching ; pains in 
the limbs, diarrhoea, &c. 

Galoarea — Against : Obstinate pains in the limbs, aggravated by 
every change of weather, or by working in the water. 

Carbo-veg. — Against : A hollow, obstinate cough, with vomiting ; 
asthmatic sufferings, pain in the chest, &e« 


Chamohilla — Against : Cephalalgia, odontalgia, otalgia, or other 
ezoessivelj painful neuralgise, with agitation, tossing, disposition to 
be angry, violent feverish heat, moist cough (especially in children), 
painful colic, with diarrhoea, &o. 

CoccuLUS — Against : Gastric sufferings. 

CoFFEA — When there are : Odontalgia or other neuralgias, with 
disposition to weep, extreme sensibility to pain, sleeplessness, &o. 

DuLCAMABA — ^Whcu there are : Headache, affections of the sighi 
or hearing, odontalgia, sore throat, gastric sufferings, moist cough 
painless diarrhoea, pains in the limbs, or fever. 

Hepar — ^When there are : Ophthalmia, or odontalgia, or obstinate 
pains in the limbs. 

Ipecacuanha — ^When there are : Gastric affections, nausea, convul 
•iye cough with vomiting, asthmatic sufferings, &c, 

Mercurius — Against: Pains in the limbs, sore throat, affection 
of the eyes, odontalgia, otalgia, painful diarrhoea ; also dysenteric 

Nirx-voM. — When there are : Fever, dry coryza, with obstruction 
of the nose, dry cough, dysenteric evacuations, or slimy, painful 

Phosphorio-ao. — ^When there are : Obstinate rheumatic pains, or 
cough excited by the slightest chill. 

Pulsatilla — ^Against : Fluent coryza, moist cough, otalgia, fever, 
diarrhoea, &c. ; and especially in the case of pregnant women. 
Rhus — Against : Toothache, or pains in the limbs. 
SiLicEA — Against : Obstinate pains in the limbs, aggravated by a 
change of weather. 

Sulphur — ^When there are: Obstinate pains in the limbs; colic; 
fllimy diarrhoea ; cold in the head or chest, with copious secretions ; 
affections of the eyes ; confused sight ; otalgia, odontalgia, &c. 

^^* For the symptoms which indicate the employment of the other 
medicines cited, see the pcUhogenesy ; and for other remedies, see 
Sect. 2, Articles, Chill, Sensibility to cold air, to wind, &c. Com- 
pare also the different affections, such as : Cephalalgu, Odontalgia, 
Bheumatism, &c., in their respective chapters 
CUorOSiSt— See Chap. XX. 
ChOienu— See Chap. XY. 
Choreat — See Spasms. 

Coff€6 (Sufferings from the abuse of). — ^The most efficacious re- 
medies are, in general : Cham,, coec^ ign„ and m0>vom,, and, in MBia 
cases : Bell,, carb.-v., mere, rhus,puls., and sulph. 
Among these medicines a preference should be given to : 
VOL. ir. — it* 


Chauomilla — If there are : Headache or toothache ; exceabive 
sensibility to the least pain, with cries and tears ; pains in the stomachy 
which are removable Jot a time by the use of Coffee ; violent colic ; 
great distress in the pit of the stomach, with a sensation as if tLe 
heart were being crushed. 

GoocuLUS — When there are : Weakness, with perspiration on 
every movement, and trembling of the limbs ; starts daring sleep ; 
flushes of heat ; toothache when eating ; sensalion of emptiness in the 
head; gaistralgia; excessive sadness and distress; aggravation of 
all the symptoms in the open air, by eating or drinking, by sleep, 
and by tobacco-smoke. 

Ignatia — Against : Headache, as if a nail were driven into the brain, 
or expansive pressure in the forehead, or with pulsations in the 
head, mitigated by stooping ; weakness ; sensation of emptiness and 
faintness in the pit of the stomach ; spasmodic colic ; soreness or 
numbness of the limbs ; changeable disposition ; at one time gay, at 
another tearful. 

Nux-voMicA — When there are : Sleeplessness, palpitation of the 
heart, excitabiiity of the wJiole nervous system; semi-lateral head- 
ache, as if caused by a nail in the brain, aggravated by stooping or 
walking, also in the open air ; toothache ; gastralgia, which is aggrO" 
voted on drinking coffee; excessive sensibility to the open air; 
lively and choleric temperament. 

*^* For the other medicines, see, in the particular organs, the af- 
fections which are caused by abuse of Coffee. 

The Ghronic consequences often yield to Merc, or suiph,, when 
Cham,, nuz-vom:, or ign, prove insufficient. 

Congestions (Sanguineous). — See the organs which are liable to 
suffer from them. 

Constltntlon and Teniperament«~We have given, under the 

heads of several medicines, some general ideas of the different con- 
stitutions and temperaments to which they are respectively suitable. 
In bringing them, in this Eepeutory, under a single view (see Sect. 
8, Characters), toe have entered still further into the subject ; but 
we cannot refrain from warning the homo&opathic student against the 
inconvenience that must result from basing the choice of medicines 
on these indications, which are too incomplete not to lead him into 
error, if a due consideration of the totality of symptoms be ne- 

ContractionSt — See Arthritis and Rhetjxatesx. 

CftflOSiSt — See Chap. XXII. 

0ance (Si, Vitus'). — See Spasms. 

BEOr. I. — GUinCAL BEMASKS. 8fi 

IteUlity* — (Weakness). — ^In many cases debility is only a symptom 
of another disease, with the cure of which strength returns ; bat it is 
frequently the fundamental source of several sufferings, and espe- 
cially when it is occasioned by lass of humors^ excessive sexual in" 
dulgence, violent cunUe diseases, and other debilitating causes ; and 
in such cases it must be combat ted by remedies suited to the gene 
ral state. 

The most efficacious remedy for debility arising from the Loss of 
HUMOKs is China; but recourse may often be had also to : Cole,, 
card.-v., cin., laches., n.-vom., phosph.-ac., sulph., and veratr, 

[We would commend the mineral acids in cases of *' loss of hu- 
mors/' where China fails, and especially where there is a great 
decadence of the vital powers from protracted illness, incurable 
ulcers, &c. 

MuRLATic-ACZD — For ''acutc diseases, with rapid sinking of the 
vital forces, great prostration, extreme exhaustion, and septic cha- 
racter." — N. & T. *' Excessive debility ; debility, soon after eating, 
frequently requiring rest on walking, and passing off toward evening ; 
also vriih extreme sinking in the evening after a walk, or with drowsi- 
ness and obscure vision, falling asleep at the table ; — after walking 
or standing, falls asleep while sitting ; — also arising from paroxysm 
of distress in the evening, with excessive distention of the abdomen, 
flowing perspiration from the head, sinking of the arms and as from 
palsy ; also from sitting with closing of the eyes, improved by rising 
and walking.*' ^ 

Nitric-acid. — ^We are induced to confide in the value of this 
acid in mercurial and mercuruhsyphilitic dyscrasies, where there is 
d^nlity^ with or without emaciation. " ^Excessive debility ; — ^*also 
after eating, with relaxation of all the limbs ; — debility in the after- 
noon, disappearing in the evening ; — ^universal trembling preceding 
the debility ; — debility, early in the morning ; — also feebleness of 
mind and body ; — most prominent in the evening, especially in the 
lower limbs ; — ^general toeakness ; — weakness in all the joints, as 
if bruised, or with trembling ; — in paroxysms, from the slightest mo- 
tion ;— faintish weakness, with anxiety, early in the morning ; — great 
weakness, constantly requiring t?ie recumbent posture, especially 
daring menstruation, obstructing speech and respiration; — in the 
joints, with heat of the head, and feeling of sickness of the whole 
body; — also tremor, faintness, feebleness, as after long sickness 
weariness, &c., especially in the evening.*' 

Sulphuric- ACID. — We prescribed this acid with signal effect where 
a severe depleting treatment had been pursued, which left the 

99 OB /LP. I. 

iuvalid very feeble and subject to frequent and exhausting diar 
rhoeas '* Great debility, scarcely with power to raise the arms ;— 
excessive prostration after eating ; — weakness, especially in the lower 
limbs and small of the back, scarcely permitting him to stand ; — on 
walking, as if he would fall to either side." — ^Ed.] 

China is also one of the most valuable remedies for debility caused 
by Excessive sexual indulgence ; but, when the malady has beeomo 
chronic, and the cause has exercised an active influence for a long 
time, it will be necessary to have recourse to other remedies, such 
as : Calc.f n.-vom., phos.-ac., sil., staph., and sulph.,, or else to : Am.^ 
anac,y carb.-v., can.^ mere,, ncUr.-m,, phas.^ and $ep, Caic. is espe- 
cially indicated when coition is invariably followed by great lassi- 
tude, trembling of the legs, fatigue, and pain in the head. — Staphys, 
when the patient is much distressed by a sense of the culpability of 
his indulgences ; and when coition is followed by asthmatical suffer- 
ings and hypochondriacal humor. 

In the majority of cases, the consequences of Masturbation require: 
N.'Vwn.t followed by Sulph, and cole. ; if Chin., phas.-ac., or siaph, 
should prove insufficient, Carb.-v.t con., oocc., natr.^m., n.-nuuch., and 
phas., will also often be found useful. The best medieines to over- 
come an inclination for this vice are : Sulph. and cole., also : Chin.f 
cocc., mere, and phos., and perhaps : Ant,, carb.-v., plat., puis. 

The most efficacious medicines in debility, when it is the result of 
violent Acute diseases, are : Chin., hep., sil., and vercUr., or else, 
Calc., kal., natr.-m., pkos.-ac., and sulph. — Chin, is especially bene- 
ficial in the first instance, when the patient happens to have been 
previously bled. — Chinin,? 

Phos.-ac. is often a successful remedy in debility arising from The 
KAPiD GROWTH OF YOUNG PERSONS *, and for debility in Aged persons : 
Aur,, baryt., conium, chinin ? and opium may be studied with ad- 

%* See also Art. Debility, Sect. 2. — For Hysterical and ner- 
vous DEBILITY, see Hysterical sufferings (Chap. XX.) and Nervous 

Dropsy* — The medicines which hare hitherto been most success- 
fully employed against dropsy are : Ars., chin., dig., dule., hell., kal., 
led., lye, mere, and sulph., also : Bry,, camph,, canth,, convolv., fer., 
loot,, phos., prun,, rhus, samh., sep,, sol.-nig,, ^sguil. — Anthrok. — 
Chinin? — ["^Am.^., ^am.-m,? ^arU.-c, ^asa-f., our.? ^bar.-m., 
^calad. ? ^carb.-v. ? ^con. ? ^colch. ? Scrotal., ^cup. ? ^iod. ? ^kreos. ? 
^lach. 7 ^lam. ? ophiot., plumb,, plumb.^acet., ^rhod,, seneg., tart.^ 
^tereh., o«m."-ED.l 


Dropsical afTeotions, caased by Repbroussion of Exanthbkata, 
have been cured chiefly by : Ars., dig., hell., rhus, and sulph. 

Those resulting from intermittent fevers by : Ars,, dtilc,, fer., 
mter,, soL-nig,, and siUph. — [Also : Apocynum, — ^Ed.] 

Those arising from Debilitating losses by : Chin., fer,, merc^ 
and sulph. 

Those of persons addicted to drinking Spirituous liquors by: 
Ars., chin., hell., led., rkus, and sulph. 

And those caused by Abuse of Mercury have yielded chiefly to: 
Chin., dulc.t hell., and sulph. 

Of the medicines commonly employed against this disease : 

[Afoctnum-oannab. — Is an important remedy for dropsy, which we 
introduced to the attention of homooopathists in 1885. It has proved 
a specific, especially for ascites, or abdominal dropsy, after the inor- 
dinate use of Quinine in intermittent fevers / in a case of general 
anasarca, or dropsical swelling of the cellular system, succeeding 
scarlet fever ; and in one case of extensive swelling, especially in the 
abdomen, attended with griping pain in the same, in a consumptive 
patient. — Ed.] 

Arsenicum — ^May be used against anasarca, hydrothoraz, ascites, 
and asdema of the feet, and especially when they are accompanied by 
an earthy, or pah, and greenish color of the skin, chiefly in the face; 
0X!oessiv^%cedkness and general prostration cf strength; dryness and 
redness of the tongue ; much thirst ; a^hmalic sufferings, with fits 
of suffocation when lying on the back, coldness of the extremities, 
lacerating pains in the back, loins, and extremities. 

[AsA-FCET. — ** Ascites and general uTioMirca from disorganisation of 
the abdominal organs." — ^N. & T. Ed.] 

Bryonia — Against anasarca and (edema of the feet, with increase 
of the swelling by day, diminution at night. 

GAMPHORA-^Against anoMirca, with red urine, which deposits a 
thick sediment. 

Cantharides — Against dropsical affections, depending on atony of 
the urinary organs, and accompanied by strangury, tenesmus of tho 
oervix-vesicsB, pains in the limbs, chro.nio coryza, &c. 

China — Against anasarca and ascites, also in aged women. This 
medicine is especially suitable when there are organio injuries of 
the liver or spleen, although Arsenic sjidfer, are also adapted to suck 


Gonvolxulus — Against OBdematous swellings of all kinds, and also 
against other dropsical affections, with constipation, abdominal suffer- 
ings, and debility. 


[Crotalvs. — ^The effoots of this remedj aro : " General anamrca; 
adematous swelling of the Tvhole body, especially the head ; — ^^dimi 
uutioD of ascites, which arose from blood-letting for an enlargement 
of the heart; ^important amelioration of great oppression cf the 
chesty not permitting the recumbent position at night, in old people 
Euffcring from hydrothorax.^* — Ed.] 

Digitalis — Against ascites, anasarca, and hydrotitorax, especially 
when associated with organic affection of the heart, and quickness of 

Dulcamara — Against anasarca, and especially {rfter the suppreS" 
sion of perspircUion by cold damp air, or when there is Tiolent noo* 
turnal heat, with great agitation, scanty and offensive urine, thirst, 
anorexia, decrepitude, empty risings, &c. 

Helleborus — Against anasarca, ascites, hydrothorax, &c. ; espe-' 
cially against acute dropsy, and when there are great debility, ooma- 
somnolentum, febrile symptoms, piercing pains in the extremities, 
loose gelatinous evacuations, secretion of urine almost suppressed, 

Kali — Against ascites, and other dropsical affections, also in aged 

Laotuca — Against anoMirca, with excessive swelling of the feet, 
abdomen, and eye-lids. 

Ledum — Against dropsy, with pains in all the limbs, and dryness 
of the skin. 

Mercurius — ^Against ascites, hydrotJtoraz, and actUe or chronie 
anasarca, sometimes with hepatic affections, oppression of the chest, 
general heat and perspiration ; constant short and shaking cough ; 
anguish, &c. 

Phosphorus — Against dropsy, with oedematous swelling of the 
hands, feet, and face. 

Prunus — Against ascites, and general dropsy. 

Hhus, Sambucus, and Solanum-nigrum — ^Against general dropsy. 

*^* For other medicines whicl{ may be also used : see Sect. 2. 
Dropsical swellings and compare : Anasarca, Ascites, Htdrar- 
THRA, Hydrocele, Hydrocephalus, Hydrothorax, &o., in their 
respective chapters. 

DrunkfUncsSt and bad effects from the Abuse of alcohouc 
BRINKS. — ^The best medicines are, in general : Aeon., ant,, ars., bell,p 
calc,, carb.'V., cJiin., coff,, hyos,, lach., mere, natr., n.-vom., op., jnds., 
stram., sulph. 

The principal remedies in the actual state of Intoxication are: 
AcOn., bell., camph,, and op. 

SBcr. I. — oLnncAL seuabkb. 39 

Against the effects of a Debauch, especially ; Ant., carb.-v.^ coff. 

Against Chronic elTects of drunkenness in general: Ars,, beil^ 
ecUc.t diin,, coff.^ hyos., lacli., mere,, natr., n.-^vom,, puis., sulph. 

Against Delirium tremens in particular : Ars,, bell., caLc., coff., 
hyos., n.-vom.t op., strain. 

Against an Inclination for drunkenness : Ars,, cole., loch., mere, 
sulph., and sulph.'Cu:. 

Of the remedies cited, the following are the specific indications : 

AcoNiTUM — If, after having drank too much wine, there exist 
feverish heat, congestion in the head, redness of the face and eyes 
or even loss of reason. 

Antihonium — ^If the consequences of the debattch are gastric s^* 
ferings, especially disgust, nausea, and anorexia; and if Carb.'V. 
has been found insufficient. 

Arsenicum — If there appear in drunkards mental alienation, with 
great anguish, which aUows no rest whatever, fear of robbers, of spec* 
trcs, and of solitude, with desire to hide, trembling of the limbs, &c. 

Belladonna — ^If, in the case of drunkards, or after Aft qfintoxi' 
cation, there be found : Loss of reason, tcith delirium, and xisions of 
mice; redness and bloatedness of the face; tongue loaded with 
mucus ; aversion to meat ; sleeplessness, stammering, with constant 
smiling ; sensation of dryness in the throat ; with difficult deglutition; 
violent thirst; attacks o£ violent febrile heat, &o. 

Calcarea — When there \s frigJufiU delirium, with visions of fire, 
murder, rats, and mice, and when neither Bell, nor stram, have 
proved sufficient. 

Carbo»v£o. — When, in consequence of a debauch, there are press- 
ive or pulsative cephalalgia, mitigated in the open air; nausea, or 
liquid and pale fecccs. 

China — ^Against symptoms of debility in drunkards, especially 
when accompanied by dropsical afibctions. 

CoFFEA — When, after drinking too much wine (especially in chil- 
dren), there appear : moral excitability, too much gaiety, sleeplessness, 
fetching, and also vomiting ; or when there are, in consequence of a 
debauch, headache, as if a nail were driven into the brain ; and if 
Nua>votn, have proved insufficient. Coff. is also efficacious against 
trembling oftlie hands, in drunkards. 

Hyosciamus — ^When, in consequence of drunkenness, there are 
epileptic convulsions; sleeplessness, with constant delirium; de« 
liriuni, with visions of persecutors, and desire to run away, trem- 
bling of the limbs, &o. 


Lachesis — Against weakness and trembling cf the hands^ in 
drunkards, especially if the patient experiences mnoh difficulty in 
oorrecting his evil propensity. 

Mercurius — Against the infirmities of drunkards, who have alse 
taken coffee to excess, and especially when neither N.-vom. nor 
sulph, have been found sufficient. 

Natruh — ^Against debility and dyspepsia in drunkards. 

Nux-voM. — ^When the symptoms excited by a debauch are : la^ 
teral cephalalgia, as if a nail were driven into the brain, aggravated 
in the open air, by walking, movement, meditation, and stooping; 
natisea and retching; constipation, or else slimy evacuations widi 
tenesmus ; vertigo ; red eyes, with humor in the canthi : photopho* 
bia ; coughing, &c. ; or when there are, in drunkards, congestion in 
the head, confusion or loss of consciousness, with delirium, frightful 
visions, and desire to run away ; great angmsh, which allows no 
rest in any position, sometimed with coldness and clamminess of the 
hands and feet ; nausea, water-brash, or vomiting of food, or of bitter 
substances ; sleeplessness or half sleep, with starts, fright, and 
anxious dreams; constipation, or loose and scanty evacuations; 
tremMing of tlie Hmbs, want of strength, &c. — NtiZ'Vom, is also espe 
cially suitable in the case of drunkards who have, at the same time« 
indulged to excess in coffee. 

Opium — When, after having taken too much wine, or else in 
drunkards, there are : Letfiargic sleep with snoring, or anxious 
delirium, with visions of mice, scorpions, &c., fear, and desire to run 
away, or dreaming unconsciousness, from which the patient atoaJees 
when spoken to in a loud voice ; constipation, dyspnoea, general per* 
spiration, convidsions, and epileptic spasms, trembling of the Hmbs, 
trismus, jerkings of the muscles of the face and mouth, and fixed 
look ; deep redness of the face, &o. 

Pulsatilla — ^Against the effects of a debauch, with indigestion, 
and especially when there are : cloudiness of the head, with heavi- 
ness in the forehead, mitigated in the open air; nausea, especially 
after eating and drinking, sour eructations, tongue loaded with 
mucus, &c., and especially when sulphur is known to have been 
employed in the preparation of the wine taken. 

Stramonium — When, in drunkards, there are : anguish and rest- 
less changing of place, with laconic speech, uncertain look, fear, and 
desire to run away ; epileptic convulsions, and mania, red, hot, and 
puffed face; delusions of sensation (as, for instance, feeling aj 
though the body were cut in two, &c.) 

Sulphur — Against trembling, dropsical affections, and many other 


infirmities of drunkards ; and in the oase of dninkards wbo havO; at 
the same time, indulged to excess in coffee 

Eclampsia* — See Spasms. 

ExertiOll (Effects of Over-). — See Fatigue. 

Emotions (Sufferings caused by Moral). — ^The best remedies are. 
in general : Aeon., bell., bry., cham,, coff., ooloCt hyas,, ign,, loch* 
mere., n.-vom., op.^phos., phos.<ic., plat., ptils., staph., strain., verat 
— Aur., aur.-m., aur.-s. 

Effects produced bj Fright or Fear yield most frequently to 
Aeon., bell., hyos., ign., loch., op., puis., samb., veratr. 

Effects of excessive Joy require in preference : Cq/f, or op. 

Effects of Vexation or Affliction principally call for : Ign., 
phas.-ac., staphys., or else: Ars., gy-aph., and Uuh. 

Those caused by Nostalgia require especially : Capsic., mere,, 
phos.-ac., and perhaps : Carb.-an. or aur. 

Those from Disappointed love : Hyos., ignat., phas.-ac., hell. 

Those from Mortification (wounded self-love) : BcU., coloc,, ign,, 
plat., puis., staph., — Aur. 

Those from Contradiction or from a fit of Passion : Acon,s bry,, 
Cham., ccioc., n.-vom., plat., staph., especially. 

Of these medicines the preference should be given to : 

Aconituv — ^Wheu there are : Headache, ^e^ri^ heat, congestion in 
the head, great fear (especially in children) ; or if, after a Fright, the 
employment of Opium should have been neglected. 

Belladonna — When there are : Mental alienation or continued 
anguish, with fear, cries, tears (and naughtiness in children), and es- 
pecially if Aconit. or opium have proved insufficient to remove the 
bad effects caused by /ear. 

Bryonia — ^When there are : Coldness and shivering over the 
whole body, great irascibility, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, and bilious 
Bufferings, in consequence of the indulgence of anger. 

Capsicum — ^If nostalgia produce sleeplessness, with redness and 
heat in the cheeks. 

Chamomilla — ^When, in consequence of afU (f possum, there are : 
Bitter taste in the mouth, nausea, retching, and vomiting of bilious 
matter ; gripings; diarrhoea ; pressure at the pit of the stomach, %nd 
in the stomach ; headache ; fever, with heat, thirst, redness of the 
fiice and eyes, anguish, and inquietude ; jaundice ; cough ; palpita- 
tion of the heart ; shortness of breath, pulmonary spasms, and fits of 
choking ; or when, in children, there are convulsions and asthmatic 
sufferings ; or when there are sufferings from indigestion, in conso^ 
quence of eating or drinking after a fit of passion. 


CoTFBA — ^When, in conseqneneo of excegsive Jot, the nerTOua 
system is violently affected, and when there are trembling and ten* 
dency to faint, especially in women and children ; or if, after a fit of 
passion, the patient should have taken an infusion of Chamomile. 

CoLocYNTHis — ^When, in consequence of IndigncUian or Mortified' 
Hon, there are : Spasmodic colic, cramps in the calves of the legs, 
nausea, hitter taste and vomiting, sleeplessness, &c. 

Hepar — ^If children cry for a long time, in consequence of a fit of 
passion, without allowing themselves to be soothed, and if Bellad. 
prove insufficient to relieve them. 

Htosctamus — When there appear, after a Fright : Dullness, ob- 
structed deglutition, convulsions, involuntary starts or laughter dur' 
ing sleep, desire to ran away, &c. ; or in consequence oi disappointed 
lovc^ jealousy, delirium, &c. 

Ignatia — Against the effects oi Fright, or MortiJUuUion, Affliction, 
or Grirf, arising from the loss of a friend or relation, or from disap* 
points love ; and when there are : Deep, consuming, and insur- 
mountable grief, vomiticg, gastric sufferings, headache, vertigo, 
paleness of the face ; perhaps also when convulsions or epileptic fits, 
especially in children, result from fright or fear. 

Mercujuus — Against recent or chronic consequences of FriglU or 
Mortification, and also higsixi^t Nostalgic^ especially when there are 
great anxiety, trcmblirg, and agitation, especially at night, ebullition 
of blood on the least exertion, sleeplessness, inability to endure the 
warmth of the bed ; great nervous susceptibility ; quarrelsome dis* 
position, which is at war with everything and everybody, even rela- 
tives ; desire to run away, continued shivering, perspiration through- 
out the night. 

Nax-voM. — Against the effects of a Fit of Passion, with general 
coldness, and when Bryonia has proved insufficient ; or if the pa- 
tient should have taken an infusion of Chamomile, or have eaten 
or drank, after flying into a passion, and Chamom. should have failed 
to effect a complete recovei-y. 

Opium — ^When it can be administered immediately, after a shock 
sustained from Fear or Jot/, and especially when there are : Pains in 
the forehead, stupefaction, or even loss of consciousness, heat, and 
perspiration on the head, with coldness of the body, congestion of 
blood in the head, sour risings or vomitings great distress and heavi- 
ness in the abdomen ; diarrhcea, or Involuntary evacuations, oppres- 
sion in the chest, and dyspnoea ; syncope; convtdsive, or else epileptio 
fits; trembling, cries, or lethargic sleep, with snoring; spasmodic 


ri^dity of the body ; internal heat, with coldness of the body, and 
cold perspiration, &c. 

Phosphori-ac. — Against the effects of Profound chagrin, or Dis 
appointed love, or Nostalgia ; in a word, in all oases in which Ignaf.ia 
fails to cure, and especially when there are taciturnity, laconic 
speech, dullness and stupidity ; falling off or blanching of the hair; 
hectic fever, with profuse perspiration in the morning; constant 
tendency to sleep, &c. 

Platina — If, in consequence of Passion or Mortification, there 
are : Indifference, sadness alternating with laughter ; pride, with 
contempt for others ; great anguish and fear of death, and especially 
when, in women, the uterine system is affected at the same time. 

Pulsatilla — ^Against the effects of Fear, which are characterized 
by diarrhoea, with heat in the abdomen, and coldness in the limbs ; 
or against the effecta of a Fit of passion, in persons of a mild disposi- 
tion ; or if, after a fit of anger, the patient should have taken Chamo 
mile in a ptisan; or should have eaten or drank, and Cham, should 
have failed to restore health. 

Sambucus — ^W^hen, in consequence of Fright or Fear, there are • 
General coldness of the body, trembling, convulsive jerking, oppreS' 
tion of the cJiest, lethargic sleep with snoring ; and when Op, has not 
been able to contend successfully against that state. 

Staphtsaghia — Against the effects of a Fit of passion, and 6spe« 
cially when there are : Indignation and anger, to such a pitch as to 
cause the patient to fling away violently whatever is held in the 
hand, or to push about the objects that lie before him (on the table) ; 
ill-humor, inquietude, and fear ; — or when, in consequence of Deep 
gftiefy there are : Sadness, with a disposition to take everything in 
bad part ; great fear respecting the future ; sleep by day, and sleep- 
lessness at night; falling off of the hair; weak and languid voice; 
hypochondriacal humor. 

Yeratruu — ^If, *after Fright or Fear, there are : Involuntary 
evacuations, or diarrhoea, with general coldness of the body. 

*^* For directions respecting other medicines, see, in Sect. 3, the 
articles Fright, Fear, Grief, &o., and examine the pathogenesy of 
the medicines which are there enumerated. 

Epilepsy* — See Spasms. 

ErgOtiSBI* — Poisoning by Ergot. — See Ohap. XXVI. 

Excitability*— See Excitability (Nervous). 

FatBtinj* — ^The medicines which have hitherto been employed 
with the greatest success against different kinds of Fainting, Hy8« 



€ham., hep., iach., mosch,, n.-vom., phas.-cu:,, veratr. 

When this state is caused by Fright, or by any other Mo&al 
Emotion, the chief remedies are : Aeon,, cham., cqff\, lack,, op.^ or 

When bronght on by Yiolent pain : Aeon, or cham* 
* If produced by the Slightest pain : Hep,, n.-mosch. 

For Hysterical subjects : Cham,, coec., ign., moich., n,-mosch,, 
n.-vom., and perhaps Ars. and ncUr.'m,, are preferable. 

If in consequence of Debilitating losses or Violent diseases : 
Cath.-v., ehin,, n.-vom,, or vercUr. should be particularly consulted. 

For persons suffering from Abuse of Mercury, principally : Cofb,' 
v., or perhaps also : Hep,, loch,, and op. 

However, a preference should be given to : 

AcoNiTUM — ^When there are : Violent palpitation (f the heart, 
ebullition of blood and congestion in the head, humming in the ears, 
and oecurrenee of the Jits when rising from a recumbent posture, witli 
shivering, and deadly paleness of the face, succeeding redness. 

Garbo-veget. — When the fits come on cfter sleep, on getting out 
cfhed, or while in bed in the morning. 

Chamohilla — ^When there are, with the fits : Vertigo, cloudiness 
of the eyes, hardness of hearing, sensation of flabbiness and faintuess 
in the pit of the stomach, &o. 

CoFPEA — Especially in sensitive persons, and when Aoonit. has 
failed against the attacks caused by fright. 

Hepar — When the fits como on in the evening, and are preoedod 
by vertigo. 

Lachesis — When .the symptoms are: Asthmatic sufferings, vertigo, 
paleness of the face, cloudiness of the eyes ; nausea, vomiting, jxiin 
and stitches in the pracordial region, eold perspiration, convulsions, 
spasms in the maxillsd, rigidity and bloatcdness of the body, and 
epis taxis. 

MoscHus — When the fits occur chiefly in the evening, or at nighty 
or in the open air, and are accompanied by pulmonary spasms, or 
followed by headache. 

Nux-voM. — When t}ie fits come on chiefly in the morning, or after 
a meal, as well as in the case of pregnant women, or persons fatigued 
by intellectual labor; or when they are caused by drinking spirittcot4S 
liquors, and especially when there are nausea, paleness of the face« 
sparks before the eyes, or clouded sight, pain in the stomach, anxiety, 
trembling, and congestion in the head or chest. 


Phosphori-ao. — ^When the fits oome on after a meal, and when 
Nua>^VQniica has proyed insufficient. 

Veratrum — ^When the fits are brought on by the least movement, 
or when they follow : Great anguish, with discouragement and de- 
spair ; the fits being accompanied by spasms, tightness of the maxil- 
Iso, convulsive movements of the eyes and eye-lids, &c. 

*4e* For the rest of the medicines cited, and for others that may 
also be employed, see Sect. 2, Faintim a, and consult the patliogenesy 
of the medicines. 

Fatigue from Corporeal or Iiltellectnal Exertion.— The most 

efficacious medicines against oyer-fatigne» of any kind whatever, arc» 
in general : Aeon., am,, bry., calc,, carh.-v., chin., cocc., coff., ijpec*, 
mere, n.-^om., ptUs,, rhzcs, siHc,, veratr. 

For fatigue caused by Corporeal exertion the best medicines 
are : Aeon., am., bry., calc., chin., cocc., coff., mere, rhits, sil., and veraL 

For that arising from Prolonged watching, principally : Carb.-v., 
cocc., n.'Vom., puis. 

For the effects of Excessive studt, especially : BeU., calc., lack., 
n.-vom., puis., and sulph. 

For bad effects resulting from a Sedentary life, principally : iV.- 
vom., sulph. 

Of these medicines the preference should bo given to : 

Aoonitum — When, in consequence of being Over-heated by exertion^ 
there are : A full and quick pulse, panting respiration, cough, stitches 
in the side, and pains in the limbs. 

Arnica — ^When the stitches in the side, caused by Fatiguing labor, 
will not yield to Aconitum, or when, in consequence of ouer-ezertion 
in walking, there are pains in all the limbs, as if they had been 
bruised or beaten, especially in the muscles, with swelling and sore- 
ness of the feet. 

Belladonna — Ag^Qst headache and cerebral suffering brought on 
by Excessive study. 

Bryonia — When Aconitum is insufficient to counteract the effects 
of being Over-heated, or of too hurried a walk, or when the stitches 
in the side will not yield to Arnica. 

Calcarea — ^When the least exertion, and even conversation, causes 
great fatigue, and when neither Cocc. nor veratr. are sufficient \ and 
also when the least intellectual fatigue produces headache. 

Oarbo-veoet. — Against dejection after a Nocturnal debauch, and 
especially when there are ; Fressive or pulsative cephalgia, ameUo- 
rated in the open axr; nausea, without other sufferings ; liquid and 
pale teces. 


China — After Corporeal exertion^ with Tiolent perspiration, and 
especially in persons who have already been weakened by perspira- 
tion and other debilitating causes. 

CoccuLUS — Against the effects of Fatiguing labor^ or prolonged 
watching, especially when there are : Crreat weakness, toith speedy 
fatigue on the lea^ exertion, or tJie least privation of sleep ; trembling 
and sensation of emptiness in the head, flashes of heat on the face 
dull eyes, dryness of the mouth, aversion to food, risings, fits of 
nausea, with weakness verging on syncope, fullness in the stomach 
oppression of the chest ; aggravation from the open air, conversation 
and coffee ; great sadness, starts during sleep, and anxious dreams. 

GoFFEA — Against fatigue caused by Corporeal exertion, with waM 
of food. 

Ipecacuanha — ^When, in consequence of Prolonged waichdng, 
there are headache and nausea, especially when the patient is obliged 
to keep awake still longer. 

' Mercurius — Against the effects of Over-heating labor, especially . 
when there is ebullition of blood on the least exertion, with conges- 
tion in the head, chest, and face. 

Nux- VOMICA — Against the effects of Prolonged watching, Excessive 
study, and a Sedentary life, and especially in the case of persons 
who, in order to excite their strength, have taken coffee, wine, or 
other spirituous drinks ; or when there are : Cephalalgia ; with con- 
gestion of blood in the head, cloudiness, heaviness in the forehead on 
moving the eyes, and painful shocks in the brain at every step ; pale 
and hollow countenance, or earthy complexion, gastric sufferings, 
nausea, or inertia of the abdominal organs ; cough and nervous 
odontalgia ; aggravation of sufferings in tlie open air; aversion to 
movement and walking ; excitability of the whole nervous system ; 
shivering, lassitude, hypochondria, and ill-humor ; lively and cltolerie 

Pulsatilla — Against fatigue from Excessive study, or against the 
consequences of Prolonged watching, especially in women, and par- 
ticularly if they cannot lie down till towards morning ; or when there 
are : cloudiness of the head, feeling of intoxication, or sensation as 
if the cranium were empty and the head too light ; or heaviness of 
the head, with photophobia, and amelioration of the sufferings in the 
open air ; mild and easy disposition. 

Ehus-tox. — ^When, after having lifted or carried burdens, or in con- 
sequence of any other fatiguing exertion, there is soreness of all the 
joints, especially when beginning to move, or during repose. 

SiLiCBA — ^When, in consequence of Vudewt running, there is 


shortness of breath, which is aggravated by walking or ascending, 
with cough, expectoration of phlegm, &c. 

Sulphur — When, in consequence of a Sedentary Ufe, or Excessive 
study, or Prolonged watching, there are fatigue of the head, kypochoH' 
driajcaJL humor, gastric sufferings, dyspepsia, and constipation ; and 
when Nux-vom, has proved insufficient. 

Veratrum — When, in consequence of Corporeal exertion^ there is 
great debility, and when the least exertion fatigues so much as to 
induce syncope. 

*4^* For other medicines, which may also be used, see Sect. 8, 
under the articles Exertion, Debility, and Weakness 

Fear (Effects of). — See Emotions (Moral). 

Glands (Affections of the). — ^The medicines which have hitherto 
proved most successful are : Aur,, bar,^,, bell,, cole,, carb.^v., cham.^ 
cist., con., dtUc., hep., lye, mere, nitr.-ac., sil,, spang., staph., and 
sulph. — Alum., bov., canih,, carb.-an,, g^raph., tod., kali,, mang., ol.- 
Jec., plumb., sahin. 

Of these medicines the preference should be given to : 

AuRUH — Against engorgement and ulceration of the inguinal 
glands from the abuse of Mercury, and also when caused by syphilis. 

Baetta — ^Principally against engorgement, inflam^mation, or tn- 
duration of the glands of the nape of the neck, and of the neck, and 
especially when, at the same time, there are dry scabs on the head 
and face. 

Belladonna — Against inflammatory engorgement ef the glands 
and lymphatic vessels, forming red and shining radii, with nodosities, 
heat of the parts affected, and tensive and piercing pains ; and also 
against engorgement and telceration, or induration of the inguinal 
glands, or of those of the neck; and also against cold tumors. — Dtdc., 
hep., mere, rhus, or Cole, n.^vom., and sulph. are often suitable after 

Bryonia — Against engorgement of the suhctttaneous glands, form* 
ing small hard nodosities under the skin, 

Calcarea — Against engorgement and induration of the submaxil' 
lary, axillary, and inguinal glands, as well as those of the neck, the 
parotides, and the glands of the face; also with otorrhcBa and hard- 
ness of hearing.«-Also against cold tumors, and engorgement of the 
mesenteric glands. — Calcarea is often especially indicated after 

Oarbo-veo.— Especially against induration of the axillary glands 
and nodosities in the breast, 

Ohaicomxla — Against ift^ammatory and paiarfvl engorgement of 


the ml;(fnaadlary glands, and of those of the neck ; and also againat 
induration of the mammary glands in new-horn infants. 

CiSTUs — Against engorgement and ulceration^ especially of the 
sabmazillarj glands^ with oaries of the maaillce. 

CoNiuM — Against glandular affections caused by contusion^ scir* 
rhous indurations, and cold tumors. 

Dulcamara — Against cold tumops, and also against if^laanmation 
or induration of the inguinal glands, or of those of the neck, or of 
the nape of the neck, with tensive and drawing pains. — Duk. is often 
espeoiallj indicated after Bell, or mere. 

Graphites — ^Against scrofiilous enlargement of the glands of the 

IIepab — Against ulceration, principally of the axillary or inguinal 
glands, and especially when the patient is suffering from abuse (^ 

loDiuM — ^Principally against induration of the inguinal or axillary 
glands, or of those of the neck and nape of the neck, whether arising 
from a scrofulous habit, or from arthritic metastasis, or any other 

Mercuritts — Against cold tumors, in/iamnuUory engorgement or 
ulceration of the glands, especially of the submaxillary, axillary, and 
inguinal glands, and also the parotide^, whether in scrofulous chil- 
dren or caused by syphilis, — Dulc,, or bell, and hep., or else rhtis, 
are sometimes suitable after Mercury. 

NiTRi-ACiD. — ^Especially against inflamnuUory engorgement, or 
ulceration of the inguinal or axillary glands, from abuse of Mercury, 
or from syphilis. 

Nux-voM. — ^Against inflammation of the lymphatic vessels, with 
heat, and shining redness, hardness, and soreness. Nux-vom, is 
specially suitable in this case after BeUad. 

SiLiCEA — Against scrofulous engorgement and induftuion, espe- 
eially of the glands of the neck, nape of the neck, sjid. parotides, and 
also of the axillary and inguinal glands, vnth or taithout inflammor 

SpoNOtk — ^Principally against scrofulous engorgement and indura- 
tion of the glands of the neck. 

Sulphur — Against engorgement, induration, and ulceration, espe* 
daily of the inguinal, axillary, and submaxillary glands, and also 
of those of the neck and nape of the neck, and likewise of the sulh 
cutaneous glands of the whole body, whether arising from a scrofn* 
Ions habit, or from exanthemata, such as scarlatina, &o., or from 
abuse of Mercury, or from other caoaes. 


For other medicines that may also be nsed see Sect. 2, Art. G-lands. 

H®BI0ITliag6« — ^The best remedies are, in general : ^Acon., *am., 
^bell.f ^chin., croc,t /er., ipec., loch,, *phos.t *sabin., secal, — ^Chinin. 
["Asa,^ bar,'m., cocc,, ^capado., crotcU^ ^diad.j kreos,^ ^miU., mosch.^ 
^merc, ophiot,, ratan., vincay — Ed.] 

For Active hsemorrhagei the most eligible are : Acon,^ heU,^ croc., 

For that which arises from Debility : Chin.,fer., ipec,, and secal., 
and perhaps also : Am,t n,-vom., and ptcls. 

*^* For the remaining remedies, see Sect. 2, Haemorrhage, and 
compare haemorrhage of particular organs. 

Heat (Effects of). — The best medicines against the effects of being 
over-heated, or against the influence of heat, are, in general : Aeon., 
ant,, bell., bry., camph., carb.-v., and sUic. ; also : Op., thuj., and 

Of these remedies the preference should be given to : 

AcoNiTUM — Against sufferings excited bj a sun'Stroke, or by the 
heat of the fire, and especially when the patient has skpt in the sun, 
or near a fire. 

Antimoniuu — When the heat of summer is found to be insupport- 
able, or at least when the slightest exertion in that season speedily 
Jatigues, with nocturnal perspiration, constant inclination to sleep, 
gastric sufferings, &c., and especially if Bryon. should be found 
insufficient to effect a cure. 

Belladonna — ^If Aoonitum should fail to remove the effects of a 
6un-stroke, or of the heat of a fire ; or when there are : Headache, 
wi^fiMiuss and expansive pressure, especially in the forehead, as if 
the contents toere about to protrude, with aggravation when stooping, 
on the least movement, and at every moral emotion ; or great anguish 
and inquietude, fury ; or at least great agitation, or great timidity, 
terror, and fear concerning objects and events (f the day; tearful 
disposition and cries. 

Bryonia — ^When, from laboring, or from any exertion whatever in 
the heat, there are : Painful fullness in the head ; anorexia, or else 
wmsea, vomiting, and diarrhaa ; inability to digest milk ; agitation 
with trembling; tightness of the clothes over the hypochondria; 
irascible and passionate humor ; fear respecting the future, 

Cakphora — ^When Aconit. or bellad. have failed as remedies 
against the effects of a sun-stroke, or the heat of a fire. 

Carbo-veg. — When being over-heated causes headache, especially 
heaviness, pulsative pains, and pressure over the eyes ; soreness of 
the eyes when making an effort to see, &o. 

VOL II. — 3 


SiLiCEA — ^\Yhen heat causes nausea, or other gastric sufferings, and 
when neither Antim, nor bryon. suffices to overcome that condition. 

%* Dejection, caused bj a highly electrical state of the atmo- 
sphere, and by hot and oppressive weather, yields, according to cir- 
cumstances, most frequently to : Bry.^ carb.^., n.-vom., or siiic. 

Humor (Weakness from loss of). — See Debility. 

HjdrargyroslSf — See Chap. XXVI., Mercury. 

HydrarthruSf — The most efficacious medicine is Sidph. ; bu 
Calc.t iod., merc.y and sil. will often also be found suitable. 

Hrpocbondriat— See Chap. V. 

HjSteriat — See Chap. XX. 

ICteroSt — See Chap. XVI. 

Indigestion (Effects of).— See Chap. XV. 

IttdOraiionS* — The best remedies appear to be: Bry., carb.-a., 
carb.-v., con,, dulc., iod., kal,, iL-vom., ran., rkus, sep., sil., spong.^ 
stdph, [Calend,, cistus.] 

The principal medicines for Scirrhous indurations are : Bell., 
carb.-a.y and carb.-veg., cham,, con., magn.-m., n.-vom., phos,, sep., 
sil., staph., and sulph, 

%* Compare : Glands, and Chap. II., Carcinoma. 

InflammattonSf — The best antiphlogistic that homoeopathy pos- 
sesses is, undoubtedly, Aconit., and many cases of acute inflammation 
will yield to this medicine ; but it must not be supposed that Aeon. 
is in all such cases an infallible specific ; on the contrary, to ensure 
a good result, it must, like other medicines, be administered only 
when indicated by the totality of symptoms. There are, in fact, 
many inflammatory diseases (principally those in which the old 
school forbids blood-letting) in which the use of Aconit. would only 
occasion a loss of time, while, on the other band, there are cases in 
which this medicine is almost indispensable; as, for example, in- 
flammation of the seroi4s membranes, with violent febrile heat, hard 
and quick pulse, &c. 

Sidph. is to Chronio what Aconit. is to Acute inflammations ; so 
that those who attribute every chronic disease to hidden inflammation 
of some organ will find as much reason for reckoning on the extensive 
efficacy of Sulphur as those who attribute them to psoric virus. — 
But, as Aconit. is not, suitable in all cases of acute inflammation, so 
neither is Sulph. adapted to all cases of chronic inflammation, but 
must only be administered when it is evidently indicated by the 
existing symptoms. 

See also the particular local inflammations in the organs affiscted ; 
and compare Fevers Tinflammatory^^ Chan. IV. 


Jaunilic^t— See Chap. XVI., Icterus. 

LOYC (EfiPeotB of Disappointed). — See Emotions (moeal). 

ManSfllllSf — ^The best medicines against the various kinds of 
marasmus are, in general : Ars., bar^-c., bell,, ca2c., chin.t cin.j fer., 
graph., lach,t sil„ sulph., verat., and recourse maj be often had also 
to . Ant,, arn.y carb.-v., hep., ipec, lye, natr., natr.-m., nitr.-ac., n. 
mos., phos., phos.-ac., plumb., rhus, staph., &o. 

For the various causes from which marasmus may arise, and for 
the medicines which are adapted to them, see the articles : Emotions 
(Moral), Debility, Fatigue, Humors (Loss of), &o., and compare 
Atrophy, Phthisis, Hectic fever, &c. 

For Marasmus-senilis the medicines most frequently indicated 
are : Bar.-c., can., op., phos., and seccU, 

HasturbatiOlIt—- See Debility. 

Mechanical bduriest— See Chap. II. 
Medicinal Maladies.— See Chap. XXVI. 

[" Mercury (Abuse of). — Especially : Alumin., ^asa., ^aur., bell., 
carb.-veg., chin., ^clem., ^dtdc., ^euphr., ^gitaj., ^hep., ^iod., ^lacJi., 
^lyc, ^mez., phos.-ac., ^nitr.-ac., ^rhod., ^sili., ^ staph., ^stram., 
stdph., vol. 

" Suffering of Glands : ^Hep., ^nitr.-ac., stdph. 

" — Limbs : ^Carb.-veg., ^chin., dulc., ^giuij., ^hcp., ^lach., ^phos.- 
ac., ^ptds^ ^rhod., sa^sap., ^stdph, ^Am., ^bell., ^calc., ^cham., ^lyc, 

" — Weakness : ^Chin., ^hep., ^lach., ^carb.-veg., nitr.-ac,** — ^Ed.] 

Narcotisnuif — See Chap. XXYI. 

Neryons Debility, OTer-Excitement, and Excitability.— The best 

remedies are, in general : Aeon., cham., chin., caff'., n.'Vom., ptds., 
mgs.-arc., or else : Asar., hep., ign., nitr.-ac., teicc., vaJer., and veratr. 

When this state is the result of Excessive STxn>Y, Prolonged 
WATCHING, or a Sedentary life, the most eligible remedies are : 
N.-vom. and stdph., also : Cole., carb.-v., coco., loch., ptds., and 
fngs.Hirc. 5 

When it has been occasioned by abuse of Mercury, the most cffi ' 
cacious are : Carb.^., cham., hep., nitr.-ac., and puis. % 

When caused by Narcotic substances, especially : Cham,, oqff** \ 
mere, n,'Vom,, &c. 

From ahuse of Coffee, principally : Cham., ign,, mere, n.-vom,, 
and sulph. 

When it has been brought on by Excess in the use of Wine, or 
Alcoholic drinks, especially: Aeon., bell., coff., n.-vom,, ptds,, and 


In general the preference should be given to : 

AcoNiTUM — ^Principally for young people (and especially for young 
girh) who are of a plethoric habity and lead a sedentary life^ or when 
there is excessive sensibility to the slightest pain, sleeplessness, with 
agitation and tossing, excitability of the organs of sight and of hear- 
ing, so as to render the least light or noise insupportable ; redness 
of the cheeks^ congestion in the head, palpitation of the hearty &c. 

Chamomilla — ^When there are : Great sensibility to pain, with 
tendency to faint from the slightest suffering ; inconsolableness, with 
tossing, cries, and tears ; irascibility and combativeness ; alternate 
paleness and redness of the face, or heal and redness of one cheek, 
with coldness and paleness of the other, &c. 

China — ^When there are : Great weakness, with trembling, aver- 
sion to corporeal and intellectual labor ; over-eocdtability of tJie whole 
nervous system, with extreme susceptibility to currents of air ; re- 
tarded sleep, or sleeplessness from a great concourse of ideas ; dis- 
tressing dreams, which cause agitation, even after waking ; tendency 
to perspire, and hypochondriacal humor. 

CoFFEA — When there are : Sleeplessness, moral excitability, vexa- 
tion, and ill-humor, or too great gaiety and vivacity, excessive sen- 
sibilitT* to the least pain. 

NtJX-voMiOA — When there are : Irritability and extreme nervous 
excitement, too great susceptibility of all the organs, timidity, in- 
clination to remain lying down, repugnance to the open air and to 
movement, peevishness, passion, and obstinacy. 

Pulsatilla — ^Under the same circumstances as Nux-vom., but 
especially suitable in the case of females or persons of a mild and 
easy character. 

Maones-argt. — ^When there are : Over-excitement, with trembling, 
agitation, and inquietude in the limbs, excessive distention of the 
abdomen, mental anxiety and uneasiness, and great nervous debility. 

*#* For the rest of the medicines cited see their pathogenesy, 
and for others which may also be employed see Sect. 2, Excitability. 

N^uralgiat — The best medicines are, in general : Aeon,, am., ars., 
bry., cham., chin., caff., hep., ign., mere, n.-vom., piUs., rhus, verat., 
and perhaps also : Caps., coloc., con., kal., magn., mez., phos., ruta, 
sepn, spig., stann., staph, thuj., valer., verb. — Ammoniac. ? Ghinin. ? 
[**Elat., kal.-bi., rhtcs-r." Ealm., sab. — Ed.] 

If the sufferings have been produced by coffee, the medicines to 
be preferred are : Cham., ccff., ign., and n.-vom* 

Neuralgia caused by a Chill requires, especially: Aeon., cqff^ 
chan^., chin., Aep., mere, pids., thus. 


In Plethoric persons, especially : Aoon,^ a/m.^ bell., mere, n.-vom. 

In Sensitive and Nervous persons, principally : Aeon., ars., bry,, 
cham., chin,, coff.^ hep., ign., valer., verat. 

When caused by Abuse of Mercury, especially : Am., cham., 
chin., hep., and puis. 

The medicines cited may be chosen by the following indications — 
viz. : 

AcoNiTUM — ^When there are : Insupportable pains, especially at 
night, shooting or pulsative pains, febrile heat, moaning, complaints, 
inconsolable anguish, or else fear of death ; thirst, redness of the 
cheeks, small and quick puls^ ; great sensibility of the whole nervous 
system, especially of the organs of sight and hearing ; sleeplessness, 
agitation, and tossing. 

Arnica — ^When there are : Crawling pricking in the parts affected, 
with agitation and restlessness, which compel the patient to move 
them continually ; aggravation of the sufferings by the least exertion, 
and by the slightest noise. 

Arsenicum — ^When the pains are t)urning or tearing, manifesting 
themselves especially at night, and also during sleep ; or when they 
are so insupportable as to give rise to fiirious despair ; and when 
there are, at the same time, great anguish, excessive weakness, with 
necessity to lie down, intermission of the paroxysms of pain, sensa- 
tion of coldness in the part affected ; aggravation during repose, after 
prolonged exercise, or in bed, in the evening, or after a meal ; miti- 
gation from the application of external heat. 

Belladonna — ^When there are : Piercing burning pains, aggra- 
vated by every movement, all bright light, and all kinds of noise, 
by the least commotion, and even by the walking above of other 
persons ; daily paroxysms of pain from the afternoon till after mid- 
night ; aggravation from a current of air, from the warmth of the 
bed, &c. 

Bryonia — ^Pressive or drawing and lacerating piercing pains, like 
those of subcutaneous ulceration ; aggravation from movement of the 
body, mitigation frequently from moving the part affected ; irascible 
and passionate temper ; liability to rheumatic affections, &o. 

Chamomilla — Drawing, tearing, and pulsative pains, with sensa- 
tion of torpor in the parts affected, excessive sensibility, which ren- 
ders the least pain insupportable ; failure of strength, so as to faint 
on the first attack of pain ; bloatedness of the face, or redness of one 
of the cheeks, with paleness of the other ; hot perspiration on the 
head, also in the air, with tossing, cries, tears, and irascibility and 


China — ^Wben there are : Excessive sensibility of the skin, aggra 
Tation of pain from, the slightest contact, sensation of torpor and 
paralytic weakness in the part affected, pressive pain, ill-humor, dis- 
content, sensuality, paleness of the face, with redness and transient 
heat of the countenance, great loquacity, or nocturnal agitation. 
This medicine may most frequently be employed with success after 


CoFFEA — ^Insupportable pains, tearfulness, complete discourage- 
ment, with agitation, tossing, cries, and great anguish ; dread of the 
open air ; sensibility of the organs, and especially of the hearing, 
which renders the least noise insupportable. Nua^vom*^ ignat., chin., 
or pulsat, are often indicated after Coffea, 

Hefar — Pain, as from a wound, or from subcutaneous ulceration, 
which is aggravated by the slightest contact ; syncope on the least 
pain, especially in the evening. 

Ignatia — ^Tearing pains, or pressure from within outwards, or 
lancinating boring, paleness of the &ce, watery urine, momentary 
mitigation from a change of position ; renewal of the paroxysm after 
a meal, after lying down in the evening, or after rising in the morn- 
ing ; fickleness, with tendency to be frightened, or sadness and taci- 
turnity ; mildness and sensitiveness. 

[EuiLUiA. — Dr. Gray has introduced this remedy, with brilliant 
success, in some forms of prosopalgia, perfectly unconceding to every 
other drug essayed. We have fully confirmed its value. — ^Ed.] 

Mekourius — ^In persons subject to rheumatism, with nocturnal 
perspiration, lacerating and piercing pains, nocturnal aggravation, 
sensation of coldness in the parts affected, great debility, ebullition 
of blood on the least exertion, paleness of the face, or transient red- 
ness of the face, or red blotches on the cheeks. 

Nux-voH. — In persons addicted to spirituous liquors, or to coffee ; 
of a lively and choleric temperament, with red face ; also in persons 
who lead a sedentary and secluded life ; drawing or jerking pains, 
' which appear or are aggravated in bed, in the morning, after a meal« 
or in the evening ; also in free, cold air, during reading and medita^ 

Pulsatilla — ^Lacerating or piercing and pulsative pains, occupy- 
ing only one side, aggravated after lying down in the evening, 
or in the morning* on. rising, also during repose, and especially when 
seated ; amelioration in the open air, especially in the case of women, 
and in persons of a mild, timid, and tranquil character ; pale com- 
plexion, and tendency to chilliness. 

Rhus — Stinging and burning pains, or drawing piercings, or pain 


a9 from snbcntaneons ulceration ; aggravation of the pains daring 
repose and in the open air ; mitigation by movement and warmth, 
ealm temperament, disposed to melancholy and sadness, or to fits of 

(Sabina. — ^We have cured a most agonizing case of Prosopalgia, 
during Menstruation, with this drug. The pains were lacerating, 
throbbing, distracting the senses. In other forms of neuralgia it will 
prove equally efficient, especially if dependent on the menstrual 
oflTort. — Ed.] 

Veeatrum — Violent pains, which occasion loss of reason and 
delirium, or pain with weakness to the degree of fainting, and cold 
perspiration ; general coldness of the body, with thirst ; aggravation 
from the warmth of the bed, and at night, towards the morning ; 
umelioratioQ on rising up and walking. 

*j^*'For the other medicines which may be used, see their pa- 
tJwgenem/; and compare the articles : Cephalalgia, Otalgia, Odon- 
talgia, Prosopalgia, &c., under those heads. 

Ostitis^ and other Diseases of the Bones. — The medicines that 
have hitherto proved most efficacious are : Ang., asa., azir., bell., cole., 
dzilc,, lye, mere, mez., pkos,, rut., sep., silic., sidph. ; and also: 
Chin., hep., nitr.-ac., phos.-dc., rhits, staph., aur.-m.^ aur.-s. 

These remedies have been most frequently administered aa follows : 

Angustxjra — Against: Caries, especially in patients who have 
indulged to excess in coffee, or who have a morbid desire &r it. 

Asa — ^Against: Exostosis, caries, and necrosis, especially in the 
legs and arms, and also against softening of the bones. 

AuRUH — Against : Eocostosis and other diseases of the bones, ori- 
ginating in the aJbuse of Mercury, and especially against caries of the 
bones of the nose. — Aur.'fn., aur.-s. 

Belladonna — Against : Exostosis in the forehead, with caries of 
the palate, and also against distortion of the spine. 

Calcarea — Agajnst : Distortion of the spine, and of the long bones 
of the extremities ; sioelUng of the joints / sofbening of the bones; 
tardy closing of the fontanel] a in children, with enlargement of the 
cranium ; exostosis and caries in the arms and legs ; necrosis. 

Dulcamara — ^Against : Exostosis, with ulcers in the arms, caused 
by repercussion of scabies.. 

Lycopodium — Agatnst : Exostosis, ostitis, and caries in scrofulous 

MERcuRirjs — ^Against : Exostosis, caries, pains in Uie bones, &o. 

Mezerfuh — Against : Exostosis in the legs and arms of scrofulous 


Phosphorus — Against : Exostosis in the craniam, ivitli lacerating 
and boring pains, and swelling of the clavicula. 

Pulsatilla — Against : Distortion of the spine, with open fi>n> 
tanella in children. 

BuTA — Against : Pains in the bones, and affections qf^ perios' 
teum ^ also caries, caused by mechanical injuries. 

Sepia — Against : Exostosis and caries in the logs and arms. 

SiLiOEA — Against : Exostosis, caries, Tiecrosis, slow ossification (f 
thefontanella, and almost all diseases of the bones. This, as well as 
CcUc., is the most efficacious remedy for affections of the bones. 

SuLFHTJii — ^Against: Distortion, softenings stoeUing, caries, and 
other affections of the bones. It has frequently been employed with 
much success before Cole., on commencing the treatment. 

%* For other medicines which may be employed, see Sect. 2, 
Boi9£S ; and for more extensive details, compare the articles : Scro- 
fula, Stphilis, B.HAGH1TIS, &c., and examine the paihogcTiesy of the 
medicines cited. 

Paralysis* — The medicines* which have hitherto proved most effi- 
cacious are : Caus,, cocc., n,-vom., and rhus, also : Am., bar.-c., bell,, 
bry., dulc., fei\, lacli., led,, lye, oUand., ruta, silic., stann., sulph,, 
zinc, — oChinin. [''^Anac.? ang,, ^argent.-n,, ars., carb.-v., cic,, 
colch., con., crotal., cup., cup.-c, elect., hyd.-ac., ^hyos., iod., ^kali, 
laur,, magn.-art., magn.-a'us., mere, ^na^r.-mtir., nitrum, ^(d.-an. ? 
ophioL, *opium., phos., plumb., rhod., secal., sep., staph., strarn., vip.p 
vip.'torv.** — ^Ed.] 

For paralysis by Apoplexy, the best remedies are : A^n., bar.-c., 
bell., n.-vom., stann., and zinc., and perhaps : Anac., con., lach., laur., 
and stram. 

That which follows Debility from loss of humors requires, espe- 
cially : Bar.-c., chin., fer., and sulph. 

That resulting from Kheuhatism, especially : Am,, fer., and ruta 
or else : Bry., cans., lye, and sulph. 

That arii^ing from Eefercussion of an Eruption, or of a morbid 
Secretion : Caus. and sulph. 

Hemiplegia : Chinin., *coccul, [" ^Arg.-nit., beU,^ caust,, hyos, 
^lach., pluTnb., ^rhus, staph., stram.'' — ^Ed.] 

%* See, besides. Sect. 2, Paralysis, and compare the articles 
Apoplexy, Rheumatism, and Debility. 

Passion (Effects of a Fit of). — See Emotions (Moral). 

PlCthorat — See Sect. 2, Plethoric Persons. 

PolSOnlngf— See Chap. XXVI. 

Polysarcla* The chief remedies are : Ant., arsen,, baryt,< ralc^ 


and suJpJi,, which may be profitably opposed to a tendency to immo- 
derate corpulency. 

BachitiSt — The medicines that have hitherto been most success* 
fully employed are, in general : Asa., bell., calc.t lye, mere, puis,, sUic., 
staph., and sulph,, also : Mez., nitr.-ac,, petr,, pJios., p^tos.-ac., and rhus. 

For Distortion of the spine, in particular : Bell., cole., puis., and 
sulph. have proved the most serviceable. 

For Incurvation of the cylindrical bones, and Sv^elling of 
THE joints : Asa., cede., silic., and sulph. are usually resorted to. 

Against Enlargement of the head in children, with Ketarded 
closing of the fontanella, the most efficacious remedies are : Cole., 
puis., and sUic. 

*^* See also Scrofula, and diseases of the Bones. 

RhCUmatisID* — The most efficacious medicines are, in general: 
^Acon., ^arn., ^bell., ^hry., ^cham., *inerc., ^n.-vom., ^phosph., ^puls., 
and "^rhus ; also : ^Aiit., ars., *caics., *chin.,fer., ^hep., ign., *lach., 
lycop., ^nuz-mosch., pkosph., ^rhod., ftU., ^sa^s., ^sep., ^sulph., thuj., 
verat. [**^Alum., amirum., benz.-a., ^berb., ^cak.-ph., calend., camph., 
cann., ^carb.-v., ^chinin. 1 ^clem., ^colch., crotal., cup., *daph., ^dvlc,, 
euphorb., *guaic., iod., ^kali, kali-ch., ^kreos., ^kd., lup., ntagn.-ar- 
tif., meph., ^mez., ^nat.-carb., ^nit.-arc, ^ol.-an. ? ^ol.-jec. 1 ^phos.-ac., 
plumb., ran., rhus-r., sab., sang., *sil., squill., stUph.-ac, tart., *val,'* 

For Acute Eheumatism, the best remedies are : Aeon., am., ars., 
bell., bry., cham., ehin., dtdc., ign., [kal.-bi.] mere., n.^vom,, puis*, 
und rhus. — ^Chinin. ? 

For Chronic Rheumatism, especially : Caust., clem., crot., h^ep., 
kal.-bi., loch., lycop., phosph., sidph., veratr., provided that Bryon,, 
dtdc., ign., TTierc, nuz-vom., puis., rhus, or thti;. have been found 

Articular Eheum« tism (with swelling) chiefly requires : Aeon., 
am., ant., bell., bry., eliin., clem., hep., rhus, or sulph. [Benz.-ac.^ 

That with Painful weariness and stiffness in the limbs : ArU^ 
bry., caus., guaj., lach., and sulph. 

That with Paralysis, principally : Am., cldn., fer., [rhus-r.] and 
rut., and perhaps plumb. 

For Unsettled rheumatic pains, the n^ost eligible medicines are : 
Bryon., nux-mosch., nux-vom., and puis., or else : Asa., daph., mang,, 
plumb., and rhod. 

Rheumatism, caused by Gonorrhosa, requires, in preference: 
Clem., sass., and thuj., or else : Daph., lycop., and stdph» 
voT. n. — 3* 


58 CHAP. r. — OKNKRALrnES. 

That which arises from Abuse of Mercury, especially: ^Carb." 
veg.f ^chin., ^guaj\, lycap., ^sass., and ^stilph., or else : ^Bell,, cole,, 
^dtilc,, hep., ^lach., ^phos.-ac., and puls.—['* ^Am., ^calc.-ph., ^cham., 
^mez., <^r)iod.y ova/."— Ed.] 

Kheumatic pains which are brought on by the slightest Chill, 
require in preference : Acon.^ am,, bry,, cole., dulc., mere, phos.'OC., 
and sulph. 

Those which occur in Bad weather, especially : Dtdc., thus, rhod,, 
and veratr., or else : Cak,, carb.-veg,, loch,, lycop., mang,, nux-mosch., 
and xsep 

Those which are felt on every change of weather : Cole., carb.-veg,^ 
dulc.t mere, letch., rhus, silec., sidph., and veratr. 

Those which result from a Chill in the water, or from Cold 
DAMP WEATHER, especially : Cole., ntix-mosch., puis,, and sass., or 
else : Carb.-veg,, dtdc., or stdph. 

Those which manifest themselves in consequence of Congelation : 
Arsen,, bryon., or nux-vom. 

The medicines should be chosen in accordance with the following 
indications, viz. : 

AcoNiTUM — When there are : Shooting or tearing pains, mitigated 
when sitting, but insupportable at night ; with exasperation, com- 
plaints, and reproaches ; red and shining swelling of the part affected, 
and excessive sensibility to all contact and movement ; aggravation 
and renewal of the sufferings on taking wine or other exciting things, 
also by moral emotions ; violent fever, with dry heat, thirst, redness 
of the cheeks, or alternate redness and paleness of the face. 

Arnica — ^When there are : Pains, as from a strain of bruise, 
paralytic sensation and tingling in the parts affected, or hard, red, 
and shining swelling ; great uneasiness in the part affected, with sen- 
sation as if it were resting wholly on too hard a surface ; aggrava- 
tion of the sufferings on making an effort to use the limb. (Arnica 
is especially suitable before or after : Chin., arsen., fer., or rhus.) 

Belladonna — ^When there are : Shooting burning pains, aggra- 
vated at night and by movement, swelling of the part affected, with 
shining redness, widely extended; violent fever, with pulsation of 
tlie carotids, congestion in the head, redness of the face aiid eyes, 
{Bell, is often especially useful after : Aeon,, cham., mere, or pids^ 

Bryonia — ^Tensive and tearing pains, with sJiootings on moving 
the part affected, or shifting pains, which affect the muscles rather 
than the bones ; red and shining (or pale and tense) swelling or 
rigidity of the part affected ; aggravation of the pains at night and 
on the least movement, general perspiration, or coldness and shiver- 


ing, or violent febrile heat, \yitli headache, bilious or gastric suffer* 
ings, peevishness, or passion. (Often after Acanit, or rhtis,) 

Chamomilla — ^Drawing or tearing pains, with sensation of torpor^ 
or of paralysis in the part .affected, fixedness, and nocturnal aggror 
vation of the pains, fever with burning partial heat, preceded by 
shuddering ; hot perspiration, also in the hair, redness (of one) of 
the cheeks, great agitation and tossing, or shivering, with continued 
necessity to remain lying down. (Especially before or after : BeU,^ 
puis:, or igfuU) 

Mercukius — Shooting, tearing, or burning pains, aggravated al 
night, towards the morning, and also by the tDormth of the bed, or 
by damp and cold air ; (Edematous su^eUing of the parts affected; the 
pains are principally seated in the joints or bones ; sensation of cold- 
ness in the parts affected ; profuse perspiration, tvhicJt, however, 
affords no relief (Often suitable before or after : JBell., bry., chin,, 
duicam., or laches,) 

Nux-voM. — Tensive draunng pains, which occupy especially the 
back, loins, chest, or joints; sensation of torpor or paralysis in the 
parts affected, vnth cramps and palpitation in the muscles, dread of 
the open air and great sensitiveness to cold, gastric sufferings, con- 
stipation, shivering with trembling and aggravation of the symptoms. 
(Seldom suitable at the commencement of the disorder, but often 
after : Aeon,, cham., ignat,, or amic.) 

Pulsatilla — ^Drawing, tearing, and jerking pains, aggravated at 
night, or in the evening in bed, and also in a warm room, or on alter- 
ing a position after remaining in it for a long time ; or pains which 
pass rapidly from one joint to another ; sensation of torpor and para^ 
lysis in the parts affected, or shootings and sensation of coldness on 
a change of weather ; mitigation of pain on uncovering the limb, or 
in the open air ; paleness of the face, and shivering, which increases 
in proportion to the pain. (Ofien suitable after : Cham,, ignat., or 

Ehus— Tearing and burning or tensive pains ; or wrenching 
pains, with a sensation of paralytic tpeakness, and tingling in the 
parts affected ; rigidity, or red and shining swelling in the joints, 
with shootings when touched; aggravation of the pains during re- 
pose and in bad or variable weather. (It is often suitable after : 
Amic. or bryon.) 

With regard to other medicines which have been cited, recourse 
may be had to : 

Aeseniottm — ^Whcn there are : Burning tearing pains, insupport- 
able at night, aggravated by cold air, and mitigated by external heat. 


Causticuic — ^When the pains are insupportahle %n the open air^ 
and less severe in a room or in bed ; or when there are : Paraljtio 
weakness, rigidity, and incurvation of the part affected. 

China — Against pains which are aggravated by the slightest touch, 
with paralytic weakness of the part affected, profuse perspiration, &c. 

DuLOAMA&A — If the pains manifest themselves especially at night 
and during repose, and when there is little fever. 

Fer&um — Especially against rheumatic paralysis in the shoulder 

Ignatia — ^Wheri there are : Contusive, or wrenching pains, or 
sensation as if the flesh were detached from the bones ; aggravation 
or appearance of the pains at night ; amelioration on a change oi 

Lachesis — Against: Chronic rheumatic pains, especially when ad- 
ministered alternately with JSep.-sulph. ; or when there are rigidity 
and painful weariness in the parts affected. 

LrcopoDiTTM — When there are : Drawing and tearing pains, felt 
especially at night and during repose ; painful rigidity of the muscles 
and joints, with sensation of torpor in the part affected. (Especially 
after : Rhus., cede., jnds., or ntix^masch.) 

Nux-HoscH. — ^Against : Unsettled, drawing, or pressive pains, 
which are aggravated during repose, and also by free and cold air. 

Phosphorus — Against : Tearing, drawing, and tensive pains, ex- 
cited by the slightest chill ; with headache, vertigo, oppression of 
the cnest, &c. 

Ehododendron — When the pains are aggravated during repose 
and when they are excited by rough, damp, and windy weather. 

KuTA — Particularly against rheumatic paralysis of the wrist or 

Sepia — Chiefly for rheumatic affieotions in tall, slender persons 
especially females. 

Sulphur — In almost all cases of chronic rheumatism, and against 
obstinate sequelae of acute rheumatism. (Often after : Aeon., bell., 
hryon., mere, or pids.) 

Thuja — Against: Tearing and pulsative pains, as from subcu- 
teneous ulceration, with sensation of coldness and torpor in the part 
affected ; aggravation of the pains during repose, and also in the 
warmth of the bed. 

Veratrum — When there are : Pain, as from a bruise, aggravated 
by the warmth of the bed, and by bad weather, ameliorated by walk- 
ing ; with weakness and trembling of the part affected. 

For the symptoms which indicate the other medicines cited, see 
their pathoge?iesi/, and compare the Particular organs which may 


be affected by rheumatism, as well as the Concomitant Symptoms, 
Conditions, and Sufferings, in Sections 2, 3, and 4, under this 

In the cases in which none of the preceding remedies appear to 
be indicated, recourse may be had to : Camph,, cann,, cole, cupr,^ 
euph., kreos.f magn., mez., ranunc,, spig., squill., stann,, tart., valer. 
— Consult also Art. Arthritis and Neuralgia. 

ScroAlla* — The remedies which have hitherto been employed with 
success are, in general : Ars,, asa,, bar., bell., cole., dn. co7i., hep., 
tod., lye., nierc., rhus, silic., stilph,, also : Aur.^mur., carb.-an., carb.- 
veg., cist., dulb., graph., kreos., loch., pinus, staph. — ^Aur., aur.-s. 
chin. ? [*'Brain., merc-iod., pimpin.** — Ed.] 

At the Commencement of the Disease, when children evince a 
tardiness in learning to walk, the principal medicines are : JBell., 
calc., sil., and sulph., and, perhaps, recourse may also be had to : 
Ars., chin., cin.,fer., lye, magn., pinus, puis., rhah., sep. 

At the Second Stage, when there are Glandular Affections, the 
medicines are especially : Bar.-c, bell., {brom.^ calc., cist., con., dulc., 
hep,, lye, mere, phos., rhus, sil., staph., stdph. (Compare Glands.) 

Cutaneous Affections (eruptions, tetters, ulcers, &c.) chiefly 
require : Aur., bar.-c, cede, cist., clem., cofi., dtdc, hep., lye, mere, 
mur.'Oe, rhus, silic, and stdph. (See Chap. II., Cutaneous Affec- 

For affections of the Osseous System, especially : Aur., cole, cist , 
lye, mere, phos., phos.-ae, puis., sil., and stdph. (Compare Sones, 
and Eachitis.) 

Lastly, Abdominal Obstruction or Mesenteric Atrophy requires, 
principally : Stdph., followed by cole, or else : Ars., bar.-e, bell., 
cJiin., cin., lye, n.-vom., pids., rhus, &c. [^ Plumb. <icet. — Ed.] (See 

The manifestations of this disease are so numerous and complex 
that it is extremely difficult to lay down the particular indications 
which should determine the choice of each remedy, T^ithout repeating 
their entire pathogenesy. The following rules may, however, be 
found useful : 

Arsenicum — Is indicated chiefly by: Atrophy, with excessive 
emaciation, swelling of the glands of the neck or of the nape of the 
neck, hard and distended abdomen ; puffed face ; loose evacuations ; 
great debility, with continued necessity to remain lying down ; letuxh 
phlegmatic constitution, tetters, and ulcers ; scald-head ; ophthalmia ; 
cancerous affections, &o. 

Asa — When there are : Exostosis, caries, distortion or incurva- 


tion of the bones ; e&gorged glands ; otorrbooa ; ophthalmia, ozoena, 
or phlegmonous inflammation of the nose, &c. 

Baryta — When there are : Atrophy ; enlargement and induration 
of the glands of the neck, and of the nape of the neck ; bloatedness 
of the body and of the face, with distention of the abdomen ; physical 
and intellectual weakness; dry scald-head; ophthalmia and ble- 
pharitis; herpes on the face; frequent angina ; great tendency to 
take cold, &c. 

Bellaj>onna — ^Against : Hard and engorged, or ulcerated glands; 
muscular weakness, which causes infants to be slow in learning to 
walk; ophthalmia, p1iotophobiay2kTi^bl&phariZis; cough, with rattling 
of mucus ; otorrhooa ; emaciation and atrophy ; ulcerations ; inflam- 
matory swelling of the nose ; swelling of the lips ; frequent bleeding 
of the nose; cancerous affections ; Icuco^hlegmasia ; frequent phleg* 
nionous anginca ; asthmatic sufferings ; enlargement and hardness 
of the abdomen ; incontinence of urine ; precocity of intellect. Blue 
eyes and light hair. 

Calcarea — When there are : Enlargement of the head, with open 
fontanella, distortion of the spine, incurvation of the cylindrical 
bones, or other rachitic affections ; tetters, scald-head, scabs on the 
face, engorged, hard, or suppurating glands ; ulcers, exostosis, or 
caries; enlargement and hardness of the abdomen, with engorgement 
of the mesenteric glands; excessive emaciation, with voracity; wan 
wrinkled face, with dull eyes ; dry and flabby skin ; difl&cuity in 
learning to walk ; difiicult dentition ; ophthalmia, photophobia, and 
blepharitis; otorrhoea; red swelling of the nose; swelling of the 
upper lip ; frequent bleeding at the nose ; leuco-phlegmasia ; consti- 
pation, or frequent diarrhoea, &c. 

CiNA — When there are at the same time verminous affections, pale- 
ness of the face, emaciation, great voracity , and incontinence of urine, 

CoNiuM — Against : Engorgement and induration qfthe glands ; 
tetters; ophthalmia; photophobia; frequent bronchial catarrh; dry 
cough; asthmatic sufferings; cancerous affections, &c. 

Hepar — When there are : Leuco-phUgmasia, induration or sv^p^ 
puration of the glands ; atrophy; scald-head; tetters; ophthalmia; 
otorrhosa ; swelling of the nose or of the upper lip ; cancerous ulcers ; 
tendency to phlegmonous anginse and to colds in the head or chest ; 
liability of the skin to ulceration, &c. (Often suitable before or 
after : Bellafl., sil., lax:h., 9nerc.) 

loniuM — When there are : Excessive emaciation ; engorgement 
and induration of the glands, with affection of the whole lymphatic 
system ; rachitic affections ; ophthalmia, blepharophthalmia ; otitis 


and otorrhoea ; engorgement of the mesentrio glands ; bronchial ca- 
tarrh, &c. 

Ltcopodium — When Ihere are : Engorgement and suppuration of 
the glands ; great tendency to cold in the head, bronchial catarrh, 
and other mucous discharges; inflammation, distortion, and other 
affections of the bones; atrophy; herpetic eruptions and ulcers; 
Bcald-head; ophthalmia, otitis, and otorrhoea; leuco-phlegmasia ; 
frequent angina; obstinate constipation, &o. (It is often suitable 
after- Cole,) 

Mercukius — When there are: Sickly nutrition, great physical 
and intellecttial weakness ; disposition to take cold, to perspire^ to , 
colds in the head and chest, and to other mucous discharges ; leu- 
co-phlegmatic constitution ; engorgement and suppuration of the 
glands; rachitic affections ; exostosis, distortion, incurvation, caries, 
and other affections of the bones ; gnawing or scabby eruption and 
tetters; scald-head ; scabs on the face ; ophthalmia, blepharitis, otitis, 
otorrhoea, frequent anginsB, slimy diarrh<Ba, &o. (Often suitable 
before or after : Bell,, dulc., rhus, iod.) 

Khus — ^When there are : Engorgement of the glands ; scald-head ; 
tetters on the face, and other purulent or scabby eruptions ; emacia- 
tion ; hardness and distention of the abdomen ; frequent colds in the 
head: ophthalmia; otorrhoea, frequent diarrhoea, &o. (Often suitable 
after: Merc.) 

SiLiCBA — Against: Engorgement and siijjpuraiiofi of the glands, 
exostosis, distortion, incurvation, caries, afid otiier affections of the 
bones ; leucaffhlegmasia ; cancerous affections ; tendency to ulcera- 
tion ; swelling of the nose or upper lip ; scald-head ; otorrhsda, Ac. 
(Often suitable after : Lye, hep., or sulph.) 

Sulphur — In almost all cases at the commencement of a cure, and 
especially when there are : Eruptions, tetters, engorgement, induro" 
tion, or suppuration of the glands ; strong tendency to take cold, to 
diar7'hasa taith colic, or to constipation, to colds in the head, or to othor 
mucous discharges; easy and profuse perspiration; sickly nutri- 
tion ; flabby and, as it were, spongy flesh ; physical and intellectual 
weakness ; diflSculty in learning to walk ; ophthalmia ; blepharitis ; 
otorrhea; leuco-phlegmasia, &c. (Provided this medicine has not 
been administered at the commencement of treatment, it will bo 
especially suitable after : Bell., mere, iod., rhus.) 

With rc8{.cct to the other medicines cited, it has hitherto been 
usual to employ : 

AuRUM-M PiATfcuH — Agaiust : Scabs and ulceration on the noso 
and lips. 


Oa&bo-an. and vso. — ^Against engorged and bard glands. 
CisTus — Against : Engorged and suppurating glands ; ulcers ; otor* 
rhoda ; caries of the maxilla, &o. 

Dulcamara — Against : Engorgement, induration, and suppuration 
of the glands. 

Graphites — ^Against: Tetters, ophthalmia, ulcers, engorgement, 
induration, and suppuration of the glands. 

Kreosotum — Against: Engorgement of the glands, ophthalmia, 
tetters, &c. 

Lachesis— *Against : Engorgement (^ the glands^ ophthalmia, 
phlegmonous angina, ulcers, &o. 

PiNUS — Against : Weakness of the joints, with difficulty in learn 
ing to walk. 

Staphtsag&ia — ^Against : Engorgement, induration, or suppuration 
of the glands ; frequent coryza, with ulcerated nostrils ; great ten- 
dency of the skin to ulceration ; abdominal obstruction ; emaciation, &c 

In cases in which the medicines cited are found insufficient,- re- 
course may be had to : Ambr,, am.-c., our., bar.-m., brom., hry.y cocc.^ 
ehin,y fer,^ ign., magn., fnez,, mur,-ac., natr., natr.-m.y nitr.-cic., n.- 
vom. (n.-^mosck,) pkos,, petr., puis., ran., rhab., sep., verat. 

Compare also : Atrophy, Glands, Bones, Bachitis, as well as the 
different Local affections in the other chapters. 

Scnryy* — ^The medicines which have hitherto been most success- 
fully employed are: Am.-carb.j am^-mur., caus., carb.-veg., mere, 
mur.'ac.y n.-vom., staph., and stdph. ; also : Canth., cist., hep., Tiatr.- 
m., and mtr.'OC. See also, in Chap. XI., affections of the Gums. 

8ca-8ickllC8S«— See Chap. XV. 

Spasms* — Under this head are collected the clinical remarks 
which relate to Different spasmodic affections, such as Catalepsy, 
Chorea, Hysterical convulsions, &c., Eclampsia, Epilepsy, 
Tetanus, &c., because all these affections present mutual points of re- 
semblance, and, in so far as the groups of symptoms correspond, they 
of course indicate similarity of treatment. This arrangement will, 
perhaps, possess the additional advantage of exhibiting more clearly 
the characteristic symptoms, which, in these various affections, most 
distinctly indicate the appropriate remedies. 

The medicines which have hitherto been found most efficacious 
against spasmodic affections, arc, in general : BeU., cole., caus., cham,, 
cupr., hyos., ign., ipec, loch., n.-vom., opium, sil., stram., and sulph.; 
also: Aeon., ang., am., ars., camph., do., citr., coca., croc., mere, 
mosch., plat.,rhus,silic.,stann., sulph., veratr., ziTtc-sulph. — Chinin. ? 

When the Affection is recent, the best medicines are: Acon.^ 

sscrr. I. — dJNioAL behabks. 65 

o/ng,^ £iTH.f beU,% camph.i chant., cic,, citr., cocc.y croc., hyos.^ igH»p 
ipeCf mere, mosch., n.-vom., opium, rhus, stram., or veratr. 

For OmtoNic affections : Ars., caJc,, caus,, cupr,^ loch., plat,, silic, 
Stan., sulph., and zinc.-sulph., may be consulted in cases in which 
Bell., cocc., croc., hyos., mere, n.-vom., rhus, stram., or veratr. are 
not clearly indicated. 

For Particular spasmodic affections, and especially Catalepsy 
the medicines which have been exhibited with the most marked sue 
cess are : Cham, and stram. ; also : Aam., bell., cic., plat., an 

Against Chorea, or St. Vitus' dance, the following haye been 
fbnnd efficacious : Bell., dates., cocc, croc., cupr., hyos., ign., n.-vom., 
stra/m., or zitic. -sulph, ; and perhaps also in some cases : Asa,, ars., 
chin., cic., cof.^ dulc., iod., puis., sabin., sep., or sUic. — Elect, 

A remedy is frequently found for Eclampsia among : Bell,, ca^s,, 
cham., ign., n.-vom., and plat, in cases which do not rather require : 
Cic., cin., mang. , n.-mosch., phos., or stram. — Chinin. ? 

Becent attacks of Epilepsy frequently yield to : Bell., ign., n.' 
vom., op., &o., according to the circumstances, while Chronio Epi- 
lepsy requires principally : Sulph., followed by : Calc., caust., cupr., 
and silic, ; or else : Bell., followed by : Lach., hep., silic., &c. ; Agar,, 
ars., camph., hyos., stann., and stram, have also been employed with 
more or less success. See Sect. 2, article Epileptic Spasms, for 
other medicines suitable to this malady. (It is also an essential 
point, in the treatment of chronic epilepsy, to allow each medicine to 
exhaust its salutary action prior to the administration of another ; 
and to observe carefully the symptoms which follow, so as to adapt 
the succeeding medicine to them. This is a rule which cannot be 
too strongly enforced, not only with respect to spasmodic and perio- 
dical affections, but also with respect to the majority of other chronio 
diseases.) — Arg.-nit., elect, galv. ? chinin, ? 

Tetanus mostly requires : Ang., bell., bry., camph., cham,, ipec, 
9nosch., op., plat., sec., or stram., provided the symptoms do not rather 
indicate : Aco?^., am., cann., canth., cic., cin., grot., ign., lach,, n,* 
vom,., rhu3, or stann. 

^QT LOCAL AND INTERNAL SPASMS, SCO the othcr chaptors. 

^Convulsions in children require principally : Aeon., caus., cham., 
dnn., coff., cupr., ign., ipec., lach., mere, n.-vom., op., stann., and 
sulph,; and if they appear in consequence of Dentition, the medi- 
oines are especially : Bell., calc., cham., cin., ign., stann,, and sulph, 

* See my essay, Homaopathie Examiner, Vol. I., page 87. — Ed. 

66 OHAF. I. — aJUNKUALrriES. 

When oansed by verminous affections: Cic.., hyos.f mere, and 

Spasms of htstekical women mostly require : Aur., bell,, cocc, 
ign., ipec.f fnosch., stram., veratr. ; or else : Bry., cole., caus., cham., 
cocc., con., magn., magn.'m., plat., sec., sep., stann., and sulph. — 
Those which oome on At the pe&iod of the catamenia, especially : 
Coff., cocc,, cupr., ign., and puis, — ^And those In lying-in women, 
especially : BeU,, chatn., cic., hyos,, and ign. 

With reference to Eemote causes which have produced or which 
prolong spasmodic affections, if they are Traumatic or Mechanical, 
recourse may be had in the first instance to : Am. or ang.; or else 
to : Khtts, ptils., and stdph. 

When caused by Fear, Fright, or any other sudden emotion, the 
chief remedies are : Cham., cupr., hyos., n.-vom., op.j or plat. — In a 
case of epilepsy caused by fright, Artemis, has also been employed 
with success. 

Spasmodic affections caused by Masturbation, or other Shocks 
OF THE nervous ststem, demand especially : Stdph., cole, loch, 
silic, n.-^vom., and perhaps also : Am., chin., phos.-ac., &c. 

Those which result from the Abuse of narcotic substances, such 
as tffine. Opium, beer (adulterated with Stramonium, CoccidusHndicus, 
&c.), Tobacco, &c., often require : Bell., cupr., cham., citr., coff., cupr., 
hyos., ign., n.-vom., op., &c. 

Those caused by Kefercussion of eruptions are often most suc- 
cessfully combatted by : Cede, caus., ipec, loch., n.-vom., stram., and 

Those which appear in consequence of a Chill, or suppressed 
perspiration, may be subdued by : Aeon., bell., cham., chin., cic., 
loch., n.-vom., silic, &o. 

Those which are caused by the Vapor of Mercury require in 
preference : Stram. ; and those which are produced by the Vapor of 
Copper or of Arsenic : Ars., camph., euph., and m^rc. 

The Symptoms which more particularly indicate the respective 
medicines are as follows : 

Belladonna — Tetanus, trismus, hysterical spasms, convulsions of 
children, eclampsia, St. Vitus* dance, epilepsy, &c., and when the con- 
vtdsioTis commence in the upper extremities, with sensation of crawling 
and torpor in those parts ; jerking of the limbs, especially of the 
arms, convulsive movements of the mouth, muscles of the face and . 
eyes ; congestion in the head, with vertigo, deep redness, heat, and 
Moatedness of the face, or paleness and coldness of the face, with 
shivering ; photophobia ; convulsed or fixed eyes, dilated pupils / 


cramps in tlie larynx and throat, vnih obstructed degltUition, and 
danger , of suffocation ; foam at the mouth; involantary emission of 
fasces (and of nrine), or loose evacuation of ingesta ; oppression of the 
chest, and anxious respiration ; renewal of the fits on the slightest 
contact, or the kast vexation; dizziness, or complete loss of conscious- 
ness ; sleeplessness between the fits, with agitation and tossing, or 
deep and lethargic deep, toith smiles and grimaces ; toaJdng tcith a 
start, toith cries /—-ohstiva^j, tears, malevolence, or desire to bite 
and to tear everything, or great anguish, fear, and frightful visions. 
(Compare : Oham., hyos., ign., op., stram.) 

Causticum — Epileptic convulsions, St, Yitus^ dance, &c., with 
cries, violent movement of the limbs, grinding of the teeth, smiles or 
tears, involuntary emission of urine, or frequent micturition, and 
renewal of the fits by cold water. 

Chamomilla — Chiefly against spasmodic attacks in children, or in 
lying-in toom^n, and especially when there are: Stretching, con- 
vulsions of the limbs, eyes, eye-lids, and tongue ; convulsive jerks 
during sleep ; redness and bloatedness of the face, or redness of one 
cheek with paleness of the other ; dry and burning heat of the skin, 
with violent thirst; hot perspiration on the forehead and scalp; 
anxiety, moans, and lamentations ; anxious, rapid, and rattling res- 
piration ; dry, rapid, and rattling cough ; colic, distention of the 
abdomen, and hose euacuations. Compare : JDell., ign.) 

CuFRXTM — Convulsions of children, tonic sjxism^, epilepsy, and St. 
Vitus* dance, especially when the convulsions commence in tlie 
fingers or toes, or in the arms ; retraction of the thumbs ; loss of 
consciousness and of speech ; salivation, sometinies frothy ; fits of 
choking (especially after weeping), frequent micturition, turbid urine, 
redness of the face and eyes; tears and anxiety, or desire to play the 
buffoon, and to hide ; appearance of the fits every month, and espe- 
cially at the catamenia. 

Htosciamus — Clonic spasms, St. Vitus* dance, epilepsy, Ac, espe- 
cially when there are : Bluish color and bloatedness of the face, foam 
at the mouth, prominent eyes ; convulsive movement of some of the 
limbs, or of the whole body ; violent tossing ; retraction of the 
thumbs ; renewal of the fits on endeavoring to swallow the least 
quantity of liquid ; great anguish, cries, grinding of the teeth ; loss 
of consciousness ; oppression of the chest ; involuntary emission of 
urine ; cerebral congestion, deep and lethargic sleep, with snoring * 
sensation of hunger and gnawing in the stomach; — dry cough at 
night, disposition to laugh at everything, wandering and delirium. 
(Compare : Bell,, op.) 


Ignatia — Clonic and tonic spasms, hysterical spasms, conyulsiona 
of childret^y ej^fdepsy^ St. Vittis* dancCy &c., especially when tbere are-« 
Convulsive movements of the limbs, eyes, eye-lids, muscles of the face, 
and lips; throwing back of the head; retraction of the thumbs ; red 
and bluish face, or redness of one side and paleness of the other, or 
paleness and redness aJtemately; frothy salivation; spasms in the 
throat and larynx, withj^ of svffocation and difficult deglutition, loss 
of consciousness, with cries, or involuntary laughter ; frequent yavm* 
ing, or drowsy sleep, great anxiety, and deep sighs ; daily spasmodic 
attacks ; gentle, sensitive disposition ; fickleness, calm, unexcitable 

Ipecacuanha — Clonic and tonic spasms, especially in children, and 
in hysterical toomen, and principally when there are : Throudng back 
of the head, loss of consciousness, cries, pale and bloated face, dis- 
tortion of the features and half closing of the eyes, or convulsive 
movements of the muscles of the face, lips, eye-lids, and extremities ; 
asthmatic sufferings, with rattling of mttcus ; nausea, disgust^ 
aitacks of retching, or of vomiting, or diarrhoea. 

Lachesis — Epileptic convulsions and other clonic or tonic spasms, 
with cries, falling, and loss of consciousness, foam before the mouth, 
cold feet, en^tations, pale face, vertigo, heaviness and pain in the 
]xevi.d, palpitatio^ordis, distended abdomen, ooma-somnolentum, nau« 
sea, &c., and especially in women or young people, as well as in 
men in the prime of life. 

Ntrx-voM. — Clonic and tonic spasms, epilepsy, St. Vitus* dance, 
&c., and especially when there are : Cries, throwing back of the 
head, trembling, or convulsive jerks of the limbs or muscles ; renewal 
of the fits after a disappointment, or an angry emotion ; involuntary 
evacuation of faeces and urine ; sensation of torpor and numbness in 
t?ie limbs; vomiting, profuse perspiration, oppression of the chest ; 
constipation, ill-humor, and irascibility. 

Opiom — Tonic and clonic spasms, epilepsy, &c., especially when 
the fi^s occur at night or in the evening ; throwing back of the 
head, or violent movements of the limbs, especially of the arms ; loss 
of consciousness, insensibility, cries ; clenching of the fists ; fits of 
choking, deep and lethargic sleep, (Compare : Bell,, hyos., ign.) 

Stramoniuu — Clonic and tonic spasms, catalepsy, eclampsia, St, 
Vitus* dance, hysterical spasms, &c., especially when there are : 
Throwing back of the head, or convulsive movements of the limbs, 
and especially of the upper part of the body and of the abdomen, sar- 
donic laughter, stammering or loss of speech, pale and wasted face, 
with stupid expression, or redness and bloatedness of the face, loss of 


consciousness and of sensation, with cries, furious or devout gestures, 
frightfuL visions, laughter, lamentations, songs, desire to ran away, 
&o., renewal of the fits by contact, and also by the sight of bright 
and brilliant objects. (Compare Bell,) 

With regard to the other medicines cited, the selection may be do 
termined by the following symptoms : 

AooNiTUM — Tetanus, trismus, and other tonic spasms, with alter- 
nate redness and paleness of the face, cries, grinding of the teeth, 
oonvnlsiye hiccough ; and also against spasmodic attacks of young 
jpeaple (and especially young girls) of plethoric habit, and leading a 
sedentary life. 

Angustuba — Tonic spasms, with throwing back of the head, tris- 
mus, &c. 

A&NicA — Tonic spasms, especially from a traumatic cause, with 
patpUation of the hecurt, trismus, throwing back of the head, &c. 

Arsenicum — Epileptic fits, with burning in the stomach, yertebras, 
and abdomen. 

Calcab,ea — Epilepsy, St, Vitus* dance, especially with nocturnal 
attacks and in chronic cases (after Stdph,) 

Camphora — Against some kinds of epil^sy, with snoring, red and 
puffed face, coma-somnolentum. 

CicuTA — Clonic and tonic spasms, epilepsy, catalepsy, eclampsia, 
&c., with paleness or yellowish color of the face, trismus, distortion 
of the limbs, cries, and frothy salivation, colic, as if caused by worms, 

GiT&io-ACii) — Convulsions caused by Stramonium. 

GoocuLUS — Against : Epileptic convulsions, St, Vitus* dance, and 
other spasms, especially in women during the catamenia ; also from 
a traumatic cause. 

G&OOX78 — St. Vitus' dance and other convulsions, with laughter and 
starts ; especially when the convulsions appear alternately with 
paroxysms of whooping cough. 

Mesoukivs — Epileptic fits, and other convulsions, with cries, rigi« 
dity of the body, distention of the abdomen, itching in the nose, 
tiiirst, and nocturnal attacks. 

MoscHus — Hysterical spasms, especially when accompanied by 
pulmonary spasms, 

"PhATtSA-^Cataleptic fits, or eclampsia, without loss of conscious- 
ness, but with trismus, loss of speech, convulsive movements of the 
eyes, comers of the mouth, and eye-lids ; appearance of the fits at 

Bhus— Some kinds of tonic spasms, St. Vitus' dance, &o. 


SiLicEA — Some kinds of chronic epilepsy (after Cole.) 

Stannijm — Epileptic convulsions, with tossing of the limbs, retrac- 
tion of the thumbs, paleness of the face, throwing back of the head, 
loss of consciousness, appearance of the fits in the evening. 

SuLPH^iTR — Chronic qnlepst/, with sensation as if a mouse were 
running over the muscles, cries, stifihess of the body, fits excited by 
fright, or by running. 

Yeratruis — ^Against clcmic and tonic spasms, with loss of sense 
and movement, convulsive movement of the eyes and eye-lids 
anguish, discouragement, and despair. 

For other medicines, and for fuller> details of the preceding, see 
Sect. 2, Spasms, and also the Oircvmstances under which the:^ 
occur. Sect. 3, and the Goncoiutant Symptoms, Sect. 4 ; consult, 
likewise, the pathogenesy of the medicines. 

SprafB* — See Chap. II., Mechanical Injuries. 

Stady (Effects of Excessive). — See Fatigue. 

Solplmr (Sufferings from the Abuse of). — See Chap. XXVI, 

Swooniuga — See Fainting. 

Sycosis* — See Chap. II. 

Syn€0p6« — See Fainting and Asphyxia. 

SypWliS.— See Chap. IT. 

T6a (Sufferings from the Abuse of). — ^The medicines most deserv- 
ing of notice are : Chin, 3,ndfer., or else Thuj. and a^. 

Tetanus* — See Spasms. 

Tobacco (Sufferings from the Abuse of). — The medicines which 
have been found most efficacious are, in general : Aeon., bjy,, cham., 
chin,, cocCy coloc,, cupr., mere, n,'Vom., puis,, staph., verat. 

For Proximate Consequences : Aeon,, cham., coccul,, cupr., n.- 
vom,, puis., staph,, verat. 

Chronic Affections : Cocc., nierc, n.-vom., and staph. 

For persons who Chew Tobacco : Cham., cocc,, cupr., n.'Vom., and 
puis, are preferable. 

For Tobacco Manufacturers : Ars., coloc,, cupr, are usually found 
to be the most serviceable. 

Of these medicines recourse may be had to : \ 

Aconitum — Against violent headache, with nausea. 

Chamomilla — Against: Yertigo, dizziness, fainting fits, bilious 
vomiting, diarrhoea, ka, 

CoccuLus — Against: Dyspepsia; and excessive sensitiveness of 
the nervous system. 

Cuprum — Principally against convulsions. 



Nux-voM. — Against : Dyspepsia, nausea, nervons excitability, and 
obstinate constipation. 

Pulsatilla — ^When there are : Nausea, anorexia, clammy mouth, 


Staphysagria — ^If there are : Anxious inquietude, nausea, chronic 
constipation, &o. 

Veratrum — Against : Debility, with syncope, diarrhooa, icy cold 
ness of the limbs and of the whole body, &c. 

Moreover: Bry. or Chin, may be used against toothache; Ign. 
against rumsea ; and Merc, against constijpa;tion. 

TariceSa — See Chap. II. • • 

TexatiOB (Bad Effects of). — See Moral Emotions. 

Weakness. — See Debility. 

Wine (Sufferings firom the Abuse of). — See Drunkenness. 


KoTi. — The following section contains, not only the symptoms which con- 
stitate the Gbnbral Stmptoiis of the text, bat also a Mnd of snnmuuy of the 
symptoms which occur most ireqaently in the yarions organs. 

Abscess. See Chap. II. 
AaiLiTY, Great (Activity). Coff. 

stram. op. tan. 
Agitation and Eestlessness of the 

Limbs. Ambr. arn. ars. asar. 

bdl. bor. bry. calc. caus. cham. 

chin. ign. ]a:e. lam. mos. mere. 

natr.-m. n.-mosch. n.-vom. op. 

phos.-ac. prun. puis, sep, sU, 

squill, stann. sulph, tab. teucr. 

yal. mgs.-aro. 

— Air. fin the open). Plat. 

— Children (in). !oor. cham. jal. 
rhab. senn. tart. 

— Evening (in the). Alum, am.- 
0. caus. lye. magu. magn.-m. 
mere. natr. 

» Meditating (when). Bor. 
•» Night, in bed (at). See Chap. 
ni., Sect. 2. 

— Pain (during). Ars. cham. coff. 
mttng. magn. tabac. mgs.-aro. 

Agitation in the Parts Affected 
Arn. chin. fer. 

— Repose (during). Kre. plat. 

— Seated (after having been some 
time). Caus. magn. sil. sulph. 

— Spoken (after having). Ambr. 
Apoplexy. See Chap. Vl. Cupr 


Arthritic Pains and Sufferings 
See Sect. 1. 

Articulations. See Joints. 

Arthrocace. See Ibid. 

Asphyxia and Syncope. Bell 
bar.-m. chin. galv. lach. mosoh 
arn. op. n.-vom. (Compare As- 
phyxia, Sect. 1.) 

Atrophy. Arn. *ars. bary. *bell. 
calc. cham. cina. cupr. ferr, hep, 
guaj. iod. lach. nux-mosch. phos 
plumb, sec. stann. sulpha See 
Emaciation; also Sect. 1. 

Awkwardness (Unskilfulness) 




Canth. sabin. (Compare Chap. 

Beaten (Sensation as if). See 

Fatigue (Pain as from), and 

Pain as from a Fracture. 
Blackness of the whole Body. 

Aeon, secal. 
Blood (Ebullition of). Amb» am.- 

m. am, bell. bov. calc. carb.-a. 

carb.-v. con. croc. fer. iod. kal, 

lye. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. petr, 

phos. phos.-ac. sen. <^.sil. staph. 

sulph. tab. tarl. thuj. 
Blood (Ebullition of) angry (after 

being). Petr. 

beer (after drinking). Sulph. 

evening (in the). Lye. samb. 

. exertion (after the least). 

Iod. mere, natr.-m. thuj. 
movement (from). Natr. 

night (at). Am.-o. asar. bar.- 

0. bor. bry. bruo. calc. carb.-a. 

mere. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

phos. puis. ran. rhus. sabin. 

senn. sep. sil. 
7- seated (ameliorated when). 

walking (after). Ambr. 

wine (after partaking of). 

— (Congestion of). Aeon, aioe, 

am. aur. bell. ])ry. cham. chin. 

galv. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. 

phos. puis. 

— (Congestion of, active). Aeon, 

— — passive, N.-vom. puis. sec. 

— Decompose (having a tendency 
to). Am.-c. am.-m. 

~ (Extravasation of). Am. con. 
dulc. lach. n.-vom. rhus. sulph. 
sulph.-ac. (Compare Sitgilla- 
TioN, Chap. II.) 

— (Loss of), haemorrhage. Aeon, 
arn. asa. bar.-m. bdl. carb.-v. 
chin, cinnam. cocc. cop. croc. 

diad. diet. fer. iod. ipec. kre. ? 
lach, mere. mill. jo^. rat. sabifu 
sec. sulph. (From every orifice 
in the body). Crotal. 
Blood (According to its quality, 
in Haemorrhage) : 

— Black (deep). Ant.-car. ant. 

— Coagulated (partly). Arn. bel- 
lad. caus. fer. merc.-c. nitr.-ao. 
plat. puis. rhus. sabin. stram 

— Corrosive. Am.-c. nitr. sasB. 

— Fetid. Bell. 

— Hot. Dulc. 

— Pale. Bell, graph. 

— Red (bright). Arn. bell, dulc 
led. mere. rhus. sabin. zinc. 

— Serous. Tart. 

— Thick. Plat. 

— Viscous. Croc. 

Bones (Pains in and Disease of 

— Air (in the Fresh). Hell. 

— Dementia (after an attack of) : 

— Drinking (after). Hell. • 

— Meal (after a). Hell. 

— Night (at). Am.-m. anac. aur. 
bar.-c. daph. lach. It/c. mang. 
mere, phos.-ac. 

— Touched (from being). Sabad. 

— Warmth of the Bed (amelio- 
rated by the). Caus. 

*^* Cctnpare the Ciecumstan- 
CES, Sect. 3. 
Bones, Brittleness. Merc. 

— Coldness in the Bones (Sensa- 
tion of). Zinc. 

— Inflammation. Asa. aur. bell, 
chin. hep. If/c. mang. mere. mez. 
nitr.-ac. phos.-ac. sil. staph, 

— Softening (MoUities). Asa. 
calc. dulc. lye. sil. 

— Swelling (Exostosis). Asa. aur. 
calc. daph. dulc. guaj. lye. mere, 
mez. phos. phos.-ac. rhus. rut. 
sabin. sil. staph, sulph. 

SEor. n. — BncPTOics. 


SoNEs, Swelling of the Periosteom. 

Merour. rata. 
— Ulceration (Caries). Asa. ang. 
aur. cole, chin. con. oapr. en- 
phorb. hep. lye. mere, mez, nitr.' 
ac. op. phos.-ao. puis. rhus. rut. 
sabin. sep, sU. staph, sulph, 
(Compare Osseous System.) 

Soring. See Pains (Boring). 

Bruise (Pain as from a). See 
Pain (as from a Bruise). 

BccNiNo. See Pains (Burning). 

Capillart Vessels (Affections of 
the). Sep. Compare Scurvy, 
Sect. 1, and also Plexus-vena- 
bum, &o., Chap. II. 

CARPHOLoaiA. Arn. ars. bell, 
chin. cooc. hyos. iod. op. phos. 
phos.-ao. rhus. stram. hydroc. 

Catalepsy. See Sect. 1, Spasms. 

Chlorosis. See Chap. XX. . 

Cholera. See Chap. XY. 

Chorea. See Sect. 1. 

Cold (Tendency to take). Aeon. 
anac, bar.-c. bell, cole, oamph. 
carb,-v, chin, coff, con. dulc, 
graph, hep. kal, lye. magn.-m. 
mere, merc.-c. nair, natr.-m. 
fi$tT,'a/g, n.-mas, n,-vam, petr. 
phos. plat, sq), spig. sil, sulph, 

Congestion. See Blood (Con- 
gestion of). 

Consumption. See Phthisis. 
Chap. XXII., Sect. 1. 

Constriction (Pain as from). See 
Pains (Constrictive). 

Contractions (Spasmodic). Ambr. 
cole, carb.-a. cans. chin. cin. 
colch. cbloc, con. euphorb. fer. 
fer.-m grjph, gnaj. hyos. kal. 
kal.-h. lye, men. mere, n.-vom. 
phos. plumb, rhus. sec. sil, 
Btram. sulph. tart, mgs.-aus. 

Contractive (Pains). See Pains 

Contraction (Incurvation). Am.- 
e. cans, coloc. ferr.-m. guaj. 
.plumb, see. strum. 
vol. n. — 2 

CoNTRACTioNof theTendons. Am.- 
0. ars. oaus. coloc. graph, guaj. 
lach. natr. natr.-m. (Compare 

— (Sensation or). Am.-c. am.-ot 
bar.-c. carb.-a. cans, graph, lach. 
mang. natr. natr.-m. puis. rhus. 
Sep. sul^h. 

Contusion (Effects of a). See 
Chap. II., Mechanical Injuries. 

— (Pain as if from a). See Pain 
(as if from a bruise). 

Convulsions. S'ee Spasms (Clo- 

Cramps. Ambr. am.-c. asar. calc. 
camph. caps, coco, coloc. coff. 
lyo. con. fer. fer.-m. graph, 
hyos. kal. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. 
j^at, rhus. sil, staph, stram. 
sulph, sulph. -ac. zinc. 

Cramp-like (Pains). See Pains 

Cracking in the Joints. See 

Cross-ways (Symptoms which 
show themselves). Agar. lach. 

Crawling. See Pains (Formi- 

Dance (St. Vitus'). See Chorea, 
Sect. 1. 

Dead (Paleness, coldness, and tor- 
por of some parts, which -seem 
to be). Ars. calc. cans. chel. 
cic. con. kre. lyo. n.-vom. phos. 
tart. thuj. zinc. 

Debility, Lassitude and Fatigue. 
Every one of the medicines, 
but principally: Agar. alum, 
am.-c. am.-m. ana/:, ang. arg.- 
nit. aZham, aurum.-fulm. am, 
ars, bar.-c, bar.-m. bry. calc. 
carb.-v, cans, cham. chin. cocc. 
colch. con. croton. cupr, cupr,' 
acet. ctipr,-carb. cupr,-sulph, dig. 
dulc. elec. fer. galv. gins, graph, 
hydroc. hyos. iod, lach. lob. 
laur. lye. magn. mere, mere- 
oor. mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. ntlr.- 



oc. n.-mo8. n.'Vom. oleand. op. 

-petr, phos. phos.-ac, plat, raphan. 

rhab. rhus, rata. sec. sep. sil. 

Stan, strain, sulph. tart, taxus. 

ther. vereUr. zinc-cx. [Also : 

" Aeon. 8Dth. agar, alumin. amm. 
, ar. asar. bell. berb. bism. bor. 

bov. calc. cham. c<fh. corall. 

orot. caps, carb.-an. carb.-veg. 

cannab. canth. canst, chin. con. 

diad. dig. elect, eng. graph, grat. 

hep. herac. hydroci. hyos. ign. 

ind. iod. kal. ' lach. lact. laur. 

Ijo. magn.-arct. magn.-carb. 

magn.-mnr. mang. mez. mosch. 

natr.-mnr. nitr.-ao. nit. nuz- 

mosch. clean, par. petr. phell. 

phos. phos.-ac. plat, plumb, pals. 

raph. ran.-balb. rhod. rat. sab. 

sass. Sep. sec. sen. sil. spon. 

Stan, stron. sulph. tart, tarax. 

teucr. val. verat. yinca. viol.-tric. 

zinc, zinc-ox."] 
Debility, Genersd and Extreme. 

(Universal prostration of 

strength). Am. am, ars, bar,- 

m.brom. cim.-lect. hyos. iat. iod, 

ipec, kal.-bi. laur. mere. -p. natr.' 

m, nitr.-ac. n.-wnn. oleand. op. 

phos. phos.-ac. plat, plumb. 

rhtts. sil. stann. stram. tart. 

ther. vercUr. zinc-ox. [Also : 

" Asar. seth. amb. ammoniac. 

bell. berb. bor. bov. brom. 

bruc. cann. canth. carb.-an. 

case chin, chinin. cic cin. 

clem, coloc croc, crotal. dros. 

euph. granat, 

grat. guaic hell. hep. ign. ind. 

kal. Jkal.-bi. kreos. lact. lam. led. 

mag.-art. mag.-arct. mag.-aust. 

magn.-cmagn.-m. magn.-s. man- 

gan. meph. mez. nat.-m. nat.-s. 

nice nit. nit.-sp. ol.-an. ophiot. 

phell. plumb, puis, ran .-a. ran.- 

bulb. rat. rhod. sab. sep. sen. 

spig. spong. scill. staph, stront. 

solph.-ao. tabac thuj. val. yip. 

Tip.-t. zinc"] 

Debilitt, Hysterioal. Ars. oham. 
ign. mosch. natr.-m. nuz-yom. 

— Muscular. Ammon.-caust. 

— Neryous. Ars. bar. calc cooc 
con. cupr. dig. hep. laur. mere 
phos. phos.-ac sil. sulph. mgs. 

— Obstinate (of long duration). 
Ars. chin. cupr. hep. natr. nitr. 
ac phos.-ac yeratr., chiefly. 

— Physical (proceeding from de- 
bilitating causes, loss of hu- 
mors, yiolent disease, &c) 
Oarb.-yeg. chin. hep. kal. natr. 
natr.-m. n.-yom. phos.-ac. sulph. 

— of Children. Bar. c bell, oalc 
lach. lye n.-yom. sil. sulph. 

— (Senile). Ambr. aur. bar.-c 
con. op. 

— Sudden (rapid failure of 
strength). Aeon. an. cham. 
carb.-y. con. dig. graph, ipec. 
lach. laur. n.-yom. phos. ran. 
sec. yerat. mgs.*aus. 

— Fatigue, Lassitude, Ac, which 
manifest themselyes as fol- 
lows : . 

— Air (in the open. Ambr. am.-c 
bry. calc cofF. coloc. con. fer. 
hep. kal. magn. n.-yom. plat, 
spig. yerat. mgs .-arc mgs.-aus. 

— (Bed in). Asnb. carb.-y. con. 
natr.-m. phos. (Compare Morn- . 
INO and Night.) 

— Carriage (when riding in a). 
Cocc petr. sep. 

— Evening (in the). Am.-c. asar. 
caust. eye petr. stront. tab. 
[" Merc-p."— Ed.] 

— Exercise (from). Ambr. am.-c. 
bry. calc coif, coloc. fer. fer. 
mg. hep, kal. lye magn. n.-yom. 
spig. verat. mgs.-aus. 

— Effort (after the Least). Am 
moniae anac berb. calc. cocc 
fer.-mg. magn. n.-mos. petr. sep. 
sulph. [" Nux-jug. oza.-ac pirn- 

SBor. n. — amnoHB. 



pm. rhufl-r." — Ed.] Compare 
Walking, Movement, &c. (after 
the least). 
Debilitt, Lying down (when). 
Alum. puis. 

— Meal (after a). Asar. chin, 
clem. lach. nitr.-ac. rhus. thnj. 
[" Brom."— Ed.] 

— Morning (in the). Amhr. hry. 
oalc. carb.-a. carb.-v. chel. con. 
croc. dig. lac. lye. natr. natr.-m. 
nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos. 

)al8. staph, stront. mgs.-arc. 
/* Merc-p."— Ed.] 

— Movement (on the least). An- 
ac. cocc. plumb, spig. stann. 
staph, verat. 

— Movement (mitigated by). 

— Night (at). Ambr. ant. kreos. 

— Noon (fore). Sabad. 

— Repose (during). Lyo. mosch. 
plat. (Compare when Sbated, 
Lyino down). 

— — (Ameliorated during). Ars. 

— [" Rising (on). Hyp.-per." — 

— Seated (when). Magn. natr -m. 
nitr. plumb, ruta. 

— Speak (after hearing another). 
Alum, am.-o. ars. veratr. 

— Speaking (after). Alum. ambr. 
am.-c. calc. can. fer. natr.-m. 
stann. sulph. 

, — Stairs (on going up). Anao. 

— Storm or Thunder (during). 
Cans. natr. nitr.-ac, petr. phos. 
rhod sil. 

— On waking. Ambr. ant. chel. 
con. lact. lye. n.-vom. phos. sep. 

— Walk (after the shortest). 
Alum. anac. bruo. carb.-a. carb.- 
V. con. hep. men. natr. phos. 
phos.-ao. stann. sulph. zinc. 

— Watching (after). Carb.-v. 
colch. n.-vom. puis, 

— Writing (after). Cann. sil. 

%♦ Compare the Cikoumstan- 
OES, Soot. 3, and also the articles 
Debility and Fatigue, Sect. 1. 

Rending. See Pains (Rending). 

Dislocation (Pain from). See 
Pain (Wrenching). 

— Of the Limbs. (Easy). Nati: 
natr.-m. rhus. sep. 

— Spontaneous. Calc. bry. lya 
nitr.-ac. petr. phos. sulph. zino 

— From Violence. (See Mecha- 
NiOAL Injuries, Chap. II). 

Distoiition. Convulsions of the 
limbs. Cic« cin. graph, sec. 
sol.-nig. (Compare Spasms, to- 

D&AWiNO. See Pains (Drawing). 

— Acute. See Pains (Lacerating). 

— Over the whole body. Amb. 
am.-o. bry. oalc. elect, graph, 
mere. mez. n.-vom. puis. rhus. 
sep. mgs.-aus. 

Eclampsia. See Sect. 1. 
Emaciation and Atrophy. Am. 

ant. ars, bar.-c, cede, carb.-v. 

cham, chin, clem. cocc. dig. 

dulc. fer, gran, graph, hep. iod. 

lach. lye, magn. mere. mez. natr. 

ncUr.'fn, nitr.-ac, ni tr .-sp. n.-vom, 

op. petr. phos. phos.-ao. plumb. 

puis, raphan. samb. sa^ss, sec, 

sel. sil. stann. stront. sulph 

tabac, veratr, [*' Anac. ipse. 

kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— In Children. Bar.-c. cham. 
chin. hep. iod. lyo. magn. n.- 
vom. petr. puis, sulph. | 

— Of the parts affected. Plumb* 
Empty (Sensation as if the body^ 

were). Cocc. kal. f 

Excitability (Nervous). Alum, 
arn. ars. asar. bell. bruo. calo. 
cham, chin, coff", colch. cupr. 
dros. gran. hyos. ign. iod. kre. 
mere, n.-vom, phos.-ao. puis. 
rhus. samb. sil.' stann. sulph. 
teuc. val. veratr, mgs.<urc, 
[" Crot."— Ed.i 


CHAP. I.-"^XErERALrnB8. 

Faintino, Swooning. (Syncope). 

Aeon. arn. ars. aor.-ful. bar.-m. 

bell. calc. calad. camph. oarb,-v. 

cham. chin, oocc. ooff. coloc. con. 

croc, croton. cnpr. cupr.-carb. 

dig. elect, fer. gal v. hell, kep, 

hjos. ign, kre. lack. laur. Ijo. 
' magn.-m. rrvos, n.-mos, n.-vom, 

oleand. op, plumb, pbos. phos,- 

ac. ran. ran.-sc. rhos. sec. sen. 

sep. sil. spig. staph, stram. 

sulph. tart, veratr. [" Crot, cup. 

ars."— Ed.] 
-— Carriage (from riding in a). 


— Epistaxis (from). Croc. 

— Evacuate (on going to). Spig. 

— Evening (in the). Calc. hep. 
lye. mosch. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

— Exercise (after). N.-vom. 

— Exertion (after any). N.-vom. 
— - Getting np from a Chair (on). 

Acoli. calad. 

— Heat of a Boom (from the). 
Ereos. spig. 

— Hysterical Persons (in). Ars. 
cham. coco. ign. mos. natr.-m. 
n.-mos. n.-vom. 

— - Injuries (from mechanical). 

— Lying down (when). Lye. sil. 

— Meal (after a). N.-Tom. phos.- 

— Meditating (when). Calad. 

— Morning (in the.) Carb.-v. 
kre. natr.-m, n.-vom. 

— (Movement daring). Oroc.verat. 

— Nausea (caused by). Ang. 
carb.-a. cans. cham. coco. kal. 
tab. val. veratr. (laches, magn.- 
m. natr.-m. n.-vom. petr.) 

— Night (at). Mos. n.-vom. 

— Pain (daring). Hep. n.-mos. 

— Rising from the Bed (when). 
Aeon, calad. 

— Vertigo (daring). Cham. croc, 
hep. Inagn. sabad. (ars. berb. 
laoh. sulph.) 

— Writing (when). Calad 

FAiNTiira (attended by) : 

— Anxiety. N.-vom. 

— Asthmatic Sufferings. Berb. 
kreos. lach. 

— Blood (ebullition of). Aeon, 
bell, n.-vom. petr. 

in the Head (congestion of). 

Aeon. (Compare Sect. 4.) 

— Cephalalgia. Graph, lye. mosch. 
natr.-m. stram. 

— Consciousness (loss of). Ars. 
lye. oleand. 

— Convulsions. Laches. 

— Crawling in the Limbs. See 

— Ears (buzzing and tingling in 
the). Aeon, n.-vom. petr. 

— Epistaxis. Lach. 

— Face (bloated). Ars. 
paleness of. Aeon. berb. 

lach. natr.-m. n.-vom. puis. 
perspiration (covered with). 

redness of. Aeon. 

— Heart (pain in the). Lach. 

— — - palpitation of the. Aeon. 

— Heat. Berb. n.-vom. petr. 

— Lie down (want to). Natr.-m. 

— Limbs (benumbed). Natr.-m. 

— Nausea. Lach. natr.-m. n.-vom. 
petr. (See Nausea with faint- 
ing, Chap. XV.) 

— Perspiration (cold). Lach. 

— (which relieves). Oleand. 

— (Shivering or coldness). Aeon, 
calc. coloc. 

— Sight (confused or clouded). 
Calc. lach. lye. n.-vom. 

(Sparks before the). N.- 

— Snoring. Stram. 

— Stomach (pain in the). N.- 

— Tingling in the Limbs. Bor. 

— Thirst. Aeon. 

— Trembliing. N.-vom. petr. 

SEOr. n. — 6TIIFT0H8. 


Faihtino, Vertigo. Ars.berb.laoh. 
Bulph. Compare Vertigo with 
fainting. Chap. VI.) 

— Vomiting. Lach. snlph. kal. 
*^* Compare Sect. 4. 

Fatigue, Painful. Gins. 

— Sensation of. Chenop. herac. 

— (easily fatigued when walk- 
ing or laboring). Anao. ars. 
calo. cup. hydroc, lact. magn. 
murex, sep. [" Cup.-ars. — Ed.] 

— (Pain as from.) (Sensation 
as if bruised or beaten over the 
whole body.) Agar, am, arg. 
aur. bry. calc, carb.-v, cham. 
ohenop. cor. croc. daph. dros. 
dulc. guaj, ipeo. kre. lact. 
magn.-m. magn.-s. mere. mez. 
natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. n.-wm, 
phos. phos.-ac. ran. rhus, rut. 
sil, spig. spong. staph, tart, 
tart.-ao. val. veratr. mgs.-arc. 

— Air (in the open). Am.-o. cor. 

— Bed (in the). Mos. n.-vom. 

— Evening (in the). Am.-c. bry. 
phos.-ac. sil. 

— Morning (in the). Carb.-v. 
mos. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. phos.- 
ac. viol.-od. mgs.-arc. 

— Movement (during ). Agar, 
arn. calc. croc, staph. 

— Night (at). Kreos. 

— Repose (during). Aur. con. 

amelioration. Staph. 

• — Seated (when), after a short 
walk. Rut. 

— Stairs (on going up). Calc. 

— Touched (when). Hep. puis, 

— Uncovered (on being). Aur. 
%* Compare Pains as from a 

Oanglia. See Chap. II., Tumors. 
Oangrene. See Chap. II., Sect. 1. 
Glands (Affections of the). Prin- 
cipally : Am.-c. asa. aur. bar.-c. 

bell. bry. calc, carb.-a. carft.-v. 
cham. cist, clem. cocc. con. duk. 
graph. ?i^. iod. lye. mere. natr. 
natr.-m. nitr.-ac. phos. phos.-ac. 
petr. rhus. sep. sil. spig. spong. 
staph, sulph. thuj. [** Calend.** 
Glands (Engorgement of the). 
Alum, a/m.-c. am.-m. arn. ars. 
asa. aur. bar.-c. bar.-m. bry. bell. 
bov. calc. carb.-a. carb.-v. cans. 
cham. CIS. dem. cocc. con. dtdc 
graph, hep. iod. lye. magn. 
magn.-m. mere. mez. mur.-ac. 
natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
petr. p?ios. phos.-ac. puis. rhus. 
sass. sep. sil. spig. spong. 
stann. staph, stdph. sulph .-ac. 
thuj. zinc. 

— (Cold enlargement of the). 
Calc. cocc. mere. sil. sulph. 

— Flaccidity of the. Con. iod. 

— Hardness. Bar.-c. bry. calc. 
carb.-a. carb.-v. cham. clem. 
cocc. con. dig. dulc. graph, iod. 
kal. n.-vom. petr. phos. ran. 
rhus, sil. spong. squill, stdph. 

— Inflammatory. Bar.-c. bar.-m. 
bell, carb-v. cham. con. dtdc. 
hep. kal. mere, nitr.-ac. petr. 
phos. rhus. sass. sep. sU. stdph. 
sulph .-ac. 

— Itching in the. (Anac. carb.- 
a. carb.-v. cans. con. kal. magn. 
phos. sep. sil.) 

— Nodosities in the. Bry. carb.- 
a. clem, coloo. dulc. graph, lye. 
phos. sulph. 

— Ulceration. Ba/r.^m,. bell. calc. 
cis. coloc. hep. mere, nttr.-ac. 
petr. phos. sep. sH. stdph, (earb.' 
a. cham, clem. con. graph, iod. 

— (Pains in the). Alum. arn. 
bell. calc. carb.-a. cans, coloo. 
con. lye. mere. mez. nitr.-ao. 
phos.-ac. rhus. sil. spig. staph* 

boring. Bell. 






Gi.AND8, (Pains in the) burning. 
Carb.-y. mere. phos. 

contractive. Mang. nitr.-ac. 

formicating. Con. mere. 

(Pains in the) lancinating. 

Bell. cocc. con. natr.-m. 

preasive. Aur. bell. mang. 

mere, phos.-ac. stann. 

palsative. Am.-m. clem. 

smarting. Con. 

lacerating (sharp). Bell. 

tensive. Graph. 

%* Compare the article Glands, 
under the heads of the particu- 
lar organs. 

Gnawing. See Pains (gnawing). 


Heat (Vital), (Want of). Alum. 

euphorb. con. hydroc. led. lyo. 

natr.-m. sep. 
Heaviness in the Limbs. Aeon. 

agar, ammon. ant. arn. asa. bar.- 

c. bar.-m. bell, camph. cham. 

chin. cin. croc. ign. kre. lach. 

mez. mosch. n.-vom. par. petr. 

phos. phos.-ac. plumb, puis. 

rhab. ruta. sabad. sep. spig. 

squill, stram. sulph. tab. tereb. 

— Of the body, or of movement. 

Ammon. oalc. kal. mez. natr. 

natr.-m. sep. sil. spong. stram. 
Htpoohondria. See Chap. V. 
Htsteria. See Chap. XX. 
Incisive Pains. See Pains (in- 
Indolence. Am.-m. ars. carb.-a. 

chel. cinn. guaj. heracl. kal. 

magn.-m. meph. mez. mur.-ac. 

natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. petr. 

phos. phos.-ac. plumb, puis. sec. 

sep. stann. tart. verb. 
Indolence, Meal (after a). Asar. 

bar.-c. chin« phos. thuj. 
— Morning (in the). Carb.-ac. 

chel. natr. natr.-m. verb. 

**♦ Compare Movement (Dread 


Indurations. See Seot. 1. 
Inflammation. See Sect. 1 

Influenza. See Chap. XXT. 
Inquietude. See Agitation. 
Insensibility (Corporal). Bar.-nu 

cic. cupr.-ac. hydroc. oleand. 

(Compare Torpor.) 
Insupportable Pains. See Pains 

Intermittent Sufferings. Ars. 

calc. chin. diad. ipec. lach. lye. 

n.-vom. spig. sulph. verat. (Com 

pare Periodical Sufferings.) 

— Daily. Ars. chin. lach. lyo 
magn. n.-vom. 

— Every second day. Calc. puis. 
[" Cinch..sulph."— EdJ 

*:ii.* Compare Fevers intermit* 

Jaundice. (See Icterus, Chap. 

XVI.) Cupr.-ac. 
Jerks and Shocks in the Limbs. 

Agar, alum, amb. ang, am. ars. 

asa.. bar.-c. bar.-m. bell. bry. 

calc. carb.-v. cans. cham. cic. 

cin. cocc. coloh. can. cupr. cupr.- 

acet. cupr.-carb. graph, hyos. 

tod. kal. kal.-ch. lach. lact. laur. 

lob. lye. mosch. fuUr. naZr.-m. 

op. petr. plat, plumb, ran.-sc. 

sec. Sep. siU. sol.^n. squil. stram. 

staph, sulph. tab. tart. thuj. 

zinc-ox. [" Junc.-eff." — Ed.] 

— At night. Amb. ars. bell. cast, 
cham. con. cupr. dulc. hep. ign. 
kaZ. lye. mere. natr. fuUr.-m. 
natr.-s. op. phos. puis. rhab. 
rhus. sel. sep. sil. staph, s trout. 
sidph. sulph.-ac. tart. tht^'. viol.- 
tr. mgs. 

Joints (Affections of the) : 

— Coldness. Cinn. petr. 

— Cracking. Aeon. ang. camph. 
c^s. carb.-a. cham. cocc. lye. 
natr.-m. nitr.-ac. petr. thuj 
sulph. [*' Jun.-eff."— Ed.] 

— Dislocation (Easy). Carb.-a 
croc. sil. 



Joints, Dryness (Sensation of). 

— Eruptions. Sep. 

— Erysipelas. Bry. rhod. 

<— Excoriation. Mang. ol.-an. sep. 

— Heaviness. Phos.-ac. 

— Herpes. Dulc. staph. 

— Inflammation. See Rheuma- 
tism, Arthritis, Hydrarthra, 
White Swelling, &c., Sect. 1. 

— Itching. Merc. sep. zinc. 
at night. Merc. 

— Pains, in general. Aeon, bar.-c. 
caps. cocc. colch. guaj. iat. ign. 
iod. led. lye. mang. mere, 
n.-vom. puis. rhab. staph, ttUph, 

— — bed (in). Sulph. 

— — evening (in the). Bruc. 
natr. stront. 

— — morning (in the). Aur. 
staph, viol.-od. 

— — movement (from) . Arn. led. 
par. rhab. staph. 

— • — ni^ht (at) Garb.-a. mang. 
natr. sil. stront. 

position (in a false). Staph. 

repose (during). Aur. dros. 

— Pains in general. Touched 
(when). Bry. puis. 

— Pains (arthritic). See Ar- 
thritis, Sect. 1. 

— • — bruise (as from a), or being 
beaten. Agar. ang. arn. aur. 
bell, carb.-a. con. cupr. dig. 
mur.-ac. natr.-n. n.-vom. par. 
phos. phos.-ac. puis. rut. viol.-od. 
mgs. mgs.-aus. 

— (burning pains in the). Natr. 
natr.-nit. mgs. 

_ — cramp-like (spasmodic). 

Par. plat, stram. 
.— — rending. Mang. rhod. 
-— — dislocation (as of). See 

— ; — drawing. Am.-c. cis. graph, 
'hyos. mere. mez. natr. petr. plat. 

puis. rhod. sec. sep. staph, stram. 


— fatigue (from). Dig. 

Joints, Pains (tingling). Arn. 

ipec. sec. 

incisive. Hyos. 

jerking. Mang. natr. plat. 

paralytic. Am.-c. aur. arn. 

euphorb. lach. led. natr. sass. 

staph, stram. 

pressive. Kal. 

pulsative. Led. 

rheumatic. See Sect. 1, 


— Rhagades. Mang. 

— Rigidity (want of flexibility) 
Bruc. canth. caps, carb.-a. coco, 
coloc. graph, kal. lye. natr.-m. 
n.-vom. petr. rhus. sep. staph 
sulph. [" Rhus-r."— -Ed.] 

— Sensibility (painful). Am. « 

— Shooting. Arn. bell, colch. 
dros. hell. hep. kal. kre. led 
mang. mere. nitr. puis, rhus- 
sabin. sep. sil. sulph. sulph.-ac. 
thuj. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Stability (want of). Aeon, 
arn. croc. rhus. sulph. ['* Rhus- 
r."— Ed.] 

— Swelling. Agn. ammon. led. 
mang. rhod^ sabin. sil. sulph. 
(Compare Rheumatism, Ar- 
thritis, Hydrarthra, White 
Swelling, &c.. Sect. 1. 

— Tearing (or sharp). Am.-c. 
aur. bov. calc. cans. "cis. graph, 
hyos. iod. kal. led. mere. natr. 
natr.-m. nitr. petr. phos. sabin. 
sass. sec. sep. stront. sulph. 

— (Tensive pains in the). Am.-a 
am.-m. mang. rhus. [" Rhus-r." 

— Tetters. Dulc. staph. 

— Torpor (sensation of). Lyo. 

— Trembling. Mang. 

— Weakness. Aeon. bor. bov. 
carb.-an. carb.-v. euphorb. 
mang. mez. phos. puis. rhod. 
sil. sulph. 

^— Wrenching. Am.-c. arn. caps. 



ign. lach. par. rhns. rat. mgs. 
[" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 
%* Compare with the whole 
of the preceding article on the 
Joints, the different sensations 
and symptoms in the Extremi- 
ties (Chap. XXIV. and XXV.). 
and also the articles Artri- 
Tis, Artrocage. Htdrarthra, 
Kheuhatism, &c., in Sect. 1. 

Labor (Repugnance to). Lact. 

Lancination. See Pains (Lan- 
cinating or Shooting). 

Lassitude. See Debilitt and 

Leprosy. See Chap. II. 

Lightness in the Body (sensation 
of). Asar. coff. lac. stram. 

— Alternating with lassitude. 

Loins, or Small of the Rack (ten- 
dency to suffer from a strain in 
the). Arn. bry. cole, carb.-a. 
carb.-v. con. graph, kal. lye. 
mere, natr, natr.-m. phos. r?i2is 
Sep. sil. sulph. ["Rhus-r." — 

Ltinq Down (want to remain). 
Aeon. alam. ars. bar.-c. calad. 
canth. cham, chel. clem. coff. 
eye. daph. fer. gran. grat. led. 
lye. nitr.-ac. n.-^vom. puis, rhus 
staph, sel. tar. tart. the. [Rhus- 
r.''— Ed.] 

Magnetized (Desire to be). Calc. 

Measles. See Chap. II. 

Mobility. See Agility. 

IfovEHENT of the Limbs (Diffi- 
cult). Bell, camph. chel. fer.- 
mg. tereb. ["Causing painful 
rigidity in the tendons of the 
extensor muscles. Cim.-lect." 
— ^Ed.] (Compare Heaviness 
and Paralysis. 

— Dread of. Am.-c. ars. bell, 
calad. caps. chel. gnaj. lyo 
mur.-ao. natr. natr.-m. n.-vani. 
the. thuj. zinc. (Compare In- 

Muscles (Palpitation, Jerking, 
Quivering of the). Arn. asa. 
bar.-c. bell. chin. clem. coco, 
kal. lach. magn. mem. mez. natr. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. ran. rat. rhus. 
Sep. snip. tart. teuc. thuj. zinc. 

— Contraction of the. Am. -a 
ars. caus. ooloc. graph, lack 
natr. natr.-m. (Compare Con- 

— Extensor (Contraction of the). 

— Flexors (Contraction of the). 
ATnon.-eaus. galv. 

Nervous Excitability. See Ex- 
citability (Nervous). 

Nodosities (Arthritic). See 
Arthritis, Sect. 1. 

Numbness of the Limbs (Easy). 
Amb. arg. calo. carb.-a. carb.-v, 
chin. cocc. croc, croton. graph 
guaj. hyos. ign. kal. led. lyo. 
mere, n.-vom. petr. phos.-ac. 
puis. rhab. rhus. sep. sil. sulph. 
teuc. thuj. 

— Labor (from manual). Sep. 

— Lying down (when). Chin. kal. 
rhab. rhod. sil. 

— Morning (in the). Amb. 

— Night (m the). Croc. thuj. 

— Repose (during). Puis. 

— Seated (when). Merc. 

— Semi-lateral. Caus. 

(Sensation of). Arg.-nit. 

Obesity. Ant. calc. 
Opisthotonos. Ang. ang.-spur. 

bell. cham. cin. ign. ipec. op 

rhus. stann. stram. 
Osseous System (Symptoms of): 

— Distortion, Incurvation of the 
Bones. Am.-c. asa. calc. iod 
lye. mere, plumb, puis. siL 
staph, sulph. 

— Pains (aching). Agar, am.-m. 
asa. bar.'C. calc. camph. cio. 
cupr. daph. diad. Uich. lye, 
mang. mere, mur.-ac. nUr.-ajc. 
-^ho^. phos.-ac. plumb. rhod.nU, 



Osseous Pains (boring). Asa. hel. 

'— — bmise (as if from a), or as 
if the flesh were detached by a 
blow. Bell. bry. ign. ipec. 
nitr.-ac. rhus. rut. salph. verat. 

— — burning. Carb.-v. euphorb. 
phos.-ac. rut. sabin. 

rending. Diad. mang. 

— — drawing. Am.-m. arg. bry. 
cann. chin cocc. colch. eye. 
mer.-cor. rhod. rhus. sabad. 
sabin. valer. zino. 

excoriation (as if from). 


— — tingling. Plumb. 

ffnawing. Bros, ruta, 

incisive. 8abad; 

jerking. Chin, colch. valer. 

pressive. Arg. bry. cyo. 

daph. rhus. sabin. staph, veratr. 
scraped (as if from being). 

Asa. phos.-ac. rhus. sabad. spig. 

smarting. Phos.-ac. 

piercing. Colch. daph. dros. 

hell, sabin. 
lacerating. Arg, bell. bis. 

cans. chin. cocc. eye. phos.-ac. 

plumb, stront. zino. 

*#* Compare Pains in iihe 

I^BS, and Bones. 
Pains in the Limbs and Muscles : 

— Aching. See Bones (SuflFer- 
ings in the). Pains : also Pains, 

— Acute. See Tearing. 
Pains, Arthritic. See Arthritis, 

Sect. 1. 

— Beaten (as if). See Pain, as 
FROM A Bruise. 

— Boring. Agar. hell. mang. 
ran.-sc. (Compare Digging 

— Bruise (as if beaten, or as if 
from a). Aeon, ang, arn, aur. 
bell, herb. bruc. bry. calc. cic. 

' 'Cis. cocc, con. croton. cwpr, hep. 
kre. lach. lact. mosoh. natr-m. 
n.-oom. aleand. plat. puis, ran, 
raphitn. rhus, rut, sulph. tart. 

VOL. II. — 4* 

veratr. mgs.-arc. mgs.-ans. 

[" Oinc.-sulph."— Ed.] 
Pains, Pressive. Natr.-n. veratr 
as if the flesh were de 

tached from the bones. Bry. 

nitr.-ac. rhus. sulph. 

— Burning, principally : Ars. 
carb.-a. carb.-v. elect, euph. 
mez. phos. phos.-ac. plumb, 
sabin. sec sep. viol.-od. 

and pricking. Plat. 

and shooting. Bar.-c. bell. 

cin. dig. plat. puis, mgs.-aus. 

— Constrictive, principally : 
Alum. cocc. ignat. plat, plumb. 
[" Pimpin."— Ed.] 
(Compare Cramp-like). 

— Contractive. See the preced 

— Contusivo. See Pains as from 
a Bruise. 

— Cramp-like. (Spasmodic), prin- 
cipally : Agar. ambr. anac. 
ang. asa. asar. chel. cin. coloc. 
con. elect, euphras. graph, 
mosch. natr. oleand. plat. rut. 
sec. stram. 

— (Cramp-like and tearing). Cin. 
natr. rut. 

and jerking. Anac. asa. 

and pressive. Bar.-c. clean. 


— Crawling. Aeon. arn. etc. 
colch. elect, euphr. ign. mgn.- 
m. mere. natr. ol.-an. par. phos. 
phos.-ac. plat, plumb, puis, ran.- 
sc. rhod. rhus. sabad. sec. sol.* 
nig. spig. staph, stram. sulph. 
to/), teuo. veratr. zinc.-oz. 
(Compare Skin.) 

— (Bending). Cocc. coldi. ind. 
n.-mos. puis, mgs.-arc. 

— Drawing. All the medicines, 
but especially : Aeon. ant. bell, 
bry. carb.-v. cans. cham. cin. 
clem. cocc. elect, hell. hep. kal. 
lact. lob. lye. mang. mere. mer.« 
cor. mei. mur.-ao. natr.*m. nitr. 



n.-mos. n.-Tom. plat, plamb. 

pnls. rhod. rhns. sabad. sep. 
' stann. staph, stram. sulph. tart. 

val. veratr. zinc.-ox. 
Pains, Drawing anJ cramp-like. 

Asar. cin. natr. oleand. rut. 
and rending. Colch. ign, 

and jerking. Oolch ind. 

and paralytic. Arn. bar.-c. 

carb.-v. cham. chel. cin, coco. 

hep. mag.-m. mez. natr. nitr 
-— — and periodical. Lact. 
and pressive. Anac. ang. 

arg. cann. oyo. natr.-m, rut. 


and jerking. Coco. calc. 

•i. — and shooting. Bor. coloh. 

dulc. mere. 
... and lacerating (acute). 

Cham. hell. lam. mere, plumb. 

rhod. rhus. seo staph. 

— (erratic or wandering, which 
pass from one place to another.) 
Arn. asa. daph. lact, mang. 
meph. n.<mos. plumb, puis, 
rhod. taxus. [" Kal.-bi."— En.] 

— Excoriation (as from). Aeon, 
arg. canth. cio. colch. hep. kre. 
plat. puis. rat. rhus. zinc. 

— Expansive. Ign. plat. 

— Gnawing. Berb. dros. mez. 

— Incisive. Amb. ang. arg. hyos. 

— (Insupportable). Aeon. ars. 
cham. coff. lach. n.-vom. [" Po- 
doph.-pelt."— Ed.] 

«— Jerking or successive drawing. 
Anac. asa. asar. chin. cin. coco, 
colch. graph, ind. magn. mez. 
mang. mosch. natr. natr.-m. 
natr.-s. phos.-ao. plat. puis. rat. 

— — and drawing. Colch. ind. 

— — and paralytic. Chin. cin. 

and piercing. Mang. n.-vom. 

Pains, Jerking and Lacerating. 

.Am.-m. asar. chin. cocc. cupr. 

natr.-s. phos.-ac. puis. nigs. 
[ — " Neuralgic. Phy to.-dcc. Soe 

Neuralgia, Sect. 1." — Ed.] 

— Pinching. Bruc. cann. men. 

— Pressive. Almost all the medi' 
cineSt but especially : Anac, ang. 
arg. arn. a^sa, bell. bis. cann. 
caps, carb.^a. chin, cin. cupr, 
eye. dros. euphorb, ign, lack. 
led. lye. magn. mez. mur.-ac. 
Aatr.-m. oleand. petr. phos.pAof.- 
ac. plat, ran.-sc. rut. stann, 
staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. tab. vaL 
veratr, zinc. 

— Pressive and burning. Am.-m. 
and Cramp-like. Oleand. 


and contractive. Cann. 

and rending. N mos. 

and drawing. Anac. ang. 

arg. cann. eye. natr.-m. rut. stann. 

— Pressive and burning (as if 
from a plug). Anac. ign. plat, 

and piercing. Asa. canth 

cin. dros. euphorb. ign. mur.-ac. 
plat, sabad. sulph.-ac. thuj. 

— — and lacerating. Arg. bell, 
bis. cann. cupr. eye. led. rut. 
snss. stann. 

— Pricking. Mosch. pimpin. plat. 

— Pulsative. Am.-ra. calc. carb.- 
V. cham. rhab. thuj. 

— (Rheumatic.) See Rheuma- 
tism, Sect. 1. 

— Shaking. Cupr. elect, valer. 

— Sharp. See Tearing. 

— Shocks, or pain as from shocks. 
Asa. cann. cupr. plat. rhod. 

— Piercing. Almost all the med% 
cines, but principally : Aeon, 
am.-c. am.-m. ant. arn. una. bell, 
bry. cann. chin, colch. daph, 
dig. elect, fer. guaj. hell, ign* 
kal. kre. lab. lye. mo'o. mere 

8B0T. n. — SYMPTOMS, 


marc-cor. nitr.-ao. n.-vom. par. 
phos. prun. ran. ran.-sc. rhod. 
rhns. sass. sep. spig. staph. 
Bulph. thuj. 
Pains, Piercing and boring. Hell. 

— — and burning. Bar. bell. cin. 
dig. plat. puis, mgs.-aus. 

and crawling. Natr. 

and drawing. Bor. oolch. 

dulo. mere. 
and gnawing. Droser. 

— — and jerking. Mang. n.-vom . 
and pressive. Asa. canth. 

cin. dros. eupborb. ign. mur.-ac. 

plat, sabad. sulpb.-ac. thuj. 
-— Piercing and pnlsative. Sabad. 

and shaking. N.-vom. 

splinters (as from). Nitr.- 

lacerating. Cann. canth. 

coloc. dig. euphorb guaj. mere. 

thuj. zinc. 
— Splinters (as from). Nilr. ac. 

cham. chin. cocc. colch. coloc. 


— Lacerating (or sharp pains, 
acute drawing). AU the medi- 
dries, btit prindpally: Agar, 
alum, am.-c. am.-m. aur. bry. 
cann. calo. carb.-v. caus. cham. 
chin. cocc. colch. dulc. euph. fer. 
graph, hell. hyos. kal. led. lyo. 
mere. mez. mur.-ac. natr. natr.« 
m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. phos.- 
ac. plumb, puis. rhod. rhus. 
sass. sec. sep. spig. staph, stront. 
sulph. zinc, zino.-ox. [" Cal.- 
caust." — ^Ed.] 

arthritic. Hcracl. 

— ' — cramp-like. Cin. natr. rn^ 
drawing. Cham, chenop. 

hell. lam. mere, plumb, rhod. 

rhus. sec. staph. [" Lup." — ^Ed. 

— — and jerking (or successive 
pullings). Am.-m. asar. chin, 
coco. cupr. natr.-s. phos.-ac. 
puis. mgs. 

— — incisive. Hyos. 

— — paralytic. Aur, cham. chin. 

cocc. colch. fer.-mnr. magii.*m. 
mez. natr. sass. [" Blius-r."' — 
Pains, Piercing and pressive. Arg. 
bell. bis. cann. cupr. cycled, rut. 
sass. stann. [" Kalm." — Ed.] 

— Piercing. Cann. canth. coloc. 
dig. euphorb. gui^. mere. thuj. 

— Tensive. Am.-c. ang. ant. arn. 
bar.-c. bry. euphorb. galv. 
mang. mez. n.-vora. oleand. plat, 
rhus. [" Cal.-caust." — Ed.] 

— As if the muscles were too 
short. (See Sensation of Con- 
traction in the Tendons.) * 

— ' Ulceration (as if from). Am.- 
c. am.-m. anac. bry. cham. kre. 
mang. mere. puis. sil. thuj. 

— Voluptuous. Laches. 

— Wrenching. Agn. am. c. bar.- 
c. bry, calc. carb.-v. caus. dros. 
hep. mosch. natr.-m. oleand. 
rhus. rat. sep. sulph. thuj. zinc. 

— (aching wandering). Elat. 
%* Compare the articles : 
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Ar- 
thritis, Sect. 1, and also Pains 
in the Extremities, Chap. 
XXIV. and XXV. 

Pains in the Limbs, which mani- 
fest themselves, or are aggra- 
vated as follows : 

— Air (in the open). Arn. bry. 
calc. carb.-v. caus. cor. kal. lye. 
mere, n.-mos. n.-vom. sulph. 

— Afternoon (in the). Lye. 

— Bed, at Night (in). Merc. phos. 
rod. Sep. stront. sulph. (Com- 
pare Night.) 

Brandy (from drinking). Daph. 

— Chill (from a). Aeon, arn, 
bry. calc. dulc. mere, nitr.-ao. 
phos.-ac. sulph. 

— Drinking (after). Hdl, 

— Evening (in theV Am.-m. 
bruc. bry. natr.-s. pnos.<ac.jpt^ 
ran. sil. stront. sulph. 



Pains, Exercise (after). Fer.-mg. 

— Gk)iug up-stairs or a hill (on). 

— Heated (after being over). 

— Intermission every second day 
(with). Lyo. 

— Lying down (when). Mosch. 

— Morning (in the). Carb.-v. 
mosch. mar. natr. natr.-m. n.- 
vom. phos.-ao. viol.-od. mgs.- 
arc. [" Chin.-mur. kal.-bi." — 

— Movement (during). Arn. 
%gar. bell, berb. bry. calc. cann. 
caps. chin. croc. lach. staph, 
fine. [" Kalm."— Ed.] 

*- — (mitigated by). Rhus, 

— Night (at). Aeon, am.-m. ars. 
aur. bar. bell. cham. elect, iod. 
kre. lye. mang. mere, mosch. 
natr. natr.-s. phos. phos.-ac. 
plumb, rhus. sang. sep. stront. 

— Pressing on the part (when). 

(ameliorated by). Tong. 

— Repose (during). Agar, ars, 
aur. con. kal. lye. mur.-ac. natr.- 
m. n.-mos. rhod. rhi4S. val. 

— — (mitigated by). Brt/, sabad. 
staph. [*;Kalm."— Ed.] 

[" — Left side (tendency of symp- 
toms to aflFect the). Junc-eff." 

— Right side (tendency of symp- 
toms to affect the). Gins. 
[" Cim.-lect. crot. phyto.-dec." 

— Rubbing (amelioration from). 

— Seat (on rising from a). Pids, 

— Seated (when). Aeon. agar, 
ars. chin. cin. natr.-m. puis. rut. 
sep. sulph. tart, veratr. (Com- 
pare Repose.) 

Pains, Sleep (felt during). Ars. 

carb.-v. graph, kre. nit.-ac. 

sulph. sulph.-ac. 
[" — On rising in the morning. 

Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Spirituous drinks (from). DapL 

— Standing (when). Agar. 

— Step (on making a false). Bry. 

— Touched (when). Aeon. am. 
ars. bell. bry. chin, colch. cupr, 
hep. ign. nitr.-ac, n.-vom. puis. 
rut, sabin. 

— Uncovered (when). Aur. 

— ^yalking (when). Ang. veratr. 
(Compare Movement.) 

— Walk (after a). Rut. 

— Weather (from Bad). Dulo. 
lach. lye. rhus. rhod. veratr. 

— Weather (from a Change of^. 
Calc. carb.-v. dulc. mere. lacn. 
rhus. sil. sulph. veratr. 

warm (from). Colch. 

windy (from). Lach. lyo. 


%* Compare the Circumstan- 
ces. Sect. 3, and also those of 
Chap. XXIV. and XXV. 

Pa&alysis. Anac. ang. arg.-nit. 
am, ars. bar.-c, bar.-m. bell, bry, 
carb.-v. ca%LS, cocc. colch. cupr.- 
ac. cupr,-carb, dulc, elect, fcr, 
hydroc, hyos. kal. lach. laur. led, 
lye, natr,m, n,'Vom. oleand, op. 
phos. plumb, rhus, ruta, sec. 
sil. stann. stram. sulph. zinc, 
[" Crot."— Ed.] 

— Evening (in the). Stront. sil. 

— Night (at), in consequence of 
pain. Natr.-m. 

— Passion (after being in a). 

— Semi-lateral. Arg.-nit. caus. 
cocc. lach. natr.-mur. rhus. 
staph, stront. zinc. 

Paealytic Weakness (sensation 
of). Aeon, am.-m, anac. am, 
ars. aur. bar.-c. bar.*m. berb. 
cann, carb.-v, cham. chel. chin 
cin. cocc. colch, dros. euphort 



fcr. fer.-mg. hep. kre. magn.-m. 
meph. mez. natr. natr.-m. nitr. 
plat. phos. phos.-ac. puis, rhod, 
rhus, sabad. sass. sU. stram. tab. 
val. veratr. 

Paralytic, Painful (Pain with sen- 
sation of paralytic weakness). 
See Pains (Paraljtic). Zinc. ox. 

Periodical (Sufferings). Alum, 
anac. ars. aur. bell. calc. canth. 
carb.-v. cupr. fer. hyos. ign. 
lyo. mere, n.-vom. plumb, ran.- 
8c. rhod. sec. sil. sulph. valer. 
(Compare Intermittent Suffer- 

Pinching. See Pains (Pinching). 

Plug (Sensation as of a). See 
Pain, as from a Plug. 

Polypus. Calc. staph, teucr. 

Pricking. See Pains (Pricking). 

Pulsation in the Body. Arn. 
ambr. clem, graph, cal. kre. iod. 
mere, natr.-m. plumb, puis, 
sabad. sabin. sec. sep. tab. tart, 
thuj. zinc. 

— Exertion (after the least). 
Graph, iod. puis. thuj. 

— Meal (after a). Lye. 

— Evening (in the). Thuj. 
Pulse. See Fever, Chap. IV. 
Putrefaction op the Flesh. 

Reaction (absence of). Carb.-v. 

op. sulpha oamph. laur. mosch. 

[" Reeling and Tottering. Chin.- 

hyd."— Ed.] 
Relaxation of the Limbs and 

Muscles. Arn. camph. cupr. 

elect, fer.-mg. gran. hell. lach. 

magn. nat. n.-^om. op. viol.-od. 

— Sudden (when walking). Con. 
Resonance throughout the Body. 

Arn. clem, oleand. op. 

— Lying down (when). Arn. 
Rickets. See Sect. 1. 
Rigidity of the Limbs (Stiffness). 

Aeon. ang. arn. ars. bar.-m. 
bell. caps. cham. cupr.-acet. 

elect, hydroc. lach. lyo. n.-vom. 

oleand. plat, plumb, rhus. sass. 

stram. sulph. tereb. thuj. veratr. 

Rigidity, Exertion (after). Arn. 

— Moving the part affected after 
repose (on). Rhus. 

— Walking (after). Veratr. 

— of the Body. Cupr.-acet. 

— Evening (in the, when seated). 

— (Sensation of). Arg.-nit. 
Rheumatism. See Sect. 1. 
Scirrhous (Indurations). See 

Indurations, Sect. 1. 
Scrofula. See Sect. 1. 
Scurvy. See Sect. 1. 
Sea-Sickness. See Chap. XVI. 
Seated (Inclination to remain). 

Bar.-c. mur.-ac. n.-vom. tar. 
Semi-Lateral Sufferings. Am.-c. 

am.-m. alum, bar.-c. bell, canth. 

cans. cocc. coloc. mang. mez. 

puis. rhus. sabad. stront. sulph.- 

ac. thuj. zinc. ["Rhus-r." — 


— Left side (on the). Coloc. 

— Right side (on the). Am.-c. 
am.-m. canth. 

— First on the right side, then 
on the left. Sabad. 

Sensations (Excessively acute). 
Aur. bell, cupr. 

Sensibility of the Body (Exces- 
sive. Aeon. agar. arn. asar* 
aur. bar.-c. bell, canth, cham, 
chin. cin. cocc. coff. cupr. lyo 
mere, n.-vom. phos. mgs.-arc. 

— Air (to cold.) Agar, am.-c 
anac. ant. aur. calc. camph 
carb.-a. caus. cocc. ooff. ipec. 
lye. mez. mosch. n.-mos. phos. 
rhod. rhus. sabad. sep. spig. 

to a current of. Anac. 

bell. calc. caus. chin, graph, kal. 
natr. rat. sel. sil. sulph. 

— To the fresh. Bell. calc. carb,* 
a. cauR. cham. cocc, coff. graph, 
ign. kal. lye. merc.-c. mosch. 


CHAP. I. — GENESAIiinBfl. 

nair. n.^vam. petr. phos. plnmb. 
puis. rhus. stdph, viol.-tr. mgs.- 
Sensibilitt to Hot Air. Aar. 
calc. cocc. ign. ipec. rhus. •sep. 

— to Evening Air. (Carb.-v.) 
xner. (sulph.) 

— Damp. Am.-t. calc. carb.-v. 
dulc. mur.-ac. rhod. sep. 

— - Movement (to). Aeon, bry. 
cin. (Compare Dread of Move- 

— To Pain. Aeon. agar. am. 
asar^ aur. bar.-c. canth. cham. 
chin. cin. cocc, coff, cupr. n.-vom. 
phos. sep. 

— Touch (to the). Aeon, agar, 
ant. hell, bry, camph. cin. cocc. 
n.-mjosch, tart, 

— Wind (to the). Cham, (carb.- 
V.) laches, (lye) sulph. 

— — to the north. Sep. 

%^ Compare all the preceding 

articles with the same articles 

in the Circumstances. Sect. 3. 
Sensitiveness, Excessive. Aeon. 

agar. ang. arn. ars, asa. asar. 

OMT, bar.-c. heU, calc. canth. 

carb.-a. (carb.-v.) cham, chin, 

cin. cocc. caff, croton. cupr. 

daph. dros. nep. ign. kreos. 

loch, lye. magn.-m. meph. mere, 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom, phos. puis. 

stann. sulph, teuo. valer, mgs.- 

Shakinq throughout the Body. 


— Pains. See Pains (Shaking). 
Shocks in the Body. Ambr. ang. 

bar.-c. bell. oic. cocc. coloh. 

cupr. galv. kre. lye. n.-vom. op. 

ran. sulph. verat. zinc. mgs. 

(Compare Jerks.) 
— In the Tendons. (See Tendons), 
Piercings. (See Pains, Pierc- 

Size (Sensation as if some parts 
were increased in). Alum, 
bov. diad. mere. nitr. 

Somnambulism. See Chap. m. 
Spasms, in general. Aeon, seth 

alum. ambr. ang, am, ars, asa. 

aur. bar.-c. bell. bry. calc. camph. 

canth. carb.-v. caus, eliam, etc. 

cin. citr. cocc. cof, coloc. con. 

croc, cupr. dig. fer. hell, hydroc. 

hyos. iat. ign, ipec, kal. Uich, 

laur. lye. mere, moseJi, natr.-s. 

nitr. n.-mosch. n,'Vom, op. phos. 

plat, plumb, ran.-sc. rhus, sa- 

bad. sec. sep. sil, sol.-m. spig. 

squill, stann. stram. sulph, tab. 

tan. tart. thuj. veratr. [" Cup.- 

ars."— Ed.] 
Spasms (Cataleptic), Catalepsy. 

Aeon. ars. bell. diam. cic. cup. 

mere. plat, stram, veratr. 

— Clonic (Convulsions). Aeon, 
am.-c. am, ars. asa. bar.-c. 
bar.-m. bell, oalc. camph. cann. 
canth, caus. cham, chin, etc, 
cinn. cocc. eoff", con, croc. cupr. 
cupr.-acet. dig. elect, hell, hyos, 
hydroc. iat. ign. ipec. lact. laur, 
lob. lye. mere, mosch, n,'mosch. 
n.-vom, op. phos. plumb, ran.-sc 
rhus. sabad. sec. spig. squill, 
stann. stram, tab. tan, tart, ve^ 

dorsal. Hydroc. 

— Epileptic (Epilepsy). Mik, 
agar. arg. arg.-nit. ars, bell, calc. 
camph, caus, cham. cic. cin. 
cocc. cupr, dig. dros. elect, galv. 
hyos, ign. lack, lye. magn. mere. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom, onisc. op, petr. 
plumb, puis. ran. sec. sep. sU. 
sol.-m. stann, stram, sulph. 
tart, valer. verat. 

— Epileptiform (Eclampsia) . BeU. 
catis, cJiam, cic. cin. ign. magn. 
n.-mosch. n.-vom, phos. jdiu. 

— Hysterical. Alum. aur. bell, 
bry. calc. caus. cham. dc, cocc. 
con. ign, ipec, magn. magn.-m. 
mosch, plat. sec. sep 8taniL 
stram, sulph. veratr. 

8ECfr. n.--H9TMFrOM8. 


8fa81U, ' Internal. Alum. bell. 

bis. cole, carb.-a. carb.-v. caus. 

cham. cocc. coff. coioc, con. croc. 

cupr, cuphorb. graph, hjos, ign. 

ipec, lye, magn.-m, mere, nwsch. 

natr -m. n.-vom. plumb, puis. 
' stann. staph, valer. (Compare 

Cramps in the particular or- 

— In the Limbs. Fer.-mur. 

— (Tonic) (Tetanus). Am.-m. 
ang. ang.spur, arn. bell, bry, 
campk. cann. canth. c^m. cic. 
cin. galv, grat. ign. ipec. lach. 
mere, masch. n.-vom. op. plat. 
rhus. sec. stann. stram. 

Spasms, Characterized by : 
^- Abdomen (distended). Lach. 

— Anxiety. Cupr. hyos. ign. 
lye. veratr. 

— Asthmatic Sufferings. Bell, 
cic. cupr. hyos. ign. op. 

after the attacks. Bell. 

— Buffoonery (disposition to). 

— Cephalalgia, before the at- 
tacks. Caus. cham. lach. — Af- 
ter: Cin. 
^-Colic (with), before the Attack. 
Bell. caus. cham. cupr. 

— Congestion, Cerebral (Apo- 
plexy), alternately with the at- 
tacks. Hyos. 

— Consdousness (loss of). Bell, 
cic. cupr. hyos. ign. ipec. lach. 
op. stann. stram. verat. 

— Crawling {Tingling) in the 
Limbs. jBell. 

— Cries. Aeon. bell. caus. cic. 
hyos. ign. ipec. lach. mere. op. 
stann. stram. verat. 

— Dance (St. Vitus'). Asa. bell. 
caus. cic. oocc. coff. croc. cupr. 
hyos. ign. ipec. n.-vom. puis, 
rhus. stram. sulph. zincs, (ars. 
chin. ? dulc. iod. sabin. sep. 

— Debility. Cic. pul«. 

Spasms, Dizziness. Cic. 

— Dorsal Pains. Ars. 

— Drawing in the Limbs before 
the attack. Lach. 

— Eructations. See Bisings. 

— Evacuations (involuntary) . N.- 

— Extremities (cold). Cham, 

— Eyes (convulsed). Bell, oanth 
caus. cham. citr. cupr. hyos. 
ign. lach. plat, verat. 

closed after the attack. 


half-closed. Cham. ipec. 

dull. Cham. 

fixed. Citr. 

— — red. Cupr. 

%* Compare Sect, 4. 

— Face alternately pale and red. 

bluish. Hyos. ign. 

hippocrauc. Cham. 

hot. Coco. 

pale. Cic. ipoc. lach. stann. 

puffed. Bell, camph. cham. 

cocc. citr. hyos. ipec. 

— Face red. Bell, camph. cham. 
cit. cocc. 

yellow. Cic. 

— Fear. Cupr. stram. 

— Feet (cold), before the attack. 

— Fists (closed), and Thumbs re- 
tracted. iBth. bell. cham. cocc. 
hyos« ign. op. stann. stram. vi- 
ol .-tr. 

— Gestures (furious or devout). 

— Giddiness. Cic. 

— Grinding of the Teetn. Aeon, 
caus. hyos. coff. 

— Haemoptysis, after the attack. 

— Heart (palpitation of the), be* 
fore the attack. Lach. 

— Whooping Cou^h (paroxysm 
of), alternately with the attacks. 


OBLAF. I.— -G2Nl£RAI«1TiaB. 

Spasms, Hunger. Hyoso. 

— Laughter. Alum. aur. calo. 
caus. con. croc. cupr. ign. 

— Limbs (swollen). Bell. 

— Lips (dry). Cham. 

— Lying on the Back. Cin. 

— Movements (Convulsive) : 
Eyes (of the). Bell, canth. 

caus. cham. citr. cupr. hyos. 

ign. lach. plat, veratr. 
Spashodio Movements (of the 

Eye-lids). Oamph. cham. ign. 

ipec. rhab. 
Face (of the). Bell. cham. 

ign. ipec. op. tart. 
Head (of the). Bell, camph. 

cic. cupr. ign. stram. 
Limbs (of the). See Clo- 
nic Spasms, above. 
Tongue (of the). Cham. 

— Nausea. Ipec. lach. puis. 
Nose (Itching in the). 


— Opisthotonos, or throwing back' 
of the Head. Ang. bell. cham. 
cic. cupr. ign. ipec. n.-vom. 
stann. stram. op. rhus. 

— Paralysis, after the attack. 

— Perspiration. Bell, n.-vom. 
Hot, on the Head. Camph. 

— Pupils (dilated). Bell. cham. 

Spasms, Battling. Camph. cham. 

ipec. n.-vom. 
Spasmodic Belaxation of the 

Muscles. Cic. 
—^ Respiration (rapid). Cham. 

— Rigidity of the Limbs. See 
Spasms (Tonic). 

— Risings. Puis. — Before the 
attack. Laches. 

— Salivation. Cit. cupr. ign. 
frothy. Cham. cit. hyos. 

ign. lach. lye. 

— Sighs. Ign. 

— Sleep (coma), after the attack. 
Camph. cham. dros. hyos. ign. 
lach. op. 

Spasmodic Smiling, before ihe at- 
tack. Bell. 

— Snoring. Dros. nitr.-ac. 

— Speech (loss of). Cupr. plat. 

— Stomach (burning in the). 

Spasms Characterised by : 

— Tears. Alum. aur. caus. cupr* 

— Thighs (retracted). Cupr. 

— Thirst (with). Cham. mere, n.* 

— Throat (painful). Ign, 

— Tingling in the Limbs. BelL 

— Torpor in the Limbs, before 
the attack. Bell.— After: N.- 

— Trismus, principally : Ang. 
bell. bry. camph. canth. caus. 
cham. cic. cupr. hyos. ign. laur. 
mere, n.-vom. op. phos. plat, 
plumb, rhus. sec. verat. 

— Urine (frequent emission of). 
Caus. cupr. 

involuntary. Caus. hyos. 


— Vertigo, before the attack. 
Ars. lach. stram. 

— Visions (frightful). Stram. 

— Vomit (disposition to). Ipec. 
lach. puis. 

— Vomiting. N.-vom. 

— Weakness. Cic. puis. 

— Yawning. Ign. 
Spasms, excited or renewed by : 

— Bath (a cold). Rhus. 

— Disappointment. Bell, n.-vom. 
[** — and Convulsions with De 

lirium. Crot." — Ed.1 

— Emotions (Moral). Ign. 

— Evening (in the). Op. stram. 

— Fright (by). Ign. sec. stram. 

— Light (a bright). Bell. citr. 

— Liquids (by). Bell, hyos, 

— Morning (in the). Plat. 

— Night (in the). Calc. cin. 

SKOT. n. — BYltfPTOMB. 


enpr. hyos. kal. lyo. mere. op. 


Spasms, Noise. Aug. (arn. ?) 

— Periodically. Sec. siram. 

— Running (by violent). Sulph. 

— Suddenly produced. Fer.-m. 

— Tears (by). Cupr. 

— Touch (the). Ang. bell. cocc. 

— Water (Cold). Cans. rhus. 

— — tepid. Ang. 

%* Compare the Circumstan- 
OES, Sect. 4 ; and see the va- 
rious causes, article Spasms, 
Sect. 1. 

Stability (Want of), ia the Limbs 
and in the Carriage of the Body. 
Bar.-o. bry. cans. natr. sep. 
(See this same article under 
the head Joints.) 

Staggeking Gait. See Walk- 

Standing (Inability to continue). 
Cupr.-acet. cupr.-sulph. 

Stiffness of the Limbs, ^th. 
ang. bry. petrol, phos. plumb. 
(Compare Rigidity and Spasms, 
ToNio.) [" Bro."— Ed.] 

Storm (uneasiness during). Elect. 

Stretchings. Am.-c.bruc. canth. 
cans, graph, guaj. meph. mur.- 
ac. natr.-s. n.-vom. oleand. petr. 
plat. puis. rata, sabad. sen. sep. 
staph, sulph. tart.-ac. verb. 

Swelling : 

— Arthritic. Aeon, ant. ars. asa. 
bell. bry. chin. cocc. col oh. hep. 
led. lye. mang. mere. puis. rhus. 
scibin. sulph. thuj. 

[** — Feeling of, over the Body. 
Kal.-bi,"— Ed.] 

— Cold. Asa. bell. calc. cocc. 
dulc. mere. 

•* Dropsical, (Edematous. Ant. 
ars, BUT. bell. bry. chin. can. 
dig. dulc.fer. hell. iod. kal. led. 
lye. mere, mur.-ac. nitr. op. 
plumh. prun. rhus. sen. sep. 
nUjph. tereb. 

Swelling, Erysipelatous. See 
Erysipelas, Chap. II. 

— Hard. Arn. ars. chin, graph, 
lach. led. sep. sulph. tab. 

— Hot. See Inflammatory. 

— Inflammatory, Hot. Aeon, agn 
ant. arn. asa. aur. bell. bor. bry 
canth. carb.-a. cocc. cokh. dulb 
euphorb. hep. led. lye. mang 
mere. petr. puis. rhus. sass. sen 
sep. sil. sidph. thuj. 

— Lymphatic. Bell. berb. oarb. 
y. hep. sep. sil.. (Compare 
Olands, Enlargement.) 

— Painful. Aloo. con. dig. hep 
mere. thuj. 

burning. Ars. carb.-a. caus. 

puis. rhus. 
excoriation (as from). 


tingling. Rhus. 

lancinating. Ant. cans. 

coco. fer. graph, mang. puis. 

rhus. sulph. tab. 

pulsative. Sulph. 

lacerating. Ars. led. 

— Painless. Ars. cocc. mere 

— Pale. Boy. bry. lach. sulph. 

— Red. Ant. arn. asa. aur. bell, 
bry. canth. chin. hep. mang. 
mere. puis. rhus. sabin. sep. 
sulph., thuj. 

— Rheumatic. Acom. arn. ant. 
bell. bry. chin. hep. rhus. sulph. 
(Compare Arthritic.) 

— Scarlet. Bell. 

— Shining. Arn. ars. bell. bry. 
mang. more. rhus. sabin. sulph. 

— Steatomous (Steatoma). Ant 
bar.-c. sabin. 

— Suppurating. Calc. graph, hep. 
sil. staph, sulph. (Compare 
Absoess and Glands, Ulcera* 
tions of the.) 

— Tight. Ant, bell. bry. dig, 
led. rhus. sulph. thuj. 

— White. See Tumor, White. 



Sycosis. See Ohap. II. 
Syncope. See Fainting. 
Syphilis. See Chap. II. 
Tabes. See Sect. 1. 
Lacsbating. See Pains (Lace- 
Tendons (Shortening of). See 

— (Jerking of the). Bell. con. 

elect, galv. hyos, iod. puis. 

rhus. snlph.-ac. 
Tension. See Pains. 
Tetanus. See Spasms, Tonic. 
Throbbing (Beating) . See Pains, 

Throwing Back of the Trunk. 

See Opisthotonos. 
Tingling. See Pains, Tingling. 
Torpor (Sensation of), in the 

Limhs. Amb.ars. asa.bell. brj. 

calc. carb.-a. caus. cham. chel. 

chin. cocc. euphr. iod. led. Ijc. 

n.-Tom. clean d. phos. phos.-ac. 

plat. rhod. rhus. sec. spong. 

stram. val. zinc. 

— In the parts affected. Asa. 
cham. n.-Yom. oleand. rhus. 

— In the whole of one Side of the 
Body. Caus. 

Trembling (General). Elect. 
[" — With weakness. Kal.-bi. 

calc. caust. hyp.-per. oxa.-ac.*' 


— of the Limbs. Agar. alum, 
amb. ars, bar.-m. beU, berb. 

; bry. calc. carb.-v. caus. chin, 
cic. cocc, croc, croton. cupr.-acet. 
dect, fer. fer.-mg. galv. gran, 
graph, hep. hydroc. hyos. iod, 
kal. lach. lam. lob. lye. magn.-s. 
mosch. natr, natr.-s. nic. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. oleand. op. petr. 
'pkoB, plat, plumb, prun. puis, 
ran. sass. sec, sen, sep. stan. 
stram. stront. sulph. tab. tart, 
teuc. ther. thuj. veratr. viol.-od. 
zinczinc.'Qx.mgs.'arc. ["Calc- 
caust. hyp.-p. ox.-ac." — Ed.] 

Trembling, Air (in the open). 
Calc. cal. laur. plat. 

— Anxiety (from). Per. puis, 
-r Disappointments (after). Ban. 


— Evening (in the). Bruc. lyo. 

— Exertion (after the least). 
Am.-caust. mere. phos. rhus. 

— Meditation (during). Bor. 

— Morning (in the). Sil. 

— Nervous. Arg.-nit. 

— Pains (during the). Natr. plat, 

pains. Bry. 

— of tbe Limbs (after the). 

— Piano (When Playing the) 

— Rising up (on). Bry. 

— Repose (during). Plat. 

— Spasmodic. Ang.-spur. 

— Speaking (after). Ambr. bor. 

— Walking (after. Fer.-mg. 

— (Sensation of). Internal. 
Oraph. samb. sulph'.-ac. (Com- 
pare Vibration.) 

[" Tremulousness, Universal. 

Brom.7— Ed." 
Ulceration (Pain as if from.) 

See Pain from Ulceration. 
Uneasiness (Sensation of). Bry. 

calc. camph. chel. croton. guaj. 

kre. magn.-m. mang. mcph. , 

natr.-m. petr. puis, sulph. taxus. 
Varices. See Chap. II. 
Veins (Swelling of the). Chin. 

n.-vom. puis, sulph. thuj. 
Vibration in the Body. Meph. 

oleand. op. 
Walk (Difficult). Chin, oleand. 


— (Heavy). Sabad. sil. (Com- 
pare Heaviness.) 

— (Slow). Tereb. 

— (Staggering). Aeon. agar, 
caus. iod. lac. lact. mur.-ao. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. phos.-ac. puis, 
rhus. sec. stram. sulph. teuo. 
veratr. verb. ["Cupr.-ars."— 

saor. m.— ooNDmosB. 


Walx (Stooping). Mes. sulph. 

— > (Unsteady). Canst, lact. magn.- 

natr. oleand. phosph. snlph. 
^ (Children learning with diffi- 

cnlty io\. Bell, oale. n.-Tom. 

sil. sulpn. 
Weakness. See Patique. 
Weather (Changes in) See At* 





NoTx. — ^The artieles in thit section not only refer fo the Gxitrral Stkptoms 
%»{ the text, but contain Also a summary of conditions onder which are ezhibxled 
the principal phenomena in the entire pathogenesj of the mAdloinet. 

49* BF. ilgnUM A(^krffi^t.— JUT. Ajntltoraftcn. "Ca 


Aged (In persons). See Persons. 
Air (In oold air) SP. Alnm. 

anu-e. aur. bry. calc. camph. 

earb.-y. cans. onam. coco. daph. 

hell. hyos. .mere. mez. n.-mos. 

n.-Yom. phos. rhns. sabad. sep. 

veratr. (Compare Cold.) 

— — AM, Ant. 

— Evening (in the) SF. Merc, 
(carb.-v.) aulph, ['*Amm. nitr.- 
ac."— Ed.] 

*— (In the fresh) SF. Am.-o. am. 
ars. biy. calc. camph. cann. caps, 
carb.-v. caus, cham. chin. cic. 
cocc, ooff. con, fer. graph, grat. 
hep. ignat. ipec, kal. led. lye, 
mang. mere. mos. natr. nitr. 
nitr.-ao. n.-mos. n.^vam. petr. 
r&ns. sabad. sabtn. sen. sep. 
spig. staph, stram. sulpk. sulph.- 
ao. tab. thnj. valer. vercU. viol.- 
tr. sine, mgs.-aus. 

— AM. Aeon. setk. alum. ambr. 
am.-c. am.-m. arg. asa. aur. 
bar.-o. croc, grapi. hell. kal. 
lach. magn. magn.-m. mang. 
natr. nio. n.-vom. oleand. op. 
phell. plat. puis. rhod. sass. 
sen. sep. stann. stront. sulph,- 

ac. tab. tart, mgs.-arc. [" Kal.- 
bi. oxa.-ac." — Ed.) 

Air (In warm) SF. Aur. calo. 
carb.-^. colcu. ign. lach. sel. 
sep. [" Brom."— Ed.] 

Akqrt (After being) SF. Aeon. 
alum. bry. cham. chin. cis. coco. 
coloc. ign. lach. lye. natf.-m.. 
n.-vom. petr. phos. plat, ran, 
sep. staph, salph. veratr. (Com- 
pare Emotions, Sect. 1.) 

Attention to the Pain (On turn- 
ing the) AM. Camph. 

Autumn (In) SF. Aur. rhod. 
rhus. veratr. 

Bath (Sufferings from a Cold). 
Ant. rhus. 

Bed (In) SF. Ambr. ars. calc, 
caus. daph. graph, hep. ign. 
kal. led. lye. magn. mere. n. 
vom. phos. puis. rJiod. rhus. sep 
sil. staph, stront. sulph. mgs. 

— AM. Ars. bry. evon. lye. mere, 
sabad. spong. squill, verat. 

— (On getting warm in) SF, 
Caus. graph kal. led. mere, 
phos.-ac. puis. rhus. sabin. thuj. 

— (In) AM. Am.-m. bar.-o. b/c* 




Bed (On quitting the) SF. Carb.- 
V. graph, gtutf. ign, natr.-m. 
valer. vercU, 

— — AM. Aur. 

Beee (Sufferings from). See Chap. 

Bilious (For persons). See Con- 
Bread (From). See Chap. XIV. 
Oagheotic (In persons). See Per- 
sons (Cachectic). 
Carriage (When riding in a) SF. 

Bor. carb.-Y. coco, graph, petr. 

phos. sep. sil. 

AM. Nitr.-ac. 

Children (Medicines suitable 

for). Aeon. amb. bar.-c. bell. 

dry. ca/c. oanth. cham. chin. cic. 

coco. caff", dros. hep. ign. tpec. 

lye. magn. mere, n.^mos. n.-vom. 

puis. rhab. rhus. ruta. sabin. ril. 

spong. stann. staph, sulph. 

veratr. (Compare Chap. Xa.) 
Chill (After a) SF. Aeon, bar.-c. 

bell. calc. carb.-y. cham. chin. 

coff. coloc. con. diUc. graph. 

by OS. ipec. lach. lye. mang. 

natr. natr.-m. nitr.-cic. n.-mos. 

n.-vom. phos. puis. sass. sel. sil. 

sulph. yerat. 

— Water (in the), or from Cold 
DAMP Air. Ars. ealc. carb.-v. 
dtdc. n.-mos. puis, rhus. sass. 

%* See the same article, Sect. 1. 
Choleric (for Persons). See in 

Persons (Choleric). 
Coffee (Sufferings jfrom). Ars. 

caus. cham. cocc. ign. mere. 

n.'Wm. sulph. 

— AM. Cham, coloc. ign. n.- 
vom. (" Lup."--ED.] 

%* Compare this article. Sect. 1. 
Cold (From) SF. Agar, am.-m. 

asar. bar.-c. calc. camph. canth. 

caps. cocc. hep. mere, mosch. 

nitr.-ac. n.-mos. phos. sabad. sep. 

AM. Thuj. 

%* Compare Air (Cold) and 

Season (Bad). 
Contact (From) SF. Aeon. ang. 

arn. ars. bell. bry. camph. cann. 

caps. chin. cocc. colch. coloc. 

cupr. dros. euphorb, hep, ign. 

lye. mang. mere. mez. natr. 

natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.'iH}m. phos. 

phos.-ac. ran. rhod. rhus. sep. 

spig. squill, staph, sulph. tar. . 

mgs.-arc. mgs.-aus. 
Contact (From) AM. Asa. calc. 

grat. mang. men. mur.-ac. natr. 

oleand. plumb. 
Contradiction (From) SF. See 

Angrt (after being). 
Contusion (In consequence of a) 

See Injuries (Mechanical). 
Conversation (From) SF. Alum. 

ambr. am.-c. anac. am. asar. 

aur. bell. calc. oann. carb.-v. 

cooc. dulc. fer. kal. magn. magn.- 

m. mez. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

phos. plat. sil. stann. sulph. 

— Other persons (on hearing the 
conversation of). Am.-c. ars. 

Damp Weather (In). See Wea- 
Dark Complexion (In persons of 

a). See Constitution. 
Debauched Constitution (from a). 

See Druiikenness. 
Dentition (Sufferings caused by). 

See Chap. XX. 
Drinking (after) SF. Arn. ars 

aur. chin. cocc. con. cupr, hell. 

hep. hyos. lye. natr. natr.-m. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. puis. rhus. seji 

sil. staph, sulph. verat. 

— Cold (anything) SF. Calc. 
cin. graph, natr. natr.-m. n.- 
vom. spig. staph, thuj. 

— Anything Hot (after). Cham, 
dros. hell^merc. puis, mgs.-aus. 

— AlM. Alum. lye. sulph. 

— Quickly. Sil. 
Drunkenness (In consequence 

of). See Drunkenness, Sect. 1. 

8B0T. in.— OOlTDrnOSB. 


P&r Oonstitatioiis (For). See 

Eatino (On). See Meals. 

— Cold (anything) SF. Bar.-o. 
calc. hell. mere, phos.-ac. puis. 
Sep. sll. sulph.-ac. mgs.-ans. 

— Hot, SF. CcUc, cast. can. graph, 
hell. kal. kal.-h. mang. fnerc. 
par. plumb, sulph. thuj. 

£oos (From). Colch. 
Emotions (After Moral) SF. Bell. 

bry. cham.c^. coloc. hyos. ign, 

kal. tack. lye. mere, natr.-m. 

n.'Wnn. op. phos. phos.'OC. plat. 

puis, staph, stram. yerat. zinc. 

(Compare Sect. 1, Emotions, 

Evening (In the) SF. Acan. ang. 

alum. ambr. am.-o. am.-m. anac. 

ant. ars. asa. bell. bruc. bry. 

caps, carb.-a. carb.-v. cin cis. 

co/oc. oyo. daph. dulo. eug. eu- 

phr. giiqf. hep. hyos. ign. ipec. 

kal. lye. magn. magn.-m. mang. 

men. mere. mez. natr. natr.-m. 

nat.-s. nitr. nitr.-ao n.-vom. 

oleand. petr. phos. phos.-ac. 

plat. puis. ran. ran.^sc. rhod. 

rhus. sabin. samb. sen. sep. sil. 

spig. stann. stront. sulph. stUph.- 

ac. teuc. thuj. yaler. zinc, mgs.- 

arc. mgs.-aus. [*' Calc. caus. 

colch. hell, jun.-eff. lac. lau. nuz- 

jug. podoph-pelt. rhus-r." — 


AM. Lye. 

[** — Anxious or distressing op- 
pression of body, with heat. 


— Biting pains. Ran.-scel. 

— Bone pains. Crot. ^lach. 

— Bruised sensation in Limbs. 
Amm. caust. eye. hep. lye. 
magn.-artif. magn.-arct. petr. sil. 

— Cold feeling. Alum. 

— Cramp-like pains. Lact. phos.- 

— Debility. Al. asar. bov. bruc. 

calc. carb.- veg. caust. oken. chin, 
con. hep. ind. kal. laur. magn.- 
carb. mere, mur.-ao. nitr.-ao. 
nux-v. rat. sep. sil. spig. stron. 
Evening (In the). Difficult Walk- 
ing. Amm. 

— Distended veins. Carb.-veg. 

— Drawing pains. Nitr.-ac. phos.- 
ac. puis. *rhus. staph, sulph. 

— Dread of air. Petr. zinc, 
(mere, nitr.-ac.) 

— Ebullition of blood. Lye. petr 
phos. thuj. 

— Epileptic attacks. Stan. 

— Excitation, Irritation. Bruo. 
carb.-v. natr.-mur. 

— Feebleness. Sep. 

— Feelings of Sickness. Caus. spig. 
*- Fits, Paroxysms. Alum. calc. 

nat natr.-c. natr.-mur. nux-v. 

— Gnawing pains. Natr.-mur. 

— Improvement of . the Health. 
Bruc. lye. nitr. puis. 

— Joint pains. Bruc. lact magn.« 
artif. puis, staph, stron. 

— Lacerating in the Limbs. Alum. 
amm.-mur. *cham. ign. kal.-hyd. 
ledu. natr.-sulph. *rhus. stron. 
sulph. sulph.-ac. 

— Lameness. Crot. maen.-arti^ 
magn.-arct. mur.-ac. puis. rhus. 
sab. staph, stron. 

— Languor. Bruc. hep. laur. kal. 

— Limbs asleep. Graph. 

— Limb pains. Amm. cist. *led. 
natr.-mur. natr.-sulph. 

— Lying prostrate. Calc. chin, 
hep. natr.-mur. plumb. 

— Occurrence — outbreak — de- 
velopment of the difficulties. 
Aeon. ars. *calc. caps. meph. 
*puls. ran-scel. sep. sulph.-ao. 
thuj. val. zinc. 

— Piercing in Limbs. Igna. 

— Pressure in the Limbs. *Leda. 



BvEiniro (In the). Prostration. 
Gorall. plomb. bell. ohon. lach. 

— Restlessness of the Limbs. 
Canst. Ijo. magn.-carb. meph. 
mere, natr.-carb. petr. 

— Bhenmatio pains. ^Laoh. 

— Sensitiyeness. Nitr.-ac. 

— Shiverings, Shndderings. Snip. 

— Spasms. Cans. croc, graph. 
°op. Bulph. 

— Stiffness. Ang. brnc. eye. 

— Swoon, Fainting. Amm. calo. 
hep. lach. ^mosch. nitr. sep. 

— Throbbing in the Body. Carb.- 

— Tingling in the Limbs. Amm. 
graph, ran .-seel. 

— Trembling. Brno, canst, lach. 
nitr.-ac. nnz-r. sil. 

-—Twitching of Limbs. Alnm. 
canst ffraph. mere, stron. snlph. 

— Twitching Pains. Lact. natr.- 

— - Weakness. * Amm. bell, carb.- 
yeg. kal. laeh. laur. magn.-carb. 
nitr.-ac. sep. stron. tab. 

—-Weariness. Asa. bell. bor. 
brnc. earb.-yeg. eye. hep. lach, 
magn.-mur. nitr.-ac. nnz-y. petr. 

[" Evenings in Bed : 

— Bruised Pains in the Limbs. 

— Cramps. Alnm. canst, lanr. 
magn.rart. *sulph. 

— Debility. Indig. 

— Development or Renewal. *Ars. 
graph, hep. ^merc. puis, selen. 

— Electrical Shook. Ars. laur. 

— Lacerating Pains. Natr.-carb. 

— Limbs Asleep. Carb.-an. 

— Pains in Joints. Ign. led. 
natr.-c. puis. 

— — in Bones. Ign. 

— Piercings in Body. Natr.-carb. 

— Pressing Pains in Limbs. Ign. 

EvsNiN<l8 m Bed. Betilessneas. 

— Shocks in Body. Ars. laur. 

— Trembling. Sambuo. 

— Twitching. Ars. graph, hep, 
♦ign. sel. 

of muscles. Ign." — Ed.] 

— In bed, SF, Ars. ign. led 
phos. stront. snlph. thnj. 

AM. Nitr. 

Excessive Coition (From) SF 

See Debility, Sect. 1. 
Exe&oise (From) SF. Ars. calc. 

camp, earb.-v. cans. coff". con. 

fer. hep. ipec. kal. led. mere. 

n.-vom. spig. stram. sulph. 

sulph.-ac. vercU. mgs.-aus. 
AM. Amb. asa. graph, n.* 

010^. op. sen. sep.stann. 

%* Compare Ain. (In thq 

Fresh) and WALioNa (When), 
ExE&TiON (From Co&poral) SF. 

Aeon. ambr. arn. hry cole. cann. 

chin. coff. cocc. croc. hell. lyo. 

m^c. natr. natr.-m. petr. phos» 

rhus. Sep. til. siUph. verat. 
AM. Sep. 

— (From Intellectual) SF 
Aur. bell. calc. colch. lach. natr. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. plat. puis. sep. 
sil. sulpli. 

Faie Complexion (In persons of 

a). See Constitution. 
Fall (In consequence of a). See 

Injuries (Mechanicax), Chap. 

Fat Food (After eating) SF. 

Carb.-y. ipec. natr. puis. thuj. 
Fatigue (In consequence of) 

See Sect. 1. 
Fear (In consequence of) SF» 

Bell. lach. op. puis, verat. 
Fright (In consequence of) SF. 

Aeon. hell. coff. hyos. ign. lach. 

mere. op. phos. plat. j^u^. samb. 

sulph. sec. stann. stram. t^ero^. 

^Compare Sect l. Emotions 




Feuit (ProDa). See Chap. XIV. 
Gorao Up a Hill (When) SF. Aur. 
bry. stann. zinc. 

— Height. Calc. 

— Stairs. Aeon. alum. ang. calc. 
earb.-y. ^-tw?*. plat, plamb. 
rat. rhus. stann, sulph. thaj. 

GoNORRHOBA (In consequenoe of). 
See Chap. XIX. 

Grief (In consequence of) SF. 
Ign. phoa.-ao. staph. See Emo- 
tions (Moral), Sect. I. 

Heat (In the^ SF. Aeon. amb. 
arn. aur. bell. bry. calc. camph. 
cann. carb.-v. dros. kal. kal.-bi. 
laur. led. lye. phos. puis. sen. 
sep. sil. thuj. mgs.-arc. 

— — AM, Ars. bar.-o. cans, 
coloo. lye. mere. rhus. stront. 
sulph. (Compare Sect. 1, same 

Heat (From the application of, 

Externally) Am. Ars. aur. 

cham. n.-mos. sep. stent, sulph. 
Heated (From being Over-) SF. 

Aeon, carb.-y. op. silio. thuj. 

sine. (Compare Fatigue, Sect. 

Indigestion (From). See Chap. 

Infants at the Breast, and New- 
born Infants. (In the case 
of). See Chap. XX. 

Injuries (From). Mechanical). 
See Chap. II. 

Joy (From). Coff. 

Lactation (During). See Chap. 

Laughing (After) SF. Ars. bell, 
carb.-y. stann. 

Lean Persons (In). See Per- 

Leuoophlegmatio Persons (In). 
See Persons. 

Light (From a bright) SF, Lye. 
mere, stram. 

— Sun (From the light of the). 
Agar. natr. sulph. 

Lively Temperament (for a). See 

Loins (In consequence of a strain 

in the). See Injuries (Me- 
chanical). Chap. n. 
Losses (In consequence of Deri- 

litating) SF. Calc. carb.-v 

chin. cin. lach. n.-vom. phos.- 

ao. sulph. . yerat. (Compare 

Debility, Sect. 1.) 
Love (From Disappointed). See 

Emotions (Moral), Sect. I. 
Lying Down (When) SF. Amb. 

ars. asa. bell. bry. calc. carb.-y. 

cans. dig. hyos. mosch. n.-mos. 

n.-vom. rhus. 
AM. Alum, canth. cupr. 

magn. mere, natr.-m. natr.-ac. 

nitr.-sp. phell. staph. ['* Kalm.'' 

Back (on the) SF. Phos. 

AM. Ign. puis. 

— Part affected (on ihe) SF, Ars. 

AM. Amb. ign. 

— Side (On the) SF. Ars. bar.- 
c. graph, hep. ign. puis, sabad. 

AM. Phos. 

— Left side, SF, Lye. phos. sep. 

— Right side, SF, Magn.-m. 
mere, stann. 

Lymphatic Persons (In). See 

Masturbation (From). See Do- 

bility, Sect. 1. 
Meal (After a) SF, Principally: 

Alum. anac. ant. ars. boy. bry. 

chin. cocc. hyos. ign. u.-yom. 

nux-jug. phos. ran. sep. valer. 

zinc. (Compare Chap. XIV.) 
AM. Alum. natr. phos. 

— (During a). See When Bat- 

Meat, Fresh (from the smell of) 

SF. Coloh. 
Mechanical Injukiss (In oonae 



quenoe of). See Injuhiss (Me- 

chanioal)^ Chap. II. 
Mercitrt (From the abuse of) 

See Chap. XXVI. 
Midnight (After) SF. Aeon, am.- 

0. ars, aur. calo. cann. canth. 
I caps. eau8. eoff. croc. dulc. 
> graph, hep. iod. kal. magn, 
I mere. natr. nUr. plat. sil. sulph.- 

ac. tart, thiif, [" Phyto-dec.'* 

— ^Ed.] (Compare Night and 


— (Before). Ang. arn. bry. carb.- 
Y. h^. lye, mere. mur^Hic, petr. 
puis. rhus. spong, stann. tart. 
(Compare Evening.) 

Mild Character (In Persons of a). 

See Persons. 
Milk (From). See Chap. XIV. 
Moon (During the New) 8F. 

Am.-c. daph. sil. 

— (During the Full). Alum. sil. 
Mqbning (During the) SF. Aeon. 

am.-c. ant. am. aur, ^r.-c.bell. 

bov. bry. calc, carb.'a, carh.-v. 

caus. chin. oin. clem. coff. con. 

croc. oupr. daph. dig. dtos. dulc. 

euphorb. fer. graph, gitaj. hell. 

ign. iod. kal. magn. magn.-m. 

meph. mez. natr. natr.-m. nitr. 

nitr.^ao. n.-vom. op. petr. phos. 

phos.-ac. plumb, ran. rhah. rhod. 

sass. sen. sep. spig. stann. staph. 

Strom, sulph. sulph.-ac. thuj. 

val. verat. viol.-od. [" Jun.-eff. 

kal.-bi. phyto.-dec. podoph.- 

pelt."— Ed.] 
Horning, 3ed (in). See on Wak- 
(On quitting the). See Bed 

(On quitting the). 

— In (the) SF. Cann. grat. guaj. 
natr. phos. phos.-ac. sabad. sep. 
staph, sulph.-ac. viol.-tr. 

AM. Alum. 

MovEHENT (From) SF. Aeon. 

agn. arn, ars. bell. bry. calc. 

caps. chin, ooloc. con. cwpr. dig. 

graph, guaj. hell. ign. ipec. k^. 

laur. led. mere. mez. natr.-m, 

nitr.-ao. n.-vom. oleand. phon. 

plumb, ran. sil. spig. squill. 

stann. staph, veratr. zi?ic. mgs.* 

aus. [" Kalm."— Ed.] 
Movement (From) .^Zkf. Agar. 

ambr. ars. asa. bar.-c. calc. eye. 

dulc. euphorb. fer. grat. kal. 

kal.-h. lye. magn. mere. men. 

mosch. mur.-ac. natr. natr.-s. 

op. phell. phos.-ao. plat. puis. 

rhod. rhus. ruta. samb. sen. sep. 

sulph. tong. valer. [" Brom." 

Music (From) SF. Calo. coff. kal. 

natr. phos.-ao. sep. stann. tab. 

viol.-od. zinc. 

— Piano (On playing the). Anao. 
calc. kal. natr. sep. zinc. 

— Violin (On playing the). Calo. 
kal. viol.-od. 

Nervous Persons (In). See Pe2« 

Night (During the) SF. Aeon. 

am.-c. am.-m. ant. ars. aur. 

bar.-c. bell. bis. calc. camph. 

cann. caps. car6.-a. carb.-v. caus. 

cham. chin. cin. cinn. clem. 

colch. con. croc. dig. dulc. eug. 

fer. graph, grat. guaj. hep. hyos. 

ign. hal. kre. lach. led. lye. 

magn. magn.-m. magn.'S. 

mang. mere, mur.-ac. natr. 

natr.-s. nic. m'^r.-ac. oleand. op. 

par. phos. plat, plumb, ran. 

rhus. sec. sep. sil. spong. stront. 

sulph. sulph.-ac. thuj. [" Cinch.* 

s^ilph. gum.-gutt. jun.-eff. nux- 

jug. rhus-r." — £d.] Compare 

Noise (From) SF. Am. calc. 

ign. lye. mang. natr. plait, sil. 

Noon (At) SF. Alum. arg. ars. 

cio. n.-vom. phos.-stram. valer. 


— (After). Agar. alum, am.-c. 
ant. €Lsa. bell, camph. canth. cheL 
eoff. colch. con. dulo. grat. iod 

8B0T. m.— <x>Hi>rno2rB. 


lm$r. lye mosch. mur.-ac, natr. 

nitr.-ao. nitr.-sp. n,-vam. phos. 

plumb, sass. sen. spoDg. staph. 

stront. thuj. *ino. ["Phyto.- 

deo. pimpin." — ^Bd.] (Compare 

Evening and Mbal.) 
Noon (Before). See Morning 

(In the). 
»- Every second day. Ljo. 
Old Men (In), oee Persons 

Passion (from being in a) SF, 

Bry. chant, chin. coec. coLoc, 

phos. plat, staph. 
Pastry (From rich) SF, Puis. 
Persons (Medicines to be em- 
ployed in the ease of) : 
-^ Aged. Ambr. aor. bar.-o. con. 

op. seo. 

— Bilious. Aoon. ars. am. bry. 
oham. chin. oocc. n.-vom. sulph. 

-— Cachectic. Arn. ars. calc. chin, 
mere, nitr.-ac. phos. sulph. 

— Choleric. Ars. bry. cham. 
oocc. lach. nitr.-ao. n.-vom. 

— Dark. Aeon. anao. bry. nitr.- 
ao. n.-vom. plat. 

«- Debilitated or Exhausted. 

Am. ars. ealo. oarb.-v. chin. 

lach. mere. natr. natr.-m. n.- 
vom. phos. phos.-ao. sep. sulph. 

veratr. (See Debility, Sect. 1.) 
-*— Dry Constitution (of a). Ambr. 

bry. chin, nitr.-ao. n.-vom. 
"^ Fair. Bell. phos. (caps. clem. 

con. di^. lye. mere, thuj.) 
^Hypoefaondriacal Persons. Asa. 

auT. bell. cham. chin. con. grot. 
• hell, magn.-m. nuMi. mex. natr, 

n.'Vom. phos. phos.-ac. plumb., 

puis, stann. staph. stUpk. val. 

verat, viol.'kfd. sine. 
— • Lean. Ambr. bry. chin. lach. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. sulph. 
•— Leuoophlegmatic. Ars. chin. 

mere, nitr.-ac. sulph. (ant. bell. 

dulo. hell. puis, sep.) See Ana- 

aAROA, Chap. II.) 
VOL. n. 

Persons (Medicines to be em- 
ployed in the case of) : 

— Lively. Aeon. ars. cham. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. 

-—.Lymphatic. Ars. am. bell, 
calo. carb.-v. chin. mere, nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. phos. puis, sulph. 

— Melancholy. Ars. graph, lach. 
mere, n.-vom. sulph. (See Me- 
lancholy, Chap. V.) 

— Mild Character (of a). Bell, 
coco. lye. puis. sil. 

— Nervous. Aeon. ars. bry. 
cham. coff. n.-vom. sep. plat. 

— Phlegmatic. Caps. coco. puis, 

— Plethoric. Aeon. arn. bell, 
calc. hep. mere. sen. 

— Sedentary Life (leading a). 
Aeon. bry. calc. lye. n.-vom. 

— Sensitive. Cupr. ign. phos. 

— Sensual. Chin. ipec. verat. 

— Slim and Tall Steture (of a). 
Ambr. n.-vom. phos. sep. 

— Weak Constitution (of a). Ars. 
bell. calc. chin. mere, nitr.-ao. 
phos. sec. sep. sulph. 

— Young. Aeon. bell. biy. laoh. 
%* See Constitution, Sect. 1 ; 
and compare Children and 

Perspiration (From) AM. CaL 

cham. natr. thuj. 
Piano (From playing on the). Seo 

Plethoric Persons (For). See 

Pork (From fat). Ipec. puis. 
Position (From a change of) SE 

Nitr.-ac. puis. rhus. 

— AM. Ign. valer. 
Potatoes (From) SF. Alum. 
Pregnancy (During). See Chap 

Pressure on the Part Affected, 
SF. Bell. Bry. cal. cin. mer. 
mez. n.-vom. sil. zinc. 

Alum. am.-o. ind. kal. 



mag.-m. men. mang. mur.-ac. 
nat. phos. phos.-ao. pals, stann. 

Beading (From) SF. Calo. chin. 
cocc. graph, lye. ncUr.-m. n.-vom. 
phos. puis. rut. sil. 

Begimen (From the slightest ne- 
glect of) SF. Natr. 

Bepose (During) SF, Agar, 
am.-c. asa. aur. caps, coloc. 
con. dros. dulc, enphor. grat. 
kal. kal.-h. kre. li/c, magn, men. 
mosch, mur.-ac. natr.-s. nit. op. 
phall. phos.-ncpUu.jnds. rhod, 
rhvs, ruta. samb. sen. sep. sil, 
stann. stUph. thoj. tong. vol. vi- 
ol.^, zinc. [" Pimpin."— Ed.] 
(Compare Seated or Ltihg.) 

— — AM. Aeon, ant. am. bar.- 
c. bell. bry. camph. coif, colch. 
adoc. cupr. hell. ign. ipec, kal. 
lanr. led. mere. nitr. nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. oleand. phos. sabad. 
sass. spong. squill, stram. vercU, 
[" Calend."— Ed.] 

— After taking Exercise, SF. 
Agar. anac. cans. croc. kal. nitr.- 
ac. phos. puis. Sep. spig. stann. 
valer. zinc. 

Bising Up (On) SF. Bell, natr.- 
m. sulph. 

— AM. Puis. 

Boom (In a) SF. Aeon. «th. alum. 
ambr. asa. aur. croc. dig. magn. 
magn.-m, mang. op, phos. phos.- 
ac. plat, puis, rhod. sep. sulph. 
mags.-arc. [" (Warm) Brom." 

— — AM. Am. bry. cans. coff. 
con. mang. mosch. sass. stan. 

BuNNXNO (WhUe) 5P. Sil. sulph. 
(Compare Walking Quickly, 

Season (In a Bad and Unhealthy) 
SF. Aur. carb.-v. colch. mere, 
natr.-m. petr. rhus. mt. sulph. 
verat. (Compare Autumn, Wm- 
TBR, and Spring.) 

Seat (On quitting a^ SF Cava. 

con. natr.-m. nitr.^ac. puis. 

sulph. tart, verat 

AM. Verat. 

(after having quitted a) SF. 

Alum, carb.-v. grat. rhus. 
Seated (When) SF. Aeon. agar. 

alum. amb. anac. ang. aas. asa. 

bar.-c. bell. calc. caus. chin, cin, 

eye. dig. euphorb. fcr. graph. 

grat. guaj. magn. magn.-m. 

men. mere. natr. ncUr.^m. op. 

phel. plat, puis. sep. sil. staph. 

sulph. sulph.-ao. tar. tart. tong. 

verat. [•• Brom."— Ed.] 
AM. Aur. calo. carb.-a. 

mang. natr. m. n.-vom. petr 

phos.-ao. staph, verat. 
(after remaining) SF, Ang 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. puis. sep. sil. 
Sedentaet Life (From a). See 

Sensitivb Persons (For). See 

Sensual Persons (For). See 

Sexual Excess (From). Ars anao. 

calc. carb.-v. chin. con. mere 

natr.-m. n.-vom. phos. phos.-ae, 

Sep. sil. staph, sulph. (Com- 
pare Debility, Sect. 1.) 
Sitting Down (On) SF. Puis. 

Society (When in) SF. Bar.«o. 

lye. plumb. 
Solitude (In) SF. Ars. lyo. 

Spirituous Liquors (From). See 

Drunkenness, Sect. 1. 
Spoken (After having). See Con- 
• versation. 
Spring (In) SF, Aur. carb.-v. 

natr.-m. rhod. rhiis, sabad. ve 

ratr, [" Crot."--ED.] 
Standing (When) SF. Agar. 

bry. coco. con. magn. mang. 

petr. phos.-ao. plat, sabad. stann. 

sul^. zinc. 
AM. Ars. calc. mor.-ao. 

siDcrr. m, — ooNDmoirs, 


Stbp (At every). That is to say, 
when plaDtiDg the foot in walk- 
ing. Calc. hry. natr. natr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. ran. rhus. sil. sulph. 
Compare Walking (When). 

— (On making a false). Bry. 
Stooping (On) SF, Aeon. alum. 

bar.-c. dell. calc. cic. cocc. graph. 

ipec. kal. led. lye. mang. mere. 

natr.^m. petr. phos.plumb.^n^. 

rhus. sen. sep. spig. sulph. thuj. 
Storm, or Thunder (During a) 

SF. Bry. cans. natr. natr.-m. 

nitr.-ac. petr. phos. rhod, sil. 
Sulphur (From abuse of). See 

Chap. XXVI. 
'Sulphurous Waters (From abuse 

of). See Chap. XXVL 
SuMKER (In) SF. Carb>T. calc. 

lyo. natr. nntr.-m. sel. (beil. 

dnlo. bry. 

Sun (In the) SF. Agar. ant. 

graph, natr. sulph. 
Tea (From the abuse of). See 

Tea, Sect. 1. 
Tobacco (From Smoking) SF. 

Aeon. cham. clem. cocc. coloc. 

cupr. ign. mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. 

petr. pids. ruta. sass. sel. sep. 

sil. spong. stann. staph, sulph.- 

ac. tart. thuj. yerat. (Compare 

Tobacco, Sect. 1). 

— AM. Coloc. diad. mere. natr. 
Twilight (In the) SF. Calc. 
Uncovered (On being) SF. Aur. 

con. mere. sil. stront. 
Veal (After eating) SF. Nitr. 
Vexation (From) SF. Bell, coloc. 

ign. lach. phos.-ac. plat. puis. 

Violin (When playing the). See 

Waking (On). See Chap. III. 
Walking (When) SF. Am. bell. 

bry. calc. carb.-v. chin. con. dig. 

dros. led. magn.-m. mere, natr.- 

m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. oleand. 

sabad. s^. squil. sulph. sulph.- 

ao. verat. 

Walking (When) AM. Agar. 

alum. amb. am.-c. ars. duie. fe/, 

graph, magn. mosch, mur.-ac. 

nitr. plat. jnds. rhus. sep. stann. 

sulph. tar. valer. veratr. 

[" Calend."— Ed.] 
Quickly SF. Aur. natr.-m. 

sen. sil. (Compare Eunning.) 

— (After) SF. Ambr. anac. 
oarb.-a. natr. plat. rhus. valer. 

Water (From laboring in the) 
SF. Amc. calc. carb.-v. ptds. 
sass. sep. stdph. (Compare 
Chill in the Water.) 

Water (From cold) JSF. Puis. 
rhus. spig. sulph. 

Watching (From) SF. Carb.-^. 
cocc. colch. n.'Vom. ptds. 

Weak Persons (In). See Per- 

Wbather (On a change of) SF. 
Gale. carb. v. dtdc. graph, lach. 
mang. mere, nitr.-ao. phos. rhus. 
sil. stdph. verat. 

(On a change of). Dulc. 

from cold or hot. Carb.-v. 

— (From cold). See from Air 

•• and dry. Aeon. cham. bell. 

bry. n.-vom. ipec. sulph. 
and damp. Dulc. verat. 

— Damp. Am.-c. bor. calc. carb,* 
V. dulc. lach. lye. mang. n.-mos. 
rhod. rhus. rut. sep. verat. 

warm. Aur. calc. carb.^. 

colch. ign. lach. sel. sep. (Com« 
pare Suhher, and during a 
Storm, and also Heat.) ^ 

%* Compare Chill, Sect. I. > 

Weeping (After) SF. Arn. beli 
hep. stann. » 

Wet (After being), or from Damp 
Cold, SF. Ars. calc. n.-mos, 
ptds. rhus. sass. sep. sulph. 

Wind (From the) SF. Aur. 
carb.-v. con. graph, lach. lye. 
n.-vom. phos. plat. thuj. 

— — East. Aeon. bry. carb.-v 
hep. ail. 


OHAP. I. — aSSnEEALtlDBg. 

Wind (Prom the North). Sep. 

Wine (From) SF. Aeon. ant. 

^ell. bov. caic, carb.-a. caa-b.-v, 

toj^ COD. lach. natr. natr.-m. n.- 

vom. pp. petr. puis. rhod. ail. 

stront. zinc. Bulpb. (Compare 

D&ITNKENNESS, Seot. 1.) 

WiNTEE (In) SF. (Aeon. bell. 

bry. cham. dale. ipeo. n.-vom. 

sulph. yerat.) Compare Chill, 

Sect. 1. 
Woken (Medicines espeoiallj suit- 
able to). Aeon. ambr. am.-m. 

asa. beil. brj. calo. cham. chin. 

cic. coff. con. croc, hyos, ign. 

magn. magn.-m. mosch. n.-mos. 

plat. puis. Thus, sabin. sec. sep. 

sulph. yaler. 
"— (Catamenia too profuse in). 

Aeon. cole, sabin. 

— (Djsmenorrhooa in). Coco, 
graph, puis. sep. sulph. 

— (At the change of life in). 
Lach. puis. 

•— Hjsterical (En). Anao. ars. 

ojo. amr, bell. bty. oaim. oans 

cham. chin. cic. coca, con. grot, 

hyos. ign. iod. ipec. magn.-m. 

mosch. natr.-ni. nitr.-ac. n.-mos. 

n.-vom. phos. plat, plumb, puis. 

Sep. sil. stann. staph, sfram. 

sulph. valer. yerat. mol.-od. 
Women (Lying-in). Aeon. ant. arn. 

bry. bell. cham. cofT. hyos. ign. 

ipec. n.-mos. n.-yom. puis. rhab. 

rhus. sabin. stram. verat. 
— Pregnant. Aeon. alum, bar.- 

c. bry. calc, cin. coj^ con. 

croc. dulc. graph, hyos. ipec. 

lye. magn. natr.-m. n.-mos. ».- 

vom.petr. phos. plat.^n<^. rhus. 

sabin. sep. sulph. 
Writing (When, or after). SF. 

Bry. cann. kal. natr.-m. sabin. 

sil. zinc. 
Yawning (When). Cin. ign. 

magn. mur.-ao. rhus. sass. mgs.- 

TouNo Persons (In). See Pee* 

sons: t 




KoTi. — Compare with this section the Concomitant SncPTOMs in all the 
other ehapters, and alao Clinical Bxmabks. 

Agitation. Aeon. ars. cham. coff. 

magn. mang. tab. mgs.-arc. 
^ In the parts affected. Arn. 

chin. fer. 
Anger. See Passion. 
Anguish. Ars. bell, carb.-v. 

cham. coff. cupr. hyos. ign. lyo. 

magn, natr. n.-vom. rhod. tab. 

Asthmatic Affections. Bell. berb. 

cic. cupr. hyos. ign. kre. lach. 

natr.-m. op. puis. 

BuFPooNSRT and Gesticulation. 

Cupr. stram. 
Cephalalgia. « Cans. cham. cin. 

graph, lach. lyo. mosch. natr.- 

m. stram. 
Coldness or Shhtering. Aeon. 

ars. bry. calc. coloo. dulo. graph. 

kal. led. lye. mez. natr.-m. puis* 

rhus. sep. mgs.-aro. 
Colic. Bell. cans. cham. cupr 
Consciousness (Loss of). Arn. 

bell. cic. cupr. hyos. ign. lack 

•• .*• ••• 

• • 


BBOT. 17. — COirOOHITAirT 8T1CFT01I8. 


lyo. oleand. op. stann. strain, 
Gkawlino in the Limbs. See 


Cries. Aeon. bell. cans. oic. 

hjos. ign. ipec. lach. op. stann. 

Btram. verat. 
Delirium. Verat. (See Fevers.^ 
Discouragement, Despair, ana 

Exasperation. Aeon. ars. 

cEam. coff. 
Ears (Hamming in the). Aeon. 

n.-vom. petr. 
Etes (Redness of the), Gnpr. 

— (Lachrymation of tne). Sab. 
Face alternately Pale and Red. 

Aoon. cham. ign. 

— Blaish. Bell. hyos. ign. op. 

— Eale. Aeon. berb. cic. ipec. 
lach, natr.-m. n.-vom. puis. 

— Pnffed. Ars. bell, campb. 
cham. citr. cocc. 

— Red. Aeon, bell, oamph. cham. 
cit. coco. 

Flatulency. Carb.-v. chin. 
Heart (Pain in the). Lach. 

— (Palpitation of the). Aeon. 
lach, petr. 

Heat. Berb. carb.-v. n.-vom. 

— In the parts affected. Aeon, 
bry. gaaj. sulph. 

Humor (111). oAcon. ©al. *bell. 
®bry. [**Cham. ochin. ^cist. 
*^coco. coff. ^hyos.oigna. ^lyoop. 

*natr.-m. ^n.-vom. *petr. Ophos. 

°plat. ran.-bulb. ♦sep. *sta]^. 

overat."— Ed.] 
Inquietude. See Agitation. 
Lamentation and Groans. Aeon. 

canth. cham. coff. 
Lie Down (Want to). Ars, bry 

calc. con. fer, ipec. lach. lye 

mosch. naZr.-m, n.^om, oleand 

petr. phos.-ac, sep. vera^t. 
Nausea and Disgust. Ipec, lach, 

nat.-mur. n.-^oom, petr. pals. 
Paralysis. Natr.-m. plumb. 
Passion. Ars. cham. 
Perspiration. Bell. mere. natr. 

n.-vom. sep. tab. 
Shuddering. Ars. bar.-c. eaph 

mez. ran sep. 
Sight (Confused), or Loss of. 

Bell. calc. lach. lye. n.-vom. 
Sleep (Lethargy or Coma). Bell. 

oamph. cham. dros. hyos. ign. 

kich. n.-mos. op. tart. 
Tears. Alam. aar. caas. oham. 

coff. capr. pals, stram. 
Tingling in the Limbs. BeU 

bor. oham. n.-vom. 
Thirst. Aoon. cham. n.-vom. 
Torpor in the Limbs. Bell. oham. 

Vertigo. Ars, berb. lach, stram. 

Vomit (Inclination to). Ipec. 

lach. n.-vom. puis, salph. 

l^AWNXNG. Ign. 





j|;^g^0ggg — See Tumors and Sufpuratioh. 

ijCMt — ^Aone which shows itself in Tottno People, espeoiallj on 
the face^ often yields to : Bell,, carb.-v., hep,, or sulph. 

That which arises from Sexual Excess requires in preference : 
CkUc., phos,Mu:,y and sulph. 

Acne in Drunkards requires chiefly : N.'Vom,, led., and stdph,, or 
else : Ars., loch,, and puis. 

Acne Rosacea : Catcs., cic., led,, loch., rhus, rut,, and sep,, or else : 
Ars,, cole., cann,, canth,, carb.-an, and veg., kre,, and vercU, — ^Aur.-m. 

Acne Punctata : Bell., liep., ncUr., nitr,'ac., and sulpk. 

Anasarca* — The principal remedies are: Ars,, bry,^ chin,, dig., 
dulc., hell., mere, and stdph., and perhaps the following may also be 
employed : Camph,, canvol., lad., rhus, samb., and sol.-nig. See also 
Dropst, Chap. I. 

ABfliraXi — See Carbuncle. 

[" Boils* — See Furunculus."— Ed.] 

Bullie* — See Pemphigus and Rupia. 

Bnrns* — See Injuries (Mechanical). 

CaUositieSi — ^The chief remedies are : AtU., calc., caioCt hep., sil.^ 
and su^h, (See also Corns and Warts.) 

Carbnncto* — ^The remedy usually found most efficacious against 
GoNTAOious Carbuncle, or Anthrax, derived from the carbuncle of 
homed cattle, is Arsen. ; cases will, however, occur, of which the 
symptoms will indicate the exhibition of other remedies, such as : 
Chin., sil., rhus, or puis. 

The Malignant Pustule commonly yields to : Ars,, beU., rhus, or 
sil, : but Chin,, hyos., mur.-ac., sec,, sep., may sometimes be found 

The Non-Contagious Carbuncle, or Malignant Furunculus, 


wUeh nsually appears between the shoulders, requires, in the majority 
of oasesi ^t^., or else : Hyos,, lye, or nitr^-ac. ^ 

Another kind of Carbuncle, which, instead of pus, contains a khid 
of Pbdiculi, most frequently requires : Arsen, and chin. 

Arnica may be administered in the early stage of carbuncle, to be 
followed by Nuayoom, 

. Cftrcinona and ScirrhUS* — ^The medicines which have hitherto 
been found most efficacious against these affections are, in general : 
Ars.t beil.t con.^ n,-vom,, sep,, silic,, and sulp^i>, [** Calend" — Ed.] 

Against Open Cancer the chief remedies are : Ars., con., siL^ 
and stdph, ; and the following may perhaps be consulted with ad* 
vantage : Aur.^ bell,, cole., kep., loch,, mere, mtr.*ac., sep,, staph.^ 
and thuj. 

Scirrhous Indurations chiefly require : Bell,, con,, sep,, and silic,: 
iu some eases : Carb.-an, and veg,, cham,, n,'Vom,, phos., staph., and 
sulph. (See also Indurations, Chap. I.) 

Scirrhous or cancerous affections, when the consequences of bruises 
or blows, are subdued most frequently by Con,, staph, [** unless Am. 
be preferable." — Ed.] 

%* For cancerous affections of particular organs, see the chapters 
in which these are classed. 

As a general rule, however, the following remedies may in snch 
cases be consulted — viz. : Am., aur., calc, carb.-an., chin., clem., ool., 
graph., iod., lye, mere, nitr.-ac, phos., puis., staph., thoj. 

Carl^« — See Affections of the Bones, Chap. I. 

Chaps* — See Rhaoades. 

Cllilblaill8«^-The medicines which have hitherto been most success- 
fully employed are : Agar., bell., nitr,'ac,, petr,, phos., puis., and 
sulph, (For the rest see Sect. 2.) Iod. 

Chlorosis* — See Diseases of Women. 

Condylonatai — See Sycosis. 

ContllsioilS* — See Injttries (Mechanicax.). 

Corns*— See Chap. XXV. 

Cnista-Lactoa*— See Chap. X. 

Cyanosis* — See Chap XXII. 

Dislocation* — See Injuries (Mechanical). 

EcchynosiS* — ^Ecchymosis, caused by mechanical injuries, com- 
monly yields to : Am., rhus, sulph,, or sulph.-ac., according to cir- 

For EccHTMosis Senilis : Con, or arsen,, and, perhaps, Sulpha or 
sulph,-ac, are preferable. 

The EccHTMosis, known by the name of purpura hamorfhagicOf 

104 CHAP. 

or maladie tachetie cf WerheUffy may be treated with : Bhu9 or 
hryon,, or else : Ltd, and- ««;.— Coocin., ic4. [" Salph.*ao/' — ^Bd.] 

For Petechub, the oliief remedies are : Bryan, or rhus, or else : 
Ars, or inch. 

Ecthyilfti — ^^he medicines whioh appear most suitable to this 
kind of pustular eruption are : Ars», mere, and rhus. 

EczenUit — Febrile Bciema often yields to Petrol,, or else to Dnlc, 
or phos,, especially when it has been caused by a chill. 

For chronic Eczbha, Clem., dulc,, mere, and phos. may be eon 
suited. [" ^Cantharis,**—KD,] 

EozEHA, produced by the abase of Mercury, requires ehiefly . 
Sulph.; or else: Aeon,, bell., or dig. as intermediate medicines 
against over-excitement. 

[" The preferable divisions are : 

1. EczsKA Solare, caused by sun or fire. The pains are violent, 
with burning, especiaHy at night. Remedies : Am,, ars,, hell,, and 
rhus, ^Arum, ? 

2. EozEHA Simplex. This form occurs in large masses of trans- 
parent, shining, closely-crowded vesicles, which are evolved from 
an uninflamed surface with itching; the vesicles become turbid, 
break, and create yellow incrustations, whioh soon fall off. The dis- 
ease is often mistaken for itch. Remedies : Ars., dulc,, mere., petrol.^ 
phos,, and stdph. 

3. Eczema Rubrum, This form, at times quite severe, consists 
of vesicles with inflamed bales, which arise on a swollen, hot, tense, 
shining, and red surface. The vesicles extend over large surfaces, 
become confluent, discharge an acrid opaque matter, which forms 
yellow and moist crusts, extremely irritating. There is fever, with 
quick pulse and coated tongue. If it be limited to portions of the 
skin, it runs its course in 14 days ; if it extend over the whole sur- 
£iice, from 6 to 8 weeks. Desquamation occurring frequently, finally 
terminates in bran-like scales, even with the loss of hair and nails. 
Remedies same as for E. Simplex. 

4. EozEHA Impetiginoides, a combination of eczema and impetigo. 
Eczema vesicles and impetigo pustules are developed at the same 
time, with pain, heat, and violent itching. The purulent vesicles 
break and discharge a corrosive matter, by which the cuticle is 
raised in large moist pieces, which change into green crusts, thai 
&11 off, leaving a surface as red as carmine. If violent, the dis- 
oharge is offensive. Around this eruption there rises a red swollen 
oircle, dotted with small transparent, or milky, or dry vesicles 


Besides the remedies above advised, may be selected : Oark^veg^ 
arn^t rhus, and zinc,*' — Sch&oen, Ed.] 

EpheliS* — See Spots. 

Erysipelas* — ^The best remedies against different kinds of erysi* 
pelas are, in general : Acon,^ bell.f clem., graph., loch., mere, ptds,^ 
rhus,sil. stdph, — Aur., camph., canth., oarb.-an., cham., phos., plumb., 
rhus, ohinin. ? 

For Simple Erysipelas : Aeon,, beU,, hep.^ loch., chiefly. 

For Erysipelas Eeeaticum : Bell, or rhus., or else graph. 

For Yesicular Erysipelas : Graph, and rhus., or Bell., hq}., and 

For Phleomonotjs Erysipelas : Bell., graph., hep., loch., puis., 
and rhus. 

Seoonda&t Erysipelas, accompanied by oedema, often yields to 
rhus ; that which arises from Ulcerated Surfaces most commonly 
requires: Ghm. istrhv^; and that which changes to Gangrene ^ 
Ars. or carb.-veg. 

Against Zona: Ars., graph., mere, puis., and rhus have been 
employed with success. 

Against Oanorenous Erysipelas : Ghinin. ? 

%* For other remedies which may also be used see Sect. 2, 

Eryflienia* — See Intertrigo. 

Essera* — See Urticaria. 

Exanthemata. — See Ertsipelas, ' Intertrigo, Morbilli, Rosbo* 
'LM, Scarlatina, and Urticaria. 

ElCOriattODt — See Intertrigo. 

FangnSi — ^The best medicines against fungous vegetations are, in 
general : Ant., cole., graph., iod.,petr., sep., staph., sil., and sulph. 

Fungus H^matodes chiefly require Phos., and fungus Articula- 
Ris, AfU.-crud. 

Farftir* — See Tetters, Herpes, and Spots (Furfur aobous). 

FamncidllS*— The principal remedy is Am., employed internally 

and externally ; or else Bell, or mere., administered only internally. 

. The Large Furunouli (a kind of carbuncle) which appear on 

Ihe back should be treated with Silic., or else : Hyas., lye., nvtr.-ae. 

The principal medicines for eradicating a Disposition to furunouli 
SJ^ : Lycop., n.-wnn.. phos., and sulph. 
^^^ See also Furunouli, Sect. 2. 

fiangrenet — The best remedies arc: Ars,, chin., lach., and nA, 
and perhaps : Bell., euph., phmb., see., and sguUl, [" Opkidox *'«- 
Ed.] may also be used. 

VOL. II. — 5* 

106 GEiP. H.— HBXXV* 

For GangrsBiia Senilis, Sec, and perhaps CoiUt also claim the 

Herpes CirciliataSt or Rnfo-Womc. — Sep, is almost a specific 
against this sort of tetter; but Schroen recommends also: Cede,, 
caust,, and stdph. 

Ilcrpes Furftiraceat — The medicines which seem most suitable 
to this kind of tetter are : Cic, and sulph, ; also : Antic,, graph., 
lojch,, fnerc, and tht^\ ; or else : Ars,, cole,, kreos., led,, lye, neUr,-m. 
— Dale, graph. 

Herpes PUyctSDnoides* — ^The chief remedies recommended by 
Schroen against this disease are : Aeon,, bell,, rhus, sil., and sulph. 
Besides these, recourse may also be had to : Ars,, bou., cole., lyc.^ 
mere, and sep, • 

Herpes Zosten — See Zona. 

Ictems.— See Chap. XVI. 

IChUiyOSiSt — The principal remedies are : CoLoc,, hep,, and plumb. 

Impetigo^ or GausTACEous Tetter. — ^The medicines which have 
hitherto been found most efficacious against different impetiginous 
eruptions are chiefly : 1/ycop, and tul/ph,, or else : Cede,, cic., dulc, 
graph,, loch,, mere, rhus. 

For Impetigo Soabida : Lye, and sulph. 

For Impetigo Sfarsa : Cic, loch,, and sulph. 

For Impetigo Rodens : Ars., cole, cic, rhus, sep,, and sulph. 

Injuries (Mechanical). — The chief remedies are : Am. and rhus ; 
also : Aug,, con,, euph,, hep,, ptds,, ruta,, sulph,, sulpfh.-ac, — lod. 
[*; Co/enc?."— Ed.] 

For consequences of a violent Shook, occasioned by a fall, a blow, 
&o., the principal medicine is Am. ; but when the patient suffor.1 
also from excessive fright, it will be well to administer, in the first 
place, a dose of Opium ; or, if there is syncope, a dose of Aeon, 
Should headache remain afl^r the use of Am,, Bell,, phos.-ac,, or cic 
may be given. 

' The effects of a Strain in the Loins, from lifting too heavy a 
weight, &c., generally require Rhus, or else : Bry,, cole, carb,'Veg,, 
and sulph., if Rhus prove insufficient. 

The effects of a shock, from making a False Step, usually require 
Bryon, or pulsat. ; Rhus is rarely suitable. 

In Contusions, Am, or ptds, may be used, especially when the 
muscles are chiefly affected. When the Olands are injured, 9tQ 
suitable remedies are usually : Con, and phos., or else : lod. and kal. 
When the Joints, Synovial Mekbranes, or Tendons have suffered 


from a contasion, Rhus is preferable ; and when the Pebiobteuik is 
injured, the best remedy is RtUa. 

For SuoiLLATioNs (black and blue spots), when the result of 
contusion : Am, and rhus are equally valuable ; but when these two 
medicines are found to be insu£Gici«nt, recourse may be had to : 
JBry.f con., stdph., and sulph,-ac,, or else to : DtUc., loch., and n.-wm. 

For Dislocation and Sprains, the principal medicine is Am, or 
thus. But if pain should still be felt afker the administration of 
these two medicines, Am,'C. and nUa., or else : Agn.y bell,, bry,^ 
puis,, n.-vom,; or stdph. may be employed. 

Faactures also require Am, to facilitate the union of the bones ; 
though Ruta or symphUumrofficinaJe are for the most part equally 

Burns yield most frequently, where Arnica fiuls, to an application 
of common Soap, or to a dose (30th) of Sapo, taken internally ; or 
else to a dose of Aeon. 

For Wounds, the chief remedies are : Am,, dc,, staph., and sulph,- 
ac,, also Gran. ? [" CeUend.'* — Ed.] as circumstances may permit. 

Contused Wounds, inflicted by blunt or bruising instrumentei, 
such as a hatchet, sabre, sword, &o,, require, in preference, Am. 
[" Hyper.-perf,"— Ed.] 

Wounds from a Bite are cured most easily by Sulph.-ac. when 
Am. proves insufficient. Bites of Venomous Animals should be 
treated with Bell., sen., chinin. ? ars., laches. ? 

Incised Wounds inflicted by instruments, such as razors, bistou- 
ries, &c., require Staph, in preference. 

Wounds caused by Splinters : Aeon., etc., or else : Nitr.-ac., sil., 
or ?tep. 

Chafing of bed-ridden patients : Am., chinin. ? 

In all cases of Wounds with excessive Hjemorrhaoe, which Am. 
&il8 to staunch, Diad. or p?ios. may be administered ; or else : Chin,, 
when the patient is very weak. [** Calend." — Ed.] 

For wounds which inflame and suppurate, the medicines chiefly 
indicated are : Cham., hep., and sil., or else : Merc, pyis., and sulph. 
[" Coienrf."— Ed.] 

In case of Ganorene in wcynded parts, Chin, merits a prefe- 
rence, especially at the commencement; but when the skin has 
already begun to turn black, recourse must be had either to Zac&., 
ars,, or sil. 

The Convulsions, such as Traumatic Tetanus, &c., which some* 
times follow severe mechanical injuries, require Ang. or cocc^ when 
Am. fidls to effect a cure. 

106 CHAP. n. — BKIN. 

T&AUMATio Fever commonl j yields to Am. or aeon. ; oecMionally 
Rhus and hryon, are needed. 

Ce&ebkal Affections, in consequence of a wound, with Ooncussion 
OF THE BaAiN, or of the Spinal Mak&ow, require : jffetf., cic., dn,^ or 
else : Cole, or hep,^ after Jm., should the latter prove insufficient. 

IntertrigOf — ^The chief remedies are : An,, cham., graph., ign,, 
lyct puls.y Sep., and stUph. 

Excoriations in Adults, during summer, often yield to : Ath.^ 
n.-vam., lye, and sttlph. 

The chafing of Bed-kidden Patients requires in pre'ferenoe : Am, 
(or plumb.?) 

Erosion in the nipples requires especially : Am. and sidph., or 
else : CcUc., cans., cham., graph., lye, n.'Vom., and sep. 

The excoriations of Children require principally : Cham., lyoop., 
and sulph., or else : Graph, or sep. In cases wherein there has been 
an Abuse of Chabcohile, Ign. and ptUs. should be selected. 

Jailll4IC6« — See Chap. XVI., Icterus. 

Lcpiwyt — ^The medicines which Hering recommends as most effi* 
cacious against the various forms and degrees of leprosy are, princi- 
pally : Alum., ars., carb.^a., carh.-v., caus., graph., natr., petr., phas., 
Sep., sil., and sitlph. 

Spots and rose-colored tuberosities of lepers shonld be combatted 
chiefly by : Alum.', natr., and sil. 

Lichen* — In Lichen Simplex the remedies which appear most to 
harmonize with the concomitant symptoms are (according to Schroen) : 
Aeon., hryon., or puis. ; while Cocc. and duk. seem to have a more 
comprehensive relation to the entire disease. 

Lichen Agrius may be treated with : Cic., lye, mur.-a^., or sulph. 

Llipas> or Gnawing Tetter. — The remedies most suitable to 
tubercles of this kind are : Alum., ars., cole, etc., rhus, sep., and 

Macnlfti — See Spots. 

Maggot Pimples (Grubs, Tannes.) — See Acne Punctata. 

Measles* — See Morbilli and Eubeola. 

MechaBfcal Iqjories* — See Injuries (Mechanical.) 

Miliaria* — The principal medicines are: Aeon., ars., beU., bry,^ 
diam., ipec, puis., and sulph. 

If the eruption be accompanied by great Anguish : Ars. is espe- 
cially eligible. 

In Lting-in Women the principal medicine is : Bryon. or ipec, ; 
and in children : Aeon., bell., bry., cham., or ipec. are preferable. 

In cases where a Sudden suppression or tardy development of 


the eruption is attended by asthmatic and gastric symptoms, and fits 
of prostration, Ipec. is the remedy to be preferred. 

JMSUaria Purpnrea (Miliaria Ettbra). — The principal medicines 
are : Aeon, and oqff'., or else : Sulph. or bell, when neither Aeon, nor 
a^. is sufficient. When this disease is complicated with scarlatina, 
Dulc. is preferable. (Compare Scarlatina.) 

Morbllli* — The term Morbilli, which is derived from the Latin 
word MoRBiLLi, designates the disease commonly called Measles 
The principal medicines arc : Aeon. a.nd puis., or else : BeU.ybry.^chin.^ 
phos,, and ndph, [*' A designation of the varieties of this disease, 
with their indicated remedies, will facilitate the treatment. These 
rarieties are : 

1. Inflakicatort, for which may be selected: Acon.^ bell., bry., 
cham., dtdc., ipecac.^ Kudpuls. 

2. Oastrio, which indicates : Cham., ipec», puis., and vercU. 

8. Ttphous or Irregular, requiring: Bell., chin., nw>v.,phos., 
puis., and rhtis. 

4. Septic or Malignant, for which may be administered : Ars., 
carb.-veg., hyos., magn.-carb.fmur.-itc., opi.,phos., phos.-cic,, sulph.'OC., 
and stdphur.'* — Schroen, Ed.] 

Aeon, or puis, will be successfully employed to facilitate the 
eruption, and to shorten the earUer stages of the disease ; also Cqffl 
when the patient is much agitated, or sleepless and irritable. 

The Photophobia which sometimes succeeds, ofiien gives way to 
Bell, when neither Aeon, not ptds. prove sufficient. — Phos., siUph. 

The Cough sometimes requires also a dose of Coff. or of Hep. after 
the administration of Aeon. ; but if bronchitis or pneumonia be pre- 
sent, it will be necessary occasionally to have recourse to Bryon. 

In case of Repercussion of the eruption the medicines to be em- 
ployed are principally: Bry., puis., and pkos., or else: Ars., bell., 
caus., hell,, and sulph. 

Against Cerebral Affections : Bell, or stram., or else Ars., 
hell., or puis., are especially needful. 

Pulmonary Affections require in preference : Bry., phos., or 

[For symptoms resembling Croup, may be selected : Hepar.-sul., 
sambu., and spong.—l^D.] 

Putrid Affections : Fhos., puis., or sui^. — Ars., carb.^.,mur.'ac., 
phos.'OC., sulph.-ae. 

The medicines which have most frequently been found suitable 
for the sequela of this disease are : Bry., carb.-veg., cham., chin.9 
dros., dale., hyos., ign., nw^ rhus, Sep., stram.9 and sulph. 

no osAP. n. — BKor. 

Oata&khal Affections, sucb as Covan, Hoabseness, Soks 
Th&oat, &c., require especially : Bry., carb,'t>eg,, cham., con., dros,, 
dtUc,, hyos., ign., nux-^vam,, sep., sulph. Should the cough be dry and 
hollow: Cham., ign,, and nux^vom. may be used; if spasmodic: 
Bell., cin., hyos, ; or carb,-^,, dros, — Canth,, cupr,, digit,, ipec., nit,, 
n.-mos. [" Merc'iod,*' — ^En.] 

Mucous DiAERHCEA ofteu requires : Chin,, mere, puis,, or stdph. 

Otitis and Otoreh<ea should be treated with : Puis, or carb.-v.t 
or else : Colch., lye, men., mere, nitr.'OC. and suli^. 

Parotitis commonly yields to Am. or rhus, and Miliaria Alba 
sometimes to Nux-vom. 

A preference may be given to 

AcoNiTUM — ^When there are : Yertigo, red and painful eyes, with 
pJwtophobia ; coryza; sore throat, with hoarseness; shorty dry, and 
JioUow cough; shootings in the side and chest; sleeplessness, or 
little sleep, with vivid dreams, and frequent waking with a start ; 
universal dry heat, with red and hot, or puffed face ; bleeding of the 
nose ; frequent desire to urinate ; vomiting or colic, also with diar- 

[''Arsenicum — ^Especially if there occur: Suppression of the 
eruption ; earth-colored paleness of the face, mottled with greenish 
blue and brown streaks, and scurfiness about the mouth ; puffed 
face, pale, then alternating with flushes of red ; burning shooing 
pains in the eyes, and dread of light ; typhoid symptoms ; brown or 
black, dry and cracked tongue, sometimes with a bright red border ; 
black lips ; vomiting ; diarrhcea.** — ^Ed.] 

Belladonna — When there are : Excessive swelling of the paro- 
tids, with salivation ; Sore throat, unth obstructed deglutition, and 
shooting pains when swallowing ; hoarseness and dry cough, which 
fatigues the. chest, with oppression and fits of choking ; dry heat, 
with violent headache in the forehead, delirium and convulsive 
twitching of the limbs ; violent thirst; great anguish and inquietude, 
with nervous excitement and sleeplessness. 

Bryonia — ^If there are : Rheumatic pains in the limbs, with dry 
cough, and shooting pain in the chest when breathing or coughing. 
['•* It also answers admirably after Aconite, in the inflammatory 
variety, if there be present : Inflammation of the eyes, constipation, 
or a complication of inflammation of the lungs or pleura. It contri- 
butes to the development of the eruption, or to its reappearance after 
suppression." — Ed.] 

China — If there are: Violent colic, with excessive thirst. 
[*' Also : Yaried forms of abdominal distress ; frequent evacuations; 

6B0T, I. — OLmiOAL BEMASKS. Ill 

emaciation; paleness of face; greai prostration and absence of 

fever.'*— Ed.] 

[" Ipecacuanha will prove of great utility in the gastric variety, 
with active fever, short dry cough, hurried respiration, coated tongzte, 
nausea, vomitings and restlessness.'* — ^Ed.] 

Phosphorus — If there are : Typhoid symptoms, with loss of con- 
sciousness ; watery diarrhxa; tongue loaded with a foul thick coat 
ing ; black lips ; great weakness ; or else a dr^ cough, with inclina- 
tion to vomit, Of vomiting. 

Pulsatilla — At almost all stages of the disease, and, in the ma- 
jority of cases, even the most severe, with putrid and t^/phoid syrop 
toms ; and especially if there are, at the same time : Internal or 
external inflammation of the ear, with or without otorrhoea ; dryness 
of the mouth, laithoiU thirst ; short and dry cough, with shootings 
in the chest. [" Also where there is a prominent catarrhal affec 
tion of the mucous membranes of the mouth and air-passages. It 
is a specific for the defoelopment of the eruption in every stage of the 
disease.*' — ^Ed.] 

Stramonium — If there are : Delirium, with frightful visions of 
rats, mice, &c. ; desire to hide ; spasmodic affection of the throat, 
and difficult deglutition. 

Sulphur — Especially if there is: Violent inflammation of the 
eyes, with eruption slightly developed ; or else : Violent otalgia, 
with purulent otorrhoea, difficulty of hearing, tearing and throbbing 
in the head ; pain in the limbs and paralytic weakness ; or else, if 
there are typhoid symptoms, with loose cough, and expectoration of 
puriform mucus. 

%* For the rest of the medicines cited, see their pathogenesy, and 
consult in their respective chapters, the Local Affections which 
may accompany measles (morbilli). 

NstIi — See Spots (Birth). 
« NeUIe-lU8ll« — See Urticaria. 

Panaris* — The medicines which have hitherto been found most 
efficacious in curing or checking the progress of panaris (whitlow), 
are : Hep., loch,, sil,, and sti^h. [" Merc.-s."— Ed.] (For others, 
see Sect. 2.) 

Papnltt* — See Lichen and Prurigo. 

PempUgnS* — The medicines which have been employed with 
greatest success against both chronic and acute Pemphigus are: 
Bell., dulc., rhus, and sep. (See also Vesicular Erysipelas, a dis- 
ease which exhibits a close analogy to Pemphigus.)— Con^., hep.^ 

112 OHAP. n. — BEZBT. 

P^techtet — Bryon. and rhus, or else Ars, have been hikherto 
found most efficacious. 
Phlyctens* — See Eczeica, Tetters, Scabies, Milu&ia, and Va- 


PMbyilasis (Morbus Pedicularis).— ilr;. and chin., and per- 
haps mere, also, are the medicines of the greatest effioacj in this 
frightful disease, characterized by the production of Pedzouu, dLher 
in the skin or in a kind of tumor resembling Carlnincle ) 

Pityriasis* — See Spots (Furfuraceodb). 

PoX) SnaH* — See Yariola. 

Prurigo* — ^The best medicines are, in general : Cole., hep., merct 
mtr.'Oc., s^., and suiph. 

For Prurigo on the Scrotum : Dulc., rhod., nkr.-ac., and su^., 
or else : Ambr., cocc., petr,, and thuf., principally. 

For that around the Anus : Merc, nitr,-ac., sep., svlph., and thuif,» 
or else : Bar.-c., kal., and zinc 

For that on the Vulva : CaJc., con., natr.-m., sep., and sulph. 

*^* See also Sect. 2, Itching. 

Psoriasis* — ^The chief remedies are : Bryon., calc., dulc., led., lyc^ 
Sep., and stdph. ; also : Canst., clem., graph., and rhus. 

For Psoriasis Palharis : Sulph. or mur.-ac. ; also Zinc. 

For Psoriasis Facialis : Calc. and sulph., or else : Graph., lyc.^ 
and sep. ; and perhaps also : Bry.^ cic., led., mere, oleand. 

Porpnra* — The Purpura Hemorrhagica, or Maladie Tachet^b 
OF Werlhoff, commonly requires Bryon. or rhus, when Led. or sec, 
are not more precisely indicated. [" Also Cocc, iod., sulph.-ac." — 

Purpura Miliaris. — Scarlet fever, unth miliary eruption. See 
Scarlatina Miliari. 

For Purpura Senilis, the principal remedies are : Ars. and con. 

Pustttis* — See Acne, Impetigo, Vaccinia, and Variola. 

Rhagades* — ^The most eligible medicines are : Alum., calc., hep.^ 
lye, mere, petr., rhus, and sulph. 

Rhagades on the hands of those who work in water require 
rather : Calc. and h^. ; or else : Alum., mere, sass., and sulph. 

Khagades which manifest themselves in winter mostly yield to : 
Petr. or sulph. 

Rubeola** — The principal medicines against this disease are, 
according to the circumstances ; Aeon., bell., nuz-vom., and puis. 

* The disease here called Rubeola is incladed in the term Morhilli, employed 
in Vol. I., which does not, however, distinctly characterize it. Rubeola, in 
reality, holds a middle place between Scarlatina and Morhilli (the " Rougeole " 

SBCrr. I.--^2LINI0AL SEBCABK8* 118 

RiplA* — ^The medicines which appear best suited to this kind of 
bulla, are : Caust., graph., s^,, sil,, and stdph., or else : Bor.^ kcU,, 
nUr.-ac,, and petr. 

SCAbS*— See Tetters (Crustaceous). 

Scabies* — ^The principal remedies are, in general: Merc, and 
sulph. ; also : Carb.-veg., cates., clem,, hep., loch., lye, rhus, sep., and 
verat., and, perhaps, in some cases : Dulc., natr., phos.-ac., and squill, 
may be administered. — Ol.-jec. 

The eruption called Grocer's Itch generally requires : Sulph. 
lycop. ; also : Calc, dulc, graph., rhus. 

For thtf Det or Miliary Itch, the treatment may be commenced 
by the administration of Merc, and sulph., alternately, every 4, 
6, or 8 days, until an amelioration or change in the symptoms 
takes place. — In case of amelioration, nothing further should be 
done as long as it continues ; but should it cease, or a change of 
symptoms take place, another medicine must be given : Carb.-veg. 
or hep, will be generally found most suitable if the disease have 
retained the miliary form : or Caustic, if pustules have made their 
appearance. The remaining symptoms which sometimes continue 
after Carh.-veg. or hep, often yield to Sep. or verat. 

For Humid or Pustular Scabies, Sulph, and lye. may be given 
alternately in the first instance, at intervals of 4, 6, or 8 days. 
In the event of subsequent amelioration, especially when the scabies 
becomes drier, Carb.-veg. or mere, is most frequently indicated. 
But if neither Sulph, nor lye. produce any change within 15 or 20 
days, or if the pustules become very large, it will bo proper to have 
recourse to Caust, of which 2, 3, or 4 doses may be given accord- 
ing to circumstances, the second dose to be administered 12 hours 
after the first, the third 24 hours after the second, the fourth 48 
hours after the third, and so on. If, at the end of three days after 
the fourth dose, no change should appear, some doses of Merc, may 
then be administered, at intervals of 48 hours. 

When, in this kind of scabies, there are small ulcers, Clem, and rhus 
claim a preference ; and, when the pustules degenerate into large ve- 
sicles, of a yellowish or bluish color, recourse must be had to Loch* 

Scabies, the character of which has been changed by the abuse of 
Sulphur, mostly requires : Merc, or caust. ; or ^Ise : Calc., dule.^ 
nitr.-ac., or puis, 

^J^ See also Eruptions, Soabious, Sect. 2. 

of French writers) ; inaamuoh a«, while the affeetiona of the mncons membranes 
reaemhle those of Scarlatina, the exanthemata of Rubeola approximate mor# 
closely to those of Morbilli. — ^Autuob*s Bsmabk, ABaiDoiD. 

114 CHAP. n. 

Scaldhead.— See Chap. VI. 

Scarlatina* — The principal remedy is BeU,, but the following are 
also frequently required, viz. : Jlm.-c., &ir.-c., lach,^ mere, phas.^ 
stdph. — C amphor . 

For Fever, in the early stage, Aeon, is to be preferred, if BelL 
should prove insufficient. 

For Angina, Bar.-c, and mere, rank after Bell 

Against Angina Gangrenosa the principal medicines are : Am.-c, 
ars.f and carb.-veg, ; and perhaps : Loch, or stdph. 

Vomiting often requires Aeon, or ars,, if it will not yield to Bell, ; 
for Tenesmus and Strangury, Con, merits a preference ; and for 
Pulmonary Spasms, Jpec., to follow Bell, 

Sleeplessness often requires Aeon, or coff. 

In case of Repercussion of the eruption, the chief remedies are : 
Bry., phos,, phos,'ac,, and sulph. But when cerebral symptoms ap- 
pear with Coma Somnolentum, Op, is preferable ; or Bell, when the 
patient starts on closing the eyes. 

For Parotitis, which sometimes comes on in consequence of scar- 
latina, the principal medicines are : Bell,, carb.-veg., pkos,, thus, and 
sU. ; or else Merc. 

For Dropsical Affections resulting from scarlatina, the reme- 
dies are, in general : Am,, ars., bell., dig., hell,, phos.-ac., or sen, — For 
Hydrocephalus : Am,, bell,, hell,, und phos,-ac, — For Hydrothorax : 
Ars,, hell., sen,; or else : Am. or dig, — For Ascites : Dig. or hell, 
— And for Anasarca : Ars,, hell., or ba^.-m. [°Apocyn.-can. — ^Ed.] 

For Otitis or Otorrhcea, in consequence of scarlatina, the prin- 
cipal remedies are : Bell,, hep,, or puis, ; or : Colch., lye, men., mere, 
nitr,'ac,; or else, if there is Caries of the ossicula-auditoria : Aur,, 
cole., natr,'m,, or sil. 

For Scarlatina Miliaria, or Miliaria Purpurea : Aeon, and cqff'., 
or else Sulph, and bell,, when neither Aconit. nor cqff'. is sufficient. 
In case of the complication of miliaria purpurea with scarlatina 
Vtclc, is often found very efficacious. 

The chief indications for the employment of: 

Aconitum — Are: Frequent colic, with bilious vomUing ; violent 
fever, vrith dry heat, frequent, full, and quick pulse ; congestion in 
the head, with puffed face, vertigo and dizziness, or delirium ; or 
lethargy, from which the patient awakes with a start ; dry, short, 
painful cough ; bleeding at the nose, sometimes with haemoptysis ; 
inflammation of the throat. 

[" Arsenicum — Is highly indicated if there be : Absolute exhaustion 
of the strength ; sudden emaciation ; nocturnal paroxysms of fever, 


with baming heat, baniing face, distorted features^ cold hands, and 
indifferent thirst ; bad temper ; distressing restlessness, and sleep- 
lessness at night, and gnashing of teeth; gangrene of the throat, and 
ez-uloeration of ezcessivelj foetid matter. Arsenic is also a most 
important agent for the. relief of varions forms of Deopst that suc- 
ceed scarlet fever, such as HydrothoraXy Ascites, and Anasarca'* — 

Belladonna — Violent inflammation in the throat and amygdaUe, 
with shooting pains, or spasm^odic contraction ; inability to swaUow 
the least liquid, which sometimes escapes through t/te nostrils ; dan- 
ger of suffocation, on feeling the throat or turning the head ; violent 
thirst, with or without hydrophobia ; inflamed and painful eyes, with 
photophobia ; yiolent pressure on the forehead, as if the eyes were 
being forced out of the sockets, or tearing and shootings in the head ; 
vertigo, with clouded sight ; red and dry tongue ; sleeplessness, with 
nervous excitement, frightful visions on closing the eyes, starts and 

[" Capsicuk — ^If there be : Extreme redness of the face, alternating 
with paleness, or a mottled face ; swollen and cracked lips ; burning 
blisters in the mouth and on the tongue ; slimy saliva in the mouth ; 
violent sore throat; painful swallowing and a sensation of fullness 
and tightness in the throat ; a sensation of conlrojction or spasm in 
the throat ; painful pressure and contraction in the curtain of the 
palate on swallowing, with paroxysmal and agonizing pains in the 
ganglions of the neck ; also : tickling and roughness in the throat, 
with sneezing, hoarseness, and. hacking cough, and a final accumtdor 
tion of tough mucus in the nose and throat" — Ed.] 

Mercurius — Inflammation and excessive swelling of the amyg- 
dalae, with salivation, ulcers in the mouth, enlargement of the in- 
guinal glands, &c. 

['' Mttriat.-aoid— Is an important remedy in moHgTiant scarlet 
fever, if there be : Dark red flushings of the cheeks, lividity of the neck, 
and dull redness of the eyes ; irregular and faint efflorescence, which 
changes to a dark-red color, often intermixed with petechia ; ulcera- 
turns of the tonsils and adjoining parts, with sloughs; footid breath ; 
acrid discharges from the nose, with soreness, chaps, and blisters 
about the nose and lips." — Ed.] 

Phosphoeus — ^Dry and hard tongue and lips, covered with black- 
ish scabs; loss of speech and hearing ; dysphagia; incontinence of 
urine ; excessive falling ojfofthe hair. 

Rhus — If the exanthema degenerate into a kind of vesicular erysi- 
pelas, with somnolence, starts, agitation^ stangury, and violent thirst. 

116 CHAP. iL~Bxnr. 

SuLPHUB — When there is cerebral aflPeotion, whieh will not yield 
to BeU. ; with lethargic sleep, starts, oonvnlsions of the eyes ; or 
oontinned delirium ; puffed and bright red fisuse ; obstructed nose ; 
dry, cracked, red tongue, ooTcred with brownish mucus ; thirst and 

[" SuLPHU&ic-Acin— If there be : Paleness of the face ; sudden de* 
cline of the strength ; frequent chills ; lancinating pain in the throaty 
with swelling that reaches the submaxillary glands; bluish-red 
patches covered by a membrane, beneath which is more or less sup-~ 
puration ; vitiated dark eruption, with petechise." — Ed.] 

8cilliillS« — See CAaciNOMA. 

8ll]|*8potS« — "Freckles" (Lentiginest Ephelides) require in 
preference : Verat., or else : Biy., lye, natr.-m., hudpuls. 

Hepatio Spots {Macula HepaticcR, EphiUs Major^ EjjhiUs Hepa- 
Hca), require especially: N.-vam., phos,, sep,, and sulph,; or else, 
also : Ant., can., kycs., lack., lyc,^ mere, and natr. 

FuRppEACEous Spots {Pityriasis) require in preference: Ars,, 
alum,^ dry,, lye, phos,, and sep,, and those which occupy the Head or 
the margin of the hairy scalp : An. and alum.^ or perhaps also : 
Calc, graph., olean., and staph. 

Spots in Pregnant Women yield chiefly to Sep. 

For Mother Spots {NcbvC) the principal medicines are : Corft.- 
veg, and siUpk: 

SteatOlOa* — See Tumor (Emotsteo). 

SttngS of InseetS« — ^Relief is commonly afforded inost speedily ^y; 
Aeon., am., bell., or mere. 

When very tender parts have been stung, and when inflammation 
with fever follows, Camph. should immediately be administered, by 
smelling, and Aeon., if Camphor prove insufficient. 

In cases where the tongue has been stung by a bee, Aeon, should 
be first administered, and, if necessary. Am. half an hour afterwards. 
If Am. do not relieve, Bell, should be administered at the end of 2 
or 3 hours, a small spoonful every half-hour (2 or 3 globules of the 
30th attenuation in solution). If Bell, prove insufficient, Merc, may 
be administered every 2 or 3 hours. 

In case of being stung on the Ete, Aeon, and am. should be ad« 
ministered alternately, allowing each dose of Aeon, to act for one 
hour, each dose of Am. for 3 or 4 hours. 

Strophnlns* — The medicines principally recommended against this 
kind of Lichen are : Cic, cham., and cavst. 

SoppnnitiOllS* — The medicines which commonly merit a preference, 
in oases of chronic suppuration, are : Hep., loch., mere, silie, or sufyfh. 


SuppnralioiiB of a bad kind require especially : Asa,, fnerc., and 

Syc^SiSf — ^The medicines which have hitherto been found most 
efficacious against condylomata, or other sycotic excrescences, are : 
Thuf. and nUr.-ac,, or else : Cinnab,, ewpkr,^ lycopn ^x^.-oc., sabin,, 
and gta§ih. A very speedy cure is also often effected by the admin- 
istration of Merc. (3d) and svlph. (3d) alternately. 

SyphlHSi — ^The chief remedy is Merc. {jdv. or sohd>.) But in the 
case of Pkhiart Chancrbs, a cure is seldom accomplished by the 
high dilutions, which often only aggravate the sufferings by irritating 
the nervous system. 

The most certain method of curing recent Chancre^ in the acute 
state, is to administer every day, or, at least, every second day, a dose 
of one-quarter of a grain of the 3d trUwation of Mercury, until a 
perceptible amelioration takes place, without being influenced by the 
appearance of the ulcers during the first few days. No recent 

TOMS ; but, on continuing the use of Mercury, healthy granulations 
will be plainly perceived at the bottom of the ulcer, at Uie end of 8 
or 10 days (an experienced eye will often detect them on the 4th or 
5th day), which will increase daily, while at the same time the ulcers 
will occasionally bleed, and the margins begin to be depressed. 

When, under the administration of Mercury, the chancre is slow in 
cicatrising, or when the ulcer exhibits a strong tendency to produce 
vegetatumxt NUr.-ec, should be administered, in a dose of one drop 
(3d), morning and evening, or else in a dose of 3 or 6 globules dis- 
solved in water, one spoonful morning and evening. But care must 
he taken to administer it before the loss of substance shall have been 
repaired by Mercury. Kalmia. — ^This remedy has been used with 
benefit in the treatment of syphilis. See Symptoms. 

Nit^-cc. is also an efficacious remedy against syphilitic ulcers 
which have been for a long time fruitlessly treated by the large doses 
of Mercury usual in the old-school practice. 

When the chancre has passed from the acute to the Chronic state, 
though it is still primary , it will be sufficient, in the majority of cades, 
io administer three doses of the 8d trituration of Merc, at intervals 
of 48 hours, allowing the medicine to act after the third dose without 
doing anything further. It is but seldom that it is found necessary 
to repeat Merc, at the end of three or four weeks. 

It commonly happens, in cases in which the primary chancre has 
passed into the chronic state, that, while the ulcer loses its syphilitic 
character, macula venerea, or venereal spots, make their appearance, 


with pimples on the forehead and chin, and around the month. These 
secondary symptoms are generally removed by Mercury^ with the re- 
mains of the primary nicer ; but when, after the ulcer has been healed, 
some traces of the eruption still continue, two or three doses of XocA. 
will often complete a cure. 

Secondary Ghanoues in the Throat, which seldom appear ex 
cept in consequence of mercurial applications to the primary chancre 
require the same treatment as the Chronic Chancre (two or threa 
doses QiMerc,^ of the 3d trit^, or else some doses of Thuj.^ if Mere 
should have been taken to excess. 

Buboes, which generally result from cauterization of the primary 
chancre, and which in many oases appear previously to the cicatrisa- 
tion, require no particular treatment, and mostly disappear with the 
primary ulcer, under the influence of Merc. But when they protrude 
after the cicatrization of the chancre, and especially when Mercury 
has been taken to excess, Nitr.'Oc. is then the principal remedy ; 
though Aur, or carb,'V. will be found exceedingly useful. 

Constitutional Syphilis, which is rarely quite unmixed, also 
requires Merc, provided the patient have not taken it to excess. 
Otherwise the most eligible medicines will be : Lack,, thuj,, nitr.-nc., 
aur,, and sulph., or else : Alum,, bell,, carb.-^veg., dem., dulc,, gua;\, 
hqp,, iod., lye, phos.-ac,, Joss., and stwpk, [" Phyto.-dec,^* — ^Ed.] 

[" Syphilitic Rheumatism. Phyto^-dec.** — En.] 

Syphilitic Pains in the Bones require, in preference : Merc, 
loch., and aur. Also Arg, and mez. The Spots and Tetters: 
Merc, loch,, nitr.-ac, and tht^'. Ophthalmia : Merc or nitr.'OC 

TetterSf — See Herpes, and also : Acne, Ecthyma, Eczema, Ery- 
thema, Impetigo, Lichen, Lupus, Pityriasis, Psoriasis, &c., and 
compare the article Tetters, Sect. 2. 

Tetter (Annular). — See Herpes Circinnatus. 

Tetter (Corrosive or Gnawing). — See Lupus and Impetigo 


Tetter (Crust aceous). — See Impetigo. 

Tetter (Bartr^ Yvtb de Sauvages). — See Eczema. j 

Tetter (Erythemoidal). — See Erythema. 
Tetter (Furfuraceous). — See Herpes (Furfur aceous), Eczema, 
Lichen, Pityriasis, and Psoriasis. 
Tetter (Lichenoidal). — See Eczema and Lichen. 
Tetter (Mercurul).— See Eczema and Chap. XXVI., Mercury. 
Tetter (Miliary).— See Herpes (IPhlyct^noides). 
Tetter (Pustulous). — See Acns, Impetigo, Ecthyma, Menta- 


SBCT. i.—oumaLL mOiASKB. 119 

Tetter (Soaly). — See Chronic Eczema, Liohbn Agnus, and 

Tetter (Syphilitic). — See Syphilis. 

ToiDOrS. — l^or Inflammatory Tumors, or Phlegmon, the prin- 
cipal remedies are : Ars,, hell., hry.^ cham,, hep., ptils., phos., and 
stUpk., which sometimes suffice to prevent suppuration, and to 
produce the resolution of the tumors. — Arsen. is especially suitable 
where there are : Burning pains in the tumor ; Bryon, when the 
tumor is hot and tight, pale or red ; Bell, when the redness of the 
tumor extends far over the surrounding parts ; Hep. or rhtis when 
the tumor is painful to the touch; Ptds. when it has a red are 
ola, &c. 

For Callous Tumors, the chief remedies are : Bar.-c., carb.-€Ln. 
and veg., con., tod., and kal., or else also : Bry,, cham., and stdph,, 
which often produce resolution without suppuration. 

In cases in which the formation of pus has already commenced, and 
resolution is impossible. Hep. and loch, will best expedite the open- 
ing of ike abscess. 

For Open Abscess, when the suppuration is of long standing, the 
medicines which will, in the majority of cases, effect the most rapid 
cure are : Cole., hep., mere, phos., and sU. — Phos. and sU. are most 
suitable when a consumptive state succeeds prolonged suppuration. 
(See also Suppuration and Ulcers.) 

Abscess from Congestion, commonly requires the same medicines 
irhich are employed against Suppuration and Abscess in general ; 
but, in particular cases, the real seat of the disease must be taken 
into consideration, and a medicine selected accordingly. 

For Lymphatic Tumor and Abscess the principal medicines are : 
Ars., bell., cole., carb.-veg., cocc., dvJc., hep., loch., merc.,phos., sep., sil., 
and sulph. — For Inflammatory Tumors : Bell., carb.-veg., hep., lach., 
Sep., and p?u>s. — For Indolent Tumors : Asa., cole., bell., cocc., dtUc. 
mere, and stdph. (See also Glands.) 

Encysted Tumors require principally : Cede., graph., hep., and sU, 
or else : Bar.-c., catcs., nitr.-ac., and stdph. 

For Steatomous Tumors, or Steatoma, Bar.-c. is to be preferred. 

Tumors which are formed in the tendons, and which are commonly 
called Ganglia, require chiefly : Am. or rhus, and perhaps : Am.-c.^ 
phos., phos.-ac., plumb. ? sil., and zinc. 

Ulcers* — ^The principal remedies are, in general : Ars., bdl., cole., 
oarb.-veg., con., cupr., graph., lye., mere*, phos.-ac., rhus^ sil., and sti^, 
^^Canth., chel., dem. 

OiRciNOMATous Uloers require principally : Art., eon., lach., mere.. 

IflO CHAP. IL-^-AKDr. 

iL, and su^.^ and perhaps also : Aur., hep., and steyak, — ^Nit-ae., 

cbinin. ? 

For F18TUI.0U8 Ulcers the medicines are principally : ArU„ calc., 
lyc.j phos.y sil.t and sulph. 

Gano&enous nioers require in preference : Ars., bell., chin., lach,^ 
and sil., or perhaps also: Con., rhus, sec,, and squill. [" Crot." 

Meroui^ial Ulcers require especially : Atir., bell,, carb.-veg., hep., 
loch,, nttr.-ac., sass., sil., stilph., and ^uf. 

For Phagedjenig Ulcers the principal medicines are : Ars,, hep,, 
mez., sil., and sulph., or else : C(m,, mtT,<ic., and ran. [" Merc.^* 

For Ptttbid Ulcers, and those in Cachectic, Soorbutio Persons, 
&c. : Ars., carb.-v,, hqp,, mur^-ac., puis., sil,, sulph.; also : Am.-ac. 
and am.'m. are recommended. 

ScEOFULous Ulcers yield most frequently to : Ars., bell., cole., 
carb.-veg., lye, mtir,-ac,, sil., and stdph. 

Stphilitic Ulcers require chiefly : Merc, or else : lod, (?) nitr." 
ac., loch., and thii;. ['* Mezer., phytol.-dec," — Ed.] 

Vrticwia (Nettle-Rash, Esseea). — The chief remedies are: 
Cole., dvlc,, and lye, or else : Aeon,, ars., bry., dem., hep,, n.-vom., 
rhus, and urtie [" Also : Con,, petr., ran.*' — Ed.] 

For Acute Urticaria : — Aeon., bry., dulc., and rhtis, or urt. ; and 
for Chronic Urticaria : Code, and lye, and perhaps also : Ars.^ rhtts, 
and urt» (For the rest, see Sect. 2.) 

TaiiceS* — ^The chief remedies are : Am., ars,, cole, carb.-^,, catis., 
lye, n,^vom., ptdls,, and sulph. 

Taricella (Chicken-Pox). — Although this eruption commonly 
passes off without danger, the fever and cerebral congestion, which 
are precursory symptoms, may require medicine. In such cases 
Aeon, and Bell, are most frequently indicated ; but Ant., puis., sil,, 
sol.-m., tart,, and thtif, often furnish the appropriate remedies. 

For the Tene.smus or Strangt^ which sometimes appear, the 
remedies are : Canth., con., and mere 

An eruption similar to varicella, produced by ezoessiye use of 
bacon, has been cured by Ptds. 

TariolAf or Small-Pox* — The principal medicines are : Ars.^ mere^ 
and rhus. — ^Acon., bell., bryon., camph., chin., tart., sulph. 

In the period which precedes the eruption, the best medicines to 
allay the fever, and bring out the eruption rapidly, are : Aeon., coff.^ 
bryon., and rhtu. 

In cases of Ceesb&al Metastasis, BeU. will most probable be re- 


qaired ; and when there are Gasteic Sufferings, with vomiting, the 
remedies are : Ars, and ipec. 

After the eruption has appeared the most suitable medicines for 
promoting a rapid desiccation are, usually : Stdph. or mere, ; but 
when the eruption is excessive, a dose of Bell, will sometimes be 
necessary ; and when the Fever, during the suppuration, is too vio- 
lent, Aeon, or bell., or else Cham., if there should be a cough during 
this period. Should the pus become Sanious, and Sphacelus be ap- 
prehended, Ars. and carb.'V. should be chosen. 

The best remedies against the Salivation, which sometimes suc- 
ceeds, is Merc. ; against the Catakbh, with cough and hoarseness : 
Ars, or Merc, ; and Chin, against the Diab.&H(ea. 

[" Small-pox has four important stages, in regard\o selection of re- 
medies ) these are : 

1. Febrile Stage, in which appear the first signs of the eruption, 
accompanied by active fever, headache, depression of spirits, ill-hu- 
mor, weariness, disposition to sleep, congestion of the head, nose- 
bleed, stupefaction, vomiting, ko. When this state is especially 
attended by aching in the limbs, congestion of the head, and nose- 
bleed, Aoomtum is the appropriate drug ; but if there be, in addition, 
irritation of the eyes, aversion to light, increased congestion of the 
head and headache, manifestation of delirium, and increased sensi- 
bility of the whole nervous system. Belladonna should follow or 
alternate with Aconite, If there follow a lethargic condition, ster- 
torous respiration, and profound stupor. Opium is to be preferred. 
Arsenic may also be subsequently required. 

2. Eruptive STAOE.^This occupies three days, in which a gradual 
progress is made to the point of maturation, the developing eruption 
appearing the first day on the fiioe, the second on the arms and body, 
and the third on the feet. Stra^nonium is essential to the fulfilment 
of this process.. If there be a complication of gastric difficulties, 
Ant.'Cnid., hry,, cham., n.'Vom,, and tart,'eniet, may be selected, ac- 
cording to their indications. If .there arise violent arterial action, 
with an excess of the eruption. Aconite will be needed. If the erup- 
tion occur at the teething period, with the ordinary phenomenon of 
increased fever, and congestion of the head and lungs. Aconite and 
heUadonna will be most appropriate. If a catarrhal condition be 
present, with accumulations of slime in the chest, cough, running at 
the nose, and hoarseness, Taart.-ant, and IpfiC. are to be preferred. 

8. Stage of Maturation, which succeeds the eruptive stage, and 
may exist from the seventh to the ninth day, and consist in a perfect 
development of the small-pox pustule. If tiiii stage be attended with 
VOL. n. — 6 

iSA (MAP. n. — SKor. 

little or no fever, a simple and strict regimen alone will be required 
bat if there set in an ulcerative fever, urgent diseases of the eyes 
nose, and throat, and abundant salivation, Mercuritts becomes the 

4. Stage of Desiccation. — Ablution of tepid water generally 
affords ample relief. If there be febrile symptoms, Aeon,, bell, 
ckam,, nxidpttls. may be employed ; if constipation, Bry, and nux. 

For special symptoms may be consulted : 

AcoNiTUU — If there be high inflammatory fever, with rapid pulse, 
congestion of the head and lungs, &c., at and before the period cf 

Arsenicum — If there be : Inflammation of the throat, with a trans- 
ferred eruption to the mouth and throat in the last stage of the 

Bella]x>nna — If, after the use of Aconite, there appear : Increased 
fever, congestion of the head, wild fantasies, inflammation of the 
eyes, dread of light, &c. A case of measles connected with inflam- 
mation of the pia-mater, the inner membrane of the brain, was cured 
by BeUadonna, 

Brtonia — If there occur : Headache, nausea, vomiting, and back- 
ache, with sensations as if bruised, before the eruptive stage ; also, 
if there be a dropsical swelling of the lower part of the abdomen at 
the period of eruption. 

China — ^If there be : Malignant, black pustules, diarrhaa, and 
oppression and anxiety of the chest, during the eruptive period. 

CoFFEA — If there appear : Restlessness, vomiting of bile, and head- 
ache at the commencement of the eruptive stage. 

MEEcuRrus — ^If there be : Salivation, foetid breath, congestion of 
the head, irritated membranes of the eyes, nose, and, mouth, at the 
maturating stage, also for a diarrhooa developed in the last stage of 
the disease. 

SuLFHUR — Has been considered a prophylactic in some instances ; 
and, used in the second stage after repeated doses of Aconite, has 
been deemed efficient in modifying the third stage by interrupting 
the development of the pustules.'*— Schroen, En.] 

['' Yaccinin. — We have used this remedy in all the stages of small- 
pox, and have concluded, from the experiments already essayed, that 
it has the peculiar property of altering the character of the pustules, 
so that the usual pils or scarred depressions are completely obviated," 

TarloMdeSt— rhe chief remedies are : Bell, and mere. ; or else : 
Axs, and rAtu. 

BXOT. n. — SYKPTOaiS. 


Before the emptioiii when there is muoh Fevxr, with Headache, 
the medicines which claim the preference are : Aeon, or bell, ; and 
when there is Pain in the Loins, Bryon, should he selected. 

In the Eruptive Pesiod, Stdph, is very efficacious in promoting 
the desiccation. 

For PuLMONART Cataerh, causod hj this disease, the principal 
remedies are : Merc, or beU, ; or else, if Asthmatic Affections, with 
mncoas rattling, he present. Sen, and tart. 

Affections of the hones principally reqoire: Sil. or phos.-ac.; 
those of the joints : Bell., bry,, and mere. 

Itslculdb* — See Phltot£N£. 

WartSt — ^The medicines which have hitherto proved most efficaci- 
ous, are : Cole,, caus., dulc,, ntUr., nUr.'Oc.p rhus, sep,, tht{;\, and 

For warts on the hands of Onanists : NUt.hxc,, sep., tkiif,, and 
sulph. are preferahle. 

WhlttoWt — See Panaris. 

Womids* — See Mbchanicai. Injuries. 

Zoiia* — The medicines which claim a preference in treating this 
kind of herpes, are : Graph, and rhus; or else : An., mere, and 



Abscess. See Sect. 1. 

Anasarca. See Sect. 1. 

Arid (Skin). Aeon. calc. tod. 

Bites. See Sect. 1, Mechanical 

Blackness of the Skin (Com- 
plexion). Lftch. 

Blisters. See Tubercles. 

Blood, Oozing from the Skin. 

Blotches, Thick (after scratch- 
ing). See Thickness. 

Burn. See Sect. I. 

Burning. Sec Pains (Burning). 

Callosities. Lach. rhas-y. 

Carbuncle. See Sect. 1. 

Chilblains. Agar. ars. beU. hrj. 
carb.-a, carb.-v. croc ign. lye, 
nitr.-ac, n.-mos. n.-vom. op. 
petr. phos. phos.-ac. petr, puis, 
rhus. stann. staph, sulph. sulph. . 
ac. thaj. sine, m.-ans. i 

— Blnish-red. Bell. kal. I 

— Itching. N.-vom. sulph. | 

— (Painful). Nitr.-ao. petr. phos t 
Circles. See Spots (Annular). ' 
Coldness of the Skin. Ars. 

camph. nitr.-ao. n.-mos. seo. 
verat. (Compare Fever, Cold- 
ness, External.) 
Color of the Skin : 

— Black. Elect, lach. 

*- Blue. Am.-c. ars. eamph. OOD. 


OHAP. n. 

dig. hjdroo. laoh. n.-vom, op. 
Color (Dirty). lod. mero. 

— Greeniflh. Laoh. 

— Pale. See Chlorosis, Chap. 
XX. Hydroc. 

— Red. Agar. bell. lye. puis, 

— Scarlet. See Scarlet-red. 

— Scarlet-red. Am.-o. bell. croc, 
eupborb. phos.-ac. tereb. 

— Yellow. Aeon. ars. bry. calc. 
carb.-v. caust. cham. chin. con. 
dig. hep. iod. lach. mere, n.-vom. 
plumb, sec. sulph. ["Brom. 
ophiotoz. podoph.-pelt." — ^Ed.] 

CoNDTLQMATA. See Scct. 1, St- 

Corns. Api.-c. ant, boy. cede. 
caust. lye. nitr.-ac. petr. jjJios, 
phos.-ac. sep. sil. staph, sulph. 

— Excoriated (As if). Amb. bry. 
calc. lye. rhus. mgs.-aro. 

— Inflamed. Sep. 

-^ Painful. Calc. caust. natr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. phos. sulph. [" Cal.- 
caust."— Ed.] 

— Pressiye. Ant. bry. sulph. 

— Shooting. Am.*o. boy. bry. 
hep. lyo. phos.-ac. sep. sil. sulph. 
sulph.-ac. mgs. 

— Tearing. Am.-c. sulph.-ac. 
Cracks. See Rhaoades. 
Crawling. Aeon, bar.-c. carb.-v. 

colch. elect, even, fer.-mg. 

magn.-m. mur.-ac. natr. ol.-an. 

phos. phos.-ac. plat. rhod.sabad. 
.' sec. sel. sil. staph, stram. sulph. 
; zinc. 

Night (at). Bar.-c. sulph. 
Shooting. Bar.-c. sabad. 
Deoeneract of the Skin. Ant. 
Desquamation. Aeon, am.-m. ars. 

anr. boy. coloc. croton. dig. hell. 

mere, mer.-dulc. mex. op. phos. 

ghos.-ac. sec. yerat. (Cfompare 

— Of the parts affected. Aeon. 
[" Ehus-r."— Ed.) 

Desquakation of the Whole Body. 

Coloc. dig. mez. phos. sec. 
Dirty Tinge of the Skin. Iod. 

Drtness of the Skin. Aeon, amb 

am.-c. ammon.-caus. ars. bell 

calc. chin, coloc. dulc. graph. 

hydroo. hyos. iod. kal. led. lye. 

magn. mere, murex. tuUr. 

nitr.-ac. n.-mos. phos.-ac. sec. 

sep. sil. [•• Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Chronic. Graph. 

— Movement (During). Calc. 

— Nocturnal Perspiration (alter- 
nately with). Natr. 

— (Sensation of). Camph. 
EccHTMosis. Arn. con. dulc. 

lach. n.-vom. thus, sulph. 

Ephelides (Freckles). Am.-c 

ant. herb. bry. calc. graph, lye, 

natr. n.-mos. nitr.-ac. phos./ru^. 

sulph. verat. 
Eruptions in general. Am.-c. ars. 

bar.-c. bell. calc. carb.-v. cans. 

clem. con. cupr. dulc. eupborb. 

kal. kreos. lye. merc.-acet.natr.- 

m. petr. rhus. sass. sep. sil. 

sul]^. ["Cal.-caus.kal.-bi.nux- 

jug."— Ed.] 

— Air (Appearing in the). Nitr.- 
• ac. 

— (Alternately with Asthmatic 
Affections). Calad. rhus. 

— (Bleeding Easily). Mere. 
["Rhus-r."— Ed.J 

— Blue (Deep). Lach. ran. 

— Burning. Ant. arg. ars. bov. 
herb. bry. calad. calc. cic. coco. 

^hydroc. mere. magn.-m. n.-vom. 
nitr. oleand. petr. phos.-ac. tan, 
rhus. squill, staph, stront. 
[" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Burning, Scratched (After be- 
ing). Merc. 

Scratched (Ameliorated 

after being). Nitr. 
touched (when). Oausi. 

— Callous. Ran. 



EuuPTioNS, Cold Air (appearing 

in the). Sass. 
disappearing. Calo. 

— Confluent. Cic. byos. val. 

— Pesquamation (with). Led. 

— Driven back. Amb. lach. 

— Dry. Bar.-c. evon. hjos. mere, 
sass. verat. 

— Excoriation (with pain as from). 
Arg. phos.-ac. 

touched (when). Hep. spig. 

— Glands (with swelling of the). 
Am.-c. dtiic, 

-— Grains of millet (like). Agar, 

— Granulated. Carb.-v. hep. 

— Grapes (in the form of a bunch 
of). Calo. 

— Groups (in). Oalc. phos.-ac* 

— Itching. Agar, am.-c. ant. 
bov. bry. calad. calo. canth. con. 

fins, herao. hydroc. kal.-ch. 
re. lach. mere, mer.-acet. natr.- 
m. natr.-s. n.-yom. oleand. petr. 
ran. rhus. sep. spig. spong. 
squill, staph, stront. sulph. tab. 
tart. thuj. verat. ["Kal.-bi. 
phy to.-dec. rhus-r. trios." — Ed.] 

— — in bed. Ant. mere, mur.- 
ac. puis. rhus. verat. [" Nux- 
jug."— Ed.] 

— — evening (in the). Kreos. 
magn.-m. staph. 

— — heat (in the). Coco. sass. 
verat. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— (Itching), night (at). Ant. 
mere. rhus. verat. 

— Night (appearing in the). Ant. 

— Oozing. HeraoT. 

— Painful. Lye. mere. bell. 

— Purulent. Cic. lye. mere. rhus. 
sec. Sep. sil. spig. staph, verat. 
(Compare Running.) 

— Red. Ant. ars. aur. herb, 
oham. cic. cocc. graph, phos.-ac. 
sass. sep. spig. thuj. yal. ['* Rhus- 
r."— Ed.1 

EeuptionSi Red (with red areola.) 
Bor. cocc. tab. tart. 

— (Red), red spots. Merc. [" Rhus- 
r."— Ed.] 

— Round. Dulc. phos. 

— Running. Hcracl. 

— Scabby. Alum, am.-c. ant 
ars. bar.-c. bar.-m. bell, bov 
ealc. cie. clem. con. dulc. graph, 
hep. lye. mere, mur.-ae. natr.- 
m. phos.-ac. ran. rhus. sass. sep. 
sil. sulph. thuj. viol.-tric. 

brown. Ant. 

callous. Ran. 

— yellow. Ant. cic. 

— Scabious. Ars. bar.-m. carb.« 
V. cans. clem, coloc. oon. cupr. 
elect, grat. herac. kre. ? lach. 
mere. natr. ol.-an. phos.-ac. sep. 
squill, sulph. tart, verat. 

Bleeding easily. Merc. 

in the joints. Elect 

— Scaly. See Scales. 

— Scarlet (color). Am.-c. bell, 
euphorb. lach. phos. phos.-ao. 
sulph. tereb. 

— Scratched (burning after be- 
ing). Mere, natr.-s. staph, 
stront. verat. 

— Shooting pains (with). Ant. 
herb. magn. natr.-m. plat, squill, 

— Smarting. Bry. mere, plat 
[" — In the evening on both hands. 

Hyp.-per."— Ed.] 

— Spotted. (See Spots.) 

— Swelling of the part (with) 

— Tettery. (See Tetters.) 

— Tottery, alternating with asth* 
matic alfections and dysenteris 
evacuations. Rhus. 

— Thick. Agar. calc. 

— Tuberculous. Agar. alum. ant. 
calc. oaus. cocc. dulc. hep. 
kreos. lach. led. magn. magn.- 
m. mang. mos. natr. natr.-m 
nitr. spig. staph, thuj. 

— White. Agar. bor. vaL 


oaAP. n. 

E&upnoNs (Wbite Edges on ike). 

— Yellowish. Lach. mere. 
Erysipelas. Acoh. am.-o. anthrok, 

ant. am. ars. bell. bor. brj. calo. 

canth. camph. carb.-aa. cham. 
J chin. clem, graph, hep. lach, 
I lye, mere, nitr.-ac. phos. puis. 

rhiLS. rut. sil, sulph. ["Grot. 

rhus-r.** — Ed.] (Compare Sect. 


Excoriation of the Skin. Am.-c. 
arn. ars. bar.-c. calc. cans. 
cham. chin, graph, ign. kal. 
lach. lye. mang. mere, ol.-an. 
petr. phos. plnmb. pvls. rat. s^, 
squill, suljih. sulph.-ac. (Com- 
pare Iktertrioo, Sect. 1. 

— Itching. Petr. 

— Joints (in the). Mang. ol.-an. 
ran.-acr. s^, 

— Oozing. Bar.-c. petr. 

— Shooting. Phos. 

— Smarting. Phos. 

— (Pain as if from). Aeon. fer. 
hep. n.-Tom. par. plat. 

(when touched). Fer. hep. 

Excrescences. Ran. 

— Callous. Ant. ran. 
Fistula. See Ulcers (Fistulous). 
FLACciDiTToftheSkin. Chin. ioa. 

sec. verat. 
Flaws in the Nails. Calc. rhus. 

stann. sulph. 
PuRFURs. See Sect. 1. 
Furtjnouli. Ant. arn. bell. calc. 

euph. ind. led. Ijc. magn. 

(magn.-m. mez. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.- 
mos. n.-Yom. petr. phos. phos,- 
ac. puis. sec. sep. sil. staph, 
sulph. sulph.-ac. thti;'. zinc, 

— (Large). Hyos. lyo. nit.-ac. 

— Periodical. Lye. 

— Shooting, when touched. Mur.- 
' ac. sil. 

— Small. Hagn. zinc. 
--Spring (in). Bell. 

Oanorene. See Sect 1. 
Glands (Enoorgsd), like small 

nodosities under the skin. Brj. 
Gnawing in the Skin. Agar. agn. 

chin. cic. dig. led. Ijo.plat. rut. 

spong. staph. 

— Shooting. Dig. 
Greenish Color of the Skin. 

Heat. See Chap. IV., Heat (Ex- 

ternal). Ammon.-caust. 
Insensibility of the Skin. See 

Irritability of the Skin. (Want 

of). Anac. 
Itching, Tickling of the Skin. 

Ang. amb. am.-c. am.-m. anthrok. 

ant. ars. bov. carb.-a. cans. eis. 

cocc. con. croton. elect, fer.-mg. 

graph, hydroc. ipec. kal.-ch. 

kreos. lach. magn. mere. op. 

par. piUs. ran. rhus. rhus-Y. 

scus. sil. sulph. sulph.-ac. tart. 

[" Cal.-caust. gum.*gut. nux-jug. 

rhus-r." — ^Ed.] 
— Air (when walking in the). 


— Bed (in). Bov. carb.-a. oarb.* 
Y. chin. cocc. eoloc. cic. kal.-ch. 
lye. mere. n.-Yom. rhus-Y. puis, 
sass. sulph. thuj. zinc. [" Kal.- 
bi. rhus-r." — ^Ed.] 

— Tickling, &c. Bed (in), Eycu- 
ing (in the). Carb.-a. oarb.«Y. 
coToc. eye. kal.-ch. n.-vom. puis, 
sass. thuj. zinc. [*' Rhus-r." 

Morning (in the). Rhus*^ 

sulph. [" Rhus-r."— En.] 

Night (at). Cocc. mera 

rhus-Y. sulph. [" Kal.-bi. trios, 
rhus-r." — Ed.] 

— Burning. Anac. arg. ars. calo. 
chin. cic. colch. croton. dig. eu- 
phorb. hep. kal. n.-Yom. ol.-an. 
phell. plat. puis. rhus. squill, 
stann. I" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

[« _ In Old Cicatrix. Jun-aff. 


8BQr. n. — BYMPTOMfl. 


Itohino (Burning, ceasine with). 
Sep. [" Gum.-gutt."— Ed.] 

— Cold (in the). Spong. 

— Crawling. Aeon, bar.-c. ooloh. 
even, mur.-ac. plat. rhod. sel. 
Bil. staph. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 
(See C&AWLiNG.) 

— Creeping (as from something). 
Spong. staph. 

- Evening (in the). Carb.-a. 
carb.-v. chin. coco, coloc. cjc. 
fer.-mg. kreos. lye. mere. mez. 
n.-Yom. oleand. puis. sass. sel. 
sil. stann. thuj. zinc. ["Nuz- 
jug. gum.-gutt." — Ed.] 

— Heated (During the Day, after 
being Over-). Lye. 

— Inquietude (with). Coloc. 

— Morning (in the). Sass. staph, 

— Nausea f during). Ipeo. 

— Night (at). Am.-c. am.*m. 
herb, bar.-c. cocc. croc, kreos. 
mere. mez. n.-vom. sass. sulph. 
thuj. [« Gum.-gut."— Ed.] 

— TxcELiNQ, &c. Pain, as from a 
Wound (with). Plat. 

— Parts Affected (in the). Aeon. 

— Perspiration (followed by). 

[" — Pricking, Stinging. Ehus- 
r."— Ed.] 

— Scratch (forcing to). Agar, 
am.-m. enphorb. evon. mur.-ac. 
oleand. plat. sel. spong. 

— Scratching (after) : 

amelioration. Ign. nit. 


— — bleeding. Merc, sulph. 

— — burning. Am.-c. evon. 
grat. kreos. led. magn.-m. mere, 
natr.-s. sil. sulph. 

eruption. Amm. amm.-m. 

hep. Btront. 

— — excoriation. Oleand. sabin. 
heat. Spong. sulph. 

(itching, aggravated by). 

Anac. mez. puis. 
— • — miliary. Spong. 

Itching, Tiokling, &«. (Pain as 
from excoriation.) Sulph. 

— (Scratching) redness. Oleand. 

running. Kal. sel. 

scabs. Sabad. 

skin (thick). Lach. 

smarting. Sulph. 

swelling. Mez. 

tickling (voluptuous). Sil. 

— Seated (when). Cyc. 

— Shooting. Agn. bar.-c. con. 
cyc. dig. kal. mur.-ac. n.-vom. 
plat. puis. sil. spong. stann. tab. 
teucr. thuj. zinc, mgs.-arc. 

— Tickling, &c. (Smarting). 
Am.-c. calc. euphorb. lach. lact. 
led. mez. ol.-an. phell. 

— Tickling. Aur. 

— Tingling. Aeon, bar.-c. colch. 
evon. mur.-ac. plat. rhod. sel. 
sil. sulph. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 
(See Crawling.) 

— Touched (when). Euph. 

— — mitigated. Thuj. zinc. 
[" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Undresssing (when). Ars. 
cocc. mez. n.-vom. oleand. sil. 

— Voluptuous Sensation (with a). 
Mur.-ac. sil. 

— Warmth of the Bed (in the). 
Bov. oarb.-v. cocc. mere. puis, 

— ['^Warm Weather. Rhus-r." 

Leprosy. See Sect. 1. 
Measles. See Sect. 
Miliary. Aeon. alum, am.-c: 

am.-m. ant. arn. a/r$. heU, bov 

bry. calad, calo. cans. dbam. 

clem. coff. cupr. galv. elec. hell. 

ipec. kal.-ch. lach. led. mere, 

mez. natr.-m. n.-vom. phos.-ac. 

sass. sec. sel. spong. staph. 

sulph. tart, verat. viol.-trio. 

— Asthmatic Affections (alter- 
nately with). Calad. 

— Cold Air (in the). Sass. 


OHAP. n. 

M1LIAB.T (CAtronic). Am.-o. clem. 

mez. staph. 
<^ Excoriation (with). Sulph. 

— White. Are. val. 
BioEBiLLi. See Sect. 1. 
Nails (Blaish). Dig. 

— Brittle. Alum. 

•^ Deformed. Ant. graph, sep. 

— Discolored. Ant. ars. 

— Exfoliate (which). Merc. 

— Fall off (which). Hell. 

— Flesh (which grow into the). 

' — Painful. Ant. 

— Thick. Graph. 

— Ulcerated. See Panaris. 

— Wound (with pain as from a). 

— Yellow. Con. 
Nodosities. See Tubercles. 
Oozing of the Skin. Bar.-o. pe- 

— Scratching (after). Kal. sel. 
Pains in the Skin. Agar. amb. 


— Burning. Arg. ars. bell. bry. 
calad. calc. carb.-Y. oic. dig. 
elect, euphorb. hep. kal. mang. 
nitr. n.-Yom. ol. phell. plat. puis, 
raphan. rhus. sabad. sel. sep 
squill, stann. [" Cal.-caust. 
rhus-r." — Ed.1 

emotions (after). Bry. 

evening (in the). Mang. 

itching (with). Anac. arg. 

calc. cic. colch. dig. euphorb. 

hep. n.-vom. ol.-an. phell. plat. 

mis. rhus squill, stann. 

["Ehus-r."— Ed.] 
night (at). Ars. cann. bar.- 


— — parts affected (in the). Aeon, 

pricking. -Lact. plat. 

[" Khus-r."— Ed.1 

— — scratching (after). Am.-c. 
evon. erat. led. mere, natr.-s. 
sep. sil. sulph. ["Rhus-r." — 


Pains in the Skin (Shooting). 

Bar.-c. bry. cann. sabad. 

stung (after being). Nitr 

^ — touched (when). Fer. sa* 

bin. [" Fer.-acet."— Ed.1 

— Shooting. Aeon. ars. bar.-c. 
bry. con. dig. fer.-mg. lact. nitr 
n.-vom. plat. puis. ran. spong. 
stann. teuc. thuj. sine. 

burning (with). Bar.-o 

bry. cann. sabad. 
crawling. Bar,-c. laetw 


emotions (after). Bry. 

(with). Agn. bar.-c. con. 

eye. dig. kali, mur.-ac. n.-vom. 

plat. puis. sil. spong. stann. 

tab. teucr. [" Rhus-r." — Ed.] 
night (at). Cann. mere. 

tingling. See Grawlinq. 

— Smarting or Biting. Am.-m. 
calc. euphorb. lach. lact. led: 
mez. oleand. ol.-an. phell. 

with itching. Am.^. calc. 

euphorb. lach. lact. led. mes. 
ol.-an. phell. 

Paleness of the Skin. Ars. 
chin. cocc. con. fer. graph, hell, 
hydroc. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. phos. puis. sep. sulph. 
(Compare Chlorosis.) 

Panaris. Alum, am.-m. bar.-c. 
bov. calc. caus. con. hep, iod. 
lach. mere, natr.-m. puis. rhus. 
Sep. sil. sulph. m.-arc. m.-aus. 

Parchment (Skin like). Ars. 

Pemphigus. See Sect. 1. 

PETECHiiB. Ars. bell. bry. con. 
led. phell. phos. rhus. sec. siL 
sulph. -ac. 

Pimples. Ant. arg. ars. bov. cic. 
con. gins. hep. kal.-ch. mere, 
mer.-ac. mur.-ac. natr.-m. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. phos. phos.-ac. rhus. 
sass. 'squill, staph, stront. tab. 
tart, veratr. zinc. mgs. [" Rhus* 
r." — Ed.] Compare Eruptions. 

— Which break. Merc.-aeet. 

SEcrr. n. — sthptoics. 


Plexus Venarum (Red). Plat. 
Pox (Small). See Vaaiola, 

Sect. 1. 
Pores (Black). Natr. nitr.-ac. 

Pricking. Flat, fer.-mg. 
Pus of Ulcers (Acrid, Corrosive). 

Ars, carb.'Veg, clem, mere, rhus, 

sil. squill. 

— Cerrosive. See Acrid, and 
compare Ulcers (Gnawing). 

— Dirty. Phos.'ac. 

— Fetid. Am.-o. ars, asa. carb,' 
17. con. graph, lye. mere, pfaos. 
rhns. sep. sii. staph, iiUph. 
[" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Gelatinous. Sil. 

— Gnawing. Merc. sil. 

— Greenish. Rhus. sil. 

— Sanguineous. Ars. bell. con. 

— Sanious. Am.-c. ars, asa. bell. 
carb.'V, clem. mere. rhus. sil. 
squill. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Serous. Aaa, sulph. 

— Viscous. Con. 

— Yellow. Clem. sil. sulph. 
Pustules. Am.-c. ant. anthrok, 

ars, bell, berb. bry. calc. clem, 
cocc. oroton. dulc, even, hydroe, 
hyos. lach. magn.-m. mere, plat, 
petr. puis. ran. ran.-sc. rhus. 
rhus-v. sass. sep. sil. sol.-m. 
sidph, tart, thuj. mgs. [" Rhus- 
r."— Ed.] 

— Black. Ars, bell, hyos. mur.- 

— Red. Hydroe. rhus. sec. sil. 
-— Sanguineous. Ars, natr.-m. sec . 
Redness of the Skin. Aeon. 

agar. beU, crot. lach. lye. nuls. 

— Burning. Bell. 

— Itching. Agar. bell. 

— Scarlet. Am.-m. bell. croc. 
* euphorb. gal v. phos.-ao. tereb. 
Bhagades. Alum. aur. calc. hep, 

lye. mang, n.-vom. nitr.-ao. 
petr. puis. rhus. sass. sulph, 

vol. ir. — 6* 

Rough, Scaly, Rugged (Skin). 
Bell. calc. graph, hyos. iocL 
mere. sec. sep. 

Burning of the Skin. See Ooz- 

Scabies. See Sect. 1. 

Scabs. Alum, am.-c. ant. ars 
bar,'C, bar.-m. bell, bo v. calc 
cie. clem. con. croton. dulc. 
graph, hep, lye, mere, mur,-ac 
natr.-m. phos.-ac. ran. rhus. 
sass, Sep. sil. sulph, thuj. viol.- 
trie. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Browu. Ant. 

— Callous. Ran. 

— Yellow. Ant. cic. 
%* Compare Tetters. 

— Eruptions. Aur. ars. bell, 
calc. cie. clem. con. cupr. dulc 
graph, led. lye. magn. mere, 
mur.-ao. oleand. phos. sep. sulph. 
(Compare also Furfurs and 

Scarlatina. See Sect. 1. 
SciRRHUS. See Sect. 1. 
Sensitiveness of the Skin. Arn, 

camph. chin. petr. sep. sU, spig. 


— Air (when touched in the), &o. 
See Chap. I., Sect. 2. 

Sheep-Rot (Eruption like). Led. 
Smarting. See Pains (Smart* 

Sphacelus. See Gangrene, Sect. 

Spots (Blue). Ars. bar.-c. fer. 

fer.-mg. n.-mosch. n.-vom. led. 

op. phos. sulph.-ac. 

— Brownish. Berb. carb.-v. con. 
hyos. petr. phos. plumb, sep, 

— Brown (Reddish). Nitr.-ac. 

— Burning. Kal. phos.-ac. sep. 
['* Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Cold Weather (appearing in) 

— Confluent. Bell. 

— Coppery. Lach. nitr.-ac. phos. 

— Excoriated. Lach. mere. 


CHAP, n.— H8BJH. 

Sfot8, Flea-bites (like). Aeon, 
graph. [" Rhus-r. "— EdJ 

— Gangrenous. Hyos. [" Ophi,- 
tox."— Ed.] 

— Hepatic. See Sect. 1. 

— Itching. Con. graph, iod. kal, 
lye, mere, natr.-m. spong. sulph.- 
ao. ['' Rhns-r. — ^Re^L, inflamed. 
Kalm."— Ed.] 

— Livid. Lach. sep. 

— Oozing after being scratched. 

— Mottled. Tkuj\ 

[" — Black. Crot."— Ed.] 

— Pale. Lach. 

— Red. Ars. bell. calo. cocc. 
con. cor. dulc. fer.-mg. graph, 
iod. kal. lach. lyo. magn. mere, 
phos.-ac. sabad. sep. spong. 
squill, stann. sulph. sulph.-ao. 
tab. [" Grot."— Ed.] 

— Red, cold temperature (in a). 

— — moon (during the increase 
of). Clem. 

— Rosy (Tuberculous). Natr. 

— Running. See Oozing. 

— Scarlet. Bell, euphorb. (phos.- 
ac. tereb). 

— Scorbutic G^^®)» Mere. 

[" — Swelling of the whole Body. 

Crot."— Ed.] 
^ Tettery. Mere, natr.-m. phos. 


— Tuberculous. Alum. natr. sil. 

— Vinous. Sep. 

— Whitish. Ars. alum. phos. 
Sep. sil. sulph, 

— Yellow. Fer. kal. lach. natr. 
petr. phos. sabad. sep. sulph. 
tart. ["Crot."— Ed.] 

(annular). Natr. natr.-m. 

— Yellow and Green (which be- 
come). Con. [" Crot."— Ed.] 

Steatoma. See Sect. 1. 
Streaks (Red). Sabad. 
~ Reddish-brown. Carb.-v. 

— Scarlet Euphorb. 


Suppurations. Asa. bell. hep. 
mang. mere. mez. puis. sil. 
sulph. [" Brom. nuz-jug. fer.- 
acet." — Ed.1 (Compare Sect. 


— Checked. Ars. hep. 

— Malignant. Asa. kreos. mere. 

— Membranous Parts (in the). 

— Mild. Merc. puis. sil. 
Stcosis. See Sect. 1. 
Tension of the Skin in Bed, in the 

Evening. Stront. 
Tetters in general. Alum. ars. 
bor. bov. ealc. carb.-v. cans, 
clem. con. dulc. graph, hep. 
iod. kal. lye. natr. natr.-m. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. petr. phos. phos.-ac. 
ran. rhus. sass. sil. sol.-m. sep. 
spong. staph, sulph. zinc. 
[" Rhus-r.''— Ed.] 

— Annular. Sep. 

— Bleeding, after scratching. 

— Body (over the whole). Dulc. 

— Burning, Painful. Ars. ambr. 
bov. bry. calad. carb.-v. con. 
led. mere. sep. sulph. mgs.-arc« 

air (in the open). Led. 

night (at). Staph. 

scratching (after). Staph. 

— Cold Water (Sensitive to). 

— Dry. Bov. calo. dulc. kal.-h. 
kreos. led. mere. phos. phos.-ac. 
rhus. staph, veratr. sulph. 

— Furfuraceous. Ars. bry. dulc. 
kreos. led mere. phos. sulph. 
(am.-c. bov. calc. cic. graph.) 
(Compare Sect. 1.) 

— Gnawing. See Sect. 1.) 

— Grapes (in the form of a bunch 
of). Calo. 

— Insensible. Lyo. magn. 

— Itching. Alum. ambr. bov. 



eaofl. clem. eon. graph, kal.-h. 

kreos. led. magn.-s. mere. mang. 

natr.-m. nic. nitr.-ao. petr. sep. 

Tetters, Itching (in the evening). 

Alum. bry. graph, staph. 

at night. Ars. graph, staph. 

Warmth of the bed (in the) 

-^ Ljchenoidal. See Soot. 1, 


— Mercurial. See Chap. XX VL, 


— Oozing. Alum, bov, cole. oaus. 
dent. con. didc. graph, hop. 
kreos. lyo. mere. natr. phcs.-ac, 
rhus. sep. stdph. 

— (Painless.) Mgn. 

— Pale. Dulc. 

while the moon is on the 

wane. Clem. 
«— PhlyotsenoidaL See Sect. 1, 

and compare Yesiculs. 

— Pustulous. Kreos. 

— Red. Clem. dulo. magn. 

-* — while the moon i^ increas- 
ing. Clem. 

— Running. Sec Oozing. 

— Scabby. Alum. ars. cede. clem, 
con. dulc. graph, hep. lyo. mur.- 
ac. phos«-ac. ran. sass. sep. staph, 
sulph. (Compare Scabs.) 

— Scaly. See Sect 1, Tette&s 
(Scaly), lad below, Scales. 

— Sensitive to cold water. Dulc. 
.— Small. Dulc. magn. 

— Squamous. Clem. cupr. dulc. 
led. magn. mere. phos. (Com- 
pare Sect. 1.) 

"— Suppressed. Ambr. lach. 

— Suppurating. Ars. dulo. lyo. 
mere. natr. hep. sil. sine. 

— Syphilitic. See Sect. 1, Sy- 

«— Lacerating Pains (with). Mgs.- 

— Wrinkled and cracked. Lye. 

— Yellow. Cupr. sulph. 

Tetters, Yellow, Brownish. Lyo. 

Thickness, produced by Scratoho 

ing. Lach. 
Tickling. See Itching. 
Tubercles. Agar. alum. an. an- 

throc. calc. caus. cocc. dulc. 

elect, hep. kreos. lach. led. 

magn. magn.-m. mang. inez. 

natr. natr.-m. nitr. spig. staph. 

staph, thuj. [" Brom."— Ed.] 

— Red. Elea. 
Tumors. See Sect. 1. 
Ulceration of Wounds (tendency 

to). Alum, bar.-c. bor. calo. 
cnam. croc, graph, hep. mang. 
petr. sil. staph, sulph. 

— in the skin (Pain as from). Kal. 
Ulcers, which become Black. 

Ars. con. 

— Bleeding easily. Ars. bell. 
carb.-v. con. hep. hyos. kal. lye. 
mere, nitr.-ac. phos. puis. sil. 

Night (during the). Kal. 

— Bluish (which become). Ars. 
asa. aur. con. lach. mere. 

— Boring (with). Chin. sil. sulph. 

— Broken (at the bottom). Phos.- 

— Burning. Ars. bell. bov. carb.-v* 
cham. clem, graph, hep. lye. mere, 
mez. mur.-ac. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
plumb, puis. ran. rhus. sep. sil. 

margins (on the) Mur.-ac. 

night (at). Hep, lye. rhus. 

touched (when). Lach. lye. 

— Cold (painful when), Ars. 

— Coldness (with a sensation of )« 

— Crawling. Cham. clem. con. 
> rhus. 

night (at). Rhus. 

— Dirty (at the bottom). Lack 

— Drawing Pains (with). Bell. 

— Eating. See Gnawing. 

— Excoriation (with pain as finom). 
Bell. hep. mez. 


CHAT. n. — BKisr. 

CFiiCCRS (Excoriation when touch- 
ed). Hep. 

— Fetid. Am.-c. ars. aaa. calc. 
carb.-v. con. hep. lye. mere. sep. 

— Fistulous. Ant. calc. lye. phos. 
sil. sulph. 

— Flesh (with proud). Ars. 
graph, petr. sep. sil. sulph. 

.— Fungous. Lach. mere. sil. 

— Gangrenous. Ars. bell, chin. 
con. hep. kre. ? kich, rhus. sec. 
sU, squill, vip.-red. 

— (Gnawing). Ars. con. hep. 
mere, mer.-dulc. meif. nitr.-ac. 
ran. sil. sulph.-ac. 

— Greenish. Ars. 

— Indolent. Ars. carb.-v. phos.- 
ac. s^. 

— Inflamed. Ant. ars. mez. puis, 

— Insensible. Ars. euphorb. 

— Inveterate. Ran.-aor. 

— Itching. Alum. ars. bov. graph. 
^ lye. phos.-cu:. puis. ran. sep. sil. 

staph, sulph. 

margins (on the). Tart. 

night (at). Lye. staph. 

— Jerking Pains (with). Cham, 

•— Lardaceous. Ars. mere, sabin. 

— Margins (with bluish). Asa. 
hard. Ars. asa. calc. puis. 

lye. phos. 

inverted. Lye. 

pale. N.-vom. 

•— Margins painful. Merc. acet. 


— — raised. Ars. n.-vom. sulph. 

— — red. Ars. calc. gal v. lach. 
lye. sulph. 

— Sensitive. Asa. 

— Nails (In the). See Panaris. 

— Night (Painful at). Bell. hep. 
lye. rhus. 

— Painful. Ars. lye. mere, mur.- 

— — cold (After taking). Ars. 

Ulcers Surrounded by Pimples. 
Lach. sulph. 

— Pressure (with). Sil. 

— Pulsation (with). Bry. chin, 
clem. hep. sulph. 

— Night (During the). Hep. 

— Putrid. Ars. carb.-v. hep 
kreos. mor.-ac. puis. sil. sulpL 

— Putrid smell (of a). Calc. hepi 

— Scabby. Ars. bell. 

— Scorbutic. See Sect. 1. 

— Scrofulous. See Sect. 1. 

— Shooting. Ars. chin. clem, 
graph, hep. lam. lye. mez. $utr.» 
ae. n.-vom. petr. puis. ran. sep. 
sil. staph, sulph. 

Margins (on the), when 


night (at). Rhus. 

splinters (as from). Nitr.- 

— Smarting. Bry. cham. graph, 
lam. puis. rhus. sil. staph. 

night (at). Ehus. 

— Smell (of a putrid). Calc. hep. 

— Smooth. Lach. phos.-ac. ran. 

— Superficial. Merc, phos.-ac. 

— Suppurating sjightly. Ars. 

— Syphilitic. See Sect. 1. 

— Swollen. Bell. con. lye. 

— Teariugs (with). Canth. graph. 
lye. sep. staph, sulph. 

— night (at). Lye. 

— Tensive pains (with). Con. 

— Tettery. Zine. 

— Touch (sensitive to the). Asa. 
bell. cham. 

— Warts (in the form of). Arsi 
Unhealthy Skin (every injury 

tends to ulceration). Alum. bar. 
c. bor. calc. cham. croc, graph. 
hep. mang. petr. sil. staph, 
sulph. [" Crot."— Ed.] 
Urticaria. Aeon. ant. anthrok. 
ars. bry. calc. carb.-v. cans. 
chin. clem. con. cop. dulc. hep> 
ign. kal. kre. lye. magn.-s. mere. 



natr.-m. nUr.-ac, n.-vom. petr. 
phos. puis, rhtcs. sass. sulph. 
urt. verat. 
Urticakia, Air (appearing in the 
fresh). Calc. 

— Air (appearing in the open). 

— Exercise (after violent). Con. 

Varicella (Eruptions resem- 
bling). Ant. puis. sil. sol.-m. 
tart. thuj. 

Varioloides. See Sect. 1. 

Venarum. (Plexus Red). Plat. 

Vesioula. Bry. cant, croton. nitr. 
ran. tab. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— 'Gnawing. Bor. caus. graph. 
kal. magn. mtT.-tLO. petr. sep. sil. 

— White. Elect. 

Warts. Am.-c. ars. bar.-c. dov. 
c€Uc. caus. dulc. euphorb. fer.- 
mg. kal. lach. Ijo. natr. natr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. nitr.-sp. petr. rhus. 

ruta. sass. sep. sil. sulph. sulph.- 

ac. thuj. 
Warts, Inflamed. Bell. caus. 

^itr.-ac. sep. sil. siUph. thuj. 
Wounds in general. Am. diad. 

mere. natr. nitr.-ac. u.-moa. phos 

sen. staph. [" Calend."— ^d. 

— Bleeding (ready and copious). 
Diad. lach. mere, nitr.-ac. phos 

— Burning. Natr. nitr.-ac. 

— Inflamed. Plumb, sulph. 
[" Calend."~-ED.] 

— Incisive pains (with). Natr. 

— Shooting pains (with). Natr. 

— Suppurating. Bor. mere, "phimh* 
puis. sil. sulph. 

Wrinkled Skin. Phos. sass. sec. 
Yellow Color of the Skin. Aeon. 

ars. bry. calc. oarb.-v. caus. 

cham. chin. con. dig. hep. iod. 

lach. mere, n.-vom. plumb, sec. 

sulph. (Compare Icterus.) 
Zona. See Sect. 1. 




CoiMit — See Somnolency. 

Lethargyt-^-See Sohnolenot. 

Nightnarc (Incubus). — A preference may be given to : 

Aconit. — [n the case of women or children, when there are at the 
Bame time : Febrile heat, thirst, palpitation of the heart, ebullition 
of the blood, oppression of the chest, anxiety, and inquietude. 

Nux-voM. — ^When the attacks have been oooasioncd by alcoholie 
drinks, beer, a full meal, a sedentary life, &o. 

184 OHAP. m. — BLEEP. 

Onuic — ^Wlien the attacks are sevore, and are oharacterised by 
Buspended respiration, ejes half open, open mouth, snoring, rftle, 
features expressive of anguish, face covered with cold perspiration, 
shocks and convulsive movements of the limbs. 

Should the medicines indicated provo insufficient, recourse may be 
had to : StUph. and sil,,, or else to : J.m.-c., hep., phos., puU., ruta, 
and valer., according to circumstances. See also this article in the 
Affections Accessort to Sleep, Sect. 3. 

[" Sleep (Different Forms of). 

"AcoNiTUM — Sensation of fatigue; constant drowsiness, with 
hurried respiration. Nightly delirium, sle^)lessness, with anxiety 
and restlessness occasioned by pain. Anxious and vexatious dreams, 
with oppression of breathing. Bestlessness and talking during sleep, 
starting as with affright. At night alternately cold and hot, with 
partial sweats ; dryness of the mouth. Wakes in the morning with 
dizziness and languor, retaining a vivid recollection of his dreams. 

"^thusa — Drowsiness, with languor, especially in the afternoon ; 
sometimes passing off in the open air. 

"Agazicus — Frequent yawning. Irresistible drowsiness in the 
daytime^ with heaviness of the head ; sometimes inability to sleep in 
the evening. Sleep prevented by weariness of the lower limbs, and 
ideas crowding on the mind. Night-sleep restless, full of dreams, and 
unrefreshing. At night a desire to urinate, coldness of the left 
lower limb, and a spasmodic cough, from irritation of the larynx, soon 
after going to sleep. 

"Agnus — Restless sleep ; wakes as if in affright ; — anxious and 
voluptuous dreams, which he does not remember. 

"Aluuina — Drowsiness in the daytime, especially towards evening. 
Inability to sleep during the evening before midnight, from heavi- 
ness in the limbs. At night restless, unrefreshing sleep, full of 
dreams, starting as with affright, muttering, loud talking ; great dis- 
tress, lamentations. Sound sleep towards morning, with difficult 
waking. Symptoms at night, in bed : cough, succeeded by a dry 
heat ; headache, asthmatic oppression, and perspiration when waking, 
with low spirits. 

"Ambra — Drowsiness during the day ; sleeplessness at night, un- 
til morning, when the sleep is full of dreams. Restless sleep, with 
lascivious or vexatious dreams and talking. Uneasiness at night 
lacerating in the head on falling asleep. Headache, languor, dry- 
ness of the mouth, and numbness of the whole surface on waking. 
Waking with unpleasant feelings about midnight, and with woarinesa 
in the morning. 


"Ax .-OAX.B. — ^Stretching of the limbs ; sleepiness during the day ; 
wakefulness at night, especially on going to bed late. Uneasy, un- 
refreshing sleep at night ; frequent waking, with chilliness, groan- 
ing, and sobbing ; numerous dreams ; starts from sleep as if in 
affright. At night vertigo, boring and lancinating pain in the head, 
nausea, colic, oppression at the sternum ; pain in the limbs and the 
small of the back, increased by motion. * 

"Ax. -HUB. — ^Drowsiness early in the evening; wakefulness the 
first part of the night, from cold feet or heat in the head ; sleep rest- 
less and full of dreams ; frequent sneezing and titillation in the 
throat ; pain in the small of the back ; sensation in the night of a 
bruise in the right side of the back, aggravated by motion. Stitches 
in the hips after midnight, relieved by pressure. 

"Anaoabdivm — Somnolency night and day; sleep late in the 
morning, with disturbed sleep at night. Vexatious and distressing 
dreams. Toothache at night, diarrhoea, pain in the bones, cramps in 
the calves of the legs, and twitching of the mouth and fingers. 

"Anoustuba — Drowsiness when reading; great desire to sleep 
m the evening ; sleep towards morning with dreams ; uneasy sleep. 

"AimiioNiuM-CRUD. — Great sleepiness during the day, particuhirly 
in the morning and evening. Slumber with delirium ; roused from 
sleep by a sensation of itching ; frightful and quarrelsome dreams. 

"ARaENT.-NiTE. — Slecpincss in the evening, especially when sit 
ting ; nightly nervousness, with restless sleep full of dreams ; rest 
less nights, with headache and stupefaction. 

"Arnica — ^Uneasy, unrefreshing sleep, full of dreams, with con 
stant talking. Involuntary stools while asleep. Sleepiness during 
the day ; starting at night as if in affright on falling asleep. Vivid 
dreams of graves and murder. 

"Arsenicum — Constant disposition to sleep, with yawning and 
languor. Sleepiness, with uneasiness, fainting fits, moaning, and an 
involuntary activity of the mind early in the morning. Light, rest 
less, unrefreshing sleep, vcith talking, grinding of the teeth, convul- 
sive movement of the hands and fingers. Sleep full of dreams, vexa- 
tions, frightful or lively. Jerking of the limbs and asthmatic attacks. 
Wakes with headache and irritation of temper. 

"AsA-FOETiDA — Somnolencc in the evening with weariness ; rest- 
less, unrefreshing sleep, with cheerful dreams. 

" AsARxm — ^Feeling of languor and nausea towards evening ; ill-hu* 
mor, stitches in the dorsum of the leflt foot during sleep ; vexatious 

"AuRuir — Fatigue early in tho morning, on waking ; drowsinesa 

186 OHAP. m. — SLEEP. 

during the day. Sleeplessness daring iho night without pun» with 
inability to lie on the side. Restless sleep, with pain, frightful 
dreams, and ravings. 

" Bartta-carb. — Drowsiness night and day ; sleep disturbed by 
waking, anxious and frightful dreams. Pain in the legs at night as 
from fatigue. Sleep unrefreshing ; general sensation of weariness 
on waking. * 

<< Bellabonna — Continual drowsiness. Stupor, lethargy, deep 
sleep with snoring, quick small pulse, wild looks, cold face and hands. 
Sleeplessness at night from distress, or flow of ideas. Restless 
sleep, screaming, moaning, starts, talking; frightful visions, terrify- 
ing and anxious dreams. Unrefreshing sleep ; wakes with ill-hu* 
mor, headache, languor, and aggravation of the symptoms. 

" Benzoic- ACID — Violent pulsations of the heart after midnight, 
rousing from sleep ; nausea and loss of appetite in the morning. 

"Berberis — Weariness and drowsiness during the day; long 
sleep, with pains in the back, loins, and headache. Restless sleep, 
disturbed by itching, burning, anxious dreams, and frequent waking ; 
languor and confusion in the head on waking. 

'*BisMUTHUH — ^Debility; drowsiness when reading, or working, 
and after rising. Waking at night as if in affright ; vivid, anxious, 
and lascivious dreams. 

" Borax — ^Frequent inclination to sleep during the day ; late 
sleep in the morning. Waking eaily with difficulty of going to 
sleep from heat and flow of ideas. Sleep disturbed by colics, diar- 
rhoea, ebullition of blood, and vexatious dreams. 

"BoviSTA — ^Drowsiness during the evening; sound night-sleep 
with weariness on rising ; or restless sleep disturbed by roughness 
of the throat and vexatious dreams. 

** Bromine — ^Drowsiness, particularly in the evening while reading, 
with feeling of compression in the head. Sleep full of dreams of 
death, journeys, &o. Stupefied morning-sleep, cheerful dreams, and 
bright waking in the morning. 

"Brucea — Drowsiness in the daytime, particularly when sitting; 
alternating with loss of appetite. Sleep full of dreams. 

" Bryonia — ^Yawning ; sleepiness during the day ; sleepiness in- 
terrupted by delirium. Restlessness before midnight, caused by 
heat. Unquiet sleep, disturbed by thirst, confused vexatious dreams, 
groans, cries, and delirium. Bitter taste in the mouth on waking. 
Nightmare. Somnambulism and nocturnal delirium; visions with 
the eyes open. 

'' Caladiux — Drowsiness early in the evening ; during the day a 


diuy slumber, la whioh things forgotten when awake are remem- 
bered. Dreams and meanings in the night ; cramps in the bottom 
of the feet. 

" Calg.-caeb. — Great desire to sleep during the day, with fatigue, 
chilliness, and headache. Retarded sleep, restlessness from flow of 
ideas, f oluptuous or frightful images, which appear as soon as the 
eyes are closed. During sleep, talking, groans, cries, and startR^ 
snoring, frequent dreams, confused and frightful,— -of the sick and 
dead. Sleep of short duration. Waking early with exhaustion, and 
desire to sleep. At night asthmatic suffering, anxiety, heat, thirst; 
throbbing of the heart, ebuUition of blood with pains in different 
parts of the system. 

" Oam PHORA — ^Drowsy sleepiness, with incoherent talking. At night 
talks in a low voice, mutters and sighs ; snoring and restlessness. 
On closing the eyes, sees objects which increase and decrease in size. 

" Cannabis — Great desire to sleep during the day ; nocturnal sleep- 
lessness ; waking in the morning, with feeling of fatigue. At night 
anxiety of the heart and sensation of burning over the skin. 

" Canthaeis — ^Desire to sleep, especially in the afternoon ; sleep- 
lessness without apparent cause. At night half sleep. 

" Oapsicuh — ^Yawnings, sleep full of dreams, in whioh he starts and 
screams ; or great wakefulness during the night. 

" Carbo-an. — ^Late falling asleep, with inquietude, anguish, sleep- 
lessness, or restless sleep at night. Sleep with unquiet dreams, tears, 
talking, and groans. Bleeding at the nose. Sudden pain, and great 
lassitude at night. 

" Caeb.-vsg. — Disposition to sleep during the day, disappearing 
on moving. Sleep in the morning ; comatose, or retarded sleep. 
Sleeplessness occasioned by uneasiness of the body. Headache at 
night in bed, oppression of the chest, pains in the limbs, coldness of 
the hands and feet, frequent dreams with talking. 

" Causticum — ^Desire to sleep during the day ; restlessness at 
night with starts ; movements of the limbs when asleep ; quarrel- 
some, confused, or voluptuous dreams, with talking and laughing ; as 
night vertigo, dryness of the mouth, pains in the head and limb& 
General perspiration and oftentimes shuddering and chills. 

" Chamomilla — Drowsiness during the day. Coma, with feverish 
restlessness, short breathing, and thirst. Sleeplessness at night, 
with distress, illusions of the imagination. During sleep talks, 
weeps, and howls ; on waking says foolish things. Quarrelsome and 
vexatious dreams. Starts in his sleep ; snoring. 

** China — Desire to sleep during the day, yawning ; retarded sleep. 

188 GHAP. m. — BUEEP. 

SleeplessneBs ; unrefreflluiig sleep, with pressive pain in the head, 
difitnrbed by starts, painful and frightful dreams. Sleeps lying on 
the back, with slow respiration, and quick pulse. Groaning and snor- 
ing in sleep ; senseless dreams after midnight, with dullness on waking. 

" Ohin.-sulph. — Drowsiness in the daytime ; deep, unrefreshing, 
restless sleep, with night-sweats. Heat on waking, with thirst, head- 
ache, tingling in the ears. Sleeplessness, with perspiration or dry 

'* CiouTA — Yawning, drowsiness, vivid or confused dreams which 
are not remembered. Sleeplessness in the night. Waking in the 
morning with fatigue ; waking with perspiration, which does not 
seem to weaken. 

** CiMEX — Drowsiness, with sensation of weariness during the day. 
Easily falls asleep when sitting in the morning. 

''CiNA — Yawning with trembling. Sleeplessness at night, with 
distress, agitation, tears, cries, and heat. 

" CiNCH.-suLPH. — ^Drowsiness, tremulousness, quiet, unfreshing 
sleep. Eestless sleep ; sleep full of dreams ; nightmare, lascivious 
or torturing dreams. 

" CocoxTLus — Sleepiness in the morning ; half sleep ; sleep unre- 
freshing, disturbed by distress, starts, cries, and convulsive move- 
ments of the hands and head. Dreams of death and disease ; fear 
of ghosts. 

" CoFFEA — Sleeplessness from agitation of body or mind ; tosses 
about during sleep. Sleeplessness after midnight ; restless or sound 
sleep, with frequent waking towards morning. Long and vivid 

" CoLCHicuM — Yawning ; drowsiness in the daytime, with dull- 
ness of the head ; restless night-sleep, with frequent waking. Sleep- 
lessness from nervous irritation. 

." CoLOOTNTHis — Disturbed sleep at night. Sleep lying on the 
back. Sleepiness alternating with delirium, with eyes open. Sleep- 
lessness ; frequent, lively, and lascivious dreams. 

" CoNiUM — ^Desire to sleep in the morning and evening, and dur- 
ing the day. Slow sleep. Agitated and unrefreshing sleep, disturbed 
by dreams of death, disease, and quarrels. Headache, nausea, gas- 
tralgia, bleeding at the nose, nightmare, and pains in the limbs. 

" Crocus — Disposition to sleep after a meal ; drowsiness, with 
glassy eyes. Restless sleep ; sings and starts in sleep. Confused, 
frightful, or gay dreams. 

" CnoTALUs — Drowsiness, with cold skin. Sopor. Dreams of 
travelling. Feels bruises on waking in the morning. 


** CoPKUM — ^Deep sleep, with jerking of the limbs ; grumbling in 
the abdomen ; sleeplessness ; sleep interrupted by vomitings. 

'' Dit>iTALis — Drowsiness, with fatigae ; lethargy interrupted by 
Tomiting ; restless, uneasy, unrefreshing sleep. Sleep at night 
disturbed by pain in the left shoulder and elbow-joint; anxious 

" Drosbea — Drowsiness at noon and sunset ; snoring during sleep 
while lying on the back. Frequent waking, with starts, weariness, 
and perspiration. 

" DuLOAMAEA — ^Dosiro to sleep during the day. Sleep at night 
restless and agitated, from fatigue, heat, itching, and twitching in the 
body, particularly before midnight. Waking early with visions. 
Frightful dreams. 

"EuFHORBiuM — Stupor in the afternoon; sleeplessness and tre- 
mulous tossing before midnight, with roaring in the ears. Frequent 

" Ferrum-aobt. — Constant drowsiness during the day. Light 
sleep, with eyes half open. Falls asleep late. Sleep restless, full 
of dreams, heavy in the morning. Flatulent colic at night. 

« FERRUH-scAa. — ^Yawning with ptyalism. Unrefreshing sleep, with 
languor, dullness in the head, and confused dreams. 

" Fluoric-acid— Sleeplessness day and night; short refreshing 
sleep in the morning ; numerous dreams, of distant friends, death, 
and disease. 

" Graphites — Sleep during the day. Sleep at night restless, in« 
complete, unrefreshing, disturbed by frightful dreams of fire and 
death ; starts with fright ; heat, distress, and gastric sufferings. 

"Helleboevs — Restless sleep towards morning. Sleepiness, 
with eyes half opened, and turned upward ; confused dreams, not 
remembered. Sleeplessness. 

" Hepae — ^Disposition to sleep morning and evening, with convul- 
sive yawnings ; unquiet or prolonged sleep, with stupefaction. Dreams 
of fire and sickness ; at night headache, gastric affections, jerking of 
the limbs with great distress. 

*'Hto8ctamus — Somnolency; retarded sleep, or sleeplessness, 
caused by nervous excitement or distress. Drowsy sleep, with con- 
vulsions and involuntary movements of the limbs. 

" Ignatia — Sleep light; deep, with stertorous breathing; violent 
spasmodic yawnings. Restless sleep, agitated by nightmare ; dreamg 
of a fixed idea ; starts with frights. 

** Ifeoaouanha — Restless sleep, with groans, jerking of the limbs, 
frightful dreams, and frequent starts. 

140 OHAP. 

" loDitrk — Sleeplessness. Restless sleep, with numeroas dreams. 

" Kali-bichroh. — Drowsiness about break&st-time. Restless, 
nnrefreshing sleep, with talking and frightfiil dreams. Early waking, 
with quick pulse, general heat, and dyspncea. 

"Eali-ca&b. — Sleepiness during the day and evening; sleep 
agitated by frightful dreams of robbers, danger, death, and devils. 
Gas trio suffering at night ; colic, diarrhoea, asthmatic sufferings, and 
cramps in th» calves of the legs. 

"Kali-nitr. — Drowsiness in the daytime. Restless nights 
Comatose sleep, with ravings ; nightmare ; dreams of travelling, of 
danger, fire, and water. 

" Ereasotuh — Sleepiness ; yawning, sometimes with putrid taste, 
with shiverings, weeping, and pressive pain in the forehead. Great 
restlessness; disturbed, nnrefreshing sleep, with frequent waking 
and paralytic feeling in the limbs. Sleep full of dreams, of pursuit, 
danger, poisoning, and foul linen. At night pain in the loins, with 
shiverings, pulsations in the head, and burning pain in the eyes. 

" Lachesis — Drowsiness by day ; sleeplessness, before midnight, 
from nervous excitement. Light sleep, with agitation, tossing, 
groans, and sighs. Heat, burning in the palms of the hands and 
soles of the feet ; rheumatic pain, diarrhoea, pain in the limbs, loins, 
and head. 

" Lactuca — Desire to sleep while attending to business ; restless, 
nnrefreshing sleep. At night, tightness of the chest, difficulty of 
breathing, with oppressive pain in the chest, throbbing in the region 
of the heart, tearing in the head, headache, spasmodic cough, and 
febrile heat. Unable to lie on the back from difficulty of breathing. 

" Laurocerasus — ^Yawning, with shuddering. Desire to sleep 
during the day and evening. Drowsiness ; sleeplessness from over- 

" Ledum — Sleepiness in the daytime, like sopor. In the morning 
feels drowsy, nauseated, and chilly. Restless sleep, with raving and 
horrible dreams. 

*' Lycopodium — ^Desire to sleep during the day and evening ; sleep 
retarded from nervous excitement ; restless sleep, with frightful and 
mournful dreams ; cries, starts, and bursts of laughter. Uneasiness 
jf the limbs at night, with distress, palpitation of the heart, headache, 
colic, and asthmatic sufferings. Difficult lying on the left side from 
palpitation of the heart. 

'^ Maon.-carb. — ^Sleepiness during the day. Sleeplessness, with 
dread of being uncovered. Unrefreshing sleep, waking early in the 


mondng with fatigue, and falling asleep again with difficulty. Sleep 
full of dreams of robbers, quarrels, and danger. 

" Maon.-sulph. — Sleeplessness at night, from pains in the head, 
abdomen, and loins. 

" Mephitis — Urgent desire to sleep. Dreams of fire, water, ^d 
spitting of blood. Wakes in the night with congestion of blood to 
the legs. On waking in the morning, stretching of the limbs for 
hours, with tearing pain and burning in the eyes. 

" Mercusius — ^Desire to sleep day and night ; deep and prolonged 
sleep. Retarded sleep in the evening; light and restless sleep. 
Sleeplessness from nervous excitability. Frightful and fantastic 
dreams. Inquietude at night, pains, cries, tears, and other sufferings. 
Aggravation of sufferings on going to sleep. During sleep, talking, 
groans and sighs, cold hands. On waking, sweat, tears, and ravings. 

" MoscHUS — Desire to sleep during the day. Coma. Pain in the 
part on which one has lain. Sleeplessness during the night, from 

" MuE.-ACiD. — Sleeplessness before midnight ; restless sleep, with 
groaning, talking, and disposition to sink in the bed. Early waking, 
caused by coldness. 

" Natb.-carb — ^Desire to sleep during the day ; retarded in the 
evening, and difficult waking in* the morning. Uneasy sleep, full of 
lascivious and frightful dreams. At night great uneasiness, nightmare, 
toothache, colic, and vertigo, with jerking and shocks. 

" NiTRi-ACin. — ^Retarded sleep in the evening, waking early in the 
morning with difficulty. Disturbed, unrefreshed sleep. At night 
bleeding from the nose, toothache, thirst, gastralgia, nausea, vomiting, 
and other difficulties. Frightful dreams, shocks in the body. 

" Ntjx-juo. — During the evening, in bed, feeling of intoxication, 
restless and uneasy sleep, full of dreams ; sudden waking in the 
afternoon from electrical starts running through the fore-arms. 

" Nux-iioscH. — Great desire to sleep. Deep sopor. Sleepiness 
on sitting down, mith. pain in the head. 

" Nux-voM. — ^Desire to sleep on rising in the morning ; aftei^ din- 
ner ; early in the evening, with sleeplessness at night. Short sleep ; 
difficulty of going to sleep after midnight. Drowsy state and pro- 
found sleep during the day. Sleep at night light, or like coma-vigil, 
full of dreams, with constant feeling of weariness. During sleep 
starts with fright, groans, lamentation, talking, weeping, delirium, 
lying on the back with the arms over the head; horrible and 
distressing dreams, waking in the morning with pain in the limbs 
and great lassitude. 

14S CHAP. m. 

** Olbander — Shuddering and jerking of the mascles. Desire to 
lie down, with a sort of ooma. Sleeplessness at night. Lascivious 

" Ofhiotoxigoii — ^Lethargy, with swelling and gangrene of the 
part ; vomiting, convulsions, pain about the heart ; thirst and moan* 
ing during sleep. 

" Opium — Lethargy, with snoring, less of consciousness, difficulty 
slow, or intermittent respiration, slow pulse, convulsive movement 
of the muscles of the face, great desire to sleep, with inability to do 
so. Incomplete sleep ; uneasy sleep, with dreams. Sleeplessness, 
with tossing and delirium, moaning, shocks in the limbs, and night- 

'' Petrolettk — Desire to sleep day and evening, when sitting. In- 
eomplete and agitated sleep at night, full of dreams. In the morning 
she feels very faint. ^ 

'* Phellandrium — Waking after midnight with distress, loathing, 
diarrhoea, followed by tenesmus and soreness of the anus. 

** Phosphorus — ^Desire to sleep by day, retarded in the evening ; 
sleeplessness at night, from vertigo, heat, and agitation of the blood. 
Unrefreshing sleep, with feeling in the morning of not having slept 
enough. At night nausea, vertigo, pains in the stomach and abdo- 
men, spasmodic asthma. Somnambulism. Ories, talking, weeping, 
and moaning during sleep. 

" Phos.-acid — ^Desire to sleep during the day and evening. Sleep- 
lessness at night, from agitation or dry heat. Coma. Ciphers before 
the eyes on falling asleep. Profound sleep ; involuntary movement 
of the hands, moaning, singing, laughing, or weeping, with eyes half 
open and convulsed. Dreams — frightful, lascivious. 

"Platina — ^Convulsive and spasmodic yawnings, particularly in 
the afternoon. Lascivious dreams. 

" Pluiibuh — Coma and lethargia, sometimes with diziiness. Noc- 
turnal sleeplessness, with abdominal spasms. Jerks and talking 
during sleep. 

'* Pulsatilla — Continued sleepiness and comatose sleep, with agi- 
tation and uneasy fantasies day and night. A great flow of ideas 
hinders sleep ; agitated sleep, with stupefaction on waking. Talking 
during sleep ; convulsive movements of the mouth, eyes, and limbs ; 
tears, cries, starts with fright ; jerking in the limbs. At night, agi- 
tation, dry heat, itching, wandering, and fixed ideas. Sleeps lying 
on the back with the knees raised ; frightful, distressing, and volup- 
tuous dreams. 

''Bhsum — ^Disturbed sleep at night, with ories, moaning, and 


qaivering of the muscles of the face and hands in children ; raving 
and walking in sleep ; headache and dizziness with mucns of a putrid 
smell and taste in the mouth after sleep. 

" Rhododendron — Desire to sleep during the day, with hurning 
sensation in the eyes. Sleeplessness after midnight. Sleep dis- 
turhed in the morning hy uneasiness in the body. 

" Rhus — Spasmodic yawning and desire to sleep during the day. 
Somnolency. Sleeplessness before midnight. Disturbed sleep with 
frightful dreams. Coma-somnolentum with snoring. Waking caused 
by bitterness and feeling of dryness in the mouth. Sleep at night dis- 
turbed ; pinching in the abdomen, and nausea ; unable to lie on the 
side. Sleep agitated and disturbed by talking, dreams, and weeping. 

" RuTA — Great drowsiness after a meal and in the evening. Wak- 
ing when touched with a cry of terror. At night, agitation with fre- 
quent waking. 

" Sabadilla — Restless nights, with pain in the right thigh and 
arms ; unrefreshing sleep ; itching all over, scratching, producing a 
burning sensation. Frightful and confused dreams. 

" Sabina — ^Disposition to lie on the left side while sleeping ; 
during sleep, talking, snoring, heat, and perspiration. 

" Sambucus — Starting from sleep with trembling and shortness of 
breath. Restless sleep, relieved by sitting up in bed. 

"Secalb — Drowsiness like sopor; languor after sleep; somno- 
lence with delirium. Sleeplessness, restlessness, and dry heat. 
Restless night-sleep. 

" Seneoa — Drowsiness in the evening ; sound stupefying sleep, 
with confusion in the head on waking. Restless sleep, interrupted by 
stitches and tightness in the chest. 

Sepia — ^Desire to sleep day and evening. Ooma. Sleeplessness 
from excitement. Waking without apparent cause. Agitated sleep, 
with ebullition of blood, frightful dreams, talking ; distress, feverish 
heat, toothache, colio at nigh,t. 

'* SiLicEA — Sleepiness without being able to go to sleep ; light 
sleep at night. Sleeplessness from heat in the head. Frightful 
and &ntastic dreams. Jerking of the body and snoring while sleep- 
ing. Congestion of blood to the head, with throbbing pain, pain in 
the stomach, nausea, and shootings in the joints. 

^'Sfigelia — Sleep at night unrefreshing, agitated, with nneasi* 
ness in the limbs, or heavy and stupefying. 

" Sfonoia — Sleeplessness before midnight. Delirium on going to 
deep. Waking in the night with airight. Unable to sleep after 
Biidnight ; on closing the eyes sees vivid images. 

144 OHAP. m. — BLEEP. 

" Stramonium — Deep sleep, with snoring, cries, and howling ; ooma> 
tose somnolency. Screaming and howling at night. Wakes with 
screams. Starting from sleep, and looking vacantly around with in« 
coherent talking. Great restlessness with moaning. 

" Sulphur — Retarded sleep, sleeplessness ; light sleep with fire- 
qaent waking, prolonged in the morning. Sleep unrefreshing. Pains 
in the limbs, heat, colic, gastralgia, asthmatic suffering. Bestless 
sleep, with cries, talking, and moaning. Illusion of the senses on 
waking. Sleep full of dreams. 

** Yeratruh — Coma-vigil, with imperfect consciousness. Sleep- 
lessness at night with distress. Moaning during sleep." — Ed.] 

8l66pleS8ll68St — Sleeplessness is, in most cases, only a symptom 

of another disease, which must be removed in order to restore 

healthy sleep. But it is often, also, the most prominent symptom ; 

'^, and then it is necessary to select a medicine suited to the cir* 

/' cumstances which have produced it. A preference may thus be 

given to: 

AcomTUM — ^When sleeplessness is caused by agitating events and 

Belladonna — When the patient feels a strong desire to sleep 
without being able to do so ; or when there are : Great anguish, agi- 
tation, frightful visions, timidity, apprehension with relation to real 
objects, &c ; or else if there are, at the same time time, great sleepi- 
ness in the morning, or early in the evening. 

CoFFEA — ^When sleeplessness is caused by excessive joy or agree- 
able over-excitement; or else in children, or in consequence of pro- 
longed watching ; also in persons who have indulged to excess in 

Hyosctamus — ^Against sleeplessness resulting from nervous ex- 
citement, especially in consequence of serious illness, or in the case 
of sensitive and irritable persons. 

Ionatia — ^When attributable to depressing emotions, such as grief, 
unpleasant ideas, &c. 

MoscHus — In many cases of sleeplessness arising from nervous ex- 
citement, attended by other sufferings, especially in hysterical or hy- 
pochondriacal persons. 

Nux-voM. — ^When it is the result of prolonged meditation, reading, 
&o., when it is produced by coffee, or, in the evening, by a concourse 
of ideas. 

Opium — After such emotions as fear, fright, &e, ; or when there 
are : Visions of phantonus, grinning faces, &c. ; also when it occurs 
in old people. 


Pulsatilla — When occasioned by too full a meal in the evening; 
or when there are : Great concourse of ideas, which prevent sleep; 
or else ebullition of the blood, congestion in the head, and anxiety 
attended by heat. 

For sleeplessness in Children, with cries, colic, tossing, &c., the 
ehief 'remedies are: Aeon., bell., cham., cqff',, j'alap., tijid rhod., or 
else : Bar,, cin., ipec., and senn. 

AooNiTTJM and Coff. — ^Are especially indicated when there is 
great agitation, mth febrile heat. 

Belladonna — Is preferable if the child cry for hours and days 
together, without any assignable cause. 

Ghamomilla — Is to be preferred when headache or earache is an 
attendant symptom. 

Jalap A — ^Is suitable principally when there is violent colic, with 

Hhaba&bum (Rheum) — Is indicated when there is a frequent 
want to evacuate, with tenesmus and colic. 

*^* See also Sleeplessness, Sect. 2, and Accessary Affections, 
Sect. 3. 

SOBmambnlfsnif or Koctambnlism*— The medicines which claim 
a preference are: Biy., phos,, and sil, 

Soninotelicyt — ^Under this head are collected the clinical remarks 
which relate to the various degrees of unhealthy sleep, such as: 
Coma Samnolentum, Cotna Vigil, CaZapJiora, Lethargy, Somno' 
lency, &c. 

For Drowsiness, or a Disposition to Sleep, which often manifests 
itself without any other symptom, but at extraordinary hours, the 
remedies which claim a preference are : Bell., cole., carb.-v., chin,, 
^^on-t gfoph*<, hep,, kal,, loch,, mere, natr., natr.-m,, n.-^vom., phas,, and 

For somnolency which manifests itself in the morning, the prin- 
cipal remedies are : Hep., natr., natr.-m., n.-vom., phos.'Oc., and 

For that which comes on after a Meal: Chin,, graph., lach^ 
n,'Vom„ phos,, and sulph, * 

For that which is felt early in the Evenino : Calc., cal,, lach,^ 
n.'Wm,, phos.-ac,, puis., sil,, and sulph, 
%^ See also Section 2, Propensity to Sleep. 
For Letharoic Somnolency or Coma the medicines which have 
hitherto been employed with most success are, in general : Bar,<,, 
bell., cham,, loch,, n.-vom., op., and puis. 

Coma Somnolentxtm requires especially: Bar.-c,, bell,, &ic4., 

VOL. II. — 7 

146 CHAP. in. — ^SLEKP. 

n^'Vom.y cp*, and pids.; or else: Ant,j croc,, lour,, led., phos.-ac., 
puls.t tart,, vercU,, and mgs.arc. 

For Coma Vigil the following hold priority : Ars., bell., cJiam., 
cocc., hep., hyos,, lack., n.-vom., op., &c. 

For Prolonged Coma» or Lethargy, the chief remedies are: 
Bell., loch., op., and perhaps: Plumb., or else Merc. 

With respect to the Syuptoms which characterize the different 
kinds of coma, the preference may be given to : 

Baryta — When there are : Lethargic somnolency, with agitation, 
groans, and murmurs, insensible pupils, weak and accelerated 

Belladonna — ^When there are : Deep or prolonged sleep, with im- 
mobility of body, subsultus-tendinum, pale and cold face, cold hands, 
small and quick pulse, groans, movements and convulsive jerks of the 
limbs, &€., with hunger and furious expression on waking; burning 
heat and dryness of the mouth after the attacks. Bell, is often suit 
able before La^h. or else after Op, 

CuAHOMiLLA — Especially in children, or when there are : Coma 
toso sleep, with great agitation, tossing, starts, jerking of the limbs, 
short respiration, feverish heat and redness of tJie hands or of the 
cheeks, alternately; cries, colic, greenish diarrhoea, &c. 

Lachesis — Against: Prolonged sleep, or when the somnolency 
alternates with sleeplessness, every second day, or when there are : 
Deep sleep, with insensibility and immobility of the body, grinding 
of the teeth, tremulous or intermittent pulse, or when the pulse is 
entirely suppressed. 

Nux-voM. — ^When there are: Heavy and profound sleep, with 
starts, groans, loud snoring, blearedness and dullness of the eyes, 
hanging jaw, salivation, &c. 

Opium — When there are : Deep sleep, open and convulsed eyes, red 
and puffed fa/x, hanging jaw, loss of consciousness, difficult, slow, and 
intermittent respiration, slow or entirely suppressed pulse, convul- 
sive movements of the limbs, muscles of the face, and corners of the 
mouth, &c. 

Pulsatilla — ^When there are : Continued drowsiness, with loss of 
consciousness, delirium, heat, with agitation and tossing; involun- 
tary movements of the mouth, hands, fingers, &c. {Puis, is often 
Buitable after Cham, or tart.) 

%* See also Sect. 2, Somnolency (Lethargic), Coma Vion*, 
and Sleep (Stupefying), and likewise Sect. 3, Affections whilx 
Ableep. Compare also Apoplexy, Chap. YI. 




Coma Somnolentuu. Agn. ant. 
ars. asa. bar.-c. beH, cans, coloc. 
cocc. con. croc, dig. hydroo. loch, 
laur, led. n,-nios, n.-vom. op, 
phos. phos.-a^c, plumb, puis, sec. 
Sep. stram. tart, tereb. vet'ot. 
zinc, mgs.-arc. 

Coma Vigil. Ars. cocc. hep. hy- 
droc. hyos. laur, n.-vom. verai. 
%* Compare Somnolency (Le- 

Dreams. See Sect. 4. 

Dreams (Many). See Sect. 4, 
Dreams. (Fantastic.) 

[" Evenings Before uoing to 

- Starting up on going to sleep, 
with drowsiness. Flat. 

— Stretching. Bell. chin. 

— Dread of going to Bed. Cann. 
caust. lye. mere. 

— Gaping. Am. arn. bell. bov. 
canst, chin. cocc. cupr. graph, 
igna. ip. lach. magn.-c. mere, 
natr.-c, nitr.-ao. *n.-vom. phos. 
phos.-ac. rhat. rhus. sulph. 

— Sleepiness. See Propensity to 
Sleep early in the Evening. 

— Dreams. Igna. natr.-m. sulph. 

— Coma. Asa. verat. 
Evenings in Bed Before Going 

to Sleep. 

— Uncovering. Magn.-c. 

— Starting up. Am. tart. 

— Desire to stand up — get out of 
bed. Carb.-veg. puis. 

— — sit up. Bry. 

— Congestion. Asar. graph, igna. 
magn.-c. rhus. sab. sam. 

— Aggravation of the Pains. 

— Pains in the Limbs. Kreos. 
-^ Tossinff about. Anac. chin. 

kreos. rhus. sab. thuj. 

Evenings in Bed Before Going 
to Sleep. 

— Can lay in no easy position 
Kali. lach. 

— (Impossible to lay on the back.) 
Magn.-m. sab. 

— Debility. Sab. 

— Weariness. Kreos. 

— Pulsating or Throbbing in the 
Veins. Khus. sab. sep. 

— Jerks or Shocks in the Body. 
Ars. stron. 

— Weight of Limbs. Natr.-o. 

— Sensation of Stiffness. Silio. 

— Bestlessness. Alum, amm 
*bry. °carb.-veg. hep. kali 
kreos. lach. lami. magn.-c. 
magn.-m. mur.-ac. natr.-s. nux- 
vom. phos. ran.-bulb. rhus. sab. 
Sep. thuj. 

— Trembling. Samb. stront. 

— Skin. 

Itching. Kali. puis. 

Burning ulcers. Staph. 

Tickling on left arm and 

leg. Sulph. 

Tingling. Sulph. 

Piercing. Amm. arn. kali. 

[" Fever. 

Chill. Kreos. magn.-c. rhus. 


Shiver. Ant. bry. 

Cold. Tart.-ac. ^ 

Heat. Amm. arn. *bry ' 

'locale, caust. graph, magn.-m^ 

phos.-ac. rhus. sulph. verat. 

— — Warmth. Magn.-c. * 

Quick pulse. Sulph.-c. ^ 

Sweat. Phos.-ac. rhus, 

sulph. verat. 

Distress or anxiety. Amb. 

amm. bary. bry. carb.-veg. cocc. 
graph, hep. lye. magn.-c. magn.- 
m. natr.-c. nux-vom. phos. puis . 
sab. sil. stront. sulph. verat. 


OHAF. m. — BLEEP. 

EvKNiNGS IN Bed before Going 
TO Sleep. 

— Fever (Crowding or pressure of 
ideas. Agar. bry. *calc. caust. 
*chin. cocc. graph, kali. lye. 
*nux-vom. *puls. rhus. sab. sili. 
staph, sulph. viol.-tric.'* — ^Ed.] 

Positions durino Sleep: 

— Arms above the head (with 
the). N.-vom. plat. puis. rhab. 
sulph. verat. 

Crossed over the abdomen. 


— — Crossed upon the back. 
Crot. sol. 

— Back (on the). Acon.ars. chin, 
coloc. dross, kal.-ch. n.-vom. 
plat. puis, sulph. tart, viol.-od. 
mgs.-arc. mgs.-aus. 

— Hands under the head (with 
the). Aeon. ars. chin, coloc. 
tart, viol.-od. mgs. 

— Inability to remain lying down. 
Lye. sulph. 

on the back. Phos. 

on the side. Aeon, sulph. 

on the left side. Lye. 

on the right side. Bry. 

— Knees bent (with the). Puis, 

— Legs drawn up (with the). 
Plat. puis. 

wide apart. Cham. 

— Seated (when), with the head 
elevated. Sulph. 

• inclined forwards. Aeon. 

down. Chin. hep. 

— Side (on the left). Bar.-c. 

Somnolency (Lethargic). Aeon, 
ceth. ant. am. ars. a^a. bar.-c. 
beU. bry. carb.-v. caus. chant. 
cocc. coloc. con. croc. eye. dig. 
euphr. hell, hydroc. hyos. loch. 
lact. laur, led, mcph. mere, 
tnosch. n.-mos. n.*vom. oleand. 
€p. phos. phos.-ac. plumb, puis. 
raph. rhus. sec. sep. stram. tart. 

tereb. verat. zinc, mgs.-arc. 

(See also Sleep (stupefying) 

and Coma.) 
Somnolency (Lethargic) : 
['* — With gangrene and vomiting. 

Ophiotox."— Eb.] 

— Alternately with sleeplessness. 

— Febrile. Aeon. cham. puis. 
Somnolency, which manifests it- 

— Air (in the open). Tart. 

— Day (almost all). Baph. 

— Day and night. Bar.-c. 

— Evening (in the). Ant. ars. tart. 

— Forenoon. Ant. 

' — Morning (in the). Meph. 

— Tertian type (with). Lach. sep. 
%* Compare Propensity to 

Sleep, according to its nature : 

— Agitated. Alum. amb. am- 
moniac, am.-c. am.-caus. anao. 
ang. ars. aur. bar.-c. herb. bor. 
bov. bry. calc. cast. cham. chin. 
cic. coloc. croton. daph. diad. 
dig. dulc. fer. gal van. gran. 
graph, hep. ign. ind. ipec. kal.- 
ch. kal.-h. kre. lach. lact. lye. 
mere. men. mez. natr.-s. nitr. 
nitr.-ac. puis. rhah. rhus. sabad. 
sabin. sen. sep. sol.-lyc. spig, 
squill, stann. stram. staph . sulph. 
tab. fereb. teuc. val. verb, viol.- 
tric. zinc. zinc. -ox. 

" — Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

" — Anxious. Aeon. bry. dulc. 

cocc. cast. fer. graph, kal. lyo. 

magn. natr.-m. nitr. op. phos. 

spong. verat." — ^Ed.] 

— Half-sleep. Incomplete sleep. 
[" Am. ars, bell. berb. bry. 
calc. canth. *cham. cic. coco, 
dig. euph. graph, hep. hydroc. 
hyos. igna. kal. led. lach. magn. 
magn.-arc. natr.-c. mere, nitr.-n. 
sc. rhus. rhus-r. sabad. samb, 
sel. sic. stront, verat."— Ed.] 



Sleep, Interrupted. Ars. cocc. dig. 

par. zinc. 
— Light. Aeon. alum. ars. calad. 

ign. lach. mere. °n.-Yom. ol.-an. 

gel. sil. ^sulph. tart. [** Agar. 

am. an. brue. canth. carb.-an. 

caust. ferr. grat. nitr . phos. chin.- 

mur. rhus-r. fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

— Prolonged (too). Berb. bor. 
gent. hep. laet. mere, ol.-an. 

f»hell. plat. puis, sulph. scroph. 
" Lup."— Ed.] 

— Profound. Atham. bell, cupr, 
elect, eug. gal v. gent. hyos. ign. 
lact. mere, n.-vom. *op,phos.'ae, 
rhod, sec. sen. sol.-v. spig. stann. 
stram. sidph, tart. ther. verat. 
mgs.-arc. [" Alum. ambr. anac. 
boy. canth. coff. magn. magn.- 
art. mezer. mosch. natr.-c. oph. 
oxa.-ac. plat. sab. scp. tabac. 
podoph.-pelt. rhus-r.'* — Ed.] 

— Profound before midnight. 

_ — morning (in the). Graph, 
n.-vom. sulph. ["lihus-r." — 

— Refreshing (not). Agar. alum, 
ammoniac, am.-c. arn. ars. asa. 
aur. berb. bis. calc. cann. chel. 
chin. clem. coce. con. crot.daphr 
fer.-mg. graph, guaj. kre. lact, 
lye. magn. magn.-m. mez. natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. petr. phos. prun. 
sabad. sep. spig. stann. stclph, 
tart. teuc. thuj. zinc. ['' Brom. 
cinch.-sul. kal.-bi. merc.-p. po- 
doph.-pelt. rhus-r." — Ed.] 

— Short duration of (too). Calc. 
n.-vom. [" Bor. bry. caust. chin, 
croc. kal. lye. magn.-c. magn.- 
m. nitr.-ac. ol.-an. par. phos.-ac. 
plumb, prun. sep. staph, ther. 
verat." — Ed.] 

— Restless. [" In children. Po- 
doph.-pelt."— Ed.] 

*— Stupefying, Comatose. Anao. 
ant, *bell, calad, °camph» coco, 
euphorb. graph, ^hep. hyos. 

ign. lach. lact. led. moph. nitr. 
n.-mos. n.-vom. *op. Ophos. 
plumb, puis. rhus. *sec. sen. 
spig. stram. sulph. tart, verat. 
mgs. [" Also Caps, carb.-veg. 
*cham. coni. cupr. euphraa, 
grat. magn. nitr. ophio. plat."-— 
Ed.] Compare Coma and Som- 
nolency (Lethargic). 
Sleep [" Slight. Ant. bov. coff 
magn.-s. nitr.-ac. pctr. prun. 
sass. sep. zinc." — Ed.] 

— (Propensity to). Almost all 
the medicines, but principally : 
Aeon. SBth. ammonica. ant. arn. 
aurum. aur.-m. aur.-s. bar.-c. 
bell. bov. bry. calc. camph. 
carb.-v. caus. chin. cor. croc. 
dulc. elect, euphorb. euphr. fer. 
grat. heracl. kre. lach. laur. led. 
lye. mag. magn.-m. incph. mere, 
mez. mosch. murex. mur.-ac. 
natr. natr.-m. nitr. n.-mosch. 
n.-vom. op. phos. phos.-ac. 
plumb, puis. raph. rhod. rhus. 
ruta. scroph. sec. sep. sil. staph, 
stram.* ^^i^A. tab. tar. tart, ve- 
rat. verb. zinc, mgs.-arc. (Com- 
pare Somnolency.) [" Brom. 
fer.-acet. merc.-p. ophiotox. 
phyto.-dec." — ^Ed.] 

— Air (in the). Aeon. tart, m.- 

— ['* Daytime (in the)^ Podoph.- 
pelt."— Ed.] 

— Anorexia (alternately with) 

— [" Dinner (after). Oxa.-ac' 

— Drowsiness, without power U 
sleep. Crot. gent. 

— [" Drowsiness (after) breakfast, 

— Drowsiness. Gum.-gutt. hyp.- 
per. lup. pimpin." — ^Ed.] 

— Evening (early in the). Alum, 
am.-m. anac. an^. ant. arn ars. 
bell. berb. bor. bov. bruo. calc. 
oalc.-ph. carb.-v. chin. can. croc. 


CHAP. m. — BUSBPm 

dros. graph, hep. ind. kal. loch. 

lact. laur. Ijo. magn.-s. mnng. 

murez. n.-vom. par. petr. j)hos.' 

ac, plat. poth. puis. ruta. sass. 

sel. sen. sep. sil. spig. sidph. 

tab. thuj. mgs.-aus. [" Agar. 

am. bary. carb.-an. caust. crot. 
, cjc. dig. grat. igna. magn.-m. 

mezer. mere, natr.-m. natr.-s. 

nitr.-ac. plum. phos. ran. -bulb. 

Btan. staph, tart, val." — Ed.] 
Sleep ["At noon. Crot."— Ed.] 
every second day. Lach. 

— Exercise (during). Aeon. 

— Giddiness (with). Calad. 

— Heart (with palpitation of the). 

— Ideas (with confused). Aeon. 

— Insurmountable. Arum. cann. 
cor. crot. hydroo. lach. lact. 
laur. natr. raph. sulph. (Com- 
pare Somnolency.) 

*— Meal (during and after a). 
Hydroc. See Sufferings after 
a meal. 

— (Propensity to). Before and 
after. Scroph. 

— Morning (in the). Ammoniilc. 
berb. bis. bruc. carb.-v. clem, 
cocc. con. hep. led. meph. natr. 
ncUr.^m, ^n.-vom. phos.-ac. rhus. 
scroph. spig. zinc, m.-aus. 
["Alum. anao. ant. arn. ath. bor. 
calc. caust. fer. gin. hyos. kal. 
lach. lact. magn. magn.-arc. 
magn.-m. ol.-an. oz.-ac. phell. 
phos. plat. puis. sec. *sep. stan. 
stram. *sulph. verat. zinc." — 
Ed.] (Compare Sleep, not re- 
freshing, too prolonged, &c.) 

— Movement (ameliorated by). 
Carb.-v. mur.-ac. 

— Noon (after). Bo v. bruc. canth. 
crot. grat. guaj. puis, scroph. 
9idph. viol.-tric. (Compare 
after a Meal.) 

— — (fore-). Natr.-s. (Compare 
Morning, in the.) 

— — (towards). Aeon. agar. aur. 

bry. chin. dros. ol.-an. tab. 
(Compare after a Meal.) 
Sleep "(towards noon, without 
power to sleep.) Lact. 

— During occupation. Sidph, 

— Eyes (with burning in the). 

(which seems to proceed 

from the). Euphr. 

— KeSding and writing (when). 

— Seated (when). Bruc. fer.-mg. 
petr. tar. ["Morning. Cim.- 
lect."— Ed.] 

— Storm (during a). Sil. 

— Weakness (from). Nitr.-ac. 

— Yawning (with). Ammoniac. 

— Desire to. See Somnolency 
and Sleep (Propensity to). 

— Fruitless efforts to go to. 
See Sleeplessness, with desire 
to sleep. 

Difficulty IN GOING TO, or 

Sleep (Retarded). Alum, 
ammon. am.-c. anac. calc, calc- 
ph. carb.-an. carb.-v. chel. chin. 
clem, con. eye. euphorb. fer. 
gent, graph, guaj. hyos. kal. 
kre. lach. lye. magn.-m. mere, 
natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
ol.-an. petros. phell. pJios. phos.- 
ac. plum. prun. piils. ran. rat. 
sabad. sel. sep. sil. spig. stann. 
staph, stront. sulph. sulph.-ao. 
tab. tart, tereb. teuc. thuj. 
viol .-trio. zinc. ["Nux-jug." — 

— (Retarded), after going to bed 
late. Am.-c. 

night (after waking in the). 

Am.-c. ars. berb. bor. fer. magn. 
naXr.-m. ol.-an. phos. puis. ran. 
ran. -so. rat. sep. sulph. 

— Every second day. Lach. 
%* See also Sleeplessness, 
before midnight or in the even- 

[" — Restless. Agn. alumin. 
"i^amb. ammoniac, amm. amm.- 



eans. arnm.-m. anac. ang. ant. 

are. anr. bary. berb. bor. bov. 

bry. *oalo. calen. cant, carb.- 

yeg. cast, caust. chel. chin. 

chini. clem. coff. colch. col. 

coral, croc. crot. eye. daph. 

diad. dig. dulc. far. gran, graph. 
• hep. hyos. ign. ind. ip. iod. kal. 

kal.-ch. ojfre. lach. lact. led. 

*lyc. lob. mag.-arc. magn.-c. 

magn.-m. magn.-s. mcnya.*'merc. 

mez. mosch. natr.-c. natr.-m. 

natr.-s. nice. nitr. nitr.^c. n.- 

mosch. ol.-an. par.^phos. phos.- 

ac. ran.-bulb. ran.-scel. rata. 

rhab. *rhod. ruta. *Baba. *sab. 

samb. sass secal. seneg. sep. 

fiilio. spig. squill staph, strain. 

sulph. sulph.-ae. tabac. tarax. 

tart, tereb. thuj. val. verbas. 

viol.-tric. zinc. zinc. -ox. Also 

Ginch.-sulph. pimpin. kalm. 

oxa.-ac. phyto.-dec." — En.] 
["Sleep (restless, heavy in the 

morning, with seminal emis- 
sions). Fer. acet.** — Ed.] 
Sleeplessness. Amb. am.-c. 

anthfok. ars. ai^am. beU. bor. 

bry. calc, calc.-ph. camph. cann. 

carb.-an. carb.-v. cans. cham. 

chin. cic. cin. cinn. clem. cocc. 

cqff\ coloc. daph. dig. elect. 

galv. hell. hep. hydroc. ht/os. 

jalap, iod. kal.-h. lach. led. 

magn. magn.-m. magn.-s. mere. 

fiiosdi, .natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr.-ac. 

n.-vom, op. phos. phos.-ao. plat. 

plumb, prun. puis. ran. ran.-sc. 

rhus. sang. sass. sec. sil. spong. 

squill, sulph. tart. the. thuj. val. 

verat. [" Ars.-hyd. cal.-caus. 

cup.-ox. ars." — Ed.] (Com- 
pare Prolonged Watching.) 
— Alternately with somnolency. 

-* After midnight. Arn. bdl. 

calad. cham. chell. coff. natr.-m. 

n.'Yom. samb. sil. sol.-m. m.- 

aus. (Compare Waxino too 


Sleeplessness before Midnight. 
Alum., am.*m. agn. bry^ lach. 
magn.-m. mur.-ac. n.-xatn. phos. 
puis. rhus. thuj. nigs.-aus. (See 
Sleep, Difficulty in going to.) 

— ["At night, lihua-r."— Ed.J 

— Complete. Galv. 

— With desire to sleep. Arn. 
bell, calad. cham. cJiel. coff. daph. 
mere, natr.-ni. o\i.sa7nb. sil. sol.- 
m. mgs.-aus. [** Lob.-c." — Ed.] 

— When caused by, &c. (See 
» Nocturnal Affections Sect. 

Waking accompanied by : 

— Aggravation of all the suffer- 
ings. Bell. lach. n.-vom. ["Rhus- 
r."— Ed.] 

Sleeplessness accompanied by : 

— Agitation. Mgs. 

— Aspect (solemn). Stram. 

— Anguish, anxiety. Calc. con. 
plat. puis. rat. samb. 

— Bitterness of the mouth. Bry. 

— Borborygmi. Hasm. 

— Cries. (See Sect. 3, Acces- 
sory Affections.) 

— Dejection. Lach. 

— Heat (burning). Bell. 

— Heat (burning) in the legs. 

— Mouth (dry). Bell. rhus. 
fetid, clammy, insipid. 


— Yawning. Lach. n.-vom. 
Waking (Anxious). Calc. con. 

f;alv. lact. plat. puis. rat. ^'samb. 
'^Agar. alumin. am. anac. arg. 
bry. carb.-veg. cast, caust. *chin. 
dig. graph, igna. ip. kal. lyo. 
natr.-m. nice, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
phell. phos. ran.-sc. sep. sil. 
sqnil. stron. sulph. tab. verat. 
zinc." — ^Ed.] 

— Difficult. Gent. laot. natr. 


CHAP. in. — BLE3QP. 

natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phell. 
phos.-ac. tab. teuo. Tiol.-trio. 
Waking, Frequent. Alam. ars. 
asa. bar.-c. berb. bis. calo. calc- 
ph. cantb. cast. cbel. cic. ooco. 
colcb. diad. dig. eupborb. eupbr. 
^graph* guaj. kre. lacb. lact. 
*/yc. mepb. ^merc. mur.-ao. nic. 
nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-Yom. ^oleand. 
ol.-an. petr. pbell. pbos. ^puU. 
ran. raphan. rat. ruta. sabin. 
samb. sass. sel. sep. sil. squill, 
sol. stapb. stront. stUph. tart, 
tereb. teuc. viol.-tric. zinc. 
[" Amb. amm. am.-m. anac. ang. 
bary. bo v. calen. can. caps, 
oarb.-an. carb.-veg. oaus. cbin. 
coff. coni. croc. eye. dros. ferr. 
galv. *grat. bydroe. byos. igna. 
ind. ip. *kali. kali.-carb. kali.- 
Lyd. led. magn.-o. magn.-m. 
magn.-s. mang. mez. moscb. 
mur.-ac. natr.-c. natr.-m. natr.- 
s. nice. *nit. ol.-an. par. pbos.-ac. 
kal.-bi. ran. -bulb. *rbod. ruta. 
seneg. *sep. silic. spig. spong. 
Stan, sulpb.-ac. tabac. tar. tbuj.'' 

— Early (too). Am.-m. aur. 
berb. bor. calc. dulc. fer.-mg. 
guaj. kal. magn. mepb. nierc, 
mez. mur.-ac. natr. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. pbelL pbos.-ac. prun. 
puis, ran. ran.-sc. sel. stapb. 
sulpb. sulpb.-ac. verb. ["Ev- 
ery tbree bours : Natr.-m. puis. 
Every two bours : Natr.-m. 
Every bour : Garb.- v. fer. nat.- 
m. staph. Half-hour : Am. 
mosch. uatr.-m. sulph. Every 
quarter of an hour : Cicut. mere, 
mur.-ac." — En.] (See Sleep- 
lessness after 5lidtiight.) 

— (anxious). Fixed hour (at a). 

— Incomplete. Con. 

— Midnight (near). Crot. [** Am.- 
m. bary. bry. calc. con. graph, 
laur. magn. magn .-a. magn.- 

0. mang. natr.-c. phos. plat 
rat. rhus. sep. sil. tart, thuj.' 
Waking [''Midnight (after). Alum. 
am. caps, carb.-an. grat. kre 
lye. magn.-a. magn.-c. mez. natr. 
m. *n.-vom. ran.-bulb. ran -sc. 
sass. sel. sil. spig. sulph.-ac* 

— Starts (with). Agn. alum. 
ambr, am.-c. ant. am. an, aur. 
*W/. bis. bry. calc. oarb.-v. 
cast, catts. cham. oocc. colch. 
croc. dig. dros, euph. fer.-mg. 
gent, graph, guaj. hep. byos. 
ind. ipec. kal.-h. *lyc, murex. 
nitr.-ac. petr. phos. puis, rat. 
rhab, ruta. *sanib, sang. sads. 
sep. *sil, staph, sulph, tab. tart. 
teuc. thuj, zinc. [" Aeon. am. 
am.-m. *anac. bary. bov. canth. 
earb.-an. chin, cinch. -sulph. cofF. 
daph. dulc. igna. kal. led. magn.- 
arc. magn.-an. magn.-c. magn.- 
m. magn.-s. mere. mez. natr.-c. 
natr.-m. natr.-s. nic. n.-vom 
oxa.-ac. phos.-ac. plat, rhus-r. 
sab. *^scc. spon. stan. stron. 
sulph.-ac. verat." — Ed.] (Com- 
pare Starts, Sect. 3.) 

— Difficult. Al. bell. berb. con. 
fer. gins, graph, lact. led. lye. 
magn.-m. mur.-ac. natr.-c. natr.- 
m. *nitr.-ac. *n.-vom. *op. phos.- 
ac. rut. Sep. tab. tart. teuc. viol.- 

— [" Late. Berb. fer. graph, kal. 
kre. lacb. lau. led. magn.-m. 
magn.-s. natr.-m. *n.-vom. ol.- 
an. phell. phos. plat, puis." — 

Waking caused by : 

— Cephalalgia. Crot. 

— Contact. Rut. 

— Cough. Hep. stront. 

— Ebullition of blood. Sabin. 
["Benz.-ac."— Ed.] 

— Excitement (nervous) Phos. 
ac. sep. 

SECT. n. — BTMPT0M8. 


Wakino caused by : 

— Noise (the slightest). Sel. 

[" — Am. lach. mere, ol.-an. plios. 
rut. sulph.-ac." — Ed.] 

— Pollutions. Crot. 

— Shivering. Mur.-ac. 

— Shocks in the head. Mgs.-arc. 

— Suffocation (want of breath). 
Hep. ipec. samb. 

Waking with : 

— Breath (want of). Hep. samb. 

— Cephalalgia. Anao. bell. berb. 
fer.-mg. lach. rhab. 

— Cold. Fer.-mg, 

— Colic. Hsem. 

— Congestion in the head. 

in the legs. Meph. 

— Diarrhoea. Haem. 

— Dizziness. Am. chin. plat. 
puis, sol.-m. 

— Erections. Lach. 

— Face (wan), with flabby skin. 

—Fatigue. (See Sleep, not re- 
freshing.) Crot. 
[" _ Pear. Ehus-r."— Ed.] 

— Fear of ghosts. Sulph. 

— Hallucinations. Sulph. 

— Head (dull, confused). Crot. 

— Hunger. Bell. 

— Ideas (grieving). Alum. 

— Lassitude in the arms. Fer.- 


— Legs (pains in the). Crot. 
[" Rhus-r."— Ed.] 

— Limbs (pains the). Crot. lach. 
n.-vom. [" Rhus-r."— Ed.1 

— Loins (pains in the). Lacn. 

— Look (furious). Bell. 

f " — Nausea. Phyio.-dec."— Ed.] 

— Pain in the limbs, as if beaten. 
Crot. lach. viol.-od. 

[" — Pain (general). Rhus-r." — 

— Paralysis (sensation of). Kre. 

— Perspiration. Chel. cic. clem, 
dros. fer.-mg. mere. [**Kal.- 
bi. merc.-p.** — Ed.] 

VOL. ir.— 7* 

Waking caused by : 

— Rig dity of the limbs. Lach. 

— Speech (incoherent). Merc. 

— Stomach (sufferings in the). 

— Stretchings. N.-vom. 

— Taste (bitter). Bry. rhus. 
[" — Saltish. Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 
putrid. Rhab. 

— Tears. Merc. 

— Thirst. Berb. 

— Throat (sore). Lach. 

— Trembling. Rat. samb. 
[" Brom."— Ed.] 

— Uncovered (fear of being) 

— Urinate (want to). Cans. dig. 
murex. tar. 

— Visions. Dulc. sulph. 

— Weakness in the knees. Fer.- 

*^* Compare Affections when 
Waking, in the other chapters. 
Yawning. Aeon, ammon. ars. 
aspar. bry. canth. cin. cor. crot. 
elect, euphorb. gran. grat. guaj. 
heracl. hydroc. kal.-h. kre. Taur. 
led. lye, magn. magn.-m. mosch. 
(deand. ol.-an. onis. phell. puis, 
rhab. rhus. ruta. sabad. sil. 
Btann. staph, sulph. tab. tar. 
tart.-ac. viol.-od. zinc. [** Brom. 
cal.-caus. kal.-bi. merc.-p. phy- 
to.-dec. rhus-r." — Ed.] 

— Abortive. Lye. 

— Frequent. Aeon, ars. cor, 
euphorb. grat. hsm. kal.-h. kre. 
laur. lye. magn. mang. meph. 
mosch. oLsand. onis. phell, puis. 
rhu^,^. Stan, stdph. tab. tar. 
tart.-ac. ["During the day 
Nux-jug. podoph." — ^Ed.] 

— Spasmodic. Coco. cor. gran. 
hep, ign, mosch. n.-vom. plat, 
rhus, mgs.-arc. 

— Violent. Agar. cor. fer.-mg. 
hep, ign, magn. mosoh. j^. 
rhus, mgs-arc. [** Oxa.-ao."— * 


GUAP. in. — ^SUBEP. 

Yawnings which manifest them- 
selves : 

— Afternoon (in the). Cant. ign. 

— Morning (in the). Ign. n.- 
vora. viol.-od. 

— Walk (during a). Euphorb. 
Yawnings, accompanied by : 

— Cold. Natr.-s. 

— Cutis anserina. Laur. par. 

— Shaking. Mur.-ac. 

— Shivering. KJre. par. sil. 

— Lachrjmation. Kre. meph. 
staph. vwl.'Od, 

Yawning with : 

— Oppression on, the Chest. 

— Shuddering. Calad. cin. elect, 
lauro. oleand. 

— Stretchings. Canth. chin, 
elect, guaj. lact. natr.-s. n.-vom. 
ol.-an. onis. rut. sabad. staph, 
tart, tart.-ac. [" Nux-jug." — 

— Trembling. Cin, oleand. 

— Vertigo. Agar. 

[" — Flatulence. Pimpinella."— 



Note. — Compare the nocturnal affectionSf which appear in other chapters, in 
•rder to complete, as occasion may require, the following articles. 

Aching Pains. Am.-m. anac. aur. 

bar.-c. daph. lach. lye. mang, 

mere, phos.-ac. 
Agitation in the Body. Aeon. 

alum. agar, ars, aur. bell. bry. 

cole, carb.-a. carb.-v, cans. cham. 

clem. cin. cocc. con. dig. graph. 

guaj. hell, hep. Jalap, laur. led. 

lye. magn. magn.-m. mere, natr. 

•natr.-s. nic. n.-vom. oleand. op. 

pkos, phos.-ac. plat. puis. ran. 

rhod, rut. scroph. sec. senn, sep. 

sil, spig. stann. sulph. teuc. 


— Children (in). Bell. bor. cham. 
cin. coff. jalap, ipec. rhab. 

— Morning (towards). 
Air (Morose) when 


— Laughing. Stram. 

— Tearful. Phos.-ac. 


Anxiety, Anguish. Aeon. alum, 
am.-c. ars. bar.-c. bell. bry. cole. 
cann. carb.-v. caus. cham. cin. 
cocc, dig. graph, haem. hyos. 
kal. lye. magn. TJierc. natr. natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos, 
plumb, puis, ran.-sc. rhus. sa- 
bad. sep. sulph. verat, 

— Sleeping (when). Ars. bell, 
cocc. fer. hep. petr. 

Arithmetical Figures (Visions 
of) when Sleeping. Phos.-ac. 
Arms (Heaviness in the). Diad. 

— Large (appearing to be -too). 

Asthmatic Affections, Oppression, 
Dyspnoea, Choking, &c. Aeon, 
alum, ars, calc. carb.-v, cliam, 
graph, kal. kal.-ch. lact. lye. op, 
phos. ran. sen. sulph. 

Back, Pains in the. Am.-m. 

Bonbs, Pains in the. See Aching. 



BuuMT. Chin, 

Burning in the Veins, when 

Sleeping. Ars. 
Calves of the Legs (Cramps in 

the). Anac. kal. (Compare 

Chap. XXV., Sect. 3.) 
Carfhologia while Sleeping. 

Arn. ars. bell. chin. cocc. hyos. 

op. phos. phos.-ac. rhus. stram. 
Catamenia (Pains like those of). 

Cephalalgia. See Head (Pains 

in the). 
Crest (Pain in the). Alnm. am.- 

c. am.-m. 
Ciphers (Visions of) when Sleep- 
ing. Phos.-ac. 
Coldness or Shivering. Alum. 

amb. am.-c. am.-m. arg. ars. 

bov. calc. carb.-v. cans. daph. 

fer. kreos. mgn.-s.< mere, mur.- 

ac. natr.-s. n.-vom. staph, tart.- 

ao. thuj. 
— Sleeping (when). Amb. 
Concussion. See Shocks. 
Congestion in the Chest. Pals. 
Colic. Aeon. amb. am.-c. am.-m. 

bor. gent. kal. Ijo. magn. magn.- 

s. natr. nitr.-ac. phos. plumb. 

rhus. sep. sulph. [" Fer.-acet." 

— Ed.1 (Compare Chap. XVI. 

Sect. 4.) 
Convulsions. Calo. cin. oupr. 

hyos. kal. lye. more. op. puis. 

sec. (Compare Jerking.) 
Crawling when Asleep. Carb.- 

V. lyo. sulph. 
Cries during Sleep. Anac. bell. 

bor. bry. oalc. cham. oin. coco. 

croc. gran, jalap, lye. magn. 

magn.-m. mere, nitr.-ac. puis, 

rhab. rut. son. sep. sil. stram. 

sulph. tart. thuj. 
Cutting Pains. See Colic. 
Deglutition daring Sleep. Calc. 
Delirium, Wanderings while 

Sleeping. Aeon. arn. anr. bell. 

bry. oamph. cham. coloo. dig. 

dulc. lach. n.-vom. op. pals. 

rhab. sec. sep. sulph. 
Diarrh(£a. See Chap. XVII. 
Dreams (Many). See Fantastic 

Dreams, Delirium, &c. 
Ebullition of Blood. Am.-c. 

asar. bar.-c. bor. bry. bruo. 

calc. carb.-an. mere. natr. natr.- 

m. h.-vom. phos. puis. ran. rhus. 

sabin. senn. sep. sil. 

— Chest (in the). Cyc. puis. 

— Head (in the). Puis. 
Epistaxis. See Chap. IX., Sect. 2. 

— When Sleeping. Merc. 
Erections. See Chap. XIX. 
Excitement (Nervous). Amb. 

camph. canth. caps. chin. coff. 
colch, hyos. lach. laur. lye. 
mere, mosch. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
puis. ran. sep. sulph. sulph.-ac. 
teuc. mgs.-aus. 
Eyes (Open), when Asleep. Bell, 
bry. coloc. fer. hell. ipec. op. 
phos.-ac. samb. sulph. tart, ve- 
rat. [" Fer.-acet."— Ed.] 

— Convulsed. Hell. op. phos.-ac. 

— Fixed. Tart. 

— Painful, at Night. Fer.-mg. 

Eye-lids (Agitation of the). See 
Chap. Vlf. 

— (Twitching of the). Rhab. 
Face Puffed during Sleep. Op. 

— Cold. Bell. 

— Pale. Bell. 

— Red. Arn. op. viol. -trio. 
Fatigue. Ambr. ant. kreos. 
Fear. Carb.-v. cocc. cans. puis. 

— Of losing one's Reason. Calc. 

— Of Spectres. Carb.-v. ooco. 

Feet (Cold). Am.-m. carb.-y. 

— Burning. Lach. 
Fever on Waking. Alum. 
Flatulency. Kal. 

Fright when Sleeping. Am. 

kal. puis, sil, sulph, tab. verat. 

(Compare Starts.) 
Fullness (general). Scroph. 


CHAP. m. — BLEEP. 

G-ANQLiA (Pains in the). Am.-o. 
Gastric Sufferings. Cham. con. 

graph, haem. hep. kal. nitr.-ao. 

phos. rhas. sil. 
Grieving Thoughts. Alum. 
Gripings. See Colic. 
Grinding of the Teeth daring 

Sleep. Ara. 
Hallucinations. Bell. cham. led. 

mere. phos. stram. sulph. 
Hands (Cold) when Sleeping. 

Bell, carb.-v. mere. 

— Hot. Lach. staph. 
Hawking up of Mucus. Am.-c. 
Head (Pain in the). Alum, am.- 

c. ars. berb. bov. calo. camph. 
canth. carb.-y. cans. cham. chin. 
con. eug. haem. hep. kreos. li/c, 
magn. magn.-s. Titerc. natr.-s. 
nitr.-ac. par. phos. phos.-ac. 
puis. sil. sidph, tart. zinc, mgs.- 
arc. [" Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Congestion in the. Am.-c. 
• puis. sil. 

['' — Light in the, with Dreams. 
Lob.-c."— Ed.J 

— Heat in the. Camph. sil. 

— Tingling in the Scalp. Kan.- 

Hearing (Delusions of). Carb.-y. 

cham. Sep. 
Heart (Pain in the). Bar.-c. 

— Palpitation of the). Agar, 
ars. bar.-c. calc. dulc. Ijc. mere, 
mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. 
puis, sulph. 

Heat (General). Alum, am.-c. 

ars. bar.-m. bor, bry. calc, carb.- 

an. carb.-v. cans. cham. cin. 

colch. dulc. graph, hep. lach. 

laur. magn. magn.'fn. magn.-s. 

mere, natr.-m. nic. nitr. nitr.-ac. 

n.-^om. petr. pJios. phos.-ac. 

puis. ran. ran.-ac. rhod. rhus. 

sabin. sec. sep. sil. stront sulph. 

thuj. viol.-tr. mgs.-arc. 
— - Anxiety (with). Natr.-m. puis. 

— Feet (in the). Staph. 

— Hands (in the). Staph. 

Heat, Head (in the). Camph. hi. 

— Sleeping (when). Dulc. petr. 

— Uncovered (with dread of be- 
ing). Magn. 

Hunger. Chin, sulph. 

Ideas (Concourse of). Bor. calo# 
chin. cocc. coff. hep. graph, kal. 
led. lye. n.-vom. puis, sabad 
sil. staph, sulph. viol.-tric. 

Uneasy. Graph. 

— Fixed. Puis. (Compare Sect, 
4, Dreams, Fixed.) 

— Sad, Peevish. Alum, graph, 

Inquietude in the Limbs. Kreos. 

n.-vom. puis, sulph. (Compare 

Itching, Ticxling in the Body. 

Am.-c. am.-m. bar.-c. berb. cocc, 

croc, kreos. mere. mez. n.-vom. 

puis, rhus-v. sulph. thuj. 
Jactitation. Aeon, alum., ars. 

asa. bell. calc. cham. crot. elect. 

gent. gran. guaj. hell, kreos. 

lach. tart, sulph. sol. 
Jaw (Hanging), when Asleep. 

N.-vom. op. 
Jerking, Shocks, &c. Amb. ars. 

bell, carb.-v. cast. cham. con. 

eupr. dulc. hep. ign. ipec. kal, 

lye. merc.-c. natr. natr.-s. op. 

phos. puis. rhab. rhus. sel. sep. 

sU. staph, stront. sidph. sulph.* 

ac. tart. thuj. viol.-tric. mgs.- 

— Eyes (of the). Cocc. puis. 

— Face (in the). Op. rhab. 

— Fingers (of the). Anae. ars. 
cocc. rhab. sulph.-ac. 

— Head (of the). Cocc. 

— Legs (in the). Phos. 

— Mouth (of the). Anac. op. puis. 
Jerks of the* Tendons when 

Asleep. Bell. 
Joints (Pain in the). Sil. 
Lamentations. Alum, n.-yom. 

phos. stann. sulph. (Comparo 


BBcrr. m. — ^acoessobt affections. 


Lancinations (Isolated). Cann. 

Lassitude (with). Scroph. 
Laughter duriDg Sleep. Alam. 

caus. lyc. 
Legs (Heavy). Cans. 
Limbs (Pains in the). Am.-o. am.- 

m. anac. berb. calc. carb.-v. 

con. lach. nitr.-ac. phos. sulph. 

(Compare Chap. XXIV. and 

XXV., Sect. 3.) 
Loins (Pain in the). Am.-m. berb. 

kreos. ran. -rep. 
Mastication while Sleeping. 

Meditation during Sleep. Anac. 

bry. ign. lach. 
Menstruation (Pains like those 

during). Murex. 
Moans while Asleep. Alum. arn. 

ars. bar.-c. bell. bry. calad. 

carb.^an. cham. chin. cin. ipec. 

IcLch, lyc. mere, mur.-ao. nitr.-ac. 

n.-Tom. op. phos. phos.-ac. puis, 

rhab. stram. sulph. verat. 

[" Ophiotox. podoph.-pelt." — 

Ed.] • 
Moisture (General), towards 

Morning. Zinc-ox. 
Movements of the Limbs (Invo- 
luntary). See Jerkings, Con- 
vulsions, Carphologia, &c. 
Murmurs during Sleep. Op. 

Mouth Open when Asleep. Merc. 

op. rhus. samb. mgs. 
— Dry. Caus. 
Nausea, or Inclination to Vomit. 

Alum, am.-c. cham. con. hsem. 

nitr.-ac. phos. rhus. sil. Com- 
pare Chap. XV., Sect. 2. 
Nightmare (Incubus), Aeon. 

alum, am.-c am.-m. bell. bry. 

cin. con. eye. daph. guaj. hep. 

kal. lyc. magn.-m. meph. mez. 

natr. natr.-m. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.- 

vam, op. phos. puis. rut. sil. 

sulph. tab. tereb. valer, 

["Cinch.-sulph."— Ed.] 

Nose (Dry). Sil. 

Oppression. See Asthmatic Af- 

Palpitation of the Heart. See 

Paralysis (Sensation of). Sol. 

Perspiration. See ^loISTURE. 
See ftlso Chap. IV., Sect. 2. 

— Legs (in the). Am.-c. 
Pollutions. ^Kal. kal.-h. lact. 
Pulse (Full) when Sleeping. 

Chin. op. 

— Hard. Bell. 

— Quick. Bell. chin. 

— Small. Bell. 

— Suppressed. Op. 
Kespiration (Intermittent) when 

Asleep. Op. 

— Rapid. Aeon. 

— Short. Aeon. cham. mere. rhuB. 

— Slow. Chin. op. 

— Wheezing. N.-vom. 
Risings. Haem. 

Run Away (Impulse to), N.. 

Sadness. Murex. 

Shocks in the Body. Am.-c. cupr. 
ipec. merc-s. mez. natr. nitr.- 

— Feet (in the). Phos. 

— Head (in the). Mgs.-are. 

— Limbs (in the). Ipec. merc.-s. 
Sighs. Lach. mere. 

Sight (Illusions of). Cham. 
Singing during Sleep. Bell. 

croc, phos.-ac. mgs.-are. 
Sliding to the Foot of the Bed. 

Ars. mur.-ac. 
Smiling when Asleep. Qnlv. lyo. 
Sneezing. Am.-m. 
Snoring when Asleep. Arn. 

carb.-v. camph. cham. chin. dros. 

ign. kal.-h. mur.-ao. n.-vom. op. 

rhab. rhus. sabin. sil. stram. 

sulph. mgs. mgs.-aus. [" Kal.- 

Somnambulism. Alum. bry. natr.« 

m,op. phos.vM.SMl^li. ["Kalm." 



CHAP. m. — fiUESP. 

Spectres (Dread of). Carb.-v. 

cocc. sulph. 
Starts. Aeon. agn. alum, amb, 

am.-c. ant. am. ars. bell. bis. bry. 

calc. carb.-v. cast. caus. cham. 

chin. cocc. colch. croc, cupr, 

daph. dig. dros. euphorb. fer. 

fer.-mg. graph, guaj. hep. hyos. 

ign. ind. ipec. kal. kal.-h. kreos. 

lach. lye. magn. mere, merc.-c. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos. 

plamb. p7ds. rat. rhab. rhus. 

ruta. samb. sang. sass. sep. sU. 

staph, stram. stront. sulph. 

tab. tart. teuc. thuj. zinc. 

["Brom. hjp.-per. lob.-c." — Ed.] 

(Comparo Shocks, Jerkings, 

^- when Touched. Stram. 

— with Gestures of Affright. 

Stomach (Pain in the). Alum. 

am.-o. calc. con. graph, kal. 

lyo. nitr.-ac. phos. rhus. sen. sil. 

-* In the pit of the. Calc. kal. 
Talking when Asleep. Alum. 

am. ars. bell. calc. camph. carb.- 

an. carb.-v. caus. cham. kal. 

magn. magn.-m. mere, mur.-ac. 

natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. 

phos.-ac. plumb, pvls. raph. 

rhus. sabin. sep. sil. stann. 

sulph. tart. zinc. mgs. 

— Grumbling way (in a). Raph. 

— Quarrelling (as if). "Ars. 
Teeth (Pains in the). See 

Chap. XI., Sect. 4, Toothache at 

Teeth (Grinding of the) during 

Sleep. Ars. 
Thirst.- Berb. bry. calc. cham. 

colch. magn.-m. nitr.-ac. sulph. 

[" Ophiotox."— Ed.] 
Throat (Sore). Am.-m. 
Toes (Pains in the). Am.-c. 
Tossing. See Jactitation. 
Trembling. Euphorb. 

— Internal. Natr.-m. 
Uncovered (Desire to be) when 

Asleep. Cor. plat, mgs.-arc. 

Uneasiness (General). Ars. mere. 
[" Fer.-acet. hyp.-per. rhus-r." 

Urinate (want to). Am.-c. lach. 

Urine, Involuntary Emission of, 
during Sleep. (Wetting the 
Bed). Am. (See Chap. XVIII.) 

Vertigo. Am.-c. calc. caus. natr. 
phos. spong. sulph. 

Visions. Sulph. (Compare Hal- 

— Frightful. Bell. calc. carb.-y. 
mere. sil. sulph. « 

— Horrible. Carb.-an. 

— Voluptuous. Calc. 
Vomiting. Nitr.-ac. sil. 
Weeping, during Sleep. Alum. 

calc. carb.-an. cham. cin. con. 
hep. kal. lye. mere, nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. phos. puis. rhab. rhus. sil. 
stann. stram. 
[''Walking during Sleep. Kalm." 
— Ej).\ See Somnambulism. 


Absurd. Chin, fer.-mg. 
Agitated. Led. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

oleand. sulph. zinc. 
All kinds of. Zinc. -ox. 
Amorous. See Erotic. 

Animals which bite (of). Mero. 

phos. sulph. 
Anxiety (with), even after wak 

ing. Calc. ehin. phos.-ac. 
Anxioi'S. Aeon. alum. amb. am. 

BKOr, rv. — ^DBEAHS. 


m. anao. ant arg. arn. ars. aur. 

bar.-<s. bell. berb. bov. calc. 

carb.-y. cast, caus, chin. cocc. 

con. cor. crot. dig. graph, hell. 

bydroc. iod. kal. kal.-h. lact. 

laur. led, lye, magn. magn.-m. 

magn.-s. mang. nierc. natr. natr.- 

m. natr.-8. nic. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.- 

vom. op. petr. petros. phos. 

p}ios,-ac, plat. puis. ran. ran.-BC, 

rhab. rhus. scl. sil. spong. stann. 

staph. sulph.-CLc. thuj. val. verat, 

verb. [" Gum.-gutt. rhus-r." — 

Apprehension (With). Ars. 
Assassins (Of). £cll. mere. acet. 

sil. aur.-s. (See Brigands and 


Bodies (Of Mutilated). Am. con. 

Brigands (Of). Bell. kal. magn. 

mere, merc.-ac. natr. phos. sil. 
Business of the Day (Of the). 

Bry. cic. lye. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

phos. puis. rhus. 

Urgent. N.-vom. 

Cares. (With). Ars. 

Cats (Of). Daph. 

Chewing Galvanic Plates (as if ). 

Clairvoyants. Aeon. phos. m.- 

Complicated. Bar.-c. bmo. bry. 

calc. cans, chin, cic. elect, eug. 

hell. natr. puis, stann. val. mgs.- 

— Midnight (aflerV Chin. 
Conflagration (Of^. Alum. 

anac. ars. bell, calc.-ph. daph. 
j graph, hep. kreos. magu.-s. 
' natr.-m. phos. rhus. sulph. 

Confused. (See Complicated.) 
Continued (after waking). Calc. 

chin, natr. natr.-m. 
Creeping Things (Of). Kal. 
Cruelties (Of), N.-vom. sil. 
Dangers (Of). Anac. calc.-ph. 

con. hep. kal. merc.-acct. nitr.- 

ran. thuj. sulph. [" Bbns-r." — 

— From Fire and Water. Merc.- 

Darkness (Of). Ars. 

Death (Of). Alum, am.-c. anac. 

arn. ars. calc. cocc. con. graph. 

hydroc. kal. natr. nitr.-ac, phos. 

phos.-ac. plat. puis. thuj. verb. 

[" Brom."— Ed.] 
Death by Fire-arms (of). Lact* 

— (With fear of). Alum. thuj. 

— (With prediction of). Kal.-ch. 
Demons (Of). Kal. natr. 
Dirty Things (Of). Prun. 
Disagreeable. Lach. 
Disquieting (of things). Ars. 

crot. graph, elect. 
Distressing. Ammon. aur. chin, 

crot. dulc. hydroc. kal.-ch. laur. 

natr.-m. natr.-s. n.-vom, phos. 

merc.-acet. tnurez, sass. rhus. 

thuj. [*'Cal.-cau8. cinch.-sulph.*' 

Distressing. Morning (towards). 


— Midnight (after). Merc.-acet. 
Disconnected. Hydroc. 
Diseases (Of). Anao. calc. cocc. 

con. hep. kal. 
Disgusting. Anao. puis, sulph. 

Disappointments ■ (Of). Dig. 

Disputing (which excites anger). 

Alum. ant. arson, asar. bry. 

eaus. cham. magn.-s. sulph. 
Distinct. Aeon. phos. m.-arc. 
Dogs (Of). Merc. sil. sulph. 
Drowning. Merc.-acet. 
Emaciated (becoming). Kreos. 
Erotic. Lach. viol.-trio. m.-aro. 
Events of the Day (about the). 

See Business. 
Falling (of). Dig. kreos. thuj. 

sulph. zinc. 
False Money (of). Zinc-ox. 
Fantastic (Many dreams). Anib. 

ars. bar.-o. ccic. carb.-an. carb.« 


CHAP. m. — ^SLEEP. 

T. cham. ohin. con. graph, kal. 
laot. led. lye. mere. natr. natr.- 
m. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. 
pran. ptcls, sep. sil. spong. 
stront. stilph, tart. zinc, zinc- 
ox. [" Cinch. -sulph. kalm." — 

Fantastic Dreams (Many) on Go- 
ing to Sleep. Spong. 

Festivities (Of). Nitr.-ac. 

Fine Effects (Of). Sulph. 

Fire (Of). See CoNFtAORATioN. 

Fixed on one single object. Ign. 
(Compare Sect. 3, Fixed Ideas.) 

Floods (Of). Magn. mere. natr. 

Foul Linen (Of). Kreos. 

Flying (the patient thinks him- 
self). Natr.-s. 

Frequent. See Numerous. 

Frightful, Horrible, Terrific, &c. 
Am.-m. ant. arn. ars. aur.-s. 
aur. bell. bov. bruc. calc. cast. 
cocc. dig. dulc. euph. graph. 
kal. lach. lye. magn.-m. mere. 
natr. nic. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. 
p?ios. puis, rhus. sass. 
sep. spong. sulph. verb. zinc, 
mgs.-aus. [" Hyp.-per. kal.-bi. 
kalm. rhus-r." — ^Ed.] 

Furunculi (Of). Prun. 

GuN-SHOTS. Hep. mere. 

HjEMOPTYsis (Of). Meph. 

H-emorrhage (Of). Phos. 

Heavy. Kal.-h. 

Historical. Am.-c. mere. 

Horrible. (See Frightful.) 

Hdrses (Of). Alum. 

Indecision (Of). Arn. 

Ignominious. Mosch, 

Indifferent Subjects, but which 
awaken the patient. Sol.-lyc. 

Infamous (of things). Mosch. 

Journeys. See Voyages. 

Lascivious. See Voluptuous. 

Lively. Asa. croc. 

Losses (Of). Meph. 

Marriage (Of). Alum. 

Meditation (With). Aeon. anac. 
ars. bell. bry. calc. -ph. graph. 

ign. lach. n.-vom. rhns. sabad. 

sabin. thuj. mgs.-aro. mgs.-aus. 
Merry. Asa. croc. 
Midnight (After). Chin. 
Misfortunes (Of). Magn.rhus-v. 
Money (Of). Magn. 
Murders or Crimes (Of). BelL 

lye. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. rhus-v.sil 

[" Brom."— Ed.] 
Numerous, Frequent. Alum, am 

moniac. am.-o. am.-m. arn. arai 

asa. bar.-c. bell. bov. bruc. calc. 

cale.-ph. carb.-v. caps. clem. 

eoloc. con. erot. fer. gran, graph. 

ign. kal. kreos. lach. lye. magn. 

magn.-s. mang. mere. natr. nitr.- 
ac. *n.-vom. par. petr. plumb. 

sep. sil. stann. stram. stront. 

sulph. tar. tart, ^tereb. ther. thuj. 

m.-arc. zinc. -ox. [**Acon. agar. 

amb. ang. brom. china, chinin. 

coral, croc. eye. daph. dig. dulc. 

hep. lob. magn. -ars. magn. -car b. 

merc.-p. mez. mosch. natr.-c. 

natr.-m. nice, nux-jug. *phos. 

phos.-ac. prun. puis. rhus. rhus- 

r. saba. sab. sec. sil. sen. val. 

verb, verat." — Ed.] 
Perils (Of). See Dangers. 
Perplexing Matters (Of). Ars. 

Pirouetting (describing a circle 

by). Lact. 
Pleasant. Croc. magn. 
Poetic. Calc. kuch. spong. 
Poisoning (Of). Kreos. 
Presentiment of Coming Events 

(With a). Sulph. 
Project (Of). Anac. 
Pursuing (Of). Kreos. 
Quarrels (Of). Alum, am.-c. ant. 

ars. caus. cham. con. lach. magn. 

natr.-m. nic. phos. puis. sel. 
Realities (Which appear to be). 

Natr. natr.-m. 
Reflection (With). See Medi- 
Remembered (Which are). Mang. 




Remembered (Which are not). 

Aur. bell. hell. men. mere. 
Remembrance of Things For- 

gotten. Calad. 
Repentance (Of). Ars. 
Reproaches (Of). Arn. 
Revolts (Of). Mere. 
Bobbers (Of). Alum, aor.-a. 

natr. natr.-m. 
Romantic Am.-c. (Compare 

Sad. Lye. rhab, spong. 
Self (Of). Grot. 
Serpents (Of). Kal. 
Shots (Of). Hep. mere. 
Sickness (Of). Anac. calo. ooco. 

con. hep. kal. 
Snow (Of). Kreos. 
Spectres (Of). Alum am.«o. 

carb.-v. ign. kal. nitr.-ac. puis, 

Storm (Of a). Ars. 

Teeth (Of the falling out of). 

Terrible. See Frightful. 

Theft (Belief of having com- 
mitted). Oalv. nat-s. 

Threats (With). Ars. 

Travels. See Voyages. 

Typhus Fever (Of death bj). 
Kal .-eh. 

Unpleasant. See Dis'tressing. 

Urinate (Of a desire to). Kreos. 

Vermin (Of). Am.-o. n.-vom. 

Vexatious Events (Of). Alnm. 
ant. ars. asar. brj. caust. cham. 
magn.-s. sulph. [" 6um.-gutt.'* 

Vivid. Aeon. anac. ars. bell, bry 
oarb.-v. cham. cic. clem, coloc 
galv. hydroc. lact. lyo. mang 
men. meph. mere, mosch. mar. 
ac. natr. natr.*m. petr. phos 
'puis. ran. rhab. rhus. sH, stann, 
stram. sulph, teuo. viol. -trie. 
['* Brom. fer.-aoet. kal.-bi. oxa.- 

^ ac."— Ed.] 

Voluptuous. Am.-c. am.-m. ant. 
bis. cans. chen. coloc. kal.-ch. 
laoh. led. Ijc. mere. natr. natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. oleand. op« 
par. phos.-ac. plat, plumb, puis, 
ran. samb. sep. sil. stann. staph. 

thuj viol trie. ["Oxa.-ac." — 

Ed.] • 

Voyages (Of). Natr.sil. ["Brom. 

crot."— Ed.] 
— On the sea. Sang. 
Waking (When). CJiam. ran.-rcp. 
Wanton. See Voluptuous. 
War and Slaughter (Of). Plat 

thuj. verb. 
Wasting Away (of). Kreos. 
Water (Of). Ars. meph. murex. 

ran* [Oxa.-ac." — Ed.] 





idynamiC Fevers. — See Typhoid Fevers. 

Ataxic PeyerSi— rSee Typhoid Feveus. 

Bilious FeyerSt — See Gastric and Biliotts Fevers. 

Catarrlial and Rheumatic FeverSi — These two kinds of fevei 
frequently originate in the same causes (chills, suppressed perspira- 
tion, &c.), and possess so many points of resemblance that they are 
often complicated with one another. They are, therefore, discussed 
together in this article. 

The most ej£cacious remedies are, in general: Aeon,, ars , bell., 
hry., caus., cham., chin., dulc., mere, n.-vom., puis,, rhns, and sulph.; 
also : Am,, camph., coff., ign,, ipec., plws., sabad., sang., sil., sjjig., 
squill,, stann,, and verat, [*'Kal.'bichr.** — Ed.] 

When the fever is intense, approximating to an Inflambiatort 
Character, the medicines to be preferred are : Aeon., bell., bry., cham., 
or else : Ars., coff., ign., mere, puis., rhus., squill. 

But when the fever is but Slight, or when it has been subdued by 
the remedies indicated : Chin., dulc., n.-vom., puis., rhtiSy or else : 
Am,, ipec,, phos., seneg., or verat, will most frequently be found 

In cases of Profuse Perspiration, which affords no relief, the 
most eligible are : Bry., chin., mere, and sulph. 

When Violent Pain is the predominating symptom, a remedy 
will be most frequently found among : Aeon,, ars., cham., coff., ign., 
or else : Merc, puis,, and sulph. 

For symptoms which may remain when the fever has ceased, the 
following remedies may be consulted — viz. : Sulph., or Phos,, seneg,, 
and stann., or else : Ars., bry,, dulc,, mere, puis., sil., and squill. 

For Bheumatig Affections : Caust., chin., phos., sil,, and sulph., or 
else : Hep, and lack, 

%* See also : Chronic Catarrh and Bheuhatisu. 

Bxcrr. T.^-dJinoAL TncftTATtyfl, 168 

For details relative to tbe choice of medicines cited, see the articles : 
Gatarkh and Rheumatism, and compare in their respective chapters : 
Angina, Cephalalgia, Ophthalmia, C. igh, Odontalgia, &c., (Ca- 
tarrhal and Kheumatic). 

For various complications of these fevers, see also : Inflammatory, 
Gastric, C^ebral Fevers, &c., and also : Pleurisy, Influenza, 
Pneumonia, &c. 

Cerebral Fevers. — See Typhoid Fevers. 

Comatose Feyers. — See Lethargic Fevers. 

DentitiiOIIf — (Fever During), — See Chap. XX. 

Gastric and Bilious Pevers.--The chief remedies are generally : 
Aeon., bell,, bry., cham,, cocc, ipec., mere, n.-vom., and puis., also : 
Ant., coloc., dig., rhus, squill., tart., and verat., or else : Daph., 
gran., (?) and sulph. [" Crotal., dat'^ — Ed.] 

When the Simple Gastric Fever (Febris Saburralis) predomi- 
nates, the medicines which usually claim a preference are : Ipec, n.- 
vom., puis., or else : Ant., hry., cham., cocc, dig., rhus, sulph., tart., 
and verat., also : Bell., daph., and squill. [" Kal.-bich., lob." — ^Ed.] 

When Bilious Symptoms (Bilious Fever) predominate, the prin- 
cipal remedies are ; Aeon., bry., cham., chin., cocc., n.-vom., pvls., or 
else : Ars., coloc., daph., dig.y gran., (?) ipec., and sulph. 

Gastric fevers, with a predominance of Mltous Secretions and Ex- 
cretions (Mucous Fever), usually require : Bell., chin., dig., merc^ 
puis., and rhu^, or else : Ars., cham., cin., dulc., ipec., n.-vom., rhab., 
spig., and sulph. 

When gastric fever is characterized by Verminous Affections 
(Verminous Fever): Cic., cin., mere, sil., spig., and sidph., or else: 
Aeon., dig., hyos., n.-vom., sabad., stann., stram., teuc., and valer, 
may be consulted. 

When Inflammatory Symptoms of a very decided character present 
themselves (Inflammatory Gastric Fever), the chief remedies are : 
Bell., bry., cham., mere, puis., or tart. — Aeon, is indicated in cases 
in which there are bilious symptoms, but never against a purely 
gastric derangement, however well-marked the inflammatory charac- 
ter may be. 

When the fever exhibits a Nervous Character (Nervous Gastric, 
or Ataxic Fever), the remedies are chiefly : Bell., bry., cocc., rhus^ 
and verat., or else : Ars., carb.-veg., chin., hyos., &c. 

Gastric fever, with symptoms of Putridity (Putrid Gastrio 
Fever), requires principally : Ars., carb.-veg., clan., mere, mur.'OCf 
phos.-ac., rhus, sulph., and sulph.-ac. 

%* See also Inflammatory Fevers, and Typhoid Fevers. — With 

l64 CHAP. IV. — ^FEVEEfl. 

reference to the External Causes from which these kinds of fever 
commonly arise : when they are produced by Indigestion, the reme- 
dies most frequently indicated are*. Ipec. or puis., or else : Ant., bry., 
n.-vom., tarC&nd sulph. 

Those which result from a Chill, require principally : Aeon., bell,, 
bry,, chatn,, ipec,, mere, n.-vom., puis,, and stdph. Ajainst gastric 
fevers, in consequence of a chill in the stomach from Cold Water, 
Ices, or Acids, the medicines which claim priority are : Ars, and 
puis., or else : NcUr,-9n., sttlph., sulph.-ac., and loch. 

Bilious fevers brought od by Disappointment, or by a Fit of 
Passion, require principally : Cham, or coloc., or else : Aeon., bry., 
chin., n.-vom., or staph. In cases in which the patient has taken an 
injurious quantity of Chamomile, or has eaten after a fit of vexation, 
F%ds. merits a preference. 

Lastly, with respect to the symptoms which characterize indi- 
vidual cases, a preference may be given to : 

AcoNiTuu — Especially at the camm^encement of the disease, and 
when bilious symptoms predominate — namely : Tongtie loaded tvith 
a yeUowish coating, bitter taste of the mouth, and of aM kinds of food 
and of liquids, except water ; ardent thirst; bitter, greenish, or 
mucous risings and vomitings (vomiting of lumbrici) ; tension and 
distention of the hypochondria ; soreness of the hepatic region, with 
shootings and pressure ; suppressed evacuations, or frequent small 
evacuations, with tenesmus ; red and scanty urine; dry heat, with 
full and frequent pulse, sleeplessness with agitation; plaintive or 
quarrelsome and irascible humor. (Compare Bry., diam.) 

Belladonna — ^When there are : Tongue loaded with a thick yel- 
lowish or whitish coating; aversion to food and drink ; sour taste on 
eating rye bread ; vomiting of sour, or bitter, or slimy substances ; 
slimy diarrhaea; dry heat, especially in the head, with thirst, or alter- 
nating with shiverings ; anxiety and restlessness, or susceptibility 
and capriciousness, violent headacfie, as if the contents tvere forcing 
their way through the forehead; dry mouth ; dysphagia ; somnclency 
during the day, with sleeplessness at night, &c. (Compare Cham. 
and mere.) 

Bryonia — ^When the symptoms are : Dryness of the tongue, which 
is covered with a brownish yellow coating ; putrid smell from the 
mouth ; bitter taste, especially after having slept, or clammy, sickly, 
or putrid ; eagerness for wine, for acid drinks, or for coffee, toith re- 
pugnance to solid food; nausea, water-brash, frequent retching or 
vomiting of bile, especially after drinking ; lancinations in the pit of 
the stomach; or in the side, in the liead, or in the limbs, especially 


when coughing or walking; pressure and tension in the pit of ike 
9tOTnach, especially after a meal ; constipation; aqueous urine, light 
colored or yellowish, and depositing a yellow 'sediment ; intense heat, 
with ardent thirst, or coldness and shiverings throughout the body^ 
with redness (and heat) of the face; irascibility; great weakness; 
confusion of the head, with vertigo, &c. (Compare Aeon,, chant, t and 

Chahohilla — ^When the symptoms are : Tongue red and cracked, 
or loaded with a yellowish coating ; bitter taste in the mouthy and of 
food; faUid odor from the mouth ; anorexia, nausea, or hitter^ or 
sour eruclations and vomiting; great anxiety, tension, and preS' 
sure in the epigastrium, hypochondria, and especially in the pit 
of the stomach, flatulent colic, with tearing pains and distention 
of the abdomen ; constipation, or evacuations loose and greenish, or 
of a sour smell, mingling excrement with mucus, resembling eggs 
beaten up, yellowish urine with fleecy sediment ; semi-lateral head- 
ache ; pains in the limbs ; great agitation, with uneasiness and moans, 
or anger and irascibility ; asthmatic sufferings ; Jieat, especially in 
face and eyes, with redness (especially of one) of the cheeks, or heat 
commingled with shuddering, sleeplessless with agitation, or sleep 
disturbed by anxious dreams, and starts. (Compare Aeon., bell., n.- 
vom., and ptds.) 

CoccuLus — When there are : Tongue loaded with a yellow coat- 
ing ; disgust for food ; dry mouth, with or without thirst ; offensive 
eructations and inclination to vomit ; painful fullness of the stomach, 
with obstructed respiration ; constipation, or soft evacuations, with 
burning in the anus ; great debility, with perspiration on the slightest 
movement ; headache, especially in the forehead, with vertigo, &o. 
(This medicine is also often suitable when Chamomile has been taken 
to excess.) 

Ipecacuanha — When there are : Tongue loaded with thick yellow • 
ish mucus, with dryness of the mouth ; aversion to all food (especi- 
ally to fat things), with disposition to vomit; fetidity of the mouth ; 
bitter taste in the mouth, and of all kinds of food ; nausea, with re^ 
gurgitation and vomiting of ingesta ; painful pressure and fullness 
in the pit of the stomach ; gripings ; loose, yelloudsh, or offensive and 
putrid evacuations; pale, yellowish complexion ; headache, especially 
in the forehead; feverish heat, with thirst, or shiveringai (Compare 
N.-vom. and puts?) 

Merourius — ^When there are : Moist tongue, loaded vnth a white 
or yellowish coating ; dry and burning lips, sickly^ putrid, or bitter 
taste; nausea, with retching, or vomiting of slimy or bitter mfr- 

166 CHAP. IT. — I'EVEES. 

Stances; painful tenderness of the kypodumdriat pit of the stomach, 
epigastrium, or umbilical region, especially at night, with anguish 
and inquietude ; disposition to sleep by day, and sleepless?iess at 
night; peevishness, irascibility ; shiverings, alternating with heat ; 
burning thirst; sometimes with aversion to drinks. (Compare Bell.) 

Nux-voM. — JDry and white, or yellowish tongue, especially towards 
the root ; ardent "thirst, with burning in the throat; bitter or put Hi 
taste ; bitter risings ; continued nausea, especially in tJie ope7i air ; 
or vomiting of ingesta ; gastralgia, with pressive pains ; pressurs 
and painful tension througliout the epigastrium and in the hypo- 
chondria ; spasmodic colic, with pinching and grumbling noise in the 
umbilical region ; constipation, with frequent but ineffectual want to 
evacuate, or small, loose, slimy, or watery faeces ; pressive headache 
in the forehead, with vertigo; irascible, peevish, or hypochondriacal 
humor ; great weakness and lassitude ; red and hot, or yellowish and 
earthy face; heat mixed with shivering and shuddering; sensation 
in the limbs as if they were broken ; aggravation of the sufferings 
towards the morning, &o. (Compare Aeon., bry., cham,, ipec,, and 

Pulsatilla — Tongue loaded with whitish mucus ; insipid, clam' 
my, or else bitter taste, especially after deglutition ; risings with 
taste of food, or else bitter ; aversion to food, especially to fat or to 
meat, with desire for acid things or spirituous drinks ; pituita, re- 
gurgitation of food; insupportable nausea ; vomiting of slimy and 
whitish, bitter and greenish, or acid s%U>sta?ices ; vomiting of ingesta ; 
pressure at the pit of the stomach, with difficult respiration ; con- 
stipation, or evacuations which are loose, white, or slimy, bilious and 
greenish, or like eggs beaten up ; semi-lateral headache ; frequent 
shivering, with adipsia, or dry heat with thirst ; face alternately 
pale and red, or redness of one cheek, with paleness of the other ; 
sadness, with moaning, uneasiness, and agitation. (Compare Cham., 
ipec,, and n.-^vom.) 

Of the other medicines cited, recourse may be had to : 

Antimonium — When, in consequence of indigestion, thiere are: 
Complete anorexia, with aversion to food, and nausea; and when the 
0Ti£ferings yield neither to Ipec, nor to ptds. 

CoLooTNTHis — ^Whcu anger is followed by : Bilious fever, with 
gastralgia, spasmodic colic, and diarrhasa, renewed after eating even 
a very small quantity ; cramps in the calves of the legs, &c., and when 
Ouim., bry., n.-vom. or puis, are insufficient. 

PiGiTALis — Nausea on waking in the morning, bitter taste in the 
month, thirst, slimy vomiting, loose evacuations, and great weakness. 


Rhus — Great weakness, delirium, putrid diarrhoea dry tongue, 
with thirst and typhoid symptoms. 

Squilla — A complication of febrile symptoms accompanied by 
pleuritic afifections, and when neither Aeon, nor bry, prove sufficient. 

Taktarus — Chiefly in the case of children, and especially when 
catarrhal affection, with loose cough, excessive secretion of mucus 
and dyspnoea exist together. 

Verat&um — Great weakness after the alvine evacuations, with 
syncope, yellowish complexion ; dry tongue, with a yellow or brown- 
ish coating. 

For the other medicines cited, and for more ample details, see 
the pathogenesy of the medicines, and compare also : Imflammatokv, 
Ttphoid, Catarrhal Fevers, &c., and also, Chap. XY., Gastric and 
Bilious Affections, &c. 

HoctiC F6V€rSt — The medicines which have hitherto been em- 
ployed with the greatest success against different kinds of Fever, 
attendant on consumption, are, in general: Ars., caic,, chin., cocc., 
ipec., phos., phos,-ac., sil., and sulph, ; and perhaps the following will 
in some cases be found suitable, viz. : Bell., con., cupr., dig., hell,, 
hep,, ign,, tod., kal,, lacJi,, lye, mere, n.-vom., puis., sep., stann., 
staph., verat., zinc., cJunin. ["^Canchel." — Ed.] 

For Nervous Hectic Fevers (Slow Nervous Fevers), the princi- 
pal remedies are : Ars., chin., cocc., mere, n.-vom,, phos.-ac., staph., 
iferat., and mosch. 

Hectic fevers, with local affections and organic injuries, such as 
chronic inflammations, suppurations, &c. (Hectic Fevers, properly 
so called,) require remedies adapted to the injuries on which they 
depend : Phos., sil., stdph., or else : Bell., cole, hep., loch., lye, mere, 
puis., and canth, are frequently indicated in such cases. 

Hectic fevers caused by Moral Emotions, Prolonged Grief, 
Nostraloia, &o., require chiefly: Plios.-ae and staph., and per- 
haps: Ign., lack., mere, and Ars, or graph, (Compare Moral 

For those which result from Debilitating Losses (loss of blood, 
sexual excesses, onanism, &o.) the chief remedies are : Chin., n.-vom., 
phos.-ae, and sulph., or else : Cole, dn., loch., staph. (Compare 
Chap. I., Debility.) 

Those which are brought on by Violent Diseases, especially 
nervous complaints, typhoid fevers, cholera, &c., usually require: 
Cocc., or hell., hyos , or phos.'Oc., or else : Ars., diin.,'Verat. 

For the appropriate remedies for Heotio Fevers, caused by Dt8« 

168 CHAP. TV, — ^FBVEES. 

cRASiA, such as scrofula^ &c., see those diseases ; and for those fevers 
which result from Abuse of Medicaments, see Chap. XXVI., Toxi- 
CATioN (Poisoning). 

The SrMFTOHS indicating the respective medicaments cited are as 
follows : 

Absenicuh — ^Excessive emaciation ; great dMlity^ with palpitation 
o: the heart ; nocturnal sweat ; dry and barning skin ; thirsty which 
f/rodtices an inclination to drink often^ hut Utile at a time ; agitated 
and nnrefreshing sleep, interrupted by jerks and starts ; desiro to 
remain lying down continually ; irascibility and capricionsness ; 
anarcxia, with dyspepsia. 

Calcarea — Constant heat, with but little thirst ; or frequent 
flushes of heat, with anguish and palpitation of the heart ; or con- 
stant shivering, especially in the evening, with redness of the cheeks ; 
flabbiness and dryness of the skin ; excessive emaciation ; great de- 
bility, with apathy ; anorexia ; fits of anguish in the evening ; short, 
dry cough ; strong desire to he magnetized; deep dejection after 
speaking; perspiration easily excited; great uneasiness of the 
patient respecting his state of health ; slow and weak digestion ; 
nocturnal perspiration. 

China — Pale face and sunken cheeks, with yellow eyes ; groat 
apathy and indifference ; dryness and looseness of the skin ; sleep- 
lessness, or uneasy and nnrefreshing sleep, with anxious dreams ; 
anorexia, with appetite for dainties only, or extreme voracity, with 
weakness of digestion, ill-humor, uneasiness, distention of the abdo- 
men, and many other sufferings, after a meal ; frequent perspirations, 
especially at night; frequent diarrhoea, and also evacuation of 

CoccuLUS — Great debility, with excessive dejection and trembling 
after the least exertion ; frequent flushes of heat, especially on the 
face ; dark circle around the eyes ; dryness of the mouth ; anorexia; 
oppression of the chest, with ebullition of blood, and anxiety ; err- 
treme sadness; starts during sleep, with anxious dreams; frequent 
nausea ; tendency to perspire during movement ; mild and phleg- 
matic temperament. 

Ipecacuanha— J)ry and troublesome heat, especially in the even- 
ing, with thirst, great uneasiness, burning in the palms *of the hands, 
nocturnal perspiration ; skin like parchment ; appetite for dainties 
only ; great apathy and indifference ; loss of breath on the least 

Fhosfqorus — Dry cough ; short and oppressed respiration ; shiv- 
ering towards the evening, followed by dry heat ; colliquative diar^ 


rhoBa; coUiguative, dammy sweMs at night; great emaciation ; ex- 
cessive debility. 

Phosphoric-acid — Sadness, grief; taciturnity j laconic style of 
speaking and apathy ; blanching of the hair, feverish heat in the 
evening, with anguish .and quick pulse ; debilitating perspiration in 
the morning. 

SiLicEA — Pale and earth-colored face ; dry and short cough ;^eat 
emaciation ; anorexia ; shortness of breath ; great weakness, especi- 
ally in the joints ; feverish heat in the eyening, or in the morning. 

SuLPHiTR — Feverish heat, especially towards the evening, vrith «r- 
cumscribed redness of the cheeks (especially of the left cheek) .; dry- 
ness of the skin, with thirst ; face lean and pallid ; dry, or loose and 
slimy faeces ; short, oppressed breathing ; palpitation of the heart ; 
nocturnal perspiration towards the morning ; weakness and lassitude, 
especially in the legs, with heaviness ; dry cough. 

For the rest of the medicines cited, and for more ample details of 
all» see their pcUhogenesy^ and compare also the articles ; Pulmonary, 
Laryngeal, and Abdominal Phthisis, &g., in their respective 

InflaDHnatory FeY6rS« — The chief remedies are : Acon.t bell,, 
bry., cham., mere, and n,-vom. ; also, in some cases : Ars., chin.^ 
cojf., hyos., lye, puis., stdph., and chinin. 

For simple inflammatory fevers, or Synocha, the principal reme- 
dies arc: Aeon., bell., bry., and perhaps also: Ars., cham., hyos., 
mere, rhus, puis., and sulph. 

If these fevers assume a nervous or ataxic character, and are ac- 
companied by cerebral symptoms, a preference should be give to : 
Bell., bry.,%ham., hyos., n.-vom., op., phos-ac., or rhus. (See Typhoid 

When complicated with Local AflFections, such as Pleurisy, Pneu- 
monia, or with Catarrhal, Rheumatic, Gastric, or Bilious Affec- 
tions, a preference should be given to the medicines suitable to those 
affections ; for which, see those articles. 

The symptoms indicating the respective medicines are as follow : * 

AcoNiTUM — Burning heat, preceded sometimes by shivering, or 
commingled with shuddering ; violent thirst; sicin gentraUydry and 
burning ; puffed, hot, and red face; or red blotches on the cJieeks; 
or redness of the face, alternating tcith paleness, especially when rising 
tip ; redness, inflammation, and pain in the eyes ; sleeplessness ; 
much agitation and tossing, sometimes with anxiety, fear of death, 
•or criea and moans ; pulse full and hard, or suppressed; violent head- 
ache, weighing down, pressivo, or pulsative ; vertigo on rising up • 
VOL. n. — 8 


nocturnal delirium ; dryness of the lips and mouth; clean and moist 
tongue/ hasty, hesitating speech ; deep-red urine ; oppression of the 
chest, with short, anxious, and rapid respiration ; stitclies in i/ie chest 
or sides ; short cough ; p i/pitation of the heart ; pains in the limbs. 
(Compare Bell., hnj., cham.) 

Belladonna — Internal and external heat, with deep redness of the 
face and eyes ; burning thirst, with aversion to drink, or continued 
craving for drink, with inability to swallow it ; moist (and clammy) 
skin; drowsiness by day,iaith slecpless7iess at nighty or disturbed 
sleep, with starts aud jerking of the limbs, loss (f consciousness, mw' 
murs, and carphologia, or cries and convulsions, or raving delii-ium, 
frightful visions, and impulse to run away ; obstinacy and malevo- 
lence ; heat qftlie head; violent headache, especially in the foreltead, as 
if the contents were being forced through it ; dilated pupils ; furious 
and uncertain looks ; photophobia; dryness of of the mouth and lips ; 
vlceration in the corners of tlie mouth ; hasty and indist i.ct mode of 
speaking ; sore throat, with dysphagia; cough, with headache and 
redness of the face; scanty yellow urine; shootings in the limbs; 
appearance of red spats on the skin, (Compare Aeon., cham., mere.) 

Bryonia — Intense heat, or shivering and sfiaking, both attended 
by redness, and heat qfth^ head and face; perspiration at night, es- 
pecially towards morning ; insatiable thirst, sometimes followed by 
vomiting ; drowsiness, with starts, cries, and delirium, as soon as the 
eyes are closed ; delirium day and night; irascibility, or apprehension 
respecting the termination of the disease, with fear of death ; laconic 
speech; agitation, tossing, and carphology; great general debility; 
hard, fVill, and quick pulse ; stupefying cephalalgia, with vertigo on 
rising up; dullness of sight and hearing; dryness of the lips ; pressure 
at the pit of the stomach; constipation; dry cough, with pain in the 
pit of the stomach ; stitches in the chest or sides ; tearing or shoot- 
ing pains in the limbs. (Compare Aeon., bell., cham., n.-vom.) 

Chamomilla — Internal and external heat ; sometimes preceded by 
shiverings, or heat in the face and eyes, with redness (especially of 
one) of the cheeks ; ardent thirst, with burning in the moi^th, ex- 
tending into the stomach ; sleeplessness, with agitation and tossing 
or sleep with anxious dreams and starts ; great uneasiness and 
anxiety ; semi-lateral headache ; vertigo on rising up, with darkness 
or sparks before the eyes, and syncope; red and cracked tongue; 
bitter taste of the mouth and of food; sour or bilious risings or vom- 
itings ; great anxiety, tejision, and pressure in the epigastrium, and 
hypochondria : colic and diarrhoea ; hot burning urine ; tearing 

BBCr. I.— CLINICAL SEfiiABKB. • 171 

painfl in the limbs, faee, and head ; offensive breath ; asihmatio suf- 
ferings. (Compare Aeon,, bell., n-vom.) 

Mercury — Shiverings, alternating with heat, redness of the skin, 
ardent thirsty sometimes with aversion to drink ; frequent^ full pulse ; 
heavy andpressive pains in tJie head; redness and bloatedness of the 
face; vertigo on rising up ; dry and burning lips; moist tongue, loaded 
fvith a white or yellowish coating ; ptdnfid tenderness of the hypo- 
chondrial, prcecordial, and umbilical regions; great anguish, agita- 
tion and tossing, especially at night, with sleeplessness ; drowsiness 
during the day ; peevishness and irascibility. (Compare BeU.) 

Nux-voM. — Heat, especially in the face ; sometimes commingled 
with shudderings, dry and burning skin ; hard and frequent pulse ; 
great tceakness and fainting Jits ; extreme anguish, with palpitation 
of the heart, or with dread of death ; over-excitemeTit of the whole 
nervous system ; sleeplessness or comatose sleep ; pressive headache, 
aggravated by stoopifig ; vertigo when stooping ; redness of the face, 
which is sometimes hot, while the body is cold ; dull, confused, and 
red eyes ; dry and white tongue ; thirst, with burning in the throat ; 
pressive pain in the stomach and epigastrium ; constipation ; sensa- 
tion in the Umbs as if they were broken ; irascibility and suscepti- 
bility. (Compare Bry, and cham.) 

The following are the particular indications of the other medicines 
cited : 

Arsenicum — Burning heat at night, with burning in the vein^; 
sleeplessness, with great agitation and tossing ; excessive anguish, 
with despair and fear of death ; great u^eakness, and necessity to re* 
main lying down. 

China — ^Heat, with dryness of the mouth, parched and burning 
lips, redness of the face, delirium, shivering when uncovered in the 
least ; great weakness and pains in the limbs. 

CoFFEA — ^Especially in children, when there are : Great agitation 
and tossing ; over-excitement of the whole nervous system ; cries, 

Htosctamus — Furious delirium, sleeplessness caused by nervous 
excitement ; subsultus-tendinum, carphologia ; redness and heat of 
the face ; red, fixed, and sparkling eyes. ' 

Ltcofodiuk — Circumscribed redness of the face ; cerebral excite- 
ment ; great weakness, dryness, and redness of the tongue ; constipa* 
tion ; ill-humor after sleeping, with cries, malevolence, and grum- 

Pulsatilla — ^Dry heat at night, principally in the face, with heat 
and redness of one cheek ; delirium, tearfulness ; complete adypsia. 

172 CHAP. IV. — ^FBVZEg. 

or insatiable thirst ; tongue loaded with white muous ; soreness in 
the pit of the stomach ; bitter taste ; loose slimy evacuations. 

Kiius — Intense heat, with anguish, dryness of the skin, stupefying 
headache, delirium, with desire to run away ; face burning red ; red, 
dry, and rough tongue ; great weakness ; carphologia. 

8uLFHUR — In many cases of obstinate inflammatory fever, and 
often against the remaining symptoms of those diseases after the use 
of: Aeon., bell,, or bry. 

%* Compare besides, Gastkic and Bilious Fevers, Hectic, Tt- 
rnoiD Fevers, &c. 

Intermittent Fever* — The medicines which have hitherto been 
found most effective are, first : Ars., chin., igncU., ipee., loch., natr.- 
fjtur,, n.'Vom., puis., and rhus. — Then : Aeon., antim., arnic., bell., 
bryon., cole., caps., carb.-v,, cham., cin., fer., op., veraX. — Also : 
Canth., cocc., coff., dros,, hep., hyos., men., mere, mez., n.-mos., sabad., 
samp., Sep., staph., sul2)h,, thxij., vcUer. — Ang., cupr., helleb., kal,, 
lam., phos. — Chinin. ? ? ? [" Chin.-sulp., cim.-lect., eup.-perf., lob., 
podoph,, cincho.'Stilp." — ^Ed.] 

Against Marsh Feve&s, the chief remedies are : Ars., cJiin., ipec., 
and perhaps also : Am., carb.-v., cina,/er., nitr.-m., rhus, verat. 

Against fevers which prevail in Summer or Spring, as well as in 
Hot Climates, the remedies are : Ars., bell., cole., caps., cin., ipec, 
loch., sulph., veratr,, and perhaps also : Bry. and carb.-v. 

Against fevers which have been changed in character by an Abuse 
OF Cinchona, the remedies are : Am., ars., bell., fer., ipec., loch.,, 
puis., verat., or else : Cole., caps., carb.-v., cin., mere, natr.-m,, 
n.-vom., Sep., sidph. 

Against Autumnal Fevers : China, or chinin. (?) may be used. 

With respect to the Type of fevers : Am., ars., bell., bry., carb.-v., 
chin., cin., hyos., ign., ipec, natr.-m,, n.-vom,, piUs., rhus, sulph., 
veratr. are applicable to all the Simple Types. 

Quotidian Fevers have also been cured by : Calc., caps,, diad., 

Tertian Fevers by : Ant., calc., caps., cham., dros., lye, mez., 
staph. [" Cim.-lect,, eup.-perf., crotal., elat." — En.] 

Quartan Fevers by : Aeon,, lye, n,-mos., sabad. [" Cim.-lect." — 


Against Double Quotidian Fevers : Bell., chin., graph., puis., 

Mtram. have been administered; and: Ars,, n.-mos., rhus, chiefly 

Against Double Tertian. 

Against fevers which return every year : Ars,, carb.-v , loch, have 

been recommended. 


Witli respect to the Hour at which the fevers appear, the medi- 
cines which correspond to almost all periods of the day are 
principally : Ars., bell., bry., chin , ipeCtfuitr.-m.y n.-vom., puis., rhus, 
stdph,, veratr. 

Matutinal Fevers (which appear in the early Tnoming, or during 
the forenoon) have also been cured by : Am,, cede, cham., sahad^ 

Evening Fevers (which appear in the afternoon or evening) by 
Am., cede,, carb.'V., igncU., lye, mere, sabad. sep., staph. 

Nocturnal Fevers by : Carb.-v., cham., mere. 

Fevers in which Cold predominates chiefly require : Bry., caps.^ 
diad., ipec, ptds., sabad., staph., veratr.; — ^those with a predominance 
of Heat, chiefly : Aeon., bell., bry., ipec, n.-vom., sabad., silic, valer., 
veratr. ; and those in which Sweating is the prevailing symptom, 
especially : Bry., chin., mere, samb. 

For fevers which consist in Shivering and IIeat, the medicines 
are : — ^When The Skivering Precedes, principally : Aeon., am., 
bry., caps,, carb.-v., cin., ign., ipec, natr.-m., n.-vom., puis., rhus, 
sabad., sulph,, veratr. ; — when the Heat Precedes : Cole, caps., 
n.'Vom. ; — when the Shivering and Heat Succeed one another 
Alternately : Bell., cole, lye, mere, natr.-m., n.-vom., sabad., sil., 
spig., sulph., veratr. ; — and when the Shivering and Heat are Si- 
multaneous, the remedies are : Aeon,, ars., bell., cliam., ign., ipec, 
lye, n.-vom. rhab., rhus, sabad., sulph. 

For fevers which are manifested by Heat and Sweating, when 
the heat is Attended by Sweating, the chief remedies are : Bell., 
bry., caps., cham., chin., cin., hep., ign., mere, n.-vom., op., puU,, 
thus, sabad. ; — and when tho Sweating follows the Heat : Ars.^ 
chin,, cin., hep,, ign., ipec, puis., rhus, veratr. 

Fevers which are manifested only by Shivering and Sweating, 
chiefly require : If the Sweating and Shivering are Simulta- 
neous; Lye, puis., sulph.; and if the Sweating follows the 
Shivering, principally : Caps., carb.-a., lye, natr.-m., rhus, saJbad.^ 
thuj., veratr. 

Fevers which manifest themselves by Shivering, Heat, and 
Sweating are remedied most frequently by : Ars., bell., bry., caps.^ 
cham,, chin,, cin., hep., ign., ipee, n.-vom., puis., rhus, sabad., veratr., 
according to the locality of the principal symptoms, as indicated 

Thirst Before the Attack indicates especially: Am,, chin., 
ptds. ; — daring the Shivering, principally : Aeon., ars., bryon., caps., 
ea^b -v., cham., chin., cin., ign., ipec. rhus, veratr, ; -after the Shiver* 

174: CHAP. rV. — ^FEVTEES. 

mo : Ars,, chin.ipuls.t sabad, ; — after the Heat : Chin. ; — daring the 
Heat, especially : Cham., chin,,puls,y rhus^veratr. ; — after the Fever : 
Chin,, n.-vom. ; — Adypsia during the Heat indicates especially : Ars.^ 
carb.-v,, chin., ign., ipec, mere, n.-wmi., puis., rhus, sabad., veratr. 

The Symptoms which more specifically indicate the respective re- 
medies are as follows — viz. : 

Arsenicum — Simultaneous appearance of shivering with heat, or 
shivering alternating with heat, or internal shivering with external 
heat, or vice versa ; burning heat, as if hoiling water were circulating 
in the veins ; ahsence of perspiration, or appearance of perspiration 
a long time after the heat, and principally at the commencement of 
sleep ; or else heat and shivering slightly developed; appearance of 
accessory affections ttnth the shiverings, such as : Pains in the limhs, 
anxiety and restlessness, transient heat on speaking, or on the 
slightest movement, oppression of the chest, pulmonary spasms, 
headache, &o. ; during the sweats, humming in the ears ; daring the 
heat, restlessness, aching in the forehead, vertigo, and even delirium; 
great debility, vertigo, tenderness of the liver or spleen, after or 
daring the course of the fever ; nausea, violent pain in the stomach ; 
ulceration in the comers of the mouth ; bitter taste in the mouth ; 
trembling ; great anxiety ; paralysis of the limbs, or violent pains ; 
disposition to dropsical affections. (Compare : Chin., fer., ipec., 

China — Before the fever, nausea, bulimy, headache, anxiety, pal- 
pitation of the heart, or other symptoms ; thirst commonly before or 
after the shiverings and heat, or during t/ie sweating, or else during 
the entire continuance of the febrile attack, or whilst the apyrexia 
continues ; shiverings, alternating with heat, or appearance of heat a 
long time after the shivering ; during tJie shivering, adypsia, conges- 
tion, and headache, paleness of tJieface, &c. / dry and burning lips 
andmmah, red face, ravenous hunger, &c., during the heat; great 
weakness during ancl after the febrile paroxysms; disturbed sleep, 
yellowish complexion; drowsiness after a meal; pain in the liver or 
spleen ; bilious or dropsical symptoms ; soreness or swelling of the 
liver or spleen, jbc. 

Ignatia— Thirst, only during the shivering fit ; mitigation of the 
cold by the application of external heat ; heat only externally, with 
partial shivering or internal shttddenng; during the shiverings, 
nausea and vomiting, pale complexion, pains in the back, Ac. ; during 
the heat, adypsia, Iieadache, vertigo, delirium, paleness of the face, 
or alterruUe paleness and redness, or redness only (of one) of the 
cheeks ; after or during the course of the fever, cephalalgia, j^in in 


the pit of the stomach, great fatigue, profound sleep, with snoring ; 
eruptions on the lips and corners of the mouth, nettle-rash, &c. 

Ipecacuanha — Much shivering with little heat» or much heat with 
littl<3 shivering; aggravation of the shivering by external heat; 
adypsia, or at least little thirst during the shivcrings, with violent 
thirst during the heat ; hefore, during, and between the paroxysms, 
nausea, vomiting, and other gastric symptoms, with clean or coated 
tongue and oppression of the chest. This medicine possesses the 
advantage that, when it does not entirely suit a given case, it pro- 
duces, notwithstanding, a favorable change, so that the cure can after- 
wards be completed by: Arn., chin,, ign,, n.-vom., or else : Ars,, 
carb.'V., or cm. 

Lachesis — Shivering after a meal, or in the afternoon, often with 
pain in the limbs and loins to the degree of preventing rest, or with 
oppression of the chest and convulsive twitches ; during the Iieat, 
violent headadie, loqtuicious delirium, redness of the face, ardent 
thirst, great agitation and tossing during the heat, or internal shiver- 
ing (during the external heat) ; discolored, earthy, yellowish-gray 
complexion, headache, great weakness and rapid prostration of strength 
during the apyrexia ; appearance rf heat principally at night or in 
the evening ; appearance of perspiration after the heat, towards the 
morning ; renewal of the febrile paroxysms by acid food. 

Natrum-mus.. — Constant shivering ; heat, with dizziness, cloudi- 
ness of the eyes, vertigo, and redness of the face ; violent fieadache^ 
especially during the heat ; pains in the bones, yellowish complexion, 
great debility, ulceration in the comers of the mouth, violent thirst 
during the shivering, and especially during the hot stage ; dryness 
of the tongue; painful sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to the 
touch ; bitter taste in the mouth, and complete anorexia. 

Nux-voM. — Great weakness and prostration at the commencement 
of the fever, then shivering commingled with heat, or heat before the 
shivering, or external heat with internal shivering, or vice versa; 
necessity to be constantly covered, even during the heat and perspi- 
ration ; during tite shivering ft, coldfuss and bluencss of the skin, 
hands andfeet,face or nails, or stitches in the side and shootings in the 
abdomen, pains in the back and loins, or drawing pains in the abdo- 
men ; /teadache and humming in the ears, during the heat ; pains in 
the chest ; Jieat in tlie head and face, with redness of tlie cheeks, and 
thirst (often with craving for beer), during the shivering and heat; 
gastric or bilious affections, vertigo, anguish, and constipation. This 
medicine is often suitable after Ipec* (Compare also : Ars,, bry,, chin^ 
ign», and puis,) 

176 CHAP. TV. — TEVEB8. 

Pulsatilla — ^Adypsia during tHe entire period of the fever, or 
thirst only daring the heat, or heat and shivering together, with 
thirst ; aggravation in the afternoon or evening ; oppressive pain in 
the head, anxiety, and oppression of the chest, during the shivering 
redness and puffing of the face, perspiration on the face, shivering 
^ when uncovered, or redness only of the cheeks during the hot stage 
gastric or bilious affections, hitter taste in the mouth, slimy, hiiious 
or sour vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, oppression of the chest, 
moist cough, and headache, during or hetween the paroxysms of 
fever. This medicine is often suitable after Lack,, or when the 
slightest indigestion causes a relapse. (Compare : Cin,, ign., n.-vom., 
or Ant. and cham.) 

Ebus-tox. — Shivering commingled with heat, appearance of the 
paroxysms commonly at night or in the evening, perspiration after 
midnight or towards morning ; during the shiveiings, pains in the 
limbs, headache, vertigo, toothache ; during or between the febrile 
paroxysms, conviclsive jerks, nettle-rash, colic, diarrhoea, and other 
gastric affections, icterus, sleeplessness with tossing, nocturnal thirst, 
palpitation of the heart, with anxiety, pressure at the pit of the 
stomach. (Compare : Ars., ign., n^-fvom., pids.) 

Aitcr the the foregoing medicines, the following may be consulted, 
tIz. : 

AcoNiTUM — ^When the heat and shivering are very violent ; and 
when there are : Heat, especially in the head or face, with redness 
of th^ cheeks ; anguish, palpitation of the heart, stitches in tho 
pleura; tearful, plaintive, and wayward humor, or sadness, despair, 
and fear of death. 

Antimonium — Little thirst, tongue much coated, bitter taste in the 
• . mouth, eructations, disgust, nausea, vomiting, and other gastric 
affections, gripings, tension, and pressure at the epigastrium, con- 
stipation or diarrhoea. 

Arnica — Shivering, which appears principally in the evening; 
thirst, even before tlue shiverings ; pains in the bones before the pa- 
roxysms ; constant change of position, each one being found insup- 
portable during the fever ; great indifference or stupor ; pain in the 
stomach, anorexia, loathing of meat, during the apyrexia ; yellowish 
complexion, bitterness in the mouth, great indifference. This medi- 
cine is often suitable after Ipcc, 

Belladonna — ^Violent headache with dizziness ; violent shivering, 
with moderate heat, or vice versa ; or partial shivering and shud" 
during, with heat in other parts ; heat, with redness of the face, and 

BBCfT. I. — dilNICAIi REMABEB. 177 

pnlsaticn in the carotids ; complete adypsia, or violent thirst ; great 
susceptibility and tearfulness. 

Bryonia — Predominance of cofd and shivering , with redness of 
the cheeks, heat in the head, and yawning, or pedominancc of heat^ 
foUawed by shivering, or with stitches in the side ; during the heat 
(or before the shivering) headadie and vertigo; tongue thickly 
coated; bitter taste, aversion to food, nausea or vomiting; excessive 
thirst t constipation or diarrhoea. 

Calcarea — Heat in the face, followed by shivering ; or heat in the 
face, with coldness of the hands ; or shivering alternately with heat ; 
or external shivering with internal heat ; vertigo ; heaviness in the 
head and limbs ; stretchings, pain in the loins, agitation. 

Capsicum — Thirst only during the shivering, or during the entire 
period of the fever ; predominant coldness, followed by intense burn- 
ing heat ; a/xumtdaXion of much slimy matter in the mouth, throat, 
and stomach ; diarrhoea, with slimy and burning faces ; ill-humor, 
anxiety, and dizziness, which increase with the coldness. 

Carbo-veo. — When the shivering manifests itself chiefly in the 
evening, or at night ; thirst ordy during tlie shivering ; profuse per- 
spiration, followed by shivering ; rheumatic pains in the teeth or 
limbs, before or during the fever ; vertigo, nausea, redness of the 
face, during the hot stage. 

CnAteosiiLLA — Pressure at the pit of the stomach, hot perspiration 
on theforeliead, exasperation and tossing ; or bilious vomiting, diar- 
rhoea, and colic ; much thirst, predominanee of heat and perspiration. 

CiNA — Vomiting and bulimy before, during, or after the parox- 
ysms; thirst only during the shivering, or only during the heat; 
paleness of the face during the paroxysms, frequent tickling in the 
nose, which obliges the patient to rub it ; d'dated pupils ; emacia- 

Ferrum — Shiverings, with thirst and headache, ebullition of blood, 
swollen veins, congestion in the head; oedematous swelling of the 
face, especially round the eyes, vomiting of food after a meal , short- 
ness of breath ; great weakness, amounting almost to paralysis. 

Opium — Sleep during the hot stage, or else during the shiverings; 
with the mouth open ; convulsive twitches ; hot perspiration ; sup- 
pressed excretions. This medicine is especially suitable to old per- 
sons, and sometimes also to children. 

Yeratrum — When there are : External coldness and cold perspira- 
tion ; or internal heat, with deep red urine, delirium, and redness of 
the face ; or shiverings, with nausea, vertigo, pain in the loins and 
in the back ; or shiverings alternating with heat, constipation, or 

VOL. II. — 8* 

178 CHAP. IV. — ^FEVEBfl. 

TomitiDg, with diarrhoea ; thirst during the shivenng and during 
the heat. 

Of the other liiedicines cited the following are indications : 

Canthaeis — ^When the fever is attended by an affection of the 
urinary organs. 

CoccuLUS — Excitability, spasmodic affections, especially cramps 
in the stomach, and constipation. 

CoFFEA — Excessive sensibility and great excitement^ though the 
fever be moderate ; or only heat with thirst, redness of the face, and 
liveliness of mind, followed by general perspiration, with thirst ; soft 
faeces or diarrhoea ; or colic, with shuddering, agitation, and tossing. 

Drosera — Excessive shivering, with coldness of the face ; icy 
coldness of the hands and feet, with retching, or bilious vomiting 
violent headache, spasmodic cough, during the hot stage; gastric 
symptoms during the apyrcxia. 

Hepar — Fever with coryza, cough, and affections of the chest ; 
or shiverings with thirst, preceded by bitter taste, and followed by 
heat, with sleep. 

Hyosgtamus — ^Predominance of shivering or of heat, with noc- 
turnal cough, which hinders sleep, or else with fits of epileptic con- 

Mentanthes — Predominance of coldness, shudderings and cold- 
ness in the hypogastrium.. 

Mercurius — ^When there are : Ilcat commingled with shivering ; 
heat with anguish and thir«t ; proftcse^ sour, or offensive j)erspiration, 
with palpitation of the heart. 

Mezereumt— Shiverings and coldness, especially in the hands and 
feet, or violent heat ; excessive thirst ; headache, paleness of the face, 
tenderness, swelling, and hardness in the region of the spleen; 
weakness, and great sensitiveness to cold air. 

Nux-MoscH. — Moderate thirst during the hot stage ; drowsiness, 
whiteness of the tongue, rattling in the chest, and haemoptysis. 

Sabadilla — Predominance of coldness ; moderate thirst, or com- 
plete adypsia ; dry convulsive cough, aching, tearing pains in the 
limbs during the shivering ; delirium, sleep, stretchings during the 
hot stage. 

Sambucus — When perspiration predominates, or when there is 
excessive heat without thirst. 

Sepia — Shivering with thirst, pains in the limbs, with icy cold- 
ness of the hands and feet, and deadncss of the fingers. 

Stapiitsagria — When the fever commences in the evening, with 
predominance of cold, scorbutic affections, and nocturnal heat. 

^ mOT. I. — CLmiOAL BElfASES. 179 

SiTLPHXTR — ^When the ferer follows the repercnssion of soaliies ; 
and when there are shiverings every evening ; noctarnal heat, and 
perspiration towards the morning; fever, with palpitation of the 
heart and violent thirst, even hefore the shiverings. 

Thuja — ^When the fever is characterized hy shiverings, with trem- 
bling, internal and external coldness, thirst or adjpsia, followed by 
perspiration not preceded by heat. 

Valeriana — ^When there is no coldness, but excessive heat with 
thirst, and confusion of the head. 

%* For the rest of the medicines cited, and for more ample de- 
tails, see the Symptoms which follow (Sects. 2 and 8), as well as 
their pcUhogenesy in the former part of this work. 

Lethargic Peyers* — The remedies most frequently indicated 
against this kind of intermittent fever, are: BeU,^ cham,, op.^ and 
p%Us,t and perhaps also : Ant,, carb,'^,^ lach.^ fiierc, rhtcs, and tart. 
See also Chap. III. (Somnolenct). 

HaconS Fevers* — See Gastric Fevers. 

Nerrons Fevers* — See Typhoid Fevers. 

PitnitOIIS Fevers* — See Gastric Fevers. 

Puerperal Fevers* — See Diseases op Women, Chap. XX. 

["Pnlse and CircnlatioB of Blood* 

"Aconite — ^Congestions, especially of the brain, eyes, face, heart, 
and lungs, <^or in plethoric persons. — Sensation as if the circulation 
had ceased in all the veins, with coldness. — Pulse : 102, full and 
hard, with cold body, and hot and red face; — slow; — small and 
feeble ; — ^unequal, soft, and full ; — gradually collapsed; — 100, jerk- 
ingyfuUf strong, xad feverish; full and strong, every sixth pulsation 
of the heart and radial artery intermitting, with weight in the chest, 
especially in the region of the heart. 

"-^THUSA — Pulse small, accelerated, and hard ; — irregular ; also, 
pulsations of the heart. 

"Agaricus — Pulse : small, quick, 80, early in the morning ;— 
slaw ;— feeble, unequal, and intermitting, less in the morning and 
after coffee ; — undulating, weak, and slow ; — ^hard, small, and quick, 
in Epilepsy. 

"AoNus — ^Pulse slower and less perceptible, 60. 

"Aloes — Congestion of the head, chest, and especially abdomen,^-^ 
Accelerated pulse. 

"Alxtmina — Seething of blood on awaking in the morning, with 
palpitation of the heart, previous to menstruation ; — with increased 
pnlse and trembling of the hands on writing ; — after food, with gene- 

180 CHAP. lY. — ^FEVERS. ^^ 

ral heat and porspiration on the face ; — ° Congestions, especially of 
the head and chest, ^or from obstrnction of the hsemorrhoidal 

"Ahbra — Seething of blood and accelerated circulation, after 
walking in the open air, with increased feebleness of the body. — 
Pulsation in the body, like the ticking of a watch. 

"Ammoniac. — ^Pulse : small and tight ; — quick and hard. 

*'Ammon.-c. — [*Congestions of the chest.] — Agitation of blood a 
night, as if the heart and vessels would burst. 

"Ahmon.-caust. — Pulse at first small and slightly accelerated^ 
then more rapid from hour to hour. 

"Ammon.-mur. — Constant seething of blood ; — in the whole body, 
with anxiety ; — with more warmth than cold. 

"Amygd.-amar. — Pulse: slow, full, and hard; — falling from 70 to 
64 ; — scarcely perceptible. 

''Anacard. — Perceptible pulsation of the body, especially of the 
arms, one upon the other, on sitting quietly after physical exertion. 

"Angustura — ^Pulse 102, spasmodic, and irregular. 

"AuGUST.-spuR. — Pulse slow, irregular, and suppressed. 

"Anthrakokali — ^Violent pulsation of the heart. — ^Pulse full and 
accelerated ; accelerated, with perspiraijfn. 

**Antxm.-crx7D. — Pulse irregular, alternately quick and slow. 

"Argentum — Pulse accelerated, with thirst, CTenings in bed. 

"Argent. -NITRIC. — ^Congestion of the head, with vertigo and oph* 

"Arnica — ^Congestions of the head and chest, with coldness of 
the extremities y — seething of blood, in the evening, with dizziness 
of the head ; — pulsations in the entire body, at night, with a continu- 
ous cough to the extent of vomiting, 

"Arsenic — Constant seething of blood, as if the too hot blood ran 
through the vessels, with small and quick pulse. — Pulse: irritated, 
frequent, and not full ;. — quick, small, and rather hard ; — quick, weak, 
and intermittent; — small, feeble, and frequent; — ^intermittent, — 
-small, and unequal ; — entirely deficient, with frequent and irritated 
pulsations of the heart. — Typhus, with small, tremulous, wiry pulse 
from 120 to 140. 

"Arsen.-htdrog. — Frequent /n^^ /-—cessation of pulse, and of 
every sensation of life in the deadened parts. 

AsA-FOET. — Pulse : accelerated, also, the pulsations of the heart ; — 
quick and full ; — too frequent, by 10 pulsations ; — small, weak, and 
increased ; — small, swift, and unequal ; also, the pulsations of tho 
heart. — Congestions of the liver, spleen, Qnd abdominal cavity, with 


obstruction of the rectum ; — ot the portal system, and venous pul* 

''AsABUM — Pulse strong and frequent, with slight chilliness, hot 
forehead and scalp, and thirstlessness. — Seething of blood, evenings, 
in bed. 

"Asparagus — Pulse : accelerated ; — small and easily suppressed ; — 
quick, on sitting down. 

"Atham. — Pulse quick, in the evening, with increased warmth of 
the head, and mental and physical excitement. 

"AuRUM — Chronic congestions of the head, — Congestions of the 
heart and chest, with anxiety and oppression, causing paroxysms of 
violent palpitation of the hearty several times during the day ;-^of the 
head, with heat, succeeded by congestive toothache, — ^Yiolent seeth- 
ing of blood, as if it were boiling in all the vessels ; — the blood ap* 
pears to descend rapidly from the head to the lower extremities. 

"AuRUM-HUR. — Greneral seething and acceleration of the circula- 
tion. — ^Pulse : feverish, strong, and full ; — 80, 90, and 100 the minute. 

" Baryta-carb. — Seething of the blood, with inability -to lie ou 
the left side, palpitation and soreness of the heart, and anxiety. 

" Bartt.-mur. — Pulse full and frequent. 

'* Belladonna — ^Seetl4ng and rush of blood to the head, with 
debility as if he would faint. — Congestions of the head, eyes, cJiest, 
aMoynen, tUerus, and JuemorrJioidal vessels ; — of the head, with sopor 
and delirium in cholera morbus, from checked diarrhoea. — Pulse : 
^strong and quick ; — ^*full and slow ; — ^srnaU and slow ; — Ismail 
and quick; — -large and frequent; — ^hard and tight; — full and 
quick, with insensibility, distended cutaneous veins, red and puffed 
face, and profuse sweat, attending ^paroxysms of stiffness, and im- 
mobility of all the li7nbs, or of single limhs; — quick and hard, with 
frantic delirium, great thirst, sleeplessness, &c., in typhoid fevers, 

"Benz.-acid. — Frequent pulse. Violent pulsation of the heart 
and temporal arteries (110 the minute), without external heat, on 
waking after midnight. A hard, bounding pulse, its frequency not 
increased, and internal heat, wake him after midnight ; and the pul- 
sation of the temporal arteries creates the sound of puffing in the 

" Berbcris — Seething of blood : after walking in the open air, 
with faint weakness ; — with perspiration and heat of the upper part 
of the body ; coldness, sunken appearance of the pale face, and op- 
pression of the chest, in the evenings, before going bed. Pulse slow 

*' Bismuth. — Pulse: small and intermitting ; — sinking. 

182 OHAP. IV. — VEVESB. 

" Bo&AX — Seething of blood eU night, with burning in the body 
and diarrhoea. — Pulse: quick and contracted, with slight chilliness 
oyer the back, and heat and stupefaction of the head ;— quick and 
hard, with stitches in the intercostal muscles, &c. 

" Bo VISTA — Seething of blood: with thirst; — with palpitation of 
the heart, heat, and thirst; — itching and feeling of lameness in the bra- 
chial arteries, especially in the evening. 

" Bromine — Ptilse : somewhat slow, and rather hard ; — very full, 
not accelerated ; — full, rather hard ; slow at first, afterwards accele- 
rated ; — rises from 64 to 70 in fifteen minutes ; — in thirty minutes 
again natural ; — accelerated, wiry (in a dog). — Feeble, frequent pulsa- 
tions of the heart. 

" Brucea — Seething of blood during sleep, with many dreams. 

'* Bryonia — Heat, as if the blood in the veins were burning. — 
Painful throbbing in all the vessels. — Pulse quick and soft, in typhus 
versatUis, — Pulse : hard, frequent, and small, in puerperal fever, with 
glowing red face, profuse sweat, oppressed respiration, sensitiveness 
of the tongue, violent thirst, dry, yellow, and parched tongue*, &c. 

" Caladium — Pulse : accelerated ; — ^full, hard, and bounding. 

" Calcarea — ^Congestions of several parts of the body ; — of the 
head, with discharge of blood from the rectum ; — *of the head and 
chest, after painful stiffness of the spinal column. — Seething of blood: 
*hot, -also from the pit of the stomach to the head ; — *of the whole 
body ; — with mental restlessness ; — in the morning, in bed, after an 
uneasy sleep, -also as if the veins were swollen, and the body bruised. 
— Pulse : quick, without sensation of fever, or with cold hands, fore- 
noon or noon. 

" Calc.-caust. — Pulse : quick, or slow 

" Camphor. — Pulse: feeble, olmost imperceptible; — small and hard, 
becoming more and more slow ; — full and quick ; — ^*weak and small ; 
— ^gradually quicker ; — quicker and hard ; — full, quick, and irritable. 
—Distended veins, with great heat of the body, sopor, crampy head- 
ache, quick respiration, and pain as from bruises in the back. 

" Cannabis — Seething of blood. — Pulse : very small ; — almost im- 

** Cantharis — Pulse : increased, especially, with heat of the body; 
—-full and increased, early in the morning, after the pains ; — hard 
and fuU, as in febrile inflammations; — ^full and slow ; — small, inter' 
fnittent, or strong ; frequent, hard, or quick ; — slow, only 55 ; — weak ; 
— vanishing; — uneasy, in the whole body, with trembling of the 

'* Carbo-an. — Seething of blood in the body ; — without heat ; — es- 


pecially, at night, with distress, compelling her to sit up. — ^Throbbing 
in the whole body, worse in the evening. 

" CARBo-VEa. — Pulse : °small, in nervous fever ; — ^frequent ; — 
*feeble and depressed ; — wholly vanishing, in cholera. — Congestions 
of the head and chest, in Asiatic cholera. (Rummel prefers Lour, 
lor this state.) 

" Castor — Pulse : slow. 

*' Chelidon. — Strong pulse, not quick, on sitting. 

* Chenop. — Pulse : quick, in the forenoon, with burning and ten- 
dency to perspire in the palms of the hands : accelerated, in the even- 
ing, during fluent ooryza, or quick and tight, early in the morning, 
with hot breath and dry lips. 

" China — Ptdse : quick, early in the morning, with shivering, cold 
hands, and nausea ;— quick and full, with febrile heat; — ^accelerated, 
with evening heat ; — quick and hard, with fugitive heat, chilliness 
of the back, and cold perspiration i—quick and irregular / — slow, 
depressed, and weak. 

" Chinin. — Pulse : frequent and quick, with evening chill ; — 
spasmodically contracted, during the chill, then large'and full, with 
general heat and redness of the face and lips ; — frequent, with heat, 
perspiration on the chest, and convulsive motion of the muscles ;- - 
slow, especially after dinner, or in periodical attacks ^-^fidl or small, 
but slow and soft ;— frequent, also the pulsation of the heart ; — tkn 
celeraited, especially early in the morning, or an hour after dinner. 

" Chin.-hydroo. — Pulse : hard and full. 

" CiMEX — Pulse : feeble, during occasional chilliness, succeeded by 
dry heat ; — intermitting for a few hours, with slight chills. 

" CiNCH.-suLPH. — Pidse : feeble, small, soft, slow, easily compres- 
sible, and unequal ; — ^large, strong, almost undulating, frequent, quick, 
and rather hard, and accelerated, — Rush of blood to the head. — Seeth- 
ing of the vascular system, predominance of heat and congestion 
of the head, with torpor of the intestines, &c., in intermittent 

" CiTRi-suo. — oPulse : small and accelerated, after poisoning by 

" Clematis — Pulse : very small and hard ;~-quick, with sensation 
of heat. 

CoccuLus — Congestion of the brain and apoplexy, even after de« 
pletion. — Palse : not more frequent, but very small and hard ;— - 
quick, with increased feeling of heat. 

" Coffea — Excessive congestion of the head, vAth headache. 

'CoLOHxc. — Pidse: irritated; large, full, and hard; — aocele- 

184 CHAP. IV. — FEYEB8. 

. rated ; — 90 to 100 ; — quick and small ; — ^violent palpilation of the 

" CoLocTNTH. — Pidse : °hard, full, and quick, with fever heat ;— 
full and quick, or slow ; — ^hard, full, and quick, in puerperal fever, 
after vexation, with hot head, deep-red face, dry hot skiu, constipation 
&c. ; — °hard, full, and quick in puerperal fevers with colic and diar 
rhxzay after the least nourishment, &c. — Palpitation of the heart.— 
Perceptible pulsation of the heart and arteries, on lying still. 

" CoNiUM — Seething of blood: frequent^ also with twitching* in 
the heart; — ^with restlessness of the body. — Pidse: perceptible in 
the whole body ; — accelerated ; — unequal , as to strength and ra* 
pidity ; — large and slow, with irregular, smaller, and quicker pulsa- 
tions ; — slow and weak ; — deficiency of pulse. 

" CoPAiv. — Quick pulse. 

" Cohall. — ^Pulse : full and rather hard, with heat. — ^Turgescence 
of the cerebral vessels. . 

" Crocus — Seething of blood, as if the body were filled with mov- 
ing things. — Distended veins^ with feeling of heat and increased tem- 
perature of skin. — Palpitation of heart, with distress in the heart 
and debility. — Pulse : small, quick, and feeble, with Juemorrhage 
from the uomb; — °120, in pleuritis, with premature menstruation. 

" Crotalus — Pulse: 100, with cold skin and nausea; — 100 to 
130, with frequent fainting; — small, 130, evenings ; — weak and quick, 
with fever and debility ; — weak, 80, evenings ; — scarcely perceptible^ 
also with fainting; — imperceptible; — hard, then quick, then slow and 
weak ; — tremulous ^ almost imperceptible, with loss of speech and 
motion ; — ^^defective pulsation, intermitting, 3d, dth, and 30th pulsa- 
tion ; — alternating frequently ; — quick and febrile ; — commencing 
fvU, strong, and quick ; — eoctrenidy slow and feeble. 

" Ceoton — Pulse : frequent and feeble ; — ^frequent and full, or 
contracted and somewhat accelerated. 

" CuPEXJM — PtUse: full of natural speed ; — ^accelerated ; — slow and 
soft ; — only 24 ; — weak and small. 

" OuPRUM-ACET. — Pidse : hard, with heat ; — small and contracted ; 
— small, with mournful dejection ; — quick and spas?nodic, with cold- 
nesSf distress, vomiting, and colic. — According to Dr. S. Schmid, in 
affections of the brain per metaschemaXismum ; — -pulse : 1st, small, 
feeble,. 4^1 ck, and irregular, in acute eoumthemata, undeveloped, or 
suddenly repelled ; — 2d, great variability , of moderate quickness and 
fullness, somewhat irritated, at times strong, at others feeble, in 
tatarrhcU fever, or diffundt dentition of children ; — 3d, not much 
changed, in a lying-in female ; — 4th, quick, feeble and unequal, with 


pnlsations in the precordial region, in maniuy after Bnppression of 
erysipelas of the face. 

" CupR.-CAaB. — Ptilse : Small, contracted, unequal and somewhat 

" CurR.-ARS. — Pidse : small, quick, irritated, er else spasmodically 

Cyclamen — Distended yeins, with feeling of heat in the hands. 

"Digitalis — PvZse: small and soft; — quick, small, and hard;— 
accelerated, beats faster, then more slowly ; — quick, 100, previous to 
death; — irregular and smaU ; — trregtdar, with equal distention 
of the arteries; — irregular and weak; — irregular and slow ; — slow, 
50, irregular, every three or four soft pulsations succeeded by full 
and hard, on the first day; 75 on the third day; slow and small, 
frequently intermitting ; — slow and unequal, 40 to 58 ; — extremely 
slow, 48 hours, then much more rapid and subdued ; — slower, but 
stronger ; — descends from 100 to 40 ; — slow, 40 ; — sinks from 82 to 
39, with weakness and inertia ; — sinks to 50, then to 35 ; — one-half 
slower for several days ; — slower, then accelerated by the slightest 
motion; — diminishes slightly on standing or sitting, most on lying 
down ; — slow, but much more frequently quick, weak, and fluttering, 
and frequently intermittent ; — irregular, with labored action of the 
heart. The prominent, primary action of the Digitalis is sloumess of 
the pulse, with accelerated pulsation of the heart. 

" Dulcamara — Seething of blood : with sleeplessness, at night, 
and itching of the skin; — with hot, dry skin. — Pulse: full and slow, 
with heat over the body; — almost extinct, in cholera sporadica; — 
full, hard, and somewhat quick, with general lassitude, in catarrfuU, 
rheumatic, especially mucous diarrhosa, 

" Electric. — Pulse : intermittent ; — active ; — quick and strong, 
with heat ; — accelerated ; — distention of the superficial veins. 

" Ferrum — Active, sthenic congestion and hamorrhage, with great 
vascular irritation ; — congestion of the chest, with palpitation of the 
heart. ^ 

" Ferruh-acet. — Seething of blood in the daytime, with subse 
quent heat in the hands in the evening. — Rttsh of blood to the Jiead 
with swelling of the veins of the head, and slight flushes of heat.*— 
Pulse : scarcely perceptible ; — °hard and full. 

" Ferr.-carb.— -Seething of the vascular system, and congestion of 
the chest, with asthma at night, 

" Ferr.-mao. — Pulse : small and slow, with internal heat. 

" Fldor.-ac. — ^Determination of blood to the head ; — with loss of 
oonsoioasness ; — painful ; — as if struck by apoplexy. 

186 CHAP. TV. — FJ£VEBfi. 

"Galvan. — Pulse: full, strong, and energetic; — qnick and full; 
—quick, small, and contracted ; — irregular. 

" Gent.-cruc. — Swelling of the temporal veins, with sensation of 
pressure in the temporal region. 

" Gent.-lut. — Pulse : accelerated. 
: " Ginseng — Pulse : normal. 

** Graphit. — Seething of blood, early in the morning on wakinf, 
after nocturnal heat. — Pulse : hard, full, and frequent, in vesicidaf 
erysipelas, with fever. 

"Gratiola — Pulse: small and intermitting, with palpitation of 
heart ; — diminished from 12 to 23 pulsations, after breakfast. 

" GuTTi — Congestions of the head, chest, and uterus. — Throbbing 
in the ear, teeth, and stomach. 

" HiEMATOX. — Pulse : small, with painfulness and increased pulsa- 
tion of the heart, oppressive anxiety, and chilliness. 

"Helleborus — Pttlse: strong; — perceptible through the whole 
body, especially in the region of the heart ; — slow ; — very small ; — 
quick, with distention of the bladder, suppression of urine, &c. 

" Hepar — Nocturnal seething of blood, which does not allow sleep. 
— Pulse: small; small and frequent, in erysipelas of the face. ■ 

*'Hydr.-ac. — Gradual extinction of pulse in the last stage of 
Asiatic cholera. — ^Paroxysms of heat, and quick, irregular, confused 
motion of the heart. — The pulsations of the heart become more and 
more slow, small, imperceptible, until apparently extinct. 

" Hyoscyam. — Pulse : declines from 85 to 59, an4 very small ; — 
small, and quick, and intermitting, or weak ; — very small, thread-like, 
and scarcely perceptible ; — tveak and irregular ; — hard \—full and 
strong ; — ^accelerated, with distention of the veins ; — ^full, in inflam- 
mation of the brain; — weak, in incipient laryngeal phthisis; — in- 
creased circulation of the blood ; — sensation as if the blood burned 
in the veins. 

" Hyper.-per. — Pulse: quick, rather hard, and accelerated ; — fre- 
quent, with throbbing of the carotids, during sleep. 

" loNATiA — Nocturnal seething of blood, which does not allow 
sleep. — Pulse: accelerated; — small and accelerated; — small and 
slow ; — quick and weak, in actUe rJieumatism ; — small, during the 
apyrexia of intermittent fever, 

" Indigo— P«&e.' spasmodic, with 76 pulsations ; — pretty quick. 
—Pulsations in the head, chest, and elbow-joint. 

" Ipecac. — Pulse : from 130 to 142, in hectic f'wer. 

" JjLLATx — The number of pulsations diminishes. 

" JopiUM — Circulation easily excited; — violent seeJiins qfUood,^^ 


Pulse: strong, large, and full ; — quick; — quick and hard; — increased, 
full, and hard; — small, quick, accelerated, and thread-farmed; — 
small, hard, and scarcely to be counted j-r— small, frequent,' and com- 
pressed; — soft and quick; — small and weak, slightly accelerated 
during rest, increased by motion, as well as the pulsations of the 

" JuNO.-EFF. — ^Frequent throbbing of the heart, with distress, pass- 
ing off on rising up. 

" Kaij-bich. — Pulse : quick, with palpitation of heartland dyspnoea, 
general heat and perspiration, on waking. 

** Kau-carb. — Pulse : slow. — Seething of the blood ; — in the even- 
ing, with dijficult breathing: feels the pulsation of the arteries 
throughout the body. 

" Kali-chlo. — Violent beating of the pulse and heart. Pidse : ac- 
celerated, 10, 15, 20 pulsations ; of rt^A^side full, soft,. sluggish (68), 
and intermitting every twenty-five or thirty pulsations, and not syn- 
chronous with the pulsations of the heart (80) ; of the left side at the 
same time small and soft. 

" Kali-htd. — ^Pulse frequent, accelerated. 

'* Kali-nitr. — Pulse : declines from 65 to 62, but rises again in 
half an hour ; quick in the afternoon ; quick and small, or full, hard, 
and quick. 

" Kalmia — ^Imperceptible pulse, slow on reappearing. 

** Kb-easotum — Ptdse : small and subdued ; — natural, but when 
quiet perceptible in every part of the body ; — strong pulsation 
through the body, with vasculating sensation during rest. 

" Lachesis — Pulse : small, quick ; — in typhus, 70, soft and irregu- 
lar ; — ^fttll and hard, with perspiration in the evening ; — small, weak, 
and irregular; — intermittent and soft during an apoplectic fit; — 
small and soft piUse of unequal volume. 

" Lactuca — PtUse : smidl and low ; — slow and tight ; — less fre- 
quent by ten or twelve pulsations. 

" Lauroc. — Ptdse : at times strong, at times feeble and quicker 
(62 to 68) ; — scarcely perceptible and very slow (30) ; — small, slow, 
and contracted ;— quick and feeble ; — slow, full, and hard ; — declining 
to 64, 60, 55, with gloominess in the head ; increasing from 58 to 

77, 78. 

" L0BEL.-1NFLA. — Ptdse: frequent and weak in the evening;— 
pulse slow ;— of usual frequency, but small and weak. 

'* LTOopoDnTNL — Seething of the blood towards evening ; — seething 
of the blood, and agitation in the whole circulatory system ;^-sensation 
as if the circulation of the blood were arrested. 

188 CHAP. IV, — ^FEVERS. 

" Manoanum — ^Palse : irregular, scarcely perceptible, now quick, 
then slow. 

" Menyanth. — PtUse : small, quick, irritated, with delirium in in- 
termitterU fever y 62. 

" Mercurius — PiUse : accelerated ; — twice as fast ; — quick and 
violent pulsation ; — ^feeble, slow, and trembling. 

"Merc.-iod. — PtUse: 100, small and wiry in diseases of th 

** Merc.-cor. — Pulse : quick and hard, without being full ; — ir- 
regular, small, and contracted ; — frequent, small, quick, feeble, and 

" MoscHus — Ptdse : weak, sluggish, intermittent ; — more full, but 
slower than usual by four or five pulsations ; — less full and quicker, 
increasing from 72 to 88. Excessive seething of the circulation. 

" Natr.-mur. — Ptdse: full and undulating in the whole body, 
causing the body to move ; — full, quick, when sitting erect ; — also 
the breathing is quicker after drinking ; — intermittent congestion of 
the chest, stomach, and head. The circulation is excited by every 
motion of the body. 

" NiTR.-AC. — ^Pulse : unequal and intermitting ; — seething of the 
blood and languor in the limbs. 

" Nux-JUG. — Pulse : frequent (108), with burning of the hands in 
the evening. 

" Nux-voM. — Pulse: full during the hot stage; — ^hard, full, and 
frequent ; — small and quick, or intermittent ; — collapse, with full con- 

** Oleander — ^Pulse : alternately frequent, full, soft, small, and 
faint ; — slower in the morning after rising, and frequent and full in 
the evening. 

" Ophiotoxicon — Pulse : feeble, with loss of sensibility ; — small 
and irregular ; — quick and scarcely perceptible ; — collapsing with con 
sciousness ; — quick and feverish ; — animated and hard, with insensi 
bility and swelling of the arm ; — collapsed, with loss of consciousness. 

" Opium — Pulse : scarcely perceptible, with chilliness in the back; 
—falls from 108 to 72 pulsations ; — the first four hours decreases by 
14 pulsations ; — after the lapse of ten hours, increases by 30 pulsa- 
tions ; — diminishes one-half; — first slow and full, afterwards weak; 
— slow, with moaning ; — faint, suppressed, slow, and small ; — strong 
and quick, finally becoming weak and intermittent ; — quick and weak, 
with oppressed and anxious respiration ; — quick, with headache ;— 
quick, violent, and hard, with dark, red face ; — congestion of the 
brain ; — aocelerated circulation, with sensation of heat. 

8E0T. L — OLmiCAL BEMASS6. 189 

" MoRrH.-PUB., — ^Pulse : small and irregular ; — slow, small, some- 
times accelerated ; — small and intermitting ; — imperceptible ; — small 
and contracted in iniermittefU fever, 

" OxAL.-AC. — Pulse : frequent and hard ; — increased in frequency 
from 100 to 108 ; scarcely perceptible, accompanied with deadly 
coldness and clammy sweats : — small, tremulous, intermittent. 

"Paris — Pulse: full and increased, with frequent warmth and 
sweat on the trunk ; — diminished a few pulsations. 

** Petroleum — Seething of the blood; — yiolent in the evening, 
with bitter taste; — agitation of the blood brought on by slight 
motion. Pulse: full, with burning skin, in fever; — strong, when 
walking, with pale face and difficult breathing. 

" Phellandriuu — Pulse : 64, diminishing to 60 ; 73 or 80, full 
and hard, with general warmth of the skin. 

" Phosphorus — Accelerated circulation of the blood ; — throbbing 
of the carotids ; — agitation of the blood ; — seething of the blood, with 
chilliness and trembling, and anxiety in the intestines ; — sensation 
as if the blood were rushing through the body ; — pulsations in the 
whole body. Pulse : increased ;— quick and full ; — quick and faint 

" Phos.-ac. — Tumultuous movements of the blood ; — great agita- 
tion of the blood. Pulse ; irregular ; — full, and the temporal and 
radial arteries distended. 

" Plumbum — ^Pulse : slow, falling from 70 and 60 to 50 and 40 ; — 
small, soft, easily compressible ; — hard, like a wire, vibrating uni 
formly and slowly; — irregular; — undulating; — pulsus-dicrotus of 
paralyzed part vibrating, easily compressible ; — 62 in epilepsia, 

" Plumb.-acet. — Pvhe : slow ; — slow and frequent ; — small, con 
tracted, hard, intermitting, feverish, and quick. 

" PoDOPH. — Diseases with a slow pulse. 

** Pulsatilla — Pulse : quick, with burning heat and hurried 
breathing; — slow and full ; — quick and small ; — ^feeble and slow;— 
feeble and almost collapsed-; — troublesome throbbing of the arteries 
through the whole body, most perceptible when touching the parts. 

*'Ean.-bulb. — Pulse: full and strong, 72; — accelerated towards 
evening, 85 to 90, and hard ; — small and hard. 

" Ean.-80. — Pulse: full, soft, accelerated, 80 pulsations, after mid- 
night, \XL fever, 

" Kapharus — ^Pulse : small, bounding, and hard 

" Khododemdron — Pulse :• Blow ; — diminished ; — feeble, small, 
and slow. 

" Khus-rad. — Pulse: small, frequent, and feeble in typhus fever i 
^frequent ; — slow ; — ^feeble, frequent, and small. 

190 CHAP. IV. — TETBBS. 

" Bhus-tox. — Pulse : quick ; — slow and irregalar. Sensation aa 
if the blood were coursing hot through the vessels. 

" Sabadilla — Pulse : small, spasmodic, with coldness of the limbs. 

** Sabina — Seething of the blood, nights, with uneasy sleep ; — 
agitation of the blood, evenings, in bed. 

" SAHBUCtTS — Seething of the blood, evenings in bed, with trem- 
bling. Pvlse: becomes slower, falls from 70 to 60 ; — ^slower by 10 
beats ; — slower, fuller, and quicker. 

" Sanguinaria — Ptdse : diminished in frequency from 112 to 80 
full, soft, and easily compressed in-pneumonia ; suppression, with 

" Sassapaeilla — Seething of the blood, evenings, in bed, with 
heat ; — throbbing of the heart, sweat on the forehead. 

" Secai..-oorn. — Ptdse: quick, with dry heat, restlessness, and 
loss of sleep ; — ^natural during violent convulsions ; — ^feverish, small, 
and contracted ; small and suppressed ; — slow, small, and intermit- 
tent ; — at times slow, at others small and tight ; — spasmodic, accele- 
rated, and intermittent. Menostasia, with seething of the circulation. 

" Senega — Ptdse: small and wiry in peripneumonia ; pulse hard 
and accelerated ; hard and frequent ; unequal and soft. 

" Senna — Bushes of blood, particularly at night, disturbing sleep. 

** Sepia — Stagnation of the blood in the fifth and seventh months 
of pregnancy ; — ^rush of blood to the head ; — seething of the blood, with 
congestion of the head and chest ; — ^pulsations in the whole body, par- 
ticularly in the left side of the chest; — pulsations in the limbs, par- 
tioulatly at night. Ptdse : weak and slow. 

" Silicea — Rush of blood, followed by vertigo ; blood easily ex- 

" Spigelia — Pulse : febrile and irregular, at times quick, at others 
slow ; — falling from 72 to 64 during the morning fever. 

'• Spongia — Pulse : hard and frequent in acute bronchitis; — quick ; 
quick and full ; quick and hard. 

" Squill. — Ptdse : small, hard ; feels light a tight cord ; falls to 
40 when vomiting. 

" Stannum — Pulse : quick and small. 

" Staphtsagria — Feeling of heat, with thirst and seething of the 

" Stramonium — Ptdse : tremulous, weak, unequal, sometimes in- 
termittent ; — small and quick ; — frequent, quick, small, and irregular, 
small, quick, and scarcely perceptible ; — extinct ; — strong and full, 

*' Stront. — Violent throbbing of the arteries and heart. 


. " SuLPHLTL — Congestion of the hoad and heart ; — pulsation in the 
whole body, with distress ; — ^rushes of blood to the heart. Ptdse: 
84, and, half an hour after, 73 ; pulse 52. 

" SuLPH.-AC. — PiUse : small, quick, increased by 10 pulsations. 

** Tabacum — Pulse: slow and intermittent, with coldness of the 
limbs ; — small and slow ; — quick, full, and large ; — quicker by 10 
pulsations ; — hard and quick ; — almost imperceptible, small, inter 
mittent, slow, 45 pulsations. 

" Tart.-stib. — Pidse : quick, feeble, tremulous ; — irritated ; — full 
and quick ; — softer and quicker than usual, 88 ; — slow, 50 ; — small, 
contracted, and accelerated ; — suppressed, irregular, and impercep- 
tible ; — collapsed ; — soft, large, and quick in erysipelas. 

" Terebinth. — Ptdse : 65 to 68, with hot skin ; — rises from 69 to 
80, becoming small and hard ; — with feeble throbbings of the carotids. 

" Thea — ^Pulse : becomes quicker, then slower ; — irregular and 
intermittent ; — 92, then 82, and 80. 

" Thuja — Pulse : becomes weak, and goes down to 60 ; — rush of 
blood to the head, with sweat on the facd, and desire for cold drinks. 

" Valeriana — Pulse: increased ; — accelerated and irregular; une- 
qual ; one moment 60, the next 90 ; — weak and small ; 78 ; — after 
three-quarters of an hour the pulsation of the heart being weak and 
scarcely felt ; — 86 pulsations ; — 60, with flushes of heat ayer the 
cheeks in the eyening ; — and warmth over the body during the day ; 
—from 80 to 90. 

" Yeratrum — PfUse : almost collapses ; — weak and almost imper- 

" YiNCA — Pulse fall and hard ; sensation of tremors in the blood- 

" YiPERA-REDi — Pulse .' quick, small, contracted, unequal, and in- 
termittent, with feverish motions ; small and contracted, or feeble 
and irregular, or frequent and quick ; scarcely perceptible, with 
fainting, or frequent, small, and contracted ; intermittent and small 
Blow, hard, and full, with stiffness, coldness, and sweat. 

" YiPERA-TORV. — Pulse .' feeble and irregular ; remains quick for 
a long time. 

'* ZiNO.-MET. — Pulse quicker in the evening ; violent throbbing in 
the whole body. 

" ZiNc.-ox. — Piilse : small and hard ; spasmodic ; tight, quick, irre* 
gular, hard, and dull." — Ed.] 

Putrid' FeyerSt — See Typhoid Fevers. 

Rhenmatic FeyerSt— See Catarrhal and Bheumatic Fevers. 

Slow Fevers* — See Hectic Fever. 

193 CHAP. IV. — TEVKSB. 

Tramnatic Feyers* — See Chap. II., Mechanical Injuriks. 

Typboid and NerYOnS F6Ter8« — As all the fevers comprised 
under the names of Adynamic, Ataxic, Cerebral, Nervous, Ty- 
phoid, Putrid, &c., possess many points of analogy, the whole are 
considered here under one head; the symptoms detailed offering 
sufficient guide in choosing a remedy, whichever of the fevers may 
be under treatment. 

The medicines which have hitherto been employed with greatest 
success are, generally speaking : Beil., bry., hyos., lach,^ mere, n. 
vom,, phos.-ac., rhtis, stram., sulph. But in some cases : Aeon., am., 
ctrs., caviph., carb.-v,, cfiam., chin,, cocc., lye, mur.-ac., natr.-m,, nitf 
spir,, n.-mos., op,^ ptUs., and stilph, ; or else : Daph., gran., phos ^ 
and stUph.'OC. will be indicated. ['* Crotal." — Ed.] 

For nervous fevers. Characterized by Erethismus {versatile 
nervous fevers), the chief remedies are : Aeon., bell., bry., eham., 
hyos., lye, mur.-ac, natr.-m., n.-vom., op., rkus, stram. — Chinin.? 

For fevers characterized by Stupidity {typhoid fevers, properly 
so called), the principal remedies are : Arn., ars., bell., bry., chin, 
cocc., hyos., laeh., nitr.-sp., n.-vom., op., rhus, stram., verat. — Chinin. ? 

Typhoid fevers, with predominance of Cerebral Affection 
{typhus cerebralis, febris cerebralis), require chiefly : Aeon., bell., 
bry., hyos., loch., lye, n.-vom., op., phos.-ae, rhics, and stram. — 

For those in which Pulmonary Affections predominate {typhus 
pulmonaris, or typhoid pneumonia), the principal remedies are: 
Hry, and rhus, or else : Ars., bell., chin., hyos., and sulph. [" ^Lau- 
rocerasus." — Ed.] 

Those in which Abdominal Affections predominate {typhus ab- 
dominoMs, putrid fever), require in preference : Rhus or bry., or 
Ars., chin., and mere ; or else : Am., carb.-v., n.-mos., pids., and 
sulph. — Canth., mosch. [" °Phos.*' — Ed.] 

With respect to the various Periods in which typhoid fever may 
present itself : if it should appear during the period of Incubation, 
"* the disease will frequently be prevented, or at least mitigated, by . 
ISry. or rhtcs. 

The Inflammatory period chiefly requires : Bry., or else : Aeon., 
bell., cham., hyos., lye, n.-vom., and stram. 

In the period of Debility the appropriate remedies are : Rhus or 
ars., carb.-veg., chin., mere, and mur-ae, or else : Am., loch., n.-mos., 
phos.-ac, and sulph. In the last extremity, when life is almost ez« 
tinct, Carb.-veg. will often succeed in reanimating the vital powers^ 
and restoring the patient to a more satisfactory condition. 


During the period of Convalescence, wher there still remain 
great physical and nervous debility, the medicines most frequently 
indicated are : Cocc, chin,, and verat., or else : N.-vom. and sulph. 

The remedies cited are respectively indicated by the following 
symptoms, viz. : 

Belladonna — Shivering alternately with heat ; or internal and 
external heat, with redness and burning heat of the cheeks or oftJie 
whole face ; red and sparsling eyes ; dilated pupils ; pliotopliohia ; 
liummin/; in the ears and hardness of hearing ; uncertain or furious 
ea^essum ; puffed &06 ; burning thirst, with aversion to dHnIc ; or 
desire to drink, w'tihont power to swallow ; disturbed sleep or sleep- 
lessness ; jerks and starts while sleeping or on waking ; loss of con- 
soiousneAs, with murmurs and carplwlogia, or raging delirium,, 
wdh frightful visions, fear, and desire to run away ; violent head- 
ache, especially in the forehead; vertigo on rising up; dryness of 
the lips, ulceration of the corners of the mouth ; tongue dry and red, 
or covered with a dirty yellow coating ; bitter taste in the mouth ; 
anorexia, aversion to food, and nausea; anxious pressure at the pit 
of the stomach ; no evacuations ; scanty ami red, or bright yellow 
urine; rapid respiration, frequent pulse, precipitate, or weak and in- 
distinct speech ; cold perspiration on the face, and especially on the 
forehead, under the eyes, and around the nose ; excessive apathy, 
soreness of all the limbs, cough, with pain in the chest, &c. (Com- 
pare Hi/OS.) 

Bryonia — Shiverings, followed by continued heat over the whole 
body, but especially in the head, unth red face, profuse perspiraXiof^^ 
or dry and cracked, or .moist and clammy skin ; tongue and lips dry, 
brownish, and cracked; violent thirst; aversion to all food; also 
with nausea, or with vomiting of mucus or bile ; violent .pain in the 
pit of the stomach, when touched ; constipation, or loose yellowish 
evacuations ; brownish-red, or bright yellow urine, with yellowish 
sediment ; pressive, stupefying cephalalgia, or sensation as if the 
brain had been bruised ; sight impeded, as by a veil ; obstruction of 
the ears, unth hardness of hearing ; accumulation of much thick 
and tenacious mucus in the nasal fossse, and top of the nostrils ; 
great infirmity, witji trembling and vertigo on rising up ; delirium 
day and night, with fantastic visions, or with desire to run away 
from the bed ; sleeplessness, with flushes oflieat and tossing; or con- 
tinued want to sleep, and also comxUose somnolency, with starts and 
wanderings ; carphologia ; quick and frequent pidse ; or irregular, 
or small and intermittent pulse ; short, oppressed respiration, sore- 
ness and paralytic state of all the limbs ; shootings in the chest, or 

VOL. II. — 9 

194 CHAP. IV. — ^FEVKES. 

in the sides; irritability, irascibility, despair of being cured, and 
fear of decUJi ; petechia. (Compare Rhus.) 

Hyosctamus — Furious delirium, with visions of every kind ; nerv- 
ous excitability, with sleeplessless and agitation, or coma somnoleji- 
turn, interrupted by delirium, at one time of a mild, at another of a 
curious character ; apathy, stupidity, and great weakness, especially 
of the hands, on moving them ; muscular palpitation ; carphologia 
desire to run away from the bed ; redness and Jieat, or paleness of 
the face, with bluish cheeks ; fixed and dull eyes, surrounded by a 
livid circle, oi" red and sparkling eyes, with pupils at one time 
dilated, at another contracted ; hardness of hearing, with humming 
and tinkling in the ears ; dry, parched tongue, covered with a brown- 
ish coating. (Compare BelL) 

Lachesis — Vertigo, on rising up; eye-lids as if paralyzed; bitter 
taste in the mouth ; pain in the chest, with dry cough, lethargic sleep, 
with a habit of lying on the back ; wan face ; lower jaw hanging 
down; delirium, vnth murmurs, stupidity of expression, sleepy- 
looking eyes ; tongue yellowish red, furrowed, or smooth and dry, or 
covered with whitish mucus ; or heaviness of the tongue, with great 
difficulty of putting it out, and in speaking ; thirst, with aversion to 
drink ; urine brownish-red and profuse. 

Lycopodium — Great weakness, with total prostration of strength ; 
hanging of the lower jaw ; eyes as if veiled, and half-dosed ; slow 
respiration, with open mouth ; shiverings alternately with heat ; ani- 
mation without heat, or congestion in the head or face ; circuTnscribed 
redness of the cheeks, debilitating sweats ; redness of the tongue ; 
constipation ; mildness, tranquillity ; or cries, grumbling, and male- 
volence ; especially on waking. 

Mercuries — Vertigo, dizziness, fullness, and confusion in the 
head ; stupidity, and incapacity for reflection ; pressive cephalalgia, 
especially in the forehead, and in the vertex ; humming in the ears ; 
tongue coated with a thick mucus, of a dirty yellow color, or else 
with bitter, putrid taste ; bleeding of the gums ; nausea and retching, 
or vomiting of slimy and bitter substances ; great tenderness and 
soreness at the pit (f the stomach, liepatic region, and abdomen, around 
the navel; with^ pains, especially at night, uneasiness, anguish, and 
tossing; constipation, or loose evacuations; which are yellow or 
greenish; deep-colored brownish urine; burning and dry skin, or 
prqfi4se, debilitating, and clammy sweats ; great weakness ; complete 
sleeplessness; delirium not present, or at least not a well-marked 

Nvx-voM. — ^Elxcessive sensitiveness of all the organs, predominanoa 

8EGT. I.--H:aLmiOAL SES£ABK6. 196 

of gastric and bilious symptoms ; drowsiness, as from intoxication^ toith 
loss of consciousness ; great weakness and prostration; redness and 
burning in the checks and palms of the hands ; dry tongue, of a 
white or black color, with red and furrowed margins, dry lips, with 
thirst and aversion to drink ; bitter or putrid taste of drinks ; aver* 
sion to food ; tearing or pressive cephalalgia, toith vertigo ; colic, pal- 
pitation of the heart, and anguish \ painful pressure and tension of 
the whale of the ^gastrium, and in the hypochondria. Sensation in 
the limbs as if they were broken or paralyzed ; irascibility, impa- 
tience, and peevishness. 

Phosfhobic-acid — Complete apathy, dizziness, and .stupidity ; 
great weakness and prostration ; laconic style of speaking, and aver- 
sion to conversation; fixed, stupid expression, ivith glassy or hollow 
eyes; sleeplessness at night, with anxiety and tossing, or insurmount- 
able sleepiness, and sleep full of dreams, or delirium with murmvn 
and carphologia ; confusion and unpleasant cloudiness in the head, 
especially on waking ; excessive humming in tJie ears, with dysecoia; 
dryness of the tongue ; dry, burning, and rough skin ; heat, espe- 
cially towards the evening ; loose evacuations, or constipation, with 
heaviness and pressure in the abdomen ; brownish-red urine, with 
reddish sediment ; cold perspiration of the face, pit of the stomach, 
and hands, with anxiety, &c. (This medicine is sometimes suitable 
before or after Op.) 

Bhus — Great weakness and prostration, which scarcely permit 
rising or moving ; sleeplessness, with anguish and frequent starts, 
or comu somnolentum, with mvmiws, snoring, and carphologia ; dry 
heat, with anguish : stupidity or confused ideas ; or complete loss of 
consciousness ; talkative delirium, vnth desire to run away, alternat- 
ing with Itudd intervals ; stupefying cephalalgia ; vertigo on rising 
up and moving ; red and huruingface or cheeks ; eyes red and burfi- 
ing, or fixed and dull; stoppage of the ears, and dysecoia; dryness 
of the mouth and throat ; dry, cracked, brownish, and blackish tongue 
and lips; or red and quivering tongue; violent thirst; anorexia and 
aversion to food, hardness and distention of the abdomen, with violent 
pains in tJie epigastrium, especially when touclied ; constipation, with 
ineffectual want to evacuate, or loose, sanguineous fceces ; deep-colored 
and hot urine ; or urine which is at first clear and afterwards turbid ; 
dry heat, with anguish; or clammy perspiration ;j^ecAi£e. (Com- 
pare Bry.) 

Stramonium — ^Pulsative ceph«lalgia, especially in the vertex, with 
syncope ; clouded sight and dysecoia ; delirium, with violent tossingSy 
frightful visions, and illusions of sight and hearing, or with singing 

196 CHAP. IV. — FEVEE8. 

whistliDg, talking in a foreign language, desire to run aioayfrom 
the bed, &c.y loss of consciousness, to sacii an extent as no longer to 
recognize relatives ; dilated and insensible pupils ; absence of evacua- 
tions and of emission of urine ; lethargic state, tcith snoring, &c. 

Among the other medicines cited, recourse may be had to : 

Arnica— Against : Coma-somnolentum, with delixium and car- 
phologia ; snoring, and invbluntary evacuation of fseces and urine, &c. 

Arsenicum — Against : Petechia, coma-somnolentum, with deli- 
rium, carphologia, loss of consciousness, yr^z^n^ starts and moans; 
great toeakncss and prostration ; hanging down of the lower jaw ; 
open mouth ; dull and glassy eyes, &c. 

Camphora — Against : Violent delirium, confusion and heat of the 
head, with cold, clammy shin; great debility ; debilitating and clammy 
perspiration ; disposition to diarrhoea. (Sometimes suitable after rhus.) 

Carbo-veg. — Sleepiness, with rale, hippocratic face ; insensible 
pupils ; small and flying pulse ; cold perspiration on the extremities 
and face ; involuntary evacuation of excrement of a cadaverous smell ; 
deep red urine, with a cloud suspended in the middle, &c. 

CHAMourLLA — Agalust : Spasmodic affections, gastralgia, or cramp- 
like colic, and diarrhoea, with other typhoid symptoms. 

China — Against : Anorexia, and taste of clay on taking food ; dry, 
parched, and cracked tongue and lips ; diarrhaa day and night, 
with walery, yellowish evacuations, or evacuations of ingesta ; con- 
tinued somnolency, or unrefreshing sleep, &c. 

CoccuLus — Against: Great weakness, cephalalgia, with vertigo; 
syncope ; gastralgia ; paralysis of tke limbs, &c. (Often suitable 
after Bhus or camph!) 

MuRiATic-ACiD — Against: Great weakness, with prostration, ce- 
phalalgia, as if the brain had been bruised, symptoms of putridity, or 
pleuritic affections. 

Natrum-mur. — Against: Loss of consciousness ; insatiaJble thirst ; 
dryness of the tongue, great debility. 

NiTRi-spiR.- — Against : Great weakness, with prostration ; complete 
apathy ; stupidity, loith fixed and haggard eyes ; deafness ; dry 
brownish lips ; sleep, with delirium and murmurs, &c. 

Nux-MoscH. — Against : Putrid or colliquative diarrhoea, coma 
somnolentum, with delirium, stupidity^ 

Opium — Against : Drowsiness or coma-somnolentum, with snoring, 
open mouth, delirium, and murmurs. (After Op,, phos,-ac. is some- 
times suitable.) • 

Pulsatilla — Against : Loss of consciousness, with violent deli* 
riom, tears, and lamentations, with gestures of despair. 



SuLPHxm — Against : Continued heat, espociallj, in the eyening, 
paleness of the face, full, quick pulse ; excessive thirst ; dry, hrown- 
ish tongue ; scanty and deep-red urine, which soon becomes turbid ; 
sleeplessness ; delirium, with open eyes ; carphologia ; constipation. 

For the remainder of the remedies cited, and for more ample de- 
tails respecting the others, see the pcUJwgenesy ; and compare also 


VerniiDOIlS Fcvcrt — See Chap. XVI., Verminous Affections. 

TcllOW Fever* — No authentic information cun here be given re 
specting the treatment of fevers of this kind, but one case being on 
record, which was cured by Crotcdtts, The physician who is called 
upon to prescribe may, however, advantageously consult: jlrn., 
carb.-v.t am.-c,^ ars.y bry,, rhus; also : Ars,, bell., chin., ipcc., merc^ 
n.'Wm. — Chinin. ? 


KoTi. — ^For Partial Heat, Coldness, Perspiration, iic, see the particular 
organ* so affected. 

[" Chill. *Acon. set. aga. alum, 
amb. amm. am. anac. ang. ant. 
arg. am. ^ars. baryt. bell. berb. 
bor. bov. *bry. *calc. camp, 
canth. *caps. carb.-an. carb.- 
veg. cast, caust. cham. *chin. 
*cina. cocc. coff. coloc. con. 
croc. crot. *cupr. cycl.*dap. dig. 
*dro8. elect, euphor. euphras. 
eyon. *fer. gal v. graph, grat. 
helle. hep. hydro, hyos. *igna. 
^ipec. kali, kal.-chl. kal.-hydr. 
kre. *lach. lam. *lyco. magn.- 
m. magn.-s. man. menz. *merc. 
mez. mur.-ac. natr.-c. *natr.-m. 
natr.-s. nice. nitr. *nitr.-ac. n.- 
mosch. *n.-vom. olea. ol.-an. op. 
*pet. phos.phos.-ac. plat, plumb, 
pm. *f uls. rha. rho. *rhu. rut. 
saba. sabi. sas. sec. *8cp. sil. 
spig. squi. staph, stram. *sulph. 
tab. tara. tart. tax. the. thuj. 
long. val. *vera. vip.-torv. zin. 

'* Chills and Coldness. Amm. 

am.-m. *ars. bar. bell, bov.bruc. 

*bry. cann. canth. caps. chin. 

coff. con. cop. oyc. magn. 

grap. ign. ipec. led. lye. magn.- 

c. mang. mere. mez. nitr.-s. nitr. 

n.-vom. phell. phos.-ac. puis. 

rann. rut. sabad. sap. sep. spig. 

stram. sulph. tart, verat. zio.- 

** — Shivering. Amm. *ar8. her. 

bor. bry. carb.-ve. cast. *chin. 

cocc. coff. colch. cycl. gal v. 

grat. hep. hyos. ign. led. mere. 

mur.-ac. natr.-c. natr.-m. natr.- 

s. nice. *u.-vom. phos. phos.-ac. 

*puls. rut. spon. stap. stram. 

sulp. tabao. tar. verat. vip." — 

Chilly (Disposition). Agar, alum, 

anac. bar.-c. bruc. bry. cole, 

carb.-an. carb.-v. cast, caits, 

chel. cic. cist euphr. gins. grat. 

kal.-ch. lauT. lye. mere. mero.« 



0. mez. moscli. fuUr.-m. nitr.-ac. 

ol.-an. par. petr. Yihoa.-SLC. plumb. 

pitls, rat. squill, sulph. tab. 

tart. teuc. Tiol.-tric. rngs^-arc. 

["Brom. mcrc.-per." — Ed.] 
" Chilliness. Agar. amm. *anac. 

ant. bar. ber. bov. bruc. bry. 

calc. camp. cann. cap. carb.-an. 

*carb.-ve, cast. *caus. chani. 

•cist. croc. crot. dig. euphorb. 

eupbras. grapb. bell. bep. hyd. 

ipec. kal.-cbl. kreos. lacb. laur. 

led. mag.-m. mag.-s. man. mez. 

natr.-c. *Datr.-m. natr.-s. nitr.- 

ac. *n.-vom. ol.-an. petr. *pho8. j 

pbos.-ao. plat, plumb, prun. 

•puis. rhuB. saba. sabi. saa. sep. 

•sil. *sulph. sulpb.-ac. tart. val. 

" Cold. Aet. ars. bell, carb.-veg. 

caus. bov. dig. hydroc. ign. lac. 

magn.-s. mosch. mur.-ac. natr.- 

8. n.-Yom. pbos. puis. ^saba. 

°verat. verbas. 
" Coldness. Aet. amm.-c. amm. 

anac. •am. arsen. asa. asar. atb. 

aur. bar. bism. bell. bor. bov. 

bruc. •bry. •camp. canu. cantb. 

caps, carb.-an. •carb.-v. caus. 

cbam. cbel. cbin. cbinin. cic. 

cocc. cofF. coloc. cop. crot. cro- 

tal. cycl. °diad. dig. *dros. 

•dulc. eupb. fer. gal. graph. 

grat. hell, herac. hydr. hyos. 

ign. ipec. iod. kal.-hyd. lach. 

lac. laur. •led. lob. lye. magn.-s. 

mang. mcnyan. meph. mere. 

mez. mur.-ac. •natr.-c. *natr.-m. 

natr.-s. nitr. nitr.-ac. •n.-vom. 

ol.-an. oph. op. pajon. par. pet. 

pbell. pbos. phos.-ac. plat. 

plumb, •puis. rhus. rat. saba. 

sam. sel. sep. sil. spig. spon. 

squill, •staph, •stram. sulph. 

tab. tar. thuj. •verat. verb. vip. 

** — and Shivering. Bov. •cham. 

cbin. con. dros. dulc. hs&m. hell. 

led. magn. natr.-m. natr.-s. n.- 

vom. puis. sil. spig. squill. staniL 
tab."— Ed.] 
Coldness, Partial. Fer.-mur. 

— Semi-lateral. Dig. par. 

— Sensation of. Cocc. crot. mgs.- 
arc. mosch. phos.-ac sulph. tart.- 
ac. zinc-ox. 

— [" Externally cold. Am 
calc. chin. dig. ^saba. sil. 

" :— Gold Sensation. Hydroc. 
rhus."— Ed.] 

Coldness in General. JEth. 
ammoniac, ars. asar. atham. 
aur. bis. bor. bruc. bry. oamph. 
cann. canth. carb.-v. caps. cham. 
chel. chin. cic. coloc. cop. crot. 
eye. diad. dig. dulc. elect, cug. 
euphorb. galv. gins. hsem. hell. 
heracl. hydroc. hyos. iat. ign. 
ind. ipec. kal.-h. kre. lach. laur. 
led. lye. mere. mez. natr.-m. 
natr.'S. nic. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. op. par. pbos. 
plumb, puis. ran. raph. rhus. 
ruta, sabad, sass. sep. strain 
sulph. tab. tart. thuj. verat. 
verb, zinc-ox. mgs. [** Ars- 
hyd. cim.-lect .fer.-acet. merc.- 
per. ophiot. pimpin." — Ed.] 

— Hands and Feet, (of the). 
Atham. [" Pimpin."— Ed.] 

— Internal. Natr.-s. par. thiijt 

— Limbs (in the). JSth. ars. 
bell, camph. carb.-an. carb.-v. 
cic. coloc. dig. hell, hydroc. 
hyos. iat. ipec. laur. led. lye 
mere. mez. natr.-m. op. paoon. 
plumb, puis. sec. squill, stram. 
verat. verb. mgs. [" Ophiot." 

[" — Knees (of the). Benz.-a. 
cim.-lect." — Ed.] 

Coldness which Manifests It 
SELF. (See Shiverings, Inter 
NAL Chill, &c. ; Sensitive 

NESS, &c.) 
["Creeping Chill. Agar, alum 
bell. berb. chin, cole led. menv 
mez. natr.-m. nice, n.-vom, ol. 

flBOT. n. — BTMPT0M8. 


an. phos.-ao. rHas. sass. tar. 

thuj. val. verat. verb. 
Creeping Coldness. Alum. anac. 

°ars. bar. bor. carb.-au. caust. 

oic. cocc. coff. galv. kal. by dr. 

lact. magn.-c. mere. mez. nitr. 

pbos. pbo8.-ac. plat. rbus. rut. 

sabad. samb. sass. sil. verat. 
• — Shivering. Anac. asa. niagn.- 

aus. par. phell. see. sil. spig. 

' as if standing in water. 

Meny. sabi. 
Deficiency of Warmth. Alum. 

aug. calc. caps. °cbel. con. eu- 

phorb. °fer. hyd. ipec. *led. 

°lyc. Onatr.-m. n.-vora. ol. op. 

phos. sass. *sep." — Ed.] 
Fever in General : 

— Evening (in the ; or with ag- 
gravation in the). Mum. ant. 
arn. ars. belZ, bo v. calad. calc. 
carb.-v. chin. eye. diilc. elect, 
hell. ign. ipec. loch, led. lye. 
mere, n.^vom. petr. phos. phos.- 
tLG.puis. ran. rhod. rhus. sabad. 
sabin. sep. staph, sulph. thuj. 
[" Nux-j. ophiot."— Ed.] 

— Midnight (after). Ran.^c. 
(before). Verat. 

— Morning (in the). Arn. calc. 
cham. chin, natr.-m. • n.-vom. 
sabad. staph, verat. ['*Kal.-bi.'' 

— Night (at). Ars. bell, carb.-v. 
eaus. cJiam. loch. hep. merc.-c. 
n.-vom. phos. puis, ran.-sc. rhus. 
sulph. [" Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Noon (in the after-). Alum, 
ant. ars. calc. cans. chin. coff. 
dig. fuUr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
phos. puis. ran. spong. staph, 

— — (fore-). Calc. chin. cop. 
natr.-m. sabad. sil. staph, sulph. 

— > Quartan. Aeon. anac. arn. ars. 
bell. bry. carb.-v. chin. cin. 
olem. hyos. ign. ipec. lach. lye. 
natr.-m. n.-mos. n.-vom. puis. 

rhus. sabad. 6iilph. verat. 
['* Gum.-gut."— Ed.] 
Fever, Quartan (double). Bell. 
chin.grnph. puls.stram. [**Spig. 
squill, sulph." — Ed.) 

— Quotidian. Affi. *ars. °bell. 
^hvy. calc. ^caps. °carb.-v. 
^cJdn, °cin. cop. diad. hyos. 
°ign. ipec. ° natr.-m. ^nitr. ♦n.- 
vom. *puls. *rhus. Siibad. sulph 
^verat. ['* °Acon. alum. bov. 
*cic. con. graph, gum.-gutt. 
oiach. oiob. ^lyc. °petr. ran.-s. 
rhod. *stram. tart. 

" double. oBoll. '^chin. chi- 

nin."— Ed.] 

— Tertian. Anac. ant. ^arru 
*ars. bar. rm. ^bell. °bnj. calc. 
°caps. ^carb.-v. cham. ^chin, 
^cin. dros. <^hyos. °ign. ^ij^ec, 
oiach. °lyc. °mez. ^natr.-m. 
^n.'Vom. ^puls. ^rhus. ^sabad. 
^^tSLiph. stdjyh. ^veratr, [*'Bor. 
°canth. carb.-an. ^cic. crot. 
eup.-pcr. °gran. gum.-gutt."— 

— Tertian, double. Ars. n.-mos. 
rhus. ["Chin, dulc."— Ed.] 

— Type (advancing). Ars. chin, 
ign. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

retarded. Chin. cin. 

— [" Abuse of Cinchona (after). 
°Ars. °calc. ^caps. °carb.-vcg. 
°ferr. °ip.°lach. ^n.-m. ^n.-vom. 
°puls. °sulph. ^verat. 

— after breakfast. Tax. 

— after going in open air. Ars, 
: — after going to sleep (In bed). 

Am. am.-m. *bell. bor. calo. 
hell. lye. magn. mere, natr.-caf. 
nice, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. puis, 

— Afternoon. Arg. *ars. °arn. 
bary. bor. °bry, calend. canth. 
carb.-a. caust. cham. ^chin. cio. 
coff. con. hyos. ign. kal. kal. -hyd. 
kre. *^lach. magn.-a. magn.^o. 
natr.-m. nice. nitr. *nitr.-ac. •n.- 
vom. phos. phos.-ac. *puls. rhils. 



rata. spig. spong. *stram. sulph. 
Fever, Arising in the open air. 
Chin, magn.-m. nitr.-ac. ' 

— At 5 o'clock. Coni; 6, n.-vom.; 
7, Ijc. 

— Autumn. ^Chin. chinin. rhus. 

— Bilious. °Ars. ^bry. ^charn. 
^ohin. °calo. °gran. °ign. ^ipec. 
On.-vom. °puls. °tar. 

after vexatious anger. 

oCham. coloo. 

[" — Burning. ^Acon. obeli, ^bry. 
canth. *ohin. con. *merc. merc- 
a. mez. op. stram. vip.-tor. 

— Catarrhal. Anac. am. calad. 
•chin. *coni. hep. °lach. magn. 
*merc. n.-vom. *puls. rut. °spig. 

— Child-bed. oBell.obry.Ooham. 
°colo. ^hyos. *^n.-vom, ^rhus. 

— Children's. °Acon. (^bell. 
^cham.) °chin. *lach. *silic. 

— Commencing in the evening. 
Aeon. alum, am.-m. *arn. *ar8. 
bar. *bell. berb. bry. calad. 
calc. calend. caps, carb.-a. carb.- 
V. cham. chin. eye. °diad. dulc. 
elec. gran, graph, gnaj. hyos. 
^ipec. kal. •*lach. <^led. lye. 
magn.-m. magn.-s. mere, mur.- 
ac. natr.-m. nitr. nitr.-ac. ♦n.- 
vom. Opetr. phos.-ac. ♦puis, 
rhod. ♦rhus. sab. sep. ^ staph, 
stram. ♦sulph. verat. zinc. 

at 4 o'clock. See After- 

— — at 6 o'clock. Natr.-c. ^rhus. 
sab. sulph. 

at 6 o'clock. Cocc. kal. n.- 
vom. rhod. tart. 

at 7 o'clock. Bov. lye. 

magn.-m. magn.-s. petr. rhus. 

at 8 o'clock. Coff. hep. 

mur.-ac. sulph. tart. 

— — at 9 o'clock. Magn.-s. nitr. 

"Fever, Commencing at 10 o^ 
clock. Lach. petr. sab. 

on eating. Staph, tab. 

after eating. Asar. bor. 

cham. dig. graph, ign. lach. 

— Constant. Crot. lach. stram. 

— E xanthomatous. °Bry. °chir. 
(aeon. bell, canth. hyos. ipcc. 
mere, stram. 

— • Forenoon. Ars. bary. berb 
bry. calc. carb.-v. dros. graph, 
lob. natr.-m. petr. rhus. sabo. 
sass. sep. sil. sulph. zinc. 

— Four day. Aeon. arn. ♦ars. 
carb.-v. clem. hyos. igna. iod. 
°nux-m. Opuls. saba. '^verat. 

— From cold. ♦Dulc. kal. nitr. 

— Qastric. °Ar8. ^asar. obeli 
obry. cham. chin. ^daph. dig. 
Ogran. ign. ^ipec. n.-vom. puis, 
stram. sulph. tarax. 

— Gastric venous. Tarax. 

— In bed. Sam. magn. -a. nitr.- 
ac. staph. 

? — Inflammatory, o Aeon. ♦belK 
obry. Ocham. omcrc. opuls. 

— Intermittent. See Sect. 1. 
malignant. ^Ars. o^hin. 

-^ Lurking. ^Asar. camph. ^chin. 
cupr. dig. hell. Op^^Qg^ac. 

— Menses (period of). Am. 

— Mercurial. ♦Chin. ^hep. °lacb. 

— Morning (early in). Am. ars. 
°bell. ^bry. carb.-v. chin, con 
graph, guaj. hep. ♦lach. lam. lye 
magn. -a. mere, ♦natr.-m. niccol. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. sep. spig, 
spong. staph, tax. ♦verat. 

— Mucous. c>Ars. ^chin. °dig. 
odulc. ^ipec. ^n.-vom. ^puls 
Orhus. spig. sulph.-ac. 

— Nervous. ^Arn. ^ars. ^asar. 
obeli. °bry. ocamph. ^canth. 
°carb.-v. cham. '^chin. ^orot 



daph. Ogran. °hyos. ^lach. ^lyc. 

♦mere. °mar.-ac. °natr.-m. °n.- 

vom. °op. phos.-ac. ^puls. *^rhus. 

ostram. osulph. °verat. 
" Fever, Nights. Am.-m. ang. ars. 

bar. *bell. bor. caps, carb.-a. 

caust. hep. magn.-s. *merc. *n.- 

Yom. phos. sabad. sep. sil. squill. 

staph, stram. sulph. tax. thuj. 

°verat. vip.-tor. 
-*. — After midnight. Am.-m. 

bor. phos. tax. thuj. At 2, 

Bor. tax. At 3, thuj. 
Before midnight. ^^Verat. 

— Noon. Ant. asar. bor. calc. 
kal. lob. ^lach. magn. stram. 

— On going lo sleep. Chell. hell, 
lach. magn.-m. natr.-c. n.<vom. 
phos.-ac. puis. *rhus. 

— On rising. ^Lach. 

— Putrid. °Ars. ^chin. ^hyos. 
°merc.merc,-dulc.mur.-ac. °n.- 
vom. °n.-mosch. ^rhus. °8ulph. 

— Scrofulous. Sil. 

— Slow, o Ars. asar. °bell. °canth. 
°oamph. chin. con. cupr. °dig. 
ohell. mere. °phos.-ac. plumb, 
stann. yerat. 

— Sprinff. *Lach. 

— Sweating. °0p. °merc. sam^^. 

— Typhoid. See Sect 1. 

— Verminous. ^Acon. °cic. 
°chin. °dig, °hyos. sil. spig. 
stann. stram. sulph. valer. 

— Violent. ^Ars. canth. cupr. 
*dulc. mez. stram. vip.-tor, 

— Wasting. Hectic. See Sect. 1. 

— Yellow. oChin.Ocrotal."— Ed.] 
Fever (composed of). 

— Heat alternating with shiver- 
ings. (See Shiverings alter- 
nating with heat.) 

— Heat (partial), with coldness 
of the extremities. Pseon. 

— — followed by great coldness, 
and deadness of one finger. 

— — in the face, followed by 
shivering. Calc. sulph. 

VOL. II. — 0* 

Fever (composed of). 

— Heat, with shuddering. Aeon. 
bell. hell. ign. lach. mere. sep. 

with shivering. Aeon. auQO. 

ars. bell. cham. coco. coff. coloo. 

elect, hell. ign. ipec, lye. mere. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. puis, rhab, 

rhus, sabad. sulph. thuj. zinc. 
with shivering in the face, 

head, &c. (See Accessory 

Symptoms, Sect. 3. 
(partial), with partial shiv- 
erings. Bell. cham. n.-vom. 

puis. rhus. sulph. 
followed by shivering. 

Calc. caps, n.-vom. [" Kal.-bi." 

followed by coldness in the 

hands. Calc. 
in the head or face, with 

coldness of the extremities. 

Am.-c. arn. aur. bell, hydroc. 

lact. ran. rhod. rut. sabin. squill. 

stram. mgs.-arc. [** Brom. kal.- 

bi."— Ed.] 
in the head, then coldness 

followed by heat. Stram. 
alternately with perspira- 
tion. Led. 
with perspiration. Bell. 

bry. caps. cham. chin. cin. con. 

euphorb. fer.-mg. hep. hydroc. 

ign. ipec. mere, merc.-acet. n. 

vom. op. phos. puis. rhus. sabad. 

stram. sulph. 
with partial perspiration. 

Ol.-an. sulph. 
followed by perspiration 

Ant. ars. bell. chin. cin. cofl 

hep. ign. ipec. lach. puis. ran. 

sc. rhus. sulph. verat. 

— Shiverings with heat. Aeon, 
anac. ars. bell. eham. cocc. coiT. 
coloc. hell. ign. ipee. lye. mer<y. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. puis. rhoA^ 
fhus. sabad. sulph. thuj. zinc. 

— With external heat. Raph. 

— Shiverings with partial heat 
N.-vom. ol,-{in, sabad- 



FsvER (composed of). 

— Shiverings with heat in the face, 
head, forehead, &c. (See Ac- 
cessory Symptoms.) 

— — (partial), with partial heat. 
Bell. cham. n.-vom. puis. rhus. 

(partial), followed bj heat. 


_ — with heat, followed by per- 
spiration. Graph. 

(partial), alternately with 

partial heat. Cham. 

— — alternating with heat. Agn. 
anthroc. bell. calc. coloc. elect. 
gcdv, hydroc. lach. lye. mere, 
natr.-vom. n.-vom. phos. phos.- 
ac. rhab. rhod. rhus. sabad. sel. 
sil. spig. sulph. verat. [" Nux- 

— Shiverings alternating with 
heat, afterwards heat. Verat. 

— — alternating with heat, then 
heat, and then perspiration. Bry. 

— — alternating with heat, then 
perspiration. Kal. 

— — then heat. Aeon, am.-m. 
arn. ba.r.-c. bor. bell. bry. caps, 
earh.'V. cin. cist. cop. croc. eye. 
dulc. elect. graph, hep. ign. ipec. 
natr.-m. nitr. n.-vom.' ^\los. puis, 
rhus. sabad. sec. stram. iulph, 
val. verat. ["Merc.-p." — Ed.] 

followed by partial heat. 


— — followed by heat in the face. 
Amb. eye, petr, 

followed by heat in the head. 

Ipec. [" Calc.-caust." — Ed.] 

— - — afterwards heat with perspi- 
ration. Bell. bry. eaps, eham. 
chin. cin. daph. hep. ign. n.- 
vom. phos. rhus. sabad. [" Cim.- 
lect."— Ed.] 

a- followed by heat, with par- 

It^al perspiration. Hep. 

8-=- r— tbcD heat, afterwards per- 
spiration.. Ars. bor. chiq. cin. 
paph. hep., ign.. ipec. lach. puis. 

rhus. sabin. verat. ["Kal-bi 
merc.-p." — Ed.] 
Fever (composed of). 

— Shivering with sensation of 
heat. Oleand. 

alternating with perspira- 
tion. N.-vom. 

with perspiration. Elect. 

enphorb. lye. puis. raph. sulph. 

— Shiverings followed by perspi 
ration. Caps, carb.-an. 03%8. 
dig. lye. magn.-s. natr.-m. petr. 
phos.-ac. raph. rhus. sabad. 
thuj. verat. 

— Shuddering with heat. Aeon, 
bell. eham. hell, ign. n,'Vonu 

with flushes of heat. Zinc. 

with partial heat. Aeon. 

n.-vom. ol.-an. 

alternating with heat. An- 
throc. magn.-s. mere, mosch. n.- 
vom. raph. 

followed by heat. Bell. 

hydroc. laur. raph. mgs.-arc. 

followed by heat in the 

head and face. Mgs.-aus. 

then perspiration. Clem. 

dig. natr.-m. [ " Cupr.-ars."- - 

• Ed.] 

Heat, Anxious. *Acon. *ars. 
cham, ign. ipec. natr.-m. phos. 
phos.-ac. plumb, puis. sep. 
spong. stann. 

[" Heat and Warmth : 

— Distressing. Al. am. bar. 
*calc. case. elec. graph, lam. 
magn.-a. magn.-m. mur.-ac. nice, 
n.-vora. ol.-an. op. par. rhod. 
val. vera. zinc. 

Evenings. Graph, ipec. 

magn.-a. mur.-ac. sep. 
in bed. Zinc.*' — Ed.] 

(Compare Anguish, Sect. 3.) 

— Burning. ^Acon, ^ars. atham. 
♦bell. bis. *bry. eham. eoee. 
crot. ^dulc, galv. gran. hell, 
hep. laur. lye. mere, mosch. op. 
puis, sabin. squill. sta7tn. suij^ 



[" Asar. agn. berb. brom. canth. 

caps, carb.-a. carb.-v. con. chin. 

fluor.-ao. hell. hydr. hyos. ign. 

ipec. *lach. magn. n.-vom. petr. 

prun. rhus. sabad. secal. sel. sil. 

spig. spong. verat. vip. 
*' Heat» burning abdomen and 

sides. Sel. spig. 
_ — checks. *Cham. cocc. lam. 

sab. verat. 

nights. Cham. 

chest. Sulph. puis. sen. 

ears and forehead. Chin. 

dig. caps. 
evenings, Oarb.-v. con. 

hep. puis. 

in bed. Agn. mosch. 

(In hands). Pctr. phos. 

ran.-b. stan. 

in the head. Hell. ipec. op. 

nights. Canth. hep. rhus. 

skin. Bis. carb.-a. *dulc. 

galv. lach. petr. rhus. ver. 
veins. *Ars. ^hyos." — 


partial. Atham. cheti. gins. 

Heat in General. Aeon, an- 

throk. ars. aspar. bell, bar.-c. 

bis. bov. camph. case. cham. 

chin. coff. con. crot. cupr.-aeet. 

elect, fer. galph. gent graph. 

bjdroc. hep. hyos. ign. iod. ipec. 

kal. lach. lact. Ijc. magn. magn.- 

s. mang. mere, merc.-acet. merc- 

dulc. mosch. mur.-ac. natr.^m. 

nic. phos. phos.-ac. rhod. samb. 

sep. sil. spig. stann. stram. 

stront. sulph. sulph.-ac. tar. 

tart, tereb. zinc. [" Cupr.-ars. 

fer.-iod. fluor.-ac. ox.-ac." — Ed.] 
[" — Continued. Con. daph. sep. 

tart. *val. Overa."— Ed.] 
— Dry. Aeon. ars. bar.-m. bell. 

bry. oaus. cdoc. con. dulc. elect. 

fer..mur. gran. hep. ipec. lach. 

laot. mere, natr.-s. nitr. nitr.-ac. 

ol.-an. joAo^. phoa.-ac. prun. pids. 

sec. sil. spong. squill, stront. 

sulph. thuj. mgs. [" Cim.-leot. 

cinch.-sulph. crotal. hyp.-per."' 

Heat, External. Anac. bell. bry. 

cocc. coloc. cor. gins. hell. ign. 

mere. puis. sil. spong. ["Alum. 

ars. canth. *cham. chel. chin. 

chinin. coff. con. dig. grat. hyos. 

kal. lach. mur.-ac. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. rhus. squill. 
Evenings (in). Coff. mur.- 
ac. thuj. 
(in bed). Chel. plumb. 

rhus. squill. 
Nights. Can. ign. puis. 

Hands. Cyc. 

— Fugitive. Alum. amb. am.-m. 
bary. bis. bor. bov. bry. *calc, 
carb.-v. chin. cupr. galv. hep. 
iod. kal.-hyd. kre. laur. mere, 
natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr.-ac. nux-v. 
olean. ol.-an. petr. phos.-ac. plat, 
puis, orhus. °rut. ^seb. *sep. 
♦sil. spong. *sulph. tab. tart, 
zinc.'* — Ed.] 

— Internal. Aeon. ars. bell. bry. 
cham. con. cor. elect, fer.-mg. 
nitr.-ac. puis, verat. [" Brom." 
— Ed.] (Compare above, Heat 
in General.) 

— Lumbar vertebrao (in the). 
Crot. gent. 

— Nose and mouth (proceeding 
from the). Stront. 

— Partial. Atham. bell. cham. 
lact. n.-vom. puis. rhus. sulph. 

— Pricking. Crot. [" Croo- 
clean."— Ed.] ^ 

— Semi- lateral. Puis. 

— Sensation of. Cham. ign. magn. 
oleand. sil. stann. mgs.-arc. 
[**Aoon. am.-m. anac. arg. asa. 
asar. berb. cast. cham. cocc. 
coff. coloc. con. croc. led. magn. 
magn.-arc. magn.*o. magn.-s 
mere. nice, nitr.-ao. n.-vom. oL 



an. op. petr. puis. spig. squill. 

Stan, staph, sulph. tar. zinc. 
[" Heat (Sensation of) afternoon. 

Squill. Stan, sulph. 

Forenoon. Magn.-c. 

Evenings (in). Berb. ol.- 

an. spig. zinc. 

in bed. Coff. 

Nights. Tar. 

— • — Warm room (in). Calc. 

phos. nitr.-ac. puis." — Ed.] 

— Transient. Agn amb, bor. 
calc. carb.'V. dig. gal v. graph, 
hep. hydroc. ign. iod. lye. raagn. 
mere, nitr.-ac. oleand. ol.-an. 
petr. phos. plumb, ruta. sep. sil. 
spig. spong. stann. sulph. 

[" — Universal. .Aeon. agar. al. 
amb. am. am.-m. anac. ang. am. 
asa. bar. berb. bor, *bry. calc. 
calend. carb.-v. case. caus. °chel. 
♦chin, chinin. ciu. cist. cocc. 
coff. *colch. *coloc. con. cop. 
cor. croc, crota. crot. cupr. eye. 
daph. *dros. dulc. elect, eug. 
euphor. fer. fer.-m. galv. gins, 
gran, graph, grat. hell. hep. 
by OS. *ign. *ipec. kal. kre. lach. 
laur. led. lye. magn.-a. magn.-c. 
magn.-m. mere. m^z. mosch. 
nice. nitr. nitr.*ao. *nux-v. 
olean. ol.-an. op. petr. phos. 
phos.-ac. plat, plumb, puis, 
ran.-a, ran.-s. rhab. rhod. ♦rhus. 
♦rata. *saba. ^sab. *samb. sa^s. 
♦see. *sep. *sil. *spong. *.>?quill. 
*stan. *stram. *sulph. tab. tar. 
tart. val. *verat. vine. vip. vip.- 
torv. zinc. 

— Violent. *Acon. anac. *bcll. 
bis. °bry. calend. canth. carb.- 
a, cham. chin. cin. cocc. coff. 
con. croc. *dulc. euphorb. 
galv. *ipec. kal -ch. lach. mngn.- 
a. magn.-m. meny. n.-vom. 
ophiot pho3. plum. rhus. sec. 
Sep. sil. spig. bpong. stan. stram. 
sulph. sulp.-ac. tart, vip.-torv. 

— — Evenin/yg. Oalend. tart. 

Heat, Violent (Evenings in bed) 
Nights. Anac. oarb.-an 

cham. coff. phos. sep. 
head. Ipec. rhod. stan. 

Evenings. Khod. stan 

face. Chin. kre. magn.-a 

tart."— Ed.] 
Heat, which manifests itself: 

— Angry (after being). Petr, 

— Bed (in). Agn. kal. hell, 
magn.-m. magn.-s. mgs. (Com- 
pare At Night.) 

— Conversation (during impor- 
tant. Sep. 

— Evening (in the). Agn. ang. 
am. atham. bor. calc. carb.-v. 
cham. chin. fer. hell. gran. hep. 
hyos. lach. mere, mosch. mur.- 
ac. nic. ol.-an. pJws. phos.-ac. 
sags, sulph. teuc. thvj. 

hi bed. Bor. duim, puis. 

(Compare At Night.) 

— Exercise (during). Campb. 
n.'Vom. sep. m.-aus. 

(after). Fcr.-mg. ol.-an. 

["Brom. fluor.-ac."— Ed.1 

— Heat, artificial (relieved by). 

— Labor (during continued). 

— Leaning forwards (when). 

— Meal (after a). See Chap. XIV. 

— Morning (in the). Bor. eu- 
phorb. kal. lact. magn. mepb. 
n.-vom. puis, sulph. mgs. 

— Movement (during). Stann, 

(after). Amm.-mur. sep. 

— Night (at). Alum, am.-c. arn. 
ars. bar.-m. bor. bry. calc, carb.* 
an. carb.-v. caus. cham. colch. 
dulc. hep. lach. lact. laur. magn. 
magn.-m. magn.-s. meph. mere. 
merc.-acet. natr.-m. nic. nitr. 
nitr.-ao. n.-vom. petr. phos. 



phos.'dc, puis, ran.ran.-sc. rhod. 
rhus. sabin. sec. sep. sil. stront. 
sulph. thuj. viol.-tric. mgs.- 
Heat, which manifests itself: 

— Noon (after). Anac. cop. natr.- 
S. stann. sulph. 

(fore-). Sass. 

— Pains (during). Carb.-v. 

— Parts affected (in the). Aeon, 
brj. sulph. 

— Room (in a). Am.-m. ipec. 

— Seated (when). Sep. 

— Sleeping (when). Dulc. petr. 

— "Washing (after). Fer.-mg. 
["Internal Chill. Aet. agn. 

alu. ambr. ant. arn. ars. asa. 
carb.-Y. cans. cham. chin. cocc. 
coff. con. dig. eup. gins. grat. 
hell. kal. kreos. lach. lye. mez. 
*puls. par. petr. rut. sass. sep. 
sil. squill, sulph. ther. verat. 
-^ Coldness. Am. ars. chin. dig. 
hjd. kal. laur. lob. par. 

— Shivering. Ang. chin. coff. 
hell. ign. sulph.-ac." — Ed.] 

Perspiration in General. DiUc, 
graph, guaj, hep. lach. mere. 
n.-vom. samh, tart. thuj. val, 
[" Fer.-iod. fluor.-ac."— Ed.] 

— Acrid. Cham. con. 

— Anguish (with). Berb. calc. 
elect, fer. natr, sep. 

— Aromatic smell (of an). Rhod. 

— Clammy. Anac. anthroc. ars. 
daph, fer. hep. lach. lye. mere, 
n.-vom. phos. phos.-ac. plumb, 

— Cold. Ars, bar.-m. carb.-v. 
cupr. dig, dulc, elect, fer, hep. 
hyos. ipec. lac?i. lye. mere, natr, 
n.-vom. plumb, sec. sep. sulph. 
sulph .-ac. tart. vercU. • mgs. 
["Brom. fer.-ac. ophiot. oz.-ac. 
vip."— Ed.] 

— Colliquative. Ars. carb.-v. 
ohin. mere. nitr. phos. stann. 
^Compare Debilitating.) 

Perspiration in General: 

— Critical. Bry. 

— Debilitating. Amb. carb.-an 
chin. cocc. fer. mere. nitr. sil. 
stann. (Compare Colliqua- 

— Empyreumatic smell (of an). 
Bell. [" Fer.-acet."— Ed.] 

— Fetid. Bar.-c. carb.-an. con. 
dulc. graph, kal. lach. lye 
magn. mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom 
phos. puis. 

— Greasy. (See Oily.) 

— Hot. Ant. chen. op. 

— Impossible. Lach, 1 staph. 

— Insects (which attracts). Calad. 

— Itching. Mang. par. rhod. 

— Local. (See Partial.) 

— Medicament (odor of th«^), 

— Mouldy smell (of a). N.-vom. 
stann. [" Cim.-lect."— Ed.] 

— Oily. Bry. chin. magn. mere. 

— Partial. Ars. chen. con. crot 
n.-vom, puis, sulph. 

in the parts affected. Amb 

anthroc. mere, stront. tart. 

covered parts (in the). Aeon 


— Profuse. Ars. bell. chin. con. 
lihch. lye. mere, n.-vom. puis, 
samb. sulph, ['* Fluor.-ac." — 

— Pungent smell (of a). Fer.- 

— Putrid smell (of a). Daph. 

— Sanguineous. Lach. n.-mos 
['* Crota."— Ed.] 

— Semi-lateral. N.-vani. puis, 

— Sour smell (of a). Aeon, bry 
carb.-v. caus, cJiam,' fer.-mg. 
galv. hep. iod. led. magn. m^rc, 
nitr.-ac.. n.-vom. rhus. sep, sil, 
sulph. [" Cim.-lect. flupr.-ac." 

— Spots (which produce). Sel. 

— Stiffens tht; linen (which) 
Mere, sol 



Per8piratioii m General: 

— Urine (smelling like). Berb. 
coloo. nitr.-ac. 

— Viscid. See Clammy. 

— Yellow color to the linen (whicb 
imparts a). Ars. bell, carb.-an. 

Perspiration which Manifests 
Itself : 

— Airing (when taking an). (See 
Walking in the Open Air.) 

— Cold air (in the). Bry. calc. 
Coughing (when). Ars. 

-^ Day (easily during the). Agar, 
amb. anac. bar.-m. bell. berb. 
bry. calc. ccuTh.-an, diin. dulc, 
fer. fer.-mg. gran, graph, guaj. 
hep. kal. loch. led. lye. mere, 
fuUr. natr.-m. nitr.-ao. phos.-ac. 
rhab. sel. sep. sU. stann. staph, 
stram. stdph. sulph.-ac. tart. 
veraC. zinc. (Compare during 
Labor, and during a Walk.) 

— Dementia (after a paroxysm 
of). Cupr. 

— Eaten (after having). Nitr.- 
ac. sep. (Compare Chap. XIV., 
after a Meal.) 

hot things. Sulph.-ac. 

— Eating (when). Carb.-an. carb.- 
V, mere, natr.-m. ol.-an. (Com- 
pare Chap. XIV., after a 

[" — Emotion (from slightest). 
Brom."— EdJ 

— Evacuation (before an). Merc. 

— Evening (in the). Ars. mere, 
mur.-ac. sulph. ['* Fluor.-ac." 

— Exercise. (See Movement.) 
*— Labor (during moderate). Agar. 

graph, kal. led. lye. natr. rJiab. 
intellectual. Kal. 

— Lying down (after). Magn.-s. 

— Meal (after a). See Chap. XIV. 

— Midnight (after.) Amb. am.- 
m. magn.-m. n.*vom. 

— . _ (before). Mur.-ao. 

Perspiration which Manifests 
Itself : 

— Morning (in the). Ara.-o. 
anthroc. ars. aur. bell. bov. bry. 
calc. carb.-an. carb.-v. chel. 
chen. chin. cic. clem. cocc. dros. 
eug. euphorb. fer.-m. guaj. hell, 
hep. iod. loch, magn.-s. mere, 
mosch. natr. natr.-m. nitr. n.- 
vom. par. phos. phos.-ac. puis. 
raph. rhus. sep. sil. stann. .mlph. 
sulph.-ac. zinc-ox. [" Cim.- 
lect. fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

every second day. Ant. 

on awaking. Ars. 

— Movement (on the least). Berb. 
calc. chin. cocc. fer. fer.-mg. 
gran, graph, hep. kal. led, lye. 
natr. nalr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
sep. sil. stann. sulph. sulph.- 
ac. veral. [" Fer.-acet." — Ed.] 
(Compare during a Walk.) 

— Night (at). Amb. am.-c. am.' 
mur. anajc. anthrok. arg. arg.- 
nit. ars. aur. bar.-c. bell. bor. 
bry. calc. carb.-an. carb.-v, cans, 
cham. chin. cic. cocc. c(doc. con, 
cupr. daph. dig, dulc. elect, 
euphr. fer. graph, hell. hep. iod. 
kal. lyc.magn. magn.-m. magn.- 
8. mang. mere, merc.-dulc. mur,- 
ac, natr. natr.-s. nitr,-ac n.- 
vom. petr. phos. phos.-ac. puis. 
rat. rhus, sabin. samb. sep. sil. 
spong. stann. staph, stram. 
stront. sulph. tab. tart, viol.-od. 
viol.-tric. zinc. 

[" — At night. Cim.-lec. cinch.- 
sulph. fer.-acet. gum.-gutt."— 

alternately with dryness of 

the skin. Natr. 

— Noon (in the after-). Berb. 
magn.-m. magn.-s. 

— Pain (during). Merc. natr. 
rhus. tab. 

— Seated (when). Anac. rhus. 
sep. staph. [" Fer.-acet." — ■ . 



Perspiration which Manifests 

— Sleep (at the commencement 
of). Ars. con. mur.-ac. tab. 
thuj. verat. 

(during). Bell, carb.-an. 

cham. chin. cic. elect, /er, hyos, 
prun. rapli. sel. zinc-ox. [" Fer.- 
acet."— Ed.] 

— Speaking (when). Grraph. iod. 

— Walk (during a). Agar. amb. 
bmo. kal. led. TtcUr.-m. sel. sil. 
["Fer.-acet."— Ed.] (Compare 
during Movement.) 

in the open air. Bry. carb.- 
an, caus, guaj. n,-vom. 

Pulse (Compressible). Bell.ran.- 
sc. [" Chin..sulph."— Ed.] 

— Feeble. Ars. bar.-c. herb, 
cann. chin. dig. loch. laur. mere. 
n.-vom. phos.-ac. plat. puis. rhas. 
sulph.-ao. tart. [" Chin.-sulph. 
orotal. ox.-ac." — Ed.] 

— Flying. Carb.-v. [" Chin.- 
sulph."— Ed.] 

— Frequent. Aeon. ars. bar.-m- 
cocc. kal.-ch. lach. n.-wfm. ole- 
and. phos.-ac. sil. stann. [" Ars.- 
hyd. benz.-ac. ox.-ac." — Ed.] 

-~ Full. Aeon. arn. bar.-m. bell, 
camph. chin. cocc. coloc. cor. 
dig. hep. mere, n.-vom. ol.-an. 
op. petr. phos.-ac. puis, ran.-sc. 
sil. salph. tart. [" Brom. chin.- 
hyd."— Ed.] 

— Hard. Aeon, esther. bell, 
bry. coloc. cocc. cor. dulc. hep. 
iod. n.-vom. op. phos. sil. sol.- 
m. spong. sulph. verat. [" Brom. 
chin.-hyd. chin.-sulph. hyp.- 
per."— Ed.] 

— Insensible. Ars. cann. lach. 
puis, verat. , 

— Intermittent. Aeon. ars. bis. 
hep. Uuh. mere, mur.-ac. natr.- 
m. n.-vom. op. phos.-ao. sulph. 
verat. [" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Irregular. .ZEth. ant. ars. con. 
dig. lac?i. la\ir. mere, natr^-m. 

oleand. [" Brom. ophiot." — 
Pulse (Quick). Aeon. soth. am. 
ars. asa. bar.-c. bell, camph. chin, 
coloc. cupr. guaj. hep. hyos. iod. 
kal.-ch. mere, n.-vom. op. phell. 
phos. phos.-ac. puis. rhus. sec 
sil. spong. stann. stram. sulph 
verat. [" Calc.-caust. chin.- 
sulph. crotal. cupr .-ars. hyp.- 
per."— Ed.] 

— Slow. Bell. berb. camph. 
cann. dig. fer.-mg. lact. laur. 
mere. op. puis, verai. [" Calc- 
caust. chin.-sulph." — ^Ed.] 

— Small. Aeon, asther. ars. bell, 
bis. bry. camph. carb.-v. chin, 
dig. dulc. fer.-mg. iod. kre. n.- 
vom. op. phos.-ac. plat. puis, 
rhus. sec. sil. stann. staph, 
stram. sulph. sulph.-ac. verat. 
[*' Cupr.-ars. brom. ophiot." — 

— Strong. Bell. mere. [" Chin.- 
sulph."— Ed.] 

— Suppressed. Ars. carb.-A). kre. 
puis. sec. sil. [" Ars.-hyd."— 

— Trembling. Ars. lach. mere. 

— Wiry. Bell. dulc. 

[" Sensation of Coldness. Arn. 
berb. chiuin. dros. enph. graph, 
hydr. ind. lach. kre. laur. magn.- 
arc. magn.-aus. magn.-c. mere, 
mosch. phell. phos. phos.-ao. 
plumb, puis. rho. spig. stann. 
sulph. tar.-ac. * verat. sinc.-ox. 

'' Sensitiveness against Open Air. 
Agar. *amm. anac. bell. berb. 
bruo. bry. camph. *calc. ♦carb.- 
an. *caust. *cham. coco. *coflF. 
graph, dig. hep. ipoo. kali, ly- 
cop. magn.-m. magn.-s. mez. 
mosch. *natr.-c. natr.-m. nitr- 
ac. n.-mosch. *n.-vom. petr. 
♦puis, *rhus. sulph. zinc. 

against cold, cold air. Agar. 

alum. amm. ♦anao. ant. aar. 
baryt. bell. oalc. camp, oapsi 



oarb.-an. caus. cham. ^cocc. 

coff. cjcl. dig. °dulc. gins. bep. 

ipeo. ^lach. °ljcop. °mepn. 

*mez. nux-mosch. *pho8. phos.- 

ac. ^rhod. rhus. sabad. sep. 

spige. stram. 
Sensitiveness against Draughts of 

Air. Anac. ^bell. caps. caus. 

cham. crot. graph, igna. n.-vom. 

selen." — Ed.] 
Shivering in General. JSth. 

alum. amb. ammoniac, anac, 

arg. arn, asar. atham. bor. bruc. 

bry. calc. oann. caps. chin. cocc. 

coloo. con. crot. eye. daph. dros. 

elect, euphorb. evon. guaj. hsBm. 

hep. gins, kal.-ch. kal.-h. kre. 

lact. lam. led. magn.-m. magn.- 

8. mang. mere, merc-c. mez. 

nrnr.-ac. natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. 

nitr. n.-mos, n.^ixnn, ol.-an. petr. 

phell. phos. phos.-a£. puis. rut. 

sabad. sabin. samb. sass. sep. 

spong. staph, stilph. tar. tart. 

ther. verat. zinc-ox. mgs. nigs.- 

aus. [" *Acon. seth. amm. an- 
ac. ant. arg. arn. *ars. ars.-hyd. 

asa. asar. aur. bar. ber. bor. 

bruc. brj. calc.-caust. calc.-phos. 

camph. carb.-an. carb.-v. caus. 

^'cham. chel. chin.-sulph. cin. 

clem. coff. colch. dig. gal v. 

gran, grat gum.-gutt. hell. hjd. 

ign. ipec. June. kalm. Ijc. mags.- 

art. mags.-aust. mago.-c. menj. 

mosch. natr.-c. nice, nitr.-a. ol. 

plat. rhab. rhus. rhus-y. sabad. 

sec. sil. spig. squill, stram. 

8ulph.-ac. tab. thuj. verb. vine. 

viol.-od. vip. vip.-torv." — Ed.] 
-~ External. Dig. mere. zinc. 

— Internal. Agn. anac. calc. 
bell. mere, natr.-m. 

— Partial. Aeon. bell. cham. 
chen. lach. n.-vom. puis. rhus. 

— Semi-lateral. Fer.-mg. lye. 
natr. thuj. 

Shivering (Semi-lateral) on the 
upper side while lying down. 

— Shaking (or with trembling). 
Aeon. agar, am.-c. anac. bell. 
bry, camph. canth. cost, chin 
cist. cocc. fer. gins. hell, igu, 
iod. laur. mang. 7nur.-ac. natr. 
s. n.-vom. petr. phos.-ac. rhu^. 
samb. stram. verat. mgs.-aus. 
[•* Chin.-sulph."— Ed.] 

— Transient. Bar.-c. cham. 

Shivering, Coldness, and Shud- 
dering, which appear : 

— Air (m the open). Agar. hep. 
laur. merc.-c. mosch. n.-mos. 
n.-vom. petr. plat, plumb, rhus. 
sen. [" Pimpin."— Ed.] 

— Angry (after being). N.-vom. 

— Bed (in). Ars. alum. bor. 
carb.-an. fer. laur. mere, n.-vom. 
phos. [" Chin.-sulph. fer.-acet." 
— Ed.] (Compare Evening 
and Night.) 

— Bed (mitigated in). Magn.-m. 

— Chill (after a). Lye. sep. 

— Day (during the whole). Lact. 

— Day and night. Sass. 

— Drinking (after). Ars. caps, 
chin, n.-vom. verat. 

— Eaten (after having). Ars. 
Amelioration. Amb. 

— Eating (when). Euphorb. ran 
sc. (Compare Sufferings dui 
ing a Meal, Chap. XIV.) 

— Epileptic fits (after). Cupr. 

— Evening (in the). Aeon, amm 
caus. am.-c. am.-m. arn. ars 
bell. bov. bry. calc. carb.-an. 
carb.-v. cham. cin. cocc. crot. 
eye. dulc. fer. graph, guaj. hep. 
kal. lye. magn. ^nagn.-yn. magn. 
s. mang. meph. mere, natr.-s. 
nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-voin. petr. 2>hos. 
phos.-ac. prun. puis. rat. rhus. 
samb. sep. stann. stront. sulph. 
tart.-ac. teuc. thuj. [" Calc- 



oaust. cim.-lect. gum.-gutt. 

merc.-per. podoph." — Ed.] 
Shivering. Evening (in bed). 

Alum, am.-c. ars. bov. bry. 

carb.-an. fer. mur.-ac. n.-vom. 

phas, tart.-ac. siUph, ["Fer.- 

acet." — Ed.] (Compare Night.) 

day (every second). Lye. 

Pain (during). Puis. 

— Exercise (daring). Ars. merc- 
c. sulph. 

in the open air. N.-vom. 

— Fire (in the warmth of a). 
Alum. anao. bov. cin. dulc. 
guaj. iod. lact. lam. laur. mere, 

— Heat (in the). Dulc. ruta. 
(mitigated by). Cor, 

— Lassitude in the legs (from). 
Sen. ^ 

— Meal (after a). Alum. berb. 
lacfa. ran. (Compare Chap. 

— Meal (before a). Berb. 

— Midnight (after). Thuj. 

— Morning (in the). Calc. elect, 
graph, mere, natr.-s. n.^oni. 
phos. spig. ther. thuj. [** Chin.- 
sulph."— Ed.] 

— Movement (after). N.-vom. 
(during). Merc.-c. n.-vom. 

rhus. sil. spig. [" Podoph." — 

— Night (at). Alum. amb. am.- 
c. am.-m. arg. ars. bov. calc. 
carb.-v. cans. fer. kreos. magn.- 
8. mere, mur.-ac. natr.-s. n.-vom. 
raph. staph, sulph. tart.-ac. thuj. 
[" Calc.-caust. fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

— Noon (in the after-). Arg. ars. 
hor. bry. crot. dig. hydroc. lach. 
puis. ran. nitr. sulph. 

(fore-). Amb. cop. guaj. 

ran. stann. stront. 

— Pain (while suffering from). 
Ars. bry. dulc. graph, led. lye. 
mez. natr.-m. puis, mgs.-arc. 
'[" Cim.-lec."— Ed.] 

— — after. Kal. 

Shivering (Partial). Crot. raph. 

— Repose (during). Bruc. 

— Rising up (on), after stooping. 

— Room (in a). Ars. (Compare 
near the Fire.) 

— Sleeping (after). Bry. mere. 

— Uncovered (when being). Aeon 
agar. bell, bor.' chin. cor. lach 
n.-vom. puis, squill. [" Ars. 
hydr."— Ed.] 

— Walk (after a). Natr.-s. 

— Wet (after getting). Sep. 

— Agn. canth. chen. cocc. coff. 
crot. dulc. galv. guaj. hell. 
kre. natr.-s. n.-mos. par. petr. 
phos. plat. prun. puis, ran.-sc. 
sabad. sen. sep. spig. stann. 
sulph. teuc. thuj. zipc. (Com- 
pare Chilly Disposition.) 

Shuddering in General. Anac. an- 
throk. arg. ars. asa. asar. bar. 
c.bell. bor.calad. calc. -ph. cann. 
cast. ehem. chel. chin. ein. cinn. 
coff. con. croton. elect, euphorb. 
evon. fer. fer.-mur. galv. gent, 
guaj. hsem. hep. hydroc. hyos. 
ign. ipcc. kal. kal.-ch. lact. laur. 
led. magn.-s. men. mere, mosch. 
natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. oleand, 
ol.-an.phell.j!7Ao5.-ac. plat. raph. 
rat. rhab. ruta. sabin. samb. 
sen. sil. stann. staph, tab. 
verat. verb, viol.-od. zinc. 
[" Brom. fer.-ac. hyp.-per. kal.- 
bi. vip." — Ed.] 

— Partial. Cham. gran. 

— Parts affected in the). Ang 

— Semi-lateral. Gran. verb. 
Shudderings 'vhich Manifest 

themselves. (Compare Shi ver- 
INGS which Manifest them- 

— Affected (in the parts). Ang. 

— Affections of the internal or* 
gans (during). Euphorb. 


CHAP. IV. — ^F£V£B8. 

SnuDDERiNGS, Air (in tbe open). 
Hep. plat. [" Pimpin."— Ed.] 

— Bed (in). Aur. ars. (Compare 
Night and Evening.) 

ameliorated in. Magn.-s. 

— Cold temperature (in a). 

— Day (during the). Kal. 

— Drinking (after). Ars. caps, 
chin, n.-vom. verat, 

— Evening (in the). Aeon. ars. 
aur. bov. calc. cham. cocc. diad. 
magn.-s. mere, phell. phos. 
phos.-ac. rat. 

— Exercise (during). Ars. 

— Fire (near the warmth of a). 
Cin. guaj. mere. rut. 

mitigated. Magn.-s. 

— Meal (after a). Rhus. (Com- 
pare Sufferings after a Meal, 
Chap. XIV.) 

— Morning (in the). Calc. gran. 

— Movement (during). N.-vom.' 

— Night (at) Arg. calc. mere, 

— .^oon (in the after-). Arg. dig. 

Shctdderings in the Forenoon 
Ars. stann. 

— Pain (when suffering from) 
Ars. bar.-c. mez. ran* sep 

— Room (in a). Ars. 

— Touched (when). Spig. 

— Uncovered (when). (Seo 

[" Slight Chill. Agar, agn 
amb. amm. cans. asar. bary. 
ber. bism. bor. bov. bry. calc. 
camp, carb.-ve. caus. cham. 
chenop. chin. cina. °cocc. coff. 
con. crot. dulc. euph. graph, 
guaj. °hell. iod. kal.-chl. kreo. 
°lach. lact. led. lye. mere, natr.- 
c. natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr. nitr.-ac. 
n.-mosch. plat. puis. ran. ran.- 
scel. rhus. saba. sam. sass. sen. 
*sep. sil. *squill. *stann. stront. 
Bulph. tabac. tarax.^uj. vip.- 
torv. zinc, ol.-an. paris. °pet. 

" Startling, Shivering. Agar, 
berb. chin. led. magn. mez. n.- 
vom. rhus. sabad. tart. val. verb. 

— Coldness. °Ar3. bar. ber. 
canst, galv. mere." — Ed.] 



intermittent FEVEKS. 

KoTE. — Compare with this Section the Clinical Remarks, Sect. I, and also 
the AccEssoBY Symptoms in the other Chaptersi in order to complete tlie follow, 
ing articles as occasion may require. 

Abdomen (Coldness of the) : 

— Fever (before the). Men. 

— Shiverings (before the). Ars. 

Abdomen (Distended) : 

— Fever (during the). Cupr.- 
acet. [" Ohin.-sulph."— Ed.] 

— Heat (during the). Ars. cupr.- 

Abdomen (Pains in the.) See 

Aching (Pains) : 

— Fever (during the). Am. 
carb.-v. natr.-m. ptds. &c. (Sea 
Chap. I., Bones.) 

— Heat (during tbe). Ign. 

— Shiverings (during the). Bor- 
natr.-m. sabad. 



Adtpsia : 

— Fever (after the). Ign. 
(during the). Ant. ars. 

hell. chin. hep. puis, rhod. ^a- 
bad. tart, 

— Heat (during the). Ars. caps. 
carb.-Y. chin. cin. eye. diad. 
hell. hep. ign. ipec. magn. mur,- 
ac. nitr. nitr.-ac. phos. phos.-ac. 
puis, sahad. sarnb, sap. sulph. 

— Perspiration (during the). Ars. 
carb.-y. euphorb. ign, ipec. phos. 

— Shiverings (during the). Agar, 
anac. ars. aur. calc. carb.-T. 
chin. oin. coloc. eye. dros. eu- 
phorb. guaj. hell. lam. mang. 
mur.-ao. natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. 
nitr. n.-vom. phos. phos.-ac. 
pids, sahad, stdph. thuj, 
[" Chin.-sulph."— Ed.] 

Agitation, Inquietude: 

— Fever (during the). Ars. 
hydroo.ipec. &o. (Sec Chap. V., 
same article.) 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. ars. 
bell. bov. cfuirn. cin. coff. ipec. 
laxh, magn.-m. mur.-ac. op. rut. 
sabin. sec. 

— Pers4)iration (during the). An- 
throk. bry. 

— Shiverings (during the). Anac. 
ars. coff. lach. 

Anguish, Anxiety, Inquietude : 

— Fever (before the). Chin. 

*" (during the). Ars. coff. 

chin. lach. rhab. 

— Heat (during the). Aeon, 
amb. ars. bov. calc. chain, eye. 
elect, fer. ign. ipec. magn. natr.- 
m. op. phos. phos.-ac. puis. rut. 
sen. spong. stann. strani, sulph. 
(Compare Anxious Heat, Sect. 

— rerspiration (during the). 
Caic, elect, mere. natr. sep. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
caps. ohin. lam. natr.-s. puis. 

Appetite (Absence of) : 

— Fever (during the). Ant. con. 
daph. lach. natr.-m. pids. sahad, 
staph. (Compare the same ar 
tide in Chap. XIV.) 

Arms (Heaviness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Kre. 
Arms (Shivering in the). Bell. 

herb, n.-voni. puis, sulph. 
Asthmatic (Affections), Oppres- 
sion, Dyspnoea, Shortness of 
Breath, &c. Bry. ipec. puis, 
(Compare Chap. XXII., same 

— Fever (during the). Galv. 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. ars. 
bov. carb.-v. lifc. rut. 

— Perspiration (before the.) An- 

(during the). Merc 

— Shiverings during the). Ars. 
natr.-m. puis. sen. zinc. 

Aversion to Food : 

— Fever (during the). Am.-o. 
ant. ars. ipec. kal. rhab. (Com • 
pare same article, in Chap^ 

— Shiverings (during the). Bry. 
Back (Pain in the^ : 

— Fever (before tne). Ars. ipeo. 
(during the). Ars. bell. 

cans. chin. lach. natr.-s. rhus. 
[" Chin.-sulph."— Ed.] (Com- 
pare Pains in the Loins.) 

— Heat (during the.) Arn. ign. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
bell. caps. cans. ign. mosch. 
n.-vom. verat. zinc. -ox. 

Back (Shiverings in the). Bell. 

herb. cocc. mosch. n.-vom. puis. 

sulph. ["Brom.pimpin." — Ed.] 
Beaten (Pains in the limbs as if 

they were). Rhod. (Compare 

Limbs (painful), and Chap. I. 

same article.) 

— Fever (during the). Caps, 
carb.-v. rhus. gins. 

— Heat (during the). Sulph. 

— Shiverings (during the). Bell. 



Beer (Desire for). N.-vom. (See 

Chap. XIV.) 
Bilious Affections. See Sect. 1, 

Fevers (Bilious). 
Blood (Expectoration of) : 
Fever (during the). N.-mos. 

&c. (See Chap. XXI.) 
Body (Swollen). Lach. 
Bones (Pains in the). See Acu- 


Brain (Paralysis of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ars. Ijc. 
coloc. ? 

Breath (Hot) : 

— Fever (during the). Zinc. 
Breatu (Short) : 

— Fever (during the). Fer. zinc. 
(Compare Chap. XXII., same 

Bulimy : 

— Fever (during the). Chin, 
cin. phos. Compare Chap. 
XIV., same article.) 

— Heat (during the). Chin, cin. 

— Shiverings (during the). M.- 
aus. N 

Burning in the Veins : 

— Heat (during the). Ars. 
Calves op the Legs (Cramps 

in the) : 

— Shiverings (after the). Aeon. 
Carphologia. Am. ars. hell. 

chin. cocc. hyos. op. phos. phos.- 
ac. rhus. stram. ["Cim.4ect." 
Cephalalgia : 

— Fever (before the). Ars. bry. 
carb.-v. chin. lach. natr,-m. nitr. 

— — (during the). Ang. ars. 
bell, bry. chin. dros. galv. 
graph, hell. hep. kal. lact. led. 
mang. mez. natr,-m, n.-vom, 
petr. rut. sep. tar. ["Chin.- 
sulph."— Ed.J 

•T"^ — (after the). Ars. carb.-v. 
ein. hep. 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. ang. 

ars. beU. herb. bor. bry. caps, 
carb.-v. chin. cin. crotou. dros. 
dulc. elect, ign. kal. lach. natr.- 
m. n.-vom. puis. rut. spong. 
sulph. val. 
Cephalalgia : 

— Perspiration (during the). An- 


— Shiverings (before the). Fer. 
(during the). Aeon, anac 

ars. bor. bry. caps. chin. cin. 
cor. dros. fer. gran, graph, kre. 
mang. mere. mez. natr.-m. n.- 
vom. petr. ^wi^. rhus. sen. scp. 
sulph. tart. ['* Brom.*'— Ed.] 
Chattering op the Teeth : 

— Shiverings (during the). 
Camph. hep. lach. natr.-s. n.- 
vom. plat. tab. [" Chin.-sulph." 

Cheeks (Heat and redness of the). 
Aeon. cham. cin. cocc. kre. 
nierc. puis. rhus. sulph. (Com- 
pare Face.) 

Chest (Pains in the) : 

— Fever (during the). Aeon. ars. 
bry. calad. chin. ipec. kal. sabad. 
[" Cira.-lect."— Ed.] (Sec Chap. 

— Heat (during the). Ars. caps, 
carb.-v. cin. kal. n.-vom. 

— Perspiration (during the). Bry. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
bell. lach. sabad. sen. [** Cim.- 
lect."— Ed.] 

Chest (Heat in the) : 

— Heat (during the). Am.-m. 
Chest (Shiverings in the). Sulph. 
Chest (Oppression of the). (See 

Asthmatic Apfections.) 

Colic : 

— Fever (before the). Ars. chin. 

— (During the). Ant. ars. bov. 
bry. cham. chin. ran. rhus. 

— Perspiration (during the). N.- 

— Shiverings (during the). Bov, 
calad. chin. coff. diad. lach. 
meph. merc.-s. n.-vom. puis. 



CoNOBsnoN of the Head : 

— Fever (during the). Fer. (See 
Chap. VI., same article.) 

— Heat (during the). BeU, 

— Shiverings (during the). Chin. 
Consciousness (Loss of) : 

— Fever (during) the. Am. 
bell. coco. hell. hyos. mur.-ac. 
natr.-fn. n.-vom. op. phos.-ac. 
pula. stram. (Compare Chap. 
v., same article.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. dulc. 
natr.-m. phos.-ac. sep. 

Constipation : 

— Fever (during the). Bell. cocc. 
cupr.-acet. lye. n.-vom. op. puis, 
staph, verat. [" Cim.-lect." — 
Ed.] (Compare Chap. XVII., 
same article.) 

Contraction OF the Limbs : 

— Shiverings (during the). Caps. 
[" Cim.-lcot."— Ed.] 

Convxtlsions. Op. (Compare 
Chap. T., same article.) 

— Shiverings (daring the). Lach. 

CoRYZA, Fever (during the). 

Calad. rhus. (Compare Chap. 

IX., same article.) 
Cough : 

— Fever (during the). Bry. 
calc. chin. con. ipec. kal. lact. 
puis, sabad. (See Chap. XXI.) 

— Heat (before the). Calc. 
(during theV Dros. sulph. 

— Perspiration (during the), l^rf, 

— Shiverings (during the). Kre. 

Cbawlino in the Skin : 

— Perspiration (during the). 


— Fever (before the). Bell. lach. 

— Heat (daring the). Lach. 

— Perspiration (daring the). An- 

Guti8«anserina : 

— Shiverings (daring the). Bar.- 

c. canth. crot. hsem. hell. lanr. 
par. sabin. verat. 
Deadness of the Fingers : 

— Cold (during the). Crot. 
Deafness : 

— Fever (during the). JR,has. 
Debility, Lassitude, and Fatigue: 

— Fever (after the). Dig. 
(before the), Natr.-m. n.- 

(during the). Ars. cJiin. 

fer. hyos. lach, lye. ipec. mere, 
mez. natr.-m. n.-mos. n.-vom. 
puis. rhus. sabad. sulph. ve- 
rat. (Compare Chapter I.^ De- 

— Heat (after the). Dig. 
(during the). Anac. bry. 

calc. fer.-mg. natr.-m. phos. 

— Perspiration (during the). Ars. 

— Shiverings (during the). Bor. 
carK-v. cans. lach. lam. 

Deglutition, Difficult : ^ 

— During the heat, Cupr.-acet. 
Dejection : 

— During the shivering. Atham. 
Delirium : 

— Fever (daring the). Aeon. ars. 
bell. bry. calc. cham. chin. cin. 
dulc. hyos. ign. n.-vom. op. 
phos.-ac. plat. puis. rhus. samb. 
stram. sulph. verat. ['* Crotal. 
podoph." — Ed.] (Compare the 
same article, Chap. V.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. bell. 
chin. cin. dulc. ign. lach. op. 
sabad. spong. verat. 

[" — Sleep (during the). Hyp.- 

per."— Ed.] 
Despair. Puis. &c. (See Chap. 

v., same article ) 


— Fever (during the). Ant. arn. 
ars. cham. cin. con. n.-mos. jsAo^. 
pxds. rhus. svlph. verat. [" Cro- 
tal." — Ed. J (Compare Chap. 
XVII., samb article.) 


CHAP. lY. — rBVXSS. 


— Heat (during the) . Pals, rhns . 

— Shiverings (during the). Phos. 
DiSAFPEARANGE of the Sufferings : 

— Perspiration (during the). 

Discouragement, Despair : 

— Fever (during the). Coff. 
(Compare Chap. Y., same ar- 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. coff. 

— Shiverings (after the). Aeon. 
Dreams (Maky) : 

— Perspiration (during the). Puis. 
Dreams (Frightful) : 

— Fever (after the). Ars. (Com- 
pare Chap. III., Dreams.) 

Drink (A repugnance to). (See 
Chap. XIV) 

— Heat (during the). N.-vom. 

— Shiverings (before the). Hell. 
Dtspncea. (See Asthmatic Af- 

Ears (Cold): 

— Heat (during the). Ipeo. 
Ears (Hot at the Tips) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Aeon. 
Ears (Humming in the) : 

— Heat (during the). N.-vom. 

— Perspiration (during the). Ars. 

Ears (Pains in the). See Otalgia. 
Ears (Rebness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). Camph. 

Ebullition of Blood : 

— Fever (during the). Ars. bov. 
fer. mosch. phos. phos.-ac. sass. 
Sep. staph, sulph. (Compare 
the same article, Chap. I.) 

— Heat (during the). Fer. phos.- 
ac. sass. staph. 

Emaciation. Gin., &c. (See 
Chap. I., same article.) 


— Fever (during the). Hjos. 
Epistaxis : 

— Fever (during the). See Chap. 
IX., same article. 

Epistaxis : 

— Shiverings (during the). Kre. 
Evacuate (Desire to) : 

— Heat (during the). Caps. 
Evacuations (Frequent) : 

— Heat (during the). Lacb 
(Compare Diarrhoba.) 

Excitability (Moral) : 

— Heat in the head (during)L 

Excitability (Nervous) : 

— Fever (during the). Bry. lya 
(Compare Chap. I. and Y ., same 

— Heat (before the). Teuc 
Eyes (Burning in the) : 

— During the fever. Lact. 
Eyes (Downcast) : 

— Heat (during the). Fer,«mg. 
Eyes (Fixed) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Aeon. 
Eyes (Flames before the) : 

— Fever (during the). Hyos. 
(Compare Chap. VII.) 

Eyes (Tearful) : 

— During the fever. Lact, 
Eyes (Pains in the) : 

— Fever (during the). Kre. led. 
rhod. (Compare Chap. VII.) 

— Shiverings (during the). Son. 
Face (Coldness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). Ipec. rhab. 

— Shiverings (during the), Dros, 
ipec. natr. natr. petr. 

Face (Heat op the) : 

-^ Fever (during the). Aeon, bell, 
n.-vom. puis. rhus. &c. (See 
Chap. X., Heat of the Face.) 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. bell, 
cham. &c. (See Chap. X.) 

— Perspiration (during the). N.- 

— Shiverings (after the). (See 
Sect. 2, Fevers composed of.) 

(during the). Aeon. agar. 

anac. bell. calc. cham. chin, 
coloc. dros. euphorb. kre. hjos. 
lye. mere. natr. n.-vom. ran, 
puis, sabad. sen. sulph. 

gEcrr. m. — aogbssoby syhptoicb. 


Face (Heat op the^ : 
• — Side (on one). (Sec Chap. X., 
Semilateral Heat) : 

— Fever (during the). Ign. mez. 
puis. rhus. &o. (Sec Chap. X., 

— Heat (after the). Squill. 
(during the). Cin. fer.-mg. 

ipec. Sep. 

— Shiverings (during the). Bell. 
camph, canth. chin. cin. dros. 
n.-mos. puis. rhus. sulph. tart. 

Face, Pale and Bed Alternately. 
(See Chap. X.) 

— (Perspiration on the). Ars. 
prun. (Compare Chap. X., Per- 

— Heat (during the). Puis. sulpH. 
Face (Pain in Qie) : 

— Fever (during the). Lact. 
Face (Puffed) : 

— Fever (during the). 
(Compare Chap. X., 

— Heat (during the), 
ars. bell. puis. 

— Shiverings (durins the). Bell. 
Face and Checks (Redness of 

the) : 

— Fever (during the). Aeon, 
bar.-m. cham. chin. cocc. kre. 
mere. op. puis. rhus. verat. 
[" Crotal."— -Ed.] 

— Heat (during the). Aeon, am.- 
m. bell, camph. carb.-v. cham. 
chin. QKc. eye. dulc. ign. kre. 
lyo. magn.-s. natr.-m. n.-vom. 
op. puis. rhus. sep. stram. sulph. 
verat. [" Hyp.-per."— Ed.] 

«— Perspiration (during tn 

— Shiverings (during the). Aeon. 
ars. bry. cham. chin. ign. kre. 
lye. mere, n.-vom. puis. 

Face (Redness of one side of the). 

See Chap. X., Semilateral 

Face (Circumscribed Redness of 

the). See Chap. X. 

Fer. lye. 
same ar- 



Face (Yellow, Earthy) : 

— Fever (during the). Chin, 
natr.-m. rhus. (See Chap. X.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. cin. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ign 

Feet and Toes (Cramps in the) : 

— Perspiration (during the). 

— Shiverings (after the). N.- 

(during the). N.-vom. 

Feet (Coldness of the) : 

— Fever (before the). Carb.-v. 
[« Cim.-lect."— Ed.] 

(during the). Aeon, cist 

kal.-ch. lach. mere. puis. rhod. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Heat (during thi). Cocc. 

— Shiverings (after the). Petr 
(during the). Bcrb. chin. 

cop. dros. kre. lach. mere, mez. 

— Heat (in the). Carb.-v. lach. 
n.-vom. puis, su^ph., &c. (See 
Chap. XXV., Heat.) 

— Shiverings (during the). N.- 
vom. [" Brom."— Ed.] 

Feet (Pains in the^ : 

— Shiverings (during the). Cop. 

— Perspiration (in the). Staph. 
Fingers (Torpor of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Stann. 

— Tingling (in the). Gins. 
Fingers (Deadness of the) : 

— Cold (during the). Crot. 
Forehead (Heat in the) : 

— Shivering (during the). Aeon 
chin, natr.-s. 

Forehead (Perspiration in the) : 

— Heat (during the). Ipeo 
maffu.-s. sass. 

— Shiverings (during the). Bry 

Gaiety (Thoughtless) : 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. 
Gastric (Affections) : 

— Heat (during the). Ant. cham 
cooc. daph. dros. ign. ipec. n. 



vom. puis. rhus. sabad. (Com- 
pare Nausea, Vomiting, &c., 
and Sect. 1, Gastric Fevers.) 

Genital Organs (Heat in the). 
Meph. prun. 


— Fever (before the). Ars. 
(Compare Loss of CfoNScions- 


— Heat (daring the.) Berb. nat.- 

— Shiverings (during the). Nat.- 
mar. puis. 

Glands (Engorgement of the) : 
--Heat (during the). Calad. 

cist. (Compare Chap. I., same 

Gums (Bleeding of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Staph. 
(Compare Chap. XI., Bleeding 
OF THE Gums.) 

Hair (Uprising of the") : 

— Shiverings (during the). Bar.- 
c. men. ['* Pimpin." — Ed. 

Hands (Blueness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). N.- 
vom. (Compare Nails.) 

Hands (Coldness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Aeon, 
agar. agn. dros. mere* phos. 
puis, sulph. [" Crotal."— Ed.] 
(Compare Chap. XXIV., Cold- 

— Shiverings (daring the). Chin, 
dros. mere, mez. 

Hands (Cramps in the) : 

— Perspiration (during the). 

Hands (Deadness of the) : 

— Shivering (during the). Sep. 
Hands (Heat of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Berb. 
carb.-v. ipec. lach. mere. natr. 
natr.-s. n.-vom. pals, sabad. 
stann. sulph. [" Merc.-per." — 
Ed.] (Compare Chap. XXIV., 

— Heat (during the). Puis. 

Hands (Heat of the) : 

— Perspiration (during the). N.- 

— Shiverings (during the). Ipeo. 
n.-vom. I" Brom." — Ed.] 

Hands (Stiffness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Kal. 
Head (Bevitilderment of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ang. bry, 
caps. ipec. rut. vol. verat. &o. 
(See Chap. VI.) 

— Heat (during the). Ang. ars, 
bry. vol, verat, 

— Shiverings (during the). Caps, 

Head (Burning of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Am, 

Head (Congestion of the) : 
— 'Fever (daring the). Chin. fer. 
hyos. n.-vom. &o. (See Chap. 

— Heat (during the). Bell. 

— Shiverings (before the). Chin. 
(during the). Chin, n.- 
vom. raph. 

Head (Heat in the) : 

— Shiverings (before the). Aeon, 
arn. bell. bry. mang. mere, 
natr.-s. n.-vom. puis. [" Merc.- 
per."— Ed.] 

(during the). Aeon. berb. 01 n. 

meph. n.-vom. rhod. ["Brom.** — 
Ed.] Compare Chap. IV. Heat. 

Head (Heavy Pressure upon the) : 

— Heat (during the). Ars. lact. 

— Perspiration (during tEe). Ars. 

— Shiverings (during the). PtUs. 
Head (Pain in the). See Cepha- 

— Perspiration on the. Chin, 
n.-vom. puis, staph, sulph. 

Head (Pulsation in the) : 

— Heat (during the). BelL 
(Compare Cephalalgia.) 

Heart (Palpitation of the) : 

— Fever (before the). Chin. 
during the. Hydroc. laob 



mero. rhas. safls. sep. spig. 
Heakt (Palpitation of the) : 

— (during the). Calc. mere. sass. 
Sep. sulph. 

— Perspiration (before the). An- 

Heat (Insupportable external). 

Hepatic (Pains). See Liver 

(Pains in the). 
Hiccough : 

— F^ver (during the). Lach. 
(Compare Chap. XIV.) 

Hooping Cough : 

— Fever (during the). Kal. 
(Compare Chap. XXI., same 

Humor (Iin : 

— Fever (auring the). (Compare 
Chap. V.) 

— Shiverings (during the). Anac. 
caps. kre. 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. 
Humor (Tearful, Plaintive, &c.) : 

— Heat (during the). Aeon. 
Hunger (Unnatural). See Buli- 

Hypochondria (Pains in the). 


— Fever (daring the). Chin. 
rhu9. (Compare Chap. XYI., 
same article.) 

Jactitation. (See Tossing.) 
Jerking. (See Twitching.) 
Joints (Pains in the) . 

— Fever (during the). Hell. 

— Shiverings (during the). Hefl, 
raph. [" Cim.-lect."— Ed.] 

Knees (Coldness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). Agn. 
Lachrymation. (See Weefino.) 
Lamentations : 

-^ Heat (during the). Aoon. 

cham. puis. 
Lassitude, Fatigue. (See De- 


VOL. n. — 10 

Legs (Coldness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Bell. 
herb, n.-vom. puis. (Compare 
Chap. XXV., Coldness.) 

— Heat of the. Meph. 
Legs (Pains in the) : 

— Fever (during tne). Nitr. 

— Heat (during the). Caps, carb.- 
V. lact. 

Legs (Paralyzed) : 

— Shiverings (auring the). Ign. 

— Perspiration on the. Asa, 
(Compare Chap. XXV., Per- 

Legs (Weakness of the) : 

— During the fever. Gins. lact. 
Lethargic Numbness : 

— Fever (during the). Cupr.- 

Lie Down (Need to) : 

— Fever (during the). Bry. calc. 

— Heat (during the). Calc fer.- 

— Shiverings (during the). Dros. 
mero. n.-vom. puis. ther. 

Limbs (Benumbed) : 

— Shiverings (during the). N.- 

Limbs (Heaviness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Ther. 
Limbs (Pain in the) : 

— Fever (after the). Sabad. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] 

before the. Bry. carb.-v. 

chin. cin. merc.-acet. sulph. 

during the. Ars. bell, bry, 

chin. hell. lach. lye. nitr. n.- 
vom. phos. rktis, sep. sulph. 

— Heat (during the). Arn. chin. . 
ign. rhus. 

— Perspiration (during the). N.- 

— Shiverings (during the). Aeon. 
ars. bell. bry. caps. ckin. cin. 
hell. lach. lye. mero. (nitr.) fi» 
vom. puis, rhtis, sabad. 

Lips (Blackish). Ars. chin, rhus* 
&c. (See Chap. X.) 



Lips (Dry) : 

— Fever (duriDg the). Chin. ign. 

— Perspiration (during the). N.- 

— Ulcerated. Natr.-m. bell. &c. 
(See Chap. X.) 

Liver (Enlargement of the). 

Ars. chin. &c. (See Chap. 

Liver (Paina in the) : 

— - Fever during the). Ars. chin. 

&c. (See Chap. XVI., Hepa- 
tic Pains.) 
Loins (Pain in the). Lach. 

— Heat (during the). Kal. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Perspiration (after the). Kre. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
kre. lach. n^-vam, verat. 

Loins (Weakness in the). Coco. 
Miliaria, Perspiration (during 

the). Rhus. 
Milk (Desire for) : 

— Heat (during the). Merc. 
MiscHiEvousNEss. Ljc. (Com- 
pare Chap, v., same article.) 

Moans, Heat (during the^. Aeon, 
cham. lach. puis. (Compare 
Chap, v., same article.) 

Moisture on the Skin : 

— Perspiration (long after the). 

Mouth (Clamminess of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Berb. 
Mouth (Dryness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Gins. 

— Heat (during the). Chin, 
lach. n.-vom. 

— Perspiration (during the). N.-. 

— Shiverings (during the). Berb. 

Murmurs. Lach. rhus. &c. (See 

Chap. Y^ 
Muscles (Jerking of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Merc. 
[" Cim.-lcct."— Ed.] 

Nails (Blueness of the) : 

— Fever (before the). Croc. 

— Shiverings (during the). Aur. 
cocc. n.-vom. pctr. 

Nape of the Neck (Perspiration 
of the). Sulph. 

— Pains in, during the Fever 

Nausea : 

— Fever (before the). Cin. 
(during the). Ant. bry. cham. 

chin. dros. ipec. sep. vertU. 
(Compare Sect. 1, Gastrio Fe- 
vers, and Chap. XIV., same 

— Heat (during the). Aeon, an- 
ac. ars. bar.-c. carb.-v. n.-vom. 

— Perspiration (during the). 

— Shiverings (after the). Aeon. 
during the. Ars. aur. bell. 

chin. cin. rhus. sabad. sep. ve- 
rat. zine.-ox. [" Crotal." — Ed.J 

Neck (Tenderness of the), when 
Touched. Lach. 

Nervous iJjrmptoms. (See Sect 
1, Typhoid Fevers.) 

Nettle-rash : 

— Fever (during the). Ign. rhus. 
&o. (See Chap. II.) 

Nose (Coldness of the). Sulph. 
Nose (Obstruction of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Sulph., 
&c. (See Chap. IX.) 

Nose (Pains in the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ilhod. 
Nose (Scabs in the) : 

— Fever (during the). Sulph. 
(Compare Chap. IX.) 

Numbness (Lethargic) : 

— Fever (during the). Cupr.- 

Odontalgia : 

— Fever (before the). Carb.-r. 

— Shiverings (before the). Graph, 
kal. rhus. 

Oppression. (See Asthmatic A£> 



Otalgia : 

-^ Feyer (daring the). Calad., 
Ac. (See Chap. VIII.) 

— Perspiration (during the). Ign. 

— Shiverings (during the). Graph. 
Painful Weariness. (See Beat* 

EN, Pains as if.) 
Painful (Body), when Uncovered : 

— Heat (during the). Mere, 
Pains (Insupportable) : 

-— Fever (during the). Ars, 

chant, coff, - 
Pains (Paroxysms of) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
nitr. rhus. 

Pains (In the parts undermost, on 

lying down) : 
•^ Heat (during the). Mang. 

— Perspiration (daring the). N.- 

Pains (On being uncovered) : 

— Perspiration (daring the). 

Palate (Burning^ : 

— Heat (during tne). Dale. 
Palpitation of the Heart. (See 

Panting (Respiration) : 

— Fever (during the). Calad., 
&c. (See Chap. Xill.) 

Prickings : 

— Heat (during the). Chin. 
[" Cim.-lect."— Ed.] 

Pulsations. (See Turobbings.) 
Pupils (Contracted) : 

— Fever (during the). Arn., &c. 
(See Chap. VII.) 

— Shiverings (during the). Aeon. 
Pupils (Dilated) : 

— Fever (during the). Cin. bell., 
&o. (See Chap. VII.) 

— Shivering (during.the). Aeon, 

Rattling in the Throat : 

— Fever (during the). Ars. 
carb.-v. n.-mosc. 

Remission of the Pains : 

— Perspiration (daring the). N.- 

Repugnance to Food. (See Aver* 

Respiration (Slow). Lye, &o. 

(Sec Chap. XXII.) 

— Anxious (during the heat) 
Aeon. puis. 

— Rapid (during the heat). Aeon 

Risings (Eruptions) : 

— Fever (during the). Ant 
chin., &o. (See Chap. XV.) 

— Heat (during the). Lach. 

— Shivering (during the). H»m. 
rhus. [Gum.-gutt." — ^Ed.] 

Sadness : 

— Heat (daring the) Aeon. 

— Shiverings (after the). Aeon. 
Salivation. Caps, rhus. (Com- 
pare Chap. XI., same article.) 

Scalp (Painful) : 

— Fever (during the). Lach. 

— Shiverings (during the). Hell. * 
Scorbutic Affections : 

— Fever (during the). Staph,, 
&c. (See Chap. I. and IX.) 

Sensation (Loss of) : 

— Shiverings (during thc)^. Lach. 
Sensibility to Cold : 

— Shiverings (during the). Ci/c> 

Shaking : 

— Perspiration (during the). N.« 

Shocks in the Body : 

— Fever (during the). Rhus. 
(Compare Chap. I., Shocks.) 

Side (Stitches in the). See Chap. 

— Perspiration (during the) 

Sighs : 

— Fever (during the). Bry. ipec» 

— Heat (during the). Puis. 

— Perspiration (during the). 

Sight (Clouded). Lyc.,&c. (See 
Chap. VIL) 

— Heat (during the). Natr.-m* 


OHAP. rr.^nEYEBs. 

SiOHT (Clouded) : 

— ShiveriQgs (during the). Bell, 
cic. faydroc. sabin. m.-aus. 

Sight (Weak) : 

— Heat (during the). Carb.-v. 

Skin (Bluish) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Mere. 

Skin (Bukning). See Sect. 2, 

Burning Heat. 
Skin (Crawling in the) : 

— Perspiration (during the). 

— Shiverings (during the). Samb. 
Skin (Dryness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). See Sect. 
2, Dry Heat. 

— Shiverings (during the). Haem. 
Skin (Heat of the). See Sect. 2, 

External Heat. 

— Shuddering (during the). Raph. 

— Moisture of the (long after the 
perspiration). Anthrok. 

Skin (Painfulness of the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). N.-v. 
Skin (Redness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). Ars. 
Skin (Shootings in the) : 

— Shiverings (during the). Samb. 
Skin (yellowness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Chin. 
(Compare Icterus.) 

Sleep, Fever (after the). Ars. 

— Perspiration (during the). Ars. 
puis, sabad. 

— Shiverings (after the). Ars. 

Sleep (Profound, Lethargic). 

Bell. cham. op. puis. rhus. 
Sleep (Desire to) : 

— Fever (during the). Ars. calad, 

?iiu3. hcracl. n.-mos. op. tart. 
Compare Somnolency and 

— Heat (during the). Hep. ign. 

— Shiverings (during the), ^th. 
amb. bor. natr.*m. tart. ther. 

Sleeplessness : 

— Fever (before the). Chin, puis 
rhod. rhus. (Compare Chap 
III., same article.) 

— Heat (before the). Rhod. see 
Sneezing, Fever (before the). Chin. 
Snoring, Fever (during the). Ign. 

Somnolency : 

— Fever (during the). Carb.-v. 
ign. mere. puis. op. tart. (Com* 
pare Desire to Sleep, and Chap. 
III., same article.) 

Spasms : 

— Shiverings, with sweat (dar« 
ing). Elect. 

— Perspiration (during). Fer.* 

Spleen (Hardness of the). Ars. 

mez., &c. (See Chap. AVI.) 
Spleen (Painfulness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ars. herb, 
mez., &c. (See Cnap. XVI.) 

Spleen (Swollen) : 

— Fever (during the). Caps 
chin, mez., &c. (See Chap. 

Stomach (Pains in the) : 

— Fever (during the). Coco, 
gins, sabad. (Comjpare this 
article, Chap. XV.) 

— Heat (during the). Carb.-v. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 

Stomach (Pains in the pit of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ant. ars. 
cham. ign. natr.-m. rhus. (Com 
pare Chap. XV., same article.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
Stomach (Shiverings in the pit of 

the). Bell. [** Merc.-per.— Ed.] 
Stretchings : 

— Fever (before the). Ars. bry. 
carb.-v. ipeo. 

(during the). Lach. gins 

— Heat (during the). Sabad. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 



bry. ipeo. mur.-ac. natr.-s. n.- 

Strike (Desire to). Bell. (See 

Chap, v., same article.) 
Sufferings in general : 

— Fever (before the). Ars, chin. 

Sufferings, Aggravated : 

— Heat (during the). Merc. 

— Shiverings (during the). Ars. 
chin. rhus. 

Syncope, Fever (before the). Ars. 
Taste (Bitter) : 

— Fever (during the). Ant. ars. 
chin. hep. natr.-m. puis, ((com- 
pare Chap. XIV., same article.) 

(before the). Hep. 

— Heat (during the). Ars. 

— Shiverings (durim; the). Ars. 

Taste (Putrid) : 

— Fever (during the). Puis, 
staph. (Compare Chap. XIV., 
same article.) 

— Heat (during the). Hyos. . 
Taste (Unpleasant) : 

— Heat (during the). Caps, 
Tenesioxs, Shiverings (during 

the). Merc.-c. 
Thirst : 
[V — Evenings (In the). Gum.- 

gutt."— Ed.) 

— Fever (after the). Ant. ars. 
chin, natr.-m. n.-vom. [*' Cim. 
lect. mere." — ^Ed.] 

-5 before the). Am. caps. 

chin, n.-vom. puis, sulph. 
(during the). Am. ars. 

bell. bry. caps, gins, natr.-m, 

n.-vom. rhus. rut. tereb. thuj. 

val. verat. [" Cim.-lcct. crotal." 


— Heat (after the). Chin. coff. 
• n.-vom. stann. stram. 

(before the). Chin, natr.-m. 

puis, sabad. 

— — (during the). Aeon, am.-m. 
ang. am. ars. bell. bov. bry, 
oalo. caps, earb.-v case, cham* 

(chin.) cin. cist, colch. cop. dulc, 
hep. hyos. Uich. magn.-m. mere, 
natr.-m. nic. nitr.-c. n.-mos. n.* 
vom. petr. phos. puis, ran.-sc. 
rhus. sec. sep. spig. spong. staph, 
stram. stront. sulph. val. verat. 

Thirst, Perspiration (after the) 

(before the). Coff. thuj. 

(during the). Chin, eug 

hep. mere, n.-vom. 

— Shiverings (after the). Chin, 
kre. puis, sabad. thuj. 

(before the). Am, bor. 

chin, n.-vom. sulph. 
(during the). Aeon. arn. 

bov, bry. calad. calc. cann. caps. 

carb.'V. cham. chin. cm. cor. diacl, 

fer, hep. hydroc. ign. ipec. kal. 

kal.-h. lach. magn.-s. tnez. natr.- 

m. natr.-s. nitr. n.-vom. rhus. 

Sep. stann. sulph. thtif. verat. 

["Fer.-acet. gum.-gutt." — Ed.] 
Throat (Sore) : 

— Fever (during the). Con. dros. 
(Compare Chap. XIII., same 

— Heat (during the). Berb. 

Throat (Dryness of the) : 

— Heat (during the). Lach. 
Throbbing in the Body. Zinc. 
Throbbing in the Head. Sen, 

(See Chap. VI., same article.) 
Tongue (Blackness of the). Khus. 

&c. (See Chap. XII.) 
Tongue (Coated). Ant., &o. ^See 

Chap. XII.) 
Tongue (Dryness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Lye. natr. 
m. rhus., &c. (See Chap. XII.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. 
Tongue (Redness of the). Lye, 

&c. (See Chap. XII.) 
Tongue (Whiteness of the) : 

— Fever (during the). Ign. n.- 
mos. (Compare Chap. XII.) 

Torpor of the Side Affected : 

— Shiverings (during the). Pals 



TossiNo : ] 

— Fever (daring the). Aeon. bell, 
cham. cin. ["Crotal."— Ed.l 

— Heat (during the). Aeon, bell. 
cham cin. loch, 

— Shiverin^s (dl^^ing the). Lach. 


— Fever (daring the), Ara. sine. 

— Heat (daring the). Fer.-mg. 

— Perspiration (daring the). Ara. 

— Shiverings (during the). Agn. 
anac. ars. bell. bor. cin. cocc. 
con. mere, m.-aas. par. plat, 
sabad. tart. teuc. zinc. (Com- 
pare Shivering and Shaking.) 

Trismus : 

— Shiverings (during the). Lach. 
Twitching of the Limbs : 

— Shiverings (during the). Stram. 
Twitching of the Muscles : 

— Shiverings (during the). Ole- 

Uncovered (Desire to be) : 

— Heat (during the). Fer. fer.- 
mur. gran, mur.-ac. plat, mgs.- 

Uncovered (Dread of being) : 

— Heat (during the). Magn.samb. 

— Perspiration (during the). 
China, stront. 

Uneasiness : 

— Fever (before the). Ipec. 

— Fever (during the). Gi?is. 

— Shiverings (daring the). Cann. 

Urinate (Desire to) : 

— Shiverings (before the). Meph. 

Urinating (Pain when) : 

— Fever (during the). Cham., 
Ac. (See Chap. XVm.) 

Urine (Deep-colored) : 
— Fever (during the). Sep. ve- 
rat., &c. (Sec Chap. XVIII.) 
Urine (Fetid and Brown) : 

— Fever (during the). Sep., &c. 
(See Chap. XVIII.) 

Urine (Profuse Emission of) : 

— Perspiration (daring the.) 
Dulc. phos. 

Urine (Ked) : Heat (during the). 

N.-vom. [" Cim.-lect."— Ed.J 
Urine (Yellow). Lach., &c. (See 

Chap. XVIII.) 
Veins (Swollen) : 

— Fever (during the). Chin. fer. 
hjos. puis., &Q, (See Chap. I.) 

— Heat (during the). Bell. chin, 
puis, mgs.-arc. 

Vertigo : 

— Fever (before the). Ars. bry. 
(during the). Ars. bry. 

chin. galv. n.-vom. verat., t^ 
(See Chap. V[.) 

— Heat (during the). Ars. bry. 
carb.-v. fer.-mg. ipeo. ign. 
magn.-s. mere, natr.-m. n,-vom, 

— Shiverings (during the). Caps, 
chin, hydroc. puis. rhus. verat. 

Vomit (Inclination to). See Nau- 
Vomiting : 

— Fever (after the). Chin. cin. hep. 
(during the). Ant. jits, dnn, 

cin. con. fer. hep. ign. ipec. lach. 
lye. n.'Vom. puis, stram. verat. 

— Heat (after the). Hep. 
(during the) Lach. n.-vom. 


— Shiverings (after the). Lye. 
(during the). Ars. bor. 

caps. chin. cin. ign. puis. 

Weeping (Lachrymation). Pul^, 
&c, (See Chap. V.) 

Heat (during the). Spong. 

Yawning. Ars. elect, lach. «.- 
vom. [" Kal.-bi."— Ed.] (Com- 
pare Chap. IV., same article.) 

— Fever (during the). Gins. 

— Heat (during the). Calc. sabad. 

— Shiverings (during the). ' Ars 
calad. cans. cin. elect, heracl. 
hydroc. laur. mur.'OC. natr.-nL 
natr.-s. n.-vom. oleand. par. 
phos. sil. teuc. thuj. ['* Brom 
cim.-leot." — ^Ed.] 

SEor. I.— CLnaoAL bebcases, 228 




AlieBatfon (Mental), Mania, ke. — The medicines which haye 
hitherto been employed with most success are, in general : Acon.^ 
ben., calc.f hyos., loch., lyCy n.-vom., op,, plat., puis., sil., stram., 
stdph., verat. 

If the alienation be caused by Depressing Emotions, such as 
vexation, mortification, anger, &c., the medicines which principally 
merit attention are : Bell., hyos., n.-vom., and plat. ; or else : Ign.^ 
pho9.<bc., staph., &c. (Compare Chap. I., Moral Emotions.) 

If it be the result of Excessive Study, the chief remedies are : 
Loch., plat., stram. ; and perhaps : Nux^vom., op., and stUpk. ; or 
else : Bell., hyos., and verat. (Compare Chap. I., Fatigue from 
Intellectual Exertion.) 

That depression which arises from Religious Notions requires 
principally: Loch., stUph,, varat., or else: Ars., aur., bell., lye, 
puis,, and stram. 

For the mental alienation of Drunkards (dehnum tremens), Niu> 
com. or op. will often be found suitable ; or else : Bell., calc., hyos., 
lack., and stram, ; and at other times : Merc, puis., or si^lph. (Com- 
pare Chap. I., Drunkenness.) Chinin. ? 

For mental alienation in Females, especially when it originates in 
derangement of the sexual functions, the principal medicines are: 
Aeon., bell., plat., puis., stram., and verat. ; or else : Cupr,, loch., 
mere, and sulph. (Compare Chap. XX., Diseases of Females.) 

The following symptoms indicate the respective medicines, viz. : 

AcoNiTUM — Fear, and presentiment of approaching death; im- 
pulse to run away from the house, or from the bed ; gloominess, tad' 
turnity, and laconic style in speaking ; paroxysms of anguish, con- 
vulsions ; cold perspiration ; congestion of Uood in tJie chest or head ; 
palpitation of the heart, and pracordial arudety ; delirium, with 
laughter and tears, alternately. 


Belladonna — Great distress, with agitation and inquietude^ loss 
of oonsciousnesSy to such an extent as to recognize relatives only, if 
at all, by the hearing; frightful visions of spectres, devils, soldiers, 
war, bulls, with impulse to run away, or to hide ; mistrust, timidity, 
or quarrelsomeness, or else disposition to spit, strike, bite, and tear 
everything, or to pull out the teeth; cries, barking, &o. ; conversa- 
tion with the dead ; apprehension and fear of death, pi eference for 
solitude, repignance to conversation, and laconic style of speech ; 
ill-humor, irascibility, and morosencss, or moans, lamentations, and 
prayers ; ridictdous buffoonery ; haggard eyes, with fixed and furi- 
ous look ; puffed face ; strong desire to gaxe at the sun, or at a fire ; 
slaver and froth at the moulJii ; stammering ; burning thirst, or re- 
pugnance to drink, with dysphagia ; jerks and starts ; trembling (f 
the limbs, and especially (fthe hands ; sleeplessness vnth agitation, &g 

Galcarea — Especially when the patient is occupied, during his 
mental wanderings, about murder, incendiarism, rats and mice, or 
when there are : excessive mischievousness, with obstinacy, ill-hu- 
mor, and aversion to conversation, trembling (fthe limbs, &c. 

Hyosciahus — ^Paroxysms of mania, alternately unth epileptic fits ; 
sleeplessness, with continued loquacious delirium, great anguish and 
fear, especially at night, with dread of being betrayed or poisoned, 
and desire to run away ; visions of dead persons ; jealousy ; fury, 
with impulse to strike and kill ; ridiculous antics and buffoonery ; 
raving about business matters, trembling of tJie limbs, &c. 

Lachesis — Eoccessive loqucLcity,Vf\i\i sublimity of expression, choice 
words, and rapid change of ideas from one subject to another ; state 
of ecstacy and excitement, which proceeds even to tears; mistrust 
suspicion ; jealousy or pride, or excessive susceptibility ; fear^ pre 
presentiment of death, &c. 

Nux-voM. — Great anguish and inquiet%*de, with desire to leave the 
house, and to wander abroad ; loss of consciousness, with raving 
frightful visions, unreasonable answers and actions ; paleness and 
bloatedness, or redness and heat of the face, with congestion of the 
head ; stammering ; trembling oj the limbs, beudklerTnent and heavi'^ 
nessqfthe head; fullness andhiertia in the abdomen; pressure^ 
heaviness, and squeezing in the pit of the stomach, epigastriu7n, 
and hypochondria ; retching, or vomiting of ingesta, or of bilious 
matter; constipation, or watery diarrhoDa; sleeplessness, with 
starts, &c. 

Opium — Lethargic drowsiness, with loss of consciousness ; mania, 
with fantastical or fixed ideas, which induce fL belief in the patient 
that he is from home ; frightful visions, of mice, scorpions, &c. ; 


fionvtilsive movements and trembliDg ; anguish, fury, inability to go 
to sleeps though there exists great sleepiness ; constipation , Triih me- 
teorisma; congestion of the head, with redness of the fa'^e, &c. 

Platina — Kavings respecting past events, with singing, laughin;^, 
weeping, dancing, grimaces, and gesticulations; obstinacy, or irasci- 
bility and quarrelsomeness, with disposition to reproach others with 
their defects ; contempt for other persons^ toith inordinate self-esteem ; 
increased sextml desire ; constipation and inertia in the abdomen 
excessive anguish, with palpitation of the heart, and great d7-ead of 
death; frightfal visions, with fear, fixed ideas, which lead to a 
belief that all persons are demons, &c. 

Stramonium — Dizziness, with great inquietude and agitation, or 
loss of consciousness, to such an extent as no longer to recognize re- 
lations ; fixed ideas, which induce a belief that the body is divided 
into two parts ; delirium, with frightful visions, fear, and impulse to 
run away, or with prayers, devout air, and other religious indica- 
tions; or else, with great loquacity, lascivious ideas, or affected man* 
ners, air of importance, conversation with spirits, dancing, laughter, 
and blows ; or ridiculous antics, alternately with gestures expressive 
of sadness and melancholy ; or ungovernable fury, with impulse to 
bite, spit at, strike, and kill ; desire for light and society ; aggrava- 
tion of the moral affections in solitude and darkness, and also at the 
autumnal equinox; redness and bloatedness of tlte face, vrith silly 
and smiling expression, &c. 

Yeeatrum — When there are : Great anguish and inquietude, fear, 
and disposition to be frightened ; discouragement and despair ; extra- 
ordinary taciturnity, with oaths on the slightest provocation ; dispo- 
sition to reproach others with their defects ; loss of consdousruss, 
with singing, whistling, laughter, lascivious ideas, desire to wander 
around the house ; erroneous and haughty notions ; disposition in 
the patient to attribute to himself imaginary affections ; raving about 
religious matters, &o. 

Among the other medicines cited, a preference may be given to : 

Anacardium — When there are : A strong indication to laugh at 
serious matters, and to preserve an imperturbable gravity when 
anything laughable occurs ; constant inconsistencies of temper ; ah* 
sence of all moral and religious feeling, also with a disposition to 
blaspheme and to swear ; settled conviction of being possessed by 
a demon, &c. 

Arnica — ^When there are : Thoughtless gaiety, with great levity, 
frivolity, and mischievousness ; peevish and quarrelsome disposition^ 
with obstinate resistance, &o. 

VOL. II. — 10* 

226 CHAP, v.— HOSAIi AFFECnONi. 

Arsenicum — When there aro : Excessive anguish, inquietade, and 
indecision ; fear of spectres, robbers, and solitude, with desire to hide ; 
aversion to conversation ; great susceptibilitj, and excessive inclina- 
tion to criticize. 

Cantharis — ^Rage, with cries, blows, and barking ; renewal of the 
paroxysms at the sight of water, and on touching the gullet ; exces- 
sive excitement of sexual desire, and of the sexual organs ; violent 
thirst, with aversion to drink, and dysphagia, &c. 

Cuprum — ^Want of moral energy ; fixed ideas of imaginary occu- 
pations ; lively songs, or malice and moroseness ; toiidness, redness, 
and inflammation of the eyes during the paroxysm ; tears and 
anxiety, or buffoonery and desire to hide ; perspiration after the 
paroxysm, &c. 

Lycopodium — ^When the paroxysms of mania are accompanied by 
a disposition .to reproach others, and by arrogance and overbearing 

Pulsatilla — ^When the patient remains tranquil, with the hands 
joined, sighing, and pretending that nothing is the matter ; with a 
sort of stupor, nocturnal delirium, frightful visions, fear, and desire 
to hide. 

SiLicEA — ^Fixed ideas, the patient being occupied only about pins, 
counting them, fearing them, and looking for them everywhere ; with 
taciturnity, laconic style of speaking, indifference, anguish, and 
dread of labor ; aggravation of the state when the moon is in- 

Sulphur — Fixed ideas of possessing fine things, and of having a 
superfluity of property ; with confusion of the intellect, so that one 
thing is mistaken for another — ^for instance, a cap for a hat, a rag 
for a handsome robe, &c. 

*^* For other remedies, and for more ample details of the preceding, 
see Sect. 2, Symptoms ; and consult the patlwgenesy of the medi- 
cines. Compare also the articles : Melancholy, Hypochondriasis, &c. 

ClairTOyance* — ^The zoomagnetic state, or that termed clairvoyance, 
which affects some persons to such a degree as to render them 
natural somnambidists, may be treated with Phos. ; but the follow- 
ing remedies should also be consulted, viz. : AcQn,^ bry,, silic.,7ngs.* 
arc* or stram. 

Contradiction (Effects of). — See Chap. I., Consequences of 
Moral Emotions. 

Deliriam Tremens* — See Mental Alienation, and Chap. L 

Dmnkenness* — See Chap. I. 


Eaoflons (Eftects of Moeai.). — See Chap. I. 

Excessive Study* — See Mental Alienation, and Chap. I^ Fa- 
tigue FEOM Exertion. 

Excitability* — See Chap. I., Neetous Excitability. 

Forcsigllt* — See Clairyoyance. 

Frigbt (Effects of). — ^See Chap. I., Conseqaences of Moral 

HydropilObia* — ^AccordiDg to the opinion of Dr. Bering, it is ad- 
yisable to direct heat from a distance upon the recent wound (see 
Chap. XXYI., Envenomed Wounds), until the febrile shudderings 
appear ; and to continue this practice three or four times a day, until 
the wound shall be healed, without leaving a colored cicatrice. 

At the same time the patient should take, every five or seven 
days, or as often as the aggravation of the wound may require, one 
dose oiBeU. or lach.^ or else of Hydrophdbine^ till the cure is com* 

If, at the end of seven or eight days, a small vesicle shows itself 
under the tongue, attended by febrile movements, it will be neces- 
sary to open it with a lancet, or sharp-pointed scissors, and to rinse 
the mouth with salt and water. 

If the raging state should have commenced, Before assistance can 
be procured for the patient, the suitable remedy will be : Bell, or 
ta£h,t or else : Canth,, hyos,, mere, ; Stram, or vercU, should also be 
consulted. (See Mental Alienations.) 

HypOCllOlldriasiS* — ^The medicines which claim the perference in 
the treatment of this affection are, in general : N.-vom., followed by 
Sulph. ; or : Cede,, followed by Chin, and ruUr, ; or else : Anac,, 
aur,, con., grot,, loch., mosch,, natr.'tn,, pJios,, phos.-ac,, sep., and 
staph, — Agn.-m., aur.-m., aur.-s. 

When hypochondriasis is caused by Sexual Excess, Loss of Hu- 
mors, or other Debilitating Causes, the principal remedies are : 
Cole,, chin., n.-vom,, and sulph,, or else : Anac,, con,, natr.-m., phos,' 
ac,, sep,, and staph. 

For that which results from disorders of the Abdominal Functions, 
caused by a Sedentary Life, Excessive Study, &o. : N,'Vom, and 
sulph, ; or else : Aur,, calc,, loch,, natr,, and sil, are recommended. 

With respect to the Symptoms which determine the choice in par- 
ticular cases, those which are presented in hypochondriasis are com- 
Aonly so numerous and complex that their detail in this place would 
almost involve the repetition of the entire pathogenesy of the medi- 
cines cited. Some of the most prominent are, however, given for 
general guidance, together with the remedies which they indicate ; 



but the reader is recommended to determine his choice bj a careful 
study of the patkogenesy of the respectire medicines. 

The indications are as follows, viz. : 

Calcarea — Dejection and sadness, with a strong tendency to shed 
tears; paroxysms of anguish, with ebullition of blood, palpitation of 
the hearty and shocks in the pit of the stomach ; despair on account 
of ruined constitution; and great fear of falling sick, of misfortunes, 
of suffering from grievous accidents, of loss of reason, or of contracting 
contagious diseases ; discouragement and fear of death ; extreme sus- 
ceptibility of all the organs ; disgust and aversion to labor, tcith in- 
capacity for thought f or for the performance of any intellecttial toork 
whatever^ &c. (Compare Sulph.) 

China — Great apathy and moral insensibility, or extreme sensi 
tiveness of all the organs ; scrupulous disposition ; discouragement , 
settled impression of being unfortunate, and harassed by enemies ; 
pressive Iieadache, or boring in the vertex ; weak digestion, with dis- 
tended abdomen^ ill-humor, lassitude, and indolence after a meal ; 
sleeplessness, caused by a concojirse of ideas, or disturbed and unre- 
freshing sleep, vnth ai rious dreams, which continue to torment even 
after waking, &c. 

Natrum — Great discouragement, with tears, and uneasiness re* 
specting the future ; estrangement from individuals and from society ;. 
disgust to life ; ill-humor, with pettishness, malevolence, irascible 
and passionate disposition ; unfitness for intellectual labor; pressive 
headache ; anorexia, with weak digestion, ill-humor, and many moral 
and physical sufferings, after a meal, and especially after the slightest 
deviation from regimen, &c. 

Nux-voM. — Ill-humor and moroseness, with despair, and disgust to 
life, or great tendency to be angry, and to fly into a passion ; in do 
lence and aversion to all movement and all kinds of labor, with unfitness 
for mental exertion, and great fatigue of the head after the slightest in- 
tellectual effort ; unrefreshing sleep, vrith too early waking, and aggra- 
vation (ftJte sufferings in tlie fnoming ; bewilderment of the head, vnth 
pressive pains, or pains a>s if a nail were driven into the brain ; 
dread of the open air, and constant desire to remain lying doum, 
with great fatigue from the least exercise ; soreness and tension of 
the hypochondria, epigastrium, and of the pit of the stomach, consti* 
potion and great inertia in the abdomen, disposition to haemorrhoids, 
&c. (Compare Sulph. which is often suitable afterwards.) 

Sulphur — Excessive moral dejection, scrupulousness, inquietude 
about domestic affairs, health, and even eternal salvation ; fixed ideas ; 
paroxysms of anguish, with impatience, uneasiness, and irritability ; 


great mental and physical indolence; distraction and indecisioti ; 
bewiidertneTU of the head^ imth unJUne^ssfar intellectual exertion^ and 
great fatigue after the least mental effort ; pressive cephalalgia, esjje- 
dally in the vertex ; fullness and pressure in the pit of the stomach, 
and in the epigastrium; constipation^ disposition to hsomorrhoids ; 
tlie patient is apt to consider himself excessively unfortunate^ &o 
(Compare Cole,, which is often suitable after Sulph.) 

Of the other medicines cited, recourse may be had to : 

Anacardium — ^When there are : Sadness, estrangement from in 
dividuals and society ; fear of the future, with discouragement and 
despair, apprehension and dread of approaching death. 

AuRUM — When there are : Great inquietude, with fear of death, 
disposition to weep, scrupulousness ; unfitness far meditation ; with 
cephalalgia, as if the brain were bruised after the least intellectual 
exertion, &c. 

CoNiuM — When there are : Great indifference and apathy, estrange- 
ment from society, and yet fear of solitude ; disposition to weep, Ac. 

Gratiola — ^When there are : Moroseness and capriciousness, with 
constipation, pressure at the stomach after a meal, &c. 

Lachesis — If there should be : £xcessiye moral dejection, with 
fear and unea,smess about the disease; fixed idea of being persecuted, 
or hated and despised by relatives ; dislike to, and urifitnessfor all 
physical and mental labor ; sensation of excessive fatigue, which 
prevents the following of any occupation. 

MoscHUS — ^When the patient complains of extreme suffering, with- 
out knowing where he is affected, with anxiety, palpitation of the 
heart, &c. 

Natrttm-mur. — In cases in which Natr. appears to be indicated, 
but in which it fails to effect a cure. 

Phosphorus — When there are : Great sadness, with tears, alter- 
nately with gaiety and involuntary laughter ; great uneasiness re« 
specting the health and the issue of the disease ; paroxysms of anguish, 
tspecially when alone, or in stormy weather, with timidity, &c. 

Phosphori-ac. — Great inquietude respecting the future, and 
anxious inquiries about the disease, moroseness and aversion to con' 
versation, &c. 

Sepia — Great uneasiness about the state of health, indifference to 
everything, even to relatives ; aversion to business ; discouragement 
and disgust of life. 

Stapbtsaoria — Great indifference, sadness, fear respecting the 
future ; tears and peevishness on account of the disease, dislike to all 
physical and mental exertion, unfitness for meditation, &c 


#^* For other remedies, see Sect. 3, Htpochonbriacal Humok 
and compare the articles, Alienation, Melancholy, and Hysteeia. 

Hysteria* — See Chap. XX., and Hyfochonb&iasis. — Imbecility : 
Anac., bell., croc., hell., sal. (See Sect. 2.) 

Joy (Effects of). — See 'Chap. I., Consequences of Moral Emo- 

L0T6 (Consequences of Disappointei>). — See Chap. I., Conse* 
quences of MpEAL Emotions. 

Hailiat — See Mental Alienation. 

HelailCboly* — ^The chief remedies are : Ars., aur., bell,, ign., lach.^ 
puis., siUph.y or else : CcUc., oaus., oooc., con,, graph,, hell., hyos,, 
lye, mere, natr.-m,, n.^vam,, petr., sil. stram., and verai. [" Crotal." 

For profound gloomy Melancholy : Ars., aur., loch., and n.-vom., 
or else : Ant,, anac., cole,, graph., mere, and sulph. are commonly 

Gentle Melancholy requires principally : Cocc, hell,, ign., lye, 
phos.-ae, puis., siHe, and verat., or else : Con,, petr., sulph. 

For Religious Melancholy, the remedies are : Aur,, bell., loch., 
lye, puis., and sulph. 

Of the medicines cited, the following are the principal indications, 
viz. : 

Arsenicum — ^Periodical attacks, great anguish, with inquietude, 
tossing, and inability to remain in bed or quietly seated ; appear- 
ance of anguish, especially at night or in the evening, in the 
twilight ; tendency to shed tears ; settled conviction of having 
offended every one, and of being incapable of happiness ; fear, 
toith inclination to commit suicide, or else, excessive dread of death ; 
oppression and squeezing in the pit of the stomach ; redness and 
heat of the face, &c. 

AuRUM — Great anguish of heart, tears, prayers^ palpitation of the 
heart, aversion to life, and inclination to commit suicide ; tendency 
in the patient to despair of himself and of the respect of others, tc^ 
view the dark side of everything, and to be incapable of the least 
mental exertion ; frequent humming in the ears, with headache ; 
pain a^ from a bruise in the head, after any intellectual labor; 
hepatic sufferings, &c. 

Belladonna — Great anguish, especially on meeting any acquaint- 
ance, with desire to attack everybody, and penitent tears ; or restless, 
gloomy, or jbearful humor, with apathy and indifference; amorous pa^ 
rozysms ; spasms in the throat and urinary organs ; excitement of 
sexual desire. &o. 


loNATiA — ^Disposition to remain silent, with fixed look ; grievous 
ideas^ with complete indifference to everything else ; anguish, with 
palpitation of the heart ; strong tendency to weep, wish for soli- 
tude ; sensation of great weakness ; frequent sighs ; earthy, hollow 
countenance ; falling off of the hair, &c. 

Lachesis — Excessive anguish and inquietude, which urge the 
patient to seek the open air ; moral dejection, with insurmountable 
disposition to give way to grief, to view the dark side of everything, 
and to despair even of eternal salvation ; frequent sighs, followed by 
mitigation, &c. 

Pulsatilla — ^Tendency to be easily frightened; anguish^ tcith 
wish to be drowned; sleeplessness^ with anguish, or agitated sleep, 
with anxious dreaans; anxious contraction in the chest, especially in 
t/ie evening J or at night, with suffocation ; despair of eternal happi- 
ness, with constant prayers ; strong disposition to weep, or to remain 
quietly seated, with the hands joined, &c. 

Sulphur — Anxiety, with uneasiness about the personal condition^ 
domestic affairs, and even eterTtal salvation ; disposition to remain 
quietly seated, thinking of nothing, or to despair and run away ; fear, 
anguish, disposition to weep, prayers, and complaints about impioofl 
ideas, which enter the mind involuntarily and abundantly ; paleness 
of the face ; great indifference and apathy, &c. 

*^ For other medicines cited, and for more ample details respcet* 
ing the preceding, see their pathogenesy, and compare the article? : 
Mental Alienation, Hypochondriasis, and Nostalgia; and, for 
additional remedies, see Sect. 2, Melancholy. 

NosUtlgia* — The best remedies are usually : Caps., merc.^ and 
phos.-ac., or else : Aur. or carb.-an. 

Capsicum — Is especially indicated when there are : Redness of 
the cheeks, frequent tears, and sleeplessness. 

Mercurius — ^When there are : Or«at anxiety, with trembling and 
agitation, especially at night, with sleeplessness ; quarrelsomeness, 
which causes the patient to complain of everybody ; desire to run 
away, &c. 

Phosfhori-ao. — ^\Vhen there are : Taciturnity and laconic style 
of speaking ; dullness of intellect and stupidity ; hectic fever, with 
continued desire to sleep, and profuse perspiration in the morning. 

Ihm;e* — See Alienation and Hydrophobia. 

SonnanibuUsfll* — See Clairvoyance (Foresight), and Chap. III. 




Absence of Mind. Ago. am.-c. 

anac. cham. daph. krcos. mosch. 

n.-mos. (Compare Distraction, 

Inadvertence, &c.) 
Absurdity. (See Sillj Humor.) 
Actions (Foolish). See Folly. 
Activity. Bar.-c. lach. mosch. 

Sep. stann.i^^o^. [" Gum.-gut." 


— With physical debility. Mosch. 
Affliction. Dig. ign. (Com- 
pare Sadness.) 

Agitation and In<^uietude. Aeon, 
ath. amb. arn. ars. asa. aar. 
aar.-falm. beil. bov. 6ry. calc. 
canth. carb.-y. cham. cin. cofoc. 
dig. dros. dtdc. graph, iod. kal. 
icich. lam. laur. mere. natr. n.-^ 
vom. op. phos. phos.-ac. plumb, 
pid. rhtts, sabad. sil. sol.-m, 
spig. stann, staph, stram. sulpk. 
sulph.-ac. tab. thuj. verat. mgs.- 
arc. ["Ophiotox." — Ed.] Com- 
pare Anoihsh, Inquietude. 

— Air (in the open), mitigated. 

— Alone (When), Mez. phos. 

— Evening (In the). Am.-o. 
•— Labor (During intellectual). 

Amb. natr. 
.--Night (At^. Bell, graph. 
(Compare Cnap. III., Sect. 3.) 

— Storm (During a). Natr» natr.- 
m. phos. 

Alienation, Dementia, Mania. 

Aeon. aeth. agar. ant. arn. ars. 

aur. beU. herb. calc. cann. canth. 

cic. cocc. con. croc. gupr. hyos. 

lach. led. lye. mere, n.-mos. w.- 

vom. op. ^hos. plat, plumb, puis. 

sec. scp. stram. sulph. tereb. 

verat. (Compare Sect. 1.) 
Amorous Disposition. Ant. hyos. 

stram. verat 
Anoer and Passion. Aeon, am.- 

m. anac. aur. bar.-c. bry. croo. 

mez. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. cant^ 

caps, catis. croc. kal. led. mez 

mur.-ac. natr. natr^-m. nic. n.. 

vom. oleand. petr. p/ios. potb. 

ran. sabad. sen. sep. sol.-m. 

stann. stront. sulph. mg.-aus. 

(Compare Irascible Humor, 

Humor, Passion, &c.) 
Anqry (Disposition to be). Se« 

Irascible Humor, to. 
Anguish, Anxiety, Inquietude. 

Aeon. seth. alum. amb. amm.- 

caust. am.-m. anac. arg. arn. 

ars. aspar. ai/r. aur.^ulm. bar. 

c. bar.-m. bell. herb. bry. calad 

cole, camph. cann. canth. carb. 

V. cans. cham. chin. cic. cia 

coco, eqff', coloc. con. crot. cupr 

cupr.-acet. cupr.-carb. eye. dig, ' 

dros. elect, euphorb. evon. fer. 

galv. graph, grat. hell. hep. by* 

droc. hyos. iat. ign. iod. ipec. 

kal. kal.-h. lach. lact. lam. laur. 

led. lye. magn. magn.-m. magn.« 

s. men. mere, mosch. murez. 

mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. nic. nitr. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phell. 

phos. plat, plumb, puis, ran.-sc. 

raph. rhus. rut. sabad. sass. see. 

sen. sep. sil. spig. spong. squill. 

Stan, staph, stram. stront. sulph. 

sulph.-ac. tab. tart. thuj. val. 

viol.-tric. verat. zinc-ox. mgs.- 

arc. [" Cupr .-ars. fer.-acet. 

hyp.-pcr. ophiotox." — Ed.] 
Anguish, Anxiety at the Heart. 

See Chest (Affections of the). 


— Chest (In the). See Chap. 


— Conscience (of the), As if 
caused by a crime. Arc. eoff 
eye. dig. m£rc. n.-vom. puis, rut 
stram. verat. zinc-ox. mgs.-aus 



AjxamsH : 

— Tears (Relievecl by). Tab. 

— Thinking (Which is produced 
• by). Cole. 

— Walk quickly (Which forces 
to). Arg. 

Anguish, Anxiety, Inquietude, 
&o., which appear in : 

— Air (In the open). Cin. 
mitigated. Laur. 

— -Alone (When). Dros, mez. 

— Angry (After being). Lye. 

— Approach of anyone (On the). 

— Carriage (When in a). Bor. 

— Cruelty (On hearing recitals 
of). Calc. 

— Descending (When). Bor. 

— Evacuating (Before). See 
Alvine Evacuations, Chap. 

— Evening (In the). Amb. ars. 
calad. cal. carb.-v. dig. hep. kal.- 
h. laur. mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
phos. rhus. sep. sulph. 

•— — In bed. Ars. calad. carb.- 
V. laur. puis. sep. (Compare 

mitigated. Am.-c. 

— Labor (During intellectual). 

— Meal (After a). See Chap. 

— Morning (In the). Ars, ign, 
graph, n.-vom. verat. (Com- 
pare After Waking.) 

— Night (At). Aeon. alum, am.- 
c. ars. bar.-c. bell, bry. calc. 
cann. carb,^. caus. cham. cin. 
cocc. dig. graph, hsem. hyos. 
kal. lye. magn. mere. natr. natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. ^etr. phos. 
plumb, jnds. ran.-sc. rhus. sa- 
bad. sulph. verat. 

— Noon (After). Tab. bell. 
(Fore). Ran. 

Anguish, Rising (When). Verat 

— Seated (When). Ejreos. 

— Sleeping (When). Ars. bell, 
cocc. fer. hep. petr. 

— Storm (During a). Natr. natr.« 
m. phos. 

—'Twilight (In theV Calc. 

— Waking at nignt or in th 
morning (On). Calc. con. ign 
plat. puis. rat. samb. 

Anguish, Anxistt, &c., Acoompa 
nied by : 

— Asthmatic affections. Ars. 
galv. hydroc. kreos. plat. sen. 

— Cephalalgia. Bell, graph. 

— Coldness of the limbs. Cupr.- 

— Colic. Aur.. cham. cupr.-acet, 

— Convulsions of the fingers. 

— Debility. Am.-c. 

— Ebullition of blood. Calc. 

— Epistaxis, which ameliorates. 

— Face (Redness of the). Bell, 

— Gastralgia. Bar.-m. 

— Heart (Palpitation of the). 
Aspar. calc. fer. ign. mosch. 
n.-vom. plat. puis. tart, verat. 
(Compare Affections of the 

(affections of the). N.-vom 


— Heat. N.-vom, puis. sep. 

— Humming in the ears. Pula. 

— Humor (111). Aspar. 

— Nausea, Bar.-m. graph, n.-vom. 

— Perspiration, Ars, graph, n. 

— Pit of the stomach (Suffer 
ings in the). Calc. cham. cupr. 
carb. hydroc. kal.-ch. [" Fer.- 
acet."— Ed.] 

— Pulse (Spasmodic aoceleratioc 
of). Cupr.-acet. 

— Pupils (Dilated). N.-vonu 

— Retching. Bar.-m. 

— Shivering. Kreos. puis. 


OHAP. y. — AMORAL affbohonb. 

Anguish, &o., (Shocks in the pit 

of the stomach.) Calo. 
— - Shuddering. Calc. 

— Syncope. Ars. 

— Thirst. Cupr.-acet. 

— Trembling. Ars. cupr.-carb; 
plat. puis. sass. tart. 

— Vertigo. Graph. 

— Vomiting. Cupr.-acet. n.-vom. 
[" Vip.-torv."— Ed.] 

Anthrophopobia. Aeon. anac. 
bar.-c. cic. con. hyos. lye. natr. 
puis. rhus. stann. snlph. mgs.- 
aus. (Compare Love of Soli- 
tude, and Kepugnance to So- 

Antics. Bell. croc. cupr. hyos. 
lach. stram. (Compare Plea- 
santries and FoLLT.) 

Apathy. (See Indifference.) 

Apprehensions. Aeon, am.-c. 
bell. calc. caus. clem. cocc. coff, 
dig, gins, graph, hep. iod. kal. 
kal.-h. lach, lact. laur. magn.-s. 
men. puis, sulph. verat. mgs.- 
aus. [" Elat."— Ed.] (Com- 
pare Fear.) 

— Evils, imaginary (Of). Hy- 

*— Health, Affairs, &c. (Respect- 
ing the), and respectiug the 
Future. (See Inquietude.) 

Aroue (Desire to). See Cavil- 

Arrogance. Gran. lye. plat. 
(Compare Pride.) 

Aspect (Disordered, unsettled). 

' — Eyes fixed, sparkling (with). 

Aspersion. Ipec. (Compare 
Injuries, Outrages.) 

Autumn (Aggravation of the 
moral sufferings in). Stram. 

Aversion to Life. Amb. am.-c. 
ant. ars. aur. . aur.-m. aur.-s. 
bell, berb. capb.-v. kal.-ch. 
kroos. lach. mere. natr. phos. 

plumb. Sep. sil. staph, snlph. 

ac. thuj. (Cbmpare Suicide.) 
Avidity. Puis. 
Awkwardness, Clumsiness 

Anac. bov. caps, natr.-m. n.* 

vom. sulph. 
Barking. Bdl, canth. 
Beat (Desire to). See Strike. ^ 
Bite (Desire to). Bell, sec. stram 

Bitterness. Ars. 
Blame (Disposition to). See 

Blaspheme and Swear (Disposi- 
tion to). Anac. 
Blows (Disposition to give). Bell. 

canth. hyos. stram. 
Brave Everybody (Desire to). 

Phell. spong. 
Calm (Internal). Op. 
Caprice. Caps, n.-mos. puis. 

zinc. (Compare Humor, capri* 

Careful Thoughts. (See Ideas, 

Carelessness. Aur.-m. op, TSee 

Cavilling. Caus. fer. 
Complain of the Disease (Desire 

to). N.-vom. 
Complaints and Lamentations. 

Aeon, ars. bell. bis. calc. cin. 

mosch. n.'Vom, 
Conception (DiflBcult). Agn. 

amb. calc. cham. con. mere. mcz. 

natr. n.-mos. oleand. sulph. 

Concentration in Self. Euphr. 

grat. mang. mur.-ac. ol.-an. sil. 
Condescension, Mildness, &c. 

Lye. puis. sil. mgs.-arc. 
Confidence, Self (Want of). 

Aug. bar.-c. oleand. rhus. stram. 

ther. (Compare Timidity, In- 
— Excessive. Plat 
Confound Ideas. (Disposition 

to). N.-vom. sulph. 

8B0T. n. — ^syHProHS. 


["CoNPUSioN (Sense of). Orotal. 

capr.-ars. elat, lob.** — Ed.] 
Conscience (Angaish of). See 


— Scrupulous. Ars. ign. sulph. 
Chagrin (Care, Anxiety). See 


— (Anger, Vexation). See Hu- 
mor (111). 

Consciousness (Loss of). jSlth. 
am. ars. bell. calo. camph. canth. 
dc, cocc. cupr. elect. }iell. hyos. 
kal. loch. laur. mere. mur.'Oc. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. op, phos.-ao. 
plot, plumb, puis. rhus. sec. 
stram. tab. verat. mgs.-arc. 
[" rhus-r. vip.-torv,** — Ed.] 

— Sudden. Kal. 
Changeableness. (See Huhor.) 
Contempt (Seli^. Agn. 
Contradiction (Spirit of^. Anac. 

lack. nic. poth. rut. (Compare 
Quarrelsome Humor, Cavil- 
ling, &;o.) 
Contradiction, &c., Mental (In- 
ternal). Anac. 

— Insupportable (Contradiction 
is). Ign. oleand. 

Conversation (Repugnance to). 

Agar. amb. am.-m. arg. ars. 

bell. berb. bry. calc. cham. clem. 

coloc. eye. euphr. ign. magn.-m. 

mere, murex. natr.-m. natr.-s. 

nio. n.-vom. pbos.-ac. plumb. 

puis. rhab. sabin. stann. stapb. 

Bulpb. sulpb.-ac. tab. the. tong. 

vercU. viol.-od, viol.-tr. zinc. 

Conversation with Spirits, the 

Dead, &c. Bell, stram. 
Cowardice. Bar.-c. 
Cries. Aeon. am. ars. bell. cbam. 

canth. coff. hyos. jalap, ipec. n.- 
vom. plat. puis. rhab. sen. stram. 


— For help. Plat. 
Criticize (Disposition to). Ars. 

guaj. laoh. n.-vom. sep. sulph. 
verat. (Compare Aspersion.) 

Cruelty. Anac. . 

Dancing. Aeon. bell. cio. stram* 

Dark (Moral state aggravated in 

the). Stram. 
Death (Desire for). See Aver- 

sion to Life. 

— (Fear of). Aeon. agn. anac. 
ars. bry. calc. cocc. cupr. graph, 
ipec. lach. mosch. nitr. nitr.-ao. 
plat. puis. raph. rhus. sec. 
squill, stram. 

Death, Near (Supposed to be). 
Aeon. ars. bell. lach. mosch. 
n.-vom. plat. raph. verat. * 

— Thoughts of. N.-vom. zinc. 
Dejection and Depression. Aeon. 

bell. bruc. calc. canth. caust. 
chel. chin. cokh. coloc. cnpr.« 
acet. daph. dros. sent. gran, 
graph, hydroc. ioc?. kreos. lach. 
lanr. mere. natr. n.-vom. plat, 
plumb, rhus. ruta. sabin. sidph. 
sulph.-ac. thuj. verat. (Compare 

— Alone (When). Bov. 

— Evening (In tne). Kreos. 
Delirium. Aeon. am. ars. bell, 

bry. calc. cham. chin. cin. coloc. 
con. cupr .-acet. dulc. hyos. ign. 
iod. lack, n.-mos. n.-vom. op. 
phos.-ac. plat, plumb, puis. rhus. 
sabad. samb. sec. stram. sulph. 
verat. [ " Oalc.-caust. crotal.*' 
— Ed.] (Compare Raving.) 

— Affairs (About business). Bry. 

— Asleep (When). Bry. spong. 

— Epilepsy (With). Hyos. 

— Frightful. Bell. op. samb. 

— Furious, violent. Bell. cham. 
puis, plumb, verat. 

— Look (With fixed). Bell. 

— Loquacious. Jjojck. 

— Night (At). Aeon, am, anr 
bell. bry. camph. coloo. dig 
dulo. lach. n.-vom. op. puli 
rhab. sec. sep. sulph. 



' Delikiuv, Speaks of (Daring 
which the patient) : 

affairs (business). Bry. 


bulls (of). Bell. 

dogs (of). Bell. 

— — fires (of). Bell. calc. 

murder (of). Calc. bell. 

rats, mice, &c., (of). Calc. 

spectres, demons (of). Bell. 


war (of). Bell. 

wolves (of). Bell. 

— Trembling (With). Hjos. 
Delusion of the Senses and of 

the Imagination, Hallucination. 
Amb. bell. calc. magn.-s. mere, 
op. phos.-ac. rhus. sabad. staph, 
stram. val. (Compare Visions 
and Erroneous Ideas.) 

— Night (At). Bell, cham? led. 
mere. phos. stram. 

Dementia. (See Loss of Reason.) 

Depravity. Anac. 

Depression. (See Mental Fa- 
tigue, Dejection, &c.) 

Desolation (Sensation of). Carb.- 

Desire for Different Things. N.- 
mos. puis. rhab. 

— Light, sunshino, and society 
(For). Stram. 

— Repose and tranquility (For). 

•— Things which are rejected as 
soon as obtained (For). Ars. 
bry. cham. chin. dulc. puis. 

Despair. Amb. am. ars. aur. 
calc. carb.-an. carb.-v. caus. 
cocc. graph, nitr.-ac. tart. val. 
verat. (Compare Discourage- 

— On account of broken Health. 
Calc. (staph. ?) 

— of others. Aur. 

— Cured (Of being). Bry.ign.kal. 
kreos. n.-vom. (Compare In- 
quietude about the Health, &c.^ 

Despair, Salvation (Of eternal} 
Lye. puis, sulph. 

Detached from the Body (Sensa- 
tion as if the Soul were). Anac 

Detepmination (Slow). See He 


DiscoNVENT. Ang. bis. caps. 

chin. cic. crot. kal. merc.-c. par. 

plumb, puis. rut. 
Discouragement, Exasperation. 

Aeon. anac. arn. ars. bar.-c. 

bell. calc. carb.-an. carb.-v. caus. 

cham. chin. coff. con. cupr. dros. 

gran. ign. mere. natr. nitr. n.- 
vom. plumb, puis, sec. sep. sil. 

spig. stann. sulph. tart. ther. ve- 
rat. verb (Compare Despair.) 
Discussion, Disputing (Love of). 

See Cavilling. 
Disdainful Humov. (See Humor, 

Disobedience. Am.-c. chin. lye. 

Dissatisfaction with Everything. 

Distraction. Agn. am.-c. ang. 

bell. bov. caus. cham. colch. 

croc, graph, mang. mere, mosch. 

natr.-m. n.-vom. oleand. ol.-an. 

plat. poth. puis. Sep. sil. sol.- 

lyc. 8ulph.-ac. verb. [*' Crotal." 

Dizziness. Agn. alum. anac. aur. 

bov. bry. camph. canth. chcl. 

cic. con. lye. natr.-m,. n.-mos. 

n.-vom. oleand. ol.-an. plat. puis. 

ran.-sc. rhod. rhus. stann. stram. 

sulph. zinc. f"Merc.-per. — Ed] 

— Stooping (On). Sulph. 
Domination (Spirit of). Lye. 
Dread of, &c. (See Repug- 

Dreams (Waking). Ang. arn. 
cham. oleand. 

— Future (Poetical, respecting 
the). Oleand. 

— Religious or philosophical. 

Dullness. (See STunDixr.) 

8B0T. n. — 6THFT0MB. 


Dullness of Mind. . (See Mind, 
Dullness of.) 

Efprontert. Ign. 

Dmbarhassment in Socictt. 
Amb. carb.'V. (Compare Ti- 

Dhotion (Easily excited). See 
Sentimental Character. 

Energy (Want of). See Dis- 

Ennui (Mental weariness and 
Fatigne). Aur.-mur. n.-vom. 

Envy. Lye. puk. 

Erroneous Ideas. (See Ideas.) 

Estrangement. (See Repug- 

Exaltation. Agar. ang. ant. loch. 

— Philosophical. Sulph. 
Exaltation (Keligious). Sel. 

Exasperation. (See Discottr- 

ExciTAmLiTY^oral). il^. arn. 

ars. asa. asar. bell. calo. carb.- 

a. cham. chin. cocc. cqff'. daph. 

dros. hep. ign. kreos. loch. 

magn.-m. meph. mere, nitr.-ac. 

n.'Vom. puis, stann. sulph. teuc. 

TsX.mgs.-arc, [•' Ars.-hyd. merc- 

per." — Ed.] (Compare Chap. 

— Of the imagination. Alum, 
ang. cann. chin. coff. lach. op. 
sabad. stram. verb. (Compare 
Affluence of Ideas, Vivacity, 

Express One's Ideas (Inability 

to). Bell. cann. hsem. lye. n.' 

vom. puis. thuj. 
Fatigue (Moral and Intellectual) 

Dejection, &c. Lack. led. mere. 

natr.-m, n.'Vom. sass. sel. sen. 

spong. stann. stdph, sulph.-ac. 

(Compare Chap. VI., Fatigue 

of the Head from Intellectual 

FsAR (Fearful, timid character). 

Am.*o. ang. ars, bar.-c. bdl. 
berb. bry. carb.-an, carb.-v. cans, 
chin. con. daph. dros. graph, 
hyos. kal. lack, murex. nio. 
nitr.-ac. n.^vom. op. phos. plat, 
puis. ran. sec. spig. spong. 
sulph. val. verat. 
Fear, Animals (Of). Chin. 

— Death (Of). Raph. 

— Diseases (Of contagious). Bar. 

— Dogs (Of). Chin. 
night (At). Chin. 

— Evening (In the). Carb.-a. 
kal. phos. puis. ran. val. verat. 

— Misfortunes (Of). Calc. graph. 
(Compare Apprehension.) 

— Imaginary (Of). Hydroo. 

— Night (At). Carb.-v. coco, 
cans. puis, sulph. 

— Poisoned, betrayed, or assas- 
sinated (Of being). Bell, hyos. 

— Reason (Of losing one's). Amb. 
calc. mere. 

— Robbers (Of). Ars. con. ign. 

— Solitude (Of). Lyo. 

— Spectres, ghosts (Of). Aeon, 
ars. carb.-v, cocc. puis, ran. 
sulph. zinc. 

— Storms (Of). Elect. 
Fickle Humor. (See Humor, 

Folly in Conduct and Gestures 

(Madness). Aeon. am. ars. bell. 

cic. hyos. mosch. n.-mos. n.-vom. 

puis, stram. tan. verat. (Com- 

pare Alienation, Rage, &c.) 
Fooleries. Anac. par. 
FoRGETFULNESs (Easy). Aeon. 

am.-c. bar.-c. bell, colch. con. 

croc, graph, guaj. lach. natr.-m. 

n.-mos. phos. plat. rhod. rhus. 

sil. stront. stdph. viol.-od. zino 

[" Brom."— Ed. 

— Affairs (Of business). Sel. 

— Morning (In the). Phos. 

I — Names (Of). Guaj. sulph. 




FoROETFULNESs of Orthography/ 

Fbetfulness. (See Ill-Humor.) 
Frightened (Tendency to be). 

Aeon. alum. amm.-cau0t. ang. 

ant. am. bell. berb. bar. cole. 

oann. caps, carb.-a. cans. cham. 

cio. citr. cocc. con. graph, ign. 
^ kal. kal.-h. IcLch, led. mere. natr. 

iiatr.*m. nitr.-ao. n.-vam. op. 

petr. phos. plat, sabad. samb. 

sep. sil. spong. sulph. 8ulph.-ac. 

ther. verat. 
Frivolitt. Arn. 
FrolicsohenesS (Malicious). 

FuRT. ^th. agar. are. bdl. 

camph. cann. canth. cupr. hyos. 

lye. mere, niosch. nitr.-ac. plumb. 

sabad. (sen.) sol.-nig. stram. ve- 
Future (Inquietude respecting 

the). See Inquietude. 
Gaiety. Aeon. arn. aspar. aur. 

aur.-mur. oann. carb.-an. croc. 

men. merc.-s. natr.-m. plat. sass. 


— Excessive. Ang. arn. bell, 
verat. (Compare Excitabi- 

— Noon (Towards), and in the 
Evening. Zino. 

Gestures (Extravagant). See 

Ghosts. (See Spectres.) 
Gloomy Humor. (See Humor, 

Gravity, Seriousness. Can. eu- 

phorb. grat. led. n.-mos. sulph.- 


— In presence of laughable ob- 
jects and occurrences. Anao. 

Grief (Cares). Alum, am.-m. 
ars. calc. cans, graph, ign. lach. 
lye. phos.-ac. puis, staph. 

— Future (About the). Natr. 

— (Respecting the patient's own 
condition). Staph. ^ 

Halluciitations. (See Belu 

sioNS of the Senses.) 
Hardness of Heart. Anac. croc. 
Hatred against Men in general. 

(See Misanthropy.) 

— Against particular individuals. 
(See Repugnance.) ' 

— Agiunst those who have given 
offence. Natr.-m. 

Health (Inquietude respecting 
the). See inquietude. 

Heedlessness. (See Precipita- 

Hesitation, Long Reflection, 
Scrupulousness. Aur. bar.-c. 
chin, graph, mur.-ac. n.-vom. 
sil. sulph. thuj. mgs.-arc. 

Hide (Desire to). Ars. bell. cupr. 
puis, stram. 

Humor (Agreeable). Croc. ign. 
lach. men. plat, sulph.-ac. tart. 
[*' Brom. gum.-gut. merc.-per." 
—Ed.] ^ 

— Capricious. Caps, heracl. n.- 
mos. puis. einc. [" F«r.-acet. 
fluor.-ac." — Ed.] (Compare 
Fickle Humor.) 

— Contradictory. (See Peevish.) 
[" Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

— Disagreeable. Aur.-s. 

— Disdainful. Chin. guaj. ipec. 
par. plat. puis. 

— Room, in a (rather than in the 
air and sunshine). Plat. 

— Disingenuous, Dishonest. 

— Fickle. Ason. agn. arn. ars. 
aur. cann. caps, carb.-an. croc, 
cupr. eye. fer. ign. kal. merc.-c. 
natr.-m. n.-mos. phell. phos.^^. 
puis. sass. stram. sulph. sulph.- 
ac. tart. val. zinc, mgs.-arc. 

— Fretful. Aur.-s. bell. eye. gdlv. 
hydroc. ign. n.-vom. puis, sulph. 
(Compare Fretfulness and 

— Gloomy. Aur.-s. bov. bruo 
con. dig. gran, heracl. puis, 
rhod. stann. tab. verat. viol.-od 



(Compare Sadness, Melan- ' 

CHOLY, &c.) 

Humor, Grave (Serions). Ammon. 

— > Hypochondriacal, Hypochon- 
driasis. Agn. anao. am. ars. 
asa. aor. bell, cole, cans. cham. 
chin. code. con. enphr. gran, 
grat. hell. iod. mez. mosch, 
natr. natr.-m. n.^vani. petr. 
phos. puis. rhns. sen. stann. 
staph, sulph. val. zino. (Com- 
pare Sect. 1.) 

i-. Ill, Disagreeable, Morose, Ac. 
^th. alum, ammoniac, am.-o. 
am.-m. ang. ant. arg. am. ars. 
asa. asar. aspar. anr. bell. herb, 
bor. calo. calo.-ph. carb.-a. chin. 
cic. colch. con. cor. crot. eye. 
elect, evon. gal v. gent. grat. 
guaj. hsem. heracl. ign. ind. iod. 
kal.-ch. kreos. lach. Igct. led. 
magn.-m. mang. meph. mere. 
merc.-c. mez. mur.-ac. natr.-s. 
n.-vont. oleand. plat, phos.-ac. 
prun. pttls. rat. rhab. rhus. sa- 
bin. samb. sass. sil. sol.-lyc. 
spig. squill, stann. staph, stront. 
sulph. stelph.-ac. teuc. thuj. tong. 
verb, viol.-tr. zinc, zino.-oxr 
mgs.-aus. [** Brom. crotal. fluor.- 
ac. gum.-gutt." — ^Ed.] (Com- 
pare Ibascibilitt, MoaoSENESS, 

— - Dejected, Air (in the open). 
JBSth. sabin. 

— — angry (after being). Plat. 

— — evening (in the). Magn. 
puis. zinc. 

— Irascible. Aoon. setb. am.<-c. 
am.-m. ars. bell. bor. bry. calo. 
canth. carb.-v. caus. cham. chin, 
coco, ooloc. con. cor. croc. daph. 
evon. fer.-mg. graph, hep. hy- 
droc. ign. ipeo. kal. kal.-h. 
kreos. lact. led. lye. mere. 
mosch. mur.-ac. natr. natr.^m. 
nUr.'OC. n.'Vom. oleand. par. 
phell. phos. plat. poth. puis. 
TOH. rat. rbus. sabad. sabin. 

sass. sol.-lyc. sep. sil. squilL , 

slinn. staph, stram. sulph. teuc. 

the. verat. verb. zinc. mgs. 

(Compare Ill-Huhor, Anger, 

HtTMOR, Irascible (In the open 

air.), JSth. 
forenoon (in the). Ran. 

— Irritable. Am.-m. aur. bell, 
bor. bry. carb.-v. con. daph 
gran, graph, hep. by droc. iod 
ipec. kal. lact. lye. mere. natr. 
m. n.-w^m. phos. ran. scl. sil. 
sol.-lyc. stram. stdph. sulph.-ac. 
teuc. ["Klalm."— Ed.] (Com- 
pare Irascible Humor, iLii- 
Humor, Excitability, &c.) 

— Peaceable. Gins. ^ 

— Peevish, Contradictory. Aeon, 
hep. hydroc. kal. lact. mere, 
n.-vom. pothos. [*' Broro. calc- 
canst. fer.-acet. nux-j." — ^Ed.] 
(Compare Mischievcusness, 
Prejudice, Slc.) 

— Hysterical, Hysteria. Anac. 
asa. aur. calc. caust. con. grat. 
ign. mosch. ir.-vom. phos. plat, 
puis, sepia, sil. sulph. viol.-od. 
(Compare Sect. 1 ) ' 

— Quarrelsome. Aeon. aur. bell. 
camph. caus. cham. dulo. fer. 
gran. hyos. kal.-h. mere, mosch. 
natr.-s. nic. n.-vom. ran. rut. 
sep. sulph. viol.-tr. ["Crotal. 
fer.-acet." — EdJ 

— Silent. (See Tranquil.) 

— Tranquil, Taciturn. Carb.-a. 
euphorb. euphr. hell. ign. lye 
mang. mur.-ac. phos.-ac. plumb 
stann. ["Brom."— Ed.] (Com 
pare Taciturnity.) 

Hydrophobia. (See Sect. 1.) 
Htpoohondriasis. (See Sect. 1.) 
Hysteria. (See Chap. XX.) 
Ideas (Absence of). Alum. amb. 

anac. bell, canth. cic. oupr. 

evon. guaj. hell, natr.-m. n.* 

mos. phos.-ao. poth. rhus. mt^ 

spig. verat. 



Ideas, Absenoe of (in the morn- 
ing). Gruaj. • 

— Abundance of. Oann. chin. 
lach. mur.-ac. op. phot. puis. 

. sabad. stram. siUpfi, tab. tereb. 
verb, viol.-od. (Compare Ima- 
gination (Exalted), Vivacity.) 

— (Absence of) evening (before 
going to sleep in the). Chin, 
lye. n.-vom, piUs. sabad. sil. 
staph, viol.-trio. 

Ideas (Abundance of) : 

— — night (at). Bor. calo. chin. 
cocc. coff. hep. graph, kal. lye. 
n.'Vom. puis, sabad. sil. stapli,. 
sulph. viol.-tric. 

— Arrange (Difficult to). lod. 
phos. sabin. thuj. (Compare 

— Confused. Carb.-a. chin, 
cochl. con. phos.-ac. (Com- 
pare Difficult to Arrange.) 

— Disagreeable. Bar.-c. natr.-m. 
Ideas (Erroneous) : 

Abundant. Verat. (Com- 
pare Delusions of the Imagina- 

— Facetious. N.-mosch. 

— Fixed', ^th. carb.-v. puis, 

— Fretinl. Alum, aur.-s. graph, 
ign. laoh. Iftct. rhus. stUph. 
(Compare Fretfulness.) 

— (Jay. Sulph. 

— Loss of. Asar. bar. bry. 
camph. cann. cochl. guaj. hell, 
iod. kreos. mere. mez. ol.-an. 
ran. rhod. mgs.-arc. 

•^ Musical. Sulph. 

— Profound, Sublime. Lach. op. 

— Slow {Slow procession of). 
Carb.'V. chin. ipec. men. n.- 
mos. phos.-ac. rhus. rut. sep. 
thuj. [*• Calc.-caus." — Ed.] 
(Compare Difficult Reflection.) 

— Unstable. Aeon. IcLch. mere, 
puis, staph, tab. vol. viol.-cd. 
sine, mgs.-aus. 

Idlxkbss (Dread of). Cupr. 

Imagination (Delusions of the) ; 

— Cut in two (as if the body 
were). Stram. ["Brom."— Ed.] 

— Demons (as if all persons 
were.) Plat. 

— Diseases (of being afflicted by) 

-— Enmities, Persecutions, &c. 
(about). Cham. chin. dros. lack. 

— Nature of objects (Aboub^the). 
Sulph. [" Brom."— Ed.] 

— Objects (About the size of). 
Berb. plat, stram. 

— Occupations (About imagi* 
nary). Cupr. 

— Pins (Seen everywhere). Sil. 

— Poisoned, betrayed (About 
being). Bell. hyos. rhtis. 

— Presence of strangers (About 
the). Magn.-s. [" Brom." — 
Ed.] ^ 

— Kiches and fine things (About). 

— Size (Concerning the patient's 
own). Plat, staph, stram. 

Imagination, (Excited). Alum, 
ang. cann. chin. coff. Uuh. lact. 
meph. op. sabad. stram. verb. 
(Compare Abundance of Ideas). 

— (Errors of). Amb. bell. calc. 
magn.-s. mere. op. phos.-ac. 
rhus. sabad. staph, straan. val. 
[" Brom."— Ed.] (Compare Er- 
roneous Ideas, Visions.) 

at night. BeU. cham. led. 

mere. phos. stram. 

-* Occupied by grimaces and las- 
civious images. Amb. 

Imbecility. Ant. hyos. lacn. n-* 
mos. op. plumb, sol.-nig. ['* Cro« 
tal. ophiotox." — Ed.] 

Immodesty. Bell, n.-vom. phos. 

Impatience. Ars. calc. dros. dulo. 
gins. ign. ipec. kal. mere, natr.- 
m. sulph. sulph.-ac. zinc. 

iMFERions Character. Lye. 

Impiety. (See Perversity.) 

Importance (Airs of). PlsL 
stram. verat. 



Ikfeeoations. Nitr.-ac. (Com- 
pare Oatqs.) 

Impudence. Iga. (See also Im- 

Inadvertence. Bar.-c.bell. cham. 
mere, oleand. phos.-ac. puis. 
Bulph. mgs. (CompaM Dis- 

Incoherent Speech. (See Bay- 

Inconsolableness. . Aeon, amb, 
ars, cham. n.-vom. Bjpong.stram. 
sulph. verat. 

Inconstancy. Asa. bis. ign. op. 

Indecision. (See Irresolution.) 

Indifference, Apathy, Want of 
Interest. Am.-m. ars. asa. bell, 
berb. ealc. cann. cham. chin, 
clem. con. dig. euphr. hjos. ign. 
kal.-ch. loch. Ijo. men. me?'c. 
natr.-m. phos. phos.-dc. plat, 
prun. rhab. rhod. sabin. sep. sil. 
staph, verb. (Compare Insen- 

•— Affairs (to business). Stram. 

— Neighbors (towards) Phos. sep. 
Indolence. Anr.-m eaphr. fer. 

guaj. hell. iod. lach*. n.-Tom. 
oleand. rhab. sulph. teuc. mgs.- 
arc. (Compare Chap. I.) 

— Of mind. Iod. phos.-ac. ran. 
[" Nux-j."— Ed.] (Compare 
Dejection, Kepugnance to 
Labor, Meditation, &c.) 

Inhumanity. Anac. 
Inquietude. Aeon. alum, am.-m. 

am. ars. aur.-fulm. bell, calad. 

calo. cant, catts. cham. chel. 

chin. ein. c6cc. crot. dig. elect. 

euphorb. graph, iod. kal.-h. 

magn.-s. men. mere, mur.-ac. 

nio. phell. rhus. sep. sil. spig. 

atront. sulph. sulph.-ao. tab. 

tart, verat. zino.-oz. (Compare 

Amouish and Agitation.) 
— ' Affairs (about business). Bar.- 

0. puis. rhus. sep. sulph. 
— • Future, or the patient's own 

oottdition (respeoting. the). | 
VOL. u. — 11 

Anac. ant. brt/. chel. caus. dig. 
dros. gins. natr. natr.-m. phos. 
phos.-ac. rhus. spig. sta^^h. sulph. 
tart. thuj. 

Inquietude, Health and Life (con- 
cerning the). Aeon. am. bry. 
cole. ign. kal. lach. nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. phos. puis. sep. staph. 
[" Lob."— IId.] 

— Salvation (about eternal). Lye. 
puis, sulph. 

Insensibility. Anac. chin, ht/as. 
phos.-ac. stram. (Compare In- 

Instability of Mind. Natr. 

Insults, Invectives, Outrages. 
Auac. bell. cor. hyos. ipec. nitr.- 
ac. n.-vom. stram. 

Intellect (Predominance of), 
over Feeling. Viol.-od. 

Invectives. (See Insults.) 

Irascibility. (See Humor, Iras- 

Irresolution, Indecision. Ars. 
bar.-c. calc. cochl. daph. fer.-ch. 
ign. iod. kal. lach. n.-vom. petr. 
ptils. sulph. tar. mgs. -arc. (Com- 
pare Will, Feebleness of.) 

Irritability. (See Huirt>R, Irri- 

Irritation. (See Excitability, 
and Humor, Irritable.) 

Jactitation. (See Tossing.) 

Jealousy. Hyos. lach. n.-vom. 

Jests. (See Pleasantries.) 

Kill (Desire to). Hyos. stram. 

Labor (Strong disposition to). 

' Cic. dig. euphr. sass. verat. 
(Compare Activity.) 

Labor (Repugnance to). Agar. ] 
alum, am.-c. am.-m. asa. aur.-m. 
bell. bor. calo. calc.-ph. carb.-v. 
caus. chin, colch. con. crot. cupr. 
eye. evon. graph, ign. iod. lach. 
lact. laur. magn.-m. mere. mez. 
nitr.-ao. n.-vom. oleand. par. 
plumb, phos. puis. ran. -so. rhod. 
rhus. rut. sabad. sil. squill, 
staph, sulph. tab. tar. teuc. thcr. 


CHAP. y. — MO&AL AFFJiX/riOm. 

tong. yiol.-tric. zinc, zinc-ox. 
[" Crotftl. hyp.-pcr. kalm. nux- 
jug. phyto." — Ed.] 

Labor (Unfitness for Intellec- 
tual.) Aeon. alnm. ammoniac, 
asar. eye. loch. laur. lye. natr. 

» TuUr.-tn. n,'Vom. phos.-ao. bcI. 
Sep. ail. 8ol.-m. spig. spong. 
fitaph.sulph. ther. thaj. zinc-ox. 
(Compare Intellectual Fatigue, 
Difficult Meditation, &c.) 

[" — Desire for Mental. Brom." 

Laconic Style of Speech. (See 
Repugnance to Conversa- 

Lamentations. (See Complaints.) 

Laughter. Aeon. aur. bell. eic. 
con. croc, kyos, ign.natr.-m. n.- 
mos. phos. puis, stram. sulph. 
tar. verat. verb. (Compare 
Chap. I., Spasms with Laugh- 

— Air (in the open). N.-mos. 

— Involuntary. Elect. 

— Sardonic. Ran.-sc sol. -nig. 

— Serious subjects (about). Anac 
Levity. ' Arn. 

Life (Aversion to). See Aver- 

Looked at (A child cannot bear 
to be). Ant. 

Loquacity. Bov. coff. eug. grat. 
hyos. iod. lach. meph. par. sel. 
strain, tab. tar. teuc. verat. 

Lounge (Loiter), Disposition to. 

Love (Disappointed). See Sect. I. 

— Excessive Self-. Plat. 
Madness. (See Folly.) 
Maledictions. Nitr.-ac (Com- 
pare Insults, &c) 

Malice and Malignity. (See 

Malevolence. Natr. 
Mania. (See Alienation.) 
Meditate (Desire to). Lach. 
MsDiTAnoN (Difficult or Impos- 

sible). Aeon. €dum. am.-o. 
aur. bell. calc. carb.-v. coohl. 
con. eye. hasm. laur. lach. lye. 
men. meph. mere. natr. natr.-m. 
nic nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos.- 
ac ran. sec sel. sop. sil. sol.-m. 
sol.-lyc spig. stilph. thuj. (Com- 
pare Mind (Dullness of), Ab- 
sence of Ideas, &c.) 
Meditation, Evening (in the). 

— Profound. Cocc. sep. 
Melancholy, Gloominess, &c 

Agn. amb. am.-m. anac ars. asar. 
avr. beU. bov. bruc. cole. caus. 
clem. cocc. con. crot. eupr. 
euphr. gran, graph, hmm. hell, 
hyos. ign. iod. kreos. lac^i. lact. 
lye. magn .-s. mere. natr. natr.-m 
nic nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos. 
plat, plumb. puU. rau.-sc rhus. 
sec. sel. sen. sep. sil. stann. 
stram. sulph. sulph.-ao. tab. 
verat. viol.-tric. [" Crotal. hyp.- 
pcr. vip." — Ed.] (Compare 
Grief, Dejection, Sadness, 

— Relieved by tears. Tab. 

— Religious. Ars. aur. lye. puis, 

Memory (Weakness of). Aeon. 
alum. anac. ars. aur. bell. bov. 
calc carb.-v. caus. eoleh. eon. 
crot. eye. dig. guaj. hell. hep. 
ign. kreos. lach. laur. mere 
mez. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-mos. 
oleand. plumb, rhus. sabin. sep. 
sil. spig. sol.-lyc staph, sulph 
verb, viol.-od. ainc mgs.-arc 
["Crotal. hyp.-per,"— Ed.] 

Periodically. Carb.-v. 

Proper names (for). Sulph 

— (Absence of). Bry. camph. 
hyos. kal. mosch. petr. sil. stram. 

— (Clearness of). Lye 
Mildness. Croc. cupr. kal. ly«. 

puis. sil. mgs.-arc 
Mind (Dnllness of the). Ani 



tin. oham. ojo. hsem. hell. laur. 
lye. Inez, oleand. phos.'Oc. 
plumb, ran. rhab. rhns. spong. 
staph. 8ulpb.-ao. (Compare 
Stupidity, Imbecility, Diffi- 
cult Meditation, &c.) [" Cro- 
tal."— Ed.] 
[" Mind, Uneasy. Lob." — ^Ed.] 

— Without iDfinenceoD the moye- 
ments. Hell. 

Misanthropy. Aeon. led. pbos. 
(Compare Bbpuonanoe, Ha- 


eham. oupr. nic. n.-Tom. 

— In children.* (See also Preju- 
dice, Obstinact, Disobediemce, 

Mistakes (Disposition to make) : 

— Calculating (When). Am.-c. 

— Speaking (When). Alum. am. • 
c. Dov. calc. cham. cans, graph, 
kal. lach. Ijc. mere natr.-m. 
n.-vom. puis. sep. sil. 

— Time (Respecting the). Cooc. 

— Weights and Measures (about.) 

— Writing (When). Am.-o. bov. 
cann. cham. graph, lach. natr.- 
n.^vam. puis. sep. mgs.-arc. 

Mistrust, Suspicion. Bar.-c. bell. 
cic. hell. hyos. lach. mere, n.- 
vom. puis, sulph.-ac. 

Moans. Aeon. hell. cham. cic. coff. 
colch. graph, mere, squill, stram. 

— During sleep. (See Chap. III.) 
Moroseness, Peevishness, &c. 

Bis. clem, coloc. cupr. evon. 
ipec. kreos. led, mere, n.-vom. 
pnin. puis. rbod. sass. sep. 
sulph. the. verb, viol.-tric. zinc, 
rogs.-aus. (Compare Ill-Hu- 


MuMBLiijfo. (See Raying.) 
Murmurs. Bell. lach. n.-vom. 

Nostalgia. Aur. caps, carb.-an. 

hell. mero. nitr.-ac. pbos.^ao. sil. 

Oaths. (See Insults, &c.) 

OBSTiN>kCY, Prejudice, &c. Am. 
bell. caps. cupr. dros. galv. guaj. 
kreos. lyo. mere, n.-vom. nitr.- 
ac. phell. sil. spong. stram. 
sulph. (Compare Disobedi- 

Offence (Readiness to take) 

Offences (Lively remembrance 
of old). Calc. cham. 

Oppression of the Heart. Evon. 
graph, iod. ran. 

Overbearing Spirit. Lye. 

Passion (Tendency to fly into a). 
Anac. aur. bar.-c. bor. croc. fcr. 
ign. kal. mgs.-s. mere. mez. 
mosch. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. 
oleand. petr. phos. poth. sen. 
stanu. sulph. (Compare Vio- 
lence, Anger.) 

Peevishness. (See Morosbness, 

Pensive Disposition to be). 

Phell. thuj. 

— Profoundly. Coco. sep. 
Perseverance (Want of). Bar.* 

c. oleand. 
Perspicacity. Coff. viol.-Od. 
Perversity. Anac. 
Pettishness. (See Ill-Humor.) 
Phlegmatic Temperament. Caps. 

sabad. sen. puis. 
Pleasantries. Bell. croc. ign. 

lach. men. plat, sulph.-ac. tar. 
Prayers. Bell. puis, stram. 
Precipitation. Amb. ars. bar.« 

c. bell. caps. hep. laur. mere 

natr.*m. phos.-ac. puis, stram. 

sulph. sulph.-ac. viol.-tric. ) 

— Labor, Intellectual (During). 

— Speaking (When). Bell, hep 
Prediction by the Patient of the 

Day of iiis Death. Aeon. 

Prejudice, Caprice, Obstinacy. 
Bell. calc. kreos. lye. mere, n.- 
vom. nitr.-ac. sil. stram. sulph. 

Prepossession. Mosch. (Com* 



pare Distraction and Absence 
of Mind.) 

Peesentiment. (Aeon, phos.). 

Pride. Lach. plat, stram. yerat. 

Prophecies. Agar. 

Pusillanimity. Ang. bar.-c. brj. 
carb.-v. chin, hjdroc. ran. (Com- 
pare TiMiDiTT, Discourage- 
ment, 4;c.) 

Quarrels, Disputes, Discussion. 
(See Quarrelsome Humor.) 

Quavering. ^See Singing, &c.) 

Hage, Fury, ko. (See Sect. 1, 
Hydrophobia.) Gupr.-carb . 

Raillery, Satire. Lach. 

Rambling. (See Run.) 

Rancor. Nitr.-ao. 

Raving, ^th. ars. bell. bry. 
camph. canth. oin. cupr. hyos, 
lach. lyo. mere, mosoh. n.-mos. 
n.-Tom. op. plat, plumb, rhab. 
stram. sulph. 

— Affairs (About business). Bry. 

— Nocturnal. Aur. bell, bry. 
coloc. dig. op. puis. rhab. sep. 

Reason (Loss of). Bell. citr. 
lach. mere. 

Recollection (Distinct). Croc. 

Reflection, Meditation, &c., (Dif- 
.ticult). (See Difficult Medita- 

Religious Feeling (Absence of). 
Anac. coloo. 

Remembrance (Clear). Croc. 

Remorse (Prompt). Croc, oleand. 

Reproaches. Aeon. lye. n.-vom. 

Repugnance to Business. Puis, 
sep. [" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Conversation. (See Conver- 

*» Everything. Ammoniac, crot. 

the. thuj. 
— * Gay faces. Mgs.-aus. mgs.-s. 

— Labor. (See Labor.) 

— Laughter. Amb. 

— Music. (See Chap. VIIL) 

Repugnance to Others. Ain.-ia. 
calc. (Compare Hatred.) 

— Serious things. Crot. 

— Washing. Sulph. 
Reserve in Conversation (Want 

of). Bov. 
Resistance. Caps, n.-vom. 
Resolution (Slow). (See Hesi- 
tation, Slow Determination, 

and Irresolution.) 
Run Away (Desire to). Aeon. 

bell. bry. coloc. hyos. puis. 

stram. verat. 
Run, hither and thither ; to ram* 

ble (Desire to). Bell, n.-vom. 

Sadness, Gloomy Humor, &o. 

Aeon, agn, amb. am.-c. anac. 

ars. asar. aur.-m. bell. bov. bruo. 

calc. cann. carb.-an. cast. cham. 

clem» cocc, con. aoc, crot. cupr.- 

acet. dig. fer. graph, haem. hep. 

ign, iod. kal. lach. lact. lam. 

laur. men. mez. murez. mur.-ao. 

natr. ncUr.'fn, nilr^-ac. n.-vonu 

oleand. ol..-an.phell. phos.j?^.- 

ac. plat. prun. puis. rhus. sabin. 

sec. sep. sil. spig. staph, stram. 

sulph. viol.-od. viol. -trie. zino. 

[" Crotal."— Ed.] (Compare 

Dejection, Melancholy, oo.) 

— Alone (When). Bov. 

— Consolation (Aggravated by an 
attempt at). Natr.-m. 

— Evening (In the). Kal.-ch. 
murez. plat, ran.-sc. stram. zino. 

amelioration. Am.-c. 

— Health, or Business Affairs 
(About the). See Inquietude. 

— Morning (In the). Bruc. 

— Noon (Towards). Zin^ 
Salvation (Despair of Eternal). 

Lye. puis, sulph (Compare 
Religious Melancholy.) 

Satire (Disposition to indulge in) 

Scruples. Ars. gran, sulph. 

Selp-Sufficiency. Fer.-mg. 

Sensat on (Loss of). Elect. 

SOCT. n. — STMPT0H8* 


Sense, Common, (Actions op- 
posed to). Elect. 

Senses (Confusion of the). Camph. 
mang. stram. tart, verat. 

— - Delusions of the. lod. val. 
(Compare Delttsions, Erroneous 
Ideas, and Visions.) 

•^ Dullness of the. Alum. asa. 
caps. cham. stram, (Compare 
Dullness of Mind.) 

— Loss of the. (See Loss of Con- 
sciousness, Dizziness, &c.) 

Sensibility (Excessive). See 


Sentimental Chariictcr. Calc.-ph. 
cast. igD. lach. u.-vom. 

Sensitiveness. Excessive sensi- 
bility. The least thing irritates, 
or appears insupportable. Am. 
ars. bell. calc. coff. colch. dros. 
gran. ign. n.-tWA. phos.-ac. 
samb. sulph. (Compare Chap. 

— Looked at (When). Ant. 

— Noise (To). See Symptoms of 

Serenitt. (See Gaiety.) 

Seriousness. (See Gravity.) 

Sighs. Elect, ign. plumb. (Com- 
. pare Chap. XXII.) 

Singing, Quavering, Whistling. 
Aeon. beU. croc, cupr. spong. 
Btram. tab. teuc. verat. 

Slander. Ars. guaj. n.-vom. sep. 
verat. (Compare Aspersion.) 

Sobs. Galv. hell. ["Lob."— 

Society (Estrangement from, or 
fear of). Amb. bar.-c. bell. 
natr, (Compare Love of So- 
litude, Anthropophobia, &c.) 

— Desire for, Love of. Mez. 
Btram. (Compare Fear of Soli- 

Soliloquize (Disposition to). 

Mosch. mgs.-arc. 
Solitude (Aggravation • of the 

moral state in). Fhus stram. 

— Fear of. Ars. bis. Llv. calo. I 

con. ]yo. mes. phos. stram. 

(Compare Love of Society.) 
Solitude (Love of). Aur.-s. bell. 

eug. ign, nic, n.-vom. rhus. 

Somnambulism, in the sense of 

Clairvoyance. Acou. jyhos. stann 

Spectres (Fear of). Aeon, ars 

card.-v. eocc. puis. ran. sulph. 

— Evening (In the). Puis, ran 

— Night (At). Carb.-v. sulph. 
Speech (Slow). Thuj. 

— Precipitate. Bell. hep. 
Spirits (Conversation with). Bell. 

Spit (Disposition to). Beii, 
Spite. Ars. calc. con. hasm. nat. 

n.-^vom. sil. staph. (Compare 

Spoken to (The patient dislikes 

to be). Ars. cham. 
Strangeness (Sensation of). Val. 
Strike (Desire to). See liLows. 
Stupidity. Ars. bell. cham. cochl. 

crot. by OS. krcos. op, phos.-ac. 

puis, sol.-lyc. sulph. (Compare 

Imbecility, Dullness of 

Suicide (Inclination to commit). 

Ant. ars. aur. aur.-m. bell. 

carb.-v. dros. hep. n.-vom. puis, 

rhus. sec. spig. tart. (Compare 

Aversion to Life, Despaip., &c.) 

— Blowing the brains out (by) 

— Drowning (by). Ant. puis, sec 
Superstition (Disposition to). 

Susceptibility (Great). Alum 
ang. bell. bov. cann. caps, cans 
cham. cocc. iod. lach, lye. magn.- 
s. n.-wm. puis. sass. sen. sep. 
sulph. viol.-tric. (Compare Ir- 
Suspicion. (See Mistrust.) 
Taciturnity. Brnc. cham. hell 
puis. sil. verat. [" Brom." — 
Ed.] (Compare Bepugnancb to 



Conversation, Tacitarn, Gloomy 
Humor, &c.) 

Talk to Himself (The patient is 
apt to). Mosch. ings.-aro. 

Tear (Disposition to). Bell, ve- 
ra t. 

L'ears. Aeon. alam. aur.-m. bell. 
Irry. calc. carb.-a. cans, cham. 
cin. coff. cupr. elect, graph, hell, 
ign. kal. /ocA. mez. natr^'m. n.- 
vom. ^\io^, plat, puis, ran. sabin. 
Sep. staph, stram. sulph. viol.' 
od. (Compare Cries.) 

— Children, when they arc 
touched (In^. Ant. cin. tart. 

•^ Sleeping (When). See Chap. 

• — (Disposition to shed.) Am.-c. 

am.-vn. ars. asar. aur, bar.-c. 

hell, calc. oamph. canth. carb.-v. 

cast. cham. chin. cin. coff, coloc. 

con. dig, gins, graph, hsem. hep. 

kal.-h. ign, iod. lact. lam. lye. 

magn.-m. magn.-s. men. mere. 

natr. natr.'m. natr.-s. nitr.-ac. 

n.-vom, phos.-ao.^]/a/.pu^.rhab. 

rhus. rata. sil. stann. svlph. 

sulph.-ac. verat. viol.-tr. mgs.- 

aus. ["Crotal. hyp.-perf.'*— 


— Evening (Ameliorated in the). 
Am.-c. cast. 

— Music (On hearing). Natr.-s. 
Teeth (Frantic desire to pull out 

the). Bell. 

Temeritt. Op. 

Tenderness. Ign. 

Terror. Calc. carb.-an. marez. 
phos. (Compare Fear.) 

Thoughtlessness. (See Preci- 

Time, appears to pass wearily at 
night. N.-vom. 

— Passes too rapidly. Coco. ther. 
Timidity. Bell, carb^-v, elect, kal. 

puis, (Compare Fear, D - 
couragement, Want of Confi- 
dence, Pusillanimity, &c.) 

— Evening (In the). Ran. 

Tossing (Jactitation). Aeon. 

bell. (See Chap. III., Sect 

Unhappy (The patient feels). Chin, 
sulph. verat. (Compare Hypo- 

Versatility. Alum. caps. lyo. 
n.-mos. puis, zinc, (Compare 
FipKLE Humor.) 

Verses (Disposition to make). 

Violence, Passion, &c. Aeon, 
anac. bry. earb.-v. croc. hep. 
kal.-h. natr. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. ».• 
vom. oleand. poth. sep. stront. 
zinc, mgs.-aus. (Compare Pas- 
sion, Anger, &c.) 

Visions. Bell. hep. rhus. samb. 
stram. (Compare Delusions of 
the Imagination.) 

— Bulls (of). BelL 

— Dogs (of). Bell. 

— Fires (of). Bell. 

— Frigh^ul. Bellad, op. samlk 

— Murders (of). Calc 

— Bats and mice (of). Calc opu 

— Spectres, Demons (of). Bell, 

— War and Soldiers (of). Bell. 

— Wolves (of). Bell. 
Vivacity of Mind. Alum, ang 

cann. coflF. lach. ['•^Ars.-hyd." 
— Ed.] (Compare Excitabili 
TY, Excited I.vagination, Gai- 
ety, Ac.) 

Waggery (Malicious). Spong. 

Wandering. (See Raving.) 

Waywardness. Aur.-m. 

Weakness (Intellectual). Anac 
aur. bar.-c. bell! con. op. (Com- 
pare Difficult Meditation, Dull- 
ness of Mind, Imbecility, &c.) 

Weep (Disposition to). Sec Tears. 

Whistle (Disposition to\ See 

Wickednes^. Anac. 

Will (Feebleness of the). Calc 
lach. (Compare Irrssolutkw.) 





Alopecia and Falling OflT of the Hair.— The chief remedies 
against loss of hair are : Calc^t 'Jiep.^ graph.^ kal,, lye., niir.^ac,, 
phos.'OCf sil., svdph., or else : Aur.^ bar.-c., carb,'V., caust,, chin,, 
kali-hjdriod., magn., mere, merc.-protiod., nalr.-m., sep., staph,, zinc, 
I" Rumex. ?"— Ed.] 

Falling off of the hair, in consequence of severe acute diseases, 
requires in preference : Lye., hep,, and sil,, or else : Canth., cole., 
carb.-v,, ncUr,'m., phos.-<ie,, and sidph.; and in the case of Lying-in 
Women : CcUc., lye, natr.-m,, and sulph, will often prove efficacious. 

When caused by Debilitating Losses, the principal remedies are : 
Chin., fer,, and sulph.-acid. ; but when it is a consequence of fre- 
quent sweats, Merc, should usually be employed. 

When produced by long-continued Oeief, the medicines which 
claim priority are: Phos.'OC. or staph.; or else: Aurum, caus,, 
graph., ign., and lach^ 

When caused by frequent attacks of Megrim or of Hysterical 
Cephalalgia : Hep., nitr,-ac.^ or : Ant., calc., sil., sulph., or else : 
Aur., phos., and sep. will generally be indicated. 

Lastly, when attributable ta an Abuse of Mercury, the disease 
often yields to : Hep., kali-hy dried., or carb.-v., and when it arises 
from an Abuse of Cinchona to : Bell. 

With respect to the indications afforded by the State of the 
Scalp and of the Hair, when there is great Sensibility of the 
Integuments of the Head, a preference should be given to : Cole., 
bar.-c., carb.'V,, chin,, hep,, natr.-m,, sU,, and sulph. 

When there is violent Itching in the Sqalp, especially after a 
repercussion of old eruptions : Graph., kal,, lye, sil,, and sulph. 

When there are Many. Scales on the head : Cak., graph., magn,, 
mero.*dulc., and staph. 


When tlfo hair has a strong Tendency to Turn Gray : Graph., 
lye, phos.-ac,, and sulph.-ac. 

When the hair is in a state of extreme Dryness : Caic,- and 2^hos.^ 

When it is covered with Clammy Perspiration : Chin, or mere. 

Falling off of the hair on the Sides of the head sometimes indi 
eates : Chaph. or phas. ; while that which occurs on the Crown of 
the head requires rather : Bar.-c,, lye, and zinc. ( 

*^* For other medicines which may be employed, see Sect. 6 
Falling off of the Hair. 

Apoplexy and Cerebral Congesflon* — ^The medicines which have 
hitherto been employed with the greatest success are : Am., bar.-c.^ 
bell., cooc., loch., n.-vom., op., puis., and perhaps, in some cases, re- 
course may be had to : Aeon., ant., coff., can., dig., hyos., ipec., mere, 
n.-mos., tart. — Chinin. ? 

Sangttineous Apoplexy chiefly requires : Am., bell., loch., n.^vom^ 
op., or else : Aeon., ant., bar.-c, cotf., ipec, hyos., mere, puis. 

Against Serous Apoplexy : Am., ipec, dig., mere have been re- 
commended ; and perhaps : Bar.-e, cocc, and con. will often be 
found useful. — Chinin. ? 

For Nervous Apoplexy : Am., bell., coff., hyos., stram. — Camph.» 

Paralysis, resulting from an apoplectic fit, is frequently treated 
successfully with : Am., bell., bar.-e, n.-vom., stram., zinc; or per^ 
haps : Ana€., con., loch., laur., or stram. 

With regard to the External Causes of apoplexy, when the fit 
occurs in persons addicted to Spirituous Liquors, a preference may 
be given to : Lach., n.^vom., op., or else to : Bar.-e, coff., con., puis 

For AoED Persons, especially : Bar.-e or op., or else : Con., dig., 

When a consequence of Sanguineous Evacuations, or other de- 
bilitating losses : Chin, or coce 

And when resulting from an Over-loaded Stomach, the chief 
remedies are : Ipee, n.-vom., or puis., when a few spoonfuls of black 
Coffee have been administered without effect. 

With reference to the symptoms which distinguish different cases 
of apoplexy, a preference may be given to : 

Arnica — ^When the pulse is full and strong, with paralysis of the 
limbs (especially on the left side) ; loss of consciousness, and drowsi- 
ness, with snoring, moans, murmurs, involuntary evacuation of faces 
and urine, &o. 

Baryta — If there are : Paralysis of the tongue or upper extremi- 


ties (especially on the right side) ; mouth drawn to one sido ; indis- 
tinct consciousness, with chUdish manTttrs, and want of support for 
the body ; coma-somnolentum, with agitation, moans, and murmurs ; 
circumscribed redness of the cheeks. 

Belladonna — When there are : Drowsiness, vnth loss ofcoiiscixmS' 
ness and of speech, or with convulsive movements of the limbs and 
muscles of tho face ; paralysis of the limbs, especially on the right 
side ; motUh draum to one side/ paralysis of the tongue ; salivation; 
difficult or even impossible deglutition (loss of sight) ; dilated pupils ; 
red and prominent eyes ; redness and bhatedness of tlie fane, 

CoccuLus — ^When the attacks are preceded by vertigo and nausea, 
and when, during the attack itself, there are: Convulsive movements 
of the eyes ; paralysis, especially of the lou;er extremities, with in- 
sensibility, &c. 

Lacbesis— rWhen there are : Drowsiness and loss of consciousness, 
with blueness of the face, convulsive movements, or trembling of the 
limbs, or paralysis, especially of the left side; attacks preceded by 
frequent abstraction of mind, or by vertigo, with congestion of the 

Nux-voic. — ^Drowsiness, with snoring and salivation, blear-eyed, 
dull eyes ; paralysis, especially of tJie lower extremities; hanging 
down of the lower jaws ; attacks preceded by vertigo, vrith headache 
and humming in the ears, or by nausea. 

Opium — When the attacks are preceded by stupor, vertigo, and 
heaviness of the head, humming in the ears, difficulty of hearing, 
fixed look, sleeplessness, or anxious dreams, or frequent inclination 
to sleep; afterwards, during the attack: Tetanic rigidity of the 
body; redness, bloatedness, and heat of tJie face ; heat of the head, 
which is covered wjth perspiration ; redness of the eyes, with in- 
sensible and dilated pupils ; slow, sno7'ing respiration; convulsive 
movements and trembling of the arms and legs, foam at the mouth. 

PuLSATii.LA — When there are : Drowsiness and loss of conscious 
ness, with bloatedness and bluish redness of the face, loss of motive 
power, violent palpitation of the heart, pulse almost extinct, and rat- 
tling respiration. 

%* For the indications of the other medicines cited, considt their 
pathogenesy, and compare the articles: Congestion in the Head, 
Vertigo, and Chap. III., Coma Somnolevjum. See also Chap. I., 

Arachnoiditis* — See Meningitis. 

Cephalal^at — ^In many cases, headaches are only symptomatic^ 
VOL. n. — 11* 


depending upon some other disease, on the cure of which they dis* 
appear. But they arc also often (so to speak) idiopaihicy constituting 
at least the most prominent symptom of the disease ; and in such 
cases they should he suhjected to a direct mode of treatment, due 
attention heing paid to th-e natui'c qf the pains, to their origin^ and 
f-o the other symptoms hy which the cases are severally characterized. 

The remedies chiefly employed in the various kinds of cephalal- 
gia are : Aeon., ant., bell., bty., cede., caps., chum., chin., coff., coloj.^ 
ign., mere, n.-vom., puis., rhus, sep., sil., sulph., vcrat.; the follow- 
ing, also, will often he found equally efficacious : Aiit., ars„ aur., 
carb.'V., cin., voce., dulc., hep., ipec, lye, op., plat.; or else : AvL-m.. 
am.-c, a^ar., clem., con.,fer., graph., guaj., hyos., kal., loch., mosch. 
natr.-m., petr., phos. — Magn. [" Brom." — Ed.] 

For Arthritic headaches, the principle remedies are : BeU., bry., 
coloc., ign., ipec, n.-mom., sep., and verat. ; or else : Am., ars., aur., 
berb.? caps., caus., cic., mang,, nitr.-ac., petr., phos., pids., sabin.^ 
and zinc. 

Catarrhal headaches, with cold in the head, generally require : 
Aeon., acon.-rad., chatn., chin., cin., kali-chlor., kali-brom., kali-hyd., 
mere, 7\.-vom., and sulph.; and sometimes : Ars., bell., carb.-v., ign., 
loch., lye, SLudpuls. (See Catarrh, Chap. XXI.) 

For headaches arising from Congestion of Blood, the following 
should be studied, viz. : Aeon., am., bell., bry., cqff., hamam., mere, 
op., puis., rhus, verat.; or else : Cham., chin., cie, coce, dulc, Jiep., 
ign., nilT.'OC., sil., sulph.; also: Alum., am.-e, con., lach., and led. 
(Compare Congestion in the Head.) 

Gastric headaches, arising from a derangement of the stomach, 
commonly require : Ant., ipec , n.-vom. puis., or sidph. ; or else : 
Am., berb.? bry., calc, carb.-v., cocc. or n.-mos.; but when Consti- 
pation is the principal cause of the headache, recourse should bo 
had to : Bry., n.-vom., op., or verat. — Magn., coff. 

For Hysterical headaches, the most suitable medicines are : Aur., 
core, Jiep., ign., magn., magn.'m,, mosch., nitr.-ae, phos., plat., sep., 
valer., verat., or else : Caps., cham., lach., and rhus. (Compare 
Chap. XX., Hysteria.) — Ruta. 

For Nervous headaches, Megrim, &c., the chief medicines are : 
Bry., caps., coloe, ign., ijjee, n.-vom., op., puis., rhus, sep., verat. ; 
or else : Aeon., am., ars., bell., c/iam., chin., dee, cqff'., hep., nitr.-ae, 
petr., sil., sulph. ; and soYnetimes : Asar., caus., con.., graph., hyos., 
mang., natr.-m., phos., sab., spig., and zinc. (Compare Chap. I., 
Neuralgia.) — Agar., mosch., chinin. ? 

Rheumatic headaches most frequently require : Aeon., cham., chtn.^ 


/yc, mere., nitr.-ac., n.^vam,, puis,, spig,, sulpk.; or else : Bell., 4ry., 
chin., ign., phos., or perhaps : Barb.? cans., loch., led., and magn.^n, 
(Compare Chap. I., Rheumatism.) — Chinin.? 

For the headaches of Females : Aeon., ars., bell., bry., calc, chin., 
coce., coloe., dulc., kali-hrom., magn., n.-vom., puis., plat., spig., verat. 
are chiefly used. 

For those of Sensitive, nervous persons : Aeon., bell., cham., chin^ 
^ff't ^S^'f ipee., spig., verat. 

Of Childeen : Aeon., bell., caps., cham., coff., ign., ipee. 
. %* Compare Chap. I., Constittution. 

The indications presented by various external Causes of headache 
are as follows : When the headache results from an Abuse of Coffee, 
a preference may be given to: Cham., ign., or n.-vom,. (Compare 
Chap. I., Coffee.) 

Headaches produced by Heat, require in preference : Aeon., bell., 
bry., and oon&.-t;., and, perhaps, recourse may also be had to : Am.-c, 
bar.-e., caps., ign., ipee., sil. (Compare Chap. I., Fatigue from 

For those which follow a Debauch, or an Abuse of Spirituous 
Liquors, the principal medicines are : Carb.-v., calc, or n.-vom. ; or 
else : Ant., bell., cof., natrum., pvls., &c. (Compare Chap. I., 

Headaches caused by Intellectual Labor, Excessive Study, &c., 
mostly require : N.-vom. or sidph., or else : Aur., cole., loch., natr., 
natr.-m., puis., and sU., and sometimes : Anxic., graph., lye, magn., 
phosph., mgs.-arc. (Compare Chap. I., Fatigue from Exertion.) 

For Headaches produced by Moral Emotions, when the exciting 
cause is Grief, the preference should be given to : Ign., phos.-ae.^ 
or staph, ; and when they result from Contradiction or Anger : 
Aeon., cham., or n.-vom. ; or else : Coloe., lye., magn., natr.-m., pelr., 
phos., or stapli. (Compare Congestion in the Head, and Chap. I., 
nHoral Emotions.) 

For Headaches which arise from Indigestion or a Disordered 
Stomach; aee above : Gastric Cephalalgia, and compare Chap. XIV., 

Headaches caused by Mechanical Injuries, such as Concussion 
of the Brain, &c., may be treated with : Am. or cic., or else : 
Merc., petr., rhus; and those which are the consequences of a strain 
in the loins, or of Exertion in Lifting too Heavy a Load, with : 
RJius, cole., or ambr. (Compare Chap. II., Mechanical Injuries.) 

In Headaches produced by the misuse of Metallic Substances, 
Sulph. is most frequently serviceable ; when, however, CorPEK has 


been the deleteriouB agent, Hep. is usuallj the appropriate remedy ; 
while against headaches arising from an abuse of Mercurt, the fol- 
lowing may be employed: Carb.-veg,, chin.f jnils., or else: Stdpk,^ 
hep., or nitr.-ac.; and perhaps: Aur, (Compare likewise Chap. 
XXVI., Medicinal Diseases.) 

Headaches which result from a Chill mostly require : Aeon., heU.^ 
hry.y cole., cham., dulc.t n.-V07n., or else : Ant., chin., coioc.t or puis.; 
when they are caused by a Current of Air, recourse may be had 
to : Aeon., ars., bell., chin., coloc., or n.-vom»; when they are brought 
on by Bathing: Ant., cole., or puis.; and when they appear after 
taking Cold Drinks: Aeon., bell., or ars., natr., puis. — ^Those which 
are occasioned by Variable Weather, require in preference : Ars., 
bry., carb.-v., n.-vom., or rhod. (Compare also Chap. II., Chill.) 

For Headaches caused by Tobacco, the principal medicines are : 
Aeon., ant., or ign. 

And for those which result from Prolonged Watching : Cocc., 
n.'Vom:, ot piUs, 

%* For other Causes, and the remedies indicated by them, ex- 
amine, in Sect. 4, the Conditions which excite or aggravate head- 
aches, and compare the yarious Causes set forth in Chap. I. 

The remedies cited are respectively indicated by the following 
symptoms, viz. : 

Aconitum — Violent^ stupefying, compressive, and constrictive pains, 
especially below the root of the nose ; great heaviness and fullness 
in the forehead and temples, as if the head were about to split ; burn- 
ing pains throughout the brain, or semilateral, draudng pains; 
headache, with humming in the ears and coryza, or with nausea, 
retching, moans, lamentations, fear of death, excessive sensibility to 
the least noise, and to the slightest movement ; paleness and cold- 
ness, or redness and bloatedness of the face, with redness of the eyes; 
strong, full, and quick, or else slow, and also intermittent pulse ; 
sensation as if the hair were pulled, or else of a ball which mounts 
into the head and spreads a coolness through it ; pain or pricking in 
the throat ; aggravation of the pains from movement, when speaking, 
rising up, or drinking ; amelioration in the open air. (Bell., bry., or 
cliam. are often suitable after Aeon.) 

Antimonium — When, in consequence of indigestion, or a chill, or 
repercussion of an eruption, there are : Splitting pain in the forehead, 
or else aching, boring, spasmodic, or dull (and tearing) pains, espe- 
cially in the forekead, temples, or vertex ; aggravation of the pains 
OD going up-stairs, amelioration in the open air ; chilly aching sensa* 


tion in the limbs ; nausea, loathing, anorexia, risings, and inclination 
to vomit. (This medicine is often suitable after Puis.) 

Belladonna — Great fullness and violent pressive and expansive. 
painSf as if the liead were about to splits or as if the contents were 
being forced through tlie farehead, or through the side of the head ; 
pains, especially ahove the eyes and nose, or semi lateral, drawing, 
tearing, or shooting pains; wavering, shocks^ and fluctuation or un- 
dulation, as of water in the head, with sensation as if the cranium 
vcre too small ; strong pulsation oftJie carotids, and swelling of the 
veins of the head; occurrence of the headache daily, from four 
o'clock in the evening till the following morning ; aggravation of the 
symptoms from movement, especially of the eyes, and also on ascend- 
ing, on being touched, by the open air, or currents of air, or else at 
night, by the tvarmth of the bed ; especially where there are at the 
same time: Vertigo, dizziness, redness and bloatedness of tlie face, 
redness of the eyes ; excessive sensibility to the least noise, light, 
shock, or touch; ill-humor, moans, need to remain lying down, hum- 
ming in the ears, or clouded sight, (Hep., mere, or plat, are often 
suitable after BeH.) 

Butonia — Expansive pressure or compression in the head, with 
fullness, as if the contents were about to protrude through the fore- 
head ; throbbing, jerking pains, or drawings and shootings in the 
head, especially on one side only ; or from tho zygomatic process to 
the temple ; burning pains in the forehead, or heat in the head ; 
headache, with vomiting, nausea, and need to lie down ; appearance 
of the headaches every day after a meal, or in the morning on open- 
ing the eyes ; aggravation by movement, walking, or stooping, and on 
being touched; irascible quarrelsome humor, tendency to shiver. 
(Rhus or n.-vom. are sometimes suitable after Bryon.) 

Calcarea — Stunning, pressive, throlMng, or hammering pains, or 
semilateral pains, with nausea, risings, and need to lie down ; or 
boring in the forehead as if the head were on the point of splitting 
heat, o^ sensation of coldness in the head ; cloudiness, or bewilder 
ment of the head, as if it were compressed in a vice ; occurrence of 
the headaches every morning on waking ; aggravation from intel 
Icctual labor, spirituous liquors, vmd corporeal exertion, also from 
movement, stooping, fits of anger, ka, ; abundant falling off of the 
hair. (Calc, is especially suitable after : Sulph, or nitr.-ac. ; Lye, 
nttr.-ac., and sil. are often suitable after Calc.) 

Capsicum — Semilatercd, pressive, and shooting pains, with nausea, 
Tomiting, and weakness of memory ; or pains as if the cranium were 
ftbont to split ; aggravation of the pains by moving the head or 


the eyes, and also when walking in the open air, and on exposure to 
cold air ; especially in phlegmatic, indolent persons, of a susceptible 
character, or in obstinate, awkward, and clumsy children, apprehen- 
sive of the open air, and of movement, with tendency to shivering, 
especially after drinking. 

Cbamokilla — Especially in children, and in persons who are ex 
asperated by the slightest pain ; and when there are : Tearing and 
draiving on one side of the /lead (extending into the jaws) ; shoot 
ings, Jieavi?iesSt or distressing throbbings in the head ; redness of one 
of the cJieekSt with paleness of the other ; hot perspiration on the head, 
also in the hair ; puffed face, painful eyes ; catarrhal affection of the 
throat or bronchia, or bitter, putrid taste in the mouth. {Cliam. is 
especially suitable after Aeon, or coff.; Bell, or puis, are often suita- 
ble after Cham,) 

China — In persons who are highly sensitive to pain, and especi- 
ally when there are : Pressive pains at nighty which hinder sleep, 
or acute, jerking pains in the forehead, as if the contents were about 
to protrude through it ; boring in the vertex, with a sensation as if the 
brain were bruised ; tearing pain, and sensation as if the cranium 
were on the point of burbling ; aggravation by contact, meditation, 
conversation, the open air, movement, currents of air and wind ; es- 
pecially when there are at the same time : Painfid tenderness of the 
scalp, and of the hair, when they are touched ; or in persons of a 
querulous or discontented disposition ; and also in obstinate and 
disobedient children, given to gluttony, and of a pale complexion, 
with transient heat and redness, accompanied by great loquacity, or 
nocturnal agitation. (It is often suitable after Coff. or caps.) 

CoFFEA — Semilatcral pains, a^if a nail were driven into the side 
of the head, or as if the whole brain were torn or bruised ; excessive 
sensibility to noise, to music, and especially to pain, which appears 
insupportable; with exasperation, tears, tossing, and great anguish, 
chilliness, and aversion to the open air; especially in the ^ase of 
persons who arc not in the habit of taking coffee ; or else of those to 
whom coffee is repugnant, though they commonly take it ; and espe- 
cially when the headaches are brought on by meditation, contradic- 
tion, a chill, &c. \Coffea is often suitable after : Aeon, and cham., 
and before : Ign,, n,'Vom,, and puis,) 

CoLOCYNTHis — Violcut, scmilatcral, tearing, drawing, or pressive 
and spasmodic pains, with nausea and vomiting ; compression in the 
foreJiead, aggravated by stooping or lying on the back ; attacks of 
headache every afternoon, or towards the evening, with great anguish 
and inquietude, which do not permit the patient to remain lying 


down ; violent pains wbich extort cries ; perspiration which smells 
lik« urine ; profuse and watery urine during the pains, or scanty and 
yffcnsive urine at other times. 

Ignatia — Pressive pains above the nose, aggravated or relieved by 
Uooping ; or expansive, y^r^-m^, rt we? throbbing pains; or boring 
shootings deep in the brain ; tearing in the forehead, and sensation 
%sifa nail were driven into the brain; with nausea, cloudiness of 
the eyes, and photophobia ; paleness -of the face ; profuse watery 
arine ; momentary disappearance of the pains on change of position ; 
renewal after a meal, after lying down in the evening, or after rising 
in the morning ; aggravation from coffee, spirits, tobacco-smoke, noise, 
and strong smells ; timidity, fickleness, taciturnity, and sadness. (It 
is sometimes suitable after Cham., puis., or n.-vom^ 

" Kali-bromidum — Pressive pains about the nose ; deep pain within 
the antrum-highmorianum ; sensitiveness to the cold open air ; ca- 
tarrh, accompanied with headache ; profuse lachrymation ; frontal 
headache."— F. G. S. 

Mercurius — Sensation of fullness, as if the cranium were about 
to burst, or as if the head were compressed by a band ; tearing , 
burning, or sliooting and boring pains, or semilateral tearings, ex- 
tending to the teeth and neck, with shooting in the ears; violent 
aggravation of the pains at night, in the warmth of the bed, and 
also from contact, and from hot and cold things ; continued nocturnal 
perspiration, which, however, affords no relief. 

Nux-voM. — Pain, as if a nail tvere driven into tJie head, or shoot- 
ing pains, with nause* and sour vomiting; sJiootings afid pressure in 
one side of the Iiead, aggravated in the morning to such a degree as 
to cause loss of consciousness and of reason ; or great sensibility of 
the brain to the least movement, and to every step ; great heaviness 
of the head, especially on moving the eyes, and during meditation, 
with a sensation as if the cranium, were about to split ; buzzing in 
the head, %oith vertigo, or with shocks in the head when walking | 
sensation as if tlie brain were bruised ; headache every day, espe 
cially on waJcing in the morning, after a meal, in the open air, when 
stoojjing, and also during movement, cvoa of the eyes ; renewal espe- 
cially after partaking of coffee, with repugnance to that beverage , 
pale and wan face ; constipation, with congestion in the head; irasci- 
bility ; proneness to fits of passion, or lively and sanguine tempera- 
ment. (Compare : Bry., cham., coff., ign,, and puis.) 

Pulsatilla — ^Tearing pains, which are aggravated towards the 
evening ; or pulsative shootings after rising in the morning, and after 
lying down in the evening ; tearing pains, sJiocks, shootings, in on$ 


side of the head only, with vertigo, indination to vomit, heaviness in 
t/ie liead ; cloudiness of the eyps ; photophobia ; humming or tear- 
ing, jerking and shooting in the ears, paleness of the face, tearful-, 
ness, anorexia, and adypsia, shivering, anxiety, attacks of cpistaxis, 
palpitation of the heart ; aggravation of the sufferings in tlie evening, 
and also during repose, and espegially when seated; amelioration in 
tlie open air, and mitigation of the headache by pressure, or by 
wrapping up the head; mildness and unea^ness of disposition / cold, 
pidegmatic temperament, 

Ehus-tox. — ^Tearing, shooting pains, extending into the ears, the 
root of the nose, the zygomatic process, and the jaws, with soreness 
of the teeth and gums ; burning or throbbing pains ; fullness and pres- 
sive heaviness in the head ; headache immediately after a meal ; need 
to lie down, and to remain quiet ; renewal of the attacks provoked hj 
the least contradiction, and also by walking in the open air ; undu- 
lation of the brain at every step, and tingling in tJie head. (It is 
often suitable after -Bry.) 

Sepia — Shooting and boring pains, which extort cries, with nausea 
and vomiting ; Jieadache every morning ; tearing and drawing in one 
side of the head ; pressure and drawing in the occiput ; photophobia, 
loith inability to open the eyes; constipation; sexual desire; aver- 
sion to food ; congestion of blood in the head, with heaviness and 
confusion of the head ; pressure ahofve the eyes, in the bright day* 
light ; sensation of coldness in the head. 

SiLiCEA — Throbbing pains, with heat and congestion in the head, 
headaches every day, especially in the morning: or qfter^ioon; aggra- 
vation of the pains by intellectual labor, speaking, and stooping; 
nocturnal pains from the nape of the neck to the vertex ; sensation 
as if the head were about to split, or as if the contents were about to 
protrude through the forehead or eyes ; semilateral, shooting, or tear- 
ing pains, extending as far as the nose and face; appearance of 
tubercles on the head ; frequent perspiration on the head ; great 
tenderness of the scalp ; falling off of the hair. (It is suitable after 
Hep. or /yc.) 

Sulphur — Fullness, pressure, and lieaviness in the head, especially 
in the forehead ; or expansive pressure, as if the head were about to 
split ; tearing, shooting, drawing, or jerking pains, especially in one 
side qftlte liead; or throbbing, bubbling pains, with heat in the head, 
and congestion of blood ; buzzing and roaring ; headache in the fore* 
head above tlve eyes, which ybrce^ l}ie patient to frown, or to shut the 
oyes ; or headache with clouded sight, unfitness for meditation, nau* 
0ea and qneasiness ; appearance of the headaches every eighth day. 


or every day, especially in the morning, or at night, or in the even^ 
ing in bed, or else after a meal, aggravation by thinking, the open 
air, movement, and walking ; excessive tenderness in the integu- 
ments of the head, when touched, and falling off of the hair. 

Yeratrum — Pains so violent as to cause delirium and dementia ; 
semilateral, pressive and pulsative, or constrictive pains, with con- 
striction of the throat ; sensation as if the brain were bruised ; 
pains in the stomach ; painful stiffness of the nape of the neck, 
abundant urine, of a bright color ; nausea, and vomiting ; great weak* 
ness, to the extent of fainting, with sensation of great uneasiness on 
attempting to rise ; coldness, and cold perspiration over the whole 
body ; thirst ; loose evacuations, or else constipation, with congestion 
of blood in the head. 

Among the other medicines cited recourse may be had to : 

Arnica — ^Against : Pains above the eye, with greenish vomiting ; 
spasmodic compression in the forehead, as if the brain were con- 
tracted and hardened ; heat in the head, with coldness or coolness 
in the rest of the body, or especially if the headache follows some 
mechanical injury. 

Arsenicum — Against: Semilateral pulsative pains, with nausea, 
humming in the ears, &c., appearing periodicaUy, especially after a 
meal, or in the morning, or at night, or in the evening, in bed, with 
tears, moans, exasperation, and soreness of the scalp ; symptoms 
ameliorated by the application of cold water, or aggravated by the 
contact of cold air, with nightly exacerbations. 

AuRUM — Against : Pains as from a* bruise, especially in the morn- 
ing, or during intellectual labor, producing confusion of ideas ; clat- 
ter and buzzing in the head in hysterical persons. 

Garbo-veo. — Against: Pressive or throbbing pains, especially 
above the eyes, or in the whole head, commencing from the nape of 
the neck ; occurrence of the pains, especially in the evening, or 
after a meal, with congestion of blood and heat in the head. 

Cbina — Against : Tearing and drawing, or pressive pains, as from 
a load, aggravated in ih^ open air, also by reading and meditation ; 
with corvza. 

CoccuLiTS — Against : Headache, with sensation of eniptintss in 6^ 
head, or with bilious vomiting. 

Dulcamara — Against : Pressive, stupefying pain in the forehead, 
with obstruction of the nose ; or boring, burning pain in the fore- 
head, with digging in the brain ; aggravation from the Jeast move- 
ment, also when speaking, with heaviness in the head. 

HiPAR — ^Against : Pains, as if a nail were driven into the brain ; 


violenfc boring, or nocturnal pains in the head, as if the forehead 
were about to be torn open, with painful tubercles in the head. 
(Compare Bell, and sil,) 

Ipecacuanha — Against : Headache, with nausea at the commence- 
ment ; sensation, as from a bruise, throughout the interior of the 
head, extending to the tongue ; vomiting or retching. 

Lycopodium — Against: Headache, with disposition to syncope 
and great agitation ; or tearing cephalalgia, especially in the after 
noon or at night ; pains which extend into the eyes, nose, and teeth, 
with need to lie down. 

Opium (in small doses) — Against : Congestion of blood in the 
head, with constipation, violent tearing pains in the head, or tensive 
pressure on the entire brain, with pulsation, or excessive heaviness rf 
the head; also, when in addition to these symptoms are found, un- 
certain look, violent thirst, dryness of the mouth, sour risings, with 
inclination to vomit. 

Platina — Against : Violent spasmodic pains, especially above the 
root of the nose, with heat and redness of the face, restlessness, 
disposition to weep ; or buzzing and roaring in the head, as from 
water, with coldness in the ears, eyes, and one side of the face, 
sparks before the eyes, and an illusion of sight in which objects ap- 
pear smaller than they really are. (It is often suitable after Bell.) 

^^ For the rest of the medicines cited, and for others that may in 
some cases be found suitable, see the symptoms in the following Sec- 
tions, and examine the pathogenesy of the medicines. Compare also : 
Congestion in the Head, -Encephalitis, Hyokocepualus, &c. ; 
also Prosopalgia and Odontalgia. 

ConCttSSion of the Braillt — The remedies against injuries of the 
brain, caused by a Concussion, a Fall, or a Blow on the Head, &c., 
are : Am, or dc., or else : Petr. or mere, (See also Chap. II., Me- 
chanical Injuries.) — Big., ign., laur. 

CoilgestiOD of Blood in the llead^— The chief remedies are, in 
general : Acon.tanacard.,am.j heU,^ bry., coff., merct n.-vom., op.^pids., 
rhiis, and verat, ; or else : Cham,, chin,, diilc,, ign., sil,, sulph. — 
Aur., cannab., graph. 

For congestion in the head, in persons addicted to the use of 
Spirituous Liquors, the principal remedies are : N,'Vom, or puis,, 
or else : Op,, cole,, and sulph. In persons who lead a Sedentary 
Life : Aeon, or n.-ww. / In Young Girls at the age of puberty, 
principally : Aeon,, beU,, or puis, ; lu children during dentition : 
Aeon,, coff,, or cham. 

When the congestion in the head is caused by sudden joy : Coff. 

6E0T. I.*-CLmiCAL REMARTTfl. 259 

or op, should be employed; by sudden Fright or, by Fear: Op,, 
by Anger : Cliam., or perhaps : Bry. or n,-vom,; and after Concen- 
trated Anger : Ign, 

For congestion arising from a Fall, or violent Concussion, the re- 
medies are chiefly : Am.tdc,, KadfJierc; — from Debilitating Losses: 
Chin,, cole,, or stdph,, or else : N.-rom. or verat, ; — For that which 
manifests itself after the least Chill: Didc. ; — After Lifting a 
Heavt Load, or after a Strain of the Loins : Rhus, or cole. 

Congestion in the head, resulting from Constipation, requires in 
preference : Bryr, n.-vam., op., or else : Merc, or puis. 

Lastly, a Chronic tendency to congestion in the head usually re« 
quires : Calc., hep,, sil., or sulph. 

The Symptoms which more particularly indicate the respective 
remedies cited are as follows : 

AcoNiTUM — ^Throbbing and fullness in the head, frequent vertigo, 
especially tchen stooping ; sensation as if the head were splitting, 
especially in the forehead, above the eyes, aggravated by stooping 
and coughing ; sparks and darkness before the eyes ; buzzing in the 
ears; frequent fainting, palpitation of the heart, &c. ; or violent 
burning pains throughout the brain, especially in the forehead ; red- 
ness and blcatedness of the face ; redness of the eyes, with delirium, 
or paroxysms of rage. {Bell, is often suitable after : Aeon.) 

Arnica — Heat in the head, with coldness, or coolness in the rest 
of the body ; dull pressure on the brain, or burning throbbings, 
humming in the ears ; vertigo, with cloudiness of the oyes, especially 
on rising from a recumbent posture. 

Belladonna — ^Violent pressure on the forehead, or jerking, burn- 
ing, and shooting pains, on one side of the head ; aggravation of the 
pains at every step, at every movement, in a stooping position, from 
the least noise, and from light, tchich is rather vivid, with redness 
and bloatedness of the face, redness of the eyes, sparks and darkness 
before the eyes, humming in the ears, diplopia, drowsiness ; — or else : 
Dull and pressive pains, deeply seated in the brain, with pale, wan 
fiice, loss of consciousness, delirium, and murmurs ; or when the pain 
manifests itself after a meal, with lassitufle, somnolency, painful 
rigidity of the nape of the neck, embarrassed speech, and other pre- 
cursory symptoms of apoplexy. (It is usually suitable after Aeon.) 

Bryonia — Compressive pains in both sides of the head, or a sen- 
sation when stooping as if everything were about to protrude through 
the forehead ; bleeding at the nose, which, however, a£fords no relief; 
burning and wat-ery eyes ; constipation. 

GoFFSA — Extreme vivacity and mental excitement ; sleeplessness ; 


great beaviness of tHe head ; increased congestion when speaking ; 
bright and red eyes. 

Mercub.ius — Fullness in the head, as if the forehead were ahout 
to split, or as if the head were compressed hj a baud ; or nocturnal 
aggravation, with burning, tearing, boring, or shooting pains ; easy, 
frequent, and profuse perspiration. (It is often suitable after Bcli, 

or op.) 

Nux-voM. — Nervous excitability; painful sensitiveness of the 
brain, when walking and moving the head ; pressure on the temples, 
which is mitigated neither by lying down nor by rising up ; clouded 
eyes, with nec<(ssity to close them, without being able to sleep ; ex- 
cessive heaviness of the head, especially on moving the eyes, with a 
sensation, when thinking, as if the head were about to split; aggra- 
vation in the morning in the open air, or after a meal, and especially 
after partaking of coffee. 

Opium — When the congestion js violent, with severe tearing pains; 
pressure, in the forehead from the inside outwards ; muscular palpi- 
tation in the temples ; wandering look ; violent thirst ; dryness of 
the mouth, sour risings, queasiness, or vomiting. 

Pulsatilla — ^Pressive, semilateral, very distressing and fatiguing 
pain ; or pain, commencing in the occiput and extending into the 
root of the nose, or vice versa ; amelioration on binding the head 
round tightly with a handkerchief, or on pressing it, or else when 
walking; aggravation in a sitting posture; heaviness of the head; 
paleness of the face, with vertigo ; tearful humor, shivering, anxiety, 
cold and phlegmatic temperament. 

Rhus-tox. — When the congestion is accompanied by burning, pul- 
sative pains, with fullness in the head, pressive heaviness, or ting- 
ling, or fluctuation and wavering of the brain, and especially if the 
pains occur after a meal. 

Veratrum — ^When the congestion is attended by pressive throb- 
bings, or semilateral pains, or a sensation as if the brain were bruised, 
or constrictive pain, with a sensation of constriction in the throat; 
painful rigidity of the nape of the neck ; profuse and watery urine^ 
nausea, vomiting, &c. « 

*^* For the remaining remedies cited, and fojr the others which 
may be employed, see the following Sections, and examine the fo- 
thogenesy of the medicines. (Compare also Cephalalgia.) 

Cranium (Enlargement of). — For enlargement of the head, with 
Tardy Closing of the Fontanella in scrofulous children, the chief 
remedies are : Calc,^ phos.-ac, sil-^ and sulph, (See also Scrofula.) 

Encephalitis* — See Meningitis. 


Ernptions on the Hcadi— See Scald-Head. 

Exostosis on the Cranium* — The medicines which deserve a pre- 
ference are : Aur,, daph., kali-hyd., and phos., if the exostosis pro- 
ceed from Abuse of MERCuay ; but for syphilitic exostosis, Merc, is 
the chief remedy. — Mezer. 

Fatigae of the Head from Intellectual Labor. — The prin- 
cipal remedies are : Phos.-acid., n.-vom., and sitlph, ; or else : Aur,^ 
talc., kuh., ncUr,, ncUr,-m,, puis., sil. (Compare Chap. L, Fatigue 
FROM Intellectual Exertion). 

nair (Diseases of the). — See Alopecia and Plica-Polonica. 

Hydrocephalus* — The chief remedies against Acute Hydroce- 
phalus are : Aeon, and bell., or else : Am., bry,, and hell,, when 
neither Aeon, nor beil, is sufficient: Cin,, can., dig,, ht/os., lack,, 
mere, op,, and stram, have heen also recommended. — Chinin. ? 

For Chronic Hydrocephalus, the medicines which have been 
chiefly recommended as most efficacious are : Hell., ars,, and svlph. 

%* For the Details of the medicines cited, see Meningitis. 

Meditation (Unfitness for). — ^Phosphor. (See Weakness of 

M^^rim* — See Nervous Cephalalgia. 

memory (Weakness of). — See Weakness of Memory. 

Meninfitis and EnceplialitiSt — ^These two affections frequently 
occur simultaneously. It has therefore been deemed preferable to 
include them in one article, to facilitate references. 

The chief remedy in cases of cerebral inflammation is BeU,, which 
may always be preceded by Aeon, In particular cases recourse may 
be had to : Ant., bri/., hyos., op., stram,, and sulpli., and perhaps, 
sometimes, to : Camph,, canth., cin,, cupr,, dig,, Jiell., hyos., loch., and 
mere, — Coccul. 

Cerebral inflammation in Children may require, besides Beil, : 
Aeon,, cin., hell., loch., and mere. 

That which arises from a Sun-stroke appears chiefly to require : 
Bell, or camph, : or else : Loch, 

That which is caused by Congelation, or a violent Chill in the 
Head : Aeon, or bry, ; or else : Ars,, hyos., or rhus. 

Cerebral inflammation, proceeding from repercussion of Erysipe- 
las, or other Exapttbemata, such as Scarlatina, &c., requires in 
preference : Bell, or rhus; or else : Loch., mere, or phos, ? and thai 
from suppression of an Otorrh(Ea : Puis, or sulph. 

When cerebral inflammation threatens to terminate in Hydroce* 
PHALus, the medicines most frequently indicated are: Bell., "mere, 
and loch,; but when Hydrocephalus has already shown itself, 

28S GHAP. TL — ^AnEcnom of thb head abd boalp. 

recourse may also be hadr to : Am,t dig., heU, ; or else : Cm., con.^ 
hyos,, op., and sttam. 

The sypftptoms which indicate the respective remedies are as 
follows : 

AcoNiTUM — ^Especially at the comm^ncemetU of the disease, and 
when there are : Violent inflammatory fever, with raving and furioas 
delirium, violent burning pains throughout the entire brain, and 
especially in the forehead; redness and bloatedness of the face 
redness of the eyes, &o. 

Belladonna — When the patient buries his head in the pillow, and 
is exasperated by the slightest noises or the least light ; or when there 
are : Violent, burning, and shooting pains in the head ; red, spark" 
ling eyes, taith furious look ; redness and bloatedness of the face ; 
lethargic deep, with convulsed and half-open eyes ; greaJt heat in tlie 
head, unth violent pulsation of the carotids; swelling of the veins of 
the head ; loss of consciousness and of speech, or murmurs, or violent 
delirium; convulsive movements of- the limbs; spasmodic constric- 
tion of the throat, with dysphagia, and other symptoms of hydropftO" 
bia, vomiting, involuntary discharge of faeces and of urine. . 

Bryonia — Prolonged shivcrings, with redness of the face, heat in 
the head, and violent thirst; continued inclination to sleep, with 
delirium, starts, cries, and cold perspiration on the forehead, pressive, 
burning pains in the head, or shootings, which traverse the brain. 

CiNA — Vomiting, taith clean tongue, or evacuation of lumbrici, 
upwards or downwards. 

Hyosciamus — Drowsiness and loss of consciousness, with incohe- 
rent talk about business a£fairs, singing, murmurs, and lau^ter, 
carphologia, starts, &q. 

Opium — Lethargic sleep, with snoring and half-open eyes, and 
dizziness after waking ; frequent vomiting ; complete apathy, with 
total absence of desires and of complaints. 

STRAMONiaM — Sleep, resembling natural sleep, but with jerking of 
the limbs, moans, tossing, and absence of mind after waking ; or fixed 
look, disposition to withdraw in a slow and timid manner, or to run 
away, with cries and fear ; violent feverish heat ; redness of the face, 
headache, and moisture on the skin. 

^^ For the remainder of the medicines cited, see their patho* 

'Plica Polonica* — Vine, is the chief remedy in this disease of the 
hair ; but Bar. or lye, are also frequently indicated. 

8calll-H6ad« — ^The principal remedies are : Ars,, cole., hep,, lyc,^ 

SECT. I.'— OUNIGAL TtKlffAlfltB. 26S 


merc.-corr., rhus, and stdpk, ; also : Bar.'C,, etc., graph., oleand., 
phos,t phos.-acid., sep.^ staph.^ and vine. 

For Prt Scald-Head {furfuraceous' and amiantaceotis scald' 
head) : Stclph. or cole. ; or else : Ars,, hep., phos., and Thus may be 

For Moist Scald-Head {achor, favus, tinea favosa muci/lora) : 
Lye. and stdph., or Hep., rhus, and sep. ; or else : Bar.-c., cole., cic. 
graph., oleand., staph., and vine, ebould be consuhed. 

When complicated with Scrofulous Affections, such as Enlarge 
MENT OF THE Glands of the uape of the neck, and of the nock, &o., 
the chief remedies are : Ars., bar.-c:, cole., and staph. ; or else : 
Bry. or dulc. 

TillM* — See Scald-Head. 

¥6rtt^0« — ^Although vertigo is generally only a symptomatic phe- 
nomenon, which disappears with its cause, yet there are cases in 
which it is the most prominent symptom of an affection requiring 
treatment directed especially to its removal. The best remedies 
that can be employed in such cases are : Aeon., anacard., arvt., am., 
bell., chant., chin., con., hep., lach., lye., mere, n.^vom., op., ptds., 
rhus, sil., sulph. ; or else : Cole., cin., cocc., petr., phos., and sec. 
[" Calc.-caust."— Ed.] 

For vertigo arising from the Stomach, the remedies are chiefly : 
Aam., ant., am., bell., cham., coco., mere, n.-vom., ptds., and rhus. 

When originating in Nervous Affections : Am., bell., cham., chin., 
cin., hep., n.-vom., puis., and rhu^. — Mosch. 

When produced by Congestion of Blood, especially: Acon.iam., 
bell., chin., con., lach., mere., n.-vom., op., puis., rhus, sil., sulph. 
- When a consequence of the Repercussion of Inveterate Ulcers : 
Calc. or stdph. 

When the result of the motion of a Carriaob, principally : Hep. 
and sil., and perhaps : Cocc. or petr. 

The principal indications which determine the choice of the re- 
spective remedies are as follows : 

AcoNiTUH — ^When the vertigo occurs principally on rising from a 
recumbent posture, or on stooping, and when there are also present : 
Nausea, risings and vomiting, or cloudiness of the eyes, loss of 
eonsciousness, intoxication, and whirling in the head. 

Antimonium — Disordered stomach, with nausea and vomiting, re* 
pugnance to food, &c. 

Arnica — ^If the vertigo manifest itself in consequence of too full a 
meal, or if it come on when eating, and be attended by nausea, doudi* 
ness of the eyes, whirling in the head, redness of the fiice, &o. 


Belladonna — Vertigo, with anguish^ dizziness^ or unconscioas* 
ness, and cloudiness before the eyes ; or with staggering, nauseap 
trembling of the hands, and sparks before the sight ; occurrence of 
the attacks especially w^ien stooping or rising up, 

Chamomilla — ^If the vertigo manifest itself principally on rising 
in the morning, or after a meal, and especially after partaking of 
coffee ; with cloudiness of the eyes, or else with syncope, 

China — If the vertigo come on principally when raising the head 
(or during movement), with sensation of weakness in the head, which 
causes it to be bent forwards. 

CoNiUM — Whirling vertigo,' which causes the patient to fall side* 
ways, especially on looking bcLcktaards ; sensation of heaviness and 
fullness in the head ; weakness of memory and easy forge tMness. 

Hefar — Vertigo brought on by the motion of a carriage, or merely 
by moving the head; or with nausea, dizziness, syncope, and cloudi- 
ness of sight. 

Lachesis — Vertigo toith paleness of the face, syncope, nausea and 
vomiting, epistaxis ; and especially if the vertigo manifest itself on 
taaking in tJie morning, or be attended by absence of mind, or stupor, 
intoxication, dizziness, &c. 

Mercurius — ^When the vertigo commences on getting out of bed^ 
or rising up, or else in the evening ; with nausea, cloudiness of the 
eyes, heat, anguish, and need to lie down. 

Nux-voM. — ^When the vertigo occurs ditring or after a meal, or 
while walking in the open air, when stooping (or during meditation)^ 
or else in the morning, or in the evening in bed, and especially when 
lying on the back ; with whirling and wavering in the head, danger 
of falling, or else with buzzing in the ears, cloudiness of the eyes, or 
else syncope, and loss of consciousness. 

Opium — Vertigo caused by fright, and especially when attended 
by trembling, weakness, dizziness, humming in the ears, cloudiness 
of the eyes, and when it comes on chiefly when rising up in bed, 
forcing the patient to lie down again. 

Pulsatilla — Vertigo which occasions falling, and which occurs 
chiefly on raising the eyes, or when seated, or when stooping, and 
especially in bed in the evening, or after a meal ; with heaviness in 
the head, humming in the ears, heat or paleness of the face ; cloudi- 
ness of the eyes ; nausea and queasiness. 

Rhus-tox. — Vertigo which manifests itself principally in the even- 
ing, on lying down, with fear of falling, or of dying. 

SiLicEA — ^When the vertigo occurs in the morning^ or on elevating 
the eyes, when riding in a carriage, when stooping, or in consequence 



of OTorj mental emotion ; with danger of falling, nausea, retching ; 
or when the vertigo seems to proceed from the back into the nape of 
the neck and head. 

Sulphur — ^Vertigo which manifests itself especially in a sitting 
posture, in the act of ascending, or after a meal, in the morning, in 
the evening, or at night ; with nausea, syncope, or epistaxis. 

*^* For other medicines which may also be employed, and for 
more ample details respecting the preceding, see Sect. 2, Vertioo, 
and also Sect. 4 and 5, the different Conditions and Concoiutant 

Weakness of Memory and Unfltness for Meditafiont— The re- 
medies most frequently indicated are : Aur,, am., cole., carb.-v,, 
chin., loch., mere, natr., natr.-m., n,-^om,, puis., rhus, sil., staph., 
sulph., verat. 

When produced by DebilitaHnq Losses, the remedies are prin- 
cipally : Chin., n.-vom., sulph. and phos.-add. (Compare Chap. I., 

When a consequence of Excessive Study, or Too Fatiguing In- ' 
TELLEOTUAL Labor : N.-vom., sulph., or phos.-acid. ; or else : Aur,, 
cole., lack., natr.'Tn., puis., and sil. (Compare Chap. I., Fatigus 
from Intellectual Exertion. 

When resulting from Mechanical Enjuries, a Blow, a Fall on 
the Head, Ac. : Am.; or else : Cic., vierc, or rhus. 

When a consequence of the abuse of Shrituous Liquors, especi- 
ally : N.-vom.; and perhaps also : Cole., lach.,'cp., mere, ,vuls., and 
sulph, (Compare Chap. I., Drunkenness.) 

When the result of violent Moral Emotions, such as Fright, 
Orief, Anger, &c., especially : Aeon, or staph., or else : Phos.-ac, 
or op, (Compare Chap. I., Consequences of Moral Emotions.) 

From the influence of Atmospheric Humidity : Carb.-v., rhus, or 
verat.; or else : Calc., puis., or sil. chiefly. 

%* For the Indicative Symptoms, as well as for other medicines 
which may be employed, see the following Sections, with the patfuh 
genesy of the medicines, and compare Cephalalgia, Congestion, &o. 

Wens in the Headt — The chief remedies against this kind of en- 
cysted tumors are : Calc., daph., graph,, and kal. Perhaps recourse 
may also be had to : Hep., sil., and su^. 

VOL. Tl. — 12 




Aching Pains. Lact. (See Sect. 

Alive in the ^ead (SeDsation as 

if something were). Petr. sil. 

Ball, Ascending (Sensation of a). 

Aeon, plumb. 

— Sensation as if the brain were 
being compressed into a. Arn. 
tart. (Compare Vice and Band.) 

Band. Circle round the Head 
(Sensation of a). JSth. mere, 
sulph. ther. (Compare Vice.) 

Beaten (As if). See Bruise. 

Blows in the Head. Caus. clem. 
croc. gins. lach. mere, mur.-ac. 
natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. n.-vom. 
phos.-ac. samb. sep. sil. spig. 
stann. sulph.-ac. thuj. (Com- 
pare Throbbings and Shocks.) 

— Exercise in the open air Cdur- 
ing). Spig. 

•^ Sudden. Qins. 

— Walking quickly and going up 
stairs (when). Bell. 

Boiling Water in the Head (Sen- 
sation of). ^Acon. ind. 

Bones (Pains in the). Lact. (See 
Sect. 6.) 

Boring. Agar. ang. ant. bis. cal. 
clem. chin. dulc. hep. ign. lach. 
mere, mosch. natr.-s. oleand. 
ol.-an. psBon. puis, sabin. sep. 
spig. stann. staph, tart. ["Am. 
aur. bell. bor. bov. carb.-v. 
clem. col. dros. grat. laur. magn. 
magn.-s. magn.-m. mang. mur.- 
ac. nice. petr. phos. phos.-ac. 
plat."— Ed.] 

Bruised or Torn (Sensation as if 
the Brain were). Agar, am.- 
m. anac. ang. ars. aur. bov. 
camph. caus. cham. chin. cofF. 
con. cupr. euphorb. eupJir. gins. 
hell, ign. iod. ipec. lach. mere. 

mur.-ac. n.-vom. op. phos. puis 

staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. verat. 
Burning in the Head. Acon.iirn. 

ars. aur.-m. aur.7S. brj. bis. 

canth. caus. dulc. eug. haeui 

hell. lact. mang. mere. pbos. 

rhus. stann. taraz. vcrat. 

[" Fer.-sulp. merc.-per." — Ed.] 
Buzzing, Murmuring, Roaring 

in the Head. Ars. aur. calc. 

caus. fer. graph, kal. kreos. lact. 

magn.-m. natr.-s. n.-vom. phos. 

plat. puis. rhus. sass. sulph. 

sine. mgs. 

— Evening (in the), and after a 
meal. Cinn. 

Carriagss (Sensitiveness to the 
noise of). Nitr.-ac. 

Cloudiness. Atham. bdl. coco, 
crot. lact. magn.-m. mere, f*.- 
vom. op. phell. rhab. samb. vaL 
['* Gent."— Ed.] (Compare 

Stunning Intoxication, &c.) 

— Painful. Natr.-m. 
Coldness in the Head. Arn. cole. 

laur. phos. val. ["Phyto." — 

Commotion in the Brain. (See 
Sect. 1.) 

Compression, Violent or Trouble- 
some Pressure. jSlth, alum. 
arg. asar. bov. bry. cann. cans, 
coloc. daph. graph, kal.-h. kreos*. 
lact. laur. magn.-s. men. mos 
natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr. n.-mos. oL 
an. paeon, phell. phos.-ac. plat 
puis. rhus. sabin. sel. spig. 
spong. staph, stront. thnj. zinc. 
[" Gum.-gut. hyp.-per.*' — Ed.] 

Concussion of the Brain. (See 
Sect. 1.) 

Confusion in the Head. Bewil< 
derment oS the Head. Aeon, 
ath, agar. amb. ang. arn. ars. 

8B0T. n. — SYMPTOMS. 


asa. cLsar. bar.-m. hell, berb. 

bruo. bis. hry, ccUc. calo.-pb. 

caps. cans, chin, cor. croc. crot. 

diad. dig. dros. eupbr. fcr. galv. 

gent. gins. gran, grapb. bydroc. 

bjos. iod. magn.-m. magn.-s. 

men. meph. mere. mez. murox. 

natr. nitr. n,-fnos, n.-vom, ol.- 

an. op. par. pbos.-ac. plat, plamb. 

puis. ran. rbab. rhod, rbus. 

samb. sec. sen. sep. spig. stapb. 

Bulph.-ac. tab. tart. tber. tbuj. 

tong. val. verb, viol.-od. viol.- 

tric. zinc. [''Benz.-a. brom. 

fer.-acet. gent. kal. mero.*per." 

Confusion, Board before tbe Head 

(As if there were a). Calo. 

dulc. plat. 
Confusion in the Head : 

— Coryza (as from a). Berb. 

— Fatigue in the head (as from). 

-^ Intoxication (as if caused by). 
Ang. carb.-an. cor. krcos. magn.- 
m. mez. nitr. n.-vom. op. phos.- 
ac. puis, rhab. samb. thuj. val. 
["Gent.nux-j."— E6.] 

— - Alternating with clearness of 
ideas. Murex. 

— Occiput (in the). Amb. carb.- 
an. plumb, sec. tong. 

— Painful. Agn. am. asa. asar, 
cans. diad. dros. natr.-m. n.-mos. 
plat. SCO. viol.-od. 

— Pollutions (as after). Mee. 

— Semilateral. Sulph.-ao. 

— Sleeping (as after). Rut. 

— Smoke m the brain (as from). 
Arg. Bu]ph.«ao. 

— Stupefying. Ang. arg. asar. 
aur. cocc, croc, dulc, kal. magn.- 
m. magn.-s. mez. par. rbab. rat. 
verb. ["Ars.-ter.**— Ed.] 

— Vertigo (with). Aspar. 

— Watching (as from). Amb. 
bry. chin, n.-vom. puis. [" Cro- 
tal. ophiotox." — ^Ed.] 

Congestion in the Head. Aeon, 
amb. amb.-m. ang. arg.-nit. ant, 
am. asa. aur. aur.-s. beU. bor. 
dry, cann. canth. carb.-an. carb.- 
V. caus. c)iam. chin. coff. croton. 
coloc. didc.fer. graph, galv. hyos. 
ign.iod, kal. kal.-ch.^c^. laur, 
lye. magn.-m. magn.-s. ma?ig 
mere, mill, moseh. natr. nUr.'Oc, 
n.-vom, ol.-an. op. phell. phox. 
plumb, puis. ran. rat. rhus. sen. 
s^, sil, spong, sir am, sulph, 
tab, tar. thuj. verat, viol-od. 
["Alum. bary. cam. con. ind. 
ophiot. petr. stram. val. zinc." — 

— Morning in bed (in the). Lyo. 

— Music (from). Amb. 

— Night (at). Puis. 

— Smoking (when). Magn. 

— Speaking (when). Coff. 

— Stooping (when). Aeon. bell, 
cor. lach. sen. sep. verat. 

%* Compare Sect. 1, Conges- 
Constriction. Aeon. anac. am. 

asar. atham. camph, cocc, gra2}h, 

hyos. stann. sulph.-ac. tart, 

Constriction, with Vertigo. 

Contraction (Sensation of). Ang. 

bis. graph, grat. hyos. nitr. puis. 

Sep. squill, sulph. tar. val. 

(Compare Spasmodic Pains.) 
Contusion (Pains as from). Val. 
Corrosion (Pain as from). Pceon. 

ran.-sc, < 

Cracking in the Head. Aeon. ' 

ars. cham. puis. • 

Crawling in the Head. Arg. am. . 

bruc. colch, cupr, hyos. plat. 

puis. rhus. sulph. mgs.-aus. 
Current of Air in the Brain 

(Sensation as from a). Aur. cor. 

Digging in the Head. Agar. anac. 

bar.-c. bis. bruc. bry. cans. 

clem, coloc. dulc. kal.-h. mere. 



n.-Tom. phell. sabin. samb. spig. 

tart. mgs. mgs.-aus. 
PiGoiNO in the Head, Outwardly. 

Drawing Pains, Drawings. Aeon. 

agar, ars. asar. atham. aur.-fal. 
> bell. bor. calc. caps, carb.-v. 
'. ckam, cin. ooloc. eon. eroe. erot. 

cupr. fer. gran. guaj. kal. kreos, 

magn. mang. mere, mosch. na tr .- 

m. nitr. n.-vom. ol.-an. petr. 

puis ran.-sc. rhad. rhus. sabin. 

Sep. squill, BiAnn, sulpk. sulph.- 

ac. tart. tong. val. zinc. zing. 

[" Calend. eim.-lect. orotal. fer.- 

acet. lup. phyto." — ^Ed.J 
Dull Pains. Agar. ant. cnel. cin. 

onis. teuc. tbuj. verb. [" Brom. 

elat. lup. phyto," — Ed.] 
Dullness. Ang. arg. asar. aur. 

bell. cocc. croc, dulc. hydroc. 

kal. magn.-m. magn.-s. mez. par. 

rhab. tart. verb. [" Galc.-caust. 

calend. cim.-lect. cinch.-sulph. 

cupr. -ars. fer.-acet. flour.-ac. 

kalm. ox.-ao. phyto. pimpin. 

podoph." — Ed.] 
Ebullition. Merc. 
— Of blood. Bell. ["Pimpin.'' 

Emptiness in the Head. Arg. 

cocc, cor. cu2n; gran, ptils, sen, 

(Compare Lightness.) 
Excoriation (Pain as from). 

Camph. canth. daph. zinc. mgs. 
Expansion (Sensation of). Press- 
ing asunder, or from within 

outwards. Aeon, am.-c. amm.- 

caust. asa. asar. atham. bell, 

berb. bri/, cole, caps. cocc. cor. 

dros. gent. hep. ign, kal.-h. lact. 

magn.-s. mez. n.-mos. n.-vom. 

oleand. par. phos. poth. ran. 

ran.-sc. rhus. samb. sep. sil, sol. 

spig. staph, sulph. thuj. verb. 

zinc, mgs.-arc. [** Calc.-caust. 

cim.-lect. cinch.-sulph. fluor.- 

ao." — ^Ed.] (Compare Sensa* 

tion as if the Cranium were 
Fatigue of the Head. (See Sect. 

Fluctuation (Sensation of). Bell, 
hyos. (Compare Sensation as 
from Water in the Head, Un- 
dulation, &c.) 

Fullness in the Head. Aeon, 
am.'in, bell, bor, bry, calc. calc.- 
ph. caps. cast. chin. con. crot. 
daph. gent. grat. guaj. ign. kreos. 
lact. meph. mere. natr. nio. 
nitr.-ac. petr. phell. phos. ran.- 
sc. Thus, spong. 9ulph, sulph.- 
ac. tereb. 

Giddiness and Stupor. Am.-m. 
an. ars. ars.-cit. aspar. atham. 
aur.-m. aur.-s. bell, bis. bor. bov. 
bry. calc, carb.-a. caiis, crot. 
eye. galv. gent. gins, hydroc. 
iod. kal, lach. lact. laur, led, 
lobel. lye. mere, mosch. natr,'m.. 
n.-vom. ol.-an. op, phos, plumb, 
puis. ran. rhus. sabin. samb. 
sec, sil, spig. stram. sulph. tab. 
tart, val. verat. zinc. ["Ars.- 
tcr. fer.-acct. lup. ox.-ac. phyto. 
pimpin. podoph. vip.-torv.**— 
Ed.] (Compare Loss of Cok-' 
sciousness and Vertigo.) 

Gnawing. FcBon, ran.-sc. 

Gurgling in the Head. Sep. 

Hammering in the Head. Am.-m. 
aur. calc. clem, for, lacli, mez. 
natr.-m. phos.-ac. [" Fer.-acet." 
Ed.] (Compare Throbbings.) 

Heat m the Head. Af?ib. am.-o. 
am.-m. a^Tt. aur. bell. bry. calc. 
carb.-a. carb.-v. caus. chin, 
daph. euphr. gent. hasm. heU. 
hyos. ind. lact. laur. lobeL 
magn.-m. magn.-«. mere. natr. 
nitr.-ac. n.«mos. ol.-an. phell. 
phos. plumb, ran. rat. rhab. 
rhod. rut. sep. sil. stram. stron. 
sulph. tab. tart. tax. viol.-od. 
[** Calc.-caust. capr.-ars. lap. 



phyto. pimpin.*' — Ed.] (Com- 
pare Febrile Sufferings.) 
Heat (Flushes of). Calad. canth. 

— Meal (after a). See Chap. 

— Morning (in the). Berb. lye, 
[" Kalm."— Ed.] 

— Night (at). Camph. sil. 

--- Noon (in the after-), when 
walking. Stront. 

•— Smoking (when). Magn. 

Heaviness of the Head. Aeon, 
alum, ammoniac, am.'m, am, 
ars, aspar. aur.-m. bar.-m. bell. 
berb. bov. bruc. bry. cole, calc- 
ph. camph. carb.-an. earb.-v, 
cast. cJiam. chin. cic. con. crot. 
oupr.-acet. didc. fer. galv. gent, 
gran. JuRm. hell, hjdroc. ign. 
ipec. kal.-h. kreos. lacli, lact. 
laur, lobel. lye. ^nagn.^m. mang. 
men. meph. mere, mosch. mur.- 
ac. murex. natr.-m, nic. nitr, 
nitr.-ac. n.-mos. n.-^vom, oleand. 
onis. op. petr. pheU, phos. pkos.- 
ac. plumb, prun. jmls. ran.-sc. 
rat. rhalf. rhus, rhus-v. sabin. 
sang, scroph. sep. sil, spig. sol. 
spong. squill, stann, staph, 
sulph, sulph.-ac. tab. tart, tereb. 
the. tong. verb, viol.-od. viol.- 
tric. zinc.-oz. mgs.-aus. ['* Brom. 
calend. cinch.-sulph. gent, gum.- 
gutt. hyp.-per. kalm. nuz-j. 
ophiotoz. pimpin. vip.-torv." — 

Htdrocephalus. (See Sect. 1.) 

— Chronic. Galv. 
Htste&ical Cephalalgia. (See 

Sect. 1.) 
Incisive Pains. Am. loch, verat. 
Inflammation of the Brain. (See 

Sect. 1, Meningitis.) 
— - Sensation of. Daph. 
Inflation (Sensation of). Bell. 
Insupportable Pains. Ars. 
Intoxication (Sensation *of). 

Aeon. agar. alum. ang. ant. arg. 

uar. bell, berb. bov. bry. catftph. 

caps, carb.-an. carb.-veg. cans, 
cham. cic. cocc, con. cor. croc, 
eug. gent, graph, hydroc. hyos. 
krcbs. lact. laur. lach, led. lye. 
mere. moa. n.-mos. n.^vo/n. op. 
plumb. ;n^. rhod. rhus. sec. sil 
spig. stram. thuj. tong. valer 
verat. mgs.-aus. ["Cupr.-ars. 
mere. -per. nux-j." — Ed.] 

Itching in the Head. Dig. 

Jerking Pains. Anac. arn. bor. 
bry. cham. c/an. ign. lact. magn. 
magn.-m.mur.-ac. n.-w;;». pseou. 
phos. phos.-ac. puis. rat. sep. 
sulph. teuc. thuj. mgs. 

Lightness (Sensation of). Stram. 

Megrim. (See Sect. 1.) 

Movements, Commotions, Waver- 
ing, &c., of the Brain, on Mov- 
ing the Head. Aeon, am.-c. ars. 
bar.-c. bell. calc. carb.-a. chin, 
croc. dig. jiyos. kal. laur. magn.- 
s. natr.-m. n.-??ios. n.-vom. rhab. 
rhus. staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. 

jtfovEMENT of the Brain, when 
Drinking and Speaking. Aeon.. 

— Step (on making a false). Led. 

— Stooping (when). Bry. dig. 
laur. rhab. 

— When walking or stepping. 
Led. rhus. 

Nail in the Brain (Sensation a^ 
from a). Agar. arn. coff. evon. 
hep. ign. lye. mosch. n.-vom. 
staph, thuj. magn. (Compare 

Noise in the Head. Gralv. 

Numbness of the Brain. (See 

Paralysis of the Brain (Symp- 
toms of). Ars. lyo. 

Perceptions, rather Dull. Arg.- 

Perforation (pain like). Sol. 

Pinching. Petr. mez. verb. 

Plug (Pain as from a). Anac* 
arg. asa. con. plat. (Compare 


Pressing Asunder (Sensation of). 

See Expansion. 
[" Pressing in the Eyes. Agar. 

al. am. anac. asa. asar. asp. bary. 

bell. bor. bov. bry. calc. caps. 

carb.-v. canst, dig. dnlc. euphor. 

fer. igna. iod. lach. magn. nitr.- 

ac. op. phos. pnls. sep. sil. snlph. 

sulph.-ac. tab. tart, tereb. teuc. 

" — In the Brows. Am. arg. 

mere, mosch. 
" — Orbits (in the). Aeon, carb.- 

a. carb.-y. cast. chin. coff. igna. 

lanr. mang.-a. mere, mosoh. 

phos.-ac. pnls. valer. 
M — Brain. Am. asa. asar. bary. 

bell. cocc. con. graph, hep. 

magn. men. mez. mosch. n.-vom. 

phos. prun. ran.-b. rhod. rhus. 

sab. samb. sep. spig. spong. 

« — Forehead. Aeon. agar. al. 

ammon. am. an. asa. asp. aur. 

bary. bell. berb. bis. bov. calc. 

camph. canth. caps, carb.-v. 

cast. caus. chel. chin. cic. cin. 

cocc. coff. con. cor. croc, crota. 

crot. cupr. eye. dig. dros. dul. 

grat. guaj. gell. hyd. hyos, ign. 

ip. iod. kal. kre. lach. lac t. led. 

lyc. magn.-a. magn. magn.-s. 
K mang. men. mere. mez. mosch. 

mur.-ac. nice, nitr.-ac. n.-mosch. 

n.-vom. clean, op. par. pet. phos. 

phos.-ac. plat. plum. prun. puis. 

ran. rhab. rhod. rhus. rut. sal. 

samb. sen. sil. spig. spong. stan. 

staph, stron. sulph. tab. tar. 

tart. thuj. val. verat. verb. zinc. 
•* — Occiput. Aeon. agar. amb. 

anac. ang. am. asa. asar. berb. 

bis. bov. bry. caps. can. chin. 

cic. colch. crot. dig. euphor. 

graph, grat. hell. hyd. hyp. iod. 

kreo. laur. lob. magn. -a. magn. 

mang. men. mere. m^z. mosch. 

mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. nice. nitr. 

nitr.-ac. n.-mosch. u -vom. ol.- 




an. par. phell. phos. phos.-ao- 
plat, plumb, puis, ran.-b. rhab* 
rhod. rut. sab. sass. sil. spong 
squill. Stan, staph, tab. tar. teuo 
thuj. verb. zinc. 

Pressing in the Temples. Aeon 
agar. al. anac. ang. arn. ars. aur 
asa. asar. asp. aur. bar. belL 
berb. bis. bov. calc. camph. can« 
caps, carb.-v. cast, caust. chin, 
cic. cin. cocc. coff. con. cor. croc, 
crota. crot. cupr. eye. dig. dros. 
dulo. graph, grat. ign. iod. kal. 
lach. lam. laur. lyc. magn. nitr. 
nitr.-ac. ol.-an. phel. phos. phos.- 
ac. plat. puis, ran.-s. rhab. rhod. 
rhus. ruta. saba. sab. samb. spig. 
Stan, staph, stront. sulph. tab. 
tar. teucr. thuj. val. verat. verb 

— Vertex. Aeon. aga. al. anao. 
arn. bar. bell. bov. carb.-a. carb. 
V. cin, cocc. coff. eye. hell. mgs. 
a. men. mosch. natr. nice, nitr 
petr. phos. ran.-b. ran.-sc. rhab. 
rhod. saba. sab. sep. sil. spig. 
spong. Stan. staph, sulph. sulph.* 
ac. tab. verat. verb, zinc." — 

Pressure. Agar. alum. amb. 
ammouiac. amm.-caus. anac. 
ang. arg. aru. ars. asar. aspar. 
atham. bar.-c. bell. herb. bis. bor, 
bov. bry. calad. cak. calc.-ph. 
cann. canth. caps. carb,-an 
carb.'V. caus. chin, cic. cin 
clem. cist. chen. cocc. colch 
coUk. crot. cupr. diad. dig. dros, 
dulc. eug. ewphorb. euphr. evop. 
fer. galv. gent. gran, graph. 
graZ. guaj. hell. hep. hydroo 
hyos. ign, iod. ipec. kal. lach. 
lact. lam. led. lobel. lyc. magn, 
Tnagn.-m.ioiVign.-s. mang. men. 
meph. mere. mez. mosch. murez. 
natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr. nitr.* 
a<f. n.-vom. oleand. ol.-an. onis, 
op. pseon. par. petr. phos. phos.* 
ac.plat. poth. puis. ran. ran. -so 



raph. rhab. rhod, rhus, nU. 

sahad, sabiD. samb. sass. scroph. 

sen, scp. sil, spig. sol. spong. 

stann. staph, stront. sulpk, 

6ulph.-ac. tab. tar. tax. tart. 

teuc. tereb. ther. thuj. tong. val. 

verat. verb, vioL-tric. zinc, zinc- 
ox. zing. iiigs.-arc. [** Aeon. 

aethus. ain.-m. ant. am. ars.- 

hyd. asa. aur. calend. oampb. 

east. eham. chel. cinch.-sulph. 

coff. con. oor. crotal. gent. kalm. 

kre. laur. merc.-per. mur.-ac. 

nice, nux-j. phyto. plumb, po- 

doph. prun. ran.-b." — Ed.] 
["Pressu&e (Burning). Al. lact. 

mang. sep. sulph.-ae. tar. 
" — Cramp-like. Ars. col. phos.- 

ac. plat, ran.-sc. zinc.'' — Ed.] 
— Downwards. Amb. cin. cupr, 

laur. phos, senn. mgs.-arc. 

["Benz..a."— Ed.] 
[" — Drawing. Agar. ang. ant. 

arg. ars. asa. aur. carb.-v. cans. 

cin. coff. bell. bep. ign. iod. kal. 

moscb. natr. nitr.*ae. ol.-an. 

ran.-b. ran.-se. rbus. sab. sass. 

spig. Stan. tar. tart. tbuj. 
« — Evenings (in the). Agar. 

anac. ang. bo v. camph. cnin. 

cbinin. cin. crotal. dig. fer. iod. 

lach. lact. laur. mang. nitr. 

pbos. rbab. rbod. saba. seneg. 

sep. stron. sulpb. tereb. zinc. 
** In bed. Campb. natr.-s. 

pbos. rbas. 

** Rising (on). Anac. crot. 

« Walking (on). Ran.-b. 

•* After eating. Carb.-v. 

" — Exercise (from). Ang. bo v. 

cans. eol. magn. mez. sil. tart. 

•* Rising. Bell. bis. cupr. 

grapb. igna. iod. stapb. sulpb. 
" — Afternoons. Ang. ars. cbin. 

iod. kal. laur. magn.-s. nitr. 

nitr.-ac. pbos.-ac. stron. sulpb. 
u — Eating (after). Agar. al. 

carb.-a. grapb. natr.-s. pbos. 

plat. rut. sass. seneg. tart. 
"PRESSUEE Early in tbe Morning. 

Am.-m. berb. bry. bor. cbin. 

graph, lye. magn. magn.-s. mez. 

natr. nice, nitr.-ac. pctr. phos. 

ran.-b. rut. sass. sil. sulph. 
" In bod. Anac. bell. bov. 

croc. dig. grapb. bell. bep. ign. 

n. -moscb. n.-vom. rau.-b. 
'* — Forenoon. Dig. phos. sass. 

seneg." — Ed.] 

— Expansive. (See Expan- 

— Heavy (like a stone, a weight). 
J3is, cann. cin, led. ["Ars.- 
hyd."— Ed.] 

— Outwards. (See Expanston.) 
[" — Piercing. Aeon. agar. arn. 

ars. am. aur. berb. caps. chel. 
chin, euphor. guaj. hyos. iod. 
lach. lact. magn.-a. magn. mang. 
nice. nitr. nitr.-ac. petr. pbos.- 
ac. sab. sass. staph, sulph.-ac. 
zinc." — Ed.] 

— Semilateral. ' Ammon. men. 
n.-vffm. tius, mgs.-arc. 

[" — Stooping (on). Bry. calc, 

kal. laur. n.-mosch. petr."— 

Pricking. Am.-m. viol.-od. 

['* Pimpin."— Ed.1 
Pulled Asunder (Pain as if). 

Natr.-s. • ' 

Pulsation. Alum. asar. hdl, 

carb.-v. chel. chin. croc. daph. 

fer.-mg. gent, kreos, lact. led. 

n.-vom. clean d. op. plumb, puis. 

rhus. sabad. spong. thuj. (Com- 
pare Throbbing.) 
Resonance in the Head. Orat. 

lact. lye. n.-vom. sass. sil. stront. 

Rigidity of the Brain (Sensation 

of). Phos. 
Rolling in the Head. Eag. 

Sensibility of tbe Brain. Con. 

mere, nitr.-ac. phos. 



Shaking of the Brain (SeBsation 
of). Hjos. lact. verat. (Com- 
pare Movement.) 

Shocks in the Head. Aeon! bell. 
cans. lact. mar.-ac. natr. natr.- 
m. natr.-s. n.-vom. samb. sang. 
Sep. sil. spig. stann. sulph.-ac. 
thuj. (See Throbbing, Blows, 


Shooting Pains. (See Shoot- 
Shootings in the Head. Aeon, 

ixsth, aloe, cttum, am.-o. arg. am. 

ars. ars.-cit. aur.-m. aur.-s. bar,- 

e, bell. berb. bar. bruo. bry. calc. 

camph. canth. caps, carb.-v. 

cans. cham. cin. coccion. con. 

crot. eye. daph. dig. enphorb. 

evon. fer. gent. gins. gran. grat. 

guaj. hep. hydroc. ign. ind. ipec. 

kal. lack. lact. lobel. l^. magn. 

magn.-m. magn.-s. mang. nierc. 

mill, mnr.-ac. natr. ncUr.-m. 

natr.-s. nic. nitr. nUr.-ac. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. par. petr. phos. 

phos.-ac. plumb, puis. raph. rat. 

rhod. rhus. sabin. sass. sel. sep. 

spig. squill, stann. staph, stront. 

sulph. szdph.-ac. tab. tar. tart. 

thuj. tong. val. verb. viol. -trie. 

line, zinc-ox. [*' Calc.-canst. 

cim.-lect. crotal. fer.-acet. gent. 

hyp.-per. kal.-bi." — Ed.] 
— - Inwards. Coloc. 

— Knives (as from). Bell, lacli. 

— Outwards. Asa. bry. con. natr. 

— Pulsative. Ars.-cit. 
Shrunk or Contracted (Sensation 

as if the brain were). Grat. 

Smarting Pains. Sabin. 

Smoke in the Brain (Sensation of). 
Arg. sulph.-ac. 

Softening of the Brain. Lach. 

Solidity in the Head (Sensa- 
tion of a want of). Verat. 
(Compare "Wavering of the 

["Soreness (in). Phytol. ars.- 
hyd/'— Ed.] 

Spasmodic, Compressive Painfl. 
Aeon. amb. ang. arn. ars. calo. 
carb.-v. col oh. coloc. crot. eug. 
hsDm. ign. mosch. murex. natr. 
n.'Vom. petr. phos.-ac. plat. nia. 
rhab. sass. squill, stann. tax 
(Compare Vice, Tension, Com 


Splitting (Sensation as if the 
Head were) Am.-c. ant. belL 
calc. caps. cast. oham. chin. 
cochl. daph. hep. ign. kreos. 
lach. 9nerc. natr.-m. natr.-s. nic. 
n.-vom. oleand. puis. rat. sep. 
sil. spig. spang, sulph. sulph.- 
ac. [" Cinch. -sulph. fer.-acet.** 
— Ed.] (Compare Expansion.) 

Squeezing. (See Spasmodic 

Stunning Pains. (See Stupefy- 

Stupefying, Stunning, &c., Pains. 
Aeon. anac. ant. arg. arn. ars. 
asa. a^ar, bell. bov. adc. cic. cin. 
cinn. con. crot. cupr. eye. dros. 
dulc. evon. gran. hell. hyos. iod 
kal. laur. led. lye. magn.-m. 
mosch. mez. nitr. oleand. pltos. 
rhab. ruta. sahad. Hfihin. stann. 
staph, tart, sulph. thnj. valer. 
verb. mf^s. [" Ars.-ter. gum.- 
gut." — Ed.] (Compare Stupor 
and Giddiness.) 

Stupor. Bell. bor. bov. bry. 
carb.-an. eye. fer.-mg. laur. led. 
mosch. ol.-an. op. plumb, rhus. 
sabin. sec. spig. stram. sulph. 
tab. tart. val. zinc. [" Lup."— 
Ed.] (Compare Giddiness.) 

Swelling (Sensation of). BeP. 
par. ran. raw. -5C. ther. ["Ophii- 
tox."— Ed.] 

Swimming in the Head. Con. lact. 

Swinging (Sensation of). Bell. 

Tearings, or Sharp Pains, Acute 
Dratedngs, &c., in the Head. 
JEth. agar. amb. am.-m. am- 
moniac, anac. arU. arg. arn. aur. 

I bell. berb. bov. calc. canth. caps. 



oast, chant, ohin. cin. cocc. 

colch. coloc. con. crot. dig. 

guaj, ign. ind. ipec. kal. kreos. 

lact. led. lye. magn.-m. magn.- 

s. mere, mill, niur.-ao. natr. 

natr.-m. nic. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

ol.-an. paeon, phos. phos.-ac. 

plumb, prds, ran. rat. rhab. 

rhas. ruta. samb. sass. sep. sil. 

spig. stann. staph, stdph, sulph.- 

ac. tart, tereb. teuc. thuj. tong. 

zinc, zino.-ox. mgs. [" Calc- 

caust. hyp.-per. kalm. merc- 

per. pimpin. sab. vip.-torv." — 

Tensive Pains, Tension. Ars. 

asa. bar.-c. berb. calc. cann. 

carb.-v. cans. clem. crot. dig. 

gent, graph, hep. hydroc. kal.- 

ch. kreos. lact. lobel. lyo. magn. 

magn.-m. mang. men. mere. 

mosch. natr. nitr.-ac. n.-yom. 

oleand. op. par. petr. puis. rhab. 

rhod. sabad. samb. sol. strtmt, 

xulph. ther. [** Merc.-per." — 

Throbbings, Pulsative Pains. 

Aeon. alum. am. ars. asa. asar. 

aur. aur.-m. beil. hot. bov. bry. 

cede, camph. cann. caps, carb.-v. 

V. cast. cJiam. cocc. crot. dros. 

euphr.y<?A graph, grat. ign. iod. 

kal. kal.-h. kreos. loch. laur. 

lye. magn.-m. mang. mere. niez. 

mill. natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr.- 
ac. n.-mos. oleand. ol.-an. op. 

par. petr. phell. phos. plumb. 

puis. rhab. rhod. rhus. rut. sa- 
bad. sabin. sass. sen. sep. si/. 

spong. squill, stann. stram. 

sulph. tab. tart. ther. thuj. tong. 

verat. zinc. ["Am. bar. canth. 

calc.-caus. cans, cinch. -sulph. 

con. dig. fer.-ao. hep. kalm. led. 

mosch. nice, n.-vom." — Ed.] 
-~ Abdomen (which commence 

from the). Khab. 
Tightness. (See Spasmodic 


VOL. II. — 12* 

Torn Asunder (Pain as if). Nat.- 
8. ["Fer.-acet."— Ed.J 

Torpor in the Head (Sensation 
of): Carb.-an. graph, magn.-m. 
ol.-an. jTlat. thuj. 

Ulceration (I'ain as from) Am.- 
c. bov. cast. cans. hep. mang. 
n.-vom. ['* Fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

Undulation, Swinging, Ebulli- 
tion, &c., in the Head. Aeon 
bell. caus. dig. hyos. ind. par. 
magn.-m. [** Fer.-acet. fluor. 
ac." — Ed.] (Compare Sensa 
tion of Water.) 

Vertigo. Aeon. aeth. agar. alum. 
amh. am.-c. am.-m. anajc. ant. 
arg.-nit. am. ars.-cit. asar. as- 
par. atham. bcU, berb. bor. bruo. 
bry. calc. calc. -ph. camph. carb.- 
an. carb.-v. caus. cic. cocc. con. 
croc. crot. cupr. dig. eug. for. 
galv. gent. gins. gran, graph. 
hep. heracl. hydroc. hyos. ign. 
ipec. kal. kal.-ch. ZocA. lact. ^ur. 
lob. lye. magn. magn.-m. magn.- 
8. mere, mosch. natr. natr,-ni. 
natr.-s. nic. nitr.-ac. n.-mos. m.- 
vom. oleand. ol.-an. op. par.jpe/r. 
phos. phos.-ac. plat, plumb. 
prun. puis. ran. ran.-sc. raph. 
rhod. rhus. sabad. sass. scroph. 
scl. sec. sen. sep. sil. spig. spong. 
stann. stram. sulph. sulph.-ac. 
tab. tar. tart. the. ther. thuj, 
val. verb, viol.-od. viol. -trie. 
ziTic. zinc.-oz. mgs. mgs.-aus. 
["Ars.-hyd. calc.-caust. cinch, 
sulph. cupr .-ars. fer.-acet. gum.* 
gutt. hyp.-per. kal.-bichr. kal.- 
brom. lup. merc.-per. nux-j. ox.- 
ac. phyto. pimpin. vip." — Ed.] 

— Back (which ascends from the). 

[" — Afternoon. Al. oarb.-v. fer. 
grat. nitr.-ac. sil."-— Ed.] 

— Carriage (like the motion of 
a). Fer. 

— Circle round and round H'n a). 



Vertigo (Drawing). Zinc, m.- 

*• — Evenings. Carb.-v. cast. cic. 

con. magn.-m. puis. sass. sulph. 

zinc." — Ed.] 
-^ Fall (which occasions a). Aeon. 

agar. alum. ang. arn. ars. bell. 

bruc. cann. cans. cic. cocc. oo- 

loc. con. crot. dros. euphorb. 

far. kroos. lact; led. magn.-m. 

magn.-s. mez. natr.-m. pheH. 

plumb, puis. ran. rhab. rhod. 

rhus. rut. sabin. sil. spig. squill. 

spong. tereb. zinc. mgs. 

backwards. Led. rhus. 

forwards. Arn. fer. natr.- 

m. ran. rhus. [" Fer.-acet. 

podoph." — Ed.] 
sideways. Cann. con. dros. 

euphorb. mez. rhab. squill, zinc. 

[" Fer.-acet."— Ed.] 

— With a sensation as if falling. 

[*• — Nights. Bor. camph. magn.- 
a. nux-mosch. sass." — Ed.] 

— Occiput (in the). Chin. zinc. 

— Semilateral. Mgs.-arc. [Merc- 
per. — Ed.] 

— Sinciput (in the). Hhab. 

— Staggering (causing). Ars. bell. 
brj. camph. cans. cic. croc. fer. 

• hjdroc. Ijc. magn.-m. n.-mos. 
n.-vom. ol.-an. phos.-ac. puis, 
sec. sen. spong. stram. sulph. 
tab. tar. tercb. thuj. verat. viol.- 
tr. ["Ars.-hyd. fer.-acet." — 

— Stomach (which proceeds from 
the). Kal. 

Vertigo, Swimming (Sensation as 
of) in bed. Lact. 

— Whirling. Aeon. anao. am,^ 
asa. bar.-m. bell. bis. brj. calad. 
chcl. cic. con. cnpr. euphorb. 
evon. for. grat. lact. lye. mur.- 
ac. natr.-ra. nat.-sulph. n.-vom, 
oleanrl. p/ios. puis. ran. r/iod. 
rut. staph, tab. val. verat. viol.- 
od. ["Fer.-acet. kal.-bichr." — 

Vibration in the Head. Grat. 

lact. lye. n.-vom. sass. sil. stront. 

Vice (Sensation as if the head 

were compressed in a). Magn.- 

8. natr.-m. plat. puis. ran. sabad. 

sass. stann. sulph. (Compare 

Band, Cramps, Tension, &c.) 
Violent Pains. ' Bell, coloc. lach. 

Water in the Brain (Sensation 

as of). Aeon. bell. dig. ind. 

phos.-ac. samb. 

— Boiling. Aeon. ind. 

Wavering in the Brain (Sensa- 
tion of). Aeon, am.-c. ars. bar.- 
c. bell. calc. carb.-an. croc. lact. 
magn.-s. natr.-m. n.-mos, n.-vom, 
rhus. staph, sulph.-a/:. verat. 
(Compare Movement of the 
Brain, Undulation, &c.) 

Weakness of the Head. Amb. 
ars. phos. ran. stram. sulph.-ao. 

— Paralytic. lod. 

Wind, or a Current of Air, Pass- 
ing over the Brain (Sensation 
of). Aur. cor. puis. 


["Boring in the Head. Aur. 

graph, petr. plat, sulph." — Ed.] 
Brain (In the). Agar, atham. 

bov. lach. lam. n.-vom. lob. sol. 

"Brain (Boring in the). Agar. 

col. dulc. mur.-ac. ol.-an. 
" — Piercing in the. Al. am. an. 

arg. carb.-v. cham. chin. cin. 


dig. dulc. hoU. iod. mosch. sab. 

staph, verb. 
"Beain (Pressing in the). An. 

as. asar. bar. bell. coco. con. 

graph, hep. magn. men. mez. 

mosch. nux-y. phos. prun. ran.- 

b. rhod. rhus. saba. samb. sep. 

spig. spon. staph.'' — ^Ed.] 
Ears (As far as the). Gralv. lach. 

mere. puis. 
Etes (Above the). Agar. arn. 

ars. asa. bar.-o. bell. bcrb. bov. 

brae, carb.-y. cic. cist, colch. 

croc. crot. evon. hep. lach. Ijc. 

meph. natr.-m. n.-mos. n.-vom. 

ol.-an. phosph.-ac. pals. raph. 

rhus. scroph. sel. sep. sulph. 

[**Brom."— Ed.] 
• - Behind the. Daph. gent. lach. 


— Between the. Lact. poth. 

— Pains extending to the. Lach. 
(Compare Sect. 5, Cephalalgia 
with Pains in the Eyes.) 

Face (Pains extending to the). 
Am.-m. anac. guaj. lye. rhus. 
sen. thuj. 

Forehead (In the). See Sinci- 
put and Forehead. 

Nape of the Neck (Alternately 
with Pains in the). Hyos. 

— Pains proceeding from the. 
Carb.-v. for. puis. sil. 

— Pains extending to the. Bor. 
mosch. nitr. puis, sabin. 

Neck (Pains extending to the). 

Anao. lach. mere. 
Nose (Above the root of the). 

Aeon. agar, am.-m. ars. asar. 

bar.-c. bis. bor. camph. galv. 

hep. ign. mosch. n.-vom. onis. 

plat. raph. staph, tart, viol.-tr. 

— Extending to the. Ars. bis. 
bor. crot. galv. dig. fer.-mg. lach. 
Ivc. mez. natr. nitr. rhus. stann. 

•— In the. Crot. galv. 

Occiput (In the). Anac. amb. 
ammoniac, am.-m. arg. ars. ath- 
am. bar.-c, bor. camph. carb.-a. 


carb:-v. cazis. colch. con. crot, 

fer.-mur, gent. gran, graph. 

grat. haem. heracl. hydroc. ign. 

ind. iod. kal. kal.-ch. kreos. lack 

la<3t. lobel. magn. meph. mosch 

mur.-ac. murex. natr.-m. natr.-s 

nitr, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. 

plumb, prun. puis, rhus, sec, 

sep, sol. spig, sulph. tart. thuj. 

viol.-tr: zinc, zinc-ox. [** Calc- 

caust. calend. pimpin.'' — Ed.] 
Seuilateral Pains. Agar. amb. 

ammoniac, anac. ars, a^ar, aur. 

bell. bry. caic, caps, cans. cham. 

cJiin. cic. coccion. coff. colch. 

coloc. con. croc. gins. gran. 

graph, guaj. kal. kal.-h lact. 

lye. mere. mez. n.-vom. ol.-an. 

paeon, petr. phos. puis, ran. sass. 

sec. sep, sil. sptmg. svlph, tart. 

thuj. tong. valer. verat, verb 

["Ars.-ter. brom. cim.-lect. flu- 

or.-ac. kal.-bich. kalm. rhus-r." 

Sides of the Head. Ammoniac. 

ars.-cit. asa. asar. atham. caps. 

coff. crot. iiupr. dig. gins. guaj. 

hydroc. kreos. mill, natr.-s. 

phell. plat. rhod. sol. squill. 

staph, zinc, zinc-ox. (Compare 

SeiTilateral Pains.) 
Sinciput (In .the Forehead and). 

Aeon, alum. amb. ammoniac. 

am,^, amm.-caust. am,'m. ang. 

ant. arg. arn. ars. asa. asar. 

aspar. aur.-fulm. bar.-c, bell. 

herb. bis. bor. bry. camph, cann. 

cast, caust. chen. chin, cic, cist. 

clem. coco, coccin. colch. coloc 

con. ^cor. croc, crot. diad. dig 

dros, dulc, euphr. gent, gran 

graph, grat. guaj. haem. hell 

hep. heracl. hydroc. hyos. ign, 

iod. ipec, kal. kal.-h. kreos. 

lach. lact. lobel. lye. magn.-m. 

magn.-s. mere, rourcx. natr* 

natr.-m. natr.-s. nic. nitr.-ao. 

n,-vom. ol.-an. oleand. phos 

plat, plumb, poth. prun. ptds 



ran. raph. rliab. r?u)d. rhns. rtUa, 

sabad. samb. scroph. sel. sen. 

«^. sil, sol. spig. spong. stann. 

staph, stront. sulpb. tar. tart. 

teuc. tbe. tber. thuj. vaier. verb. 

Tiol.-od. viol.-tric. sine, zino.-ox. 

[" A¥s.-ter. brom. calc.-caust. 

calend. cinch.-sulpb. fer.-acet. 

fluor.-ao. gent, hyp.-per. kal.- 

bicbr. kahn. merc.*per. nuz-j. 

ox.-ac. pimpin." — Ed.} 
Teeth (Pains in tbe). Kreos. lye, 

mere, mez. 'puLs. sil. ["Ars.- 

ter."— En.] 
Temples (In tbe). Aeon. agn. 

aloe, amm.-caust. anac. ang. ant. 

am. asa. asar. aspar. atbam. bell. 

berb. bis. bor. calc. cann. carb.- 

T. cast. cans, obeli, cbin. clem. 

eocc. croe. crot. cupr. eie. dapb. 

dig. guaj. hep. heracl. bjdroc. 

kal. kreos. lach. lact. lobel. 

magn.-s. mere, murex. natr.-m. 

natr.-s. phos. phos.-ac. plat. 

plumb, poth. prun. ran. ran.-se. 

rhab. rhod. rhus. sabad. samb. 

squill, stann. stront. sulpb. tab. 

tar. teuc. thuj. verb, viol.-tr. 

sine, zinc-ox. [" ]3enz.-a. cale.- 

caust. gnm.-gutt. hyp.-per. kal. 

bieh. kalm. merc.-per. ox.-ac. 

podoph. rhus-r." — Ed.] 
Tongue (Extending to the). Ipec. 
Various Parts (Shifting in). Potb. 
Vertex (In the). Agar. amb. 

ant. bruo. calc. carb.-v. cast. 

chin. cocc. con. croc. crot. cupr. 

dapb. evon. fer. graph, hep. hy- 

droc. kreos. lach. laot. lobel. 

natr. natr.rS. nitr.-ac. par. ran. 

raph. rhab. samb. scroph. squill. 

stram. tab. thuj. valer. verat. 

[" Fer.-acet. gum.-gutt. byp.- 

pcr. ox.-ao. ' — Ed.] 




Abdomeh (Proceeding from). Con- 
gestion in tbe Head. Crot. 

Air (From Cold). Cephalalgia. 
Carb.-an. fer. natr.-m. rhod. 

AiB (From Cold). Ameliorated. 

Air (From a Current of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon, bell, chin, co- 
loc. n.-vom. valer. 

Air (In Heated). Cephalalgia, 

Air (In the open). Cephalalgia. 
Alum. bell. calc. calc.-ph. chin, 
cin. con. fer. grat. kal. lach. 
mang. inur.-ac. mez. n.-vom. 
spig. svlph, 

— — ameliorated. Aeon. ant. 
ars. coloc. crot. diad. mang. 

nitr. phell. phos. sen. tab. thuj. 

viol.-tric. zinc. 
Aiic (In the open). Cloudiness. 

ameliorated. Am.-m, 

— Confusion ameliorated. Ars. 

— Heaviness ameliorated. Ars. 

— Tension. Lobel. 

— Vertigo. Agar. amb. ang. calc. 
canth. dros. ran. rut. sep. stdpii. 
tar. the. [" Podoph."— Ed.] 

ameliorated. Am.-m.magn.- 

s. phell. sulph.-ac. 
Air (After exercise in the open). 

Cephalalgia. Am.-c. calc. hep. 

nic. petr. sabad. 
Air (During exercise in the open). 

BEcc. rv. — cosmrnoNS. 


Cephalalgia. Alum. cin. con. 
grat. kal. led. mur.-ac. n.-vom, 
pul& rhas. spig. sulph. 
Aiii (During exercise in the open). 
Cephalalgia ameliorated. Ant. 
coloc. thuj. 

— Blows, Shocks. Spig. 

— Vertigo. Amb. ang. ars. ars.- 
cit. calc. dros. mere, n.-vom, 
rut. puis. sep. sulph. tar. the. 

Air (On going out into the open). 

— Vertigo. Ran. 

Amgrt (After being). Cephalal- 
gia. . Lyo. magn. natr.-m. petr. 
phos. rhus. mgs. 

— Heaviness. Magn. 

— Vertigo. Calc. 

Arms (When using the). See 

Awaking (On). See Morning, 
in Bed. 

Atmosphere. (See Weather^ 

Back (From a strain in the). See 
Sect. 1. 

Bathing in a Riyer (After). Ce- 
phalalgia. Ant. (Compare 
Sect. 1, Cephalalgia.) 

Bed (In). See Morning and 
Evening, in Bed, and also 
Lying Down. 

Beer (After drinking). Cepha- 
lalgia. Rhus. 

— Intoxication (Easy). Kal.-ch. 
Blowing the Nose (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Sulph. 

Brandt. (See Spirituous Li- 

Breakfast (After). Lye. n.-mos. 
(Compare Morning.) 

Brightness. (See Light.) 

Carbonic Gas. (Cephalalgia, as 
if produced by.) Am.-c. 

Carriage (From the motion of a). 
Cephalalgia. Graph, iod. kal. 
meph. nitr.-ac. 

ameliorated. NUr, 

— Vertigo. Hep. sil. 
Catamenia (Before, during, after 

the). See Chap. XX. 

Of^nge of Weather. (See Wea- 

CsiLL (From a). Cephalalgia 
(See Sect. 1.) 

— (As from a). Aeon, ol.-an. 

r LOSING the Eyes (On). See 

C-offee (From). Cephalalgia. 
Cham. ign. nitr. n.-vom. (Com^ 
pare Sect. I, Cephalalgia.) 

-— Vertigo. Cham. 

^ror^D Air (From). Cephalalgia. 
Carb.-an. fer. natr.-m. rhod, 

ameliorated. Sen. 

Qr\jM Temperature (On passing 
from a warm into a). Cophalal- 
gia. Ran. verb. 

CoT.n (From external). Cephalal- 
gia. Verb. (Compare Chill.) 

CoMPitNY (In a numerous). Cepha- 
lalgia. Magn. 

Compression of the Head. (Pains 
which force). Merc. 

CoMPRESSTNO the Head (By). Ce- 
phalalgia amelioriited. Cinn, 

Concussions (From). Cephalalgia. 
Am. bell, coccul. hep. phos.-ae. 

Contradiction or Anger. (Af- 
ter^. Cephalalgia. Lye. magn. 
nafr.-m. f^A phos. rhus. mgs. 
(Compare Sect. 1, Cephalal- 

Cold Bandages (By). Cephalal- 
gia ameliorated. Ars. 

Cooling the Head (On). Cepha 
lalgia. Aun 

CoRYZA (As from a). Cephala)« 
gia. Chin, sulph. 

Coughing (When). Cephalalgia 
Fer.-mur. kal. spig. sulph. 

— Shaking of the Brain. Lact. 

— Vertigo. N.-vom. 
Coughing (After). Cephalalgia 

Covering the Head (On). Cold- 
ness. Vol, 

— Amelioration. Lobel. 
Debauch (As after a). Cephalal 



gia. Ambr. bry. cbin. n.-von. 
puis, sulph. (Compare Sect. 1, 
Cephalalgia Caused by a De- 

Dinner (After). See after Eat- 
ing and aft^r Noon. 

Drinking (After). Cephalalgia. 
Aeon. [" Brom. milk." — Ed.] 

— Movement of the Brain. Aeon. 
Drinking and Eating (After). 

Cloudiness. Bell. coco. 
Eating (After). Cephalalgia. 
Am.-c. arn. bruc. calo. oarb.-an. 
carb.-veg. cham. cinn. crot. 
evon. graph, hyos. kal. loch. lyo. 
men. natr.-s. nitr.-ac. n.-mos. n.- 
vom, paeon, pkos. puis. rhus. sep. 
sulpk. sine. [" Calend." — Ed.] 

— Cloudiness. Bell. cocc. men. 
n.-vom. petr. phos.-ac. 

— Confusion. Bell, lobel. natr.- 
n.-Yom. sulph. 

— Congestion. Petr. sil. 

— Heat. Lye. n.-vom, [" Ca- 
lend."— EdJ 

— Vertigo. Cham. cor. kal. loch. 
magn.-s. natr.-s. n.-vom, petr. 
puis, rhus. sulph. 

Eating (When). Cephalalgia. 

Graph, ran. 
ameliorated. Phell, 

— Confusion. Natr.-s. 

— Heat. N.-vom. 

— Perspiration on the forehead. 

— Vertigo. Arn. magn.-m. mgs. 

Emotions, Moral (After). Ce- 
phalalgia. Kreos. (Compare 
Grief, Contradiction, &c., &o. 
See Sect. 1.) 

— Vertigo. Sil. 

Epilepsy (After an attack of). 
Cephalalgia. Cupr. 

— Besembling precursory symp- 
toms of. Arg.-nit. 

Epileptic Patient (In the case 

of an). Arg.-nit. 
Evacuations (From insufficient). 

Cephalalgia. Con. 

Evening (In the). Cephalalgia, 

Am.-c. anac. ang. hruc, carb.-v. 

cham. cinn. croc, crot, eug. 

euphr. for. hep. kal.-ch. lach. 

lobel. lye. magn.-m. mcpfa. petr. 

phos. 7;^^^^ rhus. rut. sep. sol. 

stront. sulph, tart. ther. thuj. 

zinc. [" Cinch.-sulph. fer.-acet. 

fluor.-ac. nux-j." — Ed.] 
Evening (In the). Cloudiness. 

Graph, sil. 

— Confusion. Bruc. euphr. rut. 

— Heaviness. Sep. 

— Resonance. (See Vibration). 

— Vertigo. Am.-c. ars.bruc.calc. 
carb.-a. graph, hep. kal. magn. 
mere, natr.-s. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
phos. phos.-ac. plat. puis. rhus. 
spong. sulph. mgs. 

— Vibration in the head. Stront. 

Evening (In bed, in the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Ars. lye. magn.-m. 
puis. sep. sol. sulph. zinc. 
(Compare Night.) 

— Vertigo. Lach. n.-vom, rhus. 

Exertion (From physical). Ce- 
phalalgia. Calc. (Compare 

— Heaviness. Calc. 

— Vertigo. Kal.-ch. 

Etes (When casting down the). 
Vertigo. Oleand. spig. 

Eyes (When lifting up the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Mgs. -arc. 

Eyes (When moving and turning 
the). Cephalalgia. Bell. bry. 
cupr. dig. hep. magn.-s. mur.- 
ao. n.-vom. op. puis. rhus. sep. 
mgs. -arc. 

Eyes (On opening the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Bry. chin. gent. 

False Step (On making a). Ce- 
phalalgia. Anac. led. ["Phy- 
to."— Ed.] 

— Commotion of the brain. Led« 
Fire (By the warmth of a). Ce* 

phalalgia. Bar.-c. 



Flattts (During an emission of}.' 

Cephalalgia ameliorated. Cic. 
Flatus (As from incarcerated). 

Cephalalgia.' Sulph. 
Fright (After a). Vertigo. Op. 
Frowning (When). Cephalalgia. 

Going into the Open Air (On). 

Going up (When). Cephalalgia. 

Calc. fer.-mg. sulph. 

— Vertigo. Bor. 

Going up a Height (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Calc. 

— Vertigo. Calc. 

Going up Stairs (When). Cepha- 
lalgia. Ant. arn. bell, lobcl. 
men. par. phos.-ae. 

; — Shocks. Bell. 

— Vertigo. Calc salph. ["Ar*,- 
Ay^."— Ed.] 

Hair (On touching the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Agar. 

— (On untying the). Cephalal- 
gia ameliorated. Nitr. 

— (On turning back the). Ten- 
sion behind the right ear. 

Head (Throwing back the). Ame- 
lioration. Bell, murex. thuj. 

He^t (From). Cephalalgia. Aeon. 
am.-c. arn. bar.-c. bell. In-y. 
carb.-v. caps. ign. iod. ipec. sen. 
ail. spong. 

— Of the bed. Bell. 
Holding back the Head (On). 

Amelioration. Bell, murex. 

Hot Teupgrature (On passing 
from a cold to a). Cephalalgia. 

Indigestion (As from). Cepha- 
lalgia. N.-mos. puis. (Com- 
pare Seoul, Gastric Cephalal- 

Injuries (From Mechanical). 
See Sect. 1, Cephalalgia. 

Labor, Intellectual (From). Anac. 
arn. asat. aur, calc. chin. cin. 

colch. daph. dig. gran, graph. 
loch, lact. Ijc. magn. natr. natr.- 
m. n.'Vom, ol.-an. par. petr. 
phos. phos.-ac. puis, sabad. sil. 
sulph. mgs.-arc. 
Labor, Intellectual (From). Con- 
fusion. CocQ. 

— Fatigue of the head. Aur. 
bar.-c. calc. graph, lye. magn. 
natr. natr.^m.^ n.-vom. phos 
771^. sel. sil. 

— Stupor. Bor. 

— Vertigo. Agar, am.-o. arn. 
bor. cupr. gran. grat. natr. sep. 

Laboring with the Arms (From). 
Cephalalgia. Natr.-s. 

— Vertigo. Berb. 
Laughing (On). Cephalalgia. 

Phos. tong. 

Laughter (Sensibility of the 
brain to). Phos. 

Lemonade (After drinking). Sel. 

Light (From candle-). Cepha- 
lalgia. Croc. 

— Day- (From). .Cephalalgia. 

Loins (From a strain in the). See 

Sect. I. 
Looking into the Air (On). Ce? 

phalalgia. Cupr. plumb, thuj. 

— Vertigo. Puis. sil. 
Looking Backwards (On). Verti- 
go. Con. 

Looking Down (On). Oleand. 

Looking Fixedly at an Object (On) 

Cephalalgia. M ur.-ac. spong. 
ameliorated. Agn. 

— Vertigo. Sass. 

Lying Down (After). Cephalalgia 

Lying Down (When). Ccphalal* 

gia. Bell, camph. coloc. euphn 

lye. magn. 
ameliorated. Atham. calc. 

ph. cupr. hell. ign. oleand. 

— Vertigo. Calad. con. rhod 
staph, thuj. mgs. 

— Vertigo. Ameliorated. Phell 



Ltino on the Back (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Goloc. 

— Vertigo. Merc, n.-vom. sulph. 
Ltino on the Part Affected (When). 

Cephalalgia. Calad. graph. 

magn. phos.-ao. 
Mastication (From). Cephalal- 
gia. Salph. 
Meal (After a). See After Eat- 
Meditations (From). See From 

Intellectual Labor. 
Midnight (After). Cephalalgia. 

Morning (In the). Cephalalgia. 

Agar. amh. am.-c. am.-m. anac. 

ars. aur. boT. bry. cole, calc.-ph. 

carb.-an. cans. cham. cin. clem. 

con. croc, fer.-mg. graph, hep. 

kal. murex. natr. natr.-m. nitr. 

nitr.-ac. n.-vom, petr. pkas. 

phos.-ac. puis. rhab. rut. scroph. 

sep. sil. squill, stann. staph. 

sulph. thuj. zinc. ['* Brom. kal.- 

bichr. podoph." — Ed.] 
*— Cloudiness. Agar. bell. alum. 

bis. cede, carb.-a. cham. graph. 

tod, magn.-m. mere. phos. verat. 

— Confusion. Bell. clem. lact. 
magn.-m. phos. rhod. rut. thuj. 

— Heat. Berb. lye. 

— Heaviness. Am.-m. clom. con. 
croc. nitr. n.-vom. petr. 

— Resonance. (See Vibration.) 

— Vertigo. Agar. alum, am.-o. 
bell. calc. carb.-an. ckam. lact. 
magn.-m. mang.-s. nic. nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. phos. puis. rut. sep. sil. 
squill, sulph. zinc. ["Brom." 

— Vibration in the head. Lact. 

Morning in Bed (In the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Agar. anac. berb. 
bov. bry. calc. calc.-ph. cans, 
cham. cin. con. ign. kreos. lach. 
lact. murex. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. 
n.-vom. puis. raph. rhab. rut. 

squill, staph, thuj. zino.<oz 
[" Gum-gutt." — Ed.] 
Morning in Bed (In the). Clondi 
ness, Intoxication, &o, Graph, 

— Congestion. Xyc. 

—* Heat. L^c. ^ 

— Vertigo. Con. graph, lach. ^ 
Morning after Breakfast (In the) 

Cephalalgia. Lyo. n.-mos. 
Morning, on Rising (In the). Ce 
phalalgia. Am.-m. crot. laofe. 
n.-vom. puis. 

— Amelioration. Murex. 

— Cloudiness. Lact. mere. 

— Vertigo. Bell. cham. gran* 
graph, magn.-m. natr.-m. nic. 
2)/ios. puis. rhus. rut. sep 
[" Kal.-bichr."-.ED.l 

Mouth (On opening the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Spig. 

Movement (From). Cephalalgia. 
Aeon. agn. am.-m. anac. bell 
bry. calc. calc.-ph. carb.-an. 
chin, croc, dulc. grat. kal. lobel. 
magn.-s. natr.-m. n.-mos. n.- 
vom. plat. samb. spig. staph. 
sulph. ther. [" Nux-j."— Ed.] 

— Ameliorated. Mur.-ac. 

— Heaviness. Calc. 

— Vertigo. Anac. chin. kal. lact. 

— Wavering of the braiu. Aeon, 
carb.-an. croc, magn.-s. n.-mos. 

Movement of the Eyes (From). 

See On Moving the Eyes. 
Moving the Arms (On). Cepha 

lalgia. Fer.-mg. natr.-s. rhus. 

— Vertigo. Berb. sep. 
Moving the Eyes (On). BelL 

bry. crot. cupr. dig. hep. magn.* 
s. mur.-ac. n.-vom. op. puis, 
rhus. mgs.-arc. 

— Heaviness. N.-vom. 

Moving the Head (Ckf). Cepha- 
lalgia. Caps. cor. graph, lach. 
lact. lye. natr. natr.-m. phos.^ao. 
puis. sep. spig. [" Podoph."— 

SEcrr. IV.— ooirornoNS, 


Moving the Head (On). Move- 
ments, Wavering, Staking, &c., 
of the Brain. Aeon, carb.-a. 
croo. magn.-s. natr.-m. n.-mos. 

— Vertigo. Apon. arn. calc. 
carb.-v. hep. kal. meph. mos. 

Music (From). Cephaklgia. Amb. 

— Congestion. Amb. 

— Sensibility of the brain. Phos. 
Night (At). Cephalalgia. Alum. 

am.-c. ars. berb. bov. calc. 
oamph. canth. carb.-v. cans, 
cham. chin. con. eag. h»m. hep. 
kreos. lye. magn. magn.-s. mere. 
natr.-s. nitr.-ac. par. phos. phos.- 
ac. puis. raph. rhus. sil. stdph, 
tart. zinc, mgs.-arc. [''Ars.- 

— Congestion in the head. Am.- 
c. puis. sil. 

— Heat in the head. Camph. 

— Vertigo. Am.-c. calc. cans, 
natr. phos. spong. stdph. zinc- 

Noise (From). Cephalalgia. An- 
ac. con. ign. iod. mere, phos.-ac. 

— Vertigo. Ther. 

Noise of Carriages (Sensibility to 

the). Nitr.-ac. 
Noon (After). Cephalalgia. JSth. 

asar. bell, coloc. graph, lach. 

lact. lye. sel. sil.stront. ['* Kal.- 

bi."— Ed.] 

— Vertigo. Sep. 

Noon (When walking in the 

after-). Heat in the Head. 

KooN (At). Vertigo. Arn, magn.- 

m. magn.-s. natr. n.-vom. phos. 
Noon (Fore-). Cephalalgia. Bor. 

hep. sel. sil. 
OvEE-HEATED (From being). 

Carb.-v. sil. (Compare Heat.) 
Periodically. Cephalalgia. Aloe. 

am. ars. bell, calc, fer, natr.-m. 

n.-vom, sil. sulph, rhus. 
[**Cinch.-sulph."— Ed.] 
Periodically, Daily. Bell. calc. 
con. lach. magn. natr.-m. n.-vom. 
sep.'n/. bvlph, 

— Cephalalgia. Every second 
day. Ambr. 

Position (When changing the). 
Cephalalgia. Calc. -ph. 

— Vertigo. Aeon. arn. ars. bell 
bry. carb.-an. cic. coccul. con 
laur. n.-vom. op. puis. zinc. 

P&EssuRB (From). Cephalalgia. 
Agar, am.-c. cast, phos.-ac. val. 

ameliorated. Par. [" Cim.* 

leot."— Ed.1 

Raising the Head (On). Cepha- 
lalgia. Bov. 

— Vertigo. Am, chin, ooloo. 

Beading (When, or after). Ce- 
phalalgia. Ang. arg. arn. bor. 
calc. cin. orot. ign. natr.-s. 
(Compare Intellectual Labor.) 

— Vertigo. Am.-c. arn. cupr. 
grat. heraol. par. 

Beading Aloud (When). Vertigo- 

Reflecting, Meditating (When). 

(See Intellectual Labor.) 
Repose (During). Cephalalgia, 

ameliorated. Hell. 

— Confusion. Natr. 

— Pulsations in the head. Lact. 
Besting the Head (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Alum. 

ameliorated. Bell. diad. 

kal. men. mere. ["Brom." — - 

— Confusion, ameliorated. Diad 

— Vertigo, amelii)ratod. Sabad 
Resting on the Check (When) 

Vertigo. Verb. 
Resting (When). Cephalalgia, 

Agar, am.-c. ca^t. phos.-c. val. 

ameliorated. Par. 

(With pressure on the ieni 

pies. Aspar. 



Bisma from the Bed (When). 
See Rising in the Mokning. 

KisiNofrom a Beoumbent Position 
(On). Cephalalgia. Squill. 

— Vertigo. Croc, oleand. petv. 
puis. sil. 

BisiNO from a Seat (On). Cepha- 
lalgia. Orat. lam. sulph. (Com- 
pare BiSINO UP.) 

— Vertigo. Aeon. asar. bry. laur. 
petr. puis, sabad. thtif. ["Kal.- 
bichr."— Ed.] 

BisiNQ tp (On^. Cephalalgia. 

Aeon. cor. dapn. lam. mur.-ac. 

n.-vom. tong. 

ameliorated. Cic. magn. 

Book (In a). Cephalalgia. Am. 

ars. crot. laur. magn. nic. sen. 

ameliorated. Mang, sulph. 

— Confusion. Aeon. ars. men. 

— Heaviness. Ars. 

— Vertigo. Am.-m. lye. magn.- 
m. staph, sulph.-ao. 

Boom (On coming into a). Cepha- 
lalgia. Spong. tong. 

Boom (In a warm). Cephalalgia. 
Arn. lact. sen. spong. 

— Confusion. Aeon. 

— Vertigo. Lact. lye. 
BuNNiNG (OiO- Cephalalgia. 

Natr.-m. (Compare Walking 

Scratching Behind the Ear (Af- 
ter). Cloudiness. Calc. 

Seated (When). Cephalalgia. 
Agar. bruc. rut. 

ameliorated. Lam. 

— Vertigo. Am.-c. crot. evon. 
f grat. heracl. lach. meph. mere. 

nitr.-ac. phos. puis. rut. stann. 

staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. viol.-od. 
Shocks (From). Cephalalgia. Bell. 
Sitting Down (On). Amelioration. 

Bleep (During). Cephalalgia. 

Cham. magn. 

Sleep (Which disturbs the). See 
Chap. I., Sect. 3. 

Sleeping (When). Amelioration. 

Slept too much (As if after hav- 
ing). Cephalalgia. Bov. thuj. 

Smells (From strong). Ign. sell. 

Smoke (As if from). Cephalalgia. 

Sneezing (When). Cephalalgia. 

— Vertigo. N.-vom, 
Speaking (When, or after). Ce- 

^phalalgia. Aeon. chin. coff. 
con. duio. ign. iod. sil. spig. 

— Congestion in the Head. Coff. 

— Besonance. (See Vibration.) 

— Stupor. Bor. 

— Vertigo. Bor. par. 

— Vibration. Sass. 
Speaking (When listening to 

another). Pain. Ign. 
Spirituous Liquors (From). Ce- 
phalalgia. Calc. carb.'V. ign. 
n.'Vom. rhod. sel. zinc. (Com- 
pare Wine.) 

— Susceptibility to Intoxication 
by. Alum. bov. con. cor. kal.- 

Standing a Long Time (When). 
Cephalalgia. Arg. tar. 

— Vertigo. Cann. crot. eye. 
oleand. phos.-ac. rhab. scroph. 
spig. ["Merc.-per." — Ed.] 

Stepping Out in Walking (When). 
Cephalalgia. Aloe. chin. lye. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. rhus. sep. 
sil. spig. sulph. (Compare 

— Sensibility of the brain. Nitr.- 
ac. phos. 

— Shaking of the brain. Lio. 
n.-vom. rhus. sep. sil. spig. 
viol. -trie. 

— Vibration in the head. Lye. 
Ui-vom. sil. 

Stomach (After derangement of 
the). Cephalalgia. N.-mos. 



puis. (Compare Sect. 1, Oas- 
trio Cephalalgia.) 
Stooping Forwards and Bending 
tho Body Double (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon. asar. bar.-c. 
bor. bry. calo. calc-pb. oamph. 
ooloc. cor. cic. dig. fer. fer.-mg. 
hep. kreos. ign. lach. laar. n.- 
yom. petr. plat. pals. rhus. rhab. 
sen. senn. sep. sil. spig. staph. 
Bulph.-ao. thnj. yerat. [** Cinch.- 
Bulph. phyto." — Ed.] 

— Congestion. Lach. sen. sep. 

— ^ Heaviness. Aam, petr. rhus. 
[""— Ed.] 

— Movements of the brain. Dig. 

— Vertigo. Aeon. anac. bar.-c. 
bell. berb. bry. carb.-v. led. lyo. 
mcph. n.'Vom, ol. petr. plumb. 
vuls. sil. sulph. ther. val. 
['*Kalm. kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

ST6opmG the Head (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Nitr. 

Stooping (After). Heaviness. 
Tong. viol.-trio. 

Sun (In or from the). Cephalal- 
gia. Bruc. lach. TicUr, n.-vom. 

— (As if from the). Prun. 

— (From the light of the). Ver- 
tigo. Agar. 

Tea (After partaking of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Sel. 

TfiiNKiNG (When). See Intellec- 
tual Labor. 

Thinking of Pains Endured 
(When). Amelioration. Cam- 

Theowing Back the Head 

(When). Amelioration. Bell. 

murex. thuj. 
Tobacco (From the Smoke of). 

Cephalalgia. Aeon. ant. ign 


— -— ameliorated. Diad. 

— Cloudiness. Alum. 

Tough (From the). Cephalalgia. 

Bell. calc. camph. cast. chin, 
oupr. ipeo. lact. mez. 

Touch (From the). Ameliorated. 

Turning in the Bed (When). 
Cephalalgia. Meph. 

Turning the Eyes (When). Hea- 
viness. Agn. 

Turning the Head (When), See 
Movement, Moving. 

Twilight (In the). Cephalalgia. 

Uncovering the Body (When). 
Cephalalgia. Ameliorated. Cor. 

Veal (After partaking of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Nitr. 

Vomiting (From). Cephalalgia. 

Waking (On). See Morning in 

Walking (From). Cephalalgia. 
Aloe. am. caps. chin. iod. n.* 
vom. puis, scroph. stront. sulph. 
the. viol.-tr. (Compare Step- 

— Ameliorated. Canth. 

— Cloudiness. Camph. 

— Confusion in the Head. Atham. 

— Heaviness. The. 

— Resonance. (See Vibration.) 

— Shaking of the brain. Calc. 
lye. n.-vom. sep. sil. spong. 
viol. -trie. 

— Vertigo. Anao. am. ars. asar. 
cann. carb.-v. cic. ipec. natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. phos.-ac. spig. sulph. 
tart, viol.-tr. 

ameliorated. Staph. 

— Vibration in the head. N.- 
vom. verb. 

Walking (After). Vertigo. Laur. 

Walking in the open Air (From). 
See Air. 

Walking Quickly (When). Ce- 
phalalgia. Bell. bry. 

— Shocks. Bell. 

Walking in the Wind (When). 
Cephalalgia. Chin. 



Watching (As from). Cephalalgia. 
Amb. bry. chin, n.^vom. puis. 

Watching (From). See Scot. 1, 

Water (Cold). Cephalalgia. Ars. 

Mitigated. Ars. 

Water (Near Running). Vertigo. 
^ Ang. fer. sulph. 

Weather (From bad). Cephalal- 
gia. Carb.-a. D.*vom. rhod. 
(Compare Chap. I., Cephalal- 

Weather (From change of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Lach. ran. verb. 

Wind (In the). Cephalalgia. Chin, 

Wine (From). Cephalalgia. iV.- 
vom. rhod. sd. sine. (Compare 
Spirituous Liquors.) 

— Cloudiness (Speedily produced 
by). Alum, bo v. con. oor. 

— Vertigo. Bov. natr. zinc. 
Wrapping up the Head (On). 

Cephalalgia. Calo. 

— Ameliorated. Magn.-m. 

Writing (While, or after). Ce- 
phalalgia. Bor. calo. gent, 
natr.-m. (Compare Intellectual 

— Vertigo. Sop. 
Yawning (When). Agar. 


KoTB. — Compare with this Section the Clinical Remarks, Sect. L, also the 
articles which, in the other Chapters, correspond with the followiDg, \v order 
to complete the latter when needful. 

Agitation (With). Cephalalgia. 
Ignat. lye. 

Anguish, Anxiety (With). Ce- 
phalalgia. Phos. ran. rhab. 

— Vertigo. Bdl. cans. mere, n.- 
mos. rhod. 

Appetite (With loss of). Ce- 
phalgia. Cocc. sel. 

Arms (With jerking of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Verat 

Asthmatic Sufferings (With). 
Cephalalgia. Coloc. ipec. 

Back (Lassitude in the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Lobcl. phos.-acid. 

Blood (With ebullition of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Phos. 

Brain (With movements of the). 
Vertigo. Grat. lye. 

Buzzing in the Head (With). 
Vertigo. Natr.-s. I 

— Hamming in the Ears. Ce-( 

phalalgia. Aeon, anac dulo. 

Buzzing, Humming in thti Ear^ 
(With). Vertigo. Puis. sen. 

Cephalalgia (With). Vertigo. 
Anae. ars. bar.-c. canth. crot. 
cupr. kal.-ch. lach. lye. magn.- 
m. nic. nitr,-ac. n.-vom. phos. 
. puis. spig. stram. stront. tab. 
tart. [" Brom. cinch.-i/ulpb. 
merc.-per." — Ed.] 

Cheeks (With redness of the). 
Cephalalgia. Lach. n.-vom. 
(aeon, cham.) 

Coffee (With desire for). Ver- 
tigo. N.^mos. 

Coition (With desire for). Ce- 
phalalgia. Sep. 

Colic (With). Cephalalgia. Aeon, 
cocc. cupr.-acet. 

— (Alternately with). Cephalal« 
gia. Cin. 



GoLio alternately with Vertigo. 

Goloc. spig. 
Consciousness (With loss of). 

Vertigo. Aeon. ars. bell. bor. 

canth. cocc. lach. laur. mosch. 

n.-vom. tab. 

— Congestion. Hjos 

— Cephalalgia. N.-vom. 
•Constipation (With). Cephalal* 

gia. N.^vom. 
Conversation (With aversion to). 

Cephalalgia. Thuj. 
CoRYZA (With). Cephalalgia. 

Aeon, kal.-h. laoh. 
Cranium were too Small (With a 

sensation as if the). Cephalal- 
gia. Bell. 
Cries (Pains whieh extort). Co- 

loc. cupr. Sep. 
Deafness (With). Cephalalgia. 

Dale, cupr.-acet. (grat.) strain. 
Death (With fear of). Vertigo. 

Dejection (With). Cephalalgia. 

Berb. ignat. lact. ran. ther. 
Delirium (With). Cephalalgia. 


— Vertigo. N.-mos. 

Despair (With). Cephalalgia. 

Discouraoement (With). Ce- 
phalalgia. Agar, phos.-acid. 

Distant (With a sensation as if 
all objects were.) Vertigo. 
Anao. stann. 

Distraction (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Caps. 

Ears (With hammering in the). 
Cephalalgia. Spig. 

— (With hamming in the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon. ars. dale, 
lact. marex. pals, salph. 

— (With shooting in the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Bor. crot. mere, 

— Vertigo. Garb.-v. n.-vom. pals, 

Bpistaxis (With). Cephalalgia. 

Alum. ant. carb.-an. coff. dale, 

Epistaxis (With). Vertigo. Carb.- 
an. laoh: sulph. 

Extremities, as if they were 
Beaten (With pain in the). 
Cephalalgia. Aeon. 

— (With heaviness of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Sil. 

Eyes (With affection of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Croc, fer.-mg. lact. 
op. rhab. sen. [" Brom." — Ed.", 

— (With brightness of the). Sol 

— (With closing of the), or draw 
ing of the eye-lids. Cephalal- 
gia. Agar. bell, natr.-m. oleand. 
Sep. salph. mgs. 

— — vertigo. Arg. 

— (With confased sight, or cloudi- 
ness of the). Cephalalgia. Am- 
moniac, arg.-nit. eye. grat. ign. 
mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. puis, 
raph. sass. sil. strani, sulph. 

Eyes, with Vertigo. Aeon. anac. 
arg. arg.-nit. ars. bis. calc. 
canth. carb.-an. carb.'V. eham» 
cic. gran. hep. hyos. laot. laur. 
mere, n.-vom. oleand. par. puis, 
paph. sabad. sabin. stram. terb. 
zinc. ["Phyto."— Ed.] 

— (With congestion in the). Ce. 
phalalgia. Alum. [*' Calend." 

— (With convulsions of the). Ce* 
phalalgia. Viol.-od. 

— (With heat in the). Cephalal- 
gia. Amb. bov. eug. 

— (With lachrymation of the). 
Cephalalgia. Eug. ign. puis, 

— (With pains in the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Amb. bis. bry. carb.-a. 
cin. cocc. cochl. croc. crot. eug. 
gent. kal. led. lye. natr. nitr.- 
ac. puis. sen. sil. stann. tart. 
[" Ophiotox."— Ed.] 

Eyes (With pains in the). Verti« 
go. Tab. 

S)86 CBAP. TI. — AnrBonoNB ot thb hkad abd soai^ . 

Btss (Wiih puffed). Cephalalgia. 

— (With sparks before the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Eng. lach. spong. 

— Vertigo. Bell. ign. mez. 

•— (With whirling before the). 
Vertigo. Anac. laur. mosch. 
natr.-m. oleand. sep. mgs. 

Eye-lids (With drawings of the). 
Cephalalgia. Bell, kreos. 
^ Face (With heat in the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Ang. calc. calc.-ph. 
cann. chen. diad. lob el. n.-vom. 

— (With pain in the). Cepha- 
lalgia. Sil. tong. 

— (With paleness of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon. alum. amb. 
hell. phos. yerat. 

— — Vertigo. Lach. puis. 

— (With redness of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon. cann. ign. 
Kreos. magn.-s. plat, stront. 

— (With yellowness of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Lach. 

Fainting, Syncope (With). Ce- 
phalalgia. Graph, lye. puis, 

— Vertigo. Berb. cham. croc, 
hep. lach. magn. mosch. n.-vom. 
sabad. sulph. 

FsARof Losing the Reason (With). 
Cephalalgia. Amb. 
- Fever in the Evening (With). 
Cephalalgia. Led. lobel. 

Fingers (With cold). Cephalal- 
gia. Canth. hell. 

— Pale. Cephalalgia. Verat. 

— (With tearings in the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Nitr. 

Flatulency (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Calc.-ph. 

Frown (With tendency to). Ce- 
phalalgia. Sulph. 

Fullness of the Head (With). 
Vertigo. Bor. '" Brom,"— 

Giddiness (With). See With Loss 

of Sense. 
Gurgling in the Head (With) 

Vertigo. Sep. 
Hands (With trembling of the). 

Vertigo. Bell. 

— Cold (with heat in the head) 

Heart (With palpitation of the) 
Cephalalgia. Hep. tart. 

Heat (With general). Cephalal- 
gia. Cor. natr.-s. zine.-ox. 

— Vertigo. Merc. [" Jierc.-per." 

Heaviness (Vertigo with). Lact. 

Hold Back the Head (Pains which 
force the patient to). Nitr. 

Hypochondriacal Humor (With). 
Vertigo. Phos. 

Ideas (With loss of). Cephalal- 
gia. Kreos. prun. 

— Giddiness. Ars. cit. 

— Vertigo. Phosph. 
Ill-Humor. (See Irascibility.) 
Indifference (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Puis. 

Indolence (With). Cephalalgia. 
Calc.-ph. lact. 

— of mind. Hydroc. 
Inquietude (With). Cephalalgia. 

Plat. sol. (Compare Agitation 

and Anguish^ 
Irascibility (With ill-humor). 

Cephalalgia. Bell. berb. calc.-- 

ph. kal. kal.-h. kreos. meph. sil. 

stan. thuj. tong. 
Jaws (With trembling of the). 

Cephalalgia. Carb.-v. 
Jerking of the Arms (With) 

Cephalalgia. Verat. 
Lassitude (With). See Weak 


Lie Down (With desire to). Ce- 
phalalgia. Bell. bry. calc. con. 
fer. lach. lye. mosch. natr.-m. 
iiitr.-ac. n.-vom. petr. phos.-ao. 
rhus. safis. sel. sil. sulph. (Com- 
pare Sect. 4, Amelioration whea 
Lying Down.) 



Lie Down (With dcsir« to). Ver- 
tigo. Amb. graph, mere, mosch. 
nitr.-ac. op. 

Lumbar Eegion (Pain in the). 

Lying Down (With inability to 
remain^ Cephalalgia. Coloc. 

Mad (With fear of going). 


Meditation (With difficult). Ce- 
phalalgia. N.-vom. sulph. 

Melancholy (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Sel. 

Moans (With). Cephalalgia. Ars. 

Move the Head (Pains which force 
the patient to). Chin. cor. 

Nape op the Neck (With numb- 
ness of the). Cephalalgia. Spig. 

— (With pain in the). Cephalal- 
gia. Puis, verat. 

— Vertigo. Alum. 

— (With Btiflfness of the). Ce- 
phalalgia. Arg. graph, lach. 
magn. nitr. spig. yerat. 

Nausea (Withj; See With In- 
clination to Vomit. 

Odontalgia (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Rhus. 

Perspiration in the Head. Ce- 
phalalgia. Aeon. 

Perspiration (With general). 
Cephalalgia. Natr.-s. 

— - Cold. Cephalalgia. Graph. 

Photophobia (With). Cephalal- 
gia. Euphr. kal. puis. 

Prostration of Strength (Ge- 
neral). Hydroc. 

Pulsation in the Arteries. Poth. 

Bavings (With). VerUgo. N.- 

Retching (With). Cephalalgia. 

— Vertigo. Sil. 
Reversed. (See Turned, &c.) 
Risings (With). Cephalalgia. 

CcUc, natr. n.-vom. 

— (With Vertigo). Sass. 

Run Hither and Thither (With im* 


pulse to). Cephalalgia. Ars. 

Seat, Rising (With a sensation as 
if it were). Vertigo. Phos. 

Seat, Rocking (With a sensation 
as if it were). Vertigo. Zinc 

Sense (With dullness or loss of) 
Vertigo. Bov. camph. chel 
ncUr.-m. n.-znot, plat. ran.-sQ» 
stann. strain, tart, verat. 

Shivering (WithV Cephalalgia. 
Serb. even. hell. lach. magu.-s. 
mez. n.-vom. sil. thuj. 

Shocks in the Head (With). Ver- 
tigo, yatr.-m. 

Shuddering (With), 
gia. Mez, puis. 

— Vertigo. Chel. 

Sight (\Vith affection of the). 
See With Affection of the Eyes. 

Sleep (With inclination to). Ce- 
phalalgia. Bruo. gins. grat. 
neraol. kreos. lach. natr.-s. stront. 

— Cloudiness. Arg. tong. 

— Confusion. Murez. rhod. tart 

— Vertigo. Mth. arg. laur. puis. 
Shell (With acuteness of). Ce- 
phalalgia. Phos. 

Somnolency (With). See With 

Inclination to Sleep. 
Speech (With embarrassed). 

Vertigo. Par. 
Stomach (With pain in the). 

Cephalalgia. Verat. 

— Vertigo. Amb. gran. 

— (With pains in the pit of the). 
Cephalalgia. Arg. 

— Vertigo. Aeon. 

— (As if proceeding from the) 
Cephalalgia. Con. 

— (With weakness in the pit of 
the). Vertigo. Aeon. 

Taste (With bitter.) Cephalal- 
gia. Kreos. 

Thirst (Cephalalgia with). Cupr.- 

Trembling (With). Cloudinesi. 

288 OHAP. YI. — ^Aim&CnONB OV the head XSD 80AI.P. 

TuENBD Upside Down (With a 

sensation as if objects were). 

Vertigo. Eug. 
Urine (With flow of). Cephalal- 
gia. Eue. sel. verat. 
Vertigo ^With). Cephalalgia. 

Anac. ars. canth. cnpr. hydroc. 
» kal.-ch. lach. lye. magn.-m. nic. 
I nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. puis. 

spig. strain, stront. tab. tart. 

["Brom. kalm. lob."— Ed.] 
Vomit (With nausea, or inclina- 
tion to). Cephalalgia. Aeon. 

alum. a97t.-o. arg. ars. bor. bry. 

calc. camph. caps, carb.-v. cans. 

chin. cio. coco, coloc. con. cor. 

croo. dros. eug. graph, grat. 

h»m. heracl. ign. ipec, kal, lach. 

magn. meph. mosch. natr. natr.- 

m. nitr,-ac, n.'Vom, phos. plat. 

puis. sasB. iep, stann. stron. 

svlph, tab. tereb. thuj. verat. 

zinc. [" Crotal. fluor.-ac. hyp.- 

per. kal.-bi. kalm. lob. phyto. 

vip-torv." — Ed.] (Compare 

With Vomiting.) 
-^ Vertigo. Aeon. am.'C. ant. 

arn. ars. bar.-c. bell. bor. calad. 

calc.-ph. carb.-a. carb.-v. chin. 

cooc. gran. hep. lach. lye. mere. 

mosch. nitr.-ac. phos. puis, sabad. 
sass. sil. spig. spong. squill, 
stront. sulph. tab. tart. ther. 
[" Brom. crotal."— Ed.] 
Vomiting (With). Cephalalgia. 
Arn. bry. caps. chin. cocc. c^oo. 
con. cupr.-carb. eug. graph.ipec. 
kal. lach. mosch. mez. natr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. plat, puis, 
sass. sep. verat. zinc. [** Crotal." 

— Vertigo. Lach. natr.-s. ther. 
[" Brom."— Ed.J 

Vomiturition. (See Retching.) 
Weakness (With lassitude, debi- 
lity, or). Cephalalgia. Alum. 
chin, lureos. lobel. n.-vom. sil. 

— Vertigo. Bell. berb. lach. 
nitr.-ac. nic. sulph. zinc. 

Weakness of the Head (With 
heaviness or). Vertigo. Camph. 
caus. chin. cupr. magn.-m. rhod. 

Weakness of the Muscles of the 
Neck. Cephalalgia. Sol. 

Weep (With disposition to). Ce- 
phalalgia. Ars. kreos. plat. 



Adhesion of the Scalp. Arn. 
Baldness. Bar.-c. lye. zinc. 
Bending the Ilead Forwards, when 

Walking. Sulph. 
Bones (Pains in the). Aeon. ant. 

arg. aur. canth. cin. cupr. ipec. 

mere. mez. nitr.-ac. phos.-ac. 

rhod. rut. 

— Air (When exposed to the). 

— Bruise (As from a). Ipec. 

Bones, Pains (Drawing.) Canth. 
Ditr.-ac. phos.-ac. rhod. rut. 

— Lying down (When). Aur. 

— Pressure. Arg. nitr.-ac. rhod. 

— Swelling (As from a). Ant. 

— Tearing. Arg. rhod. 

— Tension and shootings. Rut. 
Boring. Lye. onis. 

Bruise (Pain as from a). HeiL 

ipec. petr. rhod. rut. 
< — Occiput (In the). Hell. 

BBOr. VI. — 60ALP. 


BiTELNmo. Ars. brj. ooloo. crot. 
capr. mere, ol.-an. ran. sabad. 

— Eyes (ExtendiDg to the). Spig. 

— Forehead (In the). Clem, 
coloc. capr. diad. men. sabad. 

— Temples (In the). Crot. oupr. 

— Vertex (In the). Cupr. 
BuRTiNO the Head in the Pillow. 

Bell. hell. 
GzuLL in the Head (Disposition to 

suffer from a). Bar.-c. calc. 

carb.-y. kal. led. lye. natr.-m. 

Coldness (Sensation of). Agar. 

calc. ehel. laur. sulph.werat. 

— Nape of the neck (which 
ascends from the). Chel. 

— Parts (In circumscribed). 
Sulph. [" Hyp.-per."— Ed.] 

— Vertex, to the sacrum. (From 
the). Laur. 

Coolness at the Vertex. Aur.-m. 
Contraction of the Scalp. Natr.- 

m. plat, ran.-sc. rhus. 
Contraction (Sensation of). 

Carb.-v. chin. 
CoNTusion (Pain as from a). See 

Corroding. Berb. men. (Com- 
pare Corroding Itching.) 
Crawling. Ammoniac, am. chel. 

colch. crot. led. ran. ran .-rep. 

rhus.' sabad. tab. (Compare 

Creeping (Sensation as if an 

insect were). Cann. ran.-rep. 

Desquamation of the Scalp : Scales 

on the Head. Calc. graph, kal. 

Uch. oleand. staph. 

— Itching (With). Alum. magn. 

— Rainy weather (In). Magn. 
Distortion of the Head. Cupr. 
Drawings. Canth. chen« chin. 

graph, lact. magn.-m. men. nitr.- 1 
VOL. n. — 18 

ac. petr. phos.-ac. puis. rJiod. 
rhus. rut. sass. sep. staph. Uvuj. 
Drawings, Face (Extending to 
the). Magn.-m. 

— Glands of the neck (As far as 
the). Graph. 

— Hair were pulled (As if the). 
Aeon, canth. alum. chin. ind. 
rhus. sel. 

— Teeth (Extending to the). 
Graph, magn.-m. petr. 

— Temples and forehead (As far 
as the). Petr. ["Crotal. 
phyto."— Ed.] 

Drops of Water were Falling on 
tho Head (Sensation as if). 

EocHTMosis (Pain as from). Ars. 
fer. (Compare Pain, as from 

Eruptions in general. Arg. bar.- 
c. cic. hep. lye, mere. mez. nitr.- 
ac. petr. sen. sulph. sulph.-ac. 

— Burning. Cic. mere, oleand. 

— Dry. Bar.-c. mere, rhus* 

— Eating away the hair. Merc. 

— Fetid. Lye. staph, sulph, 

— Herpetic. Rhus. 

— Itching. Merc. mez. oleand. 
rhu^, si I. staph, sulph, 

at night. Oleand. rhus. 

— Moist, oozing, running. Alum, 
clem, graph, hell. hep. kreos. 
merq. mez. nitr.-ao. oleand. sep. 
sil. staph, sulph. 

Eruptions : 

— Nodosities (Of). Hep. sil. 

— Painful. Arg. bar. fer.-m^ 
gran. hep. rut. 

when touched. Hep. rut. 

— Phlyctsanoidal. Clem. 

— Pimples (of). Ammoniac, arg. 
clem, fer.-mg. kreos. sulph. 

— Head (Where the hair begins 
on the). Ammon. 

— Purulent. Bar.-m. dc bfc. 



Eruptions : 

— Puralent, greenish pus (of a). 

— — yellowish. Mere. 

— Pustulous. Ars. berb. olem. 

— Scabby (Scald-head). Alum, 
ars. bar.-c. bar.-m. calc. carb.-a. 
fer.-mg. graph, hell. hep. kal. 
krcos. mere, natr.-m. oleand. 
petr. sep. sil. staph, sulph. 

— Scaly. Oleand, 

— Wound (With pain as from a). 
Hep. rtU. 

ERYsine?.AS. Eupharb. rhus. 
Excoriated Places in the Head. 

— Ulcerations (With). Nitr.-ac. 
Excoriation (Pain as from). 

Alum. amb. arg. bry, dros. natr.- 
m. n.-vom.ol.-an.par. staph. 2r»nc. 
Exostosis. (See Sect. 1.) 
FoNTANELLA Open in Children. 

Calc. sil. 
FvRUNcuu. Led. 
Onawing. (See Corkodino.) 
Hair (Falling off of the). Amb. 
am.-c. ant. aur. bar.-c. boy. calc, 
earb.-veg, con, fer. /er,^ig. 
graph, hep, ign. kal. kreos, loch, 
lye, magn. mere, merc.-dulc. 
natr.-m, nitr.-ctc. par. petr. 
phos. phos.-ac. plumb, sass. see, 
sel. sep, sil. staph, sulph, sulph.- 
ac. zinc. [" Cinch.-sulp. hyp.- 
per. ophiot." — En.] (Compare 

— Sides (At the). Graph. 

-^ (Dryness of the). Alum. kal. 

— Greyness. Graph, lyo. phos.- 
ac. sulph.-ac. 

— Lankness. Phos.-ao. 
— - Greasiness. Bry. 

— Tangling. Bor. 

{- — Whitening. Ars.-hyd."— 

— Sensation as of being pulled 
by the. Aoon. alum, canth. 

chin. ind. rhus. sel. ["Galo. 
dkust." — Ed.] 
Hair (Uprising of the). Am. 
canth. zinc. [" CrotAl."— Ed.J 

— Tenderness of the. Alum, 
amb. asar. calc. caps. chin. fer. 
mez. par. sulph. thuj. verat, 
[" Calc.-caust."— Ed.} (Com- 
pare Painful Sensibility of the 

— Scratched (After being). Caps. 

— Touched (When). Amb. cJiin. 
cinn. fer. mez. sulph. 

Heat in the Head. Bell. brj. 
coloc. verat. ['* Caio.-caust. 
cinch.-sulph." — Ed.] 

— Forehead (In the). Cham. diad. 

— Part affected (In the). Kal.-b. 
Herpes. (See Herpetic Erup- 

HoLDiNa Back of the Head. (See 

Weakness and Convulsive 

Immobilitt of the Scalp. Am. 
Incisive Pains. Clem. sass. 
Itchino. Agn. alum, ammoniac. 

am.-c. am.-m. anac. ant. bar.-c. 

berb. calc.-ph. caps. eye. fer.-mg, 

graph, heracl. lach. led. mere. 

mez. nitr.-ac. oleand, ol.-an. 

phos. puis. ran. rhod. rut. sen. 

sep, sil. spong. staph, sulph. 

sulph.-ac. thuj. zinc. [^' Benz.-a. 

crotal."— Ed.] 

— Burning. Ars. mere. (Com- 
pare Burning.) 

— Evening (In the). Agn. calc.- 
ph. rhod. 

— Fingers (Leaving a thicknem 
of the). Heracl. 

— Gnawing. Ang. ars. bar.-c. 
caps, oleand. 

— Lice (As from). See Gnaw- 
ing, and Smarting. 

— Night (At). Oleand. rhus. 

— Scratching (After). Merc. 

changing its situation. Cyo. 

pain (with). Gaps, 



Itohino (Smarting after scratoh- 
ing). Oleand. ' 

— Tickling. Aur.-ful. 

— Shooting. Cyc. (Compare 

— Sleeping (While). Act. 

-^ Smarting. Agn. lea. mes. 

puis. ran. 
Jerking (Painful). Agar. bry. 

cham. crot. hell. 
Lift the Head from the Pillow 

(Frequent impulse to). Stram. 
Lumps, Tubercles, Small Tumors. 

Calc. daph. hell, n.-vom. petr. 

puis. rhus. rut. sep. sil. 
•^ Painful. Hell, n.-yom. puis. 

— - Suppurating. Gale. kal. 
Mastication (During). Pains in 

the temples. Thuj. (Compare 

Mouth, on Opening the.) 
Mobility of the Head (Great). 

Lam. even, natr.-m. 

— Of the Scalp. Sep. sulph. 
Movements of the Scalp. Even. 

natr.-m. sang. sep. sulph. 

— Of the Head (Convul- 
sive). Camph. oupr. lye. sep. 

— — with throwing (or folding) 
backwards of the head. BeU. 
camph. cie. ign. n.-vom. stram. 
(Compare Chap. XXIII., Ofis- 

— Constant. Aur.-m. aur.-s. 

— Distortion. Cupr. 

— Jerks. Alum. cic. 

— Shocks. Cic. kal. sep. 

— Side (Head drawn to one). 

Muscles (Jerking of the). Arg. 

Nodosities. (See Eeuptions.) 

Occiput (Pains in the). Hell. 
lach. ["Crotal.'— Ed.] 

Pains in the Occiput during 
Movement. Hell. (See Sore- 
ness, Tenderness, Painful 

Pains, Current of Air (From a). 

— Chewing (when). Thuj. 

— Hair (when brushing back 
the). Pals. rhus. 

— Mouth (on opening the). Ang. 

— Moving the head (on). Cupr 

— Night (at). Lye. natr.-s. thuj. 
["Kal.-brom."— Ed.] 

— Pressure (from). Agar, carb.- 
a. carb.-v. crot. nitr.-ac. 

— Stairs (when going up). Hell. 

— Stooping (when). Hell. 
[" Calc.-caust. fluor.-ac." — Ed.] 

— Strain in the loins or back 
(from a). Amb. 

— Touched (when). Agar, 
amb. arg. ars. bov. chin. cinn. 
oupr. fer. mez. natr.-m. n.-mos. 
n.-vom. par. petr. puis, rhus 
sil. spig. thuj. 

— Walking (from). Sass. 

— Wind (from a boisterous). N.- 

Perspiration on the Head. Aeon, 
bell. bry. calc. cham. chin. cin. 
coloc. dig. graph, guaj. hep. led. 
mere, n.-vom. puis. raph. rhab. 
sep. verat. 

— Air (in the open). N.-vom. 

— Clammy. Cham. mere, n.-vom. 

— Cold. Bry. cin. dig. hep. 
mere, verat. 

— Evening (in the). Calo. sep. 

— Exertion (during). Berb. 

— Greasy. Heracl. i 

— Hot. Cham. 

— Morning (in the). Kal. natr^ 
m. raph. | 

— Nocturnal. Coloc. natr.-m. « 

— Semi-lateral. N.-vom. 

— Stooping (when). Berb. 

— Walking (when). Led. 
air (in the open). Graphs 

Pimples. (See Pimpled Erup 


Plica Polonica. (See Sect. 1.) 



pRBSSivE Pains. Arg, nitr.-ao. 
oleand. phos.-ac. rhod. sass. 

— Forehead (in the). Chin. cic. 
[" Crotal. phyto."— Ed.] * 

— Temples (iu the). Agar. thuj. 
[** Phjto.*'— Ed.) 

Pricking. Grot, sabad. [" Pim- 
pin."— Ed.] 

Pulsations. Chel. guaj. [** Cro- 
tal."— Ed.] 

Rhagades after Scratching. Olo- 

Scabs. (See Scabby Eruptions.) 

Scald-Head. (See Sect. 1.) 

Scales on the Head. (See Des- 
quamation of the Scalp.) 

Scraping (Sensation of). Lye. 

Sensibility of the Scalp (Painfal). 
Alam. amb. am.-c. ars. asar. 
bar.-c. bov. calc. caps, carb.-an. 
carb,-veg, chin. crot. fer. kreos. 
lach. lact. mez. mere. nitr. nitr.- 
ac. n.-mos. par. sass. sel. sil. 
Bpong. sulph. thuj. tong. verat. 
[" Calc.-caust. phyto."— Ed.] 
(Compare Tenderness of the 

Sensibility of the Scalp : 

— Cold air (to the). Bor. 

— Covering (to the pressure of 
any). Carb.-a. carb.-v. crot. led. 

<— Touch (to the). Amb. arg. ars. 
boY. carb.-a. chin. cinn. fer. 
kreos. lact. men. natr.-m. natr.-s. 
n.-Yom. par. sil. spig. sulph, 

— "Weather (to change of). Bor. 
Shaking of the Head. Bell. hyos. 

(Compare Convulsive Move- 
ments and Trembling.) 

Shivering Between the Eye-brows 
when Reading. Ang. 

^- In the scalp. Agn. amb. merc- 
c. stann. verat. T" Crotal." — 

— Part affected (in the). Kal.-h. 
Shocks in the Head. Agar. bry. 

hell. (Compare Convulsive 
fifloOTiNGS in the Head. Ammo- 

niac, agn. bcrb. caut. chin, 
cinn. daph. dig. eupb. guaj. oI.« 
an. phos. phos.-ac. ran. rut. sass. 
thuj. ['* Calc.-oaust. crotal. 
phyto."— Ed.] 

— Forehead (in the). Chin. euph. 
[*• Kal.-bichr. phyto. pimpin." 

— Sides (in the). Phos. ["Calo. 
caust." — Ed.] 

— Temples (in the). Dig. euphr. 
guaj. thuj. [** Cfalc.-caust. kal> 
bichr."— Ed.] 

Shuddering, oen. 

Size of the Head were Increased 

(Sensation as if the). Ber. bov. 

cor. daph. dulc. 4nd. mang. 

meph. ran.-sc. ther. 

— Occiput (in the). Dulc. 

— Of the head, great (in children). 
Calc. sil. 

Spasmodic Pains. Bell. 
Spots (Furfuraceous). Eal. 
Standing on End of the Hair. 

(See Hair.) 
Stooping the Head when Walk* 

ING. Sulph. 
Swelling of the Head. Ars. bell. 

daph. cham. cupr. lach. rhus. 

[" Crotil."— Ed.] 

— Painful. Daph. 

— Semi-lateral. Daph. 

Swelling (Sensation of). Am- 
moniac. »th. berb. gtu^'. dig. 
(Compare Size of the Head.) 

— Air (on going into the open). 

Tearings. Arg. bry. carb.-an. 
carb.'Veg. chen. graph, lye. 
natr. natr.-s. ol.-an. rhod. rhus. 
sass. Sep. 

— Extremities (which proceed 
from the). Carb.-veg. 

— Forehead (in the). Carb.-v. 
natr. ["Calc.-caust. merc.-per." 

— Occiput (in the). Carb.-veg. 
[** Calc.-caust. hyp.-per." — ^Bd.] 

— Sides (in the). Carb.-an. 



Tearinos, Teoth and sub-maxil- 
lary glands (cixtending to the). 
Graph. [•* Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

[** — Temples. Mero.-per." — Ed.] 

— Vortex (in the). Natr.-s. 
Tension of the Scalp. Agn. ang. 

arn. ars.-cit. asar. herb. cans, 
lach. lam. mere, nitr.-ac. ol.-an. 
rat. spiff, tar. viol.-od. mgs.-aro. 
[" Crotai. merc.-per." — Ed.] 

— Ear (behind the). Ars.-cit. 

— Forehead (in the). Carb.-an. 
evon. par. phos. 

— Temples (in the), when chew- 
ing. Ang. 

— Vertex (in the). Carb.-an. 
Tenuity in the Cranium (Sensa- 

^ tion of). Bell. 
ThrobbingSi Pulsations in the 

Temples. Guaj. 
[" _ Vertex. Hyp.-per."— Ed.] 
Tinolino. (See Crawling.) 
Tickling. (See Itching.) 
Torn Out, or Pulled (Sensation 

as if the hair were). Aeon. 

alum, oanth. ohin. iod. rhus. 


Torpor (Sensation of). Ang. 
carb.-a. caust. daph. mez. plat. 

Trembling of the Head. Alum. 
cocc. ign. sep. tab. tart, (Com- 

— Eye-brows (between the) when 
reading. Ang. 

Tubercles. (See Lumps.) 
Ulceration, Subcutaneous (Pain 

as from). Ars. kal.-h. pet£ 

phos.-ac. ihus. zinc. 
Ulcerated Spots. Nitr.-ac. 
Ulcers (Small). Ars. ruta. 
Uprising of the Hair. (See 

Veins (Swelling of the). Bell. 

sang. thuj. 
Weakness of the Head. Arn. 

cans, chin. cupr. rhod. spong. 


— Backwards (which causes the 
head to be carried). Camph. 
chin. dig. rhod. Tiol.-tr. 

— Forwards. Cupr, 

— Sideways. Spong. 
Wrinkles on the Forehead 

Bhab. yiol.-od. 




AllUUIHMis* — See Amblyopia Amaurotiga. 

AnUyopiaf or Weakness of SIgbU— Nervoiis weakness of sight 
is produced by so many different external influences, and is con* 
nected with so many different disorders of the organism, that there 
is hardly any known medicine which may not, in turn, be employed 
as a remedy. Hence, in selecting the medicines most commonly used» 
a great number have necessarily been sot down ; the' indications. 

294 OHAP. vn. — VTES. 

however, which are annexed to each will Bufice to determine the 
choice of the practitioner. 

The principal remedies against Amblyopia are, in general : iiur., 
bell,, ceUc., caus»^chin„ etc., cin., droJt., hyos., mere, natr.-m., n.-vom,, 
phos,, puis., nUa,, sep., sil., attlph., and verat, ; or else : Agar., 
cann., caps., con., croc., dig., dtUc., euphr., guaj.y leal., lack., lye., 
magn., natr., nitr.-ac., op., plumb., rhtis, sec., spig., tart., zinc. 

For AHBLToriA, properly so called (simple weakness of sigJit, or 
oonftised sight) : Anac., bell., cede., caps., cin., croc., hyos., lye, magn., 
puis., rut., Sep., and stdph. ; or else : Cann., caus., natr., natr.-m., 
phosph., plumb., &c. 

Against Amblyopia Amaurotica (Incipient Amaurosis), a pre- 
ference may be given to : Aur., bell., cole., caps., caus., chin., etc., con., 
dros., dulc., hyos., mere, natr., natr.-m., nitr.-ac, op., phos., puis., rhus, 
secal., Sep., sil., sulph,, verat. ; or else to : Agar., caps,, cin., dig.,euph., 
gtutf,, kal., laxh., lye, n.-mos.? plumh., zinc, &c. — Anac, cocoul. ' 

For Complete Amaurosis, the medicines recommended for Am- 
blyopia Amaurotica will, usually, be indicated, the attention being 
directed, not to the intensity of the affection, but to the totality of 
the symptoms. It is certainly desirable, in cases of this kind, to 
consult, primarily, the most powerful medicines, such as : BeU., cole, 
mere, phos., sep., and sulph., though the choice must, of course, ulti- 
mately fall on the medicine pointed out by the general indications 
of the cases treated. 

For Amaurosis Erethistioa, a preference may be given to : Bell., 
calct cic, con., hyos., mere, mtr.^x., op., phos., sep., and stdph. 

For Torpid Amaurosis {Vamaurose torpide) : Aur., caps., caus., 
chin., dros., dtde, natr., natr.-^n., op., phos.'Oe, plumb., secal., and 

With respect to External Causes, when the sight has been 
rendered weak by employment in Fine Work, the chief remedies 
are : Bell, or ruta; or else : Carb.-v., cale, and spig. 

When attributable to Debilitating Causes, such as Loss of Hu- 
mors, Sexual Excess, &c., the most suitable medicines are, usually : 
Chin, or cin., or perhaps : A?iae, cole, natr., natr.^m., n.-vom., or 
stdph., or else : Phos.-ae or sep. 

In persons addicted to Spirituous Liquors : Chin., or else : Cole, 
loch., n.-vom., op., or sulph. 

In consequence of a Cold in the Head or Eyes : Bell, and dtde, 
or Cham., euphr., mere, n.'Vom., puis., and stdph. 

In consequence of Mechanical Injuries, such as blows on the 


head, yiolent concussions, &o. : Am., or Con., auphr., rkus, or Kuta or 

In Old Men, or Aged Peesons : Aur., hwr.-c., con., op.,phos., secal. 
. In ScEOFULODS Subjects : Bell., cede., chin., cin., dulq., mere, stilph., 
or else : Aur., euphr., hep., n.-vom. or puls» 

When the result of Aethjlitic Metastasis: Ant., bell., nierc, 
puis., rhus, spig., and sulph. 

When produced by Rheumatism : Cham., euphr., lye., mere., nuz, 
puis., rhus, spig., sulph., or else : Caus., hep., or loch. 

By the Suppeession of a Suppueation, or of a mucous discharge: 
Chin., euphr », hep., lye, puis., sU., and sulph. 

By the suppression of Chronic HiEMOREHAGE, such as Hcemar' 
rhaids, Cojtamema, &o. : Bell., cole., lye., n.-voni., phos., puis., Sep., 
and sulph. 

By Repekcussiom of Exanthemata, or of any eruption : Bell., 
cede., eaust., lye., loch., mere, sil., and sulph. 

By misuse of Meeoury, or of other Metallic Substances : Sulph , 
or Hep., niCr.-ae., sil., or else : Aur., bell., carb.-v., chin.^ loch., op., or 

With regard to tJie indications furnished by the Affections of 
OTHEE Organs, with which nervous weakness of the sight may be 
connected, when it accompanies Nervous Cephalalgia, recourse 
may be had to : Aur., bell.,calc., hep., nvtr.-cu:., n.'Voni.,phosph., puis., 
Sep., or sulph. 

With Congestion of Blood in the Head : Aur., bell., cede., chin.^ 
hyos., n.'Vom., op., phos., sil., or sulph. 

With diseases of the Ear, or of the Hearing : Cic, nitr.-ac.^ 
petr., phosph., or ptds. 

With Gastric and Abdominal Affections : Ant., cole, caps., chin., 
cocc, lye, natr.-m., n.'Vom.j phos., puis., or Stdph. 

W^ith disorders in the Uterine System : Aur., bell., de, cocc, con., 
magn., natr.-m., n.-vom., plat., phos., puis., rhus, sep., stram., or 

With Pulmonary Affections : Calc., cann., hep., loch., lye, natr.* 
m., p^ios., sil., or stdph. 

With diseases of the Heart : Aur., calc, cann., dig., loch., phosph.f 
ptds., Sep., or spig. 

With Spasmodic Affections, Epilepsy, &o.: Bell., lach., caus., cic., 
ign., hyos., lach.^ op., sil., stram., or sulph. 

Lastly, with respect to the indications furnished by the Symptoms, 
it will be apparent, frSm preceding remarks, that not only those 
which belong especially to weakness of sigJu, or injuries of the eyes. 

296 CHAP. yn. — mrxs. 


are to be considered, but those also which are manifested simnltane 
ouslj in other parts of the organism. To cite the latter in thia 
place as gaides to the choice of the respective medicaments, would, 
however, involve a repetition of the entire pathogenesy of the medi- 
cines. For this reason, those symptoms only are set down which 
have direct reference to the sight ; for the other indications required 
the practitioner is referred to the first part of this work. The 
symptoms indicating — 

AuauM — ^Arc : Black points, or flames and sparks before the eyes ; 
hemiopia, which causes all objects to appear as if they were divided 
horizontally ; tensive pains in the eyes. 

Belladonna — PupUs dilated and even insensible ; photophobia ; 
spasmodic movements of the eyes or eye-lids, under the influence of 
light ; JUxmeSf sparks^ or mist, or black spots and points ; or colored, 
or silvery spots before the sight ; nocturnal blindness, commencing al 
sunset/ diplopia ; or red appearance of objects^ which sometimes also 
seem to be inverted ; shootings in the eyes, or pressive and expansive 
pains extending to the orbits^ and the forehead ; redness of the face. 

Calcarea — Confusion of sight, as if looking through a misty a 
yeil, or down, especially when reading, or after a meal, with black 
points before the eyes ; excessive photophobia, with dazzling effect 
from too bright a light ; pupils much dilated; pressure, or sensation 
of coldness in the eyes. 

Gausticum — Sudden and frequent loss of sight, with a sensation as 
of a film before the eyes ; or confused sight, as if directed through 
gauze, or a mist ; black, dancing bands, or sparks and scintillations 
before the eyes ; photophobia. 

China — Weakness of sight, so as to be able to distinguish only the 
outline of distant objects ; when reading, confusion of the letters, 
which appear pale and surrounded by a white border ; pupils dilated 
and almost insensible ; dullness of the cornea, as if there were smoke 
in the bottom of the eye ; sparks before the eyes, or black, dancing 
points ; amelioration of the sight after sleeping. 

CiouTA — Frequent suspension of vision, as from absence of viind^ 
with vertigo, especially when walking ; wavering of objects before the 
sight, and apparent movement of the letters' when reading; diplopia; 
frequent cloudiness of the eyes, alternately with dysecoia ; livid 
circle round the eyes ; photophobia and burning in the eyes ; pres- 
sive cephalalgia above the orbits. 

CiNA — Confusion of sight when reading, which disappears on rub* 
bing the eyes ; dilated pupils ; photophobi^ ; pressure in the eyea, 
M if caused by sand, especially when reading. 


Drosera — Frequent suspension of the sight, especially when 
reading, with confusion and paleness of the letters ; photophohia, 
with dazzling of the ejes hj the daylight and of the fire ; excessive 
dryness of the eyes ; nose dry and stopped ; shootings in the eyes. 

Hyoscyamus — Dilated pupils ; frequent spasms of the eyes or 
eye-lids ; strabismus ; diplopia ; nocturnal blindness ; illusions of the 
sight, which cause all objects to appear of a red color, or larger than 
they really are ; pressive, stupefying pains above the eyes. 

Mercuriijs — Sight cloudy, as if directed through a mist ; frequent 
momentary loss of sight ; black points ; dancing motes, fiames, and 
sparks before the eyes ; . momenlary attajcks of sudden blindness ; 
movement of the letters when reading ; excessive sensibility of the 
eyes, especially to the brightness of fire, and to daylight ; incisive, 
shooting, or pressive pains in the eyes, especially on fatiguing the 
sight ; (pupil dilated, and also insensible and unequal). 

Natrum-mur. — Frequent cloudiness of the sight, especially when 
stooping, walking, reading, or writing ; confusion of the sight, as if 
looking through down, or through a veil ; confusion of the letters 
when reading; diplopia, hemiopia; black specks, luminous lines, and 
sparks before the eyes, frequent spasmodic closing of the eyes ; fre- 
quent lachrymation. 

Nux-voM. — Sparks, or black or grayish points before the eyes, or 
flashes like lightning ; excessive sensibility of the eyes to the brigfU* 
nessqfday, especially in the morning ; violent pressure on the eyes, 
when the sight is, however slightly, fatigued; redness of the face; 
dilated pupils; heaviness and frequent contraction of the eye-lids. 

Phosphorus — Sudden attacks of blindness by day, or cloudiness of 
the sight, which causes everything to appear as if covered loiih a 
gray veil; extreme sensibility of the eyes to the brightness of day 
and to candlelight, with tendency to be dazzled by a clear light ; 
black reflection, or sparks and black spots before the sight ; pressive 
pains in the eyes, orbits, and forehead ; frequent lachrymation, espe- 
cially when in the open air and exposed to the wind. 

Pulsatilla — Frequent disappearance and cloudiness of the sight, 
iffith paleness of the face, and nausea ; blindness in the twilight, with 
a sensation as if the eyes were covered with a band ; or confused 
sight, as in looking through a fog, or as if caused by something that 
could be removed by rubbing, especially in the open air, or in the 
eve?iing. or on waking in the morning ; diplopia, or pale appearance 
of all objects ; luminous or flaming circles before t&e eyes ; photopho* 
bia, with shootings in the* eyes, when light strikes upon them ; fre^ 
guent and profuse lachrymation, especially in the open air, when 

VOL. IT. — 13* 

298 CHAP. Vn. — ^BTES. 

exposed to the wind, and in bright daylight ; contraction of the 

KuTA — Confusion of siglU, as in looking through a mist, distant 
objects being involved in obscurity ; dancing black points before the 
sight; pressive or burning pains in the eyes, on fatiguing the sight, 
and especially when reading ; lachrymation in the open air. 

Sepja — Confused sight, especially when reading or writing ; con- 
tracted pupils ; appearance of a veil, black spots, luminous points and 
lin:s before the sight; photophobia during the day, painful pressure 
on the eyeballs. 

^iLiCEA — Sight confused, as if directed through a grayish veil , 
momentary attacks of blindness by day ; confusion and pale appearance 
of tho letters when reading ; sparks and blcuJc spots before the sight, 
photophobia and dazzling in the brightness of day ; frequ^ent lachry 
mation, especially in the open air ; shootings in the forehead, which 
seem to pass out through the eyes. 

Sulphur — Confusion of sight, as if looking through a mist, or as 
if there were down, or a black veil before the eyes ; frequent cloudi- 
ness of sight, especially when reading ; photophobia, especially in the 
sun, and during warm and oppressive weather, dazzling of the eyes 
by the brightness of day ; sudden attacks of blindness by day ; sparks 
and white spots, or dancing motes, points of black spots before the 
eyes ; tearing, burning pains in the head and eyes ; profuse lachry^ 
mation, especially in the open air ; or excessive dryness of the eyes, 
especially in a room ; unevenness, or dilatation and insensibility of 
the pupils. 

VsiiATitux — ^Nocturnal blindness ; sparks and black spots before 
the eyes, especially on quitting the bed or seat ; profuse luchryma' 
turn, with burning, incisive pains, and sensation of duppess in the 
eyes ; diplopia, photophobia, &c. 

♦^* For the rest of the medicines cited, see Sect. 3, Symptoms of 
the Sight ; and consult the patfiogenesy of the medicines. Compare, 
also, Ophthalmia, Hemeralgpia, Nyctolopia, Photophobia, &c. 

Bl€pild,ritis* — The chief remedies against inflammation of the eye- 
lids, are : Aeon., ant,, ars., bell,, cole,, cham., chin,, ewphr,, hcp.,merc,, 
n,'Vom,,puls., sulph., verat. ; or else : Bar.-c,. bry., caus., cocc, iod., 
kreos., lye, natr,, natr.-m., sep„ spig., staph., thuj., zinc. 

When the external surface of the eye-lid is inflamed, the appro- 
priate medicines are usually : Aeon,, bell., hep., and sulph. 

For Inflammation of the Conjunctiva : Afs., hep,, and mere. 

For Inflammation of the Margins of the Eye-lids, and of the Mci- 
eoMiAN Glands : BeU., cham., euphr,, hep,, mere, n,'Vom., and puis. 


For Hordeola {styes) : Ptds, or staph, ; or else : Am^-c., caJc,, or 

For Acute Blepharitis, recourse may usually be had to : Aeon,, 
bell., chant., euphr., hep., mere, n.-vom., KudjnUs. 

For Chronio Blepharitis : Ant., ars., cede, cJiin., and stdph., pro- 
prided the other medicines prove insufficient. 

The following are the Symptomatic Indications : 

AcoNiTUM — ^When the eye-lids are stvoUen, Jiard, and red, with heat, 
burning, qnd dryness ; or when there are: Pale and shining swell- 
ing, with burning and tensive pains ; much mucus in the eyes and 
nose; excessive photophobia / fever, with violent heat and thirst. 
(After Aeon. : Bell., hep., or stdph. are often suitable.) 

Antimonium— Red swelling of the eye-lids, tpith humor in the 
canthi, photophobia, and shootings in the eyes. 

Absenicum — Inflammatory redness of the conjunctiva, with injec- 
tion of the veins ; excessive dryness of the eye-lids, especially in the 
margins, with spasmodic closing or nocturnal agglutination. 

Belladonna — When the eye-lids are swollen and red, with burn- 
ing and itching, constant agglutination, and bleeding on opening 
them, or else with the margins everted, or great paralytic heaviness 
of the eye-lids. • 

Calcarea — Incisive, burning, or smarting pains in the eye-lids, 
especially when reading, with red, hard, and very large swelling, 
cfbpious secretion of humor, and nocturnal agglutination. (Especially 
if Stdph. should have been administered unsuccessfully.) 

Chamomilla — Great dryness in the margins of the eye-lids, or 
copious secretion of mucus, with nocturnal agglutination, spasmodic 
closing, or great heaviness of the eye-lids. 

China — Frequent tingling in the internal surface of the eye-lids, 
especially in the evening, with lachrymation. 

Euphrasia — ^When the margins of the eye-lids are ulcerated, with 
itching by day, and agglutination at night, redness, swelling, photo- 
phobia, and constant winking ; with corysa, cephalalgia, or heat in 
the head. (When Euphr. proves insufficient, N.-vom. and puis, often 
complete the cure.) 

Hepar — Oreat inflammatory redness of the eye-lids, with pain as 
from ulceration, or a^from a bruise, when touched; nocturnal agglu- 
tination, or spasmodic closing of the eye-lids. {Hep. is often suitable 
after Aeon, or mere. ; and BeU. sometimes after Hep^ 

Htosctamus — Spasmodic contraction and closing of the eye-lids. 

Mercurius — When the eye-lids are hard, as if violently contracted, 
with swelling, difficulty in opening them, incisive pains, ulcers on 


800 CHAP. VII. — ^ETES. 

the margins, pustules on the conjunctiva, scabs around the ejea 
•eversion of the eye-lids ; shooting, burning pains, and itching ; or 
else absence of pain. (Hep. is often especially suitable after Merc. 
vhen the latter proves insufficient.) 

Nux-voM. — When there are : Burning itching in the eye-lids, 
especially in the margins, or pain as from excoriation, more violent 
when touched ; agglutination of the eye-lids towards the morning 
canthi filled with humor ; coryza, cephalalgia, or heat in the head 
(iV.-tvm. is often suitable after JEuphr, ■'when that medicine fails to 
subdue the inflammation of the margins.) 

Pulsatilla — When there are : Inflammatory redness of the con- 
junctiva, or of the margins ; secretion of much mucus ; trichiasis ; 
appearance of hordeola ; nocturnal agglutition of the eye-lids ; tensive 
or drawing pains. {Puis, frequently completes the cure when 
neither Euphr, nor n.-vom. proves sufficient.) 

Rhus — ^When the eye-lids are rigid, as if paralyzed, with smarting 

Sulphur — Great inflammatory redness of the eye-lids, with burning 
pains, discharge of mucus' and of humor ; ulceration of the margins, 
pustules and ulcers round the orbits, &c. {Aeon, is often suitable 
before Sulph.t and, after the latter, Calc, is most frequently indicated.) 

Veratrum — ^When the eye-lids are extremely drj', with lachryma- 
tion, difficulty in moving the eyes, and much internal heat. 

%**For the rest of the medicines cited, and for more ample de- 
tails, see their paXkogenesy, and compare Ophthalmia. 

Blindness (C^citas). — See Amaurosis, Cataract, Hemeralopia, 
Ntctalopia, Specks, &c. 

Cfttanclt — The medicines which have hitherto been employed 
with most success against Lenticular Cataract are : Cann,, caus., con.j, 
magn., pkos,, sil„ and sulph. In some cases, perhaps, the following 
may also be employed : Am,<,^ bar,'C,, cheLt dig,, eupkr.^ hyos., nitr,* 
ac,, op., ruta. 

For Traumatic Cataract (caused by a blow) Con, has been usually 
selected ; but Am.-c., euphr,, puis,, and rtUa, may sometimes be indi- 

Glaucoma, or Cataract, in which the crystalline lens seems to 
assume a blue or sea-green color, has been cured by Phosph, 

Cornea (Opacity of the). — See Specks and Opacity of the Cornea. 

DipIopUlf — See Sect. 2, and Compare Amblyopia. 

Eye-Lids (Inflammation of the). — See Blepharitis. 

Fistnia LachrymaliS* — ^The medicines which claim a preference 
aro : Calc,, puis,, and ^7., and perhaps : Natr,, petr., and sulfJ^. 


Fmigllg, — ^Against Fungus Hjehatodes : BeU,t cole,, ham., /yc, s^., 
sil., aad thuja have been administered with more or less success. 

For Medullakt Fungus, Bell, Aud secale has been employed with 
the greatest success. 

Glancomai — See Cataract. 

Demeralopia, or Noetumal BUndnesst— The chief remedies 

against that blindness which commences with twilight, are : Bell. 
and vercU. ; or else : Merc, hyos.t or pids. (For the details, see 

Hemiopiat — See Sect. 2, and compare Ahblyopia. ' 

HSBOrrlia^e flrom 0l6 EyeSt — The medicines that have hitherto 
been employed with most success are : Bell., carb.-v,, cham,, ham.^ 
and n.-vom, ; but Loch, may, perhaps, also be used. 

IIord60lllfll (Stye). — The remedies which merit a preference are : 
Puis, or staph,, or else : iltn.-c, arn., dry., caic., can., fer., graph., 
lye,, phas,, phos.-ac., rhus, sep,, and stann, (Compare Blepharitis.) 

LippitudO* — ^The principal medicines are : Aeon,, efiphr., iod.-fer., 
mere, puis., or perhaps : Crran. ? par. ? rhus, spig. 

Hyopiaa — ^The medicines that have hitherto been employed with* 
most success are : Am.-c., anac., carb.-v,, con,, nitr.-ac., petr,, phos.^ 
phos.'OC., puis., and stilph. 

For Myopia which results from Ophthalmia : Puis, and sulph. 

For that caused by Abuse of Mercury : Carb.-v., nitr.'oc,, and 
sulph. ; or else Puis. 

For that which is brought on by Typhus Fever, or Debilitating 
Losses: Phos.-ac, 

%* For other medicines which may be employed, see Sect. 8, same 

Neuralgfia OcalomSI* — The medicines which claim a preference 
are usually : Ars., heU., and spig. 

Njetalopia^ or Diurnal BlindnesSt — The chief remedies against 
attacks of sudden blindness, which occur in the daytime, are : Aeon, 
mere., sil., and sulph.; and perhaps recourse may also be had to 
Con., nitr., n.-vom., phos., and stram, (Compare also Amblyopia.) 

Opacity of the Corneat — Sec Specks and Opacity. 

Ophthalllia* — The chief remedies against the different kinds of 
ophthalmia are : Aeon., arg.-nit., ars., bell., calc., cham,, euphr., hep., 
ign., Tnerc, n.-vom,, ptds., sulph. 

Also : Ant., am., bry., eaus., chin., coloe., dig., dulc, fer., graph.^ 
loch., niir.-ac,, petr., rhus, sep,, spig., stdph.-ac., verat. 

And in some cases : Aur,, bar.<., bor., cann., clem., con., led., lyc.^ 
natr.-m., phas,, sil., staph., and thuj, — Hyosc. 

803 CHAP. Vn. — ^BYE8. 

Acute Ophthalmia usually requires: Aeon., bell cham., dtilc. 
euphr,, ign., mere, n.-wm., puis., verat.-vir. ; or els** : Ant,, am., 
bor., ladi., nitr.-ac., spig., and verat. — Canth. 

In Chronic Ophthalmia, on the contrary, the most suitable reme- 
dies usually are : Ars., cole., euphr., hep.^ sulph., or else : Caus.^ chin., 
coloc., dig.,fer., graph., lacJi., nitr.-ac., petr., sep., spig., and sulph.-ajc, 
\* Brom."— Ed.] 

For Arthritic Ophthalmia: Aeon., apoc.-andros., beU., coloc., 
spig., or else : Ars., cham., dig., hep., mere, n.-vom., and rhus, 
and sometimes : Berb. ? led., and lye. 

For Catarrhal Ophthalmia, principally : Ars., bell., cham., euphr., 
hep., ign., n.-vom., puis., or else': Dig., euphorb. ? mere, and sulph. 

For Eheumatio Ophthalmia: Aeon., bell., bry., cham., euphr., 
tgn., mere, n.-vom., ptds., rhus, sulph., verat., or else : Berb. ? led., 
lye, spig. 

For Scrofulous Ophthalmia, especially: Ars., bell., cole, dide, 
hep., ign., mere, n.-vom., puis., rhus, sulph. ; or else : Cans., chin., 
fer., graph., petr., sep. ; and sometimes : Aur., bar.-e, cann., cham., 
con., dig., euphr., iod., lye, magn., natr.-m. 

For Syphilitic Ophthalmia: Mere or nitr.-ae, and perhaps: 
Aur. ? When caused by Suppressed Gonorrhoea, Puis, is usually 

Ophthalmia which results from a Chill, requires generally : Aeon., 
ars., bell., cale, cham., dule, hep., n.-vom., puis., and sidph. (Com- 
pare Chap. I., Consequences of a Chill.) 

That which arises from Traumatic Causes (the introduction of 
foreign substances, &c.) : Aeon., cole, hep., sulph., or else : Am., 
euphr., puis., or rut. 

That which results from Fatigue of the Etes: Bell., carb.-v., 
rut., and spig. 

When a consequence of the Abuse of Mercury : Hep., nitr.-ae, 
puis., sulph., or else : BeU., dule, cliin., laeh., lye, staph., or thuj. 

That which occurs in New-born Infants : Aeon., bell., cham., 
i^ide, mere, or else : Cole, euphr., rhtis, puis. ; and sometimes : 
Bor., bry., n.-vom., or sulph. 

The Symptomatic Indications of the remedies cited are as fol- 

AcoNiTUM — In almost all cases of a/yute inflammation, at the com- 
mencement of the treatment, and especially when there are : Redness 
vfthe eyes, tvith deep redness of the blood-vessels ; insupportable bum" 
ing, shooting, or pressive pains, especially on moving the eyes; 
violent photophobia ; profuse lacJirymation and lippetudo, or 


dryness of the eye4ids. {Ant.j bell., or hep. are sometimes suitable 
after Aeon.) 

A&SENicuM — Burning pains, as from red-hot coals ; or pressive 
and shooting pains, aggravated by light, and by moving the eyes ; 
violent pnins, which force the patient to lie down, or insupportable 
pains, taith anguish so great that the patient is compelled to quit 
his bed; redness of the eyes, with injected veins; corrosive tears; 
nocturnal agglutination of the eye-lids ; excessive photophobia ; 
specks and ulcers on the cornea. 

Belladonna — When there are : Bright redness of the sclerotica, 
with injection of the veins ; discharge of scalding and corrosive tears, 
or great dryness of the eyes, with painful sensibility of the eyes to 
light; pressive pains around the eyes, or pains which penetrate deeply 
into tlie orbits and head, or shooting pains in the eyes and head, 
especially around the orbits, coming on by fits ; or aggravation of 
the pains by moving the eyes ; dilated pupils ; especially when there 
are, at the same time : Violent coryza, with cough ; or violent head* 
ache, unlh vertigo, giddiness, sparks or black spots before the eyes, or 
cloudiness of the sight, or specks and ulcers on the cornea, &o. (It 
is often suitable after: Aeon., Jiep., or mere.) 

Calca&ea — ^Violcnt pressive or shooting pains, with itching ; or 
smarting, burning, and incisive pains, aggravated especially by 
reading, and by candle-light in the evening ; redness of the sclero- 
tica, with abundant secretion of mucus ; lachrymation, especially in 
the open air ; specks and ulcers on the cornea ; photophobia ; con- 
fusion of sight, as when looking through a mist, or as if down were 
before the eyes, especially when reading or fatiguing the sight in 
any way whatever. (It is sometimes suitable after : Sulph. or duk.) 

Chahohilla — When the eyes are red, with pressive pains on 
moving them, or on shaking the head ; or shooting, pressive, and 
burning pains, as if fiery heat passed out at the eyes ; red and 
swollen eye-lids, with secretion of much mucus and nocturnal agglu- 
tination ; great dryness of the eyes. (It is especially suitable in the 
case of children, and when the pains are insupportable, with great 
impatience, exasperation, &c.) 

Euphrasia — Pressive pains in the eyes ; redness of the sclerotico, 
with injection of the veins ; inflammation of the cornea, with vesicles 
upon it, or else with specks and ulcers; abundant discharge of mucus 
and tears ; swelling and agglutination of the eye-lids, frequent con- 
traction of the eyes and eye-lids, with tendency to wink ; miliary 
eruption around the eyes, or coryza, with violent headache ; phoUh 
phobia, and ufavering of light. 

804 GHAF. Vn. — ^EYES. 

1 Hefar — When the ejes and eye-lids are red, with pain, as from 
excoriation and from a bruise, when toitched ; spasmodic closing of 
the eye-lids ; difficulty in moving the eyes ; photopliobia,, especially 
in the eveniDg; the sight at one time confascd and clouded, at 
another time clear and distinct ; pressure on the eye-ball, as if it 
were about to start from the head ; specks and ulcers on the corner, 
and pimples around the eyes and eye-lids ; frequent lachrymation and 
nocturnal agglutination of the eye-lids. It is often suitable after : 
Bell, or mere.) 

Ignatia — ^When the eyes are less red, but yery painful, violent 
pressure, as from sand in the eyes ; profuse lachrymation, especially 
in bright sunshine ; nocturnal agglutination of the eye-lids ; excessive 
photophobia ; confusion of the sight as when looking through a mist ; 
violent fluent coryza, with or without headache. 

Me&curius — ^When there are : Incisive pains, or pressure as from 
sand, especially on fatiguing the eyes, and also in the evening and in 
the warmth of the bed ; or shootings, itching and shootings, espociallj 
in the open air ; redness of the sclerotica, with injection of the veins; 
profuse lachrymation, especially in the evening ; excessive sensibility 
of the eyes to the brightness oftkeflre, and to daylight; vesicles aod 
pimples on the sclerotica ; ulcers on the cornea ; pustules and scabs 
around the eyes, and in the margins of the eye-lids ; confusion of 
sight, as when looking through a mist ; renewal of the inflammation 
on taking the least cold. (It is often suitable after : Bell,) 

Nux-voM. — ^When the canthi are still redder than the eyes them- 
selves ; or when there are : Ecchymosis or softening of the sclerotica ; 
burning, smarting, and pressive pains, as from sand in the eyes ; 
lachrymation, photophobia, especially in the morning ; much humor 
in the canthi, with nocturnal agglutination of the eye-lids; and 
especially when the accompanying symptoms are : heavy a?td pressive 
headache, coryza, with obstruction of the nose; aggravation on 
waking in the morning, or after a meal, or in the evening, in bed. 

Pulsatilla — "Pressure, as from sand, or tearing, shooting, or inci' 
sive or boring pain in the eyes, redness of the eyes and eye-lids, with 
copious secretion of mucus ; profuse lachrymation, especially in a 
cold temperature, in the wind, in the open air, and in bright daylight; 
or great dryness of the eye-lids, especially in the evening ; smarting 
and corrosive tears ; nocturnal agglutination of the eye-lids ; (sdema^ 
tous stvelling around the eyes or eye-lids; photophobia, with shootings 
in the eyes, when exposed to the lig?U of day ; aggravation of all 
the sufferings towards the evening or afternoon, with tearful humor, 
and aggravation after shedding tears. (It is often suitable, on com* 

8BCS. I.— CLmiOAL BEBCABK8. 805 

fnencing the treatment of scrofulous ophthalmia, before Fer. ; anc^ 
in rheumatic ophthalmia, after Acon^ 

Sulphur — ^When there are : Pressure, as from sand, or itching, 
burning, and smarting in the eyes or eye-lids, aggravated by move- 
ment of the eyes, and by the light of the sun ; redness of the eyes 
and eye-lids; inflammation also of the iris, with unequal pupils 
opacity of the cornea, as if it were covered with dust, or specks 
vesicles, and ulcers on the cornea ; pustiUes, ulcers, and scabs arouni 
the eyes, and in the eye-lids ; profuse lachrym^ion, especially in th 
open air, or excessive dryness of th^ eyes, especially in a room 
excessive photophobia, with contraction of the eye-lids ; sparks and a 
mist before the sight, &c. (It is often suitable after : BdL, mere, 
puis., or else after Aeon, Cole, is frequently suitable after Sulph») 

Of the other medicines cited a preference may be given to : 

Antimonium — ^When the eye-lids are very red, with humor in the 
canthi, photophobia, and shooting pains. 

Arnica — When there are : Difficult and painful movement of the 
eyes and eye-lids, as if they were excoriated ; pupils dilated and 
sensitive to the light ; redness and swelling of the eyes and eye-lids. 

Bryonia — When the eyes are red, with burning or pressive pains, 
as if there were sand in them, aggravated in the evening, or at night; 
swelling of the eye-lids, with pains in the head on opening them. 
(It is often suitable after Puis, in rheumatic ophthalmia.) 

Oausticuu — When the eye-lids are swollen and ulcerated, with 
nocturnal agglutination ; pressure, or burning, smarting pains in the 

China — When there are : Aggravation towards the evening, with 
pressure as from sand in the eyes ; photophobia ; frontal cephalalgia ; 
heat and redness, or dullness and confusion of the eyes, as if the 
hollows were full of smoke. 

CoLocTNTHis — ^Whcu there are : Violent burning and incisive 
pains, extending into the head, with pressure, drawing, and spas 
modic pains from one side of the head to the nose, with great anguish 
and inquietude, which do not allow any rest whatever. 

Digitalis — Redness of the eyes and conjunctiva ; shootings acres 
the eyes, or a sensation as if sand were introduced into them ; pro* 
fuse lachrymation, augmented by brilliant light and cold air ; pho« 
tophobia ; obstruction and dryness of the nose. 

DuLOAMARA — When the least chill brings on the complaint ; with 
pressive pains, especially when reading ; sight confused, as if directed 
through a veil, or flames and sparks, which seem to issue from the 
eyoB, with aggravation during repose. 

806 OHAP. Vn. — BTKB. • 

Ferrvic — Dullness, confusion, lachrymation, or redness of the eyes 
After the least fatigue, with burning pains ; hordeola. 

Graphites — ^Ulcers in the cornea, excessive photophobia; redness 
and swelling of the eye-lids, with copious secretion of mucus, and 

Lachesis — ^Oreat dryness of the eyes ; photophobia ; shootings as 
from knives, or violent pressure, as if the eye-ball were about to 
start from the socket ; ulceration of the cornea ; confused or clouded 

NjTRic-ACiD. — Pressure and shootings in the eyes ; frequent lachry 
mation, especially when reading ; eyes surrounded by a yellow 
circle, with difficulty in opening them in the morning ; specks on the 
cornea ; swelling of the eye-lids, and suppuration of the eyes. 

Petroleum — When the pains are burning, shooting, smarting, or 
pressive, with pains above the root of the nose, and swelling of the 
nose with purulent discharge. . 

Rhus — In cases in which Bry., appearing to be indicated, proves 
insufficient ; and when there are : Smarting, burning, or shooting, 
profuse lachrymation, nocturnal agglutination, and erysipelatous 
swelling of the eye-lids, with photophobia. 

Sepia — When there are : PliotopJujUay coryza, nocturnal agglutina- 
tion of the eye-lids, pustules on the eye-balls ; violent pressive pains. 

S PIG ELI A — ^When there are : Pressive j shooting, or boring pains ^ 
deeply seated in the orbits^ and extending into the heady with a sensa- 
tion as if the eye-balls were too large ; and especially when the pains 
are so violent as to occasion despair. 

Sulpruris-acid. — When the pains are burning or smarting, with 
photophobia, lachrymation, especially when reading, and difficulty in 
opening the eye-lids. 

Veratruh — Tearing pains, which hinder sleep at night, with 
violent headache, photophobia, great heat, and sensation of dryness 
in the eyes. 

*^* For more ample information respecting the medicines cited^ 
and others which may also be employed, see Sect. 2, Symptoms, and 
consult the pathogenesy of the medicines. (Compare likewise : 
Blepharitis, Specks, Ulceration of the Cornea, &c.) 

Paralysis of the Eye-Lids.— The chief remedies are: 5fcp.. 
veratr., and zinc. (Compare Sect. 2, same article.) 

Photophobia* — The medicines chiefly recommended are: Beil.. 
con», euphr.y ign,, ptds., staph., verat. ; also : Aeon., ars., calc,, hep.^ 
mere, n.-vom., phos,, rhus, sidph., verat. ["Calc.-caus.*' — Ed.] 

Belladonna — Is indicated by the following group of symptoms : 


Colored areola around the candle ; red spots, mist, or oloadiness ' 
before the eyes, diplopia, and weakness of sight. 

CoNiUH — Pallid redness of the eye-ball, with injected veins in Ihe 

Euphrasia — Headache, and obscnre or wavering appearance of 
the light of candles. 

loNATiA — Pressure in the eyes, with lachrymation, without any 
perceptible injury of the eye. 

Pulsatilla — Luminous circles around the candle, with confused 
sight, as if caused by something removable by rubbing ; diplopia, or 
clouded sight. * 

Staphtsagria — Black reflections and sparks before the eyes ; or 
flames, especially at night ; or areola around the candle, with confused 

Yeratrum — Black spots before the eyes, or sparks, with diplopia. 

%* See also : Amblyopia and Ophthalmia, and Sect. 2, Photo* 


Presbyopia* — ^The medicines which deserve a preference are: 
Calc.t dros,, ni,, sulph,, or else : Carb.-an., con.^ hyos.^ lye, natr,, 
ncUr.-ni,, petr,, and sep. 

Pseodopia) or Illusions of Sight* — See Sect. 2, Musc^ Yolitan- 
TBS, Points, Spots, Flocks^ Sparks, Flames, &c. (Compare Am« 


Spasms of diO EyO-LldS* — The chief remedies against spasmodio 
olosing^of the eye-lids ar^ : Bell,, cham,, croc,, hep,, hyos, (Compare 
Sect. 2, Closing of the Eye-lids.) 

Specks and Opacity of the Cornea*— The medicines that have 

hitherto been employed most successfully against Specks on the 
Cornea are : Bell,, cole,, euphr,, hep,,ptUs,, and sidph. Also : Ars., 
cann,, cin,^ magn,, nitr.-ac.; Aur,, cheU,, con,? g'ran,? lath.? h/c, 
sep,, sil. are sometimes indicated. 

Against Opacity of the Cornea, the principal remedies are : Cann,, 
euphr,, magn,, nitr.-ac,, puis,, and sulph. ; and, perhaps, recourse 
may also be had to : Ang.l caps, ? chel,, chin,, loch,, op,, plumb,, and 
rut, — Ol.-jec. 

Strabismus* — ^The medicines which claim priority are : Bell., 
hyos,, and perhaps : Alum. 

Ulceration of tlie Cornea* — ^The remedies hitherto found most 
efficacious are : Ars,, bell,, calc,, chin.-sulph., euphr,^ hep,, lach., msrc.9 
natr., sil,, and sulph. 


OHAP. Vn. — KR8« 


Abscess in the Canthus. Bell. 

bry. calo. natr. petr. puis. sil. 

Aching Pains in the Orbits. Bov. 

cupr. par. phos. 
Agglutination of the Eye-lids 

(Nocturnal). Alum, am.-c. ang. 

ant. ars. anr.-m. aar.-s. bar.-c. 
' bell, hot, bov. hry, code, carb.-v, 

cast. cans. cham. cic, croc. dig. 

enphorb.euphr. graph, hep. ign. 

kal. kreos. led. lye. mere, niagn. 

fnagn,-m, natr.-m. natr.-s. n.- 

vom. ol.-an. phos, plumb, puis. 

rat. rhod. rkus, sass. sep. sil. 

spong. stann. staph, stram. 

siUph. tar. thuj. verat. 
Anxious Look. Arn. 
Beaten (Pain around the eyes as 

if the parts had been). Natr.-s. 
Blearedness. (See Humor.) 
Bleeding of the Eyes. Bell. 

carb.'V. cham. lach. n.-vom, 

["Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Of the eye-lids. Bell. 
Blueness of the Eyes. Verat. 

— Canthi (of the). Sass. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Dig. 
Body in the Eye (Sensation of a 

foreign). Ammoniac, calc.-ph. 
meph. (Compare Sand.) 

Bones (Pains in the). See Ach- 

Boring in the Eyes. Puis. spig. 

[" — Upper margin of the orbits. 
Calc.-caus.'* — Ed.] 

BjiiLLiANTEyes. (See Sparkling). 

Bruise (Pain in the eyes as from 
a). Cocc. hep, n.-vom. sulph. 
tart, verat, 

— Eye-lids (in the). Hep. 
^- Orbits (in the). Cupr. 
Burning Heat in the Eyes. Aeon. 

agn. alum. amb. am.-c, ang. ars, 
Ota. asar. aur. aur.'^m, bar.-c. 

bell, berb. bor. bruc. bry. calad. 
calc, cafUh. caps, carb.-v. cast, 
cans. cham. chin. cic. caloc. con. 
cor. croc. eug. fer. graph, grat. 
hep. kal. kal.-h. kreos, lach. lact. 
laur. led. lye. magn. magn.-fn, 
mang. meph. mere, natr. natr.- 
m. natr.-s. nic. nitr. n.-mos. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. par. petr. phell. 
phos. puis. rat. rhod. rhus. rut. 
sabad. sass. sen. sep. spig. 
spong. stann. staph, stront 
sulph. sulph.-ac. tab. tar. thu/. 
tong. val. viol.-od. zinc. 
["Brom. calc.-caus. crotal. fer.- 
acet. gum.-gutt. kalm. mere- 
per. nux-j." — Ed.] 
Burning, Canthi (in the). Agar, 
am.-m. carb.-v. gran, n.-vom. 
phos. phos.-ac. ran. squill, sidph, 
tart. [" Fluor.-ac."— Ed.] 

— Eye-brows (in the). N.-vom. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Aur.-m, 
bell. berb. calc. chen. croc, 
lact. lye. oleand. phell. phos.-ac. 
sass. sen. stann. sulph. zinc. 
[" Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

— Hollows of the eyes (in the). 

— Margins of the eye-lids (in 
the). Meph. n.-vom. 

Cataract. (See Sect. 1.) 
Cicatrices in the Cornea. 

Euphr, sil. 
Circle around the Eyes. (See 

Closing, Contraction of the Eve- 

lids. Aeon. alum. ars. bell. calc. 

cham, croc. cupr. Jiep. hyos. 

mere, natr.-m. plumb, sil. staph. 

stram. sulph. tart, viol.-od. 

(Compare SinkingJ 
Closing the Eyes (l5ifficulty in) 

Coldness in the Eyes. Am.-o. 



asa. calc. con. Ijc. plat, mgs.- 

Coldness, Canthi (in the). Asar. 
Margins of the eyelids (in 

the). Phos.-ac. 
Compression of the Eyes. Aur. 

bell. cann. chinn. cor. hep. plat. 

tab. viol.-od. viol. -trie. zinc. 
.— Eye-lids (of the). Asa. 

CoNDTLOMATA in the Eyc-brows. 

Confusion in the Eyes. Am. ars. 

bell. bor. bry. fer. lach. mere. 

mos. spig. spong. stann. stram. 

tart, verat. (Compare Dull- 
ness of the Eyes, &c.) 
Congestion of Blood in the Eyes. 

Alum. bell, kal.-ch. phos. plumb. 

Contraction of the Eyes. Crot. 

euphr. plumb, rut. squill, verb. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Crot. euphr. 
n.-vom. plumb, rhod. tab. viol.' 

*— In the eye-lids (Sensation of). 

"^ Of the opening of the eye-lids. 


— (Sensation of). Hsem. 
Convulsed Eyes. Aeon. ars. 

bell, camph. cham. cupr. dig. 
galv. hydroc. hyos. lack. laur. 
op. petr. pho8.-ac. plat, plumb, 
ran.-sc. sec. spig. stann. stram. 
verat. (Compare Convulsions.) 

— Eye-lids. Sen. 
Convulsions of the Eyes. Bell. 

canth. cocc. cupr. galv. hyos. 
ign. spig. mgs.-arc. 

— Of the eye-lids. Berb. ign. 
ffrat. lach. rhab. (Compare 
Jerking, Cramps.) 

Cornea (Specks, ulcers, &c., on 
the). See Specks, Ulcers, &c. 

Corrosion. (See Gnawing.) 

Cramps. (See Spasms.) 

Crawling in the Eyes. Ammo- 
niac, aspar. spig. 

Crawling, Canthi (in the). Plat. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Croc. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Chin. sen. 

— Around the eyes. Am. 
Detached (Sensation as if the 

eye-ball were). Carb.-an. 

Digging. Colon, spiff. 

Diminution of the Opening be- 
tween the Eye-lids. A^ar. 

— (Sensation of). Hssm. 
Downcast Eyes. Ang. am. asar. 

bell. bov. bry. chin. con. eye. 
fer. hem. hyos. iod. kal. kreos. 
lach. mere, nitr.-ac. phos.-ac. 
rhab. rhus. sahin. spig. spong. 
stann. val. verat. 
Drawing in the Eyes. Cann. 
col eh. ol.-an. 

— Around the Eyes. Plat. 
[" Fluor .-ac."— Ed.] 

— Eye-lids (m the). Colch. rhab. 
sen. tong. mgs.-arc. 

— Sinking of the Eye-lids. 
Aeon. alum. croc. mere, spong. 
Bulph. tart, viol.^d. (Compare 

Drowned in Tears (Eyes, as it 

were), or Watery. Bry. daph. 

kreos. sep. tart. teuc. verat. 
Dryness in the Eyes. Asa. berb. 

croc. gran. laur. magn. mang. 

natr.-s. n.-mos. ^heW. puis, rhod* 

sen. spig. staph, sulph. tong. 

zinc. [" Crotal. gum.-gutt." — 


— Canthi (of the). Euphorb. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Aeon. ars. 
daph. euphorb. puis, verat, 
[" Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

of the margins of the. 

Ars. cham. 
Dryness of the Eyes (Sensation 

of). Ammoniac, asa. asar. 

bar.-c. bell, elect, n.-mos. n.- 

vom. sil. 

— Canthi (of the). Ang. n.-vom. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Bar.-o. 


CQBAP. YH. — ^ETB8. 

mgs.-arc. mgs.-aus. ["Merc- 
per/'— Ed.] 

Dullness of the Eyes. ^th. arn. 
ars. asar. bell. berb. bov. brae, 
hjos. kal. kreos. lach. mere, 
mosch. pbos.-ac. sabin. [" Merc- 
per." — Ed.] (Compare Con- 
fusion in toe Eyes, &c.) 

Dust in the Eyes (Sensation of). 
Lach. rhab. sulph. (Compare 

EccHYMosis in the Eye. Bell, 
oham. lach. n.-vom. 

Enlargement of the Eyes. Ant. 

Excoriation of the Canthi. Kal. 

— Eye-lids (of the margins of 
the). Bor. 

-— (Pain as from a wound, or from), 
in the eyes. Ant. bar.-c. canth. 
cham. cor. croo. hep. stann. 
sulph. zinc. 

— Canthi (in the). Ang. cham. 
n.-yom. ran, zinc. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Bar.-c. 
canth, cor. croc. h^. spig. stUph. 



margins of the (in the). Arn. 

n.-vom. val. 

— Orbits (in the margins of the). 

ExPANSipN (Sensation of) in the 

Globe of the Eye. Lact. 
Ete-brows (Falling off of the). 

Alum, plumb, sel. 
Fatigue of the Eyes (Drowsy). 

Aeon. asa. j^ell, plat, plumb. 

tart, thuj. viol.-od. viol.-trio. 
Fatigue (Pain as from). Gins. 

heracl. meph. oleand, 

— As from study. Oleand. 
Fibre in the Eye (Sensation as if 

there were a). Tab. (See 
Thread in the Eye.) 

Film before the Eyes (Sensation 
as of a). See Sect. 3. 

Fire were Shooting from the Eyes. 
(Sensation as if). Dulc. 

Fistula Lachrymalis. (See Sec- 
tion 1.) 

Fixedness of Look, or of the Eyes. 
Aeon. {Bth, ang. arn. ars. asar. 
bar.-m. bell, camph. cic. cupr. 
hell, hydroc. kyos. ign. kal. 
lach, laur, merc.-o. mosch. n.- 
vom. op, phos.-ac. puis. rhu& 
rut. sec. sen. squill, stram, tart 

Fracture (Pains around the eyes 
like those of a). Nat.-s. 

Fullness in the Eyes (Sensation 
of). N.-mos. 

Fungus Hsematodes. (See Sec- 
tion 1.) 

Fungus (Medullary.) See Sec- 
tion 1.) 

Glassy Eyes. Bry. cocc. op. 
phos.-ac. Sep. 

Glaucoma. (See Sect. 1, Cata- 

Gnawing around the Eyes. Agn. 
elect, plat. 

— Eye-lids (in the). ilgn.berb. 
Haggard Eyes. Ars. bell. cupr. 

elect, op. sec. 

Hair in the Eye (Sensation as if 
there were a). Tab. (See 

Heat, Burning in the Eyes. Am- 
moniac, ang. bell, carb.-v. cham. 
chin, cor, diad, graph, kreos, 
lach. mang. meph. phos. plat. 
sabin. sil. spig. tab, verat, verb, 

— Canthi (in the). Carb.-v. phos. 

Heaviness of the Eyes. Hsem. 
hell, plumb, sulph. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Aeon. bell, 
berb. daph. gins, graph, hsem. 
lach. natr.-s. n.-vom. phell. sep^ 
spong. sulph. viol.-od. [*• Calc- 
caus. merc.-per." — ^Ed.] 

Herpes in the Eye-lids. Bry 

kreos. sulph. 
Holding Back of the Eye-lids. 

Hollo WNESS of the Eyes. Anao. 

ars. berb. calc. cic. coloo. cupr. 

BEOT. n« — BTHFT0M8« 


ojo. dros. fer. gran. iod. kal. 
nitr.-ae. op. phos. phos.-ac. raph. 
sec. spoDg. stann. staph, sulph. 
teuc. [" Ars.-hyd."— Ed.] 
Hordeolum (Nodosities as from). 
Am.-c. aur.-s. bry. con. fer. galv. 
graph, lye. mere. phos. phos.-ac. 
puis. rhus. sep. stann. staph, 
sulph. thuj. 

— Sensation as if there were a. 
Amb. meph. 

Humor (Secretion of). Agar. ant. 
am.-c. ars.-cit. bis. calc, cham, 
graph, ipeo. lact. lyo. nat.-m. 
nux-vom. staph, sen, (Compare 

Immobility of the Eyes. Am.-c. 
ang. hydroc. rat. (Compare 
Difficulty in Moving them.) 

— Eye-lids (of the). Hydroc. 
Incisive Pains. Calo. coloc. mere. 

puis. viol. -trie. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Calc. mere. 
Inflammation of the Eyes. Aeon, 

amb. ant. am. ars, asar. aur. 
ba/r,<. bell. Bar. bry. eak, camph. 
cann. canth. caps, catis, cham. 
chin, cinn. clem, coloc. con, crot. 
cupr. daph. dig, dulc. elect. 
euphorb, euphr.fer, galv. gran. 
graph, hep, ign, iod. ipeo. kal. 
kreos. Icich. led, lye, magn. 
magn.-m. m^c. merc.-s. mez. 
natr. no/r.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom, 
op. petr, phos, phos.-ac. plumb. 
puis. ran. rat. rhtts, ^p, sil. 
spig, staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. 
tar. teuc. thuJ, verat, zinc. 
[" Brom. kal.-bi. kalm."— Ed.] 

— Canthi (of the). Bor. calc. 
merc.^cet. zinc. 

— Conjunctiva (of the). Ars, hep, 
dig. mere, sulph. (Compare 

— Cornea (of the). Euphr. spig. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Aeon. ant. 
ars, bar.-c. bell. bry. calc, cans. 
cham. chin. cocc. dig. euphr, 
hep. kreos. lach. lye. mere, natr. 

natr.-m. n,'Vom, phos.-ac. puis, 
rhus. Sep. spig. staph, sulph, 
thuj. verat. zinc. [" Kal.-bi." — 
Inflammation, Eye-lids (of the 
margins of the). Bell, cham, 
clem. dig. euphr. hep. lach. 
mere, n.-vom. puis, staph, stram. 

— Iris (of the). Clem, merc.-a 
plumb, sulph. 

Irritation of the Cornea. Crot. 

Itching in the Eyes. Agar. ant. 
arg. bell. bor. calc. oarb.-v. cans, 
gran, kreos. m£rc, natr.-m. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. petr. phell, puis, 
ran. sep. sil. stann. sulph, viol.- 
trio. zinc. mgs. ['^ Eal.-bi. 
kalm. lobel."--ED.] 

— Around the eyes. Agn. con. 

— Canthi (in the). Arg. bell, 
carb.-v. con. euphorb. fer.-mg. 
led. merc.-acet. mosch. mur.-ac. 
n.-vom. rut. staph, sulph. zinc. 
[" Benz.-a. fluor.-ac. gum.-gutt." 

— Eye-brows (in the). Agn, 
[" Fluor.-ac."— Ed.] 

— Eye-lids (in the). Agn. amb. 
belh croc. crot. enphorb. gins, 
grat. pason. sep. sulph. zinc, 
mgs.-arc. [" Lobel."— Ed.] 

— Eye-lids (in the margins of 
the). N.-vom. staph. 

Jerking, Twitching in the Eyes. 
Agar. cham. crot. nio. petr. rat. 
rhus. stann. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Cin. ol.-an. 

— Eye-lids (in thej. Agar. asar. 
bell. calo. campn. cans, cham, 
crot. dulc. galv. hydroc. ind. 
iod. ipec, Ivc. men. ol.-an. par. 
petr. rat. rhab. rhod. rhus. sabin. 
sen. sep. stront. stdph, mgs.-arc. 

Lachrymal Caruncula (Pains in 
the). Fer.-mg. 

— Abscess in the). Bell. bry. 
calc. natr. puis. sil. (Compare 
Fistula Lachrymalis, Sect. 1.) 


CHAP. Vn. — ^ETE8. 

Lachryhation. Aeon. alum, am.- 

c. arg.-nit. am. asar. bell. brj. 

caps. cast. cans, chin.cinn. dem, 

eoloc. croc, crot. dig, elect, eug. 

euphorb. euphr,/er ier.-mg, gal v. 

graph, grat. hep. heracl. ign. 

iod. kal. kreos. lach. led, lye, 

magn. magn.-a. mere, mosoh. 

natr.-m. natr.-s. uitr. nitr.-ac. 

n.-mos. n.-vom.ol.-an.^ar.j9^r. 

phos, pbos.-ac. puis, ran. ran.- 

rep. ran.-sc. rhab. rhiLS, ruta. 

sabad, sabin. sen. sep, sil, spig. 

spong. stram, sulph, sulph.-ac. 

tar. teuc. thuj. verat. mgs.-arc. 

mgs.-aus. [**Brom. calc.-caus. 

fer.-acet." — ^Ed.] (Compare 

Eyes Drowned in Tears.) 
Large (The eyes appear to be 

(go). Cans. con. lach. mez. op. 

par. phos.-ac. plumb, spig. 

(Compare Sensation of Swell- 
Light (Desire for). Aeon. bell. 
l^ippiTUDo. (See Sect. 1.) 
Livid Circle around the Eyes. 

Anac. ars. berb. bis. calc. chin. 

cocc- cupr. graph, hep. jpec. 

kal. lach. mere. natr. n.-mos. 

n.-vom. oleand. phos. phos.-ac. 

rhus. sabad. sabin. sec. sep. 

staph, sulph. verat. ["Ars.- 

hyd."— EdJ 
Moving the Eyes (Difficulty in). 

Arn. hep. hydroc. 
— - Eye-lids (the). Am. galv. n.- 
mos. [" Merc.-per." — ^Ed.] 
Mucus (Secretion of^. Bar.-m. 

calc. oham. dig. eupnorb. euphr, 

graph, lact. puis, sulph. 
— Sanguineous. Euphr. 
Nail in the Margin of the Orbit 

(Sensation as if ther^ were a). 

Ars. hell. 
Nodosities in the Eye-lids. Staph. 

sulph. thuj. 
OoziNO (Running) Speok in the 

GanthuB. Ant. 

Opacity of the Cornea. (See 
Sect. 1, Specks and Opacitt.) 

— Of the crystalline lens. (See 
Sect. 1, Cataract.) 

Open, Eyes (wide). Hydroc. 

(half). Hydroc. 

Opening the Eye-lids (Difficulty 
in). Amb. ars. cans. gins. kal. 
mere. natr. phos. spig. sulph.* 
ac. (Compare Closing.) 

Orbits (Pains in the). Bell, iod. 
sel. spig. (Compare the parti- 
cular kinds of *pain.) 

[" Pains in the Eye-lids on Move- 
ment. Calc.-caust." — ^Ed.1 

Paralysis of the Eye-lids. Alum, 
bell, graph, lach. nitr.-ac. op. 
plumb, rhus. sep, spig. stram 
verat. zinc, 

Resembling. Hydro© 

Pass Out of the Eye (Sensation 
as of something seeking to). 

Pimples, Pustules, &c., around 
the Eyes. Euphr. hep. staph, 

— Conjunctiva (on the). Merc. 

— Cornea (on the). Sep. 

— Eye-brows (on the). Guaj. sel. 
thuj. ["Fluor.-ac."— Ed.] 

— Eye-lids (in the). Hep. mosch. 

Pressing Asunder of the Eye- 
lids (Spasmodic). Ang. arn. 
bell, laur, op. 

Pressing Back of the Eye-balls. 

Pressure in the Eyes. Aeon, 
agar. alum, amb, ammoniac. 
aruic. ang, ars, atham. bar.-c. 
bell. berb. bis. bor, bry. calc. 
carb,'V, cast, cans, cham. chin, 
cin. clem. cocc. con. croc, cupr, 
dig. dulc. elect, euphr. galv. 
gent. gins, graph, grat, ha^m 
hep, ign. kal, kal.-ch. laoh. lact. 
led, lye, mang. meph. mere, mei: 
nair,'S. niir.-ac, n.-vom. oleand. 



oL-an. ^eir. phos. phos.'OC. plat, 
plumb, puis, ran, ran.-sc, rhab. 
rbod. rhns. rut, sabad. sass. 
sen. sep. sil. spig. spong. staph, 
strain, stront. sulph, salph.-ac. 
tab. tart, thuj, val. vercU. zinc, 
sing. ['* Cinch.-salph. fer.-acet. 
fluor.-ac. gent. kalm. lobel. 
merc.-per. phytol." — Ed.] 
Pressure, Canthi (in the). Alum, 
carb.-y. mosch. stann. staph, tar. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Dig. 

— Eye-lids (in tie). Bry. cham. 
oroo. euphr. fer.-mg. graph, 
meph. rhab. sen. sil. spong. 
stann, staph, stram. sulph, 

— In the face (which proceeds 
from the). Rhod. 

— Orbits (in the). Bo v. con. cor. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] 

-— — margins of the (in the). 
Chin. rhod. 

— — bones of the (in the). Bor. 

— Around the eyes. Arn. 

— Expansive, or from within 
outwards. Asar. bry. daph. 
lach. guaj. magn.-s. mez. sen. 

Prickinq. Aur.-m. fer.-mg. sep. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Aur.-m. 

Prominent Eyes. Aeon. ssth. 

ang. arn. ars. aur. bell, canth. 

caps. chin. cocc. con. cupr. hep. 

hydroc. hyos. latur, merc.-c. op. 

stann. verat. mgs.-arc. ["Oph- 

iot."— Ed.] 
Puffed State of the Eye-lids. 

Spong. (Compare Swell- 
Pulled Out (Sensation as if the 

hair were being). Prun. 
Pulsations. (See Throbbinos.) 
PuFiLS Contracted. Anao. ars. 

bell. cham. camph. oic. daph. 

elect, galv. hssm. lact. mang. 

mez. n.-mo8. n.-vom. plumb. 

pyls, rhab. samb. see. sep. squill. 

Wirat. zimc* 

VOL. n.— 14 

Pupils, Dilated. Aeon. ang. bar.* 
m. bell, cole, carb.-an. chin. cio. 
cin. cocc. croc. eye. dig. gran, 
guaj. hydroc. hyos. ign. ipec, 
lac. lack. lact. laur, led, mang. 
nitr. n.-vom. op, phos.-ac. puis, 
raph. samb. sec. spig. squill. 
stram. verat, mgs. ["Brom. 
chin.-hyd. crotal. hyp. kal.- 
brom. merc.-per. vip." — Ed.J 

— Immovable. Bell, hydroc. 
laur. op. 

— Insensible. Bar.-m. carb.-v. 
chin, euphr. dig. hydroc. stram. 

— Unequal. Merc.-c. sulph. 
Pustules on the Conjunctiva. 

Merc. (Compare Scabs.) 

— On the Cornea. Sep. 

— Around the Eyes. Sulph. 
Quivering of the Eyes. (See 


Red Spot on the Eye-lid. Camph. 

Redness of the Eye (In the scle- 
rotica). Aeon. ang. arn. ars. 
asar. aur. bell. bruc. bry. caic, 
caps. chin. con. crot. cupr, 
euphr. yer^ gal v. hyos. ign, ipec. 
kal. krcos. ktch, magn. magn.- 
m. mere, n.-vom. op. phos. raph. 
rhus, rhus.-v. sep. sil. spig, 
spong. stram. sulph, sulph. -ac. 
tab. tart. teuc. thuj, verat. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] (Compare 

— Canthi (of the). Bell. bruc. 
bry. n.-vom. tab. teuc. zinc. 

— Conjunctiva (of the). Ars. bell, 
berb. dig. elect, galv. gent. hssm. 

' lach. lact. mere. meph. n.-vom. 
phos. puis, sulph, ["Chin.- 
hyd. gent kal.-bi. ophiot."— 

— Eye-lids (of the). Aeon. ant. 
aur.-m. aur.-s. bell, bry, cole, 
cham. fer. graph, kreos. mere, 
mur.-ao. natr.-m. n.-vom. puis, 
sep^ sulph. [** Fer.-acet." — En.] 

(of the margins of the). 

Arg. elect, kreos. sabad. viL 



Bedness, Iris (of the). Sulph. 
.— Veins in tlie eyes (of the). 

Aoon. aeth. amb. bell, graph. 

ign. men. mere, phos.-ac. spig. 

Kefixino, or Resetting of the 

Eje-ball (Feeling of). Sec. 
Rigidity of the Eyes. Berb. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Men. rhus. 

Rub the Eyes (Need to). Croo. 

plumb, puis. 
Rubbing or Friction in the Eye. 

(Sensation of). Sulph. puis. 
Sad Aspect. Stram. 
Sand, or Dust in the Eyes (Pain 

as from). Alum. ars. asa. bruc. 

bry. caps. cans. chin. cin. dig. 

euphr. graph, hsem. ign. kreos. 

lach. mere, ol.-an. phos. puis. 

sil. stront. sulph. tar. thuj. teuc. 

▼iol.-tric. aing. ["Phyto." — 

Scabs, Ulceration around the Eyes. 

Merc, sulph. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Sep. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Merc, merc- 
protiod. Sep, 

ScaAPiNG in the Eye. Puis. 

Secretion of Mucus. (See Mu- 

Sensibility of the Eyes to the 
Light. (See Photophobia.) 

Separation (Spasmodic) of the 
Eye-lids. (See Pressing Asun- 

Shootings in the Eyes. Aeon. 
ant, ars. aspar. bell. berb. bry. 
caL, cham. cinn. cic. cist, coloc. 
crot. dig. euphr. graph, hep. 
kal, kal.-ch. loch, lye. magn. 
magn.-9. meph. vierc. natr.natr,- 
m. nitr.^dc, d.-an. petr. phell. 
phos. j[?i//s. sdss. sep, spig, spong, 
staph, sulph. tar. thuj. viol.- 
trio. line. [" Kalm. phytol." — 

Shootings, Canthi (in the). Asar. 
bell. clem. con. crot. phos. tart. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Scroph. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Aur.-m. aur.« 
s* oyc. gent. lye. pseon. stann. 
sulph. mgs.-arc. ["Brom." — 

— Inwards. Coloc. 

[" — In the left eye. Brom." — 

— Orbits (in the margins of the). 

— Outwards. •Dros. 9»iir.-ac. 
natr, sil. 

Sinking, Falling, Drawing, &c., of 

the Eye-lids. Aeon. croc. gins.. 

graph, mere. natr. phell. sep. 

spig. spong. sulph. tart, viol.- 

od. viol.-tric, zinc. 
Sleep. (See Drowsy Fatigue.) 
Smallness and Inexpressiveness 

of the Eyes. Lach. 
Smarting in the Eyes. Calc. 

carb.-v. cans. chin, dem, euphr. 

gran. iod. kal. kreos. lact. lye. 

mere, natr.-m. n.-vom. ol.-an. 

petr. phos. plat, ran .-rep. rhab. 

rhus. sabad. sep. sil. stann. 

staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. tab. 

teuc. thuj. valer. viol.-tr. zinc. 

[" Podoph.*'— Ed.] 

(Note. — ^The sensation term- 
ed Ticklings or Ttckling-itch' 

ingf in the pathogenesy of Merc. 

and N.-'vom,, ought rather, per- 
haps, to be called, as in this 

place. Smarting.) 
Smarting, Canthi (in the). Carb. 

V. con. gran. lact. mez. mur.-ac. 

n.-vom. phos. ran. ran.-sc. ruta. 

sil. staph, sulph, tart. teuc. 

zinc. [" Kal.-bi. phyto."— Ed.] 

— Eye-lids (in the). Aur.-m. 
calc. clem. lye. rhus. sep. sil. 
spig. sulph. zinc, mgs.-aus. 
[•• Lobel."— Ed.] 

Smoke on the Cornea (As if there 
were). Chin. 



Softening of tbo Solerotioa. Bell. 

— Eyt^-Iids (of the). Sulph, 
Sorrowful Look. Stram. 
Soreness of the Eye. Lohel. 
Sparkling, Brilliant Eyes. Aeon, 

seth. hell. bry. cupr. lach. 
mosch. n.-vom. stram. 
Spasmodic, Compressive Pains. 

— Orbits (in the margins of the). 

Spasms in the Eyes. Aeon, bell, 
canth. kal.-ch. • (Compare Con- 

— Eye-lids (in the). Alum. hell, 
chant, croc, hep. hydroc. h'ifos. 
rhod. rata. sen. viol.-od. (Com- 
pare Closing.) 

Speck on the Eye-lid (Bed). 

— Banning, Oozing, in the 
Canthus. Ant. 

Specks on the Cornea. (See Sect. 

1, Specks.) 
Strabismus. Alum. bell. hyos. 
Sunken (Sensation as if the eyes 

were deeply). Elect. [" Cinch- 

salph. crotal.** — Ed.] 
Suppuration of the Eyes. Bry. 

cans, nitr-ao. 

— Canthi (of the). Bell, n.-vom. 
kal. zinc. 

— Lachrymal caruncala (of the). 
Bell. (Compare Abscess.) 

SwELUNG of the Eyes. Aeon, cars, 
bar.-c. bruc. bry. cochl. galv. 
kal, magn. n.-vom. plamb. rhiu, 

— Canthus (in the). Bell. sass. 

— Conjunctiva (of the). Bry. 
n.-vom. sulph, 

— Eye-lids (of the). Aeon. arg. 
arn. bell. bry. calc, cham. colcb. 
^rot. eye. dig. elect, euphr. fer. 
fer.-mg. graph, hyos. ign. iod. 
kal. kreos. lach. mang. mere, 
mar.-ao. nitr.-ac. n,'Vom, phos. 
puis. rhoB. sen. sep. squill. 

sulph,th'uj,yA. ["Cinoh.-sulph. 

fer.-acet." — EdJ 
Swelling of the Eye-lids (Hard). 

Aeon. thuj. 
(Edematous. Ars. crot. 

raph. rhus. (puis.) 

— Gland (of the lacnrymal). Bell, 

— Sensation of. Croc, gtic^* 
par, (Compare Sensation 
as if the Eye-ball were too 

— Weeping (as if after). Croc. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Caust. 
Tearing, Sharp, Drawing, Acute, 

&o.. Pains in the Eyes. Asar. 
aur.-m. herb. bry. kal. led. lyc^ 
n.-vom. puis, squill, verat. zinc. 
[''Calc.-caust. hyper, merc.-per." 

— Eye-brows (in the). Thuj. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Berb. plumb. 
Tearing from the Inside Out- 
wards. Sil. 

Tears (Acrid, Corrosive). Ars. 
bell. calc. kreos, led. natr^m, 
puis, Bpig. 

— Burning. Am, bell, eug. kreos, 

— Cold. Xach. 

— Oily. Sulph. 

— Shining. i>ig. eug. eupJiorb, 
euphr, led. sabin. spig. 

Tension in the Eyes. Aur, n.- 
vom. plat sabin. stram. [<'Hyp.- 
pcr.»'— Ed.1 

— Eye-lids (in the). Aeon, xj.* 
mos. oleand, stram. sulph.-ac. 
tonff. [" Merc.-per." — Ed.] 

— Orbits (in the). Plat, 

— Around the eyes. N.-mos. 
Thread in the Eyes (Sensation aa 

if there were a). Tab. 
Th&obbino, Pulsation in the Eyes. 
Ammoniac, asar. aur.-s. galv. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Soroph. 
Tickling, Eyes (in the). Aur.-m« 

— — Around the. Amb. 

— Eye*lidf (in the). Aur «•• 


CHAP. Vn. — ETE8. 

Trembling, Quivering of the Eyes. 
Op. sulph. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Carb.-v. 
iod. op. pkit, [" Merc.-per." — 

Tremulous Look, Expression. 

Con. plat. 
Trichiasis. Bor. pals. 
Turning Back of the Eje-lids. 


— Around in the Eyes. (Sensa- 
tion of). Bov. cist. 

Twitching of the Eyes. Am,'m, 
pctr. rat. rhus. sil. stann. 
(Compare Jerking.) 

— Canthi (of the). Phos. 

— Eye-brows (of the). Ol.-an. 

— Eye-lids (of the). Agar, asa. 
caic. carb.-v. croc. grat. ind. 
kreos. ol.-an, par. petr. phell. 
phos. 77^. rat. rhod. rhus. sabin. 
sep. stront. sulph. tong. 

Ulceration of the Eye-lids. Mere. 

n%tr.-m. spig. strain, 
— ' Margins of the eye-lids (of 

the). Clem, colch. eupkr. mere. 

— »Eyes (of the). Caus. nitr.-ao. 

— (Pain as from). Hep. 
Ulcers on the Cornea. (See Sect. 


Uncertain Look. Bell. 

Veins (Injected). Aeon. aeth. 

amb. bell, graph, ign. meph. 

mere, phos.-ac. spig. sulph. 

— Can thus (in the external). 

Vesicles in the Cornea. Sulph. 
Vice (Sensation as if the eye» 

were compressed in a). Bat. 
Warts in the Eye-brows. Caus. 
Water in the Eyes (Sensation of). 

Weakness of the Eye-lids. Grat. 

["Merc.-per."— Ed.] 
Weeping (Pain in the eyes as 

after). Croc. tab. teuc. 
Whirling in the Eyes (Sensation 

of). Bov. cist. 
[•'Whitening of the Eye-brows. 

Ars.-hyd."— Ed.] 
Winking. Croc, euphr. fer.-mg. 

8p»g- ^ . 
Wound (Pain as from a). See 

Pain as from Excoriation. 

Yellowness of the Sclerotica. 

Ars. bell, canth. cham. chin. 

con. gran, hydrarg. sol. iod. 

lach. magn.-m. n.-vom. phos. 

plumb. Sep. verat. [" Ars.-hyd. 

crotel. kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Spot in the sclerotica. Phos.- 


Amaurosis. Galv. (See Sect. 1.) 
Amblyopia. (See Sect. I.) 
Areola, Beflection around the 

Candle. Alum. anac. bell. 

fer.-mg. lach. magn.-m. nitr. 

phos. rut. Sep. stann. staph. 

— Blue. Lach. 

— Green. Phos. sep. 

— Red. Euta. 

— Variegated. Nitr. stann. 

Areola around Objects (Varie« 

gated). Cic. 
Ball, Luminous, before the Sight. 

Band before the Sight (Sensation 

of a cuticle or). Caus. daph. 

puis. rat. (Compare Veil.) 
Bands (Luminous) before the 

Sight. Am.-c. natr.-m. sep. 
— Black. Phos.-ac. 

0BOr. m. — BIGHT. 


Blindness. Elect. [" Ophiot." 

— Amaurotic. Ilydroo. 

— By day (Attack of). Aeon, 
con. men, nitr. n.-vom. phos. 
siL Btram. sulph. (Compare 

— At night. BeB. hyos. mere. 
pals, verat. 

BaioHTNESs before the Sight. 
Elect, galv. val. 

— On shutting the Eyes. Alum, 

Circle. fSee AreolaJ 
Circles before the Eyes (Co- 
lored). Nitr. stront. 

— Flaming. Puis. 
Cloudiness of the Sight. Amb. 

ang. arg.-nit. am. ars. asa. asar. 
aur. bell. bry. oalc. camph. 
cham. chin. cic. con. cochl. cupr. 
dig. evon. gent. gran, graph, 
hep. hydroc. lach. lact. laur. 
lye. men. mosch. natr.-m. nitr. 
nitr.-ac. ol.-an. op. phos. puis, 
rhus-v.'sec. squill, sulph.stram. 
thuj. [*^ Cinch.'Sulph. crotal. 
merc.-per." — ^Ed.] 
— - Alternately with deafness. Cic. 

— Semi-lateral. Cham, fer.-mg. 

— Sleep (with). Thuj. 
Clouds before the Eyes. Cast. 

crot. lact. ol.-an. sabin. 
["Kalm."— Ed.] 
Colors before the Sight, or in 
Objects. Am.-m. cic. dig. kal. 
nitr. sass. stram. stront. 

— Blue. Oalv. stront. 

— Green. Dig. sep. stront. 

— Red. Bell. con. croc. galv. 
hyos. sass. stront. 

-~ Variegated. Cic. dig. kal. nitr. 

— Yellow. Alum. ars. canlh. dig. 
elect, sulph. 

OoNFUSioN of the Letters when 
Reading. Bry. chin. daph. dros. 
gins, grapli. lach. lye. meph. 
natr.'-m. sen. sil. stram. 

CoNFi^sioN of Colors. Galv. 

— of Sight. Agar. alum. amb. 
ammoniac, am.-c. am.-m. ofuic. 
ang. bar.-c. bell. dale. cann. caps, 
cans. chuiAi chcl. con. coco. 
croe. eye. dulc. eUct. euphorb 
hasm. hep. hydroc. hyos. igr. 
ipec. kreos. lact led. lye. magn 
mang. meph. mere. natr. natr.-m 
natr.-s. nitr.-ac. ol.-an. phos 

,phos.-ac. plat, plumh. puis. nU. 
sang. sass. sen. staph, stram. 
sulph. tab. tart. thuj. val. verb, 
mgs.-aus. [**Kal.-bi." — Ed.] 
(See Cloudiness, &c.) 

— Alternately with increased 
clearness. Hep. 

— Cuticle before the eyes (As 
from a). Caust. daph. puis. rat. 

— Down (as from). Calc. kreos. 
lye. natr. natr.-m. sulph. 

— Mist or fog (as if looking 
through a). Aeon. alum. amb. 
am.-m. ang. bell. bis. cole. caus. 
croc. eye. dig. evon. hsem. ign. 
lact. mere, nitr.-ac. phell. phos.- 
ac. plumb, puis. rut. sass. sec. 

— Rubbing the eyes (removed 
by). Croe. 'plnmh. puis. 

— Sparkling (with). Alum, am.- 
c. led. sen. tart. 

— Veil (as if looking through a). 
Berb. calo. caus. eroe. hsem. 
kreos. lach. lact. natr.-m. petr, 
plat. phos. rhus. sec. sep. sil. 
sulph. tab. thuj. verb. [" Merc.- 
per."— Ed.]^ 

— — blue. Lach. 

— Water (as if looking through). 

Cuticle before the Sight (Sensa- 
tion of a). (See Band and 

Dazzling of the Eyes by 
Light. Bar.-c. bry. calc. 
con. dros. kal. lyo. nitr.-ac. 
phos. phos.-ac. sil. (Compare 


CEAT. ^ Til. 

Dazzling, Candles (of the). 

Phos. (Oompara Nocturnal 

Diffusion of Light. Bell. pals. 
Diplopia. Agar, am.-c. aur. bell. 

cic. con. daph. euphorb. gins. 

hjos. iod. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. petr. 

pals. sec. stram. verat. 
Distant (Objects appear). Anac. 

nic. stann. sulph. 
Down. (See Confusion of Sight.) 
Flames before the Sight. Aar. 

bell. brj. cann. kal.-ch. lach. 

mere. puis, viol.-od. zinc. 
Flashes, like Lightning, before 

the Sight. Croc. galv. natr. 

n.-voin. spig. staph. 
Oaudt Appearance of Objects. 

P'Olimmerinq before the Eyes. 

Kalm."— Ed.] 
Hairs before the Sight (Sensation 

as if there wore). Sang. 
Heheralopia. (See Sect. 1.) 
Hemiopia. Aur. lye. mar.-ac. 


— Horizontal. Aur. 

— Vertical. Lye. mur.-ac. 
Illusions of Sight in General. 

Camph. coco, dig, hyos, stram. 

[" Lup."— Ed.] 
Indistinctness of Sight. Kal.-h. 

Inverted (Objects appear to be). 

Larger than they really are 

(Objects appear to be). Galv. 

Hyos. law. 
Light of the Candles appears dull 

(The). Euphr. 
'" — Areola (Surrounded by an). 

See Areola. 

— Wavering. Anac. euphr. 
Longer (Sight). Eaph. 

Loss of Sight. Ars. bell, caps, 
dros. lach. mere, natr.-m. nic. 
puis. spig. tab. verat. (Com- 
pare Fixedness and Cloudi- 

Lttminous (All objects appear too) 
Camph. galv. n.-vom. 

— A dark chamber appears to be 
lighted up. Elect. 

— Bands before the Eyes. Am.- 
c. natr.-m. sep. 

Mist. (See Confusion of Sight.) 
Mobilitt of the Letters when 

Reading. Bell. cic. con. mere. 
MusCiE Volitantes, Dancing 

Points, Spots, &c., before the 

Sight. Aeon, agar, am.-c. am.- 

m. anac. aur. bar.-c. cast. coce. 

con. chin. even. kal. lact. lyo. 

magn. mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

petr. phos. ruta. sec. sep. sil. 

sulph. tab. tereb. thuj. 
Myopia. Agar, am.-c, anac. ang. 

berb. carb.-v* con. euphr. graph. 

grat. hyoB. lyo. mang. meph. 

mez. nitr.'OC. ol.-an. jpc^r. phos. 

plws.-ac. plumb. j92^. rat. spong. 

stram. sulpk. sulph.- ac. thuj. 

val. viol.-od. viol .-trie. 
Nearer than they really are 

(Objects appear). Bov. 
Pals (Objects or letters appear). 

Chin. dros. puis. rhus. sil. 
Pallor (Wantof color) of Objects. 

Photophobia. Aeon. alum, am- 
moniac, am.-c. am.-m. anac. ant. 

ars. asar. aur.-s. bar.-c. bell. 

berb. bry. caic. camph. cast. 

canst, chin. cic. cin. clem. con. 

euphr. graph, hell. hep. ign. 

kal. kal.-h. lach. magn.-s. mere. 

natr. natr.-s. nitr. n.-vorn, phos. 

phos.-ac. puis. rhus. rhus-v. 

sen. sep. sil. spig. staph, sulph.- 

ac. tab. tar. verat. ['*Kal.- 

bi. phyto." — Ed.] (Compare 


— Candle-light (by). Bor. oast, 
hep. phos. 

— Dav (by). Ammoniac, nni 
euphr. graph, hell. hep. n.-vom 
phos. phos.-ao. sep. ail. 

sisor. rr.— ooNDmoOT. 


Photophobia, Fire (from the light 

of the). Merc. 
— Sun (in the). Berb. cast euphr. 
Piercing (Sight). Aspar. 
Points before tue Sight (Black). 

Am.-c. ain.-in. con. chin, elect. 

mere, natr, natr.-m. nitr.-ac. 

n.-Yom. petr. ruta. sep. sulph. 

tab. tereb. thuj. (Compare 


P&ESB70FIA. Bell. bry. calc. 

carb.-a. con. dras. hyos. lach. 

lyo. mos. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. 

petr. sep. sil. spig. sulph. 
Read Small Print (Inability to). 

Ammoniac, meph. natr. 
Reflection (Blue) before the 

Sight.' Lach. 
Shade (All objects appear to be 

in the). Sen. 
Smaller than they really are 

(Objects appear to be). Plat, 

Sparkling before the Eyes. Alum. 

am.-c. bor. cans. cham. chin. 

cic* cin. graph, iod. led. lye. 

petr. plat. sec. sen. staph, stront. 

sulph. tab. tart. ther. verat. 

["Fluor.-ac."— Ed.| 
Sparks before the Sight. Aur. 

ars. bar.-c. bell. caus. dig. dulc. 

iod. kal. kal.-ch. lach. lye. mere. 

mei. natr.-m. natr.-s. n.-vom. 

op. ^etr. phos. sil. staph, val. 

verat. mgs, [" Cupr.-ars." — 
Spots (Black) before the Eyes. 
Aeon. agar, am.-m. anac. aur. 
bar.-c. cocok even. kal. lye. 
magn. mere, nitr.-ao. phos. see. 
sep. sil. sulph. tereb. [" Fliior.- 
ac." — Ed.] (Compare MusCiE.) 

— Brilliant. Sen. 

— White. Ars. rat. sulph. 
Stars before the sight. Bell. cast. 
Stronger. Sight. Raph. 
Threads before the Sight. Anae. 

bar.-c. caus, nitr.-ac. 

Uncertain Sight. Par. 

Veil before the Eyes (Sensation 
of a). (See Confusion of Sight, 
as if looking through a veil.) 

— Gray before the Eyes. Phos, 

Veiled (Objects appear to be). 

Wavering of Objects. Galv. cio. 
Weakness of Sight. Agar. anac. 

ars. aur. bell. cann. carb.>an. 

cast. chin. cin. daph. dig. galv. 

gins. gran. hyos. iod. lach. lact. 

lam. natr.-m. nic. phos. rhus. 

sabad. sec. staph. [" Cupr.-ars. 

phyto."— Ed.] 

— Amaurotic. (See Sect. 1, Ax- 


Whirling before the Eyes* 



Air (Pains in the eyes in the 
open). Mere, sulph.-ac. 

' — Lacnrymation. Gale, phell. 
phos. puis. rhab. ruta. sabad. 
sen. sep. sil. sulph, thuj. 

— - Sight (Ameliorated). Hsem. 

— - -~ Confused. Pols. 

Air (Coldness in the eyes when 
walking in the). Alum. con. 

— (Amelioration in Cold). Asar 

— Laehry mation , Dig. Jyc. puis. 

— Twitching of the eye-lids. Dulc. 

— (Pains in the eyes occasioned 
by keen). Thuj. 


OHAP* Vn. — KTKB. 

Anguish (Pains in the eyes, with). 

BLowiNa the Nose (Sparks after). 

Bodies (From Foreign). See 

Sect. 1, Traamatic Ophthal- 
Bright Daylight (Dazzling 

from). Ars. phos.-ac. 
Camphor (Cloadiness of sight 

from the smell of). Nitr. 
Closing the Eyes (Pain when). 

Clem. croc. 

— Brightness. Alum, kal 

— Heat. Cor. 

Gold Temperature (Lachrymation 
in a). Dig. lye. ptUs. 

— Twitching of the eye-lids. 

Coughing (Lachrymation when). 

— Sparks, flames, &c. Kal.-ch. 
Dark (Colors before the sight in 

the). Stront. 

— Sparks, flames, &c. Bar.-c. 
staph. vcU. 

Dust (Sufi'erings of the eyes from 
the intrusion of). Sulph. 

Evening (Blindness in the). 
See Nyctalopia. 

— Closing the eye-lids. Natr.-m. 

— Cloudiness of the sight. Am- 
moniac, puis. 

— Cloudiness in the eyes and 
eye-lids. Lye. [" Fcr-acet." — 

— Coldness in the eyM and eye- 
lids. Lye. 

— Colors before the sight. Nitr. 

-^ Confusion of sight. Ammo- 
niac, cham. croc. hep. puis, 

— Dazzling. Lye, 

~ Heat (In the). Graph. 

•— Inflayimation aggravated. Chin. 

— Itching in the eyes, Cupr. 
[" Gum.-gut."— Ed.] 

— Lachrymation. Asar. mercsep. 

Evening, Lnminoas Appearances. 
Kal. mgs. 

— Pains in the eyes. Agn. alum, 
am.-m. asar, bry. cast. con. croc, 
daph. hep. iod. led. lye. magn.-s. 
meph. natr.-s. nic. ol.-an. phell. 
phos.-ac. puis. rat. sass. sen 
Sep. tong. zinc, mgs.-aus. [" Fei . 
acet."— Ed.] : 

— Redness of the oanthi. Bruc. 

— Swelling of the eyes. Sep. 

— Weakness of the Sight. Cast, 

Excitability, Nervous (Pains in 

the eyes, with). Daph. 
Fatiguing the Sight (Pains in the 

eyes when). Bar.-c., carb.-v, 

cin. mang. mere. plat. rhab. 

rhod. rut. staph, sulph.-ac. 

— The sight. Downcast eyes. 

— The sight (On). Lachrymation. 

— Loss of sight. Nic. 

Hrad (With headache, or^ pains 
extending into the). Spig. 

Injuries (From Mechanical). 
See Sect. 1, Traumatic Oph- 

Lie Down (Pains in the eyes with 
desire to). Ars. 

Light (Convulsions in the eyes 
caused by). BeU. 

— Dazzling, confused sight. Bar.- 
c. bry. calc. con. dros, ked. lye, 
nitr.-ac. sil. sulph. [" Merc- 
per." — Ed.] (Compare Photo- 

— Lachrymation. Dig. kreos. puis. 

— Pains. Agn. an, calc. euphr. 
kal. natr.-s. puis. rhod. ruta. 
sass. sen. sulph. tong. 

— (In candle-). Pains. Calc. croc 
cor. kel. lye. magn.-s. mang. 
natr.-s. ol.-an. phos.-ac. sep. 
[" Merc-per." — Ed.] (Compare 

BEOT. rv. — CX)NDITiaN8. 


Light, Closing of the Eye-lids. 

— Cloudiness of the sight. Phos. 

— Colors around the candle. (Sec 

— Confusion of sight. Croc. hep. 

— Convulsions of the ejc-lids. 

— Dryness of the eye-lids. Ars. 

— Heat in the evening. Graph. 

— Photophobia. Cast. hep. phos. 

— Spots. Am.-m. 

Looking at any Object (Lachry- 
mation when). Cinn. 

— Points before the sight. Am.- 

— Fixedly at any object. (Con- 
fused sight when). Calc. phell. 

— Into the air (Luminous flocks, 
when). Zinc. 

— Pains in the eyes. Carb.-v. 

— At anything bright (Lachry- 
mation when). Chel. magn.-m. 

— — Pains. Magn.'in. n.-vom. 
^ At a distant object (Con- 
fused sight when). Cast. rut. 

— — Pain. Cast. 

— Siileways (Cloudiness, when). 

Pain. Magn.-s. 

-r- At anything white (Clouded 

sight when). Cham. 

Loss ot sight. Tab. 

Meal (Clouded sight, after a). 


— Downcast eyes. Val. 

— - Musc89 Yolitantes. Lact. 
MoRNiNa (Agglutination of the 

eye-lids in the). Chd. kal, 

mang. n.-vom. sass. 
.— - Confused sight. Ammoniac. 

cham. chd. puis. 
<— Closing of the eye-lids. Calo. 


— Glassy eyes. Sep. 

- Humor {fium) in the eye- 
lids. Sen. 

Morning (Lachrymation in the). 
Calc. krcos. par. rat. sep. 

— Opening the eyes (Difficulty 
in). Amb. 

— Pains in the eyes. Aeon, am.- 
m. bruc. bry. magn. magn.-s. 
meph. natr.-s. nitr. n.-vom 
par. phell. scp. sil. sulph.-ac. 

— Photophobia. Am.-o. am.-m 
natr.-s. n.-^vom, rhus-v. 

— Eedncss of the eyes. Bruo 

— Sinking of the eye-lids. Spong 

— Swelling of the Eyes. Bar.-c 

— Weakness of sight. Phos. 
Moving the Eyes (Pains when) 

Aeon. ars. bry. cham. chin 
con. cupr. lach. meph. ran.-sc. 
spig. sulph. 

— The eye-lids (Pain in the eyes 
when). Hep. mang. mgs.-aus. 

— The head (Pain in the eyes 
when). Cham. 

Night (Agglutination of the eye- 
' lids at). Alum, am.-c. ang. 

ant. bov. bry. carb.-v, cast. 

cham. croc, euphorb. hep. lye. 

magn.-m. natr.-m. natr.-s. n. 

vom. ol.-an. phos. plumb, rat. 

rhiLS, sass. sep. sil. stann. stram. 

sulph. tar. verat. 

— Blindness (attack of). Bell. 
hyos, puis, verat, 

— Cramps (spasms) in the eye- 
lids. Natr.-m. croc. (Compara 

— Opening the eye-lids (Difficul- 
ty m). Cocc. Sep. 

Noon (Pains in the after-). Eu^ 
NycTALonA. (See Sect. 1.) 
Old People (In the case of). 

Redness. Lact. 
Ot>ENiNQ the Eyes (Pain on). 

Alum, canth. n.-vom. 
Pains (Lachrymation during the). 



OHAP. VH. '— ETM. 

Beading (Casting down of iho 
eyes wlien). Grat. 
Cloudiness, loss of sight. Calc. 
dros. hep. men. natr.-m. rhus- 
V. sulph. thuj. ["Crotal."— 

— Colors before the sight. 

-^ Confusion of the letters. (See 

— Confused sight. Bar.-o. calc. 
cin. croc. rhod. sep. 

— Convulsions of the eye-lids. 

— Dazzling. Sen. 

^ Dryness of the eye-lids. Am. 

— Dull, pale (The letters appear). 
Chin. dros. sil. 

— Fatigue of the sight. Gins, 

— Lachrymation. Croc. grat. 
nitr.-ac. sulph.-ao. [" Crotal.** — 

— Myopia Grat. 

— Pains in the eyes. Asar. berb. 
calc. cin. con. croc. dulc. kal. 
natr. natr.-s. nitr.-ac. oleand. 
sen. sulph. -ac. 

— Points (Black, &c.) Calc. kal. 
BisiNo from the Seat (Sparks on). 

Tart, verat. 
— ^ Black spots. Verat. 
Booif (Black points, &o., before 

the sight of a). Con. 

— Colors. Con. 

— Dryness of the eyes. Sulph. 

— Lachrymation. Asar. 

— Pains in the eyes. Asar. 
BuBBiNO the Eyes (Colors be- 
fore the sight after). Stront. 

— Confusion of sight, aggravated. 

<^*- -^ Ameliorated. Caps. cin. 
croe. plumb, pule. 

— Itching ameliorated. 01. -an. 

— - Paias. Kreos. 

Siesta (Oonfused sight after a). 

Sleeping (Dryness of the eyes 

when). PiUs, 
Sneezimo (Flames, sparks, &o.y 

when). Kal.-ch. 
Spectacles (Contraction of the 

eyes on putting on). Bor 
Stoopinq (Cloudiness of the sight 

when). Graph, natr.-m. 

— Congestion in the eyes. Sen. 

— Muscse volitantes. Lact. 

— Pains. Dros. sen. 

Sun (Confusion of sight in the 
brightness of the). Bry. 

— Lachrymation. Bry. ign. 

— Pains in the eyes. Sulph. 

— Photophobia. Asar. cast, sulph, 

— (Blindness in the heat of the). 

Touched (Pains in the eyes 

when). Agar. aur. caus. cupr. 

dig. hep. n.-vom. tart. 
Vomit (Confusion of sight, with 

inclination to). Puis. 
Walking (Cloudiness of sight 

when). Natr.-m. cic. 

— In the open air (Coldness in 
the eyes when). Alum. con. 

Warm Weather (Photophobia dur- 
ing). Sulph. 
White (Cloudiness of • sight 

when looking at anything). 

Wind (Lachrymation in the). 

Phos. puis. 
-7- Pains in the eyes. Asar. lye. 
Wine (Pains in the eyes after 

drinking). Zinc. 
W&iting (Confusion, cloudiness 

of sight, &c., when). Asa. 

natr.-m. rhod. sep. 

— Pains in the eyes. Natr. sen. 
staph. [" Fer.-acet." — ^Ed.] 

— Sparks before the sight, when. 

— Lachrymation after. Fer* 
[" Fer.-acet."— Ed." 

Yawning (Lachrymation when). 
Sabad. staph viol.-«d. 





DyseCOiaf or Dlffienlty In Hearing* — The chief remedies are • 
Calc,^ caus.^ gra^h.^ loch., led,, mere., nitr.-ac,, petr., phos., puis., sU., 
sulph.; or else : Anac., ant., ars., aur., bell., carb.-v.? cic., cqff'., con., 
hep., hyos., kal., magn., mur.-ac., n.-vom., phos.'OC., staph., verat., &c. 
(See Sect. 3.) 

For Congestive Dysecoia, a preference may be given to : Aur., 
bell., graph., mere., phos., sU., and sometimes to: Coff., hyos., petr., 
sulph., &o. 

For Nervous Dysecoia, principally : Caus., petr., phos., phos.-ac.t 

or elsa : Anac., mur.-ac., nitr., verat., &c. 

For Catarrhal and Rhevmatio Dysecoia, caused by a Chill, 

which either affects the head only, or the whole body : Ars., bell., led., 

mere., and puis., or else : Cole., cans., cham., oof., Jiep., lach., nitr.' 

ac., sttlph. 

Dysecoia, caused by the Repercussion of inveterate Herpes or 
of other Eruptions, requires chiefly : Sulph. or ant., or' else : Caust., 
graph., lach. ? &q. 

When a consequence of Exanthemata, such as Measles, Scarla- 
tina, &c. : Bell., mere., puis., sulph., or else : Carb.-v. When it is 
the result of Measles, the principal remedies are : Puis, and carb.-v. 
When of Scarlatina: Bell, or hep., and when of Small-pox: Merc. 
or sulph. 

For Dysecoia which follows Intermittent Fevers suppressed by 
an Excessive Use of Cinchona : Calc. and puis., or else : Carb.-v.f 
hep., n.-vom., and sidph. may be exhibited. 

When caused by the Abuse of Mercury : Asa., nUr.-ac., staph.^ 
or else : Aur., carb.-v.? chin.? hep., petr., tji^sidph. 

When a consequence of frequent ANoiNiB Tonsillarbs, and swell* 
ing, or Htpertropht of the Amtodaub: Aur., mere,, nkr»-ae.f 

3S1 OHAP. Tin. — KAJZ8. 

When a consequenco of Fevers, or other Ne&vods Biaorders : Arn^ 
phoi,, phos.-ac., verat 

Lastly, when caased by the Suppression of a Discharob from 
the ears or nose : Hep.^ lacJi,, led., or else : Bell,, mere, puis. 

The symptomatic indications are as follows : 

Calcarea — Deafness, as if caused by obstruction of the ears ; 
frequent humming and rolling, or tinkling, singing, and music ; or 
frequent throbbings, with heat in the ears ; constant dryness of the 
ears, or else purulent discharge; pressive headache in the forehead, 

Causticum — Sensation of obstruction in the ears, with rambling, 
humming, and roaring in the head ; loud vibration of all sounds, and 
even rf the patient's own voice, in the ears; discharge from the ears . 
rheumatic pains in the ears and limbs ; extraordinary sensitivencsa 
to cold wind, &c. 

Graphites — Great dryness in t/ie ears, or purulent otorrhoea; 
difficulty in hearing, which is sometimes removed by the motion of a 
carriage ; singing, whistling, and tinkling, or humming and thun^ 
dering in the ears, especially at night ; or a sensation as if the air 
penetrated to the eustachian tube ; herpes and scabs around the ears, 
and on other parts of the body. 

Lachesis — Dryness of the ears, with insufficient cerumen, which 
is also too hard and too pale, or white and like pap ; painful pulsa- 
tions, cracking or humming, rolling and drumming noise in the ear, 
with loud reverberation of all sounds ; excoriation and scabs around 
the ears, &c. (It is often suitable after or before Caust.) 

Ledum — Sensation of stoppage in the ears, with humming on the 
inside ; confusion and giddiness of the head, on the side a£fected ; 
with sensation of torpor in the integuments ; and especially after the 
suppression of an otorrhoea, or of a nasal or ocular catarrh. 

Mbrourius — ^Obstruction of the ears, which ceases when swallow- 
ing, or blowing the nose ; extraordinary reverberation of all sounds 
in the ear; tinkling, roaring, and humming, especially in the even- 
ing ; sensation of coldness in the ears ; discharge of cerumen, or 
purulent otorrhoea, with ulceration of the ears ; rheumatic pains in 
the ears, head, or teeth, great tendency to jxrspiration, &c. 

NiTRic-ACii) — Great dryness of the ears, or discharge of cerumen; 
obstruction of the ears, with grumbling, throbbing, and cracking ; 
frequent toothache, with scorbutic a£fection of the gums ; shootings 
in the teeth and ears. 

Pbtroleum — Troublesome dryness of the internal ear, or discharge 
of blood and pus ; tinkling, or rolling and humming in the ears ; 



herpes and excoriation in the ears» or adjacent parts ; frequent odon- 
talgia, with defluxion ; bleeding of the gums, expansive pains in tbo 
occiput, &c. (It is often suitable after Nitr.-ac.) 

Phosfho&us — Difficulty in hearing sounds, especially that of the 
human voice, with excessive reverberation of all sounds, and especially 
of words, in the ears, with resonance in the head ; congestion of 
blood in the ears, with throbbing and pulsations ; sensation of dry 
ness, or discharge of cerumen. 

Pulsatilla — Hard, black, or too liquid cerumen, with discharge 
shooting pains in the ears, or discharge of pus or of blood ; sensation 
as if the ears were stopped, with roaring and humming, or with 
pulsative murmurs, tinkling or chirping ; especially in persons of a 
mild character, or in women disposed to leucorrhoea and other dis- 
orders of the uterine system. 

SiLicEA — Discharge of cerumen ; obstruction of the ears, which is 
dissipated by blowing the nose, or tdth detonation; difficulty in 
hearing, especially the human voice, and without noise in the ears, 
or else with tinkling, clucking, and flattering noise ; aggravation of 
She deafness during the full moon^ or else at the new moon ; deafness, 
alternating with excessive acuteness of hearing ; scabs behind the 

SuLFHua — Difficulty in hearing, especially the human voice; ob- 
struction, and frequent closing up of the ears, especially when eating 
and blowing the nose, or else only on one side ; gurgling or fluctua- 
tion in the ears, as if caused by water, or humming and roaring; 
congestion of blood in the head ; disposition to colds in the head, or 
other mucous discharges ; discharge from the ears, &c. 

For the remainder of the medicines cited, examine their patho" 
genesy ; and for others which may be employed, see the Symptoms 
OF THE Hearing, Sect. 2. Compare also the articles: Otalgia, 
Otorbb(ea, Humming in the Ears, &c. 

%* Some useful hints for the treatment of this affection may be 
derived from the remarks made under the head Amblyopia (Chap 
YII.), relative the indications furnished by the nature and causes 
of the disorder. 

HailOITliag6 (Auricular). — See Sanguineous Otorrhcea. 

Herpes in tbe EarS»— That kind of Herpes which is usually 
seated in the ears, or in the skin behind the ears, mostly requires : 
Graph., hep,, mere, oleand., petr,, ndph.^ or else : Bar.-c., cole., cic., 
loch., lye,, mez,, Sep., sil. (See also Sect. 2, the articles : Herpes, 
Eruptions, Excorutions, &o., and oompare Chap. U., Disbasbs op 
THE Skin.) 

826 OHAP. Vm. — ^BAB8. 

Homing in tkt Ears* — The chief remedies are : Carb.-v., caut^ 
chin,, graph,, mere,, puis,, and sulph., or else : Aeon., ant,, am., ars,, 
bell., bar.-e,, bry,, ccUc., earb.-a., chant., eof,, con,, loch,, lye., Tnerc,, 
natr.-m., nitr.<tc,, n.-vom,, petr,, phos., sep,, sulph, (Compare Dtsb- 
ooiA, and refer to Sect. 3, for the different Noises in the Ears.) 

OtJdgia* — The chief remedies are : Bell,, chanu, mere., puis,, 
sulph., or else : Am., chin,, dulc., hep,, n.-vom,, plat., spig,, and 
sometimes : Ant,, bor., bryon,, cole., magn,, phos.'OC,, &o. 

For Inflammatoht Otalgia : Bell., mere, n.-vom., and puis., or 
else : Bar,, bry,, cole,, magn,, &c. 

For Rheumatic Otalgia: Bell,, mere, puJi., or else: Am,, cAm., 
hep., n.-vom., &c. 

When caused hy a Chill, or by Checked Pershration : Cham,^ 
chin., dulc,, or else : Merc, ptds,, or sidph. 

The symptomatic indications are : 

Belladonna — Shootings in and behind the ears; digging and 
boring pains, tearing and shootings, extending into the throat, with 
tinkling, roaring, and humming in the ears ; excessive sensibility to 
the least noise; painful affection of the head and eyes, eyen with 
photophobia ; heat and redness of the face ; congestion of blood in 
the head. 

Chamomilla — Lancinations as by knives, or tensive and drawing 
pains, extending into the lobe of the ear ; dryness of the ears, or sen- 
sation of stoppage ; excessive sensibility to the least noise, even to 
music ; great sensitiveness, which renders the pains insupportable ; 
susceptibility, ill-humor, and disposition to be offended at trifles. 

Mbrcurius — Shooting pains, deeply seated, or tearing, extending 
into the cheeks and teeth, with sensation of coldness in the ears, 
aggravation of the pains in the warmth of the bed ; or spasmodic 
pains, with inflammatory redness of the ear ; discharge of cerumen ; 
profuse perspiration, without relief, &c. 

Pulsatilla — Jerking, tearing pains, a^ if something were endea- 
voring to pass out through the ears ; redness, swelling, and heat of 
tJie eocternal ear ; or shooting and tearing pains, which attack the 
whole of the side of the head which is affected, and which are felt 
to be so insupportable as even to cause loss of reason, especially in 
persons of a chilly disposition, easily moved to tears, and chiefly in 

Sulphur — Drawing, tearing, or shooting pains, extending into the 
head or throat ; burning heat, which passes out of the ears ; exoes* 
sive sensibility of hearing to the least noise, so that nausea is felt on 


^ BBOT. I. — OLnsnOAIi KTCMARKB, 827 

lisiening to the softest music ; especially in persons subject to eolds^ 
or to congestions in the head. 

The indications for other remedies are : 

Arnica — In nervous, sensitive persons, who experience a return 
of the complaint from the slightest cause, with pressure, and Janci- 
nating pains in and behind the ears, tearing, internal heat, and 
great sensibility to noise. 

China — When the tearing pains manifest themselves rather ex- 
ternally than internally, and are aggravated by contact, with redness 
of the ear, internal shootings, and tinkling in the ears. (It is often 
suitable after Amic,) 

Dulcamara — When the pains increase during repose, especially 
at night, with nausea. 

Hepab, — Frequently after Bell.y when the latter is insufficient ; 
and if there should be shootings in the ears, when blowing the nose, 
pulsations, throbbings, and humming. 

Nux-vox. — ^In persons of a lively choleric temperament, and when 
there are : Tearing^ sluKting pains, which extort cries, or which ex* 
tend into the forehead and temples, with tearing in the bones of the 
face, and aggravation of the pain in the morning, or in the evenings 
in bed. 

Platina — Violent spasmodic pains, shocks, rolling and thundering 
in the ears, which are cold, and as if benumbed, with tingling, which 
extends over the face. 

Sfioelia — Troublesome pressive pain, as if caused by a plug in 
the ear ; with aching pain, and tearing in the bones of the face. 

Compare also: Prosopalgia, Odontalgia, Cefhalalgu> Nsu« 


OtitlSt — ^Por acute Internal Otitis, PuU, will be found, in most 
cases, almost a specific. But in some instances, wherein the com- 
plaint attacks the brain, and is attended by great anguish, vomiting, 
coldness of the limbs, delirium, &c., recourse must be had to Bell, 

Should PiUs, and bell, fail to subdue all the symptoms, the follow- 
ing may be consulted: Merc, n.-^vom,, sulph,/ or else : Bor,, bry„ 
cole., tham., magn., &c. 

For Chronic Internal Otitis, with discharge from the ears, see 

In cases of External Otitis, Puis, will usually be indicated ; or 
else : Bell., bor,, cole., magn,, mere, or sulph.^ 

OtOirhOCa* — The chief remedies are : Puis, and sulph. ; or else: 
Bell., cole., caus., loch., Zcg?., mere,, nitr.'Oc., petr., sil. 

828 OHAF. ym. — babs. 


And sometimes : Alum,, anae., asa,, aur,^ carb.-v.t cis^., colrh. 
gran. ? kal,, lye, men., natr.-^m. 

Against a discharge of Cerumen, the following may be used : 
Kal., lye, mere, natr.-m., nitr.-ae, puis, ; or else : Am.'m., anac, 

Against Catarrhal or Mucous Otorrhosa, the medicines to be 
preferred are : Bell,, mere, puis., sulph, ; or else : Cale, carb.-v., 
hep. ? natr.^m,, sil. 

Against Purulent Otorrhoea : Bell,, hep,, mere, puis, ; or else : 
Asa., code, caust., loch., nttr.'Oe, petr., sil, ; and sometimes : Aur,^ 
cist., kal., lye, natr.-m,, &c. (See Sect. 2, Discharge of Pus.) 

Against Scrofulous Otorrhosa (with' ulceration of the concha); 
£[ep., lye, mere, puis., and sulph. (Compare Herpes.) 

And against Sanguineous Otorrhooa, or Auricular Hjemorrhage : 
Mere and puis,; or eke : Cie, lach., &c. (See Sect. 2, Discharge 
of Blood.) 

Otorrhoea, which remains after Acute Otitis, chiefly requires ; 
Mere, puis,, and sulph. 

OttorrhoBa in consequence of Exanthemata, such as Scarlatina, 
Measles, Small-pox, &c. : Bell,, oolch,, hep,, lye, mere, men, ; or 
" else : carb.-v. 

In consequence of Abuse of Mercury, especially : Aur,, asa,, hep,, 
nitr,'-ae, sil,, sulph. ; and if accompanied by caries of the ossicula 
auditoria : Aur,, natr.-m., sil. 

After Abuse of Sulphur : Puis, or mere 

Against the consequences of Suppressed Otorrhoea, a preference 
may be given to: Bell,, mere, and pi^ls, ; or else : Bry., dule, and 

When there is Swelling of the Glands of the Neck, or of the 
Parotides : Puis., mere, or bell, should be chiefly used. 

When th%re is Cephalalgia or fever : Bell, or bry, ; and when 
the suppression is caused by a Chill : Ihdc, or mere 

When there is Orchitis : Mere, puis., or n.'^vom, 

%* Compare, also, the articles : Dtsecoia, Otalgia, Otitis, &o, 
and see Sect. 2, Discharge. 

ParotittSt — ^The chief remedy against Acute Parotitis is Mere^ 
which in most cases will be found a specific. — Aur. 

If, however, the disease shoald assume a more serious character ; 
if the inflammation become erysipelatous ; or if the pain penetrate 
to the brain, while the tumor disappears, with lethargy and deli- 
rium : Bell, must be employed in preference, or else Hyos., if BeU, be 



If the patient haye been previoasly subjected to excessive doses of 
Mercu&t ; or if Merc.y be insufficient ; if the tumor have begun to 
harden, with Slow Fever, &c. : Carb,-v, is the medicine that will 
generally be indicated. This medicine is also almost always suitable 
when the patient has a vert Hoarse Voice, or whsn there is metas- 
tasis to the stomach. 

When CaTb,-v, is not sufficient to overcome the Slow Fever 
coccul, may. also be used. 

In cases of Metastasis to the Testes, FuIs. or n.-vom. claim 

In addition to the medicines cited : JTo/. and rhus ; or else : 
Am,-c., calc.t cham,^ con, may often be administered in obstinate 

%* Compare also : Anginje, Chap. XIII. 

Polypus ill the Ears* — Cole, and staph, are the chief remedies. 


["AcmMG in LeAi Ear. Lobel. 

merc.-per." — Ed.] 
Air were Entering the Eusta- 
chian Tube (Sensation as if). 

Binding, Squeezing {Otalgia in 

the text). Anac, ang, asar. 

bell. bry. cann. caus. cham, 

colch. croc. crot. dros. dulc. 

euphorb. fer.-mg gran, guaj, 

lye. tnang, meph. mere, mez. 

mur.-ac. natr. nitr. n.-mos. n.» 

vam. par. petr.^prun. 

puis, ran.-sc. rhab. rhod, rhus. 

sabad. sej), sil. spig. spong. 

stann. thuj, val. zinc, 
Bleedinq from the Ears. (See 

Blows in the Ears. (Sensation 

of). Arn. natr.-m. n.-vom. psson. 

Bones (Swelling of the). Pids. 
Boring in the Ears. Am.-m. 

bell, euphr. hell, hydroc. lact. 

magn.-m. ol.-an. phell. plumb, 
ran.-sc. rhod. sil. zinc-ox. 
Boring Behind the Ears. Onis. 

— Around the ears. lihod. 
Bruise (Parn as from a). Am, 

cic. rut. 
Burning in the Ears. Agar, alum 
ars. caus. clem. ign. kreos. spig 

— Behind the ears. Aur.-m." 

— External. Berb. sulph. 

— Internal. Aur.-s. canth. 

— Lobes (In the). Nitr. sabad. 
[" — In the right ear. Brom."— 

Caries of the Mastoid Apophysis. 

Aur. nitr.-ac. sil. 
Cerumen (Accumulation of). Con 

elect, sel. sil. zinc-ox. 

— Black. Puis. 

— Hard. Lach. puis. sel. 

— Moist. Sil. 

— Pale. Lach. 

— Paper (Like mouldy). Con. 


OHAP. Tm. — JUlBB. 

GERtTMEir, Bed. Con. 

— Scanty (too^. Lach. 

— Serous. Zino.-ox. 

— Slimy. Con. 

— White and pap-like. Lach, 

— Want of. Carb.-v, 
Coldness in the Ears (Sensation 

of). Lach. plat. 

— Internally. Merc. 
Compression in the Ears. Conn, 

Bp<ing. thuj. 
Congestion in the Ears. Lye. 

phos. puis, sulph. 
Contraction, Constriction. Bry. 

dig. sass. spong. 
Corroding in the Ears. Arg. 

berh. plat. 
Crawling in the Ears. Ars. 

colch. mere. plat. 

— Internal. Amb. galv. samb. 
Creeping (as if an insect were). 

Digging in the Ears. Ant. hell. 
Discharge from the Ears. Alum. 

am.-m. aTiac* asa. bell. bar.>m. 

ccUc. carb.-a. carb.-v. caus. cham. 

cist, colch. gran. hep. kal. lach. 

lye. men. nierc. natr.-m. nitr.- 

ac. petr. puis. sil. sulph. 

— Blood (Of). Bry. cic. galv. 
graph, lack. mere. petr. puis. 
rhus. [" Crotal. ophiot."— Ed.] 

— Brownish. Anac. 

— Cerumen (Of). Am.-m. anac. 
kal. lye. mere, mosch. niUr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. phos. puis. 

— - Fetid. Aur. bov. carb.-v. caus. 
hep. zinc. 

— Pus (Of). Alum. asa. aur. 
bell. bor. boy. calc. caus. cham. 
cist, graph, kal. lach. hep. mere. 
natr.-m. nitr.-ac. petr. picls. 
rhus. Sep. sil. sulph. 

— From the ears after abuse 
of mercury. Asa. 

— Serous at first, then purulent. 

Yellow, alternately with deaf- 
11638. Phos. 

Drawing in the Ears. Elect 

lact. oleand. magn.-m. ran.»so. 
[" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Internal. Colch. eye. elect, 
fer.-mg. kreos. mere. mez. phos.* 
ac. sil. stann. sulph. 

— Turning or twisting within. 

Dryness in the Ear. Graph, 

lach. nitr.-ac. petr. 
Dryness (Sensation of). Petr. 

Eruptions in the Ears. Am.-m. 

bfir.-c. bov. calc. chin. etc. Acp. 

mosch. mur.-ac. petr. puis. sep. 

— Before the ears. Cic. olearul, 

— Behind the ears. Bar.-c. calc. 
cic. graph. lup. lach. lye. mez. 
oleand. sep. sil. 

— Back part. Aur.-m. 

— Lobes (In the). Merc. sasa. 

— Tragus (In the). Puis. 

— Burning. Mosch. puis. sass. 

— Furfuraceous. Merc. 

— Herpetic. (See Herpes.) 

— Humid. Bov. calc. kreos. lye 
mez. oleand. 

— Itching. Mez. puis. sass. 

— Pimples (Of). Merc. 

— Purulent. Cye. sep. 

— Scabby. Aur.-m. bov. graph, 
hep. lach. lye. mur.-ac. puis, 
sass. sil. 

— Scaly. Teuc. 

— Smarting. Puis. 
Erysipelas. Meph. puis. 
Excoriation behind the Ears. 

Graph, kal. lach. nitr.-ac. petr. 

— Internal. Merc. 

— (Pairi as from). Cic. 

Internal. Bor. caus. sep. 

Excrescences (Fungous). Merc. 
Fetid Smell of the Ears. Graph. 
Fungous Excrescences. Merc, 
FuRUNcuLi in the Ear. Eleot 


flEor* n. — cmiPToiiB. 


Hbat in the Ears. Alum. ang. 
ant. asar. camph. carb.-y. case, 
chin, elect, hep. ign. kreos. 
mepb. natr.-m. puis, sabin. tab. 
[•• Crotal."— Kd.] 

— — Alternately with coldness. 

— Internal. Calc. cantb. case, 
pals, mgs.-arc. 

— - Lobes (In the). Campb. cbin. 

— Side onlj (On one). Alum, 
carb.-v. ign. 

Herpes in the Ears. Ereos. 

(Compare Eruptions.) 
•— Before. Oleand. 

— Behind. Graph, oleand. sep. 

— Lobe (En the). Cans. sep. 

HuHiDiTT, Running, Oozing be- 
hind the Ears. Graph, kal. 
nitr.-ac. oleand. petr. 

— Margins of the ears (In the). 

Incisive Pains. Arg. 
Inflakmation of the Ears. Bell. 

bor. brj. calc. canth. galv. kal. 

kreos. magn. mere, puis, 
^- Internal. Aeon. bell. bor. brj. 

oalo. canth. galv. hep. mere, n,- 

vom. puis. stUpk. (See Sect. 2, 


— Lobes (Of the). Nitr. 

— Margins of the ears (Of the). 

Insensibilitt of the Ear. Mur.- 

Itchxng in the Ears. Agar, alum. 

am.-c. org, bar.-c. hep. meph. 

raph. sil. spig. sulph. [" Flaor.- 

ac."— Ed.] 
>— Behind the ears. Nitr.-ac. 

f" — In the lefk ear. Benz.-a." — 

Itching, Internal. Anac. caps. 

fer.-mg. n.-yom. puis. rat. rhab. 

rut. samb. sep. 
^ Lobes (Of the). Sabad. 
JiEUHO Pains in the Ears. Am.- 

m. ang. ^etr. puis. thod. spig. 
val. [" Fluor-ao."— Ed.] 
Jerking before the Ears. Ang. 

— Into the Ears. Gin. 

— Lobes (In the). Nitr. 

[" — Lanci nation. Gum.-gutt." — 

Painful to the Touch. Raphan. 
Parotides (Affections of the) : 

— Boring. Sabad. 

— Induration. Am.-c. con. sil. 

— Inflammation. Bell. calc. cham. 
kal. mere. rhus. 

— Pressure. Merc. 

— Shootings. Bell. ign. mere 

— Soreness. Merc. 

— Swelling. Am.^c. bar.-c. belt 
calc. carb.-a. carb.-v. cham 
cooc. con. dig. ign. kal. lach. 
mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. rhus. sil, 

— Tearing. Bell. 
Periosteum behind the Ear 

(Swelling of theV Carb.-an. 
Pinching behind tne Ear. Faon. 

— In the ear. Bell. 

Plug in the Ear (Pain as if from 

a). Anac. spig. 
Polypus in the Ear. Calc. staph. 
Pressure behind the Ears. Thuj. 

— In the ears. Anac. asa. asar. 
bell, camph. cann. caps. crot. 
cupr. hydroc. kreos. oleand. 
rhab. rut. sabad. sass. sen. spig. 
spong. yerat. [" Fluor .-ac." — 

— Expansiye. Cans, kreos. natr.- 
s. puis. 

Pulsations. (See Throbbings.) 
Pus (Discharge of). See Dis- 
Pustules in the Ear. Berb 
Redness of the Ears. Affar. ant. 
camph. chin, elect, gafy. hep. 
ign. kreos. magn. meph. puis, 

— Behind the ears. Oleand. 
petr. tab. 


CHAP. Vin. — ^BABS. 

Redness, Lobes (Of the). Camph. 

— Side only (On one). Alam. 
carb.-v. igu. 

Betraction of the Ear (Sensation 

of). Verb. 
Rough Body in the Eustachian 

Tobe (Sensation as of a). N.-nios. 

— (Wrinkled) skin before the ear. 

Scabs. (See Eruptions.) 
Scraping in the Ear. Rut. 
Sensibility of the Ear. Kal.-h. 

— To wind. Lach. 
Shooting in the Ears. ^th. 

alum. anac. ant. arg. am. ars. 
aur.-8. bell. berb. bor. bry. calc. 
camph. caus. cham. chel. chin, 
colch. con. crot. dros. elect, 
fer.-mg. gran, graph, grat. hell, 
kal. kal.-h. krcos. magn.-s. men. 
mere. natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. nic. 
nUr. nitr.'OC. n.-mos. n.-vom. 
ol.-an. phos. plios.-ac. plumb. 
puis, ran. raph. rat. rut. samb. 
sass. Sep. staph, sulph. tad. thuj. 
viol.-od. zinc. [*' Galc.-caus. 
fer.-acet. hyper, lobel. phyto." 

— Behind the Ears. Arn. aor.-m. 
bell. nitr. tab. 

— Cold. Fer.-mg. 

— Inwards. Nat.-s. ["Lobel." 

[" — In the right ear. Ben.-a.'' 
— Ed.J 

— Lobes (In the). Sabad. 

— Outwards. Am.-m. con. kal. 
natr.-s. sil. 

— Around the ears. Con. 

— Towards the ears. Berb. caust. 
dulc. magn.-m. ran.-sc. 

Squeezing. Bell. 
Spasmodic Pains in the Ears. Cin. 
mere, oleand. ran. spig. thuj. 

— Behind. Murex. 

— Internal. Ang. croc, kreos. 
more, mur.-ao. petr. phos.-ac. 
plat. ran. samb. thuj. val. 

SuppuEATioN in the Ear. Elect 

Swelling of the Ears. Alum 

ant. calc. caus. elect, kal. kreos 

natr.-m. puis. rhus. sep. sil 


— Before the ears. Bry. cist. 

— Behind the ears. Bry. ca^s. 
carb.-an. tab. 

— In the cars. Cist, elect, 

— Lobes (of the). Nitr. 
Tearing, Sharp, Drawing, Acute 

Pains. Aeon. 8eth. agar, a^nh, 
ammoniac, anac. ang. arn. ars. 
bell. berb. caps. cast, chant, 
colch. cupr. dulc, gran. grat. 
guaj. iod. kal.-h. meph. mere. 
mez. mur.-ac. n.-vom. ol.-an. par. 
phell. p}u}s, plumb, puis. raph. 
r)iod. spig. squill, stann. stront. 
sulph. sulph.-ao. teuc. thti^- verb, 
zinc. [*' Gum.-gutt. kalm. merc- 
per."— Ed.] 
Tearing before the Ears. Ang. 

— Behind the ears. Ind. nitr. 
[" Calc.-caust." — Ed.] 

— Around the ears. Con. rhod. 

— Towards the ears. Chin. dulc. 
Tension in the Ears. Amb. kreos. 

lact. [•* Calc.-caust."— -Ed.] 

— Behind the ears. Nitr.-ac. 

— Internal. Asar. aur. cham. 
dig. lact. 

Throbbing, Pulsations in the 
ear. Bar.-c. calc. cann. elect 
galv. graph, hep. lach. nuign.-m, 
mez. mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. 
nitr.-ac. phos. rJuib. sil. spig. 
thuj. zinc-ox. ["Gum.-gutt.** 

— Behind the ear. Onis. 
Tickling in the Ears. Aeon. 

sabad. [" Crotal. kalm."— Ed.] 

— Internal. Amb. 
["Tingling in the Ear. Brom." 

Tightness. Bell. 
Torpidity. (Sensation of). Plat 

■EOT* m. — HSABINO. 


Tumors (Small) in the Ears. 

— Lobes (In the). Merc. 
TvMPANTJii (Sensation of relaxation 

in the). Rhab. 
Ulcek in the Ear. Boy. camph. 
galv. kal. 

— Purulent. Galv. 
Ulceration of the Ear. Am.-o. 

lye. mere, spong. stann. [" Fer.- 
acet." — ^Ed.] (Compare Herpes 
and Excoriation.) 

Ulceration (Pain in the ear as 

from). Anac. magn. 
Vesicles behind the Ear. Elect. 
Vice (Sensation of compression 

as by a). Bell. 
Water in the Ears (Sensation of). 

Wen on the Lobe. Nitr.-ac. 
Wind from the Ears (Escape of). 

Chel. 8 tram. 
Worm in the Ear (Sensation of a). 



AouTENEss of Hearing, in Bed, in 

the Evening. Kal. (Compare 

Atr Entering into the Eustachian 

Tube (Noise as of). Graph. 
Band over the Ear (Sensation as 

of a). See Stoppage. 
Bells (Sound of). Ars. val. 

(Compare Ringing^) 
Buzzing. (See Humming.) 
Chirping, &c. Puis. sil. sulph. 
Clucking in the Ears. Ammo- 
niac, cast. galv. sil. 
Confusion of Hearing, Sounds 

reach the Ears Confusedly. 

Cracking. Bar.'C. calc. lach. 

men. mosch. nitr.-ac. sulph. 
Crepipation. Alum, mosch. 
Cries. Phos.-ao. stann. 
Deafness. Ammoniac, ant.aur.-m. 

bar.«m. crot. galv. hydroc. 

magn.-m. merc.-dulc. mur.-ac. 

natr. nic. nitr, plumb, raj^. sec. 

mgs.-arc. (Compare Difficultt 

in Hearing.) 
Dstonation, Snapping. Calc. 

mang. sabad. sil. sulph. 
Difficulty in Hearing, Dimin- 

ished Sense of Hearing, ^th. 
am.-c. am.-m. anoc. ant. am,ars. 
asa. aaar. aur. aur.-s. bar.-c. beU. 
bor. bry. calc. (carb.-v.) caus. 
chin. etc. cocc. con. dros. graph, 
hep. hyos. ign. iod. kal. kreos. 
lach. led. lye. magn. magn.-m. 
mang. mere. mez. mosch. mur.- 
ac. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 
petr. phos. phos.-ac. pids. rhab. 
rhus. sabad. sabin. sec. sep. sil. 
spig. spong. staph, strain, sulph. 
sulph.-ac. tar. verat. verb, zinc- 
oz. (Compare Sect. 1, Dyse- 


Difficulty in Hearing the Human 
Voice. Ars. phos. sil. sulph. 

except the. Ign. 

Drum (Sound of a). Lach. 

Emptiness (Sensation of) . Aur.-m. 

Grumbling. (See Humming.) 

Hammering (Noise like) in the 
Ears. Spig. 

Humming, Roaring, Grumbling. 
&c. Aeon. agar. agn. amb. 
ammoniac, am.-c. am.-m. ant. 
am. ars. bell, bar.-c. bry. calc, 
cann. carb.-a. carb.^v. case, caus 
cham. chin. coco. coff. con. oroo 



6rot. daph. dros. elect, eyon. 

fer. galv. ffran. graph, hep, hjos. 

iod. kal. £reo8. loch. lact. led. 

lye, magn. magn.-m. xnaDg. mere. 

mosch. mnrl-ac. murcz. natr. 

naZr,-m, nitr.-ac, n.-vom. ol.-an, 

op. petr. phos, puis. rhab. sabad. 

sec. Sep. spig. stront. stUph. 

Bulph.-ac. tart. ther. verat. viol.- 

od. zinc. mgs. mgs.-aus. [" Calo.- 

oaus. cinch.-Bulph. fer. -ace t. 
. gum.-gut." — EdJ 
Illusions of the Hearing. (See 

the particular noises.) 
Murmurs. (See Humming and 

Music in the Ears (Sound of). 

Calo. galy. natr. 
Obstruction of the Ears. iESth. 

ang. arg. asar, atham. bry. bor. 

calc. carb.-v. caust. cham. cist. 

cooc. colch. eye. elect, lach. led. 

mang. men. mere. natr. nitr.-ac. 

puis. Sep. sU. spig. sulph, 

verat. verb. ["Crotal. phyto." 


— Ceasing with detonation. Sil. 
when blowing the nose. 

Mang. mere. sil. 

— — when swallowing. Merc. 

— On one side. Sulph. 

Open (Sensation as if the ears 

were wide). Aur.-m. 
Beverberation, Echoing of 

Sounds in the Ear. Gaus. lach. 

hydroc. mere, n.-vom. phos. 


— Of words of the human voice. 
Phos. phos.-ac. 

Ringing. (See Tinkling.) 
Roaring. (See Humming.) 
Rolling, Thundering, &o. Calo. 

cans. chel. graph, lach. oleand. 

petr. jdat. rhod. 
Sensibility of the Hearing. Ars. 

bell. bry. calad. cham. coff. con. 

iod. lach. lye. magn. mur.-ac. 

natr. phos.-ac. plumb, sen. scp. 

lil. ther. yerat. Tiol.«od. 

Sensibility, Gonyersation (to) 
Ars. phos.-ac. verat. 

— Excessive. Coff. lye. phos. sep 
sil. sulph. ther. 

— Music (to). Aeon. cham. coff. lye. 
phos.^u:, sep. sulph. viol.-od 

f" — In the morning. Fluor .-ac* 

— Noise (to). Aeon. ars. bry 
chin. iod. lye. magn. magn.-m 
mur.-ac. natr. phos.-ac. plumb 
sil. sulph. ther. zinc. ' 

— Organ (to the sound of the). 

— Violin (to the sound of the). 

SiNGrNG. Graph, kal. oleand. ol.-an 

petros. [" Fer.-acet. kal.-bi." — 

Ed.] (Compare Tinkling.) 
Snapping (Explosive) Noise in the 

Ears, or a sensation as if some- 
thing (a band, for example) were 

placed before them. Aeon. ang. 

ant. atham. calad. calc. eann. 

magn.-m. nitr.-ac. sabad. sulph. 

sulph.-ac. verb, mgs.-arc. 
Tinkling, Ringing, &c. Aeon. ang. 

amb. ammoniac, am.-c. am.-m. 

arc. aur.-m. bar.-c. bell. calo. 

carb.-v. cast. cham. chin. clem. 

con. fer.-mg. galv. gran, graph. 

kal. kreos. led. lye. magn. magn.- 

s. men. mere. mez. mur.-ac. 

natr. natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr. 

n.^vom, oleand. ol.-an. op. par. 

petr. puis. sass. scroph. sil. stan. 

staph, sulph. sulph.-ac. tereb. 

val. viol.-od. [" Calo.-caus. 

cinch.-sulph.*' — Ed.] (Compare 

Singing, Bells.) 
Thundering. (See Rolling.) 
Vacuity (Sensation of). Aur.-m. 
Voices (Hearing imaginary). 

Whistling in the Ear. Galv. graph. 

kreos. mur.-ac. n.-vom. sil. teuo. 
Wings in the Ears. (Noise as if 

a bird were flapping its). Cham. 

magn. sil. 

flBOT* lY.— oQNDinosra. 



Air (Pains on ezposuro to the). 

Bry. con. euphorb. Ijc. tab. 
Pains when taking exercise in 

the. Bry. con. 
-^ Pains after exercising in the. 


— Pains occasioned by cold. Agar. 
Angbt (Pains after beingV Sulph. 
Bed in the Evening (rains in). 

Hamming. Hep. 

— Morning (Pains in the). N.- 

Blowing the Nose (Cries in the 
ears when). Phos.-ao. stann. 

— Hearing ameliorated. Mang. 
mere. siL 

— Obstruction (Sensation of). 

— Pain when. Hep. 
Oabsiagb (Hearing ameliorated 

by the motion of a). Graph. 
Cerumen (Hearing ameliorated on 

removing the). Con. 
Cold (Difficulty in hearing after 

taking). Merc. 

— Pain. Dulc. mer. 

Cold Temperature (Sufferings 
caused by). Agar, colch. 

Conversation (Sensibility of the 
hearing to). Ars. phos.-ao. 
verat. (Compare When Speak- 
ing, &o.) 

Cries (Pain which extorts). N.- 

Deglutition (Hearing amelio- 
rated during). Mere. 

— Noise in the ears. Alum, 
bar.-c. calc. rhod. 

— Pain. Anac. bov. dros. fer.- 
mg. mang. n.-vom. 

Digging into the Ear with the 
Finger (Clucking when). Cast. 

BvENUfo (Otalgia in the). Alum. I 
oarb.-T. ran. thuf. 

Evening (Difficulty in hearing 
in the). Nic. tar. 

— Heat. Alam. oarb.-v. 

— Humming in the ears. Merc 

Evening in Bed (Pain in the) 

Acuteness of hearing. Kal. 

— Redness of the ears. Alum, 

— Tinkling in the ears. Croo. 
lact. mere. 

Face (Pain in the ears, with pain 

in the). Merc, phos.-ac. 
Irascibility and Susceptibility 
(Pain in the ears with). Cham 
Laughing (Pain from). Mang. 
Legs (Pain in the ears, with 
' coldness in the). Thuj 
Mastication (Cracking during). 
Calc. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

— Pain during. N.-vom. sen. 

— Snapping, crepitation. Alum. 
Meal (Pain during a). Verb. 
Moon (Difficulty in hearing at the 

full). Sil. 
Morning in Bed (In the). N.-vom. 
Music (Pain when listening to). 

Phas.-ac. tab. 

— Sensibility of hearing. Coff. 
lye. pJios.-nc. Sep. viol.'od. 

Nausea (Pain in the ears, with). 

Night (Pain at). Alum, bar.-a 

diUc. nitr. rhu3. 
lying on tJie ear (when). 

Bar.-o. nitr. 

— Humming. Am.-o. graph. 

— Itching. N.-vom. 

— Tinkling. Rat. 

— Voice (sound of the human). 

Noise (Sensibility of the hearing 
to). . Aeon. ars. bry. ckin. iod! 
fyc. magn. magn.-m. mur.-ao. 


OaAP. IZ. — KOffiB. 

natr. pho8.-ao. plumb, sil. ther. 

Noise (Sensibilitj of the hearing 
to). Noise in the ear, aggrava- 
ted by. 01 .-an. 

Odontalgia (Pain in the ear with). 
Meph. phos.-ac. ran.-sc. 

Organ (Sensibility of the hearing 
to the sound of the). Lye. 

Prcssino. (See Supporting.) 

Beading in a Loud Voice (Diffi- 
culty in hearing when). Verb. 

Keason (Pain which almost de- 
prives the patient of). Puis. 

Rising from the Seat (Humming 
on). Verat. 

Room (Humming in a). Macn. 

Scratching the Occiput (Pain 
when). Ammoniac. 

Sleep (Noise in the ears with). 

Sneezing (Cracking when). Bar.-c. 

Speaking (Pain when). Mang, 

Speaking (Whistling when). Teuc 
Stoopiiio (Humming when). Croo 
Supporting the Head (Grumbling, 

humming when). Fer. 
Teeth (Pain on compressing the) 

Anac. n.-vom. 
Urine (Pain in the ear, with pro- 
fuse). Thuj. 
Violin (Sensibility to the sound 

of the]. Viol.-od. 
Vomiting (Deafness while). Bar. 

Walking (Pain when). Bry. con. 

— Cracking. Bar.-c. men. 
Walking in the Open Air (From) 

Bry. con. 
Warmth of the Bed (Pain from 

the). Merc. 
Weather (Hearing affected by a 

change of). Mang. n.-mos. 
Yawning (Cracking when). 





AnOSldat — The chief remedies against chronic loss of smell are : 
iVo^r.-m., sq?., nl., stdph. ; or else: Aur,^ cak., eaust., kal., &o. 
(See Sect. 2, Smell.) 

Cancer in the NoSf • — The chief remedies are : Ars., aur., calc^ 
carb.-an.f sep.^ sil., and tulph. (Compare Carcinoka, Chap. II.) 

Caries in the Nose* — When this malady arises from a sorofdloiui 
or mercurial taint, Aur. is the remedy usually to be preferred. 

For typhilUic caries, 3Serc. is the most suitable; but, when that 


medicine happens to have been already taken, and to excess, then 
Aur, will be the most appropriate. 

*^* See also : Ostitis, and Diseases of the Bones, Chap. I. 

Coryzay or Cold in the iieadf — The principal remedies are : 
Am.-c,, ars.y ckam., dvlc., hep,, loch,, mere, n.-vom., puis., sulph. — 
Alum., or else : BeU., euphr., ign., ipec., lye, natr,, samb. 

And sometime* : Alum., aitac., bry., cole., carb.-v., caus., con.^ 
graph., ncUr.-^i., nitr.-ac., sep., sU., zinc., &c. (See Sect. 3.) 

For the Frecursort Symptoms of Coryza (when the disorder is 
tardy in establishing itself), with catarrhal aflfection of the frontal 
sinus, eyes, &c., the preferable medicines are : Amrc., calc., loch:, 
n.'Vom., sulph. ; or else : Caust., hep., and ncUr.^m, 

For Drt Coryza, or Catarrhal Obstruction of the Nose, the 
remedies are, usaally, the same as the preceding ; but, in obstinate 
cases, recourse may also be had to : Bry., ign., lye, natr., natr.^m., 
vitr^-cc.^ phos^y jdati or siL (See Sect. 3. Dry Coryza and Obstruc- 
tion OF THE Nose.) 

Obstruction of the Nose in new-born infants, usually yields to : 
N.-vom. or sanib. 

For Fluent Coryza, or Nasat, Blennorrikea, the principal medi- 
cines are : Merc, puis., sulph. ; or Ars., bell., chant., dulc., Jtep., 
ipec, lye, mere, nitr.-ae, and sil. (See Sect. 3, Fluent Coryza.) 

For Ordinary Coryza, the most suitable medicines are usually : 
Mere, hep., bell., loch. ; or : Ars., dulc, n.-vom., ipec. ; or : Cham., 
puis., sulph. ; or else : Bry., ign., am.-c, euphr. 

Coryza with Fever commonly requires : Mere, n.-vom. 

For Chronic Coryza, besides the preceding, recourse may be had 
to : Alufn., anae, cole, carb.-v., caus., con., graph., lye, natr., natr.' 
m., nitr.-a/e, sep., sil., zinc. (Compare also Oz^ena.) 

Against a Disposition to take Cold on the slightest occasion : 
Calc, graph., natr., puis., sil., and sidph. may be employed. (Com- 
pare also Chill, Chap. I.) 

The sequelse of Suppressed Coryza generally require : Amn.^ 
ars., belt., bry., chin., cin., n.-vom., puis., or sulph. 

When the Head is chiefly affected, recourse must be had to: 
Aeon., bell., cham., chin., dn., n.-vom., sulph. ; or else to : Ars., bell., 
carb.-v., loch., lye, puis. 

When the Eyes are affected; Bell., cham., euphr., ign., loch., 
n.-vom., puis. ; or else : Hep., mere, and sulph. 

For Asthmatic Sufferings : Ars. or ipec. ; or else : Bry., n.-vom,, 
or stdph. 

For Bronchitis : Ac&n., bry., mere, n.-vom., puis., rhus, or sulph. 
VOL. u. — 15 

888 OHAP. DC. — irofiB. 

The symptomatic indicatioBS are : 

Amsionium — Obstruction of the nose, principally at night, swelling 
and painful sensibility of the nostrils ; blowing of blood from the 
nose ; great dryness of the nose ; pain in the eyes, with lachrymation ; 
bleeding of the nose, dryness of the mouth, especially at night. 

Arsenicum — Obstruction of the nose, and profuse discharge of 
serous mucus at the same time, with burning in the nose and erosion 
qftJie adjacent parts; sleeplessness at night; bleeding at the nose; 
hoarseness ; humming in the ears ; headache, with throbbing in the 
forehead, and nausea; am^ioration from heat; adypsia, or desire 
to drink frequently, but little at a time. 

Chamomilla — ^Principally in the case of children, or after sup* 
pressed perspiration, and especially when there are : Ulceration of 
the nostrils, cracked lips ; somnolency, heaviness of the head, with a 
kind of stupidity ; sidvering, with heat; redness of 5n6 cheek, with 
paleness of the other ; acrid and smarting mucus in the noae. (It is 
often suitable before or after Puis.) 

DvLOAMAKA — ^Obstruction of the nose, with discbarge, which is 
checked by the lea^t exposure to told air ; aggrayation during repose, 
and amelioration by movement ; bleeding at the nose ; dryness of 
the mouth, without thirst ; hoarseness and roughness of the voiee. 

Hepar — In the majority of oases of ordinary eoryza, in which 
Merc, appears to be indicated, but proves insufficient, or when the 
latter remedy has previously been taken to excess ; especially when 
exposure to cold air renews the complaint, or eauses headache, or 
when the coryaa attacks only one nostril, and the headache is aggra- 
vated by movement. 

Lachesis — ^In cases in which Merc, or hep, appear to be indicated^ 
but prove insufficient, and especially when there are : Pre^tise dis- 
cJiarge cf serc/HS mwyus, swelling and excoriation of the nostrils and 
lips, scabs in the nostrils, lachrymation, and frequent sneezing ; or 
else when the catarrhal discharge is a long time in establishing itself, 
with obstruction of the nose, humming in the ears, lachrymation, 
headache, ill-humor, and complete unfitness for meditation ; and 
especially if N.-vom. should have been employed with but partial 

Mekcvrivs — In almost all cases of Ordinart Cortza, whether 
epidemic or not, especially when there are : Frequent sneezing ; 
profuse discliarge cf serons mucus ; swelling, redness, and excaria* 
tion of the nose, with itching and aching pains on pressing the nose ; 
offensive smell ff nasal mucus ; pressive headache in the forehead; 
nocturnal perspiration, shiyeriDg, or feverish heat ; violent thirftt ; 


pains in the limbs ; aversion to solitade ; aggravation of the state by 
both heat and cold. (Compare : BeU.y hep., and loch.) 

Nux-voM. — Dry coryza^ with obstruction of the nose; headache, 
■with heaviness in the forehead, or with shooting or tearing pains ; 
heat of the face, especially in the evening, with burning redness of 
the cheeks ; painful weariness of the whole body ; quarrelsome and 
passionate humor ; or when the coryza is fluent in the morning, but 
dry in the evening or at night, with dryness of the mouth, without 
much thirst ; sensation of dryness in the chest ; oonstipation or hard 
faeces ; or else, obstruction of the nose and discharge of brown and 
corrosive mttcus at the same time, which have withstood the exhi- 
bition of Ars, (Compare Ars*, ipec., and lach.) 

Pulsatilla — ^Anorexia ; loss of taste and smell ; secretion of 
yellowish, greenish, thick, and offensive mucus ; swelling of the nose 
blowing of blood from the nose ; ulcerated nostrils ; frequent sneez- 
ing ; photophobia ; hoarseness ; ?ieavi?i€ss and confusion of tlie head, 
especially in the evening, and in the warmth of a room, with 6b' 
struction cf the nose ; amelioration in the open air ; shivering, especi- 
ally in the evening ; adypsia ; disposition to shed tears. (It is often 
suitable before or after Cham.) 

Sulphur — Obstruction and excessive dryness of the nose, or else 
profuse secretion of thick, yellowish, and puriform mucus ; frequent 
sneezing ; blowing of blood from the nose ; loss of smell ; excoria- 
tion and ulceration of the nostrils, &o. (It is often suitable 
after Fuls^ 

Among the medicines cited, recourse may also be had to : 

Belladonna — In cases in which Merc, or hep. have been indicated, 
but have proved insufficient ; and especially if the sense of smelling 
should be alternately too acute and too dull. 

Euphrasia — When there is a discharge of much whitish mucus 
with red eyes and lachrymation, 

loNATiA — Against coryza in nervous persons, with headache in 
the forehead, and hysterical excitement. « 

Ipecacuanha — ^In cases in which Arsen, or n.-vom. have been 
indicated, but have proved insufficient ; and especially when there 
are : Great, weakness, anorexia, with nausea, disgust, and even 

Ltcopodium — When there is obstruction of tli>e nose, especially 
at night, with confused headache, and burning pain in the forehead. 

Natrum — ^When the coryza returns every second day, or when it 
is renewed by every current of air, and by the slightest chill, and 
yields only after perspiration. 

840 OHAF. IX. — ^NOBE. 

Sambucus — ^When, in new-born infants, there is obstniction of the 
nose, from thick, tenacious mucas, and awaking with a start, as if on 
the point of suffocation. 

*#* For the remainder of the medicines cited, see their pathoge- 
nesi/y and also the Symptoms^ Sect. 3. Compare also : Catarrh, 
Cough, &c.. Chap. XXI. 

Epista3LiS and Nasal HamOirhagCt— The chief remedies are: 
Ac(/ii., arn,t bell., bry.^ chin.<, croc-, mere, n,-vam., puis., rhus, sulph., 
or else : Ambr,, carb.'V., cin.,fer., gran, ? kreos. ? led, sdbin., sec,, sep,, 
and sil. (See Sect. 2.) 

For nasal HiEHORRHAOE, or Rowing of blood from the nose : Acon.^ 
am., bell,, chin., rrverc, puis., rhus, or sec, are usually indicated. 

[*' According to Hartmann : 

** ^ Mosdk is — Relieved a most violent bleeding from the nose, 
ivith incipief t depletion and spasmodic jactitation of the muscles. 

" Lachesu —Is indicated for : Bleeding from the nose for three or 
four days', pi evious to the appearance of the menses ; discharge of a 
few drops of blood from the nose, in the evening on blowing the nose ; 
also, early in the morning, after or during headache near the eyes, 
or succeeded or attended by congestion ; thick dark-red blood flow- 
ing from the Jiose." — Ed.] 

When the €pistaxis arises from Congestion of Blood in the head 
it is necessary to employ chiefly : AcoJi,, bell., chin,, croc,, con,, or 
else : Alum., cfiam., graph., rhus, &c. (Compare Chap. VI., Con 
OESTiON of the Head.) 

If it occur during the Cortza : Ars. or puis. 

In children suffering from Verminous Affections : Cin., mere, or 
gran. ? 

In Women in whom the Catamenia are too feeble : Puis,, sec, or 
iep, — In those in whom they are too profuse : Aco7i., cole, croc,, 
.sabin,, &c, — With Amenorrhoeia : Bryan., puis., or sep. 

In Weak Persons, or those who have been Exhausted by debili- 
tating losses (sanguineous evacuations, &c,) : Chi?i, or sec,, or 
Carb,-v, ? cin. ? fer. ? 

In consequence of being Over-heated, or of excessive indulgence 
in Spirituous Liquors, &c. : N,-vom., or Aeon., bell., bryon. 

In consequence of Physical Exertion : Rhus, or arn,, or else : 
Bry., calc, ? puis, ? sulph. ? 

In consequence of a Contusion, or a BLOvtr, &c., especially in Men : 

A tendency to bleed at the nose from the slightest eause requires 
chiefly : Calc., carb.-veg., sep,, sil., or stUph. 


#^# For more ample information, see Sect. 2, EntTAXis, and con* 
suit the pathogenesy of the medicines cited. 
Erysipelas ia the Noset — See Erysipelas in the Face, Chap. YL 
lixmorrha^e (Nasal.) — See Epistaxis. 

laflammalion of the Nose* — See Coeyza, Oz^ena, and Ulce« 


Oz«ena« — ^The chief remedies against chronic inflammation of the 
mucous membrane of the nose are : Alum,, am.-c^f asa.^ aur., bry., 
cole., carb,'V., caus», can., grajjh., kal., loch., lye, magn., magn^-m,, 
mere, nitr., nitr,-ac., puis,, sil., sulph., thuj. — Mezer. 

Cheonic Obstruction of the nose requires : Bry., cede., catis., con,, 
loch., lye, natr., nitr, -etc., sil,, and stdph,, or else : Aur,, carb.-v., 
graph,, kal., 9nagn,, magn,-m., n.-vom,, pJws,, or thvj. 

Ulceration, Ehagades, and Scabs in the nostrils require chief- 
ly : Alum., aur,, bor., cole, cic, graph,, loch., lye, mere, nitr.-ae, 
puis., and sulph. 

For Discharge of Pus, or Ozjena, properly so called, the chief 
remedies are : Aur, or inere^ or else : Asa,, cede, cie ? con., loch,, 
puis,, or sulph. 

For syphilitic Ozjena, Mere, is preferable ; but when the patient 
has already taken Merc, to excess, Aur, must be exhibited, or else : 
Asa., hep,, loch,, nitr,'ac,, sulph., or thuj. 

*^* See also the Symptoms, Sect. 2 and 3, ^and compare : Caries, 
GoRYZA, Swelling, &c. 

Polypus ill the Nose* — Cole, phos,, staph., and teuc. are tho 
principal remedies ; and sometimes Sep. and sil., are indicated. 

Swelliag of the Nose* — ^The chief remedies are : Am,, ars., asa„ 
aur., bell,, bry., cale, hep., mere, natr.-m., phos., puis,, sep,, su/jih,, 

When the swelling arises from a Contusion, a blow, or a fall, &c. : 
Am. is to be preferred. 

From Abuse of Mercury : Asa., aur,, btU,,hep., lach, ? and sulph 
may be employed. 

In persons addicted to the use of Spirituous Liquors : Ars., cale 
puis,, sulph., or else : Bdl,, hep., lach. ? or mere 

In Scrofulous Subjects especially : Asa., aur., cale, hep., mere 
puis,, and sulph., or else : Bry., lach, ? phos,, &c. 

When the swelling is Eed and Painful, the appropriate re- 
medies are : Bell,, hep., mere, or else : Bry., cale, phos,, rhus, or 

When accompanied by Black Pores in the nose the principal re- 
medy is : Sulph., or e se : Graph. — When there are Scabs, espe- 



cially : Carb.-v., natr.^m,, sep., or sil. — When there are "Ret Spots: 
Phos,'ac, — ^When the End of the Nose is Red : Cole,, carb.-an,, or 
rht4s, — When there is a Cofper-like Eedness : Ars., or cann, — ^And 
when there are warts on the nose : Caust. 


AcHiNO Pains. Ars. aur» carh.- 

an. colch. ind. mere, natr.-m. 

sil. thuj. verat. 
Black Pores. Dros. graph, sabin. 

Blackness of the Nose. Merc. 
Blowing of Blood from the Nose. 

Agar, alum, am.-c. aur.'tn, bor. 

calc.-ph. cans. dros. graph. 

laoh. Ijc. par. pLos. puis, sep, 

stront. stclph. thuj. 

— Evening and at night (in the). 

Blowing, &o,, Morning (in the). 

Body in the Nose (Sensation of a 

foreign). Calc.-ph. 
Bones (Caries of the). Aur. 

— (Swelling of the). Merc. 

— Pains in the. (See Aching.) 
Boring Pains. Natr.-m. spig. sulph. 
Bruise (Pain as from a). Arn. 

bell. cic. hep. viol.-od. 
Burning in the Nose. Aur.-m. 
J bell. kal. [" Merc.-per.'*— Ed.] 
j Nostrils (in the;. Ars. aur.- 

m., canth. cist. hep. led. magn.- 

m. nic. nitr.-ac. stann. sulph. 

tab. [" Crotal "— Ed.] 

— Nostrils (of the). Bov. kal.-h, 
phell. rat. 

— Point (in the). Carb.-an. 

— Places in the nose. lod. 
Cancer in the Nose. (See Sec- 
tion 1.) 

Caries of ihe Bones. Aur, 

Clots of Blood in the Nose. 

Ambr. am.-c. fer. n.-vom. 
Coldness of the Nose. Arn. bell. 

galv. murex. plumb, verat. 
Color (Bluish) of the Alas-nasi. 

Compression in the Nose as from 

a Claw. Nitr. 
Compressive Pain. Aeon, verat. 
Condyloma (Ficus). Nitr.-ac. 
Congestion of Blood in the Nose. 

Am.-c. cupr. samb. 

— Stooping (when). Am.-c. 
Contraction (Pain as from). 

Sabad. ^ 

Contusion (Pain as from). See 

Convulsions. Lyo. 
Copper-like Bedness. Cann. 
Corrosion in the Nostrils. Berb. 

— Nose (in the upper part of the) , 

Cracking in the Nose. Sulph. 
Cracks in the Point of the Nose. 

— Nostrils (in the). Ant. 
Crawling in the JSfose. Am. bor r 

[" Merc.-per."— Ed.] 

— Nostrils (in the). Arg. aur 
m. berb. carb.-v. gran, ol.-an 
ran.-sc. sabad, spig. tab. teuc. 

— Point of the nose (in the) 
Mosch. paeon, rhab. 

Desquamation of the Nose. Ars 
aur.-m. carb.-an. crot. natr. 

— Furfiiraceous. Ars. aur. 



Dia (or Pick) tho Nose with the 

Finger (Impulse to). Cin. 

phos.-ao. sel. 
Digging in the Noae. Coloc. nitr. 
Dilatation of the Alee -nasi. Hy- 

Discharge op Pus from the Nose. 

Alum, am.-c. arg. ars. asa. aur. 
^ aur.-m. cole. cic. oin* can. graph. 

lach. lye. nierc. petr. phos.-ac. 

ptUs. rhus. suLph. 

— Acrid, corrosive. Lye. more. 

— Fetid. Asa. omt. aur.-m. 
graph, lye. mere. rhus. 

— Green. Asa. aur. mere. pvds. 

— Greenish-yellow. Aur.-m. 

— Sanguineous. Arg. arg.-nit. 

— Thick. Alum. 

— Yellow. Alum. aur. aur.-m. 
cic. pidt. 

Drawing Pains. £hab. thuj. 
Dryness of the Nose. (See Sec- 
tion 3.) 
Ephelides (Freckles) on the Nose. 

Phos. sulph. 
Epistaxis. ^Aam. agar. *alum, 

amb. ^ajm.-c, *anac, arg. cum. 

^ars. bar.-c *belL bor. *h'y. 

calc. cann. caps, ^carb.-v. caus. 

cham. ^chin. cin. cor. *croc. 

crot. *dros. dulc. elect. /er. galv. 

hep. hyos. ign. *iad. ipec. leal.- 

ch. kal.-h. *lach. led. lye. meph. 

*merc. nicrc.-dulc. miU. mosch. 

nitr. nilr.'Oc. n.-vom. petr. 

^phos. phos.-ac. *piUs. rat. 

r/wd. *rhus. *ruta. sabad. sa- 

bin. sass. sec. *sep. *sH. spong. 

* sulph, tereb. thvj. verat. 

[" ^Am.<aust. am.-m. ant. bov. 

oanth. carb.-an. brom. cinch. - 

snip, ophiot. colch. con. cup.-a. 

diad. dig. ^cuphr. ind. kali. 

kreos. mgs.-arct. magn -m. 

magn.-s. mur.-ao. tart, taraz. 

vine." — ^Ed.] 

— Blowing thef nose (after). Arg. 
bar.-c. spong. 

Epistaxis, Congestion of the head 
(with). Alum, graph. 

— Evacuation (during). Carb.-v. 

— Evening (in the). Ant. dros. 
fer. graph, phos. sulph. [" Gum.- 
gutt."— Ed.J 

— Exertion (after every). Carb.-v. 

— Fainting (with). Oalc. 

— Hawking and spitting (when), 

— Head (with heaviness of the). 

— Head (with pjiin in the). A- 
lum. carb.-an. dulc. mgs. 

— Heat of the face (with). 

— Graph. 

— Heat and dryness of tho nose 
(with^. Cann. 

— Meal (after a). Am.-c. (Com- 
pare Chap. XV.) 

— Morning (in the). Amb. a;7t.-c. 
bell. bry. calc. caps, carb.-v. 
hep. kal. kreos. magn. mtr.-ac, 
n.-vom. sulph. 

In bed. Caps. 

— Night (at). Bell. calc. carb.-v. 
cor. graph, kal.-ch. magn.-s. 
rhus. verat. (Compare When 

— Nose (with obstructed). Puis. 

— Over-heated (after being). 

— Paleness of tho face (with). 

— Pulsation in tho head (with). 

— Sight (with loss of). Ind. 

— Singing (after). Hep. 

— Sleeping (when). Bry. mere 

— Stooping (when). Carb -v 
rhus. [" Fer-aoet." — ^Ed.] 

— Syncope (with). Croc. 

— Vertigo (with). Carb.-aj 

— Washing (while). Am.-o. 

— Weeping (after). Nitr.4U). 
Epistatis of Blood : 

— Acrid. Nitr. 



Epistaxis of Blood : 

— Black. *Croc. kreos. lach. 

— Clear ' color (ot a). Dulc. 
kreos. lach. [*' Bar. carb.-an. 
crot. dig."— Ed.] 

— Hot. Dulc. 

— Seroua. Kreos. 

-^ Thiok. ^ Croc, kreos. laoh. n.- 

— Yisoons. *Oroc. 
Eruptions on the Nose. Am.-c. 

ant. aur. bell. clem, euphr. kal. 
lach. magn. natr. nio. nitr.-ac. 
petr. plumb, rhus. sulph. tar. 
[" Brom."— Ed.] [Compare 
Herpes, and Scabs^ 

— Below the nose. Caps, squill. 

— Corners (in the). Plumb. 

— Interior of the nose (in the). 
Magn. phell. sil. 

— Partition of the nose (in the). 

— Point of the nose (on the). 
Caus. clem, nitr.-ao. sil. spong. 

Eruptions, according to their 


— Burning. Ol.-an. [" Alum, 
graph. nat.-m." — Ed.] 

— Confluent. Phell. 

— Excoriation (with pains as 
from). Spig. 

— Furfuraceous. Aur. 

— Herpetic. (See Herpes.) 

— Itching. Nitr.-ac. phell. squill. 

— Lancinating. Squill. 

— Oozing. Ol.-an. squill. 

— Painful. Caps. 

when touched. Clem. 

— Pimples (of). Am.-c. caps, 
clem, euphr. kal. lach. ol.-an. 
petr. plumb, sil. 

— Pressive, painful. Magn. 

— Pustules (of). Clem. crot. 
cupr. mere. petr. plumb. 

— Red. Aur. crot. lach. 

— Banning. Ol.-an. squill. 
'— Scabby. (See Scabs.) 

•— Shooting. (See Lanoinatinq.) 

Eruptions, according to their 


— Tettery. (See Herpes.) 

— Vesicles (of). Magn. nitr.-ao 
phell. plumb, sil. 

Excoriation of the Nostrils 
Agar. alum. ang. ant. bov. galv 
graph, ign. lach. lact. magn.-m 
mang. mez. natr.-m. nitr.-ao 
ol.-an. zinc. 

— Corners (in the). Ant. phos 

— In the Nose (Pain as from). 
Cio. hep. 

— (Pain as from) : 

— Nostrils (within the). Am.-c 
. colch. magn.-m. n.-vom. squill 

— Point of the nose (on the). 
Bor. rhus. 

Expansion (Pressure outwards). 

Elect, lact. 
Fingers into the Nose (Desire tc 

put the). Cin, phos.-ac. sel. 
Fullness in the Nose (Sensation 

of). Par. 
FuRUNcuLi in the Nose. Alum. 

am.-c. sil. 
Gnawing. (See Corrosion.) 
HEMORRHAGE (Nasal). See Seo- 

tion 1. 
Heat in the Nose. Can. oanth. 

chin. cor. gran, magn.-m. n. 


— Point of the nose (in the). 

Heat (Sensation of). Khab. 
Heaviness of the Nose. Am.-c 
cole. mere. samb. sil. stann. 

— Stooping (when). Am.-c. sil. 
Herpes in the Alse-nasi. Nitr.- 
ac. spig. 

Incisive Pains in the Bones of the 
Nose. Ind. 

— In the nose. Galv. 
Induration of the Alse-nasi. 

Inflammation of the Nose. Aur. 

aur.-^n, bry. calc. canth. crot. 

hep. ran. rat. rhus. sep. sulph. 
["— Chronic. *JFY«or.-ac."— Ed.J 



IwpLAMMATioN, NostriU (of the). 
Agar. bry. canth. cbam. cist. cocc. 
con. mang. mere, n.-vom. ran. 
rhns. sil.^stann. sulph. verat. 

— Point of the nose (in the). 
Nitr. Sep. sulph. 

— Semi -lateral. Natr.-m. 
Insensibility of the Nose (Semi- 
lateral). Aeon. rad. natr.-m. 

Itching in the Nose. Agar, am.-c. 
aur.-m. aur.-s. bor. ^carh.-v. 
chel. galv. ign. mere, n.-vom. 
oleand. rat. samb. spig. [''Ag- 
nus, alum, caust. con. mere- 
per. nit, nit,-ac. ol.-an. sil^ — 

— AltiB-nasi (in the). Caus, Bel. 
["Lanr. nat.-m. nat.-s. staph.'' 

— Interior of the nose (in the). 
Agar., aur.-m. gran, n.-vom, 
ol.-an. sabad. sel. sen. [" Coloc. 
gum.-gutt. hep.-sul. kali, laur." 

— Point of the nose (on the). 
Cans, sil. [''Agnus, laur. mur.- 
ac. nit. pet. phos.-ac. stront." — 

Nodosities in the Nostrils. Ars. 
Obstuuction of the Nose. (See 

Sect. 3.) 
Pain in the Nose : 

— Night (at). Bell. cor. lach. 

— Pressing upon it (when). Am.- 
m. sil. 

Touched (when). Aur. bell, 
bry, hep. led. magn.-m. magn.- 
8. mere, natr.-m. nitr.-ao. phos, 
ruta. sil. 

— Ameliorated by pressing upon 
it. Agn. 

Paleness of the Nose. Natr.-m. 
Perspiration on the Bridge of 

the Nose. Kuta. 
Pimples. (See Eruptions.) 
PliTos of Mucus in the Nose. 

Sep. sil. [" Kal-bi."— Ep.l 
Pointed Nose. (See Face, Chap. 


VOL. 11. — 15* 

Polypus in the Nose. Phos. tetic. 
Pores in the Nose (Black.) Bros. 

graph, sabin. sulph. 
Pressing upon the Nose (Pains 

ameliorated when). Agn. 
Pressure in the Nose. Asa. magn. 

mere, olcand. ran. 

— Root of the nose (at the). Agn. 
hyos. rut. ["Kalm.*'— Ed.] 

Pricking in the Point of the Nose. 

— Nasal fossae (in the). Hydroc. 
Pulsations. (See Throbbings.) 
Pus. (See Discharge of Pus.) 
Quivering in the Nose. Chel. 

Hhagades. (See Cracks.) 
Redness of the Nose. Alum. aur. 

aur.-m. bell, calc, cann. chin. 

hep. kal. mag.-m. mang. m^rc. 

phos, ran, 

— Corners (of the). Plumb. 

— Interior of the Nose (of the). 
Bell, phell. 

— Margins of the nostrils (of the). 

— Point of the nose (of the). 
Calc. carb.-an. nic. nitr.-ao. 
rhus. sil. mgs.-aro. 

— (Copper-like) of the Nose. 

Root of the Nose (Pain in the). 
Agn. hyos. men. petr. puis, 
ruta. (Compare Cephalalgia 
above the Root of the Nose, 
Chap. VI., Sect. 3.) 

Scabs in the Nose. Carb.-an. 
carb,A\ natr.'m. nitr.-ao. phos.- 
ac. sass. sep, sil, 

— Below the nose. Bar.-o. sass. 

— Nostrils (in the). Alum, ant 
aur, aur.-m, aur.-s. bor, bov. 
calc, cic, crot. graph, hep. lach* 
lye, magn.-m. nitr,-ac, phos. ran. 
rat. sass. sil. staph, sulph, thuj. 
(Compare Ulceration.) 

Scraping in the Nose; N.-Yom. 

Sensibility of the Nose. Asar. 

.m.-m. natr. sU. ^ 



Sensibility of the Nose, Interior 
(of the). Agar, am.-c. crot. 

— Touch (to the). Am.-m. aur.- 
s. crot. sil. 

Shootings in the Nose. Bell. 

galv. nitr.-dc. spig. 
— - Point of the nose (in the). 

Smarting in the Nose. Ang. aur. 

bry. euphorb. ran.-sc. sabad. 


— Nostrils (in the). Graph, hy- 
droc. • 

Smell (Acuteness of). Aeon. 

agar. alum, bar.-c. bell, calc. 

cham. colch, eye. graph, hep, 

kal. lye, mcz. n.-vom. phos. 

sabad. sulph. tab. 
Smell (Acuteness of) : 

— Acids (for). Dros. 

— Eggs and fat meat (for). Colch, 

— Garlic (for). Sabad. 

— Tobacco smoke (for). Bell. 

— Wine (for). Tab. 

Smell (Abserice of). Anac. aur. 
cans, elect, hep. hyos. ipec. 
magn.-m. mang. natr.-m. phell. 
phos. plumb, rhod. sep. sil. 
sulph. zinc. [" Kal.-bi." — Ed.] 

— Dullness, diminution of. Alum, 
bell. calc. eye. kal. mez. tab. 

Smell, Fetid Exhalation from the 
Nose. Bell. calc. graph, mere. 
nitf , -ex, n.'\om. phos, phos.-ac. 

— Putrid. Bell, graph. 

— Urine (of). Graph. 
Smells (Imaginary) : 

— Acid. Alum. 

— Brandy (of). Aur. 

— Cheese (of). N.-vom. 

— Coffee (of). Puis. 

— Close. Mgs. 

-r- Coryza (of an old). Puis. 

— Dung (of). Anac. calc. mgs. 

— Dust (of). Mgs .-arc. 

— - Eggs (of rotten). Calc. men. 
mgs.-arc. f " Bell."— Ed.] 

Smells (Imaginary) : 

— Fetid. Kreos..pliiinb..nitr.-ao, 
sep. ["Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

breathing through the nose. 

(whenV Nitr.-ac. 
with anorexia. Kreos. 

— Gunpowder (of). Calc. 

— Gypsum (of). Mgs. 

— Herrings (of ). Agn. ["Bell.* 

— Horn (of burnt). Sulph. 

— Horse-radish (of). Eaph. 

— Musk (of). Agn. 

— Nauseous. Canth. men. 

— Peculiar. Lact. 

— Pitch (of). Ars. 

— Pus (of). Sen. 

— Putrid. Aur. galv. 

bread and milk (of). Par. 

— Smoke (of). Sulph. 

— Snuff of a candle (of the). N.- 

— Sour. (See Acid.). 

— Sponge (of burnt). Anac. 

— Sulphur (of). Ars. n.-vom. 

— Sweetish. Aur. 

— Tallow (of). Val. 

— Tobacco (of). Puis. 
Soreness of the Nose. Alam. 

['* Brom."— Ed.] 

— Nostrils (of the). Euphr. 
Spasms in the Alae-nasi. Amb. 
Sfasmodio Pains in the Nose. 

Plat. zinc. 

— Root of the nose (in the). Am. 
hyos. zinc. 

Splinters (Pain in the nose as 

from). Nitr.-ac, 
Spots on the Nose (Red). lod. 

phos.-ac. sil. 

— Yellow. Sep. 
Stupefying Pain. Aeon, oleand. 

Suffocating Pain. Euphorb. 
Swelling of the Nose. ^Alum. 

am.-m. arn, ars. asa, aur, aur,' 

m, aur.-s. bell. bov. *brt/, calc. 

cann. canth. carb.-an. graph. 
\ hep. ign. kal. lye. *niagn,^m. 



mere, tuUr^-m, nitr.-ac. petr, 

^phos, puis. ran. rhus. *sep. 

^stilph, zinc^ ["Am. brom. bor. 

kal.-bi. caust. nice, pothos. 

pbos.-ac. thnj." — Ed.] 
Swelling, AlaB-nasi (of the). 

Loch, magn.-m phell. sulph. 

•^ Back (Bridge) of the nose (of 

the). Phos.-ao. ["Kal.-bi."— 


— Nostrils (in the). Am.-c. bell, 
canth. cist. cocc. lach. nitr. 

— Point of the nose (of the). Bor. 
calc. nic. sep. salph. 

— Semilateral. Cocc. croc, natr.- 
m. zinc. 

— Of the Bones. Merc. [" Kal.- 
bi."— Ed.] 

TEABiNa Pains in the Nose. Ind. 

kal.-h. nio. 
[" — In the nasal bones. Gnm.- 

gutt."— Ed.] 
Tension in the Nose. Asa. mere. 


— Al»-nasi (in the). Thuj. 
-— Bones (in the). Thuj. 

— Interior (in the). Graph. 

Tension in the Boot of the Nose. 

ThrobbiNgs, Pulsation in the 

Nose. Aur.-s. coloc. cor. sil. 
Tickling in the Nose, Arg. oarb.- 

V. galv. hydroc. ol.-an. puis. 

M>ig. zinc. -ox. [" Kalm." — Ed.] 

(Compare Crawling.) 
Torpor in tKe Nose (Sensation of). 

Asa. plat. samb. viol.-od. 
Trembling in the Point of the 

Nose. Chel. 
Ulceration of the Nose. Cham. 

staph, sulph. [" Kal.-bi." — 

Ed.] (Compare -Scabs.) 

— Alae-nasi (in the). Puis. 

— Nostrils (in theV Alum. arn. 
aur. aur.-mur. Dry. calc. cor. 
graph, ign. kal. lye. nierc. mur.- 
ac. natr. nitr. nitr.-ac. petr. 
phos. jf9z^. sil. sulph. [" Gum.- 
gutt." — Ed.] (Compare Scabs.) 

Ulceration in the Nose (Pain as 
from). Magn.-s. puis. 

— Interior (in the). Am.-m. ars. 
aur. aur.-m. bell. bor. bry. hep. 
sil. verat. 

Vesicles. (See Eruptions.) 
Warts on the Nose. Caus. 


Blood (Clotted) in the Nose. 

CoRTZA in general. Alum, am.-o. 

am.-m. anac. ars. bell. bry. calc. 

carb.-v. caus. eham. chin. cocc. 

con. diad. dig. dulc. euphr. galv. 

graph, hep. ign. ipec. kal.-ch. 

lach. ItLOt. lye. magn. mere, natr.v 

m. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. ol.-an. 

petr. puis. samb. sep. sil. sulph. 

tereb. zinc, zino.-oz. [" Phyto." 

— Ed.J 

CoRTZA, Chill (after a) . Natr. spig. 

— Cold (on taking). Graph. 

— Constant. Calc. natr. sil. 

— (jurrent of air (from a). Natr. 

— Day (every). Graph. 
(every second). Natr. 

— Incomplete. Lach. 

— Morning (in the). Dig. 

— Perspiration (Ameliorated af- 
ter). Natr. 

— Semilateral. Hep. 

— Suppressed. (See Sect. 1.) 


CHAP. n.-^NOSB. 

CoaYZA, Wet (after getting). Sep. 
CoRTZA (Dry). Amb. am.-c. am.- 

m. aur. aur.-s. bry. caJc. caps. 

^carh,-an. carb.-v. caus, cham. 

chcl. elect, graph. Iiep, ign. 

ipec, *kal. *kreos. loch, ^lyc. 

niagn. mang. ^merc. natr, nati-.- 

m. natr.-s. ^nitr.-eu:, *n,-vom, 

ol.-an. op. par. phos, plat, rat. 

sabin. sass. *sep. sU, sulph. 

sulph.-ac. thuj. ["Agar. alum. 

ant. asar. bo v. oalad. calc.-ph. 

canth. cbin. coff. coral, croc. cup. 

dig. ^dtdc. iod. laur. magnes.-s. 

mez. nio. oit. pet. rhod. samb. 

Bpong. squill, stan. tab. zinc." — 

Ed.] (Compare Obstruction 

of the Nose.) 

— Alternating with fluent. Alum, 
bell, euphr. gran, n.-vom. par, 
["June. lach. magnes. phos. 
zinc." — Ed.] 

— Cold (aggravated by). Dulc. 

— Continued. Caus. 

— Evening (in the). Calad. 

[" — Excessive. Natr.-m." — Ed.] 

— Fluent in the air. Thuj. 
by day, Euphr. n.-vom. 

— Morning (in the). Calc. natr.- 
m. n.-vora. 

— Night (in the). Caus. n.-vom. 
fluent during the day. 

Euphr. n.-vom. 
[» _ Obstinate. Sul.-ac."— Ed.] 
-— Semilateral. Alum. plat, stann. 

[" Sab. sep. sul.-ac." — Ed.] 
CoRYZA (Fluent). Arg. *ars. aur. 

bar.-c. bell. bcrb. bo v. bry. calc. 

carb.-an. caiis. cham. cin. cinn. 

clem. cor. crot. cupr. eye. dros. 

dulc, ^euphr, *graph. hep. ipec. 

kal. kal.-ch. kreos. *lach. lye. 

magn.-s. mcph. * mere. mez. ?iatr. 

*natr.'7n. nitr.-ac. par. petr. 

phell. phos. phoa.-ac. plumb. 

fnds. ^sabad. sel. sep. sil. spig. 

squill, staph. *sulph. tart. zinc. 

zinc.-oz. [''^th. agar. alum. 

am. anac. ant. bor. brom. bruc. 

carb.-v. clien. chin, cim.-lect. 
coff. col. dig. euphr. ign. iod. 
kalm. mgs.-arct. mgs.-aus. niag^ 
nes. men. nit. ^nux-v. plat, 
sass. spong. sul.-ac. tab. taraz. 
thuj." — Ed.] (Compare Sect 

. 1, CoRYZA.) 

CoRYZAy Air (in the open). Teuc 

— Alternately with obstruction 
of the nose. Alum. bell, euphr. 
gran, n.-vom. par, 

— Cephalalgia (which removes). 

— Day only (by), becoming dry 
in the evening, or at night. 
Euphr. n.-vom, 

— Evening (in the). Sil. 

[" — Excessive. Arg. kal. natr.- 
m."— Ed.] 

— Frequent. Sil. [" Thuj."— Ed.] 

— Lachrymation (which re- 
moves). Lach. 

— Morning (in the). Berb. n.-vom. 

— Obstruction of the ears (which 
removes). Lach. 

— Obstruction of the nose (which 
removes). Sil. 

— Semilateral. Alum. heU. rhod. 
staph. ['*Pho3. sulph.-ac." — 

Discharge from the Nose. (See 

— Pus (of). (See Sect. 2, Dis- 


Dryness of the Nose. Agar. amb. 
ammoniac, ars. ^bar.-c. bell. 
berb. bry. *calc. cann. cor. crot. 
dros. gran, graph, hydroc. ign. 
^kal. lact.magn.-m. meph. mere, 
mez. ^na>tr.-m, ^nitr.-ac. ol.-an. 
petr. phos. rat. ^rhus. sen. *sep. 
*sil. spig. sulph, tab. zino 
["Cim. dulc. gum.-gutt. hyos. 
hyper, lach. merc.-per. nux-vom 
*nu3>-v. op, phoB.-ac. rhod. 
sabad." — Ed.] 

— Air (when walking in the open) 



Dryness, Heat in the Nose (with). 

— Morning (in the). Ammoniac. 

— Night (at). N.-vom. sil. 

— Sneezing (with). Rat. 

— Sensation of. Anac. con. 
mez. petr. sen. sil. verat. 

Fullness in the Nose (Sensation 

of). Laur. par. 
Influenza (Grippe), (See Chap. 

Irritation in the Nose. Crot. 
Mucus (Increased secretion of). 

Bar.-c. euphr.iod. plumb, phos. 

ran.-sc. rhod. sabad. spig. 

[" Brom. mere. -per." — Ed.] 

— Air (in the open). Rhod. 

— Without coryza (Discharge of^. 
Agar, ammoniac, anac. calc-po. 
carb.-Y. cast. caus. crot. elect, 
euphorb. graph, kreos. magn.- 
m. nitr.-ac. par. ^/£(7f. ran. ran.- 
sc. sulph.-ac. tereb. ther. 

— GfapTonic. Anac. phos. 
Mucus, with or without Coryza : 

— Acrid. (See Corrosive.) 

— Burning. Ars. cin. kal.-h. 
sulph. (Compare Coryza accom- 
panied by Burning.) 

— Corrosive, acrid. Ami-m. ars. 
oast.,kal.-h. lach. magn. magn.- 
m. magn.-s. mere. mez. mur.-ac. 
nitr.-ac. n.-vom. sil. squill. 

«^ Fetid. Calo. caus. graph, hep. 
magn.-m. natr. nitr.-ac. puis* 
thuj. (Compare Discharge of 
Pus, Sect. 2.) 

— Greenish. Berb. bor. kal. 
natr. par. phos. puis. thuj. 
(Compare Discharge of Pus, 
Sect. 1.) 

— Glutinous. Sel. 

— Hard, forming scabs. Alum, 
bry. natr. sep. sil. 

— Plugs (Forming). Sep. sil. 
— Purulent. Berb. ccUc. kal. 

suiph. (Compare Sect. 2, Dis- 
charge of Pus.) 
Putrid. Grapn. 

Mucus, with or without Coryza : 

— Reddish. Par. 

— Sanguineous. Kal. n.-vom. 
par. phos. sulph. thuj. (Cora- 
pare Blowing of Blood from the 
Nose, Sect. 2.) 

— Serous, watery. Agfir. amm. 
canst. am.«m. ars. bov. carb.-v. 
cast, graph, lach. mere. mez. 
mur.-ac. par. plumb. ran.-sa# 
sulph.-ac. tereb. ["Kal.-bi." — 

like milk. Elect. 

— Tallow (like). Cor. 

— Tenacious. Gran. 

— Thick. Ant. aur.-m. bar.-c. 
bor. graph, magn.-s. mang. 
mur.-ac. natr. nitr.-ao. ol.-an. 
par. puis, sabad. samb. sass. 
sel. sulph. ["Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

— Viscid. Bov. canth. oolch. 
plumb, ran. samb. 

— White. Berb. sabad. spig. 

— Yellowish. Ant. aur.-m. berb. 
bov. graph, magn.-m. magn.-s. 
mez. mur.-ac. natr. nitr.-ac. 
phos. puis. sel. spig. sulph. 
(Compare Discharge, Section 

Obstruction of the Nose. ^Alum. 

*amb. am.-c. amm. -canst, am,- 

m. ^anoc. *ant. arg. arg.-nit. ars. 

aur. aur.-m. bov. bry. cole. 

*carb.-an. ^carb.-v. cast. *caus, 

chel. cic. cin. ^con. crot. cupr. 

fer.-mg. * graph, grat. iod, ipec. 

*kal. kal.-h. Inch. laur. lye, 

magn. magn.-vn. mang. more. 

*mur.-ac. *nair. ^natr.-m. natr.- 

s. nic. nitr. ^nitr.-ac. n.-mos. 

*n.-vom. ol.-an. op. par. ^petr. 

phell. *phos. plumb, puis. ran. 

*raph. rat. sabad. ^samb. sass. 

sel. *sep. *sil. spig. stann. stram, 

sulph. tab. teuc. thuj. verb. 

zinc, zinc-ox. ["^Eth. agar. 

august, bar. bell. cham. chin. 

dig. ign. ind. mgs.-aro. kalm. plat 

rhod. ♦rhus. *.^aph. vine." — 



Ed.] (Compare Dry* CoryzAi 

and Section 1, Oz^na.) 
Obstruction of the Nasal Fossae. 

Obstruction of the Nose, which 

manifests itself: 

— Discharge of mucus (With). 
Ars. n,-vom. «inc.-ox. 

— Evening (in the). Carb.-T. 
euphr. puis. 

— Morning (in the). Con. lach. 
par. phos. rhod. 

— Night (at). Am.-o. lye. magn.- 
m. n.-ww. phell. 

— Pain as from excoriation (with). 
Amb. ran. 

— Pus (from). Calc. 

— Reading aloud (when). Verb. 

— Boom (in a). FtUs, ran. 
in a warm. Ftds. 

— Semilateral. Alum, fer.-mg. 
n.-mos. rhod, staph, sidph. 

— Smarting pain (with). Arg. 

— Sneezing (with). Fer.-mg. 
Pus (Discharge of). See Sect. 

2, Discharge of Fus. 
Sneezing. Agar, amb . ammoniac, 
aur.-s. bor. calc.-ph. carb.-an. 
carb.-v. chin. cin. cist. croc, elect, 
euphorb. grat . kal Jcal.-ch. *kreos. 
lach. lact. meph. mere. mez. 

natr.-m. n.-yom. nio. phos. prun. 
puis, ran.-sc. raph. rat. rhus. 
squill, staph, siclph. tar. tart, 
teuc. ther. verat. ["Brom. cim. 
crotal.gum.-gut. kal.-bi." — Ed.] 
Sneezing, Abortive. Aeon, natr.- 
m. nitr.-ac. sil. 

— Evening (in the). Puis. 

— Immoderate. Con. kal. sil. 

— Morning (in the). Caus. kreos. 

— Nausea (with). Sulph. 

— Spasmodic. Stram. sulph. 

— Violent. Aeon. ars. rhus. sabad. 
Sneezing, accompanied by : 

— Abdomen (Pain in the). Aeon 

— Chest (Pain in the). Aeon, 
cin. grat. sen. 

— Crawling tingling in the nose. 
Paeon, plat. teuc. 

— Head (Pain in the). Cin. 

— Hypochondria (Pain in the). 

— Nape of the neck (Pain in the). 

— Side (Shooting in the). Aeon, 
bor. grat. 

— Tingling in the nose. Pseon. 
plat. teuc. [** Kal.-bi."— Ed.] 

Sneeze (Ineffectual effort to). 
Carb.-v. galv. mez. plat. raph. 
zinc.<ox, ' 


NoTB — See Gortza, Sect. 1, and refer also to the ixiBtraotions given undcv 
the heads of the particular organs affected. 

Asthmatic Sufferings. Calc. bov. 
kal. lact. mgs.-aus. 

Beaten (Pains as if). Hep. 

Catarrh. Aeon, fer.-mg. graph, 
ign. mang. spig. sulph. ["Merc.- 
per." — Ed.] (Compare Ca- 
tarrh, Chap. XXI.) 

Chest (Erosion, roughness in the). 
Carb.-v. kreos. meph. 

— Oppression of the. Calc. 

— Pain in the. Bell. magn.HB. 
mez. ol.-an. phos.-ac. sulph. zinc. 

Colic. Aeon. 

Cough. Alum. amb. bar.-o. bell. 



eanih. enphr. ign. lye. natr. 

citr.-ac. phos.-ac. spong. sulph. 

Cough, Night (At^. Cans. 
Ears (HuinmiDg in the). Aeon. 
Epistaxis. Ars. 
.KxciTABiLiTT (Ncrvous). Ign. 
Eye-brows (Pressure on the). 

Eyes (Prominent). Spig. 

— Watery. Eophr. staph. 
Face (Altered). Sabad. 
Fever. Hep. lach. mere. natr. 

Gripino (Alternately with). Calc. 
Head. Aching. Aeon. ars. bry. 

calc. cans. cin. graph, ign. lach. 

lye. nitr.-ac. n.-vom, sep. spig. 


— Confusion in the. Bov. euphr. 
lye, phos. sabad. 

— Heat in the. Lyo. n.-tx»». 
Heart (Anguish of the). Anac. 
Heat. Spig. 

Hoarseness. Ars. carb.-v. cans. 

dig, graph, kal. natr, nitr.-ac. 

phel. petr, sep. spig. spong. 

sulph. thuj. 
Lachrymation. , Euphr. lach. 

Legs (Higidity in the). Anao. 
Lie Down (Necessity to). Graph. 
Limbs (Pains in the). Sep. 
Lips (Eruption on tne). Mes. 
Mouth (Dryness of the). N.-vom. 
Muous (Hawking up of). Colch. 
Nausea. Graph. 
Nose (Bleeding of the). Ars. 

— Burning of the. Ars. calad. 
cin. mez. (Compare Burning 

— Crawling in the. Caps, carb.-v. 
•^ Obstruction of ,the. Cham. 

lach. natr.-s. nitr. n.-vom. par. 
phell. rat. rhod. tong. 
Nose (Semilateral obstruction of 
the). Rhod. staph. 

— Scraping in the. N.-vom. 

— Swelling of the. Bry. nitr.-ao. 

Nostrils (Excoriated). See Cor- 
rosive Mucus. 

— Inflamed. Hep. lach. mang. 

— Ulcerated. Calc. cocc. lach. 
nitr.-ac. squill, staph, tart. 

Odontalgia. Lach. 

Otalgia. Lach. 

Shiverings. Natr. puis, spig 

sulph. tart. 
Sleeplessness. Ars. 
Smell (Loss of). Am.-m. carb.- 

an. magn.-m. magn.-s. mang. 

mez. natr.-m. nitr. ptds. rhod. 

sulph.'ac. tart. 
Smell (Fetid) from the noso 

Speech (Embarrassed). Magn. 
Sneezing. Ammoniac, arg. ars. 

calad. calc. carb.-a. chin. cist. 

eye. dros. kal. ^al.-ch. kreos. 

lach. natr.-m. n.-vom. sep. squill. 

staph, tart. 
Taste (Loss of). Magn.-m. natr.* 

m. puis. rhod. tart. 
Thirst. Diad. 
Throat (Roughness, erosion in 

the). Cans. 

— Scraping in the. Hep. n.-vom. 

— Sore. Nitr.-ac. phos. phos.-ac. 
Urine (Flow of), Verat. 
Voice (Hoarse and low). Bar.-o. 
Weariness (Painful). Hep. 
Weep (Disposition to). Spig. 
Yawning. Carb.-an. 

8S2 OHAP. Z. — FACOB. 




Acne.— (See Chap. II.) 

Cancer or Carcinoma* — See Scibrhus and Ulceration. 

Caries of the Jaw* — Cist. phos. and sU, are the medicines that have 
hitherto been employed with most success against scrofulous ulcera- 
tion of the maxillary bones. (See also : Ostitis and Disease in the 
Bones, Chap. I.) 

Conperose* — See Acne Rosacea, Chap. II. 

Crusta Lactea (Impetigo Larvalis, Biett). — The principal reme- 
dies are : Rhus and siUph, Next follow : Cede,, diilc., graph., hep.^ 
lye,, mez,, sass., sep., viol.-tr.; Ars., bar.-c., bell., do., iod., niere., 
natr.-m. may sometimes be found useful. 

VioL.-TR. — ^Appears to be chiefly indicated when there is also an 
Affection of the Urinary Organs; and — 

Graph, and Mez. — In cases characterized by the formation of Yert 
Thick Scabs. 

[" Staphtsagria — ^Is indicated when a yellowish, corrosive humor 
ioozes out from under the crusts, or when, after the falling off of the 
crusts, new vesicles spring up on the denuded surface and discharge 
a like humor. 

" Rhus — When the surface is dry, with burning itching. 

^*Aurum, dtdeamara, arsen., and hep.-sul. have been successful: 
Lycapod:, carb.-veget., and causticum useful. 

" For the Ophthalmia which frequently accompanies this disease, 
Euphrasia, aeonite, hepar-std.., and sometimes Belladonna have 
proved beneficial." — Hartmann, Ed.] 

Ephelides* — See Chap. II., Spots. 

Eruptions* — See Acne, Crusta Lactea, Herpes, Erysifslas, 

Erysipelas in the Face* — ^The chief remedies are : Bell,, loch,, 
and rhus. Next follow : Cham., graph., hep., sidph,, and, in some 


oases, perhaps: Aoon,^ camph,, canth., carb.-an., coTh.-v., euphorb^t 
*ep., and stram. (Compare Sect. 2, Erysipelas.) 

Belladonna — Is indicated by : Delirium, shooting cephalalgia, fu- 
rious look, violent thirst, dry tongue, parched lips, and other symp- 
toms, which seem to threaten metastasis in the membranes of the 

Lachesis — ^Is often indicated at the commencement, or when the 
cerebral affections have withstood Bell. Hep, and mere, may often 
advantageously follow Loch, 

Khus — ^Is particularly useful in vesicular erysipelas ; and, when the 
integuments of the head are attacked by erysipelas, it will, in most 
cases, prove a specific. 

%* See also. Chap. II., Eetsipelas, and compare, in this chapter. 
Fluxion in the Cheek. 

FlnxlOIl in the Cheek* — The chief remedies against swelling of 
the cheek, caused by Odontalgia (commonly known by the name of 
Fluxion), are : Am,, cham., mere,, mgs.-arc,, n,-vam,, jmls,, sep,, 
staph,, or else : Ars., aur,, bell., bry., carb.-v,, caus., and sulph. (See 
Sect. 2, Swelling of the Cheek, and Semi-lateral Sv^elling of the 

When the swelling is bed and hot, the principal remedies are : 
Am,, bell,, bry,, cham., and mere. 

When it is hard, they are : Am,, bell,, or cham 

When it is pale : Bry., n.-vom., sep., and stUph, 

When it becomes erysipelatous: Cham-t sep,, or else: BelL, 
graph,, hep,, lach., rhus, and sulph, (See Erysipelas.) 

If, before the appearance of the swelling in the face, Merc, or cham, 
should have been administered against the toothache, then Ptils, may 
be exhibited ; if Puis, or bell., Merc, should be given ; or Bell, may 
follow Merc, ; and Sidph. be administered after Bell, or bry 

*jj^* Compare also : Odontalgia. 

Criands (Engorgement of the). — See Chap. I., Glands, and com- 
pare Sect. 2, same article. 

Herpes on the Face* — ^The chief remedies are : Ars., calc,, etc., 
graph., lye, mere, rhus, sep,, sulph., or else : Am.^c, anac., bar.-c,<, 
carb.-an,, carb.-v,, hep., kreos., led., nitr.-a^:., thuj. 

Crustaceous Herpes {Impetigo) requires chiefly : Calc,, graph., 
and sulph., or else : Ars., cic,, lach. ? lye,, rhus, sep,, &c. (Compare 
Cru^ta Lactea.) 

For Furfur ACEous Herpes: Ars., bry,, cic., and sulph., and per- 
haps : Anac., mere, or thuj. (See Sect, 2.) / 

864: CHAP. X. — ^FACE. 

Against CoREODma Ilerpcs (Lupus) : Ars*, cole,, cic,, rhtts, sep.^ 
tulph,t or el86 : Mum. ? clem, ? mere. ? sil. ? 

[" Hartmaun has been most successful in the treatment of lupus 
with Staphysagria, in repeated doses. In one instance, Kcdi-hyd.^ 
in another Staphysagria, with a vapor-bath every other day, seemed 
to be the curative means. In females, he advises the choice of reme- 
dies in reference to the menstrual functions." — Ed.] 

Lastly, Squamous Herpes (Psoriasis) usually requires : Calc. 
graph,, lye, Sep., sulph., or l^uc. ? 

%* Compare also, Chap. II., articles : Acne, Impetigo, Herpes, 
Psoriasis, &o. 

]!ll6Ill<lgra< — The chief remedies are : Ant., cic., graph., sulph, ; 
and sometimes : Carb.^., clem., dulc., kreos., mere, sass., sep., sU. 
(Compare also, Sect. 2, Scabs, Herpes, Pustules, &c.) 

Paralysis of tbe Facial Muscles.— The usual remedies are: 
Caust. and graph. 

Prosopalgia^ or Pains in the Face* — The chief remedies are : 
Aeon., bell,, caus,, eoloc,, eon., hep., lye,, mere., mez., n.-vom., phos., 
plat,, spig,, staph. — Agar. {"Elat., kalmia,, sab.^* — Ed.] 

Or else : Bry,, cole., caps,, chin., lye., puis,, rhus, stann., sulph.^ 
thuj., verat. 

And sometimes : Act,, am., ars,, aur,, bar,'C,, cham,, coff., kal., 
kal.-ch, ? magn. ? magn.-m. ? (See Sect. 2, Pains in the Face.) 

Inflammatory Prosopalgia usually requires : Aeon., am,, bry., 
phos,, staph., sulph., or else : Bar.-e., bell., loch,, mere,, plat., thuj., 

For Eheumatic Prosopalgia, the medicines most frequently indi- 
cated are : Aeon., eaus., chin., m£re., mez., plios., piels., spig,, sulph., 
thti/,, or else : Am,, bry., hep., loch., magn,, n.-vom., verat. 

Arthritic Prosopalgia requires, in the majority of cases : Caus., 
coloe., mere., n.-Vfrn,, rhus, or spig. 

i For NERVouf Prosopalgia (tie-douloureuz, facial neuralgia): 
'Bell., caps., lye., plat., spig,, mgs.-are,, or else : Hyos,, loch., magn,^ 
i ["For Menstrual Prosopalgia: ^Sabina." — Ed.] 

For Prosopalgia arising ffom excessive use of Mercury: Aur.^ 
carb.'V., chin., hep,, or sulph. 

For Prosopalgia in Younq Persons (especially females) of a 
plethoric habit : Aeon., bell., or Calc,, chin., lach., phos., plat, should 
be consulted. 

For Nervous Persons : Bell., lach., lye, plat., spig. are usually 


The Stuptomattc Indications are as follow : 

AcoNiTUM — Redness and heat of the face, with semilateral crawl- 
ing pain, or pains as from ulceration ; swelling of the cheek or jaws ; 
feverish heat, thirst ; great exasperation, with agitation and tossing. 

Belladonna — Pain following the course of the suh-orbital nerve, 
and easily excited by rubbing the part affected ; or tearing, shooting 
pains in the bones, jaws, or zygomatic process ; rigidity of the nape 
of the neck ; twitching of the eye-lids ; convulsive jerks of the muscles 
of the face, and distortion of the mouth ; heat and redness of the 

Causticum — Tensive or pulsative pains in the bones of the face, 
and especially in the zygomatic process, with a sort of paralysis of 
the facial muscles ; or drawing pains in the jaws, which hinder the 
mouth from opening ; rheumatic pains in the extremities, humming 
in the ears. 

CoLocTNTHis — Tearing a fid skootitig podfis, which occupy especi- 
ally the left side of the face, and extend into the head, temples, nose, 
ears, and teeth, with swollen face ; aggravaZion of the pains from the 
slightest touch, 

CoNiuM — ^Especially when the pains come on at night, and are 
tearing or shooting. 

Hefar — ^Pains in the bones ofthefcuce (zygomatic process) aggra^ 
voted especially by contact, and extending into the ears and temples. 

[" Kalmia — ^This remedy has acted with magical effect, according 
to the experience of Dr. Gray, and subsequently of ours, in many 
eases of prosopalgia where all the usual expedients had failed. The 
pains were violent, rending, and agonizing ; stupefying or threatening 
delirium." — En.] 

Lycopodium — Against pains which commence with a sensation of 
coldness, and occupy chtefly the right side of the face, with aggra- 
vation at night or in the evening, 

Meroueius — Tearing or shooting pains, affecting the entire of one 
side of the head, from the temples to the teeth, aggravated especially 
at night f in the tcarmth of the bed; with salivation, lachrymation, 
perspiration on the face or head, sleeplessness. 

Mezereuh — Spasmodic, stupefying pains, which occupy the left side 
of the zygomatic process^ and extend into the eye, temple, ear, teeth, 
neck, and shoulder, with aggravation or renewal of the pains after 
eating anything hot, or coming into a room from the open air. 

Nux-voM. — Tearing and drawing pains, extending into the ear, with 
swelling of the cheek ; redness of the face or of (one of) the cheeks, or 
yellowish color, especially around the nose and mouth ; tingling in 


866 OHAP. X.— FACE. 

the face, with palpitation of the muscles ; aggmyation of the pains hy 
meditation and intellectual Inbor, wine or coiTee, &c. 

Phosphorus — ^Tearing pains, especially on the left side, with itch- 
ing, and tension oftlie skin of the face; bloatedness and paleness of 
the face ; aggravation of tJie pains from every movement of the 
muscles of the face; when eating, or opening the mouth, speaking, &c. ; 
also from the slightest contact ; pains extending from the jaws into 
tho root of the nose or into the ear ; congestion in the head, with ver- 
tigo, humming in the ears, &o. 

Platina — ^Tingling-crawling pains, with sensation of coldness and 
torpor on the side affected ; or spasmodic pain and tensive pressure 
in the zygomatic process, aggravation or renewal of the pains in the 
evening, and during repose ; disposition to shed tears ; redness of 
the face, with thirst, &o. 

SpiOBLiA — Jerking, tearing, burning, and pressure in the zygomatic 
process; violent pains, which can endure neither the slightest touch 
nor the least movement ; with shining swelling of the side affected, 
or with anguish of heart, and great agitation. 

Staphys. — Pressive, pulsative pains, from the teeth into the eye ; 
or shooting, burning, drawing, incisive, or tearing pains, with sen- 
sation of swelling on the side affected, spasmodic weeping, coldness 
of the hands, and cold perspiration on the face. 

*^* For the rest of the medicines cited, see their pathogenesy, 
and compare Chap. I., Neuralqia, and Chap. XI., Odontalgia. — 
See likewise Sect. 2, for the different Pains in the Face. 

Scirrhns*-— Scirrhous indurations in the face and lips chiefly re- 
quire : Bell,, con., sep., sU., sulph, (See also Chap. I., Indurations.) 

Swelling of the Lips* — Scrofulous swelling of the lips requires 
chiefly : Aur,, bell., bry., hep,, ladi., m^rc, sil., staph., sulph., &c. 
(See Sect. 2.) 

If there should also be drawing back of the lip. Bell, and mere. 
will usually be suitable. 

When there are Scabs and Ulceration : Bell., hep., mere., sep, 
sil., staph., sulph. ; or else : Cic., graph., natr.-m,, nitr.-ac. 

%* Compare also : Chap. IV., Swelling op the Nose. ^ 

Tic Douloureux* — See Prosopalgia. 

Ulceration in the Face and Lips*— The principal remedies 

are: Ars., bell., clem., hep., mere, sil,, staph., sulph.; or else: 
Cic., graph., mere, natr.-m., nitr.-ac. 

Carcinomatous ulcerations should be treated with : Ars.,clem., con.^ 
fil,, stdph. 

For Scrofulous ulcerations, the chief remedies are : Bell,,hcp., 



tnarc^sep, sil., staph.,^tind stdph,; or else : Cic., graph., fuUr.-m^ 

%♦ See, besides, Chap. 11., Ulcers, and also Sect. 2, XJloeeation, 

SOABS, &c. 

Warts in the Face.— See Sect, 2. 


Acne Roseata. * Ars. calc-ph. 
carb.-an. kreoa. rhus. rut. verat. 
(Compare Acne Roseata, Chap. 


-•• Chin and month (around the). 

ApHTHiB on the Lips. Ipec. 

Aspect. (See Expression.) 

Bewildering Pains. (See Stu- 

Black Pores in the Chin and Up- 
per Lip. Salph. 

— Face (in the). Dig. hep. nitr.- 
ao. sabin. sulph. 

— Suppurating. Dig. 
Blackish Face. (See Blackish 

Bleeding «f the Lips. Ars. brj. 

carb.-an. gins. ign. 
Blisters. (See Vesicles.) * 
Bloatedness of the Face. (See 

Bloated Face.) 
Bluish Face. (See Bluish Color.) 
Bones of the Face (Pains in the). 

See Pains in the Bones. 
Bones (Swelling of the). Aur. sil. 

— Forehead (of the). Aur. 

— Jaw (of the). Aur. 
Lower. Sil. 

— Temples (in the). Spig. 
Boring in the Bones, Zygo- 
matic Process. Bov. ind. strcmt. 

— Pain in the face. Bell, 
euphorb. magn. thuj. 

— Jaw (in the lower). Bot. ind. 

Break (Sensation as if the lower 

jaw were about to). Phos,-ac. 
Brownish Face. (See Brownish 

Bruise (Pain in the bones, zjgo* 

matic process, as if from a). 

Cor. sulph. sulph.-ao. zinc. 

— Face (in the). Ruta. 
Burning Face. (See Burning 

Burning Pains. Ars. bell, coloo. 
euphorb. rhus. stann. 

— Bones, zygomatic process (in 
the). Cans. cist. ol.-an. par. spig 

— Cheeks (in the). Agar. asar. 
cans. clem, ol.-an. phos.-ao. rhus. 
["Merc-per."— Ed.] 

(in one only). Murex. 

— Chin (in the). Anac. cans. 

— Eyes (below the). Pros, gal v. 

— Jaws (in the). Aeon. daph. 

— Lip (in the lower). Clem. 
upper. Mez. [** Brom." — 


— Lips (in the). Am.-c. am.-m. 
am. asa. aur.-m. berb. bor. bry. 
carb.-an. gran, magn.-s. mere, 
mez. mur.-ac. natr.-s. rhod. 
rhus-v. sabad. spig. sulph. 
tab. tart.-ac. [" Merc.-per."— 

Commisur» of the. Mez. 

Cadaverous Face. (See Hippo- 
cratic Face.) 

. 868 


Callosity in the Face. Rhus- 


Cancer. (See Sect 1.) 
Caries in the Jaw. Cist. mere. 

Chagrin (Aspect of). See Ex- 
Changeable Color. (See Color, 

alternately, &c). 
Chaps, Cracks, Ehagades in the 

Face. Sil. 
-— Lips (in the commissures of 

the). Merc. mez. 
— - Lips (In the). Agar. aloe, a- 

1am. am.-c. afn,-m. ant. am, ars, 

bar.-c. bry. bov. calc. caps. carb-. 

a. carb.-y. cham. chin, colch. 

con. croc, dros. elect, gins. 

graph, ign, kal. kal.-h. lach. 

nic. magn.-m. mere. natr. natr.- 

m, nic. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. ol.-an. 

par. phos. phos.-ac. plat. puis. 

sabad. sel. squill, sulph. tab. 

tar. tart, verat. zinc. 
•^ Ulcerated. Merc, phos.-ac. 
Cobweb on the Face (Sensation 

as of a.) Bar.-c. bor. graph 

Coldness around the Chin and 

Mouth (Sensation of). Plat. 

— In the face. Lye. plat, ran.-sc. 
painful. Lye. 

Color of the Face : 

— Alternately pale and red. A- 
con. alum. ars. bell. bov. caps. 
cin. croc. gins. ign. kal. laur. 
magn. magn.-s. natr. n.-vom. 
oleand. op. phos. puis. spig. 
verat. [" Crotal.*'— En.] 

— Blackish. Chin. (Compare 

lips. Aeon. ars. chin. 

mere. rhus. squill, tart.-ao, verat. 
mouth (around the). Ars. 

— Bluish. Aeon. agar. ang. ars. 
bell. bry. cin. con. cupr. hydroc. 
by OS. ign. lye. puis. 

— — cheeks. Ang.-spur. cham. 

— — eyes (around the). Anac. 

ars. berb. bis. calc. chin. oio. 
cocc. cupr. graph, hep. ipeo. 
kal. lach. mere, natr. n.-mos. 
n.'Vom, oleand. phos. plios.-ac 
rhus. sabad. sab in. sec, sep 
staph, sulph. verat. 
Color of the Face : 4 

— Bluish lips. Ang.-spur- ars 
bcrb.chin.-sulph.caus. cupr. dig 
lye. phos. 

mouth (around the). Cin. 

— Brownish. Bry. op. staph. 

angry (when). Staph. 

lips. Arrf! bry. oleand. op. 

phos. staph, tart.-ac. 

— Copper-like red. Alum: 

— Dirty, discolored. lod. magn. 
phos. sec. 

— Of the white of the eyes. Chin, 

— Earthy. Ars. bis. bor. bry, 
chin. chin. -sulph. croc. fer. 
gran. ign. ipec. kreos. lach. 
laur. lye. magn. magn.-s. mere. 
9nosch, natr.-m. n.-vom. ol.-an. 
op. phos. sil. zinc. 

— Grayish. Berb.-o. carb.-v. 
hydroc. kreos. laur. 

— Greenish. Ars. 

— Leaden. Ars, lach, mere, 
t" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Livid. Raph. [" Fer.-acet."— 

— Mottled. Aur. aur.-mur. 

— Pale. Act. jBth. amb. am- 
moniac, am.-c. am.-caust. anac. 
am. ars. aspar. aur.-m. boll, 
berb. bis, bov. calc. camph. 
cann. canth. caps. VarA.-v. cham. 
chen. chin. chin. -sulph. cic. cin. 
clem, coloc. eon. croc, cupr, 
cupr.-carb. dig. dros. dulc. fer 
fcr.-mur. graph, hsem. helL 
hydroc. hyos. ign. iod. ipec. kal 
kal.-h. lach. lact. laur. led. lye 
magn. magn.-vi. mang. mere 
mez. natr. natr.-s. nitr. nitr.-ac 
n.-mos. n.-vom. oleand, ol.-an. 
op. petr. phell. pJios. phos.-a€ 


* * 

6S0T. n.— fiTHFTOllB. 


plat plumb, puis. raph. rhus. 
sabin. sec. sep, sil. spig. spong. 
stantu strain, sulph, 8ulph.-ac. 
tab. tart. teuc. tong. verat. zino. 
zinc-ox. mgs.-arc. [" Brom. 
oinch.-Bulph. capr.-ars. fer.-aoet. 
phyto."— Ed.] 
Color of the Face : 

— Pale, alternately with redness. 
Aeon. alum. ars. bell. bov. caps, 
cham. cin. croc. ign. kal. laur. 
magn. magn.-s. natr. n.-vom. 
oleand. op. phos. pals. spig. 

—. — blotches (with red). Aor.* 

eyening (in the). Lye. 

lips. Cans. fer. lyo. spig. 

^ — morning, after rising (in 
the). Boy. 

rising np (on). Aeon, ve- 

semilateral. Aeon. arn. 

bell. cham. coloc. ign. mosch. 
n.-vom. tab. verat. 

— Pale spots (with red). Ferr.- 

— Purple lips. Bar.-c. 

— Redness of the alaa-nasi. Gins. 
cheeks. Aeon. agar. alum. 

ars. calc. cann. caps, cham, 
chin. coff. coloc. gins. kal. kreos. 
loch. fra«rc. mosch. mar. -ac. nitr.- 
ac. n.-tfom. oleand. piUs, ran. 
rhas. spig. sulph. tong. val. 

blotches (in). Aar .-sulph. 

chin. Gins. zinc. 

— — face. Aeon. amb. arg. ars. 
aar. aur.-mur. bell. bov. bry. 
calc. caps, cham. chel, chin, 
chin .-sulph. con. citr. coccin. 
cocc. croc. cupr. elect, fer. fer.- 
mg. galy. gins. grat. hep. hyos. 
ign. iod. kreos. lach. lye. magn. 
men. mere, mur.-ac. natr. nitr. 
n.'Vom. op. phos. plat. puis. 
r\ixi&,sabad. stram. stront. sulph. 
tab, tart. thuj. [** Fer.-acet." — 

Color of the Face : 

— Bedncss of the lips. Bar.-o. 
bell. gins. spig. 

— - — mouth (around the). Ipec. 

— Bedness (Circumscribed), red 
spot. Aeon. calc. dulc. lach. 
lye. phos. stram. sulph. 

coppery. Alum. 

deep. Bar.-o. bell. bry. 

camph. coloc. kreos. op. sea 

squill, sulph. verat. 
fiery. Bell. bry. coco. croc. 

fer. hep. mur.-ac. plat, sabad. 

stram. sulph. tab. thuj. 
semilateral (redness of 

one check and paleness of the 

other). Aeon. arn. bell. cham. 

coloc. ign. mosch. n.-vom. tab. 

*— Bedness, after being angry. 


— — delirium (during). Lach. 
erysipelas (like). Galv. 

— Bedness : fever (during). See 
Chap. IV., Fevee. 

lying down (when). Aeon. 

sleeping (when). Men. 

— Scarlet. Bell. 

— Sickly. Am.-c. bor. cin. clem, 
gran. kal. mang. natr.-s. nitr. 
n.-vom. rhas. sil. sulph. teuc. 

eyes (around the). Cin. 

— Wan. Hydroc. 

— Yellowish. Amb. am. ars. 
bell. bry. calc. canth. carb.-v. 
cans. cham. chen. chin, chin.- 
sulph. gran, graph, hell. hep. 
iod. ipec. lach. kal. lye. magn.' 
m. mjere. natr. naZr.-fm. nitr.-ac. 
n.'Vom. petr. plumb, pyls, raph. 
rhus. sec. sep. sulph. [" Crotal. 
fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

eyes (around the). Nitr.- 
ac. spig. 

lips (trace on the). Stram. 

mouth and nose. N.-vom. 

temples (on the). Caus. 



OoMPRESSioN '(Pain as from). 

Gran. mang. 
-— Jaws (of the). See Spasms. 

— Maxillary joint (In the). 

Congestion in the Face. Coocion. 

ind. stram. 
Contortion of the Corners of the 

Mouth. Hydroc. 

— Of the muscles of the face. 

Contraction in the Cheeks. 

-^ Muscles of the forehead fin 

the). Khab. 
^ — face. Elect. 
^ — mouth. Elect, hydroo. 

— Jaw (of the). Alum. 

— — sensation of. Bell. 

Contusion in the Bones, Zygoma- 
tic Process (Pains as from). 
Cor. sulph. sulph.-ac. zinc. 

— Face (in the). Rut. 
Convulsions in the Face. Bell. 

cham. galv. ign. ipec. lye. op. 
puis. tart. (Compare Jerkings.) 

— Lips and mouth (of the). Bell, 
bruc. cham. galv. ign. ipec. lye. 

Corrosion in the Bones of the 
Face. Arg. ind. samb. 

— Chin and lips (in the). Plat. 

— Face (in the). Agn. amb. 
gran. rut. 

— Jaw (in the lower). Ind. 

— Whiskers (region of the), and 
forehead (in the). Amb. 

CoRTZA. Sec. sol. 

Cracking in the Maxillary Joint, 

during Mastication. Am.-c. 

gran. rhus. 
Cracks. (See Chaps.) 
Crawling in the Cheeks. Arn. 

Crawling in the Chin and Nose. 

Gins, verat. 

— Face (in the). Aeon. alum, 
amb. cann. cokh, fer.-mg. grat. 
gran. lach. lact. n.-yom. ol.-an. 

pseon. plat. rhan. rhus. sabad. 
Crawling, Lips (in the). Am/ 
ars. herb, fer.-mg. 

— Tensive. Lact. 

— Whiskers (region of the), and 
forehead (in the). Amb. 

Creeping over the Cheek (Sensa- 
tign as if an insect were). Agn. 

Deep-sunk Eyes. (See Hollow 
Face, Cheeks, Eyes.) 

Despairing Expression. (See 
Despairing Expression.) 

— Desquamation. Canth. phos. 
puis. rhus. 

— Tetters (of). Gins. 
Digging Pains in the Bones, Zygo* 

matic Process. Magn. thuj. 

— Face (in the). Bov. euphorb. 

— Jaws (in the). Plat, m.-arc. 
Dirty Complexion. (See Dirty 

Discolored Face. (See Dirty 

Discomposed Face. (See Face, 

Dislocation of the Jaw (Easy) 

Petr. staph. 

— Morning, in bed (in the). Petr. 

— In the maxillary joint (Pain as 
from). Con. mgs.-arc 

Distortion of the Features of the 
Face. AcoD. am.-c. ars. camph. 
cham. cocc. cupr. ign. lach. laur. 
merc.-s. plat. rhus. sec. sol.-nig. 
squill, stram. ["Ars.-hyd." — 
Ed.] (Compare Convulsions.) 

— Of the mouth and lips. Bell, 
dulc. lye. mere, n.-vom. op. seo. 

— Semilateral. Graph. 
Drawing Pain in the Cheek-bones. 

Alum, ammoniac, bell, carb.-y. 
chel. colch. dig. graph, kal.-ch. 
phos. stann. staph, sulph. tart, 
val. viol.-od. ['* Crotal. hyper." 

— Chin (in the). Agar. cans. 

— Eye-brows (above the). Eleot. 



Drawing Pain, Face (in the). 
Ars. bar.-m. cham. colch. hep. 
kal. kreos. magn.-m. n.-vom. 
ol.-an. phos.-ac. ran.-sc. sep, 
verat. [** Lobel."-— Ed.] 
Jaw (in the). Aur. cham. mez. 
phos.-ac. [** Lobel."— Ed.] 

lower. Agar. lact. puis. sil. 

— Orbits (in the). Stann. 
Drawing Back of the Lip. Bell. 

Dryness of the Lips. Aeon. aloe, 
alam. am.-c. am.-m. ang. ant. 
am. bar.-c. bell. berb. ^y.chen. 
chin. con. dig. dros. gins. gran, 
hyos. ign. kal.-h. kreos. lach. 
mang. mere, natr.-m. natr.-s. 
n.-Tom. oleand. phos. plat. rhod. 
rhns. sep. stram. sulph. tab. 
tart. tarC-ac. verat, [**Merc.- 
per."— Ed.] 

— Evening (in the). Magn.-s. 
•^ Morning (in the). Chen. 
Earthy Complexion. (See Color, 


Emaciation of the Face. Calc. 
sep. tab. 

Ephelides on the Face. Am.-c. 
calc. graph, kal. Ijc. mnr.-ac. 
natr.n.-mos. puis, sulph. (Com- 
pare Chap. XI., same article.) 

Eruptions (Herpes, Scabs, &c.), 
on the Cheeks. Am.-c. bell, 
calc. cic. dig. dulc. fer.-mg. kal.- 
h. kreos. lach. nic. phos.-ac. 

— Chin (on the^. Am.-c. bell, 
carb.-v. cic. clem. dig. dulc. 
elect, fer.-mg. graph, gins. hep. 
kal.-ch. kreos. lye. mere, natr.- 
m. n.-yom. par. phos.-ac. rhus. 
sass. sep. sil. sulph. thuj. zinc. 

— - Commissures of the lips (on 
the). Bell, carb.-v. cans. ign. 
lyc. n.-vom. petr. phos.-ac. sen. 
senn. sulph. tar. 

•—Eyes (around the). Am. sulph. 

— Eye-brows (in the). Fer.-mg. 

— Eye-lids (in the). Bry. kreos. 

VOL. u.— 16 

Eruptions, Face (in the). Alum, 
amb. am.-c, am.-m. ant. ars. 
bell, bar.-c. bruc. calc. calc.-ph. 
carb.-a. carb.-v. cans. cic. cist, 
clem, coloc. con. dulc. elect, eug. 
euphorb. gi-aph. hep. ign. kreos. 
kal. kal.-ch. lach. led. lyc. magn .- 
m. mere, mur.-ac. natr.-m. nitr* 
ac. n.-vom. petr. phos. phos.-ao. 
rhus, sabad. sass. sefp. staph, 
sulph, tart. thuj. valer. verat. 
(Compare Vesicles, Pimples, 
Tubercles, &c.) 

— Forehead (on the). Alum. amb. 
aur. bell. calc. caps. cic. clem, 
dulc. fer.-mg. hep. kal.-ch. led. 
mur.-ac. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. par. 
sass. sep. sulph. 

Eruptions : 

— Jaw (on the lower). Par. 

— Lips (on the). Alum. am. c. 
ars. bell. berb. bor. bry. calc. 
caps, carb.-a. carb.-v. cans. cham. 
cic. clem. con. dig. for.-mg. hell, 
hep. ign. ipec. lach. lyc. magn.- 
m. mere, mur.-ac. natr. natr.-m. 
natr.-s. nic. n.-vom. par. petr. 
phos. phos.-ac. plat. rhod. ruta. 
sass. sen. sep. sil. squill, spong. 
staph, sulph. thuj. mgs. [" Phy- 
to."— Ed.] 

— Mouth (around the). Am.-o. 
anac. ars. bor. calc. elect, graph. 
kreos. lach. magn. natr. natr.-m. 
par. phos. rhus. sep. 

— Nose (around, or in the). Bell, 
clem. par. rhus. sulph. tar. 

alas-nasi (in the). Gins. 

root (at the). Fer.-mg. 

— Temples (in the). Alum, arg: 
boll. dulc. mur.-ac. nitr.-ac. 

— Whiskers (in the region of the). 
Amb, calc. lach. nitr.-ac. 

Eruption on the Face : 

— Air (Disappearing in the open) 

— Blackish. Spig. 

— Bleeding. Mere. rhus. par. 

— Brownish. Dole. 



Eruption on the Face : 

— - Burning. Ant. i?alc. oic. mere. 

natr.-m. rat. rhus. sen. senn. 

staph, viol. -trio. 
on wetting the face. Euphr. 

— Confluent. Cic. 

— Corrosive pain (with). Dig. 
— - Excoriation (with pain as 

from). Khod. verat. mgs. 

— Granulated. Natr.-m. tab. 

— Herpetic. (See Herpes.) 

— Itching. Am.-c. con. dig. lye. 
mere, natr. nitr.-oc. sass. staph, 
thuj. zinc. 

in a warm temperature. 


— Jerking pain (with). Rhus. 

— Lenticular, Cic. 

— Lip (on the upper). Chin.- 

— Miliary (small). Gins. 

— Millet (like grains of). Par. 

— Nodosities (of). See Nodo- 

— Oozing. ' (See Bvnning.) 
•^ Painful. Eug. sulph. 

— — night (at). VioL-tric. 

— — touched (when). Bell. hep. 
led. par. val. verat. 

— Papnla& (of\. Ars. 

^- Pimples (or ). See Pimples. 

— Pustulous. (See Pustules.) 
— - Haw (as if the skin were). 


— Red. Ant. aur. aur.-sulph. 
calo.-ph. cans. cic. led. nitr.-ac. 

after wetting the face. 


— Roughness of the skin (like). 

— Running (with). Calc. cic. 
graph, mere, natr.-s. rhus. sep. 

fetid. Cic. mere. 

yellow. Rhus, viol .-trie* 

— Scabby. (See Scabs.) 

— Scaly. Aur. 

^ Scratching (after). Sass. 

Eruptions : 

— Shooting pain (with). Led. 
plat, staph. 

— Smarting, biting. Bry. mere, 
natr.-m. plat.-sil. 

— Spreading. Sep. 

— Suppurating. Ant. cic. rhus 

— Thick (close together). Sep. 

— Tuberculous. (See Tubercles.) 

— Vesicles (of) on the checks. 

— Whitish. Clem. hell. val. 

-r- Yellow. Ant. cic. dulc. euphr. 
kreos. mere. sep. 

Erysipelas in the Face. Aeon. 
bell. bor. calc. earoph. canth. 
car b. -an. cham. euphorb. graph. 
hep. loch. puis, rhzts. sep. stram. 
sulph. [" Crotal."— Ed.1 (Com- 
pare Swelling and Sect. 1, 
same article.) 

— Carious teeUi (from). Sep. 

— Forehead (in the). Ruta. 

— Nausea and fever (with). Nitr.- 

— Semilateral. Bor. sep. stram. 

— Vesicles (with). Cist, euphorb. 
graph, hep. loch, rhus. 

Excoriation of the Lips. Ars. 
canth. oaus. cham. cupr. graph, 
lye. mcz. natr.-m. 

— Commissures of the lips (of 
the). Ant. caus. lye. mez. 

— Pain as from^ in the face. 
Con. graph, puis. 

— Chin (in the). Ant. plat. 

— Commissures of the lips (in 
the). Sulph.-ac. 

— Lips (in the). Ign. ipec. phos.* 
ac. plat, sabad. 

Exfoliation of the Lips. Alum. 

am.-m. herb, canth. cham. con. 

kal. mez. natr.-s. mosch. n.-vom. 

plumb, puis. sep. sulph.-ao. tart. 
Exostosis in the Jaw. Ang. 
Expression (Anxious). Ammon.« 

caust. seth. bell, oupr, raph. 

spang, tart. 

— Aged. Hydroo. 

8BCr* n. — 8TKFI0MB. 


Kxp&ESSioN, Dejected, ^th. arn. 

are. bell. berb. cantb. cham. 

chin. dro«. fer. fer.-mg. hsem. 

hydroo. ign. laar. lye. mang. 

oleand. op. phos. pbos.-ac. plat. 

raph. rbus. sec. squill, stann. 

staph, tart, yerat. 
•>» Chagrin (of). Magn. 

— Despairing. Ganth. 

— Fearful. Stram. 

— Gloomy. Natr.-s. raph. sine. 

— Inspired. Hydroo. 

— Sad. Colch. eapr. 

— Silly. Stram. 

«— Suffering, worn. JEth. chin.- 
sulph. coloh. laot. puis. raph. 

— Terror (of). Canth. elect. 
• — Timid. Stram. 
—Wandering, disordered. Plumb. 

stram. zinc. 
Face (Bloatedness of the). Aeon. 
am.-c. arn. ars. aur. bell. bry. 
oalo. cham. chin. cin. oitr. cocc. 
coloh. hyos. ipeo. kal. lach. 
laur. led. lep. lye. mere. natr. 
op. phos. plumb, puis. samb. 
sang. sep. spig. spong. tart. 
[" Hyper, ophiot."— Ed.] 

— — around the eyes. Ars. fer. 
mere. puis. ["Fer.-acet." — Ed.] 

•— Cadaverous. (See Hifpoo&a- 

[" — Coldness (of the). Merc- 

per."— Ed.1 

— Drawn. Aur. sulph. v 

— Expression (without), unmean- 
ing, dull features. Coloc. op. 

— Fatigued. Aur. sulph. • 

— Hippooratic, cadaverous. Ars. 
canth. carb.-v. cupr.-oarb. lach. 

— Hollow. (See Wan.) 

^ Pointed nose. Ars. chin, n.- 
vom.phos.-ao. rhus. staph, verat. 

— Wan, hollow cheeks, .ffith. 
arn. ars. bell. berb. canth. cham. 
ehin. dros. fer. hydroc. ign. 
Imit. lyo. mang. oleand. op. 

phos. phos.-ac. plat. rhus. sec. 
squill, stann. staph, tart, verat. 
Face, Wan, Hollow Cheeks, with 
Eyes deeply Sunk. Chin.- 
sulph. raph. [Chin. -sulph." — 
Ed.] (See Chap. VIII.) 

— Worn, wasted, ^th. am.-caus. 
ars. bis. colch. hssm. iod. lach. 
lact. mere, phos.-ao. raph. rhus. 

Flabbiness, Immobility of Fea- 
ture. (See Face without Ex- 

Fright (Expression fit). See 
ExFRESsioN of Fright. 

Feigiditt of the Face. Bis. oic. 
hyos, verat, (Compare Febrile 
Sufferings, Chap. IV.) 

— Cheeks (in the). Cham. 

— Hands (with coldness of the). 

Fullness in the Face (Sensation 

of). Sang. 
FuRUNCULi in the Cheeks. Alum. 

am.-o. mez. 

— Chin (on the), Nitr.-ac. sil. 

— Ear (before the). Carb.-v. 

— Forehead (on the). Led. 

— Jaws (under the). Carb.-v. 

— Temples (in the). Mur.-ao. 
Olands in the Face (Enlargement 

of the). Bry. iod. 
Olands (Aifeotions of the sub- 
maxillary) : 

— Boring. Sabad. 

— Hardness. Clem. cocc. graph, 
mere. raph. rhus. sic. staph. 

— Inflammation. Bell, mere* 

with pain as from a bruise. 


— Nodosities. Cl^m. 

^ Pains in general. Am.-c. am. 

aur, cole. chin. cic. con, ign. nUr. < 

ac, rhus. sep. stann. staph, verat. 
deglutition (during). N.« 

vom. stram. 
touched (when). Olem, nl. 




Glands (Affections of the sub- 
maxillar j). 

— Pressure. Ars. strain. 

— Pulsative pains. Merc. 

— Shootings. Bell. mere. mez. 
n.-Yom. sulph. 

— Swelling (enlargement). A'^.- 
c. am,-m. am. ars, bar,-c, bell. 
bov. calc. chin. cic. clem, cocc, 
cor, dulc. graph, iod. kal. led. 
lye. mere, natr. natr.-m, nitr.-ao. 
petr. phos. phos.-ao. plumb, 
puis. raph. rhus. sep. nl, sptmg, 
stann. staph, sulph, sulph.-ac, 
thuj. verat. 

Tension. Clem, spong. 

— Throbbing pulsations. Am.-m. 
bov. clem. 

Gluet Lips. Stram. zinc. 
Granulations on the Cheeks. 

Grayness (See Grayish Color.) 
Greasy Appearance of the Face. 

,Natr.-m. plumb, sel. 

— Lips. Am.-m. 

Greenish Pace. (See Greenish 

Hair (Falling off of the). Graph. 

— Beard (of the). Graph. 

— Eye-brows (of the). Plumb, 

— Moustaches (of the). Plumb, 

— Whiskers (of the). Graph, 

Hanging Down of the Jaw. Ars. 

lye. op. 
Hardness of the Cheek. Cham, 
Heat in the Face. Aeon, am.-o. 

am.-m. anac, ant. arg.-nit. am, 

aspar. bdl, hry. bov. calc. cham. 

cann. chin, chin.-sulph. cin. 

cocc. coff. con. cor. croc. diad. 

fer.-mg, gran, grat, hep, kreos, 

lach. lact. lobel. mang. men. 

mosch, mur.-ac. natr, n.-^vom. 

op. paeon, petr, phos.-ac. plat. 

ran. rat. rhus. sabad. sang. sep. 

siL vquill. stront. siU][^, tab. 

tart. thuJ, verat, [**Brom. 
flnor.-ac. hyper, lobel. merc.-per. 
phyto." — Ed.] (Compare Fe- 
ver, Chap. IV.) 
Heat, Cheek uppermost when 
lying down (in the). Viol.-tric. 

— Cheeks (in the). Ant. aspar. 
boy. chinn. cocc. eoloc. daph, 
mere, oleand. rhus. scroph. val. 
[" Brom."— Ed.] 

— Eyes (around the). Chin.- 

— Forehead (in the). Cham, 
diad. euphr. 

— Lips (in the). Am. 

— Semilateral. Am. ign. viol.- 

— In the face, in the open 
air. Mur.-ac. val. 

— Burning. Am.-m. am, bell, 
hry, caps. croc, daph, diad. gran. 
grat, ign. ind. natr. n.-vom. 
paeon. pkU, rhus. sabad. sang, 
stront. sulph. tab. thuj. verat. 

— Coffee (as after taking). Chin.- 

in the cheeks. Aspar. 

— Dejection, nausea (with). Anac. 

— Dryness of the mouth (with). 

— Evening (in the). Ang. arn. 
chin.-sulph. plat. thuj. 

— Fever, shiver ings, heat (during 
the). (See Fever, Chap. IV.) 

— Flushes of heat. Alum. amb. 
chen. cist. cocc. gran, graph, 
kal. kal.-ch. lye, phos. teuc. 

Cheeks pn the). Coco. 

— Labor (during intellectual). 

— Meal (after a). Petr. (Com-^ 
pare Chap. XIV.) 

— Morning (in the). Croc. 

— Movement and speaking (from). 

— Night (at). Hep. 

— Noon (in the after). Anac. 

— Paleness (with). Mosoh. 



Hbat» Sleeping (when). Men. 

— Stooping forwards (when). Cor. 

— Thirst (with). Petr. plat. 

— Wine (after drinking). Sabad. 

— Yawn (with impulse to). 

— Sensation of. Ang. asar. 
euphorb. tar. 

— Evening (in the). Ang. 
Heaviness in the Face (Sensa- 
tion of). Alum. nic. rhus-y. 

Hemiplegia. Caus. graph. 

Hepatic Spots. (See Spots, He- 

Herpes and Herpetic Spots. Am.- 
0. anac. aars, bar.-c. bruc. ccUc, 
carb.-a. carb.-v. cic, con. grajih. 
hep. &'6os. led. lye. mere, nitr.- 
ac. rhus, sabad. sep, stUph. 

— Cheeks (on the). Am.-c. 
dttlo. kal.-h. kreos. nic. phos.- 

— Chin (on the). Am.-o. carb.-v. 
n.-vom. sil. 

— Commissures of the lips (in 
the). Carb.-y. phos.-ac. sulph. 

— Eye-lids (in the), Bry. kreos. 

— Eyes (around the). Sulph. 
— - Forehead (on the). Caps. 

— Lip (on the). Caus. natr. 
phos.-ac. sass. 

^- Mouth (around the). Am.-o. 
anac. ars. bor. kreos. magn. 
natr. natr.-m. par. phos. rhus. 

— Nose (around the). Bhns. 

— Whiskers (In the region of 
the). Lach. nitr.-ao. 

Herpes on the Face : 
-— Burning. Led. 

— Corrosive. (See Sect. 1, Lu- 

— Dry. Kal.-h. led. 

•— Furfuraceous, mealy. Ars, 
bry. bruo. cic. kreos. lyo. mere, 
nitr.-ao. sulph. thuj. 

Herpes on the Face : 

— Gnawing. (See Sect. 1, Lupus.) 

— Itching. Caps, kal.-h. nic, 
nitr.-ac. rhus. sdph. 

— Jerking pains (with). Hhus. 

— Oozing. (See Kunning.) 

— Bough. Led. 

— Runningi Carb.-v. dulc. phos.- 
ac. sulph. 

— Scabby. (See Scabs.) 

— Scaly. Bruc. calc. graph, lya 
sep. sulph. (Compare Chap. 


HippocRATio Face. (Siee Face, 

Hollow Eyes. (See Hollow 

Horripilation. (Sec Shudder* 


Incisive Pains in the Face. Bdl 

rhus. staph. 
Induration in the Face. Sil. 

— Glands (of the). See Glands 

— Lips (in the). Bell. sil. 
Induration in the Lips (Sensation 

of).* Cyo. 
Irregularity of the Features. 

Itching in the Face. Ang. amb. 

bell. calc. cann. con. fer.-mg. 

lach. natr.-m. n.-vom. rutw 

stront. [" Fluor-ac. kalm."-^ 


— Checks (in the). Agar, agn 
ang. bell. gran. rut. spong. 

— Forehead (in the). Alum, 
amb. caps. led. nat.-m. 

— Lips (in the). Aur.-m. fer.* 
mg. sabad. 

— Mouth (around the). Anac. 

— Whiskers (in the region of 
the). Aihb. calc. sil. 

— Zygomatic process, and nose 
(in the). Bell. [" Hyper."— 

Jaw (Spasms in the). See 

Spasm in the Jaw. 
Jerking Pains, Succossive Draw* 

ings in the Face. Colch. 


CHAP. X. — ^FAOE* 

Jerking Pains, Jaws ^n the). 

Aeon. mgs. m.-aFC. 
-» Zygomatic process (in the). 

Cin. colch. mang. spig. stront. 
Jerking, Palpitation of the Facial 

Muscles. Amb. arn. bell. can. 
^ cham. ign. iod. ipec. lach. lye. 

mere. mez. n.-vonr. op. phos. 

puis, ran.-so. sel. tart, verat. 

Jerking of the Muscles, in Bed, 

in the Evening. N.-yom. 
-— Commissures of the lips (in 

the). Bor. ign. oleand.. op. 

^- Eves (above the). Mez. 

— Lips (of the). Carb.-v. cham. 
ipec. thuj, 

— — air (in the cold). Dulc. 

— — morning (when sleeping in 
the). Ol.-an. 

— Spasmodic. Zinc-oz. 
Lancinations in the Face. Am.- 

c. ars. asar. bell. cham. coloc. 
con. euphr. galv. guaj. kal.-ch. 
mang. nitr.-ao. puis. rhus. sol. 
spong. stann. sulph. [^' Fluor. - 
ac."— Ed.] 
-— Chin (in the). Agar, euphr. 

— Jaw (in the). Aeon. berb. 
carb.-a. mgs.-arc. 

lower. Ammoniac, euphr. 

lact. sabin. sil. thuj. 

— Joint (in the maxillary). 
Bell. hep. tab. 

— Lips (in the). Asa. bell, sa- 

— Zygomatic process and cheek- 
bones (in the), ^th. alum, 
berb. carb.-a. evon. guaj. mere. 

' par. pAoff. sabin. sil. sol. staph. 

Miliaria on the Face. Cham. 

euphr. hep. lach. verat. 
Mucous Lips. Kal.-h. zinc. 
^ Morning (in th^. Kal.-h. 
MusoLBs of the Face (Jerking 

twitching of the). See Jeex- 


Muscles of the Face. (Contrac- 
tion of the.) Elect. 

— Tension. Ang. 
Nodosities in the Face. Bry. led. 

oleand. puis. (Compare Tu- 

— Forehead (in the). Cic. con. 
led. oleand. 

— Jaw (in the lower). Graph. 

— Lips (in the). Ars. 

— Red on the temples. Thuj. 
Open (Mouth wide). Ang.-spur. 
Opening the Mouth (Difficulty 

in). Colch. merc.-dulc. n.-vom. 

Patn in the Face (Prosopalgia). 
Aeon. agar. alum, am.-c. am.-m. 
amb. am. ars. asa. asar. aur, 
bar.-c. bar.-m. beU. berb. bor. 
bov. bry. calc. cann. caps. cans. 
cham. chin, colch. coloc. can. dig. 
dros. euphorb. euphr. ovon. fer.- 
mg. gran, grat, guaj. hep. hyos. 
kal. kal.-h. kal.-ch. krcos. lach. 
led. lye. magn. magn.-m, mang. 
mere. mez. natr.-s. nitr.-ao. n.- 
vom. ol.-an. psoon. phos. phos.- 
ac. pkU. puis. ran. ran.-sc. rhus. 
nUa. sabad. sabin. sec. sep, 
spig. spong. stann. staph, sulph. 
thuj. tong. verat. verb, viol.-od, 
["Kalm." — Ed.] (Compare the 
pains separately.) 

^ Chin (in the). Agar. anac. 
ant. asa. cans, euphr. plat, ve- 

— Eyes (extending into the). 
Dros. mang. mez. n.-vom. stann. 

— Ears (extending into the) 
Bov. coloc. mez. 

— Jaws (in the). Aeon, agar 
amb. am.-m. asar. aur. bell. berb. 
bov. carb.-an. cans. ? coco, 
colch. con. cor. cupr. daph. gran. 
hep, ind. kal. mang. mere. mez. 
nic. ol.-an. phos.-ao.,;}^. plumb. 



puis. ran. rat. rhus. flabad. sass. 
ail. spig. spong. gtann. tong. 
verb, viol.-od. mgs. mgs.-arc. 
[" Kalm."— Ed.] 
Pain, Lips (in the). Amb. am.-c. 
am.-m. arn. ars. asa. bell. bcrb. 
bor. bry. carb.-an. carb.-v. cast, 
cans. cham. clem. dulc. fer.-mg. 
gran. ign. ipec. kal. magn.-s. 
mere. mez. mur.-c. natr.-s. ol.- 
an. phos.-ac. plat. rbod. rbus-v. 
sabad. spig. sulph. tab. tart.-ac. 

— Nose (extending into the). 
Mang. verat. 

— Side only (on one), semilate- 
ral. Aeon. am.-c. am.-m. cans, 
cham. colch. coloc. evon. grat. 
kreos. mez. n.-vom. ol.-an. phos. 
spig. tong. verat. ["Kalm." — 

— Teeth (extending to the). Co- 
loc. mez. 

^ Temples (extending to the). 

•^ Zygomatic process, bones of 
the face (in the). JEth, alam. 
otH.-m. anac. ang. org, bell, 
berb. Ms, bor. bov. calc. caps, 
carb.-an. carb.-v. cans. chel. 
chin. cin. cist. cocc. colch. cor. 
dig. evon. guaj. graph, hep, 
hyo8. ind. kal. kal.'ch, lye. 
magn. magn.-s. mere. mez. natr.- 
8. nitr. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. oleand, 
par. plat. phos. rut. sabin. 
I^mb. Sep. sil. spig. stann. staph, 
stront. sulph. sulph.-ac. tab. tar. 
teuc. val. verb, viol.-od. zinc. 
["Brom. kal.-bi."— Eo.] (Com- 
pare Jaws.) 

Pain which manifests itself : 

— Agitation (with). Spig. 
^ Anguish of the heart (with). 


^~ Cold temperature (in). Agar. 

i* Cold (after taking). Phos. 

Pain which manifests itself: 

— Evening (in the). Caps, phos 
magn.-s. plat. mgs. 

— Laughing (when). Bor. mang. 

— Mastication (during). Alum, 
am.-m. cor. natr.-m. phos. verb. 

— Meal (during a), Ang. plat. 

— Mouth (with difficulty in 
opening the). Caus. colch. n. 

— Mouth (when opening the). 
Alum, am.-m. cor. hep. nic. 

— Mouth (when shutting the). 

— Movement of the laws, muscles 
of the face, Ac, (during). A- 
lum. am.-m. bor. cor. mang. 
natr.-m. phos. spig. verb. 

— Night (at). Con. led. magn. 

amelioration. Ang. 

— Periodically. Spig. (Compare 
Chap. I., same article.) 

— Repose (after). Mang. 
Pain, Rubbing the Part Affected 

(Ameliorated after). Plumb. 

— Sleeping (when). Caps. 

— Speaking (when). Phos. 

— Tears (with). Phos.-ao. 

— Touched (when). Bry. caps, 
cor. oupr. dig. hep. mere. mez. 
phos. puis. spig. 

amelioration. Thuj. 

— Vomiting (with). Lach. 

— Weather (during bad). Bell. 
Pale.\e8s of the Face. (See Pale 

Pallid Lips. Calc 
Palpitation of the Muscles. (See 

Jerking, Twitching.) 
Paralysis of ths Face. Caus. 

— Jaw (of the), hanging jaw. 
Ars. dulc. lach. 

Palalytic Pain in the Face. E« 
von. sabin. 

— Weakness of the facial muscles. 

Pendant. (See Hanging Down.) 



Febsfiration on the Face. E- 
leot. ign. lye. mere, n.-vom. 

fmls. rhus. vol. verat. mgs. 
" Lobel."— Ed.] 

— Cheek which presses the pil- 
low (on the). Aeon. 

— Cold. Bhab. n.-vom. rhus. ve- 

— Lip (on the npper). Aeon. 

— Mouth and noso (around the). 

-^ Semilateral. Puis, 

Pimples on the Face. Alum. 

amb. ars. aur. aur.-sulph. bor. 

carb.-an. carb.-v. caus. cic. eug. 

hep. kal.-ch. lach. mur.-oc. natr.- 

m. nitr.-ae. n.-vom. petr. phos. 

phos.-ac. poth. scp, sulph. 

(Compare Eruptions.) 

— Chin (on the). Kal.-ch. mere, 
phos.-ac. rhus. thuj. 

— Commissures of the lips (on 
the). Petr. 

— Forehead (on the). Amb. 
olem. hep. ka.4ch. led. mur.'OC 
natr.-m. nitr.-ac. par. sulph. 

— Jaw (on the lower). Par. 

— Lips (on the). Bell. bor. lach. 
mur.-ac, par. petr. phos.-ac. 
rut. thuj. mgs. 

— Lip (on the upper). Ant. 

— Mouth (around the). Phos. 
rhus. [" Nux-j."— Ed.] 

— Temples (on the). Arg. bell. 
mur.-iic, nitr.-ac. 

— Whiskers (in the region of 
the). Amb. 

Pinching Pain. Verat. 

Plexus Venarum, on the Chin 
(Reddish blue). Plat. 

Pointed Face. (See Face Point- 

P&EssivE Pains in the Face. Bry 
rhus. staph, tar. verb. 

— Chin (in the). Asa. 

— Jaw (in the). Berb. m.-arc. 

— — lower. Cupr. spig. 

— Orbits (in the). Stann. 

Pressive Pains, Zygomatic Pro- 
cess and Cheek-bones' (id the). 
Anac.arg. bell. berb. bis, caps. 
by OS. kal-ch. tuerc, mez, olea^id, 
plat, sabin. samb. spig, stann. 
staph, sulph. tart. teuc. verb, 

Pressure (Pain ameliorated bj 
external). Bry. 

— Aggravated. Verb. 
Pressure in the ilp'ace (Expan- 
sive). Asa. dros. 

— Bones (in the). Cokh. 

— Jaw (in the lower). Amb. 
Pricking in the Face. Caus. hep 

n.-mos. ^ 

— Eyes (below the). Dros. 

— Lips (in the). iSabad. 
Prosopalgia. (See Sect. 1.) 
Pulsation, Throbbing in the Face 

(See Throbbing.) 

Purple Lips. Bar.-c. 

Pustules, Purulent Pimples on 
the Face. Arn. bell, calc.-ph. 
kreos. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. tar. ve- 
rat. [" Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Cheeks (on the). Bell, kreoa 

— Chin (on the). Clem, kreos. 
mere, n.-vom. par. sass. 

— Commissures of the lips (on 
the). Tar. 

— Lips (on the). Berb. carb.-v. 
mere, n.-vom, 

— Nose (on the). Bell. [" Cro- 
tal."— Ed.] 

around the. Par. tar. 

Quivering of the Face. Agar, 

— Lips (of the). Cast. lact. (See 

Red Face. (See Color, Red.) 
Red Points in the Face. Caps. 
Red Spots. (See Spots, Red.) 
Relaxation of the Facial Muscles 

and Lips. Op. 
Rhagades in the Lips. Agar, 
am.-c. ant, arn, caps, a'oc. lach. 
mere, natr.-m. nic. n.-vom. phos.- 
ac. plat. (Compare Cracks.) 



Bbaoabes, Commissures of the 

Lips (in theV Ant. 
BiGiD[TY of the Face (Sensation 

of). Sang. 

— Cheeks (on moving the mus- 
cles of the^. Euphr. 

— Joint (in the maxillary )b Daph. 
natr.-s. sass. ther. 

morning, in bed (in the). 


— Lips (of the^. Euphr. 

— Muscles (oi the masticatory). 

BouGHNESS of the Face, Bough 
Skin. Alum. rhus. sep. sulph. 

— Forehead (of the). Alum. 

— Lips (of the). Merc, sulph. 

— Mouth (around the). Anao. 

— Bed. Sep. sulph. 
BouGHNESs of the Lips (Sensation 

of). Magn.-m. 
Bough on the Forehead. 

Saddle (Yellow mark across the 

nose' and cheeks, in the form 

of a). Sep. 
Sadness (Aspect of). See Expres- 
Scabs. Alum. ant. ars, cole, cic, 

dulo. graph, hep. Icich, lye. 

mere. mez. mur.-ac. nitr.-ac. 

petr. rhus. sass. sep. sil. sulph. 

thuj. verat. viol.-tric. (Compare 

Crusta Lagtea, Crustaccous 

Herpes, Sect. 1.) 

— Cheeks (on the). Bell. cic. 
krcos. laoh. 

— Chin (on the), Cic. dulo. 
graph, krcos. mere. sep. 

— Commissures of the lips (on 
the). Bell. ign. n.-vom. petr. 

— Lips (on the). Bell. berb. bor. 
calc. cham. cic. ign. mur.-ac. 
natr.-m. n.-vom. petr. phos. 
phos.-ac. sep. sil. squill, staph, 

Scabs, Mouth (around the). Calo. 

— Nose (on the). Bell, 

— Temples and forehead (on the). 
Dulc. mur.-ac. 

— Whiskers (in the region of 
the). Calc. lach. 

Semjlateral Pains. (See Pains 

Sensibility, Tenderness of the 

Skin of the Face. Puis. 
Shining Face. Aur. natr.-m. 


— Lips. Am.-m. 

Shocks in the Jaws. Cham, mgs.- 

Shootings in the Face. (See 

Shuddering over the Face. Am, 

puis. rhod. 

— Semilateral. Puis. 
Shrivelled Lips. Am.-m. 
Sickly Complexion. (See Co- 

Smarting, as if Caused by Salt. 

Sorrowful Expression. (See 

Spasm of the Jaw (Trismus). A- 

con. ang. ang.-spur. am. bell. 

bry. camph. canth. caus. cham. 

cic. con. cupr. cupr.-aoet. hyd- 

roc. hyos. ign. laoh. laur. mere. 

n.-vom. op. phos. plat plumb 

rhus. sec. verat. 

— Mouth wide open (with the). 
Ang. ang.-spur. 

Spasmodic Pains. (See Pains, 

Spider's Web (Sensation as of a) 

on the Face. Bar.-o. bor. graph. 

Spots on the Face (Blue). Fer. 

— Dirty, discolored. Sec. 

— Freckles. (See Ephielides.) 

— Hepatic, on the upper lip. 

— Bed, on the. Alum. amb. bclL 
bry. carb.-an. fer. fer.-mur. lyo. 



mere. op. poth. rhus-v. samb. 

8il. sulpb. tab. m.-arc. 
Spots, Red, Cheeks (on pale). 


forehead (on the). Sass. 

meal (after a). ^Sil. 

— Rough, on the forehead. 

— Thick, on the face. Carb.- 

— White, on the cheeks. • Sil. 

— Yellow, on the face. Amb. 
oolch. fer. 

upper lip and forehead (on 

the). Natr. 

cheeks and nose. Sep. 

Spotted Skin on the Eace. 

Colch. sabad. 
Strain in the Lower Jaw Am 

Strjstcued (Sensation as if 

tbe masseter muscles were) 

Stupefying Pains in the Face. 

Mez. plat, verb, (Compare 


Suffering (Expression of). 

Cham. plat. 
Sunken Eyes. (See Face, Hol- 
Sweat. (See Perspiration.). 
Swelling of the Face. Ars. bar.- 

c. bell.^. bov. bry. calc. canth. 

oarb.-v. cic. coloc. elect, gal v. 

gran, graph, hell. hep. hydroc. 

lach. laur. lye. magn. mere. 
' natr.-m. n.-vom rhus. rhus-v. 

sec. stram, verat. ["Crotal. 

ophiot." — Ed.] 
^ Cheek (of the). Am.-c. am. 

ars. aur. bell. bry. bov. carb.-v. 

caus. cham. dig. euphorb. 
• galv. kal. kal.-h. mere, natr. 

Xk\tt,'iiQ.n.'Vom,puls. sep. spong. 

stann. staph, sulph. mgs.-aro. 

[" Calc-caust."— Ed.] 

— Chin (of the). Caus. 
Commissures of the Lips (of 

the). Olcand. 

Swelling of the Face : 

— p]yes (below the). Ars. bry. 
mere, n.-vora. oleand. 

between the. Kal. 

— Forehead (of the). Rhus-r. 

— Glands (Lymphatic) of the. 

— Jaw (of the). Alum. mere, 

lower. Aeon. caus. kal. 

— Lips (of the). Alum, arn.- 
ars. asa. aur. aur.-mur. bell, bry, 
canth. caps, carb.-an. carb.-v 
chin. dig. hell. hep. kal kal.-ch. 
lach. mere, merc.-s. mez. natr. 
uitr.-ao. sU. staph, sulph. mgs. 
["Ophiot."— Ed.] 

lower. Alum. bor. mnr.-ac. 

^ upper. Arg. bov. calc. 

elect, lye. merc.-s natr.-m« 

1" Nux-j."— Ed.] 

— Mouth (around the). Carb.- 
an. n.-vom. 

— Nose (around the). N.-vom. 

— Root of the nose (of the) 

— Semilateral. A7'n. bell. bry. 
canth. eham. mere, n.'vom 
plumb, jmls. rhus-v. sep. 
mgs. -are. 

— Temples (in the). Cham. . 

— Zygomatic process, and cheek- 
bones (of the). Magn. 

— Hard. Am.-c. am. ars. bell. 

— Hot. Am. bell. cham. 

— Livid. Gran. 

— Morning (in the) Ars. 

— CBdematous. Colch. hell. 

— Painful. Bell. bor. 

— Pale. Bov. euphorb. hell, n* 
vom. sep. sulph. 

— Red. Arn. bell. bor. cic. co- 
loc. kal. lach. mere. natr. oleand 
rhus. sulph. (Compare Erysi- 

_ Shining. Am. spig. 

— Syncope (with). Ars. 

— Vertigo (with). Ars. 



Swelling in the Face (Seusation 
of), ^th. alum. bar.*c. grat. 
nic. n.-mos. pals. sulph.*-ac. 

•— Cheeks (in the). Aeon. samb. 

— Jaw (in the). Daph. 

— Lips (of the). Lact. 

— Koom (on entering a). JSth. 
IfsARXNa, Acute Drawings, Sharp 

Pains, &c. Aeon. agar. alum, 
am.-c. am.-m. bell. berb. bor. 
colch. coloc. con. evon. gran, 
grat. hep. kal.-h. led. mere. 
natr.-s. nitr.*ao. sulph. tong. 
viol.-o<L [" Calc.-caus merc- 
per."— Ed.] 
— • Bones of zygomatic process, 
Ac. (in the), ^th, alum, am,- 
m, arg. berb. bor. calo. carb.-v. 
cin. graph, ind. kal. lye. mang. 
magn.-s. mere, natr.-s. nitr. nitr.- 
ac. n.'Vom. phos, raph. rut. sep. 
spig. staph, stront. sulph. sulph.- 
ac. tab. teuc. zinc. [" Calc- 
eaust. gum.-gutt. merc.-per." — 

— Chin (in the). Agar. 

— Ears (before the). Boy. 

— Jaw (in the). Agar. bell. berb. 
gran, mere, plumb, rat. tong. 
mgs. mgs.-arc. [" Mero-per." — 

— Jaw (in the lower) Boy. 
ind. puis, yiol.-od. 

— Lip (in the lower). Cans. 

— Nose and eyes (between the). 

Tenderness of the Skin of the 
Face. (See Sensibility.) 

Tension of the Skin and Muscles 
of the Face. Alum, ang.-spur. 
bar.-c. gran. grat. hep. lach. lyo. 
mere. magn. mosch. nitr. n.- 
Yom. phell. phos. phos.'OC.'pvLlB, 
rhab. rhus. samb. vioL.-od, viol.' 
trie, [" Merc.-per.** — Ed.] 

— Chin (in the). Verb. 

— Eyes (below the). N.-vom. 

«— Forehead (in the). Viol.-tric. 

Tension, Month and nose (around 
the). N.-vom. 

— Muscles wei'e drawn to one 
side (as if the). Cist 

— Semilateral. Phos. 
Tensive Pains in the Fac©. Am.- 

c. asa. coloc. kal.-ch. lach. 
magn.-m. ol.-an. vcrcU. verb. 
[*' Hyp.per.**-.ED.] 

— Bones (in the). Cans, chel, 
kal.-ch. pkU. verb. 

— Jaws (in the). Aur. cans. 
under the. Cans. 

— Joint (in the maxillary). Am.- 
m. bell. daph. gran. mere. sass. 

— Lips (in the). Sep. spig. 

— Muscles (in the massctcr). 
Sass. verb, • 

Tetters. (See Herpes.) 
Thickening of the Skin of the 

Face. Bell, viol .-trie. 
Throbbings, Pulsations. Agar. 

am. bell. cans. cham. croc. 

kreos. staph. 

— Jaws (in the). Plat. 

— Zygomatic process, &c., (in 
the). Magn. sulph. 

Timid Expression. (See Expres- 
sion, Timid). 

Torpor in the Face (Sensation of). 
Asa. plat, samb. (Compare 
Stupefying Pain.) 

— Bones, zygomatic process (in 
the). Asa. caps, mez, deand, 

— Chin (in the). Asa. plat. 

— Lips (in the). Amb. cic. 

— Month (around the). Plat. 
Trace on the Cheeks and Nose 

(Yellow). Se)5. 
Trembling of the Lips. Lachi 
ran.-sc. stram. sulph. f*'Cro* 
tal.'*— Ed.] 

— Muscles (facial) of the. Amb. 
op. (See Quivering.) 

Trismus. Hydroo. 
Tudercles on the Face. Alum* 
kali-brom. magn 



Turning Back of tlie Lip. Bell. 

Twitching. (See Je&kino.) 
Twisting (or Turning) of the 

Lower Jaw. Kan. 
Ulceration (Fain as from). 

Ulceration in the Face. Ars. 

con. iod. 
•^- Burning and shooting. N.- 


— Chin (in the). Merc, natr.-m. 

— Commissures of the lips (in 
the). Am.-m. hell. hov. calc. 
caro.-v. graph, hep. mang. 
mere, nitr.-ac. n.-vom. phos. sil. 

— Lips (in the). Am.-m. ars. 
aur.-mur. hell. caps. cham. chin, 
cio. con. graph, hep. kal. lye. 
mere. mez. natr.-m. nitr.-ac. n.- 
vom. phos.-ax). sep, sil. staph, 
stdpk, zinc. (Compare Scabs 
and Excoriation.) 

— Mouth (around the). Natr. 
Ulcers on the Lips. Ars. hov. 

clem. con. sep. sil. sulph. 

— Corrosive (gnawing). Con. 

— Putrid smell, and serous (of a). 

Unmeaning Features. (See Face 

Without Expression.) 
Veins in the Cheei (Red). 


Venarum (Plexus) in the Chin. 

Alum. plat. 
Vesicles in the Face. Ant. clem. 

cist, euphorb. graph, hep. lach. 

rhus. sulph. val. (Compare 


— Chin (in the). Hep. sass. 

— Commissures of the lips (iix 
the). Sen. senn. 

— Forehead (in the). Sen. 

— Lips (in the). Carh.-an. clem, 
con. hell. hep. magn.-m. mere, 
natr.-s. plat. rhod. 

— Lip (in the upper). B^t. sen. 

— Nose (in the). Clem. 

— In the upper lip (Sanguine* 
ous). Natr.-m. 

Vessels in the Face (Swelling of 
the). Op. 

Warts on the Face. Cans. dulc. 
kal. sop. 

White of Egg on the Face (Sen- 
sation as if there were). Alum 
magn. phos.-ac. sulph .-ac. 

Wrinkled Face. Lye. stram. 

Wrinkles on the Forehead. Hell, 

Yellow Face. (See Color, Yel- 

— Circle (Eyes surrounded hy a). 
Nitr.-ac. spig. 

— Granulations in the skin. Ant. 

— Trace on the lip. Str^m. 

SBOr. I.-H3LINI0AL ^leifA^^gft- 878 





Abscess In the Gmst— See Oums. 

? Caries in fhe Teetb* — The chief remedies against a disposition 

in the teeth to caries are : Bar,<,, cede,., euphorb,^ mez,^ phos.-acid., 
$ep., staph,, and sulph. 
C For pains in carious teeth, the most suitable medicines are : Ant,, 

' or else : Bell., chin,, mere, n,'Vom., puis,, staph. mgs,'arc, / and 

sometimes : Aeon,, bar.-c., bry,, cole,, cham,, caff,, phos,-ac,, sil,, 

♦^* See also : Odontalqia. 

Dentilion (Sufferings Caused by). — See Chapter XX., Sect. 5. 

Fistnla in the GumSt — See Affections of the Gums. 

Gams (Affections of the). — The chief remedies are : Am.-c,, am,'' 
#»., bell,, bis., bor., carb.-v,, chin,, hep., mere, mur.-ac., natr.-m., nitr,* 
ac,, n.-vom., phos.'OCt rhus, staph,, siilph,, or else : Ars., bry., caps,, 
caus,, dulc., kaX.-ch., kreos,, mur,'ac., sep. 

For Swelling and Inflammation of the Gums : Bell., chin,, hep,, 
fifLcrc., n.-vom,, phas.'Oc., staph,, sulph., or else : Am.-c,, am,'m,, bar,' 
c, bor., natr.-m,, nitr.'Oc., phos., sil. 

For ready Bleeding of the Gums : Carb.-v,, mere, natr,'fn., nitr." 
ac, pJios., phos,-ac,, sil., staph,, sulph. 

For Ulceration of the Gums : Alum., carb.-v,, kal., lye, merCf 
natr.-m,, staph,, stdph.-ae 

For Fistula and Abscess in the Gums : Cale, sil,, staph,^ and 
sulph,, or else : Caus., ly^.. ? natr.-fn., petr. ? canth. ? 

For Excrescences: Staph. 

For Scorbutic Affections : Caps., carb,-v,, nierc, natr.-m., nitr.-ad 
staph., sulpli., or else : Am.-e, am,-m., ars,, bry,, caus,, dule, gran, t 
kal,<h,. kreos,, mur,-ae, sep. 

Affections of the gums caused by Abuse of Mercprt require 
chiefly: Carb.-v, and c^»n., or else : Hep,, nitr,'ac,, or staph. 

874 OHAP. XI. — TEKTH. 

Those Tvliicli arise from excessive use of Common Salt : Carb.-v 
or nitr.sp. 

For persons who lead a Sedentary Life, if they are Phlegmatic 
and PLETnoRiG : Caps, is usually appropriate ; but if they are Lean, 
and of a lively temperament : N.-vom, 

%* See also : Stomacace, and compare Sect. 8, Gums. 

Odontalgia or Toothache* — ^Tho principal remedies against the 
various kinds of Odontalgia, chiefly : Bell,, cham,,, mere, n.'Vam.^ 
puis,, sulph. 

Secondly : Bry,, cole., chin., hyas,, ign., ntez., rhus, spig,, staph. ^ 

Or else : Acofi., ant,, am., ars., carb.-v., coff., hep., sep., stl., verat. 

And sometimes : Bar.-c., caus., eye., dulc., euphorb., magn., nUr." 
ac., phos.-ac., plat,, sabin. 

Pains in the Carious Teeth generally require: AtU., or else: 
Chin,, nmrc., n.-vom,, puis., staph., mgs.-arc. ; also : Aeon., bar.^c., 
bry,, calc. cham. , coff., phos,-<u:., sil., sulph. 

For those which affect several teeth at once, or the whole of one 
part of the jaw, the most appropriate remedies are usually : Cliam., 
mere, rhus, staph. ; and when the pains are semilateral : Cham., 
mere, puis,, rhus. 

Pains which also affect the Bones of the Face require generally : 
Hyos,, mere, n.-vom., rhus, sulph, ; those which extend to the Eyes : 
Puis. — To the Ears: Ars,, chant., mere, puis., sulph, — To tlie 
Head : Ant., ars., cham., hyos,, mere, n.-vom., rhus, puis., and 
sulph. (See Sect. 5.) 

Odontalgia with Swelled Face usually requires : Arn., cham., 
* mere, n.-vom., puis., sep., staph., mgs.-arc, or else : Ars., our,, bell,, 
bry., carb.-v,, caust., sulph. — With Swelling of the Gums : Aeon,, 
beU,, chin., hep., fnere, n.-vom., phos.-ae, rhus, staph, sulph. — With 
Enlargement of the Submaxillary Glands : Carb.-v., cham.^ 
fiere, n.-vom,., sep., and staph. 

For Congestive Odontalgia, the chief remedies are : Aeon., beU-^ 
cHe, cham., chin., hyos., puis., or else : Aur., phos., plat., sulph. 

For Rheumatic and Arthritic Odontalgia : Aeon., bell., caus.^ 
cham., chin., mere, n.-vom,, puis., staph., sulph., or else: Am.,bry.^ 
eye, hep., lye, magn., phos., rhus, sabin., verat., mgs.-arc. 

For Nervous Odontalgia: Aeon., bell., cham., coff,, hyos., ign.^ 
n,-vom., plat., spig,, mgs.-are, or else : Ars., magn., mez., sulph., 

When the toothache has heen caused by abuse of Coffee : Cham. 
will frequently remove it ; but the following may be consulted with 


advantage — ^viz. : Ign,, n.-vom. ; or else : BeU.^ carb.^., mere. ; also : 
Cocc,^ puis., rhzM. 

For Odontalgia occasioned by abuse of Tobacco : Bry, or chin,, 
or else : Cham, or mere, are usually indicated. 

For that produced by abuse of Mercuet, the chief remedies 
are : Carb.-v,, nilr^-ac., or else : Bell., chin,, hep., puis., staph,, 

When the consequence of a Chill, a remedy will, in the majority 
of cases, be found among : Aeon., bell,, cham., coff., dulc, ign,, mere, 
n,'Vom,, puis., or else : Bar.-e,, cole., cJvin,, hyas., n.-vom,, phos,, rhus, 
sulph,, mgs,'(urc, — ^When caused by cold and damp air : N.^mos, 
and puis,, or else : Cole,, mere, and sulph, ; and when caused by 
Water which is Drank : Bry,, mere, staph., sulph. 

Odontalgia in Sensitive and Nervous Persons often presents 
the indications of: Aeon., bell., coff,, hyos,, ign,, n,-vom., plat,, 

Odontalgia in Females requires generally: Aeon,, bell,, cole,, 
cham,, chin., coff., hyos,, ign,, plat,, puis,, sabin,, sep., spig. — In 
Young Girls of a plethoric constitution : Aeon,, bell,, cole, — At the 
period of the Catakenu : Cole,, carb.-v,, cham,, puis. — During 
Pregnancy : Bell,, cole,, n(agn„ n,'7nos., n.^vom,, puis., sep,, staph,, 
or else : Alum,, hyos,, rhus, — During Lactation : Chin. — In Hyste- 
rical F^smales : Ign, and sep. 

Lastly, for Odontalgia in Children, gre^t benefit will often be de- 
rived from : Aeon., bell,, calc., cham., coff'., ign. 

The Symftomatic Indications are: 

Belladonna — Great anguish and inquietude, which compel con- 
stant change of place, or excessive sadness, with tendency to shed 
tears ; pain in the gums and teeth, as if they were ulcerated drauh 
ing, tearing, incisive, or shooting jniins in the teeth, face, and ears, 
aggravated in tlie evening after lying down, and especially at night; 
boring in the carious teeth, as from congestion of blood, with dis* 
charge of blood on sucking them ; painful swelling of the gutns, 
with heat, itching vesicles, and burning ; swelling of the check ; 
salivation, or else dryness of the mouth and throat, wiUi excessive 
thirst, renewal of the pains by intellectual labor or after eating ; 
aggravation in the open air, and from contact vnth food (when mas- 
ticating, eating, &c.), heat and redness of the face ; pulsations in 
the head or cheeks ; burning and redness of the eyes. (After Bell.^ 
Merc, hep,, or cham,, puis, are sometimes suitable.) 

Chamomilla — Great irascibility, and disposition to shed tears, 
during the pain ; violet, drawing, jerking, or pulsative and shooting 

S76 CHAP. XI. — ^TBEIH. 

pains ; pains ichich appear insuppartaMe, especially at night, when 
the patient is warm in bed, with ezasperationf hot stpelling, and red- 
ness of the cheek ; shining swelling of the gums, and enlargement of 
the submaxillary glands ; pains which occupy the wliole of one 
side of the jaw, without the patient being able to point out the pre- 
cise tooth that is affected ; or digging and gnawing in one carious 
tooth, which becomes loose ; semikUeral, shooting, or pulsative pains 
in the side of the head affected^ in the ear and fajce; aggravation or 
renewal of the pains after drinking, or eating anything hot or cold, 
and espedaUy after partaking of coffee ; pain, with heai and redness, 
especially of one of the cheeks ; hot perspiration, also in the hair ; 
violent agitation and tossing, or great weakness, to the extent of 

Mericurius — Against : Tearing, shooting pains in the carious teeth, 
or in the roots of the teeth, occupying tJie whole of the sUie affected 
of the head and face, and extending to the ears ; with painful swell- 
ing of the cheek or submaxillary glands, and salivation ; tho pains 
occur, or are aggravated, in the evening, or at night, and rendered 
insupportable by the toamUh of the bed ; reproduced by cool and 
damp air, also when eating, or after eating or drinking anything 
cold; teeth set on edge, with looseness and sensation as if they were 
too long; swelling, blanching, ulceration, and discoloration of the 
gums, with ready bleeding, itching, burning, and pain as from exco- 
riation when touched ; nocturnal perspiration, vertigo, rheumatic 
pains in the limbs ; peevish, contradictory humor, or strong tendency 
to shed tears ; shivering, with redness of the checks. (It is often 
suitable before or after Bell, or dtdc, or before Hep, or carb,-v,) 

Nux-voMicA — Especially in persons of a lively choleric temperament, 
Vfiih florid compleaicn; in those who habitually indulge in coffee ana 
spirittious liquors, or who lead a sedentary and confined life ; pain 
as from excoriation, or jerking drawings, with shootings in the teeth 
and jaws, or only in the carious teeth; pains, which spread over the 
head, ears, and zygomatic process ; with painful enlargement of the 
submaxillary glands ; swollen and painftU gufns, vnth pulsation, as 
in an abscess ; red and hot spots on the cheek and neck, aggravation 
or occurrence of the toothache at night, or in the morning on waking, 
or else after dinner, during a walk in the open air, when reading, 
thinking, or while engaged in any intellectual labor whatever ; or 
else in a warm room, with amelioration in the open air ; querulous 
and irritable, or quarrelsome, irascible, and peevish temper. 

Pulsatilla — Especially suitable to persons of a mild, quiet, and 
timid character, with tendency to shed tears ; against toothache with 


otalgia and semUateral cephalalgia; tearing, drawing, shooting, or 
jerking pains, as if the nerve were tightened and suddenly relaxed 
or palsative, digging, and gnawing pains, with pricking in the gums ; 
pains which extend to the face and headt also in the eye and ear of 
the side affected, with paleness of the face, heat in the head, shivering 
in the body, and dyspnoea ; aggravation or occurrence of the pains in 
the evening, or at night, after midnight, and also when warm in bed 
or in a warm room; when eating or drinking anything hot, when 
secUed, and from the touch of the tooth-pick ; mitigation from cold 
water (which, however, sometimes also aggravates), and/^vm coo^air. 

Next in order to these polychrestic medicines come the following : 

Bryonia — Especially in persons of a lively and choleric, or iras* 
cihle and obstinate temperament; pains in the carious teeth, and 
also in the others ; jerking and drawing pains, with looseness of the 
teeth, and senscUion as if they were too long, especially when eating 
or after a meal ; shootings in the ears ; pain, with necessity to lie , 
down, aggravated at night, or on taking anything hot into the mouth, 
also when lying on the side affected ; pain, as from excoriation, in 
the gums. 

Caloarea — Against toothache accompanied by congestion in ike 
head, especially at. night; and when there are: Fidsative, shooting, 
boring pains, or feeling of excoriation ; gnawing and digging, both 
in the carious teeth and in the others ; swelling, painful tenderness, 
and easy bleeding of the gums, with shootings and pulsations ; ag* 
gravation or renewal of the toothache from a current of air, or from 
cold air, as well as from drinking anything hot or cold, or else from 
noise, from the slightest chill, and at the period of the oatamenia. 

China — Especially after debilitating losses during lactation, &c^ 
or when^ in the case of persons usually good tempered, the pains 
provoke ill-humor and irascibility ; or else, when there are : Dull, 
troublesome pains in the carious teeth ; or pulsative, drawing, and 
jerking pains ; occurrence or aggravation of the pains after a meal, 
or at night, and also/rom the slightest contact ; renewal in the open 
air, or when exposed to a current of air ; mitigation on pressing and 
clenching the teeth; swelling of the gums ; dryness of the mouth, 
with thirst ; congestion of blood to the head, with swelling of the 
veins in the forehead and hands ; agitated sleep at night. 

Htoscyakus — Violent, tearing, and pulsative pains, which are felt 
from the cheek to the forehead ; swelling of the gums, with tearing 
pains, and with humming in the tooth, which seems to waver ; occurs 
rence of the pains in the cold air, or else in the morning ; congestion 
rf blood in the head^ with redness and heat of the face; spasms in 


the throat, oonvalsiye jerkings of the fingers, hasols, or arms ; ner* 
vous excitability ; redness and brilliancy of the eyes. 

loNATiA — In many cases in which the symptoms indicate N,-vom, 
or puis, t but wherein the patients are of a sensitive temperament, of 
a mild, quiet, and affectionate character, or alternately gay and dis- 
posed to weep, and especially when the tendency is to an indulgence 
of grief; or when the teeth are, as it were, broken, when they seem 
to loosen, and when the pains are felt towards the end of a meal, and 
are aggravated still more afterwards, or else when (like the pains 
generally indicating Ign.) they are aggravated after partaking of cof- 
fee, by tobacco smoke, in the evening after lying down, or in the 
morning on waking. (Compare : Cham,, n.-vom., puis.) 

Mezereuh — When the pains attack the carious teeth, especially, 
fviih draiving, burning, or boring shootings^ extending to t?ie bones of 
the /ace and temples; sensation as if the teeth were set on edge, and 
were too long, aggravation of the pains by the touch and by move- 
ment, or else in the evening ; with shiverings, ebtdlition of blood, 
and congestion in the head ; sensation of torpor and drawing pains 
in the side of the head that is affected ; constipation, anorexia, and 

Khus — Chiefly suitable to persons of a quiet character, disposed to 
melancholy and sadness, or else to fear and anguish ; tearing, Jerk 
ing, and shooting pains, or else digging and tinkling, or pain as 
from excoriation in the teeth ; aggravation or appearance of pain in 
the open air ; or aZ night, when it becomes insupportable ; miiiga* 
tion on the application of external heat ; pain and burning in the 
gums ; looseness of the teeth, and fetid exhalation from the carious 
teeth. (Compare Bell, and bry.) 

Spigelia — Against ; Pressive, expansive pains, or jerHng, pulsative 
tearings, especially in the carious teeth ; occurrence of the pains 
immediately after a meal, or at night, when they compel the patient 
to get out of bed ; aggravation from cold tvater, or exposure to the 
open air ; especially when the accompanying symptoms are : Burn- 
ing, tearing, and jerking pains in the zygomatic process, bloatedness 
' of the face, with yellowness around the eyes ; pains in the eyes, fre- 
quent desire to urinate, palpitation of the heart, shivering, and agi- 

Staphts. — When the teeth grow black, become carious, and break 
off, with paleness, whiteness, tUceration, or swelling and tenderness 
of the gums, with ready bleeding, nodosities, and excrescences, 
swelling of the cheek and submaxillary glands ; tearing, draudng, 
and pressive pains in the gums, the carious teeth, and the roots of 


the sound teeth; ooourrenoe or aggravation of the pains during 
mastication, or immediately after eating or drinking anything 
cold, and also from contact ttnth the cold air, or else in the morn' 
i7ig or at night. 

Sulphur — Tearing, jerking, and pulsative pains in the carious 
teeth, as well as in the others ; pains which extend to the ears and 
head, with swelling of the cheek, congestion of blood to the head, and 
ptdsative cephalaigia; inflammatory redness of the eyes and nose; 
shootings in- the ears ; constipation, with frequent, but ineffectual de- 
sire to evacuate ; sacral pains ; uneasiness in the limbs ; sleepiness 
hy day, and shiverings ; aggravation or appearance of the pains in 
the evening, or at night, when warm in bed, or on being exposed 
either to the open air, or to a current of air, and also from cold water, 
when eating and masticating ; looseness, elongation, and setting *on 
edge of the teeth ; ready bleeding of the teeth and gums, which are 
separated and swollen, with ptdsative pains. (Stdph. is especially 
suitable after Coff, or aeon,) 

Maonbs.-p.-arctic. — Against : Pains in the carious teeth, as if they 
were being pulled otU, or painfid shocks, which traverse the periosteum 
of the jaw, with drawing, pressive, tearing, digging, burning, or shoot- 
ing pains ; gum^ sivoUen and tender, or as if torpid (after the cessa- 
tion of the pains) ; aggravation of the pains after eating, and by 
warmth; mitigation in the open air and when walking; red and hot 
stoelling of the cheeks; shiverings in the body ; nervous excitability, 
trembling and uneasiness in the limbs. 

Among the other medicines cited recourse may be had to : 

AcoNiTUM — Especially when the pains are difficult to describe, 
when the patient is distracted, and especially after an ineffectual ex- 
hibition of Cqff\ ; or else when there are : Lancinating shocks, or 
ptdsative pains, with congestion of blood to the head, heat in the 
face, redness of the cheek, and great agitation. 

Antimoniuh — In most cases of pain in the carious teeth, with suc- 
cessive drawing and gnawing pains, extending into the head, espe- 
cially in bed, in the evening : aggravation after eating, and also from 
cold water ; mitigation in the open air ; bleeding and ready separa- 
tion of the gums. 

Arnica — Chiefly against pains and other sufferings after any 
operation whatever on the teeth ; or else when there is wrenching 
pain in the teeth, or drawing when eating ; or when the cheek is 
swollen, red, and hard, with ptdsation, or with tingling in the gums. 

Arsknicum — Elongation of the teeth, with painful looseness; 
drawing, jerking pains in the teeth and gums, which extend to the 

880 CHAP. XI. — TEETH. 

cheek, ear, and temple ; insupportable pains, which excite to furious 
exasperation; occurrence of the pains o^ m^Ai^, with aggravation 
when lying on the side affected; mitigation from the ipai-rjith of the 

Garbo-veget. — Frequently on the failure of Ars. or mere, which 
may appear to have heen indicated, and especially when the gums 
separate and bleed, with ulceration, looseness of the teeth, and paii • 
ful tenderness when touched, especially after a meal ; drawing, tear- 
ing, or pulsative pains in the i ^eth, provoked by contact with hot, 
cold, or too much salted things. 

CoFFEA — ^Violent pains, during which the patient is utterly dis- 
tracted, with tears, trembling, great anguish, tossing, and agitation ; 
pains which are difficult to describe^ or else tearing and jerking 
pains, which manifest themselves especially at night or after a meal. 
(When Coff. proves insufficient : Aeon, or hyos,^ Sidph.or verat, should 
be consulted.) 

Hepab. — Is often suitable after Merc, or bell., especially when there 
are : Painful, or erysipelatous swelling of the cheek, or jerking and 
drawing pains in the teeth, aggravated on clenching the teeth, when 
eating, in a warm room, or else at night, like the majority of the 
pains indicating Hepar. 

Sepia — Ftdsative and shooting pains^ in persons of a yellow com* 
plezion ; pains which extend into the ears and arms, as far as the 
fingers, where they become crawling pains, and especially when there 
are also : Asthmatic sufferings, swelling of tlie cheek, cough, and en- 
(argement of the submaxillary glands. 

SiLiCEA — Shooting pains, with swelling of the bones or periosteum 
of the jaw; pains which are seated rather in the jaw than in the 
teeth ; nocturnal heat, which hinders sleep ; disposition of the skin 
to ulceration ; aggravation of the pains at nigJU, or from contact 
with hot or cold things. 

Yeratrum — ^When the pains are attended by swelling of the face, 
cold perspiration on the forehead, nausea, which is followed by vomit- 
ing of bilious matter, painful weariness of the limbs, failure of 
strength, which proceeds to fainting, coldness of the whole body, 
with internal heat, and insatiable thirst for cold water ; pulsative 
pains, or aching and sensation of heaviness in the teeth. 

Lastly, when none of the preceding medicines are found to cor- 
respond with the indications, recourse may be had to : 

Earyta-carb. — ^When the gums and cheek are pale and swollen, 
with pulsation in the ears, especially at night; or when there are 
burning shootinfi^s in the teeth, provoked by contact with hot things. 


Causticum — ^Pulsative or sliootiog pains, with tenderness and 
ready bleeding of the gums, itnd with rhenmatic pains in the 
muscles of the face, eyes, and ears. 

Ctclahen — Shooting and boring pains, or dull, drawing pains, at 
night, especially in arthritic subjects. 

Dulcamara — ^When toothache, caused by a chill, is accompanied 
by diarrhoea, and when Cham, proves insufficient ; or else : Bewil- 
derment of the head, with salivation ; gums separated and fungous, 
and when neither BelL nor mere, suffice to effect a cure. 

EuFHORBiuM — ^Pressive, shooting, or boring pains, with erysipe- 
latous swelling of the check, or with brittleness of the teeth. 

Magnesia — Nocturnal doringy or tearing and jerking pains^ or 
pains as of ulceration ; swelling of the cheek, with insupportad^ 
pains, during repose, which force the patient to get out of bed and 
walk about. 

NiTRi-ACiD. — Pulsative, or jerking, shooting, and drawing pains, 
which occur chiefly during the evening, in bed, or ^Ise at night, and 
which completely prevent sleep before midnight. 

Phosphori-agid. — Bleeding of the gums, which are swollen and 
detached, with tearing pains, aggravated by the warmth of the bed, 
and also by hot or cold things ; violent pains in the incisors at night. 

Plahna — Pulsaiive and digging pains in the teeth, aggravation 
of the symptoms in the evening and during repose ; sensation of 
cramp and torpor on the side of the face that is affected ; haughti- 
ness and assumption, with contempt for others. 

Sabina — Pulsative or pressivo pains, which occur in the evening 
and at night, especially in the loarmth of the bed, and after oating ; 
with sensation as if the tooth were splitting, or being piUled out ; 
pulsation over the whole body ; frequent eructations ; loss of blood 
from the uterus. 

%* For more ample details, see Sections 2, 3, and 4, and also the 
pathogenesy *of the medicines cited ; and compare the articles : 
Neuralgia, Cephalalgia, Prosopalgia, Otalgia, 4c., in their re- 
spective chapters. 




» _ 

KoTB. — Compare with the following pains : Pains of the Face (Chap. X.}, 
and those of the Head (Chap. VI.) 

Aching. Ars. bis. bar, chin, ett- 
pkorb, gaaj- iod. natr, n,'mos, 
oleand. staph, tar. yerat. mgs. 

["_ On the left side. Brom."— 

Am were Entering (Sensation as 
if). Coccion. 

Bleeding (Ready). Amb. ant. 
bar.-c. oarb.-v. crot. phos. rat. 
snlph. tar. tong. zinc. 

— When sacking the teeth. Bell. 
Blood (Acid, from the). Graph. 

rat. tar. tong. 

— Black. Graph.. 

Blows in the Teeth (Sensation 

resembling). Tar. 
Boeing. Alum. beil. boy. calo. 

con. eye. grat. kal. loch. magn. 

mez. natr. natr.-m. n.-vom. phos. 

sel. sil. sulph. 
Broken (Pain as if ihe teeth 

were). Natr.-m. 
Brthse (Pain as from a). Ign. 
Burning. Bar.-c. magn. mere. 

dulc. mez. phos.-ac. sulph. 
Caries of the Teeth. Kreos. mez. 

phos. plumb, sabad. sep. staph. 
Carious Teeth (Pains in). Aeon. 

alum. amb. ang. ant. bar.-c, bell. 

bor. boy. bry. chin. cole. cham. 

coff. con. lach. meph. mere. mez. 

natr.-m. natr.-s. nitr. nitr.-ac. 

n.'Wm. 'p&T. p/ios.'ac. puis. rhab. 

sil. spig. staph, sulph. tab. tar. 

thuj. mgs. mgs. -arc. [" Ben.-a. 

brom. calc.-caus." — Ed.] 
Carious (Sensation as if the Teeth 

were). Coccion. 
Coldness in the Teeth. Asar. 

diad. grat. ol.-an. rat. rhab. tax. 

— Quotidian, typical. Diad. 
Congestion (Sensation of). Calc. 
Contractive Pains. Carb.-v. 

Corrosive- Pains. Calc. carb.-v 

cham. con. kal. nic. phos. puis 

staph, sulph.-ac. thuj. 
Cracking of the Teeth when 

Eubbing them. Sel. 
Crawling. Mur.-ao. rhus. 
Digging. Ant. bor. bov. calc 

cham. kal. natr. n.-vom. plat. 

puis. rat. rhab. rut. sen. sil. 

Drawing Pains. Alum, amh, 

am.-c. anao. ang. aur. -sulph. 

bar.-c. bell. bis. boy, bry. calc 

canth. caps, carb.-an. carb.-v 

cans. cham. chin. deni. coccion 

con. eye, daph. graph, guaj. hep 

kal. A:rtf05. lach. lye. magn. meph 

mez. 7tatr.-fn. natr.-s. nitr. nitr. 

ac. n.-yom. oleand. ol.-an. par. 

phos. phos.-a(f. plat, puis, ran." 

sc, rhod. sulph. sabin. sass. sep, 

sil. staph, sulph. tab. tar. tereb. 

thuj. verat. zinc. [" Fluor .-ac." 

Drawings in the Nerves. Coloo; 

[" Dull Pains. Lobel. merc- 

per."— Ed.] 
Edge (Teeth set on). Bcrb. caps. 

fer.-mg. kal.-ch. lach. mere. mez. 

n.-mos. ran.-sc. sep. sil. spong. 

sulph. sulph.-ac. tar. tart.-ac. 

Elongation (Sensation of). Alumi 

arn. ars. bry. calc. camph. caps. 

caus, gran, kreos. lach. magn.* 

m. mez. natr.-s. rat. stann. sulph. 

[" Gum.-gutt."— Ed.] 
Excoriation (Pain as from). Calc. 

caus. crot. graph, n.-vom, rhus. 

Exfoliation of the Teeth. Lach. 

staph. [" Crotal."— Ed.] 



Falling Out of the Teeth. Merc. 

merc.-dulc. n.-vom. plumb, sec. 
Fetid Odor op. Cade, pjumb. 

Gnawing. (See Corbosive.) 
Grinding of the Teeth. Aoon. 

ant. ars. bell. cjc. hyos, lye, 

phos. plumb, sec. stram, verat, 

[" Podoph."--ED.] 

— When sleeping. Ars. 
Growth (Very quick). Elect. 
Heaviness (Sensation of). Verat. 
Humming. Hjos. 

Incisive Pains. Aur.-sulph. ole- 

and. ran. 
Itching. Spong. 
Jerking Pains, Successive Draw- 
ings. Am.-c. anac. ant. ars. 

aur.-m. bry. bell, cast. cham. 

chin, clem, coodon, coff. con. 

hep, kal. kreos, magn. magn.-s. 

mere. mez. nitr.-ac. n.-vom. 

phos. plumb, puis. ran,-sc, rat, 

rhtcs, sil. spig. stann. stront. 

sulph. mgs. mgs.-aus. (Com- 
pare Shocks.) 
Looseness of the Tcoth (Sensation 

of\ Api.-c, am, ars. aur. bry. 

calc. camph. oarb.-an. carb,^. 

cans. cham. ohel. chin. oocc. 

hjos. ign. lach. magn. mere. 

natr.-s. nitr.-ac. n.-mos. n.-wnn. 

oleand. op. phos. plumb, puis. 

rhus. sang. sec. scp. spong. 

stann. sulph. verat. einc. ["Cro- 

Mucus on the Teeth. Hyos. iod. 

magn. mez. plumb, sulph. 

— Black. Chin. 

— Brownish. Sulph. 

— Offensive. Mez. 

— Yellow. Plumb. 

Nerves (Sensation of tension in 
the^. Coloc. puis. 

— With sudden relaxation. Puis. 
Neuralgic Pain in the Jaws. 

Notching of the Teeth, Laoh. 

Polished (State in which the 

Teeth become). Sel. 
Pressure (Expansive). Mur.-ac. 

ran . sabin .spig. thu j. [ * ' Kalm. * ' 

Pricking. Ant. magn.-s. prun 
Pulled Out (Sensation as if the 

teeth were being). Cocc. ipec. 

stront. prun. m.-arc. 
Pulsations. (See Throbbing.) 
Rapid, Quick Pain. Lact. 
Roots (Pain in the). Camph. 

lach. meph. mere, ol.-an. staph. 

stront. teuc. 
Semilateral Pains. Cham, coloc 

n.-vom. puis. 
Sensibility of the Teeth. Fer.- 

mg. mang. natr. natr,-^n. sass. 

sen. sulph. 

— Air (in the). Berb. natr.-m. 

— Touched (when)^ Natr.-m. 
Shaking Pain when Masticating. 

Ars.-cit. cochl. 
Shaking (Sensation of). Merc. 

Shocks. Aeon, bar.-o. ooerion. 

lye. meph. mere, n.-mos. plat. 

Sep. sulph. mgs. mgs.-arc. 

(Compare Jerkings.) 
Shootings in the Teeth. Aeon. 

amb. am.-c. aur.-s. bar.-c. bar.- 

m. herb. bor. calc. caus. cham. 

clem, con. eye. dros. elect, eu- 

phorb. euphr. gran, graph, gnaj. 

hell. kal. lach. magn. mere. 

mez. natr.-m. nitr. nitr.-ac. n. 

mos. n.-vom. phell. phos, puU 

ran.-sc. raph. rhus. sabad, samb 

Sep, sil. spong. sulph. tab. val 

Smarting Pains. Mang. 
Shell of the Teeth (Fetid). 

Calc. plumb, rhus. 
Soft (Sensation as if the teeth 

were). Cochl. zinc-ox. 
Sounds in the Teeth (Painful re- 
verberation of). Ther. 
Sfaskodio Pains. Anao. bor. lyo, 

n.-mos. plat* 



Splinteeed (Pain as if the teeth 

were). Sabin. 
Teatiings, Sharp Pains, Acute 

Drawings, &c. Agar, altim. 

amb. am.-c. am.-m. anac. arn. 

ars. bell. herb, bruo, carb.-v, 

cast. cans. chen. chin, caccion. 

coff. colch. cupr. daph. elect. 

graph, grat. guaj. hell, hyos, 

kal. loch, lye. magn. mang. 

meph. mere. mez. natr.-s. nitr. 

n.-nws. n.-vom. oleand. ol.-an. 

phell. phos. phos.-ac. plumb. 

pul^. rat. rhod. rhiLS. samb, 

sass. sep. sU. spig. staph, sulph. 

sulph.-ac. tab. tong. verb. vM.- 

od. zinc, mgs-aus. ["Ben.-a. 

calc.-caus. gum.-gutt. hyper. 

merc.-per. nux-j." — Ed.] 
Tensive Pains. Anao. coloc. puis. 

[" Hyper."— Ed.] 
Theobbings, Pulsations, Aeon. 

aloe. ang. ars. bar.»c. bar.-m. 

calc. carb.-a. cans. cham. chin. 

coccion. coloc. daph. hyos. kal. 

lye. magn. magn.-s. mere. 

mur.»ac. natr. natr.-s. nitr. 

nltr.-ao. par. phos. plat. puis. 

rat. sabad. spig. stram. sulph. 

ToRPOE (Sensation of). Chin. 

Twisted (Feeling as if the teeth 

were). Lact. 
Ulceration of the Koots. Alum. 
Ulceeation (Pain as from). 

Am.-c. kal.-h. magn. n.-vom 

Watee from the Mouth when the 

Teeth are Sucked (Acidulated 

and fetid). Nic. 
Weenching Pain. Prun. 
Yellowness of the Teeth. lod. 

lye. nitr.-ao. phas.'oc. 


Abscess. (See Sect. 1, Gxtms.) 
Bleeding (Ready). Agar. alum. 

am.-c. anac. ant. arg. arg.-nit. 

ars. aur. aur.-s. bar.-c. bell. 

herb. bor. bov. calc. carb.-an. 

carb.-v. cans. cist. con. crot. 

euphr. fer.-mg. gran, graph, iod. 

kal.-ch. magn.-m. nierc. merc- 

dulc. natr.'m. nitr. nitr.-ac. 

n.-mos. n.'Vom. phos. phos.'Oc. 

ran.-sc. rat. rut. sep. stl. staph. 

stdph. sulph.-ac. tereb. tong. 

zinc. ["Crotal."— Ed.] 

— Acidulated blood (of). Graph, 
rat. tar. tong. 

— — black. Graph. 
Bluish. Oleand. sabad. 
BuENiNG, Heat. Bell. cham. 

mere, natr.-s. n.-vom. petr. puis. 

rhus. tereb. 
Ceawling. Arn. 
Deawings in the Gums. Ars. 

caps, elect, n.-vom. staph, tab. 
EccHTMosis. Con. 
Excoriation. Carb.-v. chin.-s, 

dig. nitr.-ac. sep. sil. 
— Pain (as from). Alum. bis. 

bry. graph, m^c. puis. rhus. 

sass. tereb. thuj. zinc. 
between the gums and 

cheeks. Rhod. 
Excrescences. Staph. 
Fetid (Putrid) like Urine. Graph, 
Fungous. Bry. dulc. mere. 

(Compare Sooebutic, White,