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Full text of "Hunter family records : an account of the first American settlers and colonial families of the name of Hunter, and other genealogical and historical data, mostly new and original material, including early wills and marriages heretofore unpublished"

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

An Account of the First American Settlers 

and Colonial Families of the Name of 

Hunter, and Other Genealogical and 

Historical Data, Mostly New and 

Original Material, Including 

Early Wills and Marriages 

Heretofore Unpublished 

By , 

Limited Edition. 






45 and 49 William Street 


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Royal Descent of the Hunter Family. 

Scotch and English Forebears. 

Early Arrivals in Virginia. 

Emigrants to New England. 

Massachusetts Colonists. 

New York Families of Early Days. 

Early New York Marriages. 

Presbyterian Church Records. 

New York Hunters in the Revolution. 

New York State Wills. 

Early Marriages in Virginia. 

Virginia Abstracts of Wills. 

The Hunters in Congress. 

Nancy Hunter of Kentucky. 

Pennsylvania Muster Rolls. 


The Hunter family is of royal descent from 
King Edward I, of England, through his second 
son, Edmund, Earl of Kent, whose daughter, Lady 
Joan Plantagenet, was the wife of Thomas, Lord 
Holland. Her great-great-granddaughter, Prin- 
cess Jane Stuart, became the wife of George Gor- 
don, second Earl of Huntly and Lord Chancellor. 
Their daughter, Lady Isabel Gordon, was married 
to William Hay, third Earl of Erroll. Their 
great-grandson, Andrew Hay, became the seventh 
Earl. By his wife, Lady Agnes Sinclair, daughter 
of the fourth Earl of Caithness, he had a son, Hon. 
Sir George Hay, of Killour, who married Eliza- 
bette, daughter of Sir Patrick Cheyne, of Essel- 
mont. Their daughter, Anne, became the wife of 
William Moray of Abercairney, who died in 1642. 
Their son, Robert Moray, was knighted by 
Charles I. His daughter, Anne, married David 
Graham, of Fintry, ninth in descent from Sir 
William Graham of Kincardine and the Lady, 
Mary Stuart. Their daughter, Amelia Graham, 
became the wife of Alexander Hunter, of Black- 
ness, County Forfar, in 1741. 


Burke's ''Landed Gentry" states that "two 
ancient families of the name of Hunter existed 
in Scotland for many centuries." These were 
the Hunters of Tweeddale, now extinct, and the 
Hunters of Hunterston, who owned the present 
estates as early as the time of Alexander II, King 
of Scotland. In 1375 William Hunter obtained 
a charter from King Robert II, for a part of the 
Barony of Amele.' These lands are now known as 
Campbellton, and are still possessed by the family. 
Dr. John Hunter, discoverer of the circulation of 
the blood, was a member of the family of Hunters- 

Andrew Hunter, of County Londonderry, Ire- 
land, was born in 1640, and it was the family tradi- 
tion that his birthplace was the ancestral home of 
the Hunters of Hunterston in Scotland. His son, 
Hugh, married Isabella Semple, and their son, 
David Hunter, lived in York county, Pennsyl- 
vania. He married Martha Mcllhenny in 1745. 
He was a captain of a York county Company in 
the French and Indian War, and a member of the 
expedition against Fort Duquesne. Capt. Hunter 
mysteriously disappeared in the summer of 1776, 
and his family never saw or heard from him 
again. His fate was not known until nearly a 
century afterward, when, on the destruction of 
an old house in the Valley of Virginia by Union 
soldiers, a paper was discovered concerning him. 


It was given to his great-grandson, Captain David 
Hunter Strother, and was found to be a writ of 
habeas corpus, issued in the name of ''George 
in Rex," by authority of the Governor of Vir- 
ginia, Lord Dunmore, directing the sheriff of 
Berkeley county to bring the body of David Hun- 
ter to the capitol at Williamsburg. Captain Hun- 
ter was a patriot, and Lord Dunmore, last of the 
English Governors of Virginia, was notorious for 
his cruelties and injustice to the colonists. 

Captain David Hunter bore the arms of the 
family of Calderwood, Scotland, "Vert, three 
dogs of the chase courant argent collared or; on 
a chief of the second as many hunting horns of 
the first, stringed gules. Crest: A greyhound 
sejant argent collared or Motto: Cur sum per- 

The descendants of this line of the family are 
distinguished in the annals of Virginia, and 
allied with the Washington, Dandridge, Spotts- 
wood, and many other historic families. 

The following is the ship record of another of 
the name of Hunter, who immigrated to Virginia, 
June 6, 1635 : 

"Vj * Junij 1635. 

"Theis vnder- written names are to be trans- 
ported to Virginia imbarqued in the Thomas & 
John Richard Lambard Mr: being examined by 


the Minister de Gravesend concerning their con- 
formitie to the orders & discipline of the Church 
of England : And tooke the oathe of Allegeance. 


Francis Hunter 19" 

On "A list of the names of the Dead in Vir- 
gna since Aprill last," is the name, recorded 
February 16, 1623, as of the tract called the "Col- 
ledge," of John Hunter, among the killed. 

The name of Thomas Hunter appears on "A 
list of the Burialles in Elizabeth City, 1624." 

Among early immigrants to New England were 
four of the name, as shown by the following ship 
record : 

"These under written names are to be trans- 
ported to X. England imbarqued in the Blessing 
from the Ministers & Justices of their conformitie 
in Religion & that they are no subsedymen. 

"Christian Hunter 20 

"Eliz. Hunter 18 

"Tho. Hunter .14 

"Wm. Hunter 11" 

John Hunter was in New Haven, Connecticut, 
in 1644. He died in 1648 or '49. 

Eobert Hunter, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, was 
a freeman October 7, 1640. His wife, Mary, was 
mentioned in his will, dated 1647, but no children. 


Another Robert Hunter, of Ipswich, had several 
children. Thomas, the eldest, died in 1687. It is 
believed that Thomas Hunter, of Marblehead, 
1653, was his son. 

Another Thomas was in Springfield, in 1678. 

"William Hunter, of Boston, married, first, in 
1657, Cicely ? She probably died soon after- 
ward. His second wife was Mary, only child of 
Richard Carter. By her he had children. Savage, 
in his "Genealogical Dictionary," says that the 
four young passengers of the ship Blessing, the 
record of whose sailing appears above, may have 
been children of this "William, sent to join him in 
New England. 

"William Hunter, of Springfield, had sons, 
James and John, killed by Indians, July 4, 1676. 

Another William was in Barnstable at an early 

Edward Hunter, of Marlboro, was born in 1716, 
and died there in 1797. He was a member of the 
General Court, 1776-7. His son, Jonathan Hun- 
ter, was born in Marlboro in 1753. He married 
Hannah W 7 alkup, of Sudbury, Massachusetts. 
They removed to Plattsburg, New York. Their 
son, Solomon, lived in Orwell, Ohio. 

Joseph Hunter, of Nantucket, Mass., and Annah 


Hawes, of Chatham, Mass., published their mar- 
riage intention February 20, 1766. She was born 
1738, and was living as Annah Hunter in 1781. 

A distinguished member of the family in 
America included William L. Hunter, who died at 
Newport, Rhode Island, in 1849, aged seventy- 
five. He graduated at Brown University in 1791. 
He was admitted to the Bar, at Newport, at the 
age of twenty-one. In 1799 he entered the state 
legislature, and served at various times until 1811, 
when he became a Senator in Congress, in which 
omce he remained until 1821. In 1834 he was 
appointed charge to Brazil, and continued there, 
as minister until 1844, when he returned to New- 
port, and resided there until his death. 

General Alexander Hunter died at Washington, 
D. C, in 1849, aged fifty- nine. He was marshall 
of the District of Columbia. 
' Edmund P. Hunter died at Berkely Springs, 
Virginia, in 1859. He was a lawyer and member 
of the legislature. 

William Hunter was Assistant Secretary of 
State. His son, Lieut. H. C. Hunter, of the United 
States Navy, died at Barcelona, Spain, in 1873. 

Revolutionary officers of the name are Alex- 
ander, Daniel, Ephraim and James, of Pennsyl- 
vania ; David, of South Carolina ; James, of North 


Carolina; Andrew, of New Jersey; Elijah and 
John, of New York. 

Robert Hunter, Colonial Governor of New 
York, was the son of James Hunter, a lawyer. In 
early life he was apprenticed to an apothecary. 
He entered the army, and rose to the rank of 
Major-General. He was appointed Lieut.-Gov. of 
Virginia, in 1707, but on his way there was cap- 
tured by a French privateer and carried back. He 
was Governor of New York from 1710 to 1719. 
As the representative of the Crown, he purchased 
from Robert Livingston, for £400 sterling, a 
great tract of land in Livingston Manor to pro- 
vide homestead sites and ground for three thous- 
and Palatines who had been sent to colonize the 
Hudson Valley by the English government. On 
the death of the Duke of Portland, he became 
Governor of Jamaica, where he died in 1734. 

George Hunter, one of the earliest residents of 
New York City, married Ruth, the widow of John 
Broome, in 1777. Mr. Hunter died in 1799. They 
had one son, born 4th August, 1788. He was 
named John Hunter. He resided at 5 State Street 
for many years, from 1801 to 1812. He was the 
Hunter of Hunter's Island. He became very dis- 
tinguished in after years, and was well known to 
many of the last generation. In a convention 


to amend the Constitution of this State, John 
Hunter was the oldest member present. 

Miss Catharine Stewart Hunter, who was born 
in New York, is a descendant of Capt. Elijah 
Hunter, of New York. She is a daughter of Dr. 
Abraham Thew Hunter and Adeline Morrison, his 
wife; granddaughter of Ezra Hunter and Rachel 
Thew, his wife; gr.-granddaughter of Elijah Hun- 
ter and Anna Drake, his wife. Elijah Hunter, 
1775, was lieutenant in Capt. Daniel Mills' com- 
pany, Col. James Holmes ' regiment, and was cap- 
tain of grenadiers at the Battle of White Plains. 
He served as a delegate from Westchester county 

to the Assembly. He was born at New Castle, 
1749, and died, 1815, at Mount Pleasant (Sing 

The Brick Presbyterian Church records in New 
York City are as follows: 
HUNTER, , son of Charles, bpt. Apr., 

HUNTER, Adelina M., mem. June, 1827, now 

Cooke, dism. Oct., 1859. 
HUNTER, Caroline M. (Miss), mem. Jan., 1903, 

let. . 
HUNTER, Caroline M. (Mrs.), mem. Jan., 1903, 

let., wife of Chas. A. 
HUNTER, Charles, mem. Apr., 1829, conf. 
HUNTER, Charles, mem. July, 1835, let. 


HUNTER, Charles, dism. 1833. 

HUNTER, Charles, mem. July, 1835, let. 
(dead?), retired. 

HUNTER, Charles A., mem. Jan., 1903, let. 

HUNTER, John Wallace, mar. Ann Eliza Stan- 
ton, Jan., 1817. 

HUNTER, Robert W., mar. Mary Clifton Harri- 
son, Apr. 17, 1861 (by William J. Hoge). 

HUNTER, Sarah H. (Miss), mem. Jan., 1903, let. 

HUNTER, Sarah J., mem. July, 1835, wife of 
Charles, dism. June, 1862. 

HUNTER, Sarah J., mem. July, 1860, dism. June, 

HUNTER, Sarah J., mem. Apr., 1829, wife of 
Charles, conf. 

HUNTER, Sarah J., dism. 1833. 

HUNTER, Sarah J., mem. July, 1833, let., wife 
of Charles. 

HUNTER, Stephen Vanarden, b. Sept. 23, 1834, 
bpt. Feb. 20, 1835. 

The New York Hunters in the Revolution were 
as follows: 

Andrew Hunter. James Hunter. 

Archibald Hunter. John Hunter. 

Benjamin Hunter. Jonathan Hunter. 

David Hunter. Matthew Hunter. 

Ebenezer Hunter. Moses Hunter. 

Elijah Hunter. Robert Hunter. 


Ezekial Hunter. Samuel Hunter. 

Frederick Hunter. Stephen Hunter. 

George Hunter. Thomas Hunter. 

Two wills of Hunters in New York State are 
thus recorded. 

"Will of Alexander Hunter, Homer, Cortland 
co., N. Y., July 15, 1833. 

To son William Hunter. 

To son Charles H. Hunter. 

To son James Hunter. 

To son John Hunter. 

To son Alexander Hunter. 

To daughter Nancy Hunter. 

To daughter Margaret Hunter. 

To nieces Diana and Sally, daughters of James 

"Will of John Hunter, of Ulysses, Cayuga co., 
N. Y., Nov. 3, 1802, July 13, 1803. 

"Wife Eve; Daughters Mary "Warms, Catherine 
Sager, Jane Vomp. 

Elizabeth Vandergrist, Eve Fleming, & my eld- 
est son James. 

Sons Johoekem & John, Jr. 

Benj. Coykendall & "Walter Van Ornam, Exs. 

Rhoda & Lydia Gardner & Richard Pangburn, 

Among the early New York State marriages in 
the Hunter family were the following : 


1765, May 20, Agnes Hunter and Wm. Wallace. 
1781, Sept. 25, Anna Hunter and Robert Gra- 

1763, Nov. 2, Elenor Hunter and Christopher 


1768, Sept. 28, Elijah Hunter and Ann Drake. 
1737, June 4, Elizabeth Hunter and John Ward. 
1760, Nov. 13, Elizabeth and Wm. Taylor. 
1781, Oct. 12, George Hunter and Ann Bennet. 
1757, April 12, Jos. Hunter and Mary Burnett. 

1769, Feb. 16, Mary Hunter and John Schuyler. 
1777, Dec. 16, Rachel Hunter and James Gal- 

1737, Nov. 19, Rachel Hunter and Edward 

1764, Oct. 9, William Hunter and Elenor Mc- 


Early Virginia marriages of the Hunters were : 
HUNTER, Eliza & John Vernon, Sept. 6, 1792, 

Rockbridge Co., Va. 
HUNTER, Isabella & William Hall, Sept. 6, 1792, 

Rockbridge Co., Va. 
HUNTER, Jean & Abraham Case, Sept. 7, 1790, 

Rockbridge Co., Va. 
HUNTER, John & Mary Early, Feb. 5, 1790, 

Campbell Co., Va. 
HUNTER, Mary & David Kingen, Oct. 25, 1792, 

Rockbridge Co., Va. 


HUNTER, Miles & Sally Pritchard, 1788, Din- 
widdle Co., Va. 

HUNTER, Pamelia & Samuel C. Burks, Oct. 8, 
1811, Rockbridge Co., Va. 

HUNTER, Peter & Sarah Nowlin, Dec. 17, 1790, 
Campbell Co., Va. 

HUNTER, Robert & Nancy Ellis, 1793, Amherst 
Co., Va. 

Early Virginia wills are recorded as follows : 

Bedford Co, Va. Will filed March 22, 1768. 

s. Alexander Hunter. 

s. James Hunter. 

s. Samuel Hunter. 

d. Betty Hunter. 

Campbell Co, Va. Will filed June 7, 1796. 

wife (former husband Jere Early). 

s. Benjamin Hunter. 

s. John Hunter. 

8. Alexander Hunter. 

s. Robert Hunter. 

s. James Hunter. 

d. Elizabeth Hunter. 

Israel Dodge, born in Connecticut, September 
3, 1760, at adult age moved to Kentucky, where 
he married Nancy Ann Hunter, born in Carlisle, 




Pa., daughter of Joseph Hunter, and wife, Anne 
Homes, of the Scotch-Irish emigration, which has 
furnished so many strong men to the nation. They 
had children, Nancy and Henry. 

Nancy Hunter married, second, Asael, son of 
the brave William Linn, who served with Col. 
Clark at Kaskaskia, and had a son, Lewis Fields, 
born November 24, 1793, who served in the U. S. 
Senate from Missouri 1833-45. She thus furnishes 
the only instance in this country of a mother with 
two sons serving the U. S. Senate at the same time, 
Lewis Fields Linn from Missouri, and his half- 
brother, Henry Dodge, serving from Wisconsin. 

Nancy Dodge (sister of Henry Dodge), daugh- 
ter of Ann Hunter and Israel Dodge, married in 
Ste. Genevieve, first, Joseph Conn, and had a son, 
Joseph H. Conn, a well-known business man of St. 
Louis, who married Elizabeth Anderson, and had 
five children, the youngest of whom, Nancy Dodge, 
married Wm. McLanahan and resides in St. Louis. 

The list of Hunters who served in Congress 
from 1776 to the present day is as follows : 
HUNTER, Andrew Jackson, a representative 

from Illinois, born in Greencastle, Ind., Dec. 

17, 1831, died in Paris 111., Jan. 12, 1913. 
HUNTER, John, a representative and a senator 

from South Carolina, born in South Carolina 

about 1760. 


HUNTER, John Ward, a representative from 
New York, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 15, 

1807, died April 16, 1900. 

HUNTER, Morton Craig, a representative from 
Indiana, born in Versailles, Ind., Feb. 5, 1825, 
died Oct, 25, 1896. 

HUNTER, Narsworthy, a delegate from Missis- 
sippi Territory, died in Washington, D. C, 
March 1, 1802. 

HUNTER, Robert Mercer Taliaferro, a repre- 
sentative and a senator from Virginia, born 
in Essex Co., Va., April 21, 1809, died in 
Essex County, Va., July 18, 1887. 

HUNTER, Whiteside Godfrey, a representative 
from Kentucky, born Dec. 25, 1841. 

HUNTER, William, a senator from Rhode Island, 
born in Newport, R. I., Nov. 26, 1774, died in 
Newport, R. I., Dec. 3, 1849. 

HUNTER, William, a representative from Ver- 
mont in 1S17. 

HUNTER, William Forrest, a representative 
from Ohio, born in Alexandria, Va., Dec. 10, 

1808, died in Woodsfield, Ohio, March 30, 1874. 
HUNTER, William H., a representative from 

Ohio in 1837. 

The Pennsylvania Muster Rolls of 1776-1783, 
contain the following Hunters : 

Cyrus Hunter, 1781, Westmoreland Co., ensign. 


John Hunter, 1782, "Westmoreland, Co., private. 
George Hunter, 1782, Bedford Co., private. 
John Hunter, 1782, Cumberland Co., private. 
Jonathan Hunter, 1781, Philadelphia Co., pri- 

David Hunter, 1781, Philadelphia Co., private. 

GENEALOGY, 45 William Street, New York, 
reports the following unclaimed Hunter estates : 

Hunter, Arthur, Camden, N. J., 1895. 

Hunter, Louisa, New York, 1850. 

Hunter, Nathaniel W., U. S. Army, 1864. 

Hunter, Eobert or Hugh, Philadelphia, Pa., 

Hunter, Stuart A., New York.