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H Y M N S 


Sacred POEMS. 

B Y 

y M.A. 

Fellow of Lincoln College, OXFORD. 



Student of Chriji -Church, OXFORD. 

Let tie Word of CHRIST dwell in You richly in all 
Wlfdotn, teaching and admonijhing one another, 
i Pfalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs, finging 
<vjith Grace in your Hearts to the LORD. 

Col. iii. 1 6. 

The FOURTH Edition. 

Brijlol : Printed by Felix Farley. 

And fold by the Bookfellers of Brijtol, Bath, LOK~ 
don, Ne-Jucajlle upon Tyne, and Exeter; as 
alib by A. Bradford, in Philadelphia. 



I i f~} O M E Verfes, it may be obferv'd, in the 
, \ following ColleSion, were 'wrote upon the 
^ Scheme of the Myjlick Divines. And the] B 
"'tis ownd, we had once in great Venera- 
tion, as the be ft Explainers of the Gcfpfl of CHRIST. 
Put we are now convinced that we therein greatly 
err'd; not knowing the Scriptures, neither die 
Power of GOD. And becaufe this is an Error 
which many ferious Minds arefooncr or later cxpofed 
to, and which indeed moft eajlly befets thofe, whs 
feek the LORD JESUS in Sincerity; we believe our- 
fefaes indifpenjibly obliged, in the Prcfence of GOD 
and Angels, and Men, to declare wherein wt ap- 
prehend thofe Writers, Not to teach die Truth as 
it is in JESUS. 

2. And fir ft, we apprehend them to lay Another 
Foundation They are careful indeed to pull down 
tur own Works, and to prove, that by the DEEDI 
of the Law fhall no Flefh be juftified. But why is 
this? Only, to eitablifh our own Righteoufnefs in 
the Place of our own Works. They fpeak largely 
and c well, againft expeSing to be accepted of GO D 
for our Virtuous Actions : And then teach, That we 
are to be accepted, For our Virtuous Habits or Tem- 
pers. Still the Ground of cur Acceptance is place J 
in ourfelves. The Difference is only this: Commcit 
Writers fuppofe we are to be juftified, for the Sake 
of our Outward Righteoufnefs. Thefe fuppofe i'.-t 
are to be juftified, for the Sakt of our Inivard Righ<- 
teoufnefs : Whereas in Truth, we are no more juf- 
tijied, for the Sake of one than of the other. Far 
neither our own Inward r.or Outward Righteouf- 
nefs, is the Ground of our Jitftifiiation. Holinefs of 
Heart, as we// as Holinefs of Life, is not the Caitfe, 
but the Ejfefl of it. The Sole Caufe of our Accep- 
tance with GOD (or, That for the Sake of which, 
on the Account of wbid> we are accepted) is the 


iv The PREFACE. 

Rigbteottfnefs and the Death of CHRIST, in; bo fulfilled 
GOD\s La-i'j, and died in our Stead. And e-ven the 
Condition of it, is fiat (as they fuppofej our Holinefi 
either of Heart or Life: But our FAITH ALONE ; 
' Faith contradijlinguijh' 1 d from Holinefs as ivell as 
from Good Works. Other Foundation therefore can 
110 Men lay, 'without being an A&oerjary to CHRIST 
find his Gofpel, than FAITH ALONE, Faith, though 
nfceffarily producing both, yet not including either 
Got-d Works, or Holinefs. 

3. But fuppojing them to have laid the Foundation 
right, the Manner of building thereon which they 
f.d-i'ife, is quite oppojite to that prefcribed by CHRIST. 
- He commands to build up one another. They ad- 
vi/e, " To the Defert, to the Dcfert, and GOD 
" will build you up." Numberlefs are the Com- 
jnendations that occur in all their Writings, nt of 
Retirement intennix' d -i>:ith Con t verfatio?i, but ofaji 
i nt ire SecJuJion from Men, (perhaps for Months or 
Tears} in order to purify the Soul. Whereas, ac- 
tsrding to the Judgment of our Lord, and the Wrr- 
' tings ofhisApoftles, it is only when e we are knit to- 
gether, that we have Nourifhment from Him, and 
increafe with the Increafe of GOD. Neither is 
there any time, ivben the weakeft Member can fay 
to the ftrongeji, or the ftrongeft to the weakeft, " I 
*' have no Need of Thee." Accordingly our 
Blcfled Lord, ivhen his Difdples were in their 
nveakejl State, fent them forth, not alone, but Two 
by T'wo. When they ^jtjere Jlrengthen 1 d a little, 
not by Solitude, but by abiding nvith him and one 
another, he commanded them to wait, not fcparate 
but being affembled together, for the Promiie of 
the Father. And they were all with one Accord 
in one Place, when thty received the Gift of the 
Holy Ghvft , Exprefs mention is made in the fame 
Chapter, that when there were added unto them 
Three Thoufand Souls, all that believed were to- 
gether, and continued iledfaftly net only in the A- 



poftles Doctrine but alfo in Fellowfhip and in. 
breaking of Bread and in praying with one Accord. 
Agreeable to which is the Account the Great Apojtle 
gives of the Manner- which he had bssn taught of 
GOD, for the perfecting of the Saints, for the 
edifying of the Body of CHRIST, even to the End 
of the World. And according to St. Paul, all who 
will ever come, in the Unity of the Faith, unto 
a perfect Man, unto the Meafure of the Stature 
of the Fulnefs of CHRIST, mitft together grow up 
into Him : From whom the whole Body fitly join'd 
together and compacted (or ftrengthnid} by that 
which every Joint fupplieth, according to the ef- 
fectual Working in the Meafure of every Part, 
maketh Increafe of the Body, unto the Edifying 
ofitfelfin Love. Ephefiar.s iv. 15, 16. 

4. So widely dijlant is the Manner of Building up 
Souls in CHRIST taught by St. Paul, frum that 
taught by the Myjlicks! Nar do they differ as to the 
Foundation, or the Manner of Building thereon, 
more than they do with Regard to the- Super JlruZlure. 
For the Religion thefe Authors woifd edify-ut in, is 
Solitary Religion. If Thou wilt be Perfect, fay they, 
" trouble not thyfelf about Outward Works. It is 
" better to work Virtues in the Will. He hath at- 
" tained the True Refignation, who hath eftranged 
41 kimfelfffom all Outward Works, that GOD 
" may work inwardly in mm,- without any turning 
'* to Outward Things. Thefe are the true War - 
"Jhippers, who worjhip GOD, in Spirit and in 

' Truth.'''' For Contemplation' is with them, the 
fulfilling of the Law, even a Contemplation that 
" conjijh in a Ce/ation from all Works" 

5. Directly oppojite to this is the Gofpel of 
CHRIST. Solitary Religion is not to be found there. 
" Holy Solitaries'' 1 is a Phrafe no more confifttnt 
with the Gofpel than Holy Adulterers. The Gofpel 
/"CHRIST knows of no Religion, but Social; n 
Holimfi but Social Holinefs. Faith working by 
Love, is the Length and Breadth and Depth and 
Heighth ofCbriJiian Perfection, This Command- 

A 3 meat 

vi The PREFACE. 

ment have we from CHRIST, that he who love 
GOD, love his Brother alfo : And that <vje mani- 
feft our Lws by doing good unto all Men ; efpe- 
cially to them that are of the Houfhold of Faith. 
And in truth, lukofottutr loveth his Brethren not in 
Word only, but as CHRIST lo--ved him, cannot but 
be zealous of Good Works. He feels in his Soul 
a burning, reftlefs Dttfire, of /pending and being /pent 
for them. My Father, W// he fay, worketh hi- 
therto and I work. And at all pojfible Opportuni- 
ties, he is, like his Mafter, going about doing good. 
6. 'This then is the Way: Walk Te in it, whcfo- 
tver Ye are that ka<ve believed in his Name. Te 
kno-w, Other Foundation can no Man lay, than 
that which is laid, even JESUS CHRIST. Te feel 
that by Grace Ye are fa-ved thro' Faith ; fa-vett 
from Sin, by CHRIST form' d in your Hearts, and 
from Fear, by his Spirit bearing Witnefs with your 
Spirit, that Ye are the Sons of GOD. Ye are 
taught cf GOD, not to forfake the afiembling of 
yourfelves together, as the Manner of fome is ; 
but to inftrui, admonijh, exhort, reprove, comfort, 
confirm and e<very Way build up one another. Ye 
have an Unclion from the Holy One, that teach- 
eth you ta renounce any other or higher Perfeflion, 
than Faith working by Love, Faith zealous of 
. Good Works, Faith as it hath Opportunity doing 
good unto all Men. As Ye have therefore re- 
ceived JESUS CHRIST the LORD, fo Walk ye in 
Him, rooted and built up in Him, and ftablifh'd 
In the Faith and abounding therein more and more. 
Only, beware left any. Man fpoil you thro 1 Philo- 
fphy and vain Deceit, after the Tradition of Men, 
-after the Rudiments of the World, and not after 
CHRIST. For Ye are complete in Him. He is 
Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending, 
the Firft and the Lart. Only continue in Him, 
grounded, and fettled and be not moved away from 
the Hope of the Gofpel : And when CHRIST, who 
is our Life (hall appear, then mall Ye alfo appear 
vfid; Him in Glory f HYMNS 


A K D 



EUPOLI s' Hymn to the Creator. 

From the Greek. 

UTHOR of Being, Source of Light, 
With unfading Beauties bright, 
Fulnefs, Goodnefs, rolling round 
Thy own fair Orb without a Bound : 
Whether Thee Thy Suppliants caft 

Truth, or Good, or One, or All, 

El, or lao ; Thee we hail 

Eflence that can never fail, 

Grecian or Barbaric Name, 

Thy ftedfaft Being ftill the fame. 

Thee, when Morning greets the Skies 
With rofy Cheeks and humid Eyes ; 
Thee, when fweet-declining Day 
Sinks in purple Waves away ; 
Thee will I fing, O Parent Jove, 
And teach the World to praife and love. 

Yonder azure Vault on high, 
Yonder blue, low, liquid Sky, 
Earth on its firm Bafis plac'd, 
And with circling Waves embraced, 
All Creating Pow'r confefs, 
All their mighty Maker blefs. 



Thou fliak.'ft all Nature with thy Nod, 
Sea, Earth, and Air confefs the GOD: 
Yet does Thy pow'rful Hand fuftain 
Both Earth and Heaven, both Firm and Main. 

Scarce can our daring Thought arife 
To thy Pavilion in the Skies ; 
Nor can Platans, felf declare 
The Blifs, the Joy, the Rapture there. 
Barren above Thou Joft not reign, 
But circled with a glorious Train, 
The Sons of GOD, the Sons of Light, 
Ever joying in Thy Sight : 
(For Thee their filver Harps are ftrung,) 
Ever beauteous, ever young, 
Angelic Forms their Voices raife, 
And thro' Heav'ns Arch refound Thy Praife. 

The Feather 1 d Souls that fwim the Air, 
And bathe in liquid Ether there, 
The Lark, Precentor of their Choir 
Leading them higher ftill and higher, 
Liften and learn ; th 1 angelic Notes 
Repeating in their warbling Throats : 
And e're to foft Repofe they go, 
Teach them to their Lords below : 
On the green Turf, their mofiy Neft, 
The Ev'ning Anthem fwells their Breaft. 
Thus like thy Golden Chain from high, 
Thy Praife unites the Earth and Sky. 

Source of Light, Thou bidft the Snn 
On his burning Axles run ; 
The Stars like Duft around him fly, 
And ftrew the Area of the Sky. 
He drives fo fwift his Race above, 
Mortals can't perceive him move: 
So fmooth his Courfe, oblique or ftrait, 
Qljmpui makes not with his Weight. 



As the Queen of folemn Night 
Fills at his Vafe her Orb of Light, 
Imparted Luftre ; Thus we fee, 
The Sokr Virtue mines by Thee. 

Eire/tone we'll no more, 
Imaginary Pow'r, adore ; 
Since Oil, and Wool, and chearful Wine, 
And Life-fuitaining Bread are thine. 

Thy Herbage, O Great Pan, Mains 
The Flocks that graze our Attic Plains ; 
The Olive, with frefli Verdure, crown'd, 
Rifes pregnant from the Ground ; 
At Thy Command it moots and fprings, 
And a thoufand Bleffings brings. 
Minerva, only is thy Mind, 
Wifdom, and Bounty to Mankind. 
The fragrant Theme, the bloomy Rofe, 
Herb, and Flow'r, and Shrub, that grows . 
On Tkeffalian Tempe's Plain, 
Or where the rich Sabeans reign, 
That treat the Tafle, or Smell, or Sight, ^ 
For Food, for Med'cine or Delight j 
Planted by Thy Parent Care, 
Spring, and fmile, and flourifli there. 

O ye Nurfes of foft Dreams, 
Reedy Brooks, and winding Streams, 
Or murm'ring o'er the Pebbles flieen, 
Or Hiding thro' the Meadows green, 
Or where thro' matted Sedge you creep, _ 
Travelling to your Parent Deep : 
Sound his Praife, by whom you rofej 
That Sea, which .neither ebbs nor flows. 

O ye immortal Woods and Groves, 
Which the enamour'd Student loves ; 
Beneath whofe venerable Shade, 
For Thought and friendly Converfe made,. 

4. HYMNS and SACRED PoE?.:5. 

Fam'd Hecadem, old Hero, lies, 
Whofe Shrine is fhaded from the Skies, 
And thro' the Gloom of filent Night 
Projedb from far its trembling Light ; 
You, whofe Roots defcend as low, 
As high in Air your Branches grow -, 
Your leafy Arms to Heav'n extend, 
Bend your Heads, in Homage bend : 
Cedars, and Pines that wave above, 
And the Qak bejov'd of Jove, 

Omen, Monfter, Prodigy, 
Or nothing are, or Jove from Thee [ 
Whether various Nature play, 
Or re-invers'd thy Will obey, 
And to Rebel Man declare 
Famine, Plague or Waiteful War. 
Laugh, ye Profane, who dare defpife 
The Threatning Vengeance of the Skies., 
Whilft the Pious, on his Guard, 
Undifmay'd is.ftill prcpar'd : 
Life or Death, his Mind's at reft, 
Since what Thou fend'lt mult needs be beft. 

No Evil can from Thee proceed : 
'Tis only fuffer'd, not Decreed. 
Darknefs is not from the Sun, 
Nor mount the Shades 'till he is gone; 
Then does Night obfcene ariie 
From Erebus, and fill the Skies, 
Fantaftic Forms the Air invade, 
Daughters of Nothing and of Shade. 

Can we forget Thy Guardian Care, 
Slow to punilh, prone to fpare ! 
Thou brak'ft the haughty Perjians, Pride, 
That dar'd old Ocean's Pow'r deride ; 
Their Shipwrecks ftrew'd the Eubean Wave, 
At Marathon they found a Grave. 



O ye bleft Greeks who there expir'd, 
For Greece with pious Ardour fir'd, 
What Shrines or Altars fhall we raife 
To fecure your endlefs Praife ? 
Or need Vve Monuments fupply, 
To refcue'what can never die ! 

And yet a Greater Hero far 
(Unlefs Great Socrates could err) 
Shall rife to blefs fome future Day, 
And teach to live, and teach to pray. 
Come, Unknown Inftrudor, come ! 
Our leaping Hearts fhall make Thee Room . 
Thou with "Jove our Vows malt mare, 
Of Jove and Thee We are the Care. 

O Father King, whofe heav'nly Face 
Shines ferene on All Thy Race, 
We Thy Magnificence adore, 
And Thy well-known Aid implore : 
Nor vainly for Thy Help we call ; 
Nor can we want : For Thou-art All ! 


From the Latin. 

SOLITUDE! where (hall I find 
Thee, pleafmg to the thoughtful Mind! 
Swe^t Delights to Thee belong, 
Untkfted by the vulgar Throng. 
Weary of Vice and Noife I flee, 
Sweeteft Comforter, to Thee. 
Here the Mild and Holy Dove 
Peace infpires, and Joy, and Love, 
Thy unmoleHed, filent Shade 
No tumultuous Sounds invade : 
No Stain of Guilt is feen in Thee, 
To foil thy fpoilefs Purity. 



Here the fmiling Fields around 
Softeft Harmony refound. 
Here with Angel Quires combin'd, 
The Lord of his own pea&ful Mind 
Glides thro' Life, from Bufinefs far, 
And noify Strife, and eating Care. 
Here retir'd from Pomp and State 
(The envy'd Torment of the Great) 
Innocent he leads his Days, 
Far from giddy Third of Praife. 
Here his Accounts with ftudious Care 
Preparing for the laft great Bar, 
He weeps the Stains of Guilt away, 
And ripens for Eternal Day. 

Hoajded Wealth defire who pleafe, 
Tow'rs and gilded Palaces. 
Fraudlefs Silence may I find, 
Solitude and Peace of Mind ; 
To all the bufy World unknown, 
Seen and lov'd by GOD alone. 

Ye Rich, ye Learn'd, ye Great, confefs 
This in Life is Happinefs, 
To live {unknown to all abroad) 
To myfelf only and my GOD. 

The Myjtery of Life. 

many Years I've feen the Sun, 
And call'd thefe Eyes and Hands my own, 
A thoufand little Afts I've done, 

And Childhood have and Manhood knowru 
O what is Life ! and this dull Round 
To tread, why was a Spirit bound ? 

2 So many airy Draughts and Line;, 

And warm Excursions of the Mind> 

-Have fill'd my Soul with great Defigns, 

While Practice grovel'd far behind : 


*O what is Thought ! and wlrere withdraw 
The Glories which my Fancy faw ? 

3 So many tender Joys and Woes 

Have on my quiv'ring Soul had Pow'r; 
Plain Life with heightening Paflions rofe, 

The Boaft or Burden of their Hour : 
O what is All we feel ! why fled 
Thofe Pains and Pleafures o'er my Head ? 

4 So many human Souls Divine, 

Some at one Interview difplay'd, 
Some oft and freely mixt with mine, 

In lading Bonds my Heart have laid : 
O what is Friendfhip ! wr.y impreft 
On my weak, wretched, dying Breaft? 

5 So many wond'rous Gleams of Light, 

And gentle Ardors from above, 
Have made me fit, like Seraph bright, 

Some Moments on a Throne of Love : 
O what is Virtue ! why had I, 
Who am fo low, a Tafle fo high ? 

6 Ere long, when Sov'reign Wifdom wills, 

My Soul an unknown Path (hall tread, 
And itrangely leave, who ftrangely fills 

This Frame, and waft me to the Dead ; 
O what is Death?- 'tis Life's laft Shore, 
Where Vanities are vain no more ; 
Where all Purfuits their Goal obtain, 
And Life is all retouch'd again ; 
Where in their bright Refult (hall rife 
Thoughts, Virtues, Friendships, Griefs and 




AS K not, who ended here his Span ? 
His Name, Reproach and Praife, was Man. 
Did no great Deeds adorn his Courfe ? 
No Deed of His, but fhew'd him worfe : 
One Thing was great, which GODfupply'd, 
He fuffer'd Human Life and Dy'd. 
What Points of Knowledge did he gain ? 
That Life was facred all and Vain : 
Sacred how high, and vain how low"? 
He knew not here, but dy'd to know. 

V I R ? U E. 

Altered from HERBERT. 

WEET Day, fo cool, fo calm, fo bright, 

The Bridal of the Earth and Sky : 
The Dew mail weep thy Fall to Night, 
For Thou with all thy Sweets muft die ! 

2 Sweet Rofe, fo fragrant and fo brave, 

Dazling the ram Beholder's Eye : 
Thy Root is ever in its Grave, 

And Thou with all thy Sweets muft die ! 

3 Sweet Spring, fo beauteous and fo gay, 

Storehoufe, where Sweets unnumber'd lie : 
Not long thy fading Glories ftay, 

But Thou with all thy Sweets muft die .' 

4 Only a Sweet and Virtuous Mind, 

When Nature all in Ruins lies, 
When Earth and Heav'n a Period find, 
Begins a Life that never dies ! 



Upon UJPning to the Vibrations of 
a Clock. 

INSTRUCTIVE Sound! I'm now convinc'd by 

Time in its Womb may bear Infinity. 
How the pail Moment dies, and throbs no more T 
What Worlds of Parts compofe the rolling Hour ! 
The leaft of thefe a ferious Care demands ; 
Fortho 1 they're little, yet they're Golden Sands; 
By foine great Deeds diftinguifh'd all in Heav'n, 
For the fame End to me by Number given ! 
Ceafe, Man, to lavifh Sums thou ne'er haft told ! 
Angels, tho' Deathlefs, dare not be fo bold ! 

D O O M S D A T. 


i U /"N OME to Judgment, come away ! ' 

\^j (Hark, J hear the Angel fay, 
Summoning the Dull to rife) 

4< Hafle, refume, and lift your Eyes ; 
" Hear, ye Sons of Adam, hear, 
" Man, before thy GOD appear ! 

z Come to Judgment, come away ! 
This, the Laft, the Dreadful Day. 
Sov'reign Author, Judge of all, 
Duft obeys Thy quick'ning Call, 
Duft no other Voice will heed : 
Thine the Trump that wakes the Dead. 

3 Come to Judgment, come away! 
Ling' ring Man no longer ftay ; 

B 2 Thee 


Thee let Earth at length reftore, 
Pris'ner in her Womb no more j 
Burft the Barriers of the Tomb, 
Rife to meet thy inftant Doom ! 

Come to Judgment, come away f 
Wide difperft howe'er ye ftray, 
Loft in Fire, or Air, or Main, 
Kindred Atoms meet again ; 
Sepulchred where'er ye reft, 
Mix'd with Fim, or Bird, or Beaft. 

Come to Judgment, come away 
Help, O CHRIST, thy Works Decay 
Man is out of Order huri'd, 
Parcel 'd out to all the World ; 
LORD, thy broken Concert raife, 
And the Mufick fliall be Praife. 


From the German. 

Thou, who all Things canft controul, 
Chafe thio dead Slumber from my Soul ;. 

With Joy and Fear, with Love and Awe 

Give me to keep thy perfect Law. 

2 O may one Beam of Thy blefl Light 
Pierce thro', difpel the Shades of Night : 
Touch my cold Breail with heav'nly Fire, 
With holy, conq'ring Zeal infpire. 

3 For Zeal I figh, for Zeal I pant ; 
Yet heavy i, my Soul and faint : 
Witli Steps unwr^y'ring, undifmay'd 
Give me in all thy Paths to tread. 



4 With out-ftretch'd Hands, and ftreaming 


Oft I begin to grafp the Prize ; 
I groan, I ftrive, I watch, I pray : 
But ah ! how foon it dies away ! 

5 The deadly Slumber foon I feel 
Afreih upon my Spirit fleal : 

Rife, LORD; ilir up Thy quick'ning Pow'iy 
And wake me that I fleep no more. 

6 Single of Heart O may I be, 
Nothing may I defire but Thee : 
Far, far from me the World remove, 
And all that holds me from Thy Love .' 

Z E A L. 

^EAD as I am, and cold my Breaft, 
* Untouch'd by Thee, Celeftial Zeal, 
How mail I fmg th' unwonted Gueft ? 
How paint the Joys I cannot feel ? 

2 AM me Thou, at whofe Command 

The Heart exuhs, from Earth fet free ? 
'Tis Thine to raife the drooping Hand, 
Thine to confirm the feeble Knee. 

3 'Tis Zeal muft end this inward Strife, 

Give to know That Warmth Divine ? 
Thro' all my Verfe, thro' all my Lite 
The Adive Principle mall mine. 

4 Where fhall we find its high Abode ? 

To Heav'n the Sacred Ray afpirer, 
With ardent Love embraces GOD, 
Parent, and Objeft of its Fires. 

B 3 There 


5 There its peculiar Influence known 

In Breafts Seraphic learns to glow ; 
Yet darted from th' Eternal Throne, 
It fheds a chearing Light below. 

6 Thro' Earth diffus'd, the Aftive Flame 

Intenfely for GOD's Glory burns, 
And always mindful whence it came, 
To Heav'n in ev'ry Wifh returns. 

7 Yet vain the fierce Enthufiaft's Aim 

With This to fanftify his Caufe ; 
To flcreen beneath this Awful Name 
The perfecuting Sword he draws. 

8 In vain the mad Fanatick's Dreams 

To this myfterioufly pretend j 
On Fancy built, his airy Schemes 

Or flight the Means, or drop the End. 

9 Where Zeal holds on its even Courfe, 

Blind Rage, and Bigotry retires ; 
Knowledge affifts, not checks its Force, 
And Prudence guides, not damps its Fires.. 

10 Refiftlefs then it wins its Way ; 

Yet deigns in humble Hearts to dwell : 
The Humble Hearts confefs its Sway, 
And pleas'd the ilrange Expansion feeL 

1 l Superiour far to mortal Things, 

In grateful Extafy they own, 
(Such antedated Heav'n it brings) 
That Zeal and Happinefs are one. 

1 2 Now vary'd Deaths their Terrors Ipread, 

Now threat'ning Thoufands rage In vain ! 
Nor Tortures can arreft its Speed, 
Nor Worlds its Energy reflrain. 

13 That 


T3 That Energy, which quefls the Strong, 

Which cloaths with Strength the abject 


Loofes the ilamm'ring Infant's Tongue, . 
And bids the Sons of Thunder fpeak. 

*4 While Zeal its heav'nly Influence fheds, 

What Light o'er Mofes* Vifage plays f ' 
It wings th' immortal Prophet's Steeds, 
And brightens fervent Stephen' 1 ?, Face. 

1 5 Come then, bright Flame, my Breaft infpire i 

To me, to me be Thou but giv'n, 
Like them I'll mount my Car of Fire, 
Or view from Earth an op'ning Heav'n. 

16 Come then, if mighty to redeem, 

CHRIST purchas'd thee with Blood Divine : 
Come, Holy Zeal ! for Thou thro' Him, 
JESUS Himfelf thro' Thee is Mine ! 

On Reading MonJ*. de Renty's Life. 

WE deem the Saints, from mortal Flefiv 

With brighter Day, and bolder Raptures blefl : 
Senfe now no more precludes the diltant Thought, 
And naked Souls now feel the GOD they fought, 
But thy great Soul, which walk'd with GOD on 


Can fcarce be nearer by that fecond Birth : 
By Change of Place dull Bodies may improve, 
But Spirits to their Blifs advance by Love. 
Thy Change infenfible brought no Surprize, 
Inur'd to Innocence and Paradife: 
For Earth, not Heav'n,. thou thro' a GlafsT 

didft view, / 

The Glafs was Love ; and Love no Evil knew,. I 
But in all Places only Heav'n did ihew. J 



Can'ft Thou love more, when from a Body 


Which fo much Life, fo little had of Need ? 
So pure, it feem'd for This alone defign'd, 
To ufher forth the Virtues of the Mind ! 
From Nature's Chain, from Earthly Drofs fet 


One only Appetite remain'd in Thee : 
That Appetite ic mourn'd but once deny'd, 
For when it ceas'd from ferving GOD, it dy'd. 

FA R E w E L to the Wo R L D, 

From the French. 

1 T T 7" O R L B adieu, Thou real Cheat ! 

VV Oft have thy deceitful Charms 
FilTd my Heart with fond Conceit, 
Foolifh Hopes and falfe Alarms ; 
Now I fee as clear as Day, 
How thy Follies pafs away. 

2 Vain thy entertaining Sights, 

Falfe thy Promifes renew'd, 
All the Pomp of thy Delights 

Does but flatter and delude: 
Thee I quit for Heav'n above, 
Objeft of the nobleft Love. 

3 Farewel Honour's empty Pride ! 

Thy own nice, uncertain Gull, 
If the leaft Mifchance betide, 

Lays thee lower than the Duft : 
Worldly Honours end in Gall, 
Rife to Day, to Morrow fall. 



4, poolifh Vanity farewel, 

More inconftant than the Wave J 
Where thy foothing Fancies dwell, . 

Pureft Tempers they deprave : 
He, to whom I fly, from Thee 
JESUS CHRIST mall fet me free. 

5 Never mail my wand'ring Mind . 

Follow after fleeting Toys, 
Since in GOD alone I find 

Solid and fubftantial Joys : 
Joys that never overpaft, 
Thro' Eternity mail laft. 

6 LORD, how happy is a Heart 

After Thee while it afpires ?- 
True and faithful as Thou art, 

Thou fhalt anfwer its Defires : 
It mall fee the glorious Scene 
Of Thine Everlafting Reign.. 



1 /"\ WHAT a Thing is Man ! from Reft 

V J How widely diftant, and from Pow'r ! 
Some, twenty {ev'ral Men at leaft 
He feems, he is, each fev'ral Hour. 

2 Heav'n his fols Treafure now he loves ; 

But let a tempting Thought creep in, 
His Coward Soul he foon reproves, 
That ftarts t'admit a pleafing Sin. 

3 Eager he rufhes now to War; 

Inglorious now diflblves in Eafe ; 
Wealth now engrofles all his Care ; . 
And laviih now he fcorns Increafs, . 


4 A ftately Dome he raifes now : 

But foon the Dome his Change fhall feel ; 
See, level lies its lofty Brow, 

Cruih'd by the. Whirlwind of his Will! 

5 O what were Man, if his Attire 

Still vary'd with his varying Mind ! ' 
If we his ev'ry new Defire 

Stamp' d on his alt'ring Form could find. 

6 Could each one fee his Neighbour's Heart, 

Brethren and Social made in vain, 
All would difband and range apart, 
And Man deteft the Monfter Man. 

7 If GOD refufe our Heart to turn,. 

Vain will his firft Creadon be : 
O make us daily ! Or we fpurn 

Our own Salvation, LORD, and Thee ! 

70 a FRIEND in LOVE. 

ACCEPT, dear Youth, a fympathizing Lay, 
The only Tribute pitying Love can pay : 
Tho' vain the Hope thine Anguifh to aflwage, 
Charm down Defire^ or cairn fierce Paflion's Rage; 
Yetiftill permit me in thy Griefs to grieve, 
Relief to offer, if I can't relieve ; 
Near thy fick Couch with fond Concern t 'attend, 
And reach out Cordials to my Dying Friend. 

Poor haplefs Youth ! what Words can eafe thy 


When Reafon pleads, and Wifdom cries in vain f 
Can feeble Verfe impetuous Nature guide, 
Or ftem the Force of blind Affection's Tide? 
If Reafon cheeks, or Duty difallows, 
" Reafon, you cry, and Duty are my Foes: 

" Religion's- 


<( Religion's Didrates ineffectual prove, 

" And GOD Himfelf's Impertinence in Love. 

What art Thou, Love ? Thou ftrange myfte- 

rious 111, 

Whom none aright can know, tho' all can feel. 
From carelefs Sloth thy dull Exigence flows, 
And feeds the Fountain whence itfelf arofe : 
Silent its Waves with baleful Influence roll, 
Damp the young Mind, and fink th' afpiring SouL, 
Poifon its Virtues, all its Pow'rs reftrain, 
And blaft the Promife of the future Man. 
To Thee, curft Fiend, the captive Wretch con- 


" His Paflions rampant, and his Reafon blind, 
Reafon, Heav'ns great Vicegerent, dares difown, 
And place a foolifti Idol in its Throne : 
Or wildly raife his frantick Raptures higher, 
And pour out Blafphemies at thy Defire. 
At thy Defire he bids a Creature fhine, 
He decks a Worm with Attributes Divine ; 
Hers to Angelic Beauties dares prefer, 
" Angels are painted fair to look like Her ! 
Before her Shrine the lowly Suppliant laid, 
Adores the Idol that himfelf has made : 
From her Almighty Breath his Doom receives, 
Dies by her Frown, as by her Smile he lives. 
Supreme (he reigns in all-fufficient State, 
To her he bows, from her expefts his Fate, 
" Heav'n in her Love, Damnation in her Hate. 
He rears unhallow'd Altars to her Name, 
Where Luft lights up a black, polluted Flame ; 
Where Sighs impure, as impious Incenle rife, 
Himfelf the Prieft, his Heart the Sacrifice : 
And thus GOD's Sacred Word his Horrid Pray 

rife, -) 

: V 

'ray'r f 

" Center of all Perfection, Source of Blifs, 
In whom thy Creature lives, and moves, and is, 

" Save, 


Save, or I perifh ! hear my humble Pray r r, 
Sp-re Thy poor Servant O in Mercy fpare. 
Thou art my Joy, on Thee alone I Troft, 
Hide not Thy Face, nor frown me into Duft. 
Send forth Thy Breath, and rais'd again I fee 
My Joy, my Life, my Final Blifs in Thee. 
For Thee I Am : for Thee I all refign, 
Be Thou my One thing Needful, Ever Mine ! 

But O forbear, prefumptuous Mufe forbear, 
Nor wound with Rant prcphane the Chriilian Ear : 
A juft Abhorrence in my Friend I fee, 
He flarts from Love, when Love's Idolatry. 
" Give me thy Heart," if the Creator cries, 
" 'Tis given the Creature," What bold Wretch 

replies ? 

Not fo my Friend he wakes, he breaths again, 
And " Reafon takes once more the flacken'd 


In vain rebellious Nature claims a Part, 
When Heav'n requires, he gives up All his Heart: 
(" For Love Divine no Partnerfhip allows, 
" And Heav'n averfe rejedls divided Vows) 
Fixt tho' fhe be, he rends the Idol thence, 
Nor lets her Pow'r exceed Omnipotence. 
Commands his GOD, " Cut off th' offending 


He hears, Obedient to his GOD's Command : 
" Pluck out thine Eye," let the Redeemer fay ; 
He tears, and cafts the bleeding Orb away. 
Victorious now to Nobler Joys afpires, 
His Bofom, touclVd with more than Earthly Fires: 
He leaves rough Paffion for calm Virtue's Road, 
Gives Earth for Heav'n, and quits a Worm for 




i TIM. v. 6. 
She that li=veth in Pleafure, is Dead while She livetb^ 

HOw haplefs is th' applauded Virgin's Lot, 
Her GOD forgetting, by her GOD forgot ! 
Stranger to Truth, unknowing to obey, 
In Error nurft, and difciplin'd to ftray ; 
Swoln with Self-will, and principled with Pride, 
Senfe all her Good, and Paffion all her Guide : 
Pleafure its Tide, and Flatt'ry lends its Breath, 
And fmoothly waft her to Eternal Death ! 

A Goddefs Here, (he fees her Vo'tries meet, 
Crowd to her Shrine, and tremble at her Feet ; 
She hears their Vows, Believes their Life and Death 
Hangs on the Wrath and Mercy of her Breath ; 
Supreme in fancy'd State me reigns her Hour, 
And glories in her Plenitude of Pow'r : 
Herfelf the Only Objeft worth her Care, 
Since all the kneeling World was made for Her. 

For Her, Creation all its Stores difplays, 
The Silkworms labour, and the Diamonds blaze : 
Air, Earth, and Sea confpire to tempt her Tafte, 
And ranfack'd Nature furnimes the Feaft. 
Life's gaudieft Pride attracts her willing Eyes, 
And Balls, and Theaters, a.nd Courts arife : 
Italian Songfters pant her Ear to pleafe, 
Bid the firft Cries of infant Reafon ceafe, 
Save her from Thought, and lull her Soul to Peace. 


Deep funk in Senfe th'imprifon'd Soul remains, 
Nor knows its Fall from GOD, nor feel its Chains : 
Unconfcious ftill, fleeps on in Errors Night, 
Nor ftrives to rile, nor ftruggles into Light : 
Heav'n-born in vain, degen'rate cleaves to Earth, 
(No Pangs experienc'd of the Second r>hth) 
She only Fain, yet Unawaken'd found, 
While all th'enthralPd Creation groans around. 

C Know 


Know ye not that the friend/hip of 
the World is Enmity with GOD. 

JAMES iv. 4. 

6 T T 7HE RE has my flumb'ring Spirit been, 

V V So late emerging into Light ? 
So imperceptible, within, 

The Weight of this Egyptian Night! 

2 Where have they hid the WORLD fo long, 

So late prefented to my View ? 
Wretch ! tho' myfelf encreas'd the Throng, 
Myfelf a Part I never knew. 

5 Secure beneath its Shade I fat, 

To me were all its Favours fhown : 
J could not talle its Scorn or Hate i 
Alas, it ever lov'd its Own ! 

4. JESUS, if half difcerning now, 

From Thee I gain this glimm'ring Light, 
Retouch my Eyes, anoint them Thou, 
And grant me to receive my Sight. 

5 O may I of Thy Grace obtain 

The World with other Eyes to fee : 
Its Judgments falfe, its Pleafures vain, 
Its Friendfhip Enmity with Thee. 

6 Delufive World, thy Hour is paft, 

The Folly of thy Wifdom mew! 
Jt cannot now retard my Hafte, 
I leave thee for the Holy Few. 

~ No I Thou blind Leader of the Blind, 
I bow my Neck to Thee no more ; 
I caft thy Glories all behind, 

And flight thy Smiles, and dare thy Pow'r. 

8 Ex- 


8 Excluded from my SAVIOUR'S Pray'r, 

Stain'd, yet not hallow'd, with His Blood, 
Shalt Thou my fond Affeftion fhare, 

Shalt Thou divide my Heart with GOD ? 

9 No ! Tho 1 it rouze thy utmofl Rage, 

Eternal Enmity I vow : 
Tho' Hell with thine its Pow'rs engage, 
Prepar'd I meet your Onfet now. 

10 Load me with Scorn, Reproach and Shame j. 

My patient Matter's Portion give : 
As Evil ftill caft out my Name, 
Nor fuffer fuch a Wretch to live. 

u Set to thy Seal that I am His ; 

Vile as my LORD I long to be : 
My Hope, my Crown, my Glory this, 
Dying to conquer Sin, and Thee ! 


1 TT7ELCOME, Contempt! Stern, faithful Guide 

V V Unpleafmg, healthful Food I 
Hail pride-fprung Antidote of Pride,. 
Hail Evil turn'd to Good ! 

2 Thee when with awful Pomp array'd 

Ill-judging Mortals fee, 
Perverfe they fly with coward Speed, 
To Guilt they fly from Thee. 

3 Yet if one haply longing ftands 

To choofe a Nobler Part, 
Ardent from Sin's enfnaring Bands 
To vindicate his Heart : 

C 2 4. Prefent 


4 Prefent to end the doubtful Strife, 

Thy Aid he foon fhall feel ; 
Confinn'd by Thee, tho' warm in Life, 
Bid the vain World farewel. 

5 Thro' Thee he treads the ftiining Way 

That Saints and Martyrs trod, 
Shakes off the Frailty of his Clay, 
And wings his Soul for GOD. 

6 His Portion Thou, he burns no more, 

With fond Defire to pleafe ; 
The fierce, diftracling Conflict's o'er, 
And all his Thoughts are Peace. 

7 Sent by Almighty Pity down, 

To Thee alone 'tis giv'n 
With glorious Infamy to crown 
The Favourites of Heav'n. 

8 -With Thee Heav'n's Fav'rite Son, when made . 

Incarnate, deign'd t'abide ; 
To Thee He meekly bow'd his Head, 
He bow'd His Head, and dy'd. 

9 And {hall I fUll the Cup decline, 

His Suff 'rings difefteem, 
Difdain to make this Portion mine 
When fanftify'd by Him \ 

10 Or firm thro' Him and undifmay'd, 

Thy fharpeft Darts abide ? 
Sharp as the Thorns that tore His He?.d, 
The Spear that pierc'd His Side. 

1 1 Yes fmce with Thee my Lot is call, 

I blefs my GOD's Decree, 
Embrace with Joy what He embrac'd, 
And live and die with Thee ! 

12 So 


12 So when before th' AngelkHoft 

To each his Lot is giv'n,- 
Thy Name ihall be in Glory loft, 
And Mine be found in Heav'n ! 

GRACE before MEAT. 

OuN IAIN of Being, Source of Good? 

At whofe Almighty Breath 
The Creature proves our Bane or Food, 
Diipenfmg Life or Death : 

2 Thee we addrefs with humble Fear, 

Vouchfafe Thy Gifts to crown ; 
Father of All, Thy Children hear, 
And fend a Bleffing down. 

3 O may our Souls for ever pine 

Thy Grace to tafte and fee j 
Athirft for Righteoufnefs Divine, 
And hungry after Thee ! 

4 For this we lift our longing Eyes,. > 

We wait the Gracious Word ; 
Speak and our Hearts from Earth fhall rife,. 
And feed upon the LORD. 


NSLAV'D to Senfe, to Plcafure prone, 

I ond of Created Good ; 
Father, our Helpiemefs we own, 
And trembling taitc our Food. 

z Trembling we tafte : for ah ! no more 

To Thee the Creatures lead; 

Chang' d they exert a Fatal POWT, 

And poifon while they feed. 

C 3 3 Cera 


3 Curft for the Sake of wretched Man, 

They now engrofs Him whole, 
With pleafing Force on Earth detain, 
And fenfualize His Soul. 

4 Grov'h'ng on Earth we ftill muft lie, 

'Till CHRIST the C-irfe repeal ; 
'Till CHRIST defcending from on high 
Infected Nature heal. 

5 Come then, our Heav'nly Adam, come! 

Thy healing Influence give ; 
Hallow our Food, reverfe our Doom, 
And bid us eat and live. 

6 The Bondage of Corruption break .' 

For this our Spirits groan ; 
Thy only Will we fain would feek ; 
O fave us from our own. 

7 Turn the full Stream of Nature's Tide : 

Let all our Actions tend 

To Thee their Source ; Thy Love the Guide, 
Thy Glory be the End. 

8 Earth then a Scale to Heav'n mail be, 

Senfe fhall point out the Road ; 
The Creatures all fhall lead to Thee, 
And all we tafte be GOD ! 

GRACE after MEAT. 

BE ING of Beings, GOD of Love, 
To Thee our Hearts we raife ; 
Thy all-fuftaining Pow'r we prove, 
And gladly fing Thy Praife. 

2 Thine, 


z Thine, wholly Thine we pant to be, 

Our Sacrifice receive ; 
Made, and preferv'd, and fav'd by Thee, 
To Thee Ourfelves we give. 

3 Heav'nward our ev'ry Wifh afpires: 

For all Thy Mercy's Store 
The fole Return Thy Love requires, 
Is that we afk for more. 

4 For more we afk, we open then 

Our Hearts t'embrace Thy Will : 
Turn and beget us, LORD, again, 
With all Thy Fulnefsfill! 

5 Come, Holy Ghoft, the SAVIOUR'S Love 

Shed in our Hearts abroad ; 
So mall we ever live and move, 
And Be, with CHRIST, in GOD. 

On Clemens Alexandrinus'.? Defcrip- 
ticn of a P erf eft Chriftian. 

* T TERE from afar the finim'd Height 
JTl Of Holinefs is feen : 
But O, what heavy Trafts of Toil, 
What Deferts lie between ? 

2 Man for the Simple Life Divine 

What will it colt to break ; 

Ere Pleafure foft and willy Pride 

No more within him fpeak ? 

3 What lingering Anguim muft corrode 

The Root of Nature's Joy ? 
What fecret Shame and dire Defeats 
The Pride of Heart deftroy?. 

A. Learn 


4 Learn Thou the whole of Mortal State 

In Stilnefs to fuftain ; 
Nor footh with falie Delights of Earth 
Whom GOD hath doom'd to Pain. 

5 Thy Mind now Multitude of Thoughts,. 

Now Stupor mall diftrefs ; 
The Venom of each latent Vice 
Wild Images imprefs. 

6 Yet darkly fafe with GOD thy Sou! 

His Arm ftill onwatd bears, 
'Till thro' each Tempeft on her Face 
A Peace beneath appears. 

7 'Tis in that Peace we fee and aft 

By Inftin&s from above ; 
With finer Tafte of Wifdom fraught, 
And myftick Pow'rs of Love. 

8 Yet afk not in mere Eafe and Pomp 

Of Ghoftly Gifts to mine: 
'Till Death the Lowneffes of Man, 
And Pitying Griefs are Thine. 

the C O L L A R. 


more, I cry'd, lhall Grief be mine ; , 
I will throw off the Load ; 
No longer weep, and figh, and pine 
To find an abfent GOD. 

2 Free as the Muie, mv WJfhes move, 
Thro' Nature's Wilds they roam : 
Loofe as the Wind, ye Wand'rers rove, 
And bring me Pleafares home .' 

* Stilt 


3 Still {hall I urge with endlefs Toil, 

Yet not obtain my Suit ? 
Still {hall I plant th' ungrateful Soil, 
Yet never tafte the Fruit? 

4 Not fo, my Heart ! for Fruit there is, 

Seize it with eager Hafte ; 

Riot in Joys, diflblve in Blifs, 

And pamper ev'ry Tafte. 

5 On Right and Wrong thy Thoughts no more 

In cold Difpute employ ; 
Forfake thy Cell, the Bounds pafs o'er, 
And give a Loofe to Joy. 

6 Confcience and Reafon's Pow'r deride, 

Let ftronger Nature draw, 
Self be thy End, and Senfe thy Guide, 
And Appetite thy Law. 

7 Away, ye Shades, while light I rife, 

I tread you all beneath ! 
Grafp the dear Hours my Youth fupplies, 
Nor idly dream of Death. 

8 Whoe'er enflav'd to Grief and Pain, 

Yet ftarts from Pleafure's Road, 
Still let him weep, and ftill complain, 
And fink beneath his Load 

9 But as I rav'd, and grew more wild 

And fierce at ev'ry Word, 
Methought I heard One calling " Child ! " 
And I reply'd- " My LORD!" 





From the fame. 
Y Stock lies dead, and no Increafe 

Does Thy Paft Gifts improve : 
O let Thy Graces without ceafe 
Drop gently from above,. 

2 If ffill the Sun mould hide His Face, 

Earth would a Dungeon prove, 
Thy Works Night's Captives : O let Grace 
Drop gently from above. 

3 The Dew unfought each Morning falls,. 

Lefs bounteous is Thy Dove ? : 
The Dew for which my Spirit calls 
Drop gently from above. 

4 Death is ftill digging like a Mole 

My Gjave, where'er I move ; 
Let Grace work too, and on my Soul 
Drop gently from above. 

5 Sin is ftill fpreading o'er my Heart 

A Hardnefs void of Love j 
Let fuppling Grace, to crofs her Art, 
Drop gently from above. 

6 O come; for Thou doft know the WayT 

Or if Thou wilt not move, 
Tranflate me, where I need not fay 
Drop gently from above. 




From the fams. 

I ^ i^Ho u, who haft giv'n fo much to me, 

JL O give a grateful Heart : 
See how Thy Beggar works on Thee 
By acceptable Art ! 

-2 He makes thy Gifts occafion more ; 

And fays, if here he's croft, 
All Thou haft giv'n him heretofore, 
Thyfelf, and All is loft. 

3 But Thou didft reckon, when at firft 

Our Wants Thy Aid did crave, 
What it would come to at the worft 
Such needy Worms to fave. 

4 Perpetual Knockings at Thy Door, 

Tears fullying all Thy Rooms ; 
Gift upon Gift; much would have more, 
And ftill Thy Suppliant comes. 

5 Yet Thy umveary'd Love went on j 

Allow' d us all our Noife ; 
Nay Thou haft dignify'd a Groan, 
And made a Sigh Thy. Joys. 

6 Wherefore I cry, and cry again, 

Nor canft Thou quiet be, 
'Till my repeated Suit obtain 
A Thankful Heart from Thee. 

7 Hear then, and Thankfulnefs impart 

Continual as Thy Grace ; 
O add to all Thy Gifts a Heart 
Whofe Pulfe may beat Thy Praifel 

The F L O W E R. 

From the fame. 

1 X T 7HiLE fad my Heart, and blafted mourns, 

VV How chearing, LORD, are Thy Returns, 
How fweet the Life, the Joys they bring ! 

Grief in Thy Prefence melts away : 

Refrefh'd I hail the gladfomc Day, 
As Flow'rs falute the rifmg Spring. 

2 Who would have thought my withered Heart 
Again mould feel Thy fov'reign Art, 

A kindly Warmth again mould know ? 
Late like the Flow'r, whofe drooping Head 
Sinks down, and feeks its native Bed 

To fee the Mother-Root below. 

3 Thefe are Thy Wonders, LORD of Pow'r, 
Killing and Quick' ning ! One fhort Hour 

Lifts up to Heav'n, and finks to Hell i 
Thy Will fupreme difpofes All ; 
We prove Thy Juflice in our Fall, 

Thy Mercy in our Rife we feel. 

4 O that my Lateft Change were o'er ! 

were I plac'd where Sin no more 
With its Attendant Grief, could come ? 

Stranger to Change, I then mould rile 
Amidft the Plants of Paradife, 
And flourilh in Eternal Bloom. 

5 Many a Spring fmce here I grew, 

1 feem'd my Verdure to renew, 
And higher frill to rife and higher : 

Water 1 d by Tears, and fau'd by Sighs, 
I pour'd my Fragrance thro 1 the Skies, 
And heavenward ever feem'd t'afpire. 

c But 


6 But while I grow, as Heav'n were mine, 
Thine Anger comes, and I decline ; 

Faded my Bloom, my Glory loft : 
Who can the deadly Cold fultain, 
Or ftand beneath the chilling Pain 

When blaffed by Thine Anger's Froft ? 

7 And now in Age I bud again, 
Once more I feel the Vernal Rain, 

Tho' dead fo oft, I live, and write : 
Sure I but dream ! It cannot be 
That I, my GOD, that I am He 

On whom Thy Tempefts fell all Night \ 

3 Thefe are Thy Wonders, LORD of Love, 
Thy Mercy thus delights to prove 

We are but Flow'rs that bloom and die ! 
Soon as This faving Truth we fee, 
Within Thy Garden plac'd by Thee, 

Time we furvive, and Death defy. 

B i rr E R - s w E E 

From the fame, 

AH my dear, angry LORD, 
Since Thou doft love, yet ftrike, 
Caft down, and yet Thy Help afford, 
Sure I will do the like. 

I will complain, yet praife, 
Bewail, and yet approve, 
And all my mournful, joyful Days 
I will lament, and love. 



A MIDNIGHT-HYMN for one un- 
der the Law. 

HiLE Midnight Shades the Earth o'erfpread, 
V V And veil the Bofom of the Deep, 
Nature reclines her weary Head, 

And Care refpires, and Sorrows fleep : 
My Soul ftill aims at Nobler Reft, 
Alpiring to her Saviour's Breaft, 

2 Aid me, ye hov'ring Spirits near, 

Angels and Miniilers of Grace : 
Who ever, while you guard us here, 

Behold your Heav'nly Father's Face ! 
Gently my raptur'd Soul convey 
To Regions of Eternal Day. 

3 Fain would I leave this Earth below, 

Of Pain and Sin the dark Abode ; 
Where fhadowy Joy, or folid Woe 

Allures, or tears me from my GOD : 
Doubtful, and infecure of Blifs, 
Since Death alone confirms me His. 

4 'Till then, to Sorrow born I figh, 

And gafp, and languifh after Home; 
Upward I fend my {beaming Eye, 

Expecting 'till the Bridegroom come : 
Come quickly, LORD ! Thy own receive, 
Now let me fee Thy Face, and live, 

5 Abfent from Thee, my exil'd Soul 

Deep in a Flefhly Dungeon groans ; 
Around me Clouds of Darknefs roll, 

And lab'rtng Silence fpeaks my Moans : 
Come quickly, LORD! Thy Face difplay, 
And look my Midnight into Day. 

6 Error 


6 Error and Sin, and Death are o'er, 

If Thou reverie the Creature's Doom, 
Sad Rachel weeps her Lofs no more, 

If Thou the GOD, the Saviour come : 
Of Thee pofleft, in Thee we prove 
The Light, the Life, the Heav'n of Love. 

After conpdering fome of his Friends , 

* T T 7H Y do the Deeds of happier Men 
VV Into a Mind return, 
Which can, oppreft by Bands of Sloth, 
With no fuch Ardors burn ? 

2 GOD of my Life and all my Pow'rs, 

The Everlafting Friend ! 
Shall Life, fo favour'd in its Dawn, 
Be fruidefs in its End ? 

2 To Thee, O LORD, my tender Years 

A trembling Duty paid, 
With Glimpfes of the mighty GOD 
Delighted and afraid. 

4 From Parent's Eye, and Paths of Men, 

Thy Touch I ran to meet ; 
It fwell'd the Hymn, and feal'd the Pray'r, 
'Twas calm, and ftrange, and fweet ! 

5 Oft when beneath the Work of Sin 

Trembling and dark I flood, 
And felt the Edge of eager Thought, 
And felt the kindling Blood : 

6 Thy Dew came down my Heart was Thine, 

It knew nor Doubt nor Strife ; 
Cool now, and peaceful as the Grave, 
And ftrong to Second Life. 

D z 7 Full 


7 Fullofmyfelfloftforfook 

The Now, the Truth, and Thee, 
For fanguine Hope, or fenfual Guft, 
Or earth-born Sophiftry : 

8 The Folly thrived, and came in Sight 

Too grofs for Life to bear ; 
I fmote the Breaft for Man too bafe, 
J finote and GOD was there ! 

9 Still will I hope for Voice and Strength 

To glorify thy Name ; 
Tho' I muft die to all that's Mine, 
And fuffer All my Shame. 


TO fpeak for GOD, to found Religion's Praife, 
Of facred Paflions the wife Warmth to r-aife ; 
T'infufe the Contrite Wilh to Conqueft nigh, 
And point the Steps myfterious as they lie ; 
To feize the Wretch in full Career of Luft, 
And footh the filent Sorrows of the Juft : 
Who would not blefs for this the Gift of Speech,, 
And in the Tongue's Beneficence be rich ? 

But who muft talk ? Not the mere modem Sage, 
Who fuits the foften'd Gofpel to the Age ; 
Who ne'er to raife degen'rate Practice ftrive*, 
But brings the Precept down to Chriftian Lives. 
Not He, who Maxims from cold Reading took, 
And never faw Himfelf but thro' a Book : 
Not He,, who Hafty in the Morn of Grace, 
Soon finks extinguilh'd as a Comet's Blaze. 
Not He, who ftrains in Scripture phrafe t'abound,. 
Deaf to the Senfe, who ituns us with the Sound : 
But He, who Silence loves j and never dealt 
In the falfe Commerce of a Truth Unfelt, 



Guilty you fpeak, if fubtle from within 
Blows on your Words the Self-admiring Sin : 
If unrefolv'd to choofe the Better Part, 
Your forward Tongue belies your languid Heart : 
But then fpeak fafely, when your peaceful Mind 
Above Self-feeking bleft, on GOD reclin'd > 
Feels Him at once fuggeft unlabour'd Senfe, 
And ope a Sluce of fweet Benevolence. 
Some high Behcfts of Heav'n you then fulfil, 
Sprung from His Light your Words, and ifluing by 
His Will,, 

Nor yet expecl: fo Myjlicalfy long, 
'Till Certain Infpiration loofe your Tongue : 
Exprefs the Precept runs, " Do good to all ; " 
Nor adds, " Whene'er you find an inward Call.'* 
'Tis GOD comm'ands : no farther Motive feek, 
Speak or without, or with Reluftance fpeak : 
To Love's Habitual Senfe by Afts afpire, 
And kindle, 'till you catch the Gofpei-Fire. 

Difcoveries immature of Truth decline, 
Nor proftitute the Gofpel Pearl to Swine. 
Beware, too ralhly how you fpeak the whole, 
The Vilenefs, or the Treafures of your Soul. 
If fpurn'd by fome, where weak on Earth you lie, 
If judg'd a Cheat or Dreamer, where you fly ; 
Here the Sublimer Strain, th'exerted Air 
Forego ; you're at the Bar, not in the Chair,. 

To the pert Reas'ner if you fpeak at allj- 
Speak what within his Cognizance may fall : 
Expofe not Truths Divine to Reafon's Rack, 
Give him his own belov'd Ideas back, 
Your Notions 'till they look like His, dilute ; 
Blind he muft be but fave him from Difpute ? 
But when we're turn'd of Reafon's noontide Glare,- 
And Things begin to {hew us what they are, 

D 3 More- 


More free to fuch your true Conceptions tellr 
Yet graft them on the Arts where they excel. 
If fprightly Sentiments detain their Tafte ; 
If Paths of various Learning they have trac'd ; 
If their cool Judgment longs, yet fears to fix : 
Fire, Erudition, Hefitation mix. 

All Rules are dead: 'tis from the Heart you 


The living Luftre, and unerring Law. 
A State of Thinking in your Manner (hew, 
Nor fiercely foaring, nor fupinely low : 
Others their Lightnefs and each inward Fault 
Quench in the Stilnefs of your deeper Thought. 
Let all your Geftures fixt Attention draw, 
And wide around diffufe infectious Awe ; 
Prefent with GOD by Recollection feem, 
Yet prefent, by your Chearfulnefs, with Them. 

Without Elation Chriilian Glories paint, 
Nor by fond am'rous Phrafe affume the Saint. 
Greet not frail Men with Compliments untrue ; 
With Smiles to Peace corsfirm'd and Conqueft due, 
There are who watch t'adore the Dawn of Grace, 
And pamper the young Profelyte with Praife : 
Kind, humble Souls ! They with a right good 

Admire His Progrefe 'till he ftands flock ftill. 

Speak but to Thirfty Minds of Things Divine, 
Who ftrong for Thought, are free in yours to 


The Bufy from his Channel parts with Pain, 
The Lanquid loaths an Elevated Strain : 
With thefe you aim but at good-natur'd Chat, 
Where all, except the Love, is low and flat. 

Not one Addrefs will diff'rent Tempers fit, 
The Grave and Gay, the Heavy and the Wit. 

W T its 


Wits will fift you ; and moft Convi&ion find 
Where leaft 'tis urg'd, and feems the leaft defign'd. 
Slow Minds are merely paifive ; and forget 
Truths not inculcated : to thefe repeat, 
Avow your Counfel, nor abftain from Heat. 



Some gentle Souls to gay IndifFrence true, 
Nor hope, nor fear, nor think the more for you : 
Let Love turn Babler here, and Caution fleep, 
Blum not for {hallow Speech, nor mufe for deep ; 
Thefe to your Humour, not your Senfe attend, 
'Tis not th' Advice that fways them, but the 

Others have large Recedes in their Breafl: 
With penfive Procefs all they hear digeft : 
Here well- weigh 1 d Words with wary Forefi ght fow, 
For all you fay will fink, and ev'ry Seed will grow. 

At firft Acquaintance prefs each Truth fevere,. 
Stir the whole Odium of your Character: 
Let hariheft Do&rines all your Words engroft,. 
And Nature bleeding on the Daily Crofs. 
Then to yourfelf th'Afcetic Rule enjoin, 
To others ftoop furprizingly benign ; 
Pitying, if from Themfelves with Pain they part, 
If ftubborn Nature long holds out the Heart. 
Their Outworks now are gain'd ; forbear to prefs ; 
The more you urge them, you prevail the lefs ; 
Let Speech lay by its Roughnefs to oblige, 
Your fpeaking Life will carry on the Siege : 
By your Example ftruck, to GOD they ftrive 
To live, no longer to. Themfelves alive. 

To positive Adepts inftdious yield,. 
T'enfure the Conqueil, feem to quit the Field : 
Large in your Grants ; be their Opinion mown . 
Approve, amend- and wind it to your own. 



Couch in your Hints, if more refign'd they hear,. 
Both what they will be foon, and what they are: 
Pleafing Thefe Words now to their confcious Breaft> 
Th'anticipating Voice hereafter bleft. 

In Souls juft wak'd the Paths of Light to choofe, 
Convictions keen, and Zeal of Pray'r infufe. 
Let them love Rules; 'till freed from Paflion's 

'Till blamelefs Moral Rectitude they gain. 

But left reform'd from each Extremer 111, 
They mould but Civilize old Nature Itill, 
The loftier Charms and Energy difplay 
Of Virtue model'd by the Godhead's Ray;: 
The Lineaments Divine, Perfection's Plan, 
And all the Grandeur of the Heavenly Man. 
. Commences thus the Agonizing Strife 
Previous to Nature's Death, and fecond Life : 
Struck by their own inclement piercing Eye, 
Their feeble Virtues blufli, fubfide, and die : 
They view the Scheme that mimick Nature made, 
A fancy' d Goddefs, and Religion's Shade ; 
With angry Scorn they now reject the whole, 
Unchang'd their Heart, undeify'd their Soul ; 
Till Indignation fleeps away to Faith, 
And GOD's own Pow'r and Peace take Root in fa- 
cred Wrath . 

Aim lefs to Teach than Love. The Work begun 
In Words, is crownM by artlefs Warmth alone. 
Love to your Friend a Second Office owes, 
Yourfelf and Him before Heav'ns Footftool throws'. 
You place his Form as Suppliant by your Side, 
(A helplefs Worm, for whom the Saviour dy'd) 
Into his Soul call down th'Etherial Beam, 
And longing afk to fpend, and to be fpent for Hini. 

M I S E R T. 


M I S E R T. 

From the fame. 

i T O R D, let the Angels praife thy Name, 
J- 4 Man is a Feeble, Foolifh Thing! 
Folly and Sin play all his Game, 

Still burns his Houfe, He ftill doth fing : 
To-day he's here, To-morrow gone, 
The Madman knows it and fings on. 

- How canft Thou brook his Foolifhnefs ? 
When heedlefs of the Voice Divine, 
Himfelf alone he feeks to pleafe, 

And carnal Joys prefers to Thine ; 
Eager thro' Nature's Wilds to rove, 
Nor aw'd by Fear, nor charm'd by Love. 

3 What flrange Pollutions does he wed, 

Slave to his Senfes and to Sin f 
Naked of GOD, his Guilty Head 

He ftrives in Midnight Shades to Screen : 
Fondly he hopes from Thee to fly, 
Unmark'd by Thine all-feeing Eye. 

4 The beft of Men to Evil yield, 

If but the flighteft Trial come: 
They fa.ll, by Thee no more upheld : 

And when Affliction calls them home, 
Thy gentle Rod ttey fcarce endure, 
And murmur to accept their Cure. 

5 Wayward they hafle, while Nature leads, 

T'efcape Thee; but thy gracious Dove 
Still mildly o'er their Folly fpreads 

The Wings of his expanded Love : 
Thou bring'ft them back, nor fuff'reft thofc 
Who Would be, to Remain Thy Foes. 



6 My GOD, Thy Name Man cannot praife, 

All Brightnefs Thou, all Purity [ 
The Sun in his Meridian Blaze 

Is Darknefs, if compar'd to Thee. 
O how mall fmful Worms proclaim, 
Shall Man prefume to fpeak Thy Name? 

7 Man cannot ferve Thee : All his Care 

Engrofs'd by grov'ling Appetite, 
Is fixt on Earth ; his Treafure there, 

His Portion, and his bafe Delight 
He ftarts from Virtue's thorny Road, 
Alive to Sin, but dead to GOD ! 

8 Ah, foolifli Man, where are thine Eyes ? 

Loft in a Crowd of Earthly Cares : 
Thy Indolence negle&s to rife, 

While Huflcs to Heav'n thy Soul prefers ;. 
Carelefs the flarry Crown to feize,. 
By Pleafure bound, or lull' d by Eafe;. 

9 To GOD, thro' all Creation's Bounds 

Th'Unconfcious Kinds their Homage brings 
His Praife thro' Ev'ry Grove refounds, 

Nor knoyy the Warblers whom they fing : 
But Man, Lord of the Creatures, knows 
The Source from whence their Being flows.. 

10 He owns a GOD - but eyes him not, 

But lets his mad Diforders reign : 
They make his Life a conftant Blot, 

And Blood. Divine an Off'ring vain. 
Ah Wretch ! thy Heart uhfearchable, 
Thy Ways myfterious who can tell I 

11 Perfect at firft, and bleft his State, 

Man in his Maker's Image Ihone ; 
In Innocence divinely great 

He liv'd ; he liv'd to GOD alone :-. 



His Heart was Love, his Pulfe was Praife, 
And Light and Glory decked his Face. 

1 2 But alter'd now and Jain he is, 

Immerfl in Flefh, and dead within j 
Dead to the Tafte of native Blifs, 

And ever finking into Sin : 
Nay by his wretched Self undone. 
Such is Man's State and fuch my own ! 


From the fame. 

1 " T THEN all the Secrets of my Heart 

VV With Horror, LORD, I fee, 
Thine is, I find, the fmalleft Part, 

Tho' All be due to Thee, 
Thy Footfteps fcarce appear within, 

But Lufts a countlefs Crowd ; 
Th'immenfe Circumference is Sin, 

A Point is all my Good. 

2 O break my Bonds, let Sin enthrall 

My ftruggling Soul no more ; 
Hear thy falTn Creature's feeble Call, 

Thine Image now reftore ! 
And tho' my Heart fenfelefs and hard 

To Thee can fcarcely groan, 
Yet O remember, gracious LORD, 

Thou once didlt write in Stone ! 

H O M E. 

From tie fame. 

i T7AINT is my Head, and fick my Heart* 
JD While Thou doft ever, ever flay ! 
Fixt in my Soul I feel Thy Dart, 

Groaning I feel it Night and Day : 
Come, LORD, and fhew Thyfelf to me, 
Or take, O take me up to Thee ! 

Canft Thou with-hold Thy healing Grace, 

So kindly lavifh of Thy Blood ; 
When fwiftly trickling down Thy Face, 

For Me the purple Current flow'd \ 
Come, LORD, and fliew, &c. 

3 When Man was loft, LOVE look'd about, 

To fee what Help in Earth or Sky : 
In vain ; for none appear' d without ; 

The Help did in Thy Bofom lie ! 
Come, LORD, &fr. 

4 There lay Thy Son : Bnt left His Reft 

Thraldom and Mis'ry to remove 
From thofe who Glory once pofleft, 

But wantonly abus'd Thy Love. 
Come, LORD, &c. 

5 He came O my dear Redeemer dear F 

And canft Thou after this be ftrange ? 
Not yet within my Heart appear ! 

Can Love like Thine or fail or change ? 
Come, LORD, &V, 

6 But if Thou tarrieft, why muft I ? 

My GOD, what is this World to me ! 
This World of Woe hence let them fly, 

The Clouds that part my Soul and Thee. 
Come, LORD, fcfc. Why 


7 Why fhould this weary World delight, 
Or Senfe th'immortal Spirit bind ! 

Why fhould frail Beauty's Charms invite, 
The trifling Charms of Womankind ? 

Come, LORD, b'r. 

t A Sigh Thou breath'ft into my Heart, 
And earthly Joys I view with Scorn : 

Far from my Soul, ye Dreams depart, 
Nor mock me with your vain Return ! 

Come, LORD, &c. 

9 Sorrow and Sin, and Lofs and Pain _ 

Are all that here on Earth we fee ; 
Reftlefs we pant for Eafe in vain, 

In vain 'till Eafe we find in Thee. 

Come, LORD, &c. 

10 Idly we talk of Harvefts here, 

Eternity our Harvefl is : 
Grace brings the great Sabbatick Year, 

When ripcn'd into Glorious Blifs. 
Come, LORD, &c. 

1 1 O loofe this Frame, Life's Knot untie, 

That my free Soul may ufe her Wing j 
Now pinion'd with Mortality, 

A weak, entangled, wretched Thing ! 
Come, LORD, &c. 

1 2 Why mould I longer flay and groan ? 

The mofl of me to Heav'n is fled : 
My Thoughts and Joys are thither gone ; 

To all below I now am dead. 
Come, LORD, 6?r, 

E Come, 


13 Come, deareft LORD! my Soul's Defire 
With eager Pantings gafps for Home : 
Thee, Thee my reftlefs Hopes require > 
My Flefh and Spirit bid Thee come f 
Come, LORD, and fhew Thyfelf to me, 
Or take, O take me up to Thee ! 


From the fame. 

1 \\7 1 H T bending Knees, and aking Eyes, 

V V Weary and faint, to Thee my Cries, 
To Thee my Tears, my Groans I fend : 
O when fhall my Complainings end ? 

2 Wither'd my Heart, like barren Ground 
Accurft of GOD ; my Head turns round, 
My Throat is hoarfe : I faint, I fall, 

Yet falling ftill for Pity call. 

3 Eternal Streams of Pity flow 

From Thee their Source to Earth below : 
Mothers are kind, becaufe Thou art, 
Thy Tendernefs o'erflows their Heart. 

4 LORD of my Soul, bow down thine Ear, 
Hear, Bowels of Compaffion, hear ? 

O give not to the Winds my Pray'r : 
Thy Name, thy Hallow'd Name is there ! 

5 Look on my Sorrows, mark them weH, 
The Shame, the Pangs, the Fires I feel : 
Confider, LORD, thine Ear incline ! 

Thy Son hath made my Sufferings Thine. 

6 Thou, JESU, on th'accurfed Tree 
Didft bow thy Dying Head for me ; 



Incline it now ! Who made the Ear, 
Shall- He, fhall He forget to hear! 

7 See Thy poor Duft, in, Pity fee, 
It ftirs, it creeps, it aims at Thee ? 
Hafte, fare it from the greedy Tomb ! 
Come ! Ev'ry Atom bids TJiee come ! 

8 'Tis Thine to help ! Forget me not ! 
O be thy Mercy ne'er forgot .' 
Lock'd is thy Ear ? Yet itill my Plea 
May fpeed: For Mercy keeps the Key. 

9 Thou tarrieft, while I fink, I die, 
And fall to Nothing ! Thou on high 
Seeft me Undone : Yet am I ftil'd 
By Thee (loft as I am) thy Child! 

10 Didft Thou for This forfake thy Throne? 
Where are thy antient Mercies gone ? 
Why mould my Pain, my Guilt furvive, 
And Sin be dead, yet Sorrow live? 

1 1 Yet Sin is dead ; and yet abide 
Thy Promiies ; . they fpeak, they chide ; 
They in thy Bqfoirupour my. Tears, 
And my Complaints prefent as Theirs. 

12 Hear, JESU! hear my broken Heart! 
Broken fo long, that ev'ry Part 

Hath got a Tongue that ne'er fhall ceafe, 
'Till Thou pronounce " Depart in Peace.'* 

13 My Love, my SAVIO.UR, hear my Cry; 
By thefe dear Feet, at which I lie ! 

Pluck out thy Dart, regard my Sighs ; 

Now heal my Soul, or now it dies. .) 

E 2 



From the fame. 

1 T T 7Hi T HER, O whither art Thou fled, 

V V My Saviour and my Love ? 
My Searches are my daily Bread, 

Yet unfuccefsful prove. 
My Knees on Earth, on Heav'n mine Eye 

Is fixt ; and yet the Sphere, 
And yet the Center both deny 

That Thou, my GOD, art there. 

2 Yet can I mark that Herbs below 

Their fragrant Greens difplay, 
As if to meet Thee They did know, 

While withered I decay. 
Yet can I mark how Stars above 

With confcious Luflre Ihine, 
Their Glories borrowing from thy Love, 

While I in Darknefs pine. 

3 I fent a Sigh to feek Thee oat, 

Drawn from my Heart in Pain, 
Wing'd like an Arrow ; but my Scout 

Returned, alas! In vain. 
Another from my endlefs Store 

I turnM into a Groan, 
Becaufe the Search was dumb before : 

But all, alas ! was one. 

4 Where is my GOD? What fecret Place 

Still holds, and hides Thee ftill ? 
What Covert dares eclipfe thy Face ? 

Is it thy Awful Will ? 
O let not That thy Prefence bound : 

Rather let Walls of Brafs, 
Let Seas and Mountains gird Thee round, 

And I thro' all will pafs. 5 Thy 


5 Thy Will fo vaft a Diftance is > 

Remoteft Points combine, 
Eaft touches Weft, ; compar'd to this, 

And Heav'n and Hell conjoin. 
Take then thefe Bars, thefe Lengths away, 

Turn and reftore my. Soul : 
Thy Love Qmnipptent difplay., 

Apprqachf and. make me whole. 

6 When Thou, my LORD, my GOD art nigh, 

Nor Life, nor Death, can move, 
Nor deepeft Hell, nor Pow'rs on high 

Can part me from, thy Love. 
For as thy Abfence paffes far 

The wideft Diftance known, 
Thy Prefence brings my Soul fo ijear,. 

That Thou and I are One I 


Fran the fame- 

O THROW a\vay thy Rod, 
O throw away thy Wrath? 
My Gracious SAVIOUR and my GOD, 
O take the gentle Path. 

Thou feed, my Heart's Defirc 
Still unto Thee is bent: 
Still does my longing Soul afpire 
To an entire Confent. 

Not ev'n a Word or Look 
Do I approve or own, 
But by the Model of thy Book, 
Thy facred Book aloae, 



4 Altho* I fail, I weep ; 
Altho' I halt in pace, 

Yet ftill with trembling Steps I creep 
Unto the Throne of Grace. 

5 O then let Wrath remove : 
For Love will do the Deed ? 

Love will the Conqueft gain ; with Love 
E'en ftony Hearts will bleed. 

6 For Love is fwift of Foot, 
Love is a Man of War ; 

Love can refiillefs Arrows moot, 
And hit the Mark from far. 

7 Who can efcape his Bow ? 

That which hath wrought on Thee, 
Which brought the King of Glory low, 
Muft furely work on me. 

g O throw away thy Rod ; 

What tho' Man frailties hath ? 
Thou art my SAVIOUR and my GOD! 
O throw away thy Wrath ! 


Prom the German. 

THou hidden Love of GOD, whofe Height, 
Whofe Depth unfathom'd no Man knows, 
I fee from far thy beauteous Light, 

Inly I figh for thy Repofe : 
My Heart is pain'd, nor can it be 
At reft, 'till it finds Reft in Thee, 

2 Tliy 


2 Thy fecret Voice invites me ftill 

The Sweetnefs of thy Yoke to prove ; 
And fain I would : But tho' my Will 

feem fixt, yet wide my Paffions rove : 
Yet Hindrances ftrew all the Way ; 
I aim at Thee, yet from Thee ftray. 

3 'Tis Mercy all, that Thou haft brought 

My Mind to feek her Peace in Thee I 
Yet while I feek, but find Thee not, 

No Peace my wandring Soul mail fee. 
O when mail all my Wandrings end, 
And all my Steps to Thee- ward tend ? 

4 Is there a Thing beneath the Sun, 

That ftrives with Thee my Heart to mare ? 
Ah tear it thence, and reign alone, 

The LORD of ev'ry Motion there: 
Then mail my Heart from Earth be free, 
When it has found Repofe in Thee. 

5 O hide this SE LF from me, that I 

No more, but CHRIST in me may live! 
My vile Affections crucify, 

Nor let one darling Luft furvive. 
In all Things nothing may I fee, 
Nothing denre, er feek but Thee ! 

6 O LOVE, thy Sov'reign Aid impart, 

To fave me from low-thoughted Care : 
Chafe this Self-will thro' all my Heart, 

Thro' all its latent Mazes there : 
Make me Thy duteous Child, that I 
Ceafelefs may Abba Father cry. 

7 Ah no ! ne'er will I backward turn : 

Thine wholly, Thine alone I am ! 
Thrice happy He, who views with Scorn 
Earth's Toys for Thee his conftant Flame. 



O help, that I may never move 
From the bleft Footfteps of thy Love ! 

8 Each Moment draw from Earth away 

My Heart, that lowly waits thy Call: 
Speak to my inmoft Soul, and fay 

I am thy Love, thy GOD, thy All ! 
To feel thy Pow'r, to hear thy Voice, 
To tafte thy Love is all my Choice ! 

Written In the Be ginning of a Reco- 
very from SickneJ's. 

A CE, flutt'ring Soul! the Storm is o'er, 
Ended at laft the doubtful Strife : 
Refpiring now, the Caufe explore 
That bound thee to a wretched Life. 

2 When on the Margin' of the Grave, 

Why did I doubt my SAVIOUR'S Art ? 
Ah ! why miftruit his Will to fave ? 

What meant that Fault' ring of my Heart ? 

3 'Twas not the fearching Pain within 

That filPd my coward Flefh with Fear ; 
Nor Confcioufnefs of Outward Sin ; 
Nor Senfe of Diifoiution near. 

4 Of Hope I felt no Joyful Ground, 

The Fruit of Righteoufnefs alone ; 
Naked of CHRIST my Soul I found, 
And ftarted from a GOD unknown. 

5 Corrupt my Will, nor half fubdu'd, 

Could I his purer Prefence bear? 

Unchang'd, unhallow'd, unrenew'd 

Could I before his Face appear ? 

6 Father 


6 Father of Mercies, hear my Call ! 

Ere yet returns the Fatal Hour, 
Repair my Lofs, retrieve my Fall, 

And raife me by thy quick'ning Pow'r. 

7 My Nature re-exchange for Thine ; 

Be Thou my Life, my Hope, my Gain ; 
Arm me in Panoply Divine, 

And Death mall make his Dart in vain. 

g When I thy promis'd CHRIST have feen, 

And clafp'd Him in my Soul's Embrace, 
Poffeft of my Salvation, Then 

Then, let me, LORD, depart in Peace ! 

After a Recovery from Sicknefs. 

1 AND live I yet by Pow'r Divine ! 
JL\. And have I ftill my Courfe to run ? 
Again brought back in its Decline 

The Shadow of my parting Sun ? 

2 Wondring I aflc, Is This the Breaft 

Struggling fo late and torn with Pain f 
The Eyes that upward look'd for Reft, 
And dropt their weary Lids again ! 

3 The recent Horrors ftill appear : 

O may they never ceafe to awe ! 
Still be the King of Terrors near, 
Whom late in all liis Pomp I faw. 

4 Torture and Sin prepar'd his Way, 

And pointed to a yawning Tomb ! 
Darknefs behind eclips'd the Day, 

And check' d my forward Hopes of Home. 


5 My feeble Flefh refus'd to bear 

Its ftrong redoubled Agonies : 
When Mercy heard ray fpeechlefs Pray'r 5 
And faw me faintly, gafp for Eafe. 

6 JESUS to my Deliv'rance flew, 

Where funk in mortal Pangs. I lay : 
Pale Death his Ancient Conq'ror knew, 
And trembled, and ungrafp'd his Prey f 

7 The Fever turn'd its backward Courfc, 

Arrefted by Almighty Pow'r; 
Sudden expir'd its Fiery Force, 

And Anguifli gnaw'd my Side no more, 

8 GOD of my Life, what juft Return 

Can finful Duii and Afhes give ? 
I only live my Sin to mourn, 
To love my GOD I only live I 

9 To Thee, benign and faving Power, 

I confecrate my lengthen'd Days ; 
While mark'd with Bleffings, ev'ry Hour 
Shall fpeak thy co-extended Praife. 

10 How mall I teach the World to love, 

Unchang'd myfelf, unloos'dmy Tongue? 
Give me the Pow'r of Faith to prove, 
And Mercy mall be all my Song.. 

1 1 Be all my Added Life employ'd 

Thy Image in my Soul to fee : 
Fill with Thyfelf the Mighty Void ; 
Enlarge my Heart to compafs Thee f 

12 O give me, SA.VIOUR, give me more! 

Thy Mercies to my Soul reveal : 
Alas ! I fee their endlefs Store, 
Yet O! I cannot, cannot /// 

13 The 


1 3 The Blefiing of thy Love beftow 

For this my Cries mall never fail ; 
Wreftling I will not let Thee go, 
I will not, 'till my Suit prevail, 

14 I'll weary Thee with my Complaint j 

Here at thy JFeet for ever lie, 
With longing fick, with groaning faint 
O give me Love, or eBe I die J 

1 5 Without this beft, divineft Grace 

'Tis Death, 'tis worfe than Death to live l 
'Tis Hell to want thy Blifsful Face, 

And Saints in Thee their Heav'n receive. 

1 6 Come then, my Hope, my Life, my LORD, 

And fix in me thy lafting Home ! 
Be mindful of thy gracious Word, 

Thou with thy promis'd Father, come I 

1 7 Prepare, and then poffefs my Heart, 

O take me, feize me from above : 
Thee do I love, for GOD Thou art ; 
Thee do I feel, for GOD is Love! 

A Prayer under Conwi&ions. 

x H E R of Light, from whom proceeds 
Whate'er thy Ev'ry Creature needs> 

Whofe Goodnefs providently nigh 

Feeds the young Ravens when they cry ; 

To thee I look j my Heart prepare, 

Suggeft, and hearken to my Pray'r. 

Since by thy Light Myfelf I fee 
Naked, and poor, and void of Thee, 
Thine 'Eyes mult all my Thoughts furvey, 
Preventing what my Lips would fay : 



Thou feeft my Wants ; for Help they call, 
And e'er I fpeak, Thou know'ft them all. 

3 Thou know'ft the Bafenefs of my Mind 
Wayward, and impotent, and blind, 
Thou know'ft how unfubdu'd my Will, 
Averfe to Good, and prone to 111 : 
Thou know'ft how wide my Paffions rove, 
Nor check'd by Fear, nor charm'd by Love. 

4 Fain would I know, as known by Thee, 
And feel the Indigence I fee ; 

Fain would I all my Vilenefs own, 
And deep beneath the Burthen groan : 
Abhor the Pride that lurks within, 
Deleft and loath myfelf and Sin. 

5 Ah give me, LORD, myfelf to feel, 
My total Mifery reveal : 

Ah give me, LORD, (I ftill would fay) 
A Heart to mourn, a Heart to pray j 
My Bufmefs this, my only Care, 
My Life, my ev'ry Breath be Pray'r. 

6 Scarce I begin my fad Complaint, 
When all my warmeft Wifties faint ; 
Hardly I lift my weeping Eye, 
When all my kindling Ardors die ; 
Nor Hopes nor Fears my Bofom move, 
For ftill I cannot, cannot love. 

7 Father, I want a thankful Heart ; 
I want to tafte how good Thou art, 
To plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea, 
And comprehend thy Love to me ; 

The Breadth, and Length, and Depth, and Height, 
Of Love divinely infinite. 

8 Father 


Father, I long my Soul to raife, 
And dwell for ever on thy Praife, 
Thy Praife with Glorious Joy to tell, 
In Extafy unfpeakable ; 
While the Full Pow'r of FAITH I know, 
And reign triumphant here below. 

*fhe 53 d Chapter of Ifaiah. 

1 T T 7 HO hath believ'd the Tidings ? Who ? 

V V Or felt the Joys our Words impart ? 
Gladly confefs'd our Record true, 

And found the Saviour in his Heart ? 
Planted in Nature's barren Ground, 

And cherifh'd by JEHOVAH'S Care, 
There null th'Immortal Seed be found, 

The Root Divine mall flourifli there ! 

2 See, the Defire of Nations comes ; 

Nor outward Pomp befpeaks him near : 
A Veil of Flefh the G O D aflumes, 

A Servant's Form he {loops to wear ; 
He lays his every Glory by ; 

Ignobly low, obfcurely mean, 
Of Beauty void, in Reafon's Eye, 

The Source of Lovelinefs is feen. 

3 Rejected and defpis'd r of Men, 

A Man of Griefs, enur'd to Woe ; 
His only Intimate is Pain, 

And Grief is all his Life below. 
We faw, and from the irkfome Sight 

Difdainfully our Faces turn'd ; 
Hell follow'd Him with fierce Defpight, 

And Earth the humble Abjeft fcorn'd. 

4 Surely 


4 ^Surely For Us He humblsd was, 

And griev'd with Sorrows, not his own : 
*Of all his Woes were We the Caufe, 

We fill-'d his Soul with Pangs unknown. 
Yet Him th'Offender we efteem'd, 

Striken by Heav'ns vindidlive Rod, 
. Afflided for Himfelf we deem'd, 

And puniflrd by an Angry GOD. 

5 But O ! with our Tranlgreffions ftain'd, 

For our Offence He wounded was ; 
Ours were the Sins that bruis'd, and pain'd, 

And fcourg'd, and nail'd Him to the Crofs, 
T-he Chaftifement that bought our Peace, 

To Sinners due, on Him was laid . 
'-Confcience be ftill ! thy Terrors ceafe ! 

The Debt's difcharg'd, the Ranfom's.paid, 

6 What tho' we All, as wand'ring Sheep, 

Have left our GOD, and lov'd to ftray, 
Refus'd his mild Commands to keep, 

And madly urg'd the downward Way ; 
- -Father, on Him thy Bolt did fall, 

The mortal Law thy Son fulfill'd, 
Thou laid'ft on Him the Guilt of All, 
-And by his Stripes we All are heal'd. 

7 Accused, his .Mouth He open'd not, 

He anfwer'd not by Wrongs opprefs'd 
Pure tho' He was from finful Spot, 

Our Guilt He Silently confeft J 
fMeek as a Lamb to Slaughter led, 

A Sheep -before his Shearers dumb, 
"To fuffer in the Sinner's Stead, 
JJehold the Spotlefs Vi&im come! 



8 Who could his Heavenly Birth declare - 

When bound by Man He iilent flood, , 
When Worms arraign'd Him at their Bar;. 

And doom'd to Death th' Eternal GOD? 
Patient the. Sufferings to fuftain. 

The Vengeance to Tranfgreffors due, 
Guiltlefs He groan'd, .and died for Man: 

Sinners rejoice, He-died for you ! 

9 For your imputed Guilt He bled,.. 

Made Sin afinful World to fave; 
IVIeekly He funk among the Dead : 

The Rich fupplied an Honour'd Grave ?* 
For O ! devoid of Sin, . and free 

From Actual or Intail'd Offence, 
No Sinner in Himfelf was He, 

But pure and perfect Innocence. 

JO Yet Him th'Alrnighty Father's Will. 

With bruifing Chaftifements purfu'd, . 
Doom'd Him the Weight of Sin to feel s f 

And fternly juft requir'd his Blood. 
But lo ! the Mortal Debt is paid, 

The coftly Sacrifice is o'er, 
His Soul for Sin an Offering made 

Revives, and He lhall .die no more. 

1 1 His numerous Seed He now (hall fee, . 

Scatter'd thro' all the Earth abroad, 
Bleft with His Immortality, . 

Begot by him, and born of GOD. . 
Head to his Church o'er all below, 

Long ftial! He here his Sons fuftain j - 
Their bounding Hearts his. Power (hall knowi ~ 

And blefs the lov'd Mefliah's Reign. 

i* 'Twixt GOD and Them He ftill iliall ftand, , 

The Children whom his Sire hath given, 
Their Caufe mall profper in his Hand, [ven : 
RIGHTEOUSNESS looks down fromHea' 
F.. 2 While. 


While pleas'd He counts the ranfonTd Race, 
And calls, and draws them from above ; 

The Travail of his Soul furveys, 
And refts in his Redeeming Love. 

13 'Tis done ! my Juftice afks no more, 

The Satisfaction's fully made : 
Their Sins He in his Body bore ; 

Their Surety all the Debt has paid. 
My Righteous Servant and my Son 

Shall each believing Sinner clear, 
And All, who ftoop t'abjure their own, 

Shall in his Righteoufnefs appear. 

14 Them fhall He claim his juft Defert, 

Them his Inheritance receive, 
And many a contrite humble Heart 

Will I for his Pofleffion give, 
Satan He thence fhall chafe away, 

AfTert his Right, his Foes o'eicome; 
Stronger than Hell retrieve the Prey, 

And bear the Spoil triumphant Home. 

5 For charg'd with all their Guilt he flood, 

Sinners from Suffering to redeem, 
For Them He pour'd out 'all his Blood, 

Their Subflitute, He died for Them. 
He died ; and rofe his Death to plead, 

To teftify Their -Sins forgiven 
And ftill I hear Him interceed, 

And ftill He makes Their Claim to Heaven ! 


Waiting for Redemption. 

E A RY of ftruggling with my Pain, 
Hopelefs to burft my Nature's Chain, 



Hardly I give the Conteft o'er, 
I feek to free myfelf no more. 

2 From my own Works at laft I ceafe, 
GOD muft create and feal my Peace ; 
Fruitlefs my Toil, and Vain my Care, 
For all my Fitnefs is Defpair. 

3' LORD, I defpair myfelf to heal 3 
I fee my Sin, but cannot feel : 
I cannot, 'till thy Spirit blow, 
And bid th'Obedient Waters flow. . 

4 'Tis Thine an Heart of Flefh'to give, . 
Thy Gifts I only can receive : 
Here then to Thee I all refign, 
To draw, redeem, and feal is 

5 With fimple Faith, to Thee I call, 
My Light, my Life, my LORD, my AH: 
I wait the Moving of the Pool ; 

I wait the Word that fpeaks me Whole. 

6 Speak, gracious LORD, my Sicknefs cure, 
Make my infected Nature pure : 

Peace, Righteoufnefs, and Joy import,, 
And pour Thyfelf into my Heart.. 

GAI . iii. 22. 

e Scripture bath concluded all un- 
der Sin, that the Promije by Faith 
of JESUS CHRIST might fa given 
to them that believe. 

E S U, the Sinner's Friend, to Thee 
Loft and undone for Aid I flee., 

F 3 Wcaiy 



Weary of Earth, Myfelf, and Sin : 
Open thine Arms, and take me in. 

2 Pity, and heal my Sin-fick Soul, 
'Tis Thou alone canft make me whole, 
Fal'n, 'till in Me thine Image mine, 
And curd I am, 'till Thou art mine. 

3 Hear, JESU, hear my helplefs Cry, 
O fave a Wretch condemn'd to die ! 
The Sentence in Myfelf I feel, 

And all my Nature teems with Hell. 

4 When {hall Concupifcence and Pride 
No more my tortur'd Heart divide f 
When fhall this Agony be o'er, 

And the Old Adam rage no more! 

5 Awake, the Woman's Conqu'ring Seed, 
Awake, and bruife the Serpent's Head, 
Tread down thy Foes, with Power controul 
The Beaft and Devil in my Soul. 

6 The Manfion for Thyfelf prepare, 
Difpofe my Heart by Ent'ring there ! 
'Tis This alone can make me clean, 
/Tis This alone can caft out Sin. 

7 Long have I vainly hop'd and ftrove 
To force my Hardnefs into Love, 

To give Thee all thy Laws require ; 
And labour'd in the Purging Fire : 

8 A thoufand fpecious Arts eflay'd, 
Call'd the deep Myjiic to my Aid : 
His boafted Skill the Brute refin'd, 
But left the fubtler Fiend behind. 



9 Frail, dark, impure, I ftill remain, 
Nor hope to break my Nature's Chain : 
The fond felf-emptying Scheme is paft,. 
And lo ! conftrain'd I yield at laft. 

i o At laft I own it cannot be 

That I mould fit Myfelf for Thee: 
Here then to Thee, I all refign, 
Thine is the Work, and only Thine. 

1 1 No more to lift my Eyes I dare. 
Abandon'd to ajuft Defpair; 

I Have my Punifhment in View,, 
I Feel a thoufand Hells my Due. 

1 2 What mall I fay thy Grace to move ? 
LORD I am Sin but Thou art Love : 
I give up every Plea befide, 

LORD I am damn'd but Thou haft died I 

3 While groaning at thy Feet I fall. 
Spurn me away, refufe my Call, 
If Love permit, contraft thy Brovv y 
And, if Thou canft, deftroy me now F 

Hoping for GRACE. 

From tie German. 

Ti yTY Soul before Thee proftrate lies, 
J.VJL To Thee her Source my Spirk flies,. 
My Wants I mourn, my Chains I fee : 
O let thy Prefence fet me free ! 

Loft and undone, for Aid I cry ; 
In thy Death, SAVIOUR, let me die f 
Griev'd with thy Grief, pain'd with thy Pain, 
Ne'er may I feel Self-love again. 

3 J ES 


3 JESU, vouchfafe my Heart and Will 
With thy meek Lowlinefs to fill ; 

No more her Pow'r let Nature boaft, 
But in thy Will may mine be loft. 

4 In Life's fnort Day let me yet more 
Of thy enlivening Pow'r implore : 
My Mind mufl deeper fink in Thee, 
My Foot ftand nrm from Wandring free. 

5- Ye Sons of Men, here nought avails 
Your Strength, here all your Wifdom fails ;. 
Who bids a Cnful Heart be clean ? 
Thou only, .LORD, fupreme of Men. 

6 And well I know thy tender Love ; 
Thou never didft unfaithful prove : 
And well I know Thou ftand'ft by me, 
Pleas'd from Myfelf to fet me fres. 

7 Still will I watch, and labour {till 
To banifh ev'ry Thought of 111 ; 
'Till Thou in thy good Time appear,. 
And, fav'ft me from the Fowler^s Snare. 

2 Already fpringing Hope I feel ; 
GOD will deftroy the Pow'r of Hell; 
GOD from the Land of Wars and Pain 
Leads me where Peace and Safety reign. 

9 One only Care my Soul {hall know, 
Father,, all thy Commands to do : 
Ah deep engrave it on my Breaft, 
That I in Thee ev'n now am blell. 

10 When my warm Thought I fix on Thee, 
And plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea, 
Then ev'n on me thy Face mall fhine, 
And quicken this dead Heart of mine. 

xi S 


"J i So ev'n in Storms my Zeal fnall grow ; 
So ftiall I thy Hid Sweetnefs know ; 
And feel (what endlefs Age fhall prove) 
That Thou, my LORD, my GOD, art Love. 

the D A W N.I N G. 


WAKE, fad Heart, whom Sorrows drown, 

Lift up thine Eyes, and ceafe to, mourn, 
Unfold thy Forehead's fettled Frown ; 
Thy SAVIOUR, and thy Joys return. 

2 Awake, fad drooping Heart awake ! 

No more lament, and pine, and cry : 
His Death Thou ever doft partake, 
Partake at laft his Vi&ory. 

3 Arife ; if thou doft not withftand, 

CHRIST'S Refurreftion Thine may be: 
O break not from the Gracious Hand 
Which, as it rifes, raifes Thee. 

4 Chear'd by thy SAVIOUR'S Sorrows rife; 

He griev'd, that Thou mayft ceafe to grieve; 
Dry with his Burial Cloths thine Eyes, 
He dy'd Himfelf that Thou mayft live f 

PSAL. CXXX1X. 27. 

Try me, O G O D, and feek the 
Ground of my Heart. 

i TEsu ! my great High-prieft above, 

J My Friend before the Throne of Love ! 
If now for Me prevails thy Prayer, 
If now I find Thee pleading there; 


If Thou the Secret Wilh convey, 
And fweetly prompt my .Heart to pray, 
Hear ; and my weak Petitions join, 
Almighty Advocate, , to Thine] 

2-! Fain would I know, my utmoft 111, 
And groan my Nature's Weight to feel, 
To feel the Clouds that round me roll, 
The Night that hangs upon my Soul ; 
The Darknefs of my Carnal Mind, 
My Will perverfe, .my Paflions blind, 
Scatter'd o'er all the Earth abroad, 
Immeafurably far from GOD. 

3 JESU ! my Heart's Defire obtain, . 
My earned Suit prefent, and gain, 
My Fulnefs of Corruption fhew, 
The Knowledge of Myfelf beflow ; 
A deeper Difplicence at Sin, 

A fharper Senfe of Hell within, 
A ftronger Struggling to get free, 
A keener Appetite for Thee. 

4 For Thee my Spirit often pants, 
Yet often in purfuing faints, 
Drooping it loon neglefts t'afpire, 
Nor fans the ever-dying Fire r 

No more thy Glory's Skirts are feen, 
The World, the Creature fteals between , 
Heavenward no more my Wilhea move, 
And I forget that Thou .art Love. 

5 O Sovereign Love,, to. Thee I cry, 
Give me thy f elf, or e!fe I die. 

Save me from Death, from Hell fet free, 
Death, Hell, are but the Want of Thee : 
Quickned by thy imparted Flame, 
Sav'd, when pofleft of Thee, I am j 
My Life, my only Heav'n Thou art : 
O might I feel Thee in my Heart ! . 



From the German. 

Esu, whofe Glory's (beaming Rays, 
Tho' duteous to thy high Command 
Not Seraphs view with open Face, 

But veil'd before thy Prefence ftand : 
How mall weak Eyes of Flefh, weigh'd dowm 

With Sin, and dim with Error's Night, 
Dare to behold thy awful Throne, 

Or view thy unapproached Light ? 

2 Reftore my Sight ! let thy free Grace 

An Entrance to the Holieft give ! 
Open my Eyes of Faith ! thy Face 

So fliall I fee ; yet feeing live. 
Thy Golden Scepter from above 

Reach forth; fee my whole Heart I bow; 
Say to my Soul, Thou art my Love, 

My Chofen midil ten thoufand Thou. 

3 O JESU, full of Grace ! the Sighs 

Of a fick Heart with Pity view ! 
Hark how my Silence fpeaks ; and cries, 

Mercy, Thou GOD of Mercy, mew! 
I, know Thou canft not but be -Good! 

How fhouldftThou, LORD, thy Grace reftrain? 
Thou, LORD, whofe Blood fo largely flow'd 

To fave me from all Guilt and Pain. 

4 Into thy gracious Hands I fall, 

And with the Arms of Faith embrace ! 

King of Glory, hear my Call ! 

O raife me, heal me by thy Grace f 
- -Now Righteous thro' thy Wounds I am* 
No Condemnation now I dread; 

1 tafte Salvation in thy Name, 

Alive in Thee my Living Head? 


5 Still let thy Wifdom be my Guide, 

Nor take thy Light from me away T 
Still with me let thy Grace abide, 

That I from Thee may never ftray : 
Let thy Word richly in me dwell ; 

Thy Peace and Love my Portion be, 
My Joy t'endure, and do thy Will, 

'Till perfect I am found in Thee ! 

6 Arm me with thy whole Armour, LORD, 

Support my Weaknefs with thy Might : 
^Gird on my Thigh thy conq'ring Sword, 

And ftiield me in the threat'ning Fight 
From Faith to Faith, from Grace to Grace, 

So in thy Strength {hall I go on, 
'Till Heav'n and Earth flee from thy Face, 

And Glory end what Grace begijn. 




A N D 



CH R i ST the Friend of Sitmers. 

HERE fhall my wondring Soul begin ? 
How fhall I All to Heav'n alpire ? 
A Slave redeem'd from Death and Sin, 
A Brand pluck'd from Eternal Fire ; 
How (hall I equal Triumphs raife, 
And fing my Great Deliverer's Praife? 

2 O how (hall I the Goodnefs tell, 

Father, which Thou to me haft ihow'd, 
That I, a Child of Wrath, and Hell, 

I fhould be call'd a Child of GOD ! 
Should know, mould feel my Sins forgiven, 
Bleft with this Antepaft of Heaven! 

3 And (hall I flight my Father's Love, 

Or bafely fear his Gifts to own ? 
Unmindful of his Favours prove ? 

Shall I, the hallow'd Crofs to flr.m, 
Refufe his Righteoufnefs t' impart, 
By hiding it within my Heart ? 

G 4 No: 


4 No : Tho' the Antient Dragon rage, 
And call forth all his Holt to War, 

Tho' Earth's Self-righteous Sons engage ? 
Them, and their God alike I dare: 

JESITS, the Sinner's Friend proclaim, 

JESUS, to Sinners flill the fame. 

*$- Outcafts of Men, to You I call, 

Harlots, and Publicans, and Thieves ! 
Pie fpreads his Arms t'embrace you all ; 

Sinners alone his Grace receives : 
No Need of Him the Righteous have, 
He came the Loft to feek and fave ! 

6 Come all ye Magdalem in Luft, 

Te Ruffians fell in Murders old; 
Repent, and live ; defpair, and truft ! 

JESUS for you to Death was fold; 
Tho' Hell proteft, and Earth repine, 
He died for Crimes like Yours and Mine. 

7 .Come, O my guilty Brethren, come, 

Groaning beneath your Load of Sin ! 
His bleeding Heart (hall make you room, 

His open Side mall take you in : 
He calls you N ow, invites you home- 
Come, O my guilty Brethren, come ! 

3 For you the purple Current flow'd 

In Pardons from his wounded Side: 
Languiih'd for you th' Eternal GOD, 
For you the Prince of Glory dy'd. 
Believe ; and All your Sin's forgiven, 
Onlj Believe and yours is Heaven. 



On the Converfion ofa Common Harlot. 

LUKE xv. 10. 

Tbere is Joy in the Prejence of thf 
Angels of G.Q.D over one Sinner 

I N G ye Heavens, and Earth rejoict^. 

Make to GOD a chearful Nolle ; 
He the Work alone hath done, 
He hath glorified his Son. 

2 Sons of GOD exulting rife; 
Join the Triumph of die Skies, 
See the Prodigal is come, 

Shout to bear the Wanderer home f' 

3 Strive in Joy with Angels ftrive, 
Dead She was, but novv's alive, 
Loud repeat the glorious Sound, 
Loft She was, but now is found ! 

4 This through Ages all along, 
This be ftill the Joyous Song, 
Wide diffus'd o'er Earth abroad, 
Mufick iii the Ears of GOD. 

r Refcued from the Fowler's Snare, 
JESUS fpreads his Arms for Her, 
JESU'S Arms her facred Fence : 
Come,, ye Fiends, and pluck her thence I 

6 Thence me never (hall remove, 
Safe in his Redeeming Love : 
This the Purchafe of his Groans \ 
This the Soul he died for once ! 
G 2 


7 Now the gracious Father fmiles, 
Now the SAVIOUR boafts his Spoils: 
Now the Spirit grieves no more : 
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth adore ! 

Looking unto JESUS the Author and 
Finifier of our Faith. 

ORD, if to Me thy Grace hath given, 
A Spark of Life, a Tafte of Heaven, 
The Gofpel Pearl, the Woman's Seed, 
The Bruifer of the Serpent's Head : 

2 Why fleeps my Principle Divine ? 
Why haftens not my Spark to fnine ? 
The Saviour in my Heart to move, 
And all my Soul to flame with Love ? 

3 Buried, o'erwhelm'd, and loft in Sin, 
And feemingly extindl within, 
Th'Immortal Seed unaclive lies, 

The Heav'nly Adam finks, and dies : 

4 Dies, and revives the Dying Flame. 
Call down, but not deftroy'd I am, 
'Midft thoufand Lufts I ftill refpire, 
And tremble, unconftsm'd, in Fire. 

5 Suffer'd awhile to want my GOD, 
To groan beneath my Nature's Load, 
That Ail may own, that All may fee, 
WUngodly juflijied in Me. 




AVI OUR of Men, how long {hall I 

Forgotten at thy Footftool lie ! 
Clofe by the Fountain of thy Blood, 
Yet groaning (till to be renew'd ; 

2 A Miracle of Grace and Sin, 
Pardon'd, yet ftill, alas, unclean ? 
Thy Righteoufnefs is counted Mine : 
When in my Nature fhine ? 

3 Darkfome I ftill remain and void, 
And painfully unlike my GOD, 
'Till Thou diffufe a brighter Ray, 
And turn the Glimm.lring into Day. 

4 Why didft Thou the Ffrft Gift impart, 
And fprinkle with thy Blood my Heart, 
But that my fprinkled Heart might prove, 
The Life and Liberty of Love ? 

5 Why didft Thou bid my Terrors ceafe, . 
And fweetly fill my Soul with Peace, 

But thn.t my peaceful Soul might know 
The Joys that from Believing flow ? 

6 See then thy Ranfom'd Servant, fee, 
I hunger, LORD, I thirl t for Thee ! 
Feed me with Love, thy Spirit give, 

I gafp, in Him, in Thee to live. 

7 The Promis'd Comforter impart, 
Open the Fountain in my Heart ; 
There let Him flow with fpringing Joys,, 
And into Life Eternal rife.. 

G 3 8 Thee 


There let Him ever, ever dwell, 
The Pledge, the Witnefs, and the Seal ; 
I'll glory then in Sin forgiven, 
In CHRIST my Life, my Love, my Heaven? 


THEE, O my G O D and King, 
My Father, Thee I fing ! 
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound, 

Praife from Earth and Heav'n receive j 
Loft, I now in CHRIST am found, 
Dead, by Faith in CHRIST I live. 

Father, behold thy Son, 
In CHRIST I am thy own. 
Stranger long to Thee and Reft, 

See the Prodigal is come : 
Open wide thine Arms and Breaft, 
Take the weary Wand'rer home. 

Thine Eye obferv'd from far, 
Thy Pity look'd me near: 
Me thy Bowels yearn' d to fee, 
Me thy Mercy ran to find, 
Empty, poor, and void of Thee, 
Hungry, fick, and faint, and blind. 

Thou on my Neck didft fall, 
Thy Kifs forgave me all : 
Still the gracious Words I hear, 

Words that made the SAVIOUR mine, 
Hafte, for him the Robe prepare, 
His be Righteoufnefs Divine ! 

5 Thee 


Thee then, my G O D and King, 
My Father, Thee I fmg 
Hear well-pleas'd the joyous Sound, 

Praife from Earth and Heav'n receive ; 
Loft, I now in CHRIST am found, 
Dead, by FAITH in CHRIST I live. 


HYMN to the SON. 

Filial Deity, 

Accept my New-born Cry ! 
See the Travail of thy Soul, 

SAVIOUR, and be fatisfy'd ; 
Take me now, poflefs me whole, 
Who for Me, for Me haft dy'd ! 

Of Life Thou art the Tree, 
My Immortality f 
Feed this tender Branch of Thine, 

Ceafelefs Influence derive, 
Thou the true, the Heav'nly Vine, 
Grafted into Thee I live. 

Of Life the Fountain Thou, 
I know 1 feel it Now ! 
Faint and dead no more I droop : 
Thou art in me : Thy Supplies 
Ev'ry Moment fpringing up 
Into Life Eternal rife. 

(. Thou the Good Shepherd art, 

From Thee I ne'er fhall part : 
Thou my Keeper and my Guide, 
Make me ftill thy tender Care, 
Gently lead me by thy Side, 
Sweetly in thy Bofom bear. 

; Thou art my Daily Bread ; 

O CHRIST, Thou art my Head : 


Motion, Virtue, Strength to Me, 
Me thy Living Member flow; 

Nourifh'd I, and fed by Thee, 
Up to Thee in all Things gro\\'. 

6 Prophet, to me reveal 
Thy Father's perfecl Will. 

Never Mortal (pake like Thee, 

Human Prophet like Divine : 
Loud and ilrong their Voices be, 

Small and ilill and inward Thine f 

7 On Thee my Prieft I call, 
Thy Blood aton'd for All. 

Still the Lamb as flain appears, 

Still Thou Hand 'it before the Throne, 

Ever off'ring up thy Pray'rs, 
Thsfe prefenting with thy own. 

8 JESU ! Thou art my King, 
From Thee my Strength I bring! 

Shadow'd by thy mighty Hand, 

SAVIOUR, who mall pluck me thence ? 

FAITH fupports, by FAITH I ftand 
Strong as thy Omnipotence, 

9 O Filial Deity, 

Accept my New-born Cry ! 
See the Travail of thy Soul, 

SAVIOIJR, and be latisfy'd j 
Take me now, poflefs me whole, 

Who for Me, for Me hail dy'd ! 


EAR, Holy Spirit, hear, 
My Inward Comforter 1 




Loos'd by Thee my ftamm'ring Tongue 

Firft effays to praife Thee now, 
This the New, the Joyful Song, 

Hear it in thy Temple Thou ! 

Long o'er my Formlefs Soul 
The dreary Waves did roll j 
Void I lay, and funk in Night : 

Thou, the overfhadowing Dove, 
Call'dft the Chaos into Light, 
Bad : ft me Be, and live, and love. 

Thee I exult to Feel, 
Thou in my Heart doft dwell : 
There Thou bear'ft thy Witnefs true, 
Shed'ft the Love of G OD abroad ; 
I in CHRIST a Creature New, 
I, ev'n I, am born of G O D ! 

Ere yet the Time was come 
To fix in Me thy Home,. 
With me oft Thou didft refide - 

Now, my G O D, Thou In me art ? 
Here Thou ever malt abide j 
One we are, no more to part. 

Fruit of the SAVIOUR'S Pray'r, 
My Promis'd Comforter ! 
Thee the World cannot receive, 

Thee they neither know nor fee, 
Dead is all the Life they live, 

Dark their Light, while void of Thee. 

Yet I partake thy Grace 
Thro' CHRIST my Righteoufnefs ; 
Mine the Gifts Thou doft impart, 
Mine the Unftion from above, 
Pardon written on my Heart, 

Light, and Life, and Joy, and Love. 

7 Thy 


7 Thy Gifts, beft Paraclete, 
I glory to repeat : 

Sweetly Sure of Grace I am, 

Pardon to my Soul apply 'd, 
Int'reft in the fpotlefs Lamb ; 

Dead for All, for me He dy'd. 

8 Thou art Thyfelf the Seal ; 
I more than Pardon feel : 

Peace, Unutterable Peace, 

Joy that Ages ne'er can move, 

Faith's Affurance, Hope's Increafe,. 
All the Confidence of Love f 

9 Pledge. of the Promife giv'n, 
My Antepaft of Heav'n j - 

Earneft Thou of Joys Divine, 

Joys Divine on Me beftow'd, 
Heav'n, and CHXIST,. and All is mine, 

All the Plenitude of G O D. 

JO Thou art My Inward Guide, 

I alk no Help befide : 
Arm of G OD, on Thee I call, 

Weak as Helplefs Infancy ! 
Weak I am yet cannot fall 

Stay'd by FAITH, and led by Thee f 

1 I Hear, Holy Spirit, hear, 

My Inward Comforter ! 
X.oos'd by Thee my ftamm'ring Tongue 

Firft efiays to praife Thee now ; 
This the New, the Joyful Song, 
Hear it in thy Temple Thou ! 




1 T T 7 H E N firil: thy gracious Eye's Survey, 

V V Ev'n in die midit of Youth and Night, 
Mark'd me, where funk in Sin I lay, 
I felt a ftrange, unknown Delight. 

2 My Soul, as all at once renew'd 

Own'd the Divine Pliyfician's Art, 
So fwift che healing Look bedew'd, 

Embalm'd, o 1 er-ran, and fill'd my Heart. 

3 Since then I many a bitter Storm 

Have felt, and feeling fure had 'dy'd, 
Had tiie malicious Fatal Harm 
Roll'd on its unmolefted Tide : 

4 But working (till, within my Soul, 

Thy fweet Original Joy remain'd ; 
Thy Love did all my Griefs controul, 
Thy Love the Viclory more than gain'd. 

5 If the firil Glance, but open'd now 

And now feaPd up, fo pow'rfui prove, 
What wondrous Transports mall we know 
When glorying in thy full-ey'd Love ! 

6 When Thou malt look us out of Pain, 

And raife us to thy Blifsful Sight, 
With open Face ftrong to fcitain 
The Blaze of thy unclouded Light! 




can it be, that I fhould gain 
An Int'reit in the Saviour's Blood ! 
JDy'd He for Me? who caus'd his Pain ! 
For Me ? who him to Death purfu'd ! 
Amazing Love I how can it be 
That Thou, my GO D fhouldft die for Me ? 

4 'Tis Myft'ry all ! th' Immortal dies! 

Who can explore his ftrange Defign ? 
In vain the firft-born Seraph tries 

To found the Depths of Love Divine. 
"*Tis Mercy all ! let Earth adore ; 
Let Angel Minds enquire no more. 

3 He left his Father's Throne above, 

(So free, fo infinite his Grace !) 
Empty 'd himfelf of All but Love, 

And bled for Adams helplefs Race : 
'Tis Mercy all, immenfe and free ! 
<For O my GOD ! it found out Me ! 

4 Long my imprifon'd Spirit lay, 

Fail bound in Sin and Nature's Night 
Thine Eye diffus'd a quick 'ning Ray ; 

I woke ; the Dungeon fiam'd with Lights 
My Chains fell off, my Heart was free, 
I rofe, went forth, and follow'd Thee. 

5 Still the fmall inward Voice I hear, 

That whifpers all my Sins forgiv'n ; 
Still the Atoning Blood is near, 

That quench 'd the Wrath of hoftile Heav'n : 
I feel the Life his Wounds impart ; 
I feel my SAVIOUR in my Heart. 

6 No 


6 No Condemnation now I dread, 

JESUS, and all in Him, is Mine : 
Alive in Him, my Living Head, 

And cloath'd in Righteoumefs Divine, 
Bold I approach th'Eternal Throne, 
And claim the Crown, thro' CHRIST, my own. 

The CALL. 


O my Way, my Truth, my Life! 
A Way that gives us Breath, 
A Truth that ends its Followers Strife, 
A Life that conquers Death ! 

2 Come, O my Light, my Feaft, my Strength ! 

A Light that mews a Feaft ; 
A Feaft that (till improves by Length, 
A Strength that makes the Guell ! 

3 Come, O my Joy, my Love, my Heart I 

A Joy that none can move ; 

A Love that none can ever part, 

A Heart that joys in Love ! 



From the fame. 
AVI O UR, if Thy precious Love 

Could be merited by mine, 
FAITH thefe Mountains would remove ; 
FAITH would make me ever Thine : 
But when all my Care and Pains, 
Worth can ne'er create in Me, 
Nought by me thy Fuli\efs gains ; 
Vain the Hope to purchaie Thee. 

H z C. Ceafe, 


2 C. Ceafe, my Child, thy Worth to weigh, 

Give the needlefs Conteft o'er : 
Mine Thou art ! while thus I fay, 

Yield Thee up, and afk no more. 
What thy Eftimate may be, 

Only can by Him be told, 
Who to ranfom wretched Thee, 

Thee to gain, Himfelf was fold. 

3 S. But when All in Me is Sin, 

How can I thy Grace obtain ? 
How prefume Thyfelf to win ? 

G O D of Love, the Doubt explain 
Or if Thou the Means fupply, 

Lo! to Thee I Allrdign! 
Make me, LORD, (I afk not why, 

How, I afk not) ever Thine ! 

,4 C. This I would That humbly ftill 

Thou fubmit to my Decree, 
Meekly fubje&ing thy Will, 

Clofely copying after Me : 
That as I did leave my Throne ; 

Freely from my Glory part ; 
Die, to make thy Heart my own 

S. Ah ! no more Thou break'ft my Heart ! 

Subje&ion to CHRIST. 

From the German. 

i TE S U, to Thee my Heart I bow, 
j Strange Flames far from my Soul remove ; 
Faireft among ten thoufand Thou, 

Be Thou my LORD, my Life, my Love. 



2 All Heav'n Thou fill' ft with pure Defire ; 

O mine upon my frozen Breaft ; 
With facred Warmth my Heart infpire, 
May I too thy hid Sweetneis tafte. 

3 I fee thy Garments roll'd in Blood, 

Thy ftreaming Head, thy Hands, thy Side . 
All hail, Thoa Suff'ring Conquering GOD ! 
Now Man mall live ; for GOD hath dy'd, 

4 O kill in Me this Rebel Sin, 

And triumph o'er my willing Breaft: 
Reftore thy Image, LORD, therein, 
And lead me to my Father's Reft. 

r Ye earthly Loves, be far away ! 

SA v i OUR, be Thou my Love alone ; 
No more may Mine ufurp the Sway, 
But in me thy great Will be done ! 

6 Yea, Thou true Witnefs, fpotlefs Lamb, 
All Things for Thee I count but Lofs j 
My fole Defire, my conftant Aim, 
My only Glory be thy Crofs ! - 

Renouncing all for CHR IS T. 

from the French. 

1 /""^OME, SAVIOUR JESU, from above, 
V_>| Aflift me with thy heav'nly Grace, 
Withdraw my Heart from worldly Love, 

And for Thy felf prepare the Pkce. 

2 O let thy facred Prefence fill 

And fet my longing Spirit free, 
Which pants to have no other Will, 
But Night and Day to feaft on Thee. 

H 2 3 While 


3 While in thefe Regions here below, 

No other Good will I purfue ; 
I'll bid this World of Noife and Show 
With all its fiatt'ring Snares, adieu. 

4 That Path, with humtle Speed I'll feek, 

Wherein my SAVIOUR'S Footfteps fhine, 
Nor will I hear, nor will I fpeak 
Of any other Love than Thine. 

5 To Thee my earneft Soul afpires, 

To Thee I offer all my Vows, 
Keep me from falfe and vain Defires, 

My GOD, my SAVIOUR, and my Spouie. 

6 Henceforth may no prophane Delight 

Divide this confecrated Soul ; 
PofTefs it Thou, who haft the Right, 
As LORD and Matter of the whole. 

7 Wealth, Honour, Pleafure, or what elfe 

This mort-enduring World can give, 
Tempt as you will, my Heart repels, 
To CHRIST alone refolv'd to live. 

8 Thee I can love, and Thee alone 

With holy Peace, and Inward Blifs ; 
To find Thou tak'ft me for thy own, 
O what a Happinefs is This ! 

9 Nor Heav'n nor Earth do I defire, 

But thy pure Love within my Breaft, 
This, this I always will require, 
And freely give up all the reft. 

io Thy Gifts, ifcall'dfor, I refign, 

Pieas'd to receive, pleas'd to. reftore ; 
Gifts are thy Work ; it ihall be mine 
The Giver only to adore. 





O JVI E hither All, whofe grov'ling Tafte 

Inflaves your Souls, and lays them wafte 5- 
Save your Expence, and mend your Cheer: 
Here GOD Himfelf 's prepared and dreft, 
Himfelf vouchfafes to be your Feaft, 
In whom Alone all Dainties are. 

2 Come hither All, whom tempting Wine 
Bows to your Father BeliaT^ Shrine, 

Sin all your Boaft, and Senfe your G O D '. 
Weep now for what you've drank amifs, 
And loofe your Tafte for fenfual Blifs 

By drinking here your SAVIOUR'S Blood; 

3 Come hither All, whom fearching Pain, 
Whom Confcience's loud Cries arraign 

Producing all your Sins to view : 
Tafte ; and difmifs your Guilty Fear, . 
O tafte and fee that GOD is here 

To heal your Souls, and Sin fubdue. 

4 Come hither All, whom Carelefs Joy 
Does with alluring Force deftroy, 

While loofe ye range beyond your Bounds i 
True Joy is here,, that paffes quite, 
And all your tranfient mean Delight 

Drowns, as a Flood the lower Grounds. 

5 Come hither All, whofe Idol-love, 
While fond the pleaiing Pain ye prove,. 

Raifes your foolifh Raptures high : 
True Love is here ; whofe dying Breath 
Gave Life to Us ; who tafted Death, 

And tailing once no more can die^ 

H 3 6 Loa*y 


6 LORD, I have now invited All, 
And inftant Hill the Guefts mall call, 

Still (hall I All invite to Thee : 
For O my GOD, it feems but right 
In mine, thy meaneft Sen-ants Sight, 

That where All Is, there All fhould be ! 

fbe B A N ^ U E T". 

From the fame. 

1 "IT 7 E L C O M E, delicious Sacred Cheer, 

VV Welcome, my GOD, my SAVIOUR dear, 
O with me, In me live and dwell ! 

Thine, Earthly Joy fnrpafies quite, 

The Depths of thy fupreme Delight 
Not Angel Tongues can tafte or tell. 

2 What Streams of Sweetnefs from the Bowl 
Surprize and deluge all my Soul, 

Sweetnefs that is, and makes Divine ! 
Surely from GOD's Right Hand they flow, 
From thence dtriv'd to Earth below, 

To chear us with Immortal Wine. 

3 Soon as I tafte the Heav'nly Bread, 
What Manna, o'er my Soul is fhed, 

Manna that Angels never knew! 
Victorious Sweetnefs fills my Heart, 
Such as my GOD delights t'impart, 

Mighty to fave, and Sin fubdue. 

4 I had forgot my Heavenly Birth, 
My Soul degen'rate clave to Ear:h, 

In Senfe and Sins bafe Pleafures drown'd : 
When- GOD aflum'd Humanity, 
And fpilt his Sacred Blood for me, 

To find me grov'ling on die Ground. 

5 Soon 


5 Soon as his Love has rais'd me up, 
He mingles Bleflings in a Cup, 

And fweetly meets my ravifli'd Tafte, 
Joyous I now throw off my Load, 
I caft my Sins and Care on G O D, 

And Wine becomes a Wing at laft. 

6 Upborn on This, I mount, I fly ; 
Regaining fwift my Native Sky, 

I wipe my ftreaming Eyes, and fee 
Him, whom I feek, for whom I fue, 
My GOD, my SAVIOUR there I view, 

Him, who has done fo much for me ! 

7 O let thy wondrous Mercy's Praife, 
Infpire, and confecrate my Lays, 

And take up all my Lines and Life ; 
Thy Praife my ev'ry Breath employ : 
Be all my Bdinefs, all my Joy 

To ftrive in This, and love the Strife ? 

'Therefore with Angels, &c. 

1 T O R D and G O D of Heav'nly Pow'rs^ 
1 j Theirs ; yet O ! benignly Oars; 

Glorious King, let Earth proclaim, 
Worms attempt to chaunt thy Name. 

2 Thee to laud in Songs Divine, 
Angels and Archangels join ; 
We with them our Voices raife, 
Echoing thy Eternal Praife: 

3 Holy, Holy, Holy LORT>, 
Live by Heav'n and Earth ador'd \ 
Full of Thee, they ever cry, 
Glory be to GOD moll High \ 



Glory be to GOD on high, &c. 

1 /"^LORY be to GOD on high, 
VJT GOD whofe Glory fills the Sky : 
Peace on Earth to Man forgiv'n, 

Man the Well-belov'd of Heav'nf 

2 Sov'reign Father, Heav'nly King ! 
Thee we now preiume to fmg ; 
Glad Thine Attributes confefs, 
Glorious all, and numberlefs. 

3 Hail ! by all thy Works ador'd, 
Hail! the everlafting LORD ! 

Thee, with thankful Hearts, we prove 
LORD of Pow'r, and G O D of Love. 

4 CHRIST our LORD and GOD we own, 

CHRIST the Father's only Son! 
Lamb of GOD, for Sinners flain, 
SAVIOUR of offending Man! 

5 Bow Thine Ear, in Mercy bow, 
Hear, the World's Atonement Thou * 
JESU, in thy Name we pray, 
Take, O take our Sins away. 

6 Pow'rful Advocate with GOD, 
Juftify us by thy Blood ? 

Bow Thine Ear, in Mercy bow, 
Hear, the World's Atonement Thou ? 

7 Hear; for Thou, O CHRIST alone 
Art with thy great Father One ; 
One the Holy Ghoft with Thee, 
One fupreme Eternal Three. 




Alter" d from Dr. Hicks'j Reform 'd Devotions. 

1 TE S U, behold the Wife from far, 
J Led to thy Cradle by a Star, 

Bring Gifts to Thee, their GOD and King ! 
O guide us by Light, that we 
The Way may find, and ftill to Thee 

Our Hearts, our All for Tribute bring. 

2 JESU, the pure, the fpotlefs Lamb, 
Who to the Temple humbly came, 

Duteous the Legal Rights to pay : 
O make our proud, our ftubborn Will, 
All thy wife, gracious Laws fulfil, 

Whate'er rebellious Nature fay. 

3 JESU, who on the fatal Wood 

Pcur'dlt out thy Life's lad Drop of Blood, 

NaiTd to th'accurfed fhameful Crofs : 
O may we blefs thy Love, and be 
Ready, dear LORD, to bear for Thee 
All Shame, all Grief, all Pain, all Lofs. 

A JESU, who by Thine own Love {lain, 
By Thine own Pow'r took'fl Life again, 

And Conqueror from the Grave didft rife : 
O may thy Death our Souls revive, 
And ev'n on Earth a new Life give, 

A glorious Life that never dies. 

5 JESU, who to thy Heav'n again 
Return'dft in Triumph, there to reign 
Of Men and Angels Sov'reign King: 
O may our parting Souls take Flight 
Up to that Land of Joy and Light, 
And there for ever grateful fing. 

6 All 


6 All Glory to the facred Three, 
One undivided Deity, 

All Honour, Pow'r, and Love and Praife ; 
Still may thy blefled Name mine bright 
In Beams of uncreated Light, 

Crown'd with its own eternal Rays. 


1 TOEHOLD the SAVIOUR of Mankind 
Jj Nail'd to the fhameful Tree ! 
How vaft the Love that Him inclin'd 

To bleed and die for Thee ! 

2 Hark how he groans ! while Nature makes, 

And Earth' o ftrong Pillars bend ! 
The Temple's Veil in funder breaks, 
The folid Marbles rend. 

3 'Tisdone! the precious Ranfom's paid ; 

Receive my Soul, he cries ; 
See where he bows his facred Head ? 
He bows his Head and dies. 

4 But foon He'll break Death's envious Chain, 

And in full Glory mine ! 
O Lamb of G O D, was ever Pain, 
Was ever Love like Thine ! 


Soul extols the mighty LORD, 
In GOD the SAVIOUR joys my Heart: 
Thou haft not my low State abhorr'd ; 
Now know I, Thou my SAVIOUR art. 

2 Sorrow 


2 Sorrow and Sighs are fled away, 

Peace now I fed, and Joy and Reft: 
Renew'd, I hail the Feftal Day, 
Henceforth by endlefs Ages bleft. 

3 Great are the Things which Thou haft done, 

How holy is thy Name, O LORD! 
How wondrous is thy Mercy fhewn 
To all that tremble at thy Word ! 

4 Thy conqu'ring Arm with Terror crown'd, 

Appear 'd the Humble to fuftain : 
And all the Sons of Pride have found 
Their boafted Wifdom void and vain. 

5 The Mighty from their native Sky 

Caft down, Thou haft in Darknefs bound: 
And rais'd the Worms of Earth on high, 
With Majefty and Glory crown'd. 

6 The Rich have pin'd amidft their Store, 

Nor e'er the Way of Peace have trod ; 
Mean while the hungry Souls thy Pow'r 
Fill'd with the Fulnefs of their GOD. 

7 Come, SAVIOUR, come, of old decreed ! 

Faithful and true be Thou confeft : 

By all Earth's Tribes in Abrahams Seed 

Henceforth thro' endlefs Ages bleft. 

I'rufl in PR o v i D E N c E. 

From the German. 

IO M M I T thou all thy Griefs 

And V/ays into his Hands ; 
To his fure Truth and tender Care, 

Who Earth and Heav'n commands. 

z Who 



Who points the Clouds their Courfe, 
Whom Winds and Seas obey ; 
He fhall direft thy wand'ring Feet, 
He fhall prepare thy Way. 

Thou on the LORD rely, 
So fafe fhalt thou go on ; 
Fix on his Work thy ftedfaft Eye, 
So fhall thy Work be done. 

No Profit canft thou gain 
By felf-confuming Care ; 
To Him commend thy Caufe, his Ear 
Attends the fofteft Pray'r. 

Thy Everlafting Truth, 
Father, thy ceafelefs Love 
Sees all thy Children's Wants, and knows 
What beft for each will prove. 

And whatfoe'er Thou will'ft, 
Thou doft, O King of Kings ; 
What thy unerring Wifdom chofe, 
Thy Pow'r to Being brings. 

Thou ev'ry where haft Way, 
And all Things ferve thy Might ; 
Thy ev'ry A61 pure Bleffing is, 
Thy Path unfully'd Light. 

When Thou arifeft, LORD, 
What fhall thy Work withftand ? 
When all thy Children want Thou giv'ft, 
Who, who fhall ftay thy Hand ? 

Give to the Winds thy Fears ; 
Hope, and be undifmay'd ; 
GOD hears thy Sighs, and counts thy Tears, 
GOD fhall lift up thy Head. 

10 Thro' 


i o Thro' Waves, and Clouds, and Storms 

He gently clears thy Way ; 
Wait Thou his Time, fo frail this Night 
Soon end in joyous Day. 

1 1 Still heavy is thy Heart ? 
Still fink thy Spirits down ? 

Caft off the Weight, let Fear depart, 
And ev'ry Care be gone. 

1 2 What tho 1 Thou ruleft not ? 

Yet Heav'n, and Earth, and Hell 
Proclaim, GOD fitteth on the Throne, 
And ruleth all Things well ! 

1 3 Leave to his Sov'reign Sway 
To choofe, and to command ; 

So fhalt thou wondring own, his. Way 
How wife, how itrong his Hand. 

1 4 Far, far above thy Thought 
His Counfel (hall appear, 

When fully He the Work hath wrought, 
That caus'd thy needlefs Fear. 

1 5 Thou feeft our Weaknefs, LORD, 
Our Hearts are known to Thee ; 

O lift Thou up the flaking Hand, 
Confirm the feeble Knee ! 

1 6 Let us in Life, in Death, 
Thy ftedfaft Truth declare, 

And publifh with our lateft Breath 
Thy Love and Guardian Care ? 



i T? T E R N AL Beam of Light Divine, 
r^ Fountain of unexhauited Love, 
In whom the FATHER'S Glories mine, 

Thro' Earth beneath, and Heav'n above ; 

-2 JESU ! the weary Wand'rer's Reft; 
Give me thy eafy Yoke to bear, 
With ftedfaft Patience arm my Breaft, 
With fpotlefs Love, and lowly Fear. 

3 Thankful I take tlie Cup from Thee, 

Prepar'd and mingled by thy Skill : 
Tho' bitter to the Tafle it be, 
.Pow'rful the wounded Soal to heal. 

4 Be Thou, O Rock of Ages nigh: 

So fnall each murm'ring Thought be gone, 
And Grief, and Fear, and Care ihall fly 
As Clouds before the Mid-day San. 

3 Speak to my warring Paffions, "Peace; 

Say to my trembling Heart, " Be fiill : 
Thy Pow'r my Strength and Fortrefs is, 
.For all Things ferve thy So v 'reign Will. 

;6 .O Death, where is thy Sting ? Where now 

Thy boafled Victory, O Grave ? 
Who ihall contend with GOD: Or, Who 
.Can hurt whom GOD delights to fave? 



From the German; 

1 ""T^Hou Lamb of GOD, Thou Prince of Peace, 

A For Thee my thirfty Soul doth pine ! 
My longing Soul implores thy Grace, 
O make me in thy Likenefs fhine_ 

2 With fraudlefs, even, humble Mind, < 

Thy Will in all Things may I fee : 
In love be ev'ry Wjfli refign'd, 

And hallow'd my whole Heart to Thee.- 

3 When Pain o'er my weak Flefh prevails. 

With Lamb-like Patience arm my 
When Grief my wounded Soul afiails, 
In lowly Meeknefs may I reft. 

4 Clofe by thy Side ftift may I keep, 

Howe'er Life's various Current flow; 
With ftedfaft Eye mark ev'ry Step, 
And follow Thee where'er Thou go. 

5 Thou, LORD, the dreadful Fight haft won - 

Alone Thou haft the Wine-prefs trod ; 
In me thy ftrengthening Grace be fhewn, 
O may I conquer thro' thy Blood ! 

6 So when on Ston Thou ihalt ftand, 

And ail Heav'ns Hoft adore their King,. 
Shall I be found at thy Right Hand, 
And free from Pain thy Glories fing. 




From the fame. 

1 A L L Glory to th 1 Eternal Three, 

JL\. Of Light and Love th'unfathom'd Sea ! 
Whofe boundlefs Pow'r, whofe faving Grace, 
Reliev'd me in my deep Diflrefs. 

2 Still, LORD, from thy exhauftlefs Store, 
Pure Bleffing, and Salvation fhow'r ; 
'Till Earth I leave, and foar away 

To Regions of unclouded Day. 

3 My Heart from all Pollution clean, 

O purge it, tho' with Grief and Pain: 

To Thee lo ! ,1 my All refign, 

Thine be my Will, my Soul be Thine. 

4 O guide me, lead me in thy Ways : 
'Tis Thine the finking Hand to raifc f 
O may I ever lean on Thee : 

'Tis Thine to prop the feeble Knee. 

5 O Father, fandify this Pain, 
Nor let one Tear be flied in vain f 
Soften, yet arm my Breaft : No Fear, 
No Wrath, but Love alone be there. 

6 O leave not, caft me not away 

In fierce Temptation's dreadful Day: 
Speak but the Word ; inflant (hall ceafe 
7'he Storm, and all my Soul be Peace ! 



1 \ H f my dear LORD, whofe changelefs Low 
JL\. To Me, nor Earth nor Hell can pan ; 
When fhail my Feet forget to rove ? 

Ah, what mall fix this faithlefs Heart i 

2 Why do thefe Cares my Soul divide, . 

If Thou indeed haft fet me free ? 
Why am I thus, if GO D hath dy'd ; 
If G O D hath dy'd to ranfom Me ? 

3 Around me Clouds of Darknefs roll, 

In deepeft Night I ftill walk on ; 
Heavily moves my fainting Soul, 

My Comfort and my GOD are gone. 

4 Chearlefs and all forlorn I droop ; 

In vain I lift my weary Eye ; 
No Gleim of Light, no Ray of Hope 
Appears throughout thtdarken'd Sky. 

5 My feeble Knees I bend again, 

My drooping Hands again I rear : 
Vain is the Tafk, the Effort vain, 
My Heart abhors the irkfome 

6 Oft with thy Saints my Voice I raife, 

And feem to join the taftelefs Song: 
Faintly afcends th'imperfeft Praife, 

Or dies upon my thoughtlcfs Tongue.- . 

7 Cold, weary, languid, heartlefs r dead, , 

To thy dread Courts I oft repair ; 
- By Confcience drag'd, or Cuftom led 

1 come j nor know that G O D is there ! 

*Ni S 


8 Nigh with my Lips to Thee I draw, 

Unconfcious at thy Altar found j 
Far off my Heart : Nor touch'd with Awe, 
Nor mov'd - tho' Angek tremble round, 

9 In All I do, Myfelflfeel, 

And groan beneath the wonted Load, 
Still unrenew'd, and carnal ftill, 

Naked of CHRIST, and void of G O D. 

10 Nor yet the Earthly ddcun dies, 

But lives, and moves, andr fights again, 
Still the fierce Gufts of Paflion rife, 
And rebel Nature ftrives to reign. 

1 1 Fondly my foolifh Heart eflays 

T'augment the Source of perfect Blifs, 
Love's All-fufficient Sea to raife 
With Drops of Creature-Happinefs. 

1 2 O Love ! thy Sov'reign Aid impart, 

And guard the Gifts thyfelf haft giv'n : 
My Portion Thou, my Treafure art, 
And Life, and Happinefs, andHeav'n. 

1 2 Would ought with Thee my Wiflies fhare, 

Tho 1 dear as Life the Idol be, 
The Idol from my Breaft I'll tear, 
Refolv'd to feek my All from Thee. 

I . Whatever I fondly counted Mine, 

To Thee, my LORD, I here reftore: 
Gladly I all for Thee refign : 
Give me Thyfelf, I afk no more ! 




1 TV/TY GOD (if I may call Thee Mine 
JLVjL From Heav'n and Thee remov'd fo far) 
Draw nigh ; thy pitying Ear incline, 

And caft not out my languid Pray'r. 
Gently the Weak Thou lov'ft to lead, 
Thou lov'ft to prop the feeble Knee, 

break not then a bruifed Reed, 

Nor quench the fmoaking Flax in me. 

2 Buried in Sin, thy Voice I hear, 

And burft the Barriers of my Tomb, 
In all the Marks of Death appear, 

Forth at thy Call, tho' bound, I come, 
Give me, O give me fully, LORD, 

Thy Refurredlion's Pow'r to know ; 
Free me indeed ; repeat the Word, 

And loofe my Bands, and let me go. 

3 Fain would I go to Thee, my GOD, 

Thy Mercies, and my Wants to tell : 

1 feel my Pardon feal'd in Blood ; 

SAVIOUR, thy Love I wait to feel. 
Freed from the Pow'r of cancel'd Sin ; 

When mail my Soul triumphant prove ? 
Why breaks not out the Fire within 

In Flames of Joy, and Praife, and Love ? 

4 When mall my Eye affeft my Heart, 

Sweetly diflblv'd in gracious Tears ? 
Ah, LORD, the Stone to Flefh convert ! 

And 'till thy lovely Face appears, 
Still may I at thy Footftool keep, 

And watch the Smile of op'ning Heav'n: 
Much would I pray, and love, and weep ; 

I would ; for I have much forgiv'n. 

5 Yet 


5 Yet O ! ten Thoufand Lufts remain, 

And vex my Soul, abiblv'd from Sin, 
Still rebel Nature ilrives to reign, 

Stili am I all unclean, unclean f 
Afik'i'd by Pride, allur'd by Senfe, 

On Earth the Creatures court my Stay ; 
Falfe flatt'rir.g Idols, get ye hence, 

Created Good be far away ! 

6 JESU, to Thee my Soul afpires, 

JESU, to Thee I plight my Vows, 
Keep me from Earthly, bale Defires, 

My GOD, my SAVIOUR, and my Spoufe, 
Fountain of all-fufficient Blifs, 

Thou art the Good I leek below ; 
Fulnefs of Joys in Thee there is, 

Without 'tis Mi&'ry all, and Woe. 

7 Take this poor, wandring, worthlefs Heart, 

Its Wandrings all to Thee are known x 
May no falfe Rival claim a Part, 

Nor Sin difleize Thee of Thine own. 
Stir up thy interpofing Pow'r, 

Save me from Sin, from Idols fave, 
Snatch me from fierce Temptation's Hour,, 

And hide, O liide me in the Grave ! 

$ I knew Thou wilt accept me Now, 

I know my Sins are now forgiv'n ! 
My Head to Death O let me bow, 

Nor keep my Life, to lofe my Heav'n- 
Far from this Snare my Soul remove, 

This only Cup would I decline, 
J deprecate a Creature-Love, 

O take me, to fecure me Thine.. 

9 Or if thy Wifer Will ordain 

The Trial, I would die to fhun,. 
Welcome the Strife, the Grief, the Pain, 
Thy Name be prais'd, thy Will be done I 


I from thy Hand the Cup receive, 

Meekly fubmit to thy Decree, 
Gladly for Thee confent to live ! 

Thou, LORD, haft liv'd, had died for Me ! * 

ISAIAH xliii. 2. 

When thou paffeft thro' the Water -s, 
I will be with thee ; and thro 
the Rivers, they foall not overflow 
thee : When thou walkeft thro' the 
Fire thou fialt not be burnt - } nei- 
ftall the Flame kindle upon thee. 

1 T>EACE, doubting Heart my GOD's I am ! 
JL Who form'd me Man forbids my Fear : 
The LORD hath call'd me by my Name, 

The LORD protects for ever near: 
His Blood for Me did once atone, 
And ilill he loves and guards his own. 

2 When paffing thro' the Watry Deep, 

I afk in FAITH his promis'd Aid, 
The Waves an awful Diftance keep, 

And fhrink from my devoted Head : 
Fearlefs their Violence I dare ; 
They cannot harm, for G O D is there ! 

3 To Him my Eye of FAITH I turn, 

And thro' the Fire purfue my Way ; 
The Fire forgets its Pow'r to burn, 

The lambent Flames around me play : 
I own his Pow'r, accept the Sign, 
And fhout to prove the SAVIOUR Mine. 

4 Still 


4 Still nigh me, O my SAVIOVR, ftand, 

And guard in fierce Temptation's Hour j 
Hide in the Hollow of thy Hand, 

Shew forth in me thy Saving Pow'r, 
Still be thy Arm my fure Defence, 
Nor Earth, nor Hell mail pluck me thence. 

5 Since Thou haft bid me come to Thee, 

(Good as 7'hou art, and ftrong to fave) 
I'll walk o'er Life's tempeituous Sea, 

Upborn by the ur yielding Wave; 
Dauntlefs, tho' Rocks of Pride be near, 
And yawning Whirlpools of Defpair. 

6 When Darknefs intercepts the Skies, 

And Sorrow's Waves around me roll, 
When high the Storms of Paflion rife, 

And half o'erwhelm my finking Soul ; 
My Soul a fudden Voice mail feel, 
And hear a Whifper, " Peace, be ffill." 

7 Tho' in Affliction's Furnace tried, 

Unhurt, on Snares and Deaths I'll tread; 
Tho' Sin aflail, and Hell thrown wide, 

Pour all its Flames upon my Head, 
Like Mofes' Bum I'll mount the higher, 
And fiourifh, unconfum'd in Fire. 


From the German. 

Thou, to whofe all-fearching Sight 
The Darknefs fhineth as the Light, 
Search, prove my Heart ; it pants for Thee : 
O burft thefe Bands, and fet it free. 




2 Wafti out its Stains, refine its Drofs, 
Nail my Affections to the Crois ! 
Hallow each Thought : Let all within 
Be clean, as Thou, my LORD, art clean. 

3 If in this darkfome Wild I ftray, 

Be Thou my Light, be Thou my Way : 

No Foes, no Violence I fear, 

No Fraud, while Thou, my GOD, art near. 

4 When rifoig Floods my Soul o'erflow, 
When finks my Heart in Waves of W r oe, 
JESU, thy timely Aid impait, 

And raife my Head, and cheer my Heart. 

5 SAVIOUR, where'er thy Steps I fee, 
Dauntlefs, untir'd I foilow Thee : 
O let thy Hand fupport me dill, 
And lead me to thy holy Hill. 

6 If rough and thorny be the Way, 
My Strength proportion to my JDay : 
'Till Tod, aed Grief, and Pain mail ceafe, 
Where all is Calm, and Joy, and Peace. 

Living by CHRIST. 

From the fame. 

i T E S U, thy boundlefs Love to me 
J No Thought can reach, no Tongue declare : 
O knit my thankful Heart to Thee, 
Ad reign without a Rival there : 
Thine wholly, Thine alone I am : 
Be Thou alone my conftant Flame. 

2 O 


2 O grant that nothing in my Soul 

May dwell, but thy pure Love alone : 
O may thy Love poflefs me whole, 

My Joy, my Treafure, and my Crown. 
Strange Fires far from my Soul remove, 
My ev'ry Aft, Word, Thought, be Love, 

3 O Love, how chearing is thy Ray ? 

All Pain before thy Prefence flies ! 
Care, Anguim, Sorrow melt away, 

Where'er thy healing Streams arife : 
O JESU, nothing may I fee, 
Nothing hear, feel, or think but Thee! 

4 Unwearied may I this purfue, 

Dauntlefs to the High Prize afpire ; 
Hourly within my Breait renew 

This holy Flame, this heav'nly Fire ; 
And Day and Night be all my Care 
To guard this facred Treafure there. 

5 My SAVIOUR, Thou thy Love to me 

In Want, in Pain, in Shame haft fhow'd ; 
For me on the accurfed Tree, 

Thou pouredft forth thy guiltlefs Blood: 
Thy Wounds upon my Heart imprefs, 
Nor ought fhr.ll the lov'd Stamp efface. 

6 More hard than Marble is my Heart, 

And foul with Sins of deepeft Stain : 
But Thou che mighty SAVIOUR art, 

Nor flow'd thy cleanfing Blood in vain. 
Ah ! foften, melt this Rock, and may 
Thy Blood wafh al! thefe Stains away. 

7 O that my Heart, which opens ftands, 

May catch each Drop, that torturing Pain, 
Arm'd by my Sins, wrung from thy Hands, 
Thy Feet, thy Head, thy cv'ry Vein : 



That (till my Breaft may heave with Sighs, 
Still Tears of Love o'erflow my Eyes. 

8 O that I as a little Child 

May follow Thee, nor ever reft, 
'Till fweetly Thou haft pour'd thy mild 

And lowly Mind into my Breaft. 
Nor ever may we parted be 
'Till I become one Spirit with Thee. 

9 O draw me, SAVIOUR, after Thee, 

So mall I run and never tire : 
With gracious Words 11:11 comfort me ; 

Be Thou my Hope, my fole Defire : 
Free me from ev'ry Weight : Nor Fear, 
Nor Sin can come, if Thou art here. 

10 My Health, my Light, my Life, my Crown, 

My Portion, and my Treafure Thou ! 
O take me, feal me for Thine own ; 

To Thee alone my Soul I bow : 
Without Thee all is Pain ; my Mind 
Repofe in nought but Thee can find. 

1 1 Howe'er I rove, where'er I turn, 

In Thee alone is all my Reft : 
Be Thou my Flame ; within me burn, 

JESU, and I in Thee am bleft. 
Thou art the Balm of Life : My Soul 
Is faint ; O fave, O make it whole ! 

1 2 What in thy Love poflefs I not ? 

My Star by Night, my Sun by Day ; 
My Spring of Life when parch'd with Drought, 

My Wine to chear, my Bread to ftay, 
My Strength, my Shield, my fafe Abode, 
My Robe before the Throne of G O D ! 

K 13 Ah 


1 3 Ah Love ! Thy Influence withdrawn 

What profits me that I am born ? 
All my Delight, my Joy is gone, 

Nor know I Peace, 'till Thou return : 
Thee may I feek 'till I attain; 
And never may we part again. 

14 From all Eternity with Love 

Unchangeable Thou haft me view'd.; 
Ere knew this beating Heart to move, 

Thy tender Mercies me purfu'd : 
Ever with me may they abide, 
And clofe me in on ev'ry Side. 

1 5 Still let thy Love point out my Way, 

(How wondrous Things thy Love hath wrought !) 
Still lead me left I go aftray, 

Direft my Work, infpire my Thought : 
And when I fall, foon may I hear 
Thy Voice, and know that Love is near. 

1 6 In SufF'ring- be thy Love my Peace, 

In Weaknefs be thy Love my Pow'r; 
And when the Storms of Life mail ceafe, 

JESU, in that important Hour, 
In Death as Life be Thou my Guide, 
And fave me, who for me haft died ! 

GOD's Love to Mankind. 

From the fame. 

OGOD, of Good th'unfathom'd Sea, 
Who would not give his Heart to Thee f 
Who would not love Thee with his Might? 
O JESU, Lover of Mankind, 
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind 
With all his Strength to Thee unite ? 

2 Thou 

HYMNS # >;</ S A c R n. r> POEMS. 105 

2 Thou min'ft with everlafting Rays ; 
Before the unfufferable Blaze 

Angels with both Wings veil their Eyes : 
Yet free as Air thy Bounty ftreams 
On all thy Works j thy Mercy's Beams 

DifFufive as thy Sun's ariie. 

3 Ailonifh'd at thy frc/ ,iing Brow,. 

Earth, Hell, ar.d Heav'ns itrong Pillars bow, 

Terrible Majeity is Thine ! 
Who then can that vaft Love exprefs 
Which bows Thee down to me, who lefs 

Than nothing am, 'till Thou art mine ? 

4 High-thron'd on Heav'ns eternal Hill, 
In Number, Weight, and Meafure ftill 

Thou fweetly ord'reft all that is : 
And yet Thou deign'ft to come to me, 
And guide my Steps, that I with Thee 

Enthron'd may reign in endlefs Blifs. 

5 Fountain of Good, all Bleffing flows 
From Thee ; no Want thy Fulnefs knows : 

What but Thyfelf canft Thou defire ? 
Yes : Self-fufficient as Thou art, 
Thou doit defire my worthlefs Heart, 

This, only this Thou doft require. 

6 Primeval Beauty ! in thy Sight 
The firft-born, faireft Sons of Light 

See all their brightest Glories fade 
What then to me thy Eyes could turn, 
In Sin conceiv'd, of Woman born, 

A Worm, a Leaf, a Biaft, a Shade ? 

7 Hell's Armies tremble at thy Nod, 
And trembling own th' Almighty GOD, 

Sov 'reign of Earth, Air, Hell and Sky. 

K 2 Bur 


But who is This that comes from far, 
Whofe Garments roll'd in Blood appear ? 
'Tis GOD made Man for Man to die ! 

8 O GOD of Good th'unfathom'd Sea, 
Who would not give his Heart to Thee ? 

Who would not love Thee with his Might ? 
O JESU, Lover of Mankir.n, 
Who would not his whole Soul and Mind 

With all his Strength to Thee unite ? 


From the fame. 

GOD, Thou bottomlefs Abyfs, 

Thee to Perfection who can know ? 
O Height immenfe ! what Words fuffice 

Thy countlefs Attributes to mow : 
Unfathomable Depths Thou art ! 

O plunge me in thy Mercy's Sea; 
Void of true Wifdom is my Heart, 

With Love embrace and cover me. 
While Thee All-infinite I fet 

By FAITH before my ravim'd Eye, 
My Weaknefs bends beneath the Weight, 

O'erpower'd I fink, I faint, I die. 

2 Eternity thy Fountain was, 

Which, like Thee, no Beginning knew ; 
Thou wait e'er Time began his Race, 

Ere glow'd with Stars th'Etheriai Blue : 
Greatnefs unfpeakable is Thine, 

Greatnefs, whofe undiminim'd Ray, 
When fhort liv'd Worlds are loft, mall mine, 

When Earth and Heav'n are fled away. 



Unchangeable, all-perfect LORD, 

Effential Life's unbounded Sea, 
What lives and moves, lives by thy Word, . 

It lives, and moves, and is from Thee. 

3 Thy Parent Hand, thy forming Skill 

Firm fix'd this Univerfal Chain ; 
Elfe empty, barren Darknefs ftill 

Had held his unmolefted Reign : 
Whate'er in Earth, or Sea, or Sky 

Or fhuns, or meets the wand ring Thought, 
Efcapes or ftrikes the fearching Eye, 

By Thee was to Perfection brought. 
High is thy Pow'r above all Height: 

Whate'er thy Will decrees is done : 
Thy Wifdom equal to thy Might 

Only to Thee, O GOD, is known. 


4 Heaven's Glory is thy awful Throne, 

Yet Earth partakes thy gracious Sway j 
Vain Man ! thy Wifdom Folly own, 

Loft is thy Reafon's feeble Ray. 
What his dim Eye could never fee, 

Is plain and naked to thy Sight ; 
What thickeit Darknefs veils, to Thee 

Shines clearly as the Morning Light. 
In Light Thou dwell'fl: : Light that no Shade 

No Variation ever knew : 
And Heav'n and Hell fund all difplay'd, 

And open to thy piercing View. 

5 Thou, true and only GOD, lead'ft fortk 

Th'immortal Armies of the Sky : 
Thou laugh'ft to fcorn the Gods of Earth ; 

Thou thunder'ft, and amaz'd they fly. 
With down-caft Eye th'Angelick Choir 

Appear before thy awful Face, 
Trembling they ftrike the golden Lyre, 

And thro' Heav'ns Vault refound thy Praife, 

K. 3 I* 


In Earth, in Heav'n, in all Thou art : 
The confcious Creature feels thy Nod, 

Whofe forming Hand on every Part 
Impreft the Image of its GOD. 

6 Thine, LORD, is Wifdom, Thine alone; 

Juftice, and Truth before Thee fland ; 
Yet nearer to thy facred Throne 

Mercy with-holds thy lifted Hand. 
Each Ev'ning fhews thy tender Love, 

Each rifing Morn thy plenteous Grace ; 
Thy waken'd Wrath doth flowly move, 

Thy willing Mercy flies apace. 
To thy benign, indulgent Care, 

Father, this Light, this Breath we owe, 
And all we have, and all we are 

From Thee, great Source of Being flow. 

7 Parent of Good, thy bounteous Hand 

Inceffant Bleflings down diftills, 
And all in Air, or Sea, or Land 

With plenteous Food and Gladnefs fills. 
All Things in Thee live, move, and are, 

Thy Pow'r infus'd doth all fuftain ; 
Ev'n thofe thy daily Favours mare 

Who thanklefs fpurn thy eafy Reign. 
Thy Sun Thou bidft his genial Ray 

Alike on All impartial pour ; 
To all who hate or blefs thy Sway 

Thou bidit defcend the fruitful Show'r. 

$ Yet while at length, \vho fcorn'd thy Might 

Shall feel Thee a coniuming Fire, 
How fweet the Joys, the Crown how bright 

Of thofe who to thy Love afpire ! 
All Creatures praife th' Eternal Name I 
Ye Hofls that to his Courts belong, 
Cherubic Quires, Seraphic Flames, 
ke tJve everlafiing Song. 



Thrice Holy, Thine the Kingdom is, 

The Pow'r omnipotent is Thine, 
And when created Nature dies 

Thy never-ceaiing Glories fliine. 

HYMN on the Titles of CHRIST. 

ARISE, my Soul, arife 
Thy SAVIOUR'S Sacrifice! 
All the Names that Love conld find, 

All the Forms that Love could take 
JESUS in Himfelf has join'd, 

Thee, my Soul his own to make. 

Equal with GOD, moft High, 
He laid his Glory by : 
He, th' Eternal GOD, was born, 

Man with Men He deign'd t'appear, 
Objeft of his Creature's Scorn, 
Pleas 'd a Servant's Form to wear. 

Hail everlafting LORD, 
Divine, Incarnate Word! 
Thee let all my Pow'rs confefs, 

Thee my lateft Breath proclaim ; 
Help, ye Angel Choirs, to blefs, 
Shout the lov'd Immanuef^ Name. 

Fruit of a Virgin's Womb 
The promis'd Blefling's come: 
CHRIST the Father's Hope of old, 

CHRIST the Woman's conqu'ring Seed, 
CHRIST the SAVIOUR! long foretold, 
Born to bruife the Serpent's Head. 

Refulgent from afar 

See the bright Morning Star! 



See the Day-fpritig from on high 

Late in deepeft Darknefs rife, 
Night recedes, the Shadows fly, 

Flame with Day the Op'ning Skies .' 

6 Our Eyes on Earth furvey 
The Bazling Sheckinab! 

Bright, in endlefs Glory bright, 

Now in Fkfh He ftoops to dwell, 
GOD of GOD, and Light of Light, 

Image of th'Invifible. 

7 He mines on Earth ador'd 
The Presence of the LOR.D: 

GOD, the mighty GOD and true, 

GOD by higheft Heav'n confeft, 
Stands difplay'd to Mortal View, 

GOD Supreme, for ever bleft. 

JESU ! to Thee I bow 
Th'Almighty's Fellow Thou .' 
Thou, the Father's Only Son ; 
Pleas'd He ever is in Thee, 
Juft and Holy Thou alone, 

Full of Grace and Truth for Me. 

9 High above ev'ry Name 

JESUS, the great IAM\ 
Bows to JESUS ev'ry Knee, 

Things in Heav'n, and Earth, and Hell, 
Saints adore Him, Demons flee, 
Fiends, and Men, and Angels feel. 

10 He left his Throne above 

Emptied of all, but Love: 
Whom the Heav'ns cannot contain 

GOD vouchfaf d a Worm t'appear, 
LORD of Glory, Sen of Man, 
Poor, and vile, and abjecl here. 

ii His 


1 1 His own on Earth he fought 
His own receiv'd Him not : 

Him, a Sign by All blafphem'd, 

Outcaft and defpis'd of Men, 
Him they all a Madman deem'd, 

Bold to feoff the Nazarine. 

1 2 Hail Galilean King ! 
Thy humble State I fmg ; 

Never mail my Triumphs end, 

Hail derided Majefty, 
JESUS, hail! the Sinner's Friend, 

Friend of Publicans and Me ! 

1 3 Thine Eye obferv'd my Pain, 
Thou good Samaritan ! 

Spoil'd I lay, and bruis'd by Sin, 

Gafp'd my faint expiring Soul, 
Wine and Oil thy Love pour'd in, 

Clos'd my Wounds, and made me whole. 

*4 Hail the Life-giving LORD, 

Divine, Engrafted Word ! 
Thee the Life my Soul has found, 

Thee the Refurreciion prov'd : 
Dead I heard the Quick' ning Sound, 

Own'd thy Voice ; Believ'd, and Lov'd ! 

1 5 With Thee gone up on high 

I live, no more to die : 
Firft and Laft, I feel Thee now, 
Witnefs of thy Empty Tomb, 
Alpba and Omega Thou 

Walt, and Art, and Art to come ! 

lid HTMN 



AVIOUR, the World's and Mine, 
Was ever Grief like Thine ! 
Thou my Pain, my Curfe haft took, 

All my Sins were laid on Thee ; 
Help me, LORD ; to Thee I look, 
Draw me, SAVIOUR, after Thee. 

'Tis done .' My G O D hath died, 

My Love is Crucify 'd! 
" Break this ftony Heart of mine, 

Pour my Eyes a ceafelefs Flood, 
Feel, my Soul, the Pangs Divine, 
Catch, my Heart, the lifting EJood ! 

When, O my GOD, fhall I 
For Thee fubmit to die ? 
How the mighty Debt repay, 
Rival of thy Paffion prove ? 
Lead me in Thyfelf the Way, 
Melt my Hardnefs into Love. 

To Love is all my Wifh, 
I only live for This - 
Grant me, LORD, my Heart's Defire, 

There by FAITH for ever dwell: 
This I always will require 
Thee and only Thee to feel. 

Thy Pcw'r I pant to prove 
Rooted and fix'd in Love, 
Strengthen'd by thy Spirit's Might, 

Wiic to fathom Things Divine, 
What the Length, and Breadth, and Height, 
What the Depth of Love like Thine. 

6 Ah? 


Ah ! give me This to know 
With all thy Saints below. 
Swells my Soul to compafs Thee, 

Galps in Thee to live and move, 
Fill'd with All the Deity, 
Ah 1 immeril and loft in Love ! 


Ill" HTAfN to CHRIST. 

'TI L L, O my Soul, prolong 
The never-ceafing Song ! 
CHRIST my Theme, my Hope, my Joy; 

His be all my Happy Days, 
Praife my ev'ry Hour employ, 
Ev'ry Breath be fpent in Praife. 

His would I wholly be 
Who hVd and died for me : 
Grief was all his Life below, 

Pain, and Poverty, and Lofs : 
Mine the Sins that bruis'd Him fo, 

Scourg'd, and nail'd him to the Crofs. 

He bore the Curfe of All, 
A Spotlefs Criminal : 
Burthen'd with a World of Guilt, 

Blacken'd with Imputed Sin, 
Man to fave his Blood he fpilt, 
Died, to make the Sinner clean. 

Join Earth and Heav'n to blefs 
The LORD our Rigbteoufnefs ! 
Myft'ry of Redemption This, 

This the SAVIOUR'S ftrange Defign, 
Man's Offence was Counted His, 
Ours is Ricrhteoufnefc Divine. 



Far as our Parent's Fall 
The Gift is come to All : 
Sinn'd we All, and died in one ? 
Juft in One we All are made, 
CHRIST the Law fulfill'd alone, 
Dy'd for All, for All Obey'd. 

In Him compleat we mine, 
. His Death, his Life is Mine. 

Fully am I juftify'd, 

Free from Sin, and more than free ; 

Guiltlefs, fmce for Me He dy'd, 
Righteous, fince He Liv'd for Me ! 

JESU ! to Thee I bow, 
Sav'd to the Utmoft now. 
O the Depth of Love Divine ! 

Who thy Wifdom's Stores can tell? 
Knowledge infinite is Thine, 
All thy Ways Unfearchable ! 

Hymn to CHRIST the King. 

JESU, my G O D and King, 
Thy Regal State I fing. 
Thou, and only Thou art great, 

High thine Everlafting Throne j 
Thou the Sov'reign Potentate, 
Bleft, Immortal Thou alone. 

Eflay your choiceft Strains, 
The King Mejfiah reigns ! 
Tune your Harps, Celeftial Quire, 

Joyful all, your Voices niife, 
CHRIST than Earth-born Monarchs higher, 
Sons of Men and Angels praife. 

3 Hail 


Hail your dread LORD and Ours, 
Dominions, Thrones, and Pow'rs ! 
Source of Pow'r He rules alone: 

Veil your Eyes, and proflrate fall, 
Caft your Crowns before his Throne, 
Hail the Caufe, the LORD of all! 

Let Earth's remoteft Bound 

With echoing Joys refound ; 

CHRIST to praife let all confpire: 

Praife doth all to CHRIST belong ; 
Shout ye firft-born Sons of Fire, 
Earth repeat the Glorious Song. 

Worthy, O LORD, art Thou 
That ev'ry Knee fhould bow, 
Every Tongue to Thee confefs, 

Univerfal Nature join, 
Strong and Mighty Thee to blefs, 
Gracious, Merciful, Benign? 

Wifdom is due to Thee, 
And Might, and Majefty : 
Thee in Mercy rich we prove ; 

Glory, Honour, Praife receive, 
Worthy Thou of all our Love, 
More than all we pant to give. 

Juftice and Truth maintain 

Thine Everlaftiag Reign. 

One with Thine Almighty Sire, 

Partner of an Equal Throne, 

King of Hearts, let all confpire, 

Gratefully thy Sway to own. 

8 Prince of the Hofts of G O D, 

Difplay thy Pow'r abroad : 



Strong and high is thy Right Hand, 

Terrible in Majefly ! 
Who can in Thine Anger fland? 

Who the vengeful Bolt can flee ? 

9 Thee when the Dragon's Pride 

To Battle vain defy'd, 
Brighter than the Morning-liar 

Lucifer, as Lightning fell, 
Far from Heav'n, from Glory far, 
Headlong hurl'd to deepeft Hell. 

I Sin felt of old thy Pow'r, 

Thou Patient Conqueror ? 
Long he vex'd the World below, 

Long they groan'd beneath his Reign ; 
Thou deftroy'dft the Tyrant Foe, 

Thou redeem 'dft the Captive, Man. 

I 1 Trembles the King of Fears 
Whene'er thy Crofs appears. 

Once its dreaded Force he found : 
SAVIOUR, cleave again the Sky j 

Slain by an Eternal Wound 
Death mall then for ever die ! 

II d Hymn to CHRIS? the King. 

JESU, Thou art our King, 
To Me thy Succour bring. 
CHRIST the Mighty One art Thou, 

Help for All on Thee is laid : 
This the Word ; I claim it Now, 
Send me now the Promis'd Aid. 

High on thy Father's Throne, 
O look with Pity down ! 



Help, O help ! attend my Call, 

Captive lead Captivity, 
King of Glory, LORD of All, 

CHRIST, be LORD, be King to Me! 

I pant to feel thy Sway, 
And only Thee t'obey. 
Thee my Spirit gafps to meet, 

This my one, my ceafelefs Pray'r, 
Make, O make my Heart thy Seat, 
O fet up thy Kingdom there ! 

Triumph and reign in Me, 
And fpread thy Victory: 
Hell, and Death, and Sin controal, 

Pride, and Self, and ev'ry Foe, 
All iubdue ; thro' all my Soul 
Conqu'ring and to conquer go.. 

I'be SAVIOUR glorify d by AIL 

From the German. 

, JESU, art our King, 
JL Thy ceaielefs Praile we fing : 
Praife mall our glad Tongue employ, 

Praiie o'erflow our grateful Soul, 
While we vital Breath enjoy, 
While Eternal Ages roll. 

Thou art th' Eternal Light, 
That iliin'll: in deepeit Night. 
Wondring gaz'd th' Angelic Train, 

While Thou bow'dit the Heav'ns beneath,. 
GOD with GOD wert Man with Man, 
Maji to fave from endlefs Death. 

3 Thoa 


Thou for our Pain didft mourn, 
Thou halt our Sicknefs born : 
All our- Sins on Thee were laid ; 
Thou with unexampled Grace 
All the mighty Debt haft paid 
Due from .ddam's helplefs Race. 

Thou haft o'erthrown the Foe, 
GOD's Kingdom fix'd below. 
Conqu'ror of all adverfe Pow'r, 

Thou Heav'n's Gates haft open'd wide : 
Thou Thine own doft lead fecure 
In thy Crofs, and by thy Side. 

Enthron'd above yon Sky 
Thou reign'ft with GOD moft high. 
Proftrate at thy Feet we fell : 

Pow'r fupreme to Thee is giv'n ; 
Thee, the righteous Judge of all, 
Sons of Earth, and Hofts ofHeav'n. 

Cherubs with Seraphs join, 
And in thy Praife combine : 
All their Quires thy Glories fing : 

Who fhall dare with Thee to vie ? 
Mighty LORD, eternal King, 

Sovereign both of Earth and Sky ! 

Hail venerable Train, 
Patriarchs, firft-born of Men ! 
Hail Apoftles of the Lamb, ' 

By whofe Strength ye faithful prov'd : 
Join t' extol his facred Name 

Whom in Life and Death ye lov'd. 

8 The Church thro' all her Bounds 

With thy high Praife refounds. 



Confeflbrs undaunted here 

Unamam'd proclaim their King 5. 
Children's feebler Voices there 

To thy Name Hofanna's fing. 

o 'Midil Danger's blackeft Frown 

Thee Holts of Martyrs own : 
Pain and Shame alike they dare, 

Firmly, fmgularly Good ; 
Glorying thy Crofs to bear, 

'Till they feal their Faith with Blood. 

10 Ev'n Heathens feel thy Pow'r, 
Thou luff 'ring Conqueror! 

Thoufand-Virgins, chafte and clean, 
From Love's pleafing Witchcraft free> 

Fairer than the Sons of Men, 

Confecrate their Hearts to Thee. 

1 1 Wide Earth's remoteft Bound 
Full of thy Praife is found : 

And all Heav'ns eternal Day 

With thy {breaming Glory flames ' 

All thy Foe., mall melt away 
From th'inlufferable Beams. 

1 2 O LOTRD, O G O D of Love, 
Let Us thy Mercy prove ! 

King of all with pitying Eye 

Mark the Toil, the Pains we feeh 

'Midit the Snares of Death we lie, 
'Midft the banded Pow'rs of Hell. 

1 3 Arife, ftir up thy Pow'r 
Thou death! efs Conqueror! 

Help us to obtain the Prize, 

Help us well to clofe our Race j 
That with Thee above the Skies 

Endlete Joys we may poffefs.. 
L 3 



1 " QEE the Day-fprir.g from afar 

ij> " Ulher'd by the Morning-Star! 
Hafte ; to Him who fends the Light, 
Hallow the Remains of Night. 

2 Souls, put on your glorious Drefs, 
Waking into Righteoulnefs : 
Cloath'd with CHRIST afpire to mine, 
Radiance He of Light Divine ; 

3 Beam of the Eternal Beam, 

He in GOD, and GOD in Him! 
Strive we Him in Us to fee, 
Tranfcript of the Deity. 

4 Burft we then the Bands of Death, 
Rais'd by his all-quickning Breath ; 
Long we to be loos'd from Earth, 
Struggle into fecond Birth. 

5 Spent at length is Nature's Night ; 
CHRIST attends to give us Light, 
CHRIST attends Himfelf to give ; 
GOD we now niay fee, and live. 

6 Tho' the Outward Man decay ; 
Form'd within us Day by Day 
Still the Inner Man we view, 
CHRIST creating all Things New. 

7 Turn, O turn us, LORD, again, 
Raifer Thou of Fallen Man ! 
Sin deftroy, and Nature's Boaft, 
SA v i o u R Thou of Spirits Loft ! 

8 Thy 


Thy great Will in Us be done : 
Crucified and dead Oar own, 
Ours no longer let us be ; 
Hide us from Ourfelves in Thee ? 

Thou the Life, the Truth, the Way, 
Suffer us no more to ftray ; 
Give us, LORD, and ever give 
Thee to know, in Thee to live ! 

ANOTHER. From the German. 

1 I E S U, thy Light again I view, 
.1 Again thy Mercy's Beams I fee, 
And all within me wakes, anew 

To pant for thy Immenfity : 
Again my Thoughts to Thee afpire 
In fervent Flames of ftrong Delire. 

2 But O I what Offering (hall I give 

To Thee, the LORD of Earth and Skies? 
My Spirit, Soul, and Flei"h receive , 

An holy, living Sacrifice : 
Small as it is, 'tis all my Store : 
More mouldft Thou have if I had more. 

3 Now then, my GOD, Thou haft my Soul ; 

No longer mine, but Thine I am : 
Guard Thou thy own ; pofTefs it whole, 

Chear it by Hope, with Love inflame. 
Thou haft my Spirit ; there difplay 
Thy Glory, to the perfed Day. 

4 Thou haft my Flefti ; Thine hallow'd Shrine, 

Devoted folely to thy Will : 
Here let thy Light for ever mine. 

This Houfe ftill let thy Prefence fiH : 
O Source of Life, live, dwell, and move 
In Me, 'till all my Life be Love. 5 O 


5 O never in thefe Veils of Shame, 

Sad Fruits of Sin, my Glorying be ? 
Cloath with Salvation thro' thy Name 

My Soul, and may I put on Thee f 
Be living FAITH my coftly Drefs, 
And my belt Robe thy Righteoufnefs ! 

6 Send down thy Likenefs from above, 

And let this my Adorning be : 
Cloath me with Wifdom, Patience, Love, 

With Lowlinefs, and Purity, 
Than Gold and Pearls more precious far, 
And brighter than the Morning-Star. 

7 LORD, arm me with thy Spirit's Might, 

Since I am call'd by thy great Name : 
In Thee my wandring Thoughts unite, 

Of all my Works be Thou the Aim. 
Thy Love attend me all my Days, 
And my fole Bufinefs be thy Praife ! 

CHRIST protecting and fanftifying* 

From the fame. 

1 /^JESU, Source of calm Repofe, 

\^J Thy Like nor Man, nor Angel knows, 

Faireft among ten thoufand fair! 
Even thofe whom Death's fad Fetters bound, 
Whom thickeft Darknefs compaft round, 

Find Light and Life, if Thou appear. 

2 Effulgence of the Light Divine, 
Ere rolling Planets knew to mine, 

Ere Time its ceafelefs Courfe began ; 
Thou, when th'appointed Hour was come, 
Didft not abhor the Virgin's Womb, 

But GOD with GOD wert Man with Man. 

3 The 


3 The World, Sin, Death oppofe in vain, 
Thou by thy dying Death hail: (lain, 

My great Deliverer, and my GOD! 
In vain does the old Dragon rage, 
In vain all Hell its Pow'rs engage ; 

None canwithftand thy conqu'ring Blood. 

4 LORD over all, fent to fulfil 

Thy gracious Father's fov'reign Will, 
To thy dread Scepter will I bow : 

With duteous Rev'rence at thy Feet, 

Like humble Mary, lo, I fit : 

Speak, LORD, thy Servant heareth now. 

5 Renew Thine Image, LORD, in me, 
Lowly and gentle may I be ; 

No Charms but thefe to Thee are dear : 
No Anger mayft Thou ever find, 
No Pride in my unruffled Mind, 

But FAITH and heav'n-born Peace be there. 

6 A patient, a victorious Mind 

That, Life and all Things caft behind, 
' Springs forth obedient to thy Call ; 
An Heart, that no Defire can move, 
But ftill t'adore, believe, and love, 

Give me, my LORD, my Life, my All. 

Supplication for Grace. 

From the fame. 

O GOD of GOD, in whom combine 
The Heights, and Depths of Love Divine, 
With thankful Hearts to Thee we fmg : 
To Thee our longing Souls afpire 
In fervent Flames of flrong Defire : 
Come, and thy facred Undtion bring. 

2 All 


2 All Things in Earth, and Air, and Sea 
Exift, and live, and move in Thee : 

All Nature trembles at thy Voice : 
With Awe ev'n we thy Children prove 
Thy Pow'r : O let us tafte thy Love; 

So evermore ihall we rtjoice. 

3 O pow'rful Love, to Thee we bow, 
Objeft of all our Wifties Thou, 

(Our Hearts are naked to Thine Eye) 
To Thee, who from th' Eternal Throne 
Cam'ft, empty'dcf thy Godhead, down 

For us to groan, to bleed, to die. 

4 Grace we implore ; when Billows roll 
Grace is the Anchor of the Soul ; 

Grace ev'ry Sicknefs knows to heal : 
Grace can fubdue each fond Defire, 
And Patience in all Pain infpire, 

Howe'er rebellious Nature fwell. 

5 O Love, our ilubborn Wills fubdue, 
Create our ruin'd Frame anew ; 

Difpel our Darknefs by thy Light : 
Into all Truth our Spirit guide, 
But from our Eyes for ever hide 

All Things difpleafing in thy Sight. 

6 Be Heav'n ev'n now our Soul's Abode, 
Hid be our Life with CHRIST in GO D, 

Our Spirit, LORD, be One with Thine : 
Let all our Works in Thee be wrought, 
And fill'd with Thee be all our Thought, 

'Till in us thy full Likenefs mine. 




1 /"^OME, HOLY GHOST, all-qaickning Fire, 
V_>i Come, and in me delight to reft! 
Drawn by the Lure of ilrong Delire, 

O come, and confecrate my Breaft : 
The Temple of my Soul prepare, 
And fix thy facred Prefence there ! 

2 If now Thine Influence I feel, 

If now in Thee begin to live ; 
Still to my Heart Thyfelf reveal, 

Give me Thyfelf, for ever give : 
A Point my Good, a Drop my Store : 
Eager I aflc, and pant for more. 

3 Eager for Thee I afk and pant, 

So ftrong the Principle Divine 
Carries me out with fweet Conftraint, 

'Till all my hallow'd Soul be Thine : 
Plung'd in the Godhead's deepeft Sea, 
And loft in Thine Immenfity. 

4. My Peace, my Life, my Comfort now, 

My Treafure, and mine All Thou art ! 
True Witnefsof my Sonfhip Thou, 
Engraving Pardon on my Heart : 
Seal of my Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n, 
Earneft of Love, and Pledge of Heav'n. 

5 Come then, my GOD, mark out Thine Heir, 

Of Heav'n a larger Earneft give, 
With clearer Light thy Witnefs bear, 

More fenfibly within me live : 
Let all my Pow'rs Thine Entrance feel, 
And deeper ftamp Thyfelf the Seal. 



6 Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quick'ning Fire, 

Come, and in me delight to reft ! 
Drawn by the Lure of ftrong Defire, 

O come, and confecrate my Breaft : 
The Temple of my Soul prepare, 
And fix thy facred Prefence li.ere ! 

Upon the Dejcent of the HOLY 
GHOST on the Day of Pentecojl. 

Alter d from Dr. H. More. 

1 TT 7HEN CHRIST had left his Flock below, 

y V The Lofs his faithful Flock deplor'd : 
Him in the Flefh no more they know, 
And languifh for their abfent LORD. 

2 Not long for He gone up on high 

Gifts to receive, and claim his Crown, 
Beheld them forrowing from his Sky, 
And pour'd the Mighty Bkffing down. 

3 He, for the Prefence of his Flefh, 

The Spirit's feven-fold Gifts imparts, 
And living Streams their Souls refrefh, 
And Joy divine overflows their Hearts. 

4 While all in fweet Devotion join'd, 

Humbly to wait for GOD, retire, 
The promis'd Grace in rufhing Wind 
Defccnds, and cloven Tongues of Fire. 

5 GOD's mighty Spirit fills the Dome, 

The feeble Dome beneath him {hook, 
Trembled the Crowd to feel him come, 
Soon as the Sons of Thunder fpoke. 



6 Father ! if juftly ftill we claim 

To Us and Ours the Promife made, 
To Us be gracioufly the fame, 

And crown with Living Fire our Head, 

7 Our Claim admit, and from above 

Of Holinefs the Spirit fhow'r, 
Of wife Difcernment, humble Love, 
And Zeal, and Unity, and Pow'r. 

8 The Spirit of convincing Speech 

Of Pow'r demonftrative impart, 
Such as may ev'ry Confcience reach, 
And found the Unbelieving Heart. 

9 The Spirit of refining Fire, 

Searching the Inmoft of the Mind, 
To purge all fierce and foul Delire, 
And kindle Life more pure and kind. 

10 The Sp'rit of FAITH in this thy Day 

To break the Pow'r of cancel' d Sin, 
Tread down its Strength, o'erturn its Sway, 
And ftill the Conqueft more than win. 

1 1 The Spirit breath of Inward Life 

Which in our Hearts thy Laws may write ; 
Then Grief expires, and Pain, and Strife, 
'Tis Nature all, and all Delight. 

12 On all the Earth thy Spirit mow'r, 

The Earth in Righteoufnefs renew ; 
Thy Kingdom come, and Hell's o'erpow'r, 
And to thy Scepter all fubdue. 

1 3 Like mighty Wind, or Torrent fierce 

Let it Oppofers .11 o'er-riui, 
And ev'ry Law of Sin reverfe, 

That FAITH and Love may make all one. 

M 14 Yea 


1 4 Yea, let thy Spirit in ev'ry Place 

Its Richer Energy declare, 
While lovely Tempers, Fruits of Grace, 
The Kingdom of" thy CHRIST prepare. 

15 Grant this, O Holy GOD, and True f 

The Antient Seers Thou didit infpire : 
To Us perform the Promife due, 

Defcend, and crown us Now with Fire. 


From the German. 

1 T Oj G O D is here ! let us adore 

j And own, how dreadful is this Place f 
Let all within us feel his Pow'r, 

And filent bow before his Face. 
Who knows his Pow'r, his Grace who prove, 
Serve him with Awe, with Rev'rence love. 

2 Lo, G O D is here ! Him Day and Night 

Th'united Quires of Angels fing : 
To Him enthron'd above all Height 

Heav'n's Hoft their nobleft Praifes bring : 
Difdain not, LORD, our meaner Song, 
Who praife Thee with a flamm'ring Tongue. 

3 Gladly the Toys of Earth we leave, 

Wealth, Pleafure, Fame, for Thee alone : 
To Thee our Will, Soul, Flefh we give ; 

O take, O feal them for Thine own. 
Thou art the G O D ; Thou art the LORD : 
Be Thou by all thy Works ador'd ! 

4 Being of Beings, ,may our Praife 

Thy Courts with grateful Fragrance fill, 
Still may we ftand before thy Face, 
Still hear and do thy fov'reign Will : 

and SACRED POEMS. 129 

To Thee may all our Thoughts arife, 
Ceafelefs, accepted Sacrifice ! 

r In Thee we move. All Things of Thee 
Are fall, Thou Source and Life of All ! 
Thou vaft, unfathomable Sea ! 

Fall proftrate, loft in Wonder, fall, 
Ye Sons of Men ; for G OD is Man ! 
All may we lofe, fo Thee we gain ! 

6 As Flow'rs their op'ning Leaves difplay, 

And glad drink in the Solar Fire, 
So may we catch thy ev'ry Ray, 

So may thy Influence us infpire i 
Thou Beam of the Eternal Beam ! 
Thou purging Fire, Thou quietening Flame ! 

PRAYER to CHRIS ? before the 

From the fame. 

Thou, whom Sinners love, whofe Care 

Doth all our Sicknefs heal, 
Thee we approach with Heart fmcere, 

Thy Pow'r we joy to feel. 
To Thee our humbleft Thanks we pay, 

To Thee our Souls we bow ; 
Of Hell erewhile the helplefs Prey, 
Heirs of thy Glory now. 

As Incenfe to thy Throne above 

O let our Pray'rs arife .' 
O wing with Flames of Holy Love 

Our living Sacrifice. 

M 2 Stir 


Stir up thy Strength, O LORD of Might, 

Our willing Breafts infpire : 
Fill our whole Souls with heav'nly Light, 

Melt with Seraphick Fire. 

3 From thy bleft Wounds our Life we draw ; 

Thine all-atoning Blood 
Daily we drink with trembling Awe ; 

Thy Flefh our daily Food. 
Come, LORD, thy fov'reign Aid impart, 

Here make thy Likenefs mine, 
tamp thy whole Image on our Heart, 

And all our Souls be Thine. 

HYMN after the SACRAMENT. 

* QONSofGOD, triumphant rife, 
O Shout th'accomplim'd Sacrifice ! 
Shout Your Sins in CHRIST forgiv'n, 
Sons of GOD, and Heirs of Heav'n ! 

2 Ye that round our Altars throng, 
LiiVning Angels join the Song : 
Sing with Us, ye Heav'nly Pow'rs, 
Pardon, Grace, and Glory Ours ! 

3 Love's Myfterious Work is done .' 
Greet we now th'atoning Son, 
Heal'd and quicken'd by his Blood, 
Join'd to CHRIST, and one with GOD. 

4 CHRIST, of all oor Hopes the Seal ; 
Peace Divine in CHRIST we feel, 
Pardon to our Souls applied : 
Dead for All, for Me he died ! 

5 Sin fhall tyrannize no more, 
Purg'd its Guilt, diffolv'd its Pow'r ; 


axel SACRED POEMS. 131 

JESUS makes our Hearts his Throne, 
There He lives, and reigns alone. 

6 Grace our ev'ry Thought controuls, 
Heav'n is open'd in our Souls, 
Everlafting Life is won, 

Glory is on Earth begun. 

7 CHRIRT in Us ; in Him we fee 
Fulnefs of the Deity: 

Beam of the Eternal Beam; 
Life Divine we tafte in Him ! 

8 Him we tafte ; but wait to know 
Mightier Happinefs below, 
Him when fully Ours we prove, 
Ours the Heav'n of perfect Love! 

ACTS ii. 41, &c. 

'" * H E Word pronounc'd, the Gofpsl-Word, 
I The Crowd with various Hearts receiv'd : 

In many a Soul the SAVIOUR ftir'd, 
Three thoufand yielded, and believ'd. 

Thefe by th'Apoffles' Counfels led, 

With them in mighty Pray'rs combin'd, 

Broke the Commemorative Bread, 
Nor from the Fellowfhip declin'd. 

G O D from above, with ready Grace 
And Deeds of Wonder, guards his Flocfe^ 

Trembles the World before their Face, 
By JESUS crum'd, their Conqu'ring Rock. 



4 The happy Band whom CHRIST redeems, 

One only Will, one Judgment know: 
None this contentious Earth efteems, 
Diilinctions, or Delights below. 

5 The Men of worldly Wealth poffeft 

Their Selfifh Happinefs remove, 
Sell, and divide it to the reft, 
And buy the Bleffed.iefs of Love. 

6 Thus in the Prefence of their GOD, 

JESUS their Life, and Heav'n their Care, 
With fmgle Heart they took their Food 
Heighten'd by Eucharift and PrayV. 

7 G O D in their ev'ry Work was prais'd: 

The People blefs'd the Law benign : 
Daily the Church, his Arm had rais'd, 
Receiv'd the Sons of Mercy in. 

To be funs' at Work. 

O N of the Carpenter, receive 

This humble Work of mine ; 
Worth to my meaneft Labour give, 
By joining it to Thine, 

c Servant of all, to toil for Man 

Thou wou'dft not, LORD, refufe: 
Thy Majefty did not difdain 
To be employ'd for us. 

g Thy bright Example I purfue, 
To Thee in all Things rife, 
And all I think, or fpeak, or do, 
Is one great Sacrifice. 

4 Carelefs 


4 Carelefs thro' outward Cares I go, 

From all Diftradion free : 
My Hands are but engag'd below, 
My Heart is ftill with The. 

5 O when wilt Thou my Life appear ! 

How gladly would I cry, 
'Tis done, the Work Thou gav'ft me here, 
'Tis finifh'd, LORD and die. 


U M M O N ' D my Labour to renew, 

And glad to act my Part, 
LORD, in thy Name, my Talk I do, 
And with a finale Heart, 


* End of my every Action Thou ! 

Thy felf in All I fee: 
Accept my hallow'd Labour now ; 
I do it unto Thee, 

3 Whatever the Father views as Thine, 

He views with gracious Eyes : 
JESUS! this mean Oblation join 
To thy great Sacrifice. 

4 Stampt with an Infinite Defert 

My Work he then mail own ; 
Well pleas'd in Me, when mine Thou art, 
And I his favourite Son ! 

GOD with us. 

From the German. 

T E R NA L Depth of Love Divine 

In JESUS, GOD-with-Us, difplay'4, 
How bright thy beaming Glories mine .' 
How wide thy healing Streams are fpread ! 


With whom doft Thou delight to dwell? 

Sinners, a vile, and thanklefs Race : 
O GOD ! what Torgue aright can tell 

How vaft thy Love, how great thy Grace ! 

2 The Didates of thy Sov'reign Will 

With Joy our grateful Hearts receive: 
All thy Delight in us fc;ifill, 

Lo ! all we are to Thee we give. 
To thy fure Love, thy tender Care, 

Our Flefli, Soul, Spirit we rtfign; 
O ! fix thy facred Prefence there, 

And feel th' Abode for ever Thine. 

3 O King of Glory, thy rich Grace 

Our (hort Defires furpaffes far ! 
Yea, ev'n our Crimes, tho' numberlefs, 

Lefs num'rous than thy Mercies are. 
Still on Thee, Father, may we reft ! 

Still may we pant thy Son to know ! 
Thy Sp'rit ftill breath into our Breaft, 

Fountain of Peace, and Joy below ! 

4 Oft have we feen thy mighty Pow'r, 

Since from the World Thou mad'ft us free: 
Still may we praife Thee more and more, 

Our Hearts more firmly knit to Thee 5 
Still, LORD, thy faving Health difplay, 

And arm our Souls with heav'nly Zeal : 
So, fearlefs {hall we urge our Way 

Thro' all the Pow'rs of Earth and Hell J 

GOD our Portion. 

From the Spanifli. 

GOD, my G O D, my All Thou art 
Ere fhines the Dawn of rifing Day, 
Thy fov'reign Light within my Heart, . 
Thine all-enliv'ning Pow'r difplay. 



2 For Thee my thirfty Soul does pant, 

While in this defert Land I live : 
And hungry as I am, and faint, 
Thy Love alone can Comfort give. 

3 In a dry Land behold I place 

My whole Defire on Thee, O LORD : 
And more I joy to gain thy Grace 
Than all Earth's Treafures can afford. 

4 In Holinefs within thy Gates 

Of old oft have I fought for Thee : 
Again my longing Spirit waits 
That Fulneis of Delight to fee. 

5 More dear than Life itfelf thy Love 

My Heart and Tongue mail ftill employ, 
And to declare thy Praife will prove 
My Peace, my Glory, and my Joy. 

6 In bleffing Thee with grateful Songs 

My happy Life mall glide away ; 
The Praife that to thy Name belongs 
Hourly with lifted Hands I'll pay. 

7 Abundant Sweetnefs, while I fmg 

Thy Love, my ravifh'd Soul o'erflows, 
Secure in Thee, my GOD and King, 
Of Glory that no Period knows. 

8 Thy Name, O LORD, upon my Bed 

Dwells on my Lips, and fires my Thought, 
With trembling Awe in midnight Shade, 
I mufe on all Thine Hands have v\-rought. 

9 In all I do I feel Thine Aid; 

Thei^fore thy Greatnefs will I fing, 
O GOD, who bidft my Heart be glad 
Beneath the Shadow of thy Wing. 

10 My 


10 My Soul draws nigh, and cleaves to Thee ; 

Then let or Earth or Hell affail, 
Thy Mighty Hand (hall fet me free, 

For whom Thou fav'il, He ne'er mail fail. 

Gratitude for our Converficn. 

From the German. 

1 r I^H E E will I love, my Strength, my Tower, 

JL Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown, 
Thee will I love with all my Power, 
In all my Works and Thee alone ! 
Thee will I love 'till the pure Fire 
Fill my whole Soul with chail Defire. 

2 Ah ! why did I fo late Thee know, 

Thee, lovelier than the Sons of Men ! 
Ah f why did I no fooner go 

To Thee, the only Eafe in Pain ! 
Afham'd I figh, and inly mourn 
That I fo late to Thee did turn. 

3 In Darknefs willingly I ftray'd ; 

I fought Thee, yet from Thee I rov'd : 
For wide my wandring Thoughts were fpread, 

Thy Creatures more than Thee I lov'd : 
And now, if more at length I fee, 
'Tis thro' thy Light, and comes from Thee. 

4 I thank Thee, Uncreated Sun, 

That thy bright Beams on me have (hin'd ; 
I thank Thee, who haft overthrown 

My Foes, and heal'd my wounded Mind : 
I thank Thee, whofe enliv'ning Voice 
Bids my freed Heart in Thee rejoice. 

5 Uphold 


e Uphold me in the doubtful Race, 

Nor differ me again to ftray : 
Strengrhen my Feet, with fteady Pace 

Still to prefs forward in thy Way : 
My Soul, and Flem, O LORD of Might, 
Fill, fatiate with thy heav'nly Light. 

5 Give to my Eyes refrefhing Tears, 

Give to my Heart chart, hallow'd Fires, 

Give to my Soul with Filial Fears 

The Love that all Heav'n's Hoft infpiies : 

That all my Pow'rs with all their Might 

In thy fole Glory may unite. 

7 Thee will I love, my Joy, my Crown ! 

Thee will I love my LORD, my GOD! 
Thee will I love, beneath thy Frown 
Or Smile, thy Scepter or thy Rod : 
What tho' my Flem and Heart decay ? 
Thee mail I love in endlefs Day ! 


From the fame. 

H A L L I, for fear of feeble Man, 
Thy Spirit's Courfe in me reftrain ? 
Or undifmay'd, in Deed and Word 
Be a true Witnefs to my LORD ? 

2 Aw'd by a Mortal's Frown, mail I 
Conceal the Word of GOD moft high ? 
How then before Thee mall I dare 
To ftand, or how Thine Anger bear ? 

3 Shall I, to footh th' unholy Throng, 
Soften thy Truths, and fmooth my Tongue ? 
To gain Earth's gilded Toys, or flee 

The Crofs, eudur'd, my GOD, by Thee ? 


4 What then is He whofe Scorn I dread ? 
Whofe Wrath or Hate makes me afraid ? 
A Man J an Heir of Death ! a Slave 
To Sin ! a Bubble on the Wave f 

5 Yea let Man rage ! fmce Thou wilt fpread 
Thy fhadowing Wings around my Head : 
Since in all Pain thy tender Love 

Will ftill my fweet Refrefhment prove. 

6 SAVIOUR of Men ! thy fearching Eye 
Doth all mine inmoft Thoughts defcry -. 
Doth ought on Earth my Wifhes raife ; 
Ox the World's Pleafures, or its Praife ? 

7 The Love of CHRIST doth me conftrain 
To feek the wandring Souls of Men : 
With Cries, Intreaties, Tears, to fave, 
To fnatch them ftom the gaping Grave. 

8 For this let Men revile my Name, 
No Crofs I fhun, I fear no Shame : 

All hail, Reproach, and welcome Pain ! 
Only thy Terrors, LORD, reftrain. 

9 My Life, my Blood, I here prefent ; 
If for thy Truth they may be fpent, 
Fulfil thy fov'reign Counfel, LORD! 
Thy Will be done ! thy Name ador'd ! 

10 Give me thy Strength, O GOD of Pow'rf 
Then let Winds blow, or Thunders roar ! 
Thy faithful Witnefs will I be ; 
'Tis fat : I can do all thro' Thee F 




1 /CAPTAIN of my Salvation, hear! 

\^> Stir up thy Strength and bow the Skies ; 
Be Thou, the G O D of Battles, near; 
In all thy Majeily arife ! 

2 The Day, the dreadful Day's at hand ! 

In Battle cover Thou my Head : 
Part is thy Word : I here demand, 
And confident expect Thine Aid. 

3 Now arm me for the threatning Fight, 

Now let thy Power defcend from high, 
Triumphant in thy Spirit' sJVIight 
So mall I every Foe defy. 

4 I aft thy Help ; by Thee fent forth 

Thy glorious Gofpel to proclaim, 
Be Thou my Mouth, and make the Earth, 
And fpread by Me Thine awful Name. 

5 Steel me to Shame, Reproach, Difgrace, 

Arm me with all Thine Armour now, 
Set like a Flint my fteady Face, 
Harden to Adamant my Brow. 

6 Bold may I wax, exceeding bold 

My high Commiffion to perform, 
Nor ihrink thy harlheft Truths t'unfold, 
But more than meet the gathering Storm. 

7 Adverfe to Earth's rebellious Throng, 

Still may I turn my fearlefs Face, 
Stand as an Iron Pillar ftrong, 
And ftedfaft as a Wall of Brafs. 

N 8 Give 


Give me thy Might, Thou G O D of Power ; 

Then let or Men or Fiends affail, 
Strong in thy Strength, I'll ftand a Tower 

Impregnable to Earth or Hell. 

Congratulation to a Friend, upon Be- 
lieving in CHRIST. 

1 T T 7 H A T Morn on Thee with fweeter Ray, 

V V Or brighter Luftre e'er hath fhin'd? 
Be bleft the Memorable Day 

That gave Thee JESUS CHRIST to find! 
Gave Thee to tafle his Pard'ning Grace, 
From Death to Life in Him to pafs J 

2 O how diverfify'd the Scene, 

Since firft that Heart began to beat ! 
Evil and few thy Days have been : 

In Suff 'ring, and in Comfort, great, 
Oft haft Thou groan'd beneath thy Load, 
And funk into the Arms of GOD ! 

3 Long did all Hell its Pow'rs engage, 

And fill'd thy darken'd Soul with Fears : 
Baffled at length the Dragon's Rage, 

At lengt'.i th' Atoning Blood appears : 
Thy Light is come, thy Mourning's o'er, 
Look up ; for Thou weep no more. 

4 Bleft be the Name that fets Thee free, 

The Name that fure Salvation brings ! 
The Sun of Righteoufnefs on Thee 

Has rofe with Healing in his Wings: 
Away let Grief and Sighing flee ; 
JESUS has died for Thee for Thee ! 

c And 


5 And will He now forfake his own, 

Or lofe the Purchafe of his Blood? 
No ! for He looks with Pity down, 

He watches over Thee for Good ; 
Gracious He eyes Thee from above, 
And guards, and feeds Thee with his Love. 

6 Since Thou waft precious in his Sight, 

How highly favoi"Cd haft Thou been I 
Upborn by FAITH to Glory's Height, 

The SAviouR-GOD thine Eyes have feen, 
Thy Heart has felt its Sins forgiv'n, 
And taftes Anticipated Heav'n. 

7 Still may his Love thy Fortrefs be, 

And make Thee ftill his darling Care, 
Settle, confirm, and ftablifh Thee, 

On Eagles Wings thy Spirit bear, 
Fill Thee with Heavenly Joy, and fhed 
His choiceft Bleffings on thy Head. 

8 Thus may He comfort Thee below* 

Thus may He all his Graces give : 
Him but in part Thou here canft know : 

Yet here by FAITH fubmit to live ; 
Help Me to fight my Paflage thro', 
Nor feize thy Heav'n, 'till I may too. 

9 Or if the Sov'reign wife Decree 

Firft number Thee among the Bleft, 
(The only Good I'd envy Thee) 

TranfL'.ting to an earlier Reft ; 
Near in thy lateft Hour may I 
Inftruft, and learn of Thee, to die. 

10 Mixt with the Quire? that hover round 
And all the Adverfe Powers contrbul, 
Angel of Peace may I be found 
To animate thy parting Soul, 

N 2 Point 


Point out the Crown, and fmooth thy Way 
To Regions of Eternal Day. 

1 1 Fir'd with the Thought, I fee Thee Now 

Triumphant meet the King of Fears ! 
Stedfaft thy Heart, ferene thy Brow ; 

Divinely confident appears 
Thy mounting Soul, and fpreads abroad, 
And fwells to be diffolv'd in GOD. 

1 2 Is this te Soul fo late weigh'd down 

By Cares and Sins, by Griefs and Pains ! 
Whither are all thy Terrors gone ? 

JESUS for Thee the VicVry gains; 
And Death, and Sin and Satan yield 
To Faith's unconquerable Shield. 

j 3 Blefs'd be the GOD, that calls Thee home; 

Faithful to Thee his Mercies prove : 
Thro 1 Death's dark Vale he bids Thee come, 

And more than conquer in his Love ; 
Robes Thee in Righteoufnefs Divine, 
And makes the Crown of Glory Thine ! 


ARK how all the Welkin rings 
" Glory to the King of Kings, 
" Peace on Earth, and Mercy mild, 
"GOD and Sinners reconcil'd! 

2 Joyful all ye Nations rife, 
Join the Triumph of the Skies, 
Univerfal Nature fay 

" CHRIST the LORD is born to Day! 

3 CHRIST, by higheft Heav'n ador'd, 
CHRIST, the Everlafting Lord, 



Late in Time behold him come. 
Offspring of a Virgin's Womb. 

4 Veil'd in Flefli, the Godhead fee, 
Hail th' Incarnate Deity ! 

Pleas' d as Man with Men t'appear 
JESUS our Immanuelhere ! 

5 Hail the Heav'nly Prince of Peace ! 
Hail the San of Righteoufnefs ! 
Light and Life to All he brings, 
Ris'n with Healing in his Wings. 

6 Mild he lays his Glory by ; 

Born ; that Man no more may die, 
Born ; to raife the Sons of Earth, 
Born ; to give them Second Birth. 

7 Come, Defire of Nations, come, 
Fix in Us thy humble Home, 

Rife, the Woman's Conquering Seed, 
Bruife in Us the Serpent's Head. 

8 Now difplay thy faving Pow'r, 
Ruin'd Nature now reftore, 
Now in Myltic Union join 
Thine to Ours, and Ours to Thine. 

9 Adam's Likenefs, LORD, efface, 
Stamp thy Image in its Place, 
Second Adam from above, 
Reinftate us in thy Love. 

10 Let us Thee, tho' loft, regain, 

Thee, the Life, the Heav'nly Man : 
O! to All Thyfelf impart, 
Form'd in each Believing Heart. 

N 3 HYST*. 



j QO N S of Men, behold from far, 
O Hail the long-expecled Star ! 
Jacobs Star that gihib the Night, 
Guides bewilder'a Nature right. 

2 Fear not hence that 111 fhould flow, 
Wars or Peftilence below, 

Wars it bids and Tumults ceafe, 
Ufhering in the Prince of Peace. 

3 Mild he fhines on all beneath, 
Piercing thro' the Shade of Death, 
Scatt'ring Error's wide-fpread Night, 
Kindling Darknefs into Light. 

4 Nations all, far off arx3 near, 
Hafte to fee your GOD appear? 
Hafte, for Him your Hearts prepare ; 
Meet him manifefted there ! 

5 There behold the Day-fpring rife, 
Pouring Eye-fight on your Eyes, 
G O D in his own Light furvey, 
Shining to the Perfect Day. 

6 Sing, ye Morning-ftars, again, 
GOD defcends on Earth to reign, 
Deigns for Man his Life t'employ ; 
Shout, ye Sons of GOD, for Joy ! 



HRIST the LORD is ris'n To-day," 
Sons of Men and Angels fay, 



Raife your Joys and Triumphs high, 
Sing ye Heav'ns, and Earth reply. 

2 Love's Redeeming Work is done, 
Fought the Fight, the Battle won, 
Lo! our Sun's EcKpfe is o'er, 

Lo ! He fets in Blood no more, 

3 Vain the Stone, the Watch, the Seal ; 
CHRIST hath burft the Gates of Hell! 
Death in vain forbid-; his Rii'e: 
CHRIST hath open'd Paradife I 

4 Lives again our glorious King, 
Where, O Death, is now t'iy Sting ? 
Once He died our Souls to fave, 
Where thy Vi&ory, O Grave ? 

5 Soar we now, where CHRIST has led, 
Following our Exalted Head, 

Made like Him, like Him we rife: 
Ours the Crofs ; the Grave ; the Skies. 

6 What tho' once we perifti'd All, 
Partners of our Parent's Fall, 
Second Life we All receive, 

In our Heav'nly Adam live. 

7 Ris'n with Him, we upward move, 
Still we feek the Things above, 
Still purfue, and kifs the Son, 
Seated on his Father's Throne ; 

8 Scarce on Earth a Thought bellow, 
Dead to all we leave below, 
Heav'n our Aim, and lov'd Abode, 
Hid our Life with CHRIST in GOD} 

9 Hid; 

9 Hid; 'till CHRIST our Life appear, 
Glorious in his Members iiere : 
Join'd to Him, we then fhall fhine 
All Immortal, all Divine ! 

i a Hail the LORD of Earth and Heav'n ! 
Praife to Thee by both be giv'n : 
Thee we greet Triumphant now j 
Hail the Refurreclion Thou ! 

1 1 King of Glory, Soul of Blifs, 
Everlafting Life is This, 
Thee to know, thy Pow'r to prove, 
Thus to fing, and thus to love ! 


1 T TA I L the Day that fees Him rife, 
X JL Ravilh'd from our wifhful Eyes ; 
CHRIST awhile to Mortals giv'n, 
Re-a'cends his native Heav'n ! 

2 There the pompous Triumph waits, 
" Lift your Heads, Eternal Gates, 
" Wide unfold the radiant Scene, 

" Take the King of Glory in ! 

3 Circled round with Angel Powers, 
Their Triumphant LORD, and Ours, 
Conqueror over Death and Sin, 
Take the King of Glory in ! 

4 Him tho' higheft Heav'n receives, 
Still He loves the Earth He leaves ; 
Tho' returning to his Throne, 
Still He calls Mankind his own. 



5 See ! He lifts his Hands above, 
See ! He fhews the Prints of Love ! 
Hark ! His gracious Lips beftow 
Bleflings on his Church below ! 

6 Still for us his Death he pleads ; 
Prevalent, He intercedes ; 
Near Himfelf prepares our Place, 
Harbinger of human Race. 

7 Matter, (will we ever fay) 
Taken from our Head To-day ; 
See thy faithful Servants, fee ! 
Ever gazing up to Thee. 

8 Grant, tho' parted from our Sight, 
High above yon azure Height, 
Grant our Hearts may thither rife, 
Following Thee beyond the Skies. 

9 Ever upward let us move, 
Wafted on the Wings of Love, 
Looking when our LORD fhall come, 
Longing, gafping after Home. 

i o There we fhall with Thee remain, 
Partners of thy endlefs Reign, 
There thy Face unclouded fee, 
Find our Heav'n of Heav'ns in Thee ! 

HYMN for WH i TSUND A y. 

RANTED is the SAVIOUR'S Prayer, 
_ Sent the gracious Comforter; 
Promife of our Parting LORD, 
JESUS to his Heav'n reftor'd: 



2 CHRIST; who now gone up on high, 
Captive leads Captivity, 

While his Foes from Him receive 
Grace, tiiut GOD with Man may live. 

3 GOD, theeverMing GOD, 
Makes with Mortals his Abode, 
Whom the Heavens cannot contain, 
He vouchlafes to dwell with Man. 

4 Never will he thence depart, 
Inmate of an humble Heart ; 
Carrying on his Work within, 
Striving 'till he caft out Sin. 

5 There He helps our feeble Moans, 
Deepens our imperfect Groans ; 
Intercedes in Silence there, 

Sighs th' Unutterable Prayer. 

6 Come, Divine and peaceful Gueft, 
Enter our devoted Breaft j' 
HOLY GHOST, our Hearts infpire, 
Kindle there the Gofpel-Fire. 

7 Crown the agonizing Srife, 
Principle, and LORD of Life ; 
Life Divine in us renew, 
Thou the Gift and Giver too ! 

8 Now defcend and make the Earth, 
Wake us into Second Birth ; 

Now thy quick'ning Influence give, 
Blow ; and thefe dry Bones mail live \ 

9 Brood Thou o'er our Nature's Night, 
Darknefs kindles into Light ; 
Spread Thine overmadowing Wings, 
Order from Confufion fprings. 

10 Pain 


10 Pain and Sin, and Sorrow ceafe, 
Thee we talte and all is Peace ; 
Joy Divine in Thee we prove, 
Light of Truth, and Fire of Love. 

GRACE before MEAT. 

1 T) A R E N T of Good, whofe plenteous Grace 
JL O'er all thy Creatures flows, 

Humbly we afk thy Pow'r to blefs 
The Food thy Love bellows. 

2 Thy Love provides the fober Feaft : 

A Second Gift impart, 
Give us with Joy our Food to talte 
And with a Single Heart. 

3 Let it for Thee new Life afford, 

For Thee our Strength repair, ' 
Bleft by thine all-fuftaining Word, 
And fanftify'd by Prayer. 

4 Thee let us tafte ; nor toil below 

For periftiable Meat : 
The Manna of thy Love beftow, 
Give us thy Flefli to eat. 

5 Life of the World, our Souls to feed 

Thyfelf defcend from high ! 
Grant us of Thee the Living Bread 
To eat, and never die ! 



A T H E R, our Eyes we lift, to Thee, 

And tafte our daily Bread : 
'Tis now Thine Open Hand we fee, 
And on thy Bounty feed. 

2 'Tis now the meaner Creatures join 

Richly thy Grace to prove ; 
Fulfil thy primitive Defign, 
Enjoy'd by thankful Love. 

3 Still, while our Mouths are fili'd with Good, 

Our Souls to Thee we raife ; 
Our Souls partake of nobler Food, 
And banquet on thy Praife. 

4 Yet higher ftill our fartheft Aim ; 

To mingle with the Bleft, 
T'attend the Marriage of the Lamb, 
And Heaven's Eternal Feaft. 

GRACE after MEAT. 

LEST be the GOD, whofe tender Care 

Prevents his Children's Cry, 
Whofe Pity providently near 
Doth all our Wants fupply. 

2 Bleft be the GOD, whofe Bounteous Store 

Thefe chearing Gifts imparts ; 
Who veils in Bread, the fecret Power 
That feeds and glads our Hearts. 

3 Fountain of Bleffings, Source of Good, 

To Thee this Strength we owe, 
Thou art the Virtue of our Food, 
Life of our Life below. When 


4 When mall our Souls regain the Skies, 

Thy Heav'nly Sweetnefs prove ; 
Where Joys in all their Fulnefs rife, 
And all our Food is Love I 


1 T7OUNTAIN of all the Good we fee 
JC Streaming from Heav'n above, 
Saviour, our Faith we aft on Thee, 

And exercife our Love. 

2 'Tis not the Outward Food we eat 

Doth this new Strength afford, 
'Tis Thou, whofe Prefence makes it Meat, 
Thou the Life-giving Word. 

3 Man doth not live by Bread alone : 

Whatever Thou wilt can feed ; 
Thy Power converts the Bread to Stone, 
And turns the Stone to Bread. 

4 Thou art our Food : We tafle Thee now, 

In Thee we move and breath, 
Our Bodies only Life art Thou, 
And all befides is Death ! 

JOHN xvi. 24. 

and ye fiall receive, that your 
Joy may be full. 

\ T> I S E my Soul, with Ardor rife, 
AV Breathe thy Wifiies to the Skies ; 
Freely pour out all thy Mind, 
Seek, and Thou art fure to find ; 

O Ready 


Ready art Thou to receive ? 
Readier is thy G O D to give. 

2 Heavenly Father, LORD of all, 

Hear, and fhew Thou hear'fi my Call ; 
Let my Cries thy Throne afliiil 
Entering Now within the Veil : 
Give the Benefits I claim : 
LORD, I afk in JESU'S Name .' 

3 Friend of Sinners, King of Saints, 
Anfwer my minuteft Wants, 

All my largeft Thoughts require, 
Grant me all my Hearts Defire, 
Give me, 'till my Cup run o'er, 
All, and infinitely more. 

4 Meek and lowly be my Mind, 
Pure my Heart, my Will refign'd : 
Keep me dead to all below, 
Only CHRIST refolv'd to know, 
Firm, and difengag'd, and free, 
Seeking all my Biiis in Thee. 

5 Suffer me no more to grieve, 
Wanting what Thou long'ft to give, 
Shew me all thy Goo'dnefs, LORD, 
Beaming from th'Incarnate Word, 
CHRIST, in whom thy Glories mine, 
Efflux of the Light Divine. 

6. Since the' Son hath rrade me free,, 
Let me tafte my Liberty, 
Thee behold with open Face, 
Triumph in thy Saving Grace, 
Thy great Will delight to prove, 
Glory in thy perfect Love. 

7. Since 


7 Since the Son hath bought my Peace, 
Mine I fee, whate'er is His ; 

Mine the Comforter I fee, 
CHRIST is full of Grace for me : 
Mine (the Purchafe of his Blood) 
All the Plenitude of G O D. 

8 Abba, Father ! hear thy Child 
Late in JESUS reconciTd! 
Hear, and all the Graces mower, 
All the Joy, and Peace, and Power, 
All my SAVIOUR afks above, 

All the Life of Heaven of Love. 

9 LORD, I will not let Thee go, 
Till THE BLESSING Thou beftow: 
Hear my Advocate Divine ; 

Lo ! to His my Suit I join : 
Join'd to His it cannot fail 
Blefs me, for I Will prevail ! 

10 Stoop from thine Eternal Throne, 
See, thy Promife calls Thee down ! 
High and lofty as Thou art, 
Dwell within my worthlefs Heart f 
My poor fainting Soul revive ; 
Here for ever walk and live. 

1 1 Heavenly Adam, Life Divine, 
Change my Nature into Thine : 
Move, and fpread throughout my Soul, 
Actuate and fill the whole : 

Be it I no longer now 

Living in the Flem, but Thou. 

O 2 12 HOLY 


12 HOLY GHOST, no more delay, 
Come, and in thy Temple flay ; 
Now thine Inward Witnefs bear 
Strong, and permanent, and clear ; 
Spring of Life, Thy felf impart, 
Rife Eternal in my Heart ! 


**^ ****#*****:*******# 





Y Grace, faith Sf. Paul, ye are faved 
thro" 1 Faith. And it is indeed a great 
Saltation, which they have received, 
who truly believe on the Name of the 
Son of GO D. It is fuch as Eye hath not feen, 
nor Ear heard, neither hath it entered into the Heart 
of Man to conceive, until GOD hath rweafd it 
by his Spirit, which alone fheweth' thefe Deep 

2. Of this Salvation the Prophets enquired dili- 
gently, fearching what Manner of Time the Spirit 
which ^was in them didjignify, 'when it teftified be- 

fore-hand the Sufferings of CHRIST, and the Glory 
that Jhculd follow ; even that Glorious Liberty 
from the Bondage of Corruption, which fhould 
then be given to the Children of GOD. Much 
more doth it behove us, diligently to enquire after 
this Prize of our high Calling, and earneftly /* 
hops for the Grace which is brought unto us by tlje 
Revelation of JESUS CHRIST. 

3. Some faint Defcription of this Gracious Gift 
of G O D, is attempted in a few of the following 
Verfes. But the greater Part of them relate to 
the Way, rather than the End ; either mewing 
(fo far as has fallen under our Obfervation) the 
Succeffive Conquefts of Grace, and the gradual 
Procefs of the Work of GOD in the Soul; or 
pointing out the Chief Hindrances in the Way, 
at which many have Humbled and fallen. 

4. This great Gift of GOD, the Salvation of 
ur Souls, which is begun on Earth, but perfect- 

A ed 


<1 in Heaven, is no other than the Image of 
GOD frefh ftamp'd upon our Hearts. It is, a 
Renewal in the Spirit of our Minds after the Like- 
nefs of him that created us. It is a Salvation from 
Sin, and Doubt, and Fear : From Fear ; for being 
juftifed freely they nvbo believe have Peace with 
GOD, thro" 1 JESUS CHRIST our LORD, -and re- 
joice in Hope of the Glory of GO D : From Doubt ; 
for the Spirit of GOD beareth witnefs with their 
Spirit, that they are the Children of GO D: Ard 
from Sin ; for being now made free from Sin, they 
become the Servant l s of Right eoufneft. 

5. G O D hath DIV laid the Axe to the Root of 
the Tree, purifying their Hearts by FA i T H, and 
tleanfing all the Thoughts of their Hearts, by the 
Jnfpiration of his Holy Spirit . Having this Hope, 
that they mall foon fee G O D as he is, they pu- 
rify tbemfel'ves even as he is Pure : And are holy as 
he <which hath called them is Holy in all Manner of 
Converfatio*. Not that they have already at- 
tained all they mall attain, either are already (in 
this Senfe) perfefl. But they daily go on from 
Strength to Strength : Beholding now as in a Glafs 
the Glory of the LORD, they are changed into the 
fame Image, from Glory to Glory, as by the Spirit 

6 And where tie Spirit of the LORD is, there 
is Liberty ; fuch Liberty from the Law of Sin and 
Death, as the Children of this World rx-;7/ not 
Relieve, tho"* a Man declare it unto them. The Son 
hath made them free, and they are free indeed: In- 
fomuch that St. John lays it down, as a firft Prin- 
ciple among true Believers, We know that who- 
fve<veris born of GOD Jtnneth not: But he that 
is legotfen of GOD, keepetb himfelf, -and that 
one touchetb hint not. And again, Who- 
abidetbinbimfa CHHisr)Jifinetb not. And 


yet again, Whofoe*ver is born of G O D t doth not 
commit Sin. For bis Seed remaineth in him, and 
be cannot Jin, becaufe he is born of GO D. 

7. The Son hath made them free, who are 
f bus born of GOD, from that great Root of Sin 
and Bitternefs, PRIDE. They feel, that all their 
Sufficiency is of GOD ; that it is he alone who is in all 
their Thoughts, and ivorketh in them both to will 
and to do, of his good Pleafure. They feel, that 
// is not they who /peak, but the Spirit of their Fa- 
ther ^which fpeaketh in them'; and that whatfoever 
is done by their Hands, -the Father which is with 
them, he doth the Works. So that GOD is to 
them all in all, and they are as nothing in his 
Sight. They are freed from Self- Will ; as de- 
firing nothing, no, not for one Moment (for per- 
fect Lore caiteth out all Defire) but the Holy and 
Perfeft Will of GO D : Not Supplies in Want ; 
not Eafe in Pain'; not Life or Death, or any 
Creature ; but continually crying in their inmolt 
Soul, "Father, thy Will be done." They are 
freed from Evil Thoughts, fo that they cannot 
enter into them ; no not for one Inftant. Afore- 
time, when an Evil Thought came in, they look- 
ed up, and it vanifh'd away. But now it does 
not come in ; there being no Room for this, in 
a Soul which is full of G O D. They are freed 
from Wandrings in Prayer. Whenfoever they 
pour out their Hearts, in a more immediate Man- 
ner before GOD, they have no Thought of any 
Thing part, or abfent, or to come, but of G O D 
alone ; to whom their whole Souls flow in one 
even Stream, and in whom they are fwallowed 
up. In Times pail, they had wandring Thoughts 
darted in ; which yet fled away like Smoke. But 
now that Smoke does not ?ife at all, but they 
continually fee Him which is invifible. They are 
cfreed from all Darknefs, having no Fear, no Doubt, 



cither as to their State in general; or as to any 
particular Aftion : For their Eye being Jingle, 
their -whole Body is full of Light. Whatsoever is 
needful, they are taught of GOD. They have 
an Unffion from the Holy One, which abideth in 
them, and teacheth them every Hour, what the} 7 
fliall do, and what they (hall fpeak. Nor have 
they therefore any Need to reafon concerning it ; 
for they fee the Way ftraight before them. The 
Lamb is their Light, and they fimply follow Him, 
whitherfoever He goeth. Hence alfo they are, 
in one Senfe, freed from Temptations ; for tho' 
numberlefs Temptations fly about them, yet they 
wound them not, they trouble them not, they 
have no Place in them. At all Times their Soul 
is even and calm : Their Heart is ftedfaft and un- 
moveable ; their Peace flowing as a River, paf- 
feth all Underjlanding, and they rejoice with Joy 
unfpeakable, and full of Glory. For they zxz feal d 
by the Spirit unto the Day of Redemption ; having 
the Witnefs in themfelves, That there is laid up 
for then a Crotun of Right eoufnefs, ivhich the LORD 
Jhall give them in that Day: And being fully per- 
fuaded thro' the Holy Ghoft, that neither Death 
nor Life, nor Things prefent, nor Things to come, 
nor Heighth, nor Depth, nor any other Creature, 
/hall be able tofeparate them from the Love of GOD, 
which is in CHRIST JESUS, their LORD. 

8. Not that every one is a Q:ild of the Devzl, 
(as fome have rafhly aflerted, who know not what 
they fpeak, nor whereof they affirm) 'till he is, in 
this full Senfe, Born of GOD. On the contrary, 
whofoever he be, who hath a fure Truft and Con- 
fidence in GOD, that thro' the Merits of CHRIST 
his Sins are forgiven, and he reconciled to the Fa- 
vour of GO D ; he is a Child of GOD, and if 
he abide in Him, an Heir of ail the Great and 
Precious Promifes. Neither ought he in any wife 



to toft away his Confidence, or to deny the Faith 
he hath received, becaufe it is Weak, becaufe 
hitherto it is only as a Grain of MuJtard-Seed', or 
becaufe it is tried with Fire, fo that his Soul is in 
Heavinefs, through Manifold Temptations. For 
tho' the Heir, as long as he is a Child, dijferetb 
nothing from a Servant, yet is he Lord of all. 
GOD doth not defptfe the Day of f matt Things ; 
the Day of Fears, and Doubts, and Clouds, and 
Darknefs : But if there be fir ft a willing Mind, 
preffing toward the Mark of the Prize of our High 
Calling, it is accepted (for the prefent) according to 
what a Man hath, and not according to ivhat he 
hath not. 

9. Neither therefore dare we affirm (as fome 
have done) that this full Salvation is at once given 
to True Believers. There is indeed an in ft ant a- 
neous (as well as a gradual] Work of G O D in the 
Souls of his Children : And there wants not, we 
know, a Cloud of Witnefles, who have received 
in one Moment, either a clear Seme of the For- 
givenefs of their Sins, or the abiding Witnefs of 
the Holy Spirit. But we do not know a {ingle 
Inftance, in any Place, of a Perfon's receiving, in 
one and the fame Moment, Remifiion of Sins, die 
abiding Witnefs of the Spirit, and a New, a Clean 

10. Indeed how GOD may work, we cannot 
telh But the general Manner wherein he does 
work, is this. Thofe who once trufted in them- 
felves that they were Righteous, who were Rich 
and had need of Nothing, are, by the Spirit of 
<j O D applying his Word, convinc'd that they 
are Poor and Naked. All the Things that they 
have done are brought to their Remembrance, and 
fet in Array before them; fo that they fee the 
Wrath of G O D hanging over their Heads, and 



feel they deferve the Damnation of Hell. In 
their Trouble they cry unto the LORD, and he 
fiiews He hath taken away their Sins, and opens 
the Kingdom of Heaven in their Hearts, even 
Righteoufnefs, and Peace, and Joy in the Holy 
Ghoft. Fear, and Sorrow, and Pain are fled 
away, and Sin hath no more Dominion over them. 
Knowing they are juiiined freely through Faith 
in his Blood, they have Peace with GOD thro' 
JESUS CHRIST ; they rejoice in Hope of the Glory 
of G O D -, and the Love of G O D is ihed abroad 
in their Hearts. 

1 1 . In this Peace they remain for Days, or 
Weeks, or Months, and commonly fuppofe they 
mall not know War any more, till fome of their old 
Enemies, their Bofom Sins, or, the Sin which did 
molt eafily befet them (perhaps Anger or Defire) 
aflkult them again, and thraH fore at them, that 
they may fall. Then arifes Fear, that they mail 
not endure to the End, and often Doubt, whether 
GOD has not forgotten them, or whether they 
did not deceive themfelves, in thinking their Sins 
were forgiven, and that they were Children of 
GOD? Under thefe Clouds, efpecially if they 
reafon with the Devil, or are received to Doubt- 
ful Difputations, they go mourning all the Daj 
long, even as a Father mourneth for his only Son 
whom he loveth. But it is feldom long before 
their LORD aniwers for himfelf, fending them the 
Holy Ghoft, to comfort them, to bear Witnefs 
continually with their Spirit, that they are the 
Children of G O D. And then they are indeed 
meek, and gentle and teachable, even as little 
Children. Their Stony Heart was broken in 
Pieces, before they received Remiflion of Sins 
Yet it continued hard ; but now it is melted down, 
it is foft, tender, and fufceptible of any Imprefiion. 
And now firil do they fee the Ground of their 



Heart ; which GOD would not before difclofe 
unto them, left the Flelh Ihould fail before him, 
and the Spirit which he had made. Now they 
fee all the hidden Abominations chere ; the Depths 
of Pride, and Self, and Hell: Yet having the 
Witnefs in themfelves, " Thou art an Heir of 
" GOD, a Joint Heir with CHRIST ; Thou malt 
" inherit the New Heavens and the New Earth, 
" wherein dwelleth Righteoufnefs ;" Their Spirit 
rejoiceth in GOD their SAVIOUR, even in the 
midft of this fiery Trial, which continually heigh- 
tens both the ftrong Senfe they then have of their 
Inability to help themfelves, and the inexpreffible 
Hunger they feel after a full Renewal in his Image, 
in Righteoufnefs, and all true Holinefs. Then GOD 
is mindful of the Defire of them that fear him : 
He remembers his Holy Covenant, and he giveth 
them a fmgle Eye and a clean Heart. He ftamps 
upon them his own Image and Superfcription : He 
createth them anew in CHRIST JESUS : He co- 
me th unto them with his Son and his Blefled 
Spirit, and fixing his Abode in their Souls, bring- 
eth them into the Reft which remaineth for tht 



Y M N S 



Tke Fifty Fifth Chapter of 'Is AI AH. 

! Every one that thirfts, draw nigh ; 

IT" f~* /~\T\ 1 <- n T 

^ invites the fallen Race) 

Mercy and free Salvation buy ; 
Buy Wine, and Milk, and Gofpel 

2 Come to the Living Waters, come ! 

Sinners, obey your Maker's Call ; 
Return, ye weary Wanderers, home, 
And find my Grace is free for All. 

3 See, from the Rock a Fountain rife ' 

For you in healing Streams it rolls: 
Money ye need not bring, nor Price, 
Yelab'ring, burthen'd, Sin-fick Souls. 

4 Nothing ye in exchange mail give ; 

Leave all you have and Are behind, 
Frankly the Gift of GOD receive, 
Pardon, and Peace in JESUS find. 

P 5 Why 


5 Why feek ye That which is not Bread, 

Nor can your hungry Souls fuilain ? 
On Afhes, Hulks, and Air ye feed, 
Ye fpend your little All in vain. 

6 In Search of empty Joys below, 

Ye toil with unavailing Strife : 
Whither, ah whither would you go r 
I have the Words of Endlefs Life. 

7 Hearken to me with earneft Care, 

And freely eat fubftantial Food ; 
The Sweetnefs of my Mercy (hare, 
And talle that I alone am Good. 

8 I bid you all my Goodnefs prove, 

My Promifes for All are free : 
Come tafte the Manna of my Love, 
And let your Soul delight in Me. 

o. Your willing Ear and Heart incline, 

My Words believingly receive ; 
Quicken'd your Soul, by Faith divine, 
An Everlafting Life mail live. 

10 You for my own I then mail take, 

Shall furely Seal you for my own, 
My Covenant of Mercy make, 
And 'ftablifh it in Davitfs Son. 

1 1 A Faithful Witnefs of my Grace, 

Him have I to the People given, 
To teach a finful World my Ways, 

And lead, and train them up for Heaven. 

12 Son of my Love, behold, to Thee 

From all Eternity I give 
Sinners who to thy Wounds will flee 4 
The Soul that chufeth Life fhall live. 

13 Nations 


1 3 Nations, whbm once Thou di'dfl not own, 

Thou Thine Inheritance fhalt call ; 
Nations who knew not Thee mall run, 
And hail the GOD that died for All. 

14 For I, the Holy GOD, and True, 

To glorify thy Name have fworn : , 

And lo ! my Faithfulnefs I mew ; 
And lo ! to Thee the Gentiles turn. 

1 5 Seek ye the LORD with timely Care, 

Ye Servants of uncancel'd Sin, 
While all that feek may find Him near 
With open Arms to take them in. 

1 6 His Evil let the Sinner leave, 

In Bitternefs of Spirit mourn, 
Death's Sentence in himfelf receive, 
And to a gracious GOD return. 

1 7 Surely our GOD will bid him live, 

Will with the Arms of Love embrace j 
Freely, abundantly forgive, 

And mew him all his Depths of Grace. 

1 8 For thus the mighty GOD hath faid, 

My Ways, and Thoughts ye cannot fcan ; 
Ye cannot, whom my Hands have made, 
Your Infinite Creator fpan. 

19 Me will ye mete with Reafon's Line ? 

Or teach' my Grace how far to move ? 
Fathom my Mercy's deep Defign, 
MyHeighth, and Breadth, and Length of Love ! 

20 Far as the Heavens that Earth furpafs, 

Far as my Throne thofe nether Skies, 
My Ways of Love, and Thoughts of Grace 
Beyond your low Conceptions rife. 

P 2 21 For 


21 For as the Snow from Heaven comes down, 

The firft and latter Rains diftill, 
The Earth with Fruitfulnefs to crown, 
Man's Heart with Food and Joy to fill : 

22 As no Return the Shower can know, 

But falls a thinly Land to chear, 
But executes its Charge below, 

While Plenty decks the fouling Year: 

23 So mall the Word my Lips have fpoke, 

Accompliih that which I ordain j 
My Word I never will revoke ; 

My Word is not gone forth in vain. 

24 In My Redeeming Work employ 'd, 

And fent my Pleafure to fulfil, 
Vain it mall not return, and void, 
But profper, and perform my Will. 

25 With Me is plenteous Mercy found, 

Redemption free for All to know ; 
And where your Sin doth moft abound, 
My more abundant Grace mail flow. 

26 From Guilt and Pain ye mail be freed, 

From the black Dungeon of Delpair, 
Into my Heavenly Kingdom led, 
And reap Eternal Pieafures there. 

27 All ye that in my Word believe, 

Shall fee my Love in JESU'S Face ; 

The Peace and Joy of FAITH receive, 

And triumph in My Saving Grace. 

-28 The Trees fhall clap their Hands and fing, 
Mountains and Hills their Voices raife ; 
All the new Heavens and Earth mail ring 
With JESUS their Creator' s Praife. 

29 Where 


29 Where Thorns deform'd the barren Ground, 

Where noifome Weeds the Soul o'erlpread, 
There mall the Fruits of Grace abound, 
And Second Nature lift her Head. 

30 The Trees of GOD fhall deck the Soil, 

The Plants of Righteoufnefs arife ; 
The LORD (hall on his Garden fmile, 
His late-returning Paradife. 

31 The Earth, in Token of his Grace, 

Shall ipread the Odour of his Fame, 
And everlafting Trophies raife, 
To glorify the SAVIOUR'S Name. 

The Eleventh Chapter of St. PAUL'* 
Epiftle to the HEBREWS: 


LIFE of FAITH Exemplified. 


1 \ UTHORofFAiTK, Eternal Word, 
jtV. Whofe Spirit breaths the Active Flame, 
FAITH, like its Finimer and LORD, 

To-day, as Yefterday the fame ; 

2 To Thee our humble Hearts afpire, 

And afic th j Gift unfpeakable : 
Jncreafe in us the kindled Fire, 
In us the Work of FAITH fulfil. 

3 By FAITH we know Thee flrong to fave^ 

(Save us, a Prefect Saviour Thou !) 
Wliate'er \ve hope, by FAITH we Have, 
Future and pail fubfuling Now. 

P 3 4 To 


4 To Him that in thy Name believes, 

Eternal Life with Thee is given, 
Into Himfelf He all receives, 

.Pardon, and Happinefs, and Heaven. 

: 5 The Things unknown to feeble Senfe, 

Unfeen by Reafon's glimm'ring Ray, 
With ftrong, commanding Evidence 
Their Heavenly Origine difplay. 

' ; 6 .FAITH lends its Realizing Light, 

The Clouds difperfe, the Shadows fly, 
Th'Invifible appears in Sight, 
-And G O D is feen by Mortal Eye. 

VERSES ii, iii. 

1 Uy FAITH the Holy Men of old 

Ob tain 'd a never-dying Name, 
'The facred Leaves their Praife unfold, 
And GOD Himfelf records their Fame. 

32 Thro' FAITH we know the Worlds were made, 

By his great Word to Being brought : 
iHe fpake : The Earth and Heaven obey'd ; 
T-he Univerfe fprang forth from. Nought. 

5 'The "Heavens thy glorious Power proclaim, 

If Thou in us thy Power declare ; 
We know from whom the Fabrick came, 
'Our -Heart- believes, when G O D is there. 

/4'Thee thro' Thyfelf we underftand, 

When Thou in us Thyfelf haft mown, 
We fee Thine All creating Hand, 

GOD thro' FAITH alone. 

VERSE iv. 

1 Believing in the Woman's Seed, 

And jollified by FAITH alone, 
Abel a nobler Offering made, 

And GOD vouchfaf 'd his Gifts to own. 

2 Witnefs Divine he thus obtained, 

The Gift of Righteoufnefs receiv'd ; 
And now he wears the Crown he gain'd, 
And fees the CHRIST he once believ'd. 

3 Still by his Faith he fpeaks tho 1 dead, 

He calls us to the Living Way : 

We hear ; and in his Footfteps tread : 

We_/fr/? believe, and then obey. 

VERSES v, vi. 

I Exempted from the General Doom, 

The Death which All are born to kno\^ 
Enoch obtain'd his Heavenly Home 
By FAITH, and difappear'd below. 

.2 From Earth unpainfully releas'd, 

Tranflated to the Realms of Light, 
He found the GOD by FAITH he pleas'd, 
His FAITH was fweetly loft in Sight. 

_2 GOD, without FAITH, we cannot pleafe: 

For all, who unto GOD would come, 
Muft feelingly believe He Is, 

And gives to all their righteous Doom. 

4 We feelingly believe Thou art : 

Behold we ever feek Thee, LORD, 
With all our Mind, with all our Heart, 
And .find Thee now our Great Reward. 

V E K s E 

VERSE vii. 

1 Divinely warn'd of Judgments near, 

Noah believ'd a threatning GOD, 
With humble FAITH, and holy Fear 
He bulk the Ark, and 'fcap'd the Flood. 

2 He (while the World that difbeliev'd, 

The carelefs World of Sinners died,) 
The Righteoufnefs of FAITH receiv'd: 
Noah by FAITH was juftined. 

3 We too by FAITH the World condemn, 

Of Righteoufiiefs Divine pofleft, 
Efcape the Wrath that covers Them, 
Safe } in the Ark of JESUS'S Breaft. 

V s R s E s viii, ix, x. 

i Obedient to his GO D's Command, 

And influenc'd by FAITH alone, 
Abraham left his native Land, 

Went out, and fought a Place unknown. 

z A Place he mould poffefs at laft, 

When full Four hundred Years were o'er: 
Upon the Word himfelf he caft, 

He follow'd GOD, and aflc'd no more. 

3 As in a ftrange, tho' promis'd, Land, 

(A Land his diftant Heirs receiv'd,) 
He, and his Sons in Tents remain' d ; 
He knew in whom he had believ'd. 

4 A better Heritage he fought, 

A City buih by G O D on high, 
Thither he rais'd his tow'ring Thought, 
He x'd on Heaven his lledfaft Eye. 

5 Whofc 


5 Whofe firm Foundations never move, 

Jerufalem was all his Care, 
The New Jerufalem above ; 

His Treafure, and his Heart was there. 

6 And (hall not We the Call obey, 

And hafte where GOD commands, to go ? 
Defpife thefe Tenements of Clay, 
Thefe Dreams of Happinefs below ? 

7 Yes, LORD; we hearken to thy Call, 

As Sojourners o'er Earth we rove, 
We have for Thee forfaken all, 

And feek the Heaven of perfect Love. 

VERSES xi, xii. 

1 By FAITH the Handmaid of the LORD, 

Sarah, receiv'd a Power unknown, 
She judg'd Him faithful to his Word; 
Barren and old me bore a Son. 

2 Nature had loft its Genial Power, 

And Abraham was old in vain : 
Impoffibilities are o'er, 

If FAITH affent, and GOD ordain. 

3 He glorified JEHOVAH 's Name ; 

(GOD fpake the Word, it muft be done) 
Father of Nations he became, 

And Multitudes fprang forth from One. 

4 From one Old Man the Race did rife, 

A barren Womb the Myriads bore, 
Countlefs, as Stars that deck the Skies, 
As Sands that crown the Ocean Shore. 

V E R s E 

V a R s E s xiii, xiv, xv, xvi; 

1 The Worthies Thefe of antient Days, 

By FAITH they lived, in FAITH they died : 
Not yet receiv'd the Promis'd Grace, 
But darkly from afar defcry'd. 

2 Aflur'd the SAV i OUR Jhould appear 

And confident in CHRIST to come, 
Him they embrac'd, tho' diftant, near ; 
And languifh'd for their Heavenly Home. 

3 Pilgrims they here themfelves confefs'd, 

Who no Abiding-place muft know, 
Strangers on Earth they could not reft, 
Or find their Happinefs below. 

4 Regardlefs of the Things behind, 

The Earthly Home from whence they came, 
A better Land they long'd to find, 
A promis'd Heaven was all their Aim. 

5 Their FAITH the Gracious Father fees, 

And kindly for his Children cares, 
He condefcends to call them His, 

And fuffers them to call Him Theirs : 

6 For them his Heaven He hath prepared, 

His New Jerufalem above ; 
And LOVE is there their great Reward, 
A whole Eternity of Love. 

VERSES xvii, xviii, xix. 

I Abraham, when feverely tried, 

His FAITH by his Obedience fhew'd, 
He with the harfh Command complied, 
And gave his Ifaac back to GOD. 

2 Hii 


2 His Son the Father offer' d up, 

Son of his Age, iiis only Son, 
Objeft of all hh Joy Hope, 

And lels belov'd than GOD alone. 

3 His Seed elect, his Heir foretold, 

Of whom the promis'd . : XL-, Oiould rife, 
He could not from his G O , .. itu-hold 
That bcft, that coitlieil Sacrifice. 

4. The Father curb'd his fwelling Grief, 

'Twas GOD requir'd, it muft be done; 
He ftagger'd not uaro" Unbelief, 
He bar'd his Arm to ilay hL> Son. 

5 He refted in JEHOVAH 's Power, 

The Word muftftand which GOD hath faid, 
He knew th'Almighty could re.core, 
Could raife his Ifaac from the Dead. 

6 He knew in whom he had believ'd, 

And, trufting in Omnipotence, 
His Son as from the Dead receiv'd, 

His ftedfaft FAITH receiv'd him thence. 

7 O for a FAITH like His, that We 

The bright Example may purfue, 
May gladly give up all to Thee, 
To whom our more than all is due \ 

8 Now, LORD, for Thee our All we leave, 

Our willing Soul thy Call obeys, 
Pleafure, and Wealth, and Fame we give, 
Freedom, and Life to win thy Grace. 

9 Is there a Thing than Life more dear, 

A Thing from which we cannot part ? 
We Can : We now rejoice to tear 
The Idol from our bleeding Heart. 



10 JESU accept our Sacrifice, 

All Things for Thee we count but Lofs: 
Lo ! at thy Word our Ifaac dies, 
Dies on the Altar of thy Crofs. 

1 1 Now to Thyfelf the Viclim take, 

Nature's lall Agony is o'er, 
Freely thine own we render back, 
We grieve to part with All no more. 

12 For what to Thee, O LORD, we give, 

An hundred fold we here obtain, 

And foon with Thee fhall all receive, 

And Lofs fhall- be Eternal Gain. 

VERSES xx, xxi, xxii. 

1 Ifaac by FAITH declar'd his Race 

In Jacob and in Efau bleft, 

The Younger by peculiar Grace 

A nobler Heritage poffefs'd. 

2 By FAITH expiring Jacob knew 

Diflinguifh'd Mercies to pronounce, 
His Hands found out the happy Two, 
And blefs'd his fav'rite Jofepb's Sons. 

3 He rais'd himfelf upon the Bed, 

Prop'd on a Staff he own'd his LOR D, 
The Patriarch bow'd his hoary Head, 
His Body with his Soul ador'd. 

4 Jofepb by FAITH the Flight foretold 

Of I/raers afflided Race ; 
GOD their hard Bondage mould behold, 
And lead them to the Promis'd Place. 



5 Thither he Will'd his Bones to go, 

And take Pofleffion in their Stead ; 
His Bones the Promis'd Land fhall (hew, 
He claims his Canaan, tho' dead. 

VERSES xxiii, xxiv, xxv, xxvi, xxvii, xxviii. 

1 Mofes by FAITH from Death was fav'd, 

While heedlefs of the Tyrant's Will, 
His Parents in their GOD believ'd, 
And dar'd the lovely Babe conceal. 

2 .By FAITH, when now to Manhood grown, 

A juft Contempt of Earth he fhew'd, 
Refus'd a Prince's Name to own, 

And fought but to be great in G O D. 

3 In vain its Pomps Ambition fpreads, 

Glory in vain diiplays her Charms, 
A brighter Crown its Luflre fheds, 
A purer Flame his Bofom warms. 

4 Wifely he chofe the Better Part. 

Suff 'rings with G O D's Elect to mare, 
To Pleafures vain he fteel'd his Heart, 

No Room for Them when G O D is there. 

5 Fleeting he deem'd them all, and vain, 

His Heart on heavenly Joys beftow'd, 
Partaker of his People's Pain, 
Th'afflifted People of his G O D 

unfolds her Golden Blaze, 
Yet all for CHRIST he counts but Lofs ; 
A richer Treafure he furveys, 
His LORD'S anticipated Crofs. 

Ct He 


7 He triumph'd in Kis glorious Shame, 

On Pleafure, Fame, and Wealth look'd down, 
'Twas Heaven at which his Wifhes aim, 
Afpiring to a Starry Crown. 

8 By FAITH he left the oppreffive Land, 

And fcorn'd the petty Rage of Kings, 
Supported by J E H OVA H 's Hand, 

And fhadow'd by JEH OVAH's Wings. 

9 His fteady Way he ftill purfu'd, 

Nor Hopes nor Fears retard his Pace, 
Th'INVlSIBLE before him flood, 

And FAITH unveU'd the SAVIOUR'S Face. 

10 By FAITH he flew the Typick Lamb, 

And kept the Paffover of GOD : 
He knew from whom its Virtue came, 
The Saving Power of Sprinkled Blood. 

1 1 With all the Servants of his LORD, 

He (while the firft-born Victims died) 
Dar'd the Deftroying Angel's Sword, 

And, arm'd with Blocd, its Point defied ! 

VERSE xxix. 

1 While thro' the Sea by FAITH they pair, 

The Sea retir'd at G O D's Command, 
The Waves (brink back with trembling Hafte, 
The Waves a Chryftal Barrier ftand. 

2 Th' Egyptians daring to purfue, 

With Horror found a wat'ry Grave, 
Too late their Want of FAITH they knew, 
And funk beneath th'o'erwhelming Wave. 


VERSES xxx, xxxi, xxxii, xxxiii, xrociv, xxxv. 

1 By FA ITH, while 1/raefs Hoft furrounds 

Proud Jericho's devoted Walls, 
The Ark Hands ftill, the Trumpet founds, 
The People (bout, the City falls! 

2 Rabab by FAITH Deliverance found, 

Nor perifh'd with th'accurfed Race : 
The Harlot for her FAITH renovvn'd, 
Amongft the Worthies takes her Place. 

3 Worthies, who all recorded ftand, 

And mine in Everlafting Lays ; 

And juftly now mis;ht Each demand 

The Tribute of diftinfter Praife. 

4. Gideon and Barak claim the Song, 

And David good, and Samuel wife, 
And "Jephtha bold, and Sampfon ftrong, 
And all the ancient Prophets rife } 

5 The Battles of the LORD they fought 

Thro' FAITH, and mighty States fubdu'd. 
And Works of Righteoufnefs they wrought, 
And prov'd the Faithfulnefs of GOD, 

6 They ftop'd the Lion's Mouths, the Rage 

Of Fire they quench'd, efcap'd the Sword, 
The Weak grew ftrong, and bold t'engage, 
And chafe the Holts that dar'd their LORD. 

7 Women their quicken'd Dead receiv'd, 

Women the Heighth of FAITH difplay'd,, 
With ftedfafl Confidence believ'd, 

Belief d their Children from the Dead. 


VERSES xxxv, xxxvi, xxxvii. 

1 Others, as in a Furnace try'd, 

With Strength of paffive Grace endu'd, 
Tortures, and Deaths, thro' FAITH defy 'd, 
Thro' FAITH refilled unto Blood. 

2 Earth they beheld with genVous Scorn, 

On all its proffer'd Goods iook'd down, 
High on a Fiery Chariot borne, 

They loft their Life to keep their Crown. 

3 Secure a better Life to find, 

The Path of varied Death they trod, 
Their Souls triumphantly refign'd, 
And died into the Arms of GOD. 

4 The Prelude of Contempt they found, 

A Spectacle to Fiends and Men ; 
Cruelly mock'd, and fcourg'd, and bound, 
'Till Death Ihut up the Bloody Scene. 

5 Orfton'd, they glorified their LORD, 

Or joy'd, afunder fawn, t'expire, 
Or ruih'd to meet the flaught'ring Sword, 
Or triumph'd in the tort'ring Fire. 

VERSES xxxvii, xxxviii. 

1 Naked, or in rough Goatflcins clad, 

In ev'ry Place they long confefs'd 
The G Q D, for whom o'er Earth they ftray'd 
Tormented, deftitute, diiirefs'd. 

2 Of whom the World unworthy wa-, 

Whom only GOD their Maker knew, 
The World they punim'd with their Lofs, 
The Holy Anchorites withdrew. 



3 Lone unfrequented Wilds they trod, 

O'er Mountain-tops the Wanderers ran, 
With milder Beafts in Dens abode, 

And fhun'd the Haunts of Savage Man. 

VERSES xxxix, xl. 

1 Fam'd for their FAITH all thefe believ'd, 

By Juftifying Grace made whole : 
Nor yet the promis'd Grace receiv'd, 
The CHRIST, the Fulnefs in their Soul. 

2 A better Gift He Us provides,. 

On whom the Gofpel-Times are come ; 
And lo ! the Holy Ghoft abides 

In us, and makes our. Hearts his Home. 

3 We now our Elder Brethren meet, 

Their FAITH, and Happinefs improve, 
And foon with Them (hall fliine compleat 
In CHRIST, and perfected in Love. 

Looking unto JESUS. 

EEGARDLESS now of Things below, 
JESUS, to Thee my Heart afpires, 
Determin'd Thee alone to know, 

Author, and End of my Defires: 
Fill me with Righteoufnefs Divine 
To end, as to begin, is Thine. 

2 What is a worthlefs Worm to Thee? 

What is in Man thy Grace to move ? 
That ftill Thou, feekeft thofe who flee 

The Arms of thy purfuing Love ? 
That ftill Thine inmoft Bowels cry 
Why, Sinner, wilt thou periih, why? 



3 Ah mew me, LORD, my Depth of Sin ! 

Ah, LORD, thy Depth of Mercy mew ! 
End, JE.US, end this War within : 

No Reft my Spirit e'er fhall know, 
'Till Thou thy quickning Influence give: 
Breathe, LORD, and thefe dry Bones fhall live. 

4 There, there before the Throne Thou art, 

The Lamb e'er Earth's Foundations flain ! 
Take Thou, O take this guilty Heart; 

Thy Blood will warn out every Stain : 
No Crofs, no Sufferings I decline ; 
Only let all my Heart be Thine ! 


The Same. 

O D of Love, incline Thine Ear ! 
CHRIST my King, Hafte, and bring 
Thy Salvation near. 

2 Thee my reftlefs Soul requires; 

Reftlefs 'till Thou fulfil 
All its large Defires. 

3 Only Thou to me be given ; 

Thou be mine, I refign 
All in Earth or Heaven. 

4 JESUS, come, my Sicknefs cure ; 

Shew Thine Art, Cleanfe an Heart 
Full of Thoughts impure. 

5 Painfully it now afpires 

To be free, Full of Thee, 
Full of hallow'd Fires. 

6 Lo, I tread on Deaths and Snares, 

Sinking ftill Into III, 
Plung'd in Griefs and Cares, When, 


7 When, O when wilt Thou appear ? 

O draw nigh ! Say, " Tia I ; 
And I will not fear. 

8 Haften, haften the glad Hour, 

Come and be Unto me 
Health, and Love, and Power. 

9 CHRIST my Life, my Inward Heaven, 

Thro' the whole Of my Soul 
Spread thy Little Leaven. 

10 Make me to the End endure ; 

Let me feel Love the Seal : 
Love mall make it fure. 

1 1 Love, thine Image Love reftore ; 

Let me love, Hence remove, 
And be feen no more. 

A Morning HYMN. 

1 /CHRIST, whofe Glory fills the Skies, 
\^J CHRIST, the true, the only Light, 
Sun of Righteoufnefs, arife, 

Triumph o'er the Shades of Night: 
Day-fpring from on High, be near : 
Day-ftar, in my Heart appear. 

2 Dark and Chearlefs is the Morn 

Unaccompanied by Thee, 
Joylefs is the Day's Return, 

Till thy Mercy's Beams I fee ; 
Till they Inward Light impart, 
Glad my Eyes, and warm my Heart. 



3 Vifit then this Soul of mine, 

Pierce the Gloom of Sin and Grief, 

Fill me, Radiancy Divine, 
Scatter all my Unbelief, 

More and more thyfelf difplay, 

Shining to the Perfed Day. 


1 T E S U S the all-reftoring Word, 
J My fallen Spirit's Hope, 
After thy lovely Likenefs, LORD, 

O when mall I wake up] 

2 Thou, O my GOD, Thou only art 

The Life, the Truth, the Way : 
Quicken my Soul, inftrud my Hear^ 
My finking Footfteps flay. 

3 Of all Thou haft in Earth below 

In Heaven above to give, 
Give me thine only Self to know, 
In Thee to walk, and Jive. 

4 Fill me with all the Life of Love, 

In myftick Union join 
Me to Thyfelf, and let me prove 
The Fellowfhip Divine. 

5 Open the Intercourfe between 

My longing Soul and Thee, 
Never to be broke off again 
Thro' all Eternity. 

6 Grant this, O LORD ; for thou haft died 

That I might be forgiven, 
Thou haft THE RIGHTEOUSNESS fupplied, 
For which I merit Heaven, 


An Evening HYMN. 

E S U S, the all-atoning Lamb, 
Lover of loft Mankind, 
Salvation in whofe only Name 
A Sinful World can find : 

2 I afk thy Grace to make me clean, 

I come to Thee, my G O D : 
Open, O LORD, for this Day's Sin 
The Fountain of thy Blood. 

3 Hither my fpotted Soul be brought, 

And every idle Word, 
And every Work, and every Thoaght 
That hath not pleas 'd my LORD. 

4 Hither my Aftions righteous deem'd 

By Man, and counted good, 
As filthy Rags by GOD efteem'd, 
'Till fprinkled with thy Blood. 

5 No ! my beft Aftions cannot fave, 

But Thou muft purge ev'n Them: 
And (for in Thee I now believe) 
My worft cannot condemn. 

6 To Thee then, O vouchfafe me Power 

For Pardon ftill to flee, 
And every Day, and every Hour 
To waOi myfelf in Thee. 



To the Rev. Mr. WHITEFIELD. 

i T3 RO THER in CHRIST, and well-belov'd, 
JD Attend, and add thy Pray'r to mine, 
As Aaron call'd, and inly mo-ifd, 
To minifter in Things Divine ! 

y. Faithful, and often own'd of GOD, 

Veflel of Grace, by JESUS us'd ; 
Stir up the Gift on thee beftow'd, 

The Gift, thro' Hallow V Hands transfused. 

3 Fully thy heavenly Miffion prove, 

And make thine own Election fure ; 

Rooted in FAITH, and Hope, and Love, 

Active to work, and firm t'endure. 

4 Scorn to contend with Flefli and Blood, 

And trample on fo mean a Foe ; 
By ftronger Fiends in vain withilood, 
Dauntlefs to nobler Conquefts go. 

5 Go where the darkeft Terapeft low'rs, 

Thy Foes, triumphant Wreftler, foil ; 
Thrones, Principalities, and Powers, 
Engage, o'ercome, and take the Spoil. 

6 The Weapons of thy Warfare take, 

With Truth and Meeknefs arm'd ride on ; 
Mighty, thro' GOD, Hell's Kingdom fhake, 
Satan's ftrong Holds, thro' GOD, pull down. 

7 Humble each vain afpiring Boaft, 

Intenfely for GOD's Glory burn ; 
Strongly declare the Sinner loft, 

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS o'ertum, o'erturn. 



8 Tear the bright Idol from his Shrine, 
Nor fuffer mm on Earth to dwell; 
T'ufurp the Place of Blood Divine, 
But chafe him to his native Hell. 

g Be all into Subjection brought, 

The Pride of Man let FAITH abafe ; 
And captivate his every Thought, 
And force him to befavdby Grace. 

T'o the fame, before his Voyage. 

1 Q E RVA N T of G O D, the Summons hear, 
O Thy Matter calls, arife, obey ! 

The Tokens of his Will appear, 
His Providence points out thy Way. 

2 Lo ! we commend thee to his Grace ? 

In Confidence go forth ! be ftrong ! 
Thy Meat his Will, thy Boalt his Praife, 
His Righteoufnefs be all thy Song. 

3 Strong in the LORD'S Almighty Power, 

And arm'd in Panoply Divine, 
Firm may'il thou Hand in Danger's Hour, 
And prove the Strength of JESUS Thine. 

4 Thy Breaft-Plate be his Righteoufnefs, 

His facred Truth thy Loins furround ; 
Shod be thy beauteous Feet with Peace, 
Spring forth, and fpread the Gofpel Sound. 

5 Fight the good Fight, and ftand fecure 

In FAITH'S impenetrable Shield ; 
Hell's Prince (hall tremble at its Power, 
With all his fiery Darts repell'd. 



6 Prevent thy Foes, nor wait their Charge, 

But call their ling' rirg Battle on, 
But itrongly graip thy Seven-fold Targe, 
And bear the World and Satan down. 

7 The Helmet of Salvation take, 

The LORD'S, the Spirit's conqu' ring Sword, 
Speak from the Word ; in Lightning fpeak ; 
Cry out, and Thunder from the Word. 

8 Champion of GOD, thy LORD proclaim, 

JESUS alone relolv'd to know; 
Tread do\vn thy Foes in JESU'S Name : 
Go ; conqu'ring, and to conquer go. 

o Thro' Racks and Fires purfue thy Way, 

Be mindful of a dying GOD; 
Finifti thy Courfe, and win the Day : 

Look up ; and feal the Truth with Blood. 

A Hymn, to be fung at Sea. 

1 T OR D of the wide-extended Main, 

\ j Whofe Power the Winds and Seas controuls, 
Whofe Hand doth Earth and Heaven fuftain, 
Whofe Spirit leads believing Souls ; 

2 For Thee we leave our Native Shore, 

(We, whom thy Love delights to keep) 
In other Worlds thy Works explore, 
And fee thy Wonders in the Deep, 

3 Tis here thine unknown Paths we trace, 

Which dark to human Eyes appear, 
While through the mighty Waves we pafs, 
FAITH only fees that GOD is here. 



4 Throughout the Deep thy Footfteps mine, 

We own thy Way is in the Sea, 
O'er-awM by Majefty Divine, 
And loit in thy Immenfity ! 

5 Thy Wifdom here we learn t 1 adore, 

Thine Everlafting Truth we prove, 
Amazing Heights of boundlefs Power, 
Unfathomable Depths of Love. 

6 Infinite GOD, thy Greatnefs fpann'd 

Thefe Heavens, and meted out the Skies, 
Lo! in the Hollow of thy Hand, 
The meafur'd Waters fink and rife ! 

7 Thee to Perfection who can tell ? 

Earth, and her Sons beneath Thee lie, 
Lighter than Duft within thy Scale, 
lefs than Nothing in Thine Eye. 

8 Yet in thy Son Divinely Great, 

We claim thy Providential Care: 
Boldly we fhmd before thy Seat, 
Our Advocate hath plac'd us there, 

9 With Him we are gone up on high, 

Since He is ours, and we are His ; 
With him we reign above the Sky, 
Yet walk upon our fubjeft Seas. 

t o We boaft of our recovered Pow'rs, 

Lords are we of the Lands, and Floods, 
And Earth, and Heaven, and All is ours, 

And we are CHRIST'S, and CHRIST is GOD's! 



In a Storm. 

LORY to Thee, whofe powerful Word, 

Bids the Tempeftuous Wind arife, 
Glory to Thee, the Sovereign LORD 
Of Air, and Earth, and Seas, and Skies'! 

2 Let Air, and Earth, and Skies obey, 

And Seas Thine awful Will perform : 
From them we learn to own thy Sway, 
And fhout to meet the gathering Storm. 

3 What tho' the Floods lift up their Voice, 

Thou heareft, LORD, our louder Cry j 

They cannot damp thy Children's Joys, 

Or make the Soul when GOD is nigh. 

4 Headlong we cleave the yawning Deep, 

And back to higheft Heaven are born, 
Unmov'd, tho' rapid Whirlwinds fweep, 
And all the watry World upturn. 

5 Roar on, ye Waves ! our Souls defy 

Your roaring to difturb our Reft, 
In vain t'impair the Calm ye try, 
The Calm Jn a Believer's Breaft. 

6 Rage, while our FAITH the SAVIOUR tries, 

Thou Sea, the Servant of his Will: 
Rife, while our GOD permits thee, rife ; 
Butfall, when He fhall fay, Beftill! 



ZECH. xii. 10. 

They flail look upon Me whom they 
have pierced. 

From the German. 

1 T? XTENDED on a curfed Tree, 

JPv Befmear'd with Du^, and Sweat, and Blood, 
See here, the King of Glory fee ! 
Sinks, and expires the Son of G O D ! 

2 Who, Who, my SAVIOUR, this hath done ; 
Who could thy facred Body wound ? 

No Guilt thy fpotlefs Heart hath known 3. 
No Guile hath in thy Lips been- found. 

3 I, I alone have done the Deed .' 
'Tis I thy facred Flefn have torn : 

My Sins have caus'd Thee, LORD, to bleed: 
Pointed the Nail, and fixt the Thorn. 

4 The Burthen for me to fuftain 

Too great, on Thee, my LORD, was laid: 
To heal me, Thou haft bom my Pain ; 
To blefs me, Thou a Curfe waft made. 

5 In the devouring Lion's Teeth 
Torn, .and forlbok of all, I lay : 
Thou fpring'ft into the Jaws of Death, 
From Death to fave the helplefs Prey. 

6 My SAVIOUR, how (hall I proclaim, 
How pay the mighty Debt I owe ? 
Let all I have, and all I am 
Ceafelefs to All thy Glory mew. 

R 2 7 Too 


7 Too much to Thee I cannot give, 
Too much I cannot do for Thee : 
Let all thy Love, and all thy Grief 
Grav'n on my Heart for ever be ! 

8 The meek, the ftifl, the lowly Mind 
O may I learn from Thee, my GOD 
And Love with fofteft Pity join'd 
For thofe that trample on thy Blood. 

9 Still let thy Tears, thy Groans, thy Sighs 
O'erflow my Eyes, and heave my Breaft, 
'Till loofe from Flefh, and Earth I rife, 
And ever in thy Bofom reft. 


i T ONG have I feem'd to ferve Thee, LOR, 

\ J With unavailing Pain j 
Fafted, ar.d pray'd, and read thy Word, 
And heard it preach'd, in vain. 

a Oft did I with th'Aflembly join, 
And near Thine Altar drew; 
A Form of Godlinefs was mine. 
The Pow'r I never knew. 

3 To pleafe Thee, thus (at lad I fee) 

In vain I hop'd, and ftrove : 
For what are Outward Things to Thee, 
Unlefs they fpring from Love ? 

4. I fee the perfedl Law requires 
Truth in the Inward Parts, 
Our full Confent, our whole Defires, 
Our Undivided Hearts. 

c But 


5 But I of Means have made my Boaft, 

Of Means an Idol made, 
The Spirit in the Letter loft, 
The Subitance in the Shade. 

6 I refted in the Outward Law, 

Nor knew its deep Defign ; 
The Length, and Breadth, .1 never faw, . 
And Heighth of Love Divine. 

7 Where am I now, or what my Hope ? 

What can my Weaknefs do ? 

JESU ! to Thee my Soul looks up, 

'Tis Thou muft make it new. 

S Thine is the Work, and Thine alone. 

But mall I idlyftand? 
Shall I the written Rule difown, 
And flight my GOD's Command ? 

9 Wildly mall I from Thine turn back, 

A better Path to find ; 
Thine Holy Ordinance forfake, 
And caft thy Words behind ? 

10 Forbid it, gracious LORD, that I 

Should ever learn Thee fo ! 
No let me with thy Word comply, 
If I thy Love would know. 

1 1 Suffice for me, that Thou, my LORD, 

Hail: bid me faft, and pray : 
Thy Will be done, thy Name ador'dj : 
'Tis only mine t'obey. 

1 2 Thou bidft me fearch the facred Leaves } . 

And tafte the Hallow' d Bread : 
The kind Commands my Soul receives. 
And longs on Thee to feed. 

R 3 13 Still 


1 3 Still for thy Loving Kindnefs, LORD, 

I in thy Temple wait; 
I look to find Thee in thy Word, 
Or at thy Table meet. 

14 Here, in Thine own outpointed Ways, 

I wait to learn thy Will : 
Silent I ftand before thy Face, 
And hear Thee fay, 

15 Be Jlilland know that I am GOD! 

'Tis all I live to know, 
To feel the Virtue of thy Blood, 
And fpread its Praife below. 

1 6 I wait my Vigour to renew, 
Thine Image to retrieve, 
The Veil of outward Things pafs thro', 
And gafp in Thee to live. 

1 7 I work ; and own the Labour vain : 

And thus from Works I ceafe : 
I ftrive, and fee my fruitlefs Pain, 
'Till GOD create my Peace.^ 

1 8 Fruitlefs, 'till Thou Thyfelf impart, 

Muft all my Efforts prove : 
They cannot change a finful Heart, 
They cahnot purchafe Love. 

19 I do the Thing thy Laws enjoin, 

And then the Strife give o'er : 
To Thee I then the whole relign ; 
J trxjl in Means no more. 

20 I trul in Him who ftands between 

The Father's Wrath and me : 
J E s u ! Thou great Eternal Mean, 
J look for all from Thee . 

21 Thy 


2 1 Thy Mercy pleads, thy Truth requires, 

Thy Promife calls Thee down : 

Not for the Sake of my Defires 

But Oh ! regard '1 hine own ! 

22 I feek no Motive out of Thee : 

Thine own Defires fulfil : 
If now thy Bowels yearn on me, 
On me perform thy Will. 

23 Doom, ifThoucanft, to endlefs Pains, 

And drive me from thy Face : 
But if thy ilronger Love conftrains, 
Let me be fani 'd by Grace, 

Waiting for CHRIST. 


\^J T he True, and Merciful, and Juft, 
Be mindful of thy gracious Word, 
Wherein Thou caafeft me to trail. 

2 My weary Eyes look out in vain, 

And long thy faving Health to fee : 
But known to Thee is all my Pain : 

When wilt Thou come, and comfort me ! 

3 Prifoner of Hope, to Thee I turn, 

Thee my ftrong Hold, and only Stay: 
Harden'd in Grief, I ever mourn : 
Why do thy Chariot-wheels delay ? 

4 But (hall thy Creature aflc Thee why ? 

No ; I retract the eager Prayer : 
LORD, as Thou wilt, and not as I ; 
I cannot chuie : Thou canft not err. 

5 To 


5 To Thee, the only Wife, and Tru e, 

See then at laft I all refign j 
Make me in CHRIST a Creature new, 
The Manner, and the Time be Thine. 

6 Only preferve my Soul from Sin, 

Nor let me faint for want of Thee : 
I'll wait till Thou appear within, 

And plant thy Heaven of Love in me. 

Before Reading the Scriptures. 

1 TTATHER of All, in whom alone 

X/ We live, and move, and breathe, 
One bright celeftial Ray dart down, 
And chear thy Sons beneath. 

2 While in thy Word we fearch for Thee, 

(We fearch with trembling Awe) 
Open our Eyes, and let us fee 
The Wonders of thy Law. 

3 Now let our Darknefs comprehend 

The Light that mines fo clear : 
Now the Revealing Spirit fend, 
And give us Ears to hear. 

4 Before us make thy Goodnefs pafs, 

Which here by FAITH we know j 
Let us in JESUS fee thy Face, 
And die to all below. 


TEACHER Divine, we afk thy Grace, 
Thefe facred Leaves t' unfold: 
Here in the Gofpel's cleareft Glafs, 

Let us thy Face behold. 2 Shew 


2 Shew us thy Sire ; for known to Thee 

The Father's Glories are : 
The dread Paternal Majefty 
1 hou only canft declare. 

3 Open the Scriptures now ; reveal 

All which for us '1 hou art : 
Talk with us, LORD, and let us feel 
1 he Kindling in our Heart. 

4 In Thee we langnim to be found j 

To catch thy Words we bow ; 
We Men for the quick'ning Sound 
Speak, LORD ; we hear Thee now. 


HOLY GHOST, our Hearts injure, 
Let us Thine Influence prove ; 
Source of the old Prophetick Fire, 
Fountain of Life, and Love. 

a Come, HOLY GHOST, (for, mov'd by Thee, 

Thy Prophets wrote and fpoke :) 
Unlock the Truth, Thyfelf the Key, 
Unfeal the Sacred Book. 

3 Expand thy Wings celeftial Dove, 

Brood o'er our Nature's Night ; 
On our diforder'd Spirits move, 
And let there now be Light. 

4 G O D thro' Himfelf we then fliall know, 

If Thou within us fhine, 
And found, with all thy Saints below, 
The Depths of Love Divine. 




1 TTORTH in thy Strength, O LORD, I go, 
JF Thy Gofpel to proclaim, 

Thine only Righteouihefs to fhew, 
And glorify thy Name. 

2 Ordain'd I am, and fent by Thee, 

As by the Father i hou: 
And lo ! '1 hou always art with me ! 
I plead the Promife Now. 

3 O give me now to fpeak thy Word 

In this appointed Hour ; 
Attend it with thy Spiiit, LORD, 

And let it come with Power. 

4 Open the Hearts of All that hear, 

To make their SAVIOUR Room, 
Now let them find Redemption near, 
Let FAITH by Hearing come. 

5 Give them to hear the Word as Thine, 

And (while they thus receive) 
Prove it the Saving Power Divine, 
To Sinners that believe. 


GLORY, andPraife, and Love to Thee, 
For this effe&ual Door, 
JESU ! who publifheft by me 
1 he Gofpel to the Poor. 



2 Glory to thy great Name alone, 

r j hat Life and Power imparts : 
Now, LORD, thy genuine Gofpel own, 
And graft it on their Hearts. 

3 Now let them feel the Tidings true, 

Grant ' to thy Word Succefs ; 

Water it with thy Heavenly Dew, 

And give the wifh'd Increafe. 

4 Savour of Life, O let it prove, 

And fhew their Sins forgiven ; 
Work in them FAITH, which works by Love, 
And lurely leads to Heaven. 

HYMN to GOD the Santtifier. 

HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire, 
Come, and my hallow'' d Heart infpire, 
Sprinkled with the Atoning Blood : 
Now to my Soul i hyfelf reveal j 
Thy mighty Working let me feel, 
And know that I am born of GOD. 

2 Thy Witnefs with my Spirit bear, 
That GOD, my GOD inhabits there ; 

Ihou, with the FATHER and the SON, 
Eternal Light's coeval Beam, 
Be CHRIST in me, and I in Him, 

Till perfect we are made in One. 

3 When wilt 'I hou my whole Heart fubdue ? 
Come, LORD, and form my Soul anew, 

Emptied of Pride, and Self, and Hell ; 
Lefs than the leaft of all thy Store 
Of Mercies, I myfelf abhor: 

All, all my Vilenefs may I feel. 

4 Humble, 


4 Humble, and teachable, and mild, 

may I, as a little Child, 

My lowly Matter's Steps purfae : 
Be Anger to my Soul unknown ; 
Hate, Envy, Jealoufy, be gone ! 

In Love create 1 hou all Things new. 

5 Let Earth no more my Heart divide, 
With CHRIST may I be crucflfcd, 

To Thee with my whole Soul afpire ; 
Dead to the World, and all its Toys, 
Its idle Pomp, and fading Joys, 

Be Thou alone my One Delire. 

6 Be Thou my Joy, be Thou my Dread ; 
In Battle cover Thou my Head, 

Nor Earth, nor Hell fo mail I fear : 
So fhall I turn my fteady Face ; 
Want, Pain defy, enjoy Difgrace, 

Glory in Diffolution near. 

7 My Will be fwallow'd up in Thee : 
Light in thy Light ftill may I fee, 

Beholding Thee with open Face : 
Call'd the full Power of FAITH to prove, 
Let all my hallow'd Hean be Love, 

And all my finlefs Life be Praife. 

Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire, 
My confecrated Heart infpire, 

Sprinkled with the Atoning Blood : 
Still to my Soul T hyfelf reveal; 

1 hy mighty Working may I feel, 

And know thai I am one with GOD I 



Written In Sickntfs. 

1 T T 7H I L E Sicknefs fhakes the Houfe of Clay, 

VV And fap'd by Pain's continued Courfe, 
My Nature haftens to decay, 

And waits the Fever's friendly Force: 

2 Whither mould my glad Soul afpire, 

But Heav'nward to my SAVIOUR'S Breaft? 
Wafted on Wings of warm Defire, 
To gain her Everlafting Reft. 

3 O when fhall I no longer call 

This Earthly Tabernacle mine ? 
When fhall the {hatter' d Manfion fall, 
And rife rebuilt by Hands Divine ? 

4 Burthen'd beneath this flefhly Load, 

Earneftly here for Eafe I groan, 

Athirft for Thee, the Living GOD, 

And ever ftruggling to be gone. 

5 Where Thou, and only Thou art lov'd, 

Far from the World's infidious Art, 
Beyond the Range of Fiends remov'd, 
And fafe from my deceitful Heart ; 

6 There let me reft, and fin no more : 

Come quickly, LORD, and end the Strife, 
Haften my laft, my mortal Hour, 
Swallow me up in Endlefs Life. 

7 Ah let it not my LORD difpleafe, 

That eager thus for Death I fue, 
T'ward the high Prize impatient prefs, 
And (natch the Crown to Conquefl due. 

S 8 Matter 


8 Mafter, thy Greatnefs wants not me : 

how fhall I thy Caufe defend ! 
Captain, releafe, and fet me free ; 

Here let my ufelefs Warfare end. 

9 "Pis not the Pain I feek to fhun, 

The deftin'd Crofs, and purging Fire ; 
Sin do I fear, and Sin alone, 
Thee, only Thee do I defire. 

10 For Thee, within myfelf, for Thee 

1 groan, and for th' Adoption wait, 
When Death fhall fet my Spirit free, 

And make my Happinefs compleat. 

1 1 No longer then, my LORD, defer, 

From Earth and Sin to take me Home ; 
Now let my Eyes behold Thee near ; 
Come quickly, O my SAVIOUR, come. 

Upon parting with his Friends. 

EASE, foolifh Heart, thy fond Complaints, 

Nor heave with unavailing Sighs, 
Equal is G O D to all thy Wants, 

The hungry Soul Himfelf fupplies : 
Gladly thy every Wifh refign ; 
Thou canft not want, if G O D is thine. 

Stop this full Current of thy Tears, 
Or pour for Sin th'ennobled Flood : 

Look up, my Soul, lhake off thy Fears, 
Or fear to lofe a gracious GOD. 

To Him, thine only Reft, return ; 

In vain for Him thou canll not mourn. 

3 Stffl 


3 Still vex'd and troubled is my Heart ? 

Still wails my Soul the Penal Lofs ? 
Lingering I groan with all to part, 

I groan to bear the grievous Crofs ; 
The grievous Crofs I fain would fly, 
Or fink beneath its Weight, and die. 

4 Sad foothing Thought ! to lofe my Cars, 

And filently refign my Breath ! 
Cut off a Length of wretched Years, 

And Heal an unfafpecled Death ; 
Now to lay down my weary Head, 
And lift it -free among the Dead.! 

5 When will the dear Deliv'rance come, 

Period of all my Pain and Strife ! 

that my Soul, which gafps for Home, 
Which ftruggles in the Toils of Life^ 

Eafe, and a Reiling Place could find, 
And leave this- World of Woe behind ! 

6 O that the Bitternefs were paft r 

The Pain of Life's long lingering Hour ! 
While fnatch'd from Paffion's furious Biaft, 
And fav'd from Sorrow's baleful Pow'r, , 

1 mock the Storm, out-ride the Wave, 
And gain the Harbour of the Grave. 

7 Blefs'd, peaceful State ! Where lull'd to Sleep, 

The Suff'rer's Woes mall all be o'er ! 
There plaative Grief no more mall weep, 

Remembrance there mall vex no more ; 
Nor fond Excefs, nor pining Care, 
Nor Lofs, nor Parting mail be there ! 



1 OHoly, Holy, Holy LORD! 

Righteous in all thy Ways art Thou ? 
I yield, and tremble at thy Word, 

Beneath thy mighty Hand I bow, 
I own, while humbled in the Duft, 
I own the Punifhment is juft. 

2 Joy of my Eyes the Creature was ; 

Defired; but O ! defired for Thee ! 
Why feel I then th'imbitter'd Lofs ? 

Late in thy Judgment's Light, I fee 
Whom now thy Stroke hath far remov'd, 
I lov'd alas ! too dearly lov'd ! 

3 And can I fee my Comfort gone, 

(My All of Comfort here below) 
And not allow a parting Groan, 

And not permit my Tears to flow ? 
Can I forbear to mourn and cry ? 
No let me rather weep, and die. 

4 Dear, lovely, gracious Souls, to me 

Pleafant your Friendlinefs has been ; 
So ftrange your Love, from Drofs fo free, 

The Fountain in the Stream was feen ; 
From Heaven the pure Affection flow'd, 
And led, from whom it fprang, to GO D. 

5 To Him thro' Earth-born Cares ye pafs, 

To Him your loofen'd Souls afpire : 
Glory to GOD's victorious Grace ! 

O could I catch the facred Fire, 
Your mining Steps from far purfue, 
And love, and weep, and part like you. 

6 Partners 


6 Partners of all my Griefs and Joys, 

Help me to caft on G O D my Care, 
To make his Will my only Choice, 

Away the dear Right Eye to tear, 
The wile Decree with you t'adore, 
To truft, fubmit, and grieve no more. 

7 O let your Prayers the SAVIOUR move, 

In Love my Spirit to renew ! 
O could I taile the SAVIOUR'S Love, 

Gladly I then mould part with you ; 
My All triumphantly refign, 
And lodge you in the Arms divine. 


1 Why mould a finful Man complain, 

When mildly chaften'd for his Good ? 
Start from the falutary Pain, 

And tremble at a Father's Rod ? 
Why mould I grieve his Hand t'endure, 
Or murmur to accept my Cure ? 

2 Beneath th'affliaive Stroke I fall, 

And ftruggle to give up my Will ; 
Weeping I own 'tis Mercy all ; 

Mercy purfues and holds me ftill. 
Kindly refafes to depart, 
.And ftrongly vindicates my Heart. 

3 Humbly I now the Rod revere, 

And Mercy in the Judgment find , 
'Tis GOD afflias ; I own Him near; 

'Tis He, 'tis He feverely kind, 
Watches my Soul with jealous Care, 
Difdainful of a Rival there. 


4 'Tis hence my ravim'd Friends I mourn, 

And Grief weighs down my weary Head, 
Far from my bleeding Bofom torn, 

The dear-lov'd, dangerous Joys are fled, 
Hence my Complaining never ends : 
Oh ! I have loft my Friends, my Friends ! 

5 Long my reluftant Folly held, 

Nor gave them to my G O D's Command ; 
Hardly at length conftrain'd to yield ; 

For oh! the Angel feiz'd my Hand, 
Broke off my Grafp, forbad my Stay, 
And forc'd my ling'ring Soul away. 

6 Yes ; the Divorce at laft is made. 

My Soul is crum'd beneath the Blow j 
The Judgment falls, fo long delay 'd, 

And lays my ftubborn Spirit low, 

My Hope expires, my Comfort ends, 
Oh ! I have loft my Friends, my Friends I 


1 How fliall I lift my guilty Eyes, 

Or dare appear before thy Face ? 
When deaf to Mercy's loudeft Cries, 

I long have wearied out thy Grace, 
Withftood thy Power, and crofs'd Thine Art, 
Nor heard, My Son, give Me thy Heart? 

2 How could I, LORD, hold out fo long, 

So long thy ftriving Spirit grieve ! 
Forgive me the defpiteful Wrong : 

Behold, my All for Thee I leave, 
The whole, the whole I here reftore, 
And fondly keep back Part no more. 


3 Lo ! I cut off the dear Right Hand, 

Afham'd I fhould fo late obey, 
Pluck out mine Eye at thy Command, 

And caft the bleeding Orb away - t 
Lo, with my Lift Referve I part, 
I give, I give Thee All my Heart. 

4 My Heart, my Will I here refign, 

My Life, my more than Life for Thee : 
Take back my Friends, no longer mine ; 

Blefs'd be the Love that lent them me : 
Blefs'd be the kind revoking Word, 
Thy Will be done, thy Name ador'd ! 

5 Henceforth Thine only Will I chufe, 

To CHRIST I die, to CHRIST Hive ; 
Had I a Thoufand Lives to lofe, 

Had I a Thoufand Friends to give, 
All, all I would to Thee reftore, 
And grieve that I could give no more. 


1 JESU, in whom the weary find 

Their late and permanent Repofe ; 
Phyfician of the Sin-fick Mind, 

Relieve my Wants, affuage my Woes ; 
And let my Soul on Thee be caft, 
'Till Life's fierce Tyranny be paft. 

2 Loos' d from my G O D, and far remov'd, 

Long have I wander'd to and fro, 
O'er Earth in endlefs Circles rov'd, 

Nor found whereon to reft below ; 
Back to my GOD at laft I fly, 
For O ! the Waters ftill are high. 

3 Selfim 


3 Selfifh Purfuits, and Nature's Maze, 

The Things of Earth for Thee I leave, 
Put forth thine Hand, thine Hand of Grace, 

Into the Ark of Love receive ; 
Take this poor flutt'ring Soul to Reft, 
And lodge it, SAVIOUR, in thy Breaft. 

4 Fill with inviolable Peace,. 

'StabKfh, and keep my fettled Heart; 
In Thee may all my Wand 'rings ceafe, 

From Thee no more may I depart, 
Thy utmoft Goodnefs call'd to prove, 
Lov'd with an everlafting Love. 


1 T T 7 H E N, gracious LORD, ah tell me when 

V V Shall I into myfelf retire * 
To Thee difcover all my Pain, 

And ihew my troubled Heart's Defire ? 

2 I long to pour out all my Soul, 

Sorrow, and Sin's juft Weight to feel, 

To fmart, till Thou haft made me whole, 

To mourn till Thou haft faid, Bejlill. 

3 Sick of Defire for Thee I cry, 

And, weary of forbearing, groan : 
Horror, and Sin are ever nigh, 

My Comfort, and my GOD are gone. 

4 Trembling in dread Sufpence I ftand ; 

Sinking, and falling into Sin, 
Till Thou reach out thy mighty Hand, 
And fnatch me from this Hell within. 

5 Fain 


5 Fain would I rife, and get me hence, 

From every fond Engagement free, 
Pleafure, and Praife, and Self, and Senfe, 
And all that holds me back from Thee. 

6 O that the mild and peaceful Dove, 

Would lend his Wings to aid my Flight T 
Soon would I then far off remove, 
And hide me from this hateful Light 

7 Where none but the All-feeing Eye 

Could mark, or interrupt my Grief, 
No human Comforter be nigh, 
To torture me with vain Relief. 

8 Far in fome lonely defert Place, 

For ever, ever would I fit, 
Languifh to fee the SAVIOUR'S Face, 
And perifh, weeping at his Feet. 

9 O what is Life without my GOD! 

A Burthen more than I can bear : 
I ftruggle to throw off the Load, 
Me from myfelf I ftrive to tear. 

10 I ever gafp in CHRIST to live : 

O that to me the Grace be given ! 
Had I thy Heaven and Earth to give, 

I'd buy Thee with thy Earth and Heaven 


1 1 If Sufferings could thy Love obtain, 

I'd fuffer all Things for thy Love : 
Send me to Hell, I'd there remain : 
But let me there thy Favour prove. 

1 2 Let me thy righteous Doom applaud, 

Thine everlafting Truth declare, 
And vindicate the Ways of GOD, 
And glorify thy Juilice there. 

13 Let 


1 3 Let me I know not how to pray ; 

My Anguifh cannot be expreft : 

JE su, Thou feeft what I would fay ; 

O let thy Bowels fpeak the reft! 

ROMANS vii. 24,, 2 5. 

AT HER of Mercies, GOD of Love, 

Whofe Bowels of Compaflion move 
To iinful Worms ; whofe Arms embrace, 
And ftrain to hold a ftruggling Race ! 

2 With me ftill let thy Spirit ftrive, 
Have Patience, till my Heart I give ; 
Affift me to obey thy Call, 

And give me Power to pay Thee all. 

3 If now my Nature's Weight I feel, 
And groan to render up my Will, 
Not long the kind Relentings ftay-, 
The Morning Vapour fleets away. 

4 A Monfter to myfelf I am, 
Afham'd to feel no deeper Shame ; 
Pain'd that my Pain fo foon is o'er, 
And griev'd, that I can grieve no more. 

5 O who mall fave the Man of Sin ? 
O when mall end this War within ? 
How mail my Captive Soul break thro ?" 
Who mall attempt my Refcue ? Who ? 

6 A Wretch from Sin and Death fet free ?-- 
Anfwer, O anfwer, CHRIST, for me, 
The Grace of an accepting GOD, 
The Virtue of a SAVIOUR'S Blood. 


Who jhall deliver me from the Body 
of this Death? 

1 'TPHOU Son of GOD, Thou Son of Man, 

A Whofe Eyes are as a Flame of Fire, 
With kind Concern regard my Pain, 
And mark my lab'ring Heart's Defire ! 


2 Its inmoft Folds are known to Thee, 

Its fecret Plague I need not tell : 
Nor can I hide, nor can I flee 
The Sin I ever groan to feel. 

3 My Soul it eafily befets, 

About my Bed, about my Way, 
My Soul at every Turn it meets, 
And half perfuades me to obey. 

4. Nothing -I am, and nothing have, 

Nothing my Helplefsnefs can do ; 
But Thou art Good, and ftrong to fave, 
And all that feek may find Thee true. 

5 How mail I aflc, and afk aright ? 

My Lips refufe my Heart t'obey : 
But all my Wants are in thy Sight ; 

My Wants, my Fears, my Sorrows pray. 

6 I want thy Love, I fear thy Frown, 

My own foul Sin I grieve to fee : 
T'efcape its Force would Now fink down, 
And die, if Death could fet me free. 

7 Yet O I cannot burft my Chain, 

Or fly the Body of this Death : 
Irrunur'd in Flefh I ftill remain, 
And gafp a purer Air to breathe. 

8 I 


8 I groan to break my Prifon-Walls, 

And quit the Tenement of Clay ; 
Nor yet the fhatter'd Manfion falls, 
Nor yet my Soul efcapes away. 

9 Ah LORD ! wouldft Thou within me live, 

No longer then fhould I complain, 
Nor fighing wi(h, nor weeping grieve 

For CHRIST my Life, or Death my Gain. 

10 From Grief and Sin I then mould, ceafe ; 

My loofen'd Tongue fhould then declare 
Comfort, and Love, and Joy, and Peaee, 
Fill all the Soul when CHRIST is there ! 

My Scul gafpeth for T^hee as a 
thirfty Land. 

i T ORD, how long, how long mall I 
\ j Lift my weary Eyes in Pain ? 
Seek, but never find Thee nigh, 
Aflt thy Love, but aflc in vain, 
Crum'd beneath my Nature's Load, 
Darkly feeling after GOD! 

z O difclofe thy lovely Face, 

Quicken all my drooping Powers ! 

Gafps my fainting Soul for Grace, 
As a thirfty Land for Showers : 

Hafte, my LORD, no longer ftay, 

Come, my JESUS, come away! 

3 Well Thou know'ft I cannot reft, 

'Till I fully reft in Thee, 
'Till I am of Thee pofTeft, 

'Till from Sin and Self fet free, 
All the Life of FA ITH I prove, 
All the Joy and Heaven of Love. 

4 But 


4 But my fad inconftant State, 

Give me, LORD, this Root within : 
Trembling for thy Love I wait, 

Still relapfmg into Sin, 
palling, 'till thy Love I feel, 
Ever finking into Hell. 

5 With me O continue, LORD, 

Keep me, or from Thee I fly : 
Strength and Comfort from thy Word 

Imperceptibly fupply ; 
Hold me 'till I apprehend, 
Make me Faithful to the End. 

Longing after CHRIST. 

1 TES U, the Strength of all that faint, 

J When wilt Thou hear my fad Complaint ? 
JESU, the weary Wanderer's Reft, 
When wilt Thou take me to thy Breaft ? 

2 My Spirit mourns, by Thee forgot, 

And droops my Heart, where Thou art not : 

My Soul is all an aching Void, 

And pines, and thirlls, and gafps for GOD. 

5 The Pain of Abfence ftill I prove, 
Sick of Defire, but not of Love ; 
Weary of Life I ever groan, 
I long to lay the Burthen down. 

4 'Tis Burthen all, and Pain, and Strife : 
O give me Love, and take my Life ! 
JESU, my only Want fupply, 
O let me tafte thy Love, and die ! 



I N K I N G underneath my Load, 

Darkly feeling after Thee, 
Let me afk, my GOD, my GOD, 

Why haft Thou foifaken me! 
Why, O why am I forgot ! 
LORD, I feek, but find Thee. not. 

z Still I afk, nor yet receive, 

Knock at the unqpen'd Door; 
Still I ftruggle to believe, 

Hope, tho' urg'd to hope no more, 
Bearing what I cannot bear, 
Yielding, fighting with Delpair. 

- Hear in Mercy my Complaint, 

Hear, and haften to my Aid, 
Help, or utterly I faint, 

Fails the Spirk Thou haft made ; 
Save me, or my Foe prevails, 
Save me, or thy PromHe fails. 

4 Struggling in the Fowler's Snare, 

Lo ! I ever look to Thee : 
Tempted more than I can bear 

No, my Sonl, it cannot be ; 
True and faithful is the Word, 
Sure the Coming of thy LORD. 

- Come then, O my SAVIOUR, come, 

G O D of Truth no longer ftay, 
GOD of Love, difpel the Gloom, 

Point me out the promis'd Way, 
Let me from the Trial fly, 
Sink into thine Arms, and die ! 

6 Waft 


6 Waft me to that happy Shore, 

Port of Eafe, and End of Care ; 

All thy Storms mall there be o'er, 
Sin lhall never reach me there, 

Surely of my GOD poffeft, 

Safe in my Redeemer's Breaft! 

MATTHEW v. 3, 4, 6. 

1 YES U, if ftill the fame Thou art, 
J If all thy Promiies are fure> . 
Set up thy Kingdom in my Heart, 

And make me rich, for I am poor : 
To me be all thy Treafures given, 
The Kingdom of an Inward Heaven. 

2 Thou haft pronounc'd the Mourner bleft i 

And lo ! for Thee I ever mourn : 
I cannot ; no, I will not reft, 

'Till Thou my only Reft return, 
'Till Thou, the Prince of Peace, appear. 
And I receive the Comforter. . 

3 Where is the Bleflednefs beftow'd 

On all that hunger after Thee ? 
I hunger now, I thirft for G O D ! - 

See, the poor, fainting Sinner, fee, 
And fatisfy with endlefs Peace, 
And fill me with thy Righteoulhefs. 

4 Ah LORD! if Thoa art in that Sigh, 

Then hear Thyfelf within me pray ; 
Hear in my Heart thy Spirit's Cry, 

Mark what my lab ring Soul 'would fay ? 
Anfwer the deep, unutter'd Groan, 
And (hew that Thou and I are One. 

T 2 5 Shine- 


5 Shine on thy Work, difperfe the Gloom, 

Light in thy Light I then {hall fee : 
Say to my Soul, " Thy Light is come, 

" Glory Divine is ris'n on thee, 
" Thy Warfare's paft, thy Mourning's o'er : 
" Look up, for thou lhalt weep no more." 

6 LORD, I believe the Promife fure, 

And truft Thou wilt not long delay ; 
Hungry, and forrowful, and poor, 

Upon thy Word myfelf I fray j 
Into thine Hands my All refign, 
And wait 'till All Thou art is mine ? 


ESU, Lover of my Soul, 

Let me to thy Bofom fly, 
While the nearer Waters roll, 

While the Tempeft ftill is high : 
Hide me, O my SAVIOUR, hide, 

Till the Storm of Life is paft: 
Safe into the Haven guide ; 

O receive my Soul at laft. 

2 Other Refuge have I none, 

Hangs my helplefs Soul on Thee : 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, 

Still fuppcrt, and comfort me. 
All my Truft on Thee is itay'd; 

All my Help from Thee I bring j 
Cover my defencelefs Head 

With the Shadow of thy Wing. 

3 Wilt Thou not regard my Call ? 

Wilt Thou not accept my Prayer ? 
Lo! I fmk, I faint, I fall - 
Lo f on 1 hee I caft my Care : 



Reach me out thy gracious Hand ! 

While I of thy Strength receive, 
Hoping againft Hope I ftand, 

Dying, and behold I live! 

Thou, O CHRIST, art all I want, 

More than all in Thee I find : 
Raife the Fallen, chear the Faint, 

Heal the Sick, and lead the Blind. 
Juft, and Holy is thy Name, 

I am all Unrighteoufnefs, . 
Falfe, aad full of Sin I am, 

Thou art full of Truth, and Grace. 

Plenteous Grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to cover all my Sin ; 
Let the healing Streams abound, 

Make, and keep me pure within: 
Thou of Life the Fountain art : 

Freely let me take of Thee, 
Spring Thou up within my Heart, 

Rife to all Eternity? 

He jlxill fa-ve bis People from 
their Sins.- 

1 YES US, in whom the Godhead's Ray? 
J Beam forth with milder Majefty, 

I fee Thee full of Truth and Grace, 
And come for all I want to Thee. 

2 Wrathful, impure, and proud I am, 

Nor Cohflancy, nor Strength I h:: . 
But thou, O Lord, art flill the fame, 
And haft not- loft thy Power to favc. 

T 3 3 -Save 


3 Save me from Pride, the Plague expell ; 

JESU, thine humble Self impart; 
O let thy Mind within me dwell ; 
O give me Lowlinefs of Heart. 

4 Enter Thyfelf, and caft out Sin ; 

Thy Spotlefs Purity beftow ; 
Touch me, and make the Leper clean : 
Warn me, and I am white as Snow. 

5 Fury is not in Thee, my GOD: 

O why fhou'd it be found in Thine ? 
Sprinkle me, SAVIOUR, with thy Blood, 
And all thy Gentlenefs is mine. 

6 Pour but thy Blood upon the Flame, 

Meek, and difpaflionate, and mild, 
The Leopard finks into a Lamb, 
And I become a little Child. 


TT THERE {hall I lay my weary Head ? 
V V Where (hall I hide me from my Shame ? 
From all I feel, and all I dread, 
And all I have, and all I am ! 
Swift to outftrip the ftormy Wind, 
And leave this curfed Self behind ! 

the intolerable Load 

Of Nature waken'd to purfue, 
The Footfteps of a diftant GOD, 

'Till FAITH hath form'd the Soul anew ? 
*Tis Death, 'tis more than Death to Lear: 

1 cannot live, 'till G O D is here. 

3 Givj 


3 Give me thy Wings, Celeftial Dove, 

And help me from myfelf to fly; 
Then fhall my Soul far off remove, 

The Tempeft's idle Rage defy, 
From Sin, .from Sorrow, and from Strife 
Efcap'd, and hid in CHRIST, my Life* 

4 Stranger on Earth, I fojourn here: 

Yet, O ! on Earth i cannot reft, 
'Till Thou my hidden Life appear, 

And fweetly take me to thy Breaft t 
To Thee my Wiflies all afpire, 
And fighs for Thee my whole Defire. 

5 Search, and try out my panting Heart: 

Surely, my LORD, it pants for Thee, 
Jealous left Earth mould claim a Part : 

Thine, wholly Thine I gafp to be : 
Thou know'ft 'tis all I live to prove ; 
Thou know'ft I only want thy Love. 

'Tbefe Things were written for our 

1 TESU, if ftill Thou art To-day 
J As Yefterday the fame, 
Prefent to heal, in me difplay 

The Virtue of thy Name. 

2 If ftill Thou go'ft about, to do 

Thy needy Creatures Good, 
On me, that I thy Praile may mew, 
Be all thy Woaders IhewM. 

3 Now, LORD, to whom for Help I call, 

Thy Miracles repeat j 
With pitying Eyes behold me fall 

A Leper at thy Feet. 4 Loath- 

iio HYMNS -and SACRED 

4. Loathfome, and foul, and felf-abhor'd, , 

I fink beneath my Sin ; 
But if Thou wilt, a gracious Word . 
Of Thine can make me clean. 

5 Thou fee'ft me deaf to thy Commands, 

Open, O LORD, my Ear; 
Bid me flretch out my wither'd Hands, , 
And lift them up in Prayer. 

6 Silent, (alas ! Thou know'ft how long) 

My Voice I cannot raife ; 
But O ! when Thou {hah loofe my Tongue, . 
The Dumb fhall fing thy Praife. 

7 Lame at the Pool I ftill am found; . 

Give ; and my Strength employ ; . 
Light as a Hart I then.ihall bound, 
The Lame mall leap for Joy. 

8 Blind from my Birth to Guilt, and Thee,, 

And dark I am within, 
The Love of GOD I cannot fee, 
The Sinfulnefs of Sin. 

9 B,ut Thou, they fay, art paffing by; 

O let me find Thee near: 

JESUS, in Mercy hear my Cry! 

Thou Son .of David 'hear i ' 

10 Long have I waited in the Way 

For Thee the Heavenly Light ; 
Command me to-be brought, and fay, 
Sinner, receive 'thy Sight. 

1 1 While dead in Trefpaffes I lie, 

The quick'hing Spirit give ; 
Call me, Thou Son of GOD, that! 
May hear thy Voice, and live. 

12 While 


1 z While full of Angnifh and Difeafe, 

My weak, diftemper'd Soul 
Thy Love compaffionately fee?, 
6 let it mak me whole. 

1 3 While torn by Hellifh Pride, I cry, 

By Legion Luft poffeft, 
Son of the Living GOD, draw nigh, 
And fpeak me into .Reft, 

1 4 Caft out thy Foes, and let them flill 

To JESU'S Name fubmit j 
Cloath with thy Righteoufnefs, and heal, 
And place me at thy Feet. 

J 5 TojESu's Name if all Things now 

A trembling Homage pay, 
O let my ftubborn Spirit bow, 
My Stiff-neck'd Will obey. 

* 6 Impotent, dumb, and deaf, and blind, 

And fick, and poor I am ; 
But fure a Remedy to find 
For all in JESU'S Name. 

17! know in Thee all Fulnefs dwells,. 

And all for wretched Man ; 

Fill every Want my Spirit feels, 

And break off every Chain. 

*8 If Thou impart Thyfelf tome, 

No other Good I need ; 
If Thou the Son malt make me free, 
I mall be free indeed. 

*9 I cannot reft, till in thy Blood 

I full Redemption have ; 
But Thou, thro' whom 1 come to GOD, 

Canft to the utmoft fave. zo Froifc 


20 From Sin, the Guilt, the Power, the Pain, 

Thou wilt redeem my Soul: 
LORD, I believe j and not in vain : 
My FAITH fhall make me whole, 

2 1 I too with Thee lhall walk in White, 

With all thy Saints lhall prove, 
What is the Length, and Breadth, and Height, 
And Depth of Perfect Love. 

From the German. 

1 T Thirft, Tiou wounded Lamb of GOD, 
X To wafh me in thy cleanilng Blood, 
To dwell within thy Wounds j then Pain 
Is fweet, and Life or Death is Gain. 

2 T?ke my poor Heart, and let it be: 
For ever clos'd to all but Thee ! 

Seal Thou my Breafl, and let me wear 
That Pledge of Love for ever there. 

3 How bleft are they, who ftill abide 
Clofe fhelter'd in thy bleeding Side ! 

Who Life, and Strength from thence derive, 
And by Thee- move, and in Thee live ! 

4 What are our Works but Sin and Death, 
'Till Thou thy quick'ning Spirit breathe ? 
Thou giv'it the Power thy Grace to move f 
O wond'rous Grace ! O boundlefs Love ! 

5 How can it be> Thou Heavenly King, 
That Thou fhould'ft us to Glory bring? 
Make Slaves the Partners of thy Throne, 
Deck'd with a never-fading Crown. 

6. Hence 


6 Hence our Hearts melt, our Eyes o'erflow, 
Our Words are loft : Nor will we know, 
Nor will we think of ought, befide 

" My LORD, my Love is crucified." 

7 Ah LORD! enlarge our fcanty Thought, 
To know the Wonders- Thou hail wrought ! 
Unloefe our ftamm'ring Tongue, to tell 
Thy Love, immeme, unfearchable ! 

8 Firft -born of many Brethren Thou! 
To Thee, lo ! all our Souls we bow, 

To Thee our Hearts and Hands we give : 
Thine may we-die, Thine may we live. 


N D wilt Thou yet be found ? 
, And may I ftill draw near ? 
Then liften to the plaintive Sound 
Of a poor Sinner's Prayer. 

JESU, Thine Aid afford, 
If Hill the fame Tuou art ; 
To Thee I look, to Thee, my LoRa, 
Lift up an helplcfs Heart. 

Thou freft iny tortur'd Breaft, 
The Strugglings of my Will, 
The Foes thai interrupt my Reft, 
The Agonies I feel : 

The Daily Death I prove, 
SAVIOUR, to T'hee is known j 
'Tisworfe than De.uh, my GOD to love, 
And not my GOD Alone, 

3 My 


My peevifh Paffions chide, 
Who only canft controul, 
Canft turn the Stream of Nature's Tide, 
And calm my troubled Soul. 

my offended LORD, 
Reftore my inward Peace : 

I know Thou canft : Pronounce the Word, 
And bid the Tempeft ceafe. 

Abate the Purging Fire, 
And dra-vj me to my Good; 
Allay the Fever of Defire, 

By fprinklirjg me with Blood. 

1 long to fee thy Face, 
Thy Spirit I implore, 

The Living Water of thy Grace, 
That J may thirft no more. 

When fhall thy Love conftrairt 
And force me to thy Breaft ? 
When fhall my Soul return again 
To her Eternal Reft ? 

Ah ! what avails my Strife, 

My wand' ring to and fro ? 

Thou haft the Words of endlefs Life, 

Ah ! whither mould i go ? 

Thy condefcending Grace 
To me did freely move: 
It calls me ftill to feek thy Face, 
And ftoops to afk my Love. 

LORD, at thy Feet I fall, 
I groan to be fet free, 
I fain would now obey the Call, 
And give up All for Thee. 

7 To 


7 To refcue me from Woe, 

Thou didft with all Things part, 
Didfl lead a differing Life below, 
To gain my worthlefs Heart : 

My worthlefs Heart to gain, 
The GOD of All that breathe 
Was found in Fafhion as a Man, 
And died a curfed Death. 

And can I yet delay 
My little All to give, 
To tear my Soul from Earth away, 
For JESUS to receive? 

Nay, but I yield, I yield! 
I can hold out no more, 
I fink by dying Love compell'd, 
And own Thee Conqueror. 

9 Tho' late I all forfake, 

My Friends, my Life refign, 
Gracious Redeemer, take, O take 
And feal me ever Thine. 

Come, and poflefs me whoje, 
Nor hence again remove, 
Settle, and fix my wav'ring Soul, 
With all thy Weight of Love. 

10 My One Defire be This, 
Thy only Love to know, 
To feek and tafte no other Blifs, 
No other Good below. 

My Life, my Portion Thou, 
Thou All-fufficient art, 
My Hope, my Heavenly Treafure, now 
Enter, and keep my Heart. 

U ii Rather 


1 1 Rather than let it burn 

For Earth, O quench its Heat, 
Then, when it would to Earth return, 
O let it ceafe to beat. 

Snatch me from 111 to come, 
When 1 from Thee would fly, 
O take my wand'ring Spirit Home, 
And grant me Then to die ! 

A PRAYER again/I the Power 
of Sin. 

That Thou would'ft the Heavens rent, 

In Majefly come down, 
Stretch out thine Arm Omnipotent, 
And feize me for Thine own ! 

2 Defcend, and let thy Lightning burn 

The Stubble of thy Foe; 
My Sins overturn, o'erturn, overturn, 
And let the Mountains flow. 

3 Thou my impetuous Spirit guide, 

And curb my headitrong Will : 
Thou only canit drive back the Tide, 
And bid the Sun iland Ml. 

4. What tho' I cannot "break my Chain, 

Or e'er throw off my Load, 
The Things impoffible to Men. 
Are poflible to G O D. 

r Is any Tiling too hard for Thee, 

Almighty LORD of all, 
Whofe threatning Looks dry up the Sea, 
And make the Mountains fall ? 

6 Who, 


6 Who, who fhall in thy Prefence (land, 

And match Omnipotence, 
Ungrafp the Hold of thy Right-Hand , 
Or pluck the Sinner thence ? 

7 Sworn to deftroy let Earth affail, 

Nearer to fave Thou art, 
Stronger than all the Powers of Hell, 
And greater than my Heart. 

8 Lo ! to the Hills I lift mine Eye, 

Thy promised Aid 1 claim, 
Father of Mercies, glorify 
Thy fav'rite JESU'S Name. 

9 Salvation in that Name is found, 

Balm of my Grief, and Care, 
A Med'cine for my every Wound, 
All, all I want is There. 


The weary Sinner's Friend, 
Come to my Help, pronounce the Word, 
And bid my Troubles end. 

1 1 Deliverance to my Soul proclaim, 

And Life, and Liberty, 
Shed forth the Virtue of thy Name, 
And JESUS prove to me. 

i z Faith to be heal'd Thou know'ft I have, 

For Thou that Faith haft given : 
Thou canft, Thou Canft the Sinner fave, 
And make me meet for Heaven. 

1 3 Thou canft overcome this Heart of mine i 

Thou wilt vi&orious prove, 
For Everlafting Strength-is Thine, 
And Everlafting Love. 

U z 14 Thy 


1 4 Thy Powerful Spirit fhall fubdue 

Unconquerable Sin; 

Cleanfe this foul Heart, and make it new, 
And write thy Law within. 

1 5 Bound down with twice ten thoufand Ties, 

Yet let me hear thy Call, 
My Soul in Confidence fhall rife, 
Shall rife, and break thro' all. 

1 6 Speak, and the Deaf fhall hear thy Voice, 

The Blind his Sight receive, 
The Dumb in Songs of Praife rejoice, 
The Heart of Stone believe. 

j 7 The Etbiop then fhall change his Skin, 

The Dead fhall feel thy Power, 
The loathfome Leper fhall be clean, 
And i fhall fin no more ! 

After a Relapfe into Sin. 

E P TH of Mercy ! Can there be 
Mercy ftill referv'd for me ! 
Can my GOD his Wrath forbear, 
Me, the Chief of Sinners fpare ! 

2 I have long withftood his Grace, 
Long provok'd Him to his Face, 
Would not hearken to his Calls, 
Griev'd Him by a thoufand Falls. 

3 I my Mafter have denied, 
1 afrefh have crucified, 

Oft profan'd his Hallow'd Name, 
Put Him to an open Shame. 

4 I have fpilt his precious Blood, 
Trampled on the Son of GOD, 


Fill'd with Pangs unfpeakable, 
I who yet am not in HtlL 

5 Lo ! I cumber ftill the Ground ! 
Lo ! an Advocate is found, 

' ' Haften not to cut him down, 
* * Let this barren Soul alone. 

6 JESUS fpeaks, and pleads his Blood, 
He difarms the Wrath of GOD, 
Now my Father's Bowels move, 
Juflice lingers into Love. 

7 Kindled his Relentings are, 
Me he now delights to fpare, 
Cries, " Howjhall Igivetheeup?" 
Lets the lifted Thunder drop. 

g Whence to me this wafte of Love ? 
Afk my Advocate above, 
See the Caufe in JESU'S Face, 
Now before the Throne of Grace. 

q There for me the SAVIOUR (lands, 

Shews his Wounds, and fpreads his Hands, 
GOD is LOVE : 1 know, I feel, 
JESUS weeps! and loves me ftill! 

10 JESUS! anfwer from above, 
Is not all thy Nature Love [ 
Wilt Thou not the Wrong forget, 
Suffer me to kifs thy Feet ? 

11 If I rightly read thy Heart, 
If Thou all Compaffion art, 
Bow Thine Ear, in Mercy bow, 
Pardon, and accept me now. 

1 2 Pity from Thine Eye let fall \ 
By a Look my Soul recall, 

U 3 Now 


Now the Stone to Flefti convert, 
Caft a Look and breal^my Heart. 

1 3 Now incline me to repent, 
Let me now my Fall lament; 
Now my foul Revolt deplore, 
Weep, believe, and fin no more. 

Written in Strefs of Temptation. 

1 ~T A M the Man, who long have known 
J, The Fiercenefs of Temptation's Rage ! 
And ftill to GOD for Help I groan: 

When mail my Groans his Help engage ? 

2 Out of the Deep on CHRIST I call, 

In Bitternefs of Spirit cry ; 
Broken upon that Stone I fall ; 
I fall; the Chief of Sinners I! 

5 SAVIOUR of Men, my fad Complaint 

Let me into thy Bofom pour : 
Beneath my Load of Sin I faint, 
And Hell is ready to devour. 

A A Devil to myfelf I am, 

Yet cannot 'fcape the Flefh I tear, 

Beaft, Fiend, and Legion is my Name, 

My Lot the Blacknefs of Defpair. 

f Why then in this unequal Strife, 

To Tophet's utmoft Margin driven, 
Still gafps my parting Soul for Life, 

Nor quite gives up her Claim to Heaven? 

Why hopes for Help my drooping Heart, 

(Hopes againft Hope) when none is nigh ? 
J cannot from my LORD depart, 

But kifs the Feet at which I die. 7 My 


7 My LORD, (I ftill will call Thee mine, 

Till fentenc'd to Eternal Pain ;) 
Thou wouldeft not thy Cup decline, 
The Vengeance due to guilty Man. 

& My Sufferings all to Thee are known, 

Tempted in every Point like me : 
Regard my Griefs, regard thine own : 
JESU, remember Gal-vtvy ! 

9 O call to Mind thine earneft Prayers, 
Thine Agony and Sweat of Blood, 
Thy ftrong and bitter Cries and Tears, 

Thy mortal Groan, MY GOD, My GOD f 

10 For whom didft Thou the Crofs endure?] 

Who nail'd thy Body to the Tree ? 
Did not thy Death my Life procure? 
O let thy Bowels anfwer me ! 

1 1 Art Thou not touch'd with Human Woe ?" 

Hath Pity left the Son of Man? 
Doft Thou not all our Sorrow know, 
And claim a Share in all our Pain? 

1 2 Canft Thou forget thy Days of Flefh ? 

Canft Thou my Miferies not feel? 
Thy tender Heart it bleeds afrefh ! 
It bleeds ! and Thou art JESUS ftillf 

13 I feel, I feel Thee now the fame,. 

Kindled thy kind Relentings are ; 
Thefe Meltings from thy Bowels came,. 
Thy Spirit groan'd this inward Prayer. 

14 Thy Prayer is heard, thy Will is done ? 

Light in thy Light at length I fee ; 
Thou wilt preferve my Soul Thine own, 
And (hew forth all thy Power in me. 

15 My 


I 5 My Peace returns, my Fears retire, 

I find Thee lifting up my Head, 

Trembling I now to Heaven afpire, 

And hear the Voice that wakes the Dead. 

1 6 Have I not heard, have I not known, 

That Thou the Everlafting LORD, 
Whom Earth and Heaven their Maker own, 
Art always faithful to thy Word? 

1 7 Thou wilt not break a bruifed Reed, 

Or quench the fainteft Spark of Grace, 
'Till thro' the Soul thy Power is fpread, 
Thine All-vidorious Righteoufnefs. 

1 8 With Labour faint Thou wilt not fail, 

Or wearied give the Sinner o'er, 
'Till in this Earth thy Judgment dwell, 
And born of GOD I fin no more. 

1 9 The Day of fmall and feeble Things 

I know Thou never wilt defpife ; 
I know, with Healing in his Wings, 
The Sun of Righteoufnefs (hall rife. 

20 My Heart Thou wilt anew create, 

The Fulnefs of thy Spirit give : 
In ftedfaft Hope for this I wait, 
And confident in CHRIST believe. 

MlCAH VI. 6, &C.' 

WHEREWITH, O GOD, (hall I draw near, 
And bow my felf before thy Face ? 
How in thy purer Eyes appear ? 
- What ftull I bring to gain thy Grace ? 

2 Will 


2 Will Gifts delight the LORD moft High ? 

Will multiplied Oblations pleafe ? 
Thoufands of Rams His Favour buy, 
Or flaughter'd Hecatombs appeafe ? 

3 Can thefe afluage the Wrath of GOD ? 

Can thefe warn out my guilty Stain ? 
Rivers of Oil and Seas of Blood ! 
Alas ! they all muft flow in vain. 

4. Shall I my darling Ifaac give, 

What e'er is deareft in my Eyes ? 
Wilt Thou my Soul and Flem receive 
An Holy, Living Sacrifice ? 

5 Who e'er to Thee themfelves approve, 

Muft take the Path thy Word has fhew'd, 
Juftice purfue, and Mercy love, 

And humbly walk by FAITH with GOD. 

6 But tho' my Life henceforth be Thine, 

Future for Paftcan ne'er atone j 
Tho' I to Thee the whole refign, 
I only give Thee back thine own. 

7 My Hand performs > my Heart afpires : 

But Thou my Works haft wrought in me i 
I render Thee thine own Defires, 

J breathe what firft were breath'd from Thee. 

8 What have I then wherein to truft ? 

I nothing have, I nothing am : 
Excluded is my every Boaft, 

My Glory fwallow'd up in Shame. 

9 Guilty I ftand before thy Face ; 

I feel on me thy Wrath abide : 
'Tis juft the Sentence mould take Place: 
'Tis juft but O ! thy Son hath died! 

10 JESU& 


10 JESUS, the Lamb of GOD, hath bled, 

He bore our Sins upon the Tree, 
Beneath our Curfe He bpw'd his Head, 
'Tis FINISHED! He hath died for me ? 

1 1 For me, J now believe he died : 

He made my every Crime his own, 
Fully for me He fatisfied : 

Father, well pleas'd behold thy Son ! 

1 2 See where before thy Throne He flands, 

And pours the All-prevailing Prayer, 
Points to his Side, and lifts his Hands, 
And mews that I am graven there . 

1 3 He ever lives for me to pray ; 

He prays, that I with Him may reign : 
Amen to what my LORD doth fay ! 
JESU, Thou canft not pray in vain. 





P A R T IV. 

From the German. 

Ow I have found the Ground, wherein 
Sure my Soul's Anchor may remain, 

The Wounds of JESUS, for my Sin 
Before the World's Foundation {lain: 

Whofe Mercy (hall unfhaken ftay, 
When Heaven and Earth are fled away. 

2 Father, Thine Everlafting Grace 

Our fcanty Thought furpalTes far: 
Thy Heart ftill melts with Tendernefs, 

Thy Arms of Love ftill open are 
Returning Sinners to receive, 

That Mercy they may tafte, and live. 

3 O Love, thou bottomlefs Abyfs ! 

My Sins are fwallow'd up in Thee : 
Cover'd is my Unrighteoufnefs, 

Nor Spot of Guilt remains in me, 
While JESU'S Blood thro 1 Earth and Skies, 

Mercy, free, boundlefs Mercy cries ! 

4. With 


4. With Faith I plunge me in this Sea ; 

Here is my Hope, my Joy, my Reft? 
Hither, when Hell aflails, 1 flee, 

I look into my SAVIOUR'S Breaflj 
Away, fad Doubt, and anxious Fear ! 
Mercy is all that's written there. 

5 Tho' Waves and Storms go o'er my Head, 

Tho 1 Strength, and Health, andFriends begone, 
Tho' Joys be wither 'd all, and dead, 

Tho' every Comfort be withdrawn, 
On this my ftedfaft Soul relies, 
Father, thy Mercy never dies. 

6 Fix'd on this Ground will I remain, 

Tho' my Heart fail, and Flefh decay : 
This Anchor {hall my Soul fuftain, 

When Earth's Foundations melt away ; 
Mercy's full Power I then fhall prove, 
Lov'd with an Everlafting Love. 

From the fame. 

1 T TOLY Lamb, who Thee receive, 

L~X Who in Thee begin to live, 
Day and Night they cry to Thee, 
As Thou art, fo let us be. 

2 JE s u , fee my panting Bread ; 
See, I pant in Thee to reft .' 
Gladly wou'd I now be clean : 
Cleanfe me now from every Sin. 

3 Fix, O fix my wavering Mind ; 
To thy Crofs my Spirit bind ; 
Earthly Paflions far remove : 
Swallow up our Souls in Love. 

4 Duft 


4 Dufl and Afhes tho' we be, 
Full of Guilt and Mifery, 

Thine we are, Thou Son of GOD : 
Take the Purchafe of thy Blood. 

5 Who in Heart on Thee believes, 
He th' Atonement now receives : 
He with Joy beholds thy Face, 
Triumphs in thy pard'ning Grace. 

6 See, ye Sinners, fee the Flame 
Rifmg from the flaughter'd Lamb, 
Marks the new, the living Way, 
Leading to Eternal Day ! 

7 JESU, when this Light we fee, 
All our Soul's athiril for Thee : 
When thy quick'ning Power we prove, 
All our Heart diflblves in Love. 

8 Boundlefs Wifdom, Power Divine, 
Love unfpeakable are Thine : 
Praife by All to Thee be given, 
Sons of Earth and Hofts of Heaven ! 

CHRIST our Wifdom. 

T% ft A D E unto me, O LORD, my GOD, 
1VJL Wifdom Divine Thou art : 
Thy Light, which firft my Darknefs fhew'd, 
Still fearches out my Heart. 

W 2 Thy 


2 Thy Spirit, breathing in the Word, 

Gave me myfelf to fee, 
Fallen, till by thy Grace reftor'd, 
And Loit, till found in Thee. 

3 JESUS, of all my Hopes the Ground, 

Thro' Thee thy Name I know, 
The only Name where Health is found, 
Whence Life and Bleflings flow. 

4 'Tis now by Faith's enlighten'd Eye 

I fee thy ftrange Deiign, 
See the GOD-Man come down to die, 
That GOD may All be mine! 

5 Thou art the Truth : I now receive 

Thy Unclion from above, 
Divinely taught in Thee believe, 
And learn the Lore of Love. 

6 Still with thy Grace anoint mine Eyes, 

Throughout my Darknefs {hine j 
O make me to Salvation wife : 
My All be ever Mine ! 

CHRIST our Righteoitfnefs. 

i TE SU, Thou art my Righteoufnefs, 
J For all my Sins were Thine : 
Thy Death hath bought of GOD my Peace, 
Thy Life hath made Him mine. 

t Spotlefs, and Juft in Thee I am ; 

I Feel my Sins forgiven ; 

! taile Salvation in thy Name, 

And antedate my Heaven. 

3 For 


3 For ever here my Reft mall be, 

Clofe to thy bleeding Side ; 
This all my Hope and all my Plea, 
For me the SAVIOUR died ! 

4 My Dying SAVIOUR, ad my 

Fountain for Guilt, and Sin, 
Sprinkle me ever with thy Blood, 
And cleanfe, and keep me clean, 

5 Wafh me, and make me thus Thine own 

Wafh me, and mine Thou art ; 
Wafh me, but not my Feet alone, 
My Hands, my Head, my Heart. 

6 Th' Atonement of thy Blood apply, 

Till Faith to Sight improve, 
Till Hope fhall in Fruition die, 
And all my Soul be Love. 

CHRIST our Santtification, 

E S U, my Life, Thy felf apply, 

Thy Holy Spirit breathe, 
My vile Affections crucify, 
Conform me to thy Death. 

2 Conqu'ror of Hell, and Earth, and Sin, 

Still with thy Rebel ftrive, 
Enter my Soul, and work within, 
And kill, and make alive. 

3 More of thy Life, and more I have, 

As the old Adam dies : 
Bury me, SAVIOUR, in thy Grave, 
That I with Thee may rife. 

W 2 4 Reign 


4 Reign in me, LORD, Thy Foes controul, 

Who would not own thy Sway ; 
Diffufe thine Image thro' my Soul j 
Shine to the Perfeft Day. 

5 Scatter the laft Remains of Sin, 

And feal me Thine Abode ; 
O make me Glorious all within, 
A Temple built by GOD. 

6 My Inward Holinefs Thou art, 

For Faith hath made Thee mine : 
With all thy Fulnefs fill my Heart, 
Till all I am is Thine ! 

CHRIST our Redemption. 

1 /-f-^HEE, O my great Deliverer, Thee 

JL My Ranfom I adore, 
Thy Death from Hell hath fet me free, 
And I am damn'd no more. 

2 In Thee I fure Redemption have, 

The Pardon of my Sin ; 
Thy Blood I find mighty to fave ; 
Thy Blood hath made me clean. 

3 I feel the Power of JESU'S Name, 

It breaks the Captive's Chain ; 
And Men oppofe, and Fiends exclaim, 
And Sin fubn'fts in vain. 

4 Redeemed from Sin, its Guilt and Power 

My Soul in Faith defies : 
But O ! I wait the welcome Hour, 
When this frail Body dies. 

c Come 


5 Come Thou, my dear Redeemer, come, 

Let me my Life refign, 
O take thy Ranfom'd Servant home, 
And make me wholly Thine. 

6 Fully redecm'd I fain would rife 

In Soul and Body free, 
And mount to meet Thee in the Skies, 
And ever reign with Thee. 

It is very meet, right, and our boun- 
den . Duty, that ive fhould at all 
ffitnes, and in all Places, give 
thanks unto hee, O LORD, Holy 
Father, Almighty, Ev 

j T% JT E E T and right it is to fing 
J[VJL Glory to our GOD and King-, 
Meet in every Time, and Place, 
Right to fhew forth all thy Praife. 

2 Sing we now in Duty bound, 
Eccho the triumphant Sound, 
Publifh it thro' Earth abroad, 
Praife the Everlafting GOD. 

Praifes here to Thee we give, 
Here our open Thanks receive, . 
Holy Father, fovereign LORD,. 
Always, every where ador'd. 

4 Sons of Belial, hear the Cry, 
Loud as ye our GOD defy ; 
You can ihout in Satan 1 :, Name, 
Shall not We our GOD proclaim ? 
W 3 


5 You can brave th' Eternal Laws, 
Zealous in your Matter's Caufe j 
JESU, fhall Thy Servants be 
Lefs refolv'd and bold for Thee ? 

6 No, tho' Men and Fiends exclaim, 
Sing we ftill in JESU'S Name ; 
JESUS will we ever blefs, 

Thee before thy Foes confefs. 

7 Silent have we been too long, 
Aw'd by Earth's rebellious Throng.; 
Shou'd we ftill to fing deny, 

LORD, the very Stones wou'd cry ! 



'OUNTAIN of Deity, 
Father, all hail to Thee ! 
Ever equally ador'd, 

Hail the Spirit, and the Son, 
Holy, holy, holy LORD, 

One in Three, and Three in One. 


SING we to our GOD above 
Praife, Eternal as His Love : 
Praife Him, all ye Heavenly Hofl, 



1 AT HER live, by all Things fear'd ; 
Live the Son, alike rever'dj 



Equally be Thou ador'd, 

Three in Perfon, One in Power, 
Thee we worfhip evermore : 
Praife by All to Thee be given, 
Endlefs Theme of Earth and Heaven. 


RAISE be to the Father given ; 

CHRIST He gave Us to iave. 
Now the Heirs of Heaven. 

2 Pay we equal Adoration 

To the Son : He alone 
Wrought out our Salvation. 

3 Glory to th' Eternal Spirit ! 

Us He feals, CHRIST reveals, 
And applies His Merit. 

4 Worfhip, Honour, Thanks and Bleffing,. 

One and Three, Give we Thee, 
Never, never ceafing. 


GOD, who reigns enthron'd on high, 
\^ To his dear Son, who deign'd to die 
Our Guilt and Mifery to remove, 
To that bleft Spi'rit who Life imparts, 
Who rules in all Believing Hearts, 
Be endlefs Glory, Praiie, and Love. 




1 T ET Heaven and Earth agree 

1 j The Father's Praife to fing, 
Who draws us to the Son, that He 
May us to Glory bring. 

2 Honour and endlefs Love, 
Let GOD the Son receive, 

Who faves us here, and prays above, 
That we with Him may live. 

3 Be everlafting Praife. 

To GOD the Spirit given, 
Who now attefts us Sons of Grace, 
And feals us Heirs o.f Heaven. 

4. Drawn, and redeemed, and feal'd, 

We'll fing the One and Three, 
With Father, Son, and Spirit fill'd 
To all Eternity. 


1 "|>ATHER of Mankind, Be ever ador'dr 

_/ Thy Mercy we find, In fending our LORD 
To ranfom and blefs us : Thy Goodnefs we praife, 
For fending in JESUS Salvation by Grace ,^ 

2 O Son of his Love, Who deignedfl to die, 
Our Carfe to remove, Our Pardon to buy ; 
Accept our Thankfgiving, Almighty to fave> 
Who openeft Heaven, To All that believe. 

j O Spirit of Love, Of Health, and of Power, 
Thy Working we prove, Thy Grace we adore ; 




Whofe inward Revealing Applies our LORD'S 
Attefting, and fealing Us Children of G O D. 

or the Kingfwood Colliers,. 

L O R Y to GOD, whofe fovereign Grace 

Hath animated fenfelefs Stones, 
Call'd us to ftand before his Face, 
And rais'd us into Abraham's Sons. 

2 The People that in Darknefs lay, 

In Sin and Error's deadly Shade,. 
Have feen a glorious Gofpel Day, 
In JESU'S lovely Face difplay'd. 

5 Thou only, LORD, the Work haft done,. 
And bar'd Thine Arm in all our Sight,. 
Haft made the Reprobates thine own, 
Andclaim'd the Outcafts as thy Right. 

4 Thy Single Arm, Almighty LORD, 

To us the great Salvation brought, 
Thy Word, thine All-creating Word, 

That fpake at firft the World from Nought. 

5 For this the Saints lift up their Voice, 

And ceafelefs praife to Thee is given, 
For this the Hofts above rejoyce : 
We raife the Happinefs of Heaven. 

6 For this, no longer Sons of Night, 

To Thee our Thanks and Hearts we give t 
To Thee who call'd us into Light, 
To Thee we die, to Thee we live. 

7 Suffice, 


7 Suffice, that for the Seafon paft, 

Hell's horrid Language fill'd our Tongues, 
We all thy Words behind us caft, 

And lewdly fang the Drunkard's Songs. 

8 But O the Power of Grace Divine f 

" In Hyms we now our Voices raife, 
Loudly in ftrange Hofannahs join, 
And Blafphemies are turn'd to Praife ! 

9 Praife GOD, from whom all Bleffings flow, 
Praife Him all Creatures here below, 
Praife Him above, ye Heavenly Hoft, 

70 be fung while at Work. 

1 f~~* IVE we to the LORD above 

V_T Bleffing, Honour, Praife, and Love, 
To the G O D that loos'd our Tongue 
Sing we an unwonted Song. 

2 He to us hath come unfought, 

Us hath out of Darknefs brought, , 
Darknefs fuch as Devils feel, 
Iffuing from the Pit of Hell. 

3 Had He not in Mercy fpar'd, 
Hell had been our fure Reward ; . 
There we had receiv'd our Hire, , 
Few el of Eternal Fire. 

4 But we now extol his Name, 
Pluck'd as Firebrands from the Flame, , 
Proofs of his unbounded Grace, 
Monuments of endlefs Praife. 

5 We 


5 We are now in JESUS found, 
With his Praife let Earth refound, 
Tell it out thro' all her Caves, 
JESU'S Name the Sinner faves ! 

6 With his Blood He us hath bought, 
His we Are, who once were not ; 
Far, as Hell from Heaven, remov'd, 
He hath call'd us His Belov'd. 

7 Sing we then with one accord 
Praifes to our loving LORD, 
Who the Stone to Flefh converts, 
Let us give Him all our Hearts. 

8 Harder were they than the Rock, 
Till they felt his Mercy's Stroke, 
Gufhing Streams did then arife 
From the Fountains of our Eyes. 

9 Never let them ceafe to flow, 
Since we now our JESUS know, 
Let us, 'till we meet above, 

Sing, and pray, and weep, and love. 


E A v E N t Y Father, Sovereign LORD, 
Ever faithful to thy Word, 
Humbly we our Seal fet to, 
Teftify that Thou art True. 

2 Lo ! for us the Wilds are glad, 
All in chearful Green array 'd, 
Opening Sweets they all difclofe ; 
Bud, and bloflbm as the Rofe. 

i Hark! 


3 Hark f the Waftes have found a Voice, 
Lonely Dafarts now rejoice, 
Gladfom Hallelujahs fmg, 

All around with Praifes ring. 

4 Lo, abundantly they bloom, 
Lebanon is hither come, 

Carmefs Stores the Heavens drlpenfe, 
Sharon's fertile Excellence. 

5 See thefe barren Souls of ours 

Bloom, and put forth Fruits and Flowers* 
Flowers of Eden, Fruits of Grace, 
Peace, and Joy, and Righteoufnefs, 

6 We behold (the Abjeds We) 
CHRIST th' Incarnate Deity, 
CHRIST in whom thy Glories mine, 
Excellence of Strength Divine. 

7 Ye that tremble at his Frown, 

He fhall lift your Hands cafl down ; 
CHRIST who all your Weaknefs fees, 
He fhall prop your feeble Knees. 

8 Ye of fearful Hearts be ftrong, 
JESUS will not tarry long ; 

Fear not, left his Truth fhould fail, 
JESUS is unchangeable. 

9 GOD, your GOD fhall furely come, 
Quell your Foes, and feal their Doom, 
He mall come, and fave you too : 
We, O LORD, have found Thee true. 

I o Blind we were, but now we fee : 
Deaf; we hearken now to Thee : 
Dumb ; for Thee our Tongues employ : 
Lame ; and lo, we leap for Joy ! 

ii Fakit 


1 1 Faint we were, and parch'd with Drought, 
Water at thy Word guth'd out, 

Streams of Grace our Thirft refrefh, 
Starting from the Wildernefs. 

1 2 Still we gafp thy Grace to know ; 
Here for ever let it flow, 

Make the thirfty Land a Pool, 
Fix the Spirit in our Soul. 

1 3 Where the ancient Dragon lay, 
Open for Thyfelf a Way, 
7'here let holy Tempers rife, 
All the Fruits of Paradife. 

14 Lead us in the Way of Peace, 
In the Path of Righteoufnefs, 
Never by the Sinner trod, 

Till he fcels thy cleanfmg Blood. 

1 5 There the Simple cannot ftray, 
Babes, tho' blind, may find the Way, 
Find, nor ever thence depart, 

Safe in Lowlinefs of Heart. 

1 6 Far from Fear, from Danger far, 
No devouring Beaft is there ; 
There the Humble walk fecure, 
GOD hath made their Footfleps fare. 

17 JESV, mighty to redeem, 

Let our Lot be caft with Them, 
Far from Earh our Souls remove, 
Ranfom'd by thy dying Love. 

18 Leave us not below to mourn, 
Fain we would to Thee return, 
Crown'd with Righteoufnefs arife, 
Far above thefe nether Skies. 

X 19 Come, 


19 Come, and all our Sorrows chace, 
Wipe the Tears from every Face, 
Gladnefs let us now obtain, 
Partners of thine endlefs Reign. 

20 Death the lateft Foe deftroy ; 
Sorrow then {hall yeid to Joy, 
Gloomy Grief mail flee away ; 
Swallow' d up in endlefs Day. 


1 \ H ! my dear Mailer ! Can it be 
Ji\, That I mould lofe by ferving Thee ? 
In feeking Souls mould lofe my own, 

And others fave, my felf undone ? 

2 Yet am I loft (fhould'ft Thou depart) . 
Betray 'd by this Deceitful Heart, 
Deftroy'd, if Thou my Labour blefs, 
And ruin'd by my own Succefs. 

3 Hide me ! if Thou refufe to hide, 
I fall a Sacrifice to Pride : 

I cannot fhun the Fowler's Snare, 
The Fiery Teft I cannot bear. 

4 Helplefs to Thee for Aid I cry, 
Unable to refift, or fly : 

I muft not, LORD, the Taflc decline, 
For All I have, and Am is Thine. 

5 And well Thou know'ft I did not feek, 
Uncall'd of GOD, for GOD to fpeak, 
The dreadful Charge I fought to flee, 

" Send whom Thou wilt, but fend not me." 

6 Long 


6 Long did my Coward Flefh delay, 
And ftill I tremble to obey, 

Thy Will be done, I faintly cry, 
But rather fuffer me to die. 

7 Ah ! refcue me from Earth and Sin, 
Fightings without, and Fears within, 
More, more than Hell myfelf I dread, 
Ah ! cover my defenceless Head ! 

8 Surely Thou wilt. Thou canft not fend, 
And not my helplefs Soul defend, 

Call me to ftand in Danger's Hour, 
And not fupport me with thy Power 

9 LORD, I believe the Promife true, 
Behold, I always am with you ; 
Always if Thou with me remain, 
Hell, Earth, and Sin mall rage in vain. 

10 Give me thine All-fufficient Grace 
Then hurl your Fiery Darts of Praife, 
JESUS and me you ne'er mall part, 
For GOD is greater than my Heart. 

Atfetting out to preach the Go/pel. 

1 A NG EL of GOD, whate'er betide, 
,/~\. Thy Summons I obey ; 
J.ESUS, I take Thee for my Guide, 

And walk in Thee my Way. 

2 Secure from Danger and from Dread, 

Nor Earth nor Hell fhall move, 
Since over me thine Hand hath fpread 
The Banner of thy Love. 

X z 3 To 


3 To leave my Captain I difdain, 

Behind I will not tfay, 

Tho' Shame, and Lofs, and Bonds, and Pain, 
And Death obftruct the Way. 

4 Me to thy Suffering Self conform, 

And arm me with thy Power, 
Then burft the Cloud, deicend the Storm, 
And come the Fiery Hour ! 

5 Then (hall I bear thine utmoft Will, 

When iirfl the Strength is given 

Come, fooliih World, my Body kill, 
And drive my Soul to Heaven ! 

ACTS iv. 24, 

LMIGHTY, Univerfal LORD, 

Maker of Heaven and Earth art Thou, 
All Things fprarg forth t'obey thy Word, 
Thy powerful Word upholds them now. 

2 Why then with unavailing Rage 

Did Heathens with thy People joyn, 
And impotently fierce engage 
To execute their vain Defign ? 

3 Indignant Kings flood up t 1 oppofe 

The LORD, and his Meffiah's Reign, 
And Earth's confed'rate Rulers rofe 
Againil their GOD in Council vain. 

4 Surely againft thy Holy Son, 

(Son of thy Love, and fent by Thee, 
One with th' Anoiting Spirit, One 
With thy Coequal Majefty) 

5 Herod 


J Herod and Pilate- both combiiVd 

Thy fovereign Purpofe to fulfill ; 
Gentiles and jFenvs unconfcious joyn'd 
T' accomplifh thine Eternal Will. 

6 And now their idle Fury view, 

And now behold their Threatnings, LORD 
Behold thy faithful Servants too, 

And ftrer.gthen us to fpeak thy Word. 

7 Embolden by thine out-ftretch'd Arm, 

Fill us with Confidence Divine, 
With Heavenly Zeal our Bofoms warm., 
That all may own, the Work is Thine ; 

3 May fee the Tokens of thine Hand, 

Its Sovereign Grace, its Healing Power, 
No more their Happinefs withftand, 
And fight againft their GOD no more. 

<9 Now let their Oppofition ceafe, 

Now let them catch the quick'ning Flame, 
And forc'd to yield, the Signs increafe, 
The Wonders wrought by JESTJ'S Name. 

To befung in a Tumult. 

ARTH rejoyce, the LORD is Kingi 

Sons of Men, his Praifes fmg ; 
Sing ye in triumphant Strains, 
JESUS our Meffiah reigns ! 

Power is all to JESUS given, 
LORD of Hell, and Earth and Heaven } 
Every Knee to Him mail bow : 
Satan hear, and tremble Now ! 

X 3 2 Roar- 


3 Roaring Lion, own his Power : 
Us Thou never canft devour, 
Pluck'd we are out of thy Teeth, 
Sav'dby CHRIST from Hell and Death. 

4 Tho' Thou bruife in us his Heel, 
Sorer Vengeance (halt Thou feel : 
CHRIST, the Woman's conqu'ring Seed, 
CHRIST in us fhall bruife thy Head. 

5 Tho' the Floods lift up their Voice, 
Calm we hear thy Children's Noife : 
Horribly they rage in vain ; 

GOD is mightier than Man. 

6 JESUS Greater we proclaim, 
Him in us, than Thee in Them : 
Thee their God He overpowers ; 
Thou art Theirs, and CHRIST is Ours. 

7 Strong in CHRIST we thee defy, 
Dare thee all thy Force to try, 
Work in Them, the Slaves of Sin, 
Stir up all thy Hell within : 

8 All thy Hofts to Battle bring 
Shouts in us a ftronger King, 
Lifts our Hearts and Voices high 
Hark, the Morning-Stars reply f 

9 Angels and Archangels join, 
All triumphantly combine, 
All in JESU'S Praife agree, 

- Carrying on His Viftory. 

10 Tho' the Sons of Night blafpheme, 
More there are with Us than Them, 
GOD with us, we cannot fear : 
Fear, "ye Fiends, for CHRIST is here! 

1 1 Lof 


11 Lo! to Faith's inlightned Sight 

All the mountain flames with Light ! 
Hell is nigh, but GOD is nigher, 
Circling us with Hofts of" Fire. 

12 Our Meffias is come down, 
Points us to the Victor's Crown, 
Bids us take our Seats above, 
More than Conqu'rors in His Love. 

1 3 Yes ; the Future Work is done, 
CHRIST the SAVIOUR reigns alone, 
Forces Satan to fubmit, 

Bruifes him beneath our Feet. 

14 We the evil Angels Doom 
Antedate the Joys to come, ' 
See the dear Redeemer's Face, 
Sav'd, already fav'd by Grace ? 

Little Children, love one another. 

I V E R of Concord, Prince of Peace, 

Meek, Lamb-like Son of GOD, 
Bid our unruly Paflions ceafe, 
Extinguifh'd with thy Blood. 

Rebuke the Seas, the Tempeft chide, 

Our ftubborn Wills controul, 
Beat down our Wrath, root out our Pride, 

And calm our troubled Soul. 


Subdue in us the Carnal Mind, 

Its Enmity deftroy, 
With Cords of Love th'old Adam bind, 

And melt him into Joy. 

4 Us 


4 Us into clofeft Union draw, 

And in our inward Parts 
Let Kindnefb fweetly write her Law, 
Let Love command our Hearts. 

5 O let Thy Love our Hearts conftrain ! 

JESUS the Crucified, 
What haft thou done our Hearts to gain, 
Languish 'd, and groan' d, and died ! 

6 Who would not now purfue the Way 

Where JESU'S Footileps {nine ? 
Who would not own the pleafing Sway 
Of Charity Divine ? 

7 SAVIOUR, look down with pitying Eyes, 

Our jarring Wills contro.ul ; 
Let cordial, kind Affections rife, 
And harmonize the Soul. 

8 Thee let us feel benignly near, 

With all thy quick' ning Powers, 
The founding of thy Bowels hear, 
And anfwer Thee with Ours. 

9 O let us find the ancient Way 

Our wond'ring Foes to move, 
And force the Heathen World to fay, 
** See how thefe Chriftians love 1 " 

For the Anntverjary Day of One's 

f^ L O R Y to GOD, and Praife, and Love 
V_T Ee ever, ever given ; 
.By Saints below, and Saints above. 
The Church in Earth and Heaven. 

2 On 


2 On this glad Day the glorious Sun 

Of Righteoufne& arofe, 
On my benighted Soul he fhone, 
And fill'd it with Repofe. 

3 Sudden expir'd the Legal Strife, 

'Twas then I ceas'd to grieve, 
My Second, Real, Living Life 
I then began to live. 

4 Then with my Heart I Firft believ'd, 

Believ'd with Faith Divine, 
Power with the Holy Ghoft receiv'd 
To call the SAVIOUR Mine. 

5 I felt my LORD'S Atoning Blood 

Clofe to my Soul applied ; 

Me, me\vt lov'd the Son of GOD 

For me, for me He died ! 

6 I found, and own'd his Promife true, 

Afcertain'd of my Part, 
My Pardon pafs'd in Heaven I knew, 
When written on my Heart. 

7 O for a thoufand Tongues to fing 

My dear Redeemer's Praife ! 
The Glories of my GOD and King, 
The Triumphs of his Grace. 

8 My gracious Matter, and my GOD, 

Affift me to proclaim, 
To fpread thro' all the Earth abroad 
The Honours of Thy Name. 

9 JESUS the Name that charms our Fears, 

That bids our Sorrows ceafe ; 
'Tis Mufick in the Sinner's Ears, 
'Tis Life, and Health, and Peace ! 

10 He 


i o He breaks the Power of cancelled Sin, 

He fets the Prifoner free : 
His Blood can make the Fouleft clean ; 
His Blood avail'd for me. 

1 1 He fpeaks ; and liftening to his Voice, 

New Life the Dead receive, 
The mournful, broken Hearts rejoyce, 
The humble Poor baleive. 

1 2 Hear Him ye Deaf, HisPraife ye Dumb, 

Your loofen'd Tongues employ, 
Ye Blind, behold your Saviour come, 
And leap, ye Lame, for Joy. 

1 3 Look unto Him, ye Nations, own 

Your GOD, ye fallen Race ! 
Look and be fav'd, thro' Faith alone ; 
Be juftified by Grace ! 

14 See all your Sins on JESUS laid ; 

The Lamb of GOD was flain, 
His Soul was once an Offering made 
For every Soul of Man. 

15 Harlots, and Publicans, and Thieves 

In holy Triumph joyn ! 
Sav'd is the Sinner that believes 
From Crimes as great as Mine. 

1 6 Murtherers, and all ye helliih Crew, 

Y.e Sons of Luft and Pride, 
Believe the SAVIOUR died for you; 
For me the SAVIOUR died. 

1 7 Awake from guilty Nature's Sleep, 

And CHRIST fhall give you Light, 
Caft all your Sins into the Deep, 
And walh the Etbiop white. 

1 8 With 


1 8 With me, your Chief, you then fhall knanu t 

Shall feel your Sins forgiven ; 
Anticipate your Heaven below, 
And own that 'Love is Heaven. 

I JOH N ii. 3, 


AT HER, if I have finn'd, with Thee 

An Advocate I have : 
JESUS the Jufl {hall plead for me, 
The Sinner CHRIST lhall fave. 

2 Pardon and Peace in Him I find ; 

But not for me alone 
The Lamb was flain ; for all Mankind 
His Blood did once atone. 

3 My Soul is on thy Promife caft, 

And lo ! I claim my Part : 
The Univerfal Pardon's paft ; 
O feal it on my Heart. 

4 Thou canft not now thy Grace deny ; 

Thou canft not but forgive : 
LORD, if thy Juftice asks me why 
In JESUS I believe ! 

To befung at Meals. 

O M E let us lengthen out the Feait, 

To Thankfulnefs improve, 
GOD in his Gifts delight to tafte, 
And pay them back in Love, 



z His Providence fupplies our Needs, 
And Life and Strength imparts j 
His open Hand our Bodies feeds, 
And fills with Joy our Hearts. 

But will He not our Souls fubftain, 

And nourifh with His Grace ? 
Yes : for Thou wilt not fay, in vain 
My People feek my Face. 

4 See then we take Thee at thy Word, 

With Confidence draw nigh, 
We claim, and of thy Spirit, LORD, 
Expecl: a frefh Supply. 

5 The Sinner, when he comes to Thee, 

His fond Purfuit gives o'er, 
From Nature's fickly Cravings free, 
He pines for Earth no more. 

6 LORD, we believe ; and tafte Thee Good, 

Thee All-fufficient own, 
And hunger after Heavenly Food, 
And thirft for GOD Alone. 

Before a Journey. 

1 T? O R T H at thy Call, O LORD, I go, 
J7 Thy Counfel to fulfill : 

'Tis all my Bufinefs here below, 
Father, to do thy Will. 

2 To do thy Will, while here I make 

My fliort, unfixt Abode, 

An everlafting Home I feek, 

A City built by GOD. 


3 O when fliall I my Canaan gain, 

The Land of Promis'd Eafe, 
And leave this World of Sin and Pain, 
This howling Wildernefs ! 

4 Come to my Help, come quickly, LORD, 

For whom alone I figh, 
O let me hear the gracious Word, 
And get me up, and die. 


1 A N G E L S attend ('tis GOD command^) 
J~\, And make me Now your Care : 
Hover around, and in your Hands 

My Soul fecurely bear. 

2 With outftretchM Wings my Temples fliade ; 

To you the Charge is given : 
Are ye not all fent forth to aid 
Th' Anointed Heirs of Heaven r 

3 Servants of GOD, both yours and mine, 

Your Fellow-Servant guard : 
Sweet is the Talk, if He enjoin, 
His Service your Reward. 

4 Then let us join our GOD to blefs, 

Our Matter's Praife to fing, 
The LORD of Hofb, the Prince of Peace, 
Our Father, and our King. 

5 At Him my mounting Spirit aims, 

My kindling Thoughts afpire, 
(Aflift, ye minitterial Flames, 
And raife my Raptures higher !) 

Y 6 Upward 


6 Upward on Wings of Love I fly, 

Where all his Glories blaze, 

Like you-behold with Eagle's Eye 

My Heavenly Father's Face. 

On a 'Journey. 

A V I O U R, who ready art to hear, 

(Readier than I to pray) 
Anfwer my fcarcely utter 'd Prayer, 
And meet me on the Way. 

2 Talk with me, LORD : Thyfelf reveal, 

While here o'er Earth I rove ; 
Speak to my Heart, and let it feel 
The kindling of thy Love : 

3 With Thee converting I forget 

All Time, and Toil, and Care : 
Labour is Reft, and Pain is Sweet, 
If Thou, my GOD, art here. 

4 Here then, my GOD, vouchfafe to flay, 

And make my Heart rejoyce ; 
My bounding Heart mall own thy Sway, 
And eccho to thy Voice. 

5 Thou calleft me to feek thy Face 

'Tis all I wifh to feek, 
T' attend the Whifpers of thy Grace, 
And hear Thee inly {peak. 

6 Let this my every Hour employ, 

Till I thy Glory fee, 
Enter into my Mailer's Joy, 
And find my Heaven in Thee. 


After a Journey. 

1 '"I S HOU, LORD, haft bleft my going out, 

JL O blefs my coming in, 
Gompafs my Weaknefs round about, 
And keep me fafe from Sin,. 

2 Still hide me in thy fecret Place, 

Thy Tabernacle fpread, 
Shelter me with preferving Grace, 
And guard my naked Head. 

3 To Thee for Refuge may I run, 

From Sin's alluring Snare, 

Ready its firft Approach to fhun, 

And watching unto Prayer. 

4. O that I never, never more 

Might from thy Ways depart ! 
Here let me give my Wand'rings o'er, 
By giving Thee my Heart. 

5; Fix my New Heart on Things above,. 

And then from Earth releafe : 
I. ask not Life ; bat let me love ? 
And lay me down in Peace. 

At lying down. 

I. T T O W do thy Mercies clofe me round 
J_ J[ For ever be thy Name ador'd ! 
1 blufh in all Things to abound ; 
The Servant is above his LORD* 

2 Enur'd to Poverty and Pain, 

A Suffering Life my Mafter led, 
The Son of GOD, the Son of Man, 

He had not where to lay his Head. 3 But 


3 But !o ! a Place He hath prepared 

For me, whom watchful Angels keep, 
Kay, He Himfelf becomes my Guard, 
He fmooths my Bed, and gives me Sleep. 

4 JESUS protects ; my Fears be gone I 

What can the Rock of Ages move ? 
Safe in thine Arms I lay me down, 
Thine everlafting Arms of Love F 

5 While Thou art Intimately nigh, 

Who, who mall violate my Reft ? 
Sin, Earth, and Hell I now defy, 
I lean upon my Saviour's Breaft. 

6 I reft beneath th' Almighty's Shade ; 

My Griefs expire, my Troubles ceafe ; 
Thou, LORD, on whom my Soul is ftaid, 
Wilt keep me ftill in perfedt Peace. 

7 Me for Thine own Thou lov'ft to take, 

In Time and in Eternity ; 
Thou never, never wilt forfake 

An helplefs Worm thar trufts in Thee. 

8 Wherefore in Confidence I clofe 

My Eyes, for Thine are open ftill j 
My Spirit lull'd in calm Repofe, 
Waits for the Counfels of thy Will. 

9 After thy Likenefs let me rife, 

If here Thou will 'ft my longer Stay, 
Or clofe in mortal Sleep mine Eyes, 
To open them in endlefs Day. 

jo Still let me run, or end my Race ; 

I cannot chufe, I all refign ; 
Contract or lengthen out my Days ; 

Come Life, come Death; for CHRIST is mine. 



Groaning for the Spirit of Adoption. 


A T H ER , if Thou my Father art, 
Send forth the Spirit of thy Son, 
Breath Him into my panting Heart, 

And make me know, as I am known - 
Make me thy confcious Child, that I 
May Father, Abba, Father cry. 

2 I want the Sp'rit of Power within, 

Of Lore, and of an Healthful Mindj- 
Of Power, to conquer inbred Sin, 

Of Love to Thee, and all Mankind, 
Of Health, that Pain and Death defies, 
Moft vig'rous, when the Body dies. 

3 When fiiall I hear the inward Voice, 

Which only Faithful Souls can hear ! 
Pardon, and Peace, and Heavenly Joys 

Attend the Promis'd Comforter : 
He comes ! and Righteoufnefs Divine, 
And CHRIST, and All with CHRIST is mine ! 

4 O that the Comforter would come, 

Nor vifit, as a tranfient Gueft, 
But fix in me his Conftant Home, 

And take Pofeffion of my Brealt, 
And make my Soul his lov'd Abode, 
The Temple of indwelling GO.D. 

r Come, Holy Ghoft, my Heart infpire, 

Atteft that I am born again ! 
Come, and baptize me now with Fire, 

Or all thy former Gifts are vain : 
I cannot reft in Sins Forgiven ; 
Where is the Earneft of &y Heaven ? 

Y 3 6 Where 


6 Where thy Indubitable Seal 

That ascertains the Kingdom mine, 
The Powerful Stamp I long to feel, 

The Signature of Love Divine : 
O flied it in my Heart abroad, 

Fulnefs of Love, of Heaven, ofGODi 

HYMN to CHRIST the Prophet* 

R O P H E T, on Earth beftow'4 
A Teacher, fent from GOD, 
Thee we welcome from above, 

Sent the Father to reveal, 
Sent to manifeft His Love, 

Sent to teach .His perfect Win. 

Thee all the Seers of CMd 
Prefigur'd and foretold ; 
Mofes Thee the Prophet fhew'd, 
Meek and lowly as Thou arc, 
Abraham, the Friend of GOD, 
David, after his own Heart. 

The lefler Stars that mone 
Till Thy great Courfe begun, 
With imparted Lufter bright, 

Render'd back their borrow'd Ray, 
Pointing to thy glorious Light, 
Ufhering in thy perfect Day. 

Light of the World below, 
Thee all Mankind may know \ 
Thou, the Univerfal Friend, 
Into every Sou! haft done : 
O that All ivoiild comprehend, 
All adore the -rifin^ San 

5 Tiy 


e Thy cheating Beams we blefs, 

Bright Sun of Righteoufnefs : 
life and Immortality 

Thou alone to Light haft brought, 
.Bid the New Creation be, 

CalTd the World of Grace from Nought. 

.6 Image of GOD moft High 

Difplay'd to Mortal Eye, 
Thee the Patriarchs beheld, 

Thee the Angel they ador'd, 
Oft in diverfe Ways reveal'd, 
CHRIST the Everlafting LORD. 

7 Thy Godhead we revere, 

Wonderful Counfellor ! 
Thou the Father" s Wifdom art, 

Great Apoftle, Thee we praife, 
'Chofe thy People to convert, 
Jacob's fallen Tribes to raife. 

g The Gentiles too may fee 

Their Covenant in r i hee, 
-Opener of Their blinded Eyes, 

Thee the Gracious Father gave * 
Rife on All, in Glory rife, 
Save a World Thou cam'ft to fave. 

g For This the Heavenly Dove 

Defcended from above, 
JFIe, immeafurably {hed, 

CHRIST the Prophet marked and eal'4 
Pour'd upon thy Sacred Head, 

Thee ih' Anointing Spirit fill'd. * 

o Ah! give us, Lt> RT> to know 

Thine Office here below 4 

s.6'8 HYMNS &n& SACRED POEM*. 

Preach Deliverance to the Poor, 

Sent for This, O.CHRIST, Thou art, 

JESU, all our Sicknefs cure ; 

Bind Thou up the Broken Heart. 

it Publifli the Joyful Year 

Of GOD's Acceptance near, 
Preach Glad Tidings to the Meek, 

Liberty to Spirits bound, 
General free Redemption fpeak, 

Spread thro' Earth the Gofpel-Sowid- 

12 Humbly behold we fit, 
And lifter, at thy Feet ; 

Never will we hence remove ; 

Lo ! to Thee our Souls we bow, 
Tell us ; of the Father's Love; 

Speak ; for, LORD, we. hear. Thee now. 

13 Mafter, to us reveal 
His acceptable Will ; 

Ever for thy Law we wait, 

Write it in our inward Parts, 
Our dark Minds illuminate, 

Grave thy Kindnefs on our Hearts. 

1 4 Thine be the chokeft Store 
Of Bleffings evermore! 

Thee we hear, on Thee we gaze, 

Fairer than the Sons .of Men, 
Who can fee that lovely Face, 

Who can hear thofe Words in vain ? 

ij Spirit they are, and Life, 

They end the Sinner's Strife: 
GOD they mew benign and mild;. 

Glory be to GOD on High I 
Now ve know Him reconcii'd^ 
Now we Abba Father cry ! 

\6 7'hou 


1 6 Thou art the Truth, the Way, 
O teach us how to pray ; 

Worfhip Spiritual and True 

Still inflrud us how to give, 
Let us pay the Service due, 

Let us to GOD's Glory live.- 

1 7 Holy and True, the Key 
OfDavittrefts on Thee. 

Come, Meffias, all Things tell, 

Make us to Salvation wife, 
Shut the Gates of Death and Hell, 

Open, open Paradife. 

1 8 Servant of GOD, confefs 
His Truth and Faithfulnefs ; 

GOD the gracious GOD proclaim, 

Publifti Him thro' Earth abroad ; 
Let the Gentries know thy Name, 

Let us all be taught of GOD, 

19 Witnefs, within us place 
The Spirit of his Grace ; 

Teach us inwardly, and guide 

By an Unftion from above, 
Let it in our Hearts abide, 

Source of Light, and Life, and Love. 

20 Pronounce our Happy Doom, 
And fhew us Things to come : 

All the Depths of LOV.E difplay, 

All the Myftery unfold, 
Speak us feal'd to thy Great Day, 

In the Book of Life inroll'd. 

12 Shepherd, fecurely keep 

Thy little Flock of Sheep ; 



Call'd and gathered into One, 
Feed us, in green Paftures feed, 

Make us quietly lie down, 

By the Streams of Comfort lead. 

Thou, even Thou art He, 
Whom Pain and Sorrow flee : 
Comforter of all that mourn, 

Let us by thy Guidance come, . 
Crown'd with endlefs Joy return 
To our Everlafting Home. 

Father, I havejinned 'againft 

and before Thee, and am no more 
'worthy to be called thy Son. 

Lwas aHttl6 

what Sweetnefs did I prove 
Then on me my Father fimTd, 

Clafp'd me in the Arms of Love ; 
Bore me all my Infant Days, 

Gently by his Spirit led, 
Dandled me upon his Knees, 

Made me on his Promife feed. 

2 But alas ! I foon rebell'd, 

Would not caft on Him my Care, 
Swell'd with Pride, with Paffion fwelTd, 

I could neither fall, nor err. 
I was ftrong and able grown, 

I could for my felf provide, 
I had Wifdom of my own, 

Let the Weaker feek a Guide. 



5 When to Him I would not look, 

Griev'd and hardly forc'd away. 
Me my Guide at length, forfook, 

Me my Father left to ftray; 
Angrily He hid his Face : 

Carelefs of his Smile or Frown, 
I purfued my Evil Ways, 

Frowardly in Sin went on. 

4 Back recall'd, I know not how, 

Father, I my Folly mourn : 
If Thou art my Father now, 

Now affift me to return, 
Freely my Backflidings heal, 

Once again become my Guide, 
Save me from my wayward Will, 

Empty me of Self and Pride. 

5 Thou who all my Ways haft feen, 

Since I would from Thee depart, 
Suffer me no more to lean 

To my own deceitful Heart. 
O repair my grievous Lofs, 

Comfort to my Soul reftore : 
Once a little Child I was : 

Lift me op to fall no more. 

6 Give me back my Innocence, 

Give me back my Filial Fears, 
Humble, loving Confidence, 

Praying Sighs, and fpeaking Tears : 
Weak and helplefs may 1 be, 

To thine only Will reflgn'd, 
Ever hanging upon Thee, 

Simple, ignorant and blind. 



7 Abba Father I hear my Cry, 

Look upon thy weeping Child, 
Weeping at thy Feet I lie, 

Kifs me, and be reconcil'd : 
Take me up into thine Arms, 

Let me hang upon thy Breafr, 
Hide me there fecure from Harms, 

Lull my Sorrowing Soul to Reft. 

At the Approach of temptation. 

O D of my Life, whofe Gracious Power 

Thro' various Deaths my Soul hath led, 
Or turn'd afide the Fatal Hour, 
Or lifted up my finking Head : 

2 In all my Ways thy Hand I own, 

Thy ruling Providence I fee : 

help me ftill my Courfe to run, 
And ftill dired my Paths to Thee. 

3 On Thee my helplefs Soul is caft, 

And looks again thy Grace to prove : 

1 call to Mind the Wonders paft, 

The countlefs Wonders of thy Love 

4 Thou, LORD, my Spirit oft haft ftaid, 

Haft fnatch'd me from the gaping Tomb, 
A Monument of thy Mercy made, 

And refcued me from Wrath to come. 

r Oft hath the Sea confefs'd thy Power, 

And gave me back to thy Command : 
It could not, LORD, my Life devour, 
Safe in the Hollow of thine Hand. 

6 Oft 


6 Oft from the Margin of the Grave 

Thou, LORD, haft lifted up my Head: 
Sudden I found Thee near to fave ; 
The Fever own'dthy Touch, and fled. 

7 But O ! the mightier Work of Grace, 

That fUUthe Life of Faith I live, 
That ftill I pant to fmg thy Praife, 
That ftill my All I gafp to gi\ve ! 

8 Pluck'd from the roaring Lion's Teeth, 

Caught up from the Eternal Fire, 
Snatch'd from the Gates of Hell I breathe, 
And lo ! to Heaven I ftill afpire ! 

9 Whither, O whither fliould I fly, 

But to my loving SAVIOUR'S Bread j 
Secure within thine Arms to lie, 

And fafe beneath thy Wings to reft. 

10 I fee i he Fiery Trial near, 

But Thou, my GOD, art ftill the fame ; 
Hell, Earth, and Sin I fcorn to fear, 
Divinely armM with JESU'S Name. 

1 1 I have no Skill the Snare to fliun, 

But Thou, O CHRIST, my Wifdom art: 
I ever into Ruin run, 

But Thou art greater than my Heart. 

1 2 I have no Might t' oppofe the Foe, 

But Everlafting Strength is Thine. 
Shew me the Way that 1 mould go, 
Shew me the Path I fhould decline. 

1 3 Which fhall I leave, and which purfue ? 

Thou only mine Advifer be ; 
My GOD, I know not what to do ; 
Cut Oh ! mine Eyes are fix'd on Thee. 

Z 14 Foolifli 


14 Foolim, and impotent, and blind, 

Lead me a Way I have not known, 

Bring me where I my Heaven may find, 

The Heaven of loving Thee alone. 

1 5 Enlarge my Heart to make Thee Room, 

Enter, and in me ever flay; 
The Crooked then fhall Strait become, 
The Darknefs mall be loft in Day ! 


1 TT THERE, my Soul, is now thy Boaft? 

V V Where the Senfe of Sin forgiven ? 
Deftitute, tormented, loft, 

Down the Stream of Nature driven, 
Crum'd by Sin's redoubled Load ; 
Where, my Soul, is now thy GOD ! 

2 Far from me my GOD is gone, 

All my Joys with Him are fled, 
Every Comfort is withdrawn, 

Peace is loft, and Hope is dead ; 
Sin, and only Sin I feel, 
. Pride, and Luft, and Self, and Hell. 

3 Did I then my Soul deceive ? 

Ramly claim a Part in Thee ? 
Did I, LORD, in vain believe, 

Falfely hope Thou diedft for me ? 
Muft I back my Hopes reftore, 
Truft Thou diedft for me no more ? 

4 No ; I never will reflgn 

What of Thee by Faith I know ; 
Never ceafe to call Thee mine, 

Never will I let Thee go ; 
Be it I my Soul deceive, 
Yet I will, I will believe. 5 Tho' 


5 Tho' I groan beneath thy Frown, 

Hence I will not, cannot fly ; 
Tho 1 thy Juftice caft me down, 

At thy Mercy-Seat I lye; 
Let^me here my Sentence meet, 
Let me periih at thy Feet ! 

JOB xxiii. 8, 9, 10. 

1 T? 1 O R W A R D I now in Duties go, 
J/ But O! my SAVIOUR is not there ! 
Heavy He makes me drive, and flow, 

Without the Chariot- Wheels of Prayer. 

2 I look to former Times, and fbrain 

The Footfteps of my GOD to trace ; 
Backward I go (but ftill in vain) 
To find the Tokens of his Grace. 

3 Surrounded by his Power I Hand, 

His Work on other Souls I fee, 
He deals his Gifts on either Hand, 
But ftill He hides Himfelf from me. 

4 Groaning I Janguim at his Stay, 

But He regards my every Groan; 
Dark and difconfolate my Way ; 
But ftill my Way to Him is known. 

5 When fully He my Faith hath tried, 

Like Gold I in the Fire fhall fhine, 
Come forth when feven times purified, 
And ftrongly bear the Stamp Divine. 

Z 2 Jfter 


After a Relapfe into Sin. 

1 1\ /T Y GOD, my GOD, on Thee I call, 
_L V JL Thee only would I know : 

One Drop of Blood on me let fall, 
And wafh me white as Snow. 

2 Touch me, and make the Leper clean, 

Purge my Iniquity : 
Unlefc Thou wafh my Soul from Sin, 
I have no Part with Thee. 

3 But ait Thou not already mine ? 

Anfwer, if mine Thou art! 
Whifper within, Thou LOVE Divine, 
And chear my doubting Heart. 

4 Tell me again, ray Peace is made, 

And bid the Sinner live, 
The Debt's difcharg'd, the Ranfom's paid, 
My Father rnuft forgive. 

5 Father, forgive thy froward Child, 

I ask in JESU'S Name, 
I languifli to be reconcil'd : 
And reconcil'd I am. 

6 Behold for me the Victim bleeds, 

His Wounds are open'd wide, 
For me the Blood of Sprinkling pleads, 
And fpeaks me Juftified. 

7 O why did I my SAVIOUR leave, 

So foon unfaithful prove ? 
How could 1 thy good Spirit grieve, 
And fm agaittft thy Love ? 

8 I forc'd 


8 I forc'd Thee firft to difappear, 

I turn'd thy Face afide : 
Ah! LORD, if Thou hadft ftill been here, 
Thy Servant had not died. 

9 But O ! how foon thy Wrath is o'er, 

And pard'ning Love takes place ? 
Affift me, SAVIOUR, to adore 
The Riches of thy Grace. 

10 O could I lofe myfelf in Thee! 

Thy Depth of Mercy prove, 
Thou vaft unfathomable Sea 
Of unexhaufted LOVE} 

1 1 My humbled Soul, when Thou art near, 

In Duft and Ames lyes : 
How mail a fmful Worm appear, 
Or meet thy purer Eyes ! 

2 I loath my felf, when GOD I fee, 

And into Nothing fall, 
Content, if Thou exalted be, 
And CHRIST be All in AIL 

Againft Hope, believing in Hope. 

( 1% /TYGOD! I know, I feel Thee mine, 
.1V_L And will not quit my Claim, 
Till all I have be lo.l in Thine, 
And all renew'd I am. 

2 I hold Thee with a trembling Hand, 

But will not let Thee go, 
Till ftedfaftly by Faith I Hand, 
And all thy Goodnefs know. 


3 When fhall I fee the welcome Hour 

That plants my GOD in me ! 
Spirit of Health, and Life, and Power, 
And perfect Liberty ! 

4 JESU, thine al-I -victorious Love 

Shed in my Heart abroad ; 
Then fhall my Feet no longer rove 
Rooted and fixt in GOD. 

5 Love only can the Conqueft win, 

The Strength of Sin fubdqe, 
(Mine own unconquerable Sin) 
And form my Soul anew. 

6 Love can bow down the ftubborn Neck, 

The Stone to Flefh convert, 
Soften, and melt, and pierce, and break 
An Adamantine Heart. 

7 O that JR me the Sacred Fire 

Might now begin to glow, 
Burn up the Drofs of bafe Deflre, 
And make the Mountains flow ? 

S O that it now from Heaven might fall, 

And all my Sins confume ! 
Come, Holy Ghoft, for Thee I call, 
Spirit of Burning come ! 

9 Refining Fire, go through my Heart, 

Illuminate my Soul, 
Scatter thy Life through every Part, 
And fanclify the whole. 

TO Sorrow and Self fhall then expire, 

While entred into Reft, 
I only live my GOD t' admire, 

n No 


1 1 No longer then my Heart fhall mourn, 

While purified by Grace, 
I only for his Glory burn, 
And always fee his Face. 

1 2 My ftedfaft Soul, from falling free, 

Can now no longer move; 

JESUS is all the World to me, 

And all my Heart is Love. 

BleJJed are 'They that mourn. 

1 /^ R A C I O U S Soul, to whom are given 
Vj Holy Hungrings after Heaven, 
Reftlefs Breathings, earned Moans, 

Deep, unutterable Groans, 
Agonies of Strong Defire, 
Love's fuppreft, unconfdous Fire. 

2 Turn again to GOD thy Reft, 
JESUS hath pronounc'd Thee bleft: 
Humbly to thy JESUS turn 
Comforter of All that moum : 
Happy Mourner, hear, and fee, 
Claim the Promife made to thee. 

3 Lift to Him thy weeping Eye, 
Heaven behind the Cloud defcry : 
If with CHRIST thou fuffer here, 
When his Glory fhall appear, 
CHRIST His Suffering Son fhall own; 
Thine the Crofs, and Thine the Crown. 

4 Juft thro' Him ; behold thy Way 
Shining to the perfedl Day : 
Dying thus to All beneath, 
Fafhion'd to thy SAVIOUR'S Death, 
Him the Refurrefuon prove, 

Rais'd to all the Life of Love. c What 


5 What if here a while thou grieve, 
GOD ihall endlefs Comfort give : 
Sorrow may a Night endure, 
Joy returns as Day- Light fure : 
Praife mall then thy Life employ : 
Sow in Tears, and reap in Joy. 

6 Doth thy LORD prolong his Stay ? 
Mercy wills the kind Delay : 
Hides He ftill his lovely Face ? 
Lo ! He waits to ihew his Grace : 
Seems He abfent from thy Heart ? 
'Tis, that He may ne'er depart. 

7 Gently will He lead the Weak, 
Bruifed Reeds He ne'er will break ; 
Touched with fympathizing Care, 
Thee He in his Arms fhall bear, 
Blefs with late but lading Peace, 
Fill with all His Righteoafnefs. 

8 Cou'dft thou the Redeemer fee, 
How his Bowels yearn on Thee ! 
How he marks with pitying Eye, 
Hears his New-born Children cry, 
Be^rs what every Member bears, 

Groans their Groans, and weeps their Tears ! 

9 Cou'dft thou know, as thou art known, 
JESUS would appear thy own: 

Moft abandoned tho' it feem, 
Darkly fafe thy Soul with Him; 
Farthelt when from GOD remov'd, 
Neareft then, and moft belov'd. 

i o Feebly then thy Hands lift up, 
Hope, amidii Difpairing hope : 
"Stand beneath thy Load of r Grief, 
Stagger not thro' Unbelief; 


Make thine own Eledtion fure, 
Faithful to the End endure, 

j i GOD, to keep thee fafe from Harms 
Spreads his Everlafting Arms, 
Feeds with fecret Strength Divine, 
Waits to whifper " Thou art Mine ! " 
His that thou may'il ever be, 
Now He hides Himfelf from Thee. 

1 2 Meekly then perfift to mourn, 
Soon He will, He mult return: 
Call on Him ; He hears thy Cry, 
Soon He will, He muft draw nigh ; 
This the Hope, which nought can move, 
GOD is Truth, and GOD is LOVE ! 

The J uft Jkall live by FAITH. 

OME hither all, who ferve the LORD, 

Who fear and tremble at his Word, 
Hear me his Loving-Kindnefs tell ; 
Hear what He for my Soul hath done, 
And look to prove it in your own ; 
Expect His promis'd Love to feel. 

2 Come hither, all ye Slaves of Sin, 
Ye Beaits without, and Fiends within, 

Glad Tidings unto All I mew ; 
JESUS' Grace for All is free; 
JESUS' Grace hath found out me, 

And now He offers it to you. 

3 Dead in the midft of Life I was ; 
Unconfcious of my Eden's Lofs, 

Lone did I in the Grave? remain, 

A fallen 


A Fallen Spirit, dark, and void, 
Unknowing, and unknown of GOD, 
I felt not, for I hugg'd, my Chain. 

4 He call'd : I anfwer'd to his Call, 

Confefs'd my State, and mourn'd my Fall, 
And ftrove, and groan'd to be renevv'd: 
With gradual Horror then I faw 
The Nature of the fiery Law, 

But knew not then a SAVIOUR'S Blood. 

5 For ten long, legal Years I lay 
An helplefs, tho' reluftant Prey 

To Pride, and Luft, and Earth, and Hell : 
Oft to Repentance vain renew'd, 
Self-confident for Hours I Hood, 

And fell, and griev'd, and rofe, and fell. 

6 I faded, read, and work'd, and pray'd, 
Call'd Holy Friendmip to my Aid, 

And conftant to the Altar drew; 
' Tis there, I cried, He muji be found ? 
By Vows, and new Engagements bound. 

All his Commands I Now lhall do. 

7 Soon as the Trying Hour return'd, 
I funk before the Foes I fcorn'd; 

My firm Refolves did all expire : 
Why hath the Law of Sin prevail'd ? 
Why have the Bonds of Duty fail'd? 

Alas, the Tow hath touch'd the Fire. 

8 Hardly at laft I all gave o'er, 
I fought to free my felf no more, 

Too weak to burft the Fowler's Snare; 
Baffled by twice ten thoufand Foils, 
I ceas'd to ftruggle in the Toils, 
And yeilded to a juft Defpair. 

9 'Twas 


9 ' Twas then my Soul beheld from far 
The glimmering of an orient Star, 

That pierc'd, and chear'd my Nature's Night; 
Sweetly it dawn'd, and promised Day, 
Sorrow, and Sin it chased away, 

And open'd into glorious Light. 

10 With other Eyes I now could fee 
The Father reconciled to me, 

JESUS the Juft had fatisfied: 
JESUS had made my Sufferings His, 
JESUS was now my Righteouinefs ; 

JESUS fbr me had liv'd and died. 

1 1 From hence the Chriftian Race I ran, 
From hence the Fight of Faith began : 

O, 'tis a good, but painful Fight ! 
When Heavinefs o'erwhelms the Soul, 
When Clouds and Darknefs round me roll, 

And hide the SAVIOUR from my Sight. 

1 2 Convinc'd my Work was but begun, 
How did I ftrive, and grieve, and groan, 

Half yielded, yet refus'd to yield! 
Tempted to give my SAVIOUR up, 
Deny my LORD, abjure my Hepe, 

And bafely caft away my Shield. 

1 3 Mine Enemies and Friends were join'd, 
GOD's Children with the World's combined 

To make my Confidence in GOD": 
Strongly they urg'd me to difclaim 
My weaker Title to the Lamb, 

My Intereft in th' atoning Blood. 

14 So frail, impure, and weak, could I 
Purfume for me He deign'd to die, 

For me fo cold, fo void of Love ! 



JESU ! they bid me Thee refign, 
They would not have me call Thee mine, 
Till the whole Power of Faith I prove. 

1 5 What have I known fince Thee I knew ! 
What Trials haft Thou brought me thro' .' 

Hardly I yet can Credit give : 
Surely, my Soul, 'tis all a Dream ; 
Sav'd as by Fire (if fav'd) I feem, 

If ftffl the Life of Grace I live! 

1 6 What have I felt, while torn within, 
Full of the Energy of Sin, 

Horror to think, and Death to tell f 
The Prince of Darknefs rul'd his Hour, 
Suffer'd to mew forth all his Power, 

And fluke me o'er the Mouth of Hell. 

1 7 But O ! his Tyranny is o'er ! 
How fhall my refcued Soul adore 

Thy ftrange, thy unexampled Grace ! 
A Brand pluck'd from the Fire I am ! 
O SAVIOUR, help me to proclaim, 

Help me to mew forth all thy Praife. 

1 8 Fain would I fpread thro' Earth abroad 
The Goodnefs of my loving GOD, 

And teach the World thy Grace to prove, 
Unutterably Good Thou art! 
Read, JESU, read my panting Heart, 

Thou feeft it pants to break with Love ! 

1 9 I only live to find Thee there : 
The Manfion for Thyfelf prepare, 

In Love anew my Heart create : 
The mighty Change I long to feel : 
For this my vehement Soul ftands ftill, 

Reftlefs refign'd- for This I wait. 

20 I know 


20 I know, my Struggling nought avails, 
My Strength, and fbolifti Wifdom fails, 

Vain is my Toil, and vain my Reft : 
Only before thy Feet I lay, 
The Potter Thou, and I the Clay, 

Thy Will be done, thy Will is beft. 

2 1 I need not urge my eager Plea, 

The Blood of Sprinkling fpeaks for me, 

JESUS for me vouchfafes t' appear, 
For me before the Throne he ftands, 
Points to his Side, and lifts his Hands, 
And {hews, that I am grayen there ! 

22 Suffice it, LORD, I now Believe: 
To Thee my ranfom'd Soul I give, 

Hide it, till all Life's Storms be o'er : 
O keep it fafe againft that Day ! 
Thou ever liv'ft for me to pray: 

Thy Prayer be heard, I ask no more. 

ISAIAH xlv. 22. 

Look unto A/e, and beyefaved, all ye 
Ends of the Earth. 

O look ye unto Me! 
Lift your Eyes, ye fallen Race f 

I, the Gracious GOD and True, 
I am full of Truth and Grace, 
Full of Truth and Grace for you ! 

Look, and be fav'd from Sin ! 
Btlieve, and be ye clean ! 

A a Guilty 


Guilty, lab'ring Souls draw nigh ; 

See the Fountain open'd wide ; 
To the Wounds of JESUS fly, 

Bathe ye in my bleeding Side. 

Ah dear, redeeming LORD, 
We take Thee at thy Word. 
Lo ! to Thee we ever look, 

Freely fav'd by Grace alone : 
Thou our Sins and Curfe haft took ; 
Thou for All didft once atone. 

We now the Writing fee 
Nail'd to thy Crofs with Thee ! 
With thy mangled Body torn, 

Blotted out by Blood Divine ; 
Far away the Bond is borne ; 

Thou art Ours, and we are Thine. 

On Thee we fix our Eyes, 
And wait for frefh Supplies : 
Juftified ; we ask for more, 

Give th' abiding Spirit, give ; 
LORD, thine Image here reftore, 
Fully in thy Members live. 

\ Author of Faith appear ! 

Be Thou its Finiiher, 
Upward ftill for this we gaze, 

Till we feel the Stamp Divine , 
Thee behold with open Face, 
Bright in all thy Glory fliine. 

r Leave not thy Work undone, 

But ever love Thine own, 
Let us all thy Goodnefs prove, 

Let us to the End believe ; 
Shew thine Everlafting Love ; 
Save us, to ths utmoft fave. 

8 Othat 


8 O that our Life might be 
One looking up to Thee ! 

Ever haft'ning to the Day 

When our Eyes fhall fee Thee near ! 
Come, Redeemer, come away ! 

Glorious in thy Saints appear. ' 

9 JESU, the Heavens bow, 
We long to meet Thee now ? 

Now in Majefty come down, 

Pity thine Elect, and come ; 
Hear in us thy Spirit groan, 

Take the weary Exiles Home. 

l o Now let thy Face be feen, 

Without a Veil between : 
Come and change our Faith to Sight, 

Swallow up Mortality ; 
Plunge us in a Sea of Light: 
CHRIST, be All in All to me ! 

Praije for REDEMPTION. 

From the German. 

1 TT I G H Praife to Thee, All-gracious GOD ! 
JL Unceafmg Praife to Thee we pay : 
Naked and wallowing in our Blood, 

Unpitied, loath'd of all we lay. 
Thou faw'ft, and from th' Eternal Throne 
Gav'lt us thy dear, thine only Son. 

2 Thro' thy rich Grace, in JESU'S Blood, 

Bleffing, Redemption, Life we find : 
Our Souls wauYd in this cleanfmg Flood, 

No Stain of Guilt remains behind. 
Who can thy Mercy's Stores exprefs ? 
Unfathomable, numberlefs ! 

A a 2 3 


3 Now CHRIST, in us doth live, and we, 

Father, thro' Him with Thee are one : 
The Banner of his Love we fee, 

And fearlefs grafp the Starry Crown: 
Unutterable Peace we feel 
In Him, and Joys unfpeakable. 

4 Now haft Thou giv'n us, thro' thy Son, 

The Power of living Faith to fee, 
Unconquerable Faith, alone 

That gains o'er all the Vidlcry ; 
Faith which nor Earth nor Hell can move, 
Unblameable in perfect Love. 

5 Fully thy quick'ning Sp'rit impart, 

Thou who haft afi our Sins forgiven ; 
O form the SAVIOUR in my Heart; 

Seal of thy Love, and Pledge of Heaven: 
For ever be his Name impreft 
Both on my Hand, and on my Breaft. 

6 Thine is whate'er we are : Thy Graca 

In CHRIST created us anew, 
To fmg thy never-ceafing Praife, 

Thine unexaufted Love to mew ; 
And arm'd with thy great Spirit's Aid, 
Blamelefs in all thy Paths to tread. 

7 Yea, Father, ours thro' Him Thou art, 

For fo is thine Eternal Will ! 
O live, move, reign within my Heart, 

My Soul with all thy Fulnefs fill: 
My Heart, my All I yield to Thee : 
JESUS be All in All to me ! 


On the AdmiJJion cf any Perfon into 

ROT HER in CHRIST, and Well-belov'd, 

To JESUS and his Servants dear, 
Enter, and mew Thyfelf approv'd, 
Enter, and find that GOD is here ! 

2 ' Scap'd from the World, redeem'd from Sin, 

By Fiends purfued, by Men abhor'd, 
Come in, poor Fugitive, come in, 
And mare the Portion of thy LORD*, 

3 Welcome from Earth ! Lo ! the Right-Hand 

Of Fellowfhip to Thee we give j 
With open Arms, and Hearts we (land, 
And Thee in JESU'S Name receive! 

4 Say, is Thy Heart refolv'd as ours? 

Then let it burn with facred Love; 
Then let it tafte the Heavenly Powers, 
Partaker of the Joys above. 

5 JESU, attend! Thyfelf reveal ! 

Are we not met in Thy great Name ? 
Thee in the midft we wait to feel, 

We wait to catch the fpreading Flame. 

6 Thou GOD, that anfwereft by Fire, 

The Sp'irit of Burning Now impart, 
And let the Flames of pure Defire 
Rife from the Altar of our Heart. 

7 Truly our Fellowfhip below 

With Thee, and with thy Father is: 
In Thee Eternal Life we know, 
And Heaven's unutterable Bli&. 

A a 3 8 In 


In Part we only know Thee here, 
But wait thy Coming from above, 

And I mall then behold Thee near, 
And I (hall All be loft in LOVE ! 

Written after walking over SMITH 

1 T T AIL, Holy Martyrs, Glorious Names, 
JL A Who nobly here for JESUS ftood, 
RejoicM, and clap'd your Hands in Flames, 

And dar'd to feal the Truth with Blood ! 

2 Strong in the LORD, Divinely ftrong, 

Tortures and Death ye here defy'd ; 
Demons and Men, a gazing Throng, 

Ye brav'd, and more than Conqu'ring died! 

3 Finifh'd your Courfe, and fought your Fight, 

Hence did your mounting Souls afpire, 
Starting from Flefh, they took their Flight 
Born upward on a Car of Fire. 

4 Where Earth and Hell no more moleft, 

Ye now have join'd the Heavenly Hoft, 
Entred into your Father's Reft, 

And found the Life which here ye loft. 

5 Father, if now thy Breath revives 

In us the pure, Primeval Flame, 
Thy Power, which animates our Lives, 
Can make us in our Deaths the fame -, 

6 Can out of Weaknefs make us ftrong, 

Arming as in the antient Days, 
Loofmg the ftammering Infant's Tongue, 
And perfecting in Babes thy Praift. 



7 Stedfaft we then (hall ftand, and fure 

Thine Everlafting Truth to prove, 
In Faith's Plerophory * fecure, 
In all th' Omnipotence of Love. 

8 Come, Holy, Holy, Holy LORD, 

The Father, Son, and Spirit come ! 
Be mindful of thy changelefs Word, 
And make the faithful Soul thy Home. 

9 Arm of the LORD, awake, awake! 

In us thy glorious Self reveal, 
Let us thy Sev' enfold Gifts partake, 
Let us thy mighty Working feel. 


10 Near us, affifting JESU, ftand, 

Give us the opening Heaven to fee, 
Thee to behold at GOD's Right-hand, 
And yeild our parting Souls to Thee. 

1 1 My Father, O my Father, hear, 

And fend the Fiery Chariot down, 
Let I/racls Flaming Steeds appear, 
And whirl us to the ftarry Crown ! 

12 We, we would die for JESUS too! 

Thro' Tortures, Fires, and Seas of Blood, 
All, all triumphantly break thro', 

And plunge into the Depths of GOD f 


From the German. 

ES U, thy Blood and Righteoufnefs 
My Beauty are, my glorious Drefs ; 
'Midit flaming Worlds in Thefe array 'd 
With Joy fhall I lift up my Head. z Bolct 

* i. e. Full AJjurance* 


2 Bold (hall I ftand in thy great Day ; 
For who ought to my Charge fhall lay ? 
Fully thro' thefe abfolv'd I am 

From Sin and Fear, from Guilt and Shame. 

3 The Deadly Writing now I fee 
Nail'd with thy Body to the Tree :"" 

Torn with the Nails that pierc'd thy Hands^ 
Th'old Covenant no longer Hands. 

4 Tho T fign'd and written with my Blood, 
As Hell's Foundations fure it flood, 
Thine hath wafh'd out the Crimfon Stains, 
And white as Snow my Soul remains. 

5 Satan, thy due Reward furvey, 

The LORD of Life why didft thou flay ? 
To tear the Prey out of thy Teeth : 
To fpoil the Realms of Hell and Death. 

6 The Holy, the unfpotted LAMB, 
Who from the Father's Bofom came, 
Who died, for me, ev'n me t'atone, 
Now for my LORD and GOD I own. 

7 LORD, I believe thy precious Blood 
Which at the Mercy-Seat of G O D 
For ever doth for Sinners plead, 
For me, ev'n for my Soul was med. 

8 LORD, I believe, were Sinners more 
Than Sands upon the Ocean Shore, 
For All Thou haft the Ranfom given, 
Purchas'd for All, Peace, Life, and Heaven.' 

g LORD, I believe, the Price is paid 
For every Soul, th' Atonement made; 
And every Soul thy Grace may prove, 
Lov'd with an Everlafling Love. 10 Car 


10 Carnal, and fold to Sin no more 
I am ; Hell's Tyranny is o'er : 
Th'Immortal Seed remains within, 
And born of G O D I cannot fm. 

1 1 Yet Nought whereof to boaft I have ; 
All, all thy Mercy freely gave : 

No Works, no Righteoufnefs are mine ; 
All is thy Work, and only Thine. 

1 2 When from the Duft of Death I rife, 
To claim my Manfion in the Skies, 
Ev'n then, This fhall be all my Plea, 
"jEsus hath liv'd, hath died for me." 

1 3 Thus Abraham, the Friend of G O D, 

Thus all Heaven's Armies, bought with Blood, 
SAVIOUR of Sinners Thee proclaim; 
Sinners, of whom the Chief I am. 

14 Naked from Satan did I flee, 

To Thee, my LORD, and put on Thee: 

And thus adorn'd, I wait the Word 

*' He comes : Arife and meet thy LORD.'* 

1 5 This fpotlefs Robe the fame appears, 
When ruin'd Nature finks in Years : 
No Age can change its conftant Hue ; 
Thy Blood preferves it ever New. 

1 6 When Thou (halt call in that Great Day 
For my Account, thus will I fay ; 

" Thanks to my Gracious LORD, if ought 
" Of Good I did, glad I it wrought : 

17" And while I felt thy Blood within, 
" Cleanfmg my Soul from every Sin, 
" Purging each fierce and foul Defire ; 
*' I ioy'd in the refining Fire. 

18 If 


1 8 "If Pride, Defire, Wrath ftlrr'd anew, 
" Swift to my fure Refort I flew : 

" See there my LORD upon the Tree ! 
" Hell heard : Inftantwiy Soul was free. 

1 9 Then mail Heaven's Hofts with loud Acclaim, 
Give Praife and Glory to the LAMB, 

Who bore our Sins, and by His Blood 
Hath made us Kings and Prick's to G O D. 

20 O ye, who joy to feed his Sheep, 
Ever in your Remembrance keep, 
Empty they are, and void of G O D, 
'Till brought to the atoning Blood. 

21 JESU, be endlefs Praife to Thee, 
Whofe boundlefs Mercy hath for me, 
For me, and All thine Hands have made, 
An everlafting Ranfom paid. 

22 Ah give me now, All-gracious LORD, 
With Power to fpeak thy quickening Word, 
That All, who to thy Wounds will flee 
May find Eternal Life in Thee. 

23 Thou GOD of Power, Thou GOD of Love, 
Let the whole World thy Mercy prove : 
Now let thy Word o'er all prevail : 

Now take the Spoils of Death, and Hell. 

24 O let the Dead now hear thy Voice, 
Now bid thy banifh'd ones rejoice, 
Their Beauty this, their glorious Drefs, 
JESU, thy Blood and Righteoufnefs ! 


I'be L o v E-F FAST. 


O M E, and let us fweetly join 
CHRIST to praife in Hymns Divine i 

Give we all with one Accord 

Glory to our Common LORD : 

Hands, and Hearts, and Voices raife, 
Sing as in the Antient Days, 
Antedate the Joys above, 
Celebrate the Feaft of LOVE. 

2 Strive we, in Affeftion ftrive : 
Let the purer Flame revive, 
Such as in the Martyrs glow'd, 
Dying Champions for their GOD. 

We, like them, may live and love, 
Call'd we are their Joys to prove ; 
Sav'd with them from future Wrath, 
Partners of like pretious Faith. 

3 Sing we then in JESU'S Name, 
Now, as yefterday the fame, 
One in every Age and Place, 
Full for All of Truth and Grace. 

We for CHRIST our Mailer ftand, 
Lights in a benighted Land ; 
We our Dying LORD confefs, 
We are JESU'S Witneffes. 

4 Witnefles that CHRIST hath died ; 
We with Him are crucified : 
CHRIST hath burft the Bands of Death; 
We his quick 'ning Spirit breathe : 



CHRIST is now gone up on high; 
(Thither all our Wifhes fly) : 
Sits at GOD's Right-hand above ; 
There with Him we reign in Love ! 


O M E, Thou High and Lofty LORD, 
Lowly, meek, incarnate Word > 
Humbly ftoop to Earth again, 
Come, and vifit abjedl Man. 

JESU, dear, expefted Gueft, 
Thou art bidden to the Feaft ; 
For Thyfelf our Hearts prepare, 
Come, and fit, and banquet there. 

2 JESU, we the Promife claim, 
We are met in thy Great Name : 
In the midft do Thou appear, 
Manifeft thy Prefence here ; 

Sanftify us, LORD, and blefs, 
Breathe thy Spirit, give thy Peace, 
Thou Thyfelf within us move ; 
Make our Feaft a Feaft of Love. 

3 Let the Fruits of Grace abound, 
Let in us thy Bowels 'bund ; 

i Faith, and Love, and Joy increafe, 
Temperance, and Gentlenefs : 

Plant in us thine Humble Mind ; 
Patient, pitiful, and kind, 
Meek, and lowly let us be, 
Full of Goodnefs, full of Thee. 

4. Make 


4 Make us all in Thee complear, 
Make us all for Glory meet, 
Meet t' appear before thy Sight, 
Partners with the Saints in Light. 

Call, O call us each by Name 
To the Marriage of the Lamb, 
Let us lean upon thy Breaft, 
Love be there our endlefs Fcaft. 

PAR rill. 

1 T E T us join (' tis GOD commands) 

\ _j Let usjoin our Hearts and Hands ; 
Help to gain our Calling's Hope, 
Build we each the Other up. 

GOD His Bleffing mall difpenfe, 
GOD (hall crown his Ordinance, 
Meet in His appointed Ways, 
Nourifh us with focial Grace. 

2 Let us then as Brethren love, 
Faithfully his Gifts improve, 
Carry on the earneft Strife, 
Walk in Holinefs of Life ; 

Still forget the Things behind, 
Follow CHRIST in Heart and Mind, 
Toward the Mark unwearied prefs, 
- Seize the Crown of Righteoufnefs. 

3 Plead we thus for Faith alone, 
Faith which by our Works is ihown j 
GOD it is who juftifies, 

Only Faith the Grace applies, 

B b A6Uve 


A&ive Faith that lives within, 
Conquers Hell, and Death, and Sin, 
Sanctifies, and makes us whole, 
Forms the SAVIOUR in the Soul. 

Let us for This. Faith contend, 
Sure Salvation is its End ; 
Heaven already is begun, 
Everlafting Life is won : 

Only let us perfevere 
Till we fee our LORD appear, 
Never from the Rock remove, 
Sav'dby Faith which works by LOVE. 


i "PARTNERS of a glorious Hope, 

\, Lift your Hearts and Voices up ; 

Jointly let us rife and fing 

CHRIST our Prophet, Prieft, and King. 

Monuments of JESU'S Grace, 
Speak we by our Lives his Praife, 
Walk in Him we have receiv'd, 
Shew we not in vain Believ'd. 

2 While we walk with GOD in Light, 
GOD our Hearts doth ftill unite, 
Deareft Fellowfhip we prove, 
Fellowfhip of JESU'S Love; 

Sweetly each with each combin'd, 
In the Bonds of Duty join'd, 
Feels the cleanfing Blood applied^ 
Daily feels that CHRIST hath died. 

3 Still, O LORD, our Faith increafe, 
Cleanfe from all Unrighteoufnefs, 



Thee, th' Unholy cannot fee ; 
Make, O make us meet for Thee : 

Every vile Affeftion kill, 
Root out every Seed of Jll; 
Utterly abolifh Sin, 
Write thy Law of Love within. 

4 Hence may all our Adlions flow, 

Love the Proof that CHRIST we know ; 
Mutual Love the Token be, 
LORD, that we belong to Thee : 

Love, thine Image Love impart, 
Stamp it on our Face and Heart, 
Only Love to us be given, 
LORD, we ask no other Heaven. 

j PETE R i. 3. &c. 

* T? A T H E R, hail, by All ador'd, 
j^ Father of our Bleeding LORD F 
GOD of Mercy, Thee wepraiie, 
Sav'd by thine abundant Grace: 

To a lively Hope begot, 
Into fecond Being brought, 
Quicken'd by, and with, oar Head, 
Rais'd in JESUS from the Dead, 

2 Rais'd t' inherit glorious Joys, 
Happinefs that never cloys, 
Happinefs without Allay, 
Joys that never fade away; 

Manna fuch as Angels eat, 
Pure Delights for Spirits fit, 

Bb. 2 AU 


All to us thro' JESUS given, 
All for us referv'd in Heaven. 

3 There we fhall in Glory fhine, 
Kept on Earth by Power Divine ; 
Power Divine thro' Faith receiv'dr 
We the Promife have believ'd ; 

Confident that CHRIST fhall come, 
Make the Faithful Souls his Home, 
Here in part Himfelf reveal, 
Stamp us with the Spirit's Seal. 

4 This we now rejoice to know, 
Sorrowful howe'er we go, 
Exercis'd, if Need require, 
PurgM in the Refining Fire : 

Faith the Trial mall abide, 
Shine, as Gold, when fully tried, 
Glory, Honour, Praife receive, 
Which the Righteous Judge lhall give. 

5 Him we love as yet unfeen : 

( Flefh is interpos'd between :) 
Only Faith's interior Eye, 
Darkly can its LORD defcry : 

Gladden'd by the partial Sight, 
Swells our Soul with vaft Delight, 
Glorious and unfpeakable: 
Heaven begun on Earth we feel. 

6 Here the Sinner that believes, 
Everlafting Life receives, 
Here Angelic Blifs we find, 

Blifs, the fame with Theirs in kind, 

Only differing in Degree : 
Lengthen'd out it foon fhall be; 



AH our Heaven we then mall prove, 
All th' Eternity of Love. 

*The Communion of Saints. 

1 T?ATHER, Son, and Spirit, hear 
Jt/ Faith's effectual, fervent Prayer, 
Hear, and our Petitions feal; 

Let us now the Anfwer feel. 

Myftically One with Thee, 
Tranfcript of the Trinity, 
Thee let all our Nature own 
One in Three, and Three in One. 

2 If we now begin to be 

Partners with thy Saints and Thee, 
If we have our Sins forgiven, 
Fellow-Citizens of Heaven, 

Still the Fellowfhip increafe, 
Knit us in the Bond of Peace, 
Join, our new-born Spirits join 
Each to each, and All to Thine; 

3 Build us in One Body up,. 

Call'd in one high Calling's Hope j 
One the Spirit whom we claim, 
One the pure Baptifmal Flame, 

One the Faith, and Common LORD, 
One the Father lives, ador'd 
Over, thro', and in us all, 
GOD Incomprehenfible ! 

4 One with GOD, the Source of Blifs, 
Ground of our Communion This; 

B b 3 Life 


Life of All that live below, 
Let thine Emanations flow, 

Rife eternal in our Heart : 
Thou our long-fought Eden art ; 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 
Be to us what Adam loft. 

5 Bold we ask thro' CHRIST the Son, 
Thou, O CHRIST, art All our ownj 
Our exalted Flefh we fee 

To the Godhead join'd in Thee : 

Glorious now thy Heaven we ftiare, 
Thou art here, and we are there, 
We participate of Thine, 
Human Nature of Divine. 

6 Live we now in CHRIST our Head, 
Quick'ned by thy Life, and fed ; 
CHRIST, from whom the Spirit flows, 
Into Thee thy Body grows ; 

While we feel the Vital Blood, 
While the circulating Flood, 
CHRIST, thro' every Member rolls, 
Soul of all Believing Souls. 

7 Daily Growth the Members find, 
Fitly each with. Other join'd ; 
Clofely all compacted rife j 
Every Joint its Strength fupplies,. 

Life to every Part conveys, 
Till the whole receive Increafe, 
All compleat the Body prove, 
Perfectly built up in Love. 




1 X^HRIST, the true, the Heavenly Vine, 
\^_j If thy Grace hath made us Thine, 
Branches of a poifon'd Root, 

Fallen Adams, evil Fruit j 

If we now tranfplanted are, 
If we of thy Nature mare, 
Hear us, LORD, and let us be 
Fully grafted into Thee. 

2 Still may we continue thus, 
We in Thee, and Thou in us ^ 
Let us frelh Supplies receive, 
From Thee, in Thee ever live ; 

Share the Fatnefs of the Root, 
Bloffom, bud, and bring forth Fruit,. 
With immortal Vigour rife, 
Tow'ring till we reach the Skies. 

3 CHRIST, to all Believers known, 
Living, precious Corner-Stone, 
CHRIST, by Mortals difallow'd, 
Chofen and efteem'd of GOD ; 

Lively Stones we come to Thee, 
Built together let us be, 
Sav'd by Grace thro' FAITH alone: 
Faith it is that makes us One. 

4 Other Ground can no Man lay, 
JESUS the Foundation is: 

This mall fland, and only This : 

Fitly framed in Him we are, 
All the Building rifes fair : 



Let it to a Temple rife, 
Worthy Him who fills the Skies. 

5 Hufband of thy Church below, 
CHRIST, if Thee our LORD we know, 
Unto Thee betroth 'd in Love, 
Always faithful let us prove, 

Never rob Thee of our Heart, 
Never give the Great ore Part ; 
Only Thou poffefs the Whole, 
Take our Body, Spirit, Soul. 

6 Stedfaft let us cleave to Thee,. 
Love the Myftic Union be, 
Union to the World unknown F 
JoinM to GOD, in Spirit One, 

Wait we till the Spoufe fliall come^ 
Till the LAMB fhall take us Home, 
For his Heaven the Bride prepare, 
Solemnize our Nuptials there. 

JOHN xvii. 20, &c. 

, y">HRIST, our Head, gone up on higk, 
V_> Be Thou in thy Spirit nigh, 
Advocate with GOD, give Ear 
To thine own effectual Prayer : 

Hear the Sounds Thou once didil breathe 
In thy Days of Flefh beneath, 
Now, O JESU, let them be 
Strongly eccho'd back to Thee. 

2 We, O CHRIST, have Thee received, 
We the Gofpel-Word bellevM, 



Juitly then we claim a Share 
In Thine Everlafting Prayer. 

One the Father is with Thee ; 
Knit us in like Unity ; 
Make us, O uniting Son, 
One as Thou and He are One. 

3 If thy Love to us hath given 
All the Glory of His Heaven, 
( From Eternity Thine own, 
Glory here in Grace begun) 

Let us now the Gift receive, 
By the Vital Union live, 
Join'd to GOD, and perfeft be, 
Myftically One in Thee. 

4 Let it hence to All be known, 
Thou art with thy Father One, 
One with Him in Us be fhew'd, 
Very GOD of Very GOD^ 

Sent, our Spirits- to unite, 
Sent to make us Sons of Light, 
Sent, that we his Grace may prove, 
All the Riches of his Love. 

5 Thee He lov'd e'er Time begun,. 
Thee the Coeternal Son ; 

He hath to Thy Merit given 

Us, th' Adopted Heirs of Heaven. 

Thou haft will'd that we mould rife, 
See thy Glory in the Skies, 
See Thee by all Heaven ador'd, 
Be forever with our LORD.. 

6 Thou the Father fee 'ft alone ^ 
Thou to us haft made Him known : 



Sent from Him we know Thou art, 
We have found Thee in our Heart : 

Thou the Father haft declar'd : 
He is here our great Reward, 
Ours his Nature and his Name ; 
Thou art Ours with Him the fame. 

7 Still, O LORD, (for Thine we are) 
Still to us his Name declare ; 
Thy Revealing Spirit give, 
Whom the World cannot receive: 

Fill us with the Father's Love, 
Never from our Souls remove, 
Dwell in us, and we mall be 
Thine to all Eternity. 


H R I S T, from whom all Bleffings flow, 
Perfecting the Saints below, 
Hear us, wh<J>thy Nature mare, 
Who thy Myftic Body are : 

Join us, in One Spirit join, 
Let us ftill receive of Thine, 
Still for more on Thee we call, 
Thee, who filleft All in All.. 

2 Clofer knit to Thee our Head, 
Nourifh us, O CHRIST, and feed, 
Let us daily Growth receive, 
More and more in JESUS live: 

JESU ! we thy Members are, 
Cherifh us with kindeft Care, 
-Qf thy Flefti, and of thy Bone : 
' \ove, for ever love Thine own. 

3 Move, 


3 Move, and aftuate, and guide, 
Diverfe Gifts to each divide ; 
Plac'd according to thy Will, 
Let us all our Work fulfil; 

Never from our Office move, 
Needful to the Others prove, 
Ufe the Grace on each beftow'd, 
Tempered by the Art of GOD. 

4 Sweetly now we all agree, 
Touch'd with fofteft Sympathy, 
Kindly for each other care : 
Every Member feels its Share: 

Wounded by the Grief of One, 
All the fuffering Members groan ; 
Honour'd if one Member is, 
All partake the common 

5 Many are we now, and One, 
We who JESUS have have put on : 
There is neither Bond nor Free, 
Male nor Female, LORD, in Thee. 

Love, like Death, hath all deftroy'd, 
Render' d all Diilinclions void : 
Names, and Sefts, and Parties fall ; 
Thou, O CHRIST, art AIL in ALL! 

HE BREWS xii. 22,23,24. 

ING: of Saints, to whom are given 
All in Earth, and All in Heaven, 
Reconcil'd thro 1 Thee alone, 
Join'd, and gathered into One: 




Heirs of Glory, Sons of Grace, 
Lo ! to Thee our Hopes we raife, 
Raife and fix our Hopes on Thee, 
Full of Immortality ! 

2 Abfent in our Flefh from Home, 
We are to Mount Sion come : 
Heaven is our Soul's Abode, 
City of the Living GOD; 

Enter'd there our Seats we claim 
In the Nenv Jerufalem, 
Join the countlefs Angel-Quire, 
Greet the Firlt-born Sons of Fire. 

3 We our Elder-Brethren meet, 
We are made with them to lit, 
Sweeteft Fellowfhip we prove 
With the General Church above ; 

Saints, who now their Names behold 
In the Book of Life enrolled, 
Spirits of the Righteous, made 
Perfect here in CHRIST their Head. 

4 We with Them to GOD are come, 
GOD who fpeaks the General Doom, 
JESUS CHRIST, who ftands between 
Angry Heaven, and guilty Men, 

Undertakes to buy our Peace, 
Gives the Covenant of Grace, 
Ratifies, and makes it good, 
Signs and Seals it with his Blood. 

5 Life his healing Blood imparts, 
Sprinkled on our peaceful Hearts : 
AbeT* Blood for Vengeance cried, 
JESU'S fpeaks us juftify'd: 



Speaks, and calls for better Things, 
Make us Prophets, Priefts, and Kings, 
Aflcs that we with Him may reign, 
Earth and Heaven fay, Amen ! 


ye Kindred Souls above, 
Man provokes you unto Love ; 
Saints and Angels hear the Call, 
Praife the Common LORD of All : 

Him let Earth and Heaven proclaim, 
Earth and Heaven record His Name, 
Let us Both in this agree, 
Both his one great Family. 

2 Hofts of Heaven begin the Song, 
Praife Him with a tuneful Tongue, 
( Sounds like yours we cannot raife, 
We can only lifp his Praife ) 

Us repenting Sinners fee, 
JLSUE died to fet us free, 
Sing ye over us forgiven ; 
Shout for Joy, ye Hofts of Heaven. 

3 Be it unto Angels known, 

By the Church, what GOD hath done: 
Depths of Love and Wifdom fee 
Jn a Dying Deity ! 

Gaze, ye firft-born Seraphs, gaze ! 
Never can ye found his Grace : 
Loft in Wonder, look no more ; 
Fall, and fdently adore. 

4 Minifterial Spirits know, 
Execute your Charge below : 

Cc You 


You our Father hath prepar'd, 
Fenc'd us with a Flaming Guard: 

-Bid you all our Ways attend, 
Safe convoy us to the End, 
On your Wings our Souls remove, 
Waft us to the Realms of Love. 

5 Happy Souls whofe Courfe is run, 
Who the Fight of Faith have won, 
Parted by an earlier Death, 
Think ye of your Friends beneath? 

Have ye your own Fle(h forgot, 
By a common Ranfom bought? 
Can Death's interpofing Tide 
Spirits One in CHRIST divide? 

6 No : for Us you ever wait, 

Till we make your Blifs compleat, 
Till your Fellow- Servants come, 
Till your Brethren haften home: 

You in Paradife remain, 
For your Teltimony flain, 
Nobly who for JESUS flood, 
Bold to feal the Truth with Blood. 

7 Ever now your fpeaking Cries 
From beneath the Altar rife, 
Loudly call for Vengeance due: 
"Come, Thou Holy GOD, and True! 

"LoRD, how long doft Thou delay? 
" Come to Judgment, come away ! 
"Haften, LORD, the General Doom, 
" Come away, to Judgment come ! 

8 Wait, ye Righteous Spirits, wait, 
Soon arrives your Glorious Stafej 



Rob'd in White a Seafon reft, 
Bleft, if not compleatly bleft. 

When the Number is fulmTd, 
When the WitnefTes are kill'd,. 
When we All from Earth are driven, 
Then with us ye mount to Heaven. 

9 JESU hear, and bow the Skies, 
Hark ! we all unite our Cries ; 
Take us to our Heavenly Home, 
Quickly let thy Kingdom come ! 

JESU come, the Spirit cries, 
JESU come, the Bride replies ; 
One Triumphant Church above, 
Join us All in Perfecl Love. 

ISAIAH Ixiv. . 

O That Thou would'ft the Heavens rend! 
O that Thou would'ft this Hour come down ! 
Defcend, Almighty GOD, defcend, 
And ftrongly vindicate Thine own f 

Now let the Heathens fear thy Name, 
Now let the World hy Nature know, 

Dart into All the melting Flame 

Of Love, and make the Mountain flow. 

O let thine Indignation burn, 

The Lightning of thy Judgments glare, 
Th' afpiring Confidence o'erturn 

Of all that ftill thine Anger dare. 

C c 2 4 From 


4 From Heaven reveal thy vengeful Ire, 

Thy Fury let the Nations prove, 
Confels Thee a confuming Fire, 

And tremble, till they feel thy Love. 

5 Thy Power was to our Fathers known ; 

A mighty GOD, and terrible ; 
In Majefty Thou cameft down, 

The Mountains at thy Prefence fell. 

6 The Wonders Thou for them haft wrought 

Thy boundlefs Power and Love proclaim, 
Far above all they ask'd or thought: 
And now we wait to know thy Name. 

7 We wait; for fmce the World began 

To Men it ne'er by Men was Ihew'd : 
Thou only canft Thy felf explain, 
GOD only founds the Depths of GOD, 

8 Eye hath not feen, Ear hath not heard, 

By Heart conceiv'd it cannot be, 
The Blifs Thou haft for Him prepar'd, 
Who waits in humble Faith for Thee. 

9 Thou meeteft him that dares rejoice 

In Hope of thy Salvation near ; 
Who wants, while he obeys jhy Voice, 
The perfect Love that cafts out Fear. 

10 In Works of Rightonfnefs employ'd 

Who Thee remembers in Thy Ways, 
The facred Channels of thy Grace. 

1 1 But lo! thine Anger kindled is, 

And juftly might for ever burn; 
We have forfook the Path of Peace : 
How fhall our wand'ring Souls return? 

12 In 


1 2 In Thine appointed Ways we wait, 

The Ways thy Wifdom hath enjoin'd; 
Thy faving Grace we here fhall meet ; 
For every one that leeks fhall find. 

1 3 Nor can we thus thy Wrath appeafe; 

We and our Works are all unclean, 
As filthy Rags our Righteoufnefs, 
Our Good is 111, our Virtue Sin. 

14 Like withered Leaves we fade away, 

We all deferve thy Wrath to feel, 
Swift as the Wind our Sins convey, 
And fweep our guilty Souls to Hell. 

1 5 Not one will call upon thy Name, 

Stir himfelf up thy Grace to fee, 

The LORD His Righteoufnefs to claim, 

And boldly to take hold on Thee. 

1 6 For O ! thy Face is turn'd afide, 

Since we refus'd t' obey thy Will; 
Thou haft confumM us for our Pride, 
. Thy heavy Hand confumes us ftill. 

1 7 But art thou not our Father Now ? 

Our Father Now Thou furely art: 
Humbly beneath thy Frown we bow, 
We feek Thee with a trembling Heart. 

i g The Potter Thou, and We the Clay; 

Behold us at thy Footftool kid, 
In Anger caft us not away, 

The Creatures whom thine Hands have made. 

, o O let thine Anger rage no more, 

Remember not Iniquity; 
See LORD, and all our Sins pafs o'er,. 
Thine own Peculiar People fee. 

C C 3, 2O Jer u- 


ic Jerufuleni in Ruins lies, 

A Wildernefs thy Cities are ; 
- A Den of Thieves thy Temple is, 

No longer now the Houfe of Prayer. 

z \ Where humbly low our Fathers bow'd, 

And Thee with joyful Lips ador'd, 
Idolaters profanely croud, 

And take die Altar for its LORD. 

22 The facred Means Thyfelf ordain'd, 

Others rejeft with impious Hafte ; 
By Thefe blalphem'd, by Thofe profan'd 
Our pleafant Things are all laid wafte. 

23 And wilt Thou not this Havock fee, 

For which we ever, ever mourn ? 
Still mail we cry in vain to Thee ? 
Return, our gracious LORD, return? 

24 Hold not thy Peace at Sion's Woe, 

O caft not out thy People's Prayer, 
Regard thy fuffering Church below, 

And fpare, the Weeping Remnant fpare. 

25 Thy fallen Tabernacle raife, 

Thy Chaftifement at laft remove, 
That all Mankind may fing thy Praiie, 

Thou GOD of Truth, Thou GOD of Love! 

HEBREWS iv. 9. 
rcmalneth therefore a REST to 
the People of GOD. 

j IT ORD, 1 believe a Reft remains 
_|_^ To all thy People known, 
A Reft, where Pure Enjoyment reigns, 

Aad Thou art lov'd Alone. 2 A 


2 A Reft, where all our Soul's Defire 

Is fixt on Things above, 
Where Doubt, and Pain, and Fear expire, 
Caft out by Perfect Love. 

3 A Reft of Lafting Joy and Peace, 

Where all is calm within : 
' Tis there from our own Works we ceafe, 
From Pride, and Self, and Sin. 

4 Our Life is hid with CHRIST in GODj 

The Agony is o'er : 
We wreftle not with Flefh and Blood, 
Weftrwe with Sin no more. 

5 Our Sp'rit is right, our Hart is clean, 

Our Nature is renew'd, 
We cannot, no, we Cannot Sin, 
For we are born of GOD. 

6 From ev'ry evil Motion freed, 

(The SON hath made us free) 
On all the Pow'rs of Hell we tread, 
In glorious Liberty. 

7 Redeem' d, we walk on Holy Ground, 

In CHRIST we cannot err: 

No Lion in that Way is found, 

No ravenous Beaft is there ! 

8 Safe in the Way of Life, above 

Death, Earth, and Hell we rife; 
We find, when perfected in Love, 
Our long-fought Paradife. 

9 Within that Eden we retire, 

We reft in JESU'S Name: 

It guards us, as a Wall of Fire, 

And as a Sword of Flame. 

10 O 


10 O that I now The Reft might know, 

Believe, and enter in! 
Now, SA v i OUR, Now the Power bellow, 
And let me ceafe from Sin. 

1 1 Remove this Hardnefs from my Heart, 

This Unbelief remove, 
To me the Reft of Faith impart, 
The Sabbath of thy Love. 

1 2 I groan from Sin to be fet free, 

From Self to be releas'd; 
O take me, take me into Thee, 
Mine Everlafting Reft. 

1 3 I would be Thine, Thou know'ft I wou'd, 

And have Thee all mine own : 
Thee, O mine All-fufficient Good, 
I want, and Thee alone. 

14 Thy Name to me, thy Nature grant; 

This, only this be given, 
Nothing befides my GOD I want, 
Nothing in Earth or Heaven. 

15 Come, O my SAVIOUR, come away, 

Into my Soul defcend, 
No longer from thy Creature ftay, 
My Author, and my End. 

1 6 The Blifs Thou haft for me prepared 

No longer be delay'd : 
Come my exceeding Great Reward, 
For whom I firft was made. 

17 Come, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft, 

And feal me thine Abode, 
Let all I am in Thee be loft, 
Let all I am be GOD! 



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Glory be to GOD on high 86 

Hymn to CHRIST. Altered from Dr. Hicks. 87 

On the Crucifixion 88 

The Magnificat. ib. 

Truft in Providence. From the German, 89 

In Affliction. 92 

In Affliction, or Pain. From the German, 93 

Another. From the fame. 94 

In Defertion or Temptation 95 

Another. 97 
Ifaiab xliii. 2. When thou" pafTefl thro' 1 

the Water, &V. J" 

The Believer's Support. From the German. 100 

Living by CHRIST. From the fame. 101 

GOD 's Love to Mankind. From the fame. 104 

GOD's Greatnefs. From the fame. 106 

Hymn on the Titles of CHRIST* 109 

II. Hymn to CHRIST. 112 

III. Hymn to CHRIST. 113 
Hymn to CHRIST the King. 114 
II. Hymn to CHRIST the King. 1 16 
The SAVIOUR glorify'd by AIL From 1 

the German. J * ! 7 

A Morning Hymn. 120 

Another. From the German. 121 

CHRIST protecting and fanctifying. From } 

the Tame. 5 

Supplication for Grace. From the fame. 123. 
Hymn to the Holy Ghoft. 125 

Upon the Defcent of the Holy Ghoft on 1 
i the Day of Pentecoft. Altered from V 1 26 

Dr. //. More. J 

Publick Worfhip. From the German. 128 

Prayer to CHRIST before the Sacrament. 1 

From the fame. J I2 9 

Hymn after the Sacrament. 1 30 

'D d" 2 


Afis ii. 4, ffr. 131 

To be fung at Work. 132 

Another. 133 

GOD with us. From the German. ib. 

GOD our Portion. From the Spanijk 134 

Gratitude for our Conversion. From the ) - 

German. 5'3 6 
Boldnefs in the Gofpel. From the fame. 137 

Another. 135 
Congratulation to a Friend, upon Believing 7 

inCHRIRT. J 1 * 

Hymn for Chriftmas-T)z.y . 142 

Hymn for Epiphany . 144 

Hymn for EaJ}er-t>s.y. ib. 

Hymn for -^oTj/fo/z-Day. 146 

Hymn for Wbitfunday. 147 

Grace before Meat. 1 49 

At Meals. 1 50 

Grace after Meat. ib, 

Another. 1 5 1 
John xvi. 24. Afk, and ye fhall receive, ? ./ 

and your Joy fhall be full. 5 


JSAIAHlv. 165 

Hebrews xi. Or the Life of Faith ex- \ l ^ 

emplified. 5 

Looking unto Jefus. *8i 

The fame. R 2 

A Morning Hymn. 183 

Another. 84 

An Evening Hymn. *8j 

To the Reverend Mr. WtitefeM. 86 

To the fame, before his Voyage. 187 

An Hymn to be fung at Sea. * & 8 

Jn a Storm. J 9O 

Zecb. xii. 10. They fhall look upon me^ 

whom they have pierced. From the > 191 

German. j 


The Means of Grace. 192 

Waiting for CHRIST. 195 

Before reading the Scriptures 196 

Another. ib. 

Another. 1197 

Before Preaching. 198 

After Preaching. ib. 

Hymn to GOD the San&ifier. 199 

Written in Sicknefs. 201 

Upon parting with his Friends. 202 

Mourning. 208 

Romans \il. 24, 25. 210 

Who frail deliver me from the Body of ) 

this Death? J 
My Soul gafpeth for Thee as a Thirfty Land. 2 1 2 

Longing after CHRIST. 213 

In Temptation. 214 

Mat them v. 3, 4, 6. 215 

In Temptation. 216 

He mall fave his People from their Sins. 2 1 7 

Defiring CHRIST. 218 

Thefe Things were written for our In- ) 

ftrudion. J 

From the German* 222 

The Refignation. 223 

A Prayer againft the Power of Sin. 226 

After a Relapfe into Sin. 228 

Written in Strefs of Temptation. 230 

Micah vi. 6, &c. 232 


REDEMPTION found. From the German. 23 

From the fame. 236 

CHRIST our Wifdom. 237 

CHRIST our Righteoufnefs. 238 

CHRIST our Sanctification. 239 

CHRIST our Redemption. 24.0 

It is very meet, right, &c. 241 

D d 3 Hymns 


Hymns to the Trinity. 242 

Hymn for the Kjngfaood Colliers. 245 

To be fung while at Work. 246 

Jfaiab xxxv. 247 

For a'Minifter. 250 

At fetting out to preach the GofpeL 251 

Atts iv. 24, &c. 252 

To be Tung in a Tumult. 2.53 

Little Children love one another. 255 

For the Anniverfary Day of one's Con- ) x 

veriioa. J ^ 

I Jobnu. 3. 259 

To be fung at Meals. ib. 

Before a Journey. 260 

Another. 26 1 

On a Journey. z6^z 

After a Journey. 263 

At lying down. ib. 

Groaning for the Spirit of Adoption. 265 

Hymn to CHRIST the Prophet. 266 

Father I have finn'd againft Heaven, &c . 269 

At the Approach of Temptation. 272 

In Temptation. 274 

Job xxi'ri. 8, 9, 10. 275 

After a Relapfe into Sin. 276 

Againft Hope believing in Hope. 277 

Blefied are They that mourn. 279 

The Juft lhall live by Faith. 281 

Jfaiab \\v. 22. Look unto Me, and be 1 2 g 

ye faved, all ye Ends of the Earth. J * 
Praife for Redemption. From the German. 287 

On the Admiffion of any Perfon into the ? 2 g Q 

Society. 3 " 

Written after walking over Smitkjield. 290 
The Believer's Triumph, From the German. 291 

The Love Feaft. 295 

The Communion of Saints. 301 

Jfaiab \x\v. 3 1 1 

Hi brews iv. 9. There remaineth therefore ) 

a REST for the People of GOD. \ 3 



Part Page 





UTHOR of Being, Source of Light 

Aflc not, who ended here his Span 

Accept, dear Youth, a fympathizing Lay 
Ah my dear, angry Lord 
And live I yet by Power Divine 

Awake, fad Heart, whom Sorrows drown 63 

And can it be that I mould gain 2 78 

All Glory to th' Eternal Three 2 94. 
Ah, my dear Lord, whofe changelefs Love 2 95 

Arife, my Soul, arife 2 109 

Author of Faith, Eternal Word 3 169 

And wilt thou yet be found ? 3 223 

Ah my dear Matter, can it be 4 250 

Angel of GOD, whatever betide 4 251 

Almighty, Univerfal LORD 4 254 

Angels attend ('tis GOD commands). 4 261 


Being of Beings,. GOD of Love i 24 

Behold the Saviour of Mankind 2 88 

Bleft be the GOD, whofe tender Care 2. 150 

Brother in CHRLST, and well-belov'd 3 186 

Brother in CHRIST, and well-belov'd 4 289 


Come to Judgment, come away i* 9 

Come, O my Way, my Truth, my Life 2 79 

Come, Saviour JESU, from above 2 81 

Come hither all, whofe grov'ling Tafte 2 83. 

Commit thou all thy Griefs z. 89 

Come, HOLY GHOST,. ali-quickning Fire 2 125 


pt - Pag- 

Captain of my Salvation, hear 2 139 

CHRIST the Lord is rifen to-day 2 144 

- CHRIST, whofe Glory fills the Skies 3 183 
Come, HOLY GHOST, our Hearts infpire 3 107 
Come, HOLY GHOST, all-quickning Fire 3 199 
Ceafe, foolifh Heart, thy fond Complaints 3 202 

Come, let us lengthen out the Feaft 4 259 

Come hither all, who ferve the LORD 4 281 

Come, and let us fweetly join 4 295 

Come, thou high and lofty Lord 4 296 

CHRIST, the True, the Heavenly Vine 4 303 

CHRIST our Head, gone up on high 4 304 

CHRIST, from whom all BlefTings flow 4 306 

Come, ye kindred Souls above 4 3 C 9 

Dead as I am, and cold my Breaft i i r 

Depth of Mercy, can there be 3 228 


Enflaved to Senfe, to Pleafure prone i 23 

Eternal Beam of Light divine 2 92 

Eternal Depth of Love divine 2 133 

Extended on a carfed 'Tree 3 ! 9 * 

Earth rejoice, the LORD is King 4 253 


Fountain of Being, Source of Good i 23 

Faint is my Head, and fick my Heart I 42 

Father of Light, from whom proceeds i 53 

Father our Eyes we lift to thee 2 150 

Fountain of all the Good we fee 2151 

Father of all, in whom alone 3 196 

Forth in thy Strength, O LORD, I go 3 198 

Father of Mercies, GOD of Love 3 210 

Fountain of Deity 4 242 

Father live by all Things fear'd 4 242 

Father of Mankind, be ever ador'd 4 244 

Father, if I have finn'd, with thee 4 259 

Forth at thy Call, O LORD, I go 4 260 

Father, If thou my Father art 4 265 

Forward I now in Duties go 4 2 75 

Father, hail, by all ador'd 4 299 


P<. Pag. 

Father, Son and Spirit, hear 4 3.01 


Glory be to GOD on high 2 86 

Granted is the SAVIOUR'S Prayer 2 147 

GOD of Love, thine Ear incline 3 182 

Glory to Thee, whofe powerful Voice 3190 

Glory and Praife and Love to Thee 3 198 

Glory to GOD, whofe Sovereign Grace 4 245 

Give we to the LORD above 4 246 

Giver of Concord, Prince of Peace 4 255 

Glory to GOD, and Praife, and Love 4 2^6 

GOD of my Life, whofe gracious Pow'r 4 272 

Gracious Soul to whom are given 4 279 


How haplefs is the applauded Virgin's Lot I 19 

Hear from afar the Finifh'd Height I 25 

Hear Holy Spirit, hear 2 74 

Hark how all the Welkin Rings 2 142 

Hail the Day that fees Him rife 2 1 46 

Ho! every one that thirds, draw nigh 3 165 

Holy LAMB, who Thee receive 4 236 

Heavenly Father, Sovereign LORD 4 247 

How do thy Mercies clofe me round 4 263 

High Praife to Thee, all gracious GOD 4 287 

Hall, Holy Martyrs, Glorious Names 4 290 

Inftruftive Sound, I'm now convinc'd ) 

by Thee 5 l 

JESU the Sinner's Friend, to Thee i 

JESU, my great High Prieft Above I 

JESU, whofe Glory's {beaming Rays i 

JESU, to Thee my Heart I bow 2 

JESU, behold the Wife from far 2 

JESU, thy boundlefs Love to me 2 

JESU, my GOD, my King 2 114 

JESU, Thou art our King 2 1 16 

JESU, thy Light again I view 2 121 

JESUS, the all- reftoring Word 3 184 

JESUS, the all-atoning LAMB 3 185 

JESU, the Strength of all that faint 3 213 


P'. Pag. 

JESU, if ftill the Same Thou art 3215 

JESU, Lover of my Soul 3 216 

JESUS, in whom the Godhead's Rays 3 217 

JESU, if ftill Thou art to-Day 3219 

I Thirft, Thou wounded LAMB of GOD 3 222 

J am the Man who long have known 3 230 

JESU, Thou art my Righteoufnefs 4 238 

JESU, my Life thyfelf apply 4 239 

JESU, thy Blood and Righteoufnefs 4 291 


King of Saints, to whom are given 4 307 

LORD, let the Angels praife thy Name i 3-9 

LORD, if to me thy Grace hath given 2 80 

LORD, and GOD of Heavenly Powers 2 8$ 

Lo GOD is here, let us adore 2 128 

LORD of the wide extended Main 3 188 

Long have I feem'd to ferve the LORD 3 192 

LORD, how long, how long (hall 1 3 212 

Let Heaven and Earth agree 4 244 

Let us join, 'tis GOD commands 4 297 

LORD, I believe a Reft remains 4 314 


My Stock lies dead, and no Increafe i 28 

My Soul before Thee proftrate lies i 61 

My Soul extols the mighty LORD 288 

My GOD, if I may call Thee mine 2 97 

Made unto me, O LORD, my GOD 4237 

Meet and right it is to iing 4 24 1 

My GOD, my GOD, on Thee I call 4 276 

My GOD, I know, J feel Thee mine 4 277 


No more I cry 'd (hall Grief be mine i 26 

Now have I found the Ground wherein 4 235 


O Thou who all Things can'ft controul i 10 

O what a Thing is Man ! from Reft i i 5 

O Throw away thy Rod i 47 

O Filial Deity 2 73 

O Thou, to whofe all-fearching Sight 2 100 



O GOD of Good, the unfathom'd Sea 2 104 

O GOD, Thou Bottomlefs Abyfs 2 106 

O JESU, Source of calm Repofe 2 122 

O GOD of Good, in whom combine 2 123 

O Thou whom Sinners love, whofe Care 2 1 29 

O GOD, my GOD, my All, Thou art 2 134 

O that Thou wouldft the Heavens rent 3 226 

O that Thou wouldft the Heavens rend 4311 


Peace, flutt'ring Soul, the Storm is o'er i 50 

Peace doubting Heart, my GOD's I am 2 99 

Parent of Good, whofe plenteous Grace 2 149 

Praife be to the Father given 2 243 

Prophet on Earth beftow'd 4 266 

Partners of a glorious Hope 4 298 


Rife my Soul, with Ardour rife 2 151 

Regardlefs now of Things below 3 1 8 1 


Folitude where mall I find I 5 

So many Years I've feen the Sim i 6 

Sweet Day, fo cool, fo calm, fo bright i 8 

Sing ye Heavens and Earth rejoice 2 69 

SAVIOUR of Men, how long mail I 271 

SAVIOUR, if thy precious Love 2 79 

SAVIOUR, the World's and mine 2 112 

Still, O my Soul, prolong 2 113 

See the Day-fpring from afar 2 120 

Sons of Men, triumphant rife 2 130 

Son of the Carpenter, receive 2 132 

Summon'd, my Labour to renew 2 133 

Shall I, for Fear of feeble Man 2 137 

Sons of GOD, behold from far 2 144 

Servant of GOD. thy Summons hear 3 187 

Sinking underneath my Load 3 214 

Sing we to our GOD above 4 242 

SAVIOUR, who ready art to hear 4 262 

Sinners, your SAVIOUR fee 4 285 


Thou, who haft given fo much to me i 29 

Tofpeakfor GOD, &c, i 34 



Thou hidden Love of GOD, whofeHeight i 43 
Thee, O my GOD and King 2 72 

Thou LAMB of GOD, Thou Prince of) 

Peace J 2 93 

Thou, JESU, art our King 2 117 

The Word pronounc'd, the Gofpel Word 2 11 
Thee will 1 love, my Strength, my Tower 2 
Teacher Divine, we afk thy Grace 
Thou Son of GOD Thou Son of Man 
Thee, O my great Deliverer, Thee 


3 196 

4 240 
To GOD, who reigns enthron'd on high 4 243 

Thou, LORD, haft bleft my going out 

Unchangeable Almighty LORD 

We deem the Saints from mortal Flefh ) 

releas'd $ 

World adieu f thou real Cheat 
Where has my flumb'ring Spirit been 
Welcome Contempt, ftern faithful Guide 
While fad my Heart, and blafted mourns 
While Midnight Shades the Earth o'er- 1 

fpread $ 

Why do the Deeds of happier Men 
When all the Secrets of my Heart 
With bending Knees and aking Eyes 
Whither, O whither art Thou fled 
Who hath believ'd the Tidings? who? 
Weary of ftruggling with my Pain 
Where fhall my wond'ring Soul begin 
When firft thy gracious Eye's Survey 
Welcome, delicious, facred Cheer 
When CHRIST had left his Flock below 
What Morn on Thee with fweeter Ray 
While Sicknefs (hakes the Houfe of Clay 
When gracious LORD, ah tell me when 
Where mall I lay my weary Head 
Wherewith, O GOD, fhall I draw near 
When I was a Little Child 
Where, my Soul, is now thy Boaft 

4 263 
3 '95 






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