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Full text of "The Huth Library: A Catalogue of the Printed Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, and Engravings"

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130 Copies only pritUed for sale. 


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Cfie Hutf) Xtbrarp. 








" LVtode de la bibliognphie, si aride en apparence poor qui 
Be la oonsid^ que superfidellement, est loin, poor qui Texamine 
de pins pthSf d'etre d^pourvue d*un certain charme ; elle offire k 
I'esprit observateur bien des fidts curieux, bien des anecdotes 
piqnantes, bien des rapprochements singuliers. VoiU ponrqnoi 
sans donte plusieurs hommes de letties distingues, des poetes 
mtee, se soot livr^ k cette ^tude avec autant d'ardeur que de 
snccis. "—Brunxt. 

VOL. I. 




I 880. 'yv 






:— CHAKUn W Wri l ll l G MAM, T0OK8 OOVBT 


The Library, the most important part of which is described in these 
volumes, is the result of nearly fifty years of collection by a man whose 
taste for curious books was thoroughly innate. 

Henry Huth was bom in the year 1815, and being destined by his 
father to enter the Indian Civil Service, was sent for preparation to 
Mr. Rusden's school at Leith Hill, in Surrey, where he soon became a 
favourite pupil. Here he learned Latin, Greek, and French (Spanish 
was his mother-tongue) ; and had also got well on with Hindustan^ 
Persian, and Arabic, when, in 1833, the East India Company lost their 
charter, and his father took him away from the school. While 3ret a 
school-boy, he had taken a great and spontaneous interest in natural 
science, especially in physics and chemistry: all his pocket-money 
was devoted to the necessary purchase of apparatus, and sometimes 
he sold his old school-books for the same purpose. On one of these 
occasions, however, his attention was captivated by a work of Grervase 
Markham's, which he bought instead of the chemicals. Soon after, 
his father, finding him reading a book on chemistry, procured him a 
regular teacher ; and thus his pocket-money was set free to be neariy 
all spent on his new and lasting fancy for curious books. 

In 1833 he was sent abroad, first to the United States, then Mexico, 
France, and Germany ; and in all these countries he made a few slight 
additions to his collection, but was especially lucky in Mexico, where 
he had several opportunities of securing rare Spanish books. 

In 1849 ^^ returned to England to become a partner in his father's 
house ; and from this time the real growth of the library dates. His 
youthful collection, which he had left behind him carefully packed up, 
was examined, and most of the books rejected ; but some few remain in 
the library to this day. He now first began the practice, which he 
continued all his life, of visiting, on his usual walk home from the City, 


the chief dealers in rare books, who soon learned to reserve for his 
inspection all the choicest and most interesting volumes, whether 
printed or manuscript, that came into their hands. Occasionally, too, 
he gave commissions to an agent to buy for him at important sales, 
and particularly made large purchases at the sale of Mr. George 
Daniel's library, and that of the Rev. T. Corser. As his name began 
to get known among bibliophiles, he naturally received constant offers 
of rare books from all the most important cities of Europe ; though, 
from the difficulty of ascertaining the real condition of the volumes 
offered, he rarely made purchases in this way. 

A glance at the classified index to this Catalogue will convey a 
better idea than any description of the general character of the library. 
It will be seen that, though no branch of literature was excluded, it 
was strongest in the early English, particularly the poetical and 
dramatic, in early voyages and travels, and in early Spanis'i and 
German books. There were only two rules which my father particu- 
larly observed : Firstly, that every book he bought should be in a 
language he could read — a rule which was relaxed only in a few 
instances of volumes of extraordinary interest ; and, secondly, that 
every book should be in as fine and perfect a condition as obtainable 
— ^illuminated manuscripts especially he never bought if imperfect. 
That these rules were carefully carried out, the Catalogue itself will 
show. He collated every book himself before he added it to his col- 
lection, during the only time at his disposal, between ten and one o'clock 
at night, and on Sundays when in London ; and then only in such time 
as he could spare from the study of the chief works of the day. 

About fifteen years ago, finding that his library was becoming 
unmanageable without a catalogue, he began to compile one himself. 
Not that he found any difficulty in laying his hand on any volume he 
required, but that he found it difficult to recollect the exact editions 
of many of his books ; and consequently had much trouble, when medi- 
tating new purchases, in taking down volumes from the shelves for 
comparison. His first idea was to make a slip catalogue just sufficient 
for this purpose; but he soon found that, for a man with so little spare 
time as himself, the undertaking was impossible. He thereupon 
determined to print a Catalogue upon much the same plan as the 
Grenville ; but, at the same time, to make a more useful bibliographical 
work by appending better collations and descriptions, and to a far 
greater proportion of entries. In the year 1871, he accordingly 


engaged the assistance of Mr. W. C. Hazlitt and Mr. F. S. Ellis, the 
former undertaking the English, the latter the cataloguing of all works 
in any other language. In consequence of many unavoidable inter- 
ruptions, this Catalogue was not finished until the year 1876, when it 
was at once sent to press ; but, as every sheet was most carefully 
revised by my father during his short intervals of leisure, the work 
necessarily advanced very slowly : so that by December, 1878, when 
he died, he had only revised up to sheet 5 U, or rather more than one- 
half of the work. Since then Mr. Ellis, in whose hands the care of 
editing the work had been from the time it was first put to press, has 
carried it on alone, and he therefore may be regarded as the respon- 
sible editor. 

The points to which special attention has been given are, the 
accuracy and fulness of the titles, and the careful collation of nearly 
every book. In some cases Mr. Ellis has slightly extended my father's 
plan — as, for example, in printing the extremely curious elegy on 
Richard Burbage from an early MS. (pp. 1 161-64), and in giving, for 
the first time in English, the important and valuable collation of De 
Bry's Voyages. But on the whole, the work has been finished in 
strict accordance with the plan originally laid down by my father, and 
in a manner which I feel sure will convince all who have occasion to 
consult ity that Mr. Ellis has found it more a labour of love than a 

Alfred H. Huth. 

Since the above was written it has been pointed out that a careful 
bibliographical account of De Bry's Voyages has ^en given in English 
in the privately printed catalogue of the libraiy of Mr. J. Carter Brown, 
of Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. It should therefore have been 
said that the collation given in the present work is the first published 
in English. 




A, H. The Scovrge of Venvs, or, the Wanton Lady. With 
the Rare Birth of Adonis. Written by H. A. London Printed by 
Nicholas Okes Dwelling neere Holbome-bridge. 1613. Sm. 8va O. M. 

A — C in eights, title on A 3 (A i — 2 having probably been blank). In six-line 
stanzas. The bookseller, in his address to the Reader, avers that he was ignorant 
who was the real author of this poem, a paraphrase from Ovid ; but he had heard, 
he states, *' 'twas done for his pleasure, without any intent of an impression." 

From the libraries of Sir Francis Freeling and Mr. Corser, the latter of whom 
reviews it in *' Collectanea,'' part L pp. 2-6. Of this, the first edition, no other copy 
is known. It was reprinted in 1614 and 1620. In the edition of 1614, the book, 
though the same, is said to be ^enlarged and corrected by H. A.," and in the 
edition of 1620, the author's initials are given 2iS A,H. 

It appears from the preface to Heywood's '* Brazen Age," that the author's name 
was Henry Austin ; see p. 689 of this Catalogue. 

A., J. Breeden-raedt aende vereenichde Nederlandsche Pro- 
vintien. Gelreland. Holland. Zeeland. Utrecht Vriesland. Over-Yssel. 
Groeningen. Gemaect ende gestelt uyt diverse ware en waerachtige 
memorien door I. A. Tot Antwerfen, 1649. 4to. BR. M. 

A., P. Vox Clamantis : Or an Essay for the Honour, Happiness, 
and Prosperity of the English Gentry, and the whole Nation : In the 
promoting Religion and Vertue, and the Peace both of Church and 
State. By P. A. Gent Verbum Saf Sapienti, London^ Printed by 
John Playford in LittU-Brittain^ for Benjamin Cooke . . . 1684. 
Sol 8vo. 

A, 5 leaves, including a blank leaf before the title, and the Errata : B — H in 
eights, last leaf blank. Dedicated to Sir John Moore, Alderman of London, whom the 
writer eulogizes as the grand instrument in the composure of dissensions in Church 
and State. This little volume seems to be unrecorded, and the present copy may 
have belonged to the author, as it has some important MS. additions to the Errata 
in a contemporary hand. 


2 A,— ABBOT. 

A. B. C, THE, with the Shorter Catechism, appointed by the 
General Assembly to be a Directory for Catechising of such as are 
of weaker Capacity. Glasgow, Printed by Robert Sanders, One of His 
Majesties Printers, 1698. Sm. 8vo. Black letter, 

A — B 4 in eights. 

ABBOT, George. A Sermon Preached at Westminster, May 
16, 1608. At the Funerall Solemnities of the Right Honorable 
Thomas [Sackville], Earle of Dorset, late L. High Treasurer of 
England. By George Abbot Doctor of Diuinitie and Deane of 
Winchester, one of his Lordships Chapleines. Now published at the 
request of some honourable persons ; very few things being added, 
which were then cut off by the shortnesse of the time. loh. 9, 4. 
TAe night coineth, w/ten no man can worke, London Printed by Mel- 
chisedech Bradwoodfor William Aspley. 1608. 4to. BL. M. 

A — E 3 in fours, E 3 blank. Dedicated by the author to Cicely, Countess of 
Dorset See Collier's " BibL Cat.," L i, 2. 

ABBOT-RIVERS, John. The Sad Condition of a Distracted 
Kingdome, Expressed in a Fable of Philo the Jew, [Quot. from Clau- 
dian.] London, Printed by B,[ernard^ A \lsop.'\ 1645. 4to. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — E in fours. In verse. Dedicated to Algernon, Earl of 
Northumberland, and Philip, Earl of Pembroke, by A.[bbot] R.[iyers]. On the verso 
of the leaf containing this dedication (in prose) is a second one in verse, addressed 
to the Earl of Northumberland. 

From the collections of Sir Francis Freeling and Dr. Bandind. 

Devovt Rhapsodies : In which is treated of the Excellencie 

of Divine Scriptvres. Also, of God His Attributes, Pluralities of 
Persons, Absolute Monarchie. 

Angels, g^ , I their Power. How the Bad | i. ' *. man. Man, 

B ft d By J : A : Rivers. [Quot from Eccles. 44,] 

London, Printed by Tluytnas Harper for Daniel Frere, and are to be sold 
at his SIwp, at tlie Red Bull in Little Brittaine, 1648. 4to. 

A — L in fours. In verse. It is described in the " Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica,** 
No. 609. 

The Rhapsodies are divided into nine Sermones or Discourses, each dedicated 
to a separate person. The fourth is addressed, inter alios, *' To the Honorable 
William Savile, Baronet, my Godson." In the fifth the author couples the Marquis and 
Marchioness of Winchester with the Hon. Walter Montague : In the tenth, Henry 
Parker, Lord Morley and Monteagle, with William Habington (the poet) and his 
wife, Mistress Lucy Habington (his Castara), The whole concludes with a poem 
addressed to Lady Winchester. 

This scarce volume, though bearing date 1648, was issued Nov. 1 1, 1647, as 


appears from the contemporary memorandum on the title of the copy among the 
King's Pamphlets in the British Museum. 

It appears from a tract printed in 1641, and noticed by Hazlitt (^ Collections and 
Notes," 1876, V. Prisoners), that Abbot- Rivers was one of the Jesuits taken at that 
time and adjudged to suffer capitally ; but we may presume that he, at least, was 
fortimate enough to obtain a commutation of his sentence. 

The tract referred to is entitled " A Coppy of the Prisoners Judgment con- 
demned to dye from Nvgate on Mundaie the 13 of December, 1641. With the 
Examination of the Bishop of Calcedon and the rest of the lesuits condemned to 
die, and the names of the other prisoners condemned, and the matter for which 
they suffer. . . ." 4ta 1641. 

ABELL, Alderman, and R. KILVERT. A Dialogue or 
accidental discourse betwixt Mr. Alderman Abell and Richard Kilvert, 
the two maine Proiectors for Wine, and also Aldermans [sic\ Abels 
wife, &C. Contayning their \sic\ first manner of their acquaintance 
how they began to contrive the Patent it selfe, how they obtayned it, 
and who drew the patent. Also in what state they now stand in, 
and how they accuse and raile at each other with invective speeches, 
&c. With the manner and fashion how Projectors and Patentees have 
rod a Tilting in a Parliament time, &c. Printed also in the satne 
yeare of grace. 164 1. 4to. 

Four leaves, chiefly black letter, with woodcut portraits on the title of Abel and 

Kilvert, and a woodcut at the end. 


The last Discourse betwixt Master Abel and Master Richard 

Kilvert, interrupted at the first by an ancient and angry Gentlewoman, 

who being her selfe unknowne unto the observer of this Conference, 

it was conceived by him afterwards to be a certaine friend of Mr. 

Abels. Printed in the yeare 1641. 4to. 

Four leaves. With a woodcut on the title, representing the interruption of the 
conference as aforesaid. 

Een t'Samen-sprack ofte voorghevalle Discours tusschen Mr 

Alderman Abel ende Richard Kilvert, de twee voomame Projecteurs 
ofte Practisijns van de Wijn-pacht : ende oock Alderman Abels Wijf, 
&C. Ghetranslateert ende gedruckt na dEngelsche Copye, Anno 1641. 
4to. Woodcut on tfie title, 

ABELARD. Lettres d'Abailard et d'Helorse, nouvelle traduction, 
avec le texte i c6t6. Paris. 1782. 2 vols. 8vo. R. M. Printed 
an vellum. 


des Roys, tiroes des plus rares et excellentz Cabinetz de la France. 

Par H. C. Paris par lehan le Clerc. 1585. Folio, R. M. Woodcuts. 

Brunet appears to have known this first edition only from the description given of 


it by Papillon (i. p. 527), who says that it consists of 68 pages*; but to be perfect 
it should consist of 70 printed pages and a blank leaf at the end to complete sheet 
H, as in this copy. It contains signatures A to G in fours, and H eight leaves. It 
is remarkable that Barbier (^ Dictionnaire des Anonymes ^ does not mention the 
book, so he was doubtless unable to throw any light on the name concealed under 
the initials H. C. 

ABREGE. Abr6g6 des Fruits Acquis par I'Ordre des Frires- 
Mineurs.^s quattres parties de Tunivers nomm^ment la conuersion 
du Nouveau Monde. Recueillies par vn p^re Cordelier en Bruxelles. 
A Bruxelles^ chez Franqois Viuien. 1652. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and prel. 8 leaves. Pp. 1-171, with copperplates on the text. 

ABULCACIM. La verdadera historia del Rey Don Rodrigo: 

en la qual se trata la causa principal de la perdida de Espaiia, 

y la conquista que della hizo Miramamolin Almangor, Rey que 

fue del Africa, y de las Arabias, y vida del Rey Jacob Alman^or. 

Compuesta por el sabio Alcayde Abulcacim Tarif Abentarique, de 

nacion Arabe, y natural de la Arabia Petrea. Nvevamente traduzida 

de la lengua Arauiga por Miguel de Luna vezino de Granada, Inter- 

prete del Rey Don Felipe nuestro senor. En Valencia. En casa de 

Pedro Patricio Mey junto d S, Martin. 1606. 4to. 

A — Gg 7. in eights. 

ABUS DES NUDITEZ. De I'Abus des Nuditez de Gorge. A 

Bruxelles^ chez Francois Foppens. 1675. Sm. 8vo. R.M. 

Title and preL 3 leaves, pp. i-i la Usually attributed, but apparently with 
very little foundation, to the Abbd Boileau. 

ABUS DU MARIAGE. Les Abus du Manage, oil sont claire- 
ment representez les subtiltez deshonnestes tant des femmes que des 
hommes dont ils usent pour se tromper Tun Tautre a cecy sont adjoustez 
quelques enseignemens pour corriger tels abus. {Here follows the same 
title in Dutch, and then in English^ The mistake off matrimonij, wherin 
IS clearely set out the ShamefuU Craftinesse as well by men, as women, 
pleading one against an other of their shamefull deceitfulnesse. Here is 
also by joyned, some learned instructions to the amendement, and re- 
proouing of that filthynesse. Ghedruckt in't Jaer ons Heeren 1641. 
Oblong 4to. Plates by Crispin de Passe. BL. M. 

Brunet's account of the collation of this book being rather confused, it may be as 
well to give it exactly. 

Engraved title. Printed title. Three printed leaves [forming, with the title, 
sheet A], Sigs. B to G 4 leaves each. H 2 leaves. Then follow 4 leaves of letter- 
press with sigs. I 2, I 3, I 4, and a leaf without signature, but agreeing with the 
catch-word " En door." Then follows again sig. I, 4 leaves (on the verso of I i a 
large engraving). Sig. (.'.), 4 leaves. Sig. (.*.) (.'.), 2 leaves. 

" L'exemplaire M^on," described by Brunet as having some peculiarities, was 
evidently the same as this in every respect 


plements, wherein Ladyes, Gentlewomen, SchoUers, and Strangers 
may accommodate their Courtly Practice with most Curious Cere- 
monies, Complementall, Amorous, High Expressions, and formes of 
speaking or writing. A work perused and most exactly perfected 
by the Author with Additions of witty Amorous Poems. And a 
Table expounding the hard English words. Landan, Printed by 71 B, 
for H, MosUy, and are to bee sold at his Shop at the Princes Armes in S. 
Pauls Church-yard. 1640. Sm. 8vo. 

A — M 10, in twelves, including a frontispiece by W. Marshall 
Dr. Bliss's copy, and the only perfect one known of this issue, that in the British 
Museum wanting the frontispiece. The imprimatur is dated Sept 10, 1639. There 
is another issue of 1640, which only differs slightly in the title, and in certain other 
typographical minutias. The only copy of it known was sold among Baron Kirkup's 
books in Dec. 1871. 

The Academy of Complements. Wherein Ladies, Gentle- 

women, Schollers, Strangers, may accommodate their Courtly practice 
with gentile Ceremonies, Complementall amorous high expressions, 
and Forms of speaking or writing of Letters most in Fashion. A 
work perused, exactly perfected, every where corrected and enlarged, 
and inriched by the Author with Additions of many witty Poems, 
with pleasant Songs, With an addition of a new School of Love, and a 
Present of excellent Similitudes, Comparisons, Fancies, and Devices. 
The last Edition, with two Tables ; the one expounding the most hard 
English words : the other resolving the most delightful! Fictions of 
the Heathen Poets. London^ Printed for Humphrey Moseley^ at the 
Prince's Anns in St, Pauls Church-yard. 1658. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 12 leaves ; a, 4 leaves ; B — P in twelves. The present appears to be the 
fifth edition of this popular miscellany, and no other copy is known. From Mn 
Inglis's library. 

The volume is in the original sheep binding, with many uncut leaves. 

ACOSTA, Joseph de. Historia natural y moral de las Indias en 
que se tratan las cosas notables del cielo, y elementos, metales, plan- 
tas, y animales dellas : y los ritos, y ceremonias, leyes y gouiemo, y 
guerras de los Indios. Seuilla en casa de Juan de Leon. 1 590. 4to. 

Pp. I— 535, including title and 18 leaves of table. 

The Naturall and Morall Historie of the East and West Indies. 

Intreating of the remarkeable things of Heaven, of the Elements, 
Mettalls, Plants and Beasts which are proper to that Country : To- 
gether with the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, Govemements, and 
Warres of the Indians. Written in Spanish by loseph Acosta, and 
translated into English by E[dward] G[rimeston]. London Printed 


by Val : Sints for Edward Blount atid William Aspley. 1604. 


A, 4 leaves, the first blank ; A — b in fours, b 4 blank ; B — Pp in eights. 

This English version is dedicated by the translator to Sir Robert Cecil, Vis- 
count Cranbome. 

ACT. Anno. xxxv. Reginae. An Act to retain the Queens 

Majesties Subjects in their due Obedience. No place, printer's name, 

or date. {Lofidon, 1662.] 4to. 

Four leaves. " This is the Aclt by which Freindes were tryed, both at the Old 
Bayly, London, and in Southwark, contrary to there new made Actt of '62, which is 
as folio weth." — MS. fiote at foot of title in a contemporary hand. 

ACTES de la dispute et conference tenue A Paris, fes mois de 

Juillet, & Aoust, 1566. Entre deux docteurs de Sorbonne, & deux 

Ministres de T^glise reform^e. A Strasbourg, par Pierre Estiard. 

1566. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preface 8 leaves, pp. 17-325. Table 3 pages. An account of this 
volume will be found in Haag, " La France Protestante." Vol. vL p. 233. The 
preface was written by Jean de FEspine. 




ACTORS' REMONSTRANCE. The Actors' Remonstrance, or 

Complaint: for the Silencing of their profession and banishment 

from the severall Play-houses. In which is fully set downe their 

grievances for this restraint ; especially since Stage-playes, only of 

all publike recreations, are prohibited ; the exercise of the Beares 

CoUedge, and the motions of Puppets being still in force with vigour. 

As it was presented in the names and behalfes of all our London 

Comedians to the great God Phoebus- Apollo and the nine Heliconian 

Sisters, on the top of Pernassus, by one of the Masters of Requests to 

the Muses for this present month. And published by their command 

in print by the Typograph Royall of the Castalian Province. 1643. 

London, Printed for Edw. Nickson. lanuar. 24, 1643. 4to. 

Four leaves. Only one other copy seems to be on record. The tract has been 
reprinted in fee-simile by Mr. Ashbee, and it is also included in the ^' Old English 
Drama and Stage" (Roxburghe Library). 

ACTUS. Der Actus, vnnd hendlung der Degradation vnd 
Aerprennung d' Christliche dreyen Ritter vnd Merterer, Augustiner 
ordes geschehen zu Brussel \p. oi\ 1523. 4to. 

Four leaves. 


ACUNA, P. Christoval DE. Nuevo descubrimiento del gran rio 

de las Amazonas. For el Padre Chrst6val de Acuna, Religioso de la 

Compania de lesus, y Calificador de la Suprema General Inquisicion. 

Al qual fue, y se hizo por orden de su Magestad, el aflo de 1639. 

por la provincia de Quito en los Reynos del Perii. Con licencia ; En 

Madrid^ en la Imprenta del Reyno^ aflo de 1641. 4to. R. M. 

This, though undoubtedly a book of uncommon occurrence and considerable 
interest, as detailed in the Grenville Catalogue, can hardly be of the extreme rarity 
ascribed to it by Senor Salvi. M. de Gomberville, who published a French trans- 
lation of it in 1682, believed that only two copies were extant, one being that which 
he used for his translation^ and the other belonging to the Vatican Library. Gal- 
lardo, in the *' Ensayo de una Bib. EspafLola," col. 25, t i, quotes the Repertorio 
Americano, Lond. 1826, v. i., where the writer expresses his belief that only four 
copies were to be found in the world See Salvd, tom. 1 1, p. 578. 

AD POPVLVM : or, A Lecture to the People. Printed in the 
Yeare 1644. 4to. 

A— C 2 in fours, C 2 blank. In verse. This has been ascribed to Peter Hausted, 
and occasionally to Cowley. 

ADAMS, John. The Tryal, Condemnation, and Execution of 
the Bloody Servant, Or, a Full and True Relation of the Barbarious 
Murther lately Committed in Shropshire by one John Adams. . . . 
London^ Printed in the Year 1674. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

ADAMS, John Quincey. An Oration delivered at Plymouth, 

[New England] December 22, 1802, at the anniversary commemoration 

of the landing of our ancestors at that place. Boston^ 1802. 8vo. 

Pp. 32. On the title-page is, ^ Hon. John Davis, Esq. From his friend and 
very humble serv^ John Q. Adams.** 

ADAMSON, John. Ta rw Moi/<rify Ei<ro3ia : The Mvses Welcome 
to the High and Mighty Prince lames By the Grace of God King of 
Great Britaine France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c At his 
Majesties happie retume to his olde and natiue Kingdome of Scot- 
land, after 14 yeeres absence. In Anno 1617. Digested according to 
the order of his Majesties Progresse, By I. A. Soli sic pervius orbis. 
Imprinted at Edinburgh, 1618. Cum privilegio Regis Majestatis. 

Tide-page, preceded by a leaf with a woodcut portrait of James, dedication 
to the King by Adamson, &c., 4 leaves. A — Dd, 2 leaves each, and between L 
and M an extra leaf, immarked and unpaged : £ e — Ddd in fours. [A new tide :] 
Planctus & vota Musarum in Avgvstissimi monarchae lacobi Magnae Britanniae, 
&C. Recessu h Scotia in Angliam, Augusti 4, anno 161 7. Edinbvrgi : Excudebat 
Andreas Hart, Anno 1618. Cum Privilegio & Gratia Regiae Majestatis, A to C 2 in 
fours, last leaf blank. 


A series of tributes from all the persons of note in Scotland, including Drum- 
mond, Craig of Rose Craig, &c, in prose and in verse. The present was the Savile 
copy, and is in the original calf binding, with gilt comers and the Royal Arms in 
the centres. 

It is not generally known that the title-page and preliminary leaves were printed 
twice, but in the library is a second copy of the volume with the following title : 
tk rm umM-m bM^, The Mvses Welcome. ... At His M. Happie Retume to 
his old and Native Kingdome of Scotlande, after XI 1 1 1, yeers absence in Anno 
1617. . . . Edinbvrgh, Printed by Thomas Finlason, Printer to his most excellent 
Maiestie. 161 8." Here, besides the Latin motto, there is the same in Greek ; the 
dedication occupies two leaves instead of one, and the Greek verses, which in the 
Savile copy are printed on the back of the dedication, are transferred to the verso 
of the fourth leaf, Finlason's monogram being substituted for Hart's. The rec^o of 
the same leaf has a quotation from Menander, which does not occur in the other 
issue, making five preliminary leaves altogether, in place of four. Moreover, be- 
tween L and M the duplicate copy possesses y2wr ex^ra unpaged leaves y containing 
the Latin speech of John Hay at Edinburgh, &c., whereas in the copy from the 
Savile collection there is merely the single leaf already noticed. Otherwise the two 
exactly correspond. 

ADAMSON, Patrick. The Recantation of Maister Patrik 
Adamsone, sometime Archbishop of Saint-Androwes in Scotlande. 
1598. Sm. 8vo. 

A — C in fours, or 12 leaves. 

Without place and printer's name. The three pages, which follow the title of 
this exceedingly rare tract, are occupied by The Printer to the Reader; the Recan- 
tation itself, dated April 8, 1591, contains 11 pp., and the last four leaves of the 
volume have '* Maister Patrike Adamsones owen answere and refutation of the 
Buke falslie called the Kings Declaration." Adamson has an acrostic and epigram 
before James I.'s " Essays of a Prentice," 4to. 1584. 

ADDISON, Joseph. Works. Edited by Richard Hurd, In 
six volumes. London. . . . 181 1. 8vo. Large paper. Portrait. 

ADELPHUS, Johannes. Die Tiirckisch Chronica von irem 
vrsprung anefang vnd regiment, biss vff disc zeit, sampt yre kriegen 

vnd streyten mit den christen begangen, Erbamrklich \sic\ zu lesen. 
Gedruckt zu Strassburg durch . , . Martin flach. 1513. Folio. 

Barbarossa. Ein warhafftige beschreibug des lebens vnd der 

geschichtc. Reiser friderichs des erstc, genat Barbarossa. Durch 
Johanne adelffum statartzt zu Schaffhausen. Erstmals in latin 
versamlet vss alien glaubwirdigen geschrifften vnd hystorien der alten 
chronicken. Vnd aber ietzo in tiische zungen triilich bracht. Getruckt 
. . . in . . Strassburg von Johanne Griieninger. 1520. Folio. 
WoodcutSy R. M. 

A. 4 leaves, B. to M. in sixes, N. 4 leaves. The pagination is very incorrect. 

Historia von Rhodis — ^see Caoursin. 


ADMONITION. An Admonition to the Parliament. [This is 
the headline of a portion of the volume. Printed abroad^ 1572,] Sm. 
8vo. Black Utter. R. 

A — D 4 in eights. 

The present very rare piece commences with a Preface '' To the godly Readers, 
Grace and peace from God," &c. At A ij begins *^ V An Admonition to the Parlia- 
ment,* which proceeds as far as the verso of A 7. At A 8 recto occurs a new head- 
ing, the old running-title, "An Admonition," &c., being retained. "A view of 
Popishe abuses yet remayning in the Englishe Church, for the which Godly Minis- 
ters have refused to subscribe," which occupies to the recto of C At C verso occurs 
^ To the Christian Reader, health in the Lorde,'' in which there is an apology for 
suppressing the names of the writers and printer of the two foregoing tracts, followed 
by a Preface to two annexed Epistles, one to Dr. Parkhurst, Bishop of Norwich, 
from Rodolph Gualter, the other from Theodore Beza to Bishop Grindal, both 
dated 1566, and the latter running to the end of the book, except eight short verses 
unsigned, which form the conclusion. This book is described by Herbert, p. 1631. 
See also ibid, 1632. A full account of it will also be found in Neal's '^ History of the 
Puritans," voL i., p. 231, where we read that " the authors themselves (Mr.' Field, 
minister of Aldermary, London, assisted by Mr. Wilcox) presented it to the House, 
for which they were sent for into custody, and by the influence of the Bishops 
conmiitted to Newgate, October 2, 1572." 

An Admonition to the Bishoppes of Winchyster, London and 

others, Sc. [Text from Eccles. v.] From Roane by Michael Woad^ 

Anno. M.D. liiL the first of October. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

A in eights, or 8 leaves. 

See ** BibL Grenvill." L 3, where it is said that this tract was ** probably written 
by John Bale, Bishop of Ossory." It was doubtless printed abroad, as it professes 
to be ; but it is scarcely likely to have been Bale's. 

ADY, Thomas, M. A. A Candle in the Dark : or, A Treatise 

concerning the Nature of Witches and Witchcraft : Being Advice to 

Judges, Sheriflfes, Justices of the Peace and Grand- Jury-men, what to 

do, before they passe sentence on such as are Arraigned for their 

Lives as Witches. London, Printed for R. I to be sold by Tho, New- 

berry . . . 1656. 4to. 

A — Y 2 in fours, title on A 2. 

iELIANUS. Variae Historiae libri xiiii. Ex Heraclide de rebus 
publicis Commentarium. Polemonis Physionomia. Adamantii Phy- 
sionomia. Melampodis ex Palpitationibus diuinatio. De Neuis. 
[Graec^.] Ronta. 1545. 4to. R. M. 

iENEAS SYLVIUS. Pii ppe seciidi. Bulla retractationu olm 
dudu p eum in minoribus adhuc agetem pro. Concilio Basilien. t con 
Eugenium summii pdtificem scriptorum Incipit feliciter. — [Ejusdem 
auctoris, Tractatus de curialium miseria]. [Sine ullA notd], 4to. 

BR. m.* 

Thirty-six leaves. 

The two pieces contained in this volume are attributed by Hain and Panzer to 

10 jEnea s—^ s op us. 


the press of Ulric Zell at Colog^ie, and are among his earliest productions. The 
Bulla retractationum consists of 1 1 leaves, and the treatise De miseria curialium of 
25 leaves. Though they were probably printed together, they are described sepa- 
rately by Hain and Panzer. Brunet describes the first tract as consisting of 36 
leaves, having evidently taken his description from a volume containing the two 
pieces without noticing the second, though he mentions it afterwards in a note. 

iENEAS SYLVIUS. Le Remede Damour Compose par Eneas 
Silvius Aultrement dit pape Pie segond. Translate de latin en Fran- 
coys par Maistre Albin des auenelles chanoine de leglise de soissons. 
Auec aulcunes addicions de Baptiste Matuen. Imprime a parts pd 
Jetid log libraire demourat a la 1 1 . porte du palays, \5. d"] 4to. B/acA 

letter. O. M. 

Fourteen leaves. From Charles Nodier's collection. 

The goodly History of the moste noble and beautyful Ladye 

Lucres of Scene in Tuskan, & of her lover Eurialus verye pleasaunt 
and delectable vnto the reder. Anno Domini M. D. LX. [Col..] 
Imprinted at London^ by John Kyiige, Sm. 8vo. Black letter, G. M. 

A — H in eights. 

In prose, except a sort of Envoy on the last page, headed " Le. A. to the Reder." 
This is the only copy known. From the collections of Mr. Steevens and Mr. 

'' A boke intituled of ij lovers Euryalus and Lucressie, pleasaunt and delectable,'' 
was licensed to W. Norton in 1 569-70. 

The edition of the " Goodly History," printed by Copland in 1567, is reprinted 
in Mr. Gibbs's Roxburghe Club book, 1873. 

iESCH YLUS. iEschyli Tragoediae sex. Venetiis in cedibus Aldi 
et Andrece Soceri, 1518. Mense Februario. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Editio princeps. A — N in eights, O ten leaves. From the library of the Rev. 
C H. Craufurd. 

TRAGCEDIiE [graced, ex recognitione A. Tumebi]. Typis 

Regiis. Paris. 1552. 8vo. O. M. 

From the library of the Rev. Theod. Williams. 

Tragoediae (Graeci). Glasglnae ; excud, Andreas Foiilis. 

1795. Folio. Large paper. R. M. 

A set of Flaxman's designs printed at the same date as the book, is inserted in 
this copy. 

iESOPUS. FABULiE SELECTiE, graced et latin^, ex interpre- 
tatione Rynuccii Thettali, editae d Bono Accurso. Regii impressum 
per Dionysium bertochum. 1497. 4to. R. M. 

^Vita et Fabulae 148 ; [graeci.] Bartholomoei Pelusii Jtistino- 

politani, Gabr. Bracii brasic/iellensis^ Joan. Bissoli^ et Benedicti Mangii 
sumptibus impressa [ Ve^tetiis, 1498]. 4to. R. M. 

^ SOP us. II 

iESOPUS. Vita et Fabellae iEsopi [graecfe] cum interpretatione 
latina, etc Gabriae fabellae tres & quadraginta ex trimetris iambis, 
praeter ultimam ex Scazonte, cum latina interpretatione. Phumutus 
seu, ut alii, Cumutus de natura deorum. Palaephatus de non credendis 
historiis. Heraclides Ponticus de allegoriis apud Homerum. Ori 
Apollinis niliaci hyeroglyphica. Collectio proverbiorum Tarrhaei & 
Didymi, item eorum quae apud Sudam {sic), aliosqj habentur per ordi- 
nem literarum. Ex Aphthonii exercitamentis de fabula Prisciano 
interprete. Apologus iEsopi de Cassita apud Gellium. Venetiis, apud 
Aldum mise Octobri. 1505. Folio. O. M. 

Mythologia iEsopica. In qua iEsopi Fabulae Graeco-latinae 

ccxcvii. quarum cxxxvi. prim^m prodeunt Accedunt Babriae Fabulae 
etiam auctiores opera et studio Is. Nic NeveletL Francofurtu i6ia 
Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

Fabularum iEsopicarum Collectio, quotquot graced reperi- 

untur, curi Mariani (Johannis Hudson!). Accedit Interpretatio 
Latina. OxonuB^ i Typograpluo Clarendoniano, 1718. Svo. Large 
paper. R. M. 

Vita [et Fabulae] Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi e greco latina 

per Rimicium facta ad reverendissimu patrem dominu Anthoniu Tituli 

sancti Chrisogoni prespiterum Cardinalem. [Sine uUd notd.] Folia 

Woodcuts. BL. M. 

This is the edition ascribed to Antony Sorg of Augsburg, and is believed to 
be the earliest with the designs which were so frequently copied with greater or 
less variation. It consists of 130 leaves, the last being blank. From the Yemeniz 

Vita [et Fabulae] Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi e greco latina 

per Rimicium facta ad reverendissimum patrem dominu Anthoniu 
tituli sancti Chrysogoni presbiterum Cardinalem. [Sine ulld notd,] 
Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

This edition has 1 14 leaves, with 42 lines to a page. The woodcuts are taken 
from those in the edition of 130 leaves. They have sometimes lost in the copying, 
but many of them, on the other hand, are much better drawn and engraved than 
those from which they are copied. 

The large portrait of i€lsop, on the verso of the first leaf, and the text on the recto 
of A II, are each surrounded by a fine woodcut border. 

Vita [et Fabulae] Esopi fabulatoris clarissimi e greco latina 

per Rinucium facta ad reverendissimu Patrem Dominu Anthoniu 

tituli sancti Chrysogoni presbiterum Cardinalem, [Sine ulld notd.] 

Folio. Woodcuts. R. 

This edition consists also^f 1 14 leaves, but has 43 lines to a page. The wood- 
cuts are copied from one of the two preceding editions and are reversed. Panzer 

12 jESOP. 

does not mention any edition of 114 leaves, and Hain describes only one edition 
with that number, which he does not identify by giving the number of lines to a 
page, but he appears to have had this edition of 43 lines before him. Brunet also 
appears to have been unacquainted with either of these editions with 1 14 leaves. 

iESOP. Esopi appologi sive mythologi cum quibusdam carminum 

ct fabularum additionibus Sebastiani Brant. [Colophon.] — Mytlwlogi 

Esopi clarissimi fabiilatoris : una cum Aviani et Remicii quibusdam 

fabulis : per Sebastianum Brant nuper revisi: additisque per eum ex 

variis autoribus, centum circiter x qucuiraginta elegantissimis fabcllis, 

facetis dictis^ et versibus : ac mudi ntofistruosis copluribus creaturis: 

Impressi Basilee opera et impensa magistri Jacobi de Pfortzkeim. 1 501. 

Folio. Woodcuts, Bound in two volumes. BL. M. 

The signatures a, b, d, f, h, k, m, and o have eight leaves each, while c, e, g, i, I, n, 
and p to s are in sixes ; the last leaf of sig. s. is blank. Then begins a new alphabet. 
A I has an epigram by Brandt on the recto^ and a woodcut on the verso. A, B, £, 
Gy I, have 8 leaves each. C, D, F, H, K, six each, and L and M are in fours. 

Esopo Hystoriado. [Colophon.] Stampado i Venetia per 

Maestro Manfredo de Bottello de Streuo da Monteferato. 1 508. adi, 

XX. de Decetnbrio. 4to. Woodaits. o. M. 

A to I 7, in eights. This edition is in verse, in Latin and Italian. This copy 
has belonged successively to Mr. Hibbert and Mr. Utterson. 

Libro del sabio & clarissimo fabulador ysopo hystoriado & 

annotado. Sevilla por Jacobo cronberger aleman. 1521. Folio. Wood- 
cuts. Black letter, R. M. 

This edition appears to be hitherto undescribed by bibliographers. There were 
three earlier impressions in Spanish. The first was printed at Saragossa in 1489. 
A second at Tolosa in the same year, the only copy known of which was described 
in a catalogue of Messrs. Payne and Foss in 1824. A third at Burgos in 1496, of 
which a copy is in the Paris Library. The next edition known to Brunet or Salvd is 
that of Seville, 1 526. The present copy is in the most perfect condition. The title is 
printed within an ornamental border surmounted by four woodcuts containing sub- 
jects from the life of i£sop. The title forms folio i, and the text runs from ii to 

Faules de Isop, filosof moral preclarissim, y de altres 

famosos autors. Corregidas de nou, 6 historiades ab major claredat, 
que fins vuy se sien vistes. Preceheix la vida de Isop, dividida en 
Capitols, y en Estampas representada. Barcelona, \s, a,] Sqr. 8vo. 

Les subtiles fables de Esope. Auec celles de Auien : & 

Alfonce. Ensembles les Joyeusetes de Poge Florentin. Imprimees a 
Lyon a la Sphere clieux Gilles et Jerques Huguetan freres, 1 540. 4to. 
Black letter. Woodcuts, 

The Fables of Esop, in English. With all his life and 

fortune, how hee was Subtill, Wise, and born in Greece, not far from 

yESOP. 13 

Troy the great, in a Towne named Amonio. He was of all other men 
most deformed, and evill shapen : for he had a great Head, a larg[e] 
Visage, long lawes, sharp Eyes, a short Necke, crooke-backed, great 
Belly, great Legs, larg[e] Feet. And yet that which was worse he 
was dumb, and could not speake. But notwithstanding this, he had a 
singular Wit, and was very ingenious and subtill in cavillations, and 
pleasant in words, after he came to his speech. Whereunto are added 
the Fables of Avian : and also the Fable of Alphonce, with the Fables 
of Poge the Florentine, very pleasant to be read. London, Printed by 
F. B. for Andrew Hebb, at the signe of the Bell in St, Pauls Church^ 
Yard. 1647. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

A — M in eights. 

A copy of this very rare volume is in the British Museum, but it was only 
acquired lately by purchase. This is the last edition of the version originally printed 
by W. Caxton in 1483, of which only one perfect copy is known. So far as can now 
be ascertained, the book passed through nine impressions between 1483 and 1647, 
and of these the greater part survive in copies reputed to be unique. 

iESOP. The Phrygian Fabulist : or. The Fables of i£sop : Ex- 
tracted from the Latine Copie, and moraliz'd. By Leonard Willan Gent 

Puerilia Ludibria 
Hominutn Studia. 

London, Printed by W. D. for Nicolas Bourne at the South Entrance 

of the Roial-Exchange, 1650. Sm. 8vo. R. 

A — N in fours, title on A 2, and a, 8 leaves between A and B. With a portrait, 
of Willan by Cross, similar to that in his Astrcea. 

The Fables of i£sop paraphrased in Verse: Adom'd with 

Sculpture, and illustrated with Annotations. By John Ogilby, Esq. ; 

Master of His Majesties Revells in the Kingdom of Ireland. London^ 

Printed by Thomas Roycroft^for the Author, M. DC. LXV. Folio. R. 

Title, I leaf; Dedication to Thomas, Earl of Ossory, i leaf; Privil^;e, i leaf; 
Sigs. B and C, 2 leaves each, D — Ff 2 in fours. With a frontispiece by Hollar, 
and 82 plates (Nos. 14 and 15 on one plate) by him and others. 

iEsopics: or A Second Collection of Fables, Paraphras'd 

in Verse : Adom'd with Sculpture .... London, Printed by Thomas 

Roy croft, for the A uthor, M. DC LX VIIL Folio. R. 

This is bound up with the first part. Title and privilege (same date as former), 
2 leaves ; B to D, 2 leaves each ; £ to I i 2, in fours. With 68 plates by Hollar 
and Gaywood. The fables end on p. 129, the rest of the volume being occupied 
by the story of Androclus and the Ephesian Matron. 

iEsop's Fables with his Life : in English, French, & Latin. 

The English by Tho. Philipott Esq ; The French and Latin by Rob. 
Codrington M.A. Illustrated with One hundred and Twelve Sculp- 
tures by Francis Barlow. London, Printed by William Godbid for 

14 jESOP. 

Francis Barlow^ and are to be sold by Ann Seile at tlie Black-Boy against 
St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet, and Edward Powell at tlie Swan 
in Little Britain, M. DC. LXVI. Folio. O. M. 

Printed and engraved titles, 2 leaves ; Dedication to Sir Francis Pruijan, 
Knight, and to the Reader, 2 leaves ; the Life o/jEsop^ B — L, 2 leaves each, be- 
sides a plate, containing a portrait of i£sop, surrounded by animals : the Life, in 
French, B — I, 2 leaves each : the same, in Latin, B — E, 2 leaves each, and a leaf of 
F : the work, F 2 — Ppp., 2 leaves each. The engravings are on the letter-press. 

This is the first edition of Barlow's i£sop, and is valuable on account of the 
brilliancy of the impressions. 

iESOP. iEsop's Fables with his Life: in English, French, and Latin. 
Newly translated. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twelve Sculp- 
tures. To this Edition are likewise added. Thirty-one New Figures 
representing his Life. By Francis Barlow. London^ Printed by H. 
Hills jun, for Francis Barlow ^ and are to be sold by Chr, Wilkinson . . 
. . Tho, Fox .... and Hetiry Faitliome ... M. DC Lxxxvil. Folio. 
Large paper. R. 

Frontispiece and printed title, 2 leaves ; arms of the Earl of Devonshire, i leaf ; 
Dedication to the Earl, i leaf ; To the Reader, with the plate of i£sop and the 
j^nimaU on the versOy i leaf ; Life of iCsop, in English, B to L, 2 leaves each ; 
31 plates illustrating the same ; B to L, 2 leaves each ; Vita iEsopi, B to E, 2 
leaves each ; and i page (F recto) : the fables in English verse and French 
and Latin prose, with a prose French moral, pp. 2-221 : Table, 2 pages. The last 
page is blank. 

In this edition, the Dedication to the Earl of Devonshire has been substituted 
for that to Sir Francis Pruijan. The triglot Life of iCsop and the frontispiece 
(except the letter-press) are the same, the English Life being, indeed, a paginary 
re-issue. The French text of the Fables differs considerably from that in the edition 
of 1666, and the engraved English verses beneath the plates have been entirely re- 

Select Fables of iEsop and other Fabulists. In Three 

Books. [Quot from Paradise Lost.] Birmingham^ Printed by John 

Baskervile for R. and J. Dodsley . . . 1764. 8vo. R. M. 

Preliminary matter Ixxviii. pages, besides the title-page, i leaf, the table, 14 
unpaged leaves, and 16 plates separate from the letter-press. Text, pp. 186. 

The Fables of iEsop, with a Life of the Author : and Em- 
bellished with one hundred and twelve Plates. London, Printed for 
John Stockdale . . . 4/A June, 1793. Royal 8vo. 2 vols. Large 

Het wonderlijcke ende genoeghlijke Leven van Esopus. Met 

zijn Fabulen. f Amsterdam. Gedruckt by Isaac vander Putte \s. a.] Sm. 
8vo. Woodcuts. 

Vitta (sic) Esopi. [At the end.] Clarissimi fabulatoris Esopi 

vita feliciter finit Impressum Vcnctiisper Manfredum de monteferato 
de sustreuo de botullis. 1492. die. XXVii Martii. 4to. Woodcuts. 


A to D in eights ; £, 10 leaves. This edition is in Latin and Italian. The first 
leaf is blank on the recto, and the verso bears simply the words " Vitta Esopi" over 
a large woodcut. It contains the Life of i£sop only, without the fables. 

AFRICA. Copia de una lettera venuta dal campo d* Africa 
che narra dal principio in fino a la venuta di Dragut & sua rotta. 
\Sen£ akuna data]. 4to. 

AGES OF SIN. The Ages of Sin or Sinnes Birth & Growth. 

With the Stepps and Degrees of Sin from thought to finall Im- 

penitencie. [London, T. ymner, circa 1655.] 4to. G. M. 

Nine leaves. A series of nine plates by Ja. v. Lochen, with verses beneath. 
From Mr. Corser's library. 

AGRIPPA, Camillo. Trattato di scientia d'Arme, con vn dia- 
logo di RlosoRa. In Rama per Antonio Blado. 1553. 4to. R. M. 

Title and preface 3 leaves, followed by a plate. Folios 1-70, and " Tavola " i leaf. 

The plates in this volume are said to be from the designs of Michael Angelo 
Buonarotti, and in a copy formerly in the possession of Sig. Molini at Florence, and 
afterwards in the hbrary of Mr. Seymour Kirkup, was an inscription to that eiffect, 
said to be in the autograph of Torquato Tasso. ^ Le figure intagliate da Michel- 
angelo Bonarotti," which would seem to ascribe the engraving, as well as the designs, 
to that artist. 

Henrie Cornelius Agrippa, of the vanitie and vncertaintie 

of Artes and Sciences, Englished by Ja[mes] San[ford] Gent. [Quot 
from Eccles. i.] Seen and allowed. . . . Imprinted at London, by 
Henry Wykes, dwelling in Fleete streat, at the signe of tlie blacke 
EUpkant. Anno, I s6g. 4to. Black letter. 

Title, table, and dedication, four leaves ; A — Ebb in fours, the last leaf occupied 
only by the Errata. Dedicated by the translator to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, 
whose arms gartered, with 4 lines of verse beneath, are on the back of the title. 

From Mr. G. Smith's collection. 

ALABASTER, GUL. Roxana, Tragcedia, a plagiarii unguibus 
vindicata, aucta, et agnita ab authore. Londini. 1632. Sm. 8vo. 
Frontispiece by Gaywood. 

ALAMODE CATECHISM (The). Very necessary to be learned 

by young Persons, but more especially those w[h]o would attain to 

the Height of the Mode. Containing thirty notable Questions and 

Answers. . . . Printed for T. Evans. \n. d^ Sm. 8vo. 

Four leaves. With a conm[ion cut on the title. A very rare and curious prose 
chap-book, illustrating the manners of the English under the early Georges, and 
written in a very unconstrained style. 

ALARDUS AMSTELREDAMUS. Passio Domini nostri Jesu 
Christi, siue Scopus meditationis Christianas, ex optimis quibusq^ 
poetis cristlanis, iisq^ vetustissimis concinnatus. Apud sacrosanctum. 


religiosumtf Amstelredamum nobile totius Hollandice emporiu. [Dodo 
Petrus typographus\ Anno 1523. Sm. 8vo. 63 woodcuts, bl. M. 

Eighty leaves. Sigs. A to K. 

The engravings in this volume are signed with the monogram which is by 
Passavant, v. 3, p. 24, interpreted as the mark of Jacob Comelisz van Oostsanen 
dans le Waterland ;" but he appears to have been quite ignorant of the existence of 
this volume. It has usually been cited as the earliest book printed at Amsterdam ; 
but more than one other volume has been adduced which was probably printed 
in that city before 1 500. A volume which I lately met with has certainly a claim 
to this distinction. The title reads: ''Hier beghint dat leuen ons liefis heren 
ihesu cristi ;" and on the last leaf we find : ''Hier endet dat leuen ons heren en 
is geprent tot amstelredam in holl3.t. Bi mi Hugo Jansoen v§ woerden/' It is 
undescribed by Campbell or Holtrop, and neither of these bibliographers appears to 
be aware that Hugo Jansen' printed any book at Amsterdam. Holtrop, after de- 
scribing the few books which he printed at Leyden, remarks that at the beginning 
of the sixteenth century he carried his presses to Delft The types with which the 
volume is printed appear to be identical with those which he employed for an 
edition of the same book at Leyden, also without date, but assigned by Campbell to 
the year 1498. It agrees with it also in containing 206 leaves, with 20 lines to a 
full page. 

ALARME TO ENGLAND (An) : or, a Waming-Piece to the 
Inhabitants of Great Britain : Being a certain Prediction of great 
Calamities yet to ensue, to the end they may humble their soules 
before God, ere their finall destruction. London: Printed for W. 
Ley, 1647. 4^o« 

Four leaves. Without any regular tide-page. 

ALARVM FOR LONDON; or, The Siedge of Antwerpe. 
With the ventrous actes and valorous deeds of the lame Soldier. As 
it hath been playde by the right Honorable the Lord Charberlaine 
\5ic\ his seruants. London^ Printed for William Ferbrand^ and are 
ta be sold at his shop in Popes^head Alley, ouer against tlie Taveme 
doore, nere the Royall-Exchange, 1602. 4to. 

A — G 2 in fours. 

ALBANUS, (Sanctus.) De incliti et gloriosi ptomartyris Anglie 

Albani : quem in germania et gallia Albinii vocat : c5uersione. passioe. 

traslatione et miraculorum choruscatione. [Coloftia circa 1 502]. 4to. 

This edition is dedicated to Henry VII. of England, and the subscription to 
the Dedication supplies the date, which indicates pretty nearly the time at which it 
was printed. In the tract we read that the church of St Pantaleon, at Cologne, 
possessed a shrine dedicated to St. Alban. This church was turned into a barrack 
by the Prussians in 1820, and the shrine was transferred to the church of St. Mary, 
where it still remains. 

stlich heiligkeit vnd Kayserliche Maiestat. Curfursten vnd Fursten 
des heiligen Romischen reichs sambt gemeiner RitterschafTt, vn des 


heilige reicfas Stetten, den zu kiinflftigen schaden der christenheit, 
moge ermesse vn wo sie wolle, denselbigen gar leichtliche furkomen. 
Gedrucki zu Nurmberg^ 1512. 4to. 

Generalis Condlii ex parte Principum. Impressum Norinbergep • . . 
Jaanni Weyssenburger. 15 12. 4to. 

The matter to which this piece, and that which precedes it, refer, is very clearly 
set out by Panser ; but, as he remarks, it would not be easy to guess the contents of 
the publication from the title. His description is so excellent, that one is induced 
to give it in fuU .* — 

** Ans dem TItel dieser Schrift wiirde der Inhalt derselben wohl nicht zu errathen 
seyn. £s enthalt dieselbe aber nichts anders, als eine sehr dringende Vorstellung 
des damaligen Hochmeisters von Preussen, Albrechts, Marggraven von Brandenburg 
an den Pabst, and an das ganze deutsche Reich, worinn er sie um Schutz wider den 
Kdnig von Pohlen Sigismundum bittet Der KOnig von Pohlen verlangte nemlich, 
dass ihn der Hochmdster huldigen sollte* verm5ge eines Versprechens, das des 
Hochmeisters Bnider, Casimir, dem K5nig gethan hatte. Deswegen bittet nun der 
Hochmeister dass sich der Pabst und der Kayser des Ordens annehmen m6cbte. 
Voran stdiet etne kurze Geschichte des Ordens. Dann werden, ^ die drey beschwer- 
lichen artigkd so der K5nig von polen vom Orden begert,' angeftihrt, und endlich 
werden die Ursachen angezeigt, warum der Pabst und das Reich den orden in 
Schutz nehmen solL"— Panzsr, AnnaUn der dUem deutschen Litteratur. 

ALBERTUS, LEO BAPTISTA. De re aedificatoria. [Colo- 
phon.] Leonis BaptisUB Alberti Florentini viri clatissimi de re Aedifi- 
catoria opus eiegdHssimu et qn&nuucifne {sic) utile: F lor entice accuratis- 
sime impressum opera Mugistri Nicolai Laurentii Alamanii Anno 
scdutis Millesimo octuagesimo quinto: [1485] quarto Kalendas lanw 

arias. Folia Y. M. 

Editio princeps. 

rArchitecture et Art de bien bastir, diuis^ en dix Iiures, 

traduicts de Latin en Francois, par deffunct Ian Martin. A Paris, Par 

y agues Keruer. 1553. Folio. 

This beautiful volume affords the most perfect specimen that can be desired 
of the binding of Henry II. of France and Diana of Poictiers. The sides are 
tooled to an elaborate design in admirable taste, picked out with white, red, 
blue, and green, disposed in a most harmonious manner. The obverse is tooled 
with the three inteilaced crescents at each comer, and in the side compartments 
the H crowned, is alternated with two D's interlaced. In the centre is a crowned 
scutcheon bearing the three lilies on a blue ground, beneath which is a crowned H 
on each side of a crescent. The tooling of the reverse is identical, except that the 
centre is occupied with two D's interlaced with two crescents, surrounded by four 
fleurs-de-lis. The back is in six compartments, in which the two D's and the three 
crescents interlaced, alternate. The edges preserve the original gilding, with coloured 
compartments, in which are gauffered the monogram hD and a crown. Suffice it 
to add that the whole volume is as fresh as though it had lain undisturbed by curious 
hands since the day that the binder had finished his work. 

ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Incipit . prologus . in . opus . virginis, 



gloriose • editum • a • domino . Albertho • thetonico . qui . alio . 
nomine . magnus . Albertus . vocatur. [At folio 67.] Prefacio . in . 
opusculum . de laudibus . beate . marie . virgins . \sic\ intitulatum . 
incipit feliciter. \Sine uUd notd.] Folio. 

Brunei has given this as two separate books, but the whole volume unquestion- 
ably proceeds from the same press, and was no doubt issued as one work. It is 
attributed to the press of Mentelin, about 1474, The first part occupies 66 leaves, 
the second 213. See Hain 461. 

ALBERTUS MAGNUS. Incipit . liber . Alberti . Magni . 
ordinis . predicatorvm . de . adherendo . Deo . nvdato . intellectv • 
et . afTectv . et . vltima . et . svprema . perfectione . hominis . 
quantvm . possibile . est [Sine ulld notd,] Folio. 

This volume contains, also, treatises by Gerson '' de remediis contra pusillanita- 
tem** & S. Bonaventura **de modo proficiendi & Brevis et utilis doctrina juvenum." 
It consists of 40 leaves, with 32 and 34 lines to the page. It is from the same press 
as the preceding article. See Hain 467. 

Albert* Magnus de secretis mulieru et virorum. Impressum 

Liptzk per Melchioretn Latter. Anno milUsimo qngentesimaquinto. 

[1505.] 4to. R. M. 

A — £ in sixes. 

ALCIATUS, Andreas. Alciati ad D. Chonradum Peutingerii 
Augrustanum Emblematum liber. Exaisum Augusta Vindelicorum^ 

per Heynricum Steynerum. 153 1. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

From Mr. Corser's Library. 

Inserted is an autograph letter from Dr. Dibdin to Sir Francis Freeling, pre- 
senting him with this volume. It is now generally aUowed that this is the first 
edition of this once popular book of emblems. Brunet quotes an edition of Milan, 
1522, as the earliest printed, but it is pretty certain that no such edition ever existed. 
A few years since an English bibliographer caused an advertisement to be inserted 
in English and foreign literary periodicals, offering a reward of fifty francs to 
any one who would produce a copy of a Milan edition dated 1522, or even point 
it out in some well-authenticated catalogue. A letter was shortly afterwards re- 
ceived from Berlin, saying that the edition was to be found named in one of the 
catalogues of the Royal Library in that city, and claiming the reward. The adver- 
tiser immediately wrote to a correspondent at Berlin asking him to ascertain if such 
were really the case, and received for answer that the edition certainly appeared in 
one of the catalogues, but it was the Catalogue of Desiderata ! 

Emblematum liber, iam denuo emendatus & recognitus. 

Augusta Vindelicorum. 1534. Sm. 8vo. Woodaits, Y. M. 

Emblematum libellus, uigilanter recognitus, & ia recins per 

Wolphgangum Hungerum Bauarum, rhythmis Germanicis versus. 
Paris^ apud Christianum Weclielum. 1 542. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts, R. M. 

Andreae Alciati Emblematum libellus. Lugduni lacobus 

Modemus excudebat. 1544* Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

A — H iv. in eights. On the title is a woodcut similar to the printer's mark used 
by Giunta of Venice, and on a scroll is the legend " In . domino confido . Jacobus . 


ALCIATUS, Andreas. Emblematum libellus, nuper in lucem 
editus. Venetiis, apud Aldi filios. 1546. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. Y. M. 

Livret des Emblemes, dc Maistre Andre Alciat, mis en rime 

fran^oyse [par Jeh. Lefevre]. A Paris^ en la maison de Chrestien 
weciuL 1536. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts, R. M. 

ALCILIA. Philoparthens louing Folly. Wherevnto is added, 
Pigmalions Image : with the Loue of Amos and Lavra. And also, 
Epigrammes, By Sir I. H[arington] and others. The Second Im- 
pression. London : Printed for Richard HawkinSy dwelling in Chan- 
cery-LanCy neere SarjeantsJnne. 1628. 4to. 

A — O in foorSy title on A 2. 

Tbere are separate titles to '^ Pigmalion's Image," which is Marston's poem, 
first printed in 1598, and to the ^ Love of Amos and Laura." This book, and this 
copy of it, is so fully described in Mr. Corser's Collectanea Anglo-Poetica^ part L 
pp. 26-27, that it seems useless to say more here. See also ilrid^ pp 15-26, and 
CoUier's^*^/. Cfl/.,Lii7. 

From the libraries of Mr. G. Chalmers, Mr. Jolley, and Mr. Corser. 

** This is the second edition ; the first was printed in 1619. Both are excessively 
rare, and neither occur in the collections of Steevens, Bindley, Perry, Sir M. M. 
Sykes, Hibbert, Rice, Heber, &c., nor in the Bibliotkeca Anglo-Poetica, Indeed, 
such is the rarity of the first poem, that Mr. Collier speaks of it in his Poetical De- 
cameron (voL iL p. 1 12} as ' quite a new discovery in Uie history of our poetry ; ' and 
says in another passage that it ' is a production hitherto unseen, and displays very 
considerable poetical talent' The only copy we can trace is the one we sold in the 
sale of Sir Francis Freeling's library, No. 176, for;^ 10 ^J'—Note in Mr, CkcUmer^s 
Catalogue^ 1842. But at least three other copies are now known. 

^Alalia" itself was first printed in 1595, and from the original copy of this 
edition, in the public library at Hamburg, a few copies were lately republished. 

Mr. Collier gives the initials J. C as those of the writer, but the Hamburg 
copy has J, G, — initials which it would be useless to attempt to appropriate without 
some collateral information. 

" Akilia" is advertised at the end of ^ Paris and Vienna," 1650, printed by W. 
Leake, as then on sale by him. It is described as ^ Alcillia, or Philotas loving 
Folly." 4to. 

ALDRETE, Bernardo. Varias antiguedades de Espana, Africa 
y otras provincias. En Amber es a costa de Juan Hasrey, 16 14. 4to. 
O. M. 

Titie and preliminaries, 12 leaves ; pp i — 640 ; table 36 leaves. 

From the library of Girardot de Pr^fond. Brunet speaks of plates, but there arc 
none besides the engraved titie and a small map on the text at p. 44. 

ALDUS. II perfetto gentil' haomo, scritto da Aldo MannuccL 
In Vinetia. 1584. 4to. 

ALE. Exaltatio Alae. TheEx-Ale-tationof Ale. Done into Verse 
by T. C. P. Anno Dom. 1666. Sm. 8vo. 

A — B in eights. In Latin and English. In 4-line stanzas. 

The Ex-Ale-tation of Ale. Written by a Learned Pen. 

London^ Printed by y. R. 1668. Sm. 8vo. 

Eight leaves. 


ALE-HOUSES. A Proclamation, with Articles of Direction 
thereunto annexed, concerning Ale-houses. London^ Printed by Ban- 
ham Norton and John Bill. . . . Anno i6i8. 4to. 

A — C 3 in fours, title on A 2. 

ALEMAN, Mateo. Ortografia Castellana. En Mexico en la im^ 
prenta de leronimo Balli. 1609. 4to. 

Title and other preliminaries, including a woodcut portrait of the author, 8 leaves. 
Folios I — 83 (sigs. B— Y in fours, the last leaf being blank). 

Brunet cites this book only on the authority of Antonio, but gives the date as 
1606, and the printer's name as Balbi. This edition of 1609 is, however, clearly 
the earliest. 

ALESIUS, Alex. An expediat laicis, legere novi Testamenti 
libros lingua Vemacula? Ad Sereniss. Scotiae R^em Jacobum V. 
Disputatio inter Alexandrum Alesium Scotum,& Johannem Cochlaeum 
Germanum. [^Sine loco."] 1533. Sm. 8vo. 

A — L vii. in eights. 

Cohortatio ad concordiam pietatis, ac doctrinae christians de- 

fensionem, missa in patriam suam. Lipsice. 1544. Sm. 8va 

A and B, 8 leaves each ; Q 10 leaves. 

ALEXANDER. Alexandri ab Alexandro Genialium dierum 
libri vi. cum notis variorum. Lugd. Bat. 1673. 2 vob. 8vo. 

ALEXANDER, Sir William. See Stirling, Earl of. 

ALEXANDRE LE GRAND. Sensqyt Ihistoire du tres vail- 
lant noble preux & hardy roy Alixandre le g^nt, iadis Roy et Seig- 
neur de tout le monde. XIIL On les vend a Paris en la rue neufue 
nostre dame a lenseigne de lescu de frace. [Colophon.] Cy finist 
Ihistoire du noble et vailldt roy Alixandre, iadis seigneur de tout le 
monde. Nouuellement imprime a paris par A lain Lotrian. Demourant 
en la rue neufue nostre dame. A lenseigne de lescu de France: [s.d.'l 

4to. G. M. 

This edition appears to have been quite unknown to M. Brunet It conasts of 
60 leaves thus composed : A, 8 leaves ; B — G, 4 leaves each ; H, 8 leaves ; I — N, 
4 leaves each. On the title is a large woodcut, and there are several throughout 
the book. It is printed in Gothic letters, with 34 lines to a full page. 

ALEXIS, GuiLLAU ME. He[re] begynneth an interlocucyon/ with 
an argument/ betwyxt man and woman/ & whiche of them could 
proue to be most excellct. [This title is over a woodcut represent- 
ing a man and woman conversing, with a tree between them, and a 
sort of band composed of flowers at top and bottom. At the end 
occurs Wynkyn de Worde's device. There is no colophon.] 4to. 
Black letter. BL. M. 

Four leaves. In 4-line stanzas. 


Both the cuts on the title-page and that on the reverse were used by De Worde 
and other typographers for many of their publications. This copy, which is supposed 
to be unique, is from the Caldecott and Daniel Collections. ^ The author feigns 
that as he was walking under the shade of trees, he heard a contention between a 
man and a woman as to the comparative excellency of the two sexes. The references 
and examples on both sides are chiefly scriptural The woman has the last wordJ* 
— MS. noU by Mr. DanUl on fly-leaf. 

This was one of De Worde^s later productions, and was probably not printed 
before 155a It is a translation from the French tract entitled, *^ Le D^bat de 
rhomme et de la fenmie*' (Poesies Francoises, i. i-io). 

ALEYN, Charles. The Battailcs of Crescey and Poictiers, 
Vnder the Fortunes and Valour of King Edward the third of that 
name, and his Sonne Edward Prince of Wales, named the Black. 
The second Edition, enlarged. By Charles Aleyn. Nee omniy nee ntUlu 
L&ndoHf Printed by Thomas Harper for Thomas Knight^ and are to be 
sold at his shop in Pauls Church-yardy at the Holy 'lamb. 1 63 3. Sm. 8vo. 

A — I in eights, first and last leaves blank, and the 8th leaf of A having the 

Dedicated to Lord Coleraine. There are commendatory verses by Thomas 
May, John Hall, John Lewis, &c See Corser's ^ Collectanea," part i. pp. 28-33. 
The first edition appeared in 163 1, and differs materially from this. See ^ BibL 
Grenv.," L 19. 

The Historie of that wise and Fortunate Prince, Henrie of that 

Name the Seventh, King of England. With that famed Battaile, fought 

betweene the sayd King Henry and Richard the third named Crook- 

backe, upon Redmoore neere Bosworth. In a Poem by Charles Aleyn. 

Vnus mihi pro pcpulOf & popultis pro uno. 

London Printed by Tho. Cotes^for William Cooke, aftd are to be sold 

at his shop, neere FumivaUs-Inne gate in Holbume, 1638. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — L 6 in eights. With a portrait by Marshall 

In 6-line stanxas, with two copies of verses by Edward Sherburne and Edward 

Prideaux. The portrait is a reduced copy of that by John Payne prefixed to Bacon's 

" History of Henry VII.," 1622. 

ALLEN, Ethan. Reason the Only Oracle of Man, or a Com- 
pendious System of Natural Religion. Alternately adorned with 
Confutations of a variety of Doctrines incompatible to it ; deduced 
from the most exalted Ideas which we are able to form of the Divine 
and Human Characters, and from the Universe in general. Benning- 
ton. State of Vermont. . . . M.DCC.LXXXIV. 8vo. 

Pp- 477i including the half-dde. 

ALLEN, Robert. The Oderifferous Garden of Charitie, the 
most Heauenlyest and Holyest Beatitude or Blessing of God vnto Man. 
Truely disiphered and layde open in this excellent Treatise, shewing 
vs the high and great benefites abounding to the chearefuU and free 
giuer. • . • Imprinted at London 1603. 4to. 

A— I i in fours, the last leaf having only the Errata. 


Dedicated to Sir John Popham by the author, who dates from Culford, in Sufloflci 
13th May, i6oa 

From Mr. Maskell's collection. 

ALLEN, William, Cardinal. An Apologie and Trve Declar 
ration of the Institution and endeuours of the two English Coll^es^ 
the one in Rome, the other now resident in Rhemes : against certaine 
sinister informations giuen vp against the same. [Quot from i Peter, 
3.] Printed at Mounts in Henault. 1 5 8 1 . Sm. 8vo. R. 

A — Q 3 in eights. 

The running title is — ^ An Apologie of the English Seminaries." At the end, 
before the leaf with the Errata^ occurs this subscription : ''Your louingfelow and 
seruant in Christ lesus. William Allen.'' 

Duo edicta Elizabeths Reginae Angliae contra Sacerdotes 

Societatis lesu, & alumnos seminariorum quae k Gregorio XIII. Pont 
Max. Romae et Remis pro Anglis sunt instituta ; quibus non soXiim 
illi ut perduelles proscribuntur, sed Angli omnes, qui in iisdem 
Collegiis viuunt reuocantur: Vni cum Apologia doctissimi viri D. 
Gulielmi Alani pro iisdem sacerdotibus societatis lesu, & aliis semin- 
ariorum Alumnis ; in qua explicantur causae institutionis praedictorum 
seminariorum, & cur sacerdotes Catholici in Angliam mittantur. Au- 
gusta Trevirorum. 1583. Sm. 8vo. 

Pp. 1-175, including title. 

ALLOT, Robert. Englands Parnassus : or The Choysest Flowers 
of our Modeme Poets, with their Poeticall comparisons. Descriptions 
of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces, Mountaines, Groues, Seas, 
Springs, Riuers, &c. Whereunto are annexed other various discourses, 
both pleasaunt and profitable. [Edited by Robert Allot] Imprinted 
at London for N\icholas'\ L[ing], [CutAiert] B[urfy], atid T\homas\ 
H\ayes\ 1600. Sm. 8vo. o. M. 

Title, I leaf ; Dedication hy Allot to Sir Thomas Mounson, Knight, in verse, 
I leaf ; To the Reader, in verse, also by Allot, i leaf ; Table and Errata, 3 leaves. 
The work, B— K k 7 in eights. 

'* Lowndes, in his ' Bibliographer's Manual,' says that this collection should end 
with ten lines, commencing ' Fame's windy trump,' &c I am, however, informed 
by Mr. Thorpe that Lowndes was misled by finding these verses in a copy of the 
book belonging to Mr. Jolley, in which they had been accidentally inserted. The 
lines actually belong to Lloyd's ' Legend of Captain Jones,' and are explanatory of 
the frontispiece of that work, in which position I have myself seen them." — MS* 
note by Mr, George Smith (to whom the present copy belonged). 

''England's Parnassus" has been lately reprinted in Mr. Collier's Blue Series, 
and it may be sufficient to refer, for some remarks on the volume, to that gen- 
tleman's "Bibliogr. CataL," ii. 108-11, and to Corser's "Collectanea," part i. 
pp. 35-37. In some copies the name of Hayes, the publisher, is printed at 
length on the title, and in others Allocs name appears, instead of his initials, at 
the foot of the dedication. The reprint in Heliconia preserves all the mistakes of 
the original 


ALLOT, Robert. England's Parnassus, Edited by J. Payne 
Collier. Privatefy printed. [1869.] 4to. 

Presentation copy from the editor. 

In this edition many of Park's errors are corrected, and the extracts, wrongly 
assigned in the original, restored to their true authors. Mr. Collier supposed the 
initials ** T. H.** on the tide to belong to Thomas Hacket, instead of Thomas Hayes. 


A perpetual Calendar, or Almanack, entirely cut in wood, in the manner of the 
block books, and probably executed at London about the year 1500, but with spaces 
left blank to be filled up in MS., to serve for any subsequent year. 

As it is believed that no description has hitherto been printed of one of these 
curious relics, a somewhat full account of it may be interesting. There is a similar 
one at the British Museum, and it is possible that others may be lying elsewhere 
undescribed, but from the ephemeral nature of the work it is to be expected that 
specimens are of very great rarity. 

It is printed on a piece of vellum 30} inches long by 5} inches broad. At the 
head is a monthly table, divided for twenty-eight days, which the original possessor 
has filled with MS. marks and figures. Beneath this is a circular dial divided into 
the twenty-four hours, with the emblems of the Evangelists at each comer, and the 
holy rood in the centre. Then comes a calendar of the twelve months, with the 
saints' dajrs and holy days, indicated by emblems : thus, against the Epiphany are 
three crowns ; St Blaize is represented by a chafing-dish filled with Uve embers ; 
against St Dunstan is the devil, in the form of a hog, confronting the saint ; St 
Eligius is indicated by a goldsmith's hammer ; and the English origin of the 
almanack is sufficiently evidenced by the names in the calendar of St Botolph, St 
Edward, St Guthlac, St Alphege, St Cuthbert, &c 

This side of the almanack condudes with dght chronological data which it is not 
easy to reconcile, though it may safiely be concluded that the sixth gives the true 
date at which the almanack was in use. The reckonings run thus : — 

" Ab origine mundi VI" VII* 
Etas Ade [Adame] IX« XXXII 
Etas eve. VI I« V. 

Adam fuit in inficmo IIII- VI« IIII 
A dUuvio noc IIII- VIII« XC 
Ab incamadone dmnL MV« LI I II 
A passione Scti Thome. Ill* LXI. 
• A coronadone regis LX." 

The first five dates in this chronology are printed, but the last three have been 
left blank and filled up by hand. It will be seen that it is impossible to reconcile the 
date of 1554 with 561 years from the Passion of St. Thonuu-k-Becket, which took 
place in 1 170^ and would therefore give 1 531. But the chief puzzle is the last date, 
'^ A coronadone regis LX," as there is no king whose coronation dates sixty years 
before 1554, and that year gives only a few months in Queen Mary's reign. 

On the reverse side of the almanack we find at the top the letters " M S " in a 
cirde, in white on a blade ground, and beneath this are twdve woodcuts, represent- 
ing the occupations of the months, while over against each one is a circle with twenty- 
four zays, repiesenting the hours of day and night by red and black lines. 

ALMOND FOR A PARROT (An), or Cutbert Cunyknaues 
>Imes. Fit for the knaue Martin and the rest of those impudent 


B^^ers, that can not be content to stay their stomakes with a Benefice, 
but they will needes breake their fastes with our Bishops. Rimarum 
sum pUnus. Therefore beware (Gentle Reader) you catch not the 
hicker with laughing. Imprinted at a place, not farre from a place^ by 
the Assignes of Signior Some-body, and are to be sold at his shappe in 
Trouble-knaue Street, at the signe of the Standish. [ix. d^ 4to. 

A-^F in fours, the last leaf blank. 

Mr. MaskeD in his History of the Martin Marprdate controversy, p. 215, says 
that the style of the book is conclusive in fiivour of its having been written by John 
Lilly the Euphuist ' 

ALPHABETUM Graecum, Regiis trium genenim characteribus 
postrem6 excusum. Lutetice. Ex officina Rob. Stephani typography 
Regii. 1550. Sm. 8vo. 

ALPHONSUS, Petrus. Disciplina Clericalis, auctore Petro 
Alphonsi, ex-Judxo Hispano. [Avec une traduction franfaise k cdt6]. 
Le Chastoiement d'un P^re k son iils, traduction en vers fran^ais de 
Touvrage de Pierre Alphonse. Paris. 1824. 2 vols. 8vo. 

This edition was published by the ''Socidt^ des Bibliophiles frangaisy" and a 
limited number only struck off. 

ALSTED, Henry. The Worlds Preceeding Woes and Succeed- 
ing Joyes. 

1. In cruell Warres and vehement Plagues. 

2. In happy Peace and Vnity amongst all living Creatures. 

Or, The Triple Presage of Henry Alsted (a man every way most 
learned) depending as well on the Oracles of Heaven as on the opinions 
of the greatest Astrolc^ers. London, Printed in theyeare 1642. 4to. 

A — B m fours, or 8 leaves. 

ALTDORFER, Albert. A Series of 40 Wood-^ngravings by 
Albert Altdorfer, representing the Fall and Redemption of Man. It 
begins with Adam and Eve plucking the apple, and ends with the 
Assumption of the Virgin Mary. [About 1540.] Sm. 8vo. Bl- M. 

Brilliant proof impressions with full maigins. From the collection of Mr. 
Julian MarshalL 

ALTERCATIO. Altricatio {sU) rusticot et clericot mota per 
eos cor§ domino papa tanq iudice assumpto. \S. L et a.] 4to. R. M. 

A curious facetious piece, written in rhyming Latin verse. It consists of 4 leaves, 
27 lines to a full page. 

ALTIERI, Balt. A1 Serenissimo Re d'Inghilterra Edoardo sesto. 
De portamenti di Papa Giulio III. Et quale habbia ad essere il 
concilio, che egli intende di fare. Nel mese di Novembre, I'Anno 
155a [Sine loco.] 4to. R. M. 

A — F in fours ; G, 6 leaves. Presentation copy to Henry BulUnger. 

This is a most interesting piece, and perhaps unique. It never was published 


in-tht ordinary sense, and no record <^ it has been found, either in the history of 
the period or in bibliographical works. It bears internally every evidence of being 
a communication commanded by the king in reference to the policy of the new 
pope, and a general coundL On the reverse of folio 14 there is the ezpression 
** Nostra Anglia ;" on that of folio 30, an allusion to a work on the Papal system, 
which the writer is preparing ; on that of folio 27, it is stated the Pope meditates 
** guerre sanguinosissime contra V. M. et tutti quegli che abbracciata la pura 
dottrina dell' Euagelio, si sono dalle loro idolatrie, et comittioni partiti, &c ;* and 
on folio 28 the writer proceeds — '' Dopo di questo sark bene che V. M. procuri di have 
(sic) una boona intdUgentia, & firma leanza con li catoni de Signori Sulzzeri, con U 
Signori Grisoni, & con tutte le terre, & regni marittmi, & anco col Sign^or Duca di 
Prusda, quello della iUustrissima fiuniglia Brandeburgense che altre volte, Sec" 

It is attributed to Balthassare Alderi, because it appears from Porta {" Historia 
Reformationis Ecdesiarum Raeticamm,*' lib. u, p. 33) that he acted as agent for the 
English court at Vemce, although no notice of this fact appears in our own historians. 

" Balth. Altierus Venetus et ipse, quique Secretarii gradu apud Regis Anglorum 
ad Remp. Venet Legatum functus erat, et omni Zelo cognitionem Evangelicae re- 
ligionis inter suos promovere allaboraverat, et cum Luthero Helvetiisque litteraram 
commerdum coluerat, spem sibi fodebat Decretum isthoc ad Protestantium ordinum 
intercessionem, si non prorsus disjiciendum, saltem mitigandum fore,* &c. And 
Gerdes (*' Spedmen ItaMae Reformatae,'' p. 171) says : ** Cert^, cum Venetiis versare- 
tur, atque ibi Legato Regis Angliae apud Venetos k secretis esset,** &c M'Crie 
C' Reformation in Italy **} describes Altieri^s exertions on behalf of iht reformed in 
the territories of the Venetian Republic ** He not only procured letters in their 
fiivour from the Elector of Saxony and other German princes, for whom he acted as 
agent with the Venetian republic, but he undertook a journey into Switzerland, with 
the express view of persuading the Protestant cantons to exert their influence in the 
same cause. On bis way home he attended an assembly of the deputies of the 
Grison confederation at Coire, where he pleaded the cause of his persecuted coun- 
trymen," &c ; but he nowhere alludes to his English mission. From Seckendorf, 
it appears that he was in frequent communication with BuUinger, and to him this 
copy is presented. These energetic movements of Altieri, described by M^Crie, 
are quite in accordance with the tenor of this work.— Jlf^S*. noit by Mk C. J. 

ALVAREZ, Francisco. Ho Preste Joam das Indias. Vcrda- 
dera informafam das terras do Preste loam, segundo vio x escreueo ho 
padre Francisco Aluarez capella del Rey nosso senhor. Agora naua- 
mite impresso per mandado do dito senhor em casa de Luis Rodriguez 
liureiro de sua alteza* [Colophon] : A honra de deos x da glariosa virfi 
nossa sHora se acabou ho liuro do Preste Joa das indias em q se conta 
todos hos sitios das terras^ x dos tratos x comercios deltas^ x do que pas* 
sara na viaj'e de dom Rodrigo de Lima qtu fqy por mandado de Diogo 
lopez de sequeira que entam era gouemador na india: x assi das cartas 
X presentee que ho Preste Joa mandoua el Rey nosso senhor^ cd outras 
cousas notaueis q hana terror Ho qual vio x escreueo^ ho padre Frdcisco 
aluarez capella del Rey nosso senhor com muita diligencia x verdade. 
Acaboureno anno da encamafam de nosso sHor Jesu christo a hos vinte 
dous dias de Outoubro de mil x quinhentos x quarenta annos. [1540.] 
Folio. Black letter. Woodcut on the title. R. M. 

26 AM AD IS. 

Title and Prologue, 2 leaves. Folios 1-136^ Table and printer's mark| 6 leaives. 

This very rare volume is described by Brunet as printed at Coimbra, but Sefior 
Salvi remarks that he does not know by what authority it is attributed to that 
place, as all the books printed by Luis Rodriguez were executed at Lisbon. 

AMADIS OF GAUL. Los quatro libros de Amadis d' gaula 

nueuamente impressos x hystoriados. 1533. [Colophon.] — '^ Aca- 

ban se aqui los quatro libros del esforfado & muy virtuoso cauallera 

Amadis de Gaula. . . . El qualfue impresso en la muy inclitay singular 

ciudadde Venecia. por Maestro juan Antonio desabia impressor de libros. 

a las espesas de M. jud Batista pedrazano e cdpaHo. Mercadate de libros 

esta alpie delpuite de Rialto & tiene por ensefla una torre. • • • . 1 533. 

A diets vij del mes de Setietnbre. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

The name of the Spanish corrector of the press is given in a note below the 
colophon as the " Vicario del ualU de cabe^ela FrAcisco Delicado. Natural de la 
peha de MartosJ* Salvd states that this edition (which was not comprised in his 
collection) was reprinted from that of Crombeiger, Seville, 1531. 

Los quatro libros de Amadis de gaula nueuamente impressos 

& hystoriados en Seuilla. Acaban se aqui los quatro libros^ &c. . . . 
El ql fue Iprimido e la . . . cibdad de Seuilla por Juan cromberger. 
1535. Folio. Woodcuts. Black letter. G. M. 

Los quatro libros de Amadis de gaula nueuamente impressos 

& hystoriados en Seuilla .'. Ano de M.D.xlvij. Acabanse aqui los quatro 
libros . . . emprimido en . . . Seuilla por Jacome cromberger. 1547, 
Folia Woodcuts. Black letter. BR. M. 

The title, as here given, differs in some slight particulars from M. Brunei's de* 
tcription, but there is no doubt, if the copy which he describes were compared with 
this, the two volumes would be found to be of the same edition. 

The Ancient, Famovs and Honourable History of Amadis de 

Gaule. Discovrsing the Adventvres, Loues and Fortunes of many 
Princes, Knights and Ladies, as well of Great Brittaine, as of many 
other Kingdomes beside, &c Written in French by the Lord of 
Essars, Nicholas de Herberay, Ordinarie Commissarie of the Kings 
Artillerie, and his Lieutenant thereof, in the Countrie and gouemment 
of Picardie, &c. Printed at London by Nicholas Okes, 1619. Folia 

R« M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B— X in sixes, and Y, 8 leaves. The Second Booke (with a sepa- 
rate title). A, 2 leaves ; B— P in sues, and Q, 8 leaves. The Third Booke, &c., 
A, 2 leaves ; B— R 4 in sues. The Fovrth Booke, &C., A, 2 leaves ; B— S 3 in 
ioes. Each part is separately dedicated by Anthony Monday, the translator, to 
Philip, Earl of Montgomery. On the first title is a large woodcut of a ship. 

In the dedication to the fourth book, the translator promises the fifth and sixth. 
They never appeared with the name of Munday as the translator, but in 1652 the 
sucth book was published as translated by F. Kirkman, and in 1664 appeared the 
fifth book translated by J. J[ohnson}. 

AM AD IS. 27 

Monday, in a dedication of the second book of ^ Amadis,* to Master Walter 
Borough, 4ta 1595, describes himself as '' an unlearned soldier," and acknowledges 
his obligations to Borough and his father. He also says that he had followed his 
original ''rightly, though not rhetorically." 

AMADIS OF GAUL. The moste excellent and pleasaunt 
Booke, entituled: The treasurie of Amadis of Fraunce: Con- 
teyning eloquente orations, pythie Epistles, learned Letters, and 
feruent Complayntes, seruing for sundrie purposes. The worthi- 
nesse whereof and profite, dothe appeare in the Preface or table 
of this Booke. Translated out of French into English [by Thomas 
Paynel]. Ifnprinted at London by Henry Bynneman for Thomas 
Hacket And are to be solde at his shoppe in the Royall Exchaunge 
at the signe of the greene Dragon, [1567.] 4to. Black Utter. 

In prose. Y. 4 leaves ; f f. 2 leaves ; A — R 2 in fours. 

Dedicated by the publisher to Sir Thomas Gressam [Gresham]. There are com- 
plimentary venes by T. H. [Thomas Hacket, the stationer?] and A. R. The book 
was licensed to Hacket in 1567, and in the Stationers' Register we find the name of 
the translator, which is not given in the book itselC 

In this copy, from Mr. Inglis's collection, the leaf of Table is in facsimile. A 
copy is noticed in the Osterley Parl^ Catalogue. 

La coronica de los muy valientes cavalleros Don Florisel de 

Niquea, y el fuerte Anaxartes, hijos del excelente Principe Amadis de 
Grecia. Emendada del estilo antiguo segun que la escriuio Zirfea 
Reyna de Argines, por el noble Cauallero Feliciano de Silua. En 
Caragoqa^ con licencia de su M, en casa de Domingo de PorUmarijs 
Vrsino, Impressor de la S. C. R. M. y del Reyno de Aragon. 1584. 
Folio. G. BL 

Title and dedication 2 leaves. Folios 1-222. 

The copy, in the Biblioth. Nationale, from which Bnmet gave his description, 
probably wanted the titie page, as he has copied the titie at the head of the text 

AMADIS OF GREECE. The most Excellent and Famous 
History of the most Renowned Knight, Amadis of Greece sumam'd 
the Knight of the Burning Sword, Son to Liswart of Greece, and the 
Fair Onoloria of Trebisond. Representing his Education in the Court 
of King Magadan, his Conquering of the Defended Mountain, his 
Combat with his Grandfather the Emperor Esplandian, his killing 
Frandalon the Ciclops, and falling in love with Lucetta, Daughter to 
Alpatracy, King of Sicily, his Arrival in the Isle of Argenes, where he 
put an End to the Enchantments of Queen Zirsca, his Assisting his 
Great-Grandfather King Amadis in the Island of the great Siclades, 
and in respect to his taking on himself the Name of Amadis of Greece : 
Together with the high and noble Enterprizes of his Cozen Lucencio, 
Gradamast Son to the King of the Giants Island, Birmartes Son to 


the King of Spain, and many other Noble Knights and Gallant 
Ladies : All no less Useful, than Pleasant. Humbly Addrest to the 
Beauties of Great Britain. By a Person of Quality. Printed far J. 
Deacon at the Angel in Guilt-Spur-Street without Newgate, and J. Blare 
at the Looking-Glass an Landau Bridge. 1694. 4ta Black letter. 

A — Ff 3 in fours. From the collection of Mr. Arthur Dalrymple. 

AMANDUS. Chronica compendiosissima ab exordio mundi vsqi 
ad annum Domini Millesimum, quingentesimu, trigesimu quartum : 
per venerandum patrem. F. Amandum Zierixeensem, ordinis Fra- 
trum Minors, &c Eiusdem tractatus de septuaginta hebdomadibus 
Danielis. Adiectae sunt Epistolae duae Christiani regis Aethiopiae, 
Dauidis, ad Clementem septimum, Rhomanum pontiiicem anno Do- 
mini 1533 destinatae, cu articulis quibusdam de fide & moribus 
Aethiopum Christianorum. C Aliae quoqj tres epistolae, ex noua 
maris Oceani Hispania ad nos transmissae, de fructu mirabili illic sur- 
gentis nouae Ecclesiae, ex quibus animus Christianus debeat laetari. 

Antuerpia apud Simanem Cacum. 1534. Sm. 8vo. 


Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves. Folios 1-128. 

The three letters from Mexico, relating to the progress of the Indians in the 
Christian £uth, give an interest to this volume which it would not otherwise possess. 
One of them has been translated into French, and published by M. Temaux-Com* 
pans in his ^ Recueil de pieces relatives k la conquto du Mexique." Paris, 1838. 

AMARAL, Melchior Estacio do. Tratado das batalhas, e 
sucessos do Galeao Sanctiago com os Olandeses na Ilha de Sancta 
Elena. E da Ndo Chagas com os Vngleses antre as Ilhas dos Azores : 
Ambas Capitainas da carreira da India. E da causa, & desastres, 
porque em vinte annos se perderao trinta & oito ndos della: com 
outras cousas curiosas. Impressa em Lisbaa: Par Antania Aluarez. 
1604. 4to. R. M. 

Titie and dedication 3 leaves. Folios 1-65. A folding map of St Helena 
bet¥reen folios 22-3, and a leaf bearing two woodcuts at the end. 

AM AT Y JUNIENT, Manuel de. Reglamento porel gobiemo 
de la aduana de esta Ciudad, y metodo de la recaudacion, y 
administracion de los Reales Derechos de Almoxarifazgo, y Alcabala 
del Reyno del Peru, hecho en virtud de Reales Ordenes de S. M. con 
adaptacion de los que se formaron para el Reyno de Mexico y Provin- 
cia de Goatemala. Lima. 1773. 4to. 

Tide, and pp. 1-103. 

AMATOR fomacius amator ineptus. Palladii. 1633. Sm. 8vo. 

fiR. M. 


AMERICA. An Old English chart or map of part of Canada^ 
New England, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and the upper portion of 
South America. Written on vellum, probably in the first half of 
the seventeenth century, and evidently the work of an English 

Histoire Naturelle des Indes : contcnant les Arbres, Plantes, 

Fruits, Animaux, Coquillages, Reptiles, Insectes, Oyseaux, &c., qui se 

trouvent dans les Indes ; represent^ par des figures peintes en couleur 

naturelle ; comme aussi les dif<6rentes mani^res de vivre des Indiens ; 

savoir: La Chasse, la P6che, &c, avec des explications historiques. 

MS. on paper. Folio. BL. M. 

This very carious MS., executed in the i6th century, contains 200 drawings in 
water colours, of the natural history and ways of life, of the inhabitants of Peru and 
other parts of South America. 

AMES, Joseph. Typog^phical Antiquities. Beg^n by Joseph 
Ames, with Additions by William Herbert. Three volumes. London. 
'78S-9CX 4to. Large paper. Portrait and plates. 

Joseph Haslewood's copy, with his additions in print and MS. 

Typographical Antiquities ; or, the History of Printing in 

England, Scotland, and Ireland : containing Memoirs of our ancient 
Printers, and a Register of the Books printed by them. Begun by 
the late Joseph Ames. Considerably augmented by William Herbert, 
of Cheshunt, Herts. And now greatly enlarged, with copious Notes, 
and illustrated with appropriate engravings. ... By the Rev. Thomas 
Frognall Dibdin. London. 18 10- 19. 4to. 4 vols. Large paper. 

Only sixty-five copies were printed on this »ze. 

AMES, Richard. The Search after Claret ; or, a Visitation of 
the Vintners. A Poem in two Cantos. The Second Edition. London^ 
Printed for E. Hawkim. 1691. 4to. 

A — F, 2 leaves each. 

The last kaf is occupied by the following advertisement : ^ If any vintner, wine- 
cooper, &C., between. White- Chapel and Westminster- Abbey have some Tuns or 
Hogs heads of Old Rich Unadulterated Claret, and will sell it (as the Law directs) 
for six Pence a Quart : This is to give notice, that he shall have more Customers 
than half his Profession ; and his House be as full from Morning to Night as a Con- 
venticle, or Westminster Hall the first day of the Term." 

A Farther Search after Claret ; or, A Second Visitation of 

the Vintners. A Poem. . . . London^ Printed for E. Hawkins, 1691. 


A — F, 2 leaves each. 

The Last Search after Claret in Southwark : or, a Visitation 


of the Vintners in the Mint, with the Debates of a Committee of that 
Profession — ^thither fled to avoid the Cruel Persecution of their Vn- 
merciful Creditors. A Poem. Dedicated to the most Ingenious Au- 
thor of the Search after Wit, &c. London^ Printed for E, Hawkins, 
1691. 4to. 

A — D, 2 leaves each. 

The three preceding tracts were formerly in the collection of W. H. Ireland, 
whose autograph is on the title of each. The last was afterwards in the libraries of 
Mr. Daniel and Mr. G. Smith, the latter of whom, in a long MS. note, points out 
that the tract is not so rare as Mr. Daniel supposed or asserted. The first and 
second Searches are bound up with some other pieces (A a similar character, all with 
Ireland's autograph. 

AMES, Richard. The Bacchanalian Sessions ; or the Conten- 
tion of Liquors : with a Farewell to Wine. By the Author of the 
Search after Claret, &c To which is added, A Satyrical Poem on 
one who had injur'd his Memory. By a Friend. London^ Printed for 
E. Hawkins. 1693. 4to. 

A — G, 2 leaves each. In verse. 

Following the title is the satire, headed thus : '' To the Memory of Mr. Richard 
Ames : Being a Satyr on a Bookseller, who injur'd him after his death." From 
this it appears that Ames was the author of the three Searches, and other works, 
including '' Islington-wells," 1691. A list of some of these occurs at the end of the 
present piece. The bookseller was Hawkins* who is only mentioned, however, as 
" H ." 

Ames's friend gives his epitaph, which says : '^ He lash't aU the vintners, whom 
he knew but too welL" 

Islington-wells; Or the Threepenny- Academy. A Poem. 

[Quot from Persius, Sat. 5.] London^ Printed for E. Richardson, 

1691. 4to. 

A — F, 2 leaves each. 

This is probably the earliest production on the subject It is of the most un- 
common occturence. It iiras reprinted in 1S61. 

AMIRAULT, MoYSE. La vie de Frangois, Seigneur de la Noue, 
dit Bras-de-fer, oJi sont contenues quantity de choses memorables, qui 
servent i T^claircissement de celles qui se sont passdes en France et au 
Pays-has, depuis le commencement des troubles survenus pour la Reli- 
gion, jusques k Tan 1591. Par M. Moyse Amirault Leyde. 1661. 
4to. BR. M. 

Two folding Genealogical Tables. 

AMMAN, JOST. Ein neuwThierbuch. Eigentliche vnd auch griind- 
liche beschreibung allerley vier vnd zweyfussigen Thieren, vom gros- 
sen biss zum kleinsten, sampt derer Art, Wesen, Natur vnd Eigen- 
schafld : Erstlich durch den weitberhiimbten Hansen Bocksperger den 

AMMAN. 31 

jiingern von Saltzburg in visirung gestellt, folgendts gerissen durch 

den kunstreichen Josz Amman von Zurich : nun jetzt durch Georgium 

Schallerum von Miinchen gantz fleissig beschrieben, vnd in Teutsche 

Reimen gefasset, &c. Gedruckt su Franckfurt am Mayn^ Anno, 1569. 

4ta Woodcuts. 

A — G 2 in the second alphabet, in fours. 

AMMAN, JOST. Thierbuch, sehr kiinstliche vnd wolgerissene 
Figuren, von allerley Thieren, durch die weitberhiimten Jost Amman 
vnnd Hans Bocksperger, sampt einer Beschreibung ihrer Art, Natur 
vnd Eigenschafft, auch kurzweiliger Historien, so darzu dienstlich. 
Menniglich zum besten in Reimen gestellt Durch den ehmhaflden 
vnd wolgelehrten Georg Schallern von Miinchen. Gedruckt zu Franck^ 
fort am Mayn^ Im Jar 1592. 4to. Woodcuts. 

A — D in the second alphabet, in fours. 

This is in every respect the same as the '^ Neuw Thierbuch,'' printed in 1569^ 
The difference in the number of leaves is caused by the woodcuts in the 1592 
edition being in some instances printed on both sides of the page. 

Icones Novi Testament! arte et industria singulari expri- 

mentes, tfim Evangeliorum Dominicalium argumenta: tjim alia quam- 
plurima, in Evangelistarum et Apostolorum scriptis eximia. Franco- 
furti ad Mcenum. 1 57 1 . Oblong 4to. Woodcuts. R. 

a & b in fours ; A — Aa in fours. 

Neuwe Liuische Figuren, darinnen die gantze Romische 

Historien kiinstlich b^riffen vnd angezeigt. Franckfurt am Mayn^ 
bey Georg Raben. 1573. Oblong 4to. Woodcuts. 

Title and preL 4 leaves. Folios i-cviii. 

Insignia Sacrae Cacsareae Maiestatis, Principum Electorum, ac 

aliquot illustrissimarum, illustrium, nobilium, & aliarum familiarum, 
fomiis artificiosissimis expressa. Francof ad Mamum, apud Georgium 
Corvinum. 1579. 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

134 leaves. 

Anthologia Gnomica. Illustres veterum Graecae comoediae 

Scriptorum sentential, prints ab Henrico Stephano, qui & sing^las 
Latin^ conuertit, editae ; nunc duplici insuper interpretatione metrica 
sing^lae auctae, in% gratiam studiosorum, quibus et variae scutorum 
natalitiorum imagines libello passim insertae usui erunt, in hoc 
Enchiridion, V. CL. D. loh. Posthii, Germersh. Archiatri Wirzeburg. 
& P. L. auspiciis collectas k Christiano Egenolph Fr. [Colophon.] 
Impressum Francof urti ad Moenum, apud Georgium Coruinum, Impensis 
Sigismundi Feyerabendii. 1579. Sm. 8vo. Woodaits. 

32 AMMAN. 

TiUe and preL 8 leaves, the eighth being blank on the recto^ and having a wood- 
cut on the verso. A — Z in eights, and a 6 leaves. 

This volume was intended to be used as an Album Amicorum, and copies are 
usually, therefore, coloured or deCsiced. The present copy is in its original state. 

AMMAN, JOST. Cleri totius Romanae Ecclesiae subiectt, seu 
Pontifiriorum Ordinum omnium omnino utriusque sexus, habitus, 
artificiosissimis figuris express!. Fratuofurti sumptib. Sigismundi 
Feyrabendij. 1585. 4to. Woodcuts. 

A, 6 leaves ; B to c in the second alphabet, in fours. 

Stand vnd Orden der H. Romischen Catholischen Kirchen, 

darinn aller geistlichen Personen, H. Ritter vnd der verwandten Her- 
kommen, Constitution, R^eln, Habit vnd Kleidung, beneben Schonen 
vnd kiinstlichen Figuren, fleissig beschrieben. Frankfort am Mayn. 

1585. 4to. Woodcuts. R. 

A to f in the second alphabet in fours. 

Gynaeceum, sive Theatrum mulierum, in quo praecipuarum 

omnium per Europam in primis, nationum, gentium, populorumque, 
cuiuscunque dignitatis, ordinis, status, conditionis, professionis, aetatis, 
foemineos habitus videre est Francoforti^ Impensis Sigism. Feyrabendii. 

1586. 4to. Woodcuts. R« M. 

A to g in the second alphabet, in fours. 

Im Frauwenzimmer wirt vermeldt von allerley schonen Klei- 

dungen vnnd Trachten der Weiber, hohes vnd niders Stands, wie man 
fast an alien Orten geschmiickt vnnd gezieret ist Frankfurt am Mayn 
durch Martin Lechler. 1586. 4to. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

A to g iii in the second alphabet, in fours. 

Kiinstliche vnd wolgerissene Figuren, der fumembsten Evan- 

gelien, durchs gantze Jar, sampt den Passion vnd zwolff Aposteln. 

Francofurti ad Moenum per loannem Feyrabendt. 1 587. 4to. Wood- 

cuts. BL. M. 

A — L| in fours. 

Kunstbiichlin, darinnen neben Fiirbildung vieler, Geistlicher 

vnnd Weltlicher, Hohes vnd Niderstands Personen, so dann auch der 
Tiirkischen Kayser, vnnd derselben Obersten, allerhandt Kunstreiche 
Stiick vnnd Figuren. Franckfurt am Mayn^ durch Romanum Beatum. 
1599. 4to. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

Tide and preL 4 leaves. A — Oo iii. in fours. 

Portraits of the Dukes of Bavaria. A series of 79 etchings 

on copper. Folio. R. 

Jobst Amman, Zeichner und Formschneider, Kupferatzer 

und Stecher, von C. Becker. Leipsig. 1854, 4to. 


AMMONIUS, Wolfgang. Libri III. Odarum Ecclesiasticarum, 

de Sacris Cantionibus, in Ecclesiis Germanicis, Augustanam Confes- 

sionem amplectentibus. Lipsue. 1579. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

A — ^X in eights, the hut leaf blank. Each page Is surrounded by a woodcut 
border, in which frequently occurs an engraver's mark, consisting of the initials 
^ £. B. V. S.," with two gravers crossed. The hymns are printed with the musical 

AMMONIUS Parvus, HEi(MEi£ Filius. In quinque voces 

Porphyrii commentarius, graecfe. Venetiis imfr. sumptu N. Blasii ere- 

tensis. 1500. Folio. BL. M. 

This is one of the few copies which have the oraamental heading, the three title 
lines, and the large capital on the first page, printed in gold. From the Yemenis 

AMSTERDAM, and her Other Hollander Sisters put out to Sea, 
by Van Trump, Van Dunck, & Van Dumpe, Or, A true Description 
of those so called Hoghens Mogens, set out to the life ; with the manners 
of their Quagmire Bog, and other speciall varieties touching their un- 
mannerly manners, and base Ingratitude to our English Nation, from 

their shels of b^gery to their now present pride London^ Printed for 

Richard Harper^ in Smithfield, near the Hospitall Gate. 1652. 4to. 

A — B 2 in fours. The Wolfireston copy. 

ANACREON. Odaria, graeci, praefixo commentario quo po^^tae 
genus traditur et Bibliotheca Anacreonteia adumbratur. Parma, 
1791. Sm. 8vo. OR. M. Printed in capital letters. 

ANALECTABIBLION, ou extraits critiques de divers livres 
rares, oubli^s ou peu connus, tir^s du Cabinet du Marquis D.[u] R.[oure]. 
Paris. 1836-7. 8vo. 2 vols. 

ANCIENT TRADES Decayed, Repaired again : Wherein are 
declared the several Abuses that have utterly impaired all the Ancient 
Trades in the Kingdom : with many Proposals humbly offered how 
the same may be repaired again ; With some reasons shewing the ne- 
cessity thereot Written by a Country Trades-man. London, Printed 
by T. N, and are to be sold by Dorman Newman^ &c. 1678. 4to. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — I in fours. 

ANDERSON, Christopher. The Annals of the English Bible. 
London. . . . 1845. 2 vols. 8vo. 

ANDERSON, James. Royal Genealogies : or, The Genealogical 
Tables of Emperors, Kings and Princes from Adam to these times ; in 
Two Parts. Part i. B^nswith a Chronological History of the World, 
from the Beginning of Time to the Christian Era, . . . Part 2. Begins 



with the Grand Revolution of Charlemain, and carries on the Royal 
and Princely Genealogies of Europe down to these Times ; con- 
cluding with those of the Britannic Isles The 

Second Edition, with new Addenda and Corrigenda. . . . London. 

ANDERSON, James. A Genealogical History of the House 
of Yvery ; in its different Branches of Yvery, Luvel, Perceval, and 
Gournay. London. MJ)CCJCLIL 2 vols, 8vo. Portraits^ plates^ and 
pedigrees, BL. M. 

'' Privately printed by the 9th Earl of Egmont This copy contains two extra 
plates at pp. 273, 283."— 3/5*. note. 

ANDRADA, Francisco. Cronica do muyto alto e muito pode- 
roso Rey destes Reynos de Portugal dom loSo III. Impressaem Lisboa 
por lorge Rodriguez. 1 6 1 3. Folio. 

This work is divided into four parts. It is preceded by 19 preliminary leaves. 
Part i. contains 113 folios ; part iL, 134 ; part iiL, 131 ; part iv., 155. The last leaf 
is blank. 

ANDREAS, Bartimeus. Certaine verie worthie, godly and pro- 
fitable Sermons vpon the fifth Chapiter of the Songs \sic\ of Solomon : 
Preached by Bartimevs Andreas, Minister of the word of God ; Pub- 
lished at the earnest and long request of sundrie well minded Chris- 
tians. [Quotations from Esay and Timothy.] At London^ Printed by 
Robert Waldegraue for Thomas Man. 1583. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

A — S 4 in eights. 

In the Dedication to Henry, Earl of Huntingdon, and also in the Preiiace to the 
Reader, the author writes his name Andrewes. 

ANDREINO, GlO. Batt. L'Adamo, sacra rappresentatione. 
Milano. 161 3. 4to. Portrait^ and plates engraved by Cesare Bassani. 
BR. M. 

in fours, A — X in fours, and Y 6 leaves, besides the portrait 

ANDREWE, Thomas. The Vnmasking of a feminine MachiauelL 
By Thomas Andrewe, Gent. Est nobis voluisse satis. Scene and 
allowed by authority. London Printed by Simon Stafford^ and are to 
be sold by George Loftis^ at the golden Ball in Popes head Alley. 1604. 
4to. O. M. 

A — F 2 in fours. In verse. 

Dedicated to his " worthy and reverend imde. Master Doctor Langworth, Arch- 
deacon of Welles." We next have a metrical inscription *' To the vertuous, Mistris 
Judith Hawkins," then a Preface to the Reader, and lastly a series of conunendatory 
verses by Samuel Rowlands and others. 

Mr. Corser's copy. See '' Collectanea," part i. pp. 41-4. 


ANDRONICUS, Titus. The Lamentable and Tragical History 
of Titus Andronicus. With the fall of his five and twenty Sons in the 
Wars of Goths, with the manner of the Ravishment of his Daughter 
Lavinia by the Empresses two Sons, through the means of a bloody 
Moor, taken by the Sword of Titus in the War ; his revenge upon 
their cruel and inhumane Act To the Tune of, Fortune my Foe. 
Printed far F. Coles, T. Vere, J. Wright, and J. Clarke. [About 
167a] A broadside in verse, in four columns, with three woodcuts. 
Black letter. 

The Lamentable and Tragicall History of Titus Andronicus, 

with the fall of his five and twenty sons in the wars of the Goaths, 
with the ravishment of his daughter Lavinia by the Empresse two 
sons, throi^h the means of a bloody Moor, taken by the sword of 
Titus in the war, with his revenge upon them for their cruell and 
inhumane act To the tune of Fortune my Foe. Printed for F. 
Coles, T. Vere, and W. Gilbertson. A broadside in verse. With three 
woodcuts. Black letter. 

ANGEL^ Christopher. Christopher Angell, a Grecian, who 
tasted of many stripes and torments inflicted by the Turkes for the 
faith which he had in Christ lesus. At Oxford Printed by lohn Lick- 
feild and William Wrench^ Printers to the famous Vniuersitie. 1617. 

4to. R. M. 

A — B in fours ; B iv. is occapied by a woodcut. 

Another cut, intended to represent Angell tortured by the Turks, is on sign. 
A 4 . Angell was for some time Professor of Greek at Cambridge. 

ANGELUS, Johannes. Opus Astrolabii plani in tabulis. Im- 
pressum Venetiis per lo. Emericum de Spira. 1494. 4to. 

ANGELUS Anchorita VALLisuMBROSiE. See Julius IL 


ANGLERIUS. See Martyr, Peter. 

ANGLESEY. A Minute Account of the Social Condition of the 

People of Anglesea in the Reign of James the First ; now first printed 

from a contemporary MS. Edited by J. O. HalliwelL . . . London. . . . 

i860. 8vo. 

Twenty-six copies privately printed. 

ANGLING. This little book shows how birds may be caught 
with the hands (Dit boecrken leert hoe men mach voghelen vanghen 
metten handen). A literal translation into English of the earliest 


known book on Fowling and Fishing. Written originally in Flemish, 
and printed at Antwerp [by Matthias van der Goes] in the year 1492. 
1872. 4to. Woodcuts. 

Presentation copy from Alfred Denison, Esq., at whose expense the translation 
was made, and 25 copies printed for private circulation. 

The only known copy of the original is in Mr. Denison's collection of books on 

ANNE D'AUTRICHE. Mdmoires. See MottevilU, 

ANNUAL REGISTER, from its commencement in 1758 to the 
present time, with the Index so far as published. London. 1758- 
1875. 8vo. 

ANSON, Commodore. A Voyage to the South-Seas ... in the 
Centurion Man of War. . . . London^ Printed by J. Plumb, near Newgate. 
\n. d.] 8vo. Woodcut on title. 

Four leaves. A chap-book. 

ANSWER. An answer to a certain godly manes lettres, desiring 
his frendes iudgement, whether it be laufull for a christian man to be 
present at the popishe Masse, and other supersticious churche seruice. 
1557. 3. Re. 18. Wherfore halte ye on bothe sydes.? If the Lorde 
be God, folowe hym, and if Baal be, than folowe hym. [Noplace or 
printer^ s name,] Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BL. M. 

Eight leaves, including title. Mr. Maskell's copy. See Herbert's Ames, p. 1596. 

An Answere to M*". I. Forbes of Corse his peaceable Warning. 

[Quot. from 2 Cor. xi. 14, 15.] Printed Anno Dom. 1638. 4to. 
A, 2 leaves ; B — £ in fours. 
A MS. note on the title says : " Printed at Edinburgh by George Anderson," 

ANTHOLOGIA GRiECA. Florilegium diversorum Epigram- 

matum in septem libros. Venetiis in jEdibus Aldi. 1503. Sm. 8vo. 

First Aldine edition. 


ANTHOLOGIA veterum Latinorum Epigrammatum et Poema- 
tum, sive Catalecta Poetarum Latinorum in VI. libros digesta, nonnul- 
lis virorum doctorum notis illustrata, cura P. Burmanni. Antst. 1759. 
2 vols. 4to. Large paper. R. M. 

ANTHONY, King of Portugal. The Explanation of the Trve 
and Lawfvll Right and Tytle of the moste excellent Prince, Anthonie 
the first of that name. King of Portugall, concerning his warres against 
Phillip King of Castile, and against his subiectes and adherents, for 
the recouerie of his kingdome. Together with a Briefe Historye of 
all that hath passed aboute that matter, vntill the yeare of our Lord 

-— '»-i,- 


1583. Translated into English, and conferred with the French and 

Latine copies. By the commandement and order of the Superiors. 

A t Leyden^ In the Printing house of Christopher Plantyn. 1585. 4to. 

A — G in fours, besides the title-page and a folded pedigree. 
Ritson's copy, with his autograph. From Heber's collection. Editions of this 
tract were simultaneously published in Flemish, French, and Latin. 

ANTIDOTE. An Antidote against Melancholy : Made up in Pills. 
Compounded of Witty Ballads, Jovial Songs, and Merry Catches. 

*' These witty Poems though sometime may seem to halt on crutches, 
Yet they'l all merrily please you for your charge, which not much is." 

Printed by Mer. Melancholicus, to be sold in London and Westminster. 
1661. 4to. G. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — L 2 in fours. 

Mr. Collier, who has reprinted this tract entire, has pointed out in his '* Biblio- 
graphical Catalogue," L 25-7, its interesting and Shakesperian character. On the 
title-page is a curious copper-plate engraving in two compartments, which Mr. Col- 
lier describes, though it does not occur in his reproduction. 

An Antidote against Melancholy made up in Pills. Com- 
pounded of Witty Ballads, Jovial Songs, and Merry Catches. London^ 
Printed for John Play ford at his Sliop in the Temple. 1669. Sm. 
8vo. R. 

A, 4 leaves; B— N 4 in eights. With the same copper-plate engraving 

on the title as in the edition of 1661. 

This seems to be the second edition of this collection. The impression of 
1669 is even scarcer than that of 1661. 

ANTIPHONALE et Graduale ad usum Ecclesiae Romanum. MS. 

of the 1 6th century on vellum. Written in Gothic characters ^ with tfte 

musical notation. 2 vols. 4to. 

Vol. i. occupies folios 1-224. Vol. ii., folios 1-136. Within the cover is in- 
scribed : *^ Hie liber pertinet ad Couetu Santis"* Annimciate Ventimelii [Vinti- 

ANTIPHONARIUM ad usum Ecclesiae Sarisburiensis. MS. on 

vellum, of English execution, with numerous illuminated borders and 

historiated initials. Large folio. 

It appears by some MS. notes and obits in the margin of the Calendar, that this 
book was in the Diocese of Norwich in the sixteenth century, and it probably be- 
longed to Norwich Cathedral A note in the handwriting of Canon Rock against 
the festival of the ^ Translation of St. Edward," points out that that festival was 
instituted in 1445, and consequently the MS. must have been written later than 
that date. 

ANTITHESIS figurata vitae Christi et Antichristi. 

Ad lectorem Eusebius 
Qua male coueniant cum Christi pectorc Icsu : 
Pontificii mores : iste libellus habet. 


Haec lege : qui uerf pietatis amore moueris 
Hoc pius : & lecto codice : doctus ens. 

\Sine loco aut anno.] 4to. Woodcuts, blk. m. 

The 26 woodcuts in this book are from designs by Lucas Cranach. They show, 
by way of contrast, the acts of Christ and the acts of different Popes. The book 
was probably printed about 1521, but no early edition of it is dated. 

ANTITHESIS. Passional Christ! vnnd Antichristi [O. O. u. y.] 
4to. Woodcuts. BLK. M. 

14 leaves. 

The woodcuts in this edition are copied from those by Cranach. In the wood- 
cut border to the tide is the monogram j, and the date 1521. Nagler, in his 

^'Monogrammisten Lexicon," says : ^Der Druckort des Buches ist nicht angegeben, 
Veesenmeyer (Literarische Blatter, 1803, iii. s. 235) vermuthet aber, es sei zu Erfurt 
bei Matthaus Maler erschienen." He is unable to give the name of the artist 
concealed under the monogram " F. B." 

Passional Christi vnd Antichristi [O. O. u. y.]. 4to. Woodcuts. 

GR. M. 

This edition is identical with the preceding article, both as regards the cuts and 
the text, the same wood-blocks having been used. The only variation by which the 
edition can be distinguished is in the tide, which is enclosed within a woodcut 
border taken from the Latin edidon. 

Passional Christi vnd Antichristi. [O. O. u. y.] [Beneath 

this title a large woodcut At the end :] 

0;^* Das man dem slindfluss mich entzuckt 

Bin ich in Noes arch geruckt 

• Ex archa Noe.* 
4to. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

This edition consists of 16 leaves. It contains four woodcuts which are not 
in the preceding editions ; but on the other hand, the remainder of the engravings 
are but very rude and sometimes reversed copies of Lucas Cranach's designs — they 
were probably executed at Strasburg. 

Christi et Antichristi, videlicit Papae, id est, exemplorum, 

factorum, vitae & doctrinae utriusque, ex adverso coUata comparatio, 
versibus et fig^ris venustissimis illustrata. Geneva, apud Eust. 
Vignon. 1578. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

A — I in eights ; K, 2 leaves. 

ANTON, Robert. The Philosophers Satyrs; Written by M. 
Robert Anton, of Magdalen CoUedge in Cambridge. 

Gaude, quod spectant oculi te mille bquentem : 
Quicquid sub terra est, in apricumproferet cetas. 

London, Printed by T. C. and B. A. for Roger lackson, and are to be 
sold at Ids s/wp in Fleets treet, ouer against the great Conduit 16 16. 
4to. R. M. 


Ay 3 leaves ; B — N 2 in fours. In verse. Dedicated to William, Earl of Pem- 
broke, and to several other persons of rank, a separate inscription preceding 
each portion of the work. See Hazlitt's ^ Handbook,** p. 9, and Cor$er*s *' Collec- 
tanea,** part L pp. 48-52, where the present copy is described. 

ANTONIO, Juan Francisco de S. Chronicas de la Apostolica 
Provincia de S. Gr^orio de Religiosos descalzos de N. S. P. S. Fran- 
cisco en las Islas Philipinas, China, Japon, &c. Impressa en la Itn- 
prenta del vso de la propria Provincia^ sita tti el Convento de Nra Seftora 
de Lareto del Pueblo de Sampaloc, Extra-muros dela Ciudadde Manila: 
Por Fr. yuan del Sotillo. Anode 1738-44. 3 vols. Folio. BL. M. 

ANTONIO, Nicolas. Bibliotheca Hispana vetus et nova, sive 
hispani scriptores qui ab Octaviani Augusti aevo ad annum 1684 
floruere notitia, curante F. P. Bayerio. Matriti. 1788. 4 vols. Folio. 

[ANTROBUS, B.] Buds and Blossoms of Piety, with some Fruit 

of the Spirit of Love. And Directions to the Divine Wisdom. Being 

a Collection of Papers written by B. A The Third Edition. London^ 

Printed and Sold by the Assigns of J. Sowle. . . . 17 16. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — I in eights. In verse. 

At the end of this copy are inserted 6 extra leaves of advertisements. At p. 43 
occurs a poem, headed, ''A Complaint against New England Professors." 

APE-GENTLE-WOMAN (The) ; Or the Character of an Ex- 
change-Wench. London^ Printed for Francis Pye. 1675. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

An Answer to the Character of an Exchange-Wench : or, A 

Vindication of an Exchange-Woman. London. Printed for Thomas 

Crorkill. 1675. 4to. 

Four leaves. In prose, with the exception of some lines at the end, addressed 
'^ To the Exchange Maids." 

APIANUS, Petrus. Cosmographicus liber Petri Apiani Mathe- 
matici studiose coUectus. Excusum Landshutoe typis ac formulis D. 
Joannis Weyssenburgers : impensis Petri Apiani. 1524. 4to. 

Title and preliminaries 4 leaves ; pp. 1-103 ; appendix 3 leaves. There are re- 
volving diagrams on pp. 17, 24, and 63, and on the verso of the first leaf of the ap- 
pendix. The word " America " is on the volvelle of p. 63, and on the verso of p. a 
is the word ''Amen'' inscribed on an island. At the end of the appendix are two 
separate woodcuts, lettered respectively '' Soramen " and ^ Manubriiun.* 

It will be seen that this collation differs materially from that given by Mr. 

APOCALYPSE. [APOCALYPSIS et Vita Sancti Johannis.] 
MS. on vellum of the end of the fourteenth, or very early in the 
fifteenth century; of Flemish execution. Folio. 


This manuscript occupies 94 pag^s. The first 2 leaves contain 8 miniatures 
of the life of St John. On the recto of the third is St Jerome's preface to the 
Apocalypse, and the table of chapters ; on the verso of the same leaf is a large 
painting of St John in Patmos. On the fourth leaf begins the Apocalypse itself, 
which is illustrated by 79 miniatures, after which follow 5 others illustrating the 
life and death of St John. The designs are the same as are found in the Block 
Book of the Apocalypse, though varied in detail. They appear, from the descrip- 
tion given by Sotheby, " Principia Typogr.," voL i. p. 37, to be identical with those 
in the MS. formerly belonging to Mr. Loscombe. There can be no doubt that the 
subject of the Apocalypse was a favourite one with artists and illuminators in the 
Middle Ages, and most of the MSS. which have come down to us appear to have 
had a conunon original, varied however, more or less, according to the taste of the 
copyist It is quite possible that each edition of the Block Book Apocalypse was 
copied from a different MS., which would account for the variations of detail which 
occur in the different editions. 


MS. of the fourteenth century on 44 leaves of vellum, containing 70 miniatures of 
very fine and pure design, with burnished gold or diapered back-grounds. Though the 
MS. is in French, the miniatures have all the characteristics of English work of the 

The book is rather a moral paraphrase of the Apocalypse than a translation. It 
appears to have belonged formerly to the Jesuits' College, at Paris. 

APOCALYPSE. Cy commence la table des rubriches de ce pfit 
Hure Intitule lapocalipse. Lequel liure traitte et remonstre les vices 
de ce monde, Et en ramenat fort a memoire et par figures et signiffi- 
cations la venue et le regno de antecrist et sa fin, parle aussi fort de 
la fin du mode, Et du iour du grat Jugement Folio. BR. M. 

MS. of the fifteenth century, written upon vellum, and enriched with 78 fine 
large miniatures, several of them painted in *' camaieu gris." Each page that con- 
tains a miniature has a richly illuminated border. The whole occupies 124 leaves. 

It is a paraphrastic translation of the Apocalypse, with a copious gloss, or com- 
mentary. In the opinion of Mr. Johnson, of the Oxford Observatory, to whom it 
formerly belonged, this MS. was written in England ; but though, as shown by the 
coat of arms on the first page, it was executed for Margaret of York, sister of 
Edward IV., who married Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, in 1468, the minia- 
tures are certainly not of English execution, but were more probably painted in 
French Flanders. Mr. Johnson appears to have grounded his opinion partly on 
the fact that at the end of the book are two chapters on St Edmund, one relating 
a miracle that happened to him, and the other giving an account of his martyrdom. 
The former is sufficiently curious to be worth printing. 

" Cy sensieult vng moult bd miracle de monseignr saint iehan leuuageliste. 
Depuis le trespas du bon roy Artus fils a pandragon qui fut enuiron Ian de grace 
iiij« iiij" et dix Jusques al an v« iiii" et douze aduindt moult de tribulations 
par tout le regne dangleterre, mais nre seigneur par sa deboiiairete regarda celle 
tant noble prouince car II la pouruey de roy dun tres vertueux prince sage bie 
amant dieu et grant aulsmonnier appelle monseignr Emond Lequel estant Roy du 
Royaulme dangleterre si tenoit telle coustume que a nul poure qui riens luy de- 
mandast ou nom de saint iehan leuuangeliste iamais ne luy escondesist, Dont une 
fois II lui aduint que ung pellerin estrangier laulmosne luy demanda en grant priere 


et moult hastifiiement en Ihonneur de saint Jehan leuuangeliste, mais le bon roy 
nauoit point de aigent ne or monnoie pour luy donner, £t si nestoit lors son 
chambrelenc ne laumosnier illec Alors il tira ung moult precieux anel dor hors 
de son doy et luy donna. Depuis assez long t€ps apres ce poure pellerin sen ala a 
ung cheuallier dangleterre q demouroit oultre mer et luy bailla ce propre anel disant 
en telle maniere cest anel cy tu prendras et au roy de ton pays le porteras et ces 
paroles luy diras. Celluy te transmet et enuoie cest anel po' quy amour tu le don- 
nas, ddt II est nulle double que ce ne feust meismes sait Jehan qui en fourme de pel- 
lerin sestoit apparu au roy emond." 

This volume was acquired at the sale of Mr. Johnson's MSS. It was formerly 
in the collection of Prince Golownin. It is described by Dr. Waagen, ^ Treasures 
of Art in Great Britain,* vol iii. p. 1 13. 

Block book of the fifteenth century. 4to. 

This volume consists of 48 large woodcuts, forming 34 sheets of 2 leaves each. 
The copy is quite complete, and in fine preservation, coloured according to the taste 
of the period. 

This is the edition described by Sotheby in his " Principia Typographica,'' voL u 
p. 21, from a copy in Earl Spencer's library. It is classed by him as the fourth edi- 
tion, and by Heinecken as the second. In the absence of any sufficient data to 
go by, however, the order of the different editions can be nothing more than 

APOLLONIVS RHODIVS. Argonauticon libri IV., graeci, cum 

scholiis graecis. Florentia [per Laureniium Franciscum de Alopa\. 

1496. 4to. BR. M. 

Editio princeps. 

APOLLONIUS, Levinus. Levini Apollonii, Gandobrugani 

Mittelburgensis de Peruviae, Regionis, inter Novi Orbis prouincias, cele- 

berrims, inuentione : & rebus in eadem gestis, libri v. Antverpia. 

1566. Sm. 8vo. 

Folios 1-236, including title. Index and colophon, 8 leaves. A folding wood- 
cut map between folios 8 and 9. 

APOLLONI US. The Patterne of paincfuU Aduentures : Contain- 
ing the most excellent, pleasant and variable Historic of the strange 
accidents that befell vnto Prince ApoUonius, the Lady Lucina his wife, 
and Tharsia his daughter. Wherein the vncertaintie of this world, 
and the fickle state of mans life are liuely described. Gathered into 
English by Lawrence Twine Gentleman. Imprinted at London by 
Valentine Simmes for the Widow Newman. [About 1595.] 4to. 
Black letter. 

A — M 2 in fours. 

As Thomas Newman, the husband of the widow Newman, seems to have printed 
nothing after 1593, it may be presumed that this volume appeared in 1594 or 1595. 
It was from this copy that it was reprinted, in Mr. Collier's ''Shakespeare's 
Library,'' as an illustration (A the play of Pericles. 

From the libraries of Mr. Utterson and Mr. Corser. 


^* For particulars relative to this little volume and its rarity, see the preface to 
Pericles, Prince of Tyre, in Johnson and Steevens's Shakespeare, 1793, where Mr. 
Malone avows he had never seen the book." — MS, note by Mr, UtUrson, Malone, 
however, succeeded afterwards in obtaining a copy, though of the later edition of 
1607 ; which, like the edition described above, appears to survive only in a single 
copy, while of the original impression, as licensed in 1576, there is at present no 
copy known. 

APOLOGY. An Apologie of priuate Masse, spred abroade in 
writing without name of the authour : as it seemeth, against the offer 
and protestation made in certayne Sermons by the reuerent father [John 
Jewell] Bisshop of Salisburie : with an answer to the same Apologie, 
set foorth for the maintenance and defence of the trueth. Perused and 
allowed by the reuerent father in God Edmunde Bisshop of London, 
accordynge to the order appointed in the Queenes maiesties Iniunc- 
tions. Londini. Mens. Nouemb. 1562. [Col.] Imprynted at Lottdon 
in FUetestreeUf by T/tomas Powell. Sm. 8vo. Black letter, G. M. 

A — U 7 in eights. 

The Answer to the Apology commences on D 4 with a fresh title-page, as fol- 
lows : *^ An Answere in defence of the truth. Againste the Apologie of priuate 
Masse. Londini Mens. Nouemb. 1562.** This is enclosed in a pretty woodcut 
border. Mr. Maskell's copy. 

APPAREL. To my louynge brethren that is troublyd abowt the 
popishe aparrell, two short and comfortable Epistels. 

Be ye constant : for the Lorde 
shall fyght for yow, 
yowrs in Christ 

{Printed abroad, about 1566.] Sm. 8vo. Black letter, BR. M. 

A — C in fours. Probably by Anthony Gilby. 

APPIANUS ALEXANDRINUS. Romanarum historiarum 
libri iv., latin^, Petro Candido interprete. Impressum est hoc opus 
Venetijs per Bernardu pictorem far Eritardunt ratdolt de Augusta una 
cum Petro loslein de Langencen correctore ac Socio, Laus Deo, 1477. 
2 vols, in I. Folio. BL. M. 

The woodcut borders which surround the first leaf of each of these volumes are 
said to be the earliest examples of this kind of ornament. 

APPIER, DIT HANZELET, Jean. Recueil de plusieurs 
machines Militaires, et feux Artificiels pour la Guerre, et Recreation. 
Avec TAlphabet de Trittemius, par laquelle chacun qui s^ait escrire, 
pent promptement composer congruement en latin. Aussi le moyen 
d'escrire la nuict k son amy absent Au Pont-^i-Mousson, 1620. 4to. 

R* M. 


APULEIUS, L. Apulegio tradotto in volgare dal Conte Matteo 
Maria Boiardo. Historiate Nuouamente, reuisto, e ricorretto con 
ogni diligenza. In Vinegiaper Barth. detto rimperadore. 1544. Sm. 
8vo. BL. M. 

ARBRE DE BATAILLES. See Bonnor, Honori. 

ARCHDALE, John, Governor of Carolina. A New Description 
of that Fertile and Pleasant Province of Carolina: With a brief 
Account of its Discovery, Settling, and the Government thereof to this 
Time. With several Remarkable Passages of Divine Providence 
during my Time. London : Printed far John Wyat, at the Rose in St. 
Pouts Church- Yard. 1707. 4to. 

A — E in fours, sign. B misprinted A. 
ARETINO, L. De duobus Amantibus historia. See Poggio. 

History of Aigalus and Parthenia. Being a Choice Flower, gathered 
out of Sir Philip Sydneys rare Garden. London^ Printed by A. P. for 
T. Vere, at the Sign of the Angel without Newgate. 1672. Sm. 8vo. 
Black letter. 

A — B 4 in eights, or 12 leaves. With woodcuts on the title and last page. 

ARGYLE, Archibald, Marquis of. A Speech by the Marquess 

of Argile to the Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament 

25. June 1646. With a Paper concerning their full consent to the 

Propositions to be presently sent to His Majesty for a safe and well 

grounded Peace . . . London : Printed for John Wright ... 27 June 

1646. 4to. 

A— B 2 in fours, or 6 leaves. 

Instructions to a Son. By Archibald late Marquis of 

Argyle. Written in the time of his Confinement London^ Printed 
for y. Latham at the Mitre in Saint Pauls Churcli-yard^ 1661. Sm. 
8vo. Portrait. 

A, 5 leaves, title on A 2 ; B— I 5 in twelves. 

The ** Instructions'* conclude on G 2, and the rest of the volume is occupied 
by " Maxims of State " and '' Miscellaneous Observations," by the Marquis of 

Instructions to a Son. By Archibald late Marquiss of 

Argyle. Written in the time of his Confinement. Printed at Edin- 
burgh^ and Reprinted at London for D. Trench^ 1661. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — I 5 in twelves. 

This is a paginaiy reprint of the preceding edition. 


ARGONAUTICA GUSTAVIANA; das ist: nothwendige 
Nachricht von der newen Seefahrt vnd Kauflfhandlung ; so von 
Gustavo Adolpho Magno, der Schweden Konig, durch Anrichtung 
einer General-Handel-Compagnie, zu stifften angefangen. Frankfurt 
am Mayn. 1633. Folio. 

This volume contains the history of the foundation of the Swedish colonies in 

ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO. Orlando Furioso di Ludouico Ariosto 
nobile Ferrarese ristampato & con molta diligentia da Ivi corretto & 
quasi tvtto formato di nvovo & ampliato. Stampato in Milano per 
Augustine da Vimercato alle spexe de Messere lo. lacobo & fratelli de 
Legnano. 1524. 4to. BL. M. 

This edition is said by Brunet to be of equal rarity with that of 1 521, of which 
only two copies are known. The text is a reprint of that edition, and is of more 
value and importance than that of the first edition of 15 16. 

Orlando Furioso, novissimamente stampato e corretto. Con 

una apologia di M. Lodovico Dolcio contra ai detrattori dell' Autore. 
Impresso in Vinegia appresso di Mapheo Pasini^ ^Francesco di A lessandro 
Bindoni, 1 540. 8vo. R. M. The biftding is a fine specimen of elaborate 
tooling by Niedrie, 

Orlando Furioso, nouissimamente alia sua integrita ridotto & 

omato di uarie figure : con alcvne st^nze del S. Aluigi Gonzaga in 
lode del medesimo. Venetia^ appresso Gcdfriel Gioli di Ferrarii. 
1543. 4to. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

La primera parte de Orlando Furioso, traduzido en Romance 

Castellano por don Jeronimo de Urrea. Anvers, Biuda de Martin 
Nucio, 1558. La segunda parte de Orlando, con el verdadero sucesso 
de la famosa batalla de Roncesvalles, fin y muerte de los doze Pares 
de Francia: por Nicolas Espinosa. Anvers, Martin Nucio. 1557. 
4to. Woodcuts. Two volumes in one. O. M. 

Orlando Fvrioso in English Heroical Verse, by lohn Har- 

ington. [CoL] Imprinted at London by Ricliard Field dwelling in t/te 
Blackfriers by Ludgate. 1591. Folio, o. M. 

In two columns. With an engraved title by Cockson, and plates, f , 8 leaves ; 
A— P in sixes ; Q, 4 leaves ; R—Nn in sixes ; Oo, 4 leaves, the last with the 

First edidon. In this copy the impressions of the engraved title, with the 
portrait of the author and his dog, and of the other engravings, are most brilliant. 
In the editions of 1607 and 1634 the plates arc much worn, and at the best very un- 

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth in a short epistle, which is followed by ''A 


Pre^sLce, or rather a Bridie Apologie of Poetrie, and of the Author and translator of 
this Poem." This fills 13 pages. 

Stanzas 1-50 of Book 32 were done by Sir John's brother, Francis Harington. 

ARIOSTO. Ariostos Satyres, in Seven Famovs Discourses, 

shewing the State, 

1. Of the Court, and Courtiers. 

2. Of Libertie, and the Clergie in generalL 

3. Of the Romane Clergie. 

4. Of Marriage. 

5. Of Soldiers, Musitians, and Louers. 

6. Of Schoolmasters and Scholers. 

7. Of Honour, and the happiest Life. 

In English, by Garuis Markham. London Printed by Nicholas Okes^ 
for Roger lackson^ dwelling in FUetstreet^ neere the great Conduit. 
1608. 4to. 

A — ^P 2 in fours. The only introductory matter is the Argument of the whole 
work, and a Preface, in which Markham observes that " the vertuous, with their 
owne, hauing alwaies r^;ard to an others good, do painfully bestow houres, dales, 
and yeares, to make that easie to others, which they with great labour have 
obtained.'' A strange statement when we find that he had wrongly appropriated 
a labour, of which the credit belonged to Robert Tofte. Tofte claims the book, 
and exposes the literary fraud in his version of Varchi's ^ Blazon of Jealousy," 
161 5, a work furnished, like the present, with curious and learned notes. 

ARISTOPHANES. Comoedis Novem. [Cum scholiis graecis 

et prefatione graedl Marci Musuri.] Venetiis apud Aldum. 1498. 

Folio. R. M. 

Editio princeps. 

- Comoedix novem, cum commentariis antiquis et valde utilibus 

ad ea quae prius excusa fuerant additis, indiceque copiosissimo 
omnium quae animadvertere oportet. Florentia per h(gredes Philippi 
Junta. 1525. 4to. R.M. 

" Cette ^tion, aussi belle et aussi rare que celle d'Alde, a encore Favantage 
d'etre plus exacte et plus complete." — Brunet. 

Comoediae ix. [singulis comcediis praemittitur epistola gr. 

Jo. Cheradami]. Lut. Parisiorum, sumpt. Egid. Gormontii. 1528. 
4to. BR. M. 

Comoediae ix. Gr. et Lat cum notis variorum, curante P. 

Burmanno. Lugd Bat. 1760. 2 vols. 4to. Large paper, o. M. 

ARISTOTELES. Opera [Graeci] et Theophrasti de historia 
plantarum et de causis plantarum libri ; necnon Philonis liber de 


mundo et historia philosophica Galeno adscripta [Gra^6]. Impressum 
Venetiis dexUritate Aldi Manudi Romani, 1495-8. 5 vols. Folio. 

BRa M. 

Editio princeps. 

ARISTOTELES. Poetica, per Alexandrum Paccium, Patritium 
Florentinum, in latinum conversa. Venetiis^ in (BdUms hctredum Aldi. 
1536. Sm. 8vo. o. M. 

— [Liber qui dicitur secretum secretorum, vel liber de r^mine 
regum et principum vel dominorum, vel epistolx Aristotelis ad alex- 
andrum discipulum suum]. MS. of the fifteenth century on vellum, 
occupying 79 folios. 4to. 

This title is not found in the MS., but is given from the earliest printed 
edition quoted by Panzer. The MS. begins with "' De prohemio cuiusdam doctoris 
in commendacione,* which is the dedication described by Brunet as found in the 
printed edition addressed by ''Philippus Qericus ad Guidonem de Valentia 
Tripolitanum Episcopum,** at whose request, he says, he had translated the 
book from the Arabic The work must have been an extremely popular one in 
the Middle Ages, and translations of it into different languages were made at a very 
early period. It is well known as a spurious mediaeval production. 

ARMIN, Robert. Foole vpon Foole, or, Sixe sortes of Sottes. 
A flat Foole, 1 [A fatt Foole, 

A leane Foole, \ and < A cleane Foole, 
A merry Foole, J [A verrie Foole. 

Shewing their Hues, humours, and behauiours, with their want of witte 
in their shew of wisedome. Not so strange as true. 

Omnia sunt sex. 
Clonnico del mondo Snuffe. 

London Printed for William Ferbrand^ dwelling in Popes-head A Hie 
neare tlte Roy all Exc/tange. 1605. 4to. Black Utter. R. M. 

A — E in fours. In prose and verse. 

The only copy known, from the Wolfreston and Daniel sales. On the back of 
the title-page is an address " To the Reader as much health as to myselfe,** to 
which there is no signature, but '' Adew, and read true.'* This volume contains a 
series of humorous anecdotes of six noted fools : Jack Oates (the flat fool), Jemmy 
Camber (the faX fool), Leonard (the lean fool), Jack Miller (the clean fool), WilL 
Sommers (the merry fool), and John of the Hospital (the very fool). They are told 
somewhat in the manner of the older jest-books, in prose, with an occasional inter- 
mixture of poetical description. 

The book is in the finest possible state, with many uncut leaves. 

[A Nest of Ninnies, Simply of themselves without compound. 

Stultorum plena sunt omnia. By Robert Armin. London. Printed by 
T. E.for lohn Deane. 1608.] 4to. Black letter. 

A — G in fours. In prose and verse. 

This is in substance the same work as the preceding, but with so many alterations 


tiial it almost deserves to be r^;arded as distinct from it Not only is the publica- 
tion here avowedly from the pen of the celebrated actor Armin, but the 
title is changed, and for the address to the Reader we find substituted one ^ To the 
yonthfun and rightly compleat in all good gifts and graces, the generous Gentlemen 
of Oxenford, Cambridge, and the Innes of Court,** which bears the author's name 
at b^inning and end, but conveys no information of consequence. The head- 
ings to the sections are omitted ; but much new matter is introduced, rendering 
this impression of 1608 the more valuable of the two. As it has been reprinted 
entire for the Shakespeare Society, it is unnecessary to do more than point out the 
important variations between the two books, the earlier one being unknown to the 
editor of the modem re-issue. 

Of the ** Nest of Ninnies," only one perfect copy b on record, which is in the 
Malone collection. The present, from Caldecott's and Daniel's libraries, wants the 

ARMIN, Robert. The History of the two Maids of More-clacke, 
with the life and simple maner of lohn in the HospitalL Played by 
the Children of the Kings Maiesties Reuels. Written by Robert 
Armin, seruant to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. London, 
Printed by N. O, for Thomas Archer, and is to be sold at his shop in 
Popes-head PcUlace, 1609. 4to. R. M. 

A— I 2 in fours, besides title and "' To the friendly peruser," 2 leaves. 

Armin introduced some account of John of the Hospital into his ^ Foole upon 
Foole,'' 1605. In the present dramatic production John is one of the dramatis 
fersona, and the part was taken, it appears, by Annin himselt The piece is 
written in prose and blank verse, and there is no division into acts and scenes. 
On the title is a woodcut of Armin, dressed in character. 

The Italian Taylor, and his Boy. By Robert Armin, Seruant 

to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. Res est solliciti plena timoris 
amor. At London printed for T. P. i6og. 4to. Woodcuts. G. M. 

A — H 2 in fours. In verse. 

Dedicated to Viscount Haddington and his Lady, Lady Elizabeth Fiti-water. 
The following passage from this address is an example of the style : — *^ There is 
not in ihe world as it is wisht ; but yet the worth of iht luster is Imowne : he bath 
shrowded (Madame) vnder the glister of your Starre, a Poeticall light, which shines 
lemayned in Sussex many yeares ; and I beseech God and your noble Father (the 
Earle) he may line and die bdoued so still. It is (if I sp^ike darkely) that pen- 
pleading Poet (graue for yeares and knowledge) Maister Mathew Roiden — " 

The poem is divided into nine cantos, each accompanied by an argument, and 
is written in alternate rhyme. There is a reprint in facsimile. 

Mr. Daniel's copy, with the title inlaid, but otherwise in fine state. 

See Nash's " Strange News," 1592, repr. Collier, 31. 

ARMINIAN NUNNERY. The Arminian Nvnnery: or, a 
Briefe Description and Relation of the late erected Monasticall Place, 
called the Arminian Nvnnery at little Gidding in Huntingdon-Shire. 
Humbly recommended to the wise consideration of this present Par- 
liament The Foundation is by a Company of Farrars at Gidding. 


Printed for Thomas VntUrhill. MDCXLI. 4to. Woodcut on titU. 

R« M. 

Six leaves. See Peckard's ^ Life of Nicholas Ferrar/ 179a 

ARMORER, William. Persecution appearing with his own 
open Face in William Armorer : As will be sufficiently manifest to all 
that may impartially read this following Relation of the Cruel Pro- 
ceedings of the said William Armorer, with some others, against the 
Innocent People of God called Quakers, in the Town of Reading, in 
the County of Berks .... Landony Printed in the Year 1667. 4to. 

A— L in fours. 

This tract narrates the grievances of Josiah Cole, or Coals, and others. 

ARMSTRONG, Archibald. Archy's Dream, sometimes lester 
to his Maiestie, but exiled the Court by Canterburies malice. With a 
relation for whom an odde chaire stood voide in Hell. Printed in the 
yeare 1641. 4to. 

Four leaves. With a rough woodcut representing Archie in bed, and another 
person at the foot of the bed. 

This tract was written after Laud's £dl by some anonymous author, who feigns 
a vision, in which Archie is supposed to see Laud, Wolsey, and Bonner in hell, but 
when he wakes up, he is told that, the day before, Laud had gone to the Tower, 
*• for which Archy said he was very sorry." 

ARMSTRONG. Johnny. The Pleasant and Delightful History 
of Johnny Armstrong. [This is over a curious cut printed lengthwise, 
representing Armstrong and his band.] London: Printed by Tho. 
N orris, at the Looking-glass on London-bridge. And sold by S. Bates at 
the Sun and Bible in Giltspur-street [About 1690.] 4to. 

A^C in fours, including the frontispiece and printed title-page. With 
woodcuts. In prose and verse. 

This is a chap-book ; but no more extended narrative has come down to us of 
the adventures of the renowned border hero. 

ARNAUD, Henri. Histoire de la glorieuse rentr^e des Vaudois 

dans leurs valines. Oil Ton voit une troupe de ces gens, qui n'a jamais 

^t^ jusqu'd mile personnes, soutenir la guerre contre le Roi de France, 

& contre S. A le Due de Savoye : faire tfite k leur arm^e de vingt 

deux mile hommes : s'ouvrir le passage par la Savoye, & par le haut 

Dauphin^ : batre plusieurs fois les enemis, et enfin miraculeusement 

rentrer dans ses heritages, s'y maintenir les armes k la main, & y 

r^tablir le culte de Dieu, qui en avoit iti interdit depuis trois ans & 

demi. [Sam lieu.'] 17 10. Sm. 8vo. 

Though this is undoubtedly a volume of great rarity, it cannot now be con- 
sidered so rare as it was thought to be when the catalogue of Mr. Grenville's 
library was compiled. It is there said that not more than four or five copies were 
known to exist, and that those were not all complete. This copy has the same 
dedication as that in the Grenville Library. 


ARNOLD, Richard. [Arnold's Chronicle, or the Customs of 
London.] [Antwerp, by John of Doesbonk^ IS03.] Folia Black 
Utter. Printed in two columns. BR« M. 

Ay 4 leaves, A i blank ; A, 8 leaves ; B, 4 leaves ; C~£ in eights ; F — R io 
sizes ; C, i leaf ; ^ i, i leaf ; S — V 5 in sixes. The list of sheriffs and the chronicle 
are carried down to 18 Hen. VII. The eleven preliminary leaves are unnumbered, 
bat the] rest of the volume is paged L — cxviiL, the numerals being placed at the 
bottom of the first column of each recto. The ballad of the **^ Nutbrown Maid," of 
which no eaxiy separate edition is at present known, occupies folios 75 — ^^, 

In the present copy, the three introductory leaves are in fincsimile. 

[Chronicle, or Customs of London, &c] {No place, printer's 

name, or date, but printed by P. Treveris, 1521.] Folio. Black letter^ 
in two columns, BL. M. 

A, 3 leaves, first printed leaf marked A IL ; B, 8 leaves ; C, 4 leaves ; B (re- 
peated), 4 leaves ; C — E in eights ; F — Q in sixes ; R, 8 leaves ; T, 6 leaves ; V, 

5 leaves. 

Mr. Corser's copy. There is no title-page, but at the top of the left-hand colunm, 
on A ii recto, occurs : '^ In this boke is conteined the names of the baylyfs custose 
mayers and sherefs of ^ cyte of london from the tyme of kynge Richard the fyrst 

6 also the artydes of the Chartour & lybartyes of the same Cyte. And of the 
chartour and lybartyes of England vrith other dyuers maters good and necessary 
for euery cytezen to vnderstond and knowe. Whiche ben shewed in chapytcrs 
aftyr the fourme of this kalendyr folowynge." 

A full account of the very varied contents is given in Herbert's '' Ames," voL iii. 
pp. 1746-51. 

See introd. to Mr. Wright's reprint of the ** Nutbrown Maid," 1836. Consider- 
able differences exist between the text of the poem as it stands in the first and 
second impressions of Arnold. 

The list of sheriffs in this second edition is carried down to 12 Henry VIII., and 
the volume was in all probability printed in 1521. According to ^^Ames" there 
was also a 4to. edition with woodcuts, a fragment of it being in Mr. Tutet's posses- 
sion. See Herbert's "Ames," voL iii. p. 181 5. 

ARRAIGNEMENT, The, of Mr. Persecution : Presented to the 
Consideration of the House of Commons, and to all the Common 
People of England. Wherein he is indicted, araig^ed, convicted, and 
condemned of emnity [sic] against God. ... In the prosecution 
whereof the lesuiticall Designes and secret Encroachments of his De- 
fendants, Sir Symon Synod, and the lohn of all Sir lohns. Sir lohn 
Presbyter, upon the Liberty of the Subject is detected and laid open. 
By Yongue Martin Mar-Priest, Son to old Martin the Metrapolitane. 
. . . Evrope. Printed by Martin Claw Clergie. . . . 1645. 4to. 

A — G 3 in fours, title on A 3. 

ARRIANUS. Expeditionis Alexandri Hbri vil, et Historia 
Indica Or. et Lat cum notis variorum. Amstel. 1757. 8vo. 



ARRIVEE (L*) des Ambassadeurs du Royaume de Patagoce et 
de la Nouvelle France, ensemble ce qui s'est pass^ d leur voyage, avec 
des remarques curieuses. Traduit par le Sieur I. R. Paris, chez la 
vefve lean Remy. 1649, 4^^. 

Four leaves. 

ARS MEMORANDI notabilis p figuras ewangelistaru. [Sine 
ulld notd,] Folio. 

A block-book consisting of 50 leaves printed on one side only, an equal number 
of pages being devoted to text and figures. Brunet, quoting from Heinecken, says 
that there are two editions of this work, and proceeds to point out the way in which 
they may be distinguished, namely, that in the lines 17-18 of page i in the first edition 
we read, ^'tolle graba^tum tuum et ambula," while in the second edition il runs, ^tolle 
g^batum tuum et vade,'' but in the copy before us the reading is '* tolle grabatum 
tuum et ambula," the word '* grabartum " having evidently been coined simply by a 
hasty reading of the text, and it must be allowed that the letters are so rudely cut 
that such a mistake might easily occur. As to the number of editions, it is worthy 
of notice that in the rich collection of block-books in the Royal Library at Munich, 
are comprised no less than four copies of this volume, three of which read ^' vade** 
at line 18, and one reads '* ambula ;" but what is more important is that every one 
of these four copies displays other and more important variations, showing that there 
must have been at least four editions. 

This makes it worth while to give such a description of the present volume as 
may serve to identify it : — 

P. I, L 6, " at impractica experietur. Ewangeliu.* 

P. 2, Woodcut with legend " Prima ygo lohannis." 

p. 3, 1. 4, " ubi dixit ihesus ascendite." 

p. 4, Woodcut with l^end ** Imago Johanis s^da." 

p. 5, 1. 4, " tum capittulum Non tur." 

p. 6, Woodcut with legend "tercia ygo Johannis.* 

p. 7, L 4, " ueracionis ihesu cristi filii dauid Et" 

P. 8, Woodcut with l^end " prima ygo mathei.* 

P. 9, L 4, " trabe in oculo proprio. Octavum ca." 

P. 10, Woodcut with legend "scda ymago mathey.** 

P. 11,1. 5, " tulum De iohannis decoUacione.* 

p. 12, Woodcut with legend " Tercia ygo mathey." 

P. 13, 1. 4, *' legis mandato. Sec." 

P. 14, Woodcut with legend " qrta ymago mathei.* 

P. 15, 1. 4, " le est regnum cdorum decem virgini.** 

P. 16, Woodcut with legend " Qnta ygo Mathei." 

P. 17, 1. 4, '' dane a Johanne et eius temptacione.'* 

P. 18, Woodcut ¥dth legend "pma ymago marci." 

p. 19, L 4, ''nee quam cristus sanauit" 

p. 20, Woodcut with legend "secuda ygo . marcL" 

p. 21, L 4, "viderunt filium hominis venente." 

p. 22, Woodcut with legend " Tercia ygo . Marci ewii." 

p. 23, 1. 4, " De angelo qui apparuit." 

p. 24, Woodcut with legend " prima ygo luce." 

p. 25, L 4, " it pedes ihesu . Octauu.** 

p. 26, Woodcut with legend "scda ymago luce." 

ARS. 51 

P. 27, L 5, " decimum Capittulum . Cum in.** 
P. 28, Woodcut ¥dth legend " tela ymago . luce." 
P. 29, L 4, ^o videns ihesus ciuitatem fleuit su.'' 
P. 30, Woodcut with legend " quarta luce." 

The text is cut in large and very rude characters, with dragon ornaments to 
fill up lines occasionally, and the whole is printed with a pale brown ink. It is, 
so £u- as can be judged from Heinecken, the edition which he describes as the 
first The woodcuts in this copy are coloured. 


ARS MORIENDI. [Sine loco aut anno.'] Folio. 

This is usually accounted the second xylographic edition of the Ars Moriendi. 
It consists of 24 leaves printed on one side only. It contains 13 pages of text and 
eleven woodcuts, which occur on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, nth, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 
21st, and 23rd pages. They are identical in design with those in the first edition, 
the only perfect copy of which was formerly in the Weigel collection, and is now 
in the British Museum, and are second only to them in artistic merit and execution. 
The number of lines varies on each page of the text. They are as follows (including 
headline) : — P. i, 31 lines ; p. 2, 28 lines ; p. 4, 26 lines ; p. 6, 30 lines ; p. 8, 29 
lines ; p. 10, 31 lines ; p. 12, 28 lines ; p. 14, 35 lines ; p. 16, 24 lines ; p. 18, 30 
lines ; p. 20^ 23 lines ; p. 22, 32 lines ; p. 24, 31 lines. 

The whole of the illustrations are in perfectly pure uncoloured state. 

Questa operetta tracta dellarte del ben morire cioe in gratia 

di Dio. Impresstim Venetiis per J. B. Sessa, \s. a!\ 4to. Black letter. 

BR. M. 

Of the 13 woodcuts which illustrate this volume, 12 are copied from the block- 
book entitled "Ars MoriendL" It is, probably, the latest book in which these cuts 
appeared. From the Yemeniz collection. 

La historia del iudicio del* figliolo de dio lesu christo. 

\senz' alcuna data], 4to. R. 

This volume consists of 20 leaves, and contains nine very rude wood-engravings 
the full size of the page, seven of which are after the designs in the block-book of 
the '* Ars MoriendL" From the Heber and Yemeniz collections. 

A series of thirteen engravings on copper, following the 

general design of the Block-book of the Ars Moriendi, but copied from 

the series attributed to the Master of 1466 or one of his followers. 

Brilliant impressions. Mounted in a 4to. volume. R. M. 

All these engravings, except the first and the thirteenth, have the monogram M. Z. 
A description of them will be found in Passavant, ** Le Peintre Graveur,'' vol. ii. 
p. 172-3. He speaks of them as " copies des gravures de T^cole du mattre de 1466 
dans le m^me sens que I'original, mais ex^cutto avec fort peu d'habilit^.'' The 
initials are said both by Nagler and Passavant to belong to an unknown artist. Ac- 
cording to Passavant die set in the British Museum has a text in German evidently 
belonging to the i6th century, and, he says, *' Un second exemplaire, probablement 
de la mdme Edition, se conserve dans le Mus^e de Berlin.'' The set here described 
is without text, and the impressions clearly belong to the 15th century. 


ARSENIUS. Praeclara dicta Philosophorum, Imperatonim, 

Oratorumque, et Poetarum, ab Arsenio Archiepiscopo Monembasiac 

collecta [graced]. Dialogus studios! bibliopolae et libri : Porphyrius 

de plagiis philosophorum et rhetorum, etc Joannis Tzetzae versus 

[graced]. [Absque notd], 8vo. O.M. 

This book being dedicated to Leo X it was obviously printed before the death 
of that pontiff, which occurred in 1521. The types are identical with those used in 
the ** Questiones Homericae'' of Porphyry print^ at Rome in 15 18. 

ART DE BIEN VIVRE. Le liure intitule lart de bien viure ; 
et de bien mourir. 

Gens qui voulez et desirez scauoir 
Lart et facon de bien viure et mourir 
Pour en la fin des cieulx la gloire auoir 
Lisez ce liure qui montre a lacquerir 
Quant estes oyseux, sans ca et la courir 
Perdant le temps, dont fauldra rendre compte : 
Car homme oyseux tantost peult encourir 
En maint peche, qui lame et corps perir 
Fait par la chair que lesperit surmonte. 

[Colophon.] Cy fine ce present liure intitule lart de bien viure et bien 
mourir: nouuelletnent impritne a paris pour Hery pacquot. [vers 1535]. 

4to. Black letter. 

A to X in eights ; Y, 4 leaves. 

The woodcuts in this work are copied from Verard's edition of 1492, some of 
which in their turn had been taken from the block-book of the " Ars Moriendi," or 
a copy from it Though the block-book may still be considered as the ground- 
work of this volume, the text is, of course, quite different and more ample, and the 
woodcuts much more numerous. 

Sensuit le Liure intitule Lart et science de bien viure % de 

bie mourir. Impritne a paris par la veufue de feu Jehan treppereli bt 
Jehan iekanot \s* d.'\ 4to. Woodcuts. Black letter. BL. M. 

ARTEAGA, Felix de. Obras postumas, divinas, y humanas. 

En Alcald. 1650. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves. Folios i — 193. 

ARTHINGTON, Henry. The Sedvction of Arthington by 
Hacket especiallie, with some tokens of his vnfained repentance and 
Submission. Written by the said Henrie Arthington, the third person 
in that wofuU Tragedie. [Quotations from the Psalms.] Printed by 
R. B. for Thomas Man^ dwelling in Pater noster row^ at the signe of 

the Talbot [1592.] 4to. 

A— K in fours. 

Mr. Corser's copy. The last sheet is occupied by some very curious pieces of 
verse : i. Arthingtons Lamentation ; 2. Arthingtons Thankefulnesse, &c. The 
remainder of the tract is in prose. 


ARTHUR, Kino. The Story of the moste noble and worthy 
Kynge Arthur, the whiche was the fyrst of the worthyes chrysten, and 
also of his noble and valyaunt knyghtes of the rounde Table. Newly 
imprynted and corrected. An. M. D. LVII. [Colophon :] Itnprynted 
at Londb in FUUstreU at the sygm of the Rose Garlande, by Wyllyam 
Copland. Folio. Black letter. O. M. 

In two columns. With woodcuts, including a large one on the title occupying a 
considerable portion of the page. 

Title and preliminary matter, 14 leaves ; a — d in eights ; e, 9 leaves ; f— z in 
eights ; A — O in eights. From the libraries of Mr. Dent and Mr. Perkins. Some 
of the early cuts, including that on the title, have been illuminated, but the artist 
fortunately abandoned his task before he had proceeded far. 

The only other complete copy at present known of this impression is that among 
the King's books in the British Museum. See Dent's Catalogue, 1827, part i, 
Na 162. 

The storye of the most noble and worthy Kynge Arthur 

the which was the fyrst of the worthyes Chrysten, and also of hys 
noble and valyaunt knyghtes of the rounde Table. Newly imprynted 
and corrected. Imprynted at London by Thomas East, [Colophon :] 
Imprinted at London by Thomas East dwelling betweene Paules wharf e 
and Bqynards CastelL [About 1580.] Folio. Black letter. Wood- 
cuts. BR. M. 

Printed in two columns. 14 preliminary leaves, including title ; A — Oo 6 in 
eights. The title of this very rare volume is in facsimile. It is otherwise very fine, 
large, and clean. Perfect copies are in the Grenville and Bridgewater collections. 

The Most Ancient and Famovs History of the Renowned 

Prince Arthvr King of Britaine, wherein is declared his Life and 
Death, with all his glorious Battailes against the Saxons, Saracens 
and Pagans, which (for the honour of his country) he most worthily 
atchieued. As also, all the Noble Acts, and Heroicke Deeds of his 
valiant Knights of the Rovnd Table. Newly refined, and pub- 
lished for the delight, and profit of the Reader. London, Printkl by 

William Stansby, for lacob Bloome. 1634. 4to. Black letter. R.M. 

In three parts, each with a separate title, and the same woodcut frontispiece re- 
peated. Part L ; title, frontispiece, and preface, 4 leaves ; Prologue, 2 leaves ; 
Caxton's prefiaure, i leaf; Tahle, 5 leaves; the text^ B— li in fours. Part ii. : 
frontispiecei title, table, &c., 7 leaves ; the text. A— Qq in fours, and a leaf of Rr. 
Part iii. : frontispiece and other prefixes, 8 leaves ; the text, A — Pp in fours. 

The language of Caxton's edition has been, of course, much modernized, and 
in 8ome places ignorantly corrupted. 

Histoire des merveilleux faicts du preux & vaillant Cheualier 

Artus de Bretaigne. Et des grandes aduentures ou il s'est trouu6 en 
son temps. A Paris, Par Nicolas Bonfons. 1584. 4to. R. M. 

Valiant Knight, Arthur of Little Britain. A Romance of Chivalry. 


Originally Translated from the French by John Bourchier, Lord 
Bemers. A New Edition : With a Series of Plates, from illuminated 
drawings contained in a valuable MS. of the Original Romance. 
London . . . 1814. 4to. Large paper. 

This copy contains a double set of the plates, one plain and the other coloured 
in imitation of the original drawings. Only 25 copies were so published, on 
large paper. The editor of the volume was Mr. £. V. Utterson. 

It was reprinted from the edition printed by Robert Redbome in the i6th 
century without date. The copy, formerly in the Roxburgh collection, from 
which Mr. Utterson printed his edition, was imperfect, but the lacunae were 
supplied from Lord Spencer's copy, the only perfect one known. About 1856 an 
edition in 4to., printed by T. East, was sold by auction, but it was much damaged 
and imperfect. 

ARTICLES presented against this Parliament, Or, The Parlia- 
ments Hypocrisie discovered in Verse and Prose. By Terrae-Filivs, 
being an ancient Lover of his Country. Printed in the Year 1648. 


Four leaves. 

ARTICULOS para la capitulacion de la Ciudadela de la ciudad 
de Mecina. en 29. de Setiembre 17 18. En Palermo impressa y reim- 
pressa en A licante. 1 7 1 8. 4to. 

Two leaves. 

AS PLEASANT a dittie as your hart can wish, 
Shewing what vnkindnes befell by a Kisse. 

At Lofidon printed for J*. P[avier, circd 1600.] Black letter. 

Ten stanzas of 6 lines, printed on a broad sheet in two columns^ with a woodcut 
border at top and bottom. 

Reprinted in ^Anc. Ballads," &c., 1867. 

ASCHAM, Roger. The Scholemaster Or plaine and perfite way 
of teaching children, to vnderstand, write, and speake, the Latin tong, 
but specially purposed for the priuate bringing vp of youth in lentle- 
men and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as 
haue forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by them selues, without a 
Scholemaster, in short time, and with small paines, recouer a sufficient 
habilitie, to vnderstand, write, and speake Latin. By Roger Ascham. 
An. 1571. At London, Printed by John Daye^ dwelling ouer Alders- 
gate. Cunt Gratia &r Priuilegio Regice Maiestatis, per Decennium. 4to. 
Black letter. BL. M. 

Title, I leaf ; dedication by Margaret Ascham to Sir William Cecil, i leaf ; 
B — T in fours, sign. A omitted. 

This impression, according to Herbert, is a paginary reprint of that of 1 570. 
The work was composed by Ascham in 1564 at the request of his friend Sir Richard 
Sackville, chiefly for the use of Sir Richard's grandson, Robert Sackville. Ascham 
did not live to see his perfomunce in print. 


ASCHAM, Roger. The Schoolemaster. Or, Playne and perfite 
way of teaching Children, to vnderstande, write, and speake the Latin 
toong. .... At London, Printed by Abell Jeffes. Anno. 1589. [Col.] 
At London, Printed by A bell leffes, dwelling in Phillip Lane, at the 
Signe of ^ Bell. 1589. 4to. Black letter. G. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — S in fours. From Mr. Craufiird's collection. 

Toxophilvs : The Schoole or partitions of Shoating, con- 

tayned in two books, Written by Roger Ascham 1544. And now 

newly perused. Pleasaunt for all Gentlemen, and Yomen of England 

for their pastime to reade, and profitable for their vse to follow both 

in warre and peace. At London, Printed by Abell leffes, by the consent 

of H. Marsh. Anno. 1589. [CoL] At London, Printed by Abell 

leffies, dwelling in Phillip Lane, at the Signe of the BelL Anno. 1589. 

4to. Black letter. G. M. 

%%, 4 leaves ; \%%, 2 leaves : A— H in eights, H 8 having the Device only. 
Dedicated *' to all the Gentlemen and Yomen of England." 

The English Works of Roger Ascham, Preceptor to Queen 

Elizabeth. London, 181 5. 8vo. BR#M. 

Pp. xxviiL-392. 

Some illustrations of Ascham's life are pointed out in Mr. J. Payne Collier's 
"Diary," Part ii. pp. 105-6. 

ASHBURNHAM, Earl of. A Catalogue alphabetically 
arranged of the more rare and curious printed Books in the Library at 
Ashbumham Place. 1864. 4to. 

Privately printed. Presentation copy from Lord Ashbumham. This catalogue 
contains many articles of the rarest description in early English literature. 

ASHBURNHAM, John. A Letter written by Mr. John Ash- 
bumUam Esquire, from Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight, 
Novemb. 26, 1647. to Mr. William Lenthall Esq. Speaker of the 
Honourable House of Commons. London. Printed for Richard Royston. 
1647. 4to. 

Four leaves. This tract was written to vindicate the King from the charge 
of having broken his parole. 

ASHER, A. Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of Voyages 
and Travels edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and his Suc- 
cessors, at Nuremberg and Frankfort, from Anno 1598 to 1660. 
London and Berlin. 1 839. 4to. 

ASHLEY, Ralph. A Blazing Starre seene in the West at 
Totneis in Devonshire, on the fourteenth of this instant November, 


1642. Wherin is manifested how Master Ralph Ashley, a deboyst 
Cavalier, attempted to ravish a young Virgin . . . Also, how at that 
instant a fearful! Comet appeared . . . Likewise declaring how he 
persisting in his damnable attent, was struck with a flaming Sword . . 
London^ Printed for Jonas WrigJu^ and I, H. 1642. 4to, 

Four leaves. 

ASHMOLE, Eli AS. Theatrvm Chemicvm BritannicuntL Con- 
taining Severall Foeticall Pieces of our Famous English Philosophers, 
who have written the Hermetique Mysteries in their owne Ancient 
Language. Faithfully collected into one Volume, with Annotations 
thereon, By Elias Ashmole, Esq. Qui est MercuriophUus Anglicus. 
The First Part. London^ Printed by J, Grismond far Nath. Brooke^ at 
the Angel in Comhill. MDCLII. 4to. 

A — S S S in fours, besides the Errata. With a frontispiece by T. Cross^ a 
folding plate at p. 117, and many plates on the letterpress. 

''Amongst the tracts in this singular work are, i. The Ordinall of Alchimy. 
Written by Thomas Norton, of Bristol! (with six curious engravings by Vaugfaan). 
2. The Compound of Alchymie. A most excellent, learned, and worthy worke, 
written by Sir George Ripley. 3. Pater Sapientiae (by an anonymous writer). 4. 
Hermes's Bird, written originally in Latin, by Raymund Lully, and translated into 
English verse by Abbot Cremer, of Westminster, with curious engravings. 5. The 
Tale of the Chanons Yeoman, by Geof&ey Chaucer, with an engraving of his tomb. 
6. John Lydgate, Monke of St. Edmundesbur/s translation out of Aristotle. 7. 
John Gower on the Philosopher's Stone. 

*' For a minute account of this volume, and the collector of it, see Dr. Kippis's 
' Biographia Britannica,' voL i. p. 298." — Bibl, Anglo-Poetica^ No. 4. No second 
part was printed. 

The Way to Bliss. In Three Books. Made Publick, by Elias 

Ashmole Esq. Qui est MercuriophUus Anglicus. — Deus nobis hoc Otia 
fecit London, Printed by John Grismondfor Nath. Brook^ at the Angel 
in Com-hiU. 1658. 4to. BL. M. 

A, 3 leaves ; B— Ff 3 in fours, the last leaf having the Errata. With a portrait 
of the author by W. Faithome. 

In the preface Ashmole refers to his intention, reluctantly abandoned in conse- 
quence of vexatious law-suits, of publishing a second part of his ^Theatrum 
Chemicum," and states that the immediate cause of the conunittal of the present 
book to type was the advertisement of an edition surreptitiously prepared by 
Eugenius Tkeodidactus [John Heydon] from an incorrect and spurious MS., the title 
to which was to have been " The Wise Man's Crown, or Rosicrucian Physick." A 
work by John Heydon, called " A New Method of Rosicrucian Physick," was 
printed in 1658. 4to. 

Sol in Ascendente : Or, The Glorious Appearance of Charles 

the Second, upon the Horizon of London, in her Horoscopicall Sign, 
Gemini. [Arms and quotation.] London, Printed for N. Brook, at the 
Angel in Comhill. 1660. 4to. 

Four leaves. In verse. 


ASHMOLE, Elias. The Institution, Laws & Ceremonies of the 
Most Noble Order of the Garter. Collected and Digested into one 
Body by Elias Ashmole of the Middle Temple Esq; Windesor Herald 
at Arms. A Work furnished with variety of matter, relating to 
Honor and Noblesse. London^ Printed by J. Macock for Naihamul 
Brooke . . . MDCLXXli. Folkx Large paper. BL. M. 

Portrait of Giaiies II. by Sherwin, and plates by HoUar, &c 

ASHWELL, John. The letters whyche Johan Ashwell Priour 
of Newnham Abbey besydes Bedforde, sente secretly to the Byshope 
of Lyncolne, in the yeare of our Lord M.D.xxvii. Where in the 
sayde piyour accuseth George Joye that tyme beyng felow of Peter 
college in Cambrydge, of fower opinyons : wyth the answere of the 
sayde George vnto the same opynyons. Euery man that doth euyll^ life. 
Johan ill [Col.] At Straszburge the .10, daye of June. Thy 5 lytell 
bake be delyuerd to Johan Ashwell Priour of Newnhd Abbey besydes 
Bedforde with spede. \No place^ printer's name, or date.] Sm. 8vo. 
Blaci letter. BR. M. 

A — D 4 in eights. Probably {Minted in London about 154a 

ASKEW. CThe first examination of the worthy seruaunt of 
God, Maistres Anne Askew, y* yonger daughter of Sir William Askew 
Knight of Lincolneshyre, lately martired in Smithfeeld, by the Romish 
vpholders. Anne Askew stood fast by this veritie of God to the end. 
[On sig. B V. is a second title.] C The lattre examination of the worthye 
seniaunte of God &c., as above. [On the verso of the last leaf] C Thus 
endeth the latter conflicte of Anne askew, lately done to death by 
the Romish popes malicious remnaunt, and now cannonised in the 
precious bloud of the Lord Jesus Christ [No place or date.] Sm. 8va 
Black leUer. BL.M. 

A — ^D in fours, the last leaf blank. This has every appearance of being an 
earlier impression of Anne Askew's examinations than that printed at Marpuig in 
1546 with Bishop Bale's annotations. It is undescribed by Ames or other biblio- 
graphers. At the back of the title we find the following notice : " Here hast thou 
(genede (xrV) reader) the two £xaminaci6s of Anne Askewe which she wrote with 
ber owne hand, at the instaunt desyre of certain faythful men and women by the 
whyche (if thou marke dyligendy the communicacios both of her and her examiners) 
thou mayst, easely proue the spirites as S. John the Apostle geueth you counselL 
L John iiii. 9 than shalte y know the tree by the frute % the ma by his worke. 
C Anne Askew." 

It has every appearance of having been printed in England, and was probably 
used by Bale for his Marpuig edition, which, however, differs from it in some 

ASPRUCK, R A series of 13 engravings representing Christ 
and his Apostles. Beneath the first engraving is the following in- 
scription : — 


" Adm. Reuer. in Chfo. Patri ac D. D. Antonio celeberr. Monaster 
ad S. S. Crucem Aug. Vind. Praepo^ digniss^ P Inful* diio suo clem'. 
Has Chn Opt max & S. S. Apostol. effig. nouo hoc, in acre, typi genere 
effor. M**obseru.ergo DD*. Franciscus Aspruck. B. 1601." 

Mounted in a sm. folio volume. BR. M. 

This remarkable and most rare series of engravings is quoted by M. Duplessis 
in his ^ Histoire de la gravure en France," as throwing a new light on the origin of 
engraving in mezzotinto, and Nagler, in his valuable work, '' Die Monogrammisten," 
voL L No. 285, affirms that the general treatment is such as to entitle the prints to 
be considered as incunabula of the mezzotinto process, having their origin at a time 
when Ludwig von Siegen was not yet bom. " While maintaining," says Nagler, 
''that Aspruck was the inventor of the mezzotinto and chalk manner, we would not 
detract from the credit of Von Siegen and Prince Rupert, but admit as before, that 
the results of these two art amateurs were complete, while Aspruck applied his 
method to secondary things alone, allowing the graver to have the upper hand.* 

The engravings measure 4-^ in. by 2} in. 

ASSAULT DE PARADIS. Lassault de paradiz du cheualier 
spiiel. [Paris par Antoine Verard. s. d,] Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. M. 

This piece appears to be undescribed by Brunet The title as given above is in 
large Gothic characters, and seems to be printed from a wood-block. On the re- 
verse is a woodcut which occupies the whole page. The text begins on p. 2, be- 
neath a woodcut: *' Cy conunence le liure intitule Lassault de Paradis & des armeures 
du chevalier espirituel copose par ung religieux celestin Lan iii.cccCLXV. le iour 
des innocens.'' The whole consists of 28 leaves ; a — d 4 in eights. 

[ASSER MENEVENSIS.] iElfredi Regis res gestae [Anglo- 
Saxonic6, cura Mat Parkeri. Londinu 1574]. Folio. R. 

ASSIZE OF BREAD. The Assize of Bread. Together with 
svndry good and needfull ordinances for Bakers, Brewers, Inholders, 
Victuallers, Vintners, and Butchers : And also other Assizes in 
Weights and Measures, which by the lawes of this Realme are com- 
maunded to be obserued and kept by all manner of persons, as well 
within Liberties as without. Wherevnto are also added sundry good 
and needfull orders for making and retailing of all kinds of lawfull 

breads Newly corrected and enlarged from tweluepence 

the quarter of wheate vnto three pound and sixepence the quarter, 
according to the rising and falling of the price thereof in the 
market .... London, Printed by William Stansby for John Bvdge. 
1610. 4to. Black Utter, Woodcuts. 

A — G in fours, title on A 2. 

The editor of this, as well as of a preceding impression, was John Powell, who 
subscribes an address to Magistrates and others, and a Preface to the Reader. 

The Assize of Bread. Together with Sundry good and need- 
full ordinances for Bakers, Brewers, Inholders, Victualers, Vintners, and 
Butchers ; And also other Assizes in Weights and Measures, which by 


the Lawes of the Realme are commanded to bee obserued and kept by 
all manner of Persons, as well within Liberties as without Where- 
unto there are also added sundrie good and needfuU Orders, in making 
and retayling of all kinds of lawfuU Breade, vendible vnto his Maiesties 
Subiects in the Common-wealth, agreeing with the Statutes, Lawes, 
and Ancient Orders and Customes of this Realme of England . . • 
Newly corrected and enlarged . . . London, Printed by William 
Stansby. 1630. 4to. Black letter. Woodcuts. 

A — G in fours, title on A 2. 

The Address to all Magistrates and Officers, and that to the Reader, are signed 
by John Powell, Gentleman, the editor of earlier impressions of the same work, who 
takes credit for the observance of minute accuracy in his figures, and mentions the 
rise in prices which had occurred since the old assize book appeared. The work 
continued to be in request down to the middle of the last century. The edition 
found among Pepys's books at Cambridge, described in Hazlitt's ^ Collections and 
Notes," 1876, Additions, seems to be the earliest edition. It is attributed to 1527-8, 
but has no actual note of year. The present and other later impressions were con- 
siderably enlarged. 

ASSIZES. The Great Assises holden in Pamassvs by Apollo 
and his assessovrs : At which Sessions are arraigned 

Mercurius Britanicus; The Writer of Occurrences. 

Mercurius Aulicus ; The Writer of Passages. 

Mercurius Civicus. The Poet. 

The Scout The Spye. 

The Writer of Diurnalls. The Writer of Weekly Accounts. 

The Intelligencer. The Scottish Dove, &c. 

London^ Printed by Ricltard Cotes for Edward Husbands^ and are to be 
sold at his Shop in the Middle Temple. 1645. 4to. 

A — F in fours, and a leaf of G. In verse. From Mr. Corser's collection. 

This volume has been ascribed, but without authority, to George Wither, who is 
one of the jurors. It is a curious production, somewhat on the plan of Suckling's 
*' Session of the Poets,'' and includes notices of several of the early English writers. 
At p. 12 there is a reference to Wither's ''Abuses Stript and Whipt." 

ASTLE, Thomas. The Origin and Progress of Writing . . . Also, 
some Account of the Origin and Progress of Printing. London . . . 
1803. Folio. Large paper. Plates. R. M. 

ASTLEY, John, Master of the Jewel-House. The Art of Riding, 
set foorth in a breefe treatise, with a true interpretation of certeine 
places alledged out of Xenophon and Gryson, verie expert and excel- 
lent Horssemen. Wherein also the true vse of the hand by the said 
Grysons rules and precepts is speciallie touched : and how the Author 
of this present work hath put the same in practice, also what profit 
men maie reapc thereby : without the knowledge whereof the know- 
ledge of all the residue of the order of Riding is but vaine. Lastlie^is 


added a short discourse of the Chaiae or Cauezzan, the Trench, and 
the Martingale : written by a Gentleman of great skill and long ex- 
perience in the said Art Imprinted at London by HenrU Denham. 
1584. 4to. 

A — L in fours. 

Dedicated by the author, under the initials G, j9., ^ To the Right worshipfull 
Gentlemen Pensioners, M. Henrie Mackwilliam and M. William Fitzwilliams," who 
subscribe a second address to the Gentlemen Pensioners, explaining the extreme re- 
luctance of Astley to have his name to the book, and his (not very successful) attempt 
to conceal his identity. Astley, indeed, goes so far in the Preface written by himself 
at to speak of the woric as compiled by G. B. at his request and encouragement 

ASTRONOMICI VETERES. VeneHis cura, far diligentia Aldi 
Re. Mense octob. 1499. Folio. BR. M. 

[ASTRUC, J.] Conjectures sur les m^moires originaux dont il 
paroit que Moyse s*est servi pour composer le livre de la Gen^se. A 
Bruxelles. [Paris.'] 1753. Sm. 8vo. 

ATKIN, Thomas. Some Reasons why the People called 
Quakers ought to enjoy their Meetings peaceably. Published for the 
information of those who are not Acquainted with their way, and to 
prevent Mistakes concerning them. London^ Printed for Robert 
Wilson^ at the Sign of the Black-spread-Eagle and Wind-mill, in 
Martins le Grand. 1660. 

A broadside in two colunms. 

ATKYNS, Richard. The Original and Growth of Printing : 
Collected out of History, and the Records of this Kingdome. Wherein 
is also Demonstrated, that Printing appertaineth to the Prerogative 
Royal; and is a Flower of the Crown of England. By Richard 
Atkyns, Esq; . . . London : Printed by John Streater^for the Author. 

MDCLXIV. 4tO. R. M. 

B — £ in fours, besides the title and a frontispiece by Loggan with four portraits. 

The Strawberry-hill copy, with Horace Walpole's book-plate. Atkyns was an 
advocate of the long since exploded theory, that Corsellis established a press at 
Oxford in 1468. 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert. The Ancient and Present State of 
Glostershire. By Sir Robert Atkyns. London : Printed by W. Bowyer 
for Robert Gosling. ... 17 12. Folio. PIGSKIN. 

Portrait of the Author, and other engravii\gs. 

Dr. Bliss's copy, with some MS. memoranda in his handwriting. He observes, 
^ This is probably the rarest of the County Histories from the circumstance of a fire 
taking place at Bowyer's, the printer's, on the night of the 29th of January, 17 12-13, 
soon after the work was compleat, and when very few copies had been delivered. 
- . • The present copy is perfectly clean and free from stain, and is the best I have 


yel seen." Dr. Bliss has added a transcript of the MS. notes found in Mr. Good- 
wyn's copy, now in the Bodleian. 

The work contains 74 plates (including the portrait, 8 leaves of anns, and a 
map of the county). 

ATLAS. De Zee-Atlas ofte water-wereld waer in vertoont 
werden alle de Zee-kusten van het bekende des Aerd-bodems. 
Amsterdam^ by Pieter Goos, 1669. Folio. Maps. 

AUBERT, Esprit. Les Marguerites poetiques, tiroes des plus 
fameux poetes fran^ois, tant anciens que modernes, & Reduites en 
forme de lieux communs & selon I'ordre Alphabetique, nouuellement 
recueillies et mises en lumi^re par Esprit Aubert. Auec un Indice 
tres-ample de chasque mati^re. A Lyon par Barthelemy Ancelin^ Im- 
priffuur ordinaire du Roy* 161 3. 4to. 

Engraved title by L. Gaultier, in which are contained portraits of Ronsard and 
Du Bartas. Dedication and verses addressed to the author. 3 leaves. Sigs. 
A— Gggg in eights (except Kkk, which has only 4 leaves) ; Hhhh— LIU in fours. 
The last leaf bears the ^ Priuil^e du ^oy.'' 

AUBREY, John, F.R.S. The Natural History and Antiquities 
of the County of Surrey, begun in the year 1673 . . . and continued 
to the present Time. Illustrated with proper Sculptures. In Five 
volumes. London . . . M.DCCXIX. 8vo. Large paper. 

With a portrait of Aubrey. In old English calf binding. 

Miscellanies, upon the following Subjects. I. Day-Fatality. 

II. Local-Fatality. III. Ostenta. . . . The Second Edition, with large 
Additions. To which is prefixed some Account of his Life. London: 

. . . MDCCXXI. 8vO. 

Pp. 236 + xiv., besides the title and frontispiece. 

This is the most popular of Aubre/s works, and has passed through several 

AUDELEY, Lady Eleanor. Amend Amend ; Gods Kingdome 
is at hand : Amen, Amen. The Proclamation : Mene, mene. .... 
First Printed at Amsterdam : 1633. April; 1643. 4to. 

A — B in fours. In verse. 

This is one of the strange rhapsodies of Lady Eleanor Audeley, who married 
Sir John Davies, the poet and lawyer, but long survived him. Many of her pro- 
ductions, some in prose, others in verse, are in the British Museum. 

Strange and WonderfuU Prophesies by the Lady Eleanor 

Audeley ; who is yet alive, and lodgeth in White-HalL Which shec 
prophesied sixteen yeeres agoe, and had them printed in Holland, and 
there presented the said Prophesies to the Prince Elector ; for which 
she was imprisoned seven yeers here in England by the late King and 
his Majesties Councell : Firsts she was put into the Gate-house, then 


into Bedlam, and afterwards into the Tower of London. . . . London 
Printed for Robert Ibbitson in Smithfield near the Queens head Tavern. 
1649. 4to. 

Four leaves. With woodcut at the end and on the tide. 

AUERSWALD, Fabian von. Ringer Kunst ; fiinff vnd achtzig 

stiicke, zu ehren Kurfiirstlichen gnaden zu Sachssen &c. zugericht 

Gedruckt zu Wittefnberg durch Hans Lufft. 1 539. Folio. 

A — H in sixes. The last leaf blank. Brunet says that the woodcuts are '' attri- 
buted'' to Lucas Cranach, but as one of them bears his well-known mark of a 
winged dragon, there can be no doubt that they are his work. They represent the 
author, whose portrait is on the third leaf, in the various attitudes of wrestling. 

AUGUSTINUS, AURELIUS. Confessionum libri XIII. MS. on 
vellum, of the fourteenth century. The initial on the first page contains 
a figure of S. Augustine seated in his episcopal robes, with hands 
raised in attitude of prayer. The style of this and the other illu- 
minated letters would certainly appear to be as early as the middle 
of the fourteenth century. Folio. BR. M. 

-»— Libri XIIL Confessionum ad 3 MSS. exemp. emendatL 
Opera et Studio R. P. H. Sommalii. Lugduni, apud Danielem 
Elzevirium. 1675. Sm. 8vo. R.M. 

De civitate Dei libri XXII. 

[Colophon :] Hoc Conradus opus Suueynheym ordine miro 

Arnoldusq, simul pannarts una ede colendi 
Gente theotonica : rome expediere sodales. 
In domo Petri de Maximo. M.CCCCXX VIII. Folio. 

This noble volume is probably unique for the style of the binding, which certainly 
could not be surpassed in beauty of design and execution, and which is fortunately 
as fresh and perfect in condition as though it had come from the binders' hands but 
yesterday. It was the dedication copy presented to Cardinal de' Medici, whose 
arms are emblazoned in the centre of the binding, on the gauffered edges, and on 
the first page of the text The material of the binding is probably calf, but it is so 
entirely covered with gilding as to be effectually hidden. On this is tooled in low 
reUef with marvellous skill, an intertwined pattern of great beauty, the interstices 
being dotted '* au mille points/' and the arms most skilfully painted in a sunk oval 
centre. The back is treated in a similar manner. The edges are gauffered and gilt, 
the pattern on them being filled in with red. The first page of text is decorated 
with a half border of chaste design in gold and colours, and the initials are very 
skilfully illuminated throughout. The interior condition of the book is no less 
perfect than the binding, the paper being of almost dazzling whiteness. In looking 
on this splendid volume one feels carried back to the fifteenth century, for it is diffi- 
cult to realize the fact that four hundred years have passed since it was printed and 
bound, and one can feel with a former possessor, who described it as ^ cet adorable 
volume." Inside the cover is a book-plate with the inscription, *' Ad Bibliothecam 
Jo. Jac. Reinhardi," and at the back of the first leaf of text is pasted a small ticket 
with the name of a later possessor, '^ Madame Josephine Lef^vre.* Hain, 2047. 


AUGUSTINUS,AURELIUS. De Arte predicandi. [Sine loco aut 
anno.] Folio. BR. M. 

This edition is believed to have been printed at Strasbuig by Mentelin about 


Brunet indicates two editions, both with Mentelin's name in the preface, but dis- 
tinguishes them by the one b^^inning on the recto, and the other on the verso of 
the first leafl This begins on the verso. From an inscription on the fly leaf, 
it appears to be the copy mentioned by Brunet as sold in Panzer's collection. 
Hain, 1956. 

De Vita Christiana. Incip. plogus beati Augustini de vita 

xpiana. [Sine loco aut anno.] 4to. BR. M. 

On the last leaf is the printer's mark used by Fust and Schoefier. The types 
are the same as those employed in the Durandus of 1459. It consists of 17 leaves, 
with 28 lines to the page. Hain, 2093. 

> Liber de singularitate clericorum. Per me Olricu eel de 

hanau clericu diocess. Moguntinen. Anno %c. sexagesimo septimo. [1467.] 

4to. BR. M. 

The second book with a date printed at Cologne, the tract of St Oirysostom 
** Super Psalmo Quinquagesimo " having preceded it by one year. It consists of 33 
leaves, with 27 lines to the page. Hain, 2082. 

Liber de mirabilibus sacre scripture. [Sine ullA notd.] 

Folio. BR. M. 

This volume is attributed to the press of Nicolas Ketelaer and Gerard de 
Leempt of Utrecht, about 1473, on the excellent authority of Hain, and this 
attribution is borne out by the still higher authority of Dr. Campbell ; but Panzer 
does not appear to have known the book at alL It consists of 54 leaves, with 30 
lines to the page. Campbell, 203. 

Meditationes [et opuscula varia.] Vetuiiis per Octavianum 

Scotum, 1483. 4to. R.M. 

-^— Tractatus de fuga mulierum, de continentia, de contemptu 
mundi, de communi vita clericorum. [Sifie loco aut anno!] 4to. 

This piece is printed in a rude semi-Gothic character, and is attributed by Hain 
to the press of Peter Drach of Spire. It consists of 28 leaves, with 26 lines to the 
page. Hain, 1961. 

The Glasse of Vaine-glorie. Translated out of S. Augustine 

by W. P. Doctor of the lawes. With sundry Christian Praiers added 

thereunto. London. Printed by lohn Windet^ dwelling by Panics Wharf e^ 

at tlu signe of the Crosse Keyes, 1600. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 


A — I in twelves. Printed within woodcut borders. In prose and verse. 
Mr. Corser's copy, with the autograph of Thomas Park on the tide. No other 
seems to be known of thb impression. 


AUMALEy Duke of. Histoire des Princes de Cond^ pendant 
les XVr et XVIP Slides. Paris. 1863.4. 2 vols. 8va Portraits. 

Presentation copy from H.R.H. the Duke of Amnale. 

AUSONIUS. Opera. [Cura Hier. Avancii.] Venetiis in ASdibus 
Aldi it Andrea Soceri. 1 5 17. 8vo. BR. M. 

AUSTEN, Ralph. A Treatise of Frvit-Trees, shewing the 
manner of Grafting, Setting, Pruning, and Ordering of them in all re- 
spects : According to divers new and easy Rules of experience ; 
gathered in the space of Twenty yeares. Whereby the value of Lands 
may be much improued, in a short time, by small cost and little 
labour. . . . Oxford printed far Tho : Robinson, 1653. 4^0. GR. M. 

Title engraved by Goddard, i leaf; dedication to Samuel Hartlib, the author's 
much honoured friend, 3 leaves ; to the Reader, 2 leaves ; the Analysis, 5 leaves ; 
Table, 2 leaves ; the Work, A—M in fours ; a new title, " The Spiritvall Vse of 
an Orchard, or Garden of Frvit-Trees "... •^ 4 leaves ; ••, 2 leaves ; P — T in 
fours, no N or O. 

The second portion is dedicated to Dr. Langley, Master of Pembroke College, 
Oxford. This copy has uncut leaves throughout 

AUSTIN, Samuel, B.A Avstins Vrania, Or, The Heavenly 
Mvse, in a Poem fvll of most feeling Meditations for the comfort of all 
soules at all times : By S. A. B. of Arts of Ex. Colledge in Oxford. 

Autper legos, aut non legos. 
What e'r thou be, whose eyes doe chance to fall 
Vpon this Booke, reade all, or none at all. 

London, Printed by F. K. for Robert Allot and Hettry Seile. 1629. 
Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

First title-page, &c, 3 leaves, tide on A 2 ; then A (with a second title) to K 4 in 

Dr. Bliss's copy. The author was of Lostwithiel, in Cornwall, and was the 
father of the person upon whom the wits wrote '' Naps upon Parnassus," 1658. Dr. 
Bliss has noted on the flyleaf: *' Not in the Bodleian Catalogue, 1843, i^^r in Mr. 
Deuce's collection. See a brief account of the author in Ath, Oxon. ii., 499.'' In a 
poetical dedication, or " Advertisement,** as he calls it, '* To my ever Honovred 
Friends, those most refined Wits and fauourers of most exquisite learning, Mr. M. 
Drayton, Mr. Will. Browne, and my ingenious Kinsman, Mr. Andrew Pollexfen,* 
Austin enters into some curious particulars connected with the publication of his 
book, as well as the difficulties which he had to surmount 

The work is divided into two books, the second having a separate title and a new 
dedication to Mr. John Robarts, son and heir to Lord Robarts, Baron of Truro, &c. 

See " Epistolae Ho-elianae," edit 1754, p. 211. 

AUSTIN, Samuel, the Younger. Naps upon Parnassus. A 
Sleepy Muse nipt and pincht, though not awakened. Such Voluntary 
and Jovial Copies of Verses, as were lately received from some of the 


Wits of the Universities, in a Frolick, dedicated to Gondibert's Mis- 
tress by Captain Jones and others. Whereunto is added for Demon- 
stration of tiie Authors prosaick Excellency's, his Epistle to one of the 
Universities, with the Answer ; together with two Satyrical Characters 
of his Own, of a Temporizer, and an Antiquary, with Marginal Notes 
by a Friend to the Reader. Vide Jones his L^end, Drink Sack and 
Gunpowder, and so fall to 't AUquando bonus dormUat Homerus. 
London^ Printed by express Order from the Wits^for N. Brook^ at the 
Angel in CamhUL 1658. Sm. 8va BR. M. 

A — H 3 in eights, the last 11 leaves occupied by a catalogue of books. 

This vohmie is a collection of lampoons on the poetical attempts of S. Austin 
the younger, which he had shown to his acquaintance in MS. 

The aUusions found in it are very curious. One of the satirists of Austin's 
poetry aiys:— 

''To thee compared our English Poets all stop, 
And vail their Bonnets, even Shakespear's Falstop,* 

and a marginal note adds, ^ It should have been Falstaff, if the rhyme had per- 
mitted it* 

A fbrdier account of the book will be found in the '^ Bibl Anglo-Poetica,* 
Na soa 

AUSTIN, William. Haec Homo, Wherein the Excellency of the 
Creation of Woman is described, By way of an Essay. By William 
Austin Esquire. London^ Printed by Richard OUon for Ralph Mabb^ 
and are to be sold by Charles Greene. 1637. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

Portrait of Mrs. Mary Griffith, and engraved title containing a portrait of th^ 
author, both by Glover, 2 leaves : printed title, i leaf; B—- 1 11 in twelves. There 
is no preliminary matter. 

Mr. Corser's copy. This writer must not be confounded with W. Austin of 
GnyVInn. The author of ^ Hacc Homo " was of Lincoln's Inn. 

AUTO GENERAL DE LA FE : exaltacion de su estandarte 
catolico : triunfo de su verdad evangelica : contra la supersticion sac- 
ril^[a, la pravedad heretica, y la infiel apostasia ; sobre quien destilo 
piedades, fulmino castigos, la indulgente oliva, el encendido azero del 
santo tribunal de la Inquisicion de Granada lunes treinta de Mayo, 
dia de el • • . . Rey Don Fernando el Santo. 1672. Jmpresso en 
Granada en la imprenta real de Francisco Sanchez. 1672. 4to. 

Title and engraved coat of arms, 2 leaves. Sig. A, 2 leaves ; B— H, 4 leaves 

AVALE, Lemeke. A Commemoration or Dirige of Bastarde 
Edmonde Boner, alias Sauage, vsurped Bisshoppe of London. Com- 
piled by Lemeke Auale. Episcopatum eius accipiet alter. Anno 
Domi$$$. 1569. Imprinted by P. O. Sm. 8vo. 

A—- C in eights, last 2 leaves blank. In verse and prose. 



This tract b bound up with ** A Recantation of Cunous Pasquin of Rome,* 
157a The volume has passed through the libraries of Mr. Bindley, Mr. Heber, 
Mr. Jolley, and Mr. Corser. See ^ Bibl Heber/ Part 4, No. 43, and Brydges's 
** British Bibliographer,* ii 288. No other copy of either seems to be knowiu 

AVELLANEDA, Alonso Fernandez de. S^[undo tomo del 
ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, que contiene su terceia 
salida : y es la quinta parte de sus auenturas. Con licencia. En Tar- 
ragona en casa de Felipe Roberto. 1614. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves. A — Nn 7 in eights. 

This pretended second part of Don Quixote was published a year before Cer- 
vantes brought out the second part of his book. The name oif Avellaneda is 
accounted merely a pseudonym. 

AVELLANEDA Y HARO, Garcia de. Question moral si el 

Chocolate quebranta el ayuno eclesiastico. En Madrid, 1636. 4to. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; folios i — 122 ; index, 12 leaves. 
In this volume it is treated at considerable length whether it is a mortal sin for 
ecclesiastics to drink chocolate before celebrating the mass. 

AVENDANO. Aviso de Ca^adores y de Caja por Pedro Nufiez 
de Avendano. Impsso en ... . AlccUa de Henares, En casa de Joan 
de Brocar d xviii. dias del mes de Deziibre. 1543. 4to. Black letter. 

Four preliminary leaves, 39 of text, and i for the colophon. Brunei gives by 
mistake only 29 leaves of text Any early books on field sports in the Spanish 
language are of extreme rarity. This volume belonged successively to Mr. Heber 
and Mr. Ford. 

AVERY, Samuel. The Susquehannah Controversy Examined 
The Material Objections against the Connecticut title or claim an- 
sweredy with some general reasoning on the whole matter. [Done with 
Truth and Candor.] '* Blessed are the Peace makers." WUkasbarre 
— Pennsylvania. Printed by C. Miner. 1803. 8va 

A — M 5 in sixes. 

AVISAMENTU de concubinariis no absoluedis quibuscuq^ : ac 
eoru periculis q^ lurimis. A theologis Coloniesibus approbatii cum 
additionibus sacratissimorii canonii. Nurembergce per H. HoltseL 
1507. 4to. 

Ten leaves. 

AWDELY, John. The Wonders of England 1559. Finis. 

Q. I. A. Imprinted at London by John Awdeley. A Broadside. Blad 


Eleven stanzas of 10 lines each, in two columns. Reprinted in ** Anc Balladsy* 
&c., 1867. 


AWDELY, John. A godly ditty or Prayer to be song vnto 

Grod for the preseruation of his Church, our Queene, and Realme, 

against all Traytours, Rebels, and Papisticall Enemies. Finis. Quoth 

loL Awdley. Imfrynted at London by John Awdefy. [About 1570.] 

A Broadside. Black letter. 

Nine stanias of eight lines each. With a woodcttt of the Royal arms. Re- 
printed in "^ Anc. Ballads," &c, 1867. 

AYLET, Robert. Svsanna: Or, The Arraignment of the 

Two Vnivst Elders. [Quotation from Deut 16, 20,] By Robert 

Ayletty D.C.L. London^ Printed for lohn Teage, and are to be sold at 

JUs shoppe in Paules Church'yard at the signe of the BalL 1622. 

Sm. 8vo. 

A— C in eights. Dedicated to Lord and Lady Warwick. 
Sir Mark Sykes's copy, afterwards Mr. Corser's. 

A Wife, not ready made, but bespoken, by Dicus the 

Batchelor, and made up for him by his fellow Shepheard Tityrus. In 

four Pastorall Eglogues. The Second Edition: Wherein are some 

things added but nothing amended. . . . London, Printed for A\bel\ 

Ji[ofier.] 1653. 8va 

A, 8 leaves ; B, 9 leaves, or 34 pages altogether. 

Dedicated (in verse) to Sir Robert Stapleton. In Brydges's "Restituta" this 
volume is described as containing 16 leaves, and in Lowndes, 26 pages, or 13 

Divine, and Moral Speculations in Metrical Numbers, Upon 

Various subjects. By Doctor R. Aylet, one of the Masters of the 
High Court of Chancery. [Quot from Psalm 3.] London, Printed for 
Abel Roper, at the Sun against St. Dunstans Church in Fleetstreet. 
1654. 8vo. Portrait by T. Cross. 

Title, I leaf ; portrait, i leaf ; table of the poems, i leaf ; dedication to the 
Marquis of Dorchester, and verses by R. Beaumont, 2 leaves ; verses by James 
Howell and W. Martin, i leaf ; then B^— R 4 in eights ; no signatures S — Z ; Aa — 
Hh 4 in eights ; li — Tt in eights ; a new title and signatures with ''A Wife not 
Ready Made," &c, as described above. 

This is a collected edition of what had appeared separately at intervals between 
162 1 and 1653, the date, at least, of the only known impression of the '' Wife not 
Ready Made." All the copies of the last-named poem have on the title *' second 
edition," and it seems likely that the original edition was published at a much 
earlier period, and reprinted to accompany this collection of the author's pieces. 

Of the period of Aylefs decease we appear to have no exact information, but he 
was living on the 3rd of June, 1653, in which year he subscribed as a Master in 
Chancery an indenture between the town of Bodmin and Lord Mohun. See 
Wallis's ** Bodmin Register," p. 333. 

In several bibliographical works, a volume, of which a supposed unique copy is 
in Mr. Christie-Miller's hbrary at Britwell, is ascribed to Richard Argall. It is the 
first edition, in fact, of Aylet's " Song of Solomon," and *' Bride's Ornaments," which 


fonn the eariy portion of the ^ Spectikdons." The Elegy on Dr. King, however, 
printed in 16219 does not seem to have been deemed worth reproducing^ and it was 
accordingly suppressed 

AYLLON, Diego Ximenez. Los famosos y heroycos hedios dd 
invendble y esfor^ado Cauallero, honra y flor de las Espaftas, el Cid 
Ruy Diaz de Biuar : Co los de otros varones lUustres dellas, no menos 
dignos de fama y memorable recordado : en Octava Rima. En Alcala 
de HenareSf en casa de Juan Ifiiguez de Lequerica. 1579* 4ta 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves. Folios i — 149, followed by a leaf bearing 
only, ^ £n alcsda En casa de Juan Ifiiguez de Lequerica. Afio 158a" 

This edition appears to have been known to Brunet only on the andiority of 
Antonio, and is not in the collection of Sefior Salvi. 

AYLMER, John, Bishop of London. An Harborowe for FaithfvU 
and Trewe Svbiectes, agaynst the late blowne Blaste, conceminge the 
Gouemment of Women, wherin be confuted all such reasons as a 
straunger of late made in that behalfe, with a breife exhortation to 
Obedience. Anno M.D.lix. [Quot fSrom Proverbs 32.] At Stras- 
borowe the. 26. of ApHlL 4to. Black Utter. BL. IC 

A — R in fours, last leaf blank. 

A Bodleian duplicate. The work, which is an answer to John Knox's **" First 
Blast,** printed the year before, is dedicated to the Eari of Bedford and to Lord 
Robot Dudley jointly. 

AYRER, jACoa Opus theatricum. Dreissig aussbiindtige sch5ne 
Comedien vnd Tragedien von allerhand denkwiirdigen[alten R5mis- 
chen Historien vnd andem Politischen geschichten vnd gedichten, 
sampt noch andem sechs vnd dreissig schdnen lustigen vnd kurzwei- 
ligen Fassnacht oder Possen Spilen. Gedruckt su Nurmberg dutch 
Balthasar Scherffen. 1610-18. Folio. R. 

This copy is quite complete, with the second part, which is frequently wanting. 

AYRES, Philip. Lyric Poems, made in imitation of the Italians. 
Uf which, many are Translations from other Languages. 

Mart. Epigram. 
Die mihi quid meli^ desidiosus agam t 

By Philip Ayres Esq. ; . . . London, Printed by y. M.for Jos. Knight 
and F. Saunders. . . • 1687. 8vo. 

A — M in eights. With a frontispiece. 

— — Emblems of Love. In four Languages. Dedicated to the 

Ladyes, by Ph. Ayres Esq. Printed for John Wren, Bookseller IS 

Binder aty Bible far Crown near Great Tumstyle in Holbom. [About 

1687.] 8vo. Plates. The edges uncut. 

Ninety leaves. From Mr. George Smith's library. The title is engraved by 

A YSCU-^B^ H. 69 

AYSCU, Edward. A Historie contayning the Warres, Treaties, 
Bfarriages, and other occurrents betweene England and Scotland, from 
King William the Conqueror, vntill the happy Vnion of them both in 
our gratious King lames. With a briefe declaration of the first In- 
habitants of this Island : And what seuerall Nations haue sithence 
settled them-selues therein one after an other. Imprinted at London 
bfG.EUL 1607. 4to. CM. 

A— Co 4 in el^itSy the first and last leaves of A blank. Dedicated to Prince 

It appears that this work was written before the onion of the crowns in 1604, 
and laid adde. Ayscn's address to the reader is dated from Cotham, in Lincoln- 
shire, 24di March, i6o6[-7]. 

AZORES. A Report of the Trvth of the fight about the lies of 
Azores, this last Sommer. Betwixt the Reuenge, one of her Maiesties 
Shippes, and an Armada of the King of Spaine. London Printed for 
triUiam Ponsonbie. 1 591 • 4ta 

A— D 3 in fours, first leaf blank (as was also, doubtless, D 4). 

The only other copy known of this most interesting and valuable historical 
tract, written to contradict the fidse rumours and statements circulated by the 
Spaniaids, is in the British Museum. 


R, A* D. The Covrt of the most lUvstriovs and most Magnificent 
James the first ; King of Great-Britaine . • . with Divers Rvles, 
most Pvre Precepts, and Selected Definitions liuely delineated .... 
London Printed by Edw : Griffin^ in Eliots-Court in the Little Old- 
BaUy: neere the Kings-head 1620. 4ta 

Title and dedication to the Marquis of Buckingham, 3 leaves ; A— Y in fours. 

The author, who is not known, represents himself as having spent some years 
in Kngland, by which it appears probable he was a Scotchman who had come to 
London witii James I. On the title-page of the present copy is the autograph of Sir 
Benjamin Ruddyerd. There was a prior issue in 1619. 

R, H. The true discripcion of a Childe with Ruffes borne in the 

parish of Micheham in the Coutie of Surrey in the yeere of our Lord. 

M.D.LXvL [Two woodcuts of the child.] Finis q. H. B. Imprinted 

at London by John Allde and Richarde Jolmes and are to be solde at 

the Long Shop adioining vnto S. Mildreds Churche in the Pultrie and 

at the little shop adioining to tlu Northwest doore of Paules Churche. 

Anno domini. MJ)Xxvi. the • xx. of August. A Broadside. Black letter. 

In verse (15 four-line stanxas) and prose, the former in three colunms. 
Reprinted hi *An& Ballads," 1867. The ballad is printed by accident on 
both sides of the leaf: 

70 B., L—D^ y. 

B., I. Algiers Voyage in a lovmall or briefe Reportary of all 
occurrents hapning in the fleet of ships sent out by the King his most 
excellent Maiestie, as well against the Pirates of Algiers^ as others : 
the whole body of the Fleete consisting of i8. Sayle. viz. Sixe of his 
Maiesties Ships. Ten Marchants Ships. Two Pinnaces. Vnder the 
command of Sir Robert Mansel Knight, Vice-Admirall of England, 
and Admirall of that Fleet : and a Councell of Warre appointed by 
his Maiestie. The Accidents of euery particular Moneth (since the 
first setting forth) being in this discouery, expressed by one who went 
along in the Voyage. Imprinted MDCXXL 4to. 

A — F 3 in fours, title on A 2. 

Following the title is a notice to the reader, after which comes " The Authour 
to his Booke," 8 lines, and " The Pre&ce to the Reader," 6 stanzas of 6 lines, 
subscribed, '' Yours or not his owne, I. B." 

Sir R. Mansel is one of the heroes of Scot's '' Duellum Britannicum.* There 
are some letters to him in the ^ Epistolae Ho-eUanae.** 

B., I. Heroick Edvcation, or Choice Maxims and Instructions for 
the most sure and facile training up of youth in the ways of eminent 
learning and vertues. A Treatise very necessary for all men, but 
most especially for such as undertake the charge to govern the young 
Nobility and Gentry. In Two Books, together with a short Appendix. 
By I. B. Gent London^ Printed for William Hope . . . and Henry 
Herringman . . . 1657. Sm. 8vo. 

A— K 4 in eights, title on A 2. Portrait of William of Nassau. 

Mr. Heber's copy. In the Address to the Reader, I. B. explains that he dis- 
covered the MS. of this work in the hands of a noble lady, and that it was by him 
reduced to method, enlarged, and published. 

B., J. Merchant. The Merchants Avizo. Verie necessarie for 
their Sons and Seruants, when they first send them beyond the Seas 
as to Spaine and Portingale, or other Countries. Made by their 
heartie wel wilier in Christ, I. B. Merchant . ... At London 
Imprinted by John Norton, 1607. 4to. 

A — K 3 in fours. 

Dedicated " To the WorshipfvU Maister Thomas Aldworth, Merchant of the 
Citie of Bristow : and to all the Worshipfull companie of the Merchants of the 
said Citie . . ." The Address to the Reader is in 10 stanzas of 4 lines. The 
first runs thus : — 

" When Merchants trade proceeds in peace. 

And labours prosper well : 
Then Comhion-weales in wealth increase. 

As now good proofe can tell** 

A marginal note on the last line says : ^ This was spoken when was a long stay of 
the Merchants trade, to the great decay of many a one. 1587 ;" from which it 
may, perhaps, be presumed that the book or portions of it were written some time 
before 1607. 

B., R.—B., W. 71 

R, R. A new balade entituled as foloweth. 

To such as write in Metres, I write 
Of small matters an exhortadon, 
By reading of which men may delite 
In such as be worthy commendation* 
My verse also it hath relation 
To such as print, that they doe it well. 
The better they shall their Metres sell 

• • . Finis. By R. R Imprinted at S. Katherins besyde the Towre of 

London^ by Alexander Lacie. A Broadside. BlacJk Utter. 

Twtive stanzas of 8 lines, printed in two columns, with two small cuts at the 
top. Reprinted in ^ Anc Ballads,* &c., 1S67. 

B., R. The difference betwene the auncientPhisicke, first taught by 
the godly forefathers, consisting in veritie, peace, and concord : and the 
latter Phisicke proceeding from Idolaters, Ethnickes, and Heathen : 
as Gallen and such other, consisting in dualitie, discorde, and con- 
txarietie. And wherein the naturall Philosophie of Aristotle doth 
differ from the trueth of Gods worde, and is iniurious to Christianitie 
and sounde doctrine. . . By R. B. Esquire. Imprinted at London 
far Robert WaUey. 1585. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

Eight leaves ; A~L 6 in eights. 

R, R Questions propounded to George Whitehead and George 
Fox, &c who disputed by Tumes against an Universitie Man in 
Cambridge. Aug. 29, 1659. By R B. [No place or date."] 4to. 

Four leaves. 

B., R The Work of Sin (in the Flesh) Condemned, and the Power 
of the Enemy (in aiid over the Creature Mankind) by Spiritual 
Weapons resisted, and warred against. . . . London Printed in 
the Year 1663. 4to. 

A — C in fours. Attributed in Smith's catalogue of Friends' books to R. Baker 
or R. Bradley. 

B., T. A Compendious Account of the whole Art of Breeding, 
Nursing, and the Right Ordering of the Silk- Worm. Illustrated with 
Figures engraven on Copper: Whereon is curiously exhibited the 
whole Management of this Profitable Insect. London: 1733. 4to. 
The edges uncut. 

A — D in fours. With six large folded plates, one of which is coloured. Dedi- 
cated to the trustees for establishing the colony of Georgia. 

B., W. The Last East-Indian Voyage. Containing mvch varietie 
of the State of the seuerall kingdomes where they haue traded : with 

72 A, W. 

the Letters of three seuerall Kings to the Kings Maiestie of England, 
begun by one of the Voyage: since continued out of the faithfull 
obseruation of them that are come home. At London. Printed by 
T. P. for Walter Bum. 1606. 4to. BL. M. 

A9 a leaves ; B— K in fotin. 

A British Museum duplicate. The initials W. R at the end of the address to 
the reader, probably r e pr e s e nt the Walter Burre for whom the book was printed, 
and he may be regarded as the writer of the following pages, insomuch that he 
seems to have taken the imperfect MS. of the original author, whose name he 
withholds, and to have completed it by means of information supplied to him by 
other members of the voyage. In the Address to the Reader, which follows the 
tide, he observes : 'Mf I find it [the present tract] to thy liking, looke shortly for an 
exact and large discourse written by Maister Scot chiefe fiictor at Bantam, euer 
since the first voyage, containing whatsoever hath happened since their first Anriuall 
there to trade in those parts.* The w<Mrk here announced was Edmund Scott's 
** Discourse," 4ta 1606. 

R, W. The Philosophers Banqvet Newly Furnished and decked 
forth with much variety of many severall Dishes, that in the former 
Service were neglected. Where now not only Meats and Drinks of all 
Natures and Kinds are serued in, but the Natures and Kinds of all dis- 
puted of. As further, Dilated by Table-conference, alteration and 
Changes of States, Diminution of the Stature of Man, Barrennesse of 
the Earth, with the effects and causes thereof, Phisically and Philo- 
sophically. The third Edition. Newly corrected and inlarged, to 
almost as much more, by W. B. Esquire. London: Printed for Nicholas 
Vavasour^ and are to be sold at his shop in the Temple^ mere the Churd^ 
1633. Sm. 8vo. 

A— R 6 in twdves. 

This edition, though peihaps enlarged in some places, omits much curious 
matter printed in the second edition of 1614. The first appeared in 1609. The 
initials here found have never been satisfactorily appropriated, but the ihx>- 
bability is, that the compiler was the same person who published the ^ Court of 
Good Counsel,'' in 1607 ; ''A Help to Discourse," in 161 9; and a paraphrastic 
version of the tenth satire of Juvenal in 1617. In fact, portions of the '' Philo- 
sopher's Banquet,* as printed in 1614, are common to that and to the ** Help to 

The present copy is from the Mainwaring and Corser libraries. 

B., W., and E. P. A Helpe to Discovrse : Or, A Miscellany of 
Seriousnesse with Merriment: Consisting of witty Philosophicall, 
Grammaticall, and Astronomicall Questions and Answers : As also of 
Epigrams, Epitaphs, Riddles, and lests : Together with the Country- 
mans Counsellour . . . Now the eighth time published and much 
inlarged by the former Authors, W. B. and E. P. Dauus es t hue 
venias, & eris mox (Edipus alter. London, Printed by Thomas Brude- 
nell for Leonard Becket . . . 1630. Sm. 8vo. R. 

A— Q II in twelves. 


T. PaiU copy, with his initials on the title. On M 3 occurs a Supplement to 
the Riddles with a new title, ^ Sphinx and CEdipvs»" but the running title throughout 
remains ^ A Hdpe to Discourse." 

BAARDT, Petrus. Frieschc Triton. Over t'geluckich veroveren 
van de stercke Stadt Olinda, met alle de Forten in Fernambvcq. 
Gedruckt tot Leeuwarderu 163a Folio. 

BACCIUS, Andreas. De natural! vinorum historia, de vinis 
I talis et de conviviis Antiquorum libri vii. Accessit de factitiis, ac 
cervisiis^ de % Rhen!, Gallise, Hispaniae, et de totius Europae vinis 
et de omni vinorum usu compendiaria tractatia Roma. 1596. Folio. 

BACHELORS. The Batchelers Banquet Or, A Banquet for 
Batchelers. Wherein is prepared Sundry dainty dishes to furnish 
iheir Tables, curiously drest, and seriously served in. Pleasantly 
discoursing the variable humours of Women, their quicknesse of wits, 
and unsearchable deceits. 

View them well, but taste not, 
Rq^ard them well, but waste not 

London^ Printed by H. BeU^ and an to be sold by Andrew Kembe^ at his 
shop at MargaretsJdll in Soutkwari, 1660. 4ta Blaci letter. 

A— -I 3 in fours. With a cut on the title. 

The present copy, from JoUey's library, is uncut It is a tract of an amusing 
and popular character, generally ascribed to Decker, but apparently without 
good foundation. The first edition was in 1603. 

BACHELORS. The Batchellors Answer to the Maids Complaint 
or the Young Mens Vindication. Cleering themselves from those un- 
just Aspersions, and setting forth the subtle Tricks and Vices of the 
Female Party. With the Terms they resolve to stand upon, if ever 
they Marry. London Printed for J. Coniers^ at ike Black-Raven in 

Duck'Lane. 1675. 4ta 

Four leaves. 

BACHELORS. An humble Remonstrance of the Batchelors, in 

and about London, to the Honourable House, in Answer to a late 

Paper, Intituled A Petition of the Ladies for Husbands. [Colophon] 

London^ Printed for afid sold by the Bookselling Batckelors in St. PoMiTs 

Church-Yard. 1693. 4ta 

Two leaves. 

BACON, Francis. Francisci Baconi, Baronis de Verulamio, Vice- 
Comitis Sancti Albani, Operum Moralium et Civilium tomus. Qui 
continet Historiam Rq;nl Henrici Septimi, Regis Angliae. Sermones 

74 BA CON. 

Fidelesy sive Interiora Rerunu Tractatum de Sapientia Vetenitn. 
Dialogum de Bello Sacro. Et Novam Atlantidem. Ab ipso Honora- 
tissimo Auctore, praeterquam in paucis, Latinitate donatus. Curi et 
Fide Guilielmi Rawley .... In hoc volumine, iterum excusi, inclu- 
duntur Tractatus de Augmentis Scientiarum. Historia Ventorum. 
Historia vitx et Mortis. Landini. Excusum typis Edwardi Griffini^ 
tfc. 1638. Folio. Largepaper. 

Portrait, title, and pieliminaries, 6 leaves, including i blank. Title and dedica- 
tion to tbe History of Henry VII., 2 leaves, ppi 1-386. De Aug. Sdent., title and 
preliminaries, 8 leaves, pp 1-475. 

BACON, Francis. Essayes. Religious Meditations. Places of 
persvasion and disswasion. Seene and allowed. At London^ Printed 
far Humfrey Hooper^ and are to be sold at the blacke Beare in Chauncery 
Lane. 1 597. [CoL] Printed at London by lohn Windetfor Humfrey 
Hooper. 1597. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — G in eights. The first and last leaves are blank. 

Dedicated by the author ''To M, Anthony Bacon his deare Brother." The 
^ Meditationes Sacrae " and the ^ Colours of Good and Evil " have separate titles. 

The first edition. Bacon expressly says, in his epistle to his brother, that these 
essays had been written some time before, and that his only inducement to print 
them was the fear of a surreptitious impression. In Herbert's ''Ames* it is 
described as consisting of only 49 leaves instead of 53. 

Essaies. Religious Meditations. Places of perswasion and 

disswasion. Seene and allowed. London Printed for Humfrey Hooper 
and are to bee solde at the blacke Beare in Chauncery lane. 1598. 
[CoL] Imprinted at London by John Windet for Humfrey Hooper. 
1598. Sm. 8va bl. m. 

A— E 4 in twelves. 

Second edition, even rarer than the first, from which it differs only in the 
orthography having been changed here and there. The " Meditationes Sacrae," 
however, are given in English instead of Latin. 

Essaies. Religfious Meditations. Places of perswasion and 

disswasion. Seene and allowed. Printed at London for lohn laggard^ 

dwelling in Fleete streete^ at the hand and Starre neere Temple barre. 

1606. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 7 -leaves ; B — G 7 in eights. From Mr. Corser's library. 

This third impression b said to be only a pirated reprint of the edition of 1598. 

The Essaies of S'. Francis Bacon Knight, the Kings SoUi- 

citer Generall. Imprinted at London by lohn Beale^ 161 2. Sm. 8vo. 

R« M. 

A — Q 7 in eights, title on A 2. 

Dedicated "To my Loving Brother, S'. lohn Constable Knight" In the 
interval between the appearance of the second edition, in 1 598, and the present 

BACON. 75 

enlarged one, the author had lost his own hrothcr Anthony. Bacon here takes no 
notice of the pirated edition of 1606. 

The table to the present volume eniunerates forty essays ; but there are only in 
reality thirty-eight, those " Of the Publike " and *^ Of Warre and Peace" not appear- 
ing. The '' Meditations " and ^ Colours of Good and Evil " were also omitted ; but 
they are retained in Jaggard's edition of the same date. 

BACON, Francis. Essaies. Religious Meditations. Places of per- 
swasion and disswasion. Seene and allowed. Printed at London far 
lohn laggard^ dwelling in Fleetestreete at the Hand and Starr e neere 
Temple barre. 161 2. Sm. 8vo. 

A — F in eights, first leaf blank ; G, 6 leaves ; H — O in eights. 

This is an amplified reprint in two parts of the pirated impression issued by 
Jaggard in i6o6| and retains the dedication to Anthony Bacon, suppressed by the 
author in his own edition of 1612, as well as the ^ Meditations,* &c, as mentioned 

It is remarkable that a paralld series of impressions should have been allowed 
to appear be t w e en 1606 and 1624, which is the date of the last edition bearing 
Jaggard's name. 

The Essayes or Covnsels, Civill and Morall, Of Francis Lo. 

Vervlam, Viscovnt S*. Alban. Newly enlarged. London^ Printed by 
lokn Haviland for Banna Barret^ and Richard Whitaker, and are to 
be sold at the signe of the King's head in Pauls Church-yard 1625. 410. 

A— Xx 2 in fours, and (a), 2 leaves with the table. The first leaf is blank. 

This edition is dedioued by Bacon to the Duke of Buckingham. It is the 
first containing fifty-eight essays, and the last which the author lived to see. He 
says in his dedication, " I doe now publish my Essayes ; which, of all my other 
workes, haue beene most Currant : For that, as it seemes, they come home, to 
Mens Businesse, and Bosomes. I haue enlaiged them, both in Number, and 
Weight ; So that they are indeed a New Worke.* 

Certaine Considerations touching the better pacification and 

Edification of the Church of England : Dedicated to his most Excel- 
lent Maiestie. London Printed by T. P. for Henrie Tomes. An. 1604, 


A — F 3 in fours ; title on A 2. 

Original edition, of excessive rarity, published without Bacon's name. 

The Twoo Bookes of Francis Bacon. Of the proficience and 

aduancement of Learning, diuine and humane. To the King. At 
London^ Printed for Henrie Tomes^ and are to be sould at his shop at 
Grates Inne Gate in Holbome. 1605. 4to. Large paper. 

First edition. A— M 2 in fours ; Aa— Ggg in fours, and a leaf of Hhh. 
The Advancement and Proficience of Learning or the 

Partitions of Sciences, IX. Bookes. Written in Latin by the Most 
Eminent, Illustrious & Famous Lord, Francis Bacon, Baron of Veru- 

f6 BACON. 

lam .... Interpreted by Gilbert Wats. Oxford. PrinUd ty Lion. 
Lichfield, Printer to the University for Rob : Young' (f Ed: Forrest. 
164a Folio. Large paper. R.BL 

Portrait and engraved title, both by W. Manhall, 3 leaves ; f, 4 leaves ; 
Y t 3 leaves ; t Y Y, i leaf; A, 3 leaves ; B — C in fours ; aa— hh 3 in fours : +, 4 
leaves ; 4* +• 3 leaves ; A— Rrr 3 in fours. 

BACON, FRANas. The Historie of the Raigne of King Henry 
the Seuenth. Written by the Right Honourable Francis, Loni 
Venilam, Viscount S*. Alban. London, Printed by W. Stansby for 
Matthew Lownes and William Barret. 1622. Folio. Portrait of 
Henry VII. by Payne. In the original gilt vellum. 

Title and dedication to Oiarles, Prince of Wales, 3 leaves ; B — li in fours. 

Translation of Certaine Psalmes into English Verse : By the 

Right Honovrable, Francis La Vervlam, Viscount St Alban. London, 
Printed for Hanna Barret, and Richard Whittaker, and are to be sold 
at the signe of the Kings Head in Pauls Church-yard 1625. 4ta 
R. M. 

Dr. Bliss's cqiy, given to him by Dr. Bandinel. 

A— C in fours, title on A 3. Tbepsalms translated are the ist,i3tli,9alli, lofthf 
136th, i57tli, and 149th. Two title-pages were printed to this rare book. 

These translations are dedicated by Bacon in the following epistle :**To His^Very 
Good Frend, Mr. George Herbert ; "—^ The paines, that it pleased yon to take, about 
some of my Writings, I cannot forget : which did put mee in minde, to dedicate to 
you this poore Exercise of my sicknesse. Besides, it being my manner for Dedica- 
tionsy to choose those that I hold most fit for the Argument, I thought, that in 
respect of Diuinitie, and Poesie met, (whereof the one is the Matter, the other the 
Stile of this little Writing) I could not make better choice. So, wiUi signification 
of my Loue and Acknowledgement, I euer rest your affectionate Frend, Fr. S*. 
Alban.* It may be added that the copy given by Bacon to Herbert still exists. 

Considerations tovching a Warre with Spaine. Written by 

the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam, Vi. S^ AlbaiL Imprinted 
1629. 4to. 

A — F in fours. 

BACON, Friar. The Famous Historie of Fryer Bacon. Con- 
taining the wonderful! things that he did in his Life: Also the manner 
of his Death ; With the Liues and Deaths of the two Coniurers, 
Bungye and Vandermast. Very pleasant and delightfull to be read. 
Printed at London by E. A. for Francis Groue, and are to be sold at his 
Shop, at the vpper-end of Snow-Hill, against the Sarazens head . . . 
[1629.] 4to. Black letter. BL. M. 

A — G 3 in fours, A i blank. 

Dr. Fanner's copy. Some curious songs are inter sp e rs ed. The last line of the 


imprinty with the date» has been cat off. This is believed to be the copy used by 
Mr. Thorns for the rqurint in his edition of the " Early Prose Romances,* 1828. 
His silence as to his original being defective, has given rise to the supposition that 
there was an early undated copy, as well as the impressions of 1627 and 1629. 

BACON, Friar. The Famous History of Frier Bacon. Contatn- 
ing the wonderfull things that he did in his Life ; also the manner of 
his Death, with the Lives and Deaths of the two Conjurers Bungay 
and Vandermast Very pleasant and delightful to be read .... 
Landm^ PrinUd by M. Clark^ and an to be sold by 71 Passenger at the 
Three BMes on London Bridge. 1679. 4to. Block letter. 

A^G in fbursy first and last leaves blank. Large woodcut on title 
This edition is unnoticed by bibliographers^ but it differs from that reprinted in 
the ^ Miscellanea Antiqua An^cana," and by Mr. Thorns, being an abridged chap- 
man's versioai 

BADIUS ASCENSIUS, Joekdcus. Stultifer^ nauicul^ seu 
scaph^ Fatuarum mulierum : circa sensus quin% exteriores fraude 
nau^^tium. Imfressit Johannes pruss. Ciuis Argentinensis. 1502. 
4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

BAERS, J. Olinda, ghdegen int Landt van Brasil, inde Capitania 
van Phemambuco^ met Mannelijcke dapperheyt ende groote couragie 
inghenomen, ende geluckelijck verovert op den 16. Februarii A"^ 163a 
Amsterdanit voor Hendrick Laurentsz^ 163a 4to. R. M. 

Title and prdiminaries^ 3 leaves, ppi 3-38. 

BAGWELL^ William. The Merchant Distressed His Obser- 
vations, when he was a Prisoner for debt in London in the yeare of 
our Lord 1637. In which the Reader may take notice of his observa- 
tions of many passages in the prison during his being there. The 
severall humours and conditions of his fellow prisoners and others. 
His advice to them, and to some of his and their kinde and vnkinde 
friends. Gods sii^^lar care and providence over all distressed prisoners 
and others who put their trust in him, and depend wholly upon him in 
their afflictions. Written in plaine Verse, by William Bagwell Lon^ 
don^ Printed by T. H.forF. E. and are to be sold at his Shop in Pauls 
Chnrckyard at the signe of the Marigold 1644. 4to. Y.M. 

A— R in fomrs, including a leaf before the dtle^ with a testimonial in fovour of 
the book. 

Dedicated to William Barkeley, Alderman of London, and one of the Commis- 
sioners of Customs. This is a auious contribution to our eariy prison literature, 
and is also interesting as being a sort of autobiography of the author, who is the 
person delineated by Gayton in his '^ Wil Bagnal's Ghost* This is the copy de- 
scribed in Corser's ^ CoUectaneai* part L pp. ii8-2a 

BAKER, Daniel. A Thundering Voice out of Sion, Yet a tender 

78 BAKER. 

^^itation sounding forth to awaken all sorts of Professors, in this 
Nation of England. • . . London : Printed for Thomas Simmons. . . . 
1658. 4to. 

A — F in fours. This tract was written in New-Prison. 

BAKER, Daniel. A Single and general Voice, Lifted up h1ce a 
Trumpet Sounding forth the Lords controversie concerning London. . . 
. • with somewhat directed to the ear of Thomas Atkin, called Alder- 
man of the said City. . • . Also a Letter from a Servant of God in 
the said Prison [Poultry Counter] to Thomas Allen, Mayor of the 
City. ... By Daniel Baker. London . • . [1659.] 4^^* 

A — Cain fours. 

The Prophet approved, by the words of his Prophesie coming 

to passe ; being a declaration of the Message which Daniel Baker 
received from the Lord to the Parliament. . • . also a letter from 
Daniel Baker to the Mayor and Recorder of London. Published by 
Thomas Hart . • . London^ Printed for Thomas Simmons. . . • 1659. 

Four leaves. 

A Tender Greeting and Salutation of Perfect Love and Life 

o]r Truth, to the Children of the Kingdom. . . . [1663.] 4^* 

Four leaves. Without a title-page. 

Daniel Baker dates this tract fix>m the Worcester City-Gaol, 12th March, 1663. 

BAKER, George. The History and Antiquities of the County 
of Northampton. London: y. B. Nichols and Son, 1822-41. Folio. 
Two volumes. Large paper. R. M. 

This valuable work was never completed. 

VoL i. — Title and Dedication to Earl Spencer, 2 leaves ; To the Reader, i leaf ; 
then pp. 5-266 ; I leaf unpaged (Index of Places, &c.) ; pp. 267-78a VoL ii — 
Title, dedication to Lord Spencer, and, To the Reader, 3 leaves ; pp. 1-260 ; Index of 
Places, Pedigrees, and, To the Reader, 2 leaves ; then pp. 261-342 ; Index of Places, 
&c, I leaf. Plates : i. Facsimile of Domesday ; 2. Kirby ; 3. Pytchley House ; 
4. Professor Carey ; 5. Spratton Church ; 6. Spratton Church Doors ; 7. Castor 
Church; 8. Brington; 9. Barnwell; 10. East view of the Spencer Monu- 
ments; II. West view of ditto; 12. Oundle Church; 13. Fonts, Little 
Billing, &c. ; 14. Holdenby Palace; 15. Brasses in Ashby Ledger Church; 
16. Do. in Charwelton Church ; 17. Urns ; 18. Everdon ; 19. Fawsley Hall ; 2a 
Fawsley Church ; 21. Fossil Fish ; 22. Effigies at Stowe ; 23. Monument of Lady 
Carey ; 24. Chipping Warden Church ; 25. Rowell Market House ; 26. Arms on 
ditto ; 27. Fonts, Brackley, &c. ; 28. Middleton Cheney Church ; 29. King's Sutton 
Church ; 3a Thenford. VoL iL : i. Tradesmen's Tokens ; 2. Castle Ashby ; 3. 
Canons Ashby Church ; 4. Ditto, dramdng room ; 5. Queen Catherine Parr ; 6. 
Green Monuments, 2 plates ; 7. Wedon Military depot ; 8. Easton Neston. These 
plates are not numbered, and are differently placed in various copies ; in this they 


are bound up together at the end of the second vohune. Most are in two, and 
many in three states, and a few drawings and etchings are inserted There are 
also nmncroas plates on the letterpress. 

BAKER, Sir R. A Chronicle of the Kings of England from tiie 
Time of the Romans Goverment (sic) unto the Raigne of our Soue- 
raigne Lord King Charles. Loftdon, 1643. Folio. Portrait of Prince 
Charles f and frontispiece by Mars/ioU. 

There seems to be no doubt that th is is the earliest edition of Baker's Chnmiclfl^ 
though Lowndes gives the first edition as 1641. If such were the case^ he must 
certainly be wrong in giving 1653 as the date of the second edition. 

Meditations and Motives for Prayer upon the Seven Dayes of 

the Weeke. Written and enlarged by S^ Richard Baker Knight 
London, Printed for R. Rqyston and Francis EglesfieUU . . . 1642. Sm. 
8va R^ 

A— H in twdves, including a frtmtisi^ece preceded by a blank lea£ V^th a 
plate appropriate to each day, probaUy by W. Marshall Dedicated to Lady 
Baker, wife of Sir John Baker, of Sissinghurst in Kent, Knight The engravings 
count in the sheets. 

From the libraries of Mr. Nassau, Mr. Heber, Dr. Bliss, and Mr. Corser. 

BALBI, Gasparo, Gioielliero Venetiano. Viaggio dell' 
Indie Orientall Nelquale si contiene quanto ^li in detto viaggio hi 
veduto per lo spatio di 9 Anni consumati in esso dal 1579, fino al 
1588. In Venetia. 159a Sm. 8vo. 

Title, preliminaries, and table, 16 leaves ; folios 1-159, followed by 23 leaves not 

The Latin translation of this work forms a portion of the 7th part of the ^ Petits 
Voyages * of De Bry. 

BALDWIN, William. The Funeralles of King Edward the 
Sixt. Wherin are declared the causers and causes of his death. 
[Quotation from the Book of Wisdom, iiii.] [Col.] Imprinted at Lon- 
dofi in FUte-strete nere to saynt Dunstans church by Thomes Mar she. 
Anno domini. is6o. 4to. Black letter. R. 

A — C in fours. In verse. 

On the title-page is a woodcut portrait of the king, repeated on C 4 recta See 
Mr. Corser's ^ Collectanea," part L pp. 122-29, ^'^^ ^ particular account of this book. 
This copy has passed through the hands of Mr. T. Hill, the Duke of Roxbuighe^ 
Sir Mark Sykes, &c The crest on the cover is, however, not that of the Duke of 
Roxbuxghe^ as stated by Mr. Corser. 

[A Marvellous History, intituled. Beware the Cat] [Colo- 
phon]. Imprinted at London at the long Shop adiqyning vnto Saint 
Mildreds Church in the Pultrie by Edward AUde. 1584. Sm. 8va 
Black letter. 


Aii^F4 in eights. Chiefly in prose. 

The only copy known. Wanting the title-pagCi It has suocessivdy be- 
longed to T. Rawlinson, West^ Herbert, Steevens, the Duke of Roxbuighe, 
Heber, Loscombe, Blis% and Corser. On the fly-leaf is the autography ^'Wn. 
Heibert, April, 1773,* and the following memoranda by Mr. Heber: **i8i2. 
D. of Roxb. sale. This same copy belonged to Mr. West, at whose auc- 
tion in 1773 it was bo* by Herbert Cat 1021. No other copy is known, I be- 
lieve. It had previously been in the possession of Tho*. Rawlinson (Cat xv.), sold 
Nov. 1729 see pi 73, N. 2483, which N*. may still be seen written on the first page 
of the present copy. ' British Bibliographer,' voL iL pi 618 ; Herbert's 'Ames,' 
p. 1238 ; Ritson's ' BibL Poetica,' pi 118, with the date is6i." 

See also Cornel's *' BibL Cat," 1865, L 43-47, where the woric will be found re- 
viewed ; the privatdy printed ^ Book of Prefoces,* 1874, where the whole of the 
introductory part is given ; and Haditt's ^ Handbook," 1867, p. 23, where an 
account of the editions will be found. 

In Dr. Bliss's collection was a fragment of the woric, bdonging to the otherwise 
unknown impression of 157a This consists of the title-page and three succeeding 
leaves. The title runs here^ ^ A Marvellous Hystory intitulede^ Beware the Cat 
Conteynyng diuerse woundoiiill and incredible matters. Very pleasant and mery 
to read." Ritson speaks of the book as first published in 1561, and there may have 
been an edition even anterior to that date. The book is announced as on sale^ at 
the end of Sir Philip Sydney's Ourania, 4ta, Jtmi BtU^ 1655, which may relier to 
the edition of i6s8, quoted by Bagbrd. 

BALDWIN, William. Beware the Cat 1584. . . . Reprinted 
Anno Domini, 1864. 4to. 

Of this edition only ten copies were privately printed, by Mr. HalliwdL 

— — See Mirrarfar MagisiraUs. 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossoiy. Yet a oouise at the Rom}^e 
foxe. A dsrsclosynge or openynge of the Manne of s}mne, Cotayned 
in tiie late Dedaratyon of the Popes olde faythe made by Edmonde 
Boner bysshopp of London, wherby wyllyam Tolwyn was than newlye 
professed at panles crosse openlye into Antiduistes Romyshe rel)^yon 
aga}me by a newe solempne othe of obedyence^ notw3^thstadyx^e the 
odie made to his prynce afore to the contrarye. An alphabetycall 
dyrectoiye or Table also in tiie ende therof, to the spedye fyndynge 
out of the pryncypall matters therin conta}med. Compyled by lohan 
Harryson. [Quotations.] [On sig. L iii] : Thus endeth the Manne of 
synne W3rth hys Dysclosynge, collected by lohi harrysd in the yeare 
fr5 Christes incamacyd. M.D. xliL Hd imprented at Zurik by Olyuer 
lacobson Anno Domini. 1543. the. x. daye of Dedbre. Sm. 8vo. BL.M. 

A— P 4 in eights. V^th marginal notes. 

-— - A brefe Chronycle concemsmge the Examinacyon and 
death of the blessed martyr of Christ syr Johan Oldecastell the lorde 
Cobham/ collected tx^Qrther by Johan Bale. [Quotation from Daniel 

BALE. 8i 

xiL below a woodcut of a Christian warrior.] [CoL] Thus endith 
the brefe ckranyde cdcemynge the Examynacyon & death of} blessed 
martyr of Christ syr Johan OldecasteU the lorde CobhamI not cammysed 
of the Pope! but in theprecyouse blaude of his Lorde Jesus Christ. Cot- 
Ucted by Johan Balej and imprynted anno Domini. 1544. xvL die 
Augusiu Sm. 8va Black letter, O.M. 

A--G in eights, 

Tbe last page is occapied by '^ Propheqres of Joachim Abbas." This is printed 
with the same types as ^ The Examination of Anne Askew,'' and was no doubt 
printed at the same places 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. A brefe Chronycle concerning 

the examinacion and death of the Blessed martir of Christ/ Sir John 

OldecasteU the Lord Cobham/ collected together by Johan Bale. 

[Woodcut and quotation as above.] Imprinted at London by Anthony 

Scoloker. and WyUyit Seres, Dwelling wythout Aldersgate. Cum gratia 

etpriuilegio ad Imprinundum solum. [1548.] Sm. 8va Black letter. 

BL. M. 

A— G in eights. With the ^ Prophecyes of Joachim Abbas " on the last page. 
Mr. Geoige Smith's copy. See Herbert's ** Ames," pp. 7o4-5- 

The first examinacyon of Anne Askewe, latelye martyred 

in Smythfelde, by the Romysh popes vpholders, with the elucy- 

dacyon of Johan Bale. [On the verso of foUo 46.] Thus endeth the 

first examynacyon of Anne Askewe, latelye done to deathe by 

the Romysh popes malycyouse remnaunt and now canonysed in 

the precyouse bloude of the lord Jesus Christ. Imprented at 

Marpurg in the land of Hessen^ in Nouembre, Anno 1546. The lattre 

examinacyon of Anne Askewe, lately martyred in Smythfelde, by the 

wycked Synagoge of Antichrist, with the Elucydacyon of Johan Bale. 

[On the recto of folio 7a] Thus endeth the lattre conflict of Anne 

Askewe .... Indented at Marpurg . ... 16^ die yanuarii, anno 

1.54.7. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 12 leaves. Text a— f in eights, the last leaf Uank, and 
the last leaf but one with the printer's device on the verso. The latter examination : 
A— I in eighu, including the title, the last leaf blank. The leaf C 7 (folio 33) has 
the top cut off, and is then pasted on to folio 22. This is the same in the British 
Museum copy, and is douMess a cancel made at the time. On each title is a 
woodcut figure of Anne Askew, holding in her right hand a Bible, and in her left 
a palm branch. 

A mysterye of inyquyte contayned within the heretycall 

Genealogye of Ponce Pantolabus/ is here both dysclosed & confuted 
By Johan Bale. An. M.D. xliL Marke in the cap3rtall letters of this 
boke/ the A B. C. with the name of the Author. [Quot from 

Apocalypse 17.] Emprynted ai Geneua. By Myehad Woode. 1545. 


fc? BALE. 

[Colophon]. Thus endethy openinge of n darke mysterye ofii^quiU- 

lately spredde a brode in Englandef by Ponce PantolabusI anddysclosed 

by Johan Bale. 1 542. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. 

Ay 4 leaves ; B — M in eights. From Mr. Maskell's collectioiL 
The title (except the imprint) is enclosed in a woodcut border. 
" The Author of the ' Genealogie of heresie,' was one John Huntingdon, a 
zealous priest and poet, who afterwards became a convert to the Reformation. See 
Strype's ' Memorials,' I. 370. Herbert's ' Ames/ I. 374." MS. Note by Mr. Hebcr 
in his copy, quoted in the ** Bibl. Heber." part 2, No. 321. 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. lUustrium majoris Britanniae 
scriptorum, hoc est, Angliae, Cambriae, ac Scotiae summariu, in 
qtiasdam centurias divisum, cum diversitate doctrinaru atq. annorfi 
recta supputatione per omnes states a Japheto sanctissimi Noah 
filio ad annum domini M.D. XLVIII. Autore Joanne Balaeo 
Sudovolca. Excusum fuit Gifpeswici in Angliaper yoannem Overton. 
1 548. 4to. BR. M. 

Tide and preliminaries, 12 leaves. A^Sss 1 1 1. 

Scriptorum illustrium maioris Brytanniae, quam nunc Angliam 

& Scotiam vocant: Catalc^s, a Japheto usque ad annum hunc 
Dom. 1557. Basilea. 1559. Folio. BR.M. 

The Apology of Johan Bale agaynste a ranke Papyst, 

aunswering both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their vowes nor 
yet their priesthode are of the Gospell, but of Antichrist Anno Do. 
M.CCCCC. L. A brefe exposycyon also vpo the .xxx Chaptre of 
Numeri, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce. [Quota- 
tions from Scripture.] Cum Priuilegio, &c. [Col.] Imprinted at 
London by Jhon Day, dwelling ouer Aldersgate. These bakes are to be 
sold at his shop, by the lytic Conduit in Chepe syde. Cum priuilegio, lie. 
[1551.] Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BL. M. 

A— U in eights. ^ 

On the verso of the last leaf occurs a heading \^ * o ^patche of vowes and 

presthode, by the wurd of God. Compyled by Johan x Wc ' but no such treatise 

follows^ the heading being all that seems to have been set up. 

The first two partes of the Actes or unchast examples of the 

Englysh votaryes, gathered out of their owne legenades \sic\ and 

Chronycles by Johan Bale, and dedycated to our most redoubted 

soueraigne kynge Edward the syxte. • [Quotation from Luke xii. 

below a woodcut.] [Colophon at end of Part i :] Imprynted at 

London by Abraham Vele, dwellyng in Paules churcheyarde at tlte 

sygne of the Lambe. Anno. I55i. Cum priuilegio, bfc. Sm. 8vo. 

Black letter. R. 

Part I., * 4 leaves ; A — K in eights, last leaf blank. Part II., A — Q 4 in 


^ BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. The Image of bothe churches 
after the moste wondeifuU and heauenly Reuelacion of Sainct John the 
Eaangelist, contayning a very frutefull exposicion or paraphrase vpon 
the same. Wherin it is conferred with the other scripturs, and most 
auctorised historyes. Compyled by John Bale an exile also in this 
life for the faythfuli testimonye of Jesu. [Col] Imprynted at London 
by Richarde yugge^ dwelHng in Paules churclu yarde^ at the sygne of the 
Byble. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. Woodcuts. BL.M. 

Part I^ A— T in eights; Part II.,a— tiv. in eights; Part III., Aa— Rr in eights. 

A declaration of Edmonde Bonners articles, concerning the 

cleargye of Lodon dyocese whereby that excerable {sic) Antychristc, 
is in his righte colours reueled in the yeare of our Lord a. 1 5 54. By John 
Bale. Newlye set fourth & allowed, according to the order appointed 
in thiC Quenes Maiesties Iniunctions. [Quotation from Mich. iii. and 
Ephe. v.] [Col] Jmprynted at London^ by Jhon Tysdallfor Frauncys 
Coldocke^ dwellinge in Lombard strete^ ouer agaynste the Cardinalles 
hattey atid are there to be sold at his shoppe. 1561. Sm. 8vo. Black 
lettir. G. M. 

. % eight leaves ; A, 4 leaves, the last blank; B — U in eights, U 7 having the 
colophon on the recto, and the printer's device on the reverse, U 8 blank. 

The original impression appeared at Basle in 1554. There are some pieces of 
verM scattered through the volume. 

The Pageant of Popes, Cantayninge the lynes of all the 

Bishops of Rome, from the b^inninge of them to the yeare of Grace 
1555. Deuided into iii. sortes bishops. Archbishops, and Popes, 
whereof the two first are contayned in two bookes, and the third 
sorte in fiue. In the which is manifestlye shewed the b^inning of 
Antichriste and increasing to his fulnesse, and also the wayning of 
his power againe, accordinge to the Prophecye of lohn in the Apocalips. 
Shewing manye straunge, notorious, outn^ous and tragicall partes, 
played by them the like whereof hath not els bin hearde : both pleasant 
and profitable for this age. Written in Latin by Maister Bale, and 
now Englbhed with sundrye additions by I[ohn] S[tudley.] [Quota- 
tions from Nahum and ApocaL] Anno 1574. [CoL] Imprinted at 
London in Fleetestreate neare vnto S. Dunstones Church by Tlwmas 
Marshe. Anno. 1574. 4to. Black letter. BR.M. 

*a, 4 leaves ; ^'b^ 4 leaves ; *c— *e, 4 leaves each ; A— Bb 7 in eights. 
Dedicated by the translator to Thomas Earl of Sussex. There are some intro- 
ductory verses, by T. R. Gentleman, as noticed by Ritson. 

BALLAD. A balade of a preist that loste his nose. 

For sayinge of Masse, as I suppose. 

[At the end.] Finis. God saue the Queene. \No place, printe/^s 
name, or date!] A Broadside. Black letter. 

The only copy known. 17 stanzas of six lines each. 

fe BALE. 

[ColophonJ Thus endethy openinge of a darke mysterye of it^ quite- 
lately spredde a brode in Englandel by Ponce Pantolabusl anddyscloscd 
by jfohan Bale. 1542. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. 

Ay 4 leaves ; B — M in eights. From Mr. Maskell's collection. 

The title (except the imprint) is enclosed in a woodcut border. 

" The Author of the ' Genealogie of heresie,' was one John Huntingdon, a 
zealous priest and poet, who afterwards became a convert to the Reformation. See 
Strype's ' Memorials,' I. 370. Herbert's ' Ames,' I. 374." MS. Note by Mr. Hebcr 
in his copy, quoted in the *^ Bibl. Heber." part 2, No. 321. 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. Illustrium majoris Britannis 
scriptorum, hoc est, Anglian, Cambriae, ac Scotiae summariu, in 
qtiasdam centurias divisum, cum diversitate doctrinaru atq. annoru 
recta supputatione per omnes states a Japheto sanctissimi Noah 
fiUo ad annum domini M.D. XLVIII. Autore Joanne Balaeo 
Sudovolca. Exaisum fuit Gippeswici in Anglia per Joannem Overton. 
1 548. 4to. BR. M. 

Tide and preliminaries, 12 leaves. A — Sss iii. 

Scriptorum illustrium maioris Brytannia^, quam nunc Angliam 

& Scotiam vocant: Catalogus, a Japheto usque ad annum hunc 
Dom. 1557. Basilece. 1559. Folio. BR.M. 

The Apology of Johan Bale agaynste a ranke Papyst, 

aunswcring both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their vowes nor 
yet their priesthode are of the Gospell, but of Antichrist Anno Do. 
M.CCCCC. L. A brefe exposycyon also vpo the .xxx Chaptre of 
Numeri, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce. [Quota- 
tions from Scripture.] Cum Priuilegio, &c. [Col.] Imprinted at 
London by Jhon Day^ dwelling oticr Aldersgate. These bokes are to be 
sold at his s/wp, by the lytic Conduit in Cliepe syde. Cum priuilegiOy lie. 
[ 1 5 5 1 .] S m. 8 vo. Black letter. BL. M. 

A— U in eights. ^--y ^ 

On the verso of the last leaf occurs a heading \^ } 6;'^patche of vowes and 

presthodc, by the wurd of God. Compyled by Johan x-^ic ' but no such treatise 

follows^ the heading being all that seems to have been set up. 

The first two partes of the Actes or unchast examples of the 

Englysh votaryes, gathered out of their owne legenades \sic\ and 

Chronycles by Johan Bale, and dedycated to our most redoubted 

soueraigne kynge Edward the syxte. • [Quotation from Luke xii. 

below a woodcut.] [Colophon at end of Part i :] Imprynted at 

Londofi by Abraham Vele^ dwellyng in PauUs churcheyarde at tlie 

sygne of the Lambe. Anno. 1551. Cum priuilegio^ £^r. Sm, 8vo. 

Black letter. R. 

Part I., • 4 leaves; A — K in eights, last leaf blank. Part II., A — Q4 in 


^ BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. The Image of bothe churches 
after the moste wonderfull and heauenly Reuelacion of Sainct John the 
Eaangelist, contayning a very frutefull exposicion or paraphrase vpon 
the same. Wherin it is conferred with the other scripturs, and most 
auctorised historyes. Compyled by John Bale an exile also in this 
life for the faythfuU testimonye of Jesu. [Col.] Imprynted at London 
by Richarde Jugge^ dwelling in PauUs ckurcheyarde^ at the sygne of the 
Byble. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

Part I., A— T in eights ; Part II., a— tiv. in eights; Part III., Aa— Rr in eights. 

A declaration of Edmonde Bonners articles, concerning the 

cleargye of Lodon dyocese whereby that excerable {sic) Antychriste, 
is in his righte colours reueled in the yeare of our Lord a. 1 5 54. By John 
Bale. Newlye set fourth & allowed, according to the order appointed 
in the Queues Maiesties Iniunctions. [Quotation from Mich. iii. and 
Ephe. v.] [Col] Jmprynted at London^ by yjum Tysdall for Frauncys 
Coldocke, dwellinge in Lombard strete, ouer agaynste the Cardinalles 
hatte^ afid are there to be sold at his slwppe. 1561. Sm. Svo. Blade 
letter. G. M. 

. ^, eight leaves ; A, 4 leaves, the last blank; B — U in eights, U 7 having the 
colophon on the recto, and the printer's device on the reverse, U 8 bhuik. 

The original impression appeared at Basle in 1554. There are some pieces of 
stmt scattered throogh the volume. 

The Pageant of Popes, Cantayninge the lynes of all the 

Bishops of Rome, from the b^inninge of them to the yeare of Grace 
1555. Deuided into iii. sortes bishops. Archbishops, and Popes, 
whereof the two first are contayned in two bookes, and the third 
sorte in fiue. In the which is manifestlye shewed the beginning of 
Antichriste and increasing to his fulnesse, and also the wayning of 
his power againe, accordinge to the Prophecyeof lohn in the Apocalips. 
Shewing manye straunge, notorious, outragious and tragicall partes, 
played by them the like whereof hath not els bin hearde : both pleasant 
and profitable for this age. Written in Latin by Maister Bale, and 
now Englished with sundrye additions by I[ohn] S[tudley.] [Quota- 
tions from Nahum and Apocal.] Anno 1 574. [CoL] Imprinted at 
London in Fleetestreate neare vnto S. Dunstones Cliurch by T/iomas 
Marshe. Anno. 1574. 4to. Black letter. BR.M. 

•a, 4 leaves ; *b^ 4 leaves ; ^c— •e, 4 leaves each ; A— Bb 7 in eights. 
Dedicated by the translator to Thomas Earl of Sussex. There are some intro- 
ductory verses, by T. R. Gendeman, as noticed by Ritson. 

BALLAD. A balade of a preist that loste his nose. 

For sayinge of Masse, as I suppose. 

[At the end.] Finis. God saue the Queene. \No place, printers 
name, or date,] A Broadside. Black letter. 

The only copy known. 17 stanzas of six lines each. 


BALLAD. A Newe Ballade intytuled/ Good Fellowes must go 
learne to daunce. [A second, beginning] Adewe, sweete harte, 
adewe* Imprinted at London in FUtestrete at ike signe of the Faucon 
by Wylliam Gryffith^ and are to be solde at his shoppe in S. Dunstones 
Churckyearde. 1 569. A Broadside. Black letter. 

Two ballads, of four and three ttanias respectively, on one sheet, printed in two 
columns, divided by an elegant band composed of tluee pieces. At the head is a 
woodcut, and at the end occurs the printor's device. 

The second ballad is slightly mutilated in two places. No other copy is 

A Ballad reioysinge the sodaine fall. 

Of Rebels that thought to deuower vs alL 

Imprinted at London, in Fleetestreete, by William How for Henry 

Kirkham, and are to be solde at his shop at the middle North doore of 

Paules Churche. [iS7a] A Broadside. Black letter. 

Twenty-nine four-line stanzas in two columns, divided by a narrow band. No 
other copy is known. It refers to the Rebellion of 1569. 

A ballad, accompanied by a large engraving, in which are 

described and portrayed the powers of the King, the Priest, the 
Harlot, the Lawyer, the Clown, and Death. [No place, printer's name, 
or date, London, about i6oa] A Broadside. Black letter. 

Nine stanzas, the first of eight lines and the others of six lines each, concluding 
with *^ The Author's Apostrophe to the Reader.* No other copy is known. This 
and the three preceding articles are reprinted in ^ Ancient Ballads, ftc,"* 1867. 

The other black letter ballads of the i6th century, purchased together at the 
sale of Mr. Daniel's Ubrary, will be found dispersed throughout the Catalogue in 
their alphabetical order. 

Three broadsides, printed abroad, one dated 1 574, the others 

doubtless printed at the same time. 4to. G.M. 

From the libraries of Mr. Utterson and Mr. Corser. These baUads are laid 
down in a quarto volume, and are as follow : — 

1. An other i, out of Goodwill [CoL] Finis. Per W[illiam] S[amuel?] 
Veritatis Amatorem. Anno. 1574. 13 eight-line stanzas. 

2. A New Balade. 7 stanzas. 

3. [A] Songe of the Lambes feast 14 stanzas. 

It is possible that these three pieces once formed part of a lai^ger collecdon, at 
present unknown. A second copy of No. i is in the Roxburghe collection. 

The Geneva Ballad. To the Tune of 48. London : Printed 

for H. Brome, at the Gun at the West-end of St. Pauls. M. DC LXX VIII. 

A folio sheet in stanzas, printed in two cdtnnns. 

A Lamentable Ballad of the Lady's Fall. Tune is, In Pescod 


time. PrinUd far W. Tkackeray^ at the Angel in Duck-Lane^ E. M. 
and A. M. [About 167a] Black Utter. 

A broadside in four cohimns, with two woodcuts. 

BALLADS. A collection of 334 broadside ballads, in black 
letter, chiefly belonging to the period of the Restoration. With wood- 
cuts. Many uncut, and all in excellent preservation. Alphabetically 
arranged, and bound in two oblong folio volumes. 


Vol. I. — I. Advice tp Batchdors, Or, A Caution to be careful in their doice. 
As also, tlie deserved praise of a Canefiil Industrious Wife. To the Tune of '^ A 
Touch of the Times," Or, " The Country fiurmer." Printed for P. Brooksby at ike 
Galdem BM in Pye-Cdmer. 9 stansas, with 2 cuts. 3. The Alewives Inviution 
to ICarried-Men and Batchdors. Shewing how a Good Fellow is s lighted, when he 
is bfought to Poverty To a New Tune, or, ** Digb/s FareweU." Printed far P. 
Breekshy^ at the Gelden-Ball in Pye-Camer. 10 stansas, with 2 cuts. 3. All is 
oars and our Husbands, Or the Country Hostesses Vindication. To the Tune of 
« The Carman's Whistle," Or, " Heigh Boys up go we.» PHnUd for P. Brooksby 
... 9 stansas, with 4 cuts. 4. Amintas, Or, The constant Shepherds Com- 
idaint. Tune of " Young Pheon strove the bliss to taste." Printed for P. 
Brweksfy ... is stansas, with 4 cuts. 5. Amintas and Claudia : Or, The 
Merry Shepherdess. To the Tune caUed, " Cadm was the Evening, and clear was 
the Side." London, Printed for W. Thackeray, T. Passenger, and IV. Wkitwood. 
II stanias, with 3 cuts. 6. Amintor's Answer to Parthenia's Complaint. Or, The 
wron g ed Shepherds Vindication. To a new Tune, Or, ^ Sitting beyond a River 
side^'ftc. Printed for P. Brooksby ... 12 stansas, with 3 cuts. 7. An 
Antidote of Rare Physick. The Tune is, '^ No love like a contented mind : " or, 
^Pliancies Pbenix." Printed for J. Deacon at the Angel in Giitspur-street. 11 
?!•«*••, with 5 cuts. 8. The bad Husband's Information of ill Husbandry : Or, 
Hegoesfu-that never turns. To the Tune of ''Digby's Farewell:" Or, ^ The Joviall 
Crew." Printed for P. Brooksby ... 13 stansas, with one cut 9. The bad 
Husbands Reformation, Or, The Ale- Wives daily Deceit. To the Tune of *^ My 
Life and my Death ; " Or, '^ The poor man's Counsellour." Printed for P. Brooksby 
... 10 stanias, with 2 cuts. la The Ballad of the Qoak : Or The Qoaks 
Knavery. To the Tune of ^ From Hunger and Cold : " Or, " Packingtons Pound." 
Printed for P. Brooksby • . • 11 stansas, with a cut in three compartments or 
bfecks. II. Barbara Allen's Cruelty : Or, The Young-man's Tragedy ... To 
the Tone of ^ Barbara Allen." Printed for P. Brooksby, I. Deacon, J. Blare, J. 
Back. 13 staniai, with one cut 12. The Bashful Batchelor: Containing the 
Loyal Courtship of a Squire's Daughter of Dorsetshire. . • . Tune of *' the 
Ring of Gold." Printed for J. Deacon at the Angel in GUtspur-Street. 1 1 stansas, 
with one cut 13. The Bashful Virgin : Or, the Secret Lover. Tune of '^ I am so 
deep in k>ve,"or '^ Little Boy," &c London Printed for IV. Thackery, T. Passenger, 
and IV. Wkitwood 12 stsmsas, with 2 cuts. 14. The Batchelors Delight, Being 
a pleasant new Song, shewing the happiness of a single life ... To the tune of 
** The Kings delight," or, '^ The Young mans advice to his fellow Batchelors." London 
printed for F[rancis] G[rove} on SnonhkiL 16 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 15. The 
Batchebur's Guide, and the married Man's Comfort. To the tune of " The 
Sorrowfbll Damseb Lamentation for the want of a Husband*" Printed far P. 
Brooksby ... 11 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 16. Beauties Triumph : Or, The Joys 
of Faithful Loven made compleat To a new Play-House Tune ; Or, ^ The Reward 


Sbeplierd and fair Kate of the Green. To the Time of *< As I went foith to take 
the Air :" Or, ''my dearest dear and I mutt part* PrinUd for J. Xhaean , . . 
i6 staniaSy with 5 cuts. 58. Cvpids Covrtesie : in the wooing of £ur Sabina. To 
a pleasant new Tune. PrinUdfar F. CoUs^ T. Ver^^attdJ. IVrigkL 12 stanas, 
with 4 cuts. 59. Lord WiUoughby- Being a true ReUuion of a fiunoos and 
Bloody Battd fought in Flanders ... To the Tune of ** Lord Willonghby,* 
&c LamdoH^ PrifOedfar A. M. W. O. amd T. Tkaduray in Duck-Uuu. [Printed 
on back of Na 58.] 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 6a Cupids Golden Dart . . • Tune 
is, ^ Down in an arbour devoted to Venus.* PrinUd far F, CaUs^ T, Vert^ % 
IVrigkt andy.Ciarki, 1 1 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 61. Cupids revenge . . • PrutUd 
far F. Calis^ T. Vgre^ J. Wright^ J. Clarke W. TkacJUry^ T. Pasunger. 12 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 62. The Virgins Complaint against Young Mens Unkindness. To the 
Tune of "^ Cupid's Courtesic* PrinUdfar A. M. IV. O. and T. TJuukeray, at Ou 
Angil in Duck-lane, 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. [Printed on the back of 61.] 63. 
Cupid's Master-Piece : Or, Long Wisht for comes at last • . . Tune of ^ Codia's 
my Foe.* London^ PrinUdfar W. Thackaray^ T. Pautngar^ amd tV. WkUwaad 
10 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 64. Cupids Tragedy. Being CooTdon's Courtship ; Or, 
Philomel's £xa]tation. To the Tune of ** The new Bory ; Or, Will You be a Man of 
Fashion ?* PrinUd far P, Braaksfy ... 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts and music. 
65. A dainty new Dialogue between Henry and -Elizabeth . . . The Tune is, 
*^ The Tyrant.* London^ PrinUdfar W. Thackeray^ T. Passenger, amd W. Wkih 
waad 1 2 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 66. The Damoseb Tragedy : Or, True Lovein Distress 
. . . To the Tune of " Charon,* &c Printed far J. Back ... 8 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 67. Darby-shires Glory. To the Tune of I am a Jovial BatcheUor.* 
Landan Printed far IV. Thackeray , T. Passenger, and W. WhitwaaeL 13 stanzas, 
with a cut 68. The Deceiver Deceived : Or, The Virgins Revenge. Tune of 
** Ah cruel bloody fiite.* Printed far J. Clark, W. Thackery, amd T. Passenger. 
9 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 69, The Delights of the Bottle : Or, The Town-GaUants 
Declaration for Women and Wine. To a most Admirable New Tune, everywhere 
much in request Printed far P. Braaksby . . . 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 70, 
Dick the Plowman tum'd Doctor. Or, The Love-Sick Maiden Cured. To the Tune 
of ''O Brother Roger/' Ac. Printed far C. Dennissan, at the Stationers-Anns 
within AldgaU. 8 stanzas, with 3 cuts, 71. Directions for Damosels, Or The 
Maidens advice, in an answer to the Young mens Counseller. Time of '^ All 
Trades." Printed far J. Deacon ... 10 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 72. The Dis- 
contented Plow-man. To the Tune of * True Love rewarded,* Or, " Florals] 
FareweL* PrinUdfar F. Cales, T. Vere, I. IVright, and I, Clarke. 24 stanzas, with 
4 cuts. 73. A Discription of Plain-dealing, Time, and Death, which all Men ought 
to mind, while they do live on earth . . . Written by Thomas Lamfire. To 
the Tune of ** A Letter for a Christian Family.* PrinUd far F. Cales, T. Vere, 
J. Wright, and J. Clarke. 24 stanzas, with 6 cuts. 74. The Disloyal Favourite 
Or, The unfortunate States-Man. Tune of ^ Sawny will ne'er be my Love again.* 
London, Printed far IV. Thackeray, T. Passinger, and W. WhitwaaeL 12 stanzas, 
with a cut [Relates to Wentworth, Earl of Strafford.] 75. The Distressed 
PilgriuL The Tune is ** Who can blame my Woe?* Or, ^ I am a Jovial Batchebr.* 
12 stanzas, with a cut 761 The doleful Dance and Song of Death; Intituled, 
^ Dance after my Pipe." To a Pleasant New Tune. 1 1 stanzas, with a cut (iL) 
A Godly Ballad of the Just Man Job . . . The Tune is ^The Merchant* 16 
sUnzas. Printed far F. Coles, T. Vere, I. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and 
T. Passenger. [Two ballads on one sheet.] 77. Dolly and Molly : Or, The Two 
Country Damsels Fortune at London. To an Excellent New Play-House Tune, 
Or, '* Bacon and Beans." Printed far P. Braaksby ... 20 stanzas, with 4 
cuts. 78. The Dorset-shire Lo\-ers : Or the Honest innocent Wooing between 


John the Farmer and his SwceC-heart Joan ... To the Tune of ^ The Scotch 
Hajr-makers.* Lam^lati : Printed for P, Brooksfy ... 8 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 
79. The Doubting Virgin, And the Constant Young man. Tune of ^The Re- 
priev'd Captive.'' PrinUd for P, Brooksby . . . 9 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 8a 
The Down-right Country-man ; Or, The Faithful Dairy-Maid. The Tune is, 
^ Hey Boys up go we : " Or, '' Busie Fame." PrinUd far P. Brooksby . . . la 
tfaniaSy with 5 cuts. 81. The Down-right Wooing of Honest John & Betty. To 
the Tone of ~Cold and Raw.'' By £. W. PrinUd for J, Deacon ... 10 
atamzasi with 4 cuts. 82. The Dub'd Knight of the Forked Order . . . The 
Tone is» ««I am fidlen away." By William MUes. Printed for IV, Whitwood 
« . • 15 stanias, with 3 cuts. 83. The Dumb Lady; Or, No, no, not I ; He 
answer. To the Tune of ^ The Doubtful Virgin," or '^ the new Borey," or "^ Will You 
be a fifan of Fashion ? * PrinUd for P. Brooksby ... 8 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 
84. The Dyers Destiny : Or, The Loving Wife's Help in time of Need. To the 
Tune of ''Why are my Eyes still flowing?" PrinUd for J. Blare at the 
Lsakif^'gUts om London^Bridge. 8 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 85. The Dying Lovers 
Reprieve. Or, The Reward of True Love. Tune of ** Digb/s Farewel ; " Or, 
** Give me the Lass,* &c Printed for F. CoUs, T. Vere, J, WHgkt, and J. Clarke. 
10 staniai, with 4 cuts. 86. The dying tears of a true Lover forsaken. The tune 
is •• Come Hve with me." PrinUd for F. CoUs, T. Vere, J. WHgkt, J. Clarke, 
W. Theukeray, and T. Passinger. 20 stanzas, with a cut 87. An easie way to 
tame a shrew. Or the Young Plow-mans Frollick. To a Delightful New Tune ; 
Or, ''The Collier of Croydon had Coles to sell." Printed for P. Brooksby . . . 
35 ftn"*«»« with 3 small cuts. 88. Englands Darling, Or Great Britains Joy and 
Hope on Uiat Noble Prince James Duke of Monmouth. Tune of *' Young Jemmy,* 
or " nilander.* PrinUd for J. Wrifrht, 7. Clark, W, Tkackery, and T. Passenger. 
10 stanzas, with4 cuts (one intended for a portrait). 89. England's New Bell-Man, 
Ringing into all Peoples Ears God's Dreadful Judgment to this Land and 
Kingdom by the great Eclipse of the Sun, March 29, 1652, the strange Effects to 
continwe, 1654, 1655, 1656, to the Amazement of the Whole World. To the Tune 
of "O Man in Desperation.* PrinUd for A. M. IV. O. and Tko. Tkackeray at the 
Angeiim Duck^loHe. With 2 cuts. [A reprint of the contemporary ballad. About 
16801] 9a Englands Tribute of Tears on the Death of his Grace the Duke of 
GraltoOy who received his Mortal Wound at the Siege of the City of Cork in 
Iidand, on the 9th of October, 169a Tune is, *'The Watch for a Wise Man's 
Obeerration : * Or, " Aim not too high.* PrinUd for J. MilUt, at the Angel in 
JUttU-BriUedn. 15 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 91. Kind William, Or, Constant Betty. 
To the Tune of " The Doubting Virgin.* PrinUd for J. Deacon in GUt-spur-street. 
10 staniai, with a cut [Printed on the back of Na 9a] 92. Englands TriumjA : 
Or, The Subjects Joy . . . PrinUd for J. Hose over^against StapUs-Inn in 
Homlhomm, neer GrayS'Im^Laine. \o stanzas, with 2 cuts. [A reprint about 
1690^ of a ballad on the Restoration.] 93. The English Fortune-Teller. The Tune 
is "Ragged and Tom,* &c London, PrinUd for fV. Tkackeray, T. Passenger, 
emd IV. Wkitwood With 3 cuts, one of rather superior execution. 94. An 
ExGdknt Medley . . . The Tune is, " Tarletons Medley.* London, Printed 
for F. Coks, T. Vere, and J. Wrigkt. With a large cut 18 stanzas. 95. An 
Excdlent new Song; Or, A True Touch of the Times. To the Tune of "The 
Loyal Health ; * or, " Why are my Eyes still flowing ? * PrinUd for P. Brooksby, J. 
Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back. 9 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 96. The Extravagant Youth, 
Or, An EmUem of Prodigality. To the Tune of " King James's Jigg ; * Or, " The 
Country Farmer.* PrinUd for J. Deacon, at ike Angel in Giltspur-street. 8 stanzas, 
with a large and superior cut 97. Fair Lucina Conquered by prevailing Cupid. To 
the Tune of " Jenny Gin,* or, " The fair one let me in.* PrinUd for Josk. Comers ai 

90 BALLAD^. 

the Black Ravin in Duck-Lane. 8 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 98. A Fairing for Young 
Men and Maids. To the Tune of ''the Winchester Wedding." By Toluas 
Bowne. Printed f^r P, Brooksby ... 8 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 99. Faithfiil 
Damon ; Or, &ir Celia obtained. To the Tune of '' the Doubting Virgin." PrimUd 
for J, Deacon ... 9 stanzas, with 4 cuts. loa The Faithful Farmer, Or the 
Down-right Wooing betwixt Robin and Nancy. To the Tune of '^ 0» mother, 
Roger," &c Printed for J. Blare ... 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. loi. The 
Faithful Lovers of the West By William Bunten. To the Tune of ''As 1 walkt 
forth to take the air." Printed for P, Brooksby ... 16 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 

102. The Faithful woings of two Country Lovers. By J. W. London^ Printed by 
E, Cfor F. Coles f in Vine Street near Hatton Garden. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 

103. The Faithful Young Man & Constant Maid ;' Or, The Unezpressable Love 
between sweet William and £ur Elenor. To the Tune of "The Plowmans 
Health." Printed for J, Back ... 8 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 104. The Famous 
Fight at Malago ; Or, The Englishman's "Victory over the Spaniards ... to 
the Tune of " Five Sail of Frigates boimd for Malago," &c. London: Printed by 
and for fV. 0,for A, M. and sold by C, Bats in Pye-comer, 12 stanzas, with a cut. 
105. Fancies Favourite ; Or, The Mirror of the Times. To the Tune of " Fancies 
Phoenix." By C H. London Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. WHgkt, and J. 
Clarke, 14 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 106. The Farmers Reformation : Or, a Pattern 
Tor all Bad Husbands to amend their Lives. Tune of " The Ladyes of London." 
London, Printed for R, Kelt, at the Blew Anckar, near Pye-Comer, 8 stanzas, with 
3 cuts. 107. The Female Highvray Hector : Or, An Account of a Woman, who 
was lately arraign'd for robbing on the high-way in man's apparel ... To an 
excellent new Tune called '' The Rant" PrinUd for C. BaUs at tke WkiU Hart 
in West Smitkfield, 18 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 108. Flora's lamentable passion, 
Crown'd with unspeakable Joy and Comfort To the Tune of "Tender hearts of 
London city." Printed for J, Deacon ... 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 1091 
Folly plainly made Manifest by an Extravagant Husband. To the Tune of " I 
have a Mistris of my own." Printed for J, Deacon ... 10 stanzas, with 3 
cuts. 1 10. The Wiltshire Wedding, betwixt Daniel Doo-Well and Doll the Dairy- 
Maid. To an Excellent North Country Tune. Printed for J. Deacon . . . 1$ 
stanzas, with 3 cuts. [Printed on the back of No. 109.] iii. The Fox too 
Cunning for the Lyon. To the Tune of the " Three Cheaters." London, Printed 

for Charles Tyus on London Bridge, With 2 curious cuts. In two parts. 112. 
The Frantick Lover : Or, The Wandring Young-Man. Printed for J. Deacon. 
... 16 stanzas, with one cut 113. The Boatswains CaU. [Duplicate of 
-No. 19. Printed on back of 112.] 114. The French-mans Lamentation for 
the Great Loss of their Noble General Monsieur de Turenne. To the Tune of 
^* A Fig for France and Holland too." Printed for W. Thackery in Duck-lane, 
and y. Hose in Holboum. 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 1 15. Friendly Advice to Extra- 
vagants. Tune of '* The rich Merchant-man." Printed for F. Coles, 71 Vere, J. 
Wright, J, Clark, W. Thackery, &* T, Passenger. 18 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 116. 
A friendly Caveat to all true Christians. Showing them the true vray to Heaven. 
To the Tune of "the Ladies fall." London, Printed for W. Thackeray, T. 
Passenger, and W. Whitwood. 22 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 117. The Fryer well 
fitted ; Or, 

A merry Jest that once befell. 

How a Maid put a Fryer to cool in the WelL 

To a Merry Tune. Printed for W. Thackeray and T. Passenger. With 4 cuts. 
•118. The Gallant Seamans return from the Indies, or the happy meeting of two 
Faithful lovers. Tune of '* Five Sail of Frigots," or " Shrewsbury." By I. L. 


^"rUUedfor /^ Colis^ T. Ven^ J. Wright^ J. Clarke^ W. Thackeray, T. Passenger. 
' 18 stanxasy with a large cut and the curious Sign of John Qark, with his name and 
the Bible and Harp, his device, as a headpiece. 1 19. Give me the Willow-Garlands, 
-Or The Maidens Former Fear and Latter Comfort To a dainty new Tune, called 
* Give me the WiUow-Garland." Subscribed L[awrence] P[rice]. Printed for F. 
Coles^ T. Vere^ % Wright^andJ. Clarke. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 12a A Godly 
Ballad, Intituled, A Douien of Points. With 2 cuts, (ii.) The Angel Gabriel, 
Sahitation to the Virgin Mary. Tune is '' The blazing Torch.** Printed for IV. 
Thackeray and T. Passenger. With one cut [Two ballads on the same sheet] 
13 1. The Good-Fdlows Counsel : Or, the Bad Husbands Recantation. To the 
T^me of ** Tan Hvye." In two parts. Printed for P. Brookshy. • . . 13 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 122. The Good Fellows Frolick, or Kent Street Clubb. Tune of 
■*Hey boys up go we,* ^ Seamans mournful bride,** or ''the fair one let me in." 
Printed for J. Coniers in Duck Lane. 11 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 123. Good News 
for the Nation, Or, The Citys joy and the Countries Happiness. Plainly shewing 
the great satisfoction and content, that all Loyal Subjects do enjoy by the new 
Election of members of Parliament Tune of ^ Digbys farewel," or, '* Packintons 
pound* In two parts. London, Printed for P. Brooksby. . . . 10 stanzas, with 
a cut. 124. The Gallant Seaman's Resolution, whose full Intent was to try his for- 
tune at Sea, and at his Return to marry his Lanlady. Tune of ^ Think on thy 
loving Lanlady." Printed by and for A. Milbourn. . . . With a cut. [Printed 
4m back of No. 123.] 125. The Good Wives Fore-cast, Or, The Kind and Loving 
Mothers Counsel to her Daughter after Marriage. Tune of '' Why are my Eyes 
still flowing/' &c. Printed for J. Deacon. ... 8 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 126. 
Grist ground at Last, Or, The Frolick in the Mill Tune of ''Give ear awhile," &c, 
or, " Winchester wedding." Printed for J. Clark, IV, Thackeray, and T. Passenger. 
7 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 127. A Groatsworth of Good Counsel for a Penny ; or. The 
Bad Husband's Repentance. To the Tune of " Packingtons Pound f or, " Digby'^ 
iuewd*" Printed for P. Brooksby. . . . With a cut 128. Have at a Venture. 
Tune of " Hey boys up go we." Printed for J. Wright, J. Clark, W. Thackery, 
emd T. Passenger. 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 1 29. The heavy heart and a light Purse. 
Being the good fellows vindication to all his fellow companions. . . . Tune of 
" My Lord Monks March to London," or, " Now we have our freedom," &c. 
Printed for J. Wright, J. Clark, W. Thackery, and T.^Passenger. 15 stanzas, 
with a cut 13a To her brown Beard. Tune of " Sweet is the Lass," or, " My 
maiden-head will not o're load me." Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 10 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 131. Hey ho Hunt about, or, A pretty merry meeting of young men 
and Maids. The Tune is, " the Couragious hartulesse [sic\ healths." Printed for F. 
Coles, T. Vere,andJ. Wright. 15 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 132. The High prized 
Pin-Box. Tune of " Let every man with Cap in's hand," &c. Printed for J. 
Wright, y. Clark, W. Thackery, and T. Passenger. 16 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 
133. The honest Maidens Loyalty ; or. The Young mans £uthful constancy. To 
a pleasant new Time, " Wert thou more fairer." London: Printed for Richard 
Burton at the Horse-shoe in Smithfield. 17 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 134. The honest 
Tradesmans Honour vindicated, or. The Bragadocia quel'd. The Tune is " General 
Monk was a Noble man," &c. In two parts. London, Printed for W. Thackeray, 
T. Passenger, and W. Whitwood. 14 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 135. Innocent Love in 
Triumph : Or, The Joys of Wedlock made Manifest Being a most pleasant 
Delightful New May Song. To the Tune of " The Oxford Bells." Printed for 
P. Brooksby. ... 6 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 136. Jack Had- Lands Lamentation. 
To the Tune of "It is Old Ale that has undone me." Printed for P. Brooksby. 
... 12 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 137. The jealous Lover satisfy'd. Tune of "The 
gallant Youth of Gravesend." Printed for J. Blare on LondourBridge. 10 stanzas, 


with 3 cuts. 138. Jennies Answer to Sawny. Wherein Loves Cruelty is requited. 
Or, The Inconstant Lover justly despised. To the Tune of '* Sawny will ne^r be my 
Love again.* PrinUd for P. Brooksby. ... 10 stanxas, with 3 cuts* 139. 
Jenny's Lamentation for the loss of her Jemmy. Tune of ^ Jenny Gin," or ^ Busie 
Fame.* 8 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 140. Joan's Victory over her Fdlow-Servants. 
T^me of ** My own Sweet Nichol a Cod.* PrinUd for P. Brvoksfy. ... 12 
stanaSy with 2 cuts. 141. Johnny Armstrong's last Goodnight. To a pretty 
Northern Tune. Printed by and for A, Milboum. . . . 24 stanzas, with one cut. 
142. The Jolly Gentleman's Frolick : Or, The City Ramble. To a Pleasant New 
Tune. PrinUd for C. BaUs at the WkiU-Hart in West Smitkfield 20 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 143. The Joviall Crew : Or, Beggars-Bush. To the Tune of **• From 
hunger and cold,* &c London^ PrinUd for W. Thackeray^ T, Passenger^ and W. 
Whitwood 10 stanzas, with one cut. 144. The May-pole Dancers : Or, The 
Merry Morris. The Tune is, ^ Top and top-gallant,* &c. Printed for J, Deacon. 
... 1 1 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 145. Joyful News for Maids and Young Women. 
Beingan Account of a Shipload of White- Puddings. . . . To the Tune of ^ The 
Wew Bells of Ireland.* Pfinted for P. Brooksby, % Deacon^ J. Blare, and J. 
Back, 13 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 146. The Kind Mistress. To a pleasant new Tune, 
call'd, ^ The German Princess's Travds,* &c London : Printed by and for W. O. 
and are sold by C BaUs, ... 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 147. The Ladies 
Delight : Or, Narcissus his Love-Flower. To the Tune of " Narcissus, come Kiss 
us,* &c London, Printed for W, Thackeray, T. Passenger, and W. Wkitwood. 
12 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 148. The Lady of Pleasure, Or, The London Misses 
Frolick. To a Pleasant New Play-House Tune. Printed for J. Back at tke Black 
Boy on London-Bridge. 10 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 149. The lantentation of a bad 
Market, Or, The Drounding of Three Children on the Thames. Tune of '^The 
Ladies Fall.* PrinUd for F. Coles, T. Vere, J. IVrigAt, and J, Clarke, 23 stanzas, 
with 5 cutSb ISO* The Life and Death of George of Oxford. To a pleasant New 
Tune, called ^ Poor George.* PrinUd for P, Brooksby, ... 16 stanzas, with 
2 cuts. 151. The Life and Death of the Famous Thomas Stukdy : . . . Tune 
is, ''King Henry's going to BuUoign,* &c PHnUd for A. Af. IV, O. and T. 
Tkackeray at tke Angel in Duck-Lane, 23 stanzas, with a cut 152. The West- 
minster Frolick : Or, The Cuckold of his own procuring. Tune of ^ Hey boys up 
go we.* Printed for J, IVrigkt, J, Clark, W, Tkackeray, and T, Passenger, 16 
stanzas, with 5 cuts. [Printed on back of 151.] 153. The London Damsels fate 
by Unjust Tyranny : Or, The Rash Lover. Tune of " Troy Town.* PrinUd for P. 
Brooksby, . . . 19 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 154. The London lasses Hue-and-Cry 
after her Dearly Beloved Robin, whom she unluckily lost last Saturday night To 
the Tune of "the Rant* Printed for P. Brooksby, J, Deacon, J, Blare, and J. 
Back. 16 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 155. The Longing Virgins Choice : Or, The Scotch 
Lasses Delight '* To a Modish new Scot[c]h Tune, sung at the Duke's Playhouse.* 
Printed for P, Brooksby, • . . 12 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 156. A Looking-Glass 
for a Christian Family ; Or, A Warning for all People to serve God. The Tune is 
•*Aim not too High." Printed for F. CoUs, T, Vere, I, Wrigkt, I, Clarke, W. 
Tkackeray, emd T. Passenger, 24 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 157. A Looking-Glass for 
a Bad Husband : Or, A Caveat for a Spend-thrift By T[homas] L[amfire ? ]. To 
the Tune of " The Poor Mans Comfort : " Or, " Digby.* London, PrinUd for W. 
Tkackeray, T, Passenger, and W, Wkitwood 11 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 158. A 
Looking-Glass for Ladies, Or, A mirrour for married-women. Tune of **• Queen 
Dido :* or, « Troy Town.* PrinUd for F. CoUs, T, Vere, J. Wrigkt, and J, Clarke. 
18 stanzas, with 5 cuts. [The Story of Penelope.] 159* A Looldng-Glass for a 
covetous Miser : Or, Conifort to a Contented minde. To the Tune of ^ The Fair 
Angel of England,* or, ''The Tyrant* 12 stanzas, subscribed T. J., with i cut 


i6a Love in a Bnah : Or, The two Loyal Loven Joy compleatecL Tone of*^ Oh to 
Ui^ratefiil a Creature." PrinUdfor Jamus Bissel at the BHUamdHarp in West* 
Smiik/Seid, lo stanias, with 3 cots. 161. Love in a Mist To the Tune of " Hey 
hoys up go we.* PrinUdfor LDeaam. . . . 10 stanias, with 4 cuts. 162. The 
Lovc^Sick Maid : Or, Cordelias lamentation for the absence of her Gerhard. To a 
Pleasant New Tune. PrinUdbfondfar A.M. . . . With 3 cuts. 163. The 
Love-Sick Serving-Man. PrinUdfor P. Brooksby^ J. Deacon^ J. Blare^ J. Back. 
13 fft«"—^ with one cut 164. Love without Measure. Or, The Young-roans Delight 
and the Maidens Joy. To a rare new Tune, called, ** Du-Vals DeUght* PrinUd 
for fV. Tkackory and T. Passtngw. 13 stansasy with 2 cuts. 165. Loves better 
than Gold : Or, Money's an Ass. To a New Delightful Tune, much in request at 
Court. PrinUd for P. Brooksby. . . . 12 stansas, with 4 cuts. i66c Loves 
Boondlew Power, Or, The Charmed Lovers Happiness comftoued. To the Tune 
of ''When Busie Fame," &c PrinUd for J. Dtacon, ... 10 stanzas, with 4 
cnta. 167. Loves fierce desire, and hopes of Recovery. Or, A true and brief De- 
scription <^ two Resolved Lovers. To a ddightfnl new Tune, Or, ^ Fair Angd %A 
En^and.* PrinUdfor F. CoUs, T. Vert, J. Wright, J. Clarki, W. Thackoray 
and T. Passongiir. 15 stanas, subscribed L[awrence] P[rice], with 3 cuts. 16B 
Loves fortune. Or, A fiunt-hearted Sotddicr will never win the field. Tune is, 
''Sweet come love me once again." PrinUd for F. Coles ^ &c (as Na 167). 12 
stanisfi with 4 cuts. 

Vol. II.— I. The Loves of Damon and Sappho : Or, The Shepherd Crown'd 
with good success. A Pleasant New Play-house Song, to the Tune of "^ Hail to 
the Myrtle Shades." PrinUdfor F. CoUs, T. Vore, J. IVHght, J. Clarke, W. 
Tkadkeraf, and T. Passenger. 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts« 2. The Loves of Jockey 
and Jenny : Or, The Scotch Wedding. A most pleasant New Song. PrinUd for 
P.Brooksby. ... 11 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 3. Loves Overthrow; Or, A full 
and true account of a young Maid that lived in £xeter-£xcliange-Court in the 
Strand. . . . To the Tune of *" Bateman." Printed for P. Brook^. . . • 
10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 4. Loves Torments Cured by Death : Or, Loven Delay'd 
grow Desperate. ... To a pleasant New Court-Tune : Or, '* Phillis thou Soul 
of Love." Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 5. Loves 
Triumph over Bashfiilness : Or, The Pleas fA Honour and Chastity overruled. . . • 
To a Pleasant New Pby-House Tune. Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 10 
stansas, with 4 cuts. 6. The Lovers Battle, Being a sore Combat fought between 
Mars and Venus. The Tune is, '^ The Qorals Delight" By T. R. London^ 
Printed for T. P. at the three BibUs on London Bridge. 10 stanzas, with 3 
cuts. 7. The Loving Lad and the Coy Lass. Being a pleasant and witty 
Discourse betwee n a young Man and a Maid. To a pleasant New Tune. Printed 
for J. Wright, J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, a$ul T. Passenger. 26 stanzas, with 
one cut. 8. The Loving Shepherd : Or, Phaon's humble Petition to Beautifid 
Phillis, who readily answered bis Request Printed for P, Brooksby, J. Deacon, 
y. Blare, and J. Back. 8 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 9. The Loyal Maids good 
Counsel to aU her Fellow-Maids. To the Tune of "Come hither, my own 
sweet Duck" Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 9 stanzas, with 2 cuts. In 
two parts. la The loyal and true hearted Subjects good Will to King and 
Common-wealth. To the Tune of " The Dukes wish," or, " He ask no more." 
By Thcnnas Houghton. Printed for Thomas Passenger at the three bibles on 
London^riefge. 13 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 1 1. Loyal Constancy ; Or, The Seamans 
Love -Letter : written by John Blay a Board the Henry and EliMabeth riding at 
Leghorn. . . . Tune of ** Qoris full of harmless thoughts," "Jenny Gin," [or,] 
** the fair one let me in." Printed for P. Brooksby, . . . 8 stanzas, with 7 cuts 
in two parts, the second containing Mary Feast's answer to John Blay. 12. A 


liupilicafe of No. 9. 13. Loyalty unfeigned^ Or, The Trae Protestants AdmonitioA; 
Being a Pleasant New Song. Printed far P, Brooksby, ... 10 stanzas, with 
5 cuts, of which 3 are curious and early. 14. Luke Huttons Lamentation. 
. . . London, Printed far J. Wright^ J. Clarke, W. Thackeray, and T. 
Patsengtr. With 3 cuts. [Full title in Hazlitt, bat not this impression.] 15. The 
Mad Man's Morice. ... To a Pleasant new Tune. Printed by and far A. M. 
... 14 stanzas, with one cut 16. The Maids answer to the Batchelors Ballad. 
Or, Love without Remedy. To the Tune of ^ No more, silly Cupid : " Or, ** The 
Duke of Monmouth's Jig.* Printed far P, Broaksby, ... 10 stanzas, with 

3 cuts. 17. The maidens reply to the Young mans Resolution. To the Tune of 
" The Young Mans Resolution." Printed far J, Williamsan at the Bible upon 
London Bridge. 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 18. The Maidens Tragedy : Or, A 
brief Account of a Young Damsel near Wolverhampton. ... To the Tune of 
" Russel's Farewdl." Printed far P. Braaksby, J. Deacan, 7. Blare, and J. Back. 
10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 19. The Maltster caught in a Trap, Or, The Witty Ale- 
Wife. Printed far P. Braaksby. ... 10 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 2a The 
Mariner's Delight, Or, The Seamen's Seven Wives. Printed far J. Canyers at the 
Raven in Duck^lane. 8 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 21. Mark Noble's FroUick ; who 
being stopp'd by the Constable near the Tower, was examin'd where he had been, 
whither he was going, and his Name and place where he dwelt ... To die 
Tune of •* The New Rant" Printed far P. Braaksby. J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J^ 
Back. 21 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 22. The Master-piece of Love-songs. To the 
Tune of '* The Week before Easter, the Day's long and clear," &c Printed for 
A. M. W. O. and Tho. Thackeray at the Angel in Duck-lane. 16 stanzas, with 
2 cuts of superior execution. 23. A Tryal of skill, performed by a poor decayed 
Gentlewoman, who cheated a rich Grasier of Sevenscore pound, and left him a Child 
to keep. The Tune is *' Ragged and Tom." Printed far /. Wright, /. Clarke, W. 
Thackeray, and T. Passinger. 16 stanzas, with 2 cuts. [Printed on back of 22.] 
24. The Merry Bag-Pipes : The Pleasant Pastime betwixt a Jolly Shepherd and a 
Country Damsel ... To the Tune of "March Boys," &c. Printed far C. 
Bates. ... 7 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 25. The merry Maid of Middlesex. To a 
delicate Northern Tune : Or, ^ The Maid that lost her way." London, Printed by 
E. Crawchfar F. Coles, T. Vere, and J. Wright. 12 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 26. The 
merry Maid of Shoreditch, Her Resolution and Good Counsel to all her Fellow' 
Maids. The Tune is ''I have a Mistris of my own:" Or, ''Hold Buckle and 
Thong together." Printed far J. Deacon. ... 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 27. A 
Merry Wedding : Or, O brave Arthur of Bradley. To a pleasant new Tune, &c. 
London : Printed by and far W. O.far A. M. and sold by y. Deacon, in GuHt'Spur^ 
street. 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 28. The Milk Maid's Resolution. Tune, ''Cupid's 
Trappan." Printed far P. Braaksby. ... 16 stanzas, with 2 cuts (one of a 
milkmaid). 29. The Mistaken Lover ; Or, The Supposed Ungrateful Creature 
appears a True Pattern of Loyalty. To an Excellent New Tune sung at Court 
Printed far C. Dennissan at the Stationers-Arms within Aldgate. 8 stanzas, with 

4 cuts. 30. A Mock-Song : Or, Love and no Love. To the Tune of " Mars and 
Venus." Printed for P. Braaksby. ... 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 31. Modesty 
Amazed ; Or, The Dorset-shire Damosell importunate with her Mother to know 
Rogers meaning in Wooing. Printed far J. Deacon at the Angel in Guiltspur^ 
street without Newgate. [A warning against a counterfeit edition is appended.] 
32. Tis Money makes a Man r Or, The Good^Fellows Folly. To a pleasant new 
Tune : " Bonny black Bess ; " Or, " Digby." By J. Wade. Printed far F. Coles, 
T. Vere, J. Wright, and J. Clarke. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 33. The Late Duke 
of Monmouth's Lamentation. Tune of " On the Bank of a River ; " Or, " Now 
the Fights done." Printed far P. Braaksby. ... 7 stanzas, with one cut 


Ifiitwo parts. 34. The Mournful Shepherd ; Or The Torment of loving, and not 
bong Lov'd agam. To a Pleasant New Tune, called *^ Could Man his wish obtain,* 
ftc Pla/d and Song at the King's Play-House. Printed far P, Brooksby. . . . 
With 2 cuts. 35. The Mother and Daughter ; Or, A Dialogue betwixt them com- 
posed in Verse. The Tune is, ^ Come, Sweet-heart, and embrace thine own : * or, 
"The Dancing of primrose-hilL* Printed for P, Brooksby. ... 13 stanzas, 
with 4 cuts. 36. A new and True Ballad of the Poet's Complaint : Or, A newe 
Soqg to a newe Tune, of a young wench living in Holboum. ... To a Pleasant 
new Tunc, called, ** I am confirmed," &c. Printed far F. Coles ^ T. Vere, J. Wrif^ht^ 
Md% Clarke. 16 stanzas with 3 cuts. 37. The New Courtier. Tune is, *' Qovis, 
ance thou hast fled away," &c. Printed far F. CaUs, T. Vcre, J. Wright^ 
7* Ckarke^ W. Thackeray^ and T. Passinger. 12 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 38. A New 
Scotch Ballad of Jealous Nanny : Or, False-hearted Willy tumM True. To the 
Tone of ** Maggies lealousie.** Printed far P. Brooksby, ... 8 stanzas, with 
a cuts. 39. The New Scotch-Jigg : Or, The Bonny Cravat Tune of "Jenny, 
come tye my,** &c. London^ Printed for W. Thackeray^ T, Passenger^ and IV, 
Wkitmood. 15 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 40. The Second Part of the new Scotch- 
]^g : Or, Jenny's Reply to Johnnys Cravat Tune of *^ Jenny, come tye my," &c. 
London^ Printed far W, Thackeray^ &»c. 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 41. A New 
Song of Lulla By, Or, Father Peters's Policy Discovered. To the Tune of *' Green- 
sleeves ^' Or, ^ My Mistress is to Bulling gone." Printed in the Year 1688. 1 5 stanzas, 
with a curioas cut 42. Nick and Froth ; Qr, The Good-fellows Complaint for want 
of liill Measure. Tune of **' Wei Drink this Old Ale no more, no more." Printed 
fmrR. Burton in WestSmithfield, 20 stanzas, with 4cuts. 43. The Nob[l]e Man's 
Generous Kindness, Or, The Country-Mans Unexpected Happiness. To the Tunc 
of •'The Two English Travellers." Printed far P, Brooksby. ... 17 stanzas, 
with 3 cuts. 44. The Noble Prodigal Or, The young Heir newly come to his 
Estate. A newe Medly of six Ayres C^The Jews Concert," "Princess Royal,'' 
•* Come hither my own Sweet Duck," " French Tricatees ** (bis), " A new Country- 
Dance 'O- No imprint 6 stanzas. 45. l*he Norfolk Lass: Or, The Maid that 
was blown with Child. To the Tune of ** The King and Northern Man : " Or, 
" Tommy Pots." Printed far P, Brooksby. . , , 1 5 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 46. 
The Northern Ladd : Or, The Fair Maids Choice. To the Tune of " There was 
a Lass in Cumberland," &c Printed far P. Brooksby. ... 14 stanzas, with 
3 cuts. 47. The Old Pudding-pye Woman set forth in her colours, &c. To a rare 
new Tune much in use, or, ^ There was an Old Wife." London, Printed for F. 
C^ies^ T. Vere, J. Wright^ and J. Clark. 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 48. The Old 
Woman's Resolution. ... To the Tune of '* 1 Marry and thank ye too." 
Printed far P, Brooksby, J. Deacon, J, Blare, J. Back. 17 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 
49l Opportunity lost. Or The Scotch Lover Defeated. To a pleasant Northern 
Tune. Printedfar P. Brooksby, . . . 12 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 5a The Oxford 
Health : Or, The Jovial Loyalist : A New Song. To the Tune of " On the Bank 
of a River :" Or, " Packington's Pound." Printedfar P. Brooksby. .... 
9.stanzas, with one cut 51. A Pattern of Love ; Or, The Faithful Lovers well met. 
To the Tune of " The Cannons Rore." Printed jar J, Blare, ... 10 stanzas, 
with 4 cuts. 52. The Pensive Lover ; Or, the Damosels Crosses crown'd with 
Condbrt To the Tune of "Grim King of the Ghosts." Printedfar J. Blare. 
... 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 53. The Pensive Prisoners Apology. Tune of 
"Love with unconfioed wings:" Or, "No, no, no, no, not yet" Printedfar 
F. Coles, T, Vere, J. Wright, and J, Clarke. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. In two 
parts. 54. The Plowman's Art in Wooing. Tune of " Cupid's Trappan." Printed 
far P. Brooksby. . . . 16 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 55. The Plough-man's Praise : 
In A Dialogue between a Mother and her Daughter. Tunc of " The Evening 


Ramble,* &c. PrinUdfarP. Brooksfy. ... 8 stanas. with 3 cots. 56. The 
Poet's Dream : Or, The Great Oat-cry and Lamentable Complaint of the Land 
against Bayliffs and their Dogs. To the Tune of *^ Sawny," &c. Printtdfdr P. 
Brooksby. ... 14 stanzas, with a cut, representing a bailiff and his dog. 
57. The Politick Countreyman. Pladnly setting forth the many misfortunes of 
^ose men, who have mist of their aim in choosing a wife. . . . Tune of ^ Hey 
boys up go we," Or, "Jenny Gin." Printed for % WHgki, J. Clark, W. Thacktry^ 
and T. Passengier. 10 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 58. A Posie of Rare Flowers : 
Gathered by a Young-man for his Mistris. To a pleasant new Tune. PrinUdfor 
F. Coles, T. Vere, and J. JVri/fkl. 18 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 59. The Invincible 
Pride of Women : Or, the London Tradesman's Lamentation. To the Tune of 
* The Spinning-Wheel." Printed fir P. Broaksky, J. Deacon, 7. Blare, J. Back. 
10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 6a The Prodigals Resolution : Or, My Father was bom 
before me. To a Pleasant New Tune. Printed far F. Coles, J. Vere, J. H^rigkt, 
and y. Clarke. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 61. A Prospective-Glass for Christians ; 
To behold the Reigning Sins of this Age. . . . Tune of ^ Monstrous Women." 
Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, J. Blare, and J. Back. 9 stanzas, with a 
cuts. 62. The Protestant Seaman's Resoludon to fight for King William : Or, 
the Total Destruction of Popery in this Reformed Land and Nation. To the Tune 
of ^ The Souldiei's Daughter.* Printed for J. Blare. 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
63. Protestant Unity the best Policy to Defeat Popery and all its Bloody Practices. 
... A Pleasant New Song. To the Tune of, " Now, now the Fight's done," &c. 
Printed for F. CoUs, T. Vere, J. Wrigkt, J. Clarke, W. Tkackeray, and T. 
Passinger. 12 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 64. Pyramus and Thisbe: Or, Love's 
Masterpiece. To the Tune of ^'Digby's FareweL" London, Printed for W. 
Tkackeray, T. Passenger and W. Wkitwood. 12 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 65. The 
Rleligious Man's Exhortation to all Persons of what D^:ree soever. ... To 
the Tune of "The Young Man's Legacy": Or, ^Sinners Redemption." Printed 
for P. Brooksby. ... 17 stanzas, with 6 cuts. 66. The Rich Farmer's Ruine ; 
who murmured at the Plenty of the Seasons. ... To the Tune of ^ Why are 
my eyes still flowing ?" as it is pla/d on the Violin. Printed for J. Back. . . . 
8 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 67. Robin Hood's Delight: ... To the Tune of 
~ Robin Hood and Queen Katherine^; Or, '* Robin Hood and the Shepherd.** 
Printed for William Tkackery, at tke Angel in Duck lane. 24 stanzas, with one 
large cut 68. The Noble Fisher-Man : Or, Robin Hood's Preferment . . . 
To the Tune of ''In Summer time," &c Printed for W. Tkackeray and T. 
Passinger. 28 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 69, The Famous Battel between Robin Hood 
and the Curtal Fryar. To a New Northern Tune. Printed for IV. Tkackeray, 
J. Millet, and A. Mildoum. 39 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 70. The True Pattern of 
Loyalty : Being the Happy Agreement betwixt William and Susan. ... To 
the Tune of ^ Charon make haste," &c. Printed for J. Blare. ... 9 stanzas, 
with 3 cuts. [Printed on back of No. 69.] 71. The Roysters Ruine, in a Dialogue 
betwixt a Spend-thrift and a Whore. . . . The Tune is, *' He that hath most 
Money is the best Man." Printed for T. Passenger. ... 11 stanzas, with 
3 cuts. 72. The Lord Russel's Farewel, who was Beheaded for High-Treason, in 
Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, July 21st, 1683. To the Tune of ^ Tender Hearts of London 
City." Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts and music. 
73. The Seaman's Complaint for his Unkind Mistress of Wapping. To the Tune 
of ** I love you dearly, I love you well," &c. London : Printed for Ckarles Baker. 
28 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 74. The Seaman's Sorowful Bride. Printed for J. 
Deacon in CUtspur-street. To the Tune of ^Ah! Jenny Gin." 75. A Serious 
Discourse between two Lovers. To the Tune of ^When Sol will cast no Light" ; 
Or, ^ Deep in Love." T. Wade. London, Printed for W. Tkackeray, T. Passenger^ 


mnd W. Wkiiwood. 15 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 76. The School of Venus. Tune of 
^ Hail to the Mirtle Shade." Pri$Uedfor Jotiah Blan. ... 10 stanzas, with 
3 cuts. 77. The Scolding Wife. To a pleasant new Tune. Printed for P. 
Bro^kdy. ... 9 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 78. The Scolding Wires Vindication : 
Or, An Answer to the Cuckold's Complaint To the Tune of ** The Cuckold's 
Co mphint f PrimUd/or P, Brvoksfy^ J. Deacon^ J. Blare^ J. Back. 16 stanzas, 
wHii 4 cots. 79. The States-Man's Last Will and Testament ; Or, His Worthy 
Legacies left to his beknred Cronies. • . • Tune of ^ O, rare Popery." Printed 
im tk$ Yemr 1689. 12 stanzas, with one cut [Printed on the back of No. 78.] 
8a The Scomfol Maid, and the Constant Young-Man. Tune of '' Times Chang- 
ling I never will be* : Or, " Sawny :" Or, "A Fig for France." By T. Robins. 
PrimUdf&rP. Brooksfy. ... 13 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 81. The Scotch Lad's 
Moan : Or, Pretty Maggie's Unldndness. To an excellent New Scotch Tune. 
PrinitdforP. Braaiuby. ... 7 stanzas, with 2 cuts and music 82. Scotch 
Moggy's Miafiortttne. ... To an Excellent New Tune. Printed for P. Brooksby^ 
y. Deaem^ % Blart^ J. Back. 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 83. The Scotch Souldier's 
Kindness. « . . To the Tune of ^ The Crafty Wife." Printed for /. Deacon. 
... 10 stanzas, with 6 cuts. 84. The Scotch Wooing: Or, Jockey of the 
Lough, and Jenny of the Lee* ... To the Tune of "Jockey's gone to the 
Wood." Printed for P. Brooksiy. . . • xo stanzas, with one cut 85. A 
Scrioas Discourse between two Lovers. ... J. Wade. London^ Printed for 
W. Tkaekray^ T. Passenger^ and IV. IVkitwoad. 15 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 
[Another edition of Na 75.] 86. The Shepherd's Complaint : And the Comforting 
Shq>herdeis. To the Tune of <" Mogg's Jealousie." PrinUdfor J. Wkiu, at tke 
Wkite •S'fMM, ai tke Bridge-foot^ mar Soutkwark, 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
87. [Queen Elinor's Confession,] Shewing how King Henry, with the Earl Marshal, 
in Fryars Habits, came to her. . . . Printed for C. BaUs^ at the Wkite-kart, 
he West Smitkfield. 20 stanzas, with a large cut [The 6rst line of the title is cut 
off; this is a difierent edition from that mentioned by Hazlitt, art '^Eleanor," 
Na 2.] 88. A Ship-load of Waggery : Or, clouded Merriment to please young 
men and maids. To a New Tune : Or, '^ Cloris Awake." Printed for P. Brooksby. 
. • • 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 89^ A soluirtary \sic\ Song for all stubborn Sinners 
to amend their Lives and evil Ways. To the Tune of ^ The Sinner's Redemption." 
Printed for P. Brooksky. ... 19 stanzas, with 2 cuts. In two parts. 9a The 
Sorrowful Gtizen; Or, The Couragious Plow-Man. To the Tune of ''The 
Country Farmer." Printed for J. Blare. ... 9 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 
91. The SoRowfuU Damsete Lamentation for want of a Husband. To the Tunc 
of ''The Country Farmer." Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 9 stanzas, with 2 
cuts. 92. The Sorrowful Mother, Or, the Pious Daughters Last FareweL To 
dw Tune of ''Troy-Town." Printed for J. Deacon. ... 14 stanzas, with 3 
cuts. 93. The Soldier's Fortune : Or, The Taking of Mardike. Printed for P. 
Brooksby . . . With 2 cuts. 94. The Souldier his Salutation to the wary Wench 
of Worcester. To a pleasant Scottish Tune, call'd ** Lowdens Delight" No 
imprint In two parts. 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 95. The Springs Glory : Or, A 
pvedous Posie for Pretty Maidens. The tune is '* Monk hath confounded," &c. 
/. P. PrittUd for W. CiJbertsom. 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. In two parts. 
96. Strephoo and Ooris : Or, the Coy Shepherd and the Kind Shepherdess. To 
m pleasant New Play-house Tune ; Or, " Love will find out the way." Printed for 
I. Clarke^ ai the Horsk^oe^ in West Smitkfield. 15 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 97* The 
Subtile Damosd : Or, Good Counsel for Maids. To the Tune of ^ The new made 
Gentlewoman." By J. Wade. London^ Printed for Rickard Hardy at tke Horskoe 
in West Smitkfield. 1$ stanzas, with 2 cuts. 98. The Subtil Miss of London : 
Or, The Ranting Hector well fitted by this cunning Miss. To the Tune of 


'k a 


''The two English Travdlers.* Printed for J. Deacon. ... 19 stanias, with 
2 cuts. 99. The Taunton Maids delight; Or, Hey for the honest Woosted- 
Comber. The Tune is, '^ I have a good old mother at home," &c. T. L[anfire f\ 
Printed for P. Brooksby. ... 14 stanzas, with 3 cuts. loa The three Worthy 
Butchers of the North. To a pleasant New Tune. Paul Bulges. Printed for 
P. Brooksby. ... 25 stanzas, with a cut 101. Tobias* Advice : Or, A Remedy 
for a Ranting Young-Man. Tune of ^ Daniel Cooper." By Tobias Bowne^ 
Printed for P, Brooksby in Py-Comer, 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 102. Tobias 
Observation. Tune of '' The Country Farmer." By Tobias Bowne. Printed for 
P, Brooksby, ... 11 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 103. Tom Tell-tnith. To the 
Tunc of " Tantara ra ra Tantivee." PrinUd for J. Wright^ J. Clarke^ W. 
Thackeray^ and T, Passinger. 12 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 104. The Trappand 
Cuckold maker : Or, Yea-and-Nay well fitted. Tune is " O mother, Roger," &c 
Printed for J, Deacon. ... 9 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 105. The Trappand 
Taylor : Or, A Warning to all Taylors to beware how they marry. To the Tune of 
" How many Crowns and pounds have I spent," &c Printed for F. Coles^ J. Vere^ 
J. Wright^ and J. Clarke. 20 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 106. The Troubles of these 
Times. To the Tune of "A Lesson for all true Christians." Printed for P, 
Brooksby, ... 14 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 107. A True Character of Sundry 
Trades and Callings : Or, A New Ditty of Innocent Mirth. To the Tune of ^ Old 
Simon the King." Printed for P. Brooksby, ... 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
108. The Poor Man's Prayer for Peace in these sorrowful Times of TrouUe. . . . 
To the Tune of '* Game at Cards." Printed for P, Brooksby. ... 10 stanzas, 
with 4 cuts. 109. True Love Exalted : Or, A Dialogue between a courteous young 
Knight of the City of London, and a Searge Weavers Daughter of Devonshire. 
TheTune is, "Tender Hearts," &c. PrintedforP, Brooksby . . . 17 stanzas, with 
4 cuts. 1 10. True Love Unvail'd. Or, the Coy Lady Over-come at last To a 
Rare New Tune : Or, "The French MinninL" Printed for P, Brooksby, . . . 
10 stanzas, with 2 cuts. iii. The true Lover's Admonition. The Tune is, "So 
sweet is the Lass that loves me." Printed for P. Brooksby, ... 12 stanzas, 
with 2 cuts. 112. [The] True Lovers Extremity; Or^ The Maidens Miserable 
Moan. To the Tune of " Charon, make haste," &c. Printed for P. Brooksby. 
. . . 7 stanzas, with 3 cuts and music. 113. The True Lovers Ghost To the 
Tune of "Tender Hearts of London City." PrinUd for J . Deacon, . . . 14 
stanzas, with 3 cuts. 114. The True- Lovers Good-morrow. The Tune is, "As 
at noon Dulcina rested." Printed for Will, Tkackeray^ at the Angel in Duck- 
Lane^ J, M, and A, M, 12 stanzas, 2 cuts. 1 1 5. The true Lovers Happiness : 
Or, Nothing venture, nothing have. Tune of " Amintas on the new-made Hay," 
Or, " Loyal Lovers." PrinUd for W, Thackeray, E, M, and A, M. 14 stanzas, 
with 4 cuts. 116. The Two-Penny Whore ; In a Dialogue between a Spend-thrift 
and a Whore. The Tune is, " He that has the most Money is the best Man." 
London^ PrinUd for W, Thackeray, T, Passinger, and W, Whitwood. 1 1 stanzas, 
with 3 cuts. [Printed on back of No. 115.] 117. The True Lovers Knot Untied. 
To the Tune of " Frogs Galliard," &c London : Printed by and for W. O. and 
A, M. . , . 2^ stanzas, with 2 cuts. [The Story of the Lady Arabella.] 
118. The True-Lovers Holidaies : Or, the Wooing, Winning, and Wedding of a 
fair Damosel, performed by a Souldier, being one of the Auxiliaries. To the Tune 
of " No body else shall plunder but L" L[aurence] P[rice ?] Printed for F. Coles^ 
T, Vere, and J. Wright, 10 sUnzas, with 2 small cuts. 119. The True Lovers 
Tragedy : Being an Incomparable Ballad of a Gentleman and his Lady, that both 
killed themselves for love, under the disguised names of Philander and Phillis. 
To the Tune of " Ah ! Cruel Bloody Fate." PrinUd for P. Brooksby. ... 10 
stanzas, with 2 cuts. 12a A duplicate of No. 75. 121. A duplicate of No. 23. 


122. A Tum-Coat df the Times. Tune is, ^ The King's Delight : " Or/* True Love 
is a Gilt for a Queen.* Printed for William Thackeray at the Andrei in Duck-lane. 
lo stanzas, with 4 cuts. 123. The Undaunted Seaman ; who resolved to fight for 
hb King and Country. To the Tune of ** I often for my Jenny Strove.'^ Printed 
f9r P. Brookshy^ J, Deacon^ % Blan^ and J. Back, 10 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 
X24. Unfeigned Friendship : Or, the Loyalists Cordial Advice. ... To a new 
Playhouse Tune, called, " How happy's the Mate:" or, " Can Dfe be a Blessing," 
ax:. Printed for J. Wrigki^ J. Clark, IV. Tkackeray, and T. Passinger. 11 
stanzas, with 6 cuts. 125. The Unfortunate Fencer ; Or, the Couragious Farmer 
of Gloucester-shire. To the Tune of ^The Spinning Wheel" Printed for P. 
Brooksby, y. Deacon, J. Blare, J. Back. 11 stanzas, with 5 cuts. 126. The 
Unfortunate Lady ; Or, the Young Lover's fatal Tragedy. To the Tune of '* The 
Languishing Swaia" Printed for J. Blare. ... 14 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 
127. The Unfortunate Welch-Man ; Or, The Untimely Death of Scotch Jockey. 
To the Tune of ^ The Country Farmer." Printed/or J. Deacon. • . . 8 stanzas, 
with 3 cuts. 12S. The Ungratefol Rebel : Or, Gracious Clemency rewarded with 
VOlany. Tune is, ^ The Tum-Coat of the Times." PrinUd for N. Sliggen. 6 
staniai, with one cut 129. Tne Ungrateful Son : Or, An Example of God's Justice 
upon the abusefiil Disobedience of a False-hearted and Cruel Son to his Aged 
Father. To the Tune of ^ Kentish Miracle." Printed for P. Brooksby, J. Deacon, 
y. Blare, J. Back. 13 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 13a The Unsatisfied Lovers' La- 
mentation. Tune of, ** Hey, boys, up go we." Printed for J. Wrigkt^ J. Clark, 
W. Tkackory, and T. Passenger, 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 131. The Valiant Com- 
mander, with his Resolute Lady. To a New Northern Tune, called,*' 1 would give 
ten thousand pounds," &c Or, ''Ned Smith." Printed for F. Coles, T. Vere, 
y. W. y, Clarke, W. Tkackeray, and T. Passenger. 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
132. \%ginity grown troublesome : Or, the Younger Sisters Lamentation for want 
of a Husband. To a pleasant New West Country Tune. Printed for P. Brooksby, 
... 20 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 133. The Virgins Tragedy : Or the Faithful 
Maiden and the Faithless Young man. Tune is, " Jenny Gin," or, *' fair one let me 
in." London, Printed for y. Conyers. • . '. 13 stanzas (including the epitaph), 
with 4 cuts. 134. Sir Walter Raleigh sailing in the Low-lands. Shewing how the 
fiuttous Ship called the Sweet Trinity, was taken by a false Gaily. • • • To the 
Twie of^^Tlie Sailing in the Low-lands." Printed for y. Conyers. • • • 14 
stanzas, with 4 cuts. 135. The wandering Virgin : or. The Coy Liss well fitted. 
To the Tune of, "Qoris, awake," or, "the loving Chambermaid." Pritited for 
P. Brooksby. ... 13 stanzas, with 2 cuts. In two parts. 136. A Warning 
for an Lewd Lovers. • • . To the Tune of " Sir Andrew Barton," &c. London : 
Printed by asuifar W. O. for A. M. and sold by y Deacon. ... 31 stanzas, 
with 3 cots. 137. A Warning-Voice for all Wicked Livers. ... To the Tune 
€£, " The ridi Merchantman." Printed for L IVrigkt, I. Clarke, W. T. and T. Pas- 
unger. 13 stanzas, with 7 cuts. 138. A Warning for all Worldlings to learn to 
Dye. The Tune is, ^The LacUes foil" London, Printed by F, Coles, T. Vere, and 
y, Wright 16 stanas, with a large cut In two parts. 139. A way to wooe a 
witty Wench. To a pleasant new Tune, or, "Mulgraves March." Printed for 
F. ColeSf r. Vere, y. Wright, and y. Clark. 14 stanzas, with one cut In two 
parts. 14a The Wealthy Grasiers Joyes compleated. Or, The Shepherd's beau- 
tifid Dangfater obtained. Tune of " Ladies of London," &c Printedfory. Deacon. 
... 8 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 141. The Welsh Fortune-Teller ; Or, Sheffery 
Morgan's Observation of the Stars, as he sat upon a Mountain in Wales. To the 
Tune ^ *• Touch %A the Times." Printed for G. Conyers on Ludgate-Hill. 7 
«tanias, with 2 cuts. 142. The West-Country Dialogue : Or, A Pleasant Ditty be- 
tween Anniieed-RoUn the Miller, and his Brother Jack the Plough-man. . . . 


To the Tune of ^ O FoUy, desperate FoUy/ &c. PrimUdfor P. Brooksiy. • • 

9 stanaSy with 3 cots. 143. The West-Country Jigg : Or, Love in Due Season. To 
a pleasant New Tune called, " New Exeter.* PrimUd/ar T. Broaktfy. ... 12 
staniasy with 4 cuts. 144. The West-Country Maid^ Advice. To the T^me of 
'' Hey boys up go we.* PrinUdfar P. Brvoksfy. . . . 9 stanzas, with $ cats. 
i45.TheWest-C6untryMiser: Or, An UnconsdonabieFanner^s Bfiserahlf Jnd. Tune 
of "Love's a sweet pssston:" or, ^ Fond Boy," &c Lotkhn: Printed f9r J. IV^irmh 
inHoUumm. 11 stansas, with4cuts. 146. The West-Country Lawyer : Or, The 
Witty Maid's Good Fortune. To the Tune of ''The Baffled Knight" PrimUdJor 
y. Diocam. • • • 19 stanzas, with a cuts. 147. The West Country Wedding, 
Or, The Merry conceited Couple. Tune td *' When Sol will cast no light :* Or, 
** My pretty little Rogue.* London^ Printed for IV. Thackere^^ T. Passenger ^ and W. 
Whitwood. (iL) The Westminster Frolick, Or, A Cuckold is a good man's Fdlow. 
Tune of ** Hey boys up go we,* or, "Alas poor thing !* Printed far P. Broaksby. 
... 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 148. Sund too^ Whetston-Park Ladies : or. The 
Country Lasses farewel to Sorrow. To the Tune o^ " Never a Penny of Money.* 
Printed far P. Brooksby. . . • la stanzas, with one cut 149. The Winchester 
Wedding : Or, Ralph of Reading and Black Bess of the Green. To a new Country 
Dance : or, " The King's Jigg.* London : Printed far % Deacon. ... 7 
stanzas, with 3 cuts. 15a Money makes the Mare to go, or. An Excellent new 
Song of the Sdttle Shirking Sharpers. To the Tune of, '' Four-pence-half-penny- 
farthing.* Printed for L Deacon. ... 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. [Printed on 
the back of 149]. 151. The Witty Damsel of Devonshire. • . • Tuneo^'^Heie 
I live, there Ilive I * Or, '^ The Two English TMvellers.* PrinUd by P. Broaksby^ 
I. Deacon^ L Blare^ amdy. Back. 16 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 15a. Englands Mercies 
in the Midst of Miserys. Or, The Poor Man's Comfort in a time of Trouble. To 
the Tune of, '' Packington's Pound,* or ^ Digby's fiureweU." Printed far y. Deacon. 
• . . 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. [On the back of 151.] 153. The Woman Warrior: 
Being an Account of a young Woman who lived in Cow-Cross. • • • To the 
Tune of, ^ Let the Soldiers rejoice.* Printed far Charles Bates next to the Crown 
Tavern in West Smith-Jield. 11 stanzas, with a cuts. 154. The Womans just 
Complaint : Or, Mans Deceitfulness in Love. To a pleasant New play-house Tune» 
much in request Printed far P. Broaksby. ... 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
155. The Woman's Victory : Or, The Conceited Cuckold cudgel'd into good Quali- 
ties by his fair and virtuous Wife. To the Tune of, " The languishing Swain,* &c. 
London : Printed for y. Deacon. ... 20 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 156. The Wonder 
of Wonders : Or, An Excellent Song of a Six-Legged Creature. Tune of^ ^Old 
Simon the King.* Printed for yames Bissel at the Bible and Harp in West- 
Smithfield. ... 8 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 157. The Wonderful Praise of Money, 
Or, An account of the many Evib Uiat attend the ill vse thereoC Tune of^ ^ Ye 
Ladies of London.* Printed for P. Broaksby. ... 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 
158. A Word in Season : Or, Now or never. A pleasant new Tune, of ^ Sweet use 
your time,* &c Printed for y. Wright^ y. Clark^ IV. Thackery^ and T. Passinger. 

10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 159. The Worid tum'd up-side down : Or, Money grown 
Troublesome. Tune ol^ ^ Packington's Pound. Printed for P. Brooksby. . . • 
10 stanzas, with a cuts. i6a Youl never get her up, Or, Love in a Tree. Printed 

for P. Brooksby. . . 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 161. Young Jemmy, Or, The Princely 
Shepherd. To a pleasant New Play-house Tune, or, ^ In January last ;* or, ^ The 
Gowlin.* Printed for P. Brooksby ... 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts, i^ The 
Young-Man's CompUint for the Loss of his Mistris. To an excellent New Tune, 
•* I have lost my dear Mistris * Printed for F. CoUs^ T. Vere, y. IVright, and y. 
Clarke. 18 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 163. The Young Man's Counsellour, Or the most 
deserved praise of those sweet Complexioned Damsels of the Black and Brown. 


T%ixit6^^MiTn/di»? PrinUdfirJ.Diami. ii stamaSiWitha cuts. 164. The 
Young Man's Joys compleated. To the Tune of, *' O sa ungrateful a Creature." 
Printed for J. Blare. • • • • 9 stanzas, with 4 cuts and music 165. A young 
Man put to his Shifts : or, The Raiiting Young Mans Resolution. To the Tune of, 
•• Cupid's Trappan .» Pnnied for F. Coies^ T. Vere, J. WHght, 7. Clarke, W. 
Thackeray^ and T. Passinger, 20 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 166. The Young-Mans 
Unfortunate Destiny. To the Tune of; ^The Doubting Vixgin." Printed for J. 
Deacon. • • • 10 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 

BALLADS, in black letter. A folio volume containing the 
following : — 

I. Anne Askew, intituled, ^ I am a Woman Poor and Blind." [No primtef's 
mamSf place, or date, bui printed at London, about i66a] Printed in two columns, 
with a woodcut 23 4rline stanzas. 

a. An Answer to The Maidens Frollick : Or, The Taylors Resolution to be 
reveng'd of these Petticoat Press-Masters by Bob-tailing their Gowns and Petti- 
coats for the future more than ever they have done heretofore. To the tune of, 
** An Orange.* Licensed according to Order. Printed for P. Bropksby, J. Deacon, 
y. Blare, J. Back. [About 169a] 13 4-line stanzas, with two woodcuts. 

3. The Ballad of the Cfoak : Or, The Cloak's Knavery. To the Tune of, Trmn 
Hunger and Cold:" Or, '^ Packingtons' Pound.* Printed for A. M. IV. O. and 
T. Thackeray in Duck4anc. [About 170a] With a woodcut 

4. Chastities Conquest, Or, No touching before Marriage. A New Song • • • 
To the Tune of^ ^ Canst thou not weave Bone-lace" • • • Printed for P. 
Brooksky at tke Golden Ball near tko Bear Tavern in Pye comor. [About 169a] 
6 stanxas, with 4 cuts. 

5. The Counterfeit Court Lady : Or, An Answer to» Your Humble Servant Madam 
• .. To the Tune of, ^ Your Humble Servant Madam." Printed for F. Coles, 
T. Vere, J. IVrigkt, and J. Clarke. [About i68a] In two parts. 8 stansas, with 
a woodcut 

61 Condon and Partbenia. The Languishing Shepherd made Happy. Or, 
Faithful Love Rewarded. Being a most Pleasant and Delectable New Play Song. 
To the Tune o( ''When busie Fame,* &c. Printed for F. Coles, 7*. Vere, J. 
IVri^t, y. Clarke, IV. Tkackery, and T. Passinger. [About 1680.] 12 stanzas, 

7. Cupids Court <^ Equity • • • Tune of, ^ When first I bid my Love Good- 
Morrow.* Printed for P. Brookshy, at tke GoidenrhaU, near tke Hospital-Gate, in 
West-Smitk'field. [About 169a] 16 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 

8. The Dumb Maid : Or, The Young Gallant trappan'd. To a new Tune^ 
call'd ^ Dum, dum, dum :* or, T would 1 were in my own Country,* &c. London : 
Printed by and for W. O. [and] A, Af. and are to be sold by C. Bates in Pye^omer. 
[About 1690.] 10 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 

9. The Female Ramblers, Or, the three bmcome Lasses of Northampton-shire. 
Containing their Pastime at the Naggs-Head, together with many Intrigues that 
followed thereupon. Tune is, '^ Let Caesar live long* Printed for P. Brooksby, 
y. Deacon, y. Blare, y. Back. [About 169a] 9 stanzas, with 3 cuts. 

la Flora's Farewel : Or, The Shepherds Love Passion Song . . . To a 
Delicate Tune ; or, ** A thousand times my love conunend.* Printed for A. Mil- 
bourn, IV. Onley, asul T. Tkackeray at tke Angel in Dock-Lane. [About 1690.] 
In two parts ; 22 stanzas, with 2 cuts. 

II. John's Earnest Request : Or, Betty's compassionate love extended to him 
ia a time of distress . . . To a Pleasant new Tune much in request Printed 


for P. Brockshy at th$ GoUit^BM in Pyt<€mir. [About 169a] gi stanaa^ with 

12. The Lamenutioii of Mr. Pages Wife of Plimouth : who bdng enforoed to 
wed against her will, did consent to his Murder for the love of George Strang- 
wtdge, for which faxx tbey suffered death at Barstable in Devonshire. The tune 1% 
"Fortune my Foe." Printed for F. Colis, T. Vm, W. Gildertsan, and J. WHgki. 
[About i66a] 48 stansas printed in 4 ooluoms. [The second and third parts 
contain the ** Lamentation of George Strangwidge " and the ** Complaint of Mrs. 

i^ The most Rare and Excellent History of the Dutchess of Suffolk's Calamity. 
To the Tune ot "Queen Dido.* Printed for F. Coles^ T. Vere^andJ. Wright. 
[About i66a] 27 stanzas, printed in 4 columns, with 3 large cuts. 

14. A new Ballad of Uie Souldier and Peggy. To a new Northern tune 
Printed for F, Ccies^ T. Vere^ and IV, Giibertson. [About 1660.] 13 stanzas, 
printed in 4 colunms, with 2 cuts. 

1 5. The Northern Ditty : Or, the Scotch-man out-witted by the Country Damsd. 
To an Excellent New Scotch Tune of» " Cold and Raw the North did blow,* && 
A Song much in request at Court Printed for P. Broakefy^ J. Deacon^ J. Blare^ 
y. Back, [About 169a] 7 stanzas, with 4 cuts. 

16. The Popes Pedigre. Or, the Twineing of a Whedband, shewing the rise 
and first Pedigrees of mortals in[habit]ing beneath the moon. Being a most 
pleasant and new Song • . . To a pleasant new Tune, Or, " London is a brave 
Town.* PrinUdfor J, Conyen at ike Black Raven in Holbamm. [About 169a] 
10 stanzas, with a cuts. 

17. A rare example of a vertuous Maid In Paris, who was by her own Mother 
procured to be put in Prison, thinking thereby to compel her to Popery, but she 
continued to the end, and finished her life in the Fire Tune is, " O man in Des- 
peration.* Printed for F. Coles^ T. Vere^ J. Wrigkt^ and J, Clark. [About 167a] 
12 stanzas, printed in two columns. 

18. The Soldiers Fortune : Or, The Taking of Mardike. Printed for P, 
Brooksby^ at tke Golden Ball in Pye-Camer, [About 169a] $ stanzas, with 2 cuts. 

19. The West-Country Wooing : Or, the Merry Conceited Couple. To the 
Time of, "When Sol will cast no light,* or, "My pretty little rogue.* Printed for 
P, Brooksbf^ at tke Golden^all in West^mitkfield, [About 1680.] 12 stanzas, with 
a cuts. 

TO, The Woman to the Plow and the Man to the Hen-Roost Or, A fine way 
to cure a Cot-Quean. The Tune is, " I have for all good wives a Song.* Printed 
for 7, Wrigkt^ 7. Clarke^ IV. Tkackeray^ and T, Passinger. [About 167a] By 
Martin Packer. In 4 columns, with 4 cuts. 

From Mr. Corser's Collection. 

BALLADS. A quarto volume containing : — 

1. King Lear and his Three Daughters. Printed and Sold in Aldermary 
Ckurck Yard^ London. In 4 coltmms, with a large cut 

2. Cupid's Courtesie : Or, the Young Gallant Foil'd at his own Weapon. He 
scorned Cupid and his Dart, until he felt a wounded Heart To a most pleasant 
Northern Tune, &c. London : Printed iy and for IV, O.for A, M, and sold by tke 
Booksellers, [About i68a] 14 stanzas, printed in 4 columns, black letter, with 
2 cuts. 

3. The Golden Bull ; Or, The Garland of Love's Craftiness. In Four Parts. 
Printed and Sold in Bow^Ckurck- Vardy London. In 4 columns. 

4. A Godly Warning to all young Maidens ; Or, Jermatn's Wife and Young 


Bateman. PrifUed and Sold in Bovhckurch Yard^ Londofi. In 4 columns. With 
a woodcut. 

5. An Excellent Ballad of a Dreadful Combat Fought between Moore of Moore- 
hall and the Dragon of Wantley. Printid and Sold at the Printing-Office in Bow- 
Chmrch- Yard^ Lendon, With a cut In 4 columns. 

6. The Great Boobee. To the tune of *" Salle^er's Round.** [No imfirinL] 
In 4 columns, with a woodcut in 2 compartments. 

7. An Unhappy Memorable Song of the Hunting of Chevy-Chase. Printed 
and Sold at the Printing-Office in BoTthChurch-Yard^ London. In 4 columns, 
with a cut 

8. A Ballad of the Qoak's Knavery. To an Excellent New Tune, much in Re- 
quest [No imprint^ In 3 columns, with a cut 

9u The Woeful Laitientation of Jane Shore. Printed and Sold in Bow-Church-^ 
Yard In $ columns. 

la An Excellent Ballad of a Prince of England's Courtship to the King of 
Frances's Daughter. [No imprint^ In five columns, with 2 cuts. 

1 1. Roman Charity : A Worthy Example of a Virtuous Wife, who fed her Father 
with her own Milk . . . Printed and Sold in Bow-Church- Yard^ London, In 
5 columns, with a cut 

12. The Old Ballad of the Three Jolly Butchers and ten Highwaymen. Sold 
mi the Printing-Office in Bow-Church- Yard^ London. In 3 colunms, with 3 cuts. 

13. Constance and Anthony. Or, True Love Rewarded with Loyalty. [No 
imprint^ In 4 colunms, with 2 cuts. 

14. Bonny Dundee : Or, Jockey's Deliverance. Being his valiant Escape from 
Dundee and the Parson's Daughter, whom he had court'd. To an Excellent Tune, 
called ^ Bonny Dundee." Printed and Sold in Bow-Church Yard^ London. In 
a columns, widi a cut 

15. The Children m the Wood . . . PrinUd and Sold at the Printing Office 
m Baw-Ckurch- Yard^ London. In 5 columns, with 6 cuts. 

16. The Dutchess of Suffolk's Calamity. To the Tune of '' Queen Dido.*' [No 
imprint^ In 4 columns, with cuts. 

17. Constance and Anthony. Or, True Love rewarded with Loyalty. [No im- 
print.] 4 columns, with 2 cuts. 

18. The Bride's Burial Tune of the ^ Lady's Fall" [No imprint.] In 4 
columns, with a large cut. 

19. The Northern Lord. In Four Parts. Printed and Sold at the Printing- 
office in Bow-Church- Yard, London. In 4 columns. 

2a Poor Robin's Dream : Commonly called Poor Charity. Tune, ** The New 
P^ck of Cards." • • . Bow Church Yard. In 3 columns, with 3 cuts. 

21. A New Summons to Horn-Fair. Printed in Stofie-Cutter-Street. la 
3 colunms, with s^ very large and curious woodcut in two compartments. 

22. A New Summons to all the merry wagtail Jades to attend at Horn- Fair. 
Printed and Sold in Stonecutter^ s-Street, near the Fleet-marhet, In 3 columns, with 
a laige cut in two compartments, different from No. 21. The burden is *' Cuckolds 
all a-row . . ." 

23. News from Fro8t*Fair, Upon the River of Thames. Being a Description of 
the Booths. Tents, Acconamodations, Frollicks, Sports and Humours, of those 
innumerable Crouds of Resorters ; the like never before Published. To the tune of, 
•* Come firom the Temple to the Bed," &c. Printed for J. IVn'ght, J. Clarh, W. 
Thackeray^ and T. Passinger. 10 stanzas, with a large cut. Black letter. The 
frost of 1683 is referred to as having happened ''not many years ago." 

24. A Sea-Fight betwixt Sir George Byng and the Spaniard. Printed and Sold 
m Bomhckurch-yard, London. In 4 columns, with a large cut 


25. The Woody Choristen : Or, The Birds Harmony. In Two Parts. PrkMt 
and Sold in Bow-Church- Yard^ London. 

26. A Pleasant Ballad of Tobias . . . Bow-Churck-Yard In 4 mhnnnit, 
with a cut 

27. The Winchester wedding : Or Ralph of Reading, and Black Bess of die 
Green. To a new Country Dance, Or **Tbe King's Jigg.** In 4 columns, with 
3 cuts. 

28. The Maiden's Lamentation for the Loss of her Pudding-Stick. To the time 
of, ^ I am a Sturdy Beggar," && London : PrinUd for E, Randal near AldgaU. 
[About 170a] 10 stanzAs, in 2 colunms. 

29^ A Song in Praise of the Leather Bottd ... To the Tune of, ''The 
Bottel-maker's Delight,* &c. Printed by The. Norris, at ihi Looking-glass am 
London-bridge, [About 169a] In 4 columns, with a woodcut 

3a A small folio leaf, printed on one side only, being a portion of an early 
black-letter ballad-poem, rdating to St George. 

31. The Pedigree, Education, and Marriage of Rolnn Hood with Clarinda, 
Queen of Titbury-Feast, supposed to be related by the Fidler, who pla/d at their 
Wedding. Northampton : Printed for R<^>€rt Dicey . . • Chiefly in verse, with 
a cut 

32. The Hamstead-Fair Ramble : Or : The World going quite Mad ; Bdng a 
pleasant new copy of Verses of three Females, that danc'd Naked down Monmoutb- 
street, with a design to go to Hamstead-Fair dancing, on Wednesday Momiog 
being the 4th of August, with four Gentlemen in their Company ... To die 
Tune of, *' Brother Soldiers dost hear of the News." London^ PrinUdfor J. Bkmd^ 
near Holboum^ 1708. In 2 columns. 

33. A Letter from Mr. Stephen CoUedge to a Person of Quality, upon his 
removal to Oxford, to be try'd upon an Impeachment of High Treason. PritUsd 
for Francis Smith at the Elephant and Castle in Comhilly 1681. In verse. 

34. News from the River of Thames. To a Pleasant New Tune. Printed am 
the Frosen-ThameSf by the Loyal Young Printers^ viM, E. asid A, Milbaurme^ 
S, Hinchf J, Mason^ 1683. In verse, with the musi& 

35. Blanket-Fair, Or the History of Temple Street Being a Relation of the 
merry Pranks plaied on the River TiMunes during the great Frost To the tune of 
" Packington's Pound." Printed for Charles Corbet at the Oxford Arms in War- 
wick Lane. 1684. In verse. 

36. The Humours of Bow-Fair. 8 4-line stanxas, with a small woodcut at the 
top. In a single column. 

With others, being comparatively modem reprints of pieces, which exist (some 
in this collection) in much older editions. From the Library of Mr. George Daniel 
{Catalogue^ l^o. 83.} 

BALLADS. A Collection of Old Ballads. Corrected from the 
best and most Ancient Copies Extant With Introductions Historical, 
Critical, or Humorous. Illustrated with Copper Plates. The Third 
Edition. London, 1726 — 8. Sm. 8vo. Three volumes. R. M, 

Vol i., dated 1727. A— N in twelves, (except that A has only 6 leaves,) and 
17 plates : voL ii., dated 1727, A, 10 leaves, including half title. B— G 2 in twdves : 
H— N in twelves, and 15 plates : vol. iii., dated 1738, doubtless an error for 1/28 : 
A, II leaves, including half-title : B— M in twelves, and 13 plates. 

This is the earliest collection of the kind, and is attributed on the authority of 
Farmer to Ambrose Phillips. The engraver of the plates was J. Pine. 


BALLADS. Broadside Black-letter Ballads, Printed in the Six- 
teenth andSeventeenth Centuries ; chiefly in the possession of J. Payne 
Collier. IllustraUd by Original woodcuts. Printed for Private Cir- 
culatian . . . . i868. 4to. 

Twenty-five old Ballads and Songs : from manuscripts in the 

possession of J. Payne Collier, octogen. A Birthday Gift London. 
Printed for Presents only, zi Jan. 1869. 4ta 

Only 25 copies printed. This and tlie preceding volume were gifts from Mr. 

BALLADS, SP^IKISH. History of Charles the Great and Orlando, 
ascribed to Archbishop Turpin ; Translated from the Latin in Span- 
heim's Lives of Ecclesiastical Writers: Together with the most 
celebrated andent Spanish Ballads relating to the Twelve Peers of 
France, mentioned in Don Quixote ; with English metrical versions, 
by Thomas Rodd. London^ 1812. 2 vols. 8va 

BALLARD, George. The History of Svsanna. Compiled ac- 
cording to the Prophet Daniel, amplified with convenient Meditations ; 
sui^ by the devoted honourer of the Divine Muses, George Ballard. 
Conscia mens recti ridet ntendacia fame. London, Printed by Thomas 
Harper for William Hope, at the Vnicome in Comhill neere the Rqyall 
Exchange. 1638. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A — K 2 in eights, title on A 2, besides 2 leaves, marked a 2 and a 3 between 
A 3 and A 4. 

Dedicated to Anne, Countess of Northumberland. No other copy than the 
piesent (fxom the Wolfreston and Corser libraries) appears to be known. See it 
noticed at some length in Mr. Corser's ^ Collectanea,* part L, pp. 132 — 7. 

B ALLARINI, Fr. Gli felici progressi de catholici nella Valtellina 

per estirpatione dell' Heresie, cominciando dair Anno del Signore 

161 8 sin' all Anno 1623. per continuatione della prima parte del com- 

pendio cronolc^co della citti di Como. In Milano, per Pandolfo 

Malatesta, 1623. 4to. 

20 leaves. 

BALMFORD, William. The Seaman's Spiritual Companion : 
or. Navigation Spiritualized. Being A New Compass for Seamen. 
Consisting of Thirty-two Points. Directing every Christian how to 
steer the Course of his Life through all Storms and Tempests : Fit to 
be read and Seriously Perused by all such as desire their Eternal 
Welfare. Published for a general Good, but more especially for those 
that are exposed to the Danger of the Seas. By William Balmford 
A Well-wisher to Seamen's iEternal Welfare and recommended to the 
Christian Reader by J. F[lavell ?], to which is prefixt a Preface by 


Benj. Keach. . • • London^ Printed far Benj. Harris. . • . 1678. Sm. 


A— K in dgbtt. In verse. This Tolume seems to have been undescribed by 
bibliographers, until the present copy was mentioned by Hazlitt " Collections and 
Notes,* 1876, p. 25. 

BALTHARPE, John. The Straights Voyage, or, St Davids 
Poem : Being a Description of the most Remarkable Passages that 
happened in her first Expedition ag^nst the Turkes of Argeir, Sir 
John Harman Commander, Rere-Admtral of his Majesty's Fleet : 
Beginning May 1669, ending April 1671. By John Baltharpe, 
belonging to the foresaid Ship. With Allowance.. London^ Printed 
by E. C. for T. Vere, at the Angell without Newgate. 167 1. Sm. 8vo. 
BL. M. 

A, 6 leaves : 6 — £ in twelves. In verse. 

Dedicated to the Right Worshipfid Thomas Darcy, Esq., G>mmander of His 
Majesty's Frigate, the " Dartmouth.** Mr. Corser's copy, from the library of King 
Charles II. See " Collectanea," part i., pp. 137-8. 

It is believed that not more than one other copy exists. 

BAMBERGISCHE halszgerichts ordeniig. . . . [Colophon.] 

Und ist die also auss vnserm beuelhe, in vnser Stat Bamberg^ durch 

vnsem Burger^ Hannsen PfeyU daselbst gedruckt, 1507. Folio. 

Woodcuts. BR. M. 

The title is a large woodcut presenting the different instruments of torture and 
punishment, over which are the words '* Bambergische halszgerichts ordenug." Then 
follow seven leaves of register. The text begins on folio iiL and ends on folio Ixxx. 
This very remarkable book, the foundation of the Carolinian criminal code in 
Germany, has remained altogether unnoticed by M. Brunet A full and interesting 
account of it is given in Panzer's ** Annalen der altem deutschen Litteratur." The 
numerous woodcuts which it contains represent the execution of the barbarous 
ancient criminal law of Germany. 

BAMBERG. Die Weysung vnnd auszrufTung des Hochwirdigen 

heylthumbs zu Bamberg, nach d5 rechten waren heilthumb abge- 

zeychnet 1 509. Gedruckt als man zalt nach christi gepurt M. CCCCC. 

vnd IX Jar. 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

24 leaves. This book was quite unknown to Panzer, but is described in Heller's 
^ Life of Cranach," second edition, p. 198. The engravings represent the relics and 
holy treasures preserved in the Cathedral of Bamberg. 

BAMFEILD, Joseph. Colonel Joseph Bamfeild's Apologie, 
written by himselfe and printed at his desire. Facit indignatio versus. 
Anno 1685. 4to. 

A — I in fours. 

This is a very interesting tract, illustrating the Gvil War period, and describing 
the personal share which Banfield (or Bamfeild) had in the transactions of that 
stirring and important timd» He fiwgfat on the side of Charles. 


BANCROFT, Richard, Abp. of Canterbury. A Sermon preached 

at Paules Crosse the 9. of Februarie, being the first Sunday in the 

Parleament, Anna 1588, by Riduurd Bancroft, D. of Diuinitie, and 

Chaplaine to the right Honorable Sir Christopher Hatton Knight 

L. Chancelor of England Wherein some things are now added, 

which then were omitted, either through want of time^ or default in 

memorie. [Quot from a Tim. a.] Imprintid at London by E. B. far 

Gregoru Seton^ and an to be sold at kis shop vnder AUUrsgate. 1588. 

Sm. 8va BR. IC 

A, 3 leaves : B— H 6 in eights. 

BANCROFT, Thomas. The Glvttons Fcaver. Written by 
Thomas Bancroft. London^ Printed by John Norton for William 
Cooke^and are to be sold at Hs shop at Fumiuals Innegate^ in Holbome. 
1633. 4to. a u. 

A, 3 leaves : B-*F 3 in Ibun. 

A poem in 7-line stanzas, dedicated ** To the nobly accomplisht Gentleman 
Wolstan Dixie Esquire,* in verse. Not more than three copies are believed to exist ; 
the present, which has been Sir F. Freeling's and Mr. Corser's, is fully described 
in Corser's ^ Collectanea,' part L, pp. 138-44. 

It was reprinted for the Roxbor]^ Qubu 

— ^ Two Bookes of Epigrammes and Epitaphs. Dedicated to two 
top-branches of Gentry : Sir Charles Shirley, Baronet, and. William 
Davenport, Esquire. Written by Thomas Bancroft. London : Printed 
by L Okes^ for Matthew Walbancke^ and are to be sold at his shop in 
GrayeS'Inne-gate. 1639. 4ta G. M. 

A — L in fours. 

The Heroical Lover or Antheon & Fidelta. A Poem written 

by Thomas Bancroft. [Quot from Bion.] London^ Printed by IV. G. 
and are to be sold by Isaac Pridmore^ at the Golden Falcon^ near the 
New Exchange^ 1658. Sm. 8vo. 

A — G 4 in eights, title on A 2. 

Dedicated to the Lord Rosse. There are complimentary verses by Sir Aston 
Cokain and Anth. Harwood. This was Mr. Corser's copy; and is described in 
** CoUectanea," part L, pp. 150-2. 

BANDELLO, Matteo. Canti XI compost! dal Bandello de le 
lodi de la S. Lucretia Gonzaga di Gazuolo, e del vero amore, col 
tempio di pudicitia, e con altre cose per dentro poeticamente descritte. — 
Le. III. parche da esso Bandello cantate ne la nativiti del S. Giano 
primogenito del S. Cesare Fr^oso, e de la S. Gostanza Rangona sua 
consorte. Si stampauano in Guienna ne la Citti di Agen per Antonio 
Reboglio. 1545. 4to. BUM, 

In the Grenville Catalogue this book is described as a i2mo, but that is only 


because that copy has lost the ample margins which properly bdoog to it Copies 
have occasionaUy been described as large paper, but this, it is bdieYed^ has been in 
error, for no copy really on large paper has ever yet been identified, though any 
copy which has not been cruelly cropped in the binding should have a larger 
margin than is usually found to a letterpress page of this sise. 

BANDELLO, Matteo. The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and 
lultet, written first in Italian by Bandell, and nowe in Englishe by 
Ar[thur] Br[oke.] In iEdibus RIchardi TottellL Cum Priuil^o. 
[Col.] Imprinted at London in FUttstreU within TembU \sic[ barre^ 
at the signe of the hand and starre^ by Richard Tottilt the XIX. d^ 
of Nouember. An. do. 1563. Sol 8vo. Blach letter. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves : A — L4 in eights. 

Shakespeare's obligations to this poem in the composition of his play on the 
same story are well known. Only two perfect copies are known, that in the 
Capell collection wanting some of the introductory matter. A periect copy is among 
Madone's books. The present belonged to Kemble and Mr. George Daniel It is 
in the original vellum cover, with ample margins. See Lowndes^ p. 2296, coL 2. 

This book is worthy of notice, not only as the foundation-story of Shakespeare's 
play, but as the earliest attempt to introduce Bandello to English readers. 

BANK OF ENGLAND. The Circular notice, dated February 

27th, 1797, with the Order of the Privy Council dated the previous 

day, in respect to the temporary suspension of Specie payments and 

the circulation of Bank notes. A broadside. 

** The Governor, Deputy Governor, and Directors of the Bank of England, 
think it their Duty to inform the Proprietors of Bank Stock, as well as the Publick 
at large, that the general concerns of the Bank are in the most affluent and 
prosperous Situation, and such as to preclude any doubt as to the Security of 
iu Notes." 

BANKES. Maroccus Extaticus. Or, Bankes Bay Horse in a 
Trance. A Discourse set downe in a merry Dialogue between Bankes 
and his beast : Anatomizing some abuses and bad trickes of this age. 
Written and intituled to mine^ Host of the Belsauage, and all his 
honest Guests. By lohn Dando tlie wierdrawer of Hadley, and Harrie 
Runt, head Ostler of Bosomes Inne. Printed for Cuthbert Burby, 
1595. 4ta 

A—* D 2 in fours, the first leaf blank. With a woodcut of Bankes and his horse 
on A 4 verso. 

Mr. Corser, to whom this copy belonged, describes it in his *' Collectanea,* part L, 
pp. 152-6, where the large cut is given in facsimile. It is believed that only two 
other copies are known, one of which was in the Heber, Daniel, and Ttte collections 
and is now in the British Museum. TheotherisatBritwelL The present has passed 
through the hands of Bindley, Perry, Jolley, and Corser, and on the fly-leaf is the 
following note by Bindley : — " A copy of this very scarce Pamphlet, which from its 
having been mentioned by Shakespear is become more interesting, was bought in 
the Gordonstoun Sale by Mr. Rodd for £i'i 21. dd. I had that in exchange for 
another very curious Tract of Messrs. Longman & Co. in 1818.— J. B." A second 


mcmonindum in a difTerent hand says >-^ This was the Gordonstoun copy. It was 
purchased there by Mr. Midgley, afterwards became the property of Messrs. Long* 
many and was transferred by than to Mr. Bindley.* 

BANGS DE VELASCO Y Azebedo, Don Juan. L. Anneo 

Seneca ilustrado en blazones politicosy y morales. En Madrid. 

167a 4ta 

Engraved fronti^ecey title, and preliminaries, 16 leaves. Pp. 1 — 359. Table 
4 leaves. 

BAPTIST A. Advertencias para los confessores de los Naturales. 

Compuestas por el Padre Fray Joan Baptista, de la Orden del Sera- 

phico Padre Sanct Francisco. En Mexico^ En el Qmuento di Sanctiago 

TlatUulco, Por M. OcharU. AHo 1600. 8vo. BL. M. 

Part I. Title and preliminaries, 16 leaves. B, 8 leaves. C, 9 leaves (folio 14 
being repeated). D— P in eights. * 2 leaves. ''Tabla" A— G in eights. Part 2. 
Title, the same as part i. Sigs. Q to Z in eights, t to t *^^^ in eights. Y§ to 
1§§§§§ in eights, followed by f §SHS ^our leaves, conduding with ** Index locormn 
coomiunum.'' Sigs. A — N in eights. 


BARBARY. The New Prophetical King of Barbary. Or, The last 

newes from thence in a Letter written of late from a Merchant there 

to a GentL not long since imployed into that countrie from his 

Ifatestie. Containing some strange particulars of this newe Saintish 

Kings proceedings : and how hee hath overthrowne MuUey Sidan 

twice in battell, as hath been very credibly related from such as were 

eye-witnesses. Imprinted at London for Arthur lonson. z6i 3. 4to. 

A— C in fbors, the first leaf Uank. 

The Address to the Reader is subscribed I. H. The two news-letters bear the 
initials R. S. and G. B. 

BARBAZAN, Etienne. Fabliaux et contes des pontes fran^ois 
des XI% XII*., Xlllr, XIV. et XV. si^es, Xxtis des meiUeurs 
auteurs, public par Barbazan ; nouvelle Edition augment^e et revue 
parM^^n. Paris. 1808. 4 vols. 8va Large Pilfer. G. M. 

Nouveau recueil de Fabliaux et Contes in6dits des pontes 

fian^ des XII*., XIII*., XIV*. et XV*. si^es, pubU6 par Mton. 
Paris. 1823. a vols. 8vo. Large paper. G. M. 

BARBER, Edward. A Small Treatise of Baptisme or Dipping. 
Wherein is cleerely shewed that the Lord Christ ordained Dipping for 
tiiose only that professe Repentance and Faith. . . . Printed in 

the Yeere 1641. 4to. 


A — £ in fours. £ 4 is blank. 

Mr. W. H. Black's copy with some MSS. memoranda, chiefly extracts from 
Crosby's '' History of the BaptistSp* as to the book and ite author. Mr. Black 
notes :— '' Mentioned by Crosby, I 151 ; but the title is so incorrectly given by him, 
that be seems never to have seen the book.* 

BARBIER, Jean. lanva Lingvarvm Qvadrilingvis. Or a Messe 
of Tongves : Latin, English, French, and Spanish. Neatly serucd 
vp together, for a wholesome repast, to the worthie curiositie of 
the studious. Landini, Excudebat R. /^ impensis Matthei Lotvnes. 
M. DC. XVII. 4to. 

A — Q 2 in eights, title on A 2. Dedicated by Barbier to Prince Charles. 

A different work with a similar title was published by John Harmar in 1626. 
The proverbs in this book are not proverbs in the English sense of the word, but 
rather moral sentences. 

BARBIER, Jean. Obseruations vpon the Liues of Alexander, 
Caesar, Scipio. Newly Englished. London Printed by A. Islip^ far 
John laggard. 1602. Sm. 8vo. 

A — Q 2 in eights, first leaf blank. 

The Translator dedicates his labours to Nicholas Strangways, Esq., but does 
not disclose his name. The present copy is bound up with Marston's '' Scourge 

BARBOUR, John. The Actes and life of the most Victorious 
Conquerour, Robert Bruce, King of Scotland. Wherein also are con- 
tained the Martiall deeds of the valiant Princes, Edward Bruce, Syr 
lames Douglas, Erie Thomas Randel, Walter Stewart, and sundrie 
others. Newly corrected and conferred with the best and most 
ancient Manuscripts. Edinbvrgh. Printed by Andro Hart. Anno 
1620. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

f , 8 leaves : Yt* 4 leaves : A— D d 2 in eights. 

Lowndes quotes this as the first edition ; but the edition of 1616, of which he 
seemed to doubt the existence, has since been described, and Mr. D. Laing pos- 
an edition, without title, which is supposed to have been printed about 1570. 

The Bruce ; or, The History of Robert I. King of Scotland. 
Written in Scotish verse by John Barbour. The First Genuine 
Edition, published from a MS. dated 1489. With Notes and a 
Glossary by J. Pinkerton. London : 179a 8vo. 3 vols. G. Bl. 

Sir W. Tite's copy. A beautiful copperplate vignette is on the title of each 

BARENTZOEN, WiLLEll Nieuwe beschryvinghe ende Caert- 
boeck vande Midlandtsche Zee. Tot Amstelredam. 1595. Folio. 

BARFORD, John. Paraphrastical Meditations upon Isaiah 55. 


& Psalm 51. Likewise, Short Meditations; first of God, and the 
Birth of Jesus: against som Sects and Errors: and ag^nst Sundrie 
Sins. AIso^ Meditations upon the Sixtieth Psalm and the fourth 
vers. By John Barford. Printed fy IV. D. and an to be sold by Tko. 
Euster at the Gun in Ivie-Lane. 1649. ^^' ^^a 

Titles I leaf : ** On my honored, though unknown. Friend, the Autor of this pious 
Book," verses signed P[ayfu\ F[isJUrf] i leaf: A Praier, i leaf: then, A — K in 
ei^its. V/iih separate titles to the different portions of the book In verse and 
prose. Unmentioned bj bibliographers. 

BARKER, John. A Balade declarying how neybourhed loue, 

and trew dealying is gone. . • . q' Jhon Barker. Imprinted at London 

by Richard Lant. [About 1 57a] A Broadside. Blach letter. 

BeUeved to be unique. Twenty-two 4-line stanzas and a burden, printed dosdy 
in large type^ and in two columns. 

Reprinted in «* Ancient Ballads," && 1867. 

The true description of a monsterous Chylde, Borne in the 

He of wight, in this present yeare of oure Lord God, M.D.LXIIII. 

the month of October .... in the parys of Freswater. .... Finis 

quod John Barkar. Imprynted at Londoft in Fletestrete : at the Sygne of 

the Faucon, by Wylliam Gryffith, and are to be solde at his shop in 

saint Dunstons churcliyarde^ in the west of London, the . viii. daye of 

Noutmber. A Broadside. Black letter. 

A Ballad, consisting of 12 4-line stanas and 14 long lines, with a cut of the 

in ^ Anc BaDads," && 1867. 

The Plagues of Northomberland. To the tune of Appelles. 

. . . . Finis, q^ John Barker. Imprinted at London in Fleetestreate 
beneath the Conduyt at the signe of saint John Euangelist, by Thomas 
Cohvell. [About 1 570.] A Broadside. Black letter. 

Fifteen stanzas of 6 lines, in two.colunms divided by a band composed of 
pieces, and surmounted by a headpiece composed of five common woodcuts blocked 

Rei»inted in ^ Anc Ballads," &c 1867. The only copy known. 

BARKSDALE, Clement. Nympha Libethris : Or the Cotswold 
Muse, presenting some extempore Verses to the Imitation of yong 
Scholars. In fotu: Parts. London. Printed for Worcester. 
1651. Sm. 8va 

A, 7 leaTes ; B — G in dghts. 

The second, third, and fourth parts have a separate title to each. The whole 
book is "consecrated* to Lady Chandos. See Corser's ''Collectanea,* part u 
pp. 374-8, and ''BibL Ang. Poet* No. 83. 


BARKSDALE, Clement. Memorials of Worthy Persons. Two 

Decads. The Memory of the Just is blessed. London^ Printed fy 

/[pkH] R[€dmayft€.] i66i. Sm. 8vo. R. 

The names of the Persons, i leaf ; \ 6 leaves ; B — K 6 in twelves. Dedicated 
to George Mountagu, Esq., in an epistle, where Barksdale speaks of it as a greater 
distinction that there were so many persons of that family of courtesy and culture, 
than that it contained among its members three knights of the Garter. 

Memorials of Worthy Persons. The Third Decad. By CI. 

Barksdale. Q$ios carpore non valemus^ recardoHane ieneamus. Hieron. 

Oxford^ Printed by A. li L. Liechfield^ Printers to the Vniversity^ 

far the Editor. 1662. Sm. 8vo. R. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; 6 — H 4 in eights. Dedicated to Edward 
Hyde, of Christ Church, Ozlbrd, son of Edward, Earl of Clarendon. 

Memorialsof Worthy Persons. (Lights and Ornaments of the 

Church of England.) The Fourth Decad. By CI. Barksdale. Hi ^ 

Majores tui sunt^ si te Ulis dignum prestes. Sen. Oxford^ Printed by 

A. and L. Lichfield^ 1663. Sm. 8vo. R. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; B— K 4 in eights. Dedicated to Mr. Thomas 
Savage, eldest son of Thomas Savage, Esq., and Mr. Thomas Williams, eldest 
son of David Williams, Esq. 

Memorials of Alderman Whitmore, Bishop Wilkins, Bishop 

Reynolds, Alderman Adams. [Quotation from Clemens Romanus.] 

London^ Printed by J. Redmayne for John Barksdale Bookseller in 

Cirencester, i68i. Sm. 8vo. R. 

Title and prefixes, 3 leaves ; B — D 5 in eights. Anthony Wood gives us to 
understand that Barksdale compiled these biographies chiefly from the funeral 
seraions of the deceased persons. 

BARLAAM ET JOSAPHAT. See Joannes Damascenus. 

BARLiGUS, Casp. Triumphus super capti Olinda, Pemambuci 
urbe, Brasiliae Metropoli. Ludg. Bat, 1630. Folio. 

— — - Rerum per octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestanim sub 
prefectura Comitis Mauritii historia. Amstelodamu 1647. Folio. 

BARLOW, S. L. M. Notes on Columbus. New York, Privately 
Printed. 1866. Imperial 8vo. 

Pp. viiL + 228, and 13 plates of facsimiles. 
Presentation copy from Mr. Bariow. 

BARNARD, John. Ashton's Memorial: Or, An Authentick 
Account of the Strange Adventures and Signal Deliverances of Mr. 


Philip Ashton ; who, after he had made his Escape from the Pirates, 
liv'd alone on a Desolate Island about 16 Months, &c. With a short 
Account of Mr. Nicholas Merritt, who was taken at the same time. 
To which is added, A Sermon on Dan. iii., 17. [Quot. 2 Cor. i, 9, 
la] London: Printed for Richard Ford and Samuel Chandler^ both 
in the Poultry. 1726. Sm. 8vo. 

A — N 2 in sixes. 

BARNESTAPOLUS, Obertus. Maria Stuarta, Regina Scotiae, 
Dotaria Francis, haeres Anglias et Hibemias, martyr ecclesiae 
innocens i caede Darleana. Ingolstadii. 1588. Sm. 8vo. 

BARNES, Robert; The supplication of doctour Barnes vnto 

the moost gracyous kynge Henrye the eyght with the declaration of 

his articles condened for heresy by the byshops. [Colophon.] /w- 

frinted at London in Ponies churchyard at the Signe of S, Angus tyne 

by Hugh Syngelton. Cum preuUegio^ ad imprimendum solum, [«• ^.] 

Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BR. M. 

A— Y in dghts, including title ; 9 8 leaves, followed by 4 leaves without signa- 
Cmc; In the alphabet sig. U is repeated. 

Bekantnus des Glaubens : die Robertus Bams, der Heiligen 

Schrifft Doctor (inn Deudschem Lande D. Antonius genent) zu Lun- 
den inn Engelland gethan hat. Anno 154a Am xxx. tag des monats 
Julij, Da er zum Fewer one vrteil vnd recht, vnschuldig, vnuerhorter 
sach, gefurt vnd verbrant worden ist. Aus der Englischen sprach 
veideudscht. Mit einer Vorrhede D. Martini Luthers. Wittemberg. 
1540. 4to. 

13 leaves. 

It does not appear that the original English edition of this piece is known as a 
separate publication, but it b probably a translation of the '' Protestacion of Dr. 
Rames,'' which was answered in a book entided '* A lytle treatise composed by 
Johan Standysshe .... against the Protestation of Robert Barnes at the tyme of 
his death," which was printed by Redman in 1540 and replied to by Coverdale in 
die same year. 

BARON, Robert. An Apologie for Paris. For rejecting of 
Juno and Pallas, and presenting of Ate's Golden Ball to Venus. With 
a discussion of the Reasons that might induce him to fauour either of 
the three. Occasioned by a Private Discourse, wherein the Trojans 
Judgment was carped at by some. And defended by R. B. Gent. 
Anno iEtatis Suae 18. [Quot. from Ovid.] London, Printed for Th. 
Dring, and are to be sold at his shop at t/ie Signe of the George near 
Cliffords-Inne in Fleet-street. 1649. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A— G in eights, tide on A 2. 

Dedicated " to my Noble Lady, the Lady E.R." from Gra/s-Inn. There are 
complimentary verses by D. S. and Robert Freeman, and also an epigram by the 



author, addressed to Lady £. R. in which he subscribes himself '' Your Ladishipf 
to the Altar, Robert Baron.'' 

Mr. Corser's copy. It is described in ** Collectanea,'* part L, p. 191-3. 

BARON, Robert. Pocula Castalla. 

The Authors Motto. 
Fortunes Tennis-BalL 

Epigrams, &c. 
By R. B. Gent 

Villa miretur vulgus, mihiflavus Apollo 
Pocula Castalid plena ministret aqud. 

London, Printed by IV, H. for Thomas Dring, and are to be sold at his 
shop at the signe of the George, near Cliffords-Inne in FUet-street. 1650. 
Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A — K 4 in eights, besides 3 leaves between A and A 2, containing verses by 
James Howell and odiers. 

From the libraries of Sir Francis Freeling and Mr. Corser. See Corstr's 
•* Collectanea," part i., pp. 189-91. 

BARROS, Alonso de. Proverbios Morales. En Madrid, paK 
Alonso Martin, 1608. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

Title and preL 8 leaves. Folios i-6a 

BARTHOL, Matthieu. Cantiques usitfe en T^Iise fran^oise 
de Francfort, laquelle approuue la Confession d'Ausbourg presentee i 
Tempereur Charles cinquiesme en Tan 153a Mis en Rime Fran^oise 
de TAUemand. Imprint^ d Francfort sur Meine par Jean Spies. 
1596. Sm. 8vo. 

This little volume appears to be undescribed by bibliographers, and the writer 
was evidently unknown to M. Haag, as no mention is found of him in '^ La France 

BARTOLOMEES, Joan. Epistola k los Peruleros, en la qual 
esti comprehendido el Catechismo de la verdadera religion Christiana, 
y una Alian^a de los muy Poderosos Sefiores Estados, de las Provingias 
Unidas del Pais Baxo. [s. I, y. aJ] Sm. 8vo. 

Pp. 64, including title. 

This piece was probably printed at Leyden or Amsterdam about 1630. It is an 
exhortation to the Spaniards in Peru to throw off the yoke of the King of Spain, to 
become Protestants, and form an alliance with the United Provinces. It appears 
to be undescribed by bibliographers. 

BARTHOLOMEO da li Sonettl Isolario. [sensf alcuna data.] 
4to. Woodcut maps. 

This copy accords exactly with the description given by Bronet of the one he 


lid Ken. It conssts of 56 leaves without either pagination or signatures. The 
tnthor gives his name on the fifth page thus — 

^ Per aprobar questa opereta CeUa 
per me bartolomeo da li soneti 
intoido de monstrar con veri efTeti 
quanto che londa egeia abia cerchatta.** 

Bmoet gives the three lines which stand at the head of the first page, but leaves 
ovta word In the third line, which should read thus — 

^ nulla questa opra dar piu cha altri lecce* 
He appears to have taken this quotation firom Dibdin's ^ iEdes Althorpianae," 
vhere it appears with the same omission. 

In the "iEdes Althorpianae*' Dr. Dibdin assigns the date of 1477 to this book, 
^ Mr. Panizzi, in a long MS. note attached to the copy in the Grenville library, 
sltovs that as it was dedicated to Giovanni Mocenico, who was Doge of Venice firom 
1478 to 1485, it was probaUy printed about the latter date. 

BARTHOLOMEW FAIR. A quarto volume containing the 
undermentioned pieces : — 

I. A Proclamation for putting off this next Bartholomew Faire in Smithfield, 

and oor Lady Faire in SouUiwarke . . . Given at our Coxirt at Oatelands, the three 

' ttd twentieth day of July in the thirteenth yeare of Our Reigne . • . Impnnied at 

lomhn by Robert Barker . . . and by the Assignes of John Bill, 1637. A 

bnadside issued on account of the Plague. 

2. [At] John Harris's Booth in Bartholomew-Fair between the Hospital gate and 
Dock-lane-end, next the Rope-dancers, is to be seen the Court of King Henry the 
Second, and the Death of Fair Rosamond ... A showman's original Bill 
with woodcuts at the top, the letterpress enclosed in a pretty wreath. 

3. A Description of Bartholomew-Fair. 

Whether this be wit or nonsense, who need care, 
Tis like the subject, which is Bartholomew- Fair. 

To the Tune of " Digb/s FareweL" Printed for F, Coles, T. Vere, J, Wright, 
niy. Clarke. [About i68a] Twdve 8-line stanzas in black letter, with a large cut. 

4. A small Bill, advertising Sports, Antic-Dances at the Piow-Music Booth in 

5. A similar handbill, advertising the attractions at Mr. Barnes's booth. 

6. A small bill advertising at Parker and Doggett's Booth a new Droll, called 
"Fiyar Bacon : or the Country Justice " ' . . . 

7. An advertisement from Jonathan and Daniel Finey, " Chesher-Men ", 
ttaottncing the performances at Bartholomew-Fair of ''a Black that dances 

8. Bartholomew Faire or 

Variety of fJEmdes, where you may find 

a £ure of Wares, and all to please your mind. 

With the severall Enormityes, and misdemeanours, which are there seene and 
acted. L4mdaH Printed for Richard Harper at the Bible and Harpe in Smithfield^ 
1641. 4to., 4 leaves. Woodcut on title. 

9. Roger in Amaze : Or The Country-mans Ramble through Bartholomew- 
Fair. To the tune of, " The Dutch Womans Jigg." Printed by and for A. M, and 
sMby J. Walter, at the hand and pen in high Holboum. A broadside in verse. 

10. A Walk to Smith-field : Or a True Discription of the Humours of 


Bartholomew Fair, with the many comical Intrigues and Frolicks that are acted 
in every particular Booth in the Fair by Persons of all Ages and Sexes, from the 
Court Gallant to the Countrey Clown : With the old DroU-Players Lamentation 
for the loss of their Yearly Revenues ; being very Pleasant and Deverting. [CoL] 
London P tinted for R, Hine^ near the Royal-Exchange^ 1701. Folio, 2 leaves. 

11. A portrait of William Penkethman in the chsuacter of *' Don Lucio" in the 
" Fop's Fortune,* 1794. 

12. The Humours of Bartleme Fair, O 1 [A modem broadside in verse.] 

13. The Cloysters in Bartholomew Fair; Or, The Town Mistress Disgnis'd. 
A Poem. London^ Printed for A, Banks near FUetstreet, \l<fj» 8vo., 8 leaves. 

14. and 15. The New Humours of Bartholomew Fair. [Two di£ferent broadsides 
in verse so entitled.] 

16. Bartholomew-Fair : or the Humours of Smithfield. [A modem broadside in 
verse. Two editions.] 

17. Bartholomew-Faire. 4ta 1641. A facsimile reprint of No. 8. 
From the collection of Mr. George Daniel 

BARWICK, John. Geronikes, Or The Fight, Victory, and 

Triumph of S. Pavl. Accommodated to the Right Reverend Father 

in God Thomas [Morton] late L : Bishop of Duresme, in a Sermon 

preached at his Funeral, in the Parish Church of St. Peter at Easton- 

Mauduit in Northamptonshire on Michaelmas-day, 1659. Together 

with the Life of the said Bishop. By John Barwick (now) D.D. And 

one of his Majesties Chaplains in Ordinary . . . London^ Printed for 

R. Roys ton at the Angel in Ivy-lane y 1660. 4to. 

Title and portrait, 2 leaves ; A, 4 leaves ; B — Z in fours, Z 4 blank. 
The Life of Bishop Morton occupies the greater part of the volume. 

B AS, William. [Sword and Buckler, or Serving Mans Defence. 
Lofidon, 1602.] 4to. G. M. 

A — D in fours. In 6-line stanzas. Wanting the title-page. 

From the Wolfreston and Corser collections. The only other copy known is in 
the Malone Collection. See Corser's " Collectanea," part L, pp. 206-8. It was 
reprinted from the Bodleian copy by Mr. Collier. 

BASINUS, Bernhardus. Tractatus exquisitissimus de magicis 
artibus et magorum maleficiis per sacre scientie parisieii doctorem 
Magistrum bemardum Basin Canonicum CesaraugustaneA i suis 
vesperiis compilatus Anno a natali christiano Millesimo. cccclxxxii. 
[Colophon.] Explicit tractatus de magicis artibus x mago^ maleficiis 
impressus parisius. Anno salutis nre. 1483. 4to. R. M. 

Fifteen leaves. 

BASTARD, Thomas. Chrestoleros. Scuen bookes of Epigrames 
written by T. B. 

Hunc nouere modum nostri seruare libelliy 
Parcere personis : dicere de vitiis. 

Imprinted at Lofidon by Richard Bracbckefor I[pah] B[usby\ and are 


tohsoUatker shop in PauUs Ckurchryardi at the signe of the Bible. 

1598. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 3 leaves ; B — N 4 in eights. 

For an account of the '^ Chrestoleros,* and extracts from it, see Corser's '' Col- 
kctanea," L 209-1 5. The author was a Dorsetshire man. 

BATEM AN'S Tragedy ; Or, The Perjured Bride justly Rewarded. 
Being the History of the Unfortunate Love of German's Wife and 
young Bateman. London : Printed by Tho. Norris^ at the Looking- 
^ an London4nidge, \n, d!\ 4to. Woodcuts. 

A — C in fours. 

BATESON, Thomas. The first set of English Madrigales to 3. 4. 
5* and 6 voices. Newly composed by Thomas Bateson practitioner in 
the Art of Musicke, and Organist of the Cathedral Church of Christ in 
the Cite of Chester. In London Printed by Thomas Este. 1604. 4to. 
Six parts. Y. M. 

Dedicated to Sir William Norres, Knight 

Cintus, title, &c, 2 leaves ; B— £ 2 in fours ; Altus, the same ; Tenor, title, &c., 
skives ; B — D in fours, D 4 blank ; Quintus, title, &c, 2 leaves, B— C in fours ; 
Satns, title, &c, 2 leaves, B, 4 leaves, the last blank ; Bassus, title, &c., 2 leaves ; 
B— £ 2 in fours. Bateson published a second set of madrigals in 1618. 

BATMAN, Stephen. Batman vppon Bartholome, his Booke De 
Piroprietatibus ReruntL Newly corrected, enlarged, and amended : 
withsuch Additions as are requisite vnto euery seuerall Booke : Taken 
forth of the most approued Authors, the like heretofore not translated 
in English. Profitable for all Estates, as well for the benefitt of the 
Hind as the Bodie. London Imprinted by Thomas East, dwelling by 
fwks wharf e. 1582. Folio. Black letter. R. M. 

Printed in two columns. The title is within a woodcut border, with the arms of 
^ author on the back. Title and dedication to Lord Henrie Gary, Baron of 
Honsdon, 2 leaves ; f f 6 leaves ; f 6 leaves ; B — Cccc in sixes. 

lliis b a volume belonging to the Shakesperian Library, and is difficult to pro- 
cnte m fine condition. It is a reprint, with additions, &c, of the edition executed 
W T. Berthelet in 1535. The original translator was Trevisa. The last paragraph 
of the volume gives an account of the book, its author, and its editions. 

BATTLE. The Battaile fovght betweene Count Maurice of Nas- 

saw and Albertus Arch-duke of Austria, nere Newport in Flaunders, 

Aexxij. of lune i6oo. With the names of such men of accompt as 

J^c been either slaine, hurt, or taken prisoners by either part. Written 

"y a Gentleman imploied in the said sendee. Printed at London by 

^* *S. 1600. 4to. Black letter. R. Bl. 

A--B 2 in fours, title on A 2. 

Sir W. Titers copy. Inserted is a plan of the Battle of Newport, taken from 
Verefs Commentaries, 1657. 


BAXTER, Nathaniel. Sir Philip Sidneys Ourania, That is, 

Endimion's Song and Tragedie, 
Containing all Philosophie. 

Written by N. B. London Printed by Ed. AUdefor Edward WAsie, 
and are to be solde at the little North doore of Saint Paules Church at 
the signe of the Gun. 1606. 4to. 

A — N in fours. From Mr. Jolle/s collection. 

The volume concludes with two copies of verses, one dedicated by the author to 
Sir John Smith of Old-Hunger, Knight, the other to John Stone, Esq., Secondary 
of Wood-street G>mpter. The volume is introduced by a series of poems addressed 
to Lady Pembroke and other persons of rank. 

BAXTER, Richard. An Answer to a Book called the Quakers 
Catechism. . . . London^ Printed in the Year 1656. 4to. 

A — G in fours. 

— — The Certainty of the World of Spirits, fully evinced by un- 
questionable Histories of Apparitions and Witchcrafts, Operations, 
Voices, &C. Proving the Immortality of Souls, the Malice and Miseries 
of the Devil and the Damned, and the Blessedness of the Justified. 
Written for the Conviction of Sadduces & Infidels. By Richard 
Baxter. . . . [Quotation.] London^ Printed for T. Parhhurst. . . . 
and J. Scdmbury. . . . 1691. 8vo. 

A — R 7 in eights. 

Poetical Fragments : Heart-Imployment with God and It 

Self. The Concordant Discord of a Broken-healed Heart, Sorrowing- 
rejoicing, Fearing-hoping, Dying-living. Written partly for himself, 
and partly for near Friends in Sickness and other deep affliction. 
By Richard Baxter. Published for the Use of the JAfflicted. The 
Third Edition. London: Printed for Tho. Parhhurst, 1699. Sm. 8vo. 

A — £ 6 in twelves. '' Additions to the Poetical Fragments of Rich. Baxter 
Written for himself, and communicated to such as are more for serious Verse than 
smooth." With a new title-page, dated 170a F — H 6 in eights, including two leaves 
of advertisements. 

The Preface is instructive, as containing a review of many of the preceding 
writers in poetry. Lord Brooke, Sylvester, Wither, &c. 

BAXTER, W. Glossarium Antiquitatum Britannicarum, sive 
Syllabus Etymologicus Antiquitatum Veteris Britanniae atque Ibemiae 
temporibus Romanorum. Londini. 17 19. 8vo. BL. M. 

Reliquiae Baxterianae, sive Willielmi Baxteri Opera posthuma. 

Londini. 1726. 8vo. BL. M. 

BAYARD. Histoire du Chevalier Bayard et de plusieurs choses 


mtooiables advenues en France, Italie, Espaigne, et hs Pa}^ bas 

depuis 1489^ iusques ^1524. Paris. 1619. 4to. BL. M. 

This is a re-impression of the '' Histoire compos6e par le loyal serviteur," written 
bf Bayard's secretary, and first printed in 1527. 

BAYLEy P. Dictionnaire historique et critique par M'. Pierre 
Bayle. Quatri^e Mition, revue, corrig^e et augment^e. Avec la vie 
de Tauteur, par M^ des Maizeaux. Amsterdatn, 1730. 4 vols, folio. 


— ^ Dictionary Historical and Critical, with Life by Des Mai- 
Mux. 1734-8. Folio. 5 vols. R. 

BAYLY, or BAILY, Charles. A Narrative of some of the 
Sufferings of J[ohn] P[errot] in the City of Rome. London, Printed 
for Tkomas Simmons, • • . i66i. 4to. 

A — B in fours. 

A Seasonable Warning to such who profess themselves 

Hembers of Reformed Churches, into what Forme soever gathered, or 
wbere-ever scattered over the face of the whole earth, but most espe- 
cially to France and the parts adjacent. With a few remarkable 
Queries. Given forth . . . by . . . Charles Baily. London ; PrinUd 
M the year 1663. 4to. 

A — K 2 in fours. 

A True and Faithful Warning unto the People and Inhabi- 
tants of Bristol, and unto the Rulers, Priests and People of England ifi 
general, that they might prepare to meet the Lord. . . . With a brief 
Account of some Tryals and sufferings, which the Author hereof hath 
suffered and sustained at the hands of unreasonable men in his Travel 
and Pilgrimage since his youth up until this day. . . . Given forth in 
Newgate Prison in Bristol by a sufferer for the Truth of God, called 
Charles Baily. London, Printed in the year 1663. 4to. 

A — £ 3 in fours, and the title. 

BAYLY, Lewis, Bishop of Bangor. The Practice of Piety. . . . 
London, Printed for Edward Brewster, 1699. 8vo. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — M 6 in twdves. The title is within a woodcut compartment 

BAYLY, William. Seven Thunders vttering their Voices, and 
the Seven last Trumpets preparing to sound in the spirit of jealousie 
(which is jealous for Sion), proclaiming the great, and notable, and 
terrible, day of Jehovah. . • • \Londan, 1660.] 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BAYNING, Paul, Viscount. Death Repealed by a ThankfvU 
llemoriall sent from Christ-Church in Oxford Celebrating the Noble 


Deserts of the Right Honourable, Pavie, Late Lord Vis-Count Ba)ming* 
of Sudbury. Who changed his Earthly Honours lune the 12. 1638. 
Oxford, Printed by Leonard Lichfield, Printer to the Vniversity^far 
Francis Bowman. 1638. 4to. 

Title and dedication to Penelope, Lady Bayning, 2 leaves ; A— G 2 in fbun, G 3 

Among the contributors are W. Strode, Robert Burton, W. Cartwright, R. West, 
of Girist-Church, Robert Mead, Jasper Mayne, and Martin Llewellyn. 

BEAULIEU, Hector de. See Psalms. 

BEAUMONT, Francis. Poems. By Francis Beavmont, Gent 
Viz. The Hermaphrodite. The Remedie of Love. El^es. Sonnets, 
with other Poems. London, Printed by Richard Hodgkinson for W. W. 
and Laurence Blaikelocke, and are to be sold at the signe of the Sugar- 
loaf e next Temple Bar in Fleet-street. 1640. 4to. 

A — H in fours. 

Mr. Corser's copy. For an account of the volume see his ^ Collectanea," part 2, 
pp. 227-29, and Dyce's edit of Beaumont and Fletcher, xL 441-42. 

Poems : By Francis Beavmont, Gent Viz. The Hermaphro- 
dite. The Remedy of Love. Elegies. Sonnets, and other Poems. 
London, Printed for William Hope^ at the sigfte of tlu blew Anchor on 
the North side of tlu Old Exchange. 1653. Sm. 8vo. 

A — N in eights. 

This edition, which is much enlarged, is also found with the imprint of Laurence 
Blaikelock, one of the publishers of the 4to. edition of 1640. The volume again re- 
ceived a new title-page in 1660. *^ Among the poems thus ascribed to Beaumont 
are many to which he has no claim, — some by his elder brother. Sir J. Beaumont : 
others by Donne, Ben Jonson, Randolph, Carew, Shirley, Cleaveland, and Waller ; 
besides several pieces, which, though they have not been traced to their respective 
authors, were certainly not from his pen.'' Dyce's edition of Beaumont and 
Fletcher, vol xi. pp. 441-2. 

and John FLETCHER. Comedies and Tragedies Written 

by Francis Beavmont and lohn Fletcher, Gentlemen. Never printed 
before. And now published by the Authours Origrinall Copies. Si 
quid habent veri Vatum praesagia, vivam. London, Printed for Hum- 
phrey Robinson, at the Three Pidgeons, and for Humphrey ifoseley, at 
the Princes Armes in 5*. Pauls Church-yard. 1647. Folio. A portrait 
of Fletcher by W. Marshall, with nine lines of verse beneath by Sir John 


A,4 leaves; a — c, 4 leaves each; d— e, 2 leaves each; f, 4 leaves; g, 2 leaves; 
B — L 2 in fours; Aa — Ssin fours; 3 A — sXin fours; 4A — ^4linfours; 5 A — 5Rin 
fours ; 5 S, 6 leaves; 5 T — 5 X in fours; 6 A — 6 K in fours; 6 L, 6 leaves ; 7 A — y C, 
4 leaves each ; 7 D, 2 leaves ; 7 £—7 G, 4 leaves each ; 8 A— 8 C, 4 leaves each ; 
8 * D, 2 leaves ; 8 D— 8 F, 4 leaves each. 

Dedicated to Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, by John Lowin, 


Robinson, and the other players ; after which comes an Address to the 
Reader by James Shu-ley (the dramatist), who is ustially regarded as the editor of 
the book, but who does not appear to claim for himself that distinction. Consider- 
ing that Shakespeare's works had been collectively published in 1623, Shirley must 
be allowed to use rather daring language when he speaks of the present volume as 
** without flattery the greatest Monument of the Scene that Time and Humanity 
have produced ;* and when he adds that it ^ must Live, not only the Crowne, and 
sole Reputation of our owne, but the stayne of all other Nations and Languages, for 
it may be boldly averred, not one indiscretion hath branded this Paper in all the 
Lines, this being the Authentick witt that made Blackfriers an Academy, where the 
three bowers spectacle while Beaumont and Fletcher were presented, were usually 
of more advantage to the hopefull young Heire, than a costly, dangerous, forraigne 
Timvell with the assistance of a governing Mounsieur, or Signior to boot" 

A Prefiice by the Stationer to the Reader succeeds, in which it is explained that 
the contents of the present folio are entirely new, those plays which had before 
been printed separately in quarto being excluded, except the ^ Wild Goose Chase," 
which had been unfortunately lost llie writer also lets us into the reason why 
<aily MS. copies of old plays are likely to be imperfect as regards the text, as they 
were^ according to him, generally taken from notes during the performance. It 
may be interesting to add what Moseley says about the portrait : ^ The figure of 
Mr. Fletcher," he informs us, '' was cut by severall Originall Pieces [portraits], 
n^iich his friends lent me, but withall they tell me, that his inimitable soule did 
shine through his countenance in such Ayre and Spirit, that the Painters confessed 
it was not easie to expresse hinu" 

No fewer than twenty-one pages are occupied by complimentary verses, which 
are all reprinted in Mr. Dyce's edition. This first collected edition of Beaumont 
and Fletcher, like that of Shakespeare, was posthumous. 

BEAUMONT, Francis, and John FLETCHER. The Wild- 
Goose Chase. A Comedie. As it hath been Acted with singular 
Applause at the Black-Friers: Being the Noble, Last, and Onely 
Remains of those Incomparable Drammatists, Francis Beavmont and 
John Fletcher, Gent Retriv'd for the publick delight of all the Inge- 
nious ; and private benefit of John Lowin, and Joseph Taylor, Ser- 
irants to His late Majestie. By a Person of Honour. London^ 
Printed for Humphrey Moseley^ ... 1652. Folio. 

A, 3 leaves ; a, 3 leaves ; B— P, 2 leaves each. Dedicated by Lowin and Tay- 
lor in a bipartite episde (i.) ^ To the Honoured, Few, Lovers of Dramatick Poesie," 
irho are addressed as ^^ Noble Spirits^ and (iL) to the general public, who are desig- 
nated ** Generous SouUsJ* The drama was published, during the suspension of 
theatrical performances, for the benefit of the two principal actors at the Black- 

This is the play to which there is the following curious reference in the book- 
sdlcr's Pre&ce to the folio of 1647 : ^ One only Play I must except (for I meane to 
deale openly) ; 'tis a Comedy called the Wilde-Goose Chase, which hath beene long 
lost, and I feare irrecoverable ; for a Person of Quality borrowed it from the Actors 
many yeares since, and (by the negligence of a servant) it was never retum'd." This 
" person of quality * may have been the '' Person of Honour " mentioned in the title 
above given. 

Cvpid's Revenge. As it was often Acted (with great ap- 



plause) by the Children of the Reuells. Written by Fran. Beaumont 

& lo. Fletcher, Gentlemen. The second edition. London: Printed 

for Thomas lones^ and are to he sold at his Shop in Saint Dunstanes 

Churchyards in Fleet-street, 1630. 4to. 

B — L 3 in fours, and the title-page. The first impression was in 161 5, and is of 
excessive rarity. 

BEAUMONT, Francis, and John FLETCHER. Wit without 
Money. A Comedie, as it hath beene Presented with good Applause 
at the private house in Drurie Lane, by her Majestie's Servants. 
Written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, Gent London^ 
Printed by Thomas Cotes ^ for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke. 
1639. 4to. 

A King and No King. Acted at the Black-Fryers, by his 

Maiesties Servants. And now the fifth time Printed, according to the 
true copie. Written by Francis Beavmont and lohn Fletcher Gent 

The. Stationer to Dramatophilus. 

A Play and no Play, who this Book shall read, 
Will judge, and weep, as if 'twere done indeed. 

London^ Printed for William Leak, and are to be sold at his shop at 
the signe of the Crown in FUet^treet, between the two temple Gates. 
1655. 4to. 

A — I in fours, and the title page. 

BEAUMONT, Sir John. Bosworth-field : with a taste of the 
variety of other poems, left by Sir John Beaumont, Baronet, deceased : 
set forth by his sonne. Sir lohn Beavmont, Baronet ; And dedicated 
to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. London, Printed by Felix 
Kyngstonfor Henry SeiU, and are to be sold at the Tygers head in St. 
Pauls Churchyard. 1629. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A, 8 leaves, the first blank ; (a) 4 leaves ; B — O in eights, but in consequence 
of pp. 181-82 having been cancelled, only 7 leaves in N. The Towneley copy. 

With a series of elegiac and compliinentary verses by (Sir) Thomas Hawkins, 
Sir John Beaumont the younger, Francis Beaumont, George Fortescue, Ben Jonson, 
M. Drayton, Ph. Kin. and Ja. Cl[e]and ?]. 

BEAUMONT, Joseph. Psyche: Or Loves Mysterie In XX. 

Canto*s : Displaying the Intercourse betwixt Christ and the Soule 

. . • . By Joseph Beaumont, M'. in Arts and Ejected Fellow of 

S. Peters College in Cambridge. London, Printed by John Dawson 

for George Boddington . • . 1648. Small folio. 

A — Eee in fours, title on A 2. Dedicated to the Saviour. 
This work is noticed at great length in the eleventh and twelfth volumes of the 
Retrospective Review, where an account of it, with specimens, occupies no fewer 


than thirty-nine pages. There was a second impression in 1702, purporting to be 
corrected throughout, and to possess four new cantos. 

BEAUVEAU, Henri DE. Relation joumaliire du Voyage du 
Levant A Taulpar Francois du Bois, 1608. Sm. 8vo. 

BECHTELN, JOH. Kurzer Catcchismus vor etliche Gemeinen 
Jesu aus der reformirten Religion in Pennsylvania, die sich zum alten 
Bemer Synodo halten. PhikuUlphiay Gedruckt bey Benjamin Franklin. 
1742. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

31 leaves. 

BECKER, C, und J. VON HEFNER. Kunstwerke and Gerath- 
schaften des Mittelalters und der Renaissance. Frankfurt am Main. 
1852.57-63. 3 vols. Roy. 4to. 

BECKER, R. Z. Gravures en bois des anciens maftres AUemands 
tiroes des planches originales par J. A. Derschau. Publi^es avec un 
discours sur la nature et I'histoire de la gravure en bois par R« Z. 
Becker. Goika en Saxe. i8o8-i6. Atlas folio. 

To this is appended another volume of woodcuts struck from old blocks and 
mounted on paper of uniform size. 

BECKFORD, William. An Arabian Tale, from an Unpub- 
lished Manuscript : With Notes Critical and Explanatory. London : 
.... 1786. 8vo. 

Pp. viii + 332. The first edition of Vathek in English. 

BECKMANN, John. A History of Inventions and Discoveries. 
Translated from the German by William Johnston. Third Edition. 
London . . . 1817. 4 vols. 8vo. 

BECON, Thomas. The worckes of Thomas Becon, whiche he 
hath hytherto made and published, with diuerse new Bookes added to 
the same, heretofore neuer set forth in print diuided into thre tomes 
or parts diligently perused, corrected, and amended : and now finished 
this present of our Lord. 1564. Perused and allowed, according 
to thorder appointed in the Queens maiesties iniunctions. [Quot. 
from I Thess. 5.] Imprinted at London by John Day, dwellyng ouer 
AUersgate. These Books are to be solde at his shop vnder the gate. 
Folio. Three volumes bound in 2. Black letter. BR. M. 

On the back of the title to the first volume is the portrait of the author, Amio 
jEtatis Sua 49, 1560, and on the last page that of the printer, with the colophon 
beneathit Imprinted at London by John Day . . . cumgratiOy &c 

A, 6 leaves, mduding tide ; W B, 6 leaves ; W C, 8 leaves ; B— Yy in sixes. 
AA— YY in sizes. Then a set of signatures in Roman letter, AA— MM in sixes. 
M«ciM, 4 leaves ; MM [repeated] 6 leaves. [No. sig. NNj 00— ££e in 


rixes. FFf, 4 leaves. GGg— Zzi in sixes ; AAA and BBB in sixes. CCC, 4 
leaves. The seconde part of the bokes. AAa— YYy in sixes ; AAA— YYY in 
fcixes ; 4 A-*4D in sixes. 4£| 4 leaves. The thyrd parte of the Bookes &c.. 
Title and pre&ce, with sig. 4 A, 7 leaves. 4 B — 4 X in sixes ; 5 A and 5 B in sixes, 
followed by 4 G — ^4 Y in sixes : then 5 A — 5 Y in sixes, concluding with 6 A — 6 X 5 
in sixes. 

Ritson, in his " Bibliographia Poetica," 1802, p. 128, has a list of the pieces of 
verse contained in these volumes. Besides those he mentions, there are, before the 
^ Nosegay" 6 4-line stanxas, headed *^ The Nosq;ay Speaketh,** before the *^ Newe 
Yeres Gift," 6 others, similarly headed, and before Uie '* Invectyve agaynste Swear- 
ing," a third set of six. The " Govemaunce of Vertue" is introduced by eight 
stanzas of 4 lines each, and the ^ Newe Catechisme " by five. Also at folios xiL-xUL 
of the third part, ^ The Ciii [and CXii] Psalme made in English metre." But the 
most important piece not mentioned by Ritson is the ^ Newe Dialoge betwene 
thangel of God and the Shepherds of y* felde," which occupies (with the title) 16 
pages double columns in the second volume, and is entirely in verse. 

This is a set of books very difficult to proaire in a complete and satisfieictory 
state, the three volumes rarely occtirring together. 

BECON, Thomas. The Reliques of Rome, contayning all such 

matters of Religion, as haue in times past bene brought into the Church 

by the Pope and his adherentes : faithfully gathered out of the moste 

faithful writers of Chronicles and Histories, and nowe newly both 

diligently corrected & greatly augmented, to the singuler profit of the 

Readers, by Thomas Becon. 1563. [Quot. from Esay 5.] ImprinUd 

at London^ by John Day, dwelling ouir Alder sgate^ beneath Saint Mar- 

tines. Cum Priuilegio, Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BR. M. 

C 8 leaves ; l^ 8 leaves ; A — B, 4 in eights ; C — Nn in eights, no sign. Z. 
The preface is dated from Canterbury, September 30 [1563], which is the date 
in the colophon. On the back of the title is a woodcut portrait of the author. 

[BEDA Venerabilis. Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum.] 

[On reverse of fol. i :] Incipiunt capitula hystoriarum gestis (sic) 

anglorum. [On the last leaf :] Finiunt libri historie ecclesiastice 

gestis anglorum. [Sine uUd notd.] Folio. O. M. 

Editio Princeps. It is attributed to the press of H. Eggesteyn, of Strasburg. 
See Hain, No. 2732. 

Historia Ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum libri V. una cum 

reliquis ejus operibus historicis in unum volumen collectis, cura et 
studio Joh. Smith. Cantab. 1722. Folio. Large paper. R. M. 


An English Bede Roll. A MS. on vellum of the early part of the fifteenth cen- 
tury. At the top is a coat of arms, by which it appears to have been written for a 
member of the Lancaster family. Beneath this is a female figure in attitude of 
prayer. It begins with the Ave Maria in Latin, followed by two prayers in English, 
after which come a hundred and twenty lines of English verse in fifteen stanzas of 
eight lines each, the first of which runs thus : — 


Gnuit iM yt win of wepyngc 
With tens triddyng unto yi feett 
As tlura flBuid y dyscypils slopynge 
At the mont of Olyuete 
Biud & wetter thou dyde swette 
For dred of dethe Cut dyde thoa pray 
Also that cause sholde gare me wq)e 
For my unkyndnes nyght & daye. 

BEDFORD. A True Relation of what hapned at Bedford, on 
Monday last, Aug. 19, instant, while Thundering, Lightning, and 
Tempestuous Winds tore up the Trees by the Roots, the Gates off the 
Hinges, breaking them in pieces, driving down Houses, to the Terror 
and Amazement of the Inhabitants. . . . London : PrinUd for Fro. 
Smiih . . • and R. Taylor . . • 1673. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

Strange and Terrible News from Bedford. Or, A True and 

Perfect Narrative and Accompt of a Wonderful and Prodigious Tem- 
pest & Hurricane there; Which overthrew several Houses, tore up 
many Trees by the Roots, and carried them through the Air, ftc 
London, PrinUJ fy A. P. for Will. Thackoray. . . . 1672. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

Persons discreditiiig the present narrative are begged to satisfy themselves by 
inqairiiig of the Bedford carrier, "who inns at the Bear in West-Smithfield." 

BEEVAN, I. A Loving Salutation to all People who have any 
desires after the Living God ; but especially to the Free- Will-Ana- 
baptists. [Col.] London, PrinUd for Thomas Simmons. . . . i66a 


Four leaves. Printed without a title. 

BEHAM, Hans Sebald. Dises buchlein zeygct an und lemet 
ein masz oder proporcio der Ross, nutzlich iungen gesellen, malem vnd 
goltschmide. Sebaldus Beham Pictor noricus faciebat Gednukt zu 
nurmberg im 1528 jar. 4to. Woodcuts, bl. M. 

Twenty leaves, the last blank. 

— — Biblicae Historiae, artificiosissim^ depicts. Biblische His- 

torien, figiirlich ftirgebildet Francoforti ChrisHanus Egenolpkus excu* 

dOat. [At the end :] Zu Franckfurt, bei Christian Egn. M.D.XXXVII. 

4ta Woodcuts. 

A — K in fours. 

Biblicae Historiae, artificiosissimis picturis efiigiatae. Per 

Sebaldum Behem Pictorem Francforten. Biblische Historian, kiinstlich 
fiirgemalet Durch den wolberiimten Sebald Behem, Malern zu Franck- 
furt \P .0 .u .y.]. 4to. Woodcuts. 

A — K in fours, the last leaf blank. From Mr. Slade's collection. 


According to Butsch, this it the third edition of Beham's Bible cuu ; hut 
Passavant places an edition dated 1539 as the third. The same authority tells us 
that Beham became a citisen of Frankfort in 1540^ and if his description of himsdf 
as a Frankfort artist be taken as an indication that he had lately acquired the 
rights of citizenship, this edition must be subsequent to that of 1539. 

BEHAM, Hans Sebald. Typi in Apocalypsi loannis depicti ut 
clarius vaticinia loannis intelligi possint Francoforti Christianus 
Egmolphus excudibat. 1539. 410. Woodcuts. 

A— Dili in fours. 

BEHN, Aphra. Plays Written by the Late Ingenious M'*. Bchn. 
The Third Edition. London. 1724. 4 vols. Sm. 8vo. Portrait 

The Widow Ranter t)r, The History of Bacon in Virginia. 

A Tragi-Comedy, Acted by their Majesties Servants. Written by 
M'*. A. Behn. London Printed for Janus Knaptcn at the Crown in 
St. Paul's Ckurcl^yard. 169a 4to. 

A — H in fours. 

Dedicated by G. J. ^ To the much Honoured Madam Welldon." It appears 
that this was a posthumous publication, and G. J. sa]rs : — ^ Had our Authour been 
alive she would have committed it to the Flames rather than have suffered it to have 
been Acted with such Omissions as was made, and on which the Foundation of the 
Play depended : For Example, they thought fit to leave out a Whole Scene of the 
Virginian Court of Judicature, and which was a lively resemblance of that Country- 
Justice ... In another Part of the Play is omitted the appearance of the 
Ghost of the Indian King . . * .* The Prologue was written by Dryden. 

BEKKER, B. Le Monde Enchant^ ou Examen des communs 
sentimens touchant les Esprits, leur nature, leur pouvoir, leur adminif- 
tration, & leurs operations. Amst. 1694. 4 vols. Sm. 8vo. Y. if. 

Id6e g^n^rale de la Th^logie Payenne, servant de refutation 

au syst^me xle M. Bekker, touchant Texistence et Top^ration des 
Demons. Amst. 1699. Sm. 8vo. Y. M. 

BELIANIS. The Honovr of Chiualrie. Set downe in the most 
Famous Historie of the Magnanimious and Heroike Prince Don 
Bellianis : Sonne vnto the Emperour Don Bellaneo of Greece. Wherein 
are described, the straunge and dangerous Adventures that him befell. 
With his loue towards the Princesse Florisbella : Daughter vnto the 
Souldan of Babylon. Englished out of Italian by L. A. Sed tanun 
est tristissima ianua nostrce^ Et labor est vnus tempora prima pati. 
London^ Printed by Thomas Creede. 1 598. 4to. Blach letter. BL. M. 

A — Oo in fours, first and last leaves blank. 

The only copy known. From the libraries of Colonel Stanley, Mr. Heber, and 
Mr. Corser. Mr. Heber notes : " Beautiful copy of a most rare volume. Not in 
Herbert's Ames." 

Dedicated by the translator ** To the right WorshipfuU, his speciall Patron, 


Maister lohn Rotheriuun, Esquire, ont of the sixe CUrkes of her Maiestiet most 
Honourable Court of dauncery.* It here appears that L. A. b^an to study Italian 
at Rotherham's house at Semars, and that he executed this translation to fill up 
certain vacant hours. 

The " Souldan of Babylon * mentioned in the title is probably to be understood 
as the Sultan of Egypt, as Egypt is called Babylon in many of our early romances. 

[BELING, R.] Vindicianim Catholicorum Hibemiz authore Phi- 
lopatro Irenaeo ad Alitophilum Libri duo. Parisiis. 1650. Sm. 8vo. 
G. M. 

The Eighth Day. The Second Edition. London, PrinUd 

by lohn Redmaym. 1661. 4to. 

Tide and A — K in fours, K 4 having only the Errata. 

The only notice to be found anywhere of this piece is in Ware's Writers of Ire- 
land, p. 166, where the author says : — ^ I am informed he writ A Poem called, the 
Eighth Day ; which having never seen, I can give no account of it" No subse- 
quent bibliographer appears ever to have met with it This, which seems to be the 
(mly copy known, came from the old library of the Rawdon family, at Moira Housc^ 
Armagh, afterwards removed to Donnington, in Leicestershire^ and dispersed in 
1868. ** The second edition " may be merely a fresh title-page. 

BELL. Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle. 
PrinUd at London by Richard Cotes, and are to be sold by Francis 
Grove dwelling upon Snow-hill. 1648. 4to. Black letter. Woodcut 
OH titls. G. M. 

A— C 3 in fours. 

From the collections of Sir C Talbot, Sir F. Freeling, and Mr. Corser. The 
only other copy known appears to be that which occurred at Skegg's sale in 1842. 
See Corser's " Collectanea," part L pp. 8-1 1, and Hazlitt's ** Handbook," p. 35. 

Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William of Cloudesle. 

London, Printed by E, Cotes for Tho, Passinger at thi Three Bibles upon 

Londan-Bridge. 1668. 4to. Black letter. Woodcut on the title. 

. A — C 3 in fours. 
From the Farmer, Roxburghe, and Daniel collections. It is doubtful whether a 
second copy exists. 

The History of Adam Bell, Clim of the Clough, and William 

of Cloudesly, who were three Archers good enough, the best of the 
North Country. Glasgow, Printed by Robert Sanders, one of His 
Majesties Printers. 1698. Sm. 8vo. With uncut edges. 

A — B 4 in eights, or 12 leaves. The only copy known. 

A fragment of two leaves only, and those mutilated, of an edition of this beauti- 
ful ballad, printed in 1536 by John Byddell, in 4to., has been recently discovered in 
the pasteboard, or fly-leaves, of a book received from abroad. The leaves belong to 
sig. C, which was of course preceded by A and B, and the impression, no doubt, 
consisted, as Copland's later and less correct one does, of twelve leaves, or three 
gatherings of four leaves each. Attention was first publicly directed to this curiosity 
oC bibliography in Hazlitt's ^ Collections and Notes,** 1876, p. 33, where the 

ia8 BELL. 

cotophon of Bydddl't 4ta is giveiii and a remarkable rariadoii in the text from 

Subjoinedisaspedinenof the text of 1556, taken from the leaf marked C L : — 

** The vsiher sayd, yemen what wolde fe haae 

I pray you tell me 

Ye myght thus make oflfycers shent 

Good syrs of whens be ye 

Syr we be outlawes of the forest 

Certayne withouten leace 

And hyther we be come to our kynge 

To get us a charter of peace 

And whan they came before our kynge 

As it was the lawe of the lande 

They knded down without lettynge 

And echo held vp his hande 

They sayd lorde we beseche you here 

That ye wyll graunte ts grace 

For we haue slayne your fatte falowe dere 

In many a sondry place 

What is your names than sayd our kynge 

Anone that you tell me 

They sayd, Adam bell, Clym of the dough 

And Wylliam of Clowdesle 

Be ye those theues than sayd our kynge 

That men have told of to me 

Here to god I make a vowe 

Ye shall be hanged all thre 

Ye shall be deed without mercy 

As I am kynge of this lande. ..." 

Our second extract is from sig. C 4, just towards the condusion : — 

" And whan he made hym redy to shote 

There was many a wepynge eye 

Thus Qowdesle defte die apple in two 

That many a man it se 

Ouer goddes forbode sayd the kynge 

That thou sholdest shote at me 

I gyue the xviij. pens a daye 

And my bowe shalte thou here 

And ouer all the north countree 

I make the chefe rydere 

And I gyue the .xij. pens a day sayd the que [ne] 

By god and by my friye 

Come fetche thy payment whan thou wylt 

No man shall say the naye 

Wyllyam I make the gentylman 

Of dothynge and of fee 

And thy two brethren yemen of my chambie 

For they are so semdy to se 

Your sone for he is tendre of age 

Of my wyne seller shall he be 

And whan he c6meth to mannes state 


Better auanced shall he be 

And Wylliam brynge me your wyfe sayd th[e quene] 

Me longeth sore here to se 

She shall be my chefe gentylwoman 

And gouem my nursery 

The yemen thanked them full courteysly 

And sayd to Rome streyght wyll we wende. ..." 

^ A booke called, The second parte of Adam Bell " was licensed to John Wright, 
24 September, 1607. See Arber's " Transcript/ iil 173. 

BELLy Thomas. History of British Quadrupeds. London, 1837. 
Imp. 8vo. Largest paper. G. M. 

BELLA SCOT-ANGLICA. A Brief of all the BatteUs and Mar- 

tiall Encounters which have happened 'twixt England and Scotland 

from all times to this present. Wherunto is annexed a Corollary, 

declaring the causes whereby the Scot is come of late years to be so 

h^htened in his spirits ; with some Prophecies which are much cryed 

op, as reflecting upon the fate of both Nations. Printed in theyeare 

1648. 4to. 

A — C in fours. 

BELLARMINE, Cardinal. A Shorte Catechisme of Card". 
Bellarmine illustrated with the Images. In Augusta, With Licence 
of Superiaurs. 1614. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A — H 4 in eights. With plates and engraved title. 

The last leaf has the Errata and the colophon : *' Augustae Vinddicorum, Ex- 
cudebat Christophorus Mangius. Anno MsDCXIV." After the list of Errata is 
this note : ^ Caetera lector Anglus typographo Germano ignoscet" The translator 
was George Mayr, who subscribes a Latin Preface to the Reader. 

BELLAY, Joachim du. CEuvres Francoises, revuues et de 

nouveau augment^es de plusieurs Poesies non encores auparavant 

imprim^ea A Paris , chez Abel VAngelier. 1584. Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

Title and preL 12 leaves. Folios 1-583 and a leaf for the imprint. " Acheu^ 
d'Imprimer le dernier iour de lanuier 1584 par Pierre le Voirrier Imprimeur du Roy 
6% Mathematiques." 

BELLERS, John. Proposals for raising A Colledge of Industry 
of all Useful Trades and Husbandry, with Profit for the Rich, A 
Plentiful Living for the Poor, and A Good Education for Youth. 
Which will be Advantage to the Government, by the increase of the 
People, and their Riches. By John Bellers. Motto, Industry brings 

The Sluggard shall be cloathed with Raggs. 

Hee that will not Work, shall not Eat. 



London, Printed and Sold by T. Scwle, in Wkite-Hart-Court in Gra- 

dauS'Street. 1696. 4to. 

A — D in fours. 

Bellers published one or two other tracts of this nature. See ^ Pre£u:es, Dedica- 
tions, Epistles," 1874, p. 418. 

BELLI, GiROLAMO. Canto, [Alto, Tenore, Basso e Quinto] di 
Girolamo Belli d'Argenta, il secondo libro De Madrigali d Cinque 
Voci, con un Dialogo d Otto. Nouamente composti, & dati in luce. In 

Vtnetia Presso Giacomo Vincenzi, 6- Ricciardo Amadino, comfagnu 

1586. 4to. 5 parts complete in i vol. G. M. 

Each part consists of a title and 20 leaves. The signatures run through the five 
parts from A to P in fours. 

All the notice that Fdtis gives of Belli is ^ compositeur italien du 16^ sitfck, qui 
n'est connu que par des madrigaux k cinq voix qui ont ^t^ ins^r^ dans la ccdlectioii 
intitule : De* floridi virtuosi d'ltalia, il terzo libro de' madrigali k cinque vocL* 
So that he was evidently unacquainted with this original edition of the Secondo librOy 
and the first book appears to be altogether unrecorded. 

BELLIEURE, POMPONNB DE. Harangue faicte d la Royne 

d'Angleterre [pour la desmouuoir d'entreprendre aucune lurisdiction 
Bur la Royne d'Escosse]. \Sans iieu.'] 1588. Sm. 8vo. 

Fourteen leaves. A — D ii. 

The author of this piece was sent over to England by Henry III. of Fiance, that 
he might mediate with Queen Elizabeth in favour of the unfortunate Mary Qneen 
of Scots. It is not mentioned by Brunet or other bibliographers, and there is a 
doubt whether it was not originally appended to some other work. This copy was 
formerly in Mr. Bright's library. 

BELOE, Rev. William. Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce 
Books. London . . • 1807-12. 8va 6 vols. 

BEN AVIDES. Memorial que Fray Juan de Santander comissario 
general de las Indias presenta 4 . . . Don Felipe IV. Hecho por . . . 
Fray Alonso de Benauides Comissario del Santo Oficio . . . Tratase 
en 61 de los tesoros espirituales, y temporales, que la diuina Magestad 
ha manifestado en aquellas conuersiones, y nueuos descubrimientos, por 
medio de los Padres desta serafica Religion. En Madrid 163a 4to. 

Title, and pp. 1-109. 

BEN EZRA, J. J. La Venida del Messias en gloria y magestad 
1 8 16. 4 vols. 8va 

BENIVIENI, DOMENICO. Tractato in defensione et probati<me 
della doctrina et prophetie predicate da Frate Hieronymo da Ferrara 
nella cittd di Firenze. Impresso in Firense per Ser Francesco Ban^ 
accorsi, 1496. 4to. WoodaUs. BL. M. 

A— E in eights ; F 6, and G 4 leaves. 


BENLOWES, Edward. Theophila, or Loves Sacrifice. A 

Divine Poem. Written by E. B. Esq. ; Several Parts thereof set to 

fit Aires by Mr. J. Jenkins. London^ Printed by R. N. Sold by Henry 

Seile in Fleetstreet, and Humphrey Moseley at the Princes Arms in S, 

Pauls Church-yard. 1652. Folio. Plates. BL.M. 

This copy agrees exactly with the fiill and accurate collation given by Lowndes, 
The extra plates he describes as being in Mr. Inglis's copy were merely insertions 
from other books. 

BENSON, Egbert. Memoir read before the Historical Society 
of the State of New-Yoric New- York . . . 1817. 8vo. 

Pp. 72. This copy has numerous MS. notes, additions, &c, apparently in the 
autograph of the author. 

^ The subject of this Memoir, if so it may be tenned," commences the writer, 
^ will be ' Names,' chiefly names of places, and £mher restricted to places in that 
portion of our country, once held and claimed by the Dutch by right of discovery, 
and by them named New Netherland." 

BENTLEY, Thomas. The Monvment of Matrones : conteining 
seuen seuerall Lamps of Virginitie, or distinct treatises, whereof the 
first fiue conceme praier and meditation : the other two last, precepts 
and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women ; 
compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scrip- 
tures, and other approoved authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies 
Inne Student [Quot. from Luke, 12, 35, and 2 Tim. 2, 19.] Printed 
by H. Denham, [1582.] 4to. Black letter. BR. M. 

A leaf, marked only A i, followed by the Title-page, at the back of which is ^a 
praier vpon the posie prefixed f dedication to Queen Elizabeth, and lines headed 
^ Lampas Virginitatis *' [the Posy just referred to^ 2 leaves ; to the Christian 
Reader, and other prefixes, 8 leaves ; the " First Lamp," C i — F i in eights. The 
Second Lampe of Virginitie : Conteining divers godlie Meditations and Christian 
Praiers made by sundrie vertuous Queenes, and other deuout and godlie women in 
our time : and first, A Godlie Meditation of the inward loue of the soule towards 
Christ our Lord: composed first in French by the vertuous Ladie Margaret 
Queene of Navarre ; aptlie, exacdie, and fruitfuUie translated by our most gracious 
Souereigne Ladie Queene Elizabeth, in the tender and maidenlie yeeres of her 
youth and virginitie • . . Imprinted at Lotidon by Henrie Denham . . . 1582. 
F 2 — X in eights, except that H has 10 leaves (no Y or Z). The Third Lampe of 
Virginitie ; conteining sundrie formes of diuine meditations & Christian praiers . . 
. . 1582. Aa — Hh4 in eights, including the table; Aa i blank. The Fourth 
Lampe of Virginitie, conteining the most pure sacrifice of Euangelicall deuotion 

[/t. </.] Hhij— Dddd in eights, exclusive of title, Rrr6, having only 

a woodcut on one side. The Fift Lampe of Virginitie .... 1582, A — 06 in 
eights. The Sixt Lampe of Virginitie ; conteining a Mirrour for Maidens and 
Matrons : Or, The seuerall Duties and office of all sorts of women . . . Newlie 
collected and compiled to the glorie of God, by T. B. Gendeman . . . 1582, 
A — H 3 in eights. The Seuenth Lampe of Virginide, conteining the acts & his- 
tories, hues, & deaths of all maner of women . . . Newly collected ... by the 
^aiste T. B. G[entleman.] . . . 1582, I — Y4 in eights, exclusive of title, last leaf 


blank. ImprinUd at London at the three Cranes in the Vintree by Thomas Dauh 
son^for the assignes of William Seres, 1 582. 

Interspersed through the volume are certain hymns and prayers m verse, but 
the laiger proportion of the work is in prose. It is, as the first title-page imports, 
an assemblage of treatises by different authors, except the sixth and seventh 
Lamps, which are of Bentle/s own compilation. Among the pieces by different 
authors are: i. Prayers and Meditations by Queen Catherine Parr, printed sepa- 
rately in 1545, I2ma 2. ^ A certaine effectual! praier, made by the Ladle Jane 
Dudley, in the time of hir trouble, a little before hir death,'' with an " Exhortation 
and Certain Verses,'* by the same. 3. Morning and Evening praiers . . . made and 
set forth by the Ladie Elizabeth Tyrwhit, partly in verse, concluding with ^ Certaine 
godlie sentences written by the Ladie £. T." 4. ^ The Praiers made by the right 
Honourable Ladie Frances Aburgauennie, and committed at the houre of hir death 
to the Right Worshipfull Ladie Marie Fane (hir onlie daughter)," in prose, except- 
ing *^ A necessarie praier in Meeter against vices," and an acrostic at the con- 
clusion on ** Frances Aburgavenny." 5. An Instruction for Christians. . . . Trans- 
lated out of French into English by . . . Mistresse Dorcas Martin. 6. A praier in 
meeter to bee said of a woman with child, made by Wplliam] H[unnis]. 7. " The 
poore widowes mite, conteining seuen meditations or praiers in meeter, for the ob- 
teining of Gods mercie, and the forgiuenes of sin, to be said or soong, gathered by 
William Hunnis." This was licensed, with two other productions by Hunnis, in 
1 581, and perhaps published, but it is not known as a separate publication. 

BENVENUTO. The Passenger : of Benvenvto Italian, Pro- 

fessour of his Natiue Tongue, for these nine yeeres in London. 

Diuided into two Parts, containing seauen exquisite Dialogues in 

Italian and English : The Contents whereof you shall finde in the end 

of the Booke • . . London : Printed by T. S, for John Stefmetk, and 

are to be solde at his Shop at the West-end of Paules Church. 161 2. 


A, 2 leaves ; *, 8 leaves ; A (repeated) to Llll 2 in fours. Dedicated to Prince 
Henry. From Dr. Bliss's collection. 

BENZONI, GiR. La Historia del Mondo Nuovo di M. Girolamo 
Benzoni Milanese, Laqual tratta deir Isole & Man nuouamente 
ritrouati, & delle nuoue Citti da lui proprio vedute, per acqua & per 
terra in quattordeci anni. In Venetia^ appresso Francesco Rampazetto. 
1565. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

First edition. Title and preL 4 leaves. Text, foUos 1-175. 

La Historia . . . Nuouamente ristampata, et illustrata con la 

giunta d'alcune cose notabile dell' Isole di Canada. In Venetia^ 
appresso gli heredi di G. M, Bonelli. 1572. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 
Title and preL 4 leaves. Text, 1-179. Colophon, i leaf. 

Novse Novi orbis historiae, id est Rerum ab Hispanis in India 

Occidentali hactenus gestarum, & acerbo illorum in eas gentes 
dominatu, libri tres, Vrbani Calvetpnis opera industriique ex Italicis 


Hieron)ani Benzonis Mediolanensis, qui eas terras xiiii. annorum pere- 

grinatione obijt, commentariis descripti, Latini facti, ac perpetuis notisi 

argumentis & locupleti memorabilium rerum accessione, ilIustratL 

His ab eodem adiuncta est, De Gallorum in Floridam expeditione, & 

insigni Hispanonim in eos saevitiae exemplo, Brevis Historia. Apud 

Eustathium Vignon [Geneva!] 1578. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 16 leaves. Text a — H in the second alphabet in 
eights. The last leaf but one bears only a few lines of errata, and the last leaf is 

BERBICE. Kortbondige Beschr3rvinge van de Colonie de 
Berbice. Amsteldam. 1763. 4to. Map. 

BERGOMENSIS, Jac. Phil. De plurimis claris sceletisq^ {sic) 
Mulieribus. Opus prope diuinum novissime congestum. Ferrarie^per 
Z. de Rubeis, 1497. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

BERKEL, Adrian van. Amerikaansche Voyagien, behelzende 

eon Reis na Rio de Berbice, gelegen op het vaste Land van Guiana, 

aande Wilde-kust van America, mits gaders een andere na de Colonie 

van Suriname, gelegen in het Noorder deel van het gemelde Landschap 

Guiana. Amsterdam. 1695. 4to. Frontispiece. 

Title and prel. 4 leaves, pp. 1-139. Register, 2 leaves. Folding plates at 
pp. 46 and 53. 

BERLINGHIERI. Geographia di Francesco Berlinghieri 

Fiorentino in terza rima et lingua Toscana distincta con le sue tavole 

in varii siti et provincie secondo la Geographia et distinctione dele 

tauole di Ptolomeo. Impresso infirenze per Nicola Todescho y emendate 

con somma diligentia dallo auctore. [s. a."] Folio. Maps. BR. M. 

The title as given above was no doubt printed at a much later date than the 
body of the book, and some copies have the first page quite blank. Brunct says 
that the leaf bearing the colophon and register at the end of the volume was 
also added at a later date. He is, however, mistaken in saying that it is a separate 
added leaf, for it most certainly forms the tenth leaf of the last cahier, which would 
be incomplete without it, and the register shows that the sheet should consist of 
ten leaves. The type, however, of this leaf has certainly a later look than the body 
of the text, and the register and colophon were probably printed on a blank leaf at 
the same time that the title was added. M. Libri has tried to show that this work 
preceded the Ptolemy of 1478, but there is every reason to believe that the two 
books were printed about the same time. 

[BERMUDEZ, Geronymo.] Primeras Tragedias Espaftolas de 

Antonio de Silua. Impressas en Madrid^ en casa de Francisco SancluM 

Impressor. Aflo de 1577. Sm. 8vo. 

Tide and preliminaries, 8 leaves. Folios i to 116. One leaf of colophon and 
one leaf blank. The last folio is marked 106 in error for 116, which has misled 
both M. Brunet and Senor Salvk. The signatures of the text are A to O in eights» 
and P 6 leaves. 


BERNARD, Saint, Abbot of Clairvaux. The meditations of 

Saint Bernard. [Colophon :] Here we make an ende of this ryght 

p'ouffytable treatyse : the Medytacy&ns of saynt Barnardj Wkyche^ 

for very fauour and charytable loue of all suclie persones as haue not 

vnderstondynge in latyn ; hath be translatyd fro latyn in to englysshe 

by a deuoute student of the Uniuersyte of Cambrydge And hath put 

it to be Enpryted at Westnuster: by Wynkyn the Worde the. ix. daye 

of Marche. they ere of our lorde M.CCCC. Ixxxxvi. 4to. Black-Uiter^ 

with a coarse woodcut intended for Saint Bernard on the title. O. IL 

A — By 8 leaves each ; (A iii misprinted B i) ; C, 4 leaves ; D, 6 leaves ; E, 5 leaves 
(£ 6 was doubtless a blank). See Herbert's ^ Ames," p. 125. 

— — Here begynneth a goodly treatyse/ and it is called a notable 
lesson/ otherwyse it is called the golden pystle. [Colophon.] Imr 
printed at London in Fletestrete at the sygne of the Sonne, by Wy\n]/kyn 
de Worde. 4to. Black letter. Woodcut on title. BR. M. 

A — B in fours, the last leaf having on its verso the printer's device, the recto 

Although published as a ti^adse of St Bernard, and therefore placed here under 
his name, the following notice by the editor shows that even he did not regard St. 
Bernard as the real author : — ** This was brought vnto me in englysshe of an olde 
translacyon, roughe and rude, and required to amende it I thought lesse labour to 
write newe the hole, and 1 haue done vnto the sentence not very nere the letter, and 
in dyuers places added some thinges folowyng vpon the same, to make the mater 
VDKXt, sentencyous and fulL I beseche you take adl vnto the best, and pray for the 
olde wretched brother of Syon, Richarde Whytforde." . . . . — See also Herbert's 
•'Ames," pp. 213-15. 

BERNARD, Richard. A Gvide to Grand-Ivry men. Divided 

into two Bookes : In the First is the Authors best aduice to them 

what to doe, before they bring in a Billa vera in cases of Witchcraft, 

with a Christian Direction to such as are too much giuen vpon euery 

crosse to thinke themselues bewitched. In the Second is a Treatise 

touching Witches good and bad, how they may be knowne, euicted, 

condemned, with many particulars tending thereunto. [Quotations 

from Proverbs and Deuteronomy^ Loftdon, Printed by Felix Kingston 

for Ed, Blackmore, and are to be sold at his shop at the great South dare 

of Pauls. 1627. Sm. 8vo. 

A — M in twelves. Prefixed are two dedications, i. to Sir John Walter and Sir 
John Denham, Barons of the Court of Exchequer ; 2. to Dr. Wood, Archdeacon 
of Wells, and Arthur Duck, D.C.L., Chancellor of that diocese, both dated from 
Batcombe, Feb. 24 and Feb. 26, [1627.] 

BERNE. De quatuor heresiarchis ordinis Praedicatorum de Ob- 
servantia nuncupatorum apud Suitenses in ciuitate Bemensi c5bustis. 
A nno Christi. 1 509. 4to. 
Twenty-eight leaves. A full account of the af!air to which this piece has rtftrance 


wiB be foond in I^Aubigii^s ^ HistcMy of the Reformation." Four Dominican 
Monks of Berne conspired together to impress the stigmata of Christ on the body of 
a novice. A commission was sent from Rome to inquire into the matter, and in 
the end the four monks were burned alive. 

BERNERS, Juliana. This present boke shewyth the manere df 
hawkynge & huntynge : and also of diuysynge of Cote armours. It 
shew)rth also a good matere belongynge to horses: wyth other 
comendable treatyses. And ferdermore of the blasynge of armys : as 
hereafter it maye appere. [Colophon.] Here in this boke afore ben 
shiwed the treatyses perteynynge to hcnukynge (j huntynge with other 
dyuers playsaunt materes belongynge vnto noblesse ; apul also a ryghi 
noble treatise of Cotamumrs^ as in this present boke it may appere^ 
And here we ende this last treatyse whyche specyfyeth of blasynge of 
armys* Enprynted at Westmestre by Wynkyn the Worde the yere of 
thyncamacdn of our lorde. M.CCCC. Ixxxxvu Folio. Black letter. 
With woodcuts of arms in tricky which in this copy are coloured. 

BR. M. 

a— e in sixes ; f^, 4 leaves each ; h, 6 leaves ; i, 4 leaves ; a — c in sixes ; 
and d, 8 leaves, including one with the printer's device, &c The last leaf in this 
copy is in facsimile. See an elaborate account of the book in Herbert's " Ames,** 
pp. 126-33. In the present copy, however, sig. c in the first alphabet has 6, not 4 
leaves, as described by Herbert. 

At the end of the treatise on angling is a curious paragraph omitted in 
the quarto edition : '* And for by cause that this present treatyse sholde not 
come to the hondys of eche ydle persone whyche wolde desire it yf it were 
enpryntyd allone by itself & put in a lytyll plaunfiet therfore I haue compylyd it 
it in a greter volume of dyuerse bokys concemynge to gentyll & noble men. to the 
entent that the forsayd ydle persones whyche sholde haue but lytyll mesure in the 
sayd dysporte of fyssJiyng sholde not by this meane vtterly dystroye it* 

The boke of hawkynge/ and hunt)mge/ and fysshynge. [This 

is the whole of the title, and occurs above a large woodcut represent- 
ing huntsmen and falconers, attended by men with dogs and weapons 
of the chase. A hawk hovers over the sportsmen. At the end is this 
colophon .] — ffere endeth the boke of Hawkynge huntynge and fysshynge, 
and with many other dyuers maters. Imprynted in Flete-strete at the 
sygneof the sonne by Wynkyn de Worde. [Circd 1503.] 4to. Black 
letter. Woodcuts. BR.M. 

A— H in eights and fours alternately, except G, which has six leaves. The only 
copy known. From the Daniel Collection. It is an abridgment, omitting neariy 
all the cuts, of the folio edition put forth by Wynkyn de Worde at Westminster in 
1496. Inserted in this copy is the title-page of an edition in folio, different to that of 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1496. 

The Gentlemans Academie. Or, The Booke of S. Albans : 

Containing three most exact and excellent Bookes: the first of 


Hawking, the second of all the proper Formes of Hunting, and the 
last of Armorie : all compiled by luliana Barnes, in the yere from the 
incarnation of Christ i486. And now reduced into a better method, 
by G[ervase] M[arkham.] London^ Printed for Humfrey LoTvnes^ and 
are to be sold at his shop in Paules church-yard. 1595. 4to. Wood- 
cuts. R. 

A — G in fours ; [a second tide] A Treatise of Hunting. London^ Printed by 
Valentine Simmes for Humfrey Lownes , . . 159$. I — L 2 in fours (no H) [a 
third tide] The Booke of Armorie. London .... 1595. M — Yin fours ; Aa — Ddj 
in fours. The first leaf of A is blank. From Sir W. Tite's collection. 

Dedicated by Markham '*To the Gentlemen of England, and all the good 
fellowship of Huntsmen and Falconers." He observes here : ** GenUemen, this 
Booke . . . the originall copie of the which was doone at Saint Albans ... 1 have 
reuiued and brought again to light the same which was almost altogether for- 
gotten, and either few or none of the perfect copies thereof remaining, except in 
their hands, who wd knowing the excellency of the worke, & the rarenesse of the 
Bookes, smothered the same from the world, thereby to inrich themsdues in priuate 
with the knowledge of these delights." 

[BEROALDUS, Ph.] Eyn beschreylich gedichte redefuning 

dreier gebriider, eyns Weinsauffers, Hiirers vnd Spielers. [Uebersetzt 

von Jacob Frolinkint] Gedrtickt zu Meyntz bei luo Sclwffer. 153a 


Twenty-six leaves, the last blank. 

Dasselbe. Gedruckt zu Meyntz bei Ivo Scltoffer, 1535. 4to. 

Twenty-six leaves, the last blank. 

BERRUTUS, Amadeus. Dialogus que coposuit R. P. D. Dfls 
Amadeus Berrutus Epus Aug. Gubemator Rome Dii esset in minoribus 
Tcpore Julii. II. In quo precipue tractat : An amico sepe ad scriben- 
dum prouocato : vt scribat : non respondent! sit amplius scribendum 
Et hinc incidenter multa pulcra. De amicitia vera De amore honesto 
De amicis veris De Epitetis curie Romane & alioru| principum. De 
curialibus n5 minus vere q^ facete scribit Et plura nouoq^ stilo addit 
his J que Pius. II. in de miseris curialium scripsit Postea vero 
Gubernator factus a Leone, pp. x. multa pulcra accomodate addidit : 
quibus docet quales esse debeant qui magistratibus publicis pre- 
ponuntur. Et in eo quatuor coUoquutores seu colluctatores introdu- 
cuntur Videlicet. Amadeus. Austeritas. Amicitia. & Amor, /wi- 
fressum Rome prope Templum Diui Marci, per Gabrielem Bononiensem. 
Ann. Hum. Red. M.D.XVIL XV. Kal. lunii. 4to. G.M. 

Title (on which is a very beautiful engraving by Marc Antonio) and dedication, 
2 leaves, the latter marked An. Sig. A, four leaves, the first of which is blank, 
and the first leaf of the text is again marked A 1 1 ; b, c, d, eight leaves each ; 
e, four leaves ; f, dght leaves, and g, four leaves. 


The book was known to Brunet only through the Sale Catalogues of Sykes and 
Hanrotty so that he expresses a doubt as to whether the engraving by Marc Antonio 
forms part of the volume or not 

BERTAUDUS, Joannes. Encomium trium Mariarum cu earundS 
cultus defensione adversus Lutheranos. Solennique missa & officio 
canonico, in quibus omnibus desideres nihil. [Parisiis,'] lodocus 
Badius Ascensius. 1529. 4to. Woodcuts, G. M. 

A very full and accurate collation of this beautiful volume is given by Brunet 

BERTRAM THE PRIEST. Bertram or Ratram concerning 

the Body and Blood of the Lord The Second Edition, corrected, 

and enlarged with an Appendix. . . . London^ Printed by H. Clark 
for Thomas Boomer, at tlu Chirurgeons-Arms in Fleetstreet, near 
Temple-Bar. 1688. 8vo. Lar^ paper, BL.M. 

A — S 3 in eights ; the appendix (with a fresh title) ; T — Kk in eights. 

BERWICK. M^moires du Marechal de Berwik, G^n^ralissime 
des armies de sa Majesty. Londres, 1758. 2 vols. Sm. 8vo. ILM. 

BESCHREIBUNG von der Eroberung der Spanischen Sylber 
Flotta, wie solche von dem General Peter Peters Hein in Nova His- 
pania, in der Insul Cuba, im Baia Mantanckha ist erobert worden, 
anno, 1628. Gedruckt im Jahr. 1629. 4to. 

BESCHRIJVINGHE van Virginia, Nieuw Nederlandt, Nieuw 
Englelandt, en d'Eylanden Bermudes, Berbados, en S. ChristofTel. 
Amsterdam by Joost Hartgers. 165 1. 4to. With engravings in the 
letterpress in the manner of De Bry. BR. M. 

Title and pp. 3 — 88. A folding map after the title. 

BESCHRYVINGE van eenige voomame Kusten in Oost en 
West Indien : Als Zueriname, Nieuw-Nederland, Florida, van 't Eyiand 
Kuba, Brazil, Suratte, Madagascar, Batavia, Peru en Mexico. TV 
Leenwarden. 17 16. 4to. bl. m. 

BESSARIO. Bessarionis Cardinalis Sabini & Patriarche Con- 
stantinopolitani capitula libri pmi aduersus caluniatore Platdis incipiut 

[Colophon]. Aspicis illustris lector quicunf libellos 

Si cupis artifiaim nomina nosse: lege. 
Aspera ridebis cognomina teutona : forsan 
Mitiget ars musis inscia uerba uirum. 
Coradus suueynheym: Amoldus panartztp magistri 


Ronu impresserunt talia multa simnl. 
Petrus cumfratre Francisco Maximus ambo 
Huic operi aptatam contribuere domum. 

[Anna 1469]. Folia BR. VL 

Editio princeps. Bmnet remarks that the date of this volume Is fixed by a tetter 
whidi is printed in the correspondence of Marsilius Ficinos. It is a letter addrciicd 
to him by Cardinal Bessarion to accompany this volume, and it is dated " idibus 
septembris anno 1469.'' Among the EpisUes of Philelphus, also, is one addressed by 
him to Cardinal Bessarion, thanking him for the book, and this is dated ** Medio- 
lani III non. octobris, 1469." 

BETTE, Thomas. A Newe Ballade intitvled, agaynst Rebellious 

and false Rumours. To the newe tune of the Blacke Almaine vpon 

Scissillia. Imprinted at London in Fletestreat at the signe of the Faucan 

by Wylliam Gryffith^ and are to be sold at his shoppe in Sainct Dun^ 

stones Churchyarde. 157a A Broadside. Black Utter. 

Nine stanzas of twelve lines, printed in two columns, divided by a band, con- 
sisting of three wood blocks. Bdow the imprint is a woodcut in two pieces which 
has not any relation to the ballad. Reprinted in ^ Anc. Ballads " in 1867. No other 
copy is known, nor any other production by the same writer. 

BETTIE, W. The Historic of Titana, and Thesevs. Very pleasant 
for age to avoide drowsie thoughts: profitable for youth to avoide 
wanton pastimes : so that to both it brings the mindes content. 
Written by W. Bettie. Lotidon Printed for Robert Bird^ and are to be 
sold at his shop in St. Laurence Lane, at the Signe of the Bible. 1636. 
4to. Blaci letter. R. 

A, 2 leaves; B — G 2 in fours. 

This romance is dedicated in an euphuistic style * To the right worshipfuU Hmn- 
phrie Conisbye." The present was George Steevens's copy. See Hazlitt's " Hand^ 
book,** p. 37. 

Although no earlier edition of this work is at present known, Thomas Pavier 
entered on the 13th August, 1608, " A booke beinge A history of Titana and The- 
seus.'' See Arbor's ** Transcript,** iii. 172. It may have been a different work on 
the same subject. 

BEVERLEY, R. The History and Present State of Virginia, in 
Four Parts. I. The History of the First Settlement of Virginia, and 
the Government thereof, to the presen^t time. II. The Natural Pro- 
ductions and Conveniences of the Country, suited to Trade and Im- 
provement. III. The Native Indians, their Religion, Laws and Cus- 
toms, in War and Peace. IV. The present state of the Country, as to 
the Polity of the Government, and the Improvements of the Land. 
By a Native and Inhabitant of the Place. London. . . . MDCCV. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; a, 2 leaves ; B — H 4, in eights ; Aa — Cc 4 in eights ; A * • * — 
D * * * in eights ; Aaaa— Ff!f 2 in eights ; a folding leaf, and tables, pp. 2a With 
a iirontispiece and 14 plates, by S. Gribelin. 


BEVERLEY, R. The History of Virginia, in four Parte 

The Second Edition, revis'd and enlarged by the Author. London • 
1722. 8vo. 

A— U 6 in eights, besides the frontispiece, with the same plates as the e^don of 

BEVIS OF HAMPTON. The Historie of Sir Bevis of Souih- 
Hampton. Printed in A berdene by Edward Raban^ for David MehilL 
1630. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BU IL 

A— I in eights. The only copy known. 

*^ An edition of extraordinary rarity of this ancient metrical Romance. I cannot 
trace another copy in any catalogue, nor have I found a collector or bookseller, who 
ever saw one. .... This copy was purchased by a Stationer's Travdler in Aber- 
deen, and sold to me."— -MS. note by Mr. Daniel (1838). 

The History of the famous and renowned Knight Sir Bevis 

of Hampton. Loftdon^ Printed by G. D. for Andrew Crook^ and are to 
be sold at the sign of the Green Dragon in Pauls Church-yard. 1662. 
4to. Black letter. BU M. 

A — H in fours. With woodcuts. 

^ Excessively rare, and, I believe, the only copy known. It has belonged to th« 
following celebrated collectors — D'Orville, with his autograph [*Aug. 27, 1725.'] 
Heame, with his autograph ' Suum Cuiq; Tho. Heame. [Sept i, 1725.'] Steevens, 
Duke of Roxburghe, Sir Mark Sykes, Mr. Hibbert, Mr. Hanrott. Mr. Hibbert 
purchased it at the sale of the Sledmere Library (Sir M. Sykes's) and I purchased 
it at Mr. Hanrott's sale." — MS. note by Mr. Daniel. Lowndes erroneously gives 
the date as 1622. Another copy is in the Douce Collection. 

** Roger Gale, Esq. hath got a 4to. MS. in w^* is part of the story of Bevis in 
oldfEnglish verse. The MS. is in paper. See my MS. Coll. vol 59, p. y>P—MS. 
note by Heame. 

BEWICK, Thomas. Illustrated Works. Newcastle, 1790— 1821. 
Royal 8vo. Large paper. Woodcuts. G. M. 

An uniform series i. British Birds, 1797 — 1 821, with both supplements, 2 vols. ; 
2. Quadrupeds, 1790; 3. Fables of iEsop and others, 1818 ; 4. Sdect Fables, 1820. 
Of the three papers printed the present is tlie middle or royal size, having (it is 
said) the best impressions of the engravings. 

BEZA, Theodorus. Poemata. Lutetia, Roberto Stephano Regio 
typographo, et sibi Conradus Badius excudebat. 1 548. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Icones, id est, verae imagines virorum doctrina simul et 

pietate illustrium .... adiectae sunt nonnullse picturae quas £m- 
blemata vocant. [Geneva.] 1580. 4to. Woodcuts. 

The Ivdgement of a most Reverend and Learned Man from 

beyond the Seas, concerning a threefold Order of Bishops. With a 


declaration of certaine other waightie points, concerning the Discipline 
and Govemement of the Chvrch. {No place, printer^ s natpu, or date.l 

Sm. 8vo. 

23 leaves. Probably printed at London about 155a 

BHAGAVAD-GITA. A philosophical poem in Sanskrit A 
MS. on paper written on a narrow roll. It contains the Bhagavad- 
Gltk in duplicate, each parallel strip bearing a complete copy of the 
text No date is given, but it appears to have been written about the 
middle of the i8th century. It is preserved in a cylindrical silver box. 

BIBLES. Biblia Polyglotta; Hebraic^ Chaldaic^, Graced et Latin^ 

de mandato ac sumptibus Francisci Ximenez de Cisneros, curis Deme- 

trii Cretensis, Antonii Nebrissensis &c [Colophon to vol. v.]. Ad per- 

petuam laudem et gloriam dei .... felici fine absolutu est in hoc precla- 

rissima Coplutensi vniuersitate : de mddato % sumptibus Reuerendissimi 

in christo patris % illustrissimi dni dotnini fratris Frdcisci Ximenez 

de Cisneros . . . industria % solertia honor abUis viri Amdldi guilielmi 

de Brocario artis impressorie magistri. 15 14-17. 6 vols. Folio. 

This is one of the copies with the arms printed in red on the titles of vols. L-iv., 
and with seven lines of letterpress beneath. 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, complectentia Textus Originales, 

Hebraicum, cum Pentateucho Samaritano, Chaldaicum, GrsecunL Ver- 
sionumque antiquarum, Samaritanae, Graecae LXXII Interp. Chal- 
daicae, Syriacae, Arabicae, iEthiopicae, Persicae, Vulg. Lat quicquid 
comparari poterat Cum Textuum, & Versionum Orientalium 
Translationibus Latinis. Ex vetustissimis MSS. undique conquisitis, 
optimisque Exemplaribus impressis, summd fide coUatis. Quae in 
prioribus Editionibus deerant suppleta. Multa antehac inedita, de 
novo adjecta. Omnia eo ordine disposita, ut Textus cum Versioni- 
bus uno intuitu conferri possint Cum Apparatu, Appendicibus, 
Tabulis, Variis Lectionibus, Annotationibus, Indicibus, &c. Opus 
totum in sex Tomos tributum. Edidit Brianus Waltonus, S.T.D. 
Londiniy Imprimebat Thomas Roycroft, 1657. 6 vols. — Lexicon Hep- 
taglotton, Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Samaritanum, iEthio- 
picum, Arabicum, Conjunctim ; Et Persicum, Separatim. In quo, 
omnes voces Hebraeae, Chaldaeae, Syrae, Samaritanae, iEthiopicae, Ara- 
bicae, & Persicae, tam in MSS**. quim Impressis libris, cumprimis 
autem in Bibliis Polyglottis, adjectis hinc inde Armenis, Turcicis, 
Indis, Japonicis, &c ordine Alphabetico, sub singulis Radicibus digestae, 
continentur. Authore Edmundo Castello. Londini, Imprime- 
bat Thomas Roycro/t, LL. Orientalium Typographies Regius. 1686. 
2 vols. Folio. BL. M. 

This copy has the Royal preface and the original dedication to Oiarles II. At 
p. 48 (vol. i.), in the Idiotismi, is the reprint noticed in the Grenville Catalogue. 


BIBLES IN English. Biblia The Bible, that is, the holy Scrip- 

ture of the Olde and New Testament, faithfully and truly translated 

out of Douche and Latyn in to Englishe. M. D. XXXV. S. Paul 

II. Tessa. III. Praie for vs, that the worde of God maie haue fre 

passage, and be glorified, &c. S. Paul Col. III. Let the worde of 

Christ dwell in you plenteously in all wyssdome &c. Josue I. Let 

not the boke of this lawe departe out of thy mouth, but exerc)rse 

thyselfe therin daye and nighte &c. [Colophon:] Prynied in the 

yeare of oure Larde M.D. XXX V. and fynished the fourth daye of 

October* Folio. Black letter. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

First edition of Coverdale's translation of the Bible, and first appearance of the 
Holy Scriptures in a collected form in English. No entirely perfect copy is known. 
The present has the title-page, map, most of the preliminary leaves, and two leaves 
at the end in facsimile, but the condition is sound and clean. A very carefid collation 
is given in Mr. Lea Wilson's Catalogue of Bibles. 

The Byble in Englyshe, that is to saye the content of all 

the holy scrypture, bothe of y* olde and newe testament, truly trans- 
lated after the veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes, by y' dylygent 
studye of dyuerse excellent learned men, expert in the forsayde 
tonges. Prynted by Ryc/iard Grafton y Edward Whitchurch. Cum 
priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. 1539. Folia Woodcuts. Black 
letter. BU M. 

From Mr. Lea Wilson's collection. Dr. Cotton, in his " Editions of the English 
Bible,'' says : '' It is extremely difficult to meet with a copy, like Mr. Lea Wilson's, 
entirely perfect" 

This is one of the uniform unmixed copies of the great Bible of 1539, which is 
so carefully described in the Grenville catalogue, in Mr. Lea Wilson's catalogue 
(No. 6), and at much greater length by Mr. F. Fry, who has devoted a whole 
volume to the subject. Very few copies are quite complete, and though the Gren- 
ville copy is described as being so, the first title and one other leaf are in facsimile. 
The woodcut border to the title has usually been described as designed by Holbein, 
but competent authorities of late years have declared that such is not the case. 
There are two copies known upon vellum, one of which is in the library of St 
John's College, Cambridge, and the other in the possession of Mr. Wynne of 

The Byble, whych is all the holy Scripture : In whych are 

contayned the Olde and Newe Testament, tnielye and purely trans- 
lated into Englishe By Thomas Matthewe. 1 537. And now Imprinted 
in the Yeare of oure Lorde. M. D. XLIX. Esaye. i. Hearcken to, ye 
heauens, and thou earth geue eare: For the Lord speaketh. Im- 
printed at London By Thomas Raynalde, and William Hyll dwelling in 
Paules Churche yeard. Folio. Black letter. BR. M. 

Na 14 in Mr. Lea Wilson's catalogue, where a very fiill collation is given. He 
says : '* The volume is barbarously printed with a worn out type. The paging is 
so incorrea that it is useless to attempt to say what the preceding numbers should 


Ittve be«n ; thsf vt mil incomct, many folios being entirely omitted. To the 
prologues to Leviticus and Deuteronomy are very large initial letters half the 
breadth of the page and i8 lines of text deep, liiey are curiously flourished, of 
the character of those used by Verard and other Paris printers in the early part of 
this century/ 

BIBLES IN ENGU8H. The Byble, that is to say all the holy 

Scripture: In whych are cdtayned the Olde and New Testamente^ 

truly & purely traslated into English, & nowe lately with greate 

industry & diligece recognised Esaye .L Hearken to ye heauens^ 

and thou earthe geue eare : For the Lorde speaketh. ImprynUd at 

London by yhan Daye^ dwelling at Aldersgate^ and William Seres^ 

dwelling in Peter Colledge, Cum gratia et Priuilegio ad Imprimendum 

solum, xvii. day of August .JIf. D. XL IX. [Coloph.] The ende of the 

newe Testament ^ and of the whole Byble. To the honoure and pray se of 

God was this Bible printed ^ fynyshed. In theyeare ofoure Lorde God. 

Anno Mn Djclix. Imprinted at London, ifc These bokes are to be solde 

by the lyttle conduyte in Chepesyde. Cum Priuilegio^ \iic. Folio, Black 


This copy, which belonged successively to Mr. Lea Wilson and to Mr. John 
Dunn Gardner, is in the most perfect condition and widi the original sides, though 
rebadced. " The translation is that of Matthews, with the slightest possible varia- 
tions from the text of 1537. I mention this particulariy, as it b usually set down 
asTavemer's.'' — Mr. Lea Wilson's catalogue, No. 15, where a full collation is given. 

The Byble in Englishe, that is, the olde and new Testament, 

after the translacion appoynted to bee read in the Churches. Im- 
prynted at London in Fletestrete^ at the signe of the Sunne, oueragc^nste 
the condteyte, by Edwarde Whitchurche. The jcxix. day of December, the 
yeare of our Lorde Ji.D.XLIX. Cum priuilegio. %lc. ^ Folio. Black 
letter. BL. M. 

From Mr. Lea Wilson's collecdon, No. 16 in his catalogue. Among other 
peculiarities, Mr. V^lson remaiks : " The volume has been evidently printed at 
two different presses. The whole of the first part and down to Fol. Ixxxviij of the 
second, and the Apocrypha, are in a type differing entirely from the rest of the 
volume : particularly the running titles and the initial letters of all the chapters. 
In the parts above mentioned the names of the Almighty, Lorde and God, are 
printed in Roman capitals ; in the latter parts they are not distinguished in the 

^-^-<— The whole Byble» that is the holy scripture of the Olde and 
Newe t^tamw^ faythfully translated in(o Engiyshe by Myies Couer- 
dale and newly ouersene and correcte. M. D. L. Pray for vs that 
the worde of God maye haue free passage and be glorified. iL Tes. iii* 
Prynted for Andrewe Hester, dwellinge in Paules churchyard at the 
Vff^ ^ ^ vd^te horse, and are there to be solde. Set forth with the 
kynges mooete grmious licence. 4to. Black letter. BL. M. 


A fine end perfect eopy of this mxax, taie editm. Fnnn the coDecti e ns of 
Mr, Lea Wilson and Mr. Dunn Gardnei; That the volume was printed at Zorich by 
Christopher Froschovcr is incontestably proved by the existence of a copy in 
the pablic library of that town with his name on the title^ In all other known 
copies the title and prdiminaiy leaves are of English execution, having been 
adided by Hester when the impression reached this countiy, or by Jugge three years 
later. A very fiill and accurate collation of the book it given by Mr. Lea ^Mnixm 
in his catalogue of English bibles. No. 19. There is in the libnuy another copy of 
this Bible with focsimiles of the three titles with which it was at different times 
issued. 2. That given above. 2. The Zurich title, without date. 3. Jugge's title^ 
1553 ; and with the three leaves of table at the end, also in £sicsimile. 

BIBLES IN English. The Byble, that is to saye, all the 
holye Scripture : In whiche are contayned the olde and new Testa- 
ment, truly and purely translated into Englishe, & now lately with 
great industry & diligence recognysed. Esay .1. Herken to ye 
heauens, & thou earth geue eare: For the Lorde speaketh. Im- 
prynted at London by John WyghU, dwellynge in Paules church yarde^ 
at the sygne of the Rose. Cum gracia & PriuUegio lic» vi. day ofMcye. 
M.D.LI. Folio. Black letter. BR. M. 

Matthews' version. No. 21 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. Thoui^ Mr. Wilson's 
copy had the name of N. Hyll as the printer, it accords in every respect with this 
as to the collation, the edition having been published with the names of Hyll, Toy, 
Petyt & Wyghte simultaneously. The woodcut border to the title is the same 
as that which was used for Coverdale's Bible of 1535, but with the mottoes and texts 
in Latin. 

^'— The Bible and Holy Scriptures oonteyned in the CMde and 

Newe Testament. Translated according to the Ebrue and Greke, 

and conferred With the best tianslations in diuers langs^es. With 

moste profitable annotations vpon all the hard places, and other things 

of great importance as may appeare in the Epistle to the Reader. 

At Geneva, Printed by Rovland BalL M.D.LX. 4ta Wi>odr 

cuts. BR.M. 

First edition of the translation commonly known as the Genevan version, 
having been made by the English divines living in exile at Geneva during Queen 
Mary's reign. It became so popular that more editions of it were printed than of 
any other translation, b e t w e e n the date of its publication and 161 1, notwithstanding 
that the *^ Bishops' * version was printed by royal authority in 1568. Na 25 in Lea 
Wilson's Catalogue. 

^ — The bible in Englishes that is to saye, the contentes of al the 
holy Scripture, both of the olde and newe Testament, according to 
the translation that is apointed to be read in Churches. Imprinted at 
London in white crosse strete by Richarde Harrison. Anno. Dowk 
X.5.6.2. Folia Black letter. Woodcuts. BL.M. 

Cranmer's Version. No. 27 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. 

^ The title in black, in the beautiful woodcut used for the first edition of Matthew's 
' Bible 1537, representing the Law and the Gospel pointing out to man, their respoc- 
live ways to Salvation.* 


have been ; they are all mconect, many folios being entirely omitted. To the 
prologues to Leviticus and Deuteronomy are very large initial letters half the 
breadth of the page and i8 lines of text deep, liiey are curiously flourished, of 
the character of those used by Verard and other Paris printers in the early part of 
this century." 

BIBLES IN English. The Byble, that is to say all the holy 

Scripture: In whych are cdtayned the Olde and New Testamente^ 

truly & purely traslated into English, & nowe lately with greate 

industry & diligece recognised Esaye .i. Hearken to ye heauens^ 

and thou earthe geue eare : For the Lorde speaketh. ImprynUd at 

London by Jhan Daye^ dwelling at Aldersgate^ and William Seres, 

dwelling in Peter Colledge, Cum gratia et Priuilegio ad Imprimendum 

solum, xvii. day of August .M, D* XLIX. [Coloph.] The ende of the 

newe Testament ^ and of the whole Byble. To the honoure and pray se of 

God was this Bible printed &* fynyshed. In they eare ofoure Lorde God. 

Anno M. Djclix. Imprinted at London, He. These bokes are to be solde 

by the lyttle condu^te in Chepesyde. Cum Priuilegio, He. Folia Black 


This copy, which belonged successively to Mr. Lea Wilson and to Mr. John 
Dunn Gardner, is in the most perfect condition and widi the original sides, though 
lebacked. " The translation is that of Matthews, with the slightest possible varia- 
tions from the text of 1537. 1 mention this particularly, as it is usually set down 
asTavemer's." — Mr. Lea Wilson's catalogue, Na 15, where a full collation is given. 

The Byble in Englishe, that is, the olde and new Testament, 

after the translacion appoynted to bee read in the Churches. Im- 

prynted at London in Fletestrete, at thesigne of the Sunne, oueragaynste 

the conduyte, by Edwarde Whitchurche. The jocix. day of December, the 

yeare of our Lorde JH.D.XLIX. Cum priuilegio. %lc .Folio. Black 

letter. BL. M. 

From Mr. Lea Wilson's collection, No. 16 in his catalogue. Among other 
peculiarities, Mr. Wilson remarks : '^ The volume has been evidendy printed at 
two different presses. The whole of the first part and down to Fol. Ixxxviij of the 
second, and the Apocrypha, are in a type differing entirely from the rest of the 
volume : particularly the running titles and the initial letters of all the chapters. 
In the parts above mentioned the names of the Almighty, Lorde and God, are 
printed in Roman capitals ; in the latter parts they are not distinguished in the 

The whole Byble, that is the holy scripture of the Olde and 

Newe testament faythfully translated into Englyshe by Myles Couer- 
dale and newly ouersene and correcte. M« D. L. Pray for vs that 
the worde of God maye haue free passage and be glorified, il Tes. iii* 
Prynted for Andrewe Hester, dwellinge in Paules churchyard at the 
sygne of the whyte horse, and are th^re to be solde. Set forth tgntk the 
kynges iuoaste gracious lice^ice. 4to. Black letter. BL. M. 


A fine And perfect copy of this most nue edition. From the coUecdons of 
Mr. Lea Wilson and Mr. Dunn Gardnen That the volume was printed at Zurich by 
Christopher Froschover is incontestably proved by the existence of a copy in 
the public library of that town with his name on the title. In all other known 
copies the title and preliminary leaves are of English execution, having been 
added by Hester when the impression reached this country, or by Jugge three years 
later. A very full and accurate collation of the book is given by Mr. Lea Wilson 
in his catalogue of English bibles, No. 19. There is in the library another copy of 
this Bible with facsimiles of the three titles with which it was at different times 
issued. J. That given above. 2. The Zurich title, without date. 3. Jugge's title^ 
1553 ; and with the three leaves of table at the end, also in &csimile. 

BIBLES IN English. The Byble, that is to saye, all the 
holye Scripture : In whiche are contayned the olde and new Testa- 
ment, truly and purely translated into Englishe, & now lately with 
great industry & diligence recognysed. Esay .1. Herken to ye 
heauens, & thou earth geue eare: For the Lorde speaketh. IfH" 
prynUd at London by John Wyghte, dwellynge in Paules church yarde^ 
at the sygne of the Rose, Cum gracia & Priuilegio tjc, vi. dc^ ofMaye. 
M.D.LI. Folio. Black letter. BR. M. 

Matthews' version. No. 21 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. Though Mr. Wilson*s 
copy had the name of N. Hyll as the printer, it accords in every respect with this 
as to the collation, the edition having been published with the names of Hyll, Toy, 
Petyt & Wyghte simultaneously. The woodcut border to the title is the same 
as that which was used for Coverdale's Bible of iS3Sf ^^^ ^^ ^^^ mottoes and texts 
in Latin. 

The Bible and Holy Scriptures contesmed in the Olde and 

Newe Testament Translated according to the Ebrue and Greke, 

mnd conferred With the best translations in diuers langages. With 

moste profitable annotations vpon all the hard places^ and other things 

of great importance as may appeare in the Epistle to the Reader. 

At Geneva. PrinUd by Rovland HalL M.D.LX. 4to. W/Mki- 

cuts. BR. M. 

First edition of the transladon commonly known as the Genevan version, 
having been made by the English divines living in exile at Geneva during Queen 
Mary's reign. It became so popular that more editions of it were printed than of 
any other translation, between the date of its pubUcation and 161 1, notwithstanding 
that the ^ Bishops' " version was printed by royal authority in 1568. Na 25 in Lea 
Wilson's Catalogue. 

— — The bible in Englishe, that is to saye, the contentes of al the 
holy Scripture, both of the olde and newe Testament, according to 
the translation that is apointed to be read in Churches. Imprinted at 
London in white crosse strete by Richarde Harrison. Amw. Domk Folio. Black letter. Woodcuts. BL.M. 

Cranmer's Version. No. 27 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. 

^ The title in black, in the beautiful woodcut used for the first edition of Matthew's 
Bible 1537, representing the Law and the Gospel pointing out to man, their respec- 
tive ways to Salvation.^ 


BIBLES IN English. The. Bible. In Englyshe of The Largest 

and greatest volume, that is to saye : the contentes of all the holye 

Scripture, booth of the oulde and newe Testament According to the 

translation apoynted by the Queenes Maiesties Iniunctions to be read 

in all churches with in her Maiesties Realme. At Roven^ At the 

caste and charges of Richard Carmarden. Cum Priuilegio, 1 566. Folio. 

Black letter. BR. M. 

Cranmer's version. The title is in £u:simile. No. 29 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. 
^ The volume is beautifully printed in a large clean type on a very thick and fine 
paper.** Following the Prologue is ** The Order of Morning & Evening Prayer," 

The. holie. Bible ; conteyning the olde Testament and the 

newe. [Colophon :] Imprinted at London in powles Churchyarde by 

Richarde lugge^ printer to the Queenes Maiestie, Cum priuilegio Regice 

Maiestatis. [1568.] Folio. Black letter. Woodcuts. BR.M. 

The first edition of " the Bishops' " version. Printed under the superintendence 
of Archbishop Parker. Na 30 in Lea Wilson*s Catalogue, where a fiill description 
and collation of it is given. The present copy is complete, with the portraits of 
Queen Elizabeth, the Eari of Leicester and Lord Burleigh, which are rarely found. 

The. holie. Bible. [This is the whole title within a border 

above the same copper-plate portrait of the Queen as in the edit, of 

1568. Colophon :] Imprinted at London in Powles Chvrcheyarde by 

Richard lugge, Printer to the Queenes Maiestie. 1 572. Cvm Privilegio 

Regice Maiestatis. Folia Black letter. BR. M. 

The second folio edition of '^ the Bishops' * version. The portraits are retained, but 
the impressions are necessarily inferior. A full collation of the voliune, and an account 
of its variations from the edition of 1568, are given in Lea Wilson's Catalogue, No. 
37. The Book of Psalmes is given in two versions, that in " Roman type being 
headed, ^The translation used in common prayer," and that in black letter, ''The 
translation after the Hebrewes." 

The. Bible. That is, The Holy Scriptvres conteined in the 

Olde and Newe Testament. Translated according to the Ebrewe and 
Greeke. . . .Imprinted at London by Christopher Barkar^dweUing in Pater 
noster Rowe at the signe of the Tygres head, 1577. Cum priuilegio. 
Folio. BR. M. 

Tomson's revision of the Genevan Version. Na 46 in Lea Wilson's Catalogue. 

The Bible and Holy Scriptvres conteined in the olde and 

newe Testament. Translated according to the Ebnie & Greke, & 
conferred with the beste translations in diuers languages. With moste 
profitable annotations vpon all the hard places of the Holy Scriptvre, 
and other things of great importance, mete for the godly Reader. 
God save the King. [Woodcut of the Royal arms of Scotland.] 


Printed in Edinbrvgh Be Alexander Arbuthnot^ Printer to the Kingis 
Maiestie^ dwelling at ye Kirk offeild. 1 576 — 9. Cvm Gratia etprivi- 
legio Regiar {sic) Maiestatis. Folio. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

The Genevan version. The first edition of the Scriptures published in Scotland, 
The separate title to the New Testament bearing date 1576. It is usually known 
ms ^ Bassandyne's Bible," that being the name of the Printer on the title-page 
of the New Testament. "^/ Edinburgh, Printed by Thomas Bassandyne. 
M,D.LXXVI,^ For some interesting particulars relative to the publication of this 
Bible, see Dr. Lee's Memorial for the Bible Societies in Scotland, and Anderson's 
History of the English BiUe, vol IL p. 537. 

The title-page to the Old Testament te in focsimile in this copy, but it is others 
wise complete, with the three separate woodcuts* No. 45 in Mr. l,ea Wilson'^ 

BIBLES IN English. The Bible, That is the Holy Scriptvres 

conteined in the Old and New Testament . . . Imprinted at London 

by the Deputies of Christopher Barker • • . 1 599. 4to. Woodcuts, 

The Genevan version. V 3 leaves ; A — Qqqq 4 in eights, besides the ^ntispiece ; 
the New Testatnemt^ Aa— Rrr 4 in eights* 

The Bible : That Is, the Holy Scriptvres conteined in the 

Old and New Testament .... Imprinted at London by Robert Barker 
. . . 16 10. 4to. Woodcuts, 

Genevan version. Title, &C| 4 leaves, the first blank ; A— Z in eights ; &, 
6 leaves ; Aa— Zs in eights ; & &, 8 leaves ; **i 4 leaves : the New Testament, with 
a separate title, also dated 1610 ; Aaa — Rrr 4 in eights, the colophon dated 161 1. 

A beautiful copy in the original stamped calf binding, with the Royal arms in 
the centre of each side^ Bound up in the volume is the Book of Conunon Prayer, 
1609 ; and the Psalms in metre, i6ia 

— *^ The Bible That is, the Holy Scriptvres contained in the 
Olde and New Testament. Translated according to the Ehrew and 
Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in diuerse languages : 

At Edinburgh, Printed by Andro Hart, and are to be sold at 

his Buith^ 4m the North-side of the gate, a title beneath the Crosse, 
AnswDom. i6ia Cum PriviUgio Regia MaiestaHs, Folio. Wood- 
cuts. BL. M* 

The Genevan version. No. 106 in Mr. Lea Wilson's Catalugue. 

The Holie Bible faithfvlly translated into English, ovt of the 

Avthentical Latin. Diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, 
and other Editions in diuers languages. With Argvments of the 
Bookes, and Chapters : Annotations : Tables : and other helpes .... 
By the English College of Doway. [Quot. from Isaiah 12.] Printed 
at Doway by Lavrence Keltam, at the signe of the fiolie Lambe. 
M.DC.IX. The Second Tome of the Holie Bible .... PrinUd at 
Daweey . . . M.DC.X. 4to. 2 vols. BL. M. 



The first edition of the Roman Catholic version of the Old Testament in English. 

VoL I., title and preliminaries, lo leaves ; A — Ssssss in fours, and Tttttt, 
6 leaves (w in each alphabet). VoL 1 1., A — Dddddd in fours ; Eeeeee, 6 leaves ; 
Ffffff— W wwwww 2 in fours ; Errata^ i leaf, and one leaf blank (each alphabet in- 
cludes sig. w). 

BIBLES IN English. The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old 
Testament, and the New : Newly Translated out of the Originall 
tongues : & with the former Translations diligently compared and 
reuised by his Maiesties speciall Cofflandement Appointed to be 
read in Churches. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker^ Printer to 
the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. Anno Dom. i6ii. Folio. Tke 
title-page engraved on copper^ with the inscription : C. Boel fecit in Rich- 
mont, BL. M. 

The first edition of the ^ Royal " version. There was more than one issue of 
the same date. This is believed to be the earliest. The first line of the heading 
to the address or dedication to King James reads ^ To the most " without a para- 
graph mark preceding it The first page has 27 lines, the catchword is *^ lutumJ* 
««The translators to the reader," eleven pages (not 2 as described by Lowndes). 
Otherwise the collation given by Lowndes is correct Mr. Lea Wilson had not the 
first issue of this date, and does not seem to have been aware that there was more 
than one. It is said that copies which were issued with the engraved title had not 
the letterpress title and vice versd. This was purchased a few years since in a 
broken calf binding of the early part of the i8th century, and bad no appearance of 
any letterpress title having been abstracted. That which is now inserted in it was 
taken from another copy, also in an old binding, which had not the engraved title. 

The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament and the 

New: Newly translated .... Appointed to be read in Churches. 
Imprinted at London by Robert Barker .... Anno Dom, 161 3. Cum 
PriuUegio. Folio. BL. M. 

Royal version. Mr. Lea Wilson gives an elaborate collation of this edition* 
See his Catalogue, No. 112, where it is pointed out how the difierent issues of this 
date differ from one another and from the edition of 161 1. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New : 

Newly translated, &c Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, Printer 
to the Kings most excellent Maiesty, 16 16. Cum PriuUegio, lie. 

Folio. R. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B, 6 leaves ; A— Tttt in sixes ; Uuuu, 8 leaves, the last blank. 

The New Testament has a separate title. An edition of the Book of Common 
Prayer, 1616, is bound up in the volume. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New. 

.... Printed by Tho. and John Buck, printers to the University of 
Cambridge. [1629.] Folio. The title engraved by John Payne. 

BL. M. 

Title, 1 leaf ; 5, 6 leaves ; A— Kkk4 in sixes ; New Testament^ with a letterpress 


title, dated 1629. Lll—Bbbb 3 in sixes ; Psalmes^ with a new title and the music, 
A — 1 3 in sixes. The two last leaves of Kkk, and the last three of Bbbb and of I (in 
the Psalms)^ were blank. See Wilson's Catalogue, 139, and Loftie's ^' Century 
of Bibles,* 1872, pp. 81-82. 

BIBLES IN English. The Holy Bible containing the Old Tes- 
tament and the New. Newly translated out of the original I tongues 
.... Appointed to be read in Churches. Edinburgli^ Printed by t/ie 
Printers to the Kings most excellent Majestie. Cum Privilegio. Anno 
Dom, 1633. 8vo. BL. M. 

The first edition of the Royal version of the Scriptures printed in Scotland. 
Some copies have the name of Robert Young on the title, who was, in fact, King's 
printer. The volimie is executed in a small, neat type. 

Leaf, with the arms of England and Scotland quartered ; frontispiece, repre- 
senting the Temptation ; the Old Testament, A — Nn in eights ; the Woodcut of 
the Royal Arms repeated ; [a new title] : the New Testament .... £din- 
bvzgh .... 1633. Aaa — Mmm 4 in eights. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New. 

.... Printed by The, Buck and Roger Daniel, Printers to the Vniver* 

sity of Cambridge And are to be sold by Roger Daniel, at the Angell in 

Lumberstreet, London. [1638.] Folio. BL. M. 

The Old Testament, A — Yyy 4 in sixes, besides the title engraved by 
W. Marshall ; the New Testament, A — R in sixes ; the whole Book of Psalmes 
A — I 3 in sixes. 

The Holy Bible conteyning the Old Testament and the New. 

Newly translated out of the Originall Tongues .... Appointed to 
be read in Churches. Printed at London by Robert Barker Printer to 
the Kings most excellent Maf**, and by the Assignes of lohn Bill. 
Anno 1639. Folio. 

Engraved title, i leaf ; Dedication, i leaf ; to the Reader, 7 leaves (2 leaves 
between A 4 — 6} ; Contents and Genealogies, i leaf ; A — Pppp 5 in sixes. 

The New Testament commences with a fresh title, A — Uu 4. This is the edition 
of 1632, with a reprinted title. The colophon preserves the old date. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testa- 
ments London Printed by lohn Field Printer to the Parliament. 

1653. Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

A — Ddd in twelves, last leaf blank. 

Respecting this edition, see Lea Wilson's Catalogue, Na 184. The present 
copy contains some of the errors which he mentions. 

The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New. 

Newly translated out of the originall Tongues and with the former 
Translation diligently compared and revised by his Maiesties Speciall 
Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. London. Printed by 
lohn Field one of His Highnesses Printers. 1658. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

See Wilson's Catalogue, No. 195. 


BIBLES IN English. The Holy Bible, containing the old Tes- 

tament and the New .... Appointed to be read in Churches. 

Cambridge Printed by John Field, Printer to the Universitie. 1668. 

4to. BL. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — Qq in fours, last leaf blank ; New Testament, with fresh title 
and register, A — M in fours. The New Testament title bears date 1666. 

The Holy Bibl^ containing the Old and New Testaments, 

Newly Translated out of the Oripnal Tongues, and with the former 
Translations diligently Compared and Revised. With Marginal Notes, 
shewing the Scripture to [be] the best Interpreter of Scripture. London, 
Printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceased 
. . . Anno Dom. 1698. Sm. 8va O. \L 

A — li 6 in twelves* 

There is a separate title to the New Testament \ but the signatures (some of 
which are marked very unusually up to the ninth leaf of the sheet) are continuous. 

^ Beautiful copy, bound from the uncut sheets, by Charles Lewis." — Georgs 
Daniel, 1848. 

The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and the New, 

with Notes. London, Printed by J. W. Pasham, 1776. Sm« 8vo. 
BL. u* 

A— Ddd 8 in twelves, and an engraved title-page. 

This edition was printed with notes at the extreme of the bottom margin, to evade 
the law against Bibles without notes being printed by any one except the King's 
printer. When the Bibles were bound these notes were cut oft 

*-— The Holy Bible, including the Old and New Testament, and 
the Apocrypha ; with explanatory Notes .... London, 1784. Folio. 

BL. M. 

The Notes purport fdsely to have been written by Pope Gement XIV. 
(Ganganelli) of whom a portrait faces the title. The translator calls himself ''an 
English divine, who is a sincere well-wisher to religious, as well as civil liberty.'^ 
His name does not appear to be known ; but he held latitudinarian opinions. 

The Holy Bible; containing the Books of the Old and -New 

Testaments .... With Notes by Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop 

of Sodor and Man .... In Three Volumes. Bath, Printed by 

R. Cruttwell . . . 1785. 4to. Large Paper. BL. M. 

Edited by Rev. C. Cruttwell, who has added the various readings from other 

The Holy Bible .... Edinburgh: Printed by Sir D. Hunter 

Blair and J. Bruce, Printers to the King's most Excellent Majesty. 
1 8 1 1 . Sm. 8vo. Large Paper. R. M. 

This edition is beautifully printed in diamond type. 


BIBLES IN English. The Holy Bible, .... in the Earliest 
English Versions, made from the Latin Vulgate of John Wycliflfe and 
his Followers. Edited by the Rev. Josiah Forshall . . . and Sir Frederic 
Madden . . . Oxford^ 1850. 4 vols. 4to. Large Paper. BL. M. 

[The Pentateuch translated by William Tyndale ; with sepa- 
rate title-pages to each book.] i. The fyrst boke of Moses called 
Genesis. [Colophon]. EmprenUd at Marlborow in the lande of Hessel 
by nu Hans Luftj the yere of oure Lorde. M, CCCCCxxx. the xvij. 
dayes of Januarij. 2. The seconde boke of Moses, called Exodus. 
[No place or date.'\ 3. The Thyrde Boke of Moses, Called Leuiticus. 
[No place or date,] 4. The fourthe book of Moses called Numeri. 
[No place or date,] $. A Prologe in to the fyfte boke of Moses, called 
Deuteronomye. [Noplace or date,] In one volume. Sm. 8vo. R. 

First edition of Tyndale's Pentateuch and the first appearance of any portion of 
the Scriptures, as such, in the English language. It is believed that the only other 
perfect copies known are those which belong respectively to the Grenville and 
Althorp collections. The only defect in this copy is that a small comer of the title 
to Genesis is repaired. It was acquired at Mr. Utterson's sale, and is erroneously 
cited by Lowndes as the edition of 155 1. When purchased, the last leaf was in 
£u:simile, but it has since been completed from another copy. A full coUation of 
each part is given in Lowndes, 2nd ed. p. 1827. 

BIBLES IN French. [Les livres de TAncien Testament, his- 
tories en frangais par Julian Macho et Pierre Ferget Sans lieu ni 
date!] Folio. Black letter. BR. M. 

As this edition was unknown to Brunet, and is hitherto undescribed, a collation 
of it is of importance. It consists of 285 leaves, printed across the page. A full page 
contains 28 lines or occasionally only 27. It is thus composed : Table, 5 leaves ; 
sigs. a — z in eights ; 9, 8 leaves ; ^, 8 leaves ; A, 10 leaves ; B — I in eights (no sig. 
K) ; L, 6 leaves. 

This copy was obtained at a sale in Paris in 1862, and so far as can be ascer- 
tained no other has ever been described. It is in very fine condition, and full of rough 
leaves. It conforms exactly in type and style of printing with the New Testament 
printed at Lyons by Barthelemy Buyer, also without date, but usually referred to the 
year 1473 or 1474. The paper has even the same watermark, a toothed wheel with 
lever, so that without doubt it came from the same press, and it is fair to suppose 
that the Old Testament would have preceded the New Testament in order of publi- 
cation. The New Testament is a book of such great rarity, that M. Gustave Brunet, 
in '^ La France Littdraire au xv^ si^cle," says, '' M. Coste ne parvint pas, malgrd tous 
ses efforts, k s'en procurer un poiur sa collection lyonnaise," but it is believed that of 
this edition of the Old Testament this copy is unique. It is specially mentioned 
by M. Gustave Brunet (p. 199), but he makes the very serious error of representing 
it to have the date of 1472, and the printer's name, into which he had probably been 
led by the sale catalogue. 

On referring to Brunet, '* Manuel du Libraire ", voL i. col. 883, one might at first 
sight suppose that this was the edition there described, inasmuch as it contains th^ 
same number of leaves and is ascribed to the same press ; but it will be observed 
that while this is printed across the page with twenty-eight lines to the full page, 
that described by M. Brunet is printed in double columns with thirty-one lines to the 


page. By the time M. Bninet had reached the article '' Testamenty** however, he 
appears to have heard of this edition, printed in long lines, twenty-eight to the page^ 
and refers to the ^ Additions " to the ^ Manud du Libraire* for a description of it ; 
but unfortunately the veteran bibliographer was never able to complete these 
additions for publication* 

In the catalogue of the sale at which this volume was purchased, it was spoken 
of as the earliest French book printed in France, but in the absence of a date it 
is impossible to say anything decisive on that head. The book which can lay claim 
to that honour will be found in this catalogue under ^ Voragine.** 

BIBLES IN French. Cy comencc la bible en fracoys. [At the 
end of the last leaf of the table, second column.] Cy finit la table 
de ce plent liure intitule la bible en frdcois Imprimee a paris. [Sans 
date.'] Folio. Black letter. BR. Bf. 

As this copy differs in some respects from that described by Brunet (voL L coL 
88^ an exact collation is subjoined. First leaf quite blank (without any woodcut 
as described by Brunet, though it is certainly the original blank leaf), a-^ in 
eights ; e, 6 leaves ; f and g, 8 each ; h, 6 ; i, 8 ; k, 6 ; 1 and m, 8 ; n, 6 ; o and p, 
8 ; q, 6 ; r and s, 8 ; t, 6 ; u, 8 ; x, 6 ; y, 8 ; z, 5. Table with sig. A, 4 leaves. The 
last folio is clxviL, on the verso of which is a large cut of the Crucifixion. 

La Saincte Bible en Francoys, translatee selon la pure et 

cnticre traduction de Sainct Hierome, conferee et entierement reuisitee, 
selon les plus anciens et plus correctz exemplaires Ou sus ung 
chascun Chapitre est mis brief argumet, auec plusieurs figures et 
Histoires : aussy les Concordances en marge au dessus des estoilles, 
diligemment reuisitees. Imprime en Anuers par Martin Lempereur. 
An.M.D.etxxx. Folio. Black letter. BR. M. 

This is the first complete edition of the Scriptures printed together in the French 
language, though Brunet states on the authority of Prosper Marchand, Diet. Histor. 
pt L p. 252, that it was preceded by an edition printed in six volumes from 1 523 to 
1528, partly at Paris and partly at Antwerp. It does not appear that he had seen 
any copy of it himself, nor is he able to name any library where a copy may be seen. 
He appears, however, to have seen the last volume of the Old Testament printed at 
Antwerp in 1 528, and of that he gives a full description. This edition of 1530 has 
an additional interest from the fact that some of the types used in it are also 
employed in the editions of Tyndale's New Testament printed by Martin 

Le premier [et le second] volume de la Bible en francoys. 

Imprimi i Lyon pour Pierre Bailly, 1531. Folio. Woodcuts. Black 
letter. BR. M. 

Two vols, in one. This is not a complete version of the Scriptures, but a Bible 

La Saincte Bible en Francoys, translatee selon la pure et 

cntiere traduction de Sainct Hierome, derechief conferee et entiere- 
ment reuisitee selon les plus anciens & plus correctz exemplaires. Ou 
sus ung chascun chapitre est mis brief argument Auec ce sont deux 


tables, dont lune est pour les diuersitez daucunes manieres de parlers 

figuratifz & de diuers motz quat a leur propre signification : Lautre 

table est pour trouuer les Epistres & Euangiles de toute lannee, Auec 

brief recueil des ans du monde. En Anuers par Martin Lemper eur. 

An. M, D. iff xxxiiii. Folio. BR. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 22 leaves ; folios i — 396. New Testament, title and 
preliminaries, 8 leaves ; folios i — loi. Colophon, i leaf. 

This is the second folio edition of the French Bible printed by Martin Lem- 

BIBLES IN French. La Bible qui est toute la Saincte escrip- 

ture. En laquelle sont contenus, le Vieil Testament & le Nouveau, 

translatez en Francoys. Le Vieil, de Lebrieu : & le Nouveau, du Grec. 

Aussi deux amples tables, lune pour linterpretation des propres noms : 

lautre en forme Dindice, pour trouuer plusieurs sentences et matieres. 

Acheue dimprimer en la Ville et Conte de Neufchastely par Pierre de 

wingle. 1535. Folio. BL. M. 

First edition of the French protestant version of the Bible. 

At the foot of the title to this copy is printed, in a similar type to the body of the 

book, — 

** A Jehan Ramu, ceste Bible appartient, 

Le vray Eden qui toutes fleurs contient" 

After the colophon occur the following lines : — 

Lecteur entendz, si Verite addresse, 
viens done ouyr InstaMent sa promesse 
et vif parler : lequd en excellence 
veult asseurer nostre grelle esperance. 
lesprit jesus qui visite et ordonne 
nos tendres meurs, icy sans cry estonne 
tout hault raillart escumant son ordure, 
remercions eternelle nature, 
prenons vouloir bienfaire librement, 
Jesus querons veoir Etemellement 

Dr. Pettigrew, in the Bibliotheca Sussexiana, points out the curious fact that by 
taking the first letter of each word in these lines we obtain the following distich : — 

Les Vaudob, Peuple Evangelique, 
Ont mis ce Thresor en publique. 

La Bible, qui est toute la Saincte Escriture du Vieil et 

Nouveau Testament. A la Rochelle. 1616. Sm. 8vo. BLK. M. 

La Sainte Bible, traduite sur les textes originaux, avec les 

differences de la vulgate. A Cologne. 1739. 8vo. R. M. 

La Bible translatee de latin en Frilcoys, au vray sens, pour 

les simples gens qui n'entedent pas latin, corrige & Imprime 
nouuellement. A Paris par Pierre Regnault {s, dl\, Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

This volume appears to be undescribed by Brunet It is an abridged paraphrase 


of the historical portion of the Old Testament It consists of 291 leaves titunbered 
(including title) and seven not numbered^ containing table, &c. The last leaf has 
only a woodcut on each side. 

BIBLES IN German. [Deutsche Bibel. O.O.u. y.]. Folio. Two 

vols, bound in one. R. 

First edition of the Scriptures in the German language. It consists oC 405 
leaves (including a blank leaf between the books of Psalms and Proverbs), with 
sixty lines to a full pnge, printed in two columns. It is fully described by Panzer, 
^Annalen der altem deutschen Litteratur," Na 8, and both there and in Steinbergeri 
'* Ueber die zwei altesten deutschen Bibeln.'' Miinchen 1787, 4to, the questions of 
where and by whom it was printed are discussed at length. On the authority of a 
MS. note in a copy preserved at Strasburg it was formerly attributed to the press of 
Fust and SchdfTer, but it is now generally believed to have been printed at Stias- 
burg by Eggcsteyn about 1466. It begins on the recto of the first ka^ 

[BJRuder Ambrostus d 
hat vns bracht ein dei 
ne gab. Do mit hat er &c. 

It ends on the verso of the 405th leaf, coL ii. L 40, followed by the subscription : — 

Lobt den herren in seinen heyligen lobt in in d veste 
nung seiner tugent lobt in in seiner tugenden lobt 
in nach d meing seiner gr5ssung. Amen. 

From Dr. Hawtre/s Library. 

[Deutsche Bibel] Hie hept sich an die vorred oder die epistel 

des hciligen priesters sant Jeronimi zu paulinum von alien gotlichen 

historien d bruder vnder der bible. Das erst capitel. — [At the end of 

the 2nd book of Maccabees.]-^Hie hat ein end das ander buoch Macha- 

beorum. — [At the end of the New Testament] Deo Gracias. [And on 

the reverse, the register.] [O.O.u.J.'] Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

This is the third complete edition of the Bible in German. It consists of 456 
leaves, printed in double columns in a small and peculiar type. Its execution is by 
Hain, No. 3 131, attributed to Jodocus Pflanzmann, of Augsburg; but by Panzer, 
No. 19, to Conrad Fyner, of Esslingen. It is divided into two parts, the first of 
which ends on the 221st leaf, with the Book of Psalms. The verso of this leaf is 
blank, and the Book of Proverbs begins on the 222nd leaf. There are numerous 
woodcuts throughout the volume. 

[Deutsche Bibel.] [On folio 11, which is however marked 

1 1 !]. Hie hebet an die epistel des heyligen priesters sant Jeronimi 
zu paulinum von alien gottlichen biichern der hystory. [On the verso 
of folio CCCcviii.] Ein ende hat das ander buch der stritter das man 
nennet zu latin Machabeorum. [On the first folio of the New Testa- 
ment] Hie hebt an die vorred lib* mathcum. [On the recto of folio 
Ciiii,] Ein ende hatt das buch der heimlichen ofTenbarung sant 
Johansen des zwelffboten vnd ewangelist& {O. O. u. y\ 2 vols, in i. 
Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

The fourth edition of the German Bible. Hain, 3132. It is attributed to the 


|iress of Frisner and Sentenschmid of Nn r embei^g . The first leaf^ which is not 
numborod, is blank on the recto, and on the verso is a-register of the books of the 
Old Testament as fiv as the Psalter. The second leaf is marked iiL and the leaf on 
which the Psalter ends, is marked CCliiiL, though it is the 25Sth leaf. The next lea^ 
which is not numbered, is blank on the recto, and on the verso contains the register 
of the books to the end of the New Testament On the next leaf begins the Book of 
Proverbs, it is incorrectly numbered CClxvL and the following folios are very incor- 
rectly marked till we come to the end of Maccabees, the last leaf of which is marked 
CCCcviii., but it is the 409th leaf. The first leaf of the New Testament is marked • i* 
on the right-hand comer of the verso, and the last leaf QiiL The whole volume, 
therefore, contams 513 leaves instead of 511, as described by Hain. Panser was to 
uncertain as to the place of printing of this edition that he did not insert this volume 
in his ^ Geschichte der Niimbergischen Ausgaben der Bibel," but there is litde doubt 
that Hain's attribution of it to a Nuremberg press is correct At the banning of 
each book is a large historiated woodcut initial letter. 

BIBLES IN German. [Deutsche BibeL] Colophon. Diss durchr 

kuchfigost werck der gancxen heyligen geschrifft genandt die Bibel fUr 

all ander vargedrucket teutsch hiblen. lauterer, kldrer. vnnd warer, nach 

rechter gemeinen teutsch dan vargedrucket. hat hie ein ende. In der hoch- 

wirdigen key ser lichen stat Augspurg. der Edlen teutschen Nation nit die 

mynsst Sunder mit den meysten eben geleych geninet zu gantzem ende 

Umb wdllich volbringung. seye lob. glori vnd Ere der hochen heyHgen 

Driudltigkeit vnd eynigem wesen. Dent vater und dent sun. vnd dem 

heyligen geyst. Der da lebet vnd regyeret got ewigklicJien A men. \p. y.] 

3 V0I& Folio. Woodcuts. R. M. 

Fifth edition of the German Bible, printed with the types of Gtinther Zahier, 
Hain, 3134 ; Panzer, No. 12. Brunet gives only 416 numbered leaves to the Old Tes- 
tament, instead of 421, as there really are, besides a half leaf unnumbered, between 
tfblios 185 and 186. The New Testament consists of no leaves. 

[Deutsche BibeL] Hie hebet aii die Epistel des heyligen 

priesters sant Jheronimi zu Paulina v5 alien g6tlichen biichem der 

hystori. Gedruckt durch anthonium koburger in ... . NUrenberg. 

1483. 2 vols. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

The very curious woodcuts in these volumes originally appeared in a Bible, 
printed at Cologne, in the dialect of that district, about 148a 

Das Alt Testament zu teiitsch, der ursprunglichen Ebrei- 

schen waarheyt nach, auff das aller treiiwlichest verdeiitschet Getruckt 

zu Zurich. Bey CliHstoffel FroscJiotur. 1527-9. — Das Neuw Testamet, 

grudtlich vnd recht verteiitscht. Getruckt zu ZUrich. Bey Christoffel 

Froschauwer. 1529. 6 vols. Sm. 8vo» BR. M. 

" This is an edition of the greatest rarity. Goeze, in the ' Verzeichnis sdner 
Samlung seltener und mericwiirdiger Bibeln,' describing the last of two imperfect 
volumes which he possessed, says :— ' Dieses ist ein Theil der h6chst seltenen so- 
genanten Ziircher-Bibel, welche von 1525 (1527)-! 529, in 6 Sedezbanden an das 
licht getreten ist. Ich habe solche nirgend, als in Palms * Designatione codicum,' 
&c p. xxviL N. 169, volstandig gefiinden. Mit der Palmischen Samlung ist soldie 


in die Braunschweigische iibergegangen, woselbst solche S. 136, 137, No. 2-7, 
befindlich ist. Doch findet sich der Unterschied, dass in Palms ' Designatione ' der 
erste Theil unter dem Jahre 1525. in der Braunschweig. Bibelsan&lung aber unter 
1527 angegeben wird. Die leute Jahrzahl hat wohl die meiste Richtigkeit, da 
Qement ' BibL Cur.' t iii. p. 358, einen Pentateuchum angiebt, der mit dieser Jahr- 
zahl bezeichnet ist, auch Hottinger im ' Bibliothecario quadripart' p. 154, den 
Anfang dieser Ausgabe in das Jahr 1527 setset' 

^ The date, 1527, is at the end of voL i, and appended to each of the first three 
volumes^ '*£rklerung und Aussl^;ung etlicher dunckler schwarer hebraischer 
wdrter," &c. The book is beautifuUy printed in a peculiar type, a mixture of Roman 
and German ; and at the commencement of each book, in the first and second 
volumes, are finely-executed initial letters.** 

** No other complete copy has been found recorded, except that mentioned by 
Goeie. Qement ' BibL Cur.' had only seen the PenUteuch. Adler * BibL Biblica ' 
only mentions the first volume ; Franckius 'BibL Bunav.' the first and fourth.** — 
Note from Mr. C. J. Stewart's Catalogue. 

This copy has two leaves in facsimile in the Book of Malachi, but is otherwise 
perfect Four volumes of this set were bought by Mr. Stewart at the sale of 
Mr. W. Pickering's books in 1854. ^e fifUi was found about two years later by a 
clergyman, travelling in Switzerland ; and the New Testament was discovered at 
Nuremberg in 1859. 

BIBLES IN German. Die Gantze Bibel, der urspriingliche Eb- 
raischenn vnnd Griechischenn warheyt nach, auffs aller treiiwlichest 
verteiitschet Getrucket zu Zurich^ bey Chris toff el Froschower. 153a 
8vo. R M. 

^ See Goeze, ' Verzeichnis seltener und merkwiirdiger Bibeln' for a careful account 
of this edition, and for examples of the difference in translation between it and that 
of 1 534, which was the next edition in order of publication. ' It is to be classed (he 
says) amongst the rarest editions of the Zurich version ; ' and he cites, among other 
authorities, Biinemanni ' CataL libr. rariss.,' who, describing an imperfect copy, 
writes, * Certfe opus rarissimum.' " 

'' It is believed to be the edition, certainly it is the version, used by Coverdale in 
his English translation, as may be seen by comparing the passages given by Goeze 
in parallel columns of this edition and that of i534.*'—Note from Mr. C. J. Stewart's 

Biblia, das ist, die gantze Heilige Schrifil Deudsch. Mart 

Luth. Wittemberg, Begnadet mit Kurfurstlicher zu Sachsen freiheit. 
Gedruckt durch Hans Lufft, 1534. 2 vols. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

The first complete edition of Luther's translation of the German BiUe. The 
tide is within a beautiful woodcut border by Lucas Cranach. 

VoL I. Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves, the last being blank on the recto, and 
bearing on the verso a large woodcut of the Creation. Folios 1-133. '* Das Ander 
teiL" Title, with large cut of Joshua. Folios 1-212. "Das Dritte teiL" Title. 
Folios 2-85. Vol II. " Die Propheten." Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves. Folios 
1-114. Daniel to Malachi (no separate title). Folios 1-59. Apocrypha. Title. 
Folios I -106. New Testament Title and preface, 3 leaves. Folios 1-200. 

Biblia, beider AUt vnnd Newen Testamenten, fleissig, treii- 

lich un Christlich, nach alter, inn Christlicher Kirchen gehabter 


Translation, mit ausslegunng etlicher dunckeler ort, vnnd besserung 
viler verriickter wort vnd spriich, so biss anhere inn andemn kurtz 
aus^angnen theutschen Bibeln gesplirt vnd gesehen. Durch D. Johan 
Dietenberger, new verdeutscht. Getruckt zu Meyntz bey Peter Jordan. 
1534. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves. Folios i-ccccclxxviii. 

A Catholic version, concerning which Le Long has quoted the criticisms of four 
different writers, none of whom speak very highly of its merits. It is curious, as 
containing the Epistle to the Laodiceans. By Mayer it is characterized as Luthei^s 
version disfigured by the insertion of Bavarian idioms. 

BIBLES IN German. Die gantze Bibel, das ist alle bucher allts 

vnnd neiiws Testaments, den vrspriinglichen spraachen nach, auffs 

aller treiiwlichest vertelitschet. Getruckt zu Zurich bey Christoffel 

Frosckauer. 1536. 2 vols. Folio. Woodcuts, 

This edition of the Bible is of very great interest and value for the woodcuts 
which it contains. Though printed two years earlier than the volume entitled, '' Histo- 
riarum Veteris instrumenti iconeSf^and commonly known as "Holbein's Bible cuts," 
it contains a complete series of cuts engraved firom the same designs. Some of the 
cuts bear the monogram of Virgilius Soils, and they must no doubt have been 
engraved by him and Liitzdburger from a common original It is remarkable 
that Nfi^ler should not make any mention of these engravings in his " Kiinstler 
Lexicon," though he gives a very full list of the works of Virgilius Solis, including the 
Bibles which he illustrated at a later date. It is to be presiuned that this edition 
never came imder his notice. 

Biblia : das ist : die gantze Heilige Schrifil : deudsch. Auffs 

new zugericht D. Mart. Luth. Begnadet mit Kurfiirstlicher zu Sachsen 

Freiheit Gedruckt zu Wittemberg, Durch Hans Lufft. 1545. 2 vols. 

Folio. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

, This was the last edition of his translation of the Bible which Luther revised 

Vol I. Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; the eighth bearing a woodcut of the 
Creation on the verso, the recto blank, pp. i-35a VoL II. Title, i leaf. Pp. 2-41 1. 
** Dem christlichen leser," i leaf. 

Inserted in this Bible is an autograph letter of Martin Luther addressed to 
Barbara Lysfirth, of Freiburg, and dated Ultima Aprilis^ 1531. Also a dedicatory 
epistle, on the fly-leaves of a book, in the autograph of Philip Melanchthon, 
addressed to Hermann Huddaeus, of Plinden. 

From Dr. Hawtre/s library. 

Die gottlichen Schriften vor den Zeiten des Messie Jesus. 

Der erste Theil worinnen die Gesetze der Israelen enthalten sind nach 

einer freyen Ubersetzung. Wertheim. 1735. 4to. 

A covertly satirical paraphrase of the Pentateuch. No more seems to have been 
published, and it was, no doubt, rigidly suppressed. 

BIBLES IN Low German. De Biblie mit vlitigher achtinghe : 
recht na deme latine in dudesck auerghesettet Mit vorluchtinghe vnde 


glose : des hochghelerden Postillatocrs Nicolai de lyra. Unde anderei* 

vden hillighen doctoren. [Colophon.] Myt welkerer hulpe vH vorlnd- 

dinghe dyt hUglu werk in ene hulpe der hUghen meni louesclien kerken. 

tnit groter achtinghe vh vlite ghebetert is. vM grundliken auergheseen 

vnde tnit dessen erne bokstauefi gludrucket. vnde selichliken vullebracht. 

vormiddelst Steffen arndes^ in der keyserliki stad lubick Int iar uuses 

heren M.ccccxciiii, vp de dock der hilglien wedewen sunte Elizabeth, de 

dor was de xix, dach des nianten Nouembris. Folio. WoodaUs, 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; b — z in eights, followed by sigs. z and £, eight 
leaves each ; A — I in eights ; K — M in sixes ; N and O in eights ; P and Q sixes. 
R — GO in eights ; pp and qq in sixes. 'The pages are not numbered. This is in 
fact the earliest edition . of the Bible in the Low German dialect, for, according to 
Panzer, the Cologne Bible, printed about 1480, is rather in Dutch than Low German, 
though usually described as such. The wood engravings in this volume are 
very remarkable, and though some of them are very grotesque they display a great 
amount of invention and artistic skill, and have also the great merit of bdng 
quite originaL 

BIBLES IN Low German. Biblia dudesch dat erste deell. [At 
the end of vol. i.] Hyr endiget sick de Psalter^ vnd dat erste deyl der 
Biblyen^ un volget na dat ander deyl der Biblyen. Biblia dudesch dat 
ander deell. [At the end.] Hyr endiget sick dat boek der heymeliken 

apenbaringe Sancti Johannis. Gedrucket vnd futedet in der" 

stad Halberstad. 1522. 2 vols. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

Vol L — Title and St Jerome's preface, 2 leaves ; a — i in eights ; k, 6 leaves ; 
m— «nm in eights ; nn, 6 leaves, the last blank. VoL IL : A — G in eights ; H, 6 
leaves ; I — ^kk in eights ; mm, 6 leaves ; nn, 4 leaves. 

This was the last edition of the Bible printed in the Low German dialect before 
the Reformation. The woodcuts used in it are from the same blocks as those in 
the Bible printed at Cologne without date, and again emplo3red in Koberger's 
edition of 1483. There are also some cuts dated 1520 with the monogram en- 
graved by Nagler in his '' Monogrammisten Lexicon," voL ii. No. 65, where the artist 
is described as an unknown wood engraver of the early Saxon SchooL A very full 
description of the book will be found in Gotze's *^ Geschichte der Niedersachsischen 

De Biblie vth der vthl^^inghe Doctoris Martini Lutbers yn 

dyth diidesche vlitich vthgesettet, mit sundergen vnderrichtingen, alse 
men seen mach. Lubeck^ by Ludawich Dietz. 1533. Folio. Wood- 
cuts. BR. M. 

The first edition in Low German of Luther's version of the German Bible. Title 
and preliminaries, 5 leaves. A large woodcut of Adam and Eve in Paradise, the 
reverse blank, i leaf. Genesis to Deuteronomy, folios vi — ^xciiii. '' Dat ander Deel 
des olden Testamentes " one leaf. Joshua to Esther, folios ii — cxxvii. '' Dat driidde 
ded des Olden Testamentes,'* x leaf. Job to Solomon's Song, folios ii. — bcxv. 
followed by a blank leaf. '* De Prophelenn alle dudesch " and preface, 4 leaves. 
Isaiah to Malachi, folios i — cxii. "De B6ke, welckere men in der Hebreischen 
Bibeln nicht findet," x lea£ The Apocrypha, foUos ii— Ixx. *^ Dat Nye Testament." 
Title, one leaf. Folios ii — cxxxix. 


BIBLES IN Greek. Sacrae Scripturs veteris, novaeque omnia. 
Vtnetiis in adib. Aldi et Andrea Soceru 1518. Folio. Printed an 
thick paper. BL. M. 

There is also a copy of this book on ordinary paper in the Library. 

Divinae Scripturae, veteris noveque omnia. Argentorati apud 

Vuolphium Cephal. 1524-6. 4 vols. Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

Divinae Scripturae Veteris ac Novi TestamentL BasiUa 

per Joan. Hervagium. 1545* Folio. 

Vetus Testamentum juxta Septuaginta ex auctoritate Sixtt 

V. Pont. Max. editum. Rama, Ex typographia Francisci Zanetti. 
1587. Folio. BR^M. 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex versione Septuaginta inter- 

pretum. Juxta Exemplar Vaticanum Romae Editum. Cantab. 1665. 
Novum Testamentum Gr. et Liber Precum Publicanim Ecclesiae 
Anglicanae. Cantab. 1665. 2 vols. Svo. 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum e Codice MS. Alexandrino qui 

Londini in Biblioth. Musaei Britt asservatur, typis ad similitudinem 
ipsius codicis Scriptiurae iideliter descriptum cura et labore H. H. 
Baber. Londini. i8l6«2X. 3 vols. Roy. folio. BL. 11 

BIBLE IN Icelandic. Biblia j^ad Er, Oil Heilag Ritning, vtlogd 
a Norraenu. Med Formalum Doct. Martini Lutheri. Prentada Holum^ 
Afjone Jons Syne. MDLXXXIIIL [Colophon.] Hetta Bibliu verk 
var endad a Holum i Hiallta dal, af Jone Jons Syne^ fan vi. Dag 
yunii. Afio Domini. MDLXXXIIIL Folio. BR. M. 

The title as above is printed in black and red within a handsome woodcut 
border. At the back is the King of Denmark's permission to print, addressed to 
** Gudbrand Torlaksson ^ dated " Friderichs Borg, thend xlx. dag Aprilis^ Aar etct 
M.D. LXXIX." The four following leaves contain Luther's preface to the Biblo^ 
and the sixth leaf contains on the verso the names of the various books of the 
Bible, while the recto is quite blank. Then follows the text with folios i--ccxcv. or 
signatures A— Zz in sixes, followed by », six leaves, and A a a, seven leaves. (Note 
that the sig. |>, the Icelandic letter th, comes after z in both alphabets). Then 
comes a fresh title, '* Allar Spamana Bakumar, vtlagdar a Norraeou. 
MDLXXXIIII.," enclosed in the same woodcut border as the previous one. This 
title and the prefaces occupy the four unntmibered leaves. The text of the remainder 
of the Old Testament follows with folios i — cxcii. Sigs. A— O in sixes ; P, 4 leaves ; 
Q — Hh in sixes coming between Z and A a). Then the title to the New Testa- 
ment, ''Nyia Testamentum, a Norraenu. iS^V within the same woodcut border 
as the title to the Old Testament Folios i— cxxiv. Sigs. A— Xv. in sues, the last 
leaf being wrongly marked Xiii. 

Of this noble monument of early Icelandic Typography i/xx> copies were 
printed, but perfect copies are now of the rarest occurrence. It was completed by 
the exertions of Gudbrandur Thorlakson, Lutheran Bishop of Hdlar, whose 


address to the reader is found on the recto of the last leaf. It is evident that the 
woodcuts are of Icelandic workmanship, and many of the ornamental initial letters 
are of very fine design. They are said to have been engraved by Bishop Gud- 
brandur Thorlakson himself, and this is borne out by the &ct that his initials G. T. 
are cut in the border to the title-page. At the beginning of Genesis is a very 
fine ornamental letter I in which is engraved the date of 1583. A full account of the 
early Icelandic press, and of this book, will be found in Henderson's ''Journal in 

BIBLE IN Irish. The Books of the Old Testament, translated 

into Irish by the Care and Diligence of Dr. William Bedel, late Bishop 

of Kilmore in Ireland, and, for the public good of that Nation, /rrii//^ 

at London. 1685. 1*1^^ New Testament, translated into Irish by 

William O'DomhnuilL 1681. In i vol 4to. BR. VL 

This is the first edition of the whole of the Bible in the Irish language, but the 
New Testament was first printed in 1602. 

BIBLES IN Italian. Comento di Antonio Brucioli in tutti i Sa- 
crosanti libri del Vecchio,& Nuouo Testamento, dalla Hebraica uerita, 
& Fonte Greco per esso tradotti in lingua Toscana. Al solo Iddio 
honore, et gloria. In VtnttiaiS42-y. [Colophon of vol. 7.] Impressoin 
Venetia per Francesco Brucioli, & ifrategli. 7 vols, bound in 2. Folio. 

Vol L dated 1546, Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to cc in sixes ; dd, 8 leaves. 
Vol iL dated 1 546 ; Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to ee in sixes. VoL iiL dated 
1546, Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; a to z and A to S iv. in sixes. Vol iv. dated 
1542 ; Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to QQ in sixes. VoL v. dated 1547 ; 
Title and Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to L v. in sixes. VoL vi. dated 1544 ; Title and 
Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to Z and a to t iv. in sixes. VoL viL dated 1544 ; Title and 
Dedication, 2 leaves ; A to H in sixes. 

From the library of the President De Thou. 

La Bibia, che si chiama II vecchio Testamento, nuouamente 

tradutto in lingua volgare secondo la veriti de testo Hebreo. Con 
molte & utili annotation! e figure e carte per piu ampia dichiaratione 
di molti luoghi, edificii, e supputationi. Stampato \in Geneva] Ap- 
presso Francesco Durone. 1562. 4to. 

BIBLES IN Latin. Biblia Sacra, versio vulgata, cum prologo 
Sancti Hieronymi. MS. on vellum, of the 13th century. Of Ger- 
man execution. Very beautifully written, and ornamented with a great 
variety of illuminations of exquisite finish and artistic value, forming 
the initial letters at the beginning of each book. Folio. Bound in 2 
vols. BR. M. 

Biblia Sacra, versio vulgata, cum prologo Sancti HieronymL 

MS. of the 1 3th century very beautifully written on fine thin vellum. 
4to. o. M. 

Biblia Sacra, versio vulgata, cum prologo Sancti Hieronymi. 

MS. on vellum, of the 14th century, and probably of English execu- 


tion. 92 of the initial letters contain subjects illustrating the tex^ 
and are of very beautiful and delicate execution. 4to. R. M. 

BIBLES IN Latin, Biblia Sacra, versio vulgata, cum prologc 
Sancti Hieronymi. MS. on vellum of the XlVth century, with a 
circular Illumination at the beginning of the book of Genesis in seven 
compartments, representing the Creation and Fall of Man. The 
initial letter of each book is historiated. Small folio. BR. M. 

Biblia Latina, versio vulgata, cum prologo Sancti Hieronymi. 

MS. on vellum of the latter part of the XI Vth century or early in the 

XVth. Probably written in Germany. Folio. BR. M. 

At the end of the Old Testament is the following inscription : *^ Pour fre Christin 
Richard docteur en theoL pere et provincial de la province de France de 1' ordre S. 
Augustin 1574." 

Libri Salomonis, Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, Cantica, Sapientia, 

Ecclesiasticus. Epistolae Sancti Pauli. Epistola S. Jacobi. Epistols 
Sancti Petri. Epistolse S. Johannis. Epistola S. Jude. MS. on 
vellum of the end of the XVth century. Of Italian execution. Small 

This MS. is chiefly remarkable for the caligraphy. It is written with such finish 
and r^fularity that it has every appearance of a printed book. It contains six 
small miniatures of high finish and 279 illuminated initial letters. The larger ones 
of these are very beautifiil specimens of decorative art 

[Biblia Latina, i translatione et cum prefationibus 

S. Hieronymi. Sine loco aut anno]. 2 vols. Folio, bl. m. 

Editio princeps of the Latin vulgate, commonly known as the Mazarine Bible, 
from the fact that the copy in the Mazarine library was first recognized as a 
Bible to be specially distinguished as the work of Guttenberg. It was at a later 
period that a copy was found in the National Library at Paris, bearing a MS. 
subscription by the illuminator which approximately fixes the date of the book. Some 
fragments of the grammatical treatise of Donatus are in existence which ave 
believed to have been executed earlier, as well as a Letter of Indulgence, both, 
like the Bible, printed with movable types ; but the work above described is 
beyond dispute the first important effort of Guttenberg, the great inventor of 
the Art of Printing. 

Two sorts of copies of the Mazarine Bible are met with. The first is that 
issued by Guttenbei^ himself, about 1455, of which no copy on vellum is known, 
and the second is the issue made by Fust in or after 1456, when he had l^ally 
robbed the inventor of his whole stock of types and copies. It is to this second 
issue that all the vellum copies (and also most of the paper copies) belong. The 
variation between the two issues is easily discovered : in the second issue, the first 
five leaves, as well as one at the b^inning of Maccabees, where a division into two 
volumes might have been intended, were reprinted so as to occupy, by the means of 
newly-cut types of abbreviations, only forty lines per column instead of forty- 
two as in the original book. Why Fust did not reprint them in exact conformity 
cannot be ascertained. It might have been a desire to display fresh additions to 
the old type, which had been cast by Schoeffer for him after the severance from 


Guttenbeiig ; or it might have been to make the Bible seem a different edition. 
Whatever was the cause, the £act remains, and it gives a priority to the unmixed 
issue on paper, to which the copy now described belongs, over the copies printed 
on vellum. See Bernard, '* De TOrigine de Tlmprimerie.* 

The present copy is quite perfect, very clean, and, for the most part, vncut. 
Even the MS. memoranda of signatures, and numbers of chapters, still remain at 
the foot and on the margins of the pages, being, most probably, in the handwriting 
of Guttenbeig himsel£ From the libraries of Sir M. M. S^es and Mr. Henry 

BIBLES IN Latin. [Biblla latina versionis vulgatae cum Epistola 
Sancti Hieronymi]. Pns hoc opuscuB Artificiosa adintiitiane imfnundi 
seu caracterizandL absq\ calami exaracon. in ciuitaU Mogun^ sic effi^ 
giatu % ad cuscbid dei industrieper Ioh€\fust ciui et Pctru schaiffher de 
gcrnshcym cUridi dioccs^ ciusiUm est cansumatu\. Anno dm. M.cccclxij. 
2 vols. Folio. Printed on Vellum, br. m. 

The first edition of the Bible printed with a date. There is also in the Library 
a copy printed on paper, and this affords the opportunity of giving a specimen of 
the variations in the two impressions. Whether all paper and vellum copies vary 
in the same manner is another question, but the following extracts will be of assist- 
ance in comparing other copies :— - 

Psalm IxzxviL last two verses. 
„ IxxxviiL first verse. 


me sicut aQ tota die : drcQdederQt me simuL 
[EJlongasti a me amicii e pximu : et notos 
meos a miseria. IntelUctus etkin iMraUe, 
[M]isericQrdias diii : in etemfi cantabo. 

[I]n generations ^ gnationi : annii- 
dabo veritatS tua in ore mea 

Printid on Papir. 

rOt me sic aqua tota die : circQdederQt me 
simul. [£]longasti a me amicCi et proximd : 
et notos meos a miseria. 
[M]isericordias dni : in etemQ 
cantabo [I]n gAationS et gnationS : 
annuciabo veritate tua in ore meo. 

In the last psalm again, several minor variations may be observed, which are 

sufficient to show that the page must have been twice composed. The paper copy 

ends voL L with the word Alleluia, but in the vellum is printed Explicit psalUriu^ 

And beneath : — 

Anno M. (Printer's mark) ccccbdl 

In the paper copy also a great proportion of the headings of the psalms are left 
blank, but are printed in red in the vdlum copy. 

VoL ii. opens again with such variations between the two copies as to show that 
the types must certainly have been set twice, at any rate for considerable portions 
of the book. The vellum copy reads in St. Jerome's preface to the books of 
Solomon :-* 


[J]ungat epistola qaos iungit tajdotlam : 
immo carta n5 diuidat : quos xfK nectit 
amor. Cdmentarios I osee amos. t lacha- 
ri&. malachi& quo<| posdtis. Scripsisscf : 

While in the paper it stands:— 

[J]tingat epistola quos iangit sacerdotiu : 
immo carta non diuidat : quos xfH nectit 
amor. Cdmentarios in osee. amos. t zacha- 
ri&. malachi& quoq^ posdtis. Scripsissem : 

The prefiice to the New Testament again begins .*— 

In thb Vellum. • In thb Paper. 

[BJeatissimo ppe da^ 

maso iheronimus. 

Nouuf opus me 

[B]eatissimo pape da* 

maso iheronimus. 

Nouum opus me 

And at the end of the Apocalypse in the vellum copy is the line, in red 
letters: — 

"< ExpUdt Uber apocalips* beati iohftnis apl'i * 

which is not found at all in the paper. The colophon in the vellum copy reads :— 

Pns hoc opusculQ Artifidosa adinuCtione 
im^mendi seu caracteriauidLab8(| calami 
exaracSn. in ciuitate Moguntfi sic effigiatQ 
t ad eusebift dei Industrie per JoUey fiist du€ 
et Petru schoiffher de gemsheym dericu di- 
oces* dusdem est consumatu;. Anno dnL M. 
ccccbdL In vigilia assumpc5is vir;^. marie. 

(The printer's nuuk.) 

and in the paper:— 

Pfis hoc opusculQ ArtificOsa adinuentione 
im^mendi seu camcterisandL abs(| calami 
exaracdn. in duitate Maguntfi sic eflfigiatQ 
t ad eusebii dd Industrie per io^ fust du€ 
et Petru schoiffher de gemsheym clericu di- 
oces' eiusdem est consummatQ Anno dnL M. 
cccclxii. In vigilia assumpcdis vir]^. marie. 

(The printer's mark.) 

M. Bernard, in his treatise '' De I'origine de llmprimerie en Europe," has noticed 
the variations which are found in different copies, but does not say whether the 
variations are between copies printed on vellum and paper, or whether they occur 
indiscriminatdy. He prints two colophons, but the second one which he gives 
differs from both of the above in omitting the words which indicate the mode in 
which the work was produced The colophon given by Dibdin, from Lord Spencer's 
vellum copy, agrees exactly with the vellum copy now described. 

BIBLES IN Latin. [Biblia Sacra versionis vulgatae, cum Epistola 

Sancti Hieronymi. Absque notd!\ 2 vols. Folio. G. M. 

This edition is described by Hain, No. 3036, as the second edition printed at 
Strasburg by H. Eggesteyn. VoL i. contains 248 leaves ; VoL vL 244 kaves. In 



tlie WolfTenbuttel collection is a copy which has at the end of toL L, in ancient 
MS., '' Explicit Psalterium, Bamler 1466". 

Another copy, formerly in the library of St John of Jerusalem at Strashurg, had 
at the end in MS. ** p maftm henricum Eggesteyn Anno IzviiL*' and in the Royal 
Library at Munich is a third copy with a MS. inscription, ** 24 Mai 1466.* By an 
inscription on the first leaf, this copy appears to hare belonged formeriy to the 
Convent of St Peter at Salzburg. 

BIBLES IN Latin. [BibUa Sacra versionis vulgats. Sine loco 

ami annoJ] 2 vols. Folio. R. M. 

This edition is attributed by Hain to the press of Bernard RIchel of Basle It 
is mostelaboratdy described by him in the '^ Repertorium BibUographicum,* r.L No. 
5053, and again by Dr. Pettigrew in the '' Bibliotheca Susseaiana,* 

— — [BibUa Sacra versionis vulgatae,] [Colophon]. Hoc cfus 
Biblio effigiatum est i nuremberga cfpido germanie eeledratissimo, iussu 
Andree Frisner Bunsidelensis artium Kberalium magistri. et Joanmis 
sensensckmii ciuis ffoH oppidi^ dtis impressorief moigistri, socio^^ suis 
signis aHotatis. 1475. 2 vols. Folio. BU M. 

[Biblia Sacra versionis vulgatae.] [Colophon]. Anno a 

noHuitate dHi Millesitno fnadringenUsimo oct$uigesimo. [1480] quarto 

kalendas februarij. In oipotentis dot kmdem snef curie celestis gloria} 

et honorem. FinitS est hoc insigne noni ac veteris testamento^ opus. 

per Johanni Zainer Vlmensis opidi i$%colam Opus inf fcla^ ad 

simplicium sacerdotU vtilitatem. non mode cA canonidus euangelistarumf 

concordantiis. ve^ insup c& dictiomi kdn^aica^ declaratio. ac casiltus 

sUmariis semper ai initio capituU^ positis dH^gentissime impressum. 

Folio. BR. Bi. 

This was the only edition of the Scripcores printed at Ulm during the fifteenth 
century, and the first in which a summary or aigmnent was placed at the head of 
each chapter. 

— — Biblia Sacra ex Santis Pagnini tralatione, sed ad Hebraicae 
linguae amussim nouissim^ ita recognita, & scholiis iUustrata, ut plan^ 
noua editio uideri possit L^gduni, Apud Hugonem d Porta. 1543. 
Folio. R. M. 

This edition was edited by the cel ebr ttttd Michad SonreUitf who introduced 
Arian doctrines in the notes and scholia. 

Biblia sacrosancta Testameti Veteris & Novi, h Sacra 

Hebraeorum lingua Graecorumque fontibus, consultis simul orthodoxis 

interpretib. religiosissime translata in sermonem Latinum* Tiguri 

excudeiat C Frosckoverus. 1543. Folia 

The binding of this volume is a rery fine specimen of contemporaiy tooling 
in the Grdlier style. 


BIBLES IN Latin. Biblia Sacra latina. LuMia. Ex effUina 
R0b€rH Stiphani 1 545. 8vo, R. M. 

— — Biblia Sacra ad optima quaeque veteris, ut vocant, tralationfs 
exemplaria summa diligentia, parique fide castigata. Lugduni, ap. J. 
Tcmasium. 1554. 8vo, Woodcuts. R.M. 

^-^ Biblia. R. Stephanus lectori. En tibi Biblioru vulgata editio, 
in qua iuxta Hebraiconim versuum rationem singula capita versibus 
distincta sunt \GeneviM\. Excudebat Roberto St^hano Conradus Badius. 
1555. 8vo. BUM« 

Sacra Biblia ad vetustissima exemplaria castigata. Fra$u§^ 

furtL 1571. 8va Woodcuts by Jost Amman. BR.M. 

Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis Sixti quinti Font Max. jussu 

recognita atque edita. Roma* Ex typographia Apostotica Vaticana. 
1 592. Folio. Large Paper. In the original red morocco. 

— Biblia Sacra vulgatse editionis cxxxx figuris 

nouiter inventis & in aes incisis illustrata a de Bry. Moguntia. 1609. 
4ta BL.M. 

—^ Biblia Sacra, sive Testamentum Vetus ab J. Tremellio et F. 
Junio ex Hebrso Latin& redditum, et Testamentum Novum i T. Besa 
i Grsco in Latinum versum. Amstel. 1669. 8vo. Old English 
morocco bindings richly tooled. 

^— — Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis Sixti V. jussu recogn. et 
Clement! VIII. auct edita. Colonice. 1743. 8vo. R. M. 

-— — Vetus Testamentum secundum LXX Latini redditum et ex 
atictoritate Sixti V. Font Max. editum. Additus est index dictionum 
& loquutionum hebraicarum, graecarum, latinarum, quarum observatio 
visa est non inutilis futura. Roma. 1588. Folio. BL. M. 

— — Pentateuchus. Liber Josve. Liber Ivdicvm. Libri Regvm. 

Nowm Testamentvm. [cum prxfationibus Martini Lutheri]. Wittem- 

berga. 1529. Folio. BR. M. 

*^ This very rare version of the Bible has given rise to endless controversies. 
David Cement^ in the 'Biblioth^ue Curieuse,' devotes several pages to a 
summary of its peculiarities, and finishes with the following sentence : ' Toot ced 
est dair et ne soufTre aucune difficult^ ; mais 11 n'est pas si facile de d^ouvrlr 
Fauteur de cette version, ou plat6t de cette miserable correction de la Vulgate. Je 
at m'arrfttenu pas k raconter les conjectures que les savans ont r^pandu k pleines 
mains sur cet article. II faudroit composer un volume entier pour le foire avec 


exactitude. Je me ccmtenterai dlndiquer les principales pi^es que Ton pourra con- 
suiter, pour slnstniire de leurs opinions.' He then goes on to give a summary of 
the various opinions which have been advanced upon the subject, one of the most 
curious of which was raised by the discovery of a copy in the celebrated library of 
M. Ebner, from the fact that it bears on the title-page the following inscriptions : 
'Georgius Esching, anno 1529.' 'N. T. Latin^ ex Germanica Mart. Lutheri 
versione redditum k M. Bucera Retinuit autem secum Dom. Lutherus int^^ 
triennii spatio, cum cognovisset, quam perfidiose Bucerus Psalterium D. Job. 
Pomerani germanic^ versum edidisset' Clement endeavours to overthrow this 
testimony altogether ; but Masch more impartially considered the fact to be well 
worthy of notice. See ' Le Long, Biblioth. Sacra, ed. Masch.' G. Esching was 
a pastor in the district of Anspach. It is worthy of remark, that in the list of the 
books of the N. T., the Epistle to the Hebrews, the Epistles of SS. James and Jude, 
and the Apocalypse, are excluded from the Canon ; and it is the only edition in 
which the Reformers ventured on such a step. The edition does not appear in 
Adler's 'Bibliotheca Biblica,' the ' Bibliotheca Sussexiana,' the Bodleian Cata- 
logue, or in the British Museum."— Note by Mr. C. J. Stewart 

BIBLE IN RUMANSCH OR Engadine Dialect. La Sacra 

Bibla; tradiitta in lingua Rumanscha d'Ingadina bassa, da J. A. 

Vulpio et J. D. ^ Vulpera. Stampad* in Scuol in Ingadina Bassa. 

1679. Folio. BR. M. 

Title within woodcut border. A second title within an ornamental border. 
Other preliminaries, 4 leaves.— Pp. 1-753. A blank leaf. Title, " lis Profets,* 
within an ornamental border. — Pp. 3-286. Title to the New Testament within 
woodcut border. — Pp. 1-332. Title to the Apocrypha within woodcut border. — 
Pp. 2-i4a 

BIBLES IN Spanish. Biblia en lengua Espafiola traduzida 

palabra por palabra dela verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes 

letrados vista y examinada por el officio dela Inquisicion se 

acabo lapresente Biblia i lengua Espanola traduzida dela verdadera 

origen Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados con yndustria y deligencia 

de Duarte Pinel Portugues : estampada en Ferrara a costa y despesa 

de Jeronimo de Vargas EspanoL 1553. Folio. BR. M. 

Of this impression there were two issues, one intended for the use of Christians, 
the other for that of Jews. This is the edition for the use of Christians. 

La Biblia, que es, los Sacros Libros del Vieio y Nvevo Tes- 

tamento. Trasladada en Espanol. [j. /.] 1569. 4to. R. M. 

This translation is ascribed to Cassiodoro Reyna, whose initials appear at the 
end of the preface. 

La Biblia. Que es, los Sacros Libros del Vieio y Nuevo Testa- 

mento. Segunda Edicion. Revista y conferida con los textos Hc- 

breos y Griegos y con diversas translaciones. En Amsterdam^ En 

Casa de Lorenfo Jacobi. 1602. Folio. R. M. 

This edition, Le Long informs us, was edited by Cypriano de Valera with the 
assistance of Cassiodoro de Reyna. 


BIBLE IN Spanish. Biblia en Lengua Espanola, traduzida 
palabra por palabra de la verdad Hebrayca por muy excelentes 
letrados. Vista y examinada por el officio de la Inquisicion. 539a 
{Amsterdam, 1630.] Folio. 

BIBLE IN Welsh. Y Beibl cyss^rrJan. Sef yr Hen Desta- 
ment, a'r Newydd. Imprinted at London by the Deputies of Christopher 
Barker, Printer to the Queenes most excellent Maiestie. 1588. Folio. 

BR. M. 

First edition of the Scriptures in the Welsh language. Title and preliminarieSy 
6 leaves.— Pp. 1-555. Sigs. A to CCCC in sixes. DDDD, 4 leaves. ££££ to 
XXXX| 6 leaves each. ZZZZ , 8 leaves. The pagination is very incorrect in some 

BIBLE HISTORY in Flemish. MS. of the XVth century, 
written on vellum, and enriched with 120 pen and ink drawings illus- 
trating the Old Testament history. The work itself extends to the 
book of Maccabees, but the drawings go no farther than the book of 
Ruth. A summary of each chapter is given, anrd followed by a com« 
mentary. Folio, 

The drawings in this volume are most remarkable for the high character of 
the design and the great skill with which they are executed. The grace of the 
figures, the expression given to the faces, and the richness of the draperies are 
such as one very rarely meets with before the Diirer period. 

BIBLIA PAUPERUM. MS. on vellum of Flemish execution, 
on seven leaves of vellum. 4to. Size, 12 in. by 10 in. 

This very remarkable MS. was probably executed in West Flanders about the 
year 153a It contains 53 designs drawn in pen and ink, with 13 lines of Flemish 
verse beneath each. There are 4 designs on each page placed opposite to one 
another, that on the left exhibits a scene from the life of Christ, and that on the 
right pourtrays the type taken from the Old Testament Some of these types can 
hardly be considered to be very apposite, as, for example, David slaying Goliath with 
a stone, is the type of the Devil asking Christ to turn stones into bread. Judith 
entering the city with the head of Holofemes, is the type of Christ's entry into 
Jerusalem. Solomon kneeling before Bathsheba, prefigures the Assumption of the 
Blessed Virgin. Many of the designs are executed with considerable grace and 
beauty of drawing. 

A &csimile of this very interesting MS. was made in Belgium some years since 
to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Society of Flemish Bibliophiles. Forty 
copies only were struck off, for Uie members of the Society, and all of them were 
printed on vellum. 

BIBLIA PAUPERUM. Reprinted in Facsimile from the original 
Block Book in the British Museum. With an Historical and Biblio- 
graphical Introduction by J. P. Berjeau. London. 1859. 4to. 

BIBLICiE ICDNES. A Series of 58 most remarkable Painti 
on vellum, of subjects taken from the Bible history, comprising the 


stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Lamech« Noah, the Tower 
of Babel, Isaac, Joseph, the Temptation of Christ, the Last Supper, 'the 
Day of Judgment, &c executed in fine harmony of colour, with bur^ 
nished gold backgrounds. From the headings of several of the pic- 
tures being in very old French, it may be considered as an impor- 
tant monument of early Fkiench art, for it may fairly be assigned to 
the 13th century. Though rude in execution, these drawings display a 
fine feeling and elevated tone that we do not find in later productions. 
They might well have served for models for the stained glass of the 
period to which they belong. 

BICKER, Lauksns. Joumael Oft Di^elijcx-register van de 

Voyagie na Rio de Plata, ghedaen met het Schip ghenoemt de Sil- 

veren Werelt, het welcke onder t* Admiraelschap van Laurens Bicker, 

ende het bevel van Cornells van Heems-kerck als Commies die Custen 

van Guinea versocht hebbende, ende van den Admirael daer na vers- 

teken sijnd^ alleen voorts seylende na Rio de Plata, daer in de voorss 

ftc Gidruckt MAmsUbndam by Cormlis CIa$sM. ^'i Waier in V 

Schnjfboickf Anno 1603. 4to, oblong. PlaUs. 

' Sm MttUer, ^M6n. BiUiogr. sor Iss Joumattt dss NsTtgatisiin Ntetsadais," 
p^ S39^ wlisre a foil coUatioa is giTsn. 

BICKHAM, George, Junior. The Musical Entertainer. £m- 

dm Printid for & Sold by Goo: Bickkam at his Homo tho Cormr of 

Bodford^Bury, Now Strata Covent Gardon. [1737.] Folio. 3 vols. 

Tki odgos uncut. 

Each volume contains engraved title and tables 2 leaves, and pp. t-ioo printed 
en one side only, and the whole of the text engraved, with vignettes at the top. 

[BIDPAI. Fabulae.] Directorium humane vite alias parabole an- 

tiquoru sapientu. [Colophon.] Explicit libor parabola^ antiquo^ 

sspioHtum. [Sine uUd notd.] Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

This edition collates a--m in sixes ; n, 10 leaves. The headline rans : Capita- 
hua L Capitultun iL &c M. Brunet puts the date as about 1480^ bat the style of 
the woodcuts is that of at least ten years later. 

ist das buch der wyszheit der alten vrysttn. v5 geschlecht 
d' welt. Anfencklich von Indischer sprach in de buchstaben d' Persie, 
vnd dauo in Arabisch, Hebr^ysch, Latinisch, vnd ietzt zu Tiitsch 
ntttzlich vnd gut &c Gedruckt vh voUendt dutch Hans grUningtr in 
• • • • Strasburg. 1501. Folio. Woodcuts. GR. M. 

At 4 leaves ; B— V in sixeSi except T| which has only 4 leaves. 

— — Der Alten Weisenn exempel spriich mit viel schonen Beyspilen 
vnd Figuren erleiichtet. Gitrucki in Strasuburg boy Jacob Frolick. 
IS39. Folio. Woodcuts. 

BIES TON^^ldR CK. 167 

BIESTON, Roger. The bayte & Snare of Fortune. Wherin may 

be seen that money is not the only cause of mischefe and vnfortunat 

endes : but a necessary mean to mayntayne a vertuous quiet lyfe. 

Treated in a Dialoge betwene man and money. Imprinted at Landom, 

by John Wayland^ at the signs of the Sunne ouer against the Conduite in 

Flete-streti. Cum priuUegio per Septennium. {About 1558.] Folio» 

Black letter. 

A, 6 leaves ; B, 4 leaves. In verse. The name of the writer is given in an 
acrostic on the verso of B, 4. 

BIET, Antoine. Voyage de la France Equinoxiale en I'lsle de 
Cayenne, entrepris par les Francois en Tann^ i6$2. Avec un diction- 
naire de la langue du mesme Pals. Paris^ Chez Franfois ClouHfr. 
1664. 4to, 

Title and pre1imlnariei> la kaves. A«-*Hhh In fours. 

BILEAMS ESEU Der new deutsch. Wie die schon 

durch argelist vnd zauberey is zur Bapst Eselin transformiert worden, 

Jetzunt aber, alss sie vom Wasser, auss dem Weissen Berg fliessent, 

getruncken, durch Gottes genad schier wider zu ihrm rechten Auffsitzer 

kommen. [Strassburg, Joe. Cammerlander, 1522.] 4to. A wood-^ 

cut on the title. 

A satire on the Roman Church in the form of a drama. The date and plaee are 
taken from Graesse, who refers to three diflerent works wherein the piece is lolly 

BILLON, FRANi^YS DE. Le Fort inexpugnable de llionneur 
du Sexe Feminin, construit par Fran^oys de Billon Secretaire. O 
les vend a Paris^ chez Ian d^AUyer. 1555. [Colophon.] Acheu4 
dimprimer d Paris le premier iour dAuril. 1555. 4to. Woodcuts. 

Title and preliminariesy 6 leaves, A-*-TTt liL in foors. 

BINET, ESTIENNE. Abr^^ des vies des principaux fondatetUB 
des religions de T^lise, reprdsentez dans le choeur de I'Abbaie de S. 
Lambert de Liessies en Haynaut. Anvers. 1634. 4to^ Brilliant im^ 
pressions of the Portraits fy C Galle. G. M. 

BIOGRAPHIA BRITANNICA : or the Lives of the most 
Eminent Persons of Great Britain and Ireland. London. 1747-66. 
Folio. 7 vols. R. 

— The same, second edition, edited by Dr. Kippis, with ad- 
ditions. London. 1778-93. Folio. Vols. i.-v. (All published.) R. 

BIORCK, Tobias E. Dissertatio gradualis de plantatione 
Ecdesiae Svecanae in America. Upsalim. [173 1.] 4tQ. Me^. 


Following the title is a dedication in English verse to Count Charles Gynenbots^ 
and this is succeeded by a letter in English addressed *' To the learned Americaa 
Mr. Tobias Bi5rck* by Andrew Hesselius. The map is principally of New Jervej. 

BIRCH, Thomas. The Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great 
Britain, engraven by Mr. Houbraken, and Mr. Vertue. With their 
Lives and Characters by Thomas Birch. London : Printed for yokm 
and Paul KnapUm. 1 743-5 1 . Folia 2 vols, in i . Large paper. G.1C 

The Heads of Illustrious Persons of Great Britain^ on One 

Hundred and Eight Copper-Plates .... By Thomas Birch. 

London : Printed by John Knapton in Ludgate-Street 1756. Folia 

2 vols. R. M. 

This copy was formed by Alderman Boydell for presentation to his niece, Mrs. 
Nicol, and is enriched with one hundred and twenty-three duplicate portraits, of 
which 95 are proo& before letters, 9 etchings, and 2 drawings, altogether 231 
plates. From Mrs. Nicol the copy passed into the library at Stowe. Inserted 
also are portraits of Vertue, Houbraken, and Birch, with a MS. account of them. 

BIRCHENSHA, Ralph. A Discourse occasioned vpon the late 
defeat, giuen to the Arch-rebels, Tyrone and Odonnell, by the right 
Honourable the Lord Mountioy, Lord Deputie of Ireland, the 24. <A 
December, 1601, being Christmas Eaue : And the yielding vp of Kin- 
sale shortly after by Don lohn to his Lordshippe : By Ralph Birchensha 
Esquire, Controller Generall of the musters in Ireland. 

Si Deus nobiscum, quis contra nos ? 

Seene and allowed. London Printed for M. L. and ari to be sould in 
Saint Dunstans Churchy arde. 1602. 4to. 

A — D in fours, and a leaf of E, or 7 leaves. 

Dedicated by the author to Lord Mountjoy from his house in Dublin, January 50, 
1601-2 ; after which is a long address to the reader. The work itself is a poem in 
6-line stanzas. From the old Bathurst cc^ection. The only other copy known is 
that which was formerly in Garrick's collection, and is now in the Grenville library. 

BIRKENHEAD, SiR John. Bibliotheca Parliamenti, Libri 
Theologici, Politic!, Historic!, qui prostant vcenales in Vico vulgd 
vocato Little Britain. Done into English for the Assembly of Divines. 
Printed at London^ 1653. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

'' This was a bold and pertinent attack on the hypocritical leaders during the 
time of the Commonwealth. The works assigned are founded on the leading 
features of each distinguished character, with an inventive appropriation of consider- 
able humour to amuse the secret Ro^adists. It is in three divisions of sixty-two 
articles, and commences with books to be sold in Little Britain." — BRYDGESf ^ Cen- 
sur. Lit" viL 421. ist Edit. 

It is a catalogue of fictitious books, divided into classes. 


BIRKENHEAD, Sir John. Two Centvries of Pauls Church- 
yard : Uni cum Indice Expurgatorio in Bibliothecam Parliament!. 
Sive Librorum, qui prostant venales in Vico Vulg6 vocato Little- 
Britain. Done into English for the benefit of the Assembly of 
Divines and the two Universities. [No place, printer^ s name, or date, 
London, about 1655.] Sm. 8vo. 

A — H in fours. With the arms of the two universities on the title. This seems 
to be a reprint of the edition in 4to, which is also without place or date 

BIRKHEAD, Henry, Poematia in Elegiaca, lambica, Poly- 

metra, Antitechnemata et Metaphrases. Membratim Qvadripertita. 

Dukes ante omnia Musce, Virg. Geor. lib. 2. Oxonii^ Typis L. Lichfield 

Academia Typog, Impensis E, Forrest, M DC. LVI. Sm. 8vo. 

A — K in eights, title on A 2. 

Mr. Bright^s copy. The poems are in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and English, the 
last being accompanied by Latin translations. 

BISHOPS. The Bishops Last Good Night Anno Dom. 1642. 
A poetical broadside in stanzas, printed in two columns, with two 
woodcuts at the top, and a broad woodcut border. 

The Impeachment against the Bishops sent up by Serieant 

Wilde, and delivered at the Barre in the Lords house by order of the 

House of Commons. Whereunto is added the votes concerning the 

Bishops late Booke of Canons, in the said House, August the 4. 1641. 

London, Printed in theyeare, 1641. 4to. 

Four leaves* the last blank on the recto and on the verso having a woodcut 
portrait of Archbishop Laud. 

BISSELIUS, Joannes. Argonauticon Americanorum, sive His- 
toric periculorum Petri de Victoria, ac Sociorum eius, libri XV. 
Monachii. 1647. Sm. 8vo. 

Preliminaries, 1 3 leaves, including frontispiece, printed title and map. Pp. i — ^48a 
Index, 6 leaves. 

BLACKFRIARS. Something written by occasion of that fatall 
and memorable accident in the Blacke Friers on Sunday, being the 
26. of October 1623, stilo antiquo, and the 5. of Nouember stilo nouo 
or Romano. Printed 1623. 4to. 

A — D in fours. 

Knavery epitomised, being an answer to the great Prognosticks and 
gross Predictions of Mr. Lillie, Mr. Culpeper, and the rest of the 
Society of Astrologers, concerning the Eclipse of the Sun on Monday 



last .... Also, a Description of the glorious effects and happy Times, 

that arc to proceed from the two famous Luminaries of the Sun and 

Moon upon the aforesaid Eclipse . . . London, PrinUdfar G. IVAiiimg; 

1652. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BLACK PUDDING. The Triall of a Black-Pudding, Or. the 
unlawfulness of eating Blood proved by Scriptures. Before the Law» 
Under the Law, and After the Law. By a well wisher to Ancient 
Truth. Lotidon : Printed by F. N. and are to be sold by John Hancock 
in Popes-Head Alley, 1652. 4to. 

A — C in fours. 

BLACKWEL, George, Mr. George Blackwel, (Made by Pope 

Clement 8. Arch-priest of England) his Answeres vpon sundry his 

Examinations: Together with his Approbation and taking of the 

Oath of Allegeance. And his letter written to his Assistants and 

Brethren, moouing them not onely to take the said Oath, but to aduise 

all Romish Catholikes so to doe. Imprinted at London by Robert 

Barker . . . 1607. 4to. 

A — F 2 in fours ; title on A 3. The present copy has many MS. notes in a 
contemporary hand. 

[BLACKWOOD, Adam.] Martyre de la Royne d'Escosse, Doua- 
ri^re de France. Contenant le vray discours des traTsons 4 elle faictes 
i la suscitation d'Elizabet Angloise, par lequel les mensonges, calomnles 
et faulses accusations dress^es contre ccste trisvertueuse, tr^catholique 
et tr^s illustre princesse sont esclaircies et son innocence auer^ A 
Edimbourg. \Paris^ Chez Jean Nafeild, 1587. Sm. 8vo. R. 
Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves. A — Hh in eights, the last leaf blank. 

Martyre de la Royne d'Escosse dovairi^re de France. 

Contenant le vray discours des traYsons k elles faictes k la sus- 
citation d'Elizabet Angloise, par lequel les mensonges, calomnies, 
& faulses accusations dress^es contre ceste trisvertueuse, tris- 
cathoUque & tr^sillustre Princesse sont esclaircies & son innocence 
auer^e. Sont adioust^cs deux Oraisons fun^bres, Tune Latine, & 
I'autre Fran^oise : & un livre de Poemes Latins and Frangois. Le 
tout sur le mesme subiect En Anvers, chez Caspar FUysben. 1588. 
Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preface, 4 leaves. Pp. 1-659. 

BLADES, William. Life and Typography of William Caxton, 
England's first printer, with evidence of his typographical connection 
with Colard Mansion (he printer at Bruges. Compiled from original 


die Rider, of the Keeper, and of the Ferrer. In the first part whereof 
is declared, the order of breeding of horses. In the second, how to 
breake them and to make them horses of seruice. Conteining the 
whole Art of Riding lately set forth, and nowe newlie corrected and 
amended by the Author, as wel touching the true vse of the hand and 
musrol, as the turne of the Horse. Thirdly, howe to diet them, as wel 
when they rest, as when they trauel by the way. Fourthly, to what 
diseases they be subiect, togither with the causes of such diseases, 
the signes how to know them, and finallie how to cure the same. 
Whereto are added diuers medicines, not heretofore printed. Which 
bookes are not onelie painfully collected out of a number of Authors, 
but also orderly disposed and applied to the vse of this our countrey. 
By Maister Blundeuille of Newton Flotman in Norfolke. Imprinted 
at London by Peter Short dwelling on Bredstreet hill at the sign of the 
Star, I $97. 4to. Black Utter. Woodcuts. G, M. 

A — Hh 6 in eights, no signature Z. 

Mr. Corser's copy. Dedicated to the Earl of Leicester. Blundeville, like other 
English writers on this subject, borrowed considerably from the Italian authors who 
had preceded him. Each of the several portions has a new title. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. II Decamerone nvovamente corretto 

et con diligentia stampato. Impresso in Firenze per li heredi di 

Philippo di Giunta neW anno del Signore .MS>.XX VII. adi xiiij. del 

Mese daprUe. 4to. BL. M. 

A very beautiful copy of this celebrated edition. It has successively belonged 
to the libraries of Mr. Inglis, Mr. Hanrott, and Sir John Hippisley. 

II Decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccacci Cittadino 

Fiorentino. Si come lo diedero alle stampe gli SS'^ Giunti TAnno 
1527. In Amsterdamo. 1665. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Hie hebt sich an das puch v5 seinen meister In greckisch 

genant decamerpn, daz ist cento nouelle in welsch Vn hundert histori 
oder neue fabel in teutsche. Die der hoch gelerte poete Johannes 
boccacio ze Hebe vnd friindtschaft schreibet dem fiirsten vnd principe 
galeotta Die in zechen tagen von syben edel frawen vii dreyen 
iugen manen zu einer totliche pestilenczischen zeiten gesaget worden. 
Geendet seliglichen zu Vim \p. y«] Folio. 

A very fine copy, with rough leaves, in the original pigskin binding. It consists 
of 12 prdiminary leaves (the first bhuik), and 386 leaves for the book itself with 
38 lines to the page. The folios run from i to 390^ but folios 7, 8, 9, and 136 are 

The first edition in the German language. Panzer gives a very full account of 
it, but it would appear that the copy he had under his eye did not contain the sub- 
scription or colophon ^ Geendet zu Uhn." Of this impression with the colophon 
he makes a separate ardde, saying that he had not seen it, and did not know 


BLOODY ALMANACK. The Bloody Almanack, Or, Englands 
Looking-Glass, containing the Scots Prophesie to their King, in 
relation to the Crown, and the present proceedings of the English 
Army. With Divers excellent Astrological Predictions for the Year, 
1651 . . . . Extracted out of the Original. Published by au- 
thority. London : Printed by J. C. and are to be sold at the Royal 
Exchange in Comhill, and in Duns tans Churchyard. 1651. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BLORE, Thomas. The History and Antiquities of the County 

of Rutland . . . Stanford, 181 1. Folio. Large paper. Plates. R, 

Only the first part of this excellent work was printed. In this copy the arms 
are inserted in the margin, and emblazoned. 

BLOUNT, Thomas. Boscobel : Or, The History of His Sacred 
Majesties most miraculous Preservation after the Battle of Worcester, 
3 Sept. 165 1. London: Printed for Henry Seile, Stationer to the 
Kings most Excellent Majesty, 1660. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 5 leaves ; B — £ 4 in eights ; part 2 (with separate title), G — H 6 in eights. 
G is repeated and F omitted, and two leaves in H are wrongly marked. 

Dr. Bandinel's copy. First Edidon, with a fine portrait of Chaites II. (no 
engraver's name), and a plan of Boscobel House and the vicinity. A portrait of 
Charles is inserted, representing him at the age of 19, from Wase's version of the 
'* Electra* of Sophocles, 1649. 

Fragmenta Antiquitatis. Antient Tenures of Land, And 

Jocular Customs of some Mannors. Made publick for the diversion 
of some, and instruction of others. By T. B. of the Inner-Temple 
Esquire. Neque semper Arcum tendit Apollo. Hon London, Printed 
by the Assigns of Richard and Edward Atkins Esquires. For Abel 
Roper, at tlte Sun, Tlio. Basset, at the George^ and Christopher Wil- 
kifison, at the Black Boy, all in Fleetstrcet, 1679, 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves : 6 — N in eights, N 8 with the Errata. 

First edition. The leaf facing the titlepage, has the Imprimatur of Francis 
North, who says, that he '* well Knowing the Learning and Industry of the Author,* 
allows the printing of the book. 

BLOW, John. A Second Musical Entertainment performed on 
St Cecilia's Day. November xxii. 1684. The Words by the late 
ingenious Mr. John Oldham .... Set to Music in two, three, four 
and five Parts by D'. John Blow, Master of the Children, and Organist 
of His Majesty's Chappel-Royal. London, Printed by John Playford, 
and are to be sold by John Carr ... 1685. 4to. 

A — T, 2 leaves each. 

BLUNDEVILLE, Thomas. The foure chiefest Offices belong- 
ing to Horsemanship, That is to saie, The Office of the Breeder, of 


the Rider, of the Keeper, and of the Ferrer. In the first part whereof 
is declared, the order of breeding of horses. In the second, how to 
breake them and to make them horses of seruice. Conteining the 
whole Art of Riding lately set forth, and nowe newlie corrected and 
amended by the Author, as wel touching the true vse of the hand and 
musrol, as the turne of the Horse. Thirdly, howe to diet them, as wel 
when they rest, as when they trauel by the way. Fourthly, to what 
diseases they be subiect, togither with the causes of such diseases, 
the signes how to know them, and finallie how to cure the same. 
Whereto are added diuers medicines, not heretofore printed. Which 
bookes are not onelie painfully collected out of a number of Authors, 
but also orderly disposed and applied to the vse of this our countrey. 
By Maister Blundeuille of Newton Flotman in Norfolke. Imprinted 
at London by Peter Short dwelling on Bredstreet hill at the sign of the 
Star, 1S97. 4to. Black letter. Woodcuts. G. M. 

A — Hh 6 in eights, no signature Z. 

Mr. Corser's copy. Dedicated to the Earl of Leicester. Blundeville, like other 
English writers on this subject, borrowed considerably from the Italian authors who 
had preceded him. Each of the several portions has a new title. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. II Decamerone nvovamente corretto 

et con diligentia stampato. Impresso in Firenze per li heredi di 

Philippo di Giunta neW anno del Signore .M.D.XX VII . adi xiiij. del 

Mese daprile. 4to. bl. m. 

A very beautiful copy of this celebrated edition. It has successively belonged 
to the libraries of Mr. Inglis, Mr. Hanrott, and Sir John Hippisley. 

II Decameron di Messer Giovanni Boccacci Cittadino 

Fiorentino. SI come lo diedero alle stamp e gli SS^* Giunti TAnno 
1527. In Amsterdamo. 1665. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Hie hebt sich an das puch v6 seinen meister In greckisch 

genant decameron, daz ist cento nouelle in welsch Vn hundert histori 
oder neue fabel in teutsche. Die der hoch gelerte poete Johannes 
boccacio ze liebe vnd friindtschaft schreibet dem fiirsten vnd principe 
galeotto. Die in zechen tagen von syben edel frawen vn dreyen 
lugen manen zu einer totliche pestilenczischen zeiten gesaget worden. 
Geeftdet seliglichen zu Vim \0. J.] Folio. 

A very fine copy, with rough leaves, in the original pigskin binding. It consists 
of 12 prdiminary leaves (the first blank), and 386 leaves for the book itself, with 
38 lines to the page. The folios run from i to 390, but folios 7, 8, 9, and 136 are 

The first edition in the German language. Panzer gives a very full account of 
it, but it would appear that the copy he had under his eye did not contain the sub- 
scription or colophon *' Geendet zu Ulm." Of this impression with the colophon 
he makes a separate article, saying that he had not seen it, and did not know 


idiethcr the editions were identical or not, but Hassler, in his '' Geschichte der 
Buchdruckerkunst zu Ulm,*' has shown that they are so. Hain, also, had seen only 
the edition without the subscription. Panzer says that the translator of the edition 
of 1782 was not aware of the existence of any edition earlier than that printed at 
Augsburg, 1490. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. The Decameron containing An hun- 
dred pleasant Nouels. Wittily discoursed, betweene seauen Honour- 
able Ladies, and three Noble Gentlemen. London, printed by Isaac 
laggard, 1620. The Decameron containing An hundred pleasant 
Nouels. Wittily discoursed, betweene seuen Honourable Ladies, and 
three Noble Gentlemen. The last Fiue Dayes. Lotidon, Printed by 
Isaac laggard. 1620. Folio. Woodcuts, R. M. 

The first part A — V in sixes ; Aa, 8 leaves ; Bb — Nn in sixes, the last leaf 
blank, and the last but one bearing the errata only. Part iL First leaf blank, 
followed by title, dedication, and '' To the Reader,* together 4 leaves ; T — TTT n 
in fours ; B — Zz in fours ; Aaa, 6 leaves. 

This is the first complete edition of the Decameron m English, but portions 
of it had been translated into verse by different persons at an earlier period. Both 
parts are dedicated to *^ Sir Phillip Herbert .... Eaxie of Montgomery," by the 
anonymous translator, but the introductory matter gives no clue to his identity. 

Of the first part a second edition was published in 1625, under the title of ^ The 
Modell of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence, and Conversation. Framed in Ten Dayes, of an 
hundred curious Pieces, by seven Honourable Ladies, and three Noble Gentlemen. 
Presented to Posterity by the Renowned lohn Boccado, the first Refiner of Italian 
prose : and now translated into English. Printed by Isaac laggard, for Matthew 
Lownes, 1625." There is a copy of this in the library. It is a genuine second 
edition, having been reprinted throughout, and not merely the 1620 edition with 
a new title, as the change in the wording of the title-page might lead us to suppose. 
It is, however, the same text, though the collation is somewhat different The 1625 
edition collates, A — V in sixes, the first leaf blank ; Aa — Nn in sixes, the last leaf 
blank. Of " The last Fiue dayes " no second edition appeared. 

The entry of '' The Decameron " at Stationers' Hall is in these terms :— 

" 220. Martii 161 9 \i.e. 20]. 
Master William Jaggard. Entred for his copie vnder the handes of Master 

recalled by my lord of Tauernor and Master Swinhowe warden. A booke 
Canterburves comand./ Called Tlu Decameron of Master John Boccace* 


It is evident, however, that the prohibition was soon withdrawn. 

Libro Uamado Fiameta porque trata de los amores de una 

notable duefia napolitana Uamada Fiameta, el qual compuso el famoso 

Juan vocacio poeta florentino. . . . [Colophon.] . . . Lixboapor Luys 

Rodriguez. ... 154 1. 4to. Black letter. 

This translation is attributed by Salvd to Pedro Rocha of Tarragona. There 
are two editions besides the above — one printed at Salamanca in 1497, the other at 
Seville in 1523. Salvi says : *' Una de las principales causas que contribuyeron d 
hacer tan raras las tres edidones de este libro, fu^ sin duda la de hallarse prohibido 
por la Inquisidon.'' 


Though this book has usually been attributed to Boccaccio, and is therefore 
placed under his name, the Doctor Anicio Bonucci, has shown in the third volume 
of the " Opere Volgari di Leon Battista Alberti" that the ** Fiammetta " and "Lettera 
a Messer Pino,'' which have long been stumbling-blocks in the way of the biographers 
of Boccaccio, were written not by him but by AlbertL 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Libri Johanis Boccacii de Certaldo, 
de mulieribus claris, ad andrca de acciarolis de florentia alteuille 
comitissam Rubrice incipiunt feliciter. [Colophon]. Liber Jolidnis 
boccacii de certaldo de mulieribus claris^ sutna cum diligentia amplius 
solito cor rectus^ etc per Jokanem czeiner de Reutlingen^ vlmce impressus 
finit feliciter. Anno dni, M.CCCC.LXXIII. Folio. 8i Woodcuts. 

Hain, 3329. 

Liber de claris mulieribus. [Colophon.] Explicit compen- 
dium Johannis Boccacii de Certaldo : quod de preclaris mulieribus etc 
famam perpetttam edidit feliciter. Impressum Louaniiper me Egidium 
vctnder heerstraten^ 1487. Folio. Woodcuts, BR. M. 

A & B, 8 leaves each (A, i blank) ; C — L, 6 leaves each ; the last leaf blank. 
Sig. D is erroneously marked B. See Campbell, " Typ. Need.," 294. 

This edition was only known to Brunet by the citation of other bibliographers, 
and he gives currency to the error that Heerstraten printed an edition in 1484, but 
it is quite certain that no such edition exists. 

Hienach volget der kurz syn von etliche frawen von denen 

Johannes Boccacius in latein beschriben, vnd Doctor Hainrich Stain- 
howel geteutschet hat 

MS. of the fifteenth century on paper, enriched with 73 coloured drawings. 

If not the autograph MS. of the translator, this is certainly a contemporary MS., 
and the drawings appear to be original designs and not copies of the woodcuts in 
the edition printed at Ulm in 1473. This is shown by the fact that, though the 
general design is the same in both, the drawing is altogether different, and there is 
an entire absence of any servile imitation. 

Boccace des nobles maleureux : (sic) [Colophon.] C Cy 

finist le neufuiesme et dernier liure de Jehan boccace des nobles hommes 
% femmes infortunes translate de latin en fraticois Imprime nouuelU' 
ment a Paris pour Anthoine verard libraire demaurant deuant la rue 
neufue nostre dame a lytnage sainct Jeltan leudgeliste au au palais au 
premier pillier deuant la cliappelle ou Uncltante la messe de messeigneurs 
les presidens. \s. d.] Folio. BlacJk letter. Woodcuts. R, M. 

Cayda de Principes. [Colophon.] Finido 6- acabado fug 

el presente libro llamado cayda delos prtcipes. Impresso en • . . Toledo. 

1 5 1 1 . Folio. Black letter. 

Title and table, 4 leaves ; folios, 1-127. 

This translation appears to have been made in 1422 by '^ Jhuan Alfonso de 
^amora.^ The first Spanish edition was printed at Seville in 1495, hut that was a 


different translation. This edition of 151 1 is mentioned by Bninet but not 
described^ and no edition of the book is in Seftor Salve's catalogue. 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. A Treatise excellent and compS- 
dious, shewing and declaring, in maner of Tragedye, the falles of 
sondry most notable Princes and Princesses with other Nobles, 
through y* mutabilitie and change of vnstedfast Fortune together 
with their most detestable & wicked vices. First compyled in 
Latin by the excellent Clerke Bocatius, an Italian borne. And sence 
that tyme translated into our English and Vulgare tong, by Dan 
John Lidgate Monke of Burye. And nowe newly imprynted, cor- 
rected, and augmented out of diuerse and sundry olde writen copies in 
parchment In aedibus Richardi Tottelli. Cum priuilegio. [CoL] 
Imprinted at London in Fletestrete within Temple barre at the sygne of 
the hande and starre^ by Richard Tottel^ t/u, x. day of September in the 
yeare of cure Lorde, 1554. Cum Priuilegio ^ lie. Folio. Black letter. 
Woodcuts, BL. M. 

Tide and table, 6 leaves ; A— Y in sixes (no Z) ; A— Pp in sixes ; The daance 
of Machabre, 6 leaves marked CC. 

The title is within a woodcut border. This edition, the third, is much more 
uncommon than those printed by Wayland. From Mr. Prince's collection. 

The tragedies, gathered by Jhon Bochas, of all such Princes 

as fell from theyr estates throughe the mutability of Fortune since 
the creacion of Adam, vntil his time : wherin may be seen what vices 
bring menne to destruccion, wyth notable waminges howe the like 
may be auoyded. Translated into Englysh by John Lidgate, Monke 
of Burye. Imprinted at London^ by John Wayland^ at the signe of the 
Sunne oueragainst the Conduite in Flete^strete, Cum priuilegio per Sep^ 
tennium. [1555.] Folio. Black letter. R. M. 

Title and table, 6 leaves ; A — Y in sixes ; Z, 4 leaves ; followed by five other 
signatures of six leaves each, with peculiar typographical marks, then Aa— Gg iij. in 

This is the impression cited by Herbert in his edition of " Ames," p. 565, though 
he does not give the collation quite clearly. 

BOCCHIUS, Achilles. Symbolicarum quaestionum de universe 

genere quas serio ludebat libri quinque. Bononice, in cedib, nova aca^ 

demice Bocchiance, 1555. 4to. R. M. 

The engravings in this volume, 151 in number, are by Giulio Bonasone of 
Bologna, who, according to Nagler, is believed to have been a pupil of Marc 
Antonio Raimondi. 

BOCHIUS, Joannes. Descriptio publicse gratulationis spectacu- 
lorum et ludorum in adventu .... Emesti Archiducis Austria, An. 
M.D.XCIIII. XVIII. Kal. Julias aliisque diebus Antverpiae editorum. 
Antuerpice. 1595. Folio. Plates. 


Pp. 1-174, including title. Approbatio and imprint, i leaf, concluding with a 
long folding plate of a procession. 

BODEL, Jean. La Chanson des Saxons, public pour la premiere 
fols par Francisque Michel. Paris, 1839. 8vo. R. M. 

BODENHAM, John. Bel-ved^re : Or The Garden of the Mvses. 

Qium referent Musa^ &c. Imprinted at London by F, K, for Hugh 

^Astley^ dwelling at Saint Magnus comer, 1600. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A — R in eights, title on A 2. 

The arms of Bodenham are on A 6 verso. There are complimentary verses by 
A[nthony] M[unday], A. B., W. Rankins, gent, and R. Hathway. 

BODLEY, Sir Thomas. The Life of S'. Thomas Bodley, The 
Honovrablc; Fovnder of the Pvbliqve Library in the Vniversity of 
Oxford. Written by Himsclfe. Oxford, PrinUd by Henry Hall 
Printer to the Universitie. 1647. 4to. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — C in fours. 

This autobiographical narrative goes down to December 15, 1609. Bodley died 
January 29, 1612-1613, and was buried at Merton Coll^^ Oxford, where he was 

BODRUGAN, Nicholas (otherwise Adams). Aa Epitome of 
file title that the Kynges Maiestie of Englande, hath to the souereigntie 
of Scotlande, continued vpon the aundent writers of both nacions, 
from the b^nn}mg. M.D.XLVIII. Cvm Privilegio .... [CoL] 
Excvsvm Londini, in ^dibvs Richardi GrafUmi, Typographi RegiL 
M.DJCL Vni .... Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. M. 

A— H 7 in eights, H 7 bearing the colophon cmly. The last leaf was doubt* 
less blank. Hie copy which belonged to the White Ktiighu Library and to Heber 
is now in the Grenville collection. Lowndes does not cite any other. To Herbert 
the book was known only by name, and he was unable to give any description 
of it 

BOEMUS, Johannes. The Fardle of facions conteining die aun- 
ciente maners, customes, and Lawes, of the peoples enhabiting the two 
partes of the earth, called Affrike and Asie. Printed at London by Jhon 
Kingston and Henry Sutton. 1555. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BL. M. 

Title, within a border, and dedication to the Earl of Arundel, 4 leaves, the last 
blank : A— Z3 in eights. The colophon is : ''Imprinted at London by John Kyng- 
ston and Henrie Sutton. The .xxiL daye of December. Anno Domini M.D.LV." 

George Steevens's copy. 

It appears from the prefatory matter that this translation was begun, and about 
a fourth part finished, when the translator, W. Waterman, dissatisfied with it, laid 
it aside, and only resumed it when he found that a French version had been favour^ 
aWy received. See Collier's " Poetical Decameron," vol ii. pp. 202—205, where it is 
spoken of "as containing an incidental blow at the theatrical amusements in 
England as they existed about the year 1555.* 



BOETIUS. De Consolatione Philosophiae. Horatius de arte 
poetica et libri ii. Epistolanim. MS. on vellum, written in the Gothic 
character at the early part of the 15 th century. The style of Illu- 
minated letters and delicate pen ornamentation give it very much the 
appearance of being of Spanish execution. Folio. R. M. 

Consolationis Philosophise libri v. cum notis variorum. Lugd. 

Bat, 1671. 8vo. 

De Consolationae \sic\ philosophise. The boke of Boedus^ 

called the comforte of philosophye, or wysedome, moche necessary 
for all men to read and know, wherein such as be in aduersitie, 
shall fynde muche consolation and comforte, and suche as be in great 
worldly prosperitie may knowe the vanitie and frailtie therof, and con- 
sequently fynde etemall felycytie. And this boke is in maner of a 
dialoge or communication betwene two persones, the one is Boedus, 
and the other is Philosophy, whose disputations and argumentes do 
playnly declare the diuersitie of the lyfe actiue, that consisteth in 
worldly, temporall, and transitory thynges, and the l)rfe contempla- 
tyue, that alwayes dyspyseth the worlde, and all thinges therin, and 
beholdeth almyghtye God, and all heauenlye thynges. Translated out 
of latin into the Englyshe tounge by George Coluile, alias Coldewel, 
to thintent that such as be ignoraunt in the Latin toimge, and can 
rede Englyshe, maye vnderstande the same. And to the meigentes is 
added the Latin, to the end that suche as delyghte in the Latin tonge 
may rede the Latin, accordynge to the boke of the translatour, whiche 
was a very olde prynte. Anna M.D. LVI. [Colophon :] ImprynUdai 
London in Paules churcheyarde at the sygne of the holy Ghost^ by Jhom 
Cawoode^ Prynter to the Kynge and Quenes Maiesties. Cum pritdligio 
ad imprimendum solum. 4to. 

A — Ff 3 in fours. Dedicated to the Queen. The English and Latin are printed 
side by side, the former in black letter and the latter in Italics on the inner margin. 

BOGG-WITTICISMS : Or, Dear Joy's Common-Places. Being 

a Compleat Collection of the most Profound Punns, Learned Bulls, 

Elaborate Quibbles, and Wise Sayings of some of the Natives of 

Teague-Land. Shet fourd vor Generaul Nouddification : And Coul- 

lected bee de grete Caare and Panish-Tauking of oour Laumed 

Coun tree- maun, Mac O Bonniclabbero of Drogheda Knight of the 

Mendicant order. Printed for Evidansh Swear-cUl in Lack-Plaush 

Lane. \n, dl\ 8vo. 

Title, &c, 6 leaves ; B — F in sixes ; A— K 5 in sixes. From Mr. Swainson's 

BOGUET, Henry. Discours des Sorders. Tir^ de quelques 
procez, faicts dez deux ans en 9a i plusieurs de la mesme secte, en la 


terre de S. Oyan de Joux, dicte de S. Claude au Comt6 de Bourgongne. 
Auec vne instruction pour vn luge en faict de Sorcelerie. Seconde 
^ition augment^e & enrich^e par I'autheur de plusieurs autres 
procezy Histoires & Chapitres. Lyon^ par Jean PiUehoU. 1603. 

Title and preliminaries, 12 leaves, pp. 1-252. Table, 14 leaves. 

The first edition of this book was put forth by the same publisher in 1602, and 
Brunet mentions subsequent editions of Paris, 1603, Rouen, 1606, and Lyons, 1608, 
which last strangely enough is called on the title, the second edition, whereas it 
must be at least the fifth edition. This real second edition was unknown to Brunet 
As a specimen of thorough-going belief in witchcraft the book is most curious. 

BOILEAU DESPRfeAUX, N. CEuvres de M. Boileau Despr^aux. 
Avec des ^claircissemens historiques donnas par lui-m£nie, et r^dig&s 
par M. Brossette. Nouvelle Edition, augment^e de plusieurs pieces, 
tant de Tauteur, qu'aiant rapport k ses ouvrages, avec des remarques 
et des dissertations critiques. Paris. 1747. 5 vols. 8vo. Fine paper. 
R. M. 

BOISSARD, J. J. Icones virorum illustrium doctrina et erudi- 
tione praestantium ad vivum efiicts, cum eorum vitis descriptis. In 
xs artificiose incisa per Theo. de Bry. FrancofurH ad Manum. 
1 597-9. 4 parts in 2 vols. 4to. 

BOLD, Henry. Wit a sporting in a pleasant Grove of New Fan- 
cies. By H. B. London^ Printed for W. Burden^ and are to be sold at 
kis shop in Cannon-street, near London-stone, and by the sign of 
the Book-binders in Shoo-lane, 1657. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — H in eights. With a portrait 

From the libraries of Sir F. Freeling and Mr. Corser. In Mr. Corser's ^Collec- 
tanea,'' part 2, pp. 310-12, will be found an article on the volume, pointii^^ out that 
it is altogether an extraordinary specimen, from beginning to end, of literary impos- 
ture. Mr. Corser also furnishes some account of the author, who produced other 
works. In those pieces which he has borrowed or *^ conveyed ^ from Herrick, Bold 
has exaggerated Merrick's grossness. In the present copy signature B is in dujdicate, 
with variations. 


BOLTON, Edmund. The Elements of Armories. At London 

Printed by George Eld. 1610. 4to. Woodcuts. 

Title, I leaf; dedication to Henry, Earl of Northampton, i leaf. *^ The opinions, 
and offices of sundry choyce, and qualified gentlemen" [Sir W. Segar, Vf- Camden, 
Thomas Bedingfield, and Sir John Beaumont], and commendatory verses by H. C. 
and Hugh Holland, altogether, 4 leaves ; the Author to the Reader, 2 leaves ; the 
work, B — Ee ii\ fours. The verses by H. C. have been thought to be from the pen 
of Henry ConsUble ; those by Beaumont are dated from Grace-Dieu, Leicester- 
shire, 29 November, 1609. The present copy is uncut 


BONAVENTURA, Joannes. Card. EccL Rom. Incipit libcllu* 

qui appellatur regime c5sciStie. vel paruu bonum. Editus a ftatt^ 

bonaueture cardinalis (stc). (At folio 19.) Explicit ybell^ editus at 

fratre bonauetura, &c. (At folio 20.) Incipit epistola sicti Methodii e^ 

pararess de r^^is getium et novissimis teporib; certa demostratkV 

cristiana. (At folio 36.) Explicit epta sicti Methodii, &c (At folio 

37.) Incipit tractatus de preparacoe ad missam dni seaphid iohuis 

bonaueture. (At folio 47.) Explicit tractatus de pparacoe ad tnifflam 

dnI seraphici lohaiiis bdueture. [Sine loco aui annoi] 4to. 

47 leaves, with 26 lines to the page. 

Printed at Cologne in Ulric Zell's larger Gothic type. The rerdatioos of St 
Methodius are here printed for the first time. Hain, 3498. 

— — Incominciano le Deuote meditatione sopra la passione del 

nostro signore cauate & fundate originalmente sopra sancto Bonauen- 

tura cardinale .... sopra Nicolao de Lira: etiamdio sopra altri doctor! 

& predicatori approbati. Impresse in ... . Vmetiaptr Jenmimodi 

sancti ti Comelio suo compagno. 1487. 4to. Woodcuts. 

This edition was altogether unknown to Pannr, Hain, and Gamba. Bnmet josl 
mentions it, but had evidendy never seen it, since he describes it as containing oalf 
seven wood engravings, whereas, in fiict, it contains eleven, the first being printed 
on the verso of the leaf which forms Ai, the recto being quite blank. These en> 
gravings are of a very remarkable character. It has been suggested that they woe 
originally engraved for an Italian block book, and this suggestion is borne out by 
the appearance of the blocks, which look very much as if there had been a piece 
sawn off the bottom, which might well have been a xylographic descripHon. Tlie 
▼«^ume consists of 40 leaves, with signatures A to £ in eights. 

Incominciano le devote meditatione sopra la passione del 

nostro signore .... Impresse in Venetia per Maikeo di codocka da 

Parma. 1489. a di xxvii de Februdrio. 4ta R. BC 

This edition has also 1 1 woodcuts, but they are of a totally different ^larader 
firom those in the edition of 1487, described above. 

Hiere begynneth the proheme of the booke that is deped the 

mirour of the blessede lyf of Jhesu crysL Folio. BR. M. 

MS. on 115 leaves of vellum, by an English scribe^ of the eari,y part of the 
fifteenth century. The capitals are either rubricated or gilt, and those at the begin- 
ning of chi4>ters are elegantly floriated. The dtle given above occurs on the third 
lea£ This work of Bonaventura was very popular in the fifteenth and sixteenA 
centuries. See Blades' ^ Life of Caxton," iL 196. 

[Life of Christ. Folio ai. blank. On ail] Incipit Speculum 

vite Christi. [On folio avi.] Thys booke the forsaid Gierke Bona* 
venture spek3mge to the woman forsaid in hys proheme begynneth ia 
thys maner sentence C Bonaventure Incipit [On aviii. begins the 
work itself] C A deuoute meditacyon of the grete counseyile in 


heuene for the restorynge of man and his sauacion. Capitulum 
primum Et prima pars. [On the recto of t lii.] ۥ Emprynted by 
Wyllyam caxton. [n. //.]. Folio. Black Utter. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

a — tiv. in eights ; aL is blank, and tiv. bears only Caxton's laige device on the 

This volume is entirely perfect, and measures 10} by 7| in. It is one of the copies 
described by Mr. Blades as incomplete, but it has been perfected from another copy 
described by him, which was formerly in Mr. Corser's library. It is, therefore, the 
fourth perfect copy known, the others being in the libraries of the Earl of Ashbum- 
ham, Earl Spencer, and Cambridge University. 

BONAVENTURA. Vita Christi. [Colo^Yionil Thus endeth the 
lyfe of our lorde Jesu Chrystj after Bonauenture. Itnprynted at London 
in Flete streete at the sygne of tlie Sonfie/ by Wynkyn de Worde. The 
yere of our lorde god. M.CCCCCxxv, and fynysshed the .vii. daye of 
September. 4to. Black letter. Woodcuts. R. 

A, 6 leaves ; B, 8 leaves ; C, 4 leaves ; D — Cc in eights and fours alternately ; 
and Dd, 6 leaves, the last occupied by a woodcut on the recto, and on the reverse by 
the printer's device. 

Heir beghint dat leuen ons lief heren Jhesu cristi. Gheprent 

te Leyden in Hollant bij die viscapelle [n. ^.]. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

a— d in eights ; e, 4 leaves ; f— h in eights ; i, six leaves ; k^r in eights ; s, 4 
leaves ; t — z in eights ; t and 3, eight leaves each, and A — B in eights ; in all, 206 

See Campbell, ** Annales," No. 1 1 12, where the edition is attributed to the press 
of Hugo Janssoen van Woerden, about 1498. 

Hier beghint een boec van die vier oefeninghen Bonaventure. 

Gheprent te Leyden Int iaer ons heren. 1499. S^* ^vo. Woodcuts. 

a— e in eights ; f, 4 leaves ; g — ^1 in eights ; m, 4 leaves, the last being blank on 
the recto, and having on the verso a laige woodcut, the same as on M3. Campbell, 
" Annales," No. 345. 

Die guide Letanyen vander passien ons liefs here ihesu cristL 

[if. dJ] Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. 

14 leaves. The first eight without signature ; the others, sig. b. 

On the verso of the last leaf is the mark of Godfrey Back, who married the widow 
of M. Van der Goes, the Antwerp printer, and continued his business. Campbell, 
"Annales," No. 1173. 

Die L^end des heyligen vatters FranciscL Nach der 

beschreybung des Engelischen Lerers Bonaventure. Gedruckt vnd 
vollendty in der Kayserlichen Stat Nuremberg^ durch Hier. Holtzfl. 
1 5 12. 4to. ^6 woodcuts. BR. M. 

This volume is very fully described in Hummel's ** Neue Bibliothek," Num. 
1775, where the woodcuts are ascribed to Jerome Holtzel, the printer of the book« 


[BONDE, William.] A deuoute treatyse in Englysshe/ called the 
Pilgrymage of perfeccyon : very profytable for all chrysten people to 
rede: and in especyall/ to all relygyous persones moche necessary. 
The auctour of this present treatyse hath added vnto it the exposi- 
cyon of the Aue and the Crede/ with dyuerse other thynges* [CoL] 
Thus endeth the Rosary of our sauyour Jesuf with ail ike hole treatyse 
of the pilgrymage of perfeccyon j the whiche hath ben of late diligmUy 
corrcctcj & the exposicion of the Aue and the Crede added vnto itf with 
dyuerse ot/ter thynges, Imprynted at London by me IVyniyn de Worde, 
Fynysshed and done in the yere of our lorde god M,CCCCC.xxxi. The 
jcxiii. daye of February. Folio. Black letter. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

Aa — Bb, 6 leaves each ; a — z in sixes ; A — X in sixes ; A (repeated)— F in lixet ; 
G — H ill fours. With three folding illustrations at ffs. 31, 49, 85, besides other cutSi 
On the last page is Caxton's device without W. de Worde's name. 

The original edition appeared in 1 526 from the press of Pynson, but that did nol 
contain " The rosary of our Savyour," see Herbert, pp. 275-6. Herbert says, ^ I do 
not find the author's name mentioned anywhere in this book ; but in a little treatise 
entitled, ' A dayly exercise and experience of deathe,* by ' Richard Whytforde the 
olde wretche of Syon,* printed by Rob. Redman, ' William Bonde, a bachelcr of 
deuinyte, and one of his deuoute bretheme lately departed,' is cited as the author of 
the 'pilgrymage of perfeccyon.'" This is one of the books which, rightly or 
wrongly, Bunyan is supposed to have perused. It is a very rare circumstance to 
find in one of W. de Worde's later publications the device, which, as a rule, he 
used only while he remained in Caxton's house, or at least at Westminster, before 
he established himself in Fleet Street 

BONDE, CiMELGUS. Scutum Regale, The Royal Buckler ; Or, 
Vox Legis, a Lecture to Traytors : Who most wickedly murthered 
Charles the I, and Contrary to all Law and Religion banished Charles 
the II. 3'' Monarch of Great Britain, &c Salus populi^ Salus Regis. 
London. 1660. Sm. 8vo. Frontispiece by Hollar. 

Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves ; A, 8 leaves ; portrait of Charles II. and leaf of 
dedication, 2 leaves ; B — Dd 5 in eights, but 9 leaves in Cc, and a very curious 
folding print of a shepherd and his flock, before Dd. 

At the end of the volume is a poem in Latin and English, supposed to be written 
by the shepherd who is figured in the plate ; and on the last leaf are some verses, 
entitled "Repentance for the Murther of Charles the Martyr," which are signed with 
the initials of the author. There are also verses, both at the beginning and end of 
the volume, signed T.[homas] F.[ord.] 

BONFADINI, Vita. La Caccia dell* Arcobvgio, con la prattica 
del tirare in volo, in aere, & a borita. Et il modo di ammaestrar Bracchi, 
e curargli da molte malattie, Di conoscere la diversity degli Vccellami, 
oue figliano, come couano, quante oue fanno, il tempo che stanno, e 
quando partono, Con il modo di fabricare la poluere, e i pallini. In 
Milano^ per Dionisio Gariboldi. 1648. Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. BL. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves, pp. 1-72. 


BONNER, Edmund, Bishop of London. A profitable and neces- 
sarye doctrine with certayne homelies adio)mcd thervnto set forth by 
the reuered father in God, Edmunde Bishop of London, for the in- 
struction and enformation of the people being within his diocesse of 
London, & of his cure and charge. Homelies sette fourth by ... . 
Edmunde Bishop of London, not onely promised before in his booke, 
intituled A necessary doctrine, but also now of late adioyned and 
added thereunto to be reade within his diocesse of London, of all 
persons, vycars, and curates, vnto their parishioners, vpon sondaies 
& holydaies. Anno. MD.L.V. [Colophon.] Imprinted at London in 
Pontes churckyarde, at the sygne of the holy ghoste, by John Cawodde, 
Prynter to the Kynge and Queenes Maiestyes. Cum priuilegio ReguE 
maiestatis. In one vol. 4to. Black letter. BL.M. 

The " Necessary Doctrine" has A— ccc in fours ; following sig. Z is sig. a, 2 
leaves, and aa, 2 leaves. The " Homilies * has A — T 2 in fours. 

From the Library of the Rev. Theod. Williams. There are two, or perhaps more, 
editions of this worL The first may be distinguished by having a list of errata at 
the end which is corrected in the second. The running headline is in Italic 
letter in the first edition, and in black letter in the second. The copy described 
above is of the second issue. 

[BONNOR, HONORfi de. Arbre des Batailles.] 
[The first leaf begins :] [A] la saincte 

couronne de 
france en la 
quelle au — 
[At the bottom of the last page :] Cy la fin de ce present 

liure intitule labre {sic) des 
[Sans lieu ni date,] Folio. Black letter. Y. M. 

This is the edition described by Brunet as ^ Edition k peine connue, et, par con- 
s^uent, de la plus grande raret^." Brunet goes on to say that the signatures begin 
only with the letter b ; but here he is mistaken, for sig. a is marked, though in a 
very singular manner. It consists of only 4 leaves, and on the verso of the last 
of the four is found sig. ai. placed at the right-hand comer of the inner column, 
aii. and aiii. are found in the same position on the third and second leaves, but the 
first is altogether without signature. All the other signatures have eight leaves, 
except z, which ends on ziii. 

A comparison of the types in this book with those of the " Nouveau Testament " 
printed at Lyons, by Bartholom^ Buyer, shows that the two books certainly pro- 
ceeded from the same press. In the New Testament, and the unique copy of the 
books of the Old Testament abridged (for which see under Bible), we find the large 
capitals printed^ but in this volume they are all put in by hand. It would therefore 
seem probable that this book was printed before either of those. It appears to 
have been known to Brunet only through the copy on vellum in the National 
Library at Paris. 

Prayers, collected out of the aunciet writers, and best learned in our 

184 BOOK. 

tyme, worthy to be read with an earnest mynde of all Christians b 
these daungerous and troublesome dayes, that God for Christes sake 
will yet still be mercyfull vnto vs. At Ltmdam, PrinUd fy lakm Dm/9^ 
dw€Uyi%g tmer AUkrsgaU. 157& Cum PriuiUgio. 4to. Black kUtr. 
Priniid within woodemt hardtrs. BL. M. 

Title, I leaf; to the Reader, eigned Rpdiard] D[a]rl 5 leavei ; tlien B-rOo 
in fours, tbe last page haTing the device and colophon. No tig. Z. On the back of 
the title is a portrait of Queen Eliabeth in the attitude of prayer. 

Second edition, of the greatest rarity, in a perfect state and in good condition. 
It wai unieen by Herbert, and Lowndes doei not refer to any copy. Hie richly^ 
tooled sides of the original binding, with the initials E. G.^ have been let into the 

Praiers, collected out of the ancient Writers, and best learned in our 
time ; worthy to be read with an earnest minde of all Christians in 
these daungerous and troublesom daies, that God for Christs sake will 
yet stil be merciful vnto vs. At London^ Printed far ttu Comfatgt of 
Stationers. 1608. 4to. Black letter. Printed wit/dnwaadaU borders. 
Large paper. 

% 4 leaves including title ; A— O o in fours ; no sig. Z. With the portrait as in 
the previous editions. 

A beautiful copy in the original calf binding, with the Psalms in metre by Stem- 
hold and others, 1609, bound up at the end. This is a reprint of the editions of 
1578 and iS9o» and the last which was published of the book. 

BOOK OF FORTUNE. The Book of Fortune: Being mar- 
vellous for the Invention, Pleasant to be read or heard, and in many 
things very Profitable to be understood Fit for honest Recreation 
after more serious Affairs or Studies . . . First written in Italiani 
after translated into English . . . London^ Printed by % Heptinstatt 
for Brabason Aylmer at the Thru Pigeons against the Royal Exchange 
in Comhill^ 1698. Folio. With woodcuts and diagrams. 

Af 8 ieares ; B, I3 leaves ; C, 8 leaves ; D— L, a leaves each, and a leaf 

Of this edition it is believed that no other copy is known. The earliest on 
record is dated 1672, but the advertisement refers to several eaiiier impressions at 
the book in black letter. 

BOOK OF GODLY SONGS. Ane Compendiovs Booke, of 
Godly and Spiritvall Songs. Collectit out of sundrie partes of the 
Scripture, with sundrie of other Ballates changed out of prophaine 
sanges, for avoyding of sinne and harlotrie, with augmentation of 
sundrie gude and godly Ballates, not contained in the first Edition. 
Newlie corrected and amended by the first originall Copie. Edin- 
bvrgh. Printed by Andro Hart, 1621. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 


A, 4 leaves ; A (repeated) — N 4 in eights. 

A copy of this edition, formerly Constable's, Bright's, and Corser's, in very 
poor condition, and wanting the last leaf, is in the British Museum. A perfect 
copy is in the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. Of the first impression of the work 
there is no trace at present ; but copies dated 1578 and 1600, each a reprint of some 
earlier issue, and each purporting to be enlarged and corrected, are known ; they 
are both imperfect. 

BOOK OF GODLY SONGS. A compendious Book of Psalms 

and Spiritual Songs, commonly known as ''The Gude and Godlie 

Ballates." Edinburgh: Reprinted from the Edition of 1578. 1868. 
Sm. 8vo. 

A presentation copy from the Editor, Mr. David Laing. 

BOOK OF MERCHANTS. The booke of Marchauntes, very 

profitable to all folkes to knowe of what wares they ought to be ware 

of, for the begilyng of them. Newly perused and augmented by the 

fyrst authoure well practised in suche doynges. Reade and profite. 

.... Anno. 1547. [Colophon.] Imprinted in London & are to be sold 

by Richard Jugge at the North doore of Pouls. Cum priuilegio* . . . 

Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. M. 

A — F 6 in eights. 

BOOKER, John. The bloody Almanack : To which England is 
directed, to fore-know what shall come to passe, by that famous 
Astrologer, Mr. John Booker. Being a perfect Abstract of the Pro- 
phecies proved out of Scripture by the noble Napier, Lord of Marche- 
stoune in Scotland. Londofty Printed for Anthony Vincent^ and are to 
be sold in the Old-Baily, 1643. 4to. 

Four leaves. With a large and curious cut on the title. 

The Dutch Fortune-Teller : Discovering XXXVI. several 

Questions, which Old and Young, Married men and Women, Batchelors 
and Maids, Delight to be Resolved of. Brought into England by 
John Booker. London : Printed and Sold at the Printing-Office in 
Aldermary Church- Yard. [«.rf.] Folio. With a copper-plate engraving 
en the title. 

Tide-page, contents, &c., 2 leaves ; B — K, 2 leaves each, and 5 leaves of 

BORDE, Andrew. The Breuiary of Healthe, for all maner of 
sidcenesses and diseases the which may be in man or woman, doth 
folowe. Expressyng the obscure termes of Greke, Araby, Latyn, 
and Barbary, in Englishe concernyng Phisicke and Chierurgerie, 
compyled by Andrewe Boorde, of Phisicke Doctour, an Englishe 
man. Anna M D.LI I. [Colophon.] Imprinted at London in Fletestrete 
at the signe of the George next to saynt Dunstones Church by Wyllyam 



Powell, In theyeri of our Lorde God. M.D.LIL Cvm PriviUgio 
ad imprimendum solum, (ii.) The seconde boke of the Breuyary of 
Health, named the Extrauagantes foloweth. Compyled by Andrtwe 
Boorde of Phisicke doctor. [Colophon.] Impryntod at Laudam in 
FUUstnte . . . by WyUyam Powdl. Cvm Privitegio . . . 4to. BUuk 
letter. R. 

The First Book, A— Q in eights ; Q8, blank ; the Second, A, 6 leaves ; R— D4 
in eights. At the end of Book the First, before the Table, occurs this nodce i— 
^ Here endeth the first boke examined in Oxford in June the yere of oar kvd. 

M. CCCCC. xlvi * It was originally published in 1547, and here purpoits 

to be newly corrected. The Second Book concludes with the following sentence ^- 
*' Thus endeth these bokes to the honour of the fiuher, and the sonne, and the holy 
ghost to the profyte of all poore men and women, &c* 

Herbert, in his edition of ** Ames," gives a very meagre account of d&is book. A 
preface is attached to the first part, not less curious from its allusions than from its 
peculiar phraseology. " Egregious doctours," he begins, " and maysters of the 
Eximiouse and Archane Science of physicke, of your Urbanitie Exasperate not your 
selfe agaynste me for makynge of this lytle volume of Phisycke. Consyderynge 
that my pretence is for an vtilitie and a common welth. And this not oody, but 
also 1 do it (for no detriment) but for a preferment of your laudable scyence, that 
euery man shulde esteme, repute, and regarde the excellent fiiculty. And also 
you to be extolled and hyghly to be preferred, that hath, and doth study, pia c ty se^ 
and labour, this sayde Archane science, to the whiche none inardouse persos can nor 
shal atteine to the knowledge : yet this notwithstandynge, fooles and indpiettt 
persons, ye and many the which doth thynke them selfe wyse (the whiche in dus 
facultie be fooles in dede) wyl enterpryse to smatter and to meddle to mynyster 
medecynes, and can not tell howe, when, and at what tyme the medecyne sholde be 
mynystred, but who is bolder then blynde Bayerde . . . ." 

BORDONE, BENEDETTO. Libro nel qual si ragiona de tutte 
risole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi & modemi, historic, fauolc, 
& modi del lore uiuere, & in qual parte del mare stanno, & in qual 
parallelo & clima giacionno. Impresse in Vinegia per Nicola d'Aris- 
totile. 1528. Folio. Maps, 

BOREMAN, R. A Mirrovr of Mercy and ludgement. Or, An 
Exact true Narrative of the Life and Death of Freeman Sonds Elsquicr, 
Sonne to Sir George Sonds of Lees Court in Shelwich in Kent. 
Who being about the age of 19. for Murthering his Elder Brother on 
Tuesday the 7th of August, was arraigned and condemned at Maid- 
stone, Executed there on Tuesday the 21. of the same Moneth 1655 ... . 
London^ Printed for Thomas Brings and are to be sold at his shop at 
tlie Signe of t/te George in FUetstreet, neere Cliffords-Inne, 1655. 4to. 

A— £ in fours. The preface headed '* To the Disconsolate S' Geoi^ge Sonds, 
&c.,'' is signed R. Boreman, apparendy a person in holy orders, who dates the 
epistle '* from my Brothers House in Teston, 24 Aug. 1655.'' 

B0RFET, Abiel. Postliminia Caroli IL The Palingenesy, or, 
Second-Birth of Charles the Second to his Kingly Life ; upon the 


day of his first, May 29. Loftdon, Printed for M. Wright at the 
Kings-head in the Old-Bailey, 1660. 4to. 

A — B 2 in fours. In verse. 

BORNITIUS, Jacobus. Emblematum Ethico-Politicorum Syl- 

loge prior [et Sylloge posterior]. Heidelbergce, Aptid Ludavicum 

Bourgeat Bibliopolam, 1664. 4to. Edges uncut R. M. 

Title and preface, 3 leaves ; plates, 1-50. Title to " Sylloge posterior," and 
plates, I -5a 

BOSCAN, J. Las Obras de Boscan y algunas de Garcilasso de la 
Vega, repartidas en quatro libros. Acabaron se de imprimir las obras 
de Bosca y Garci Lasso de la Vega en Barcelona en la officina de 
GarUs Amoros^ a los xx. del mes de Marqo. 1 543. 4to. R. M. 
First edition. 8 preliminary leaves including title. Pp. 1-237. 

Las Obras de Boscan, y algunas de Garcilasso de la Vega. 

En Leon. Empremidas por Juan Frellon, 1549. Agenda form. 

R« M. 

Las Obras de boscan y algunas de Garcilasso de la Vega, 

repartidas en quatro libros. De nueuo enmendadas y en meior orden 

delo que hasta agora han sido impressas. En Anvers. En casa de 

Martin Nucio, [s. a.] Sm. 8vo. GR. M. 

Title, prologue, and table, 6 leaves. A single leaf headed ''Las obras de 
Boscan, &c., 4 la Duquesa de Soma." Then folios 2>282, or A — ^Aa, in twelves. 

BOSCH, Andrev. Summari, Index o Epitome dels admirables, 

y nobilissims titols de honor de Cathalunya, Rossello, y Cerdanya. Y 

de les gracies, privilegis, prerogatiues, preheminencies, llibertats, k 

immunitats gosan segons les propries, y naturals lleys. Estampat en 

la Fidelissima Vila de Perpinya, per Pere Lacaualleria, 1628. Folio. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves. A — Bbb in sixes ; Ccc, 5 leaves ; table, 1 1 

BOSCHINI, Marco. La carta del navegar pitoresco dialogo tra 

un Senator Venetian deletante, e un professor de Pitura, soto nome 

d'Ecelenza, e de Compare. Comparti in oto venti Con i quali la Nave 

ventiana vien conduta in Falto Mar de la Pitura, come assoluta domi- 

nante de quelo a confusion de chi non intende el bossolo dela cala- 

mita. In Venetia, per li Baba, 1660. 4to. Portrait and plates. 

A valuable treatise on the Venetian painters of the seventeenth century, written 
in the Venetian dialect in form of a poetical dialogue. 

BOTTOM THE WEAVER. The Merry Conceited Humours of 
Bottom the Weaver, a Droll compiled out of the Comic Scenes of the 


Midsummer Night's Dream. About A.D. 1646. Edited by J. 0. 
Halliwell. London^ i86a Sm. 8vo. 

Thirty copies reprinted from tbe " Wits, or Sport opon Sport," 4to., 1673. 

BOUCHARD, Alain. Les croniques Annalles des pa3rs dangle- 
terre et bretaigne, contenant les faictz et gestes des ro3f8 et princes 
qui ont regno oudit pays, et choses dignes de memoire adoennes 
durant leurs r^^es faictes et redigees par .... Alain Bou- 
chard . . . . et depuis augmentees et continuees iusques en Lan 1531. 
Imfrinues a Paris par Antkoine cousUau. 1536. Folia Bkdk 
Utter. R. 

BOUCHER, Pierre. Histoire veritable et naturelle des menus 
et productions du pays de la Nouvdle France, vulgairement dite le 
Canada. Paris. 1664. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 12 leaves ; pp. 1-168. 

BOUCHET, GuiLLAUME. Les Series, oik sont contenuees diuerxs 
mati^res fort recr6atives & s^euses, vtiles et profitables \ toutes per- 
sonnes Melancoliques & louiales. Lyon, 1614. Sm. 8va G. M. 

BOUCHET, Jean. L'amoureux transy sas espoir nbuuellement 

imprime a Paris. [Colophon] Imprimez a Paris par Heham 

ianot Imprimeur et Libraire iure de luniversite de Paris^ Demouramt a 

lenseigne sainct Jehan baptiste, en la rue neufue nostre dame Pres saicte 

Geneuiefue des ardans. \s. d."] Black letter. 4to. R. M. 

This edition has the same number of leaves as that described bjr Bnmet as 
issued by the same printer with a somewhat different colophon. 

Le liure appelle les Regnars trauersans les perilleuses voyes 

des folles fiances du monde compose par Sebastian brand Lequel 
composa la nauire des folz Et commence. 

C O vos omnes qui transitis per viam attendite et videte si est 

dolor sicut dolor meus. Folio. 

MS. on vellum of the end of the fifteenth century. It occupies Zj pages, written 
in double columns in gothic characters, and is illustrated with eight miniatnre 
paintings. The first represents the author in his study, and through the window are 
seen four foxes in the landscape, and in the other miniatures the doings of the foxes 
are always represented. At the head of the twelfth chapter, which is headed ** De 
justice et des ministracions dicelle," is a large painting representing a fox seated on 
a judge's seat, on the left five foxes habited as counsellors, and on the right a cock 
followed by his hens. On the 8ist page is the eighth and last miniature, which 
represents the fox lying dead in the background, while in the foreground an unfor- 
tunate " ime damn^ " is being tormented in a copper cauldron by three devils. 

Sensuyvent les r(^ars trauersat les Perilleuses voyes Des 

folles iiaces du monde composccs par sebastien brand lequel composa 


la nef dcs folzdemierement. [Colophon.] Nouuellemit imprinu a Paris 
par Denis JanoL 1530. 4to. Woodcuts. Black letter. BL. M. 

BOUCHET, Jean. Sensuyt le temple de bonne rendmee et repos 
des hommes et femes illustres, trouue par le Trauerseur des voyes 
perilleuses en plorit le tres regrette deces du feu price de Thalemont 
vnicque filz du Cheualier et Prince sas reproche. [Colophon.] Imprinu 
nauuellement a paris. [Par Jean Trepperel.'] En la rue neufue nostre 
dame. [s. d.] Black letter. 4ta R. M. 

Le Labirynth de fortune et Seiour des trois nobles dames 

Copose par lacteur des Renars trauersans, et loups rauissans sumomme 

le trauerseur des voyes perilleuses Et sont a vendre a Paris 

. . . . Et a limprimerie a la celle 6* dev&t les cordeliers par Jacques 
Bouc/tet Imprimeur. [1522.] 4to. Black letter. R. M. 

Le Panegyric du Cheualier sans reproche. [At the end.] 

Cy finis t le Cheualier sans reproche copose p maistre Jehan Bouchet . . . 
Imprinu p Jacques Bouchet. [Paris.'] 1527. 4to. Black letter. 

R* M. 

The ^Chevalier sans reproche'' is Louis de La Trimouille, whose memoirs 
extracted from* this volume form part of the collection of ^M^oires relati£i k 
FHistoire de France^" published by M. Petitot. See Brunet. 

Epistres Morales & Familieres du Trauerseur. A Paictiers 

Chez Jacques Bouchet. 1545* Folio. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves. A — G in sixes ; a — ^h in sixes. Second tide 
and table, 4 leaves. A — O in sixes. The last leaf blank. 

[BOUHOURS, DoM.] Doutes sur la langue fran^oise proposes 
i messieurs de 1* Acad^mie Fran^oise par un gentilhomme de Province. 
PariSf chez Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy. 1674. Sm. 8vo. 

BOULLAYE-LE-GOUZ. Les Voyages et Observations dv Sievr 

de la BouUaye-le-Gouz, Gentil-homme Angevin, oik sont ddcrites les 

Religions, Gouuernemens, & situations des Estats & Royaumes 

d'ltalie, Grice, Natolie, Syrie, Palestine, Karamenie, Kald6e, Assyrie, 

grand Mogol, Bijapour, Indes Orientales des Portugais, Arabie, 

Egypte, Hollande, grande Bretagne, Irlande, Dannemark, Pologne, 

Isles & autres lieux d' Europe, Asie & Aflfrique oil il a s^joum6, le 

tout enrichy de Figures. Paris^ Chez Gervais Clousier. 1653. 4to. 

Woodcuts. R. 

Title, Full-length woodcut portrait of the author. Dedication to Card. 
Capponi, Copper-plate portrait of the author, together, 4 leaves ; e, 4 leaves ; 
A — Zjz. iii. in fours. This copy has a duplicate leaf C i, which contains a very 
curious variation in the text. 


parts. I. A Short and Plain Grammar. II. A Vocabulary. ... III. 
Four Collections: i. Of Jests, Repartees, and Stories; 3. Choice 
Letters ; 3. Of Proverbs ; 4. Of New Songs. Dedicated to His 
Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester .... London : PrinUd for 
Tho. Salisbury . . . 1694. 8vo. 

A — R in eights, the first leaf occupied by advertisements : then a new title, and 
A — H in eights, last leaf blank. 

A later edition of this volume is in the British Museum ; but of this no other copjr 
seems to have occurred. The French songs at the end are twelve in number, and 
are accompanied by the music 

[BOYLE, Roger, Earl of Orrery.] English Adventures. By a 

Person of Honour. In the Savoy: Pfiniedby T. Newcomb for H. 

Htrringman . . . 1676. 8va 

Title, preceded by a blank, 2 leaves ; B — I in eights ; Errata, followed by a 
Uank, 2 leaves. 

[BRACELLUS, Jacobus. De bello hispano adversus R^;em 

Arragonise libri v., edente Masello Venia beneventano. Sine nllA 

noti\, 4to. R. M. 

Brunet describes this volume as an 8va, but it is really a 4to, and he had no 
doubt seen a copy which had lost much of the broad front maigin. * It consists of 
86 leaves, without folios, catchwords, or signatures. It is ascribed to a Milanese 

BRADFIELD. A most faithful Relation of two Wonderful 

Passages which happened very lately (to wit, on the first and eighth 

days of this present September, being Lords Days) in the Parish 

of Bradfield in Berk-shire. London^ Printed by James Cottrel^ 1650. 


Four leaves. 

BRADFORD, John. The complaynt of Veritie, made by John 
Bradford. An exhortadon of Mathewe Rogers, vnto his children. 
The complaynt of Raufe AUerton and others, being prisoners in 
Lolers tower, & wrytten widi their bloud, how god was their com- 
forte. A songe of Caine and Abell. The saieing of maister Houper, 
that he wrote the night before he suffered, vppon a wall with 
a cole, in the newe In, at Gloceter, and his saijdng at his deathe. 
Anno Domini. 1559. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. 

A — B in eights. 

Mostly in verse. There is no place or printer's name, but as the book was 
licensed to Owen Rogers in 1 558,he was probably the printer of it The present copy, 
from the Bright and Corser libraries, is the cmly one known. It has been reprinted 
by the Parker Society. The tract was again licensed to John Arnold in 1578. 

-^— Two Notable Sermons, Made by that worthy Martyr of 
Christ, Master lohn Bradford : the one of Repentance, and the other 



BOWETER, John. Christian Epistles, Travels and Sufferings, 
of that Antient Servant of Christ, John Boweter ; who departed this 
Life, the x6th of the nth month, 1704. Aged about 75 Years. 
London^ Printed and Sold^ by T. Sowle .... 1705. 8vo. With 
uncut edges, 

A — E 2 in eights. 

BOYD, Zacharv. The Psalmes of David in meeter with the 
prose interlined. By Mr. Zachary Boyd, Preacher of God's word. 
Printed at Glasgow by t/te Heires of George Anderson, Anno, 1648. 
The Songs of the Old and New Testament in meeter by M. Zachary 
Boyd Preacher of Gods word. Glasgotv, printed by the Heires of 
George Anderson, Anno 1648. Sm. Svo. BL. M. 

A — Ff in twelves ; the last leaf blank. 

Though not so described on the title, this appears to be the fourth edition of 
Boyd's version of the Psalms. A copy of the first edition is in the British Museum, 
and having fortunately been able to obtain the loan of a copy of the third edition, I 
am able to give some account of the differences between it and the fourth. The 
author appears to have taken great trouble with his version, and has altered it most 
materially, only here and there a line appearing as it stood in the third edition, 
though in the preface to that he says : ^ In this last edition I have striven so far as 
I could, to keep in the verse the very words of the text, and not to change them 
with any other words,'' &c. The following verses from the looth Psalm show that 
he was, however, dissatisfied with his work as it then appeared : — 

Third Edition. 

Make all ye lands a joyful noise 

to the Lord more and more : 
Serve God with gladnesse, his presence 

with singing come before. 
Know that the Lord is God ; it's he 

not we, that made us sure, 
We are his people and also 

the sheep of his pasture. 

Fourth Edition. 

O all ye lands, unto the Lord 

make ye a joyfuU noise : 
Serve God with gladnes, him before 

come ye with singing voice. 
Know ye the Lord that he is God 

he made us and not wee ; 
His people and the sheep likewise 

we of his pasture be. 

The words of this fourth edition however seem hardly to have satisfied the author, for 
in several places slips are pasted over the text with corrections or alterations. In 
the fourth edition, the text in prose, from the authorized version, is inserted before 
each verse. From what the author says in the preface to the *' Songs of the Old 
and New Testament," *Mt pleased you in the Generall Assembly last, at Edin- 
burgh, Anno 1647, to take toyoiu* consideration, the great utility the Church of God 
may have by the Songs contained in holy Scriptures," one might suppose that they 
appeared in print for the first time in 1648, but they are also contained in the third 
edition, 1646, though in this fourth edition they are much altered. The only 
additions to this fourth impression are a Litin hymn of George Buchanan and 
" A morning Hymne for Christ." 

BOYER, A. The Compleat French-Master, for Ladies and Gen- 
tlemen. Being a New Method to learn with ease and delight the 
French Tongue, as it is now spoken in the Court of France. In three 


BRANDON, Saint. Sant Brandons leben was wiiders er uff de 
mer erfaren hat. Getruckt zu Strassburg in dem jar Cristi M. V. vn. 
X, jar [ 1 5 1 o] durch Mathisen hupfuff. 4to. Woodcuts. G. M. 

A — D in sixesy except B, which has only 4 leaves, 

BRANDON, Samuel. The Tragicoemedy of the vertuous 
Octauia. Done by Samvel Brandon. 1 598. 

Carmen amat quisquis carmine digna gerit. 
London^ Printed far William Ponsonbye^ and are to be soulde at his 
shop in S. Panics Churchyarde. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A — H in eights, and the epilogue, i leaf. 

From the Marquis of Hastings' library. The book connsts of two parts ; the 
first, containing the tragi-comedy mentioned in the title, is dedicated to Mistress 
Lucy Audlcy ; the second, with the Epistles of Antony to Octavia, and Octavia to 
Antony, in verse, is inscribed to Mistress Mary Thinne. 

BRANDT, Bernhart. Volkumner Begriff aller lobwiirdigen 
Geschichten vnd Thaten, vorab Gottes wunderwercken, so er an seim 
volck von anfang der Welt erzeigt, demnach aller Bapsten, Keysem, 
Kiinigen, Landen, vnd Stetten, biss auffdas M.D.LIII. jar, mit schonen 
figuren erleuttert Getruckt zu Basel bey Jacob Kundig \p.J^ 4to. 

BRANT, Seb. Stultifera Nauis. Narragonice pfectionis nunq^ 
satis laudata Nauis: per Sebastianu Brant: vemaculo vulgariqi 
sermone & rhythmo p cuctoit mortalium fatuitatis semitas effugere 
cupietiu directione, speculo, c5modo% & salute : pro% inertis ignau$qi 
stulticif ppetua infamia, execratione, et confutatione, nup fabricata : 
Atqi iampridem per lacobum Locher, cognomento Philomusum : 
Su^uu : in latinu traducta eloquifi : et per Sebastianu Brant : denuo 
sedulo% reuisa : foelici exorditur principio. [Basilea.] Per Jo. Berg" 
man de Olpe, 1497* 4to. Woodaits, R. 

Folios 1-145, including title, followed by 3 leaves of register. 

Idem liber. Impssu in ipiali ac vrbe libera Argitina per 

magistru loanne gruninge. 1497. 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

Folios I — 1 16, including title. 

The general design of the woodcuts in this edition is taken from those in the 
Basle edition of 1497 ; but the artist has altered them to the style of the Strasbuig 
school of wood-engraving. 

Idem liber. Impresstim [Lugduni] per iacobum zachoni de 

romano. MCCCCLXXXVIII. 4to. Woodcuts. R.M. 

Folios I to 152, followed by 3 leaves of register. 

The woodcuts in this edition are simple copies from the Basle edition of 1497. 
The date is clearly an error for 1498. On the title the author is called "Grant" 
instead of '^ Brant." 

BRANT. 195 

BRANT, Seb. Navis Stultifera a dom. Seb. Brant primu edificata : 
lepidissimo teutonice lingue rithmo decorata : Deinde a Jacobo Lochero 
latinitate donata* demum ab Jodoco Badio Ascensio vario carminu 
genere no sine eorundem familiari explanatione illustrata. Impressum 
[Basilea] per Nicolau lamparter M.CCCC[C]-VI. 4to. Woodcuts. 


Idem liber. Impressum BasUee p. Nicolau LamparUr. 1507. 

4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

Dat nye schip van Narragonien : myt besunderem flyte 

gemaket, vnde vp dat nye myt vil schonen togesetteden hystorien 

vorlenget vnde erkleert Gedrucket to Rozstock dorch Ludouicum Diets. 

1 5 19. 4to. Woodcuts. BR.M. 

Title^ one leafl Folios 2*175. Register, two leaves. Colophon, one lea£ 
The woodcuts are rude copies from one of the Basle editions. 
This is die earliest edition in Low German known to exist ; but Dr. Giaesse says 
that Zamcke in his *' Haupts Zeitschr. f. Deutsches Alterth.,'' vol. viii., p. 380, &c., 
has shown the probability that an edition in Low German was printed at Lubeck in 


This present Boke named the Shyp of folys of the worlde was 

translated 1 the College of saynt mary Otery in the counte of Deuon* 
shyre : out of Laten, Frenche, and Doche into Englysshe tonge by 
Alexander Barclay Preste : and at that tyme Chaplen in the sayde 
College, translated the yere of our Lorde god. M.CCCCCVIII. 
Inprentyd in the Cyte of London in Fletestr^te\ at the signe of Saynt 
George by Rycharde Pynson to hys Coste and charge : Ended the yere of 
our Sauiour M.d.ix. The • xiiiL day of December. 

[Colophon : ] ** Our Shyp here leuyth the sees brode 

By helpe of God almyghi and guyetly 
At Anker we lye within the rode 
But who that lysteth of them to bye 
In Flete strete shall them fynde truly 
At the George: in Richa[r]de Pynsones place 
Prynter vnto the Kyngs noble grace. ^ 
Ded gratiasr 

Folio. Woodcuts. Black letter. O.M. 

Title in fiacsimile. 

Barclay considerably amplified upon his author. The woodcuts are copied from 
those in the Latin editions. A full account of the volume may be found in Her- 
bert's ^ Ames," p. 253. 

Stultifera Nauis, qua omnium mortalium narratur stul- 

titia . . . An. Do. 1 570. The Ship of Fooles, wherin is shewed 
the folly of all States^ with diuers other workes adioyned vnto the 



BRANDON, Saivt. Sant BraJ 

iner erTnTcn haL Gttruekt afi Strasslk 

X. jar \\i\d\ dunk Mathismkupfuff. \ 

A— D in sixes, excqK B, whl 

BRANDON, Samuel. The T| 
Octauia. Done by Sanivel Brandon. 
Carmeu amat quisquis c 
Lfimden, Prinled fvr WUUam PonsonBi 
shop in S. PanUs Churdiyttrdt. Sm. 8v| 

A— H ia rights, xnd [be epilogue, i leaf. 

From (he Marquis uf Hasting' library, 
firei, cnnuining the tragi-coincdy mcni 
I.ucf Audlc7 ; the Kcond, tnth Uic Epistles of I 
Anton;, in verse, is inscribed to Mistress Mai; T 

BRANDT. Berniiart. Volkumnt^ 
Gcschtchtcn vnd Thatcn, vorab Gottes wl 
volck von anfang dcr Welt crzcigt, demrl" 
Kiini};cn, Landcn, vnd Stcttcn, bt^aulTdal 
figurcn cHcuttcrt Gctruckt zit Basel bey f 

BRANT, Seh. Stultifcra Nauts. Nai 
satis laudata Nauts : per Sebastia 
sermonc & rliythmo p cuctoa mortaiium I 
cupieliu dircctionc, spcculo, coinodfx], & 5 
stultici? jipctua infamia, exccratione, cX coi 
Atrj, iampridcm per lacobum Locher, a 
Stifuu : in latiitu traducta cloqum : et per 
sedulotjf reuisa : ftclici exorditur principio. 
man de Olpe. 1497. 4to. Wooiiaits. R. 

Folios 1-145. including title, followed by ; 

Idem liber. Impssu in Ifiali ae : 

magistrii foamif gruning^. t497. 4I0. IVi 

Folios I — 116, including title. 

The general design of the iroodcuts in this editio 
I).isle edition of 1497 ; but the artist has altered them 
school of wood -engraving. 

Idem iibcr. Impressnm {Lugdnni] 

romano. MCCCCLXXXVIII. 4to. Wood 

Folios I to 152, followed by 3 lenvi^s of register. 

The woodcuts in this edition are simple copies fron 
The date is clearly an eiTor for 149S. tJn [he liilc ih> 
instead of "Brant." 


with a MS. note by Mr. W. B. Rye^ to the effect that the engravings areby Lieven 
de Witte of Ghent, but he does not give his authority for the statement, and Nagler 
says nothing on the subject The same cuts were used in an English New Testa- 
ment printed at Antwerp in 1538 by Matthew Crom. 

BRANTOME, Pierre de Bourdeille, Seigneur de. CEuvres. 
Nouvelle Edition, consid^rablement augment^e, revue, accomps^gn^e 
de rensarques historiques et critiques, et distribu^ dans un meilleur 
ordre. Londres. 1779. 15 vols. Sm. 8vo. Y.M. 

BRATHWAIGHT, James. A Strange and Wonderful Example 
of Gods Judgmenents [sic\ Shewed upon lames Brathwaight of Shore- 
ditch, London, 1645. Shewing how he was twice buried, and the 
last time layed three foot deeper then before, and another laid upon 
him ; yet the grave was opened as before, and his body eaten and torn 
to pieces with dogges, and the other corps not touched. Also, A 
Relation of the life and conversation of the said lames Brathwaight 
.... London Printed by B, A. 1645. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. A Strappado for the Diuell. 
Epigrams and Satyres alluding to the time, with diuers measures of 
no lesse Delight By VLwwum^ to his friend ^chntfoun^. Nemo me 
impune lacessit. At London printed by L B. for Richard Redmer and 
are to be sold at the West dore of Pauls at the Starre. 161 5. Sm. 8vo. 

A— Z6 in eights, title on A 2 ; Q 6 is blank, and on the following leaf is a 
title to the second part, entitled ** Loves Labyrinth." This is followed by three 
leaves marked V, then follows sig. R. 

Mr. Corser's copy. See it described at unusual length in ** CoUectanea," part 

ui-> PP- 344-54. 

A Solemne loviall Disputation, Theoreticke and Practicke ; 

briefely Shadowing the Law of Drinking; Together, with the 
Solemnities and Controversies occurring : Fully and freely discussed 
according to the Civill Law. Which by the permission, priviledge^ and 
authority, of that most Noble and famous order in the Vniversity of 
Goddesse Potina ; Dionisius Bacchus being then President, chiefe 
Gossipper, and most excellent Govemour, Blasius Multibibus, ali&s 
Drinkmuch, A singular proficient and most qualiii'd Graduate in 
both the liberall Sciences of Wine and Beare ; in the Colledge of 
Hilarity, hath publikely expounded to his most approved and im- 
proved Pot-Shots ; Touching the houres before noone and after, usuall 
and lawfulL We are to observe whether this may be or how much of 
this is admitted to be in the society of men. 1. 38. flf. De rebus crea. 
Faithfully rendred according to the originall Latine Copie — 
OBNOZrrHOPOLIS. At the Signe of Red-eyes. CID IDCXVIL— The 


Smoaking Age^ Or, The man in the mist : with the life and death of 
Tobacco. Dedicated to those three renowned and imparallerd, 
Heroesy Captaine Whiffe, Captaine Pipe, and Captaine Snuflfe. To 
whom die Author wisheth as much content, as this Smoaking Age can 
afford them. Divided into three Sections, i. The Birth of Tobacco. 
2. Plato's blessii^ to Tobacco. 3. Times complaint against Tobacco. 

OBNOZTTHOPOLia At the Sigm of Teare-Nose. 

CIDIDCXVII. [1617.] Sm.8va G.M. 

A — O4 in eights (except that A has only 4 leaves), not including a frontispiece 
by W. Marshall to each part The second part conunences on G with a separate 

An account of thb volume is given in Corset's*' Collectanea," part ii.,pp. 355-61. 
The frontispieces are supposed to be Marshall's earliest worlcs. There is litde doubt 
that the T. C addressed on sig. G 2 is Thomas Campion the physician and poet Mr. 
Corser does not mention that this is a translation of a Latin work printed the same 
year, under the title of ^ Disputatio Inauguralis Theoretica Practica Jus potandi 
breviter adumbransi Oenosythopolii ad signum oculorum rubricolorum.'' 8vo. 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. The Smoaking Age : Or, The Life 
and Death of Tobacco. Containing plenty of pregnant Passages, 
pleasant Allusions, liberal and unforc'd Relations: Accommodated 
with the Strength of Ingenuity and Invention, and adapted to the 
Humours of the present Age .... London: Printed and Sold by John 

Nutt . . . 1703. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B, 8 leaves ; no sig* C ; D — E in eights. 

An abridgment of Brathwait's ^ Smoking Age," 1617. See Corset's ** Col- 
tcctanea," part IL, p. 361. This was Mr. Corset's copy. 

•— A New Spring Shadowed in Sundry Pithie Poems. 
Mvsophilvs. Quid nescis, si teipsum noscas t London^ Printed by G, 
Eld for Thomas Baylie^ and are to be sold at his Shop in the middle row 
in Holbome^ neere Staple Inne. 1619. 4to. 

A— £ 3 in fours. A woodcut on the title. 

The only other copies known are those at Britwell and in the British Museum. 
The former has belonged to Narcissus Luttrell and to Heber, and the latter to Mr. 
Jolley, Mr. Utterson, and Mr. Corser. There is a good accountof the volume in Mr. 
Corset's ^ Collectanea.** 

-— Essaies vpon the Five Senses, with a pithie one vpon De- 
traction. Continued with sundry Christian Resolues, full of passion 
and deuotion, purposely composed for the zealously-disposed. By 
Rich: Biathwait Esquire. . . • London^ Printed by E: G: for Richard 
Whittaier, and are to be sold at his shop at the Kings head in Paules 
Churchyard. 162a Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A— K 4 in dghts. 

All in prose, except some verses on the last leaf, addressed ^ To my loving 
friends, my Country-Cottoneeres," and others at pp. 1 16-17. 1^ dedication to 
Sir Henry Yelverton, as well as the character of a Shrew, was omitted in the im- 
pression of 1635. 


BRATHWAIT, Richard. Essaies vpon the Five Senses, 

Revived by a new Supplement ; with a pithy one upon Detraction, &c. 

The second Edition, revised and enlax^ed by the Author. London^ 

Printed by Anne Griffin^ and are to bee sold by Henry Shepherd in 

Chancery-lane^ at the signe of the Bible* 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

A— P 2 in twelves, including the frontispiece by W. MarshalL Dedicated to 
Thomas Lord Coventry. 

The Shepheards Tales. 

Too true poore shepheards do this Prouerbe find. 
No sooner out of sight than out of mind. 

London^ Printed for Richard Whitaker, 1621. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A—C in eights, and the title-page, or 25 leaves. 

From Mr. Mitford's collection, having previously belonged to Dr. Taylour, Mr. 
Park, and Mr. Utterson. This is the first series of tales issued under the title of 
^ Shepheards Tales," and is probably the rarest of all Brathwait's early works. A 
second instalment forms part of the volume called ^ Nature's Embassie," which was 
subsequently republished under the original title of ^The Shepheards Tales," and 
there the present tract is referred to as follows: ^His Pastoralls are continued 
with three other Tales : having relation to a former forty as yet obscured^ — Of the 
circumstances under which it was thus obscured^ we have no knowledge. Brath«^» 
wait dedicates this small production, in verse, to Richard Hutton Esquire, eldest 
son of the judge, whose death he laments in his ^' Astraea's Teares," 1641. 

With Mr. Utterson's autograph on the title. No other copy is known. 

Times Cvrtaine Drawne^ Or the Anatomie of Vanitie, With 

other Choice Poems, Entituled ; Health from Helicon. By Richard 

Brathwayte Oxonian. Ilk ego qui quondam. London^ Printed by lohn 

Dawson for lohn BeUatnie^ and are to be sould at the South entrance of 

the Royall'Excltange, 1621. Sm. 8vo. 

A~0 in eights, but H with 4 leaves only. '* Health from Helicon " has a separate 

This work is fully described in Corser's ^ Collectanea," part iL, pp. 368-73. 

Natvres Embassie : Or, The Wilde-Man's Measvres : Danced 

naked by twelue Satyres, with sundry others continued in the next 

Wilde men may dance wise measures ; Come then ho. 
Though I be wilde, my measures are not so. 

Printed for Richard Whitaker. 1621. Sm. 8va BR. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — S 4 in eights. 

Dedicated to ^ Sir T[homas] H[awkins] the elder. Knight" The title-page is 
within a broad woodcut border, illustrative of the subject Mr. Corser has fully 
described the contents of this volume in his '' Collectanea/' part il, pp. 363-8. Mr. 
Collier, in his ** Bibliogr. Catal.," voL ii., p. 342, says that this book was re-issued in 
1623, with a new title-page under the name of "Shepheards Tales," &c. He says 
''the four other title-pages in the volume remain unaltered, and severally bear date 
in 1621." The present copy is bound up with " Times Curtaine Drawne," 1621. 


BRATH WAIT, Richard. The Ei^Hsh Gentleman : Containing 
Sundry excellent Rules or exquisite Observations, tending to Direc- 
tion of eveiy Gentieman, of selecter ranke and qualitie ; How to de- 
meane or accommodate himselfe to the manage of publike or private 
affaires. By Richard Brathwait Esq. 

Seneca in Here furen. 

Qui genus jactat suumt 

Aliena laudcU. 

London^ Printed by lokn HavHand^ and are to be sold by Robert Bostock 

at his shop at the signs of the Kings head in Pauk Church-yard. 

163a 4to. 

Explanation of the Frontispiece, i leaf: Frontispiece engraved in compartments 
by R. Vaughan, the centre occupied by a smaU full-length of the author, i leaf: 
printed title, i leaf: dedication to Viscount Wentworth, 2 leaves: To the Knowing 
Reader, i leaf: Table, 6 leaves: the work, B — Nnn in fours, last leaf blank. 

The English Gentieman ; and the English Gentlewoman : Both 

in one Volume couched, and in one Modell portrayed : to the living 
glory of their Sexe, the lasting story of their Worth. Being presented to 
present times for ornaments ; commended to Posterity for Presidents. 
With a Ladies Love-Lectvre and a Supplement lately annexed, and 
Entitvled The TvrtlesTrivmph. The third Edition revised, corrected, 
and enlaiged. By Richard Brathwait Esq. Turture sic Turtur 
jungii amanda suo. London^ Printed by lohn Dawson, 1641. Folio. 
G* M* 

Engraved frontispiece by W. Marshall, in compartments, with folding leaf of 
explanation, 2 leaves ; general printed title and printed tide to ** The English Gentle- 
man,'' 2 leaves ; dedication to Philip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, 3 leaves : 
^ To the knowing Reader," &c., i leaf. '' The English Gentieman and English 
Gentlewoman,* B — Hhh 2 in fours, the latter conunendng with a fresh title on 
LI 4 : ** A Ladies Love-Lectvre," &c., with a new title and dedication to Mrs. 
Elisibeth Westley. lii — Nnn 2 in fours, besides a folding leaf with the contents. 
** The Tvrtle's Trivmph," &c., with a new title and dedication to Sir John Bankes, 
Aaa — Ggg 2 in fours. 

See Corser's ^ Collectanea," part ii., pp. 3S4-7. At the end of '' The English 
Gentiewoman " is ^ a supplement upon a supposed fonner impression of this titie," 
from which it appears that a false report had reached Brathwait while he was in 
the country, of a work intended to forestal his, under the same tide. 

Whimzies : Or, A New Cast of Characters. Nova, non nota 

delectant. London^ Printed by F, K. and are to be sold by Ambrose 

Rithirdon at the signe of t/ie Bulls-head in Pauls Church-yard. 1631. 

Sm. 8vo. 

A — M 10 in twelves, title on A 3. M 8 (as was doubtless A i) is blank. 

From Mr. Uttcrson's library. Mr. Corser has reprinted the verses found at the 
end, in his ** Collectanea," part ii., pp. 387-8, where will be found an account of the 
volumet On p. 213 occurs a second titie-page : "A Cater-Character, throwne out 


of a Boxe by an Experienc'd Gamester." This includes an Apparator, a Painter, a 
Pedlar, and a Pip^. Mr. Corser's collation is slightly inaccurate, in consequence 
of his having mistaken a catchword for a signature. 

BRATH WAIT, Richard. Whimzies ; or a New Cast of Charac- 
ters. From the Original Edition, published in 163 1. Edited by 
James O. Halliwell. London. . . . 1859. 4to. 

Twenty-six copies printed. 

The Arcadian Princesse ; Or, The Trivmph of Ivstice : Pre- 
scribing excellent rules of Physicke, for a sicke lustice. Digested into 
fowre Bookes, and Faithfully rendred to the originall Jtalian Copy [of 
Marianus Silesius] by Ri. Brathwait Esq. Vulnera clausa potius 
cruciunt. Greg. London^ Printed by Th. Harper for Robert Bostocke^ 
ISc. 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

Title, frontispiece by W. Marshall, with leaf of explanation in verse, &c, 13 
leaves. A — Q and Aa — Qq in eights, except the last signature which has nine 
leaves. Dedicated to the Earl of Worcester. 

Anniversaries upon his Panarete ; continued : With her Con- 

temptations, penned in the languishing time of her Sickenesse. The 
second Yeeres Annivers. Et novus iste novo dolor astuat ortus ab anno. 
London, Imprinted by Falix Kyngston, and are to be sold by Robert 
Bostock, at the Kings head in Pauls Church-^yard. 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

A — D in eights. 

The contemplations of Panarete, forming the latter part of the volume, are in 
prose. The remainder of the book is in verse. This was Mr. Corser's copy. See 
it described in '* Collectanea," part ii., pp. 393-6. 

Bamabees Joumall, Under the Names of Mirtilus & Faustulus 

shadowed : for the Travellers Solace lately published, to most apt 
numbers reduced, and to the old Tune of Barnabe commonly chanted. 
By Corymbxus. 

The oyle of malt and juyce of spritely nectar 
Have made my Muse more valiant than Hector. 

[London, John Haviland. 1638.] Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A — Ee in eights, besides the frontispiece, engraved by W. Marshall 
First edition. Dedicated to Sir Alexander RadclifTe, Brathwait's intimate friend. 
At the conclusion of the fourth part of the Journal, is annexed ^ Bessie BelL* In 
the later editions of this witty and entertaining book, which is in Latin and 
English verse» alterations were made in the text. 
It was entered at Stationers' Hall, June 7, 1638. 

Drunken Bamaby*s Four Journeys to the North of England. 

In Latin and English Metre. Wittily and merrily (tho* an Hundred 
Years ago) composed ; found among some old musty Books that had 



lain a long time by in a Corner, and now at last made publick. 
Together with Bessy BelL .... The Third Edition, illustrated with 
several New Copper Cuts. London^ ^7^3' Sm. 8vo. R. 

With a copy of the original frontispiece and five other plates. 

Mr. Daniel's copy. The orthography is modernized, and there are other 
variations from the edition of 1638. This impression is merely a reprint of the 
second edition of 17 16. 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. Bamabae Itinerarium, or Bamabee's 

Journal ; By Richard Brathwait, A. M. With a Life of the Author, 

a Bibliographical Introduction to the Itinerary, and a Catalogue of 

Works. Edited from the First Edition by Joseph Haslewood. London, 

1820. Sm. sqr. 8vo. 2 vols. G. M- 

Vol. i., pp. i — xlviii., including the half-title and three plates^ and pp. 1-459 ; toI. ii., 
title and half-title, 2 leaves ; copy of old titles and frontispiece, 3 leaves ; then hy 
sheets (as in orig. edit) A 3 — £e in eights. In the Catalogue of Brathwait's worics 
are included several which Mr. Haslewood was the first to trace to their true 

A Svrvey of History : Or, A Nursery for Gentry. Contrived 

and Comprized in an Intermixt Discourse upon Historicall and 
Poeticall Relations .... By Richard Braithwait Esquife, Oxon. 
Imprinted at London by /. Ok$s^ for Jasper Emery. . . . 1638. 4to. 
With an engraved titU by W. Marshall, in the centre of which is a 
portrait of the Author, A\ ^tatis 48. R. 

See Corset's ^ Collectanea," part i., pp. 340-44. 

— The Psalmes of David the King and Prophet, and of other 

holy Prophets, paraphrased in English : Conferred with the Hebrew 

Veritie, set forth by B. Arias Montanus, together with the Latine, 

Greek Septuagint, and Chaldee Paraphrase. By R B[rathwait] 

London. Printed by Robert Young for Francis Constable. . . . 1638. 

Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A— N in twelveii including an engraved frontispiece in compartments, con- 
taining in the lower centre a portrait of Brathwait ; the last leaf of N is bknk. 
Mr. Corser^s copy. See it described in ^ Collectanea," part ii., pp. 411-13. 

Ar't asleepe Husband? A Boulster Lecture; Stored with 

all variety of witty jeasts, merry Tales, and other pleasant passages ; 

Extracted from the choicest flowers of Philosophy, Poesy, antient 

and modeme History. Illustrated with Examples of incomparable 

constancy, in the excellent History of Philocles and Doriclea. By 

Philogenes Panedonius. O nox longa — Hor. London, Printed by R. 

Bishop, for R[ichard] B[est] or his Assignes. 1640. Sm. 8vo. 

Frontispiece by W. Marshall ; a^-^ in eights, including printed title, first leaf 
blank ; B— X in eights (X 8 blank) ; Y, 4 leaves ; and Z, 3 leaves not paged. At 
p. 246 is a second engraving, but this really belongs to *' The Two Lancashire 
Lovers," and is merely an' inserted.print in this book. 


of a Boxe by an Experienc'd Gamester." This includes an Apparator, a Painter, a 
l^ttdlar, and a Piper. Mr. Corser's collation is slightly inaccurate, in consequence 
of his having mistaken a catchword for a signature. 

BRATH WAIT, Richard. Whimzies ; or a New Cast of Charac- 
ters. From the Original Edition, published in 163 1. Edited by 
James O. Halliwell. London. . . . 1859. 4to- 

Twenty-six copies printed. 

The Arcadian Princesse ; Or, The Trivmph of Ivstice : Pre- 
scribing excellent rules of Physicke, for a sicke lustice. Digested into 
fowre Bookes, and Faithfully rendrcd to the originall Jtalian Copy [of 
Marianus Silesius] by Ri. Brathwait Esq. Vulnera clausa potius 
cmciunt, Greg. Lottdon, Printed by Th. Harper for Robert Bostocke^ 
(fc. 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

Title, frontispiece by W. Marshall, with leaf of explanation in verse, &c., 13 
leares. A — Q and Aa — Qq in eights, except the last signature which has nine 
leaves. Dedicated to the Earl of Worcester. 

Anniversaries upon his Panarete ; continued : With her Con- 
templations, penned in the languishing time of her Sickenesse. The 
second Yeeres Annivers. Et novus iste novo dolor astuat ortus ab anno, 
London, Imprinted by Fcelix Kyngston, and are to be sold by Robert 
Bostock, at the Kings head in Pauls Church-yard. 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

A — D in eights. 

The contemplations of Panarete, forming the latter part of the volume, are in 
prose. The remainder of the book is in verse. This was Mr. Corser's copy. See 
it described in " Collectanea/' part ii., pp. 393-6. 

Bamabees Joumall, Under the Names of Mirtilus & Faustulus 

shadowed : for the Travellers Solace lately published, to most apt 
numbers reduced, and to the old Tune of Barnabe commonly chanted. 
By Corymbaeus. 

The oyle of malt and juyce of spritely nectar 
Have made my Muse more valiant than Hector, 

[London, John Haviland, 1638.] Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A — £e in eights, besides the frontispiece, engraved by W. Marshall. 

First edition. Dedicated to Sir Alexander Radcliffe, Brathwait's intimate friend. 
At the conclusion of the fourth part of the Journal, is annexed '* Bessie BelL* In 
the later editions of this witty and entertaining book, which is in Latin and 
English verse« alterations were made in the text. 

It was entered at Stationers' Hall, June 7, 1638. 

Drunken Barnaby*s Four Journeys to the North of England. 

In Latin and English Metre. Wittily and merrily (tho* an Hundred 
Years ago) composed ; found among some old musty Books that had • 



Frontispiece by Vanghan, metrical explanatioiv title, &c, $ leaves ; A— X 4 
in eights, including a second plate by Vaughan on sig. H. Chiefly in verse. 

A second part of this volume is called *' An Age for Apes,'' and is a series of 
satirical characters. The book concludes with ^ Parthenia's Passions," which, as 
the bookseller states, he obtained surreptitiously, and printed without the author's 

From Mr. Holgate's collection. Dr. Bliss's copy, which had been Haslewood's, 
was described as being on thick paper ; but it is doubtftd whether all copies are not 
printed on a stouter paper than usual. 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. Lignum Vita. Libellus in quatuor 
partes distinctus : et ad utilitatem cujusque animae in altiorem vitae 
perfectionem suspirantis, nuperrimi editus. Londini^ excudebat Joh : 
Grismond. 1658. Sm. 8vo. O.M. 

Engraved title, letterpress title, and preliminaries, together 17 leaves 
pp. I — 679 ; followed by an unpaged leaf beginning ^Quamplurimos fortass^" 

Tragi- Comoedia, cut in titulum inscribitur Regicidium, per* 

spicatissimis Judiciis accuratiiis perspecta, pensata, comprobata ; 
Authore Ri. Brathwait, Armigero, utriusque Academias Alumno. 
Lortdini, Typis y. C . . . . 1665. Sm. 8vo. R.M. 

A — M in eights. From Mr. Corser's collection. 

A Comment upon the Two Tales of our Ancient, Renowned, 

and ever Living Poet S' Jeflfray Chavcer, Knight Who, for his Rich 

Fancy, Pregnant Invention, and Present Composure, deserved the 

Countenance of a Prince and his Laureat Honour. The Miller's Tale, 

and the Wife of Bath, Addressed and Published by Special 

Authority. London^ Printed by W. Godbid^ and are to be sold by 

Robert Crofts at the Crown in Chancery lane neer Serjeants-Inn. 1665. 

Sm. 8vo. 

Title and dedication, 2 leaves ; B^O 4 in eights. From Mr. Corser's col- 

BRAZIL. Beschryvinge van *t in-nemeii van de Stadt Salvador 

inde Baya de todos os Sanctos in Brasil door den E. Admirael Jacob 

Willekes. f Amstelredam^ By Class Jansz: Visscher^ ivoonende inde 

Kalver-straet inde Visscher. 1624. 

A broadside with a large engraving above, which was copied by De Bry, '* Grands 
Voyages," part xiii., p. 62. 

— — Kort verhael van de Exploicten, door den Manhaften 
Pieter Pictersz Heyn als Admirael over acht Schepen, ende vijf 
Jachten, van de geoctroyeerde West Indische Compa^nie, in Maert 
ende Junio, van het Jaer 1627 in Brasil, in de Baey, ende ontrent de 
Stadt S. Salvador, geluckigh uytgevoert Tot Amsterdam. By 
Hessel Gerritss. 1628. 

A broadside in two sheets, and a copperplate engraving in two sheets, intended 
to be joined together. 


Some of the poetry in this volume had appeared as long before as 1615 in 
Brathwait's book called '* A Strappado for the DivelL" A full account of the 
book is given in Corser's " Collectanea," part iL, pp. 413-16. 

The four leaves of sig. Y are occupied by two poems, entitled, '' Menippus His 
Madrigall, to his Coy-duck Clarabel," and '* Loves Festivall at Lusts FvneralL" 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. The Two Lancashire Lovers: Or, 

The Excellent History of Philocles and Doriclea. Expressing the 

faithful! constancy and mutuall fidelity of two loyall Lovers. Stored 

with no lesse variety of discourse to delight the Generous, then of 

serious advice to instruct the Amorous. By Musxus Palatinus. 

Perto^ si taceo. London, Printed by Edward Griffin for R, B. or his 

Assignes. 1640. Sm. 8vo. 

A— S in eights, including a blank leaf at the end and an engraved tide. There 
is a plate marked for insertion at p. 246, but in this copy it is placed before the title. 
From the Mainwaring and Corser collections. For a full account of the volume, see 
Goner's '* Collectanea," part ii., pp. 416-18. 

— The Penitent Pilgrim. [Quot. from Psalm Ixvi., 16.] 
London^ Printed by John Dawson, and are to be sold by lohn Williams at 
the signe of the Crane in Pauls Church-yard. 1 64 1 . Sm. 8vo. G. M . 

A — ^T II in twelves. With a frontispiece by W. Marshall 

Wholly in prose, except some stanzas at the end, headed '' His Grave-stone." 
The dedication runs thus : — ''^ To that Immacvlate Lambe Christ Jesvs ; the Sole 
Saviour and Receiver of every Penitent Sinner ; hath this Poore Pilgrim humbly 
here presented these his Penitentiall Teares.** 

Astraea's Teares. An Elegie vpon the death of that Reverend, 

Learned and Honest Judge, Sir Richard Hutton Knight; lately one 
of his Majesties lustices in his Highnesse Court of Common Pleas at 
Westminster. London^ Printed by T. H. for Philip Nevil^ and are to 
be sold at his Shop in Ivie Lane, at the signe of the Gun. 1641. Sm. 
8vo. R.M. 

A, 3 leaves, including title ; B — H 4 in eights. With a frontispiece (probably by 
W. Marshall) representing the judge at full-length in his robes, in a recumbent 

Sir Richard Hutton was Brathwait's early friend and his god£sither, and was 
also, it seems, related to him. The present litde volume is inscribed to the 
judge's eldest son, *' My worthily-accomplished and most endeared Cosin." From 
the collections of Sir F. Freeling and Mr. Corser. It is reviewed in *' Collectanea," 
part ii., pp. 420-23. 

The book is divided into two parts, distinct from each other ; the second, which 
has a fresh tide, was an elegiac celebration of the anniversary of the death of the 
poet's wife, in fulfilment of a promise made in the printed '* Anniversaries " of 1634. 

The Honest Ghost, Or A Voice from the Vault. In noxam 

sectatur 6r umbra, London, Printed by Ric. Hodgkinsonne. 1658. 
Sm. 8vo. o.M. 


BRAZIL. Vertooch aen de . . . Heeren Staten Generad der 
Vereenichde Nederlanden, nopende de voorgaende ende t^enwoor- 
dighe Proceduren van Brazil t Amsterdam, 1647. 4to« 

Brasilsche Gelt-sack. Wacr in dat claerlijck vertoont wordt, 

waer dat Participanten van de West-Indische Comp. haer Gelt ghe- 
bleven is. Gedruct in BrasUien op 7 Reciffin de Bree^ByL 1647. 4to. 

Brandt in Brasilien. 1648. 4ta 

Speculatien op 't Concept van Rq^lement op Brazil tAm- 

sUrdam. 1648. 4to. 

^— Amsterdams Dam-t^raetje, van wat outs en wat nieuws en 
watvreemts. Tot Amsterdam, 1649. ^^ 

Amsterdams Tafel-praetje van wat goets en wat Quaets en 

wat Noodichs. Tot Gouda. 1649. 4^o* 

Amsterdams Vuur-Praetje van 't Een ende 'tander datter 

nu om gaet fAmstelredam. 1649. 4ta 

Accord van Brasilien, mede van *t Recife Maurits-Stadt, 

ende de omlqQgende Forten van Brasil f Amsterdam. 1654. 4to. 

— — Cort, Bondigh ende Waerachtigh veiliael van't schandelijck 
over-geven ende verlaten vande voomame Conquesten van Brasil, 
onder de Regeeringe vande Heeren Wouter van Schonenburgh, 
President, Hendrick Haecx, Hoogen Raet, ende Sigismondus van 
Sc^oppCy Luytenaent Generael oyer de Militie, 1654. Tot Middel- 
burgh. 1655. 4to. 

Verfaad van den eersten Tocht ghedaen hj Sijn Excellentie 

van Wassenaer. . . . met's Lants Vloot, naer de Vyandelicke Landen 
van Portugael 1657. 4ta 

— » Tractaet ende alliantie tusschen den Koninck ende Rijcke 
van Portugael ter eenre, ende de Ho. ende Mog. Heeren de Staten 
Generael der vereenichde Nederlantsche Provintien ter andere zijde. 
MiddiUmrgh. 1661. 4ta 

BRETNORy Thomas. 161 5. A Newe Almanacke and Prog* 
nostication for the yeare of our Lord God 161 5. Being the thirde 
after Leap yeare. Calculated & composed according to Act for the 
latitude and Meridian of the honorable City of London, and may well 
seme all the South parts of Great-Britaine. By Thomas Bretnor 
professour of the Mathematicks & student in Physicke in Cowlane 

BRAZIL. 205 

BRAZIL. Cort verhael van alle 't ghepasseerde in 't victorieus 

Veroveren der Sudt Olinda, anden ghcnaemt Ffaarnambuca / Awi- 

sUrdam, By Claes Jansz Visscher. 1630. 

A broadside on four sheets, in Dutch and French, accompanied by two copper- 
tdate engravings on four sheeU. These engravings were copied by Dc Bry, 
** Grands Voyages," part xiiL, p. 37 and p. 145. 

Auctentijck Verhael van de Belegheringhe ende veroveringhe 

van Porto Calvo, door sijn Excell. Graef. Mauritz van Nassau, Generael 
over Brasil, met perfecte aenwijsinghe door letteren A, B, C, van alle 

de voomaemste plaetsen. T'Amstelredam. Ghedruckt voor Ian van 
HUten, 1637. 

A broadside with a large copperplate engraving. 

Het Spel van Brasilien, vergheleken by een goedt Verkeer- 

Spel. 1638. 4to. 

Auctentijck Verhael van't remarcquabelste is voorgevallen in 

Brasil, tusschen den HoUandtschen Admirael Willem Cornelisz, ende 
dc Spaensche Vloot. T Amsterdam. 1640. 4to, 

Cort verhael, vande ordre'die sijne Conincklicke Majesteyt 

van Spagnien aen sijn Generalissimo den Graef de la Torre in de Bay 
de todos los Sanctos gegeven heeft, om int werck te stellen al 't ghene 
hy tot recuparatie van Brasil noodigh achten sonde. Tot Amsterdam 
[1641]. 4to. 

Descriptio oppidi Olindae in Pemambuco [in Latin, Dutch, 

and French]. Amsterdam^ chez Jehan Blaeu. 1643. 

A broadside printed on three sheets, and illustrated with a large panoramic view 
of Olinda on four sheets. 

Consideratie over de tegenwoordige ghelegentheydt van 

Brasil. f Amstelredam. 1644. 4to. 

Aen-spraeck aen den getrouwen Hollander nopende de Pro- 

ceduren der Portugesen in Brasill. In *s Gravenkage. 1645. 4to. 

Extract ende Copye, van verscheyde Brieven en Schriften, 

belangende de Kebellie der Paepsche Portugesen van desen Staet in 
Brasilien. 1646. 4to. 

Claar Vertoogh van de verradersche en vyantlijcke Acten en 

Proceduren van Poortugaal, in 't verwecken ende stijven van de Rcbellic 
ende Oorloghe in Brasil. f Amsterdam. 1647. 4to. 

3o8 BRETON. 

Ay 4 leaves, the first blank ; B, 5 lesvcs ; C-^F in fours. 

Dedicated, in an epistle signed N. B.^ ** To my very louing and vndesenied 
good friend M. Griffin Pen.* This was Mr. Corsei's copy, who notes on the fly- 
leaf : ''This book is perfect, there being no fourth leaf of sheet B. See 2nd voL of 
the ' British Bibliogiapher/ p. 333.* 

BRETON, Nicholas. A Diuine Poem, diuided into two Partes r 
The Rauisht Soule and the Blessed Weeper. Compiled by Nicholas 
Breton, Gentleman. Imprinted at LotuUm, far lokn Brcwfu^ and John 
Diane, 1601. 4to. 

A— F in fours. The first part is in stansas of 4, and the second in stansas of 
7 lines. 

Dedicated to Mary, Orantess of Pembroke. This copy bdonged to Dr. Farmer 
and George Steevens, and was afterwards in the Heber tibrary. It is the Toliune 
described in "BibL Heber.,* part iv., Na 171. 

An Excellent Poeme, vpon the longing of a blessed heart : 

which loathing the world, doth long to be with Christ With an 
Addition, vpon the definition of loue. Compiled by Nicholas Breton 
Grentleman. Cupio dissolute li esse cum Christo. imprinted at London^ 
far lohn Browne^ and lohn Deane, 1601. 4to. 

A-^F in fours. Dedicated to Lord North. 

The Passion of a Discontented Minde. London Printed by 

V> S.for lokn Bailey^ and are to be sold at his shop at the doore of the 
office of the vi. Claris in Chancerie lane. i6oi. 4to. O. M. 

A, 3 leaves ; B — D a in fours. In 6-line stanzas. 

From the libraries of Mr. Gardner and Mr. Corser. It is described in ^ Col- 
lectanea,** part iiL, pp. 42-5. In the Bodleian is a copy of the book, dated 1602 ; 
but of this edition of 1601 no other copy seems to be known. There was a third 
edition in 162 1, iriiich is r e v iewed in Brydges* ** Restituta.* All these were pub* 
lished anonymously; and although the poem has generally been ascribed, on 
conjecture, to Breton, the attribution is very questionable. 

A Dialogue full of pithe and pleasure : between three Phy- 

losophers : Antonio, Meandro, and Dinarco : Vpon the Dignitie, or 

Indignttie of Man. Partly Translated out of Italian, and partly set 

downe by way of obseruation. By Nicholas Breton, Gentleman. 

Dignus honore pins^ Gloria sola Deus. London Printed by T. Cfor 

lohn Browne, and are to be solde at his Shop in Saint Dunstons Church^ 

yard in FleetstreeU. 1603. 4to. Blach letter. R. M. 

A— £ in fours, first leaf blank. 

Dedicated to John Linwraye, Esq., Surveyor of the Ordnance. 

Grimellos Fortunes, With his Entertainment in his trauaile. 

A discourse full of pleasure. London, Printed for E. White, and are 
to bee solde at his Shoppe neere the little North doore of S. PauUs-Church 
at the Signe of the Gun. 1604. 4to. Blach letter. 

A, 2 leaves ; B— £ 2 in fours. 


BRETON. 209 

The Address to the Reader is signed B. N. Breton, to whom the tract is 
usually attributed, was sometimes accustomed to transpose his initials. From Mr. 
Brigh^s library. 

BRETON, Nicholas. The Honovr of Valovr. By Nicholas 

Breton Gent : Vocchio nel sqpra vede il Mondo. At London^ Printed 

far Christopher Pvrset^ and are to bee solde at the Mary Magdalens 

head in Holbome^ neere Steele Inne. 1605. 4to. 

A — C I in fours, title on A 2. Dedicated to Charles Blount, Earl of Devon. 
The only copy known, from the libraries of Farmer, Steevens, and Heber. It is 
a poem in 7-line stanzas. 

— An Olde Mans Lesson, and a Yovng Mans Love. By 
Nicholas Breton. London Imprinted for Edward White, and are to 
bee solde at his Shop neere the little North-doore of S. Paules Church at 
the Signeofthe Gun. 160$. 4to. R. M. 

A — G 2 in fours, the last leaf having the colophon. 

Mr. Mitford's copy. In the dedication of this prose tract to Sir John Linwraye, 
Master Surveyor of the Ordnance, Breton seems, as in the title, to claim the 
authorship : yet, in the notice to the Reader, he expressly says : " I have met of 
late with a discourse written by I know not whom, and how well, iudge you that 

-^--^— The Soules immortall crowne consisting of seuen glorious 

graces, i. Vertue. 2. Wtsedome. 3. Loue. 4. Constancie. 5. Patience. 

€. Humilitie. 7. Infinitenes. Devided into Seuen dayes Workes. And 

dedicated to the Kings most excellent Maiestie. At London Printed 

by H, Loivnes, and are to be sold by L C, and F. B. 1605. 4to. R. M. 

A — I 2 in fours. In verse. Printed within woodcut borders. Mr. Corser's 
copy. See "Collectanea," part iii., pp. 57-61. 

Comv-Copiae, Pasquils Night-cap : Or, Antidot for the Head* 

ache. London, Printed for Thomas Thorp, 161 2. 4to. R. M. 

A, 2 leaves; B — Q in fours. In verse. Mr. Corser's copy. This piece is attri- 
buted to Nicholas Breton by Mr. Collier, "^ Poet Dec.," v. i, p. 329, where he gives 
good reasons for his opinion. No earlier edition is known, though it is pretty 
certain that it was in print in 1600. It is replete with curious references to old 
customs and localities. See Corser's '' Collectanea," part iiL, pp. 35-8. 

Wits Priuate Wea[l]th. Stored with choise commodities to 

content the minde. London Printed by Edw. Allde, for John Tappe, 

and are to be sold at his shop at St. Magnus comer. 161 3. 4to. G. M. 

A^D in fours, title on A 2. Dedicated to John Crooke, Esq., son and heir to 
Sir John Crooke, Knight It is a collection of maxims and moral sentences. Mr. 
Corser's copy. 

Wits Private Wealth. Stored with choise coqimodities to 

content the minde. London Printed by Tho. Creede; for lohu 


BRETON. 211 

Mr. Gnrser's copy. Mr. Collier has pointed out that two editions of this 
poetical volume were printed in i6oa This of 1626 is the third. A second part, 
which also appeared in 1600^ but with the name of a different publisher^ does not 
seem to have been reprinted. See Mr. Collier's ** BibL Cat,* L, 85, 86. 

BRETON, Nicholas. Fantasticks: Seruing for a Perpctval 
Prognostication. Descants of 

1. The World. 

2. The Earth. 

3. Water. 

4. A)rre. 

5. Fire. 

6. Fish. 

7. Beasts. 

8. Man. 

9. Woman, 
la Loue. 

11. Money. 

12. The Spring. 

13. Summer. 

14. Haruest 

15. Winter. 

16. The i2.Moneths. 

17. Christmas. 

18. Lent. 

19. Good Friday. 

20. Easter Day. 

21. Morning. 

22. The i2.Houres. 

23. Midnight 

24. The Conclusion. 

London^ Printed for Francis WUliams. 1626. 4ta Black Utter. O.M. 

A^F3 in fours, the first leaf blank. 

Dedicated to Sir Mark Ive, of Rivers Hall, in Essex. Breton, in his Address 
to the Reader, says : *^ It was my hap of late, walking thorow the fields, to light 
vpon a peece of paper, in which I found a kind of discourse, set down vpon an 
imagination of midnight By whom it was written, I know not, but by whomsoevert 
I liked it so well, that wishing my selfe able to doe halfe so well, I fell into an 
humor of imitating the veyne, so neer as I could, in description of the twelve 
houres, the twelve moneths, and some speciall dayes in the yere :— ^* 

The present copy is illustrated by a series of engravings, bearing the mono- 
gram of Nicolas Visscher, emblematical of the twelve months. They are not 
known to accompany any other copy of the book, and it is most probable that they 
do not belong to it In 1661 Matthew Stevenson published a similar work, called 
the ^ Twelve Months " (see Hazlitt's ^ Handbook, " p. 578) ; but it is of such rarity 
that I have not had an opportunity of comparing the plates which it contains 
with those found in this copy of Breton. The volume was obtained some years 
ago from a sale at Cambridge. A set of the engravings, but in very inferior im- 
pressions, is in the Print Room at the British Museum. 

On the 1st October, 1604, Roger Jackson procured a licence for ''a book 
caUed Phantastix;** but wheUier Breton's work, or another similarly named, we 
cannot at present determine. See Arber's '' Transcript," iil, 1 14. 

The Sovles Harmony. By Nicholas Breton. The Ninth 

Edition. London^ Printed by Elisabeth Purslow, 1635. Sm. 8vo. 
Printed within borders. Black letter. 

A — B 4 in eights, the last leaf blank. 

The only copy known. This is a poem in stanzas of four lines, having three 
stanzas on each page, followed by a couplet The first edition was in 1603, and 
all trace of intermediate impressions has disappeared. 


BRETON, Nicholas. A Poste with a Packet of Mad Letters. 
Newly imprinted. LofidoH, Printed far John Marriot 1637. 4to. 
Black letter. R. M. 

A — O 3 in fours, title on A 2. In two parts. A woodcut is on the title to 
each part 

Mr. Corser's copy. Breton's name is subscribed in full to the dedication to 
Maximilian Dallison, of Hawlin, in the County of Kent In the British Museum 
is a copy of this book, printed in 1609 ; but there were probably editions earlier 
than any now known. 

Englands Selected Characters, Describing the good and bad 

Worthies of this Age. Where the best may see their graces, and 
the worst disceme their basenesse. . . . London, Printed for T. S. 
1643. 4to. 

A — B in fours. This is an abridged edition of Breton's ^ Good and Badde," 

The WiU of Wit. otherwise called Wit's WiU, or WUl's Wit ; 

By Nicholas Breton. Now first reprinted from the rare edition of 
1S99. Edited by James O. HatliwelL London. . . . i86a 4to. 

Only twenty-six copies printed. The original copy was purchased at Jolley's sale 
for the British Museunii and is the only one known of this impression. 

BRETSCHNEIDER. Andreas. New Modelbuch, Darinnen 
allerley Kiinstliche Viesirung vnd Muster Artiger Zuege vnd schdner 
Blummen zu Zierlichen uberschl^en, Haupt: Schiirtz: Schniip 
tiichem, HaUben, Handschuhen, Wehren gehengen, Kampfuttem vnd 
der gleichen, auff Mahler naht vnd Seidenstiicker arbeit gantz kiinst- 
lich gemahlet vnd vorgerissen, Der gleichen hie beuom noch nie in 
Druck aussgangen. LeipzigL Inn Verlegung Henmng Grossens des 
yUngem. 161$. Folio. $0 Plates including title. 

The plates in this volume contain designs of extraordinary beauty for em- 
broidery and other needlework. The six plates which follow the title are in dupli- 
cate, one set being coloured and the other plain. Some of the plates are engraved 
on copper, and others on wood. The book appears to be altogether unknown to 
bibliographers ; but Nagler, in his '' KUnstier Lexicon,** mentions several pieces by 
Abraham Bretsdmeider, who was bom at Leipzig in 1578, and says that he has 
seen a book, also with plates, by Andreas Bretsdmeider, who he thinks may be the 
same person. This volume, however, was quite unknown to him. 

BRETT, Arthur. The Restauration. Or, A Poem on the 
Return of the Most Mighty and ever Glorious Prince, Charles the II. 
to his Kingdoms. By Arthur Brett of Christs-Church Oxon. London, 
Printed by J. H. for Samuel Thomson at the Bishops head in St. 
Pauls Church-yard. 1660. 4to. 

A — D 2 in fours. 


BREUIARIUM secundum regula3 beat! hysidori. [Colophon.] 
Ad laudem otnnipotentis deiy necno virginis marie matris eius: oim 
sanctorU saftctarUtf Expletu est breuiariu secundu reguld beati ysidori 
dictu tnozarabes .* tnaxta cU diligetia Jffectu $ emendatu Jf reuerendU i 
utrof iure doctore dn\ alfonsum orti} canonicu toletanu. Impssum i 
regali ciuitate Toleti, Jussu reueridissimi i xfo pris dflu d, fracisci 
ximenes : eiusdi ciuitatis Archiejn* Impisis nobilis Mekhioris goricii 
Nouariensis. Per ntagistru Petru hagembach Alemanu. Anfw salutis 
nfe, Millesimo quingdtesimo secudo, die to vicessima qutta misis 
octobris. Folio. BR. M. 

First edition of the Mozarabic Breviary. This copy agrees exactly with the col- 
lation given by Bninet, and has the four pages of table at the end. 

BREVIARIUM ROMANUM. MS. on vellum of the early part 
of the iSth century of Flemish execution, with large & small initial 
letters carefully ornamented with tracery work. 8vo. R. M. 

[Deutsch Romisch Brevier]. [Colophon.] Ein end hat das 

deutsch romisch breuier welliches aus\ di lateinischen romischi breuier noch 
rechtem woren gemcUnen deutschi {durch kosten dessz obgemelten edelen 
hoch gebomen hem hem Christofel voft frangepd FUrst vnd graff zu 
Zeug Vegely vh Madrusch &c. Mit sampt seiner hochberuempten gnadi 
eelichen gemahel fraw ApoUofiia wolberuempte aller wirdigiste Graffin 
zu Frangepan : gerechtfertiget vH ausz zoge vH zu drucken verordnet 
ist) Welliches auch durch di audechtigi geistlichi bruder Jacob wyg 
barf user or dens von kolmar mit sunderi fleisz gecorrigierty quottiert, vn 
in ein solliclte ordnug gesetz ist. Gedruckt vn sdlicklichi^ mit guti Jleissz 
vollidet zu Veftedig durch den erberi meister GregoriU de gregoriis, Im 
Jar nach christi vttsers herre geburt dauset . v . hOdert vH, xviii .iar 
(i 5 1 8) am letste dag dessz mottatz Octobris* 4to. Woodcuts. BR. M. 


A and B in eights (A i blank) ; a to z in eights, except m, which has six leaves 
only ; 9, f , and i^ eight leaves each. A to Z in eights, except M, which has only 
six leaves. Aa to Hh in eights ; li, six leaves, and Kk, ten leaves. (These two 
last signatures are not mentioned in the register.) Then follow AA to CC in eights, 
and DD six leaves ; the sixth containing the register. The text has folios through- 
out, the last being 630 ; but there is a gap from folio 468 to 601, which is the same 
in all copies. 

As will be seen from the colophon given above, this translation of the Breviary 
was made and printed at the cost of the Count and Countess Frangepane, who 
were confined as prisoners of war for more than four years in the gaol caUed 
Dorasel (Torcello, near Venice). In two of the woodcuts are full-length portraits of 
the Count and Countess. 

Dr. Waagen, in his '' Treasures of Art in Great Britain," says of this book, 
*^ Finally, I must call attention to a Roman Breviary in quarto, with numerous wood- 
cuts and German text, which was printed at Venice in 1 5 1 8. Some of the woodcuts, 
which are very well executed from excellent models of the Paduan and Venetian 
Schools, bear the letters I. A. More especially remarkable are the Annunciation ; 


the Nativity, which has much affinity with Bonardo Parentino, the idudar of 
Andrea Mantegna ; the Adoration oif the Kings ; Resurrection of Christ ; the 
Ascension ; the Martyrdom of S. Saiuminus, of a very Mantegnesque character; 
and Joachim and Anna at the Golden Gate. This woilc is as remarkable as it is 

BREVIARIUM Romanae Curis, ex sacra et canonica scriptura, 
necnon Sanctorum historiis, summa vigilantia decerptis» accurate 
digestum. Nunc denuo ab autore suo recognitum dillgentius. [Ami- 
verpia.] Impensa et studio AntonU Gainu 1537. Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 20 leaves. Fdios 1-508. 

Romanum ex sacra potissimum Scriptura, et probatis 

sanctorum Historiis nuper confectum, ac denuo pereundem Authofem 
accuratius recognitum, ea% diligentia hoc in anno d mendis ita 
purgatum, vt Momi iudicium non pertimescat Ltigdunit a^ud Tk^- 
baldum Paganum. IS46* Folio. BR.M. 

A, 4 leaves ; b 8, c 6, d — g, 8 each ; h 4, A to ii in eights ; the last leaf blank. 

This and the preceding article present the reformed Breviary, compiled by Car* 
dinal Quignon at the desire of Pope Clement VII. The first edition was printed at 
Rome in 1535, but so much opposition was raised to it by the theologians of the 
Sorbonne when it was submitted for their approval that it was withdrawn, and it is 
doubtful whether more than the title and pr^Lce (which are in the National Libmy 
at Paris) are extant, unless it may be found in the Vatican Library. This Roman 
edition was reprinted at Paris in 1536, but the refnint is hardly less rave dian tibe 
original The editions of 1537 and 1546, described above, r epre s ent the revised 
version, which was very commonly used in the Ronum Church fipom 1556 till the 
Council of Trent decreed its suppresrion. The principal points in which it difliefs 
from the Breviary in use till 1536, and re-established with revisions and corrections 
by the Council of Trent, are that it has only three lessons for each day, and that these 
are principally drawn from the Holy Scriptures, or from well-authenticated lives of 
the Saints, while the more legendary are omitted. It also differs from the more 
ancient and more modem Breviaries in the arrangement of the Psalms and in the 
omission of versides, responses, and little chapters. One great point of interest 
presented by this book is the use that was made of it by the compilen of the 
Book of Common Prayer. The well-known passage, *^ Concerning the service of 
the Church. There was never anything by the wit of noan so well devised," &c, is 
taken from the preface to this Breviary almost literally. 

Portiforiii seu Breuiarium ad usum ecclesie Sarisburiensis 

castigatum, suppletum, marginalibusquotationibusadornatuni,ac nunc 

primum ad verissumum (sic) ordinalis exemplar in suum ordinem a 

peritissimis viris redactum. Pars Hyemalis [et Estivalis]. [Colopbon]. 

in alma universitate ParisieH impressa p. Fraficiscu regnaulL 

1535. 4to. BR. M. 

Title, calendar, &c, 8 leaves ; A— S in eights ; T, 10 leaves. '* Psalterium 
Davidis," a — r in eights; s, 4 leaves. ''Propria Sanctorum," A — G in eights. 
" Sarisburiensis Portif. Vol. Sec.," A — D in eights ; then follow 2 D and 3 D in 
eights, £ and F in eights. '' Proprium Sanctorum tempore estivali,'' aa — ^pp in 
eights ; qq, seven leaves. 


The title of this copy bears " Londini 1555," while the colophon states that it was 
printed at Paris twenty years earlier. It is very probable that the Paris printer 
having copies on his hands found a market for them in London on Queen Mary's 
revival of '* the old religion,'' and the London bookseller merely printed a new 

BREVIARIUM secundum usum insignis Ecclesiae collegiats 
Sancti Petri Insulensis. MS. on vellum, with name of the scribe and 
date, " Completum per me Jo. de lacu canonicum insulensis die xix 
mensis febr. anno . . . 1516." Sm. 8vo. 

A fine specimen of sixteenth century binding, with the name of the binder, 
which is stamped on the side with the l^end, *' Ob laudem xpristi librum hunc 
rect^ ligam Ludovicus Bloc." 

The church for which the Breviary was written was doubtless the Collegiate 
Church of St Peter at Lille, which was founded A.D. 1066, and destroyed in the 
Revolution of 1792. 

BREVIS relatio felicis agonis, quem pro religione catholica gloriosi 
subierunt aliquot h Societate Jesu Sacerdotes in ultima Angliae per- 
secutione, sub annum 1678. a protestantibus excitata, violentd morte 
sublati. Praga. 1683. 4to. Eight Portraits. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; pp. 1-89. 

BREWER, Anthony. The Love-sick King, an English Tragical 
History : with the Life and Death of Cartesmunda, the fair Nun of 
Winchester. Written by Anth. Brewer, Gent. London^ Printed far 
Rob. Pollard at the Ben. Jonson-head behind the Exchange^ and John 
Sweeting at tfte A ngel in Popes-luad-A lley. 165 5. 4to. 

A — G 2 in fours. 

BREWER, Thomas. The merry Jests of Smug the Smith, Or the 
Life and Death of the Merry Divel of Edmonton. With the pleasant 
pranks of Smug the Smith, Sir John, and mine Host of the George, 
about the stealing of Venison. Whereunto is added Mr. Peter's Fables 
and Smugs Ghost. By T. Brewer Gent Lofidon Printed for Francis 
Coles dwelling in the Old-Bay ley. 1657. 4to. Black letter. 

A — £ in fours, with a woodcut on the title of Smug the Smith baffling the 
keepers, which is repeated on the last page. 

This was originally published in 1631 under the title of ^ The Merry Devil of 
Edmonton," &c The present, the only copy known, is from the Heber and Daniel 
libraries. For " Mr. Peter's Fables" on the title-page we ought to read "Mr. Peter 
FabyFs," Peter Fabyl being the name of the *' merry devil of Edmonton.** Warton, 
in his *' History of EngL Poetry," v. 3, p. 365, ed. 1824, tells us that he saw ''Fabyl's 
Ghoste," a poem of two sheets in the octave stanza, printed by J. Rastell in 1533, 
in the possession of Collins the poet 

On the 3rd April, 1608, Joseph Hunt and Thomas Archer entered at Sutionert* 
Hall '* a booke called the lyfe and deathe of the merry Devill of Edmonton, &c. 


by T. B." See Arber's ^ Transcript," ill, 165. This edition appears to be quite 

The editions of 163 1 and 1657, the only ones now apparently remaining, differ 
considerably in arrangement and orthography. 

BREWER, Thomas. A knot of Fooles. 

Fooles, or Knaves, or both, I care not, 
Here they are ; Come laugh and spare not 

Printed at London far Francis Grave, and are to be sold at his shop on 

Snouhhil near tfte Saracens Head without New-gate. 1658. 4ta 

A — C in fours. In verse. With a large cut on the title. The address on the 
back of the title to the reader is signed Tho. Brewer. From the Wolfreston and 
Daniel collections. An edition in 4to., dated 1624, is in the British Museum. 

BREYDENBACH, Bernardus de. [Itinerarium Terrae Sanctae.] 
[Colophon.] SanctarU peregrinationU in tnontem Syon ad venerandu 
s^ s^ulcrU in Jerusalem, atf in tnonti Synai ad diuH virgini 
et martiri Katherina opusculum hoc cdtentiuU p ErhardU reuwich de 
Traiecto inferiori impressum In ciuitate Moguntina Anno sabtHs 
M.CCCC. LxxxvL die xL Februarii Finit feliter (sic). Folia Wood' 
cuts. BR. M. 

[Itinerarium Terrae Sanctae, Germanic^.] [At folio 7.] Eyn 

vorred yn disz nachgende werck der fart uber mer zu de heiligen giab 

vnsers herren ihesu cristi gen Jerusalem ynhaltende lob vnd nutz der 

selben reysz auch vszdrucken me)mug vnd vszteylug disz werckes vahet 

an seliglichen. [Colophoa] Discs werck ynnhaltende die h^ligenreysxen 

gen Jherusalem zu dem heiligen grab vnd furbasz zu der hochgelobten 

jungfrauwen vftd mertreryn sant Katheryn durch Erhart rewich von 

Vttricht ynn der statt Meyntz getrtuket Ym jar vnsers heylsz. tusent. 

vierhudert. vn Ixxxvi [i486] yn dem. xxu tag desz Brachmonedts. Endet 

sich seliglichen. Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

A full description of the text of both the Latin and German editions will be 
found in Hain, so for as he can give it, but as that excellent authority does not indi- 
cate the large folding woodcuts, it may be useful to give a list of them in the order 
they should come. i. JerusaleuL 2. Venice. 3. Parenza 4. Corfu. 5. Modon. 
6. Crete. 7. Rhodes. As, however, the book is without pagination, catchwords, or 
signatures, it is almost impossible to collate it accurately except by comparison 
with other copies. 

BRICE, Thomas. A compendious Regester in Metre, conteinyng 
the names and pacient suflfrynges of the membres of Jesus Christ, 
afflicted, tormented, and cruelly burned, here in Englande, since the 
death of our late famous kyng, of immortall memorie, Edwarde the 
sixte : to the entraunce and beginnyng of the raign of our soueraigne 


& derest Lady Elizabeth, of Englande, Fraunce, and Ireland, quene 

defender of the faithe, to whose highnes truly and properly, apper- 

teineth next and immediately vnder God, the supreme power, and 

authoritie of the Churches of Englande and Irelande. So be it. Anno. 

1 5 59- [Col.] Imprynted at London by Jhon Kyngston^ for Richard 

Adams. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. GR. M. 

A — D in eights ; A 2 and first and last leaves of sig. B blank. Mr. Corser's 
copy. There was a second edition in 1599. 

BRIDGES, John. A strange and wonderful! Relation of the 

burying alive of Joan Bridges of Rochester in the County of Kent 

Also, the manner of her tearing open of her own belly, the getting of 

the Cloath off her face, and loosing of her feet in the grave, and that 

she was afterwards seen by above 500. Persons .... London^ Printed 

for E. G. 1646. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BRIEF. A briefe collection of all such textes of the scripture as 
do declare the most blessed and happie estate of them that be vyseted 
wyth sycknes and other visitations of God, and of them that be depart- 
inge out of this lyfc, with most godly prayers and generall confessions, 
verie expedient and mete to be read to all sicke persones, to make 
them wyllynge to dye. Wherunto are added two fruitful! and com- 
fortable sermons made by the famouse clarcke, doctor Martine Luther, 
verie mete also to be reade at the burialles. Ecclesiastes vii It is 
better to go Vc. [Col.] Imprynted at London for Gwalter Lynne 
dwellynge on Somers Kaycy by Byllynges gate. In theyeere M.D.XLIX. 
Cum PriuilegiOy &c. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

A— M in eights. Dedicated by the publisher to Anna, Duchess of Somerset 

A Briefe Discovery of the vntrvthes and slanders (against the 

trve Gouernement of the Church of Christ) contained in a Sermon, 
preached the 8. of Februarie 1588, by D. Bancroft, and since that time 
set forth in Print, with Additions by the said Authour. This short 
Answer may serve for the clearing of the truth, vntill a larger con- 
futation of the Sermon be published. [Quot from 2 Peter, ii. i, 2, 3.] 
\No place^ printer' snam£y or date. London. About isgo.] 4to. BR.M. 

A~H in fours, dtle on A 2. See Maskdl's ^ History of the Martin Marprelate 
Controversy," p. 163. 

BRIEF DISCOURSE. A Brieff discours off the troubles 
begonne at Franckford in Germany Anno Domini I5S4- Abowte the 
Booke off off (sic) common prayer and Ceremonies/ and continued by 
the Englishe men theyre/ to thende off Q. Maries Raigne/ in the which 
discours/ the gentle reader shall see the very originall and beginninge 



off all the contention that hathe byn/ and wliat was the cftuse off the 
same. Marc, 4. For there is nothinge • . . M.D.LXXV. 4to. 
Black letter. 

A--O3 in fours ; P— Cc in fouis; and Dd, 6 leaves, tlie last Malik. 

This piece, without place or printer's name, was most probahly printed at Frank- 
fort. It is in a volume of tracts from the libraries of Archbidk^ Sancrofty Mr. 
Bright, and Mr. MaskelL 

On the flyleaf is a list of the tracts contained m the volume, In the atttogtai|>h of 
Archbishop Sancroft. 

BRIENNE. M^moires du Comte de Brienne contenant les 
^enemens les plus remarquables du r^ne de Louis XIII, et de 
celui de Louis XIV. jusqu'i la Mort du Cardinal -Maaaria Amei. 
1719. 3 vols. Sm. 8vo. Y. M. 

BRIGHT, Timothy. A Treatise of Melancholie. Containing 
the Cavses thereof, & reasons of the strange effects it worketh in our 
minds and bodies, with the phisicke cure and spirituall consolation for 
such as haue thereto adioyned an afflicted conscience. The difference 
betwixt ft, and melancholie, with diuerse philosophical! discourses 
touching actions, and affections of soule, spirit, and body : the parti- 
culars whereof are to be seene before the booke. Imprinted at Londod 
by Thomas VautroUier^ dwelling in the Black-Friers. i $86. Sm. 8va 

Title and prdiminarics, la leaves ; A--S in etghts, the last leaf having the 
Errata. Sig. O is complete with seven leaves. 

A Treatise of Melancholy. Containing the cavses thertof 

and reasons of the strange effects it worketh in our minds and bodies. 
.... Newly corrected and amended. London. Printed by William 
Stansby. 161 3. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 8 leaves ; -f , 4 leaves ; B— Z 6 in eights, 

BRIGHTMAN, Thomas. Reverend Mr. Br^htmans ludgement, 
or Prophesies what shall befall Germany, Scotland, Holland, and the 
Churches adhering to them. Likewise what shall befaU England and 
the Hierarchy therein. Collected out of his exposition on the Re- 
velations, printed above forty yeares since > . . . London, Prinied fdr 
R. Harford .... 1642. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BRINKLOW, Henry. The complaint of Roderyck Mors/ 
sometime a gray-Fryre/ vnto the parlament house of Ingland hys 
naturall countrey : For the redresse of certeyn wycked lawes, euell 
custumes & cruell decrees. A table wherof thou shalt fynde in the 
next leafe. [Quot from Fsahn liiii.] Imprynted at Geneue in Sauoye 
by Myghell boys. [i4&w/ 1545.] Sm.8va Black letter. 

A--H in eights. 


BRINKLOW, Henry. The lamentacyon of a Christen against 
the Citye of London for some certaine greate vyces vsed therein. 
[Quot from Psalm 70.] Imprinted in tlieyere of our Lord m.d xlviii. 
Sm. 8vo. Black letter, G. M. 

A — F in eights, last two leaves blank. Mr. Maskell's copy. 

BRINSLEY, John. Lvdvs Literarius : Or, The Grammar Schoole; 
Shewing how to proceede from the first entrance into learning, to 
the highest perfection required in the Grammar-Schooles, with ease, 
certainty, and delight both to Masters and Schollars ; onely according 
to our common Grammar, and ordinary Classicall Authours : Begvn to 
be sought out at the desire of some worthy fauourers of learning, by 
searching the experiments of sundry most profitable Schoolemasters 
and other learned, and confirmed by tryall : Intended forthe helping 
of the yonger sort of Teachers, and of all Schollars, with all other 
desirous of learning .... London^ Printed for Thonuis Man. 1612. 
4to. R. M. 

f , 4 leaves ; §, 4 leaves ; A, 2 leaves ; *, 4 leaves ; B^Xx 2 in fours. 
D^cated to Prince Henry. See ** Notes and Queries," Nov. 13, 1869. 

— -« A Consolation for our Grammar Schooles : Or, A faithfull 
and most comfortable incouragement for laying of a sure foundation 
of all good Learning in our Schooles, and for prosperous building 
thereupon. More especially for all those of the inferiour sort, and all 
ruder countries and places ; namely, for Ireland, Wales, Virginia, with 
the Sommer Hands ; and for their speedie attaining of our English 
tongue . . , . London^ Printed by Richard Field for Thomas Man^ 
dwelling in Paternoster Row^ at the Sigtu of t/te Talbot. 1622. 4to. 

*, 3 leaves ; A — M 3 in fours. 

Dedicated to the Lord Deputy of Ireland, the President of Wales, the Treasurer 
and Council, &c, for Virginia and the Summer Islands, the Governors of Jerusey 
{eic) and Guernsey. 

BRISSET, George^ Lord of Graience. The Apologie of George 
Brisset, Lord of Graience. Written vpon Consideration of the in- 
Jiumane murther of the late French King. . . . Translated out of 
French into English. Printed for William Barley and lohn Baily. 
i6io* 4to. 

A— Din fours, first leaf blank. Woodcut portrait on title. 

BROADSIDES, Prose and Poetical. A volume containing 
the following Broadsides. Folio. R. M. 

1. The Organs Eccho. To the Tunc of the Cathedrall Service. Printed in 
tkeyeere^ 164 1. Twelve stanzas of four lines each, in ridicule of Laud, Bp. Wren, 
&c. With two cuts at the top, the whole within a border. 

2. A Song of Syon of the Beauty of Bethell, the Glory of Gods own House. 


By a Citizen of Syotu Z^fiu^ FrinUdfinr WilUam Lamar tU iki Sigtu of iht 

Bible in Etut-Ckeap, 164a. Sixteen stanzas of 4 lines each. 

3. Eben Ezer. As a Thankefull Remembrance of Gods great goodnesse uato 
the City of Bristoll, in preserving them from the Forces of Prince Rupert witfaost 
and a Treacherous Plot within to betray the City to them the seventh day of 
March, 1643. T[homas] P[hUpot ?] dedicated this. PrinUd ai Lomdom ftr 
MUkael Sparki, Senior^ 1643. With a woodcut of ike arms of BrisM aiHUiop. 

4. C. R. in a Cloud. Prinitdin the Yeart 1647. 

5. The true Protestants humble Desires to the Kings most eaceUent Majesty. 
Or, Protestant-like Propositions for his Majesties perusaU, tending to a safe and 
well-grounded Peace. With a Commination or Chorus of the People against those 
that desire it not. Anno 1647. In 4-line stanzas. 

6. Another edition of the same, slightly differing in the type. 

7. The Kings Last farewell to the World, or the Dead King^ Uving Medilap 
tions, at the approach of Death denounced against him. Londam PrmUdforRo Urt 
Ibbitson 164S. The title in a compartment formed by woodcuts, a coffin at the 
base, two heralds with funeral banners at the sides, and the royal arms, Ac^ at 
the top. 

8. An Elegie on the Death of that most Noble and Heroick Knight, Shr Charles 
Lucas, Govemour of Colchester, and Generall of the Essexian Forces, who 
Murthered by the Excellent Rebell Fairfox, the day on which Cddiester was 
rendered, August 27, 1648. \No piace^primUr^s nanu^ or date. 1648.] 

9. The Loyal Subjects Jubilee, or Cromwels Farewell to England, being a Poem 
on his advancing to Ireland, July the 1 1, 1649. \/^o ptaa^ prinUr^s noMO, or dklr. 


10. A New Song : Being a Dialogue between a Whigg and a Tory, conoarnsiig 
the Election of Sheriffs. London^ PrinUd for T. P. in ike Year 1682. Ten staaas 
of 4 lines each. 

11. Londons Joy and Tryumph, on the installation of Sir William Pritchaid 
Lord mayor for the Ensuing Year. To the Tune of^ ^ Tangier March.* Lomdam: 
Printed in the year 1682. Eight stanzas. 

12. The Hypocritical Whigg displayed. London^ Printed for C. H. Amma 
Domini 1682. 

13. A message from Tory-Land to the Whig-Makers in Albian. To the Tana 
of *' Sawney and Jockey." Printed for J. Conyers at the Black Rouen in Dnck- 
Lane. 1682. Ten stanzas of 8 lines, signed R, S. 

14. The King of Poland's Last Speech to his Country-Men. London^ Prmitd 
for J. P. in the Year 1682. Twenty-six stanzas. A satirical piece. 

1 5. Love and Jealousie : Or, a Song in the Duke of Guies [by Dryden and 
Lee.] Printed for P. Brooksby, at ike Golden Ball, near the Hospttal-GeUe^ im 
West-Smithfield : 1683. With the words set to music. 

16. Ryot upon Ryot : Or, A Chant upon arresting the Loyal L. Mayor & Sherift. 
... To the Tune of, " Burton Hall, or Londons Loyalty." Westminster Printed m 
the Year 1683. Five stanzas, with the air harmonized. 

17. Murder out at last In a Ballad on the New Plot To the tune of, '' Hey 
Boys up go We." Printed for N, T. at the entrance itUo the OldSpring-Garden^ 
near Charing-CrosSy 1683. Eight stanzas. 

18. No Protestant Plot, Or, The Whigs Loyalty: with the Doctors New Dis- 
covery. To the Tune of, '' Burton House, or, Londons Loyalty." Printed for Charles 
Corbet^ at the Oxford-Amis in Warwick-Lane. 1683. Six stanzas. 

19. A Dialogue between lack Ketch and his Journey- Man; concerning their 
Profession and present Affair in the world. They are affraid they cannot send so 
many to Heaven, as Baxter, Lobb, and Bull, has sent to HelL Printed for J, Deern^ 




in Cranhom Stmi^ in LeUesUr-Fiilds near Niwport'Housi^ 1683. With the air 

30. The Lord Russel's last Farewel to the World. A Song. Printed far J. 
DeoHf &c. [as in No. 19.] With the music. 

21. The Txagick-Comedy of Titus Oates, who sometime went under the Notion 
of The Salamanca Doctor ; who being convicted of Perjury and several other 
crimes, at the Kings-Bench-Bar, Westminster, May 16: 1685: had his Sentence 
to Stand in the Pillory, to be Whip'd at the Carts A . . e, and to be sent back to 
Prison. London^ Printed by J. M. and Published by Randal Taylor^ 1685. IVitk an 
engraving in two compartments, 

32. A Panegyridc, &ithfully representing the proceedings of the Parliament at 
Westminster, since their first Sessions to this present : Wherein their wondexfiill 
Acts are truly declared ; and what is further by them to be expected. [No place 
0r printer's name,] June 5, 1647. Seventeen stanzas. 

23. The Cities Loyaltie to their King. The Members Justification. [Noplace^ 
&*c,] August, 1647. Two pieces on the same sheet, each of five stanzas. 

24. The Rose of Delight, Or, An Excellent new Song in the praise of his Grace 
James D. of Monmouth : . . . Tune of, ** No no 'tis in vain to Sigh and Complain.'' 
Printed for J. Conyers at the black raven in Duck-lane. [About 1685.] Five 
stanzas, with the music. 

25. The Tume of Time, Or, The Period of Rebellion, Dedicated to the infamous 
Members late sitting at Westminster. [About 1648.] Twenty-one stanzas of 
8 lines. 

26. The Second Part [of the "New Litany ''?] to the same Tune. Or, The 
Letanie continued. Which may be sung, or said, Morning [or Evening, before or 
after Supper. [About 165a] 

27. The Cryes of Westminster. Or, a Whole Pack of Parliamentary Knavery 
opened, and set to sale. [About 1648.] In verse and prose. 

28. Have amongst you my Masters. [About 1648.] 18 stanzas of 6 lines each. 
291 A Female Elephant, The Wonder of Nature ; Being the Rarest of Creatures 

in the World. In a Booth in Southwark Fair. [About 1700.] With a large 
copperplate engraving of the EUphant, 

3a Three New Christmas Carols. Printed and Sold in Aldemuuy Church 
Yardf London, [About 171 5.] IVith three rude woodcuts. In a border, 

31. Pyms Juncta Oxford^ Printed for Wil, Web, 1643. In verse. 

32. The Vanity of Female Pride : being A True Relation of a Sow that Pig'd 
Seven Monstrous Pigs, at Highworth in Wiltshire, on Tuesday the Ninth of June 
1691. all with High Top- Knots, one having the Face of a Woman, Four Ears, 
Four Tails, and Eight Legs ; the other Six being shaped much after the same 
Monstrous manner. London : Printed by G, C, at the Blue Ball in Thames-street^ 
1691. With a large woodcut, 

33. Londons Waming-Peece, Being, The Common-Prayers Complaint Yorke^ 
Printed by Stephen Buckley, 1643. Inverse. 

34. The Parliaments X Commandements. [About 1648.] 

35. A Lamentable Ballad of the Lady's Fall. PrinUd for W. Thackeray At 
the Angel in Duck Lane, \n, d^ 

36. A Poem upon the Imprisonment of Mr. Calamy in Newgate. By Robert 
Wild, D.D. Author of the late Iter Boreale. [About 167a] 

37. The Life and Conversation of James Campbell of Bumbanck. [Printed at 
Edinburgh f about 1722.] In verse. 

38. Elegy on the mumeful Banishment of James Campbell of Bumbank to the 
West Indies. [Edinburgh f about 1722.] 

This is the same as No. 37, but in smaller type. 


jg, Bumbank's Farewd to Edinburgh, at his Departure for the Indies, wtdi htt 
last Will and Testament [Edinburgh f about 1722.] In verse. 

4a Bumbank and George Fachney's last Shift : or, A strange Plot at a dead 
Lift [About 1722.] In verse. This is endorsed in a contemporary hand ^ Satyr 
on Bumbank & Fachney 22 feb : 1722." 

41. The Supplication and Lamentation of Geoige Fachney, an Officer io 
Caldwell's Regiment of Robbers, To Rob Roy in the Highlands with Rob Roy^ 
Answer. [Edinbtirgh f about 1722.] In verse. 

42. A Dialogue between George Fachney and Alexander Pennicoik. [Edmbmjuk, 
About 1722.] 

43. The Geneva Ballad. To the Tune of 48. Lomdon printed for H. Brmm^ 
at tkd Gun at the West-end of St. Pauls^ 1678. 14 stanzas of 7 lines each. 

44. The Unjust Judge's Creed, replied To M' Ezekid Edgeworth, Ardi-Deaoon 
of Newgate. [About 1688.] 

45. To the Kings most Excellent Majesty. The humMe Petition of Sa Tbomas 
PUkington K* Lord Mayor of London, Slingsby Bethell Esq' &c [1684.] 

46. A Letter from the Jesuits in the Savoy to the Jesuits at S. Omcfs, giving an 
Account of the Afiairs of England, taken from the Priests in tibe Dover Coacli» 
together with 200 Guineas. [1688.] 

47. A Panegyrick upon Gates [1680]. In verse. 

48. The Sheeps Skin puU'd off from the Wolfs back : or The Uncasing of the 
Knight Being a satyrical Copy of Verses on The abominable and treasonable 
Practices of a Pagan Knight with a Christian Name, [Sir Geo. Jefferies] noiw hi the 
Tower. [About 1688.] 

BROADSIDES, Political. A large folio volume, containing 
the undermentioned Broadsides : — 

1. Six Important Quaeries, pr^Munded to the Re-sitting Rump of the kmg Par- 
liament, fit to be satisfactorily resolved by them iqxm the Question^ before they 
presume to act any fruther, or expect the least Obedience from the Fr e e *bom 
English Nation, after so many years Wars and Contests for |he Privileges, Rif^htSi 
and Freedom of Parliaments, and their own Liberties. [IVithaut place or date, 
about 1659.] 

2. The Declaration of the Gentry, Ministers, Free-Holders of the County and 
City of Lincolne. Printed for H. M^ at the Princes Armes in Chasuery-ieme^ 

3. To His Excellency the Lord General Monck,the Humble Addresse and Thanks 
of the Gentry, and other Free-Holders in the County of Hartford. Pritited by yokn 
Brudenell at his dwelling house in Maiden head^ley near Newgate^ i^59> 

4. A Plea for S' George Booth, and the Cheshire Gentlemen. Briefly stated in a 
Letter to Sir Arthur Hesilrigge. By an unbiassed Friend of Truth and Peace 
[W. P.] [No place or date, but about 1659.] 

5. The Resolve of the Citie. December 33. [1659.] 

6. An Admonition of the greatest Concernment in the present Juncture, par- 
ticularly to the Citizens of London, touching their election of Common Coondll 
men. . . • [About i6$9.] 

7. The Final Protest and Sense of the Citie. [About 1659.] 

8. The Engagement and Remonstrance of the Qty of London, subscribed by 
33500 hands. [About 1659.] 

9. A Sober and Serious Representation to such as are or may be in Power, tend- 
ing to the happy Settlement of these Distracted Nations. [1659.] 

la A Letter to General Monk, expressing the sense of many thousands of the 


well affected people of England, old Patliamenters, and old Puritanes. Subscribed 
The Commons of England. January 22, 1659 [-^O 

1 1. A Letter agreed unto, and subscribed by, the Gentlemen, Ministers, Free- 
holders and Seamen of the County of Suffolk. Presented to his Excellency the 
Lord Generall Monck. London^ Printed for Thomas Brings 1659. 

12. The Declaration of the Gentry 6f the County of Norfolk, and of the County 
and City of Norwich. [1659-60.] 

13. A Letter agreed unto, and subscribed by, the Gentlemen, Ministers, Free- 
holders, and Seamen of the County of Suffolk. Presented to the Right Honor- 
able the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Conmion Councell of the Citty of London. 
Assembled, January 30th, 1659. London^ Printed for Thomas Brings 1659. 

14. To His Excellency the Lord General Monck, the Unanimous Representation 
of the Apprentices and young men inhabiting in the City of London. London^ 
Printed by Tho, Ratcliffe^ Anno Dom, 1659. 

15. To the Right Honourable jthe Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Commons of the 
City of London in Common Councell assembled. The Humble Petition of divers 
Well-affected Housholders and Freemen of the said City. London^ Printed by 
7. H. 1659. 

16. A Letter from the Lord General Monck and the Officers here to the several 
and respective Regiments and other Forces in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 
Whitehall, Feb. 21, 1659. London^ Printed by John Macock. 1659. 

17. By the Conmiittee of Safety of the Common- Wealth of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland. A Proclamation touching the Summoning of a Parliament. 14 Dec 
1659. London^ Printed by Henry Hills and John Fieldy Printers to the Committei 
of Safety, 

18. (i.) The Declaration of the Lords, Gentlemen, Citizens, Freeholders, and 
Yeomen of this our once happy Kingdome of England. (iL) A Letter finom Sir George 
Booth to a Friend of his : shewing the Reasons of his present Engagement in 
Defence of his Countries Liberties, &a Chester, August 2, 1659. [About 1659.] 

19. To the Kings most Excellent Maiesty, the Humble Petition of the Ministers, 
Free-Holders, Farmers, and substantiall Copy-Holders of the north-Riding of the 
County of Yorke .... Printed at London for John Wright, June the 7. 

20. A Declaration of the People of England for a Free-Parliament [About 

21. [An Order of Common Council respecting disturbances at the expected 
Election of a new Parliament] 14 Dec. 1659. Printed by James Flesher, Printer 
to the Honourable City of London, 

22. A Copy of the Presentment and Indictment found and exhibited by the 
Grand-Jury of Middlesex, in the Upper' Bench at Westminster, on the last day of 
Hillary Term, 1659. Against Collonel Matthew Alured, Collonel John Okey (the 
Captains of the Gards) and Edmond Cooper (one of the Door Keepers) for assault- 
ing and keeping Sir Gilbert Gerrard Baronet, one of the Knights of the Shire for 
their County .... London^ Printed for Edward Thomas at the Adam and 
Eve in Little Britain^ 1660. 

23. England's Lamentation. Or, The Out-Cry of the People against Opression 
and the Opressors. By William Whitfeld. Londouy Printed fdr the Author ^ 

24. His Majesties Letter to His Excellency the Lord General Monck, to be 
conununicated to the Officers of the Army : Brought to His Excellency from His 
Majesties Court at the Hague, by Sir Thomas Clarges «... Edinburgh^ Re* 
printed by Christopher Higgins^ in Harts Close^ over against the Trom^Church^ 1666. 


35. The Message of John Lambert Esq, in Answer to the ProcUunati<aL 
London Printed far lames Dukeson^ 1660. 

26. To His Excellency Gen : Monck. [A Letter of Exhortation.] PrinUd si 
Oxford for N, O. 1660. 

27. A Word in Season to General Monk, (with his Officers, &c) To the Citjr, 
and to the Nation. Printed at the Hague for S. B. i66a 

28. A Proclamation against all Seditious Railers and Slanderers, whether Civil 
or Ecdesiastick, of the Kings Majesty and his Government .... PrinUd st 
Edin^rgh by a Society of Stationers^ i66a 

29. Declaration of the Knights, Gentlemen, Ministers, and Free-Holden of die 
County of Warwick. Printed for R.L.attke IVhiU Lyon in St. Pauls Ckmrdkymrd. 

30. The Humble Petition of Richard Cromwell, late Lord Protector of England, 
Scotland, and Ireland, to the Councel of Officers at Walingford House. [Aioui 
i66a] A political squib. 

31. The Grand Cheat Cryed up under-hand by many in the Factious and Giddy 
part of the Army ; and greedily swallowed down by many People, that do not disceme 
the Poyson and Danger thereof .... [About i66a] 

32. Act for a Solemn Anniversary Thanksgiving, for His Majesties Restaoration 
to the Royal Government of His Kingdoms. 13 May, 1661. Edinburgh^ Printed 
by Evan Tyler .... 1661. 

33. A Sunding Lottery of his own Books Designed and to be Erected by the 
Author, John Ogilby, Esq. [W^«/ 1661.] 

34. Illustrissimo Domino D. Carolo Stanley, Comiti i Derby .... Theses 
hasceTheologicas .... D.D. C. Q ... . Gulielmus Urquhart ilMi- 
diniy E Typographao Gulielmi Downing .... [1672.] 

35. By the King, A Proclamation [against popish priests and Jesuits wlio^ 
except Mr. John Huddleston, are ordered to leave the Realm.] London^ Printed 
by ^ Assigns of John Bill a$ul Christopher Barker .... i67f. 

36. An Elegy to the Memory of the Right Honorable Thomas Earl of Os8(»y, 
who departed this Life, July the 30th, 1680. By a tru Lover of his vertues. A 
sheet enclosed within mourning borders, and surmounted by a death's-head, hour- 
glass, &C. 

37. An Order in Council against Fireworks at the next anniversary of the Re- 
storation. London^ Printed by yohn Bill . . . i68a 

38. A True Copy of the Dying Words of Mr. Stephen CoUedge, left in Writing 
under his own Hand, and confirmed by him at the time of Execution, August 31, 
1681, at Oxford. Published by his own Relations. [CoL] London^ Printed for 
Edith ColUdge^ 1681. 

BROADSIDES, Bellman's Verses and Carols. A large 
folio volume, from the collection of Mr. George Daniel, containing a 
variety of curious sheets printed between 1691 and 1837, and embel- 
lished with woodcuts or other engravings. Among the pieces contained 
in this volume may be specified the following : — 

1. The Righteous Man's Exhortations : Or, The Last Dying Sayings of D' S 
lately Deceased, to his Parishioners : Exhorting them to forsake those Sins which 
too much reign in this present Age. . . . Printed for P. Brooksby^ J. Deacon^ 
J. Blarcy and J. Back. 1691. With three cuts. 

2. The Young-Man's Victory over the Power of the DeviL Or, Strange and Won- 
derful News from the City of London. . . . PrinUd for P. Brooksby mi tho 
Golden Ball near the Bear Tavern in Pye-Comer. [1691.] WoodcnU. A baUad^ 


5. Christus Natus est . . . Christ is born. The Sinner's Redemption : 
Wherein is described the Nativity of Lord Jesus Christ Together with his Life on 
the Earth, and precious Death on the Cross for Mankind. London^ Printed ami 
Sold by J , Bradford^ in Little Brittain, . . , 1701. With a large cut, 

" This carol belonged to Evelyn, and it is the one mentioned in Hone's * Every- 
Day Book.' " — MS, note by Mr, George Daniel, 

4. A Copy of Verses humbly presented to all my worthy Masters and Mis- 
tresses in the Precinct of St Katherines Tower. By George Wright, Bell-man. 
London Printed by R, How^ at the Seven-Stars^ in Talbot- Court, in Grace-church" 
street, 170$, Enclosed in a woodcut border, and surmounted by an engraving 
representing the bellman, his dog, &*c, 

5. A Full and Exact Description of the Surrender of the Famous City of Lille : 
Shewing all its Fortifications, Attacks, and Breaches. ... To the Tune of, 
" To the Honour of Great Queen Anne." London : Printed by J, Bradford. . . . 
1708. With a plan and two woodcuts, 

6. A New Elegy on the much lamented Death of His Royal Highness Prince 
George of Denmark, who departed this life at the Palace of Kensington, on Thurs- 
day the 28th of October, 1708. Written by D. Burnet , . . London : Printed by 
J, Read, . . . 1708, With engravings of the funeral procession, lying in 
state, 6f*c, 

7. A Copy of Verses humbly presented to all my worthy Masters and Mis- 
tresses in the Bridge- Ward, London. By John Guy, Bell-man. London, Printed 
by R. How in the Year, 17 10. Woodcut, 

8. An Elegy on the much lamented Death of Her most Sacred Majesty Queen 
Anne : Who departed this Mortal Life at Her Palace at Kensington, on Sunday the i*' 
of this Instant August, 17 14. in the 50* Year of her Age. Written by Sir W. D. 
London : Printed by J, Read in White- Fryers, [17 14.] With a series of engraved 
views of the funeral, &*c,, nearly identical with those tn No, 6. 

9. The Bellman's Verses for 17 14. 

10. An Elegy on the much lamented Death of Sir Thomas De Veil, Knt who 
departed this Life on Tuesday the Seventh of October at his House in Bow-Street, 
Covent-Garden. . . . [About 1714.] With three engravings and an engraved 

II and 12. The Lamplighter's Poem for 1742 and 1744. 

13. Frost Fair. Printed upon the Ice on the River Thames : Jem, 23^ 1739-40. 
On die upper part is a view of the frozen river, with booths, tents, &c., and on the 
lower the shop-card of Elizabeth-Frances Baynham. 

The present volume includes many other copies of bellman*s verses, carols, 
frost-fair verses, &c., of later date, including one relating to the great frost of 1814. 

BROCARDUS. Descriptio Tcrrae Sanctae exactissima, autore 
Brocardo Monacho, libellus divinarum scripturarum studiosis multd 
utilissimus. De Novis Insulis nuper repertis, & dernoribus incolarum 
earundem, per Petrum Martyrem, res lectu digna. AntverpUe, in 
adibus Joannis Stcelsii, 1536. Sm. 8vo. 

A — F in eights. 

BROECK, Matheus van den. Jouraael ofte Historaelse 
Beschrijvinge van 't gedn hy selfs ghesien ende waerachtigh gebeurt 
is, wegen 't begin ende Revolte van de Portugese in Brasiel, als mede 
deconditie en het overgaen van de Forten aldaer. Amst, 1651. 4to« 



BROECKE, PlETER VAN DEN. Korte Histoiiael ende Jour- 

naelsche Aente3rckeninghe, van al *tgheen merck-waerdich voorge* 

vallen is, in de langduerighe Reysen, soo nae Cabo Verde, Angola, 

&c als insonderheydt van Oost-Indien ; beneffens de beschrijvingh 

en af-beeldingh van verscheyden Steden ; op de Custe van Indien, 

Persien, Arabien, en aen 'tRoode Meyr. Ghedruckt tot Haerlem^ by 

Hans PassckUrs van Wesbusclu 1634. Oblong 4ta 

See MuUer, ^ M^moire Bibliographiqtte sur )es Joumaoz des Navigateurs Nto*- 
Uindais/ p. 336. 

Korte Historiael . , . langhduerige Reysen &c. TAm- 

stelredam^ Gedruckt voar Herman Jansz Brouwer 1634. Oblong 4to. 

A reimpressioQ of the preceding, with some unimportant changes of expression. 
Muller, p. 238 bi 

BROKE, T. Certeyn Meditations and thinges to be had in 
remembraunce, and well considered by euery Christian, before he 
receiue the Sacrament of the body and bloude of Christ Compiled 
by T. Broke* Anno. M. D. xL viii. The xvU, of August. [Colophon.] 
Imprinted at London by John Day and Wyllyam Seres^ dwelling in 
Sepulchres Parish at the signe of the Resurrection a litU aboue Hoi-- 
bourne Conduite. M. D. xlviiu tlu v. of August. Cum gratia (^c. Sm. 
8vo. Blach letter, BR. M. 

Seventeen leaves. The title is within a woodcut compartment. 

in a Dialogue between a Scrivener and a Banker on the Royal* 
Exchange of London. Printed by Nat. T. . . . 1683. 4to. 

A — B in fours. 

BROME, Richard. Five New Playes, (vizt.) The Madd Couple 
well matcht Novella, Court Be^er, City Witt, Damotselle. London 
1653. Sm. 8vo. Portrait by T. Cross. BL. M. 


Five new Playes, viz. The English Moor, or the Mock- 
Marriage. The Love-sick Court, or the Ambitious Politique. Covent 
Garden weeded. The New Academy, or the New Exchange. The 
Queen and Concubine. By Richard Brome. London. . . . 1659. 
Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

BRONTIUS, NiCOLAUS. Libellus de utilitate et harmonia 
artium tum futuro iurisconsulto^ tum liberalium disciplinarum poll- 
tiorisve literaturae studiosis utilissimus. Antverpice typis Ant. Goinu 
1541. Woodcuts. Sm. 8vo. 

BROOKE. 227 

BROOKE, Christopher. The Ghost of Richard the Third. 
Expressing himselfe in these three Parts. 

1. His Character. 

2. His Legend. 

3. His Tragedie. 

Containing more of him then hath been heretofore shewed, either in 
Chronicles, Playes, or Poems. Laurea DesiduB prabetur nulla. Printed 
by G, Eld: for L. Lisle : and are to be sold in Paules Church-yard at 
the signe of the Tygers head. 16 14. 4ta R. M. 

A — L in fours, besides title, &c, four leaves. The first and last leaves are 

A poem in 8-line stanzas. Dedicated to Sir John Crompton, and his lady. 
After the dedication comes an address to the Reader, in which Brooke hints at 
some opposition which had been offered to the publication of the poem. There are 
complimentary verses by Chapman, Browne, Jonson, Dabome, Wither, and Fr. 
Dyne. This poem has been reprinted for the Shakespeare Society. The present 
copy is in the finest possible condition ; the only other perfect one known is in the 
Bodleian Library. 

BROOKE, FULKE Greville, Lord. Certaine Learned and 
Elegant Workes of the Right Honorable Fvlke Lord Brooke, Written 
in his Youth, and familiar Exercise with Sir Philip Sidney. The 
seuerall names of which Workes the following page doth declare. 
London^ Printed by E. P. for Henry Seyle^ 1633. Folio. O. M. 

Title and blank leaf before it ; d — ^1 2 in fours ; D — Qq in fours ; Rr, 6 leaves, 
last blank. 

There are no pages i — 22 in any known copies of this volume, and it is sup- 
posed that they were suppressed after having been set up. It has been surmised 
that the missing portion consisted of the poem on Religion, which is included in 
the Remains. 

The present copy is of particular interest as having belonged to Ben Jonson, 
whose autograph is at the foot of the title. 

The Remains of Sir Fulk Grevill Lord Brooke ; Being Poems 

of Monarchy and Religion, Never before Printed. London^ Printed 
by T. N. for Henry Herringman . . . 1670. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B— O 7 in eights. 

BROOKE, Ralph. A Catalogve and Succession of the Kings, 
Princes, Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, and Viscounts of this Realme of 
England, since the Norman Conquest to this present yeare, 1619. 
Together with their Armes, Wiues, and Children . . . Collected 
by Raphe Brooke Esquire, Yorke Herauld : Discouering and Reform- 
ing many Errors committed by men of other Profession, and lately 
published in Print . . . Printed by William laggard, and sold at /Us 
house in Barbican. 1619. Folio. 


A,4leavet; fj6]eaYes; ff,6 leaves; fffj4leavet; f fff, 6 leaves ; *,whh 
''Errors published in Print * &c., 4 leaves ; B, 7 leaves ; C, 7 kaves, including an 
extra one tinpaged, and printed only on one side, between pp. 20—1 ; C, D, 8 leaves 
each; £, 7 leaves, including an unpaged one between pp. 52 — 3 ; F — H, 6 leaves 
each ; I, 8 leaves ; K— Y, 6 leaves each ; Z, 8 leaves ; Table, 2 leaves. 

This is the work which is criticized in Augustine Vincent's ^ Discovery of 
Errors,** &c., 1622. See the volume of ^ Prefaces," 1874, pp. 303-13. 

BROTHERS OF THE BLADE. The Brothers of the Blade 
Answerable to the Sisters of the Scaberd. Or, A Dial(^;ue betweene 

two Hot-spurres of the Times, Serjeant Slice-man, and Cor- 

porall Dam-mee of Bell-alley neere Pick-hatch. At their first meeting 
in the walkes in Moore-fields, upon the Retume of the one from the 
Leaguer in the Low-Countries, and the late comming to London of 
the other from the Campe in the North, at the disbanding of the 
Army. Printed for Thomas Bankes and John Thomas, 1641. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

This tract was desq^ned as a sort of sequel to a piece printed the same year, 
under the tide of " The Sisters of the Scabaid's Hotiday." 

BROUGHTON, Hugh. A Concent of Scripture, by H. Brovghton, 
[Cololophon.] Imprinted at London for GabrieU Simpson and WiUiam 
White. [1596.] 4to. O. >C 

Title and frontispiece, both engraved on copper, 2 leaves ; dedication, pre&oe, 
&C., 4 leaves ; A — G in fours, the last leaf blank, i* A small folding map of the 
world before A. 3. A plate of ** Babel is a tree," before £. i. 3. Two plates be- 
tween E 2—3. 4. A plate between "F a-^j. 5. A folding page " To the Reader." 
6. A large folding map of the North part of Judea, with the old names of the 
families mentioned in Genesis. The plates are said to have been executed by 
W. Rogers. 

BROUGHTON, Richard. A True Memorial of the Ancient, 
most holy, and Religious State of Great Britain; flourishing with 
Apostles, Apostolical Men, Monasteries, Religious Rulers and Orders, 
in great number in the time of the Britains ; and Primitive Chtirdi 
of the Saxons. No Rule, nor Order from Egypt, or of S. Benedict ; 
nor of S* Equitius being to be found in her Precincts in those times. 
Collected by the Learned Antiquary and old Student in divine Learn- 
ing, Richard Bro\^hton, Pr[iest] Published by G. S. Pr[iest]. 
Permissu Superiorum^ 1650. 8vo. BL. M. 

A — Dd in eights. 

After a pre&ce by the author there is a dedication by G. S. to Richard [Siaitfal 
Bishop of Chalcedon. 

BROUWER, Hendrick. Joumael ende historis verhael van 
de Reyse gedaen by Oosten de Straet le Maire, naer de custen van 

BROWN. 229 

Chili, onder het bele3rt van den Heer Generad Hendrick Bronwer, In 

den J are 1643 voor gevallen .... Amsterdam. 1646. 4to. 

Title and pp. 3-104. Plates at pp. 39, 61, and 87. 

This voyage was reprinted in Hulslus, voL 25. See also Muller, '' Mdm. Bib- 
liogr.," p. 226. 

BROWN, David. The Naked Woman, Or a Rare Epistle sent 
to Mr. Peter Sterry, Minister at Whitehall ; Desiring him to shew the 
Causes or Reasons of his Silence, in that he neither by his Ministerial! 
Office charged the Magistrates that were present to redresse, nor so 
much as shcwd any Sig^e of grief or detestation as became a sincere 
Christian, against that most strange and Shamefull late Act of an 
Impudent woman. London Printed for G, BUickmare^ at the Angel 
in Pauls Church-yard^ 1652. 4to. 

A — C in fours. 

At the end are given Sterr/s explanation, and the author's acceptance of it 
Brown, in the conclusion of his Epistle, furnishes Sterry with the addr^s, to which 
a reply should be sent, dating " From my house this 19th of the 8th Moneth called 
October, 1652, it being that great Brick-house with the Bam, at the North-end of 
Soho in the fields, streight up Hedge lane from Charing Crosse." 

BROWN, Edw. Fascicultis rerum expetendamm. See GraHus, 

BROWN, John Carter. Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue 
of Books relating to North and South America in the library of John 
Carter Brown of Providence, R. I. Part i. — 1493 to 1600. With notes 
by John Russell Bartlett. Providence. 1865. The same. Part 11. — 
1601 to 1700. Providence. 1866. The same. Part ill. — 1701 to 
1 80a Providence. 1870. 2 vols. Together 4 vols. ImpL 8vo. 

A presentation copy from Mr. J. C Brown. 

Bibliotheca Americana. A Catalogue of Books relating to 

North and South America in the library of the late John Carter Brown 

of Providence R. I. Part i. — 1482 to 1601 with notes by John Russell 

Bartlett Providence. 1875. Impl. 8vo. 

This is a revised and enlarged edition of the first volume of this valuable 
catalogue. It contains a great number of facsimiles of title-pages and woodcuts 
from rare books, which are not in the former edition. A presentation copy from 
Mrs. J. C. Brown. 

BROWN, Sir Thomas. The Works of the Learned S' Thomas 
Brown, K*, Doctor of Physick, late of Norwich. Containing En- 
quiries into Vulgar and Common Errors. . . . With Alphabetical 
Tables. London^ Printed for Tho. Basset 1686. Folio. Portrait by 
R. WhiU. R. 

General title, i leaf ; A, 4 leaves ; a, 4 leaves ; B — lii in fours ; Kkk, 6 leaves ; 
yXi — Qqq in fours ; Rrr — Eeee 2 in sixes. 


BROWN, Sir Thomas. Works, edited by Simon Wilkia LmuUm. 
1836. 4 vols. 8vo. Large paper. Portrait and plaUs. BL.M. 

BROWN, Thomas. The Works of Mr. Thomas Brown, Serious 
and Comical, in Prose and Verse : with his Remains. With the Life 
and Character of Mr. Brown and his Writings, by James Drake, and a 
Key to the whole. The Ninth Edition, carefully corrected London^ 
176a 4 vols. 8vo. Plates, 

BROWNE, Simon. Hymns and Spiritual Songs .... Designed 
as a Supplement to Dr. Watts's Hymns. The Second Edition. London^ 
Printed far James Hodges^ at the Looking-Glass an London Bridge. 
1741. Sm. 8vo. 

A — O 6 in twelves, besides ten leaves of music between A and B. 

BROWNE, Thomas. The just Reward of a Debauched Caval- 
lier : Or, The wicked and Divellish intentions of one Thomas Browne 
a late Cavallier, and now a Prisoner in New-gate, because Redding 
was yeelded up upon a Treaty and Composition to the Parliaments 
forces. For which he hath lately made a contract and Articled with 
the Divell, and would have given his Soule and body for the enjoy- 
ment of his lust and pleasure for 40 yeares. . . . Which Contract and 
Agreement was found in his pocket by the Constable and his Watch 
in high Holbume. . . . May this 13*. Printed for L Jackson. 1643. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

BROWNE, William. Britannia's Pastorals. Lond : print : for 
Geo : Norton dwell: at Temple barr, [N. /?.] The title engraved by W. 
Hole, (ii.) Britannia's Pastorals. The Second Booke. Horat Car- 
mine Dij superi placantur, carmine Manes. London: Printed by 
Thomas Snodham for George Norton^ and are to be sold at the signe of 
the Red Bull wit/iotit TempU'barre. 161 6. Folio. Large paper. 

Engraved title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; B — P 2 in fours. Part 2. Title and 
preliminaries, 6 leaves ; B — S in fours. 

There is in the library a copy of this book on small paper, which is rendered of 
special interest by having on the margin copious MS. notes, which are believed 
to be in the autograph of John Milton. A full account of these notes is given in 
Mr. Sotheby's book on the autograph of Milton, pp. 97-104 ; and they are all printed 
in Mr. W. C Hazlites edition of Browne's Works. 

The Shepheard's Pipe. 1620. See Wither. 

BROWNISTS. A Trve Confession of the Faith, and Hvmble 
acknowledgment of the Alegeance which wee his Maiesties Subjects, 
falsely called Brownists, doo hould towards God, and yeild to his 
Majestie and all other that are ouer vs in the Lord. Set down in 

BR UCK—BR UNjE US. 23 1 

Articles or Positions for the better & more easie vnderstanding of 
those that shall read yt : And published for the cleering of our selues 
from those vnchristian slanders of heresie, schisme, pryde, obstinacie, 
disloyaltie, sedicion, &c. which by our adversaries are in all places 
given out against vs. 1 596. 4to. Black letter. R. 

A — C in fours, C 4 blank. 

Mr. MaskcU's copy. A note in his handwriting on the flyleaf says, "^ This is 
probably one of the earliest pubhcations of the sect of the Brownists, from whom 
descended the Independents and fifth-monarchy men of the 17th century." 

BRUCK, Jacobus A. Emblemata moralia & bellica. Argen- 
torati. 161 5. Sm. 8vO. Plates. R. M. 

BRUCKERUS, Jacobus. Historia critica philosophic i mundi 
incunabilis ad nostram usque aetatem deducta. Lipsice. 1767. 6 vols. 
4to. Large paper. R. 

Pinacotheca scriptorum nostra aetate Uteris illustrium, exhi- 

bens auctorum eruditionis laude scriptisque celeberrimorum, qui hodie 
vivunt, Imagines et Elogia. Imagines ad archetypa sre accurate 
expressit J. J. Haidius. Augtistce Vindel. 1741. 2 vols. Folio. 
Portraits. R. 

BRUGMAN, Joan. Vita Lijdwine. [Colophon.] Hoc opus dei 

fauete gfa expletu} scieddmis Anno M®.CCCC**.XCVIIP ad indiuu 

due trinitatis Iwnore necno alme vginis Lijdwle scieddmite pcipue 

impssu cuius historiogpk^ fr iohes brugmd ordls obseruantu pdicator 

pdem extitit egregius q. ..... . Iidc edidit historia. 4to. Woodcuts. 

BR. M. 

A, 8 leaves ; B — T, 6 leaves each ; V, 8 leaves. 

The first book printed at Schiedam, and of such rarity that not more than four 
or five perfect copies are known. 

BRUIN, N. DE. Animalium quadrupedum varii generis effigies in 
tyronum, praecipu^ tamen aurifabrorum gratiam, tabellis asneis incisa. 
A ntverpia. 1 594. Oblong 4to. 

Nine plates and an engraved title. 

BRULIUS, JOACHIMUS. Historiae Peruanae Ordinis Eremitarum 

S. P. Augustini libri xviii, \Antverpice\ Apud G. Lesteenium. 1651. 


Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves; pp. 1-276. Title and preface to books x — 
xviii, 2 leaves ; pp. 1-181. Index, 6 pages. 

BRUNiEUS, R. S. Thomae Cantuariensis et Henrici II. An- 
glorum Regis Monomachia, de libertate ecclesiastica cum subjuncto 


ejusdem. argument! Dialogo. Cohmia Agrippim^ ^fmd 
EgmundL Bibtiap. i62d Sm. 8va BUM. 

Title and pidimiiiaiics, 8 leaves ; pp. 1-5S7. 

BRUNET, J. C Manuel du libraire el de ramateor de UvroL 
Paris, 1860-64. 5 vols. Impl. 8\ro. Large fafer. BR. M. 

BRUNSWICK, Jerome of. The vertuose boke Of Distyllacyoo 
of the waters of all maner of Herbes/ with the fygures of the st]^- 
tories/ Fyrst made and compyled by the thyrte yeres study and 
labour of the moste cdnynge and famous master of phisjrke/ Master 
Jherom bruynswyke. And now newly Translate out of Dnyche into 
Englysshe/ Not only to the synguler helpe and profyte of the Sur- 
gyens/ Phisycyens/ and Pothecaryes/ But also of all maner of people/ 
Parfytely and in dewe tyme and ordre to leme to dystyll all maner of 
Herbes/ To the Profyte/ cure/ & Remedy of all maner d)rs9eases and 
Infyrmytces Apparant and not Apparant And ye shall vnderstade 
that the waters be better than the Herbes/ as Auicenna testefyetfa in 
his fourth Canon saynge that all maner medicynes vscd with theyr 
substance/ febleth and meketh aged/ and weke. Cum gratia ct 
priuilegio regali. [Colophon.] Imprynted at London in tke fieU stnU 
by me Laurens Andrewej in tlu sygnt of the golden Crosse. In the 
of our lorde . M . ccccc.xxvii . tlu .xviii. daye of ApryU, Goddys 
s/iall euer ettdure. Folio. Woodcuts. Black letter. R.M. 

Title-page, with the arms of Henry VIII. on the back, i leaf; ''The Prologue 
of Laurence andrew the Translator ;* ^ Robertus Huetus ad Lectorem,* 4 lines 
of verse, and a table, 3 leaves ; a— b in sixes ; c— d in fours ; e — f in sizes ; 
A--B in fours ; C--S in sixes and fours alternately ; then T, 4 leaTes ; U, 
6 leaves ; X, 4 leaves. On X 4 verso the printer's large device enclosed m a 
woodcut border. 

From the collections of Ratcliffe and Herbert. The latter, altfaons^ he had 
this copy before him, says that it contains X 4 in sixes, without mentioning diet the 
signatures are alternately in fours and sixes. 

BRUNUS, JORDANUS. Philothei Jordani Bruni Nolani expli- 
catio triginta sigillorum ad omnium sdentiarum et artium inventio- 
nem dispositionem et memoriam. Quibus adiectus est sig^llus 
sigillorum, ad omnes animi operationes comparandas, et earundem 
rationes habendas maxime conducens. &c. [^Absque nota.] Sm. 8va 

Brunet appears not to have seen this volume himself, and gives a very confused 
collation of it from Clement The correct collation is — Title, dedications, and the 
treatise ** de triginta Sigillis,** 20 leaves, followed by sigs. A — G in eights (Tiig. 
Sig. exp. and Sigillus sigill.}, then follow 12 leaves of woodcut diagrams, the first of 
which is marked B i., then the "Ars reminiscendi " A and B in eights, includ- 
ing title. Thus making 104 leaves to the complete book. The voltune was printed 
in London during the author*s residence in England. 


BRUNUS, LUDOV. Episcop. Aquen. Cronica summaria Serenis- 
sime dne Hispaniarum regine : ct de eius obitu. LondiniyPerR, Pynsofu 
[circa 1506.] 4to. BR. M. 

Twelve leaves. 

This piece appears to be alike unknown to bibliographers and historians. It is 
not to be found in Panzer, Ames, Lowndes, Bninet or Graesse ; nor does Prescott's 
history of Ferdinand and Isabella contain any reference to it From Mazzuchelli 
we learn that the author was Bishop of Asti in Montferrat and Poet Laureate to the 
Emperor Maximilian, in honour of whom he wrote a poem which was printed at 
Louvain by John de Westphalia in 1477. Mazzuchelli, however, appears to have 
been quite unacquainted with this treatise. In the British Museum is another 
edition of it (equally unknown to bibliographers) which has no place of printing or 
date, but the imprint of Rome and the date of 1 505 are assigned to it in the Museum 
catalogue, and it was doubtless from this edition that Pynson reprinted. According 
to Mazzuchelli the author died in 1 508. 

BRLTSONIUS. L. Domitii Brusonii Contursini Lucani facetiarum 
exemplorumq. libri vii. Impressum Roma per Jacobu MazochiU, 1 5 18. 
Folio. BR. M. 

BURTON, William. Newes from the East-Indies : Or, A Voy- 
age to Bengalla, one of the greatest Kingdomes under the High and 
Mighty Prince Pedcsha Shassalem, usually called the Great Mogul!. 
With the state and magnificence of the Court of Malcandy, kept by 
the Nabob viceroy, or vice-King under the aforesayd monarch : Also 
their detestable Religion, mad and foppish rites, and Ceremonies, and 
wicked Sacrifices and impious Customes used in those parts. Written 
by William Bruton, now resident in the Parish of S. Saviours South- 
wark, who was an eye and eare witnesse of these following Descrip- 
tions ; and published as he collected them being resident there divers 
ycares : and now lately come home in the good Ship called the Hope- 
wel of London, with divers Merchants of good account, which are able 
to testiiie the same for truth. Imprinted at London by I. Okes, and are 
to be sold by Humphery Blunden at his shop in Come-hill at tlu signe of 
the Castle neere tfie Royall Exchange., 1638. 4to. 

B — F 2 in fours, besides the title and a copper-plate frontispiece of the grand 
Idol Jagemat. 

On £ 3 is a large woodcut view of the great city of Jagemat 

BRY. St^DeBfy, 

BRYDGES, Sir S. Egerton. British Bibliographer. London. 
1810-14. 4 vols. 8vo. R. 

Restituta : or, Titles, Extracts, and Characters of Old Books 

in English Literature revived. London, 18 14-16. 4 vols. 8vo. 

Censura Literaria. ContainingTitles, Abstracts, and Opinions 

of Old English Books Second Edition. With the Articles 


classed in chronological order under their separate heads. LandoK. 

1815. 10 vols. 8vo. 

Of the second edition it is said that only 100 copies were printed. Althon^ 
only the name of Brydges occurs on the titles of these books, a laige pr op o rti on of 
the articles were contributed by Joseph Haslewood, Thomas Park, £. V. Utterson, 
&c. A few items appear with the initials of John Fry of Bristol and Philip Bliss. 

BUCER, Martin. The mynd and exposition of that excellente 
learned man Martyn Bucer/vppon these wordesof S. Mathew: Woo 
be to the wordlc \sic\ bycause of offences. Matth. xviii. FaythfuUy 
translated in to Englishe by a faythfuU brother, with certayne db- 
iections & answeres to the same. [Quotation from Matthew xv.] 
Printed at Emden, 1 566. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BR. M. 

A — D in fours. 


[BUCHANAN, Geo.] De Maria Scotorum Regina, totique ejus 
contra Regem coniuratione, fcedo cum Bothuelo adulterio, nefaria in 
maritum crudelitate et rabie, horrendo insuper et deterrimo eiusdem 
parricidio : plena et tragica plan^ Historia. [^Sine loco out anno.'] Sm. 
8vo. BR. M. 

Ane Detectiovn of the duinges of Marie Quene of Scottes, 

touchand the murder of hir husband, and hir conspiracies adulterie, 
and pretenscd mariage with the Eric Bothwell. And ane defence of 
the trew Lordis, maintcineris of the Kingis graces actioun and autho- 
ritie. Translatit out of the Latine quhilke was written by G. B. 
\No place^ printer's name, or date,] Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

A — Y3 in fours. 

A reprint of the edition executed by Robert Lekprevik at St Andrew's. It is 
attributed to the press of John Day, about 1572. The translation is supposed to 
have been made by Buchanan himself. From the libraries of Sir Mark Sykes and 
Mr. Lancelot Holland. 

The very Learned Scotsman, Mr. George Buchanan's Fratres 

Fratcrrimi, Three Books of Epigrams, and Book of Miscellanies, in 
English Verse ; with the Illustrations of the Proper Names, and My- 
thologies therein mentioned : By Robert Monteith .... Edinbvr^ 

Printed by t/ie Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson Anno 

1708. 8vo. 

Title, I leaf; dedication to Sir Hugh Dalrymple and pre&ce, i leaf; then 
A — K 2 in fours. 

The *' Bibliotheca Anglo-poetica " copy, with the autograph of Mr. Thomas Patk 
on the title-page ; afterwards in Mr. Mitiford's library. 

BUCK, Sir George. Ao^w^ voxu^m^avc;. An Eclog treating 
of Crownes and of Garlandes, and to whom of right they appertaine. 

BUCK— BUCK E. 335 

Addressed and Consecrated to the Kings Maiestie. By G. B. Knight. 
[Quot. from Arist Top. li. 7.] At London Printed by G. Eld for 
Thomas Adams. ,. 1605. 4to. 

A — G in fours, besides a folded genealogical table and a leaf of errata at the 

This was Mr. Corser's copy. It contains a leaf more than that presented by 
the author to Lord Ellesmere. See Collier's *' BibL Cat," i., pp. 93-5, and Corser's 
^ Collectanea,'' part iii., pp. 165-9. 

BUCK, Sir George. The Great Plantagenet. Or a Continvcd 
Svccession of that Royall Name from Henry the Second to our Second 
Soveraigne King Charles. By Geo. Bvck, Gent London : Printed by 
Nicholas and lohn Okes, Anfio Domini 1635. 4to. O. M. 

A — G 3 in fours. 

Ritson says, *' Bibliogr. Poet," p. 146, that this work ''appears to be a reprint of 
the former (An Eclog treating of crowns &c.), with very considerable alterations, 
by some fellow who assumed the author's name." This copy has belonged suc- 
cessively to Mr. North, Mr. Heber, and Mr. Corser. It is fully described in 
" Collectanea," part iii., pp. 169-72. 

The History of the Life and Reigfne of Richard the Third. 

Composed in five Bookes by Geo : Buck Esquire. London^ Printed by 
W. Wilson, and are to be sold by W. L. H. M. and D. P. 1647. 
Folio. Portrait by T, Cross, 

Title and dedication, 2 leaves; B — O in fours ; P is blank; 2 leaves unmarked 
(pp. ios-8) ; Q— V 3 in fours; the table, *, 4 leaves. 

Dedicated to William, Earl of Pembroke. Of this piece Ritson says, *^ Not- 
withstanding the opinion of mister Malone, there can be no doubt that Sir Geo. 
Buc was the real author of ' The history of the life of Richard the third.' " 

BUCK'S DELIGHT. The New Bucks Delight : Or, The Merry 
Companion ; Being a Choice Collection of Two Hundred of the most 
celebrated Songs, sung at the Theatres, Vauxhall, Ranelagh, Mary- 
bone, Sadlers- Wells, and all other public Places of Diversion. And at 
the Societies of Free-Masons, Bucks, Bloods, Sea-Serjeants, True- 
Britons, Choice-Spirits, &c. London: 1766. 8vo. Frontispiece. 

The edges uncut. 

Pp. 206 + xiL, besides the frontispiece. 

BUCKE, John. Instrvctions for the vse of the beades, conteining 
many matters of meditacion or mentall prayer, with diuerse good 
aduices of ghostly counsayle. Where vnto is added a figure or forme 
of the beades portrued [sicl in a Table. Compiled by lohn Bucke 
for the benefite of vnlearned. And Dedicated to honorable good 
Lady, Anne Lady Hungarforde, sister to the Duchesse of Ferria. 
Imprinted at Lovain in the yere of our Lordre \sic\ 1589. Sm. 8vo. 
Woodcuts. G. M. 

A — F 4 in eights, not including the folding table and a leaf after the title with 
the Hungerford arms. 


ThetaUe at the end is entitled, ^ The Lady Hvngerfbrdet Meditacions vponthe 
Beadesy" and consitu of a tenet of £n|^ith ynxw» with mottoet or theses, the 
whole engraved on copper*plates. 

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. Light Shining in Bvcldngfaamshii^, 
Or, A Discovery of the main Grounds ; Originall Cause of all the 
Slavery in the World, but chiefly in England ; Presented by way of a 
Declaration of many of the wel-aifected in that County to all their 
poor oppressed Country-men of England And also to the Considera- 
tion of the present Army under the Conduct of the Lord Fairfax. . . . 
Printed in the year ^ 1648. 4to. 

In two parts, each of 8 leaves. The second part has a ftesh title dated 1649. 

BULKELEY, Gersham. The People's Right to Election or 
Alteration of Government in Connecticutt, ai^ed in a Letter ; By 
Gersham Bulkeley, Esq ; one of their Majesties Justices of the peace in 
the County of Hartford. Together with a Letter to the said Bulkeley, 
from a Friend of his in the Bay. To which is added, the Writing 
delivered to James Russell of Charlestown Esq; warning him and 
others concerned not to meet to hold a Court at Cambridge, within 
the County of Middlesex. By Thomas Greaves, Esq ; . . . . Phila- 
delphia^ Printed by Assignes of William Bradford^ Anno 1689. 4to. 


A^B in fours. 

BULL. The Holy Bull and Crusado of Rome : First published 
by the Holy father Gregory the xiii. and afterwards renewed and ratified 
by Sixtus the fift : for all those which desire full pardon and indulgence 
of their sinnes : and that for a litle money, to weete, for two Spanish 
Realls, vz. thirteene pence. Very plainely set forth, and compared 
with the testimony of the holy scriptures, to the great benefite and 
profite of all good Christians. . . . Together with a briefe declaration 
(set downe in the beginning) which was founde in the Armado of 
Spaine, of the prowde presumption of the Spaniard : which through 
the instigation of the aforesaide BuUe, hath taken in hand the setting 
forth of the invincible Army (as they terme it) out of Portingale, 
towards England, and the Lowe countries, in which Army the saide 
Bulle hath been founde, with other like things. Which Armado is 
come to confusion through the hand of the Almighty. . . . Imprinted 
first By Richarde Schilders Printer to the States of Sealand : with 
consent of the States^ Giuen at Middleborrowe^ the xii. of September^ 
1588. . . . And reprinted at London by lohn Wolfe^ dwelling in the 
Stationers Hall. 1588. 4to. Black letter. R. M. 

A--H 2 in fours, tide on A 2. 

No copy of the edition here said to have been printed in Middlebargh 
appears to be recorded. Pp. 11 -is are occupied by ^A Briefe discourse of 
the Power, and might of the Spanish Armado,* and pp. 42-6 by "A Sununarie or 


rehearsall of the Stadons, indulgences and Pardons of Rome." The BuU of 
Gregory and Sixtus is translated with a running gloss in the margin. At the end 
of the tract occur the initials Tho. P., probably those of the editor or compiler. 

BULL. The braineles blessing of the Bull 

The homes, the heads and all, 
Light on their squint eyed skonses full 
That boweth their knees to Ball. 

Imprinted at S. Katherins beside the Tower of London^ ouer against the 
Beare dauttce^ by Alexander Lade, [1571.] A broadside. Black 

Eight stanzas of 11 lines each. Reprinted in *' Ana Ballads,'' &c., 1867. 

BULLA. Bulla S. D. N. D. Pii Divina Providentia Papae Quarti 

super Confirmatione oecumeniic {sic) generalis Concilii Tridentini. 

[Colophon.] Fue impressa ela Ciudad de Mexico e casa de pedro ocharte 

por mddado del yllustrissifno y reueredissifno seflor don Fray Alonso de 

Mofttiifar^ Arfobispo de la dicha Ciudad. Meritissimo. \s. a.'\ 4to. R. M. 

Eleven leaves. This tract appears to be unknown to bibliographers. It was 
probably printed about 1565. In Sabin's Dictionary is a bull of Pius V. relating to 
the Mendicant Orders, printed in Mexico, 1568 ; but of this piece he seems to have 
had no knowledge. 

BULL-BAYTING. Anew Bull-Bayting: Or, A Match Pla/d 
at the Town-Bull of Ely, by twelve Mungrills, viz. 4 English, 4 Irish, 
4 Scotch, Doggs. lohn Lilbum, Richard Overton, Thomas Prince, and 
William Walwyn, to Stave and Nose. With his last Will and Testa- 
ment, and several Legacies bequeathed to the luncto, the Counsel of 
State, and the Army. . . . Nod-Nol, Printed . ... by the Hill on the 
whim-wham side of the Beare-Garden^ for the good of the State. 1649. 
4to. R. M. 

A — B in fours, or 8 leaves. A political satire. The " Bull of Ely** is, of coarse, 

BULLART, Isaac Academic dcs Sciences et des Arts, con- 
tenant les vies, et les dloges historiques des hommes illustres, qui ont 
excell^ en ces professions depuis environ quatre sidles parmy diverses 
nations de TEurope : avec leurs pourtraits tirez sur des originaux au 
naturel, & plusicurs inscriptions fun^bres, exactement recuelllies de 
leurs tombeaux. Bruxelles. 1682. 2 vols. Folio. R. M. 

BULLEIN, William. A newe Boke of Phisicke, called the 
Gouemment of Health, wherin be vttred many notable rules for 
mans preseruacion, with sondry simples & other matters, no lesse 
fruitful then profitable : collect out of many approued authours. Re- 
duced into the forme of a Dialogue, for the better vnderstanding of 


thunleamed Whereunto is added a suflTerain R^ment against the 

pestilence. By William BuUein. Imprinted at London by Jhan Dqy^ 

dwellying otur Aldersgate beneth saint Martins. 1558. Sm. 8vo. 

Black Utter* Portrait of BulUin and other woodcuts. 

A— S 4 in eights, the last leaf having Day's device. Dedicated to Sir Thomas 
Hilton, Baron of Hilton, whose arms are on the back of the title-page. This is 
succeeded by two copies of verses, subscribed by R. B. One of these consists of 
eleven stanzas of seven lines each, and the other is in rhyming couplets. The bo<^ 
is mentioned by Herbert, but he had evidently not seen it 

BULL-FEATHER HALL: Or, The Antiquity and Dignity 

of Horns, amply shown. As also a Description of the Manners, 

Rites, Customs, and Revenues belonging to that ingenious and 

numerous Society of Bull-Feathers Hall. Together with an exact 

Relation of their manner of going to Highgate with Trumpets and 

Hom-Musick, and their Pioneers intended for the levying of the HilL 

London^ Printed for the Society of Bull-Feathers Hall. 1664. 4^o* 

A — B in fours, or 8 leaves. Interspersed with songs. The present copy was Sir 
F. Freeling's, and afterwards Mr. Daniel's. " Mention is niade in this curioas 
volume of ' Busby's Folly ,' which was the grand rendezvous of the Club of Boll- 
Feathers Hall ; there they refreshed themselves, and marched forth in triumphal 
order, with trumpets, pick-axes, spades, &c., attended by multitudes of admiring 
gazers, to receive the congratulations of the Viceroy of the Gravel Pits, who met 
them with his mace and cap. ' Busby's Folly ' is particularly mentioned in Ogilb/s 
Map, where the site is exactly pointed out" — Georgt Daniel^ 184a 

BULLOCK, William. Virginia impartially examined, and left 
to publick view, to be considered by all Judicious and honest men. 
Under which Title is comprehended the Degrees from 34 to 39, wherein 
lyes the rich and healthfuU Countries of Roanock, the now Planta- 
tions of Virginia and Mary-land. Looke not upon this Bookes, as 
those that are set out by private men for private ends ; for being read 
you'l find the publick good is the Authors onely aime. For this Piece 
is no other then the Adventurers or Planters faithfull Steward, dis- 
posing the Adventure for the best advantage, advising people of all 
degrees, to the meanest Servant, how suddenly to raise their fortunes. 
Peruse the Table, and you shall finde the way plainely layd downe. 
London: Printed for John Hammond, and are to be sold at his hmse 
over against S: Andrews Church in Holbome. 1649. 4^^- ^- ^ 

t, 4 leaves ; A, 2 leaves ; B— K 2, in fours ; K 2 blank. 

Dedicated to the Elarl of Arundel and to Lord Baltimore, after which is a second 
address to the Governor and Council, a third to the Gentlemen Adventurers to the 
English Plantations, a fourth to the persons who urged him to write the book, a 
fifth to the Reader ; then we have the motives which led the author to undertake 
his labour, and lastly, a piece of advice to intending emigrants A table fbDows, 
and then, before we read the work, we are invited to peruse a sort of introductory 
discourse, at the opening of which Bullock admits that he was a compiler, and had 
never been in Virginia. 


BULTEEL, John. Londons Triumph : Or, The Solemn and 
Magnificent Reception of that Honourable Gentleman, Robert Tich- 
bum. Lord Mayor: After his return from taking his Oath at West- 
minster, the morrow after Simon and Jude day, being October 29th, 
1656. With the Speeches spoken at Fosterlane-end and Soperlane- 
end. London, Printed by N. Brook at the Angel in ComhilL 1656. 
4to. The edges uncut, 

A — B in fours, or 8 leaves. Mr. G. Daniel's copy. 

Birinthea, a Romance. Written by J. B. Gent. London, 

Printed by Tho, Mabb for John Play fere at the White Bear in the 
upper Walk of the New Exchange, 1664. 8vo. 

A — N 7 in eights, the first leaf having the Imprimatur. Dr. Bliss's copy. 

BULWER, John. Anthropometamorphosis : Man Transformed : 
Or, The Artificiall Changling historically presented, in the mad and 
cruell Gallantry, foolish Bravery, ridiculous Beauty, filthy Finenesse, 
and loathsome Loveliness of most Nations, fashioning and altering 
their Bodies from the mould intended by Nature. With Figures of 
those Transfigurations. To which artificiall and affected Deformations 
are added all the Native and Nationall Monstrosities that have ap- 
peared to disfigure the Humane Fabrick Lofidon, Printed by 

William Hunt, Anno Dom. 1653. 4to. Woodcuts. A portrait of the 
author by W. Faithome and a frontispiece, 

A, 4 leaves, including the " intent of the Frontispiece ;" •, 4 leaves ; **, 4 leaves ; 
•♦♦, 4 leaves; •••*, 4 leaves; ••♦♦♦, i leaf; B — Gggg in fours, besides a leaf not 
marked between S 2 and S 3. 

Chirologia : Or The Naturall Langvage of the Hand. Com- 

posed of the Speaking Motions, and Discoursing Gestures thereof. 
Whereunto is added Chironomia : Or, the Art of Manvall Rhetoricke. 
Consisting of the Naturall Expressions, digested by Art in the Hand, 
as the chiefest Instrument of Eloquence. By Historical Manifesto's, 
Exemplified out of the Authentique Registers of Common Life, and 
Civill Conversation. With Types, or Chirograms : A long-wish'd for 
illustration of this Argument. By J. B. Gent. Philochirosophus. 
Manus membrum hominis loquacissimum, London, Printed by Tho. 
Harper, and are to be sold by Henry Twyford, at his shop in Fleetstreet, 
1644. 8vo. 

Engraved title by W. Marshall, i leaf ; A, 8 leaves ; a, with commendatory 
verses by Francis Goldsmith, Guil. Diconson, Thomas Diconson, Jo. Dickenson, 
Jo. Harmar, &c., 6 leaves ; B — N in eights. The '' Chironomia,'' with a new title, 
&c. — frontispiece by W. Marshall, i leaf; A — L 2 in eights, L 2 having the errata. 

The first portion is dedicated to '* His Heroiqve Friend, Edward Goldsmith of 
Graies-Inne, Esq. ;" the second, " To his Honovred Friend William Diconson 
Esq.* From the library of Mr. Henry Perkins. 

240 BUNYAN. 

BUN YAN, John. Differences in Judgment about Water-Baptisna 
No Bar to Communion : or. To communicate with Saints, as Saints 
proved lawful. In Answer to a Book written by the Baptists, and 
published by Mr. T. P. and Mr. W. K. entituled, Some serious Re- 
flections on that part of Mr. Bunyan's Confession of Faith, touch- 
ing Church-Communion with Unbaptized Believers. . . . London^ 
Printed for John Wilkins. 1673. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A— H in eights. The last leaf blank. 

The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that which is to 

come : Delivered under the Similitude of a Dream. Wherein is Dis- 
covered, The Manner of his setting out, His Dangerous Journey, and 
Safe Arrival at the Desired Countrey. By John Bunyan. The Fifth 
Edition with Additions. I have used Similitudes^ Hosea 12, la Licensed 
and Entred according to Order. London, Printed for Nath. Ponder^ at 
the Peacock in the Poultrey, near the Church, 1682. Sm 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — L 5 in twelves. A portrait of the author faces the title, and at 
p. 1 28 is a copper-plate engraving. Also a series of fourteen copper-plates is inserted. 

On the back of the title-page occurs the following Advertisement : '' The Pil- 
grims Progress having found good Acceptation among the People, to the canyiiig 
off the Fifth Impression, which had many Additions, more thsin any preceding : 
And the Publisher observing, that many persons desired to have it illustrated with 
Pictures, hath endeavoured to gratifie them therein : And besides those that are 
ordinarily printed to this Sixth Impression, hath provided Thirteen Copper Plates 
curiously Engraven for such as desire ihem." This is, no doubt, the set accom- 
panying the present copy. 

Although called on the title-page the fifth edition, it would appear that the 
volume under notice is really the second issue of the sixth edition ; but it might 
prove difficult to establish the priority. In the Advertisement to the next article, 
however, instead of *' this Sixth Impression ^ we have *^ the Fifth Impression," as if 
the notice had been repeated from the real fifth edition unaltered, as in the ninth 
(see afterwards) it is from the seventh, but on the contrary a few errors are corrected. 
The copper-plate at p. 128 is omitted, but replaced by a woodcut at p. 121, on the 
same passage and with the same verses beneath it. It appears probable that this is 
a counterfeit, more especially as the type is different, and the portrait varies from that 
found in the sixth edition dated 1681, and the ninth of 1683. Lowndes observes: 
" Pirated editions were published by Bradyl ; but no copies are known." It is to be 
suspected that this is one of them, with the genuine plates published by Ponder in- 
troduced. This edition of 1682, which is called the fifth, has errors which are 
found neither in the sixth of x 681 nor in the ninth of 1683. 

Mr. Offor was not aware of the existence of any copy possessing a set of the 
separate plates. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, &c. The Sixth Edition with 

Additions. [Quot. as before.] Licensed, &c London, Printed for 

NcUk Ponder, at the Peacock, bfc. 1681. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — K in twelves. With a portrait and one woodcut (at p. 121). 
Here, as pointed out above, some errors of the press are corrected. It is curious 
that this should be called the sUth edition, while the fifth edition (so called) is dated 

BUN YAK 241 

a year later. Lowndes says of the sixth edition, '* no copy known." Mr. Offor's 
account (edit, of ^ P. P." 1847, cxxi.) of this edition is not quite correct. 

BUNYAN, John. The Pilgrim's Progress from this World to that 
which is to come : &c. The Ninth Edition with Additions. [Quot 
as before.] London^ Printed for Nath, Ponder^ y^. 1683. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — K in twelves. With a portrait closely resembling that in the 
edition of 1681. 

Qean copy in the original sheep binding, with the same cut at p. 121 as in the 
edition of 168 1, and two additional at H and K 6, indifferendy copied from the 
copper-plates above referred to. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, from this World to that which is to 

come: The Second Part. Delivered under the Similitude of a 
Dream. Wherein is set forth the manner of the setting out of 
Christian's Wife and Children ; their Dangerous Journey, and Safe 
Arrival at the desired country. By John Bunyan. The Sixth 
Edition. Licens'd and Entred according to Order. / have used 
Similitudes^ Hos, 12, 10. London^ Printed for Robert Ponder^ and 
Sold by Nicholas Boddington in Duck lane, 1693. BL. M. 

A — H in twelves. With a frontispiece on copper and two woodcuts. 

The first edition appeared in 1684, and is probably as rare as that of the 
first part. A counterfeit second part by some imitator of Bunyan's style was 
printed in 1683, but does not seem to have met with »ny success. 

The Life and Death of Mr. Badman, presented to the 

World in a Familiar Dialogue between Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Atten- 
tive. By John Bunyan, the Author of the Pilgrim's Progress. 
London, Printed by J. A, for Nath, Ponder. 1680. Sm. 8vo. 

A — Q6 in twelves. 

The Holy War, made by Shaddai upon Diabolus, for the 

Regaining of the Metropolis of the World. Or, The Losing and Taking 

again of the town of Mansoul. By John Bunyan, the Author of the 

Pilgrim's Progress. / have used Similitudes, Hos. 12, 10. Lofidon, 

Printed for Dorman Newman at the Kings Arms in the Poultry, 

and Benjamin Alsop at the Angel and Bible in the Poultry, 1682. 

Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

"The first edition. A — Cc in eights, the last leaf having the author's advertise- 
ment to the reader in verse. With a portrait and folding plate. 

The Holy War, &c. By John Bunyan, Author of the Pil- 
grim's Progress, First and Second Part Note, the 3** part suggested 
to be his, is an Impostor. Lofuion, Printed by the Assigns of B, A. 
and Sold by Nath, Ponder in Londoti-yard, t/te West-End of St, Pauls 
Church. 1696. Sm. 8vo. Portrait and woodcuts. 



A, 6 leaves, including a blank before the portrait ; B — Q 8 in twelves. The 
advertisement and preface, both addressed to the reader, are in verse. 

BUNYAN, John. Questions about the Nature and Perpetuity of 
the Seventh-day-Sabbath. And Proof, that the First day of the Week 
is the true Christian-Sabbath. By John Bunyan. T/u Son of man is 
Lord also of t/te Sabbath day. London : Printed for Nath, Ponder at 
the Peacock in t/ie Poultry, 1685. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 6 leaves ; B — G in twelves. First edition. 

The Work of Jesus Christ, as an Advocate, Clearly Explained, 

and Largely Improved, for the Benefit of all Believers. From i 
John, 2. I. Afidif any man sin, we liave an Advocate with the Father^ 
Jesus Christ tlie Righteous, By John Bunyan, Author of the Pilgrims 
Progress. London, Printed for Dorman Newman^ at the King's Arms 
in the Poultry, 1688. Sm. 8vo. 

A — K in twelves. First edition, with a long preface by the author. 

A Relation of the Imprisonment of Mr. John Bunyan, 

Minister of the Gospel at Bedford, in November, 1660. This Exami- 
nation . . . Written by himself, and never before published . . . 
Londofi. 1 765 . 8vo. 

Pp. 84 (including advertisements). The Relation concludes on p. 52, and the 
end of the volume is occupied by elegies and epitaphs on Bunyan ; after which, at 
p. 65, occur '* Prison Meditations," purporting to nave been written in prison in 
1665,*^ and making seventy stanias of four lines. **The Meditations'* were printed 
originally in a small quarto volume, of which only one copy is known. 

BUONAVITA. Di Antonio Buonavita nobile Pisano cavaliere 
saccrdote et Organista di Santo Stefano il primo libro de Madrigali a 
quattro voci, con un dialogo d otto nel fine. Nouamente posti in 
luce. /;/ Vinegia appresso V Herede di Girolamo Scot to, 1587. Four 
parts in one vol. 4to. R.M. 

A — M in fours, including title. 

This writer was totally unknown to F^tis. The dedication is addressed " Al 
molto illustre Sig. Benedetto Vivaldi Cavaliere di Santo Stefano, patron mio 
osservandissimo," and is dated from Pisa. 

BURCKHARDT, J. L. Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 
London, 1822. 4to. 

Travels in Nubia and Egypt. London, 1822. 4to. 

Travels in Arabia, including those territories in Hedjaz 

which the Mohammedans regard, as sacred. London, 1829. 4ta 


BURCKHARDT, J. L. Notes on the Bedouins & Wahabys, 
collected during his Travels in the East. Lotidon, 1830. 4to. 

Arabic Proverbs, or the Manners and Customs of the Modern 

Egyptians, illustrated from their proverbial sayings. London. 1830. 

BURGMAIER, Hans. Images de Saints et Saintes issus de la 
famille de TEmpereiir Maximilien I. en une suite de cent dix neuf 
planches gravies en bois par differens graveurs. Vienne. 1799. 

For " Der Weiss Kiinig " and Triumph of Maximilian — ^see 


BURGO, Thomas de. Hibemia Dominicana. Sive Historia Pro- 
vinciae Hibemiae Ordinis Praedicatorum, ex antiquis manuscriptis, 
probatis auctoribus, Uteris originalibus nunquam antehac impressis, 
instrumentis authenticis, et archivis, aliisque invictae fidei monumentis 
deprompta. In qua nedum omnia, quae ad memoratam attinent pro- 
vinciam, et ccenobia ejus, tam intra quam extra Regnum Hibemiae 
constituta (interjectis singulorum fundatorum genealogiis) atque 
alumnos ipsius, seu dignitate episcopali, seu munere provinciali, seu 
librorum vulgatione, seu martyrio, publicave virtutis opinione claros, 
succinte distincteque exhibentur. Sed etiam plura regulares gene- 
ratim sumptos, clerumque saecularem, necnon Hibemiae, atque etiam 
& resciviles Magnae Britanniae spectantia, sparsim appositeque, adjectis 
insuper notis opportunis, inseruntur, & in perspicuo ordine coUocantur 
Per P. Thomam de Burgo, praelibati ordinis alumnum, S. Theologiae 
Magistrum, & Protonarium Apostolicum, necnon Hiberniae Domini- 

canae historiographum, postea. E . . . . O Coloftia Agrippina^ 

ex typographia Metternichiana sup signo Gryphu Anno 1762. Cum 
pemtissu superiorum, V privilegio Sacrce Casarea Majestatis. — Sup- 
plementum Hibernian Dominicanae, varia virorum generum complec- 
tens additamenta, juxti memorati operis seriem disposita per eundem 
auctorem P. Thomam de Burgo O. P. Ep-sc-p-m Oss-r-ns-m. Anno 
Domini 1772. 4to. G. M. 

A Catechism Moral and Controversial, proper for such as 

are already advanced to some Knowledge of the Christian Doctrine. 

To which is annexed by way of an Appendix a Practical Method of 

preparing for Sacramental Confession. Dedicated to His Eminence 

Cardinal Manoel by T . . . s M . . . s B . . . ke O. P. Superiorum Per" 

missu. Lisbon. Printed in the Year ij $2, 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 12 leaves; A — CC in eights. This volume is not in the 
'* Biblioth. Grenvilliana," nor is it mentioned by Lowndes. 


BURLiEUS, GUALTERUS. Indpit libellus de uita & morib' 

ph'oU & poeU%. \Sin€ uUA noid.] Folia BR. M. 

Eighty-nine leaves. 31 lines to the page. Hain, iti^^t where the editioa is 
assigned to the press of Koburger of Nuremberg. 

[BURLEIGH, W. Cecil, Lord.] The Execution of lustice in 
England for maintenaunce of publique and Christian peace, against 
certaine stirrers of sedition, and adherents to the traytors and enemies 
of the Realme, without any Persecvtion of them for questions of Reli- 
gion, as is falsely reported and published by the fautors and fosterers 
of this treasons. Secondly Imprinted at London mense Ian. 1584. 
An. Reg. Eliz. 26. With some small alterations of thinges mistaken 
or omitted in the transcript of the first Originall. 4to. Black letter. 

A — £ in fours. This piece was translated into French, Latin, and German. 

BURLEIGH STATE PAPERS. A Collection of State Papers, 
relating to Affairs in the Reigns of King Henry the VI IL King 
Edward VI. Queen Mary, and Queen Elisabeth. From the Year 1542 
to 1570. Transcribed from Original Letters and other Authentick 
Memorials^ Never before Published. ... By Samuel Haynes. London: 
W. Bowyer^ ^7Af^ — A Collection of State Papers relating to Affairs 

in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the Year 1571 to 1596 

By William Murdin, London^ W. Bowyer. 1759. 2 vols. Folio. R. 

BURLEY, Captain. The Relation of the unjust proceedings 

against Captaine Bvrley at Winchester and of his magnanimous and 

Christian suffering. Printed Anno Dom. 1648. Sm. 8vo. 

A — C 4 in eights, and a, 8 leaves. The last 13 leaves are occupied by poems 
to the memory of Burley, by C. A., J. M., C C, &c. Captain Btirley was executed 
for attempting to rescue Charles I. from Carisbrook Castle. 

BURNET, Gilbert, Bp. of Salisbury. The History of the Re- 
formation of the Church of England. Oxford, 18 16. 6 vols. Imp. 
8vo. Large paper. BL. M. 

History of his own time, with the suppressed passages, and 

notes by Speaker Onslow and others. Oxford. 1823. 6 vols. Imp. 8vo. 
Large paper. BL. M. 

History of the Reign of King James II. [Edited by Dr. 

Routh.] Oxford. 1852. Impl. 8vo. Large paper. BL.M. 

The life of William Bedell, Bp. of Kihnore in Ireland. London 

1685. 8vo. Thkkpaper. 

A, 8 leaves ; a— b in eights ; B— li in eights. 


B UR NS—B UR TON. 345 

BURNS, Robert, The Works of Robert Bums [Edited by J. 
Currie.] London. 1802. 4 vols. 8vo. Portrait. 

— - Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, By Robert Bums. 
Kilmarnock: Printed by John Wilson, 1786. 8vo, 

A, 4 leaves ; A — Ff in fours. 

First edition. It is asserted in the preface that none of these poems were 
written with a view to the press. The author's motives for courting the Muses 
were to find a counterpoise to the troubles of the world, and here '' he found,'* he 
says, " Poetry to be its own reward.** 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect By Robert Bums. 

Edinburgh : Printed for th^ Author and fold by William Creech. 1787. 

8vo. Portrait. R.M. 

Half-title, title, and dedication, 4 leaves ; Subscribers' Names b — f in fours ; 
A — Yy in fours. 

The original broadside document, printed on vellum, ap- 

pointing "Robert Bums Gentleman" to the office of Exciseman. 
Dated July 14, 1788. 

BURTON, Henry. The Baiting of the Pope's BvlL Or an vn- 

masking of the Mystery of Iniquity, folded vp in a most . pemitious 

Breeue or Bull, sent from the Pope lately into England, to cawse a 

Rent therein, for his Re-entry. With an advertisement to the Kings 

seduced subjects. By H, B, Imprinted at London by W* L for 

Michaell Sparke. 1627. 4to. 

Tide with woodcut and leaf of metrical explanation, followed by nineteen other 
preliminary leaves. A — N in fours. 

BURTON, Richard. Miracles of Art and Nature : Or A Brief 

Description of the several varieties of Birds, Beasts, Fishes, Plants, 

and Fruits of other Countreys. Together with several other Remark^ 

able Things in the World. By R. B.[urton] Gent. London^ Printed 

for William Bowtel at the Sign of the Golden Key near Miter-Court in 

Fleet-Street. 1678. Sm. 8vo. 

A — H in eights. Dr. Bliss's copy, with the following MS. note by him on the fly- 
leaf : ^ A rare littie volume, from which I imagine Crouch derived hi^ notion of 
cheap literature and his fictitious initials." 

Historical Remarques and Observations of the Ancient and 

Present State of London and Westminster. Shewing the Foundation, 

Walls, Gates, Towers, Bridges, Churches, Illustrated 

with Pictures of the most considerable Matters curiously Engraven on 
Copper Plates ; with the Arms of the Sixty Six Companies of London, 
and the time of their Incorporating. By Richard Burton. London^ 
Printed for Nath. Crouch^ at the Bell, next to Kemps Coffee house in 

246 BURTON. 

Exchange Alley ^ over against the Royal Exchange in Comhill. 1681. 
Sm. 8vo. 

First edition. From Mr. Corser's collection. Part L A — £ in twelves. Part ii. 
Aa— £e in twelves. There are six leaves of engraved views separate from the 
letterpress, viz., before the title, and at p. 20 of part L, and pp. 46, 70^ 98, and 1 14 
of part iL 

BURTON, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy, What it is. 
With all the Kindes, Cavses, Symptomes, Prognostickes, and Severall 
Cvres of it. In three Maine Partitions with their seuerall Sections, 
Members, and Svbsections. Philosophically, Medicinally, Historically, 
opened and cvt vp. By Democritvs Junior. With a Satyricall Preface, 
conducing to the following Discourse. Macrob. Omne meum^ Nihil 
meum. At Oxford^ Printed by lohn Lichfield and lames Shorty for 
Henry Cripps, Anno Dom. 1621. 4to. R. M. 

a — f 4 in eights ; A — Ddd 4 in eights, the last leaf occupied only by the errata. 
Dedicated to George, Lord Berkeley. 

This first edition differs, both as regards omissions and additions, from the later 

The Anatomy of Melancholy, &c. The fift Edition, corrected 

and augmented by the Author. Oxford^ printed for Henry Cripps. 

1638. Folio. Engraved title by Le Blon, 

The last edition published in the author's lifetime. Title and half-title, 2 leaves; 
verses, 2 leaves ; dedication, i leaf ; A — K in fours ; L, 2 leaves ; A — R in fours ; 
S, 6 leaves ; T — Hh in fours ; li, 6 leaves ; KK — Aaaaa in fours. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy, &c. The Sixt Edition, cor- 
rected and augmented by the Author. London Printed and are to be 
sould by Hen: Crips & Lodo: Lloyd at their shop in Popes head alley. 
1652. Folio. Engraved title by Le Blon. BL. M. 

Half-title and engraved title, 2 leaves ; dedication, i leaf ; the Author*s verses 
to his Book, 2 leaves ; then A — K in fours ; A (repeated), 6 leaves ; B — R in fours; 
S, 6 leaves ; T — Hh in fours ; Ii, 6 leaves ; K K — 5 A in fours. 

This copy formerly belonged to Dr. Johnson, whose autograph, ^ Samud Johnson, 
Ejus Liber," is on the fly-leaf. In a bookseller's catalogue, many years ago, was a 
copy of a later edition which had also belonged to him. At the end of this edition 
we find the following notice ** To the Reader :** ** Be pleased to know (Courteous 
Reader) that since the last Impression of this Book, the ingenuous Author of it is 
deceased, leaving a Copy of it exactly corrected, with severall considerable Addi- 
tions by his own hand ; This Copy he committed to my care and custody, with 
directions to have those Additions inserted in the next Edition ; which in order to 
his command, and the Publike Good, is faithfully performed in this last Impression.** 
[Dated] 165 1. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy .... The Eighth Edition 

London Printed for Peter Parker y at the Signe of tlu Legg & 

Starr in Comhill over against the Roy all Exchange. 1676. Folio. 


BURTON, William. The Description of Leicester Shire : Con- 
taining Matters of Antiquitye, Historye, Armorye, and Genealogye. 
London, printed for lohn White at the Iwly lambe in little Brittaine 
neare unto Aldersgate Street, [1622.] Folio. R. 

Frontispiece and portrait by Delaram, 2 leaves ; V, 4 leaves ; a map of the 
county ; A — Vv 2 in fours, but in Cc, 5 leaves. 

Dedicated to George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham. The writer was brother 
to the author of the *' Anatomy of Melancholy.'' 

A Commentary on Antoninus his Itinerary, or Joumies of 

the Romane Empire, so far as it concemeth Britain : wherein the first 

foundation of our Cities, Lawes, and Government, according to the 

Roman Policy, are clearly discovered .... By William Burton, 

Batchelor of Lawes. With a Chorographicall Map of the severall 

Stations : and Index's to the whole Work. London, Printed by Tito. 

Roy croft .... 1658. Folio. With a portrait of Burton by Hollar. 

Title and dedication to John, Lord Glyn, 2 leaves ; catalogue of authors, &C| 
3 leaves; index of stations, i leaf; extract from Harrison's '* Description of Bri- 
tain," &c., 4 leaves ; map, 2 leaves ; the work, C — D, 2 leaves each ; £ — Oo in 

BUTLER, C. The Feminin Monarchi', or the Histori of Bee's. 

Shewing their admirable Natur, and Propertis; Their Generation and 

Colonis ; . . . . Together With the right Ordering of them from tim' 

to tim' : and the sweet' Profit arising ther'of. Written out of Expe- 

rienc By Charls Butler, Magd. Oxford, Printed by William Turner^ 

for de Author, 1634. 4to. R. M. 

\, 4 leaves ; YY, 4 leaves ; (no sign. A), 6 — Aa 2 in fours. With diagrams and 
musical notes. Dedicated to the Queen. Butler originally published this work in 
1609, before he adopted the phonetic system. The earliest example of the adoption 
of the phonetic principle in English is probably the elegy on Henry Earl of Arundel, 
printed in 1579. See Hazlitt's " Collections and Notes," 1876, art. " P. (Gul.)" This 
preceded by a few years the publications of William BuUokar ** in tru ortography." 

The Principles of Musik, in singing and setting: with The 

two-fold Use therof, [Ecclesiastical and Civil.] By Charls Butler 

Magd. Master of Arts. London^ Printed by John Haviland, for the 

Autlwr: 1636. 4to. 

^, 4 leaves ; W, 4 leaves ; A — R in fours. With woodcuts and music. Dedi- 
cated to the King. To this copy is attached a long, narrow, printed shp, entitled 
" Nova Scala Syntona Compendiosissima," probably belonging to the work, and 
issued after its publication. 

BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras. The First Part. Written in the 
time of the late Wars. London, Printed by J, G. for Richard Marriott 
under Saint Dunstatis Church in Fleetstreet i663, Sm. 8vo. 
A— R in eights, the first leaf having the ^ Imprimatur'' only. 


BUTLER, Samuel. Hudibras. The Second Part BytheAuthour 
of the First, London, Printed by T. R, for John Martyn and Janus 
AUestry at the Bell in St. Pauls Church Yard, 1664. Sm. 8vo. 
B — P 4 in eights, besides the title and " Imprimatur," 2 leaves. 

Hudibras. The Third and last Part Written by the 

Author of the First and Second Parts. London, Printed for Simon 

Miller, at tlu Sign of the Star at the West End of St. Pauls. 1678. 

Sm. Svo. 

A — S in eights. 

Hudibras, in Three Parts . . . Corrected and Amended. 

With Large Annotations, and a Preface, by Zachary Grey. Adom'd 
with a new Set of Cuts. London. 1744. 2 vols. 8vo. Large paper. 
Portrait. BL. M. 

The Genuine Remains in Verse and Prose of Mr. Samuel 

Butler, Author of Hudibras. Published from the Original Manuscripts, 

formerly in the possession of W. Longueville, Esq. With Notes by 

R. Thyer. London. 1759. 2 vols. 8vo. Tlu edges uncut. R. M. 

The MSS. used for this work were recently offered for sale ; and they contain 
a good deal not printed by Thyer. A new edition was projected in 1827, but only 
the first volume was completed. 

BUTTES, Henry. Dyets Dry Dinner: Consisting of eight 
seuerall Courses: i. Fruites. 2. Hearbes. 3. Flesh. 4. Fish. 5. 
Whitmeats. 6. Spice. 7. Sauce. 8. Tabacco. All serued in after 
the order of Time vniuersall. By Henry Buttes, Maister of Artes, 
and Fellowe of C. C. C. in C. Qui miscuit vtile Dulci. — Cicero. Non nobis 
solUm nati sumus, sed Ortus uostri sibi vendicant. Printed in London 
by Tho. Creede, for William Wood, and are to be sold at the West end of 
Powles, at the signe of Tyme. 1 599. Sm. 8vq. 

A, 8 leaves, title being on A 2 ; Aa, 4 leaves ; B — P 7 in eights. 

Dedicated to the Lady Anne Bacon, '* sole heire to the Worship. Edward 
Buttes Esquire, her Father, as also to her Vncles, the right worthie Syr William 
Buttes Knight, and Thomas Buttes Esquire, deceased" The curious device of the 
publisher is on sig. B recto. 

BUXEDA DE LEYVA. Historia del Reyno de Japon y descrip- 
cion de aquella tierra, y de algunas costumbres, cerimonias, y regi- 
miento de aquel Reyno: Con la relacion de la venida de los embaxa- 
dores del Japon d Roma, para dar la obediencia al Summo Pontifice, 
y todos los recebimientos que los Principes Christianos les hizieron 
por donde passaron, y de las cartas y presentes que dieron d su 
Magestad el Rey nuestro sefior, y a los demas Principes. Con la 
muerte de Gregorio XHI. y eleccion de Sixto V. y las cartas que dio 
su Sanctidad para los Reyes de aquel Reyno, hasta la partida de 


BYRD—C. N. 249 

Lisboa, y mas seys cartas de la China y del Japo, y de la llegada de 
los sefiores Japones d Goa. Recopilada por el Doctor Buxeda de 
Le3rua vezino de la ciudad de Toledo. En (^aragofa. Impressa con 
luencioy en casa de Pedro Puig, Tmpressor de libros, AMo i$^i. A casta 
de Antonio Hernandez mercader de libros. Sm. 8vo. O. M. 
Title and preliminaries, eight leares. A — Y in eights. 

BYRD, GUILIELMUS. Liber primus Sacrarum cantionum quinque 
vocum. Autore Guilielmo Byrd Organista Regio, Anglo. Excudebat 
Thomas Est ex assignatione Guilielmi Byrd Cum priuilegio, Londini. 
25. Octoi. 1589. 5 parts in one vol. 4to. BR. M. 

Each part consists of sigs. A — D in fours, including tide. 


C, I. A Pleasant Comedie, Called The two Merry Milke-Maids. 
Or, The Best words weare the Garland. As it was Acted before the 
King, with general Approbation, by the Companie of the Reuels. By 
I. C. London, Printed by Bernard Alsopyfor Laurence Chapman, and 
are to be sold at his shop, in Holbome, ouer against Staple Inne, hard by 
the Barres. 1620. 4to. 

A^P in fours. The only prefintory matter is an address from the printer to the 
reader, in which he observes : ^* Some good words here you shall finde for your 
Money, else it keepes not touch with the Title. Receiue it well, and though in 
this he give you no ill, yet hereafter he hath promised you better language.* 
There was a second edition in 4to, 1661 ; but no other work by the same writer is 
known. From Mr. Crauford's collection. 

C. J. Saint Marie Magdalens Conversion. IHS. Printed with 
Licence. [1604.] 4^^* ^L- ^* 

A — D 2 in fours. In 6-line stanzas. 

Mr. G>r8er's copy. In a short pre£&ce printed on the back of the title, the 
author states that he had intended to present this poem as a new year's gift, having 
composed It for the pleasure of some private friends, but that circumstances de- 
layed its appearance a litUe. This address is dated Jan. i, i6o3[-4]. The follow- 
ing leaf contains a dedication of the work in verse to Mistress F. B. See Gxrser's 
^ Collectanea," part iii., pp. 222-5, where the preface and dedication are reprinted. 

C. N. A Saxon Historie, of the Admirable Adventures of Clo- 

dvaldvs and his Three Children. Translated out of French, by Sr. 

T[homas] H[awkins.] London, Printed by E. P. for Henry Seile .... 

1634. 4to. 

A— O in fours, and (A), 2 leaves. 


aso C R.—C. W. 

C. R. The Most Avntient Historie of God and Man, or a Col- 
lection of Gods proceedings with man in generally from' the first, to 
the last, but more especially of the Devinity, and Humaititie of our 
Blessed sauiour lesus Christ, His Loue to his Spouse, and his hate to 
his, and her enimies. Together w^ Satans plottes against her in all 
ages^ in form of a poem. R. C Finished 1629^ July 29. Folio. 

An unpublished MS. of ninety«>four closely-written leares, decorated with seren 
derer and well-executed drawings. From the collection of Mr. Corser, who describes 
it at considerable length, with specimens amd extracts, in his '^ Collectanea,'' part iiL, 
pp. 231-6. 

In Hazlitfs " Handbook,* 1867, p. 128, the authorship is' attributed, of dourse 
conjecturally, to Ralph Crane, the writer of one or two works of a' snnilar chaitcter 
about the same period. 

C. R. Uthobolia: or, The Stone-Throwing Devil. Being on 
Exact and True Account (by way of Journal) of the various Actions 
of Infernal Spirits, or (Devils Incarnate) Witches, or both, and the 
great Disturbance and Amasement they gave to George Waltont 
Family, at a place call'd Great Island in the Province of New-Hant* 
shire in New-England, chiefly in throwing about (by an Invisible 
hand) Stones, Bricks, and Brick-bats of all Sizes, .... By R. C. Esq ; 
who was a Sojourner in the same Family the whole time, and an 
Ocular Witness of these Diabolick Inventions. . . . London^ Printed^ 
and are to b€ sold by E. Whitlock. 1698. 4to. 

Ten leaves. 

C. T. A Glasse for the Thnes by which, according to the Scrip- 
tures, you may clearly behold the true Ministers of Christ . . . London^ 
Printed by Robert Ibbitson. 1 648. 4to. 

Six leaves, including the frontispiece. 

C W. A Plaine Description of the Barmvdas, now called Sonlmer 
Hands. With the manner of their discouerie Anno 1609. by the 
shipwrack and admirable deliuerance of Sir Thomas Gates, and Sir 
George Sommers, wherein are truly set forth the commodities and 
profits of that Rich, Pleasant, and Healthful! Covntrie. With An 
Addition, or more ample relation of diuers other remarkeable matters 
concerning those Hands since then experienced, lately sent from 
thence by one of the Colonic now there resident London, Printed by 
W. Stansbyjor W. Welby. 161 3. 4to. Black Utter. G. M. 

A — G 2 in fours. 

It was in reference to this work that Mr. Malone printed his tract entided an 
^ Account of the incidents from which the title and part of Shakespeare's Tempest 
were derived and its true date ascertadned." tSoS. 

C. W. A briefe discourse against the outwarde apparell and 
Ministering garmentes of the popishe church, psalme 31. / have 

C. IV.-^CABR£RA, 251 

AaUd all those, that holde of superstitious vanities. [No^place.] 1566. 
Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BR. M. 

A — C in eights. 

Two pages of verse, *' The Booke to the Reader," follow the title. In a rq>rint 
of this tract made in 1578, the initials IV. C, are given as those of the writer. 

C W. A Petition of W. C. Exhibited to the High Court of Par- 
liament now assembled, for the propagating of the Gospel in America 
and the West Indies, and for the setling of our Plantations there, 
which Petition is approved by 70 olde English Divines. Also by 
Master Alexander Henderson, and some other worthy Ministers of 
Scotland. Printed in theyeare^ 1641. 4to. 

A — C 2 in fours, A i, blank. 

C. W. Poems on Several Occasions. By W. C. London^ Printed 
for the Author, and Published by R. Taylor^ 1684, Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A— E in eights. 

Dedicated by the Author '*To the Worshipful John Ramsden, Esq. ; at Hatfield 
in York-shire.'' W. C, who has not been identified, appears to have been a York- 
shireman ; he speaks of this volume as his first production, and of his Muse as 
'* unaired and young." The poem of '* Almeria,'' at the end, was, he says, com- 
posed at the request of a young lady. The concluding piece is '* Prologue to 
London Cuckolds. Acted at Hull, November, 1683.* At p. 59 is '*an Elegy on 
the Worshipful George Crowle, twice Mayor of Hull, who dyed July the tweUUi, 

CABALA, Sive Scrinia Sacra : Mysteries of State and Govern- 
ment, in Letters of Illustrious Persons and Great Ministers of State, 
as well Foreign as Domestick, in the Reigns of King Henry the 
Eighth, Queen Elizabeth, King James, and King Charles. . . . To 
which is added, in this Third Edition, A Second Part, consisting of 
a Choice Collection of Original Letters and Negotiations, never 
before Published. London, 1691. Folio. With a frontispiece by 
W. Faithorne, containing portraits of Queen Elizabeth, Burleigh^ and 
Walsingham. R. 

CABRA, Teod. Jos£ DE. Historia dolorosa dividida en siete 
cantos en que se ve la acervisima pasion y muerte de nuestro Re- 
dentor Jesu-Christo, y la compasion de su dolorosisima Madre y Sra 
nuestra. Cordoba \s. aJ] 4to. 

CABRERA, Cayetano de. Escudo de Armas de Mexico: 
celestial proteccion de esta nobilissima ciudad, de la Nueva Espdlia, 
y de casi todo el Nuevo Mundo, Maria santissima, en su portentosa 
imagen del Mexicano Guadalupe, milagrosamente apparecida en el 
Palacio Arzobispal en aiio de 1531 y jurada su principal patrona ei 


passado de 1737, en la angustia que oca8ion6 la pestilencia, que cebada 
con mayor rigor en los Indios, mitig6 sus ardores al abrigo de tanta 
flombra. Impresso en Mexico, 1746. Folio. 

EngntTed tide, printed title, and preliminaries, 18 kares; pp. 1-522; index, 

CiGSAR, Caius Julius. Commentarii, recogniti per Philippum 
Beroaldum. \^Lugduni.'\ 1521. Sm. 8vo. bl. M. 

Opera, cum notis variorum. Lugd. Bai, 17 1 3. 3 vols. 

8vo. R. M. 

From the libnuy of the Doc de NoaiDes. 

■ De bellis Gallico et Civili Pompejano conmientarii cum 
notis Vossii &c., cura et Studio F. OudendorpiL LugtL Bat 1737. 

The Eight Bookes of Caius lulius Caesar contesmii^ his 

martiall exployts in the Realme of Gallia and the Countries border- 
ing vpon the same. Translated out of Latin into English by Arthur 
Golding G[entleman]. Imprinted ai Lofutan by Thomas Este, dwdlimg 
in AldersgaU Streete. 1590. 4to. Black letter. 

A, four leaves; A (repeated) — Q in eights. Dedicated to Sir William CedL 

CiESARIUS, MONACHUS Heysterbachii. [Dialogus Miraculo- 

rum]. Prologus Cesarii cisterciesis monachi 1 Heysterbacho in dya- 

logii miraculorum Incipit feliciter. {^Sine loco out anno.'] Folia BR. M. 

509 leares. Printed in double columns, with 29 lines to the page cxdosiTe of 
the headline. 

On the recto of the last leaf: — 

Codicis exigui stilus autorem reticiscens 
Ingeror in medium : veluti noua verbula spargens. 
Sicut mitis amor terat aspa : mitius ilia 
Corrigat : ac mores addat nota vera salufares. 

This is evidently an edition of very great rarity. It is attributed to the press 
of Ulric 2^11, at Cologne, about 1468. To Panzer it was quite unknown; Hain 
mentions it, but without having seen it ; and to Brunet it was known only through 
Hain. Graesse appears to have taken it also from the same source. Cave gives a 
short account of the author, but knew of no earlier edition of this book than that 
of Cologne, 1591. According to Cave the author was a Cistercian monk of the 
monastery of Heisterbach, in the Diocese of Cologne, and subsequently Prior of the 
monastery |of St Peter, near Bonn. He lived at the beginning of the thirteenth 
century. A critical edition of the ^ Dialogus Miraculorum * was published at Boon 
in 1851. 

CAIETANUS, Thomas de Vio. Tractatus Reverendissimi Do- 
mini D. Thomae de Vio Caietani cardinalis sancti Sixti, ordinis Prae- 


dicatorum de coniugio regis Angliae cum relicta fratris suL \s. L it a.] 
Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

8 leaves. Probably printed at Rome about 153a 

CALEDONIA; Or, The Pedlar tum'd Merchant A Tragi- 
Comedy, as it was acted by His Majesty's Subjects of Scotland in the 
King of Spain's Province of Darien. London : Printed^ and Sold by 
the Booksellers of London and Westminster. 1700 4to. 

B — £ 3 in fours, and the title-page. In verse. 

CALEF, Robert. More Wonders of the Invisible World : Or, 
the Wonders of the Invisible World Display'd in Five Parts. Part I. 
An Account of the Suffering's of Margaret Rule. Written by the 
Reverend Mr. C[otton] M[ather] P. II. Several Letters to the Au- 
thor, &C. And his Reply relating to witchcraft. P. III. The Differ- 
ences between the Inhabitants of Salem- Village and Mr. Parris their 
Minister, in New-England. P. IV. Letters of a Gentleman unin- 
terested, endeavouring to prove the received Opinions about Witch- 
craft to be Orthodox. With short Essays to their Answers. P. V. 
A short Historical Account of Matters of Fact in that Affair. To 
which is added, A Postscript relating to a Book intitled, The Life of 
Sir William Phips. By Robert Calef, Merchant of Boston in New- 
England. London : Printed for Nath. Miliar, 170a 4to. R. M. 

A — X 2 in fours, and a, a leaves between A and B. 

CALENDRIER D£S Bergers. See Shepherds Calendar. 

CALLIMACHUS. Hymni, Epigrammata et Fragmenta. Cum 
notis Annas Tanaquilli, Fabri filiae. Parisiis, 1675. 4to. R. M. 

Hymni, Epigrammata et Fragmenta ex recensione T. Graevii, 

cum notis variorum et comment Ez. Spanhemil Ultraj. 1697. 
2 vob. Large paper. 8vo. R. M. 

From the library of Sir M. M. Sykes. 

CALLIOPE, or English Harmony. A Collection of the most 
celebrated English and Scots Songs Neatly Engrav'd and Embelish'd 
with Designs adapted to the Subject of each Song taken from the 
compositions of the Best Masters in the most Correct Manner with 
the Thorough Bass and Transposition Cor the Flute . . . London 
[About 1760]. 2 vols, bound in i. 8vo. R. M. 

CALVER, Edward. Englands Sad Posture: Or, A true De- 
scription of the present Estate of poore distressed England, and of 
the lamentable Condition of these distracted times, since the ban- 
ning of this Civill and unnaturall War. Presented to the Right 
Honourable, Pious, and Valiant, Edward, Earle of Manchester. 


Ycm that liave*Eye4ids, that can.^arcsr distill, 
View England's Posture, and then weep your fill 

London^ Printed by Bernard A Isop, and are to be sold by Richard Harper^ 
in Smithfield^ at tie Signe of the RibU. : 1644. Sn). 8vo. 

Ar-C in, eights. .Invme. WHiitap^rtxiitjof'Uie Earl of Manchester, by T. 

In this copy, from the libraries of Mr. Skegg and Mr. Corser, is inserted a spe- 
cimen of the handwriting (including a signature) of the Earl of Manchester, and an 
additional portrait of the £ari by Hollar, from Vicars*s ^ England's Worthies." It 
is doubtful whether even the portrait by Cross belongs to the book. It is described 
iir Mr.' Corser'r ^Collectanea," part iil, 239-42. 

CALVINUS, JOANNSS. Christiaoae Religionis Institution totam 
fer^ pietatis aunGunu, et quicquid e^ doctrina salutis cognita ne- 
fieasarium, complecteiis : oouubus pietatis studiosis . lectu dignissimum 
opus, acrecens editum. PraefatiQad Christianisslmum Regem Francttc, 
qua hic.ei liber pro confessione fidei ofTertur. Basiiea, Per Thamam 
Platterij et BaUhasarem Lasium, mense Martio, anno 1536. Sou 3vo. 

.£ditio Princeps. Pp. 1-514, including ttftie. Index, 3 leaves. 

— Defensio orthodox* fidei de sacra Trinitate, cotra prodi- 
giosos errores Michaelis Serueti Hispani : vbi ostenditur haereticos iure 
Gladii coercendos esse, et nominatim de homine hoc tarn impio iusti 
et merit6 sumptu Geneux fuisse Supplicium. [Geneva,] R. Ste- 
phanus, 1554. Sm. 8vo. 

. ■ An Epistle both of Godly Consolacion and also of Aduertise- 
mente, written by lohn Caluine the pastour and preacher of Geneua 
to the righte noble prince Edwarde Duke of Somerset, before the 
time or knowledge had of his trouble, but delyuered to the sayde 
Duke in the time of hys trouble, and so translated out of frenshe by 
the same Duke hymselfe in the tyme of his imprisonmente. [Col.] 
Imprinted at London by Edward Whitchurche the, v. day ofAprill. 1550. 
Qnm ptiuilegio ad Imprimendum Solum, Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. 

A — D in eights. 

Certaine homilies of M. Joan. Calvine/ conteining profitable 

and necessarie/ admonition for this time/ with an Apologie of Robert 

horn. Imprinted at Rome] before the castle of S, Angel I at the signe of 

S. Peter. Anno. M, D. Liij. Sm. 8vo. Black letter, BL. M. 

A — H 3 in eights. 

This yplume was probably printed at London by Hugh Singletpn or Robert 

Posthumum Calvini Stigma in tria lilia, sive tres libros dis- 

pertitum. ' A Rhetoribus Collegii Societatis Jesu Bruxellis, Anno 161 1. 


BruxilUB, ex (^Jiciiuf RogeH Velpiii \S MuberfiAntomi- Typog. yur. 
Anno 161 1. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; pp. 1-2/1, followed by 7 leaves' of Greek 
Epigrams. On the title is a copperplate engraving of Cahriii being flogged at a 
cart's tail 

CAMBRIDGE. True Cojpies of all the Latine Ortitioffs, made 
and pronounced at Cambridge, on Tuesday and Thursday, the 15: 
and 27. of Febniarie last past 1622. by the Vice-chancellor and 
others 6i that Vniuersitie, in their Entertaiinment of the E3<!c^llent 
Lord, Don Charles de Colonna, Ambassador for his Catholike Maiestie 
of Spaine to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie : And of the most 
Illustrious Lord, Ferdinand, Baron of Boyscos, Ambassador from the 
most renowmed Princesse, Isabella Clara* Eugenia, Arch-Duchesse of 
Austria, &c. to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie. As also of an 
Oration made and pronounced by the Vice-chancellor the 19. of 
March last, to the Kings most Excellent Maiestie, wherein mention is 
made of the said Ambassadors. With their tnftislations into English. 
Published by command. London Printed by W, Stimiby for Richard 
Meighen 1623. 4to. 

A — E 2 in fours 

Among these speeches is one by Georgfe HerbeM; bdag an English, tnmtlation 
of one delivered by him in Latin, and printed in that language in 1623* 

CAMDEN, William. Britannia . . . Translated from the* Edi». 
tion published by the Jiuthof in MDCVII. Enlarged by the latest 
Discoveries, by Richard Gough. . . . Illustrated with Slaps and other 
Copper-Plates. London: 1789. 3 vols. Folio; R. 

Remaines of a Greater Worke, concerning Britaine, the in- 
habitants thereof, their Languages, Names, Surnames, Empreses, 
Wise Speeches, Poesies, and Epitaphes. A^ London Printed by G. E. 
for Simon Waterson, 1605. 4to. R. 

A — Hh 2 in fours, title on A 2 ; a — h 2 in fours. 

First edition, with the bookplate of Lsmcelot Holland. It is dedicated i0 Sir 
Robert Cotton, of Conington, by M. N.,. from '* my Lodging^ xii, lunii. i6oy^ 
He terms it '' only the rude rubble and out-cast rubbish (as you know) of a greater 
anrf more serious worke," i.e.j his " Britannia.'^ 

It Appears from the Registers of* the Stationer^ (AfSer, fti., ri6), that irti^as the 
original rrttention to call this book " Reserehes of Brittaiae,'^ &e. It was lieensedF 
to Simon Watersoiiy 10 Nov., 1604. 

Remaines concerning Britahie The fifk Impres^oii, 

with many rare Antiquities never before Imprinted. By the industry 
and care of lohn Phrlipot, Somerset Herald. London^ Printed by 




Thomas Harper far John WaUrtam . . . 1636. Portrait. 4to. Large 
pa^er. G. M« 

A— Hhh in foan» last leaf blank. 

See Ellis's <" Original Letters,* and Series, iL, a6o. 

CAMDEN, William. Anglica,Hibeniica,Normaniiica,Cambrica, 
a veteribus acripta : ex quibus Asser Menevensts, Anonymua de vita 
Gulidmi Conquestoria, Thomas Walsingham, Thomas de la More, 
GuUelmus Gemiticensis, Giraldus Cambrensis : plerique nunc prim&m 
in lucem edtti, ex Bibliotheca Guilidmi Camdent. Francofurti. 1602. 
Folio. R. M. 

CAMERARIUS, Joach. Symbolorum et emblematum centuriae 
IV. I. Ex hefbts & stirpibus. II. Ex animalibus quadiupedibus. 
III. Ex volatilibus & tnsectis. IV. Ex aquatilibus & reptilibus. 
Cum figtiria aeneia. [Nerimiergm] Typis Volffflimanis. 1605. 4to. 

CAMERINO, Joseph. Novelas Amorosas. En Madrid. Par 
Tomas lumii. 1624. 4to. 

Title and ptelimfnaries, S leaves; sigs. A^Bbbin fours. 

CAMPBELL^ Kenneth. Poemata. [Londifn, eirm 1700.] 4to. 

This pieoe consists of eight pages. It has no regular title, and the dedication, 
''TotheHon^S'PeterKing,Recorderof London,*'isintheattdior'saiitogTaplL On 
the back of the last leaf is the following, ** Advertisement Whereas J. F. aged 
fifty, of a short sqoat stature, duck l^d, somewhat flat and big nos'd, disfigured 
widk the small pox, usually wearing a £ur long peruke, has received money of several 
persons of quality under pretence of his being author of the verses entituled, * Fa- 
dam eos in gentem unam': These are to certifier that the aforesaid person was so 
for from being the author, that he scarcely understands a word of latiiL* 

CAMPEGIUS, Laur. Cardinal. Constitutio ad removendos 
abvsus, et ordinatio ad deri vitam reformandam. Anno Domini 1524 
Ratisbonae edita. J?^ 1562. 4to. Y. M. 

CAMPION, Edmund. A true report of the Disputation or rather 
priuate Conference had in the Tower of London with Ed. Campion 
lesutte, the last of August, 1 58 1. Set downe by the Reuerend learned 
men them selues that dealt therein. Whereunto is ioyned also a true 
report of the other three dayes conferences had there with the same 
lesuite. Which nowe are thought meete to be published in print by 
authoritie. Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker, Printer to 
the Queenes most exceUent Maiestie. lanuarij^ 1. 1583. 4to. Black 

A, a leaves ; no sig. B ; C— G 3 in fours ; a blank leaf; separate title to the 


last three days' conference^ i leaf, with an address to the Christian Reader on the 
back by John Field, the first leaf of the narrative unmarked, and then H — Gg 2 
in fours, the last leaf having only the colophon. 

CAMPION, Edmund. A particular declaration or testimony of 

the vndutifuU and traitorous affection borne against her Maiestie by 

Edmond Campion Jesuite, and other condemned Priestes, witnessed 

by their owne confessions : in reproofe of those slaunderous bookes 

& libels deliuered out to the contrary by such as are malitiously 

affected towards her Maiestie and the state. Published by authoritie. 

Imprinted at London by Christopher Barker^ Printer to the Queenes most 

excellent Maiestie, Anno, i$S2, 4to. Black letter. 

A — D in fours, first leaf blank (marked A), and last occupied only by the 

This tract is reprinted in Morgan's *' Phoenix Britannicus.'' 

Martyrium R. P. Edmund! Campiani Presbiteri i societate 

nominis Jesu, qui cum duobus aliis Presbyteris, Radulpho Sherwino 
& Alexandro Briano, in Anglia propter constantem Romans et 
Catholics fidei confessionem, mortis supplicio affectus est ipsis calen- 
dis Decembris, anno k Christo nato M.D. LXXXI. Per G. Estium i 
Gailico Latin^ redditum. Adiuncta sunt & alia quaedam similis 
argument!. Lovanii. Ex officina Johannis Masii. 1582. Sm. 8vo. 

A — C in eights. 

CAMPION, Thomas. A Relation of the late Royall Entertain- 

ment given by the Right Honorable the Lord Knowles at Cawsome 

House neere Redding : to our most Gracious Queene, Queene Anne, 

in her progresse toward the Bathe, vpon the seuen and eight and 

twentie dayes of Aprill .1613. Whereunto is annexed the Description, 

Speeches, and Songs of the Lords Maske, presented in the Banquetting- 

house on the Mariage night of the High and Mightie Covnt Palatine, 

and the Royally descended the Ladie Elizabeth. Written by Thomas 

Campion. London^ Printed for lohn Budge^ and are to be sold at his 

Shop at the South-doore of S. Pauls, and at Britaines Bursse. 161 3. 


A — D in fours. 

From the libraries of Mr. JoUey and Mr. G. Smith. See Nichols's " Progresses of 

James I.,** voL iL, p. 640. 

CAMUS, A. G. M^moire sur la collection des grands et petits 
voyages, et sur la collection de^ voyages de Melchisedech Th^enot. 
Paris. 1802. 4to. 

CANADA. Contrat d*association des J^uites au trafique de 
Canada. Pour apprendre d Paul de Gimpnt, T^n des donneurs d'^pis 

A A 


pour Ics J^suites contre le Recteur & University de Paris, & i ses 
semblables, pourquoy les J^ites sont depuis peu arriuez en Canada, 
[j.i] 1613. 4ta 

Foot leaves. 

CANADA. EsUt present de I'Eglise et de la Colonie Franfoise 
dans la Nouvelle France par Monsieur l'Ev£que de Quebec. Parts duM 
Robert PepU. 1688. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and pp. 1-367. 

CANAMOR. La historia del rey Canamor y del Infante turian 
su hijo y de las muchas & muy gradissimas auenturas que ambos a 
dos ouieron. [Colophon.] Ptu tmprimido esU presente libra Ha muy 
noble y muy leal ciudadde Seuilla por Dominica de Robertis. AHo Je 
mil y quiniettUs : y quarmta y tres [1543]. adies dias d'lmesiMargo. 
4ta R. M. 

Tbirty-two leava. Sigi. ft— g in eights. The title is within a woodcut border, 
and the text is sunnounted by & lude woodcut of a tournament. Brunet mentions 
that an edition of this book, printed by Cromberger at SeviUe, in 1538, is in the 
public library at MontpeUier, And GaUaixb mentions another copy as b^ng in the 
litnaiy of R. S. Turner, Esq., in London. No other edition is recorded by biblio- 
graphers till that of 1546, printed at Serille by Dom. de Robertis, irtiich is men* 
doDed by GalUrdo as in the Royal Libntry at Munich. This edition of 1543 aj^ieais 
to be entirely undescribed. 

CANCIONERO General : quecontiene muchas obras de diueisos 
autores antiguos, con algunas cosas nueuas de modemos, de nueuo 
corregido y impressa En Anvers. En casa de Martin Nucio. 1557- 
Sm. 8vo. R. H. 

CANCIONERO General, &c. En Anvers. En casa de 
Pkilifpo Nucio. 1573. Sm. 8va R. M. 

Brunei describes the pagination as jumping from 190 to 303; but it is pr^terly 
from 193 to 303. 

CANCIONERO de Obras de Burlas provocantes a Risa. En 
Madrid, Por Luis SaneAeM. is. a.} Sm. 8va TkuJcpt^. G. H. 

This is the reprint executed at London for Mr. W. Pickering, about 1S45, froot 
a copy in the British Museum supposed to be unique. 

CANCIONERO de Romances. See Romancero. 

CANES, Francisco. Gnmatica Arabigo-Espaftola, vulgar, y 
liteial, con un dicdonario Arabigo-Espa&ol. Madrid. 1775. 4to. 

CANONES et DecreU Concilii Tridcntinl Rema afud Paulum 
Manmtium. 1564 8vo. G. ic. 


CANONS. A Booke of certaine Canons, concemyng some parte 
of the discipline of the Churche of England. In the yeare of our Lord. 
1 571. At London Printed by John Daye, dwellyng ouer Aldersgate. 
Cum gr£Uia^ Priuikgio ReguE Maiestatis. 4to. Black Utter, BL.M. 

A — D 3 in fours. 

CANTALYCIUS. Cantalycii Episcopi Piennensis atque Adriensis 

de bis recepta Farthenope. Gonsalvia. \Neapoli per Sigismundum 

Mayr 1506.] Folio. R. M. 

A — L in eights. The last leaf blank. 

The name of the printer and the date of this volume are expressed in the follow- 
ing quatrain, which occurs at the end of the volume: — 

Mille & quingentis luncta trieteride bina 
Farthenope Impressit hoc tibi lector opus. 
Stygmata Gismundus fedt Gonsaluia Mair 
Frigora teutonicae quern genuere plagas. 
Die XX. lulii. 

CANTICUM CANTICORUM. [A Block-book of the isth cen- 
tury.] Reproduced in Fac-Simile from the Scriverius Copy in the 
British Museum. With an Historical and Bibliographical Introduc- 
tion. By J. Fh. Berjeau. London, i860. 4to. 

CAOURSIN, GuiLELMUS. Rhodiorum Vicecancellarius. Obsi- 
dionis Rhodie Urbis descriptio. [Colophon.] Impressum vlme f 
ioanne Reger. Anno dUi. 1496. Folio* Woodcuts, o. M. 

Historia von Rhodis Wie ritterlich sie sich gehalte mit dem 

Tyrannischen keiser Machomet uss Turckye, lustig zu lesen [iibersetzt 
von Johann Adelphus] [Colophon.] Gedruckt zu strassburg dutch 
Martinum flach. 15x3. Folio. Woodcuts. 

Frohemium in volumen stabilimentorum Rhodioru Militu 

Sacri ordinis hospitalis sancti Johannis Hierosolymitani. [Colophon.] 
Ulme impressaper Joannent Reger de Kemnat 1496. Folio. Wood- 
cuts. R. 

CAFEL, Arthur, Lord. Excellent Contemplations, Divine and 
Moral. Written by the Magnanimous and truly Loyal Arthur Lord 
Capel, Baron of Hadham. Together with some Account of his Life, 
and his Letters to several Fersons, while he was Frisoner in the Tower 
.... Likewise his affectionate Letters to his Lady . . . with his Fious 
Advice to his Son the late Earl of Essex. London^ Printed for Nath. 
Crouch . . . 1683. Sm. 8vo. 

A — I in twelves, besides the portrait 

CAFELL, Charles. AfTectwm Decidva, Or Dve Expressions in 
honour of the truly noble Charles Capell Esq. (Sonne to the right 


honourable Arthvr Capell Baron of Hadham) deceased on Christmas 

Day 1656. . . . Oxford, Printed Anno Dam. 1656. 4to. 

A— D 3 in fours. Unmentioned . by Lowndes, and evidently unseen by Hadilt, 
who describes the event as occurring in 1659, and the piece as printed in i66a 
The earliest verses of Thomas Flatman and Bishop Ken appear to have been those 
contributed to the present collection of elegies. 

CAPELL, Edward. Prolusions; or, select Pieces of ancient 

Poetry., — compil'd with great Care from their several Originals^ and 

ofTer'd to the Publick as Specimens of the Int^^ty that should be 

found in the Editions of worthy Authors^ — In three Parts . . • with a 

Preface. London. 1760. 8vo. 

Contents : The Nutbrown Maid, Sackvile's Induction, Overbury's Wife, the 
Reign of Edward III., Davies's Nosce teipsum. 

John Wilkes's copy, with his autograph on the title. 

CAPELLUS, GUARINVS. Macharonea in Cabrinu3 gagamagogf 
regem c5posita multum delectabilis ad legedu3. [Colophon.] Im- 
pressum Arimini per Hieronymum Soncinu anno DnL 1526. Sm. 
8vo. R. M. 

[C APGRAVE, Johannes. Nova Legenda Angliae.] [Colophon.] 

Explicit (Nona legeda anglie). Impressa Iddonias: i domo Winddi de 

Worde: dhnordtis ad signu solis: in vico nucupato {the Jlete strete). 

Anno dni. M. CCCCC. xvi, xxvii. die Februarii. C -/^^ omnes 

hystorie hie collecte : merito dicutur none : quia licet quedam de istis etid 

reperi&fur apudplures: no tame ita emedcUe &r correcte sicut in hoc volu- 

men continentur. Folio. BR. M. 

First leaf, a large woodcut of the Saints, Martyrs, and the Holy Trinity. Pro- 
logue and table, 5 leaves. Folios 1-334. Then a leaf bearing on the recto the 
same woodcut as is found on the first leaf, and on the verso Caxton's large device. 

Here begynneth the Kalendre of the newe Legende of Ei^- 

lande. [On folio 1 19.] Thus endyth the Kalendre oftfu new Legende 
of Englande^ Emprynted to the honour of the gloriouse Seynts therin 
conteyned by Richarde Pynson \n, d.] [On folio 120.] f Here begyn- 
neth the lyfe of seynt Birgette. [On folio 133.] Thus endyth the Lyfe 
of Seynt Byrgette Enprynted at Lddon in Flete strete at the sygne of 
the George by Rycharde Pynson, 15 16. [Then follows with a fresh 
set of signatures.] Hereafter foloweth a deuoute Boke compylyd by 
mayster Walter Hylton to a deuoute man in temperall estate howe 
he shulde rule hym/ which is ryghte expedyent for euery man/ moste 
in especyall for theym that lyue in the medylde lyfe & it shewyth 
what medelyd lyfe is/ he that will dylygently loke vpon it may therby 
the soner come to some of y hyghe vertues and blessyd lyfe that he 
shall rede of in the begynnynge of this present Boke of the fldryous 


Seyntys conteynyd in the same. [Colophon.] % Thus endytk a di- 
uoute boke cdpyled by mayster water Hyltonj EmprynUd at Iddon injlete 
strete at the signe of the George by Rycharde Pynson, 1506. 4ta 
Woodcuts, Black letter. BR. M. 

+, 4 leaves ; AA, 4 leaves, the fourth bearing only on the verso the same wood- 
cut as on the title, the recto being blank ; A — S in eights and fours alternately ; 
T, 9 leaves; V, 5 leaves ; X, 8 leaves; Y, 6 leaves. Hylton's treatise consists of 
16 leaves with sigs. A and B. 

This is the copy noticed by Herbert as belong^ing to Mr. Geoige Mason ; it was 
afterwards in the collections of Mr. G. dalmers and Mr. Corser. 

Herbert points out that although Hylton's tract is dated ten years earlier than the 
" New Legend,'' it was no doubt printed at the same time. He says, '' This treatise 
of Mr. Hylton is annexed to all the quarto editions of his ' Scale of Perfection ; ' but 
the chapters are differently divided from what they are in those, even the edition 
by Julian Notary, in 1507 ; which confirms the opinion of its being printed verbatim 
from the edition of 1506, though evidently printed in 1516." 

CAPITULAR des Deutschen Hauses in Venedig, zum erstenmal 
bekannt gegeben von Dr. Georg Martin Thomas. Berlin. 1874. 4to. 
Presentation copy from the publisher, Mr. Albert Cohn. 

CAPO FERRO DA CAGLI, Ridolfo. Gran simulacro dell* 

arte, e deir uso della scherma di Ridolfo Capo Ferro da Cagli, Maestro 

deir eccelsa natione Alemanna neir inclita Cittii di Siena. In Siena 

al sopportico de Pontani, Appresso Saluestro Marchetti^ e Camillo Turu 

1 6 10. Oblong 4to. 

Sixty-eight leaves. On the verso of the third leaf is a portrait of the author, 
engraved by Raphael Schiaminossi. This is described by Bartsch, vol. xvii., p. 245; 
but he makes no mention of the forty-three plates of fencing, which are engraved by 
the same artist The book is unmentioned by either Brunet or Graesse. 

CAPUCHINS. A Newe Secte of Friars called Capichinl [No 
place or date!] 

A broadside, with an excellent engraving of two Capuchins, with twelve lines of 
verse below. Probably printed at Antwerp, about 158a Reprinted in '^Ancient 
Ballads and Broadsides,** 1867. 

CARAVIA, Alessandro. II sogno dil Caravia, [Colophon.] In 
Vinegia, Nelle case di Gumanti Antonio di Nicolini da Sabbio. 1541. 
4to. Woodcuts. O. M. 

A — F in fours ; G, 6 leaves. 

This book appears to have been known to Brunet only through the description 
given by Ebert, which he translates exactly ; and, following him, he says that it is 
of great rarity in consequence of having been severely prohibited on accoimt of 
its impiety. 

Naspo Bizaro. [Heading of •' Canto primo," on the recto of 

the 4th leaf.] Calate fantastiche, che canta Naspo Bizaro da Veniesia 
Castellan, Sotto i balconi de Cate Bionda Biriota, per cauarse la bizaria 


del cerudo, e 4 martelo del stomego. [On the verso of folio 31.] In 

Venetia^ appnsso Domenico Nicolini: A spese di M. Alessandro Carama. 

MDLXV. [On the recto of folio 33, a new title] El fin dc \ Inamo- 

ramento de Naspo Bizaro, el qual per viver da christian batizao, sposa 

con al^^za Gate Bionda Biriota. 4to. Plates. R. M. 

A — L in fours, the last leaves of H and L blank. There is a c o pp e rp late ea- 
graving to each of the four cantos, that to the first serving for title-page, and on 
the recto of L 3 is a fifth plate, much more elaborate than either of the others ; this 
bears the monogram of the ardst, Niccolo Nelli, and the date 1565. Brunet is mis- 
taken in saying that the plates are repeated; each one is entirely distinct The 
poem is written in the Venetian dialect 

CARBONELL, MlQUEL. Chroniques de Espaya fins ad no 

diuulgades : que tracta d'ls Nobles e Inuictissims Reys dels Gots : y 

gestes de aquells : y dels C5tes de Barcelona : e Reys de Arago : ab 

moltes coses dignes de perpetua memoria. [Colophon.] Estampat 

en . . . Barcelona per Carles Amoras . , . a xv. de Noembre. 1546. 

Folio. Black letter. 

Title and table, 4 leaves. Folios 1-257. Last leaf^ not numbered, contains 
colophon and printer's mark. The date on the title is 1547. 

CARDENAS, Bernardino de. Memorial y reladon verdadera 

para el Rey N. S. y su Real Consejo de las Indias, de cosas del Reino 

del Peni, mui importantes i su Real seruicio, y concienda. En Madrid. 

Por Francisco Martinez. 1634. 4to. R, M. 

Sixty-four leaves, including the title. The author of this work was a native of 
Peru and Bishop of Asiincion in Paraguay. 

CARDONNEL, P. DE. Complementum Fortunatarum Insu- 
larum, P. II. Sive Galathea Vaticinans. Being part of an Epithala- 
mium upon the Auspicious Match of the most Puissant and most 
Serene Charles II. and the most illustrious Catharina Infanta of 
Portugal With a Description of the Fortunate Islands. Written 
originally in French by P. D[e] C[ardonnel] Gent and now translated 
by him in Latin and English. With the Translations also of the De- 
scription of S. James's Park, and the late Fight at S. Lucar, by Mr. 
Ed. Waller. The Panegyrick of Charles II. by Mr. Dryden. And 
other Poems relating to the present Times. London^ Printed by W. G. 
1662. Sm. 8vo. 

Frontispiece, with portraits of the King and Queen in ovals, i leaf; A, 5 leaves ; 
B, 4 leaves, four times repeated ; C, 6 leaves ; D, 4 leaves ; E — L in fours. 

CARDUCHO, ViNCENClO. Dialogos de la pintura su defensa, 
origen, essecia, definicion, modos y diferencias. . . . Por Vincencio 
Carducho, de la illustre Academia de la nobilissima Ciudad de Flo- 
rencia y Pintor de su Mag^ Catolica. Siguese a los Dialc^os, Infor- 

CARE— CARE W. 263 

maciones, y pareceres en fabor del Arte, escritas per varones insig^es 

en todas Letras. Impresso con licenciapar Fr^ Martinez A no de 16^3. 

[Colophon.] Con privilegio. En Madrid, For Francisco Martinez. 

Afto 1634. 4to. Plates, o, M. 

Engraved title, i leaf; preliminaries, 8 leaves ; A — Mnim in fours. The plates 
count in the foUos as 25 (there is no folio 24), 36, 46, 64, 83, 107, 130, 163, and 230, 
but they do not count in the signatures. 

CARE, Henry. The Weekly Pacquet of Advice from Rome : 

Or the History of Popery. A deduction of the Usurpations of the 

Bishops of Rome, and the Errors and Superstitions by them from 

time to time brought into the Church Performed by a Single 

Sheet, coming out every Friday, but with a continual connexion, to 

each being added the Popish Courant, or some occasional Joco-serious 

Reflections on Romish Fopperies London: Printed for^ and are 

to be sold by Langley Curtis, 1679-83. 5 vols. 4to. 

A complete set. The later numbers of vol v. are printed for the author. Lowndes 
speaks of three volumes only. Vol. i., title and To the Reader, 4 leaves, and pp. 
1-248; vol. ii., title (dated 1680), preface, and table, 4 leaves, and pp. 1-376; 
voL iii., title (dated 1682) and Preface, 4 leaves, table (misplaced at end of vol v.), 
4 leaves, and pp. 1-32, then "New Anti-Roman Pacquet," &c., pp. 1-168, no 
pp. 169-200, pp. 201-640; vol. iv., title (dated 1682), pre£&ce, and contents, 6 leaves, 
and pp. 1-280 ; voL v., without any regular title (in this copy), pp. 1-376. 

CAREW, Lady Elizabeth. The Tragedie of Mariam, the Faire 
Queene of lewry. Written by that learned, vertuous, and truly noble 
Ladie, E. C. London Printed by Thomas CreecUfor Richard Hawkins^ 
and are to be solde at his shoppe in Chancery Lane, neere vnto Sargeants 
Inne, 161 3. 4to. 

A — I 2 in fours, besides a leaf marked A, which contains the verses to the 
authoress by her brother, and the dramatis personae. 

This leaf should follow the title, and is frequently wanting. It is directed by 
£. C. " To Dianaes Earthlie Depvtesse, and my worthy Sister, Mistris Elizabeth 

This copy has successively belonged to Mr. Bright, Mr. Holgate, and Mr. 

CAREW, Richard. The Svrvey of ComwalL Written by 
Richard Carew of Antonie, Esquire. London Printed by S. S. for 
John laggard, and are to bee sold neere Temple-barre, at the signeofthe 
Hand and Starre. 1602. 4to. O. M. 

t, 4 leaves, title making t 2 ; A, 2 leaves ; B->Tt 2 in fours. 

Dedicated '' To the Honourable, Sir Walter Raleigh Knight, Lord Warden of 
the Stannaries, Lieutenant GeneraU of Cornwall, &c" by the author, who describes 
himself as Raleigh's ''poor kinsman." Carew here speaks of ''this mine ill- 
husbanded Suruey, long since begun, a great while discontinued, lately reuiewed, 
and now hastily finished ; " and in the address to the Reader, he further says : 
" When I first composed this Treatise, not minding that it should be published in 
Print, I caused onely certaine written copies to bee giuen to some of my friends, and 


pat Pros&p&piU into the bookes mouth. But since that time, master rawt^ygf 
often mentioning this worke, and my friends perswasions, haue causd my deter- 
mination to alter.* The ^ Prosopopeia to the Booke," a page of verse, follows. 
From Miss Richardson Curro^s library ; a MS. index in an old hand is added. 

CAREW, Thomas. Poems. By Thomas Carew Esquire, one 
of the Gentlemen of the Privie-Chamber, and Sewer in Ordinary to 
His Majesty. London^ Printed by L D.far Tkomas WalkUy^ andmre 
to b4 sold at the signe of the flying Horse^ bettoeen Brittains Bursty and 
York'House, 1640. Sm. 8vo. 

First edition. A, 2 leaves ; B — S 4 in eights. 

Poems, Songs and Sonnets. Together with a Masque. By 

Thomas Carew Esq. The Songs set in Musick by Mr. Henry Lawes, 
Gentleman of the King^s Chappel, and one of His late Majesties Pri- 
vate Musick. The Fourth Edition revised and enlarged. London^ 
Printed for H, Herringman at the Sign of the Blew Anchor in the 
Lower walk of the New Exchange 1670. Sm. 8vo. 

A — P 4 in eights. There is no preliminary nutter. The title to the Masque is 
dated in this copy 1670 ; in some it is 167 1 ; and some copies, again, are dated on 
the first title 1671. 

The present edition, which was the last printed in the seventeenth century, con- 
tains, in addition to the matter printed in 165 1, three poems, inserted apparently by 
an afterthought, as they follow the Masque. They are, i. To his Mistriss ; 2. In 
praise of his Mistriss ; 3. To Celia upon Love's Ubiquity. 

Coelum Britanicum. A Masque at White-Hall in the Ban- 

qveting-Hovse, on Shrove-Tvesday-Night, the 18. of February, 1633. 
Non habeo ingenium ; Ccesar sedjussit: habebo. Cur me posse negam, 
posse quod illeputatf London : Printed for Thomas WcUkley^ and are 
to be sold at his Shop neare White-HalL 1634. 4to. 

B — F 2 in fours, and the title. 

CARION, John. The thrc bokes of Cronicles, whyche John 

Canon (a man syngularly well sene in the Mathematycall sciences) 

gathered wyth great diligence of the beste Authours that haue written 

in Hebrue, Greke or Latine. Whervnto is added an Appendix, con- 

teynyng all such notable thynges as be mencyoned .... To thjrs present 

yeare of . 1 5 50. Gathered by John Funcke of Nurenborough. Whyche 

was neuer afore prynted in Englysh. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum 

solum. [Colophon.] Impryntedat London by Gwalter Lynne^ dwellynge 

on Somers Keye, by Byllingesgate, In the yeare of our Lord M.D.L. 

And they are to be solde in Paules church yarde^ nexte the great Sckole^ 

at the sygne of the sprede Egle 4to. Black letter. 

Title, dedication to Edward VI. by the publishes and translator, &c, 8 leaves ; 
Ar*-Pp 4 in eights ; last leaf of Nn blank, and no sig. Y. 

CARKESSE, James. Lucida lotervalla : Containing divers Mi^ 


cellaneous Poems^ Written at Finsbury and Betfalem by the Doctors 
Patient Extraordinaiy. — Semel Insaniinmus amnes. London^ PrinUd 
Anno Dom. 1679. 4to. 

A — I 2 in fours, and the title-page. 

CARLETON, George, Bishop of Chichester. A ThankfVU 
Remembrance of Gods Mercy. In an Historicall Collection of the 
great and mercifuU Deliverances of the Church and State of England, 
since the Gospel began here to flourish, from the beginning of Queene 
Elizabeth. Collected by Geo : Carleton, Doctor of Divinity and Bishop 
of Chichester. The third Edition revised, and enlai^ed. [Quot from 
Psalm iii. 2.] London, Printed by M. Flesher for Robert Mylboume 
and Humphrey Robinson at the signe of the three Pigeons in Paub 
Church-yard, 1627. 4to. Portrait and plates. 'R. 

A— Pp 2 in fours, including the engraved and printed titles, the fomer \rf 
W. Pass, but not reckoning the portrait. Dedicated to Prince Charles^ 

This is the third edition of Uie work itself, but the first in which the plates \ff 
Httlsius and portrait appeared. 

CARLETON, Rowland. Diana, Dutchess of Mantva : Or The 
Persecuted Lover. A Romance. Written by R. C. Gent. Prcestat 
otiosum esse quam nihil agere. London, Printed by T, H, and are to 
be sold by Henry Brome at the Gun in St, Paul's Church Yard. 1679. 

A, 4 leaves ; B~>M 2 in eights. Dedicated to the Lady Elisabeth Bmoe. 

CARLO MAGNO. Hystoria del Empador Carlo magno y delos 
doze pares de Francia: t dela cruda batalla q ouo Oliueros con 
Fierabras Rey de Alexandria hijo del grande almirante Balan. [Colo- 
phon.] A honor t gloria de dios todo poderoso : i dela sacratissima 
virgen Maria madre suya x senora nuestra. Fue impressa la presente 
hystoria del Emperador Carlo magno : z delos doze pares de Francia enla 
muy noble x muy leal cibdad de Seuilla por Jacobo croberger alentan* 
Acabose a veynte x gtro dias del mes de abril Afio del nascimiento de 
mustro scUuador Jesu christo de mill x guinientos 1 veynte x vno, [1521.] 
Folio. Black letter. R. M. 

The title as given above is beneath a laige woodcut of the Emperor sitting on 
his throne. The book consists of forty-six leaves, including the title and ^ Tabla." 
It is in the most perfect condition, as dean as the day it came from the press. 

The earliest edition of this romance known to Brunet was that of 1538, printed 
also at Seville by Cromberger, and of this he had no further knowledge than that it 
u mentioned by Antonio, voL iL, p. 155. Gallardo, however, describes an edition of 
1525, also by Cromberger at Seville, which was formerly in the collection of the 
Marquis de Salamanca. This edition of 1531 appears, therefore^ to be entirely 
tmknown to bibliographers, and precedes any hitherto described by four years. 

Antonio says that the edition of 1528 gives the name of the author or compiler 
as Nicolas de Piamonte, and he expresses a doubt as to whetfaar he was % Spa&lif4 
Of not^ 



CARO Y CEJUDO, Ger. Martin. Refranes y modos de 
hablar Castellanos, con los Latinos que les corresponden. Madrid, 
1792. 4to. 

CAROCHI, HORACIO. Compendio del Arte de la Lengua Mexi- 
cana, dispuesto con brevedad, claridad, y propriedad, por el P. Ig- 
nacio de Paredes. En Mexico^ en la imprenta de la Bibliotheca Mexi- 
cana. 1759. 4to. 

Engraved tide, followed by printed title and preliminaries, 12 leaves ; pp. 1-202. 

CAROLS. A volume containing sixteen Chap books of Christmas 

Carols^ the greater part consisting of four leaves each. Waiver- 

hamptan, \WithautdaU. About \^cx>:\ Sm. 8vo. 

From Mr. Daniel's library. The collection includes the *^ New Christmas Gar- 
landy the ^ Life of the Viiipn Mary," in prose, and the *^ Slumbering Sleeper, or 
the World's Redemption." 

CAROLSTADT. Die Messe von der Hochzeit D. Andre Carol- 

stadt, vnnd der Priestem, so sich Eelich verheyratten. \WiUenb* 

1520.] 4to. 

This is doubtless the first marriage service put forth by the Reformers, and, as 
appears by the tide, was printed for the occasion of Carobtadt's wedding. Though 
in the German language throughout, the form of the Roman service is retained, 
with Introit, Verside, Gradual, Alleluia, &c., and the whole concludes with ** Ite 
missaest" It consists of only three leaves. 

CARON, Raymundus. Roma triumphans septicoUis, qua nova 

hactenus, et insolita methodo comparativa : tota fides Romano-Catho- 

lica clarissime demonstretur : atque infidelium omnium ai^menta 

diluantur. Antverpue. 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; pp. 1-528 ; index, 10 leaves. 
The date of this book is cleariy an error for 1653, at which time the approbation 
to print is dated. 

Remonstrantia Hibemorum contra Lovanienses, Ultramon- 

tanasque Censuras, de incommutabili Regum Imperio, subditorumque 
Fidelitate^ et Obedientia indispensabili : ex SS. Script uris, Patribus 
Theologis, &c vindicata. Cum duplici appendice ; una, de libertate 
Gallicana: altera, contra Infallibilitatem Pontificis Romani. [Sine 
loco.] 1665. Folio, o. M. 

CAROSO DA SERMONETA, Fabritio. II Ballarino, diuiso 
in due Trattati ; Nel primo de' quali si dimostra la diversity de i nomi, 
che si danno i gli atti, & mouimenti, che interuengono ne i Balli : & 
con molte Regole si dichiara con quali creanze, & in che modo debbano 
farsL Nel secondo s'insegnano diuerse sorti di Balli, & Balletti si 
all' uso d' Italia, come k quello di Francia, & Spagna. Omato di molte 


Figure. Et con Tlntauolatura di Liuto, & il Soprano della Musica 
nella sonata di ciascun Ballo. In Venetia^ Appresso Fr. Ziletti. 1581. 
4to. Plates. Y. M. 
Part i., A — F in fours. Part iL, a — z in fours. Aa — Zz in fours ; Tavola, 4 leaves. 

C ARTIER. Voyage de Jaques Cartier au Canada en 1534. Nou- 
velle Edition, publi^e d'apr^s T^dition de 1 598 et d'apr^s Ramusio, par 
M. H. Michelant. Avec deux cartes. Documents in^dits sur Jacques 
Cartier, et le Canada, communiques par Alfred Ram6. Paris. 1865. 
8vo. Printed on vellum. 

Relation originale du voyage de Jacques Cartier au Canada 

en 1534. Documents in^dits sur Jacques Cartier et le Canada (Nou- 
velle s6rie) publics par H. Michelant et A. Ram6. Paris, 1867. 8vo. 
Printed on vellum. 

Bref r^cit et succinte narration de la navigation faite en 1535 

et 1536 par le Capitaine Jacques Cartier aux ties de Canada, Hoche- 
laga, Saguenay et autres. R^impression figur^e de T^dition originale 
rarissime de 1545 avec les variantes des manuscrits de la Biblioth^que 
Imp6riale. VriciAi d'une brive et succinte introduction historique 
par E. D'Avezac. Paris. 1863. 8vo. Printed on vellum. 

A Shorte and briefe narration of the two Nauigations and 

Discoueries to the Northweast partes called Newe Fravnce : First 
translated out of French into Italian by that famous learned man 
Gio : Bapt : Ramutius, and now turned into English by lohn Florio : 
Worthy the reading of all Venturers, Trauellers, and Discouerers. Im- 
printed at London by H. Bynneman, dwelling in Thames Streate^ neere 
vnto Baynardes Castell, Anno Domini. 1580. 4to. Black letter. O. M. 

A — B, 2 leaves each ; C — M in fours. Dedicated by Florio to Edmund Bray, 
Esquire, High Sheriff of Oxfordshire. 

At the end occurs : " Here endeth the second Relation of lames Carthiers 
Qacques Cartier] discouerie & nauigation to the newe founde Lande, by him named 
* New Fraunce,' translated out of Italian into Englishe by I. F." 

This volume was unknown to Herbert In the Grenville collection is a copy, 
purchased at Caldecott's sale in 1833. 

CARTWRIGHT, Francis. The Life, Confession, and Heartie 

Repentance of Francis Cartwright, Gentleman ; For his bloudie Sinne 

in killing of one Master Storr, Master of Arts, and Minister of Market 

Rason in Lincolnshire. Written with his owne hand. [QuoL from 

Psalm li. 14.] London, Printed for Nathaniell Butter. 1621. 4to. 

A — E 2 in fours. 

An account of the murder of Storre by Cartwright (in 16 13) may be found in a 
tract mentioned by Hazlitt, "" Handbook," 1867, v. ^ Murders," Na 14. 


CARTWRIGHT, John. The Preadiers Travels. Wherein is set 
downe a true loumall to the confines of the East Indies, through the 
great Countreyes of Syria, Mesopotamia, Armenia, Media, Hircania 
and Parthia. With the Authors retume by the way of Persia, Susiana, 
Assiria, Chaldsa, and Arabia. Containing a full suruew of the King- 
dom of Persia : and in what termes the Persian stands with the Great 
Turke at this day. Also a true relation of Sir Anthonie Sherieys enter- 
tainment there : and the estate that his Brother, Mr. Robert Sherley, 
lived in after his departure for Christendome. With a description of 
a Port in the Persian gulf, commodious for our East Indian Merchants ; 
and a briefe rehearsall of some grosse absu[r]dities in the Turkish 
Alcoran. Penned by I. C. sometimes student in Magdalen CoUedge 
in Oxford. London^ Printed far Tkotnas Thorppe^ and are to bee sold 
by Walter Burre. 1611. 4to. 

A — P 2 in fours, A 4 probably blank. 

Dedicated to Sir Thomas Hunt, a Justice of the Peace for Sun^. See Colliei^ 
^BibL Cat,* i., pp. iio-ia. 

CARTWRIGHT, William. Comedies, Tragi-comedies» wiA 

other Poems, by Mr. William Cartwright, late Student of Christ-Church 

in Oxford, and Proctor of the University. The Ayres and Songs set 

by Mr. Henry Lawes, Servant to His late Majesty in His Publick and 

Private Musick. London, Printed for Humphrey Moseley, and are to 

be sold at his Shop, at tlie sign of the Princes Arms in St. Pauls Churd^ 

yard, 1651. Sm. 8vo. Portrait by Lombart G. M. 

Title-page, dedication by the publisher to the University of Oxford, *' To the 
Reader,** &c., 8 leaves ; b, 8 leaves ; *, 18 leaves, occupied by complimentary 
verses ; f, 4 leaves ; • *, 8 leaves ; • • * *, 3 leaves ; • • ♦, 11 leaves ; the ** Lady- 
Errant," with a new title, a— f 3 in eights ; the ^ Royall Slave," with a aew titles 
f --k in eights ; " The Ordinary," with a new title, A— -F 7 in eights ; ** The 
Siedge," with a new title, F 8^M 4 in eights ; *' Poems," with a new title^ M 5— X 2 
in eights. In most copies the second and fifth stanzas in the verses ^ On the 
Queens Return from the Low Countries,* pp. 301-2, and twelve lines in those 
" Upon the death of the Right Valiant Sir Bevill GrenviU Knight," are left blank, 
having been cancelled on account of their political allusions. The present copy 
has both the original leaves and the cancels. This was a posthumous publica- 
tion, the author having died in 1643. 

The Royall Slave. A Tragi-Comedy. Presented to the 

King and Queene by the Students of Christ-Church in Oxford. 
August 30^ 1636. Presented since to both their Majesties at Hampton- 
Court by the King's Servants. Oxford^ Printed by William Turner for 
Thomas Robinson. 1639. 4to. 

A — I 2 in fours. 

CARVE, Thomas. Itinerarium R. D. Thomae Carve Tippera- 
riensis, Sacellani maioris in fortissimo juxta & nobilissima l^one 
strenuissimi Domini ColiMielli D. Waited Deveroux sub Sac Caesar. 

CA R VE^CA SA S. 269 

Maiestate stipendia merentis cum Historic fact! Butleri, Gordon, 
Lesly & aliorum. Opera studio et impensis Authoris MoguntuB^ Itn- 
primebat Nicolaus HeylL 1639. Itinerarii R. D. Thomae Carve . . . 
Pars II. cui sub finem accedunt Vindiciae. MoguntuB. 1641. Itinerarii 
D. R. Thomae Carve .... Pars III. Sumptibus auctoris, Spira, 1646. 
3 vols. Sm. 8vo. 

CARVE, Thomas. Rerum Germanic^rum ab anno 161 7 ad annum 
1641. gestarum Epitome. [Sine loco.] 1641, Sm. 8vo. 

Lyra seu Anacephalaeosis Hibemica, in qua de exordio, seu 

origine, nomine, moribus, ritibusq; gentis Hibemicae succintfe tractatur; 
cui quoque accessere annales eiusdem Hiberniae, necnon rerum gesta- 
rum per Europam ab anno 1148. usq; ad Annum 1650. Authore R. 
D. Thoma Carve, de Mobeman Tipperariensi, Sacerdote, & Proton : 
Apost Vienna Austrice, Typis Matthcei Cosmerouii^ 5. C. M. Typo- 
graphu [1651.] 4to. G. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves; pp. 1-400. 

This edition has no plates except the engraving of the arms of Ireland on the 
fourth preliminary leaf. 

Lyra &c Editio Secunda multis additamentis locupletata 

& k mendis repurgata, cum brevi rerum calamitos^ contingentium 

precipueq; Turcicarum, relatione k 50. usque ad 66. annum, aeneis 

etiam tessellis insignita. Authore R. D. Thoma Carve, de Mobeman 

Tipperariensi, Sacerdote et Notario apostolico. Sutnptibus Michcullis 

y Johan, Ffiederici Endterorum. Sulzbad^ Typis Abrahami Lichten- 

thaleri. Anno 1666. 4to. G. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 10 leaves ; pp. 1-455 ; index, 14 leaves. Plates at pp. i, 
13, 113, 375, and portrait of the author on p. 443, besides the cut of arms in the 
preliminary matter. 

CARY, John. An Essay on the State of England, in relation to 
its Trade, its Poor, and its Taxes, for carrying on the present War 
against France. By John Cary, Merchant in BristolL Bristoll: Printed 
by W. Bonny for the Author . . . 1695. Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

A, 8 leaves, including a half-title; a, 2 leaves; B — N 2 in eights, N 2 blank. 

CARY, Walter. The Present State of England, expressed in 
this Paradox, " Our Fathers were very rich with little, And Wee poore 
with much." Written by Walter Cary. London^ Printed by R. Young 
for William Sheffard in Popes-head-AUey, Anno Dom. 1627. 4to. 

A — C in fours. 

CASAS, Bartolome de las. Breuissima relacion de la destniy- 
cion de las Indias : colegida por el Obispo d5 fray Bartolome de las 
Casas, o Casaus de la orden de Sacto Domingo. [Colophon.] Fue im- 

270 CA SA S. 

frissa lapruaiU obra enla mugf noble & muy leal ciudad de Seuilla en 

casa de Sebastian TrugiUo impressar de Ubros* A nuestra seflora de 

Gracia. AHode. M.D.LIL 4to. 

Sigi. A^£ in eights. F, lo leayes. G, 4 leaves. 

In the Grenville Catalogue sig. G is catalogued as though it were a sq»aiate 

CASAS, Bartolome de las. Aqui se cotiene tresmta proposi- 

ciones muy juridicas : en las quales sumaria y sucdntamente se toca 

muchas cosas pertenectetes al derecho q la yglesia y los principes 

christianos tienen, o puede tener sobre los infieles de qualquier espede 

que sean. Mayormente se assigna el verdadero y fortissimo funda- 

mento en que se assienta y estriba : el titulo y senorio supremo y 

vniuersal que los Reyes d' Castilla y Leon tienen al orbe de las que 

Ilamanos occidetales Indias. 1552. [Colophon.] SeviUa en casa de 

sebasH& trugillo. \s. a.] 4to. 

Ten leaves. 

Aqui se contiene vna disputa, o controuersia : entre el Obispo 

dd fray Bartholome de las Casas y el doctor Gines de Sepul- 

ueda • • . sobre X{ el doctor contendia : TJ las conquistas de las Indias 
contra los Indios eran licitas : y el obispo por el cotrario d'fendio y 
affirmo auer si do y ser ipossible no serlo : tiranicas, injustas \ iniquas. 
[Colophon.] .... Seuilla : en casa de Sebastian Trugillo. 1552. 4to. 

a— h vi. in eights. 

Tratado coprobatorio del Imperio soberano y principado 

uniuersal que los Reyes de Castilla y Leon tienen sobre las indias. 
1552. [Colophon.] Seuilla en casa d" Sebastid Trugillo. 1553. 4^o« 

a— k in eights. 

Este es un tratado q . . . . Bartholome de las Casas . . com- 

pusoy por commission del Consejo Real de las Indias : sobre la materia 

de los yndios que se han hecho en ellas esclauos. £1 qual contiene 

muchas razones y auctoridades juridicas : que pueden aprouechar a los 

lectores para determinar muchas y diuersas questiones dudosas en 

materia de restitucion : y de otras que al psente los h5bres d tiepo 

de a^ra tratan. [Colophon.] Sevilla en casa de Sebastian Trugillo. 

1552. 4to. 

Thirty-six leaves, sigs. 

Entre los remedios q do fray Bartolome de las casas 

refirio por mandado del Emperador rey nro senor : en los ayuntamietos 
q mado hazer su magestad de perlados y letnidos y personas grades 
en Valladolid el afto de mill x quinietos y quareta y dos para re* 
formacio de las Indias. £1 octauo en ord€ es el siguiete. Dode se 
asigna veynte razones : por las qles prueua no deuerse dar los indios 


a los Espafiales en encomieda: ni en feudo : ni en vassallaze : ni d otra 

manera algua [Colophon.] Seuilla^ en las casas de Jacome 

Croberger. 1552. 4to. 

Fifty-four leaves, sigs. A — G. 

CASAS, Bartolome de las. Principia queda ex quibus proce- 
dendum est in disputatione ad manifestandam et defendendam ius- 
ticiam Yndorum: .... [Colophon.] Itnpressum Hispali in edib. 
Sebastiani Tmgillu \s, a.] 4to. 

Ten leaves. 

Aqui se c5tiene vnos auisos y reglas para los confessores q 

oyeren confessiones de los Espafioles que son, o han sido en cargo a 
los Indios delas Indias del mar Oceano. [Colophon.] Seuilla^ en casa 
de Sebastian Trugillo, ISS^- 4to. 

Sixteen leaves. 

The eight foregoing pieces are bound in one volume. In the Grenville Cata- 
logue it is stated that there should be nine pieces in this volume to form a complete 
series, but the ninth is merely formed by dividing the first tract into two articles. 

Narratio Regionum Indicarum per Hispanos quosdam deuas- 

tatarum verissima .... Hispanic^ conscripta, & Anno 155 1. Hispali, 
Hispanic^, Anno ver6 hoc 1598. Latinfe excusa. Francofurtiy Suntpti- 
bus Theo, de Bry, 1 598. 4to. Plates by T. de Bry. The edges uncut. 

The Spanish Colonic, Or Briefe Chronicle of the Acts and 

gestes of the Spaniardes in the West Indies, called the newe World, 
for the space of xl. yeeres : written in the Castilian tongue by the 
reuerend Bishop Bartholomew de las Casas or Casaus, a Friar of the 
order of S. Dominicke. And nowe first translated into english, by 
M. M. S. Imprinted at London for William Brome. 1583. [Colo- 
phon.] Imprinted at London at the three Cranes in the Vintree by 
Thomas Dawsony for William Brome. 1583. 4to. Black letter. R. M. 
f, four leaves ; tf, four leaves ; A—R 2 in fours. Unseen by Herbert 

CASAUBON. M. Merici Casauboni, Is. F. de Quatuor Linguis 
Commentationis, Pars prior : quae, De Lingua Hebraica : et De Lingua 
Saxonica. Londini. Typis J. Flesher. 1650. Sm. 8vo. Large paper. 

A, 4 leaves ; B— Kk iv. in eights. 

CASSIUS OF Parma Cassius of Parma his Orpheus : With 
Nathan Chitraeus his Commentarie, abridged into short notes : most 
profitable for the framing of the manners of SchoUers. Translated 
and abridged by Roger Rawlyns of Lyncolnes Inne, Student in the 
Common Lawes. At London. 1587. 4to. Y. M. 
Dedicated to Robert, Earl of Essex. 


A—D 2 in foon. On B 3 occurs a new title : ** Nettor his Antilodnis : Poynting 
out the trueth mnd necessitie of Arte in studie : by R. R. . . . . ^/ LnuUm^ 1587 ;' 
and on C 2 there is a third : ** Certaine Generall Conchisions concerning U^ conifi- 
tion of our Gnimon Lawes, and that of the same there may be made a Scienoe. 

By R. R.,&c AiLffttdm^ 1587." From the Ubraries of Mr. Brightand Mr. 


** These tracts are excessively rare, and appear not to be mentioned by any 
Bibliographer. This is the Cassias of Parma, mentioned by Horace in his Epistie 

* Scribere quod Gtssi Pannensis opuscula vincat' " 
—NoU in Hibbtrfs Caiahgue^ 1829, No. 1831. 

[CASTALION, Sebast.] Conseil k la France desol6e. Auquel 
est monstr^ la cause de la guerre pr^sente, & le remMe qui y pounoit 
estre mis : & principalement est auise si on doit forcer les consciences. 
\SaHs lieu.] L'an 1562. Sm. 8vo. 

A — F in eights. 

This piece is attributed to Seb. Castalion by Barbier, but in Haag, ^ La France 
Protestante," we read " Bien qu'il Fait d^savou^, Barbier persiste k attzibuer i 
Castalion cet opuscule^ que le Synode national de Lyon, en iS^St condamna 
comme une pi^ce tr^s-dangereuse." It is not m«itioned in the list of his writings 
in the ^ Biographie Universelle,* nor is it quoted by Brunet 

CASTANEDA, Hernan Lopes de. The first Booke of the 
Historie of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias, enter- 
prised by the Portingales, in their daungerous Nauigations, in the 
time of King Don lohn, the second of that name. Which Historie 
contcineth much varietie of matter, very profitable for all Nauigators^ 
and not vnplesant to the Readers. Set foorth in the Portingale 
language, by Hernan Lopes de Castaneda. And now Translated into 
English, by N[icholas] L[ichefield] Gentleman. Imprinted at London^ 
by Thomas East. 1582. 4to. Black letter. 

A, 2 leaves ; A (repeated)— Tt in fours. Dedicated by Lichefield to Sir Frands 

CASTIGLIONE, Baldesar. II Libro del Cortegiano. [Colo- 
phon.] In Vcnetia nelle case delli Iteredi d'Aldo Romano^ et cT Andrea 
d' Asola stio suocero. 1533. 8vo. Large paper. R. M. 

The only other copy known upon large paper is that which formerly belonged to 
Renouard, and is now in the British Museum. 

The Covrtyer of Covnt Baldessar Castilio diuided into foure 

bookes. Very necessary and profitable for yonge Gentilmen and 
Gentilwomen abiding in Court, Falaice or Place, done into Englyshe 
by Thomas Hoby. Imprinted at London by wyllyam Seres at the signe 
of th€ Hedghogge. 1561. [Colophon.] Imprinted at London, by 
Wyllyam Seres, Dwelling at the west end of Poules, at th€ Signe of the 
hedghog. 4to. Black letter. 


A — C 3 in fours : A (repeated) — Zt in fours, followed by a leaf, having the 
colophon and ^ A Letter of syr L Cheekes. To his louing firind Mayster Thomas 

The poet Southe/s copy, with his autograph and bookplate. The letter from 
Cheeke to Hoby at the end, which was omitted in the subsequent editions, is dated 
" From my house in Woodstreete the 16. of July, 1557." In it the writer expresses 
his views on the English language, and observes : '' I am of this opinion that our 
own tung shold be written cleane and pure, unmixt and unmangeled with borowing 
of other tunges." 

CASTILLO, Antonio de. El devoto peregrino. Viage de 
Tierra Santa. En Madrid^ en la imprenta Real. 1654. 4to. 

Title and preliminaries, 12 leaves; pp. 1-436; "Tabla,** 2 leaves. Folding map 
at p. I; plates at pp. 65, 132, 197. 

CASTILLO, Juan de Porres. Relacion de lo sucedido en las 
Provincias de Nexapa, Yztepex, y la Villa Alta. Inquietudes de los 
Indies sus naturales. Castigos en ellos hechos. Y satisfacion que se 
di6 d la justicia, reduciendolos d la paz, quietud, y obedienda devida 
d su magestad y d sus reales ministros. Que execut6 el Seflor Don 
Juan Francisco de Montemayor de Cuenca, del Consejo del Rey 
nuestro Sefior, y su Oydor de la Audiencia y Chancilleiia Real de 
esta Nueua Espafia. Mediante el zelo, cuydado y desvelo que aplic6 
d estos negocios. Impressa en Mexico : En la Imprenta de Juan Ruiz. 
AHo de 1662. 4to. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves; folios 1-23; imprint^ I leaf. 

A printed notice in the cover of this volume states that it is of such great rarity as 
to be unknown to any bibliographer except Beristain de Souza, who quotes it in 
his " Biblioteca Americana Septentrional,'^ and that even he cannot have seen it, as 
his quotation of the title is wholly wrong. 

CASTRO, Adolfo de Historia de los Frotestantes EspaAoles 
y de su persecucion por Felipe II. Cadiz. 1851. 8vo. 

CATALAN POETRY. Lo Pamaso CatalS, que conte las obras 
en vers dels tres mes florits Ingenis Catalans que a tingut la nacio 
Catalana : Que son Lo Doctor Benet Garcia, vulgarment anomenat lo 
Rector de Vallfogna. Lo insigne Francisco Fontanella, las obras del 
qual estan aqui en vers y prosa. Lo Noble Don Bonaventura de 
Gualbes que en loi versos se firmava, lo Rector de Bellerguart In- 
geni agut prespicas y picant. MS. on paper of the 17th century. 4to. 

The works of Garcia occupy pp. 1-316. Those of Fontanella, pp. 1-429, and 
those of Don Bonav. de Gualbes, pp. 1-148. There is also bound up in the volume 
a printed work of Fontanella. It has no title, but begins on A 3 with the licence 
to print, from which the title of the book appears to be ^ Pan^irica alaban^a del 
molt Illustre, y Reuerent Doctor Pau Claris, Canonge de la Santa Iglesia Cathedral 


1 ■ 


de Vigdl, Deputat Edesiasdch del Principat de Cathalunya.* The licence to print 
is dated August 17, 1641. The piece consists of 29 leaves exclusive of the title. 
The author is not cited by Antonio, but this piece is described in the Salvi Cata- 
logue^ Na 616. 

CATECHISM. The Catechism : With the Order of Confirmatioa, 

according to the Church of England, explained and illustrated by Proofs 

from Scripture, and with Sixty Copper Plates. To which are added 

Devotions for Morning and Evening, and Grace before & after Meat 

London: Printed U Sold dy Edv^ Ryland in the Old Baify. 1768. 


A, 2 leaves ; B — ^F in twelves, besides the frontispiece. 

CATECHISM. A catechisme of christian Religion. At Amster- 
dam^ By the widou/e of George Veseler at the signe of the Hope. 1626. 
[In the same volume] Eeh kort begrijp, Inhoudende de Voomaemste 

Hooft-stucken der Christelijcke Religie Dit Boecxken is ghe- 

vonden onder de Schriften ende Boecken van den hooch-geleerden 
Philips Mamix, &a Tot A msterdam^ ByHendrick Laurensz. itCt Sckryf 
boeck. Anno, 1626. • Sm. 8vo. 

The English Catechism contained in this little volume appears to be midescribed 
by bibliographers. It is in a gilt calf binding of the end of the seventeenth century, 
with the initials of the then possessor, R. P., impressed on it. The same initials are 
found in the book, in manuscript, with the date of 1684. It is evidently by the 
person to whom these initials belong that several portraits have been inserted in 
the volume, including small mezzotints of William Prince of Orange and Mary 
his wife (afterwards William III. and Queen Mary). A manuscript Scripture Cate- 
chism very neatly written in Dutch has also been added, besides some other 

CATECHISMUS ex decreto Concilii Tridentini ad parochos, Pii 
quinti Pont Max. jussu editus. Roma, in adibus Populi Romani apud 
PauJum Manutium. 1566. Folio. 

First edition of the Catechism of the Council of Trent 

CATECHISMUS BREVIS, christianae disciplinae summam con- 
tinens, omnibus Ludimagistris authoritate R^ia commendatus. Hinc 
catechismo adiuncti sunt Articuli, de quibus in vltima Synodo Londi- 
nensi. Anno Dom. 1552. ad toUendam opinionum dissensionem, & con- 
sensum uerae religionis firmandum, inter Episcopos & alios eruditos 
atque pios uiros conuenerat : Regia similiter authoritate promulgati. 
Londini, cum priuilegio Sereniss, Regis. Anno Do. M.D.LIII. [Colo- 
phon .] Excusum Londiniy apiid Reginaldum Woljitim, Regia Maiestatis 
in Latinis Typographum. Anno Domini^ M.D.LIII. Sm. 8vo. 

a — i in eights, the last 3 leaves blank. 

This is the edition described by Ames as having the colophon on a separate 


CATECHISMUS BREVIS christianae disciplinae summam con- 
tinens, &c. Tigiiri apud Andream Gesnerum F. Anno Domini^ ISS3' 
Sm. 8vo. 

A — G iv. in eights, the last leaf blank. 

This is an exact reprint of the London edition of the same year. 

CATHARINiE SENENSIS Virginis SS™« Vita et miracula 
selectiora formis aeneis expressa. AntverpicB. Apud Joamiem Gallceum, 
[s, a."] 4to. 12 plates. 

CATHARINE OF BRAGANZA. A series of engravings by 
Roderigo Stoop and others to commemorate the departure from Por- 
tugal and entry into England of the Queen of Charles II. The col- 
lection comprises: — 

1. Portrait of John IV. of Portugal. 

2. Eight views of Lisbon by Stoop. 

3. Seven plates of the entry of Catherine into England and her progress 

4. Charles II., by Faithome. 

5. Catherine of Braganza, in her Portuguese dress, by Faithome. 

6. James Duke of York, by Faithome. 

7. The Earl of Sandwich, by Blooteling. 

8. Don Francisco de Mello. 

The whole mounted in an oblong folio volume. 

The engravings by Stoop are said to be the finest impressions known of the 

For an account of Stoop, and the extreme rarity of these engravings, see Nagler's 
" Kiinstler-Lexicon," voL xviL, pp. 404-11. 

CATO. Catho tzo latyne vnde tzo duytsche. 

Catho was eyn vromer man 
Der sich der wysheit wail vsan 
Ind was zo rome yn ere grois 
Mer do he sach de werlt bloys 
Van duych de ind van tzuchte 
Do begunde he sere tzo suchten 
Umb eynen son de hadde he do 
Den lerde he ind sprach also. 

[On the recto of the 23rd leaf] Explicit catho latine x tmtonice. [The 
verso blank. On the recto of the 24th leaf] 

Incipit facetus teutonice x latine. 
[On the verso of the 43rd leaf] 

Explicit facetus teutonice x latine. 

Qui bona vetura pdit ppter perltura 
Hie erit instabir eiusq^ domP ruitura. 
Wer vmb dysse kurtze tzijt 
Dye ewyge vreude gijt 

t;6 CA TO—CA TS. 

Der wyrt al bedrogC 

Ind zymmert vp eyne raynboge. 

[a O. u. y.] 4to. 

This edition consists altogether of 44 leftvesi being four sheets of «ght teres 
each, and two of six teves each. The 44th tef is quite blank. There are 24 lines 
to the page. It appears to be entirely undescribed by bibliographers. 

CATO. Catonis Moralia, cum scholiis Des. Eras. Rot Apophtheg- 

mata Gercie {sic) sapietum interprete Erasmo. Eadem per Ausonium 

cum scholiis Erasmi Rorerodami (sic). Mimi Publiani, cu eiuade scholiis 

auctis recognitl Institutu hominis christiani, carmine per eundu 

Eras. Rote. Isocratis parenesis ad Demonicu Additis aliquot sapientu 

dictis. Excusum Landini per me Winandum de warde^ sub intersignio 

solis comorantem. 1532. Sm. 8vo. BR« M« 

A— £ in eights ; F, 10 leaves. 

This little vdume appears to be entirely undescribed by btbUoprapben. 

Catonis Disticha moralia ex castig^atione D. Erasmi Rotero- 

dami vn^ cum annotationibus & scholijs Richardi Tauemeri Anglico 
idiomate conscriptis in vsum Anglise iuuentutis. Aliquot sententiae 
insig^es ex varijs collectae scriptoribus per eundem Elrasmum. Mimi 
publiani, cum Anglicis eiusdem Richardi scholijs, recognitL Landim 
Ex adibus Roberti Cafy. Anno salutis^ ISSS* [Colophon.] Imprinted 
at London by Robert Cafy, within the precinct of the late dissolued houu 
of the graye Freer s^ nawe conuerted to an hospital^ called Chris tes has* 
pitall. The vi. day of Nouember. 1555. Sm. 8va Black Utter. BL. M. 

A — I 3 in eights. 

From Mr. Inglis's collection, and the only copy known. See Herbert^ '^ Ames,' 
p. 830. The early proverbs here quoted are extremely curious. 

Sensuit le grant chat5 en frScoys, Qui parle de plusieurs 

belles exemples moralles et fort Joyeuscs pour resiouyr les personnes. 
Nouuellement imprime a Paris par la veufuefeu Jehan treppereL \s, dS\ 
4to. Black letter, R. M. 

CATS, Jacob. Spiegel van den Ouden ende Nieuwen Tijdt, Besta- 
ende uyt Spreek-woorden ende Sin-spreucken, ontleent van de voorigc 
ende jegenwoordige Eeuwe, verlustigt door menigte van Sinne- 
beelden, met Gedichten en Prenten daer op passende. In ' s GraveH- 
Hage. 1632. 4to. Plates. R. M. 

Self-Conflict : Or, The powerful Motions between the Flesh 

& Spirit Represented in the Person and upon the occasion of Joseph, 
when by Potiphar's Wife he was enticed to Adultery. A Divine Poem, 
Written originally in Low Dutch, by Jacob Catts, sometime Lord 
Pensioner of Holland ; and from thence Translated [by John Quarles.] 


London : Printed for Robert S oilers, at the Kings-Arms and Bible in 
St. Pauls Church-yard. 1680. Sm. 8vo. With engravings. 

A — I 4 in eights, including the frontispiece. This first edition was published 
without the translator's name. Sir Francis Freeling's copy. 

Regii lepidi accuratissie tpssa: AuctoriV Prospo odoardo li Alberto 
mazali regiisib\ 148 1. Folio. BL. M. 

Venetiis in cedibus Aldi, ntense Januario . M . DII . Nee sine privi- 
legiOy ut in caeteris, Sm. 8vo. 

First Aldine Edition. In the ancient Venetian binding, dated 1536. 

tiis in jEdibus A Idi et A ndrece Soceri, 1515. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

orum. Trajectu 1680. 8vo. O. M. 

CAULIN, Antonio. Historia coro-graphica, natural y evangelica 
de la nueva Andalucia, Provincias de Cumana, Guayana, y Vertientes 
del Rio Orinoco.. Madrid. 1779. Folio. 

Engraved title ; 8 preliminary leaves ; pp. 1-482. Large folding map and 3 

CAUSINO, NicoLO. Historia di Maria Stuarda, Regina di 
Francia, e di Scotia, portata dal Francese nell' Italiano. Bologna, 
1645. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

CAUTION. A Cavtion to keepe Money : Shewing the miserie 
of the want thereof. I. In a State or Kingdome, to supply Warre. 

II. In younger Brothers, pawning their Lands to redeeme them. 

III. In Shopkeepers wanting Stock to supply. IV. In Handicraft- 
trades by negligence. V. In Handsome and honest Maidens, wanting 
Portions. Declaring their slight, neglect, and scome in these hard and 
dangerous Times. London, Printed for G. Lindsey, and are to be sold 
by F. Coides, L Wright, and T. Bates. 1642. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

CAVALIERS. The Cavaliers Letanie. Lately composed by a well- 
wilier to his Majesties Person and all his most Loyall Subjects. Very 
fitting to be observed, and made use of, by all who desire Deliverance 
from the damnable, execrable, unparaleird, and not before heard of. 
Detestable Actions, Proceedings, Desig^es, Humors, Conditions, Votes, 
and Ordinances, newly fully and most exactly practised, delivered, 
and divulged by the only (yet illegall) Grovemors of these our sad, 
desperate, distracted Times. Printed in tlu Yeare 1648. 4to. 

Four leaves. In yerse. 


CAVALLERIIS, Ja Bapt. de. Ecclesiae Anglicanae Trophaea, 

siue Sancton Martyrum, qui pro Christo Catholicaeq. fidei Veritate 

asserenda, antiquo recentioriq. Persecutionum tempore, mortem in 

Anglia subierunt, Passiones. Romx in CoU^o Anglico per Nicolaum 

Circinianum depicts ; nuper autem per Ja Bap. de Cauallerijs xneis 

typis repraesentatx. Roma ex Offic. Bartlu GrassL 1584. Ecclesix 

Militantis trivmphi, sive Deo amabilium Martyrum gloriosa pro Christi 

fide certamina: prout opera RR. Patnim Societatis Jesv CoUegii 

Germanic! et Hungarici Moderator, impensa S. D. N. Gregorii P.P. xiiL 

in Ecclesia S. Stephani Rotundi, Romae Nicolai Circiniani pictoris 

manu uisuntur depicta, ad excitandam pior. deuotionem k J. B. de 

Caualleriis acneis typis accurate expressa. Rovkb ex Offic, Barth. Grassi 

1585. Descriptiones quaedam illius inhumanae et mvltiplicb perse- 

cvtioniSy quam in Anglia propter fidem sustinent Catholice ChristianL 

RomcSy Apud Fraticiscum Zannettum. 1584. Folio. R. M. 

The first-named book in this volume contains title, and plates numbered 2-361 
The second contains title, and plates numbered 1-31, and between plates i and 2 
are four plates without niunbers, representing Sin, Death, and Life. The third 
consists of one leaf of letterpress, printed on both sides, and bearing the sig. A 
and 5 plates numbered 1-4, and the last, '' Cnidelitas in Catholicis mactandis,* 
without number. 

CAVAZZI DA MONTECUCCOLO, Antonio. Istorica Des- 

crizione de' tre regni Congo, Matamba, et Angola situati nell' Etiopia 

inferiore occidentale e dclle missioni apostoliche esercitateui da 

Religiosi Capuccini. /// Bologna. 1687. Folio. 

Frontispiece, title, and six preliminary leaves ; pp. 1-933, including table and 
errata. The frontispiece is reckoned as plate i ; plate 2 is on the letterpress at 
p. 27 ; 3 to 7 are separate plates ; 8 is on the letterpress ; 9, 10, and 12 are 
separate. At p. 93 is a folding map, and at p. 799 a folding plate ; all the other 
plates are on the letterpress. 

CAVENDISH, George. The Negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, 
the great Cardinall of England, containing his Life and Death. . . . 
London^ Printed for Williafn Sheercs, 1641. 4to. 

A — G in fours ; h — i 2, 6 leaves ; H — P in fours, P 4 blank. With a portrait 

CAVENDISH, Thomas. Beschryvinge vande overtreffelijcke 
ende wijdt-vermaerde Zee-vaerdt vanden Edelen Heer ende Meester 
Thomas Candish, met drie Schepen uytghevaren den 21. Julij, 1586. 
ende met een Schip wedcrom ghekeert in Pleymouth, den 9. Septem- 
ber 1588. Hebbende (door't cruycen van der Zee) gheseylt 13000. 
mylen. Vertellende zyne vreemde wonderlijcke avontueren ende 
geschiedenissen : De ontdeckinge der Landen by hem beseylt. Bes- 
chreven door M. Frangois Prettic van Eye in Suffolck, die mede inde 
Voyagie was. ( Antstelredatn by Cornelis Claess, 1598. 4to, oblong. 


Muller, " M^moire Bibliographique sur les Joumaux des Navigatcurs N^rlan- 
dais,** p. 296, c 

CAYENNE. La descente faite par les Fran5ois en la terre ferme 

de rAmerique. \s, L vers 1645.] 

A broadside bearing a large engraving, signed " Silvestre fecit,** of the landing 
of the French in Cayenne in 1643. A contemporary MS. note in the marg^in is 
dated September 27, 1652. It is not included in Nagler*s list of the works of Israel 
Silvestre, and was evidently unknown to hinL 

CAZA, Francesco. Tractate vulgare de canto figurato de 
francesco caza. [Colophon.] Opera magistri iohanis petri de lomacio. 
Leonardus packet Impressit Mediolani die quinto Junii Anno domini, 
Mcccc.lxxxx.ii. [1492.] 4to. R.M. 

Twelve leaves, the edges uncut 

Brunet says, " Cet ouvrage est cit^ par Saxius et par Panzer sur I'autorit^ de 
Maittaire ; mais je ne le trouve port^ dans aucun catalogue." The piece is pre- 
ceded by a dedicatory epistle, '^ Splendido equiti aurato Philipino fiisco ducalis 
custodie capitaneo Franchinus Gaffurus salutem." Blank spaces were left by the 
printer for the musical notation, which is inserted in MS. 

To F^tis the work was also unknown except by seeing it referred to elsewhere. 
Under the name " Caza ** he says, " Auteur inconnu, dont Forkel {AUgem, UtUr, 
derMusik, p. 303) cite, d'apr^s Maittaire, un livre sous ce titre, * Tractato Vulgare,' 
&c." Dr. Graesse also mentions the book as '' Ouvrage cit^ seulement par Maittaire 
[voL i., p. 545], et non constat^ depuis.** 

CECCO d' Ascoli. Lo lUustro poeta Cecho dascoli : con el co- 
mento nouamente trouato & nobilmente historiato : reuisto : & emen- 
dato : & da molta incorrectione extirpato & da antiquo suo vestigio 
exemplato. &c. [Colophon.] Impresso in Venetia per Marchio Sessa 
&r Piero di rauani Bersano Compagni nelano del Signore. 15 16. 4to. 

CELESTINA. Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibca: en la qual 
se cotiene de mas de su agradable & dulce estilo : muchas sentecias 
filosofales : & auisos muy necessarios para maccbos : mostradoles los 
engaiios q esta encerrados en seruientes & alcahuetas : & nueuamete 
aftadido el tractado de Ceturio. [Colophon.] El libro presente .... 
fiu en esta ificlita ciudad de Venecia Reimpresso por miscer Juan batista 
Pedrezafw mercader de libros , , , Lo acabo este afio del SeHor de .1531. 
Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts, R. M. 

A — O iv. in eights, the last 1^ blank. 

Tragicomedia d' Calisto y Melibea. En la qual se cotiene de 

mas de su agradable & dulce estilo : muchas sentecias philosophales 
& auisos muy necessarios para mancebos : mostrandoles los engafios 
que estan encerrados en seruietes & alcahuetas. 1536. [Colophon.] 


Fue impresso en ... . Burgos : m casa di Juan de Junta : y acabou a. 

xxviii. dias del mes de Nobiembre. 1 536. 4to. Black UtUr. R. IL 

A— H in eights, including the title. This edition was quite unknown to Bnmet, 
who quotes no edition between 1534 and 1538, though he mentions that Pauer 
cites an edition of 1536, printed at Seville, which is dted also by Sefior Sahri, who 
equally unacquainted with this Burgos edition* 

CELESTINA. Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea. En la qualse 
conticnen de mas de su agradable y dulce estilo mucfaas sentendat 
filosofales y auisos muy necessaries para mancebos : mostrandoles los 
engaftos que estan encerrados en siruientes y alcahuetas. Fue imtpresso 
iu Enueres en casa de Martin Nucio. \s. a.] Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

Bninet is mistaken in assigning only 164 leaves to this edition. It contains, as 
be states, sigs. A — O, and as these signatures are in gatherings of 12 leaTes tibey 
necessarily amount to 168 leaves. He is also mistaken in saying that the last leaf 
is blank. It has 22 lines of letterpress on the recto and the printer's mark on the 

Tragicomedia de Calisto y Melibea. En la OficinaPlanUmama. 

1599. Sm.8vo. 

Pp. 1-31 1, including title and preliminaries. 

Ain Hipsche Tragedia v6 zwaien liebhabendn mentschen 

ainem Ritter Calixtus vn Edlri ainer junckfrawen Melibia g^enat, deren 
anfag mliesa was, das mittel siess mit de aller bittersten jr bayder ster- 
ben beschlossen. [Colophon.] Gedruckt vnd volleftdt in der kayscrlickem 
Stat Augspurg dutch Sigismund GryWi Doctor ^ vnnd Marx Wirsung* 
1 5 2a 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

CELSUS. Comelii Celsi de Medicina liber incipit [Libri viiL 
ex recognitione Bartholomaei FontiietSaxetti.] [Colophon.] Floreniim 
a Nicolao imprcssus anno salutis 1478. Folio. R. M. 

Editio princeps. 

CENTENO, Amaro. Historia de Cosas del Oriente. Primeia y 
segunda parte. Contienc vna dcscripcion general de los Reynos de 
Asia con las cosas mas notables dcllos. La Historia de los Tartaros 
y su Origen y principio. Las cosas del Reyno de Egipto. La His- 
toria y sucesos del Reyno de Hierusalem. Impresso en Cordaua. 1595, 
4to. R. M. 

Title and seven other preliminary leaves; folios 1-138. Four leaves of table 
not numbered. 

CENTLIVRE, Susanna. The Works of the celebrated Mri. 
Centlivrc .... with a New Account of her Life. London: 1 761. 
3 vols. Sm. 8va Portrait. 


CENT NOUVELLES NOUVELLES. Les cet nouuelles : nou- 
uelles : contenat cent histoires ou nouueaulx coptes plaisas a deuiser 
en toutes b5nes compaignies par maniere de ioyeusete. Imprime 
nouuellemmt a Paris XXX V.C On les ved a Paris en la rue neufue 
nostre Dame a letiseigne de Lescu de France, [Colophon.] Cy finis- 
sent les cent ftauueaulx comptes des nouuelles nouuelles composees & 
recitees par nouuelles ges depuis nagueres, Nouuellement Imprimees a 
Paris par Alain Lotrid et Denys Janot Demourans en la rue neufue 
nostre Dame A lenseigne de lescu de France, \s, d.] 4to. BR. M. 

This edition was unknown to Brunet. It agrees in the number of leaves, and in 
the number of lines to the page, with three editions which he describes, printed by 
Le Noir and Trepperel, but it differs as to the signatures, which are thus disposed 
in this edition : — a, 8 leaves ; b-— h in fours ; i, 8 leaves ; k — z in fours ; &, four 
leaves ; A — L in fours ; M, 6 leaves. On the verso of the last leaf is the mark of 
Denis Janot. 

Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles. Suivent les cent nouvelles 

contenant les cent histoires nouveaux, qui sont moult plaisans k 

raconter, en toutes bonnes compagnies, par maniere de joyeusetd. 

Cologne, 1 70 1. 2 vols. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

This is one of the copies with the plates separate from the text Copies so 
printed are said to have the earlier impressions. 

CENTO NOVELLE. Le ciento novelle antike. [Colophon.] 

Impresso in Bologfta nelle Case di Girolamo Benedetti nellanno 

,MDXX V, del mese d'Agosto. 4to. 

First edition. That without date is now allowed to be a reprint of a few years 
later, but it is of even rarer occurrence than the original. 

Libro di Novelle, et di bel parlar gentile. Nel qual si con- 

tengono Cento Nouelle altrauolta mandate fuori da Messer Carlo 
Gualteruzzi da Fano. Di Nuouo Ricorette. Con aggiunta di quattro 
altre nel fine. Et con una dichiaratione d'alcune delle voci piu antiche. 
In Fiorenza, Nella stamperia de i Giunti. 1572. 4to. BR. M. 

CEPEDA, Don Fernando de. Relacion Vniversal, l^tima, y 
verdadera del sitio en qve esta fvndada la muy noble, insignc, y muy 
leal Ciudad de Mexico, cabe^a de las Provincias de toda la Nueva 
Espafia. En Mexico^ En la imprenta de Francisco Salbago Ministro 
del S, Officio. 1637. Folio. O. M. 

Collations of this book are given in several bibliographical works, but they are 
none of them quite correct. The following is the collation of this copy, which has 
been compared also with that in the British Museum. 

Title, I leaf. Second title, beginning '' Impressa y publicada," i leaf. Then 
follow 13 leaves, and of these, folio 12 is numbered 11, and the 13th leaf is not 
numbered at all. It begins " Excel"" Senor." Then come sigs. A — Q i in twos, 
making 31 leaves. Aa — Xx i in twos, making 41 leaves. Aaa — ^Vw i in twos. 
This makes also 41 leaves by sig. lii being in duplicate. Thus forming for the 
whole book 128 leaves. 

D D 


C£r6M0NIES et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples da 
Monde representees par des figures dessindes de la main de Bemani 
Picard avec des explications historiques &c. Amsterdam. 1723^43. 
8 vols. In 9.-«-Superstitions Anciennes et modemes: prejugifs vid- 
gaires qui ont induit les peuples k des usages et k des pratiques coo- 
traires k la religion. Amst 1733-6. 2 vols. Folia Large paper, 

CEREMONIES. The Ceremonies for the Healing of them that 
be diseased with the Kings Evil used in the Time of King Heniy VIL 
Published by His Majesties Command. London^ Printed by Heeej 
Hills, 6rc. 1686. Sm. 8vo. 

Twdve leaves. 

CERTAINE Prophecies presented before the Kings Maiesty by 
the Scholers of Trinity CoUedge in the Vniversity of Cambri^e 
Touching England in Generall. . . . With some other Remarkable 
Prophesies of divers other learned Scholers concerning the estate of 
the Church and people. . . . Printed at London for T. B. 1642. 41a 

Four leaves. 

CERTAMEN Triplex a tribus Societ Jesu ex Provincia Angli- 
cana Sacerdotibus RR. PP. P. Thoma HoUando, P. Rodulpho Cor- 
baeo, P. Henrico Morsaeo, intra proximum triennium pro avita fidc^ 
religione, sacerdotio, contra veritatis, pietatis, ecclesia^ue hostes^ 
susccptum fortiter, decertatum constantcr, confectum feliciter Londini 
in Anglia. Antuerpue^ apud Joannem Meursium. 1645. Sm. sqn 8va 
Portraits, BL. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; pp. 1-144 ; approbatio, i lea£ 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. Primera parte de la 
Galatea, dividida en seys libros. Copuesta por Miguel de CervantesL 
Impressa en Alcalapor Jtian Gracian. 1585. Sm. 8vo, 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; A — Zz in eights ; AA, 7 leaves, making 375 
leaves of text. 

According to Brunet there was an edition of this book, the earliest published 
work of Cervantes, printed at Madrid in 1 584 ; but Seilor Salvi, in the catalogue of 
his library, goes at length into the question, and expresses his decided opinion that 
this edition of 1585 is the first The copy which is quoted by Brunet as sold in the 
Bignon sale, bound in red morocco by Derome, is the identical one described by 
Senor Salvi, who says that though he had seen different copies of all other works 
of Cervantes, of this he had never known any other than his own, and he regards it 
as the rarest of all the author's works. 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Qvixote de la Mancha. Com- 

puesto por Miguel de Ceruantcs Saauedra. Dirigido al Dvque de Beiar, 
Marques de Gibraleon, Condc de Barcelona, y Baf&arcs, Vizconde de la 
Puebla de Alcozer, Seflor de las villas de Capilla, Curiel, y Burgillos. 


Con priuilegio de Castilla, Aragon, y Portugal. En Madrid, Par 

Juan de la Cuesta, Afio, 1605. 4to. R. M. 

This is shown very clearly by Sefior Salvd to be the second genuine edition of 
the first part of this famous book. It may readily be distinguished from the first 
by the words "de Castilla, Aragon, y Portugal," which follow the words "Con 
priuilegio" in the title to this edition, but are not found in the first, the author 
having been led to solicit a privilege for the whole of the Peninsula by reason of 
the piracy of his book at Lisbon as soon as the first edition appeared. As to its 
rarity Sefior Salvd observes, speaking of this and the preceding edition, " £n 
punto d rareza no s^ d cual dar la preferencia; ambas son dificilisimas de 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. El ingenioso hidalgo 
Don Qvixote de la Mancha. Compuesto por Miguel de Ceruantes 
Saauedra. Impresso con licencia, en Valencia, en casa de Pedro Patricio 
Mey, 1605. A costa de lusepe Ferrer fnercader de libros, delante la 
Diputacion. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Tide and preliminaries, 16 leaves ; pp. 1-768. 

The two editions of Valencia, printed in 1605, are, according to Senor Salvd, of 
equal rarity with those of Madrid in the same year. This is the one which reads 
" Al'' as catchword to the second leaf, and the first page of text is marked " FoL L," 
while in the other Valencia edition of the same year it is not marked. 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Qvixote de la Mancha. Compvesto 

por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Dirigido al Duque xle Bejar &c. 
En Brvsselas, Por Roger Velpius Impressor de sus Altezas, en VAguila 
de oro, cerca de Palacio, Aflo 1607. Sm. 8vo. 

Titie and preliminaries, 12 leaves ; pp. 1-592. Four leaves not numbered. 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Qvixote de la Mancha. Com- 

puesto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Con priuil^io de Castilla, 
Aragon, y Portugal. En Madrid^ Por Juan de la Cuesta, Aflo 1608. 
4to. R. M. 

Brunet describes this edition as consisting of only 227 leaves, whereas it really 
has : twelve preliminary leaves, 277 leaves numbered, and three leaves of table 

" £sta edicion hecha en presencia del autor contiene considerables adiciones, 
supresiones y correciones, asf es que ha servido de testo para las reimpresiones 
acaddmicas, y ha sido siempre la mas buscada por nacionales y estranjeros. Por 
estas razones y por ser tan rara como las primitivas de Cuesta, tiene aun mayor 
valor que aquellas entre los bibli6filos.'' — Catdlogo de la Biblioteca de ScUvd, 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Com- 

puesto por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra. All' 111."*® Seftor el Sig. 

Conde Vitaliano Vizconde. En Milan Por el Heredero de Pedromartir 

Locamiy Juan Bautista Bidello. Aflo 1610. Sm. 8vo. 

^ A pesar de ser la novena edicion de esta novela, se ha hecho mui difldl su 
adquisicion." — Salvd, 

Segunda parte del ingenioso cavallero Don Qvixote de la 


Mancha. Por Miguel de Ceruantes Saauedra, autor de su primera 

parte. Con privil^o. En Madrid^ Par Juan de la Cuesta. vendese en 

casa de Francisco de Robles^ librero del Rey N.S. AHo i6i$. 4to. R. M. 

^ Primera edidon de la segunda parte, infinitamente mas rara que la de la 

** Navarrete observa que siendo esta la dnica impresicm que se hixo en Tida dd 
autor, es la sola de que B. pudo cuidar, y por consiguiente la que debe pre ferirse 7 
adoptane para ancglar i, dla las ediciones sucesivas." — Salvd, 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. Segunda parte del 

ingenioso cavallero Don Qvixote de la Mancha. En Brvselas^ Par 

Huberto Antonio. 1616. Sm. 8vo. 

^ Debe ler la segunda edidon de esta parte por cuanto d penniso para sa 
impresion esti fediado el 4 de febrero de 1616 ; por consiguiente es una reproducdon 
de la madrilefta del afio anterior, con solo la supresion de la aprobadon del licen- 
ciado Marques Tdnes." — Sah/d. 

Vida y hechos del ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la 

Mancha. En Haia. 1744. 4 vols. Sm. 8vo. Plates. R. M. 

El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Nueva 

edidon corregida por la Real Academia Espaftola. En Madrid par 
yaaquin Ibarra. 1780. 4 vols. 4to. G. M. 

Don Quixote de la Mancha. Neuva edicion, corrida 

denuevo, con nuevas notas, con nuevas estampas, con nuevo analisis^ 
y con la vida de el autor nuevamente aumentada por D. Juan Ant. 
Pellicer. En Madrid. 1797-98. 5 vols. 8va Thick paper. 

The History of Don Qvichote. The first parte. Printed for 

Ed: Blounte. \n. d^ — ^The Second Part of the History of the Valorous 
and witty Extravagant, Don Quixote of the Mancha. Written in 
Spanish by Michael Ceruantes: And now Translated into English. 
London^ Printed^ far Edward Blount. i6ia 4to. R. M. 

Part I. Engntved title, i leaf; Dedication to Lord Walden, i leaf; Preface and 
^ Certain Sonnets,** &c., 7 leaves ; TaUe, 3 leaves ; the Woik, B — Oo in eights. 
Part 2. A— Kk 3 in eights. The second portion is inscribed to the Duke of Buck- 
ingham by the publisher. 

First edition. Jarvis, in the preface to his translation, asserts that Shdton fol- 
lowed Frandosini's Italian version, and adduces certain passages which are found 
in the Italian and in Shelton's English translation, but do not occur in the original 
It is, however, impossible that Shelton followed Frandosini, as his translation was 
not printed till 162 1. The fiict is, that both followed a common original in trans- 
lating from the Spanish edition of Brussels, 1607, the editor of which introduced 
into the teit the alterations which Jarvis supposed to have been the work of Fran- 
dosini In the dedication to the second part it is dearly stated that that porti<m 
of the work is translated from the French version^ which was printed at Paris in 

The first part of Don Quixote was entered to Edward Blount and William 
Barret on the 19th January, 161 1-12. See Arber's ** Transcript," iiL, p 204. The 


second part was r^;istered 5 December, 161 5. T^ilc/^ iil, p. 267. This was probably 
with the intention of securing the right to print it Seeing that the second part did 
not appear till five years after the r^stration, it is quite possible that both parts 
appeared together, and this probability is strengthened by the fact that the two 
parts are usually found together. 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. The Life and Ex- 
ploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote De la Mancha. 
Translated from the original Spanish, by Charles Jarvis. Now care- 
fully revised and corrected : with a New Translation of the Spanish 
Poetry. To which is prefixed a Copious and New Life of Cervantes. 
. . . Embellished with new engravings and a map of Part of Spain. 
Londofu 1 80 1. 8vo. 4 vols. Large paper. G. M. 

Don Quixote De la Mancha. Translated from the Spanish 

of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Embellished with Engravings from 
Pictures painted by Robert Smirke Esq. R.A. London. ... 181 8. 
4to. 4 vols. With the plates on India paper. Large paper. O. M. 

The History of the Ever-Rejiowned Knight Don Quixote de 

la mancha : Containing his many Wonderful and Admirable Atchieve- 
ments and Adventures. With the Pleasant Humours of his Trusty 
Squire Sancha Pancha. Being very Comical and Diverting. London : 
Printed by and for W. O. and sold by H. Green at the Sun and Bible 
on London-bridge. [Circd 1705.] 4to. With a few rude woodcuts. 

A — C in fours, or 12 leaves. A chapbook version. 

Novelas exemplares de Migvel de Ceruantes Saauedra. En 

Madrid^ Por Juan de^a Cuesta. Aflo 1613. 4to. R. M. 

^ Primera edicion, tan escesivamente rara que habiendo resuelto el impresor 
Sancha no repetir la edicion de esta obra sin cotejarla con la primitiva, muri6 
dntes de haber podido conseguir un ejemplar de ella, d pesar de las activas diligen- 
cias hechas durante algunos anos para lograrla." — Salvd. 

Novelas exemplares de Migvel de Ceruantes Saauedra En 

Madrid, Por Juan de la Cuesta. 16 14. 4to. R. M. 

Of this edition Salvd says that, notwithstanding the address both on the title 
and at the end of the book, he is inclined to think that it was printed at Lisbon by 
Antonio Alvarez, rather than at Madrid by Juan de la Cuesta. He adds, '' La edicion 
estd ajustada d la primera y no vacilo en asegun^ que la supera en rareza, pues no 
he visto de ella mas ejemplar completo que el mio." 

Novelas exemplares de Miguel de Cervantes Saauedra. En 

Pamplona^ por Nicolas de Assiayn Impressor del Reyno de Nauarra. 

Aflo. 1615. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; folios 1-391 ; colophon, i leaf 

Brunet quotes two editions by the same printer, one in i6i4and another in 1617 ; 

hot this of 161 5 appears to have escaped his notice, nor does it appear to have been 

known to Senor Salvd, as he omits all notice of it, though he speaks of an edition 

by the same printer, in 1614. 



vdls ; in sixe books. The two Damosels. The Ladie Cornelia. The 
liberall Lover. The force of bloud The Spanish Ladie. The jealoiis 
Husband. Full of various accidents both .delightfull and profitable. 
By Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra ; one of the prime Wits ot Spainc^ 
for his rare Fancies, and wittie Inventions. Turned into English hf 
Don Diego Pvede-Ser. London^ Printed by John Dawson^ far R. M. 
.... 164a Folio. R. M. 

A— Tt 2 in fours, A i bLuik. First editkm. Dedicated ''To the wortfaie (and 
worthily of all who knowyou to be much honoored) M"*" Susanna Str ang w ay e > » 'VHSt 
of Gylei Strangwayes Esquire, Sonne and Heire to Sir John Strangwaycs Ki^^it 

The name of "Puede-Ser,* given as that of the tnmslator, is a auaciatale 
punning translation of the translator's real name, James Mabbe. 

Viage del Pamaso, coQipuesto por Miguel de Ceruantes 

Saauedra. Con privilegio. En Metdrid^ par la viuda de Alonso Jfariim. 
161 4. Sm. 8va R. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves, and folios i-8a From Mr. Heber's libraiy. 
*' Primera edicion, mui rara y desconocida £ Nic. Antonia* — SaivA. 
This copy has the sonnet ^ £1 autor a su pluma,* on the verso of the last pfe- 
liminary leaf, which in some copies is omitted and replaced by a fleoron. 

Los Trabaios de Persiles, y Sigismvnda, Historia 

Por Migvel de Cervantes Saauedra. Dirigido d Don Pedro Femanden 
dc Castro Conde de Lemos &c A no 1617. Con privilegio. En Jfo- 
drid. Por Juan de la Cuesta. A cosia de Juan de Villarroel mercader 
de libros at la Plateria. 4to. BR. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; folios 1-226. At the back of the last leaf: 
<< £n Madrid. Por Juan de la Cuesta. Mo M . DC. XVI 1.** 

This first edition was not in Sehor Salvd's collection. He gives the title of it, 
saying, ^ Antes de ocupanne de las varias impresiones que se hicieran en el misow 
afto 1617, dard la descripcion de la primitiva de Cuesta, que he vista" 

I.0S Trabaios de Persiles y Sigismvnda Historia SetentrionaL 

Con licencia. En Pamplona^ por Nicolas de Assiayn^ Impressor de 
libros, y a su costa. 161 7. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

" Tambien esta rarfsima edicion parece reimpresion literal de la primeia» pues 
contiene lo mismo que aquella," — Salvd, 

Los Trabaios de Persiles^ y Sigismunda, historia SetentrionaL 

Con licccia. En Barcelona, Por BauHsta Sorita. A costa de Jt 
Simon mercader de libros. 16 17. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; folios 1-312. 

^ Esta edicion, que compile en rareza con las anteriores, tiene el Epitiifioj pero 
no el Soneto de Calderon."— i5Vi/v<f. 

Los Trabaios de Persiles y Sigismunda ; Historia SetentrionaL 

En Valencia^ por Pedro Patricio Mey^ junto d San Martin. 1617. 
Sm. 8va 

Title and preliminaries, 6 leaves ; text, pp. 13-599. At the back of the last 
leaf is the printer's name and date. 


Senor Salvi appears to hare doubted the existence of this edition. He says : 
*' En el caUUogo de Thorpe del afio de 1833 se anuncid una impresion de Valencia^ 
for Pidro Patricio Mey 1617.8* ; y Navarrete en la Vida tU CervanUs supone la 
existencia de una edicion de Bruselas delmismo aHo, No la he visto ni la conozco ; 
podria suceder que la confimdiese con la descrita despues, impresa tambien en 
Bruselas en 1618.'' 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, Miguel de. Los Trabaios de 
Persiles y Sigfismunda, Historia Setentrional. En Brvcekis^ Por 
Huberto Antonio, 161 8. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; pp. 1-6G4. 

The Travels of Persiles and Sigismvnda. A Northern 

History. Wherein, amongst the variable Fortunes of the Prince of 
Thule, and this Princesse of Frisland, are interlaced many Witty 
Discourses, Morall, Politicall, and Delightfull. The first Copie beeing 
written in Spanish ; translated afterward into French ; and now last 
into English. London^ Printed by H. L. for M. L. and are to be 
sold at the signe of the Bishops head in Pauls Chnrch-yard. 16191 
4to. G. M. 

A, 3 leaves, title on A 2 ; B — Cc in eights. 

First edition. The publisher, in his dedication to Philip, Lord Stanhope, states 
his ignorance of the author of this translation, of which Uie MS. had £illen in his 

From the coUections of Mr. Hanrott, Mr. Gardner, and Mr. Corser. 

— i — Ocho Comedias, y ocho Entremeses nvevos, Nunca reprc- 

sentados. Compvestas por Migvel de Ceruantes Saauedra. Dirigidas 

i Don Pedro Fernandez de Castro &c. En Madrid. Aflo 161 5. 

4to. R. 

Title and preliminaries^ 4 leaves ; folios 1-257 and a leaf of colophon. 
'* £1 editor de la segunda edicion de 1749 dice, podia considerarse como obra 
nueva la que reimprimia por ser la primera rarfsima y desconocida." — SaJvd. 

The Troublesome and Hard Adventures in Love. Lively 

setting forth, The Feavers, the Dangers, and the Jealousies of Lovers ; 
and the Labyrinths and Wildernesses of Fears and Hopes through 
which they dayly passe. Illustrated by many admirable Patterns of 
Heroical Resolutions in some Persons of Chivalry and Honour ; and 
by the Examples of Incomparable Perfections in some Ladies. A 
Work very Delightfull and Acceptable to All. Written in Spanish, by 
that Excellent and Famous Gentleman, Michael Cervantes; And 
exactly Translated into English, By R. C, Gent London ; Printed 
by B. Alsop, dwelling in Grubs tree t near the Upper Pump. 1652. 4ta 
Black letter, 

A — Mm in fours, title on A 2. 

According to Hazlitt's ** Handbook," 1 867, p. 80^ a book entitled ^ The troublesom 
and hard aduentorvaia louc, with Many fyne concerted sooncttes and pretty potmts 
delightfull to the reader. Written in Turkey by R. C* was licensed to Thomas 


Creede in 1594. Whether that book had any connection with this now described, 
beyond the first line of the title^ it is impossible to say ; but it is toleraUy dear that 
neither the one nor the other is reaUy a tianslation of any work of Cervantes. 

CESSOLIS, Jacobus de. Incipit plogus fris Jacobi dc Cessolis 
ordinis fratru predicatorv sup Itbro que composuit sup ludo Scacfaol(. 
[At p. 3.] Tractatus pmus de inuencoe ludi scachoK t sub quo rege 
inuentf est ludus. 

MS. of the early part of the fifteenth century, on vellum, probably written in 
England. It occupies 180 pages of small 4to size. 

Brunet goes at some length into the question as to the real name of the author 
of this treatise, and refers to Marchand C' Diet Hist,* L, p. 179), who has written 
fiilly upon the subject, and to other authorities. It is, however, generally allowed 
that the author was a preaching friar who lived in the thirteenth century. The work 
is rather a moraliiation of the game of chess than a treatise upon it, but has a special 
interest from the £u:t that Caxton's ** Book of the Chesse" is an Engfish version 
of it, translated from the French. The original work is said to have been based 
upon a treatise by iEgidius Colonna, entitled ^De regimine principum,* which 
was also written in the thirteenth century. In Warton's ^History of EngHsh 
Poetry,* voL iL, p. 260^ ed. of 1840^ is also found an account of Jacobiu de Cessolis, 
who is brought into that work on account of Ocdeve having made use of this 
treatise in his hock, entitled ** De regimine prindpum." 

[On the verso of a L] [D] It is die tafel van desen boedc 

datmen hiet dat scaecspel. [On the recto of A ii.] [H] ier beghint 
e6 suuerlijc boec vanden tijtuerdrijf edelre heren ende vrouwen. als 
vande scaecspuL daer nochtant een yghelijck mensche van wat 
staet dat hi si. vele scoenre en saliger leren wt neme mach. nae 
welcken hi sijn leuen sal regieren tot profijt ende salicheyt sijnre 
sielen. [Colophon.] Ini iaer ons htren dusent vierhondert ende 
negkentseuentick [1479] ^ ^^ anderden dock van October, soe is dit 
^unoecklijcke boeck voleynt en ghemaect Ur goude in hoUant by my 
gheraert leeu. Lof heb god. Folio. 

Sixty-eight leaves, the last blank ; sigs. A— g in eights ; h and i in sixes. 

The earliest edition in the Dutch language of this celebrated bo<^ It is de- 
scribed in the ^ Bibliotheca Spenceriana," vol iv., p. $41, and it appears that Lord 
Spencer's copy has the blank space on the recto of Ai, and also the blank spaces 
at the head of each chapter filled up with andent drawings, of which Dr. Dibdin 
gives fricsimiles. This has apparently misled Brunet into supposing that the book 
is illustrated with wood engravings, and he accordingly says, ^ Les deux prem. fi 
sont occup^s par deux gravures dont INme reprtente un jeu de baUe et Tautre 
un homme et une femme jouant aux ^hecs ;" but this is simply a description of 
the drawings which are found at the beginning of Lord Spencer's copy. M. Brunet 
goes on to say that Panzer '' cite encore un autre ouvrage du mdme genre (!) intitule 
* Dat boec der kayserrechten, gheheten die Spiegd van Sassen,' imprim^ k Gouda, 
par Ger. Leeu. 1479-" 

[The Game and Play of the Chess.] [The prologue b^ns 

on a ij, and the text on a iiij recto.] This first chappitre of the first 
tractate sheweth under what Vymg the playe of the Chesse was founden 


and maad. [The text ends on 1 vi. recto, the verso being blank.] 
Thennc late euery man of what condycion he be that redyth or hcrith 
this litel book redde* take therby ensample to amende hym* Explicit 
per Caxton, Folio. Black letter. Woodcuts, 

a — i in eights ; k — 1 in sixes ; the first leaf blank. 

Second edition, printed about 148 1. The present copy has A viii. supplied in 
facsimile. The text begins on the recto of A il Only two perfect copies are 
known, one at Trinity College, Cambridge, the other belonging to the Duke of 

See Blades, ii., 8 ct segg, and 95. Caxton's Chess-Book, it is there shown, was 
principally taken from Jean de Vignay's P'rench version of J. de Cessolis. 

Mr. Blades gives a list of nine copies of the book, perfect and imperfect, being 
all that were then known. The present copy has been discovered since his list was 
compiled, and makes the tenth copy known. 

CHALCONDYLAS. Dkmetrius. [Erotcmata synoptica octo 

partium orationis : Moschopuli erotcmata de prosodia : Corinthus de 

dialectis ; Graec(^.] [Sine ulld mtd.] Folio. O. M. 

The collation given by Brunet is correct so far as the Chalcondylas and Mos- 
chopulus are concerned, but, though corrected in the Grenville catalogue, he still 
makes the Corinthus to have nineteen leaves instead of twenty, which every 
perfect copy should consist of. It is attributed to a Milanese press about 1493. 
Hain, 6093. 

CHALKHILL, John. Thealma and Clearchus. A Pastoral 

History, in smooth and easie Verse. Written long since, By John 

Chalkhill, Esq ; An Acquaintant and Friend of Edmund Spencer. 

London : Printed for Benj\ Tooke, &c, 1683. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 3 leaves, title on A 2 ; B — M 4 in eights. 

See Corser's " Collectanea," L, p. 16 ; and iii., p. 260. 

CHALMERS, Georgk An Introduction to the History of the 

Revolt of the Colonies. \^Lo?tdon, iyi2,'\ 8vo. R. 

Printed without a title-page. From the libraries of Mr. Tutet and Mr. Samuel 
Prince. On the flyleaf is the following explanatory manuscript note by the former: 
"This Book was printed in the year 1782 for George Chalmers Esq., the Author, 
who wrote an history of the Rise & Progress of the American Colonies, published in 
Quarto. Note. The Reader will think it extraordinary there is no title page ; but 
after the book was printed, the Author suppressed it — whether owing to the sepa- 
ration of the Colonies, which happened just at the season for publication, viz. 
December, 1782; or the prior cause in April antecedent, the dismission of a tory 
Administration, is only known to the Author, who is a Scotchman." — " E. Tutet, 
1783." On the back of the same leaf Tutet has added: " This was to have made 
two volumes; the first only was printed, but never published. A few copies only 
were preserved." 

CHAMBER, John. A Treatise against Ivdicial Astrologie. 
Dedicated to the right Honorable Sir Thomas Egerton Knight .... 

Written by lohn Chamber Printed at London by John Har- 



rison at tfu signe of tlu Grey-hoiifid in Pater -noster-Rawe. 1601. [A 
new title :] Astronomiae Encomivm : A loanne Chambero ante annos 
27. peroratum, quo tempore Ptolomaii Almagestum in alma Vniuersi- 
tate Oxonien. public^ enarravit. Lofidini, excudebat loannes Harris 
sonus, 1 60 1. 4to. R. 

A—Q in fours; Q Q, 4 leaves; Q Q Q, i leaf; R— T in fours; T 4, blank ; 
A — F 2 in foars. 

The Gordonstoun copy on large paper, with the autograph of Sir Robert Gordon 
on the title. Between pp. 1 14-15 five leaves were introduced as an after-thoughty 
and chapter 20 is repeated, but not in duplicate. 

CHAMBERLAINE, Edward. England^s Wants : Or, Several 
Proposals probably beneficial for England humbly offered to the 
Consideration of all good Patriots in Both Houses of Parliament. By 
the Author of the Present State of England. London. 1685. 4to. 

A — E 3 in fours. 

One of the proposals of the writer is ** for erecting in London a College de pro- 
paganda Fide (as our Adversaries have done at Rome) for propagating the Christian 
Reformed Religion amongst the Americans bordering on the Elnglish Plantations." 
See p. 7. 

CHAMBERLAINE, Robert. The Booke of Bvlls, Baited with 
two Centuries of bold Jests and nimble Lies. Or, A Combat betweene 
Sence and Nonsence, being at strife who shall infuse most Myrth into 
the gentle Reader. A Treatise in variety of pleasure second to none 
ever yet printed in the English-Tongue ; wherein is contained nothing 
alreadie published. Collected by A. S. Gent. Imprinted at Loftdon 
for Daniel Frere^ and are to be sold at the Bull in Little-Brittaitu, 
1636. Sm. 8vo. o. M. 

A — F 1 1 in twelves ; after which comes " The two last centuries of Bulls, lests, 
and Lies," a — f in twelves. 

Of the first set of signatures, A and A 2 are blank; A 3 is occupied by a woodcut 
head of a bull; and A 4 has the title; following which are separate addresses to the 
Blind Reader and to the Discerning Reader; then there is a leaf with the head of 
a bull (dififerent from the former), and another with some lines "to the Bull- 
Reader,'' signed R. C. Gent 

The only copy known. From Mr. George Daniel's collection. There was one, 
however, possibly the same copy, in Dodd's sale (1797). 

This work was entered at Stationers' Hall on the 6th April, 1636, to Francis 
Smithy as ^ a booke called ' New Bulls or ignorent Nonsence first and second 
partes,'" and cm the nth of the same month was iMsigned over to Daniel Frere. 
See Arber, iv. 333-4. 

A New Booke of Mistakes. Or, Bulla with Tales and Buls 

without Tales. But no lyes by any meanes. Printed at London by 

N. O. 1637. Sm. 8vo. o. m. 

A, 6 leaves, the first blank ; B — M 5 in twelves. 

The only copy known, but the last leaf of sig. I is, onfortnnately, missing. 
Fnm Mi. Geoige Dmiel's library. Of this there was also a cc^y in Dodd's sale. 


On die title-page is a curious woodcut. It may be noticed that at p. 37 there is a 
story which may illustrate the tract entitled '' Westward for Smelts,*' printed in 

A large proportion of the contents of this and the preceding volume is not to 
be found in any other collection of jests. 

CHAMBERLAINE. Robert. Nocturaall Lucubrations: Or 
Meditations Divine and Morail. Whereunto are added Epigrams and 
Epitaphs : Written by Robert Chamberlaine. /;/ mundo spes nulla 
boni, spes nulla salutis: Sola salus servire Deo, sunt ccetera fraudes. 
London, Printed by M, F, for Daniel Frere, at the signe of the Red Bull 
in LittU'Brittaine, 1638. Sm. 8vo. R. 

A, 7 leaves, title on A 2 ; B— H 7 in eights. 

The Lucubrations, occupying the first portion of this volume, are in prose, and 
are dedicated to Peter Balle, Esq., Solicitor-General to the Queen ; die poems 
commence with a separate title on G 3, and have a separate inscription to Mr. 
William Balle, son of the preceding. 

The present copy has belonged to Isaac Reed, Mr. Heber, and Mr. Corscr. It 
is noticed in " Collectanea," part iii., pp. 271-3. 

Nocturnall Lucubrations. Whereunto are added Epigrams 

and Epitaphs. Printed by T. F. for tlu use and benefit of Andrew 
Pemtycuyke Gent, 1652. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A, 5 leaves, first blank ; B — H in eights, the last leaf blank. 

The only copy known. The Epigrams and Epitaphs begin with a separate 
title on G 3. This is the copy described by Hazlitt It has not the dedication 
which accompanies the edition of 1638 ; but perhaps that may have been omitted 
in the reprint 

— — Jocabella, or A Cabinet of Conceits. Whereunto are added 
Epigrams and other Poems, by R. C.—fuvat esse jocundum, atque ani- 
mum latis exhilarare jocis, London, Printed by R. Hodgkinson for 
Daniel Frere, and are to be sold at the signe of the red Bull in Little 
Briitain. 1640. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — K 5 in twelves, and a frontispiece, apparently engraved by 
Thomas Rawlins. 

Dedicated by Chamberlaine ** to his much respected friend Mr. John Wild." The 
poems occupy five leaves only, and are followed by two other leaves containing 
verses addressed to the author by C. G. Oxon. and T. Rfawlins]. 

The present copy, from Mr. George Daniel's library, is believed to be unique. 
Mr. HalliwelFs wanted the Poems, and that in the British Museum is imperfect 

This is a reprint, with large additions and certain alterations, of a little volume, 
printed in 1639 anonymously under the title of " Conceits, Clinches, Flashes, and 
Whimzies," where the lines by Rawlins also occur. The original edition is re- 
published in " Old English Jest-Books," iii. ; it does not include the lines by C. G., 
or the poems by Chamberlaine himself. 

Conceits, Clinches, Flashes, and Whimzies .... Reprinted 

from the unique copy of 1639. Edited by J. O. Halliwell, London, 
i860. 4to. 


This, as has been mentioned, is the first edition of the " Jocabella," with varia- 
tions, and under a different title. Mr. Halliwell was not aware of this circumstance. 
The book is reprinted from a new collation of the original in the British Museum, 
in " Old English Jest-Books." Owing to the negligence of the transcriber the text 
of i860 is most inaccurate. Twenty -six copies only were printed. 

CH AMBERLAYNE, William. Pharonnida : A Heroick Poem. 
By William Chamberlaync of Shaftsbury in the County of Dorset. 
London, Printed for Robert ClavclL 1659. Sm. 8vo. 

A — R in eights ; A — N in eights. With a portrait by Hertocks. 

In the dedication to Sir William Portman, Baronet, Chamberlayne observes : 
"Animated by your Candid Reception of my more Youthful I labours, whose humble 
flights having your name to beifutifie their Front, past the publick View unsullied 
by the Cloudy Aspect of the most Critick Spectator : I have once more," &c. The 
only known work by the same writer to which this passage can point is his 
" Love's Victory," a play, printed in 4to, 1658. See Corser's " Collectanea," voL ii., 
pp. 275-80. 

CHAMBERS, Robert. Palestina Written by Mr. R[obert] 
C[hambers] P[riest] and Bachelor of Diuinitie. Florence Imprinted by 
Bartclmew Scrmatelli, 1600. 4to. R. 

A — C c 2 in fours, C c 2 having the errata, besides 2 leaves after the title marked 
T 3 and \ 4. The leaf before the title was probably blank. 

" To ovr most Gracious, and Soueraigne Ladle and Princes, whose dowrie is little 
England, and the largest heauens her fayrest inheritance, all happinesse and hea- 
uenly bliss." — Dedication, From the libraries of Brand and Heber. The latter 
refers us to Herbert's "Ames," p. 1745, ^"^^ ^^ " British Bibliographer," ii., p. 201. 

CHAMBRE, David. La recerche (sic) des singularitez plus re- 
marquables, concemant Testat d'Escosse. Vov6 a tres-auguste & tres- 
clemente Princesse Marie Royne d'Escosse, & doiiairiere de France. 
Paris, Chez Jean Feurier, pres le college de Reims, 1579. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; folios 1-32. 

CHAMPLAIN, Samuel de. Voyages et descouvertures faites en 
la Nouvelle France, depuis Tannic 161 5. iusques a la fin de I'ann^e 
1618. Par le Sieur de Champlain, Cappitaine ordinaire pour le Roy 
en la Mer du Ponant. Oii sont descrits les moeurs, coustumes, habits, 
fa9ons de guerroyer, chasses, dances, festins & enterrements de diuers 
peuples Sauuages, & de plusieurs choses remarquables qui luy sont 
arriv^es audit pats, auec vne description de la beaute, fertility, & tem- 
perature d'lceluy. A Paris, CJiez Claude Collet, 1620. Sm. 8vo. 

Engraved title, printed title, and preliminaries, together 8 leaves ; A — T in 
eights ; V, 6 leaves. Folding plates at p. 44 and p. 52, and three other plates printed 
on the letterpress. 

CHANCiEUS, Maur. Innocentia, et constantia victrix ; sive 
Commentariolus ; de vitae ratione, et Martyrio 18 Cartusianorum ; qui 
in Angliae Regno, sub Henrico octavo, ob Ecclesix defensionem, et 



nefarii Schismatis detestationem, crudeliter trucidati sunt. Wirceburgi, 
1608. Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 11 leaves, and pp. i-iii. 

CHANDOS, Giles Brydges, Lord. Horae Subseciuae. Ob- 
servations and Discourses. London, Printed for Edward Blount , and 
are to be sold at his sliop in Pauls Churchyard^ at the signe of the Black 
Beare . 1620. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B— Y 4 in eights, P 8 blank ; Z (with a new half-title) — L 1 4 in 
eights ; M m (with a half-title), 4 leaves ; N n — O o in eights. 

From Mr. Heber's librar>'. An interesting copy, with the MS. notes of Edmond 
Malone, who thought that these Essays were composed about 161 5. Some fly- 
leaves, apparently inserted from another copy belonging to him, are in the volume. 
On one of them occurs the ensuing memorandum, in a nearly, if not quite, con- 
temporary hand : " Written by ... . Lord Cauendish, who dyed before y« Earle 
of Deuonshire his father." A later hand inserts Gilbert after by, 

Mr. Malone notes : " In the History of Sudeley Castle, by the Rev. Cooper 
Williams, Lond., 1791, folio, p. 8, these Observations are ascribed to Grey, Lord 
Chandos (who died at Spa, in Germany, in 1621), on the authority of the late Dr. 
Lort. Wood, in his * Ath. Oxon.* ii., 635, ascribes this book to Gilbert Cavendish, 
eldest son of William, the first Lord Cavendish of Hardwick, who in Aug., 1618, 
was created Earl of Devonshire. But as this Gilbert died young, if it was written 
by any Cavendish, it is more likely to have been the production of Gilbert's brother, 
William, who succeeded to the title of Earl of Devonshire in 1626, and died in June, 
1628. He was Hobbes's pupil In p. 411, the author speaks of himself as a man 
of quality. See various notes of time, which may ascertain when these Observations 
were written, pp. 364, 365, 368, 378, 388, 402, 533, from all which, compared with 
each other, I think it probable that they were written about the year 1615.^ 

of some hundred pieces, chiefly consisting of four leaves each, and 
printed at various places in Scotland between 1800 and 1830, the 
greater part with cuts on the titles. 5 vols. Sm. 8vo. 

CHAPBOOKS. A small 8vo volume, containing a variety of 
pieces in prose and verse, among others the following : — 

I. The Life and Death of Fair Rosamond. 2. The History of Thomas Hicka- 
thrift, two parts. 3. The History of Don Belianis of Greece. 4. The History of 
the Children in the Wood ; Or, Murder Revenged. Sold by J. Bence^ in Wotton 
Underedge. Twelve leaves. 5. The History of Cinderella. 6. The History of 
Sally Croaker. 7. The History of the King and the Cobbler, two parts (different 
editions). 8. The History of the Gentle Craft. 9. The History of Parismus. 
10. The History of Tommy Potts, Or The Lovers* Quarrel. 11. The History of 
Jack Homer. Containing the witty Pranks he played from his youth to his riper 
years, being pleasant for winter evenings. Printed and Sold in London. Twcive 
leaves. With cuts. 12. The Comical Cheats of Swalpo. 1788. 13. The History 
of Botany Bay, in New Holland. Containing a full account of the inhabitants 
.... Printed and Sold in London. Twelve leaves. 14. The True Trial of 
Understanding : Or Wit Newly Revived, being a Book of Riddles, adorned with 
Variety of Pictures. By S. M. Printed and Sold in London. Twelve leaves. 


15. A Groatsworth of Wit for a Penny ; Or, The Interpretation of Dreami. 
Printed and Sold in London. Twelve leaves. With cuts. 16. Nixon's Cheshire 
Prophecy at large. Published from Lady Cowper's copy in the reign of Queen 
Anne. . . . Printed and Sold in London, Twelve leaves. With cuts and a portrait 
of Robert Nixon. 17. The Academy of Compliments. . . . London: Printed by 
C, Symfison, . . . Twelve leaves. With cuts. 18. The Accomplished Lady's 
Ddight in Cookery, Or, The Compleat Servant Maid's Guide Printed emd Sold 
in London. Twelve leaves. 

From the collection of Mr. Utterson. 

CHAPBOOKS, SONGS, and GARLANDS. A collection of 
twenty-six pieces, some early and rare, separately bound, and chiefly 
consisting of four leaves, in sm. 8vo. All in verse, and the greater 
part with cuts. 

The following is a list, the more important articles only being 

described at length :~ 

I. The Goldfiach, in two parts. 2. The Warblers. Being a collection of Songs 
.... Printed and Sold in Aldermary church Yard. 4 leaves. 3. The Songsters 
Delight. 4. The Summer's Amusement, or an Entertaining companion to VauxhaU, 
Ranelaugh. ... 5. Five Excellent Songs. Viz. The Welchman in love. Slap 
me with thy Petticoat. The Princess Elisabeth. Queen Mary's Lamentation. A 
Sailor's Song. Printed according to Order, 1794. 6. The Widow's Bleeding 
Garland : Compos'd of Three Songs on Several Subjects. . . . Printed for S. 
Deacon, at the Angel in Giltspur-street, in Pye-Comer, 4 leaves. 7 . The York- 
shire Tragedy ; Or Warning to Perjur'd Lxwers. 4 leaves. [No imprint or date.] 
S. The Courting Shepherds Garland : Compos'd of Four New Play-house Songs 
.... Printed for M. Deacon, at the Horse Shoe in Giltspur-street. 4 leaves. 
9. Celiacs New Garland : Compos'd of Eight new Song^. . . . London : Printed 
for Edw. Midwinter, at the Looking-glcus on London-bridge, 10 leaves. 10. The 
Constant Captain's Garland. . , . Printed by A, Jackson in Fleet street, 4 leaves. 
II. N«w Mad Tom of Bedlam ; Or, 

The Man in the Moon Drinks Claret, 
With powder'd Beef, Turnip, and Carrot 
4 leaves. 12. The Garland of Princely Jewels : Fumish'd with four Loyal Songs 
.... Printed for C, Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Giltspur-street, in Pye-Corner, 
4 leaves. 1 3. The Wandering Jew's Chronicle or a Brief History of the Remarkable 
Passages from William the Conqueror to this present Reign. 4 leaves. With wood- 
cut portraits. 14. Perjur'd Celia's Garland. Containing 4 New Songs. Printed by 
J, Walter at the Hand and Pen in High Holboum. 4 leaves. 15. The Valiant 
Maid's Garland : Containing Three Excellent New Songs. . . . London Printed 
for C, Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Gilt'Spur-street, near Pye-Comer. 4 leaves. 

16. The Evening's Merry Amusement, or Musical Entertainment 17. The Black- 
bird's Song. . . . Lottdon; Printed by D, Brown near Fleet-street, 171 5. 8 leaves. 
J 8. The Pretender's Garland compos'd of Three New Political Songs. . . . Printed 

for T, Williams. 4 leaves. 19, The Virgin's New Garland: Containing Three 
New Songs. [Colophon.] Printed for C, Bates, at the Sun and Bible in Pye- 
Corner. 4 leaves. 20. The Cries of the Oppressed, Or Herod's Cruelty display'd 
at the taking of Bergen-op-Zoom by the French after a Siege of 2 Months and 2 
Days, whereby they lost upwards of 1 5000, and for Revenge massacree'd all in the 
City, Men, Women, and Children. Compos'd by a Person who was wounded at the 
Si^e and an Eye witness of the aifaijr, London : Printed $h the Year 1747. 4 leaves. 


Cuts. 21. The Sky Lark & Linnet 22. The Sailor's magazme. Bemg a Collection 
of the newest Sea Songs now in Vogue. 23. The Ghostly Garland, in Two Parts. 
I. The Wandering Spirit of a Brewer's Deceased Wife. . . . Printed by and for 
E{d2i/ard] Mltdwinter] and Sold by the Booksellers of Pye-comer and London- 
Bridge, 4 leaves. 24. Little Miss's Garland, Containing 3 New Songs. 25. A 
Collection of all the Songs sung this Season at Vauxhali 26. The Second Part of 
the Vauxhali Concert. 

CHAPBOOKS. A collection of nine chap-books in the Welsh 
language, in verse : — 

I. Bamedigaethau ofhadwy Duw, ar Blant Creolon, drwg, ac an-ufiidd iV 
Rhieni. Gan Ifan Tomas. Mwythig, 1766. 2. Dwy o Gerddi Ncwyddion* Caer-' 
lleon, 1767. 3. Tair o Gcrddi Newyddion, a thra dewifoL Ymofyniad Merch 
ifangc iw Modryb, ynghylch cael G^r : Iw chanu ar, Hearts of Oak. &c Argvaph- 
wyd YnghaerlUon, 1770. 4. Dwyo Gerddi, Newyddion. Cerdd ar ddydd dyfcx^d 
Sir Watcin Williams Wynne, o Wynnstay, Baronet &c Argraphwyd YnghaerlUon, 
1770. 5. Dwy Gerddi, Newyddion. Rhybydd i Bechaduriaid i ymadel au Drygioni 
&c Ychidig o Hanes un Susanna Lot, Gwraig un John Lot. Argr, YnghaerlUon, 
\n, d,"] 6. Dwy o Gerddi. Cerdd newydd (neu ychydig o Hanes y Bradwr ysprydd 
a elwir, Gynfigen &c. Argr, YnghaerlUon. [n, dJ] 7. Dwy Gerddi Newyddion. 
Cerdd a wnaeth Ellis Roberts, o Landdoyet, i ofyn Bwiall i Tomos ap Ritsiart^ 
y Go. &c. Argr yn GhaerlUon, \n. d.] 8. Balad rhyfeddol Tra diddanol Sec. 
Mwythig, [«. ^.] 9. Tair o Gerddi Newydd Argraphy, Dwy yn ysdyriol ag un 
ddigrifoL Mwytkig. [n. d,] Sm. 8vo. Each bound separately. 4 leaves each. 

CHAPMAN, George. S*ia Ni/«toV. The Shadow of Night: 
Containing two Poeticall Hymnes, Deuised by G. C. Gent. Versus 
fnei habebunt aliquantum Noctis, Antilo, At London^ Printed by R, F, 

for William Ponsonby. 1594- 4to. 

A — E in fours. 

Dedicated " To my Deare and most worthy Friend Master IVCathew Roidon.'' 
This was Chapman's first appearance in print The present was Mr. Goner's copy, 
probably purchased at Brighf s sale. 

Al Fooles. A Comedy, Presented at the Black Fryers, And 

lately before his Maiesty. Written by George Chapman. At London, 
Printed for TItamas Thorpe, 1605. 4to. 

A — K in fours, title on A 2. There is no introductory matter except a prologue 
in verse. From Mr. Corser's library. 

Monstevr d'Olive. A Comedie, as it was sundrie times acted 

by her Maiesties children at the Blacke-Friers. By George Chapman. 
London Printed by T, Cfor William Holmes, fcfr. 1606. 4to. G. M. 

A — H 3 in fours, besides a leaf after the title, with the names of the actors. 

From Ireland's pseudo-Shakespearian library, in his favourite green binding^ 
with a fictitious autograph of Shakespeare on the title-page, and MSS. notes in- 
tended to pass as his. 

Bussy D'Ambois : A Tragedie : As it hath been often pre- 

sented at Paules. London, Printed for WilHamAspley, 1607. 4to. G.M. 

A — I in ibun. First edilian. 


CHAPMAN, George. The Conspiracie, And Tragedie of Charles 

Duke of Byron, Marshall of France. Acted lately in two playes, at 

the Black-Friers. Written by George Chapman. Printed by G. Eld 

far Thomas Thorppe^ and are to be sold at the Tygers head in Paules 

Church-yard. 1608. 4to. G. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — R 3 in fours. 

First edition. Dedicated by the author to his honourable and constant friend, 
Sir Thomas Walsingham, Knight, and to his son, Thomas Walsingham, Esquire, 
where Chapman speaks of their ancient acquaintance, and compliments them both 
on their taste and culture which placed them above ^ Our ignorant Gentlemen." 
The tragedy, the second part of the play, commences with a half-title on sig. I 2. 

In i6o2 appeared a prose tract described on the title as a translation from the 
French, giving the account of Biron's fall and death. It may have suggested the 
composition of the drama to Oiapman. 

Evthymiae Raptus ; Or The Teares of Peace : With Inter- 
locutions. By Geo. Chapman. At London^ Printed by H. L. for 
Rich. Banian^ and H. Wallcy : and are to be solde at the spread-eagle^ 
neere the great North-door of S. Pauls Church. 1609. 4to. Engraved 

A — F 2 in fours. In verse. Dedicated to Prince Henry. 
From the libraries of Sir F. Freding and Mr. Corser. See Brydges* " Restituta," 
iv., p. 433, and " Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica," No. 902. 

An Epicede or Funerall Song: On the most disastrous 

Death of the High-borne Prince of Men, Henry Prince of Wales, &c. 
With the Funerals, and Representation of the Herse of the same High 
and mighty Prince. . . . Which Noble Prince deceased at S* James, 
the sixt day of Nouember, 161 2. and was most Princely interred the 
seuenth day of December following, Mrithin the Abbey of Westminster, 
in the Eighteenth yeare of his Age. London : Printed by T. S. for 
lohn Budge, and are to bee sould at his shop at the great south dore of 
Paules, and at Brittaftes Bursse. 1 6 1 2. 4to. 

The " Epicede,'* A— E 2 in fours ; the " Funerals,** dated 1613, with a fresh title, 
A — C I in fours, title on A 2, and a large folding plate, engraved by W. Hole, repre- 
senting the hearse, with verses beneath in Latin by Hugh Holland, and in English 
by Chapman. 

The present copy is quite complete. Both Mr. Corser's and that in the ^ Biblio- 
theca Anglo-Poetica ** wanted the plate. It is described in Corser's " Collectanea,*' 
part ii., pp. 293-6. 

The memorable Masque of the two honourable houses or 

Innes of Court ; the Middle Temple, and Lyncolnes Inne. As it was 
performed before the King, at White-hall on Shroue-Munday at night ; 
being the 15. of Febr. 16 13. At the princely celebration of the most 
royall Nuptials of the Palsgraue, and his thrice gratious Princesse 
Elizabeth, &c. With a description of their whole show, in the manner 
of their march on horse-backe to the Court, from the Master of the 


Rolls his house : with all their right Noble consorts, and most show- 
full attendants. Inuented, and fashioned, with the ground, and 
speciall structure of the whole worke : By our Kingdomes most ArtfuU 
and Ingenious Architect Innigo Jones. Supplied, Applied, Digested, 
and written. By Geo. Chapman. At London, Printed by F, K, for 
George Norton, and are to be sold at his s/top lucre Temple-barre. 

[161 3-14.] 4to. 

A, 3 leaves ; B — G 3 in fours. 

CHAPMAN, George. Pro Vere Avtvmni Lachrymae. Inscribed 
to the Immortal Memorie of the most Pious and Incomparable Souldier, 
Sir Horatio Vere, Knight : Besieged and distrest in Mainhemm. Pers : 
Sat : iv. — da verba Srdecipe nemos. By Geo : Chapman. Lottdon, Printed 
by B, Alsop for Tfi. Walkley, and are to be sold at his s/top at tlie Signe 
of tlie Eagle and Child in Britaines Burse, 1622. 4to. G. M. 

A — B in fours, and a leaf of C. 

From the collections of George Steevens, Mr. Heber, Mr. Bright, and Mr. Corser. 
It is a poetical tract of the greatest rarity. See Corser's " Collectanea,** part iv., 
pp. 301-2. 

The Tragedie of Chabot Admirall of France : As it was pre- 
sented by her Majesties Servants, at the private House in Drury Lane. 
Written by George Chapman and James Shirly. Lotidon, Printed by 
Tito, Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke, 1639. 4to. 

A — I 3 in fours. 

A play called the " Fall of Chabot ^ appears to have been in existence before 
1626. See Collier's " Memoirs of Alleyne,'' p. 147. 

Ovid's Banqvet of Sence. With a Coronet for his Mistresse 

Philosophy ; and His Amorous Zodiack. Quis leget h<BC ? Nemo 
Hercide Nemo, vel duo vel ftetfto : Persius. Lottdon, Printed by B, A. 
and T, F, and are to be sold by R, Horseman at his shop in t/te Strand 
neerevnto Yorke House, 1639. Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

A — D in eights, the first leaf blank. 

This is the uncut copy of the second edition of Chapman's poem, described in 
Corser's " Collectanea,'' part iv., pp. 289-90, as having been bought at Skegg's sale. 
It omits the whole of the preliminary matter given in the edition of 1595. See 
" Collectanea," part iv., pp. 286-9. 

The Tragedy of Alphonsus, Emperour of Germany. As it 

hath been very often Acted (with great Applause) at the Private 
house in Black-Friers by his late Maiesties Servants. By George 
Chapman Gent London, Printed for Htnnpltrey Moseley. 1654, 4to. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — K in fours. 

Revenge for Honour. A Tragedy. By George Chapman. 

London^ Printed for Humphrey Moselcy, . . . 1654. 4to. 

A — H in fours. 
F F 


CHARACTER. The Character of a Soliciter. Or the Tricks 
and Quillets of a Pettyfc^ger. With his manifold Knaveries, Cheats, 
Extortions, and other Villanies. London^ Printed far R. C, L F. 
1675. 4to. Four leaves, 

The Character of an Oxford-Incendiaiy. [Colophoa] London 

printed for Robert White. [About 1643.] 4to. Four leaves. 

The Character of a Town Misse. London. Printed for 

W. L. 1675. 4to. Four leaves. 

The Character of a Town-Gallant : exposing the Extrava- 
gant Fopperies of som vain Self-conceited Pretenders to Gentility and 
good Breeding. London. Printed for W. L. 1675. 4to. Four leaves. 

CHARLES THE First. A Trve Relation "and lovmall of the 
Manner of the Arrivall and Magnificent Entertainment, giuen to the 
High and Mighty Prince, Charles, Prince of Great Britaine, by the 
King of Spaine in his Court at Madrid. Published by Authority. 
London^ Printed by lohn Havilandfor William Barret. 1623. 4to. 

A — £ in fours, first leaf blank. 

A Continvation of a former Relation concerning the Enter- 
tainment giuen to the Prince His Highnesse by the King of Spaine in 
his Court at Madrid. London^ Printed by lohn Havilandfor William 
Barret. 1623. 4to. 

A — C in fours, first and last leaves blank. This is bound up with the first part. 

«*— Relation de Tarriv^e en la Cour du Roy d'Espagne du Ser. 
Charles Prince de Gales, fils du Roy de la Grand Bretagne. Traduit 
de TEspanol en Francois, sur la coppie escritte k Madrit, le 20 Mars 
dernier. Paris. 1623. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 16. 

Pr6sens admirables du Rdy d*Espagne au Prince de Gales & 

Seigneurs de sa suitte en Espagne. Et ceux du Prince de Gales 
reciproquement faicts au Roy d'Espagne, k Tlnfante Dona Maria et 
aux Seigneurs de sa cour, lors de son depart, pour retoumer en Angle- 
terre. Avec pouvoir qu*il a laiss^ au Prince Don Charles, d'6spouser 
la sus-dite Infante en son nom. Paris. 1623. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 16. 

Articles du Mariage entre le Prince de Galles et Tlnfante 

d'Espagne. En faveur de la religion Catholique, Apostolique et 
Romaine. Paris. 1623. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 16. 

La r&ponce du Prince de Galles aux demi^res propositions 

du Roy d'Espagne, sur le faict de son Mariage. Avec promesse 
d'establir la liberty de conscience en Angleterre. Paris. 1623. 
Sm. 8vo. Pp. 16. 


CHARLES THE First. Bref de nostre S. P^re le Pape au trfes- 

noble Prince de Galles, Fils du Roy de la grande Bretagne. Paris, 

1623. Sm. 8vo. 

Pp. i-io and 3-8. 

Lettre du Ser^nissime Prince de Galles. Envoyde au Pape. 

Jotixte la coppie Imprimie en Espagne, 1623. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 15. 
Dessein perpetuel des Espagnols k la Monarchic universelle, 

avec les preuves d*iceluy. 1624. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 71. 

Lettre sur la declaration du Roy d'Angleterre. Ensemble ce 

qui a est6 conclu pour le mariage de Madame Sceur du Roy auec Ic 
Prince de Galles. Paris, 1624. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 8. 

L'Ordre des c^r^monies observ^es au mariage du Roy de la 

Grand Bretagne, et de Madame sceur du Roy. Ensemble Tordre 
tenue aux fiangailles faictes au Chasteau du Louvre en la Chambre 
de sa Maiest^. Paris, 1625. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 16. 

Pan^gyrique i tr^s-grand et tr^s-puissant Prince Charles, 

Prince de Galles &c. \s, I. n, d.] Sm. 8vo. 

Pp. 104. It begins on p. i, without separate title. 

A Trve Discovrse of all the Royal Passages, Tryvmphs and 

Ceremonies, obserued at the Contract and Mariage of the High and 
Mighty Charles, King of Great Britaine, and the most Excellentest of 
Ladies, the Lady Henrietta Maria of Burbon, sister to the most 
Christian King of France. Together with her lourney from Paris to 
BuUoigne, and thence vnto Douer in England, where the King met 
her, and the manner of their enterview. As also the tryumphant 
Solemnities which passed in their loumies from Douer to the Citie of 
London, and so to Whitehall, &c. O quam te memorem virgo. — O Dea 
certL LondoHy Printed by John Haveland for Hanna Barret, 1625. 

A — E in fours, title on A 2, and d — e, 4 leaves each, between D and E. 

The eight unpaged leaves between D and £ were introduced, as an afterthought, 
to supply the two speeches delivered by the Mayor of Canterbury, Master John 
Finch, to the King and Queen on May 30 and June 13, 1625. Inserted in the 
volume, in which this tract is bound with others, are portraits of the Infanta of Spain, 
Henrietta Maria (by Stent), and two of Prince Charles. 

A Relation of the Gloriovs Trivmphs and Order of the 

Ceremonies, obserued in the Marriage of the High and Mighty 
Charles, King of Great Brittaine, and the Ladie Henrietta Maria, 
Sister to the most Christian King of France. Together with the 


Ceremonie obserued in their Troth-plighting, performed in the Castle 

of the Louure, in his Maiesties Chamber there. As also the King's 

Declaration containing a Prohibition vnto all his Subiects to vse any 

Traffique or Commerce with the Kingdome of Spaine. Published in the 

Parliament of Paris, the 12. of May, 1625. Whereunto the Originall 

French copie is added. London Printed by T. S.for Nathaniel Butter ^ 

and are to be sold at the signe of the Pyde-Bull^ neere S, Austens Gate. 

1625. 4to. 

A — C in fours, title on A 2. 

CHARLES THE First. Les Articles de la Paix, accord^es entre 
le Roy de France et le Roy de la Grand Bretagne. Paris. 1629. 
Sm. 8vo. Pp. 7. 

The Kings Maiesties Declaration to his Subiects, Concerning 

lawful! Sports to be vsed. Imprinted at London by Robert Barker. . . . 

1633. 4to. 

A — C 3 in foars. 

This is a reissue of the Declaration of 161 8, with a royal injunction on the part 
of Charles I. for the stricter observance of his Other's edict 

The Entertainment of the High and Mighty Monarch Charles 

King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, into his auncient and 
royall City of Edinbvrgh, the fifteenth of lune, 1633. Printed at 

Edinbvrgh by lokn Wreittoun. 1633. 4to. R. M. 

A — £ in fours, tide on A 2. 

Mr. Georige Smith's copy. The last three leaves are occupied by Walter Forbes's 
Panegyric on the King, which had already been printed separately. 

A Relation of the Kings Entertainment into Scotland on 

Fryday, the 13. of August, 1641. As also the Coppy of a Speech 
whiche the Speaker for Scotland spake to his Majesty. And how the 
Effigies of my Lord Sandwidge was carv'd in wood, and beheaded 
after he was condemned of high Treason, to his disgrace and shame, 
although he saved his life by flight. Anno Domini. 1641. 4to. 
Four leaves. From the collections of Mr. Jolley and Mr. George Smith. 

Ovatio Carolina. The Trivmph of King Charles, Or The 

Trivmphant Manner and Order of receiving His Maiesty into his City 
of London, on Thursday the 25th Day of November, Anno Dom. 
1 64 1, upon his Safe and happy Return from Scotland. With Master 
Recorder's Speech to His Majestic. And His Majesties most gracious 
Answer. London, Printed by A. N. 1641. 4to. Large paper. G. M. 

A — D in fours, besides the tide and frontispiece. 

The Great Eclipse of the Sun, Or Charles His Waine Over- 

clouded by the Evill Influence of the Moon. . . . Otherwise, Great 


Charles, our Gracious King, eclipsed by the seductive perswasions of 

his Queen. . . . Printed according to Order by G, B. August 30. 1644. 


Four leaves. With a cut on the title. 

CHARLES THE First. A New-yeares Gift for His Maiesty, 
Or An humble Petition from his Svbiects. Being principally intended 
for His Majesties private Meditation, but the way of presenting being 
difficult, it is thought convenient to communicate it to the publike view. 

Weake meanes great things may cause with little cost 
Wlien greater meanes have been but labour lost. 

Printed in tlieyeare^ 1644. 4to. 

Four leaves. In verse. Mr. Corser*s copy. 

The bloody Game at Cards. As it was played betwixt the 

King of Hearts, and the rest of his Suite, against the residue of the 
packe of cards. Wherein is discovered where faire play was plaid, 
and where was fowle. [Woodcut of the King of Hearts.] Shuffled at 
London, Cut at Westminster, Dealt at Yorke, and Plaid in the open 
field, by the Citty-clubs, the Country Spade-men, Rich-Diamond 
men and Loyall Hearted men. [Noplace or date.] 4to. 

Four leaves. 

A Declaration for Peace from the Kings most Excellent 

Majesty, and the Dukes, Marquesses. . . . and the rest of his Com- 
missioners at Newport ; to be published throughout the Kingdom of 
England and Dominion of Wales ; Containing their unanimous Reso- 
lution for an Agreement with both Houses of Parliament within the 
time (of 40 days) limited for the Treaty ; And his Gracious and Finall 
Answer to the paper of Ireland, presented to the Commissioners on 
Friday last. With their happy and joyfuU Agreement therein. Dated 
at Newport, 14 Octob. 1648. Imprinted at London for R, Smithy neer 
Temple-Bar, 1648. 4to. 

Four leaves. With a large engraving on the title representing the King in 

Chronostichon Decollationis Caroli Regis, &c. [ Without place 

or printer's name.] Anno Dom. MDC . XLVHI. A poetical broad- 

Monumentum Regale : Or A Tombe erected for that incom- 
parable and glorious Monarch, Charles the First ... In select 
Elegies, Epitaphs, and Poems. Printed in the Year 1649. Sm. 8vo. 

A — C in eights. 

The poems are by Bishop King, " A Deep Groan," &c., Thomas Pierce, " The 
Palingenesia,** Alexander Browne, &c. 
From Dr. Bandinel's collection. 


CHARLES THE First. The Monvment of Charles the First, King 
of England. Who was beheaded, &c. Mars miki Lucrutn. [1649^] 

A poetical broadside, with an cngraYing. 

A Flattering Elegie vpon the death of King Charles : The 

cleane contrary way. With a Parallel! something significant. Printed 
in tkiVeare 1649. 4^^- G^- ^* 

Four leaves. In verse. 

Caroli tv Max»tirH IXaXiyyin^/a. London. Printed far Ri. 

Roy Stan at the Angel in Ivie-iam. 16491 4to. 

Six leaves. In verse. 

The Famous Tragedie of King Charles I. Basely Butchered 

by those who are, 

Omne nefas proni patere pudoris inanes, 
Crudeles, violenti^ Importunique tyranni lie. 

In which is included, the several Combinations and machinations that 
brought that incomparable Prince to the Block, the overtures hapning 
at the famous Scigc of Colchester, the Tragicall fals of Sir Charls 
Lucas and Sir George Lisle, the just reward of the Leveller Rains- 
borough, Hamilton and Bailies Trecheries, In delivering the late 
Scottish Army into the hands of Cromwell, and the designe the 
Rebels have, to Destroy the Royal Posterity. Printed in the Year^ 
1649. 4to. 

A — G 2 in fours. 

This piece is in dnunatic form, the actors being Fairfax, Ireton, Rainsboroogh, 
Peters, Bosvill, Cromwell, Pride, Sir Charles Lucas, &c. 

Eufluv Barixxxi;. The Pourtfaicture of His Sacred Majestie in his 

Solitudes and Sufferings: Together with his Private Prayers, used 

in the time of his Restraint, and delivered to D. Juxon, Bishop of 

London, immediately before his Death .... \No place or printer*s 

ftamei] 1649. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 4 leaves, including a leaf before the title-page with the royal arms ; B — S 
4 in eights. Portraits of Charles I. and Prince Charles, and folded plate of the 
king at his devotions. 

EiJKwv Axnrdipj. The Povrtraitvre of Truths most Sacred 

Majesty truly suffering, though not solely. WTierein the fake colours 
are washed off, wherewith the Painter-steiner had bedaubed Truth, 
the late King, and the Parliament, in his counterfeit Piece entituled 
Eikon Basilike. Published to undeceive the World. Lottdon Printed 
by T/iovias Paine, and arc to be sold by George WlUttington at the blew- 
Anchor in Corn-hill. 1649. 4^^. Frontispiece. 

Title and frontispiece, 2 leaves ; A, 4 leaves ; a, 2 leaves ; B — O in fours. 


CHARLES THE First. Ej««r E^rurru. Or, The faithful! Pour- 
traicture of a Loyall Subject in vindication of Eikon Basiltke .... 
In Answer to an insolent Book intituled, Eikon Alethine : whereby 
occasion is taken to handle all the controverted points relating to these 
times. Printed in the Year \6/^^ 4to, 

A— N in fours, including the frontispiece. 

A volume in 4to, containing engravings illustrating the history 

of Charles I. and other subjects connected therewith, viz.: — 

1. A portrait, three-quarter size, of the King, in hat and cloak, with the Garter 
attached to his right shoulder. Peeter Huyhrechts ficit it Exc, 

2. A portrait of the King by Van der Gucht, after Vandyke. 

3. Two engravings, probably by W. Marshall, taken from John Quarles's '* Regale 
Lectum Miserise,'' 1649. 

4. The engraved title to Biondi's " History of the Civill Warrcs of England," 
Englished by the Earl of Monmouth, 1641-6, folio, by R. Elstracke. 

5. Frontispiece, by Hollar, to Husbands' "Collection of Ordinances," 1646, folio. 

6. Execution of Charles I. exhibiting the King disrobed for decapitation, the 
executioner masked, with his axe on his shoulder, chaplains and others in at- 
tendance, && No engraver's name. 

7. A set of engravings to Cranford's ^ Tears of Ireland^" 1642, with descriptions 
in English engraved on the plates. These engravings are numbered i to 12, and 
the different compartments are marked A to X. They are copies of the plates 
engraved by Hollaur and others for Cranford's '' Tears of Ireland,** but for what book 
they were intended has not been ascertained. 

8. A German engraved^ portrait of James, Marquis of Montrose, half-length, in 
armour, but bareheaded, with a view of Edinburgh, including the scaffold, &c., in 
the background. 

9. Another engraving of the execution of Charles I., more modem than No. 6, 
and representing the act of decapitation. Of foreign execution. The V^'^"**^** is 
here unmasked. 

10. A large sheet, in four compartments and an oval space in the centre, con- 
taining sixteen verses in German, beneath which is a portrait of Charles I., also oval, 
with an inscription round it, &c. The four compartments represent the trial of the 
King, the lying in state, &c. Dated 1649. 

11. Another large sheet, representing in compartments a variety of incidents 
connected with the English Civil Wars, events in Ireland and Scotland, and on 
the Continent, with the central space occupied by a map of Great Britain and 
Ireland, and a view of the Battle of Prague, with the city of Prague in the back- 
ground. At the foot of the sheet is a description, in verse, of the events represented 
in the various compartments. There is no engraver's name. 

CHARLES THE Second. L'Ordre et C^r^monies observe au 
Baptesme du Prince d'Angleterre. Paris. 1630. Sm. 8vo. Pp. 15. 

An Extract out of the Register of the Resolutions of the Lords, 

the States of Holland and West-Friese-land . . . Concerning their 
dislike of what the Ministers of the Hague have done, in behalf of 
His Majesty Charles the Second. London^ Printed for Edward Hus- 
band . . . March 30^ 1649. 4to. 

Four leaves. 


CHARLES THE Second. The King Advancing, Or Great 

Brittains Royal Standard, With His Majesties Gracious Speech to 

His Loyal Subjects ; And the Investing Him in His Royal Throne, 

Crown and Dignities. London, Printed for Charles Prince^ in tkeyeare, 

1660. 4to. 

Four leaves. In verse; 

CHARLES V. Warhaftige vnd kurze bericht In der Summa, 
wic cs yctzo, im Tausent Fiinff hundert vnd siben vnd zweintzigsten 
jar den vj. tag May, durch Romischer Keyserlicher, vnd Hispanischer 
Konigklicher Maiestat kriegssuolck, In eroberung der Stat Rom 
ergangcn ist, biss aufT den. xxj. tag Junij. \p. O, u. y."] 4to. 

A contemporary account of the taking of Rome by the army of Charles V. 

Triumphus Caroli Impcratoris cius nominis quinti. Gedruckt 

in Nurnberg durch Peter Steinbach fonnschncider, \p, J^ A series of 

nine large oblong woodcuts, folded in a folio volume. R. M. 

This rare piece is described by Bartsch, ix., 150, as the work of Hans Guklen- 
mundt, and his name appears on some copies—*' Nomberga excudebai yokantus 
Gnldenmundt ;^ but according to Nagler, ^ Kiinstler Lexicon," xvii., p. 276 (Art. Stein- 
bach), those are the second impressions, and this issue with the name of Steinbach 
without date is the first He gives the following account of it : ** Der Triumphzng 
des Kaisers Carl V. ist ahnlich jenem Maximilian's I., und im Geschmacke Schan- 
felin's componirt Der Kaiser, umgeben von den Prinzen, sitzt in etnem reicfa ver- 
zierten von 12 Pferden gezogenen Wagen, gekrdnt von einem Engel. Vor dem 
Wagen sind mehrere Trompeter und Paucker und hinter ihm Gefolge zu Fuss und 
zu Pferd. Ueber dem letzten Zug von Pferden stehen in einem Lorbeerknuiie die 
Namcn der Tugenden und die Ausschrift * Triumphus Caroli Imperatoris ejus 
nominis Quintus.' " 

CHARLETON, Walter. Two Discourses. The first concern- 
ing the different Wits of Men. The second, A brief Discourse con- 
cerning the various Sicknesses of Wines. . . . Delivered to the Royal 
Society. . . . London, Printed for Will, Whitwood, . . . 1692. 
Sm. 8vo. With a portrait of Cltarlctofi ifiserted 

A, 4 leaves ; B — K 2 in twelves. 

CHARLEVOIX, Fr. X. de. Histoire et description gdn^rale de 
la Nouvelle France avec Ic journal historique d*un voyage fait par 
ordre du Roi dans TAm^rique Septentrionale. A Paris chez la veuve 
Ganeau, 1744. 6 vols. Sm. 8vo. 

CHARRON, Pierre le. De la Sagesse Hvres trois. A Bour- 

deaux, 1601. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

From Mr. Jo/s library, with the arms of the celebrated book-collector, H. P. Du 
Fresnoy, on the sides. Besides the 772 pages of text, as described by Brunet, there 
are ten leaves comprising the title and preliminary matter, and four leaves of index 
and errata. 


CHARTIER, Alain. Les faiz [dictes et ballades] maistre 
alain charetier. [Colophon.] Finissatt les faitz^ dictes et ballades 
inaistre Alain citartier, Imprimes a Paris par Pierre le caron marcliant 
libraire demourant aparis en la rue de quiqiiepoit a lemeigne de la croix 
blaclie OH au palais pres la premiere parte de lentree. [j. rf.] Folio. 
Black letter. O. M. 

Printed in two parts. Part i., 66 leaves, a, b, and d in eights ; c and e — k in 
sixes ; and part IL, 62 leaves ; A, B, D, and F in eights ; C, £, and G — K in sixes. 
Brunet, in both instances, gives A-^K iiii. 

— — Sensuyuet les faictz de maistre alal chartier cdtenant en soy 

douze liures dot les nos sont en la table cy aps. Qui traictent de 
plusieurs choses touchat les guerres faictes par les angloys. [Colophon.] 
Ifnprinu\ a Paris par la veiifue feu iehan trepperel et Jelian idianttot 
\s, d.] 4to. Black letter, R. M. 

Les CEuvres feu Maistre Alain chartier. Nouuellement 

imprimees reueues et corrigees oultre les precedetes impressions. A 
Paris^ Galliot du Pre, 1529. Sm. 8vo. GR. M. 

CHASTELLAIN, George. Histoire du bon chevalier Messire 
lacques de Lalaitl, frere et compagnoil de TOrdre de la Toison d'or. 
Briixelks chiz la Vefue d' Hubert Anthoine Velpius, 1634. 4to. R. M. 

From Southey's library, with a long note in his autograph on the flyleaf, in 
which he says of the book, " It is the most compleat picture that I have seen of 
actual chivahry." 

The real author of the book was Lefevre de Saint Remy. Though it passes 
under the name of Chastellain he was little more than the editor. 

boke for manes soule/ And right comfortable to the body/ and 
specyally in aduersitee 1 trybulacyon/ whiche boke is called The Chas- 
tysing of goddes Chyldern. [Noplace^ printer's name, or date,] Folio. 
Black letter. BR. M. 

Title and table, 2 leaves ; A — G in sixes ; H, 4 leaves. 

Though this piece is usually ascribed to the press of Caxton, Mr. Blades 
remarks : " The use of a title-page, a practice unknown to Caxton — the appearance 
of Type No. 7 — and the adoption of signatures havirig 3 sheets only— all point to 
Wynken de Worde, rather than to Caxton, as the Printer of this book, which was 
probably executed about 1491." This copy is perfect, except a portion of some 
lines in the last two leaves, which has been supplied in facsimile. Only five other 
perfect copies are known. 

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. [Canterbury Tales. Printed at West- 

mifister by W. Caxton, about 1478.] Folio. Black letter, BR. M. 

The first edition. Only two perfect copies are known. The first and second 
leaves of this copy are in facsimile, as well as eight leaves at the end and six else- 
Whera The general condition of the volume is fine, with good margin. See 
Blades's " Caxton,** v. ii., p. 45. 


306 CHA UCER. 

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. Here b^ynneth the boke of Caunter- 
buiy tales/ dilj^ently and truely corrected/ and newly printed. [Colo- 
phon.] Thus etideth the boke of CaunUrbury tales. Imprinted at London 
in JUte-strete by tne Rycharde Pynsonj printer vnto the kynges noble grace: 
and fynisslud tfu yere of our lorde god a. M.CCCCC. attd . xxvL the 
fourth day of Jum, Folio. Woodcuts, Black letter. BR.M. 

A — U in sixes, and x — ^y in fours ; y 4 is occupied by a coat of arms. 

The "Canterbury Tales" arc followed by a new title: "Here b^ynneth the 
boke of Fame/ made by Geffray Chaucer : with dyuers other of his workes.* 
This portion includes, " The assemble of Foules "; " La bell dame saons mercy"; 
" Morall prouerbes " ; " The complaynt of Mary Magdaleyne " ; " The letter of D>'do 
to Eneas "; " Prouerbes of Lyd^^te." 

a, 6 leaves ; b, 4 leaves ; c, 6 leaves ; d, 4 leaves ; e — i^ 6 leaves each. 

Succeeding this, and forming part of the volume, is ^'Troilus and Cressida": 
" Here begynneth the boke of Troylus and Creseyde/ newly printed by a trewe 

A — £ in sixes ; C,4 leaves ; D,6 leaves; £,4 leaves ; F,6 leaves ; G,4leaves; 
H, 6 leaves ; 1, 4 leaves ; K, 6 leaves, the verso of the last leaf occupied by Pjrnson's 
large device 

The present is a fine and perfect copy. This was the first attempt at a collection 
of Chaucer's writings. 

The workes of Geffray Chaucer newlye printed, with d3aiers 

workes whych were neucr in print before : As in the table more playnly 
dothappere. Cum priuilegio ad imprimcndum Solum. Ptynted by John 
Reyms dwcllynge at t/ie sygtu of saynte George in Pauls Churcl^arde. 
1 542. [Colophon.] T/tus cpideth tlu workes of Geffray Clumcer^ Prynted 
at LofuloH. Tlu yere of our lorde. 1 542. Folio. Woodcuts. Black 
letter. R. 

A, 4 leaves, including title ; B— Z in sixes, including a title to " The Canterbury 
Tales." Aa— Yy in sixes, including a title to "The Romaunt of the Rose;" no 
sig. Zz. Then follows a new set of signatures, AA— TT in sixes. The first leaf of 
this set of signatures is marked AAa. 

The Workes of Geffray Chaucer newly printed, with dyuers 

workes whichc were ncuer in print before : As in the table more pla3rnly 
dothe appcre. Cum priuilegio. [Colophon.] Tims eftdeth t/te zuorkes 
of Geffray Chaucer, Imprynted at London by TItontas Petit, dwellyng in 
Paules churc/ie yarde at tlu sygne of the May dens lucd. Cum priuilegio 
ad imprimcndum solum. Folio. Two woodcuts. Black letter, br. m, 

A, 8 leaves, first and second leaf after the title (in this copy) both marked A ii. ; 
B— X 4 in sixes ; " The Romaunt of the Rose," with a new title, Aa— Qqq in sixes, 
the last leaf blank. 

This edition, like that of 1542, is found with the imprint of different booksellers, 
having evidently been printed at their joint cost. In Mr. Hazlitt's " Collections 
and Notes" it is described as having preceded the edition of 1542, but Mr. Brad- 
shaw, of the Cambridge University Library, who has taken much trouble to ascer- 
tain all particulars relating to the early editions of Chaucer, is of opinion that this 
edition comes between those of 1542 and 1561. 


CHAUCER, Geoffrey. The Workes of ovr Ancient and learned 
English Poet, GelTrey Chavcer, newly Printed. . . . London. Printed 
by Adam Islip. An, Dom, 1602. Folio. Portrait R. M. 

This is Speght's second edition. 

The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer. Edited with introductory 

essay, notes and a glossary by T. Tyrwhitt. London, 1822. S vols. 
8vo. Portrait and plate. Large paper, Y. M. 

The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. With Memoir by 

Sir Harris Nicolas. London, W, Pickering, 1845. 6 vols. Portrait, 

Printed on veUum. Only two are said to have been thus printed. 

The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer. A New Text 

With Illustrative Notes. By Thomas Wright London, Printed for the 

Percy Society. 1847-51. 8vo. 3 vols. G. M. 

Bound up with this copy is the fifth volume of Tyrwhitt's edition, containing the 

Chaucer's Ghoast : Or, A Piece of Antiquity. Containing 

twelve pleasant Fables of Ovid penn'd after the ancient manner of 
writing in England. Which makes them prove Mock-Poems to the 
present Poetry. With the History of Prince Comiger and his Cham- 
pion Sir Crucifrag, that run a tilt likewise at the present Historio- 
graphers. By a Lover of Antiquity. London . . . 1672. Sm. 8vo. 
A — 1 4 in eights, including a leaf of advertisements. Chiefly in verse. 

CHAUFEPIE, J. G. DE. Nouveau Dictionnaire historique et 
critique, pour servir de supplement ou de continuation au Dictionnaire 
historique et critique de Mr. Pierre Bayle. Amsterdam. 1750. 4 vols. 
Folio. BL. M. 

CHAUNCY, Sir Henry. The Historical Antiquities of Hcrt- 
fordshire: With the Original of Counties, Hundreds . . . The 
Foundation and Origin of Monasteries, Churches, Advowsons . . . 
describing those of this County in Particular . . . Faithfully Col- 
lected from Public Records .... Together with an Exact Transcript 
of Domesday-Book, as far as concerns this Shire ... To which are 
added the Epitaphs and Memorable Inscriptions, in all the Parishes. 
And likewise the Blazon of the Coats of Arms .... London. 1700. 
Folio. Portrait and plates. R. 

CHEAP-SIDE CROSSE censured and condemned by A Letter 
sent from the Vicechancellour and other Learned Men of the Famous 
Vniversitie of Oxford, in answer to a question propounded by the 


Citizens of London, concerning the said Crosse, in the y ee r e 1600^ in 
which yeer it was beautified. As also a remarkable passage to the 
same purpose in a Sermon to an eminent and very great Auditory in 
this City of London by a very reverend, holy, and learned Divine, 
awhile after the Crosse was last repaired, which was Anno 1606 .... 
London, Printed by A. N.for L R. and art to be sold at his Shop im 
Pauls Churck-Yard, 1641. 4to. 

A' -B in fours. 

[CHECKLEY, John.] The Religion of Jesus Christ the only 
True Religion, Or, A Short and Easie Method with the Deists^ wherein 
the Certainty of the Christian Religion is Demonstrated by Infallible 
Proof from Four Rules .... In a Letter to a Friend. The Seventh 
Edition. Boston : Printed by T. Fleet, and are to be Sold by Jolm 
Chcckley . . . . 1719. Sm. 8vo. G. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — £ in fours. 

CHEKE, Sir John. The hurt of Sedition, how g^euous it is to a 
common welth. Set out by Sir lohn Cheeke Knight 1 549. And now 
newly pcrvsed and printed the . 14 . of December. 1569. Imprinted eU 
London by Willy am Seres, Sm. 8vo. Black letter, R. 

A — M in fours. 

CHESNEAU, AUGUSTINUS. Orphevs Eucharisticvs, sive Devs 
absconditvs humanitatis illecebris illustriores Mundi partes ad se 
pertrahens, vltroneas arcanas maiestatis adoratrices. Opus nowm In 
varias historicorum Emblematum aeneis tabulis incisorum centurias 
distinctum, quae strict^, solutaque oratione explanantur, adiectis 
Authorum fontibus ex quibus eruuntur. Tomvs primvs. Pritnam cen- 

turiam complectens Authore P. Avgvstino Chesneav Victrecnsi 

Communitatis Bituricensis Ordinis Eremitarum sancti Augustini sacrae 

Thcologiae Lectore. Parisiis, Apnd Florentinum Lambert 

M.DC.L VIL Sm. 8vo. With 100 engravings by Albert Flamen. R. 

Engraved frontispiece, i leaf; printed title, i leaf; pp. 5-699, followed by 16 
leaves without pagination. Bound at the end of this copy are canceb of pages 
131-3 and 141-2. 

No more than this first century ever appeared. 

CHESS. Des Altenn Ritterlichenn spils des Schachzabels griint- 
lich bedeutung vnnd Klarer bericht, dasselbig kiinstlich zuziehenn 
vnnd spilen. Mit eim newenn ettlicher besonderen meisterstiick, nach 
der Current, welschen art, vh von Hiitten, dessgleichen ettlichenn 
besondern Regeln des Schachziehens, vormals nie aussgangen. Ge^ 
drtukt zu Franckfurt am Mayn, Bei Christian Egenolplu 1536. 4ta 


A — F iii. in fours, including the title. 


CHETTLE, Henry. Kind-Harts Dreame. Contdnlng fiue 
Apparitions, with their Inuectiues against abuses raigning. Deliuered 
by seuerall Ghosts vnto him to be publisht, after Piers Penilesse Post 
had refused the carriage. Inuita Inuidue, by H. C. Imprinted at 
London for William Wright. [1593.] 4to. Black Utter. O. M. 

A — G 3 in fours, titie on A 2. 

From Lord Charlemont's library. The only other perfect copy known is that in 
the King's Library in the British Museum. There are imperfect copies in the 
Malone and Burton collections at Oxford. 

The address of Chettle, signed with his name in full, "To the Gentlemen Readers," 
is of very considerable interest and literary value in connection with the history of 
two or three prominent characters of the day. Chettle there confesses himself the 
author of the epistle before the second part of the romance of ** Gerileop," fiilsely 
ascribed to Nash ; " that I confesse to be mine,'' he says, " and repent it not ; " and 
he also notices the death of Robert Greene. This is followed by *' Kind-hartes 
Dedication of his dreame to all the pleasant conceited whersoeuer," after which 
comes the main narrative. The passages relating to Tarlton, Munday (Anthony 
Nqw-Now), Nash, and Greene are exceedingly curious. The concluding leaves are 
occupied by " William Cuckoe's " address " to all close luglers." 

'^-*^- Englandes Mourning Garment : Wome here by plaine Shep- 
heardes ; in memorie of their sacred Mistresse, Elizabeth, Queene of 
Vertue while shee iiued, and Theame of Sorrow, being dead. To 
which is added the true manner of her Emperiall Funeral!. After 
which foloweth the Shepheards Spring-Song, for entertainement of 
King lames our most potent Soueraigne. Dedicated to all that loued 
the deceased Queene, and honor the liuing King. Non Verbis sed 
Virtute. Printed at London by V. S. for TItomas Millingtan^ and are 
to be sold at his shop vnder saint Peters Church in Comhil. [1603.] 

A — G I in fours. In prose and verse. 

First edition. The date 1603 is on the title of the second. See Haslitt's 
" Handbook." 

" A very interesting part of this tract relates to contemporary poets, many of 
whom are pointed out by allusions to their works, as Daniel, Warner, Chapman, 
Nash, Shakespeare, Drayton, &c. Vide sig. D 2 verso. Chettle signs the address 
to the reader on the errors of the press, complaining of them : he was a good Judge 
upon the subject, having himself been originally a printer." — ** BibL Heber.," part iv,, 
No. 350. 

A notice of the work, taken from the second edition, will be found in Collier's 
" BibL Cat.," i., pp. 129-31. Chettle here alludes to Shakespeare under the name of 
Melicert, and seems to intimate that the great poet had received from the queen 
special marks of favour, which he ought to requite by some tribute to her memory. 
On the 7th June, 1603, Matthew Lawe was fined for issuing a surreptitious and un- 
authorized impression of this poem. As he stated that he had sold all the impres- 
sion but a hundred copies, it is remarkable that not one with his name is known 
to exist. 

It from Herbert's "Ames," p. 1113, i^ote, that Chettle entered into 
partnership with W. Hoskins as a printer, August 3, 1591, but his name appears 
only 00 one book in that year, and in 1592 it was omitted again. 


CHEVELERE ASSIGN E. The Romance of the Chevelere 

Assignc. Edited by Henry H. Gibbs. Lofidon. 1868. 8vo. 

A presentation copy from Mr. Gibbs. It has the series of photographic iUns- 
trations from an ivory casket in the editor's possession, carved with incidents 
described in the romance. 

CHIMNEY. The Chimneys Scuffle. Publka fumanUs tetigere 

tributa Catninos^ Naribus amiacis fastidiosa pUbis. London ^ Printed m 

the Year 1662. 4to. 

Nine leaves. In verse. 

CHORLEY. JosiAH. A Metrical Index to the Bible : Or Alpha- 
betical Tables of the Holy Scriptures, in Metre. Composed i. To 
help the Memory &c. . . . Norwich^ Printed by \V. C/iose far Tho : 
Goddard. 1711. 8vo. 

Title and other prefixes, 4 leaves ; A — D in eights. 

CHRISTIAN RULM The Christian rule or state of all the 

worldc from the hyj^hcst to the lowest : and how euery man shulde 

lyue to please God in hys callynge. Item, The Christian state of 

matrimony : and how man and wife shuld kepe house together with 

louc. Item, the nianer or [sic] sayngc grace after the holy Scrj'pture. 

[Quot. from i Cor. vii.] {Xo place or date. Lotidopi, about 1550.] Sm. 

8vo. Black letter 

A — F 4 in eights. The present copy contains only the first tract mentioned on 
the title, but no other copy seems to be known, perfect or imperfect 

CHRISTIANSSON, Carolus. Primx lineie unionis civitatium 
America: Septentrionalis ; qu;is venia Ampliss. Fac. Phil. Upsal. P.P. 
Mag. C. Rudolph. Carliiv^ Stipend. Reg. Bothnicnsis ct Carolus Chris- 
tiansson Sudcrmannus in Audit. Gustav. D. V Junii MDCCCXIII 
H. A. M. S. Upsaliu\ cxtuJcbant Stcnhammar ct Palmblad* \s, ^.] 4to. 

Six leaves. 

CHRISTINE I)E PISAN. Here bcg>-nneth the book of fayttes 
of armcs & of Chyualr}'c/ -And the first chapitrc is the prologue. . . . 
[Colophon.] Tints cnJctli this bokc ij/iiclu' xj>jNc of pysc made and drove 
out of the bokc named vcgccins dc re militari. . . . Amen, Per Caxton, 
[1489.] Foh'o. Black letter r.R. M. 

Table, 2 leaves ; the work, A R in ciL;hls : S in sixes, the last leaf blank. 

This copy was obtained at one of Ihc i-ibri sales. It is perfect and large ; but 
the two leaves of table have been much washed. See Blades's " Caxton," vol. li » 
p. 205. 

Here begynneth the boke of the Cyte of Ladyes/ the 

whiche boke is deuyded in to . iii. partes. The fyrst parte telleth 
howe and by whom the wallc and the cloystre aboute the Cyte was 


made. The seconde parte telleth howe and by whom the cyte was 
buylded within and peopled. The thyrde parte telleth howe and by 
whom the hyghe battylmentes of the towres were parfytely made/ and 
what noble ladyes were ordeyned to dwell in y hyghe palayces and 
hyghe dongeons. And y fyrst chapytre telleth howe and by whom and 
by what mouynge the sayd cyte was made. [Colophon.] Here endeth 
thi thyrde and the last partye of t/ie bake of i/te Cyte of Ladyes. Im- 
prynted at London in Poules Ckyrchyarde at the sygne of the Trynyte by 
Henry PepwelL In ^ yere of our lorde . M, CCCCC xxi. The . xxvj. 
day of October. And the .xiL yere of the reygne of our souerayne 
lorde kynge Hettry the . viij. 4to. Black letter. With a woodcut on 
thi recto £2f verso of t/ie title. BR. M. 

Aa — Pp in fours and sixes alternately ; A — Y in sixes and fours alternately, and 
Z, 4 leaves, the last occupied by the printer*s device on the verso, the recto having 
the colophon surmounted by two female figures, the whole enclosed in a woodcut 
border, with Pepwell's monogram in the lower centre. 

The woodcut at the back of the title is repeated three times in the book. The 
only portion in verse is the prologue, which is comprised in four 7-line stanzas, 
which are reprinted by Ritson ('* Bibliographia Poetica," p. 115). From these it 
appears that the translator of the book was Brian Anslay, Yeoman of the Cellar 
to Henry VIII. 

CHRISTINE DE PISAN. Morall Prouerbes, Composed in 

Frenclj by Cristyne de Pisan, translated by the Earl Rivers. And 

reprinted from the original Edition by William Caxton. A.D. 1478. 

Edited by William Blades. London. 1859. 4^^* 

Ninety-five copies were printed for private circulation. Presentation copy from 
the editor. 

CHRISTLICHE andechtige Hertzseufftzerlein zu Gott ehe man 
betet, mit emst vnnd in wahrem Glauben taglich zubetrachten. Sm. 
sqr. 8vo. KM. • 

MS. of the seventeenth century upon vellum. With ten miniatures. 

CHRISTLICHES Buss-Beicht- und Communion-Buchlein. Ulm. 

1722. Sm. 8vo. 

The binding is a fine specimen of solid silver work. The sides are repoussi in 
high relief, and represent the subjects of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, in oval 
compartments. Above and below each of these the space is (filed in with ornamental 
work of wreaths and amoretti very beautifully chased. On the back is represented 
Moses and the brazen serpent 

CHRISTMAS. A 4to volume, containing a series of tracts re- 
lating to Christmas :— 

I. A Ha ! Christmas, This Book of Christmas is a sound and good perswasion 
for Gentlemen, and all wealthy men, to keepe a good Christmas . . . By T. H. 
LdMdon^ Printed for R. L, 1647. 4 leaves. 


t. The Vindication of the Solemnity of the Nativity of Christ .... With a 
short Answer to certaine Queries propounded by one los^h Heming . • • . By 
Thomas Warmstry. D.D. . . . PrinUdin the Ytan 164S. A—D a in fours. 

3. Christmas, The Christians grand Feast : Its Original, Growth, and Obserra- 
tion, Also of Easter, Whitsontide, and other Holydayes .... By Thomas Mockett 
.... London^ PrinUdfor Richard Wodenaik ai the Star under PeUrs Ckmrch im 
Camkili. 1651. A— D 3 in fours. 

4. Fcstorvm Metropolis. The Metropolitan Feast Or The Birth-Day of oar 
Saviour Jesus Christ .... Written by Pastor Fido [Allan Blayney]. Landam: 
PrinUdfor AfaithiW Simmons^ 1652. A, 3 leaves ; B — L in fours. Partly in verscL 

5. The Vindication of Christmas, Or, His Twdve Yeares Observations upon the 
great and lamentable Tragedy between the King and Pariiament ; acted by General 
Plunder and Major-General Tax . . . ImprimUd ai London for G. Hortom, 1653. 
4 leaves. With three curious woodcut figures on the title. 

6. The EzalUtion of Christmas Pye, ats it was Delivered in a Preachment in 
Lime-Street, on these Words, '* And they did eat thdr Plumb Pyes and rejoiced 
exceedingly." By P. B. Doctour of Divinity and Midwilry. London j Prinied for 
y, Roberts, 1728. 9 leaves. [Originally printed in 1659.] 

7. The Tryalof Old Father Christmas .... By Josiah King. London: Printed 
and Sold by T, Boreman 1735. Sm. 8vo. A— B in eights. [This eclition (Hnits the 
frontispiece and dedication.] 

8. The Lawfulness and the right manner of keeping Christmass and other 
Festivals. A sermon ... By Ofspring Blackall, D.D. Now Lord Bishop of 
Exeter . . . London . . 1708. Sm. 8vo. 

CHRISTOFERSON, John. An exhortation to all menne to 
take hede and beware of rebellion : wherein are set forth the causes, 
that commonlye moue men to rebellion, and that no cause is therc^ 
that ought to moue any man therevnto, with a discourse of the 
miserable eflfectes, that ensue thereof, and of the wretched ende^ 
that all rebclles comme to, moste necessary to be redde in this sedi- 
tiouse & troublesome tyme, made by John Christoferson. At the ende 
whereof are ioyncd two godlyc Prayers, one for the Quenea highnes, 
-verye conuenient to be sayd dayly of all her louing and fajrthfull Sub* 
iectes, and an other for the good & quiete estate of the whole realme. 
Reade tlu whole, and t/iai Judge, [Colophon.] Imprynted at London 
in Paules churcheyarde, at tlu sigfie of the fiofy Ghost, by John Cawood^ 
Pryfiter to the Qtieenes highnes. A nno Domini, 24 . lulij. 
Cum priuilegio Regince Maria. Sm. 8vo. Block letter. R. 
A— Gg 4 in eights. The last leaf is occupied by the errata. 

CHRONICLES. Chronicon Nurcmbergensls. See SchedeL 

Chronicon Gotwicense, seu Annales Monasterii Gotwicensis 

Ord. Bened. Infcrioris Austria, ex codicibus antiquis, membranis et 
instrumentis turn domcsticis, turn extraneis depromptum. Typis 
Monasterii Tegemseensis, 1732. Folio. Maps atid facsimiles of docu- 


CHRONICLES. [Les Chroniques de France, dites Chroniques 
de St. Denis.] Folio. R. M. 

MS. on vellum. 375 folios. With miniatures of the most remarkable beauty. 
Written in the Monastery of St Denis, A.D. 1383-84. 

It might be supposed that the Chronicles of St Denis would be frequently 
found in MSS. collections. But the contrary is the case. In Paulin PAris's cata- 
logue of the '^MSS. Francois de la Biblioth^ue du Roi" only one codex is 
described, and that is of the fifteenth century. In the ^ Biblioth^ue Historique 
de la France/' by Le Long, two copies are mentioned as then In the Biblioth^ue 
da Roi, and one in the Abbey of St Victor. The treasures of that abbey fiell to 
the Paris Biblioth^ue at the time of the Revolution, and if the MS. had been still 
amongst them it would have been described by Paulin Piris. In Haenel's catalogue 
of MSS. in the European libraries there is a list of only five copies : one In Sir 
Th. Philllpps's collection, fourteenth century, one at Orleans, fifteenth century 
one at St Omer, fifteenth century, one at Cambrai, and one in the BibL de 
FArsenal at Paris, to which no date is assigned. 

The Chronicles of St Denis end properly with the accession of Charles VL in 
1380^ but in this copy the annals are continued without any break to the year 1383, 
and close with the death of the Count of Flanders. Three leaves seem to be 
deficient in the volume. 

There have been many editions of the book, chiefly andent impresdons: the 
latest and best is that edited l^ M. Paulin P&ris. 

La cronique de gennes auec la totalle description de toute 

ytallie. [On the verso of the title.] La cronicque des geneuois auec la 
totalle descriptio en abrege de tout le pays dytallie Contenant la situ- 
adon/ longueur et largeur : ensemble les seigneuries/ contrees et pro- 
uinces principalles qui y sont/ auecques iextimacion en particulier de 
laiget quon tyre c5munement tous les ans desdictes seigneuries dytalie. 
[Colophon.] Cy fine la cronique d$ gennes et de miUan abregee aaee 
lordanmmce % police faicte en la dicte ville de ginespar le roy defrdce 
lays. xii. de ce nd. Imprime a parts de par eustace de brie marckdi 
libraire denumrdt au sabbot derriere la magdaleine. Et luy a dene la 
court de plemit t procureur du roy vng an de temps pour vendre i dis- 
tribuer sesdits liures/ et inhUncids % deffeces faictez a tous librcdres 1 im- 
primeurs x a t09 autres de nd imprimer le d* liure iusqs a vng an pro- 
chain vendt du cSmencentit du jcvii. iour de itdng mil v. ds 1 s^: 
I finissant au cP ieur mil cinq cens et kuyt Sm. 8vo. Black letter. 

R* Bf« 

eights, infhidhtg the title. 

[Cronicas de Espafia.] Madrid. 1779-87. 7 vols. Folio. 


Vols. I and a. Cronicas de los Reyes de Castilky Don Pedro, Don Enrique II, 
Don Juan I, Don Enrique III, por P. Lopez de Ayala, con las enmiendas de Ger. 
Zurita y las correcdones y notas aftadidas por Don Eugenie de Llaguno Amirola. 

VoL III. Cronica de Don Pedro Nifio por Gutierre Diez de Games.— Historia 
del Gran Tamorian.--Sumario de los Reyes de Espafia. 1781-2. 

H H 


VoLIV. Memorias historkat de k vida dd Rer Alonso VIII. recogidas por d 
Marques de Mondexar. 1783. 

VoL V. Cronica de D. Alvaro de Luna. 1784. 

VoL VI. Cnmica dd Rey D. Enrique IV. por Dkso Enriqnei <U Outaia— 
Coplas de Mingo Remlga 1787. 

VoL VII. Cnmica de D. AlfiMuo XL 1787. 

CHRONICLES. Chronica del sancto rey don Fernando teicero 

deste nombre : ^ gano a Seuilla : y a toda el Andaluzia. EI qual fue 

padre del rey don Alonso el Sabia Y abuelo del rcy do Sancbo d 

braua Y visabuelo del rey don Fem&do el ({fto: que murio em- 

plazado. Y rebisabuelo del rey don Al5so el onzeno : que gano las 

Algeziras. Todas las Chronicas de los quales estan tambien im- 

pressas. Impnsso en VaUadolid. 1555. [Colophon.] Fue impressa 

m VaUadolid^ en casa de Sebastian MartineM. 1551. Folia Bkuk 

Utter. BUM. 

From Mr. Hanrotf s coUectton, in wliose aatognqdi is the foOowiog note on the 
fly-leaf :—^ This copy is a very interesting one. It bdooged to Hernando de 
Corral, a monk of the Monastery of Saint Hieronymo de Juste, to which the 
Emperor Charles V. retired. On the reverse of the last leaf is a MS. note in the 
handwriting of this monk, stating that the Emperor entered the monastery on 
Wednesday, the 5rd Febniary, at five in the afternoon, in the year 1557, and died 
there on Wednesday, the list September, at a quarter past two in the moniing, m 
the year 1558. It notices, also, the deaths of the Enqieror's ststersi Bfaria of 
Hungary, and Leonora (the widow of Francis I.) of France, in tibe same year.* 

Chronica dd muy eadareddo prindpe^ y rey don Alonso: d 

qual fue par de Emperador, t hizo el libro de las siete partidas. Y 
ansi mismo al fin deste libro va encorporada la Chronica del rey Don 
Sacho el Brauo, hijo de este rey don Alonso d Sabia Ift^nsse m 
Valladolid. [Colophon.] Fueron impressas m valladolid^ a casta j 
€H casa de Sebastian Martisuz. 1554. Folia Black letter. BUM. 

Cronica del muy valeroso rey don Fernando^ Visnieto dd 

sancto rey don Femado que gano a Seuilla Nieto dd rey d5 Alonso 
que fue par d'emperador, i hizo el libro de las siete partidas y fue hijo 
del rcy do Sancho el Brauo. Cuyas cronicas estan impressas. C Y fue 
padre del rey do Al5so Onzeno ^ gano las Algeziras. y abuelo del rey 
don Pedro. Cuyas cronicas tambie estan impressas. C Este es el rey 
Don Fcrnado que dizen que murio emplazado de los Caruajales. /w- 
prcssa en Valladolid, AHo. 1554. [Colophon.] Fue in^ressa en la 
muy fioble villa d VaUadolid^ a costa y en casa d Sebastid Martinez. 
1554. Folio. Black letter, bl. M. 

Chronica del muy esclaresddo Principe 1 Rey don Alfonso el 

Onzeno deste nobre de los reyes que reynaron en Castilla y en Leon. 
Padre q fue del rey don Pedra MDLI. [Colophon.] Fue impressa la 


presenU chronica en la insignij muy ndbrada villa de Valladolid a casta 
tie Pedro de Espinosa mer coder de libros vezino de la villa de Medina 
delcampo^y de Antonio d*Zamora vesino de la dic/ta villa de Vallado^ 
lid ... . encasa de Sebastian Martinez a la perrochia de sant Andres. 
155 1. Folio. BL. M. 

Salvi says that he has no hesitation in declaring this to be the first edition, and 
that the edition of Medina del Campo, 15149 described by Antonio, and after him 
mentioned by Brunet, has in fact no existence. 

CHRONICLES. Comienga la Coronica de don Aluaro de Luna 

Condestable de los Re)mos de Castilla y de Leon : Maestre y ad- 

ministrador de la orden y caualleria de Santiago. Fue Impressa la 

presente obra en la fibdad de Milan por yuan Antonio de Castellono 

ympressor. 1546. Folio. 

Cronica de Espafia. See Valera. 

Cronica del rey don Juan el sq^ndo. See Guzman. 

Hie hebt sicfa an die wibel vnd die Koranick, von erst wie 

got hymel vnd erd vnd allw dinck geschuf vnd damach von alien 

haydenschfi chunigen vnd chaysem. Waz die wunders vnd landes 

habent gestifft und audi von alien paebsten waz die in ire zeit habent 

getan. Large folio. BR. M. 

MS. on paper, of the end of the fourteenth or very early in the fifteenth century. 
This very remaricable MS. is entirely written in metre. It occupies 860 pages 
of two columns each, and each column has about forty or more lines, giving a 
total of nearly 7o/xx> verses. It begins with the creadon of the world and follows 
the Bible history to the end of the ist book of Judges, when the history of Troy 
comes in. This goes on for 150 pages, and then begins the 2nd book of Judges. 
The Bible history is continued to the end of Maccabees, but in the book of 
Kings a short account of the building of Rome is introduced After the books of 
Maccabees comes the Roman history fix>m the Christian era. The last chapter is 
^ Von karln dem newntzigistem chaiser. nach christi gepurt nawn hundert jar vnd 
vier jar.** The volume is illustrated with 204 extremely curious paintings in colours, 
of the quaintest execution and design, but by no means destitute of artisdc idea. 

Hie hebt an ein tiitsche Cronica von anfang der welt vncz 

uff keiser fridrich. [Colophon.] Gedruckt ze Vim von Johanne zainer 

vo RUtlingen. 1473. Folio. 

This, according to Panser, is the earliest printed chronicle in the German 
language. The compiler, he says, was Dr. Heinrich Steinhdwel, and he regrets 
greatly that he was never able to see it It consists of only thirty-sue leaves. 

CHRYSOLORAS. Eiotemata [Graec^ et Latini.] Impressum 
in compluti academia ab Artuddo Guillelmo Brocario. 15 14. 4to. 

Y. M. 


Thb ii i^ by Bntnet to be the eaxliesi book published in Spain with Greek 
characters ; for though the New Testament of the Ximenes Polyglott was dated 
some months earlier tlian this volumi^ it was not published till 1517. 

CHURCHYARD, Thomas. The firste parte of Churchyardes 
Chippes^ contayning twelue seuerall Labours. Deuised and published, 
only by Thomas Churchyard Gentilman. Imprinted at London in 
FkUstreate man vnto Saint Dunsiones Church bj Thomas Marshe, 
1575. 4ta Black Utter. 

Title and prdiminaries, 4 leaves ; A— O vL in eights, cxc^ sig. F, which has 
nine leaves, folio 49 being repeated. 

First edition. Dedicated '*To the righte worshipfoll his tried and worthy 
friend, Malster Christofor Hatton Esquier.* In this dedication OittrchTard says : 
M I call my worioes Churchyardes Chips, the basnes wherof can b^guild no man 
with better opinion, than the substance it sdfe doth import, and in deed if any 
other tietle had bene geuen to my triflo, than the proper name of chips, men mig^t 
have hoped for grauer matter thai the'natuer of my verses can produce.* 

A Lamentable and pitifull Description, of the wofuU warres 

in Flanders, since the foure last yeares of the Emperor Charles the 

fifth his raigne. With a briefe rehearsall of many things done since 

that season, vntill this present yeare, and death of Don lohn. Written 

by Thomas Churchyarde Gendeman. Imprinted at London by Ralph 

Newberie. Anno, i $76. 4to. Black letter. G. M. 

A — K a in fours. Chielly in prose. 

Mr. Corset's copy. It is described in " CoUectanea," part iv., pp. 564-6. See 
also *" BibL Anglo-Poedca," Na 106, and "^ BibL Heber.," part iv.. No. 358. 

A generall rehearsall of warres, called Churchyards Choise : 

Wherein Is fine hundred seuerall seruices of land and sea, as Si^es, 
Battailes, Skirmiches, and Encounters. A thousande Gentle mennes 
names, of the beste sorte of warriours. A praise and true honour of 
Soldiours. A proofe of perfite Nobilitie. A triall and first erection of 
Heraldes. A discourse of calamitie. And ioyned to the same some 
Tragedies & Epitaphes, as many as was necessarie for this firste 
booke. All whiche workes are dedicated to the honourable sir 
Christopher Hatton Knight, vize Chamberlain, Captaine of the Garde : 
And one of the Queenes Maicsties priuie Counsaile. Written by Thomas 
Churchyard Gent. 1579. Imprinted at London by Edward While, 
dwellyng at the little North-doore of S. Paules Churche, at the signe 
of the Gunne. 4to. Black letter, o. M. 

% 4 leaves ; *% 4 leaves ; A— F in fours ; G, 7 leaves ; H — Ee in fours. 

This, like the ^ Chippes,* purports to be a First Book, but no more was printed. 
It is, ySkst that, a collection of short detached pieces in prose and verse, see an 
enumeration of them in the '^ Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica,* No. 103. 

A note in the ^ BibL Heber.,* part iv., No. 390, says : '* This is, in &ct, the 
second part of Churchyard's ' Chippes,' which he promised to publish when he 
printed that work," but no evidence in support of this statement is given. 


CHURCHYARD, Thomas. A light Bondell of liuly discourses 
called Churchyardes Charge, presented as a Newe yeres gifte to the 
right honourable the Earle of Surrie, in which Bondell of verses in 
sutche varietie of matter, and seuerall inuentions, that mate bee as 
delitefull to the Reader, as it was a Chaige and labour to the writer, 
sette forth for a peece of pastime by Thomas Churchyarde Gent 
Imprinted at London by Ikon Kyngston. 158a 4to. Black Utter. 


*, 4 leaves ; ^, 3 leaves ; A— D in fours. 

In a dedication to the Earl of Surrey, the poet alludes to the Eail's grandfather, 
the poet, whom he calls his master, and a second Petrarch. On the back of the 
title-page are Churchyard's arms. 

From the collections of Mr. Skegg^, Mr. Bright, and Mr. Corser. See *'BibL 
Heber.,* part iv., Na 3659 and Corter's ^ Collectanea,** part iv., pp. 368-71. 

— The Worthines of Wales : Wherein are more then a thou- 
sand severall things rehearsed : some set out in prose to the pleasure 
of the Reader, and with such varietie of verse for the beautifying of 
the Book, as no doubt shal delight thousands to vnderstand. Which 
worke is enterlarded with many wonders and right strange matter to 
considi^r of: All the which labour and deuice is drawne forth and set 
out by Thomas Churchyard, to the glorie of God, and honour of his 
Prince and Countrey. Imprinted at London^ by G. Robinson, for 
Thomas Cadman. 1587. 4to. Black Utter. 

Title and dedication, 4 leaves ; *' To every louing and friendly reader," 3 leaves ; 
B— N in fours. On the verM> of the last leaf a laige coat of arms, with inscription, 
^ Churchiards ArmesJ* 

From the library of Mr. Ormerod, the historian of Cheshire. The following 
note in his autograft is inserted : ^ This copy of * the worthines of Wales' was 
purchased by me at St Pierre, at the sale of the library of CoL Lewis, 1847, and I 
had been informed by him that it was believed by him to have been at St Pierre 
from the date of its publication." 

*'See * Notes and Queries' (3rd series ix., p. 39S) respecting the variations 
between this copy and Evans's imperfect republication, and also respecting the 
deficiency in the British Museum copy of the original edition (Grenville Library) 
as to (sheet A) the address to the reader. — Geo. Ormerod, Sudbury Park. 25 Sep. 

Churchyards Challenge. London^ Printed by John Wolfe. 

1593- 4to. Black leUer. BR. M. 

A, 3 leaves ; *, i leaf; *% i leaf; B — ^Aa 2 in fours ; Bb — Nn in fours. 

From Mr. Corset's collection. The whole of the preliminary matter to this 
volume is given in the *' Book of Prefaces," 1874. See also ^ Biblio. Anglo>Poetica," 
No. 10$ ; ^ BibL GrenvUL," L, 147 ; and Corser's ^ Collectanea," part vL, pp. 377-82, 
where, however, the collation is not quite accurate. 

A Mvsicall Consort of Heauenly harmonie (compounded of 

manie parts of Musicke) called Churchyards Charitie. Imprinted at 
London, by Ar. Hatfield for William Holme. 1595. 4to. R. M. 


A— <^ in fours. 

From the *< BibL Anglo-Pocdca," and the libnuries of Sir Mark Sykes, Mr. Bright, 
and Mr. Corser. On tig. E 3 a fresh title h^;ins, with ^^ A Praise of Poetrie," in 
which the poet notices some of his contemporaries, as well as those writers who had 
gone before. On the last page he promises his next book, to be dedicated, he says, 
to his friend Master Henry Brooke, son |md heir to the Lord Cobham. 

See the '^ BibL Angb-Poetica," Na 102 ; ^ BibL Heber.,* part iv., Na 373 ; and 
Goner's ^ Collectanea," part iv., pp. 382-5. 

CHURCHYARD, Thomas. A Trve Discovrse Historicall, of 
the Svcceeding Govemovrs in the Netherlands, and the CiuiU warres 
there begun in the yere 1565. with the memorable seruices of our 
Honourable English Generals, Captaines and Souldiers, especially 
vnder Sir lohn Nonce Knight there performed from the yeere 1577. 
vntill the yeere 1589. and afterwards in Portugale^ France, Britaine 
and Ireland, vntill the yeere 1598. Translated and Collected by 
T[honias] C[hurchyanl] Esqvire, and Ric[hard] Ro[binson] ovt of 
the Reuerend E[manuel] M[etevanus] of Antwerp, his fifteene bookes 
Htstoriae Bdgicae ; and other collections added : altogether manifest- 
ing alt martial! actions meete for eueiy good subiect to reader for 
defence of Prince and Countrey. At London Imprinted far Matthew 
LawneSf and are to be sold at his shop vnder 5. Dunstons Church in the 
West. 1602. 4ta Blach letter. 

A, 4 leaves ; B, a leaves ; C— Y a hi fours, the last leaf blank. 

From Mr. Craufiird's Ubrary. With the antografrfi of Bishop White Keonet, who 
conects in his own hand an apparent error in the table, where ** Captain Thomas 
Vaviser now Sir Thomas Vaviser," is altered to ^ Brother to the now,* &c 

Dedicated ''To the Rifl^t Noble and Ri^ Honorable^ Sir Edward Seymour, 
Knight, Baron Beanrhamp> Erie of Hartford." The old poet says : ''In calliog to 
minde (Right Honooiable) the manifold fiuKmrs of your most noUe fiither, shewed 
me in the raigne of the nue Imp of grace King Edward the sizt, and weighing I 
senied vnder him, at the battd of Musddx>rottgh, your fiaher then Lord lieuetenant 
Generall of the English Armie : I found myseUe for sundrie causes much bound 
to all his most noble house and fiunilie. • • •" 

The Robmson mentioned in the title as Churchyard's coadjutor was Richard 
Robinson, citisen of London, who wrote several books. 

See Corser's " CoQectanea," part iv., pp. 385-9^ 

Churcfasrards good will Sad and heauy Verses, in the nature 

of an Epitaph, for the losse of the Archbishop of Canterbury, lately 
deceased, Primate and Metropolitane of all England. Written by 
Thomas Churchyard, Esquire. Imprinted at London fy Simon Staf- 
ford^ dwelling in Hosier lane, neere SmithfieUL 1604. Sm. 8vo. 


A — B in fours, or 8 leaves. 

Printed on one side of the leaf only. It is dedicated to Dr. Bancroft, Bishop of 
London. See Collier's '* BibL Cat," L, pp. 139-40^ where the Bridgewater copy is 
described as unique. 

CHUTE— CICER 0. 319 

CHUTE, Anthony, Beawtie dishonoured written vnder the title 
of Shores Wife. Chascun se plaist ou U se trauue mieux. London 
Imprinted by lohn Wolf e. 1593. 4to. 

A — G 3 in fours. 

Dedicated ''To the Right WorshipfvU Sir Edward Winckfidd Knight ** m an 
epistle, where this poem is termed by the author *^ the first inuention of my be- 
ginning Muse" and ''myne infant labours" ; but Chute's only other known works 
consist of a letter, a sonnet, and a copy of verses at the end of Gabriel Harvey's 
^ Pierces Supererogation," 1593. He was dead in 1596. The poem on the subject 
of Procris and Cephalus, attributed to him, was written by Thomas Edwards, 
and printed in 1595. A notice of '' Beawtie Dishonoured" will be found in Corser's 
** Collectanea," part iv., pp. 390-5. 

This copy, which is in the old calf binding, has belonged successively to George 
Steevens, Bindley, Perry, JoUey, and Mr. George Daniel. The only other one 
known is now in the British Museum, having formerly been in the collections of 
Jadis, Hibbert, Bright, and Mr. Corser. 

CIBBER, COLLEY. Dramatic Works. London. 1777. 5 vols. 
Sm. 8vo. Portrait. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Ciceronis Opera cum optimis exem- 
plaribus accurate collata. Lugd. Bat. Ex officina EUeviriana. 10 vols. 
Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Marci Tulii Ciceronis Arpinatis. consulisq^ romani. ac orato- 

rum maximi. Ad. M. Tulium Ciceronem filiu suum. Officioi( liber 
incipit. [Colophon.] Anno christi . M. CCCC. Ixx. Die uero xiiu 
misis Augusti : Venetiis. 

E spira nato Ciceronis opuscula quinque 

Hec Vindelino forinis impressa fuere. 

Folio. BR. M. 

Though of so early a date, this is the seventh edition of the work. The volume 
comprises, besides the treatise '' De Officiis," the ^ Paradoxa ; de amidtia ; de 
senectute ; somnium Scipionis ; versus zii sapientium." Hain, 5257. 

M. Tullii Ciceronis Arpinatis De officiis Liber Primus ad M. 

Ciceronem filium. [Colophon.] Volumen hoc in quo continentur libri 
ires officior. Liber de senectute. Liber de amicicia: (sT paradoxa. M. 
Tulii Ciceronis Impressit Mediolani Antonius Zarotus parmensis. 1476. 
13 kallen^ Nouembris. Folio. BR. M. 

A — K in eights, except F and K, which have each ten leaves. Hain, 5245. 

[De Officiis.] [On the recto of a ii. (a i. being blank)] Marci 

Tullij Ciceronis Arpinatis ^sulis q^ Romani Ac oratorum maximi Ad. 
M. TuUium Ciceronem filium suum Officioru3 Liber primus. [On the 
recto of folio 97.] Marci Tullij Ciceronis De Officiis Lib' Tercius 1 
vltimus Foeliciter finit {Sine ullA notd.] 4to. 

320 CICERO. 

Ninfltsr-dglit leavety tiie 6nt and last blank. Attributed to tbe press of Jacobas 
da Breda, at Deventer, about i486. See Campbell, ^ Annales de la Typographie 
Ntelandaise,'' No. 439. 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Ciceronis Officionim libri itL Cato 
Maior : Laelius, vel de Amidtia &c Parisiis. Ex. Offic. R, Stephanu 
1543. Sm. 8vo. 

On the title is the signature ^Tare-fisu:,* believed to be In the autograph of the 
great Pariiamentary generaL 

Ciceronis Offidorum libri iii., Cato Major, Lxlius, Paradoxa 

Stoiconim vL Somnium Scipionis. Venetiis Paultis ManuHus Aldi F. 
1541. 8va Largtpa^. br« ic 

Offida M.T.C Ein Budi so Marcus Tullius Cicero der Romer, 

zu seynem Sune Marco in Latein geschriben* [Coloplion.] Getruckt 
in Augspurg durch H. SUyner. 1531. Folia Woodcuts. 

Ciceronis Epistolae ad familiares. 

[Colophon.] Hesperif quondam Germanus quosf libellos 

Abshilii : Enplurts ipu daturus adist 

Nanf mr ingenio mirandus bt arU yoaunes 

Exscribi docuii clarius fre libros. 

Spirafauet Venetis: quarto nam menseperegit 

Hoe teruntenum bis Ciceronis opus. 

Folio. BR. M. 

This was the second edition of 300 copies issued by the same printers in the 
space of four months, and it is said to be rarer than that which preceded it 
Hain, 5165. 

M. Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum Familiarium liber primus 

incipit ad Lentulum Froconsulem. [Colophon.] M.CCCC.LXXI. 

Opus praeclarissimum. M. T. Ciceronis Epistolarum Familiarium a 

Nicolao Jenson Gallico viventibus necnon et posteris impressum feliciter 

finiL Folio. R. 

ao3 leaves, with 35 lines (not 35, as Bmnet states) to a foil page. Hain, 516S. 

M. T. C Epistohe familiares. [Colophon.] Venetiis im amiilK 
Aldi, Menu AprilL 150a. Sm. 8va R. M. 

From the collection of BUibald Pirckhdmer. 

'-^^ Epistolae Familiares, diligentius quim qu£ hactenus exierunt 
emendatae. Pauli Manutii Scholia. Venetiis. Paulus Manutius Aldi F. 
1540. 8vo. Large paper. R.M. 

Epistolae ad Atticum, ad M. Brutum, ad Qulntu fratrem. 

P. Manutii in easdem Epistolas Scholia. Venetiis, Paulus Manutius 
AldiF. 1540. 8vo. Large paper. R. M. 

CICERO, 321 

CICERO, Marcus Tullius. Orationes. 

[Colophon.] Aspicis illustris lector quicutif libellos 

Si cupis artificum nomina nosce : lege, 
Aspera ridebis cogftofnina Teutona: for son 
Mitiget ars musts itiscia uerba uirunt, 
Conradus Suueynheym : Arnoldus pannartz (f magistri 
Rome impresserunt talia multa simul, 
Petrus cumfratre Francisco Maximus ambo 
Huic operi aptatam contribuere domum. 


Folio. BR. M. 

Whether this edition or that of Venice, printed in the same year, by Christopher 
Valdarfer, is the editio princeps^ appears to be uncertain. Brunet describes this as 
having 350 leaves of the text, making, with the preliminary leaves, 356 ; but the two 
leaves which follow the preliminaries are blank, and the book is complete with 348 
printed leaves of text Hain, 5 1 2 1 . 


[Colophon.] Hocingens Ciceronis opus : causastf forenses 

Quas inter patres dixit (^ in populo 
Tu quiamtf leges. Amber gau natus ahenis 
Impressit formis, Ecce magister A dam. 

Folio. O. M. 

296 leaves. Hain, 5x23. 

Orationes. [Colophon.] Venetiis in jEdib. Aldi, 1518. 

Sm. 8vo. 

Tusculans questiones. MS. on vellum of the XVth century. 

Of Italian execution, with an interlaced border on the first page. 
4to. R. M. 

[Treatises of Old Age & Friendship.] [On sig. i, fol. 2.] 

[H]ere begynneth the prohemye vpon the reducynge/ both out of latyn 
as of frensshe in to our englyssh tongue/ of the polytyque book named 
Tullius de senectute. &c. [On the recto of I 3.] This etideth the 
boke of Tulle of olde age translated out of latyn in to frenshe by laurence 
de primo facto at the comaundement of the noble prynce Lowys Due of 
Burbonj and enprynted by me symple persone William Caxton in to Eng- 
lysshe at the play sir solace and reuerence of men growyng in to old age 
the xii day of August the yere of our lord , M . CCCC . Ixxxi. [Then 
begins a new set of signatures. On a i recto.] Here followeth the 
said Tullius de Amicicia, translated into our matemall Englisshe tonge 
by the famous noble Erie, The Erie of Wurcestrc sonc and heyer to the 

1 1 


lord typtoft [On d 4 recto.] Thus endelh this boke named TuUius di 

Amidcia [On the verso of f. 8.] Ex^icit Per Cdxtam. Folia R. 

Sigt. I and a, 6 leaves each ; b^i 3 in eights. The ^^De Amicida,* a — f in eighti 
See BUdes*s '' Caxton," voL ii^ p. 94. 

CID. Cronica del famoso cauallero Cid Ruy diez campeador. 
[Colophon.] A qui se acaua la Cronica del muy nobU y esfar^adoy 
siempre vitorioso Cid ruy dies Campeador: A casta y cUspisa de los 
nuerendos padres Abad monjes x convento del monesterio de sant Pedro 
de cardeHa : fue ympressa en la mtiy noble y leal dudad cU Burgos : pot 
etrte i industria de Fadrique Aleman de basilea : acabose a treynta t 
vn dias del mes de marfo oMo del nascimiento de nfo seHor i saluadar 
jhesu ckristo de mill i quinientos t dose aHos. [1512.] A Dias gradas. 
Folio. Black letter. O. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 13 leaves ; folios I — CXVI. 

This is the earliest edition of this full and complete Chronicle of the Cid, and is 
a distinct work from the popular history of the same hero printed at Seville in 
1498. Sefior Gallardo, in his valuable " Biblioteca Espaiiola,'' voL L, coL 654, 
gives at length an account of the variations between this edition and that of 15939 
which contains some passages not found in this. 

Cronica del famoso x inuencible cauallero Cid Ruy Diaz 

campeador. Agora nueuamente corregida y emendada. En Medina 
del Campo^ por Juan Maria de Terranoua^ y Jacome de Liarcaru 
M.D,LIL [Colophon.] Fenesce la Cronica del muyfamasoj esforgado 
t inuencible vencedorj y nunca vicido cauallero Cid ruy dicus campeador. 
Que fue impressa en la muy noble villa de Medina del c&pof en la em- 
prita de Francisco del cdto impressor de libros. Acabose a veynte y 
qucUro dias del mes d'Octubre, AHo, de M. D, Hi. Folio. Black letter. 

BR. M. 

Title, prologue, and table, 14 leaves ; A — N in eights, the last leaf blank. 
Genealogia del Cid, A A, 8 leaves ; B B, 6 leaves, the last blank. 

Cronica del muy esforcado cavallero el Cid Rvy Diaz Cam- 
peador. En Brvxellas^ en casa de luan Mommaerti. 1588. Sm. sqr. 
8vo. R. M. 

A — O iii. in eights. 

This is a reprint of the popular history of the Cid first printed at Seville in 1498. 

CIE(;:A de LEON, Pedro de. La Chronica del Peru, nueva- 
mente escrita, por Pedro Cie^a de Leon, vezino de Sevilla. En 
Anuers en casa de Martin Nucio. 1554. Sm. 8va R.M. 

CITIZENS COMPANION. The Citizens Companion : Or The 
Trades-mans Mirrour. Wherein most parts of a Trading Life are 
accommodated to the Judgments and Examples of the Ancients. A 


Work enrtdied with Proverbs, and historically beautified with the 

Deeds and Sayings of the Wisest and Worthiest Men that ever were 

in the World. Otium ingmii rubigo . . . London^ Printed by J. Cfar 

Barber Toothy near York-House in the Strand^ 1673. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — S 7 in eights, besides a frontispiece engraved by Vaughan. 
This curioas volume is unrecorded by bibliographers. 

CLAMADES. Historia del muy valiente y esforzado caballero 
ClamadeSy hijo de Mercaditas Rey de Castilla, y de la Linda Clar- 
monda hija del Rey de Toscana [5. /. n. tf.] 4to. 

GLAMORGAN, Jean de. La chasse dv Lovp, ndcessaire i la 
Maison Rustique. En laquelle est contenue la nature des Loups, & la 
maniire de les prendre, tant par chiens, filets, pieges, qu'autres instru- 
ments : le tout enrichi de plusieurs figures & pourtraicts representee 
apris le naturel. Paris. 1 598. 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

Brunei says that this book, though sometimes found separately, does, in fact, 
form part of the '' Maison Rustique." This edition has every appearance of being 
a separate book, except that it has no printer's or publisher's name on the title. 
It collates A-t£ in fours, the last leaf blank, and a— <: in fours, the last leaf blank. 

GLANRIGARDE, Marquis of. The Memoirs and Letters of 
Ulick, Marquis of Clanricarde,^ and Earl of St Albans ; Lord Lieu- 
tenant of Ireland, and Commander in Chief of the Forces of King 
Charles the First in that Kingdom during the Rebellion. . . . Printed 
from an authentic Manuscript, and first published by the present Eaii 
of Clanricarde. London. 1757. Folio. R. 

CLAPH AM, Henoch. A Briefe of the Bibles History : Drawne 

first into English Poesy, and then illustrated by apt Annotations : 

whereto is now added a Synopsis of the Bible Doctrine. The third 

i£dition, in sundry things amended and enlarged. By Henoch 

Clapham. Imprinted at London by R. B. for Nuthaniell Butter. 1 608. 

Sm. 8vo. 

In prose and verse. 

A— -L 10 in twelves. Dedicated in this edition to Henry, Prince of Wales. The 
two prior issues were in 1596 and 1603. 

CLARA, Sancta. Icones Sanctae Clane B. Francisci Assisiatis 
primigenix discipulx, vitam, miracula, mortem representantes. Antuer- 

pia excudit A dr. Collaert. [s. a.] 4to. 

This volume consists of thirty-two plates, exclusive of the engraved title and 
portrait of St Clare. The plates appear to have been engraved by CoUaert after 
the designs of Van Oort 

CLARENDON, Edward, Earl of. History of the Rebellion 
and Civil Wars in England. . . . New edition with the suppressed 
passages. . « . Oxford 1826. 8 vols. 8vo. Large paper, o. M. 


CLARENDON, Edward, Earl of. The Life of Edward, Earl 
of Clarendon ... in which is included a Continuation of the History 
of the Grand Rebellion. Written by himself. Oxford. 1827. 3 vols. 
8vo. Largt paper. O. M. 

CLARK, John. Ill Newes from New-England : Or a Narrative 

of New-Englands Persecution. Wherein is declared that while old 

England is becoming new, New-England is become Old. Also four 

Proposals to the Honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching 

the way to propagate the Gospel of Christ (with small chaise and 

great safety) both in Old England and New by John Clark of Rode 

Island in America. London^ Printed by Henry Hills living in Fleet* 

Yard next door to the Rose and Crown, in the year 1652. 4to. 

A — M 2 in fours, and b, 2 leaves, between B and C. 

This book was answered by Thomas Cobbet in the following year. It is not 
mentioned by Lowndes. 

[CLARKE, William.] Polimanteia, Or, The meanes lawfull and 
vnlawfull, to ivdge of the fall of a Common-Wealth, against the friuo- 
lous and foolish coniectures of this age. Whereunto is added a Letter 
from England to her three daughters, Cambridge, Oxford, Innes of 
Court, and to all the rest of her inhabitants : perswading them to a 
constant vnitie of what religion soever they are, for the defence of our 
dread soveraigne, and natiue cuntry : most requbite for this time 
wherein wee now live. Invide, quod nequeas imitari carpere noli : Nil 
nisi cum sumptu mentem oculosg, iuuat. Printed by lohn Legate^ Printer 
to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge. 1 595. And are to be sold at the signe 
of the Sunne in Pauls Church-yard in London. 4to. G. M. 

A — Ff 3 in fours. 

This copy has belonged to Mr. Bright, Dr. Bliss, and Mr. G. Smith. Dr. Bliss 
notes on the fly-leaf : " This tract perhaps conUins, at sig. R 2 verso, the earliest 
printed testimony to the fame of Shakespeare. Mention is made also of Daniel, 
Breton, Spenser, Drayton, Gabriel Harvey, and Nash, the Paradise of Dainty 
Devises, and divers others, men and books, illustrating the literary history of that 

CLARKE, William. Repertorium Bibliographicum ; Or some 
Account of the nK>st celebrated British Libraries. London. 1819. 
2 vols. Royal 8vo. Large paper. Portraits and plates. G. M. 

This copy contains the ^ Dialogue in the Shades.'' 

[CLAUDE, Jean.] Lcs Plaintes des Protestans cruellement 
opprimez dans le Royaume de France. A Cologne. 1686. Sm. 8vo. 

CLAUDE LE LORRAIN. Liber Veritatis. Or, a Collection of 
Two [Three] Hundred Prints after the original designs of Claude Le 
Lorrain, in the Collection of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire^ 


executed by Richard Earlom. . , . London^ John Boydell^ 1777-1819. 
3 vols. Folio. Proof impressions. G. M. 

[CLAUDIANUS, Claudius. Opera, ex recensione Bam. Cel- 
sani.] [Colophon.] Finis operum CL Claudiani: qua no minus 
ekganter i diligenter impressit lacobus Dusensis MiUsimo quadrigen^ 
tesimo octogesimo secudo [1482.] sex, caL Tun. Vicentia, Folio. GR. M. 

Opera quae exstant, cum notis variorum. Amst 1665. 8vo. 

CLAVELL, John. A Recantation of an 111 Led Life ; Or, A Dis- 
covery of the High-way Law. With Vehement Disswasions to all (in 
that kind) Offenders. As also, Many cautelous Admonitions and full 
Instructions, how to know, shunne, and apprehend a Thiefe. Most 
necessary for all honest Travellers to peruse, observe and practise. 
Written by John Clavell, Gent. Nunquam sera est ad bonos mores via, 
— Qiumtum mutatus ab illo t Approved by the Kings most excellent 
Majestie, and published by his expresse Command. The third 
Edition, with Additions. London, Printed by A, M, for Richard 
Meighen, next to tlie Middle Temple in Fleetestreet. 1634. 4to, Por- 
trait The edges uncut, R. 

A — I 3 in fours. In verse. 

CLELAND, John. HPXl-nAIAEIA. Or The Institvtion of a 

Yovng Noble-Man. At Oxford, Printed by Joseph Barnes. 1607. 4to. 

t, 4 leaves ; ^^, 4 leaves ; A — LI 3 in fours. 

Dedicated to Prince Charles, and (in a separate inscription) to Lord Hay. 

CLERK, John. De Mortvorvm Resvrrectione, & extremo iuditio 
in quatuor Unguis succinte conscriptum opusculum. loanne Clerco 
Autore. Cui, ut studiosa iuuenta facilius peregrinarum linguarum 
comprehenderet mysteria, recenter accessere eiusdem Autoris Italic^ & 
Gallicae verborum coniugationes. Anno. M. D. XLVII. [Colophon.] 
Imprinted at London by John Herforde for Roberte Toye, dwellynge in 
Paules churche yarde, at the signe of the Bell. 1 547. 4to. 

A — L 2 in fours. 

The four versions are printed in parallel columns. The four languages are 
English, Latin, Italian, and French. The only other copy known is in the British 
Museum. There was a former edition without the Conjugations in 1545, of which 
a copy is also in the Museum. From Mr. Inglis's library. 

CLERKSON, Bessy. The Conflict of Conscience of a Dear 
Christian, named Bessie Clerkson, in the Parish of Lanerk, which she 
lay under three years and an half. Glasgow, Printed by Robert 
Sanders, One of His Maiesties Printers. 1698. Sm. 8vo. Black 
letter. The edges uncut* 

A— B 4 in eights, or twelve leaves. 


CLEVELAND, JOHN. The Character of a London-Dturaall : 
With severall select Poems. By the same Author. . Prints in ike 
Yeere 1647. 4to. Thi idges uncut. 

A — G 3 in fours. 

The Wolfreston copy. CleTdm&d had printed tiie ^ Chsiacter* sepantdy in 
1644, and in 1645 appeand an answer to it, entitled ^ A FtII Answer to a Scandalous 
Pamphlet, Intituled, A Character of a London DiumalL Published hy Authoiitie. 
London^ PrinUd by F. P, fpr Francis CoUs mtui Lawrenct BiaikcloJU .... 1645.* 
A copy is bound up with the pnscai volume. It consists of eight leaircs. 

Poems. By J. C ^th Addstions. PrinUd in the Ymt 

165 1. Sm.8va Tfu edges uncut Y. ic 

f 7 leevesi title on f s ; A— £ 7 in e^ts, D 5 blank. 

This includes, at the end» the * Character of a London Diumall,'' printed in 
1644 and 1647. 

Poema By John Cleavland Widi Additions, never before 

Printed. Printed far W. Shears ai the Bible in Covent-Garden^ and in 
the New-Exchange at the Black Beare. 1659. Sm. 8vo. Portrait. 

A— O in eights, title on A a ; || , 8 leaves ; table, 4 leaves, the last blank. 

This was evidendy intended to be a collected edition of Cleveland'^ writings in 
proee and verse, as it has at the end his '^ Characters" and ** Letters," and by an 
afterthought, just before the table, after all the prose matter, a poem called ** A 
Sigh." The '^Additions "commence on p. 89. The preceding edition of 1657 has 
only fifty-firar leaves. 

J. Cleaveland Revived : Poems, Orations, Epistles, and other 

of his Genuine Incomparable Pieces, never before publisht With 
Some other Exquisite Remains of the most eminent Wits of both the 
Universities that were his Contemporaries. Nan norunt hoc menu- 
menta moru London^ Printed far Nathaniel Brook^ at tiu Angel in 
CinrnJalL 1659. Sm. 8va PortraiL 

A*-K 4 in eights, title on A 2,lndttding four leaves of advertisements at the end. 

The PrefiKe to the Reader in this edition is subscribed by £, Williamson, and 
is dated from Newark, Nov. 2 1» 1658. A copy of verses before Uie book is also signed 
£. W. Williamson gives an account of his acquaintance with Qeveland, and of 
the way in which these poems found their way into his possession in MS. He 
confesses, at the same time, to having laboured under the disadvantage of living at 
a distance frt>m London, and he apologises for not distinguishing between Cleve- 
land's own productions and those from other pens. 

The Works of Mr. John Cleveland, Containing his Poems, 

Orations, Epistles, collected into one Volume, with the Life of the 
Author. London^ Printed by R. Holt for Obadiah Blagrave .... 
1687. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

A, 8 leaves ; a, 4 leaves ; B — Li in dghts. With a portrait 

C[LEVER], R. A Godlie Forme of Hovseholde Gkivemment: For 
the Ordering of Private Fanulies^ according to the direction of Gods 


word. Wherevnto is adioyned in a more particular manner, the seuerall 
duties of the Husband towards his Wife : and the Wiues dutie towards 
her Husband. The Parents dutie towards their children : and the 
Childrens towards their Parents. The Masters dutie towards his 
Seruants : And also the Seruants dutie towards their Masters. First, 
gathered by R. C. And now newly perused, amended, and augmented, 
by lohn Dod, and Robert Cleuer. [Quotations from St. Isidore and 
St. Bernard.] At London, Printed for Thomas Man, and are to be sold 
by Arthur Johnson, dwelling at the signe of the white horse, neere the 
great North doore of Paules. 16 1 2. Sm. 8vo. 

A — Aa in eights. 

Dedicated by R. C. to Master Robert Burgaine of Roxall, a justice of the peace 
for Warwickshire ; Master John Dive of RidHngton Park, Rutland ; and Master 
Edmund Temple, of Temple-Hall, Leicestershire. 

CLOPTON, Sir Hugh. The Will of Sir Hugh Clopton, of New 

Place, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Citizen, Mercer, and Alderman of 

London, 1496. Now first Printed from the original Record. Printed 

Anno Domini. 1865. Sm. 8vo. 

Twenty-five copies privately printed by Mr. Halliwell, but five destroyed by 
him and ten burnt in a fire at the British Museum, July, 1865. 

CLOSSE, G. The Parricide Papist, Or, Cut-throate Catholicke. 

A tragicall Discourse of a murther lately committed at Padstow in 

the Countie of Cornwall by a professed Papist, killing his owne 

Father, and afterwardes himselfe, in zeale of his Popish Religion. 

The 1 1 of March last past i6o6. Written by G. Closse, Preacher of 

the Word of God at Blacke Torrington in Devon. Printed at London 

for Christopher Hunt, dwelling in Pater-noster-row, neere the Kings 

head. [1607.] 4to. 

A — C in fours, title on A 2. 

CLUTTERBUCK, Robert. The History and Antiquities of the 
County of Hertford. Compiled from the best Printed Authorities and 
Original Records .... Efhbellished with Views of the most Curious 
Monuments of Antiquity .... London, 1815-27. 3 vols. Folio. 
Large paper. R. M. 

CLUVERIUS, P. Italia Antiqua ; opus post omnium curas ela- 
boratissimum ; tabulis geographicis sre expressis illustratum. Lugd, 
Bat. 1624. 2 vols. Folio. Maps. 

Germaniae Antiquae libri iii. Opus post omnium curas 

elaboratissimum, tabulis geographicis, et imaginibus, priscum Ger- 
manorum cultum, Moresque referentibus exomatum. Editio secunda, 
aucta et recognita. Adjectae sunt Vindelicia, et Noricum, ejusdem 
auctoris. Lugd. Bat 163 1. Folio. Maps. 


COBBET, Thomas. The Civil Magistrates Power in matters of 
Religion Modestly Debated, Impartially Stated according to the 
Bounds and Grounds of Scripture, And Answer returned to those 
Objections against the same which appear to have any weight in 
them. Together with a Brief Answer to a certain Slanderous Pam- 
phlet called III Newes from New-England ; or, A Narrative of New^ 
Englands Persecution. By John Clark of Road-Iland, Ph3rsician. By 
Thomas Cobbet Teacher of the Church at Lynne in New-England. 
.... London^ Printed by W. Wilson for PAilemon Stephens at the 
Gilded Lion in PauVs C/mrckyard 1653. 4to. R. M. 

A9 4 leaves ; *, 2 leaves ; a, 2 leaves ; B — P 2 in fours ; the Answer to Qark, 
and head-line, A---G 2 in fours. 

Dedicated to Oliver CromwdL This tract is not mentioned by Lowndes. 

COBBLER. The Cobler turned Courtier. Being a Pleasant 

Humour between King Heniy the Eighth and a Cobler. London^ 

Printed for F. Haley in the Year, 1680. 4to. 

Four leaves. This is the same story as the metrical tale of the ^ King and 
the CobbleTi* of which, howevery no copy is known so early as i68a 

COCHLEUS, Johannes. Tetrachordu Musice Joanm's Coclei 
Norici ArtiQ Magistri : Numbergae aeditu : pro iuuetute Lauretiana in 
primis : dein pro ceteris quoqi Musaru Tyruculis. [Colophon.] Finis 
Tetrachordi Musices Nurnberga Imfressi in Officina excusoria Foederici 
Peypus Anno salutis. 1 52a 4to. R. M. 

Thirty leaves. 

■ Antiqua et insignis Epistola Nicolai Pape I. ad Michaelem 

Imp. ante anno DC. data. Brevis historiarum illius temporis 

commemoratio, ex R^none vetusto chronographo ad R^em Anglie 
Henricum VIII. Defensio Joannis Episc RofTen. et Thome Mori, 
adversus Richardum Samsonem Anglum. Fragmenta quarundam 
Tho. Mori Epistolarum ad Erasmum Rot et ad Joannem Coc. 
Lipsia. 1536. 4to. 

Historia de actis et scriptis Martini Lutheri Saxonis, Chrono- 

graphic^. Ex ordine ab Anno Dom. 15 17. usque ad Annum 1546. 
Inclusivjb, fideliter conscripta, et ad posteros denarrata. Parisiis 1565. 
Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

COCKER, Edward. Cocker's Morals, Or, The Muses Spring- 
Garden, Adorned with many Sententious Disticks and Poems, in 
Alphabetical Order. Fitted for the Use of all Publick and Private 
Grammar and Writing Schools, for the Scholars of the first to turn 
into Latin, and for those of the other to Transcribe into all their 
various and curious Hands. By Edward Cocker, Practitioner in the 


Arts of Writing, Arithmetick, and Engraving, and published for the 
benefit of Learners. London, Printed for Thomas Lacy, at the Golden 
Lion near the Meat-Market in Southwarke, Stationer^ 1694. 4to. 

In verse. A, 2 leaves ; B— H i. in fours. 

Dedicated to Mr. Eleazar Wigan, writing-master, living at the Hand and Pen 
on Great Tower Hill. 

COCLES, Barth. a brief and most pleasant Epitomye of the 
whole art of Phisiognomie, gathered out of Aristotle, Rasis, Formica, 
Loxius, Phylemo, Palemo, Consiliator, Morbeth the Cardinal and 
others many moe, by that learned chyrurgian Cocles : and englished 
by Thomas Hyll Londoner. C Imprinted at London by John Way^ 
lande. [About 1550.] Sm. 8vo. Woodcuts. Black letter, R. M. 

Title and prefaces, 4 leaves ; A — F iv. eights. 

This book was known to Ames and Herbert only through Maunsel's catalogue, 
and Lowndes appears to have taken the title from the same source, without having 
seen the book itself. 

CODDINGTON, William. A Demonstration of True Love 
unto you the Rulers of the Colony of the Massachusets in New-Eng- 
land ; Shewing to you that are now in Authority the unjust Paths that 
your Predecessors walked in, and of the Lord's Dealings with them in 
his severe Judgments, for persecuting his Saints and Children. Which 
may be a Warning unto you, that you walk not in the same Steps, lest 
you come unto the same Condemnation, — Written by one who was 
once in Authority with them ; but always testified against their per- 
secuting Spirit, who am call'd William Coddington of Road Island. 
[London] Printed in the Year 1674. 4to. R. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B, 2 leaves ; C, 4 leaves. 

COECK, Peter. The Turks in MDXXXIIL A Series of 
Drawings made in that Year by Peter Coeck of Aelst. And pub- 
lished from wood blocks by his Widow at Antwerp in MDLIII ; Re- 
produced, with other Illustrations, in Fac-simile. With an Intro- 
duction by Sir William Stirling Maxwell, Bart Privately Printed. 
1873. Oblong folio. 

Presentation copy from the editor. 

COFFEE. The Manner of making of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate. 
As it is used in most parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. 
With their Vertues. Newly done out of French and Spanish [by John 
Chamberlain.] London : Printed for William Crook. . . . 1685. Sm. 

A — F 10 in twelves, sig. C omitted, and an extra leaf in A, with the dedication 
to Sir Thomas Clayton, Knight, Warden of Merton College. 

K K 


COGAN, Thomas. The Haven of Health. . . . LoHdam^ PrisUtd 

by Milch, Bradwoodfar lokn Norton, 1612. 4to. 

A^S in eightSy besides 8 preliiiiiiiaiy leaves^ 

COKAIN, Sir Aston. A Chain of Golden Poems Embellished 
with Wit, Mirth, and Eloquence. Together with two most excellent 
Comedies, (viz.) The Obstinate Lady, and Trappolin Supposed a Prince : 
Written by S' Aston Cokayn. London^ Printed by IV. G. and are to be 
sold by Isaac Pridmore^ at the Golden-Fakon near the New-Exchange. 
1658. Sm. 8vo. R. 

A— U in eigfau, and a leaf of errata. The last two leaves of sig. T aze UanL 
Title on A 2. With a portrait of the author. 

In the Author's Apology to the Reader before the work, it is observed : ** These 
poor trifles (Courteous Reader) had not now become so troublesome to the World, if 
it had been in my power to have prevented them : for at my going once out of 
London, I left them with a friend of mine, who dying, they were dispersed into 
divers hands. Mr. William Godbid got my * Obstinate Lady,' and though he found it 
with the last leaf torn out, wherein my conclusion to the play with the Epilogne 
were, he procured some acquaintance of his to supply the def^Kt at the end, and so 
Printed it And though that Comedy be very much of it writ in number, he put it 
forth as if the most part of it were prose." 

The book was issued with four different tide-pages : ^ Small Poems of Divers 
Sorts, lasS." "A Chain of Golden Poems, &c 1658.* ''Poems. With the 
Obstinate Lady, &c. 1662.' ^ Choice Poems of Several Sorts. 16691" The por- 
trait was twice engraved ; in this edition the first line of the inscription beneath it 
reads — ^ Come Reader draw thy purse," &c. 

Poems. With the Obstinate Lady and Trappolin A sup- 

posed Prince. By Sir Aston Cokain, Baronet Whereunto is now 

added the Tragedy of Ovid Intended to be Acted shortly. London^ 

Printed for Phil. Stephens junior^ at the Kings-Arms over against 

Middle Temple Gate in Fleet-street. 1662. Bound in 2 vols. Sm. 

8vo. R. M. 

This edition is the same as that of 1658, the title-page only having been re- 
printed. The ** Tragedy of Ovid," which is an addition, contains A, 6 leaves ; 
B — K 6 in eights. The inscription beneath the portrait in this edition begins, 
" Come Reader, thy Half-Crown, and be a Guest." The binding is a good specimen 
of Roger Payne's work. From Mr. Daniel's collection* 

COLE, Christian. Memoirs of Affairs of State: Containing 
Letters written by Ministers employed in Foreign Negotiations, from 
the Year 1697 to the latter End of 1708. London: Printed for the 
Editor. . . . 1733. Folio. Large paper. R. 

COLES, Elisha. Nolens Volens: Or, You shall make Latin 
Whether you will or no. Containing the plainest Directions That have 
yet been given on that Subject. Together with the Youths Visible 
Bible : Being an Alphabetical Collection (from the whole Bible) of such 



General Heads as were judg'd most capable of Hieroglyphicks. Illus- 
trated (with great variety) in Four and Twenty Copper Plates : With 
the Rude Translation opposite, for the Exercise of those that begin to 
make Latin. London: Printed hy Atidrew Clark for T. Basset. 1675. 
Sm. 8vo. 

A9 8 leaves, including frontispiece ; (a)— (c) in eights ; B — L6 in eights. 
On the back of the printed title are some cnrious verses in a contemporary 
hand. » 

COLETUS, Joannes. Absolutissimus de octo orationis partium 
constructione libellus, emendatus per Erasmum Roterodamu. Item 
Gerardi Listrii de constructionis octo figuris : Cui adheret (ne quis 
desideret) Sulpitius. Wynandus de Worde excudebat. AnnOy 1533. 
Mense Martii, Sm. 8vo. BR. M. 

A — D in eights. The printer's mark on the verso of the last leaf. 

CX)LGANUS, Joannes. Acta Sanctorum veteris et maioris 
Scotiae seu Hibemiae, sanctorum insulae, partim ex variis per Europam 
MS. Codd. exscripta, partim ex antiquis monumentis et probatis 
authoribus eruta et congesta ; omnia notis et appendicibus illustrata, 
per R. P. F. Joannem Colganum in Conventu FF. Minor. Hibem. 
strictior. obseru. Louanii S. Theologian lectorem jubilatum. Nunc 
prim{im de eisdem actis juxti ordinem mensium et dierum prodit 
tomus primus, qui de sacris Hibemiae antiquitatibus est tertius, Janu- 
arium, Februarium et Martium complectens. Lovanii, apud Everardum 
de Witte. 1645. Folio. 

Half-title, title, and preliminaries, 14 leaves ; pp. 1-906. 

Triadis Thaumaturgae, seu divorum Patricii, Columbae et 

Brigidae, trium veteris et maioris Scotiae, seu Hibemiae sanctorum 
insulae communium patronorum acta, k variis, iisque pervetustis, ac 
Sanctis authoribus scripta/ac studio Jo. Colgani, ... ex variis biblio- 
theds coUecta, scholiis et commentariis illustrata, et pluribus appendi- 
cibus aucta ; complectitur Tomus secundus sacrarum eiusdem insulae 
antiquitates, nunc primi!im in lucem prodiens. Lovanii, apud Come- 
Hum Coenestenium. 1647. Folio. 

Half-title, title, and preliminaries, 12 leaves ; pp. 1-740 ; errata, i leaf. 

COLIGNY. La Vie de Messire Gasparde Colligny, a laquelle 
sont adioust^ ses memoires sur ce qui se passa au Si^ge de S. Quentin. 
A Leyde^ chez B.& A. Elzevier. 1643. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

COLIJN, MiCHlEL. Oost-Indische ende West-Indische voyagien, 
Namelijck, De waerachtige beschrijvinghe vande drie seylagien, drie 
Jaren achtermaikanderen deur de HoUandtsche ende Zeelandtsche 
Schepen, by noorden Noorweghen, Moscovien ende Tartarien nae de 


Coninckrijcken van Catthay ende China ghedaen. Tot Amsterdam. 

By Michiel CoUJn, Boeck-xferkooper, op '/ Water, in 7 Huys-boeck, aen de 

Kooren-marckt. 1619. Oblong 4to. 

A full collation and description of the contents of this volume will be found in 
MuUer, *' M^moire Bibliographique," pp. 8-9. 

COLLAERT, Adrian. Piscium vivae Icones^ in aes incisae et 

editae ab Adriano CoUardo. [Sine loco aut amno.] Oblong 4to. 

This work consists of twenty-four plates besides the engraved title. The fish 
are for the most part rendered with marvellous skilL 

COLLE, Jo. Franciso. Refugio de povero gentilhuomo, 00m- 

posto a lo illustris. et excellentis. S. D. Alphonso Duca di Ferranu 

Stampato in Ferrara per Magistro Laurentio di Ruffi da Valitia. 1 5 20. 


Title, table, and dedication, 4 leaves, and sigs. A — L in fours. The large 
woodcut represents, not one knife and fork, as mentioned by Brunet, but six carving 
knives of difierent shapes, and two forks. This forms the inset of sheet A. The 
refuge for a poor gentleman indicated in the treatise is the occupation of carvii^ at 
the table of a rich patron. The directions for carving meats and fruits are followed 
by dissertations on different kinds of food. 

COLLIER, John Payne. A Few Odds and Ends for Cheerful 
Friends. London, Privately printed, 1870. 4ta 

Presented by Mr. Collier. 

Trilogy. Conversations between Three Friends on the 

Emendations of Shakespeare's Text contained in Mr. Collier's Cor- 
rected Folio, 1632, and employed by recent Editors of the Poet's 
Works. Printed for Private Circulation only. London, T. Richards. 

[1874.] 4ta Three parts. 

Presented by Mr. Collier. 

An Old Man's Diary, Forty Years ago. . . . Privately 

printed. 1870-2. 4to. Four parts. 

Presented by Mr. Collier. 

A series of reprints of old English literature, bound in seven- 
teen volumes. 4to. v. Y. The contents are as under : — 

L Illustrations of Early English Popular Literature. Edited by 

J. Payne Collier. 1863. [The red scries.] 2 vols. 

Vol. I. contains :— i. A Piththy Note to Papists, by T. Knell. 157a 2. Murder 
of John Brewen, by Thomas Kydde. 1592. 3. History of Jacob and his XII. 
Sonnes. 4. The Wyll of the Deuyll, and Last Testament. 5. The Metamorphosis 
of Tabacco. 1602. 6. Murder of Lord Bouigh, and Arnold Cosb/s verses. 1591. 
7. Enterlude of Godly Queene Hester. 1561. 8. Complaynte of them that ben to 
latemaryed. 9. Censure of a Loyal Subject, by G. Whetstone. 1587. 10. Lyrics 
for Old Lutenists. Temp. Elizabeth and James I. 1 1. Calverley and the Yorkshire 


Tragedy. 1605. 12. A Complaint of the Churche. 156a. Vol II. contains : — 

1. Report, &c, on Printers and Stationers. 2. Parr/s Travels of Sir A. Sherley. 

1601. 3. Becke against the Anabaptists. 1550. 4. The Comedy of Tyde Taryeth 
no man. 1576. 5. Voyage of R. Ferris to Bristol 1590. 6. Broadsides and 
Speeches to Monck. i66a 7. R. Johnson's Look on me London. 161 3. 8. W. 
Bas's Sword and Buckler. 1602. 9. A Good Speed to Virginia. 1609. la Copies 
of Early Love Letters, &c 1 1. R. Johnson's Walks of Moorfields. 1607. 12. Verses 
by Walton, Arnold, and Clinton. 

II. Illustrations of Old English Literature. Edited by J. Payne 

Collier. 1866. [The green series.] 3 vols. 

Vol. I. contains : — i. Lamentation against London. 1548. 2. Pasquils' Pali- 
nodia. 1619. 3. Respublica, an Interlude. 1553. 4. Lady Pecunia, by Richard 
Bamfield. 1605. 5. Mirror of Modestie, by T. Salter. 6. Passion of a Discon- 
tented Mind. 1602. 7. Encomion of Lady Pecunia. 1598. 8. Newes from the 
Levant Seas. 1594. VoL II. contains : — i. Pancharis, by Hugh Holland. 1603. 

2. Horestes, an Interlude. 1567. 3. Preservation of Henry VII. 1599. 4. Re* 
formation of Rebellion, and Shore's Wife, by Thomas Churchyard. 5. Seven 
Deadly Sins of London, by Thomas Dekker. 1606. 6. Love's Court of Con- 
science, by H. Crowch. 1637. 7. William Longbeard, by Thomas Lodge. 1593. 
8. Triumph of Truth, by T. Procter. VoL III. contains :— i. Mirror of Modesty, 
by R. Greene. 1584. 2. Life and Death of Gamaliel Ratsey. 1605. 3. Ceyx and 
Alcione, by W. Hubbard. 1569. 4. Apology for England's Joy, by R. Vennar. 
1614. 5. History of Plasidas, by J. Partridge. 1566. 6. Anatomy of Absurdity, 
by Thomas Nash. 1589. 7. Royal Arbor of Loyal Poesie, by T. Jordan. 1664. 
8. Instructions for the Lord Mayor of London, by T. Norton. 1573. 

III. English Poetical Miscellanies. Printed between 1557 and 

1602. Reproduced under the care of J. Pa}me Collier. 1867. [Blue 

series.] 7 vols. 

I. Tottell's Miscellany, published in 1577. [comprising Songes and Sonettes 
written by the ryght honorable Lorde Henry Howsird late Earle of Surrey and 
others.] 2. Paradise of dainty devices. 1578. 3. Gorgeous Gallery of gallant In- 
ventions. 1578. 4. Phcenix Nest 1593. 5. England's Helicon. i6oa 6. Eng- 
lands Parnassus. 1600. 7. Davison's Poetical Rhapsody. 1602. 8. Churehyarde's 
Chippes. 1575. 9. Miscellaneous Poems of Thomas . Churchyard. 1579. la 
Churchyard's Charge. 158a 11. Whetstone's Rock of Regard. Four parts. 
[1576.] 12. Turbervile's Songs and Sonets. i567-7a 

IV. Miscellaneous Tracts. Temp. Elizabeth and James I. Re- 
produced under the care of J. Payne Collier. [Yellow series.] 3 vols. 

Vol. I.^i. Perimedes the Blacke-Smith, by Robert Greene, 1588. 2. Strange 
Newes, of the intercepting certaine letters ... by Tho. Nashe. 1592. 3. A Qvip 
for an Vpstart Courtier ... [by Robert Greene.] 1591. 4. Skialetheia. Or, A 
shadowe of Truth . • . [by Edward Guilpin.] 1598. 5. Fovre Letters, and certaine 
Sonnets . . • [by Gabriel Harvey.] 1592. 6. Pierce Penilesse His Svpplication to 
the Diuell ... by Tho. Nash. 1592. VoL II.— i. A New Letter of NoUble 
Contents. 1593. 2. Pierces Supererogation : or a new prayse of the Old Asse. 
Gabriel Harvey. 1593. 3. Have with you to Saffron Walden ... [by Thomas 
Nash.] 1596. 4. Hvmors Looking Glasse. [By Samuel Rowlands.] 1608. VoL 
III.— I. The Anatomie of Abuses ... by Phillip Stubbes . . . i Maij, 1583. 


3. The Trimming of Thomas Nashe Gentleman . . . [By Gabriel Harvey.] 1597. 
3. The Pastorals and other Workes of William Basse. 1653. 4. Good Newes and 
Bad Newes. By S. R[owlands.] 1622. 5. A Trve Coppie of a Discourse written 
by a Gentleman, employed in the late Voyage of Spaine and Portingale. 158911 

Miscellaneous Reprints. 2 vols. 

I. Delia. Contayning certayne Sonnets : with the complaint of Rosamond. 
[By S. Daniel] 1592. 2. The Complaint of Rosamond from the earliest known 
edition. 3. Idea the Shepheard's Garland. By Michael Drayton. 1593. 4. 
Endimion and Phoebe. Ideas Latinus. By Michael Drayton. 5. Broadside Black- 
letter Ballads printed in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth centuries. 6. Twenty- 
five Old Ballads and Songs : from manuscripts in the possession of J. Payne 
Collier. 1869. 7. A few Odds and Ends for cheerful friends. A Christmas gift. 
187a 8. An Antidote against Melancholy : made up into Pills. 1661. 

COLLINS, Arthur. Proceedings, Precedents, and Arguments, 
in Claims and Controversies, concerning Baronies by writ and other 
Honours .... Published from the manuscript Collections of Robert 
Glover, Esq ; Somerset Herald, Sir William Dugdale &c. . . . With 
an Appendix .... London. 1734. Folio. R. M. 

— Historical Collections of the Noble Families of Cavendishe, 
Holies, Vere, Harley, and Ogle, with the Lives of the most remarkable 
Persons .... London : 1752. Folio. Portraits. R. Bi. 

COLLINS, John. A Plea for the bringing in of Irish Cattel, and 
keeping out of Fish caught by Foreigners. Together with an humble 
Address to the Honourable Members of Parliament of the Counties 
of Cornwall and Devon about the Advancement of Tin, Fishery, and 
divers Manufactures. By John Collins, Accomptant to the Royal 
Fishery Company. £ Reg. Soc Philomath. London^ Printed by A. 
Godbid and % Playford . . . i68a 4to. 

A — F 2 in fours, first leaf blank. 

[COLLINS, Samuel.] The Present State of Russia, in a Letter 
to a Friend at London ; Written by an Eminent Person residing at 
the Great Tzars Court at Mosco for the space of nine years. Illustrated 
with many Copper Plates .... London^ Printed by John Winter for 
Dorman Newman. 1671. Sm. 8va 

Title and "To the Reader," 3 leaves \ AyZ leaves ; A — L 4 in eights, but no 
tig. B. 

In the preface, which is signed ^ N. D." (probably the reversed initials of the 
publisher), the author is described as *' a gentleman of great parts," but is not 

Besides a portrait of die Czar Alexis Michael, by Cross, before the title, there 
are plates separate from the letterpress at pp. 16, 18, 44, 61, 135, and 139. llie list 
of advertisements gives the name of the audioi^-*' The Present State of Russia, by 
Dr. Samuel Collins, who resided nine years in that Court in Oct*." 


COLLINS, Thomas. The Penitent Pvblican, His Confession of 
Movth. Contrition of heart. Vnfained Repentance. And feruent 
Prayer vnto God, for Mercie and forgiuenesse. At London, Printed 
for Arthur lohnson, dwelling in Paules Churchyard, at the signe of the 
white Horse, neere t/te great North doore of Paules Church. 16 10. 

A — F in fours. In 7-line stanzas. 

From the libraries of Sir F. Freeling and Mr. Corser. Dedicated to the Countess 
of Huntingdon, by whose encouragement the author states that he was led to 
publish it. 

" I do not remember having either seen or heard of another copy." — MS, Note 
hy Sir F. Freeling. Another was sold among Mr. George Chalmers's books in 1842. 
Collins wrote also a book, called "The Tears of Love, or Cupid's Progress," 
161 5, a copy of which was in ^ Bibl. Heber.," part iv.. No. 511. It is even rarer than 

COLLINSON, Rev. John. The History and Antiquities of the 
County of Somerset, collected from Authentick Records, and an 
Actual Survey made by the late Mr. Edmund Rack. Bath 1791. 
3 vols. 4to. Map and plates. R. M. 

COLLOP, John. Poesis Rediviva : Or Poesie Reviv'd. London^ 
Printed for Humphrey Moseley, &c. 1656. Sm. 8vo. 

A — H 7 in eights. Dedicated to Henry, Marquis of Dorchester. 

COLMAN, W. La Dance Machabre or Deaths Duell. by W. C 
London, Printed by William Stansby. [1632.] Sm. 8vo. 

In verse. ''Mind of the Frontispiece," Frontispiece, and laudatory verses 
by J. Crompton, 3 leaves ; A, 4 leaves, containing dedication to the Queen and more 
laudatory verses ; B — F 5 in eights. Together 44 leaves. 

As the author complains of his title having been appropriated by the publisher 
of Donne's '' Death's-Duell/' 1632, it is to be presumed that both works were printed 
about the same time. See Mr. Collier's *' BibL Cat.," L, 150. 

The present was Mr. Daniel's copy. From the Wolfreston collection. Other 
copies are in the Bodleian, at Bridgewater House, in the Dyce collection, and at 
BritwelL A sixth was sold among Mr. Corser's books. 

COLOMA, Juan. Decada de la Passion de nvestro Redemptor 
Jesu Christo ; con otra obra intitulada cantico de su gloriosa resur- 
reccion ; compuesta por el illustrissimo sefior Don Juan Coloma. En 
Caller, MDLxxvi. Por Vincentio Sembenino, Impressor del Reuerendo 
Doctor Nicolas Canyellas, Canonigo y Vicario General de la Yglesia de 
Caller. Sm. 8vo. Eleven Plates. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; A — K in eights ; L, 6 leaves ; M — X 7 in 
eights. From the Yemeniz collection. 

Brunet points out that Dr. Cotton is mistaken in citing this as the earliest book 
printed at Cagliari, in the island of Sardinia, and in the supplement to the *' Diction- 
naire de G^ographie'' appended to Brunet's " Manuel," we find that a book has been 


printed at that place as early as 1493. Tbe plates have the monogram 
^'HChr* which is not, however, to be found in Naglor's "Dictionary of Mono- 


COLUMBUS, Christopher. The first Letter written by Co- 
lumbus (in Spanish) to Luis de Santanghel, 1493. Preserved in the 
Ambrosian Library at Milan. By James Lenox. [New York^ privately 
printed^ 1874.] 4ta Facsimile. 

Presentation copy from Mr. Lenox. 

Epistola Christofori Colom : cui etas nostra multii debet : de 
Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuetis. Ad quas perqren- 
das octauo antea mense auspiciis x ere inutctissemor' Femadi t 
Helisabet Hispaniaf R^^ missus fuerat: ad magnificum diim 
Gabrielem Sanchis eorunde serenissimof R^^m Tesaurariu 
missa: qua nobilis ac litteratus vir Leander de Cosco ab Hispa 
no idiomate in latinum couertit tertio kal*s Mail M.cccc.xciiL 
Pontificatus Alexandri Sexti Anno primo. [5. /. et a.] 4to. 

Four leaves; thirty-three lines to the page. 

Mr. Major, in his treatise entitled "The Bibliography of the First Letter of 
Columbus,* has shown very clearly that this must be the earliest edition of the 
letter of Columbus, and by reference to other books printed at Rome by Stephen 
Planck in 1493, he has proved that he was the printer of the letter. He specially 
instances a volume of Benedictus de Nursia, which begins, ** Incipit libeUus de 
conservatione sanitatis secundum ordinem alphabeti distinctus per eximium doc- 
torem magistrum Benedictinum compositus." Impnssum Rome per magisirum 
Stepkanum Planck. Anno Domini mccccxciU^ quarto ndn AfaiL 

By Mr. Harrisse this edition is placed as the fourth, and it is stated by him to 
have only thirty lines to the full page. This statement is certainly incorrect Brunet 
does not pretend to give any exact information on the subject 

Epbtola Christofori Colom: cui etas nostra multum debet: de 
Insulis Indie supra Gangem nuper inuetis. Ad quas perquiren 
das octauo antea mense auspiciis x ere inuictissimorum Femandi 
ac Helisabet Hispaniai' Regu missus fuerat: ad Mstgnificu diim 
Gabrielem Sanches: eorundem serenissimorum Regum Tesau- 
rariQ missa : Qui generosus ac litteratus vir Leander de Cosco ab 
Hispano idiomate in latinu couertit: tertio Kaleii' Maii. Mxccc 
xciiL Pontificatus Alexandri Sexti Anno Primo. [Colophon.] 
Impressit Rome Euckari$$s Argentens Anno dm. Mxccc. xcUi. 4to. Y. BC 

Three leaves; forty lines to the page. 

This Mr. Major shows to be the second edition. By Harrisse it is placed as the 

Letter of Christopher Columbus describing his first voyage to 

the Western Hemisphere. Text in facsimile. New York. 1875. 8vo. 


This is a privately printed facsimile of the edition of Columbus's letter, placed 
by Mr. Harrisse as Uie first, but by Mr. Major as the third. A presentation copy 
from S. L. M. Barlow, Esq., at whose expense the edition was printed. An intro- 
ductory notice by Mr. Barlow is prefixed. 

COLUMBUS, Christopher. E)ai schon hubsch lesen von 
etlichen insslen die do in kurzen zyten funden synd durch de kiinig 
von hispania. vnd sagt vo grossen wunderlichen dingen die in de 
selbe insslen synd. [Colophon.] Geiruckt zu strassburg vff grumck 
vo meister Bartlomess kiistUrym tar M.CCCCjccviu vffsant Jeronymus 
tag. 4to. G. M. 

Eight leaves (the last blank). Harrisse, No. 19. 

[COLUMN A, Fr.] Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, ubi humana 

omnia non nisi somnium esse docet Atque obiter plurima scitu sane 

quam digna commemorat. [Colophon.] Vehetiis Mense decetnbru 

MJD. in mdibus Aldi Manutii^ accuratissime. Folio. Thick paper. 


This copy is in the original oak boards with leather back, evidently its first 
binding. The paper is very crisp and fresh, never having been pressed. There is 
in the library another copy on ordinary paper. 

Hypnerotomachie, ou Discours du songe de Poliphile, dedui- 

sant comme Amour le combat i Toccasion de Folia. Soubz la fiction 
de quoy Taucteur monstrant que toutes choses terrestres ne sont que 
vanit^, traicte de plusieurs matieres profitables, et dignes de memoire. 
Paris, pour Jacques Kerver. 1 56 1 . Folio. Woodcuts, 

Hypnerotomachia. The Strife of Love in a Dreame. At 

London, Printed for Simon Waterson, and are to be sold at his shop, in 
S, Paules Church-yard, at Cheape-gate, 1592. 4to. Woodcuts. R. M. 

A — Cc in fours. 

This is an abridgment of the work described above, with rude copies of some of 
the illustrations. The woodcut at G 4 was used by the publisher for the first 
edition of Daniel's '^ Delia ** in the same year, and a reduced copy of it served for 
the ornamental part of the title to '* Delia and Rosamond," 1 594. 

The English version, though but an abridgment, is far more rare than the 
original Of the translator nothing is known, but it may be Robert Dexter, the 
printer, whose name is mentioned by Herbert in connection with Holme the 
printer, whose name appears on some copies of this book. The initials R. D. are 
subscribed to the dedication to *' Robert Devorax, Earl of Essex." On the back of 
the title occurs a second inscription, presumably from the same pen, but unsigned, 
" To the thrise Honovrable and ever lyving vertves of Syr Phillip Sydney Knight; 
and to the right Honorable and others whatsoever, who living loved him, and being 
dead give him his Dve." 

The present copy came from the collection of General Pennefather, and has his 
book plate. The book seems to have been quite unknown to Ames or Herbert, as 
no notice of it occurs under the names of either Waterson or Holme. 

L L 


COLUMNA, Jo. Paul. Psalmi ad Vespcras Musicis trium, 
quatuor, & quinque Vocum concentlbus vititis 'cifm Slnphonijs ex 
obligatione, & cum alijs quinque partibus simul cum illis Canentibus 
ad placitum Excellentissimo D. Duci Medinx Coeli &c . . . dicatis 
a Joanne Paulo Columna. Bononia, Typis Petri-maruB de Montibus. 
1694. 15 parts. 4to. 

Each put has finontispiece, title, and dedication, 4 leaves ; followed by — i. Cantus 
primus, pp. 1^42, and ^ Tavola," i leaf. 2. Cantus prinms ad lib^, pp. i-i6w 3. Cantos 
secundus, pp. 1-34, and ^ Tavola," i leaf. 4 Cant sec. ad lib., pp. 1-16. 5. Altus, 
pp. 1-36. 6. Altus ad lib., pp. 1-16. 7. Altus viola, pp. 1-24. 8. Tenor, pp. 1-24. 
9. Tenor ad lib., pp. 1-16. 10. Tenor viola, pp. 1-20. 11. Bassus, pp. 1-30, and 
I leaf of ''Tavola." 12. Bassus ad lib., pp. 1-16. 13. Violinus primus, pp. 1-40L 
14 Violinus secundus, pp. i-4a 15. Organum, pp. 1-60. 

COMENIUS, JOH. Amos. Job. Amos Comenii Orbts Sensva- 
livm Pictvs . . . Job. Amos Comenius' Visible World. Or, A Picttu-e 
and Nomenclature of all the chief Things that are in the World, and 
of Mens Employment therein. . . . translated into English by Charles 
Hoole, MA. for the use of young Latine Scholars. . • . London^ 
Printed far Charles Meame. 1685. Sm. 8vo. Plates. 

A — X in eights, including a portrait 

The only perfect copy of this edition yet found. One of 1664 was sold among 
Mr. Milner's books. Of the first, which appeared in 1659, 8vo, a copy is in the 
Museum. The pre£Eu:e of the translator is dated from his school at Lothburyi 
Jan. 25, 1658. 

Orbis Sensualium Pictus .... Job. Amos Commenius's 

Visible World : or, a Picture and Nomenclature of all the chief Thing^s 
that are in the World, and of Mens Employment therein. Written by 
the Author in Latin and High-Dutch . . . and translated into Eng- 
lish, by Charles Hoole, M.A. For the use of Young Latin-Scholars 
. . . Londofiy Printed far^ and Sold by John Sprinty 170a 8vo. 

A — O in eights, including a portrait of Comenius by Cross. With a series of 
copper-plate engravings. 

COMMELINS, Isaac Begin ende Voortgangh, van de Veree- 
nighde Nederlantsche Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische Compagnie, ver- 
vatende de voomaemste Reysen, by de Ifiwoonderen der selver 
Provincien derwaerts gedaen. Gedruckt in den Jaere 1646. 2 vols, 
oblong 4to. Large paper. 

VoL L contains engraved title, and twelve preliminary leaves, including printed 
title. Pp. 1-71, a plate of Loms Bay marked No. o, and plates 1*31 ; pp. 1-112, 
plates 1-44 B ; pp. 1-56, plates 1-26 ; pp. 1-31, plates 1-8 ; ppi 1-56, plates 1-2$ ; 
pp. 1-5 1, plates 1-4 ; pp. 1-29, pp. 1-27, pp. 1-62, plates 1-9;' pp. 1-88, plates 1-6; 
register, 5 leaves. VoL ii. : Engraved title and printed title ; pp. i-^, plates 1-13 ; 
pp. 1-191, plates i-ii ; pp. 1-48, pp. 1-214, plate at p. 50; pp. i-iio^ plales i*ia. 


Title : ^Generale Beschrijvinghe van Indien ; pp. 1-112, pp. 1-118, plates 1-25 ; 
pp. 1-79, plAtes 1-5 ; pp. 1-94* 3 plates ; pp. 1-2 17 ; register, 8 leaves. 

This is the third edition of the collection of Voyages brought together by Isaac 
Commelins. See Mailer's " Mtooire Bibliographique," p. 13, e. 

COMMINESj Philippe de. Cronique x hystoire Faicte et com- 

posee par feu messire Philippe de Commines Cheualier seigneur 

Dargenton/ c5tenant les choses aduenues durant le regne du roy Loys 

vnziesme/ tant en France/ Bourg5gne/ Fladres/ Arthois/ Angleterre/ 

que Espaigne x lieux circonuoisins. Nouuellement reueue et corrigee. 

Auec la table des chapitres contenuz en ladicte cronique. [Colophon.] 

Fin de Lhystoire x cronique dufeu roy Loys vnziesme de ce nom Faicte x 

composee par fue messire Philippe de Commines cheualierj seigneur 

Dargeton, Et fut acheuee dimprimer le septiesme iour du mqys de 

Nouembre mil cinq cens. xxv. 4to. Black letter. R. M. 

This edition is altogether undescribed by bibliographers. It appears to be the 
fourth edition of the work, as it woidd, reckoning the period at which the year 
began, be anterior to the edition of January, 1525, described by Brunet 

Cronicque et histoire, contenant les choses advenues. Durant 

le regne du Roy Loys unzie±e, tant en France, Bourgongne, Flandres, 

Arthois, Angleterre, que Espaigne, et lieux circonvoisins. Paris, Felix 

Guibert. 1539. Chroniques du Roy Charles huytiesme de ce nom, 

contenant la verite des faictz et gestes dignes de memoires du diet 

seigneur. Paris^ Phelix guybert. 1539. Sm. 8vo. O. M. 

Brunet, speaking of the edition of 1539, says, ^ II s'en trouve aussi avec le nom 
d'Estienne heruault, ou avec celui d'Alain Lotrian, et enfin avec le nom et la marque 
de F^lix Guibert, libraire dont Lottin n'a pas parl^" 

M6moires de Philippe de Commines. A Leide^ chez les 

Elzeviers. 1648. Sm. 8vo. G. VL 

Mimoires, Edition nouvelle augment6e de plusieurs traitez^ 

contrats, testamens et autfes pieces nouvelles par M. Godefroy. 
Brusselle. 1723. $ vols. Sm. 8vo. Y. M. 

COMMONS PETITION. The Commons Petition of Long 

Afflicted England, to the Chiefe Chancellor of Heaven, and onely 

Ivdge of Earth. With His Gracious answere thereto. Published by 

C. I. for the Benefit of all True affected Christians. London^ Printed 

for lohn Hammond. 1642. 4to. 

Four leaves. In verse. 

COMPAEN. 't Begin, Midden en Ejmde der See-Rooveryen, van 
den Alderkameusten Zee-roover, Klaes G. Compaen. t Amsterdam. 
1663. 4to. 


A — C in eights. 

Some account of this famous pirate, and of the editions of his adventures, will 
be found in Muller's *' M^moire bibliographique siu- les Joumaux des Navigateurs 
N^erlandais ;" but this edition of 1663 was unknown to M. MuUer. 

COMPENDIUM. Compendiu musices confectu ad faciliore in- 
structione cantum chorale discentiu : necn5 ad introductione huius 
libelli : qui Catorinus intitulatur. [Colophon.] Venetiis per dhnu 
Lucantoniu de Giunta. 15 13. Sqr. 8vo. G. M. 

COMPLAINT. Here begynneth a compla)nit of a dolorous 
Louer, vpon sugred wordes/ & fayned countenaunce. 

I say in ryght is reason/ in truste is treason. 
The loue of a woman/ doth laste but a season. 

[This title is over a woodcut in compartments, with the centre left 
vacant, in which is printed only] " Robert wyer the prynter." [Co- 
lophon.] Imprynted by me Robert wyer^ dwellyiige at the sygne of saynt 
yohn Euangelystj in saynt Martyns parysshe^ besyde charyng crosse^ in 
norwytch rents. Cum priuilegio regali, \About \'^/^oI\ 4to. BL. M. 

Four leaves. In 7-line stanzas. 

From the Caldecott and Daniel collections, and the only copy known. On the 
back of the title are two figures, supposed in this case to represent the dolorous 
lover and his fickle mistress, but employed in books of the time for a variety of 
purposes. The last page is occupied by the printer's usual device. 

COMPLAINTE DE VENISE. La coplaite de Venise, borgois 

de Venise doubtez letrepse. Sm. sqr. 8vo. 

Of this re-impression only ten copies were struck off by M. Techener, and all 
of them on vellum. It is written in verse, and consists of only four leaves. 

COMPOST DES BERGERS. See Shepherd's Calendar. 

COMPOSTELLA. Les Chansons des Pelerins de S. Jacques. 
Sur rimprimi d ComposteL [ 1 7 1 8.] Sm. 8 vo. 

This is a diminutive volume of forty-eight pages, and is illustrated by woodcuts 
of the rudest kind. It is doubtless a reprint of a more ancient edition ; but no 
account of it is to be found in Brunet On the last leaf is the *' Approbation " : 
" J'ai lu le present Livret, dont on pcut permettre Timpression vA Tanciennet^ de 
la composition. A Troyes, ce 7 Aodt i/iS.** 

CONiEUS, Georgius. Vita Mariae Stuartae Scotiae R^nae, 
Dotariae Galliae, Angliae et Hibemi§ Haeredis. Romae, Apud lo- 
annem Paulum Gellium. 1624. Sm. 8vo. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves, including a portrait of Queen Mary ; A — H 6 
in twelves. 

CONCILIUM BUCH. Hienach ist zu dem ersten verschriben 
wie die Cardinal vnd erczbischof fiirsten vnd herre gen costentx zu 


dem concilio einrittend. [Colophon.] Hie endet sich das Concilium 

buck geschehen zu Costencz. darinn man vindet wie die herren gaystlich 

vnnd weltlich eingeritten seind, vn mit wieuilpersonen. Auch ir wappen 

gemalet Gedrtickt in . . . Augspurg von Anthoni Sorg. 1483. 

Folio. Woodcuts. BR. M. 

This is the earliest printed book with representations of armorial bearings. 
These are usually coloured ; but as the emblazoning differs in every copy, it can 
have no heraldic value. The present copy is in pure uncoloured state ; but it is 
very rarely in that condition. Brunet gives a full and accurate collation of the 
volume, which is seldom found complete. 

CONCORDANCE. A briefe and compendious table, in a maner 
of a concordaunce, openyng the waye to the principall histories of the 
whole Bible, and the moste c5mon Articles grounded and compre- 
hended in the newe Testament and olde, in maner as doeth the great 
concordance of the Bible, Gathered and set furth by Henry Bollynger, 
Leo Jude, Thomas Pellicane, and by the other ministers of the churche 
of Tyg^rie, And nowe first imprinted in Englysshe, D. M. L. The 
third boke of the Machabees a booke of the Bible also prynted vnto 
this boke which was neuer before Translated or prynted in any Eng- 
lyshe Bible. The contents of this booke are conteyned in the next 
leafe. [Colophon.] Imprinted at London for Gwalter Lynne^ dwellyng 
on Somers Keye, by By Hinges gate, In the yere of our Lorde M.D,L. 
^ And they are to be solde in P aides Churche yarde, next the great 
S choky at the sygne of the sprede Egle . Cum Priuilegio ad imprimendum 
solum. Sm. 8vo. Black letter. BR. M. 

A — T 2 in eights. 

Dedicated by the publisher to Anne, Duchess of Somerset. This volume con- 
tains the first edition of the Third Book of the Maccabees. 

CONEY-CATCHING, The Defence of Conny catching. Or A 
Confvtation of those two iniurious Pamphlets published by R.[obert] 
G.[reene] against the practitioners of many Nimble-witted and mysti- 
call Sciences. By Cuthbert Cunny-catcher, Licenciate in Whittington 
Colledge. Qui bene latuit bene virit, dominatur enimfraus in omnibus. 
Printed at London by A. I for Thomas Gubbins and are to be sold by 
lohn Busbie. 1592. 4to. Black letter. G. M. 

A — £ 2 in fours. With a woodcut of an armed coney on the title. 

The Defence of Coneycatching, A.D. 1 592. Edited by J. O. 

Halliwell. London, 1859. Sm. 8vo. 

Twenty-six copies printed. 

In the address to the reader prefixed to this treatise the writer professes to have 
been grievously hindered in his profession of a coney-catcher or cardsharper by the 
publication of Robert Green's tract, ^ A notable discovery of Coosenage.** He says, 
^ For I trauelled almost throughout all England, admired for my ingenious capacitie: 
till comming about Exceter, I began to exercise my art, and drawing in a Tanner 


for a tame Conie, as soone as he had lost two shilling^ he made this reply. Siiha, 
although you have a livery on your backe^ and beare the port of a Gentle- 
man yet I see you are a false Imave and a Conny-catcher, and this your companion 
your setter, and that before you and I part He proue. 

*' At these words Conny-catcher and Setter, I was driven into as great a maxe, 
as if one had dropt out of the clowds, to heare a pesant cant the words of art belong- 
ing to our trade : yet I set a good foce on the matter and asked him what he ment 
by Cony-catching. Marry (q. he) althogh it is your practise, yet I have for 3. pence 
bought a litle Pamphlet, that hath taught me to smoke such a couple of knaues as 
you be." 

CONEY-CATCHING. The Cony-catching Bride. Who after she 
was privately married in a Conventicle or Chamber, according to the 
new Fashion of Marriage : She saVd her selfe very handsomely from 
being cony-caught, coozened her old Father, her Bride-groome, Mr. 
Toby, and caused a generall laughter amongst all the Guests thither 
invited. This Wedding, or rather Mock-Marriage was kept privately in 
London, and is now published to the view of the World for Mirth-sake. 
Together with a Sermon, preached by a pragmaticall Cobler at the 
aforesaid Wedding, comparing the Duties of Marriage to the Vtensib 
of his Trade. Printed at London by T. F, 1643. 4to. GR. M. 

Four leaves. With two small cuts on the title, and three woodcuts on the back, 
an borrowed from other publications. 
From the libraries of Sir F. Freeling and Mr. Corser. 

CONFESSION OF AUGSBURG. Anzeigung vnd bekantnus 
des Glaubens vnnd der lere, so die adpellierenden Stende Key. 
Maiestet aufT yetzigen tag zu Augspurg oberantwurt habend. 

M.D.XXX. [a a u. y:\ 4to. br. m. 

Confessio exhibita Caesari in Comitiis Augusts, Anno 

M.D.XXX. Psalmo 1 19. Et loqtubar de tesHmoniis tuis in conspectu 
Regunt, et non confundebar. {Sine loco aut anno.] 4to. BR. M. 

** The genuine first editions in German and Latin of the famous Augsburg Con- 
fession. Of the German no less than six were issued in the same year, three in the 
quarto size ; but this first is distinguished by bibliographers from Uie others mainly 
by the peculiar orthography of one word in the title. Of the Latin two only 
appeared in 1530, the second with the 'Apologia.' Both these first editions are of 
the greatest rarity and interest They were secretly printed in Switzerland ; and 
such care was taken, that even the Emperor, it is said, could not obtain either 
before they were exhibited and read at the diet, after which the circulation of the 
Confession was strictly forbidden by him until the opposite party had seen and 
answered it 

'' It is worthy of note that these first editions show the real doctrine of the 
Lutherans on the question of the unworthy partakers of the Lord's Supper, till they 
consented to make it ambiguous in deference to the Zuinglians, as may be seen in 
the following extract : 

** *' Imprimis factum id est in Articulo x. Confessionis de Ccena DominL Namque 
quum in primo eoque minime mutato latino exemplo Icgeretur : ^ De Coena Domini 


docent, quod Corpus et Sanguis Guisti vere adsint et distribuantur vescentibus in 
Ccena Domini, et improbant secus docentes/' Melancthon haec verba substituit: 
^ De Coena Domini docent quod Corpus et Sanguis Christi vere exhibeantur vescen- 
tibus in Ccena DominL'' Maxime insignem ac memorabilem banc esse mutationem, 
quisque facile videat, nee difficulter intelligat, susc^tam iUam fuisse in gratiam 
reformatorum: sive Ulrici Zuinglii adseclarum. Primum ddevit verbum ^adsint^ 
quo vera ac realis presentia corporis et sanguinis Jesu Christi in Sacra Ccena signi- 
ficata fiierat; deinde expunxit vocem '' distribuantur^^ atque substituit vocabulum 
** exhibeantur^ ut inde oriretur licentia, non credendi distributionem corporis et 
sanguinis Christi manu ministri factam; vel ratione manducantium et bibentium, 
sive sint digni, sive indigni, oralem participationem.' — Wcdchii Introduciio in Ubros 
EccL Luih, Symbolicos^ p. 186. — Note by Mr. C. J. Stewart 

CONFESSION OF AUGSBURG. Confessio odder Bekantnus 

des Glaubens etlicher Fiirsten vnd Stedte : Uberantwort Keiserlicher 

Maiestat: zu Augspurg anno MDXXX. Apologia der Confessio. 

[Colophon.] Gedruckt zu Wittemberg durch Georgen Rhaw. 1531. 

4to. BR. M. 

The first authorized edition of the German text of the Augsburg Confession ; 
with the Apologia. *' Sine rerum et sensus detrimento variata in verbis saepe est 
hsec editio, quod ex coUatione oun Aug. Confessione in corpore Brandenburgico et 
libro Concordiae patet: e. g. Ciun initium primi articuli in exemplo authentico et 
editionibus a. 1530, hoc fit: 'Ersdich wird eintrechtiglich gelehret und gehalten/ 
haec editio habet : ' Ersdich leren und halten wir eintrechtiglich/ quae verba, quam- 
vis in sensu nihil mutent, minus tamen apte congruunt subscripdoni, in qua Prin- 
cipum et Civitatum, non autem Theologorum, nomina leguntur. Artiodi iiiL inidum 
hie est, 'Und nachdem die menschen in siinden geboren."* — Feverlini Biblioth. 
Symb, p. 42. — Note by Mr. C. J. Stewart 

Pro Religione Christiana res geste in Comitiis Augustae 

Vindelicorum habitis. An. Dom. M.D.XXX. Cum Privilegio Cesareo 
[6to Mensis Novembris Imperii nostri, II. Carolus. A. Valdesius. 
. . . Venundantur Lovanii a Bartk. Gravio^ sub sole aurea. s. a.] 4to. 

BR. M. 

** ' Hoc scriptum trium plagularum D. Cyprianus edidit in Documends suae His- 
toriae Augustae Confessionis adjectis, num. vii., sub dt. Romisch-Catholische 
HiSTORiA A. C Feverlini Bibliotheca Symbolica — ^which is the only nodce found 
of this important document. Sleidan, Seckendorf, Mosheim, Scott's Continuation of 
Milner, Merle d'Aubign^, whose works on the Reformation have been referred to, 
are silent regarding it As the Imperial narrative of the proceedings of this Diet, it 
is of great interest and value." — Note by Mr. C. J. Stewart 

Confessio et apologia pastorum & reliquorum ministrorum 

Ecclesiae Magdebui^ensis. Anno 1550. Idibus Aprilis. Imfressum 
Magdeburgi per Michaelem Lottherum, [1550.] 4to. 

Forty leaves. 

^ Quando superior magistratus vi persequitur in subdids, ipsum jus vd naturale, 
vel diviniun, vel veram religionem et cultum Dei, tunc inferior magistratus debet ei 
resistere ex mandato DeL Persecutio quae nobis jam accidit a superioribus, pro- 
prie pertinet ad oppressionem verae religionis nostrae, et veri cultus Dei, &c Ergo 


noster magistratus debet huic oppressioni resistere propter mandatum Dei ... Ex 
hoc syllogismo denique nascuntur gravissima argumenta exhortationis, quam insti- 
tuimos in tertia parte libelli, ne pii vel auxilia contra nos hostibus ferant, vel nos 
suis penitus destituant auxiliis, nee frangantur animis in hac persecutione Evan- 
gelii et Christi ferenda et propulsanda pro y<}ca^^otit/*-'Syllogis1mu conHnefu 
Argumentum libri, 

''This Confession is mentioned only in ' Feverlini Bibliotheca Symbolica,' but 
bibliographically neither in Koecher (' Bibliog. Symb.*), Walch (* Biblioth. Theo- 
logica'Oy nor historically in Weismann, Mosheim, or Buddeus.'' — Note by Mr. C J. 

CONGREVE, William. Works. Consisting of his Plays and 
Poems. The Sixth Edition. London, 1753. 3 vols. Sm. 8vo. 

Works. Consisting of his Plays and Poems. Birmingham^ 

John BaskervilUy 1761. 3 vols. Royal 8vo. Portrait and plates, 

CONNECTICUT. Acts and Laws, of His Majesties Colony of 
Connecticut in New-England. New-London : Reprinted and Sold by 
Timothy Green^ Printer to his Honour the Govemour and Council, 
1715. Folio. 

The Charter granted by His Majesty King Charles II. to the 

Govemour & Company of the English Colony of Connecticut in New- 
England in America. New-London : Printed and Sold by Timothy 
Green^ Printer to the Govemour and Company of the Colony abovesaid 
17 1 8. Folio. 

Four leaves. This is bound up with the Acts of 17 15. 

[CONRAD, Olivier.] Le mirouer des pecheurs. On les vent a 
Paris en la rue saint Jacques a lenseigne de lelephant [chez Fr. Regnault^ 
vers 1530.] Sm. 8vo. Black letter. R. M. 

CONSET, Peter. The Rod of Recompence. Or the Hand of 

Justice, in the Punishment of the Enemies of Church & State, by 

Gods Providence and Justice brought about, after they had by the 

space of eighteen years afflicted and tormented both. . . . London^ 

Printed by T, R.for the Author, A. D. 1660. 4to. 

A — B in fours. In verse. 

From JoUe/s and the Rev. J. Burleigh James's collections. It is said that only 
one other copy of this piece is known. 

CONSOLAT. Aci comenja la taula del libre del consolat 

\S,a.y,i:\ Folio. Black letter, BR. M. 

This is no doubt the earliest edition of this work, of which the first dated edition 
was printed at Barcelona in 1494. Brunet has given a very accurate collation of 
the volume, except that he speaks of the signatures beginning with g, whereas they 


really begin with f. He also speaks of a title ; but there is no more title than that 
given above, which stands at the head of the first column of the table. On the last 
leaf is a subscription which runs thus : ^^Fonchfeta la present cridaper mi Anthoni 
strada corredot dela ciutat a tres de Juny Any Mil cccc vuytantaquatra, AH 
acaben Us ordinacions novament fetas sobte les seguretcUs niaritimes^^ It is probable 
that the volume was printed at Barcelona soon sUter the date here given (1484). 

CONSOLAT. Llibre de Consolat dels fets maritims. Ara nova- 
ment corregit y emendat ab algunes declaracions de paravles als 
margens. En Barcelona^ en la Estampa adtninistrada per Sebastia de 
Cormellas, Mercader. 1645. Folio. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves ; A — O in eights ; P — T in sixes. 

CONSOLATION chrestienne contre les afflictions de ce monde, 
et scrupules de conscience. [Sans lieu ni dale."] Sm. 8vo. Blaek letter. 

A — M 6 in eights. 

This little piece is written by a French Protestant ; but so far as can be ascer- 
tained it is not mentioned by any bibliographer. It is printed in a small Gothic 
type. On the title is a MS. date of 1554, which is probably about the time it was 

CONSPIRACY. A Conspiracy Discovered, Or the Report of a 
Committee to the House of Commons in Parliament, of the Examina- 
tion of diuers of the Conspirators and others in the late Treason, lune 
the 17, 1641 Printed in the year 161^1. 4to. 

Four leaves, including a curious woodcut frontispiece in four compartments. 

CONSTABLE, Henry. Poems. Edited by W. C. HazIitL 

London. 1859. 8vo. Large paper. 

Only twenty copies were printed on large paper. Presentation copy from the 

CONSTITUTIONS. The Constitutions of the Several Inde- 
pendent States of America ; The Declaration of Independence ; the 
Articles of Confederation between the said States ; The Treaties be- 
tween His Most Christian Majesty and the United States of America. 
Published by Order of Congress. Philadelphia : Printed by Francis 
Bailey, in Market-Street. 1781. 8vo. The edges uncut. 

Pp. 226, besides the title. 

On the top of the third leaf occurs : '' Mr. Lazar from his humble Servant. John 
Adams. 15 Aug. 1781." 

CONTINENTIA. De continentia Sacerdotum. Sub hac ques- 
tione nova. Utrum Papa possit cum Sacerdote dispensare vt nubat. 
NurmbergeH, per y. Weysseftburger. 1510. 4to. 

Sixteen leaves. 
M M 


CONVENCION para la evacuacion de la Cataluf&a, y El Armi»> 

ticio de Italia. En Utrecht. En casa de Guiilermo Van de Water. 

1713. 4to. 


COOKEy John. Greenes Tu quoque, Or The Cittie Gallant As 
it hath bene diuers times acted by the Queenes Maiesties Seruants. 
Written by lohn Cooke Gent Printed at London for T/umuu Dewe^ 
and are to be sold at Us Shop in Saint Dunstans Churchward ii^ Fleet-- 

street. 1622. 4ta 

A— L in fourty with a woodcut portiait of Greene on the title. 

Thomas Greene, the actor, was Shakespeare^s feUow-townsman, and the author 
of a poem entitled, ** A Poets Vision and a Princes Glory,** 1603. The pottrut of 
Greene is in character, and presents him as Bubble, the City Gallant The play 
was edited by Thomas Heywood, who wrote a preface highly laudatory to the author 
and the actor, of whom he calls the fonner his friend, and die latter his Mlow, On 
the backof this pre&ce are lines signed W. R[owley ?] '^ Vpon the death of Thmnas 

COOKE, John, of Gra/s Inn, Monarchy No creature of Godfe 
making, &c. wherein is proved by Scripture and Reason, that 
Monarchical! Govennent is against the minde of God. And that the 
Execution of the late king was one of the fattest sacrifices that ever 
Queen lustice had. Being a Hue and Cry after Lady Liberty which 
hath been ravished and stolen away by the Grand Potentates of the 
Earth. Principally intended for the undeceaving of some honest 
hearts who like the poore lewes cry, give us a king, though they smart 
never so much for it [Three quotations.] Printed at Waterford in 

Ireland^ by Peter le Pienne, in theyeare of our Lord God^ 165 1. Sm. 8vo. 

a— g in fours, and a leaf of h ; A— 1 4 in ei^ts, first and last leaves occupied only 
by woodcut ornaments on one side. 

Dedicated '' To the Supreame Authoritie of the three Nations the Parliament of 
the GHnmonwealth of England.* The author describes himself on the tide of this 
book as ^ late of Grayes Inne Esquire, Chief lustice of the Province of Munster In 

Cookers prefatory matter is of considerable historical interest In it he refers 
to the benefits conferred on Ireland by the government of Henry Ireton, especially 
in the simplification and cheapening of law ; and at the end he alludes to the 
news which he had received, as he was concluding his epistle, of Ireton's lamented 

COOKE, Richard. A White Sheete, Or A Warning for Whore- 

mongers. A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of S* Swithins by 

London-stone, the 19. of luly. Anno Domi : 1629, the day appointed 

by Honorable authoritie for penance to be done by an Inhabitant 

there for fornication, continued more then two yeares, with his Maide- 

Servant [Quotations.] Lottdon^ Printed by John Dawson for Henry 

Overton. 1629. 4ta 

A — F in fours. 

CO O PER— CO TE. 347 

COOPER, Anthony. Stratologia Or the History of the English 
Civil Warrs, in English Verse. Containing a brief Account of all 
Fights, most Skirmishes, Stratagems and Sieges in England. From 
the very first Originall of our late Warres, till the Martyrdome of King 
Charles the First of blessed memory. By an Eye-Witnesse of many 
of them. A C. Alta sedent Civilis vulnera Dextrtg. London, Printed 
for Joseph Crauford at the Castle and Lyon in St. Pauls Church-yard. 
1662. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — N 4 in eights. 

The author's dedication to Conyers D'Arcy, Lord Darcy, &c, is in verse. It 
seems that Cooper had entered the araiy young, had suffered mudi, and had been 
wounded three times before he was eighteen. This poetical narrative was com- 
posed during the civil wars. He pleads his admiration for Lord Darcy as his 
apology for dedicating to him such a volume. He says :^ 

*' When (yet a Boy) your Colours I beheld 

And Regiment so gallant by you rais'd 

Even by my Infant-muse your worth was prais'd — .* 

The volume was first printed in 1660. 

COOPER, Thomas. Coopers Chronicle, Conteininge the Whole 
discourse of the histories as well of this realme, as all other countries, 
with the succession of their Kynges, the time of their raigne, and what 
notable actes were done by them, newly enlarged and augmented, as 
well in the first part with divers profitable Histories, as in the latter 
ende with the whole summe of those thinges that Paulus Jouius and 
Sleidane hath written of late yeres, that is, from the beginnyng of 
Kyng Henrie the eights raigne vnto the late death of Queene Mary, 
by me Thomas Cooper. Londini. 1 560. [Colophon.] Imprinted at 
Loftdon in Fletestrete, in the house late Thomas Berthelettes. Cumpriui^ 
legio ad imprimendum solum. Anno. M. D. LX. 4to. Black letter. R. 

a — ^h 3 in fours ; A — Ixiz in fours ; A — C 2 in fours. 

Dedicated by the compiler to the Earl of Bedford. On the back of the title is 
^An Admonition to the reader,** in which Cooper describes the edition of this 
chronicle, printed with the date 1 559, as spurious, and '' the attempte of certayne 
persons vtterly vnleamed." 

COOTE, Edward. The English School-master, Teaching all his 
Scholars, of what age soever, the most easie, short, and perfect order 
of distinct reading and true Writing of our English-tongue, that hath 
ever yet been known or published by any And further also, teacheth a 
direct Course how any unskilfull person may easily both understand 
any hard English words, which they shall in the Scriptures, Sermons, 
or els-where hear or read : and also be made able to use the same 
aptly themselves ; and generally whatsoever is necessary to be known 
for the English Speech. .... Devised for thy sake that wantest any 


part of this skill, by Edward Coote Master of the Free-School in 
S' Edmonds-Bury. Printed by William Leybaum^far the Company ef 
Stationers. 1663. 4to. Uncut edges. 

A — L 3 in fours. 

No earlier edition of this once popular work is at present known than that 
printed in 1614, of which an imperfect copy is in the library of Emmanuel Collie, 
Cambridge. See Hailitt's *^ G>Uections and Notes^'^ p. 373. It appears, however, 
to be the book licensed on the i8th December, 1597. See Arber's *' Transcript/ 
iii.i p. 17. 

COPE, Anthony. The Historie of Two the moste Noble Capi- 
taines of the worlde, Anniball and Scipio, of theyrdyuersbattailes and 
victories, excedyng profitable to reade, gathered and trandated into 
Englishe, out of Titus Liuius, and other authoures, by Antonye Cope 
esquier. Anno. M. D. XLIIII. [Colophon.] Londinu In adibus 
Thoma Bertheleti regii impressaris tyfis excusum. Anno Verbi Incar- 
nati. M. D. XLIIII. Cvm Privilegio. . . . 4X0. Black letter. 

Title and preface, 4 leaves ; table, 2 leaves ; A— Nn in fours. 

On the back of the title is a poem of three stanxas headed : *^ Tho. Berthdet to 
this historie," which is followed by a long dedication to Henry VI I L, in which Cope 
takes the opportunity of complimenting his sovenrign on tat victories achieved at 
home and in France. '' I wiUe omitte^* he says, ^ to refaerse, that the emperour Maxi- 
milian, hearyng the fame of your hyghnesse power and excellence, desyied to be of 
youre maiesties bande, and vnder your baner in the fielde agaynst the frenchemm. 
I wyll also leaue to reherse the wyse and woorthy conquest of the reahne of Irelande, 
whereof at this present your maiestie weareth the Diademe. Neither will I tary to 
declare the sundry and moste lucky victories, that your hyghnes hath of laie had 
agaynst the promisse breakers the double dealynge Scottes. Furtiiermore, partely 
for breuitie, and partely for that the thyng beeyng so lately dooen, neither the 
bruite nor the memory therof can not but be so freshe, that it were much super- 
fluous here now to recite the same, I haue thought best wholly to omitte the long 
recitall of your late most noble, politike, and myghty conquest of BoUayne. . . ." 

COPIA de un capitulo de carta que el Rey de Francia escrivio a 
8u embiado en esta corte. [5. /. n. a,] 4to. 

Two leaves. 

COPIA van' t Octroy door de Hoogh. Mog. Heeren Staten Generael 
der Vereenighde Nederlanden gegeven aen Jan Reeps, en syne mede 
Participanten, om een Colonie op te rechten aen de Westzyde van Rio 
de las Amasones, tot aen Cabo d'Orange. In *s Gravenhage. 1689. 

COPLEY, Anthony. A Fig for Fortune. Recta Secutus. A. C. 
London Printed by Richard lohnesfor C A. 1 596. 4to. 

A— M in fours, first and last two leaves blank. In 6-line stanzas. 
Dedicated by Copley, in verse, to Anthony Browne, Viscount Monti^e. In 
Corser's '' Collectanea," part iv., pp. 455-6i, will be found a rather long account of 


the book, and a memoir of Copley. The present copy is from the libraries of 
Mr. Hamper and Mr. Daniel. Only three or four copies are known. The initials 
at the foot of the title probably stand for Anthony Copley reversed. 

COPLEY, Anthony. Wits, Fits, and Fancies : Or, A generall 
and serious Collection, of the Sententious Speeches, Answers, lests, 
and Behauiours, of all sortes of Estates, From the Throane to the 
Cottage. Being properly reduced to their seuerall heads, for the more 
ease to the Reader. Newly Corrected and augmented, with many 
late, true, and wittie accidents. Musica mentis^ mededna Mcestus. 
London Printed by Edw ; Allde^ dwelling in little Saint Bartholmewes^ 
neer Christ-Church. 1614. 4to. BL. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — Cc 2 in fours. 

This is a second edition, with additions and omissions. The first was pub- 
lished in 1595, with the author's initials and motto on the title. The poem called 
^ Love's Owl" is not reprinted here, and all trace of Copley's authorship or editor- 
ship is suppressed. Mr. Collier in his '' Bibliographical Catalogue," vol. L, p. 1 56, 
points out that Mr. Douce has shown that the author is much indebted to a Spanish 
book entitled '' Floresta Espafiola," by Melchior de Santa Cruz, first printed at 
Toledo in 1574, and frequently reprinted. Mr. Collier gives also many valuable 
particulars respecting the volume and the use made of it by Shakespeare and 

COPPIER, GuiLLAUME. Histoire et Voyage des Indes Occi- 
dentales, et de plusieurs autres Regions maritimes, et esloign6es. Lyon^ 
pour J. Huguetan. 1645. Sm. 8vo. 

COPY OF A LETTER. The Coppie of a Letter sent from one 
of the Qveenes Servants at the Hague to a Gentleman in Westminster 
dated the second of May, 1642. Wherevnto is added two strange 
Prophesies concerning these times With the predictions of Henry of 
Huntingdon. Written by Tho. Asladowne, in the year of our Lord, 
1556. London^ Printed for L 71 1642. 4to. 

Four leaves. 

The Letter from the Hague is signed '' M. M." The authorship of Asladowne is 
limited to a prophecy ascribed to him, which is contained on the concluding leal 
The '' Prophecie concerning these times " is in verse. 

A Copy of a Letter wrote by a young Shepherd to his 

Friend in Borrowdale. To which is added a Glossary of the Cumber- 
land Words. Printed in the Year 1795. Sm. 8vo. 

Eight leaves. 

CORBET, John. The Vngirding of the Scottish Armour : Or, 
An Answer to the Informations for Defensive Armes against the 
Kings Majestie, which were drawn up at Edenburgh by the common 
help and industrie of the three Tables of the rigid Covenanters of 
the Nobility, Barons, Ministry, and Burgesses, and ordained to be 


read out of Pulpit by each Minister, and pressed upon the People, to 
draw them to take up armes, to resist the Lord's Anointed throughout 
the whole Kingdom of Scotland. By lohn Corbet, Minister of Bonyl, 
one of the Collegiate Churches of the Provostrie of Dumbarton .... 
DvbUn, Pri$Uid by tlu SccUty of Stationers^ 1639, 4to. 

A — H in fours. 

CORBET, Richard. Certain Elegant Poems, written by Dr. 
Corbet, Bishop of Norwich. London^ Printed by R. Cotes for Andrew 
Crooke at the Grun Dragon in Pauls Ckarchryard^ i^7* Sm. 8va 
The edges uncut. G. BL 

A— E 3 in eights, dUe on Aa ; the additional poemsy hfginning at p. 55, A— B 

Poetica Stromata Or a Collection of Sundry Peices in Poetry : 

Drawne by the known and approued Hand of R. C. [Printed at the 

Hague T\ Anno 1648. Sm. 8vo. BL. M. 

A, 2 leaves ; B — 1 6 in eights. 

Second edition. Mr. Corser thought that this volinne was printed in France, 
the pointing and spelling heing so very imperfect. See ** Collectanea," part iv., 

CORDERIUS» Maturinus. Principia Latine Loqvendi Scri- 
bendiqve Sive Selecta quaedam ex Ciceronis epistolis. ... A very 
necessary and profitable entraunce to the Speakyng and writyng of 
the Latine tongue. Or, A certain draught taken out of Ciceroes 
Epistles for the exercise of children in the Latin speache together 
with an easy and a familiar construction thereof into Englishe. . . . 
Translated by T. W. Anno diii 157s* [Colophon.] Finis. T. W. % Im- 
printed at London by Ihon Kyngston for Oliuer Wilkes. Sns. 8vo. 
Black letter. 

X in eights. 

It seems not unlikely that the tranalatioa was an early woik of the cdebrated 
poet Thomas Watson. No other book with the name of Oliver Wilkes in the 
colophon seems to be known. 

Maturini Corderii CoUoqvia Scholastica Anglo-Latina, In 

varias clausulas distributa; Observato utriusque Linguae Idiomate. 
Qu6 se, ope vemaculi, in quotidiano sermone Latino pueri feliciiks 
exerceantur .... A Carolo Hoole A. M~ h ColL Line Oxon. Pri- 
vatx Scholx Grammaticae Institutore *..... Londisn^ Excudebant 
T. R. & E. M. pro Societate Stationariorum. 1653. Sm. 8vo. 

A, 4 leaves ; B — Dd 7 in eights. 

First edition. Dedicated ** To his Honoured good friend, Mr. Henrjr Hampson, 
CItittn of London,'' ^ from my School in Goldsmiths- Alley, Novemh. 4, 1652." The 
present was Mr. Inglis's copy. 


CORNAZANO, Ant. Ad serenissimum Venetorum dominum : 
eivsque civitatis principem clariss. de fide : et vita Christi Antonii 
Cornazani Placentini vatis liber incipit [Colophon.] Finis. M.CCCC. 
LXXII. 4to. 

Hain, 5729, where the volume is assigned to the press of Nicolas Jenson. 

CORNEILLE, Pierre. Theatre de, avec des commentaires [par 
Voltaire], &c &c. &c [Genive] 1764. Portrait and Plates. 12 vols. 

Horace, Tragedie. Par le Sieur Comeille. Suivant la Copie 

inprinUe (sic) a Paris. 1647. Sm. 8vo. 

Picot, *' Bibliographie Com^lienne,'' No. 293. 

La Mort de Pompee, Tragedie. Suiuant la Copie imprimie a 

Paris. 1648. Sm. 8vo. 

Picot, No. 314. 

Polyeucte Martyr, Tragedie de Mons^ Comeille. Suiuant 

la Copie imprimie a Paris. 1648. Sm. 8vo. 

Picot, Na 306. 

Nicomede Tragedie. Sur Vimprimiy A Paris, Chez Charles 

de Sercy. 1^52. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; pp. 1-88. Picot, No. 3^ 

Andromede Tragedie. Representee auec les Machines sur le 

Theatre Royal de Bourbon. A Paris; Chez Antoine de Sommauille. 

1655. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and preliminaries, 8 leaves, the first blank ; pp. 1-92. Picot, ^ BibUoth. 
Com^lienne,'' No. 57. 

Pertharite Roy des Lombards, Tragedie. A Paris, Chez 

Anthoine de Sommauille. 1656. Sm. 8vo. 

Eighty-four pages including title and preliminaries. Picot, No. 71. 

CORNEILLE, Thomas. L'Amour a la mode. Com6die. A 
Paris, chez Antoine de Sommauille. 1656. Sm. 8vo. 

Pp. 1-104 including title. 

Le feint Astrologue, Comedie. A Paris, Chez Antoine de 

Sommaville. 1656. Sm. 8vo. 

Title and prdiminaries, 2 leaves ; pp. 1-95. 

The Extravagant Sheepherd. A Pastorall Comedie, Written 

in French by T. Comeille. Englished by T. R. 1654. Horat Aut 
prodesse .... London, Printed by J. G.for Tho: Heath, dwelling in 
Russell street in Covent-Garden ftear the Piazza . 1654. 4to. 


A, 2 leaves ; B — I 3 in foiin. 

Dedicated by T. R. ** To the most Vertuous Lady M" Joanna Thorahill, Wife to 
the Honourable Col : Rich : Thomhill, of OUantigh in Kent." Here the translator 
acknowledges his obligations to the lad/s husband and brother, and b^^ her pro- 
tection for the *^ innocent stranger." " Such is his Innocency," he says, ** that in this 
habit he might, without Gaule to the Spectators, have enter'd the Theater (had not 
the Guilty Ones of this Age broken that Mirrour lest they shall there beholde their 
own horrible Shapes represented "—which Mr. Halliwell C' Diet of Old Plays," 
1S60, p. 90) supposes to mean that the drama, in its English dress, had been un- 
successfully performed. It is, however, more probable that the reference is to the 
prohibition of stage plays by the Commonwealth. 

CORNELIUS NEPOS. Emilius probus de uita excellentium 
Imperatorum exteraK gentiu. 4to. o. M. 

MS. on vellum written in Italy in the fifteenth century. The first page with an 
illuminated border. The last three pages of the MS. are occupied with the testi- 
monies of Josephus and other ancient writers concerning Jesus Christ 

CORNWALLIS, Sir Charles. A Discourse of the most Illus- 
trious Prince, Henry, Late Prince of Wales. Written Anno 1626. by 
Sir Charles Comwallis, Knight, sometimes Treasurer of his Highnesse 
House. London^ Printed for John Benson^ and are to be sold at his 
shop in Saint Dunstaris Churchyard. 1641. 4ta 

A a — E 3 in fours, the first and last leaves having been blank. This is the only 
memoir which we possess of Prince Henry, and it furnishes some curious insights 
into his amusements, occupations, and temper. Comwallis speaks of his fondness 
to excess for tennis and for eating fruit, on which points he was ready to hear ad- 
vice but not to follow it He also refers to a Spanish match having been projected 
for him, and to his rather quarrelscmie demeanour towards his brother and sister, 
Charles and Elizabeth. 

CORNWALLYS, Sir WiLLlABC. The First Part of Essayes. By 
Sir William Comewallys the yonger. Knight Printed by L H. for 
Edmund Mattes^ at the eigne of the Hand and Plough in Fleetstreet. 
1606. — ^A Second part of Essayes, Written by Sir William Comwallis 
the younger, Knight London {Imprint as above.] 1601. Sm. 8vo. 

Aa— Nn in eights ; the first leaf of A, the last leaf of M, and the last three 
leaves of N, are blank. 

Dedicated to the Lady Sara Hastings, the Lady Theodosia Dudley, the Lady 
Maiy Wingfield, and the Lady Mary Dyer, by H. O., who states that many MS. 
copies having got abroad, he was obliged to commit the work to the press, from 
a fear of a surreptitious and incorrect edition, and so to depart from the author's 
original desire to keep his labours private. The second portion, however, is in- 
scribed by W. C, presumably the initials of the author himself, to the same ladies. 
Part the First was originaUy printed in i6oa From Mr. Craufurd's lilnary. 

CORONEL, Hernando de los Rios. Sobre las Islas Fillpinas. 
[Madrid, 1628.] 4to. R. M. 

A— Yiii«infours. The text b^ins without any title-page. 


CORTES, Hernan. Historia de Nueva-Espafia, aumentada con 
otros documentos, y notas por Don Fr. Ant Lorenzana. En Mexico. 
1 7 JO. 4to. Map and thirty-two plates. 

Praeclara Ferdinadi Cortesii de Noua maris Oceani Hyspania 

Narratio Sacratissimo. ac Inuictissimo Carolo Romanoru Imperatori 
semper Augusto, Hyspaniaru, & Z Regi Anno Domini M. D. XX. 
transmissa : In qua Continentur Plurima scitu, & admiratione dig^a 
Circa egregias earu puintiaru Vrbes, Incolaru mores, pueroru Sacrificia, 
et Religiosas personas, Potissimuq^ de Celebri Ciuitate Temixtitan 
Variisqj illi^ mirabilib^, qu^ legete mirifice delectabut, p Doctore Petru 
saguorgnanu [sic] Foro Juliense Reuen. D. Joan, de Reuelles Episco. 
Vienesis Sacretariu ex Hyspano Idiomate in latinu versa. Anno 
Dni M.D.XXIIII. [Colophon.] Explicit secunda Ferdinandi Cortesii 
Narratio per Doctorem Petrum Sauorgnanum Foro Juliensem ex 
Hyspano Idiomate in latinum Conuersa. Impressa in Celebri Ciuitate 
Norimberga. Couentui Imperiali prfsidente Serenissimo Ferdinando 
Hyspaniaru Infdtey &* Archiduce Austria Sac: Ro. Imp. Locut. Gefterali 
Anno. Dni M.D.XXIIII : Quar. No. Mar. Per Fridericum Peypus. 
Artkimesius. Folio. R. M. 

Title, dedication, &c., 4 leaves, on the verso of the 4th a woodcut portrait of 
Clement VII. ; A — G in sixes; H, 8 leaves, the last blank. " De rebus, et insulis 
nouiter repertis," aa and bb in sixes. After the four preliminary leaves is a lax^^ 
folding woodcut of the city of Mexico. 

There is a second copy of this book in the library. It does not contain the 
large map of the city of Mexico, but at the end is bound up the '' Legatio Baby- 
lonica." 16 leaves. A— B in eights. 

Tertia Ferdinadi Cortesii Sac. Caesar, et Cath. Maiesta. in 

nova maris oceani Hyspania generalis praefecti pclara Narratio, In 
qua Celebris Ciuitatis Temixtitan expugnatio, aliaru% Prouintiaru, 
qu^ defecerant recuperatio continetur, In quaru expugnatione, recu- 
perationeq^ Praefectus, una cum Hyspanis Victorias aetema memoria 
dignas consequutus est, pr^terea In ea Mare del Sur Cortesium 
detexisse recesel, quod nos Australe Indicu Pelagus putam^, & alias 
innumeras Prouintias Aurifodinis, Vnionibus, Variisq^ Gemmarum 
generibus refertas, Et postremo illis innotuisse in eis quoq^ Aromata 

contineri, Per Doctore Petrum Sauorgnanu Ex Hyspano 

ydiomate In Latinum Versa. [Colophon.] Impressum In Imperiali 

Civitate Norimberga, Per FadericU Arthemesium. 1524. 

Folio. R. M. 

Title and preliminaries, 4 leaves ; folios 1-5 1 ; ^ Erratula,* i leaf. 

De Insulis nuper inventis Ferdinandi Cortesii ad Carolum V. 

Rom. Imp. narrationes, cum alio quodam Petri Martyris ad Clementem 
VII. Pont Max. consimilis argumenti libello. His accesserunt Epis- 

N N 

354 CORTES. 

tolae dux, de fdicissimo apud Indos Evangelii increme&to, quas 

superioribus hisce diebus quidam fratres Mino. ab India in Hispaniam 

transmiserunt. Item Epitome de inuentis nuper Indis populis idolatris 

ad fidem Christi, atque adeo ad Ecclesiam Catholicam convertendis, 

autore N. Herbom. ColonuB Impensis homsti ciuis Amoldi Birckman. 

1532. Folio. 

Title and preliminaries^ 4 leaves ; text, including ^ De insulis nuper inventis," 
78 leaves. 

CORTES, Hernan. La preclara Narratione di Ferdinando 
Cortese della Nuoua Hispagna del Mare Oceano, al sacratissimo, 
& Inuictissimo Carlo di Romani Imperatore sempre Augusto Re 
Dhispagna & cio che sieg^e, nellafto del Signore. M. D. XX. trasmessa : 
Nella quale si cotegono molte cose degne di scienza, & ammiratione, 
circa le cittadi egregie di quelle Prouincie costumi dhabitatori, sacrifici 
di Fanciulli, & Religiose persone, Et massimamente della celebre citta 
Temixtitan & uarie cose marauigliose di quella, e quali dilettevanno 
mirabilmete il lettore per il Dottore Pietro Sauorgnano Foroiuliense 
del Riuerendo Messer Giouani de Reuelles Vescouo di Vienna Secre- 
tario dal iddioma Hispagniulo in lingua latina conuersa nel anno 
M. D. XXIIII. di primo Marzo : Hora nelle stesso Millesimo di XVII. 
Agosto. Voi candidissimi lettori leggerete con dilettatione & piacere 
grandissimo la prefata narratione di Fernando Cortese dalla Facodia 
latina al spledore della lingua volgare p Messer Nicolo Libumio c5 
fidelta & diligeza tradotta al comodo, & sodisfattione de glhonesti 
& virtuosi ingegnL [Colophon.] Stampata in Venetia per Bernardino 
de Viano de Lexona Vercellese, Ad instancia de Baptista de Pederzani 
Brixiani. Anno domini M. D. XXIIII. Adi. XX. Agosto. 4to. 

Title, dedication, &c, 4 leaves ; A — Q in fours ; R, 6 leaves, the last bearing 
only the printer's mark