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Full text of "The Iliad and the Odyssey"


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ftartiart CoUrgr libra^*' 



(CbM tt iftu 



Cbe 9\b S>tanutfets 

BEN JONSON'S WORKS. Wiih H«u* Cittbsl ud 

lipluun, and ■ MaiiuUal MeboIi IV.WILLUI1 CIT- 

FOID. B(hadbTCiit»lCinnillKH«H, TVMVtk. 
CHAPMAN'S WORKS. Tin* Voli. V^ I. cobuim 

Ita rhri iJ-^liWi Vat II„ Fhw a»l Mbn Timulukaa. 

vllk u Biiu to A. C. SwimUmO: Vol. IIL. Tnmlukw 

irfdM lUad ud OdjiHr- 
MASSINGER'S FLAYS. PianGiproio'iTsit. Xdltad 

by Colunel CUnnH&HiU. Om VsL 
UARLOWE'S WORKS. Kdlud, wiih Nolo, by Cokad 

CUminClUlL Obi Vol. 

Cmm8Be,tbthhmrdi,3i. 6d.tirv»bimi 

jEatie JEn0[(0b poeta 

Uiud, witb tnnodHCiiinK ud AuwIuIodi, by 
Rn. A. B. CiouBT, D.D. 


WOltKS, TiroVslt. 


WORKS. nmViik, 

I4»did : CH ATTO A WIHDUI, III St. lluflB'I Lav, WX. 









Homers Iliad mid Odyssey. 





' 1^^ u.l^l^ 

FEB 8 191/' 






In his Iliads, and 

7 ranslated accordmg to the Greek. 

Geo. Chapman. 

De Hi : et Odyss : 

" Omnia ab lut, ttia his ant omnia: jivtbtali 
Te dtctr elofuii, m rrmmfondtm Ungunt." 

Anccl: Pol. 

2 . q ^ I 

' d 

Commendatory Verses. 







cf Hotaet 'twttc no loutt to 

Hk llMinndMlai^ (hlDe i)m original. 
DU «■ aM iaom twt done It Uu* n 

TbOB maliai HoMtt Hamcr't leU noeL 




What mm UUn Aim enr vtiiniM on, 
Uoto oat weadtr it bf napmrn doBK 
Wte bj hk dlD iMdi aada ncM HooMT^ 

To lal) Ml boasM tooor EiflUi Mognib 
So ikM ib« icuBCd wdl BIT qwnka U. 
W1«diatnOR«k,«TeiKl>>h. Hqo Kr wr l E. 
Ohippr Hcnet, tack hi abta pen 
To hrnn tot tbj T^mlMor. lupptc* Ikaa 
Q*ld.t or Vksil,t «ho b«i«Dd iMi 

AMdnltt'it Mcb MOUoee Mtf s mite In 

nil ott MROVMb vDopvnui vonbT p fv t ^ 
.%od Boklai flw MUM blMcd bay*. 
Haa raf •) Hobs In a ftMtoc MM^ 
/«■. Md hlh ^Mtd 10 lit thifintu 1 

\iul IM fill IIWIMIIIlllll UW MBM dOA 

ftmnthhifc and nit ibttioo tboQ akt 
OiBi Haiamt mjniw mmrtu pUn to 

VMd Ub (Mr* dark akb farfcMk'd 

SontcunM* "*— ^*f doaa hk Iwrwl 

• I rna If Hi Sitr^lit—, lAtlid/nm 

t BrClUH- 


At toul Ibo Ar Mnulmt* did iMTiirek 
Juno') rMnsi, Acl'iiUti urmrr ilmm ; 
WO li«, 10 bb Qim MOM dalli liim iv- 

And conuntnU on hiio b*tHr tlwn 

Anr coutd do. fo( «tlch t*li^ Horaw) 

Win T^d jli hoooiu 10 hn mamotr. 



MtKH !»>« I lnTtll'd in Ibt nalnu ol 

Anil nuay goodly UaMt nd kingdotni 

Round many vnuin hluid* ban I 

WMdi twdi In Aaliy U Apollo hold. 
OAc'ooawUoxMnMhM I b«an (old 
Thai d(Xf>bio«d Homer rukd u hk 

dcRiccnc : 
V«i did t novat liiuihc ii) pm* utcoa 
Tin 1 beud Cbipman (pMk out loud mA 

Tbtn Ml I Gka lom arBkhoi of Ihe 
When ■ aaw planet twinu in'o hi* 
Or like sloui Cartel wbcn with c«^ 
He nared al Om Paclflc-and all hk 
Look'd Ml caib odM with • afld tiumiH— 
SUmi, tipao a pMk ta I>ukn. 

JOUH Kumi 

■ Uctxliui, AMawmnon'i boAcr, ■ h(I- 
fiaral Piui», ■> Humw wmKly nmltn bin 
Anufbenl hii IlMt, ud ■> Ml OupiMB tacb 
«pftva^««rvBd ui Huncr- 

< Ep^Mn^ T^f^flcicaL ^lovofihical ukd 
Rmiut. by S. Shippuv- Load. 1651. vf 

iPMMi; tM>d. •el^^•». 


'* J'ftfTAV Bffffktt of Mf INmdti ef HfHure, Printt tf Paria, TiuitUted iccordin* u 
Cnck«, LD iudECinent r>f his be» CommcntariM by George Ch^pnuD GenL Striifn3i i 
$ap*msi ^Princ^pinm ^. ^f. London- Prujiird fay IdIid Windci, and arc lo be mMc ■ 
tignc of the Cioste-Keycf, ncirc Pnulct Whirfle. 1.599- U^) 

** AthSHti Skiw'd- TnDtlated ai ihe other fven Bcxilcci of Hoiner» out of hii Bight 
boolte of liiad». By Gcorfv Qi^mvi Gcrti, LondoD. Imphnred by Jc^a WLndvt, aji<L ub 
viklftt Paulct Wh^Tfe, ai ilic »ifine oT the Croue Keyc». 1398^ Ui°-] 

*' Homur Fvintt 0/ Poett, tranibtcd iccordiiif to the Grecke in twelue Dookn of hii 1 
By Geo: Chai'inaii- Ai London priniedror Samuel Macham.' [no date- J Sm- folio. 

" 7'Af / imh tf Hoittr Pnitct et Petti. Ncua before id \ny Janguigc truely Iraai 
Wiih a Comtm upon lonw 01 hii chiere jiUcei ; DoDiumccoiduic to tu Greek* br^ Geo ; Chft| 
Ai LondoD prisUd fur N*tJumcU Buuer,** [foLJ 

Homer's Iliads. 


Or an bMlM cttwl \m M klndi, Honifr b (be tat uid ben. No ose txbte fab. 
Joopboa tWutm net brfon khn. wilh ViUrlai PMorculia mi l&nc*n]r whoffi ba 
Milled ; mar bAh Mb uijf thai o«aM awuie bim. Awl ilitt Poasr iii"/ b* ii9 
canw of <lrtfi«kB from aU Ibe cUDCMe •« gin bin, SpondaiUB (pefntuiR K m 
mil am and adiKml unanimnbly af|iaei nad prom ; for i» i!i* eiorj el Ood, and 
Hk MaglBK of ka> s'orin, do bob darts deny, man mi cbitdi mule. And Hbit art 

EfcraM thM ditclend of nan wHh to Biid acitaiMs and uprcuioa ai Ttxty; 
•M, DaTid, S^moa. I«^ Bmr. ^rnnty. Ac^ cni^ u»i^ ilini u> Ihe end 
al»«) Mid } Aad Mage uta <9celh*ce of it caiinoi b* obtaiiKd bf th« labour 
■Dd an at man. « aU eadir eoatoa Ic li ouM needt be aclu>o«tcdg«d a divine 
iniHwa. To p:«f«<thkh to a wend, tlibdaCkb, in Diratimatloa, Ktit»*auiitlii&{ 

Cm«I Pmv, Uiad HoMB, attkfi aU M* 

F«(«alo[hbB. aceording laourmMlpairaaad judioiat riu'areh.areaUAnictoduead, 
ocadimed. or Oiaatniod. It U not ihwrfoic the sorhl'a nUfirlUK of H ilMt cu innke it 
Tik i tor M we miicbl aiWK, aod Uaipbtme tbe nia*i tocumpaiaUy Htond. It U not 
of (b« vnld iadtcd. tinMtkn tniih. bidca Hull frooi it. Nor ii ibtie any uA naikr 
of wadoai'i Iraih la aH Iximan eMFlkace, a» n Pixu' fcUoai. 'IhM luuu vultiar aod 
foallilt neelpi of pociical bccwc bci(({ nt aU koawtaf mn <<i V niJixIn) : wnjrtioz 
it. aa itPdCt* had a lale-ldLi^ priiijce* abtntt otliHii noAnlil Ik^7< w Vnoty and 
hMJtlrtfiblr eaartincd to all th« lam or Itamlae, •tadotn, and tmh ai a I'dm. For 
wna tM( Mi kdom c<ini(ioi*it of il>e fiacwi aod aoub of aU ihiwv ho« costd f her 
dl0vfarftaw,aadb«oaBibiaHt(riitirtcni)t|>? ToaD *cl«cc*.tberrlon. I muit Mill, 
arilh avkanKdaodliutenio'uSpcedaniu. ijacftrH, h haijaf a pefpetnal eowrrca 
wiib iha dl<4nc Uusijp: cnbiaciKt ib>1 lt'>i<«rMta( all hi* mm t>ol.* [HtccpH. and 
(3i)i>|4n( coobDoa) disco<'n> with liu tbikr ptrf^tt and mcm ixunfonabfe qnnt. And 
aa the caateoplHiw Ue ta moM wonhii) and dlvind* pnremd by Plato to (be aeliv« 
aaanidi aallwhnd uitefoot, ibi oyvto the taaa, rautnto «mtp, the tout to (ha 
bciilT. the Old itHir la an Mngji dlr«cied to Ibe ead : quiet to mcMtae. and cMraitj 

10 time ; to nacb [velct 1 dlnae Vottf lo a)) wtdttly wiutum. 'lo t^e oaljr iliadow 
«f arfauM wonh, yn, I «niilla aM iha bold rhynica of nor ajHsh aad unpuJtnt 
bnanrt. IlMacii be dates aanune anrlhln;; : skIi 1 tna om to (be ina<rlni{ of 
wbai^B ; oMd ihaM bni chatttr oa adthilb (fat asdn tka hill of Ih* Muaoi) wbeci 
ttcv fcnoaMMt idl-loira and ambiliaa hath advaond iheoi hJabeM. f^onr n the 
Bamrof lbeS<M,MiddMaliii taopMlatheeyecf acudle. So Unt* htde their 
HMWiW aodeoantabtaaatbemitHr, ■r^n/uAia/fiolihao'Sponituia.) Weha*e 
CBMi^ vend eaoai^, lliai me Aeajr^ Inaifllir. poverty aad oooiempc, are badpH 
of dMaMr. aM nnlly. Dray ihm. aaid tttrh a^as it, yc woH-fieod wmIi11m(i; 
lU nolUnK Iw hooonn. lichM. and Magslncy. aiirii* f it«t tiiijtJ/ tfirala (that t 
ai^ aaa tk« wndi ofoar frtrnd Mill) tfM M^/ i!qnK 7a'l''*''r'M> /n;^i«/fa / iMn>/i>a^^ 
aaaa ««f attmm. fttrii fmJim vn fym/uiiii, fte. t (fee my part) ifeiu) c«a (eaecm 

11 ■Mb mon Baoly and word, ia (hl« hniniiBai and piooi mdr, lo ■■■ till I unk 
IMo «y gianv tben lUDe la your VAioglorlow babbtei aod ImpiiriK!* : all juur puar 
poUciK«iaika»Badlkcit mpfi^a, Uaoaennluiac IhanaraiiUyDitL Aadisach 

• PnamdlOlbiCMaltMTnailiiiHiaf ih< niidial 
I Abo 

IT iTi irhiiiaa lilii 







ItM t ■■iih tbr ftonitrai dncortiMit of some uupfd lenorinli : ihal no more knowtnf 
me thMUx^own bwthiendi. «Dd l««ct (tomy kaowltdgr} bint from tbtir ttcht. 
irhly rr VtMimI mnllirjffnitTi Ttf my twiMllrtfiw ; ml ff rtitrVrTirh niftrm rgir — vibcn 
botb to FtBDoh. and all Oliifr iMpiiC** ^< hk<nn, our wilk-all-«]ull-rniii;lird Puel li 
•Q poo«Midiiaplaa(liiff ihtit oomaacan dlscei&(roai whence flowed tus >« ccnnally 
giTra emiiwDce and admlniUoii. And itmefOR (brmynaiaaablccrealurt'l confemice i 
o( in* ■llE'it commrnl and convmion) k will ^lilj MWir hnw t Uiun iIkri, and 1 
wtKDiu the oftgioal be injr rule or not In whieb he •hall cuity tie. I undmuad th* .1 
widcnundiDgs of all ul)i«t Inlcrprcten and ooauncnloQ in pUcn ol hit niotl deplll, 
ImpofMnca, and ragilun. la whoae ripmitloD uid illiulmicm, if I alihnr frciia tbe , 
M>r*c thai Diben vnst and rack oiil of klm. lei my be*i dcineior examine hew (ha 
Qra>.'k word wuraiiK me. Koc my ofha hob (17. let them by la thdi loaliib galls : I 
■Mhine m miKh ■•r'l'in) 1* (be biikinp of puppin or fimtinc houndi, too rile* 
toiktnkof our Mtrai llomet. oriel ibetr profane (oct wUblo ihcir Qvei' Icngila o( ht* | 
thrediol'U. If 1 fall In wmelbiog, let my full perlonnanoe la other some Kslore me : 
baUc tpunini; mf on wilh other nnnasltlia. ror ai at my condtuion, 1 proteu. ao 
here at my eatiance, '.at than Mleen week* was ihe time In vt.kb all the l»«I twelve 
booki were cnllrely new iMiitUlni. No ooaferoice had with any one llTtng In ^11 the 
■c>wltlcB 1 pimunie I I'll" found. Only Min* ons or mo plice* I bne ihowm) to my 
worthy and moM teerntd Inend, MaMer llamou, br hi* ocnwn bow much mine ana 
weJshed : ■hoea Judpneni and knmrledge la all kindly I know 10 bt incomparable 
aDaboiiomlcwi y«a. Mbe adtntred ai much. a* bit moH bbmelon Oft. and iho rigbl 
MKMd expenn v bis time, b 10 be bonowed and reveretiocd. Which afllnnailon al 
b>i elsM iinmairhrinni In all manner at le*min| t make in ceeMnpl of that miQ' 
ol ettitm oRaa IbroBt npoo nu ; thai he that will jud|^ muit know mere (ban m 
o( wboan be ludgelh, i to m • mas thouU know neTiher God dot liimicK, Anintha 
ttgbt lavued, boneet, and cnllccly lovrd (riend of mine, Uauer Rnbrrt Kcirs, 1 muK 
BMda pDi luo my oonteaMd aanfmnce icuching Iloawr, ihouh tev Uitte mote than 
Ibal Ibad wUh Maitce KantoU. Which iko, 1 proteit, are all, and pitftrMd 10 afl. 
NoTCharBa 1 (heir aatliotiEiaa wiih aoy atlirvaeoc of my noeral lalmiT: but only of 
Iboae one or two pLini. whldi for loiuncet of my Inaonuon. and how il ihotved to 
them. I Imparled, 1 1 uiy lax me for loo much perlgihrMlt or citeumlocuiion In loma 
pbcei). lei ihsm nmA Lwucnliui Valla, and Eolianw H««i». who eiihn uie nicb 
ihorOMM w oomelfa nolbios home to I tomer ; or, uhere tbey ihun Ihu fault, are tan 

EU more paittpbruilMl IhaD I. Ai fur cuinpte. una place I will trouble you 
pMi pleuc) to oontei wttb the original, and ooe taWrievlBr fes alL Ti it tn 
end of iba ihiid boot and It tlelee'e neech 10 Vemu fetching bet to 
Part* from tedng hu cowudly eomhat with MeBebfu ; pan of which tprvch 1 
wQl btrc cite: 

f^m. it. 

Tot a*oidinc Ibe common reader'i trouble boe, I maM leier the mote Grtekiih to tha 
nat of the ipoech In Homer, whoae uatuLtUon ad turtam by Scicndiniis t wtU I 
dtc, asd thai ptay you M ooiifet it with Ihac which foUowcth of VaJU. 

Quacii m **re iiuik Alanndruok M4a«Uu£ 
n*li)u«m vicil, Tull odicum me domoia aUluferv, 
trmtnt me uuik ilalaai Inu dglail cafiUDi vlnnialit 

5vd« epod iptuB i^ctiL dcema ibe^a tut. 
tte^ua aequuB luu i»i^iiiiu riTircuU ■■ CBlum. 
S*t Mavn iii0 tuu wnjmui ptifer, el ipon tarn 
[Xhcc (e vet ilmtui &du, nl hie Hmn. Ac 

VaUa tbia : 

" Quaelu iwce Ptnde. Mfaclwa j 
fry fuk tn^tie tenac^ nt ae dcdp 
lib ain, duo ilh iiudMk doB pn >|[( _ . .....__ 

eMoentTiiiw ttUqulMi. aac M cm rvmiura tt eetriuu : add) hMsiuu iinpicwl *al ■ 
ejui (abcrl^ eal tacilll.' ftc. 

WbceduBMeU ihetebeany such thiBgasmoetoflbltli Hornet; iriniilji ifi miiea. 
a* be tblnki, Homet'i eonoelt, tgt Iba more fituet* at Ibe rtadcr, be nMb ibta «*«• 

t lewlalunu ad km. Idea t 
KiMB eti uiam ainuei ia hridaoi luTinlMliim ; < 
I die viefi^ dun dlaw ok^itrttM Hij» niaiedilw 



plus, ^m Uti aJa. dwm itli Jlttiti. i»n fn tllo ttliigli. 4am iUum thtrrat, a$f»t 
€tal»4h. itrrum ammnrtimm rtUftniti. WUch (baMca hi* tafmtaty) a altcrljr 
U»i For *Im*« Ik nith n/itmili dtfrmm a m m t r r i iim. H«lta wld, On>r f tednn 
■>Mta«, rilaniH anlHit ahtff^. et atitat, viat. JniMu (titl imitm* m it ii utcd 
pOKkall^ •iCUiMx Jimigart. at ahi%iri ; «riI Hriro (in (nnMmfi; of bn too onick 
ofaMndng mn) Mt bet rrDooiKie heiTTD. uidcomeUrcBuh [VI(U!Ibcin*lwb«tito 
vMearxraiu; KtpllaDr or uonf ullf ipaklng II: «bich both Villa, EcljaaB*,*ad 
■n cNhcT ■)■■>■ Ml* (bm thai md ptrt a im \ ba*c ulHilj mined. And thia cse twnplt 
I (boastii Mconiy lo fauat here, toAommjitxttmin ihM thnhtra 90 Kaion w 
«W7 Mr dfEnraloouiMi ■Muetimet. iriMii ibcSr moM MiprafM Orrciuu^ Homer's 
hMaifvcMD giofmlljr. bold bio fit lo bt n cannvrlcd. V«i bow much I affl«r. md 
wlib wbu mheMiv, ki my Inpurbl ud Jodldftl ttader Jndn. Alwoju conctivlnr 
h« pcdaMlolaaid abtuRl laMlwodea il iiiti thiifnianiiTUilioncfaiiyautlitir (m-.icn 
■ton ot Hemct) to inra him wonl to w>rd. when (aocWine lo Honoe and oiAcr Mst 
l ipfl w nnn trinililfii ) It li iTir [an nf nnjtnwliiManil jmlhlal iDierpmcr. not 10 
Mmv lb* nwabar ud wdir of *o<di. but iIm tnalRW thhif* ibamstliOk and wnBcneft 
tos<Mi4QiKMillr. andlodmhe and •doni ikem aUh vordi, and such a irrle mm) 
fom of ofBdoti. «■ arc (ftOM apt f«« ike basw>eelnM wtilchibcranconfcrttil. If t 
han POI lumol ban ia m.j place (altrir On >II othn bii inMi^itni hat* in rnxny. and 
incMot U* chief (Jacei). if 1 h«*e not left bchlDd me aor of hIs'KOicaee, clcBancT. 
faeigbf, iBteBdoe. aed Inveetioo. IT ttt uoe Ccv placa (capceUlly In my ftni cditSo^ 
hittg 4om to kmt tiaco. and tallaming Iha comnan met) I b< ■omttfaiiii' paraphmlt- 
odMtdluiiir, liK]«Mic«latbatpoatfinih tiftbey wlU ti«cdt have U >o) to dram aS 
da KM tt Bj iatiour ? But there (1 a eeftajn cnr.oiu h indnicker, thai lionn up lad 
domi. Unmusly aniroaiin; all thp air iHlh his tanuwos awbllion. aad buixni; Into 
e*m ear oiT dein«Mn, aartnlng I nun Ho«acr<nil of the l^tln «ol^ Ac. thai kcs 
•n bit awiii I alia, and iba «hek rabbia of my maUrMn on that vii^ viih him, 10 
bwabsM wt Impab. and poiton any rtpwalicni. One HM. ai he Ibmks. BhatMKVtr 
be jriica to oaxfS. be takes from hinudf : so whttftjcrt fee cakfS tram oitini. he iddi 
t» Ucoadt Ona that la this kind if nibbtrj doth like Mmvury, thai aiole good aod 
auin i to l It mlb oovMoMl tod Kill. One Hke the two rlulMoi. PhiloKmus and 
(inaibo^ ibM wmdd iiill cnifxy thdi aates Ift the dbhc« Ibcy loved, that no maa mlgtil 
«■■ bat Itanaib**. For *> this keatni with coa hot ■ linr. aod Ida »It«r bis ow* 
stor, ndtodwewallUinsclf. dismoncnfaallawdtata the bun of anathcr. I 
Mi«inldMa,ite|leltnMyMi<«a. Not oMel IMi.loeaMaaTMb«orp)uieftoalat 
lb* eaiUcnlar my of mioa a«s ntimalioa wUh Ibc iK/tU ; lor I roolve Ifeot with Iba 

wflnDr obKun : 

Sim tuBin Thu^ aalliqiM ■ibhso ciSl 


'^k a^Kl^ be) the nnertl drfrutloin cf Indutirlont atid acB- 
r I cannoe too nmcbdlminlih and d4ecin7Sell;yei that pMdiif 
I only knowx 10 ahoae eter-implonid naprd isd comfort 1 01^ 
■indlnw IisByftinheTcdkkMicdtfaMamjrtlSrcBdeaiivisissbdldiaBce.lwltliBetid 
what It amiss (God wsHtIng nt) and innpUfr my banb CaamMM to HofflEi'i iar mora 
ti(M. and mine own caiacsi a»d I nBMkm tavc of Men. NoraiUotandiic. I ksoir, 
INr nriovs sod emfaos will aenr sit doon laiiified. A ooa may (o over and oter, 
I be come o*et and OT«r. and his palm be onljr bis recomponc .- emy mxi is so 
'1 wiib bis piiUfiiltr head, ami nnthing is all icspccts pertot. but ^ak Is per- 
^ . . I by ttw. tfosHr hfnoclf bath set wnb Dy loitusr. in ttuy sullgaen : aad 
iherelore nny my poo* idl poi up with moiioa. Aad so little 1 *□ rape<i asJlt"'')'- 
Wld lo aaeb cnoistace nyKlf viih fniar om% kSTirn stmgtb. aad wtet t God withia 
DMOfcontot and coBfnnaiioe (cxamlmnn myv^ theooifboiii wiib ■ far ■an JMloM 
MNtwioc eye than ay cteMcai enemy, ImlMttaf Ibis: 

Jutei Ipse Mt Setm m eipkust a< ^^001, &c|, 

IfeHaAalfatae IHmI*. I «1U (God kHding me bfe and amy ■ — ns) »iih »<w 
laboB itea 1 have kai here, and all andiecked ateeMy. 0>* Iteaagfc bis Odjwcy*- 
Kor on I fbtxM bm (bM with tfl beaity ctaHMdc reacmbcf} vj moM •adoMi 


btmol and rishi coble fritad, H«iler Ricliiinl Sufrilroa. Gnt moM eamhA moK 
Ibt Caa» of our H«incf. fai which (iiul much otlier moa buenloiu And ulli 
oaJdatnTd daen) God tsiiCor rnc ampW ha requilrr ; k'nl b« bli noaoiuabla taM 
IpoediF Rod (u!I nslorer. la the mun ijKice. 1 cQlirnt mr Impaitia] and jud 
KMijBr. Ihflt ntl thini^ lo lliu tiiiick lie will not pirc bul humanely and noblf pal 
Macti i aiul. If he find aajlhinK polcci. nnive it unrnrM. 



Or tib Montnand limf. iV iliftrrrnm i* to InfiniMamenMt anwritm i 
nn qocstlaii. in my conjKiuiv. of hu nntlquiry beyond aU. To whii.'Ii opininn 
arussi t wllldM. Adnm C«<]rcniii iitacclh him undo Uai^fiaftd Solomon*! nilr. 
the [teumelian oC Tray undn SauPi. And of iHiq ni^ with Sotomnn. Ukrhad <i 
Siciiltui afiimwtb bim. Artnclle (in tertia dt Pttltii\ Afflrmi ha wu born m the u 
lo. bemi ota atnUia, one nf ihem that uicd <□ daruc wlih the Mem. and ■ vtrj 
thai bb cotnpnned b; thai G«niu% «bo btioc qiuck »ii)i cblld (for ahamc of tiie < 
came into a pbc« railed j^no. and ihere was laltcn of ihlErei. aod broug 
Smyrna, lo Maao king nf (be Lrdinni. who fur her beautjr manled hci. After li 
lliu walking nnu (be flood Mrleltt. on Ihnl th(ir« betne ovntukrn with Ills Ihn 
btrdeliwtfr. she bronshi fotth Komet, and inninily tlieiL Tlie inUni vna nctni 
Mieon, and braugtit up a* Ua <nrn till hli dciiii, wh^ch wti not long afler. 
aoMidng U> Ihia. when the Ljdiuit in ^m_Tin:i were afllicin) bf lb* ^Eoliani 
tbonchi ni to LcAve (be dty. (hecuiiiiini t-y ahfiBldwilUnKaniogoouithals 
and lolloit Ihirm. Honm, being » Ulili' dilM, uid Iut would ^ao l)>nf<>' (tlial li, i 
and of that, feu Mrkngenat, wliidi waa hii hfU Dame, ha irraa callad Momar. 

ThcvnnViinofoiVrrtpcTtirouddng ttualomli furlengdi ; and tn plica tl 
think II not uii()i lo linen •omnhirx «( hn pnuse arid hooour amonsiE the grcai 
all ag« ; rii'C that our inotl itliti>lute of himtcit nocdi H ; but Ihal such aiubi 
MUimnnius of liii apleiidotir and cxa^llcnoe may the better connnce the maliiM 

Vim. wliat kind ofnraon Homer wal, lailh Spcndaana, his Matue Mchtth, 
Cedrenus dcscrlbelh. The wbolc place m Mtl decettbo thai out reUIlon may ha 
tieitcT coherence, aa Nybuidar t et ntn alt. "Tbeo wu tli* Ociigonon ai Co 
tinopi* comumcd with fire : and the both of Seinnis, Ihat bora Ihe nainc of 1/t\>x 
in which ibcK nt much i-arleiy of spectacle and iplcndour ci ara : the worki 
■gea bdng confened and prc^rml ihcic. u( nuutilr. tocki, Monea. and ima 
tmua : lo iriif ch this only wanud. I^i Uie louU of the penoos (hey pnaentrd wt 
In (hem. Amongu ihoe maiuf-pteco and atI-iTll-ei<«odlng wottmnnihljis 
Hointr, as h« «*i fn hia age \ tnOughtfuJ and muting, hli fund* fatdcd bene 
boaom, hii beard tniilmineit and hanging do<ni. the hair of bit head in lAe w 
on both sides befoti^ bla bee with a(c and eaiea of the tro^, as Ihoe In 
wrin iki l and ituilrrr. his nOM iimpotlicinnf lo hii Mhcr parlt. hii tyn filed Or 
up lo h» cyebram^ like ooe bltnd. at i1 u repoitiil be ui^." jN'oI bom bUoiJ 
VeUeius ('aicrculm, whicli tie Ihut linwinca. >ail!i \k. la bhnd of all aeoM*.) ' 
bia under-coal be wis siiired Kiib .1 loos* robe, and at the base btneatfa hk 
bnaen cbala bong." Tba wot the lUnie of llomer, which in that coollu 
pertihed. Anaihtt nnoaned Ma'iic of hi*, laiih I.ucian in his Roeomion of 1 
thoM*. ttood in the temple «J Piolcmr, on the upper b«nd of his onn 
CMMnut Ukewlse lemembetelh a library in llic [ulacc of the king, at Conuatil 
thai eont.-iiiMd a Ebonwnd a hundnd and twenty booki : amonnt whieh there 1 
It of ■ drama o( aa bnodieil and ntM* 1m( long : in whld, la Itdew oJ « 
:iiads and C)d)M>* cf Haowr wan iaaeriba) ; irtilch niiMl« fa BatfUN 
EapMOr** lime, Wat ODoniiMd wflli fire. 


Pot bk (ttfxGt mmongM the KOI tcoiBcd. PtiUo jm fm eillelh hiB ^wnruk 
fcfcMM -^— r^- fVffrrTi- fTTr'r'n r'/-Tr'i — fr"rri~rnff/ri-iin[T^niin. dm f tiw dM i l 
•m* ■■wV, ArinM PetUti md In T^mnni. Socntti cftInK ilba» of th«Mett 
<tte aad kmwd (bt eonlbmatkn o( hi* there htjd c^nioo. m ProC^ecnu, Itcncttw; 
Bl» i l c cte a . EpldunnM. aiHt ilcntr : Wte. toitii SocnMs, •uAnn mih an urn*. 
tiAy m lof by nicb k eifiUlo m H«*ner. due* flghi or la&t, bM h* *lll be brid 
ttttiitot? Th&far SMiiBMMtdall H<Fin«r'«cBiiou*asdigBonMdttnc(on. Why, 
Mwfdbnv Pluti la hkhIkt plirce buAibMli bts tmb il oibn- pMU MH of to cWison- 
wakh. dcaliBg wbk ihcm liWa Piolfildaa iedead. an men, wd ibra eau Ihin off. 
U iBWtli RonMr Itc ilrints At w xad «ui oomwd and aoolnHd. I lee oot ; ilnce be 
■•bHh Mill ndi booootaMe dmkIoii oC hint, aad wtib kit vmci. ai rth iiirckmi 
wni c iu> » Ikj « cacbaicth hi* wrillac*. So AiIumIc Maisotliy wUoanu him. 
titj. cmc ■maB(ii dw bariAraos. dm oblr Homn'* nwiw. boi ks rucfu ban been 
ncofdol uid renrcMvd. Tlw IndiaBS, mKh jlUlkinit <Vni. Hill. libL lii. pji «!), Id 
«b«ti o«D towgat bad Kcawr't Potn* tnD>lMcd and iune. Nor tboie Indiaiu alcrne, 
tot ihe klnc* of Pntla. And onoocM lh« lodtaet, of *11 ihe Gnrk pcot. Homer 
bfiaf cvti AM io eMitnMlon ; abenioeTCr thrj am) ■ii]' ditiu dntio anonjinr M tiw 
WBWDi «f tbdr bowcbohk aad bcapiialitln. Ih«y ianttd Ft«t Apollo anil Hcauf. 
LaelatilBUi En w«^DH o< ItariOMlwiia afltonwh all I*cxm cdttauud H«na'i binh- 
dar, lad BC>itc«d \t> hiai the liril fnilu tif teif vtrx*. So TVmciRU asfamlb 
LaOMbbeecd MdobioudC Alo. raphiiu. akb Ei»uithliu.ddiwnll««Kf aibom 
of E)C7ptian panati, iMBMCOfas. being his tather, nad i^thra bii moilKt: hit nuno 
bdag a ocittta proplKlan aad the daashlcr of Orii. I>a^ pticst. (roo whose tmaitfj, 
BfteiiliM LI. boaef floired id (he nxnnb o( ibe tnraol. AWf >hkh, la ibe nlshi, he 
BitcRd nia« tarrtai com* or voioauf fen l* rii. , olanralkn, apMcock. adot*. a 
cra«, a patuidcT. a Rddianb, a Mare, a UackUrd. and a irichUnEue ; aad. being a 
link bo;, wai found i^taylna In te bed wtlb eiae iima. &tnb bnog al a fcoil ol tiii 
panati rai taken •iih ladiieti tatj, sad tim% mm whotc Mthmhii! ma Ar^awni^ 
mttAmi; ftfynia. agntf/inK maA fktorj, lawUafaioogalioHaotMhlBiiufuin, 
frtai im firrj. aad w n tarlr^r. ttptifjiUgfiirtaMt^tiAr ,• and t0MiiM*Ad hiai lA buili) 
■ HB|de |0 the I^ridariL tbu is. \o ific MuMa. (honMai iffinm ibal IlKBmiui, 
teachlag a pablle wAool bi SnTymi. waihbmaiiet; and DiDDTXhu>B56anika)atlb, 
SoEntN WM Hoeatr') Khalsr. to iborl, whal be aai^ bli wotks show moii m^; to 
wUcfe, Ujoapleaar, cooaaad examiaaUat. 



mAu. KAUKAL, nc* 

LllMr InMlaaalaadbniUihaa latpittf weia It be. not onlf wlacnaia ihe can* «(- 
iMaallj n aafciaa aa team <* tba bodjr tba cnnra e< HmmdI, bnile jaartbetaad 
Ian btf In k : noea De«fa lo be beounbod with adnltaoo^ stnee her taadeolual 
Haed It Aldwtth Mdt aMhoriir. tKeftmeat. aad pntrwfaw; aad Io be a pdiMt 

■ »H&»dH"S«ir«oB(><>iB9(ihelEBb-[iS9n 


lUwiiicr of Iicr faculties, ii to teat Custom and liDpulitioD. lili« Juitioe asd Wipjgtf 
M iMIh >i<la of hi] cliali. crvwnlnj blin Wilh hi'iioui. Ami ilut rvrn of a pUtri 
tMewUtx i"U!t c/'tti« tc I'm ; tincn All t)>c mt^'ti <•■; liirr to mukc lirr natllaM 
knowa to us. and to lurce out of thai holy knowledge duu lo caantour iu wiih H 
nnpAlatol bouilia. are held with too inie npcrimcc of llicit cITccu. (he 011I7 ptnilU 
I9 «aEaii|ls our oMaloi in ninciia and wastaos. Ha sulxUnot f«l. bciiii loo jm 
■nd flIuttrUc 10 be dltecrned with ignonni ttnd borturout kdh: nnd ttic malH 
whcMOo the worki 100 piMlv* and drmir to pn>pi|:.-i<e lici uut'tly roidenue I 
Mtrnity ; aha halh d«viscd. in riespiW of thai «onn'<nivn idol, aaolhet liuiilius. dott 
•Ad dcspllod ncqiUute. 10 reverse her apptaiaace wiili unipcflkable pioflt. oombx 
«nd lile to all potluniira; and Ibpt la this poor tcHliiilini;. ikitUiy, ihii 100 livinf 
prtMTvalirr for ibc dcoihful (omb* of Qobiliiy ; being nccounted in our moil gttSl 
and complimcauil use of il. only Ihe dtoppniK* of m Me liumoui : (oi unwoilhy II 
MrioiiS CTpcnat of ■□ txua j^mlhiDUUi's ultir. St it jKiut Imniii; iht inMptinb 
n>^)lll litlliii Homencal wniuij I Intend: wherein noiuiihimodinK itit loult of all Q 
KoMded wontilet Ihkl cvi-r lived, bceonc clcrn^illy cnibodlcd evi'ii ujuri cirlli . at 
our uadmUiiilinj[ puroi Riaking Innsilion In thai ire UDdcnl.-ui'l, Ilir ti>i^ of wonliit 
tenncd pocU are iheic nuihly Elyihmu. wbenla we vtlk hitli suivivij of all a 
rtffrairn wonfales we tod of ; cve^ eonoeii, Mnlcnec Sfuiv, and «ord bdnf a mc 
bcBMlful basamenl of ihcii v>aW infinite bodiea ; and could a boaoty Iw otgectcd^ 
Kose. <onipatcd of at many dii4ne memben. and that we had stnies leiponilble I 
Ihvir flill apfffeheniion, they sliould impptts no more plrattirn ro tDch a body. OhlH 
swTvity cqjtqrtd In this (rue manner o( oammuaiCitUon and combinsiion of so<iV B 
as II U nO! pidsible nich a ticauty and mch oiciin of apprehciuion thauld be cumpai 
no more uiA any u-ntaul ili:]i^ht curnpar? wish the feiicify of Ihc mind. And du| 
ao( this to be so, u'bfTe ibe incoinpretieniiblc figuie «( God li diilu'.oi In sacred ai 
ettcUulinj bGMU. wbeic we liave in earth socieiy wiih eternity? All ihls walks sp 
the bMoaa of Death in the wonhltnt wiiiinfi ; and shall a man veil M a painted ben 
on horstbacli. and |p> uuclly bf tuch ■ godlike ictplendcnce wlUi a wall-qri ana 
bornedOouittcrnJUiCEf For at number, touml, nnd rliyinc on challenge no Inclult 
of tba soul vit^iii dl'inr invtnlion. judgmenl, and dupoiiliain. no more can Iho M 
eipect elcmii)' on earib wjihuut suoh eternal wnilnf. And TO cut ihii with C 
vanities at uui tiLiikv it Il>1x-ji1!ii! lives orbMUtainourboun)!^ inwlikliliui' porters 
is ever b^mc coni^rnpi at dune, honour, and love of the bet : vhich never hi 
aocompuiied uy humane Or lc» than bailLUoui conilltlon. 

To you then, most alKindaiil [iresidsnt of Irua nobleist, Inwboao inniiifal ■elh 
iH lb«*e sacK) objeeit are divinely punued, I most humbly wid affFCiioDstely o 
•ecma thU pittidcnt of all tcsmlng. vlnue, niour, honour, and scclety ; vbo w 
hit oura toul liatli cietiiiii-d wmltt of kini:* aud princes : wbow ImperiJtl muie^ 
gnu monaitih of iha world would lay eficcied motv of h» conqucats than bb univci 
powei. And ihenfbie U Achlttcs' lomb. with inoii huly [■jiriiili<i of fsmc^ t 
the nal «f Morniiy, prooouncnl him moil hippy lo han to Stm ea eletniaar 

Mod Dmr Aebitltt. vhom by sacred praplKcy Komec did but pccAplN In 
admirable object aad in «bote unmatched viitucs shine the digmbos of the soul, 1 
the whole cicellenoe «f toTitl bumiiBily. let noc the peasam-common politics ol 
world, that couni all thinn acrrilt arid >iin|:lf, that pnmpn rioi llini pliiratc 1 
suahtio, buiying <]uick in llielr filthy wpaklirvs of eanh tile whole bnlies andtooli 
honour. vMuc^ and piety, lUi your divtne iciniici from peneictancc iu godlike pnr 

We mM mmttt ourtclres ihat the tonl hnih ust^ eomfiMT, aad faeoefii In 
dtMOlnilan and lecDnd being, of tlie tame. lour, and caampJa «h* prapsHd hue, t! 
sba haifa cenmil combiiunon with bleaied Cieniily ; and (win Io<e. and nao 
belnc all denial. 

Now ifciemilybatoviclorioui and triumphatil a xoddoa Aat with hctadta 
tiaefoot. she irtadt upon sMfMtEi. tlchca, *eiM»,ieii*aiule>i,aiMltO tltei*fi«n4il 
pomp ol ignonmt brsTerlei. only knuwlnlce faarfag the sMrfiifhl sfoA 10 ncM n 
that root, sod be liAwi to the height and sweetncta of bar biaa». —hni p»"** "^^ 
BRslcsidothasetenuierncntr Tbefoot nd tba bodi paKsf how to be accooi 


tGCordioc to hb cnfiuhionablv hafcit of povmj. IhM Hkt (ba potoootd mtui of thaalac 
Muckpiu xmoka froa iIm boonlH] trauun of toulkOfCoM-wormf U ihe eomio} 
bannily ba ihc kibI, Uid tlie (mil an IntiaKMal bean of Uotl. Ibe cnoitm of li«r 
Mbmuoe bang tnuUeeitctt, and iawUMuon or iiml<ntin>)ia)( tha unnfib nnd 
CMsacaicc at twt (kuIi1i*« the diflctcntMf at wim ia ooellcnqr bum tc (llncial iinly 
bf ihair prapuniuna ol tnic kBiwInlfc. Homtnol writlns tbaa bdnc il>* naiiia 
dediwUon. Imafc and una bcir d me knmMgc, nniM obm* \m Aam talicnt bb 

IWfi tiim. KnowBcd AcUBoi. lo prdct and ddVod fonr Knw ami Uamcka 
Pn(tfwt of FbotKU fnuD Ibe doling and vidoui tajy ol (he iwo Afrtdet, Anu(ancT 
and tMraaion : b* dnadles bnlwails i« bjthfnt and faintinit tittue ncAliui ah 
tbaae oboae facta DMbinua and ronuac bave oongrohi) wrtiii uandWc Uk« «( 
InCNdciwir : ■bafa*in(daauasd up«tih(helr mwld)rlc»uruec maitn» t c i iatiit ikM 
to whicfe all Ibtir MDam are datifally ouoMcnile : 'galaal owr airpaMiUcd OUUBO. 
Iln^[k laboae biaku all ilnag> exici and nbnot. run to the eanh In bupi ; oMn 
ttotUfif naiiirii tat aiooa and uumicRalile tubblib. Asd patalUe tn EncIUh 
acmctMO with (TMBad booounMe cooonrawEaMBi, ihia poor aany «J Poctjr'i unck 
Neetaf ; mttidb I dam •m ao«c ttbcnll* pour o«R, lot (ear oT mlKM prafanailoa ; II 
tfaatdHiMaaaetoataaad ttOMMnmiiU lialh «t«ikM hi diTloeM tcmpan ibould Sga 
waM of palaM and coa«iiMliin In otben mni hii i-i* aiiilb«iiin. My bop* 
<t txeaae IbereCscc amy be *on)uly munded. ilncc Ibis peuufy bda( eOetted 
«iib nch Mora of blow, and m nauii ^inioainoi lo t>c dnan from to UuM 
a protrci. i( »11 aili: ai cnKb Jodsnant W penM wofthUyMahoi* vcJomMofaare 
ponial i&Kntiuiit. 

llMkka ihit cnftifccd breadl of the conauadnwail to Koe witboui care of t*. 
■UNTOW (which ent came* hU oon<<vndal ponidimenl with il, dlMracta InvcMlon 
MCtMwy •*«• iai maabukinl ln<erntpi> ihe uulnairy of conicii. and the dlwount 
ef the atiul. and then the too true oyttklerMlon, IMI nliaitom* u Ubonred In thla 
kisd <a csMoscd bat idlanoa aad niiiij. Ibovcli of uich ucred iniponanca 
it« ill >koleaoiiie tun aad «oo*iliurta«* h»c btntoforo beat cxlialnl, and 
Ihe ceaedl. dhe tiia a. nd falebo* wms of ■»« pave »w>lii ham lalien urengdi 
Bod tatttMlOB ftom U : TliU 1 aay, mmt aotlleoi Earl, coold not v yet aJmll mof* 
Biwlkili 10 tbU mou eKcUtot P>-tt ai4 I'hilotopht): tb« flood and nnsly of ny 
VMiva baruBfe at II vnc ariik dumtxMu Iciietod In ny uah^t'py twoni i and 
every coniMn that nchi diwolva and ancomace il, tilwtly bmfl aw; your 
bODuiuvd oonnienaMe jci and toudwafod leadmowlD^moM of «t>e lo uowoiih* 
at mywlf. balag tka grtal <iti;(CU at all a^ laboiua In thdt But dcdi ca itoo, *hu 
dnw on itw nu. 

Aim] Ibui wUhinf (or Iha vr«fthy cncnu ol ny tiuvre Hie to fallow fay all 
opponanity nur bonourRl aienafXi asd adaurod dupoiilliM. I doubl txil my ical lo 
tbe tniih of )«ar rate TUiuea *iU oaUe mc, iolMar to nooe, lo lutn my paix* lo 
CTyKaL fma wbeae* do lina thall nm i^ mnavaa bpirc of your tnen. In iha 
atarMme, It your LMdshIp d«and to accepuiiiMi of ibee fnr diradcroi llJuidi. 1 
■baU tceocapcmc Ibcit dtCKtt In ibdt aaai cdiilun. Not can It be rtpMoJ an unHwiby 
hicitaiBnu to profMi the Inie ioiaga of all viniua and bonasa gor t wi m c n t. even lo 
ttae hecrt of Ihb luDalluoaa iiaaia in jtmt other aerlOBallaln: capeiianf lince it 
coMlalnt tha li«e ponnM of aaeliM Miataitani and ilitotHina of 'ar : vhettin li will 
b« wnnby talk lot Ibao ad*liail«ti of your appnheiid** judcoMBt to nora In nany 
tMac* Ibe albilly they havi •iili ycnr jneuni comfdeiuenii of Add : Ihe onuknn. 
ti^-.mli. uioBpu, aadexploitt. doi io be eio*eilcd by the barixtt bmliM (^ lAii hd- 
f M'le horroi ol armi Enillatly ihundcnnc ; p«cty. tuiucc. inloui. and 
r nally khsnlnic in Ilia iinl'iTifuKi] ixna. To whliA (lionouralily^uiIonlnR 

uiu iniiont laductloa. lum and bear yvm dnlne Homor) according lo bp^ndanui' 
■tWMttn, magmifti tttimi^t. 

By Urn dial firtt, and ever (Mdy moMCOUs bis »V>!« CanilbM lo the lioeoui of 
jootwlMMly liiUM, 




I Kirposi jTMi (o be no dmtc tttdtt, ■Inte von Intend lo n«d Homer; and ih(T«f 
wUli I Bay w»lt )n« (rom Itidr (amnion ob^ecltoBi that atD on); nad. When | 
rtlMrcdn' B mn. llul (our boola arc iktppril. ai a man viould Mf. and yd ihc po 
oonilaued acosTdinf to the Gnvk ^Iplutpi- iti,, ihai tor Gamma ahicli a ILlM, I 
thai fur Udta wliidi li tlion. tie, ihcii come* my known condeinaalJoal m 
(ncToatly than charity u-otild "iili i f'pfrulty vilh thoH thai hnvinj; no ej«t lo p^ 
and lodfc ol (he iTiiiii.intioii. luid whiittwvcr the MiaiD mntTcr dcirr>ei. will be glM 
fhom Ihcy a« uiniclliii]!: in finiliiTu fnull with diat (Mm ; and ficiKdvcnlutc Hnd 4 
4|uaaiT itomacbi tamtcTai whatsorrrr it mcrilrd in the much-laMmrtd work- 
Rot to iilu thai li marc than a reader. I wnie : and lo couteqneDilyto him I 
«III di*dain tlioK my otycctiont which cvrcy ti>i-i!cr mny put tagctbat. The vorl] 
• ikllAil and sorlby mn^alOT, u to atsFtTT dir Knreucn, fiKUtei. and fontii of spt 

SojioMd In hU auUiar ; hit true tenne and hc>£hl. and to udoni them ollh Hgun* i 
mu of oration (iltnl lo Iba oriRnal. in the Rama luugue to which lliey ar* Inintlat 
ft«d these tUnp I would cUdiy han made the ^uDiiani of whaisoeter mi Um 
liave dcMcnd : not alighlcd wilb the ill(til diMtdar of «>me bonk^ wlilch i( 1 can' 
In at ftt [faoe benaftir wilhoul cliock to ymir liwr <mit(:ni«ii<)i<ii; and ooune of 
I^3ct. thcnlitbo^eaxy abjoWonii[i>w«Kl ihui I ciixct uillbedicmntd in ihefoij) 
their rafn and cmply ^ileitn. hur '.iki-liliuud a( wliii.h ahiliiy, 1 Laic guoil aulhul 
tbat IhAmok* wvir not tel logelherby llomiir hioiMlf ; LymrEiu Ant imngtag ll 
QUI ot lonta In Greece ai an entire poem ; betote whose line hU lenes were t 
diManred iwo many worlix one callrd ilie baiila (uui['>t at ihc tint ; anol 
Dotoaiadei : another. Aciiincniiion's fomiuik ; another, the Calolosiw of ships ; anot 
Pnlroclua' death ; another, (Iccioi't irdnDiMlaa ; another, the (uncinl gnmis. ic 
whiKh nre the tillra of Kvtrel lliidi : and it ihiiu om; cmlried by uiWn, wliy may 
1 ehallence ai much authority, irsenici; ihe nchi of my pircedeni t Dm to omli « 
I tan uy fiinhi^ for reason to my pnaeni aTleratlon. in (he next edition when I 
oome out by Ihc dom 1 will rrarrve (£• aocicnt and common Rotitod (orm ; In 
Dieunlme. do me the entonragenwnt to oonler Ibu nhich t bare inttulued with 
nunc in Homvt, uod acoonUn^ to the iriirth of that. Itl Ih^ finl nlitiim paa ; to t 
ye do me but Uvrful bnmr. nnd make me take pains to kits you thii Emperor a 
tttelom (for ao Plato will allow him] In youi own Ungual which wHI more hcl 
it, if my part ba wottlitly iliichangKl. iliun aiirtliii>|> oImi cun Iki inoilalod. le 
ncantime. pcnue Ihe paiephlet sdetron eq the ImpresMa. and tetp to boUil Ihe 
«ilh your ju(%menl, wtieiHn. and In piuehaacof the whole men. K jaa be quick 
atcepnie. yoa abail in Iba mm nlilioo hatu Ibe life o( Hmdct, s lablli a p 
oomment, true vnbitilig, i^ daee p rana ot yy ^'r my^ar icim ie above all olhm 
P»«iy, and lucn derooruniZtW ilfSCTof oiiru)|IMi wlls abore bcyond-aea m 
If «• wosld UM tbtm. thai a piolicMU >it thoulil bt tte UCMr tO bar it. 



SPONnAxm. WW of the moit ilewttrul oommrnice* of Honxr. caHs all anti c 

mtn IcsmRl to be Judxlal beholden oi this moie than atiil)n<U and no len than d 

mptun: Itun ■rhichiiolliioxaisbe imagined raoie full of >ouI and hBiTiane eitnic< 

i(or«hatithrercpre(igumlbyourmiraC(ilouaaitiit.buiihetuuiicrMl worid, whlobl 

• Fntatt lo "AchiUa' Sl-SeU." iiol. 


n (paekua unt >1BM ■■MMtarBblF. one dfclec </• ihleld r t pf patatt iMd wtom tt ? 
In ic fc»iini mm. Ite mn iMm. t)w cftrib b ti^wwttiI, ibe wa viMAi «nd MSMh. 
ociMMcbiilli: ooelaibt l«pptneMuid«w«(CD^ofptm lb* other in opo <nt and 
Ike Hmn el f— *-^l^. fte. And nit tbe*e to Uvdr pKpMed. m not wtrboui rauoa 
■■ar ia »»« past h**« btttnol. IbM tU thmm Ihinn li>«* to tb*m a kind of rokMwy 
»oaoa;«*taMlboMMpodsaf lUcan. and tIalDnfaSanV«nux*>nnq*N; ooridtt 
I ta* raohcd thM iMr cfitalaM be uadenUr itMod by AiWonicst. for m ■» aU 
lbi« kne doKiilMd br oat dMntM pod, m if Ibqr ooubtod not of hud ml mIIiI 
Meuk bncoC a trdjrUnngaM) Marian MoL Hiecmiod «f bl* Imenilui be thowv 
«« of EmcmMbi, tolandincbjrlk^orbiguitjotllwSUdd.therouodMnctfthRiiradd; 
br tbc romnMali. tbe faar tfentwli ; vit.. bqr Cold. Iik : by Bnu. nuib fortlielisitf- 
nen: by T^ »ucr, (ordKnAnEUaad locllnatMn lo duiure; tnSl!v«T, olr. fuillic 
tniwo—i»Jgb»ciirityofth«nK«<Jb«fow ilb* nfinnd. Tfant irliidb im edl* vim 
■»!■>— »«i^wmi hf umtefunub ihc Zodino. which k said w be iripl« Kx Uw bdnidc 
li oenuhM. <ad lUnlnt bv (Buoa of Ifac papeniil ooanc of dw Sun nude li ihMcirdc : 
bf ■>'w>i " Ti>w I '■ i>w Ailo-Bec, abooi niicb buna bith hn Botioo. Jtt. Km do 
I 6aif. laid) SpooduiiB.^Beu' Mint M be tarsal oitli an envedlaKbdshl of «ii b* 
Vir|iLbaleiMtipwed«MithaM(ifHom«r(t««>nnothBiic. AndthtiblumawbMwaHf, 
that malcalh me tfam saUodrlnnilaie IfaaShield oTAcbillEa. for dnoe mr laUlra- 

Doa of Ibe olhaiemboak^eaaipaiMon hath been oudebctiMeaVlfga and Homer; 
who eaa be eonpatad to oocMac wlik man drdal and cuttiac of aB aicunsni, Cbaa 
iB tbaae tvo Sbldib; •»! whoMtxw *aU raid Hoater thiotigWraiMlwonMjr, irili 
kaow Ibe qwulleu eaow* fraoi a ■fMtllcial and too mrtpe a rader : be Hontct** 
poMM •«* writ hom alhvbiir. an abaolnM and fcll aoul : VlrKil'ioMof acounlr. 
labceiain, aad dtocethcr taBtutocr ifMl ; noc a ttade be tutb but I* Koaoer't : not an 
Inrcaolaa. ptacu. at dlvoaUioit, but h wfaoBy oe othAaDf buiii tipon Hoociial 
faaadatiBaa, and to manjr plans huh ih« very weed* BanHs mcth : fasldc*. where 
VlrsB haOi bad m> mofe plentHul and Hberal a wli. than to (raoK twe!v« ioKvrfoa 
boob of tbc tfOBblH and mnuU of <Enm, Hamtr ^li of m tiiile nili.wl finithrd 
ri(ht aad (ortr ptrM ; tad thai Ibe irinal oblMtloa majr be aoiverHl. tbit r>al ihc 
aanberofbodo. but iIib aatuw aad MceUeaee of the woA te in iadi It ; all Hocnci'a 
boofei Bteaxh tt ki*e bam praoadmU anr Rntaef aHioitaof poeon: «— '■'!"£ 
maam, Boremrwoctbilr laMMMof an* : ftt wouiU InotbelboasbooilIcnaMdaslo 
be a malkJam dtaador otao adnitjtd a poet a» Vif][il.bBl a true juutfer ef HanKr. 
wha Bnfl not be reu) far a fcw Hnoi viiib ka«« tumnl oir<r oapnciomlgr in di>- 
(•embered fnctlotu, but tbRiuakouc ; (he wbote drift, wdcbl. tit hdgbt «f hi* 
wceta Mt befare lb* appnibaatn« t^ta of Ui jodeo- The aiitrirj kc endnoMi, and 
Iht tpM he mfinBth Into ike Mope of bb work, to W oabhining Virgil, that hii 
ate but mere Kiuahlinn of beia m lloaat'*: theeUkenbodf orVkgS'a 

Bmae laiuuil* drMed In rill nod embroideiad lilvcr, but llomei'* In jtUmJaamr. aad 
■RialnediDU: n« odIt all loinilas. conenineni. aad wiadon being dednood oi fttHn 

eIrsiBey, i 
aith Pwo. 

dbpoaition aad JudgMent. 

benoMoB fDonltin from bim ; liut all «tt, 
ft»^ > wfmim IJigMtw «■ T) * "! ■ *<■ Honar. taitE Pbao. was theprii 
«f afl pnbee guN) lintvs; tbc caaperor of wite non: an boM of tMS aninnaiv 
depmertoaajrpiiadpiehebdd. Atlihaaaekat aadbi«lrtemdh«i«h»d Ua li 
aiqiial aMimallM. Aad for aar to he now oonmuily aSMMd, it mnii ntads |ii miaul 
tnm ■ mere wwucnnei* of alt : an Idle. onihiUiT tpavt ; wIUdI fcctauie ibry mtnr 
dioeie whether they wfll Ibtok oOnnrar cr aol. cml ban powtr and tottwac iic ucb 
teRMUhB DW1 aen wiibiflit mub ; otebc ih^mutt neMioe of puricakal intpiia- 
don. to harr tXas wnb dcUotey and tquiaenhhMw whkb otbcn with oa good neaaa, 
laa 6to-% morv IbK. and ten thounnd itnm more labour oocid s«««r eewatrc. Bat 
aoiM win convejr didr toipofnalont wdM Ut Greek Shtcld. aod from Ibenoe baxcw 
faMtf anow* agabM (he itaduciiuo. afiminc Ibdr want of adiniraUoa gnwt from 
dtfccl of oo-bagtacF, not aUcMrapnafllieoafirandeltgaaorof tbaoiltiaal: bat 
thb awT and itadltMoal pteteil blda them rot «Bou(h : (or bow fufi «t hiiglit 
•nd roundaoa toettr Oradi bt ibore Ei«liih, yet b tbfre m depth of eoaocit 
Mnmttim ka it, but •■ to a men ottaitrcr k i»ar be Imagtoed, *o >a a aDBkiat uiai 
laMrkM^faeeipKMed. And HeoMi that hath hb^etfatdlaasvforiMiilaa. be 

to boM bb lopKiM fntUncM gMMf ^ 



and iMUiiaitoBv would Mom 


ha coiir1*.bip and privilrn ot lonjriK. And H tuli&n. Fcmcb. and Kfiniih li*ie at 
■adt tl diintT- no( (houKhi li •nypttsumption ro mm hiR) mioitiFir Untpust^ boial 
and hoDounblt bbaar. nnil. In icipeet of ihrir ciiTtnin'i pni^i nnil Ihi'rr fxiT*! credl 
■InoM necCTinry. wli*i Tuiiou*. pr-wd, poor J^sIne^iKvdnn^ shtnikl let au Biieliih nnV 
10 mddce him. titen lie lanj^oac the «<yki ulihnl li man onfonntblc mieat, aa 
«i|irt»lM ; Hliicli 1 wcnitJ yniir I jmlvlup woulil ixrfnmARd inc 10 piove acalnM atl a 
whipcen Cf tbcir owm oompliisenl In ibcir couniiT'i dudeot. , 

O what pce«liti IngnuHudc and mott unteaianabic icora i£ ounrlvc* wo comnq 
to b* W mniititaU luid fbnoEnljr wilitid, lo honnur and Imiuto IhM in a KnM 
tongue. Kliidh we oondtmn and contemn In onr Cdiire ! (or If ihp lubitante of o 
pMl'i will be i-jmnatcd. and hb vmcncc and icnu icndeml «ilh imlli and elociirn 
tic that laka juaicial plnmra In him in Grmb. caanol btar ao nogh a brow to hinl 
Engliiii to enlomb his acMpuncc In atuierfiy. I 

Bui tlvni. aoul.blind Sallcrr. thai nntr hadil anytlifnic bul plaor. limn, and tfrq 
to piiM ih; profidancy in laarnin^. not <«er wriloi on^nnlnK of itiinc oxi impoU 
bnkln. bul ihj onlf ImpaUod dlmltiollon ot Honta (vrliidi I may iwe-.i «ms I 

dan ttif drmj-ipltli in all th^ nil -mini rwiVxploded filchrrtcs. which an so groi 

llllMfMe. that DO man Mill v<iui:!iMfc tlieit tcfiiiation. than la Iby lentcleu teiirthenill 

! Homfr -, whutr ipiril flrw aa much alwn- ihy crnwrlling capaciiT a hraTm mA 

l»vc ncmihiuTO : bul ai none wfU toucliinf? trpi?i -^iannoraniwnc* ih^oihrttinnai 

libulcriu. no biote will I of llieac; my K{ii»)e beuig loo tedinui lo )«ur Ijoedsll 

I'bnidn, and i^o inan'i judcmmt nnias b«lMc (if your hich aSun co<dd admit it 

fdlllijcni pcriual), Uiiin your Lordihlp't, to niuir find re)ec1 Dim. Bnl niat, Ilotncr i* i 

now III be lift up by my weak aim,, more llim lie ii now ilcpnaird by moie fe4 

oppotitions. il any fwl tiot ftidr contviti w nv.ihcd «]lh the imtn^nr bcaulioi of ' 

tKcniUI muu, ai the gtcaicsi men of ail k»u and of all age* haf« be 

Tlicir niOHl mocleil courtc it. iinleu thry will lir iKiwerfutly inadoiL to atcibt 

dcfccl to their npprvbtnuon, becauM Ihey t«ad bim bul ilightly. not In hll «inn( 

IhigaUiy of ot>j<«i, thai moM leally and moat feanlUUy poon oui litmidt tn rljilii dli 

«ecM)oii. But the Cbkf aed enUMwaiatila mmn to lut (^nrml nnd )u^t nccptn 

mow be your LonlsUEfsblch and of all men cxptctedpf«otdeni.«itlioui which hem' 

like a poor mall, pull In bil Knellth henia, Ihal oul of all uihcr language* (In tcean 

I Ibe coantty't aHactlon and rojaltifa of hii padroni) hnih 'ppcand bk« an u|^7n>l 

\doiad. or tbewortdout ofchBo*. Wbcn no laiuiioce cvia mikc Mmparlton of 1 

|«<lh ourih K he be Honhily oonienod : wheleln Man lie xhould bavr been bnrf 

I bme and dnftclive. as the Pnnch midmlii hath broufhl him forth, b^ bad nerer m 

quftiKin how your Lotdihtp would uctpi him , and yet hai>e two of ibeir kl 

onliraced liim ai a wealthy onumani to Ibclr ttudita, and Iht main battle cd i 


If then year booaty would do me but the gntc to eonfrr my unhniipy lab 
WTlh Ibttn fo *MCni>rul and connncndcd. lyuur judjcinntt srrviag yuu much bi 
tk«n your Idnire, nod ytt yoot kuim tn tbtnn honourable bring to be enfsocn 
your Jndgmeiil). no ma^iciout and d[ihanourM>l« tiltiipciTT, that tonia ainied ' 
BDannyafaulhotity and ttale aiiainu bannleas and aimlm* virtor. tauld wnsT ' 
. woMMlmpiettlon lo much from Itself to tt^ta. wtih iinmiioiinr tyrannout oonici 
I itny affiMlon loaadoui and able la Ihit liiiid lo luiniiur Mur catala as mine. < 
Unci and prinm bare btm Homer*! patrom, nmonnT whoni. Plolcmy ircold i«; 
lliai had (light binds lo cntenaia lIomeK had as lUghi hramt lo rule hit comi 
weslih. Ami an usual errtrily ha uMd. bus a mott laitunsl fhow prrclic 
lidtculous tocver It may xwn to men mate of ndkulous muici) thai In nrntat 
the pittf and perfect humanity be taught ; whouKvet writ or oommlRtd nny p 
drtradisn «i[aintl H<antT (a arm ntcA a man wanted not his malicious dtpra' 
be put him with loimenn to cUtetnesl death. O high and magloilly nliM 
ped. Iratn wbtscc a true eye nuy ssa mean to Oit atHoluie rtdrcu, or muili 
wished extmiuulOD. of all the wnmanly degeiKncica now lyrannidng amcG(M n 
U (hM which ttMcbetb happlnett and hath unpaisAd iMialvca bi II (bdac eniert 
and cteervedl. to eat out tile heart of llial lajpac akor, which. Eke a L«mns Fi 
earivpiioa fuiniaEtib ibe uamnal ilchs and ooenplBlius of Ibis "-"t™^ world, 

•rriouit^r iflil u olib uiecd pHrttSM dcfendd wid hnrteticd : lh«i wbltk Mfondan 
•nd dupcncth that ailisl pnlOncr, wo^d ba port<il >nd olirpatB ; but Itol «Utb 
(octietb. bcMX oKniuDMt. ibM vbich li luigt* 1) ccaaeqiMMlr nt^M* lo •««nioa ; 
•Ad If the toaonr. luppiam and procmlloa o( irue huBoottjr ceMiM h obasniaB Ike 
Uwi HI toBw't dlrniir. and Owl tha ■tttxinw pmaifOoa Of IhoM ten MM of 
iiiiiwitij 111 «»rhiiiitii[i1. toiniiirrt. lait ilrfiiiilriT tirrnn »nj nhnniir m i«i iiiii wil. !• 
II nOiTMaiuiblv lo ponith dir ccMtnipt oC Ihu amiat piEMilption wtlfc on* mu'* 
dcaU ; shen it ihe hwti of it foncnn comnHMi iwsIki el datrttiitm, Md (■ Ihc orck 
cf It. laiuUtnul tuJB? ThU. inr Ltnl. I eotote okl; lo InierreM In odxn thai mar 
ngad tbs ncnnmiy MuK tho too opr»-moiulwd <lMfiiM»iot> a« rafsl ud ntoom 
ttol^aft wierttjr. P«r lo ilgeu. InniAoiBk aad twMl • au's cmiI Iho nilei ud 
annttMMW to iocM|r. B*ch » ue botiloMd aod MnpeKd atih her omi wd kog 
laboarad eenlmition «f Mudr. >a Bhiuh il>c touctti wiib tMr impsniil dtooouiM 
bcfMc bet, an Mote of (muuilcal c^^Miooi «k) raproob ; Hd imtMal oUeb ibt 
««g M wiM M lit* cmucit nuatbcr of dMncion thM iliall picnunc W ecaatt* bar : 
■Bd TBI br Ibdr fliA and iaastcnt caldcMioM 10 b* tli(hled and turned vm (hail 
lalKnbljr ndn toacae* la an taMant <• hi iajiUT «ottby no Icm poultji lt>M Ploka* 
Innciad. To Mfcs av*r th* bMb of <*Udi Mfinlii( sMf^aulon. I hope joat Lordikip^ 
bcHMonble ooaawnuita will be M tb« Mafaoni'i Iwra. lo liad Ibt war lo Eaglidi 
Hoomt'i yet pottoncd rouataU : foe UU thu (a*o>ai be vnduaTed, Ihe betd «W tte««r 
^IdIi. dnoi tba *taa»aa'j»<lt ot *oatc of their rctloiat haie IniccMd R, «bea. ate I 

Biy. TliiUMntd'Mljr affirniiaejroainainaanddiKniiicstlallnnarfatinorebaBOurcd 
a poor buoli thaa In HDglhb HonM*. t eeaMloedUcI jFOnrLwdAlpwIlbMjpicdtQiit 
Dpduuonea. and lo Mill ncnd Honi«('*ipJnii]inMbal«nna«u>GlaadMCniauT> 
k»: haMUjr pnsendHs ytm AtUUtu vatneavtlE AtUma' tUdd: wtabingaiilbt 
much OMfB admbable ud dl>t*e, m It <*«fc « ntnj uaaes mote nch, Ifau tba Shield 
tbe Ondinal pawned at AMwirp. 

By bina IfaM «Ubalb tfl Ibe dtsnci << judpsnl and honour lo attmd foor dewti 
10 iTir b^lirrt. 




Voc art not evenfao i r , to rou, ai to one of my wiy '** frltmdi, I may be bold lo 
utMr nj mind, nor U ll more toipalr lo an bonnt and ab*olutg man** t nfficlBii qf to 
ban ttw frindi. than to as Homaiol poem lo baM lew eommtodeR ; for neiibrr do 
ooounoa dUpoutkni keep fii ot pUuiIbla oonwn wlifc Judicial and UniBlt beoetlr. noi 
«Mlrfh«n««riMMmtirahwuttifcaf ArfiboraM Pfiem. My Epiltia d«dteal«(]r Man 
my MTCB boob*, it accounMd dark and too mivA Uboured : br lb« daihnee) there la 
BMUng food or ted. hard ot loCt. dark or prrf piesoiu, tiai fai Mpect ; and Is lenect 
of am* l^hc. ^hi. or cnThnit peruuli lio ohoM loose capacitiM any wnrk warthll/ 
oompoiedl* knil *t(h a lUdlo) aad tbM the iiyle It fnatalal BMrtngr, and not rank : it 
Bi«y pct^pa Mem dark to r«nk lidcr) ornadm Ibal ban ao moK Muli thaa buibolti ; 
bii< to ytat iiiMinnilwiiiliiii. and U IMeK I kao* tl li not. For the affecMd labour bo- 
■owed bt ll I proMM two morata^ bocbtnded k and Ibe Reader*! EfWIe; bM Iheltutb 
h, my dolre ai>d Mrintc dIapMuian fai «U thingi I orila. is to mi down aococnmoa, 
asd noM proAlaliiB iwitrrMtt (or fht tjae : jet luiiber removed from (bbomd aJBtcla- 
Uon thak IroM Ibe mast popster and cotd dbcMfion. And 1 (Mr Imofrine Ibal w 
■talUa and Troth Poami m em undliiu* UncuiMi win much of thfar tBuooMrted 
^bedon. M well bacauM Ibe andaitandlog of jnlin looKoei bf««(t Mibdrappi^ 
bemten. ai than Ibe inalter and nneoOos ia lOeaaini ; nauriavUcbcd, utlMit wecg 
bejeod-MPt manner « wiMint. If they would take at mwApaina tot Otir pott nuoDy 


mm M lor a KOud icim*c<x wbc* ihn oooc iiwhaUMd H. tbould ba much mor« 
fMdoiH lo Ihelr choiot eonceiu Ibaa m dkooniM thai UU aoked before Ibin a&d hdth 
nothing bill wfe«ilinuelb Itself ■UbonUnatytablo^Blk. Fornjr vuiMjr o( new woiui. 
I lu*c none ink-pot I aaiMntvukKmr, but MChu I Kir* paspon with lodiaaition'y, 
to ilgniAcwil aiM not lU-tonndiDE. ibai il wrf eouotiy bocuage wife mi oBier. <m a 
■nan of Ibi* actqicaUnf It, he would thank me for (orichlne him. Why. alai. mil aif 
rouN( inaucr llie nodtr alibcl nolbing conHnoa. iBd jrtt like sothinc mragnt>n»cv ^ 
SmiserliiG t> * i^e* wn* >ma«ic>l Ikrm and tOBod-btadod cuiiom gfx* li pn-iip.'e 
wllb iBueb imiuiion. txluc eraaitri n it mo )» a aainral Pmofnpnn iritl.riui 
fijnnOilaor ot deinauon ; nnd wtiy may oc* an etoennm aothenbiutfx ilcn»nl. hikI 
a* I *«7 lay of ibe upper booM, be cnleilalnod as well lo Ibdi lennt ovniuliMioa 
wkh anihontyof Art. ■> ihdi own fonnica \Kktd up bgr ulun? All toonxa l'^*" 
rwtched (heniMtris from iheir adginnl (oohr the Hebrew and Greek whlcb on not 
tpokcn aninnj^u u() wilb good nelebboiuff borrowing, aiKl ai wilh infiution <i 
(teih air. i»d nooriihniral of arw blood in tficir Kill growioe bodin, and why may 
aotoon? Cliaucer, bjiwlioin we ml! needs aiilhorUe our traeEngluh, liul niotv new 
wnrdi for his llin' iKu any mui ;jitnb ui dcvK* aow. And tHanlitrt (Or turrant 
will 10 en ftoni WuidioK brano, like a brood of lingi from a diwh. lo have the ocoiO' 
kat Bowing nvcr of our longoe tamed loin ihdi (ro^-poot, U a song hr front 
(Mr anognlion d lomi'rM. and a aiii would »<a Ixiiii; Itir iJi^e of barbariun 
aBiHvn <•■: which m laiib ii n«di nol be hounttd wiili dcfuitca of Us tgnorant 
fnflhuorh Wiw# It comes with meal-flionlhad loicnuko too magclji upon us. To ba 
■hon : ilnoe I had iba reward of ny labour* in their a^nnuBOuttion. and dn rtM 
plaamre of Ihein la mine own pf«St, no yontig prejudlcale m auiIgAloiy bndo hnlh 
muim M think t il.-iai) Irembbg umici the airy Mrokr ot Mt fevery couutd. ot Ihsl I ilid 
e*ei etjta iw-y flowing afiplaui- from hn tiry iingcn ; bnl ihe MliWbclioa and dclteht 
lltal mit;ht prubnbly niiODnd to every iruc lover a virfue. I set in the tmt ol niiiv 'wa 
fnoAl tad ooMenlowm ; and il (ban bt any on* in whom Ihiinjcnu h riinoui-ml. a 
ltw)B(lK*of It ihatl bemyiirljnd. Staoclbui (hb nevo-eqaaUed Poet is lo tc oiidtf. 
(■owL — >< m f«ii nf |if».»\nwi >«d dto niun I" f^^ "a"* ' >*m ongcr and ili« 
al&igMswf war, braiinc lUI lllllia tUir u! hit ■ubpclTtoCUera shall ncrtr ^xud >hrir 
idle noitfs HKire pfuAtabty. than with Ut uudkni* and InduiirlMis Denial ; In whOM 
boooon his descetn ■■« inhiiiie. t:nuiucI]ort Imtc iinrr lieiirr oiaclc* Ikon his linta ; 
hthen hi*e no morala lo ptohiafah fi>t tiidr children w his touinels ; nor shall Ibcf 
mot |!ive;heiBBaehonourrdli>n»ieikm than to lean Homer wtflKiotbouk, (hat baltw 
oonitfmally oomenaM In him. Ua heigbt laay dMomd to Ihole capadiici, and w 
aifasianee pfovc Ibeir wortMex ricbo. HtSbandi. mrt% town, fneitds. mtii slttra, 
laving ia Mea mimin for nit ihdr duties: all tarn of width ooiuoiusc and Ki:ic-v bt 
other mot« happy ago. ban ioMead n( Miiuelt and lasdvioii* hollad*. lunu' bii 
Iliadi. Ld the length of ihe vrtc aevtc diitoarage yont endeovoan: for urk oar 
oHidditicai liiiUauitu of whal proixiiiiiHi bxvef thcit siraning Upa aKMl, unlesa H W la 
ikaecoufileis into which I h«i« hav.ily IrunWed IhalSbialiL th*r shall norcr do Hi 
w much right, in any oeiaveionsotKcannnet*, orwhh wtutMewt fiollaD Ei ' "* 
tiMy sfaaB cniiilo tlNBi meamm. tWj Ihe ciltcfne fidsc printing troul 
ir.Miiliart. for (tar of your daMrvtd drw«urai:emaal in the impair of yoor 
sweeUMM : whose general dhinlty of ipiiii, rlad in ay willing Uboon {en*iMii 

I ilWiMlInt any) t • 

> youf gDoil ttalUiC and wM capadiy. 



AprtLFJi^i priot talk' AifiTc Bttt d«Ti hmg 
Cifttfor ludwicfalv.pruoaer to (Tie kinf ; 
For whi^ h0- iBidera fnedom be cntrcati : 
BuCbciBC dtsniii'd wiih conliuBcliDUi thnals. 
At Fbocboi' buds, bv vdice^l P^v^r b« Kcki 
Ta hjve A pbcut mbcicd on the Or^ckL 
Whkb had, Acbill» dodi ■ couAcil cite. 
f^bahlEniiif CiiLchaa, ip ibc king^i despite. 
To 1^ (be tfvib why tbey were punLsh'd to. 
From bdce tbair fierce tod diadJ^ ttrife did 


For WTTHif id trhkb AactdFi * wo nvei, 
TIbi goddcM Tbsu. l>Dm hci thrnai oT wa*ti 
A^eodiBE baTca, of Jov« 41-viuaac vDn» 
Tfl pLajpM U>c GrCEki liy ^h ' nee of her tan. 
And EUikc the ^mnU hini^lf r<:(Trit 
To wmng "o mutll hj^ arnih^'i iTiijmcnl. 
T^n frwu try Jima, die with Jdtc conTCPdl '■ 
Till VoLcui. wtth h«i»cD'i cup, (he qiurrcl cod*. 


Alpha tSe [ir^rcr of Chry'e" wngi r 
The uay'k jJJcue ; Ibe ttnfe oT LiD^ 

Achillas' taneful wnlh resonact, O God- 

d-zsa. Ihat impowd 
Infioiie sorrowi on the Greeks, and numy 

brave UHiti losed 
From brcjuu heroic ; sent them fai la thai 

inviifble csve> 
That aol^hi comforti : and theii limbs to 

do;s and mlturd ga«e :' 
To all which Jore'i will gayt effect ; fn>m 

whom 6at strife begun* 
Betwixl Atrides, king of men, and Tlietis' 

What god gave Etis ihHr command, and 

c^pcd that fighting rain ) 
toTc'iand Latona'ssoo; whofiicd agiiinst 

ihe king of men. 
For contumely ihown his priest, infectious 

licknesi sent 
To plague the ariny. ard to death by 

troop! ihp'Jii'FS woit. 
Octasion'd llius; <':i!i)Vaithe piici, came 

I - (he HfKt to b«>. 
Foi pi e'li^ '-'> uiivaliied |Hice, his daiigh- 

ler lib-my. 

* ^tciJta, inmuBt of Achillea, boa; the 
(nadchiU s/iEiiciB. 

Ute golden tceptre and the cniwn ot 

nicEbu> in his handi 
PropCEing ; and mode suit MTUI, bill molt 

(0 the comoi^ds 
Of both th' Atrides, who most rulod. 

" Great Atreus' tojis." said he, 
" And all ye wdl-sreavcd Greeks, (!,cCods, 

whose habitaiiuns be 
In hcn ynla i Jiuu:,cs, gr^ce yoor powera 

wilh'mani's tnieirioWD, 
And grant ye hsppy conduct home I To 

win which wisbd renown 
Of Jove, byhunuuring huion, far-sliuol.nj 

Pliabus, dfign 
For these lit pre gnis to dis^iolve the ran* 

somiiliic ch.iin 
Of my lovol cLiut'litcr'^ stirvilude." Tlic 

Irret^ks cniircJy ^rivc' 
Glad acclamnii'ins, lor sign that Ihcii tic- 
sires uuiitd >uve 
The grate priESl iiivcrciwJ, nnd his g if is 

of ho much pnL:^ rmjir.iiH -i. 
The yel boio no Diii^li mind, but 

viti^iL.iy d'ijr.i.t-d 
Wiih viiikjiii ter;ii- \S\< prir.'I. nnJ s.iid : — 

" iJuuri! T av'iiil <iur i"l,c[. 
Where JiiigcfUig be not found by nic ; nor 

ihy rututiiing feet 
Let ever vi:..i us again ; lest Dor i)iy giid- 

hejrl's crown. 
Nor sccpiri-, save Ihee ! Her thou seek it 

I still ■*& iiold mine own. 
Till oje dtilifliti hrr. In our ct.utt at 

Argos, far t^LOi^ferr'd 
From htfr Inved country, she shall ply her 

web, and s;e prepared* 
With all Til ornaments my bed. Incunse 

me (hen no more. 
But. if thou vili be safe, be gone." I'liis 

said, tl^c .^--a shore, 
Cbcying I'i' 1ii;:h will. Ihe priest irod nff 

xhiih lui ic .k-id fiMr. 
;\nil. walking »ii'-nl, till he left (,ir oft liii 

ravinics' e^ir \ 

' "\-fmij i\./ Hiiifir," It may W Fnj"ti-^hH!j 
'II.. w,nd IN avTiaw^v, whiiih M'fnifi- - ^fl'tfta 
ti-inl'-in, A^i ttitii'iiH^' ef auf tide • ta 
.I'l'-lnir pn tht 6lktt \utt\ which yci trihm 
trjti^lale capeiHHtetm ti adonantem', which, 
Knee ii ihowi bail to a mdei, I iuUaw, 



rbocbui. fair-taif 'd Latona'i loa, be ituT'd 

up w^lh ■ vow. 
To tha tiem p^jxoc : " Hear, thca Gol 

Ih.-il bnu-'il Ibc tiWabom. 
Tldl {TliiyH mMriTiL m&I TenolMwItb 

^^f'-lliAl.MJ IhMuoiid* 
CM Cill.i mkt (ti*lM deal inlk t O Smb- 

Ibeiu I If troH^'d J— 

U1lh tlonkfiil dWMOty ncli£uie 1 ^er 

Fu ihigk* of oaen Mid of goats lo (tat, 

Ihll CTMW lIcKIFfll 

VoBChnlc lo nu : ipalni (a| my torn let 

Ihnc niilc Urr«bi ''^P*?: 
FbiocJ Willi thylKtotn." linn lit pRi/d, 

and t'lKr{,ui beard him pcay ; 
And. vcx'd HI hnuu data (MAi ihe topi ol 

MKT) hMnn (Mop'd : liii bow. 
Atd quiver eona'd round, hii huuti did 

em bli ^ouldcn <!itu« ; 
Add of thf\agrt dtily (he airowv ss bf 

fUlllnl ahout him. like ihe nlgbl be 

r;>nctd the boat. >.nd ruvcd 
(Apm ibc flcEt let) lemUy; with bU hud- 

toeainjc tu|id ^fl 

W» ailvtr bow Iwaag'd ; >ndl hii si>al\s did 

Sni (he muEc* tumroandl 
And nrlh hoiuidi : Ibsn Ihs OmcIc* ibem- 

sclrei his diadlj uion thoi. 
Hie Ara of dtMh went never out, nlae 

Oaj* bit ihaOi B(w hoi 
About the araiyT^od tbe tenth, Achille* 

called «coun . — ' 

Of all the Oiadci ; bMirenV arUttHnn'd 

Queen {■h<C>mTwhR« cut »ho«t. 
Bcboldiug nn loml <itceks. by death) 

lOKECBtnl it : and In [now I tre 

(AllinFimo(M|a(ue.>iidtaidj "Attidc^ 

We «iut be nndoin( afaltlJ flight BUtft 

b« sTill <nir uitj, ' , / , 

U tight oui Mve lu now, at once; UckneH 

and huilc lav 
Suchtironj; handonns. LMasukionir 

pnaibei, prist, or proH 
Some ifreaiti-lnttr]K<tfr (C)r draaml arc 

c'lfv tcnl (rom Jovr ) 
Why PtKibiu it M much iDoeoMd ; If uc- 

performad n>wa 
H« btanica in lu. or h<catoRibt ; and if 

tb«*e kncct he bows 
To doith n^ yield hli (n>et ao more. 

bill oflhaf dl npply 
Of UTinis^iBifii from kmte end gina. 

ariTl hit fovtnt ere. 
An luia hi* teinfgat«.'' Tbui, Iw aie ; 

and Itwn tloooxp (o Ihmi 
Calchiu, Miroainid TuMocidc*, of xagttn 

ibe fli[>tciDe : 

H« kae* thisjcl pmnil, psM. to i 

ata ruled tlie coulpage 
0( Ih' ArtitcHeetlblliun. forhii | 

G^ffbfKpollo : who. well Men Ib It 

thrj iiriipirttd 
Thii to Achillft : "Jonr'i brlortd, w 

tbj chnree Mc (Tucloaed .« 

TbeKciMorApolIo'siiinilh ^ then COM 

and lake oath , 

To mj dlscdVci^. that, with «onU' 

pn^ilJiil aclioo* both, 
Thy itrcngth will cuard the ttiitb lal 

becauM I wtlTconeeive J 

Tliai h* wlioia «mpir* {ovemi aU. 4 

all the GreoUH give 
Conflnn'dolwdR&Di, will be moind i 

then you know the iIb'« i 

Of himlluuinoveshini. \V'hpnaUi|| 

ODoe mo^'d fdr )us lulc 
A man in fc i fiS though that day bil 1 

Mens ttfftteii 

up in hia breatt 
OiBi'ds of quid anger : tOt levmga 

itucnch d lo hi> dfiirc , 

The lire Kxnti. TcU me, Ibm. If' 

soever Ire 
SusxeaU In hurl of mt lo bin. Qif t 

■III prevent y 
Aobill^ mmfA : "All Ihou kl 

opak. sno^bg eonfidcnl : 
Tot biipollo,' Jove's bclOTtd, (lo 

petlMiniitg vows, 

Cakhu. for tlie MaH of GtcM 

ifiA'proplicilc shows 
KdHtthat diiTCi US] not ananefal 
Grecian* htn, 

1 living. aadai>^g (he llsht shot ll 

thia flo'tnit'l^'ei 
Shall toQcbnCee oiih oflendn ) 

ihougtO^jmcmnon be 
The iTiSA in quei^ljun. ihatdotbboi 

mighiAt tmpny 
Of all out army." Tbta toelt be 

pmphci unnproTtd, 
And >aid : "Tiny are not uiwalil 

nor ItccatORibs. Ihai moftd 
Tb« Ood aniosi us ; Ms oflcasa il 

piest impaird 
By Agxnx'mnoo. that rtfiaad tba 

he pnftfti'il 
And kepi hisdaugbl«r. Tblsl*e«i 

haiMA Fat-dtJtet darti 
TbeMpBl(UB» amoagit «s ; and t 

wDl tmalftb out beans 
Hi* dtaihrul qvitcr, unoODlain'd. D 

loiHl nre [ralcinp) 

Tba black^yed datnsd be RflRi 




Took to b(r tcmSon : not k gift; bnl all 

ifae laoKnn quit ; 
And tf<* caaTtT'iL *Uli Mcrilec^ till hrr 

MAsadMMd Irct 
TiMd CtmC\ader ; Oma Ae God, k> 

f4«Md. pctkuc wc mr 
Wot* >o miuMna. Thiu, bo mU ; ^d 

ofk liie STEM la ivay. 
Hcraio Anmonnon ctae, cas*'^/ beanog 

<dl; ' I. 

Jib niad'a mt MCKMI «ith bna ; an 


Ift* lEiwll^ Cm, 
WUch MSDly cM> iqwD iW 

*eaHd be hU ira : 
*' PropAM or ill I to M«cr good 

fraiB ibce Maanti me 
Km m a Donl'i Both ; wnno<KQ Ihou 

loofc'M ddbM M b« 
fNli>iiwLJ" thnuicnrit*. wbkfe Ibou con- 

S ' -^ 'sMlaf 1^ pmpbMtc fall, and 

i. ■ •- ■*!vrtl«rt Impact Bao» I re- 

(_■; n" libwty : which wouM l« 

I -cK wUtb OMves my 

' I 

innDrvri ianof bar. thai {MMd 
uajiiial loom 

rclnHiMd O^ikr. Nor »li 

:'T^eMiou, nk. and ikill in 

lU ikb. ibe iliBll CO. V *ooiv 

-■ ihra her hsldini bar. t 
h the wtal 

ibttihedcMk. Ptonde 

... L2al tjfbne «f all obt 

> wtnninp: 'A no) tA. je 
. Me**t9 (ome olher 

lodilinpUaltlie tuiD- 

jfM"" Kinjc «( M an, Ib as 

. ~ rt ^ or t3l ihiC bnalbr. nbj 
■ ' r |;icat-acnl 'd Crrcka 
-it gn« MM (d ihdn? aat 

' Tj an iai ; toUOe a 
,«hloh moil ii ihand, 

And |lSl onr toidnn ; wfakb acitai lo 

Wm Inio Mil kuili 
Woe ieoominioa* and baic. Kow ifacn, 

flnccCod timmanCb. 
P^^ «-.:)i IliT ooU-lovad ptiir to liim ; nM 

a^/bnc of a) 
l^xa>;lk it o( thee ; jtl wtiO. all tnu Ihui 

nfTo'tl itnok 
W .11 trcbli. qiMdnipic. in sian. KtenJupiK* 

The lack ef veD'Wilrd TrafoQ at ; wlucli 
by lili won] bcown." — 

" Da not (Itvnrc yoinclf with ail.' lu 
ansvci'ii, "(ixl like man. 

jDur cood name may oolov it : 
Ml nta nrin tael caa 
nw nora : doi shall iha gfoA kI 
on H villi tbc God, 
Pcnuadc me lo oif urang. Wouldu ihou 

la limaiii i> tun abode 
TUiieoirn jnte, ud tOgM me of mine? 
RMBtre Ihil ; IT out (riendi. u, 

Ai liu tn equii)' mj wotth. *iU liicit na 

So mtt ii : ottwnriae. mywlf will eniet 

On uiy piue. thai el likicn, a* A]ax, to 

Let bin on wboo 1 enlcr nc*- &W contk 

■el onItT thoe 
HcrailET. and in ixhel plate. Now pM ID 

acred leu 
Out bijck lall 1 in t Rnrot piu. to It il 

And lo ibcK t will make BKOid my 10 

miKh eniicd wia, 
Btv)>>-<*«^'d Cbryxit. Fot coiuioct tjt 

■II shK^. we DIIUI cbooM 

A chief out or oai tounMllon. TVy tec> 

- ria MB mrat iiwt 
IdOKeneni ; Ajni, thine ; or l^e, vfaa 


Or Ifaiar. ihua ictrAdew e( men, thou lee 

of I'ckui, 
WMch 6i!m were. IhiU thou arishi'ii see 

ihnt hull aax |crfunn*d. 
For wUch IBT cuaning seal eo pVadt; 

aed Ik. whote bow thui laomd 
Tor our iiITimkm. maj be caba'd.* 

AthilW. with a frown. 
Thui amwo'i] . " O ihou hnpiiilenl I of 

no (pcbI IhiI Itjrrr own 
E«r roiKiiul -. but ol that, whb all cmA 

Wiib ahai haM eaa a laan aticmpi a 

tenia daiHjnoui. 
Ot ax Iky veto t« if«nwl to Bv «fma a foe, 
T^ Dind thui wretched f Fat myielr, t 

waf not byund M 



By wijr TVojon, (h«t my pawcn sliuuli! Iilil 

tMm ony blowi : 
Inaottilng boar ibwbtwMcf me: Ptithia. 

mrhoM Ixitom Itain 
With com and praplp. never kit impali □( 

By Ibdi InvMion ; hitli ntnw, and Tai- 

nsoundlns s^m. 
PMirool Iheir ihxicl ad 6trp% belircen ; 

bill ibctL thou Iranllcn man, 
W« folkw. Mtd thT triumph* nuke with 

boDltm oT osr bane : 
Thine, and thy braltKr't rvncmnce souf^l. 

IbM dog 1 era, of ihli Troy 
By our opMod liva ; whuta cIcmxh iliou 

uiibir deal employ 
Will] honour not wllh otre. Ani) now. 

Itiou ItnvM'tC lo force Irum mo 
The fmli of my n>«*i, which the Giceti 

cavcall; luul ihough libr. 
Compaml with thy pvl. Ihim anyilch'd up. 

dotbing : fior cm b 

Any uukd Hwn ; tiul of C{ht. Ilir 

fcKhn in of Ihii. 
Uj bindi have moil ihiue : In whose loili 

when 1 h.ive cmpliDfl me 
Of 1,11 my loKn. my amsndi In liberality. 
Thoueli l< be liTllc. I Bccepi. niid lum 

ptc^^ivtl To my irR( ; 
And yet Ihai lliile ihou sieem'M to» greni 

n coniinent 
In fhj IntontJnenl nrarioe. Foe Phllua 

tliertliire now 
My roime n: vnre 'tit bett«r Ut, (b»n 

liere (' endure Ihnt Ihou 
Sboidd'w Hill be nviiblns my right. <ttaw 

my *bo1e Ireuure dnr. 
And odd dlthonour," nerepllrf: "It 

lliy lirul tcTVe fhee. Ily ; 
Suy ntil Alt my cauM ; olhen ben* will aid 

and lionour me ; 
If not. nt [one I know to lai* ; Ibnt eoun- 

lellor ll he 
Thai I dennd on. Ai Car Ihec; Qt all onr 

Jnrr-fctpi k-nci 
ll)ou iilll ut moil mr enemy : strife*. 

tutllei. hloixly IhiiiEt, 
hInU thy hlood-fouts itilL But If 

wrcnitih. that thev moods build upon. 
Flow in thy novo, God (3** Ihac it ; *nd 

to 'tit not thin« own, 
But In hi* hand* itlll. What then IlFb 

thy priilc in thlt to hteli f 
Home with iby Aepi. nnd Myrmidon* ; uie 

tbaic Ibclr cmpcf y ; 
Comraand not hirw. I w«ii;S thcc not, 

nor inpnn to nugnllV 
Thy roHKhJifwn wta. Inil, litflMd, I thus 

hf lurD»li;n lh« ; 

Since Phoibu* OOerii will fan* Uttt 

ChiyMi*. die ihall go ; 
My ihlpi and Mend* ttaail waA bet h( 

but t oill bnilBia ao 
111* pbwuit. tlui mine ovit shall Uk 

penrm. fiom Ih^ lenl 
Orichi-ehnk'd Briiciai nnd n ItU 

sirettjph hew Cfttinent 
My power ii, boln^ cunipared with d 

nil other mikutg frar 
To vaunt cqiutliy with mc, or In 

fimud kind bur 
Their heonli ogairui me." Thcli^ s 

thii iiooJ V"'iL hit heon 
BfiiilixJ ]\n l"rinm. and Iww way* dm 

diicunJve pux i 
If. (film lhi( tlii^li liit ihaip iword dl 

In >taou!d inke room about 
Atrides^ penoa, sbmchioliig him, • 

hi* asm oat. 
And rurti hi* inliit. While Ihew Iho 

stilved hi hi* blood and mind. 
And he hit (wdttI dicw. down (toin h 

Athenia iioop'd. and thiDed 
Abcut hit lemplH, being sent by Ih' 

writiB] Queen,* 
SAiuinin, ubo out of her heart bti 

And estenil for the good of both. 

»i«od behind, and look 
Adiiltet hy the yellow curb, and nol; 

her loolt 
To him ^ifwarance ; not « man of i 

mt eouhlHK 
lie lumlnE boeh hit eje, amaee 

even fovalty : 
"I'-jt ilriiii;Vil Ire ktifW hct by her r, 

letriQe Ihi'y i«eie, 
J^orklins wiih ardour, ATtd thm I 

"'ihouseedof Japller. 
Why oomeu thou t lo behold bis 

thai bniMi out empary ? 
Then wlioec* wico it my rtvenc*, m 

thai tniiOlence die 
Tliflt iive» 10 WHII1K me." She « 

" 1 come from hnien lo ue 
Thy itigrt unled, It thy soul will i 

In Jit icllevilon. I nm lent from 

wligcr aJSnrtt {j^ly in ^<»Eh K 
^und hearlily inclined lo both, 
And etsae eontcniion : draw iw I 

(iM warda, and tuvli ai may 
He hiiter to bi» pride, but juM ; fc 

ia ohal I (ay, 
A ttm' »hill coma when lhri<e (hi 

of ibai be (orcelh now, 
He shaJI prupoH for reininpenK c 

tnoncii theiefore thto« 



MMifcriMtioM, andtemm." H« 
aafBcrd: "ThougliDirltetfi 

Bob la patangd, yti n; ton) amtt con- 
fa lb' ancir pan. 

And TMld ran coaquaR. Who lubdua 
bMcatttdy put tor bnivca. 

Heavni to hit in / rit nibdmta his wbh." 
11iHi>ld. SffduuninBilTea 

Frilwwari tDUi«aMt bfll In Uld bit 

Aarf tsrced hb braod nrotd up ; aai op 

la h UKn ifiJ W M c ml 
HiaicmL aVt i« !«*<:'> klgb raeC Out 

bom the raigKthktd. look 
tier pUce vriih ottwr ddli«. Sb« foaa, 

asiiB lb(NMik 
Ruienae lM> posdo*. ud ao bom hb 

titeoce cmid eoafioc 
Hb «nila. ttai ihii braul laa;iu«« gut : 

r, '"TbDH WW Mecp'd Id w>n«; 

* T h f»* » e , *Mi Inn but of k brt, lUl 

■or In ih' epm tf* 
Of Dsbi AiB) ibnal iMo « pnaic; not 

la vent uMlinib : TtwM workt teem too 

fun ol ilcub Un tbce : 
Tm ala f«r Id th' opoa b«>t lo dan (a 

T*^r crotMT of Ihr IsX. Ttwu aibjcei- 

Buc tpitu iboa mtm'u, or ilih moac 

tnd been theliui fou) iLinf 
^he« aMi aailMr'4'M ; ]fM 1 *o>, Md by 

> aa* o*l>) tveu. 
Swa fav itaa secpuc, iIhC, «s tliK aner 

■eaiQ ■fadbnt* 
Cnn lema cc bntKlie*. not Imtcuc 
V *Uli U)F po«ih kii ilK 
Nee iSd laKseai b lofl ibt Ub. and bad 

Jkad onum-au bereft wllb iron ; whkb 

BDw la Mfarr end 
^dltn f.' <inT.t li. At. and thdr lain, le- 

f ! ^*iKl; 

|F« . ::^f«hErHii) : 10. 

SMI Uiia iriili iMni n( mr Ibf hml, ao 
fi— - '-n ilaamtubricd 

me to IlxlT aid. (bvUib veil' 

- ■' --rti, «bni lo deuhiMa- 

'■'■ -m. «ii! ihou lornwerl'n 
I nmcM 
i[|lil(«iong Iku 
:-: :^ 

• nb liaaa Tidfl d«ci)/ inubM*. 

O* »n iby araf." Thni. be Ihww bb 

KvpiR '(tttn the enmnd. 
Wllh f^oMco ilsdi ilKk. hhI look M«t. 

AiridM bnoM was dnnro'd 
la nHDK t&cfcr. l/p m both vnttt-tfOkm 

Ncaiot xuod. 
TkaManiaB tVfaacntor; wboM Magna 

poof'd lonh a flood 
Of tnoi&ihiB- b jaty ■«»>«« ilBconrM ; iwo 

acn Tcre fneroMed 
Of diwn long^igod men. ill tun la U( 

line aad dcdcsued. 
In HURd l^rl^ where !ke rdgn'd anongiE 

Ibe ihlnl-««ed nwii. 
He, ttcOeBin id the voiU, ^vitc^ and 

thw mvren'd tt then ; 
'■O Co^ Ml (imk canb will b* 

drawn'd U Jiiti Inn; raptMTro]', 
HcT kiac> asd kU hit Knu, will Make ai 

JHt a motk. and >q*. 
or ib<aa diqcinMiuiit ; if of yoo. that aU 

ourfaosc end 
In (ouwel ODd in lUIl of fighl. th^ bear 

tlik. Come, rapd 
Tiioe TounK Dtn'i pmiona. Vare not 

boih. pw b«(h }OUt jcwt In eae^ 
So oM a* I. 1 liied loos ^aer, and bM 

WiOi OMn wpcrior to jaa both, who jM 

would cvet bi--*i 
U]r DMBsrIs vmh lopecL Uy eyi* jvt 

•cm wkncn vm:. 
Nor ever trill bt^ of tocb ^rn a» thoo 

ddicliiodthca: fpbeme, 

PkrlibCM. Cndbu, and godlike foly- 
Csnca^ nd IJiyM, princr of bkb, ^.fMO 

A man li^ heim'i Ismoitslt fonn'd t 

tJ, all RMIU vi|[i3(OUJ. 

or all Rira ihai c<r(ti thcae dan bred ; 

■Mot ngOMiu men. uid (oDchi 

Slor mta in ttnngih were nouEhl 
I'd urilb ihcitfonajfougtit tiitli thtCO. 
and Ivirclr loti^l^ (hrin ttc^a. 
Ytl cn^ Wllh Uirae mm I ixnirrncd. bdog 

CAird to Ibe (cna«v 
or iMi uieiitm, bf their aaiu (ram P)kil 

far. lo fiehi 
Id the AijDkiacdam ; and I (ooghL fo a 

Ttuit I'c^p'dfven Ibiif ms^hli. a^ntl cndl 

ai no man caw irroU iire 
To mei ia coiillici : vet cno tbeie wjr 

coe>c*l> udl wooM t^st, 
AndvlUiobcdkiioeatniftMTmH^ Gin* 

yOD*B:h Rilai lO Iben ; 
Tit bnwr il-m <o aieA jwi imllflL 

Airidca, glie not Xrcan 

c a 


j To all Ihr pcnnT, Dor fom hii piiK. but 

yitld ber icIU hli own, 
I Ai all mcB clac do. Noidothouracoiiiiia 

■illi thy croini, 
Otou ton <f Pclciu. since oo king lUu 

cvcfjDiv kituw'd 
One* at > toeptr« ciuals htm. Ssppcae 

Ihx Mtvej cndoH >t 
Wkh Mrcnclh luptrior, ind thy UtUi ■ 

>ei]r rabdan pne. 
Tel h« of rone U inlghilo ; tiaoe «tiU bit 

own nerm Imv* 
IturpbfittJ wi<h iu5t coRunaod cf mnny 

ocbcr. King of men. 
COmmuuI thou ihen ihywlf : «iid I wilb 

ajpimn will ctitniD 
CcweorAeliUlalonibduelgittury; whou 

Woith oat iDinoty. being cUef check to 

•U our IB In wu." 
"An thii, coed Auhtr," xaiil the tuni;. 


" ii conwMT umJ f-Mxl lietii : 
BU Ihu mMi Mcda all iu<;ri bounds ; 


Mfloeu, pMt an oMn. Ii<-ii;lii ; 
All would in his power hold, all mak« bis 

tub] HO. pn to all 
Hli boi will lor (lieit ienipcm« bw ; til 

wfakb b( never thaU 
Penuade u my hinds, it the God* lun 

Svcn him ihe gnat iiyle 
ilMI MtdiCT. made thty Ihsc tut 
Uo«no« lo Kvile 
Uen wUh *11e Unguafe?" TTieii*' ion 

fmiwalfd iiim. and aid - 
tartuS ud vile 1 mlghl be thougbt. 

If Ihe exactioni laid 
By all mniuon me I ibouldbear. OUien 

command lo Ihl*. 
Thou ahalt not me; or If thou doal. fw 

niy fni ipiitl ii 
From MtvUiff thy comtdond. Beilde. thli 

t alllnn Taflord [my awonl 

IfflpraaioD of it lo Iby soul) I will not uie 
On ihM or any for a wcoch ; uojuiily 

though tbou lAkett 
TIm ihioe thou nvftt ; but all things else 

Uwilo nqt ililp (hou aakat 
Oiecdy lurvey of. do not touch without my 

Inov ; or do 
Add that act's wrong to Ihta, that Ibesc rniQ' 

Kc that onir*(e too : 
Andlbenoo(ManiyEart;LbsnbeiDra, (by 

blood upoo my lance 
Shalt lli>w m TenfeaiMx." Time high 

Mrm* tbe*( two hi nrianc* 
Used to tack other; left ibetrttau; «nd 

nftci lIiFm arose 
The wlicIroKin. Tohia tnnls andsbtfOi. 

with (rlcnils and soldKn. goi» 

Angry Aohilks. Ainnu' son Ibc twlft lU 

Inunch'd and put 
Within h twtniy dioam rowm, withla< 

lihcwlie shut 
Tlie hecatomb. I' appcue the Gul ; tbf 

cnuuic3 to comr aOOArd 
PairchotVd Chrysai : fyt the chief, be) 

wbOB fWlai pour'd 
H«MnrEafooB■■vl^ litiacus. aboard wn 

tul : and then 
The moui wiyt of the wa they tailt 

Ami now ilm liinj; of mm 
Bade all ibc hot to sacnhtv. They ua 

ficrd. and cut 
The offal uf ail to the dtei't : Ihe ang 

God Ihcy (ninxt 
With pelfed hccilomb*; >ome buHi, lot 

goati, aloeg the short 
OfihaunlniliAilsca. Inflamed. Tohea* 

the thlek funea bore 
tCawrauped uvouis. Thus, though all ( 

politic king made show 
Kepccii to heaven, yet he lilmwlf all tl 

lifnedit! pintle 
Kis own iffKtiom : the late jar. la whi 

he lliuQilrt'd ilirtan 
Agaiuu AciitliRa, tiill he IcC. aod hit offi 

lin>n>' heats 
Thus Tvnted lo TalthybhM and gn 

H■r*ld^ and minislen of trust, to all . 

" II:ulB Tb Achilla' l»nt ; wliert a 

Itrii' I)' hand, und bring 
Her bntutlci to in. If ho bll lo yield h 

say your kiii^ 
Will come blmiflf wiili multltades, ll 

ihall the homblcr 
Mftk' Niih Tii« |ir^frncr and your char. 

thai lo he dua defer." 
Thii ujd. he sent Ihcm wilh a chnrgi 

h.ifti comlititiu. 
They went unmllingly. nnd trod the fr 

loi sea's shore . soon 
They lendi'd the navy and the UBI^ 

which (he ctttnrfrr lay 
Of atl the Myrmirlont. and found tbe d 

Chief in tlitir sway 
Set at hit liLvk barii In hi* tent. Nor 

Avtiilla glad [any gloiy 

To tee tt<cir pieieiice : nor ihcmselve 
Ttaetr ma^iAf^e. I'ut with rcvcrrTicc fif 

and f«ird ih' offcriird kii>E. 
AsVd nol ilic (lame, not spake a w 

K^ irl. UTli koowin^ the fhitig 
llial caused their comini;. uncA t 

that : " Heralds, ye men thai bea 
The i»fsgei of mm and gsdi, y' 

wckome; Come y« near. 


I aotlriBe bUnH ym, but yoor Uitg ; tU 

be, r know. iMh Mttil 
torn tor BrtMb; >hc k bb. nOMdo^ 

bonmi'il filrad. 
k»f toifclb«ilani*dLaiHl Ibew am tel 

bd bet Is i&dr lord. 
BM^benldi. to jea •umor, bcfdn lh» 

IMv* w MWftth. sad bttes ]r«t;r moM 

^Vtxl* ''■■■B- [brine 

Of wfeM I sdKiT, ihu. If wnr net btraUta 

itf aid te ^MMlon, lo tmx aof Mnrreii 

ll bifeqp ee oOxn, t am '*cM»d w keep 

■nr aid in wane. 
Shwc n*7 mtae bunoor. DdI ;row Idas. 

ta ( i« i ff l i » K mi i di kt nuca, 
Kor HCt a> once by pn«cM ihagi (be 

(UMre i boo bfce »•■«« 
a* luOav Bli ; lajuUiix* bainc aenr M 

l« ptacni liBMo, but iina-j4>cuc* ana 

then an Ken u me. 
Wbicb jtt he toA IKK. and M uocba hli 

Uiiiant In*), wfikh. clKck'd, 
Woold oback ptegan roiun . and he mic^t, 

u BeedvtiC risht. jiKMa 
SoA M BglM te M* nchl M Oral. Thej 

Tht* IcM mDI jouh." Tbii ipeech iBed, 

htrodui Ad (lie rile 
Hto bicad rommandod, a*d b*Migb( fanb 

(1m« hicr (he benkti. and anjr •» Ik* 

A<!Utc ih^ they went. 
Sta tad, aad xan* toe criff could so. 

Her love ■■ bicnds tonoot, 
Aad MM fc* «Mer. To Uw ifeon oT lb' 

oU aia he bMook 
HiBMdfaloaa, aad Msdng totOt npoN the 

HIivamikaadMiliaiMbwbreaeea nd- 

laaciiC thkadplta 
Made (o li& nolhCT : ^totfare. tlnoe jron 

teaaglil me fonb lo bteaibe 
So (hod a lilr. Oijimplu* kid food i%k( lo 

Hf ibon krte boooar : fee thM rlgh* ba 

deili >o aodeciea, 
Bm leu AxMet m (m riMUoe, aad loice 

iha) priw ft«m ne 
Tlat tU (he Gneb nw." Thit mih 

■•MS ba utier'd. aad ibc heart. 
8M<nhfa(ic4d>inl>hiid«(ia.aad In- 

■antlgr appeai'il' 
Dp tmm tbt mj Ma lOc* a dond. ulc 

Iv btoiMe. aad nid : 
••Wbr ««>Ft mr *oa? What gric<«* 

ibae? (peslt.o(MNWliM>i «hat huh laid 

Sucb ban] biad oa Ibee. lel bo(h know.* 

Ite. iig^mg Itke a oom, 
fUpfidl: '-ThoudoMtno* ; whjpibtmld 

I tbinci known acaia infccia? 
WeniAKhdloThdX9,tbesacrcd lowanf 

Sack'd i(, *nd bR»|^ lo fleet lite tpoll, 

whleii nay iaIIuii ton 
Of Gnax indiflROilly itttred. A(ridw 

bad for share 
Fdp<fcatk'd Chryteifc Aflcr ahlcli, hit 

prtol Ihat ihooU M far, 
ChiTta. Ihe folr (Jtuyxi*' WC. aillvcd M 

iJ.' Adiire licit. 
\\^ infiuiie rantoRi. lo redeem (be dov 

Itnprtaon'tl (wt 
Qf lii> tin <l^ui;)>irr. la bU haadl ha held 

Apcilo'icrovu, [Gieclai: urn. 

And toldca Krylic ; miking (ul( lo cre/y 
Be) moM (lie toM at Atieu^ (lie othui' 

Yd ibry l»a( boid biin; aB the ren 

reteived «l(h reniend eara 
'The BUioo. both (he psHsl* and gilt* 

tncni;. and bedding wonb 
lib wuh*d accepMnce. AiteuiT tan yet 

(t:u*<1) eonuBiUilcd (anil 
Wuh rude tcrnu Pbiztaa' nmncnd prioal ; 

who. ■ngTy.aadefelteat, 
Aad pny'd (o rbnliBi, to ahrdta gtaca ba 

pandlac paainE gnai 
Gol Ut pcftioo. Tbe God ta ill ihaft 

«cnl abroad 
TM luMbkd down (be Greds la bcapa, 

Tbe boil had no abode 
Tbat wa* Dol liiMtd. W« atk'd a pra^hM 

ibu well knew 
'nieDiwtc«(d:ani1fro(afc(tIip« Apollo'i 

propbeck* flew, 
TcBng hit aagef . FlM aiTicir ctbertcd 

M> appOBM 

tie Bnoefd Cod : which Aimn' hw did 

at Die bean dbploue. 
And up be Wood, innl tlifeat*. p irfonn'd. 

'Itie bladKyod Gntia tcei borne 
Chiywu W Ixt lire, and gave hli Clod a 

ThtBL tor Briteit, lo my (ens Alndet' 

htralilt ciinr. 
AikI took her. thai ihe Cradu gn% elL 

If thai lliy po«Ei* can (nunc 
Wtak for thy mo. aflbcd il- Scale OI)na- 

pui. and lapliire 
JoTC ia by «(bfr wotd. or iwi. thoa ever 

didtt rcMorc 
Joy to Ilia snned bean) iMw W help. I 

ifi h«vT baud Ibee vaunt, 
In court ef Pckut, IhU aloaa (by hand 





trtcee Itma a mid spoil (Im bbck- 

am Dllicr GodhwHll •naiM kdn tnanil 
(ihe Powa vboM poroe dMb mo** 
iTfae itiiiti'l «*flh, btncn'i (rcM Queen. 
UMt I'allu) : lo wfcew bomd* 
ID carmst wUh nvcup. fannslac up birn 
with I lip huAilml lundi 
To RjcM Oljnpiu, tihon lh« (kdi call 

ilHanu*, mea 
jf^BM*. who bb tirt itttpMi'd, »nd «nu 

M KM«c acKln, 

And in thw p""" •' el"^ by Jore. Th' 

inimurtali KOod ilitmay'd [bit lid. 

Ai hii luoentlMi. and ca*« Tru punj» lo 

Of "11 iliiKcHJcncknocllofaliB. eiuBnce 

hU ksc«. nnd 0137 
ItTro;''saidbe tijll eiv deipi, Ihal aow 

Beat bonw iho OtMki to Bmh *nd IM ; 

unbniing Iheir mteM 
In ilaurirtM : itidr pdlns bMux the vicak 

o( thslr proud wnonisvi Oral : 
A&d IhM f«-Rillns klngnwrfcnow, ftnm 

Ul pOOi toldisr't harmt 
nil own harm tiSs ; hit own >nd sU In 

nllMi hi* bat in anni>" 
HwiBBwiiAapour^ouliDtMn: "O 

inn o>r MO," Mid tfc«. 
" Why briMictit I op ih)r bdng at all. thai 

bimii^t thca Igitli lo Iw 
Sail nbitKt of m hiud a fow? O traidd to 

hcaten. that ilnce 
Thy faie 1» lliile. and not lonB. Ihon 

mlghi'tl uiihoul offimcc 
And tMi* pcrfbim It. But lo live, thtidl 

to M tbcm a Mo 
Al {ntaci iIkc leaM life, and that loast so 

moat UDfotTiinntB. 
Gdens me V kate Eiitm thra any litbL 

Boi vbM thou wblidi new. 
If Jova *i11 cnni. rilnpnad aik ; Olym 

put crmni'd with snow 
ru climb: but til thou fait al Oe«4, le- 

nouscs all <nr. and feed 
'Iliy hniit «-iih wnth. and hope o~ wnsJt : 

till which axnc thou ihalt need 
A UtU* pui(M«. Jupiter *c« ytateiday 

AmoDpt the blamdoa ^tUopi. lo Ui' 

O CTM a d wpni d K<euti 
All God) HtRtdinc bim ; tho tmlflh. bi'eh 

bcBTcn ac*!*! he MOL 
And thai hU bnuHavad eaoR 111 Kale. 

ding lo bt> po<Krii(] ksM*; 
And donW set bnl to wla Oif irUi.~ 

liiiu, oada *h* her nmoTC, 
Aad left wnth lyrlns •■ bet md, (m hli 


UlTMra; wilh ihi btcntomb, anrrcd ii 
Chryu'i tbcte : 
Aad iKtMa uaiMti thn liawn'i dotp mcnith, 

(hqr fana to lae the oar. 
llky imlghl arook ult. tbrn nll'd Ibcnt 

up. aud u« Ibt bnlttin llitrw ; 
The top-maM to the kclilne then, with 

fanljunli <Smn thry dtrw ; 
TI1CD branch! (he ihiii loport with au%; 

then (oikrd UKhor out : 
And, 'pjiut tht violence of tiontu, fot 
dniline idmIp hfT tut. 
Alt eomc ashonv they til eipoied ilie 

holy Imalnmb 
To aaerf Phttbui. and. wllb It, Cb(>:wu 

wnricomo! home ; 
Whom I'i hct sire, HiM Ithocu*. that did 

at th' altai Hand. 
For hoiuiuc lol, mid. tpokca thut. tni|;n'4 

hrr lo hig hiiinl : 
" Cbiyvs, ihc miGtiiy kin£ ot men, fieat 

A^niEinnun. t«idi 
Thy luvtd »r4 hy niy liand* to thloc ; and 

M Ihy God coinnicndi 
A hMatoMib. Hhkh my cliai^ It lo tacri- 

licv, andatvk 
Our much-tich-mli'd u'oe. hU ncorc. In- 
voked by evriy ('•nKk." 
Thw he ledrii d bcr. and hc( dtc ro- 

cclTcd ht*. Iilithlj Joy'iL 
About the wrIMjiiilt altar. Ihtn. Ibcy 

orderly e»nploy'd 
Tlic MCitd oOctlnc. vath'd Ihn'r huala, 

look tall cekoa ,- and the ptint. 
WKh handi held up to hcaTen. (hut pn^'d i 

" O thou that all IhLup teat. 
Fautoi of Chryn, whoa* fair hand ilolh 

ICUMdhilly diipOK (Tenedoi. 

Ctb«ial Cilia. gotcniliiK In all fowtx 
O bou' Ihy prion, and a* thy haad. in tm» 

gfiM to my prayers. 
Shot fer<«iil pline-«hiiflt Ihtouch tlie 

Orreb^ now honcn ih(4r uKtin 
With health lenaw'd. and ifiiite remove Ih' 

Infection ftom Ibdr blood.' 
Hr pray'd ; and to hh fttjm »gain tba 

Owl ptopiiloui itood. 
All, oAer payer, cut on lalE eakca, dMtr 

t*ck, killM. nay'd ihFtmnt, 
Cut out and dubb'd with fai thelt lhlgh% 

flit drw'd with doubled leavet, 
And on them all tho tw«fllbr«Bdi pritk'tL 

The prleti, with nnell Mte wcyid. 
Did taciilice. pour'd on nd wine; by 

whom the younc mtD Mood, 
And turu'd. Id h«e nnkt. tpira ; on •bith 

Itb* kn anough) ilicy tut 
Theinwanjt: Ihtninpp^cutflM 




A^ pM M Bi« -, wMdi, routed mH Ibej 

itm. TIm UbourdoM^ 
ncT *ef*«d (he fioM b^ that fed all lo 

DeriN of iMat and wIh Ihu» aunicli'd. 

(be fouOa cravn'4 cap* Dtslne 
Dnak itf. aad HUfl acala lo ■■. Thai 

dax <av hrirt diint, 
Aadueat m p«MSto(b«Sini,«l»lMud 

When whoaa bricta chariot uoop'd «> m. 

Md nrtHghi bid the (tear, 
Al »ouiJI|r oa Ihdr cables ifepl. eraa till 

■haoMiM mawotn. 
Ami wha ihr lady «< Itw Ufiht. the to*;- 

finCEi'd Uts«, 
Butt frgai rhc hiSi. aB biab araw, and lo 

ibit tmmf ttUKd 
Jlfulla Willi ■ faro-tigtn «tod Itxlr mttiag 

IW isfHBul bOMlcd. mllk-whlU Mtb oa 

b<* rooad bi iJ W thn pii. 
1h* oioiii* unoMd Kith Ok {alt. theUiip 

bv oonnc did QUI 
So anftlr ibai ibapuiadwamigainM her 

ribididron: [aleA tha •mid]' fhore. 
VniA, ooniiig to (be tamp, ibey dnw 
Wb(i«, Ud oa Mocka. *ai& toUicr krpt 

ha qUMttrr as brfore. 
But Hkoa' H«. iwtll-foal Achilla, at 

Bwl«t la vaah, nor erv ca»e lo 

«0BDdli of cHaM 
Tbat Bialte mat hoBOHt'd : never (rod the 

Oerae rabnall'd 6eld. 
BM kept dear, aad Ut lond hsin ptncd : 

whal EfM and cria conU ncU 
TUmfnit U ifl para ta the boM. And 

•Mr, itaoc Rdi he laid 
Bit anaK* 10 nilit^ twal<« hit monu 

their aB|t» did nnbld, 
A>d than (he rvn-IMnf gadi Enoanlod 

0tjui|wft, Jc*« 
nm ■ iituidoM. Tbclb Ibex, re- 

navtMf 'd wtH M Ru>^ 
AdriHta' ■otlea. raae Inm an, and, by 

(be Mom'a ten Ugbt. 
Tl» yt haa*(aaadO)ra>M dbaVd; 

VFhei^ innipKawsi beirnl 
Of an HUi HMay^bcaded bill, the uv the 

or Samn. «t bOB aB the iwcishBfrae 
Bdon wbom. on ber on knco UTb, (be 

Her kfl band btU. bcr rlcU bM chia. and 

Htf KiDtpetklon: "Falbtrjowl If«*ti 

I iia*e stood nHpAond ffood 

AUbt (0 tbae in waa et mfc. »iih (hii 

Beq^temyaid. rtaom myaoa.ibicahM 

•ban a raea 
iPui Mben) iboD eooAaen bit UIc^ Aa 

tiuokiit diimss 
li doiit him by the king o( mnt ; be lorad 

from blm a piiie 
Woa "iili hn f<*anL But ifiou. O Jowe 

tkoi an mewl itron£. oioii huf. 
UoiMur WTion fcv inyiak« ; mIiI uro:iIi 

By hii inde'i wcAknm in Lit «Bnti and 

lee Trey atnfiliCicil 
Ici coai p oi t . M much, asd M long, tH 

Gtmm BB* ^TC ara* 
The filon Nft Hm, vid tbc mot« BluMiaTa 

or h» wrao^'dbonour.' Jove a) Itki stile 

BkU ; aot a nerd 
In ieat tpacr ntuad Um, Tbrtk Mil 

fanng « hukim. iniplani] 
The Hdoiid tlmi- lili i'clp. and laiJ; 

"Oniti. oi iir^\ my titfl. 
Be tnt la wlul liiou doa»l ; 1 Inoir, Ibol 

canU noi til ihus muic 
For Car oi any ; lymk, deay, Ibsl w I 

or an hotTtBl CoddtJtM W T. ibal oatf 

muM «*dure 
ItahaaoBr by ibtv." Jofotcr. tbe (rcat 

etoad-calbircr. pfeica 
Wah tbooEht of vbai a vorM or Et>er» (Ui 

(A BtE'd. bdiic acMnal : 
Sirtll'il, iljcti'd. aadaomT'd : " Woil* of 

iVnih ihoa iirsol. O, xl ihw 
Juna ui!i iioim. aM all tny putnn Matne 

villi oonluisdla. 
Bier ihe wraiBxha. cbaitiw ae in ou ol 

Tliai I >m ptnbl i^ Uwl I «]d the dia- 

plraslns i-tW^ 
OfmvtLii u>tb«lll*ni. BcBooe then, lea 

(lie ICC : 
' Ltvrt tby rfqmil lo my m« ; ytt, IbU 

nun iMr hearten (bee 
With thy do^ic'i gOM, and my poav (o 

(ITC M ad ap^io'w 
■low toia ber Hnle 1)^ to thy pnyer my 

(«iii(e( head ihall move ; 
Wlikfa ii (be cnst tacn of my viU wllb all 

A' tmrnorbl Mate* : [ram 

liTCTCcaiik : nci«t blU ; nera wtibciu ihe 
Of an powers rbe ; •hen my bead bovii an 

bend* b<« with tl Kill 
Al (he* firft inoier ; and ^trtt po««( to 

any vctk I wiU." 
He 44^ . ind Ui Utck enbrovi btni : 

abne hlideaUilcM bead 
Th' ambeosian oitl« io*'d : srcot bcavBH 

ibaek: udliMkBiNKiBcd, 



Tbeir counwii brakm. To iha depth o( 

N((iiunei kingdom Cl\ed 
Thtm from he»veu b liritrlil ; JO"* aiose ; 

and m the <jod^ rvcpi (rd 
(All riunji (fom tbrir ittioDci] tfadr Sire 

■RnidinK '•> hit 0311I1. 
Hone Mie irbcn he rcse. aaat deUy'd ibe 

fataUilag hli pan 

TBI fac canw nnr ; all mti wilh liim, And 

teooshl him to hb tlirDn«. 
Not Nu (real Jinw IgnoniDi, when the 

btbiild aloii* 
Old Ncrciu" itlvtT-fooMd s«d wiih Jore. 

thai tlie hMl brcnighl 
Couiutli lo tltnwn : nn<l Mnii;)'! hn 

tongue had trtlh m it, ihal Bruughl 
Thil iturp InvccUve: " Wlio uai llix 

Jihou cnliint cmiiiu'llur 
.1 lhcCodi)lliu(o ipul MOM Kcrcl 

ilid im|i1ora? 
Ever. ap«rt from mc, Ihou loral (o ooiitueI 

•nd decno 
Tlinet of moie clotc Inut Ihin iliou 

ihink'M nr* fil I' impon to mr, 
Wlialei'er ibou dcietmlntu. I miul cim be 

driiitd (tpmch lliiu n-plird 

The knoaWjc of it b7 thy «iil," Ti> hw 
The t'aihet both of men and Gob : 

" Have ■■«*« hope lo know 
My wbolc intention], ihougb taj wife ; it 

Alt noc. not would ihow 
Wdl tn Mac own ihoiwhH ; but whit (in 

thy woman'i tor lo nKt. 
Woman, nor man, nor God. ibkll know 

btfan it snucc thine eat. 
Vet what, apon from rnrni amd Godi, I 

pkaw <o Lno*. (orbcM 
T «Mfnin«; or inijuitc of that." Slic willi 

th« eow'i fair eym, 
RctpoMed luno, this r<(iiin'd: "Auttere 

king ol th« tkio, 
Whit hail than uiter'd? Wbtn did I 

Ixfan (hl« time Inquire, 
Or »ift thy caunteb^ PtuaioE clou rou 

McsiiU. Youtdetin 
It ttmd with such out. thai 1 feat )'0u 

can Kami much itw d«n] 
Thai make* it public, being leducMl by 

IbB old M&-god'i seed. 
That could to cailv um bcr li»i«i. on- 

bt«oiDS thine, idaobt, [woritineoal 
Th* laic act of Aj bowed head was tor the 
Of lome boon iha sik'i) ; that hn ton Iby 

partkl hand w«uld pleaM 
Wim plaiiuing other)." "Wrelchr Mid 

be^ " thy nblli Jealouaioi 
Ale stiU explotiof : tny daleiia can itcftf 

'•ap« thinoyi^ [eutlotliy 

WUdiyet IbaaiMrerraastiirgvtnt Thy 

Msknlhrrlr^ cated feral ciyhisdi, M 

honible the end [uupc^ci Inicn 
Shalt niakc Ihy humour. If it be wh]U I' 
What then t 'Tis my frt« will il ihouli 

to which Ici way be fivta 
With illcnue. Cuib youi tongue io tlm 

lot ail The Codi tu beai«a 
Too lew be and too iicdl to help I 

ininiih il Intulniue, 
When my macteasibln hanils »b«U fall ' 

ihw." T?w wnse 
Of thli hrgh Ihmltning mailc hrr fear, n 

silent ihe tait down. 
Humbling bcr gnat hnul. All Ihe Gt 

in <outl uf jOv( did frown 

At this otfencfl i^itn ; amonstt rti 

IM*ve«^ (omous ortlnn, 
Cphaitlim. tn hia moilix'miv. ihiicom 

tpeech btgan i 
•■ Believe ii. ihr*e wonlt will bn 

wnundt, Iirynnd our pow«n to bnw 
If thiD for Rionalt yc foil cnil. Vn nioll 

tunxill licie 
Thai (poili our iMticjud. P.>«rnior«w( 

fnaUen put down boL 
But. mother, Ihougb jounKlf be wise. 

In yoiir soa nvjunil 
Hit wudom audienoe. Give good tcnnj 

our loved fulhn' Jovr, 
For Utr hn lake oflrnce again, and 

kind banquet piora 
A wnthful bailie. 11 he ■ill. Ih« hnm 

Take vou and loti jou (torn roar tliroi 

his power Olympian 
k w sarpwilni;. Sofim then wiih ge 

speech hu tpWn, 
And drink to him ; I know hiti houl 

quickly down again." 
This stid. arbing from hit throne, bt 

lovwl inolfarr't hand 

Ik put the double-handled cupb ands 

"CoDie. do not stand 
On thnc cnHi hunioura : suRn, b 

tboiiKh vourpeM boMin grktt; 
And Ie«t blowi force jca ; alt my aU 

alilk in relieve 
Your hard condition, Ihougli these i 

behold it. and this hcKil 
Somnr to think it. Tts a lask 

danntoot ta lake pan 
Aninst Olymjrius, I mntlt Ihe pnN 

When other Godi would (aJn lian ha' 

he Book a» by the heel, 
And huil'd me out of hea<eo. All d 

w«s In lallinf donii ; 
Al lencib in Ltmnos I sirook eanb ; 

liMvbe-rainns Ilia 


A*d t. tasMbav. nt; my life altamt ttt 

too; r^^ltera 
TIk Siaia chatt'd Md to6k mc up^* Ttris 

dill (0 huriie<r thrtr 
WMe-vrtaedJsDO. «ho Kw look the cnp 

afhiB, ladisdlttl. 
Tbe met pMcv-Boknc dmicte iMal 

•oBDd. and Unic EpluilM» lUl'd 
NtctvlB all Ihs oOnt QoU. A bschtar 

Shonli all (he Maaeil ddUet. usee the tunc 

Ai tbteupienrlee. Aaihotdif, erenUU 

dia aim viM dowa. 
Tber lM''qw<nL aad had tucb choet ai 

dU liKJf vbbci CMva. 

Ner bd the* la^tic ku dt<int ; A|>ollo 

Iheic dlJ loucli 
Hit laoii iinn kxip, lo wliiCh. itilh tolMt 

the Mma plnwd at mvcli. 
Boi wbcD the mr't lair bcb! vu leu taeh 

Codbeai] to Iils houte 
Addiui'd tor siMp. afaeia rttj one, with 

an most cuik«ei, 
By btsiio* pv* boib-rooc-balUiis God. « 

tftni not bad tmili. 
Cm be u> tlcep vimt. hf *haw hand 

hnawa n wilb tvblanis rlt. 
lllShJov«. vhere hr had Dwd la mt wfatB 

«icsl ilecp uicrd hi» e]t> : 
1^ bia ikf EoJltn-thioaci] Qu«ta tltfC 

Ibt Qoon ol dcilki. 


Swcs I dbKBi fr«o al other tnndUots, 
««d taicramen, IkM enr aiiiijiiil eipol- 
lias of lUa aineoloua poam, c^iaaally 
vhore tbe divine npnuv it man mtaopi 
boo capadtT Iji gmnuaaham aacrehr. luiil 
giaiiiiiinfeal crltte), and irhara iha ininnl 
tame o* loul «( the Eioed anue ii only 
■Mlta er^tlM c4 a poetical »nlril*i intpeo- 
lion (lot t b« pn7<H)ic«d villi wnion, M 
diMcni. «l leiKM^aM. ot gtaguUriir) I kin 
booad, bf Ihi* brief cc imtM . lo thow I 
nndeRtaiid bow all ethtc extanca siider- 
Maad : mt Ktaemt vhy I i^)e«l ibem ; 
and bow I incriK my «ai*aer. In which 
kboar, M, wlicre all olb«n find dircoidt 
aail diaMnanea. I prove him endnljr 
JwTBcniaai and propintiooaM : if. wfanra 
(her odea alMf and Sj bU orittnal. 1 M 
an pana (Uad Eati. mJ ekeenv a : if. 
•M* IbiT "^ tbctr moei pitiful OMp^ 
tloM ««fa hb pnke*. t lender Mb irilhoM 
Woch, and tijand admiratioa (Ifcomh 
inub ta ha v«ry nakedncM tin to m dnp 
m pit. Ibtf ftom Gidci to Aunra, asd 
GMC«k Inr eys ow tound ho). 1 he^ 
)U ilnae fe« brtt wUl m dltoovM and 

conrrmwa «f (hdr pab* and m)a« bt 
admiMed. For lodudlon and nepaiMivt 
to wbich pativra; lud panuxlem, ifoublc 
jKciimelvn bui to know ihn. Tfau nenr- 
ef««|li-g)ori&eil |i<k< t<o raiy and giildieii 
bii alarn) |wn>) haib laafRicd hu chief 
pcnotwaithdintrcnt spidn. mgsl Inffcniou* 
and iniceilable chanctan. which oof under- 
uood. botr an tlint ipmchaK bain|- on* 
by aMethcrasamvenienllrafid Mcesaid* 
heoiin aa Iha intltsmeac by Ibe wand r 
If a irambloro* mterprvler of a fidiculon* 
and oaaardly-datrOied perton (betaK 
<l««avcd in hit chanyderj id nalntdv and 
vluaMa Ibe erttlnil, to make hi* speesh 
gnvt, anil tarn niiant ; caA Ibe necUgcaca 
and Dnmbssi of auch an invpnlcr or 
tnoilaior be let* iban dMtletp aad death 
1 am boM lo tpiinkle cpon Um? Ot 
oonld 1 do leat than aAna and Mlsrea 
tbia. belns M faanpily dHca««radf ThU, 
tbcftfcn |in hia dui- s*vx) apptond and 
eniUfM^ lei mt bope ' y «mm ■■umiili 
•mUpnnv a» cuaa^icuiiaM. 

Tbjafiniand K«Qad book I kn« irbcillf 
mtBtUicd ogaU; the Mvcntb, *lebilw 

oon^n bcr. Ibai. Ibe dale bring out or| »iiih. uid i«nih boofct derenfag Mill Im* 

laetdacfcaeaainthiiBcraaicofOBr llonwr, 
ha ^uU no« (iid biileniptet wllh ibc uu, 
and be tgnfawcl (icaiiM bit food fiimd) 
wnaf jai Jrrmitar*. Bat h^ al traas- 
laMi*. (cwinn, or InicrpiMeti. have ilepi, 
and baoa daad W Ui tnw ondenlandiac, 
I bope ll aifil ndlbee MM ihadow ol 
atracance lo rm lo iKtna, nor ot dllBeiilly 
In JOB to belinv. if you plcaie lo nupena 
^mmm, apd dloiMiuMB. unyocr impartial 


ptilrcL bcine all EngGibtd to tn tiase^ 
aad my !ale kiad (overcoma wilkltbow) 
BolnliwiKlanouitbtonfinathcta. Nar 
arc Uw vraaliby vein* of tfaia boly cnnad 
lo a^ily diteoTCred In my fiiM nntva 
hboora •! my tafl : not having eoaipelent 
time, nor ny pnAl la Ut mvucrte* beli^ 
•o ainpir, a> thxn Amrng ti^ruis^ fan 
lUrtccnib and ImI hook*. I drew ihe malB 
depth, <nd uw the round onaang ot lUl 




•ilver bovr of oar Pbxtnn : (he cliau Kope 
Md ttHMeUmc of hit wotk : the full and 
OMU bawUi&il Hgum of hii pcnou*. 1'o 
lluw laM li«tl*«. Ihso. I iRUK nfar jniu. 
for aB the efclct (rortb of Di)r dcM di*> 
eovtriM : and in tb« new ifmee I cntNM 
nMr >c ctp w >cc of Mine few mw uocht* 
tt thcM AnL Not peipleirins you In Mm 
CI IM wtlli oDjrlluDi; handlad in our c'hCT 
tDieipraier, funhn diMt I iniui con- 
•cioiutiljr tatk* co m twtlon wlih uuli as 
bate dtmlnbhod, mMigtod, and maimed. 

imu *>iuiriiMKi, or, MMnUot Ift Vngll. 
^M Aim drmtu; and Aarabn (dUferoal 
torn oihetsi 1 to toaivt It. 

* Krnmr, •«>■» n (lin (A.t<, ftc,} ll 

ihe ndsar iwdioR. whiob I raid, tmtmr 

tlmtaWn (aUi i^ U nttim ltm^%) bMBlue 
»*• rrfciml lo nnrsw. &c.. it riklundul 
omJ kllc : la Ibc miviics of ilie GrMki tqr 
Jom't coiiBsel. crave, and suuebtloiu. 

frimum .- Ilm oim common raadcn 
wmild lia>« Itmfatt undcntood. bccauie 
pH)4 tfo Hbiclt llicy Ihink (h* poM mutt 
ethuvnM have KlorcDoe) li l)>e femlrdnE 
gondM. But Homer undemandi Jovr : 
At In Tan TorM ar^ ha opoundi liimMl' 
t> lbeM*OMlt:^tiul*^l«;(, ttc.. uhkb 
nndarai Ttwtoniu. In h^ c(hiodi« of 
tboe IUad«, tigtttXf ctaetrca In Ibeic 


" Carfcicbil cnim uiRimi Maieaiis Rc<b. 
Et qu« omiiiloni iliw«di nctst* puanu 
S e»|iu<tti Aiiidai, It tout dtfii* AEtuUti." 

* liw^itiitn* 'Ax>>*l. ttmfrtt*rm»t 
GrtKi all otiicn lum !t ; but (iaoa 
4*«v#w>A> glsnUlcs prapetly. ftmU m- 
tUmtfUn* 4» ligmiftaliaatm affttta- 
tiairii. I tlxrdare oiKordinsly ooamt h. 
beeaoM lh« other Inilmaia n confiMUaitai 
of an tb« Gt«ck* hj wonl ; Which ww aot 
■o, but oaljr bj InanicnlaU acotanUlou 

* -Afit^imiw iuP<»ifibt rignlEw pn> 
pcrtr eirnmamitib. and oitl|r ittrtaphotlci 
fnitft, or <BA<r, M ii <i alwaj* In ihli 
plK« tramUKd ; which anHcis altmlioD 
viOl to*, atnec our atm) pbnuc of walking 
Iha round in lowni Dfjcaniton. (or (hr 
dcirne* <J It. Dts k> vdTthe froperly of 
lb* ofieinal. 

miutat flini /ha a/Jd ulnii ykut. Why 

Jum aboiild tend t'allu li a ihiDf not 

I ooled b]r a» ; t ibenfore aniwer. becaua 
'Juao U Coddoa of Mala. The allieorr, 
ihrrrfon. In Ibc pfOMpotwIi both of Juod 
and Pallia, ii. tbiu Aehillta. for m|«ct M 
tha tiNii then pnaent. tbtradin utnl ibiit 
UbcRiloa and nauaint of his anger. &a 
in ill von othor pUcM, whra tiaia li 
rtpicmttd, Juno piocuna it i ax In Uia 
dghleenih boidc, for the iiau of Pauoclui 
hu foicbinR o9. Juno conunmnlt the nn 
lo CO donm beftec his time, fte. 

r*0,|^n)>ia^j[A>r. iitiffi/Z/dclrnaaiu, 
fto. ThOM tom ai« called, Inr cut Mm- 
mentcn, luwonhr, and Oiler ia dilhlien 
or women than tnch an hero ai Athilln ; 
and Ihcrtrorallaioisciledlnlli.deKepubL 
wbCR he »llh. 1>*h itm, Ao. ^tlriU 
igilmr rttrvnim t4rvrmm fhriitui i mtdit 
Mbrtmui, Ac. To OffllOGt arlildi, and 
Jutdfv ibe jhneu of lean «MnJlr (la tltn 
may bt ooMiioo<dl hi the grealat and 
moil reoownal men (omilting eiampla of 
Viitll'* XnttK AlttandtT Iha Onal, Kc], 
I oppcBeicaiaM natft only one proecdrni 
of great and BMt perfect liumaniir (to 
wliom iolinitctjr abcne all othrri w« tniut 
proUiaU out imllnUons) thai ilieil tmi ; 
vli.. our AU-piTfi,-i:l inJ AltniiihtySaiiour, 
who wept for Lar»rus. Ihii then, leariaj 
the fllncu of grul incn*! tears, {mtcfallf, 
uiierlr uiiAniiivni,tilr, (lima paitkular 
lemof usnxiod aajpt In AcbQlrs arc In 
him mo)i naluial : icua bciaf the hJchetl 
tflfctt of gieatnc and mon Any i^ti, 
eitha when their aliilliiM cansol patfccn 
lo ibcif Willi, or Uiu ibey an lestraioci] o( 
revenge, bdng Injnfcd, oui «f other ocm- 
*id«alioni; oa now the coniideratian of 
the ataie and graifcy of the coimtel and 
public good Of the amroirbcd AchUIci. 
who cin deny that there ate [tan of 
ananllnca and manunlmlty, at well as 
womanith a«d pnailUnimoua i So Diomrd 
wtpC lot oincd heart, when Apollo Nioolt 
Us scourge from bin, and hinilctod 
Mi hotw-racv. havioi; bc«n wunod bjr 
FUta* befae not to tcdst thedcnici ; and 

lobb great ipiHnbt^ curbed of rs>enea 
(or tb« wrong be rccdved then. So whim 
aot«DOUsh'*ealcd nngcr was not to be 
eiliftiliJ ontniKls hy irai-itaning 
•flcctlciin In oounwrous and llcrce men, 
our moat aoeompliiMd aapreiKT lielin ib« 
illustralion in a almlle of hli frrrour. la 
niMi fcmni-ipititnl fowlt. lescmbhac Iba 
wTallifiil lighl ofSaipedonand Palroclnilo 
iwo vuliuna Agbllng, ood ct]4ng on a took ; 
whicli thus I lia«t aAeiwttfdi En|;lisb>d. 
and hect lof awiphnHefWd.-— 


" Down jump'd he trom hii cbanot ; dam 
lop'd mt foe u li^lii ^ 
Asd ■% oo tome Ikr-keuuf mck, ft oat at 

Wtj <m tach athn, Uiikc, ud tnut; put, 

dBKt, And then nkk br, 
Tl« both with cnnked bnJil ud >en» ; aj, 

fic'iip uhl ^bl, ud err- 
So fiai3dr fooEM ibcK voi^tt kui|i," ftc 

WhcreiD rm lee llut arioE In theie 
agcrtj^aDEht fovrli (which is uke lean in 
BBgrf mm) ii lo £ar m>fD joftnen or faint- 
oas, that 10 the snpcrialire at hardiness 
aiMtaxmge, It eipmuth both. Nor must 
wt be to pott to inugioe that Homer 

made AchillfS or Diomed hlubber, or sob. 
ftc-. but, In the very point and sling of 
IheiT uavenled anger, shed a few violent 
and seclhing-ovcr tears. What as-like 
unpudence is It then for any mefciy vain- 
glotious and Klf-loving puff, that every- 
where may read these inimilabic (ouche* 
of our Homer's mastery. anj'Where to 
oppose his arrogant and i^orant castiga- 
tions, when he should [alher(wilh his much 
better undeistandei Spondanus) submit 
where he overaees him fauliv, and say 
thus ; " Quia tu tamcn h — vofuisti, sacro- 
sandge luge authoiitali ).— me nihil d*> 




Tl> b>d Atnd** aukHr tp bia men 

Tin Kfoi. to&v«kari[«Kinbtinf hicdniK. 

Fvundo (hem ft ItL'ir i--vn'TVta rvfirPs 
BrPltUi' niU, t'lyun ili)l !>!<« Ili|jl-I : 
Md wuanM Hf-^icpt hc4rte(i> IheiD lofiifht- 
niCT uVc iIhii tattt : irh'fh rinne. la amt 

And tforch m toed tmj a^i^rnt tik foen 
So iIdm eflVay ; whM !■", Imm ihe "liir. 
OfSMun'iMB pettinDi iIh initdur. 

Bat* thi dnam avj vyrMHl ciict : 

Tme mW dodi. Mid knigbu &t mni, all 
S«t«i ilumtKf mIm nol ; hr ititcuimad 

lioH beu he might •ppr«v« 
Ibr Acfiilla' i 
make the Gnriani had 

Hii vo* nwdo Ibr 

pice, and 

Hb tiiiu in miuh dMIb. All w>7i caw. 

lU) oognMl larvcd M* mind 
Wlih mi>Malt<naiite:iodw[H>ic)iahaim- 

ful iltoun lo grad 
The kinE of nidi, and n«e Ihit dunc* ^ 

" (Jo i» the Achiv* fltvt. 
(Vtulriuiu droun. and. being urlvrd la 

Acvrmnnoo'i Ixnl, piim to oorvcbI 
DelliTi tnily nil Ihl* cha^. Command 
Hia whole hoti arm'd beTore thew loHcif : 

for DOW Tror'i btoad-wayd town 
He ihall take in ; ibe hnTcn<boiiied Godi 

ate now IndllleRnl grown : 
Jgno'i tnjuctl hath won them ; Tiojr now 

uiuli!! iitinuiuni Ub 
At all p«n* bboura.'* This <bai(c heard, 

the \1ji(in tuaiHlH Fulfilt : 
the ibam rouli'd. and Anidw' tent. In 

wblefc he round him bid. 
Ktim ilerp poar'd about hit pow«fi. He 

ttood abcnc hia brad 
Like Ncslor. eraoed ti old mm most, and 

thia did iniitiHUc : 
"Skna the une Atmii'-(anM>hi)rM 

ton? a councillor of state 
Miifl nol ihe whole night ipend in tiMp ; 

to whom [h# people an 
For giLUtl comoillMd. and wheat Uto 

acaodt bound lownutkcna: 

Kcw hear ine. then. Jot«*> Rieaenger, 

who. thoHth tv (rfFftoin thee, 
li Dear thee yet in tuih and an, and(lM 

ooiiiiTiAnd bv me ' 

To arm thy wliolc boat. Thv Itrone hand 

the titaad-way'd town of Troy 
.Shall now lake In : no nun the Godi dl* 

•cniiouily eRiplny 
Their high-haiucd power* ; Jnno'i «d 

h.iih won ihcm all to her ; 
And ill (am onrhaog thoK lowei*. mi 

iliea'd liy JupllcT. , 

Fix in thy iniiul uM*. nor forj^t to [{va I 

ooiion. uhcn 
Sweet iloep ihall leave thoc." Tluu b 

■Ltd ; anil IcA the kitw of men 
nepcaang m diiimine &■ dream, ait 

ilreamtng will. air,ik'?. j 

Of powar, not ready y«[ (ot act, O tod 

he ihouGht to uke , 

In Ihe n»i day old Prtam't (o<n: m 

knuwjnjc whjtt HfToi^ | 

Jore had io purposr. who pc vpar Bd, I 

tnoflfC Aght. ilAi and cate* ' 

Foe Ginkt and Trotani. Thn dnat 

gone, hit voiec sliJf murmured 
About the kiog'i can; who Bteap. pi 

on him in hit lxii 
Hii illkm loner wied, fiiir, new : and thi 

In bauc arate. 
CatI on ha ample maolle. tied lo hii «( 

leel fair iboei^ 
His illvKJiIllcd sword he hung about I 

shoolden. look 
His bther's tceptre nerat iiain'd : wU 

then abeoad be stiooh. 
Anil went ID OeM. And now paat bon 

Goddoa Aorora sealed. 
To Jove, and all Uodi. bunging ligl 

when Acanirmnun call'd 
Hii h'-mlds. cbirfing them aloud to t 

to Iniuni court 
'ITie Ihidi-luiril Grrelit. The bera 

cajl'd : the Greeks oiade quick reu 
Tbe Council chiefly be composed ol i 

Srnat-mindnl tncn, 
eiior'i ships, the PyUan Mag; 
there assembled Ihun. 
Tliua Alrras' son ixxvn ihrtoiirl ; "Hh 

friends : A Ure^m tlLvine, 
Anidst Ihe ealiii mghi in n>y sleap, 
Ikrougb oy shut tjra itui^ 



HmmMu N««ur: web tain, ■ mmor 

B« Mood abo^ m held, ami ««rd» ibai 

'Sbc^ tba wiM AInaa'-lalhe-bocMMar 

A CDWKiUar of «aie 
MiB BM ifec whole B%lfi ifmd In ilnp : 

U Kbom tbc pfoplc are 
F«t KM/d commilied. OBd ahoM life 

■•Md* bg«ad lo M MKh nn. 
Kg* boK aw ihca,io«c*i twenger, «bo. 

ADMh tir «dr Ma Ooe, 
b MM l£i« }<t Ib bn« Md can; aw) gi*(* 

WW— d by me 
T»MMifcr*bekl>a«l. Tb* Krone band 

Ik* brcttl-way'd ion of IVw 

' MMF take Ik 1 BO oMKc (bc Ood* dU- 

" ti-i 

ndr Mgfc-ho Mc d p o» w i Sanrala'a foli 

faaih woB than all W her : 
Aad iB htm ov«T-hu( ibeio looiEn, ad- 

dNM'd b^Jopiicf. 
Fix In li^ aiBd iht*.' lUaxpina'd, h« 

uok «■( and awar, 
Aad amel deep Idt BC L«i et ihn by 

■U oorraMni Msajr 
To an* our MM*: IwiUfnc la*br at fit* 

ttxir BddiMloiB, and cominaad wlih 
taU^'d tMn oor flifbl ; 
' U (bar jmld io, orftoaa fou." Re 
MK. awiinarase 
', of MB^ Pjrica king:, wtio villiQE 

Tbcttoooiaolto ibe public goad, propoocd 

Ail U> tla* ittAr T 
■* ifnwei and CoaoelUoB ef Gncee^ tl 

BBj ibould reiale 
Thin vnion hot Ibt kiac hisMlf. it lM(bt 

ABdBOTCOieMlMraarielRali bulilBca 

AAhm be Mw It. beU R (roc. and all oui 

To am om annr." Tiili tpsedi tsed, be 

Mm lb* CoiUKd InVf ; 
TW ofta r»wy w»bwum itOHs arcac loo. 

TW pae^'a lUctor. Btuig atsood. the 

aann was o*tilaId 
Wbb Soehea w ititin, tlml cuac &rth. *• 

•Kimt at brqam bta' 
Bwama rii«aui«(aboUowiMb,KBairinc 

Ol their e g rg ai oa endleaitT. with cnr 

riM| Bnr [Mill aa U fiuletl. gnw, 
Wiom tarh tbiir t««e( bM : a* iikIt lun. 

AjKt aetcr iroold ceaie KiuEhig Ibrili ha 

clutwn lo ihe ipring, 
HieyitJItnivdoui *o:iballuckba^ihai 

ilim. tidaboB^ 
rbe loaded fimrm ; w Iran Dw iWpi end 

ICBU (lie a(iDy*i ilon 
TiDop'd In thnc princn and tbe ttan. 

ateni lb' niUBouned it«re ; 
Anonpt vion, Jinv'* nmhiMiiidreia, 

Fwe. in ha *ui>cshlned. 
Erom^ peedlncai to bcM. The labtia, 

llumed tosctlier ; oproor Kited tbe high 

court ; tuth did (Nan 
Beneaib the Mtilins BBliitodo ; nimiik nm 

Ibere niono. 
Tbdr»(l>«ra vodrcroo* hcnbb tarn. W 

cbwl Ihe rauE. aBd get 
Hai to Ibeir Jo*e-kcpl (overaoll; and !t^ 

Kaotly wu stl 
TbU huge conftnton : every nun *el Cut, 

and (jjjsoui ORued -. 
'nien su>«d divine Aindn nph and ia hi* 

hand compte^d 
Hii ccepini, Ife' daTioraie worii ol Tirtj 

Muldticr, {lut nuscnKo; 

Who (ne tl 10 Sttumlan J«i>ie ; Jo>c to 
Hm BcaacBpr, Aixiodn. la l^kju. tliU'd 

Pdepa l» Atnut, (Hit at men ; he. Aftag, 

(lie il couna 
To ptjnoe lliyeiics. rtch la befdt ; T^jtaMi 

10 lt)V Iiimd 
Of Apimemiion tendef'd Jt, and wiib & tha 


Of many iila and Area* aU. On Ihn ba 

"O (iWndiL cml toot of OuaM> 

Ktvinu il Man. JoM laid 
A bciw <aiv nn ine, 10 vow, ODd bIBd 

il Wilti lilt benl 
Of Ut blgli Icxehead : thai Ihi* Itoy of an 

her people ipant, 
I ihoukl leiioni ni 
hous bslli OS Ml 1 

Dov 10 mock out 

And c&irge incloriautly tny Bl(lit, vrben 

fucs an ovrflhraw 
Ol bi«M Erieudi I have Miborcd. But lo 

Ul mlghcieM will 
We uan Mtimlt m, lh«l fcalh rand, mot 

ilt»'% kicaupi froa v> tntaj ton*; 

toctinr his power a wksI. 
tie will dniroy miai. Bu how >fle Mch 

and raiiHlaaboM 
WiU )t<w lo lunire naan ■ that, satcb'd 

.wiih leoer mimtxrt Ui. 
W« fly. Bot cuuioKoo the crown of ovr to 




Ot whidb thtfc wt opp«an do «iJ. YcI 

ihould oat KCi and uc 
Strike (Toec. and mimbtr tiMh our powm ; 

Tto> laUng all (bat be 
Her mrat'a inliabiuntt : and wv. in (en*. 

Aoatd aB all dom 
At ow tract taoquet : evaj t«n oUow'd 

oar of th> town 
To AnbbCeMKupimniiirleiiiwoald thni 

altrndanl wml ; 
So tnoch I muil aJIirin our poun sxoniU 

Dui ihni nxitia;? b«nd«, thoMbnsdithcn 

ol ipsui. [oar kindemi. 

From niaiiy cjiki drawn, are ibcy ihot nr« 
Net lUlIoiinjE mttl-nhod Trujr to fa!L 

Nine Tcon an cmlad bow, 
Sinoi Jove cor eoni|ueM vow'd ; iu»l now. 

«iir veaacU nWen grow. 
Oar lacklinn ftih : our wlvc*. yoang ion*, 

nt in Ihrit iJoon uid lung 
For mir nirivil ; tm ilie "oik. thai ihould 

bmv wn^*d our wroog. 
And mode m wvlcconr, lici utmnouEbl. 

Cume then, as I bid, all 
Ober. osd Ay lo our loved home ; for now. 

Dor era, »tiall 
Our nuaost lake ki brood-wty'd Tnr' 

1 hit n>d. Ill* Biuldtuila 
Wu *Ii iot home : and all men else iliM 

wtet llili «<mlit conclude 
Had act diKiv*r'd. All iha crowd wa* 

ihoved abani Ihe stiore. 
In Bway. like nidt and rs^ng wavo. 

rtHUOl villi the Tem^l blorr 
Of ik* eon and touih nlo-li. vltea ihcy 

bcrak from Jcivt^doinU. urjd ^ji;bijrTi(-' 
On rutoh tucki of ih' Icananseni : or like 

■ nrtileJcurn 
Hljli frowD. thai Zfpliyr'mtiemcDt eusIs 

bnna eullj undtniBtth, 
And nua Uw Miff un-tiriMled «sn do 

homotie to bU bitaui ; 
For mm ti> e*:u1y. wnti the breath AlJldet 

usrd. wi iviiy'd 
The vk<l^ii inu]tlta<Ic. To teel viih 

li>Ki,^», iTiU il(-ciirjiyM, 
AD lu^h il ; ID'I. mlh a If* of dust, Uicu 

rude f«l dlmmd tlu^ dijr ; 
Each ctM U other. 'ClcMii4e our shiiNi. 

cocn^ luincb. aboaid, aw>].' 
Ttie etamout of Ihe ftianen home rcadi'd 

btavni ; ami then ntt GaW 
Tlie OiMki bad Iclk Tior. had not ihen 

Ih* Qoddcx ot eslaie 
Tfaia *pclk« to Pallaa: "O ChiI clianm 

(lion untamed Med 4f Jotc. 
SliaD thui (h« MB'i b«o*d back be eha«gad 

■lib Oitse 001 fticnd*" remove t 

Thna lesrinR At(tn! K«Icd hoe? th< 

Priam gransi ? Ihui Troy ? 
I« wbow nekli. far tnm Ibrir kntd om 

fa Hel«'s uk«. the Joy 
And life o{ >o niucli (itreUn iHrtli | 

vnuali'df Take ihy mv 
T our bnH»«m'd people ^iimk them t| 

Icl nol a man otvy 
The clinrn new Encn, nor buneh ■ 

ihip Sluiuiil, and I^tllaadid 
Al t'te comtnnndfd : from (he lops i 

heaven* iteep lull the itlil. 
And atnlKht tiw Crmlu' iwiR MfB | 

reach d ; Ulytse (like to Jove 
In ffitu ot ecuniel) aiie found out ; wh» 

thai buM lanrane 
Siin'd not • fool, nor touch d ■ ihip ; I 

pieved at hi»ir1 lo vx 
That fault in oib<.n. To him cl««e I 

blue-eytd DeliT 
MadcwAy. anilvtiri: " Thou wisut Gn 

divine Laencs' ion. 
Thtu 0v ye hoinenudt. to yi>ur aU 

■h.i'l all thui headlong ran' 
Gloiv to Vnam ihui ye leave ; gloty la 

II h fn'encli. 
If thus ye lenve her here; tot atom 

nuiny violeni end* 
Ha** doted your Crnk eyei, snd m 

from ibtJr m loicd home. 
Ga lo iheta pMpU. uw no nuy. with 

itrm* orerceme 
Thctr foul cndoivour. not a mnn a II 

toil let hoi«o." 
Thus spake ihe ; and Ulyttet k 

'1*0* Vallat by Iicr ii^oe : 
Ran lo ihe nmnta ; owl fram hln 

mantle, nhieh his man 
Awl heraM, |[rave Euiybalea, Cbf ] 

ThM tollow'd him. took op. Htnne 

Asnoitmaon «vnt. (do* 

III* lacoitupccd tccptre look, lit) locpl 
Add with ll weni abuiil Ihe Heel, 1 

Eiince. or man of ^ime, 
'ind rii^hi-elfen. be would m 

H'tih wolds o( CcnlleN blame ; 
" Good air. It fits nol you lo fly, o« 

01 (me afraid. 
You diould nnl ooly flay younelt. In 

the ti«ople suld. 
Vuu know not dmrly, tliough yoa 

tbt kiac's woidl^ yet bis mind ; 
He only iiies meu'ssplntt now. and. ' 

hii trials Gnd 
Apt to this oaunch he will diutisr. 

you, nor 1. hani all 
H« ^lalca ia eonnol : nor dnnt pni 

near our Gecetil, 


HU tuHwn. «h3cli. OBI of ibe Ion of irUe 

Tbiu tic Ike boi Mot «ted ; Itw wortf . 

•hew ipiriM bnk* out in nnbr. 
lie a*dx*ird irilh Iks (cnrtrr. cliid, and 

Uli! : -' SUT. WTVtCk, be MDL 

And hm iiiy Iietun ; ihou an Umc aad 

boU> In piwcr >nd lUD 

roor iMd unmxllir. «Uhanl Nuae Is 

cooDdl w ta «nf . [hum irrceulu. 

W« oiaM nM aU be Mdc*. IV nk » 

iViFlMfc oMB]! rule. One lotd. one Idog. 

pnjfiaxi lo ifam : awl he, 
ITo Bhaa arte Satuiii^ ion kath pTro 
both laa im9 enpoy 
o nrit iha MHkk « IMC hiac-" Thm 

Th* beat &o*B lUgbi I aMi dm again Ibe 

Cosacil WW BBieiain il 
With Buh ■ coKxHtic. iliai (be ihcn nmg 

•rbh ihe Mmah madi! : 
A* whs ibc far-n*uumli3( (ni doth in hU 

Hit nady csaanet. wfaoM lidci (lOan whh 

Mtonotoeil vao^^ 
Aad sake Mt own btMM Mho tlfhi. All 

MM, aad amUencE g.i>«. 
Tbujki 1 oaljr muU ipr^k all. A moil 

Of wordi b* fcolnhlir pear'd onl, of whkb 

Tbaa M oooU naatc* '■ aojiUfif, >lib 

«htcb ha coold pfooae 
loiiShier, he ntmr ooaU cootate. Ha 

•hotiM have rel been wc 
To looA DO idaa; I' oiipiMcihfJt Malta 

b M OW ei nM jcMca* paru. 
Bu be lb* filibWM kSow was ol an ihat 

had danu 
tBTmjr'tbratcden: be w*i tqidnl«]Fed. 

and bma of ^iW foM ; 
S»««Mk-back'(L that he had no bre«t: 

daip-hadcd, abera did tboot 
(Ho* and Ibnv •criml) thin meay bair. 

He fnoM «f all ennol 
i;ii»g md JKaeiAt*. whom Mil) hil «B(«*n 

would cfaida. 
NoroonU ibenRcd Kkf binuc¥ amid 

bM t^Otsj vi4b ; 
Ac^aitf «hiMB tbKv In InKv the Gitrks 

dU vetemenl bate* Dniaio. 
BMg fH? ''"' A<hiOM' OTOOS. be cried 

ttM ffwltm llms ; 
"A W Ia i . thf oompbin'u ihou now? 

what aooUM fboM moR of M ? 

Tb; <eau are IWD of bntu : «iid <la«B. 

the che4cc tt all. tir thine, . 

With ■bcm we nnisl pmcni Ibcc finlj 

whrc any lowfH mi» 
To our bnaMon. Waat'u iboa thm. b*f 

wlcB all lliJi. man jcold 
Fram Tmr't kolgbti to rtdccn iLdi »aa« 

wliom lo Ik doirly mM 
I «r •erne Mhoi (it«k maM Uhc? i* 

wonhlil ibcui ycl fita 
Fom fnan lonc oilin lord bh priv, to 

to-^liF Ibe lotli that rdgB 
Id ihy cneioichlag eppeiii«? Ii (iti nt 

firince lo be Lt"*^' 

A piinee of A asd sowem us, ot lead o 
Brrapelonrin. OhaaeOiMta^deiHvtnjj 

Byillietiaul: Grtddih gMi; not GRfln. 

ye in : Cnne, By 
Itonie with ooi ihipa ; Iran ihfa man here 

i« ptflih with fall preyi. 
And liy K we help'i! his ot not ; bcwnme'd 

■ naa ihst wfitht 
Fit mote ihan Ite hlmMV In wenlii. 

fceuil fram Thetti' len. 
Ami li"-in b'n piiw Ma. Nor tbiok I 

Bijftily mu hath WOO 
The uric of wrathful worthily ; he^ nA, 

b« t too icmiM ; 
Or elie, Atndes. bit bad been iby tut tf 

injuries- " 
Thus he ihs pco^'i Pastor chid : txp 

MnJgrhi stood >p to him _ i 

Divine Uliaca^ who. wilb looks cioeo 

crave omI grim. ^1 

Thl> binef dieck gave : 'Tmr. nin frf. 

Id vrnl Iby nLiling vtio ^ 

On kingi ihu, though It tent Iheevcll 

noi Ihlsk tboa caiul minuo, 
Wlifa Ihu Ihy niiljig facuky.theb wills 11 

kail dqcree .- 
Foe not ■ wotie. of aU ihit hoal.mic 

with our King thm thtOt , 

To Troy's gmu Mcge ; tbea do wk Ufa 

into ttM noalhof ihine 
The names of knig* ; tmuA less tevDt thr 

dignloea thai ilUne 
tn tb<B tupiTMc atMa*. wmiing ihut ih' 

modon for out bewo. 
To soothe ibf eovaidioe ; since obimIvm 

nl know aol what will cvme 
Of iMwdesigMMatt: If n be onr tc 

lo May or go. 
KoT B n thai thou ibud'U On : 

itvilHi our Uiwtral M, 
ODiy bKousc bo haili so IDUCK Ml 

Bn one boMS. TbeR6aR this Iby 

t«iD auAta me vow 




(Whltti ihatl be cariuudy obMcvcd) if cvei 

1 I itaii heai 

nb Budnen IroRi ttiy moolh acnin. lei 

noi UlfiMS beat 
!ili head, nar be the (ktbet uU'dot young 

If lo thy MkcdMM I Ukt and iirip tli« 

no^ Mdllrsi 
Wbip thM lo AmC from oeundl : Mod. 

«lih tlurp Krtpcv wnpliiG hence 
Tlili lllocy thou aHecl'kl {•> ml." Tltli 

UInl. hi) iCMtcDM 

*sil1e4wMhhb(0eplra: itrookbiiboch 
and ihmililon to 
Yhnt b>3odxw«l«* roM. It«diniiik round: 

•Dd fran l)tt cm did How _, 
U«*it Mui. whL nokine filibilyr Ix wlc. 

fcar'd. MiMHed. diM 
Hi* liIuLbci'd clirrki : and all (he pnate. 

IfifiMli jfTin-«l lo bt <lrnied 
Tlieii iittfk*>l rcirou (or home, ytt laugh'd 

delvhUoion'r, aad tpake 

EIUkt io oihd: "O ]« Gods, how hi- 

•? Bitiieljr take {eounicb. (leat 

Jrwt virtiw* ia ovr caod I aa'hoi of 

in ordnins tnnlca, how niott well ibn aci 

became hb beat, 
To beat fram ooundl lliit mde fool t 1 

Iklnk fall HiucT ){>tf1i. 
Hcnafter, win not l« bb loncoa abuK tlar 

tottnico mril. 
"^-finil from luch base longtiet 
'iViu ipnkB Ihe {KVfilo : Itira 
\^trf-Tuici [thicus MOod up totpeali 

oUinjC bit ifcpliV' CloM lo bim gnj- 
ma MlDcni ttooJ. 
<bdl like a herald, tllciice eaiucd. Ih.-it hII 
] llie Achiv* brood 
.Ftoni 6nt to taM| might hear and Lnow 
rtic CDimihei ; wlitn, inclined 
bTili tbrircood. UijiseiiiuJ : '■AUtdcs. 

nW I find 
t>.cv mm would raodN ihi« tbe ibane 

(t all Kwn ; nor would uay 
Tbcif own Tovi lo Uicb, nrhcn lhl]r took 

(hen fne and hoaout'd way 
Prom Aixoi htiho. thai, till Troy were by 

llieit lime band* nurd, 
rhey "ouid iiot turn home : jH, lik* 
tdVt. and vldoin. )iow tbey biute 
thai bMB refuga. Tu ■ b]»m le let 
iTiMi mcllcd M 
^iTiianiih rbiBgn; though lb inio. 

riM Hi man doco 
jn mixuh lo tea. and leave hii wife 
II o(T. asd b*. 

ited vith wlntcr't ttonni, aod lo«c'd 
_ »iib a lumultuotu m*. 

, hli." 

Glow* b«a«y. and oould home. Us iben, 

10 m^om [|* ihiitr ihne jeai 
II«b BIt'd hli rciMtubtc orb tlncc out | 

amnil Imr, 
I blunc not lo with home much more : ; 

yet all Ihlt lime to nay. 1 

Oat of oat judgiacDit. for oui end : and j 

now TO like ooi way 
WiihoiM il. w«r xlattint and vilr. SutTnia 

thai, frirndi; abulc [ptoptiued 

ITir lime lel lo our tib/eat ; try if Cnlcbnl ' 
Tru* of ihe lim« or not. Wc know, y« 

■11 can wiinoi well. 
(Wliiim (hew tatc ilcttii.cnRfitrnn{ fulet 

have fut'd 10 tend to lirllj 
'Hial uhrn In Auls. all out dcel aacmbled 

wrih u fft-i^^ht 
0( nil [o Ilion and ha liienOt, bcnealh 

TliE (air grown luri){hl 
A platan bon. aboin a fount, wheim 

ctyltal vralei llow'd, 
Aud near our holy alUT, wa upon tiM 

Acc(im|itbh d hccauimbi i aad (facte ap- 

pmt'd a huge porMnt, 
A drigr^ wlib a bloody tcatc, horrid lo 

■uhl. and tent 
To lifibi byi;i«ai Olympliu; which. trawU 

log Irom beneath 
riio atiat. 10 tiM pbian climb'iJ. ami ivlh^ 

lee erash'd to death 
A spanow't young. In number dCbl, thai 

in a t^boiigli ley 
llldundrf Ws. the dam the ninth. ihU 

lid^T'd ctcry way. 
UoiiminK hrr lot«l bttth. till •! Irnglta. 

the uipcnt. walchinc her. 
Ilcr Bi-g: "taught, and anour'd bcr ton 

Thii drasoa. Joplirr, 
That bruuthi liim (iiilh, tum'd to a itone 

and madt a puwciful m«in' 
To 11^ our teali «p. thai admltid, wher 

<i( a foct M clcaii 
Of all ill at <nv aanilin, fo fratlul ■) 

Shoulil be tlic baoe. Caldiai. then, Ihu 

prophesied tli' event : 
' Why ate ye dumb tmok, Ut^hall'' 

Omki? Wits Juv« ti he halli thow 
Tbii uriBge oiinit to us. Twai Ian 

and pakung btdy done, 
Bui Ihal rnc* Tl fui^ect lo ni. for ftdTci 

tnx all the tutve 
Of hit appotranoe Oidng; m ilow} nor lln 

shall rni). nor fala. 
Af tiioc cifhE iparrom, «nd the dn 

filial luadir the ninth) «eie cat 
Hy thu Ktm Ktpeni ; to nine yean wt ■ 
I' coduic the htac 





0< laiBKmi wsr. Mid. bi llw l«nifa, lake 

In lUi t(Md-««7'd nwB.' 
Hut be iMtrpiMcd thU tipt ; td all 

tWn(i hm*c ilietr Mown 
Ai be mmpnlfd. tin ncnr. Tbc rtu, 

ibCB. toraooeed 
Mint m ccnaU. Su; we «II tlU Uoi 

■oM cloriow dafd 
01 taking itib rUtt Mwn. our hands an 

fcaacMi'd ■Uh." Tlib nld. 
1W Oil III I Ewra ■» (»inc«u>*d ihOUl ; 

■Akb t«ck lb« sUn npakl 
Wkh Mitftda tdkna. in applnuK of IhU 

IHIMiailw [comnariKin 

DIttoe Uljna osed ; ahkh jrtt hek) do 
WTrti Na>ar'l nat (fmcli. whK* ma 

ihb : " O damtM Ibai r j* lalk 
Like thndna »&, thai know not •«. tn 

■tet sii't ftfion walk 
Omi Mihi. and wnuMi? Now, t m« 

a» flimftcu of mtn 
An naaah'd quite ; our cigtU liandl gjicd. 

«ar fallbs. oor WMnavh ma. 
Owr tafhtK witb viae, all Bed In that 

Vft m iOeto bind dl : (ortbn tiBt wc niia 

pwHiasAAft InA^ 
And Binva lowon ovrcndwilhwonb. doi 

JoMm •traiofemi 
And bn£ tefoha, tbtng h, dm* long. 

dw power wOtf uUaJiM^ 
BadiatfedisM tbea. Aircts' too. finn 

n at IfM feOM itaiul : 
Make £ood ihjr yiy ow ; talk no Rioi* in 

oonadb. bol towmiail 
ta Mina Md. Lm two Or (hne. ihal bj 

hM la ibck (rowBlaf ; tbcf aft tudi aa 

an «M tralT «te ; 
Tkay wfl fer Aivaa. mr llwir know if that 

■bkibJavcEaih wd 
Sc bias ot (ra*. t li£ ihns aS, thai bith 

looa bow'd hk hmd. 
AiCm we ««M aboard ex flotUfat slcn 

diMtUcMd dauli: 

AS Ihal dtr dsrnaf loitb U* Oamet, in an 

iiwuTwd Um, 
Ob cor lickN faanda. LM tbmCm 

oMo dfoua o( o»wwd fllghi, 
T>a to M* own) aoma wife or Ti«r be 

iWpawtthal. Ibaia^ 
or Kdfa vTeak]a(,M»d««itlghs«afottcd 

Tot bcr BMapo. 
Vts-jyia dan doH «a boait, lot hb db- 

Hii bbck and iMll4idll bail bot tooch. 

ihat faa faa Ai« dtafnoed 

Tou hl 

Kb coMUy'i nlrjt) hie. and dtaih. mnjr 

DdI be lh<ra «be. Unc.doaottmn IbTwl^ 

tiui othen. Kdo* 
t will Dol lUBkn abject word. Sr« all thy 

Ik mbti and DMIoiu : that tribe*. Inbn ; 

nariona. mar oilioiit aid. 
Which dolns. thou itiB;i knew whal tliittt. 

whal lOMien plaj Ihi n»n, 
Asd whal Ih* cowami : (or thcf til. will 

ferhi In several then, 
Caiy for note. And thra i>hall (hoa. if 

ihou dealroy'il iml Troy, 
Kqow If ihc pn^bccy 1 dt^iu. o> mm ihou 

dc«l tmploy* 
In ihrit •pproitd' am. want in ww; or 

lack ol (hdi bt»e hmt 
Fittertiie xtaxaima ijiiritk of (iitcM, wal 

cause lo ihr tftfou.' 
To ihutbe king ol mco replied: "O 

fali«r, all the uins 
Of Cteeoe thou conquer'M in lbs strife ot 

eomullalloiB. [could make. 

I waotd lo Ian. Athcnia, and Plmlnu. I 
Of all, but its nigh coviiieSoia: Und to*) 

tmdjr would ibako 
Kine PriMn's city, by COT hand* Wd hoU 

on and laid waste. 
Bui Jore heib otdo'd I ibocM grtete. and 

ro (hia and haifa out 
Hylile into dctaHspMi end. Uyttlf.aad 

l.ilr ^Irti; in words buehl fat • glil. and 

1 th' oflcBc* be^un : 
fiu: if we ever taik as tiiends. Troy's ihua 

SLiU ne*et rex m tnoie one lioiir. Conw 

then, to Tlctuati all. 
llial Itrooe Man all may bring lo ftold. 

CacA man hb lance's steel 
Slw aharptn d well, hi* shield *^ lined 

hb bono mcatid wall, 
Mb titoilol eatefblly made strong. Ibal 

ibnc affair* of deaib 
Wc an day may hold 6tndj out. No maa 

nniM mat, or breathe ; 
The botoosof oor laigetcen rnust all be 

Mnp'd la twMt : 
Hm tanocr** arm nwl fall dladvcd ; our 

chartMJioiie wlib hat 
Mum Borm to oirlt. But ir I find on* 

toMler rake the chiu. 
Or stir from fivhi. or G|^t cot Mill fii'd la 

hb enemy s fare. 
Or hid a shipboard, an ibc world, tor lorec, 

tior pcica, shall sava 
nb hated hie : bat fowb and dop be bii 

abboned gnTe." 




He txM ; Rnil >uch a saunnnr raw. u 

on Isfix »"">" 
The warn (nakc. ulwn the wttth-wind 

ctiino, anil lumliln IlieiD befort 
Ac>l*M a lock, rtmn near (be ttrand. 

ohicli divcndy iMael 
It Mmr (ivc i bR. Iwiv and llicrt, wllb 

■Bttcd upnatt bMi. 
All roM tMn, niahinc U> Ibe flwi. prr- 

fumed CheSr leni*. and tat : 
Eacb oflcifiHC M th' Imraorliil cctbi and 

prefinff M 'Map* lb* bnl 
01 nu amfdoaib. The king o( men an 

oi of five Tcan'ipftnc 
T* alralchlv Jove ilcw : mll'd Uie pc«n : 

fiiic Smmt, then (he kiiic 
Idornntnu : after (hem (b' AjaMi ; and 

thp too 
OtTydeiu ; llbacul ihe ililh, In eouuel 

ToJovchlimeU. All Ibrst he bade; bui 

a[-a-<iunlil'ef)r* (timily 

Good Ueoeluu, udm be >aw hit bro(hei 
KtDplajr'daidiaiUinc.woukliioi sundos 

Dut of hinratlf aant. All about ibe 

cAerinff ovenhrMm 
Stood round, took *all-nkM. and the king 

hUn*el( (hut pm/d Tor all : 
"O Jove, inoa( gtcal. niMt glotioii*. 

IhM, hi Ibat Btany lull. 
SlU'it drawing dork <laud* up lo air. U( 

no{ (tic nui (o down, 
Daikaen utppljnns it, (111 mjr bonda the 

palMc and (he town 
Of Priam timthrow and trani ; the unn 

on 1 Ircior*! brma( 
Dividing; spoiling wllhm/laotddiosuiidi, 

la ioitTcat 
Olhlibadquaml.Uldbrblin tDdui[,Bnd 

eating amh." 
II« pnj'd ', /ove heard Urn not, but 

made mora ijcndtul the bifih 
OfhUwd to)l».]r(t(aokiilktina. Prajere 

p«M. cake* oa thq (brew ; 
The OK iheii. (o (he aitu diaan, (hcf kiU'd. 

and from liim dnw 
Itii bide : then cut him up ; hli Ihigtu (In 

(WO beam), dubli'd wilb bl, 
Prkk'd 00 Iba HXEcibrMdij and wlih 

■ood, loairleav and kindled a( 
AppoacI nie. they bwa lb* tfaigbt : wbidi 

done, the innnudi, sUb 
Titef brod'd on eoalt and eal ; the ttu. Ui 

glggotaeoL (beffpil, 
BOMi oannlaeb*. aait, i!i. and ftast : 

DOOgbt ladtd to leave allay d 

)£«b tampnaM appicflo i abioh aencd, 
N«a(a( began and mM : 

"Atrfda, inoit craeM Hut of ">'^. 
now DO mot* woidi atluw. 

Not man defer Ihe deed Jon voir). t.i^t 

hnaida ■iimmon now 
The broMn-ocatfd Gr«clti, and ui langa 

emTwhcK the hoat. 
To Mir a Urong war quickly up." Thit 

xpoedt no qilUble UM ; 
The hieb-voiccd herald* Inuanllj b* 

cbaned to cat] to anni 
The cuti d-Jiead Greeki : they caU'd ; the 

Gmka tlialEht aotwvfd It^rir alaimiL 
The Jore-kepi klngi. aboul the Ung all 

ga]1ieT*d. with thdr aid 
Rannd all In Inboa and nacloni. With 

them Ihe gier^yed Uald 
Grral .Cglt (Jcne i bright ihield] nitiain'd. 

that can lie nerrr old. 
Sever eorrapted. (rinsed about wllh set* 

pent* f«g«d of (Okl. 
A* many a* wffioed to make an hnndred 

(rlngea. wonh 
A huodrcid oxm, ertcy mnke all iprawU 

Ing. all set (onh 
Villh wandraus apint. TlirDugh the hoH 

inih tbii the Goddes* ran. 
Id fury, catting toand her eyts, and 

fumiih'd cmy man 
With tiimgib. eicliiM all to amu, and 

fieht laoewaaL none 
Now uked their lovtd homca like the n 

And at a Sie upon 


A bu« wood, on (he height* ef liilU, 

dr off hurb hi* lleht : 
So the dhine broit sTilncd on (bete^ Ubw^ 

Ibnutiog on for Bght, 
Tldr splcndmc ihroiigli the ait mwh'd 

heavca. And ax bMuI the Hood 
Caltier, in an Aaian mead. Ilovks of (he 

airy brood, 
Ciancs. gecaa. orlong-scck'd iwaiu, beic^ 

iherr. proud of tnclt piniona Hy. 
And in Old; fills lay oo! nicll Ihtool*. tbnt _ 

Biih Ihrir >pir[iful ay 
1 lie mcnclow xbrielu again ; *o hen, (br*E 

many-nallon'd men 
Flow'd over the Scamandrian (itU, trom 

icnis and >i»(» ; the dla 
Waa ditadful, ilmt the (cat of men and 

horse bni out of earth. 
And la (he tlonnshlng mead Ibey slood, 

lluck a* (ho odorous binli 
Of Ooiren. or leavw bred In Ibe *pting : 

or (liiek as swarm* ot (be* 
Tbtong then (o tbaep-ooiei, when each 

swarm bb eniag wing appUe* 
To BiiUt dew'd on die tnllk^uud's pall* ; 


all aictriy dispoMd pirap* eloMd, 
gIveuxaM tb lUao*. And as In rude 




TVnish trace COallM*d* an at ifaeir toad, 

t£r (ooibtti)* m3r T'* 
Son fnta suadn' Iwfdi : Mbttelhc tbleh 

Im battle Id 
Bmb tnbta. hne natioaai Mikrinj: in. 

AoKM^ Bhoin iliined th« king. 
Will i^a Ilka KghiBniB^mins Jikv, hit 

wtnntom wwm^tmtt 
U bmtM Ik* NooMMt Um In MlM. 

Aad u « coodfr bull 
■Coal eniwnc of aU a herd, meat Mronf, 

So ^Mwai—iiin. Jwe (bM iaj HAde ovn- 

ThM L iai wb ritM aniijr, and prdafi W 

all lk« bcme* (bo>-. 
Now tcfl m, MuM« TOO thai dwiO is 

brivmljt Tooti. (fat t<ri 
Ar GoddoBa. an pnwui bm, an witv, 

aod *n Ifeiap ta«w. 
W« onlr Uvt Hw toIm of baw, know 

aMMc), wbolbrrwcn 
llM hen <*«« capuibB of the tireek*. 

moiaaadinc pnnM« hen. 
Tift id Wia at etaed a; nog. Ibcagh 

Tm wmgna wcR^ faatdtA'd pabie* M». 

abmM ottnw. ■ vole* 
lafnd and tmnp-likf ; that gical iraik, 

uniea the wed ef Jon; 
TiMdaaihlmMaMK BiKlcruk«, mtlnlalu 

apOcfe above 
AD monal poven. Th« pdnca ib«n. and 

na<T Ibat did bring 
Xbat M loenanabk inx>pi, aad all tlitir 

ttHh, liinc- 

' AKD 

pHMlhK and Lcitia. aB lluti Bcroiia 

Awihui. CSoniiw. i»d ProchotBcr, lod : 
tit am. SMk, Ifce hlBjr EMOn, and boly 

0( Oon. aad siMt Myeakiw. (hu had> 

iba amfila pijia, [ njiuan 

Of liana, and Uenni, and all Ihot ibd 
la Krro. aBd tn KleoB. !■ H>tai. l>EMeMa. 
Is bir Ocaha, and. tba Knra wd-buiUnl, 

Ca|WL Eutnali. TtiidK. ilial tet ptgctm 

diMb l u r p a M . [ol ciwa, 

M Cvrooda, Kalian, thai balh luch ««e 
ABlkaaathailn Rataea dwtta. Ikal (lliua 

dM p B wa . 
AM HiVBdidb*. wboM irdl^Hdlt mlh an 


In tich OncliritBt* timoui wocd, lo wtlerj 

Neptune vtm'd. 
And Ante, wimc ilie vinr-lroa On wJIb 

ttcunnu biiDchn bow'd. 
With (bed Uut <t«cli te Uldes, and Nim 

nioti <]i>in(^ 
All iboar trbcm nmoM AnlbnlOB did 

Fran dl fbne coail«^ ia Eencnl, Ul My 

And ib-scora (iionc, Oaactoa fouihs in 

trrry burtnni w*art. 
Bui thou *ho id Aipledoo duclt, and 

Vfixun Or^iomvn, 
Gcd Man hii h>iii did lend (Aacakqihut 

and liimcn), 
U'b'7 in Aiidoa Ador'a house iSd of 

AsijrDtke «onte : 
The lottifiil Biitd. a* die went up ioio ihg 

Inahs ropn, 
The W«-cod*eaell;eciinprru'd. lauft 

condiKi of thcM, 
Did thirtj- botlov-hollMn'd bailu dMde 

ihc wair woi. 
nrava Scnefiw aod I^iiitbofAui, ilie 

Riodan oapiaiatwen;, 
( X ai rt Miida-l|Mluf »inu »3I-pR>«f 'cfiinH 

an (tar; 
WkhtbemllwCjparttlatuiiRni, aad bold 

Men of rHpou* CIicjm'I mO. and bX 

PmopoMn). Aormorca, and Grret Hiam- 

Aed tlio«>that(l*ell whtreCephbuioiu 

■p bissilfct« miiii : 
The nim Out fair Ulva brld. near Ibe 

(>pU(iaii ninrac ; 
All «Uah dkl Ibity Mld« backi to dial 

detlgntni brtng. 
Aboui ih' enioa'd Pbootnaiao Bee) had 

iba« ibcli Mil >»iK>'d : 
And near lo the lialMtf wing the ann'd 

BoBOlian* ahincd. 
A)ts tl>e len. Oilen'acB. the Locrlani 

M lo asr ; 
Not hkie M Ajci TdanoD. but loaet non 

UiV lif mi. aud oter aoie a bnaMplitlo 

M.i<t(r c< Lsnc, 
Sul fur Ilir ma"i|,-r of hit itnct hn (finrnl 

pmlK did Win. 
Ttx dwdkn cf Caliutu. of Bciu. OpoBl, 
'nanatbicf C)-niu, &caipl>>>. and Aa^iai. 

Of Tkrphii. acd ol ThMOlna, tu flood 

DoacttuB- toll : 
TviertnniT marital baikt of IbeaR ttM 

Ajax wil'il wilbaL 



Who near Euboa's tiloacd Mil tiitii 

hnbiutioni hut. 

SlrcnK'l>*t'rraihing Abinu. who Iheir imli 

In IHKl EiUtMS* RM'Iir. 

Tbe HbUnu* flch In grapes, tbc men of 

Thf Ccrin'hi boTdtrinf <■> (■>« m. of Hcli 

Of Oldii'i hit lily- Knicd ■omii CTuuiilut. 

and 9f SiTT. 
All Ihioe tbc duk« Alpbmor 1«1, ■ tbimt of 

Man h<> ttn, 
Surnamrd Chilcodoni'uulf*. tli« mixliij 

Abuib' gai-if. 
Sw^ men o( looc whtwe bnad>«ct bickl 

ih«ir tiwlinx hair did hida, 
Well-Mcn In AgBt. micI mon could pktoe 

odtli <u olendcd ducts 
The tecMipiaiM Ol Uwir tntmiu, rad 

Kacli thdr dearcw hout*. 
Fcclf bUck (lien of war did nil In liib 

Alplif^noi'l <hari«L 
The Midien Hut in Athmi dnit. a cliy 

budded )Rf 1^, 
ThgpfopleorF.mthltu. w)ii>inj<»c4pmiig 

And plenieoui-fecdini Tcllut brought oxl 

of hirr do^nrrr bed ; 
lllm Paltai plncrd Id hci ricb bne. and, 

every endrd jnr, 
Of tiuUt and Umln rti Alhinian ;>oulIi> 

plnuc him wilh oRtrii';i ihere { 
MSgbt^ Mcneuhriu; l^lcut' Km, btuS (licit 

dividnl eafe ; 
Foi buntnieii and (or laigWw w none 

could wUh hiai en n< pice. 
Nor |iui ttmni iniu b«li(t [lUor, U hun or 

to d((«nd : 
But Notor {lor he elder vrai) »-hh him dtd 

toir codrnd ; 
With him aa-f tRj table laJl, And out 

Of SlUiiibll«^ 
Oicat Ajii l.tuiic'it tivlve nil. th*t "rilh 

th* Alhmiaiu dM conituae. 
Who did In Iiultlul Arxoi dwell. 04 

urong TicrmliB Vv*p, 
Hennion. or in Attncn, abose bowm to m 

Tmacoa. Elon, Kpidaiua, «bei« Baecliun 

CTcnmi hU head. 
X^nt. and Mmcis'i soO. did roUow 

And Sihenelu*, Hi* dcai-torcd loa of 

romoua Caponeus, 
Ti>enihiit letth bufTuluK heir «rf M*dtfin*. 
Thr king of Talaranidea; pwl vhom. In 

de*^ of war. 
Tlic faniuut luldicr Dlonied of all wu held 

Four-uore bliek thlp* did follow UiM 

The mm fiijr hlycoif held. 
The «>ea!Ui7 Corinih, Cleon that ft 

t>-»ulf^m1 tile rtcrll'il, 
ArxiiiriBx't lonly seal, and m Omla 

And Sicjrona, vheic at 6nl did kin 

Adraitut nlgn. 
fllgh-Moied Gonoeoa'i towen and Hj 

Thai dwell Id fraltM PdlcBcn, and I 

dlvhie ifiglui. 
With all itic »ra4id(i U i idtf i m . and wk 

I Idinr'i (nendi. 
To AfBincmnon ever; towii bet nntii 

tiiith conrnistid*, 
ta double fifty wblc buU. Willi bUn 

wotid of men 
Moil Krotil and full uf valour went, H 

he in ttiumph then 
Pul on hli niiHt raptundenl amu. tinoil 

did ovrr\hlnc 
The wliole heroic bcsi of Gi«cc, In po« 

of ihai d«ign. 
Who dill in Lacedirmon'i r»to Ih'n 

mnuund concave hold, 
High I'hnnt', Spatut, Mme'alo«ei«, 

duvr« to much eiioll'd ; 
Biyicia's and Ausia's ground ; ttrong U 

AmjcLu. IleTia' huboui'town. that Ni 

tune brail upon ; 
All Ihcie did MeneUui lead ()iii hrolb 

thai in crin 
Of war WB famous): ality thip) conve 

tbCK enemiei 
To Trey in iliiel; bmiiist thdr king i 

chit^v injurHl therd 
In )lelen*i npc ; and did hlibol lotn 

tlirrii UuY 11 dc0. 
Who dwr.': In [*ylaa' tasdy »e41, i 

In lliryon. ncai Alpheui' flood, and A 

full of ail. 
In CgrpoiuKO). ADiphlgen, and 1' 

Tlie town where all tlie Iliota dwell. 

famoui Doreon, [po 

Where all Ihe Mioea, oppoilte. In tiiif 
To aiKlgnl l^amrrto ol Tttacc. did 

Um ciuelljr 
[Kc roinlnit fiom Kiiijtos' court, the 

<Ecli.iiian kiiiil, 
Becmc he proudl)' duM aiftira he c 

fnot* fwmitf sing 
Tban thai Rctmu iscc o* Jow; 

aapj villi hit mant. 
R-nfl bm eTtvahi. and hi* tang. Om 

ibcctf eni 

lahi. I 


Aad «C hb Asn Is laaeh Ui tetn dlv 

M |}«M In alBfrr luUow k«efc gnnc 

NatOT dkl wmtml. 
The tidilr-btal inlabilinci of lb* Arc*- 

Bri»B Cjrllnri'i nouot {itec far BpjnB' 

•onb dM (■■nd} 
Who* AmU Ac bold MBNlgfallBf men, 

wbvdid ta rbmoma Ut«. 
Jad Owfco ww* . wbcR Socki of tbtcp tliii 

^iffcirl* cIoMcnet dnn, 
la l Upfca nd tg Smtie. tba filt Maeiiaeas 

Aad ftroaf Eniipc. ihut be hcighi U «Tet 

«auher-blo«» : 
Tcfck. ud In StjriDphBliu, PanhMb 

MMMly mB'd. 
An IteM Akm' «m w isM (kbw Ac>- 

fa MjMiti lie brooglil Ibim «n. »ad 

e*c(7b«k wdl'OMUw'd 
WU Ami ArcadlcDt. ikiVd la oM (be 

wnaeM of ■ boaiL 
Kkc AcuMviac*, on Umm »«□, Hi 

w Jtui ttfcipbnMiT 
Tb piM flw cuUy pniplt wa, that did no 

set tlut boil. 
Thn wte in H«n)sia. Dnuhrui*. asd 

Zlta. Okt Koain. 
WhM Oten'i cSA. Alidut. ud M^nin dlil 


W«i« kd M WW favtwfM two duket and 

MCfe im « Mqd ld brini;. 
ttAidi oanr vfaturoui Epiaas dk) isrc 

BiwWl Aaw»hlctttiiii hit cham, and 

Sa* of EatTliM-AeiM ooe, (lie Mbcr 


Uofts AaMryndde* ibe clbcr did <mfAi>r ; 
Tte fconta dlvfoe Pollnan^ Aniiliciia 

TIm Uok o( blr Aafdadc^ who trom 

Aad do* E«Un«at' vtact isle*, which held 

Br Mpt* »' nc*o(L U*E« Phylidw 

WhMR Alfa Arltui. tow* bcfam b>cal. 

T« iMgB DulidUn*, Idr iha wrwh that 0Md 

Twta>*>fi j r »hip with tfcon wtfli wtw in 

hli diaiie MdNM'd. 
na •wllka MM cl C«pbalc. and tliose 


W«a4> NcrUu^ ud Ifa* men ol wa 

Sfcifp iiGgllipha. Samoa' itta, Zacjmibni, 

t ft n do— d. 
EptriK «nd the nwa Ibu bold th« conti- 

All ibu« dM «!» Ul)»a iMd. ta cotael 

Tirttra lUt* h* bnnehl, which in thetr 

coune ranmlion MMaa did mote 
ThoM. Aadiemoa'a wttUpoke tun, dhl 

(uido (^ ^f^fotUni wall, 
Thoic tliii ia ripnroa. Otenon, uidstionf 

Girnl Chaltii. tint by MB-<>d> ttandi. and 

Rony Calyiloii ; 
[FoiDowoamoreofCEiicui'toMwniiitd ; 

they all vim ■one ; 
No more hii rapl kU did live, no mote 

hit nabk ion, 
The tntdm M«loi|^r now, their slaiwa aQ 

ueie nuL) 
All ih^s* "fo let lo lilm in chargp, Ih' 

£Uiiiani' chirf he wu. 
And (ony ililpi to Irojim vtfi the ttai 

wild hill) did piu- 
Tte roja) aoldiia IdonMn did lead the 

ThB oitB at Onouw; t&d (bo town 

Gonyna vM'it tivixii. 
Of I.1CIUI. And ^:Jl«1Ji' lowen, of while 

1 .ICUtUt* lUK-, 

Of I^vtitLik and of Rbytlui^ Iba elUea 

Aad all iKe rot tnhaUtin^ the hundred 

[oun* or Crt!«: 
V^lioin KAitikc I(iem«a dill lead, co-puiiict 

ia the fleet 
With kill-nian Mcrion. Highly ttiipt with 

then did Troy hradq, 
Tkpolanui HctacBdcs. lisbl tttvag and 

bi{ly mada. 
BrausTit nine tail Amof war froio RhodtK 

vlilch baustay Rhodiani mtim'i, 
Whod'Adi in tnraodiucvR'd pciitof that 

mm pleasant land. 
Which LyndiB add jaliaiu were, and 

hnghl Camiius. (sird. 
TUpotmiM oommandod ihaft la baitla 

Dfiappaird ; 
Wbom fair Aityocb* bnmsht (oitb. by 

tMte of HeroihB, [StUeiia. 

L«d ant of Rphyr wilb hh haad, (rum riiar 
Who nasy loww «f prinoily yooOa ba 

Icfcll'd wtih the nousd. 
Tlvpokm. In bii ti|ke?a homw (for bulUhf 

laiKh teooHw'dl 
Btoaht up i« headsnonr awe ofytuib. 

tb moifacr'* bf uiber slew. 
T¥e tftunrr tt aim*, U^niu*, that fsaw 

■haiactd fKew: 



Tbu flnllhi ht fMhrt'ti him m ftect, 

awewtillni; hint of xiri. 
And Anl by ua, (o ihun Ute ihmu* IhM 

■rir ilanuoncnl then 
RjotricTwnsiod Dephem of lb' AlddcB 

Il«iahu«iUe«»n« re Rhod«ik driven Jb 

»lib wraiKMi nide. 
T(m Rbodiuu ««« dittlnd In tribe*, tad 

gnM siih J«*e dkl uand. 
Tiic King of mm Mid Godi, urtM fare 

mucti Unuun lo Iheii laiii]. 
Nliciu ooc «< Synik'k baves Uitte pell- 

Imlli barki did bring; ; 
Niitui. Mr A^iia's ton. «nd QiatopM 

I lie king : 
Nittiu wu the (ninU mui (liM to Ur 

llion etnKi 
Of aS the Gredtt. sirv r«ln»* jon, Bbo 

paM*d (ur geiml tiiune ; 
But vtak ihii wm. nol fit for war. and 

ihmforc Itfw d id giuJc. 
WhcididlnCatMil, Nlijrui^ andCrapa- 

Iliui aUde. [toll*. 

InC'n Kat)ip]ilui liiilown, aAdlaCal}diia'( 
Phidjpfiui and l)<'ld Anlijihiu did (uirte lo 

Trajan lolb 
{T1>« *ont ul ct«vniid Tlieuxlus, dtHttd 

fraoi Il«icul'^). 
Wlio mill wiih iliiii; hoUov iblp* wcH- 

otilai'il to iht teaa. 
Nov will [ line ihe lack/ul traopa Pcla*- 

■tin Aigut Ncld, 
Tbai in deep Aliu, Alonc; and Mil Trecblna 

la Phlhia. and tn Helkde when: lire Ihe 

lotly damn. 
Tlw Mnmldoni. IIcll«Diaiu, andAchli-d. 

tobb'd of luinti : 
AH lahkh th« enat jeacido In fiftr ibin 

For thrK foncat war's horrid voice, be«iUM 

(li<7 liuk'ct Ibclr hnul 
Tliai would have b(oiit[!i< ihem branty 

foith : bnl DOW at a>.vi did lio 
HiBI wlnd-UlK user of bb loo. (alt Thetit' 

Wrolli fur biijibl-AMdi^d DriMit' loai. 

whom tramLynMnm' ipoili 

of hi* loll^ 
When [hat town ou depopulate : he lunk 

llic 'rhetun (owtn ; 
UyncUL and Eiaurophui, be arol to 

nuia't bowei& 
Wbo otfi* of king EvcDiu' TBM, gnm 

I lilepiades : 
Yet DOW he Idly Hws earnged, but soon 

auMi ttafahi* 

or iho*t thai d««K lo Phylaee; and 

floweij P)Taion 
Tbcwoodof CcfB, and tbc toil tbutbcEp 

an M span 
Iton. and Antton buill by m«, and Picteut 

Piolsiiluu. wbQe he Iried. the wonhy 

captain au. 
Whom now ib« table euth detalm ; bia 

tear iom-&eed tpoiue 
Ho woful bdt la Phjlao^ and Us bait 

linith'd hou*e : 
A faUl Dotdnn 6nt hk We. of all (be 

<itoelu. bcnft. 
Aa he wai Uapine from bU ibip ; yet wnw 

hit men nn1«t 
Wllboul a dil.-f . (oilliouchlhey wiib'dM 

ha«e no othor man 
But food ftoCeaUaiuUKArfnlde; Podaraa 

yd bcfaA 
To fOTtm them (tpfailii' loo, (be no <4 

Mom rich In alierp. and brolhcf lo ibort- 

lirod PtoBnilauj. 
Of youitecr Unh. Icm, and lotMronK ; yet 

served be lo dirtcC 
Tbc companies, ihal *tUl did noM Ibdt 

anclcnl dulic aflrcl. 
TWIco-iwcniy jelly uili tith him tbetwell- 

In^uream did ulte. 
But ihoM thnt did m rhrru dwell, at the 

Boebeion Ial«. 
la Dccbe, and in GUiphyra. laolcut bulldad 

In Ihrlee tix «1i)p« to Pergamui did through 

Ilic (cai repair. 
With cji.) Ailmeluo' lend«T am, CumcbM, 

whom he blTil 
0( Aluai. I'dlut' blmt chJU of all hii 

fronale tt*tL 
I'he Midlcn lIuU before the tiege Me- 

ihoaD'* itist did hold. 
Thaumade, Boweiy Mebbcn and OUion 

(he cold, 
Duka PhlhietrtM covemHl, in d«U of 

Gncac tidsfat : 
Seven veaaelt In hit cbHC* eORvcy'd their 

bonouiablefidghL [bow ; 

By fifty towen In a bailE, moat expen Id Ihe 
But he In atnd Lonno* lay. brougbi 

By totmenteian ulcer jjiowit with Kydn'a 

potKm'd blood, 
\\'hDt« tbng was cuch, Greeoe lefl bin 

ihe(« in nott Irnpatleat mood : 
Yet thouj^ tberon him at bk lUlp. and 

cluMKd. 10 feed bli mca, 
Medon. Oilcnu: baitard ten, brou|b( IsMb 

lo bint by Rban. 



TiDBi Ttiea. UeJc li&oaca'i clUb, u>d 

bfjTMt' tttf, ruled by bim in «9ful 

Im diane el AoAam' torn, phjsidaa 

llKteoa. PodiliiM, «an tliirly vcndi 

Who an Hn""*'* fauauia dwelt, and 

li Oi — iihii. 
TIh WMtjr tcif* of ThMoat and la 

EnmcA'i loB, Einymlui, dM iMdlnto the 

Wbow io>w did tarty blacMdrd ihlpi to 

that oeouilcf vtdd. 
Who Oi m^ and AtgiH*. Md, OiibcD, 

and £ioB'> (ML. 
And cbBlkjF UkAuvoe, wen kd bf Pclf- 

TV lanie'af PIrllluB. the wn ctf Jnplicr. 
ItiM lU AlbcBba Thaum' tticad Hip- 

podamy dU bei<. 
WfccM In ilie toMlod Mnga did gtn 

And drixe litem «U o( t^Uu». «s £u as 

fb «•■■ BM dock M nth him Lcoa- 

tcaL Cotaa'iini, 
An am of Man. and Coton't fitg CoaAd' 

Taica twenty ihifa alwedtd thcM. 

(ioMna not did btlna 
F(B« Cgijihut lw!Dir h11 aad M« ; Ibe 

Cailni feCovwE : 
AdJ Acrte Pcneb), ibot about I>idao«'« 

Dtd pUnithnibaaM: aadlbtBcn Ibat 

dkl Uk neadowi hold, 
W^kfa Tilwniu* dadu iriili Oawen, u>d 

bw ■■en cwrtaA Itada 
tM» Iba bttohl I'lcncta^ Uul balh Ibe 

V0 *«b bU adnlnUe (Utarn doth not 

hi» 1— T» c o m ii m . 
DM kIUm aloft oaUhliaol; far 'tialbc 

Vf vUA fb' immMtil Clodi do tinar. 

Tenlkndan't bot.Dar'd t^Ul, 
ftcttaa^ ltd iha Mj^Bcti (oiih, lAv aear 

Of P«Bi.a^ FBaaka^ dMh; Torti n- 

wMrfu laaa 
OU (MOW ban. Thcae ««n Uw dulu* 

That case ftoM Gifwo. Bat nam tha 

iMK, tliat oimbtBtd Ihem all. 
tta^Maw; aadihairBcai bmoutMidt 

w 07 icoia) <aJl. 

TlkU both 111' Airidc* foUowvd. Fait 

The bntcst mate* did being bf much ; 

Fimidnw roan^td tbne, 
Solft of tbdr feet u blrdi al winit, bolh 

Both of an an, boib <4 a bt^thl, at 

(nouuiril by a Ilnr. 
Whom aitver.bov'd ApoOo brtd ia the 

n«riui cNodL 
Both lUcb aad dUBiT. m MR both in witf 

of KvndrM* dnul. 
Gnfl] Aju Tdomoo foe Mrenjih [uvi d 

nil Ihc pi-en of wv, 
Wlnla m'd Achilla wu away; bui Im 

surpaH'd biBi far. 
Tlie hatw lliai bon that bulilas MAa 

were likririw p»it Mnpurc ; 
Yd Uy he m ilxcrDuk*d.Maad tliijA, and 

fey *» hi* bit. 
fot AUnn' Mn'i uncTKlMH dcod ; Ui 

ncn yn pinned ilit*' hraiB 
WUb Ihowias of dte bokd s«m, wiih 

iHtHac or ibdr dam 
Aad tbOMing biilf on die thorv : itielt 

bone at (hartou fed 
Oa ftauM paniejf, and on Mdfc iloi in 

tb* fan m toea. 
lUt pnocei' Mou (beiT chailou brld, llisl 

richly «)«u'd were ; 
■lis pnnna. naorati of tbcic cUd, watk'tl 

iiormlnf btt« and l^•-rt 
About the boM, and Ht4a'd tv flgbi ; ttadi 

bKitba as they did mm 
Bthn then flew, at If a fice fed oa (be 

mmUns icrau : 
Earth under-gnaii'd iMi tn(h t^ird fett. 

^ iibni oflcnJa] Joic, [dnne 

In Aitme, TyphoNiu wlih riKtllnElfcmdcr 
Bcacsth ihE nifti ; in Ariuiv. nwa uy, the 

gta<n n tull. 
WIio* tbaniltT-looAi'd TyphoMtu. and ub 

mouiTOu bm : 
And at (hal ihundct nude canh groan, m 

frooa'd it ai they P^i. 
TImt irod Willi neb ntd-sel-doun tbpt, 

aad «d cxttcding faw. 
ToTioy Ihc n^abow-tiided Dame n(hi 

brnvy ne*» rdilM 

I'lom J uve. HI ill to ixRinci] dm* ia riiun't 

RcacwblmB Pimm's ton In niBt, PobM. 

lattuii vtcmrf. as sMitlnd, to we irhea 

The Gr«ciuu sUiicd, b« «m tel «|Kio tha 

lofty braw 
Of accd Xtyttal lomb ; and Hit did Iiu 



"O rriun. tboa vt alwariplaiol aith 

indliurDct lid rice. 
And fnRint ihy lif> to liniM «f peao*. 

when rnch » wur dolb rUe 
A« thMau ineviioble ipoU. I aerec did 

Such uid M miffbir troops of meo, who 

(f«inpla Ml tn« mould 
1b numbci like Auiuranui' Ican^ w lib 

the inAtioe taoi, 
AD teadi round kboul Ihc wxtl* to oh • 

rulnmii bond. 
Hctliir. 1 ilierefoni chatrgc Ibec motl. thii 

chnrKe to UDdtrlake. 
A nmliUude lemain in Troy. jM ftght for 

Priiirn's takr. 

Of oiiiec Lindi uid UaguAgs; let eireiy 

Iciilcr then 
Bring foith wcU-iu'm'i) info the Rcld bis 

«!vcr«l bindi of men. " 
Stronc Hrelor lKHW»Ddry£t'i:<;!i«r£0 

to tnil JLuay, 
Diimiu'd the council UnUgbt ; like wares. 

dkuten to amn do mj ; 
ThepoiujreallwldeopeiiMt : oulrashM 

fix <F<,u[« in iwamu. 
Dolh iione and fool : tbt city niog with 

ludden-ciled klirnii. 
A column tMniit wiiliosl (lie town, that 

liigh hit bead doth rain. 
A liitie dliiaot. in • plain Itod down with 

dJnn <i/tf*. 
V/liich men do Dutieii oil, bai the Im- 

■noR.tli naine 
M)4iu'i ta.inoQ) v^iilchre. Ihe wondrotu 

Mtlve datnc. 
HcnE*«TV Ihe sunlixiy tondt. that came 

nttinpiiitti'd under teveni guide) of 

tp«cial ejK«llenc<. 
Tbe duke ol otl the Ttolan powec greu 

h«lin.<li«k'd Hedor wu. 
Which Mood of man* inisbtjr nen well- 

•kiirdlndaiUorbnM. [kinis. 

Aseaiof coniniixt<lMod(aO«dd«Mmth 
AndilMS wllh the Qoeen ol ton) Ihc troop* 

Led lo tbe field ; bij lorilf tin in Ids'i 

lower ttiade 
B«cat him of >wmi CrprSdei ; he tcitij 

WMIWt toiile 
CkM iMder of the Dudaa powen. Ante- 

■Kit's Ttlisnt loa*, 
AKhilochui and Acanuo. acre jotn'd com* 

Who In Zella dwcS boieolh the sacred 

Uml of Idc, 
Thai diink oF bl.ick Aiepui' straam, and 

weaUh muds lull ot pride. 

TbeAphnii. Ljraon'i >on, whom rhicb 

S>re bU bow. 
Prince Paodanit; did lead lo field. 

AdroitaiM owe. 
Apaiu' dt7. Ilty;*. end mount TrniBl, 
Adnrttm and tloiil Aiopliiiu ]«d ; oho dk 

their sire dbpleaie. 
(Mcropi PeKOttui. ihnt eiccU'd all Tio; 

in b«avenly skill 
Of fuiurcs-KiirchlflS prophe^) for, mac) 

■Csfiul hit will. 
Ili( ions were ncFnti In those arms: whon 

dncc ther <lluiixT*d. 
The tales, in wilins ilip their Ihreadi. thel 

hauy nioun luy d- 
niio in Pcrtulei. Pracliul Ariiba, dl 

abid4 [did guida 

Who Seilul and Abydui lirrd, Hyrlicid4 
Prince Ann) Hyrtacides, Ihjal, throuf 

greii Selocs' (orce. 
BcoueIiI fram Ari>b«loihal (iBlit the ciw 

and titty hone. 
PyljBui. and Kippolhoui, the iKoiit B 

liU4;iint lad. liunuuhel 

or ibem LuTtna's tnilinil sMI before h« 
Thcin wcra Pclatgiao PithtuT aona. ton ^ 

Teutunlda*. [nllant Acama 

Tht Thracian ^Idet wrtc Pirout. af 

Of all ihiE the Imjieiuoui Itood of KeUa 

poni mclowid. 
Buphcmus. the criconian t/ooiM, in t 

command di«poMd. 
Who from TraKDiuvCnulet right nob 

Pynidimes did the IVoiu rule, th 

OOAked bows do bend ; 
From Aiiua. out of Amjdon. be had the 

In command. 
Kroni Aiiu), whoM mo«t bntiiteout tUtt 

soil ovollows the bmd. 
■Ttxmeii wllh (he well-afa'd beatt, t 

hphtagoaioai ltd, 
From iaea. where ihe race of mukB Bt 1 

the plough l> bied, 
Tlu aim ih«i bnud C) lurut' bounda. ■ 

Sesamui enfcild. [much eMoU' 

About Panheniiu' lod^ flood. In bou 
From Cromna and dVfialui, tha mm tl 

unit did bear. 
And Knrlhiniu Mual* bi(h. I^banM 

toldten were. 
EpIsUophus and Dlus did the Hall 

oians nidr 
FM-fdch'a froro Alrbc where flm 

silvvr niinct were iriod. 
Chroma, nnd ausur Ennomus, he t 

liant did conUTMnd. 
, Who could rol «iili hit augiuin 

tnength of deEUh wiihstaBd. 



Bui aitfer'd It tenaUi tbt ilrokc uT crtai 

1> Xanthwt: whm Iw maik nmt* miU 
dne M (he MyclMi toa. 
PborcT*. aod fair Atcuias the Pbrf- 


ruts brcru(bt to mr, 
itTtniii'd lor battle, «ad wen oo«e CM 
of Ascaaa (tr. 
Wlih MctUn. uid oilb Airilphufiy 
lanrti't tonil did hglii 
Tbe Dta of Urioa. wliuni lh« frn Ort** 

branibi to UglM, 
Aad dWM Mdoolu* that beneath (he 

Tlw rude bbIcNs'i] Cm&. lUt bar- 

tuiwM mra «f toncue. 
Did iwdct Nmmm^ cotouD Buntfa, and 

reow AtnphttMcbu* 
(Hcniaa* fuucm mm), w •heni, ^ 

BNWMaln FklhliDni^ 

Tint irtih Ih4 bnMM wood h cnnm'i, 

Uricdit. Myoald 
That li«rh ■>> manj UAr tnatki far nca 

(hu Ion tilt Bca). 
The (tooltel «nni MiMaikr boa'd wftk 

hfaaoMakr flood. 
Rnlsa'd tor oondun ibt (Mce ronlk of 

all Ibcff ntuthl bmod, 
Tba firal AtnFfeRniaeha*. M Md> tmn|W 

fotd 10 tx Ui wiuk. 
Proud-clillike ihai doih evtt bcir b« 

douvr upo« b«r back : 
Wbkb >lse AdtUIra aofk'iL ilnr Uoi, 

ud look Ui gold In nrib. 
At Xuilhu' Hood ; «> UKla DeUh did tat 

SarpMon kd tb* LjvitM. tad CHaonia 

FrOtt Ljrda, and Ibe (ulfj flood of Xi» 

tbiM (>r tOMMd. 


hell Inmcd that ever wctft come (o tlM 
Tu-M lor HooMr; hidlag all othrr yM» 
vaitr hit eiuign. Hale not me this, bat 
ilicm ; to wwDi, licftn tut Imok, I lebt 

_.... Ti'U. Bui mudilbgtathEr I iMiit «• th* 

Mcodinf to mprat Ihe InAaNa (omer limllc; for the word iMUr, m. 
aiidtitl>de<iftoId>e(*«vnTw)MTeda*!>enuni;i ttnxttiw. ot an/iTlitt. mlilcfa U Dotod 
VUxU, the dUipMW o( Widen. ViifS'i bjjifcaium to ivniiiin all ibc ■•Mwh, 

dtant »f»m /rtfaftitium. tie. In ihit 
•^Ule Virsil (uUns llie like lo Imlutlon) a 
{■vfarrad to Hc«i« ; wilh that letnoa I 
*y Ton «ee. Tbek end* an dMrnni 



idUi: r.Awid: 

* Q«^ ■;« nau p«i pa Idtb ran 
Kmkci Hib Hti tebar ; om inM aOiliat 
KJiicmi 6mm ; (gi cub hqucnija nea* 
StipMi : ti duici AhchJiui acain ullii ; 
Am voMi «co|iiMi TMikniB* ; aai, agmH 

riKM paan a n— c>ib»> aitcat : 

Vpt, W jo l tW (kjlM ll3(nMU 

No« ooMTan tlm wiik tloniCT'i, boi In 
■ijr tnaiUilon ; and JudEe if. lo bo<b 
■Wradik then ha any luch bcliernn* in 
micll'*. bat ibw (be ittttoice of tb« 
fcAolar, dna 10 ibe niatier (even In ibcte 
bit maliiCMal. mlgjit wtll have ooncwtitd 

reddliion. or jqf UtaUiMi of Ibe cocnjdnion. 
asd ii noiUnfi to. For (hou0!i k be all 
(ho mlditloa Hoinei eipRaHtb. jri b« 
ioicndt i«D ipcdal pant la Ibe opplliaikni 
mora, ahlch he iacm to hb tudlclal 
readpi'* unilcmandiaK. » >>• doui In all 
111! oihor almila ; tincc a maa hxbt 
pervially jor. at he putWh) dltotm aU 
itot » 10 be undeniood- And b(m 
bcHitai Ihc thronB* of noldMn expteted 
In die rwaiint at beta, he loliiDUa the 
InAeUe mimber in Uune ihmni^ or tont' 
panio, iuuinf; from fitrl to omKititl/ 
tbu then apptaied aJiscsi no nid «t their 
Ihuc: and thinllf, ilie everywhere dt*- 
pet^S tbosieivM. But i^pondanot would 

Ihcjt kne cenxuic* of lb* poetical Imj cicute Homer f«f cxpeeaiOK no moreot 

btm ibote I anwrlf and auefid com- hit apiiliratJon. wfth tarnSng il Impoadble 

partaom. Etpedally, *in«e Vlqpl halh thai I'.c Ihwe comc«rtd, and the com- 

MtUflf of hb own, b«l only elocution : puUon, tliouU amtrcr hi kII pnti : and 

tta b w iitfea. matter, and tnim. being all (lirr(4orc aDtga the nltar cmdcnUDduiK 

HaBO*!; abkh Ud by a maB. ibat whliA cf ailnii:e, wtikhltai R«><ai*lliiirul|tar, 

■m oddeUi il only the woek ot ■ vonian, (o thai a tinllicude mm tut ftJt itmUr 

' iMlah. N<» do t, alaa. but <lAuJifin. HH it ** m> fee lilt at abtutd w 

nakof tta ■«« aiuieM and ihe reM; whaoli il Cltit, 2t *« MUr u 



ernniao mf v dirait, fatltnt Ulti aiiem. \/trait,\ ot tUmrr, Ihovieh wme will \m 

Hmilmm timUi tit tdiwt; u Ihotish tlie 

Ctnl application oT the oompand and 
OOOipartioD would nuke lh«ni uiylhlng 
man tho iasae, or *I] oiw : nion f lian iIh; 
viwmi* of b««i nod the Ihrang of Mldiat 
•tc kH one er Ihe wmG ; fcii aiuwcting motl 
oHty, Bot Ihat s nmils mast Dcedi hall 
M one foot Mill tbowsih how tome vnlfw 
indidoa '*, earMEiiUy In her ceniuiv uf 
poeiy. For who al firsi si^hl will sol 
cooodve ll atmrd to mAke a umllc. which 
MrTCB lo ths illutlrnlion iml onuiTncol uf 
B pa«m, lame of a faai, and idle 1 The 
iocRdible viotencc luflercd bf Hotner in 
■U the nM of lui noet inlmitaiUe rimBo, 
bd&x cxprtMed ia hi* phee. wfQ abuD* 
dantTrpruvc (he (Inimlilyof <!iU trudiliun; 
and bow ii^uiioiulr ihoti hii mirtpfcMn 
miut ncedi coine o( lilm In hu iicitlt nnd 
dvp pUcM. wlu-n in hit <Rira and due 
pmi[ei tt«T hill and banc back «o. 

a t*! iii> i^ijAur v^irv win, ftc. Airiu 
fuiJtm ihnin (oi H.'utt/tm) fi<it DtMi, 
ks ll u by alt mniUicd ; wlurda t note 
O* (irangc abuao (ai I a|iprrhi-iid ll) of 
Cbe word iaViMt. bcKiDniii): here, and 
Mathraloa wlieNSoenr it U rouml in tlisc 
IlStdi- II 1» by (he tnnailion of fiiKO < In 
denvalioD, acoordinclothe Done ; (or which 
caiucimrlnlcipicleitwfllncediiiai'e Homer 
inlcnil ifii^n. wbith 1* ilxnu or iUiuttii. 
vfaen be binnelf *alth ^**«. which It a 
toBponnd of i**, wMch il vaUi, and fifAn, 
■wt aiKDifiea. c>n> wiliSi amaiamur, ot 
valdt ttmuiaaiiii, nnardlng lo SeccniU. 
But beeauM ft>M it inQi authcniicall)' 
cqtoiotdfd, imfetm mtnlii ad titllam 
AMiMM. Ibal exposition i follow in thii 
^Boe, sad expound rW |uv i^if^tn t^tn 
••h, Aarw nuifM wugtiim im/nijmia a/I 
ealtam dh-imiim /ait Dm: li-iiaii^ liR 
tarncd to toddenlx and miraculouily the 
drwon to ■ none. To milu ii V-l<i>'>'i 
Udfajr cAi/WM or ilUttmt /nil Dim 

Cwi nUndit, or asUmdmt, uiilcb toUowt 
I the vene. gjid lakh ibui much In our 
»otieiK,(Mtkjt4**wtdtkij. maiiiltUtr. 
b very liiile tnore Iban, Gfi liai iSatetd 
tUi. (ihnoerf it. One way It ob«en«i the 
wwd (tirlwiit which, and the orllwr, rom 
*« whni groBi dlSctciKcl and li blr. hill, 
f rare ; ii>r oihar altcn IM original, and u 
ii£ly, empty, iHr. 

Ac. Sfei/aiUMi iiutim a vail iv,-t ittnuj 
Aftiuiim; Bad Bonie say tt/to ifrrHum 
AttKiijtu, which tt fat lalianKcd tioni ilie 

it fmgnj. ta canMsqucnii. ivauu/filt m 
r/!ta wtait «AI tltmfur. Sut >« M 
tlifuat (unlen It be Ironically Talcen) 
hun Hi«inwl beyond tulErtuiM^ and U i 
be erpounded wtifmltmt humi MtM 
if I ; which agieeth n.'ih thai port Ot I 
chaiactor fa the xxxi tiouk. tbat uUMb | 
maimer of uiiemacv ot voIok wblob 

luU Aiy4R, wUi ilriJutt. or argUr cU 
ttridart, Atv^M beinc commonly and mc 
(Hoperly takm In the wone pui. « 
»i£nlfif Ih ikrHIy, or neif/iUj, sautakt^ 
howsoever In Uie vulsar converuon ii fa 
thai plaoe moM grouly atnucd. T« t 
conaiamitoa wtKitoT, bdoK of md 
Imponvice, I lefcr you In hu place, ai 
la the mpanlinie aim* kiu, Ihal. la tl 
Ant and pcil rcnc, Homer (ipeaJci 
woptteaUy) bK*\i, open the lountalti 
hit ridiculou) bumour fullowinj;, nctet 
any Idleipreier ondcistood. ot touched i 
being yet lite mojt liigcninut oncell 
penon Itiat any man can tbow in ■ 
heroical poem, ot In any comic poel. A 
thai you may (oiiirlhing perceive h 
before you nnd lo bim la hii to<^ 

Etac(«, ( will, ni I can la haste, give ) 
iin here lii);v>her iti Honier at all pa 
piurnts him— lii-. timple, wtU-meonii 
Mandms UUl alTcciodly on telling im 
■noil, aad ahriU-T^oM (not tvr«M, 
doqucni. as tome nwst against ibe I 
winilil hn*e falm], thort qwben, tftct 
coiintiy the LaoonicAl maoiMr.yet tgpJt 
thick and fail. Induntlout In Ibe tl( 
mill willing 10 bo mnployvd, aad [be 
meilii Mhler htmtelfl set ttUI 10 call 
cveiy hard tcrriee the liardloi : even 
the wit of Aju pla]1^d upon, about wli 
he would mil be ililiEenl, and wbat 
wAniod of llie in.nrtBLl fiity and ftO 

himsclC that he would be bold to »[ 
out of A]ax, AJox and he, to any 
biows ; Aatllocbui aod he lot 
(Antlkicbu*. old Ncstor't ton, a n 
usenioui, valiaul. and ctccUcaity fbn 
penon) ; lominimes valiant, or dMinz 
what coward li not?) sometime fal 
upon trnicncG luid good niaiter In 
tpeecbti (at wbiil meanest npadly ' 
tiol 7) Nor lueih out mod Inimll 
imitator of nature this crott and defor 
miituie ot lilt parlt, moie lo colour 
avoid loo bread a tustion of so emini 
penon. than lo follow the inie li£ 
nntui*, being olt*n, or alwayi, cnn 
lo diipxrent u her cnaium- Aad tl 

mlad of out Kiicnrr, *«» m;nifjing rivt itore the dcconim thai lome poor c 


004 nMk to make fcnb thnrf* 
comA al an tiMm WKviOr . Ac, 
b ftf ffoM ths *hImu acd«r o( immr, 
•Wae ^■il»^i(l l u hriog conirur. ha pro- 
AxtioBi miM necA ccetain (k« lilM 

MrwtothtCnt : wi^f^m II •>}*«•, 
Mc, UimUuimt amitm f -tail, ftc aboul 
■Udi > pmiBK cnBt f<ms <« wxli U 
ptcfetd ooi bgr our gnmM phllMopboi, 
U«etu«K tfuMb kidm eoiiilngot Maoriun 
tompp»or<waieii.M l i iv bt c m itDtamrtUI , 
Mkn LfiMll in Ud : bw Iba mKm 
mUg hs Maid MC the tertuflWH. tCDdcied 
iMlrfllMll br HoBrr, MM of Ibem «lil 
■ i llW—*- — '"-TV "**"■*'-*' 
jTMtet '<■■■ •• niiiiw fMafm /VvAr 
iattnttt; Dl wLicb >«■>« ba biHtpreun 
«T oat lev tbc cnoottkni. cnly b«(«ue i( 
■aa a««w ■itifri in chtli ipp r th cMi oa, 
«Mck I iMn ihaa aitoiira (foe lh> ««io«M 
of ii) 10 bM>r cTouS kM" loUMErtoHf 
taiBoieDt. aad }« •'*>t ■>>o '■oo' ^ 
PnoM. onir t^^ ■ too™ bnokiac opm 
(M tfisn Htid) (be loiuitaiB o( hk baasMa. 

for Unix I cininnd it (lajAia all again 
le(*ihcr. lotnalwltpIalBaooi^forjTni); 
A|;>iimcfioii. iaviiioe aB Ibe diief oom- 
nuiuilen lo leppt*. bft out bn brolhar; 
bui be, ttrini; Iww muib bit tirathn wis 
trotted tbom ihe dram, tsd biuM, 
aowlJ MC aaod upoo inviicnxsi, bat 
naia c4 hlamlf. And thi* being cpoken 
laffM, a tijr»j ti miitoa. usneih what 
— nfT «f caaa he mad« o( him. Iwifim 
twlm [n it if affinned in rtutarcb. i, 
Symp, and taxati ^uat\aa)j^a Mmfaa^ 

AaAm 4<tttitnil mm «wm/m. Aftd u 
ihii ptece be had n fem iet. ►tranw ■ 
(ouacil «( var ma to be bdd M Ihfl 
cupfct. A*d b(M; 1 ttf, Homer epanad 
Uw Kvn of bat timpSciiT, not » nuich in 
hwniu wbiddaa M >u|)p«r, and oonndl, 
ai m IM nMon for It IraoIeaUf taa> 
dsrad. itiM h« kiwir tnt brolhtc «u 
bBsf, Ac. And ^ that iiIiUilMt. «li}b 
oM which the rcry tcnte cf our »«t 
>< Bot Ufa, our iottrprttara wooM Eiiva 



. xHs ovm ncoKii tvMt 





Vami. twlidii Iha b«tl^ ta dnjls fight 

Of »llilie<iie(l.*. iluiacbt niiM luiil/ IuiIbI*. 

Kinc Mentliia dclli ttetrt hii bn<T. 

Fui lltlfM. wA kll ih« brouihi la Ttor. 

1( hi »st»lu^ : iIm P*tu iliMU enjny 

Htft, ami hcf vulth^ in pace Cwiuut 4m 

Hvr Jeu vrcAih lo ibc Grtfiwi »Dl»uiit ; 
But Vcnut la ber ebjvi^an't life tlolli )^ciil 
$»f« nacut, atd coiivvya him from rhc ftftd 
into ui chanbcF. ani] for lit Un i«Lv<It. 
Wkoia mich tier IvvcrV Cwl tecraM (iffeodi : 
Tct Vvu for his tlill Dubaa food htt dJj «q it 
Ant «arili iba Mcosd ranbai JL bit ■lou. 


Ramcna llu aiula fif ht dolh liej 
Tmii FMUaadib* Spuun k^nc. 

Wiiicx cvoy lesH connDMtdei'* will bcM 

vAiHai* hai! obr^'il, 
And both Ihc hena v>ei« nui)^ for tigbt. 

the I'mjaiu oguSil tiavc IFky'd 
Tin Graski iriib noitc*, ttymg out, In 

oomlng rndeljr on : 
Ac all puu liln ihi owwt th»i GU, with 

hanh confiuioa. 
01 bniitih daiigcs all the atr, ud In 

tidiculoiU mr 
(EtdMvlns Ihe uniuffirr'd ilonni, iboi 

frem UK wlatcr'i tinr) 
VisU the ocno. »iid confer the rj-^md 

toldlcr'x death. 
thf Orcrh* diaripx] inrnt. and like into. 

botmr'd their ibrlfir bmih 
b flfcqph Of far-mouniiin^ blcnn, aiSi 

■nlntainiiis can 
Of chhM** nsciu. when Ihdt Mreneih did 
r— Ihcir CB£acciiicnn claiv. 
I And ai. upon a hill'i iw«p Wp», the wutb 

wind pouH a cloud. 
T« ahcplMRli IhanUoB. but bjr thiffv*, 

that bm the nishi, allow'it, 
A daikncai ktUu do^n, that bliiiiU • 

itoiw'* csti onmni'a «}« ; 
I Such dirtnctt from the Gndu' nvllt h«i 
l-^^ (made all o( duiif did tiM; 
Bui. ere stem oonRkt mli'd both nttn^iht, 

fUr Paift Uepl betatt 
Tb« Ttoian hoat : aibnit hk back a pan- 
dier* h^ bi wore. 

A croc&ed bov, and vwotd, end ihook iw« 

braitn-hiadn) dirta ; 
With *ih\ch H-tU-atin'd. hii iMiguc pn> 

voked the tiai of Cimiiin Tivanx 
To trim] with hiia in tingl* liiibi. Whoa 

Hhrn <ht man, wiCdff'd moil 
Of all Oie LiiKki, to Klurluuiljr raw Mall 

l>f(t-w Ihr bolt ; 
At when a Hon li rejoiced (with hunfM 

half forioiiil. ] 

That finds tome iwrct tm)>, at a ban 

whose pace li« in hii hom. 
Or >jlt«n uosi, n-hich he denoun. ihoagl 

nrvcr K> punurd 
Wtih dogt and Riirn : lo Sparta'! kinj 

eiuli«d. wben he view'd 
The Mr-faced ParU ao cx)io*ciI lo lib 4 

Iluntnl wrtak. -' 

Whcteof hb food came made him uiw 

The Grecian hooi did break. 
And fonh he ruih'd, at all pant ana'i 

leap) from bit chariot. 
And royally pie|iarad for cfaaicc Wfat 

MOa, cold icnot tbot 
The Imrl of Parf*. wbo fMlltd at hci 

lans frmn Ihe king 
At In him he bad ihuos'd hia dtalb. Al 

a^ a billf tpiiuj; 
Prc«euit a tenenl lo a nun. full undt 

nathhltfeci, | 

II« bine neck, tu'oln iriih polton. alM 

nnil her lUng out. la greet 
till brfdlm mlcy, ludilrailjr hu walk I 

Slacu lack amaiHl, ia kliook vrilb fiui, al 

look* at pale at deaib ; 
So Mendaua ndt MSied ; ao Uial div!( 

Uml iM , - - 

Shrunk ln_blt beantlea. , Which beheld 
- IIecl«; IF«lei ([0" 
Thit bitiCT chak at him; "Acoum 

made but in beii,tv» Kom. 
tinpo*t0t, wuRiKn't tnan ! O Imren, || 

ihcn bodn M'et been bom. 
Or, bcone to nanUw, ncm lived to bi 

main nablett Male, 
The nnpiiol honour 1 uhich I wlib, ' 

muse it wnr a fala ' 

Xloch beilor for lhc« than Ihit tbiu 

Tliia tfirclacle doth nnJke 
A man a mouKcr. Ifuk bov loud 

Urceki laugb, who did uie 



"nqrfidr Itann fix a «aiidMBl«f p«it* ■* 

Hu. A rape 
ThcB madTM (if n«n>f*. like ihciT queen. 

No MUl : lA rmplj ikape 
Tika (^ litf bclnj: fd bow tfite U 

rmy ■badeoIxSSJ - 

riSS% H wlih O I [tot «i ibon ait, dim 
'~~ eeoldil eoIM a liiAod 
Or«tba>liketlicir. and l«r knict fttcb ill 

EisMtoiliTGwhtr; alUboM fiicBifa rnnkt 

Ibose foM BOck tbein tboi | 

la IImc^ Iw «b»e ridlculoiu Mke Kt 

■rioqatr "hT <>T -^ 

WI G itBCt— A in a mMa 0>d* umUJ O 

viHdi P Not dm to May 
W«ak Mcadaiu t But 'iwu nil ; (or ip 

Um ibM luubl tikd 
WbM mtwBfih lou bcaoty ea iofaic ami 

wWiibe man irief dieil 
lb fMl Ikon robbihi a worthier man, le 

WTong a toUin'* riiibl. 
V<0 haip'i sweet KiatS, eutVd kckt, Asa 

ikape, aad gift* lo cxquUle, 
OtiMi tM>« bjr Vonui, w«akl ban docw 

700 Aae daw a iHtle sood. 
Whn blosl and dost had nAd them ; 

and had u UiUe wood 
Thyiatf la ucad; but wh«i niroueoT all 

ibmt in thM Ifies [(rctiuut cow3nI:ce 
WalhiiDhl MUn oa (hce ounces. In- 
Is IbtB hat b MniGed aoi bixi ; tor lAkb 

ihaa wH d aar ^e M 
A etm 4d lombinme. not tt Had, to whteh. 

fgfTf" IbM •crrMt" 
i^tU* IhM I-arti i{»ke (rot farm, ifaat 

biIbIn lahabll heavta): 
■■ Oartot; bacaoat a; np nprocf ii OM 

I uka II »d: bat tbou(k Ih; bMit. 

iRBcl 10 (hiacaflhcliu. 
Cot* iBnnif b Ihem ai aa aie Ibtougb oak, 

ibal mote lUrd mon radial 
Tta workman** facnbv, wtMae Mt <an 

Vel I. hn pnafied^lhaii IhrteV I* IbeM 

cxmanca d( war, 
llajr wtO b« pardoa'd. tbongh Icn bold ; 

1» ihae jtni w«(ib excwib : 
U Wlvn nunc. Nor tt ai; miaij «l Icaa 

lotce 1« tbf dN<U 
Iteqaiied M war. bccmtte mj form mmc 

flnwi te lilD oljiracr. 
Scenocb a«i. thnefon, the Und bIAs d 

fokka Cnr.4ts. 
All hatvan'a pii> hai* Ibair w«ithir price ; 

aa llifrttf 10 be Mom'd 
Jto IP b« «ua wn& ttiewtttk, wmkb^ 
i[ wiib wbidi M be wkta'dt 

Same man wotild ebaag;e ttaHt. woUib, «r 

suengih. But. If jrnu martial bent 
With eae 10 malie ray lUt'lkogr upoi, and 

hold i( lucli a put 
Of (bame MglTellorer Ibiu, caale all the 

ml io laal. 
Awl, 'iwln both botti, ki Sputa'* tdng 

and me perform <■> ben 
For Hden and ihe wcalik she tmn^ ; 

asd 1m that overeomca, 
Oi piwna Ripcriot »ay way, la all your 

T.CI bun enjoy htt utnioil weallh, ke^ 

bar. o( take bcr borne ; 
The rtil (R(ke lei^oet of cndlca dole, and 

bearty ftwidt Ijccome L 
Yoo dmlling ufe in gteby Ttoy, the 

GtMki rcllte Ihcir (oice 
T Achaia. ihat teradt fairtat iMW, and 
Aigoi. faMM bcine." 
He laid, and hi* amendaful wordt did 
HcMor faifhly plcaie, 
Wbo TUih'd betwixt the tcbUas boM*. oud 

made ll>« Ttojam ocair, 
Oy holcllaf vp Im midn Mt laaee. The 

UpcciiM noted nol 
The ucnal b« lor pailry und, but al tte 

Kercdy ihoi, 
Hml'd uoaa. and itin um InrSinji 

dam. Al hit iba king <rf men, 
Great AgamemDOa, nkd alond: "At- 

fitMi tor tlianw. rootun 1 
YomM «f Athaia. tbool ao more ; Ibe lur> 

bclm'd Hector ibowi 
Aibrdcairod (olital wilbM." Thittaid. 

all Maacd from bl»wi. 
And Hactor ipakc 10 both (he boiti : 

" Troiam. asd hardy Gntfci^ 
Hear now what be Ihu MIrt'd Ibcse «nn. 

for Ihcfe coiution trtk%- 
He bidi la all. and you, duarm, Ibal lir 

akoe rftty fivbt 
With MtMlnut. tor u» an, for Helen and 


With an Ihe dower the braegbi to Ttny ; 

and he that wha the day. [way, 

Or i*. bi ail the an ol arm*, sipeiter any 

The qacni. and all ha aMtt of wealth, let 

bn at will «)o)r; 
Tlw rrai Milhe nwee, aad IM low (Ml Rno 
leueaea twtal Gntet and Troy.' 
"nKOreefc bottwooiicr'dMtbii brave: 
(ilcaca Saweiainbrre : 
AllastspalDeSpana>wBiUkeklng:'*No« . 

abo ci\x rtm aar, 
U'hom cnH ana laoM cama at tvpl;. 1 

now k«ic ho«e to fno 
TU Oneka and Trajaai of aB Olh Ilier 
k»«e Matain'd be ine. 



Aad Alcnndcr. ihal wu came I nretch'd 

mr Iplwn la for. 
Of boot OMD. which is ncinsC Tale, Id hi* 

deMhcndihcmr : 
Thr rest fmsradiataljr raltn; and ptct all 

homa hi pcoK. 
Oo tliRl (to blctl Tonr chitmplan. uid givi: 

hit powin >ucc«u} 
PeuU (or ihc li*nh. and (or the Sua (ihc 

God( on whom ye cill) 
Two limte, a blaalt one uid • wbiu. a 

tctnale nnd ft nuile : 
Anil Trr nnnlhffr, foi ourwives, will (ctcti, 

•ndkill tojlite. 
Ttt tic* wtiich rim btin^ Prinm't (orcc, 

benuM ■« well ■[ip'^'"! 
Hb Mnt ptrfidloiit, coviqu^ aod (dim o( 

pnitliknl iMne 
To (■till. wbenihebeliCTtalalhem)Jove'» 

high truce may pro(ane. 
All ]rOun|[ mro't boutt are Rill nnitaid ; 

bat to those well-wdgti'd dewb 
An old man will onieni to pau thingi 

put. and ahnt loccndii 
K« look) lato. ibai he mxf know, how 

bat lo maite hi* way 
llitoueh both the foRuncs of a fact, nnil 

will the woni obey." 
Thit mnlBri. • dttlEhtrul hope, bolh 

tifteki and Ttmud fed. 
or hme'd'Joi rest bom (how lone (^^ 

their lediout warhsd herd. 
Thetr horse* then to nok ihey lel. drawn 

&om ibdriliaikM round. 
Descend tb(Ruel*es, tocft off thdi arms, 

and pl[i«d Ihcm on ilte ground, 
Near OBt uiolhet : (or iTic naac 'twill both 

the hosts <nu snili. 
Hector two heralds icnl to Trojr, tliat they 

fiom tlienco mintit call 
Ktos Pftun. and lo bring the hunbs. lo 

l«tc the tnice they nrorr. 
But AcamFninon to the fleet Tahhybiui 

*ent briii[«. 
To feldi thrii Inmb ; who notliinK llack'd. 

the royal charge ww (Ivea. 
tltSi tM ralo-bcw, then cmle down, 

wmbaMulron from hnnin. 
T» whlte-orm'd Helen.' She assomcd at 

way part the gmoe 
Of Kelea'i last ten*'* riilei'l ihapc. who 

had the highest place 
In Kcloi't loM^andkadtaBUMLaodicc: 

mo« fair 
Of all ilie dauehMn Prtam bad. and made 

Ifaenaptiiu pair 
Whb HeUcaon. royaJtfrow ofoVt ADtcoor's 

■•■d. Uboui ■ wnd, 

I found queen Kdcsa at hcooe, at woik 

Worn for bnwif : it shmed like (ire, m 

nch. ondl^UoftlK I 

Tlie trnrk of both ^drs bein£ alUie ; | 

whicii the did comprlie 
The man)r lahoun waillke Tnt and tm^ 

nna'd <>icc<ce endurtd , 

For her (air uke, by cincl Mara and n 

alcni frienilK pr^tiirnt. 
Iris came in lnjoy(ul haite, and said : " 

come with mc. 
1.ov«d nymph, and an admimj u£h( ' 

GreeVs and Tlojuis see; 
Wliofini ononuaaotherbiouilbt amf I 

full of lean, 
Enn tbirtty of conleniious war. Now cv( 

man fiiibton, 
And filMidly by tsch oilier aid. <» 

leaning on hi* ihirld. 
Tlicir long and tbminR Uncn pilcb'd Ik 

by them in the field, 
Paris, and 5|Hiiln') kinj;, alone muit id 

np all the strife: [his wit 

And tie that cantincn onl; call fmi Hrl4 

Thus spalw the Ihounnd-cotour'd Dim 

and to hrf mind eomtncnds 
The joy lo trn hi*i ftryJ r^i-iim'l. hctnftti 

lowfn. nnd /ntii.Js ; 
Which Hind a iwrei desire fn her; 

*rrvr Ihe wliicb >lir hi*'cj, 
Shfl'Jow'd her cracn with vhiie ivili. ■ 

(Ihough ilic Umk a I'flile 
To Rt bor tbu>ii;lit> ni gut, and lee, 

her cleat beauty's Hood, 
VSHiai elioiee of e>oi7 twum lo bm ^ 

lender wutnanhood) ' 

Seasoti'd with lean her joys to sec, ini 

ion Ihc tr ore ullencie. 
And thai peifrcilon could nol Aow 1^ 

earthly excElImcr. 
Thus went she forth, and took with I 

ber women most of name. 
^tbra. HtihCua' lovely birth, and Clynw 

whose fame 
Hath for Iht fair eyes mnnociird. Tl 

rcach'd the Sca-in lowcn. 
Whete Priam sat. to see the Itght. with 

hit counsHlors ; 
I'antbcnn. Ltmpus, ClyiJus, and si 

ThynocUa, wiie Anienor. and profoi 

Uotkson : 
AD crai* old men ; and toIJicn they 1 

been, but for n^c 
Now left the von ; yd eoauellort | 

vere eicoeilini; (ace. 
And as in wcU-grown woods; on titcs. t 

I piny graahopfien 
Sit ciitiixng. aad tend vtnccs out, ( 

s>:3i«e can pierce our Mn> 


For *iAm*i> ml tlxir «tak £iiDI tamdt ; 

ID. mi^D|; em Ibr loaei, 
Tbr>c*t)kiaaa( the people Mie ; wbovlidi 

fbty Mw dw pgaci 

OC bfmsnr, In Ae qoecn. mcomI, CTtn iboM 

TboM «l»e aod ulneM ■ilhn'd mtn, 

(MadlMi beu la tlidt ftatn. 
Ttai tbcT wan farcol (thnNigb wto^xriDK) 

lo «w : " What nan am Umdo 
lli Oram inil Traiitti W entluce, far tft 

admlctd m dawt. 
So ncuir iBJtertM, •»! to loDg? In bcf 

n«ei tnuiilBninoi thini: 
LaakihketbcGoddeiMs'. AMl|«{lboiigh 

Prfnwi «e boo**, uitjaacljr Uill. of hv en- 
furcnl |StKi [prutlnfci. 

AadfBtijMdnforlwiulU, nail all est 

LaboKf 4nil nda, hilw*g»; i)w ptiriit of 
oar bi^ 

UiBt pan ih« bsutf." Tliui, thoagh 
ttMBCoBld bi^r (O Dl ■ hand 

On ttaaii oflMdon*. ]nt, Hl-n lU ihtit 

£mm pOTWtt ■»» lord. 

"nrt nnU >°* ehootc Ua Htlcomc ber, 

•ad nilicf ili<x accuwil 
TW ladi ihiu bouily ; hf dim tpolw (be 

BHW- hiM d Ung of Tn^ : 
'Cotoe. bnwl dnithKr, »ii by >d«, an J 

Of Hif fax biabuir* tieh«, old ((iaidl, 

and prince* MM nllM, 
Aad naiiw ma uxne of ihae tmn Creeki, 

*o Buulir bmoilM. 
CeaiB, ilo not ibink I hy the wws, en. 

tfiired br 01. on ibcc. 
The co^ (»*< ■"M tli^ Mul the tears In 

•Udi tber ewum lo ae. 
Sd Uwa, ana nxnc thti cooiUj arcck. k> 

uK, Md bromllx ipnnl, 
Ulia (hu Ibc nW. Ikat )ta>d tif him, b 

bigbtf t7 lh« b«ad ; 
Hie bmmt man 1 erar mw, kod B»aai 

Hb oofr rfoenoe mnkM ■« llilnli him 

bias MMtwii tbMk an." 
TiK JnlKM of bnr m Rffol : " iloat 

l«*a(«l Euho^n^w. 
Mom kntd. dkm bar'd. woaM mme ill 

death had KUed me. «lu« t acn* 
Ite fiat aOM ahf I wiqc('<1 jdU Itn ; 

ihil 1 bad ■«!« tot 
The lifhl of tfaetc mf ancient (jticndi. el 

Un itut lowed me sKst ; 
Of Br tole dflugfaler, towbctt both, wllb 

•U theae Utaij OHtel. 
Of OM Ml, «» W. I»ni «th Me. tlMNigb 

' dlSEfOllhlK 

But lhc*e boom envioiit u>i» rioy ; tb« 

DKmorjr of these 
Id tocniw jdna ihote beautiex now. 

llvn dd too much plrnse ; 
Not tttMy Arf fMU dc«aad. lo «fei^ I 

llBWfeptr: pnenip«i]i: 

llnl's Airinxamon. Alrttu* ton. Ike gnM 
A king, whom double tojr^ly dotb oown, 

bri^ emU and cood. 
Aid oae ibat >n» tn brMber-ln-lav. wtien 

I oaoialn'd tny btool. 
And ma mat* warlb; ; IfatallliDlgbtbe 

uid lo be. 
M]r being Untifc lort *■> Moo is all that 

honouc'd iM." 
7^ cood old Haf adaircd, and sUd : 

"O Atmix' Umm ton, 
llOfa under iajtd doiialea, ibal luu iba 

e*nfiiia won 
Of mdi a world of Qttdaa joutht. u I 

dlMoitr hm I 
I owv nureli'd Into rtuj^cia. fhit tnui)r 

viaci doth bear. 
\Wn uianj rhryriim I brlitid. »cll- 

iLilI'd in ax of licoe. 
Thai of Ihe t«o mcs. like fm (Odt, K>er« 

lb* cummamled tOKt, 
Olrihu. Mcd (ital Mfidonui. who on 

!iAii|[arfut (mdi 
Set doi>n ihdr ttnti. with whom mjittl, 

foe mj liiiliTiTiT htvit, 
Ww aaEnlm'd an a man In (to«f ; th« 

taoM of wu was tbea 
Th' Ankuoa d .ii» w. OiM In tbdr Uem 

oAccImI 10 be atn. 
In all Ibeie wax a la^^; power, wttkh ytt 

did aem nm 
To eaaal ihMC Adhalnn fooilii. wImi kave 

ifw satik ejes.' 
-n>«n (weiic V\j»» ani) ha sM: 

" Lo^ed dnigUer, what b be 
ThaL tuiiivr Hum freai Aiiwu' aoa, ««■■ 

tij ibc head to at, 
Y<t, ia hit (bouUeruoidbit breou. peornli 

abmdoi thowf 
lid uatout lici upon the eanb ; be up 

•ad down itMh la 
To m hia nUitn keep thcii mnkii and 

icaJy bin (belt Bini*. 
If. In tbit ituue. ility tbould be Uiod by 

■ay labe alaiBs, 
MvcL HLe a wcIl-CTOvn bell-adhor, or 

fellnd nim. he tbowa. 
Tluii wilki before a wtnlthjr Hock ol lair 

V hiio-ttcatvd ews." 
IJirti Jon arid l-rda'a Urcii and to 

Iriam thui icplics : 

■•Tliii It the cAj Ijrnw" »on. UIib«4 
<nli'd ihe mie : 



Who, lliAiieh unfnilldil Ilhuavai midc 

Yd knows be craj twt d tielsht, i*d li 

■■ «UMi-tt gnM." 
Hm <iitii ADicnot ■iniva'il her : " 1U 

bwf, renowned dunic: 
For, tmnc litnn ptat, vrii* tiliAeai to Tror 

a Ugnte cunt. 
With Moidaiii. lor fotu cauw ; M wlioni 

I satv rectupl 
Ai cuMtv knd wclmrnnl lo mj hoiuc. 

with ill the Imt 1 ni]rlii. 
I lem'd thd wndomi of ihtirtouK •ml 

hunurori o( their tdood ; 
For whrn the Trojan oouoca nwt. mad 

ItMc le)|;«lb«r Rood. 
Bjr bdghE of hli broiil ihouldo* hod 

Atrldis fmuicDC*. 
V«t, Mt. UlytKi did eioetd. and bred 

note mtxtoot- 
»h«a (Mr couskI) and ihdr werdi 

Qwy mm In 0M4 (he ipmch 
Alnuir toe wai pauing loud, tmall, 

tiM, JUiUlM KMh* 
To much. b«ias Mtniatlj bora Laconical ; 

nor would' [tb' Other, old 1 

tilt hnniout lie for nnylhing, or was. like 
Bui than the imidral llhacusdid t«hi« 

COUOWU hH. [tilth hll efVt ; 

H* llocd a tlKlt iim. and fit'd iipun ihe 
ills ueotn movlat nohher wny. but held 

u Umaallj, Imuiital qunlliy, 

tika ont thai tainlr doth aflccl. uf 
And (rontic (raihlr judKing him) you would 

bare taia he « lu. 
8ut when. o<il of hii HmpIcbreuC. hepiTc 

ha grtai voice pan. 
And H<vida ihi\i flew about onr can, likr 

diifli of winMi'i inow. 
None thcncelorlh tnlghlcontend with him, 

IliO'ifh EKm(hl attiiiirpd for n'lour," 
The ihird mwi. aged friam autk'd, imu 

Aju Tdamoa, 
or irtwo bi aik-d : -Whailordbthai.M 

luxe of limb ud boae. 
So nitHl in height. (h«i 10 hli brow t m 

there rtach./ih none 7' 
To him ibe Goddat ct h« tex, the 

Ur».*c>Id llekn, taid : 
" Hwl lord is Ajax Ttlamon, a butwath In 

On ih' other tide Nandt Idomen. io Crew 

ol fiMKi comnmnd. 
And toundabout Ms 107111 aide* hi* Cretan 

captaint stand : 
on hath the warlike SpArun king siicn 

To hin wlihin our LaceDC oonil, and all 


And now tba other Acbifc dnka I Ccn(raU)> 

Alt wbkh I know, and an their eaxM» 

oould nuke ihee quickljr laarn. 
Two ^Doei of (be pccfile jtA, I nowhere 

Ctttor, the ilcflful kn!|^t OB hone, and 

rollux, unconuoUd 
F'or I'll «and-£chti, and force of bind ; 

bolb at a buRlwa bred ; 
Mr MTuralbrotben; dthcr bete tbey have 

no' n^tlowad 
Piom toiTljr Sparta, or, antved within the 

sea-boDW Rect, [thame M> meet." 

In frar of inliunjr for mr. Id btoad field 

Nor to ; fof holy Telliu' wiomli Inclosed 

tho»e wtittliy men 
In ^urta. their beloved aoiL thi voice- 

fill hetakb then 
The Aim inrecmeni of the Ood) thn>ii|;h 

all (be dty ring : 
Two Iambi, and ipirll-tcf re^hln; wine (the 

frail of MtlhJ they biinj;. 
Within a so*i-«Un bottle dowd ; Mbui 

alio brought 
A manjr eliMannf bowl, and nipi, thai all 

cigoid ¥reee wnMiglK : 
Wlileh beaiinj; 10 Ih* kinc Ihey cried : 

•■ Son of iJioinedoa • 

Riic^ for the ■rll'Codi? poen of Trof. kliiT 

brau-4rm'd Grevki. In on*. 
Send 10 iheetoileiccnd the Bcld. that Ibey 

nrm vow* Duty make ; 
For I'arii .ind the Spanan kine mnti H^ht 

for Helen'* lake. 
With lonE-arm'd lancM ; and Ihc man that 

proxs Tictoilou*, 
Tile voman and the wealth ihe btooghl, 

•hall follvw to hi* boun 1 
The tat knli Meodihtp. and Am Ingoa ; 

«« rale in Troy tbitll dw«ll. 
In Ar^'cn and AGhaia Ihey, thAt do In 

dames eioel. " 
He uid ; Md i'riiun't ant lolnU wtth 

chilled fear did •baha. 
Vcl liutanil}' be bade bli men bU chariot 

rpody make. 
Which KMo iher did. and ha atc«adt : 

he take* the icdni, and (Uldo 
Aaienor eall* : who ItMtandjr meauu* 10 

And, tbKxu^h the Scwan porta to field, 

the iwiK-biol bone lliey drive. 
And when U tkon of Ti«r and Cteeoe the 

aged lord* anive, 
Titim honr, on Troy'i wcU-fecding toil. 

'twixt both the bow tbn go. 
When itialehl up««M th« Ittog of Bwn, 

ufHuaaUtpM too I 


Hm IvaMi fat ibett ridiMt ocaU nfxal 

TtM mw vow» of ih* Ood* uns'd tbdn, 

mce OMde b«fon iMr (}«. 
Tten ts B an of ceM Iher oila Ihe wine 

AaddtiipoarvateiaaibclMiHltaf both 

Whick ilaa«. Alride* drfW hl> bnift, IbM 

ciufuuiv he put 
WWuB o* Uuzc tbsMh oC bii fiMrd : 

wiik wUcli a«a|r be cM 
The wool (ram boih (rooti o( the iuata, 

which fu ■ ri(« in oM 
CM cucmlon M ibctt bo*dJt thai bnioe 

th* pilcbWiJ traca) 
Ihe b«nl£of boik Imm iM t><« >^ 

wnofboltii uidOwa. 
Wlih bsodi isd *oic« advancad to b«« » «a. 

Ihna pfar'd ibe tine of am : 
"O Jove, that Id* doK protect, and 

ImM th* tUlit woo {altai^ac Son, 
Uctt ctaMa^ MOM liHiidble ; ud Umm 
AB-Mrtn^ all-lacoafonlnK: BMdii 

eanh : and poma b^Malik, 
That all iht FenoiM of Men chainie crto 

Ba BlaiUiLi, and (c« pedonn'd Um heinr 

awi av maka ' f takc^ 

rr Abnadei iluU Ch« lift of MtnnUoi 
He (hd ItoM beBcefonh Uckna. wHb all 

her wralllb nrtain. 
And oe •111 to «nr bMudKiU Oodt, horn 

tall, and hone agnln. 
If to «r beMiar'd bratb«K> bud. bt 

TIM TN^aM then ihaa Ml Igraad (ineoi, 

wllb all bcr wtolth, nMon 
And pay oontenloit inc Ut w, iMd oun 

V Mud a»d hli mim doqr la pay thML 

tbuawned, [pcrAdknu deed. 

When Alanadv ihall ba ilaia 1 I<m lb*l 
And for Ike Hoe. wiU I fisbt ben, till 

dMtljr thcr npav, 
Brdolh and niia. lb« a— d» thai blw- 

bccd keapa awi^.^' 
Tlii* laid, Uw Ibnata of boA tfai tanba 

cut tiMt U* rojFal kmfc. 
Ha bid ihcn paMlae ea ib« aanh, till 

qvla dtaind «J tifc, 
Ybi ned hid Kbb'd ihcoi of ihdr tticaftb ; 

itm leldwi cup* ibey cromi il, 
Wkbanea out of ■ olMcDdnntn; *hich 

paw'd npa« iba eroand, 
Thnr Ml cpon iMr biUDbte fcoaci to all 

And dUN pitfi one of batb ibt bcalt, 

iImi misbt do aactifiM : 
VOb Ut. 

"OJtifMrT. neal hisli. tMM fnal. and 

•IT Ibe deMhloi powwiL 
Who Hat thdl dMo lo viciata tb« hte 

nrora oatha of oun, 
So Id the btoedi and brains ef then, and 

■II they iball produce 
no* <m the tulnd hn of Om caitli, ai 

now (hli iaocd fike : 
Aad bt their wivM wilh bairardloe brand 

all Ihdt fnnuc nwe.' 
TiMa prar'd tbey; but, with wiih'd eOtcu 

l&eir prajvn f<m did nei irnoe : 
WWft Prfam i*Ji : " Lonti u( bulb h«H, 

I e«o no ionuor Maf 
To see my 1o<m aon uy Ui lib. a»d m 

nuU lake ny ww 
To wlBdHHpoaad Oon. Jowa yat and 

hewwn't btsh StoMa 
Know oaljr, which of iho* flnnlnowpar 

Iribsla to Iha PU«b." 
Tboh potiiag In hit eoacfa Ibe iamia, be 

mount* and rrina hit faotte : 
Aolanor lo fahn i and to Troy, bolb lake 

Ibeir (peody cotine. 
TtieaHKtor. Priun'imartulton.Uepp'd 

fonh. and met itiu siounil. 
Wlih wlu Ulyaau. whoia Ibo blo«l of 

ranbai musi roouod; 
Wblcb donft lata a k«bn tbny imi Ivo 

lotik to IM Ihcm know 
Wbiob of Ibe oombwanit ihould Biu hi* 

brao-pibdjavabn ibfow : 
Wbaa all tba people Uandine by. wllb 

handi held up to heaven. 
Pray'd Jov* the «onquMI mi(U not bo by 

foiae or tbnnoe gweo. 
But that the man, wbo wa* hi right lb* 

MUlboT of noM wrtmc. 
HishI tgcl bl> Jiutice. aM do noie Ibcos 

ledUui wan ptolong, 
Bui, tinbnx to IM houaa of dealh, leara 

them (w Ua^ befor^ 
Uak'd fail In kaifua* of Hnliy. that mifbt 

iSnolTe no more, 
llien Hector (book (he helm ihat bdd 

the equal doom* of chanoe, 
Look'd back, and drew ; aad RuJa flnl 

but k>l lo huf I hit lasec; 
Tba aaldien all aal down (ntaak'd, each 

by hli anni and borae 
TliBi ihen lay down and oooi'd Iheii bautt. 

And DOW ih' »DDiMd Mime 
tbdi (lirJiBlr'd Heka'shubtsd atm i wbo 

bit maka iiut hi* gr i ay 
Wllb diver bocklca to hit legi: lben<tt 

bla bmoi («0Bi*« 
ThaoBRUibai Lycaon wot* (hit teothar) 

bin made Ot [and btteo'd k, 

Fo* fail Iklc body; nejabltiwocd btoiiki. 




AC dnmMk'd. mxlanoLTh hii aim ; bu 

thield then, g"'" *'■■' E""^ 
Rli thoolden woie ; nnd on hii boid hit 

gloriout helm he *c< ; 
Toppi with a pIuRjK of hone'* hair, thai 

homiitjr did diuioe. 
And Mdn <l lo ihraaiea u be moved : ■! 

W he caliw bii huc« 
Exoeottiic trie. Mid fall ot wdglil, which 

h** -njih rtuiT cAuld luc^ 
la like iMt. Spofta'i u-ulil» kiac him- 

tclf wllh annt Induci. 
Thus iim'il M tflhtr vmy bolh. thsjr both 

aoad bniHljr In, 
Pawawinn boili hut* wiUi tjniLtc, ihcy 

tame w chio (o ohm. 
And with nicb hmritilc aupccu. each 

oditr did mhita. 
A Mr tatgc 6cld ms mtdc for Ihem; 

wbrrs wntlhji, liu hugcncu Riulc. 
And muinol. made lb«m muioally M 

tiiher ihakc ibdr dam 
Bcfcra ihenr thraw. TiMn P*ii* firu wilh 

bU lone isTtlia pam ; 
It imoiB Aiiidei' ortq- toisc. tnil ran not 

(hroosh tin bniu. 
For In II lormlng «dl the thklJ) the head 

Then did tlifl ucood oombacanl apply 
hioi to hii ipeai. 
Which nv I:* Ihiew, he thut bctoucht 

almighlT Jupitci : 
"O lovel tDuclukfe 

_ mc now revenge. 

ana that my cnsmy, [tlaienwty 

F«r doing wTone to nndaervBd. may pnjt 
The|>niRi 111' (utfcitoJ ; andtelthcM hand* 

IsfllCl ihoM t^TU, 

By conqtierlns, ay. by conquering dead. 

him on wiram life complaint ; 
That any now, or any one of all the brood 

To live bwMArr. may wiih (cat from nil 

olbAoe ahuain, 
Hudi more from -it1 *tich foul olTence lo 

Ub thU was hii hmt. 
Ami entcrula'd liim as Ihe m-ui whom he 

aSectcd D04t-' 
Tbii uid. twihook andthrav hit lanct; 

whicb tirook through loins' ihiehL 
And. *riih Ihe iCrensih ho tai« la it, li 

made (be cuieli jicM. 
Hll oool of mail, hit litcjtt. and all. and 

dtaM hJi eniraili m, 
In that low RgioD uhere the gut* In three 

mall p*m Ixgin ; 
Vet lie. in bowing of hte bt««st, ptenDttd 

uIjI<; drMth. 
Thii taint b« loUow'd whh U( tword, 

drawn Iron a s)ln* dtm^ 

Which Mtag faUh. he imok hi* holm A 

where hll puimr did (IomI, 
On which it plecMual btahc, and Ul frc 

hU unhi^inr hand. 
Atwiiich heuKningitood, andicarad vp 

Ihe Ample iky, 
Aodikiil: -'OJav<;[hcici*noGodgi< 

mora illiberally 
To tfacoe ibal lerve thee than tbyielf. w 

havEf I jiray'd in vain? 
I hopcil my hand ihcnild tuTc nrCOl 

tlic wronet 1 Hill auicain. 
On him ibai did Ibnn. aod nill dans lb 

foul dcfi-nce purine : 
And now niy lanrc hMlh miM'd hh oi 

my iword In ihivm I)ev. 
And he 'icii^u oIL*' With Ihii, again 

n»lid upon btii;u»l. 
And cnughl him by Ihc horie-hair pllU 

llmt dAn^lcd on hii crcal, 
Wilh ihoncht lo diaK him lothcGraJ 

u hich he bod turdy done. 
And wi, braidc* (bo lictoiy, hjd wondl 

story won 
(liccaiue llie Medie-painlcd lace, \ 

which hit btlm wat tin! 
Beneath bb cliin, and so oboui h» da 

Ihical Implinl. j 

Had Mtinsted him) ; but that, in t 

■he CyinliUi Med of Jove i' 

Did hrrak itic %trtng,wila which waal 

ihjt wh^ch the nredle wore. ' 

And WM the louf h thong uf a ileer ; 

M iho victor 1 folm 
Wai, far to full a mnn-at'Onni, oi4t 

eihjity lielm. 
That then he ■wune about hi* haul, 

call amcmg hU iHcndt, 
Who tvraoriilal, afid look 'l up 

thMtt. AKaIn then he iniends 
To liiTW the bfc-blood of hit foe. an 

on him amain. 

With shaken itretin ; whan ihe Qw 

that lomt loves, asnin 
Attended, and now nvub'd him froit 

With ease, and woodraiu auddtnly 

the. a Coddeas. mlitht. 
She hid him In a cloud of gold, and 

tnada him known. 
Till ID fail obambef , btth uid urac 

gently set him dam. 
And went for Kchn ; whom aba Aw 

Sca«'s DlmoM bdght. 
To which whole ■wanm of dl; dam 

cUmb'd to KC the sight. 

* This pbct Virtil iniLMclk 



T» fitv Iki rraai good lucccu. ihe 
look Od bn iIm il>a(jo 
Ot beUuBc COE*. «In «» btOD|IU by 

Hdoi, iahMmpc. 
ftam lAOtdaeasH, m bad tiwlln all hei 

arii«aU.a«l hHl (of in htr Midi) iho 

Katatruof beririll. 
Ana vn for bcT her bacw vooL like 

btr, tion't EmpRacamc. 
htrd Heb* In (he botvcnly njl, nsd 

tstUrnd: -MiJinn. 
Hy loid olb for n«, yo* nmi need* 

oukc an )<mc tW taiM home s 
He's ■ jraor AosAmt, Kajrs. aad Ioobi: 

A* trr jorni bed ; pnr conM^ 
Tit rtdihi laaik, and iveei : bM bt mon 

**e*f. ladlocbwolMr. 
So bcib, add nuMnglir Mdnd, ibal, (ceii^. 

TM wovld IVCtf 

B* onnc ml ikoni ib« dnu; fishi, bol 

Ires a oointly liuKc. 
Ol worid to dandns." Ttili *l>« ami* « 

ebam farrtnUanoe; 
WboM •ino* HbIm (dt. muI knew, lir hn 

•o radiunt m^ 
WbHcDedLandRMMCBtkiacbKiuu, (be 

didbid dafuiM. 
At «W(h axued. the taamtfd ba : 

f/kf b>Hat ttoa uill in these docolu lo 

■nap injp t»M»iy f 
0« ahMT r*t of all Uw lo«as civen lo 

(WirbM boide, [mj (ulde. 

In Plwnb. or M»onU. oomot Ihou lu tx 
II that (of dhcnlaneuated men) ihou 

hak. B boc bi I'rojr. 
Sana otber faiMkd id be a^ ibwie : ijnc* 

Br MandaM no* aobduod. bjr Un tluill I 

tk^ to Ui coan. and tad my lUe la 


Aad, 10 nil fxJ. would Hj deocitt ■>; 

BcKia; go ritpaK lo Prtas'a too, and ol 

or Codt, e> ■odUks-mMded dimet, nor 

Tby eutb-aSccun^ Cert to htSMn. but (or 

Tod> km; ; cwd, gnce him cfidlailr, 

tU ba requMc tbr gout 
Br ctnastWnrpiboeiinibbuD; erteke 

Ma aetiaaCs place, 
U an dkboawrafala unyt. ymir titoun 

•etkl» terra 
Iff aenrsvfikaacd Inccniiaeace ; J bctler 

win ikMrrc. 

Than tttt» fail dattf* •«*- What shama 

■rcni l( forioe to fwd 
TfaltlaHMhla:>llbonoiir'diIu)e» would 

hue me for iba deol ; 
He kaita awoman** lo*a m tbamod, and 

llmnio hoc a Bind, 
To fml nor ay thaaie hot hit cm : grhb 

of a grcuakiiid 
Wound inr Ihan waA M can admit Boeb 

kaid ddisbti M toon." 
TtcGoddea. oafiT ibai. pen ihtme. her 

man will was not done, 
RepIiEd : " Inceuc mo aol, fon wntch, 

leu. o^c(^ Incenicd, I hate 
Tl^cunedlifetouurai^ahale, as yet 

ll mjy rtortve 
Alotefroamc; and kit 1 iprcad ihreoeb 

both hsau UKh dopiie, 
Foe thote pligoa tbw ban reli lot tliee, 

Unt bech atfan itiee iguitr, 
AndMiilaK)heelanUuo(bolb. ton all 

thcii wmhaoo (hoe, 
Aod dut ihea doad i that uich a death 

Tbii MTOok ihe Ur dene wiiii tucb fear, 

It toeii her spred) 'my. 
And, dudow'd in her ioom^ veil, the dont 

And }cr, to ihua ike ibtme she (cat'd. iha 

vaiddi'd uadtcciled 
Of aB tba Troian taiUnibcte. (brVetnii 

Anrind at bean*, her woDNB both Ml to 

thtif work in haile : 
Wbia iite, thai wai of all bci lei the ntott 

drriaelj (raced, 
Atcendod to m MRhcc nomi, ihuugh much 

agalnll her val, (Venui will. 

Whne lonly Alaiaads waa. b«nc kd bjr 
*lbe Uoshccr-loelcc Dame dUocni'd her 

Moved mind bf lirf frvx. 
And. tot her minh lake, sci ■ Moot. Ul 

bclorc Vat»- Ijxe, 
Wbora iha would nmit b>*e Helaa rili 

who, Ihoati ibe duni nM cbeeae 
But til, )«t tocA'd awaj for ail llM GoMeai' 

Aad ^od her tongue loo, and to chide 

wtwm Vonut tooCbtd m> macb> 
Aad <hgd. lok ia thit Uiurkind : "And 

waa 1^7 ca<mnli«tvel^ 
SocmK»«er'd.lofae«eaattt«? O would 

to God. ihy life 
Hadpcrith'd brhli «oitbx hand, lo whom 

Bcfote ihti, tiiou wonldM ^on^ ttr ratour 

and 1^ lanoe. 
And. j»H my ilni loie't. bcatt Ihca tu. 

Go oose aoi*, nod adTanoe 


Th; bmv«i uiinst his lincte powrr ; Uiis 

ti^l might fall bjr cliuicc. 
PooroonqQCT'd mui : 'luossu^h n chxncr. 

0* t would not idviMi 
T^y intnur ihoold pmnike iffoln. Shun 

him. ihoamauuniiriie. [Iirliii|inie," 

Le*i ncii. tb^ spirit sent to bell, tliy body 

Hrttiimnid: "Pmylbct^lronuii.ceiK, 

(o chidi' tail crievs m» (hu«. 
Dis^iuvi wiu not cnif l»M. Look on ihdt 

•-n<l , On (U 
VfBi Mkct Godi, at other limn; Ul &tl Ihs 

ylma'i wmlti, [love sink bcnoilh 
As on birn Rtllti pul It now. Mint! uui 

llie luite of fonune ? In ton'i fin. Ici all 

h>i« vaaUb. Cone, 
Love mrrar lo influtwd mjr bttai ; no, nol 

whnt. tninjin)- home 
rbr Nnuiy't Miltllcioui piiic, on Cranart'i 

blfit ihon [iliii lie wfnt bpfoir. 

I loni'd foi. Burt enjoj'd Ifiee (iraL" Wllb 
Sho aflri, to the drlDnnit bed. Wliile 

ihscloplniun yield, [down ibtfietd. 
Ptrplo d Atcida, uvigc-Ukc, ran up and 

And enrr Ihickat tiDop of Trof. and < 

their fV'all'd lid. 
SeGich'd for ha foe. iriio could nol be t 

•By cyr hclmrd; 
Not oui of fnendihip |oat of doubt) dl 

Ihuy conccil hii tii^lii. 
An haxd him n liho ibeit deoihs. an 

ownl him Miob Oeapltt. 

At tail thua ffoke Ihe kin]; of nter 
" Hear me. ye men of Troy. 
V« Dardan*. and Ihe nol. whoM ponf 
you In llirir su£> employ. , 

Tlie conqiuM on my tnothn'* {mi*. ye| 

d»ccin li dor. 
Do you Ihm Aisive Hrleni. wiili nil b 

Rolore U> m. and pay the eiulct. that I 

your roirs ii due. 
Yield lu on hoaoiii'd recompciue. ladi | 

thit ■bouUI accrue 
To ouipMieiliias. confinn ; ihklivhni « 

r«jdcr It. 
Our >cti may hne be mrtnoniol " 11 

all Gkcu die ibougiii (ii. 


■ *!»■ r aW- 'KUrp, ftc Ml ««/«« 
llilmt. Ac FJeewiily and mod aptly 

ftllEIl Spondanui) u lleleo tailed by 
i>mi-r lo the iHctMle of Ihi* ilnglc flght, 
M bcinj! Ihe cniid ptr*on in ouse of alt 
Ihe acUoD. The cbtef end of trhow 
comins ycli enn'ouily and moat vainly, 
ScBluet'a Crilicui taxeth ; which was her 
nIaiMn to Phun <d the pcmini be noted 
tbira : >l>liBg (with hit French wit) at this 
Gnck tuber, and fount (A all «^t. for 
makinf PMani to vck now of their niimn 
aimd knovMcn. when nine years toi;rihet 
Ibey had Hen thcic before. A greii piece 
e( nriri wlrj to tnxke hita Ihertfota know 
dwm brfisra. when thera was no eunh 
nretu occailon before to bring PrJun to 
Boia tbcm, nor lo cuUn a convtnlenea in 
tbdr or dwr d and quiet diitinclion. But 
let his Cfltlcliro In (bli be weighed with 
h!* other taulc* found in our m.-uler : ai, 
for uakins lighloinB m winter before idc<w 
or win : which Ihe moil ignorant upUiid 
reaaaal eouU tCKh him out of his obirr- 
vatlou Fior vrhicb y«I hli CrlUnu Iwih 
Iba prajn:! lmpudene« (o tax Homer ; 
dKtl falsely trpealing hi* words tco; 
mJIds »hi niant. when be lailh, n<At» 
\ aWfc " iiHne. fe., famu, ot itntia, vtl 

tnl/vm imtrtti, immttisanni gnrntlim^ 
'%nl nivtm : prr|iiir]rx. or rninjE abt 
tbtae moln impressions in (be air. not 
prtaent act with tbcm. From Ihli, i 
medialely and moel tabidly. ho langea 
Ulynes' leprchcniion, lor killitie t 
wooer* with his bow. In the Odni 
Then to hit late vomit acain in the llli 
the vcn sail word, and envleth Achill 
horse tor ipivkioi: (because litRself wol 
bAve all the loOfniei when, in Sacred W 
iulnimi aa* could hBi« laugbt blm I 
hke halb been beard oH Vel bow to I 
Od)'SKa a^ain with abnatb. and cballen| 
Ulysics'khiiifcirfnltEriiic Neptune (on 
it to a took. Hera b >tr»i»e layinx i 
foramaMerMcananslvmeibodioal. I 
sriih what Grace*, with what Mums, 
mayaik. he «as inipitcd, but with ti, 
Hatplo^what I'urtcK puttiaE the ^Mif 
wuiJistiuvi Kptm Homer? I'ahJiu, 
eplui. Jttgidm, ttrrilit SmidC terms & 
tot a kcold iir a liuwd. lUD M man tollci 

aleamiDRlhebelchathaiiabut him wh 
the world bath lorcrencedL and aiJmii 
•I lh« fonnlaia of all wl^ wisdom, i 
kaninc. What touch is It to mr^ Ui 
to bear tpot* Of depnvatlou. when 
peal mailer is ihut icuddtty daubed t 



kt But whoou BW true karsiBg. 
«Hla«. «r iHfL nadtMtt nuntlaii io any 
pnod, nin-Klariouhaadbmgcanlf qilnc 
■feniI»drcBk(Mt*Dd«odtt loibiBdaa 
■ad ■bbor H7 tt^ftiapi. tmiing, tefaai 
of tpMHi^. cr vricmg id odis Itamiag. 
IgHoa tklliURTlkrcRalaDdabBDdtM: 
M, la ikb poMT. ndundut I •Am bim, 
■ad npunbh. To ooaclod^ I wtll bk 
Owtantewcnliofhita, ibat lit of Knunui. 
[h <diiv SfiitrmiJmi. which an thoe (a* 
1 coaicti li) :— "Cnat «s Ut luiiw. tnii 
lad tK«a littard; pniivr. aoulil himulf 
h»« bwo laa : When now. bold with 
■be ficatnen or U) wir, fa* h*ih unilr- 
uIem ihs nm wtlb mud) lis fuci- 
■Mi ; and » tn oooAifaaoe, (h oa by ihc 
w oi rH of tita nuDc, tuUi dimn him 
iMdIOac te.-- 

1 *On M itUtrn w Uf%. yearn num 

■kh ib« InifrpraW (iniendiac 
fea panboppen, Io whom he oompareiii 
Ae otd coanKllon) : bui It it bccv to b« 
■i^iorttiilrd. BKdi m/nn oot mtotm 
mv*"* ia thia place ■tgaUVIu <<■«) (c 
ff M ili flM m liit not mvttiy. Gm haiAly 
■■d biaur. wbcrA Oe veak and lender 
«oloe <f IDC old cooatelkn b M admlniiloa 
■ffOMd. Tikc dnila SpQDdann h^ly 
cDoaadi IB BMl apt and oprcstrc : 
bH U* in*''''''^*' I" ^■B (■"* ''^''i >>3iu> 
R, k» lb* other i%bt it ; and thai ii. to 
hIh tt* old n«a racmble gtauhoppen 
fer UMlr celd and bloodlo* ipiniiivn, 
"ntboe beii« far ac* lunied to • gnn- 
bopper; fani wbete tbey woe grave »nd 
I ooanHfion. to taaiei them nrrulou*. 
I m Ktlduloui ; Uui a^^- 
MK In tbcic otd men. 
I old mM an to^ Ibne beioK 
*E««Mi intvtiitmi. tlftriti. ^lUttmattra; 
Ibr word ifMlf >l|;nihta( /Wr *l*o, 
■Wctiiat*mfi«(sMorfuUof>ll modention. 
Md. to. to IhND Initamlng any toutdi i^ 
ptfnJhy. Nor »H the mneeit o( oar 
poet by SpoDdanui oi any ctha iMda- 
KDod in thU'te. 

tttmr i/etltut ; be tpfslu toccinctly. or 
ea wtn adiei u l j . lajr hi* imcrpiMns: v^loti 
to imeily otbnwoe, In the *i»cc 'n'r>x^*f > 
■cmlfylnc webcAkr, neMdy, MMb tarum 
fm'tmrrmwl; be Bnlu tut or thiok. 

nliia *lr, JtC, fnr >aftb yel, be uw), 
lui piM JUTt«. in/ mUi ubjU. Ibty 

■nMadU,«hen it it vaUt iMduU. Anllr. 
mBt. h alcad ; »n^ fu I have noted 
baiM) bttw mf*^J l*kra in tbe vone 
pafit •ndaocatOBCTeilwaoded, nuJctth 

eren wilb hi* limpte ebaiacttr at all parti, 
bat wierasce bnae noltcfnl, tSHll, or 
uneaUng ; oa exoellcDt pipe fat a fool. 
Xot it the Toice or manmr of atlenote In 
a mm the hoU key Ibat dttcoieretb hi* 
wadom or totly. And ihcntiarB ironb 
ibo ootini: it that of Ulnata in the 
lewnd b()ok~that be knew Pallas by ber 

or/>>fiKx. belDj; bi»n naimnlly [ Juonicij ; 
whidi Rgiccili not Ibe lett with hit ba\ or 
thick BoaUne i fee a man may have thai 
fcmd of aneranoe, and yet few wocilt. 

* "0* *■ ■)i|ia(iiiiii|i : ntfiit m trrtii 
fnfaiii. uiy the oommenlan. as though a 
fool were cerfcclly ipolua ; wbca the 
word hctv hath xnotlvr Mnia. Md mu 
Homer a far othei meaning, the word* 
bc^lhuitobetxpaundeil: a/fwiimdleji 
trat, hv would not be by any meani. Ibr 
ibu nflecndly he stands upon hercafitf. 
Bill to onke a fool cm ftctami vtrUi. will 
make a man nothiai; wonder at aay 
pcecaitey er abuinUiy ia men of mere 

and tuMruteiy the word and tentc bo 
nibiaci 1 aijd tl»l. wiibout bit Anding ihe 
mie fij;nrei «f penon* In ihi* kind pce- 
(coied, k b bnpoailble (ee lb* beat ItiKiiiti 
BiiOK IO eipnn* an autbotlndy, tipccially 
any tjmk nulbot; the Umgnage bcinj; v> 
iliAciEnily ilffnilicaiii, wbicTi ooi iiKlii--ixUy 
liiiad wl'b Ibe expcaiilDn that the plaw 
(tnd GOherence with other placet) tequltett^ 
wliat a motley and eoB^ied man • lntt» 
Utor may pieieoi I A* now tbey do all of 
McDclaui. who. whtxeaoewr be 1> called 
'i^^^Om, b Ibne imtraly liantlaled iiUi- 
MfM, bat titi Man ut tiarui. btoaute he 
night lo*e the Ktr, and yet be no food 
wamor, ii many 1o*« many oaocaMa at 
which theyuUlDeverbeBOM: BodHooMt 
(arc tl to hiia for aaoiaer of hii peculiar 

r~ leu. Bi a taut'glotioiu adlKiaiioo in 
Mthcr than a lolid affeciloe. 
And l>0« haUa makaa me giic end 10 
Ibew UFw asno<alloi& dcfemng the like 
in Ihe next tone book* fat more brouh 
and alcaancem«n^ tiace Ume fbat hath 
cva opfKMCd bk) will net otberwlte bl 
mt come io iho Iwt twcln, In whldi the 
Gut flee llcbt of my author eaMnd and 
RDbotdtTitd ne : where to many rii'b 
diwiiwiki iMqianaoe my poor exprcsaoo, 
tbal I lev lUlRe lo bcitay tlwm lo iba 
wnU iban ti» pw Ihem to Ibeir prio» 
Bat hmttocver tarj and pectMlioe saMl 

oaMl IH 



•quJrtlae thdr poUon through the eyn of 
injr resden, Ihis shall nppear to oU com- 
petent apprehen&ions, I nave followed (hA 
original with aathentical eipositioni, 
mccording (□ tbe proper signifiottion of the 
WOttI in Eis place, though I differ therein 
utterly from olhcn ; I have nndered all 
things of importance wilh answerable life 
and height lo my author, though with 
•nne peripbtatis, wiibout which no man 

can wortbHj Inuutale any worthy poet. 
And since tbe tiaiulatloa itielf, and niy 
notes (bdng impartially confcired) amply 
Bi^iroTe thi*. 1 will Mill be confident in tb« 
worth of my paint, hcnrldly and nnwonblly 
soerer I be cenmred. Andthnitolhe lait 
twdve book* (leaTing other horrible etron 
in fall other inleipreteis mm>o*ed) wtlh 
tlKMe tree feel that entered mc; I baale, 
rare al nothinj bat my laboiK 




Tm Oa& ■■ cnincil U ika lu(, dtoa* 
Ah baoM )t«B dnil «Kr«0*t ta : 
lout «Bi ^gjf tm» t wiftiiiiif toulu B>T 
Tk luiiini IbU knc ■» jiiuuilJ Ion. 
Masn iHfci, wiA MH cAoMt itM* 
AaiM dw bMh lBJ<u*4 AiTOH- n 
(AppMd «M dMM m^ OBka n 

Ha rpiaM *i traca -U aKnd co< 

ObM HmiImi ■ AUOMU'd ■MWl 


T* marttl ntiwoMb *ll ha imb. 
TW teulH >eui ; •■<, n Ik* km otlahL 

ANOTHER Alt(.l<Mr.NT. 

h IMd m iht CsdC Aim ; 
ThcTncealRke: nnboMxiuc. 

Wmtnt ibe hlr^pand OMst «f Jon, be 

•nd Iht Oodi cobIot'iI 
AboM the ml cicnu o( Tngr : ■»()•(» 

Staa'd Het« bkUt. As llm «d. nod ilid 

Tfof* Mm> behold. 
TVt dnnk, and pIMIttd cam onMrnrund 

la ftA^rowB d cnm of (Old. 
Tlw aiMh ■! «tMM ftml wu bccun tijr 

■nUStfaniidM (Ooddcna. 

la nrpaff a benn dUlln aiaoacw Ihe 
Bdi AMr to faM aokMB Qac«n. wboM 

ipiMB b« «ai dfepcaed 
To Mfii M tanbcr. knotriif mO wtiM 

antiff fa iatkwifl. 
JUB nov vfVH Buacii noan btf usv^ 

Oa ahlek, ikm ptaued. b« play'd : 
**T«a OoddMca ibon ai« Ihai Kill cive 

Aad M( thai Pari> biti. T1« two Ihu 

rii Iraaiis w Au 
(Wbidi Aiil«e lana t^ aad die AM luk* 

la dtA tt war). 
HodantaiKpleMedM tee bowvdl the 

Me wcw Hcla did frame ; 
Aad fet npoa ibe adnne pan, the 

huglMr-loifnf thaM 
Made h«T power ^ni too An- bo frknd ; 

(ee, ilMa^ be wen lo near 
TtM ainkB « dmb In W ottoi' bopci^ 

*a took Hat from IbcM dear. 

Ha oonqueri nt b mKMlonleK the aur> 

(Ul %iiuiMi UeaV 
We Biui ooMrall thim alnl nwnlj ili«ll 

ennrn these future ihingi ; 
If uun Bad tcntatt m kb^ Kill, with 

enn vtcvtam itTike; 
Oi (iu tai|i»nint^ hicfidthip plant en boili 

eaitn. K rt tke 

TV luf . and ih 31 it win at well deHght, ai 

mtrcif fleax 
tarn liajipir dfitk*, BiD bt Roixt old 

Pram iiowa In peace, 
Aad let the LaeedBoran Mtig aeaiD hit 

qjiau BajOT' 
As Pallai nd teamn't Queen tai dote; 

coniploiilec 111 to Trof, 
Willi u>ni aiiMfnn Otty ttccived tbit ItU 

Und *b«Mn (raiD love ; 
'Oaiast wliofn «at hfla* oinah tficewd. 

betauie the QiKca ef LoK 
Coold not, •nib«« fab leave rrUcre. io thai 

bta potni of deaih 
The toa ol l^am. ufcom the bathed : har 

wrath yei loisbl Ix a m fc 
tlv sBpmne wudom, and wiiemU'd:bnl 

Juno HEHla inuu tnte 
I Her t^rA MKrl w>ih her ready tonsoc, 

■□aula: "Whm weeds are ibcM:, 
Aujiar, and loo much Satum'l toat Wbj 

wonldM them rmdcr niU 
iSj laboiiB Ule. and tbe twetl of mj io- 

daetrtOM *f<l 
DnkiNMinrwllhtoUltlepowa? tfychailiH 

Wkh poMing to and &o for Gteeoe. and 

btiMlng faanca deiiicd 
To pewatHtiMMtaK Mamui, and hit per- 

Yet tboa protect^, and }ote'M wilh tbem, 

whom each JuK Dei^ thens. 
Go qn-tw l «*cr ffitvtAtii, aS oibn Oodi 

harv vOw'd 

To etoM thy paitlal eoune foe Tioy, ta all 

ibat makee ft ptODd." 
At OAt. the doDd-eompdUnf 3o«« a Uf 

felcti'd li^ let fly, 
And nd : " Thoo lury 1 whal cAace of 

toA Impiety 
Halh Ptiaa or Ua aea* done Ib«e, that, 

wMi M high a bate, 
TbooAoaHdMam riiiilFit/rlLit« l» tax* 

aad iniaaM 


So well ft bulUcdlowswTrar? I think. 

had)! Ukw Uw p«mr, 
Tbou waaUM Ibe pons and lor-strelch'd 

mill Bf onr. aad dciour 
OU PiJMin Bnd hii isiuo quiuk, uid aisk* 

on Tior (hjr (call. 
AAd (hen lU len[i)) I ht^x thy wrath and 

limd «pl«n would reM : 
To •tleh run on Ih; (hiWol, ihM DCmgbl 

W foucd in me 
Of jun 0Hu« to our luiure fan. In tUi 

y«l ilnnKtbEn Iho?. 
And fii It la Ibr memacj ful i tlM if I 

Al pnvtnpionr ■ drtire lo level wldi the 

A cllf whcM lh]F loTol live. Il^nd not be- 

ivjxi mjin 
And wbai H B^ms at : but ghe mj, wbcn 

Ihou hoH thy deiin, 
Whldi now t past tliec niUio^ljr, allhcnsh 

•gnliul ifi]> wllL 
Per nM bcnMlli tb« ompla lun, and 

titaven'i ttar-bcarlne liiil. 
There b a Kwn of cuth^ meu M honoui'i) 

in my mind 
Ai strta TfOT ; nor or eutli'i kingi as 

friua ancl lili Lind. 
Who mncrltt ra]r aJtui lack lich Tcast of 

oHmnct lUin. 
And Ihcii iwul unvutf : fw which grace 

1 honour them a,iiun." 
Dfe»d Ibbo. with ihc cow'* fait ctr, tc- 

pUM : " llirec lowm then ■!« 
Of gTMl and emuicnt nnpcci, both In mjr 

tote aiut care ; 
Mrcens. with ths broad liighwajt ; aind 

ArgCEi, rich ia hone ; 
And Sparta ; aH which Ihtee dotroy, when 

thou oitneM tbnir foroe. 
I will not old them, nor malisn Ihy free 

and MUvreien Ktll, [ihc^r ill. 

For if I thould be eniiout. and xt .lEainsI 
I know roj' envy uere in vaJn, ilncc thou 

■R mightier Ui. 
Btu ura anut sin* ea«h other leave, and 

wlak at tltber'* war. 
I likeoita must have paint to crown my 

wotkl »^th iri!.hiMl «nd, 
Because I am • Uclty, and did (ram thence 

Wlicnoe Ihou Ihyielf, and Ih' elder bom : 

«lte datura wai oor tlrr : 
And thui thore ii a tnoft^td eaim (hat 

plcndi te nv de^re. 
Bcio| Biatn, asl am cali'd tby vile : anil 

mote, dace thy commind 
Rales all Qodi elK 1 elaim taenia ■ like 

«ap«iior haiuL 

All wrath before Ihen now remit, nw 

mtitually combine 
In elihct'i empire; I. Iby rule: and iboQ 

illiiitialc. mine; 
So will ib<? other (Jodi acrce. anil we th^ 

all be strong. 
And lini (f^n iim laleplol) with ipced It 

T'jILii coamons 
The Trajani. and tome one of them ent!a 

10 bivak the tttKft 
By ofleilns In some timbraoai wound lb 

hoTioat'd Greek* abiue-" 
The Fatherbolli of mvn and Godi ajcreet 

and PalUu wnt. 
With these wini['d wntds, to both the host! 

" Make alThailG. and invent 
Some mean by which (he men of Trif 

■8>in*l the mice served, 
May nir the kIo'ioui Greeks to aima wit 

some Inglorious deed." 
Tliua cbsnvd fa* fact with hsati thai dl 

beSoit, u faute abound. 
Who cast henelf from all the heliihta. wt 

which ueep hnvr'i is I'lown d. 
And OS Jove, brandJilung o tiu. whk 

tnrii A roinct call. 
Hurls out hii curie] hair abroad, ibatfiv 

hit hriind cihalc 
A thutiuiK) ipailra 10 terti at ta«, at 

c>vty QiljEhly boil, [inuted met 
Of all presan and ill-lispt a ti^n to 
So fallas fdl ^wiit both the c«ii>iie. « 

luddenljt was lest : 
When tliroufh iIk breasM of all tbat UT 

she ttrocdt a stionj; amue 
With vii-wifts. lo her whole ddceK I 

bright and onijnous b^sfe. 
When siraisht one to another tiim'd. a 

uid; "NowlhaTidcHngJiie 
(Unal Aituter of pe*c« and arms] « 

either ilnbluh loi* 
AmDiiuM uur natioot, or mtew wdi « 

as nerer ms." 
Thus either army did prcMce^ •tl 

?atU« made ber pan 
AmonKst tha muUtluiia of Ttoy ; « 

now put on the grace 
Of brave Laiidacui, the flower of i 

Anlrnor's race, 
And iouglil tor Lycian Puidarul all 

that, brioe bred [ti 10 i\ 

Out o( ttbltbless lantOy, she tlMU{ht ' 
Tbe blood of any Inooecnt, and bnak 

ooionant twom. 
He was Lj'cion^ ion, whom Joee Inl 

l-wi !i:[,!icinKOf achlld ; andyciina 

iciiowu'd (uanding ten 

Ai OM (bat «■> inotdpabk. Hire Pi 


Aad nond iboat tin U» niaas trana 

due ban Hm nhadjr ihieldt ; 
H* bratcht thtai Creo) fupui' flood. M 

dumxk ibe Ljiou Iklili , 
Wfboa nmiinit mw . tbr vWpct'il ib« : 

*' Lniaa'i wdilta Mm, 
8tad I ikspalr u ihrUDdbMdi 10 ta«e* 

brew done? 
Noritow tlmuUc*n tnowfljtapsQ tba 

tt voold be SDdl ■ (Moc lo Tray, aad 

tath • (lorloiu ihiBC 
TlM.«»n' ■■>•■■ •onid gi*e bii cUi ; but 

WoriU ta«l U>w with IWm, tf b* could 

<lMcoT«r fnoi U< uind 
Hk foe'( pdde urook down «Mb ibT ibaft. 

TkaOMdnctN^offamnl Caatt.>h(»t 

hl«. pnnod* bteiid. 
bd flm Inralcc iha God of Ltebi. (h«l in 

tkr land vu bom. [ibrulitih Boni, 
Aad I* m ankmr ui ib« tad ita* evet 
T« wfaOM ■ bmdrad IsM-ewot lamb* raw 

tboB In bcdf An. 
Ulnen Ml* to ncnri ZcUb') lowecs dir 

—low »tp» tellfc" 
WMb tbte tha aaad-tiA-crMilT lua 

MiowTi did ptmudf. 
Wbo laiunilr ilRnr fotih a bow. moil 

adndnbtf nude 
Of ib'Brthv«(a jumpinBCo*!. bred bia 

WfelA aRtatJtka (M loog txbre b* look 

TbevrtckadJppincftoRi Block) into tbt 

bnait betmoic. 
Aad hrtrft a n g teird liin tioa bn diH 

Tb« fiinliiail <f (he goal 
Hdd oM • utmOKim goodlf pain, thai 

ritw**i> toaaclief b*ou#bi ' 
or ta vllkh. tofai'd. an n^ol bow. • 

Wbkb ntck'dnd poiiib'd. boib Ibc cndt 

ha Ua (rich tnn •>( lotd. 
Aad Ibto bow. btnt. he ctast laid donim. 

and bade hu Mldius hold 
TWiihMMibcftnhtaa: lot ib* Ocadn. 

dbearnlBC Un. iboaU mt 
la minBhi tM the Sp««aa Uag eaaU be 

hii «km'i pAm. 
Uata (Cacx. aidi all hb can b« ckoOHd. 

aad fraa hs 4|uli«r dte*. 
Aa maom, IcalbeT'd bat (or IbgU, and fH 


hwJrt. and nuMt apt lo pivcs: 
a loolt be up hi} b^ir, 
Aad aotk'd Ui iteft : ibt croaad wbcooe 

WbcD— praTin^ to bu Ood the 5ud. that 

ml in l-jca bftd, 
Aad bav at oftben;, pKmlilnv ituit h* Uie 

ttood would dntT 
0( fan aa bundnd nnl-falla lanba, all 

ofttr'd lo bi$ name. 
Wboo to Zdla'i laciod wall* rtom nacoid 

Traf be eanie. — 
Ho took bit arrow by tha nock, and lohli 

bended brcaM> (pile did nsi 

The oxf ilnew dole h> dnw. aven liU (he 
Upon tha boaom of ibe bo» ; and ai thai 

lange priie ttbc mind did tbw 

HbmtWheommUi'diotosn sib. a* U 
The eoatiaz et ii Diadg a noi*e. the tioew- 

fciri^ itrniE 
Did gm B iTii£h!7 twang ; aad lixth tba 

cafer thaft did vnt. 
Aflacting ■petdincat otBigbC. atoongii Ibe 

A«hlve tbtong. 
Nor were Ibe bl^Md htaraalr power* ua> 

mindful ol Ihy WTDng. 
O Mentbiu* ; but. In chid. Jove't Med. the 

Pillager. [ibe arrow did oonfar. 

Stood ch»a before, and lUck d tbc force 
WHb at niiuA cace and Hiile bun, m doth 

a Mother UK 
And heap off ftntB her b*b«, wbm ilaep 

dotii (hioBgh hii powan diffUK 
His golden taiaoDr. and Ih' auuilci of 

nide and Ihuv (Ilea 
Sb* Mill cbacki with bncaieful bond; te 

*0 tbc ifaafi Ibe pUeS 
That on Ihc biiltona nude of gold, wlrich 

mailiT h\\ [ir^ ful. 
And whera histurcti double wcm, tbc fall 

And Ikia much proof t]>t pul ll lo ; lb* 

bucUe made o( gold : 
The belt i* IbMen'd. bmtljr wTousht ; hli 

eurtci' doubte foU ; 
And bui. Ifaa tbaimcd plala b* won^ 

wkch bdp'd him not* Ihan alt : 
And. 'golnst all dam and duAa bwioa'd. 

Hill to hit llfo a win. 
So. itinnigh aO thaae. tba uf(«r Afn dw 

haul did otAy race ; 
Vet fi'rth Ihe blosdflow'd, vbich did molA 

hi* iwal panoa gTMC 
And tbo*^ u^oa hb twarj ikin, ai doth ■ 

purple dyi 
Laid br a dune ^r Coka ex to*«I)r UiMav 
Ob iimj. mougbt hi onaaieoti to dett 

Wblcb hi bar aMRtagr roan am Ha; 

wboae tiaiiittia haira tuA fcio* 


Vli(ii uMli ihca* 


Thai Ihty Mt wUi'd of maaj knlchtx. bui 

uv rach pradoot iMngt. 
Tku (Iwjr are knM for hons llut ilisw the 

clumoM of klngi. 
Ih'hich hunt, ta <la:k*(l. the charioted 

otwmi n erm lo lii'n : 
Like thae. Ui Rrnce. ttip Wood upon Ihy 

Mcnf'oui. doim (b)! ralwt »nil .inlln 

ta Ihc ground ; rhonouT'd i«or*nd 

For nwliinj; ili?tki » ioIcIIm so, mAiIJi an 
V«i, fenilnj; he hnd (arni much norw, the 

hair Ucoil up on tnd 
On Ai^mrrmnrin, when he ■■« M much 

buirk blood <l«*o*nd. 
AihI unlen'd wlib (he like dbmay ms 


1 : ." < T Ih' uroa'i ■(»!« withoul. Hi"I 

:r: head did go 

;- . 11 ni>|;lil btwea, he call'd 

I -ijti -. 

Wliiiii i^'OO miiklnx not, tmt 

thmvjTiE ^L<' «'■>> Bliiin, 
He gilpl hu brother tiy the Imd. and 

ilgD'd at be vouM broik, 
Which liEh Ihe wbute faOM took (ram him. 

who thus at latt did >«k : 
"O dtaiwi brother. Ivi for ihli, that 

Ihj dmlh mutt be wrooghl, 
WtouKht I (liii tramft For Ihlt haM ibou 

Uw Kagle combat fought 
Tet »11 the arnif erf the GitciEi t For this 

halh llion (worn, 
And iTod *n fiUth beotath their (<vt f Vet 

nil iliit hath not nxm 
The rijihi <n diall'ni^. oisl of fore* ; tbjs 

Our lUickm rfghl handt ; ucred wine ; 

nor all oar oncrnift lixin. 
For (bough Olfmpnu be not quick Id 

taiiVinii Good our III. 
He «ill br %a!T. n he ii slow ; and aliarp- 

llfr prove his will, 
Tlwir own handi ihall be minitien of 

Ihoa planes tbf]' dmniie. 
WUch ihdl their wins and t^hOdteo i«Mh. 

anti jtll (heir prc^nla. 
For buDi in mind and tmil 1 know, thai 

lh;r« shill come a dar 
Wlies ilion. iiitn. all hi* power, shall 

fjiiirr he vfjin nvnj ; 
Whm hea*fii'inbabitinBjav« shall shake 

hit tar iliUM at all. 
Pot thil one miKhier. Thii, I knew, Ihe 

««rld cannot recall. 
Bai hr an (hti. *U mj ghet itU) for thee 

■ill lie Ihe laniF. 
Dtm bni<>j«r. II thjr life nnul hers put 

oui hli topi lUnK 

I iliall to nndr Argca turn erilfa ura^ 

atom : 
the Gtceki will call tor home : a 

i\liun and hii race 
Will flame io {lory ; Helena, untoudtl 

lie sllll Iheii prty ^ 
And (hy bona in iiur •■nrmies* nnh fl 

ciirKd talB sliall l^y ; 
Thy lepulcbrc be trwlden damn ; the pd 

of Troy desiie j 

Inniliinif on ii, 'That, O Ihut, Iff M 

mcmnon'i ire 
In all hii ndi be etpiaie. a* now] 

FHrtirx iKimr fovorcet 

Hii idle umj. empty ihlps. andleaveaU 
Good Mi-ncUui.' when ihlt brave b««l 

in their hatrij brtfiih, 
Tlieo )ei the brood caiih twaElo'* me, a 

take mc <|uick to death,' 
" Nut thai! Ihii ever dunco." laid | 

" and Ihertfore be of cheer. 
Le«t all Ihe army, led by you. your paule 

put in fear. 
The ottow fcU hi no soch place as dd 

anilA enter at. 
My |[iKll'=. curvit douhtn! hen. and I 

moil iruued pUte, 
Objected all 'tnin me and death, the >h 

waree piercinic onr." 
"Good bratl)«r." sud ibe kin|;. " I wid 

were 00 (onher gone, 

For liieii our best in mntk'lnc* ikill'd ll 

••pr .ind March tlie wound. 
ApptylnKbalmi 10 eatc thy paint, and M 

mi ore iliec tound." 
This Riid. divine TallhyUus tie coli'd. ) 

bade him hatle 
Xfaclunn (XbeulapiioT too, who moM 

mm wasgmced 
Witli phpic 1 nvereltrn temediei) lo oa 

and Inii] lii* hand 
To Mtnelaux. shut by one well-lkiird 

(he commutd 
Of tcm and arrowi. one of Troy, or 

Iba Lvoiao aid. 
Who tnucfi bath j^orilied oai foe, and 

as ui^ich dtiniay'd. 
He buMd, and buied iiutanlty, and 4 

hii ern about 
Tlie thidieti tquadtoot Of the Gnckj 

find AEachnon out. 
He found him iiandinc^anled well i 

well-iTin'd men of TTiraoe ; 
With wiiom he quickly joio'd, ami S 

" Mao of ApoUo'i tac<; 
Hoile. for the king of men ooomanJ) 

Ke a wound intprm'd 
In Meoelaui. ptM is antu, bjr <■" 




b ih' >n of •nhoy, of Tnj, ntot ttn 

Ttec bem «r«h wadl immra adonn, at 

with 4iiheacat bnndl.' 
MAdMon BDch w*M >»>*d «Iib lUi. 

wha wliti the henkl Orw 
FtoB Beop W noEf alongil ike bMt i and 

MO* Owv amw Ib vfai* 
OfbMnAtiMM.dKtodraiiDdwiili aU the 

Wbo an nt war : and «iatet>l tw drtm 

tta &A, whkfe ronb he bring* 
WkhiMt Uw tnk* : ibfflid)* ilava. pluc. 

CBCtt. eC be pIiKln. 
itod ^fc itbew oand ! Whca EW booi It 

ne cAoffVCTv Uood ha hmai ; 
Iban w a fcln e*. womlroiulr compoMi), 

ibe ikilfiil k«ch applied. 
Wbidi lotias Chlnm odi-IiI his dnr, Im 

fma hit lirt had tried. 
WUe llnijn ■ un i tbui cmptojr'd 1o ouc 

llii iliTTMi MarliBr 
ne Tretent ttrm'd, uul charsid (be 

Green ; the Cterln aim and rvaiu. 
n«a DO* ailerpt aor mmd with lew, net 

TaneoddMcldllwUnBofBtB: but in 

TaaeiaslorieaiBEUaarool: andbecx- 

Witfa wnot Oba <b« itent, on Toot ; who 

Hit b t a w a iy 'd cbaiec. aadbbMnh. 

«14i I'luiiiHw' voOk [EWffl>*<lo«i : 
Sam *t Pkaldo, their gaUe. the Rood 
"Tal.'nidihaKhc. "Mtind wahtbem, 

lat ae ai tow i C oiia MMf 
Mj BiiilM. Moehaixed tttih eedering troops 

M Akfc Md «aM aa itNtft- 
BMIwulua then nia'd bk boncv <bai 

IKMiBd BdjhlBg br ; 
Ibe btaf a feseman, a«d ao Mem Ihe 

•quaibDM otdtfl*. 
IVm cf fail wnRly-aMUed Gie«^ 

ttat in dwK anaa ■«• fit, 
Theae be pot oa aWi cbeeHU aotds, NDd 

bad iBffD not (nan 
The laU ipaA of tbck fwwaid ipfaiu, 

baeama Ite Trejaai dont 
TkAe lk«a abharrd adiaamcia, bM kt 

them do tbdr worn i 
Fbi ika; a4|[>t be aMorad that JoM wgnid 

And tbai «be^ vWh Ibe bmch of trace, 

vonld hmt llidr ennnin, 
Wufe Tulmta ttarOBld be tom ibeouilvn -, 

tW Lhv >bM^ i^X^^' to'O' 
»in<t and t&ildtaa M Ibcv bteail. 

Bui luch n* be bebdd bkns olt (ram tltat 

Such weSdM hiti'oir ichuke^ and «lih 

diifracecicile : 
■• Bue AiKives. bluih n not lo ttond as 

Bi*dc ten bui» 10 aia\* I 
Wkf axe je tliia disoonifiied, like hind* 

that have no brart*. 
Wbo. vearitd with a Imc-tUB Gcid. an 

Ininatly cnbou'd, 
Stand fiS). and in their beudjr breaitt b 

all ihiat oounye Iom? 
And to NaMi Tou Mtvok wlib amaie. nor 

dare la Miika a utnkr. 
Would )« Itie Ibe ihinild nearer ya jroor 

dauudiplceni prorakc^ 
Ev«B «hrr« oa K«p(une'* (mmy ihOK ottr 

ftiviea He IB rlchl. 
To MC It Jont will hold wnir kudi. aitd 

liach }* how to At'il ' 
Tbui he. ra«nnaDding, ranged tbelioft, 

and foMiat many a band. 
Heeome i« the CiMeaeuui mopt, when 

an iKd aimed uand 
About tb« martial Moncn ; -who bfavctj 

In •OBtgoaid of Ml imapi, and moi<h'd 

&t«>iooci. hb tkifioceer, the reatgnacd 
bnni^e 00. [a fi^hi akae. 

IMiIch i«n toAunn' mi. to him it wu 

And KUiiixa'l cofltirawd mind wlib iboe 
kind vndi b* ankt : 

"O Idomcn! len«loitd thywU pasi all 

Is «ar, or anir work ef peace, at tnUe, 

c^enniDCR I 
Foe arhHi the If It of {koM* bc«(dei aix 

««cr. Moor ttwcr. 
My good old ardcni wine wilb muIU mm! 

our iirienor mtin 
Drink even ihal mU'd alne ineaium) tcOi 

thou drink'w. viihuul llinw r.t>e!i. 
Our old wine neat ; and cMimot« thy bowl 

fliandi full like mine. 
To dil^ Kill, when and vIbI thou wDt. 

TlM* t«Bte tbot heart of thtee : 
And, wbatMcvcr fecretobie iliou has! 

fetmned to be. 
Tbia daj be gimler." To Ibe khig tn lhi( 

tort amwrr'il he : 
"Autdcs. «bu 1 enr leea'd, the tana 

at etety pait 
Thil dnf ihall ifaew me at the (all. and t 

villfil tt^bmrl. 
Dot Ibaai shouId<i raiber cheer ihe resit. 

and uU ihcni they in ticbt 
Of iH Eood war nun ofttr blovt. and 

ibould brgln the light, 



(Since Trar fine bnke Ihe bol; irun] and 

not nuuniliracbnxra, 
To take xocg first. Aiitl llion be lUied lo 

lUe reamge l! (mi'si ; 
Anvhc ILeiti ttiM 'I itiy ia tuit muit hive 

l£« irone Bt l«I. 
SJaCE lint, HDd 'cju.itt a (nice ihcj IiuH. 
I ulicie llir; *huald iarr milnawil." 
TbU tomlvn nnd ailvioc did £1 Mtiin' 

hart iudeol. 
Wbo Kill IhroBih Qtw~nfaBd iinirint,ot 

me* bcld his Ubonoitt *E«cd, 
And canic when Loth tli* Ajnoc* Mood ; 

vhoiD lilv the lait b« found 
Ann'd. tiaiqiKiI. and reulj let Ihe fl^il, 

Br^iAEl tlwin, hid the gfuund 
A etoud of looi, tbu Kvm'd to ■mol^c. 

And at a gaal-ha<d iplci, 
On Bcnm hill's I09, out of Um m«, « raiiijr 

Driven by tUt Irrcath of TeptTCU*. wlilcb, 

iboui'i faiotf he trai 
Comci on SI bUiJi ai pltcb. and tirinp ■ 

Wh.?ii^Bi te. fri^hiiit, diiit* hli htrJi 

HinKC inioa den : 
So, dailiTiiitii: Kinb Hiih ilbTtt and thietiit. 

aliL'-w'J llicw w " ■ ," tatti- 

Thf i')ih\ wuh . .il Iheklng. 

wl)0 iliu* kl (" ■■■« 

lacr|l>souiiolwiJiUic tlulia: "0 ]rou 

(if equal aunt, 
I nnut sot cbnr : najr. I diicUim all asy 

oommand «t )'ou. 
YoBTwKfv ooRini.tnil U3ih Rirb ftr« inind^ 

and tntJce )«ui lolditn ihcnr. 
A* yon nor I led, bul Ihcintdvcs. Owould 

our tehci lov*. 
MlnnviL. and the God ot Jlgfit, would til 

oui bodiu flson 
Wiih such bnTc spiriD m btcodha In jrou : 

ilwn 1^1*111*1 lofty town 
Should soan b« Inkea bjaurbandi, for 

ever overlhnwn." 
Then held lie on 10 othrr troupe, and 

N<Mar next l>;hoId, 

(Tb« labile PyUan onuor], tange up and 

down (he Held. 
Emballelllas bia a>*a at aiiM. aad Mining 

oU 10 U<iwi ; [eblel be >bov( 

Poiaci enrj legion on) b!i tkitt. anil emy 
The r«nnt anj diKipUae ol wu ; ytC hu 

MmnuideTi were 
AH mrtt, and tmowned torn, Gnal 

Aliator ; manly Quoeeiia ; and Hoemon 

wnnb a thrane ; 
And aia*, (hai oonid armie) kad. V/ltb 

Hhw be finl put on 

Hb hone iroe>F* viib 'bMr chorion: I 

loot (of which he chooted 
Man)-. il>F Ihu «sd ablm men. and alil 

be e^vr used 
At (.unpife to Ui (enrral poirrr) he la ( 

mr dlipoatd. (ibe midst tndoat 
The tlotlital, md the leut of ifoiK, he< 
riial. luch M wanted noble willa. ba 

need migbl fane 10 {[and. 
Hli hone itoopi. ibat the vantsuard hi 

br iiricUT did Gonuswd 
To nde ibrtt bone* temperately. 10 ke 

Ihtie rinkl. and khun 
Confuiion. leal ibEir boneniiDtbip » 

Mumse made them run 
(Too much preniRKd on) much too & 

and. cbarRing >o alone. 
£ngB£e tbemaelvea In th'eneniy'iioensl 

when nany 6f hi wiib one. 
■■Whohiiown ehanoi lonrcitoiani 

let him not freely KO. 
But Knughi onhone him with a lann ; 

'tis fnueh belter >o. 
And with ibii diKifibne," laid be, *' t 

form. lhe«e mind), ihl* iruil. 
Out aiiMMon have walla and lowu I 

trirl with ihaduM." 

Thus prompt, and lont: inured to m 

this old man <liil eihioi : 
And 1^ Atrida UkcwiM look in wondn 

(lirertui lOTt, 
Anil iiitil : " O fathfT. would M h*a* 

ibi as tby mind remaioi 
In wonltd tigout. ao thy tMM «0 

uoitttco out paina. 
Dul ace. that all »en ovcnomet. b 

moife hJa priicon ihee: 
Yet fill I wish thai toma younc m 

i:rDwn old in mind, mlghl be 
I'^t in |jTO|mrrion with tliyyeafs. and 

mind, joung in age. 
fie lalv antwer'd with his yooll] : that 1 

mat conlllctl nuK, 
And y«tnii; men uird 10 ihruit for fw 

thy brerc eaampbng haud 
USfbl double our ><iiiijj: Grecian mil 

and rraceoiir uliale commaiHl 
Tbe <M ItDlghl inini'cr'd : " 1 my 

could wish. O Auaus' >oii, 
I were ta yoani u wbea t tlew bi 

KiBUtlillion ; 
Gut Gods at all Ume* gift boI all { 

Situ 10 mortal mts. 
If thra I had Ifat >t r ai iE<1i of youtl 

iiu»'d the coDMdt then 
That yean now ^r* iM ; and now y 

want Ihal mam itroafilli ot yoDIb ; 
Vet silU my mind reunn bet itnogtb 

jou DOW laid lb* (oolb) 




Aad wodIiI b« vfctic Ibu smosib li iB«d, 
To Kk roai's mad* «fi : 'lii th« grace 

L« rogaenitann, men q^mnc op *>>^ 
AmI M^ M have sWBftlk on it, aad. as 

loose IS KMOOf OCt 

Tkt taoK. all iha whiU camfcncd. 
Mf^pcd aen •hoc h« found 
Wan iBia UtBtattatoi (PmcV ton) Mud 

HnL €wiraB<S n>iind 

Wkh Ms(KlMnnnVI Atbcaim rnoop* ; aad 

BcaiMhIinbciBial fbaiKUbntdo 

Tba -to UlrHM. dMdlni uo. and nil ttli 

OdnoDcCtpbaUaia: for •■ jpM tb' ataiB 

la al) tUb ^aartin . Gimm and Tror«tte 

tfuv sa Mvty MirT'd. 
And ilMft fan aasivd. as tluj coooeived. 

sDrf 1^ K Icofc'd aboM 
To tee tntk hoMa ritc pro«f of that ilxy 

r*i tad —lit to doubt. 
AmSn MEbit; Ilen Hand to iid, aad 

tpend Ibiit ef« al faia. 
BEca> w cUdc; "And rhj," Mid be. 

"liiiietml thai In amate. 
Ttav Ma of ntnn. Jowc-ntmod kinf. and 

Uwo ta wkkBd Adsht 
A eaaaini aotdle. ilaad jpe off ? If xped 

T« that lb* tcW 
Sto al d be br «<>X* nM bcpui ? Til m 

ttwCncmoM band 
Shook! >bav irOQ thna ; fou fini ihoold 

ft«*ii sfao fin) Idb m Ma hand 
RM )ou can hear, nlKa flnitte the pnnMa 

loabaM. r«at and dtfnk ihe boi ; 
When fiM. bM BHodlv. and at will. >« 
Tct la itw Wit Me« wJtlnglr, tea uoops 

Take plan bcfcn n." Ithacw M thit hit 

btvM d>d fold, 
Aad aaU : " Ho* ball) Iby (tetakl taafue 

bacfca tfanucfc ibf HI of laMb. 
To av AM we an thick tibsbi. and to the 

Md oTdaafh [w< wm buunj then. 
Lack oObM ibestd •nforcn our *-«y. wlxs 
turn wbea tboa fp*k«ii. BRainti tb4 foe 

» cftaa* aad lad our men ^ 
IMII>iiiW*illli«»i ■■ ifii iiiaiiinl 

air *!■• l*" •» ■"<<( iiMo Hill. 

Aad UM ia> ibou prrtend'til ibtaeoucs 
TbabilMra(T«iMMeftanf»hani t oteem 

■» dear, [d«e d> don* hvt) 

Aad to aheaa. aa a kSKf, ni Icam ur 
Efin wiib Ih* tomacM band of TVoyfauh 

hli encioaiiltT damL 
Aad ihoMfaM Bte ii-r spMdK* nin, sad 

knd baan batlw iputd." 

H& ^Ans. tlnc« bo Mnr Um wond, 

MMlI'd hit voeda. aad >aid : 
"Mow gi w wi i m Laans'aoKDoai wteof 

all mraad. 
I aelihef do accve thy wtmh. niore (lira 

IhjTMlf nuy bald 
Fil. (ifaal iiVefKn tfatnk nnl much, btiag 

ilsfk. to be OOniroU'd) 
Not Ukc 1 on a« thy oooimand ; ka well 

I koo* thy miiin 
KaoM bow iveet senile oonnieU arc : aad 

that IhOB Maad'it inclinrd. 
Ai I oywlf. lo( all our good. On then : 

If now we KMke 
What halb d U p ku ed. anollicr liiB* wa full 

amasdi wul mka : 
Aad Godi gnuit IhM thy (Btuc here may 

ftOK » ftte and bnic. 
Tbat my reprooAmayuid baiam, and Iby 

■leattviop paiw." 
Thu> partixi they : unci forik be iKni, 

nrhcD he iltd Iranini; rind, 
Agaiou bu chanot. near hla bone, him 

Mih tbe Bdchry mlnA 
Gkcai Oaan^ila. t^iltua'tan, nd Slhis*- 

Of Cuandus ; h bom the king miiig Hw- 

wiM oal«f daail, 
Tbui (ckd he out on Dtomed : " O me I 

M whal a fear 
Tba nha tft mnior, Tyitm'ton. luoda 

jpnaf e>fly w bvra 
For otbea to bcga Ihc Aghl I li vm not 

To be w daaantl. whooi hii spirii would 

e^fiuMm produce 
Before the lon^uit of hii biendt In ibcM 

As they tepott 1^ bave beheld him Ubour 

For nc, 1 oeHt know the auA. not in tua 

But cxcellAi, above the nsi, be wat In 

And one rtnown'd exploit of hit. I an 

amred, h inie : 
Hacaaae toihr Mycenian courL wilboul 

armi. aad did mr. 
Al godlike I\>lyn>ca' handii to fane •ana 

To tbiif dmcn* >hxi 'pbM tbe waSi of 

*Bci«d Tbcba nre laid. 
He wa* gctnt Polynloet' eueai. aad Babtr 

(BkrtaJB'd, (nqaclol va»'i 

And of the kind Uyani,->n watvwlut ha 
In mcra comoil ; b*i whra they afaould 

tbe t^mr in ad i^rpK»ie 
{By i«n>e iinivfr [icodi^ici. held out la 



Tlier w«fe <li*ODunE(d i Ihenoe be went. 

and tafely bod liu pus 
BMk lo AMpca' Oaod. cenown'd for 

bulnnhes and cms. 
Vet. ooce mare, tlicir unbngadac. Itie 

Groriin («■« JiUnu 
Ldd Tfdm tu Ivicuclct ; to wbom brim 

und him fcoillniF irilh ft ckw <d 

Cadtnoini in hU lum ; 
Abodkm wbom. Ibousb *a <neiny, and 

oajf one m all : 
To >U )nl he bit cbkllengc nude at tiray 

maiiial lr*t. '.was >o itnai. 

AndcMilrfoirddLwiccviihhiin Mincira 
"n* mik-tode <Ijuliiic«u. much looEnwd 

wilh Ibair to foul dtocncC; 
Lodged uiibutcwloM lot that Toe, in xme 

wcll-chaen i^lue 
By wtiicb Iw wm to auk« tctutn. Twiot 

fiie-and-iwentr mea. 
And two oF ihem grml CBpUlw loo. the 

•mbiuh did coiilalB. 
Tlw nana of thou Iwo mm of nilo w*n: 

Mjcon. Ifiemoa'i mh. 
And L/jcoptamla. KMp.fteU cdl'd. llic 

h(ir of Auicplion. 
Bjrall men honvar'd lil» Ibt Codi ; yti 

disc nnd all then lllendt 
Wcic lent lo bell Iqr Tydeui' tiutd. and 

had nnlinxlr am- 
lie nuMtos (o cho aid oC Godi, rtvcol'd 

Oti«yinE*>iic)i. onc<bi«f hetsml. anddid 

hii lifi? 'pplj' 
Tbbr ihe b«i>7 (acuengeT of all theotbcrf 

diMllu : 
And thai lad moiKiGe. oiib hii lift, ii< 

Uson be bcquniitMs. 
So brave a kaight irai J'jrdeu* : «f wliwua 

wa it spninic. 
Intense far fn mutUl doedv IliMifb highci 

IB bit tixifue." 
AB ihw l^didca tlhnil hcud, awtd bj 

the Rtefttul UuR : 
Whicb iiuug biX Slhencloi wllh wialh, 

who Ibiu |iul fotlh bii Uinz : 
"Airidtet «'hfn ihou known the tniih. 

»e<A whU ihy kaovlcdce li. 
And do nM tie >o : lor I know, Mad t will 

bi«c in Ihii. 
Thai <r« arr fir (non aUa man than both 

our fflihf ti wne : 

W« look llie tocD-toU) pot(d Thibd, 

wh«n vet n had not ihi-n 
So nut hrip u out fiihen had; and 

(oiiKhl btmealh a nail. 
Sacftd 10 Man, bj holii of Jova, and 

BUIUDf to th«Mll 

Of bappjr ligiM from oUicr Godt, \>j whom 

■ C 10«k tlX EOHII 

Unuwcb'd ; our falbnt periibing theic bj 

fuUi*B u( tiint oim ; 
And ibadbre nowr more compare oui 

fjuhu'i Kurth vllb oun." 
Tydidn frown'd at tliii, and laid ; "Sup 

pnn thine aiiKcr'i powtn. 
Good trieDd. and hcu wbj t nfrain'dj 

Ihou ttrM I uni nul movvl 
Acsin» o'lr Cmer^, since he did M 

wbat hii plicc behoved, 
AdmoDlibiDK ail Girrltt Eo 6sh( ; for. I 

Troy pR>v« our pnu. 
The honour and Ibe joy it hu. If hen 

OUT niln tia. 
Thcthamt and B'i*' fcnthal, at aiucb, t 

hn la i^mlen londt. 
As he Ibea Till chii|e. wei^ «« ouif 

which a unt daimtin* mindi. ' 
Tliui. from hii cluiloc amply um'd. ll 

Jump'd down u> ibe grouad : 
The amiuur of the inery king tu borril^ 

did sound. 
It miehl bare made bit bmvai foe kt (ea 

ukt down bii beana. 
Ani] Ht wbsi wlLb Iho wMI-wind llaM 

■ho sea thrrau up her wains. 
One atier other, (bidi and hith. upon It 

KTeaning tJtonx. 
rim in brncll luud. bin oppoted wM 

banks anil tocki ibc totn. 
And, uil luir tuvl. In biiuloict.iplucvct 

wny bri fiiani ; [o^rcn^ 

So. nl'.n Diomiii, instantly the ficU <n 
WlibtliltklmpnuMniollheUiiBekai as 

all lite «alie thai mw 
(OMntnc and cberrine cp fbcB iMi4 f»H 

onlv IciKlen Aeir. 
The ml went lilently ainiy. you could i^ 

bvu • tvior. 
Noi uouU lure ihciugbl, tn tJII tht 

bitmli, tbey hodoae in (bci chmce 
Tbcii iilnioe ultchoa tbcb mm of Ihl (hm cDQinjl'd ; 

niuvh. nshti.lU wbetche ihould. 
The Trii;An> (hkc ;t Ki(t Of emi, pvim'd 

a litb man's laid, 
Ckoe ai hu door. 611 a3 be icUk'd ; ■) 

iievci liaaiRg bold i 

HeuiT the bdniing of Iheit tamU) d 

all thcU wide hosi fill 
Wllh thouu and chooun; tiot obtov 

onu vilcT, oiMlnamg lidl; 
But sboa'd mli'd uafoet Iratn mnny 

Lind, of mm call'd to ibdr aid- 
Rude Man bad A' oidaiDf uf their inl 

cfGcBcks; ibekuuZuald. 


B« T«n( lDilMr*d bolb the haul. w>d 
ngu. and latiom Sittie 

n* ilM(*'. Md (be MHMb «< liUiX Ihal n>il 

Aftdiwva'lthaiinufcsi. uflmsbeb 

y«< aiier (bal m Utile fed) the (ton lo 

ml and ull. 
Tbtt «tila b«t feet mon bm In wrth, 

bs tocbMd li to bcMCU.* 
Aod lW» «« *t IfaM madi^ •(«« Ibcn. 

balk boMi M deadly gnen. 
T)u«ufll eaciy tioepihe tu>Ik*d. Uld ■Uir'd 

rach Bftu tfi u >k« wtac : 
Bu KkcD la one field boili (be feci be( 

fun dd conlcDt. 
Aid boUi saint under eodi of dnti. then 

dot! kod ■hktdt MHWved 
Todm .ad tWtld*: urcsglb aa»n*'d 

Mfvacib : dm *«t«nb and carpu doted 
Willi nonb and tusea J bMh wtik (Aet i 

and ikn did tumali tke 
I'piabsbeicfat; Um woqacfsn^ boatu 

BU*d vUh ibit coaqntt'd'i crta : 
Canli Omr'd Mith tdood. Andatftonihilk 

IMB alin heaJloi^ (aai. 
tlMt all van aMbufB run. which, tatlin 

WMknch aeondueneedf Uieui.ihaton 

llw ninunlrin Enmali 
FM cA In ftlBWcd tbepbctdc' <•», Ilw 

boMHa* noiie nbcaadt : 
So gf** th^ mattct^ a^ wibev'd Ibdr 

■coAHg M ili« «ar, 
Willi B«la and dMMW aUi eooMBu'd. 

And IM teson'd AadloebB >lew 

1 Acba»'* fcniMM bulla, mith an 
andauMcd gnee) 
Ecbepe'nt TbaljtiaiMi he wm an aimed 

WhOB on Ui h^-plnned bcfaatl^ <n»( 

thadan ini •»««. tbon am 
law U* loMbead, and ibue suck ; ILe 

Meat pik Baking w»y 
Q^U tkmutfc tiit ilxiU; a hatty nlglii 

Ant np us hC(U day. 
flbfellBafUka a l%bl-tuid lowcii lik« 

whtdi. lyinc ihm dlqiecad. 
KlMEIqdnniir ttifcowjaawi >■> Chileo- 

n* wAaa* Abant*) comons thai be 

■itchi Int poHae 
UH amo. Wd hand* wptu hi* laet i and 

Med him be« Ibe ptiu 

• r>T9 tbrnn t( Plow. 

OtdarUMd iaiwIiMbiiTrdalbim. The 

action of ibe Uag 

hsjatdn aiog 
To A' Who'* Uboar : aod aloog, ai he 

Ilw liunk did wleU. 
Ka ude (at whicli he boM bf* *bldd) la 

Lar uW. and ncdved the lanot ; thai 

inidc him Icee k«i hoU 
And Ufa Mwctbcr : nblcb, to bope ot that*eld. 
Bui tor hi* Mke ihe flght giew fctee, flie 

Ttojan* and ibar tns 
Ukt w«lin«» OB one anotbcr nuh'd. aod 

man far man n goa. 
The aaxi «f lutmr, thai uned bii £u«. 

great Aju TelunoQ 
Prctet'd BO Mdly. He wat bdr to old 

And dcck'd >ath all ibe towtt «( youth : 

tbc frail ot whidi ycl fled, 
Btfon tbo honoui'd supiul tonh could 

UkM tam to hdi btd. 
Hb name wu Sinioitlu* ; tor, tonte fev 

jian btfon. [bj tho shore 

llM modRT waUliag down Iba bill ut iUit, 
0( (ilvTC Siniol*, lo M« ha partnu' flocks, 

wllh lijan 
Sbr, txltiig luddrnly Ilw peine <d Chillt 

ttttb, by th« euoia 
01 dial uighl lirer biteighi bin forth : 

Tbiy Tall'd him ^irnoUiH. Sered «u 

that btttb of 111! 
To bu bed ptrtali. mi bb giowlh did 

•U theii oue aa flof : 
Aad yet iboia rtica of piety, ibai iliuuld 

lave been hhjoy 
To par tbeir bonoui'd ye«t* agilo In ai 

BSccliunjile tnrl. 
Hccoukl Doigiurloiulypeirofni^hkcveel 

Ue ■■** lo thon : 
Cut off wiih BBiliiy AJiu' leaee. Fo*. «i 

bu ipitit pill on. 
lie KiixJi hUa at bii bnatl*! rif bl pap, 

()inc iliivaijh idi ihottld«f^)oac. 
Add w the duit al cattta be fall, thai wia 

the fnaifaS tail 
Orbu fnendi' Iwiwa; h(il«bae heioir'd, 

be buned all faU lelL 
And 11 a puplai Ouit liott, eal by a lirer 

la Buiu edge of a m^iy fea, lii bead bt 

taeb impUed. 
Bat all hU tad* plela aad tmooih. to 

whacb a abe^righl fait 
Tlwdap edce ef & tUetoc aiei nd 



FlxHH hii hnutlivc rool. >n bope to hew oui 

of hi» bolfl (,coinp>M id lb* wholf. 
He feU'fb. or oM-pMU of • ahed. ihu 
To Km nme goodlT ehulol : (tnn. being 

tn{ ind Md. [ttif omM hopr he h.ij 
And M be haled home through the boK^| 
Sticks Ibcre. and then Ihe goodly pl^l 

lin withniag oul lus sncs : 
So Uy. br love^bted A)u' bud, Anthe- 

tnloa * lannai i*ca. 
Ha oould tbf«u{h thUTuifenof toiltte 

drown to icrve (he endi 
latendixl bj hii body's pomrs. nor cbnr 

his aged f CI ends. 
But BOW III* uy-Mm'4 Antiphu* (■ wn 

of Priam] iTirrw 
His buoe u A)ax Ihrangh (be prcis. 

w^.itli mail by him. »nS flew 
Ob Lranu. wiw Uiyua' friend; his 

(Toln U smole. u luin 
Ito would ba** drawn into hit spoil the 

«*rc»M of the slain. 
By which Ur. (ill. anil that by him : it 

vei'd Ulysiei' hoiit. 
Who thruit inio the lac* of rt£li(, wdl- 

anii il »t otrrr pirt. 
Ctme c^oie. aiidl(>»k'd about to And an 

otijecl vorlh lib hicce ; 
VTliieh when the nw him shake. 

aod he M near adr.uicv; 
Alt ihnink ; be Ihm. ami (orlh It iliinod. 

nor fell but wh«re it fcll d : 
Hb (nend's frlef gtre U angry power, knd 

dodly nay it held 
Upon Democooa. who ««■ spninc of 

Prtua^ muiion larce. 
C«n>e (ram AIndu*. oad wss nutJe the 

nuuiet of hb hone. 
Through both hii trmpln timok the dan. 

the wood of one ndc ihow'd. 
The pile ont of the otbci look'd, aad an 

With much toond of his wdghl; anu- 

Then back (he toremoat went : 
Even Hector yivldod ; (hen the QimIs 

Cai« wotihr cUmour* vent, 
BAbcODg then (beir Atit dumb power* 

lome dt«w the drAd, and •jpoii'd : 
Some foUow'd. thai, in (■pen digbt, Tidy 

mlgbl confeis l( foll'd. 
Apollo, impj ti the lighl, from lop of 

" Turn head, jc wtll-rode prcn of Tioy, 

had wX (M Cccciaot' piide. 

Tliay lie not eharni'd acaind youi p^t^ 

ofM^tl. nor iron, fiamol: 
Nor Aghu the lAlr-bUt'd Ttietu' $on. bat 
tii» IT flr^r inflarnvd-' 
So spake the dreadful God froml^ofSH 

The (irocki. Jok'i noblelt teed 
Sscounced to keep on Iha chaic ; an4 

wbm Ac spirit old need. 
She gave li. maTchidg in th« midii. Then 

flew the blal hour {bum'd powar : 
Back on DIom. Id murn of tUon s tiu> 
Diora Amnrfnddia. whoae h(ht leg'i 

ankle-bone [handful-chuving none 
And boih the sinews, with a sharp iind 
Picus Inihnuidfli Ail) bnak. that led the 

Thnclaa hindi. 
And came front lEnos ; down he fdl. and 

up he held hit h;iiir!i 
To hn 1o«ed ftlcndi : h» ipiril wlng'd tc 

iy out ofta* limtl ; [ii](tn3**d 

With which not snils&ed. afaln fmbiaslda 
Hh Jarelln al biui, and so ripp'd his lanl, 

lh»i ih* wound. [on ihf greun^ 

.\i en-iiraU It >hu( hli ejtt. sx open'd 
ii pour'd hli entrails. Ai bis foe wieal 

(bm tulficed awar, [pile cnnitejr. 

Thoas /Ifioliiu threw a dait, that did lu 
Atxive hti iilpjiie. through his lungi 

when, quilting his (t*m |4rt. 
He dosed wRh him ; and, from fall brcM 

fint drawing out hit dail. 
lilt sword ttew in. ond by the roidll I 

wiped hi* belly onl : ' 

bo look hi* lift^i Ijul Irfl hit anna; U 

friends to ftock'd about. 
And (bnu( forth lanoa of such lengC 

before Iheir tlsiighifr'd king. 
Whltb. though their foe were big kb 

tlcorg.'and often brake the ring 
Foignl of their lancet, yel (cafotced) f 

left lb' alfoeted prUe. 
The Thraciaa aud Epeian dukea. Ul J dot 

iriih eloaed cyta 
By citlicr other, drowa'd In dust ; M 

round ulwut the pLiin. [did tKitly rj| 
All hkl wilh slaui^ter'd careaswa, yei tt 
The martUI planet; wbote tSeai U 

any ep; beheld, 
Fre« awl sowouadcd land wet« led 1 

riailu through (he held. 

To keep oiT ja*Blini. itid aegpet. the let 

laull could be found) 
He could not rcpichend (he 1 

siiTW'd the graud. 





Cora DwH^ tn P*IUV nril 'iuf!ni 
Vdh wiU Md p**t>l U (M bit iifti *>ti>lr«<. 
Mm bk HjBca dcrind fmn Uaiio. 
Aid Mtti* iWiiim I wi. b* MmSti. 
nil ■<! miiiiri HM lUkaHil bote 

toA^JdMiwttjfc anJ cm Uoi auu. 
Kn ■ fMan< W PBHi : kui b* Jo^ 
a*takad t)r»nben« bnKb aThium km. 


SI XftilH Hcno'i U»d •• Aei 
r M«4 •*(■ of I>ia«ad. 

TMBM PrUm tmub«d In TjnlMa' ion ; lo 

nodor Btan iupnmc 
To aU tbe Grvcla. ai ati b)i pMU, »bc 

out Abocict bom 
0* bli Mgb gdad; U* baly Bird wtih 

nwh i^eflor MlCht : 
AmI fmda hit BoaiplMa tnnout otH « fu 

mixc cotnletc hcbL 
ftMn U* brifta Ukn and ihkM did tm» 

■ aMM wmKM Era. 
UwriekAMMaM^foUen bMp,<HhoM 

PiM aS dw otba boM of itui^ ttta, *<ih 

lihl lI'imiTuI l»tn 
Fmb «B«b*d la leA* 0««aa wtnt, he 

doth Ibe itki CBdMie. 
To kt irtiBic iloir IcM no tlgbt. uDI 

Wlwe nawk pmm ecpacu'd hto pawn, 

■nd latan lb* athi did burn. 
As hoocM and a WMlUiy nnn. tnhabiled 

IlaNa, <ba cdaW of Uukam. vtio two 

and boU ' Fbtgcot, w«U-*acB In 

007 Aghl; 
IVw Jtintled IVoia (hdr Itoopi, and 

bocMd} oMaO'd Minem.'* knitU. 
Wbo iM|>d boat fighc 10 Agbl on feol. 

AD balling amiaAl t}uafx, 
Aad Mw drawn b««t. fau nK«t«i ihitw 

• jkMlln (wia aod Uoye. 

• nil iWk Gk**<u VvTd tam •« tte 
TQL. in. 

Whcae baMl tb« Ub('i leA Aooldn took, 

but did ae hann at all ; 
Tbt* nafa'd ha ont ■ liM at bim. Ilint 

bvl no Idle laU. 
Del In bit braan Muek 'twixt Ibe foft, and 

tinxtk tarn frem ba bom*. 
Wlikb iieni ilghi whta [dann mm, dla- 

iiumA:! of bn fete* 
To an hii ilaQghMfd broibn'i ipaU, It 

made bbn headlonf kap 
Fram bit lUr cbvM. oad Icat* all ; jct 

had OOt 'luprd Ih« heap 
Of liMiy funmU. il ihe God, cnu pR*t> 

dcni of 6r«. 
Mad oM (In ndden cloudt of imokc; and 

pjlj' or 111! tiie 
Tu teaie bim wwiljr anbtiiid) ifinm lafi 

pan to bb rett. 
)I« ffoaa, T>did(a mm lb* botat asd 

Tbo TrMftai MtiBf Dar«' mm, oaa 

ilain, Ibe oiber Oed, 
Wsr« Kr«ok Mn*Md. Tha M an lyt J 

Maid (losiaoe her DhMnad 
In gMng free way U> bit poMf) made ihli 

■o nithntl bet 
A III adnuufi lo icmorc ibe V/tr-g/id 

Wbo rued M on lb« llion rida:— iha 

griped Ua band, and aUd r 
"Man. Man, tbouniinwci am, thai la 

So «MBr dtlta, and arlib blood titf god- 
bead dcM dalain i 
Now ihall we eeaae to ibow ooi breast* ai 

panionaie a* awo. 
And leave the mlxtme of oar bacdx. re- 

Aa RocKs of Iba Oct&h to ihv the gloiy 

WbeialM a&ctatb, tat ha teoaa^t wa 

ihoaldf>«tlr yield r 
He hrJd It fit. «nd H«n( otih her Erom tha 

liunullucmi lieM. 
Wbo Ki him in an hciby leit en btood 

SrAinnndtr'l thoce. 
lie cone, all Tny wiuaone wkb bbn, [ha 

Gm ki drata all bcfon. 
And every leader dew aBaa; bal&iMibe 

Unff otaien 
D«(Tv*i3 the bonotir of bli nam^ aad led 



And tlow B InulcT. one more bnge tban tiof 

MIX hfl lad. 
Orad Odiiu. dnlte of IInliMns ; <)iuCo bom 

bb dMrfoC* htftd 
He ureok him wllli • Iodm (oonh, m 

ftni he fllgtil iddMM'it ; 
It look fail fonrcrd^imed bade, nnd look'd 

Hit hwa tnodt aouadnl, and hi) ami did 

«obo 111* nMnnd. 
UonnwHloilw death did noble rhn- 

lia vDund, 
The son o( Mwin-Boni*, thai from <locI<Ij 

Tenia oune : 
Who. taUni! chariot. Hok hii wound, nnd 

lumbltd wilh iha nnw 
Prom hbl atiempcrd KM : the huice througli 

bit richl )ih«iutda( uitFok. 
Atid honn daikmas Mroak ihrou|>h him ; 

(he ipoll hb sotdkn took. 
Aitidn-MnMbnit tlcir, M ha bcfcrv him 

ScMBiUMlrint, (on til Siropbiui. Ibat wai 

a huntmiui brad : 
A ihilAil bonitnuui, (at Us *hiU Dlnna'* 

trif dill iBMh, [to tcich 

Am) made bim able whb hU dut In&llibiT 
AH »rlt of lublletl uvafC*, wbldl many n 

Kml foi Mm. and he much piCMrrcd. oad 

all to lAvrv hii >)dll. 
Yd ool the din-dcliehllnK Queen taiisht 

him to ibun ihis dart. 
Nor all hi* hJlUos w r«t off, the Ruutcry 

Kit back rmiTRl ll. and be Idl upon bli 

bnsul wihal : 
Hii body's TOia, and hit umx, >o sotinitcd 

to hit (nil, 
TliM hi« BHilghlnl bono Dow off. and ht* 

him, Uhc Us life. 
Morioaas tl«w Pbandui. iihom ibc iIiai 

Yet Oodden of good bousewiva, hdd In 

uoeUnit napact 
Fw Imoirina an the «ltiy tfalnsi Ihat graoe 

an anhTlcet ; 
Andhavinepowerioei'citall. Ibe cunning 

use olhuDd. 
IlarmoBides. hli itre, bull shipa. and mode 

him uiirimJani!, 
With all thr pmciioo it icquind. the (nime 

He buili nil Al«uinij«r'i thip*, Ihalaiilliui'd 

nU Hie 111 
Of all the I'cojnnt and bit om, becaote be 

tSd not know 
Hm ocnoles advliinf Trojp (fot fcv oT on>- 


To tooldle with iko M* aAalt, bul llva bf 

tilling Lnnd. 
Ttus man MmonM imiDlwd, and dnti« 

hli dnidty bMid 
TTirouih hli nrbi hip : the lance's head ran 

Itojogh tSe rrglon 
About ths blulda, undeciwoih Ih' in- 

mutdcs and the bone ; 
lie, sighing, bov'd hi* knees to dcaih, 

nnd Mcrifiurd tocMtth, 
PhylideiKajr'd Podaua'Blcbt— Antenot's 

bistaid birth— 
Whnm virtuous Tbeano his wifr, to please 

her huibond. kept 
Ai IcndcrlT u ibosc ibe lortd. niylldct 

noM liiu BMpt. 
And la the founuln of Uw cerres did 

drench hta (cmnt laneo. 
At hi* heatd's book-pan ; and so far Iba 

»harp bend did ndnnoe. 
It cIcR the orfu of hi* spotdi. and tb' 

iron, cold u doilh. 
tic looli bcioui hii grinning torlh. and 

(avr Thr .lir h'h lirrdth. 
Eurypjlui. ihc much Roown'd and gnM 

Eveniou'i son. {Di^oplon, 

DirinD Hirpscnor al*v, hegot t^ ilout 
And consecrate Soiaander's piiot , behad 

a Qod sngofn 
AmonjtB the people : his hard fllsU Uh 

GnciBn bllow'd hart). 
Rosh'd to so doBP, that wiih hb tword be 

on his shoulder laid 
A blow that fait arm's bnwn cnl olT: nOT 

Ibno his vipnir siajp'd, 
Dul drauc dowB, and bom olT hli wrlit ll 

hm'il hiabcdrhand. 
That Kush'dom bMod. and down Udropii'd 

Dpon the blmhlnit *and ; 
DMLh. wilh hit pniple fincer. tbul. and 

violent fate, fab tj/9. 
Thui Ibntbt ihci^ bal diieinpibh'd 

wall. "lydldMSoimpliCB 
HI* birr that you coaU not know whoia 

side liad Inietai 
ta hh bee labouis, Greece or Trojr ; bul U 

B flood. Incrnsed 
By violent and luddeo ihowtn. let dowS 

from hills, likehill* 
McU«l ID fury, (Wells and faunn and n 

b« uvi'rlill* 
His nniuml chaooel: thai beiMa both 

hKlga and brtil)^ roiKM 
To hU roiicli coaSaenn. hir qircad : anl 

luiiy llouilihlng vines 
Di(j<vii ll ill hit nuince; l^deiu' son, to 

OTerran the Rpld, 
Strew'd iDCh as Hourbh'd to hi* way, and 

euidi: whole »c]iuidrO«lt ftslcL 



Wbcn Puidmi. Ljcmm^ md, beheld 

U> raiolnelBad, 
Wlik Mcb MdMkM Iwoleiwe, make law* 

ihrouih evcty band. 
He bat lu> KOld-tlppd bow of boni, and 

ibM Um nsbog Id, 
At Hi dibit AoMa. vbm hit unit wttv 

bcUov ; lonh did ma 
Tbe blood, aiHldawn bkcuiMt nn ;lbea 

Pudatw crM out ' 
-Kufc-ridliv'noiuH^Mwniililn. Nmt, 

oov, 1 uko BO doobl 
Oa bnraN tea b muk'd fiar death ; he 


Mr «teltM Alii. IT Jom'i ftir Soo did 

•mthilr cooitTaio 
llf foo« ftoni Lnu.' Tbtn he bnmd, 

«>^nthl»*ieknliki>A (lifewuBD: 
Snook (boH with an ba irinlcnce. Tnlide'i 
Wbo ft* orkbdm btancit btblad bll 

cfaanot tod Hcndi, 
Aad ealTd 1» ScbcMlni: "Come Mend, 

■ay weoMlad thouldtr Bccdi 
Tlqrhand to««Mfl o( thbtbafl." Kc 

basudboM fakstai 
Bifbn iba coach, kod draw ihtthiAi Hie 

pqrple (rauad did Kxal. 
AMd drown btiihitt of iMfl tai Uood, and 

aa ft btal ba snyd ; 
*■ llcat me. tfian iEgloahndlNn motl 

DewlndMiradfiridlboahaat nnist(ti1 

MOod, [do me KOod. 

Or U wj tklber. os mywlf. now lorfv uul 
G#fC htn tMo in|r hnMi nub, IhM tbui 

hath giriB • wuiuid 
Td hin Otaa gaudit. pnvtntinif rh^ unci 

fanai thai mtci more 
lAallbdnldlbecbcerfulani.- Thiudid 

Ihc Viins implora 
Tht Godda* b«fd, ouw Mar. and took 

Ab a> M ta cM Jft|he 
n«n an bdi aarrs and IhmntMi, and 

node iben tasb aad I%bt 
Aad Mid : " Be bold. O Uoncd. ia «*eiT 

oontat dUoe. 
Tbc ritmt iMdd thihef Tjidais' lUcngth 

{ibal fcnIcM, IbU lin o( Hiiiw) 
Bf >T intatdM bnaiba ta (bee i and from 

ll>T koootet MUd 
I luiT wiac w rf tboar otiUK mitlt llul 

■ode n IMd]' UimL 
IbM than nu>u ili<h4«iKe Godi rroni 

Bt«:aaillWt<leniwlh|ttkill U ■ill 
Acuon lb* Ntnponi: Dcinn. i( any biivv 
To irr II Iboa ptesiunal ol ilul. as ItUAe, 

ituii fknn Erani Ihcm ; 
Aad to anmaiM abovs Ihy righi. What 

Uwu diNcn'M ■ beam 

Of any otha bravanly power (ban Aa Ihat 

rain in Ion. 
Ibat oilb ihcc 10 rhe change o( blows, 

mill tint, bill lemova : 
BiM if thai Goddoa be id boM (since ihe 

tinl UtrT'd tltU wat) 
Asnuli uiil nurk httt from ihe rut with 

•otnc inUoHnii K«t.~ 
The Mue-eyod Goddem *9inlibod, and he 

wasacrn opiln 
A)Bon(K thebreoKOI ; whobefoie, lhau|[h 

be wen prompt and fnin 
To lichi againit the Trc^uu' powvnk now, 

OQ bli iplritt HKTE call'd 
Wiih ihiicelba<risoiu ; lion-like, Ibat hath 

B7 aoine bold uicphcrd in ■ lirld, iHH.'rT 

hi» cnri'd Docki -wtn laid. 
Who 10c* him IB he kap'd tbe (uld, ntil 

tlain rc>. but appalil, 
With cemtcr ipirit, comat again, and (hen 

ItiE ibephenl hide* 
(The miher rcir the dtvoUtc plaoc), aod in 

hli cote abida ; 
Ills docks le(l cuanllas : which, atcaMd. 

tliakc anil dinnk up in hnipii ; 
Tie. ruihlsi, rmty uliu bis jircy, end oni 

again he 1«p* : 
So aprighihr. fi«m, vieiorotu. the Kteot 

ben* new 
Upon the TmjMi: snd, at once, he two 

<(Rnnianil<-n il«w. 
H jppcnuT and Aitynout ; in one hit bmcc 

hu lii'il 
Full at Ibe nipple of his breast : the other 

imcle betwixt 
The iHck and ■houldn' with bi» swrord 

which was M mil laid on 
tt swcpl fall ann and thouldcr ofL Thts 

Irfi, h« nab'd i^Mni 
Ahu nnd roly«idu.i. of old Eurydanu 
*r)ic h-ifloit (om : who could by ilfcun 

Idl what would come to paoB : 
Yet, when hii *ons let tolb lo Trajr, the 

<dd man could not itad 
Byihcit dmns what wonid tbuBoelio ihcm : 

brbctb wetcMrtdieo dead 
Bjrenai Tjnlldca, Afwr Ihaa, liB lakoi 

Xnnihui andTTMSn, numop^aoni, bora 

The pMd old man nvn ptncd with yaus, 

and had not one mn wioie 
To hdi hn Kooiii : y«( Dionnd took boi^ 

•nd IcA hnn awe 
01 leus oad tonvws la ihetr steads, since 

be coiilJ Brv«r Me 
Hi* *on> Irnv ibcao hot wait iKtc ; 10 iblt 




Of alt his laboun: what fas hcap'd, to 

RiokD fail ismt gnU. 
Aulhoriiv bdr**!. wid wllb iKr M«d fiU'd 

hb lortMlrn tckU 
Tlicii ouicli'd he up too Priamliii, tint 

in one cihniiot ilood. 
EcbnnoD. and fait Ciinuniiu. Ai fRiltng 

to > wrood [''^[B ui>-in, 

Omh or tic«n uv, an" of «h;c)i a lion 
Ttan down, uid wrings in two liit neck ; 

lo, uemW. TjrdiTUi' ton 
"nirew from lliftr cbiiiot bolh ihCM hopa 

Tbm look lluur ai nu. and tent thelc horx 

lO thOM tblt ndo dW BOB. 

^.neo. Keing the troops Ihiu l«w'd, 

bni* ihrouf h ihm iw«t of figlii. 
And all the whi^ns of th« daiii. lo Rnd 

Uie Lydan knlstit. 
IfCAon't Bon : vliom havin); bund, lio 

am bopike the pKt : 
"O nuiUnii. wliciu't now (hy bow? 

■fay douliful kirowj nlirre } 
In irhich no one la ail our tioil but pm 

(lid lolm tu tira* : 
Nor In the tun-lovcd Lyciui gnrot^ thu 

tooed our MchetT. 
Lii«« inr thnl noMdi ilijnielf. Coimt. lift 

ihy haadi U JoKCv [mm he proiv, 
And tend ui anow «■ (hl> imn—lf Ml a 
TbM vriHwch eod'Kkaiictoiin, and now 

■flccuout box 
With M much aMtow ; iince to much of 

our b«M Uood ii 1<8t 
B]r III! higi> oBlour : I hatt fur uitne Ood 

InUmdwh ilinai, \ni Oal i* k'^^-" 

iDcentcd for wuu o< anlfio? : the wtaih 

LjrcUHi'* GimDiu ton Rpliol : "Ooit 

oaunMllor of Troy. | Tydtut' jojr i 

ThliDku. wci(.><1hii n ormi. I think li 
I knnw him lij hit Rery *liietd, bf hi* 

bright thrcB-plumrd casque, 
And by hli hone ; nor can I My, If or 

toitw God dutfa n<»k 
In ha K[<p(Mr.ince ; or he be whom 1 

named, Tvdciu' ion ; 
Bui wilhoui Ood. Ihe lUn{t h< dUM tot 

onlain are not done. 
Some irmu Immonal, Uiat connys hi* 

thouldcn in a cloud. 
Goes by. and pati by eienr dart at hb 

bold bmut baMB'd. [let Mr 

Oi Im il lsk« wilh Ihita bun ; (or I my^tt 
A )lnA Ibu ihol him ihtou^h hit anni. 

but had ai food cone by : 
Vel <i>4uch I (lonouily affirm d had drivea 

bun down 10 hdL 
Some Ood fa assrr, and with mt ; for (at 

bauoe, wlieie I dwtU. 

My hor« and cbftrloti idle stand, with 

vliich aorm other way 
I mlKhi repair Ihii shaioerul miu : elcvctt 

£ui chatiott «tay 
In old L^rcaoa'f couit, new made, new 

tiimm'd to hMG been gone. 
Curtitin'd. and amts'd under fool ; two 

hone 14 evety one, 
Tluti tut wbile buley and blade oats, and 

do no Eood al all t 
And ihcK Lyiaon (ihnt well knew how 

ilicac nffiiin would full) 
ChaTErd, when I »i donn ibis deiij^ 1 

lihijukt command wllh lum. 
And |[a«e me many lenout niute, all whic! 

much better weie 
Tlaa any 1 took fonh myiclf. The rcuw 

I laid doun 
W.H but the ipoiiiigof nyhotw; tinci 

in a rccnl town. 
1 Ihoug).! our bMie-meii would be m)ui| 

•Him liii'y wvre uicd to hive 
Theii mnnKrn full : to I loR Ibtm, ofl 

like a lackey ikie 
Am cuHic ti> Ilion, confident ia nolhit 

but my bow. 
That nothing proflB me; Two ihaflt 

vainly did Wlow 
At two Rttai pnncM, but of both n 

•nom nellher ilcw : 
Not Ibu. nor Atrtut' yuungn ton ; a IM 

blood I drew. 
Thai icTRd but 10 InocnM ibam taaf 

la an unhappy tint ' 

I iheiefore ttoni my amioiity have dn> 

tlioM iooIb of wv 
Ttiai day, wiien. lor grtat llcetor'* «1 

to aniiuble Tiot |I ever )i 

I came lo lend the Trojan bandi. But 
In Ufa relutn. my counlry'i iJghU ' 

wifg't. (ny lofiy lowm. 
Lei any itranscr tilu thu head, K M 

Thii bow, iIku iliafU. in {dcrct bunt, 

Iheae haadt be roi thrown : 
Idle conipanioBi lliat they arc M ma i 

my rtinown." 
fneaiaaid: "Uie no >uch woidf ; 

any uvlicr uny 
Than IhK, Ihry diatl not now bo n 

U'e hnl will both jouy 
Thb man wllh huite atid Chuttot. Ci 

tb«n. aKtnd lo ms. 
Thai ihou mam ny oar TtolM b( 

how ikSirdia Bald they be; 
And In pamiog thon that By. ot Oj 

HowracEeBtnt they are of foot; and 11 

If Jove conclude 

TIm Mifa of TjOeim again, and pao 

faUn aUh om fllgM, 
Sball ten* 10 brte us wUttr <A Come, 

ni be dnt A*ll ifbL 
Tab tbord ifaTU blirbHwid (lilt uxoirge; 

or. U llmi wfll, IMil tlKn. 
And leave the hemsf can lo me." Ik 

Hwaw'd : "I •ill now 
Dooand M fisKi i kMp thou Uie rtiaa. 

and pddc (hjMilf ibr bone. 
Wb» «llk Ihcir wooiad naMfw will 

bene* «Md Uie fora 
Of lb« iBpnlilve chartoi, If acbc dritm 

to a*. 

Than Mb a ittaacet ; w>dtr whoa tbcjr 

wDI tN aiudt mot«*l7. 
And {tartog mjF vowe. wUhl^ Ihfaa.) 

rrow naty, nor go on 
To Dtar ut off; bal kara encased for 

B^kIUj TjKlnB' un 
nNBMMnaad n^Tbm l» ik7 pan ib7 

rBwaketbctfbl. and with a Aut itodve 

Ua mtoMt p(M«." 
WUb Ite (be gcagtva <hailot UHk 

lh« pnuod, aae ta a. 
And make MO njr at Diomed; «Udi 

Mt«d tqr U* fiknd, 
•' Htaw own agM-lend mlad,' Mid h*. 

" t«» nichty mi* of aar 
lse«<Mat«rttlia p u tpotcil cliarce; one*! 

Ik thai hiti to tir 
Vfilh bow and ihaft. Lycaon'i aoa i (Iw 

olber fiuoaa tba Imxid 
Of EKal Aachlaa^ and the Qnon IbU 

rala in amocoiH Uood : 
(Aaen, taodkM In anni) oast ap, aod 

And took aclMri 

r M h) iliv f*M, lot ihAt 

ThyeraM nrind beifcctHBeofU.' Thli 

did alili annr (Mue 
TIm blood of OkHMd. lo kc hli IHcnd. 

BdioR the HelM. and then pnlai'A hli 

abhawaadbtoatod |lRrl«l>lnd: 
To all hit aacnt«n in AfEhi. oo» oome u> 
Whom Itru) he aaawo'd : " Urge no 

n>Kh(. n» caaaoi phase me k> : 
Nor u II honoi In mf adnd to (ear a 

moinf fcc, 
Or maha a ttghi good, ihongh widi figU : 

mjp piyvrefi arc }cl mUn^ 
Aad looiii the help>liia o( a horar I olll 

not blow the tn 
Of ihalr hot mlaon wHh taj flicbi : bm 

«Ml tmon tba Waie 
mibedirbennapCBmrlmcet. laoier- 


Minnva xiU bcn m ihui Bhaatc And 

sinoe tb^ ham bwun. 
Tiler *'^ Ml both alMi iMr and* : and 

he ihw Kapa tfeaJI rim. 
Or »iiy ami (nkr (ho nidci'* hi''. And 

Ibn I li-«»c f-}t thr« ; (In me. 

If oia)>l)r-«'Be Alhentai pm limti lln» Itta 
Kdo oar horte to tlit* i^ddat lurri. nnd 

hav« a Bpecd^ head 
To sdn upon JRoaa' (ImiU ; ihat tfu 

maj duDiEn Otrtr breed. 
And nuke n Oredon race of Ibem (hal 

baee bees long of Tro)*- 
For thtae are teaa of ibMe brave beaiU 

■hireh. for the lowdy buy 
TlM wMit now aa (he on of lovi^ lova, 

ttel rar«edaff God, 
Gave Tros tlie kiac in tecompeue : Itw 

bat thai evrr Ind 
The aoandiac ocnire, — Jcintath ihe 

tnomlog nnd ikc «■. 
AnAiui Mole the bned of Ibam; far, 

vbaKihelt tins did ran, 
He t loiel y put hit oMtee to than, aad 

nenrr made It known 
To hia thai licfr'd then, who wai tht* 

Ox bu LKantdoau 
Six hoMt Gad he of Ifaal nua. of whitk 

hliMBir kept roar. 
AitdxaTeUWothalwoMiKin; aadtbcie 

m ihi7 that Kour 
Tba licU to bra«i4v lowardf ■& open Id 

cfeaiBe and fUshl. 
If iliMB we hata (b« pawn to lake, ow 

priia It e:in|aitf<^ 
And cur miown will ttt eaoeed." Wbila 

thnc wtn lattliw thnt. 
The fired tiarae bomrhl [h'aiaillami oenr, 

aad (bua isaka Pandam : 
"UoM wflcting-mlnded Tidetu" m». 

IbM hlM of war the art. 
Mjr tbaft, thai Mtook thee, tin* (h«a not, 

I now «W prove a dm." 
'Hiteaiid, be ihiMik. and than ha tlmw, ■ 

lance, aloft and farge, 
Tlial in Tfdidei' cuKia Mudt qdMdrtv- 

ing IbiDiith Mi larjia i 
Then brey'd he out to wild a TcJot thai all 

Sk field mffbi h*ar : 
" K<n* have t reach'd ihy toot of Itfe. and 

by thy dr*ili (iliull Ijrar 
Our praiM^i chief prite from lb« GaU.' 

Tydulet andlimay'd 
Replied; "HwuerT'it. I am not (onch'd ; 

bui moti: chiug« will be Uid 
To boiii tow Uvea bdor* you part ; al 

Icaat Ute Ufa of one 
tihall Mikte tbe throat of ISm." IbSa 

laid, bli lanec wat gew ; 



Minon Ifd ll lo hii faco, which at hb eye 

nn In. 
Aod. n lie ttoop'iL (irook Ihrougti Mi 

JAHi. hu tongua's roM. iintl hit chin. 
Down from ihe chorloi lie (ell, hu guy 

»Tmi ihiniRl Hnd nin{^ i 

Hw tmril) hon« ItvmbtMt. and his soul for 

ever ctmrm'd bli loDg;ae. 
JEnOA wllh hi» thiL-td and haiee. Icnpl 

twin); lo hii fhend, 
Atioli! Ihc Grodu would Coice hli inmk ; 

Bod IbM ha did dcttml. 
BoldualioacfhiiMrtnnh: be hid him 

wllh hb ihield, 
Sliopk round hit Uncr. and honiUy did 

thrciUen all iht hdd 
Wttli (tMili, If aaf iluiu nwkc la. Ty- 

didnt niced ft sioM 
Wllh tik one band. o( wondraul wcfghl. 

uul pour'd It mainly on 
Tlir: hip ot Aoohisiulciv whcrdn tho toint 

doth move 
The iIiikH I'm csll'd (ho hadcto-bonc) 

wtiich all in ihmis ll drove ; 
Biike both Ihc ncnci. and with Ihc edge 

ciil All (he fli*h away. 
It MiAG^t'd him Upon bit lui«cs,iuidniiadi: 

the hero nay 
IliitlKMik-btinil tvinplcs on hii hand, his 

dbov on the mnh : 
And thtrc (lili priiioc of men had died, if 

th« thai caTe him hiith 
{Kisi'd by Anchisa on the gncn. where 

III* laiEcacn (ndj, 
jan't loving ddu^hia. Instantly bod not 

about bim spread 
Ho toft emtmwe*. and amrey'd within 

her bcavenl) to) 
(Uteid as a nini|)lra 'i;ainU all dtiti llmt 

did K> hot asai) 
Herdeat-IovcdIisuetKnndicticld. Then 

S>hc<wlu* In hula, 
Rpm^mbcrinD wliat hi* friend adrised, 

ln>m foitfc the prcaa insiSc (;uc 
Hit own lionc lo lb«it chatiot. and pra- 

tcntly 'did hand [command. 

Upon llii: lovolj-copiied hone Ainraa did 
Whiuh lirl':i;<ni; ta tlw ■<in<IiMii>i; CircElu, 

llr (hil [heir ^iirLltl cominmd 
I'o )iu bc'li'vi.-d I>:ipyliu, »bo wiu his In- 

irt'iiril friend. 
And. uf h'ri rqii.ilB. on* to vbom h* had 

most hoiiDui shown. 
Ttut he n^'ghi kce Ihi-m laTe at fleet ; tlicn 

slept be to his own, 
Willi nbkli he dwerftllly m.vde in lo 

T>ilu*>u* mighty aee. 
|[« mad aitb bis gnat (Diniy'i npr, «u 

hot In dsperatc cbBM 

Of her ihal mads il. with his lance, aim'il 

less with st«l than ipilo. 
Well linnwiiig her no l>eiiy thai had to do 

in fit: hi. 
tlineivi hli peAI pattonas, not, she thai 

r^fclli lowni. 
IVIIunn. but n Goddess wok. nod fee to 

men's miowni : 
Her. Ilimugli a woilil >if fighl puHund. al 

hiM he overtook. 
And, ihrusllng up his mlhless Unce: hei 

hisivisily veil ho Wiuok 
(Tliai <wan the Graces wrouehi thcmselvi^ 

at her divine commandy 
Quila thiDuuh, and hurt the IciKlcr had 

of her delicious hind. 
Ttie mde polnl pienang through her (lalm 

fotlli lluw'd lb' imiDOllBl blood ; 
Blood, such as Bo>>r* In blened Gods. Lhi 

cit no human food. 
Nor diink of our inHaming wine, irf 

thL-rrfore bloodleu ore, 
And vnlVd Immortals ; outahe aried, ad 

coulrj no longer b«ar 
Hci loved ion : whom she Mil fram M 

anil LEI A vil>lr cKiiid. 
I'hccbiu, Tcceiiios. hid him cl<e* bom > 

Ihe Grecian crowd. 
Lest Krnio of ihirm tliould find hit dMil 

Away flew V«nui ihm. 
And after her cried Dlonled : "Awi( 

Ihuu ipiiil of men. 
Though sprQnj; from all. preserving Jot 

Itif^u^ b<>1 rncuUEiEL^rK leave, 
[s't not enough Ihil silly damei tl 

toit.'erii^i should decdte. 
Unlen ilmo tlinjil into the wnr, and ct4l 

soldiers tisht 1 [ihee tfoi Ihc flgl 
I Ihink II U:vi of llicie auniiU* will nifl 
Wherever thou uluiJt bear il naiDai 

Sbc^ flgfaiag. weni her way I 

Eatnrmely griowd. and with her grScb ) 

bemities did dacay, ' 

And black her ivory body grew. Tfe 

from a dewy mlsl 
Brake iwift-fbot Irfi to b«r aid. from 

the dani iboi hio'd 
At her quick mtiiuR ; nnd tn Mm ll 

look Ihrir [lUintivr rrmrse. 
And touiid him on ihe tiKbt'i left hand, 

hiiii hft i|>cv<ty hont. 
And hut:v Uiice, Inog in a (oc. 1 

Qutvn ol all Itiini^ tair 
Her tuicd brother, on hei hoocs. besoui 

vith irLVtatil |]ra^i:r. 
His nlden-nband-tKiund-iniaod boise 

lend her op w bsana. 
For ihc «M muiJi gilevcd with a >oi 

a nortal man bad gino. 

TjFiUHk ttot 'c«IdW Jovb bimMJl dum 

•MB idraaM hb km. 
Hit cnnMiJ, aftd bit chariot (popici'd 

•nh her laK bnim) 
She noakled. and tin net w*ggoiica km 

ib> tlial ptiaa the itir. 
nc booe <M rdn'd, and with a kouigc 

■mpocniacfl Uidr rcpMr, 
Tlw «( llMmwfn* ou(-]low the aind, iuid 

qnkUr tb<7 oMtitd 
OlynP>*- "■*"*>* o"^*^°d«. TTi'tiiVM; 

luww their iourn^t todl 
Sued aUL and (ram tMr choiJot ihe 

vindr-fooicd disc 
DiHolved. and g»n thca hcBvmV food ; 

aadM D(«MQi»e 
Hfr iroandn) danfhUT, b«n( ber khtcs : 

Wilb vwcN cmbraca bdp'd lia ui^ nrokcd 

hn wUb btr mA ha<4 
C^'d iaMj bf )■"' B>n>B. and nk'd : 

"Whai Gcd bailb been w nidt. 
Sveet dMfhiu M tkuciM tbM Uiiu, aa if 

(heu •(« fwraoed 
Ei^ (a Ik* act of MMie light tlo, nnd 

d<pnbtad«l to? 
r«t etherwM; oacb dcac csm^m! I* to the 

gnat ki eo." 
She afmrnd i " lUnchlj' l^dnu' ton 

hath been M ItiMlcal, 
Sace, ha mbcta n>Mi taj heart otcein* 

eiT all nif lowd dacart, 
I laeoad (ne> bb bloody band. Now 

tMUde ii not chta 
TI»MyTi'q)aMl^theGwdo.biit bjrthe 

Gtach* lo hmn&" 
Sbe »aawtfd: "Dnu^blpr, lUnk not 

wvidb, Ibooeti much ligrtnc Ihec: luc 
nrpaiiMGK vhatcaf oMny Codj «uiii[>lct 

la mmfantt Ub (tectml. at well Uuu 

By (heir hrfinknv as bj hkb rqnid to 

thm acini' 
IIhi irffera nnicb Bgra thaa Itiiwir by 

Ephtakn* poirer. [tower, 

And Orb*. AlsM'toM; vholnabnucn 
Atf Is liieMckabk <h«la«, tait that wai- 

When <«K»«ix iMtttht and oat bt Irnd, 

a«ddM« the penod 
OrUiHd lUh pcthapt bad cloMd. tthii 

Idod Mapdaaa't arc 
Mr Bi*te*,^d not teen; «l» told It 

AM be iTtMalibaafnKUaed Urn: IhcwKb 

b« eedld teiMe aole* 
Ite baD« ot fan^ftat, Iha diaial 


Hit vital furta with thelt wdgbt. Sojuno 

niffcr'd more 
When, wllh ■ Ihrrcforii'd arroir'i txai), 

Aophiiiyo'i son dKI Bcne 
lln nghi bi«iui, jNut Ml hope of cuir. 

Pln<u (iittHui'd no hB [bnl^fnas 
Bt Ihnl self man, and bv a ib>fl of njual 
Shot iliroucb his ihouldcr at hdl gaua ; 

aiul ilicn:, anionj^l 1I10 dnul. 
Were Ik doi diaibl^, he had died ; but 

up 10 heaven he Scd. 
Extmiml* (ottund, fat iKure. trbldi lo- 

EIBnlb he won 
At Picon 1 hiud. irfih ionrdBD balm ; 

and th» did jove^ cnat lOD. 
U ablest, crcai-falch^ted-dailaf man, 

that cand aot doinK iU, 
That wllb las bow duni wound the Oodi ; 

but. by Mlncnrn's will, 
Thy waDDd ihp (bolish Dloiiied was n 

pro^uw tio gtvc I 
Not Voowing be that itgihia wfifa Hoavoi 

hath oren loDg to lira ; 
And lot (hu cl«tl. he nenr ahaH ha«e clilld 

about hii knfs 
TockH hiiii father. comingbomc. Dcaldes, 

heat tioi ftiHn me, 
SCrengtb-TruuinK man, tboush thou be 

Krone, andaninnreacibatawct. 
Take tietd a stronEcr meet thoc no), and 

that a wcirnHn't power 
C«niaini not ibai superior iticngth, and 

kst thai wnnutn be 
Adnsiut' dinggbteT, and thy wlft^ tbe wise 

When, from this hniii not Ijx, the wikee, 

trrn n^h^ag with doire 
To kindle our mcngc on ihoe, with her 

enamouiing fin; 
In cho<Min|[ ber Kxae frtsb jranng ftfeod, 

and so drown all Iby lame. 
Woo hciT in wnr. in linr coiiit-peaoe^ and In 

aa opmtr shdioc." 
This said, wltb both hd hand* she 

cirasied the itnilor taci, and palm 
Of all IhosacTMl blood Ibey lost: and nCTCr 

CMBg holm. 
The pnin ocucd, and the wound was cued 

of this Und Qeee* of lorc. 
Judo and Pallai, scdncthia, anay'd (o 

I hla tal»Mide iririb wiUi ilirsn, 
UdielovinB ttan*. 
Witii some sharp Jai, in tte sen built, 

upon ba iircseni ibaaae. 
Oiey-cyed Aibeaia bet*". *»d Mk'd lb* 

KiKMbhisnKiTtacUa lanaUMte way 


What ihe ooDCfiml, to hUco&otll ; mad, 

Sbt Imae him *uw the Cyprian Iniit he 

Wbom >tM iboueh huK, and bf Uib 

nttiH, Iniendine to tMliorn 
Same other bily or the Grtda (vhoiu 

lovelr veils Bdom) 
To ptWr tout othsr ^nul of ber modi- 

IovmTioj'. [tbe Vcnefrao tof. 

At (be cmbnoed knd itjrr'd bet blood to 
Ttw gfASm clap, ihou Gncixn il.initr> 

nMti Cbdr pnSis wear, 
Took hold of her dctldQu hitnd. and hurt 

ft the hod feat. 
The Thuoderci tmlled. •nd catl'd to 

him Iovb'i eoliUn Aibitisa. 
And (old bc( tboM rough iroiki of wai 

were not for her aoeos : 
Sw ibould be moldtii; tnuriaco, tmbnC' 

tap. kinet, chBcmi. 
Sttrn Miu* Mid PtiU* bftd lb« ehuzc of 

ihoM *Sdn in arms 
While Iticw thiu laUi'i), Iodides' rage 

Kill Ihiriml to achifTfl 
Hli piitc upQn Anchuo' son. though well 

fa* did percciie 
Tie Sun hinuflf pioicctnl tarn ; but hii 

dtibts (lil'"'^ 
Wilb IbM F^fl Trojan pi!nc«'i hlood, uvd 

anMMhiehly inmal) 
Not thKt arcu God did reverence:. Thiloc 

nufa'd he rudely on, 
And ihrke. beWit hb Aaits and death, 

the Suo^ bright urt<t thoae ; 
But when upon the fouitb araauli. much 

like a i^t. he (lew. 
Tie Cu-oCr-iroikins Dcily cxcecdinic otalh- 

And Mk-d him : -Wliu I Not ylrtd to 

Godi } thy eqmli looni to kncm, 

bare belov." 
Thb diare him to Mine (mill rrtrmt ; 

he wtwld not lempt more iicu 
Hi* wrath of him that itrOoJc to Im ; whroc 

pover had noweet clear 
Xattx (ram the Itonny Ueld witliin ihc 

bofjr pboe 
01 PergiuDiu. a-hne. to the hope of h J u> 

10rtrei|;n cr-icc, 
A goodly Icinpic wu aidtanoed ; la »boae 

iMfc Inmost pott 
He kfl irim, and (o his tupply faiclinod tiu 

mothet't liciitt, 
Laton.t, a.nd t)i; ilart-iilmMd Qiiran ; «tio 

cuird. ojid miide him ntoag. 
The silvKT-bow'il Hiic Uod Iheii Ihtcw In 

the tumultauiu throng 



Ad isiafe. thai in Etatuic^ look, and armi^ 

he did create 
Like Vcniu' bin ; r>c nhich the Grrtls 

luiil Ttopoi niade debate. 
Laid loud *lroke« on theli ox-hide iliieldtb 

and faiidilon f»ily boms : 
Which error Mivbui plexied to tuge 

Man hliBielf in tcant : 
" Man. MHn." taid he, "thoupI.i^i-oT 

men, tmenr'd with the diui nui: bkod 
Ot hiimani and Iheir niln'd wnl!., jtt 

ihinkt thy Oodhmd good 
To frlahi llii* fury from the Aeld. who ttat 

win fiihtiRfiti Jove r 
FinI in a bold approach be hurt, the mout 

palm of (liy lore. 
And imi. Hi if he did aObct to tave ft i 

Deiiy s power, 
He betd out hit atfault on lue.* TlibV 

mid, the lofty lower 
Of PeTsamiis be made hb teal : and 1 

did now cieil* (iul to 6fM 

The Troi'an foroa. in the fonn of Uw a^ 
lliellinicianirocn. iitiA Acamu. "Oj"« tofu, uid lie. ' 

" IIcpw kinji the daochKi of your tneti oq^ 

jre tuitllo lo lee ? • 

Even till Ihnv linve yv at ynur galm 

ye tufler beaten dom [we 
£nia^ fttai Anchite*' >on, wliotc 
As mudi al Heetot'i ; (vlcb bam 

thu contcntlou* fncue." 
Willi thi>, the •itensih aod tpliiia of 

liu coiua^e didTnemte ; >; 

Aod yet Saipedon tocomla him, with ibll 

paitieular taunt [unlhaokful nD0(,| 
or noble Iledor; "Hector, vhere It thfj 
And that hue* ttrtnclh on whidi it buil^ 

IfaU thou, and thy aUts, 
With all thy btothen (without aid ot lu Of 

our itipplk*. 
And troubling not a dtlMs) Ihe dly lah 

In all which fricDdi' uid bictlicn' helpi I 

Kc not, nor am told 
Of any one of thdr ctplolli (Uil all l-.vl^ 

in dixnny [lion biiy. 

Of I'homcd. fllte a lort of doyi, that at a 
Am! ciilctiaia iio spirit lo piucb) we. yoB 

■"lutonls herev 
Fighi fbi the loan aa you help'd tu; la^ 

I. an udinf prvi. 
No dtlien. cvcD out et can. thai doth b^ 

eotoe a mta [aid T cas ; 

Fot tnea and cUUteit's hbenie^ add all Ibi 
Not out d( my particular came ; far hcnct 

my proiit i^rom. j 

Pot tar hmee Aiua Lyda Uci, Mben 

goltj XanlhiM Bon. 



Aad when ny lotvi wife, inbat •oo, aad 

IHIIIIII llllllllllll I «lll 
I Itft tabiM) Rw. «>l>i<h I m (boM wn 

wodld hate IhU wjn: i 
Aad dMnfaR ttiCT ihat hkve would keep : 

•M L M I ««aU loM 
Tbdr «n fndiloa, cbeer my tiWfM. wid 

irilli tborbni prapwo 
IIIdc ovn Ufa bMh 10 cment fijfbl. and 

to panicUbi cope [cnuruin rM> hcfK 
Wllb am snsl wililia ; Ihouuii, I My. 1 
T» bMa MMb gBidiin M tba Gfccki, oot 

fau ukM Dm Trajr. 
Yd IboM. rrm llMor, detdkfl Mwd'A 

aad earcM not lo Mtpkv 
Tkr lovB-bora friodi, lo bid ihem itaad, 

lo Ggh( «ail nw tbrii ivtvcs, 
LmR m • (xtte cam hli Dcti upon Ihc 

0(talidiofaU*a(tt.M Otttot jroisvalb 

Oas «Mi MKNber. on all bead* ; oc teeh 

Banada Ota pnr u^ ptiN tf tbaa ^ 

wtUiac owtttiuourn) 
TkM bolp BM Cac you wtib (bck fane ; 

aad to tha bov^bdi Mm 
Wni pto*e a chaot. Tlial dcacms la Il«e 

AaAonUeomiineibjrdajnMidnigliU, to 

TV Miiniiit princM ; pny iMr mJadi to 

btar (belt br-broniAc tolh ; 
Tb(t«a cboQ wctUi »t% wotttr Afhl ; in 

lUtorica aad loOi 
SlS to bs cqul : and tbyscir, csunplkic 

Kaad BO nxM^ oot mm. AU UtU to 

ibr fiM choke ttaoubl fall.- 
TMi *am| enat ll«ctor'i b«a« : (od 

yet. aa evciy (cDctDU* mlnit 
SkooU doM bMr a jMC npfoof. aad *be« 

wtetsood Aqr '■■d 
la vonby (nimiili. by thdr adi pot Imo 

Nm «toiiiaA BM be *a)iil]r ihannJ : n 

HadDr*! ipirll piocrcdi : 
And froM hk (harioi. whelty anii'd, bo 


juaqi'd apon tba uod, 

loAniK thiougb lb* hoU, a dad 

Aad all bMdi nm'd aniaii ibe Gnclu : 

ibc Oiacti dcuiatd thair irani. 
Afld* chkkfliioff ifidv iifftT*iTirit powcL 

anaOadaU Ihar Uivtc 
ThM vtata tbe bet of boiM aad Coot, ibt 

And a& to Bocd Soon of bsnii, upoo 

OMA«toao<M» Bits 

Ibe chair, driven «l0i «• oppwite Kind 

Wben yt^em Ctn* diU*. 
WUrii all tha di'tn' fvM. Ir^ aiaa. thd 

bcadl uid itijJ^'.iTl wliiui ; 
So look'il tba (Imiuii uirrwiib dutt. iba 

Knok Ibc wlu) hra'iCB. 
Rabcd (rom trf uniini{ iJmfott, ami iroop 

loptbcr diivto. 
EMh udc stood 10 Ibdr Uboim fifm 

fierce Mnn Atw ilironch ibc air, 
And cxiher'd dukxps Irom tbc flgbt, and 

«nb hii bcfl aibir. 
Obry 'd tba pleaturv of Uw San. Qtai wNr 

V/lto bade tarn n'ac tlia tpirils of Tray 

«1ica P«ll« ouMd I' afloid 
Her bc^^ cAm <■> the Gredt* i and (ba 

bl> 0*0 budi wToathl, 
WUth^ ftoM hk lane's n«b chanod, and 

Ibe une Aneai btouflil. 
And ptacedbunbTKBpocaiaUd; vlu 

dJid «1ih iff MmUe 
To ME bill) liocl) aliTC lad a*fe, aad aB bt 


Vet MOod not Ming bow It cbanccd 

anotbw *att of laik, 
Tbau iiimng th' Mle skT« of nem, did ad 

tbcW fURZl *3i. 

IflfUmtd bf rtxebui, harmful Urn, an< 

Kitiaacncr bi. 
The Ornk* tad noiiit lo hnirl4n ihcm 

ijitlr beam tot* wlih Uic ni : 
Bet chldly Dlomod. Illincui, and bolh III 

Silning ocuqiks ikI good mctb ; (bd 

0«ni boKtIiad iafuMd 
Spirit caoiMh rnio ibeir bkwdi. to mab 

Ibem hdlber fear 
Tba Tn^iu' torn. a«c F>;g iMdt, but M 


Wbta aoat ■*! ilaeE. *tiai vould be nune 

lbs Eromd ibn dill made (ood, 
Aad bt Ibdr MIeooe. and M powcts. Ilk 

1^ Will clowli. ihcT Mood, 
With which Jolt crosns the lo|is of hA 

(n nnf quKi lUy. [to drive awa 

Wbm »om> *i>d Ibt ivdcr iriwb (ihal <■ 
Alr'i divby npoun. beb^ toot^ to mMH 

a wblulMceakJ 
Ara jdoninsly fioaod vp, «»d cahn, att 

aol a bnalh cxhak : 
So tredy Mood the Ot(diK Bar fltd fix ■ 

Aiiidea yet eoaM* thmub (be troop 

coofirmlnB man ID Maid : 
"O Mendj," Mid be; "bold ^ jm 

mind*; MieDgthb bat ittcnstb of wiU 
(CcTERiKe BBcb oibn'* good in &|h[, •> 


Whnv loldien ihew aa bonai shinie. and 

low of bonoiii livoa. 
Tli'U rnnki tdcii ulth lh« fini in lielil. 

■Jinn IKc. or Ihsn w!ii-o- Ksnir'* ni'ijlret 

I'liKtit Dcillicr dmh Ihe iHyly pncc, noi 

shtnn lh« mind hath ilivnHili." 
lie ujd. uid iwiftl^ through ilic UoDps a 

llul rcfl usutndanl-bKiRr'alLtE. noowii'ii 

jf^ueiu' lilcnd. 
DctMMi rsnc**>d(*i wbonolllhcTrojusi 

At he wen one of Prlain'i lonx, hli inlad 

was w «pprovri 
In alwayl figtltlng «lUi Ihe Bnl. The 

lanoa hi* (ireet took, 
Wblcb could not Iniemipt the blow, llial 

IhrDDBh ll deal))- ilrook. 
And In nil txUy'i rim wiks a)mlh«i), 

bcnolb hit rirdlo-iicBd. 
Ha Kiandod fallinK. nnd lib •nn* wiih 

him Rsoundcd. dnd. 
I'hen fell luo piinixs of the Greeki by 

grral ^nrAt' irr, 
DIoclnB' wns (Onilocbua nnd CtElhon), 

ivha4e kind tilt 
In bntcly4ullil«l Plum dwell, licli, snri 

cf mcrvd blood. 
He WIS diT*cciidcd llncnllf fiom gmx 

Alphnrus' Duwl. 
Thll temdly floin thmugh Pyloa' fieliii ; 

AlphieiM did ticwt ( w» Ki ; 

OnfiOcniUi «bo in lb« rule of m.-uiy mm 
ABd ittti Onilachat besot the ncli 

Dioctnu die to Ctclhon wu, and thli 

Doth th«^ nnmrf at mnn'l orinle, with 

both Ih' Alildei went. 
To honour Itieni In III' flion wan ; and 

both were one dw sent. 
To deaih m well m Tray ; tot death hid 

bolh in ono bbck hour. 
Ai two younj; lion* (uilh Iheir Cua. m»- 

tklfl*d bul lo iIfioui) 
Btnl on Uie (o[a uf wine iMrp hill, and 

in Ihe gToomy de*f> 
OS nn luaiseutble wood, imh out. xai 

Sieen. osen, and df«n>7 men's luilli, w 

Innx Ihat thcv came thoit, 
Andhy ibeowntrs tt«el Miesbtri ; Intuch 

unhiwpy aon 
Foil ihaH bniwdi Matn' ptxrvr. Whca 

McDciMis TteVd, 
Like two tan (iMi«M, these two &ll.thdr 

biDdlea Ub he raed, 

Aod lo the fim fight. Hrheic Ihejr lay, 

v«igcfol (oree tic took : 
Hit ann Wa back On: iiin in Sainet, a 

tlrcod/ul lance he thuDk : , 

Miin put ihc raiy in bb nlod, Uut bri 

i£ncu' hsnda, I 

Who wiu 10 makt the ilaashlef Rood, ba 

nii|{hl haw atrew'd the tandi. 
AntilcKhiu, old NeatOT*! son, obHTvini; In 

To urtn a comlat of auch odda, and) 

knowtns the crcni 
Beinjc 111 on his part, all thdr pains (aloiltt 

sustain 'd for him) | 

En'd from ilielr end. made nftct hard, 

imd t'Kik xiuim in thu dim 
or n.n eniDunicr. Both ihcir bandaaod 

dotit ailmticcil. am] shook, I 

And botli pi(cird in full stand of daifVlj 

« hen lutldenJy the look 
Of Aiichtsiailntodknoieof Nealor'sralisot 

In full chRrgR loo; which, two W onft 

m^dc Vcnui' inuc shun 
Tlic hcii Bdvcniore, iboush be were ■ 

vildii:r well-otijimcd. 
Thm drew they off iholr sl»iicblCT''(l 

lilisidi I who given to their beloved, 
Thry iimi'il ytlinn fit;Hl ilicii*il ilradlM 

hale : nnd Iherc mli'd *ilb (he diad 
FyliEinen. thai Ihe targMcen of raphl^ 

Cunia till, 
A man like Man ; and wltb him fell good 

hlyilon tiiU did ^uide 
Ills cbnriol. Atymnus' son. The pilnci 

I'j'iBnien Jled 
By Mcneiaui ; Neitor"! Joy slew Mydon 

one bclorc [did gaO 

'Hie uilirr in Ihe chniiot. Atriilea' huO 
I^tipinen's jboutdcT, in the blade. AUi 

locbus did force 
A nii|[hiy iiona up fitnn Iho earth, atu], a 

he tum'd hii bone, 
Nioolt Mydon's elbow In (he midst ; ih 

reins of ivory 
Pdl from his hands tnio Ihe dmt : AnO 

locbus Icl Ay 
Ilis »woid wlihal. and, nuhlng In, a bloi 

so dcadlr laid 
Upon hit Ceinplef. tha: hegioan'd, tumble 

laeanh. nnd alay'd 
A miEhiy while pK-jKMicroutljr [becan 

the duit was deep) 
Upon Ms neck and ilxmlders tbetr, ««« 

(ill his fu« look keep 
Of hU prtKd bone, ana mniie tham stii 

anil then lit prWraie tell. 
IIu bone Anilloebu* looli horaa^ 

Hcdor had heard Idl, 




AnoHfitlk* upnnr, ofUtetr denitas, lie bid 

out an htt Tolcc, 
Aad rsB Rjwa tin GnA*. Bthiod ouno 

naa* DW U chckv. 
Bdtee falm march'd pal Mm hlimclt. 

BWck'4 axh hit bnulr mali?. 
Tie dfrod Uclloaa. l^lie btnugtil on. to 

ficM tot OMlujl lalB. 
A innMll llu) ma witd aad mail. Hi 

tiMok ■ hantd lonoc, 

Apd pour kil IlKtor, lad bdod boliind 

would malic ihc clunre. 
T1ii» ilgbl whta pen T)dUa tnr, hb 

koto- MQod up on «nd ; 
And hki^ MboM all Ibc tktO Md porcr 

of am* dU bta allend, 
Koo like ■ nan Id counsel poor, Oax, 

RSKOlny. sort ttmlw, 
And bairinc pan'd a boundloa pUn. DM 

kaowing irbere fac to, 
Comai «a dN loddM abcn he mm a 

tl*ci roach, lod nva 
WMi hto on bOlMra nviOied Into the 

If uBon villi looia. ud fright* hbn bick ; 

■o Im; tnaied, tdtfed, 
Aad (to« ««dd make cood hb onuue ; 

"D Moid^ we nU adored 
Graf HMUr, aa ow of htaaodC mll- 

dMilng, bold in mat, 
Wban Mns Ood pixnl* him Mil) from 

dtalk aad gaantUm dve ao tai. 
Hoar UmUmtdf. fomi'd like a mm, !• 

Aad tbttdoK. vbauoever oauie Impot- 

luTi ymt to w»g« 
WW wWi AM* Ttn^n*, ncfcr tOtwa, bnl 

(■ally take TOUT rod, 
Lett in TOUT botMM, for ft nuu, •• no- 
ted a Gad." 
Aa Gretet rMlicd. the poinf of Troir 

did mncta more fotvara fteiet. 
And Hidof twoliM*emc«o[ var mbIIo 

lb* 6ddi of peso* : 
M anathw , and Aachulus ; one dmriM 

ban Ums both, [heart, and wcolh. 
TMr fab nuda Ajax Tdunon ruihful erf 
Wto tehten'd out a lanec that uaatc 

A-fMw Sriacm, 
That dv«lt In I^bol ikb in Luub, ood 

lUd huge goodt poaen, 
Bol Fax, to l^an and hii toiB, mndacled 


n* janlin on hit giidk tIrMk. and picnxd 

Bb bollr'i kntt* [M ; b« fdn : bii anm 

had lockaio trim, 
Thai AJax Doodt vmU |BM« tfadr vod; 

(b( Ttxitu pout'd oa him 

Whtde aonaa o( Unce^ Um. and shup, 

oT which a eacnlicr jklack 
tn hii nnuh thirltl ; ytt Troni Ihc iljiln he 

did h^ jarclin pludr. 
But enirlil iiu( fmrti UW thoulilen fonx I)|Q 

ITie Tiojiinj ■iiii ui.'h driRs ot darli tb» 

U^lj ilii! titrttvici ; 

iMeiKe. Jiillh wrh ^ipmse 

So many, and u uronc of hnnd, itmA In 
Of deadJjr pfowes : Who rrfKll'il, (liou|ih 

Irif, wrou, bold, ha were. 
The tmious Aijai. nsd (lidi ftieiid did from 

hit nucnre bear. 
Thu* ihn plan bll'd vilh itrttisth of 

a;hi. to ih' nrmy'i other prcue, 
anat, a (cII his Qian, thg KO Of 

A cniel AetUaj Intplrcil, with UTODg dioiK 

■o proTo [ion of dotidy low ; 

EncouKKf wllb Saipedon'a incngUi. the 
Whoh eoRilDS on to ihu ttcro end, had 

choMn nn )ub foe : 
Tfam Jove'i gttaa eepheir, uid tdi acni, 

'^inM one aooTbei |^. 
Tlepolemui, to make hi* end mote worth 

thettnllor&tc. [Um Riortal tiau 

IVilcaii as if he had hn power, and ihew'd 
Ul too aucb conbdence In man, with tblt 

NipRfluoia tiiavB : (humour draw 
"Sirpidon, what mceto^iy or tieocila* 
'lliyrormlothcaeoBn? which In hout I 

know ihou doti abhsr. [ooamrUu* ? 
A man not teen in deeds ^ amis, a Lyriut 
lliry lie diac call Uicc Km to Jon; liiMe 

Jon brad none so bta ; 
The men of elder iltnc* werelhey. Ihal bis 

bixh power bccat. 
Such mco as had llemkaa force. My 

bther Hereutea 
Vi'm Jove's true inue : bn was bold ; his 

(teals did wdl ecpscK 
Tliciy tfirons out of a lion's hmrt. He 

whdom oame to Troy 
(Vat hone that Jupliei gne Tm. for 

Ganymtd, hi> boy|. 
With *ii shlpa only aad (ew men, nod 

tuR the dty wtm. 
Left all her broodirays desolaM; and madn 

the heme his own. 
For the*, thy mind b Rl dispotod, i^ 

body's po««n aie poor, 
Asd thcidoM an thy tro^a so weak ; the 

toldler eTTtmo r e 
FolIoviilivKcipct of hEaddcf ; and Ihou 

Bat ny ihou ast Ow mh of Joi^ and hail 



with tOTOet fitllns hu dcsccnl. tbc powsn 

IhM I c«nip(T 
ShiU thrmr tiipe hmor. and makii thy h(«d 

ran ope tbc (stes of hdl,'* 
Jcnv's I^tiU iuuR *sinrcr*il liini : "TIi-- 

pokniui. 'tis cnie [ihrcw ; 

Tliv father holy Ilion In thu toit orer- 
Tl>' iniuslim of Ih? kiae <>!U aaae. that. 

iibere ihy b^livi liad 
UMd food ikwiviiii;) lO lii* «UtT, he 

quitted biffl «ith tud. 
Hnlonc. the Joy and grnoe cit king Lad. 

Thjr hilier rescued (rom a whale, and 

gxvie (o TeUmun 
la honour'd nuptials (Telamon. framwhom 

your siraaial Greek 
Bout* lo)iav«Muod] and IhitKfacoinlcI'i 

well cipeM the like : 
Yet be fne taunt] (at tlinnkl. and kepi. 

•eainil hil oMh. bii haise. 
And ihnc(or« bolb Iby failio't sUcegth, 

nnil juttice, mif ht cnfum 
The Bnok b« took co Tiof ; but thii and 

thy came d Jfcr (nr. 
Sou tckkiin hdt Ibeir futhm' worth* : 

ihog cMui Boi maJct his var. 
Wbai Ihou ammeM (ram bim. ii mine lobe 

nn thee impoaed." 
Wii l> thii. bf ifaivw an athfn dAil ; uid 

Ihen Tkpcilemus looted 
AiiDilici fiom Kn cioiiiiii* tiiuid. Both ax 

ooe instant iliw. 
Both niook. both traundol. From hit 

Mtk l>arpodon'> Ji<r^in dnn 
The hfp-blood of Tlcpotcmus ; full in the 

niidil it frll ; 
And wb>t he iliruMn'd, th' oilier save. 

thai Uatl-ncu. aiul Ihil hctl. 
Supdqii* IcA ihijii Eouk llie lance ; it 

ptertol tlie solid bone^ 
And with Ut ragltighead ran tlirouiihj but 

Join pn:wtiT«l fail son. 
The dill yrt wi'd blm bllERly, uliScli 

hLoutd luw iKi-ft ptiTI'd out. 
But nonr coir.MdiT'd Ibm >a mucb. M 

tlijck cAinc on Ih^ n;>ur. 
And mid uch Iiuiid j>o IuH of oiuMt to ply 

Ui^ own (lc-fr»cp; 
'Tvin.-. hold ctioukJi. bolh Talfn. thai both 

•tfcte notily ("iirriixi ihiTicr. 
Ulj-SWTS knew 111' cuoti oi' both, and 

I»^ U tllUCll 10 llCXIt 

Thai t>i< frii-Mrxrncmyiliould'Mape; Uid 

m a iwotold part 
Hit ihoufhu conURilei]. H he sboutd 

punue !>aqiEdoo'( hfe^ 
OTlakeblilMei>d'swteakoahlliM& Vate 

did mncluda Ihi* tuifr. 

Bf wham 'twas ochnwne dccrcfd Ihao'' 

tfau UlTua' sioel 
Shonl'l fmJ SiT^mion. la (bit doubt 

Uiium took the «rhed 
From fickl* C-hinec. nnd made htt mind 

toolve to rijthi his bicnd 
Wiih thai blood be coul^ uimt dntw. 

TktD dkl RcwnKt wtrm! 
Ilct fuQ powiM on ibe tnuliiiudc : ihfn diil 

he iieivt niins; n'ljmiii, 

Aluior. llAliuBi. Oiromius, noi^RKiii. 
Alcanda. and a mimbet monv be alcir,; 

and more had ilaln. 
I( Hrotoi lad not underslocd ; wUoM; 

po««r mide in amain, 
And Krook fnuthroiu-h IbrOndan tR>0l% 

but to Supedon pnv 
IloEf of (on naeuc wlui thu* died: "0 

llcctorl liclp and saii« 
My body from the spoil of Greece, thai (9 

youriovti<i lovm 
My Inends nuy ice me borne ; and ihea let 

mrih poueuhFTOwn 
tn ih:s toil, for whose nke I leA mj 

couQiry't: (or no day 
Shall ens' thew aie thai HS*in, nor to nq 

njfe display, 
And )ciim{ bope of my name, tht ]ojeSiai 

mueli thintfd lii^Ht ; 
All which I Icftfat'lroy. fotlhcnilnTroj 

then do this rifht," 
To all this HrcloT gyte» 00 word ; bu 

KTccdtly be *in««s 
until nil ■|>Md to nrpcl the OtttAx, uh 

ihtd In fioodi Ibcir lives. 
And Ivft S-irpolon ; but what CuK (ocvt 

hf pH< on 
Of foliui*iiig the common anat, be le 

ihit prince alone 
For hit [iuiicular cnidge. became, so Uv 

he vraa to pMn 
lo lii> reproof tuton Ihr hmt, md thai li' 

be leiain : 

IluwcvTT, lor laaiapie lAke. he would ni 

tihcw il thrn, 
Aaid (or h« ihure 100. slnic 1»as Jm 

ISut t^xvl Sjj|xiJcin'x men 
Vmliirnl tlinasclvin. and fnrml bim o 

nnd Kt hlB iindcmejth 
Thf foodl* U'cTi of J«|iil«r, nhcr* lit 

I hey did uniheilb 
The RLhen Unce : iltonc TVIauoDi ) 

fiMsnd, most loved, most (rue. 
En&need It fraia hit rnolmed tbigh ; wl 

Hliid) hit ipirU ttrw. 
And darkness rnvrflcw bb tj« ; y« » 

a (cntlc (ale, 
Tbal rooad about the dyine ptfuM o 






AfiuTitM fllflN <)(«*« to ibefcctOia 
Afstto^ wlKxtvlkil 
No WE^oa 'niMi the [mud poNBit, not 
cw nvird » hold : 

Tbta who «a* int. who lul, wboM &>•• 
fhe lice Uan dtd kIu. 

Coed TiiKhn*: and Onttet, lUlt'd Im 

man^fof o( borac ; 
BaU '*^~™"''* ; aad « man icnoira'd lot 

ItediiD^ ibegTDU ^Wliis chief 1 Otwboii; 

tlttt did wcu [uxl dweU ■>(•> 

Ttanadr nilrf, Mudicd iicillb nlmotlv. 
111-AibntkUlBejCqilitakla.iBllTU; by 

Iht good mea <if Disola duttU. T^ 

It iew IP brattD 1 SMumia dbctm'd R, 

Ta PtllM : " O nniMrthj sight t U see 

a Md w buBW. 
And beak o«r ■vtd* » ^wta't kiiiK th>i 

llioa ikotdd bE raced. 
And be i«(Bni irvmecd i ■hen Ibaa •« 

Kc bn Gnck» dlacnccd. 
And botr Ihc bannU nee n( Muti 

Co«Dfk l>l n me oat an-. 
TbM wa dfataoBOor not ouf povm.' 

AiAe«lbcdtspiMo(Tro]r. H«'p>l>len> 

TbtB jtonoB't dausbttf brovcht abratd : 

and Hebe; ibenooecda 
TaddnMbcrdiMiai; fauutUxibeshc* 

BMm'd «rtdi d^ ipohta of Mandmg 

br*M: ihauila-lTMwniMed: 
IhefaUA tamnviiU* coM, ibrij ttppir 

nMk mans muel unnlatd, tb«b wotb o( 

wottdnuft fraee j 
Tim ana. In «*>)« (he ipdtc* were 

dtlvenk nre all «1>h Mlrar bound ; 
IteCbMtM'aieai two hoop* cf geid and 

shw sumphni'd tooad. 
ri%»iil aUt a cold Bod lilircr ftiDS« : <to 

Ion. iliai look'd before, 
Wai^utfUlnt: onmlicatUthKeMiall 

of nUD Hon^ 
Jkad jtbea pot;rfU. jBMaioaaU,aadhcr 

Ml hone* lelnU 
_ ; lUoMd for eonKniUM. and tm of 



Miaem wnpl her In (he lobe, IhU 

cunoiBlr she wow, 
Wilh el<"'<'ut coloun. a» i)ie Mie OD tb' 

Hure floor ol Jora. 
And wore (he aimi that he puts on, bent 

M Ibc tea/ful licld. 
Aboai her broad^pRul iboulder« hungiui 

huga aad bomd ihieid. 
PrincM lousd "ilfa avarGKhlinK uialia ; 

ihroDCh It «•• dmwn lo life 
Tba iDiMtin and dcaiba ol Sghl ; ia II 

hDwn'd tiaodf Sirifo. 
In li ihlncil uciod t'otlUodc^ In it (ell 

l^u■uit How, 
In li the moniier Gorsoo'* hetiS, In wUeIi 

held oui to view 
Wen all the dira oMtnts of Jove ; on bor 

big hold d>c plated 
Hit iiHii-piiiaed tiiileriox easqoe at sold, 

M odmaBtily vast 
l{ HuuM a huiidied patlsoea ol toldien 

Tben to her itdniascfaadot ber <ricoroai 

feet Kicaid; 
And to bd <h<Amt hand sbo tj&o tt 

(laic. huge, wild knoe, 
WHb wbich )ba cum-piau other anllisba 

And mmuni whole Add* of men, M abow 

the irai (ht »«d 
Of U«n ih:u ihundeis. Then bearea's 

Queen, lo ur{c her bona' tiiool. 
Takes «q> tbe scourgiv and forth Ibqr Djrt 

Ifae anpk gKta of hcaita 
Runt and Sew «|ic>i of ihcmichci ; the 

cbom wheitof U giTtn. 
WithaflObinpiu.and tlieiky, tothedik' 

linpiA'd Honre,* 
TImi cleni, or hide k oil In doudt, or potir 

il diwnfn tbowta. 
TUs way their iooai|a>ebe)!>'<E ^f*' n»d« 

hute, and soon (hn «on 
Tbe lep of tO the toipful htavcnA wfauc 

■Ked Saium't *on 
Sat Mt<r<1 fiem tbe other Gods; lliea 

Kni d thr ■hitf-ann'd Queen 
llct Ktedi, vr4 adt'd oljore, if Han did 

not in^ritx hli ifLBta 

With bu l.>ui dc«di. m luWns m> hmpt 

In lb* eommand and craoe of GrMMk and 

to M rude a ben? 
Al »Mch. th« luJ, ApoSe lufh'd. and 

Vras. who >tiU M» 
To Ibat mad Uod. lor Molenca (bal nmei 

jtuke knew; 

* TW dm* K«n curfna s( Utsioi t vtak 




Foi whese taipM)'. ibe ub'd, U. wiih hit 

wiihtd low. 
Iltndf migtit Im (he field oT him? H« 

(di3c her rnlher riovc 
Atbcaiit to l>ip f)isrK'; die soujEhC, who 

mod of old )o l)c 
Tbe Innc of Mu%. and hnd ii veil ihc 

pit of ipoil ai he, 
ThliKniceiheslack'il not, bul hcrhono 

Kniit);nl, f hnl in nTtlim flew 
Belwiii the cope of ibin and eanh : and 

liow fan M A view 
A man inio the piirpte )rst mny from a hill 

So lir « hi^h-nci^liinj hone of heaven nl 

every jump would fly.* 
Antved at Troy," » here, broke In carta, 

tht two flood* mix their force. 
Scamander and btight Simoli, 5«tuxnta 

UAy <1 het hone 
rook them from cb.vioi. and a cloud of 

mlghly depth dilTiued 
Aboul Ihfin ; and llie vcfdant hitnki of 

Si moll poducnl 
In niiuie wliAt ihey cat In heDven. I Thru 

both Ihs CcOdi'im 
March il. like ■ put ol (imorotn dovis. in 

biuting thcfiaeeas 
To th' Areiiiw tuccunr. IVini; nrrivctl, 

wbm both the moti and bol 
Were heip'd tocelber (ihewlng aSI, like 

lions U a taato 
01 new-sUin tuaoBt, or boon, beyond 

encountn mteaigi 
Tben fouad they Dionwd ; and tbitn, 

'midti oil lb' admiring throngs 
Snlutnia put on Slcnlcs'i iha|>r. thai had 

a braien *oice. [she matte n noise. 
And ipukc kt louil H fifiynitrn; like whom 
And chid Ihr Arjcivn : " O re Gmks. In 

name and outnrd rife [what desphe. 
Bat phncd only, not in act : wlial acandaL 

* Bow (tr a luavniy how Mnk at on* r<ach 
or flp9k« ID p11o|unf Of runrujii ; wherein 
Homcr't mmif it fdr tf'um lx*ni; «apreK?d in hit 
in*t*T»M<f», all laliiiic il far hnw In DaTiitB 
wtn lomc fi-ikm Ih4 cazih ; vhvn mi(ai>l1ir thty 
omc down m n4iih : TA<v**r tttt^mimii¥i'\. Ail. 

e-^,, HH being undMHDoit. ud Ute bnrw't 
twihtkmt hi^Ur «Kpftv«t. llitf feme, uchcf- 

l»lte. ■> HWetEU Ud mWlwSirKWT- 

t '^fft^'y* i* the erviiul rnvd, *1iich 
SoKgir lunti nrr iMnniiV. ailiii« haw ilii 
hnne ramp }ty il «n (h«c Eunkv. mtica the bui 

leJiB him SininU firnluccd if: tmnE viiJiiig 14 
tapnia bj' hypiiliiile ihe dtliruT al Ihm kiI. 
I' BO^ t noiH Ibt Uittiei (Duld im auauaa 

l/ie}« tohonout? Alt ihe time the gtcoI 

Was coDVFnanl in anas, your [?es dunt 

not a foot addicw 
Wllhnut Ifavir (xBt) ; M much Ihny fnu'd 

his lance lui nil conitoti'd. 
And now ther oiit-iny (o your ilwU" 

TiiiK did wLih >kli»niE- make bold 
The general tpint and poK'cr of Gmoe; 

vhcn. ttiiii [Milivttliir note 
Of l)iHr duGraoe. Atlicoia niaile Tydeta* 

urae hot. 
Slic found htm at hi* chariot, nstrrahing nf 

hii ironnd 
tnllicied by lUin Ptuularus ; his sweat did 

h'l ibijiind. 
It mrifh nnnoy'd him, tindemcalh tho 

IjKinJ !«■!! <if iili ifiirlil ; 
W]il> which, and tiiT<] uith hii loil, ha 

Mul couM hardly TkU 
Hi) liody nWioD. \^ith bis hand h4 

liftfi Dp the bell. 
And H>[>a1 aua^t ihiil clolTct'd blood Uh 

frrveni wniinij did nwlL 
Mincn-a lean'd Bgaliiil his holse. and nesi 

Iheir withcn laid 
Kor tanrd hand, then sjake to him 

" Eklleve me. Dlomed. 
Tydetu ciampled nol himmlf in Ihmbl 

son : not groat, [much heat 

Dui yet be inu a K^dier ; a man of m 
Tlial in hi* amtiaHy for Tbeb«, when t 

forbad hli mmd 
To be loo trnlutoiA and when fnttli hi 

hmrt niicbl ham) dKllncd. 
With which they welcomed him. he ml^ 

a challenge 10 the brsl. 
And foil'd Ihe best ; I ga»e hhn oU 

became Ihi^ luit of rcH. 
Thai would havFteind anothei' mind, k 

mller'd not. bal med 
TI1C irial I nade Iflu a mu, and Uictr «0 

f<M«Ia t»ftmi). 
Yet when 1 ict ihee en, thoo falnl'sl ; 

guanJ Ihoe. chiirge, cihurl 
Thai, I abrtlinc ilitr, ihou ibouldit be 1 

llic Greeks a fori, , 

And a dismay to llion, yrt thini oliey'ii j 

AfnuiL or iloibful. or else trciih ; hcnt 

fiHIh rrnoiincc all ihixiElit 
llial rm Iboo wen Tyditii' Km." 1 

nruBcr'd her : " I knciw ^ 

11iOii nil Jove'a daiij:t(li]r. and. Ibi Ihl 

in ail juti diny oi*e 
lliy ajvDChc* nrvereoee, yet afGrm J 

■^uooil* that fear 
Doth aeHhet hold me spiiiiltsi. not slot 

I only bear 


llif chane la leakMi meuiarf. ibst I 
WHh anjr Mltd DcHr. tuiless («x<««dJDg 

TW IMu of b« nk) fbe Queca, Oat 

EontM thoUbtt (pan, 
SbeiM pn« 10 fidd ; ukI her It^ will 

cniMB'd mjr lu«c to bait. 
Bat te «ho«e power huh rigbi In atmi. 

1 katw In [Kixon hrrr. 
JaMa the Cnmau Dai* : ■Ad ibenAiK 

Aad bsB Inn gUher'd in ntnal Ihoe 

ocbct Gftdu rott Me^ 
Wil) now aad rnwnw oT Tout cbMf* * 

"Uy dnnu mM." nid ibe. 
"Wtaa then wu 111 li chkncnl lli 

trak Uait balh Jmi nilc In inv. 
Bat, MM ow; othoMrltc he tavei. nM 

%hti. He'tttus-dbr. 
B« Tovrd to Jan, cud nwlt; ifal hto 

•Idtheols bo uied 
flfilinn iho Trc^uu^ II ctri*; 

«Bd<ba«tn bcabned 
Hi> rule tn nnnt, InlVtocol fal* word, *nd 

made hi* wsr unjust. 
tfe k IneonWMH. impiowk mad. fUeolie 

tbm : Bnntf inul 
Mjr tai 0^ tboB usinH hli i*ont, or »mj 

Add Koatf* to Ikv frc* boiM^ ehaixe 

hoM ;%• icbb pttMicwIr." 
TUt add; ai thM bnvc ktax. her 

koiiht. wHb hit bonHntdiDC Incaa. 
W«N m btAm (he cbuiot, for aicn he 

ihmai ilnrrwrt. 
list Ae nriskl acnw for wiaonm the 

pfetdfd tbe wa^^foDrr bacST 
And ap Into Ut km the mounu; Ihr 

Peatth the taMtba : end good aaat. It 

A Goddoa 10 rcpleie wlih po««r, ami 

MCb ■ pUlWMIt kUig- 
Sbe MMEh'd Ike Kourco up ud IW 

reins, ond Am btt bcatenlj look 
In HdTi nal bdn tMas Man bii cy(« : 

nd fall caiwc iba took 
At hw, «bo then had newljr tiola the 

olihi; Pariphat. f uraocoi vat 

Keaown'd (oa lo OchtjJia, and fat Iht 
at aa lb' ^MlH—: lo ahmc qial Ibe 

bloody 0«d •■* nuk 
Bm aken (bii ■nan.fiiigac tam ih' ap- 

peoach of nd-Uhe 1>dnn' khi. 
nckt baBicfiijr Prriphai lie, md in tuU 

ihanii III inn 
Al IHnwHl 1 i»d he at him. Batbacat: 


And, Ibintv cf lib blood, he llicotn o 

Inuen laaoe that boan 
Pnll on the bteaM td Dlotncd, aboi« tbc 

rein* and nara ; 
But Palbtt loox It 00 her hand, and KroeJt 

the tagci Unoe 
Bmralh ibe diaiioL Then the knight of 

lUlA* dolh ojjvanoe, 
A&d out a Jarclin otT at Mait. Minttva 

tcM it on. 
Thai, abeie Ml annhig {h>dlO gin, fail 

bell* pnjed upon, 
Jim al ibe lio, and ranch'd Ihe flab : (he 

lance af^o be got. 
But kA the wound, thai itung him *a, he 

laM mil Rich a throat 
Al tf ainr or Irn thmuiaHl mm hail brlf 'il 

oul all their bnatbt 
In one contusion, having fell ai man;' 

tiidrlnn doita. 
The nur made botb the bmti a.niunl. 

Up llrw the God lo hcattn : 
Asd mlb bim wu thni»|[h iJI Ibe lirai 

bluk a Ilnclurc dtl«cn 
To Diomtil'* KfTt. at when Ihe etilh toll. 

chokrd with smoking bnt 
Of glMnny cIoucK that nidc men. and 

pllCll)! ltn)[lMII thirji. 

Uibct'd with boitid f^n ol wind ; vllb 

luch bUck ropouEt plumed. 
Man ftrw i~ OlynipiUh and tmAil bcavenf 

and tlicTG hiiplooc nsumcd, 
Sidlf he went and ml by Jore. iliew'd bii 

immonaJ bk>od. 
That from a mon^man-tnade wouod 

poui'd iDch an Imj^oai llaod. 
And WRiiiiie pour'doul ihnc oomplninU ; 

"O rauier. iiOTta'tt tbou not 
To tee 111 lake ihoc irfOEij^ ttom men ? 

eurtme griob we have got 
Etea by our own deep cowcili. hdd for 

f^iifyinjt ibem ; 
And ibou. out coiindTi praudeot, oe»> 

cludm m tlili csi/rmc 
Of fiKMing cDCr ; linng ruled by one thai 

thou hut bnid : [fall of btad 

Oac Bc*er well, bui edag 111 . a gal m 
Thai. Ibougli all other Ooili ubey, bia 

mad mood* tmnt command. 
Ry lliy iniluleencc; nocbj aord. nor any 

Comciing ber: thy rcuon b. >he b a 

Sik of tlire. 
rrfoie she may kiadle tag* ia mrn 
'gluiM God*, and iIh 
May mAko men fauR Uodi. and Ihooe 

Gods that ■« heejiin iliy wnl. 
Flat in tbe pafan'i bii Cypndes ; tben 
nun the impioui deed 



On my hurt pnaoo ; and, could life glie 

way 10 death io me, 
Or had my feet not fetch'd me oBT, hops 

of motUlity 
Had kept me coniott." Jupiter, with a 

conlracted brow. 
Thus answer'd Mara : " Thou many minds, 

inconstant changeling ihou. 
St not complaining thus by me, whom 

most of all the Codi, 
Inhabiting the slarcy hill, I hate; no 

Being set to thy contentions, brawta, fights, 

and pitching fields ; 
Jujt of thy mother Juno's moodi, (Il9^ 

neck'rt, and nerar yields. 
Though 1 correct her still, sod chide, nor 

can forbear offence. 
Though to her !on : Ihii wound I know 

tastes of her insolence ; 
But 1 will proie more natural ; Ihou (halt 

be cured, because 
Thou comest of me. but hadst tbou been M 

cioss 10 sacred bw^ 

Bdag borne to any other God, thoa badst 

been thrown from haven 
Long since, as low as Taitaim, ''—"iith tba 

giants drtven." 
TUs said, he gare his woDnd In chai;^ 

to Pieon. who applied 
Such soverngn medicines, thai as won tba 

pain was qualified. 
And he rccuied ; as nautixblng milk, when 

runnet is put in. 
Runs ali in heaps of toogh thick ctud, 

though in his tutnre llun. 
Even so soon his wound's parted Mea ran 

close in bis recure ; 
For be, all dealhless, could not long the 

pans of death endoFe. 
Then Hebe bathed, and put oa him fresh 

gannenls. and be sate 
Exulting by his ali« again, tn top of all Ui 

So, having, from tbe tpoOs of men, made 

his d^ied remoT«, 
Juno and Pallai leaioend the ttan7 oowt 

of jo** 

Taa BHs ot THK futb book. 



TM Oedl » }tmtt •■ (nliftmii ItM. 
TIb Cnala rn>A <>» •luchwi'd Tnjua 

' - ~ VMrfRMats 


To May M innn IB i— 

Aal n* lata, fir to«w«riKkfcwt, 
T— Ki una ibmU be tkia i* laenlK*. 
la Ban l«M< CUmib Bid TplidH BKl : 
AaJ «iWf «kH viik w lww an*! 
OfeM km twia Ibor liibai^ vhkk iHUiKt 

OratSi'iSri i h— ft* «Uha^ Ufa 
■■Ob, la kii man axcu mh Ui mile. 
ML t^w la U> arMd anu iM HB, 


taZcti. HMUrfnpkntei 
r»5t foi hit *M ; «Ub imMm. 

TflB ttcrn fizhi fncK) <f ill th« Godi, eon- 

qaen M&i deabiM wiof) 
Pkv en ihdr tadca : even «•* (be r*>- 

BeI«MtheHi»A«(S>BMtau>d XacUiui. 

iTiai I niii»iil 
All (bdr alfain at Dkm. and rand (teat 

TV ftnl ihM iM|!i'd dova all tbefleld. 

of ODe pankclM ride. 
Wm jyw. K W flf TdHMM : who. like • 

boffitant. fvtd 
The Onds* praecfkn. and tt Troy the 

kaonr oedox brake. 
flild cot a lifM to all the nO. aMd ibeai'd 

ibm ba« to nuke 
Way M tbdr wqnm. He did woond 

fhtw UMUt a U aaMtdThnm. 
TSt tdlcM and ibe Uggest *ei. EtMoriu 

HMhuBeHBooUisasqii^i ffaiiKd (op. 

iBHoofftM; (hefeUhoMl 
Dm* araaali hb (wcfaad 10 Mi law* ; 

TMAa dtw TeMtafanlda Anka^ thai 

btMrArtiba'ivvUidUtawaa. H«lwl 

««1. W. 

And rtl am kind aad iwantHiil ; be would 

a ttDTcllFr pny 
To be hit fuctl. hit (rimdly beme Mool in 

(he broad bishwiy. 
Is which he all lorli ntiblj toed ; )i«l noae 

of Ihrm ttould itand 
Twiit him and draih : but both hlouclf, 

and he ibal had oonimand 
OlbiitalrtancCahaiai. fcU UTekat on 

the CTOund. 
EuijiliB. Ofdwlum acd Dniia. dead did 

Nor ended tbefc hit Itcij couna. which 

hea(ainbtgfna. (iwiu. 

And ns u II tiK«cBAilly. npo« a pidr of 
Mma%, and bold Pcduu. whom gnod 

(Tlut em caD'd kther. thougti bate bom, 

RDOwa'd Laomedon) 
On Nai> Atoibanaa fou a njrmpli thai, m 

Her curkd floda, BuoeGo* woo'd, and 

Biix'd ia lowe and bed- 
Both ihae weic apafl'd ef mu nd Ha, 

by MfCiitiadM. 

Tbcn PolTpaMet, fcratm dcMli. AanalH 

UljMa tlrw hnesfol ; Tmtrt ArMaM ; 
Amikichiu fold Ncnoi'i joy) Abkna ; ibc 

l[i«al ion 
Of Aireo^aad Kagotmat. Btm. wltOK 

abode [ritee Ikiw'd : 

He b«U al nppar Poluiw. wlien> Saiohi^ 
The gnat bmc I^u* *uT'd Pbrlaciu la 

«>h( (teftofUrht, 

From further Efc ; Eutypyhia. MplBthiiu 

TbebmhcTMibchnisof men. Adnanu 

look alive : 
Whoae hone, iffrichud with Ibe diglil. 

ihdt driver bow did drive 
Aboocm Iba lowfrown lanMrU Irtoi: 

•ad at aa ami o( one 
The diariM In (he dianfhi-bcebnkr ; ihe 

Wme brake tooK. and ron 
Tbe Mme wajr mber flyen AnL ceMtadtnc 

all 10 (own: 
Hkmelf cliac at the chartot wheal, ofioe 

bu face wai ihroww. 
Aad Ibvw lay bt. roU'd np la doM. 

AUUca lawank dfsn : 
Aad, hoidtaf ai hi* b(«ast hb tmoti. 

Adiwrai KMgbi to taie 




THB sixth book of HOMER'S ILIADS. 


Ilii bead bv losjog «i his tea, uid irustiog 
lo h» kimt ; [bug*, and ofTen tm 
On which Ihc uin>F fara of the leinK hr 
Of HUFihy inluc lor lili life, and (hui 
]iIk»c1> (hrii ircijil - [» iioilhr nciglil 
"Inkr iiic :\hw. O Attciis' ion, »ikI lake 
Of Lritii, eUtionLEc uoa. and gold ;* ti 

Ait In my fatliu'i iirhci hril, which, wh^n 

jrour isnuil briiigx 
Ncn of my aafrlv Iq Iui mi*, bo;i7!y 

will divide 
Willi ><iur rMt boiinlioi." AlitU*' toa 

thouii^l this the bcllei udp, 
And meut (o l-ikc II . Ixtng kI;ouI M lend 

him tafv 111 flifi( ; 
Which uhcn. Ui ofi'. hll broiha sow, lir 

niim'il III! Ki)n] fcrl. 
And carof in thrratrninj;. cryinj; Oul : 

"U loft heut I wlrBt's the caiae 
Tltou ^«nM th<H >Don thus' iiii*« nol 

lh«r obaentd thcc« naile Inwa 
Of mild faumulljr la (hcc. wlih miglil; 

WhX ibou shouldsl dtol thus ; In Ihy hiMSC, 

ftnd wllb all pncedenl 
Of honoiu'd icucil-iilin cnCcilain'd ^ hot 

one of them itiatl Aj 
A bitwr cad fur li from liotveD, and much 

las. dotinRly, 
'Scape our rcwngeful flngcn : oil, ewn ih' 

mfnnt m (he wumUi [no Cilhirr romb 
Shall Oitt of whkl the; mRiIed. nnd tunr 
ll.ari nin-il Iljun ; nor Ihrff r.icc have 

motr fmit iliau Uhi <!u»I." 
Thlsjuu auK tum'd hii Uoihcc't mind. 

who viulcn(I)> Ihniai 
lb* pntoneT from him ; in ation guU tb« 

king of rncn Iniprcti'd 
Hi* lulit-n I.Ln^M', which (pildiins do*a tdi 

foot uiton the bmul 
Of Kim that ui'wnrdi fell) he drew; tiiM 

NcUor spake to ail ; 
" O (nendt, and houujiokt mea ci Man. 

tcl not your jpurxuit fHl], 
With thaw* ys ftll. for jnacnt ipnl ; aor, 

hke the kins ''^ """^ 
Let an> uapc uafcU'd ; but Oh, despatch 

thrm ■II. Kiid ihn 
Ycihilt hare time tnvDsh to ipoil." lUt 

niadi: to iTKng (heir cliuic. 
That oU the Trojaia liod bMO botiMd. oni 

nevo itini'd ■ (Mt, 
Had nol 111* PriimiM Helanit, in niit^r 

taaa of name. [Aacfaofs' tame I 

'WOl'd H<clM' anil .Cncas thus: "Hectw! 

* nil Vw^ iBiurct. 

Sinoe on your ihouldert. w Ith good taiix, 

the wdKhty bonhen tica 
Of Troy and t^rcia (Ixing both of noUcM 

For eouatd, aitaixih of hand. an<l api lo 

lake ohaDce at ha bat 
In cvoj turn ihe mnlia) ttand ful. nnd 

taorr not the ml. 
By any way learch'd oul for 'Kupe. lo 

runic wiiliin Ihc pottt. 
Lest. Qcil inii) ihoir triioi' Idnd ami. ihey 

llictt tie nrnde the spoitt 
or ihr pumiitu[ OMBy : abort, and foK* 

To lum thdi facet : and. wliilc wc cmplny 

ournailarnl linnds, 
Tliaiigh In A bard condlllon, lo ninke the 

other iisy, 
Deeior, (o thou to lUon, and our qurvu' 

mother [my 
To lain Iho richm robe the hath : (hi 

tame ibai'i chidly dear 
To lier court tincy : with whii:h gem 

nisefnbtlnE mora to her 
Of I'loy*! duel motion*, let all ROb (oifea 

To I'nlla^ tenple, lake the key, untod 

the Tmvy kaio, 
I'jiler. iiid rmcli llic hij^hril lower, whM 

her falladiiun lUndi. 
And on it put ilie precious veil wilh pOt 

mid r«VTicnd bundok, 
And »ow 10 her, bciidn Ihe cllt «vi« 

fit'.inj ilroke (Irll t\i« yai 

Of iwein: Tut hinfervofa jrcai. I) iiiiH 
(Most uawcTing to lier nuudcn itale).llil 

will |>ily us. 
Our lown, our wive*, out TOungCTl joj 

nnd hini. Iliol jilagiir* them ihul. 
Take from the conllicl. Diumed, llial fa 

in a liglic. 
That ttutfiioii of great "Tydctu, Ihntcunnlf 

ionl of lliKht. 
WlioRi I <smm the ilrongtst Cn«k ; f 

wv bnvr itevrr fled 
AchiUc*. that H prince uf mm, and wIm 

a Goddeo bred. 
Like him ; hi* hiiy (lira to high, and j 

mcn'i wnuhi ciimmands." 
licclot Inlcndi hu tiioihct't triD, t 

fint Itironuh .ill hik Iwiid* 
He muleiiulckBBy,«nomiraging:»ndi 

to Ir^r afraid. 
All tum'd llwir hmdn. nnd mmle Gra 

liun. Slaughti-i itood iiill diima*' 
On I heir pans, fur tiny ihoughi some & 

(ill'n from Ihe vault of ilnn^ 
Wu nuh'd Into (be lUoat' aid, they an 

jucb drtodAil ma. 



Tim Ilceloc, loUtot ^ do «»c*. •imI 

tittwiac bMk IW toad. 
Of tw Ab'd Mmts. ibiu ufcM kne: "So, 

•o, MM* nni your iilaod 

aaa fju-«*iril frtciubl 
Avliik hold oui, till, tor weooa to (hn 

yoor bnm aaMfuta; 

Ta pMf, ud c0c( Wtatomb^ (m ibdt 

MMei is oat li««i." 
Tb«a &ir-Mn'd IhcUr nnn'd W Tro)>. 

ud. « be Usde the kid, 
TtebbdCbaU-*bUr. thalal U* baik be 

to the I IIII1I drcniiiGatDOi^ WM wit!) 

Mt nil to rockd. 
TbM, Mu large, ll txitti M once hli neck 

A«d ao* bctwtEi tlie hoHi were met, 

Hlppofaehu' bmc n<^ 
Otancia, wfao ia bi> my look hopa al 

*9iae wonder •no. 
Aad Uuk Tydcut' fDlfhty b«v; who MP- 

he tocb a man 
(Mb Ob kid, te and iilo««, with voo- 

iiiuiM voiw bcf^n 4 
"What ut ih«k MRmg'it o( nwruti 

nca, ifcM pait'M to far bdot*. 
Wtea ibaa fichu atwr shvifd mine 

qCi ? ibqp bare been emmore 
Seaa id nobamr panutt bom, tbal cams 

«4lhia die tagib 
Of Lbi* Uincna-golded kaca; and doni 

dcac wllb Uw Mmctli 
Tbat the MOfara la nc If heaTenbeifa)> 

liMae abod^ JwlUi anj Gal 

Aad tboB a Dcsij dm* infmn'd. no o>on: 
WD I ebanse hotta. Tbe inoas toe oi 

Lmu MlFT nxA a ooaAkI dued, who S9d- 

HjnaMM nana Ihronitb tbe luQ laadt 

Mcrad lohHWUiie. 
Aod called N^nfius: aitb a (oad tw 

puadi'd lacb (ortoat daiae. 
Aad nuile UieB cmy oae caM dowa Ihdr 

T^thhomicidr Ljv-ufXUidid; and those 

ungodlj (earh 
fU pM the fnM in. t^nd thdr Cod. 

bxD Bacctoi he did drlw 
FR»n hn Nj«tc4iai who wu fain, with 

huicv uidalBa. (o drni 
iMoUieocBan. ThMlt then (B bee bright 
I cook 

T>i^|tl. riiiiii ahiiaifiai'iW iiniMin' 

For vhicli the CieelrJliinc Ooil» » highly 

werr incmte'I, 
That SMurn'T gmt uq iironlt him Miad, 

•iiil wilh l>i< }Ur tlntienwl 
Bui nnall linw after : nil be<nuw ih' hn' 

mottilt lovnj hull not. 
Nrv Wnl Imii ^iitr hit fiTritHd wilh tltetn ; 

anti h(i mtt hiilfi begot 
Fear in my ■■mi.-n in tsgiii wilh hcanin. 

Hill, ll iht rtiiiiiotaanh 
Nouiuh thy Ixxlir, and Iby Ufe be of (Hit 

huniui taiith. 
Come iwtir. that thou mBT'ii toon mtire 

on llial Ufe-bonDdiaB thore. 
To whldi I •>■• Ibaw bone each nil," 

" Whjrdort thaii*ae«pIo<«" 
Said (■[ouciu. "of what nee I aai. wboo 

hlt» tbgranaof Ua»M 
'Ibc nee of man K ibat dcaervc* no 

qiicMinn ; nor n. t iJ im 
My liemt; any other bnatfa : The wind 

in autumn itiowi 
Tb« cirth with utd ht>y» ; thtrn (livr vprisg 

the wood* with new etulows ; 
Aad to death icatun wen on cart^ to 

life poll oui tftia 
Man'i Icavy unle. But my lace. It. like 

Then Hvk'ii ia man panlctUar lemu. 'til 

llrii. to Buwy known ; 
tn miibi of Ai|iui. nune of horn:, tbete 

(Inmll awnllod (own, 
Kjihyra. wbeee the ntiaile»bouia of Siiy> 

phus dKl (tand. rUad. 

Of Sliyiihu>'.£Mtde); HMat «<K of all the 
GUocu* wu »Dn la bim, and be Im|bI 

Whoie body tuaven cadoed wllh tHOicai, 

and put a bmaty on, 
tUceetting lovely, melni yel Us cauK 

of knw dkl haie. 
And faaoiih'd hint the town ; be might ; 

he mled tbc Arrive date. 
ThR ntiiic of ilie one Jo» placed boMatb 

tbe other** powvr. 
Hildile jfiew. lineebe denied to be llia 

Of fair Anieta, rncUu' vlb, wbo fclt a 

ncWis fine 
Of aecM lotc to hbit; but bt; urtiom 

■itdom did loiptre 
At yrtil a> [rtalrBoe loae of Ihem adviiiog 

Mm tothun 
The daaiccr d a peilMCM' love, die other 

Dot to nm 
WIiMd ibe dancer oC ite Godi, tbe act 

bwn£ *f mpty 01), 
the earthly tdn. 

a « 


Sh<> luM br Dritli««f bii iria, pitfcn'd 

twr liiit (0 bolh, 
Abi], fxlK in t'ritfui. would tccni (rue, 

with fhia nbbort'd unlioih r 
" Pr*lui, or <Ut ihjwU," wiiil she, "otkl 

He urscd dashonout lo thy bnl ; which 

since I did itny, 
H< thoDEhl hit violrnot thTiiUI cnml. Mil 

iMjht (by slumeby totcc^'* 
Tbc king, Incciuod wiih her nport, re- 
solved upon ber coune ; 
But doubted bow II should be nin : he 

aliunii'd hi* dMIb direcl ; 
(Hcitdin); ■ *sy so nnu not ufe) ajid 

plolled llic cSccl 
By Hndins him with leilera nal'd (that. 

epen'd. touch bJi Ife) [hu wlh- 

To Rhfuni klnc of I.yclH. and laihrr to 
He weni ; tod happily he went : the Gc^ 

wHbd «U hli wty : 
And beinx orrlnd is Cycia. where Xaathui 

doth dtipby 
Tbe illver eniicnt of hit waret, ih* kins o( 

that brmd tiuid 
RMelred lilm with a wondroui free and 

honuutahifl liiind. 
Niiw dijs he fea»t<d iilm, and kilt'd an oi 

la even day. 
In (haokrurMGriSe* (o beareD. for hia fair 

(iMM : whoM stay. 
With raiy flnccn. brought the world, the 

tntfa wril-w*lcoin<d mom. 
And tben llw klc£ did move to tee tbe 

iMtata ba b*d botne 
Ren bi* loFed aon-io-law : which leen, be 

«ioug3>t Ibo* Ihrir contcoti : 
ChliBMn, tb» lovindblci ha tvi Urn to 


lBn| IVaoeb mui|r critiu tu ftt unlinely, bcuif, 
•• (My ufc* ii. ia tbt hui «< 6thi: Kicr. 
Vldl^ • Uu etotrnr, btUis Mc*n« t^uau 
Hsaitr. WIMk icmmrict ib Ihit I cubm but 
seta, and frovf to ro: ''»'> bcadtt tbe 
aauiiliy ud oAe* m a pod, to vary and 
auielMi Ua pMm vhh ihw tpixd**, mbif- 
tive* bcyoaa lti« IrituTr uf iVicJr utioat, tkt 
cnlic aotta ncrt how far tm foKmcncF prrwDU 
fall vom at br ; asd h« down bit ipn<h *i 
Ibe tuddf a aod imfin rnmioc of the TroUq 
fiiJd. tMiaallnlBbcfenby Hrwi: ud that 
fo IVfTcaly, It Duda aa adramnf H^ inong 
■be GrMiaa, Md lb«ah tava 111 ilaa br i&cw 
tmi capcaiu U WMt ifwir adainliooa, iba 
whsli ttU la iku pan baiaf ta uaad lik* dia 
OOBuaandr-'f And thea btir fut] cr dfcorua 
tUa ciUii^i i^Dw Hill >[«tb mi id totnd 
uadanlwuliagt. I lEsta aaly la nxh^ aad Iff 
Wir orUm to avd. 

Sprang from no iniui. but mere divine ; 4 

Uoo'j »littpe before, 
Behind n Tlrti|,-nR's. in Die miilal a go 

shngEd fottn. tiic boTt, 
And lUmet of douUy fetvcncy ilcw llMD 

Vet her he ilew ; hit confidence In lacred 

n'd him victor. Tbcn he (nt Ul 

KcoDd cofiqual war , 

AcainM ihe famou* Solynl. when (W 

himself would lay. 
KeponlnE li| he mtcr'd oa • paabig 

vijoroiit fight. 
His third huf^e labour he approved agalnil 

a woman 'i ipllc, i 

That lili'il a fisld of Amanns ; he Of«t«aia4 

Than sol ihty on him tly Deccii. wh4B 

Force had mob a fall ; 
An ambush of tbe ittaagM men, thri 

•NHciiiui Lyda bnd. 
Was lodKcd for him : whom he lods«d 

mw: [bey never riiioJ a hend. 
His detds I fiui sbowio); liim df nvrd frM 

aome celestial r^ce. 
The king dcliiin'd. iind made amendf 

«il)i doinK him the Kface 
Of hit fiur dBui;hLc('3 pnncely gift ; u^ 

wllb her, foi a dower, 
Gave half hii kin([dom ; and to Ibii; lU 

Lycums on did pour 
More than wtaetvcB to any king; mcoodf 

planted ficM, ,; 

In some pam Ihlcli of frroict and woodl 

Ihp ml ricb cropi did yield. 
This held the Lyclani futiirdy {at labia 

wandointi thora 
And other errors ci (beic princt^ In lb 

unhappy nnr 
or bii tad lifi) the Emm call'J. Thi 

pnncT«s brouftil him lonb 
Three eblldrcn (nviHMC codi grieved hid 

mon, the more ihaywim of worth) ' 
lunder. and Hippolovhw, and fait Lao 

With wiiom, even Jupttn Umaclf III 

heancn iisell, lo he. 
And bud by ber the man at armt, Satpedoq 

Tbt Cod* then tell bim, leit a man iboali 

In their (laria* abine. 
And set against Um i tor hu son. tundrtd 

tn a Mrtfe f Hgbl and lite 

Aeu'mI ihc valiant Solymi. Man reft C 
Laodamla, being envied ot all tU 

Tha coUsn-Mdlr^MiidJlDg Queat._ 

nakten PnironeB. 

niE sjxni BOOK OF homers iliads. 


5k* wlib •■ mnm: «(>d bt ibli be 

AJo^ rtiin^ hk Aldn Add, and Ced 

tnen th*«ac> 
Of bk Ml boiom. fIjrinE itt »» UxUbed 

VH bad lie one fuirirad la hiin. oS tboM 

Ane diUocn, 
B^pafcifhiM. A* wot ot DC : «ho ttot 

Bebci^ widic&araa 
TkM I Aodd ftlwa^ be«i me wdl. and 

^■■ff diMM* «abuit« 


tbcmliar: mm I thuncdmjrnKe. 
tttf |» cxccff d 
Al Ifaat 8^*]n'* [aiDOii) tovoi, ix unele 

TUi ta n auck wKI lU* «m 1." TUi 

Vbo BilA'd hk vu dewn, kan'd, 
and Ulk'd In Ibk aOMiMuk pan : 
"Ccnch ta Af craM anoettw, and la 

MuC OK^ BOB art 
A wmt of inla«. tisM ancknt: king 

Oatnt IvcntT dan 
Dmdir^ Mtt IwM Bdkraphoii, whom 

Wot* it lA oti MWaal gita «aiB girta 

lay gtaddan lata la ibv4v 
A ^Mk «( FhoHikkn WMk, tapmplcd 

TIAa laia a t a u u x A 'd jog e< gold. 

«u!li. IkMgh I lue not itere. 
T«l «ai It k nj gtB »i bcmc^ BuMfooi 

fkaflUf, orcackMhskaew, I luovnot 

Ut aw a tUd. ai fkn o( ncbe^ «ba« 

Bat lal M BRna ow giandtlna' mosl and 

be ea« Wbef* gecMa. 
Tb t^eia *hai I «o<na. do (bou rMtJirc ibT 


IBH^ wlih Ika Uka, )haU ihy 
'd taaaMoa giairt. 

thna «• each olbcr bcrc, 

Iboag)) ta lh* nroi m mta. 
Tbera an oioar of Troy bonde, and mm 

T> dfht nqr po««n, arbota evvi h««v«n 

AaB kl ^r lance Doafouod. 
■•■nttRvottlHGndu for thee; kill 

wktt Aea eiait Aad oow, 
Kk (^ o( Mnlly twin tu. aod ihu nil 

daemay kB«w 

Wb skra k tb' bo«ptUoa* rfta oar naad- 

CkMi «• ov anM bciora ilttin aU." 

n«a hone Iken betb dcKCDd. 

Jola hanil*. efva hith, tad t^b* ; aad Uiaa 

did topAcc* data 
TbeHlDd nf Gkncnt, ahc^ lo ibo* U( 

Roenncv to tbs mta 
Of ntiuc in bii gnndditf s beart, and gia- 

luloie bcUde 
The cBtt of n anM a friend, eidungod. 

in ibM goodpTtdc 
Cuce» of gSd for (bote of bra**, ihal did 

on Dlomcd ifalne. 
One of a bundred oien'i price, ibe othn 
but of nina. 
By tbit. had lledor ttach'd the potu of 
SoKo. and the (onvn. 
About bim Sock'd tb« uiveaof Troy, the 

cbildraa, panunoun, 
Inquinsg bow ibalr fautbaodt did, their 
Eulim, brocfam, loiea. 
He itood not itiai 10 ansMr tben, but 
■aid : " It Dow btbovca 
V« ihouJd go all t' implara the aid of 

beaTCD, In a dliinu 
0( (nt «<l«<t, aad iunfaaM." Tfeen 

baled be MCOH 
To Pnun'* goodly buiUcd cooM, ahJch 

feuad aboai nraa ran 
With nlking pMcha, galltrict, M kcap 

oil nun and mn. 
Wiihin, of one )tde, on a tew. of anndty- 

odoai'd Moots. 
FiAy fair lodciop aaia bullE out, br 

Pnaa'* Bay win. 
And foi at fair am of tbrirwina; tad, la 

'he nppoaiM Tie*. 
Twdm Mpiigtol llkcsione. Ukebcishl. 

were likcwiw Iniili niryr. 
Wboe. itilh Ihfic liur und viituoiu nlvcl, 

ivalie prinoea, tons in lax 
To bononnibk Pkkm, ky. And boa Met 

The lonng niaiher. her givai ton ; and 

vub bat noadi mist be 
Tbe khaN of bet (iemalc nice, ibe tsfiht 

Tbe qooto cript hard ha llcclor'i band, 

and said: " O woniiicmon. 
Why Icivcu thou field? ui ao( becauie 
Ibe cuned aalion 


thn Ual httk in ; ntfiicll only 1 ifttr of kO 
linmiT'a mrkpnit, rilK« Phittrch ^tiim Ihc 
Stfin.% txttuKi iIdb f uppeMd inliy in CbiKU* 
!^E*cnd.ili0> liLc«ru4 vfKaiinatiV *^y ^■^'■■'^■^ 
wUA I ■» fn' iht toicd u3 waph atUni «( 
lb* fiM tithuitc in Qnou. eotUuy la 
etbcn Ikat, (in Ihc mawcd f>dy in Cluinii, 
umol hu <bMin 



AflUct oar countn'Riea uul friends t ttKj 

are iheit rnoMH thai mote I 

Tliy mind to own* mi lift thy hitnili, in 

his Ills'' lovw, lo Jon). 
Rul nay k iltde^ IbBI mprlf may fetch our 

nvrtrat wiiw 
To nSer flnt to Jupiter ; Ihi^n thai thne 

Joinu of thine 
ttmj ba nlRBti'd ; for, wo* is mc, how 

ihou lul ioll*(l ani fpcDi ! 
Tbou (or our clty'ict^enJiiaw. Ihou Ibr 

onr friendt lir tent. 
MdH DOW the pn» Dt Aght endure : bow 

tolilinlc. looil |iu nti. 

Upon the name of Ju[Htei : ihou only for 
But wine wm (omettiSng comfoit lllcc ; (or 

to a HUB dirawy'd 
With cMcAil ipMti, or too rnnd) with 

labour ownid. 
Wine brinei mueh ra»u^ NrenetbeninK 

much the body and the mhid. 
Tt>( sml h(;lin-inowr Ihm ncdvcd the 

authorm of hli kind : 
"Uy royjil inollicr. bring no wine: lett 

rnlhecil impxii 
Thaa help my iltcni^h, and make my 

mintl tiiigetlal of III' oftalr 
CoRiRiiil'il ID it ; anil (lo |iout' it out In 

I feu with unwJsh'd Imndi lo serve the 

pure-lived IVilii*. 
Nor u li lawluJ. Ihui imbrURl with blood 

axul duil. Ici pron; 
The will cif lini'rn, or offer vowi to cloud' 

eompellind Jo«l 
I only coiiiR tu uu your pitnn [■ucmbline 

other d.-ima. 
MofiOHA, and itYiiiicii honour'd moil. wUh 

hiKh -Tid viUBum niiiiiii) 
With wine iDd odours, ind a robe mm 

ample. moM of price. 
And which is deaiot In your 1o?e, lo oAn 

la Palhu' t«iRplc : and lo put the pitdooi 

robe n btor 
On hoc ralbulluni : rowing atl. twdve 

MM Ota year, 
WhOM nrcks were ii';iv*r wninK with yoke, 

shall ray her i^raec their hva, 
U alie will pily our xlegod town ; pEty our- 

•elm^ our wives ; 
Plcy onr (Mdnn ; and (emove, thxn 

•send Uion, 
The dreadful soldier Dlomed. And, when 

founelm are tone 
About this work. fnyMlf will go^ lo otQ 

IqIO the held. 
It be will heat nw. Helen's love ; whom 

would the earth would ytcld. 

And hcadlocig take Into lia eaU, 

ouiGk beforv niina eyes ; 
FoTiMiiinybaM. t h<^ traald cast 1 

load of miunin, 
Bome for the t'laeoe be haUi been boc4 

and tired la ibc defaoe. 
Hy pral Olympitis. of I'loy, mir sIrv nod 

all out moc." 
This Mid, ciava Heeuba went bom*} 

and tent bor maids about. 
To Ud the mairun*: stia beneU d^ 

■eendtnl, end leaitli'd out. 
Within a pinea that brtoihtd perfumeflj 

the richcai robe ihe but : 
Wliich Liy ulth (n:iny ndi otiea nicjfi| 

m<Mt cunously mni"lc 
% wi.incn of ^idoiiU ; which fxrls lirougH 

(rum thence. 
SalUnf- the brood sea, wheit be moite tU 

voyace of officnetk 
In whicfaliobioucht home Helena. TISI 

robi^ transfeiT'd so far 
(Tbst was the uridennosl), she look : I 

glltict'd like o itat ; 
Anil wiih ii went she to the bar, wU 

many ladiei more ; 
Amon^ wbuni (nlr-clicck'd TTirsnfi q 

lock'd the folded door ; 
Chaste TheanOk Anlenor's wife, and « 

tlacut' race; (kins o( Timet 

Sister lo Hcouba, both bi»n to that gnt 
Her lb' Uiom mode Minnva's pitesi : ani 

hci Ihey follow 'd all ^ 

Up to the leniplc'i highosi fowet ; whe* 

on their kneca ihcy Ian, J 

t.ifl up tbeir hands, and All ibe fane «tt 

ladies' piteous crlo. ^ 

Then liwcJy Tliinnu look the tdl, aQ 

with i( she implm < 

'llie Krai Palkdium. praying Ihu 

" tioAlMS of moat renown 
In all the hesten of GoddeasM, pat 

Rovteiiil Minm^ liitiik the lance < 

DiooMd. oenae his eraoe. 
Glre blm to lull In shnmelul Bight, bat 

lonjt. and on hU tuw, 
Itcrore our pons of Ilion, that iDstanll 

we may. 
Twelve uiiyuktd oMii of a year. In ih 

thy ternplc slay. 
To thy sole honour : lake thoir bkioil 

and banish our oA'ncc ; 
Aeeept Troy'i nal, ha wive*', and W 

ourinfnnts' innocen(«.~ 
She pray'd, but Pnllu would not ^raa 

Mean space "■-.h Hiitirr ivmr 
Where Aleiaader's kxlgings werej 

many a (oodly room 



Had boDt b iliam hy artMiMU. of Troir't 

mod ctUMDi tori. 
And vcK DD loditBCii boi A bouw ; aw 

nobouw. tnt xourt : 
Or iMd aO (boe contaM'd la them : and 

•n aicliin • lonnvr. 
Ncn lUclor'* lod{lii(n and the Ub^'*. 

Tlw lo*td of beoven't ctiM BoHcr. 
tttetm, ben enwr'd. In his hand a 

faeHf bttce be batK, 
Tw enbbi bnt ; ifc* brum bead wtn( 

Md|^d«laalMml*'drinE<fEold. He 

tend fab bcodwT tbm 
AwuuKU Ibc VFCBvo ; )tt p wy a f od to fo 

■monpt the mta. 
For in thcC chamber b««H«el, trinuDlng 

bto (flNi. bM ikldd. 
HlienKCi. and wM iryinc hov bis ciooked 

T« bk «nl|bt armt. Antmctlberdiiblg 

WMMI (bo Arpre Quofn, 
COHvaBdinff ibcn la «*Mieac wuki. 

When Hectoc't eye bad tna 
Hb bralbv IbD accompanied, and that 

be coald anc bear 
Ht*«r*«u<^iaB«'U( armi bnt «rtKtc 

Aad whta the Utae aoModn) mra, rigbi 

TbM be nrigM do It bHtctlt. fail cowaidics 

be bid. 
niai Hvpir raad« Un w nllml. beneaili 

aa aoKT. Idfo'd 
!■ hba b)r Heolor, for lbs haW tbe dUieiii 

AC^Mi Ita. for ib« foil bv took In that 

cai m ; lad anin. 
For an tkdr feneral (oft* bi Ui. So 

Hactor MMB (o pbfa 
M U* vialb to iheai, tat Ottb tat», aod 

bM fall eowaidko ;■ 

M An wa it that tbdK^d bin bi hb 

Aad bipi Mm. ta tkal dangerooi Ume 

bgn iMr b aid In fahl ; 
For Wbkk he iMd Una; "Wrrtcbed 

BM*I » Ua »d w Mthytprte 
ItMlb HM hoMtt ; Md Ifaeir hue ii jut, 


Warlmw aboot ifae Iowd for tbe«; tot 
Ibee oar daugbla'd (lieadi 

• Htoor to^mbWi Ibt connjin b* tnli 
la fm ; tmM il. w » he tMd hia ria hit 
■Iw Twim hir hu« hiB, banc 

1 ■ id ronpbiaNlMl !■ Bf 

BawBtTroynrilhttidr ca t caMLi . wiwliow 

benpa oar U^ welb 
Ar CHTnoolG'd bjr caenUcs ; the sid viTrrft 

WltbODi. an aeho'il «fdi tbe cflis of wIve* 

and babd nitfala ; (canncit win 

Andall for thee: and ret Tor thoni ihrhonout 
Had »( Ibine ancpt. Thon ihould'H need 

no tptiil lo iiii up ihine. 
But thine ihoutd »et (bo r«M en 6n. and 

with a nge divine 
Cbasine impatuaU^ tba beil, that lm> 

pfoullT forbeaith 
Coma fbnb. lot tbjr (alt towvia aad Tn>r 

be bura'd nbout (bine nia.' 
Pant ackaowlcdcTA as before, all Jutt 

tbat Hector irnhc 
Alkming tnillcc. ibougb It wen: for hii 

Injuufcc takv, 
And ariipre hl> brother put a wmh ojion 

hlm by lid an, 
Kc Liim ii. for liii honout'l lak« ai 

Ipnine out of hii bcnrr. 
And mihvr wouli! lunc ^agrr teem bu 

Giiili (han «>i>nrdi« ; 
And ihiu be aoiirct'd; "Sineft oilb right, 

jma jomd check whh adnee. 
And [ briir jou, give equal ue : Ii k not 

any splMQ 
Afaiiui itm toum, as ]«« ooneelv^ that 

makca me lO unM«n. 
But wiTow for it : abUi to cue, aad by 

iliicqiinr difirtt 
Within mj-self. I lire lO de«; i aad yet. 

ilncc rncn tnigbt wratt 
Mf sill (rtmi. like jon, my wife «l(b bur 

ailviH Inclined 
Thlt tnj nilrti—Irin tft Ibe fiebt ; abicli 

wiu Bine on ft«e anlad, 
Ai well at th' loMaiKa of her wmtl : for 

ihaii(h Ibc tea were minr, 
CcoqiMat briagx lottb ha vieilln by lunii. 

Slay tba (hU baite of thine 
But till I am, and t aaoiBlenconacitt 

Or BO. I'll avcnake thy liaMa." Ilden 

Hood at receipt. 
And look up all gnail Haeloe^i poatn, f 

attend Inr heavy vonb, 
By which hod Pari) bo a^f. Thb *eni 

hcictlef tflbida: 
" tttiitbcr (ir I may caM you to. that bad 

bcm better bom 
A dOf. (ban nch a hcnid daa« as all 

men outc and MORk. 
A iihctdchnakee. a nian^filicae} O would 

10 Ood, Ifaa day 
Tkrt fiiK gave tight to me, had bea • 

wbMlWDd bl IB) «K1, 



Ami bene aia (o Mnc desert bill, or hid 

me In (be np 
Of (anh'* mou br-nrcuo^iig sns. ere 1 

ihoiild thw fns'C* 
The dear Utc* of m nunjp fliandi : 7(t 

tinve llic Godi luve been 
Udplaa fcoEMcn of my pUt:iies. Ihey 

inlgbl bave UkewtM ten 
Tlial ho ibff put In y«ika wlib KM. to bcai 

out tbeir amid. 
Had been a man nf niKh tnoK qririt and. 

or bad nobliaidimd 
To •hield aiine honour with hia ieei ; or 

ttiib hii mlDd bad knon 
Much bMHr (ha upbraid* ot men ; Ihal ao 

be might have ihowo 
(Mo[* lik* a mitn) lome seme of giicT for 

bolh my !.hnmf Knd bit. 
Out lie It Mfuclcu, DOT Mccdrcs what 

any ouDhood ia. 
Nor now. not enr alter win ; and (bcirc- 

Ion haiuE*. C fear. 
A plajw aSnn him. But came near. 

food broUier : mi you herv. 
Who. ofthoworUofnutn. ilandi cbarscd 

whh mott voreM (or me, 
Vne wreleli. and Ibr my lovEt** wroag: 

on wliom a ilrsliny 
So blKer I* Inipowl by Jov«. that all 

luececdlng time* 
WiD put. lo our uiwDdiKl ahimt*, in all 

mca's mouiht our ciUno." 
Ha auwrr'd : " Hclrn. do not seek to 

■Bike m« III with iIiFc -. 
I mnM not (u;r. thou^li well I know tb y 

bonour'd loo of m*. 
My mind colls tonh lo aid our rrjcndi. in 

whom my abwnce brtatba 
Lon^ojp lo ace nu) : for who*e takes, 

inportnoe thou to doedi 
Thll man by all maau. lh*t your care nuty 

make hb owa mnka hiMe, 
And ni«i me lo the open torn, ilut ntl 

niiy wc SI latt 
He nii'iili bis loner. I mytelf hUI now (o 

homn and ko 
Hy homchold. my dou wife, and too. 

tbat IHlla hofie et die : 
For, titlpr, 'lis ailhoul my ikill. if I ib.ill 

CTcnnore ["sbl lo me. ictloic. 

Keluni. and tea them, or lo «*nh. hrt 
TheGoda nuyMoop loe byilw Gncki." 

Thu uld, he went lO sec 
'llie lirtuoua prinC»A bit Inw wifr. wbilc- 

arm'd Andromadie. 
She, wltb Iict lofini aon and mnid. was 

dimbil the wmr, about 
The licbi ol him that Mmht foe her, woep- 

la^ *Bd ci>lng ogL 

Hector, col finding bcr at home, wai 

going forth ; retired ; 
Slood la Ibe [ace : lii'i woman CBll*d, aad, 
curiouily icquired i 

Wbere liie was gone ; bade lell hint Itoe, K 

the were gona lo tc* 
}l'a KiXrn. oi hii broilien' wi««; «r 

wht^ilier i-h>! ibould be 
At irmplK Willi Die oilier dsniei, 1' ioiplon 
Minerva's nitb. 
Her wom^n antwer'd : (Inoe be adfi^ , 
anil u()[ril tn mticb Ibe Iniih. 
The inub IMS sbe >ai nciiber gone, to se* 

bit bnthen irii«. 
Hii iwlMtnor t' implon the rath of Pallaa 

on their lives : 
But the (xilvLTtiwtl cl the bone Tror 

suffrr'd. nnil how mi 
Conquui hju] mule tienclf (at Greece) lik« 

orin clihiEjii^lil, tmidc hiuK 
To ampin ilion with bei Bon, and mai^ 

and all the way 
Mourn d. and dinuind in tran (or hiia> 

Then Hector made no siay. 
Out tiod her path, and througb Ihc ttrtttl, 

Itiafti iHMotly built. 
All the greit city past'd. and came whtn^ 

sermg how Ijiood wai ipilt, 
Andtomacha nuEbt we him oonie; who 

made as he >i,'oiild put 
The|io(tt wiihoiii Mluiin); her, not know^ 

lUE wbers the b-u. 
She. wilh bit light, made breithtess haile, 

10 mnel liini ; kbit, whow i^rsoo 
Brouchi him wiilul lo gieoi a down ; iha 

thai of all Ihe race 
Of king Action only lived ; Action sbose 

house ilood 
Btncaih ihe luouRtain Placiitt, antiroa'd 

with ibe wood 
OfThebon Hypoplacft betng ccmrl tolht 

Citlcian land. 
She mn to Hector, and n>iib her, tender ot 

heait and hand. 
Her ton. Iwinein bi« nuiiB'tanni; when, 

like a bcannly lizn. 
Compact of imuiygoldiai flani the pi!nc«l3 

child did th&ic. 

Whom Hfctor call'd ScaitutKlnui; bui 

whom Ibe town did name [unw 

Aj(ly,tn.'Ui. bocauMbisiirc did only prop Itu 

Hecior. iliough gnel beicll hit speech, ye 

iniitftil upon hit joy- 
Andromache cried out. niii'd hinds, <UM 

<o the tlrcngth of Ti^ 
*niu wept forth h« lilirctiun : "Onubhi 

Thj m tod, intt Mnea wltti Kbctf SMdLld 
Ml tliyiviriisfiMc .^ .■( 



Nor piUcU than ihj nm, nor irtfc who 

OHM Itiy widow be; 
U Mw dK>a Iwm; •! OwfieUviD oolr 

BalUi nr «h«iBld«W niKlannot Ibawuth, 

^gf ilun woBid e*nh bar |n)r* oo moi* : 

Ifaa eoiDM tha bladi inc miw 
CM pteb qoce Gneks on Uton). Alii. 

whM IIIK wiilm 
To b« aqr irfoBC? eat bladi day benA 

Mvm bmthcn' IM^ 
Br Mm A«UBm: br Ui hud mj faibn 

Hb M^-nU'd rich CUid«BTbdMS>udi'J 

by him, >nd bid waM« i 
T^ rani bed7 jm he left utupgil'd: 

Relifloa ebftnn'd 
TfaM Mt of iped ; sad all ia lin be buni'd 

Un cflMphw wm'd ; 
BnaiffW Um a tvjiitaisan and (o ibe 


He left of hla. Ill' Orcada {ihu u* Ibe 

Of iGgtt-taailiS JopUa) MO(bcr of tbdi 

Did add 10 ll; and Ml it rannd with elnu ; 

bf «bidi it dKnra, 
h noa. Ibe hamniMB* of death i fN 

nteU n Mm bettdc 
T»lWMrlb*Mdniowuncai ttoM all tba 

n nnii oui pndg 
Of norm aadMMpcUj^ Bed lo hiut (tiinn 

Tbe ihon hie jtt mr oMtht* lived be 

■avcd. tad imul nii niad 
WWt «a Ika ikbaa of Uw realm i which 

not cae^^ eMcem'd, 
Iwft b» prtWMi i whom man dnw; 

but madi men w«akh, ndecM'd; 

itat. In igrlna Hypoplacc Ulkto ruled 


Bnt toon wat onsndcd bjr death : DUna'i 

GBvebcmbM^aadiaok he* life. Yd. 

an thcae fooe frpn ok. 
ThOT onvtr midar'K all ; Ihjr life makes 

ICr m4Mn twothn* 1 aod bciidct ilKiu on 

IIOIC Uecd. BOfl wonhy. PUjr Ibeo, dctf 

lo«t. and do Mt CO. 
tat ibou govt, all tboe fO again ; pltj 

<Wf OC g i m o n jty, 
iMt, of a Uiber't paBaMi8& ibe bulwafk 


' TVbnaokM'i^dqperpliGi*. 

Tboo leiTCtt him a poor mtdifi^ ckugc: 

lUr, U*T ihon. in Iha Ivnr, 
Aid ah up lo ihe mild lig-uce all ihjr i«- 

tltwJ poiter : 
For ihrrr ihe wall b eonetl (ooled. and 

fillut lot sDrpnie, [Otomed, Ibile* 
And iticn, Ui' A)ioM, Idomvn, lb Aiiidm, 
Hnvn both nmrd end made auempi ; 1 

know not if bduoed 
D; aama woe if f . «( Iha bet vnc 

Baiurallj' inhuod 
tnio tboT Hfti, at oaorace*." To (hih 

tnad H«clor *ud : 
" Ba irell osHued. wife, all Ihcte lUngi in 

fnv kind cana are mich'd. 
But wliai a ihune and iiai il it lo think 

how Troy would *com 
(Bwli in her hutlwiili, and hat arivei, 

whom lonj(-(nin d coviu adorn) 
That I ihouU cowoidlj flf oil I The ijilill 

I Urn did liraWba 
Did nevtr that : mntb lot, dnce 

the eonlempl of death 
Wa* taUlod in me, and my mind knew 

w^ot a wotihywaih 
Wboi* olDea it lo load ia Gtbt, aod ghn 

no Utoftt faaa 
Whhoul unpiotviiitnt. lo ibii lirt mutt 

Hector't trial ihme ; 
Btn mnat ha couMrr. luhcr, Uendj^ bc^ 

In bin>, made dinne. 
And mkJ) a Mormy day thall oome (In 

mind and K>ul I haoni') 
When ucrcd Ti«9 ibaU i^td bar (owan, 

for loan of ovcnhtow : 
When Priam, all hi» binfa and pawn, thai) 

in iboH Han bo drown d, 
EhI aatbtr Tray'i poHoity to much mj 

tout doth wauni£ 
Ptiam, DOT Kocuba bentdf, nca all my 

btolhert' aod 
(Who Iboi»h u many, atxl to JDOd. aaot 

all be foul for loo), 
A* Ihv ud stale : when ume rade Qratfc 

tliKll In'l ll>o« wtrping hsnoa 
Thoe frc« day* douded, and a nlgfai of 

ca[i[iv« tWok* 
LouliBx thy •cmpfa't, out of which tlUna 

eyes mntf BCKCT tee. 
But tfrin Oa Qiacfc tmn' wtfai of toik, 

and Ihdi (eteh-WMet be 
To Ai^oa, (tool MoaaidM, or dear Ky- 

pf nai iptiaf ^ 
Whwh howioovci Ibou ablMT'M, Fale'i 

tcich a ihiTwith thiait 

' The atom tA m femeirai ; tt *h>ch«ia 
b TTiwIy.ihi otbiraeu Ar«H,ai,tijoai4aai 
u nib rilifiniiiw liiiilwiiei 


She win be RifiDcM : whMe cunni tuncb. 

when thvy ihall cnuh oul cnti 
From ihy eppwuioiu (baiig bchdd by 

Qttiec encmieil 
TIliLi ihtTT will nnoriitli Ihy rvlmiHa ; 

'TUi danw wu llccloc'i wllc. 
A nun tlik!. HI the *f*n of Tray, did 

bmbihp Ibv wonhjeil lire 
Ot nil iheir iimy.' Thb ogttln Will rob 

thjr fruitful Muiindl. 
To mis ibc mnn thnl to (hjr bondicoiili) 

ct*e (uch naTTDw boundi. 
But (h*i diir aholl not wrKind mino sroi ; 

(he loUd hnp of niEhl 
Shin inicrposc kntl tc«p tnlne ran Mfpdiu! 

(hy pibintt. and nlichl." 
Tbli uld, he teneh'd lo take bli ton , 

who, uf ttii knot aTniid, 
And ihea the hone-hair plume, wllb 

which he wu w ovrrlaid, 
Nodded K) Iioiribl)'. ho rlEnE'd bade lo tiis 

nunc, and (in«L [dofl'd, and laid oitdc 
Luighirc xflt-nU'd bit gTcu aire, wlia 
Hb touful helm, tbfll on tlio ealh qui 

KMind ofaoui II hijhi : 
TlNn look md kiuM bit lovtng ion, and 

(tolnncinc hii Hrii,-hl 
In daadnc Mm) thoe lovtog vovts lo 

livin); Jovv hv u^^l. 
Anil all ihe other facndi i>f Godi; "O 

yiia I but liivc Inlused 
Soul ID ihit infnnl. nO*r Mt down ifais 

blMsiHg on his itat : 
Let hut rciKiwn lie cirar lU mine; C()ua1 

hUitrcnglh in wari 
And mnlic hii rdgn so ilronff la TWf, Ihu 

('Bin to oome ntsf firlil 
■ctxhlifume. when, rich ioipolh. he 

Icavis Ibn ctini|ua'd Odd 
Sown with hu tIniRhlcn: 'ThcM high 

decdi ciceod Mi blhet** wonh.' 
And lei Ihii<cho*d pt*lM (apply the com- 

foitj 10 come forth 
Of bit Idnd mother wltli my Hie." Thit 

•aid. th' bircric Bini 
Gave bim hl« mothn : wb(8« fair ejra 

tttah ttntxat of love'i uU fire 
Billow'd on brr lult cbccbk. fu hcu the 

Iah of MecitVt ipetch. 
In which his rawi oomnilKd Ibe lum of 

nil ha did bneock 
In her wlih'd oomlbrL So ihe took IdIo 

bar odofoiu brraM 
Her hiubaniricHl : wbamcRcdloteeher 

haul to much cfipreas'd. 
He dri«il her leaci. and ihu* <hair«d : 

" Afllci me Dot, dear «ir& 
Willi IhtMnincrtcb. HedMkBOtllvft 

tl« am dk^aio mj Ufa 

Aod thli Ann botom. bd nir (t!e ; sad 

Txtv, whoM wini^ cnii fiyt 
Noble. lenoUe. Pai«cantioS). Once bom, 

Ibe ben moM die. 
Oo home, and nC <hy hotuewifeiy on these 

mtema of ihoughi : 
And rlrin wu fratn ihetn wlib ittjr mitidi ; 

krrp them from dotog Douebt. 
Tlcw will be notbln; : leave toe cancs ol 

uiir IM inen. and mo 
[a whom, of nil the llion race, they Uka 

tlidr blsbt*! decree." 
On went hit bolni : his p rtnoe w home, 

half cold with klndlv fenn : 
When every fc'ir tum'il liuk her looli^ I 

and r'«ry look Khcd Iran, * 

Foe-»lnU|:h!ennK Itccior'i hoiiie looa 

trr-lcird. brr miiny wnrnrri Ifirn: 
Wfft all H> n* hrr : in hb life [jTcsU 

Heetor'i (unelBli were; j 

Nnrct liwk'd any eye of ilidn to tee thdr* 

lord ate home. 
Ikopcd IhHn the |;rlpa ami powcn of i 

OrrciT, Anil ntiw wis Pan oomo 
From hu hij^ lowen ; who made no tiny, , 

whrn oiKT hs hsvi put on 
H in ricliril armour, but flew forth ; th» 

Hinli he trod Dpon ' 

Spiuklod wiih liutie othitntmt; hltlong^ 

rlAi'ii «|iiritv now flow'd ..' 

The hii;hcr tor their lower ebb. *And M 

a fAir MjxiI. jinnul 
With fuU-eivm inangen. Ion]* lied op. aoA 

now. hit head-tMl brake. 
He bniik* Ihim tiablv. ttrnl the field, au 

wiih an ample *trake 
Meaiuns Ibe centre. ndgbL and lift* alalt 

hti waD'on brad, 
About 111* thonlden ihakes hi* cnsi, uoi 

when: he haih lieen fed. 
Or in u>nT^ cntin fliK") wash'd. Or, ituiy 

Willi liii high plight, he flics 
AmoDOU hit fcioxla, sirengtii put iortb^ 

hi) bcButv boiuliGe*, 
And, Uke life* minor, bear* bii gut ; ig 

Tuiit fnini the lower 
Of lofif retgnmii! cnmt hnh ; he llww^ 

a uin-like pcwer 
Is canins* ol hil eocdly naiu. addtMV 

now 10 the ilrite ; (he left hi* wHW 
Anil found hitniiUetirollm near Ihe pine) 
Ifioi, thiii [Bpcclod. be nJuin : " Kigli 

wtnthy, I have fear 
7IiM youraoicriouihauelofickl, Biytiag 

balk HMde fmtou'. 

* till limll^ Uch aad (ipreidve : wirid 
Yitgi alouHl ••enl bv •ted hiih "-"rltmt 



Aad Qttt I cone bM ■■ ma »ldi.' He 
•mwer'd : " Hooooi'd man, 

Ba cooGdcol ; for not lojweU, mot anj 

Beprtne in (bee tlie woik of Ggbt, at leut, 

A* b ui equal Jndga of (Mop ; for (bou 
hatt itnogtb ai nmch 

A* (ems to execute a miod tuj Impor- 
tant : but 

Tl? Hieosth too readUj llle* oB, aioagb 

To thy aUlitf. My beait !i in my robid'i 

Wben Troy (out of ber much distnsa, she 

and her (nends have ^Ad 
By thy prociuEtneal) doih depiave thy 

notdose In mine ears. 
Bnt come, hercafier wc shall calm these 

honl CODCcils of Ihem, 
When, from theit ports the foe eipulscd, 

hich Jove to them hath givtn 
Wkh'd peace, and ui free lachfice to all 

tbe powers of heano." 

fBB WHO O* TUB fixni »CMJM. 



THE AllCimSllT. 

Hbctoi, kr HelHiui' »iJ»iM. <IMi well 
Advtfiiurpai <anbal on Ibe lojilac Orcclt 
Nine Grnki »)Ht up. Mnpiuu amy one. 
nui Ist HlRti ii»n( AJu TtUhiod. 
BMb, *ii)i hi(h bcBoui. (UiuJ ih' inpinaat 

in 111 Hill I !■» ibtn b)r appnaihrd niolit. 
Liinljr, ther S"" 111" *™ TlwGwifawwt 
A ipiffhly nMI, thcii nav^ lo protect: 

!■ dfpth of nifbt, «wc*cdiiif 

Jon, bjr baplc 


Ib Em, PiIib'i mouMt hb 
Coalau Willi Aju TtUaua- 

T1iltt*Hl. bi»>« Hector thronibitiepotn, 
with Troy'j laDf-bnnrini; kni|;)>I. 

Made iuue lo it* tuaUarc field, nsolvvd 
Id lerrtBl fichl. 

Aid M tbe vMlbcr-wkldCT ttnOa lo Mft- 
men DMipeMin gala. 

When wkh Ibiir Mllow-uliih'il om. 

Thdr awkd aciiu. dItMlveit wllh toll. 

can Kara Mrikt on« itrokc morr : 
Like (bcoe swtel windi appm'd Ibete 

lORh. lo TrDjani tiled bEloic 
Hwd rcH tbcv to the iratka «( dtslh. By 

Plcti' vdoui fall 
KlnK Artiilioui' baplm ton, that did in 

MtnMhlut, whoac rtttownol site a club 

And ol Phylomeduu pu, that hod ha 

TU( alaoihtcr'd bme. Kccur'a dait 

•mok CiMwus dMd : 
Bsacaifc Mi |ood «t<el c»quc H pler««& 

abora hb c«(ni iicad. 
GliMiK llippolocliiMhli MO. Itiu led Oie 

l|AillUW»-OaiBdai with niddrn ;avclln 

* Tboe BeU r«vt boski kwe nal ny lul 
kud; Md bMwuc A* Ra (far ■ (an) «iU U 
wIlrtMt 10 «ap)a]r |i«Br tia ia w 
dwu e( ibcK : i(i*n mi Ihc ctlrn. 

Ai he wu mooBdiis to hb bona ; bb 

iltouldea took IM t("'>r. 
And R* he aatci fn tumbluig down. liN 

powen disolved were 
Ur^al >ieT-«TVd l^illu liad pi i ui tt A 

ihe OrvIei *o fall in fixbl. 
Ftom higti OInipiD' top »b* ttoop'd, m>< 

did on Ilion lithl. 
Apollo, to racounlcT bet, to IVrgainu* did I 

Oj. 1 

From wlnnc« he, looking U (be field, J 

■isfad Trcijiuu' victory. 
Al Jove't braad b«ch ibeae godheads 

■net : and InM Jott't wa object* : j 
" Wbrf. bumiag in cotuoiUaa (hoi, do tbv ' 

eiiretne tonca ' 

Conduct IhM fRim our imccful hilU ii ' 

II tuovmuMy fdttrki the day? 

Tbn daiibiful liclory oT fubl. and give itit 
Thou Deva phleM peiwiinf Troy: yetl 

now let m« pvtuade, , 

Thai Ihii day oo moiv morul uoundl 

nay eltber xide Invade. 
Htreaftct, iill th« and oT Troy, ihcy (hall 

apply Ibe fighU [niB it qniM.' 

Since your bnmanal trilla tool** lo ovetw 

ralba rrpUed : ■• II likes me uvU ; tot 

thU GBine 1 Irotn beawn ; 
Bui CO nuka dthor anny coate. «hM 

order ihall be given f 
He Mid : -' We win diiect lb« i^cfl, Ihaj 

bum! in Kd^nr't broaat. 
To <hBllcS|^ any Greek lo wounds, witli 

lingle powim lnipcas*d : 
Ui'hii:li GtOTin. admiiini:. will acmpi, and 

make tome one ilond out 
So Mout a challenge to receive, with % 

dfinee *s woui," 

By auguiy dteoeni'd th' neoi ihai ihaM 

i«o ptnnn deemed. 
And creeling Hector ad'd bin ihii: 

■■Will thou be onec adriKd ? 
1 Ui (hy l]fo«b«r, wd thy life wilb mlu 

C«Bwn«i>d tli« watafTWyiadGtteee, H 

oeawUw public light. 
And «hac Uredi bean the gnaini mild. 

10 riaglc itrakM enitr. 



I ptonlx tbee (bM jM ihr Nol iImU not 

^leKtod M faM« ; 
So bnrt I Ihjr ivrinl cHt Iir tha olciUil 

Bactor iriib gbd tBowmwt g*vc hti 

brelher'a rnBiiil ev. 
AmL (Mwlag bcMk Ike hou*. adnacad 

Tb« Trajm InUMtl* ww wc : tbe 

Grcdci AlrUa iu/<1. 
Tbr God Unl b«n tha dlnr bow, ud 

wir't tdonplMM Uaid, 
On Itmit btacft a« l«« ndlut* Mr, 

plHMd to bdheU botii put! 
Flow M ta ht»t, to ttonljr ann'd «4ib 

bM ihtaUfc brfoa. awl duu. 
Aadaootbedi honor a> jran tec drfvM 

Ibraigb Ifec wriDklftf ware* 
Bf liiiag Zapbjrr, iinilcr abotn Out sen 

fNxn blaek, md nvca : 
Such M tk* baNT t>i^*^ treopa of 

bocb boib BMiba lobcdir i 
WlM«a tnaali MUkd. tirtxi ihnn both. 

BIB jpau iba csiMTigvf : 
"Hear, TFoiMH. and je «dl-ann'd 

Oredx «hai m:r ■■")>>« mind. dUlHad 
TlMqCb aH rar ifriita. 'TGii—aiii nte 

verii : Saoffnlot baib cm and 

fatoor far oiv rruo*. bol, 
[ betb <m III*. 

b dU Man, bjr no, bit 

WUb f^'d tnf. or ae oeamone jpov 


I Ikactoaial pern o( Onocc ia 

inndi of one moe meol, 
AncocM you hU. wbaa* hrnri bicludc* 

Ibt BSK iaipalBn mind. 
Let fain M«»d foAb M MmbattM, by all 

Betoa wbea tint I cnH Ufh Jon. in 

NtaM* of our taUe ;— 
UhSwRbbMaMbnollnia am nncb tb' 

l^irdllin Mf aian, kt Urn at will oonny 

ttan to Ua lanL 
■« let injr bod; be Rtutn'd, Ibat Tniy'i 

M^aaa'd daacaot 
Kay wMla it In tba fcuanl tdft If 1 <aa 

ftnnlri hone wrtM aM w Mch, n ipoil 

And baat Ua Mm to Od^ whoa In 

JipMo't dukM [bodr I'll raltn 

n baas tben, as mjrtMcUa due: hU 
To bs w^TO a rrt by bli trtendt in flamy 

bonav'd wkb CMCted iemb, when 
Hctktpooin* Ub 

. late Xgxam. and doth mcb eicn to 
I your DBial road, 
iTbat, <flNn «ar baniss in tta aanh ilioD 
' hide Ihclr ptriod. 
Sunivon. toilini; line black tea. nisy Uiul 

'This B hu moaunMtil, ulioa* bleed long 

(ince did Ulon imbracb 
Wbom. patBog iat Jn lonltade^ Ubuinte 

HtctOT (lew.* 
Tbit than poattiily RpoH. and my fun* 

eevei die.'' [they thamed to deny. 

This Mid. dunbadMiMtaiMdlbrmal): 

Asd lou'd 10 nderafce. At hut did 

Hcneliu* ipeak. 
Chceh'd iheit ivnjimML nd » ri(h'd, 

a> ir hii btart voaU bn*l( ; 
"Ay me I But only itireateninK Cnaka, 

UH wonhy Gnciu> namea I* 
Thli Bton and moie. not lo be bonw. 

mahei eniw <nr huge dttanet. 

by none. [symbolUid In one, 

Bui jQii an «anb and watei all. which. 
Han bamed^or bint tmfieTyt^u; ye 

tfl wltbaol youi facnni, 
Onn^ In{hlf»ua ; bui myMlf will lu* 

And am a|*inu himi, Iboufti you (bfnlt 

I ann 'faimt too much oddi : 
Bnl CMiqucM^ gnriandi hang alofl, amongX 

th' immuiul Coda," 
n« ann'd. and glujly would have 

fougbl : bnl, atotdam. then, 
By Hector'* te note Mrnipb. iby toul 

had flfd ih' *bod«B of men. 
Had not iho klagi oT Gi«ecc itood op, 

ukI }]ij atiempt n>imi> d ; 
And rvin ite khuf ol nm htttucU. that In 

•uch amipaneigitit, 
Wte took bim by llie bold liebl hand, 

aad uetnly cnck'd fahn bade : 
" Uad bRMber. Sis tto wwh for Ibee. ihOQ 

trrii'ii ihy wilful mndt : 
Conuin. titouch li dispiie ibM math, nor 

fat I hit Urifc eepge 
Tby pmoo wlib a mas wioio monc. and 

whom all ttai i' cnrace ; 
Yea %b««i jEacidM bfmMlf, b 

reoownlni wm, 
Uaka doubt f cnooultr. whoa* hi«* 

MfwBth ivpaBeth thine by !»■ 
SR Ihoa ui« bf iby regbnent ; tome other 

(TliouBh he be dieaitkei, and no war wlU 

bb dcdns tuBke. 

• O wrf f»fJt^ 

TtiM nuka ihk cfaillnfit lo out tOcapb) 

nii[ valoun loavow; 
'Jo ubom. if hr cui Kaptwilh IHe, he viU 

Thw ilniK hli biiidicr tiara lib will, who 

yirMfrilp kmmjn^ it mir, 
And liu f lad toldicn look liii onus ; wlieo 

Neuor did puniie 
The taam nprovf Ii' vl iiii fool, anil lhi» 

fuppUod hu (urn : 
"Wlial huge Iniligiilly ii llihi I Haw will 

out rountry maiini I 
Old I'clciu (luii Rood king will imp, that 

wQidiy ixiuiuellur, 
Thu munpot of ibr Mynnidom, who mucli 

did UK (M for 
All mcB of nunc lluu weni M Tray ; with 

JO]' h« did ioqiiirr 
Ttielc nilouf ind ihdr loimtdncB^ and 1 

■nddt him (dmlrc 
Bui, that re all (eai Hector now, if ha 

gisve eon ihiU hou, 
IXoir will ha lift hi> hnndt ro bMv«n, uid 

pmy lbM<I<Bibm*)rljMt 
Kb griened hwI (dIo the deep I O wvuU 

to tuwwn't grrat Kiny. 
of lii 

my yiiuihful spilnc* 

MlnOTiL and the Gnl of licbt, [hat now 

Old HiHinih in my willinE vsni, M wImb 
At I'tiu^a'i lonvtt. 

About liiciircunioljanlimiui. mygaUici'd 

And dnn-ttnploy'd AicadUm. foufihl. ncnr 

ntgtns CchuloQ : 
AmonKit whom, Km ot jJi «tood foRh gmi 

Who (h* nrrot of Aidihous w«i«. bniv« 

And. uDoe he Kill fotaght wiih a dub, sur> 

named Clavtzenu, 
All oteD, »nd Inir-firt ladM betb. (Or 

lianour oall'd him to. 
He (uukIii nol wil)i a ke^Mff tpitu. or 

with in fnr-ibol bow, 
Bui, with a masy club <^ ifOD, he bnke 

liiraugli aniicd bandt. 
And yr( Lyeuriiut wa* hi* dnth, bill not 

whh (om of IuiikIi ; 
Wllb ildchi fcncouolctins In a lane, where 

till eTub wunced iwa^ 
lie thnitl him thnmcb hit spaciom uaisl ; 

who Ml, and upwaidi Uy. 
In daalb not bowinK hi* hux to onli ; hui 

arms he did dspoil. 
Which iron Man balow'd on falm ; onl 

iboM, in Man bii t^l. 

* " OiipnMMilotnlMUauUJiiplUiaenin 

Ljicurgus ern alter won ; but. whan b« 

Enforced to keep bis [vocrful houu', ilidi 
ii»r ho did ttnu'w [lovfd wrll ; 

On miKhly Uicnihallon's liml», hii tuktin. 
Ami uilh llivwr aim hi: (halLmgnl all. 

th.-il did in anu rietl : 
All thouk. and ilocal diimnyVl. none dunl 

hiq Adv«rw chnrnpion make. 
Vci tliii uini forward mind of mmr, at 

chniix. would undmake 

To 5tLl>( wiih an hi* coofidnniv : ihmich 

younccst coctny [wiih him. I, 

Ol all ihe amy we oonducl ; yel I fought 

Miticrra mad« me so renown d. nnd ihal 

moK Mll«ronBpeei 

I tlcw ; lilt big iKilk lajfCB cattli. ciiendcd 

ben and ihera, |«vefywb««, 

Aa ii were coveioui to iprcad itM ecnire 

O thai my yontb wannownibMih, andall 

my powtnaiMund, 
Soon iliould bold Hector be Impugn'd 

y<[| you that mo»t an* ciown'd 
With (oniiude of ■!! onr host, ewn 

(nttliink* arc ilow, 

Not fm. and Mf an Gto with Inii. Vi 

encounter tucb a foe.' [for the fitilj 

Wilh ihln.nlneRiyalprtacesroae. Alrlda 

Then Diomed ; Ib^jaoca (ben. thai did 

th' cniounter iftnl ; 

King Idomcn and hit consona ; Man-Ula 

MerioDca : Imonidc^^ 

Evcmon*! *oa, Eutjrprim : mm Atidiv> 

Whom all the Orecian* Thoa* call'4 

ipttmE of Andmmon'i Mood : 
And wbc UlylHa: everyone, proposed tor 
combM. itood. 
Aeiin Gcicnint Neiior qMte: "Let 
b)U be diawn br all ; 
III* hand shall help ihew«ll«naM OiaatJi 
on whom the loi doih lall, , 

And ID lilt Willi ihnll he be help'd, If ll^ 
eKi^ie w-ilfa life J 

TliE bannlul danser-biealhiog Bl of ttdj 
•dtvRiumu* urife." -* 

Each mArk*d hi* lot. and «•*! tl la le 
AgamcEnnon't eoique^ 
The KildiRn iiniy'il. held up llieir hendl 
and Ibis of Jove did ask. { 

With eyti ndvancu] lo hoiven : "OJo«^ 

so Vtd Ihe lietald * band. 
That Ai"*- or gnat Tydcoa* son. may Ml 

wiih'd diamirion nand. 
Tbis Hid. old ttmei mti'd the loit 
the foiemoti lul lunry'd 
With Alai Tdamon was iij:n'd. as all 4 
mUlicn piay'l ; 



Um of lb* tonai dm> K tortti. who 

tm^bl nd tbn'd II round. 
Ikftaalac M lb* ligM hmd Ant, lo all Ibt 

ocM muMni'iL 
Nooa bimriac ■*■ (vny ■■>■■■ <lt*ied ; tnt 

whin hr tanh dkl pan 
To )»in mfeicb mufc'd Mid ckU il in. ■hieh 

farnna Ainx *••. 
Hr timrlKl bb haad. and Imo II the Iwnld 

pM Ike ka, [<luka dminl not. 

Wbo. namps iL. th' inicnpocMi knaw ; tbc 
Ooi lofftifiyactaKmledgid ll,«ad Ittmr II 

A»d laid : "O (ritoAL ilw loi b mine, 

vUchia nj loul It n»M ; 
tw BDrt I bop* my tun* ihall ibe, in 

MWt HecUf-t bU. 
Bat. (riribtl ami myitit, ioyoitcngimt 

tiai Aatir. or lo TomclTei. thai not a 

Ot opauf- U rou tb^ good, slucc nobc 

Hum wUi a will. If I «riU not. can my 

bald poaroi nifriii:tii. 
Al taM rorpUnbtoe iwinsroTtttraeih. 

M MM of ikill ia fisM ; 
Rgr I >UI wdl prcnw that my blith. and 

bNsd to iiaUmine 
Wm bm all c ot mc r M a le meat. «> mere 

nb mU. iheaaOii wit aoUint ptay'd : 

HAiiobMncnUiciteyM : 
(hat Ida dou praiccl. mod 
'. DOSldiviM^ 

Sand tieUMT (o /^u' tide : fame, cmM 

hi* Roadly limb : 
Or (M Uiy ton bb*a Kcctot'i life, nod thou 

buM care of him). 
DeMn* oa bolk Oie poncr, like tame^" 

lUi ^d, m bH|(lil van tlioov 
Tbe ipnd urDOK Afu ; abOk when all U> 

war alls* waacB. 
Manh'd bile ttte hnircl]r Gsund Man.wlicn 

Wkk wnrnrth. es paopla ptood ofaUo^ph, 

•and* blm toiih lo tnTm 
WmUU Goamaiioa. and eama oa tridi 

pcamtor fall ellmi ; 
Sotb' A^lvt nunpin. Tvlamoa. did 'lirnt 

die bran ^ipcar; 
^nlVirt i yd <i torible a*pec( ; on cnith. 

wjtk aafile pace 
He boUly Haik'd. aad tbcdt akfl hit dan 

Willi deadly giBce. 
Il did the Otcaaaa nod 10 lee : bM tiMit- 

quiJtea thook lb ioiau 
or all the Trajan*. Htdor's Mlf fait 

ibaaibitt. wmb bonU poioix 

Tnnpl kit bob) borani : bol bo torn maax 

DMJte no ooiiDttiilUcbi, 
Not, with hb lionav, now rttUK. ibni hnd 

liimoliEcl the fifhl. 
Ajax came ncnii ami like a towrt, hi* 

■liicWI tin txnum Inn 'd. 
TW ubIii nds bra*, and *rr*a oX'Udn 

wtuiiD l( quilled tuud :■ 
Old I'ychiu*. ihc taai nuiinr, thai dkl in 

H;bi d*cll. 
Old Inune ll foi eicerJuiif |ioo(. inil 

•imighl 11 woodroui *»ll. 
Willi ih's utioil he lo Hocwt niase, and 

villi tltii liiave hepai : 
"Now. Ilrcitit. Uiou tball cliariy kaow. 

(hill niKiinB man lo man, 
Wt-it cllirr Icoibn arm om lioat, l>«iitn 

KitAi 1'livliv Sim, 
Wto witb liri luuTly Uon'i heait tuuh 

artiiU^ overrun ; 
Kul be Im at our ciook'd^lern'd fleet, a 

rivsl wlib our king 
Id bdglil ot ilHril ; yet lo Truy he manj 

kniRfau did bring. 
Coequal wiih jEachlci. all able to nnulft 
All ibr l>oM dialleoia cui import : b^n 

ttien, wordt m raln.~ 
Ttic lictm-fiaoed Hector aniwei'd bln> : 

" Renowned Tdamon. 
rnnoe ol the toldien oune from Gratoo, 

•tsay nol fnc bki one 
Voans nnd immnrtinl. wilh gital wnnii, a* 

to an Amacon dune ; 
t bane tiN habil of all lij^it*, and know 

dw bloody fnme 
Ot ercndauglilcr: I well know the ready 

(iKM bandcbargn 
I know the IdU and evety nray of my 

irooutlul lari^ ; 
I tiiiiiTiph m liic crutlly ot liied combat 

Ami nutna^e horee lo all dellsu : t ttink 

then wilh kooiI lichl 
t miT be oonAdeDt aa tir a* Ihil my 

^dll«n|te |[OCi. 
Without boot taxed with s taunt, borne 

out ««h eamty ibowi. 
BbI, bdBic#*olalerao itacnrD'd, t wiD not 

wotkon tbee 
Wilh lean adnuuace of tbot OSa I know 

doCb luagthca me, 
Asl la, arith privtty of ildghl. win that (at 

whicfc 1 ilnvc^ 
But »i thy b«M, ewn cecn ttttaph. IT taj 

endcamu* ihijfe. 

Oawaaadipci wfM mpl i ri a 


Thui seal bb lone JaveUn fbtth : k 

flrook hi* fM't huge *hlchl 
New M (be uinwr tkin of linui, nrhkti 

wu ibc dgbrh tt h«ld, 
Sb (oldl th' nntanxi] dun flrroli lliniugh. 

■ad in the •D'tnlh loae\i hide 
Hid point WM ctifch'd: (hrn AJaxlluew; 

tus wijiry Unci did Kli'^r 
QniK ibiough hit biiehi orbicnlM laic*. 

lih tuinus thin of iHLiil, 
And did hl> miinly tlomiicli'a moulh with 

<Un£croDs uini ohcII : 
But, In tne tfowing of hifflwir. tiUck dtath 

tooiboit did mike : 
Then both, M pluck iMt JtvdliH lonli. 

encounter n lian^ld^. 
Wbcoe bloody vIoIniM iilnonawd 1^ Ibtl 

raw food they ott. 
Or boin whon URDKth wiM nniitiihmenl 

doth moke M woodrant gnu. 
Afain Priitinid«» did wound In mlJst fait 

Vet pierced not ihnxicb ihc upper pUie, 

tb* b«ad nAictnl mu. 
But AjMt, ttUkmiag hit luict. tmou 

ihiait«h hli latnt quite, 
And tUfi bold HvcMir nnhlnK In ; the 

bisux hcM ymf outriEht. 
And hurt hit ocdi ; em smb'd the blood ; 

r Hector canMd not to. 
hb Mrong fauid took a flint, ai he 

did bM^WWdl EO, 

Blnok. Oaup, and big. taid in the Held ; 

theMmtfoU tugc It imll 
Full on ibcbscB. and rauod uliout the farou 

iia ttag vtth ft. 
Bui Aju a br grtaler None lift up. and 

(•rtalMnic touad. [lowmmil, 

With all fab bodjr laid (ait) he mm It (orih 
And gan unmnuund force lo It ; the 

tnmd ftone Uok« Kithin 
Hit 'UTuiVil t>fim : lb icnei knees to 

Unjuitb did bq{in ; 
And lie imn d. uietciid out on hn ibwid ; 

Utii Phizbui nitcd him Slnil|thl. 
TTitn had Ibcy laid on wouodi with iwordii. 

In UM of cloaer floht : 
Union tlic herald* (mencngm of Gods 

and godlike tiien^ 
The one of Troy, ihe other Gteeoe, had 

held beiwUi them then 
Imperial setiMrra ; when ihe on*. iOma, 

grave ana wiK. 
Said lo them : " Now no morei inj aont : 

Ihe So*er(%n of the ikm 
Dolh luva rou both : hoih ^jldlm arc: all 

vitnesE wiih i;ood iiil>i : 
But BOW flight lay* her mace on «Mtk; 'Ui 

gccd I obey the night." 

" Ukux." Tdtmon replied, " to llectoc 

(Dcak, not me ; 
He Ihat call'd all our Achlve peer* to 

smlon-Athl. 'tu^u he; 
If he fint cntM, t Khullj ylcU." Girmti 

Hector then liejc'n : 
"AJai. lini-e Jove, td lliy Iris I^MlOi 

made llK•^ bo strong • man. 
And gave ihKtkiU iou*ellir«tien(lh, 

much, ihni foi ihrapear 
Thau art mc»i ciotllent of Grocer, ntnr 

Hercaller wt >haU irar again, tlU toie out 

herald be. < 

And grace iMl <DnqiiaI uhleh Iir will;j 

beaeeo Tklda i'^ mgiit, »mi wi. 
Go Ibou and oomfon nU ihy llc<t. all tilcfidt 

and men otthini^. ' 

A* I in Troy my tivouroti, who in Ihe f.iaai 

divine i 

Have ofTer'dniMni for me; and come. M 

nt Impnn ' 1 

Some eiuletu of onr itrlfe, to thow each 

cthrt't Biipplnl hfOJi, 
Thu TncD of i'roy and tireee? mny uy, 

Thut llidr high quanrl enili, 
Thow thui, enoouDtennK, tiirtr nich foes, 

erenow, being leiraiaie. friend*." 
He ^ve n *word. whoK handle ma with 

«llT«r tlud* Ihrovgb driven. 
Soibbard and all with hangoi rich. Of 

Telemon wu elvrn 
A Mr wrll-gloned purple waiM.* Tbia 

lledot ««ai lo Troy. (lafny's M, 
And alter him a multitude, fiil'd wirii tdt 
Dapairing he muld e*e( 'wape tlw 

puiiual foitilude 
And unimpeachcid Aju' hands. TbeGnelJ 

like Joy rcnew'd 
For their tvfniToilTiGtaiy. and brouKhi hirs 

lo ibe krng ; [offoing. 

Who to Ihe rrcal Salnmide* prdord na 
lAs ux ihni irU on live iMr t|]nng* -, (titj 

flay'd nod quarterd htm. 
And Ihcn, In pltot* cut, ca qill* the) 

Kiutnl even limb ; 
Which o<Mily dina'd. they drtw il off 

work Ooiie. ihcy (til lo (cast ; 
All hiiil ciimiit'i : linl Telamon. the kin( 

fe<l piw the leat 
WllhgoodlaiSeiileeeeciflkcdUae. TIib 

thiiai and hunger at^'iL 
Naior. whoae counsel* Iom woe bat 

nrtn new, and tiru he Miil : 

* UkIdi (im JUai a nmid: A^u. H«K 
■ (ifdld- Hocb wnieh pftt were aluowtf 
»uH ti both iheit danlo. 

t nuil ML 



** AtiMei, tad nqr Mbcf Icnb, • Mtt ol 

WkcM bbek tilixKl, Dtar SctunamlCT'* 

iiiM, InlunnaB Han luili ihod : 
Thalr aeal) to hcil dactnikil are. It Tiii 

tbee IkM. our kJBfc 
Totnokconr MkUcnccascframwir; mnI. 

I7 ilie day'* fim ipAie, 
Ltt^oonelvM, ■amnUcdall.ihc Ixxlls 

bear 10 Art. 
Wilh midci Bad ooicb aear out Am* ; tluil 

when sc liwce retire^ 
Eacb ma nuf c»it m tb* (on*, cf 

(■ibtn tbachicr'd bere, 
TlNir boooui'd Boms. One lornb foe lU. 

for Ktm. IM iM rav. 
Ordttis (he |de «iilbaul the AeU; m 

vUeb w« «a met 
WUli; and a nxlin, IhM mar tafc our 

fleet and n* pmccM. 
Aod la ttion kt 111 bahioa nlM. Kdid. aiul 

bMT'd about. 
TlwoBib whkb our hone and ehatiots 

may ««ll tft ia aad o«n. 
Wiiboai all, let da dig a dik«. m deep I1 

OBvlorMa'suaMthe<lMiKeof bon>, and 

foot, thai ooRie I' loan. 
Am) ibna tb' anmpOv t>>M I v<« nrtU. in 

TtOT*! proud btotl, ikilKail." 
The fcinp d o bit adna ^ijuom. So 

Troy iScdi oonit oonwnt 
At ntani'icaM^ U th' lUon lower, fearful 


And ptcnf MMlMaMh (ivg good oai lo « hai 

my ca/e DomoKnd* 
To roar cBn«wrt». b* all oor (ood. Rc- 

■otve, let oa neion 
It* Ai(i>e Mdts. wiib faer wuilth. to 

him tbe bad brfom. 
Wa B0W defend but btdnn ruiiht t tr. 

Ihcrdfan^ ]r« icfiue, [m uae." 

H»nwdn«uan I anmorBlTtbeaan 

He ceased; and Alexandct flpake, 

hnbnnd lo Ih' Ainmi (|uecn : 
•"A M eaoc. M mine nn thy Bordi hanh 

aad DBpaeuiut bera. 
Hton caul DM bdicr, if ihoo bUi ; hut I! 

Titf KTHNH Iba«|hts, (hi Codl wtib a(« 

ban tdi tby fnw«> «». 
IkmiaMTrciaMiVlllllMak: t csrarlr 

do dnojp (mdfr wiUinGh, 

To peU oBf oKe. but all her wealth III 
Whiiiiii I f run Aria* brmtttn. and raw 

waakcit Bore ; [1 taay totOR." 
Whldi I ttfn NMdy U Of faMne^ If pcMc 

Priam. nuoaniGd Oaxlanide^ eodlikc, 

In counsett Biavs, 
tn Iiu Md's UTMU •<<'bn), ifait 

resolution save ; 
" My royal frlmit of amy ttaU^ Ihcrc 11 

tuffitiml dear, 
For ihb lue council wo have eall'd. la ih' 

otlrr ol my ran. 
Now Ibcn let alt Uks ncodhil food, dirn 

Itt the waicb Im ki. 
Asd awry coiBi of ipuud beld tuong ; lo, 

when (he mom doth wet 
TIi« hich-taiaod baulmoanti ofl^oy. Idanii 

To th' AiKtre lloK and Ainua' Mas, t 

unfold my wo'* fmolU, 
From wtiow Inci our conMntUm ^linti ; 

nniL a tliry will, obCiin 
Rgpiif ftqm tre*l<rffiflit BUflieeo MUui e 

OUT loldkn ilain ; 
And afier ovr moat fatal wax kt as im- 

Tilt JoM ihD conquest ha*c datposod loliii 

usconqui-r'd wlIL" 
Atl bcaid. and did obey the king ; and, 

in thoir 'luartora. aO, 
Thai w«re 10 Kt the watch thai olgbi, did 

Iil«iB in Iha moT^nf i*cM.aiid A'AoUtc 

pivn did find 
Iti coTiiicil at AnrldM* ihlp ; U( aodieaee 

wai anign'd ; 
And, In [he mldtt of aO Iho kloK^ tho 

vocal bmild aid : 
" Aindn. ory icnowMd Un^ and olher 

kin^ii, ItJt aid. 
Pmpaat by mo, In their commandi. the 

oiler PohsmnkoL 
Ftom BfaoM joyallotiriroespcocMiL He 

prinody uadeitakes 
Thai an the wealth he beoivlil from Greece 

(would ho had died bHarr) 


Binrndi reilore ; 


He wilt, wiih oihcr added weaitb, (or your 

Out licnoaa ilsiwlsiit' wUa he HJQ means 

loenfor, [peenotTroy. 

Thoucb ha bs aqBsd tfascMitiacy, by al) i6a 
And lUt boUes 1 bate In ehaiip. thai, if 

It please you all, 
Tbcy wbb both tides mny oease bon war, 

ibat itteiof flincra! 
M^ on thrv bodlei be porionn'd. (hat In 

ihc 6cMi Ue sUin : 
Anil uflet, CO Iha will of Fala, renew tho 

fiabl Bcaio." 
AUdkscebeUalAfsi:athai TrdUca 

made is^ly i 
" Let no Bun take lbs waalih, «t dims ; 

be now a diUd's weak «]« 





M«7 sec the ImmlncDt black end of rrlan's 

tbia Bmlanoa. quick »nij briffly given, 

lie GtMks did kll Admire. 
Then aiid tbe Uag: " KciAld, Ihou 

bou'it in him lbs voice mtiiE 
Of >II out peen. to answcc Ibc<% (or tlmt of 

I'riun 1 ton . 
Dol, (or our buminc of ihe diod, by nil 

meant I am iron 
To Mtltiy (by king Ibeiein, wilboul tho 

iksMRsI coin 
Made of tbeh ^kd carcMi* ; but fiwty, 

Thef sbd be oil totuumcd wltb fire. To 

wllneai whicli t die 
Hifh thuDderJng Jove, dial li Ihc king of 

luno*i bctfidellgtii." 
Wiih ihit, IwhridhisBcepIreDp. toallilic 

tky.tbronod Powcn ; 
And eravc Idttu* did return to aacred 

I lion '9 lowcn. 
Wbcic llluu nnd Donlaniani, did »lil 

llicir <^uiLtcb ply, 
Eiprciing hJaiMam. Hcconu^ ondiold 

All. HlilrlwJ&d40E«, unmbkd then, some 

tiodira to traiopon. 
Sotoe to iic» ((CM. On th' otbrr part, the 

Arglve* did eiliort 
Their Mldicn *o the iamc Wlalr*. TJien 

did tbc ocw.lirDd tun 
Smile tlw braad field*, ascending hcaTm. 

BDd ih' oocMi tmootb did nin ; 
Wlito Gmee and Troy mii'd in aich 

praix. |POU Bcuce coulil ciihcr linow. 
Then uEuh'd (!!£)■ olftbeir Uuuil aiid dutl. 

and dill wum lean bCMow 
Upon ihiriluishter'd.andliicaneonvey'i] 

Iheni [[om Ihe Acid. 
Prlnni Ciimmanilixl DODU >tioaId mourn. 

but in mil lUcatc yield 
llieir honour'd canaiao 10 liiVi and only 

Kiievn in heaR. 
AU burn'd ; to Troir Troy'i IVkndi retiie, 

to (leet Ihc Cmunn pan. 
y«t dciutiiful RijjVii obKured ifae earth, the 

day did not appear, 
Wbta (ouurd about the funeral pile, (he 

Uechaa gUbcfd wtK. 
ITIk pUc Ihev circled with x Uimh, and by 

iHlgh lowcn. Id ruanl ilir fleet nnd ihrtn : 

and in the midst of all 
-llMy buik atiotiK ffMA Ihiangh whicli 

IbehoHcand ebatk>upu«>(« had ; 
WidKial (bo nmpbe a bnitd dflw. long 

1W14 cfcdDDDd, tbH mad^ 

Od which they palUsidoes piieh'd ; md 

thm the Grcdan* wrought. 
Their huge works in to liltlc time vers lo 

perfection tffoucbl, 
TTiai all God*, t^ ibc ligblaoM- tet, the 

InnH! Ibirtof admired : 
'Monpl vbom the eftrthqiMJcMnaking 

UOd, Ihii Of their khi£ inquired : 
"Falhor of Godi, will any man, of all 

<^UI1^I CTJlIiy ipllOTfc 

Aik any nl iiic Hucli contents To any aciioui 

l( thou will Kcc lliR tlia^.bnir'il Oneks 

Willi IwaiUlroiij; l.iboura [nine 
So bURc a work, ond nol to is due ofTci 

in^t fiitl cntlAniti 
Asfatiu while Aurora's dcwi me iprlnkln 

Ihroiigh ilie fur. 
Fntnn will i<-ii»M-n ihe hands of CrMCV: fe 

Ihu divine oflitlr ; 
Men will fotvet lb* aacnd woric. the Su 

and I didriiM 
For tint; Laomedon (Ijrighf TroyJ and tb 

M ill lifAr Ihv pniiv, 
Jove was nTnnnely mored with him, an 

uld , " What words are Ihoc 
Tlinu tiiiBliiy (hater of the ewlb. the 

l.oril olnll the stosf 
Some Dlher tiod. of Ur IcM power, migl 

hold coiicctUi, iliininy'd 
Wiih this mro Grrcitn straiifem,* m 

(hon rest well apjld ; 
Foi ii will c'l'iily tliy niinie, 01 br as lig 

Sinr«. when llicse flrrvki shnll >oea|p< 

tlirir n.-itivc soil nnd (ilendi. 
The bulwnik bnnci'd. Itiuu mayit qu 

devour lE ^iih rhy w.tves. 
And ccFn-r. wiib tliy (ruiilea luais, i! 

(utal sliiirc o( gmvoi ; 
Tliat, wTinc llicir ^ry industries havai 

divinely wrought 
Id nuilng tl, in nudos ii thy i>o««r i 

Tinm U iiouthi," 
Tbua (pake the Gods iunong <hc«niel4 

(et wns the ferveni Suu ; 
And now the grr-it wurk of the Greek* % 

sbeolutvly done. | 

Then slew ihcv oicn in Ihric l«nB, i 

mtcnglh «rilli (nod revived. 
When out of Lemnca a gmi Orcf 

odMOtM vine arrived, 
Sent hf Bimeus. Jasoo^ son. txme 

*l1ic Ileci utntiin'd a Ibouund lun. wl 

must tnuupoirtcd l>e 

* The fanHiolinn du< in tbt ImUth Ban 



Almn^ ■oo. a* Ik ntc dmn wltcae 

lUmbbonglu wine far tUnlDC *t*d, 

■ad MIM lor toindiBK bran, 
te far oa-liidt^ far ona Mmr, md 

■nine tei ftitonen. 
■iuijOkhu baniiMi wn prapirEd ; tod 

all that iUkM iIw pcm 
I blT'^iU'dGfadu ooMuncd In faui : 

W Tro)«n. cad ilwir >ld. 
I an the nichl Jon ihundir'd loud ; 

pale fav aUiboiuba dismay'tL 

Whlk the; nvc ghiTUncnit in carlh, Jo«a 

wrDujtlii itiric tann ia hnvm. 
"nieir poiir'd loll o^s upon (he ground. 

and were lo alTenni!* drjrcn 
iMlMd Ot i^uftnii i and to drink, doim 

dvnt wimipL, bcbie [lulorg^ 

In xaiemat lactlnoe the; did ftllRlclitr Jova 

llwiTleatbeKavcd ; [lh« recBirod 

'Thamnciflatpukaltkcp. ij«K 

VIS BKD or THK nrarra moc 





Wim Jtrt Id all tin Cnli lai) rrfn nmnuiiil, 
VaU-BeiM M nlluti hon ihiolrl h.-||liil ilaiiJ. 

T» ]4i Im Af«*wjt ; aui urt t't^t (fi4iK« 
ilRN> ukI fjJIfLt hatic the liri^el^V 47letic« ; 
VfhMC |iilt|n*C. fcn nililAinc], by Irili litCBt 

D«eh inutvwni- Thvbun* ih« nlfni «vvn. 
Whvn llr^tu <hvce4 Ant *li«uJJ «>niuinc Ihc 

Lbt Gmlu in duluHU ton\t oaapcelbl flb^ht, 


lit Uku. Rutt A CcitncH hft*«. 

Trvy't c<]thjii«ii, glcoicut Uator'a Iniv^ 

Tiic ahcafla I^r of the Ucht. deek'd 

I>hpm«d hs bcuiH ibio«ch <*ery pan of 

thli enflovned (lobe 
Wlica tliuBd«rin( Jon ■ cmirt of GcJi 

■iMmbM b) Sn wl). 
■o lop «f all the (opnil hr]£lili. Ibu crown 

Ht mkm. and all (he Gob gtrrt car: 

" iMT bow I ttuHl incline^ 
tial Ood nor OodiJaa mar atlonpl t' 

lafrinse mr Mvttcicii mind, 
Bui all tlve nini(e Diu wiih ipecd I mar 

ihnit cliMonlXDd. 1^°*^° 

^A'hai God i t unx I «h«ll And endotvoirr to 
Oi 'I'rojr or OroMS. hIiIi wnuixb lo boana 

fa*. shamaL ttal] rmKeiKl : 
Or, tiUae wl<h blm hli ulKince, I'll cM 

hLoi down as ricrp 
A> Tuta.-na. the tiKiod «f bight, ubere 

Hanihnim* doib uccji 
Tonneiil In Lis nrufouiiilnl linla. nnliarcit 

Iha flosr M beau. 
Aad KHta of Iron ; Ibr rJKg. fordcptli. «i 

tvdotb licaiurpR\t. 
Ai t«atvn tut IwikIiI nOMdt the CUth ; 

ihfa shall h« Imon Irom ilitace 
How nuKb my poMii. j>ut all ib! Coib, 

halh •OTrreiBn eminence. 
Bndaogcf tl Ihe wblks and tc« : kt down 

ouc cotdcn chain. 
And al it let all itdlle* Oittt tawum 

nicngtbi couiraiB. 

■ Virc9BaLediiW>Kkew)>akaflK*.ad4kB 
Bit /aUI m /raa/t Itiuam. lrmM»mt iii 

To dniw me ht tk'' isnh rnwihtwivn ; ; 

ncimhall prevail. 
Tl<<ni|>h. with your mcu oonlention, 

dnit mi Half amail. 
But when my Kill shatl bt disposed, . 

draw rou all to mc 
Gven with iho canh itself, and » 

thnll enfofced be ; 
Then will t to Olympu' lop out virtu 

eugioti btod. 
And by It eWeythhw thaJl hang, 1^ 

command indinod. 
So much 1 am supreme lo Gcis. to n| 

supreme ai much." 1 

The Gods tat «1aDl, ond adadied: | 

dreadful ipcccb «■■ web. I 

Al ton hH^luB-crad daoshtcr tpd| 

" O tnal SoluTBidesi i 

taiher, O heaven'i hij[hc*t kins. W< 

know «T Ihnaoew J 

Of thy cnai pawn, compared itiih d 

yet (lie tiold Gntb' mtar ' 

Wc and! most mourn, ilnce liter/ mt 

full beneath 10 h«d a faie : ' 

For, If ihy gntvc command eojcin, wc ^ 

■latala from tgbt. ' 

But 10 alford ibem such tdtke^ ■» nt 

r(£c«« ihdr pliglil, ; 

W« WIl, wUh thy conienl. be boU ; (k 

all ma* not fiucnin 
Thebarfuf bnrthenof ihywrnlh. «»d«^ 

thelt ihamu be ilain." ' 

He tmflrii. and nid : " He confident, ib) 

an bcEoredof me; 

1 ^it*k not (hia wllb mtIoui IfconxhD^ ^ 

wfU be Umi to (Ikv." 
TUsMid. Hi braahooved winged Imn 

be did to chaifot tnnd. 
WImhc credit mre frinnrtl ntth tiuowi' 

sold : and (^Idcn gonnirnli tlilned 
On hit rich iliuuldm \ jn tij« hand be to 

a eoldea snmrj^. I 

Diiinm fnUon'd, and with blom ill 

Kflinc *prad Aid urse 
Mid wurbetwlKi the cMib and heaia 

to Ida thai ka eama, 
Aboundinc to delitious qtrlnc*. aod nu 

of bcMnrnitiaie. 
WTicfr, on the mouataln Gaiganu, li 

To hb hl|k name, a^ akat« iwrM ; i 

itMsliii Iienu he dmk'd, 


DiMolrn] ihon fnnii Ht ctwiiX. wd In a 

Ht oow'd Iktm. Md on llx tap took hli 

mnmplsaM teal, 
Bth^itini Pitaa'i funcmt loua. End all 

Ite Bc«t oTOnnat. 
The GfodD took breakfaii tpecdlly, and 

cmi'd at cv*rr piece. 
S« TroM^ who'iboseh Inirtr bt. jti all 

■o flgM took anin. 
Din Mad earonni tlmn to avctt iMr 

«l*nr asd chiUicn't banB. 
AS t*la Sew opes ; all tbc hofl did tow. 

loot and hone. 
la Mtlbar liMMill : Mialftht oa« pbue 

•fioln'd cack adMiie faitc; 
Unq iUcUi wllk lUdili mt*. dam niih 

dam,)mw:ili agalim tavngih «rpp<»al; 
Tb« bon-pSMd tamttwcn iteiBt e^ aiid 

ibander'd as ttwy clowd 
M *V>>r tamult i croaa (ce skua, ami 

!««■« f«( braaib dM bnalfiaL 
Of aea ibw lUUi. aad lo b« *laj>; tnnh 

lo*'<l «itb fnilii of dtiiiL 
Wblk Iha lUr nomins't beiiilT htM. aad 

Aw iBtnaled Id bdchU 
TWr faivlint mutuatljr RMde dcaih ina- 

*pon an eqoallKlcht. 
Bw «hea the lut mctldlan poiM. bft(hl 

Ptmbo* iSd aufnd. [nisiKl. 

TIkb Jow Ids goldHi babncea dkf equallir 
Aal, nf hsif-««l-cua£etriiig deatb, pUI IB 

two tatter btta 
F«( Trof and Gteeoc ; h« held (he addsl : 

Fell on theOredB; the Oirt kt ' hard lott 

■aik M lis Ikmay zfoiMd. 

TliL' Tra^n* IdcjiC a* high M bravcD : 

ifaea dU the clapi nao^ml 
Of Wa ksce ihMfNic*: lishtfrins kapl 

aiintil «Mb (lirdia irooi): 
Ifea 4ll* aMaaril than : pnllid fear made 

MUm autsatht Moop. 
TImi ItkawB dinsl aot aUdc Atrida 

Ami bMfe (h* Afaeca ; NeOM jM, asaiw 

That fn*e Drotector of ibe GnAt, tat 

I'jrii with a darl 
KsRixrd iNw of bli chaciol bone ; he rancMc 

IftB upfief pait 
U •■ hli ikuU. even whne (he lair, liial 

madk Ut (ioraopk >pnu>s. 
Thahtat vaidaoil))'. and tbc piio to ton 

(Fknnl to itw btnlu). be ttainp'd and 

plan£ed. On* ini aaoaher beai^ 
pttMiled loond abo«i the bcaoi ; ibcn 

Nemt CM (be con 

Willi hb oair-invra miihciiiic raocd : 

■MwraMeihe har hMK 
Of HcMAC brake Inio liie preu, irllh Ibdr 

tnU fnlei't tone : 
Then nod old Kmoe had been ilain, hivl 

fltoBed tiM BfdBl, 
VTbo lo Vtjtam, at he ied, ItopMimufcI} 

"TVa Ibit in GounMU deal afaand, 

^V'hylliBHIhDu? \V)» thui. ee*MiJ-likr, 

ihuai<*rt thou the honour'd praaae? 
Talc hcsd iby tuek lake not a dati : »kj, 

Irl n* tmh iacnd 

To dme Ums coici cnoinr, frow oat dcat 

Ha >pakai but wary llhaoul wenbj find 

n<-> tutKM ear. 
iiut llal l<.-:ilii:ilit. eves lo the Rett ; jcl, 

iViu^b he un(k wvre. 
Iirave I>oo>ed Rin'd amongii the llEhl, 

sad iKKid before Ike Ucrdi 

Of eM KeieMei, whwe euiM tbiB kiai^j 

" btber. iriA tbew yonlt* Id nchl, 

■boil an i»«iiut platnl. 
Tl^ "il'^nc ilacmt we ■aknli. pave ajo 

punsr* tboe bX. 
Ant Iky uaniiy bone aieilow: tt^ebarioi 

Aprd try hor mdy Tfo^ bo«K «n fly 

Woi thai pantid, 
Pnma iba Bia, and omr war pnfcnii 

the iwM fiebi ; 
1 ftoeed ifcrm ftuin Andibtt' vm, «dl- 

Then let mrfq^tr lead tence iky bone: 

mine ihai guaM, ohifcl I, 
Ry thf« advanced. sBajr the Asbl; llul 

llacio* t icll miT I17 
ItniT liBccdntciiiih tbcdcAxll,lfaai (nit 

be>[ minds In age. 
Or find Ttje p^v in mj bud*, thai doth 

thj |jf** f^'i'^ire."" 
Tbit Bdiile Nmer did Mcqit. and 

Uwmed k tvo ttwnib, r*aorndl 

EurrmcdoBfikM ntlow kxr<B.and Sihendu*, 
OU Nutoc't ciiuli- «S [lianed'a lionc 

And 1 V < I uix of fight : 

Nll--T !■-- ^.-.1-. I .- i> :[!.. 

And Ti rvrTiil Ku- kjrv. sbo aaUly fan 

U'ii<i<i>fi^r.c7 IrdidnUiiv«<7ehi>srd,bill, 

r>^ tarn d mj<B Ih* thaa*. 
tin janlin koWpeM «A. atfbir Tbe- 

MeiU' *nn. 
And w«a rnal Hcttoi't ehaitaM«: II 

aum^h Itt fanU did ran 


Hear to hU pap ; h« foil to tsuth, bouk 

flew hb WfMcd hone, 
IIuttrtneiliBiid Mill <mt« both diHoNed. 

IIkiot biul deep ntnone 
Of 111! nililiap ; yet Icli he him, and fo( 

iinothrr tuBxIit : 
Nor \otis his tindi did ■nuti a guide ; lot 

Rlniitht foad fotnine brouahl 
Bold ArinrptolMniu, whosr tile ^i froni 

Ho Rudi: liiin Ukts Ihr iriat nnil inaunl^ 

ihtn M»il* vnic tci on wine T 
llicn hlob cxploiu HCTE undergoiic ; then 

Trnjiuit in ihfii «-»lln 
Had bc«n iaicldcd like m<:clc Lunbs, li»1 

Jove wtDk'd M Ihcli fitlb, 
Whu biufd hii hocTid Itmiulrr fiirlh, nnd 

nude pde lighinini^ Hy [did ngipl; . 
Into til* can?). Iiefom llie iioru inil Ni3ior 
A dneidliil fiuh burnt Ihtoucli lliii *ir. 

ihni mvour d mliiliur-llke, 
Which 'lOwnbrforiMliccliariul tlie dulled 

hontdid Btrikp. 
Tlie (»ir trim (tU (lom Ncslot'ihundi. who 

did in (tat entreat ['"T' ^'^t ; 

Rcnown'd lYdldM Into fllchl lo turn hil 
"Fur knowil thou nol." uM he, "our 

aki it nol mpgiUal from Jove ? 
Thlx day he will f^ve (jms to Troy, wbicb 

w)ien il flit his love 
We slmll rnjor: I«t no mun l^nipt hi* 

unrtalitcd Bill, [he «c«dt him still.' 

Ttiiiiivh lioricml in c'li of ilROph ; tot 

"Fnlhcr." tcplicd !)» kini;. " 'tis true : 

but both mj heart and tool 
An niou oxtnodr pfo'*^ to think liow 

My v.tIouc *nlh hit mutiD ta Troy. lh:it 1 

•K-a iniDt-iick 
With his ai>prauh: nhlch when hcbo<u[i, 

lei earth ilcvoor tni* quiuk." 
"Ah, wnrUke Tfdciu son." snid he, 

" whiU nnnlltat vordaare these? 
ThoiiKli llrcior ihould repod thoc faint, 

and unoious of thr OOk, 
ITic Trojnm. ner the I'rojan wives, woald 

nnw i^vg him truH. 
Wh'.w youthful hiubondi thy fiM hand 

Imlii imothc^d so In diuL 
Tliit «tid. h« tutn'd his ono-hoowd hone 

lo tli^lil, and Itoop did ijkke, 
WIic'i Hoclot nad bis men. with shouts. 

<lkl gtofdy purauil maJie. 
And pouT'd on datts that mode ait sigta : 

tben Hector did owLtim : 
" O Tydeus' ion. the kines of Grecoe do 

most ttnown thy name 
Witb hiibtat plwe, fouu. and (ull eajm ; 

vho now wUt do tbce sfaaau ; 

Thou sbnll be hke 3 woman lucd. and tbef 

will sty : ' Depart. 
Immanisl minion, uncc 10 stind HeeUr 

thou h.idil nil lii-irt.' 
Nor ra'iii lliou vnlp oor lurrcti' tOpi, nor 

Icid Iht wives to fli'et 
Of valiant men. tliil wifivJike fear'tt my 

adirtjc ohaife 10 mnrt." 
Tliii 1*0 win moved him ; sclU lo fly. 

or lui'n Iiit horse and fi|fhl. 
Tbrici? Ihnul he forward to usault. anil 

every time the frtghl 
Of Jove s fcti Ihumlec drave him biek, 

which be proposo) for >icn 
(To show the chanee of vieloryj Trojiuu 

alKxiUI vicloi* thiac 
Tltea I lector comforted bis nH-n: "All mj 

iidventuroui Metidi. 
Be mnn. and. of your fumouK t1fi;ii£th. 

Ihink of the honont'd rndi. 
t know bcnevoknt Jupiter, did by his bed 

profna {the Gmclia dislrns 

Conquest and hlgti renown t« me. and t< 
O foulx. to raise «iich stlly fons, itol noitl 

the I mil account. 
Nor Able lo tain our (orw : with «ali 

our hoTM iiiAjr niount. 
Quila over all thnr hollow dike : 

Hlxen ihdi fleet I leach. 
Let Mrmory (o all the worM a fitinO^ 

bonfire teach. 1 

Foe I will ail tiieli ships InHiunc. wH 

whoff iaf«stiv« imoko. 
Fear-ahruak, and hidden neu Ihdr ktdi 

the eonquci'd (>in:k< khiUI choke" 
Then cboiish'd b'hu fnunius hoinj; "I 

Xantbus. iiow,"uld be. 
" And Ihon PotlUgiM liCthon 100, a 

Latnpui. dear to me. ' 

Mftke me some worthy lecompeiue, for I 

tuucli choice of mcjit. 
Given you by fur Aiulrtanache ; brcSjl I 

the purest whe.1l. 
And Willi IT, for vour drink, mli'd wine, ' 

muke yv wivied chrcr. 
Still serving you bcfota my wif, hor huihfl) 

young nnd dnu. 
Pun»c, and usn yoot («lflcsl speed, ill 

we may take forprla) 
Tlie ihicld of old Nclcide^ which Vu 

Urts 10 the tkira. 
Even to Uie huidlcs tellitiK it M I». 

And fram the shouldcis let lis lokt^ 

Diumcd the bold. I 

The royal cuiMSi Vuloui wtousht. <m 

an so aquisite. 
These it we mike our stcied spoil, IdM 

not, but this aigtit. 



Km» u> OitlM tuaj 10 enfofte (be Grtcb' 

onninKd flitU.* 
Tbto Inoo KMk in higk dbdaio, and 

■UMc OlyiDem ituie 
At Iba bR Mind wilbia b«r IliraM ; uxt 

thas to N'cffUM tfoke : 
'O Neonnw. Bhat a ipite ta thlt 1 

Aery God M bust B powtr. 
iUBd* H M> thy tw«oiit'd bcwl, lo (ee 

Tkoe Cn«k* ihai tavt in Kriioe, Md 

Accolla'dtiKe [Ukm Ike vlclMt be. 
So Man; «ad *ach wcsliW ipfU^ Lei 
U we. Uuu «R tiM aidi of OrMOC vouU 

biM bame IkcM of TMy, 
And bisdtr hcadwtd Jovb'i proud will. 

H*. oapy. uU ber ihe wm nuts, and 

be *DUH not be auB, 
Of aU tbe KH. AMld *Mtc with Jem; 

wliow powW vtt ffiiitah'd br none 
Whila ikey ooafen'd ifana. ^ the tpoM 

tbc trench eonlain'd tirlore 
<PkOB Hal {MM q( tbe fun thai Ibnk'd tb* 

na n M n J wriug ihofe) 
Wa* fill (1 «iih bene and laiselcen, who 

Ihae for R^BCCGaiM^ 
1^ fcUn>«wUt lUdot'i power awafed ; 

Jove |a«« bl* Mmcili ibe lime j 


kc whfa fpmtiX fin bad bun'd (he 

■eM, U Juno's grace 
Had BM k^twrl (M king himMlf, (o run 

Iran |uee to piaoe, 
Aad HIr op cTCfj tokUa*! power, lo tome 

ilhvUOM deed. [purple yrrri 

nut «sldn| tbttr iMden' teats, hb unple 
Uc WOR; to ibow all wbo be wni. and did 

hk uaUaa tat« [Initk orok* 

At vtv VlnM*' Mble bartn. thai did inc 
Of all Ik* iec* i ft«n whtacc hli ipoech 

miaM with mon «bm be drinm 
To AJaar »d AdiUksr ihipe. to wh«c 

cMefchaifc wai^rcD 
The vaninara and the rcai]:uard both, 

both toe ihdr (efoectf bind. 
And tnanr hoaanw IImr arrived, ihiu 

on^be 10 wHbatand 
Tk' InuilUnK Tro)iinl : " O iihix ifaiun«. 

yc itD|«y-hniiR) luid). 
It this ttt roar ardmiird lumis I where 

Bfe jponr glixtous wordi. 
la L^wmat wnniisc jrou Ibo bo>i (>( all ilw 

'Wcarc the Mioageil mto.' jrcuU, 'me 

win cunaaad ihc nod. 
biin| oKBi flak at blch-hoea'd brcrest 

■■d drtnklnK <u(a lull-enxau'il. 
Aad c*eiy n»n a huodml U/n, two 

kaDdKd. wDl ooDtMULd : 

Now lUI out itrctiKih, dam] u> out wont, 

one ilecioc onnol wme,' 
tHa pmrs'ly wilb borrid 6n, w31 all oaf 

rtocl liifljmc. 
O ratlicrloTE. haib ever jet thy mott 

uasullet'd hand 
AllUcttd. wf.h such spoO of souls, the 

kaijt of any luiil. 
And tikenMiDUcfa fame from bdca} when 

t did never ttA 
(^oe onder mutt uahapfu aiart, this Orel 

was under tail). 

Tliy glorious altus. t proleal. but, nlMra 

all lli« Gods. 
(lave bunit (al Ihlgbs of bcCTes lo the«, 

aod pnw*d 10 FixT, Ih' abodra 
Of lopo-delendinR lUons. Yet grant, 

aimlght J Jotc^ 
Om (aronr ; thai we may at tmit witb 

lite from beoce icnioire, 
Not under such inglotioui bandi, the 

hnndi cJdcalb employ ; 
And. where Trcj should be Moop'd by 

Onvx, let (6a«ie £lll ondeiTroy." 
To ibii even w«cpiag king, did Joie re- 

niuneful audience give, 
And skook great heaven lo falm. for iIj[Q 

bis ncn and bedtould live. 
Thra qnleUt cut be eB his liawfc, the 

T\iK petfects his nmpoilcd vowi ; who 

kiidI 1b hei npair 
A sucking bind call, whicb she miu'd in 

hr/ enforcive seres. 
And by Jore't aliai Id it Ibll. amoDgit lli' 

anULMd pecis. 
Wlicn: Ihe relieluut A«hi*« kinp. trilb 

lacrilice did please 
The auihot ol e.U omcld. divine Sabanldes, 
Now, when Uiey knew the hiid ot Joi«, 

Ihcy tarn'd oouregeoiu bead. 
Wlicn none, though Duoiy Ubq put on. 

could nuke hia taunt ha 1^ 
Tydidcs to leoaw'd awaul^ or asoed fait 

the dikev 
Or foit did fiifhl ; but. bt On Sial, ilona 

dead hit Unw did itiflM 
Ann'd Agciiuv t7 dcacctit ranaawd 

FlinidniunidiB ; 
lie lum'd his muly Ixrtic to lligbt, and 

IKnmrd't bnec did win 
Hu buk belnin hit sko^dci4d»dB, ai.d 

Isuk'd OUI Jt hi* bevul : 
He full, And hi) arms mng hk blL TV 

AtiidM nui nddress'il 
Tlieiinclvo w liuht : ih* A^kia nut, "ilk 

txlitnitfiiE ptrmfth tadiiul ; 
Idomea^ui and his fhnul, itoul Metion, 

ucu tiuriU«J ; 

Of armltt fiiUl to her vnth. Salunila 

iKhipp'iI lifr hone. 
And hotren gbib. jcnknJMl by thi Houn, 

i>|iiil by Ihcii proper (one : 
TbrouKh nbkli Ihtjr titw : whom when 
Jon; i>v (let nor th' tdnlinn sprinei) 
Hisniy ilttpleuwil. he Iris oill'd, thnt baih 

lti« |[old«ti wint^, 
And wvl : "Fly, Iiii. lum tbcm back, lei 

ilirm not come at rnr. 
Our RiMtinp, lonrmlly diapc«i«d, will 

naihlng gracioui be 
Benmh lli(:lr<i'ciIhn>wncliartol 111 ililver 

their prouil iiKdi, 
Hurl down thcmwlire*, Ibetr tmgoa bnaM. 

and. (or tl»ir Hobbsm doMU, 
tn (CD vtiole yean ihey *h*U vol h«d Ibc 

KDundi I ^klll tm|uctt 
With hoirid ihuniln: Ititt Of maid mnj 

know when lo addreu 
Anna 'Kninti hir tulwr. For my wife, she 

doih oat 90 oflend. 
Tli but her use lo Inlemipl whalerw I 

Itb, wtih ihit, Icfl Ida'i hub, md up I' 

Olympiu Ikw. 
Mat nmr lKa<K'D-|;ales (h» GoddtCM*. arid 

Ihiu their hnilc withdrew '. 
"What cfluiie iiiictiJ )\)n? Wily aie 

yoii wntpp'd vtih yn«r fAnnm' Ifonn? 
Jove llki^t 1101 ye should aid Ihc Ctnia, 

bui Ihrcats. and will pnioTm, 
To cnuh in p\it<x» )xiut swifi horw brnealh 

Hull diiwii jDuiwIivt. f«ur chariot breab. 

and chose impoiwn'd Mrokei 
Hb woandlng Ihunilcr thall Imprint tn 

yoiir Gokntixl parti, 
[d ten full sprnigs ye shnll not cnre ; thai 

the ihat uniu |uoud hcuu 
(ThywK Minfi™) in;iy It lau|:bi lo know 

tot whal, and whf n, 
Thoii dmt aiiainil (liy father f<i[hl ; fur 

Bomplimrj cliildercn 
Mij wl'h dlscifiitin plant Ihemiclvra 

itgainti ttieir fallicn willt. 
Bill ntil whtre huinnim vnly rvlll In 

HOttis beyond lh«r [kills. 
Pcrjuno. she offends blm nol. nur reielb 

nim w miicb. 
Tot 'lis ber use lo creot hli will, licr 

Impuilenee is tudi.* 
The baliii of (ifirni.'c in Ihii she only dorTi 

Ami ko giirin <ir iiionnwih Uaa. Ihoiigb 

ne'cf Iha Icm btt facL 

* TuHi &Bt iiaad loiipa faciL 


Bui Ihou mott gtkval him, dogeaj dorii^l 

whom b« xvbiikrt in time, ' 

LffSI sllenee dic«1d pnvoi thy will, and 

pnde too highly climb 
In liiy hoM bosom. drtpei»ta tJA U 

semoiisly thou dare 
Ijtt l?iy shwIcUlly binca 'faloM Jon. 

lliy prpiencosare." 
She ldiibem.and Siiumbi old: "Aj) 

niE. ttiou teni iillcor. 
By my adiict we will no more unfit oov 

(cntlon move 
Will) JiipliiT. fur iiioiIbI men ; of wbom,- 

lei tbiA man (lie, [with dtminy ; 

And Ibal man Uvo. whoorer he 
And let hi in. pIotlinK all tranU, 

either ho^I. 
As he thinks filt«l tor them 

may bfoomr us most." 
Thus lum'd she back, and to the llouni 

hrr riL'h-mtin(yl horw refi|;n'd. 
Who tbcm I' Immortal m.-inprn boundt, 

the thnrioi they Inclined 
Brnriiih ihr cmial wall* u[ hcarcn ; id4, 

they In f^Idcn thronn 
Conaoits! other DeWes, leplete wllh 

Jove, in bis biiKht-wbeel'd chariot, hlf 

iicry liQisc ».>» lirurs 
Up to OIym]nit, and aapired Iha GodlT 

elefnol vatL 
Great Neptune ioosetl hi* faonc. hii etf 

upnn iliriiliAi placed. 
And hcair-nly-Utten covcrinss did round 

alxnil it cut. 
The Fii-s«T tued his throne of gcMi 

I he vast U)vai|>ut thook 
Renftith hi* feet : his wife, and mou^ 

ith dimiDy i 

apon their plarcs took, 
Noi any wDul afT'inlnl iiim : 1m kasV 

I bar thuusbei, and said : 
"Why do yc thii* totmeol yonraelwal 

ynu need not lit diimajr'il 
Wilta tbe long laboun you bavc osed In 

ymit vkiloiioui flgbl, 
Deuroying Trnjant. 'vainal wboM Irrrt 

ymi heap suth hijib dnpile. 
Ve sboild have held your gtoriaiu ooutw | 

fur, be anuiKad, :u far 
Ai all my ptnmi, by all mcuu .iir(e4J 

could have snUiilii'd the war. 
Not all ihu bmi of IWiics should km 

(ellm) my band 
Kiorn vowd iufiiciioiis on llie Gnek*. 

mnrh Ina yon two AiihiiEuid. 
But you, bcFum rmi saw tin li|:ht. mod 

lea Ok il.iiijchier there, 
llod all your shining lineamenu pcnatPt 

wilh Mpca fcHf, 




And DCTci htti four clarlol bcmc dxb 

clwrt* 10 hnwa aglao. 
SM Ihwdec ibouU have irail tm both, 

bad rev oa« Tro)ui tl>in." 
Both Ooddnsn let fall Ihrit clilni tipoa 

tliott lv«ty bieaiu. ^I'mf't uanot. 
Set Mat to Jon, cuniifTinn miU. iflbct«) 
IVIm tn nsa could Bo< qxak : SMucnU, 

ocauttf. (nude Ihl* bold reply ; 

Could kM fcv MncnboU bnpoMK but 


tI>ou ulU tabtce 
n^ iMKhlna pow«r> *« know it well ; 

bM we qnw jiM rnnon« 
raikosltiatjrMd a* Mcrilicc: nor ncnl'ti 

0«T Und obcdMtm no* our crkGi, bnl 

be«r oat pottn ttffiktt 
To joH proiMtion of the Gnrkt. (hat Mica 

tDinb fiM all {itand, ihouU Ul" 

I» Tror"» Imi pi!( of poiaty. »nd lit ihan 

"Goim M*.' Slid JOTF. "at all done 

Ttt ; Car, If Ibj bir nei plane. 
Tbii n«al iBd monihis Ibty ihall mo th« 

peM SMunddcs 
Brtoi: moRdcURKtioniotheGmrlti : and 

R«Gtor ihall fKH «M«. [yEiKtdri. 

TU be iNveNMcd ftooa the lUci iwifi-ftui 
ImlhMdq', «tiM ttdant Ihrir )i>i[ii. Un hit 

taiant tialn. !» the Faiu oidun. 
Ihe Gndci In fmu ditrreu itikll rt^t i for 
I wcffti BOt thy d)>tk»Rl tpktn. Iliousli 

to th' otKiiital booodi 
Of canli aiid ttal U eairr thee, where end- 

te« ni|fet conbonh 
J*p«. aod mr dejtcted Sire, who at so far 

beneath. {urindi ilinl )iK>ittie. 

Thmy rvm hs dw Bins **■"' '"'' ^'*' ^^ 
NeartoprcfoiodaMlWMm*: iMt, Ihithef 

tftnouiMBt, ["'■''' '"'P"''^-" 

Would I lake piijrof thy moodc, imeeDoae 

To lUt the nocblnB did reply. Andoov 

SoTi (loriow light [ikonnr niKht. 
F<a to Ifcc MB. and lo die land dimr up ihe 
Tbe TK#a«crteved M »KEbui' (all. wtileh 

alliW Oredt* draim). 
Aardnble night, (oolicnwidi'd. to earth '■ 

b« Ifaraar anf^nd. 
HcdOT HntewdlBK lo cooiult] ik« lr> the 

nUy Mod, (cnsnpt from blood, 

Faf lian the Heel, M lo a {iIjux. pure and 
TIh IVsjui foron: fnan tli«t hone all 

fi g h' TTl . and did heat 
TV oiatioa Joia-l u ' n t Hector mute ; who 

fadd a goodly qicar. 
Eleven UiH cnbla kuic. lbs henJ wu bnu. 

A wajMon Ugbt bcteo Urn MO, II nund 


With mrone hnopaof new-bunUth'd gold: 
on ihisM lean'd, andiaid : 
" He*i me, my mmbj ftlends of Ttoy, 
and yon. out bonour'd aid. 

A liiil# Hate, t had concdi we ibould bai« 

iTikJe leicQit. 
By liKhl of Itir tnflamed (leM, arich all tbo 

But darknatt hulh prr<rnlnl ti*. and uQ, 

«ii)> ipTCuJ can. 
TfaeH AcliitH and iheir Aore-hnled fleet. 

t^i xii elirn ninrJrr pinoe 
To Mcml Niitlu ; our mppea di«as ; and 

ffoni oui chiuiou bee 
Dur fntt-manrd boiw. atid meal Ihi-ui mil: 

then let there convoy'd bf, 
t'tom tutih the city praenlly, caen and 

*rll-(«! shrep. 
Sweet wine, and broad: ^^ fell much wood, 

that all night wt may keep 
neolj of fires, crra ull the UshI brin^ 

(ofih the lonely mom. 
And 1(i Ihirir tirislilncM rliuc Ihc ikio, 

Ihnt nielli may not tubom 
The Gmlu' eMape, If Ihey (or flight the 

una bicail MCfc HKiiild lake ; 

At kasi they Hay iroi init with taac, but. 

u mreai ib^ make, 
KHch nt^n may bear a wound with hlni, to 

cure when be co(n« hotiM^ 
Hade wlili a thift or iluupco'd ipcar ; and 

oihi-n fm lo enme. 
With ehotgc of ItLmeniable wai. 'Koloit 

aotdlen bred in Titn. 
Then let our heralda thtough ihc town 

llien' olliaet employ 
To warn the }Outh, yet thOR of WOT. and 

lime-while fathtn, pnil. 
Tluu in our god-bulli lowen they m itrong 

couili of icuwd be placed. 
About the wub ; nnd lot uiir damn yet 

AoarliUng In yean, 
Tliat, ha*Sna otnutlei lo keep puie, am 

iDOBt india«d to fenrt 
(Since darkncsa In dlMrmful lunet moto 

drnidfu) ia Ihaa light) 
Make bfty fira in tnoy noiBe ; lukd tlmi. 

the dBBgmnn nlghl. 
Held with sironic «alch. If tli' enetOT ban 

ojnbuKiulacs Uld 
Near tu out walU (and llirrefore aeein In 

flight the more dismay 'd. 
lateodine a lurptiac, while tic are all witli- 

oiR ibi: town) jnutn') renown. 

Thnpvccy way ihnll be Impugn'iL lo nny 
IV-rlono all thu. hrare Tlojan fitradj : 

wlat now I ba>n i<i uy 
U all tapnn'd ; tbe tbooftil mon AaQ 

^;,»^* r 't>f"g » <11mlay 




It U my gforf (puiting Uuil In Jorc. and i 

other Godi) 
Thai I (liiUI no* cipubc these dag> hloa 
snit lo our alieiia. \ 

Who brns cslenli uf Onl'my, ani) black 

Ibcir tfiRalcnins Hcrl. 
But ihi* r>hV- lec ui Iiald iirong giuuds : 

tO'ioomiw wd will mra I 

rwitli fi'»n-aude 'nii| before Ihelt (l>ip«, 

and l'8 nutkc knoMn <o ftll 
If Hraos Tjilitk) (rom Uieir ihipa on 

drive inc 10 Itiplr liilX, 
Or 1 ctn pierce him wllh my (word. Uld 

(om hit blootlx H"''- 
Thc wiihed mom shall ihc« liit power, 

ir he <■» ihun hi* (oil 
I ranniDf on him *iih my Iodm. I thinli, 

whco d«y Mcendt. 
lU ihall 11a wounikicl vlih Ibe Ant, Mtd 

by him nuiy frindi. 
O tbac I were u mi« lo liv« Immoital, 

and iuil«in 
No imUck* wlih locmuiDB r"*i*i tn>l 

» «lnu r i. lemtln 
Adored like Pitllai. or the Sun, u aU 

doubt) (111* in me 
Tliai lioirtD'i next light ihalt be lb« UH 

ibr Oreekt ahull ever MC.~ 
lliiB sp««eh all Tmimi did Mpplaud : 

utto Iron tbdr tnu<* tooKd 
Tliair twcaltns horK. slilcli terttaSj 

with bwdMalU tt»y leiiOKd. 

ALd fasleo'd bj Ificii charlott : when 
uLhen brousht bum to»n 

Kit tiicep and oicn. luuntlr, bread, 

Viijiv; wid bfvral ilnwo 
Haga itan of wooH. The «isds irm*- 

(en'd Ima dw fntvdly tky 
Tlidr swipo'i M*Dur ; Lo Uic itKiA (hey 

tat Misbtfony. 
And tp»i all niriil bi op«D £cld ; Area 

rousd obuut ilicin ihiupJ. 
Ai trhrn about the iiltrt moon, wbeii air 

is inc fjvm Hind, 
And slata ihiite ctinr, (o wIkme >wmI 

lirani*. hitth pnnprcis wid tlip broitt 
Of all s^mp hltU and ptBiuclci, ibnitl np 

llieiiuctva for iNow*. 
And rvta th« lowly inUtys joy losUllet la 

Ihrif light. 
Wlivn thr iminiuuiiml riiiiiaiixnt IniiMiItt 

Ouclow bcr llKhl, 
And nil the >lsnl In iioivea «e usn. that 

|[lait Ihc thepiictdi licarl ; 
So nuay 6rw dlsdoMd Ibcn brnni. made 

by the Tmjut pan, 

Bcfoie lbs face at nion, and hnr blight 

tuictiB (hov'd. 
A Ibouuad count of Eunrd kept Arci. tuid 

every gturd allow d 
Fifty ttuul men. )iy whom Ihtir lionc lot 

out and hard wbilo com. 
And all dM wlihlully expect (be tilvti- 
I throned mom. 

fHB tmo or TKX narTu too& 



1 (mw ImM» n*!") 


I Vvut't n—iil. lannt m <lt<aiia'4 
Talbafe'iaa; vki itdk dankt I' uum. 

Aad (Kai AcUla' lUni tflj. 

SobeU Ibr TroJMM tlt^iltM plSRl ; the 

Orreki lo fllglu wen rl<<cn, 
Tte teUe coaicrt et eoid fcar. itningdy 

loAutd frnm hcavta: 
Gflef. net to be endimd. did woaod all 

Onitbafcnalial vonh. 
Aad u t<r» bwnl'Ktnl wnd*. Iba Wmi 

nlnd Md ihe Notth. 
Uwt It Iba ThnciMi imi'i Muck tnasi. 

J«tnl>a9«ddeabtarv. tupon >h« ihucs 
Tambia lofctbct tbc duk uawa. ukI poo* 
A mieMv dtol g( (Iralh >mI weed, with 

WMch wai Ma— IL gipund ; 
So Jow aod 'Hiar did dr(*c (he Grtdcs, 

n>d all their mm<fc confaund. 
Dm AgaroemMn mcm of all wu iomin<l 

<l lib brut, {bade them ate opart. 
Wbo lo U» voiodU hcraldf wmt. and 
Bach G>«d*a liadtratwrally. not opcnigr 

pMdali&, [togeiher larae. 

la «Ucfa b« Uwofd irith the fiiM : Md aU 
Tbc7 ladlf MM. Tbe king arcK. and 

pMH'd out wan a> fiui 
Al Avn a kAy reck a fprine dwh hit 

btadk walen tail, 
Aad, deeply l^int:- (tia* taapafce The 

A<Uva: "Onyftimdi. 
Prloccs, aad leaden «< (he Grcdbk hcarcn's 

adiettc Una aMCBdi 
HU wiwh. <tm too much dMriiiKM. lo 

mr >o t« detlga. 
Stacw >■■ balli ollea i> i aula nl me, niul 

boond il Willi (be sam 
or bit bent fMthcid. dial llili Ttor of 

lannftil htsdi ihoofal lace^ 
Aad mm nnm ; yd. aev cncactd, he 

ptagoca m irtA dbsnec^ 
Wbta ah <iBi tnat to tiat kiah dtawa *o 

■BBcb blood fro* our litend). 
Mf (lor. Bor mf Undut't vnnk, wen 

tb« propoMd tad). 

Fo* which br dn-n you to itMc loil^ tiui 
jcnr uK^ ivt^ry'* « bunr, 

Wbxh had beta liu^c lo btor the tapp if 
K> dlvlnr * ilnniiT. 

Iklaite iB dcaiatp ol oui f w r j i j e. And yd 
noi ituu had mowd 

Our pOWCT la ihi-ne dnlciia, if Jtm hud 

noi our dr'« approvi^ ; 
Wbch ante «« i« lie did for tHood, It) 

deipenli: HkIii ia lu 
To itrivr wlih litM : ihes M ni ■}>: Ik 

tUglit he uivMh ihot." 
t»njf lEotr iriTi tilnncv brid thrm alt i at 

UjI did [Homed tile,* , - 

" Alrldes. t un nm niuu oon ^ba*D<H 

ihy iiKlUcimC ndvice. ^ZJSSSLi? 

As may bMcme me. bdng a tSrAnsoH 

kln^ Id this our maiiial ■■"■ h a i j 

oourt- ™*»- 

De no) difpleued Ihta; for Ihyidf didu 

broadly iBtneport 
Ib can Athl my foniinde. aod call'd ma 

labit and wvik. 
Yet I wta tilMtt, ktwuins (be lime; lotb 

any rila lo bfcak 
Tliai »[>p«tiin"d Ihy pubUe i«I« ; yet aU 

llif llrrrki blew well, 
01 o«ry a^, tbou didit me wrong. A* 

iLou then did» nftll 
My ralonrfiniofBll thebost. a*of amiu 

durany'd ; 
So iiow, wlih til ucrMtoo s^Toa, I linl 

blami I>iH ilmil. 
Incatmani Sniumi idd hath slm hiran- 

tlanl ipjriu U> Ibn. [drf;irc ; 

And, with ■ Ntptiw vra iH, ■■ eminent 
But wlih a aecftm^ toradfb pmm. the 

Mrt poller, foniisda 
(To bridle (Hm). be tboiisM a« bat Ihr 

bttast tiMuld be endwed. 
Unbapliy kine, ihink'ti ifaoii the Grccki 

are Midi adllyaett. 
And *D RCEtwm impoteot. as thy weak 

woidi import > 
If tbr adnd move Ibcc to be tone; Ihe wBj 

Mycnau tiilin enow ride near, that 

bronstn iHec lo tlib woe ; 
The t<M of Onftr tH uaj, nor stir IIS 

Troy bf orerconie 
With b!l eimiOD ; oc tf not, bnl (doMB or 




Will pui em wing! la fly with Ihoe ; mytelT 

ftad 9lbnialBa 
Wie (ifbt till (inMtlae bvouiins Jew) w« 

bnne hume Tray wflii ui.'** 
Tbit So uipUudrd. Hnd admind the 

ipirli qI Dioma] ; 
Wli>:n Ntalor. lUinif from Ibe rati, hit 

spiwcb Ibui N«OMcd : 
"Tydidci. IImu nrt. quotionleta. mr 

alroncait Gntk in war. {njual im- 
And {rarail In l>ty MunseU loo. of oil ihji 
In place willi Ihce. &nil imiil on ilrenglh . 

nor a tbinmy oni 
Can blnme. or ooDtradlct Ihjr speech ; add 

Cc thou hot 01)1 cone 
, tRil wa muM limher eo. Tbou'n 

juung, nnd wcdl migtit'il be 
My younj^ son. Iboocn Kill I yield itiy 

woidi hnd high d^ne 
Of wiJuloni ill Ihrni to our king ; iilnce we!) 

they dlJ become 
Iticir right in quallon. url rcFule la 

itonoui Eoinic homu. 
But I (weU-Koowa thy umbt far) viU 

tpuu. and handle nil 
Vet to propoux, which none ahnll cliech : 

no. not out {reueral. 
A hmer attadetj, unjuit. nnil Hlld, b Up 
IbaC kneainloinw ww, boinK tiiift'd wlili 

munlcs cruelly. 
And Iheretore In pcnoading pence, ttnd 

homcflieht, wv the Ins 
Mlly bluni: our t^rnctat. oi one 1Mb to 

^T]tj> in iTiore fiihUv^ 
His torrd ■oldiera : but bteaiiw they 

bniKly Me reralied 
Ta cat! Um nAcr toil*, befora tbty pArt 

In thame involvol ; 
Fro* Ide we for our honoui'd May ; obey 

black nigh I. and fjjJI 
Now to our luppere ; Ih™ nppolnl OUr 

giunnb wilhuut Ihe wnll. 
And In Ibe boiiom ol the dike ; which 

gunnlt I wUh nuy aland 
Of our tnmTa youlli. And, Atraiu' ton. 

liBM thoa an la comnand 
Oebm our other klng^ be AM In Ihy 

cenunand'a cflceu 
It will bnoMa thee ; stiKa 'til both *kal 

all thy pccis cKpect, 

* CdUfaiBet (kw In iht tdiiiui «f i!ge r— 
Andlctl ehiB w aiJ ncw tn-na, ohmerr* wtui ft»oiu 

I ipiiruK i 
We (ijini -M^onaljvyt, irlib whitb ooi iu»n 

Thu ipcich mt liked. wUA N*Uoc nurk'd, 
vIh tUw ■ rtcin bU iii«n 
Would fain prefer hli jcnrer tcw* ; and ibcR- 

And in Ihe roynl right of Ibinj;) u no 

Impair lo tbw. 
Nor iball ir Mand with Ick ilun tfghr. that 

Ihry invited b* 
To supper by ibee ; alt thy tent* we anply 

siuird ttilh ulnc. 
Brouulit daily ill Grork thipiftotn Thmce; 

arid to ihi* snce of thine 

All neoouhcn thou halt fil. ami (lore of 

nwn lo «jut T 
And. m.iny mttlins Ihere, thou mcyiE 

hRit cvcty mjLii's conceit, 
And take the beU. ll much concfnu all 

tireclia lo lue advlec [our encmlei 

01 intrnt natures, diKa to ntw our ihliis 

which whit man i> Joy'd? 

llnve IlKhtod wwh K ion of fniBS. wjih 

\jof3k, how all IxNir thpmiplvn this night 

10 U™. or be dalroj'd," 
All l.curd, and f(>llnw*d hit ttilvics. 

Then waa an>oini«d ibni 
Seven captains of the waich. who Ibrih 

did march with all Ihvir mrn. 
Tite first wax (iuDuus Tbnuymol. .iriviCFful 

Nesiot's Mti : [Moton ; 

Avniiiphm ; and lulmcn ; and mighty 
Alphamis ; and Dcipytu* ; and lo>el« 

l^ycomtil, [an hundred so(cli<m 1«I, 
Old (.ivon's joy. Thoe Kven li^ltl lniO* 
In every sewr'd company, and man 

his pike. 
Some plnccd on tlie nimpicB'* top, and 

some amidil the dike. 
All fires made, and ihelr suppers look. 

Altidn lo IiiH lent tiiiflicirnt 

Invited «1! the pcrrs o( Grt«e, and food 
Appcucd Infiiic llicni. anil the peers ap 

posed their buidi to il. 
Hunger and ihlnt being quickly qucncli'd, 

lo counttl Mill Ihry iJU 
And hrsl spake Nnlor. oba Ihey thought 

ot laic niliiicU so wvll, 
A ialhct i^vn, and rtghlly wSm, who IhiM 

his t^e did lell : 
"Most high Atrldcs, since In thee I. 

bare intent to end. 
From tfaoe will I begin my (pecch, In 

whoin Jon doth oommciid I 

Thormpiir uf teniHiiy mm. and patamia 

Ihy hand [mavsi ovil oamn 

A Rccptie, and catabllih*d law*, lba%^ 
And Gounir] all men under tbM. 

(ore doth behove 

Tliyscif ici spmk molt, aince at all, Ihy' 

spvecha nott will move ; 
And )cl 10 heai, as vrell M speak ; tuid 

liK-n perfiirm as well 
A fivp iiui munsel : in thee ilill nmii sckfe 

wliai others leU. 


For IDT. what In my fiigmuU Mutb (be 


I wU adftat, ^ WB anuMi! advice note 

Stall ncnbt^ttaiihemimenipioat, that 

Of wlui 1 *paik. conlWn* me ttlD, aiul 

DOW m j w*U pcnudc, 
Bosmw t coold nM tb«n, yM oiisht. wbm 

diou, raosi nfai kinic 
Ei«n fien iht teat. AAfOa' lot* diibc 

violoaUr bnos. 
Affintt Mf oooiucl. luelng Ibce tj all 

(DMM W i«kal i [Mmlurv th« tnrni, 
BiN TOO. otaeywK t*"!' i^ >ntti(l. uould 
Dliboaoarini oar ablcM ciwk. a mdut th' 

iiBBrartak imcif. [lunt anitxan 

JknlD yd Id's ikUbcnuiv n> make him 
AJfccfioa U OK ctacral good, aed brtng 

hta force lo ficU : 
Beth «ych kiDil vofdt and ploulag EilU 

aaoi make hia nrtoc* Tie1<l,~ 
"O biker," OHweml the king, "mjr 

wrongi mm IdTM ne ilglii. 
MiDei>»no6ancindn*i)wntoni:uaKraata : 

ooe man DnBtaUDd In byht 
For oar vhalc annjr ; him I wronc'd ; 

him Jove torn mm) bs hmi, 
lleahawilItothutboDoariasfalm: olio, 

IMat fhua apart, 
Pions lu bat ndmbcr. fci hit want maks 

all our wcaknm feat. 
VM after mr eooCnt'd cfTcBoe. Boolhing 

■qr h^MOOi spleen, 
rn aMewn m affecB afiin irfih praMota 

fadnile, [oprnly redti! : 

Wfalcb, to appcovc ay tUrn knipoi. Ill 
8«««D aMnd lifpod* lice trom 6ra ; Icn 

Taiol) bricbl ealdraiu : Iwclve jmne 

henik ir il l a bapcd. aadvvH ooauoB'd, 
Aad tinen MO, (or ibejr bare won the pdK 

•I man* a lace, 
Tbat man riKmkI >M be poor thai bad bnl 

«tal Ibdf arlnced pace 
BMfa added to aqr iRoiurjr. nor IM nml 

Bold^dtiMil. [me life moM sdrcl. 
B waa Ltabian ladka lie ahaH hare, that 
Aad in thdr needlrt raiclir tkill'd, whom, 

wtxn be look lite town 
0(CtnK]iisI.(«boa, 1 ilil cbo«so ; who woa 

the dikf RBOurn 
Fv bamy (ram Ihrir «h«k hir mx ; 

aaoaet ahom t'll icdgn [of miae 
fUrBcii^ aadldoeplyivcBrlfMDnrract 
Ttml may dboosneu W mopi) Uie is 

mlOMb'd. Bcd rois 
A*beiailK>'dher. To thcw ff^ (if fove 


Vouchofe pcrfnrmano:, and aOiKil the 

i«>tI(. fat obich BC wait. 
0( wlnaiii; '■ 107) wh bnu* a«d fold ha 

iliHll ha Bin ftvichl : 
And. enlenns wnco vre be at ipotL (Tiat 

princely hand of fait 
Shall cboan him iwfaly Trojan cLucej. 

ciccpiing I'jTdini. 
Tbe UiivU PBtixiRU) nnfoldi ; and , if we 

make relroM 
ToAtGOi. call'd of all Ihe wotld Ihe Xsvet. 

or chitf tat. 
Me ihall bcMine my Mn-ta-1a«. and t will 

honour ijmi 
Erni at Onclts. my Mie ion. Ihal dolh io 

lionnun iwim. 
Hiiei! dnshlen in my w«1) buili coutl un- 

mnrrleil ire. and (*lr ; 
Laodiec. Chr^othemii, that balb Iba 

I^IJm bmr. 
And tiihinmuia : ol oil three the wonluoa 

In Inm takv 
All Jcanluielns 10 TVlnu' conn : I Kill her 

)ednlure oiokc. 
And tbal Mcitat as aent y«i diil any 

mold pi«I&. Ion her ; 

Seven dtlea richt na){iiificipnl. t will lininw 
KoopA and Contamyk, llUa for hata tv 

The fair Apo, ndaioi lloi doih with 

Kiapta abound. 
AntKB gMlcd with KRcn meadit. Phera, 

(umaiMd Irvine 1 
An whow brteht luiTcU on the »t*t, ia 

auidv Pyloa ihiae. 
Til' Inhatiitsoli In Hocls and hrrds ai« 

wvndraia confloem, 
WTio like a Ood will hnnout him, and him 

with plia pTFient. 
And to K% throne will ccmuUniic what 

tribulc hr will ntlc. 
All this 1 Rladly uill pnfom. to pnd^ hit 

L(t bini tr mihl am] Itactilile ; 'lit for the 

Uod of shcslt 
Ttr be unruled, implactdili; and trek the 

Uood of hosts. 
Whom tbcrefotc men do much alilior : 

Iben let bim * it'k) to me. 
I HU hb gitaicr. Iwinz a ting, and nose 

in yean than h»v 
"C>ravc tjnc.'' saU Neslor. "ihnr rich 

Clfti muM nake kim need* Ntenu 
Cboooo lima lit kpilet iotfanily to srect 

Dut tCly ; admh nr choice of tbcH. and 

Id th« stnjeH befone. 
Jote^oved Fbnaui AaB be MH, ttwo 



And prince UtyiKS ; luul oa ihaD let ihcM 

lira beral<l> wait. 
Gnve Odlnf tad Eunrtjatcf. Comts lords, 

inks mUMmlgbt. 
Milct pan your hand*, and wlih iireci 

vcirdsapnaai AdulW raind. 
Which tre wtll pmy Ihe king <d Gods may 

Kvnilx make tncUnrd." 
All liked hij sptT<h ; itml on lliclt hnnili 

Ibc hctaldt water ihal, 
Tlw ynuita cmwn'il cu[h of swrad viae to 

all duUibutcil, 
But having Mcrtficcd, Mtd drank to cveiy 

man'* oonteM. 
With many noict by Nostor K>vni, itir 

leguia Icrrani treat. 
Wilh conRihip in til veMUKI DMd. he did 

pRfan ihtnt Wl, 
But mo*t UlysM^ for ht* grace did not a> 

Such me* bweani wnbMMdon ; »i>d 

Ncaioi iirfed thae. 
Tfau tfatit iBoat honoun might rIIcci en- 

They went along Ihc ihorc luid pray'd tho 

God llial niith UUh bind 
In brackish chaini. Ilicy niij[li( aot fail, 

bat bow hi* ailghly miiid. 
Ill* ouaner of ihc Mycmldoiu tlxy 

nacb'd, and rgsnil him set 
Odighlcd bIiIi hit solemn b^Tp. which 

cvilously wns trcl 
With work^ ogiKTlml, (liniUjfh Ilie verge ; 

the havdndt thai emtiraovd 
Kta lolty nnrk wu sllve> twin ; this, when 

hi* liuid iiiid mule 
Atttoe'i ciiy, he did cKouu aa hit et|x'ci;il 

|Btte. [e»»rciw. 

And, lovinc Mend miuk well, made li bn 
To It be rang the gloiioui doed* of gnau 

herees dad. 
And Ua tnM mind, that praclioe taiVd. 

f«rM conwmplation (m. 
Wlih 1iimn)anc.nndopposlIe.alIsi1eDlal 

h'\ ftii'rhl. 
AlWatiiv. and btholdiog liiD. oho now his 

•owdld tnd. 
Tb' amfuMailofi did formidi ptt», nv 

nown'd UlyMca IrL 
And Mood n view. Thuiraddni lighl hi> 

admlmloa bnd, 
Wlio with hit hafp and aU aiwe ; «o dkl 

Meamtim^ eon 
When be bcbdd Ihem : their receipt 

AchillM thus begun : 
"Heakli 1* my Iwdi; rii;hl wvlconic 

men, uuire yonraelves yc be : 
Tboogh •omo TMocwily, I kaow, duih moike 

}oii*klt m^ 


This laid, a foxTal leat 
Wlih puqile cushion* be tcl fotih, aad did 

Ihi'ircaK Inlteal, 
And said: "Now. friend, our gptitat 

bovl. wtth wine unmU'd aad oeol, 
Appute Iliac tordt. and of the deptt kt 

rvf ry man nuike pmof. 
1'licsc are niy besi-uiwricd ftkiul^ and 

i]iiilfTi]i-.]LT7j mjr roof." 
rail"! lui ilicl I'll dear birad'a •nSl; and 

he ihol did (lalne 
To ehccr ihu lotdi. come faint Cram Hgbt, 

■rt on n Uudne fin 
A gnal tna fcr, and Into II a ehlne of 

raunon pal, 
And f*l tmi't finh. Automedoa held, 

white hi: piren cul. 
To To**t and boll, fighl cunningly : Ihcn of 

a well-lol iwine [it wDHdiiNU fuie. 
A buge fai shonUci he cuts out. and tplti 
Hli good friend nude a goodly lite ; of 

which Ih( fotM OnCB paic J 

He Lui] Ihf spil low. neat theOMls, to mata V 

it broHTi at lost, 1 

Tlien Hirinblol it will) aocicd ailt, and 

to(» it ^in ihu nicki. 
This ivuicd and on d rniut t tel, his bicnd 

tWiocbu uJiet 
fimul in rniih.i>jiii*; whitiitol on, AchilU'* 

braii^ix ihc meat, [scat 

.^nd to liiiinisl Ulincui look his opposed 
Upon the beiicli. I1wn did bo will hia, 

friend to i;icri6ie. 
Wlio coil tweel 1iiof.iisc in ibe Are to oU tha. 

Thus toll ihey to theii ready (bod : hani. 

and thlm allay iL [they Kny' 

Ajui 10 I'lioniic mndc a sign, a* if 100 Inn. 
Bcfon Ihtylold Iheit hrfacy. U)yaei»u 

him wink. 
And. tlliua the gmu bowl wlih wine, 

to Achillc* ilciiik : 
" Ilaallh to Achilln : but oui pllghl 

itaed not In need of moit. 1 

Who lMctu|>p*d at Alfidvi' lenl, thmigtl 

for ihy 1tn'i< wc ml 
Of many ilunK!. Ml-trmfn pul Would rnikt 

a eoniplele feisl. 
Not Rin wc toy In thntr kind rites, IhjC 

hare out hPitis Ofirucs'd, 
O [iTteue. with fear of ullci ipoil. Tfe 

made a qiieition now. ; 

If wc ran save out fled 01 not, unlae ttafi 

lelf endOH 
Tliy !>u-»vrM>jih wonird fcxtiludn. No! 

T1V7 nnd hd eoatorti. 
Ilold ol il^ nani. bare piteh'd ibdi t 

cleM lowir flcKi aiw focu. 



AadnutilcaBnDUDcatcdfirei: Andnix* no 
Aorr, th^ njr, 

Wn tbej be pnwM'd to iMr ■•U*, bM 

lOrce Ihdt lieitat «m 
BiW ro cor diipi ; aad fora hiBuatf buh 

«dt hit l«tilB«n •Mw'd 
Tlslf boU idicMiut* hiiupj licnt ; aiid 

f Uooc from to proud 
Of bta tap Wiiwlll. bono OIM bj Jove. 

Ital tafftdir nt rava. 
hoHuaiai ncUW nwa nor Godt caa 

iBtnnp bit bfno. 
md nfi lamlai 1dm. umI be pnyt iluit 

tooa ibeticnd motn 

WOBkl l%ta hi) (ury ; bMUliif IbM our 

lUmnHii ihall be Mini. 
Aad ail our hmkI oniMnrMi (ill by bb 

eoaqaniDi urafc*. 
Ovihmt itaairbuni. utd «e oondvs Ik 

•UIIbI la tbc laohe. 
Asd I Mt (trioMljr ■(nd^ benca mil 

potoB hbihrMis. 
And Una 'iktMal lo na •!), Eu Ihm out 

Tn mU ia *laudoiH Troy. Boi iIhl 

IMmr At aflkMil Gfeeht (ron Troy'i 

h vtB hcw a ftw b« Iby gait, «hen no 

■liH^lh out foflloe (cilwailia. 

To n mti y tb* •ftnal ibraMi of oui 
Oenidtr ibaB lAm in line. «bHe Uioo 

moytt mc (by pomr. 
And have ib« fnco M lora Tram Cra<« 

bte'i anreomr'd bout. 
O ttkod, Iboa taow'tl thy tofsl tire ton- 

<in»'d atat riwtrid be done. 
Thai day be tent ibee (ram hb ooart 10 

boaoBT Atmt' tDR: 
■ Uy ton.' arid be. • Iba rioiocy let Jdtc Bad 

At ibiir Urh plaMrte. bol do (boa no 

bw mg ^ maMi leftae 
Thai aagr tdvuMs fa«. In 6t bound* eon- 

iBin thy tdgtHj and. 
Nk M ita knovledac et thy itmigih fc< 

a w toartyladlaed. 
CtaCrtttac wbA iefc Ba to (aia« mm) 

Tba rnoee will all tottt honour tbee: 

n iii%ailT a bat.' 
TiMtctaixed diyilre,wliiiA ibou IbrnMi'it : 

rc« BO* Onee Iboucbt* tpreMe. 
TIm uraBa tbygicNC ifM «ltb wiub; 

wbKb l( IhoB wOt mrCMtti 
Tb* Uof vill nvii it witb gUlt ; tad. If 

(boa irili five ear. 
tUteUkowaacbbaoOinllwib )«t tboa 

MU'tt nsiy bae : 

Seres Irlpodi l)ut iu> life niuat touch ; 

twio* lot (osa, fit fot Raiiie ; 
Ten uleoct o( Ihie gold ; lweti« hone ihM 

And tvoocbi base priiea from the field, 

with nrlfmna or their Cmc ; 
ThAt tiua thould b*>t no poor .locounl, 

DOi vnnl gotdi quidviUDs sverl, 
I'bu bad iMt nhai he won oilh tbetn; 

Kvra worttawM Lwbiu damn. 
Rtnown'd fM ikiU la homcmfety, ftnd bear 

the honnscn futno 
for txauif Irom iboir sencraliex, ahich, 

at Ihy ovenhtow 
Of mU-buin I.Mbo*. lie did cbvote ; and 

iboe be wOl bcMow ; 
And irtib Ibeae bet he look fiotn [her, 

whoo), by bn IMr, tlntv IlirTi. 
lie twstt be toncb'd not. u lui dune* 

luc lo ba loueh'd b* ncn. 
All Ibaa on nady (or ui«n now. And, if 

at haxih we lake, 
By hdp of Oodt, thli wealthy tonrn. thy 

•bin ihull bnitben aiake 
Of gold and bnu» ai thydedtc*. wbca wa 

ilie »poll divide : 
And iwnty beauKotix Troiaa duDW iboo 

tliall iclecl imulv. 
NeiE Helra, the maat beautiful : ■nd.wbm 

tnuni'd ¥rebe [honom tbcc 

To Ai^eek ba bit ton4a'hiv, for be will 
Like >^ OretMb hU eate aon. titiBlain d 

Tbn* (Inugbtot bMotlfy hii couil. the 

lair Chntothemb, 
Laodice. lAd IpUtneae ; of oil the lolteM 

To fWcut thy gran (atbet'* tvan, and 

nnvr foinltuo make ; 
He will the JolntuM malu hlmtiif, to fiwt 

aiaevcr the 
Cava to hit daugbtct't auptUt: aem 

Caidamyle. and Eaope; and Mm Ml of 

AMhna for iwtei meadom peiutd. and 

Phtm ded'd wilb lawctv 
Tbt bcighi epm, redasui that doth God 

DaccbM pleaw ; 
AH. on (be taody ^loa' toil, on tested 

Hi' inhnbitiBtt in dienet and (lock* ex- 
ceeding mikhy be. 
WboL Bfee a God. wkh woilby giAi wiU 

gbdiy boBoot the*. 
AMd tribute of (tpadal laic to tbyUgb 

AB tbit be beely will pcetora^ iby m^v 







Boi if (hy hntt M him be noie than hU 

KifU mnir npnH, 
Vm pity >U ihc Mhcr GKdo, la w«b 

nmnw diglitM. 
Who uiih icIiRioa honout (hee ; utd to 

their tlrsperHleiil 
Thcu tb*Il iriuRiphnnt elorr bring i aad 

Htclur thou mayji kill, 
Wh«n priilc mnkta hEm cneuuntcr tliM. 

find with a buMt^il iprl(«i 
Willi viunli our whole wxL brought noi 

onn. (iqial lo hing in fiabt." 
Swift-root jCndilei lepUcd: "Dlvla« 

Lurta' ion. 
Til m^uiiila 1 ahmilil bo diorl. ind ibow 

whal plate lialh won -' 

Thy Mrioiu tperuh. lUTiirniae nouglii bui 

what |wi shall npprove 
EtUbliih'd In my lellltd haul, that In 

the rral I ^)o^fe 
No munnur not ncrpllon ; for, like hell 

ClIlUlll I IllilltlC. 

Who holdi no) in hii iranls and thou£hti 

one Indlttlnsulih'd troth. 
Wbit Til* the KcmcMt of mjr mind, my 

Ipmcb shall make diiplny d : 
Not Atfcui' ion, not all ihe (irocks. sliiUI 

«jn niu to Itirlrajil ; 
"nielr mil li wretelinlly enfotwd, lo &W 

ihdcown despoln. 
And njr lilt navtrihtll l« hired with thank- 

1«M dsperaM pniycn ; 
Fofneicr hod I bcocfir. thni rvFrfoll'd llie 

fo« : [h<f to fvM. dnih so ■ 

F.Tcn ihare hoib lie that keepi his tent, and 
Wlh winal benoor eoirwit* die. and nco 

most valianl, 
The mudi performer, and ihc moa Ihot 

can of nothinc vaunt- 
No owrnliu 1 ever (ounrl, when, with my 

miiid't iniitl *\t\(r. 
To da tbuD Kooil' 'o danjteioui fight t 

have eKpMcd my life 
Btit (vn M to nnftallwr'd tdtda (Ix cartful 

dam biinci meal. 
AVhidi when ihe hath bcalow'd. henelf 

bald nolhinE 1rft to oat ; 
So. ahen my breken ilotcs have dnwo 

the nij:htil'exnenNitlenitl}i, 
And •-ndrd miiny btisorfj dayl wilh Mill- 
em ployed ilfen^th. 
To ciwnl Ihrit infiikum. and prorrve 

(heir wim' oonicnti iofiact, 
I haie been wbb'd before Ihdr ejKs: 

lwtl*« eitlM I have Mck'd 
Aiwll'd by Ma, elemi by land, while tU* 

Aad ofall tboe. what wot moM dear, and 

■Mot ni'(hi (Town the |oy 

Of Aramemnon. be enjoy'd, who hcr» 

beaind mneln'd ; 
Which whis he took, a few be ein, and 

many thlngi leloln'd. 
OtlieT lo opilmfliei and klnj;! he gair. wtio 

hoi'l (uem fntl. 
Yel mine he foKciIi; only I m tilth my 

lott dbgnced. 
But » he Knin a lovely d.inw. to be bit 

bed'i delight. 
It I* enouiih ; for whnt cauM elM do 

Gmki araj Trojaiis fij;ht i 
Why bfousht be hither such an boflf 

frai II not for a ilamc t 
Vot foir-hair'd Kelen t And doth Ion 
— alone the hcaiti inflame 
0( the Atiidea to their mnot, of all the 

men thai move 1 
Evert dlureei and hnnctt mind cair* lor 

hit private love. 
Ai much lu tticy i as t myietf loved BiSiell 

!it my liFo^ (her fo< my wife- 

All hmuh my cnplive. and had will lo lake 
Whom since he toretil, piercotlng me, la 

TAin he* hhall ivoTun^ 
Hopn 10 appeaw me. that know well Ihe 

decpnen of my wtang- 
Rm. good tllvun, wilh ihytcif. and all 

you other kingi. 
Let him take stomach to lepel I'toy'i fiery 

Much hath he done u liliDUl my help, built 

him a totally foct. 
Cut s dike by it. pitch'd with paha. broad 

and cf deep Import ; 
And eannoi all tbcae bdpa itpn» thli 

kill-man Iltclor's fright' 
When I wuum'damongst ilieGrccks. he 

w<>iili] not offiir fiiiht 
Without Ihe ihodow of his wnjli ; but 10 

the- Sta-Jin iiotu. 
Or to Ihc holy brtich of Jove, eome back'd 

■Ith hu consents 1 
Where once he stood my charge alone, and 

hatiJly oindo retreal. 
And to make new proof of our poven. tiM 

doubt li not so great j 

To-monow then, with iacri/K« perfann 

r Imperial love 
And all the OoiM, I'll laundi my fIcM. tai 

all my men remore : 
Which in thou will nie no Ihy lighl. 4 

think'u it worth re«pecl) 
In foicbead of Ihc mom. Iblne eyaiU 

tea, witb Milt creel 
Amidit tb» &by H«ll«iMDl. belp'd wN 

And U the aakfod send bee tail, d 

frujlhil Phthian ihonB i 



Wilkin ibm 6a.jt ws (ImU tnaio, «Iki« I 

taw iton of pRM 
LcA. shcawllfa prejudice I cUMlotbMt 

thm* ka*e I cold m mil m tMt«^ uid 

■conoInidilT brati. 
PiMM iliaiir. cfctMHly gW, nml tied aa 

TbcH Md t uhe M I Kllft. as (bua I 

nowb AnuMiniiiMi be n bu« lo t>ks 

TcB him alt iliii, ud epcnlr, I on your 

bononB ditfs^, 
Tlnl othara «»y Ulw ituuM lo bear hb 

Imo oowmaiKl ta lage. 
AMd. tfthocrci tiinUm » aaa beboptib 

(Btkv drtd in endlen topudonoe) ilioi 

BMB may lam lo kave 
Ub mot wd •nftm. Bat aIm, thoueb. 

ntiinwlwi Mill niilii hr ilnnt nit titr uiy 

priK awt locdc 00 me. 

•a baloKk [ibiB nam auite 

HeoBccd(«d<Nd and Iniund mcvond bn 
TyeniT«Scaiona*>UiliUaDRli. Kaough 

I* the ianraue 
Of o^ (Dcceai la Ui dMdU ; alilcb Ici 

Uaiiojr iapcoor. 
Aod beat k to a metclied md. Wise Jon 

t» bnc haa pkc«(> aftd (hcM bi* cllU 

I. aa m* ioca, dMaUi. 
B^a in Iha BnlincM of calm dnuh I w!U 

Tlwugl) ICM ot twenij IMca w nuch he 

imdd bcMioir oa nft 
AH he tmik httv, or nnjnrbrre. or 

T« nhtch men brine ^^"^ wcalih lor 

jtRMA : cr aH the Mote itaaatoi 
Ik dnnS o( Eorp*i" T^abM. shcK 

—dt Md twamie Ikfc 
WboMvalbeaaBiaaalmidied pettfc of 

io admlfed a ciME, 
TWO buadnd acMkn may a-bcM wkh 

hone and cbarioi* pan, 
Kee. mild be amptHy aU bit Ulu nod, 

or dmt, or cma. 
ISkaaU Iw rcelalm nKMU Us wrealipnd 

ma fbr all (faa paiai 
TbM MIk Ui oaoMmdy boni'il, like 

polsoo* la any vdwi. 
Not riMll Us danghto bs my wife. >!■ 

ttOMA *e Hdfbt coMMDd 
WWtflAa VfPM for ber fccm : or if ifae 

du llaMWiil 

Dhw«yed Mlnem fin ber werta : Id bim 

« Oieck tsleol [Ood> proiccl 

Pit Ibr ber, and a frealer lilac, ^o' ■' "■« 
My lafeiy to my taihcr'* coon, be tbiU 

cbucao me n iinJ«. (peathed lite 

Uany rott Achlvc pnncona cf uoim- 
In Hellc and In PhtliU Htt^ wboM litte 

do diiei fac4d. 
Of Hhom I can ban wbom I irfll. Aod. 

moican liuadredfeli] 
My me mtod In my country Ukia lo Uke 

a tairful •)(• [my life 

Than In onodter nation : a,nil Iticre ilcUelit 
Wllb IbON rood* tbm tny lalhri gfA, 

maeh ntner tbao die boe. 
Not nil ibe mallb of wdl-buill TVoy, 

patma'il vfaen peace ■» thers, 
AU thai Apollo's muble fiuie u sion* 

[ faluo equal wUb (be lUe Ihal my free 

ShtRi, esen, Mpodh c)all.i!eck'd bone, 

Ihouf-h toti. may oome fua. 
Bui ohea (be uhlle cuaid of oiu leelh no 

luoiter can conUia 
Out human touL awjy It flls. and: onoc 

gone never mora 
To bcT frail mmsion any man caa bet lott 

powcis Milo:!.* 
AikI thnvfurv inee my molber-fjuceu. 

bmed lot btr adirr Ivtt. 
Told me two Ibies about my ilcaih In my 

dirtclJoa nmt : 

" Man ab hiuiArwi-liiUt 
Uy Iruc luiod lo my luintry hkd •* uUfl^ my 


Wboi llw twu ttun lave adaenec, die Klf- 

umeeir dolh mi<m, 
Thit uy oCKHla Uk* eOKi^aDdieaaetad 

Two ihii ■>• OM. ud ulie K vifc, viiheut *]1 

E<iual a hoDsuc ; lU (outDU iadiBlei lo mr 

Tlui iJiuuM try boly nE#a at kiod, b« p*'^'**** in 

Tbui By old (ulKr*! *tUiiut wcelili ihall vdl 

ildicbl uiT youlh 
Met macc h 'd firr pomp ; lbs U^ are peand, ricb 

Hra om nch n (ruib : 
Nh >■ ike.okbTnykUbrf'antteaMM 

Kor Bldl A|»lhi'i Wuey CtU In •<fkt IVbo* 

I nluc «tuat u (ajr (Ab ipcBI wilh ■ joaHul 


or umi^ Buy ted ; 
Bbi f<M numiin mul no priw a" t an ^o w l e«B 

Wbcs Ibe vhiTe renien a(W* iVHdi irt IMbL 

i»l«iiil«il«. iML 


Tb« ODK tiuU, it I here remtSst VkSUX oat 

My His Rtuin ilutU tKvtr live, ay hne 

■hiU Donr (lie : 
It tny ntiun obuia nicoas. mnch of my 

MOiedecar*. [Uiv in«ny d*Ti 

But dnih ahill Unpt 1ii> nnprondi. Liu 1 
Thb bdns rtitafd, 'tvcre looUib piide, I' 

■tntdN tny life fai pnilie. 
Than with mnidf. I will advim oilii-n ■□ 

bolse itidr soil. 
For, >9i!n)t iho height of Ilion you Dtyet 

Mall prevail : 
Io*e wtih hii lumd ptoirciclh It. and 

lliti Idl the Klas In every part, fo( to 

CRwc IcKiua MieuU. 
Tbii ihey nuy belter counicb uMi to Mm 

tlkelr Hect ouit fdcndi 
By llMit own vjlounj aincv thU counc 

droBii'il In tny taget. umU. 
Pbcnoix may in ntf c<n( rcpoM^ anil In ibe 

mom ttcer oouita 
Fot nubU. U he Uilak ii K«od ; Uoot, I'll 

IMS no foren" 
All wonilu'd nl tut utrn reply ; kad 

PlWCDlX. full ol ItMi 
Hit wonlt WDuM be »Cire weali ihin }uil. 

tuKditd their *iMt u;tli Con; 
"If tny Mum lootiiK tl;oe ttam. Pekui' 

TCQcninod joy, 
Aad thou will in oai ttopi be bum'd with 

hiumful fire of Ttoy, 
Siaue Ihcm Kit iUijEty, O 117 tan. bow ahdl 

I after bo (ijuished hy the> t 

Alone in i1ic<« citri-ins of death, relln- 
I. thom ihj' ifj-.d I..11 ' t sent ■• otdrtci 

<■) itiy (wioe, ^iliee (or thif oouTM. 

When tu Alriilci IniiTt hii court he left 
Yel foung. and wiitn in iIuH of Nni) thou 

didst itot lo abosud. 
Nor hadst Hit hitlMi of dUcouiw. lb*t 

niakM men %a taiawa'd. 
la all which I hu kc by him. I' Innmet 

Ihtn n my ton, 
That thou miEhi'M tprak. when ipench m* 

fit; uiddo. iihen deeds treredone; 
Not kit u dumt^ (bi wnni ot wotdi ; idle. 

for ihill loRiont. 
I would not then be left by the*, dear mo. 

bcKOi in loi'c 
No. not if God wculJ promise n*. to mt 

llK[llInUO( (•ItK 

CKvtd in my Lunum and my tnoiM, and 

sntcc me Huh ibo pdine 
Of manly kmIi. m wlien «l Ant I left 

sum lleUe'i ihoK 
Ikch'd with loir 'Ixma, 1/1 fkd the 

SnulKa my nnsiy iMhcr bote ; 

Who wu the bir Amynlof nlTd. tui- 

dooimI OrmiinideB,* 
And for • blt^hali'd luukM'* uie. that 

hit •Htct* ooutd pkaar, 
Comcmnyi my nwbei. bU Hue wife, who 

eemelew wwcd me [diup mr kuie 
To UM his barioc Ctytiit. and iiill vould 
To do liM Bill : that M my tire might lum 

hii love (□ hate ((an her rjUhc. 

Of tbnl lewd ilxint^ coovoting It to 00m- 
Ai Lut I wu conuni to prove to do oqr 

mothet cood, 
And rtooQUlo my blher't love ; who 

nralghl lutpldoui iiood. 
Purtuiag m« with many ■ cune, sod tolbs 

Funes pray'd 
No dame might love, noi tiring me *wd ; 

the ddtJM ober'd 
Tba,t soveni boU ; MenMl love, ud n«m 

PeRtephone. |Kern Cilber be. 

Thaa duEM t in no loni^ir date with my 
Yet did my (ncndi and neoi allies enctoM 

me with dctint 
Nollodeput ; kill'dshMp. boan. beeres ; 

rout ihcm at loknin tiiea ; 
And tioni my f^iiiet'k lunt wc drunk tx- 

otnlini; iiore of wine. 
Nine olehs tlicv guarded me by innik 

their fi(M did caHaloH thinch 
Oneio the porch of Ustuong hail, and fat 

the pona! one, 
Bcfoie my ctianiber : hut when day benwb 

(Iw tenth alGhl thane, 
I bnke my chamba'a ihick-hxiecd duoi», 

and ihiough the haU-juaid (on'd. 
Uiuoen of any man at maid. lliMngb 

OietM (bm. tIcIi and iwi. 
1 BedtoPhihU, nuiMof«ltccp.iiiidcama 

10 f elctn' court 1 (fradoui ton 

Who ratonaui'd ido bemtly. and in as 
As anjr dre hit only ton, boin when hli 

ittenfth i( ipeni. 
And UoTd with (real potMasloos to leave 

to hit descent. 
Ue made me etch, and to my eha>K< did 

much eoiBmaod eommood. ■ 

I dwdt in Ih' nimoat nsioa ticb Phthld 

doth extend. ^ 

And eovem'd il;e Uolofiaai, oad made 

thee what thou an, 
O thou that Uke the Gods ait bamed : 

tiocr, dcajotl to my heart. 
t usnl thee lo^ thou lovcd'sl DOite el»! -. not 

anywhere wouldkt eal. 
Till I hid cran'il iny Ituiv with thee, and 

carved thcs loldereu mott. , 

* Mtrrm uutm tttrvttt. in di fmlnM 



JIad «t*tf ihM wtna u Riudt, for lov«. 

ttat in (hjp In&oqr [coMjaiml •}«> 
[WMcb Mill dbovcloo matt ptoicci. and a 
Hj bowwn lairfnglr tBitak'd U» irtiK Ihiat 

«oaU DM bou. 
nen, now nqr tucngih ncnii iliinc nt 

modi, bt aiine m ibM lu dtat. 
Mncfa lB«e 1 ■uffd'd tor iby tove. mudt 

klMar'd, viibed anx^ 
TUbUm. Mnce I muu bn no twir (the 

GmB dccRC* «fe nuk) 
I vmU adapt thptU m* htir : to ihrc 

mj ban dU five ft hofxd to bre. 
WIm anr *e oaiM gin Bli saa : In iha 
O mUcMC Oif M^ttny ({Mt* : K flu not 

one that moves 
Ikr heaiu of all. to live iinmeirBl, aud 

>aeoe«r kMM tot lovo. 
IhtOodi dwjdru OK fiedble ; wboae 

rinaM, booooa, povcn. 
An Bora tkoa Ifaine ; j«t itey will bnid 

thelt bri.a»i ai we bMd oun. 
ftifUmat bcaafn itevotioni. m*oiu> o( 

odforinn wra'dL 
Asd btir ifica, ibe tafbta afe«rtili wMcfc 

tkdr baifti ai« rarn'd, 
%ncn that nay to them : vhoae faiilu 

dKbtna lw>e GddAcd. 
For pnym n* daochtm of mat Jota 

UEu. (rrlafcled, inddjr^yM , 
Asd ««ct Uhnrlnf Injiuy, ahoi UieoE and 

net itmogli ttc ■arid, ifllicilng men. 

BeDninf pmytn jM 
(Tb all i&Bi fan ttiM teed of Jon), tba 

oefUla Ucarinf get 
T« faav* I«i*c hear, end balp ih«m i«o ; 

Afldaaad Udkiibie lo ibcm. Ibcr lly to 

tMrpewcnacatei Un ; thai the wtoosi 

b* dMb to Ibcm aav Ul 
Ob hk ovn bad. mid p» ibsaa (bIm 

«lioM ctire be fatt to call. 
t hm, f mM AcUIcK booour (boa ihtf 

MOm faed of Jovc^ 
Aad ykU li> then, dnce oCbc* men ot 

pB««mt ntbdt ilivy taonco. 
UAgamemnon maUaot give the MUMone 

■UitbeTOiM, rbHUbram 

Rat cdiv otben altRvaidi. and in ts Mfll- 
£iiUMbbtilMOO)K«MdUswaid, I would 

aot Ihmeahorta 
Whb oiath ^ipeaied. thj aU lo Gnacr, 

ibae|h phifned hi beaitnt son ; 
BBtmDAhvpnacnilraUlgtTa, and afler 

T axtira which lir haih aoil to Ihoe the 


And tntr-: n-nowii'it ol all tlie hoW, ilul 

ItKj CDiElit loftca ibre. 
Tbtn let not both tbelt paint and pia]mi 

loil *nd da(i»(d br. 
Rcfbrp vkkh none cooU reptcbend the 

tunVDlt nftbyhnut, 
But now (o rnl mujiiMc wne much too 

rndc A fyirl- 
Of fincieuE *<jnh]ct wv hdvv bmni, nv'hm 

Ibej HPic more dopkainl, 
To Ibclr higft hmci, wall tVhi and prayttn 

their ban bns tiiQ >|ip(a>n). 
F«r instance. I remember well a (wi per 

Which lo you all. my friend^, I'll tell : The 

Cimti wan did bald 
U^h the wEll-foiwht wGioliam, where 

motual llvm bad and 
Abotu Ibe cliir CUvdon. TV fiolions 

Their flouriiMnt; country, whlsfa to spoil 

the Curtti uiil ronlend. 
Dttaawlih the Kolden throne, itlth Oeneiw 

much tnccnKd. 
Since with hit plenteous Imd'a Hal ftnllt 

tbt KM not levennced, 
(Vet ochn Codt. with hecatomtx, hod 

fcani, end the nlone; 

ot by oblinon. 
Or Bnduo knowtodgc of bcr duc^ mncli 

hiin ia Imn iht Twor* : 
And the. ransal. ciodled much, she tent 

Biylvan boar 
P^Om liictr EiMn pevea. with <rou£iilln|; 

nuld : ii«o iMMlIt did tpcit 
Kini Oeneo^ fieUik hi* loltjr *«o>!i bid 

[«aslrat« on tbe toL 
Rent ly the rooU Ireei (mh adom'd wnb 

Whicli Mdeatcer (Oeoeiu' son) dew, «icb 

oiicnibled powcn 
Of buaien. and of limetl boundl, ftom 

tumy citica brought ; 
Foe ludi be va* iIm with few lltet hto 

death could not be bouuhi. 
Itcsps of doul humQu, by hU tac*; tlia 

rioHt*] p1ei anilled. 
Ym. riiln at last, iheQoddcnsilrt'daboM 

hb head asd hide, 
A vombvua tumuli, andawarbenixllb* 

Cnreti wrcrugfat [Mclcaicn fomht. 
Aad bntc Muma* : Ml Ibc while Dooc 
tlVfand the CWeu: Mar Iba wall* weaa 

dm> adtiaee hlsetett, 
Tbdngh (bey »<■■ maaj : bat when vnlh 

taOamed hi* ha^ehiy bmx 
[Which oAibcnrniariado<UMi*iw«ID> 



Since 'IH-Ui bit Rioilict-quMD oad blm 

am* ■ dMdly Htife. 
lie left the court, nid piinilcly lirtd viih 

hu kwfUl uite. 
Fair Ctmpatm. ttmtia biclh or brii:)>t 

Uoipcwa't pain, [dl4 nlpi. 

And of ideui ; who of nil Icrrcxirisl men 
At tl»i IxtMk tJof ol fuTlitucle. and Iot 

Marpem'i ttSut, 
'Gainit winton Pli<x>f«, kin); of flunci, 

bit bow in lixnd did ukc, 
Slnoe b« tuid lavub'd bei. hb Joy ; witom 

hpf fri<nd« tlUsfpin 
Tlie Burounc of AlcyoM. txoausc Ihcy 

could not nvc 
TMr daashtcT from Atcyooe'i fate. In 

CIcotULcm'* ttita 
I^y Mdcngcr, Ueiitig on his azj^or. for 

the hanni 
IIU 1110111(111111/4 011X1)1 t»n on him iwlio. 

for bn bmhariun 
Bt Mdeocer, sricmd. tUMt pray'd ibc Godi 

lo tmtk her pojn. 
With all the horror oonU be pour'd upon 

hcT furlom binb. 

Still knock'd Hit wilh hoT tmpioiu hiinEls 

the auny-fMdini; ratib. 
To VTge stem Pluto and hit Qiiccn t' in- 

cliac llicir vciii;rfiil tan. 
Fell OD ber knm, uid ill hd bnoil dcvi'd 

Hi til her flery tatzi. 
To nuUia Ibom ma»acn< her mi. whose 

wiBlb aiaged her ibui. 
Ertttny*. wwdeinf tbrou][h th« air. bMnt. 

out of Eietm, 
Pntytn it for her unjilcuod mind. Yet 

M draper Iny 
ObuuTBd ia fiuy. "nicn the biull cf the 

lutiiiilJuout fmy 

Rung ihraui^ ihc luntu ulheyMnled : 

then came Ih' AilalSaa petn 
T^ Maleicer wilh low niiit^ to liM and 

Thrn *mt the* lb* dW friMS of God*, 

wilh oBe/d silts t* Mom 
Ills diffi^ne fniT, bade blm choose^ in 

itnxt-toird Citlydon. 
or 111* mm fat and yieldy icdl what wlih 

B.n bundled Meets 
Miglii In a hundred day* b* plonch'd. half 

that iteh viDlnce bean, 
And hair of nulsed eatth to plough ; yet 

y1«ld«d not hli Ire. 
Tben to hit lofty cbanbcr-^looT. uccnd* 

bli royal Ure 
Wth mibfOl plaints, ihook ibe stfong 

ban; theacaniebliilneii'criM: 
Hi* mother then: and all Intent ) yH 

nCl more ttiff he lies ; 

His fiiendj; most reverend, most csieem'd ; 

yet none Imprason toiA. 
Till ihr- lii);h turrrli where be lay, and hi* 

iiraoc cliamticr, shoet 
Wilh llie Invading enemy, who now foront 

dmulful way Jdlimny. 

Alooj; the dly. Then hit wife. In pitiful 
Betousht him. wevpine : 'rtlini; Itiin iha 

By fltl the dlitvm. whwc lawn Ihu i-ncmy 

bad cvu'd ; 
Men lUughier'd; ctilldren bondjlave* 

made ; tnrttt ladie* forced with Iinl ; 
Fires climbing town\ am) tumine Ibeoi 

ta licipi of frolllMi dust. 
ThMc ilanitn iotlafiV) his tieel beait: 

op the iiout prince ttrosc, 
Indued hb body wllb rich arms. U)d Cited 

tb' ^lothins' woes, 
His imolher'd itneer ffttag air; which 

ciltt did nul ossaan. 
But hit own pciil. And bcouue he did 

not dl»ng9ge 
Their Uvos for (ifts. (heir cift* be lost. 

Out for my Mite, drai friend. 
Be not (faou beat to ue our pilgbis to these 

vtliemn dewrud. 
Etc ibou nana us ; be not so by thy ill 

antcl lum'd 
From thine own honour. It were shame 

to jce 001 n-Tvy Iwrnil, 
And then oonir with liiy itmeleM aid For 

ofTer'd prrsr.nts, come. 
And nti the (irrr.k* will honour Ibw, U of 

crlcstial rcom. 
But if without thoc Bifii thou Tight, forced 

by thy privale woe, 
Thou will be noUiing u> renowo'cl though 

Ihfiii rept'l tJu" fot ~ 
Achilles nniwei'd the loil put of this 

omilon ihus ; 
"rhioiii, itnown'd and revBmid, lh« 

honours uiscd on us 
We need not. Jove doth honour mc^ and 

lo iny Kifi'lyKCT, 

And win. willies t retain a spini. or can 

coimn.ind my knon. 
Then do not thou mili unis and woes Im- 

posulon my ntTodi. 
Becoming gnetous lo my foe- Nor lit* 

it the respect* 
Of tby vow'd lo*c to faODDur him that lialb 

diibonoiir'd mc. 
Lesl ujcb loose klndnen loM hb heart 

that yet is firm to lh«. 
It were thy pfBlte to buit wicb me ihs 

bolter ofa^ State; 
Since halt my honour and mytialiB tboa 

mayst iiartldpate. 




Lx ilMw lotd* ikcD nun th' cvtnt Mid 

(Istkoabart rrpou. 
Aad, «te« d«k ileep bnals wilk Iba dar. 

aw OMMCb iMl dttdoM 
The cooiw of oat nCsn oc Mar'" Tlik 

Mid. he wlik bb eye 
M^r n hi* trkad ■ oomt ilgn, to hiUMa 

A good toA bed. ilial i>ie oU piiuM^ toon 

a* Ifca p<m wpn; gnw. 
UlsU lake hb nsl ; whm. KililiffJik*. 

fann Aju Tdmiion 

Spaka w Ul p >w, m with (houcbi Achilk* 

SU Ml V<Mth 

1W hiBh dimdea cf Ui (pctdb. ibu 

•mod M Menilr '')'*)■ 
Unmetd wlib th' otbcr otalon. mnI ipokc 

not MappaoB 
CUIdo' wialh, biH 10 dctocL ItU uss- 

■MM* Mn tbcae : 
"SIsbtawd Lwriiada. kt II* toM 00 

0» M» pwM ion ; I pntrin dw «tld 

Ov q»«bM' tad Id ihk dbir. Wc miul 

whli BtiDoit haila 
■Ucum bh »mmei, though but bod. Tht 

pan am •faEsbcn placttl, 
Aod «<■ not liao IM «a mrn*. Gmi 

IlKtit' Mm bMh Mooed 
Pnod wiMh lithiD Wm, n hit vtolth, 

and niB DM b« implncd. 
ItBde that he 1* : nor hli fricndi' lore, k- 

^•01^ do itfeM (h<T can. 
WhcMM piM an, «re iMiiMinr'd Urn. O 

laii I nil « II Hil man, 
AnoilMr lb( bit brother duo, anollirr fnr 

bb fan, [bull done 

AoOfpM of tUiAcdan ; ami lie llu: dcR) 
Una in bclo>wd taiMtj long alW hU 

To «hkb bSi faoli ^ beaM. for fUb, 

wilb pailtaca ooadtictod* ; 
Bol Ate a wfhl ud end ipitll the godi 

far plv baiB BiitcD, 
Aod far ooc olrl, M «ho«e fair ttt mt 

coac M oflcr tnra. 
Tbc moot (seapi teooellena. and manj 

a better pfbe. 
Thm put a nraot aind in Af Inoit. 

K^cci thf owa alUo^ 
Though olhan auko thm boi mniM : a 

wliindo w«an, 
Spfuag cfl Af iDjral fanillr, sad oof 

■HWjiwt care 
U to bo mtitt luoUlar. and bold moat lo«« 

Of aB Oh Orackf, bow snat aa hoM 


Hc answer'd : " Nolile TeUuaan, prince 

of our loldim hm. 
Owcf ihyboirt I know thou ipeak'u. Bad 

at ihiw lHilir4l mr. dMr; 
But Hill at otUD ■» I Ihwk. ho» ruddf 1 

vasuwd, litnnl tdJBKd, 

Aad. likaa wnnger. lot all nln, it fbiour 
Uj htaft doth tvnll agtiiM ibc man, that 

tlunt ba lo pobno (iviralv batitk 
To vioUir hu (Mnd place ; not Ibr Dijr 
Dm liina: umcii'J vmuct general lana ho 

For mliott ake 1 will looic the idta, and 

give miiie angrt (wlrtB*, 
WithoKi ir.jr wivloni'a feaol impoub. Ho 

Thai pJifc>«iEr-i>Uguid«lndl; wbcn pnin, 

tu* Unt of nEbi, pno place. 
Ant iJmcfaie tcU nut Ua^ b/ lordi, mf 

jiui wiaih will not caio 
ForatI tfe«n«i,b(foic BifirtusmAwa.'ij 

By warHka Hndor, making wij Ifaeiqi^ 

llockt of Grronn ll». 
Ka1ial>lcn*d by their oaval fin ; bnl ahen 

Till ngr nrriva 
About my x-aa. nod Mbic balk, I doubt 

nul but to tbkid 
Thtm nnil niywl/ ; and make him fly (be 

Iherc urong boundnl field." 
Thi* Mill, each one bni klai'd (be mp, 

and i« Ibr iblpi retired ; 
Ulyiact D(*L Itetocliu Ibcn the mea and 

To mahc giMc Fbxnii' bed with tptmi, 

and >oe b« nechiac lacki : 
Tbey Miaichi obn'd, md laid dicnaa dM 

Mbtllo fnUI orBaa, 
And waitn *hcap4>ll« for covnine : aad 

there the old man itrpc, (nation kept. 

AIleiKllns tilt die nhlrn Mom bis uiu^ 
AchUlrt lay In Ih' inoot roooi of hit teal 

richly vnourM. (Led)0« booofht, 
And thai fair hidy by bb &de. thM ho Ihnn 
Il>i(hi tHoomla, niorbaa'Med. I^urwhii 

The tiHiBittnt Iphi*. p'Tcn to him, ith«n 

hii bold liwnd did rue 
The loftv Syrui thai mi bM id Enciu'i 

tcM. [man wid) <a(H ol sold 

Now 01 the leni of Aunu' ion. eacb 

Received ih' a«bamadon Mso'd. An 

tluiKr'd MW lo know 
Wbai itewi tbCT btoacht ; which (ka Iba 

kinjc wmikl ha*e Ul>va> ihow ; 
-Say. mod pnuewotihy Itbacus. the 

Gredant' ficai renowD. 
, WOI bo daTod w? or act }« will hb 
I pfcwd ilawa Ji dowwy 



Utfiscs mnde nptj : "Not j« will be 

apprjisod be, 
But grows mare wtachful, prizing light thy 

ofler'd gift! itnit ihfe. 
An'l will'; rhtrc ro consulr with us. and 

Mke sonip olTiet course 
To save our smiy am! our fleel, and says, 

tfiih all his foTuc. 
The mom shall light him on his way to 

Phihia's nishrd soil. 
For never shall hi^^li-^eated Tray be sadi'd 

with all OUT toil \ 
Jove holds his hand 'twliI lU and it : the 

loldiers gather heart. 
Thus he repllis, which Ajax here can 

equally impart. 
And both these heralds : Phixnix atayi, 

for so was his desire. 
To go with him, it he thought good ; If 

not, he might retire." 
AH wonder'd he should be so stem ; at last 

bold Diomed spake ; 
" Would God. Ainda, thy toqiwit 

yet to uDdenake ; 

And all thy gifts UDoffer'd him. he'a proud 

enough beside, 
But this ambasiage Ihou hast sent will 

m.ike him buret wilh pride. 
But IM IIS suffer him to Hay, or go. al his 

Fight when his stomach spn'ps him best, 

or when Jove shall inspLre. 
Meanwhile, our watch being strongly held, 

let us A little rest 
After our food ; sliength lives by both, 

antl virtue is their guest. 
Then, when (he rosy-finger'd Mom holds 

out her stiver light. 
Bring forth Ihy host. ent:oursge all; and 

be thou fii^t in light." 
The kings admired the fortitude, that 

so divinely moved 
The ikillul hoiseman, Diomed, and hi* 

advice approved. 
Then with thetr nightly sotaiSce each took 

hij seneral tent. 
Where all received the soveielgQ gifb tgtt 

Somnus did presenL 

m KHD or TBB MiMTH motm. 


■rtaf : tMt ihiy tnl lil< Kntt, 
pecs DdOB o(( duucnaa lift. 


TH*Aind«i. wndtiof; nte thi oihit »*(n 

1k« knc* Act '*'■'• •>«•< •■«*. *i>d kMW'd 

Fnit rvT^f «ciHt, Bid iS* Trnf^K* IwKt ; 
WIm umliac IMia. MsMi'i hi''-il fT. 

II4 told >bt«, in lb* Hirvuii iTHittEia 
Of tkH K-iif Rhi 
Smvii* fm urfai 

A<id>iIp«>IM .. 

YV* wiA di^HBn vile* UKv ubc Ibcit (bica 
te UmW iK, Od aU tH MMrT Vn» 

K*tf* ■>>• "i^i *>pl«'t* wi M : 

BWiiii' •■d iMco't tnctdiOi 
Tin etiMr p(taec« >r Ihelt ihlpa soft- 

B« not ihc OcMnl : tlonwot' riOa boaod 

■M Ul bhourinc nlnJ. 
Tbu mni'd >nd relum'il many tbcnfbU. 

Awl M qnldc Ufhiwniri* Of. 
ham ««il-dctk'4 lunoi lovctoMri. eat ol 

f^narJDC MMe oowdUiB nin, or faail, 

Or down-kbe now that nddonlr iMket 

■nttaAddi look old. 
Of CW9 iha nlf* BOMh of «ar wlih U* 

unlpbtiPd hMd. 
tatlBdii^ I bwfcn poor'd bom demd^ on 

So (loiB Aitldat' troutlol bettrt, ihrcugfa 

UidariiMrToink He 
Jttienbka tlgta; Ui aoaib ihook, m 

eAn u hit vinr 
Adodt'd the multhudcaf Etta; ihM (>■' ^ 

RirrctM shftdi^ 
ANd bmrd ibt toandi «r flfc^ lAd thnriM, 

■ad lavndn toldlFn mode. 
BMwboihcaM hlilln* and boA haeri 

to hii can lad Ian, 
Be tw Itti hair ofi bjr the Toou M 

• Ihtm *n ih* 1i(ti»uic> fctfnr iBow. ftr.. 
a^iftiM*M bMf . *• to Ik* l^ud iHk'a 

BanK l« hit fcfTilghmal h>a<l>c^1 eui o( 

lin likniiM hcan. 
And itu tlKN«hl toad to Nesioi'* care 

Iiit (orrom *a bapatl, 
Ttt hj if myi] tliKKFOce, villi Ui apjavwtd 

Mlfhi tiohian touiueli to prenent iMr 

ttvakteii'd mitjeriOL 
80 up lie rase. *iiiml hiioiaV, and M 

kit atrong tecl ucd 
Rich t)wpi. and ca*( u{«a hii back aniddr 

Uam't bide. 
So ample li hli ankla reach'd, then took 

hii rojaltpnu'. 
LAe him «iu Menelaiu pimed aidi aa 

induitrioiu feu. 
Nor i.u iwMl ilumbtr on hit CTea, le*l 

bliEH fain ihovld qnlie 
The Ontki' tiieh (veun. that Eat him 

rsolTtd nicli eiMfim li|[ht. 
And bra a (tt«kl(d pontheit liide Ud Ul 

broad back athwiit : 
nil bead his bruen bclm did arai ; Ml 

able haod hu dait ; 
Then mad* he all hb h»la to rai<e hli 

brother^ head u nrr. 
Umi be «ho Buai enell'd Id mle mlgbl 

help t' rilacl bit care- 
He IMnd bim, at hit (hip's crook'd tuia, 

adetoiBf bim arfih arms : 
Who Jor'd to *ea hit btvibet'* ipltlh 

awaked withmit ■Iitru. 
Well welehtne ■!>' i>nporiiinc« of the line 

and nnt ine jrQUDijrT *)uile : 
"Ulif. brother, are ye annin^ Iboai 

Is ii to underialta 
Tbe fcsatag ot mna vBerurovi Qretlc t 

erntiirc the fbe*« InteiU f 
Alat, 1 i^Mtr (car, mc one will glw 

ihni vock comm. 
Expoied aloaa M all tbe ftaa thai flaw h 

Bloomjr ti^H, 
n* thai dutb ihls (null know deailh «A 

In whicb mdt erair friKhl.* 
" Brotbct.' did he, "ladMaea&irawi 

boA BM« nae advMe. 
Ion b aeaiaat as, asd aeapn giea 

HccUf 1 aaedOec. 
For I IsTe mner «cen, nor beard. In ao 

dij, and br our. 
So timaf b<|[h atteafiO nfl vft. a 
Hecm'* pmer balb doM 

Apuntt thr. haplaa loni of Gftccc; bdog 

And witliout nine, being nciihn fruit of 

■nv Ooddrw' tovr. 
Nor h<-\iilvi Givl ; .ind yrt I (isir Ihc iJtn>- 

noa s4 fait hknil. 
Ei« it lie ntnl oiil of out l]i«u];!iUt vlJI 

minjr jptnn uilhtl.-uid, 
Bui, bnnlier. hic itite lo tbj shipi. Mid 

tdomm dituiw. 
With Bitriikc Aju ; t trill haate to erave 

SidMRine him 10 riio. atid ^t» Hit tKUd 

woKh command* 
FOr (bar will *peciaUr cmtoaoe iadUDMat 

M (ill Imnd : 
And now hli son ihdr cnploln ti, and 

Idomm'n cood (rinnil. 
Bold Mttlon, to wfacae dlicharse we did 

lliat cliAiie oommrnd." 
" Conni»nil')l tlimi ilirn," hU brother 

•sk'd, "ihui I iboll lorry here 
Aumdinc thy ictcitrat agiproach, oc cbe 

Ibe mMNgt bear. 
And qulddr make mum lo thcc?" lie 

•ntward ; " Rulicr ttay. 
Lot olhenrlM w« (oil lo mrct. fat manjr ■ 

dlOcnal way 
Li«thrmi;hourt]il)ytini1iiun|jou. Speak 

Conuuuid suong watch, from itrc to ion 

unpi all (■ oUrmr liie foe ; 
Fiuniliiirty, and with Ihdr pruae, cxcitinc 

rveiy eye, [aulhurily. 

Not villi niuiaton'd violnnra of proud 
Wc nuN our padcnoe cmrIm, Mid work 

OutnItm wilb them, 
Jtwe In our Uitln comUned snoli «Mc« lo 

cither'* dindcai.' 
Thill hs (Smiu'd bSin, knowinE uctl hte 

chugc bcfon: : he WFtit 
tUmielf lo Nctltir. whom he (ounU In Iwd 

wiihln hi* trill, 
By him hbdAmukculmahung, hlsthidd. 

apairof ihuta. 
Hit thinini; Guque, his ■nninB wnki ; in 

thcM he k4 the boWs 
Of hb apt nldien to ihar|> war, not gik-k!- 

ine lo hit ytnn. 
He quickly ttMted (torn hts btd. when lo 

hil waltiitul tan 
Unlimdy fret told «ome approach ; he 

look hu lance la hind, 
And tpak* to faim ; " Hol what ait thou 

ihatwaDt^acinldiilgbt? itaud. 
U Km wanilnx u (he suaidi. or lack'at 

Spent eome not tteni (owaidi me ; ny, 

«IM SaUuStt Umni berar 

He aoiwer'd : "O Ndeides, grn^ 

honour o( our hoit. 
Tls AgamFmnon ihuii may'ii know, whom 

Jove jfflJ^clh molt 
Of nil ihcwrtidiril men Ihal live; nnilwill, 

whilit .lay liiiTAlb 
Qiwi motion to m^ toiled limb*, nnd bean 

mc up from dc-Jtlh- 
1 WAlk the round thus, tian sweet ittn^ 

cnnnol lacIaK mine eyca, 
Nw iliui ihow orxant cait break* ojie for 

our cnhmiliici. 
My fnir la vebemenl for the Gnekt ; my 

heul. tlic fount of hcst. 
With hU eureaie affccu made cold, wltti* 

out my teoatt doih bent : 
And tben^oic are my linewti strook wllh 

licmblinr; every put 
or what my fiiendi tnuy fuel halh act In my 

dliperaed b(«n. 
Bui, if ihoii think It of any ooutm may to 

oui good rrdound 
(Since mrilher thou (hyaelt cnnil tloep], 

c>oiur. walk villi nn the round ; 
In wny wlicreof we may confer, and look 

lo rvrry {uard | 
Lett uaicliiog long, ard wnrfnes) with 

lubouting so hard. 
Drawn ihdt oppitual mcnioTlea of what 

tlH^y ham in charge. 
The Ilbei^ we give the foe, alat. It ovci 

Thch camp It almost mh'd with ontt, nnd 

we li.itc forth no tLjiir* 
To If.-itn their drifu : who may perohance 

tlili riiglii liiicnd surpiite. J 

GrLivr' Nr-int Lin*w<r'd : ■•Worlhykio|i 

let cood heoiu beai oor 111: 
Jovi- ii not bwind lo perfect all thit tnof 

llcclor't will : 
8ut I am confldcnily ctrea, hi* IhouKhls 

air much dianuy'd [our airl, 

Wllh fear lot ouidiilraaincile Achilla lo 
And tlicrefore will not tempt hit tote, nor 

niiri, with fuirlicr pridr. 
But I will cladly folton ihce, and slit up 

mote betide ; 
Tyd><1ci. fitniout for td* hnca; Ulysc^ 

And bold Pliylcui* tntlant lirJr. Or«tak II 

nny one 
Would lioitc (O call king Idomen, and 

Ajiix, tinoe their tail 
Lie 10 ronored, wtth fnueh good ipeed. It 

mighi OUT battaaiail. ' 

Bui, though he be our honour'd frlciid,.| 

Iby brother I will blame, ' 

Not finiiag if I anijcr thoe ; it b bis uttci;! 




Hb iImdM oammit all pafai to the*, Ihu 

ihouU MbmU tvpk>r. 
Vwt all o« princci; in llw or*, »nd tmm 

ilsd tc u (xr rroni nmlioc spun lo ttMM 

H« ibould •ppij OCT iplrili himselC trilh 

piiijfH uo liicvu wnct4< 
Kteenkr (■ law to Ikvt, and not to be en- 

IfaiEnprMf cf allliitfactiliia. notwnnd 

If notlannd.'' 
"Good hter," aid thckiiiiC. "aomc- 

Vmtttjca komr 1 tme deUral 
Vm wodd tanrof* Mt nifllccnuc. (m on 

to 0U0 icDmL 
N«r li a far ddM e( iplili, or compitn 

Othii bnda, (ibould alarain 

Boc wlih ob«c(irtns niT esUtc, he limla, be 
TlU 1 ccBonandcd, haowing otj rbc*; 

vnwiHBC w MnnM. 
Ar b^i( » hraibtf, Ai^lUag rolgbl 

;ra*« btdid prBuaw. 
But now be roee before me br, u»l cune 

t' av«id d«l>)r«, 
Aad I bow KDl hiai for iho mna founelf 

4fillT«T Ionise^ 
C«aM^ «c daH 6ari l])nB al tbr foardi we 

plaocd bcfcnibe 00ft, 
ftoe mbCT ndlranlon wuih*y iIionM 

iriib ipcednaoR.' 
**WhT now," Mid N(*l«r, "none will 

gnMK*i ^ot Ui )br rule wlihiiiuid, 
Buu^itas iMke «nMe«ncnli tuoog. and 

IwulLli a conmand." 
TW pM bi on hit anniag tniu, fnii 

iIkxs apoa fch lent, 
AfeMt bin « aaamm, ttMt did «4ib 

or I>on>>a> >*IV« Ud fdl of fcMs, oaf d 

A gnnneai (bat 'fflmM cold b nichtt dk] 

Tlwn look be bt* Ktotig lance In tiand, 

made di«p •ftbprared w<cl, 
And wvnt alone the URdia floci. Pinlal 

lie aOTd, 1« bisk (he tfiMn fame* Uul 

Titt nica Ibnufk (h' on:*in et Mi e«n 

(aaigbA n>c about h» mlocl. 
fbRkeaaie Ulpw^ aiklng him: "Wh; 

itir ym tboc ao bite t 
SbMIii w« tmh enfiirdre cauier He 

■ntvei'd, "Quretlale 
Dotb teee tbk pcnutBiloa : voochuTe it, 

wcMfajr iricad. 
And coBfi let nt exdte ooe mote^ lo 

To our (ilrnnni. I7 Rcht. or fliflit-" H* 

back, asd took hit ibiclrl. 
And both took ttmnc to Ulomrd : iher 

Awnd tiiin Inid in rtrM» 
Far from hix lent : his annonrbj'; aboat 

him wta di'iptoul 
A ri*]; o4 MliJivri. rray mao Ms ihleld 

beneath his head : 
Hb ip»r fix'd by hhn M be SIrpt, the 

psM end in the ([raand> 
The point, thai bitoiled the diuii earth, 

caal ■ Tcfleeitua iT>iiud 
Lilfe collid Ushinloet thrown rrom tove : 

ilim tbli hcroc lay. [iioad bad ttay 
And nndtr him a big oi-hide : bb raynl 
On tmtt banging*, nOed t^ ; wheKon 

hf ilcpi 10 liui. 
Thai Nnior fun'd him wiih hi* foot, and 

CWil to tee blttl out 
I u titcli ilDcp 4l«r|>. in tttth deap myat; and 

ask d him wti; lie iptal 
Ail night in sleep, or did BM bear tbo 

Trojaoa near nil lent ? 
Thdr camp dtami cUne upon ibrlr dike, 

Kniill space 'twiat foca and ton f 
Hr. startmgop. nid. "Strange old man. 

ihiu never nkeM repose. 
Thou art 100 palivni itt out twi : hate 

we not men okore yonnK, 
To ba empJojr'd (ram king lokiagf ihim 

iCo biuh too nWJb wrong. " 
"StJdlikealdn7."(a)lc(l thelitis "for 

I have aoa* lutown^, 

And tbrre an many other men, nlgtil go 

thU toilsome round ; 
But, ytm mutt (M. impciioua Need halt 

oJl ai bci comnund. 
Nowonihet)«CTnuor'* edp^* far lit* «t 

dcnih, wsMand. 
Tben go tiboo an tbe jo u nger aiatt) and 

II tli^u low my eajM. 

Call twiti-loa* Ajox np thywif. and young 

This mid. be on tiii tboulden east a 

yellow bon** hide. 
t<i£ and nncli'd carih ; then took his 

ipnr, and Nenor*) will npplla!. 
Railed tlieheim^broUEbillxmlioib, All 

met; tlioronsd they «t9l. 
And lound not any captain thct* aslarp or 

But «u£ig, and In nnn>, gave ear to 

«ray loerot tound. 
And as keen dogs keep dietp m «M^ or 

teu» o( hurdles bound. 

a fniTirb, axd t>r Itoiustai, n Ditumru, 


And pin M «wry bmcli of air. ravioua 

oTxIl iluil move*: 
Slill tulHiiuK when lh« ratenciua bcjnl 

>t Jki IhroUKh llic hiilif ctm^ ; 
Thev "111 *"il 'if-Xi 1I4111I oil iliL-it jTurOi. 

Hill) mistily itimTiln nmW. 
S1ee|> wKniin^ ifaft't lo cttn one wink i 

rodid ibe dfiiMlnt wkke. 
Thai t)«pt the «iKh Iho wtiolc tad mght, 

all wlih Intontive car 
CoDvnnd 10 the encmy'i Mnu, ihoi [li^ 

riIgIu time!* hear 
If thnr w«ic Miiring 10 wrpibe ; uhlcb 

" Why so, dear cons, nudaiain joat 

Hii'ch, ileep no( > nlak," aalil he. 
" Riiiipr Ihui maka your fiuiwa (ho mn 

of TtiiUn perjuiy." 
Thii nil), he fiirrmnu pOM'd (Iw dikr. 

ihe oihcn i«<Eiiided ; 
E*M >B Iht Unci llut hitd boni callil 10 

cwwdl bom ili« bnl. 
And with them weM Mcriooa; wid Mcs- 

(or'i fimoM ton : [coiuuluiion. 

For bMh wore aifa by nil ihe tavfp to 
Beyond ihe iSke Itxy thaoioi a place 

imr m Iticy could Innn blooil. 
Where j<% appwv'd the fulli of tom«, aod 

wlwrn't. the orimson Bood 
Of Greciui livt* faetng pout*!! on Mith by 

Ifeeior'i furious chase, 
H« nude rttmi, whcii nl)thl Tcpoai'd 

grim dukncM in bn tiux. 
Then tit Cher down, nnd Nestor ip«ke : 

" O friendt. NRinlni not one 
Tliai will Riy oa hit buld miad, asd vkm 

the camp ntone. 
01 the proud Trojua. to approira if any 

He CM tuiptiM am th' uiaioat toiu, or 

Ickrn the btivl olatt 
Of tbrir tnlenllnnl for the time, and mix 

lllw one of Uiem [rcnown'd mtreme 
Wllti theii oulguudi. exploiting i( ihe 
They (orn> on ui nill icnc Ihcii luniK 

OrtiiUcneuup thiuIafftoniTroyf Tbb 

may he well inquin^ 
And miuir a brnni rrtnal unlonA'd ; and 

ihb would win him fiune 
or nil mco atnopin) with Aoiveo. and 

enty man of name 
lo all ihit tiou ihtti hotionr him wiih an 

enriching meed, 
A blacik ewB and her mcklns lamb [i*- 

waidt that now mod 
All other bat pauetuoni. in all men't 

choice reqaeni} ; [and royal S«M>." 
And HiU b« bidden by oar kinipio kind 

A!1 m>cnmcod one another's ««rth ; and 
none woold nlenoe break. 
L<«t wane ahould tnke bw pbec of 

Srrrh : ni lail (lid [Homed ipeak t 
olor. Ihoii luk'ii IF no ninn h«ic 

have limn u wrll fnclitied 
To wiTth this lUaUgem on Tioy? ft^ I 

have siub a tmnd. 
Yd. iftomc other ptlnoa would jofo, mors 

probable will be 
The tnengtben'd hope of our rKpToil: 

two may tosalher mo 
{One ffolni! bcToie another »!I1) ily danger 

every way ; 
OMtnint Dpon another woiki, and laka 

with flrmet luy 
TIM bentAi of nil his powcn ; for though 

one kitew bb oourae. 
Yet might he wdl diMiusl hiimctf, wluch 

tb' other might enforce." 
Thlt offer crerr man atKimid ; all would 

Willi Diompd eo; [100 i 

The two Auces, Metlon, and Mendnia 
Hut Ncttoit Kin enforced ll much ; and 

hardy libacu^ 
Who hod to evety venluroui deed a mind 

AmongM all thcM ibut fpoJce the king : 

" TMIdct, mou bdowd, 
Cbooae ihy anoeiate worthily ; a man ilie 

most approtvd 
For ute and itrengih la these Dtnniei. 

Many thou snat tiand forth : 
Bill chocee not thou by lielght of plaoe, 

bnt by tegaid of wonh. 
Lest with thy nice respect of right to any 

man's debtee, 
Thou wTong'M thy venture, cfaoouic one 

laut 61 TO Join wlih ihce, 
Althuuuh pnrhai* a cmicc king," This 

spaxe he with fumcct 
T%at DkiRied, tbc liMUiur'i sake, fait 

brodifr waokl MlecL 
Then aid Tydldes: "Sinoe thoa strcM 

my Ivdgmenl Intve 10 ehooce, 
How (nn il to much Irulh focptt UljMis 

Thai liears a mtnd to moil cirmpt. *ad' 

visoroui in th' effect 
Of all U^h labour*, and a man PalLu doth 

moM nspoct? 
We shall nturn through burning firc^ If I 

wilh him combitie. 
He seis sinniRtb la to tne a coarse, with 

coonKlf so divine.* 
Ulymn, luUi 10 be sleem'd a lover of 

Wilb fuiA exetptloni bnmbkd him aa dU 

him faifhn rain ; 



And wld: "Trd>:lB. uaiio aw act aon 

(bfta (ro( umh « b3 b«u. 
Hor T<< mpti' B« : (b«7 >n Gratkt ibM 


Bn ceta*, Ik* mentag iatiet, the sUn 

M* foa«4 in Ikdr sourK. 
Tta tiMtf of nlgbi we pan, Ike ih&dli 

IM I' MDplor oar rocee.' 
Now bonoa^ Dwy lot hma M«w amu: 

bold TliniTBedci IcM 
Atrntattm DMoMd hit Mocdlha «wb 

«•■ ac hi* un). 
m thteU. aad Mm ungli Md mS- 

tuw'd, «iUto«t or ptan* OT end. 
And ekll'4 a ataiiaa, artbes* headt li 

Motefia iMt Itbaco* U> qriier and hb 

bew, [■■« did boiow 

Hit bcteet MdM'd of » hide 1 tba <Kxi- 
Hsefc Itteor In U, ^gnlllliig it whh bow- 

■biact, aad viiboat 
Wlb *iio«7 tiukt of white-nwuih'd bom 

twManacd rmndibaiil 
Kgfal comfai^. lad in lh« nMit «n 

anolag <ap wat ptaoed. 
Tliat villi the U'd «ul) of the Uob his 

bead mi^ bM b* raiod. 
TUa, lone tince^ by AMoljon was brougtit 

liaD Etaon, (wu Ormenut un. 

Wb« be laid MMla AinrWot'* bouu, ihu 
la SeaadI*, lo pribetlut, auraimai Am- 

dtd gite thi* btlai : bo, vbea 

Bf boamt'd Mohn. gm H him. u pc«- 

RDlofafuotl jbcqucw. 

M al ai lo Ul ton Ueitoa did nuJic il Lit 
Wmb Ihii UlftMS um'd I>i> brad ; >nil 

(bill (h^, both addrcn'd. 
Took lam o( alt the olbcr kingi. To 

■beat « glad Mieat. 
M (h«r«na anwilns on ibtitw^r> Ul- 

■ena did prawni, 
A htmbuM eoaiccnUc to ber, >hich (hey 

Tbtoogh table nlgtii : but. br Iwr daage, 

awv lam it w»i a bofk 
tnnM*fo^d.aBd tbui bnokcd: "Heu 

ne. crcat seed o( lort. 
Tlial (TO doal mv Ubcun gaoe wlih 

ptcteace of Ibr lOM. 
Aad all nr moifaaa dent altnd: ttUI 

ImvBc, eacnddane; 
E^acatiir in ihl* exploit, aad to ptoccci 

We boib nia<r atrly make nimi'. and 

Ihfif lily imfivf 
Oat boidnoa in Knae great aHiiit tojuful 

n iheoi of Trof .' 

llica pray'd Ulon™!* Diomed ; " Vouch' 

safe me hke*^ae ctf , 
O thou ■Monqaerd Queen of anm ; be 

irilb fhf btoan near, 
Mtoaif mjwt lubs'i lH|a, lliou wenl'at 

a bounieous gwdr. 
When ih' Achitei aiid the ptm* of IVbta 

h* would ban paa&nC 
ScM ai the Grecb nmbaBador, and left 

(hem II lb* loMl 
Of grnt JEaopoi; ahcee RHeM lbo« 

nodell lO talBi ID hiood 
Of hi* ciumbutli'd cscnvm : ami. If ihou 

(O (ilccMt (betfcT moil kIcci. 

My bead cMlaamiH, to thy sib* an 
Thai Daw yat waa taaitd wiib jola, 

bMad-Koned, one yeMotd, 
111 bum In icalvu* taailitK, and tel ilie 

boiasin stid." 
Tbe Coddca heud; and boib the 

fcitE* ibot draaJIcM paaiafe beia 
Tbtouca tbafhier. rimpilei' J nr m ne t , 

anm. aad diaoloar'd tore. 
Noc HeOOT Id bb pri at c* fktf. bnt all 

lo couadl oaird. 
And aik'd. " What one b here vill nw, 

and kMp it ucapfoU'd, 
To hue a gW ii to hii deed, a chaiUt 

aiKl two bon^ 
Tbat pus for ipnd the rcM of Gneoe? 

What ooe daret uIlc Iha eouae. 
For hn icfion, benda hii giftv lo mix 

unonpl the (oe. 
And icain if UiU Ihcy hold (heir gawdl, 

ur muh iliit otRihro* 
I>elennlno flight, ai bdaf uo a«»k to 

hold (u loocet itasr 
AH nltia Mood ; al laH tlood lunh una 

Dolon. llMi did ilire 
Ibii dancaran wnk, Kii^trtci' bell, a 

btfaU much zenove'd. 
Thla Doioa did In gold and bm» «(- 

CTadh<ly abound. 
Dot In bit Kitni arai quila dofotm'd, yet 

pgtuuts tv.A 10 taa : 
AnoocM he uicn^ ba waa lall Eaaodaa' 

only ton. 
And he told Haaae. Mb boa bean would 

uadcfinke I' mkm 
The GncliS' lawailont. "but." mM ht, 

" thou (bail be iironi before. 
By Ait (by Kepcte. that the bono of great 

And hii iiroog cbaiiot bouail «tih bia«, 

iboe »flt <l>dM« afl iheM) 
RflMgn *a at my ntamtt ptlae : and (o I 

RSI uniBoind 
To lie ihy ip7, aad not ndiin bcfcee I 





(Bj vmturing lo Aliidcs' ships whctv thdr 

ccnfulls ait held) 
ir ihcjrRioI'viiilLioMilst. orHy isqirfte 

H« put hii iccplrc In hb hnnd. snd 

IB&'d lIl»lllUCKll-rtGwl. 

SMurnla'i huabund, to hit oath, ihcse hone 

thoulil not be lodo 
Bf an]' (rtber Bwa Ihanha ; but hoforcm 

(To ntB imowa) Ihdr tcivlca, tor tUt good 

doM to Iny. 
Tbiu **rorc he, andfonvaR! hlnnelf: tci 

nude boM Dolon l»lil : 
Who on hii shoulcVn hung his bow, a,nd 

d[(3 aUiuI l;rui fuUl 
A while wolfs hidr. .-iml HJth ■ helm of 

««<kMb' ihtru did onn 
His Hnutl'a bvaA. Ihcn look Iiit diii, *aii 

ticivi lUTn'd to hnrni 
The Grrcks wllh their rciatol dtitU; but 

briag poll the troops 
OS hoTw and tool, he ^tompiljr nuu. ftnd 

U he nins be Jiloap* 
To nndcnniiie Achilla' hoini. Ulysan 

Mrid|*il did KT. 
Aaduhl to Uioninl; "This nun miki* 

Aruilini: lowxfds Ihcei 
Out of the tcnii. I know not we!!. If lie 

be utedutiiy 
DenI to our Dm, or como lo rob the 

iliuiKhici'd enemj. 
But let ittwlIcihliiilocoincililtlcrunhGr 

on. [we he omgont 

Anil then pimuo him. It il ehancc. llisl 
Bj hit more iwtrinen,iiit[chimslill lo nui 

upon oiulloec. 
And rieu b« nape ut to the town) tlill 1«( 

ibv ioiHia meet 
Wiihalltilsollbsorielnsit." Thti* tiqiii'd 

tbojr fiom the plain 
AtnontJillhetlauEtiicT'dcniausn. Dolon 

came on •main, 
Suipetiins nothing ; but onoe p«sl. «s far 

01 mules ouidraw 
Oien 01 p1ou|[h. tinn|;1>ot)i |)ui on, neither 

ii[tni]ilril Uw, 
To I'louKh a dH^i-Kiird (iinow fuiih, so 

f'lr WH Dalan nut. 
Tlirii ihcy pnrmra-. wMeh be peroclwul, 

,ind May'd his iiwttlU-M Iwjw, 
Subtly mMxBjni,' lleclui u-iil lo cotiDlct- 

niKiid till ipi : 
Bui, in ■ )itrdins throw « leu, ho knew 

them enemy. 
Then laid be on hii nlmUe knea, and llicy 

punutd liki' «ini1, 
A* when a biace of ETcjtioundi ore laid in 

with hire or Mod, 

Clusc'Bioulfa'd and skill'd lo m.ikc the 

bcAT of their Lnduiirtcnis cvuise. 
S«v« (ithcTt >iim. and. lel or liattl. loM 

neitbrr grcUTid nor forve ; 
So coniun'ly did 'rjxteus' son. imd hts 

lo«n-niiMi2 pter, 
Pumic this spy, «IU turning him, as be 

HTik niiidfog near 
IliXDven. till he ahnotl mix'd vilh lh«r 

oul-courd olsmrd. 
Then Pnllxt pmniptn] Diomed, le*[ hi» 

due Hiuili's rruiud 
Should be inipsiF'd If any mnn did Tnnot 

hr firihl di^ sh<alhif 
Hi* swMd in him, and he be catl'd but 

second ill hiscle*:h. 
Then i^lie he, thrtawnioK with hit lance : 

" Or ilay, ot this comes ou. 
And Ionic <l>o<> canal not mn bctotr thoa 

be by death onlKonc-" 
This ul<l, he Ihicw his iivrlia forth j 

which min'd ns Diomed would. 
Above his rtghi atm nuktns way. the pil« 

sivck in llie mould. 
Ho smy'd uid tremhlnl. and his Imh did 

chMicf Inhbhaid. 
They ca/tw in blowing, teited him fait ; 

lie, wvvpint;. odcml 
A wealthy nnsom for his life, and lold 

Ihem he lud baft. 
Much Rokl, and Iron, that fit (or we In 

mnny labours was. 
From whou licb brapt hii (nihn would a 

«iondro\a ponlon give, 
If, at the ciT^I Aehaiin tic^i, be tmud bis 

son did live. 
UlyiKS bnilc him clirPt h'u heart. " Think 

DOI of dealh." inkl be. 
" But lell us tnie. wh^ runn'sl thou foilb, 

when olbeis shv^iini; be? 
Is it to spoil the oatoaweaf «c on ihou 

choicely sent 
T" rtiitore OUT drifts ? or of Ihyvetf seck'st 

iliou tome wttfi'd evcni f " 

He IRnibUof niuwer'd ; "Muehtowaid 

did HeciOTi cBth ivopose. 
And urged me. much o^tlnxt my will 

cnilcxnHir lo discloac 
[fyoudeiermlned itiQ tosiay.orbcBi yi 

conrw for night, 
As all ilismny'd with year Inle foil, and 

wenrlcd with tlic fiKlil. uliifh (KploiT, ft-hdn' buitB 

chonol he did iwiar, [to he 

I only cv«r thoukt enjoy." Ulyues smik. 
So base a swain have any hope to hlgk | 

pries (* asptte^ 
And said, his bboon did alTM a creal I 




Aai tkd tbc bom Pelido rcin'U do 

bkmUI huid eauU luo 
ta ht himcK wiMM imicbkM lib > 

** Boi ttU lit. iBif npon bat DiUh, wben 

hhfti tlwu Hoclor DOw? 
When arc hit ntmi? hs famous boncf 

on hIvmi diKh liE baw> 
Tha nich't <bnn;i^r ahon alnp (he 

kingi I Mead ihFy iiHl w lie 
Umi dMtcDcuop'd, or iiirn Miffieed wilh 

••AH Udi." uld he. " I'll UU most Me. 

At Iktt' inonunMnt 
Seeiar aith aS ouc prions tiU, t' mlriM 

ef (hit event ; 
Who choow that pUoi rrmoied. lo ifaun 

the rude coaliued Mondi 
Tb* eewiwon toUkt* iliruw about : bsl, 

to oar waicb and RMiiuh. 
VboeoC bMve loud, Ibou otakest demand. 

aoaeaednly wt k«p, 
He TtcfaM, ttM have toob lo »vc. only 

alnnkm ilecp, 
Aadpinat«lx*i>hou(conim»jidnKli otii?! 

Ibey dhctt [thu itcndcr lorl 

To make (iccvciuion oT llie wiinl ; ^uid m 
k ««lck «nd goard Boiatua'U wiib us: 

th' nudUanbMids 
SImd Kraiidl*, Mnj coniniit their care« into 

For (hm hat* BtiilMr wirt* with them, nor 

rHrtien W protect ; 
Tbe ka Ikej need lo oue, tb« moiv ibef 

MweOai All! iKclcci." 
" Bai lell me.' md wiie Ithacm, " are 

all thete tar^iga furnm 
AppolBtHl OBUtefi t^ llieniHtvci. or cIk 

oooialx d vllk voun }' 
"Aad OM,' mid Dcitm, "mk my 

look, n Hfiowljr aalDbL 
The Pkmm with tk crooked bowvaad 

Can*. quMtee* faeU 
HeAWiWrn; tlw Lbhsta^andCauiNna. 

Jotad w«b ibem, 
Aad beam l^htjianii Tli)raib(T'i aitad. 

lemorad moie fraa tb« Rrmm. 
U qoMMf 10 Iha Lf ciaat, tbc loftr UyiUa 

The Piirj^ua nod Heonlam. ibu Hghl 

■lib aimrd bono. 
But wtui Deed thoe patiicaUnf if ye 

tnuni uirprte 
Ol aaf in our Trajw auafi, lb* Tbnciut 

quarter lid 
UUDOM of all. Md wcommii'd wlifa 

Tie^ ittfhnenlK 
Thai hccp ifie mluntwy »aldi : new 

ptck'd art all Ibtlt wutt. 

Kins (Uiouj. Eioncui' son. oommandi 

Ihcm, win) huh itcodt 
Iblore whiE* ihui toow ; ban *■"' "■U- 

ihoped ; their toy p«c« ooeodx 
Tlie wiDdi in tiii(tnr» ; ItiCM I uw ; hi* 

chariot ie iritb gold 
Aod p«II)d (liver ncbly fnunod, and 

woiidRxn to behnld : 
Hk grvat and goldan vmoot h not Bi a 

miM thould wear. 
But fbl immortal ihou1d«n framed ; tomt 

then, and quickly bear 
Voor hofny piitaiiettu vout lhct;arlrev« 

blm bcrc faM bound. 
Tm your irdl-ufsed and itdi retars piore 

my telalion wood.' 
Tydida droadAiDy pcpUed : "Think not 

of piuaue tbui, 
Tboiisb of riiilit acscptilila news Ibou hut 

adveniied ui, 
Oar h-indt an hotdt more Uriel thxa «o ; 

am] •.hould we Bel thee Irr* 
For offi-r'd ranjom. (or ttu icape. tUou 

UitI ■imUIti iituiilini; bii 
About our ihip). or do us scathe la plain 

ojinovd *im>, (th; lutrau," 

But. if I lolic thy bl(^ nowsycui WD rrtmil 

With ihii. a* Dolon reodi'd Us huiJ to 

uw a tupplianl'a pan. 
And Mmkc ttur braedof Dicmwd, be ilrook 

hu uKk aibkHii 
With )iK furcnl iword. nnd both Ihc nctva 

lir iIhI in saodn wound. 
And tudilenly bii bud. deceived, btl 

«(K--LkLn|* on llie ^rouail. 
Iliimovii helm llwy look, his bow, hii 

■null't kkin. and ha lanoe. 
Wiii(b lo hlincrra lihicus did mlomllf 

With lilicd ann ^at<^ the air ; and lo bcr 

Ihiii ho Hoko : 
"GoddoiB. inumiita in thine own spoils ; 

to Ibec we fint wiEl make 
Our Intocnliona. of aS powon ItcoiKd an 

th' Olympian bill : 
Now lo lb* Ttoaciaati, and iWr hone, ood 

b«li; coodnot as •un.'' 
Wxh Ibfa. he hang them ^i aloft upon* 

tamatidt buueh 
AscyefclirDphiei, and the sprisi t)ui did 

afamil il tmw 
He isoinnl fi>>m tbe kavy arms, lo naka 

iteatKi lica'd 
Wbca ihcy ibouU lioslify rain, and be 

peilMp* punued, 
Foetfa weot thef ihRnuh black blood and 

■imi, aad iimeaily aiplRd 
The pivdlos TVacoa WBi ' —n t. bsl 

lioaad wUh sleep, aad unit -, 

Their unn lajr by. nnd iriple ranks tliej. 

lU they slept, did iife^ 
As tbcr should «ruch .lud gatnl tlictt king ; 

wbo. In a itittt ilcm. 
Lay in the mtdit : ihdr ehatlol honc^ u 

thrr eoaciifitllix'* wctv. 

KdJ bf them : mkI the bmoui needs, ihm 

Elii! Iheir gcncMl bear, 
Slood aexi him, to tba tuaOor jiait of hu 

ilch dioriDi ded. 
UtywM uw liicffl fint.anil Mid : " Tydldca. 

I ban; jpi«d 
Tht hcxie thiu Uolon. whom we tie*. 

usured ut vr hhQLilEl tjoc- 
Now IDC Iliy nnngili : no« idle nini art 

lacM unfit for Ihee: 
Piw (hou liir bone : M kill Iho (luuil. and 

lem ihc horse to me.' 
tllnem. with the man ejt*, bveatbod 

strtORth into hrr latig. 
Who titid the Ipnt Willi mbod decub: 

ihi touU, he Mt OD «1ns, 
Isiucd in RToani. and iiud« air cmll Into 

her sMnny Hood. 
Horror Slid ibntghur h*d one power ; Che 

earth did bituh with btood. 
Ai when a bimgry lion fllo, wlUi pwpcae 

lo devour. 
On flocki nnkcpt. and on Ibtit IKta dolh 

freely lue bii power : 
So Tyi*u*' *on aMxIl'd ihe foe : laclvc 

will* btftne him Sew ; [he tltw. 

Ul;ri**s wiiltod on bl* tword, and ever as 
Ho draw them by their tinnBthlcM hceb 

oat of the hcn««' tigtit. 
That. Hhirn he wM la lead Ihero forth. 

i\ff i.houId not with afTriichi 
Donlc^ not loorr. in ircuiiDg on the 

bloody eare«uei ; 
For being new coinr, (hry wrre unkuod to 

such Mem lights as tnse. 
Throuith four nnkt now did DionMd lit* 

king himicli' iiuin. 
Who. loorlng In hit iweelcst sleep, wax 

IUh bin ioMirr> >l»jn. 
An ill dream hf Minnva lent thai ntchi 

vood tj i& bevL [quer'd Ulomcd. 

Which was 0«nKlM* loyU son. uncon- 

Meanwhile Ulj»«a leoaed his hone. 

look all thelf tdni tn band. 
Aw) led ihttn fonh : but Trdeus' »oo did 

in ooalenlioa siaiul 
With his gnu mind lo do loaie deed of 

IBOrv aiidEdtr ; 
If h« should lake Ihe dutriot. wtWN hb 

ikb a/mt did He. [on hit badi, 

And clrnw it by tba h«ani away, or bou l< 
Or >r. of mole dull Thmelan Utcs, he 

should their bo*oint lack. 

la (hit oonlmlioD vltfa bimselt, Minerva 

did uigsrsl 
And bnde hiin ihink of his relnal ; lest 

fram ihcir Icmpwd ml 
Some oibei God should sifi ibe foe, and 

send hiin back dilmny'd- 

Ile knrw the *oi«^ look bone, and fled : 

the 'IVo)ani' he«Tenly aid, 
Apollo oifb the talirar bow. stood no blind 

To ibdr seeure and droM*; ban, but did 

dtwuver well 
Ulnefin faU«winx DIomed ; and, ansrr 

with bia act. 
The mich^ boU of IIIoQ he enKf'd. and 

The eouiin^cnnna of the kirj;, a co-uv- 

wUor oiTlbnee. [the dirKrt plate, 
Hlppocoon : who whim he ro*e, and aaw 
Wlierr RhmiV bono dkl we lo stoad, 

and th' Dtbet dismal iazmt, 
Mca tlrucKlini; with ibc pane* of daalb. 

ho ihnek'd out thick atansiL 
Call'd -khousl Rbcsusl' but tn tbIh: 

tbts uSl, 'Aim I aim I' hr criril. 
Tlw Duiw and lamidt was eiiRme on 

e*ei7 startled side 
Of Troy's bure host : from whenca in 

Ihrans) alljcstbn'd. and admiied 
Who could pcifortn luch hirmfu) facts, 

ami jel lie ud- rrtimJ. 
Now.comlnjc wh-^rv >)inv ilirw Ihe icout, i 

Ulysses star'd the stoedi, 
Tydkk* liEbted, and the spoils, hung oa 

the lamBriik reeds. 
He took and gare to lihacui, and up b« < 

got Bgxin. 
Then flFWibcy Joyful lolbejiflcet. Nestor 

(lid ant allxin 
The sounds Ihe bone.boobilnxtk Ihtougb 

nif. and mid : "My royal ptcra. 
Do I but dole, or uy I Cniaf mcibinlij 

about mine «an 
The sound* of nmnlng hone4 beat. O 

would to God they wrrc 
Out frirsd^ (bn* n>on itnun'd with spoils : 

but I have heuty fear. 
Lot ihia high lumult of the foe doth their 

distraai inieod." 
He sauce had spok«. when thry w(r« 

oiimi- ; boih did from horse docend : 
All, wilh enibnuca and iweet woidi. 10 

hiaven tlieir wonh did ndsa. 
Then Nestcr apake: "Great likoon^ 

eien heap'd wtih Gredaii pialsev 
How limn 10II nude these boraa yonl 

pnic' pietoed you Ibe dangeraus boot 
Where such gems suod' or did wiiH 

Ood your trigh atlcmpts acooM, 


And boaov'd jnu wiih ihit tcmitf? 

irty, ttun be IM ihc njt 
The Son dutnb. I tare nix'd wllh 

Aad DOW. I bop( nKI «QI DQt wjr, I 

TkMjb >a <M widkr I OOnttM ; fi^ did 

■BTraraSMd [poucuU 

KeMf Ibe IOm w mii; aaue thai ever I 
8r mm* food Ood, no dotibi. huh sMt, 

and mui Ugh nloun blen'd ; 
fiw be UNU sbMloM bcnvcn viib doiub 

Ions bMb M Hi dslichi*. 
And (lie tfaM nqipkt MRh wiib blood con- 

SM retbew jrinir siGhti." 
m^Mui •BtBvi'd : " Hoaour'd lira, ih« 

aUttog God> MB give 
H MM nucfe «o«e wanh Umb ibae men 

jirid, iteGa in aran powct Iheji Uw. 
TbcMhone an of tb« Thtaclan breed; 

iWrUaE. Tydldaikw. 
Aad t»» * i of hfa mow mMed tsund : and 

of ibM DNMiet cn« 
A Meat to ifaiRetnth mui we Idll'd. wham 

H*aar tent to tpr [fifhiocflr-" 
Tke whole cMaie of «« dolgK • IT bent to 

■Xb*«M*«lmao*«(«Mr4nfti, ijil. 

Thus. MInr'd wiib whole Ir>o« of 

ttitnit, (hey wllh appltuMB pna d 
Hw (piclout ililce. and In lb« Hnl of 

Dionivd ibty placed 
Tbe hoiw wiihout coHMnitoD, aa hit desor 

inj^) meed. 
Which. Hith hii oibtr hone Nt up, on 

yrlluw wlinil did feed. 
feat Dolotis ffn^ Ulynea Iwd; who 

slif iiicd Ihocn on bii llcra. 
At irophlei vov'd to bar thai uot tbe 

uiKKi-aboding htrn. 
Then cnler'd Ibcy iba rem mun *d>. to 

d«*(oe their bonouiii i*c»i 
From cS Ibar fret, Ihcir Ibighi iind iicckt ; 

and. when their vcbcmcnl hm 
VVai calm'd. and ihdr tvoln hruitt ns 

freth'd. nun curinut baUu tbi; aied. 
Where odoKiu* and dbAuIving oili* they 

through th«ir limln diRuscil. 
Tbsn. laknic bmklul. ■ big bowl. Ul'd 

with tfa« pursl mac. 
titj ollcr'd to I h( Riaidea Qwen, Ibot batb 

the aauro cync. 

■ Odarauaatdnlailnoili. ifffi. 

TBI IMS ct Tiu mtrn book. 




JlriiFfU Mtvl hit lOttr pecn ttl nttna 

I,4Bd fn^ifti ihelt men ; nhram Kfii bloih indjine 

Wha iviilt ilic rin4 be4tK hi* iinpfrU] b&fal 

KurvjiyluK <ID>J ^£h'uljptu«' ton, 

(Eiuoiced with nfluEidil ibc furiotu 

Which mvtUl uH't ivTien f>r«al A.c}iJlIct *kwk» 

A liltle bu ilniicof fi£^iL funovt ; 

And loRh hfi Mtidn hi« fncnd, to bnof him 

FVotn aM Seltiilvs, wfiHI *4un(lc(1 terd 
Ke in hii thi')c?( fmm ihfl iltiimtab bnvghl : 
WJiich <^4» M^hikut- K^fw Ihcn ti*Hu£hl 
He wr<^ilj )«r>UAdf bit frienl to wrck thnr 

Or COD* hiButlf, dnJi'dis bi>dnadl\il udu. 


IJuMk pfTJvnti tfic Ceiieral. 
In ligbi UK worilikar msn ef all 

AintoiA oal of natful Ud did from brighi 

To bring (xb dniiblm taneat* licht, and 

wt. to nton*! era : 
Wlirn Jon teni Km ia the Otecla, va- 

(ainlnx in htrhand 
Slctn »i|>iu of her dargni foi HSt. Slir 

took hir horrid ai.ind 
Upon UlyiM*' huce black balk. Ihu did 

m andiut ride 
Amidai (be Dm. from uhnice liet tounds 

might Rug on every liils. 
Bolb lo (ho tvnii of Tdainon, and tb' 

■tuhon of Uicii imaiu. 
Who lidil. for fonlRide and force, llie 

n-iiya iiiiuoaljaiti. 
Til* m1-47«d Goddoa. Kuttd then, 

lhundtr*il the Onhinn sonc. 
High, arhl wiih horror, ihrouj;hlhi' farrs cf 

bJI lh« Cm-Ian throng. 
I1«r mne vl<h tpirtu likvinclbie did all 

thdr liti.-..|i in>jiiit. 
Blew ou( >ll diiincufrom Ibelr Umttf. led 

»r» ihrir hr.irt* on firr ; 
And piacDtlY wu bliwr w« mort sanl a 

uionuinf Urw*. 
Tliw any cbolor hi boOow Mb to greet 

tbilr Dative clime*. 

I Auidcs uiinnionM nU to arau, to anni 

Iilmielf ditpotrd. 
FrU on bii legt be pol bright grtavcs, with 

Mlvct bullDU* cloiotl -. 
Then iiiih rich oulriiii Onn'd hri breajt, 

u-hjch I'injnH bcaiuw'd 
To gnitliy bii royal gnett : for even lo 

Cjpnu llow'd 
Th' uitboondtd fuacof ihoie dalgn* Dm 

Urecka prupoMd fbr'i'roy. 
And tUrrefon: giie he ium ibm* atnu. and 

Hlill'd hil |llIIpOH! joy. 
Tea towi of Murt' Mid wiih black, tweh« ■ 

CoIdcehkeDiciun. t 

Tvlcc kh of lis. \a bcMca lolhi, MT 

ibrough thii armQiii ran. 
Three M9PCDU to the gort«ci«pi. thai lika 

llvce isiobovi Ihlnal, 
Such ai by Jove nre fit'd in cloudi. vbca 

Wuiidi-n Kir ^^lVFI)•^d. 
About Iiii iliODldeix huiig hii xiriitdl 

whcrral tl]e hollow hill 
Woi fnihion'd all uriih thining ban. e»» 

«ntini! nehly gill ; 
The KMbtunl waa of silver pMe, with 

goliJin Iiangminiced. 
Tbta took he up bU mtighry diicld. that. 

routidnboutbiinnsl ii 

Dctvniive stttdom : ten lirighi aontt ot 

K^ d-dOceifaf tdan I 

W<n driven about It ; and of (in. ai fuUJ 

of glouaa^iut, 
Swdl'd itranlr boee« out ef II ; In eenir^ 

of them all 
One of blicfe mdal bad cngnven {fall ot 

rxmmr appal, ) 
An uglv tkngon, compourc! wiih TeiMC 

and Vritli Fmr. 
At iiatilvrrbauidnckhung, wiili nhithha 

DBcd lo Uain 
Wound on hi« arm. hit ample th«ld ; and 

in it there Vtxt wown 
An aiure dragon, curld in foldi, fton 

»liow oTie Beek was doveo 
Tb<ve hcddi conlattdl ia an orh Tbefl 

f'l.icrd be on Idi haul 
D'li pliimnJ cantTW; and in hi] hasdt 
l«o tism lie RUMn], 
Atm'il »iib bijehl -led thai bteod H 

bcaveu- Ihenjuno, aod Ibe mold 

That eon((uen vmiiiDs. tnunpctt icnad 

tiunnoa out loeit aid — 




i a boQoui of the GeoedL uid on a Mble 

T« bdiv Hmm furioM i» (b« Odd, Nie 

lbilBdttid|f ODl fttowl- 
Hmo tU wtcoD'd iMr dMiiotMnk » 

■uk Ikdt ctuHM hone 
OMclolbcdlta. FoRfa awdi'd Iho fool, 

shiae ftoai ibcy did r'enforoe 
WUh •DIM torn tKeta> Tbc bulk (ban 

ms all of cluriMtm, 
Used wlih Ugbi bone. Haljqillw du- 

iiDb'd Iba form «iOi lr«n^ 
And tnm aii'i oppa iccUm did blood)' 

npoact tdn. 
F<r Md CMCM Bock nobto tih ibouU en 

tbA data be riiM. 
Hm IWan hoM at llm' lomb mh Id 

Bjr Hcuor aad Foljrdaniu. and old An- 

Whtt gad-ttc «M otaeia'd iA Tmy. by 
gBM AlUoct'i ran Tnu* 

DMoe A(«ior. lUirbuh lunmnod Aca- 

IVopoHtoa'd like ibe iiMe* «( bMvea. In 

Trojr'i Rnat Pnaawki did beai bit all- 

SdOplrinKih'anMnKOfyipomT. And 

M aDSdn Ike 1I7 
W« aooMtaM w« a» oniaou* alar blaxc 

Tbaa rna bit faM w bead In daudi, ojut 

•mlgkC appnt asaja : 
S» BccHralhenrtiUet did grace the not- 

(oant ttMng pWa, 
Tl»a la (he Kar-(aBid hid bJRuelf, and 

labottf'd eiajinKR! 
Ta onltr and anoovnc* aU ; hll Armour 

Asd b« «pplied cacfe place to teu. ilini. 

like a <i^itnf thnmn 
Out of ihoibicldafJivdler.lncMfTcjrehe 

Aad af mwo a fkb man'i dop of badey or 

Ofitaaed for tarinnea at iWr vKok, a »att 

offcifKii ive*i. 
Bmt down the tomeni ifiacdDr, and Ihick 

So a) (be feiaitic of (lie haM> tM itaqtbUr 

lbl«l^ Iben aU ; 
N«Nr aoop'd to an^ tainiue tbonsht of 

fcal insloriau* Biiihii. 
Bm com] bon [bnr op ihah haadi. and 

Skn B(tk wiib wdb wvepinK O^U, 

iMeed to feed bcr ««i. 
Wte odrlfaM'd hndf lii Mit Of aU (he 

The Olhei la Oljmpcu' topa IM iCeat. and 

HmJovc wdolheTNiias giaoe ibould 

tnr to fii'd » ffliad. 
H« oand no), but, cathtDned apotl, 

Mumilhanl lal ia may 
Of hit fin power, and tma his teal l«<ik 

plirnnilc lo aUpUy 
The cily lo adonid nilh towaix Ihi wa 

The tplendour of lelulgenl armi. Ibe killer 

Ai loi)({ u Mght AaltM luled, and 

ucrtd dav htcrtatnl. 
So ioniE Ibrir daiia made mutual uwnuli^ 

Mid neither had the tiril : 
But when, in hill'diiitun'd vdt*. Iba 

Ofohafelier iilwi 
A iheip Ki (lomiwh 10 hia mat, aad 

dinnir rcadt nuko^ 
Ilii NDtwi falnuns. and hB ipMu beowne 

mcchaiied anil dun : 
Time of icvnflom'd tue airiTtd, hiihanda 

«ith Uboiir fuU : 
Then bf ihnr valou» Orwti bnke ibr0U|^ 

■be Ttttlao tankf, and chert 'd 
'llidr (cncial Kiuadroiit ihronth (be boat ; 

■hen fiiM of all appear'd 
The penMi of the hioe hlnweW : nd then 

Oie Trcyana knt {hml : 

BitnorbyhBiOTalohanie. aleadrtio the 
Wbo bclns ilalu, bla <b«riole«r, OOeitt, 

And itoodm ilfenCih «iih the Uog ; the 

king dhl dodlf ndu 
Hi* fonbead «rlih hH eifa luca. and 

Ibioogti hii hdm li nm, 
EnfoRing paaaeo to lib biain, qsAa 

ihroqth ibc Kudtn'd pin ; 
111* biala mix'd iriih hia doilet'd blood, 

hia bodr ttnw'd the giouad. 
There lelt he tfa*«, and prearntlj be 

other objKti tbvtid : 
Ism and Antiphua, lnu ton* Line Ciiatn 

On* la«(uC th' otha mnunljr. Botli la 

one chMM aftei 

Thcar ro)?! fne ; the bMtr bom, Iina. *at 

.\ncl ruRciui Aiiliiihiit did Gghl , bolh 

«dileh kimr Btlew' heir. 
{Ulalane In Ida heotaf Hodks), did 

dcpKbend and bind 
MTtili pliant o«iel^ : and. far peioe. ibem 

to their lire rcsiga'd. 
AttidM. >iib Ui iMnMid Imoe, MwU 


■utiiid DprHad 




Beaeaih Ihe nu «S AMlpbos ; dom tnm 

then hone ihey fell. 
The bng had leca the fonlhs beforf. ud 

now did know ihem well. 
RerneRibrrtnC tliCRi t}ie pritoticn of lu-ift 

iCiclila. (Ida't foodjr Ina. 

Who hKHight them lo Ihe ubk Ik'ct Crom 

And la a ISon havins found Iha (urruw 

at a hind, 
Whrre ihe hxlh ckIi«i1 iwo liille iwini, al 

will and tx<* diilh KTind 
Tbeli /oinii latich'd In bu wlitl jawi, and 

BvtIicLh l»lo muLt 
Then (cnJtc lives : thtir dam, [houeb 

near, not able to nsltl. 
Bui ihook wllh vnhptnr ni fmr honetf. Una 

ihrouj;h the oalwn chat« 
fiuni ihui f<ll aivagf; diown'd S& ni«al, 

and Krki wnM covnl plaoa ; 
So when wlib moN uninacehcd iirength ilie 

Ortdan Geotn! bcM 
'GaitBt tlitM two prlDM*. none duni aid 

theli native UDg'i doocni. 
But Hod ihcmtdvca brforc ihn Gn«ki ; 

and wbtra tbeM two wvrc alam. 
PlHuider and Htppalochui (not able to 

"nielr hMditrane honr. the tilkeD rcioa 

being from their hand> let fall) 
Vtvn bronchi by their uniulf guidn 

b«for« the Cennal. 
Anlimochiu begat then: both, Anilmochua 

Rleh gtftt. amd gold, of Helen'* love, and 

woukl by no ineani brook 
Jut nsliiBiion should b« made of Meoe- 

ktui wealth. 
Ben-fl bim, H-.fh hii rarjth'd qOND. by 

AlcnQderi itrallh 
Alridsi. Ijcinlike. did charge hU loiu, who 

on ihcit knm 
Fell from their chariot, aiul beaonght 

n-fiiifd to ilieii dune*. 
Who. Mine Anlimachui hii toni. their 

failin would afford [houie did hoard 
A worthy ranMcn la Ibslrliva^ wh»Sn hit 
Mudi hidden titsnira, bisv, and pild, 

•ad »e«l. wtoujtbt wondrtnB choice. 
Thu* vcM they, mlnf amooihlng lenut. 

and heard ihii nignd vuio* 
Breathe (torn the unrelenting: king: "If 

toil bs of the btml 
Of Btuut Antimacliiu, Ihnt ilcy'd Ihc 

honouiable dreed [decreed. 

The oi1n( paen of I Hon la council had 
To raidet Halcn and her wealth ; and 

■ould hava bBMljr flaio 


The man due motion : now receive wnak 

for hi* tl>aiueful riLrt." 
Thii saidi In poor t'liinder't breast ha 

Aid hll wieakful dart. 
W1i<> upvraMipmd tli' ejiprMMd earlhi 

his brother crouch'd lor dread. 
And, u he li*. lh<- sngiy king cut all hli 

arrnh niui h<Md. 
And let him Uke a (ootbilt lie (or every 

man to (pum. (hit nliim turn, 

Tlien to Ih' ntniiticst h«l o( firht he did 
And led n muliiiude of Ureeki, where (out 

did foot (iihitiic. 
llaiK shuuhter'd hon«. Need fmher'd 

Hlghl, the buller'd centre (lew 
In cloiidl of diiit alioul thwr ean. tailed 

from the hona' bowe*. 
That bcfli a thuudcr out of earth a* hoiiibla 

tu Jove's. 
The l(rnr. ptnuadlng ipeedy Choce, gave 

With hn own valour, iLiU|;htenng slill. 

As m a itonny ilny 
In l)iick-«,'t woixlga mieDOiu Gnr wnpa in 

hii fierce tuAtr 
Tlte ihalcn tr^-es, and by the tOOU doth 

tu%i [hnn inro ait ; 
Even so twtinuh Anidts' (woid Acw np 

Troy's flying liccls. 
Their horv- tircw einiily chanut*. and 

toURliI tbciT Ihundenng wheels 
Some liah ditecton thioiigh the field, 

whi'tf IcxKi (he puTsuii driirs. 
Thick (ell ttie it'ijiirs, much more IWecl 

to villi UKS iliaii tlicii wivis. 
Then Jove diew ll«olor from the daiU^ 

from dosl, from duih atld blood, 
And from ilii; tumult : still the kinj; firm 

10 the puisuir stood. 
Till at otil till*' monument, la mld*t of all 

the field. 
They rcacb'd Ihe wild ftetice^ and loag'd 

to make thnic town tlieir thidd. 
Vcl lhrl> thry r«ittd mit : the king MlU 

cried, ' I'tirsile. pun'jc,' 
And all hi* unieiiiDmJ hand* did blood 

and dust imbrue. 
Bat when they can^e lo Seaa'i porlt, aad 

to ihebeeuh of Jore. 
There made ihej aland ; there evciy ejft 

Ax'd on each oilier, strove 
Who nhould ouilimk M) mai« amaNdi 

Ihrough all the field they lied. 
And aa a lion, when llic cijjhl betoma 

moil dnf and ilrjd. 
Invades oa herds. nl&iGtiting all. that be of 

one may wnak 
Hll dieuUul buDgir, and tili seek ha Sot 




Thai laps hi* blood ud aimllt ifi: n 

AcawniMea pUod 
nc maMfc of ibe Tn^ c&ooe, «mI tclU 

tha lot ma dkd. 
Hm nhcr lied, a nii»bn ftS bv bb im- 

Smm froKdliBf donmnto tem lliclr 

honi; tMQ« ufMMdi (»««'d the stniL 
Hich wu lbs Kay of hl» lance: bul. 

having bn>l (btra doMi 
Bcoaub ibcii mdb, Uw botfa voridi' Site 

did sow ttA niio«* 
On loaaadn-Aowinc Ida'i topi, brios 

neviT dtd from heaven. 
Asd htid « Uctiiainc in hit hand ; frani 

ibMce (bii cbarn ns ipna 
To Irii wilb (be tpMm viegi : "Tbau- 

manlifc Sj," aid he. 
"Aad lell TTov's II«ciot, thai a* long ai 

b* tnrand iball itc 
Ite Mldier-lDviac Atnas' ton kmonsii the 

fORttMl flglM, [inuii txclle 

Dcpc^oMiBf im>i>( of nwn. >u Icnj; he 
Some oihc( lo mut tbe foe. atul be no 

Bu vhoi be vpooDdod laks Ui bone; 

attaliTd aWi «bJI or luwc 
TImo ofl I fill hit arm wilb ilatfa, ncn 

IW be nach (be Ami. 

oviBtnd Met." 
Hw «t»d-lbol nrNl ThaaiDuiiia eber'd, 

and lual bci wingi 
To CnnoBi Ihon. from the nxxinl endiaaed 

wub tUver tpmn. 
And iMOM) iB Uabi^bt (ftarioi ibc baidy 

To»how»hen»kelbewoHliof Jovft and 

H« knlvfica the«o«ndiac eutl^ and 

■boot hU kMthiu dan, 
Aad (VdTwbtnlM bMxbd oAoitf, and 

nm'd op evety bean. 
AdnadfiiiiiirhihciMonfooi. Hhwkllen 

Hnisbt larn'd bead. 
TbaGRdanoodkis. InbMlilheboiK 

Dm field n> parleeled. 
Ba Acanemnon, fortaMU Mill, did all hi) 

tide etofeJ. 
And niild not be Ibe fint In tuone unles 

Now ting. GUr Praidtnu of vane, that 

ta the beaeeni embower, 
Who bu eecoanier'd vMt tiie king, of as 

(he advene power. 
IpbHwai. Aaunor't aeo. ample oad 

Bm^V up 'to wgnnt-wriBgiog Tbiace^ 

Ift grave Cinetu' noble bouie, thai wai hli 

inothn'* lire. 
Fair Tbeeoo ; and vhen hU bitosi wai 

heigbl«n'd wilTi thr fttt 
Of itayioinr j-ouib. bu i^ndjtre gnve hi* 

'laughter to lilk love 
Wbo ■Tru[I>t his bridal «hambei left. 

Fame vlib idTeetlon nrove. 
And made him hiniih twelve ^r thipt. to 

In"] tnjf Trojr his band. 
tilt thipi he In I'crcope tetl. and tame lo 

Ttoy Inr, 
And now he ined the bme of Oteeoft, 

encountering with the liing, 
\Vlio ihrew liLt roni laacat aiid mba'^ 

Ipluifjnus did fling, 
And (itook liim oo ihn arraini; waiat, 

bennth liis ooat of brut. 
Wbkh (or^td him stay upon hti arm. so 

violent it hXA : 
Vet pcircd ii not bis ■cU.moaght lone; 

but when the Isuj head 
Tried liaidno* wilb hia tllvcr walM, It 

lum'd again lit* lead. 
He follow'd, giuplnj Ibc ground end, but 

■ith .1 iitin'i vile 
Thai wrests unj a liunlci'i Uatt. he 

caught It by the pile. 
And pluck'd It bom ibe cutei'* hand, 

ubom «t(h bit twotd he iirook 
Benrjili ilic '.nr. and with bi* wound hit 

timclras deuh he tooli. 
Uc fUl nnd ilept aa Iron ileep: wialcticd 

nuag Ban. he died. 
Far from hit iww1y.fiiaRied wtfe; to ild of 

foreign pride, 
And aw no pleasure of bis love : ]Fet wi» 

ber lolntura gRBi, [Id bti ciuest 

An hmiijiad am cave be face, and vow'd 
Two thoutand head of sheep and gmU, of 

which be iCore did leave. 
Much gave he of hit loie'e Crai^tulUL and 

nothing did leceivo. 
Wbra Coon (ooe Disi for hit fonn might 

fcMI an amoeoiM eve. 
And elder beocher of (be ilaln) betidd this 

Deep torraw ml upon his eyct, and ((land- 
ing lateially. 
And to the GenenI luiditcem'd) his Jaielin 

he 1(C fly. 
Tlial iHDt hit eUxmnnd hiswriil Uans- 

fit'd his annleu aim ; 
Tbe bright bead ihined on th' other dde. 

Tbv uwapeclad ham 
Imprets'd tome horror Id the kiag : i*t to 

be (rxial noc Agbt, 
Bui i«tb'd oa Coon with bit Unee, who 

made what hitte be ni^l. 






Sdilnc hii tUnthcn'cJ limhor'i foot, to 

dnr* him from ihe Sold. 
And dll'd the ableM to liU aid, whco 

luidoT hii round MM 
The Ulnn't brMS (tvdin, u he drew, did 

llFili« him bd(Ja» dead ; 
Who RiKlo Iplilduiiat ttw block, anil W. 

off Coon't bead. 
Thiu under grut Atrfdo' xcm Anmor'* 

tame thrnvd, Tmaailaiidlnd. 

And, u *unae ptrrticW me. to Pluio'i 
H« wtlh hit Unca. soonl. nUthlj Mone*. 

poui'd tib hcralc vre«k 
On other aqnadran* ot ilio foe wlillcs yet 

wnnn blood did break 
ThroDSb hk dell *etM : bnl when ihc 

wouAd WM quilo «iti*ii*t asd cnide. 
The o^sr anculin did approve his primly 

Aj when moU iharp and blltsr puigt 

dtstrect a labouring d*aie, 
Whidi III* &itaa [litbyga, Qm rale the 

painlid frame 
Of himian child-birth, poor Mk bcr; th' 

Iliihya that an 
The dAu^en of SUonda: wllb vhoae 

eiiitina tcpait 
Tbe woman In her tnnall tulvea lo lakt 

Ihc wont ligivca: 
With IhouRhl il miut be. 'lie lova'a Ihiit, 

Ihc CM let irhich shr live), 
The man to make hcticif new bom : wliai 

comTocta will redound ; 
So Axa-neimMn dtd niiula the lorincnl of 

Then look be eh.irioi. and to ttwl bade 

hailc hli cli^rlulcer. 
But lint pour'd out hU highal toIoo to 

tnrthiuo erety car ; 
" hincea and iMden of Iho Oiotfa, 

br«re ftiendi. now from oor llc« 
Do you eipti Uili boitlcrout tmi/. Jove 

will not lot me m<M 
Dliuinuc Hector, nor ghre Icarc thu I 

iliati end Ihe day 
In Sahi ajtainit the Dton pow«r ; my woiuid 

b ia my way." 
Tlili Mid. hit really charioteer dkl 

tcoursi Ml Hirilf^ulliorst. 
Thai Irertt to the able fleet perform'd 

tbeir IkTjoeunc, 
^ twv iMr wounded •orcfe'go apMt the 

mmiliit ihruit. 
^rinkliog Lheir poworful tireutt wjih foun, 

nut) inowinc on ibe duii. 
When Moetoe hcnnl ot hit trtnat. Iliin 

he for bine coolendi ; 
*'Tiobuui Dardontimh Lyclan*, all my 

cUw-flsliiInf fiinidi, 

Tbink wbw It il lo be raMnra'd, ba Mldisn 

nil o( name. 
Cot tuoatat taetay la cone, Jon vow* to 

do i» iMnr. 
Htm la Ihe Gndan bcei diln ]'0(ii ooc- 

boowd violent utedi. 
And ru ibore their beat be best, and glotlty 

your deeds,' 
Thua M a duc-finin hunlar icti upon a 

braoeof boon 
Hii whltc-tooth'd houndl^ piiin, ibouii. 

breal hei lerrnhand on hittBitinm poun 
Alt his alU an lo male them plach ; u> 

Hodor urged b!i boil 
To charie tha CdmU, and, he bInucU 

nidat bold aiMl actlK moU, 
He brake inio ihc biot of lisbt. as «bta a 

lempst mvta, 
Sioon tram ihc cloodi, and all on henpi 

(loth cuCF the puiplo waiea. 
Wlio ihcD wiu Onl. Bod lail. be km'd, 

when Jove did pnoe hl» doed 7 
Abbui, and Autonuui. Opyi, and Clylui' 


Prinn Dulcpi. anil the tioiiout'd tlir of 

Mrt« l^utrilui, [ponom, 

Oplicltci, AKdim* next, wul itiong Itip- 
Dtws, disymnu*. all of name. The common 

(oUIicra (ell. 
Aaiahcn ihe hollow Rood of air hi Zcphyr'g 

chedu dolh iwtU, 
And luDNih all ihecnihet'd (toub while 

Nului' power dkldraw. 
Wmm waves In wavo^ hui^ up the froth 

bctt with a Vihament flnw : J 

So were the ooounoa Mldicn wndc'd la^ 

troopt by Hector** liand. 
Tbcn rum had enfoned tucb worki ■■ . 

Grceki eould wlihiiond : 
Then In thoh- floel Ihcy had been houNd,1 

had not Laertei' ion * 

.Stirrd up the Ifdrit ot Dltmcd, wllh tlii>] 

jniprTMion : | 

" Tvdidca, what do we snsioin, forgctilnK i 

what m are ' 
Stand by me, doorcU la my low: Ton*] 

hoinble impair 
For OUT two vounin lo endure A eUKtMHuy] 

flillht. 1 

To leave our navy Mill cncaced, nod but I 

He ontwTt'd : " I am bent lo itay, and 

anything niiinln : 
Bai our dcligtai to ;aove m men win pioM 

but stion oDil vain, 
Fotjovc mnkci Trajani taMrunwau, and 

•InuoUy ihni 
Wlclilt uiiu himielf : our cnei a&tn are 

not 'rwixl man and mon." 




TWi wU. Tliymbncut wiih hi* baeo he 

nmbted (ran bis bone. 
NcvtuilcftBipplowoniidlnglilin. VljtKi 

did cntorvc 
fkb MoUoa, mlidea lo tills luDe Hut 

BoUi KDt Ibtr thence dll Ifaajr radm'd, 

who M>* (he klag Binued 
Aad (umra'd ihmwb iV ihicktn'il iioopa. 

A> when t*o chned boan 
Tttn bead 'gaUW kcnmte o( bcild hoandl, 

aaS not mf Ihroucb Iheii (oim : 
Sc inni'd fMDi flight, the (aniiud klasi 

Bihtw'd Trajuif lM£kmfd dnuh: 
Noi Bed (he Gndu. bat tw lliair wilb. la 

cot frtai Hector bnaui. 
I&n look (hcT hono and chariot liani 

two tMld dir fotB, 
Mctop* PsnMhu' migliljp tan*. TMr 

father couht diacloM, 
■Bfjond III ncn. Ud augnrtcs, Mid wouU 

Mt Rm c«Mtat 
Tv ihck- csttnla* lo tiiMe wan. yet 

vniusr lur wcDi. 

For Rim, Aa e«d«r mU« d«Uh, onforcol 

ihdr tragcdlev 
Tfdidn Uc* ibtm triifc hi* bacc, and 

made ibdr ann* lilt prtse. 
Hypiradwia, and HippMu% UlyMca ttfl 

But Jor« that mt of Ida look'd, then 

eqnaliwd the Gshi, 
A Oi«d«B be a Tfo^ Uxn pnkl liibuie 

Vd rojial Dloned *le« one, evca in those 

That WK of DMM mon than Qit ml, 

PmMt'a RMvned ton, (hip did nin ; 
The pdMO AftiBophuf ; bJiIanM Into hU 
Hi* iqitn dtiala'd bit bone opan, ihal 

blndWd him to Bf, 
Which he npcntcd M bit heait ; yet did 

Mi acap* wlih all ib« ipced lb«)r bod 

aloaev the fadiiMt bindi. 
Aftd ikm till kfol Ue diMolved. ThU 

Kmmt undmlaBil% 
AodnoJi'd aikbiluaoBraa the king, right 

(MMdljr HGOndcd 
Wlrii tmopa o( Ti«tHU : which percclvtd 

by famoua Diomed, 
The deqi <onati( of Jote'i high 4riD 

MUfcn'd hli royid liiiir. 
WhotpalniaiMan(Mi«htIibacu*: "Tha 

It btnt to ua i come let m itood, and 

hotnd Ut wtenof.' 
Th«f tuttm he hi* loMt iBvdIn lonb. 

«Mdt MBou hia bcvvt defxiiM 

Fall on (be inp. yet pitrccd no ihin ; brui 

look rtpuiM ■iin brul ; 
llti liein limb thice fold* uiBde^ and 

ihar)i} lie rift of I'boctu* w-M. 
The Uo« mode Hfdor Idte Ihe Inop, 

■unk Urn upon hi* bitid. 
And iiroob him blind. The Ung punaed 

UfoK Ihe Coremoit band 
Hi* dart'* KCdoy. which he fuimd laid 

OD th* purple iJoin ; 
By which Hine llcclor wat nvlved, and, 

laldag boier acaiv, 
Woi bu cominlx'd wllhiM his strengtb, end 

Hid hit difkiome giav*. 
He follow'd with hi* iUrttr lance, and tUa 

duuvc bme : 
"Once more bo IhuiklU lo thybeeli^ 

aroud dot. ^t '^r escape: 
icf lat iwsr thy boaom now ; aad 

now anolbiir rape 
lUlli ihy Apollo mode of Ihoe^ to whom 

Itiou mil ni«(U pray. 
\Vlien ihrouBh the liaeing of out duts 

Ihon Had'sl (uch guuded way. 
But 1 s1ull nietl with IbM U langlh. and 

bring iby laiesi boor. 
If with like favour mj (iod tie fanlor of 

my poniper. 
Meanwhile lome other *liiillrtT>*y, whal I 

impend In tbte." 
Thvs wM. he Ml the w(*{cbcd soul of 

n»aa'* iuuo free. 
Whom his late wound not tnllytlew. But 

Priam*! aniucoin biiUi 
Againii TTilidca bent his bow. faki with a 

bill of canh. 
I^it of IIk niinalod tomb for boDout'd Hut 

buUt, [and richly gill. 

And as the culcaM of Ilie ibla, «rHR»rai 
Tydide* fimi hi* bi«M bod tpoU^, and 

frcoi his ebotddo* laf) 
Kit lauM and hit teUd helm, haihot.aad 

hiikeon dioA 
(Tliat never flew from him IB vain) dtd 

null unto llio fiound 
The king's tlghl fool ; the tplecnfiil knight 

iDUKh'd tweedy al Ihe wound, 
Ctcpl from his oovcn. and triumph'd ; 

" Now acl ihou mium'd," lald he. 
"And would lo Uod lay happy hand bad 

lo much honour'd ms 
To have In&i'd it in (by bteast, at datp tt 

In thy toot, 
Emt to Ih' eipninira cf Iby aoid : then 

blsi had been mv iboot 
Of allihcTrojiias; whohadlhenbieMhed 

(rani Ihcir long unresu, 
\S^ tcea thee, as the brayins goUa abhor 

Ihe king Ubcasti," 




UndamiMd Dlomcd Rpllfd : 

toTcrwflb )nat bow, 
Von lUck-lwlr'il lovsr, roil Ihat hiinl nnrl 

flret « Mrtitbra aa ; 
DunI ttioa biit lUiid in ums villi mn, lliy 

ilU; ui:b«v [Itlllc mSei I 

Would give Ihce little aiiae lo vAuni. Ai 
In thii ftimc loll c-Kplfnt of (l»Mr, j^t- 

fonn'd vbcD thou ncrt hid. 
At If > wanuin. or k child thu knew not 

whM h did. 
Had iDuch'tl my foot. A conri'i ««1 

hllh ncYPT (Uiy pilffe, 
Dul mine. I' ass'in it iniirp. slill liiyi ilod 

«aiCUK» in pledge ; 
Toub ft. il rrnilcn llfelea dnilght, tl 

ftrUcca Ihe fingon' eodi 
Of bnpl'si wldom Ib Ibelr cheeks, «nd 

childRD blind o^frindi. 
The tuhiecl ot It make* earth nd. ood air 

iriih lilh* InOAinet, 
And leaves Umbi mar* emlmeed with 

blrdi than wllti enamoiii'd damei." 
Lu)ce-fsin<'il UlyuM now eamc !n, tod 

Slept before the Upk. 
Kneel't! oppoille. ami drrnt the iboA ; 

the tagm pnin did itinj 
lliTOugh Kit bit bi.»w ; iiralflit ba took 

bit tO)-»l ehnrioi ihete. 
And wilh diirdion to tbe Iteet did chatg;a 

hh ehMioteer. 
Now wju Ulynes dcsoUle. fev nude no 

friend noaio. 
He ibm spttke to bl* mlRhiy miad : 

' ■ WhM doth eny ilitte (ntlaiit 7 
If I thculd fijr ihiioddi in few, th«t Ihos 

cumei cliuiefUig an. 
*T««n Ugh dlthoDOur ; yet '[wMe wone. 

to be mpilMd alone. 
Ill low that drive* (he reit to Hlgtii; boi 

Uul'i > fninl exeuML 
Wfcr<!o I icmplmy mlDdsomochr Pale 

cowhM( fi^!it mti^t 
Hit that affe;'s reoovn in war muit like a 

rock be fiiJ, 
Woond, ot b« wuiind«d : ralour'* iiutb 

poll no reipeet betnlxL*' 
la thli coaleuloa irttb himself, in flew 

th« thAdy bnndl 
01 tac g e le e n . who sieited bim round with 

fniachU^Med buidi. 
A*whenaepMrefcdl*Mi"*ich the wild 

■nuieof aboar, 
Their tloE* put after In hill etf, he nuhelfa 

wnuM. with hit tmher-tnaktng jun. b!i 

gieelrad link] ([" Mixxl. 
AmLboidlltK Him hit luunl bnunlt, faraaki 

IhNnish the doQxa*d wood. 

They chotjla^ though hit hot approach 

be ncvEt to abhiHT'd ; 
So. to moil the Jow-loved Creek, the 

Illjinidfd acTTirl, 
And he iiuile Ihroiiuh Itietn : tirti be 

hun, upon htf ibouldcr blade, 
Deiit|in, a liInniclAi man al atnii ; then 

»rii' I'l entlli-m ^hsde 

As from bit cbnriot he leap'd down. 

t>enealh hit larce of brut ; 
WIio fi'K. and cntwhl upon the csnb with 

hit luttiiinint: pilmt. 
And left ihe (igbi ■ nor yet hit liuicc left 

df^lin^ mjirtixl a]m\ 
Dat Socuv brother by bclb sides, yoiuig 

Dimpi, did imptos. 
Thoo ptincely Socui to fab aid made 

brotherly nreett. 
And, coming tif^ir, ajvike in Lis charge : 

" O credt Lacrlcs' son. 
Iniatlale Id lly stnitagcmi, aad laboun 

never done, 
Tbii hour, or thou shalt boost to kill Ihe 

iwo llipp.uida 
And prite thsic arml. or 6il) thy*rlf in Tny 

t«oIved BOOtMi." 
This Mid, he ihrev qnlle throogh hli 

thield bU fdl and weS-driirm lanee. 
Which held way thfwish bb culnsscs. aad 

on hb (Ibi did glances 
Plowing the Besh nlongM hit tidn : but 

Pallai did tcpel fknowine well 

All inmid paMage to hit bfe. Liiynr). 
The wound undeadly (tenlag back his fool 

10 fomt hit iland) 
Thui (p*ke lo Soons: "O (boa wreldi. 

ihy death I* In Oib band. 
That tlay'M ny vielory on Tfoy, and 

whctr thy rh.iTEe «as made 
In doubif u] icmii (or thA or thai) this shall 

thy life innule," 
This fnghted Socua to itirou. and, ha 

hit hint rensse. 
The l»n<« belwJit hii thoutdeni fell, and 

thiniich hit bieoM did pjecce. 
Down felt he soundios. and (he king thus 

gHv*il with hit nilHtuc : 
$oeuK. you that mike by birth the 

l^o ll^ppjj,ldes. 
Now inny yoat hniite and you pcreeivo 

death can ourfly the fiyer. 
Ah wretch, thou eanit not 'scape iny 

vows. Old Hippssui thy aire. 
Not thy well-hcooiird nwtbci'i hands, In 

boih which lie* Ihy worth. 
Sballclcae thy wntchad main death, bat 

mltuca dig them forth. 



And bld« Ibau oiih iWr daAaomc wiBCt ; 

Iwl wbca Uinta dio. 
CXTlnnt Uncks ibali lomb onf cone trllh 

•U ihre ohiMiiu^." 
Now Itcon bli Unty aixl bit ihlcM th? 

Ttolml \ma hv linnr. 
Itat pnaeelr Sociu bod Infii'd : which 

dnwn, kcrimtaa ilcw 
VCB frCM bit botom on Ibn c«ith ; the 

woond did dM« bim >ot«. 
And wbcD ibe fittuac Trejuu mw Utjvn' 

BaaoonftDi tkaudrc* in gran, otl bb 

dwwwc lj oa vonr'd. 
Ibn be ntbtd, M>d nouactt'd aid. 

TbhMtibaiMcd ba tlaud, 
Aa did dsMM a mm agHcd. Thticc 

Mrnrlinf rir 

Alts bdw Mat, 
B* dU kta or UlpWihoDU. at ir h« 

■art sDclCNd [nlchl ^ iiiftmii 
Ihem ID aMbtance. and advwd their aldi 
Hljilfni ibc fine l^u circled him. Icsi, 

«la»fid wim Hoop* aloDt. 
fttna^ nJlani) be mlebi be oppros'd, 

•Mm tirwifr m biiut upas. 
He M. hmI Aju (cgoDdol: tbej found 

ihdr J«*e.lo««d king 
Qrdcd inib foM. Aa i/bta a den of 

bbodr hKcns diac 
AbMU a feodlfii^nea ban, tnui vlih a 

hanltr*! ktWa 
Wtioae Kape t^ nimble feel enfom, 

whihc ta* aana Uood doth Sow. 
And Ui Kfti kneta hue poim to more : 

but, manrrn a( hit womid. 
Bnbo*i'd«Uin a thadj hill, the lucent 

ebwcc Mn mmd, 
Aadieat hbfldh; vbea taaaoil^ ronune 

MndiD Om pcmn 
Of MS* nm UoD. wlih wboM li^ lh«]r 

tj, andbcdMoiu*; 
Sa duirnO dw IBua Ithaos. nunjr and 

■JCBir ■*■- t"^)" f""- 

Bat tban nude Uenduu in, and hotrtd 
BtaiUf a larct* like a Mwer. doa* wa> hit 

MnlcM Hand. [ibe fojral haard. 

Aade wij w»Tlb«fo«dl)|nogd; when, t^ 
Kind Mcodani led away (he but Laotia' 


m faa Etlr imirB had teou|[tiI hit bone: 

tlciorioas l^bunon 
SHU plied the foe. and pel to *Mitd a 

fiMMf Prtanidei, 
DofTGlui. MuB'a basianl son : then did 

hii hunrtaprH* 
RndocK aod MRWf Ptaam. Lftandn 

■ad Ptlntsa. 

At when a loneni (Mm ibe UUi, t«Dln 

with Saturn Jan tbonmt. 
Calk on ihp Helili, bean blaiMd ooln. and 

nrlilier'd tmin nowm. 
Loose WMils. and nil lUapened fillh, inio 

Itie ocean's force : 
So muirhl'm Aj«x baai (ba Satd, and 

sbuKhiti'd men and hoiMi 
Yd tud nut lloctor hcafd of thii, who 

fouKhl on (he left win( 
Of all Ibe host, tirax ihese fwtel berts 

Scunander'i (laoA doth iprtng. 
^V'bara aiany fbivliniilt tr^lr thr mod, 

and where the iluimiih bumd 
Nbir Neitiir and king Idomen : whtra 

Hector omluni'd 
The Giedan sqaadront. aulhohng high 

tervlcc trfth Ul lance. 
Aod ikillul manaca o( hit bom. Nor yet 

Ha <Mde In death belwtit ibehostifaad 

made Ibc Oretkt rating 
It blr-baft'd lielcn't Mcond ipoiue had 

not rrpiaai'd ihc fire 
Of bold Machion'i (brtlloile. who wilh a 

threc-fork'd head 
Inbitright (hnuldcrwoundadbim. Tbaa 

bad tbe Uteciani dread, 
Ijcii. !□ hu iirFDgth declined, the lot 

ttioiilil tUui'hUr ihelrbuit frfrDd. 
Then Cfric'i king oijed Ncleida hi> 

chnriot it> mcend. 
And K'^itint; neu him. \vCa him In, and 

b«ii hitn to tbeir Cents. 
" A turscon [i to be pntafi. wllb pfajrslc 

Before a multitude : his life gives ban Una 

nadv« tniintli. 
Wilb meet imitnlon of Ht balmi. end 

pcrtp<1 iMUch of vaunds~ 
Thui ipake tbe mrnl Idomcn. Ncleidet 

ol)rj d, ICirotk eonvey'd 

And to hit charfol pretentlx Ihe woundod 
Tbe ton of Aftculspitu, the gnat pbjll* 

To fieei (bey flew. Cebriona percdved 

(he tbujjhlcr dotw 
By AUx «n ihc other tro^n. and ipiln to 

Koctoi thut: 
"Whilai wo cncoDnler Gttciant bale, 

ttcm Tdtmonlut 
It yonder racing, imifig up in faeapa oui 

bene and men ; 
1 know brni by hit ipadoas ibUd. Let 

ut (um chir:^! lliea. 
Where, boib ol bona and fool, tbe SsM 

moti hot^r li pn)po««t 
Id naiual ibtugtnen. Hark. Otrittbmats 

Irom erica aje dctet tictcd." 



Tltij mil), H-iih hli ihnll seourec he 

ilrook ihe Uone, UiU fur eniuFd 
Stung Biit) lili l«h<t. loralnf; ibioldi, aind 

Rirct-tM imhnied. 
lllcclianol irrfiustilrnwo'd in btood, ftnd 

Ih' arthci by Iho seal 
DupiirpWil rmiii the lianct* hooro; osd 

(nun tbf wbnIlMindt bcnL 
Cnsi licftcrr Ioiig*(t to brcili tlic nuilu. 

inc) Mirllr Ihc-tr el<nr fi£hf. 
Wlio liornbtv nmiiied the Grtcki^ uiil 

|iIiot) llwlr auililcii (iighl 
Vi'illi busy wcspont. orrt wtn|j;'il ; hit 

lanue. iwofd, wdghly sionn. 
Yet vliiiKPd he other lefulm' brinj), nol 

droidful Telamon'i : 
Wilh viioni he ti'titiy thuiin'd foul Llnwt, 

Buc Jem [thai welslu •bore 
AH hDman fMWCfi) to AtM* bitoU divine 

And nwdc him shun who shurni'dhlnueU: 

he ci-i.i>-(I from H^l iiinued. 
Cut on liii Uick hii xtvn-fbM Bliidd, and 

nnind about hltn niod 
IJkeoiw lum'd Mild. iMk'dOn liinitdf in 

hiidiBtnci mtval. 
Kntv ticforc knee did luicely move. Ai 

Mrhm from licnli of n«l. 
Whole (hrtawn of boon oind mongtcli 

chue n Hon ikuUiiTig ta*r. 
Lolli he tliould tuini the wclt-priiod fat of 

any ttaJl-frd stiver. 
Conniiiiing all the nlghl in waich, lie, 

Srnyljr of lii» mrx. 
Oft tlinuiinK ofl, tt ofi ihnat olT, u (hick 

the javelini piny 
On hu bold efcarEe^ and w bol Ibc burning 

flre-brttndl uiine. 
Wliicb he (tbouch horrible) nbhon, aboni 

hU ilcwing eync 
And early hi* mat beatt miia; sg Afu 

ftam Ihe be. 
For feu their fleet thould b* infanml, 

'kuom hit (woln h«M1 did go. 
Ai when a dull (nlll an comei ncur a 

goodly Aeld of com , 
Kepi Crom ilie bitds l>y diildrea'* orioi. the 

boTB arc overborne 
By till Inienilble Bjipnwch, and timjir tie 

oill nl ; {Mill the children be.ii. 

About whom mtny vandx an l>ioke. and 
And Kill llie w'^jimvidlDK f d«Iii with 

thdr wtnkiiui Ixax, 
Not Mining UU hi* poimch be ftiU, and 

tamAr thni vrStI Kir : 
So Ihe hugs loaof TcUnoa omon^i tbe 

Tcujam fated, 
Bota aliowen of ifaita upon bit shield, ytt 

•oora'd 10 fly at icjind. 

And 10 kepi toftly on hit way : nor would 

he nieiid hit |:ac« 
For all thrir violcni pumiio. tbal Mill did 

sum Ihe chnce 
Willi iiiii-init lunoes. But, cl Int, wbca 

iheir cur-like pKsamct 
More ut^tti the moiE fiirtaoroft Ut ipliiU 

did larily their fumn. 
And he revolted hli active sitcngih, lum'd 

hi'.iil, am! dif] n-pd 
The hone-iroopi (hm mrc new mtde la, 

'twijil whom ihiT fight (Tcw fell ; 
And by dr£r"-i br stole leireac. yet wilJi 

such pijiuint lUty 
Itiat iiuiL- (i^iulcl p^iu him to ih« Ami. la 

both the armies' iway 
He Hood, and from strong hand* leceived 

thikri) javelim on bis thield. 
When miny stuck, ihrown on bcto^ 

niuiy fell ihoH in tinld. 
Em the white body ihcy could reach, and 

stuck. OS telhnc hoir 
They piirpc«ed lohtve ['icrc«! bis flcdi. 

ilii peni pierced nuw 
The eyes of pilnoe liurypylui, Evemon'l 

ramoui (on, 
U'ho came dote on. and with hit daft 

ttrook duke ApttitoD. 
Whose surrsnic was Phauslades, even to 

the concrete blood 
Thai niakr* (Iw liter; on Ibo e»rlb. out 

gtuh'd lui vital fliMd, 
Euiypvhu inude in. nnd enaed hit ihouldcn 

of hit aims ; 
Which Paili seeing, he drew hi* bow, and 

wieiik'il III luin the harms 
Of hii Kood friend Flaiuudes. hli ano» 

lie Id fly [atlainlnl lhi(h ; 

That smote Eurfpylus, and bia)i# in \na 
Then (oak he ituop to shun bUck death, 

and to ill* l!yet« crird ; 
" Pnncei, and I^.-idcn of the Creeki^ 

tiand Anil trpulte Ihe tide 
Of this out honuui-wrndtiac ehu*r. AJaz 

ts drown'd la darts, 
I feat past *K*pe : turn, honoui'd friends, 

help ijut Hjk v.'(itiirLju0 i^guIs." 
Thus spake the noundcd Greek ; the tODOd 

cast on Iheir bttckt thdr ihifldt. 
And i«Md llMnr dans; to ulioia 

Aiox his penon wields. 
Then ktcKxl lit fiitiily with his ftieods, re- 
tiring their retire. 
And thu> biilh hosli indillitnilt Join'il. iha 

%ht Kiew bot aa fire. 
Now hid Nelddcs' iweiltng sieeda 

b(uut;hE him and his hurt [rimd 
AmonEit IfaeLT tI*M. jKicidta. Ihal visblf 

did Intend. 



SUuidi^ Mttn tH tm-Qcck'd lUp. hew 

iIm|> (he lUnnidi draw 
Anoo^ Ibe Gradci. and wllh what nilli 

th* iaKWionncw, 
Smt NeHot tatot MoolMaa hott. and from 

wMta man. [form cclcHial. 

Ith Mend PUrachu; who. like Mm in 
Cune tanh •rfdi Ural lounci of bit loicc^ 

fine Ruinc of bi> decajr. 
And asfc'd m nwcelr 6inid'i dedfe. 

"D(ar(rtnKl,"*aid)i«. "ililt diijp 
I doubt DM will «iilbrcc the Grtitki, lo 

mafOi abMI mv knoet : 

I *n uoMlTer'd dms aniplojr'd ia Ihdr cx- 

Co. (wtei PacraduA and inquire of «kl 

Wliom be bmoaht wouaded frain ilie 
icM: bjpUtbadcfKiu I uikm 

II h Macnaon i boi hi) bee I oootd doi 

TbiT poa'd nie fa nich eamatl ipetd." 

PtHoclm p n anu ay 
Obajr'd Ma fikad. tMd tui W kiww. They 

now dacondtd Here. 
Aad NcMoc's iquirft Eiuymtdon. the 

bona did un|;ear ; 
TbcmKhei flood near th' eitteaieit Aok, 

to tel Ike lenlla air 
T3rr ap tliaii nnt ; then to Um Icd(, 

whse Ilocaated the fair 
Set chain, aad to ihr wounded prinoa ■ 

potion did pieoaie. 
Tab Hocamod. fay wai't hud bie, fdl 

to old NdUr'i ihanv 
When 'Iboii*' mm aack'd Tcoedos: the 

mu thf princel* Mcd 
Of wortlijp king Aiaa t wu ; and bjr Ihe 

Tbo pcim *4 NaMor; dnoe all mm in 

coookI he (urpaM'd. 
Fim. a hir table *be appoeed. of whiii 

tha fcM oeie paced 
Wnb bhilait metnT mlxd wlib black ; aad 

(01 the ttmit <W put 
A briB frnit-dttb. In which abo terrcd k 

■hoicaoow oalcn <M 
For pinaaca to (he pelioo, aad bonry 

nevly noucbn, 
AndtMBid,lheliuit of (KRdmaaL Then 

to the board ihe UooKht 
A tight tair nqiwMi fiSi wiidi drt«M. 

which NMIot did tnanftr 
Fron Vficti on wboee fwelUof Udc* torn 

haadka And wm, 
Aad iipM •Ney hoodie ait a pair of donisi 

fiOIUfc and fomc oockioc meal; 
two gOt lott did uphold 

'Itie anilque bodf ; and wii&al to wvigbly 

wu Ihe cup 
Thai, being prapoaod briroful of wine, one 

•caror coulu lift it up, 
Yet Neslor dmnk In it with nise. iplle of 

hii nan' leapeci. 
In (hii (he goddaa-like fur dame a polion 

With good old wine of Pnunniioi and 

nrapcil Into ilie wine 
Chvcw iTiHiie of |[oni't milk, ood oa ft 

iptntA tioat rjicMiIini: fine- 
In lUi son for Ibe wounded kird Ihe 

[iMion the pirpMvd, 
And lude him diiok. Far oompany. with 

him old Natfti ilMml. 
Thai pbpicallr ijaeadi'd thejr (bint, 

•nd then the It spldn tcMved 
With pleatant oonfateoM. And now h- 

troclu), brine anivcd; 
Mode iiay at th eniij of Ibe teat. Old 

NtElur. II ia» if 
Koae, and tetdnd him bv the hand, and 

Uitt would ban him tit. 
He aet Uiu oouflotf oiidc, cEcuiing it 

wlih baite. 
Since hia mucb-tobo-rrtvnnord ftiend sent 

him to know iiho put 
(Wounded wiih him in diariol] M Iwiftly 

ihrou^ Ibe ihoie ; 
" Whom now." laid Ik "I sec and know, 

and BOW can Hay no more : 
Vou know, good faibrr, our grau bfcad Is 

■pi lotaknoAMat 
Vihona feety UmpawOI inflamo Mtnolimel 

with Inooccnee." 
Hoaonrer'd: "Wken wtD Peleua^aon 

some royal piiy ihow 
Oe hia ihui wounded cmmltymea ? all. 

It bent to know 
How enudt dUenon liies owr boel> bow 

our eqiedat aid. [mltmtbly laid? 

Tnlnted wiih lanco, at their KM* are 
Ulyisa, Diomed, out kiog, Eurnrlua, 

All bun. and all our worthiest fainida ; 

yd no eompnuion 
Can aipfilo ihr tnroA'* 6ieodless breast : 

doth he reserve hit eye 
TiU enr Heel bom. aod tra ounths oeo 

after MhM die? 
Aku. my foma are tM now as la ny 

jwinarr Kfr. 
Ob wou^d to God t hod thai (UVBgib I 

utc>l in the Uiiit 
Betwin ■> and (ho BSaak (6r eoan ta ba 

Wb(B liymotdo^ lofty sool was bf n; 

talour given 




Ai ucrilicr to dettiaj. Hypliochui' iimng 

Tluil (l«vtt b EUi, >nd foasht fint in our 

Wt fotni^, as iifocl.iimpd Ion. ■ »nn. 

ftroui w&iTthy boot, 
Anil iir, in re*cue of Itii herd*, fell tiirftlli- 

Isa >c my fiml. 
All lUe UoTp boOTi wllh lertut fled. Our 

pttj wia rith ainrl gn±t ^ 
Twlc« fire and twenty flocld of ibnp ; ■* 

many herdi ol ncal ; 
A* muiy gniiVi, unil niuly iwine : ■ 

hundrra fifty nutrs, 
iUI MHid, iDott Willi iuiLkiDf; foftls. And 

IhsM toon-Riunry'd wmrt 
We diKve inio Neleui' town, fair ryloa, 

>11 bf nigbt 
Ur father* hrjii wu |[Ud to Mw 10 much 

good (omine quite 
The ror\«attl inlnd of hil rouog iod, that 

lutd my youth in drniv 
And would ii<n imalher l< in moodi. Kovr 

ilrcw ()ic Sud'I briKhl necdi 
Light from Ihii hilU; our b(r*1di Oov 

■CdUd nil tbsl wrrr 
EndiMgtd 1>y ttiE EUiuis ; <>iu prlnca did 

Our boot wu p>rlr>] : mjiay mn lb' 

Kp^ani mucn did owe, 
Tliat. EKing our iicighl>oun.ihiytltd)]>«al: 

affliMloni did to flow 
Ootu poor Pyllnni, though but lew. la 

blue gmti HctcuIm 
To oat uid ooDfinn of lue jream and 

wholly did supprat 
Our haplMi nrinm. Tw!cr->ii torn ^*^ 

novn'd lielnit bml. [uid dead. 

Only nndf am left of all, the rot nibdunl 
Xad thia WM it (lui mado ao proud the 

bate Epdac bandi, 
Ob Ibdr neat ndghbonrt. bdng opptcu'^ 

to 1h iojtuiotu hatidi. 
A bud of ouea for hitnicll. a mighij flock 

of sheep. 
My lire tclrctid, abA mide cboico of 

•bepherdi for ihcii ktep ; 
And from tbe general ipuil be cuU'd Ihrre 

bundrcd ^ the bc*l. 
TtiaEUaDtoughthimialinile, most plagued 

Four wager-wlnning bono be lott. nod 

chanoli iDtnv«Dt«rt. 
Bclitu tt-i [o an uppiiiliiial race. 'Die pHre 

ihai HiU [srm**nE''i! 
WiS a rrliKioui thiw-fool nro : Augnu 

wai the king 
Thai did ddiuD than, and dimiai'd thtir 

kMpcT aortoinag 

For bli loved charge, lott with foul wordi. 

'lliea both for wordi and dcflli 
My sire bfinji w'lrthily lucrnwsl, Ihiii 

jusil^ he procKiil 
To uliBI'u:Ilnn. in finl choice of all oui 

wBilihy ptiw -, 
And. at !ic thaicd much, mucli he left his 

Bubjrcit t(i lUffice. 
Hiat none nught be opprou'd with power, 

oi want ms poillon due. 
Tbui for ih* public good we iharol. 

Tlien we to temple* drew 
Our oompkle city, md to bcavca we 

Ihiuikful [ilf* did bum 
Pot OUI rich oonquesl. The third day 

eiuuing our return 
The Eliaiii fl'w on at in beapai their 

general Icilen were 
The two Mi^ionci, two boy*, untnined la 

the fear 
Of hoirUI war. or me of Hrengtb. A 

nilain clly thinea fconfinet 

Upon B lofty prominent, and in Ih nurnM 
Of undy Fyloi. mled ulmie Alpbeui' 

flwKl llolll tUO. 

And CiiU d Thryrm ; this tbey sieved, and 

fioilly wl>uJl1 have wcin, 
Btit.lmYing p*i..'.i llicouch all our firtib. 

Mincrvji ii out spy 
Cell from Uljnipm m the night, and arm'd 

u* liulinlly ; 
Nor nnutrrd the unwilling men. nof nn- 

ptepareil for force. 
My Mie yrl wouh] not lot nw arm, but hid 

awiy my hoTM. 
Eatecming ine no loldiet yet ; yet ihiucd I 

nolhmg \ea 
Amons^it our g.illantt, ihoiigb on foot ; 

MmcrvB'i nughliiiit> 
I.ed me to fisht. and made me bear ■ 

wldlci'i worthy name. 
Thcrr it a HokI t«l]t iiiln tra, and hU 

crook'd coiirae doih ftani« 
Clo«e to Arrnx and ti cnli'd bttght 

MinyiEui* itfcani. 
Tbnr nude we lull, nnil tbptt the tun 

(jil many n i-lonoui beam 
On our bright armoun. hone und tool 

lEiwti'd tEi£i'(hrr then;, 
Then march d we on. I!y fiery nooa «• 

law the ucted dear 
Of snsi Aipbni*, whem to Jove we did 

(air ucnnce : 
Ami to the autre Ood, Ihu iuIm the und«r< 

We offisx'd up a mJcuo bolt ; a bull |' 

Aljiheu*' name ; M 

And 10 the blu»«>'ed Uaid we bond m 

belter neviar lame. * 



Nmr MS It atota ; we sapp'd and itept, 

•boni te iaeiL in •nn«. 
Ihc Ibe laid bud iege u> our town, and 

BU, for p i m w IJ ap e( Ihcir *;ilr«nt, a 

J;Imv wort of var 
d pririhd llicm ; tot a< uon al 

mccfaas' finy car 
Cax BlctM't )b«) datknctt from hli whc«U 

(iaiokiac n*(*iad Jor*^ 
Asd the nncoaqnti'd Mud hli birth) wa 

dkl Ik' «TCM apiMOve, 
A>dn*«lfaaMbMd«. Flrti of all. 1 ihw 

T%a Blghlf aoUkr Uulius, Augeu' Km-lrt- 

Aad noBVl Idm of bu onc-boorad bone i 

litl ddtti Jaaghltf waa 
Bcigbi ABanadai ilm lor ikSl fa iimpl« 

Aad kM« ai naavUnd <if dni(i. ai canh'i 

bvottd otntnbcod : 
Urn cfeMjod t vtcb mr broM-ann'd Unce, 

lb*4uw ncdvcd Lin dead. 
l,ka>agtoliiacluute(. amancst llw !>»«• 

mou pctu'd, 
Aad tbo craMtcuMd Eliam Ocd frichicd. 

And IcAkal loldici ulen down. Iti« general 

I foUow'dUeabbckwblrlwted.andditl 

for pCtlft CtPOTM 

FWI fiftr cbaHoU cnij goi fanlA'd wilh 

tw« am'd mm, 
Wbo eai (be earth, ilite wtlb mj lanee: 

asd r bod ibBvbl^d Ihni 
The IWQ touna bm, Motlono. If (hdr 

worktidrc^ lire. 
Onsl NepiiiM, had not aaft thoir Urai. 

•nd 0OTCr<l tbcu retire 
Wkfa oDpMRad dcudi Then Jcn« 

bcatow'd a baBchi r liclory 
Upon u ^rUtnu : lor m kioc vre did the 

Svcbrntae and makme ipoil of arms, till 

iwe w wi pnahM' mU, [ktoII ; 

Mttba, and Oletia, woe t t nw d with oar 
FW Aiam Ufaam tnni'd our power, and 

there Ibe IM I iJcw 
Aa wb(B cor bania jcte'd. the Gt«L Tba 

TjliMitli Iltilii 

To Pyloa ftoM BopOiiQL Of an tb' 

InmoRali (hea, 
TWf owal (haak'd Jore lor nctory ; HaUfi 

Sncb wia I «*«. if I wen employ'd wiib 

And I bad boMw of njr foutb. wfakb 
Am Ml in ni3F ycam. 

But gnat Acblllct on!; foyt habllllr ot act 
to hia biavB prcDT. and doth nut limgn t' 

impan li where 'ti* Uck'd. 
No doubt he wilt ealmnelr mouro. long 

after Ihat bi.ick hour 
Wherein our rum ihali be WTOUgbl. and 

luc hi» ruthleu (lOwcr. 
O (ncnd I mf mamory nwins tbe charsa 


Tti/ towardnoM, wbcn itinu uii'ti Ibilh, lo 

ketp «ai of the sravv 
Our wounded honoor. I myself and wise 

Wlttun the toom. whae erety ««i>d thea 

ipoken wc did hear. 
Fot wv were ocme lo Pt>lcus' conri, ai wa 

did niiMierlnE pus 
Through rich AchaU. where Ihj lin^ m- 

nUH-n'd MeDiiliui, wai. 
'ni)wU and gtcu Aiaadia, when Peletu 

To ihunder-loving Jove did bum an oi for 

tn bii court yui]. A cupof gold, aom'd 

with red wine, h« held 
On ih' holy ioceniory poui'd. Vou. whcs 

iIk OS was feU'd. 
Wen drtulng bU dliidcd limbs : wc la tbe 

ponal Mood. 
Acbium lenuK ni come ao niar. bii 

honourable blood 
Wai itrook wllh a na^iMiive ihamc; roe, 

look ua by tbe hand*. 
Braugbi m botti In. and nude u* tie asd 

uied hit kind cummaoda 
For lennly hcspttable liita, wbieb quickly 

Here apjiceod. 
Tbem aftor iiiihUiiIiiim of Ibod, I tot of 

Tbe Toyaicttuie of our repair 1 moved you 

and your {nac bteod 
To oo«aoN our leeowa'd deal(n) ; boib 

tlnueht did comleacvnd. 
Your ruYirn knew li. (ite OCOMlit and 

gmt ioiiniclioa 
To both your valonn. PdentcbarEcdbli 

etMi nB«i)BaU'd tm 
To tcma fall *l(«otio<B rtrengih. and 

(bine pait all ibe isi 
tn booour. a) in mare main fom. Tlwo 

•ne (by panlici blcit 

Wi:h deal adtjoa rruni tbj aire ; ' My 

lo>«d ion,' nkl t-r. 
■ Aciullo. by ba cia«e of blttb. luptiio* ■* 

And foe bit (orta moncacelkat, yet ifaou 

more itpe In ytai* i 
Than wiib *ouBd covnaeb. af^s Indt^ 

employ fab hcnour'd 




Commiind md oremila liii mooOi ; hit 

oaian wilt obe; \ha sood aataj' 

to SDjchuge dbcnelly pven. Ihkl doih 

Ttiox cbontd tby lire, wbkh thou far- 

gMt*!!. Yd now M LiK approve, 
Wiih farm] frfrrcnee of tht»o, th' nUntc- 

tlan of h}i love ; 
Wbo knoui it wctctJ Influence may blsn 

thy jcood intfiir, [li» (uli conwnl? 

And cnier wjlh Ihjr ^riaut mrdi. TVcn to 
Tlic Klmonilion of a biead ii iwecl and 

It ui|r oriiele he ihun. or If hU inother- 

Huh brouglil him nme liulinol from Jov«. 

thai roHillea tib iplcm. 
Let bini mg;n coiRnninil lo thn of lOI hi* 

M ivnilduni. [out ooofiulom. 

And firWl tir Ih.-!! tncani tome repube la 
AdofnlDff ih«e in hii briglil unu, Ihit hit 

rcKmblol fonn 
Mairhap1]r>na>^ thrrihinisliibiiiiicir.nni] 

otin Ihls liotule ilcirm ; 
Tlial va a Iliilc nn may caie our over- 

charc^l handt. 
Dniw tome bnttih, not rtjiltt tt aU. The 

for bul faintly iliuidi 
DoDMih hi* laboun : unil yotir charg* 

bslng fi«CT. »ntl (reihly gnra. 
Tbcy oa^lf fmm oui tcnti and lleel may to 

ifatii walls be dnvrn." 
Thlt moved Ihc good t'uroclui' mind ; 

wbo midg hid iitino*! hnite 
f iekm bli friend ; and as tbe fleM of 

Ilhaeii* he {KUt 
(Al wbicb Ibeir markdl vnr difpovod. 

coiinciti. and martial couru. 
Aad whrtr lo III' »l>:in «i the Goda Ihcy 

moidc divine rcwmt 
Ha met rcnutin'd \ijltypyiat. Evemon'l 

noble son. 
Halting' )>'* ')'>):'■ ^i'' <^lh a ihafl, Ibc 

lufuid tUTAE ditl lull 

Do«n fiom bii slioc^klrn and hU brom. 

uid from hii rJi^jrj;; wound 
Fonh fliivn'il hii nifUntliuly blood, yel lUli 

bll mini! nil vjiinil. 
Ills )%hl in kind ralioclua' broul (o 

tacmS pity lum'd. 
And (no(liin{ man immartial for live 

mtb] thai he moum'd : 
" Ah MiWched progeny et Greece. ptinc«>. 

deiccicd kiues, 
Waa II your bta lo eouilih bcuu, and 

tUoKh the oouaii tingi 

OfBvsEGTiiltuTrabervlnThjy? Tall bw 

£vcmoa'i fun«. 
Do yet lIiR Gncki willuland hit rotce, 

whom j«l no force can lame t 
Or are tbey hopeless thrown in deaili by 

hii cm«tl?*>Unc<?" 
•■ Divine Patroelu*," he replied. " no more 

<aa Greece adinnce 
Defensive <ii-cai>unt ; but lo fleet Itiry heail- 

king muu niire : 
For those Ihnl la this hour have held our 

Oett from hotiila fire. 
And are the bulnilcs of our ho«t, lie 

wiMinded ai iheir tcott. 
And Troy'i unvanqmshatilc power, still u 

II lolU. aojCDKnli. 
But (alM me lo thy btaik-ilrin'd ship. wi« 

me. and from niy ihtch 
Cut out this arrov ; iinil (he bliiol. Ilial 

Is ensoied .ind dry, 
Wath with w'nii water from the wound ; 

llien penile wlvn *n'if. 
Which thou known Ikbi ; Ihy prineety 

Mend hath laugtil ihee surgery. 
Whom, of all Cvntani* the niim j'lsi. 

Chiton did Institute. [prcqe<uiF. 

Thus to thy bonoumble hands mv euv I 
Suweourpfiysicisntcaanolhrli): Ma^^liaun 

at hU lent (and iniimi ; 

Needs a physician Mmsdf. being Iwch 
And Po(l.ilitim, m ilis (tBld, tho shaqi 

ccFnIllcl siuulns." 
Sironc M«Dn(iad«a replied: "ilow shall 

fosse thy paina^ 
What shall we do, Eiuypyliis? I am lo 

use all bast*. pntn piM, 

To signlly to Theili' son occunenti tHat 
Al NniliKS liaii"tinitilc suit. Dut be that 

trork achieird [menu iiotnlieTCiL" 

Wlieu this IS done, t will not Icaie thylor- 

Tbi* said, wliinn hi* badt he can, 

beneath hit bieut. his aim. 
And nobly help'd bim to hli leaL 

Mrvuni*. ming lib harm. 
Olipread oi-hidesupon (Iw earth, wbr 

Matliion lay. [clearly «-aih'<l a*iy 
PMitn'U» cut uut the sharp shnft. and 
With lukcviiiDi tvalet the black blood : 

then *lwlil his bands he bmlwd 
A stiaip and millKalary tool ; wliicb wIks 

he lud Infused 
Into ilw Ki«n, ircn-cttaMOd wouitd (be 

pvni he (til before 
Were well, and Inttjiuly alUy'di the 

itouad did bleed ne atote. 


tux »ti> or rvz suvcktb »ook. 


Tta ^tim U lb* MoA Ihdt fairm co- 

Onu Ukm* trmm dii pnn Han Mil * tuma, 
AbI wiik w 4Mid ■ MiwOi ke uti ii cm* 
At <bo« bioad Btlu llic Gci 

TWr HU ul iklim Uul, brainy Md 



flMjr yHH WIT M Im pawc ; vIm ill eeofa 
Tn nwh lb* A^ ; KUdi all *t too uctiK. 


m mki tW Ti<>)iin «U iSr ^ne*. 
Aid d«k tka CncUa f«l dchcc. 

Fatioclui thu (iDploy'd ia curt o< hurt 

ElllJpjIlU ; 
Both 1m*I* tn all Tor Mher woondKlmblr 

Omc «9 w^ litiMriiii 10 cxpd, Ibe oilitr 

Moreould tfae braail dAe «f (he Gndn. 

MM ihM (irons wall ibov made 
To yri tiNk Met. bi loni; uDiaied; 

bceuK k wu DM nHcd 
Bv erarw dbtcUon oT Am Godi. nor mra 

(WbcB (hn betua) with bccMomb*. thM 

tlMI IWT nUl ba tun 
Rbtfr awiflh MDK canon'd «dl Mih 

bMva'iq M (hMia h>in tece I'otdmv. 
Aad M, the dfigvuil o( iholt fleet, tod 

■n tbtir tfMMK then. 
laUUbtrltd bMO oonHtm'd ; wbea.iio«, 

ibar bidt«wk> wtn 
|«M Mhr oKhcM po«er of dieck to (heir 

(CM» now, M Hon w (her were bull!) bui 

apl t<i owutrar ; 
Swk H. in *CTT Utile time, A*D bwriU 

And (tMOCM ')^ nn tbqi wtn B«d«. 

A* IodWu Ibe dc*p(ec 
Of {!*■( lEuide* hdd up, aoi K«c(or 

■enl niMdovn. 
A^ ilni bj rbose two emmi teo»d taf 

Ubk Fram'* Mond town. 

So long thcit Runpln had MKno nM^ 

ltiou£!i nov li gnr« *onte wi; ; 
But whta TtOT's bat Ri«n tulfu'd faift, 

and mtnf Omki did pay 
Dear (or Ibtic MtCenncc. ihcn the rcit 

homi to (bdr ccuniiy iuib'H. 
Ibe tenth fear of lh«t m .ui ai IrDT, and 

Trc7 on uck'd .-md bmnd. 
And ihtB Ihe tiod» Irll lo Ihtir (ort ; iWn 

IhtT ilicit power) einplof 
To rain ihetr woik. and Ictl lea* or liial 

than tlirf atTrof. 
Krpiune nnd Phacbui tinnbtod down, from 

Ihe Idolum IiitI), 
An InuTiilailon <it all flood), that ihmcc 

(hr bread tea fill* 
On ilicic huKe r«tniiiiv ; Id one ulut. .ill 

liirac tojCTthcr mu'd. [Ihc oJorwJ, 
Rfaaui. I lc(>l(j>onu, Kliudhu. ScamiinIiT 
Caream, Siinuu. ORnictu, j£sepu»; ol 

them ail 
Apollo open'd the roogh meoihi. and 

made thnr liuty (all 
Raiuh tbe diuly ihamfiMi. wbtn nuuiy 

a hElm and ihield. 
And half.nid nee of men wnv trreir'd: 

and, that «II these ib%'ii ywlil 
FWI (iftniie to the hetncnly work, S'rptune 

and ftnsbw Hoa 
Jove 10 uaburthea the Madi wombt of 

ctandt. HU'd by (be son. 
And pour them in!o all iltKH tircaaa, ibal 

ijuickly ibey miffbi Knd 
Tbenu^wailtnlmn)lni[<othe«ea. NIm 

dan thdr Jijfhla did iprsd 
To niKtit) in Km;>als : a»d wha all their 

uimoM depth lud miuk, 
Jow, PlKTbiu, N«i«uoi-. itl came down, 

ioA all in ualc did aide 
To rum of tEi-i£ iii.f^ijtii fuct. Grval 

Kcptune ireni befcuo, 
Wrnoghl with hit lildeni, Hiu! ihr Uuntd. 

ininkt. rmla ol tieeo. bt lo(r 
Oul of Ihe rampbe : leu d ihcB all Into 

Ibe HdleipoDI, 
E'tn oil tbe praud (oU of ibt Creek*, wlili 

which ilicr dum eoolioM 
Tbc lo-b« itaonol DeHIea. aiid oot a none 

OfBtl[hdrbBCefoai>dadcai,afl with the 
( earth wow pUia'd. 



Which donp. tlie Gods lura'd liacW 

Ihe siWct-lEjwIng floods 
Bj Ihat rut Ehanncl. (litout:h whoic vaults 

Ihey pour'd nbroul ilivir broodv 
A'li) mtet'd all the ampLe ihoit igua wil)] 

duHjr EUUJ. 

Anil thu the end was of that wall, where 

now >,a many a )iuld 
Wai vmpiirJ o( uonca and ilarU, eoD- 

leodlng l» innde ; 
Wh*r« cuinoiir spoil lo high > Ihrcal ; 

and whnr tb« fvtl blowi ni.uU 
Thi^ ncw-bmU wooden tutPKi jrona. Aad 

hpnr liif (iroeki were pent, 
Tamtd mih thv iron whip of Jovo, (hat 

tcTTDn v«licincnE 
Shook ortr (hcoi by Hector's hand; who 

■nu In every thouj;lii 
Tit lenor-Buuier ot the field, and like b 

whiilwinc) fbu|:Iii. 
A* heb ai In hit morn't fini charr*. And 

aa A aavajce boir. [and hiinien'store 
Ot lion, huntol loni:. al uul, with luiundi' 
Ii eoiniMu'd round ; tbcy chacKc faim close, 

and aland (a* in ■ cower 
They had inctiatod him] jiouting on ot 

iaat an Iron ahovu: 
Hia elorioui heiul jwt nought appall'd. and 

jkadns forlli hii «iiy. 
Hete otenhrowT * troop, and thera m 

fanning ring doili si;iy 
Hii alMc paMai^ ; when, acain, that day 

And thrn the whole firld freca bIs rage ; 

>o llfXCor wouiia blowi. 
Rum out hi* tliain upon <be fon. and kU 

hi9 (om wmud fbrc« 
To pan the dike; which, being ao dotp, 

dHy cootd not gel Ihdf hone 
ToTCntute on, but imnple. tnorc, and on 

the very bnok 
To neigh vilh tpiiii, yci tiill stand oil: 

nor would a human Ihink 
Th* pM»afc lafe : or, U It woe, 'Iwu lax 

lafo (i>rntnafc 
Tbe dike being eveirwhue >o dotp ; and, 

where Iwal least deep, %rt 
WilhtUluaexcDoIbg thick, shnrp, urong, 

thul bona could ntvir nu ; 
Much IcM (heir cbaiiou an«r tbem ; jrec 

for the foot ibeic was 
Sane hopeful fcivint, which Ihcy wuh'd. then spake : 
" Hector, Mid all our fiiciidt ot Ttoy. 

we IndlsMTclIy make 
Offer of pwujjie wilb out hone ; ye tee the 

(Likes, thfl v-aU. 

Iiepouible lor hone to Uka ; ooi eta 
msn figfai at all. 

Tbe place beinc MRtit, and much moreafil 

Id Ifi iu ti3ie our bone 
'Hian give the enemy, Aod ytl, if Jove 

deem the wane 
Of Grecian glory utterly, and *a bOMTa 

That wo mar frf*ty diarBe ihem ihu*. and 

then will lake oor pana ; 
1 would wiih all apmd wiih lb' aMatjlt, 

thai ugly (hwne might shed 
(Tbua far from home] Ibcae Qredani' 

blooda. But, If Ibey onca torn head 
And inlly on IU from IheitflwI. wheninsa 

dRT)! M dike [oui ho>t is likr 

We iJull lie tlmc^liac nol a man of all 
To live and carry bock the news. And 

lIir.CRfun:. lie il Ihua : 

Here le«*« we hone kcpi by oor men. and 

all on fool let ui 
Hold ctuat loEt'ihiT. sad attend the giaoe 

ol Hcciori ciude : 
And tlii-n ilieythnll not bear oor ebarga^ 

our ccnqiHwl aiiall be dytd 
Iniheiiliva'puipk*." This ad*1ce pleased 

Hector, lor iwas sound ; 
Who firtt obey'd il, anil full-ann'd betook 

him 10 the ground 
And ibcn all left their charlou when be 

ttss Kcn to lexcl, 
Rushinji aboui him. and gare up each 

churiiil and steed 
To their dirtKton to br kcpl, in all proanel 

of war. 
There, and on (bat tkic of Iht dlka. And 

thin the rati prepare 
Their oniei: In&rcrcginieniitheyalllheir 

puwrr divide. 
Each reRimenl allow'd ilitee chiefs^ ol all 

which even the piido 
Served in great Hoclor'i irgiment ; foe all 

were set on fire 
(Thdt oivugc bciten through Ihe wall) 

niih huaidoiu dmirc 
Thai ihey might once but (iKht ai flecL 

U'Kh Hector eapialiu ueie 
Polyil^niat, and CebiioM*, who wai hi) 

chinoieer : 
Uul llecior found that place a wotM. 

Chiefs of Iht seoiTu] band 
Were Pans, uid Aluthout. Agenoi. The 

Tlie iliiTd iiionf phaliuu hvl, wu glTen to 

lb' angui Helleaui, 
Dciphobus, llial t^l-til^ oun. and iiiigbly ' 

Even Alius Hyitacldct, Uiat (roin Arisba 

The huge b«y hoije. and had his bouse 

where lim ScUcM flow'd. 



Ibc (odtdi duufc good Xnett led, knd 

wia Ubi mra oombBcd 
Aididbdiw, aad Acamu. Antmor't 

tad RsclkM at evoy flshl. The AftFi 

te f t iun kad tochWKX. wtto Aoeard. for 

bil OOaiBIMMl'* Mpf^. 

AMcvopaew giMt te unit, *»d Olnucm : 

(or bMh (hcM 
WvBbctfofaUmeabulhlmwJr; tiui he 

««s (dlcntlcM. 
Ilna Rited mih tbcit wdl-wrcnishl 

(hleUs. down Ibe step dike thev ^u. 
Aad (ihiniy of Uw ««iliMMull) briicwt in 

■ta.4laiib(ln> bol wiih bcadlonK full* lo 

uaiUa down (ba Gmka 
nan ONit tluk Mirj. In which Iruit. ^1 

on ', And no mn ucki 
T« «raM Poljxisaiaa' adirloo vilh my oihcr 

Bu Aifia KfTUKidH; who (piood of bb 

Woold not locMkn ihcm, nor hU man. 

ttal wn Oick nun ^er. 
{Fbol thM be w«4 bui nO lo Aoei : and 

Uute knew faew asM 
ABBId«>lhMhiD,andatQiv: and that 

Itnt took 00 loft* Itton : bul tooki, and 

hn on Ih' *II-co>ertoi; miit of faia, Ibat 

(bra dk) hanf upon 
Th* lana «f xnM Deooallda ;* be laially 

Tbo Wl iMail wi^ tv wtdck Ae GrMb. 

wWi bone and cbuioi. 
Cbne Dwallr (raari IWd to llm ; cloaa to 

(be aals he KOt, 
Whkb boch iinban*d and ope fac found. 

tbai »a Ibe Mawr iinr>>t 
mm be Ibc aayfrtend itat mi behind 

Mt andi sder far a fot^ bc<auK 


I'd «poa itpail fab Iboosht ; vlio 

■m pnlwit haid. 
ftlwlj ihonUaf ; andwUh him vmtnr 

BON frkadi of aanr, 
Tknl wowM MM kare hioi. ihrnicb none 

abe would boat UiM nj (or ^mr 
(la tbetr free dwicc) bol he hiaueif. 

Onaio. laiaanoa, 
Am) AeaaMf, Atkdti, Tboon. Ocnomau*. 


m_ tn. 


Were Ihote <hal fatlow'd Ailui. Wilhln iha 

Calei the)' knind 
TwoemUicnilrvAloioiu, that from (be noe 

Of tbr rigbi raiUni Laplthes derived (hdr 

high deicen( ; 
Fitrcr l.'qntRig wa* (he one. like Man io 

The bibcc mi|[h(7 Poljrpiet, Ibc (ml 

tVilhoui' K>n. 
Tbne Mood within (he loRy gala, and 

nothing mora did thus 
Tlie charr* o^ Ailoi and hb (rirnds, (han 

(HO Msh hiU-brcil o«h*, 
WcII-iiHi><^ in ilic binding ranh. obey the 

airy urokei 
Of «lnd and weather, alaniling fitni 'giinat 

evtiy mfon't >{ate. 
Vei (hr; pour on oonllnupd itumti. and 

bar lliii iitiicldi npti);!it ; 
Wh«n in Ibd mran tpaoc Polyiatt and 

Lotmlcu* cheo'd 
Tbiir aoldien to (be fletf i deTence. Sot 

wbtn the ren had heard 
Tlie Trotau in auenitii to icale. damour 

and ilighr Jul (luw 
AmongM Ibc Cncuns : and Ihi^n. ibe rai 

diimi) d. thtMtwo 
Mel A)iu> iniering. ifaraM Um bach, and 

fbUKhi beloie (heir doon. 
Nor farad Ihn (hen lilu oa^ (hat atood. 

bu( as a bno* of boais, 
C«iiidi'd In (heir own bred hill, (bal bear a 

icirt of huslcn' tboul, 
And hound* m hot nail ooming on. then 

from (heir dent kfeak ou(. 
Tkaintne (hdr btca, and tulfi'i not. in 

wlldnai el (heir way, 
Alioul ihcm aj^ plant U Mind, bul 

thiiJMa offmng May 
Sieak (hioiigh, and lend q) by Iha looU, 

wbti gnaihet Into ak. 
WUeb tnnralt Blit wUh thovu, houm^ 

homt, and all (be hot abir 
Deals nl thnr beaeml : to (hek aima rang 

WJtb auailing blow*, 
And to [licy uiiT d (bem In fcpubc; right 

well Bitunid thai Iboaa 
Who wetc wiihln, and on Ibe wall, would 

add lh«ir pana. who kaaw 
They now loiigh( foi their Kna. Aeet. Hif, 

and fame, and (hcrafote (hmr 
&loDia fnm Ibc wMt end Mwen. » tfakk 

at when ■ iii>fi wind ihafca 
Black douda In piccet, and phick* rnfw, 

fai greaX and pluary flako 

■ HnlartirliTiitil VtaitmtM&Viiia*. 




Fnni tbdCMft bcaom*. Till Ihc ground bt 

whollj clothed in vhicc ; 
So ennh ma bkt wiih stona and darn, 

duti from itiG Trojan righl, 
Stosa from (ha Oncki ; tliat on ttia hel mt 

•ad bouj' Trelan ihl«lils 
K«pi fodi a njijung. ii nmucd smt A«liM, 

who MW nelds 
SIgki; beat! till tlilehs, lad Ik a rage bii 

rnuU lo J«v« nppliw^ 
"0 Jote," Mrid in. "now dear ibwi 

Ukow'it thou ait a tritiul lo IIi4, 
PMndne. In th« fl%ht <rf Grtcc tbe 

fnaUnB o< li good. 
To all Ihvir nilni^ wtiich I IlHuiglii Mmlil 

never be wiihitcxtd ; 
Vet Ihejr, aa ydlaw wnupi. or Ixis* (ItiAl 

havtni; mnde ibeir n«t 
The gasping cranny of a hill) wlicn (or 

n hiuiler> fcut 
lIuiiIcT* tome hot and hungrf in, nnd dig 

(bi honryctunln. 
Tbcjrflr unon Ihem. ilrike and Btlng. and 

from ihclr hollow boma 
Will nul bcbcaien, lull dtfaad thait Ubtnu'i 

truic, and brood : 
No more will these be Oom Ihdr pon, but 

alhOT loM ihcit lilmxl 
(Althoughbuliwoat;°JH><>Uiu)at beont 

pdKincn made." 
All (lib. to do hii action gn<o. could ekH 

firm Jove penuade. 
Who tor the cvtwnl oouniel tlood. and, 

'giunil hli nnsDlar brave. 
Bealow'iloa Ilrclor Iluil ilngr't (ntne. Vrt 

he and tbcaa bebiTe 
llienuclve* thui nolily at tlib pon : but 

bow at otbn otuvi. 
And all alongn uie iiony w«n, tole force, 

'minti lOree and furu. 

Raged in oanieniio« 'twiit both hwn, !( 

were no ei^ thing. 
flBdllh«ba«oni(rfaGi>d. to tune to iiTe 

The Treiaaa fougtil not ot ihcmielirea, a 

fin fmn heaven m) Ihromi 
"nm on amoActl llien, through the wnll. 

men added to iheif own. 
The (inelci Iwld BOl their u<ra : w«ak {lief 

went with h« irilher'd hjuwi, 
Aaddlpp'd it deeply in tlHlripirilt; linw 

(Mr oonld nul cominand 
llielr KMM M abide the Ibeid, whom hanb 

{To HTc ibMS iblp« «bo«1d br^ng then 

btmt} and thdr food fotU' tup]>ty. 

Drave lo th' cxpuliive liehc tliry msula j 

and tbh mirht itoop thcM more 
TTinn n«d ««& could elevHIe ; for 

Coit* did (Iciiloic 
Their din esiaws, and all the God* thai 

wtic iluur 9ldi in war. 
Who. (hungh lliey could not ctou' their 

pliSlitv TTt were their (rtcndi ihus (nr, 
Stiii to uphold the boiler ton ; lor then did 

Polyinrt can 
.h Unec ai boinimiL whoie helm wa* 

ninde with chcskt t4 broH, 
Yei had not preof enouEh, ibe pQe dni* 

Through 11 and hli uiiili. 
nil bnin In blood droum'd, and the mai^ 

» liic to ipintful. I 

Foil now quiie iftiriilcH lo earth. Sa 

emplicil hr the veins 
0[ INIon. and Oimenui' lirei. And then 

The b/e'i end of I ilpponiachus. AntH 

nucbiu hl> >on : [hi* end liritua 

Kit taoco Isll at hit cirdli>-)lcnd. and vlih 
Anolhel end. Leonieus left him. and 

tiiroiigh the pm« 
(Hit Lern iwonl diawn) laa despen>lel|j 

uagn Aniipboia, 
And flfelcn lunibliid him lo MUtb. No^ 

could all tbne lina quench i 

Kit fiery tpiril, that his flnme In MenonV 

blood did drtocb, I 

And T3ged up oren to lamen's. and yotnit 

Orala-We; ^ 

All hcap'd Ii^Eclher mndc their peaoe ta 

that ml field of sfitfe. 1 

VVhou f4iiT um* wlitic Ilie victan >pcdl'4 

■lie yo'ilh of Ilicio 
{Of iihii.h tliL-re Kc^ed the moat aod be«tl 

Mill luldly liiiill upon 
TTio wiBlom ot rolydama*. and Heciof^ 

molctiteH slrengih. 
And follow'd, fill'd Hith wondroiu ijilri^ 

with H'iUi and hope ai length. 
Tbc Cnelu' mil won, lo Are tlieir fleet 

But. haling p-ua'd the dikn. 
And willing nriw (a post the waII, tU 

prodigy (lid anVB 
Tbtlt heuu with sonic drlibeiaie Stay : I 

hij;h-flown taele loar'd 
On thor troopi' len huid, and tuitaln'd i 

dncon, all mgomi 
In her (irons '*t^. ot wondroui lit^ am 

ja had no sudi ebeck 
In life and ipirit but Mill she fw^a ; aoi 

tumlng luck ber neck 
So Kong tM oitle'* gwxi^ that down A 

out betfemDl imjr 
AmoagM Ike nuMtBde: aod Mcfc vpd 

Uie wind* btt way, 



Crjiag villi aofsbh. When tbey am • 

tMMln] IMpcnc (fnttl 
So futt MDonpt Ihem lixxn alxnc, and 

tram jVH^t fo*l IM (M : 
tiatj look U aa cattai ^m Urn, twod 

fiiCbMd, and tbdr anu* 
PoI;>d>inu IhDOglil )iBl. and sfuike : 

" HtcMc, jrou knov, applauM 
Of hunwur bub bo«a nr hcmi me; dm 

&u it. or in w»t. 
Or lA •flain «( court, a nu cmplojr'd in 

To buKh lUnci tnnhar llua thni liii<!i, 

ot OaticT Mijr power : 
And ibtnim for ihu topic ooucio y«ir 

Hr«a|[ih hMh <A b«m aont 
To mc in councOt ; rci agala. wbu itiom 

1 wdR 4uco*tT. Lei nt coue; *ail mike 

tbdr flisbi onr ecu 
Ta rtils ilajri honoor, HDil not now a.1 tempi 

tlie GpEdin Oett, 
For ttit. I feu, «iU bs lb' orni. itie 

pfodicT doik meet 
So fiiU mib a« alTiIi la buul. A> thli 

hii^-flTiDB fowl 
Upon Ihe kb wing of oar hou. Implying 

Honer'd >bo*« to, and lUI liuu willtnlicr 

fdUa *aa 
A HiTaDi M cMbraol ml Us. nhlcli }«i. 

In (U her bin 
KafK I"'* •^ feivvBi Mitt to fight, •id 

WTDosbt ber onm relnM. 
KordU me ea|le'i <7ik Iced 1 lo Ihottsh 

■• ttnntirpreaM 
Upoa iKe Crtckwi^ md pcAapsnniroicr- 

Onliigli mlDckaMns «i Ihdr BtM, «ikI 

thni Te maeh app^ 
ThtJT ttvURl t|iirlH; nt tn ttxj ta 

tapeai-likr dlipOMO 
Ttel UiCT aill r>gt<, Ihuuh In cvr leiei. 

•nd will at Iragtb be lend 
WnhallooriNUCftci, anid the life of mon^ 

M Trojui bntM [our bbi 

Shall wtiS ibr «j"le At- brfare wt twry to 
Tliein, « tbdt lutvy." lliia tupoimdi tbc 

oiqpi that OMaDt, 
WboecdefMhlie knowLond tbeae ibould 

Cnir. Heetsr, iriih ccuMtmaacc beni, 
Tinn >nt>si'd faim : " Polydamu, jrour 

depiti In angorr 
t like DM, aad knew ptMlng veil Ibou (loll 

TbTietfintblf Cfialm; oriftliou Ihtca'U 

Ibjr tbongbH Uie Godi blind; (o adiiM, 

•nd UTE* itai M ow due. 

TbB> bttaki our ducfM; and i» Jvn, 

whote i«w and tl^n to me 
It put'd diiBcUj for out ipoed ; Jtt light- 

winE'd birds muit br. 
Ely i!^ Mlvice, ooi onulcs, wbote ftsiben 

liltlf stuy 
Mf wnoui ocIianjL Wbal care 1. If Ibli, 

or th" oilwr. iray 
Tbeir oild winei tmj then ; If tbc r^ht, 

on wUch lie ns dotli liM, 
Or. to flit Infl liand, whtre b/t teat Tk 

Jcnic's higb cound Sia 
Villi - - . - 

Willi liiuH viaci 111*! *b"ll l^Ot "P f^ ! 

Jow'ii, that Both canb and bcaven, 
Bolb men and God*, mialni and rule*. 

Ouc augury n given 
To order oU men. belt of all : Vlgbl for 

ih* tmitiuj't liglil. 
But wliy (ru'iit thou onr fuifha chacge ? 

for though the dangeteni Bglit 
Slrow all nicn here aboul the HmI. yet 

Ihgu und'ti never f«ar 
To bear tbcli fata ; tby wacy heart will 

never Iruit Ikee where 
An enemy'* look I* : and yet Aghi, for, It 

thou darcK abitiiii. 
Ot whiiptr into any car an ■bniDnwe M 

As (hou nddieit. never fear Ihot any foe 

Thy life (rum Ibnt, for 'tb Ibb laoce." 

ThU Mid, all forwicdi make. 
lIlRiteir the Ant : yet bafor* him adring 

clamour llBir, ffalcw 

And ihundel-toilng Jupller from lofly Ida 
A tloim ibal uih<;i'il ihdr aiaaidt, and 

mnile them charge li^ Um> 
tt dritvc directly on the fleet a dot M 

bTce and dim 
That It amaaed lite Greduis, biu wai a 

ence dltlnc 
To llcetoc and hU foUomsg tntoa, who 

wholly did Incline 
To him. bciiu now in (ncc aith Jon;, and 

■opui bouSyon 
To rue the taaiplra ; In vbsae bdghl they 

fiemlf Ml upon 
I'bc pirapcti. aai puITd Ihem down. 

laaed evaiy low wi ighl, 
Aad all ite beutCMea or uose, tlial held 

tbeir loweis Ufeidbl, 
Tlier tore amgr wim ero^n of iio^ and 

hoood to mla atl. 
Th«Umilayct Mood, and eliU tn«ii'd 

lb* fc«e-flgt>U «f thek wall 
Wilb hidM ofoien, and fiom thence, tbey 

paa-'d down wooca fn tliowtn 
Upoe the tmdetinincfi' heads. Wltliin tbe 

fciemow tows* 


Both the Ajica tud oomnuad, «tto 

■luwei'd cKTY pan, 
TV MMullen, and thdr Mldien. rcpKu'd. 

»nd pat ia bcait ; 
Repairing ralour u iheir wbU ; ipikcwmc 

Whoever made nnl Root hit I'l.tra ; ami 

Ihui Ihry aU laiti motvd : 
■ ■ O countrriDcii, now (ical In kid wniiU 

b»™ a«si be Jpent. (cxoallint, 

Tbc txcelleiii mint be admired. tSc mettneM 
Tilt iront do acll. In chmsine «■' >1) 

should DOI be jJlke. 
Nar any iiDc ; wlilch to know fiu nil, le«( 

Hcclor ilrlle 
Your rolndj with tHflili. u out with 

(hmu. ForvsnTbe ail your hand*. 
Urg« one onolber. Thii doubt down, that 

nnw betmrfit u* tiandl. 
Jdv« wili go «iih ui 10 their wall*." To 

this cfled ntouil 
Spaka both tbc princes : and aa hiBh, Willi 

thli, th' apulsion Dnw'd, 
And ai ia winlei tlmr. vrlien Jot« hi* cold 

ihupjaicUoa throwi 
Amonpt ut romuli : and 1* moved to white 

aanh with hli tnom ; 
The windi atleep. he fretly poun. 1111 

higbat procaliMiiD^ 
Hill lope, low maadowa, and Ihe (istdi 

Ihal crown with man contents 
The tolls of men, Mapons. and thoras. are 

hid, and »->f ry pUw. 

But Soodi. that snow'i lair teodet flako, 
Hiheii ovnbroixl. cnbtaee- 

So both lidta oorer'd tnnh with stonea, so 
both fat Hie contend, 

Toahow their «hsTinrji:throujh the wall 
aproar stood up sn end. 

Not bad gie*t Hector and his tnctidt iho 

tf botm'kgrMl Connsellar.hleh Jove. haO 

DOI inmsMd his son 
Soipcdon flikc the roren*( Ida; when he on 

Against the Oncians : his round targe he 

10 U> arm applies. 
BntstJeavtd wlthoui. and all within (hick 

aS'bldca quilf«d bard. 
The vrrso nail'd roiind with rods of fold : 

and, wtih two darts pRpuvd, 
Ha iMd* bis pwplA Asjpeseeamouatalu 

Lont kepi from pri^. In forcfef which, bis 

high mlml miXei him dare 
AlsauU BHMi the whole full fold, thoo^ 

Soamed Dcierso 
With widl-atin'd nwig, and Eacn dogs ; 

awar ha will cot ico. 

BdI KdtDiv on, and etber snatch a prer, 

or bt a prey ; 
So bred divine ^upedon'S mind, nsolrad 

In furcr hi* w*j 
TbroiicS all the fose-Bght^ and (he wall i 

ytt linn he did DM ••• [mind as he. 
Oilirrs a» cml aa he In name, at entt %a 
lie* Eiuke to GUucui: "Ulaueut, aj, 

why an we honniicd m^ne 
Than other nen of Lyua. id place ; with 

Of meats and cap) : with goodlief roofs : 

drIi|:1it:oinc cuidcns: wnlki: 
More lands and better ; u niucli wealth, 

thai ciiiirl and counlry talks 
Of us and our piMseuions, anil evtty wajr 

we go. 
Gmcoii us as we were IbdrGodaf This 

where we dwell is no ; 
The slium of Xaaihus ring ol this ; and 

shall wc not exceed 
As much In meiit aa ia 0(^> Come; bo 

we Kieat in deed 
As well u lijck ; shine not Is gold, bot la 

IhelLtmu (>( Iifflit ; 
That *•> our ne-il-arrn'd L7CU11S itiaj say : 

■See. these nre rlglil 
Our kings, our nitKn ; ilicae deaerve ;o eat 

sod <l link the best ; 
Thoc govern not inglorlouiljr ; these, Ibia 

ncecd the rat. 
Do more than they command to do.' O 

ftlend, if keeping tack 
Would korp back age from iu, and death, 

and that we might not omck 
In ttiii life** humiLU ta at all, but that d»- 

feirina now 
Wc shunn'd death eror. not would I half 

Ihn viiu valour show. 
Nor gtonty a fcilly to, la wiA Ihee (o 

Ailvoncr ; 
But since we mus! go, lliough not hen ; 

and that, betidrs the chnnc* 
I^oiKiwd iiQw. there nre inhDiio (U«S of 

other soils in death, 
Wlilch. nciihcr to lie lied nor tcaped. a 

man mu>I tjnk bcnealh ; 
Come, ay we. If ihls suri be ours, and 

either render Uius 
Glory to others, or moke Ihem r«^n Ihe 

like to Ui." 
Tliti motion GUucus shiftied not, tat 

without words obcy'd. 
Foteright went boiti, a mighty troop oT 

Lydons followecL 

* Sarpedoa's spfvek 10 Glaucn^ nriEhet 
cquilltj bt any (a lUl %ioi> of oil l>ui k»« 



ynkh bf Mcndlfccut otocntil. hit lot 

Mood Dp oe «Dd. 
Fbr. at ibe Mmr where be hwl«faac]E*^lte 

Bobonidbnm tn Hwlrwroacb. Hv 

ihtcw U> looks Mbooi 
Tbt Khol* tehi* D(*r, la M« wiMt cUcT 

mighc bdp th« mi*«n out 
Of hb poei tMdkD. sod txtietd when boiti 

Ui'aJum feocbi. 
And Teticet DevlicooM frocn ttcd ; aboni 

It voBld pnn oouffbt 

Laid Mch loud ctt(a ; lor vveir *>T- ^*- 

Were addioc. » Ttor look amj; and 

cIuBovflnr 10 Ugb 
Her wlop Hfook benca, utd drawa'd »II 

«ok>: Ihctvoduknrti loriU-h. 
And at ibe cOet of atHsli, he to ih AjKti 

TboOT On bcfild wJtb (bU chaice : " Run 

Of both lb' Ajaow. and call bolb. (or bolh 

Ssee hcTt ■< U ilaotbur, iniiAtitly, bo more 

(nftnad ibaa iboe. 
TIw LfdM cafNalni iliU my nuke, wlia 

Bna cAoa ibow'd macfa gweBenoe : k( 

Vtabestan hand 
Be aw mort needful than I hope, u lean 

LHAjaaTdavoninaail ih'ai«)Kr Ttunr 

TheheraldhaiKdaAdiniirtd: attdbMh 

III' AjioM told. 
nu PMew' noble hq deiltcd Ibdr Ultle 

labour w«ald 
Bnplor hinaelf In wteasmiaf Um. Bolb 

tbetf toppUc* were best. 
She* dMIk aMd'd hto qoBTter boM : fee 

oslt Bcfcdv p(<«*d 
Tkewdtfrarcdm^tiiT Ljrdan ehkfi. Yet 

If lite Mtvioe there 
Alsw'd Bol both, be pny'd iku ooe port 

cfhta chare* woaU bear. 
Aad thai wu AJai TdaauM, wllii whom he 

wbb'd votud coma [tai room 

TlaaKbetTdHn-. Telainan Ml iiwtawljr 
Tb aboaiLf oMDcdei, and wfii'd Aju 

Wtt Un W ^^ ip hli (upptr. and GI) 

vnli oowc^ 
Tba Qrtdan Mvts till Ut rdnm : vtich 

dranld tw Inifauily 
Wktn bt had w(U nOnti Mi fnfod. 

WKh thto the ooaapaar 

Of Tcucet ha look lo bii aid i Ttuot^ that 

did descend 
(Ai A)M di<l) tiotB Tdaaon. WHb Hmm 

two dul oiicnd 
Pandion, thai bote Tracer'i bov. When 

lo Msootlhrai' lowTT 
Tbef came, alonni ihe wall, ibej- found 

hiot, asd hit btatUa'd power. 
TooUnE in nuking atioox ibcir foil. The 

Lfcbu prtnoet let 
Black whirlwind -like, with both Uieli 

pawcn, upon tbe paiapel. 
AJai. and til. retftud ibcm. Gamour 

amonnl ^ttn role. 
Tbe tlauehier A)u kd ; who But the Uil 

cWr nielli ilidclotc 
OtWoDg iTptdei. that wat friend to Jova*! 

grciE L;y.iLin ion. [mttUe done 

Alt10^K^1 (be htj:h munition heap, a mighty 
Lay blgbal. noai tha (donacle, a ilone of 

uicIi apatoe 
Tbiit onaolihii timr'tittonscM men with 

both hindi could not raiv, 
Vet ihb did Aju louie and throw, and all 

in ihcnlt did diim 
KplcIu'four-iopp'douqgeaodtkiUl: who 

(a> y* KO one dire 
In Knot d«p tlitr) left Uf beichi ; life left 

hb boas* wilhaL 
Ttucci *hol UlanoK nuhing up yet 

hlsher on Ibe mil, 
Wberc naked ha diicero'd bis aim, and 

madr liim ileal ictnat 
From ibai hot scrric^ lett wcmm QmA, 

■iih aa intuiting ibttat, 
Dcha1d!ng it. misfat fright tb« toH. Sc 

pedon much was jpteved 
At Glaucui' patting, yet Umjsftt on. and 

btscMM Man (dwnd 
A Kitle with Alcmoon'i blood, luraamed 

Wliote Ule he buil'd out with bii lanca ; 

which luQotrlng ikcough the pt«M 
He dnv from him, Down Oom the tover 

Alcntaon dead It snook ; 
)IbfoiranairioeiitfOillhi*daalb- Th« 

Oercc Setptdon took 
la bb Uionjc hand Ihe bailtbnMel, and 

down he lore it «Hie. 
Tbc wall (iripp'd nabtd. aad bioad way 

for ruUY and full Gghl 
He nuilc tbe maor. Againil faim AJaa 

and Tcuc« made : 
Tcuter the licb bell on his breast did wUh a 

shaft inirade; 
BnlJupiWr arenod death, who would not 

see his son 
Die at the talis of Ih' M*H tUpt. AJu 
I dkl fMcli hli luo, 



t<im<K> On pliy trf 'ht CfwlH' hiM p1>i;>i! 
Like CalduiiVoih lb' A;>(rt 6fth tioiU, 
Am) olben ; to rvpcl ilic ir^iiTtiTi); Ik 

Hii kiEifily hi<t*< nod dcih ticnl^M 
OrhryniinB to iJie De»Iinie», 
Wtih <1iT<n oiKtfr- Fiuf Dcif Jinbtii, 
And hit pnpplithc ttmihti Kil^'iu*. 
Aj«w«unJH. Bui LlicjEVHl rrumi^ri, 
CuhBiinjr hit Avc», hemeni ihvir iililfoM 
Affk'nii ail 4r*riir i ^hlI thv4 the fitJd 
A michiy dBAih on tiihtr (td4do(hr>«[<L 


Hie Grvckli. irilb Troy'i bold powtf dlHD4|^d, 
An cbcu'd b^ NepiuDc't kcjcI Bid- 

JOVB }i«>puie Krclor. ami hii IimL Ihiu 

close (a Ih' Achivr flwl, 
He Itt them then tbelt own slrenf^Ihs liy. 

and MMon Uieto Itirlr virrt^t 
WUh caudeu loili and cnrvuica. For 

now he nua'd his Incc. 
lAxik'd dcnm. and ncw*([ ihc ftt^fr Und 

oTweU-rode mai in Thrar*. 
0( lb* nnown'd milk-nouiUh'd men. the 

HippemolEinni. ' 
Long-Uvtd, iDoti Jiui. and looocent: and 

dete-roujiiii Myii^uu t 
Nor hiia'd be injr mcso lo Trov his mr- 

naaiageTa, [the I^illo. 

BccaoM be Ihoutht not anv onr, o( alt 
Wbcn hb can Id) ih' indiRntni lirld, 

would aid on rllber ildp. 
But lliu MCorilT ia tore Iha (ml Sea- 

Who lat aloR on lb' uinoil lop «J thady 

And Tki^il the flglu. II u cIiomd m«i 

iMod In la brave a plnce. 
Thai Pii«m'« dlj', ih' Adiin ihipe, .ill Ida, 

did appeu [thcf«(bre *MWd there. 
To h!l (till view : who from tlie ua wai 
Hs t'Mk much rolli to fn iha Gmki by 

Tioy siBtaIn nich 111. 
And, inuEhtilT intsiufid wiili Jiive. uoop'tl 

Hnigfat ln» thai stnp hill, 
That tthoDk u he flew off. to hard hb 

paitinx pran'd llie bcigtal. 
Tbe iraodi. and all the grau hllli ntax. 

Imobled beoeatb tbe w«icht 

Of hi* immralal muvinc firet, Thrt* >Iep* 

hr only ir"jk. 
Uefore he f,v <,(! *j,u reacli'd ; but, wild 

tlir fourth, il hikc»k 
With hn ditoil entry. Ia Ihc depth rf 

lho» wai be did hold 
Hii briitlit and Eloriinu (olaoe, buill d 

nrvcriusilng Cold : 
And llicru aiiivoiT. lie pul in coach bia 

bca4<n-fool«l itndt. 
All golden- Rinnol, and pictil with wine* ; 

and nil in f^uidra w4<tJs 
Ho clothed himieK, The golden tcouicr', 

moti eWaolly dona. 
He loolc, and mounird (o hi* leDt ; and 

ihea the God t>c$iin 
To drive hll ehariix through (be warn. 

From ubiHpits vmy war 
Tbe wholes cTulicd under hun, aitd knei* 

their kuiK ; the Ma 
For joy did open ; and, his hone *o twift 

and lightly fleiv, 
Thr under aalctfoe of brui do drop of 

water drew. 
And Ihiu these dealblcn conncn bn>u|:ht 

Ihpir kinc to Ih' Achivc ihip«, 
Twiiii Ih' Imber tUflt and Icncdoa. ■ 

cvniin ctvern creep* 
Into (he deep mb'i guuy breail. and Ihcia 

th' CBttb-shiiker siay'd 
Hit forward Mont), took tbem from coach, 

and heaveolr fodder laid 
Intmcbbefora them: thelrbtaMbooroshe 

KiTt with iTivt* of cold. 
Not la be broken, noi dissolved, lo male 

thciii (iruily liald 
A lit atteoduice on their king : who went 

to lb' Acblve hoii. 
Which, like lo tempait or wild flames 

the cloBtuinj; Trojana toM'd 
Iitiaiub^ valorous. In Ilccior'* like com* 

iUch toundlnc. and reMundlng ahoutt; 

(or hope cbeet'd every liand 
To make the Greek fleet now Ibdr ptlit. 

aad all the Gneki d«iray. 
Bui Noniuae. ciccln u( Iha earth, with 

(ran hcvt did employ 
Tbe Grecian hondi. In ttraifO) of roios 

ColEhas' taawnblanoe. anil, of all, ft' 

AJace* Gnl besptke^ 




Who tt thc B w d m vm (m Foough: 

'*Ajacc<. <fot atone 
SlIiiJB Ibr cnBDKni good of Gneoc, in 

tfvtf j^tfm on 
TIm aMmon oT tartiiud*, asd Kn^e 

dtwfc tr e the ihniiitli hud* of ttof 

eould gmi mo no affriicbl. 
ne b««ra GMdu h*)v viihitood ibelr 

vom : but lhi> uur miuhii o-.iU 

Bang ifaa tnuuccDdcd by ibtii power. 

gimn (eta doth much appal 
Mj ouctul tpiiii. leu wa taci tomo tea) 

%rhcf« HtEWr, ncfaic dkc a Ibmc, doih 

In Uc thaige appear, 
Aad boaiB hiaiMK ilie best God't ton. 

Be joa coacntcil lo. 
Aad in w, urare than bninaa stkaa, that 

God majr •eem lo do 
la ranr deed*, and, «ith wch thoochls 

(boa'd. otbera u nwli eiboM, 
Aai) utch trnttaatx: tho* frau (nind* 

■III m a* grcal a M*t 
St wa gth Lp your bxlvi, and {cMeeb«di to 

ugRM llcclcci diai)[a. 
ILough ac'tr *o tUM4lke ; M>d Ibougb 

Jora Mill (pa«l hiiawin culaij:* 
Hb aaeiad kUmu." 1m* he (oach*d, 

■Ith Ml lofk'd iMfun'i poinl. 
The bnaMi ot both; Md both Ihoir 

4drtU,uid oode np cnoT ioW 
W«b POINT mpOMirv ; Kkao, Iuak4ikc 

twift, ma Kt Aocp lo fly. 
Thai berody iciinn'en (nun a loek. Inac- 

Rnible anil hich, 
CMi ihroogk a ficM. and kU a (owl {not 

bdn| «( her klodl 
Bard, and gel* ground still ; Mrptnna ao 

left Ihcae (wo, dlbcr'* ound 
Beyond Ihrnuctn* raood. Of boih wliicb, 

ODca* fira dItMn'd 
Tba Mailtec Dttty, and lald: "A>a, 

•ooie Cod bath wam'd 
Ow powcn lo Agbl, and tara our fleet. 

He put on fata tlw hue 
Of Ik' Mcot Cakbaa. By bu jmix. In 

Icating n, I kaew, 
Wkhool all qoaiito. twat a God ; tk* 

Gadi aie eittll; known : 
And in mj Wtdct tnaM I Cad a gtattt 

To orcula aftdn of Gghl ; I find lOT 

bawk to &ea [fcailiar'd undrr me. ' 
To an high mottM ; and mj leot leon 
Thia Ti hiaaaJ i ifamMMvrad: "So. to 

nr tboncblx i>y b*adf 
Bon with duiic M t<M D^ lano* ; Mch 

too* bondi BW Mand* 

Bare on bright btt; to **e hi* tpeed ; ai; 

bcKR tt raiHd ao high 
lltal lo cnoonnier Heoor's wif, I long 

While tb«a Ihui lallt'd, as onijo;^ 

arllh Mndv (or the Ichl, 
(Which God had Uirr'd «ii in Ihdr ipitlliy 

the lamc God dU eaciie 
Tte Gfccka that warn bebind at (lect. i». 

fmhiaK tti*'' 'i** Imni 
And joiau. being e«m daMlnd wUh ton ; 

and (t^nv Ihr d^|Hf hIc fnrta 
Flsy'd tqr the 'irojans lait tfa«> waif) griet 

■Iraolt Ibcra. aad their eyrt 
Sweat tcan froni UEiStr lliint nd lid* ; 

Ihclr tnuani detitnira 
Ncict tupiiotint; they Muhl acapc. Bat 

Nrpiunc. bltpliin]; a. 
Wuh irue lUiT'd up the aUs troofs, and 

(li(i XI bni begiD 
Wth Truccr. aad ft a al n M , tH bctoe 

LiilDii. (chut. 

Dtitiyru*. Merionn. and y«ung Antilo- 
All rxfvn in ibc dRdi tA um: "O 

liHillu of timxr." uid be. 
"Wbat chnncr i.- Ihitf In fwi toave 

A(rlil. 1 on.'r locJi'd M toe 
Our »rrr> wliula Mlrtr l >nd. if you 

tKKf (I ihc haitnfirf iKld. 
Nowtteaathc day ahcn OnecstoTnj 

D>i»t all tiCT honoun yidd. 
O giKf ! >o£RBl a mitaclc, and bonUt 

I" I'liht. 
A* aiyK 1 tM^ I tw r thoo^ could have 

pi»Itaed Ibe light. 
Tlw 'Itojaa bom ut at our ihipa, ibal 

h»v been bcTftolotv 
Lilr fu'ii xn6 ftatfid datf la araodi. dla- 

triji'tti rrcrnuxa 
With evciy Mund. aad )«■ acape not, but 

pnne Ibe lum.sp toe 
Of linoc*. woltta. and In^uaiK ai aervt 

Ixun to war. 
Ncc dunt ttsM Tnjaot at Km ti^e, fa 

aay knstdegtre, 

not nasalrtagih: or tttnd ooo tbock 

of URU^ cfclnilty. 
Vol aow, fit fnim the* walh. ih^ data 

(ighl al our Beet maintaia. 
All by oat ticsenTs cowardice, tluit doth 

iofnl fail oicn 
Wbo. UiU M oddi wlih hiB. (or ibM win 

needi (hcnixlTeii neglctl. 
AlKl(u9>!ti)aaafaMiotlKirtbi|». SOppCM 

there >■( defect 
[Beyond all qiBMUon) ht oar Uaf. to wrong 

And hi^ tat hii paiTicihr wrtak. bora all 

aawtaiicc taaw- 

te JA^ 



We n»ut not cease t' •utU ouneltes. 

Forgivt our Gonm! tiien, 
And qutcUy loo. Api (o fuigivc are bII 

good-miulstl men. 
Yet yoo, qnhe raid of tbrtr iroixl mimla. 

jrive good, lo you quiie Ion. 
For ill in oihn*. though ye be the wonhicii 

of yonrhott 
Atotdu iMn.l wiMildwoni,toAsh(wltli 

one Ibu fliM, 
Or ksvcs Che flaht u you do now. The 

Oential tlotiiCul iita. 
And you, thouch itoihful too^ maintain 

wlih him a nght of tpleen. 
Out. oal. { hue jt fiooi siy hratt ; ye 

rotten -mittdR] own. 

In Ihi* ycidil an ill ihnl'i wone than all 

your &1t><h'i dislika, jhrniiun tlrikd. 

But aa 1 know to all vom heini my tr]"*- 

60 lliilhcr kC jttM tbaSK iliikc loo ; Tor 

while ixtv Maud M9I b«rc 
A niighiy Tight vmam% m your fleet, greai 

IloctoT mgifili ihfm 
Hath buni ibe \otig bar and the (ales." 

I'tiui NcfMuno rouwil l)icu men. 
And round about Ih' AjacM iliil Ihoir 

nhalMXc* main lain' 
Their uatlon fimi : whom Man hlDitdt 

had heamoncsl llitm j;>>nc, 
Could IMI diiMuase : t)or Jcne ': Maid that 

Id* men nensr on : 
Fa> now lh« b«i were diosen oui, uid thiry 

readiid th* Advance 
0( K«ciot and hit mm M fuli, lb»l Unce 

W linnl uith liUlce, 
Shidil* iliickend »ilh oppowd ihlddn, 

laiETli lo (irnli nail'd. 
Hdnu lUiek U> helnu, and man lo man 

fTvw, Ihqr K chlM anail'd. 
Plumed oaiquei wen hang'd in elthei'i 
^moL all Join Vlwet«M their tixntli. 
Thar luwn Hood, thnut out 90 thick by 

tuch aU-daring hands. 
All bal Ibnr hna bnoMl to the poinl, 

and mode nd fight Ihetr Joy 
Of both. Tniy all In heaps Mrook llral, and 

And aia round piece cri a lock, which with 

a wtniet'a flood 
I* from bi) l«p lorn ; uh«n a ibovret, 

povr'd from a hmnirn doud. 
Httll teeks the nalunl bond il lidd Wilhin 

(he roueb sXeep rock ; 
And, lumping, it IVei ri»wn lh« wood*. 

iT«oun(llng rrrty thock. 
And on, mKMch'd. ll headtowg teap. till 

iDapltlD IIMay. 
And tban, lbou{b aetttto Impell'd, h itirt 
BM Itiy my. 

So H«rtor. hFre:o Ibmiled llimri. lo go 

to lea in bluod. 
Ami nnch ibe Grecian thifM and tenti, 

wiihoui bane once wlthiiood, 
Bui when he fell Into Ihi; nrcnglln (ha 

Grrciani did DunuiD, 
And that they fought upon (be iquare, ha 

stood ul«ltp[d ibvn: 
And (o ihe adTFiv torn til Gi«ef« laid on 

Willi twurdi >nJ daiti. 
WhoM both pndi hurt, that they repell'd 

his wont : and lie converu 
Hit Ihrmtt. Iiy all mean), 19 iWreatt : yCC 

made oi he mired, 
Only t' encoun>);e ihote bchinil ; and thiit 
thom men iiugiired : 
"Trejani! Dudanlan*l Lydnntl All 
w.iilikc (riendh itasd clow ; 
The Creeks can mverbMr me long, ihougfe 

lowei-Uke they oppow. 
Tbii liureeb ba nire. will ba their ipoil ; if 

even Ihe bttt ot Gait, 
Hich thiindnring Juno'i liuiliani], win my 
Bpitit wilh Hue abodea," 
With Uila all sliensi'is and mindi he 
Riovctl ; 1ml youiii; DcL]>hoTii», 
Old rrinm'i ton. nmongti tbcm oil win 

thiclly vlnnoxu. 
HnboiR lii:(orrti]m hit round shiekl. Itipp'il 

llgtiily Ibrgugh the ptraic. 
At all paiii co>vr d with tin ahictil ; ajid 

liim Merionei 
Ctiiu«ed wtlh a gllllcrliig dut, that took 

hii. buU'hidf orby alueld, 
Yet pierced it hot, but lo the tap iiwlf did 
pii-«inc»l yii-lil. 
Deipliobui (hiust forth hl» targe, nnd 
(cAi'd llie brnkcn enda 
or llronc Meriones hia lance, wbo now 

tuin^ to bit (rienda ; 
Tlie greai heroc unrnlns much by such • 

ctirtnce to pan 
Wilh knee uid conqiicit, fotth he wcnl to 

frich finulTirr dnrt. 
Left at his icni. 1 he r«t fought 00. ihe 

clamoui heighien'd there 
WiamoM Bnmraxuivd. Teucet GiM did 

Onh the moDaerf, 

And tk'w n goodly man al amn, tbe 

toldirr Imbriui, [at IVdasBi 

The ion of Menlor, i^chinhoree; hedwelt 

Bdore the wni of Greece sieged Troy j 

from whence he momnl 
MedcaicaMe^ one that tpiunj; of Priam1| 

But when Ihe (iteck ibipi, dou 

airirtdal tUoiL 
To lUoa be tetorad, asd p«vtd I 



I tk« TRriMi ; fa* «u k>dc«d wf Ik 

Prim, who kid dmr 
Bk «atanl mm mo mon than liim ; )ft( 

Urn, btn mh Iba cw. 
Hh >gn of T«faiiiao MUln'd Mid drew 

hU taaec Ko rdl, 
Al >hca ta uh on nana falU't lop (Imtf 

topp'd soodiDui wdl) 
Tbf wkI t«iM down, and tw pi^nili bb 

jovai leans lo th« toll : 
So leH he. aad Iw lair unu froaa'd, wfai A 

Traorr lonc'd lo *poli, 
Aadinbenw: and Ilcaor in, wbownia 

tMflffH lanov 
Al Tenocr. «lm bdMldlng It, illpp'd by, 

BBd fwe li cbanoa 
Om A«)or« too, Amfklmadiui. u-tiMc 

bn«M liMraok : *ad I* [toicDi is win 
Fkw Hactor, at UatoandHnc bO. vuh full 
Tbe umpdnc bdaet tnm hu bud : tut 

Aju wUhadui 
Rea«hd Hodot al be ishing In, i^I 

Kach'd not ta; pan 
About bnlKidy : H *m bid qiUto throoch 

lb* bOM jrcc or Mt tirce h look, wbow 

fcm dirft Mar'd Ibo can. 
And ho nsvi'd *aM from bocb Ibc titmlu ; 

both wbkh (be Ondiuu b«D 
FioDt off (be Add. AoiptUinackuiUeocs- 

thani did toAOfVi 
And SikMin, lo th' Achaian Miaictli. 

Til' Ajana (that wcr |9fc«sed 
Still isoM wllb iBMt bM MfTks«] on Ttujan 

Aad n ftomdafplr-bnten hound*, a hnet 

A rnw iltilr coil, and ibroaich tho woods 

bear in imIi jrai <hn ixmr 
AleA. M op Inlo ibe au ; to. up Into tbc 

Bom boiil lb' MtMB Imtntm. uid raulc 

Ills anM ifadr prtw. 
Vet, got ooouni, OlliadM. oni*t«d to 

ae« there dead 
HkiBKh-brimdAnphtNachui. behew'd 

<dr ImbrJitf bead : 
Wbidi, awiaciacraiiBd. bowlJkc he to»'d 

aaaoani the Tt(4>" proua, 
Aad Ml at Hectoc'i fc«t h (cU. Amphi- 

macbg*' d(c«BM 
Stiaf atpbeit (» ike God o(>ava, moch 

nx'd ibr Dcitjr'f mind. 
And to the ihlpt aad mm* tn oiucb'd, |ot 

moic lo nuke inclined 
Tbe Grecuin to iba Ttajut bane. la 

bailing loiih^end, 
IdOOMMV net «rilb Uh. lecanlns f ROD a 


Whoae hani laiebuM. his mm brought otf ; 

and hniteg gtrpo comnuind 
To hu pltTiiciMa for bit cuir. niueh lind 

10 pur fail hand 
ToTroy'i npubcw he kA his loel. Him 

(like lAsdrtatoo'i tof. 
riince ThoM. that In Pleoroo nilcd. and 

loll; Cal><d0R, 
Tb* Xii^aa povm, aod lite a God wat of 

hit lubJMU loved) 
Nepiuno acountn'd. and but thui bis 

lormud tpnil moved ; 
"Idometwnv piiiKS of Crete I O 

whiidfT DOW ore fled 
Those (hieaii In Ihce, with which lb* nat 

the Traiiun Rionscod t" 
" O Thou," he replied. ~ no one oT *!l 

OUT boU ilondt now [know. 

In any (|uatiao«f rrproof. ai t am lei lo 
And why i* my imetligence (ilie T We all 

know how to ichl. (knowlnlfT iii;M, 
Aiid. (lear dianimating none) all do out 
Not con our harm* aocute oiu sloib. not 

one; from work wo mivL. 
TV creat God only work* out 111, whow 

pteaiurr niiw il it 
Thai, fir from home, in bostite liekU, and 

wllh loglaiiou* bte; 
Sonr Gi*rk« should pn^ 1M do thou, 

OTbooi; thatofltle 
Hav ptOfvd a MMIer.aad watt woat, when 

thou h«l tloth b«beM. 
To ttilde tt, and exhon to poioi. now hate 

lo lie rTpelI'd. 
And set on all men." He replied. "I 

would 10 braiea. tlial hi'. 
VVbocvcr ihif day doth ^atniu fivm hulle 

M.iy ncifr imw hit bca from Tier, lull 

b«re become tbe tny 
And KORi of doc*. Come Iben. lefccanM^ 

and 1*1 oor biod auar 
Jotai both oor tbives. Though bti two. 

jei. fadoK boib ooaihincd, 
Tbe work of onny lingla hanijb ae may 

perfonn. We Hod, (Ibile bm. 

Thai (inae oo-BogDwntcd Ibiitioi in monof 
Bm wo have singly uMh'd Ike ff«aL~ 

This laid, the Ood ani^ 
With all bit ttaUtta^ visfud the »« of OM 

tf ht of mca. 
Tbekingnim'dlolniMni; lidl araa put 

oa bb bn«U. and tooh 
TwoduulnbaBd.anrifcirttbbeAew. lUi 

hjote on made him took 
Mecli tike ft fieryrocteot, witfa whicb Jon's 

salphufy bud 

Rathci. diowtng llOMl 



Abode* IhM «*«r ran Uton tempcU ucl 

Eo. uliittiwiRpaDe.thaw'dbbumi. He 

wn «acoaDi«r'4 thra 
Ux hii cood Inorl Molonei yet ncu bli 

lail *. IQ whom 
Thui ipoile Ihe powtr o( Idomen : ' ' What 

TOton iDSkis lliec come. 
Thou ten of Molui. ni)r miMl lovrd, tbui 

lotTiiiic Cglu nlooc > 
b't Im ioi!k iTuund ? The jftvelln't bead, 

>un «u;kia){ in the bne, 
Dwinat Uiou caw of ? RHnx'lt Ihou Bewt? 

M wh«l ii il Itnt bnoa 
71i]P pcocnoi! hllhet^ Be auuivd. my 

tpurii aecdt no ulnn 
To Mi bot oonflift. Of istkU ibou mc»( 

I tooie, lad lub. 
Pot aay lenl'i low; la iasttv (be luucful 
talni o[ iIMh." 
H« aiWKR d ; Only for a dall. be tbat 
ntml did mnkr, 
{Wnre anv iL-ft Mm ■[ htt lent] for. that br 

had. h* bnka 
On pmid Deiphc6ui Ui sbldd. ' ' Is one 

" Take OM and tmsly. if tliuu llkr. foi in 

my lirni ibcy be ; 
They tiMr[ ibcie dUnii» by the walk. 1 

look ibetn u mnr prao 
From therK (alie Trojans I bare tlaia. 

And ibit U aoi the guiie 
or one thai love* bb lent, or li)[titi a£ir oIT 

with h<i be : 
But UDO) I loM 6glkt. tbettton doth my 

maitlal Mar bestov, 
Bcddo tboM daitik haloid *'^* bond, 
and conleti bti^bt u day. 
"So I." taid Mehon. "at my leol, and 
■able baik. may ay, 
I many Tropin spaii tetaln, but now doi 

nmr tticy be. 
To Hiw mc lot lay ptecetu sw ; and 

iheivfucD ask I Uiec 

Not that I hckafonitadaloNenmeiiiith 

fny ova : [ntca munm. 

For ca in the loetmat Sfbu. thai Rtiilcr 

I iiikH- wbon spy fi.chl dulh ilir. And 

ttb peifeap* may veil 
Be hid lo Mhffi^ but ihou know'it, and I 
lo thee affml.' 
"I know," tcplleil the kinc. "hciwmuch 
Ihea vraigb it la «vf ry wonh. 
WhaiiM(d'« tbcni therefoKUtMr Itiitf II 

*■ thould now cbodM lortli 
Tba vonlilMl mm lor ambmbei, to aJl 

our lleM and bon. 
(For ambaabai are aaniee* Ibit tij mot'* 

Since tbtte Ih4 fnirful and the firm will, M 

they ate, appear, 
Tbc fouM aliertni uill hii bus. and roB 

not aoyirbcni 
Nor » hU ifMl capablA or th' Mnbuih 

Bui liMb. cbtnctth nill fad place, and 

eiouchMh cmttDily 
On b[a bMI biuadia : UU hit bd(hl 

tcarce teen abore the pound, 
For rear to be *ccn. yet mtiM tee: hii 

h>4Tt. with nmsy a bouitd, 
OSering to \e»p oat ol hit breaal, and, 

enr Icaciiif death, 
TIm cohlneai oil it mitka him snath, and 

taU thakcs out hii tMlh : 
Wb«n men ol valour Mlihcr fear, not 

ever change ibeir look*. 
Fntm lodtiac ih'aBbtuh Ifl It rlie;bul. 

Btitce there lamt be iirakr*. 
Wuh to be quickly in thrir mfabl) thy 

Wiml'lh and hand In Iboe 
Wlio tbould nfevnf For if, ^ off, or 

GghliitM ia Ihc prraaci 
Thou ahouldtt be wounded, I am lutc ihc 

dan tbat gnve the wound 
Should not b« drawn out of thy back, or 

make Ihj n«k the ground ; 
But meet tlif bdly. or thy brcair. In Ihnil- 

Ing fuiilier jrt 

When thou an funbiM, iSI iIm Bni, and 

before Mm, thou set. 
But on ; like children let doi ut Hand 

braggliig thut, but do ; 
Lott aonw hear, wid past incafut« chidai 

that we Hand Mill and una 
Go, ebooM a bcner dan, and make Man 

tield a bdler chasea." 
Tilt Hid, MaiMwifl Uetlones. Mtb 

ham. a b>»*en iMtoe 
Took from hi* teni, aad overlook, moit 

canfiil of tba wan; [harinful Man, 
Idoinrneui. And cuch iko. la hcilil. u 
And Tenor, hit beloved ton, thai wiiboui 

terror fifhtt. 
And U ol tuch niength that in war tba 

ftiffblcr hr affrifhu, 
Who. on) of Tkiacc; tbey both uk» anM 

aeainil th' Ephynn banda, 
Or 'truast the gnat-atml'^ Phleflaafc nor 

tjivour thelT own hand*. 
BuicivctbECaoatooihenMUL Insntk 

ten to the tghl, 
Matth'd thaw two maBacon of meo, in 

armour* full ol built 
And flm ipuke Mtrton : "On which 

pan, aon of IVrmtlon. 
Sens thy mind CO invade iho light? IiTl 




The Tra)aM la out batik'* dil, tbc light 

ocMt-teDd wief, 
hi ■■ pan* I NMMM enplo/d f To 

iMi the Cmaa king 
Tim taawn'd : " In oui nvry's midu ok 

olhen that UeUI ; 
Th tvo AjwM : T<iK«r 100, with ihilh 

Of all Dw Orndun, and, ilMUth Hull, ii 

gnU io Grhit o< Mud ; 
And fhmt ffbougtt huge be be of itrtiigih} 

will Mm to fill Um hud 
Of Hcciar'i mV, lUt MMobt, that Budkt 

li dMU b> oird a dted of he^t Cm him 

hfNB niltning throes 
Kw tnoda Kill) to owlaboiu Ihon. ud, 

bettcMK Ibdf KNub luAds, 
BdkiMOWflCM. ir Jove UnNdfoM not 

niif i< twr niTT. ItMi allilr iiii iiiiii coa 

Gnu AJax TeUnoote lo none olhc irtU 
Tbt tidd) to death, and >IMM Ufc lakei 

Ccna' anlritia«. 
Tbat can be cut vlUi any tron. or pub'd 

wM) BiiftilT uoor* : 

Not to Jbttiiie* hMMtf be jrlekb for 

coinliati MC. ' 
tbonebctawb* >diM an* plaot tor pan 

and Aee MilDge of Ut feet, 
ttaoa ihM. Um Mil* (bnnc our plan of 

MOMowcl baadefood 
S>r hk bigta ralout, ki ov aid Kc an 

UMidMlcibeleft irtac.Md w thai let 

M dtfoet ourcowar, 
Wbera qnlddr fc4 we thu dot toe, or mdge 

blm tedoor (oree." 
This orfo'd, (win Mcriooa wnib aad 

foRweol hli Ung, 
Tm botb antrcd vhtn one cnjoja'd. 

Whoi, bl lt» G««ki' ltd! «int 
Tb* Tntasa mw the Ciccra kloc. 1^ file 

And btt otteadaac In tf%bi onu eo 

(Isrtoolljr Indtml, 
Botb dMcrtw tbe riMCMr traoca: all at 

And w Iba lUmlehMdMir am on both 

pant wen IndeaseuB 
Thai, n from bollow boMUnf «iadi eo- 

gendo'd Monna artib 
Wbmdnu doth tM cfly d ug the waji 

vtAcb up nto 1w ina 
Tb* «Bntcn lempist rSTtsbtth, beMllag 

So nne ugetbef botb tbe fos. both hMed 

And vodt «llL quick tIMt nihR't dtalh. 

Mu^fietw oontBiUcii. ri4[ht. 
SeinpberbrtBkaln the Oeld nlib laeoca 

lone and IIkM. 
WbkhihHl feu foul on dibet's lace The 

spkndovf <tf the tied^ 
In new^HDuT'il cnictiL mMul cnsqiiet, and 

faiueah'd ihleUt. did aeal 
Tb'aSAilo'tcya^i. Ha suHaia'd a huge 

ifUV, ibai ma glut 
To loe lliu labour, or la teol that %(c«d 

Bol aridcoiMK). 
Thu* Ibne two dbagtedng flodt, old 

Saturn's mighty tan*. [onBlaof, 

Aflictad ihfw Stnk men «lib bun op- 
Jore hooourtng ^Eaddet (to let ib« riiiJi 

(tin tiT 
Then want withaut htm) would baiaif, 

jet Mill the vieliify 
On Hrdor. and the I lojiui power : jn (or 

Aed honour of hi* inatbei'i]uem. grenl 

Goddeii of (be uo*. 
He a-oald nol let proud IBon irc« the 

Gnciata quits dcttnif'd. 
And thoeloie bum the boaiy deep lie 

>uff«>*d M) emplojr'd 
Gnai N<piunc in tlie Gmltn nid; nhe 

xrlcvnl for tlinn. and Uoiin'd 
Kilrrnidir lit liit bnulm Jove. V« both 

one Uoddcai (o«B'd, 
Aiid one toil bred, but JupOrr prtradtsca 

took in bitth, 
And had more fcnowledgc^ fat wtich 

aula, tbu otbtr canw not (onh 
Of hb wet kingdom, but wllb aire of not 

Tlie Gnoaa boat, and Uke a man if<pcar'd, 

and Made the fight. 
So thcic Oodt moile mtal «aloun C"^, 

bat MaQ'd them with mar 
Aa hannfti) as thdr beans were good ; and 

■itMch'd ihoM chaina ai br 
On both tides ai thdr Umto could bear, la 

which they Here inolved 
Past browh. or looring. that iliclr ki>M« 

Might llien£ace be diuolvcd. 

■ Tbs ca^n of Jon ncicJtJ Kiannrt 
(wib Ptut wpoa (Gs (bal tvcsuw la iru 
Man ■neieai.aBt WcAeil m hi^ivl-i)^ and 
vitdwii ; ua 190a IId ttrwe, th. iAi* X**fl 
«1M4VC. #C. MI4 4awn lib b» cac^ vcv^hy ID 
ha aaMd tpiaim ! wk 1 tkiiA >1b Am A* 
hki«id«s*f eimai Iir(.wh>cb(>a4*a|°r>u 
i&^t: due br aer pM <»° *» Iwrnt SM 
iHHiMs laeKMly innlwBlal : loe MWwi<e, 

Bk« vnj^mmmHn •k"^ dmU lUK bM 
MH. At. >lin da l>id* el OwiM 



Then. Ilionsh a hail-grcf ttiut be ««re, 

CnM'* MTMcign did excite 
The Groekt to Vtom, and Ben upon the 

TioImu, eren Mdlght ; 
For be, ID •'Stii of all liie ho«t, Otlitron«iu 

Thai (com Cibenil. «itli the f^ine of (iioM 

wan. Ihilbar Anw 
HI* new-come loRcK, Mid leiiuLrcd. wltboui 

ntpttt ol acnm. 
CHBodm. CiitiiDf riiam'sraoe; anutinc 

with Itli pwcr. 
A miehir labour, to aqMl. Id their de- 

jpi(e, from Tioy 
TLe wrii III (irteec. The kinf did vow, 

thai dDDF. he ihoald cnjcf 
Hileoodticti daugl.tct. He (In tnilt of thai 

lair purdonj fouriiC ; 
And at htm threw iheCittui king a lance. 

that lieclcd out 
This neat (usnmer. whom liitrook just in 

Ui nanl'a ttead. [him lo the dead. 
His biavn curctt bcli>1ni; ti'iiiglil. tairn'd 
Tlien tlld the conqueior udoun, aad thus 

Intuited (hen : [inoitai men. 

"Olh(yone<i<. 1 will pnin bevond all 

Thy Iwing ilnua, if tbou wilt now 

ferficl Ihc brave vow 
Tbou msdrot la IViam. for Ih* wife br 

promiKd W bcilov. 
And ohcw lie thuuld bare kept Ut word, 

ihere vce usure Ihee here, 
To give Ehee lor Ihv pitaoely «!& the 

lainat and raoH dear 
Of CFUt great GcnenU'i {Bmale noe. which 

fmni Iiit Ait»« hall 
We all will wan upon I* Troy, H, with our 

aldi. and all, 
Thou will but ran thia *dl-buill Iowa. 

Come. Ihetefore, fallsw me. 
Tliiu ill our «l]ipi we may coacludc thi* 

nytl maich with thee. 
ni be no }ol wone Ihan my word." Wtb 

fhkl h« look bb fvtt. 
And dmEK'dhinthrauHhilieren^I^hl ; 

In Which <t>d Ailitt iiiDcl 
'l~be ticffjr. to infLct frvi'ofr. Hedmcon 

fit* bclon [u> cloK'l)' cwrciKic 

Hb lione. that «(> hi> »houI>Icn bmitbcd ; 
lli» tmehman led them to hit lord ; viho 

held a hnse desii« 
To Mrikc the kmi^ bul he lltook Cm. and 

undarnealh luaehlD, 
At bl» Ihroal'i hdeht, Ibrougli Ih' other 

liiU. Iiii eaxet Lnce ilcai'c in : 
And donn he bustled like an oak, a 

poplu. or a plnci 
H«wo down fur •hipwood, and >o lay. 


The ipint of hli cbariocen. thai, lot h* 

thuuld liiceruc 
The vldor to imuEiir his spoil, bo duni aot 

dnve from ihente 
His bur<c and i-biriot ; and M JilMMd, 

(rilh thai revMKtive paTl. 
Antllocliui. thai Cor hit Toir he leacb'd him 

with a d»rt 
.\boiit hii bcUy'i iDldiU and down hli tad 

cone fell lirncath 
The lichlT bDildfd cbatiot. there labouring 

out his breath. 
The hoiM Antilochiu look off; whnv 

nlned foe ihU event, 
Ddpbabua dm putfsi near, and it ih9 

viator wnt 
A ahiaing Javelin ; whi^ he saw, aad 

ahii'in'd. with calheiici; lound 
His body la ha •ll-round shield, at whOM 

lAfi, with ■ iiiunil. 
It overflew ; yet. iBUie th«i«, it did DOt 

Idly Ity 
From hull thai wln^'d li, bb tljons hand 

sIlU diave II nortnlly 
On prince Hyfvenor i Itdld pierce his Urar, 

The ireini 11 poHeth : hit ihmnk knees sub- 

miileii him toik-.ith. 
And thru liid loved Oripbobu* miiacnloiiily 

TBuni ; [hU splrll wakt 

" Sov AiiiK lie* nM snnvniEed, eoe doth 
The foy I wiih it. liiougb ii be now aniciing 

Uie tlrong gale 
Of mighty Pluto, •inn ihia band bath unl 

him down a ■nate." 
This eloiy in him pieTCd ilie Greeks 

«nd chirly th« gieal imod 
Of martial Antllochui, who though to grief 

He left not yet his {rWnd, but imi and hid 

him wiih ha shield ; 
And lo him came two lovely frienda, thai 

freed lUm from the Iteld, 
Mecitleui. son of Kchius, and llie 

nobly bom 
Alatlor, boulng hlro lo Seel, and did i 

triniely m<wn. 
Idomcneus luiik Dot yet. but bdd 

nciiei istlre. 
Hii mind much Ifh ileficiMit, being . 

with brm deiire 
To hide mora Trojnnt in din nif hi, or i 

hinuetr in guonl 
Of hit loved iixintitmen. And then AI( 

tbous prrparcd 
Work (or ba nskna, oflcilng fate his orf 


A great htaoe, and had giKe to be ill 
KPVn atni 




Of Aird«, m»4n-law to prince Xacta' 

HIlfMdaRiia Murjriiic ; who ncatcaduntd 

the lira 
Of hrr ilm uKDli' laiOi Md totii pit- 

trtitact fa het bjnfc 
Of all ibd* dMiihMn. Mid At much d- 

ctinlnl to hcT worth 
(For hrauiy ■imvT'd <riith Iwr tnlod. and 

betti with beaaernilay) 
An lbs fM tNutT cd rooBK (Uno tl»l 

BMd htt Mntiiuiy, 
And Ifa tBJ wi . Mnc lh« wonhiM duM, 

dw wottUM oua dU w«d 

Of •Bpic T>0]r. Him Nrpiiine iloop'd 

boMtb Iba fO^I torn 
Of Idomf, bl* qufcling cj«s dduillDG. 

01 hh illw>iw IrwrMncMi w out of teOxn 


Hia( baek oor focwnn] be oootd Mir. biii. 

H b« gicv CO ground, 
sued Uk« a ptlbi r.of h ith (r«; and ndtba 

UKiiud, nof fieued ; 
Wbca MMMhi the toml Cmoit'* don la 

Ui mU brow •iipcw'd. 
ll bnkc Ihe cutcts, ihu aoe proof lo 

tv'Tf dtta dMt, 
Ttf sow Ibcjp drit aad wiiBg ; the Unoo 

MDdc ihaklng In liM hean : 
Hit hmtt wtib panitnc auk ii iluke ; but 

Mm* Adn«wn«nit 
The (TCMMM of ll. md the kins, low 

Of gbnr In Dslphobu*, (hm lotrilily ei- 

(Ua'd : [aie encnhr bimtA. 

" Dripboboi. bow may <n think (hnl «t« 

Tbil ihMe for one have lenl lo UU~ Bui 

come, chancy Ucnrt tnih nir. 
nr nanMt fa him (boM ilear'H wor« naa. 

Cook, wittcb, ihu thou alfu tee 
Wbai kao« Java halb. Jo** bacol MinM, 

AeMragHiotCKle: [<»«tt 

ItbM faacoi Dtnealkn; Dcaeadioo dU 
Uo tdoirn. now Cnaa'i kin^ that hen 

IDT thim h«ie brouchi 
T» brlnf ihjntlC ti,j Uthcr, biciHU all 

Vkm'* pompb to »oi«tii." 
IMplMfaui 01 two 'wiifi Rood, ta doubt 

teoIliMnooncv (chracoalonn 

Wllh «ome (MnU, 10 be kit aid, or 117 ih« 
Ai htL the linl Mem'd bat 10 liini, nod 

bad! ha mill to ciS 
Aacbliei' foo 10 friend. «te uood I* tmop 

Wbeie Mill be tmd; «Ucfc made him 

Tkm, h^tt amoopi hto bt« thdr pocr. 

he gMCod Mt an jiMm 

Hit «ronj;'d dmtrti. Diiptiubui ipako 10 

hun. standing nou: 
"JBitras, pnnoe Of TioiaRt. if any tend) 

Of Bt^ '0 'hoe. thou muii now bmM iliy 

tjitri'i li>rd. 
And one thai lo thy lendefal gpouih dtd 

ciaeful [iiatd >nonJ, 
Alcaihoua, whom Creca'i kioshath chitily 

ilain 10 Ihec. 
Hii ri(bt niuil chaileoRioK Ihy hand. 

Come, ihcncfae, folhiw mr." 
Thii miteh aiSttd bb |ood mini), ami 

Ml hi* heart on Gea 

nut in ha in, 
DdI Mood him 6nn. A* when In hiUi a 

urtngth-Rlyinn boat. 
Alone, and hraiini: huotcn oomc. whom 

niniuli ILct bc^ole, 
Up'tlrrotti hi* hriuha. wlieu hi* Inks, tsU 

litT 00 bit ml eys. 
And In bll braie-DNpaMd lepuUc dolli 

dcxi unci tnm dMpa ; 
So Moul ilic (im<nB<br^lt-l«Dce^ nor 

Tlat molutcEnnu biau|thc Yd, ilDce 

Ite aldi HMi larce. 
He oil ll atih lEood njfht lo bis aU wn> 

ikill'd AKaJaphiU. 
Aphanta. MeriuoDt, the icronf Deipyiui, 
Aod Knlnr't honosratilf too : " Coaie 

aou. my fttendx." wid bs. 
"And alia yout akia to nit aloiiB, Fear 

tijals me wonhily. 
Thooith Arm t luwd. and ihow It not. 

j^nna pnt in lisht. 
And one that bean yonih in hta Aowtr, 

that bout the giaaat migfit, 
Cooua on vuli aim dirK* al mo. Had I 

bb youibful limb 
To btar my mind, lie ihouhl yidd fame, or 

I WDoId yield ll him." 
Ttia uid. all held. In maay louK oo« 

nady liclpful m'nd. 
Cl^ip'd ibiclili and Aoiildtn (Ml aood 

dose, j^nfar, not IncJIned 
Ulih mora Maamption than Ibe klnj;. 

Dittec Acenor : Hdt*'* love who (ollow'd 

And all Ibdr forert following tbea ; ai. 

aAei bcQ-welhen 
Tbo whole flodu follow to ibdt drink 

wWcfa (i(ht lb« ihephod cheer*. 
Nor was Xntai' yoy iMa noitrd to (ee neb 

iroofa aimd 
Hii bonourd ptnon ; end aU IhMe (nvbt 

cleat aboMt hii frknA; 



Bui two of thom. pMl all the nst. had 

Miong dsfn to shed 
Ths blood qI ciihi^i ; Idamen. Mid Cy- 

IberMR Mrd, 
Xneat llrai beuov'd hit Unc«, whkb <h' 

othi:r %nslnt ibuaii'd. 
Awl llinl. llirnwD (rem an id1« tinnd. Muck 

imnlillng In the ground. 
But [dotDFn'i. ditcharued kt hlcn, had no 

«och *"iln juccos. 
Which (Knftniiui' cniraili found. In wbich 

II did impiw 
Hit ihaip pile lo bli till 1 tut [ainu lore 

his relurntnic otJIh. 
Idoinen«ii siiaight itcpp'd in, &nd phiclt'd 

hit ):in-Un fotlli. 
Bui could not ipoD hit nodljr anm. Ihoir 

pnaid him w wt(h Saru. 
And now Ihc lung Mil of th« right hitd 

ipcnl hi) vlgoram paiti. 
And made ihcm leu apt to avoid the foe 

Ihal should tanaae. 
Or, when hlmwU advuieed tgsAn, (o nm 

and IMch hi> Imec, 
And ihcnfon In wilT ligfats ol tlud b« 

*|ient (be cniel day. 
Whvn. cORiinK loflly Trom the (lain, 

Wphohiii ns« w»T 
To hb brtehi fxnlin ai ihc king, whom be 

eoukl »circr brook ; 
Bui dwn he lo« hix tntj loo. Hii iMicr 

ytt deadly took 
AmW"'*. ln«mnuf Mara; quits lbroiit:ti 

hli (hoiilclcr dew, 
Tbanolenl hmd. and iltntn hr. fdl. Not 

jtt by oil nxoas knew 
WId»-lhroa!Bd Man hU ion wu [ntl'ii. but 

In OljTopin' loji 
Sal canopied wirh golden doudi : Jore's 

oounK'l liad vliui iifi 
Bolh hini ixnd all the other Godi tKitn ihnt 

llme'ii «iiial tUAk, 
WliJch now. iib.1111 .^milaphu*. Mrifif acl. 

IlLi ihininf CEi^que 
Di'ipluibui ii;id ICTccd fiom hicn. bal In- 

sl^riily irsp'd in (long jittIIk, 

Mi^n-ivlft Merione^ and strook. with hit 
Till' right arm of Uelphobui. uhicli made 

hi) hand Ut tOI 
The V-.aip-tapp'i bdnwl: the pien'd 

earth rewunding tlinirwillial. 
When. vnliurB-lilw. Mftionn nuh'd tn 

again and drew, 
Fnm out Iha low put of fall aim faU 

lavdln. and then Bew 
Buck lo hit fn'endl. Delphobiu. f«jnl with 

the blood't excess 
Foll'n (tom hit wound, wax ettretuUycoD 

TCj'd OBI of the pttaa 

By hi> kind biolhn by bolh iiilei, Pclitis, 

tin they gat 
Hit hone and diariol that vetw Hill Kl 

lit for till ri'lrfni. 
And bore him now lo llun. The nM 

Ibughl fiercely on, 
Anid *tl a miEhly fight on foot When 

nexl. Anctiuei' son 
Aphvm* Calclonda. tbit ran ui>on hjm. 

Juu In the ihnMCwith hi> knn htnee: and 

utaighl bii head forsook 
Hit upnghl camage ; and hi* ihirlil. hia 

hrlRi. and nil. with him 
Pell to the earth ; where mlnoui deolb 

made prise of every limb. 
Antlloehiu, dJKcn-ering well that Theoii't 

heart took check. 
Lei fly, nnd cul the hollow rein. Ihal ntni 

up lo hii neck. 
Along lilx bock pnrt. quite In iwtia ; down 

in Ihe dull he Ml. 
Upward), and. wiih eitcnded hondi. boda 

all ihe WOT hi (arrwll. 
Aniilochus tuth'd nimbly in, and, laoVinj; 

round, mode prUe 
Of hit (ait atiru ; Inwhidi tfiirhb ruund- 

H-l memiei 
Ld llv llielr lance*. Ihinidt«)n{ om hb 

[ultnfiood tanc^. 
Dui oould not cet hU flc»h. The God 

thai ihaket the earth Iwk chuiije 
Of Ni-aioi'a son nnd kepi bim ufe; who 

nerer wol awn. [Uncc did pl^iy, 

But uill :inionjnit the lhidt«l foo hii busy 
Obienrinc rvn when he might, fni off. or 

aril, offend : 
And watching Aiitn' ion. In preaie ho 

iplod him. and did tend. 
CtOK cnmir.g on. a dart ai htm, that binote 

In midst his shield. 
In which the thargi hedd of the lance tb« 

bhw-hut'd Ood madp yii-irl. 
Not plewed to yield hit pupil's UIc; la 

whoie shield hull the dan 
Stuck likn a iiiiiKhron bnni'd with G(c; 

on enitb lay tli' cither pott 
He, ieemc no better end of all. retirtd la 

(mrm woTM. 
But bim Uetionea puimed ; and hii UnM 

liRind full eourw 
To ih' oihefi lib. ti tFounded him 

toiil the ptivy pitrta 
And navel, where, to wretched men that! 

war's mail Tloleni smarts , 

Mu*I undrixo. wouDdi ciiiclly vtx. Hlii 

dm Menonea , 

Bunund. and Adamat H Itrived with IL 

■ndhii ' 



Aadeiba bullock pull aitd tiotm, wboin 

in <Kid«iMd band* 
Iht oelMd bvdHwn Mrive toaaf.M. 

tall'ii hcscatb ihe buiiit 
Of kn una (oa, Aloada did ntUGtlc. 

paiu. BMl tn«. 
But M Idm time : for wbca the kncs wi* 

pluck'd oai, nplie g*w* 
HhtonscdmiL TbcaTto/itiinieainei 

*b«n vllh sTIinKJaa *borI 
The mopka of l>eip)n«s dkl Hehstu 


a Uo*. it ttraok lA licht out of 

And ddt hit bdmcl ; which a Giedk, (Wc 

Aohiiac, made Ui prii4 
11 mtaJSa bCMMh hta (ML Alridd 

That light, MKLibicMmlw aback a laoce 

MHdMDt, aad fat 
A bow half dnw M biin ; u coca out Dew 

b«b AiA and huMe. 
Ite thaft AtlidM* coNU ttroolt ; »ail Ikr 

awBjr did f Ikkc 
Jttridi^ ilut of Hdeniii ibc ihnul oui 

Aad, duonab ibe hand, icuck In the bow. 

AMO^band did (duck 
Itaatlonh lbs nailed ffa omt Ibo javelin 

Aad Liriy, triib a bik vool, sntrnppiRf 

Tba waanded haad. wlihin a soul' he bore 

b, whkb hi* Mioiiv 
Bad nady for kam. Viit the wouiul would 

needebctbeuld ntiie. 
rtModef, to rvnofa tut htm, right oa 

tbekaiiNnbe. [oa Uiec 

fl llmiiliini mnwuil liiiii Ifi In hi m 

O Mwia— . cbM be mtgbi, ^ ibcf^ in 

Be deoa lo death. Both coaiiog on. 

Atrlda' inec did ctr. 
FtMadar woofc Aitfdet' thield. that bnkr 

Net tnaadng Ihteufb ; yel he i«toioed as 

plajiBf a rider'i i^. 
AtTUa. dmwtog bb tair nrard. upon ?!- 

Fhanda, from beneath bis thidd, bb 

(Dodi* weapon d>ew. 
Tao«dnd. wilb richt Aoip iteci and long, 

ihelHMdle oUvMiee, 
Well^oliih'd ; and to blow* Iher go. 

Upon the loo tfroob Ik 
Atrlrtrf bwrt finlr'rl fralhrr'ttViTii: Airidta 

Above lb' axnmt pan «f bii nose, laid 

eocb ■ haan kinw 

Tlal all Ibe bonce cmh'il uadcr il, aad 

out hi* cTta did drop 
Before hi) liM in bloodr doA ; he afler, 

Hi* dvinx bedir, whidi ibe fool of Uf 

tiiiunphtng foe 
Opoi'd. end wood upoa tdi laian. aad 

oR fail arnii did fOh 
Thii innilcation imd Ibe white : "At iBglfa 

nsrukc sur flcci' 
Tluu ye falsa Trojans, to wlnni wv ne«w 

(sough taiwect. 
Nor want ye niMe bntielki^ wiib which 

ye heie eboted 
Me. ye Imld dojti^ Ihel your diiet fricndi 

la honoiOBCly u*ed. 
Nat tear mti ho^nble Jore. ilui leti 

uich thiindflrt |[o. 
Bot buitd upon't. lie will unbuild your 

totren that dambcr k^ 
F<v isvithiniE my pjodi. and wife. In llofiiier 

of all her yeeri. 
And wilhoul cuue ; nay. nhcn that bir 

and libcnl hand ri ben 
Hod used )<ou M tnoat loilagty. And now 

Tajv «rouId 
• tnio our tteet. and kill our 

ptincee if ye oenld. 
Go loi one day you will be cuib'd. ihousli 

Bern H> ye Ihini 
Rude wM, by w»r. O Either Jon-. Ihey 

say ibou oit the fint 
Id wbdun of all Ckxit end men, ycl all 

ihb GonM from tbrr. 
And Mill thou natHlesi (hcee mtn, bow 

lewd aoe'er atf bo. 
Though never they becley'd with VIA nor 

At good men ebouM, with lliii die war 

Snisciydttoepandlon, MtlMyotenw 
Of mu!.ic. dancing, can find place; yet 

binh wnr nlU nuial pitaee 
Ptoi all liiae nkaiuteat ctea sail ihcee. 

They wiU be cioy'd wilb tbcK 
Bciiire thetr wei |e^. Never war ghve 

I'roy Mlietiee." 
Tbb nid. the bloody emu wtte olF. and 

Id lii* eoldien ifarown. 
lIcmBlne infitit BgM again. And then 

Kaid kwg Pyicgnen'* mo, gave ebarge ; 

wbo to tboie wan of Tiny 
Ha Io»eil falb« foUowod, ooe eta dkl 

Hit couniiy'i ri|^ agijn. He tlionk Ibe 

tarn of Alceoir loo 
PbD In %e nkbt : hb JanUa'a EUd yet bad 

no powci to mi 



the Inrcct [hruiigh : enr had hiinwlf ihc 

hciit to kicli bts bmm. 
But took >irm 10 lii* •tnngib, uitl cnii on 

rvtiy ild« a gbmre. 
I.a( any hit dur lidtt ttioulcl tJart. But 

Morion, aj hv fled. 
Sent an«t him a bmua Uncc ihtt im hit 

racer Imd 
Throu^ bis right bip^ and all alons the 

bloiSdu't region 
Bnmih iti« bonv ; it MttM him. an J ict 

hM spirit goDE 
Amoiinl the hundi of hli bed friendi ; and 

like a wotm he lay 
StKich'd on itic caiih, which hli black 

UoOd Iniliiucil, iiiiil i!u»'<l awiiy. 
ftis oona the P-iphlogonuni did' indly 

wall upon. [Ilton : 

RqKMcd in Iii< rich chariot, lo Mcrad 
The klnjE his falh«t following, dltsoIvnJ in 

kindly Mat*. 
Aad no wToak wugbt (bt his ttuD Son. 

UqI. u bit ilnu^tenra 
InoeiiKi] Rant ipent a lance, aiaca hg had 

beta agucsi 
To nutny Papblagonlimt; and Ihrougli llie 

pnam it pnoa'd. 
Then was a oenitin augnr'< wn. that did 

tor wMllh csckI. 
Aim! y«( wm bon^it ; he trax bom. and did 

at Corinih dMcll : 
Who, thoigh he knew his haimrul fale. 

w«uld nenb hh ship ucBid : 
His ruber. Polyldiw, oft would till liim 

Would dtbercdwhlnuhli Itoa^, upon 


Or ibe among the Grodoa ships by 

TnjuttiUla. Both ihsM 
ToBEthar ba deatnd to shun: but the 

disease. K lost 
Amlllngaingdetthin it. he left, and nw** 

quick ntoke embraced. 
Tb« lance betwixt hli eni and cheek m 

In, and dtarc the mini) 
or iMHh ibOM bjttn fonunei out. Night 

tirook his whole powen blind. 
Thus looghi tli«, like the >iiiril of tiro : 

nar Jov*^9i«d Hector knew 
Howintbeflcel'sleikwlng tbcCietkahii 

down-put aoldim tiev 
Almcn 10 Tictonr : the God Ihoi shiikes the 

Hclp'd with hit own stiengib. and ihe 

Gneks » Aetoelv dsd impal. 
VM HecMr nMda the tint place lood. 

when both the pons and wall 
(The Ihlek nuk of IhaGnek ihitUt bnfa} 

be csiet'd, and did skall 

Wlicrc on the gray *fa'i ihow wew drmcn 

(Ihe vaII bt^og thn* but lilgtiit 
PioleilUm' (1:1(11. and thotc ot Ajas, 

utieie the fishi 
or men and Eocse weie ibarpcii tei. 

Tliere the Qcootian baadL 
Long-iobb'd laonn* LooriMiL nod, braie 

men of their faattd^ 
Th* Pbtliiaa and ^d«n tiwoc did ipilie- 

fitlly asnil rpxM not ptcrsil 

The god-like Utcwr ttuhmg ta: lod yet 
To hit npiiTn, ihoufih cholctst men ct 

Athens there miule head ; 
Amoiiaiii wli(;m wai Mrnaibens chief, 

traon) I'hidias fo'Soiin) ; 
Sllchluiand lil>u, ha-^ in utcngth. Tb 

F.jii'iiin tfuopt Wffe Ifd 
Bf Metes' and Pbylldes' curei, Ami^Kin, 

Drndui. (Mtmriolemus : 

Bcfora Ihq PhthiMu Medon mareh'd. and 
And theae, with Ibe Bgeotbn povci*, bora 

up the fleet'* dafmai. 
Oilem by his brother's sbSe stood clow, 

and would not thcnos 
For ftny inoineat of iliat time. Bat. af 

through CiUow fields 
BUck oitn draw a uctl-Jnin'd plough, and 

oiiher areaJy yicldi 
Ills thrill/ labour, all beads couch'd *e 

cinae to earth they plow 
The faHow with their horns, tlll out ib« 

siirenl beglnt to now, 
The stittdi'd yokn ciiidi. and yet nl Isul 

the huTOW fciih is dilvoi : 
So loughlysood ihew to ibrir txdi, aiK 

niode ihrir worii at even. 
Bui Ajiu TelamottiiU had many hrlpla 

That, when swe.ii ran ahoiit hi> knee*, uw 

Inboui Aow'cl. would then 
Help hear his miKhiy seven-fold shield 

when swUt Olii.ides 
The Loenans led, and wiMiTd not mik 

Iheae UDttherous fiy,]n-% cl prrnsc 
BecBose Ihuy trani no hnghi tirrl aatfu 

not briitled plumes tor iliow, 
Round khifliln, nor dnrit of soM i 

with tlie inuiy bow,* 
And ;i>cki well-<|«ilte>l Hiih ao!t wool, tU 

came to Troy, and were^ 1 

In tlieir III place, at oonlldeni a Choae lb) 

(ought wiNv; ' 

And leacb'd their foes so thick with ilhtfi 

Itml Ibcse woe they that bnike 
The Trojan oidcn first ; nnd then, i 

brare aro'd Mtti did taaka I 

«. i 


• By ttoa tn<r lotflM] he Intiodi 1 

AUhuub. f 



Good *<«k wiib (btlr cfcw ligbM bdbcn. 

Bchiod whom, hntac ihoc 
IWLoatamMdilBli and Uwir foa iH 

aumcM of Briit ftKfot 
Wbk *bmn «f HioMte-Mrikiaf dofli^ 

And ibca, awufnIlT, (raoi tbc thIpL awl 

Wbm, lb' infnlliBg ton 
Bad adMnbty fled u Ti«]'. had not 

PidyiluMt [pOMible 'lb lo )•«■ 

Tlu»<|ub*loH*C<OT: " Hactot. Kill Im- 
Oood 1MB—* I uftm mu. Bui s*r umc 

Ood mtMi Ihy Aadt, 
la eo unw i w vouUr tboa ran us Uo? tn 

lb MNna Ood Ein* llw power of war, lo 

Kwa d»e ritlKhi (o ducA 
l^liaiDc ihs an «( lotawncna, Nnt dolh 

btvoKC adraan : 
And thai lar-iodng God (msct aeae the 

«M0n «( the iniDd. 
WUdi no tnaii can kftp to himicif, thai, 

dtoufh bul few can And. 
DdA prcm may. thai pmeivts Ihe public 

And ItuI, who lulh, k« b(*t cnn jiriiv. 

Ban, (or tiM 111 n*U« 
Onlr my onuUK whal'l odt beil. Thr 

v^^ crown 0* wf 
Deili biini dbooi ihor : f« oar iiMa, wl»n 

thay bMc icack'd itmt for. 
ipoaa ibck nioun crown'd. aad cease. 


Aod In a rev irilh ata^ G|bl, ip«f*Cil Hiialf 

UiKNilth tha a«H. 
lUtim ibcB, kftia uedi to (he rout uid 

Umi. fcctv.lB cowMdi of motl weight. *< 

mar rotolw of nil. 
It boniuK Bidlhoad n beben: thai God 

Vm dMn dam IhrMiRh : or with tbai 

cmetv ■■» our ictirai. and live. 
Vtt,l nun iMBdi afllim. I (ear. Itw ilelil 

(Slnoe •ar k »ch a God d change) the 

Gndant aow w3l p».y. 
AedwMeurinartaMBaoofwar i^aalM 

Bl ttecl. H Ibae 
W« lanM bn aAfr. m liour ocn U> hot 

This Kiuiiil xull tlcdor llk«d. appcovnl, 

^Bmp'il (nan hit (toiiol. 
A»d uttd; -Polrauna* auike {OOd ihtt 

plkoE. ami aoITn not 
Om pnim (o paa H i I mpeU will iheie 

go. wtero ytm tee 
TImh Utndi iakUnniih. and rttnm [wbm 

tb^ barc beard from mc 

Commnnd that vov ndvkc ctwin) with 

uicnualtprvif." Ttiiauid. 
With dav.brigbt arms. wInK plunK, while 

icnrt, hi* Cbedly limbs atiHi'd, 
He paittd from ibrm. like a bill, rcaiorlnt 

all of mow. 
And to the I'ra^ pom and ckitfi bo fltv, 

ID IM them know 
llieoounMlafPidrd'imai. AH lura'd, and 

did rnolo<^ 
To Iwite to Panlhu^ fcafk un, belag 

call'd b; Mcctot's nMD* : 
Who, ihrtnich tho forcG^tt moUoK wajr, 

look'd lor Ddpbofam 
Kinz Hclroui, Atiado; Hyitauan 

Of whom. lomc wore nol to be found nn- 

bml. or undeceaMd, 
Some only bmi, and pine from Add. Aa 

further b> addroa'd, 
1 le found wiifain the figW* kft wins the 

fair- liaii'd Hcten's lore 
By aJI M(«na moTlng mnlo blom : which 

ooold b* no awaM move 
Hector's fciibeanuiee ; hb trtandt' miu M 

put hit (Qwm in atom : 
Dul ihuiin wonted lenni he chid : "Yov 

wllh the fiiinl forai. 

ImpesMr, woao*'* ann, where we, In 

Toor care mark'd. all Hmm^ 
Ddi^KAMt, Kinic HekniN. Aitui Hnta- 

Olhqnnciii. Acamu? Now tdmchty lUoa 
Sbafcei (o hM lowW pwMdvorii. Now 

)u(t iiiln talk apMi 
Thf had paM ttacM." He rera*d: 

" Hectos; wbjr tUdtat ihoa now. 
Whcs 1 am guUika? Other ikns. Iherc 

aroferMM I know, 
Tbon tboe; to >he thai brouclii tb«e 

focth. not uuertr lelt lae 

Bui liiice lliou tra broochrd in Oij force. 

to tliii o<B nnal licht, 
I aad Biy frtcodt how ceaJeleM foaghl, m 

do iV •ar'i'K ritht. 
Dot all those frtrttli tboa M«lcV ate doln : 

ciccefittag Hrienus, 
Who pHiad txaana in Ml koad, as! to 

Java jH aicneil cfsMb from tbtm. Aad 

now had tb«a as lit 
A> thf gnat bean aSeet^ all wa wiS 

Mooadaiw war 
lliat ihoa taduiril : aad I bepa, mjp owa 

sIrcMlh Is BDl lost : 
TbouBh lean. IV fiihi U W Mi be*! ; aoc 

Inthrt ifhti ibr mtnt.~ 



ThU oftltn'd bot Htctoc's iplrm ; and 
both lum'd wlien Ibey ww ilie face 

Of war racec (icrcr. anil IhHl wu wliere 
tlicir ffleniti made |eoc<1 Ihr pl.-Kif 

Aboul itnotto'il l\>l)rilainai. niul g-xl'llhc 

Palmu*. AiCMihu, Monu thai IlippoUon 

And fnjm Ascania't wcallkjr fieldi but eym 

ihtf daj before 
Arrirad >1 Troy, ihat wilti Ihdr aid ihty 

kindly Rilfbi raiorn 
Somt klndncM Ih^ r«rivix1 from thence. 

Am! in Acre* niE^i with Lltfii^t 
FluJcaaiul U.U Ontix^ui tlood. und bold 

And thm tbe doubl Ihat in advioe Pcly- 

dnmai diKlDMid. 
To fiebi at fly, Juv» look away, ind all lo 

fi|{hl diipoial. 
And a* the flnoda of iroubled aJi to piti-hy 

Morms increaM 
That after Ihundet sweeps the Acldi. cud 

nrlili lip the MM, 
EacountninK wiih obborrtd nan. when 

Ihc cngrosarti w*(<e* 
Boll into roam, and «ndl«Mly one after 

olher ram ; 
So nuk'd and (iMnled ih' llUmi nuinh'd : 

KiRie now, more now. und Ihtn 
Mom upon mote. In thJninK ilcel ; now 

tapulni. I hen thcii in<^fi. 
And Kcdor, like mjii-kiitins Mtat. ni- 

vantrd berora Ihcm ill. 
Hit hu);e round target Iwiure liim, through 

thickcn'd, lik« a wail. 
With hida well conoh'd wiih >tore otbrau ; 

and on hb tcmptt* tliinnl 
His brifihl b«Iiii, <m which duictd his 

plume : and U this horrid kind. 
(All hid Hiihin hit world-Iikc (.hirld) hr 

everr Uoop Mnay'd 
For cnlry. thai in hLi dsplte food firm 

nntl unditinay'd. 
Which uhrn hr uv. md kept moreolF. 

Alax otme ttalking then. 
And inu* BovDkod him : "O food nan. 

why Iiigtat'lt tboo tbiu om root ? 

CoQic nearer. Not atfi want la w«t 

makes ui thus navy-bound. 
But Jow'i diivcl tooui)^ ; hii arm'd hand 

rnnkis our buuli give you gioimd. 
Vet lliou hoprsl. of llivHlf. out k|xnl. Ilnl 

w« bate likewiM hands 
To hold oar own. M you ro (poll ; and ere 

Ihy vounlemiandi 
Stand good acninst our mnMck'd OeeC, 

your hugdy-peonled Iowa 
Qui hand* ahall uk« Ja, and hir towrn 

from aU ihclr hoiifau pull down. 
And I miul tell Ihoe. time diawi on, when, 

flyiiii;. liwu »h»lt cry 
To Jove anil all Ihe God* (o moke ihy 

fair-maiwd hone* fly 
More twift than lalcona, thai (heir boob 

may rouic ihe duil. nod bear 
Tliy lK>i1y. Lul. lu lUon." This nld. hit 

bold woids were 
COidlrm'd aa toon aa apokc J<n«'* bbd, 

tbo hizh-Qown oui?. look 
The right baiid ot ibor hoai : whoK wings 

hiKh acdanialloiis ultook 
From forth the jtlnd brnuls of lb« Orccks. 

Then llcciormMleieply: 
"Vidii>«|>okcn tnaa, and glorious, what 

hail lliou s-iul } Wuiilii I 
As lunly Hcte ibe son of Jove, Mid of 

gnml )unuboro. 
Adorn d 1ik< faltas. and the God that titia 

lo canh ilie mom, 
A* Ihi* ihti' ihittl tjiicf luannful li|[1it 10 all 

your doii ; and thou 
If thou dufej Hand lliis lance, the canh 

before Ibe ships shall sliow. 
Thy bosom lom up. and the dc^ wtlh sS f 

Ihe fowl of Troy, 
De salintc with ihy fat and flesh." This 

uid. wllii iJtoollng Joy 
Hi* fir-t Ir^.fn folluw'3 ; and the la*l tlieir 

sh{>ur^ ", irti shouts repeli'd' 
Greece Bn>"tt'd ali, nor could lift ifjiiia 

ftuin jIt tbow icu ■-'(■ncut'd. 
And to so inftiiite a hci);hlallacclamBtlofis { 

They leuiirJ the nilcndoun. iluek about ' 

the uatiaKh d iLioiw of Jove^ 



'A<ra»v 'In^tatiw, (te,, illuilriiim 
Hiffanitionm : ritMtfUitir, ieiu i«. 
antiMm, Ac I,Mit*nr>ul ValU, an J 
Eoboaua Heisnt (who 1 iliink Iraiutaled 
Homer Into heianielcn oiil of VM-xt 

prose) lake *>«»'. the epfihfl to tew*. 
ti«*T~'- for ■ nation So enlld. and In^i 

ml f*« iiiK mllii •Ittt/iii ifnirna VMItUt 
laiu : ini.-ndliii; .ffni ^/VBantsa, whkb 


fa* lakn far Iboae jtm mi;n of Ufa liltraiM 
■Wdi Hamcf eMnmeodi; nurly niU- 
ItUt^ <!»*•, liCBlhing fnrtlinu o 
UhBtrit, mbcNt cniklv« caic plunl it 
Med hert ; ud the vocd, nUlicl lo 
''•»•■»' I ■■. logMlMr licni^joit illuitrimm 
Hifftmatgirtim. and ihcf bdu bied. Bad 
eeaiimMl^ M »i>h milk («l>idi ttw m-ii 
■on) > »*ii » »i ) i n il|[mAa^ iloRwr rails 
■M^K< ipai/-AMrf. datf iBnuimi In (be 
(fa i^ i nf f« Jtfflun^HH' *r#pii«Hr— d^Lo* 
ilMdf 4<^(miiu «f • tfililkt. niul tw 
VtMlartoaMiaMM, ti«ia(acDn<p]un<l 
a f r t titl., and #fN viOoi; and from 
oca had Valli hii intarpcMMiee, af f wr 
riiM aUf dMtUt! but «lwi« fa (fHW 
Jwb r Bm BM to ifatw their erion. or 
Ihal I uDdonttod how othm tab Oat 
(lace dUEereot ftoM »t trantUilon, 1 lue 

Ibfa MtK M mixli a* to inlimalc wlixl 
Bo«et woDld htie ootid, and doiti inch ; 
Am mea broogbt «p ttfth ihai gentle aai 
tuil«liil4cK«ltinK nilk an Iork lirad, 
ud ■ DMIUe mMi lul Bod larocmt. 
Whkft lind of fMd lb* mow InKciiiom 
ud giavo FlaUKb, In bl> araboD Di Sm 
fiii-ai'aw. ifumi in [rrtrr before ib< food 
of flak, whs* be taith : " Ry this moani 
•ho iniuiH kid the IouhiLuIdiu <^ ihcir 
hoiSKicla, for (m i^ioiipl ilic Alhciiinnk} 
fini Axf pal to death ifae aKot Dtitonoiii 
or vJcM ijreophanl Epiledcta*. mi the 
IBOODd. ari IhM ; <htn, baiiif acnatonKil 
to Mood. Ibex *fa' Sood like bod. a> 
masam lb* emptior Thcnmeoi*. ^to- 
BvdMH dwphihMophar. 8c. So. at ihe 
fed, nea kwed wbc harmhil b«ui or 
Mbn, then aona tsad «< Iml, lonie Tuh : 
■11 tw^lit by iheM; wd Mtned up wiih 
At lou <(iMr pduei, thejr pecccdtd t« 
riratfaur o( dia laboriotn ox. the man- 
43aSttg or *dotini( sheep, the kome- 
fBBifaaf OOCk, ft«.. andbjr URkand liillv 
dfifed <ricb thop. nr, ud tbe fMd of 
Man. nwn fell to. tus." 

> 'A«4i '' V Aivnt. Ac., Cirtum aultm 
Jlfaitt, ftc To Judgmeni of Ihti place, 
^wndanu cdltth lU •oundjudgntnttio 
eoodanoation «f oew l^aiBd«. a )tKlge of 
nin« on Oljmpu*, wboee Inothei Anplii- 
dama* bcJac dead. Oamnkior hii too 
odebnttd Mi bntak odbng all ibe moei 
ea w d hnl to ooMntloo, not only foe 
miiiiili aad ivtlbiCA bat la Inralug 
Ukawb^ and foiM of vrttdoni. 1'o Iha 
gBBenl cowentiaa owne Homer and 
TtaMdo^ who cMtfau dixn wie* ob 
boOi pait& and of aS BwMtins (Homer 
by all OMaenu quetitenks obtabilBg (be 

gariand). Paaicdta hade both rtdle bndll' 
ilKir beii : tor which Hcilodu* ctted ihaa 
Venn, which, as well w 1 could, in haUIW 
1 ham mnilalcd «ut o( Ihe bFeinnins erf 
hU Seoonil Book of Wotka and Uiji : 

W!>cn Aiiu Innh iibt Plaido) hik. 
Uirrr.u bioiui (>tauBh. vbHi ihfy Ian ih* 

Xm\<K <v<nly nictiti ud diyi lbu« htd« l!iar 

Th* yaw then (urninit. lem leiln ihiii ttdk 
And •li««' thca fiin lu whrt ifie h«r™i Hotl 
Hiii likivitc it Ihe (i«IJ'i b*. vhcTB OMndvtlJ 
N«n N«b[UD«'a4inpi«v, adJ wtifrtr fu BV17, 
Tbt wlDdlnf *jllcTt fly Ihc Hcrtiiic ica. 
Aiul men iDtdttql the fjl nejid, 
There tulstd t^avgh. tow naVi.l.iuk«I(Ulllgirn, 
If Cem' lilHHm ihoa ^ili imieiy uw. 
IfM fimrlj frviia, and ^nely K*auc^ 
Serve ih« at all {ana. lot, ■! any. KcM 
Sdid ibo NoihinT fBrtiAgat dam Hind, lu.* 

Tlioe vcrMn. howtnrr^ ^pgndanin »l^uida 
iot iloma't. ID mpeci of the ptao: and 
thitn they leprascat. are like enough le 
0x17 it fur Hesiodui. even in time tirocaT 
Judgmcnii. Honier'a vcrte* an thoe :— 

-'^Thut KeHun* rrvvd the** am. 

And vaund Atvul lb' A^<n dd INcn ttulAifte* 

nuial^m Umani;«c ihcn flnncj 

Thcit aiKTion linB. whiun Mm biiD4tf &jd he 

nf:iy llcnar dlL 
For biw the kckt vfra chotfa «ui. md dify 

rccfiwd ib~ vlmve 
Of llHiof i/ki hia sea eo full, ilial l^nfc via 

liueil w^ fanix, 
ShiciU tTiidtla'd AUh epfotcd thiclda. lai£«« 

b? tdT£«tt nurd. 
UdrTU amy ta belmi. and nan l« man fK« 

tl^a^' n doic juhQ d. 
Plaoiwl ^kariuB vfia hani^t in ihhcr'a plttBct, 
- - "d 1 " 

aO Jan'd to ctoiv ibvii ■ _ _ . 
Their bam lUnd, Ihnut boae M Mdk, tf 

tuch >l)^afui( nandt. 
An ^nt ih*ir ftna faraatia fa ibe j/oiM, aad 

Duds imI Hthi their Joy 
or loih. Tioy all in hcsqa tlnok Am. led 

tIacEDF fim flf Trofr 
And at a ruimd pitot ti a hkI* M<. 

Which martial mtCB, Iboufb ihcy u* at 
Ufb n may be lor their pfaoe anil end of 
our Homor, ar* yvl IniiniMly ihgn of hii 
bat In a ihouund other ptua. Noe 
think I the conKiition at a»y part Irus. 
Hoawr bdnK affirmed by good anlboi* 10 
be a huodrodycan befam Hoiodw : md 
bjr aU Mbm tnncb (be older. Heaiodui 
liibtoodMUM. Andibfa.llK 

• Sat Val. n . »K* '»- llunidcaboB 
Ac allmaiaai ludi la thia p><u(« ui lh> caaa- 
^aaa rsiHa thai tTiigiaaa tfta a>a<Kh|iajaa 
aa Aa nmaw ■>( lu B«ai at af hit UoBct — 




Atuvm, to b*bald the UtinnLih» briii|:i 
Old Moior. aiul itx «iha iieuadtd kinii. 

iuu bncirinit ririhtCyp»*n<liin* 
lit CauoB. wbcnu her twnt toiiUiMnli 

Doecad* ID Somoui. Md Ml lam la bind 
Thepvnnsf Jsvewiltii&cp.lorm Nnnuod. 
Neptvn4 Aviiu ih« Grctilii. diul oi lEic f«e "^ 
EUfVthier loJlicct & mighty rjvenUmw. 
AJu V ion UnWi tlKtor with ■ ttajit. 
It oakn Urn ■(ni biixd, and hit wiuc ten gODe. 


In 1 with alfcp. uad 1«l. hctvfib't Queco 
Etui J ova hUDKlT dhIhi otomcd. 

Not wine, not Cauu. could Ixj thdr soft 

clikini «o old Neslor'i cir* 
To lliu hiWi cUmotit ; who required Mi- 

CbMn^ IhouRbIt to btar 
Kit ore in pnn. About ibf ouue; "For, 

RHihiok. tiill," uiiil he, 
"The cry tncicam. I miat ne«dx Ihe 

wklcli-lower moaat lo tec 
Wbicti way Ihc Itooil o( wu' doLh diivo. 

Still drUik ihou win«. and cot, 
TBlfuF^ii'd Uecatned hxlh gucn a little 

To cl«>nic the Eialitutc from ihy wound." 

ThilBaid. tiic i;uocI1t tfaictd 
Of wuUkB ThrurniMl, hii mq. nfao had 

hit own in belli. 
He took, oatcL'd up a nifbiy Uncc. uul 

to tiepi fonh to liew 
Cuae of t1i*l cliuncnir, Inilutly ill' UO' 

wonliy raase hr knew. 
The Ciedani wholly pot In iDu!, (he 

Tiojuu rattling NlU, 
Close at the OnAi* bocki. (hdr wiU 

tiMd. The old 1MB inouni*d liiislU: 
And, Kj whm with unwfrUiy wiivrs ihc- 

gml isi f<MTr<>-|i wiiidi 
Tbal both wnjrs munnur. and no «-.i]r hn 

oeiUin cunrtil fliii]*. 
But puiti and nttts coofuwlly, here eoci, 

and Ibara will (Uy. 
TUl OD it Air CEUD one fiim uiud. and then 

It roltt )tw>y ; 

• Thia fini mti iVln llu Gni four lyllilileij 
b to b« nad u ffiit ctf Dur l«u- 

Soslood alii Neilor in dehate, twothoughU 

ai lines on winp 
In hiidiicoiinc, II lint lo tale direct courte 

lo the kifljf, 
Orto the intiliilude Id %hl. Atlaslfasdid 

To viiiit Acuntininoa tint. MMn time 

Ix>i1i hoau Imbtwnl 
Thr^ir sicfl in one anothei'i blood, naught 

wiuuglii ilicnt holthi boi hxiini, 
Ssordi, huge tioets, doubtfrhcndcd duti, 

ilill ihuntpine on llieir Hunt. 
And now the jore kept kinei, wboM 

woundt tvcrr yet In cure, did mcel 
Old Niiior. riiomod. Itbacui, imd Atmu' 

lOD, (Torn fleet 
Bcnl lor Che llsht whicli wu lu off. (he 

tbips beini' dnwn lo »hora 
Oa beqs at frnC, tUt bU ibcir iiemi a wall 

wu rabed bicfoic ; 
Wliitb. ih<iu|[b not icnnt. It yet miRicod lo 

hidr ihpm, thoucb ihcir men 
Were lowctbinc Kiniiii : (nr whole ircope, 

in form of bnlilr ihm, 
They drew (hem tbrough Ihe ipadoui 

tborr, one by anoihtrr iiill. 
Till oil Ihc tHK-iin of the Kniad thdt sible 

bulkk <Ii>l Till. 
Even lill ibcy took up all the ipaoe Hwizt 

both Ibe pronionlotics. 
Thw« kion. Lka NaUu. in doiiv to kntnr 

tot trhot tboM ctiet 
Beeonn to violent, can* alone, all letnlnt 

on tfadr iam. 
Tone, though not of powci to fight ; aad 

and impidou beiJit 
Dlitempering than. and. meeting now 

NeSot, the Ung bi (car 
Criod out: "ONwtoraor ttaownl why 

shcwi ihy pm«Dce hero. 
The hannlul light abaitdoaad? now 

Hector will m-iii: coort 
Tl;c threatening law he mode. 1 fcal, thai, 

till hi: bnil oiir lilood. 
And filed out fleet, be mm more would 

turn 10 lUon. 
Nor is it long. I mo, before tdi whole wQl 

will be done. 
O Oodi, I DOW MS all lb* Gitieki put on 

AstiiMt mybmiout: notoeanlel) cok«tfi 

our fiMtl fion ficc" 




tb neimi'd: "Tn an sridrnt Uvtl^ 
oM Jo<« Unuett taa Mnr, 
WUk iirtbe ikuDda In hi* htaOi. pnmmi 

OBT onOThrov. 

b (oML nitdt«aM'd ; aad ok pmrtn 

(drtVM up) pail bnaihlnK. prow 
Akwm iMiiuU* ri|I» ; bolb«laiiglinn to 

Thai lix your Ulc jpou ouinM put jrtnir 

dilJcoBt'tl Ibcwhi bsiwint 
Tlw Grcdu and Troyus i vd u cIok 

tfadr liMU* cka*c (o ilie hkr- 
CvMidi «■ Ook if ifaat «U1 Km. For 

kcbl adibe mm 1 1 
It Hu lux mmmAd mca to ficlit." AlridOi 

aniwer'd Un : f > liml limb. 

" Utaeh k wallaseou IbeGKEktionunr 
AMliudiadIlMli«p*n*d,>iidnued. thai, 

Wean aUem'd Inilscibie. anil noulil put 

Ihe wcfU bow bodi ota Qcei and lu ; It 

doib dlnetlr ihow 
HM ben J«n noin our ibano) and dcoiilB. 

1 emniondld koo* 
Bit band (ram mii* «ben Iw hdp'd oi, ami 

Doir I ■•« at litar 
"nai, ake ihe U^Md Gods, he holdi om 

hami coaraiai d«ar, 
Sttpporti (hdr mma, and pinlout oun. 

ConcJudc Ihca, '(ii Is vtun 
To wuin irilb hioL Our iliipa tlmn up, 

now kt w tanach aeala. 
Aod keep at anchor till calm aighl ; Ihal 

Ihrik part i a p*. onrlba 
U^ calm theli wocmt, and la that thne 

owicape •« may dbMe. 
■ U ta Mt Mr ibame W Bf Irom ai, altlioasb 

Xaom in b« Mm data thai 0)4 tha» h« 

It MiMtiM fight.-- 
UljMM toxn'd Oo hbn. and Mid; 

"AccmMd. «fa]r lalk'tt Uwu tbu»? 
Wodd tboo hadM led MCMbatbamu haM, 

and not ooaMBaaded u* 
Wlwm Jo<a nadt wtdkn fran our jrouth, 

thai Bfe Blghi acotn to Br 
FiVBi aa* diait* It uaJwtaki^ aod every 

Tha bHKNir'd hand ot wai micbl d«c. 

Tbna wootdM Ihoa lore IhS uywa. 
Fox which oiv many mbfcksfelKadUe b 

our own? 
haoc^ tet tone Mher Grcdt Rira car. and 

hear a aMUaee xucfa 
A> no man'* calu* thould ptcfaae ; ai 

km that fcww how much 

lilt wu tigl* vB^h'd, Bad bciog a prince 

nnii such a pffia«a aa Imn 
Ru> of lo many Gnde at ibcu. Thta 

uuDtU iOBinei BiiBC can : 
Ut o<h«* coil tn f%^i and ota, and wa 

so liftttof berii 
L'ginn ihrir vonr aciie. and stoam, lotwto 

away out kccb. 
ThiM m ahould lU the wiifa «l Tnj, Ibal. 

bnojE tomething ntor 
Hie iletoiy, wc give It ctou ; and vcwoc 

fute 10 brae 
A alaochtci to the utmcst man : lot no man 

iiVl uulain 
A iliulc;. llw Sect noe : but at that, lodi 

iiul. and wbh him ilaln. 
And ibEcirorv. prince of men, ba fule, tby 

oeninre ia unfit,"' 
"O Iibactu," repllod the klnc, "thy 

Irillei lem* have unit 
My titart in lundo- Ai no hand, 'gainu 

■ny prlwx'i mil 
Do 1 cunisjod tliri. Wmld loCcd.itet 

any man of ikiU 
To give a littler counicl would, oc old, or man : 
UyiolocUiould gladly go with hlL" llics 

"Tlicnannut fari(,n«rsliaUa*ki 

bboul to brtir; In, 
Tlat »iUii>(ly Muiild tpcalc hii iho 

if tpokcn thry bIgIii uln 
Fit <ar : and iuSci no iinjatlr, that I 

KaoB jDungcot ol yon : xince my ere, I 

bnr'd a ditdcta. 
May mnlu! my epxch to diaderm 

tnough. itioueh be 
Lie* in h& icpulchie at Thcbca. I boaat 

thiipedipcc^ ^H 

rorthens ilircc bunoiu sou btgot, ihaf^l 

tnrh Calvduo ^ 

And Pkiitnn ktfit, with itatc of Idngt, thdr 

Agnui. kUlaa,*ndllwlhiidtbahai>«iMD 

Ocacut, rcencraM 

My fMho** &ib«, ihat catall'd m aoioaa 
tit oib«i two. Dot ibcte kept hnmc^ ay 

Uibct t«iiig drt*en 
With wndniae aad ad' nn tawua tfirilh 

lor so the King ot heaica 
Aad 111' other Ooa att down thrif 

and l» to Aixoa eama, 
WhFK he begun i)i« vmU, and < 

there tnanying a dame; 
0<» of Adnutin' frinule race; be kept a 

Foe be had great demctM^ food land. 

and. boiiijc IndBMrtW^ 

if wil^ 



lie nUnwd ttoMj oRhard-giaiiaidi ■bovl 

M trauw •Qd brad 
Gnut men of tlN*?- Dotdes aD (bii, he 

««* wcH ()ualilied. 
And nau'd 4II ArglvM. ror hii tprar, Aad 

UMW diKTooi"' ih>ngi 
Aic hkK u you may toll cndurei 'ince 

jlirinC deiiTcJ (locn kinp. 
And kinp noi poor nor vlrmelai) you 

cMiiiM bold me bnc. 
Not tram my vwdi, which of), though 

Inie. In mean mon meet diignice. 
Howcnnt. Il>i7 are ihcw Id tboit : L« Ul 

b* inn ax Bftii, 
And yIeM to Krone n«ec«ilty. though 

wooaded, (Imi our tiitht 
May K< (hoM mm aa that, of Uue, hsm 

ID -Kthlll™' lplC«> 

Elwn laa Imlulgcnt. and left hlowi ; bat be 

Not corns wlibfn the lOKb o( duti, lat 

wOBDd on wound we lay ; 
^^^)Uh rertnnil Nrator^ tpweh Implied, 

and (o Su him otry." 
Ttai* counMl tl*dly ■!! otacrred, went 

on. AlridtaM. [followtd, 

Not N«pniw iliii ndiMUfelofl bal doady 
And like aa ued mui inwv'd I' Airide* : 

■hose tight blind 
He icitRl, um uld! "AtrtdM, ihll doth 

paannS filly vnad 
With iKrn A<blllei' wnakful tpirll, [hot 

be ton Bland ucnn 
Hli thifi. Mid both In fight ud death thu 

Oivcian bene dbcem, 
Since not in fail fanaat clowf on« upark of 

say hiUMUi mind. 
But be ttat U> own tons. Let Gwl I>y 

lltti low make him find 
How 'vile ■ iMng he U. Few know, ibc 

blrst Oodi hsTo nol riivn 
Thee cvo over, bol p(tbap« lbs l^ojuu 

may from hcevtn 
Receive that luOloe. Ka*. 1i> tnir. Md 

then ihall see Ihdr Mb, 
ydaTflen««OB fiecd. and (or fixhu hoe 

IIWT Elad lo lake (befa- Willi.'' 
TUs ma, be made kaovm wbo be weo, 

&nd parted wiih • en* 
Ai U ten iboiuand mea mS jchid in batllo 

then. Mhlsh 
Kii throat kw thtMigti the heat ; end to 

thii (reat eaith'^uUac Cod 
Cbeofd up Ibe Oretfc honi, thai Ihcy 

wUb'd Iheii palai do period. 
aunniia ftom Olympiu' lop taw twr 

SreM bmber llien. 
And ber gnat fanAand'f broibei too, 

exdclof everywbcie 


Tbe ckHtodi fplrlia of (be Greeks ; whkb 

M iho )oyil 10 tee. , 

Soi on thefownliiil Idi't lep.Jora'iiicfit { 

With bn eontn tmeni. Unee (he fcar'd tbM 

hit huid would dsKead. 
And cheek the Sea-gMT* |«aclkt& And 

IhJ* ibr did oonlend 
How eoprciM. whieb ibusteem'd beat; 

To deeV hef euiioiuly. 
Anil vitii ilw liliilian hill, thai to the 

Lighieno'i eye 
She mifihi muDMir wiih her loofai. and hli 

biEn lemnlai (le<T- 
Bren lahbwudom. in ihe Und and ^oldoi 

j»ic« of tIeepL 
So look the chambor, whidi ba *oa. tlie 

With firm doon midft bdoff Joined clOK- 

and with a pttrr key 
That no God could commaad hoc Jmv : 

where, mfn'd she made Cut 
The shining ntea ; and thro upon ber 

Ambroaia. thai Hal made ft char, and 

aftMlHdoall tw wondroutimet 
All odOtOM. rtch, and sacred cO, tbai wis 
That en*, wbea It wai but Wncli'd, it 

tavelen'd bcnvni and eanb. 
Her b«dy bilne cIcin^M! with dili, her 

tienes she M forlh, 
Aod comb'd. fact etmib dipp'd tn the oU, 

then wfflpp'd thnn up tn curia 1 
And. thus hcT de«Ih1ca htod adon'd, ■ 

heamlr vti) the hurit 
On ber white ihoukfets. wtoiijht by bar 

thai Riles In hoiucwtfctiak 
WI10 wov« it fiitl of tmUvw vote of tnoei 

dlvinr dpi'ie*; 
And Mi uiili gaodlrda^M of goldshe 

fuien'd to her btiniL 
Then wlih a gitdle. whose lich ipbtre a 

hundred audi Impreaa'd. 
She cirt ber mraO wiAi. bi bar an, 

ietideilyp4ereed, thewot« 
INaatlL fieat and ortcni - on her head, ■ 

wreath not wom btfeire 
Cast bciiins out Uhc Ihe son. At lost, the 

to bar Dm did tie 
Fair shoei. Asd UUu endra stth«l. she 

CalI'd the fair PsphiMi Qiven afait fraiB 

tb' olhet Gqis, and said : 
"Londdiugliinl should I ask aftaMb 

ihouLd I or l>e obe/d. 
Or woulifat thou ctoss roe, being Incensed, 

since t croen thee end lake 
The Ortete' part. Iby hand (MWngTVM)* 

Sbeanni?d.-''nald3mSln . 

Ho i li Pg epc c to a diOcRBt anae. Ask, 

HDocM DeUj, 
What KKiu raoMMt IfaM. Mf nbid 

tUMdi indincd « UbetaUr 
T> finii It IS ihlne own lo aik ; pittfided 

A fivroar I* and In mj power." She, 

glm deccufulljr, 
ThoB aid; "Thm xivt me ihoM tuo 

pomn. Mtb olildi both mn. mil Uwb 
Tliou tKoquhhcM. La<rc mm) Uetiici lot 

sow I be iKnocti 
Of ■)■ the Mtar-fccdiiig euili, and Ibe 

Of »ll Ike godi^ Ooeanui, anil Theiis 

whom VK on 
Dor molbcr, 1 m loinK lofrMI. Thsj 

mmed me In ikelr court. 
And bfoi||lii me np, rtnlving me in mat 

FRhb ram, alMi JOTc under emli and 

the lufranhil tnu [ioi(ipca*c 

Ch> SMarn. Thoe I co la wiv inlrndlnc 
JtfSfiowD bMwUn ibctn, tiannt; long ib- 

wain'd from ipccch and hciT; 
WbuA Jan. mild I h> leconcile. tbal io 

Cbrir ancrr't ikad 
I aaald plan lore, wul ao nscw ihtii fint 

I tbeuld llMir boM knrd be nlccniBd. and 

hoaoot'd endktdr." 
Sbe aiuweiM: "'Tit not M. hot liut, 

thy wiU ihMti be dnlkd. 
Whom love iMhtoeinbeans hold*." This 

■Men, the uniMd. 
And (nm her odoroiu bMom look, ha 

CeW». In wboK *ptim 
Wen atl «niic<wnw lo drUghi. all tovn. 

all longingi one. 
Kind emieience. bw ipoech. whose power 

Iho aiKnt doth inMainr. 
nh A* i^wgnlnE to her liandt, Itms urged 

lict bf Iii3 nunc ; 
" tUMi«« ihia bnillr. thin f«r-wnnighi. 

■Ad put It 'Iwlxi llnr liMwU. 
Wbtn all ihingiiobt e«m an done ; and 

In ihgr daWe (dum wilk It," The gnat- 

And pill ii 'rwlxi her hrtaaa. Lore'c 

<Ja«ii. iliiu eunniniW ba^nUcd, 
To Jove** (ourt flew. sMuniia. itiaf^l 

stooping Iram batvcn'i height 
PiaitB and BBMOh^ dioae tnnnlriM of 

8«B (EKb'd. and to tte anawT moimls, 

wham Thradan aoUim dwell. 
Apptoachinc. pand Ibeli topa nnlouoh'd. 

Pan'd all the broad an, and antired ta 

LemoM, nl ihe loweti 
or gMikm IVa*, where she met dw 

Pijnoe of all tn«B'i puwsi, 
Deatli's breiher. tileep: wh««e hand she 

took, aod laid : "Ttioii klngof meti, 
Frtsce oir the Godi loo. if baton ihuu 

hoafd U aj auKt. ifttn 
Give hrtgiftil nir, and lliroufih all linita I'll 

otlti itiitki (o thoe. 
Ijiy tlimiWr on Jorc'i fiery ejiea, (hat I 

majr 4vmfon me 
Wilh h\i ciubraca: for which graM I'll 

filler ihrv nidi a thnnm [done 

InCQtrujiilblr, aU of gold, and elqcanll)' 
Uj Mufcitict. tu uhkJx be forced a (ool- 

ttoel Itir Ilw («M 
Of ihy wh Ivn. when irtna and fcatii thj 

Kvldirii liUKKiun plene." 
9«iT( Hltcp replied', "Satumla, then 

ii«3 not any (iod. 
S«iidt« Jow. hilt t wvuM becalm ; ay. It 

ii «eie ilie lluocl. 
Thai fmhcn all ibe Deiik); the great 

Out Joi« ac dare not oome ncTC Dear 

Ifoui ho comaoadeth nl. 
Now you eommond roe as yon did, whoa 

Jovri nitai'iniaded Mni 


Alcidn. hatlBG uck'd the lown of nub- 
born IlloD. 

Took uil from Ihnneo: whra t>i font 
clioTKe I poiir'd nboui Ji>iF't mind 

A plejalog >lum))er. caltiiiii£ blm, lUl Itioo 
dnioat up iln wind. 

In all hi* ctudikh to sea. that set Ida son 

In Com, far frcm atl hli friend*. Which, 
walune. va'd so sore 

The Mipicma g«dhtad, thai ho taU Ibe 
gods alnni lh« aky. 

And me. above ihon aS, he cougbl. 

whum be had uKeily 
Hnil'd Ironi Ihe jpukliag finnanieDl, IT 

all-godi-umiitg Night 
(Wliom. fiylni;, I Macvijbt for aid) haid 

suAcr'd his dcspllt^ 
And no< prw cp f e d me : but his wrath with 

my oAooe dispensed, 
For (ear I' olTenJ ber, and *o ceased, 

thoujih never so incensed. 
And now atiollicr such escape, you wish I 

should pnnre." 
She aniaer'd: "Whni haih ihy deep 

m( la do ailh his deep cm ) 
Asthriiifh Joie'sloiotolllonlnalldagTCM 

■ miuch 
Ai 'twiu la Hercules bis sod, and lO 

would iCorm as wncb 



For thdidlspleasure aifor h!i^ Away, I 

will rcmmc 
Thr ftu w(ib giving th«e tlie dune, Iluu 

thou didtl PITT lovn. 
One of xtx fur foung Cracn bom. divine 

Tba itanod Soniaua inio Joy, whro 

oniwct'd ; ' ■ Swtar to me. 
By thOM InvioUble iprtap, Ibal feed (lie 

Wllh one tmad louoh tb« noutiihins earth. 

and in the other lake 
TIm mublo m, thai til ths voii, of ibe 

Infemal tlaie, [n«ua. uid nie 

Wliicli eitclc Satumi nity to ui tie wlt- 
Wbat ihon but Towd: villi nil 

truth, dion will baiow on me, 
T1» damg I cnnt I ever lovol, divine 

$be SWORE, u he enjoln'd. In all, and 

umictbsi'd an hb joy* 
B/ luunlu all 111' inlenuU Godi. uinuni'd 

the lltuiolt. 
The oaLh Ihu ttStaa. Iiolti look vwj, and 

made their qnkd: repair 
To Idii from the (Own. ami isle, all bid to 

liquid air. 
At LmIoo Gut they Icfl the tea, nnd llien 

(be land lliey iml : 
Tbs fouatful nunc of lavngci, with at) 

ber woodi. did nod 
Bci^-'aih their feet: there Somnuiiioy'd, 

Inl Jove'* tirfiihl rye iihoulil bee ; 
And yet. that be mtKiit xc lo Jove, be 

dlmb'd the gaadlteit tree 
TbiU all 111' Iduian mouninin hii-d, ami 

crowed horprofniT. 
A fir It wiAi thai >hot put air. nnd Itbi'il 

the burning iky : 
llierT ute he hid tn hb dark amu, and la 

Ihe ihafie withal 
Of Ihit (qntinua) pralin£ bird, whom all 

Ih< Ueltin QiJl 
Cholcli. Iiui men Cymmindii name. Sa- 

tumia iripp'd apoGS. 

Up to the top of Gusarai, and dtew'd 

her hea**^nl^ face 
To Jupiicr. »ho WW. Ami tov«d, tad irith 

;» hoi a firt. 
Bans <urloui in her lenipung view, u 

when with tint deiir« 
(The plra»iire o( it beinR ttolen) they mix'd 

in love and bed ; 
Aad, £mIiic od bcr Milt, be aid : " Sa- 

turniik whM hub teed 
Tbit hoite tn thee from our hijjh court 

and whilhcT lendi Ihy c*it. 
Tlui, raid of hone and cbaiiot, At for ihy 

*evirelgii uate^ 

Thou lacquey'ii herel*' Her itudlcd trand 

repliRl : "Myjooniry now 
Leaves iiaie and raboun to do sood : and 

wiien in lif hi I ovre 
All kindncia to iho Sirs of iEodt. and our 

good mother Queeit 
Thii nantrd and lupl mccurioutly in osurt 

(unoe both hive Imo lime Jl diioonl) my dnlre It to 

alonr Lhrir Ijearu ; 
And iheirfore go I now lo WM those euth't 

ciiTeincu pam. 
Pot whotc (iir-Mat t ipiunl oiyhoiw the 

M.iilni: of ihli bill. 
And t<:fl tla-m at Ihe foot of tl ; fat Ibey 

miiHi 'Atri? \\wit fjLI 
0( travail with mc, and mull draw my 

coach Ihroush canli and lou. 
Whoic far-inMnded reaeb. respect, ud 

cole not lo dlipleaje 
Thy Eiaca. mitde me not aliampt. wiihonl 

tny £racioiu leave. " 
The cloud -compcltinK G«I her juilc lo 

lhi», rtatt did recciti-' : 
"Jimo. tbouiholt have afier leave, but. ere 

so fac thou itray. 
Convert wc uut kind thouxhU to love, that 

now dolh tmuy way 
Circle Willi victory my powen. nor yet with 

nny ddme, |lio*fim ho inllama 

Woman, or Roddeu. did h» bru my 
Ax now Willi lhe& Not when U loved tlis 

pan* *o ecncmii 
ixion'i wife hod, thill brought fonb tbe 

wiie Brflhoiu : 
Not when tbe lovely d,ime Aciuius' 

daughiet nmd 
My aniurou* uowtn. that Pcneus bole to 

aJI men else prcfon'd -. 
Nor when (he doine. that Ilicnia col. 

■lupritnl me will her tiuht. 
Who the divinc-ioui'd Rhadamanlb ud 

Ml^iot brought to light : 
Soi ofiUFi*. that bon lo me ihc joy of 

mor.ii men. 
Tbe ipnahdy Uaochus ; nor Ihe dame ihat 

1 iieocn renowned llien^ 
Alaueno. t'lai bore Herculs ; LAtona. so 

rencftn'd ; 
Queen Ccrca, with tbe i^ldeo bar : 

thy fur eye* did wound 
My eniinili to tuch depth at now wilfc 

tbint of amatoui aue.~ 
The<unnlngdaineKcm'd much inoemcd,, 

and uid : " What word* arc ihete. 

UnuffeiatdeSaiuni^Mnr Wfaul hnef 

In ida'i hd^l I 
DtainrM ibtxi thia? bow liu it na? «« 

wIku if in Ihe tlsbl 



or toy fed Ikr «<& nm plMird, ihU be 

ih« nt miBlM totac 
To pli am if^ totoaiteeiicef "nete n 

dithoooiii'd thlnC' 
I woskl not ilicw DiT fan in bsato). and 

ilM from hkIi a uoL 
Dm. If tewbawiinu lothc*. lltouhul ■ 

WhkA VulctB pUTpoMlx (Motrtved wilh all 

n MUUJF ! 

Tbtte deep al rkoawe." ICerepUed: "I 

loir not ir Ihc cjc 
Of ciihi* cod or man otame. to thick a 

tkmi of sold (can bciiaU. 

nt OM abOM M thai Ibt wn. who hirthMt 
Shall nern find n." ThU naolvcd, into 

t3 kind cmbtaee 
Hi- rinV hb vUb. RcnraUi tlwm bo(h bit 

TctUaa nnWd tbt place 
Wilh fttahigtiMt hertih lo acA anil iliidi 

IfaM tv aloft ll ban 
'nMilrb(a*nilirbodlts;wllb hUWm. did 

Th' Bl^rxan amMMin : ■aflVon (iowrn and 

hpidnilu hclp'd tniXe 
The tacnd bed ; and (hrta they tlvpl : 

wban naddaolr thm brake 
AfcUM vapowoatafalt, vbtnccihininR 

In which tbty wrapt (bnn due. and dcpt 

Ua Jcnc ni tunnl vUlul. 
Man ipac* flew Somniu lo tht slii[«. 

loimd Naptwia «■). and mid : 
•■ Mow ckeoMIr aaw Uw Undia, vid 

pvt Ihrn (bnont band. 
jIlkMi a little, «hUeJo«« sleep* :of when 

Ihraoah «Y(ry Umb 
I poar'd daril ilcep, Saturnia'i love hath 

TliBi nawi laailr Kvptnne mora tecuta in 

frrinic Oiacian* beanl. 
Atf ibroiith Ibe fim liclii* iks be •Uir'd 

Ihc tnea of mat dnnt : 
"Y«t, Gnoui. shall m put our dilps, 

andONUBBt. is it^teadi 
Of Piiw'alMarbyearUMh? Hethaki 

m md cofWBWHb 
WM pfUe acooTdlDg : aa became Ac&ilk* 

AIn, «i ■« wet* noosbl but him I we 

little need ii> ita^ 
Ob bia auiHann. if *e woaU oar own 

aiencihs call to fidd, 
Aad ONeidhr matniahiiapube. Cone on 

then, •ITmn jrield 
T« mimt t o«lcr. We ibai beat bni annt 


WhoMbegdi niualn the brIgbMK brina, 
wbOK h«odi ar* htMad mou 

ipliiti will 
■irad. 1^1 

WMh hmgnt hiicea, la at oa. Bnl *Ut, 

ru lead Tou all: 
Sat think I but pru Uoelor's ipliiti wM 

wjlTrr tumft Mpiml. 
Tbousti Ihcjr be nncr ta inipircd. 

alilEtl of us Iben. 
llat oa our ihoublsn won! ihieUt 1 

cuduiagD with wonet men 
That fitbl with better." Thlt | 

aB neaid ii. and obtjr'd. 
The klnsi, eimi thMe that tofltt'd wound), 

Utynra, Dionwd. 
And A|[unemiian. help'd I' Intltuct Ibt 

coaipleta tmiy thiu : ^m 

To (ood fan food ann. wona to wco^H 

Ttl none wccc inuunom. ^H 

Thn*. anti'd wiili onler, lonh thej Aew ; - 

thi* cnel Riinh-thaktT M. 
A loOK nrord in his smeny hand, obkh 

when he hiaikriuhnl 
tl liKlitro'd still, ihcre wai do law for hua_ 

Aivl It : poor men 
XlutI iiunkc before Ihcm. TheM 

monn d. illiuiiioiu Ilcctoi thai 
Hb bo« brai^t vp. Th? blue-balr'd (od 

aad ha KrMch'd ttiniucb lbs prwn 
A gneviaa fifbt ; when lo Ibe uilpsaiHl 

lenu of Greece the leo* 
Rrakv loose, and nvnd. But iriien linj 

join'd, the dnadful tliunoiir race 
To inch a height. a» not the m, when up 

Iba Nonh^piiil binn 
Ittf raging bUkmi. bellow* to anlntt the 

bnteo «hat« ; (with vfolcni hlora 

Nor Mch ■ inHlinB kcepa a fire, dilwn 
Tbtoogb wood* ihal grow afitaM • hill ; 

nor M Iba kruax tttokta 
Of ataoM-biBstlnc wladt ivaeand agauat 

> grove of oa£i ; 
A» did tha danionr of tbeae boui, when 

both the bocila oloaed. 
OI ail which boUe Heoor tnt at AJu- 

tnaai dUpeMd 
ilia JBvdin. ilnce (0 fight on him the gnnl- 

(Oul'd wldier bore ; 
Nor ain'd iU hut ihr Inodricb bolfa Ibt 

hD brind bosom irore. 
To banc hi* thicid and tweed, k ttiwk ; 

both which his Ikah ptmrved. 
Hector, disdaining thai ba hnce had ttani 

«* good a> twfTved. 
Trade w hie tiicngih : but, going «f, givu 

AJaa with a done. 
One at Iba many props for >Id(a. that 

Ibere Iw IntmnlM oo, 
Siiook hi* brood liceait abot^ fait shieM, 

just undemaib bi* teoai. 
And ibodt him picotmal ; whaii the Wona 
qmng baek agalii, and inoiie 



Eanh, like a whlrlirinit. suhoisi; dust 

wilb ■fiirrine ficnicly raunJ.' 
For femur «( nil nnipnol >tnn);th, In 

MitliiiK on Ibc Kround. 
Aad M wlicn Jan'itioli by ihit rooi* nndi 

frerm lln cnrlfa an oak. 
Hb lulphur caiUoc wilb the blow a strong 

uRunoury unukc^ 
Aad on lbs Aula piniu none San locJc but 

wUb anuuol cvca. 
(Jon** OiundEr Mnc no Imehini: £■'"'^1 

so bow'd nrong rlecior'i itiigiu. 
Anil lo nilh tcat-up hecli lie fell. aMMy ha 

Unte ho li«ni:. 
Hta round ihietd lollow'il, (hen bix b«lin. 

And out Ilia ftrmanr ntntf. 
The Uncki ihoi ihouied. and nn in. 

and iKiped to hale blm off. 
And Ihtnfore pour'd in dadi in Monns. to 

keep liii old aloof : 
But none could huR the peo|ile'i piktev 

DOT stir htm frum fan grouiTd ; 
Sarpedon. pnncc of Lyda. and Gluucu* «o 

Divine Ajcenor. Venus' son. nnd wite 

I^ijKbmu, [nocltellvc »oi 

Rosh'd to bb fricur. .tTitl llif n^ht- No on^ 
Of Ilfccot's atay. All itwn ihioldt. ihiy 

eoucti'd Bboiu him clcoc. 
RtiMil him from cinh. niid ixSviOf him, in 

their kind arms. rcjKvl 
pRxn off the labour ourtcd him, to hb 

rich (hxriot. 
And bore liim moumini: tomtrds Troy. 

Bui wheii the flood llioy gol 
Of cul'y XnniliiLi, y/ia got by dsMh- 

loH Jupiitr. 
There iliey him fiom chariot, and all 

bnpnukM tbece 
His tcinpla with the xlmin. He breathed, 

louk'il Qp. MUy'd la rm. 
And on bb Imoe* ttajfd spitting Mood. 

Again then dated bis ryes, 
And buk again bit body l«U. The main 

Mow had nol done 
TCf with hit iDicit. When the Oneki uw 

worthy KoNorgon*. 
Tbcn ihourhl they o( ihdc work, ilic' 

charged wllh iodA more chocr Ibelu- 
And than, far Aim. ODiadw began thr 

H« darted Satniui Knopa' ion, wliom 

lamuui Nail bore 
Ai *be wia keeping Enopt' Oocki on Sat- 

nius' rivet** thon^ 
And lUook him in iik belly's rim, wbo 

upwards ftH, and raiud 
A nighty skiraisb with U» ML And 

ibcft Panihaxla sclted 

Protbenor ArtElyddts. wiih his ttnaiEeful 

On bis richi shoulder, alrook it throiiKh. 

and laid him brealhlsi there ; 
For which he iniolenlly btagg'd, and cileil 

out : " Not a dait 
l''i«m gieu-«oui~d ['laathus' son, I think. 

sliftll over Ktinlier part. 
Bui some Creek's bosom ii siiatl lalxi and 

moke him give bli ghost." 
This btsc the Onciaiu Ucmach'd mucli ; 

but Tdamoahii most. 
Who stood miHt near I^lbcnoi's till and 

out ho tent II lAficir, 
Which I'anllius' son. dcctinlng;. loaped. 

yd lutill [I to uid chiincc 
Atchilochus. Aiilcnai's son, whom beavcn 

did dcsiiniKc 
To that utrn end ; "(will neck and l>c*d 

tlie jsvclin wioughi his fiOK. 
And na In at the upjicr joint of all the 

bacli long banc. 
Cut both ibe oerns : and such a loid ol 

sircngih laid jVai nn. 
Ai that SRfiLtl pan he snied oulwrigb'd lUI 

th' under limto. and virook 
Kls hcrit up. lo that heid and face Iho 

evnb'* piiiwilons took, 
When all the low innsspmnf Inalr; aai 

thm did Ajax qoJt 
Paathudes' hnrr : ' ■ Now, Ponthus' ioq, 

let thy propheiic wit 
Comidcf. nnd Liikclote n Iralh. if Ihis mu 

do nut wnuh 
liven mih l^coihenor. I oonoeive. no onci 

of yuii will tay 
Thai either he wns base himielf. oi spning 

of any kcue ; [by his fux ; 

Anienor's brother, or hb son, he ihoutd be 
One irf ills rac<^ pan question, his Ulic- 

vcsB sb«n bv «■" 
This spake he, imowing It wen monoid 

The Tre^ana storm'd at this. J 

And then •Icu' Acsmas. lo wic hi* brMhM 

Boeothn. drantnjc blm to spoil ; and 

Iho OiTTdia eiiraKrd : 
" O Gredo. even bora la bear our 

yet ever breathing lliicals, 
Nol ahwayl tutdrr ton and lojlt 

fortune sweait, 
iiul soRiEiini'^ yuu drop luidf t death. 

now your luick among 
Out dead. IMranccd with my weak bitat 

to prove I hava en long 
■ r. TRs 
■ii-rr tiontal man 

Reweniied ay brother. 

the wish 

His tfT4lMr. slain In Man lii) field. mJ 
1st wietk'd in his fsae." 



Thit Mind trtsh tsty ia Hit GiMlo. but 

nrtnl Ptodrai n»»(, , 

Wbe Mfd bb Unce al Aeanua ; lie 

K>p«d : no* !«■ ■■ I™* 
The fen* ht BiTc II. Un H round itie flock- 

rtch PIuxInu' tun. 
Boms, wbOM dtar tin, ;«lt nil in llion. 
Wu ioitA of lUnna. ami enricb'U. iind 

lo bim onit ben 
Bli nmhcr ihU bow lUoshMr'd man. 

Tbc dwi did aDderton 
Hlf *]r«-lid, bjr hi* C7CI dor rmti, and 

out tlN Klf)l« IsD, 
Tkc ofB pkmcd diKnvfa ; D«r tculd the 

■wm CfaM nMj* Iki Mck npti 
Hit imoK-vtoc'd laaoe, but nctk iiiid *tl 

cue m>|r. aad down he diojip'd. 
tatiW tbcn odNUfaid hu nord, and 

fowD tbc*bo«ddcaok«M>'d 
Bit t«kl<w bod ; witeb £m ha threw, 

IIm helm Mill MickinK <ai. 
Aad mOI ibe tnnoe Ki'd la hti cfc : which 

Ml lott* alone 
CoBtoMed him, but up ttaia be iniLich'd, 

ukd ilww'd U all. 
Wiih ihu Hen bnra; "llutn*, nlat« 

bmc llW««ut' bU 
To hi* kiod pannti. thM Ujeir loof* ihdr 

lean may ovmsn ; {)[eDor'i kid. 

Tor to tbe Mate of Ptaauchiu. nod Ale- 
itMl wUb bk wtk'* ejv* onrtiflaw. ilie 

aevtr wtiax moco 
Het dear Ion}, tbowh we icU kto dcuh 1 

«b« io«at RUm (bote 

We hriiic Fmm r^^'d Trof our lltvl. and 

rc^n to lone locsaor ' 
Tbb uld. and Kcn. pi3e (car pa»«n'd all 

tliiHc o( llion. 
And ereiy man oasi round bi)«]r« to ite 

when detih wM not. 
Thai III? mij-ht 9y bim. Let not then bil 

FTJCcd liimd be foriot. 
O MiiKt. you ihu •: " -n in hnrea, tbat 

6iit imbrued ibc i-. J 
With Tiojan nnil. nlicn Nepluac tbat 

hfld n£:u]e (udf Iruu yiiM. 

Uni Aiox Telamoniu* ibe Hfdan cop- 

intn tlew. [ifarew 

Great Hyrtius Gyniadea. Antiloctim o'r> 
Plialcei and Uennc*. to Ibdr tpoll. Me- 

rionea cave ei;cl ({liil Mad 

To Moryi and llii<po4ion. Tcucct (o Tale 
frolbaon and Peopbeua. Atride»' )*iclbi 

DuIm lI>-pereHar. womtdios Urn in Aat 

pout iliai li placed* 
Dmwui [Iir ihoii ribt and Ibe bones, that 

lo the inptc (ut 
Have pctUncoce : (he (airiin't bcod did 

out bii tnUant cut. 
Hli loifeedioal bfeaklnE ihrouch tbc wound ; 

n<|[ht'i black band clued bil n^ 
Tben Ajax. ereat Oilcos' mo, had di*en 

viciofie* ; 
For whrn Saiuiaiu* ntbr'd 8«hl, of oil 

the Cteclas raoa 
Not one wlib*wlltoCM«f bItCMtoouid m 

oitldi a cluu». 


) *OMia*ri Hafir. AA<qNMwA>nN)(ibe 
QDd of Uljnia' watbb in iW oagimiine of 
tlili bookl «Uc& McripUon our Spwd. 
likea lo be cl<a> ><> t"""^ Md UMI all 
U1|imb' vbHA H rnvnut, or ila0^. 
«Udi If tpokeo aUocelbtf miIouiIt and 
bUioHr M thlt UU« M (he end. wblch wai 
ipolien 4«Hi mtilUtr, or tni/ru, et 
fBtfetie to make Acaaemso* b«or Ibe 
kdfT the lUBtka of hb oihc* amietiijr. 

* Kal lyi fbt «*X»»n tl>l. tt tgt fUMd 

wmmwhrieratt. Tlie long di n I tiu on tbat 
Maw* (bis in the HBccb of DkOMd fbetan 
MM to Afamenuioni nplf M VnuuH 
bmnm n HEEtctaUan be bad bjaU mv 
tMofJk-tnaia 10 lalk o( bk P«*iCt*« ■ 
aad^ HMun «( thai faununr. hatb shews 
Hi dMre dwHlMiu lo leom Ibe pedlgnet 
Of «tbe*^ « te tbc Slitb Book, lo hit 

liiqtdiTafClBacaf pidim. And hctdn 
ia capccMcd pan ofhb chandrt. 

paitloK. 'ot ipecd. nutty thinp in ihii 
book ibac cry out for IM praiw «f our 
Home*, and note 0/ ibai which U moit 
mdcx 1 know will be kal. I mnil only 
iaiiii iia on Uioae nni thai (in my poor 
unknuuu&ni;) ccniid never yet ISad appie- 
heniSan In any o( owr eommeoloti ot 
maalatMV •* In lUl limSe again of the 
wUrtwIad, to wbiob the stono ibat A]b( 
bailed at Hector li tcaembtcil. VaOaand 
Sotmnu. Salol ia Fnnck. Mondetiiaad- 
iac. ttttur furmi aif*t vM* l»t Mw. 
iai*mtirlmS»d. Valla's wonb aM tbese 
llraniUliDC ii r U f i*ritlm*ft*ir,tA 
r ttratu *4mi wbxh. *J nrtrm. My Una 
nach ia may omBoo tnMlition : Tn- 



eiam aaltm Ami anaaiU firttm, r«Ai- 
liiifKi rtl KJniMw.) Omr tela Hutar vtt»l 
turK', fium Siriimim Jitaul. niel* 
arfvn. &c Eobanut conTtning ii i)iiis>- 

■ — ^ SifffU tUe t n m em , cew turto ralafufc 
U'hkb, though tC )ia;p upon the oiIkt. 
makM T** tnucb oonc muilc. mj^dK' 
Htitor titvi InmUini;, ttime tota.'iJ 
Biaxi IIJu a tttUrAnatf. //' itoini. jtl *Mt 
turnid aiaul tMritf/. Hov poa tiMb 
aic, 1 Itirnk (he btindnl tn, uul muu 
iicrdt acknovlcdee A moiuircnu unwonhi- 
nri> In Iliac meii to loach our Homer. 
(Slecmlns it >n nilmnii loss to Ihn m-irld 
to IiUG (hit knd Ihe like unduoDiTml. 
Fcr, M t amrthEtid !t. iKing ripnaiwit no 
belter than tn raj- u1)r conv«ra'on (mid <ha 
»((ioo. not Hcttor, hVcncd lo the whirl- 
wind) II ii «boic thi> vfll of ■ man Ui 
imilale out Homer's ini for the caeot 6«y 
Uliulraliun both of Ajiu* ntcnglh ood 
lloctor't : of Aju. fbr civini; lucb n fnrog 
to it M could not spend iiwlt upon IlKtoi, 
but turn alia upon Itie enrtU in thai ohlrl- 
wind-like violence ; of K«lar. fDrtinncitnir 
It ao tolidly : for withoul ihii conildmclon 
the Mon« couM never hsi\t noalle\l to 
Aercely. And her* h.i"" wf » mini caw 
■K^inX our plain and imtig wnr?n ihxt, 
beouiH lb«ir ohh unwlcUincu will not let 
them ite ibcnuelvB, K'ould havn tvrry 
nun crmel lllce Ihem, theit futbcn not 
panine the dtch of every fomui't captcHr. 
And, mdecd, where ■ mxa is undcniood, 
thero i* ever a proportion bttwlii the 
Wlltai'* wit msd lb* wrilnr't ( I nuiy 
Speak «11h nuihorttri acconJinj! to my old 
V-wm in nluliauphy : IkUUkIki in ifa 
mrilliritiJhi emiiil. Bui hettin Ihiscim 
ii ruled Ogalnu inch men. Ihii they ailtnn 
iline hjpenheticiil or hi^inlaiivc ton of 
expresdoni and lllmlrstions an loo bold 
and bombuiftl : uid onl of that won! It 
tmin tliot which ihcjr call our tauita ; 
their pUin wrulng betsc stufF nothing so 
lubtianilal but such (pOM towlege, oi 
haiipalcli, i» every CDoae may cat au% 
through. Ainiinst vlilch, and all thno oplnloni. iliiti a man Is bound to 
wri'r to mtxy vuli^ rRidcr't understanil- 
Ing, you ice the sie*t Muter of >U docu- 
lion hath wiitien so doiUy (hal lUmott 
ihrT« Ifaousacd lum hava nM ditcovtt*d 
him, CO more bi fivt handled othei placet 
ilianhere; aad yet all perrial enongfi. you 

may well my. when tnch a one at t oom- 
pFcIiend tliem. Ilul the chief end why I 
eMfod Ihl* annotation is only lo intreat 
your note here of Homer's manner of 
wridn£. which, to ntict his aftcr^tora ol 
malttr and vanrly. is lo pros, and put* 
on with so siDns a cunent. that It ttr 
oiemins the moit utborioul puniirr. if hv 
hare not a poMiiol fool and poesy'i (juick 
eye (o fnlde It. The vcree in tjueition I 
Iwfor you lo hcfnrc. whith tiivj x'»i'*^'<- 
sii^ilyim « Item n/ a kan.1/sl, or Md/ 
xsilA i">< kani mAji t* raiitJ ititil tail, 
tpokcn of br^orr, uul (hrre brini; under* 
tiMxl) ihodt [lector at alt puts. Id sUiktnK 
hfiD. and like a whirlwind wtueled or 
uhimd nboiit ; wherein he ipeakt not <rf 
boundine lo the smb again, and ralitne a 
■tiiii u>-in bit vtotent turaingi, la wbidi mn 
conccil and life of hit tiiatle U«, but team 
It to bit leader, and b« leaves II to him. 
Notwithstanding he ntiets enough to niaJw 
s stone sndantand it, bow stupidly soever 
■n Ut lawtpreieis would ban Hector 

S brine ttiook inloa ircmbllng. and almost 
Ifod) lum about lik* a whirlwind, I (on- 
elude then with this questioo ; What fanlt 
b it in me; (O fumUfa and adorn nty veiM 
(bein£ hit tnoalator] with trantlalinx and 
nddingthetnHb oad bilnett«fhte<oncel(,l( 
being ai like to pass my reailer at his, and 
ihetrfore neceaniy t If it be no tault In 
■tie. but fil, then may I Justly be said lo 
beltrr Homfr, or nol to have ill my iftvrn- 
tion, mailer, and form, from hira, IhaU|;h 
a Ultle I enUtse hli forai? Virtfll. In 
all plaoa wIhvs ha is comptfvd and 
preferred lo Komcr. doih noitimt; more. 
And therdbre my aiactlion in llic Second 
Bo(A is InuL that Vii(il hath in a!1 pluLOk 
wtierdn be It eompand and prefetnd to 
Homttliy Sealicar. ft&. boili his invention, 
matter, and form, from Mm. 

• OtfntttMtinr. He., valmravil mi 
ilia <t ia irantlaled, and Is In the bsl vmea 
of this Book, where Mnelaut is said t<S' 
wound Hyperenor, Ikit *^'^n HtHur ta 
ptrt terfaril fad feiil<i at imltr OfiAu 
n.lkai. il fiM qua ad i/i'd firttrnfml. f aM 
ivaKti 11/, rt duidtnt. Hipp. »■ /**. 
Twt aiH*; tad iberefor I nccordtagly 
tramlaie ft. And note this betide bon 
out of Ihb place and many othcn, how 
cirallcnl on analotnist our Homer wast 
whose skin In those tiroes, metliiiik^ 
■bould be a Kviet. 

TitE SHo Of THS nvnmsxTM book. 



_ ^ tod bl^kfuij TcoT ia fflfh, 

rhidii Itaa, lad tm^m Ina u ih* lifht 
n da^ *k* S*»«<>1 ID muVc i£e HsU ; 
A*d Phvfcm 10 ixtdc U, witli hii •hwld 

V> Ml Ik foa^ aad nokii hv anqucnm, 
Vtt Tnjiw fiiinc Kro Ibe Gmiuu <hu9 
B«1B M iMr BcM. Ttcn Aiu lonu ba fto*. 
M fcaih vMh OHr Tn^u ■••**. hk to* ! 
Vtetkai t<«H0i bnadt •« Ml ibc fleet « fin 


tm ID O Iw cwulit. 

• Juno. NifiuM calk Asm A(bL 

nnTrctans, beat pulpal« Mid dikc^ and 

Bamben pRMnli: l>kl, 
AH nil lo curiob focT'^vM «ll, awl 

Icai'd M laen dhmaj'd. 
TbM Jov« on hU'i lep amkcd. nae riom 

Salunua'i (kIo. 
Steed up. Mid logk'd upon (be war ; and 

am h« fa>d Km il ; lb' Wh* now to 

iniii. rill T'liilrilnllttii . 
KhK N«(«naib will) hi* l«is »w«nt chief: 

gnu Hecior pal dova quiK, 

t«M bl in tUU. Ud >Uh * CfOwB C< 

pdiwn compaMrd, 
SaMBRt'd op Owl iKtcarceooaMbRMhe, 

hftminJ* mmi h»bH Ited. 
And he ilfll (plUiDK bkiod. lad«ed, hli 

km wuaMMt on 
BroMth«««) tlwmtliat Ocotk. But 

UiB lowe loak'd apon 
WIIh<7eio(pHr; esMswifewlIh borrlblc 

Til otum be nid : "O ibou lo lU moil 

eoaiiinc atcMlael, 
AOatUudcaanNnUUiU racaod'ttl not 

Hvdat bom 6xht. but. viili kU men, i« 

•be* the Orrrb a coune, 
I fear, aa fenDcrlv. m> ao*. ibEto iUi have 

*ilb thy handi 
ndc tol InilB towu, and IhcRforc Goold 

bad all ibf Uiaia villi taa^ 
nmNfM Ibea. «Wn I huc'd Ihea up, 

^cnt to Ay (oM 1 Had 
T*g awflL foidca mantria oa ihy U*b 

rot. la 

And let tbea mncllMaly bang foini car »- 

lined bat*cn 
Crea 10 aacth'* vapoun ; oil the gcdt in 

Enat Olympiu elvcn 
To muiioit* about ilicc, yet (tbau|[h all 

tlood Raiinc on) 
Nona duisl diuoliv thtv. for ih«t« bvida 

{had Ibey but lelmd upon 
Tliy tflcnd) liail hmdlonj ihrown him olT 

fniai OUT iiAi-btatine round, 
nil ht hod luRililcil out hu Ixtaili. and 

Iiivue-mral duh d Ihc ETouild. 
Nor wu my mgry iplill cUm'd u> loon, 

litl tllOM (uul V-U. 
On -hicb. inducinc nDrlhcni flnari. ihou 

itiipwnck'dit lieRuld, 
And Ui4'd Tiitn to Ifaa Coan thoTt^ that 

ihuu ihoaldsl tempt nsaln 
My wiBili'a Intponancr. whan (hon moR, 

bcaldat, how gioaily vain 
^ty powat con make ihy policMi ; Ibi 

from Ihdr ulRHNl Furec 
I Incd my ion. aad icl him ufc to Aijcol; 

nunc of liQii*. 
Thfsr I n:mi:mbCT to ihy iboiighu. Ikit 

Ihm Riani ihun llicic tlc^hlt. 
And ksoar how badly btd-aporu Ihtht^ 

protorod by boie dewia.'" 
Tow (rlablcd the olbnding queen, nba 

•rjili ihia itale eieuatd 
Her Mud mkUidiieM: "Wiioesi earth, 

and bciien to ba dUBuad. 
Thou Flood Mboaa tilanl (lidiag varca the 

undor (Toutid dodi aeu, 
(U'ltlcb 11 the crcai'it and ciai«M oaib, 

tbiit any Ood oan iww) 
Thy SBcnd bead ; tliote teetet Joyi, ibat 

our yoong bed gtpiw fotb, 
(By which t nera nthly aaore) thai ho 

who ibalKa the earth 
Not by my oonmtl did tbU wronf to 

Hector md Ut iMat ; 
Hut (lAyinf tb' oppiM H d Qnekt. ihttt 

fleet bdoff nearly Ion) 
ficherod tbdt hud coodiiiari, yet uuariy 

By bu free atad; whlditlnco laee li m 

oSnuiTO held 
To tin hifb phiiit^ 1 triB nmr adtiie 

hfan nM to mad 
Bui wlMn tbf i«npcM-rBlSi4 fact, O 

Jnptar. AdllMi^ 

Jov» laugb'd 10 hear b«r to tubmlH, Mid 

bU: ■■Mr&li-artdlo**. 
UkDI ihni ibMutd t wcteoseliacoiui- 
N«pcuiw would «al ta ««fd amt &ct be 

oua. IT MH Id hcait. 
U IhMi ihjr lonciM and bout agm. fiom 

uQutv to imwm ^vpuxi, 
To can the eK«llcnt-l&-bo«i, l)ic Rkin- 

bmr. wul tbe Sun. 
TImi boOt nay *kl( bolb the hottt ; the 

Oitdui mm J one ; 
And tboi li Irtt ; let bcr but*, •nd make 

lh« «n-sod MOW 
T Moiw iIm OtMki, ind to hi) cuurt 

ntin (ram war In peace ; 
Let PiKEbuJi Ml Ibe I'nfaa pari. Itaiiirt 

with woninl jKnnt 
Gnu Ikdor's spirits, ntiliie tds ibougfiu 

CmSCI the lal« ttoit hour, 
And ^ hit anpiiib. ■citin)' oa hi* wbote 

pccovb o ni>ii 
To auk* coed hltblafrMsiallcbt, arid 

bold In eoniiuu wuie 
The Gredui gbefe*, (III ihej fall. In fltsbl 

Of Kx'd AchlUei; which exucme will 

pravn tM rnean 10 ^ivM 
TbiW arith thy aiab, far tbea lb« e^ cf 

Bfcal MiiMet [la mar him pnuul 
IMuk wlineu of ihr.- pantl ill. Itut ilodi 
Will oaka hli oa^ patiicubu look out, 

and by degree* |no cxtremitio 

Abai« W* >ntlh, that. llraiiK*) htimelf roc 
WUI (Bcni nflcci«l ; jtl bit IUeimI may gtt 

of him thf! grata 
To hrlp lilt country In hU airoi ; and he 

thnll annke At pboe 
Forliti full pnaanco with hi> d-oCh, iiliii;li 

ihJdl be wfll forcnin ; 
For I will fint Riioirn hi) lir<j with 

ibnif htu of my (on, 
Dtvlne SMwdnt. uu) hU dcAlh giul 

Httnort pawvr ihall wnak. 
SikUdk hi* cvih.* Then, at osce, out ih*ll 

Ilie f ory bratk 
or Boce Adiillra: aiid. wilh that, Uie 

flight DOW fell ihitl (Dm. 
Aodtbcn Inii, till in wrkihful Oamo lbs 

lonz-«iecoil llion huin. 
Mtotm s countc) (hall b««oiiie er«e mean 

to ihb m wltl : Jidko his fill 

Which DO fod ihall im«Uki bf (on Achilla 
Ot ilanehler for tdi (taughieid (riend ; 

even H«clori»Uu|!liler(hrowa 
Under hn onen ; that thoe Tacts miy then 

make [ully known 

" Badiiif hii rmW ia Hn fi>Ii«>— So. 

Uy vov*) peiformMiw. madeof tau:aii4 

with my bowed hod, 
Confimi'd to llieiis, wlm hor amu 1 

braced my kn««, and pny'd 
Tlial to her dly-tailnc loa I would aUl 

honour *hew,~ | 

lliit lirud. hia dkufC the locm'd I* 
intmd. iri<1 to Olynpui flew. 
bui. u ihe mind □( 5ucti a nuui that both 

And erthcr knowinj; not Us way. Or then 

would lei iilone 
Hii purpoitd jotimey, li dbtnct ; and iq 

hi* vexed mind 
RmoIvo now not 10 e^, bow goct, tIJU 

many way* Indinnl : 
So icvcrend Jnto htodlong flew, and 

For. Beinz amonsM Ik' hnmonal Gods in I 

hljchlhearen lOon otrived, 
All riuax, wdooming with «■(• her IJlllo 

niocncc ilienoe. 
She all thdr muitihipt ompoaa'd «rilb 

Mlemn neetiE«na(k 
Sam ihai wUeh Wr-ebcek'd Theml* 

■bcw'd. and hw klod c«f> ibe took. 
For fiisl Ae ran and met wMb her, and 

ntk'd : '-Whal Itoublad look 
Shebroui;1ii to heaven f Stw iliavgbl. for 

iniih, ihklJOTC had lenlAed 
[In >{iii>i4»tniii):r1y ■iiKS the weal.' Tho 

fdir ann'd Ijucm rrplial : 
' ' 'thu inilh HUT c«>ily be suppMed ; 

you, eoddan iMnii. kao«r 
Ha oid inpriiy and pride ; but yon beu't 

oiil with *liow. J 

And likr the bnnquel'f ubiter amongn lb* t 

Immortilt tuc 
Thouch wTll you bear oaionpi tlitat all, 

how bad Bis ocUona are ; 
Nor BIG all hcfe. not anywtwee, monili, 

nor sods, t fmr. 
Entirely pleased wiih what ha doei^ tboiicli 

Ihiu yf bnnqucl here" 
Thus look she pbor, diapltattdly : Ibe 

least In general [lo oolour all, 

ncwrayine jirivy (plMiii at Jot; andlbco^ 
She laugh i, but foinly from tur lip* ; (or 

over hcT black bKjiwl 
Her unll-bent fonlirad wa* not elaar'd ; 

yel IhU Ik< pa«toa's thioe* 
Biougbtignh In ipllc.beinc lately aehecTd: 

"Alac what feob are w« 
That euvy Jove t o* thai by a«l. med, 

ili'iiiiiut. t»n (aniasv 
Any rcsliMnoe 10 his will I fa«sii» far off, 

nor core*. 
Km morea, but snys he kaowa hi! Mrength, 

to »ll drgrect oooipwcs 




AnotW, tw Bicccding Mm la heiM Md 

itnni:ili o( hmil. 
Ot It, M will be shortlj *^la. It •ob k 

wotk would Manil 
J<na In much ironble. to fiMkllfrmn death 

lint ivMiId not die.'' 
ThMlhtntVFVnnail'dhim lohiilfaroae; 

nhcnheaiefi'icblef Ma^esif 
Callil farigtii Apollo ban hi* fanft lad 

trii that had plnce 
OrmlctmndcM itam ibt GoOt, to trfaoM 

ifc« did ihc COM 
Of lupiicr. tothUedect: "llbSniuttiiu^ 

Ttut bc<l>. inih utmost tpeed. ihould 

u^cil) l3 itie [lUlan hill, 
I'o LiwH till fuitlirr pleuuic lhn». Aod 

Ihli In me adiTM, 
When Foa anirrt aiu uc la nuh of hli 

rtfulgent c]M». 
His plcuun hratd, pctform il aH. of «lul- 

juner kinil." 
Thii* movfd (lie bock, and UMd hor 

ihtooe. Til as«iwoouuinpp'(I the wind. 
Ami l(U all-enchiaed wlih tpnngi tbc^ 

toon aiiain'd.and bund 

had ciown'd 
The bran o( Gtitnnu, led WM^t an 

odoiUctCHM cloud 
About hit twaom. ComlaK Mar, lh<7 

Mood. Nor iwi* be tbow d 
Mb lOftf coitntcaanw^ iinc« to moo h« 

saw ibry made ih' ncc«* 
That hU loml nife cnjoin'd : txit lint tba 

bir ambdwadraai 
He thus conmiuultd : " Itb, go lo Kep- 

lull?, and nlue 
Out plsaaun traly, and ai luga. Con^ 

mand him Stwa the bM 
Ot human war, and tlihcr ficct ilie (odt' 

todMir. I he door. 

Or Ihe dlrioe tea makcbltteal. Ilptourilv 
Let bctiCTCOUHtelubchtiiaidttttbiaiuch 

as Ud me war, 
And lempt mjr cbaige, Ihougli tie bcHno^ 

(or I am tttoaj;pr fiu. 
And ddef bom. Nor Irt Um dare, to 

Imjm <<rtn tiala with luo 
Wtiwn all tiods cite ptcfer In (ear." This 

tald. do*n hiuttd *lio 
Ftttffl Ida's lop to Uioo; and like a nusbly 

Or (did hail. Ilul fiom llin ctbudi ihe 

nonhcm tpiiii doih blow ; 
So IcQ lh« windjr-Iooicd dame, and found 

will) quick leput 
ThewiMnrGtxI ; (ouhomthetoid: "(ted 

with the Mliic lialt. 

Hit mUMi* put all Mbtf fodt, OMl that 

And cnctjodKriodUke power, be rdcni 

paH all indued. 
For «4ildb sieat e wl nocc all jroa Godi^ 

whatever B lie doea. 
Suvcaiu with paUcaoa. Here ii M«ik I 

think, not bet from woes, 
And jet he bean tlma Ukc hlnlMtf 11ie 

(reat Uod bad a son, [all aim woo 
WhMabehimsdf jKtpuiilie*. om iliai Ifam 
Jutl MUMBM of ibeir b«M bdoired. Ascala- 

Bjr Jo*v'( liigh itnec la Tzof, 1* tkln." 

lilan UanadlMKnlily, 
A* IttM knew bt would, at this, beat wlih 

hit boil'd-oui hand! 
Ilk tnrnwnr thj|bat «ri«d out. and laid : 

** O rea ibt baic fonmoLOdt 
la Ihata hisfc tanftn, beu with mo, tf I 

rrrtne* the dmth 
Oftuchason. I'll loihcflwL and Ibongb 

I tiakboMiUh 
Ibelate of bdng ikel to bcD, by Jo*«'t 

ItB ifenndex-tiona, 
Aad U« all Erimod amonj^sl ih« dead i*j«b 

duM and blood, my u>a 
Rcvcnitc AdI h««aw. I'boa ha cta/gcd 

Fear and Omuf lo ioia 
Hit hen* and chariot, lie got urns, iliu 

onr hs*an did ifaiM. 
And than wtMhmorecreatoadcrimln 

Jot* hod been pnpattd 
Afafoti Ibe sods Iban Juno ouwd, if 

Mk* bad not cared 
Muroforihe peoeeof hcavtn tbaaUan; 

oho leapt oM of bertbnine. 
Rjjii up her bdnict, Isoec^ and sliletd, attd 

nlMo hrr faoif ■ pntdl fitaat 
With ber cgmslon m hia slay, sad thus 

hit rage ddcn : 
"FnrioQs astd feolith. th' in undone; 

luttl (boM for Douflil Ibine cars } 
Ikard'H ibovnot Juno bcinKuiived from 

htavni't neat King but now ? 
Or wooklst UMM be himicU should rtso^ 

lercod wkh ihy rac", lu thow 
ne rirtadM pomt she urged in him, to 

lusU* bdng iitn'd t 
Know, Ibou niott im»drct and mad, thy 

wmhbad nM lotciT'd 
MiseUtf to ihte. bat to ut all. Hit spirit 

had InsUnily 
Left both the botlt. and Inm'd bl* hands to 

Guilty and (uilikia boUi lo wrack In bit 

bi^h net bus t«es. 
And tbcnidfc. at tbon lareM tbpdC 

(my br U7 ton : 



t cune from Alciibmring Jovr, to bid 

thoe coue from iiglii. 
And Titli bcMcn, or itT ample ttaa ; 

which if. in his dnnle. 
Or dll^cdlcac*. Ibou denlcsl. he Ihimteiu 

(ba* to conr. 
In ooposHe 5f:hi. to field himself: and 

ihcretorc wimi ili« home. 
Hit tondt Mchrwini;. since his pcnrci la 

tax superior, 
nil birth before thee ; and afiiisu^ thy 

loTcd besrt alioulcl nbhor 
To »»uiii equiUii)' Kilh him. whom eiery 

driiy tan." 
II« ■aiwer'd : *'0 tiiiwotth/ thing! 

though be be grcul, he beui 
Hit lonEve too pmmity, tliu ouraoU, bom 

to an tyfual ihnre 
Of iLue fliiil rreciliim. he would lorw. 

Thuc biolheri bom uc an 
To Suura ; Rhea brought ui fotih, this 

Jiiplict, and I, 
And Plulo, (rod fl< undcr-sroimdi The 

woitd IntttlTcFeiitly 
Diipowd brtxixl in ; cnrj on« hit kin|;' 

dom : I the KOI, [piUlio 

Pluto the black [ol ; Jiijaler the princi- 
Of broad honvs ; all Tlie tkjr aad clouds, 

wu lorted out. The eanh 
And high Olympus common are. and dtic 

to eiihitrs binh. 
Why then thouM I be awod by him? 

Cunletil he his creat hrnct 
Wllb his third panion, and not think to 

amplify his port. 
With tonun of his ^tmaga bands on me. 

osKl wera 
Ths ncM Ignoble of ui all. Let Mm 

ooDtaUi in ftor 
Hit daughtea and his sons, begot by hJs 

own pwMn. Thit 
Hold* more convealctice. Theytnutlhcai 

(iMHrialcat Ifamuofhtn, 
"Shall I.~ nid Iris, "bew&omth<«, 

■n aniwei so auilerc? 
Of wilt ihoa chance it? CbMsinf mind*, 

all noble natnrst bov. 
And well thou knoa^tt. IhcsestaUeslbotn. 

Ilie Fuiles (oltow still. ' 
He muact'i] : "Irii. thy reply brvpi 

ItiDC. and shews Ihy sklU. 
O U( a iMst prahEwoiltqr UilDg;, whou 

in(ssai|;a« can teD. 
BesldH their mmagg. such things, iis fil 

Ih' i^ccMion »«il. 
But this much cilevB my baarl and soul. 

that bong in poMCt uid uulc 
All wqrs his t<quAl, and to tx'd by one 



He ihotild to me, u under him. Ill 

langunee give, and chide- 
Yet DOW. ihoueh still incensed, I 

adirming ihii b<-iida 
And I tKfonx II vith a Ihrtat : That If 

wilhoul content (w(;i«i(rnl. 

Of me. MiQcrvn. Meteury. the Queen of 
And Vutcin. he will dlbcr spare high 

Ilion, or not raos 
Uo turrets to the lowest stone, and. wirh 

both these, not gnic« 
The GredtB as victors absoluie. infoirn hlni 

this from me : 
His pride and my cODtnnpt thall lire at 

endlest etaaiu." 
This Mid, b* kn ihe Gitck). and rush'd 

into bis WBlaT throne. 
Much mits'd of a]I lb' heroic host. Wlien 

Jove discfm'd him Koaa. 

lo's service be emptoy'd, and said: 

' * Loved t^cehus. go 
To Hector : now th' (ortb-thakiog god 

hiih token «n. and so 
Shrunk from the borTDts I dmounced i 

which Btandine, he, and all 
The under-seated dellks, thai circle 

Sat urn 'k full, 
Hnd heard of me In (uch a Gght as h>d 

Konc hntd for them. 
Hut both for them and me 'tis bc«. that 

lltus they fly th' eilrrmc. 
That hod not poa'd ui without iwcat. 

Now Ihrn. In thy li;ici(T^ tjjke 
My adder-ftinfipd nffiighiing shield, which 

with sucli icrror stuike. 
That froT mar duke the Greeks to fiight 

Beilda ihli, odd thv care. 
O Phocbm, fnr-off shooting Ood, lliot this 

so sicklir Idre 
Of famous Hector be tecured. and quickly 

so excite 
His amplesi powers, that all the Gttcta' 

may gnce him v ilh Iheif lUght. 
£*en to theti ships, and Ketlcsiionl ; Bad.' 

then will I devise 
AU woi^U nnd facts acain Cor Greece, that 

laicrly mny sufflee 
Tobrciihr ihcm Irom Ihelr Instant lolls." 

Than fniin th' Idienn hrl^hf. 
Like ail's lUift piE«m-kiIlcr, sioop'd Ibfl 

Ur-sl>ot God u( light, 
And found grtal Kcclor sittiag up, not 

siretch'd npon bis bod. 
Nt»E wlircfing with a stcipp'il-up lipiTit. t>ul 

in cold twtalx. but fed 
Wllh freili and oomfortobte relat, but his 

mind all his own. 
But round about him aU his bieait, *• 

well •* ever known. 


Aad «■<<* «« *>th ibe Diind o( Jow, <t»i 

de> )o him belora 
ApoUo caiDc ; irbo. ta he nw no il^ of 

>D]P won. 
AA'd. tte a dKcrfnl lisiunl : " Why In 

GrU HeciOT. tlii'it tfaoa lo opait f Cm 

■Of C'>^ '■' '"'"•i 
ImaAnhj fonii-aitT' N« nake. but wilh 

a feeble voice : II Unu rejoice 

"Olfcou, tfaabeM«f ddlieil Wlir. unce 
B)r Ikjr so *aio<M bcnefil, dcnwid'K thou, 

And to mj bee. tf I irtn fU? For, mon 

ttan wtM ihy wotUi 
HnM Medi tike noic of. 4i>ih noi Fame 

Inm an nioulhc fill thine ran, 
Ihu. M n; h«Bd M Ih' Acblve Beet «u 

OdnenvlMnviUiuiiAjuied. hittttengih 

AOponr «f nora hurt fraen ni)'brnul? 

m; vcfT *oul nu Rone. 
Aod oooe HHlar I Ibmht to M* the 

booH of Dti and Dcalh." 
**Be)tf«ea.">*ldhe. "roriicch a spirit 

WW MM* lb* fod of bnUh 
Ham aliT tdi^ m thall nm tbnugh all 

Oicei tplrIB hi Ihce, 
^eno wUii lb* feUn nrord, the clear 

bf-ic«f, lee. 
Him. nho bctwin iJcMb and thy life. 

Viriii nin and Ihcae lo*en. 
Bm lU* day eA hoik held fait ihldd. 

Cose IbM, ba all Ihr powen 
la wonted vigour, let ihjr Icnigtt* wlib all 

Tbe Gradao fleet -. myteU wDl lead, and 

•MM to dear the w^. 
llHt <li|bt ihan leave ao Orotk a nb." 

Thw BEEtantlf inspired 
Wete iM hb netre with waMhtai tutngth ; 

and then tah liiendi be fired 
Agatnn ibelt toe*, vhea lo bh ejpta hi* 

can owBinwd (be god. 
Thai. M a soodljr-beMdtd bait, or Roat 

brad In die wood, 
A teat of BonnBy huBBtn tbiat, wilb all 

thdr boaadi In ctr. 
Tlw b«Mt ]i«f or ilie tudy woodi. orrecki 

vxoeuria h%h. 
Keq> Mb, or our anwtetdly Uua (i^at 

#NA n ■Q BKia evay) 
Bvlbeai (he poor beut*! pulUas devn; 

■ban tir*^i ibc danwow Say 
CiSi «qt a 1)00, bngdy Based, and hi* 

abborred Tlev 
Tteaabaadkaf iaaoRimine flight (ibongh 

T enruwJ all the crew ; I 

So hiiberto the chuing Gnekt tbeir 

(kughiFT dealt b) iroopi : 
Bui, after Hflcior iriti litliirld ncige hen 

and there ; then sloops 
The bohlot courage ; ilien ib^lr hecti 

took in their drcnping lic^rli, 
Attd ihen spoke AtKuinDonMei, a num of 

(«t-ljr« pnrln 
Of all I h' Xtolinia, ikill'd ia datts, nnauous 

inflghuolttaiid. [get the better baod 
And one of whom lev Of the Oncks could 
For thetofte, wbeo they fought irilb nordi ; 

irllli all which being wuc. 
Thuaipake be lohiiGnxian friend*: "O 

nuchtef I now mine ryt% 
DlKcm no Utile mlmclE; Hedor euapcd 

from death, 
And oU [CHnTi'>l. whoi all thought bU 

toul Tijid huuk brtirjiTli 
The hands of AJH. Du( SOtne God bilb 

iflved and freed again 
Kim that but now diMolvcd the knees of 

many a GnciBH. 
And now I fisit will weaken mof*: for, 

col ixilhout the h.ind 
Of him ihjit iliundcn, can hi* pmren 

itiui itill ihc (OTcfighIa MaodL 
Thus mil trhunphint. Hear ine then i 

out uoopi in qtHvk tttraat 
Let's (Inw up to our fleet, and wc, thai 

boful onnelvel the gieat. 
Siand £i3i, and Iry il ttuae tbat raiia so 

higli ifacitdMrginK dart* 
May be rolMed. rbcllen, enn this gwat 

Will tear binueir to be too bold, la daig- 

ing ihorougb o*." 
They easely bcanl him. and obey'd ; 

when oil the gcneroux 
They calld i' micouDirr Hrctor's charge; 

and tuni'd the common men 
Back to the fleet. And Iboe ««« Ibey, 

that bravely futnlih'd then 
The fierw forrfghl : th' AJaoes holb. the 

woriby Cretan king. 
Tbe Man-like Men, Merieo. SDd Tea- 

CO. Up then bring 
Tba Troiiui ehis& their n«n Id b«i^; 

b«<oie whom, amply paced, 
Uarcb'd Hector, and in fnint of blm 

Apotlo. who bad cait 
Abotu bis bright aspea a cloud, and did 

bcf Ota bam D*ar 
Jo*e') huge and CMb-wtieTC ihmy ^Md ! 

Kfech. lo oonlain Id fkar 
CHEradRx men. the god^vniih gave M 

Jorc: with this k< led 
Tha Trojaa (otoe*. The Greek* stood ; 

a fermt etamcui *[i(e*d 




e of liciW I 


Tbe air on bMb tlds m Ihqr jom'd. Out 

ficir LbtibifUand duti, 
Samc&IIInK (boil but oUitr tome fouiiil 

butt* la bKssti uiul beam. 
Ai long a* Phocbm held but oul hii 

hQirid thtclil, M loTiK 
The dntts HiTiv nsmg dihcr way, «ad 

Uiuilli crm Iwili <•»)* >liuii|[ ; 
But Watc llie CrtcVi hj>d mn his face, 

uid. wboit WAi that shook 
Tli« tiiAllod UI)[c, knew by h^* <roiC«, Ihcit 

>tl their (utactbi fonook 
Thdr MTve* uld (nlndi. Anil llicn took 

bow > eoodly bcnl of iinil. 
Or wtolthv tliKk of sh<cp, bang dote, and 

drcldku bt itiiSr iiicu. 
In Kiiih; bliu'k inidnighl, tuddenly, uid nol 

D kcfpft ncnr, 
A bnicc cif liunid iKsn tusii hi, and llicn 

fly hont nnd ibtrc 
The poor alliiatit»l llackt or licctli: so 

wiry w«y diiixTwxl 
The htacUcM tircciiuis, so ih« Sun IhdT 

headilrong oiincc revcHcd 
To bnulluniE fliKhl. md Ihxt dny rutod, 

«ith oil t:.tacr. I Iccloii hc.i(l. 
AlcalUiui then he >lew, mid Slicbiiu : 

Slichiui led 
BocoiUi bniciQ-ccated men: ib« otW 

wKi ihe Incnd Itxaugbt lo ciid 

or niiKblr-uiil'd McneUhnu. Mimt 
Mcdon uid Vaas ; Medon wiu ihebroilKi, 

ihonjihbut taic. 
Of ncifl ftliulcj. aod dwtU, tit from tiix 

brodlag placb 
In Phytice; tlw oihd led (h' AlhgnokU 

bondi, blxxtia 
WMSpelm, Bacolmliision. UceUilicus 

did onuro 
Denr.iili rolydamu hii hand. I'olIIa, 

I'^-bilH ii«w, 
Juu oi the jolniDs of the botts. Ascnor 

Closfui, Bold Dclixbui felt Alnand«i'i 

It siTOOk hit tbouldtt'* upper put. and did 

hit head adnuica 
Qsila Oirausli hli bioul, as ttom (he fight 

he (un d him for retn^t. 
While Ihnr Mood ipuillDK <4 tbc sl.-ua, 
■he Greek* lound Ume to get 
Bcfoiid ilic dike nnd ih' unillkod palei ; all 

seapci ihey filadly cain'd, 
TQI nil bod pius'd iho uimott wall; 
Necmity *u ir sn d. 
Then Itecioreitol oul : 'Takenotpoll. 

but nob ea to the Ami : 
FVom uho«e luuuh (for spoil or Bight) U 

«iiy man I meet. 

He meeti hii death ; not in the fire of holy 

Kit htoltier'i ei h!i titter's hands shall 

cul mihi>«ar wall 
Hlsloiihcdbodr : bu. without, IhcihioaU 

of dact>halt(nv« 
lllf mnnl-n limbs." Thunid. th> toouifo 

his (iirirard horan dravc 
Tliro<i<:^ nnty order: and, with htm, oil 

ul)ipi thtir ehanoli on. 
All thtcj-i mindly, oni-ihuodettng ihoiiU u 

VLMh tTT.'e ovenhru^n. 
Dcfore ihcia macch'd Apollo Mill ; and, 

■* he niarch'd, dlgff'd down, 
(Without an labour) •iiili his feel, lb* dike ; 

till, wubhlsowD, 
lis fiU'd it lo ilm lop. ftod made way both 

for man md bone 
As btoAd and loog ■> with it lance (cast out 

to try one's nirce) 
A nan could meidure. Into this Ihey 

pmit'd ivhtite tnHi(4 as tatit 
Ai numcruTis ; fhccbiu Mill, before, for all 

lliclr haite. 
Still tliakmi; Jove'* unvalued shield, and 

held it up lo all, 
And then, as he hod dioked ibdt dSte, ba 

tuinlllcd down Ihcii wall. 
And look hov <a*cly any b&y. upon the •>*• 

chb'd shore, (lot it no more ; 

Makes with a Utile tanil u tuy, and caret 
Bui OS he loiKd It childnhly, lo in hii 

wjuitun n-in, [ipurns It dovra again ; 
Both with \>it laads nnd (cvt he ptdlj, and 
So slight. O I^iobut. thy hands nude of 

that huge Crteino tuol. 
And their la,i« stand, v> w«II'RBoIvrd, a* 

eat;!y iiiiitli^ii rruiil. 
Th'is tloud i)iey dnm> tip al their fled ; 

where cub heard othee's thought. 
Ealiortod. mMiac humbly pray'd, all, oil 

the godi besought, , 

(With huods held up to heaven) for helMJ 

'iiionnu atl. llic pjol old man. ^ 
Gnte Keuee, bx hu coantela eall'd tbt 

AtgiTcaf pmdion. 
Fell on hi* aged knco, and piay'd, and l« 

the Marry heat 
Slreleh'il Oul his huidt (or aid to ihdrt, of 

all thus tnuiinj: moit : 
"0 lolhet love, u enr nun, of .-lU out 

ho*', diiJ buia 1 tafe return) 

Fat ihlchi e< omi cr cf tharp (for EiaeaM 
In fruii/u! Argot; aed obiolnd the bowtni 

of thy head 
For promise of hi* homhle prayecs : O nof 

lemtmilMr hf m, > 

(Thou mmly beaveoly) and clear up Oi 

foul brows of this oUn 





And erad d*r ; do not dcdnir o*!"^ ^' 

TMu pride." 
He prsT d, and heii«a'« gttnt Couimllor, 

wiUi H«ra oltliunilar irfed 
Ub ronaer price good, >ad bo hmid (Iw 

oU Bcin'ilMarlji praTcrt. 
The Trojimi tr<ik Jorc ■ Mfa fur Ihcm : uid 

poDt'd onl ihdrofldln 
laBtuthioan vigkBoeantlieG(edc*;aiut 

dMOiAl a itM«hl but ieht. 
AadMOinf««avco<asM,>vola to hix 

fiRftlu owr boiti ddes of ft ihip, beine ull- 

urpil by Um wlm6. 
Fat OiM'* U nwlMS tha mm «a proud ; in 

*Ddi B bciTM-ii|t ktad 
TTieTrclf onapit llw *»!l. uid, gctiin^ 

Foa(ht clow M Dcel. whkh now ibc Greek* 

mookM far llMit (era. 
nen Amb fbdr ehuloct ibnr «iib dan*, 

the OnAt HAh bnd-kieb roiighi, 
(Repi UiD abMn] for oxnl %hu) tbtir 

bcadi wilh Icon wroioghl 
labookiiMl pjkw. AcQlkt' (riaid. MiU 

while be tm the ml). 
Tint Hood without tbdf llcM. oflbrd eiii- 

plajmcnt te Uwni slL 
Wm devct atatM fram (be leal of Hat 

Mw-kffini Grack. 
Lue-faurt Enrrpjhii. bul tue, 4nd mt; 

wiy did ndf 
T« Ipaid Ibc tbarp lime of bii wounal, 

with aD Ibe ewe h* omid 
ta BCdlcbM, Md Id kiDd dlieouEM. But 

ne Trt^iaa pM ibe aoll, tb« CrNki 

fliClM-drhvp, um) >B Incila. 
Tbon ofed be otH. cut down hii jundl, 

aad bou vltb gik/ bit IhlRhi ; 
TlMk "O Rutypjrlut," ht cried, oow all 

tin need c< nte [moie iwccvfijr 

■dm tteu- my abtcMe, now • work ol 
CA farnce, and ) onot tiMte to coll 

Wbo JnoM tat. God uniting me^ my 

«otdt nay nuke bus vitU ? 
Tbe nation of a Ineod Is nrons." Ilii 

tori (but Coot bim ttuaec. 
lie mt ]rct Aooi tbdic eoamw firm ; bul 

an ibdr itcteoEe 
{nMfb Trojr Anichi thrae with (nm Rxn) 

laa'd Ttsour 10 repel 
TlMMfinmMMiliuir n«*7'»chiirGc. txa 

Mlbai ttiin{« wviil 
tjck'd (tuce (o (poll tlMtr fleet or tenU. 

An] ai a ililpwiuhrt Km 
(Owpeced b]r neb « mmI m Icam'd (lora 


Tfat perfect practice of Ills an) dirrcu or 

gamk wnva 
The aAva) ifnlKi then In tmnt, thai all 

llic laJd-on iurt 
Cdi) h« BO rutibrr than may sore, to give 

Iht fimliri \W ci'd 
FoiP'punwKil bjr Ihc iklUul wrIgM; m 

belli bom did contend. 
With nich a line or law ij^licd, to what 

ihcir ileel nould gnin. 
At cskr.i Mfi* &ii)i;hl olbcr niRi, but 

Hector did maiat&a 
Ills qiumi ftrm al Aju' ship ; and to did 

IJolli ninplnr 
About one veacl nU tbett toll ; nor could 

Ihe one dcslroy 
Tbc ttiip with fire ; noi fone Ihe maa, ner 

thai man }«I eel gone 
I'hc oibci from lo acar bit thip ; for Ood 

tod brouebl him en. 
Dm vow dM Ajw^ vrMb ■ dm, wound 

Caktor. son of Clftiut, u he irUh file 

To bum the *tMd ; >i ha foil, lbs biand 

(ell from bis band. 
Wlicn ilector «w fail dtttf* MS lit 

tlnughtei'd in the (and. 
He ciilJ lo all his filcnd*. and prajr'd thc<r 

ttriiil noiiu thxi iiiait 
f«ir»kc his nrphew, bul tnaintalo about 

ba cone the ftghi. 
And (Hvc ii ftuiii the ifaH of Gntoe^ Tlien 

Rnt he oul • buioa 
At Ajii. In hit nephew"* wtcak ; wlilch 

miaa'd. bul nuido ibc ebonoe 
On I.yccp^foti Mastcrideft, ihil wax the 

bcniwhobl friend (dclend, 

Of AJM. bore in C]rlli«m ; whom Aj*i did 
Being tted 10 hi* peoicciioo, for killing of a 

AmongW Ibe (od^like CjthRans. Tbe 

vcDgeAil ]«*ifin ran 
Quite ihfou^ fa)* besd, above hii eat, a* 

he iwu standlDg bjr 
Kit (anioe. then atleni hi* ihip, frum 

wbcDce hitaMl didSr- 
And 10 i)w OMlh hli body bIL The hall 

(Itexl unnncnd 
On A)» ; who ID Teucetcnll'd (bb beottwrl 

tayiag: "Friend, 
Ctai knvdconwrt wlKan «« bitoig'ii ''">"> 

Cjthcra, iMdnneed 
So like our bib*, Hcdoc'* band badi 

Bid* him breatbebi* iMt. 
Utlieie tbea are *B iW deub-boiM ibalit, 

aad ihai uDtalaedbow 
ApoOo xaM tb«a)" TcMcr Wnigbi Ui 

teotber** Ihougfaisdid Idmiw, 

Stood BMT hliB smd dupMch'd a shaft. 

otnoni^t tbs Trojan bghi. 
tl itrook Kwnoi'j goodly son. youn^ClitiB, 

l)ir iJeliK^I 
Of the rrnoamd Poljnbmu. thi bnillo Id 

fcli huid. 
Aj h* wu UbomiDt hb hone, lo pluue At 

high caninikna 
or HeCIDT Md ha Tfotan (rtcods ; (itul 

brin^ him vihrrc ihr rrj;hE 
Made tc"^**^' lunmli ; bui hii )trif«, for 

honour IS Ihclr ilalit. 
WtouChI nnl whai tii-ht or wiihos help'd ; 

to. tuminE luck 111! Icwk. 
The hollow oi hli neck ilie ihiilt came 

iinEinK on, and ilioofc. 
And down he fell ; hii hones back. Mid 

burrinl thfougb Ihe field 
Tbc onplj chariot. Panlhiu' ion made oil 

haite. and withheld 
ThMT loow CATVrr : diipotitiK ihom to 

ProiUfm's ion. 
Attjinoiii. «(lh ipedaJ charge, to kctp 

Ihem tvtr on. 
And In hli ileht. So he Kiin. amoni:tt 

the tnreaiijU venL |Ti-iici.'( «-nt ; 

At H«clor Ibrn nnother ahn<t, inci-ii<«] 

Which, had li hit bim. sure bail huii. and, 

had ll hurt hint. dnin. 
And, hnd it lUin htm, ll had driwn all 

IhoK 10 Trof Ki^n. 
Bui Jotc'i mind «'4i not (tsepioi; now : 

it waked (o Heci'ir'i hnn*. 
And Taita"* intMnjr ; bmucif (In Teucer's 

diwidlr aiin) 
Hit mll-irrou^t string diMtvertng, th&t 

KTved hk bcavat how ; 
Hit t'lnfi flaw quita anottwr arar, hb Iniw 

the earOi did Mrow. 
At all which Tracer uood ainaicd, and to 

bit brother etirA : 
"O piodiCTt without all doubt, eui 

Aiicct cluth deridv 
Tfca GounHls of our lif^t ; he bnlce • 

sbrlns m; hands pui on 
Thil marnlnv. and wxi newly mndo. ant] 

well Hiii;'i h«T icl gone 
A hundred anows : and, beilde. bcstiook 

Mil of my hind 
The bow Apollo KUtQ." Hesaid: "Then. 

(ood mend, do not stand 
Mece on thy arehety. lioce OoA (prorsnler 

Dented bf Qtcdan) (Ugbtt h m. Take 

tb«t«l0(« in tb* plan 
A cood lacBS iHoce^ and ott thy neck « 

tarret east at btight, 
WIA whidi, eotne fisht tbjtalf with Rome. 

and otbcc Kme cKciM, 

Hwt wllhoat hbour at the leul (iboiieh 

we prove woraer mn) 
Troy mny wit bng n look oar ship*. 

Comv. mind out buiincu. tlien." 
Thil Bid, h« hasted lo hi* lent, left 

there hli ihJifis and bow, 
And llicn hi* donlilu double ihirld did on 

bis ihouldcn throw : 
Upon his booour'd bead he placed hlx 

Iiflmrl, Ihicldy'plumcd. 
And then hit itrone ajid orell'piled lance 

In hli fair Imiid nuamed. 
Rftiirn'd ; Mid Ixildly Iiiok hit place, by 

hit ;rrcal braihcTt tide- 
When Hector Mw hi) ariown broke, out 

to hit Triandt be cried : 
■■ O friends, be j-ei more oomfoned ; t 

uw tliG hand* of Jiiv« 
Bnnik the b""' nrtUet's shifli. 

"Tii easy to approic 
That Jotv't power 18 direct with tarn ; at 

well in moie «et high [mddenly. 

Upon the audilrn. ai In Ihose dcjirai'd at 
Asd (hotr not pal in tlnte at a)I. At now 

he tnkc% away 
Sircnclh feoia Ihe Urcek*. and gtvea ll ut ; 

Iben n» it. and naay 
With lolD'd hands Ihii ippnMChcd flccl. 

Ifisif briirely buy 
Hit r;imc or lilt wiih miiinds or death, in 

Jove^t name lel him die- 
Whij for hit country tulfcn dc»th. tusfains 

no ttumeful lliln): ; 
HI* wife In honour thai! lundve, hit 

ptoi^cny tlktll t|irini! 
In ctidloi tunimen ; and their root) wtib 

imtrimony MctI ; 
And oil this. ihou|>h. with all their frdgfal, 

the Greek thipi we repeL" 
Hit (rtcnd* thut cheer d. on tli* other 

nan. strong Ajia Utrr'd hit rtimdi : 
"OuRxki,"Mldhc. "whaiihamelithl^ 

Ibll no nun more dctcndi 
Hit fame and safety. Ihaa lo lire, and thus 

be forced to shnnk : 
Now Rllicr laic your Sect, or die ; unlan 

ye vainly llunk 
Tlini yon can !l»e and ihey deslroy'd : 

pCftwiva fiftt every r-Ai 
How Hectoi hnuieni up his men : and 

haih hU fiicbandi tietc 
Nowmtdvlo inftnnMoar OaM? be doth 

not bid them dance, 
That you itia* lake your eate and tee, but 

lo the lislil adnnoe. 
No couniel can aetre ut but this -. to mix 

tioib hand* acd h«a>tt. 
And be«i up dcae. 'Tit betlo much, t* 

cxpotc out mtaasi pant 



^■> OM dijr*! OCTttio UCc or dt^th. thun 

languUi In « *«r [intcrion far. " 

Se boa M (hill btal lo our ihipa by our 

Tho) loosnl he up l)Mir i^^irilt anil 

uiiacihi. ToworkibcnboihiidniincDI, 

mm ftaoor Ibe PliocEiuian dull* (o 

6(Ui of dulntfU fxnl. 
HcKc Sdxdlai. IVtlmedc^ son ; abich 

AJaidid i«quile 
Vkb ttMcher of Lkodunu. Ilut led Ibe 

foot lo Agltt. 
AndvuAnMnor'il'anoaMa. PolydiunM 

Own auBiaMd CvllcnlDt, «l»m Phydw 

made hi* trkod. 
BdBK tbttf «f ihc Epeluu' iMndi : vbose 

All ahen Men» vicw'il, 
Heltl Br>t hii (riitri tila x Hhoiihrinkinc- 

Tb* wll-ate'd lance ; ApoUo'i wQi dmled 

thu r»iibw' MB 
awuld fall amoBgit (he forcmotl fijhu ; 

lfa( dui ilir inid>timiM wun 
(M CtMoiaa: Mcso "on hti amu. At 

Mw*. Dolopi ttKn 
Bmama hi* lanes : lie WM Iho Ma of 

|jmp« b«n of men. 
And Lwnpui of Laooicdon, nwU-ikill'd In 

Mmcth of mind. 
Re mook Pbylkks' sUcId quite ihtouch, 

whoag CBNU. bcitn Kiied. 
Asd hollow'd filly, und hii lilo. Pbyinu 

tefi hiB ihem. 
Wbo fioin Efonu brtuxhl Ibtm home. On 

tbat pan vhere ihc Miwm 
OtfamoiuSeleodolbnin; Eu^iMc* did 

Bcins KueM «tti blv. Iboae wdl^roted 

annt. lo wtat anlnu Ihc (6e. 
And DOW ibty Micd hi> win from death. 

Ai Dolofai. Wegr% tfarev 
A)c*u wBll-piled. that UK>ak hi* cuom 

Rk pmpte (iMiher, Dcwh nude, and In 

the Mt it ML 
While ihoo Ant tUhnl lor ilctary, and 

cithcf'i iKfic Kmd «ell, 
Aliidei carav to Mt(s* aid, and. hiddoi 

ItH loeae attrdia ai bit fec^ thu through 

hif back implial 
lilt luiiy lod. cicn eoM hit bccosl ; (be 

eround nodood Ui «rvi|U. 
Wule ibeac made-in lo ^oU hb anu, 

mat HaOOr Od eidle 
AS fit alllM lo qokk mmite ; tad fim 

he wmisht upoa 
Sttona Mottbppuf, tbM ««i *on to petf 

Wiih Mmc leproot. Befoie iheic wan. he 

CloTCD-footed oxen, bnl did dncc tttnnt 

nhnv h( <ma lavd. 
EKcII'd amongii ibe llwu. <(0* niucb of 

I^Mn lovnl. 
And in his court kept ai hit too. H!in 

llcctoi Ibm reproved ; 
"Thui. Menslippu. tJiall our blood 

accuM u> of ceglcct ? 
Not mova It Ihy Icned hton. thui ureed. 

thy kiOMnan to pratvci } 
Seta) Ibou not how ihey *t«k Ui ^oll } 

Come, follow : now no inoia 
Our lichl mud atand at length, but clsM ; 

nc« ItBve Ibe elate before 
We elate the lalext e^ «( ibcm ; or Qmj 

Ibe lownt alODa f IBM.*' 

Tear up, and taek the dunn* of t^ 
He ted: hefollowdlHuajod. And than 

muiT Aj:ii nndi 

(Ai wcU u lienor) cheer hit men, mi 

IhMii llirir ititiitt he (mil : 
" Good fiiendi, tning but yonrailtes M Cnl 

the nuhli^ itrngt of ihoiDC 
For what yi MiKrr. acd be nm. Reificct 

each mber'i fane ; 
For whldi taho tirivn in *h«ine*( lil bar. 

and puti on nr'n so fat. 
Cones (dienei all ihaa tuck engaged ; 

the** fuuttivo of Mar 
Sara adtbalifck nta sft roiown, nor bear 

mote mmds than theq)." 
Th]> thort tiHicli 6nd (linn in bit aid. 

hit tpirit touch'd ifitm dee^ 
And turn d Iben all bcEote the trel tnio ■ 

To whote otmlt Jove ttlir'd tbaa fbet, 

and young Alrula wai 
J«va'* iaitrtiniroT. who that M as (ha 

foDDjE AnlUochui : 
" Antlio^nt, In all oui hotl. there li not 

Miaof oi 
Moicyouax than tboa:inoie*wir( of foot, 

nor. wlib both ibeta. to fiioag, 
O wauU tboa woahbt ilien ffoi (bcni tanti) 

one of tfali lolty iteeog. 
Tla( thut oonia tkippinf otf befort (wh^- 

ever, any where) 
Make ttiUi, for rit lake. 'Iwiit both bott*. 

mxl imvc hit bold blood then." 
lie saki BO tooaet, and ntited ; but Ibtth 

he rwh'dbf^M 
The (croaost CgbwciL jret hb eye did cwy 

For doubt of oddl ; QOt flew hit lance : (be 

Trolnas did abiMa 
While be waidaitk(: yet hi* daft he coK 

not cdFtanis; 



For Menallppiu. Out tare son of grrai 

Hjottaoii, (flew upon ; 

At bniTVly be put tonh lo licht. i( (lenx ly 

Aod at ttx nipple of bli bicul, hii bnait 

And then, mudi like an eiLger hound, Ciut 

off at tome youDg lion 
Kuit by tbo hunicr. ilwi liad litit liii tcntrt 

I hen but nev, 
Tlie ertdl-lo-wiu-Aalilochul, O Mcna- 

t'ppui, flew 
Qa Ihy loco bosoiii (or ihy tpoll. Dui thy 

(kuh coulil nol lie 
Ilid lo jneM HenoT : who all hatle made 

to Ihec and mide lly 
AnUlodiiM: •llliouchja wtii h« were ai 

an pan* tkiliu 
Bui ai lORiG Hild beul, havmg ilonc tome 

ihrewd lum (tjiber fciU'i) 
The herdsman, cft ihe henbinon dogl 

■Aiiil ikiilki :LH-jy btfoR 
The citihcr'd muliitude makes in i to 

Ni3iio['uon r.'iboti. 
Dm tStrt him. «!ili hotrM crie*, both 

llecloitaind the rest 
iitiMwn of tear -thlnir lancet pout'd ; who 

lutvtn|( »iDiJ )iii lirrail 
With oil hit (nrti'h. he turn'd it then. 

TbcD on ihc itjlpi all Troy, 
LA* law-llnh-iioiiriih'd Uou tutti'd, and 

knew they did em^dov 
Thtb powdx to pcrfFd Jove'l high wfl! i 

wlio iliT Iheir sr-iritt enllaniR], 
And qTiench'd llie Un.'ciaiis'ioaerenown'd. 

Ihc ijihtT oflcn ih»nied. 
For Hoctor'i sloiy »>I1 he ilood, and ever 

BTml atiout 
To nuke hlni cut (he fleet atidi fire, st 

never thouhl eo <ml ; 
Mcnid Tlwdi' SNUpetlcioa ; uid wiih'd In 

■ny wiu 
"nte iplcndour of the bunins thlp« nlfht 

Miixtc hli eyes. 
Frain him yet tlia repulse was then lo ts 

on Trey oonfert'd. 
The honour of ii cl^vn the Greek* : which 

IliinkJnB on, ne ilirr d. 
With tueh oddiilon o( hit spirit, the t.jirii 

Htclor bore 
To biim the llcrl. that of itKlf iei» hot 

enough befow. 
Bui now he firod like Mnit liitniclf, eo 

brandi^njE his luiee 
At, throuj^ (be deep thides of a wood. » 

ngiDt G(C thoutd tlance. 
Held <Bp la all ejvs by a bill ; aboul his 

Hi;* a foam 
Stood as when Ih' ooeao ii enraced ; hii 

qjci were overcame 

Wilh ferrour, and membled fUmct, set 

off hjr his daik brows. 
And from hU irmpla his bright helm 

flijiiuticd liElilninei ihiou^i 
For Juve. fioiii fuilb irii: i^itirte of ttan. (o 

1>1t lUlc put his rMu, 
And nil Ihc blue u( bolli (lie hotts coiillocd 

in him alooo. 
Aod all thu woi^ ilnoe after this lie had 

nol long 10 lire. 
This hKtitninic flew before tni dealh. which 

I'alliu wu Ioe1\f« 
(Aunutl t'mw Ihenoc. and now nrepnrcd) 

hkjncalh the violence [(tmnciHre 

Ol pott l>lldcs. Inmoudme. huiirocnl 
Thatii;ht all Ihincn uiidrr il ; nnd he, tliU 

while he Mw the stands 
Of gdiial (itcHcOi nnd brne« aim'd, 

Iht-ie he wo'ild jirovc hit hundii, 
Or no-«here: ollerloir lo brcnk through, 

bill (BDi'd ul bis power. 
Allboiich bis will wviw puM all Ihein. they 

stood him like a lower, 
Coniuiii'il M Aim. lltotosa rock, ciccalinj 

h)£h and Gnat. 
And i-.indlne noir the hoai^ tea, beort 

iiu»> a Uiisleroiu (hreal 
Of )iij;h-n>iatd winds and boTIowt bop, 

iKlcbed on It by the itomas : 
So stood the Oreaks anat Hei^icr's ehari^ 

nor Mtrred thrir Iniliellous foirni. 
Me (rln Id Arc borne for the doei) Hill 

iwi'd al evfTv [foop ; 
And frll upcic n like .i »nve. hish nised, 

that IhcQ dulh (loop 
Out from ibe clouds : erowt, n* il sioopa, 

tvlih iioimi, then down doth come 
Anil calf x shiii. when all hex ddnare hid 

in bCLCklih fcani, 
Rtrai'G ni\e* stni mf:fng In hct itSb, her 

oiluis' minrls disniny'd. 
Dealh bring but little (n>m (heir tlvoB : M 

Jovt-likc I lector ftny'd 
Aad plied Ihc Cirerlis. who luiew not what 

uould ehsnce. (or all their Kiuinli. 
And n the baneful king of bruts. leapt 

iiitu oxen had) 
Pod in the meadows of a fen. exceeding 

gtcM : Ihc tieoxu 
In iiuritim infiniir ; 'niongit whom (tbtif 

hcidnnen wanting hinm 
To Riiht wilh lions, (or the pAae of a blad 

He here and Ihetc jump. Hmand lost. Ib 

his bloodthir»ty mile. , 

Chutd am! assaulted : and. at lengtl^ 

ilirwn ill Itiv uiidii goeioine. 
And all the ml iivrtnJ tlironith ilio tm\ 

to now all Graeoc wai gone ; 



8s titcut, to * ik(hi tnm beanen ufon 

1\ira'd aB ibdr Imcks ; m onlr one hii 

dMdlrUnOe bid roil. 
taw MTwnvBi PonptMl, Cjrpnnu' 

Vbo «f ■))• lKit«ni't^u0(a-Io««d kinff. 

grtot KatptluEUi, woa 
Ibe fmce lo tract JB tmbiiM; Ihc UROgth 

of Hcicnk^ [Dobtcncn 

WaiCtrNnriorlo Ut sin Id^hi. 
Of «)■ lbs nniMa : MKl an Ihuat diJ »3Ui a 

M all Uvctna m^ not lutch ; and thti 

Sm wUtnCBvauntds rdowu, Ihe itnlc 

ot PrtMB's ion. 
Fer bit inhij u butr fool. «a Iw kddnM'd 

to ran. 
Suck to tb' extreme rkiB ot bii ihieUI. thni 

tohli ancka nacli'd. 
And dawn lieDP«ain]*lcU,M*bUtq>(reca 

ibr centre iRiih'd 
A bun siiaai with his baid aiod bilm ; 

Mdeh Hector quickly spied, 
Baa i^ a*d t» hii wontiv bicani liit Unot'a 

tud dear aboui bim alt lib (ijcmlj. who 

OMtd not cf*v bin aid. 

r crlci>«d, and of U* cod-Ufca foe Aed 

■o exlmne afrakL 
And nam awopgat tha Btral ihlpn Ihal 

GrtI «et« dnvn lo shore. 
Tlie Gtnska were diiv«a ; bcnealh whoaa 

Ma. UtoDd tbcB, asd bdorav 
And tnw ibcn tbey poor'd tbcnaelves. and 

ibepw i Mt d rim again 
Vp to Ibcir lOB. and tfa«r< Ibejr itood ; 

notdaitajc to niaiwTj>t> 
IMrCBxd* moR ootiHud; but, br<%[ii 

mo bounds of liax and thamc, 
QtM'd tan e»di ochw; ■henlh'oldmiD, 

ihaj Of i>» Otorian aaira 
Wna oall'd Um pOIti; etctjr moa thus bjr 

Us eawMi pnqr'd i— 
"OGmkU, M awn, and In your minds 

Iti otben/ shames b« vdjh'd. 
ItMm joabonErkndibeaklajoontlfHk 

po si w ri iins. pnaM, wiita, 
Aa Ml tboae tboi ate dokl to jroo. as ibeae 

«■ lore slih lira : 
Al ahaii^ iifll ibrir eood, oi bad, wiib 

lOMft, tij these 1 prar. 
Tint an not pttacni (and IM mat* should 

ibcRfcn make jrc wHgk 
Tbdt ate of jtsa. ax jouii of ibcm) that 

JOB will bnnlT stand. 
And tUa lonsd tifiit jon bare nutafn'd, 

m kegib jet eoontennaiul." 

SuppUo of good ucnli that tu|!iibcd 

■he dm)* sad tpsrib <JaIL 
And lo ai Injt Mlitcna deat'd lb* doud 

Ihal Jote let r^B 
Brrota Ibdr fyet; a migbty Usht flew 

twamlss e*efy way, 
M »rll alxsut ihelf ihijn, as wher* their 

d.iiu did fcoilrsi play, pils auodolei. 
Then uw ihcy llntorgrou in amui, and 
A> well all ihiMC Ihiit Ihr-n shiwiatl, as 

Ibutr <hal bclp'd Ihc (lis. 
And all their own ligtM at Ihe fleet. Nor 

did t( now conlcnl [liuuhta mvnl. 

Ajax to knp down like the rot : beapltic 
Slalh'd hcie ind there, anil In tiU baod a 

buj;t- Knnt brad-liouk t«ld, 
Tw<elve <uEiU UinG, and full of lioti. And 

ax a nuin weU^hilTd 
to hotK. inada to tlie nurlial cace^ whei^ 

of a namber more. 
I-te choQscth four, and brings ibem forth, 

to m Iben an bxtura 
ftmnni o( Jdmirinf cititcni. amtdi their 

lowo's lilf h'lnf , 
And. in thnrful! catetr, he leaps from one 

lo one. no stay [or Imp ; 

Enfureod oe any, nor Etils W. In eilber mM 
So Aim with but biod-hook leap'd nimbly 

fmin ship to ship. 
As actireljr commaading aU, ihem lu tbeir 

men aa mil ("P^ 

Ax men In ibem, moat tcnillynhonioE to 
To sue their nary aad ihtw icoia. Out 

Hei«or nothlnti needs 
Totund on eshoniiiioni now at liotni^ ha 

stnvn for deeds. 
And tcok how love's gtcst queen of birds, 

ihHip-tft. kkAi out fat mj, 
Knoin lIuwU ih>t nouriih MlU.wisc'd 

fowli, and. ftom ber airy way. 
BelioUs wbcte ennca, iwant. eonnonnia, 

have made tlieir foody till. 
Dnrkco* tba live* wlib ha wtagi, and tiociH 

ainefi|si tbem aU : 
So Hector flaw amongst tbe Gneka, 

dliectlog bis conmiand, 
latUxr, against one oppodle sblp ; ton 

Still boeking bIm and al kli meo. And 

than again than giew 
A bitic* to^ict at Ibe fleet. Vou would 

haw said none dtnr (to bnhly on. 
A arcanr binatb^ nor crtt wowld ; Ib*y bid 
And thk was It that fired them bolfa : tbe 

OtMkx d/d bolld upon 
No hope Inl wtud tbe field voold ykAl, 

flight an impooJUe ootirse ; 
Tbe Tia)a>s all beoe eMcniia'4 tkal nraed 




Both iMpt and Uv(* of tU [be Greclsi : •od 

thin, unlike Bffeelii 
Bred tll-c Mirnartjr in both. Great Itector 

»liTi .U(«U 
His wnirn Rjiiinit tlic linl nrar tliip. 

'Tmru llui fair link thit braugtit 
ProtctiUm lo thotc Viun. uid now lict Ml! 

lo nou|[I>l. 
With fflanjr Gnt-k amd Trojan llv« ; all 

(iKHl'd khoul her i|x^l. 
Oae McwanodKTdrapnaMljr.gLndclcstIhe 

dcudly toil 
Wo* pUchdon both pkrri. Not a thift. 

Dor foT-o(rsTrikinK<]>n 
Wu lued tbiougl) olL One Bghi f«U out, 

of one iapadal iiant. 
Shifp axes. IwjbiUa. nto-haad twords, oikI 

ipam vlih two houli bame, 
Were Iticri Ihi: wcApoitt ; fnir iliorf tvonll, 

with Mncuine liilti still Ham. 
Hail utc In like ion ; of h tiich Lut, fc 

might hAW nitmTjrri xh'vt \\ 
Drop wnb dinolvcd amis from their hanila, 

u many ilown-riKht liEw'd 
From off tneir ■hnuldcru u4 rhc^ foujjht, 

their baH-dticki cut in twain. 
And thut the Kack blood Dov'd on eanh. 

fram iCildieni hurt and tUn. 
When Hector once had Mittd llis *hip, 

hn clnH hU fair bread hand 
FaJt on the slem. nnd held it there, and 

tber« eavt thit command : 
"Brfnf ore, andallioffciliershoiiL Now 

Jore hath drawn llic icil 
From inch a day si mxka amtnds. lor oil 

By whotc blot liftii sn ttla thoM ihipt^ 

Oat. in dfBpiM oflitaten. 
Took ICO. and bnmEhl lu worlds of woe ; 

all, lino* OBt !■•■> were gives 

To mch » lulnes Mid teia; the) would 

DDl lei mc end 
Our linjcerini' bonn : nnd clmrire thut 

hiinie ; DUI k'eep homo and delctid. 
And to tlicY tutcd (he inon t led. liul 

ihouEh Jove then wilhh'.'td 
My nurural spirit, now by Jove "di freed, 

nfLil thus iRipcXI'd." 
Tills more inflamed tbem ; in bo mucli 

tliat Aia> now no more 
Krpi iii>, he wiw to dfown'd in dart* ; a 

lid Is be foibore 
T)ic luiclict in a (eat bcnenlh, of men 

(of)i I'mu. Inil IhouKl't 
ll wu imprjsssbtc to KDpe : Iw fot yet 

wtlEtC lie foiigbl. 

And htirl'd oui tances thick ni tudl. at all 

men that •aiay'd 
To tire Ihc «hip ; urilli whom ho foond hh 

hands so overlaid, 
Thai on his loidicn ihui he cried: "O 

friend), (ight I alone? 
Expect Tc tnote hhIIi at your butoT 

lowni lampired here are noru^, 
Ko ciiitena to take ye in, no lielp in any 

W* aw. I Icli you. In Trtw"i fields : have 

itoiishi bul Mat bthind. 
And foe* beftae : bt. far from Greece ; 

l^r (tuune, obey commaadt. 
Thcrr l> no inen;y La ihe wan lyourbaJth* 

lie in yout hands," 
ThusTugcd lie, ■ndponr'doul liUdalti: 

tt'wjBverhB 'i-pi«i 
Come op»r the vcuel aim'd wllh lire, on 

hii llcnc dan be died. 
All ihil pleated Hector msda him mod : 

0.11 ilini bli ihanki would e»ni : 
Ol "hiiih i««l« men, hj» moat tnolfod, 

lajr dead Mora hit I 



' 1 MCtT b«n be enrorcnl (fbc yoar 
Mtlcr iiwiiiiiii ii] of ■ •imibt brton, (« 
(telbtoriglMlvanUU In whicb of all 
HoiiMc'a maiitiiiii tad tonuacDUm tunc 
been mc« yvmit ■oMakcak hU whole 
InleDtanilteiiMlnlliilWtlrbUfitd. The 
sonlle Blnwntlei (be nuuinei of Jeno'i 
pwtidc from Jove, btsnc comnandHl bjr 
Un lo k txalo^ to lUKimiis (rom hci 

^>■l » i||lK H ll^»^|^^^^a^*TM*lli^^■ 
ii Ifani cooicncd drf virhiti by 

WW |i«eii Jheifa ■•xrU, quipti 

8m >»«w Til Obe. ««chifiiqM nuiii : 

Sk cM fOpciaB pirnbitt raxiuiU Juno. 

Whldi Laofen. Valh la pctae thus mn- 

fcbnlnU Inns lo cerium ildwii lati- 
■»ri»«l M ultnuw, qui ««u pnitnfi 
bleiliiii, «t q>i niikBia ledsnia ecnciaTii. 
fvcvvM, CUB ante >jU afswa iattaal, 
hue — 1 1: ifcnr «b Jbc. 

Eetaaot H«Mu( la vmm IBM : 

Tim BiUat, quia ■■■ nri «■« phin MMii*. 
~ ' . fancrMi •■■> Iju pluniu un*, 

, BOM buc ouDfi ivolai 



1 9>x>: 

To (hk pofpMe Bkesite Uie ItalJaa end 
FtvBch GOpMs have it. AH uDdentiiKllns 
Moner'ttineal wu (m b« ibc ipmdlnett 
"^» uta't ihemAt or ■Ind) to Olvmntc 
,_BD'mi(l*uuTiiIiMllnBaboalib« ooin- 
■midmtM of Joplur, wtikh wu luierty 
a thw iii : tb.. Mibow (be diRnctlaa of 

ivMTi atad tn golag agBiiiM bervU^ •■mI 
k Imc dcKlM) uoutjove'i <aniauailmeM ; 
wbick aa tho Mmoct befon, ia her m- 
wienU Md Medble gnvii!* to do any- 
ditac far iha (Ood of tbc TrajaM^ can- 
SnMk wtlheat quaiiaa. Boidei, hex 
OMMatiy aad tolfin appeManoe aaoMieii 
lb* n^ Md loddeM** (ttWch ThcDiii 
MM ia b( lookil Ibnra if A« nol 
vO^lr, aadt kM Mftly, aboul thai 
' ^ Nor caa tho iOattnuisa «f 


twKtriat be Ilomer'i end to ihft simlk, 
liceauie Iw make* the naa^ nind, W 
nbich he itsemblei her gdn^. Mbcebt. 
tncllDlne hioi lo go ihb wmf and (bar. ool 
nwlfcd which wxy to fO : whicb rcrj 
poorly rtpicBcih iwiftnos. and ax pro 
poly ■CTCcs wlih the prapenj of a wUe 
man, wtticn be halh uadmaken, and fona 
Ibf id a Joonrey. not lo know whMhti be 
thuuld go fonntrd or backwanL Let ua 
(hercCoce eismlne ibc ocigioal aordt. 

-(h i- Ir- 1j> .urn .«« Ip^m. Ji •* M eaMV- 

£^mf tvr* fn-taete iisiwrrit\t\ fnrumfil, 
rtltiiM trnfttntziarp'/. meunrl.i^—^ 
ligni^inS m*. fnmmfa, vrl (■at imftim 
it-mrpf, as bwfog iisvellcd far oa an itk- 
inniE jouniay (u Juno had done lor Uie 
Gretki. teigamf & lore and V«nua iha 
w*> going 10 vlilt m&itftiten wt i ftm •^•n, 
mMlla mririaitii Jhitt Omr), and IbcD 
kncm not vbelher he ihould ^o badcaard 
or forwuM, ftWlain* a irlx'tncnl diicoune 
trilh biimrlf on wliit couru lo molireh 
and vn«l in mind ; latiich (bcwonbffi 
•■«n*M>it«<ei]iRU,tcin|[ 10 be uiwlinteoj 
iiu*litii! .imarii, vtxiHt. or iittrattit, 
riM a ifiufmt, jenvtt^t,vt**i,ffit^ 
trtultj nina, not mitwtiha frmdntOmi, 
m all mwi imwiBely bi (hit pUee Muvttt 
It, thou^ In Mher places n mianaira to 
mach. Rut biRi t« oibti hatdi con* 
grwnce with the mt of (ba abnOe, fcom 
■hid! In (be whetgaell abbots — mt d A mn 
signifying amana inoie property Iban 
fmJm. being (niulalod /r««rw mrady 
■ncupboncally. acooidme to the Kceod 
dcdndion ; when hen k b uwd nioce 
properly woocdiBg le dta fint deduction, 
■hicb ii laktn ftom •■■■t> Ote Unha tne, 
wboM gnni b eictoding bilMr ; and 
beeouae Ibtnjrf Irluome lad butt* (m 
•flUctblni, enisin. Ac.) nrr cntani lo nitta 
men wiMvaod Ink? b«d byolhm' hainw, 
IbefdH^ acroidiflg to (be ifi-ontl tlnluc- 

lian, — ■*' I it tAkm fm rjiu'tif or 

/mJai. But Dov ilui ih? « ■ ■<»>-i o« 
tpplloiiioa tiemi to make mili DHUsenM 
«f twiflBm, the wonb *• ■^^■•ii i"»'«»^ 
being iianslatedbjr tbcm at fiUfnftrmnj 
It ii (hut to be tamed n tUi Maoe, lid 
n/iditt J K ^im fmJM, tumkt^gfytr 



hntdl-jnglf irtita. Orw Jana A» we ottcn 
He yntti a d.-ip of ihun3<?r doirs or other 
fowl! driven licmllong (rum their mis. OM 
in dicMl &-zM. bnt >k I'lcf iiould br«>k 
IbeJt nciiLi with a kiad or itclitig : fiqiaura 
being detii'ed o( »m^ or hiijUm il^nifj-ing 
ipifttM /tfti, vtt farihtndt irtfffu ferri, 
all iiliich moit nptty nipvclh wilh JunO''s 
cnfotCEi] Jnd wiithfiil juitliig (roni Jovr. 
and Joins hit chniia dltEnctcillT. Tlili 
(or me. I( uollio md civs btctrr. let 
him thc« U, anil uke IL But In Inlinlic 
othai pbna b Ihit dirine pwi (liut pio- 
fuod. wblcb for Ihe otienw laboui I 
ennnot jci much *!. 

1 'A^riAor. ic. Pijlriit til. il it a 
Aitri/ /.t'l)^ (ulth MiDFivi (o Mftn.«li«n 
»h« atumn liil sncir for Ihe tUiiitbtcl Of 
Ills son Atc^aphu!)/* TiKwf^AnMriftr 

Which camRinttcnl Ihiii iindirtliiad : 
TLerc were bome mm Ihit never died, as 
Tlilioa ibe hiutMod of AuiorfL. Obtraa, 
<iUDcu« iDAile k M*-god, Ac., utd In 
tii'Iy Writ (uSpondanuipkaKih to mli 
ibcm) Unochnnd EUu; buibecauuihcM 
fiTW were becil from Jeuli, Man uiiut not 
look ihal all olhm wort. Bui this inter- 
prcuiion, I think, will appear lo all men 
al tint (Ijhl bolh tHIciiIoiii iind profane: 
HoiniiT nwkiiij; Mli^i^h^ •nnlyjotat Mut 
here [>3 ihc doth in oihci placet) liiddins 
Itlm not ilorm titil liit vm *)iuulil b« »laln 
mora tbxo better born, sirongrr, and 
worthier men ; /»■ J^:* litulJ ^avt 
tmiMijiA IB dli |oi It vHri hjni fit "Jut) 
t» fTM all mfn frtn dteth that art ■*- 
^lliag h dit. Ilili nunc, uitli ibe 
ml ; llie Other othm ; a««pi v hicb foil 

nn EKO or -ms nFTBUiTu tout. 



AcMiLtn. 11 PUTodn' uiii. dotb jHU 

H4 mrm >Dd Mrnudooft ; vlikh bmaf bi ta 

Hm Tnjiai tj, PMrsda haA (h* inn 
OfnatSncdaB'i death. icruniM the »■.« 
0( hnjMri li* hniw lUn At hsne 
Of "nrnir •>■ lkn<1>cduuj ihc tmt 
Of Hinor duk nwcc IW oneb^wd «Bd 
Of mM Rosnd SuwdaB oa iIm liic*4 
Of TlMadH : im Iv EuphnAot k«u'd 
A>< kr ApaU*'* ptnsdU |n«D diwn'd. 


la m Fitnchu ticHi ihc duoa 
Of dwk, n^ONd b)r HMtai'i ban. 

Tmn Kfhtt^ lor ibta wtO-buili ihip; 

PUraclu* in ibat (pMe 
Stood try hM Mtnd. firep«rtn( waidi lo 

win tht Otnfct W Knoii 
Willi power of oaciaiiatoM leut ; and. 

lUu ■ famiialB pour'd 
ta black Uream IniM a lolV)' rock, Ihe 

Gratis 30 ptaned, dnlopsd. 
AcUIki. nuhM for h£ lan, aid: 

" Wkirtfbn WMfs my (twdd 
So HW K glri, wbA Ikoqfh sbc SOS hei 

moUic* canaM Mud 
Her cbUMi hniDouR. hangi on her, aod 

«oaU be Ukca uk 
SHD ticinne I>Ti Iturdrcnrii'd rit%, 

vben i&e hah made hei noop, 
T« MiUnK Uker I otn thapa thv ao nn- 

tatalr <BHi. f IMM eul 

Wbal ouBMh tbrm? buh m; 01 KdMiml 
Itef a lf n my Mnmidnit? w tmn from 

loHd Pbibia tnucfai. 
Told oaly tbce. lot I thouta ptew, and 

dwnihii* Ihn* huh irreexhi 
(talk* kind ipliii? Adot's son, ibe sood 

Ttijr hf-hrt. livM; Htd M bm nnt, cr^* 

■ooof Aksi, 

M daljp m MKwId mnarn. 
OriiiiwtiiltheOmbautiala, (hat dolh 

thjr nonadi t«n, 
0« dAiaa). for (hdr Intadce' lake. plagua 

dpok. Mu. kf both koaw «iib«'t beut." 

Pundn^ tf|M«t. kaU : 

"O IVku^ ton {ilioii iitoncMt Oreth 

tiy all drfnat thai lira) 
Still M notanpT : our ud tiaienich caiiar 

Oar p«*t«w Grrskx he nt tbcir thlpt tore 

wounded : lihacw. 
Kins ActiTirninon. Diomnd, tad food 

fiiiiypylut : 
But thoe mu^mcdIdn»jEiKMhiC loon. 

pliyxicbn*. can ncum 
TlicKi yr* unmcdlctiuble niU. Utough thy 

•raimd all endure. 
HctiBD btcM on boMm from tuch «i>ih 

as thou loaaKsI «s thv blla. 
Unptoflti^^ Tirtuom. How itiaU our 

Bora In thine afc, enjo* lUiie aitf, vhen 

thae bjpnda, in liiy flowrr. 
ThoiiWvvsi 13 mchnniroiihy death r O 

Idle, trufi power ; 
Grmi PrIciM ntvn did bf|ct, aov Tbtd* 

brinK fonh thee. 
Tbou from Ihe bin* m. and bcr rocluv 

drnint Iky potipee. 
WKiiM decline* thee 7 If thy Mciditiuni 


(onseejng CK. 
And Ihcfvftire tbou Ibnakol (liy ftiendi, 

ki me CO caw lh«tf noa** 
With llioi* bnie nltca of our hoit. Iby 

inichly Mymidonfc 
That I may bnn(c to Add mote Ughi 10 

oonqual than hath beca. 
To which md p>ot nw with IIdM arm, 

ibic& any shadow Mca 
Of thy re»mb1anoe. nil Ihe power ol 

pcrjurtd Troy will l|y, 
Aitd oar to tiled fncndt WB becalhc ; our 

W'illrui.'TdiiiclhcitwMtkdoff." ThUk 

fuuhih maa. be taed 
For ba tore death : of all afeote ipccdi 

AchiUci Aoi raocWd 
Tbe hut pan. Unit ; " O wottby bJoad. 

what bate thy ipeedKS hr«a f 

lea the flght for ocadei, at what My 

Ilaih told fiom Jowc? I iak« ao cue, 

not noteofonelDch thkaf: 
Bat ihia 61 aun tliact me am, thai tlw 






Slioald from bU (qua! taka hit licbl, tiiice 

h« «iB™d» in pcww. 
lUf. $tlll hii WTone. it (tin my gritt. He 

look my pamnioni 
Tbal all men gave, and whom I von bj' 

rinup of my >|>riii. 
Thai, for her, (nrniini'd a tonn. Tbks 

npt he made of hci. 
And iwd me hfcc a (ujcillre, an incuile ia 

a town, 
Thai ii no dly UberdM, nor oapabl« of 

But txat wc tbU M out of date ; 'tis paii. 

nor musl wc tlill 
Feed aaget in our nobleat parta ; yet Ihii*. 

I have my will 
AawellaaoucctTat IcinKotmcn: tor I did 

tvcr >ow [oul now. 

Nrvirr lo cut ofF my tlluUln Illl. U it falls 
Thnr mis of mt- knock d al my fleil. and 

uOd me ia thdr crt« 
I waa rc mn iol. and had my with of oil my 

And M of ihli TCpcol ceou^Ii- Take Uiou 

my feni«~I>liiad atmi, 
And my GRtii'ihinly Mynnidoni loid lo 

Ihac hot alarmi. 
Whots cloud* of TToJant drol« va wllh 

hateful ctnin«nw : 
The Gtedu ihul in a little thonv a mt of 

Skipping upon them : «tl b«cauM thcit 

pruuil tyci do not iee 
The taisunct of my hdmct thctc^ wbOM 

bejini hod inslanlly 
Thnnt back, and all these ditcb«a lill'd 

with cartioD of thcii llcth. 
If Agamemnon bad been kind ; whnr now 

they fisbl M fnsh, 
As Ihut br Uwy had put at eaie. and at 

our wnts ooDtcnd. 
And mn; far the repuliive hand of DIomcd 

doth noi tpend 
HIj (»clnf dait* Ibelt, that their dtalh 

could irisbc out of our licet ; 
Nor (cooi that head of enmlir. etn my 

poor htartn m«el 
Tb» voieo of «mt Atildet now. Now 

Heelot'i only voice 
Bnalct all the ur aboul both hosts, and, 

wllh Die vrry iioiw 
Bred by hit Iciud enconiag:<monU> his 

Unon fill the lictd. 
And fifltit the poor Ai'li.iiant ilowii. But 

cm, put thou mv tliicld 
Bdiiuil the firc-[ib(ue and out fleet . 

ruih bnvcly on. and turn 
War'* tide ai hMdlomi; on tbeJT tfaroals. 

No mora lot ihem ajouin 

Oiu sw«t home-turninj; : but ohserre iha 

chaigE I lity on liiee 
To racb least point, that thy ruled haal 

may highly honour ni«. 
And set tuch |{lory bom ilie Gtccka, that 

iiirr may trad acain 
My moil iwoct wench, and sift* to boot, 

when thou hail cait a trin 
Dn ilirw M beadslronii eiiitena. and (breed 

Ihem fnim 0U» fleet. 
Wlih which Kiuce if the god et lound** 

Ihy kind t-fcntion Itfett, 
Rctiie. and bf not lempird oo (with pHdo 

to trc (hy lund 
Roia tlaiichier'd ograww on earth) lo rua 

tanti thy command 
At bf as tlioo. leal llie todl, that favout 

TWy. come fotlh 
To thy enoounler. for the Sun much loref 

il ; luid my wonh, 
In wimt Ibou iuaci"M, »!I1 be wtong'd, 

tikLl I wimld ift my frarnd 
Anume an action o( lucli Height witliotit 

me ; and iianuvnd 
Hit fn^nil'i prucnuiiun. Do not Ihes 

niiecl a lunhcr nshl 
Than I may iiicnsihen. Let the ttM,\ 

uhen Ihou i»*I dene thii rieht. 
Porroim iha ml.' O mould to Jove, Iboa 

f 'allM. and thou Sun. 
ThAt not a mitfl houaol underneath IhoM 

loven of I lion. 
Kor any one of all the Ureekt. how Inlinlta 

a lum 
Soever all together maki, might liv« iu». 

But only wa two. 'xenpins death, nicbl 

have ihe thundering down 
Of evert Rlonc stuck in tbe walli of tbil H 

«firrf town." 
ITiui tpuke they only 'twlit themHivel 

Aed tiow ihv ior J\c} iHHTr 
Coukt Ajii iinnd. beiofi to oppiest'd will 

all the iron tloie 
The Ttojinn |ioutd oo ; with wilow darts 

and with Jove's will bende. 
llltpowenw<rL-cloy'd. and hit bright half 

ilid lieafnimi; Mowi nUdu ; 
His plume, jind all hcad-ottuunenu, «oul 

nnvt in mt : 
Ha wni y.t hibouf'd up hit shield, an 

hnvtoK done iheit bctl. 
Thry cviuld niit stir him from hJa tland 

dIthou);h h« wtOiu;ht It out 
With iliori ici|»rmi[t; and (rith tw« 

thai (eueleu flowd about 

* lopiier cilltd itw ted of toimdi, Iv t 

ChlH tOUOd h» tllUDllo. 



BlinHUai UMta; m leu* time stna to 

Mbe b Hiy boHUli : 
19 )ti«afib(Bd IB; when mm «m up. 

Now, MoMi^ ;mi (hat dwell la howtn, 

ih> 1I1H1H11I moLD ioifilie 
Tint lint «nrcro«d the Otvcbn flevt. toule* 

Rnt Haclcr, with hi* faugo braid (word. 

cut 00^ M leitine on. 
Tbt bead of AJu'oilicD lance :«'tilch Aju 

•a(ioK B^a*. [wliilo uim-vi^ 

And iliatbc shook a bcadka near, ■ iiiile 
Kit waiyqiirlu told Itaoiaiiht the huid 

of hoaim wai then j 
And ticMbUac udder bb ooacdt, which 

«» tbM 'taa* Jom'* deed,* 
WlM,aabei>aU'd<drbii dwi't hcadj; 10 

«v« fae bid detned 
ThiJall thecowwdtofibeicwaf. Iieweuld 

Aad (tn tbc Tn^aiii Ttdoir; 10 misled 

And kft hb ditt*. And iben the ibip «iu 

bm-4 allh bonld bnslt 
0( UndlbK tn : sMcb miUnllr w*t wn 

ihRMUft an ibe xtaadi 
la DMituin^babk lUnMi^ thai all Ibe 

^^H^v 6QlDf3iCCvL# 

Aad Um Achlllet beM hit Iblshi, cried 

CM, " PatiodB*. hwcr. 
UaIw««)ni><tbbon6 I M«at Oetuafin 

«( fearful n«. 
Ais. anik hH all out flo«t It Hit, aad all 

on power ean{(. 
Aiaqaiaclr, lUMofupibtuocfa." To 

(MM M dfwdfal Iran 
Ptlf ft-fc » la AchUla* temt, enllglitca'd all 

wbh Man, 
Aad itebiT aaeO'd, all bute rnadft He 

«oe« M* fwMd. bb thteM. 
HkbooHtaiiMd Mjm and inronicl] tptut, 

■1 be could nlmbljrwkM. 
BH Oa 100*1 bated AtMka' ^teai: Uf , 

HaenlrklVaraU hb arnH: lot dwl br 


Of aarCcttk 10 thake but hii ; AchillM' 

Shook that hue* vcnpoo, that vai |i<r«e 

(9 Chlroo 10 b>i im. 
Cot frga Um top oC PbUoo, to be bcmet' 

Hb iiocdi AntotDedoa att«ichl jola'd i like 

whan no man that httalbo, 
^tat Mens* Mti. PatreobB IowkI ; locllke 
Uk, nooeiofreal 
I (band tai liJth at ncTj Gcbt, aor 10 out- 

TOU til. 

Automedon illd Iherefixc |ulde (or blai 

Achitlri' ilMdi, 
XantbiiB ud tuliiu 1*1(1 as wlod, bctotleo 

h]f the ttr4t 
Of Zephyr, and the llupj bora. Poduge, 

In a nitxiil 
QoM to the waiT ooean. where ibu tttie 

lliniy led. 
AulOTnedon jiiio'il lltmo btfan. asd wtib 

tlio hindHei gun 
Uetaslen'd lamoui fnluu*, ab«aa. Iran 

Made br Achllka. when be look UHioa't 

wedlhy town, 
Hn brooghi. and, Ihotigb of ntoital tacc^ 

£tt gtn him Ihe renown 
liow hto inunoital hoiu. And now, 

before bbioDis. 
Illmiclf had Men hb Myruiidont, in an 

Of dreadful war. And when je tec upon 

m tnoiinUlD hinJ, 
A dtn of wolves^* aboot wboM beoitt 

luuiieisuRil «fai|lbs are led. 
N«w come from currir of a Mas, Ihdr jaw) 

•U blood-beanxar'd. 
And when from tome black-wsln twinl 

tbay all loplhct bml. 
There having plfimlully lipp'd, wtib itiir. 

and ihiuuiiui loupa, 
Tbe top and tleanst of Iha (pttng, $0 

bekhlne from their lung* 
Tha <lnllcril gon^ look dreadlully. Mid 

eniennin no dcend. 
Tbelr bellirt aunt all uken u;^ wilb being 

to mwhrfed : 
Then *^. thai sncb. In tinasib and look 

WEI* rraal Adiilb)^ mto 
Now order'd for the dreadful Sgbl ; and 

sonllbnltlticm Iben 
Their iirinott and their cbicfs did (bow, 

about Ihcir General'i Iriand 1 
Hb friend, and all, about lunMdf ; wbo 

Cbirflj did intend 
'IV embaitcUitij: of borte and loot. To 

that tiqf' h«ld so long. 
Twice live uiJ tavntf tail be brongU, 

laloefite and iw«n(y strong 
OfatiUmei^ waatvcrjrtal. riTeoolovll 

he made 
Of allthoioroie«: tnisij owb, and all dl 

Uutheof power bopadtbcaialL Uano< 

ihiu* was one. 
That ever woreducoloor'dann: li« wds 

a itvcr's son 

* A licili meal tin); eiqireMTe. 




Tlial Ml tram ti'wvcn, uxl gixa lo drink 

W1U hl> itdlfihiful nimm, 
HU mme uiiiireiiiled SpcicbltK he lomd 

the lonrljt dMna 
Fait Pol^don. IVleiu' Mc<d, intl dm id 

Boim' iit(tn. 
And iba t» (hut cclatiul flood s**^ ^^^ 

Mcnalhius Untit. 
A Kiinmi mixing with • god. Y«l Bovni 

bor« lb« nuns {dime. 

Of tube* to M«ne«tUiiii. he mmTTac tha 
And ^vinc her a mlgbqrdowctjbe wot 

Of rciien*. Ttie nut m«o, Ttnown'd wicb 

Wu BiioiiG Eudon)*. broiisht to life I7 

one laf^nwd a maid. 
BiliEbl Fkjtjrniclii. Pliylia' xnl, bui hod the 

wanios pliiy'd 
Willi Araui-kllUnK Ucrcurj 1 who (&Rd 

u-ilh lifr &UT (yn; 
A) the was finstng in the qutrc of bei th.11 

nokc* the aiet 
Is clanuToiu Iranlinc. >nd <. -'b hen (he 

crooked boa of RDld) 
Stole 10 lure bed In tfiat choilc room, that 

Phccbe chute did hold. 
And girwK ber that iwiR-wnrlike •on, 

Eudonii, bcDoght to UgM 
At sh« wu duidnK ; but it toon, ai ihe 

ihal niks the pltgbl 
Of Itbourine vomen caied bet thraa Bud 

tho*'d ncr >on the tun. 
Strone Echeociu. Acior'* hdr, woo'd 

mmralT. itnit woo 
Ho Hcond urour, feving bar wilh clftt of 

Inllnlle prito ; 
And itftoi b(oa};l>i her to hit hoiue. wlmc, 

la at gnndiitc * tja. 
Old I'hTlu. Polrneki ion obtnln'd ex- 

cndins cnM. 
Aa.1 found aioucfulbringliigup, Mof bti 

natund moc 
He had dsccnilMl. Tho lU:d chief wu 

Ea» IkUeniBlida 
PiiandiM who In tltiU o( dut* ditiln'd 

nipmnMt pfain 
0( nil the MTTmidMA eicefit ihsit lord's 

11w fouilti chnretb a(«d Phmnui had. 

The At ih, AloncdoD, 
Sun nf L»ritri. unit much famnl. All 

I hoe diKi'Ucd thiu 
In ni place tif the aii^btf son of id)-.iI 

Tills sieni rcmembnuice he gnrc bU . 

' ' You. MjrtinidOH. " uu'd hr. 
"LesI any of you should fweel his 

ibfcalenlngs tisol to ine 

In ihii pUos. and. liimi^h nil the itnM^ 

llint my jusi ancn niip'd. 
Attempting aic wlQi buler word), tor bdng 

For my hot huoiout. from the fight, (»• 

nicmlm Ihcm lu ihav : 
' Tbou cruiil tun of rGleiti. vihoni ihc ibat 

rules Ihc nw 
Did only nonnsh with ber gall, tboa dou 

uq^nnUy hold 
Out bondK ognlntt our wilb from fight : 

irevillnol beeontmird, 
Bnt Inko our iliipv and Mil for botnt;. b^ 

Ion vc loiter hen 
And feed lliy fuiy.' These high wonlt Cx- 

cndlng orien were 
Tile lltRou Ibot. In joiir muilnous traopi, 

yeutdJ tamefurwinlh J 

To be deuln'd ao ftotn ihc field. Noh 

then, youriplecni may bnlhc " 

In sweat « IhoM Rnai wuHci r< wiili'd; 

now, betbar lun emiiloy 
A gcnoniua Lean, gfi fifhi, and fright lha« 

[cnoniua Lean, gfi Af hi. ■ 
rtiu set their minds ant 

Thu set their minds and ttrengihs col, 

ftrr. the ipeech rnfofcing vrell, 
BticjE iiKil inumc ; but, Ixiiig Uidr lEing*!! 

11 much more dtd iiniid, 
And ciosa Rah*d-in all Ihe Iroopl. 

SI. for biiiHinn bicb. 
The miuon tiys Tils iionci more ihlc 

ftgalnit 111' citniiuly 
Of wind and wealber. uideventhni.if a 

Ha Iblckam them (br mote for that, it 

rirraenl act so pht* 
Hit huncti mind 10 niahc aure work ; Mi 

for the hiEh eatate J 

This woik vai Inou^hl 10, ihcce melt] 

iiiindi. aoconliou 10 llir rat*, 1 

Were raised, and nil iheo' bodin ioin'dj 

bul iheir weil^noLen kKig. ] 

Wilh lua to timely-thiaiKhi-on i-petA 

more ihnip niiifle "nldnt'i aing, • 
And lblckeo'dsollieiria''t:eu boa'd, so^ 

ifacir hdmeu then ; 9 

That ibieldi piopp'dtbieldt, beltnt hdrad 

knock'd, nod men mcouiwed men,7 
Pslrodus and Aulom^un itid Jrm ti| 

(otv them all, [ibcn ihe Ucnefl 

Two boiho, wi^ one mttiil infunn'd ; aa 
Oeluok him lo hit ptlvailB lenl. where froi 

A coffer wrought 
Uo«l nth antl mtimty, and giieu I 

■ITiTid lo be brontSil , 

lo hi-, [iwii Alp. Ii4*n!l<! •11(1 rots, wai 

rubra I" danli nJil «^nJ : 
And uprankaaU Koldrn f liui^d, and cud 

wilh ihitanbs behind : 



lb look a (MM unialoeil bo*l IB mhich 

•OM dfwik bnl he l 
Ncc far bui 10 the ddtia ; imt Mnr ddijr 
Bui Juw banHU vM Mmd Mb that : 

■ml thai iM int dM dmnM 
Wkh Hilpbw. <hea wkh ■ncnoci of 

nco nik'd hi* hamb, Mtd dnw binMlf 

a nighty bml of irtne, 
V/hkh (sMndioK •"••if Uw |)Ihm ciKlgaed 

fcr *ovK« tlivinc. 
Aad lookiOfC up la hcnYca lad Jon. who 

Bivt bin <ntl| ho pout 'd 
Upon ihe place of Mctific*. »nd humbly 

ihui iaipiortd : 
"GrW DodooaviM, pcwfaknl Of «»M 

Dodonc't lowen : 
DMDt mi^itui. Hot ihnffa Iw brace; 

•boat noaebowtis 
ni'ioMaepropheUc ScU dwdl. ibal HlU 

riaap on the pvad- 
Go t«N^ «Bd nmri ckaiuc tfadi ftvl : a* 

t bdivc bave Idund 
aneeioaqrfeiit*,aad tan uOracec^M 

itnir iKT (ra|«i« in wad. 
I itiD K*y In Ihe gaihad Btet, but lnt« 

dumiu'd Bf frinid. 
Amooeu DT Diaar UjTsddMU, lo dmcw 

O cnm bt» nloar my Rae<rD, ttm wllh 

mr MM hfe hem, 
Ttat Maoior^ adt aay koov U7 fridid 

ow wotk in linsla irv i 
And BM then only ibow hu hands, m hc< 

Wbn as kad ftcmdo* *r«ond» Um : 

bnl. aglK ho ta'a m wdl. 
Ho hnfctr Id him mw bli tgfit, bat, 

■rtiai be ihnll npol 
Cbmvuf and daot,xr from owflod, VDOcb- 

lafa a MifB Rfimi 
T»Uinud*U his raaouiA villi fa»ea 

and MBS caafdcM. 
Rciaajr'd. and btavcn'isml C«aMril«r 

To oaa put el bit ortioni. but left the oCIki 

B» let bin Irec ihe fleet o( loo, but «fo 

Aflbllka Ml that nUcr pwl, «t«m b« hi* 

ABdWm'diaM hit bi»0 tent; niadc faw 

bBon. aad tbca 
od Ibnh. and wlik bta mind bebtU the 


I Mknr'd Ui gnat-nwdtd bknO. «m- 

biMed liU 1^ brake 
WMl r-*"~t •lam upon ihe loe. And ai 

MVMp*, that make 

llKif dm«Ht* Iti Ibe bMul h%hirar, 

whidi Ibo&h <Mdnn uh 
(TbdroMiact»~bKln|[ tMOt UKUncM>)U 

anxK und ainiic 
V/iU am voiog ihom. and Inmd ^ 

•sothe Ibeir chiliIBb mi) 
A «onit»(Ui ill w uuuij iniiu ; liner if a 

(Tbat wmld hll laaiDcy'i end ajipiy. aad 

[laa ilimi iHuuMfil) 
Come iKar and ni ibcm. upon him the 

chjktim'i (aulu ure UiJ. 
For ca ibry Or ai he ictrt aaeb, and tiJl 

dtfi-nd tbclromi; 
So Ciucii il BlUi tlie fSTCM mind «f cvcly 

Who pour'd ihcnudva out of ibcii l!cci 

upon ihdr vaatoii tor*. 
That n<edt would lilt th«n,lhnui iouom', 

and Ckosc the ovenhrows 
Of niMj othen, (hu had chc been ncnt 

touth'd by than. 
Nor woald haw loucb'd. ninidiB tboi 

pm bii wied to t}w Micain, 
And ttiu) eihoftrd : " Nok, nqr bieiid*. 

ramembcT wni eipn» 
Yovr talviNuu vinuai and ccMmm uir 

Thai, ho bdng mvt^ of d ifae Cncki, 

his emiDuioe aafibn 
All othen ItkesW In oar itreagthi. Ihoi 

Eu cM iaimu him. 
And A|:mnrimaon ao« oiay tea bit buk 

m ^meral 
Aa hn fiMs luch : dithoDcniiins him Ihal 

so much honoun .lU." 
Thua made he ipmktc thob' tafc in, 

ud 00 ihcy nnh d : Ihe Beet 
FiU'd full tor Vilrw aim with tauaii, 

thai ttmbty did greet 
TV aniRBd 'I'Tc^aa ; and thdt ejres did 

sccaod llicii Eusun 
When glut McntEUu*' ann thai M>. ami 

his fnend'i amoui bbue. 
All lnu)Y siood UoubM wllh conceal ilial 

Fckui' KM *» thece. 
llitannicuioSaithc tUf^i atd each 

loA'd ewr j wl w Te 
Fet lonie anUnntjt to lod ihe thcxpsv- 

pandlitbL (vliore ll» Osht 

l\itiodiit ERptrd wtlh a kinoe Ihe raaion 
Uadr »ciniu«l (uiiiult; acsi the strip 

Proi'-'iUm t^i-ituSd. 
Aad sliDok I'fiaxiwcn. •ho brfoae IW 

Ue^tKlm'tl Rhms toBchi. 
Led (lam Amydav, «inar ^ttam inJ% ll<> 

hfcii.! -.Triiri'd Auai Atnts. 
Tbtu'u:'! ><» :i^^l ^'xnildra IIub the iltil, 

whuM blinr tuw.k alt Ihe Uom 



Iq hi) povn (iDcn )>» poimlesi vm, and 

ildwn h« (roanlng fell : 
His men ■!! flying, ihdf tuder fled. This 

OM daitdkl repel 
The whole puM pland hbaul the iblpw 

wbaM Cte eilinct. hiUfbum'd 
TIh I^bmis l«n her ; nnd full cr? to 

cUmotDiu Aiglil rciuiD d. 
Then *pR9ul th« Urcelu iiboui thdr ihip* : 

inuEophaal lumull Aaw'd ; 
And. M ifom MP of Kune iteep bill Ihe 

UihWiwr *lnp* » cloud. 
And leu a crcal iky ou( from hi!ai«n. Id 

wliow dctlghunme light. 
All praminenl fortlieuJs. fornti. low«n, 

and Kmpla chcvr ihe ilglit : 
So cirar'd tboe Grccb llii* TiujiUi cloud, 

■ad « Iheir ibipi and ttnt* 
Obtata'd ■ llille time M bieBthc. but round 

no prmmt vrnti 
To Iheir inclusions ; nor did Trof . though 

Ihoe I'uaiiiii,ni lied. 
Low wnr eround. bul Imm lliii iliip lliej 

twcdnlly toni'd iipad. 
Ttian cTCsy man a (11411 tubdunL Pniro- 

cluB in ilia thigh 
Suoek AKilycus ; his dott the bone did 

brtak. and fly 
Quite tbiQUKh. and *unk him to lliecanh. 

Good Mendiiis ilcw 
AccompUib'd Thou, tn whose breait. 

beinc nalnd, hi> lannt he ihmw 
Above bfi shield, tnd (reed his soul. Phy- 

lidca, Uhinc nots 
ThM bold Ampbiclus bml el itim. prv- 

venied blm. and unoie 
Hli thieh'* cxtrtBie part whoe (of man) 

hi* (Mieti iniisole lies:. 
Pie nervo lom vlih hli laooc'i pile, and 

darkneui eloaed hil (yea, 
Anlllocbus Atymnhu telied, bis sled Imce 

did iRiprcn 
His tirtt iar«e fiu'^i and locscd hli lile. 

At young Ndlorlds. 
Maris, ^mniiu' brother, (Itw : and ai 

him liimsynwd, 
The bmher lo ^Ulocbus; his ugn 

Jarelin't hrad [all the bonn ^ 

HxDnaclcBof hisamoatoui, uidihivtr'd 
Night clo«ed his tym, hU llvdcM cone bb 

brother (eU upon. 
And M by two kind braihi^n' hand), did 

two luod tnoihcn blcrd : 
BMbbtinf (Moe ^arpedon'i fiicmli, and 

««e ike dutins seed 
Ot Ambodanuk that k^t the biac of 

many men 
Mboa'd Chlmsera : and such bane now 

cwishi hli ehUdcns. 

Ajai OOliula* did take Clvulnilut alite. 
InvfldluK him suy'd by the press ; and at 

him then let drive 
With hU short iword lliat cut his neck ; 

whose btood aitmi'd all tbe Moel ; 
And cold Death w)ih a vlolcal tite h« 

ubte eyea iXd mcL 
Pmelcus. nod Lycos out togcTher off their 

daru : 
Boih mia'd. and both together then went 

W'lib their sworda : in part) 
The liUde and hilt weol, layin|r on upon 

Ihe helmet's bughi. 
i^nrtnu' sMPOfid caughi Lyeon'i neck, and 

cut It thoRiiich (juile. 
Kb head bans l>y ihe vaj Mu. Tbe 

iwilt Herionei. 
PuituinE flying Acamns, jait ns he gM 

To bortc and chariot. Ovtilook, and sirook 

him luch a blow 
On hit right thouldrr. that he left U> 

charioi, and did \tttiw 
The duMy with : life left hu llmbft and 

iilglu hii eyes poucu'd. 
Idomonurvu ub Item diui al Erymn ad> 

A*, like to Acanuu. he Rvd ; It cnt tha I 

auiidry bonm 
Deneaib hii bran. bctn'Iit bis neck, nnd 

larep,if II ; and lo run), | 

Shaking; hi* Iceili out. Ihrouch his mouth, ' 

h,i eyes bU drowa'd m blood. 
So through bis ooiirili and hi) noatbl 

(thai now dart^opCD tiood) 
He br&uhed his spirit. Thu* bad dcatli 

fiuin evRT Orocian chief < 

A chief of Trojr. For. as to kids, oc 

lambs, thcii cnell'it Ibid 
(The wolf) Meab in. and. wbea he MM tbaC 

by the shepherd's sloih 
The <Mmi are ipersed about the hllli, IhM 

serves bis ravenous toolh 
Wilh «ase. becaUH! his prey Is weak; M 

(srved llir (iftrjij ilielr ton, 
Disci^mini; vril how ihnekiag flight dU 

all Iheir spliiii itispcBc : 
Their billing viiiua quile funtot. And 

now 1)11; n^lHiil ipWn 
That Aiu bore ID llecior siUl. by it 

nmiLS wuulil bjt^'c bnn 
Within hiibosom wiibadut :biilbetfca 

knew the wti. 
(Well oonr'd in a nil-lined ihisld] ^ 

well perceive bow far 
Tba arronM and the javellnl nach'd, t 

being within thai sounds 
And ominous nngings : and obscmd ft 
iheiv-iaclinlng bounds 



Of CMqdoi. Id htt ftid of him, Bod so 

ekmy'd hor rhuy : 
Took taint count Jor h\m ■nd hd. and 

uood to bei ai if nafc 
And m. whra Jnn' iii(oi« n Wont, hf iMs 

onn ol ihc tUn 
Ti^a tirtp OhwfMi, ft blodi tlouA, ihat 

all besmi t fplnMloar ban 
Fton aMn o* Muih ; «o (ram Uic baun ot 

til ib« TKfia hot). 
AH ooafort bmI; found from Jove, in 

ftfetii u)d ertet wu loaL 
Nor iwli1» Ibqr aaj fiiir mitti, H*clor'» 

mnuy dqtso 
Would nocdi mIr him. and he left en- 

caeed h» TrofW foroi ; 
FdkcoI I9 tbc ttecfaMM of the dike, thai 

in m piMM ibcjr iMh, 
And kept tbom that would lala hm gone. 

Tbdr hone* qoHe iMiook 
A aomber of iIm Trajan kmip, and left 

dxat In the dike ; 
Their cbuMt in thdr romntnu brake. 

lUrochn than did Mrikr 
WUIe tMd wai ho^ and ebcer'd bbblendt: 

DOC meant hbcaemicicood ; 
Who whan Otej onoo btsan to fljr. each 

And ehokcd thentdTca wlili drlfla of duM. 

And BOW wvtvdw^bacol 
bmcatb the eloodi. wHh flight and itdse ; 

Um bona aicglicHd Dot 
Tbetr bone hicendnMMi ; atid. where roni 

wB bmicai, then ponr'd on 
Putodna «oM axhorti and llinailt ; and 

lbs lar uvtiiluuwit 
Knmbcfi bcaeatb tbdr axt»tRei : who, 

l]rin> in flicht^ Hieara, 
Hade lb alter dwilot* Jolt and Jum[^ bi 

witinf tivar t ncni 
TV lamrtal bona Pntrecloi rode, did 

paa the dAe wllk cBM. 
And wwb'd Iba depth ami danctr more ; 

and HeoBttadea [Hc<iar't hme : 
As arcai a qilrit had lo tmcIi railing 
Bnt Di( fleet bone bvl loo mucb law, and 

fctth'd hJB off too fan. 
Afid aa ia A^ubb Iha blade aaRb ii 

looden wlib Ibe Moima 
lliat Jowc la gtaat of ladn pom down. 

bmng angry with Iha fotmi 
Of Jnd tn iHai In ainhocind men, thai In 

thrtf miwtt [laMnin. 
WBh lislmc cdka^ wioiad Isvii and 

tHubifgoih, not Ben) 
iL^le an pattea : for wboie faulfi. nhole 

Wib an otoflown, 
Asd MMjr taUejn ctn awaT vllh torrenti 

baadlocc ibrawn 

From Dctghbour mountiint. ifD ibe lea 

lacdva them iii«hnE >n. 
All? Indeed rii-k'' i>himn iben are vali^ 

pitfual tur ibcK |u<lt^*i tin ; 
Si> niiiT the foal difuillt ctf KHiib bB TiOf 

wete laid upon -, 
So like thou Icirri-iiti nxir'd liny tm-k la 

windy Ilion ; 
And 10 like icmpesB hic* (he horte. wllb 

ravinliiiii; liuk a^i^n 
Ttaeu hot onailanli. all their wurk) at 

Soel now midci 'd vain. 
PniiDClut, wbia Iw kid diipenol tha 

(brcfflcHl phaUmiccs, 
CutVdtdcktiHfoicd 10 the fleet, and oould 

nol lei iheni (ircasr. 
Ai tlicy dcKiod. 100 nea* the town ; but 

iwiii the thipaand flood. 
And their Mecp tampire. bu hand iCeep'd 

Kevengt Jo seas of bl'xxl, 
Tliea fronota wai lini ilial fctl bennlh 

^hety lancet 
Which nrook bit hate bteatl, ntot hit 

•hield. The «Kood Tbettor • cbaaea, 
Old Knopa' am, did make hiKself ; who 

>hffnMti{, and lei doie 
tn bii fair acaL even with tb' approach 

Pattodu* made. dU lo*e 
An manly cootac*. iaminuch that frara hi* 

FeH flowing ilown, and hiaitghl jaw PaUiv 

elm' luea aitano ; 
StTook through bis tfvlh. and there II stuck, 

■nd by II 10 him tlicw 
Dcid lluniar 10 ha ehaiioL It ihcv'd, 

u when yon Tkw 
An angler fMoi tome noKitntal rock dniw 

wiib hii h»« and hook 
A Rtghiy fiih out of the tea 1 lot to Iha 

GnA did itack 
IbeTnjas n^ini; hoia hit Mat, hb Jawa 

t)ped wlm ilif dan ; 
Which when PatroElm drew, he fell ; Us 

Wa and bmrst did part. 
Then nnh'd he ob Eirhnit : at whom be 

hurl'd * ttone, 
Uliii^i nnkc bit head to la the nddtt. thai 

two vat mad* of on« ; 
Tw9 wan 11 fell, deft thioiish his casque. 

And then TIepolemua. 
RpajMs, DanuBloridn^ Celppui. Echiu*. 
Iphea i. bo U Amphotenii, aod ta&ant 

Asd i^lymelni, by hi* site Mnomed 

Hebt^ii'd upoa the DUcfc-tcdetulL. Wbao 

[ovc'iBoit worthy ica 
pXhae Sarpedon) aaw iboa bttnds thu 

atay^d, andaibetsran. 


"Orttami!! WhyfljrjFerthenhecrwd, 

On, liprp jotr Tray : tajrvll win meet the 

uuta itut KAiiIts you : 
To roIm bw Bndciuunil hit luioo thai 

fljraDU in cotiquw IhiA 
And iMtb w nuunr able kncn »toon dii' 

DawnJutnp'dhebDnihillAiliOt: clown 

lo^i d bii foe u Ughl : 
AnilM, oniEinic foi-luoliing rock, k can of 

My on e*eb Mhcr. Uiflu and IniK. ;ait. 

niDM, nnd tli«a iikk bj . 
Tui; boih will) cnwkcd beak* and »ma ; 

cry. %h!. Mid Agbt nod erf : 
So firictly foiiehl thne atij^ klngi. Aftd 

ihcw'd oi blltcr Etlll. 
Jove, turning vjs lo tMt Mem fight, hia 

wire and luut call^ 
And, much norrd for the Lycian prinM, 

taSi ■ "U Itut lo my faa 
Fitie. bf ihis day and man, ahoold ml * 

Itireid M nobly ipun. 
Two Riindt a'Mnel mc; it I ihould tiow 

lavlih liim from ti|;ht, 
Aod Kt him skfe In L;d& 1 oi civs lli<! 

F>ta their rtghl." 
"ARtici«Si<uniiii«,"thortp1icd, "wliu 

unJuK wonli aie iheia ? 
A MMtal. Ions ilnce oiiuk'd by fate, 

woiilittt thou ii»nDc«t»liM ) 
Do. but by no goi be tpproml : Ine him, 

Anit iiuinben store, 
Sou of immortal*, will lim tsvt. that 

death miui iii«c« before 
TIMM prtct of ItKO : every xod will have 

Us NO a goA. Inosw period 

Or aonn cxHvmcljr. Gli« him ihai «i 
In bT»Te fifiht tiy mrodin' *w«tJ, it lie 

be dear to (hea 
Aitd gricra thee for hii dangcr'd IKe ; Ol 

uriiidi when bo ii (ran. 
Lot Death and Sommu bear hfan benoei, 

till Lvcta's DatoiBl womti 
Recdre him from bta brotiien' handi, anil 

ddamT: a tomb 
And «olu<nQ labcd lo him. Titit It (he 

honour cf iBe dead." 
Sm Mid, and her iDM^h mlcd bii power ; 

but in fall Mfdy 1 (leid. 
FecMd offtM oIlMncaidRith, ha Netp*d 

hi* living name 
la dropi ol btood bctven iwct for ham, 

wlitch wtb to hii fame:. 
Ami n««, M ihii Mih combat pcm to 

th)* too bumble end. 
Supedan'a doaUi had (Ui «IUe more; 

"Mm tttber'd by hit tilcnd 

And chuioMvt. bnira Thtaaymvi] ; wlroin 

In hli faeliy'i tim 
PbIiocIu* woMdoI will) tSt bnee, and 

nidloB ended him. 
And then aiHUba net of name fortfiin 

hii princvly fale, 
tli* 6nl ianoe oritsiBc, lie kt *y a mcoiu) 

that fnc diue 
Of vfuhtnt dciih U Pedanii : who. m lie 

joy'd lo die 
By hd M> honounblc hiaia. did cren to 

■tjiag o^li. 
llii ncn Martlad lb' otlfei need*, tho 

gem cracii 'd, and the nda* 
Smjipkd hie lUknn ; wboae mimilc Aulo- 

ninlon nstrains 
ity cutting llie entanglinf StniR, and to 

dinundning quile 
The bi>Te4iBln bcnil : when hoth the fttt 

olxT'd, and went fur'tiij-'ti. 
And ihm Ibe royal eombiunu (ought lor 

the flnai Mrake ; 
When t^a's Gtmeral min'd again, hit 

h^Rhuisnl invtlui lai>k 
AboTv bit ihonldcr. empty miy. Dul no 

tuch afwdim night 
Pattociiu Ifi fah ipoar prtfixm, lliat on llw 

brcui did II jtii 
OE hik tiiiTE Fue i when; life t Itiingi dote 

about llie loiid henrl. 
tntpcruins a recurvku wound ; his knoai 

Aad let him foil : wlicQ like on oak, a 

[Kipiif, or K pine. 
New fsU'd by aitt-mcn on the hilb; he 

lUetch'd hit lorm divine 
Ikfoi* hi* lioas and cliatiot. And at 

lion leaps [b>:Rl !■ Iiril 

Upon aea>lly yellow bull, dtirct all iL 
And under hit uiiinii'iuitt'lljawt. the bt*i 

becul tighins dia : 
So dgh'd Supedoa tindcrocalh thit 

of enamloh 
Call'd Giaucis lo him, Ui dear ftiend, 

■aid : " Ntar. (rind. Ihy handa 
Much dDtyows 10 ficht and anni; 

for my love li tiandt 
Thy bcart tn much hand lo approic t1 

wur ilbimiriil ; now 
ilow ottive all thy Eoreea are^ iMt 

lioui't act nuit thaw, 
Fini caU our Lrcian capias up, li 

found, ami bring ap ell. 
And all eihurt to iiiuid. Eke (ricod*, 

Siirpolon't CiO, 
And qwtHj (hyieir i!^ tinl for ne ; 

Of allihyDfc, lo thy last boor, 

thy black diimty 




la *oe asd ioTaar te IM^ if I bo lakon 

Spoil'd uf inlM anM i «nd Ihy naotrm 

dnpnfl'd <if Wf dc^cr. 
Sund MM Ibcn, Mtd raairM Ihy men." 

TMimU. Iha hMwh of death 
CcBcladcd aD nitlii lo bti ejtt, and to bit 

■MoUutlt breach. 
PatrackUi tbmieh hit pntd vw Mrons. 

forced vay ■bioaj:h croy doubr, 
ainiti*d fab hjf h beaorn with bu toW. and 

plori'd ha Janlin cnl, 
Aad wiih U dfcv the fdm and (trine* ol 

hl« jEt-fMOriinx btwt : 
And laU. (wiberirilh Ibepile, blx princely 

Hiihoiw (•pad'dbolh of eoidcond kin)-, 

lhkk-«MriiM{ OBd unaud. 
And •(« to flithtt tbr Myrmidoaa miiilo 

imtdjr lOh and trind. 
GkocD). to holr hi) ftleod tik aid, of 

Uoi put an ilw mr, 
Thougfa wdl be katw hb ircmod UDcsrot, 

ceatinlon DU'd hb breu4 
NM lo hm f«ad in aar fonitr, and yet lo 

mtch gMd MIL 
Aad (I^iBC hi* hand open hit wound. lliH 

pain'd Bin ahnply uill, 
Aad «■! br Tcuc«*i faaad tcl «n tram 

Ihik aMtU'il deep mil. 
In kwpiDK butt (ton other ptco) be did on 

Tim Bod of Epodidsei. for hit cure : 

"Tboakiatcteam," iiiid he, 
*' That «fi pern^a la Lgrcin wiili Ijit Heh 

OrboeuiTrof; tnlaay where, tincclhoa 

liaM {lOvcr lo beat ; 
O (Ive a butt and <niAd oma (m I am 

no*) thine aa. 
Thb wm fuMaiiu a ctuoI wcsnd, «bno 

paint iboDt ettry mf, 
ARHci ihia iboukkt, awl Uiii hand, and 

nMhine louc can uay 
A flui of biixid bUI mnang i not therefore 

caa I «I*mI (my hand 

With anjr cnoa7 in Bglil, HOC huiUy nuike 
&f>pan my lanoe ; aadhcfcltadMd (be 

wonhifW ol men. 
fiaipedoa, worthy ton lojove: {wfaoe power 

pppm wf Ainiitiii 
Ami all rid ia lUs deadly need) giTc tbon 
than aid tomci 

Unit o( nil aid lomenbmt ;aiaaaen th' 

Of ll>i* anal anguiA. cirg It Knacib^ 
that bjr my ptocoknt 

1 ■)» eaoee my Ben lo bknn i and Ibis 

Otfutlhtrriolent*," llepray'd. ■ndtind 

ApoHo baud, 
Allfiy'd liit iinptiiji, ud bis wound ol all 

I he black bloat clcu'd 
Tlai *ci'd It so, latuacd tnaili jiomn into 

bb weahni'd minil : 
And aU hU iplrla flow'd with jaj that 

Phocbiui iloul inclinnl 
(tnKuh quick bounty)iohuprajien. Tlien. 

as Suipodon wfU'd. 
H« oui libmi hit ffmtSr na; and lioi of 

all intiiird [Inflame ibtv %ti 

To ail hli capMbM aJl the Miap (hat ccnU 
Tor (Ood Sareedon. And from lliem. be 

ilMoh'd hU (pcedy pMo 
T* Axmor. Hector. Vtanu* ton, and w!m 

PoiydanuLs ; fyon now (ofscl 

And (onVn^irii'iillIctM) ■*'<'= "l^''*^- 
Yoin pom aiuiliiuy (liand*, that in your 

lokh bat* iinri 
Tbelr (tieodlcai (onlt out tu fran bonie. 

Snrpcdnn, thai lutiain'd 
Wlik tiadot, and Ut tlituei aft. Icoad 

Lycia balh not gnln'd 
The likn guard for hii paaoii kCfc : tot 

yonder dead be lie* 
Bcncaih the gnau EWroeluf lane*. Bui 

CDRXi. lol your (oppGo^ 
Good lincnd«. icatKl near him, dlid-iin 

ti) ME hb CORE defiled 
With Gmiin fury : and bis aunt, by Ibctr 

«iprsiloni 4>oTd. 
Tba Mnmidon* an ccon eniafed. Ibat 

tucn a mighiy boot 

T)ii> uid. boo head to fooC 
Gikf iirook Ibeir powcn pott poiiwcg. osd 

niil ID be RWaia'd. 
To hear news of twrpcdon'i death ; Vrtie, 

tfaonch he appenatn'd 
To oibet ciiica. yet to Ih^a be wat Ihe 

*rry fon. 
And led a mtgbly peofile Ibeie. dt all 

wboee bcttci aort 
IllnieU wat bett. TblamaJe tbcanmiD 

flame* u|>OB the foe : 
Tht fint nan Heolor, lo wboic heart Sai- 

pedoa'i dealfc lUd so. 
RitfoeliiittirT'd the Qi«dM tpiritt i and 

Oni ih' A)ac(9^ thui : 
" Now. btodicn, U ii dcsriQ y««, 10 Itht 

aad taoCQUr at, [oedkM. 

At e«cr hcRtefcre ye did, wMt Men iiit 
Tha MBo lie* abin ttiM fcM lUd tcnlc. and 

cue Ibe battkwent 
Ttei erown'd oui wall, tie Lf«ian pnooa. 

Bb ifmnowahalladd 
force to bii oooe. and woU U* ara^ a 

ptke may Mon be bad 




Of many gmi oiu%, ihat foi him will pui 

oa 10 lb* tfoth." 
lb thb vvA IhcM WCIT proRiiil cnoDGh ; 

■Dd «wh iMe oKtercth 
Tfaos" iibHliLniM that motl liad cMc et fo- 

soluliotii ; 
The 'I'fO(:in5 anil Ihc I.yclnii po««n ; lh« 

tJrn'ki ixtni Myirfmlcim. 
Thesenin loj^ihfriorihecotif, andclcsed 

wirh bonld criei. 
TbcdcBTinour* ihundcrinf wiih ihe clupi 

laid on iboul ihp piHf. 
And Jo*e. alum ih' inipduoiw brcll. pa- 

nidmu niithl poui'd oul. 
Ai long 05 for bti loved loa, p«mlcbiii 

L*boar toughr. 
The first of Troy (he liRl Gttcki foll'd ; 

wlieo. not the taut Indent 
AmoDEil tlie Myrmidon), km tlain; the 

gnnlAgMlcui' toed. 
DMm Eplgcu*, thai bifoit bad CMtcUod 

In Btit Budehu : but becuite be laid b 

bloody hand 
Co hli oinn ibtrr*! mliant ton. to Pclens 

and hi* queen 
He camr for |iiinlon. mul obUlii'd ; hii 

>l»nj;h(rt hKrint" Ibc miran 
He cunc lo Troy, and m> IO Ihl*. He 

vcmiiinxl eicn lo loiich 
The pHnocly cnrcan : when a Hone did 

mora to him t^ much, 
SmI out of able H«ccori hand : U nil hu 

iLull In ivaln, 
And ttrook h[m dead. Pairedin, ftkved 

lo Me his fiiend so tialn. 
BefocG (lie foKiaeM Ihruit himself. And 

M a falooa Iny* 
A Bodt of ttwes or ciddeoes ; inch fou 

brenihi b!> astayi 
Amonf^t (he Trojani and Ihtlr bicndt ; 

and. taigry ai the heart 
A» mil M RMvod, fot him io tluin, n. j< hnr 

•UOjr dan [tn the nctk 

A$ nod a* Hector^ ho let fly, ihai dutieil 
Of Sihanelau* ; thnut hit haid U> varlli 

tnt. mi in break 
The Dcrvei la ninder with hli fill : off fell 

lb* IVoJant loo, 
Bven Hectot'i >clf. and all as br at any 

■nan can ibronr 
(Provoked for lanm, or in the mn lo th»d 

•n enemy's wul) 
A ^ghl lone dan. The Snt thai tuio'd, 

wu he that did coninil 
TIm targciecn of LftSa, prloM Gbucm : 

Sen! Baihydaw*. Cholcon's son; he did 

in Hefht) dwdl. 

And ihined for milih and hippiness 

amoncii the Uyrmtdont ; 
Hii tmum'a mlilM the janlia ttroolc, bit 

fall pi eanh iiilh groans. 
■Pie Gmeki ^niyerf. and thcTtojant joy'd, 

for aa nnovriii il u man -, 
About whom sloodlheGrMliiu ftim. And 

then Uie dcMh be^un 
On Troy'taide by UcnoncB.- he tlev one 

ICreal in war. 
LaoBonus. OnMor'* (on, ih« priM of 

JiiIKler. faud en 

CrcAied In ih' IdXBli bill. Belwlii hl> jaw 
The lI,^I[ (tuck fitsl, and looted his soul ; 

rad mills of h.ile and feor 
Invadlng htm. Anchita* ion dtepalch'd 

a brurn lanoe 
At bold Mertone* ; and hoped (o make an 

afiual eh* not 
On him nith bold Loogonut ; (boush 

tuKia his bFoail thicld 
H( lay » close. Rui he disoera'd. and 

Diidc his body yield 
So low. iliat oirr hiTii il flew, and Inrnblinf 

look the Round. 
With which Manmade It quench hit thint ; 

and since the bead coutd oxiimd 
No b«ller body, and vet (lircnm from ne' 

the worse a haad. 
It tum*d from earth, and look'd Avxy. 

lEneaa let it stand. 
Much angry at the vain event, and told 

He scaped but batdly, not bad eaim to 

hope for such sucocai 
Another time, though well he knew hU 

dancing facuUy. 
By vrhow ability bo tcaped ; for. had hit 

dan gone t7 
With any Irait loucb, butastly be had btcn 

rver slnin. 
Heaniuer'd: "Tbougb thvitretiglbbe 

enod, it cnnnot rafiiler vnCn 
The ti rtni^h of olben wiib tby jest! ; not 

an Ihou M divine, 
But when my lancciIiHtl touch ai ihoe.witb 

e<)iul ipral lo Ihine. 
Death will thare with K thy life't poM'en ; , 

Ihy confidence can iliun I 

No mniT than mine uhm his right elalma." ' 

Menailui' nOble ton 
Rebuked Meri^nrt. and said: "W'hat 

necd'st thou use this ipeecb i 
Nor thy Mienfth Itapiinjim] with words. 

cood ftieno. net caa se ttoch 
The body, nor mAke Ui* cneiay yield, i 

ilifie our ooiinlFrtiniTa ; ' 

Wt iDtau enfoice the bindiac cwlb, I 

them In hoc gmvet. 


tf yoa vlll <m. fiRbl. Will joa tpt^r 
rnt coal w I. Couiud. Won, 

AniV (•>!•(■( wmuMl BDnli. Tkliherc. 
the tine in mm bealom,' 
lie uU. ud ted : and, nMtilns leit for 

(Hii sprr()i being wttwn'd wllb Mcb tight) 

the Kothjr Mceadcd. 
Attd llwn. na in « nuntSos rale, noir 

iMkhbov 10 B hill, 
Wood-Mien malM* far-twaid aoiw. Willi 

cboppiBc. cbappcne uilt, 
Aad l^nliif M on btockt and Ii«m ; w 

tbi^on Mcn bad loa<X 
Aid b««t Ube noi*et IMO nir, tiolb u they 

Mrook uid node. 
But, pvt Ibw noite. u full «f blood, ol 

dim. of dMii, lay snu 
Divtn« Sarptden. (hat a nun inuit huro an 

Tttt CMdd bM know trim, and mifhi fail : 

•ofrsa hiaBlBWt bead. 
B«BilaibeUNrplanUo(biire«i. his farm 

wat alcoad, [flin in lorinz, 

All ihraMlng wen It «ief7 wi]'. u ihick oi 
That In a ibtep-c«c (trhen new milk 

awwnblw than) make wins. 
And b«M about tfae top-fall j^ik Hot 

n«r wa* ihc eye 
Otjvn BVBlOd tnaa Ibe (ighl ; lie vicw'd, 

tbOBght. eeniefcwly 
And dinnl* HMa im death of ernii 

AcblUe*^ Mend : 
tf BmUt ibefc^ to wTEak hli ion, >houM 

HI* life, lad lone away Us urns, or iiill 

4i^» i t m tba Bald ; 
Be ihen cooo hi Jtd thai the SIglii of much 

(note Mrf iboiiid |kld 
At^B«' (OOd Mmd nora nnown, and 

ibai e«ea to thdt gaic* 
H« ibould drff* Hectur and bit hott : a^id 

Tba mlad ol Itectoc ibu he mounti fcii 

dafiot. lad tifcea Flight 
Up with him, lempilnff all to her : BlTicmlns 

KM* eridenttjr itui (he beam «f Jon't 

aS-OrdcTla^ Kolea 
Wai Iben in Mntlms on ihiir nde^ nir- 

charged wWi flc«k> <rf loiili. 
Tbaa not Ih* noble Lvoani ita/& bat 

ABOapl the eonei' coinmoB btsp ; tcr 

Dunf mon were poer'd 
AfaMM BMd on him. whMe Jonc^ band held 

vt the bitter broiL 
Aad DOW tber ipaird Supedoa') mum. 

and 10 itoeihlp* the ipotl 

Wu vmi by MenoMiadei. Jhmijvn&ia 

(hugol ttieSun: 
" llA>t<', ixmiKiri! tlKiAlA Ir* m mnre 

(irr-i vitJrnc« bidooo [«*lt bVx-l 
To ni* Sgifpedon : but bit tone ol all ttic 
Anil {nrlint futj^tl. Ibrn cany hm. tti 

henw t« (one deoii flood. 
Wlih whoae wat«awa^andil<memlia!m 

each lborMi|[b-d«nnHd limb 
Willi out emlirovia ; which pcrfaitn'd. 

clivinr wrrxif put on him. 
And then 10 (hoss s<nf I tnUc< and twioi. 

tnrtal sicrp itnil Draih. oammil 
Hit |irtiicr))r peDon, Ibat with ipeetl Ibey 

both m>y earrjr II 
To wTjIlliy Lyda : whem hit fiteidi and 

broihcn will enbiaoe. 
And tomb it in lOme monumi^t, a* lilt a 

pRocr'a |ilac«. " | Iddllan hid. 

Then llew Apollo to ihc flghi. from the 

Ai all paiti Dulling loto ad bit great 

COmmoiuur's unU ; 
Drew all the dart*, WHh'd. balm'd thn 

corar ; which, dcck'd mtb otiuunent. 
Dy Sleep and DoUfa.' tbote (eathail 

tmiia, be Into L/ftit aent. 
raliDclui then AMomedon contaondt la 

Ifivehlsnmd* [madly baaacMd* 
l-Ai^-r iriax and all way lo IMi diaee ; SO 
Tbrttnct comiBiBlonirfhUfeenil:Htich 

had be kept, bid krjil 
A black deaib ftnn him. But Joir'* mind 

halh evermciTe oodlepc 
The mind o( orati ; who both Bffrij(hli. and 

takes ihe itittoiT Fhe can Jiuilfy, 

From MIT hardint hatiil with eaic : which 
Thoii|^ oc hbitaelf mnmwidi him figbi. ai 

In Ucnatiadethiainiad. HowimidGllMn 
(Patroelua) that jaw puci the* iia«, lo 

itolQ pill wHh thy df*ih. 
Of *tl tlinc rreM aiiil Guaota mm Ihe 

bonomabic biMlh. [AntioiiaiA 

0< uhlch AdlCHlH ftnl he (lew. aad nait 
Fgiiiinn. aad PniaiD. [^Urtm. EhncK 
Swift MenallppiK Uoliu ; all these woe 

mvflbfowB [proud llion 

IW him, and all eke pnt In rout : aadthen 
tud ttoon'd faenrjtli li<< tlonoin liinil. tm 

need to wllh ha kanw. |lhf Ulan. 
I r rhtebus had not knt I be •owet.and belp*d 
^fuiiaWnf M IhoucMs 'gajwi Ibe prince 

l^eiw to the prominence 
0( Tro^s steep wall lie bnovty leap'd ; 

Ihnce (Wbul tliruil hi* llwn», 
Oti)eali« hb allHtataHnE ihMd, with bii 

(Bthileu hand ; 
Bn fourthly, wha. Ilka one of heaven, ha 

woold luTe MliT'd hli MMd. 



Etcd to iliu ■«' beam of my life, (litjr 

luttMMy day. 
And hfcv, Jn pWa of iH and oiin. on Ihee 

(Ul vnllnrs pny. 
Poor mTrtch : DM iJull Ihy tnighljr liiend 

nffbrrl Ihtc any aid, 
Thai gnve ihy paninB much drtp charpc. 

lUid Ihb perlikpi tie iakl ■ 
' MartiAl hitroclut. lurs not (bra. nor tee 

my flttl before 
Tht curcu tconi ttt*l HfClor'i broit, kII 

pIdMI iiith lis Korr, 
Thou hew'ti In pkcct.' If tbut viln were 

hil fw-»lr«lch'(J tomniiiwlt, 
Ai <R>la 9X1 thy haut to believe hlx trotdi 

lay in Ihytutndt." 
Kc. lui|piuhin)[. nrp'»d : " This prons 

(hy glory none than vain. 
TluU whi'n IWKi KOdt Iwnj ^ivRi tliy haadlt 

what their poireti did obtain. 
(They conqiieriog. ud ltM)i ijxiUing nu 

both ol my arm* and mind. 
llbdogawotVof com for ilrnn) thy soul 

iboDld be so blind 
To oiems Ibair cvidrni dtodi. and lnk« 

iheir power* to lliec ; 
When, If the powcn of Iwenty inch hOid 

^rcil i' enoounliTT me, 
Mf liuicc hid jtrus'd «anh aith Qtem all. 

Ttiou only doul oblahl 
A tbird pbn m tny dcaih ; whom, lirtt. a 

Itttnolul fatit hilh flain 

EOccied by Luona't ton ; Mcond, ud >iitt 

ot mtn, i 

Ft>plinil<ui. And iH* on* ihlnt motttl 

cpnci'mi ihcr : nclc itthm : T 

Tbon kli;ii( nit lungiurm'c iliyiclf; ney, 

finw iJenTh fM\ for tUrc, 
And il"l'.-n< lue : Achllln* lince Bind) 

Biak'' Irpii co-Hi tor nie." 
Thui dc.ilh join'd to hit worcla hil end ; 

bu lonl tool: Jai-.itnl alng. 
And lo ihr liotiu ilinl halh no llghU de- 

!0.'ncj«l. torrowing 
Foi hi> lad (ale. lo leave bint young, ood 

in histibtm Kgv. 
II« dead, yet llectOTaik'dhimwby.inlbU 

prontietic ni(r. 
lie 10 fotespaka him ; wl^m nooe knev 

tmt glcal Achilles mlcht 
nmveal fall death, and on lilt ktnce leolve 

hit lai«« hsht t 
lliiu tcuitf on bit ilde his loot, he iww 

oul erf uis wound 
Itli bmcn lanoe. and opwatdi east iha 

budv on the vtound : 
Wlii.-n <|uiiklv, whilo the datt w»» hoi, he 

chui^l AulaiDKlon. 
Divine tulde of Achlllci' sleedi. In great 

To MiM hfm loo : but hli w swift and 

deslhlcn hone, ihitjcich 
Tbmr E't to Pdvu* fruin ilie £od«. toon 

lapl him tnm bis reacb. 


< AI vV >•< *• rinp, &e. Thc»e lajil 
<ttntt in (he cdRinal by many ausicr* 
anMcDl* have aiReiTdexpuaciion, aibi:Ing 
uniraithy (ha laoalfa <rf aa hen^ becaiue 
ha anms to make nich a wbb In (hem, 
Wlilcb ll M ptATly conceited of the 
expungcn m the iW of Um pUcri in 
Konin tliat have gToaned or laughed 
uail^t ibdr outlnllona, Achillea not oui 
of hU heart {tihiA any tnia «yv may taa) 
iMiihaDg !i. but oul of a frolio and dcii^bi- 
lonw MiTMMr. belni; netry with hti fiicnd 
bi pdvaie. whidi the vci*e following io 
pan fxpreaMlh : 

Sic At ftaJfm hiiia («iw sr hfuttaiiliir. 

Jitltr tt Intimating the meaning afomaSd. 
But our divine maima moat ingmioias 
Imltatia^ (he Ute of tblngl (whkb Is the 
soul ot a (losni) is Mver rtapKtcd nor 

prrcrivrd by lui intcrpiyt«n, only (tandta^l 
prdiniically on the grammar and itcada.1 
ulleily Ignonnl of the sense and grace <■■ 
• rMi r aIm KBi fntv. Ac. '^tv* 

Sc Agmevil auUm Afax in amim« i 
lulfatt pfmi itervm, iiynfir n, ah 
ratlftie. Anoibci meat lnsvnioui a 
spdlcM Imllallon of lh<^ life :iriil ridiculoul 
humour of Aju I ii»i!.[ oty^inotal 
bmuie ll Oica all his transbion . 
inlripreien, who tnlir i( mcnly for) 
whrn It i* appDienlly acoptlcal 
ndloiltmi, with whkli otir anibot would | 
dvU):bi hit uiblrrllaciiiins re a d tr. and mix 1 
mirth Biih mailer, ilesadili. thai H«c!orj 
eni off the head of AJai' lancet *lii«h tie I 
i*tate woDid finds aftcl « Llntt of J 
pTCiphettc slidom (viilfa *hidi be is i 
chaqjed in Hoineii and bnicined ilrMiglf J 
the ccdlisg ctf hi> Uni-e't hnul cast 4 J 




Kgun ibiea deep : Itui w Htoot cut off 
thM. Jow woulil ullnlr cut off Uw hod) 
of thor axuBcb ii> ihai fisht and ffive lli« 
Troiuu ■lG)D(y. \Mttd) lo lake iaioai\y 
and cikkIt b idou dull, aad. •* I nmjr 
My. AhLBrifl: ibe toioc ■>(>« (which ihejr 
apMlBd^riMirfiia/, and Indoed ii ft»A- 
ia<; HNM lifiii'j'tnc ncH properljr ta«^) 
bdftoc *« 10 dedcbcr tbe lionr. Boi 
lo nwltfiimd CTaiR*r ihai iha cuuing off 
bb knc^a tmS ugkii Jtmi'a intcDt la 
iMcffthdr M<aicb, and M allow the nil 
3t A^ for hli M rw-(Mcheil appniientlcin. 
] Mppoie no man <an mate leu ihia idle 
aod aUloL A pUin coodauance. thoF- 
ion, il b o( Aiu bumour, whom in divert 
fldMrpteoa he piayi man, m ia Ukoaing 
Ha. in lb« Elevetilh Book, to a aOl aat, 
4bkI «la— hara M bs ncAnl harcan*r. 

■Dd Daub tabidi ba iactoiouilr caHrdi 
Mnt) <nt (be body o( Jo*«'s uin. Sup"- 
don. tdca liom the fisht, and bonic lo 
U«ia. Od wbkk ptaoaliiniaUilM doubit 
wMbct uuty and liidMil ii »«a iramferrod 

10 LydM, aol ha malus the cbiuc o( btt 
doabc lU>: Thai Oaih and Sleep an 
tmatit fu^dam. lhia(a «mptj> and iroid : 
»t»T i> i m « r $ *m*m, Htt m/iJ sr firm fir- 
timt, 'M' imtwttta. e*^. but fB« uMiV 
Jtrrtfaaml. And, dNtrfoie. be Ihooj^ht 
tbCK was nrjfat fmtJdtm. that U. some 
t»idtr tmftj KfiiUknm Mwutwaf pre- 
land for thai htrotn L^cb. A«.. or «Uo 
Miif-r aiMthTT wnnce Mmlaiion ef II bf 
woodcr : wfakk Spcndamn think* lo hare 
hafipnad uuljr. bill (Uher w««ld inttiprel 

11 (pmljr aad nKfcedly a poetlul ficitoa. 
Hit naa a w I wUl forbev to nlttr. bccauM 
k ii DttiMRhf cf him. tlut muU noi a 
■an mnda that oar fi«M and Hiaite 

tiB'.Bitiiiii would doabt mhtthe* Sleep and 
Ddili canted Sorpedon's ponoo. per- 
Bonalljr, to \,y^ ; m not ivbei nuike no 
question of ihe conoaty? Homn not 
anj' poet'* end in vxh paelloal nlalioni. 
bcinc lo ttato, ifae iniib of ihlne> pet- 
vxttiai done; but to ploue witb tba 
tratii of Uieir metcUen win. and (otne 
wonlnr doctrine ttaa*.}V^ In It. Nor 
wouiit Honer hate aiqr odb b(li«ve the 
ptnonal tnnnpwtutoe of Satpedoa by 
bl(«p and Death, but only (Vislh and 
[nixih bis porta with these prcnopcfielat, 
and detrren u* Ibli omt Ingeniom and 
crave duclriac In it : That tb* boo'* 
body. Tot wliish both Ihoee mighiy hoMs 
•a nUgftUly ooDlcndcd, SIucp and Dcaih 
(iboaEMmefKrtfuM laaeM). took fioinall 
ibfii penonal and >oUd fond. Wbcicm 
lie wt>old tarthei note to vt, ihal, Ironi all 
the bitlcreil and dndlirat conAicit and 
lyrannies of Ibe wceld. Sleep and Deaih, 
uben their wont U done^ ddivn and 
tnntkr mm : • lillle mocking iiiihi.1 iho 
tvhemenl and gietdy pteeeculknu o/ 
lyranlt and loMIcn a^nu. or for Ihat, 
wtiich two Kuch drcdlMs poor ihingi lake 
(ram all Ihcir emprty. And wt, aGBlml 
EUKolbiu' mannt of sl<|;hiliiB ttwir pomie. 
wtni » there, of all ttunjti belenKinti to 
nun, M poneilul over lilni ai DemIi atid 
Sleep? And why may not our Homer 
(wbese wonli I hold williSpondainu ouehl 
to be an undinMllable deed and authority 
wllh u») aa vdf pteMHiBM Sleep end Otalb, 
ai al man besides pe>«»niie Lorc^ Anger, 
Slotb, fte.^ Ilnu only whcie the itnae 
end eoul of m* meM wijtthily rene r enced 
■uibor ii abuard. oc not wea. I ud loetit: 
and eloui tbeK few poot con eaci Iflar 
all other mea'l haivtM). 


Tm >ifD or THX MxtmiTH vsat. 





A im^onii. ft(hi ■LsM Vita^aftanm. 

Mf^ai IE ik'nnmatf AMidck 
Al■ttl^.-^uI r.UflM tbv^e«^LH 

tM>l I iiilint-nHiB-HaL 

Tl* ' ■ ^ 'W ittf TtdIw •••. 

Xh' -1 .: «I iIh aricr icU : 

Uilc .>lUI>wu I >>»■ llu< il^ book iMi pbU. 


Id iUHlka*ailianinl»Mitii«Iiiiiia 
A itBvbMniaa uidiit <ai ibc tlwL 

Noa could hu tImighM* rot ooDCcil'd 

fnun Mcacina' mr : 
Wbo (lew MiHKii^w ihc fonmoU figkU, and 

wilh hii uin iind ipcnr 
CirclR) the body, ta aiuch |[iict«d, And 

uilb lu tviiilTr hnjd 
To ko^ k iticin, M any dom klniit hn 

lirst-tNra KtA. 
Km premln^ alni ibr paia «f Unh wouhl 

Duli« i&n knw Utae ; 
Not W FVnaie hh Dtu Mtunt EvfAioibu'* 

*(Mt {ci(t«(e : 
Bat. irrtwr Mmrtoiii rMrfinnnrm of tlii. 

Aiur'd bbn iluu : "Aiitik*. «c>Hk and 

lUTc Uw iteiultcnd 
Wllh hb rmbncd tpoil u the Bon, tlM 

linl. of all out vaxe. 
And Lunoun uic^uiin. in fait fiehl, nuul« 

|>«a»n to his fate i 
And (Imcfan suOcr mo tavtot tlw good 

Amoiuu Ibc Trojui^ le« Hiy lif« maj 

wliai hii haih doce.' 
"OjBpiwr," ttiid br, inotoiod. "ihon 

an no bgoaw turn 
To bout M) pau ihy pom to do. Nol 

any Uon oia. 
Nor t|xMi«l Irviiiird, oorbrar, whoM mint] 

i> in>Ehii«i 
In pouriuK lury 6t>ni liit uiengih. advaucc 

M |>nnid a cial 

* Tku Eiiphoiliiii vu he Iku. in OWd, Py- 

Ai l^oihui' Mrtleg fn>eiiny. Dui llvrw- 

Thai Jof'd so little ihnebbvouih.wliim ho 
Mj force IS ■mo. and Mifd m« wotsi al 

all our cl]ivaliy. 
Anil >Tuoil in]' woni, miKht icndi y« all lo 

ihun thji tuKuidiic ; 
I lUnk he canw not ufeljr bome. lo icU bu 

wife his acti. [lue cxMT*. 

Not leo rijhf ai (bj tai«AeiK« mjr eqiui 
And wlilcAiulnnie. ifibbuiujp'ii. Rnin 

A fool an* oocieI'C Ix^on: 'Us done, aad 

Kill too luc u wac." 
TbI* moraJ nol bua but M ibe wane; 

»inoe II tom'd ijif Mine 
Thai hii ilaio brotbcT ihol la hnn. n>> 

mrrohM-'d b/ «be hing. 
ToKhwDbeeniwrrd^ "Than ahall pay, 

lor all iho paini ctidund 
By tliai ilaln broihcr. nil the vonsdt sw- 

taln'ii for him, rv^nr^rd 
Wltli ona nude In ihy l*»it by ma. Tli 

true Ihuu marfot ba aife 
A hcairy wiikv. wlien Ikt lun of mdIIoiI 

And bun'M our pannti wtih hbrtef: i 

which thoagtarteatta, 
Forsinklotl to Ihr dnith. (tal now I 

VtcTaald ih.ilJ Ike'R. 
Tft f^nlbui. and Ihu uiuwy liand 

nronMi. I wilt brine 
Tbotc arm*, and that pnud bead of Uilaa i 

■ltd thB latoiloua tltinn 
ShaH ask no lone «'•"• W Fcrfotm : 

be my urottla oloaa, 
Dui (hair pRbrmnnce; StrmtiV. 

FiiClit. and TerniT tbm Kti uo.** 
Tbiiu^. I>n Mrook biiall-rouml tbioUi 

i>w ihtimk (hat. but hit Ifuice 
Thai ITTm'd beail ia ii. Tbm [he kin 

uu*d iht>t«<xiud<liaD)x: 
Vita v^.'J^<'X lu lie kbi( ot sodi; . 

h»<iMi rnlry (ot 
(the limvixuvh ilona^ luck bu iuc) j 

luw jun of ill* ihroat. 
AnJ ha nick IhrouSb. Than liU (vliSU 

aaiJhc: Mdallwiiksow 
lib Lsb. Ihit like die tSaoa were, i 

* Nwi lie ever wore 



la gold Mid sUver ribandi vrapp'd, wtn 

Aad inktn akac k mna <hdM pbcs, a 

hitfbaailmft balh ici 
TIm TDone plant of aa oUic uee^ wliote 

root bens cntf M 
With ftait7 o( ddtc^Nii iprinip. U* 

bnachs bnrdf Aptisd. 
Aod allhli ficth ud lovdr bctiL giown 

turi'd *ilh mawj Konrer^ 
Tlui dunce uid Soorah wiih Ihs itiodt 

thai AK o( nBtk» pmcfs ; 
Dot wbm • whirivin^ sol aloft, uoop* 

wtth a nddm gale: 
TMnJraw ti l head >itt (coder auit, and 

Hta fli'd MM (rom hli hoUow cnltMa : It 

wvi prtfMBia the loroc 
Of Sana'* Udk : and to tba plant, Eu- 

pboilNtt and his cone. 
Jh lUn. Ibi kins tRim>*d off hb armi : 

and >l(h thdr wonhj oHki. 
(AH (iMriu Um) had (louty pau'd, K 

kcavvra bir «)« c4 efra 
Haid OM. In cBT}' «{ his i«ti, to bii ta- 

CDU0IC tnrrd 
Tbe Man-tte Ittclor ; lo atiOM pow«n 

(he tocoe be prcfen'd 
Oftbow tait ajB*, aod wak Ihe >hg,pe of 

Of all ilw Cleeaa* Ibat near the Tluadan 

IAe Ub. be that patj foith hb *«Ice : 

"Heoor, ihiHi nouT'tMhe field 
In bnulstTtaiK ponok e< <b«B« hone, that 

hanlljr are eooiMird 
To taka iha dniu|M uf chaifou, by anv 

MonaTt haad ; L'*>^' command. 

The |pca< mndddd of jfiacn* hath onljr 
VnKNB an fmawrtal mother lion; While 

thou atlcod'it od ibne. 
"na TDunK Aokla, in dcfeooe orf Mence- 

Hatli ilain EvpbMbat.' Tbm the god 

wok traefi vith fm acain ; 
Aad Hector, beaniljr ptvptot'd, look'd 

found and nw ibe Uakn 
Sill f*f^ht riven from tdl ««und ; lad 

Um looli carigoi Tie* 
' Of boM Alrtdr* lAb bb tpoU 1 fa war «> 

LIfce oae ol Vulou's qotachlas flames : 

Alride brtini tlw tiy 
Thu eta mlKT'd bin, and tifWi, aarl 

Hld^* "OmcHI 

■ Tlriliillii aniiriii1'~iiT f r '" — - 

hu inA UhhU, iwiat HetMt uiva< 

Should ItATe thexo goadly arma, and htm, 

Itui lieic lies denil fat nir. 
I rou- i should oS^nd tbe Cndu ; If 1 

iliotitdui; Aod be 
Aluiie nilb Hoctoi and hif men, T ntajr be 

MmpOM'd in : (nuj qolddr tna 

Suaic deisht or other tbcy nnj bw. man)' 
DKirwilSofont:. and aUTtoy ooma ever 

■hc(o lltclor lead*. 
Bui why, i!rAi iTiiTid, d«»t rbou ihu* IaUl^ 

vhfit nMa (Luc «n tbcii b«i]i 
Agjjiiil Ihe todi. aa tuic tbcy da (hat 

tehl with mta tbcjp knik 
Stralgfai one or oiber ptague ouua. It 

cannot Ibercfore MO*e 
TTie graiisf ol anjp Credc that to«« I liold 

to Hector. t« 
Slill fiicMiiE wilh a tpiiii from hntcn. 

And ;el if I n>iilil scv 
Braii« A)u. be anil I uould >tand, Iboo^h 

'citmi .1 cod : and tmw 
Txbsi lieckhlm,Mddn&teeiraelwo 

can [Huvuf« 
Thii dorse's frmlom through all tbeae. A 

Utile Ihen lei rot 
The biKljr. anil ii>r ntind be Mil) ; ol l<n> 

bodt cfaoase ibr bnt." 
In thK iluciiunc. Ibc Itoopa (tf Tcojr 

wm in Htlli iiim. and be 
Miulc sich a iKmlite teucot. <u abcn tbe 

hcnUinvn lee 
Tbe loral aav^jt, and co»e oo, wiib Ben, 

dogi, cnet. and ipcan; 
To cinii ilwir boinal utall : and llivn tlic 

kinEt} h«an be bran 
(Wllb ull hii htfh dudain) fnlli off, lo 

[mm Thit odd* of aid 
I1ie gaktcnbiiur'd Alridca flc<<, nnd in bb 

«t(«tth dltpla/d 
Upon fail ItA hand boa be wU'd, rx- 

llemcljr btuied 
Aliout cncouraglu bla men, lo«boD an 

rttrtnN d iiiw l 
Apollo hnd Intoed. Tka Unc NaobV 

A)u iiiklantif. 
And mid: "Comth Mend, let « two 

haiie. and from the tgrtana; 
Of HecNT fcv* lUrediM' cone.* He 

iinight and ^MIt wcm : 
And itu-'n waa Hcdoe halln]; ct Ike body, 

■nib JateM 
To tpQll the thouhfcn o( the da>4. and 

f itv lb* ilij^ iJic rrjl, 
lliiarnii he luvini; prwnl bcfuec , «bca 

Aiun tiiDuflii hli tjeoax 
To bii M runfnr tfatt : onhlbal be bail, 

larr lledo ibouclii 
Tnai boi to Bi&'ir hii (plea; wUcb 

icnipa A)ax wioiocbt 




With hit men: lAgtit. nnd Kccmi Red : 

(he iinni he >«il lo Troy. 
To make his ciimiu odiulre, and pray 

Joic wpd liim jojr. 
Thvn AtM galbctd lo th« corae. uid 

hid H with bniDiGC: 
Ther«iniiii|Ed(ninaitur«>fi>ai,u,iit itn 

lendpr ravgc 
0[hui luwd wlirlpt ■ Itan dotb ; Iwo bun 

dnd huaiRi Deal 
To clvi; him ontci. their more fone maVe 

liim Ihv (Ticirv anf err. 
Drowni all thnr clnmcnira in hit raon ; 

doiti. dogi, doihaildoplie. 
And IcK hi* mulli bnw* down M tow 

Ihey ooTU all bu tycs ; 
So A|>i loak'd and nood, and ilay'd far 

enal Pnamidn. 
When Glaucn lUppolochlcIs m« AJu 

(hilt dipnw 
The splrti ol tiMlor. thus he chid : "O 

goadlf man ai aiiiu. 
In fijthl a Palis, Khy should fatne mak* 

ai«c fan 'taUi&t ont banns. 
Being such a fui[lli««? now marli, how 

well thy boons dritnd t*^" doccnd 
Thy eiiy only wiih bcr own. B« sutr li 
To thai proof wholly. Not k man of any 

Lyciae ntik 
Shall strike one stroke moro (or (by town : 

fat no man kcu x thank 
Should ha eiornally hchl licrf, nor any 

guard o( tliee. 
IIow will ihou, worihleH tlial ihou ait, 

kerp olT an enemy 
From our poor toldltn, wIh-o their prince. 

SMpadon, cunt ui<l i> vaA 
Tolhen and mon doenetlly, ihouBew'sl 

from ia lilt end. 
And Ifft'sl to all the lutt <J Giee<a ^ O 

sods, a man tbit was 
(In lire) u huge a coed la Ttoy, aad lo 

Ihn such a p^cf. 
(In death) nst kepi by iliM from dogs I If 

my fiiciuli « il) <lo nvdl. 
We'll lake our tbp«ldri5 fram your wrnll*, 

and let all iink to hell ; 
As all wlIL «»fc our laoet (uni'iL THA 

audi a >p<t>i hrtaihe 
In aU you Tipjans. u betomes an men 

that flgtit benralh 
Thdr couniiy') tiattdaid. yoa would *ec. 

ihal lucb at prop ymr cause 
Wllb bka capuaurc of ll»dr lives, han all 

ihebonow'd hm> 
Of lucli * dtw eonTcderacy kept lo iham 

AcBOW ye mlstil repeltc ihe aimi Sorpe- 

By fotfeli of your rlghis lo hle^ would yon 
I bill lend your handt. 
And force Paimdas to your Tioy. Ye 

kaow how dear ho suiods 
la bis love, ihat of all the Greeks Is, for 

himself, ba besi. 
Andlculsthe beki cirxfRKhiins men ; asd 

tberefoie would at \tau 
Redeem Kaipedott's amit ; naj him. whom 

you han lilcowiac ImL Tand ctnt 

This body drawn to Ilion would alter dinw 
A greaicT lanMtn, if jou pleucd ; bui Aj^u 

tianlcs you : 
'TIs hn bieast bars ihls tight tomrlA 

looks are dans enow 
To mix gmu Hector with his men. And 

noi to blame ye nio, 
You diooM foe* utidriiicalb your mengths ; 

Ajejt eiMcds Je Ut." 
Hector look'd piuiog tout at Ihit, and 

■niwrc'd ; '" Why darest Ibou, 
{Saondeh ulk above me to ? OlrleDd, I 

Ihouglil [ill nuw 
Tby wisdom aas superlc* lo all th' laha- 

Otglchy Lycla: but now impute eppatrcl 

To ihat discretion Ihy werlt show, (o 

say t loat ny ground 
Fat Ajax' frealneas. Not (eu I the (ickl 

in combats (lrown*d. 
Nor force of cbaiiuta. but I (eat a power 

funeh better teen 
In nclii of all war than all we : tiiat sod, 

thai liiildt between 
Ouriieiory andushUihadd; Icucooqucst 

come and go 
At his free pleasure ; and wiih feu convert* 

Upon the stroiweU. Men musifigfal when 

his just spini Impeli. 
Not tbctr eain gturic*. Sut come oai, 

raike thy iieps parallels 
To these «f mine, and then be Judge, bow 

deep Ihe work will dnw. 
If then I spend ihr day in ihlfls. oilhoa i 

oausi giiv such kaw 9 

To thy deiruiive specchea then, w It Ife* 

Cnciun hoil 
Holds any that in phde of tUengih boMi 

up his spirit mow. 
Whom. Ibr Ihe oiningo of this piincei 

that thoa ecfiircrtt so, 
I make not sioop in bii defence. You, 

tiicuds. ye hcdr and know 
How mueh it Au y« lo make good Ihi* 

Ctvciu I hare slain. 
Fot nnMmtdJore's son. out btaid ; ^m 

the* lb* wnn^y rv^. 




TBI I oalar AdriUcs' arm." Iliii aaad, 

he kft die Bgta. 
And caU'il taMk IhoM dMl bot* tb« srmt. 

»» yt* wilhool hit dgk, 
la «c«TD)r ctf durm lomrjjvb Trajr. Po 

Ihrqi lie cht^rfl Ml own. 
Rmnoml (raia wticfa M tnlnod lean, and 

KM thtm bade u lo**. 
TlMB p<i> W on Ibo cHnul amt. thai 

the odiMUl >caM< 
Owe IVtRu ; l^dcu. bdnf «td, ilidr luc 

To hti AtUdcs. diM, like bim, ronook 

(bmiMt f»r •■■. 
Whta br. wboM ^kpJK li in doudi. nw 

llcv'ior beat M wan 
Wj; IB iLnne Aihain nrm*. he thonk hit 

hOid, asdMtd: 
■■ Poor vneich, tb^ ihoughli are r*r (ram 

dlMk tboii(h ho 10 neu lialli Uiil 
Bk ■■iMh (ur Iface. Tlxni palt'st on 

AoH unH. •• teaving blm 
Whan othon ftar ; hoM ilain hi* Intnd, 

and (ram Mt TMilh(ul liml> 
Tom nlddjr off k» heavcalj aim* ; hinuctf 

bdng ctMie, kind. 
A^ viliaM. Equal neanue then. Ihy Ufc 

Vet ttBOe ifae jaRice a m ttricC, thai nol 

AndronMchfe [take o( ihcc 

In 1^ 6nM tWna from tiEht, miui ever 
TboM oimA In rImv «( ■»)' *ct* i D'-ou 

ihall have tkal BaU bUic 
0( excelltsG(^ Ibit nrictibonM death i a 

aiPMCtb evta 10 amaie." 
To lU hli lable bmMn did bcM ; and 

he made lii his limb 
To tboee Bteal mm*, lo fill vhkh up the 

WarffodoNef'd him 
AuUere tia Miiible, hit }c4nlf and every 

WVb iinattii and roclilude : and thui lo 

hla admiiBC (nends 
nigbClMMerbMiiiihikim. HewihlDed, 

dM •! omU thiali no Ian 
Bui be RMmbted even wiv Kreat'MuI'd 

Tlioi eeen way he Kcor'd the litU. hii 

eeptaln* oalllog on ; 
AtCcreinta. Eononuia (ihai (ocoair all 

Qbneet, aad Medae, Desliwr, and Miong 

Pliuni*. and MetiKtes, ChnunhM; udcieat 

HipnoilMut : 
To •■ UMte, Hkd Ihdr popoloua (raopi. 

IhiM Ui cadlemcau w<tc : 
"Hwr «k nUBBcrabk ftliniK near- 

bordcflns nanooa; hear ; 

vou Rt. 

We have not call'd you iKira our lowu, 

10 fill om Idle c;e 
With Bimbct of to cnAny mm (do tueh 

Did Fvrr joy lUi) but M li|[tit ; ini) of onr 

')> wivw, 
Wuh all tbrtr clilMnn, mondilly to tare 

theiRnocsni lii^v 
In wlioee cam up draw all our lovas of 

nldbiE loldicn di;r- 
With p(u. fuuili, ndnat. aTl ihinp fil ; 

■nd beaneo iliar supply 
Wilh all like ilKhl* ; and Ibnrfbtr now let 

all lidrf tot doan litis. 
Or live, or pcilih : this ot war the tpcdal 

MClTt i*. 

In vtiieh moM nsolute doiitn. whoever 

bean to town [eing <he lenenn 

Patradiu (laid ilcad to hi* lund) bf wio- 
0( Aiai' ilaugtattr, the baUfpMl we 

wholljr will impMt 
To hi* free lua, wd u> Mndf the oiha 

half convtii ; 
And to the gloty ihiJl be thnrcd. oundT 

nrfll bsva DO iBttm 
Thanbeihalltfametn.' Hb drev all to 

brlag; abroad their uoi* 
Dafbre the body. E*tiy man had hope it 

And farced boa Ajai. Silly (outa. Ajae 

ptvTtnwd ihis 
By raldne mmplre* lo bb (liend nlih bolf 

Aiid yet hit humcnt wu lo roar, and (ear, 

and now no len 
To Blartle S|iut>'i kine. lo whom he died 

out : "Omy (need I 
OUcneJaiBl ae'ei nun b^ie loget off; 

Of all our kiboun. Not ao nDtli 1 laa lo 

(Tor ibal's ture (inc. ih* tomb of Ttoy 

and dost mil tfoickly ten* 
Tliat piete-oieal) as 1 (ear my bead, and 

thine. O Alfevl' ton. 
llecMrn clood bnogi vlll Mde alL to- 

ttjtMt d mjiijet loa, 
Gdcnui and beaiy, conm. O <nU ooi 

fKtn lo aid ui : fly." 
)te hwied, and oed »B hb vofca, ami 

laraiKlMaihlsefr ; 
" O prinea*. eU«f llihii of Ibe Ceecto^ aod 

you thai pabBcTy 
Eat wllh our General and me ; aB mra of 

ehatt«:Oknow [ihM«nlliliow 

Jote Biiea both ftlea and dlgiuty w any 
Uood mindt (or only nnl ii»;lf. ihoucD 

pmcaily the eye [hard lot me t'exi*. 
OfUm thai nika diutrn hin WA. "Ta 




A number of them Ml on votk, uid la an ' 

orb ilicy pull, 
T^mX all vnji ftll parts of ttie hfde thfjr 

vaj eiumi] U run : 
So ticrc luid (licrt <tid lioth parts *">« tlir 

corn; in lltlla nlnce. 
And ".TtiuKhl II nil w... Willi thcif !«ral ; 

llir 'I iTij^it hojjni loi iinix 
To i~*Vr 11 n-jcli 10 iiion. Ih« (Jnsciani lo 

thtlr fl«l. 
A «nirl tumult (Iicjr Micr'd up, and xuch, 

as sliould Man mq 't 
{That tionld hurricr of mm) oi the iliai 

botiT* him. 
UtMfn. nct«r m incrnsnl. tlicy could nut 

So banaful a Mntcnlion did Jora thai day 

Of ncD and hone alxml the slain. Of 

whom hii pxHUte friend 
Had no huinuiton. So fat oft and coi- 

dvmtalh th« waU 
Of Tlra^. ituu tonflicC mu mointaJn'il : 

whScli wna not llioughi at all 
By Emt AcliitW, kiiicc he clutri^d. Ihnl 

h.lvinK irt hiifool 
Upon Ihc pom, he awuld lelirt, well 

knowi^if; TEtiy tio l*t*ot 
ForhiB lUKiuldiriihtAil himhrlf ; tioo* Kit 

by blm, u well 
H« kiiiw. II H*i 10 lie tubdued. Kb 

mother oft would tell 
The mind of ml(;Iiiy Jove Ihereln, ofl htMf- 
knj; it ill liearcn ; [m^micuun i^ivf^n 
But of lliai neu 111 to ui friend wu no 
By oudtal TlielU. By depces mutt 111 
wmt be fcnovn* 
The foes deft one U other still, about 
the oeerthrown. 
His denlii with dtalb infected bolb. Even 

private Greeks would uiy 
Ellher (O other ; " 'Twtrg a ihame, for Hi 

to Ko our say. 
And Ul ibe'lYoJani bear to Troy the praise 

uf such a prito : 
Which. Id the blacli earth gtp, and drink 

oar blood for utcriSce. 
Before wc tuAer. Xu an set much lets 

And then would those of Troy resotra, 

though certainly our (nl« 
Will fcD m altoctOxr bere. Of aU not 

turn ■ face" 
Thus rilber lidc Ml fetlowt' Hiength es- 

dled past bis place. 
And ihui ihrooih all th' nnfruilful air, an 

iron »uail atctiuted 
Up lo tlie e^kl"' l^rmameal ; urtMDstisnfe 
alteBU ooolcndcd 

In Ihae Immottal h"*™*"''™'' liorte of 

ZTtM Xmt'*^ 
Wliom (~tice rcmovnl from forth thr tighl) 

a arid Jen teax did viie 
Of s°od l^liodiu' dcoih : whose hands 

iliiT^ ofl lind undnwMie. 
And bitterly thoy wrpi for him. Nor could 

With liny muinjfe pn,il(i> ihrni mir - nft use 

the scouiYii to iheni, 
Oft use hb lalreM speech, u oft Ihrcsli 

ntwer so •itrrme. 
They neither to the IlcUapom would beu- 

hlm. nor tbe h£)il : 
But slill M any (omlnlonc byi hb never- 
ill rrevl liitlglit 
Ob si.uir good maa or woman's pave for 

nln of funemi ; 
So uniemovcd stood Ihrae steeds, Ihdr 

heads to mrth let ^U, 
And wann troR s<ish>os from tbdr eyes, 

wllli paulonale daire 
Of thor kind manager ; Iheir mnnss, that 

ilourlsh'd with the Are 
Of endlot vouth allotted them, fril through 

Hie joky iplie™. 
Rulhfully rutfltid and delilal. Jove lav 

Ihcir hcovy diet*, 
And, piiytnc than, ■poke to Mi mind : 

■•roor wtclchsiJbeaiB." said he. 
"Why gave we you I' a mortal krn|{, vchen 

And Incapacity of age so dl^Aa ycair 

Was It to haste the mtteriB pour'd out on 

hutiutn tam > 
OtalKhe miieniblat thinpthat tmalba 

■Ad creep on eiith. 
No one more wmcSed b than man, Aad 

for your deiihlest binh. 
Hector must fall to nuke you prbe^ Is*! 

nul enoujcli he txm. 
And clorica ninly In those aims f Vonr 

^arioii and rich gears, 
BaSdt* you. aic leo much for bim. Vow 

knees and spirits aaain J 

IS J cure ei you sbaB fill with strrasih, Om 

so ye nuiy snsiain 'i 

Aulomedon. and be«r bim otC. To Tror 

I still »m slve [tiloodv feet arrive, 
The Brsea of >I*ut[hl<r, lIU at ftral Ibib 
Till I'li'sbus dnok the wesieni tut, tad 

ssieml darknets throws 
tier ubie mantle 'twixi ihtir points.' 

In the siocds he blows 
Eionuve spirit : and tfaroivh the Gi 

antl Ibanatbernpi 
TIm wMMnc diafloi. tfaakUiE <S 

atimbled GSMte wtnpt 



AmoagM tbdt inaaa ; aftd mth ihem, 
MtooMdemht dj 

Al ttmch « i*n|lin|t Aock of scbm b 

kadlf *iiliu(« brail. 
Ch<n «>r "tth ihiikd by cvaiy book 

Ihac come* but near U* dbnaU ; 
Wkh such SUM fled ha itrough the prm. 

pannbif at lit Beil ; 
Bsl madt no llaoi'Xer i dot hs eouLd. 

•kwe bdnc orrinl 
Upox the notd dtariot. How coalil M 

both worfci da, 
DIna hM )i*cUii, knd oomnumd hfa fiery 

Al lengtli be cum vbue hs beheld bta 

Moid Aldmcdao. 
Thai «M (ba EOOd Utrrciua'. tiM ton of 

Who cioM CUM lo hh chdiidl tSde. and 

aik'd: "WhUeodiihc 
TbM bull to fobb'd i>iee of lb; loul. to 

IWK Itnm baniidr 
Aa(M(>t IbcM (c«c6chli, btdnc Blooe ; 

il» ighMr bdog ^n, 
Aad iMciar flMyinf ta hi* anm?" Kr 

owe tbew wordi afaln : 
"Aldnwdon, wbM man i* he of all 

Bw AlStn laon [lad pan. 

So able ai IhTtetf lo keep, In we of pica 
"nM* deathlo* hotte : himtdl Mac gone, 

thai Uka Ibt (odi b^ th' an 
Of ibdr high maiute? tbcrefon take to 

thy comnMnd hSpatt, 
Aad MM mc of th« doable charn, ahieh 

ibou hH tJfiil wlib itght?' 
il« look lb* HOBI* and nint la band, 

Atuooedca ibe i|bt : 
WMdi Hecue lirhg, tauiaiidjp, Ancai 

He Md Ua^ be dltoeni'd the hone. Hat 

■an tptakocfal WW. 
AddRHTd M lizta, wMb cowaid snide), and 

■bCRtae Mped 10 make 
A ridi prtot of iham. If hii mind would 

Tvt Ibac tvocould nol Mood (bdrchatsc 

Hb mmAai. tad boA caM 
D17 aoHd hide* vpo» (bdr necks, CEtccd' 

laff eoQodly taaM i 
And fcnli tbtv weal, asociale villi nro 

Blare codJlke nK*, 
AatattaabMCbm^M ; oarmdaOiqp 

^peuos ineo 
To prtM A* cooJI|r-e m«c d hMMv aad 

TfaeMubof badiibclrfuadlM& Oloal); 

ibti could aol icll 

The; conid not WMh out ihdr naait Irom 

ictca Autonicdon 
WUhoui the Ubcnl «oit of bbod ; who 

fint nadeailo& 
To fathCT Jom, and then was fill'd wilh 

(oriMUde and Hicn^h : 
When (oounaslllu Alc[inc:lon to brp at 

The hone ftom Elm. bui irt tbcta bnaihc 

npon his bsck, bcduie 
lis uw ih' advance that Hector made, 

whoM fury had no lawi 
PropoMd to It. but both thdt Una and 

thoae hone made bii niUc^ 
Or hi* hfc ibein) he call'd to bteod the** 

wtll^appnned mfqilka : 
Tb'AJacc*. and Ihe Spartan king, and laJd. 

"Co(D«; ptincok leave 
A anre puid wkh the cone, and itini to 

youi kind can toedw 
Oat i>inaMa*daarciie*. I dbeani the tm 

chief ptopsof Troy 
Picpared agaltul IB. Dut henln, abat beat 

men can cajoy 
Lie* in the free hnea of the sod*.* Hy 

dui \\\M lead ye all 
The leqiw] to the cacn of Jove 1 IstTtv 

All dil* tpelie (DOcI Aiitomenton ; Own, 

bntnduhin( hi* luicp. 
tie ilimv. And nmok Antut' thicid, Ihal 

i;*n i( cnlennoa 
Through bU the steel, and, bf hb belt, hb 

bcU/i innuMl m^ 
It picreeil, andail nHliemblintlinihacaia 

llfa op t« hll dut. 
Then Hecior «i Autoraedoa a bladag 

bsoa kx fly. 
Wboae flight be Mtr.BDdbUvta. dw 

ootnpaia wa* too hl^ 
And made it «)ck beyoDd in naflh, di* ex- 

(reme pan bucri. and ibera 
Ukia burial oU hla vloleaec^ The f<*o(d 

then for (be apeac 
Mad changed Ibe conflec, hid not baMn 

•cnl both lb' A}»ota bt, 
Ootb •errlBfdoietbcfefrilotn'oA mba, 

when (bey did befln, 
There drew Ibe aod. Mamides, Mntat, 

(In doubt of what auch aid aiiitbt wcdt) 

kft brolunt-beatMd Ibus 

• la<bcan(halnyiihl*Huu*'*<»<t''>x I 
fa ■)» hinK, taa J» i^PHt >»w, «• 111 Aw) 
«rMr(«AA>aMhalKt& ( 




AttliuloAutomnlon. whoipoU'dhlxumi, 

and ulJ : 
" A Uiilo ilite tcvlra njr Ufe fix him lo 

liiicty (Icnil. 
lliough by tha noddm connCccvaO'd.'* 

And Willi itiit Uitle *eat 
Of innid friiT, ho Look Uw (poil : willi 

wblcb BemidtBcvni 
Up to hi* chatiot, baudi uul Csct of blood; 

naiai BO full 
TLM Uon-Uke he look'd, iin> turn'd &oni 
louioic up * bull. 
And now nnotha Uttsr liKbt about 
Fkiraeliu gnw. 
Tc«Mliii*l]r. ■«! of toil c&uui;h; which 

^la* did lentiT. 

br ihirp-cjixl JoiB 
T«tininMie thcUiocki; lot now. IncoiutAJU 

cbaoga did mova 
HU mSod Ittm viM be beld of hat. And 

as Itie putple bow 
Jove bcndi ax moniis, whoa of w«i he will 

Ibe ilgtul ibow. 
Ot nakt li ■ pKMge of told. In nieh 

Thai nkGD OM o( tbdr laboun caJad, but 

labouring catile liun : 

Amoneu lite QrcdMH. ■titr'd up all ; but 

bit «iicouraf[«nMn)l 
Sbe breaihed In Ainiu' founget ion : and. 

fyr dUipiiK. iniuii: cliuicu 
Of apd niutAii' shape, and ipakc wiih bis 
unwsaiiod voice : 
"OMeoelvi%inachdoram& and equal 
mil tooch at Om, if lUi Hue Mend a( 

gfeal Aaldti 
Doci Mar bntalh the Ttoian valU : anil 

tbettfora beat theo w«ll. 
Toll tbnugbtbe host, otid creiy man with 
all tfax 1^ iffiMl." 
Baaumrdi "O thou lonc-atDca bom. 
O Pbccnix. that bail woo 
The honoui'd (Mtot-ttthct'i none of 

llifiu' |od-Iike *oa, 
I mold* UlnerM would but give ttreagth 

to me, and but keep 
Theiebuirdaittoff: f would then maka 

In buleed. asd sleep 
Mj iooMiM ia tlwit bluodi, in aid of good 

Pntradns; much 
HI* death afflict* me, mudi. Sut)«t,(bii 

HeMor^ {tace Is moh 

V/Uhjatt, and nnch a Aerrdrcacth and 

«plrit he haih HaM Mill [eoroyalwiU 

Hi**i«dltluIUog,kimiisnin.'^ TbeMos't 

Miacm Wd la h««r; tince *bedid all 

la hi* fsmeabiaiMa. Por which grace 

abe kindlj did bcotow 
Strength on Mi ibouldcn^ and did bU hi* 

knoei a* libcnllf 
Wkh swlftnna breaihbic In Ui bnaet ike 

Whii^li luwi lo bile *o. and iliiitilieatnun'i 

blr»l ID mmb cood sill. 
Thai Mill tliouRh boucn from a man, ibe 

lliia ujion hiiti felill i 
Willi mch ■ oourttte Pallai fiU'd Ibe bla<;k 

IMiiti near ka bout. 
And ihm tit Imtsd lo Ibe ilain. cnsl olTa 

And innk one Vodet, that we* heir to old 

A rich miui and a nresuew. and l>y ihe 

rjphi done 
boAoor. and b;r Hector too, bring 

contort and hi* rutal : 
And bim tbe )r«Uow-ncaded kins laid hold 

on at bb wont ; ; 

la ofTeiinf flfgtit, bit imn pilu Kiook, 

throui^ him. down he M], 
And up Atrldu dicw bli cone. Tfacti' 

Pbttbua dill impel 
The ipirii of Hector, Fbznop* like, m^ 

named Ailadci, 
Whom Hector uwd (of all hii guoMt) witl| 

neaien MendlincM. 
AniHn Abjnliu tiood hit bou*e ; In whuw' 

form Itiui hf ipalic : i 

" HuMorl what man of all ibe Gtoehd 

will my Hrror make i 

Of Dicviing thy itrMgih any more, wbea: 

Ibau nrt liiniAcd , 

Bf Menrlauxf who, before ha ilmr Un 

biend. wot tried I 

A psnioK <aty aoldier, when now (beiidcfl 

bisnid ' 

Impcadby hlin)hednwihlmo>Candn4l 

a man to friend, I 

FtomalltheTroJuu, 1111* biend If Podc^ 

KcUon'* son." 
Tliii l>id him in n cloivl of crfcf, and Ml 

him fbnmoet on. 

and Ida covet'd all 
Willi lutphury dou.<i. tmn uhoaoe he k) 

al)Ji"iml lijiliiiiitiK* fill. 
And ihundn'd till tbc tBouslaln aboidt 

and with this dfaMlfUl suie 
Ks uabei'd vlcUny to Tlroy, lo Aijo* lUsll 

I^(sel«a* Baotlu* wa* be Oil fcramM ied 
Beies wouad<d la bfaihonUa^haflhl 
I tint there the Isnc«'» hewl 



Suook Bcbilr. gliUKlBg to htt month. 

bccttnv It Mwok bin Bd^t 
Threw* 6g« M)<d«iMS. LriMiBnlWt 

the light hi lax 
iVnne hun hy Hntor ia liil hl«d) boesUN 

Hit Iuih] In iraind fight wllh Trof wuuU 

koM bit hmfc no sBva. 
Idamcncna km « itof i wl ItccUrfnuhlnx 

And fbUntec tailii4 ibM Uiook bu 

bovim nnu' hti chia, 
Anil bnkc ai top, Iht lUin* far hit 

nupc did shout. 
V.I1CU Hcdor Kt Dcucalidd nnotba Unce 

imt out. 
As in ht> dntlot be ilood ; It mls'd him 


for. u ii fcU, Conama diav« bis tpctdf 

cbaitet bv. 
A«itlooklbiTRi^bBC«Um«dfi bi m* 

die dwttolcct 
0( M(ni Mcfiiinia. uul Cta on toot iM 

ttnier iben, 
Vhtck wcU he Ml to co*en botso; (o> 

uvtaic aov bit fciBE. 
WHb dfivtnK 'taixi blm ud lit dolh, 

though DMDoe bil ow> did iprloK. 
WMeb bF< a nkhlf nclor Irvm 1 rur, In 

Fmn bu KiDU ia*«Mtea. Tbcfitroedui 

dill «nicr bna benoatta 
Hit ear. boiBln Ml J«v and It. dnwe dowBki 

cut ihraofh bb (onEiw. 
And Mroofc hn kcifa out 1 tnm hfc bandi 

(hv limci' rclni br flung. 
Whkb aov Mmxmn nccnod M ther 

bcMtcVd Ibe kM. 
Awl bade Ms iovocIcd (courge avi^, be 

Em Ihnt day mrakl jirld 
No hope cd iloon ts* Ibem. lie fcai'd 

tbe laMa. ubd Bod. 
Kor from tlM laiclitx-inlMled *«■ ot 

1 VLuaaa I17 bid. 
Fa all 111* dood), hiebjon UmMK nor 

liom (he SpofUM Mnc. {mrln^ 

Tbtjr law blm la ibe vieteiy, he Kill was 
For TroT. For whkb *kht Ajax ttai : 

"O Wnni. abat toci (she 
Ttal M<* act J«n'* faiad i* Ibc pace «mr 

He* aAy doft tbe> Uaeh lull taka. Inm 

wbommxvn lliroirn. 
Vattui M oiwvd i wb*) be wanu Jove 

•ddi. nut any one 
WmtshisilaecueatoKribefuio: acroai* 

to tWi as sate. 
BatcooM, kcusbc jBcef ibb, to put tb« 

bat lave 

TbM Iks In u*: «bkh two-bU k, both tv 

AsdnMleUbUm offal wcaarHbtfiftt 

To folcli ouitelvcs off; thKl our rtiendl 

nmlving may ha« nubr 
Ia]oyof ovtMctne Riteil. u he Ibal Icll 

in fishl. 
Being bnrf a* tore IVom Rutlitt wtong ; of 

irUdi iicihnja ibry doulH, 
And lo«JdnK tha way. (imtc for hi; not 

aliic la ooik out 
Oivion rruni lUt iiifin-dMi^tn*r. |;n«l 

llooior, aad bis bMitU 
Tbat •!« loo hoc rot BiM lo ImA btil that 

tliCH ttaitr Modi 
Bidorv oar dcel afl be enlbned to dtltdt 

out faeadloe^ ileuh. 
Which to pRWBoi by all ia ntaiv. I moild 

tne parted bnaib 
OCKeodPamxtai whi*(iStDiI.«ftli*|Knl 

impaited wcm 
Il;r some be Iotei ; lor. I believe, do beaiy 

lUih yet Inlonn'd Un. Bat oka, 1 tea 

Both men and bone niv bid te ntes Cbat 

every vny dvsccnd. 
O CmIkv Ju^lcr. do thou the ten* of 

Uroecc ittcase 
Of Ihti Ith dukncsi : pats this dny wilta 

At tnuMpanoen ; 
And gtie tbe «fr* Iboa gireil, thdr lue ; 

ricMruy ua in the ligbt. 
Asd wosli thy wfll wDh la, dace nmli 

ihoa wilt ngalnst as hght." 
Tliit ^ili« bo Kvepinfc aiwl hb tan 

Saiainiui ntv tbnnrtl. 
Dis|Knsd ilic finrfcncg tnUnily. and diew 

any Ibc clood 
From wbeaco it fell ; Ac mb shlacd «u^ 

ai>d ftll Ibebost ■fpBU'd ; 
Aod thea spake Aju. wbow fcaid pajrer 

till teUas hceiily cbeei'd : 
» Brave Mcadnus, look AoBi : aad If 

Ibog cam! dtrj 
Heaer'* AMllodna aare. Indte Urn iif 

To Ml Achltlre thM his Itkaid, mmi dtor 

to him. bdotcl." [Iic;«ld, 

He tad, nor Mtaeinn stuck «t any iliing 

Aslotbto do It, bat be ««iu. A* from a 

(laser's Moll 
AUongOB. abcn oTtrtaidaiih nca. d(i£t, 

dini. and an. 
Not ouoly losing a IM as. botitrticg tratch 

>U MgM htM, 

Hiatectbyxtoatctlae: oA bemmcik md 
» «* 00 Rpell'd, 



The advMW dMtt W Ibick im pMu'd 

before kit bnw4iid tifM, I 

And buraiDg flrsbcMid* wtiich, br all bis 

(■nail hMK'* hctc. lie I1i«. 
Anil, giumblinK. S'M* hi) ir.ty bvlime* ; so 

(nwn PiirocliM «cdi 
AuSdei, much Agjlnit bi* mioil, hit doubt! 

bdne nbtcnrni 
Lat, be gone (ram hli giuM, [be mi 

would liara far very fur 
The pcnon to the ([nil of Oretor. And 

jet bu guonllnni wen: 
Til' Mkc* and Mcrianta; «hom mucli 

bli can did pera. 
And thtu Mboil ; *'A)m<s both, uid joa 

Now Icl some inie (licnd call to ntitid tbc 

geallu uid ifHtet nnluK 
Of IHMF rnlroclui ; M him Ihink. bow 

kind W ertry cnaiutc 
Kb linit mt llTing. iIiKDgli n»vii deul." 

Tfaui ui|^ ibf lijr-li.-iit'it >unj;. 
And puttd. cMiIog round bis t^c' Ai 

wh«n U)xm her wing 
An ntife ii. wbom men aflinn to hsrc t)sn 

(llAip3t lis III 

Of»U ut'i rcciiin of fowh. Knd. though of 

migbty heiebl. 
Sees vei wltbln ber Ifovy fonn of biunbli! 

itinilit. cleoc Uid. 
Allsbtiocil bar*. wlikhslrt'K^I the sloops. 

liutici. and lUlka hfrilcnil ; 
So diMd thim hfrook'ht thy lIjlu^c. O kIn|rH 

llnoofh all vii't ihickitt to 
Tlteu loak'diil. and swiftly found'it thy 

man nborling 'guinU ui« (oc, 
And iKanenlnshlipucdmenioblowiusnl 

in Iht wHr s Irft wing ; 
To wbom thou taidti: "Tliou god-lorad 

man, come here, uid b«ir a thing 
Which I wiihufVfr iMTG 10 bur. I ibink 

ftvcn toy cyv ion 
What a dalruetlon God halh hid upon the 

sontof Cn««. 
And what • eoaquet he gives TToy; in 

wbich ibe beil of men, 
PMroclut. Ilo aaninius ; whoK pcnon 

pMslnfi fain 
TlictJniEki would mcuc Mid bou bumc; 

asd tliFn-fvin: giic iby t|>cod 
To bis grrai Crirnd. lo pnxi« if he sill do 

To Mat the nakwl pmon off. Tot Hector's 

ihouldcrt -mat [gncvcd lo bear 

His ptisrd aims." Aniitotiiiu was lii^hlr 
TliU hB»y news, and stood suipnitd vnui 

icupkl sOence long : 
IXjf fall «y« lUuKling fiill of tcsa : liis 

voice, to tweet and Mtong, 

Stock In Ms bosom : yet all Ihls wroogbt 

In him no ncglM 
Of what Athdncave In charge ; but for 

that quick cfTecl 
llri;s«« r>ani]olus hit ams (hit friend Ihsl 

liod l>* gijiilc 
Ql hji swilt hixH-l and tlicn his knees vtre 

In his Kid mcui^. wbicb bis eye* lokl «U 

tbe i^av in lu/v 
Nor wjuld 'hf giuKTous htatt aamt his 

«jre-eba/gcd toMjti* 
MoupIaiu. Ill nu^Mji liinOt though trfl in 

much diiirvi*; 
Thau tenl'iit Ibcm jtod-llke Thiuymcile. 

and ni;ii!,-»i ihy kind irgrm 
Dock (o r^roclui ; wheie aritred, half 

lif-allikw Ihou didil lay 
To both lb' A)ac(B : "I bawe tcnl lUt 

nieiwHEcr avrny 
Tomift A<.-Iiillea, who, I tear, will hnidly 

hdp U^ now. 
Though mad with llfdor ; wSlhoul am* 

u cannot fiitht, ye know. 
Let us then thmk of some b«l mmn, both 

how we nisy lemove 
Tb( btxir, and vel alt oundvci from (bis 

lorifirrviu droie. 
And laic a( IViilnni." " Bravdy spukc at 

all p»ftt." AjiiJ «id, 
"O Blonoui son of Alms. Take thou 

lb>-n iiraighl the dmil. 
And iliuu, MrcKjimi mv two. of one Hind 

ftt one ncunc. 
Will luck ye *ctindly, and on oa rrcCTCf 

the wild-lire flAine 
That Hecttir's rage bnalhei aflet you, 

before it comi; at you, " 

This sail), ib<7 took Into tbdr aimt ihe 

body ; all the show. 
Thai mtji^t b^ made to iIwm ot Tioy. at 

nimt' end bainnc IL 
Out t^nrk*d tbc l*iojiUM wlwn they tsw 

Ihe N)dy bomr lo Beet . 
And nubd on. As at any boar, giuh'd 

Willi tbc liuntcr't wounds, 
A fcrnnri n( ihe >hiirT«>l Kt and sotcst 

liHtii^D boundt 
Heton.' ilir-r i-omhfid liunliinrn butt", and 

i^X<tly nuhi^c [itllccictl i[^:**J ; 

l*umK. ;u II ilicy were auund of ibar 
But w1h» ill* u>^);e. in bu sirength M 

G^nlldcnc at Tbry, 
Tltlns head anionul iIkia, hnck lb«y Ay, 

and enrj one bis wny : 
S#tt«op-«ic«ITroypur«>«la»biIe. byiof 

on with twORb aiid duit ; 
Bui wbcn ih' AfsccE tum'd on them, and 

nude Uien stand, tbcir buns 



DnrnkftoMtWrbKiasall tbcir Uood<s aad 
Dcrt ■ mm nuuiB'd 

Tb* fdnchto*. nor tba aflcr-fielit. And 

tfau* <jt«ct« Kiblv cnin'd 
Ike pcnoa wmadi home. Bui thia, che 

otnnifiDK <nr oi* ncli'il 
Om to a pwulnit bloody knpb ; for •* 

CVMpat UlKI 

A in, Uirmhag atf rooft, it (uMcoly 

And audr m vondiou* michly flune, in 

■rtudl I) 4<ddt(]r lest 
A booM^ hiag buitUni. All (he wblle * 

boiucroui j^u o( ■ind 
Luab'iUf unonEti II : w iba Grccto I* 

bantag of Ibeir frirnd, 
UoK aad won (on drew, al then hnli ■ 

Mmuft thundertna ulU 
OfbonsMdlooi. Yel M *hcn 0>u)c& la 

A baasor mail, IbioaKb foul derp ny, 

wrll-claM'd. aad ha.-tTa'd, daw 
Lla lo (bar labonr, tug and maai, and 

r"t*'**ff hard U Kocst 

Uixtd by ihfrir driven lo all Iiaitc: M 

diut'd Ihey on lite cone. 
IIimF Ih' Acii 

ScIIIIimF ih' Afica at tlH-ir baclu, ubo 

buk ti9 larn'd the lone, 
Tbongh aflcr a grc« %t'^ Ue men. Vat 

a* a *)itnn hill [natmvr duaiMl tbll, 

Tbnm* faMk a locnnt. that huh trot a 
TBI al hi* oaken bnail il twaik bei iiicr* 

a Ebcck II ukMt [wir ■ ■xafcca, 

Tka> Modi li OM idl tlu vtit. »i)li ii3 tha 
Nor can niih all iba csnflatnot brtsk 

ibrouab hi* raoty dda : 
Id no leu hna and bnw icpuba; lb' A juaa 

cuib'd ibe pnln 
DfalllhcTre^: yd all held tb« psituti 

In hh antaclh, IVcniu. ttbo M Watth 
Thttr^cb boBc Hector, and (hemti of 
V»l all Ihe youth of Urcccc boliAa in n^ukt 

aniaaetal km. fmd thrinHnf oiil ; 
FoiCftlinjj nil thcil focDludpt. d»1fA.i;liI. 
A Dumber QdhdriLcli lunukoi, bU'olrum 

thcni iicii- siiil Ihcrc, 
Abonu and In ilie dike ; and fol, the war 

oonduda nM hcte. 



A ^ *M tw> a* iaa wfc w J*agT*g¥»* f«mv«w 
KwM**, Mm, U n ii^W W«, >>w W V 

'A •; y li>«i ul Ma r^ov te>yi « «i^l 

TbM naMlaltd *^ tvn^aai by Span* 

SioB aaca fMad» lir Morf lot<> lucal 

r ipSidi-aafc t bm i m i vn «wii»knw ^ 

Acnyif aMoa BliqH ka diifoiilt «i»cniJuM 
U !>•*•■», MMO* ■am biBHrcnu.paKUu(M 

>liakia uabaiUlifa: ImJibir aaaot IMt ^kdii|vc. 
Sj<bi hKaiOlucailt'nrtam isapaiH 
XnAehHl Mrtqaa. 

Launnt. ValU tfaiu (■ ptoat >- 

El iiaimJamftiai ■ qn yittiH W Mari 
(«lka k tluntiM aiuadi ial>B*: ""w 
t.a nd i^ Mu *i banwr ^ MpnteidWi 
lie iOi hBC pino b it-iH J ii anfct U- t. 

Eobaaw ibns ta wne : 

- Af li quia diia«i>iarc faUts 

Tiiinam Jubat^ aawiB n«c<wJ>n* Milil. 
MnUoruB naiiibiu. IRnE Jau^i mraiaai. 
& Iktoar ocnnit hami ; mc i|iBua t *i aBa parva 
Kmothai n Axn^ aooa b bp ii a» mba 

ToanMer • bolobteciion made Iobm 
bv a i^nat ackelu &« not tranilailag 
Homei arocd for arotd and iMUi for l«>ui, 
aiouiofUtbeai bs wMnedll. lameo- 
(orocd todlailutadaBriiblfunilk^ lOwOw 
otbct before m myAnaoiaiiooiu tbeiod 
of Itie rilUtalh it-iuk. and itbi II lo my 
jDdKJoJ mdci'i cnaanaikin wbo-Juir nca 
1 inuulalioa bcconca Koracr oc not ; bf 
noils^tau ■■chaaDRxb b> be by one aa- 
aiiiplc : »hcihcr ilie nro \M aMnr»«aid 
irauilaiort. inticinxisahoniillhowiw* 
laMtoc aasicr, do hJm tomucb rigM aa 
my poor eomenl:*. iifJiaJic lt>"i l>y 
airiwiiT cspotiikiB and aiusrni^ □( hit 
worU aed mnaJH oilb Mora words ot 
ao(, Tbr iTMon cf hk dmila >» to iltaa- 
tnic ibe Wife of both tbe mutai lot Iba 





bMy o( PUiDcIus ; which It dolh perform needful ecjilnnatjoni, ihe fnc<t lnf,iaiotit 


molt iniintubty. their (ul and Miwil uliout 
It bdoiE ooiBkhrad. which I niiut pajr yeu 
ro turn to before. The Uoille ItWu, rei. I 
thouc''l ""* onfil to iDMtt her* toconw 
up the data to Ihea with whom I am to 
be eompaird. mj potiu ud umknuutdlng 
Goovciiinc ii itiut :— 

A airrier cIvB niotinGii lui men, W >ut<pl< uii 

WUK uE, tin It ba ^nink wuka^ Ehvr lu^ «n«1ch 

■Wl. (Ml wikI 
Their Al Mil liiioot libenllr. ud dufe the 

lAih«r u 

TI<rv Tniki ii bnathi > vapnur out. udlttAdr 

Aauinbcr of ibcniKt a-voikfUj invioibtbw 

TbiU kU inri dII r*"* of tiie blJe Ihej my 

etNod Id full ; 
S«ban adthtradid botli Imd lull dw OMw 

!a liitle rUcc, 
And Hioiithl il an njn nlli iTiili i«i it. At.' 

In which hut wordi of the AppUouion 
coiuMerttl, Ud the life of Ihli illuunlioa : 
our Honipr'»iliviiioiDir»i«ion»lHjr<in, 1 arv 
not ia any of (heh tfaortcr iroDilailoru 
louchol u. Dut whtl could expmii 
Rinre ilie toil al>out Ihii hoily, forcinjc it 
this way nnil tlml, as the oppoiilc advan- 
tage iCTYaJ on both iidts ? An oi's iiidc. 
tn<T [hr Ijinnliig. ikhk-iii^ hi Tniich labour 

and oil to m|>|>1v and intend i(. rwvn* 

Iftiv^m* iX^i. tHtltnAirJjm. UmnUntum 
fiaj^tiim: U tt ilrtUifJ buI. ttimg 
diaHi wilk taUi*t. fll, er lifi/r; Ihe 
word fufilHw. whiift lignifia Umaltitlam, 
of luMm tif^ifyinj tMmi turn (bdfiR n 
melaphoT) Mid iMsd by ilomer, I thou^tki 
Bi to oinKM U, both livcMitr it i* Homtr's; 
and doui much more illiumue tbnit <vw>- 
lam ftafwtiliMe mullt, *■ ^j/*m»f luroi It. 
Bui ValU leave* li clnuly out, nod with 
hit brie&ie« utierly mojmi the simile, 
which [to my uiulvnliiiuling tctitji; to ci- 
cclknltltfouidnolbut wiih Ihus much rv- 
ivliiicnmid labour inonlcnte the MOM o(l(, 
lini'E I iMnotthalMiTtnuutaioiluihevci 
thougbloflt. And lliercfore (nEnrml (be 
otijKtor lh«l would \am) no more wonti 
than lIcmcTUsnl. inhultniuduor) I hope 
thote lev woida I dm inui*. bvlof nren- 
my lo cipnm suoh > lonse MTaiidcr- 
tinnd In lloma, wlU be m Icmi borne 
wilhil 1 vitbout labidi. >nd othtt sudi 

* nere ue tern cnricui vstal tliiTvtcixo 
HIMuu tbi* ui«9|^ u qoMed iKie And ^i 
piiiUcd in Iht uiu (y. mi).— Eu. 

invenuon and •due ill ta niMchle» a 
wrller migbi put endtevly olBcwcd and 
unlbentchi ca , idt nuuiniii of ini»liitxni 

teiog fvftf bulii oa this learned and jv> 
dldoui aulh(<rity : Stt uM inlttfniii, 
mtn tHrtomm muitrriimfltrJiMtmmfafi, 

vatirt Hb-WM tt fftii ri Itujpia in fiMS 

' ■irta"A#i»l. Ik. USiwm ap- 

ptaiinc to Ucnelaus lik« PtHrnli. mkI 
cocournging hia {■* you may rod IkAsrI 
lo fiutii, he tpoalu lU lo IHicmix, ami 
viihd Mlnem vouhl but put mmicf the 
force or Tioleoce of iba Auu, and he 
woii'd sill and fi|bt bnrdy: whicfc is » 
continiunce of Mt cbonKtcr, belnc rx- 
(irnKx) for 111* moU pcin hy Homer rvIU 
culou* and dmeAe. The oriKinal wonlt 
yeL. beeaiMc iMthcf Uotiuiiu noi V»lla 
uDdnWood fba cbunctct, Ibct uturly 
perv«i( ; M, tf you p)ea«e loexaoUDe ib-n, 
m may we, Tbe wofdt Mc Ihoe. faAJw 
r«npiA»* Jpw};'^ wtiich Spomlimm tndy 
interjirrU. tclorxm vtn difmUnl imftlwn : 
inpiMo being a compound of Jpw, ilg- 
(itfylns •!»>*. rft*ib.fTBf<ilM,atitr: atA 
yc[ ihi7 tRinilale tb« wordii it Mil vim 
.jgiirri, ta if Uonrlaaswithcd Ibnl PaUoi 
mould ghit /am t» kit dfirii; whicli 

EoUinuH followt. nyii^E. tt ul't tvlmtiit 
frajiri. m«i igi.oramly [uiJ nnniirvnUf 
conrcitlng it, Mpiiiaitiu ili'-iii id bo hs ' 
own dun ha tfiiat f£,aiiA aould have 
blessed wiibMlncnni'swldnloiKdiirnicnBd 
power; wtinvHa(iiitT'»*t«[^n; bcHnkt 
of Ihif enemy's dull, vbose (dico 11^ the 
would avert, he «<mliJ (ijcM for I'titroclui. 

* Kuoifiwq«0'vevf ^tfi^fauvvv^, Ac, 
Etti MMfw ai^Mfum in fttttrttui im- 
mitU. UJnem liuMrrd tibn with tbt 
coimifr- at » fir, wbicn aJ9 bis iotaiT>r(l«is jj 
very miKulcuilyliuichniin llotnef: niflte I 
boitnly inMnded *o amlM- Mcnclnui by k, J 
not nndenLudini: hn irnny here, acretHlgf 
wiib an Ibt othci nliines noied tn Us' 
charadct. Uobamu H«nii. Is taij of 
Homer. Icnvet IE ullrtty out ; nml VaBk 
enmm over him with a liiile ulve for Iha 
lore diicracG hu h;>lh by fai» i^nomit 
icwirn' Vnui^Im, and expounds the WMdi, 
abotr-uid tbm : Leiu mtmfitt tfmi im-i 

Ciurn trmdtmti awtail imftrtiit. Uyiun 
inediciBe nochinK acar ibe pUcaj 
SpoDduiui [iJi^likiOE Homer with tlic vatL 
in liiii umilc) would sol have ' t~*T| 
^.i^otifji in hli tneny caoomiuTS of a Hy, 



•ad tbenfon dica blm upon ihli plMo 
ptaikigiVaaHonNr: vhich. Iwcaot ill* 
■koidir ■ni«w8fl la tbe irony lo be ander- 
MlOd a Homcl (he kucttlnB M all mm 
M ridkiiloutt I fonxDu W r««, and cim 
enlr BMMUh^ th«t wouU Mine li with 
«llc9ta>f Ibc word tt^rtt, vtiich i^lAoi 
tm^iimtia, or «Bib(ia (^rr nufdJiiMiB 
Uurmti toitfitt which It umtritiu.- of 
■tdcb IMC not Ihe end. «nd jrcfdMiUio 
Anr how lucb cital ilt^rks an pwplsivd, 
Mtd abase IIqidct. m not bcInK uifii mm- 
/$eii wHMlii fattilt! tor winl of wbich 
^wbich all tDcir RoiIidK and lanKuaKv 

oMOMMpplr) their on IMS often itaielkd 

* '0i*i««i. ftc. VOaH a^U. Hw 
ipcM HoMet OHket wSih M«ieUiu li \tat 
Hleiilw cooAnncd andoinpUfiol in anoilia 
riinD& nnmbUnK hio hileninmllr W a 
kMMibdM', tbovgh, fot CDloor'i nkci be 
oMblhewccdeocle; as Id all otliei pUns 
wbne he pnKoU blin (bdii^ m uaincnt a 

ponon] be bides bli dBplIoiy «tih ; 

UiaiJow of (lor* «r otliei. 'Ilie dicunt- 
tunces imkiac it okar, bdag hen. and In 
diven otbcr pUce^ aude a oiiawn)|;a fnim 
AJKX and oIlKn to call nich kA nch IQ 
ihcit axl : vliich wu unfit for a man of htt 
place. 1( be bad been in aaciianimiiir and 
nloiu oiiial, or aoyiliinii mot ■■- D"' '■> 
coa^n^ hit imiKrfccuai ihcrdn in Amrt 
other plaoca. he btcalaal ii «<■— ii »i^in»in, 
wuUitMiattr; and IhrRfcnwaafiimt M 
be emplaned lO Call up Ihoae lh.ii hck 
baidki and abler. Id (oinit ifaaul irl.iufa 
bimneu, Hoioer ibm hum be kukcd 
Bboiu, loetlns like a taR~hndcr ; fa« »e 
make li slmpif a i.inilc Shatauioc iho 
II9M of h» adiltnu to ilial haie a&tt bad 
□eiiher wti not dmcnim. Uoih which 
being al Ihcli belshc In Ihe olhcr (one 
(bceniae our Homti wa Uivir (nal mailer 
to all acotHDplnfanwMl l<< none dttract vo 
mbcnbly tram lUm a> lo lake ibk) Mba- 
wiK (bua a MmUiiuoarcc <£ bm ircai]'. 


tBK KMD or tnz HvzinnKTa boos. 




'-.(f roiucH it»Uf Cain 

>„.i .• .■.. ., 1., V, ..,ui» 


;-.,_;,.. ,t.. ....,- :iran) 

Hit tuldicn vuiL Vuleu liic niu* |Mtpwek 


SigiiA ctfitimi*! ilrt alarm'. 
Am ttitua^ lilt MifwiM ariM. 

Thkt roufbl (till like the nee oT fir«. 

Ami cmr AniilndMU 
OvM to iCuaki, wboM minil «m much 

villdioiu . 

Fo( ihu tthicb. «s lu teir'd. wu fikti'n. 

Uf fiHind liim nrtr tlm lluvt 
Wllb nH^flil nil-yvib, ullcrins this lo 

lln li«i)ie Knxril : 
"Af ■»-■. ahr tet- ll»GR''tn thniuislvcs, 

iliiu boiien U<im the iidil. 
Awl roii'iKl bmilooc lo Ibcir tluM ? U let 

•on hftiwn yield {irai [orioU, 

FA^ ii) wluil my ud (oul fcin. Ihoi, u 1 
1'liC KitDiiEnt Mfrandon nul mc, when t 

■buuld xUU bciioid 
TIm *un'( r«Jr litbt, muft p»n nith il. 

)« be on whora ih«i Aue b wrousht. O 

wnCcbi to IniTV undone 
V!hu I oommanded ; i!ui. the fleet OHM 

freed tif hutule fin. 
N<n TDcQlinE Hoctof. insUnl)f h« the>uU 
hii powers retort.'" 
A'' ■' '' ' t-LuiI»cd mind dlirauncd, 
. 1 5«nj'il, 
Au'.l '.'in l>iF Mil ncn Ihus; 

i:>j( mau Ik bolRl 
,Wi:. . I hcavta I nu^hl not teD 1 

.. ,. . ..». ..« lie* deid. 
And t'-ir hii id1«J cone (>iii Mim Rlremljr 

Abl oora l:r Hector} the deboM ii now 
wax KMOMnt." 
Thh taid. trtef dxriceii'd stl Ml powen. 
Wilh IraUi hn faamdt bt iml 



blick mnulJ bom (he foRied cnnb, 

■nd pqur'd ll on hii liml 
Smeat'd alt tils lovel/ (Me; hl( weed*, 

ilmBcly Eulii'iiicil, 
All EW and iniui4{M ; and hinucl/ b« 

(hn-w upon the tbOK, 
I«]r. as laid oiil for (uDoil, Ibcn tumbM 

Touod, and tore 
Hit nadoui curb. Kb ecUaiy be did m 

Thtl tS the UuUet won b; him uid Ua 

now ilnchMT'd frim^d, 
Aiaic(«J ttrunly for hu pllfhl, came 

ih tiding (torn the tacit). 
And fill about liini, beat Ihoir breasu. 

their tender ttneomefils 
DiXKiIacd with MitDW^ And wllli tlital 

wept Kotor*! wait^ loa. 
FeU by Dim, hoIdInK bt* Ur bwkdi, id (car 

be wonld hi*e aaae 
Hit ponon violenoe : bis bcoit. extrtmcly 

snaUrn*d, bnm'd. 
Dcail. tvell'd, and iii)[li'd n il iroiitd banl. 
ji So letTitily he raouni'd. 
TbM lliMli. lilting In like dcepa 6i hA 

uld liilhT'» »r-,t>, 

lleard, uid Limenied. ' To her plaint* the 

faiflii Ncniidca 
Floek'd all, ho*r »>r Hkm duk gnlfa 

soever eofnptdkciML./ 
TIhtk QIanoc. and CymadooF. and Spio, 

d>d atit-nd. 
Nojca. and Cymoitioe, and calm Aio{>b{- 

Thtfl^ TbM, Bmopt^ atid ivffl Oyna- 

Acam. aod UmnoOt. and Italia Ihe 

Famai fcf (te bcMtn ol he> CTM. Anaihia / 

Inn, Ptota CljrmcfM^ and curi'd De^ 

Phmm. Dorii^ ami ailh ibcte the unoutb ' 

Cb:iU(<UulCB 10 iCDOKn'd, MM] CiBlaBini, 

WUh I>i>lo Had Oijlhlk l» awn the 

moumfa) dome : 
ApKada tiknuba ntiiad, and CaJlainava 

Hee Und itlcndanos, asd wilb tici A^awi 
Cnved tbecati^ 


Ncmona. Uxn. fonoved, McUUt, lanoae, 
Wldl tenin. utd ihc tm at Ihote Ne- 

ntdci J 

ThM In the deqi hwh mike abode : nil 

which tepllMV btat ' 

TliHr tcny bcooms : alKl U KU. Ihm 

TtMlit cUI rtfrnl 
Her cane of MDwinlns: "SsMn. bnw. 

hiMr MiBcli the tomnrt mlgli. 
WhoM turn bow call'il n. Ilijilmi I 

bmifbii lonh ttahappaf 
Tte but of all Ibe aoni uf men ; who. Uke 

(■ w«B-«ct ptwt 
la btM aolb. (nw and flourbhcd ; and 
wbM Ilia if^ did nnl 
E«vki]nKnt lor hit ymih and itKopb, 1 

•MI tdn wlib a hect 
T» fight at nkm ; fraea whtnoa hii falo- 

hnaD mjpddtrlo ratfi*. Tb* «owt of 

btoblsb birth. 
Tlw glaiieiia ecott of Fekoik nini enter- 

tunhb wcnh 
Hn«r btTotfMf. AU Ihe IKg he hafh lo 

U*« nitb IBt 
Ub( »uie In toTTDwi. And ihb son I 

DOW am tcnl in Kn 
Seing Dm* afflicwd wtih lonu! piel. not 

ufuallip gnwe. 
Wntcat knowiftlim asd ivcurv I tcvk. 

WMcb aU kft «tih hd ; twtoiniing fonK, 

Iht iKW nvn, a« tbtr nraai. / 

cut vtoh their bewan. currd, and gave 

<]uicl[ «^ lo Troy. Bciag uetoir. 
Ttaejr all asodided. ivo and iwoi and trod 

ibe lioDoar'd ibore. 
Till «b*re Ihe tn( «t UjrtnUen. drawn 

iqiinbaqK, llbore. 
Tban >ur'd HWT at AQtiUln' thjp : and 

then did ThMialar 
Ibr fair hand os ho ton'* caff A htad. 

n[b'd. mpi, and badp him *a<r 
mat rrkfdi^ from hUejmlMaetnn? 

■'Caw«al ii ool.~ *aid tim, 
"Tin tbb how tbr npUted fasBd* haM all 

Ttiiaii pinlril ititr 
The Gmlo, aB ihruu t^ at ihab dera. 

bMe poot'd «al lain enow. 
Aad ta Ction mo how aweh Ui^ mitt fc- 

nhrien of ttv vow." 
Ha aaid, "Tb me, OtfMphu bath 

dsM ma an llitt fiaM 
Ba «fta] yjf ban I <tf k oil when ihiu 

Uirwll in tbg place 

LaMofm7wbote««Uln«r>''limd? whom, 

lie ipofl'd of Iheaa pratuMd Mmi, ihal 


bigh oimfn, MknaLlB{ 

Pram bearen* 

(b; aactatl nupeii 
Ai lb' only pmom of them oB. and CtM 

I)iani:lni< ' •nartt4>oat.\OrH>M 

iof t,: 

Wilh II.. -. 1 i^ iJ thr iM, 1*1* 

Mill liadsl sai wport. 
Aad rckwt lind a inot*! wUc ; liaia hy 

Ui luuaaudom! 
S» mudi wTonx «> i^ irriein] mloO, my 

dfslk beiii]; wl fa Kxin, 
Aod nrm tuOolaf my mm u gtitt ef 

Pckoa'eouR; li>-««tj 

Kor do t wilh b ; nor to live, m nnV iiiMf** 
Bni only that tbc cryUis tdMd. tar 

vcnMant* of m; fiimd 
Uai«M by Hkiqt. mny be stilTil; U* 

ice's dcith poyinc bii ciiil.' 
Sh«. wtcpfiii;. wid : "Hl;!! lioiiriaiMW, 

nod iliir douh'a boiir ibc* nigh f 
Wbk^ tn thy wi* Hrnd irf iliy loe, i 


And iatfanitr It Aall McsMd," be 

•nurs'd. "lUicB my tue 
ABow'd not M mjwUI • pi» v to i«iaa, 

ct« the data 
Of hit b»o Uauchtcr. my tntt fricfid. FW ' 

from fait fnoub he diol, 
Wbcqe moot lIioRiii my cy<8 hal l^iU 

and nghi Iomo dcnkd. 
Yet now I ncithtf ligte nq'wlf. not haw «> 

*|im niy Ugh*. Isninbcn mllnlrw 

That other ihti liitcnd or I>k n^i (la 
SlMchler'd Iw Hector) I eta bdp ; aoc 

CTHv with wlihil rc|ttir 
To onf dear oonoirr : tnil bnaUm bcm 

unjxnfi utile air 
And only ii\t a load to oslh wbb all mjr 

tirtetih, tliongb none 
or all ibt CiKitat «tj<i*l H. la ceaMMl 

la my lupeiks ; whu I han^ ao gmw 

gtti : what I want 
DbKracelh ^ How Iben loa soon on 

haitg-irl ilaslh lupfluM 
My fuc-cniKd iiU} hn hiillimaiil to mjr 

Ddn^ (lut biack Said CoaacMMo : «hoM 

would lo Ood mltht d>> 
To Eods and ma | aad Anfir loii thai 

undlM lyeaniCT 
la mra moat wiK Mnc mucb man iwcal 

ifaaa liquid hane](,l> [cnmiliM : 

To Bvra <if power, lo MtUaic the* waidiM 
And like a pfaat fume U ifA^da through 

all their brcasm : as hia 
ll itcii N«i» pui^o tboMMgh ■!>& ntrkh 



Umi b oof General. But ibe fact fo Iook 

pMt, Itia rfloci 
MM nnoli ailh it. IboiiE'i both gricrnl ; 

nor touii wc «lU rap«i 
Our t-mlTinl homniin. Sfni lunr lake* 

(hr nilrof rtihcf's mind. 
And wlica tlic tour of my [rlcnil hi* death 

in mr thhl] fiiiJ, 
LM dtalh Inkv nil. Stari him. fi; pidi; 

rii Klw I'l™ mj' cfliliiji^ : 
Nul tli-cnili-i liimiuK tliunn'd d«Blh, 

tboUKh (IinrsI ID Oir cmce 
Of Jnplter : cren iilm Vne tlcop'il, and 

Juno's «TU«ll)r. 
Am U Mch fnic txpca mr Ufe, wtierr 

dnlh ititkr* I will lifi. 
Hoialinie t with n cood rmowm, that 

UwMdwii-t'liiutDl llama 
Of llion nnil lUr<Linia nbiy. for tho Ci- 

linEUIih'd D.-imri 
Of Uujr liiiauif livn, villi bodi thdr 

hand* wipe miwrabla lean 
tmm Ibdr » cimouily-kepl cheek*, and 

be thcolllccn 
To oRcuta my ilfh* on Troj, whan 

(seelntc nr "^S ntrml 
Bui gallwrtl urcngth. aiulgivMmycturgc 

nn aomntila Iwal) 
Tbcy viril mar Jax" 'twM 1 Uij iiUL and 

lb;il my tfdng *i««y 
rrornml nil (heif h^pincsi. But any 

funlKi uay I 

(Uliirli your laiieli loiQ peiluqn may wiili] 

■.May not to pcmuoe : 
An mill arc k(f>i. all pnym hmi] ; eav. 

frT« way (or ficlil k mnde." 
Tbe ulTCt-toMol Ixime replied : •■ It Btt 

riMc well, ny tea. 
TolutpdatriKnoofrom tbyMokdt: but 

thMe rnji onnl are wan 
And wom liy Koclor, that should Inqi 

Ihnelf in ktfrplng ihem, 
Tlieu^ ihdc Inluon he but ttiott, a long 

death bdne near him, 
WhoM cnKi cio«7 ilief at* yd. Br nil 

meani Ihen Uabaa rHppmr ' 

To irnvl ihc BuiaKrai of wnr. till 1 ^vnin 
From Molciber with fii new nrmi ; whicb, 

whm thy i^p ihnll b^ 
Tlie nm nexi rtic thall RitR bm wiih bii 

fine beiim and dm" 
Tliat M bcr Mttft of ihe u ihe 

Mm'd, and baiU tbcm ope 
Tbe (loon knd deep* «( Kcreoi ; die In 

Olyoipui' top 
UvBt n*k Vulean for mnr anu to invi 

bcr wfeikAil aoii, 
Asd liad* lafarm bar UOm M^ will) all 

ihlsea fistbti dooe. 

Tiai «nid. ibcy imdnweail ibe ; 

iel( lev up to beaveo. 
In oeao tpaec to tbe TteH 

Alpi the Greek* wccc drlvc^ 
In tluuiirAiI roul : nor touU tbof 

froBi ra|;e ol ["lum's wo. ' 

Soeiire the drad of nnr aaasl^j 

hone and men mulaan 
With Hith impcailon. TMm tkf 

ilic liriitJt fl Hotor ariad. 
And thriir lb' Aj»cn thonp'd Ui 

Wub whtue lepubc dliploaKtL 
He wieik'd hi* wnilk apon tha cr 

Ihra to the oone lil^n 
Made hanld turning*, ciyng eoi tif ' 

pilmd nicn, 
And would not qnll faim quite foe 

A Hon nlmoit tlcnod 
It not tiy ujilMid hcRlmiGn dtltOk 

"Sinn to be lervnl. 
With more oontcniioii. than hit R 

liy Iham two <rf a name : 
And had pcrhaga hit nucb-pralMd 

lb' aiiy-tbotnl Dnnie, 
Swift Irn. bad not uocp'd bi ban 

bawdtesi from iMBvea 
To tUtnii' am, to t»d bis ann : lit 

MBc hnng Kivm 
Ry Juoo. Ucpi fruin aU the god* : d 

nciml liiiD : 
" Rise, ihou nosl t<nlbleo(in«hai 
I the predoiu Ihiiti 
Of ibv bvkncd : in wliotv bahalf, 11 

Btct now runs bisb 
Before the fleet, llw cllhet boat fcD 

TtieaelonKaikthaaaiooUala. A 

whooi noM of all 
b HMor Mooipi : he'i apt to d< 

ttlcnd Mmc be roar pall 
Win make bit ihoulKrn . IiU bund 

bell be mou Umma ; tw. 
N« meie llr Idle, mi the foe a muc 

cell It priie 
Of Ibr fnrnilt valve thaa let dag 

him a monnmtat. 
Wlme thy name wID ba ffiwa 

aak'd, "Wb«l ddty hMh teni 
Ttgrpeesenoe hither r ShenpUod 

tumta; sheakinr. 

Not high Join kaowlni;, nor ooa C 

dtMhifiMblion (I I 

Swnry Olymiiii^" }U*t»ia:-'U 

Tbe votk u tlaughiet, wlica ml 

are worn by nlom'e son t 
Ilowwill my coddoi nXilbct gni 

bodo I uioahl not am 
TfU ihe brancbl 


to ha aad dnty ; «ko b be, bnl Ajax. 

Ibit tan nuiM 

flniaf njr browt wilb his nrtnt : and 

OOTBMlbeAnt lanie«f hti; snd ln(»- 

t«a of tha foe 
bb) iwar Puroclui bullilsloblro." "All 

tkh." oaiil tlic. " •rr knnw, 
ad wbb iboB only wmldii hut tbov Ihj 

penan (o Uir cv« 
thor br« llUna.' Ihnl. ofiul of 6Bliic( 

I Gn<4> HMjr irnln ttiim linh; bmub." 
Sin> wfn'd. nnd hr viu HKni : 
Mrai^bi Ml<u.-n.\ benoai'd hlm^ wbo 
Jotv't thirhl cliTiii'd U|«a 
mWiijt (Imublen. oai) ha brad est 
*Ult a doud o( i:old 
I can bnuM nuail Nlwut bb Ivow-t. 
And w •hen nrmi enfold 
dir Id on U)e> InHn Ihcnoc * hme at 

bi tlH day) bul alcn (b« Evta ber 
uttdf rorHuead nan, 
ibm the AiTtL nnd up thojr c*M llnir 
splekdour. Ihni men nic*!. 
_ ihor ditiirruL trxhapunny itt iLlpi 
ool ro itKn «": iJ* ; 
(ioibnr«itti ' H lieul n Ust'l 

locill tlic ■ : nit Ib^^l. " '^ 


of uich a <oa a 
•Bd kttlKtown 


,: y Km b 

•o DwTCier 


tMUMl bH mniict ; i 
TbMit' iMM Uncnim 

IrtVcanofaL lUtbtucn 
of nil wa« iLinkd to, Ihe; 

:1u-f Hits batk, 

■ 1. 

<n beam Ibt 
...,., h_.}(ia frptttin. 

■^■I ndlimcp <rf liit IT- 

n'i»iiln[i»t>'. Thrice 

..iu » nU fhe <bii|{c} (be 

Tmlir nm. of gtciial Sfocib In Ttoy. 

Icfi viih ibei liv«t mIuIm 
ThdicbukiUMdihcttdiuu. lodealbwiili 

hi* tbnc lanmont ciCd. 
And Then ib* Oimbhs tpnrvfUljr d™« 

(fOM the duti (be oonr. 
And bnuwl ll. Imrinc it 10 Ittel ; bb 

fnoili ukh nil KlurCM 
liUrrMnK nluM k. Ma gnat frirad it^ 

HilvHii; Ihm in (pan 
To Me hU (nily-l«*al Rtnni'd, *a bo««d 

iipmi sn barney 
Whom wlih nicb hone and dinnol b« Ml 

mil lalf ii'l whrile. 
Now winiiicliiil wilh En|>il}iaf Htcil, ixnr 

uml wiifatni a loul. 
Never acaln lo be nalorad, never ttcdved 

bat w; 
lie faOoa'd Bcnndng UUctly. lie aw 

(yet bi tttpA 
Jano ooaamiMtif to go down ; (rho, In hb 

poBo'i desplle. 
SubIi lo tbe ooan, over caitb dbfvning 

nidilen dtbi. 
And thra ibe (>Ril4 and lYojant bc«h 

l^n- *fi Ibcir ben« and dnrUi 
The Tiojont kU eo oobixi) uiri^ m 

rrfn-tiril ilimr hrt«« 

pail, aad aai 
■ < . Iium 

in oiic n^).i lio:h. lit thus atlTbcd j 
■• CobWlcr Ti*!!. ut fnoKb. 

Ib till* >o gnv »d luiMca ehia(«, IbM 
BOW ils>:lf i-xlomlii 

WhaidUapH b(nlc«is('cT>t>OM; Ta 
thk MAMi Bf CDBenmJ : 

- Uake now ihe io*a our iiirnjiJi. ikm hne 

■lildc lirtn't racf bond. 
Otf wkll bnne tu- olf, aixl o<ir toe, nmch 

fiTRitei'. mTiI at Dcat. 
Tin (bii loe come. I wiS DM pkaaed u 

kn-p mr aaicbf* here, 
Uy 61 W« a< Ibe fleeCs svprite t*dlBii>d 

•e •* : but now 
Tia tfreaclHi Kmded. and, Aca-MKBgib 

lr«T~.— 1 -- muu allow 
On ov. lie narn tit. 1 

Tbai r^> .»:>iiLiMi(7eJ flgbl 'nixt ni and 
lb' nMDf, (MNhilt M> oanOne 

And Ibev bauadt ■« farib to (bent, wOl 
Th' Dcuibd nuad tt SaOti^ "Zim 



Ainu al our dty iMd our «Ive* : Mid all 

bars in hit wiy 
(Ihag tunk'll HUh Ins Ihm valli) hit 

I'lvcr u ill f mm l>> nwke bit «njF, 
Ami onrcr mo. » ovn tn-n. mil ixil lin 

Ld Tniy l>^ Urtly erai Tttnal ; Ictt, boas 

nifonMt. OIK mm 
TnUi Diii iind ihBi Ik? laltm up hj ral- 

luns. nhu Ijy BiK*il 
/ lafc come off. ii iKtag a tjimi untinKly 

fur Mi might 
) ipoDd at ninilocn ; itiu being mik. U 

Dcn llgbt (bov us hna 
Tq hn wdnulu, «alh man will wish, lb«l 

Troy hi! nluga wrtr 
And tiieo te<t ohol he not now. I 

■nuld 10 hcirai miflL' f*i 
Weie fie« onin no* of iIiuk cumiilunu. 

(hat yoD must nfrtr Ixm 
K TV remov* iio<- If >c yiclil. thousli 

wiannl with a fiebt 
S»liie«iKl lone, wciJuIt have itNngih III 

(lyiMvl una Ihn nlj^ht. 
And |i«!i(tr uv licrr hurc na more rorcf. 

Uun n«d will lorcc ui lo. 
Anil uKk'li mint rt*e oui of our nerta) 

high iwiU; lowtn. uaHtwilldo 
VTItat wanu In lU ; and In the mom, ail 

arm'd upon our tonora. 
V-'t all will Band on lo out foe. TwQl 

icoubte ul Ut povwn. 
To come (ram Seet and cive ns charge, 

« hen lilt bJsh-creflod bartc 
Hte 1*1^ tta'J Miiala with U>« t(4l ol Lbti 

and Um w-ay'i oovn; 
Vala cniij Msking mtoneoiib oiu well' 

(Ji^licdal walui. [(uniiak. 

And he be glad to nun to floe^ nboui hl> 
Kcc ttflin entry tietr al home, whal nknd 

u J MfTc iiiiihim. 
OrcHTtecd lilm nub laek'd Tmf} ike 

diw *lall m him lini." 
Al tnis ipMch (iMior heni )ua biovn^ 

and uld : " Ihlt n;iku not gnat 
Tour Caccoi^i I*- HolyiUiRiu.lFatarpK 

ToTiuy'tolfl pMoa ; b«Tc «« nol enou(Ii 

And i> ' 'I chflfged enough, vnh 

L'pos : L. ..... w keep our men fiom 

tftiL HlllKinl, 
But nil! »* wat impose nitliin? Tlin' 

1. . iriii nxil 

A>«r I ruay he jibgiird ? Bcfoei' 

At 1 - 1' . . ivm 
TMIkli'iliiiin (i.Tcn-langu^ed men, and 
mil gBYt the lenotm 

Of tidi Ttojr to H, bras >*d gold atwu 

ing: bai bcrMOtc 
t> DOW Irom einiy house ff^l'wl i 

tn\ioai cwrniurc 
Ait u*ld out i»4y t'lirygia and Ib 

M.-1-ony ; 
And Iinvff 1.^va rrrt tin^r Jowe's W 

A*f mm lii« lirmn^ 
GiiT^ ifF ibc muia to iM our «ml 

f-lory. 3Ad (uarluii 
Tlif linyktin ipa'lx>idi atid obI'imi 

itick l!. am! nimde 
Kiioff(T*dbaunlxlTouifllfbL Foot 

I boa ari, bewray 
Tliit eounicl to no common ear. fa 

man thallobry : 
If uiy win. I'll check hi* will Bat \ 

(lur tctrcommaiHl. 
L«t all obscrTC- TaLe tuppnt alL I 

unich ol ewy hand. 
Ifafly Itiijan ban Mme fpoll, tiMl t 

hi! ;l>o mnch care [ait 

Mpitf hjtn iJii|x:E^ ii publicly ; 'itf I 
nio liTOFt lor him, ihan ilic O. 

When liehi then decfti Ihr \\ie%. 
Let all ami (•» a tent anault.y If ] 

Acliiliri ri»e, f^ 

And HiU atloteti our fnattw loQ. U i 

rne «B to htm 
On my bnck lie sliall And nci wing^ 

ipitii xhall fosct Biy limb 
To atnti his woina, at^ giic or 

Mart b our cucnimin loixl. 
And ihic 'ictjnnit swordmiii't life be i 

piiti Id imirJ." 
Tnu couumI hvi iptilaiuf of all «o i 

wcN all ucwitat 
Wmnrt rdtitiil tbtn of Ibdr 

lilm thr III ndvice 
Tlir i:«ii! niiin pwe. asd lene the | 

I. nor by itii- iDfann gnen. 
Ail locA ilicir su{>p"n; but Ilia 

tl-^M aU \hr lir.'vy ty^m 
Alw: I'll .-:'ii> nwuriM Mm ; 


And )i: «< 

'IK» .11 

buni I 
Rdaim i 

■ of liRirinns : tic 1 

■ I. 

iriifhtcTBC btndt topi 
>-Wd lui:aii, ' 

i'sn ; mill livoAft gn 

trine fibifi 

>liic den : anit 

Wi v^in^nl l]^-<^, 
DtJinldinjc his iielrut'd-faf wano^ 

lonrlni; biek amln ; 
Hiin<^ Vat tly (>on(er. maoyavaleRsa 

Of beaoiidain. 




B'd Pclklcs his bte lots, so wcighiy 
T bit moans, 

cti, to their damb KiBnibi now (itc 
I womll lo all fab Mjimldocu : 
I eod*>" Mid ht, "how vtin a vow I 
I made, to ch«et the mind 

I UoKethn. «hcD bta wn Kb bonil 
I Id (nine iMi|;n'(), 

U Urii-tovet'd Ornu he ilhatM sec, 
laMleMc MKd llion 
bi tpoit and tienoot. crea iiiib mol 
tbot Jove Towiitafa to iwne 
Vd pBMiCca (0 all fall *a«i ; wc bath 

' Uoodjr one outh Imc In Trt i nor 

anj moee dtaie 

Dj tMBm had) W«si or Thetis; but 

matt tmderiD the gmati. 111 loeep 
no ruiMi«l tawt 

m* PBiroohu) for thjr corse. Mbre t 
huhec bring [kit ellaing. 

arm of Hraor. anil hit hsul. lo Ib*g 
Ivc jouthi, Ibe moil renoaa'd of Troy, 
m McrUtee bolder 

Aiy heap <i fuooi^ to llm on- 

■OB HiiMv by oai eroalxd iienu lie 
dqiwinc lean from mc. 
lOBM about ihr hoaour'd cone. 
ihae damn at Dartmiti 
Jlioo, with the ampla bfvuti (bIior) 
ipean and ponn 
nehaicd from Ibc rich and 
:Im Mnnc end poimloa* with dlitn- 
bwcuaged men) 
All kned. and ndtbw dty aot nichi b« 
I ieMMd M alMahi 
fon ntann wuebei^ ibrir rofi'd eyva 

bdd ope vrfih wdlmtCTCT." 
This psmcn nut be (vn command lo 
fata acar MMlcn 

pot a iripod lo Ihe fir*, lo deanio Uie 
bMer'd fan 
■dm off tlK mnan. IVjr obe^'d. wul 
f pnacnilr did nnir 
|«ib«Bler)al<. bmSed wood, and whb 
an tatunlllane 

< bellr at iha tiifoil cM, till Hre's hot 

to (fce walcr. TTjcn they wathd. ud 
filTd IW Riortal mmnd 
Ml veakhjrcd of nine yoirtoU; then 
wlaffi'd Ibc body round 
ft liiTiet wn of > fine wbllc >bet<. asd ptl 
t It then In bed : 

rbm all waieh'd nU iri-ihi *ilh IhcklenL 
f aard ipent ^^hi oa ibe dead, 
vou tti. 

Tbcn Jore atk'd Juno if at kafth *be 

had iulfind hrr iptera, 
Achtlles bnnic imfa lo onu t or H tbe 

hjd noi been 
Thr naVsml mcMber of the GeeciA *he f lid 

tnVA (ilr'rt 
Their iiiLiiicI? Sfci^ laiccnei!, uL'd. 

iftlxy i^ >dlil] a^t tHtrnlmi; Ikt. 
fet dosag ^ood to tbose the loved ? lince 

imin lo man mUii ihow 
Kind cAent, IbouM IbaR l« dtatli ; and 

tfaati(h thcf dbt not know 
Half aueh deep rTniinmli ai ilijcloaed b» 

nnalh hrl fv^BdjBC Mala : 
Sbt, ragiAag Queen of goddtMS. aad 

being Intenteaie 
Of one woek wtib h*MaK batidiB dx ii>ii< 

And must her vtatk, andlUlaTrajr, ooa- 

tinue fuch a Mtife 
Fnan lime to time luiit Urn aad hctr 

Tfalt prttate tftait ther hid. 
And* now llie dear-footnl Queao tad lire 

MtM T U W On iMd O 

To thai Uwonufilible bou*. Ikil slirry 

KoUm emn fimmotlal aort. 

or Hoy VuImq, bearilu atHniH ih~ 
Whicli yet the lune t<xi >«A Uiineir. 

She foood him in a tweot 
About Ui beOon. am to taaue had npcMf 

To tei for Moolt about tbaiidoafha *«B- 

bnlhledh&tl. [KSOallb*]. 

To whoM feet Uttk wlieeb otgcM be put. 
And toMi hii rich diniag-iiiom ; nlune, 

thdr inolloii free, [lo see. 

And bad ^ain go out aIo*e. mfiKuIoiu 
And thua mucb he hiid dent of ibsn, }M 

baikdie* wm to odd. 
Fur Mlich be now aai making ttodi. 

And ■Uh (h(it fMhion bid 
EnipkiyB«nt of hb fkilfal hand, le^fat 

Tbcdi ma eove aear : 
Wberm Ant hit ■vll-bdr'd Charii •>«, llwi 

wai the na(*ial fete 
or C-unnm Vulcin. aho Ike biBd «f TbcUl 

look, and loid : 
*■ Why. tur-tiala'd, )a*cd. and booont'd 

d«*ne^ an<»tibM*taCHt 
Bf ftmt kind intatacef Ytm, t thok. 

wcfe nererhett brfctd 
Camr Msr. ih.ii I saj b—inw jtKx, and 

iniLbe nu nail ■«(«." 
£bc led &er ta. and In ■ diatrof Avr 

Ibvng iha frnil 
0( VulATJ-t hand) ib« made bir A. a fMI. 


I vou tti. 

• Sh AppMdii. " AcklU'i SUM^ 



Apposing to her ciystol feel; and call'd 

Iha gotl of 6n, 
Pot Thnii wm sirivcd, «h« takl, aad 

cntciujn'd Aetn 
Of >onw grace tliiii iiM let miitlil xmiL 

" Tlielii ID tut." uiA b». 
" 1* ailghli, *iid tnoN nrcrciK]. u one Uai 

nouiiM'il fne. 
WbmerM m»um«il me. bdng cut (twn 

ticavn Iiy waul of ili.ime 
Itt Dj t'uwl malliiir. wlio. bconM the 

braiij;ta4 Mc (onh » laiuc. 
Would liiic riK luntie awaj ; and then, 

fand I bnn much dtttnai'd. 
Had Thctu and Eiuyaonic In dlhcr'5 «llvct 

Not fuelled mc : Euiynomc ihac to facr 

tun« hnd [tlicm I made 

Rccipronl Ooeanuf. Ninu ycui Willi 
A cumber ol wcll-oncd tbiegi, round 

bmcelctt. buuont bn>v«. 
Whittles, and carcanoti. M)r force Mood 

In a hallow cnvc. 
AbcM wbith, RiumurinJ with dam, Ih' 

anmiasund ooeao 
Ww c*er bcsiins : nqr abode known nor 

lo god nor CBia. 
But Thfiiinod EiiijDomi, and ibcjrvcMild 

tee mc >ull : 
TI1C7 were my lotini; cit.itdUn*. Nu* 

Ihm the sl.-itij hit). 
And our junicul.ti nxt. II--111 GinrcU « uh 

I1 Hd me ataiijslo reiMjr, n rMOnpcpir 

T(i her tl'Cia£lii3. fu mi hit- In iTie- llulCt 
Sonic d«iniy ^Lii-nl« loom Incnd, wkD* 

t injr bcf lOM kiCdc 
Pram bK. and lav 119 all m^ lool*." Tien 

InMn an aniil nae 
Til* un*iRtiI]t inontifr, linlMd ilcnni, nnd 

all aury he went. 

lie look ht* bdlotn fmn Ae Hm, and 

n«(r butnuncBt 
Lock'd Mfe op m • silmr dMtL Tbgn 

■Ith a spooge be dmi 
Hli fice an over, iircb and luindt, and all 

hit tKUiy brnst ; 
Put on hit oodt. Iill toeptre look, and l^at 

real ballinl! (bdli, 

llaodmoid* d gM atieadlog bin, letan- 

blluK tn all vonh 
liriag rouns danudi, tSl'd «i(h mlaiii 

aad wlidoa). wid wcic tiaiii'd 
la all inmorUl mimMry: vinn* jikI tok«- 

coaute'd, [t;- i:«iao 

AtMl Bond villi toliui.. . unJ 

lUr iiery sovanlcn. u .1 . 1 ^il lo 

valk) *Me ncu ibe Ituone 

Of bir-hulr'd Tlicii*, Udt ba bimL 1 
Itnn be CDUncd brr : 
"For vbaj affair. O fwrliaiD'd 1 
reverend to mc uad dtai, 

H our court honourd «IUi Ihy UaM, I 

ban not benloforc 
FofonnVI ihit kmdDCB? Speak d^ 

ibouKhUk Itr *ml on he do mara 
Ttua my nicrd prea ne chotse I« till 

Can my pooet j-cl >l vitn^lit? 
Or thai It hue cc( oaly jwuvt of CKily M 

Sliribiii: "O Vulcan, !i ihcM oatvof 

all thai ire uT bcn^-ea. 
Thai In bet ncver><juict mind !' *lU4U i u 

halTi ^iv^n 
So mucb ^iitica at 10 mc : whom oJy 

Of all the minymplii, to a mao : mhI 

moka mc bcai ib' affecu 
Of hbliaat bod 1 and all aeainU the frte- 

dom of mj trill ; 
.\nd he won to hK toot wlih ace t fn 

bita nolbai III 
Aibtili lo moi Japiier, jm know, I 

gtvcn a ion. (bIk 

Tho exoellmr^f uf iiMm, lo me; 
On myixiniirrlJ hdib oiuwcr^ Uaj 

wonh, bttliig irtonTi 
Aa in a fmilful ton a Inc. Uial 

up alone 
Ilia hoiy 10 a naked hd^l, but je 

etna ln> crowtb 
A thouMod braachci ; yci ro L^ 1 

aUel tmngH j 
Tint onoT 1 thail >« hiis more 1 

to IMciU' CUMl. 

And an tliai ihoit life be balh 

moat unhanrlort ; 
Pdc firii be won a wtelhy dune, and 1 

her Ir/ I be lunili 
Of all tho Greciaiu. )>et ihit d.unc . 

ommianandt : 
FMdbieh ia much diulnln be mo 

and Blmoal pinol .nwny. 
And yti lof ilils ivroDi; he mmed 1 

bonoar, I muu uy : 
TbeGrtfto. bcin- 1 itiilittTi 

not ttilttfii ' 
Abcad na c4 ''■■ < -I iicriit; 1 

■iightj npfi-jzu: 
Ry all ihcir cnrc men boili been 

in'is. bonovn. aN nr,>pi»eit 
111 rdlceUOi ; yd lui «■< kept I 
Kill] tat okImoI 
■nea whole boM ta Hi* pMwI 

Boi Mw Ui Inend put oa 
Hi»>i*i. btiBg B(« by Mm ttiiidk^ 
■aay a Myrml'iuu 



In toattoM of hint. All lh« day, the; 

fno^i tidoM tht fUM 
0( Scae^ and. »0M oataiii);, tbM Oxj 

hwl seen ibe dues 
or all Trvjp'* lionoan in her doR, H 

Ptxcbu (btnnBdooa 
Mceh mlwtiM norF) iLe ta/iiei lib oT 

cood MfflW'tit' ton 
Ilad BOi mrb pnnul hands tkiiiiceiL uid 

•n die ImnourKina 
Tto HfCior. who hoih priKd fata unu. 

And tlimlon 1 ma iblix« 
T ■tobfaM lh]p katei lot new (IrTvnix to 

my lowed am. AK-u, 
Hii l!)e. pfvflx'd M sli'jn n dale, hud need 

tpmd Ihal wilh mcB. 
A thHtd tbv &II him. ud » helm, (air 

pond. aodOKcu. uidi 
Ai anr imowtt Cbr vroiLrnuiship, and 

honour Um n aoch. 
I Pte bi M tbf bjDcnu handi." " lie 

coafidani," uU he. 
■* Let Iboc «r«M* farced thy tboughu do 

art. I would h Ih tn Bie 
To hida Inn (ran bis neny dolh, when 

tue dun Hvk tot him. 
At wril m wilh rvsawDnl aitnt to lU bn 

KDolljr limb : 
Wh^di Ifcjr handi iluill convej (o hint ; 

■Ful all wjn ihall laJiiiirr, 
See. aad dctir^ again l« srnv ih; Mt&^«l 

diwic." >,, 

~ Thrt Mid. ho bA tar Ihtiv^ acd (mh 

da) u> l>li btUo'A-i go, 
ApfkiuJ them ta the fee afain, ocn- 

■nading ihmn to blow. 
ThtMVh tWMtjr bolH maie to Mt huttlh 

at once tka tiiaity jMlr, 
That find ha ooob. «omninKs «ith nft, 

HNnttlmet with whcnienr, air, 
Al ha »iil'd, *>d h» woik rcpsicd. 

Amid* (he dnme if tm 
lla. d*er. pntluiu pM. and hritu ; and 

la ifea (lock t« pLcol 
A orichtgr unil : ha r^hi hand a ■rishi)' 

Hit UA hh lonL'v And 6nt ba tuccrd a 

MroftK rrvl •tzocioib ihlcid 
AA>ri I -aly tvnml him ; abual 

A Til 1 sod tadUni. aati c* ibc 

A li' . fefB-Told wrt th« cqiBl 

About lh> whule ciicuiaSocBMi. t« iriiieh 

fait baad did (he« 
(Dbected utth a ItnoitiBt mUid) a nuc 

nlM)'; [udtkir; 

For la n he pnadiint caiiIi : In it tUr »i 

In it ibe wwt-wtariol Sua, the Uooo 

aaeil)> round, 
A*d oS fiiMr uxn wilh mtdch (hrbruas 

«f ample beawn tn criMn'il, 
Orto^ al the FIcada, and Iboa* •ewn 

Atlu EOt. 
Ihe clo»Xenm'd Upttet, Om Qav. sai- 

tU B^ ■JieOixnot. 
lint lumt about huirs** aile-liice. htS^ 

ofw a tentcaiu ne 
Upun Prioa. aMt, o( all thv (mvii in the 

1I17, [OcrjB t'nipcfr. 

Hii it'ilitcn (Mhead ncicr tioBi lo lb' 

Ti-u nlHn ia the i^ocioiu ihkU lie 

Uiili. wHb foodly icMo 
Of diTenMMnipd nwa. Tha cot did 

uoMlali otWtintn, 
Obccr*!*!! « Ihem soteffln kasu ; Ao 

bridta fram focifa ihra- bowin 
Wilh undus uihcr'd diroiKb the 5tnttt, 

a wDitd c/ porunuurt 
Exciicd by Ibfa : ycnlhg MmI i>iHi In 

loHvly circle* dano«d ; 
To •hota On tnatj |i4pe aeid imp tlxlr 

tpri'dy tqondi (dtaaoad. 
The matruni nandloff la ibttr tlooet ul- 

Riiriag. (Jlhawhere 
A wlFoa oxirt of hw ww fcqil, where 

itootM* o( people voc^ 
Th* oua m >|iimHiii wa a Cor. jtiYaicil 

CD »•• llul >lr« 
The ftk^ of hiro that loRan'il ti, and tur 

Itw fiae ifed wc ; 
Whkh Ih' who pleaded he bad (vU. 

The adiinc pan dcasnl. 
A»d opfoly alBtin'd bi liitd no prony 

•uiihed. [ciicd Iwu boi 

tiuch put It 10 aAiut^eat : the pcLfJe 
For brAh P'rtv nwl Ih* a?>(t.inta loo gma 

thcli iloorai like the (Cil. 
Tlie iMnM* made the people {icsce : tha 

arana ibM dad bcai 
Ite Tolodiil hcndd^ Keplrak «at wMihi 

« ucri'd apbac. 
On p LlLh 'd n«rii«t. and Km by Isna tbdr 

lenicnoe. tn the Muit 
Two ulcati fcAt wxc c4>i. to Ida that 

IwlEnt in )UMCt> •ort. 
lin.- Mher (kf otixi ooi auipluf'd is 

Iraulf; (intrfacy, 

I'wo MBHts chitnint; In aiUK, «( one «on- It i saa .1 iMtlejr had wkh ibcM 

wilbm llii' lo^n. 
Two waji ihi7 ui^i nxjTed : to see tba 

city otenhrma. 
Or Out Om aiNTia ibould hnp in two 

pan* oB ihe^ woiib. 
Aadjttn (bca half. They nehhcs Ukad, 

but arm'd tbcatttva by ttollh ; 



Ldl bH thclc old niHL mnv, wl bop, 

btlii'ol 10 nan Itiuir m^TH. 
And tl'i^r oat lo llidt rormy'i toon. Ttic 

(.1 . - .' ii^--n'- 
And ' ■ ■ ■ ii-lnl Itii.iii ; bolli 

Mia! iJ^J: L-Lii- i:i,:i;iu iurnimcev uid 

turn Tfitf^hl >t> it h'lEil 
TTHry •rre pirscnW Deities. Tlie proplc. 

Vokan (or(«t 
or Ricaiwr maMl. UlirnltKycainr. wlKTr 

ihu wu to be urgal 
Kor which tbqr wnit. wllliia a vale dose lo 

« Rood, whoM tfmim 
Uted lo gin: an their caill« drink. Ihey 

Uktc cniuntnitli'il lliuni. 
And MM t*a KQUti out to dficiji wbvn 

Cb' entmft henk nnd ilmp 
Were selUnft ool. Tlity ilniclil came 

forth. vMb iwothnt <uod to kcrp 
Thor pAvhit^c nlHiiys ; tMIb vhleh Jilped, 

and Kciu tm mt^rnly. 
Not dnnni'd of unbiucailoa ibere. Tlic 

ambmh ih™ Id lljr. 
Skwkll their wliilC'Denicd sheDii aind deal, 

and IiT tlirm bid fririrgonnl. 
Wlwn Ihom: in ^ege tietotv (he torn tO 

alrmrigir nn upr<M>r huud. 
Driii"!. nmiiiiKki ilicir A rkt amd tmdt 

(l>rlri; Itiro in o:!Jini.'t loij 
Tlw) 1^11.-11 MUrt up. lu>.Ji Ir-rx', and aooo 

thnt huirilr rflii'my ftn*i. 
Fou^tit wrth (hrm on i^p rl^'^'i ihore, 

mhrrc lioiti gm* nr_*i'j.ii !.!"»-> 
With mll-pdni lUrli .^nKini^l Itiem all 

ptnvnc Conicnilon row. 
Aanoncn than I'tiinuti um rnmcril. 

ajBOOjpl Ihm) nuno<iB FaIs 
IImI her red-Angetl lonie tin.; took in an 

iinhuct (stMo. 
Sotnt biirt yrt lirlni;. tnwr (jLillciblo, nod 

Ihow they Eiigd'd lo tlina 
1^ bolh ills fed. HiiKi'dotfand Wk ibtir 

iincdi. with lU tMMnam 
0( Uood upon tbcm (hat their letdi had 

msiifullr let out. 
Th<7 faml :■• mm alin indiwl dnw dead 

IndcTil ■ ■•ui. [new 4-41*11 firl J. 

To iIkk iiiC flcf Antaa did utlil si 

Lar{< anil thrin ploaeh'd. the toll being 

•olt and of * wcarurr yMid : 
And many tnen at plooni he inad«^ llial 

diav* ewth tun* nnd ihne. 
And mm'd up ttltchci ocdoty ; at whou 

■nd nhtxi (huy wirr. 
A fellow aver grre llirir hand* lull ri|h 

ot luMMU wilM : 
Whiidi toptlcd, for aDMlia Milcb. tke 

Mrth IMT tliid«raint^ 


And kinf till Ih' otmott bousd be i 

o( alt Ibc ample dote. 
Tbr rail turn'd up lirl.ind the ploujli, i 

IiUck like tsith anHC. 
Ilioiiijli foreud III iiotliinit che IhiI e^IiI. 

aud lay in i^F>«r .i^ fj^lil 
As If ll hmlliiMm [>)owt;h'd Indeed, Miiraeu- 

loiu ID llftll. 

TlMre crew by ihit s Arid of eorn, bich. 

ripp, where nMfwri wrouKhl. 
And let thidi hatiilfud Fall lu eaith, tut 

vbich KUDf otha broucbt 
Banik, and made riie*raa. TbrM btodtn 

tlood, and took (he handfiiU toift'd 
Prom boyt thai iplher'd qnkklj mp. and 

by llicm artn&li heap'd. 
ADiotii:ii thev HI a fiirrow'a end. the ling 

»iood pleased at hrur. 
Said no wod. but hit Kcpm tbew'd. 

And ttvm hint, much tftm, 
HU han-esibaillHt tuiden>eaib BD oak ■ 

feail ptcpnreil, f lo kc him ahand. 
And hairins ktll'd a mii:ht|roK. Wood Itmt 
Which vonien for ihdt harroi (oOs (iha& 

cotne 10 lup) had dtta'd. 
And many while wljcattnko bslavr'4 

ninke ii up n fnm. 
Up wt nmi lhi« a vine ot eokl, 

crark'd liTdeaili (hr vric'it 
or bitncii-s black wlih being ripe ; lo tsep 

vh\th at ibc bctf ht, 
A iiU-rr nil Ian all alonc. nod 

aboiil II IkMr'd 
An siute moat, and to lUt go 

•^Kk'M was brwnr'd 
Of lln. one only (nth M *!], bf atdch I 

focAiiiira enmi; 
In time of nr.iage : youthi and 

thai bin not )vi the Auiic 
Of maaly tlyinrn. boikitt boi^ of j 

a>d meUow fitiii , 
A Ind thai tireerlf loucb'd a titjp. lot 

hl> viiiK it id luU. 
Center'd the ctrcin of tbnl youlK all t 

skill could DM do 
Tlie ■iinteaia' pltaiiirc lo their mb 

dAnird. tent. > hut led loo. 
A hud of ooioa then b; mived, Willi 1 

laltod badt. fe<i;rd all 
Of soiii aod tin, (oc oolonr ■n'd, 

bellowing ffom tlictr «ull 
Rua)>'<} 10 iMr imtura M a Hood. 1 

cdio'd aO iMr thraao, 
KiceeillnK swill, and fuD of Keds ; 

iayalow ooati 
Four WrdflBOi (oAow'd : after whom, I 

nuMlvea w«m. In bcttd 
Of aU (b« hen), npoa a taB, i 




Two h««TM Umh (Mop'd, *nd (djcd, and 

Both iD«a aiid itan ouiw : jrtt iticy me 

■he Udc. md hffi'd ihrk fill 
Of LUdt litcdd aed ibr ■ntnUi ala. In 

thId lb( fim may'd 
To Ki Uidr do^ on : ao*e durtl pinch. 

iHii tui-lika uocd ■nd Iny'd 
l> both ihc Iks of ilieii kinp, >nd all 
ibdr oDscu Ifed. 
Than b • pmtne pfaMut rata lbs 
bmciiu AruoMii Ted. 
UpOB a C<H<f f pdulim Kcound. rich flock* 

el wtiiic-nMctd aliiT|i. 
BoUl tiabla. oonans. ud mtet. thai t»d 

the thephenlt lioq> 
Fram wind md maitirr. Next to thnc, 
be «ut a dondng p(.i«, 
i AU IhII of tnraingi, Ihol «*i like (he *d- 

I nr EilMiMr'd Arttdne nadc. by cunniiw 
' DwdalM; 

1 la ll jmnba and rUpn* danced, all 

FAad ctM in «■* wwCbcr't (>il<n*. Wndi 

ibai ilie iriaa did K>2 
Tlw Tiqfiat wore : tlie ]oulhi hotmi coaU; 

dial «a»t a fa^l dim [Iom 
Like Dm «f dL Fiah j^ubadi mo, (b« 

ritflni' iMDplcs cnM nd : 
Tbe rOUIba C'lllBnnli •nrr al <l<cii llii£lMt 

■Mb Bhet bovdncki botdtdi 

Sdipctlinct aQ wound clcae la a dnc> to 

wtild a> (ut 11x7 aiiiin 
As aaj ■bed a nncr mkca. bda( tried 

how It wjtlni*. 
Wliilc Ur it HI ; and o«t aciin. ai full of 

>pc«l Ibry wmmil, 
Not one left lut. <e braakteg handii A 

iniiltllolr siood round, 
Dellcbtnl vlih ilielt ninbie tftm : to otd 
I whldi twcbc(aa, -^ 

Mfd> afl. a »occ nnd luininf taa^ Iha 

rtfa oontlialoo. 
be L-iiiM in Ibe tUiU, wllb 
Xiiiiiie nniiiil aboul. 
hli Rise, the Ooou^ ihet It ndsbt 

Dnif IrA. 

Thii O^ld itsi deas.helwtMirorfaini, 

mcb cunu n oouhincd 
Tht Max nl liie. A i>irlniRi ihca (ihcmigili 

■hicli no lUvl owkl 6hd 
FoRol puogcl be CMifKaed, wloM hue 

a hiu^nd (OkHiri (uiik. 
And Is Ibttmta chime ■'Icoh). tlialeaili 

l)if»ik uin'd. be nuU- 
All dune. I» all M TlMXl* li>««sht, aad 

brU all up i« hrr. 
She took tbcm all. aad. like i' the bawk, 

aoaimd ibcaa|iRnB|r. 
Fnm Vulcan W btt mqi&irMO. wdb ihal 

Stocp'd fniin Tiir tlnti OlymiKsn hill, hiil 

' an oiosal taow. 


(X jr ■( ilr ifavlu (Iaihv AmdIhw 
IIa^v w^^ ^i^i v 

tiBiKd br Spoodana aJ ttr- 

TlBB . 
' in.— 

Ui aalaa ncpire bdlb «a««M, <iub duci> 

Uiliw ■it»itwaii heiMi r**pM* panlcwKM : 
Sk iiuK chit «■ (■( Auiae 
Hi aiais fgiayii ipw aBdimoM t««n 

Oaaitiii (i»— iiiM tit 


■ taci iikiilHiilhM—TiiwtM 

fcialibm, nl darisr m. nl tlmirrni (Mr- 
tffvpiE : na aattc AcbiDc* ttt«£:tft *oc« in- 
tfaaaril. Qau iuh Mdinia Irqlul, 

Eobaniu K< 


turn-, w 



k xl >U«i 

coat TAJI pcrto^tqabal 

udm. xl 'UmMhM 

MiaeowabaabcoTi li IwUI 

Ii* Ixild 10 lepoii, ahci I iitM^f 

for fOBi uaMT cnmciiiv^j u lUli ai 

— — — AnJ±i 1 vcDRuftcaid 
WWl (npJiAi aiuaUki^ vt*.* an/ t*«a it 

Whh HHnnT wrh aiK a) lAi ■Ko'iNioi^ 

klak«4 t^kvid hi* iroHpal; td ihm tHca fn4i 

'fVl*t n^K' ll.n>*a 
W«a lunluBlr I'M «in ^ all. llo ti i i i ia 

wet vKv ^cirid, 
TbaiUKla rJiUvin BmlBil ■■. AerridliA. 

In oonfenriice of all «« tnwilallat. I 
w<Mia fiaOtf kun gf oqr n«« laaail 



reader if Ibe two last convenii>iu do nnj- 
thing near eiprcra Ihc conedl of Homer, 
or if ihcy bc-ir any gisix worth tlie signili- 
auii-a of lib words, nod ilie sense of his 
illustr.ition ; whoso imcnl w-is not to ei- 
pr^^ thv cLcamos or shrillness of his voice 
in itielf, but (he cnvioni terror it wrought 
in Ihe Trojans — i*»Jij*i *^ not sisnitying 
in this phice ciaru, ur cpgtitu facilij \s\x, 
but tmMlanda tvx : ■M't^H si(;nifying 

Jatn Tj/dt tmnlJniHr. aiil vjlJt irmu- 
\ndu3, though the^c jnlerprulcn would 
rather receive it here for if-i-^M, vtna I in 
f, ut sit ctarut, illmlrii, fte, liul how 
silly a curiosity is it to alter the word upon 
ignotance of the hii^niOcatiun it h.ith in 
his place ; Ibe wonl *fii^^ being & com- 

. pound of ift, which liEuiiieth vUt, nd 

i n>«i which ii amHlalio .■ or of AU^ 

I which sii^ifies amulsr. To this eScet 

lhei> (saiih Homer, in this simile) — M » 

j voice that works n terror, vaxrjvag an cnff 

I with it. sounds to a city bcsiegeit wbcD fl» 

' trumpei of a dreadful and nilad-dcMnirin( 

I enemy summons it. {f[>r so ti|IW fcfWB 

iMTrnvr ^i^ifieS ; #vfwpaLrT^ li^i^iM sn^ 

I tnuiH irili-Minj. being a compound of fai^ 

' which sjpnifii'^ d€str¥Oi wA nt^^ wfiiGf] ii 

aniRirj.]— Ihiit is. when the pu)e cxmtfc 

after the irumpet's sound, tillering tbi 

resolution of the dreadful enemy before IL 

'llie further applieuimi of tUliimltakllA 

out by '"''^''-"-Ti 




Tb«th ftcnaliif WBMr IS Ih Ha, 
N« a^ ■ Boial, vUk TaD lufcciiw 
WaUliasnili. Ti*h itfibt L^ «# an 
rnMlIii'J (Al AIlMb*iMilin»M'MihM; 
He a** ImiSh. itm. «bJ WiMi aUMil 
TVaOncnalKM. Aiti >cviHilRibadi 
or bto HH deiik hy XxnbOT pnlnnll 


Tat (hH A* acar pirir>4 

Trk iDoni ftrou. and boM the om^ ta 

hn kailrun loba, 
QmrU^IotB: M well tofodt, *sn«n 

of Hi' nndsslobe. 
TMb wcop'd bSine. and rouod the pras- 

nsic penoa of bet «os 
Alioal U« frkad. Mil pcnsiac mt UmMir 

A BBWiin' more bdnf txnvy muorti lo 

hia> in bit cMis. 
AoionGB lh«n) all Tbeili appetfd wuL 

Hade Ibne ibort vonli : "'ilioaKh v'" 

muse gnere, j« boar ll ikai (my Km) 
tt ni no mt» that pratintnl, la IM ukI 

Tin dMiMC Mend ; R wma god that OrM 

Ud <B hii bad. 
Wbou will tt la*. TV god>' (kcrcA no 

bumaa nutit wiiiMUud. 
Do than f ti ra ai thi* Cdric of a sod ; 

viMaehiad bdcoe 
NB~«r(DiS«d Ibc Bka ; and (uch m jrct, no 

bwin AonldCT wen." 
Tbui. MUlnc down. iIm ptodoa* ncin) 

ofilManniwM tndi 
TLu aU ihc rDom rang with IW wi^ht of 

no«T dctodtn** loucb. 
CoM iremfaBnKi look tbs Mnmidoaa; 

mcae dnrv MUtala, all (bw'd 
To(|9oao tbrirf^na: AchiBei)icl, aitecn 

w ibcj »i>paf'd 
Sictn Annr cbia'd. FitXD U* eyes, m U 

A ladluwe lettKrUig nwo did all Ifce Mate 

Aikngih be MdlninUt Iiandi Ibc rich 

K«n ofthp cod. 
Aad, meh pleunl lo behold the att iliiil 

In the thktd lia ahint'il. 
H« Inka fonli miu> dui andiBa ; " O 

lootlier. Ifcesc debt wtU 
Sfee* aa immottal tt^tft wucb : nun') 

htad ■■M ■(wdal 
Wkh atas ncHn. Now I win arm : yci, 

lint MO honout mafca 
Uy (hend S o tgoatn, I nucb lau, lal witb 

Kit bm^aflictcd wDuadi an Sad : fib 

COiDc. bttpmonhs 
AD u>i to puucfiwOon.' Sltt bad* tiim 

doubt no ham 
Of those oOetud. the wodU oon, lotop 

lb« pHubuit twam 
Of Oct. thaliiMMlly taint Ike bodls of the 

From hit fiirod^ penaa : tbo«ch ■ ftar, 

lit cank'i lup should susiiija 
Kbttaqhl«t'd iMdy. it ibuwid aiiJI i«l 

icuniL And lalhei beud 
A better state Ihaa notie, sf ooe Ubc thai 

dmh Sni Kuk bim ouU. 
And sotudreaU a oovMil. lodiiraw of 

Wbera lo lb* Uag. Ihal wis ibo tw>or of 

iliatlloAlb MWM 
H« ibouU dcpsw rt tnccraad paeon ■ 

m lor bs ann*. All Ihis hit powcn wUh 

ibesiKbl tlrrnifili iwlssd. 
She whh hsi bir haad, stilTd cdo ll» 

MSOfisofhls (licad 
R«d noduaad anitenla ; iiiUi which ah* 

The Do(sc Iram puti«C(ctkm. H« tivd 

ahM£ tbc tkMC. 
Aad summoA'd nil lb' hcrak Grnli«, with 

all ihu spent balon 
Tb* time tn ocnlae wlifc b4ni, the mat- 

icn, paMtMc^ 
^ncikrt. and aO. AH. who ibrr saw 

Achilla iu«span lOh 
Swwm*'] lo lbs cmxU. hatinc k>iS Idl 

Ihe labodous wus. 
To all Iboe coMc two halliiic Uu£s, Hoe 

tcnluncf Uan. 

iydvl« and "iM I tf ia cM . bcMb leaning on 

thci( jp«in. 
Tbcn muadi (litl piilaful : ami both that 
at am of all ihe iirr.rt. 
The lul Mine tku Ihe kini; oE iii(^n, 
tore wounilwl nrHb Ihc buicp 
or Coon ABlMond* AU let. Hie One In 

Wm HwII^ ton. who roM ud said : 

" AmJn. luul noi rtiii 
Conteir'it miMt profil to lu bolh, whm l>oih. 

our enmltlei 
Coiuunrad ut to, and for a wench: whom. 

when I chooted foiinitc, 
In kfinit Lynusms' ruln'd wnlli unoni:ii 

OBI ricioriisa. 
I would lo batveo, uRntshoirt I>«t'l:iiniv 

fool aboMil. rtavcUn Rored, 

Diaria't hand h^d liimtiied on. and with a 
Far llien, th' unm«uankbl(i audi biuj 

not to iblcli been gnawn, 
[Id dtnlh't conmUiURtl liy our (ciendi ; 

tlnce my affeets vtn drawn 
To locti diicemper. I'o our toe, and to 

QUI fM't mat friend. 
Oui}ubroaghipro6t : but the Ortdis will 

To Ihousbt of what II fnejudicod Ihem. 

Past Ihiiun jrct p»t Our aid ; 
Fit grtel for WMI wmih rul«d in them, ttimi 

male* th' amendi repaid 
With that nocosily uT ton, lli^it now fnr- 

bldt our ire ; {the sentelFti firs 

Which t with tree alkett obey. ~ru for 
SUIl lo be bumine, havios MnlT ; but mca 

muit curb ngt MO, 
Bang (mnoil wlili volnalary powen, ai 

wen to check the will 
Ai gS'Ka ll idn*. GtTt rou Ihen cfaatse. 

thkt for our iMtAiii tiglit 
The Gnab nay follow me to lisld, lo try 

ittlfll the night 
Will bear out Trujani M oiir thipt. I hope 

there it aome one. 
Amoogu tbdr chief acoaiagen, will think 

ma lo bo conib 
And bring Us IiiUt down lo hia kneei in 

thai mbnlirioa," 

The Giedt* fc(a>eed lo hcu the hevt of 

IVlaiu' micblT Mn 
So qiullAcd. And iben the king (nol tit 

iajl from bin Ihrone 
For bS lalB huR) lo got good oar. (bus 

ordcf'it hit reply : 
'■ Piincf* of CtTOCo, your naica thai) 

nifler no indignity, 
If, belnc far olIL ye ttond And tietr ; nor 

fitt it nich aa Hand f now In haml 
At gttoKt ditcanob to dinuin the couikU 


By cptou. 10 Itieit loa Gouch caiv cf it»f 

inu- Sunie. ol lone. 
Miui icM BOOM vraids : fat kud ii Is. in 

tuch • ficai conooufw 
(Though hemn' can be an'rt to tlwip) 

lo loitt'h nf ill! ihiiii^ tpfiku ; 
Aad la uKiDbtics o( mcb tbiuu. tun 

a man provoke 
Ftl powvr 10 hear, or leai« lo tptak I 

Bdt audllon may theie 
I.OU: filial wonb ; and (ho moM noal 

omiorfit cai. 
My moJn end thcD. to latltty Pdid<* «1ih 

reply. ItpnKh capFclally 

My v-onli ihall prosecute : to bim my 
ShiU bcu dlreciion. Yet I with. Ihc court 

io ^^rtcnl 
Would give (it ear : my tpe«b tboll nonl 

nlientlon of oil. 
on hji>« our petn of Grorae much 

blamed my (otrine of the pilie 
Doe lo AehiJlei -, of wliich aci. sot T. tml 

And Jove hlmteir, and black Eifnnyx (that 

cult faite inikU «ill 
Betwixi lu and our aciiont dnnsi both by 

her power and will) 
Are aainon. What could I do thca t 

The wry day and hour 
Of our debate, thai fuiy Mole in thai ad 

on my powitr. 
And man ; M thlnn are done by tMte ; 

thiLt ancleiu teed ot low. 
Ate, that buna alt pRfccis all : her feet 

■m toft, and move 
Not on ihe earih. ihey bear her illll aloft 

men*) hRwl), and tlirre 
The harmful hum iticm. Not ww I done 


Jove, bc»i of DWD aod pidi, hath been. 

Not he blmtclf hath gone 
Beyond her fctlen ; no. the inadr a vromaa 

puT thi'm nn ; 
For when Alcmena «ai lo rent the force 

of IleRiilee 
InwcU'waii'dTbebeai thusjoveinuniph'd: 

' Hnr, gods and gaddcwt*. 
The word! my jojt uri^ed ; In Ihil ttff, 

l^ueinn. bringingpam 
To UhoUTLiTg wcmen, tboU produce inw M 

the IigliE olmea ' 

A mnn that all hit neighbour klngi ■*— H 

ID hit empire hold. 
And vaunt thai more than maaly moo 

wboK hooour'd vdus eofUd 
My eminent blood.' Satunia conceived 

a pmeni ilnght 
And ursed ccoarnianoe of his mini ( 

infringe It ; b«rfSBctit 





ta this tort nr^ ; ■ Tbw irill Bat held 

(hjr word widi iMi mv man : 
Or, U thai will, coaflnn It wlib tl>e oaib 

Tbai vboMKvcr fatb iMi d«r boiwiii ■ 

•Koaaa't koeta. 
Of thoM man's iio^ Hut from llqr bteod 

derive Ihdr pcdigrea. 
Shall all hi* iHsshbfxir lownt eommud.* 

l«TiL icnaruii of Itaod, 
Took Itet neat ouh. vfiMl liU (KM 111 

gam titlM cauH t' appbiid. 
Donni Irom Otgrasno' lop die aoop'il. and 

i}irickl)r (tacb d (lie (lUce 
In Aijai wtec iho lanioua »ir« of Sthene- 

Im. ahcM nbce 
Ite ttufa'd from Jove by Pmrm, d-rrtlt. 

She WIS bat smn mooUu gone 
WUh IMM. R( the brauBtu It foiih; 

Akmena 1 malchtaa *on 
Delajr'd (ron) Ugta I SaUmtA peptos'd ibe 

<M kta frau mMbn. Up to htana ihe 

BoaiB apM. and ihom. 
Id kIot. k*r daci^ M Jove. ■ Brii^t- 

• Nirw'A' ArpHthtttt m ttapem ; aun 

derived mm Ibaa 
U bom lo l^cncwt Sllwnda^ Eutyattvui 

bs lumt; [to him.' Tbn cuii^ 

NoUe and wMtlijr of ina luh thou nmrnii 
CloM to Ifae heMI of Jnplief ; ami Ale. 

Thiia^VcrtnrSatiirfda, br bwbclKbt tieir 

HeM down ber baut, asd onr Iwi made 

(tot InCeBflilc TOW : 
TtM lOTff to ite txift til Itan ttiDiiiJ 

Natcend (bat brow, 
BeiDE » Miimiiiaiii to aU. Ttiiu, rwing- 

Ing bee about, 
lie eaai htf (nw tbe feiy heaim r who 

B ft r itac a iteww ewi 
lltr fack'd Ming IB tb' nffiUn o( tncn. 

Jvn ever sinoe did kikv« 
aaee hi* -tear bM* Hocuk* did br hU 

TV nDJoit loib of BuyUbeui. THn fans 

it DOW >lth ae. 
SJM* unftr KecMi't liolccca ibe Grtais 

M »B miHly by Wf tplten i wbtn bBt 

will e««r ukk 
larnvgrtenodthouBhti: mjr wtatsoM )« 

{SuimiBi naUbK tick 
Ibenaia mr mind heUt no* reeved, tb* 

aiiMindi tfiiTI ■aim mn Tn'rlil 
With Mj tMtaec And thetdoie rooK 

tbj mthm M tht ficlit 

Wilb atl (hy fbnm ; .kli ilu: plia, propoCcd 

thus Mih} tml 
Ldct da/ b) lUfdl Illiauis, 0700001 ifatU 


And. if II like ihre. vt^ no itcoke, though 

OCTCI K> oa iliunii 
Tby mind cunds 10 ibr Mend^ it*«iis«, 

Ui] my comraiuid adona 
Tliy i«at> and cetfni aith nich (iTix ai 

«dl may let ibw know 
lloai much 1 with ihee uiidtd." He 

Mmr'd ; " Let ihy njw. 
R«nawa'd Aindo, nt tby aill be Iwpl, ai 

Imtlco treuld. 
Or k«tp thy pin ; 'lb all in Iheo. Tltf 

rooncU now we hold 
h lor npnirinit onr mHia Twld wiih all oar 

My tail iliEW made brooki no mreal ; eat 

muM daUyi daluElw 
Our dccib' expcolanoe. ft* undone the 

great «o(k II All ey«« 
Mum am Achilla m Ban tight dcpOcpUnc 

Ai mil ai ffunvl It in oocut ; thai erai* 

man «t on [upun. 

Mny cfaooae hit man to Imllale my exercac 
UlyiMt nwina*d : "Do aot jtl, tliou 

OMn made like (be nd*, 
Tnke fatung men in fidd. SuppoK, (haf 

wbauocnr oddi 
(t brtngi ■nton than wllh full mea. thj 

boondlan canincnee 
Can amply antwer i y«t rc&ain towmipta 

Th* eonflid wracing out out men mu lile, 

and beld •• long. 
Wbi^rvin. ihou^DoM JoveUood CgcTnij, 

fae yrt Buii ov nut Mrong 
To beat thai moM. Bwt Yirai to bnt. and 

tliBi breodt Utile bctft. 
LM wine and bnad ihia add 10 H : Ihef 

belp tbe iwofoiil pan, 
TIm )cu1 and body, m a man, both force 

■od (betiiBile. 
AUdar mcftOMiot figbl ladbsl, tbough 

nnvr M indDeil 
mih nind* to fishi : kr, (lul nippceod, 

ilinc biikk ya Kcmlv 
TUim. buncri. in '' ' il J. ia l^ 

vbicb BD ■■■Iiul<.i , 

TbTTtabii«ra)->nt!>n -i. Mtsli 

bcrfta ihniUshiT iuL 
Tlxsr oatiiU ituxa wnn ifcim hi ibot 

utrniEih : and, aU day combaml. 
ODcdinnoi. taifvaolionalL lunuus 

il.ciii iliirn (o meat, 
And let Atijib* lioidcr bete; Id tigtit of all 

ihia MM, 




The gifts be pronjiaxL Let bim sweat 

b^orc (u nSL. aoil lise 
To Ilal Qculi. lIiHl tw nctvi tODch'd in aojr 

tranion wise 
Ths Udy he enforaed. Baldes, tluit fae 

rtniAitu in mind 
At cidotrir (ntiified; not touch'd, or 

ptivily incUnnt 
Wilh rtiRiir nntjxr«, And bit, 'lislil lie 

l^0'l1fl approve 
All Dir:-'-- ri'ii xt > tolcRin liaii iA honoui 

of your low. 
'fhM K> }<>u lUw no m-injilod law fur 

And Ihus Ihe lianonrs jioii recoivt, KBoWinc 

ihE punuil 
Of yourfricn'i'R rttmirrl. in^Il utiil quit jour 

sormw for youj friend, 
AikI tlioii, Aliiild. In (tie tule of *o severe 

xn end. 
HcnatficT miiy on olhcrt hold a JdMct 

j£Owimcot I 
Nor wUl it auglit impair a kinn, 1o pn a 

wund content 
To any nilijccl loimdly wronj'd." " I 

Joy." replied >b(.' kinc. 
" Uirniiulak lo hciT ihy Ubctal eoun- 

la m'jkIi is all dMorum kept. DOt any 

jKiinl Ucki louch 
ThM tnifiht hr tliouifM on lo <oncluda a 

A> tiix rt.iwyit. lux! tulwo. My mliHl yel 

Not juui iiiifiuliion : nnd lliitl mind shftU 

rcti Ml kifxi und rli^sr, 
lluil I will nol fonwcir to God. I.rt Ihrn 

Aclijllci my, [mm hew I piny 

ThoURli ncicr Minflnmnl (or fiK^'- niuiall 
To May, till from niy icnB iIkw gifu be 

brought bcrc, and the tnice 
At nil pans lioiidi'd befm all. And thou 

of a!) I chooK 
Divine UlyMA ■Md cofflnwnd M dMOM ol 

all your hott 
Youitii oT mD«i hononr, (o pftscni lo lilm 

vrc honour most, 
Tin eint Bs til* mow'd, and Uie dumwi 

Mun maix nboul our icnts 
T;il[)iybliu siiilII itfmidE n bcot,* to crown 

tjKSe kind rvrnts 
With ibonkful sdcrlfice (o Jove, and to Hic 

Achilla «ns««r'd: "Tlresc aHaia will 

>)]■;« moie tequiitle. 
Gnat kin): of tncn. tinn* otbir lime, ahen 

wir more ftct oIoM* 
Yield lit cnution '.naa lb* «W, and wlitn 

my iplun abala ; 

ETut now. to >ill our ^3Bkes tw'dcs, our 

triendf by Krctot sfaiin 
(And Jow lo fneod) lie eiifituh'd oIL 

Hfuu, Ihm. and mmt youf men ; 
T)ioui:& I ntkzsi nill w, nsy commood 

ttouM lend tlicni Ikstlnf: forth. 
And alToguboi Iflut at aigbi. Meat wO 

be sometblnj vonh. 
When ttonucht ti.-u liate BMdc it wvf 

wilh VTDtiai; infamy. 
And oilier lonoirn Ule smUin'il, mrilk 

[t»n(d-fot wprak*. Ihtii lie 
Hravyu[ion thai, lor rishfliakB. Dcfon 

whwh lood he pH 
From vH my Homiicli, moat nor ditnk, I 

vow, 5hajl down my itnoat. 
My (Mend bdna dead, who tlijcc'd inth 

woUDdhaDd Dored through both U> lisi. 
Lies In Che entty of my lent, and la th« 

lean doth Ikct 
Of hi* anociatoi. Mot and ddnfc bare 

tittk merit then 
To corulbn mv ; bui blood, and ikatb, 

and dcitdty nf™^ of ntcn." 
Ilic gicat in conmi^la yri made {ood lii» 

f'irmei counwli ilmi ; 
" O I'detu' ton, of all ibe Greeks by mudi 

laosl VRlonnn, 
RttlFf and mighlitir than nyKlf, no lutle 

Willi thy Inncc 
I yicUl ihy worth ; in wi*dom, yet. do len 

I d.iir .-idvnnoe 
My rli;1iT ntxnv (hoc. tince nbovc in yeui. 

And bnmtinf lUDffe. 
Let iliini Ihy inind rest In ihy nwil*. Wa 

qiilekly tluiU have stoic 
And xtl taitcly of fight, whose sIcqI heap* 

Uorc ol ilraw (that ilolh withdniv 
And litih' mm upon a Huor. whim Jorv, 
And join all botlla, once btgus I' Invllnc 

hli tuLincsa, 
In which hew«l|^ Iks fins of mi-a Tba 

Gmksyou rnml not prm 
To muuinini; wilh ttie Idly ; deMb hall) 

Douelil to do with that 
In boktthAiI mm thai mourn for frfemlL 

HIa Red w« Itnmhlc at. 
And fnll at. vnrrf day you toe. luffidcnt 

More, and Cut. 
What hour ii it that any brr.uhmf We 

muit not UK more hnsir. 
Hum (paid holdi III fill our tcnaige : nor 

thoulil wc luuim too much. 
Win dead B, miBt Le bytled : incn'f 

(ui KTicr rtioiild b* auih. 
Th-u our dxy"! tncoM sboukl serve one 

niiB : iliv dead min cod Willi oCiUli, 
And lifi> IiiU with what Wren|[iliai] hfa 

Alt tbcK ih.-ii held thai bmlfa 





FMn deMk iBRfht die monihouUcsl, 

Hal K> ihey nuy uippir 
Tbdr fetlovi l&of lu«e tuck Id ficU. and 

Sg^ tDcaaetatlj. 
Lm noiw enxn irpjr io tbli, oor sUx ; 

lor ihii i&ill )iud 
Or UII i*itli MoaolIcDco to him llial looht 

la* acw MininaiHl 
WIio.:<« In dkkle t.ukii back. All >dn 

l)>cii,aa il>iDC«lil 
Alloo'd <at alt ; >rl c« a duitse, M all 

fom aaiwciiMC II." 
Tte mM. b« ckooaed. for noblcil roathi 

to bear tke p wtea w. ihoe : 
"no (DM at Nmar. and oitli il>«a rt- 

nooai'd MenoiKS, 
niylkla. Thoai. Ljcomol. and titga. all 

whick wffiT. 
Aad McMllpfw, UBomt^ UlfBd lolbe 

M AnmcninoD. I Ic- bol qob. and oiOi 

mt moiA ihe Heed 
Hid tobil tftd : the fitncM osU va* 

MBWcr'd te the »c«d. 
Tfit praeoti^ added to die danM, ibt 

GoDcial did cnfarcv, 
W«R Tvcniy oddfow^ ntpodt icm. Iw«l*e 

jfOuoK aad soatll)' hone : 
Smtfi laaifi uctilnulr iecd la all Mi- 

ni iklll. 
1W «la*nb BtiMia wbo bad pow«r U 

tWt(M lakMi of the (Inot xOkl. n!l «bkh 

Uljmn wriKt<'d 
Aaa tnnicd Dm : and after bto. (he otbir 

jouUm convcjr'd 
Tba Mbei prweou, tcnder'd all io face of 

Vp tow ^M Unj[. TUilijifeiui) wbo*« 

voke bad a imrl 
Uh« to a tod, eall'd lo lite Acs. Tben! 

havte braiifki llu boar. 
AMda iriili hb knife look ujnpoa the 

And Utins ap hb Mored hand* to Jow, to 

OoBFO riknga tttook ih* eonplMa oomt ; 

«liA oudw Ut blgfe btom 
Up to the braad lieavcn, ibw be ipakc : 

"Now aitDas. JofMa, 
not. bighisi, oad ihcM beU of gods; 

Ihoii Kaiih that all do«U bear ; 
T1h« iiuii ; jfc Furle indcr <anb Iboi 

e*eiT nid tomnu 
Wbea nnpion* pnjuiy diilaiM : that 

•oasbl btooMiooit 
In bed, c( anjF other ad lo anjr ilcadcra* 

loncfc [and kl mjr pfaKov ba nob 
0( mr Htbt wv*. baib im^d tbo dame : 

At arc lollkiod bf (be lods. fai an ea- 

Of «hoiBMefer pojand mat, it godkm 

In kati di^cm ifiibonoor me.' IbiiMd:, 

the lirlillcd Iblonl 
or lh« tubmliud aacriCce. ailh ruihktt 

*icd be cui : 
Whicb utaighi into the boaiy jct TalUiy- 

bisicuL lofted 

The sot-boni naika. Then flood up Ihe 

Ot fairbui'd ThetlitL ilnncilimhq; llini 

Atildo' looocescc: 
"UtUhcr iBpiior, bctn Ibcs •'— — — y 

ibr coadiiTtiM 
OtaOnian'i 111: lOttMW Isoe Ibc mlgtey 

kins al tnai 
Ai no tund (orotd avar my ine. nor int 

Inllinud mj tpkcn 
VTilh an; act iU is bimKli: bnl Ibou. iho 

king of soda. 
IneenMii «i(h Greece; OMde tbal the mew 

Which nov amend iM ns wt mar, and gne 

To what wuc lihacuaadiitrd ; lokobnak- 

Aul:^ altd addnfl 
For hMaai eooOict.* Thua bt labod lh« 

oouM. and ill took avajr 
To Kietal ibia. The UfnAioot Ibc 

pntenb did oonnr 
T AchOca' Iket. Md H bU teati dbpoBiEd 

Oitm ; doiB( Kiaw 
Of sM and aU nto lu Ibe daniia j Ilia 

honea piU bi place 
Whti Mban of XiuUa. Wlx*. Ube 

Loic'anklen Queni, 
Bitarii tSl In gbaiUy troundi lad dtnd 

raUochu Man, 
She Irll nbout hlm, ibiMscool, and wkh 

Ikt vblle hand* lore 
tier ham. braaau, ndbnl chtekt. and, 

dnmn'd bt «Farm taw 'lid lieptoce 
Hii enxl deftly. Ai lenglh abe p4 

paste to aptev 
Het lidenl paidoaL and Ibm qioke lUa 

In II tlw tnkbiaa : 
"O good Panodui; to mjr lUe ike 

I, wietehed dame, depaHlaf btac e. bk 

forced, and ihimgiaA, 
Ijtk thu alin. wVq ikuu hMx tWn'd 

ny nuor cunUiUj. Lo« mtiery 

AndMBIcn«»dl limll)M«itad:nlKnr 

E>cr incrwrrtu <rtb my oepa. t^t bsd 

lovhowmy ore 
And dtateic noibcr gm MyBti In nup- 

ttab;bii life's fln 



1 >*• bif-xr our city gait* aUngiiliti'il ; 

And hit talc 
ThcM of my wnrthy brothn^ tlvet. In ooe 

womb eeiKnlp. 
Fell all in ih'U black dif ot doUh. And 

whin Ai:)ii11rt' buid 
Had lUiD nil ihaw, xiul nMd Ihc town 

Mynviei did comniand. 
(AH caiiM uf nrtnr-Bnding grleb pccKfilcd) 

lh«u look' si aU 
On tl>y endeaiour lo oonrcR M Joy m 

Afliiminij. lie t)i.\l hurt <lioii)il btol. and 

IhuU ninild'it nialif thy (ilcild, 
Dravf <ai)Uin rtmi ilmu "ctt, uipjily my 

\owFil huituni i «nd. 
And In liih Philiiii celebralc amongil hb 

Our nimiial bMiqueu; Ibr which gncc. 

wild thOM moM worthy nimn* 
t never ihall be wlbiv. ihoii pirt bvlng 

hind. [wtih one jw-mI min<l. 

E*«r d«ll)!htKiait; onciivrfsl gmce fsd ulU 
■Thui (Dahc >he "wpiiii; ; and with hct, 

did In' oltiei ladles mavi 
PotnicliiV fonnnt* In pnMxl, liut In tad 

unili ihcitown. 
AtHiut jfiacSde* blmtcU Itie klngi of 

GraacB wtre jilnced, 
ItnlreMilix bin to bod ; aod be cnltcattd 

llirm u foil, 
(Sllll IntctmixinKWOiflt •ndiiiiht.) [f any 

(ncnd were iliere 
Of all h<> dcaiat. Ihi^ would ccaic, and 

offer him so cheer 
But hi> due Mirowi : for before ihc sun 

had loft ihal *hv [ili' oimiut)'. 

He would not cat, bulof thtit diiy tiiti.'in 

Thu( ait! the kingi. In rcwlute grid iind 

^ilnn, he dismtn'i] : 
But both Ih' Amdo, tihacat. and hut's 

old mnnialiit.' 
Idotnencui and his friend, and Pbicnlx. 

iheK TcmAln'd 
EndrAvoumiE comfuri, bill no (liought of 

hb voir'd woe minln'd. 
Nwcould. III! thaidiiy* bloody Bghi hod 

colm'tl III* blood ; he iiill 
RemembtT'il umwbiog of hit friend, whoHi 

CMd WW tU ht* lU. 
Their uni^ng meat (he dilij^nt rsihiunof 

hU InrDd renew 'd 
In lh»( eicilcmeni : "Tlloa." toid he, 

■■ when lh>» iffxl wai purriii-d 
Again«t the Trojans, evtrmow :i|j[joscdit 

in my Wnt [iHrctly iMlKrnl. 

A pleumg bn?akfjt3l ^ bcirig zo free, and 

I J — —- ' — ' 

Thou niidi!»( ill mail s*TeL Tlienlhc »a* 

WJis iearf\i] To oar Uyv, 
Bol now lo me ; thyaoundi wwnmdiiM^ 

«ni th»orenhcow : 
For »!ijch my na<ij fowl I fiy, and on thy 

!on;pnj3 teed. 
Nolhini; (Uiiid Diont oiniot me ; Tzma 

rclatlDE ihe Inul deed 
Of my dear falbeft iliuicliler. blood drawn 

from my (olc ton'* bwt, 
No won cmitd wound me, Coned man, 

iliil In ihit forclxn pwrl 
[For hn'r'iil Htileo) my true love, my 

ecu n Try. sire, aud son. 
I lliii) iihoutd pan with. ScjiM* now 

Kivn olucnlion, 

Nea|iKilentui, toibee,ltllTtft|:yet ; ffom 


1 bcqied. dou friend, thy hnga Ufe nfcly 

Rlurn'd from hence. 
And my bf« quiitin|[ Ibine. hod power to 

>Mp him home, uid thow 
Hit ynung eyei nilhio, tub)«ct)b oouit; 

my falh«r beinjc now 
Dead, or moil ihon-Uved. itODbtou* age 

oppreiiing him. and tear 
Siitl of my death's news," Tliete tad 

word), he blew Inio ihctor 
Of every vi>;iiRi wilh kiclu, aO eAo'd by 

the petti. 
Rcmt-nilK[i"v; who Ihcy Irft at hone. AU 

vhnv *n hurT>nne trnrs 
Jove piucd : izid. ilncc they all would ia 

the Kootl of one 
De much r^viied. ho IbutbespAlteMlnerra : 

"' lUfils' ton, 
Now. ■I.iiii:liTFr. thou hut quite loi^. O. 

t] Achj llei' core 
Mui»i:iii»)ril in Ibec? prottrslnl in moil 

elite me lU-bre. 
He llei licfoie hit high laird fleet, tot liia 

ih-.u] ^end : the nnt 
Are siiec^heulng Ihem ullh meat, but be 

llci dnAritrly (jpptt«.'d 
With heanlem fjMine. Cio tjiy wnyi. and 

lo hb bmiM insiii [no 111 

Rod netiof and nmbioili, that fotl piocure 
To bn nrw tnlcrpriw." Tbn jyur he 

willed 10 lite (lee. 
And. h'kco Ixitinr. with • voice that iliiieki 

Ami Iwhi-n thul hie Iiti.-rlli3 prick'd. die 

sioijp'il Uitouirh all the 
Amongst thi;Gro;i(iu,all whose lentlitvre 

tiuw nil'd for (he van i 

* S<9tw aruu ■■veMtlieKa j€*;firn^«h?^ 
AcUIca his^f vai bfwchi uJ^ u itcil u hu 



llnirTfi iltookthnnstiAcI^nes' leDl.and 

tiiiuij ite latUU'J 
Hnvfn't niMi-to-beiloircid fcul <a hb 

Xnal bfeM. and AH'd 
Hixiimwi «llib lldt tw«« m(<|ily, far Can 

wiwoiny f»l 
Should <ncp ln:uhLi knoa. llcractfUic 

The Inx Ht fonh. nnil pour'd bis itfel 

*n«» fu ou( o( Ihc Iteri. 
And <u (lOm air Ihn Ertnly Norlti-winJ 

Tlul diuk* tya, ll.ikci after lUka in- 

onuelly <lr>C(>niItii|[ ; 
So lliick hclmt. cUKii. wlim dMU, Kid 

round ]k^itU*. newr ending. 
Fbir 'd from (br n*<7') botlow womb : 

Ibidr tptendoun fa*c henrcni rye 
Hit b«*ini tf/dm : Eaitli Uufli'd m trv 

hc( boe w Vk» ihoiky : 
Amu ihtDcd to bol. and ibe lucb clcndi 

mads *ilh lb« diial tbv c;ui. 
She ifaiind«r'd. fed or m«n nud bone im- 

portBned ha to tan. 
la midsl of ■!). divins Achillea lus fair 

pcnc«i unn'd. 
Hit <'^1> Kit»I>'d u he teood, hit eja to 

full oMirr ihtf wanii'd. 
UiBulTcT'd grUt and angt* al the Trojin 

■o ooRibinnl. 
tUi onavcs fin« m«L bii (oodly nuvu on 

hii boHini shincd. 
Hbnranl biiihrhli Ifaatenl a LFR|[hln<sa 

from n Lkc (he moon^ 
Aw) ■* (toui to utkiii ditcem a luinifiil 

fire ki rmi 
Bf bcnlsMeB't lulU tfll all Ibeir iiall tUa 

Sla ■nMltac '*>■■■ 
bdoe on bill* ii nm fai off : but 

licfa^ atof . nonecaiDC 
To give n quench : ai ihore no aagbbonn; 

■nd at tea tbcli frjcndi 
Driven off wilh icmutti ; lucb a Bit, Sitim 

hi* biiehl ihirld txlendi 
Hb onUMOiB radianoe. jkI m heawn Im- 

prakt'd hii laitt.1 iilaie. 
Hb cfBlid brlnM. sran and fa)gh, bud 

Boil inianphanl ^ic« 
On Ui cart'd hinil. aad IBa a Uar i( caH a 

•njny ny. fcolden IkiU did play, 
AbsM wbkti a bclehl Ihkkia'd both of 
Wlikh Virican tarpil bnn for hii phune. 

'Ihuscooiiiktearni'd, li«iiwd 
ItoK hi they >RE. and Si bit nuxiun oobM 

wlihcaiF abide 
Their br«"- in»iniclliMi ; ntid w hi lb*y 

vrrc fn^^ii liiridnriiiij ir. 
Thai to li thi-y were nuebW winct, Mid 

mode M l<£bi bii iptnt, 

Thai from tb« carlb tlw pda«cl)r «Bpula 

ilicy took up (o air. 
Tl«n tmm bii anacmr b« di«« hb 

lance, ha falbn'ii tpr«r, 
1 1 ii::r. Knighty. ftini, that not a Onvk but 

[if- hiiiiwlf .ilniu- Imounlnin IVb<in. 
KiHNh' how to ^ikip ; II Brrw Kpon ilir 
l-rom whiKc hci^M cWircii bn'd i> tot lii\ 

nicT. nnd (iiial 'la-u [[umnn'd tVJiu 

Toi;iral-KniI'd men, cd iWiii and fvlinn 

Tilts from Ihc itabhi llif ii bn£hl borv-. 

I^ul<H^Mlotl Hfllidraui 
And AIct«na : put poliiili on, sod caat 

apan (Imr jtm 
Thdr brldlca, hiirtlng back Ihe rdni. and 

hunjt ihcRi on llic *mL 
Tlie Ibir Kotiriig Ihen Anlomtdon tikrs 

udl and up doUi en 
To guUe the hon<^ T)n figliia ami lotl. 

Achillfla look t>«lund i 
Who look'd » ajm'd aa if Ibe lun, ilicrv 

(alJ'n from heann, bad «hin<<d. 
And icmlily ibta chaigcd hi* Mctdt : 

" Xamhusand llaliut. [take of a*, 
Sml of ihr Harpy, in the cbafsr n acdtf- 
DucharET ii not a> wtwa I^nodM ye bA 

drnd la lield : 
Bui. whtn Hiih blood, lor thia dof'* bat 

Obinved. tcrtnee ihatl yMrld 
Our bfWt utlviy, bimg u» oO." Tbu\ 

lin(« AtUks spalLB 
As If Idt awed ueidt undcniood : "iwa* 

Juno*! will 10 mkt 
Vocnl (be palai« ol (he one ; wbA ihiikiox 

hiitiii head. JRlnioU buiirc]|. 

t^^likh in hit inMir. lel taJt lo tonh. he 
Thus Xandnit ipal(e: "Ablest AchAlea, 

now. *t iRtu. our caie 
Shall briDKiliwoA; bol not far hance the 

iuol minuiei are 
Of iby enw ruin. Not ihall «n be Ibni 

lo be npicvni. 
8ul mlKhtiat t'atr. and the crcal Ood. 

Nor wu ihy bnt IkIovrI 
SpoiTd to ol mnna by our slo« pac«, or 

oouraec'i iin|iai( ; [iw gu Win hafr, 
Tha baM tdeoi^ l^Mna's >on, Ikai man 
Cave him hb douh'i aouad : thuu|b the 

Ktac« ha gjKn to Hrcior's hand. 
We, Ukt die ifdik of the vesi. ihal nil 

si;ieiia can (eaiiimid 
Ftn pomn of wiag, could ma biia oS ; but 

thou ihnelf mm» zo, 
So Faia ocdaint ; Gecf aad a nan mntt 

ltl*a [1149 o^f^nro'". 
Tbtt tald. ihe Pnika Mopp'd his votcft 

AeUIlRh far ia n(e, 
TIhi Biuwir'd him : " It Bti not IbMb 

ibw proadly to poaase 



My ovonhtiMr. t know myicir, li it my 

but lo Ml 
Thai fu [rom nuliin: j-et Ihal Pnteihall 

Ua to iciil licr i;itl, 

Till mine icd) ibouuniti." Hms >C>r 

UKd, hf fell 10 hcmil Oetdt ; 
Gavt Andhil ticnal. aail iMthrlght toadc 
djr his onc-booitd *i««d». 


fort a tk<ir /^ iiHrifi^i If /i.'i^ anJ tM/ tiim^ 
I <i Ihc vbA of AuHnicinnon'i ipaxh In 
Uii) book befdn m UlyMn, anil iicoiniwili 
thiil Ufrtflcc lo Jove and Ihp San nl Ihc 
lEconciliiiiim of hinitrlf nml Ai;liiiie«. 
Oui ComRicnlon (LusUthius xnri S^khi' 
daiMU. ftc) will l» no momi allow the 
IMM ■'■psf hrov far Hoinor'*. but na 
unskilfulDaa In tbe dli-ul£pr : and will 
noedi have tt b oc *Ct. which Spondaou* 
»ny« n nll'icplhcr here lo l>- uiiilmlooJ. 
ns Kuslathiiu' words loich.—fof lo ofTrr 
■0 fleroc A bcAil lojoveai it lioar. he tayi. 
ia abhiinl^ And ci(n KatKl<^ lib. I. Cdj', 
avil,, lafacrc he «■;? llMnct in thli pUicr 
malia a innic low wcrtftwd lo Jove, wlio 
wai !a Unu-ly anil liiiniilr ilpn-iml M llii.- 
nrw, r.ii<tnilii>»' tr-ivin Uir it ii, ihal rt'r 
It anim,il i.ihii ; and Unue ihe cnlh At:n- 
fnoninon lake* nl (hit ucrifici' fo lAliKTy 
AdiillA thai he h.uh noi loiid'ml BrKli. 
k coiMEmIng a wamnn. very Orly ii a tuw 
hen Bcrifirod. But ihi> )ranii lo Spon- 
daniM toflMiUng: rtdlculous (as I hope jwt 
wffll eaiSIf )iKl|{e ill ami. aa I conceive, as 
b hb own opinion to havg (hf oripnol 
wofd tii*aov aiicKd. ^uid tipoundol 
iMtMi. Ilia fOMon (or il he makci nicu ta 
ulti^r. uirlne. his knovi wh»l it sol down 
sunong» Urn loinwd toodtlnB IbeMerlftoe 
o( a U1W. Itui btcaua* il It (b« tsyi) 
iwpaet-irvtm, mUtl itd nm Ithouch. as 
Ihey expoanil ti, It b loo much adrtm.i 
h* n wllliDs to keep hb opinion in liilenec^ 
unloa ]rou will UJM il foi a ■pUiiml or 
geldod sow ; M If Agunetnnon vuiild in- 

□uaie iliai at thii sow, Iwhe tpl-ivrd. It 
trrc fruiii Venui, ao tad he Bcvrr Ml- 
Icnplnl Iht dhhoDcot of ittiw). And 
peroilieni lire, layt Spcndanui. you can- 
not ihisk r>f a tKtirr MpoMClon ; when a 
wone cannol !« ioaW<ura9. tmlras that 
at Eiutaihlui. ta I hope yon nlll dowlv 
■tranl dn «r)m yon hmr bui minr, whicA 
uthii: Theiacririw 11 not made InrAca- 
mcnuKMi tor any memlilanoe cr reunnn 
it hstb io lh« lady now to b« (Mtorad 
(wMcb dnR thiM eWkt wUI need* lum II 
a >ow. in bdioU eS ladlea, I Otditla) b« 
only lo Ihc TCOoncili.ttioD of AswmtmMiii 
and Achilles : foi n mend ilxn whcRoC 
and that thdi wralhi weic nnw a!iwhi(d|f 
apfiOBtal. AcimeniDon ihoiieht fit a bcu 
(tidng the moit (miihhil ot oS bcMn) 
hhuuld lie uen'iE:ix1 to Jove ; ImrnuiUiu 
lli.1t in thai bonr lb«y iacTi<ii;Fd Ibrir 
wr-Uhi lo JiiMier, and hneame Iriendi. 
And lliiu IB till.* ifTi[fnal wonl pn-wnvd, 
which (toKcilicr sith ll^e ncml lenic of 
our Homer) In n Ihouumi uIht pkioe* 
■iiffm meat ii-nonnt and tafbaront vlo> 
letice. Wut herr (being wesry both with 
liniltDit riiulo bihI inr tilicut) I ill a irfmk- 
ins <*]•»*. I will eud my p-xt Conrdcnl ; 
holdini! It not altogethet nnOt, nith thli 
ndiciitou* MDlantiMi of our C)iiiRi(nior>. 
a liitla to qi^dcen you, and malie u tome- 
tUns t«obiiljIe that Iheit overtlghl in thii 
ItSU ia aci.'oin|iaiiiRl with atboutaadoiher 
BTOR in mnitrr of oar dlviTic llomer'a 
depth and gmvny ; which will aoi c^«a 
ilulf to the euriinii auMerity of bi'la1iaur> 
iiiC art. bill nnly lo the oaluiaJ and inoH 
ineeoDinu nxil of QUI tbrfce ttcftil Puiay. 







Tb w4 -M itA fvu. P.. ih. (;«!cfc. aoltat 
Jobs. lliKm, >i|j,»^, ^li.ldla, 
AM Umiirr. TbiAriiK.iIiii r^rdr 
ThaTViriu pvl an thahm. <>urt<l<^ 
Fhcbc.lotin, ihl dw txts pwc^* 
Widi iBWhi ScaMBda. Ncv(uMa»«ia 
iVmnw ASmtM Ufitt u hhu 
AcMtn:) brvbHabiBdniKtiKMhuiIaH: 
BhIo dw riioOUar oTiM Pmn't m 
Vmh M(4w, >k»« mt H«M HkiM : 
Hhi Iji^nalai IB ki> twiH rak«. 
Tba ■«!. a i h iii n dMr InfmiwaJ Caa, 

DW MMl IVCB «« IIe lbs (MO. 

la UiaAiK. Sinlc Nin iu ■»«•«« ; 

THt GinJci tkw «fM'il *Ml moAt in- 

»laie null doira of ri|^. 
AboBl thn, l^iu' win. Uk (uiv In cimiiul 

Stoarfoppotitt. nucul. T)m9 lovrchartnl 

'riiFmli froa UlympM' Mp 
To C*n ■ court : ihc m«7 my Ai ^ittwl . 

and ftomcnun d up 
All <ktti«; DM MIT dood, boUa 

Biiii pad»«t ff ttW MB >; aotaajanih (ibu 

Tlw h — ii offlnodii. mill nn»ii) iiiiimIiiwi. 

nnka Iheit nnl Muxhs) 
WMahxat there 1 bucailM hitooon, that 

b kiag uT EQili^ 
AtmHwl, ud. in Ushttootc saiU of 

riwlf bte tnate, 
IWcmM fa* J <» I? Vnlouw ML Em 

•Mp; Ncptatw OUM^ 
Nerl«ndibceod>len with unvObiinr: 

hat whkifac nu 
Uide hoe w wat loa (Ma tlM mo, and dk) 

UtMiiM tonal 
In midn of a)l. brfta (be council, i«d i»- 

■(Uinid d Jmc 
lib mnon Um itaA twion. wtd oa whM 


lib hish mhwlon for tks fo« ; be ihoughl 

Ibc belt »r iRu 
Was ibcn nru bnakloj; oni in Bamm. Ta 

hia Ibc Ttmndcnr : 
" 11x10 btowM ihlioMiDdl brtha iBt e( 

thuu biv-puipciKi 
ThM Kill Incana] IDC ; my cor* tdll mvK 

CH Tray; thoogh la a» mowh of r«ic 

jn row I act to ilir 
One ticp (rom lid tli» icp o< hcarca. twl 

■I Ih' affiut refio' 
To »tt/ one. Hn« til hoU MMe, and 

tredylalcthc toy 
Of mIht'i &ic^ Il^i wbcon *e idoui 

for 'lb aaand that l^of 
Not one day 'i ccadkt cia mil i In ontoit 

If lioivcii oppeaq nM. lib wttr loote 

■linw dafU taow r imrvna 
Tlidr [imrcn aiih tnaiiirini; ; Ihii whm 

lilcnii, MSI (rub htk Ikry hniHl. 
Cnnoe 1<MU bj iluqcliKx •>■ kb AMMt) 

shall Mane aad coununniuul 
IlKit lormvr sknis. ui: luivr tarn, diM 

Ihoocb F»ie lc«p Ibrir nail. 
Ilcll omtuni iL TVm daceiul : and 

coua not lill y* ill 
Add all yoar aid* ; nii nnh and taaii n 

logellKr wilh ibv ficbl 
Adulba ustth." Iboc bit noidt dbl 

ineb a oat exder. 
A* aa Bu'« pnwtr could vtanle down : 

tb* Eorh Mith parted twam 
Dtpnrtcd>fa>ik<BnhiEH- To 

gtddr the Qmiaa darti, 
Jtmo and lUlot. «iib tlic £ail Uial dMb 

ibc ouTli endxsov 
And inoti-furinia'v luc Memuy (trtwa 

ceo] « tw iburuilt i:raiT) 
W<R lartmlly nnd all ttafkrf'd ; and iriib 

tbcm kiXitl dowB 
(Pnad of hb iirmRih) lame Moldbt*. Ui 

nlkcn quite mbpovn. 
liiil made him xn^ eacmliaf iwe, Tb 
aid the IBw ada. pam aocompinicd 
Tb« rtiiwpaMi' la atnu *<m, U»n : and 
DtoiM that dcl<(hti In ihtSi^ and lliirlwt 
wnBiIni^ [nf aboMwubcn 

And Apfarvdlie Imchicr-ftNMd, aad ihe 

Siitl yo'ing Apollo^ and tb« Dood tiiM 

mt» on Ralden und> 
BriE'x Xanihm. All ihcM mMed 1^ : 

aul, tin thrV! lunl Ihor haodlk 
1'hc^ <irrtl>ns tnumiih'd in ihr niil i/Rarifln 

■liil »ilil ; [xlorlDuilv e\v\ 

The Tnijixnj ItrmWinE milli hu ught ; io 
lie Dimhlnrd Ihc hcM, and Mnn no 

liajiiifullor he. 
He bon th« imn tirrxTH on cirnr. Kui 

nhoi Jon'i hjj^ ili-ctt* 
Ix'l 'ntl the e>nIi Aniowti iMt (roois. the 

field MrtU'il. and llie filll'l 
Urevi' (icm and horrible. The DiiTn^ ■ thai 

■TRiiei dolli cit]<c. 
Thundor'd with cUnioiir, lomviintM tvt *i 

dike wUhoUl the wnil. 
And toniEliinei on tliE bellowing ihorc 

On th* oihtTstdo. ihc mil 
Of M>n lo 8sbi wu wrriblc, he cried oui 

hkr A tlonn, [wcauUl Lnform 

Set on the cilj'i phmnclo ; a.n<1 Ihrii^ )^c 
Sornvtimr-i bii hcirtcnlngt. olhct umes 

tilinc Siinola poiin on 
Hli itlrcr cuircnt oi the foot of tagfi CalU- 

And ihui itis Uul Enlt both xidn ur^nl ; 

Ihi^r «ll ilooil in (hrr niidi. 
And linike oonioilion lo the horn. And 

ottn *a ihrir limds 
IV Rodi' kitie in abhcnwl claps bis 

litiindct MI led out. 
BcDKiEh Iht-m NiTpiuna toQ'd ths fottb ; 

ihe Tnounuiits raund aboui 

Bow <1 nilh uOiiji^l Mid tiMok ilicir head* ; 

Jo>«i hill ihe anTthquiike frll, 
(Sleep Idii) ifL-mbUnK at bet rood, and M 

hrr ffi»nE.tin3 ^pitlt. 
Their bmsi ail criknnlol. Trey did nod ; 

Ihp Urreiita navjr jiUy'il 
As an the »■ ; tii' infttral king, thai all 

ililngi fnii>«, wu lr«^d, 
And lAspl afTniihln! fninl hi* (hrene. <rinl 

oul. lot atrr him 
Neptune ihould Rttd in Iwo the Mrth. nnd 

>A liH houv. to dim, 
&a l»ifl>v>mo, filiht. ud abhorr'd of all 

■ill' (wlt bctidr, 
Shoald opm both lo jcocli and men. Thut 

all Ibinffi ihouk nnd cried. 
Vnien Ihn black balile of the godt wiB 

Juining ; thiu arrnj ~d 
"Gaiiut Xtptuniv fhirtini aith wnic'il 

itiafti ; 'galnsiMan, the blue-fved maid: 
'Gaingtjunu. Phwlic. whm Hiiiic hindj 

bore sin jrinj; duo of i^Id. 
Her lule niiu'd v»iii j ihcaf of iliafu, and 

(by the biith twofold 

Of blight Latona) duct twin to Um ihM 

■liuuU ao far. 
Agh ul Laiooa, HtmN* Hood, grina 

euard, In ptoM nnd ww, 
nunuifj twnc^ Xhiintf 

0( Munuin minca. Xniinu Iht CwS, 

whflw i7m[ifw k in fin. 
Tlic witiety gadhml. Ib*i ernit Hood, la 

sIirK urirnw (kbmt nUiir 
lotpoJ aiih'oihiiT. allbmlienn mlufk- 

inc whiilplH trod, 
Xanftiiu bf nob. W nirn Scamander. 

c.illiL 1'hux KOd 'gunsi tod 
Kiilur'd Ih* licld. iSacida wMain'd ■ 

fovrnt mind 
Toeojie with IIiyics: pau all ihcte. hit 

i]tm\ hirxid iri<Oi»flxl 
To Kim Miri wlih the blood of him. And 

at iKaddcs [impma 

Apollo M Andiba' >0D : but Bm he did 
A moTG thao nninrel iirtiislh la him, ant 

madr Itlni ti«l th' ocoi 
Infusrd &Dmhi»>vTi; Lycuin'a »hap« gave 

ihnw lo hli oddresi. 
(Old riiJLin's tan) and tliui iMt Ipakc : 

'■Thoucounsclloi of Troy, 
Where now fly cnil Ihrue thread Ihal tatt 

put nil our wm in jay 
Ofiliyhtjht with AlactiSaf Thy laiB(lltt 

ontt. »l«!p'd in wioc. 
Duni v:uii)tss much." HeaDswri'd hl«: 

" But why wouldil thoufocllne 
My powcn 'giiintl llial pnnid enemy, and 

gainM my pnm ct heal t 
1 nean not now to bid him blowi : that 

(car KHindl my ntmil. 
That h«rcIofotc disaoaraged me, when after 

he had nucd 
Lyimaiui. and ttrong PvdanB. bii siill 

brenihod fiiry chaied 
Our man from th' Idvan hill, and icl on 

me : but Jove 
Cave itreneih and koets, and bore mc oir, 

thAI boll nul wnlk'd ibova 
This ccBire now but propi by him ; Ml- 

netva't hand (thai hdd 
A licht lu thii h«r farouiiie. whou boamtj 

ihew'd and lumd'd I 

Kii powcn to tpofl) had tuin'd me. Ibr' 

ibcu nan tiMtd b«r cry -. 
■ Kill, kill tbesced of Ulon, kUl lb* Attn 

Mere men Iben must ml fisht wilh hji 

thai Mill hath godi to friend, 
AveiiinE doath on otlnn' dwn^ and 

his BO end 
Hut with liie cndiof men. If God Uka< 

fonoDf m the li)[lil 
Wootd giac my tona, not tuiili oue wing'i 

vSvioty tbeiiU Uthi 



On lb Ftwd *Iw«ldcn^ aer he 'uap^ 
Owofh all of bnM Im bgui> 

akpMibtoM^MMb.' HcNfilled: -Fnir 
Uwia iboM («di of hotu, 

WbomheimpltmuirGniuhe; and his 
A«Me IBM be iUdc ; 

that rdna In Salimine 
fMM MWDoi thgrnmba ; be (leiiTcd oF 

Old N«f«n*' dufbicr beulng bim. Dcu 

tfwn (far bent 0* high. 
Aadth* imweaiini luwlasij^l; noi at- 

Wkh Mily CRxIt|r ea weed), not preof 

ipaiil ■ ihmit.'' 
nil iDcnglhai'il hlni. tad toah be 

nob'd; aoroouldhiiUNOflhMlDellT 
WUlc-wTitucl Judo, MrUtdiini. She 

Of th' Achiv* CKlion c*II'd to b«r, *iid 

nid: " YemmhaTccare. 
Ncpniaa iml PtHaa. tar (he bume ot (fab 

nnpcvtaM war 
Ye mdenake ben. Vccut' ton, bf Pbc»- 

bw btlnc Impdl'd 
Rnw «■ AcUka : inm hia boc^ ta we 

oar MeiMl npbcM 
8t OM e< nt. Let nol ibc ndrtt of 

Be owrdMed. but nalie bim ksow (be 

Snndbdia Hm : and that iha foOs. 

pntecMn tf tbcM toven 
liat fighi aialHi Oma, and «««a bat* 

brofe < a>rcin iB W it povcn. 
Bear oe InportaMe. Aad bcdde*. Ihat all 

v# Moop Doat dmwDi 
Tb «nA tbti fighMbU m IniNir be 10 bk 

By aay TVojui, aor tb^ aid*, while thii 

dM bean (be Ma. 
IteMAct. all ibtan that ai« wnpt In 

Mi tinb^bnad. and ipun 
^hioHk tbMpolu o( time bji raodiet 

lava Urn ata'. 
Ha MB« nMaJn. But IT Repott pcribtm 

■m ibJe ikmIi 
Of all tbli 10 bin, far iba Mlea cf aerae 

lanDcttal MalCi 
Hta^bc fcatMW teiDegodibaVldW 

«■ htol ibat Faia 
MilM Mm W iJnlWer. Tba god*, wbea 

tt^Mpear to mcD. ^ 

I tedmdfnldHn.'^ 

I N«(bD«ia(aidi*-S*«ntfila.UMItaM 

I lM fqar«wi ^""Ir ^ww'lL^ ■*« 

I bmd r«ar rsMoa ; 16 

Wt anul DM ail the bandi of go^ o^ 

odd« b loo asctNina. 
Sii «D bf, la Mmie pluecf hdghi. whcfe 

m may aee (o iScbi, 
And Itavc (he van ot mta (o DMO. Bui W 

Bv m (lom I hence 
Ot Kfan or Pliccbus co(ei figtil, or aflat 

To Tlictls' ion, nol gating frac mj to tda 

omqufrinK ■>(*■ 
TTien ooma tne MaOkt MonrcBcs; «e 

toon ahall ditcntMa 
AtbSIn, and Kod (hem settle 

tbdr abode 
With equally flrNur iBidM^Miifci.'' TUi 

Led lo the tower of UcfcahiL faolll dtcniar 

aad high 
Dy Pallai and ibe Ulani, Gm 6( touiitj 
To Joie'i divine ton* *calnii ibe «bale. (tat 

dmire liiin tiom (ho (bote 
To (h' ampin Add. TheK Neptnoe ma, 

and ail (he god* (hat bote 
The Ombs goixl meaning, coitisg all 

thU meiitka trndeof douib 
Oa (hdr briffai ibocldtfL Th' oppcaed 

godi M Md IB oiber ftaraoda 
On top ef neep Culltwlan. about C'V 

O PBanbw, bnodisher of danv and thine. 

No peu* in cHiM. In (hk uatt, thme 

coda bi cowtdl Hie, 
AB UBceilng pupeeed tgli. lo i>y who 

fim would (IcTale 
Hii beavwilrweafion. Righ-Utioncdjoie 

oted out lo Mt tbem on. 
Said, tB Ibe Gald wM full << two. and that 

ibe canb did graaa 
With feel ot ptnid encounietei^ faum'd 

wftb Ibe am* of mm 
And baibed bme. Two chamciow (or 

Met h) their mIdM. pimarad for bim* ; 

And Vcntt' ton. ffnrai HaX Mepp'd 

ibnaietdtf (Mfatha pnase. 
till b>^ bdm tioddJiv. ud hii braaM 

baiT'd wtib a ihady ihivld, 
And)bookbi»ia*eliD. TliMi' wa did hi* 

CIO Ibe kid. 
Ib« harmrul kinc of bcaMi (lofa 
ihramn'd (o be slam 

B)r all Jbe tamHn ap la artni) M tat 




Picpue RButanoe, but at iut, irhcn my 

QUE htilh led 
Bukl (tiuEO upon hint «i(b his dait. he 

then lunu yawnlns htad. 
Fell niiRcr luhcn in hta Jawt, hit gl««t 

bnit smf b. hii Mini 
UubMb hit BrengUi «p. dda and (Ugh* 

Draddlol with utifia lo leim 
T&dr (Mtn power . liii <tt« iilow, Im man. 

uBiJ In lie Impi lo kill. 
Secure of kiiliiiK ; to hn |Kiw«t Iticn KXitod 

np (o bis Hill 
HatditDiD Achiltt^ coinlag on io mMI 

Aachinet' ton. 
Both nenf. Achtllra Ibui in(|iilrwl ; " Why 

•tiriEl^tl Ihgii Uiui AUmn^ 
l^iou son of Vbqiu t t-UlM tbjr head tu 

diiun^ o( bkHrtwdh mo? 
Sim Troji'l aliola kin^ilum if pn>|iowil ; 

IODIC ono hal't ptomual thm 
Tbv llironc ef Priaai (Or mj life; but 

Priam'* wif is wita. 
And. tor myilaagMcr, no<M oudlomakc 

hit tlitonclliy priiw. 
Viiaai liaih sens lo «t«onil him. h't llicn 

kjinepteoeof bind, (dcloiloiii ha-rd 
Pail riihvn Ht l« wt and fow, iliy 
Ttic lUans olla (or mf ittudt I lio|« Ihal 

jirlM will prove 
Ko esq' connuot. Once. I think, my 

bojj jm^o drow. 
With icsTDr, llioie iliniit;liui from four 

■plecn. tterain'tl i^ou nol iliaiime, 
When ilngle cm ill' Itlaran liiU I took ihcc 

Vfiih Itif ciimi; 
0( tun.inoyJ Ihy omo left? and wlien 

liiKTi ti.iJtl nu imx 
Tluii 1 oouli) tn : Iby knot* bcnA IL and 

tilt tnatit (nr (lal. 11X11 thai raaih, IM, 

lopdi'dto thsair 
(By Icm and l^llu' hdjif, and look (he 

lm> IueIiI from ibe tav. 
Your bidiu bcartng priMnen; boc Jo*« 

and Ih' other godi 
Th™ «aft III"- Vrt Bjiim I hoiT, lliry 

■ill nol Bidd lb«r cdili 
Ts lave Ihy uaou^ u Ihou prcmmea. 

Retire um*. aim nut at 
Tray** Ifcrooe tnme: lly ere thy soul fiim ; 

rook arc vise loo late." 
Ha annvfT'd hint "lt»i<« not Ihai 

ttixili oui child' like tpml)' 
My ■ln>Li>^ii«o(bt«a*t. I veil eoukl i-ptak 

In 1^ IntlMnxy. 
And Ml- >Ji> icimii; but oc Loov Vrcll 

uhal !tMk <u both put out, 
Too Eontlc lo beat fniiB m nide. Out 

iwitna ting sbotf 

The worbfi rouad bosotc. aod by fame 

tlieit dignicin nie bkurn 
To bolh out knti" lilgis, by lieht neitha' 

10 oihct kncwn, 
'niinR u> Rilnc eye*, not Mine to ihint^ 

Fame sound! thy wwl hiniga 
Ptom faiDoiB Ptlaa : ihe ks Bymiti, ikM 

h.iih ibc lovrly urn. 
Tlictlt. thy motbei ; 1 myself alGim mji 

lire to be 
Gnal-soul'd AnchhM: aba Ikat bohls lk« 

l%ipLLiii dciiy. 

Mf ni(;Ilier. And of tl>n« Ikb Usbl It 

now t' cihnlc ihc lets 
For Ihclr lond ianie ; Ibec or foe : chUd- 

nil. unwonhy duia 
Ate not enough to pail our povren : (or If 

thy i|Hrlu want 
Doc ncilnlioD, trdiilnut of (faal dEsert 1 

Toaclupalt ic*U fot my life I'll linciEy 

(Which many will conAim) my nee. ttal,^mnMEidini,' Jo** 
W.u lite lo Dartl;iniu. thiit built Dudanlfti 

lot (he «uib 
0( lucnd llion ipmd nol y«t tbo* Wdt ; 

Ihtne laii-buili halls 
Of dlnnHtiuisiMgnl men, nM ralMd : al 

■h<?n Ri.vir poiniloiia 1 

Ilicrootaflda'lfouMhithlU. Thttjow- 

got l>tnlaRIU J 

Begat king EtiditkonlmL br wcoldi |MdJ 

all compiia {ibooMnd mui^ 

Of litinc mortdi ; In lib Iru ha fed dirau 
All nclfMhC by ihrir tender letla, of «hkll 

taieaan wan bfod 
Dy loAy Bonao, ibeir ttama loved by Un 

a* ih^ isd, 
Ha touk the biav* fatm of a bene thai 

shook an amre teaae. 
Anil sirpi uith llicn. Tbat tietce^tt 

cote b*d pace nmin. ihvy taa 1 
Upon ibctop^yhaof cnm-Mn, aor bent 

ikem iiiy mil : i 

And when the brold bath of Ibc ««• thrff 

'Ilic lupeificies of his irant 1I117 sBd iipo* 

th>it htm* ' 

Not <l>pi>'d in dank >*aal of kb bRHii 

Of BrloMhnMui' loves 
Spranj; Trot, the tang e< Troum. Tn 

Unee yowig petaert bredL m 

llm. lenuiriirtl AMwacB^ and huiiuid 

Oanymvd ^ 

The tiiiiMi youih ef all thai bi«ulioa 

whom, for Ira bnwy't lo<i«. ' 

The EOdadktmrlshioihdr MBi?. w beri 

il« cup to,fa*e. *^ 



Laomedon. Cod- like Lao- 

OM 'nihoA. Priam, dythn;, M«i»JilR 

Aad rampM. GraM Aimitw^ Cap;* 

btgM; and he 
Aa/iUam: Pmce AadtUci, me. KJnf 

hkai, HecMc ve 
tfmng hMk ot ctit htgh tunOj. Tfaiu 

intmuita B«n £iTv DETtli, 
Bol Ion gtn* linae ; he aaKtaenl^ anil 

he knpaiii llie wot\h 
Of aU mm ; aad hit will (heir rale : br, 

iiraaf'K, all «i«wlh aflonli. 
Wb)F (boa ubIdi va. Uka duno, Iha font 

of wWin ¥nth obt nwdiT 
Bufa fntjr pt*e buMM Oat a afaip, 

dnvcn vith a btudnd Oduf^ 
Would ovcrtMftlMn. A ■on'i toogwe b 

iDlnble, and poun 
Wordi OW of all torn cwry wiijr. Siurh 

at voo ifiali 70U bear. 
What u«n noHl w« Tie calunuiics. like 

womea thai will mar 
Tlidr hMffsea oul being once Uucnaod, 

and MriTc for >tiih to (mrt 
(Being on thchwaylibeyiniKlao! bom 

wotA. word* may aten ; 
Pna nniMv not It it roar ttocf, divine 

M lulprun <■; ptooT, M miaa ih.-iU youn. " 

TliiB otaply dal be a*e 
Hb creiit lirati of bb pedtpoe : and 

HiBrply iml away 
A dial Uiai coiubl AcbUlcs' afakb). and 

ninit M it (IM fray 
Tbe son of Tbcti^ hi* lur huid fir- 

IhrtMl^ out hbdiicM. 
Fbr rear the lonitbMD bad ilrivtnlbrawh. 

O fool, la tUak -twoBM^d. 
And nol [11 kaoi* tlic S'^'l'* ^"^ E"'* **"' 

to yirid to loon 
To moi'i poor powcn. Tbe cap* bncc 

lutd only oonquBM won 
Of Mo ptatea, oad ibe Aidd bad fii« ; two 

fOTXed of llB, tWOllRIU. 

One, ( WIS osMre-plw^ of feU : aad 

thai fortade tbe (MM 
Of Aachiiiadca bb l»Ke. Tbm tnu 

Achillea fonh 
Hh knot; thallhrauh tbc firU fold Wiook, 

wlxre bnus of llttln wonh 
Aad no troll proof of UUe* was UhJ : 

lhruu|{1> all wliiA PpKjb nm Iwwi 
llH Iron bMKl, and ifhT it bat nAim body 
iSui M Die cflilti, und there It Muuk, bb 

Kptn th' mIht lalf. 
A«d faoDC ihe klrkU up; which tumd 

down iCoRu pludf-t, to Uda 

Hk bnau ftom prord Uowi. stirunk ap 

louod. and la bb bcary eye 
Wa* nmch ciW ■hadow'J. mudi afnid 

Ibti Vtttn Muck ao nlt^. 
Tbn pninipt Achilla mi him bi, hb 

twonl drew ; and the IwU 
Rungwlihbbvotce. i£acaaDmr,liflBad 

And, altdbtnoied. np be tnaicb'd a two 

mia't uinclh «rMon<^ 
AndeillwrMhiilfeMdor casqiwbewllt 

Nor carfd wbai^ to it tlrook a place ihat 

pal 00 aittt for dealh. 
Bat he (AdiOba taeae *o cEow) lad doubt- 

Idb tunk beaMib 
HbowBdcalb, badMt Kcpniae seen and 

iaUrpcaod tita odda 
Of hb dMne power. UtofaK Ihb to the 

Adktiae t<idt: 
" I i:riitT> (ur ilii* cmi-beaitad man; be 

will be scn( to ticll, 
Rfca inUaMly, Iw l^deuf aon, beiac only 

mcntd todcu 
By rbcebus' wotdt. What fool b be I 

rdizbut nd acvrr moaoi 
To add to bb gnH woidi bb gMtd i^ttti 

ilw luiii ihsn 
Sammoa'd agcanM bim. Aodintal csute 

huh be 10 bold iMn oa 
To oiba9*HdaBta, b« brine <le*r of asy 

AgaluM the Ccielani? ibukfol |^ be 

oA littli given w ua. 
Ijel lit Ibeit qull Mm, awl wJIbdRW Ihb 

combat 1 iorif(li<u 
Achilla ead hiai. Joie will isfe : tinee bit 

ecapelabiie fMhedaie, 

■■ fmpami, }mt ibe pnfoif er UwdanM 
Whooi Jove, BKt all idi aaue. lorail. bccol 

AU iViam't nn b« tetta ; aod tbii druI 

profwgate ibe naoMS 
OfTrajiM. aad ibife tara' toot' Mie, Mall 

&itumUM)d: "Make bee year (ItMue; 

•nvK or In lum dir. 
PaUa and I ban nken taaof, md HMNt 

TbMih' III djqr new than anvtbv qw. 

red wttboQT wntbt, 
Tna kMcd Trey : no. set whca aS ta 

■tiidn] fsc tbc llainet 
Tb^ Ccn-L met, Uowlnir bee kit eoiL" 

'Ihii nutbM< tnrn'd Wieanii 
Kium pitKui nscne. bnl Ibm^h aD lb* 

«biMi^ tpnii be patfd, 
And mne w*ct« bolb wtn coatullis; 

Kboi mnoniVy he <aK 


A milt bcTore AcIiUlcs' cjt«, drew from the 

Hit Unec; <uiil laid it nt bit lr«l ; and Ihen 

took up and held 
Aloft Um li|[Hl Anchtwn' too, who pMt'd, 

with N«ptunc'i loic^ 
Whole otdcn <tf hen>o' bcadt. uid nuuiy 

a. troop of horn 
Lc*pi OTcr, oil iho bounds be retch'd of 

ail Ibi: trrvuni brail, 
Wbncall tbtfOinciim'qiiuitnlsy. Hius, 

lu (rocd from Ibe tall . 
N«ptunn hiiii tJmt Iv iu« th«*t wotil* : 

"AriMis. whowai he 
01 all tliE gcHii. Ihic did to miich neglect 

ifiy Kood jind liic* 
To urge ihy fight wuh Tlictli' mo. who in 

iniintinal ratd 
Li better and mote denr than tbM ? 1 Im- 

nflcr, !at, pait lata. 
H«I1 br thj hi-a<lloiiu hoinv. Wins nmltn 

bold iliOd never near 
Wber* Ik aJvaocclh. But hi* late once 

ntiifitd. then brar 
A ftco and full cull ; no Greek ebe ihnll 

end lliec" ThU ttvMl'd, 
He Icfi hini, god diipottcd Iho cloud, (bat 

all thii an concoil'd 
Flam Tcu'd AehUle* : who again luul ctmt 

liKhi from iti« tliira. 
And, much ttlHlatiiing the acapc^ uid : 

"Oyegodi. mjiii^ cyri 
DiscotCT mmuHia : my Lmoe tubmitled. 

and he gone 
Al whom 1 wnt it with draire of his oon- 

jCncat nirc wm luvcd of hetvsn. I 

thoofibE bit raunt from tbetiM 
Had Bo^d ttwa glory. Let hlia go, no 

■nor* oiqi«rl«K« 
Um tail mind Ions Sm of my tuuidi. he 

tll« them now *o cImt. 
Clirr-- then th« Gmk*. and other* try.' 

Thus mngw) he every wlicre 
The Ureclan oidrn ; every man (of which 

the mmt lookd on 
To He their (re;h lord shnke hit Unee) ho 

Ihiu put chnigc ui^on : 
" Divine Orgelci, stand Mt Una M g»te. 

bul man to nan m^f Inacqually 
Vour several TKloun. ^h a latk Uid too 
On me. leA lo to many meo, one mui 

oppoced lOkU. 
Not Man, immortal And ■ jtod. not war* 

.\ held et «o mudi (Igtn eouid chaar. and 

vnrk It out with bloin. 
Hill tiiu a man may execate, thai all 

lirrito mil rip-ftr. 

And aS their itivneih w th' uimort Bcrwe 

(Ihoucb now I loil tcinc play 
By wnM Mianco mintcJ*) oo motv khall 

bum in Tain the day 
To taj leaal beam. Atl lhi> faoM. 111 

ranuck. and tuTc hope, 
Of all Dot one a^Jln will u^pe. whoever 

^n« »ueh (coin 
To hu adventure, and to imw dates letnpl 

mj nngiy laiwe^" 
Tbu* b« KBdtod. Hector tbon aa much 

ittives to Bdianoc 
The hcam of hii men, addinf Ihrtata, at 

ficming lie would itind 
In combM with jtUodcs: "Gin ter." 

*aid ba, " DO hand 
Of your gnat beam, bme lllan), lor Pe- 

leiu' talking >on. 
I'll (igfit with any god with woidi : bat 

whm (heir ipcjtnput on. 
The woik niiii hUh, tlieiratm^ib cxcenk 

mortality M or. 
And they may make work* crawn tbeir 

wnnli ; which hold) aot in the war 
Achilla makci : hit hudt hare bound* ] . 

Ihls word be iball make good. i 

And leHva atiothn to Iba Gold. His «oist| 

ihnll be wtlhilood 
With lole objection of mytrlf ; tboush iaj 

lih hiuidi he boir 
A rafc like Rrc. though Ate llielt his nf in( 

nngcm wern. 
And bunins sted flew In hi* sttongih.! 

Thus he indlod hi* ; 
And tliey raised lancea, and lo woili wilh 

mixed Oi;iuiaffei; 
And oji ll«w tumour. But the tical it 

Hector, Phtcbu* gave 
This temper : " Da not moeC.~ u!d h^ 

"in any linele bme 
The man thou tfarealcn*st, bui In pre**; 

nod in lhyMrvn|r|fa Impoaeh 
Hit violraee : Ibr, fat on, or nev. tdl 

swotd or dan will reaeh." 
The god's voice made a dlffrronEa k 

Hrctur's ou-n conceit 
Betwiii hii and Aehltles' words, and fui 

tiich onrvivight 
As wTiehd liim batk Into his siien^^ 

and cuib'd bu flying oat. 
Al all threw lieroe i^aailMk and gave | 

homd shout. 
The lirtl, of ail hopul todait, ■asftcNi 

Iphltkn. j 

Suruimtd Ofrynlidr*. whom N*to tt 

waier-nytnph aud« son 
To town.d(*lTORr Oiiynieus. Bcneasl 

lhj< snowy bnt [ha lai' 

or Tmotus. in the waillhy totin nl Ida. I 



Woe tuRf ablf men al am*. He. vmh- 

ing In, took full 
Mida' luce in hii h««il'l mJdM, thai 

rbill iu Im hh tkuU. 
Achllhs kiM« him oDc imKh (miwd, »ikI 

ihu Iniulud then : 
'■ Th'andM<L Otiyntidgi^ llMugbaiira 

the Rrribksi of nKD . 
Thf nee nin>M OnaW Wte, llMn iby 

inhonanoc hy. 
Near llshjr Hyllu and Uw guUt of n«- 

Dm*: bnt ihbditT 
SoBOTcs H 10 Uw Md) of Troy." Tbus 

Idt be night to lebc 
Ifi9clMrd«Tv,IA bsdj taU loeoarMof 

all tbcpMMe, 
WUch Ondaa tMTMbtcfeevlth tlw mains 

mtl'd to their ohkrist wherli. 
Heit (itomgh ibe leinpks) (he bum 

■TW. bl* deadly J«v«UDi(aci* 
Of gi«U-lD-Tro]r Anienor'taea. lenownVl 

A BiigWy toraer of a (idd. H'm overthrow 

Hlppoduaal ; wlio le*pl fnxn hone. anJ. 

MbeAed before 
ASatUtt Ml RinMd taelL. he made fell 

Andftmh tiep(iirdbbB)'in{sout: wtdos 

■ wnuivd htdl, 
^ Neplnie bcousht fo ncnlioe, a tJDOp 

MTDUaKMen onll 
Down M the earth, aad dnc bim round 

•bout the hallnt'd sbon, 
fa pkaM (be >Blay ddiy wllh Snclng 

Ai>d (otthbepoan Ui nCmoK thtoat ; w 

bdtoa'd tbk ditoMtod 
Of i^riw yrea a. *'Ui tha hnalb thai gaw 

Than fwG'd tm m, and In hbeya had 

Doavcalr PonQOve* 
Old Prtam'a M*. whom Im «« aU hit fniil- 

fill pritni' bore. 
And lorlib miHb. betiy dew to Urn, Ibe 


Tri bmm of aDeip«riaaaed blood, to the* 

Hn wm qifoot foe wWcb of all (he Ifly 

«nDb«faeid [hot o( Ibe ftrliC 

Thf ijucnl oiuaa) h« Srr brforc ihc (im 

Eren iill ho Bew c«l bnuli and loiil ; 

' '- -hrouvhlhebacL thelanoe 
C' :|« put ta air, a^ did hb 

a. >d. On hb hneea Ibe poor 

A. . vwh hu lender baodi bit en- 


Qolle ihroueb the «i>k vound, 181a dood 

ntldick udtMh cQooail'd 
Their twlit. aw) aO Ibe woitd Ironi him. 

WbRi Hmor had bthntd 
Ita biothcr tumbled w to fonh. I<b en- 

tmll* itlll in hand, [eimU hr ttaud 
D»h ■oirnw cncmM hii era ; aoi far off 
A miauie longer, bol like flic he biake out 

of the Ihronx, 
Shook hit lonx lanoeUThMto'ioe; and 

Itien came he alon| 
To fred lb' i-nMonier: "O," nkl b^ 

" bat cotnta the hmh that meM 
Of nil ihc wofid dcmop my mind, the 

man by wbora I loM 
Hj dear IWoclnt. Now not lone ib« 

caooked path* otwttf 
Can yield ns any pibv *cnp«a. 'Come. 

keep not ofTioftT, 
Hi; cried lo Hactor, 'make Iba pain «f 

(hy uredaath ai ffaott, 
A» one to ilttperale of hb Me hath r»ion.' ' 

In no tart 
Thii lilKtilnl Ilcftor. who tMtc dOM. and 

niild -. " jCaddct. 
L<n«« ihmfi for ohQilPOi. I ba>e power 

10 thondet calomnic* 
As well as olhsn. and well kaow ihy 

tireosih fupertot fU 
To that my norm hold : but (he |odik 

not nema^ dtCtnnina war. 
And yet for nctwa. there will be faimd a 

itrenfih of power la mine 
To dmc a lance bom* 10 thy Ulle. My 

Innoe ai well ai thine 
Hai2i point and (hatpnwK Mid *iti ifcii.' 

Tnus braftAddoB bit ipear. 
He Ml It IMng ; which a bmih of PiIIm 

back did bear 
From Tbelli' Mm to Kettofi lel/. and at 

Achill«a ui«d no dart, but ckae fitw la : 

and thought to dni 
W(b no itrokM but o( tun dbpilcb. bat, 

<th« with all tB blood 
HeUlKnr'd. Phcbiu deat'd with me, aa 

bane ■ sod, and stood 
i'or Hcctoi'i piaid.aa Pallaidld. /bddea, 

lie rapt bIm ftom Mm. and • deal nf 

much Ni^ht an betweoi 
Hii person and the rotnt o ppaaad. 

Xchiltet then cacWai'd : 
"O K«. vtt mora soda ai« at work. 

AiuUoi hand hath ftamad. 
Dcf ihti iIkni an. thy rocne now; lo 

whom CD pay (be tow* 
Thy nfeiy owes bim, I ihall toil bi thnt 

tbOM but blOBl 




That fti brat in my hmit on ihinr, if iinjr 

^^ rtrrain [mu^l mninuin 

My i:^{^i-ki ftiitDi, In "i-^H um'\ tm -iiigir 

II J Tit '"I oilitt IliniLj. " Thi;n Uiil Iid at 

(Ireiii ]^Itnocll<l^ Pliilcior'i ton ; and 

Ilcj<)p( dlJ Ki"«* 
With tlkr cocounlui. DiuiUnut nniliLtong 

Wtsc Itin' soul. h« hurt'd front lionc ; <d 

une vidorinua 
With hit clnsa wnon!. the otlnf's Ur« bo 

CcnKjua'd BiUi hi* iano^ 
Then fnu, Abim'sson, made in. and 

mai^i u> mpe tbdt chtmce 
Wlib bve nibmluion. Down licCdl, nnd 

!)»/>' ■bout hit knn* 
He would not kill him, but Ulic nilh. as 

one tbal detUntal 
M.ifli- in thai purpoM, beinea man bom 

In the fcti ume you 
Tliai III' hiniulf w.-u, O poor fool, to tiie 

(o htin la brai 
A tulblul mind : hr. wt-S luigNt know, he 

conkl it»l l^tihion Tijin 
In niiii'i tnit moiiVd : he no spirit to 

brocdi itiiu Iniiiim 
In lib hoi 'iity ; lie wjt none of tbose 

Rinonrfiil incn. 
Gentle Aiul nKibli: ; but Rene at nJI timet, 

■ml mill ibrti. 
He stodtr wculd have niMlc b potjer. 

and Mill xt liuiis'd hi* luin 
Ila could not quit bitn : till « inU bis 

vitiTA am tiiln to frre 
Hin rrltL-r'i! kiHTxihnt mndc a wot for his 

White IIVITI bliXld 
lliflt caubcii $iur:h iiiliful nlTixCs i of whldl 

it poiii'il a tlood 
AtKiut Mk tuAnin, wliich il bll'd, nrcn lill 

it droHii'd hti rjr^ 
And nil v.nit (nil d liiin. Konh tticn llcw 

Who ncd t'o^i'd .\iuliiu «fcn to dulh 

*iih hli knjaiu.Ic ti^vr ; 
Oac eu It cniu'd. oiul nnulo gaoi lii^ 

pm to Ih' olhrr mr. 
EdiiTrhis then, ARonorj son, he strook 

bdwlit the brown ; 
When* Lilood w< fim vpon hit (word. That 

oool'd It till tht throes 

Of his then Inbooring bnin t«t oW hi) 

touliobiol Uw, 
And j,'i><- ir^M rriTiy la lilui^ dcalli, I>cu- 

cilion ihoa hitd sl.ilo 
In tlicx mm'* bdngs. wlieie the iicms 

iituot tlwfrltwK koil. 
Down to his h4nd his spcnt't tied pierced, 

uKt brought such pain to It 
Ai led diflib iiiinilr ; whom he taw btfare 

hli LiintiDg cKS ; [to llui off Acs 
And in lili nook fell, with a *tnikr. Iniil un 
Ills held. One of Ihe takr-iuvline bolus, 

thai oil the todibono make, 
Ix:t out hii marruvi wh«o the bad hs, 

helm and all. did lak«, 
And burl*d amongic the lUaas ; the b«dr 

iitrrtch"d on earths 
Ktiif^mos of ftuitful ThtsCG neu fell : 

hn wu ttic lnRiuui trinh 
OrPimi) : i^b belly's midiu the Ueco took. 

whots Kern lotos 
Quit£ cumbltd hmi from diuiot. In tum- 

inK back the horse. 
Tbtjr guldcr Aid jiout itcdved anotha 

That Ibrctr him lo his lord. No end wia 

pni (o the niitcbascB 
AcfaiDo vnier'd. Out « 6r^ M'n la * 

flash fiom beitran, 
loOanxa the Iii|[h wood* of diy lilil*. and 

Willi a storm is dnwn 
Tliraueh nil the st''"' <'c(fn : and iMca^ 

till down Knrsnreiywiiert 
Ttte smotbci'il bill ; so every wajAchSB 

simI his tfwar 
Cooaaauid the cbamiuin. the bladt esnh 

Am'd nlth the nitti In- tofr. 
And look how oiis. yiiknl and drinVK 

about the chculai lloar 
Ofmiini^ fiiii Ittnt, Irtad tuddcnly Ibclhick 

shmves thin Of com. 
And all tlic com oonsuniDd with chaff ; so 

Riii'd Diid ovcrlionie, 
Bcnciih Aci^illFS'unr'-livii'Rlhorae.ibielib^, 

spun, and men Iny irvl. 
Hi* ukvifen and Cluiiol-nliocbi bU 

ijiniifi'd with the I'lood 
Ilurl'd from the sterdi' hixnrt slid iks 

Mnkea. Tliiu. to be nKi)(«iJi«I. 
His picnt inaj»e«ihle band* In btmiafl 
> blood lie drcd. 

THB BKD or TBS TimntEni BOOK. 




In l«o tats TrvT*! kM puftd i llMtiir n 
Om n SoHudH, one lo tlisa, 
PlHWa. Tiidn liadi b> ulc— iNv*. U ad 
la ■ uifc i fcr iwnum u k* (Tiod. 
Ai n wp—« 4kB Iqrhia •■» tend, 
JUa PiiM'iiM, !«>«. Ontlud 
IW ft»d train wlwm AcIwIuIkIiv t«0«<-l. 
VttoM fumm Ui^ uut wiili inirri cunnj 
S^ all Ik* tkuiBlin Md (he ftied CM in. 
CoMonica Iboi dMb d lU (ola iiapin. 
AroA* •• AcHH^ Aa^ 4Mb aay 
AtUbiT Airy, aid, In (jnu m»y, 
Hiia Ub imsc^ nil ihcdKcii « 

Am T)«r IB ibMt anihi hw Mndt Mown. 

tV •• <ll* OtnTtlbtK dMk UpKB 

AKt> now rlwT mcli'il ttw Eoodly McUiBC 

dMmnd 0I the dogd. 
Owl f *»i'«K XaMhuv irhoin Jove nli'd 

whfa hiitBonoinl bood : 
And thtrc Aehlik* deft the bou «f inoa ; 

On XunhBi, Ih' Mber oa llie lawn ; ood 

diM dkl he Impel 
Hw Hflir w.ij Ik* laai da/t nc< pu< 

■II Ibc Gnvki la rniI. 
When Hmioi'i (luy ivlga'd : Ukm itfiir 

Addk* podr'd alioiii 
Tbe •aUUir'il Md. To taj the BlgM. 

SMunia MM bderc 
TMr hiMr tM k Wiiiiil>n( tog ; (nd Uica 

ai(ht't Tioknn) boM 
The Mhc* hair Aall <■ the flood. Tbe 

a«Brr J( id dwp 
Bcotiint ihrm witb a >»'cl>lT CT- the 

bllhnn *ait and ueep 
Roar'd al ihoir aimmn, whicfa the tboia 

did (o«nd aboM i«Muiut : 
"nil aar and iku ibejr ainm, aad ahrkk'it 

aa in thi folb ths; drewn'd. 
And w to) find Mdi Ihmj ttK^ as ibe 

namafiod Uan 
nm uH iMr iWoa^ tUt fat mnnB all 

Fcrtcape Mownw nrigbbeor Soed; M 

HoidMMllNiaa. Ttefdfr flood wHk 

sniad bociv dU <MiBa> 

IVn on (he ifaota the Wonbr Ud and 

kftbb horrid taMK 
Amid* dw f— Brtfa and qiHh>like did 

■ith Ui nraid T^ln-M-n 
Up M the liwo- ; 111 oflUtt looli np IH 

For TitT-i canc«nMau ; «pht wn be 

doubkd iMi OB lUm. 
A moM mnaalr Mlw wia nkdn wtlh 

IbOK Ic pui In Hiruid. 
Ofgroaaaiwd outcries IbcfloodMnh'J, 

lo bv n i^Kh cngond 
With scch bne louU. And as small flib 

ilv Mift-Aoa'd dolphla flgr, 
PiUSae ibt deqi pm la ihe pwK on whote 

doe Micnslb Uxy Uc. 
And ibm he »iraflo*« iliOB Iniboab: to 

hcrt^ to podii JKI h«li* 
Aboiu Ihe Hoiid. tbe ThijMH fled : nnd 

tbrrF mint Iml ihdr mhiIi : 
Erea IIU be lirad hu (Iwchtaraw arm. 

TVriva lair yvung pMaeci then 
He cbtne a< all W Ids allia. to hate ibnn 

fresblf llabi 
Oa Om sum Ktonn da* oT wnak, to- 

B»lnd M (or hb bkod. 
Thcac led he bmblinK fanb tlw Sood, *■ 

(mtf ui ef Ihctr end 
At any hlttd ralw*. Al thdr bindi b« 

Wicb Iheir cnn gMkt wont upoa iheir 

tidb WMd^ and iwlEnM 
Tbrir ptnona to hia MjmBdaai tobMrM 

flM: andbt 
Plunged in tbeilnaM«cala Mtaktawn 

iratkof tiwnljr. 
He mot. (hcsn buing Ibe flood wiA ofl 

hiient of lUcW. (hithealsht 

Imuw, Daidan Pilnn^Ma ; wfaom laidr 
He bid nrprtied, u la • mood at Pitam^ 

TheRcenomuof aaiUGg.Uac^ lomabe 

bim ijMbts M pM 
In naves cd bit new (butoL An ■ Ibt^ 

•tl untbooibl, 
Slolit oa him in AcUte* tlmpt^ who look 

hton thence and btmgbt 
To wdMioili t iiiiiiiiii. idKnf hla 10 

rnni «)ftm. n C^'^t llMn o Ui p om 




Redecoi'd »l high tsle. and t«iii home i' 

Aii^, wlivnc* he- flal, 
And uw n^ain his faihcr'i couit ; «lpitn 

rt.lys Uttl<]1u-rLrl 
Ampiii^^l liih fni'iiilK ; Ihr rvr^nb C<d 

iTiruil Ills h.iplm hpdil ni^Ain 
In I* li.iiula of :-irtii i.1uii:;ilix "ha now 

mint >cncl hitn tlnjn 
To PluM'i conn, and 'gainn hli will 

liim. vrlitD AchiilM knew. 
Nukc<l of hclmH, thicid. »ard, lance (all 

M-hlcb for ««te lie threw 
To emh. bainK otomido wiib iwbK, md 

L-ibour maiyinB 
Hii ftrliff knets] be Uomi'd. and uid : 

"O liRiTcn. a woodroiu ihuiR 
lavadw mliw eye*; thtoe timni. iliai 

EUw (coin Ihc dsik dead quick igaln : 

thli miti Fate mika eiclicw 
Het Uvn ««! Iin)nm, Ha wm Kitd in 

Lcmnos. and the dnp 
Of nil ifai 'mat ihli Ttoy, nnd llux (that 

niAiiy :i muK daiU krrp 
Ftoia bu toved CDUntcjFl bnra not blm. 

Oxne then, he now ilMll luie 
Tb« hswi uT tVliM, and trjr i( ■l>i>'l will 

down a> fail 
Ai other (amines, or kind canh otn any 

Oo til iljf pefwm, who« sitong aims have 

held down Hetciili^L" 
Ilii IhouihU thui Riortd. W'liile he stood 

tiTSi, 10 well be. hcinled. 
Would otlrr fllehl (which tint he llioujihl) 

but when be had dnciled 
He waidewried. and Dl^Iil wm vain, hsu- 

ful, be made mors nich, 
Wllh purpoM to embraoe hit knees, and 

now lonfi'd ninch to lly 
HI* IJadc fiW asd abhorred death bjr 

coming In. Iltifbe 
ObKmd all ihi). unil tip he ntiwd his 

loiuw u he would tlirow : 
And then L)caon cloiw ran In, (ell on hit 

bmU, and look 
Achllks' knees: whow lauac^ on <Mtt) 

now ilald. did owrloek 
Hii Rill-Rim'd bac^ wiih ibini (o Rlut his 

tharp point wlih the blood 
Tliat larMniidr- BaiiluuUiintl.jcMa's 

thlat wlthMood 
to ■**• hit blood ; AchUksT knee In hi* 

one bam) hr knit, 
Hli other hdd the long Unoe hard, and 

would BOi pan wlih It, 
But thus bcMURhi ; " I kin ihjr knees, 

dMne Aadda : [present ih'acotai 
Respewt me. and mi lonunw nia. t i>ow 

Of a poor rappUnnt for thy nth ; and I am 

one that i% 
Wonhr ihy ruth, O Jow'i b^toird, Firil 

hi'Lir my misf-rlT?! 
Fi.*!! Klin .my li^iiiii, 'i<t-M thine, t tailed 

nil niv hread 
By Ihy gilt ifncc ; O ilnce thai hom Ikal 

thv triq^htAl 1^*1 
From fonh ibe tail wood cay sad Toec. br 

bom lay loved alliei. 
To famous I.(Quias, where I focnil an 

hundred oxen's piUe 
To nnke my ntntoni : tor which now I 

thnt» Ibe wonh will raJK. 
This liny moka iwein, Itice I airtT«d \a 

l]km. ni:mv Jaj^ 
EleicB ipenl tKioreiniuffcnince: >f>d now 

a cruel fnle 
Thiust! Rie nipiin into tb; hands, t thonld 

haunt Jo™ wllh haw. 
That wiih such tcl uialij[ni(]r glit* ihcc Mjr 

life a^atn. 
'Ihere were but two of us fw whom Loocboe 

kijfTrr'd iiatn. 

Loorlioe. old Alte's seed; Alte, wboaa 

I'jiUcc ilood 
In lirii:hi of upper Pedasm. nm Sainin' 

sllvcf flood. 
And rulel tliewat-likeLBlr£L Wfacaeweil 

|iu many Dore) 
Khie I'rtam maiiied. and begot ibt god- 
like I'olydore, 
And mo aixuned. Thon sloogliu'dfl 

bim ; and now Ihjr hand on me 
Win pmvo at monaL t tbd think, wh«a 

heti 1 mel with ihee. 
I ooald not scape llice ; jd yive ear, ami 

add |h]r mind la il : 
I told ciTUnh to Iniunair, though ODcdM 

did beicst, 
Yet one womb brouebt not Into Ugtit 

Itectoi thai stew iln (iknit, 
And me. Odo not kill me ilirn, but let 

the wretched eud 
Of Poliidotc ncuK my life. For tialfoue'l 

bemg bred [Is lorfeiled." 

Dfothcn to Hevlor, he (balTI pakL no noiw 

Tlnu M»d he humbly ; but he tieatd, 

with thii Diulere reply : 
" Fool, urge not ruth nor pilee to me. ISU 

lliti Holriunitf. 
ResolTTd on loT ["atroclus' death, pay all 

hU titDi to fjue. 
Till hit death 1 did craoe to Troy, sad 

many Uvea dtdrsie 
At price of mntom ; but none now. of all I 

the brood of Trof, 
(Whoever Jove (bMwi to my hvidt] ittH' 

any bnatli 




ThU drath cui btal oul, ipedallj tlttil 
tondi M Pnam's race. 

Whit taul Ionia sduI Ih^ fiici: ? 
PMraehi* ditd. itot tat pKi'il cboei nay, 

Mietl than not baiAt, 
MjMlf. cvni I, ■ Ua j iinB man, Md 

And. r« tof Itlha Ixiag • kios. a moUiet 

la nsdc wtib goddMMs; Mid jO. vlien 

than bate nanl ih; if nti, 
Dendiwrd » vmI«M a w« must ovoUkc 

9f twSchI, DMnJichl, dar, Irislv-tiooci, 

SM M ht RMA w bu^. a lanoe. or lot! 

Jta afftMT IfaM moM rMdi njr UGb" Thii 

Mid. > lanruiihinf 
IjPCMo'* bwrtlinK UEt Ui kiWM, jit Ml 

Ud ureiigU) I' adifkDM 
BotfalHDd»far>nncTMh« bMd'd. Hii 

fee T«1 ka*ei hi* laoML 
And tDfth hU vKod Sio, vblch he bU la 

IbiiTcnr of a woand 
'DUku itmugb tbc )olntnr« of bb neck ; 

■u Cdl he on the frouod. 
SOiUb'd wWi dcBih'i pnngt. and all th« 
eanh iMbrwd virh liRiriai Uood. 

Thfii pip' iCaCblM hi* heel, vid M Ihc 

Flung. nrtBflng, hi* mpltled cooe. to kx 

fl tiriiR. and loM 
Upon lb* roogb wan^ and Mid : "Go, 

fced fu ibe ilib alih lot* 
Orchr Ml blond; U»y dasn wiD rack thy 

fteca oModi : a>dihtasBie« 
Tl^ aaoiber tmn upon Ihjr bod. D«ep 

Xaalbv on hii wax* 
Shal holie Ukc bnmcij lo a umb, Oul In 

btrboilf bMK 
TV «ea ihall opm. vhem (r«i fiib maf 

kcqxh; huicnl Iratt 
VTttb in; vbite 1*1 ; nnd on the «bvm 

dance al lti)> BeMInc fate, 
Cl*d fn blaik honor, kKstng deta to- 

•conciUe tUM. 
So pcrbh lUaoi. tlU we pluck the t«owi 

al tlion IMIU upcs 

Down 10 her feet jaa flying ttill ; 1 flyiofc 
Ibui in the rear, and <a« iBir Uov* »ee 

(Mk'd vteh nbid bow)* 
Tom jre lOfMbcr. TMt bmvo flood, IfaM 

•EmphM* koiladonn 

• Twmd ■«»iM».<itit> dwr tangle 

infnti4 t* ni *»t- 

Vov diy «tth hii tflTCT sulfi. 10 whom lo 

many balls 
Voar nJ bwb ofTer'd : with blind tn) hli 

MCird uimnl gMi, 
Wkh faniojc diMiais and luynr ; quick ta 

bit pt*/d>roT axl : 
Sluli ncrtl'inK prnlil. IVriih lliFn. |S)I 

(lurll'il dbUh hAih Inlil 
All U the Ril ftel ol RrrriiCE for my iMn 

rnmd : and all 
Wlthvbotn Ibe otocnce of my budi node 

your* a fr$Iivil." 
Thi) qienh rcteu Xaaihus tn<TeniniS'<), 

and tir*Ll7 hii i[>lrtl coiilnid 
For means to thai up the oped Tdn afHoM 

him. and dcTeika 
Hie TMjan* In it fton bM ptapte. In 

mean tjme Ptlan^ ten. 
And oowwllb thai loi^ lance he liht. Ear 

BOTE blood lel upon 
AWeropmu. Ihadactatof Pelecon. aad he 
Of bnHUl-*n«am'd Aihi*, and we dame, o( 

flnt oatMnr 
To aJI (h« dBU(jnt«n thai mio«n'd Ace*a- 

menQl' leal, 
Brifhl Pnibtxa. «hom tbe Rood, ann'd 

thick v»b lofty lood. 
CoinpRM'd. AihtrpandebiMaowtreni, 

Ttwib'R(«i*aD: wfaoiefca 
Stood am'd mttb two dan*, belBg tci on 

by Xanrboi. an^rr^d v) 
Fur lliose yotilhs' bloMi ihcd tn his Uream 

by vengclul llictu' msi 
Wllboul atf mrrcy. Boltiliiis|tnE*t,peM 

Thelides b(«iiD 
With thi* hi^ tjneNlon : " Ot *tM net 

tax ihou ika«darrsl o(ipa*« 
Thy pom to mine thus} cuned woaiba 

they am did diKloae, 
Tbt slood BT aniar.' He lepIM i 

" Whal •naltB thy foiy'i bnl 
Talk, and M«k pcrfigna? tu hence Dm 

atnnotira mi. 
neoolB. My face from bread' 
siream'd f ii!u* nsi ; 
AaniK thai (tnea (nrth punat drink, of aU 

the waMiy loni 
OfcromOccaoBiB^BOlthe EiaoMfor 

hi) spear, 
Pekeonoa. IhM Cithtr'd me; *M ibew 

Pconiao* bare. 
Ann'd *iih Iofi( lanov, hare I bad : and 

bm Ih' clemth Mr Mht 
Shiiitaoaii*«UKe«eebieTdTfo«. CotM 
now. bnm nao. MH *tf^' 
11niiiMkehe.thmKalas; acdto hu 
PdiiUa nude teplr 
Wbh ihakM Pc&u E Ht hk be «ilk i«g 
at on«e M fly. 




For both his bjud) rm deUCfoui. Oae 

janttin Kfoulc Hie tliirid 
Ot ilwlb' ion. but nrook nol Ihrougl] : 

Ilii^ KOlJ, Ciod'i gill. ni>tU<l 
The eNCET point ; tiK oiImt luiiw fell 

llgblly on ilw put 
Of hi* biT righl Mincl'i cu}iil ; fciilh tlii: 

Uaok blooil spun ; lbt< <1ail 
ff**"^^ over, luwnlnti on iiie mrth, and 

llian hit tplem vru •|>mt 
Thoil raii'd the iK-ity. Wi<h which urish 

Achilles Ills Iflaoe tent, 
ThM i|ulH nIm'tL wid iiifu'il UmUTui ic 

th« ttMpHip iboce ; 
Evm to (he BMst il enler'd It. HiRlteU 

thm fiptri-iy boi» 
Upon hi* enemy wlih hlsiwiMil. ItUfoe 

wM (uwing hjird 
To KM hiiHUiw onl; thrice 1>« plurk'J, 

and ihtiMtnre Pduu UkrT*il 
Ki> wiihil cnibion; ihr fiiunh pluck, he 

bair'd and ncani to breali 
The Kilien plant, Iwl. en Ihol act. Ac'iltlei' 

(WDid did chock 
Ills bent pemtr, and brAke out his uul. 

Full in the navti-slead 
He lim'd fab bellv op. and out bis cntrzlls 

fell, wid dead 
Kit bcctthleu body : whmcc hit arms 

Achilles liirvr, nnd ssid : 
"Lie then, nnd prove It dsaigtraus to 

iifl u|) ulvm: hi»d 
Asainit Joi«'t tons, allboush a Hood 

Kaeator to OxB. 
Tlij vaunt* otexl him, but I OMy vannl .1 

higher pedlgice, 
From Jove hlmidll King Pclciu wat ton 

to Xaaia, 
lofstdoliGaentioJoiM^aiid I lo IVIoiu. 
Thuodd^ioiocd Jov« br pnwiH flnoiU. 

that only rnnrmua mite 
With otih and *altr n> thi?7 ran icltb 

Iribute to the scot ; 
And bb ned tbOn cicMdt m !». A 

Oood, a miehlj flood. 
RaCid Dew thee now. bnl wilh do sld ; 

Jo*e looM not be wtthitood. 
King AAdous jrietU lu him. nnd ipcal 

Wbtnce all floods, all the tm, ntl founu, 

nwllj. all dcept tiiimuRRU, 
Fetch their beeiniunn : y«t even be fcan 

JoMfs flam, oodlhie crack 
HiiUnuider tivss^ when out of heav«a It 

Ihuipluck'd be from iheihoceUstanoK 
aoil kn itic wares lo wosN 
The mn'-spriinc rnuaili, abcol «tddb 

Did ihinl, ri-iiiliblr jU the fd HlHdi liU 

WTrl li'lnry^hid 
Tliii (ot liinucll , now lohiimen. IheweS- 

rule l^iuni^ did 
Ilis raice ooniend : all which cold kai 

sliodk Inln lltghl, lo aec 
ThrircKpt^iia sliLin : M wliosc mnied tij^, 

as much entflged lleir he. 
And then fell all Ihoi^ Thtailin. Uyiion, 

GleM Ophclcsua, £alaa. Mncm, llicr- 

And on tb«M nrnn^rnote hod EalTa, antes 

the angrj flood 
find t<>ob Ilia finre of a man, and la a 

Mtiirlpii tiood, 
Tliui spatkine to JBaiiiim : " Vau alL 

pmrer feeds thy wilL 
'Ibou met erandchlkl of Auitt, and put 

nif, th' ait in iD, 
And Eodt Ihensdim oonredcnia; 

lore, ibc bcsl oCgodt. 
All Jralhs cfraa litre, all placs nOL 

my ihora pertodt 
To all tUorc scivieB. In Om fidd lot '■ 

fl«ld-ncls ran hinh. 
Not in my WDlcn. &!y tweet Itrenms < 

wilh innriiiliEy 
Of men ilain fcr thee, CtfDuas «o f Ini* 

me, that I Inil [uill *i>^ 

To pour into the Ktcred Mn my vnvei ; ytt 
ITiy cruel forces. Ceaie, atnatesAcctt 1 

with ihy nfr, 
Pnnce of lie proi>le.~ Tie n^ioJ : ' 

thy conimimd Bauiace. 
Gulf-Iril Sixtiniiiiilrr. myfnw wrnlli? 

nervr laaie punued 
P^jud Ition's tkughlcRi, till thithwd 

her liJed walls oonclude 
llci llylns forces, ondhnth tried hi 1 

figlit the chaiicc 
Of war vnih Hector ; whose ercnt 

turk death thnll advance 
One uF cHir conquests." Thus iCi" In I 

a Fuirflew 
Upon the Trojaot ; when (he flood tiil 1 

pbini did punue 
To bright ApolloL tcUIng him he wai 14 

Of Jove's high choree : Inpottonlng ' 

at) meant TcttetDcnE 
His help of Tror till lalest Bmshould 1 

blaick (hodompOMr 
OaEsnb'*bi«adbi««U. laaBUsi 

AcUUei jet from shore 


I«f« IoUhbUH. TbcBlwcirilhliiisvc^ 

ihcn nii^Bl. Ihoi botTd nfim 
Afarntt Aul^iHr*. Up Am iB, sad nil Ifa« 

bnlW (tain 
Ik kit Mt ietfa (of atiMi Ibe heap* aada 

faridjiei lo hli unn*) 
KcbdchdoM. noriaic afcc ■ boll. Thv 

untlaln jd be atmt 
la Ml tiladc vUitinu mm ucI deep. A 

hotrld billiMr Hood 
Aboui AdiUn. Oa Us shield the violcoce 

of tbs flood 
BeM 10. k dam him ba«k. kikI look his 

Itei ^1 : hb blr jalm 
Bnfcrcnl M wtch inio hb tiftj a bnxid 

WhowtDMSMMt'd up with lici hold, nnd 

■on op an Ikt (boK. 
Wlik ibjs then be ncdTd Ite w**c*, and 

ihow ihlck »^ it hora 
Henudcabrtilec tobawUmolf; (Coiall 

(cfl In) wfcen be 
RffthframlhadnnDeldiiTwNiTiMlC The 

R<pn IM grtat spirit.* nnd tnaitR him add 

■tt£i (a hb SHiftoit feci. 
Ami utdd Ibe Uod. AaA y<t nol thne 

lb« flood Idt hb Minu. 
Dm tlmM bis UUomAer hin, nod libck'd 

Tbvatahinfcar. gadflrhlichancr. and 

tM (be brood Add cm 
Fof Traj to mpn in. K« ipctui; out a 

dan's casi, tM came on 
Afia wHb • Ndoufakd fane Ai irfien 

And sCrotic'M or nil fowlt, Jove's bhck 

hawk, ibe htionnH. tie- ■,<■ upon 
A Bmch lowd quiTT : >o <li.iii,ti he ; his 

anns with hosnx rueg 
Apinst ihe bUik unTOL Vol a^n be 

was so ntpa, hefluns 
nil budjr (nun llm flixxl, and Bed : and 

alia him >(i1b 
The waves Aew totaitig. Ai • man that 

finds a valcr-vrin. 
And fraai some blatk fcawlistobifai; Us 

■traaax throa(.-ti pbnH ami ptna, 
Ooa wlib bij nuiMch. and all dwckK m( 

lo Ma coune. Rvons : 
Wfctn Ota rma fraHjr. Uadcr it the ptUilei 

AwL wlicn li Siii% a &a. tuns tmitt : »or 

caa ilK iMCkt lU} 

■ N«ta (k eBiainanI kckhl sad kMstd 

tUi cnmnt thfs, bofore hiniH-tT foil puod 

tl muimutioB ; [>.iiiU)[c won ; 

Sn ^ ,\chilU-s r>vrTnorr t)»r Mhjcii; ^.al 
TlMnsh moil ddmH. p>it an uill alioiw 

Ibe lowcn of ncn. 
A* oft I* th' nbia cnl-ISkc mao cn- 

dnvour'd to BiiBUiTa 
Hit diHige on than thai fccpt tlic tlood 

(aad cbarcnl as be wvuld in 
[f all (be emu bihnUthig ilie umaA im- 

Conid daunt hb >^) m otl luH. the 

Hide •m.ra ebargol bbn rouml. 

hi* strength and rM wotiXI ti.-ni'd 
Uptothe tioeali, vcrdlaiouL Andnow 

liw rplirtntfit Hoed 
Mode fnlni hs kncis ; so oivtiliitait his 

imvct wai: tbtj vlihnood 
All lb* d<-nin1 ihKil, uhicll lir nish'd ! nad 

now W13 Inio to (ly. 
Cati'nc his cfet to thai btoid hta/ita, Ibot 

loM ha tonK*d to Itr, 
AsdMid: -OJoH. hownmlkni No 

god Tonchaafes to free 
k(c, ■boalUc mas. Help aow. aad aftar 

torture me 
With aaj' tmriair. Would 10 bfavra, 

llcoot, ihe mi£hil«i 
Urol in this n^toD, had Imteucd Ut)a*elhl 

in my bp»)t, 
Thiit aining night kS br sttoog. Wbme 

now Milt *8MT> lUIBtf 

Mini Bik* a* dmlb bhtih, otMi hciWB- 

bom, shallllkeahophnddte. 
Drowa'd in a dinj lonenl'a ttfe. Vrt 

none of jtia in liearns 
I fcitnw tot thii. but the alooa br whom 

thit life wan Ki"") 
TTwlifoW nuut Jx IbBi^ SkwChU Mill 

<lcludc me with bcr tA% 
Affitminc Phetfaoi* ihaAi sImmiM end wtlbin 

Mr cunwd beglBoAu.' !■ tUs Mtaii, 

Neptune sM Paus flew 
Tb feich hbn oC In *ai'* shapei boib 

d«B> i« hi| Jingr Oiew. 
Amt laUnK bolh both hands, Ibns spake 

tbc thakct of the waU t 
" raWea, do not stir a foot, doi thtac 

•avcs proodlT enrl'd 
Ag>l(at rtijr bold InMi. fear a >ot : thou 

bait w Wo Onbktii*. 
Ntfituae lAd n«lla& Jowe himHtf ap- 

pro«fa« tb' aid *c Ind. 
-Hi notUic a* thou (cir-«i vlthbtf; »h* 

I will aol at* ihM drown'd. 
TUs helehl lAall toon down. Ibloe twn 
«a doM »e i< srt acnuod. 



Dc niW Ilicn. wr'11 lulrii* Itiec wtll ; l«k« 

ixit iliy liAnd nw.-iy ^( qui lay 

FrtiiQ putime nil, IndlflerfiKlr, fa ftll thai 

Upon ilic Tiiij.iiii, tjU ilirw-.>1l>of hiuiKtily 

C«ni;lude all la k dnptmic niglii. And 

wim rlina hau v^ j;ono 
Thr !ou1 of llwioc, turn lo fleet; our 

haneb (tutl planl a vnalli 
Of endlria jloiy on thj btowi." Thus to 

the free Irom Ueaih 
Daih made ratnat. He. much icnprll'il liy 

cliKiin ths Bodlisadi canr. 
The field, ibu now WM oancomc wllh 

miiny a. boundlua wavn. 
He ovrrcamB. On ihoir vjld breaiU they 

Coa'd the MKMaa. 
And tuat. of maov n alaushtct'd loan. 

And DOir the iHnged knee* 
0( Ihll neat caplain lure atofl ; agaiiMl 

the flood tirnici 
With (iin ucault ; hot contd ihai god 

mRkeihhnk hisieacnnl iliiKha. 
Nor hliRBik tb* Hood. but. lu hii for 

Kit* powerAiI, he m» mad. 
Tlinul up a bllliMir to liie iky, aud crystal 

SmiiiU baiiv 
To liii aniti.ince : "SImoli, ho, brolhcr." 

out tie crttd, 
" Come, aild ihy tiirrmi, and miil llm 

niHn hitU di-ifiFd. 
Or llton he wilt pull duwn tmlght ; the 

Tnij^n\ c:annoC stacd 
A minute \ons;ri. Come, tatiu, and In- 

stanily Ceiuimiind 
All fiiiiTitn'm) in tby rale to rise, oil lonenN 

to mikc In, 
Anil stiilT Illy hillow* : wtih vrhar: hflghl. 

rnj^ndct such a din, 
Wllh trrei Uim up and jimtlin);; Monet, At 

to immam a man 
May ihrink bcnouh m ; wliow pcnrar 

itiHvea do my power all il can ; 
He dam Ihlnct niter (or a god. But, 

nor hl» fonn. nor force. 
Nof cloriocu artnt shall profit it : all 

Whieh, and biidead tone. 
I TOW to loU up In my wadi, luf, bury In 

Nay. In iho Toiy *inki of Troy, <h«i, 

pour'd m<o my flood, 
ShtUI tniikr hint drovrninif work enough ; 

and, brins droMtn'd, I U xl 
A tan of such tiioRG filth on tum. thai 

GniMe ih.ill neier nrt 
Hli bona from It. 'rhcre, thcte iliall 

itand AchiilaT Mpulchrv, 
Asdaava ■ boriat fortilt blendt." Hit 
liiiydlil tTButtcr 

llu high ndged UUowi on the pnnoe, root* 

iiiK mllb blood and (Mm 
And oroniM. The crtmion Mironi dkl 

malth MiIO hif womb 
SiiT|iTiviI Achiltui ; and Im lielghl Uood, 

Ix'Ul up by thr hnnd 
Of Jure tiiintclf. 'Itten Juno Tried, and 

enH'il (lo conntemMjid 

Ttiit waieiy Deiiv) the god that hold* 

tomniand In Are, 
Afraid Um Ibac sulf-ttomaiDh'd 6oad 

would mtlaie hit ddlre 
On tf^'M AcUillet: "Mulcllitr, Ply bail 

lov'dson I" ibe cried, 
"Rome thee, lor all the eodi oonwl w 

thil flood Ihui amiiillicd 

b mitcdai thee. twdtnevtaslfUt wmm 

would drown the iky, 
And piii out all tba ^bai of fire. Dafla 

help thy empety. 
Light llamei deqi ai hti piti. Ouitdf lb* 

Wnl wind and the South 
VVm oil out of (be Mt. and breatbe In 

Bther't futl'«hai)[«l mouth 
A sloim i' eniage thy fire* 'jalnit TWiy ; 

which ihall (la one exhainl) 
Rlovf II;inir« of (weat about their t«aws. 

and moke their aimonn Mold. 
Co tliiiu then. and. 'gAiniil thcie windi 

riv, mnkc soik on Xanibu*' ihore. 
Wlib >eiiiDg all hb irecaon Itr^ lAd in lit* 

ovrn brca4t pour 
Aferrar that thaD make It bom; nor let 

Inirwoidaor ihrcati [thclic-.'iri 

Aven thy fury ifU I ipcak. and (bn nibduc 
Of all ihy UaMa." Mnkfber pnfusod a 

mlghtv lln, 
FliM in till) firld ii3«d; burning op (be 

bodies ihit the lie 
Of peal AchiUrii nit of toula; theqnttv- 

drown'd field U dried. 
AdtI shiMnk the Hood vp. And an Stkli^ 

that have ban long time cloy'd 
With cstchinc weather, when their com 

Ilea on (he ffrnl htap. 
Arr Willi a coQiiont north-Hind iliint. irlth 

which for eomlbn leap 
Tlic'ii l>enn« that Mnr'd Ihcm ; to Ihii field 

WIS dried, the boUlCT bnni'd. r 

And eren Ihe Hood into % firs M biicht at 

dqr wa Itim'd. 
Elm. willow*, tamuMlm, irete InlUmod ; 

the lote-ireta. acB-craM tttia. 
And niibei, vith Ihe f(a]lii;alc lOoB. ft 

which abuodonce brecdt 
About ihp twirl Hood, all were 6ni ; Itei 

Ittidlng fiihcs dew 
Uplntrib in iUmei: the |[T0t(llIn( «tll1 

crept npnct" : allaUcfailew 





WBtVakan'imcoMcdivMt Tlieaood 

cut oftllanie 
Cikd 10 him : " Cam, O Hulcibcr, mo 

Thy aaMtikM irlttat ; oor vouli] I, ttncs 

Ihou ut ttaia bol. itriiv. 
Ceue lb«n tby stiire ; M Tbeib' un. wiih 

nil itrf vrab'il hxtie. itrivr 
Em lo ibeir gata tbcM lluni. WIuu 

uaobMh mcibdi aid. 
OtIbilCSMmlKnr Tkis in HunMCiie 

tMnlnK Rlvcf pny'd. 
Aod M a «aUn>i, widopM wiili tton of 

Km. aad vrxirtit 
WkbbofUngofawdlJedbnwn, uplopt 

hi vaimakA. 
Datiiu of ten wood lUglnK It. and speed- 

Ins llanin iipacb 
TBI ^ the aUnm bt «ogiit (liih ■ oon- 

Mating blue : 
So romd lh« Aood bqni*'! ; and m toil 

Us svcM and wttuRd iimn». 
Hot oovU tow bnh, bound in ibe fuma 

otVukan'* limTtminu: 
Who. Ibea act Bond, hli maibs's mlb 

by all bb mcom he cniipti. 
And iik'd, why Vulcaa thould iatsdo and 

so loraKni hts mR« 
PaM olbar Maodt? whca hix otknet tMt 

not lo »otb dren^ 
At ihM o( Mbet Rodi rot Troy ; and thai 

kimMlt oouH tire 
Her vtalli toil, if she wtn plKurd ^ and 

pair'd her, Itui ber ion 
Mlsni be nAecttd : aildji>|[ tlii«. (Iimi Ik 

weald Mc'tt be von 
ItobltokMpofflbe nilnoulday, In which 

alT Ttay ihonid bwn. 
Find by UM Gndan*. TUs vow beard. 

riMcfaMfad bcrsoa to tare 
His btry tpirtu to Ibdr bomn, and Mid it 

«M not Bt p^ulcan did remtl 

A pMl sboaU raflrer aa for nwn. Then 
His so UDWfaswred *ioleBce, and back the 

Ran t« hli channel- Ikw llxsa K^dt she 

^Hle Mends; ih* otbet flood 
Al avtihtydUSmaoa; bMb aides lan lo- 

geiber widt • Maad^ 
"nal ortb tMoandcd. and steal bcaven 

about did inmbound. 
Imc heard k, ntiioK c« hli bill, and 

Un(h'd to see the cods 
DotUe lo tma 6k& tam mca ; a«id. h« 

pleaatd BKb ibeIr od4(, 
Tlwr »>> •< fmty. Of ihcro atl, Ibvmp- 

budckt Han bwiB. 
And ai MIscrva ■*(& a lanoe of brasa be 

headlong taa. 


Tbcie *ll« words utlictine hi) klowi: 

"TboudoK'Sy, wbal's the ouhc 
Tbou uakca ndt i|ht Ihui? tbr bufB 

haul bnals all uur pianful Ian 
With thy ioaatlalo ibamckaikess. Hc- 

fDcmbif'si tbou the hour 
When DIomfd tluutrMl iii«, and by ihee, 

and Utoa wilh all l^y powct 
Took'il lance Uiiulf. aiid, in a.11 uithu. 

ruihd on niD uiih a uoundf 
Now icnKHinM (alU on thee tar all." 

This laid. Ihe shield frinccd tound 

\V\ih GghuoB addcn. bonte bjjO'K, ihai 

not to thunder yitiiK 
H« ctupt hi> luo* on ; and tUs gad, Ibal 

wiihlfae blood <dfteldt 
Polluifs hii itodhead, Ibal shield pieiccd, 

Hfic] b»ri thi* iirnwd MajfL 
Dul liuk ihc lupi. and uUh bit sOotlf 

kind rspt a h^e Mone. bid 
AbiivR the chaiDpiiD. black and sfcaip. 

ilui did In old ilnw baoak 
Pattlllons (o Bua'a lands ; and lliM dw 

dusled in tha oack 
Of that Impetuous cbaUmccr. Do«i to 

(he eanti he iHsy'd, Hint nil Ixny'd 
And omlaid Btita acta' iiad. Hk b>iil 
Wllfa dolt and blood mls'd i aad tai atms 

rung uui. Minnta laugh'd. 
And Ibai insuli«d : " O ibou tod. yea basl 

Ihou not bten tau|[lit 
To koaw Biins nniiiFDcc^ tby stnngih 

opficaaU llioa lo mine ? 
So pay thy noihri'k funis thtn. itbo fot 

thrar aids of Ih'ap. 
(£vetaffo«ded pn|uiod Tioy, Urcocc ever 

Idt) lake* (pla«n. 
And vows that mtsdiieC' Tluti ifae turn'd 

hcT blue era. ohcn Love's Quiwn 
Ihc hltiid of Mais look, and fnon nulb 

laiMd Mm wbb U>i(k4rawii bnath. 
lUisplilcsiMlyeifNapapla. Bulftooi 

IDC ptaaacd death 
Kind Aphrodite* was his gi^de. Which 

JniM sednc. enlilnt'd : 
"Pallat, Me; Man is bdp'd from firidl 

Dot-fly, hb tnde Mnrue named 
Tbjsdt CTta now ; but tbt« bn love, ibal 

doc-fly, «iU not leave Jdld teceiva 
HetoldooMen. Uponher,fly. Minerva 
This eicitaiiaa joyfiilly. and al tba Cy 

ptua flew, la blow that oi^nbvw 
SiRMk with bo haid band bet wfi broait. 
Both bcr aad Mais ; aad tboe both by 

Ufether in broad teld. 
Wbca Ibns she Mnmph'd : "So lie all. 

■fast any soccouis yMd 






To these fobe Trajuu 'cuinM lh« Oteika : 

wboldiuid tMtltenl 
4« Vcmu, shnnniBC thuga at me ; and no 

IcM ImpQlait 
Bt all ihcir aUt. Ibiin hen l» Man. So 

ihox «ork waalil )« mkic 
In 01W dcpopulailni; JYoy. ihis hudint to 

0(>ll«aRh'>dli«.'' Althnotkh, wliiti^- 

wruDol Juno nnlleft. [po>n( of ticM. 
Nbh NliiIudc mill Apollo itood ujion ibc 
And lbu» ipato Nqi'iior ■ '" ITirttjus 1 

oome ; Mity at f he Iuicf's end 
SiiL-'iJ DC Iwii l)iui? ThU! lie a ihome, 

Sol lu to nyamnd 
Jow*i Koldcn horac. bclne thus In field ; 

niiii nut M liKht. B^Cii : 
For 'tit no Gncrful wotk for inc ; lliuu 

liasl I he younger chla. 

I ohler ■■«] know inoiv. O rn-il 1 wlial a 

foiKcriul iKWt 
^liou bctf*!! aboot Ihce, lo slttnd here, 

pntti lo Uifc« Ih' Ili.-in put. 
And llfiht wiih mel Korjeir'sl (liou ihi.-n. 

iihHl an lira, vrealoiie 
OI nil lb* Eodt. I<n«i uiffn'il >i<rrf, wlicn 

pIDUd LAOnicdna 
En)ux d our ifiiii« a nliole jcv. (or our 

Jow in Ills ivsy vould httt il m ; and in 

tluil ;nir 1 leni'd 
Thn hnwl hnm wall ahool (liii ton, 

Ihni (bclKi; 1 work of (nine) 

II might Ik ^ '-ijHigBabk. ThU Mnico 

liini U.I 1 1 1 line. 
In IdiL. (hill tu Bianj hllb and enit'd-hcoil 

Iiimti ciewn, 
To TtTcd bit own. cnokod'Shjiiik'd, and 

hntilid like itie nooo. 
Bui mbtci ilie mnch'joy-hnnelni; hmn 

lfroit;;ht letm fur our rcWTinl. 
TliL- i«nilili: Idiimoluu diidnin'd tu bolh. 

ami icand 
Our blfih dcscrrbigi. not alone to hold out 

funinlinl frr. 
But env m ihnuii tno. lUndt nnd r«rt 

he ivorc to fciin ih™. 
And kII iIkc u ailln;, ili>iiiiha'dfarhenc« 

lo (nRi|Ri ilia. 
Haj Riotv. he wotdd han bolk our rAn. 

Iln vonr'abRaeli, and nrnlpi. 
titdf iia pari uiRrv uilh lilm Ihcn ; and 

ilwi thou sntlulBle now 
Such a kifllC* whjrcli? or •nHh in not 

ilfcirdsKUClKin nnr. 
liven iJtlirirrh.i"eviKiiliiniJlhHrbnl)C»J" 

Mc niKuit'il lie ii>it;)ii hold 
UI» wliiloni liiil<>. If BUb blm. a n^^. (ut 

liirn be wciakl 


Mnlnlain coD(*nl}0B ; wnKhni nts (hi 

Rourlih for ■ Ume 
Like iRtTTX. eat some of Out otrlh rielib^ 

nnil i^va eanh in thdr {irrinii 
Their whole •r^lns for It. QukUr ■'■^n. 

lei ui llf ^hl lue Ihcm. 
Not ihrw il ol^r'd. ihcRiMlvcB bear 
oil! thdr (mill citrcnic " 
T1k»« ht n'Tlrrd. .nnd E«;ir'd to eh^nfv 
t«}oui with ha tiriclo s Ti-indv ; 
Hi* iliicr ihcBrlofT th"l hini mut^. 

|*cKld(7ia thji cijmnmnlr 
In simn of buniiAc. and thui make: 

" ttial [hou. xnd leavoi the faM 
To Neptune's gUitj, nml i>u blow^f O 

looi. why dni (hou wield 
TTty iJtv bow? no canrc aj can ihdi 

hi-o ibee raunt in tkiot 
Otta lo meet Nepiuoe. Inl I'll Mil thy 
ctiwEinrK tnniEUit kl fid." 
He nntuvt'd nothinfl : jrt Jo*e'» wife 
could pui on no mCh retiu. 
But tfiHfci- thin loovljr ; " How dual Ihoa^ 

dciR. vliotn no tear ftmuins, 
I£ncijiiriii-i' iiief 'twill looTC a maleh of 

h.tnl nondirion. 
TlKiu^h Ihe rivM Iju\j of Ibe Unr Mtd 

|ow halt] wt tlier down 
Pm lion of thy m, oidi (ift lo ihM^hwr 

niiy dome 
Tlij- pTuuiI wiU cnvkti ; rrt vonr ill ma 

will prov« Ih' hndu briter tame 
Wild lion u^ hilli than thetn. But if 

Ibit iiaaSon nat* 
Yet under tuditaent is ihy itioushtt, 

Ihai ;liy tiiriiil eoncnta. 
in make (hee know il," Sttddeidy 

her lell hand the taleh'd 
Boili Ctinhia'i pdm*. loofc'-l fa jp M I 

nnd with hel richt ihe HratohV 
From liiri tall iluni'.Ocn her ifdl bO«. an 

lnii{:hini:. lu) it on 
About her tan, wad ercij way her t 

H^ml u|K:n, 
TiQ all ber atronn lauiei'd ouL her qniii 

cn>|itiL-d <|iilie. 
And la n ihrir, lb»t, llyinsahairk. lalntl 

tome rodt her flighL 
And ill Im hiiiluw btriin littt nfe. hrrtK 

n<il y«l lo dM : 
So fled ihc moumlaj. and ber bow 

iht-rc- Tlwn Mcrcoiy 
111* onxnte ihia undertook: 

M no h;ind [duogcruRi | 

Will I bKk rombit- Tn a wo 
Al ilHli.n.-ncie wMh Ihi- «rrr» of Ja 

lliEi'iruit, fr»i^^ rtiun! 
AittM^.t llui dciliet. Ill' loK tiibilacil, i 
ciiiic Ihy comboijail 



yUd will) fh^ power.' Sbc oaswv'd 
not. Ihii EttlKi'd up (he bow 
JAai 4u>ftt (nU'ii ItatB hn (Ua(Iiln'i Me, 
Rtliinc- Up did ICO 

Kt&a loJOM'iluirr'""- '■'* <acutni|iiieil 

TrcOibUag ibom ha, to the sbogk. 

Pba-liu*. Im Tnif ihnuU foil 
Bcfatc ho fair, flew u> ker walk; (ho 

ixhcr ddtks flew 
Up to Olympoak HKiic i'iii:ii;cd, khdc (lad. 

Adutls stew 
BmIi bkii nal luxte uT lliun. And M a 

cilf &tnl 
Casu ^1 ■ Iwal Ihu puiptc* bcaTcti. 

daneun wu) UiHdU eipiMd 
!■ «ii«(]r CDtwr, tgtl lo oH, to many 

WkNh tn Ih' inonuad fodt Itt bB; 

AchUla (o Id fljr 
Rac* ux <b« TtoiMN, loib tud iWidk* a* 

much br hini Impoaed. 
Old I'liMn Ui lib UHKol toBCTMood. Mid 

Of lui (oncd pror^. nU m tout, ood nel a 

iiir^ Rtsra'd 
Bf Hal rcNUaac*. tlitcriBtaw in whalii 

Ni]f tnini'd 
TIM *eo e( I^feui. >od doaa irtnt vorpiitg 

■ frara liw tow«i 

H^o lU Ibe pon-siunli uid tbdrchlcb Cold 
BF cj bit llylnv jKiaiT. 

■ ' CtmunaiidinK tn' opcniDf: of ilu poni. tnit 
■^ tio( to Im lh<tr hnndi 

Stir bom (boa ; lot dCmoKki would |Hiu( in 

wlili hit bimlifc 
" Uutructlon como^ O (hul thcoi ttnul, 

•ib-m vc HQ im," bo fony'd. 
" Fox not oar walli t lui will <hrck lUi 

tjoknl nmn." Thtanld. 
Off lihrd tliiT the buv tl« |io(l» baled 

ofKD. nnd they gave 
Sdetj ber Dnny w1ifi the bou ; vbkh yet 

ihty oonM not ni« 
Had ikM Apolh) lalUal OM, Md Uiook 

EIrwcIx br AcUta fn Iholr nedo, back ; 

wbca tbcr ilgtil wpon 
TV pom bow an, diy. diniy. siimt ; and 

on ilidr >hauUm r>xla 
RatM AcMBa wlih his tencc, ufl gtorr 

Tte« prtdi'i! hti fury. Then the Gtocki 

b":' ' ""Ml 
llad '• ■■'.■I Apglb Kirr'd Anic- 

Bu. - .^ .u«. 

Dirioe Aitmur, and cut in ua Biidi:nakin|[ 

Hiirti (lo rtn*itlhcn w. 

To liu bold hotota, and limiK^ »uod \if 

And Imp the heavy haad of deMh from 

bnakin^ In. 'liw goA 
Sfoad by him, lamioic on n beech, and 

roviTi'd bu abode 
Wuh o^bl-llkc datkncw : ytt for aU dw 

ipirii brlnipirad. 
Wbfn dui (icat dij-nKf** fene bf* 

lhui>i:bu iirook, bo iMhnt, 
Stood, and went «n : a woiM of doabu 

Utn rnilinK ia hb way ; 
Wbrn. anipy widi hiaiwtf. be laU : 

- Why luHa I tfan May 
lu ihft w iifDne need l» bo oa ^ If. like 

■be fBt, I fly. 
Tb ha bcM wcapos lo gh* diaee, bdnK 

Like M a oowanl. If I ttuid. I Ml too. 

Tboe two way! 
PkoM ool my puipoaa ; 1 wauU hte, 

Ulul If I Hllkt thCM 
Sbll to be TOiiod. and, mv tect affonline 

iunbrtleni^, ftyl^ui ftnriiKin 

l>XM aU Iboe ttUs o( TUon. liD ld<it 
Aad I'lvii hirii:hii *hroud me, and al l;>i-a 

nliaS me In Ikic ionl. 
And Inru lu llioa? O iny Mo), why 

dre«n*il ibcm la th« blood 
Of these dlKuimea ? It tbu ooiine. dial 

talk* «r fimba fll|tl<t. 
I sjn my tseti hat fni more swiQ luve 

more odd). Ucl be lighl 
Of that njLH, I pRU leui 1 fci pant, and 

Itngih of pan. bit ihli-tM 
Win tuad out all men. M«cl hlln Ukd ; 

my (ttri balfa racollin 
or power lo fienx hm -. hb tnai bmul 

liul one MttI lioldi. and that 
Dsuh ciaiaa ha lislii in, aU nicu kiy ; 

biu he hoU) tpKcini Male 
la Joic'a bi)^ baio(!r : thal'i put man, 

Ibu iTt^ry w;iy wili hold ; 
And tkoi Mvot all wm nny w^," TUi 

but hovt nuule hkD bcU 
To uand Ai^iilc*. atd Uirt'A up a mi^j 

mind 10 bknn. 
And aa a panibcr. hnbic beard ibe 

houndi' trail, doKi divkiae 
Het fredthtl foichcad. and eiatn koih 

tiom out tnniG dntpinvan wvnd 
To VJ wtial lUencIb daro bet abroad ; 

and abMi bet fieiy Iilrnl 
Tb< bouadi turn liinrfVil. no qeiadi 

KITO of toic lo U'e or i(iM. 
Tliuui;h ilniuk. IhiniKb tiiuadnl, INc«;h 

quite throofili iIh< (rrlt the naintiJ, 
■ :■> till tlic mia'i il>if iiit-nflb >lir in. i, 

or Urrwi e^iitb slth kn dun. 
Sbe ptili hn unmKiIi ast; toU ^md «3b 

braTc A^enur') bmit. 



Aod till Achilln h« ha<l (irovtd, bq 

Ikouahls, Eio drcds. aoa urn'd 
His fixM toot. To tin bnwil brcui his 

lotuu) thitlil hg prtfiii'd. 
Adil up hh ann nm wiih hli Aim, bix 

Toics oul wlih thii cry : 
" Tby hope is too ktbii. Pticus' ton. Ihi» 

my IQ ttiow Mae ijk 
Tiot'i ilioD •) thy fool. O tool I Ihe 

Giwlu vllh much mon wom, 
Mora iti^n are luffcr d )ei, miul buy srcal 

(lion') oTTrtbtowt. 
W« ue vilhia ha ouoy Urong, thai for 

<mt [Mrtnu' ulici. 
Our wiTN anit chtidmi. will lArt Troy ; 

uid ibou (tboosh be that miks 
Thy n«D* fo l«ilble| ihall nuJce ■ hlciI- 

hoc to hot 
With thine own riin«," Thui he thirw. 

nor did hiaj*vc1in err. 
Bui sitooli tii* foe'i leg rKor his koM : the 

fvrvcni Med did nng 
Agaioit hii lin pm-nt. knd leapt btick ; 

the fiR'i urona handed kiog 
Obtc Virtue of KiiiiUe. And then JEaddct 

Uvlne Agmor ; bulln rain i ApoUu'tpowvr 


And rapl Agrnw fioin hi* icMb ; who« 

quistly he plaord 
Wllhoul llie (klrnnib. ouiitg miu* ta 

vave from b(inj£ chitcrd 
Hii wider d pcc»n : ud |he (One) lo Ifm 

his (olilicn ictpe. 
The deity lum'd Achillci still, b]r (XiUIng 

on Ihe ihape 
Of him he ihiiued 1 evsrRioi« ho ftd Ut 

vjt, ind (ird. 
And he with all hi) kncct pumud. 


cuiinlni;iy he led, 
Thsi Hill he would be near his tMcb. U 

dnw hli ntgc. with hope. 
Fitr from ihe oonRict ; to (ha fiood nwU^ 

laining still Ihe scope 
Of bu niicacilon. In eienc time, lb* pOmt 

riigbl'd pcwfT* 
Came to the city, osmforted ; vhen Tmf 

uid all ha tovwi 
Siroolod wiih fiUcn : none bouU Mood W 

lee who tiay'd Mlbout. 
Who *c*ped. and who came short: Iha 

pons cleft to recetie the ronl 
That pour'd lOetf In. Kvcry nuta «iu let 

hiaiMdf: mounoM, 
MoM fentinnla. Whoerer iooei, tit 

ItMd tnlghl ihmiii fab lotL 

tax KHD or TRX OKI Aim TwiMntn >ooc. 





Au Ti<4u> ko«Md twi Kkioc: sair ha 
Ken Aclii. ud ii ltrjiw Ih' tutmoilj, 

HjBtnt iKtTa luin, b« RufU, ind diaL 
AcUilo •» hu ckiiHM lixh tntort*. 
Aod lo the Binl Muiso **<> bii egnt. 


8KMr, » Od, lo d«Bh ii <Id», 
r font M rM*W' uin' i™- 

Ttnit, «hMed Hke Unib, ibc lUuu took 

tiina (« dfiofc md eu. 
Jtmt to nfnih Ititm, f«llB( off tba 

BUgkd diul kad svcu 
Aid COM nroOE ninpera OD ioutad. 

Tbe GlCek* Sita call Itieir ihieldi 
Aleft Ibdr ikaolilni : uid now I'oee ibdr 

MM iniatkiil jiald* 
Of iboH tougb wtlb, bet deadly band 

eofQp«llin( H«ctor'( lUiy 
BtfoK Tioy U (he Scaoa potu. Achilla 

irlll MMlr irif 
At PfagBboti who bta biifhi hrx) tiiRi*d. 

andMk'd: "Why. iVkw'Mn. 

ftlmiMt tb«« (bdef aiiiui}agod? Ih}r 

nga Inik nnvtr doBs. 
ActaoMedfe not ihUe cyo 07 tuto? 

cMMOW tbr Mind BO mon 
Thjr boaoai ia tbc ctme of Tior, tnji 

Mt* Bj cfaue before 
iMr WUr cOBoiMH^ Otvj tn ill now 

Who* dMU bUM'*! DM, WbU WtlhtM 

tiMW } my blood will ikkct mi 
Ott (faf pMud Mvelui." "ll l> ihoa,"i«- 

"nM pou'M dliho*ovt thus on dm, ibou 

noa um'du B« Itom th« walli, whota 

ut* had aem oMouui'd 
Ntmwa no* MIcr'd, om- whom fhj 

laiiiaa bu>d hwh ni^'d. 
Aad tobba «* hanaar : utd ail K tinea 

■D Ibr asBBW Maad 
tai ter of iwkmliic. Bm Ud I tbe 

■MMM io ny baud. 

YOt. m. 

ll should afford ibee dtar-boughl J 

'lliiu with tiaiod iplflu; 
Stcad-liV«. ibat 31 Oljniius' (uoM ' 

goilands (at bi> menu. 
And ratltti hem* hi* cbaiiut. ciMtiiling tS 

hit pnde, la(^ IViAm ipied 

AcblUa (0 part* with the god. \vb«a 
Tl* |;r*at Grark oooia, tpbired rouiid with 

iMom*, Mtd (bowing » i( tha (tar, 
SuTTtamed Orfoa'i hound, that ipulogt la 

■niumii, and aandi Ear 
Hi* radloMe ibrougb §, moM of ttari. tt 

aS wboia bcanu Ui owb 
CmI gnattat tplendour. Iha mldoiKht Ihat 

Ruden ihcm man tbown 
Thin I>cin£ ilicii loil ; aad gn Ibdr potiiU, 

cnre-pauiag fercr* ihm 
Coma ihaking dowa Into chs Joint) ef 

As thu woe bll'D to eanb. and ibol aloni 

tlw fidd his rain (jCacidW 

Now lowatds Priam, when be taw Bgteu 
Oul dew hit tender voice in thilda, and 

wilb niaad baadi he unit 
Hi) Kmeod houl ; then up to bcBTcn be 

can them, thewtng It 
WhM idacuea II teot biia : down iciia 

then UUCW Ihem lo hu ii^n. 
To naka him thuii than. He now iiood 

arltboot deep lUoB, 
Thinting tha ecanbai; aad M Um thus 

■niMnbtr <"*d 
Tbe kiod old kine ' " O Hector. Af Ih* 

roan, ibli boniidde, 
That tuaigbi will KRqr tbea. H«1 to« 

■tfonc, and wtniU tobMveo be •«•• 
At ationg la bearca's love as la Mlae ; 

vuttm and does ihould teat 
Uli pscaiitie ciKXii. all my woasquaxA'd 

unlh bia bloojj' ipirili, 
Ua has rabb'd me ot nuaf mo* and 

wenhy. sod ib<ir mriin 
Sold 10 lar iilaadj. Two of tbam. ay ow, 

I mtu but now. 
Tlin ais not lota'd. not tUj hoc 

UbOihoe; O \ww* thou. 
O queen «f weneo, frou whole womb thej 

bfWbad. Odidtheietts 
Detain tbem oolr. btaa* and cold would 

pBfehan Mfc r>«a>* 




To (hair Mil ilanuice: 'ds wllbitt: old 

A)t«, yonoK '" '"ne. 
G*ie plenty fot hlidiUGhter'idower ; but 

ilihty frd Ihe (tame 
Of thii nuin'a fury, woe U mf, WOc to tn; 

wtclchfd qUKIL 
But In our ilale'i woe lliHr two ilcithi 

will nooK'" "' '■^ ^ tr^n, 
So Ihr I'I'C loll them. Take the town. 

ntire. ctntr ton, nnd utvR 
Tror'> huibondi aikI >i?r wivn. nor pive 

tblne own Ufc <o the grave 
For ttiit iflnn) itlury. i'iljr me. nc, 

witlcb. so lone aUiv. 
Whom in ihe doot ot ago Jove keeps; 

thai )o !)<■ in^iy ili'privB 
Mjr bdnff. in fortune'! uimoat cune, lo see 

the blackest lhn»d 
Of Ihii lib's Riuerira ; my tons slain, my 

daugbMn nrlihod. 
Theii mtinc chunlioiatek'il. Ilreir tiobcl. 

■ore ftooi Ihon, od then knm 
Pltadinc for mercy. Ibem>clvca diacs"*] to 

Gnoan tUmka, 
And •II thit drawn thriouBh nijnedcys. 

Then lailof »11 kneel L 
AIotM. slII hdjileu u luy gUtt, btfotc my 

«iFiny. [daTonDrilj 

That nitlites gives tnc to my dogl, all the 
0( ai:<: dljKuver'd ; and all Ilill thy d«Uh, 

loufhl wllfuDy, 
Will pour on nie. A £dr young nun nl 

■Ilpaiuit iMocnM, 
Sdof bmiely slain, lo Uc all guh'd. aod 

•Of Ibt wont eilnmes 
Of ww'i moit cniclty ; no wound, of 

wiMboevcr rulh. 
But I* hi* oniitinent ; tat I, a man to tut 

WUle head, white-bcsnied. wrinklnl. 

pinod, all ibama mtut s)>cw Ibe eyi^, 
Uie. prerent this then, this pkbI iharne 

of an niMi's miaety." 
TTiui «-tjit ih( old ktne. nnd tore off hli 

ir)ii[e noil ; yel nil itiesc 
Retired not Hoclor. Hecub* then fell 

upon Iter kntra, 
Slrippd naked her bosom, sbew'd ber 

btewu, And bode lilm nvcrencethem. 
Andpiiylicr, If everaiie had qunnml his 

He would c«ue hen, nnd ulc llic town. 

not tempting thr nulr fi<Tl*l 
When nil hod left il : "ililnk." bUdlhe. 

" 1 litve llicc life til yirkl 
Mylife r«cDuif(»t ; thy tith mfeiliall haie 

Not do ihoa ritM ; oar tma iliall pay thy 

oona DO obaeqny. 

Being nvUh'd from us; Gi«claii do^ 
nauiiih*d with what t nursed." 
Tliua wtpl boib these, and to his nilli 

praposnl Ihe uimoit worst 
Of wlial could dunce them ; yn lie (19/11, 

And now drew deadly near 
Mighty Aclilllcs : )cl he mil kept deadly 

uTRrJon Iherr. 
1.ook bow a drngion. when she scc9 a 

Iravcller bent iigioD 
Ho bneding tli-n ; bur Immcod fed «ltt 

fell conUf im. 
Galheni her iore*. u'la him firm, and at 

bit nvamt puce 
Wrngis all her cn<vm la ber foUiL sad 

lhru*l« a honiil f^loC 
Out at hii eniiy ; Hector »o. wtlb ittat- 

tlnguish'd (pint, 
.Stood en-.u A<)iil1e>. sriir'd no foot, bnl 

at the prominmi Inrret 
Bent lo hli biiglii iliiciii. and leaoltwd to 

liear f^l'n hir^iv^i vn it. 
Yet all thto raoluio abode did not ao tnl^ 

fit [ir^Iiaf spur 

His fm election : but he felt a much moM 
To the peifurmnnce, with aaaccii at wbal 

hn llionlrl incur 
Entering, like olhora. ha this auise; ta 

which he ilmi g.ive way : 
"O mc, if 1 tliaU take lae tomi, Polf- 

Tbii flight and all thb death on ma; who 

coiuiMll'd ma to lead 
My powcn to Ttoy Ibb laH bladi elfiht, 

when ao 1 Mw maike haad 
Inccnaed AohiUes. I yet icay'd, thougb, 

pul nil doubt, that course 
Had much mora prahtrd than mine ; 

which, Ixring by so much w 
Aa cninM to all uiir flight and death. 

folly now 1 lisar 
Hath bnd this scandal all our lovn 

hums my omiuoua car 
With whitp«riRg ; ' Heclor** aclf^Micdl 

hath caal away his host.' 
And, IhlstTUa this cuiemlty that lidyoA 

Is best for me : stay, and tctlre itfih lUi 

man's life : or die 
Here (or our city with leDOwm, since aB 

ebe flol but I. 
And yl one way cuts both Iheae WDyt : if I hang my ihMd • 

My helm nnd Innoc lirrr on tlwM wr 

and inert m humble field 
Renowet'd Aeltiltes. oAer^ng turn HeIc* 

ill Ihe wealth. 
Whalerer in bis hcJlow keell 

AleundcT's sieallb 

). in 




Fm both tb' AtMttt For Ibe re«. ulut- 
ji em li MMcw'd n>c CDnfat'il 

I laanihiicltjr. knmrsor Ud.bgroiuh ifaatl 
m\ Ol tB Ma cklKm : of wlitctt one fakU the 
T I Inckt ihall bsir. 

Ot-: I nlf ibcoMclves. Bulwhy.loved*aul. 

liquid ihcM MoaHoni ui*c 
n^MmW Kin In »«? Ill not Rw; nor 

■rodd We crsuH, but I. 
Uin WBt eu> oflC thnnkl li« Mtiittd « 

womaa'i dMIb to die. 
% nett of 0^ titd reck, no vcirdi ; ib- 

■iw and yonllM tilk thuil, 
VbgM udjrouih* ttiM Idv« «nd woo; 

ibnc't tXatr var wiili lu : 
IWhal bknn and oonflim uqic. vo erj; 
' bales Md ddUncci : 
And, aMi tha (vlnnilt ihne ttw* b«>T, 

ByahKb landJorewfllblcM' 
Tboe ihouatM cniploT'd hli nar : and 

BOW AchSki wmoK now near 
Hb ManJIkepmoNeKniUraDnebnii)' 

dfabinr fail ipcaff; 
Hi* tifhl ans ihook k. fall br%hl arma 

Uhe i»tf cMRe eHimliig on, 
Ukt Hce-liclM, or (he light o( hcafcn ibol 

Iron Chp min|^ uxn, 
Thta tifiu OMnmNwM Jb co u we. cold Sem 

*««k Hcdor fmn Ut Mand : 
NvHMrcitBr now: all pom were Ml ; he 

ficd le fear Ibe hini) 
Otihal Fr»-R>wl<t; iiho. havk-like. n!i'* 

tmWtan SMaamgr'. 
Tbal boMl a llmnrou) iktn In ctuue. und 

with wmTind dolh tmr 
,.BI*fcty oiuel. the dorc hiit«. ib« IuhIe 

eoaac* whiiiinii on. 
^lus way and thai b« tana and wind*, 

and orfb the piscc*. 
And. tlU ho trnH lu Ui cieat ipirli U)s 

hM chain OQ Ui «i«( : 
So weed AeMki HecKa^ flight ; to tUB 

Imt's poM did tdff 
Mi traublcd tfUt, te Inms wionghc 

hanl, ateag ifae wall be flew, 
Ib thai Irir ibuiot w«j llwl rum, bennitli 

IbcMwoof ticw, 
Aad TM^* wfid 6g-tm, till lliejr rcich'd 

«W* Aete (ito n>oiheT-*iirti>);t 
Of deep SciBiaBda poui'd Bbinid ihek 

tf vfT ■lUiaiunnfi ; 
One ■arm and caM* out fanxa aa lire; 

Ifce ethct cold at new. 
Or baO dina)n<l. Ami irb» flic 

nade udmi tamaer glow. 
Then wdcr'i luaneer trjaal thUed ; near 

which wen n>«nn* nui4r. 
All pand oHl clear, when Trofan «itta 

aad fhtlt rair deaghleiii had 

LaunJir for ihdr fln« Uiwn w«ed)^ \a 

limn of cltMly pvacn 
BofoK Ibe Gttdani bronBhi tbeir rics«. 

llM«e capiahu sotcd ttieue. 
One Hv'iti;. ih' olbrr in pinauil ; a llronE 

mnn fltw before. 
A »Uuii£{-[ tullnw'il him bf far, and cloac 

up lo htm boic ; 
tloth did ibcir beK, Cm netlhn eow tan 

for a ncnfict^ 
Or (6c ihe lacrtficet'f hide, our luniten' 

usuni pHae : 
Thiae lan for (nne-bor» Hkioi's tcul. 

And as rwo ninnlne itfvd*. 
Bock'd in WOM un ncv for a £;irh^ Ihnl 

Dies Oidtiwlltnt ipeedi. 
(A Iripoil or a vcmui, gtvca for tome 

nun's fononJ*] 
Soch spMd made these men, and oa foot 

can thrioe abo«l the walk.* 
"niecDd* bobdd iliisii. all much wanA ; 

and Jove >^d: -■ O dl-iii-ht 1 
A man lion much, I kc forced In meat 

vnwonhf lli|^ 
About peal IHun. My licoil griexs ; he 

paid to tmnjr mn, 
Wuh ibigti* of tacrWced bcevs, both oa 

ihc lofty blown 
Of Ida, aod in llion'* height. Comnlt we, 

Hi* lifn tion linOi, ut £i«« it b«w I' 

Achilla' *kl<i>T'" 
MInctvB antwo'd t "Allet PaleF ooe 

lune Akm nwrk'd for death 
Now luw Iram death t Co Aem ; but 

know, he lUll llidl ma bencalk 
Our other eainn»-~ "B* II Ibc^" !*■ 

plied Ihe Thuniww, 
" Mr lowd Tiilonia, at ibj wlU : to Ihl* 

will prefer 
Tbj fi« InfeniUNi, «odt h alL" Then 

itiiop'd the bom Ihc l^ 
To ihu rraat comho*. nkat' »m pat- 

Sliltfljrine HoctM. Al ft kound that 

bwing rouaed ■ )wt, 
Alifaaa(h he tappMi nc'cf » oft, and 

ennry ibnibligr part 
Anoapis for •Erennh. and trembbs In, the 

hound dolb KM pumie 
So close that not a fool he lailt, but hunt* 

Is Mill ID view : 
So pl><^ AduiOa KectM'* ucpa ; 4s oft a* 

Tlie Diudan pom and lomn for KicDgib 
|ia r«ob (ran ihcncs aooie aid 

• Up aid don llKw>lh,illB •• te 



Wlih >>lTip<d ihifti) so oft fMced be 

aniouti of pnoc. and sltpC 
'Twill him nnd all till bopd, Add ItlU 

DpoD ilw 6tM be lupl 
Hlj uimott luniinei to Iho lovm. And 

yit. M ill a (lixsini 
One thinks he EivM aaothei chue, wben 

ibc^ • Ua'a anrane 
Poumtth boih, that h* in chiM tht 

cbiucr cannot Sf, 
Nor cnn lt"i cliucr (M to bjuid hit flyiaf 

enemy ;• 
So tiuT Achntci' chuc could rcieh tbe 

Bii;hl of Hnelor'* ptxf. 
Not lte«ior's Higbl cDUrge ittelf ol swift 

AchQlEi' chacc 
Bu( how chxncvd IhbF how. all tbii 

lime, oould lienor beat ihe kncci 
Of ttttv Aehiltta with hi* ovia, and korp 

1( nimbui. foe hU hui and hetl, ihrou|[h 

all th.-vl COUTH had fiut'd 
To add his luccoun lo his Derv««. and. at 

liis fuc iMntl'il 
Ktar and wiihtn him. fed his 'toipef 

Achillct yet *tll knew 
His kncci wiiiiM [i:ic1i hiin, uid ^rt 

ti|>iu to iciiiis rnrndi (iiaking ihcir 
Of ihooilng al him] to (urbcBr. tc»l lliey 

di^lntded lo [(he oroithraw 

From hit Ml gloij. In first woands. and In 
Moke bis hand bit. But when they 

mich'd the fourtii time ih« Ew^ founts. 
Then Jon? ht% Jfol'lcn s(x>l« wclgh'd up. 

and toak tlic Itui ijccoiuiii 
Of luU fur HkI'/t, putting io foi him 

and Pelput' loa 
Two falci of biltcT dcuh -, al wliich hi;;h 

hfanm mciTv] the one. 
The«thci bell ; so biw declined Ihe tight 

uf Hectic'* life. 
Then PhEptms liA bio, wlim war'* Queen 

(Bine (o tcsolne Ihe uilfe 
In th' olher'i knowleclito ^ "Now," laid 

ilm " Ii>irr-loi«d I'CEicldfs. 
I hope al lul to Buke renowm perform 

■ hravF ncoeu 
To flit '!«^ Gnci^l ; we ihalt dow lajr low 

thisct.-impion 1 beight. 
Though iinvr to iiibuiiie wm his ffreai 

heart of fifht. 
Nor muii he scope our punull still, 

thogKh M (h« |lft« of Jove 
Apollo hw>% 10(0 a sphere^ uliciilng more 


* A num Innaleiii almik, ucd [u lU aur 
HiuncT Imidul by Virgil, bW lUt u • lnns> 

Uuw airnly. 

To his moM fsvour'd. Bnalbr ihn 

slnud btm. myself will luuce 
Add htaiwn HciMuf lo i:Imii|[E blow*. 

Sha wwit. asd he ilood tut. 
Lean'il oa bis lance, and much was Jofd 

that tlnttle strokes tbouhl iiy 
Tbit bdcms conflin. Hen came doss 

(he changoJ deltj 
To )!vi;ior. IUi< Dciphobut la shape aod 

vD'rn. aod Kild : 
" O biothcr. Ibou an too much mxtd 19 

b« thus combatnl 
About our ova walli : let ni siaad. ami 

fa'ce to a leln-At 
Th' inaulii'iK rtuMT." Hector jo/d at ihts 

so kind deceit, 
And laid : " O j{oud DsiphobuB. tby love 

wa« most before 
(Of all nif broihen) destr to fnr. but now 

■xccwlini: more 
It cons nw bonoar. thai, thus ntjced, lb«8 

comnt to part llm chxrc* 
Of my last fortnncs ; other blends keep 

town, and leave al Uiyc 
My rack'd Mdtavonn." She replied: 

'■ Good bfother, 'It* most tnie 
One alter oihet. kingc and queen, md all 

mir fiiriiils. did sue. 
Even on ihcii knwi. to tUy me thnc, 

Iicnililinci shAke llimi all 
Wilb ihii nun's Itrror : bul my mind 

Kne<Td 10 ICC our wall 
Gilt with Ibycliase*, tliul lo death I kioc'< 

to iiTKe thy slay. 
Come, fi^bl we. Uuisty of his blood ; 

tnore In'* feu lu lay 
Coil on our bncct. bui approve^ U( 

bloodied with our spoils, 
tlecinburcluty to their Reel, ot sIhk 

nil their toil* 
Id fab one suDcranc* on ihy bDce." Willi 

this dnctrit she led, 
AadL both come near. Ihus Hector ipaka 

*' Thitce I have coiiijuucd 
This srwi town, Peleus' vm. infllRbt, a1i| 

avcfsscion [ill llt'^l itSoit^ 

Tbnt out of fate put otT rij isr- -k -. but 
lliG short couita Mt up, dcdlh or li£| 

Our resolution* yet 
Must Shan all ludcneai ; asd ike fedi 

b^-^>n; our mlour set 
For uw ol vitincy i NDd itwybcanf 

Illicit witneMei 
Of all lewt, ilnoe ihty keep row* bn^ 

before their dritiei 
Let vtnn of lit feaptti paji bolk, 

(.'onqucst haili bcsiov'd 
Ktr wie*ib on cither. Hen I <rvw no 

ihall br sfaow'd. 




Am la w( iMBlr, OB l^r cone ; bul. hi'ins 

^wird thf aniM, 
lUtin Ikf pcttMi : vhfch nrcar ftioa," 

Thoc nr and icmpcMtc iirnu 
ttt flfd AcMlIa : Ui liraav l>n<. *nd out 

Acw Ihii r^lx : 
" llMler, Ihou tuitf penllence hi tl] 

T» nr M" ipirtii. iKver set tbc polai 

'tvl« ilie« anil dw 
An; condicioiu ; bol at hr »a men and 

All tema of oovcomi, l«mlM and wolns : 

in to br cmoBiiB Male 
(tntpodlble tot love I' Modc) aluid m, till 

ooriouli httitic 
Ha BO<i of M>lillcn, Do not dream ibii 

oat A'ajvBvtkiR can 
E n du r e cundiiion. Tbrrefote niMr, ad 

worth Ihki £iu B nun 
Call lo thee, atl cAiticulw ptnta Chat lil a 

A»d tbn all thii include (baide* ibe lUI 

andipinl of war) 
HwiSEi Cor ilauglitcr. and a bale Ihai cm 

thy henn to eat 
T1>]t fee* irnii. TMi Min^ Ihb tuppllei 

m death the kiUing heat ; 
And all Ihii ntrti'U Ihuu, No more flighL 

PalfaB Athanla 
Wta )|lMllr CM lhc« lo nj lane*. Now. 

All Rrieb lor vtacouioe. both In mi; and 

aU onr trtenda Uc dinil 
Tlial bM Ihae; ncbiR »iih thj loncc." 

Hi* long lanoe. and awar it rang: whldi 

Hector {jving itos, 
Sroopd low, Kood ana, foKwcinc fl beat, 

and quit* H ota ia ew . 
FUMnlnf on eanh. Aibcnla* drew it. 

and fM« bee {Hcnd. 
Vale HI o( Hector. H«tar lh« (bus 

ipake : " Tlioo wani'it tliy «id. 
God-Ilke Aebitlet. Now t tn. thou hwl 

not Iraia'd any file 
Of Jots ii all. a) thy hith irotill woold 

hnrplr intimale. 
Itech lotigiie a(lc«0 tbee ; cunnbif woid* 

vdl Krrc lb*v 10 impan 
Thy bto<n wiib ttemu. iku mine mlj^l 

laini wtUi waat of ipihi lo dan. 
But aif back ne*R' tami wiih bmib : tl 

wai met bora lo brnr 
Buil>.eDa of wonndi : urifcr henna bcfcn ; 

dri>* at Dij feraiM ifajr apoir. 


Ai mice it thine thalL and tly lh«a IT 

hcaires't will fattur Iheo 
Wilh icajw of IDT hsce. O wo«U Jote 

wonkl til:e ii afifi me. 
And oiake ihj iKnoni talie it all ; 19 e^tf 

mil ■niiM oowti 
Out dllTicuIi wan, were thy tonl flnJL 

UroD niott baao o( out lawn, ' 
Thiu flew hl» dart, umch'd ai ibe midM 

Olbii east Ihteld. and ()r>w 
A hD|:e way from N : but his hiatl wralh 

enier'd with the view 
or tlial hard and harry thoUEhlt 

ttrook ihronch >iim, when be spied 
[Ik brother vaniih'd, and no lane* laaida 

Mt ; oBl he ciJKl : 
"Dnphobiiil anoiherbnec" Lance cor 

Stood near his calt. And then hts mind 

nw all thmp omlnom. 
And thui iugj[Mud ; • • Wo« U me. Qw 

fodi halt! call'd. and I 
Muii meet death here ; Ddphnbua I wdl 

hoped tod b«*ii by 
With hit while shield : but out itrons walls 

shield biiii, aiid Ihii droell 
nous (ram Minnva ; now. O now. ill 

deolh comea, no marc llif;h>. 
No nioiv txcotaj. O Jore. this hub 

Thy bright ton and thyself ban »I Ibt 

(imka a emwr ptue 
Of tlecMr^ filocd than now ; of which, 

tta tealoii*, you had care. 
8m Pat* DOW oonqutn ; I am bees ; and 

y:t nol (he shoU share 
Id my tennwni ; Ihat lifa b leA lo rniy 

noble spull. 
And that tome creai deed ihaH beg ei that 

a a Irrca sbA Bherit." 
Thin, lonh Ui (tnrd fle<r. sharp and 

bread, and boit a dcwUjr mMA, 
W&h whidb ha rush-d In. ^Ml took how 

a> oiRle CroM her hdchi 
Stoopsio thenpHinofalamb^ occoA ■ 

timorooi kue ; [Us mindk ltu« 

So f cU In Hector ; aad at bto AOmm : 
Wat Heree and migbEy, Mt fhldd caM a 

sui»-llhe mdlaKE; 
Helm nodded, and Ui foor plnnxs shook. 

and. wb«a he railed Us taacw, 
Up HajioBs ma "bobcM tlT aioiing 

Uan. lltt bttstu and QAiUtaK ere* 
Lool(*d through the body of hii foe. and 

loochl ftuiluKb all thai priw 
The neu way 10 his thinlad life. Of all 

tlie ways, oaly one 
Afpear'd lo him. and lh«t was where Of 

Dna^Hl wladiiic boac, 




Thxt }otnt Ibc aboutflcri >nd ilie neck, 

had place, and where there lay 
The ipradlns way lo deuli -. mid Ibere hli 

cjuick <)re could dvplny 
The ptatn tc loughl, cien thraiir;h ihott 

ami hit frtend l^llrDclul tvuiu 
Vi'hrn H«c>Ot>ltw him. Tlivre h« aim'i]. 

and lh«rc Us pwelln lore 
SliTiipuu^^ quite lhrciui:li Hcclor't link : 

fei ifiin'd It 10 hii ihriHt 
II gtn him power lo chui^e Kxae word* : 

but down lu «arth ii |p>i 
tlix fnintlni; bod)'. Then mumph'd divine 

i£adda : 
" Hector," sajd he, " Ihy htait lUpptBrd 

Ihat m my (rknd'a dixieue 
Thy lifs ml tafe ; nv klmeol MtQ nul 

and fat. Fool I he Left 
One at the fleet that betla'd him, and he 

it it thnl ntt 
Thy iironi: kncct Ihiu : >Dd now the iop 

■nd fowli in fouled uic 
Shall tear thee up. thy cone exposed to all 

(he Gieelu' obiuc." 
He. fiiiiitiiuf, njd: "Lm fne linplore, 

otvn tiy Ihy knee* oad loul, 
And (hy gitai parenls, do not kc a cruelly 

lO foul [any nitc^ 

loflictMl on me. Bran aiid gaM nKptnt at 
And qiiii mv pcnon, thai the pccra and 

bdirxilour ilac* 
May toinb li, and lo socrcd fli« tuni Ihy 

nnifanu deems.' 
" Doit" !■> replied, " urie not my lulb, 

by turrnli. toul, DOT kncci. 
t wuiilii to Ccrf Itiat luiy nge would UX 

me fMt Ihee taw, 
SUced Inlo pieces, to beyond the rlfht ot 

any law 
t lane thy mertu. And, believe. It fiin 

th* fores of man 
To n*ciK thy h«xd bom the dosa. Give 

all (be gold they can ; 
It tsn en twenty lioita » mueh aa biondt 

wanM rale Ihy pnca 
Were lender'd hcrr. wilh vowi of more, to 

buy (he crurllira 
1 hfrre have vuw'd ; and after Ihac thy 

tilhi-f W]Ili Itii |[uM 
Would Utc lh;-wtf ; all ihat thoukl fail to 

Id thy molhet hold 
Sotemiiiliu* of dmli with (lim, Mid <to 

(liec luoh aeiBCe 
Tu mount thy wtiolecoTwonabeil ; which 

pieooneil I'D dcfice 
With (ow!i and dora." llf^ dying, aitld : 

" 1. knowins thee wall, (uraaaw 
Tby oow tried lyntwy, nor hoped Cor amy 

otlia law 

or nature, or of nittlotu ; and thai fear 

(oreed mueh more 
Than death my Hlgttt. which ncret loneh'd 

at llectot* fovt bttbir. 
A loul «f iron inTamu thcc ; marh, whoi 

vniccaaoc Ih' equal (Uis 
Will cin' nil? of Ihev lor r1ii> ntfe, wlien la 

Phnbui and fMit, ineel with Ihce." Thin 
dtMh** band doMd hu ejvt. 

111! soul flyioe hts tair limbs to bcO, 
moutwinjf hit dcftlinltf; 

To tun lo uith hit youth and ncnfih. 

Ihuidoad. Ihui I )ielU' too 
Hll prui'tiiKy amwcr'd -. " Din Ihuu SO* i 

when my thort ihrend is ipun. 
til bear It a* the will of Jove. TbU uiid. 

hia brann ^«ar 
He drew, ntid itudi by ; then bU am*. 

that all embninl wcrr, 
He ipoil'd hii ihouldm ct. Then aD ibe 

Greek* ran tn to him. 
To tn hi) prnOD. nnil adniin>l bit lerrot- 

Blimni; hmb ; 
Vet none ttood by that i^ve no wound to 

lib to foodly fom ; 
When each loolber aid: "OJaT«.hol« 

not In tlic «tanii 
He caixc tolled in with hit fire, he liandlH 

no* more tuft." 
" O fncnil)." wh] iiam Xiuatlm, " now 

that the godj hare broncht 
This man thus down, I'll noely any. be 

broiiclii nmt« bguiv lo G<«eoe 
Than all hu niden. Tty w« then, tlna 

ariiid .11 even piece. 
And tintine all Tm with oui heal, U etm 

their hcaru wtU leave 
Tlieit diy clear, b«r elcu May ilajs, and 

all thdr Uvea reeetvc, 
Or hold yet. Hccioi Uing no noK, 

why ute I a vinid 
Of any net but whdi eoueenu my (lioid; 

il<:iil. undenltitod. 
UfiKpulchml. ho lies at Svot, iintlioutbl 

on : never hour 
Shall make hiadrad itnle. while the quick 

enjoys luc. and IliU power 
To niuvt' Ihisc movcn. T'htin|;b la 

men tay, that Mch » die 
Oblivioci iclKlll, jn kn bell in me 

Hold all her form uillofmyfriMd. Ni 

joulhi ol Ureece, lo flevt 
Bear we ibia body, pacaiu iiag. and all our 

navy peel |i!w pirrtM 

With endtcuhonoiu : we bave ilaln 1 lector. 
Of all Troy'i ulory, lo whoM woitk nil 

Tow'd m to a cod" 


Tt>>* Mid. s wotk DM vorthy him ho >c( 

(o; «f both Heft 
fie bond Ibc aems ihreugb tmm the heel 

(o Ih' naUr, kihI ihrn knil 
Botb t» bb diMtel «llb B thong of arhU- 

IMIkVtlWfsnlrg. UptMBot todutriM, 

Hm •«■• npRnhunl, and Mourned M 

Us hone that ttrtly Acw. 
A wUrtnlnd made of ilmtkil duM drave 

■ilh ihflRi u tbnr dfcw. 

With which wckaU hit UadUvowacotk 

knoiicd k> hwpi *Dd fiWL 
And (htn Iv Trar** !•■« <indo«». by 

lopllvradlad (pucDli seen ; 

To A dtacnoc^ 1* bi* ««n Und, iwd bjr hb 
Wbm (UEb bar toa'% fatad) ftU vilb dmt 

Tra*'i mlimble quacn 
DWaiD'd h(T ump)c«, pludiiog off h«t 

bonoacU bair, and ion 
Bcr TOfil nnaeou. thricklog out. In like 

nt MWRd (xnoa, Uw b wretdi IbM ocret 


ifcea irilh ooltiiei. 

Bnfcea irilh oatigiet. About botb, 

pecfte pMstate lar. 
BaM dmm irilb cbnaat: all the town 

vdi'd mtb a «lMid oftMis. 
nca. wiib bU hb top* OQ Cfe, and an Ibe 

Left lot the Greek*, eoutd put on looki of 

BO more o«.Tilirow 
Hbd oowfmr'd ljf> AndTEtthc kisgdid 

all Ibeli looki ouutiow. 
Tht vtatebcd poo[d« eoold bM btoi ha 

■ovtfdga wraebeduMt, 
PtagnMX lunuclt to, Ihnatleg out, and 

pri|ifc« all (he pnn 
Tb opcB blm the Mrdan poiii, that he 

done nUcM faMk 
IHl Jim It khi in : and tall tOed with 

tnaihUag) did beseech 
Each auutbTaamcihiB: "LoTedMendx, 

be jou content. I(( me, 
TboQgh BMerh jre gnete, be that pooc menn 

•O OUf Mil nmridr 
• ' New b our wtslies ; I mill go and pray 

(bb tmplom nian. 
Aathor oi MKTon ""*■■"; pn>of If age't 

BadH kit pin. Hi* ovn iii« ti old like 

ma ; aodha 
Thai gM hiai to ovr giteb. perhaju, mtj, 

fernjrlikaaan, be 
Jfawifceownitb tohit. AlBS.}«ibaTc 

CcMBpand wtth ma ; 1 Dua« aou, ciMed 


Ham lott by him. and all tbdr doMba \n 

(lauehler of tbn one 
lAOUcial man) are dcmbled. Ttib »ill 

biiietly tci fjit 
Mf Mat to hell. O wouU to hentro. I 

could but hbld Itim dead 
In thrw fiani lamt. Ibcn Man on tears 

miKhl fall, till all were ihed 
In emiinnii Ibitunc. Nov aniaai tbeir 

nnliiral courte dolh Mop, 
Anil prtckialMd Hin." Hiui he mouni'ij, 

and with Um all biaJni o^ 
Their wore of toirovt. IV poor Qacea 

amongil tbc women wept, 
Tm'd into isguiih: "O my bmi,~ dM 

cried out, " why ilUl kept 
Paiioni of boRon b toy life, wlico lUne b 

My days thou gtorlAodtt ; ny nIgliU nmg 

ofvomi; htwour'd docd 

Doae by thy mtiMB : joy to we. prall lo 

all our one. 
AU Riiir1«. a eed of Oim, aod Ibon mBdM 

thcnt aiTihai tlxy ate. 
Now iin.kT fate, now dead.' TbaM two 

(but rmiml as they could 
Tbdrtoiiow'sluniacc: Hceux'twlfe sot 

burini; jrt b«*0 loU 
So mucli as of fab slay wtlbeot. Slie ka 

bcr chamber tiate 
Sat al hci Imm : a pitce of work, giaeed 

wtth a iKMh sides gloti, 
Sittw'd OBituualy with Twird Bowen^ bw 

pleMuia wai : hs can. 
To heat a caldron lor be* iMd. to balbe Mm 

lum'd rmm war. 
Of which itit chief dhun gam bee mal^ 

Poor dune. )he Utile knew 
How ntucfa lier can* bck'd of kb caae. 

Oul BOW [he obrooot flew 
Up (0 her Wtet ; Ihea ibe thook, be* work 

ttU from Ur h»ai. 
And up (he Halted. ooJIVJ btr nalds ; ihe 

Bcedn molt underatand 
That OMBROiB OiUny : " Come." nlil tlw; 

" I btaa Ibtough oU llib ay 
My iiKMhtr'a vciec Aiitk ; to my lIueM 

my baatt bounds : eciiaty 
Uita'y alim roe; *onie btc b near ibe 

haplnu joni (nopiduiu 

Of bdlng Priam. WooldtoGoilmy woeds' 
No c*t bad b«B>d yM : O t bar, and (h«t 

moft beHtily, 
That, with tome watagtw. the ton of 

IVkui hath put by 
The wall of Obn. (ny hxd ; sod, timly of 

Obtaln'il tbo dme of bta atee, mA ao« 




Of hit ttm ristpmie spirit U cool'd. tt let 

him nmi keep {(ool mutt tleji. 

Id eniwil tA othRi : before all hli ilolrai 
Or bitiilwxfi^eitodbehdiL" lliittfuiy* 

like she w«nl, 
Two wDOien, •* sh« wHl'iI, at hud : and 

made ha quick aKcnl 
Up 10 thf lower aail ptrw of mxa. ber 

iplhl Id Uproai-. Round 
Sb* cut her gitedr eye. nnd ui« her 

H«clorilain. and bound 
T' Achilla' cfaann. nuniealr dngg'd (o 

lb* OiT<iui Awl 
Black eight (irook thraugh h«t. nndet her 

trance look atiiy lier feet. 
Asd back i\\t- ihnink uiili tuch a tway that 

CiilF ber hnd-iitc Hew. fVenui thmr 
Her oaionet. caal, tttDUKK well that Koldcn 
Od lirr whLiR thouhlanlhal hii;li <Uy nhcn 

wiilike Hector won [ferliun. 

Her hand ta Duptlali In rbe courl ol king 
And Thxl Ercai ilowei iIirii g:!veii with het. 

About hR, on l>iFir kntrv, 
Her hii^binil's tiiirrs, broLhcn' Wlvc*, fell 

luund, and by tlL^rm 
Rrxovrr'tl brr. Then, wlirn ncain her 

lespkrauoni found 
Free pau (hei mind and iplril met) Ihcte 

thoiiL'biB her «PMda did mwkI : 
"O llMior. me. ciUMd dune, both 

boni beiKadi one fate, 
Tbott fatrr, 1 in Cllidan Th«bc*. wbtre 

Plaoudotb elate [Eeilon. 

Hi* ihiiJy [otelieid, in the coun where king 
(Hapleulbr^luiiliaiipymei which would 

he had not done. 
To lii* put thee : thou titm ait dived lo 

Pluto'i (toomy Ihront. 
Sunk ihrough the cowert* o( the eonh ; I. 

ill a Itrii lA Rioaa. 
Left ben iby widow : ooe pooi habc bom 

to unbappy both. 
Whom Ihou ioivnl littpleui ai he lhc<^ he 

bom to all the Hroib 
Ofwoeaad labour. Uuids left him will 

Mbcn (dxe upon ; 
Tbo oqihan day of all &iandi' helpt robs 

erei; mothn'i foti. 
An orphan all men lullei ud ; hit e/tt 

RUud Hill with lean : 
I^eed iiiei his fatiier't frieoib, utd hlb; 

ofkllhlt farouren. 

If one the cup glTC& "d* not lone, Ihe vliia 

ht fiodi la ii 
Soone moltts hit palate; (f ba AaDoa M 

|[nJn the encc to ill. 
SuiTivtnic falnm' umi itplne ; uic con- 

tnmeUl*. ilrlke. 
Bid. * lean ui, whetv'i Ihr (■Ifaer't place r 

He. wtvplnj with diililK. 
Retire! to me. to me, ala^ A i t yaag 

It he 
Bom to thrae mberiM ; bt thai late M M 

hu lathet'i knee. 
To whom nil knees bow'd, diinllat km 

nppo^ud tiitn : and when llcep 
Lay on hu tcmplrt; bb ofes still'd (Ui 

hewt even laid In tloep 
Of all thlngi predoni) a loft bod. a carrfol 

nune's am*. 
Took him to gnardlanefe Sat now •* 

huee ■ wond of hanm 
Ue* 00 hu tulTenuoe ; now thou wxai'tt 

thy falher'a hand lo friend. 

my Anlyanai - O my lord, ihy hand 

thnt did defend 
Thoe gjta ijf Ilion, ih«e long waUt bj 

thy arm nmturrd mil 
Amply and only. Yet at fleet ihjr naked 

carte miiil 1111 
Vile worm!, whiin Soft an Mtatt : bt 

froni Ihy parmls' eare- 
Far ftom ihoe funeral omanwnll Ibai HtJ 

Ipind would prvpaiv 
[So sudden bdog the cbuce of acm^ ent 

eopcctini dtaib. 
Wbich tatk, thira|!h mjr biarl wmdd not 

•eivc t' employ my hand* boneath, 

1 made my wiimen yet perfbrm. Uaaf, 

and muuh in pri«. 
Wore thoae ioteirgin«iti they nrougbl I' 

adora thy ciequia : 
Which, since they fly Ihy oar, (by veam 

not laid in their aiUra. 
Thy tacnnce they ihall be made; theaa 

hand* in tnlKlucvoiu fire 
:jhall vent their vanliks. And jei. being 

Donaecnite lotbo^ 
They >hall lie kepi for citlmK^ and HMk 

faltwi'ca. ton*," 
Tliiu *pake >he weeping ; all the damoi 

•ndcsvowing tooifcr 
Ha deseit tttUe. fearing Ibelr own, wept 

with her teal tot teai. 

■not xm ta tux tvto amd Twunraru aoML 



Aaauat mittt JiW* of wwtaiM 

Fw hit fttrocbt : mad iMt ucrAc* 

Tvdn najaa pmco, aou Ivrol houndi uw 

Aad ttitt tKaia^ to ibt bonow*!! <ws. 
B< iBMiiuiei, baxlc*, ■ tooal cam* ; 
When DuMd. lac bcaH-Bcc. wBi Ui« fUM I 

Suirctadobtilni ud *■< tta* mquio- 

Pri ■afi du titu oC i)ic deceue. 

'niM moara'd all Tror: ln» «t>Ri at 

Ami and Hdksponiui' iborc 
Ite Ckeeki airivcd, each lo bit tbip ; atdj 

ttaa Cooqnctor 
X«pl nnditpcned Ui MjTinktaiii, and 

■Id : " Lond ooanujiueii. 
Di^cia bM vc ^anott aad bona ; bat. 

Uadng bMd oui ttln. 
WnhlUle of both, march nA, and daw, 

WiA neaam about tbe cone ; 
Tli pfo^er bonour to tbc d»d. Ttien 

take IK ow oar bone. 
Wbeo «ich out ffMnSi' ktad't woe our 

hcaiti ban fill deti|hi to da 
A rttnoo* iobI fisbt. and ibcn fup.' 

CIcdad tbe eoae : Achille* l«d. aad ibricc, 

about bin ttaat, 
AU boc« ibeir (oodlr-ooated bona. 

AmonM alt TbMli rOM. 
Aftd HliT'd up a dtUgtit is grid, litl all 

(bdr anM arlib tMint 
Aad all Iba (Mdh wctc wm ; to much 

tbcr to*«d thai Lord of Fnn. 
Tbtn 10 Ibt ccatre fell the pilnoc ; and, 

paltliiE fai (ht b««Mt 
or ittMn Mend bla lUnchtnine hand^ 

Wofdatodwir taait: " Rajoica^" aaSd be. 

"O mf PanodoL tbou 
Coofted bf Oh omt ; do« I p^ (0 thy 

Uu: orenlinxa 

All my revenge* vow'd befbrt^ llecloi 

Ika llsuit'ila'd ha« 
DrajK'd at ny diarlot, isd ow do£« shall 

lit in ple«o icoi 
llii )i»icd liml*. Twdre TiDJaa jroutht, 

bom of Ibrit nobint tmini, 
t look alive 1 and. jret au^ed, wfll ampiT 

all ihair vviia 
or vliol spiilti, wwificad bcbtc Ibjr heap 

of (lc«." 
Tlilt viid. ■ iraik uowonhj bim b* )inl 

up:in bit Ue. 
Ati'l iniTipkil Hector nndnr foot at bh 

fncai] s fMt. Tbe tat 
Dliarin*d. took hone from chariot, and OH 

10 iletp addnu'd 
At tils bUck Toiel. iDfiolle wctc tbcoe 

thai R«t«d there. 
Ilimtclf ytt tiMfs sol. sow liU tpiiin 

ime wrought about the ebec* 
Fit for to bifh a fuacial. About Ifat Mad 

(Bed then 
Oicn In heaps lay bellowing. preiMUiag 

tuod for nuni ; 
Blcnllng of thm and coots fill'd ait; 

Bumben of wlille-toMb'd ivinc. 
Swimmiog in fat, Hj lincciBC tboa : Iho 

Wm jtM with >lnu(Iiier. All ddi doac; 

all tbe Gn<tk kinvt contn'd 
Achlllei 10 the king <J mc* ; ha rage wM 

nt alUy'd 
For hi* Falroclul. Brini; iirnn<d at A^a- 

mcmnon'i tent. 
Himwlfbaidcb(iaJd){Mil lo Ctt a caUros, 

ood pmcnl 
Tb« wivice of It lo the princei, lo iiy if 

Ihcr could vin 
Hi* pleasure to »(Imit thrii paini lo dwrae 

Ihr blood saiJi'd in 
About hi* conqimtng handi and brow*. 

"Not bythakinic of h«>ra." 
Hecwore. '"tlwIawiBf MmdaUpdanw 

ibia falieJieBn UoeDW sfnn 
To un Out b« frtendL Hot ■ drop 

•IhII (onch m( till I put 
RUfochnhi ibeliiD*nlpil«i IxfctcdMaa 




Hit lamb rrechd. Ti> iIj« litl of all am 

i sliktl titkr. 
Whila I contort Ihe canM. Yd. for jrour 

Fnlnulia' nk<?. 
Aod l]MUi(h I toktlic looil. I will CBl. Bui 

nuly in the mom, 
Atrtdv*. uie )xiiir sitlct MinmaniJ ibai 

IooeU at wood be borne 
To oiir dimipiM plac«, k11 UihI Tils to IirIiI 

home such n one 
A* is la put ilie tliails* of ilnilh, that lint 

enough »t Eotie 
Hii pcnon quickly (rom our ey**. and our 

divertnd nmi 
Majr ply (belt biulnes." This nit cui did 

mwljr VRtettain, 
And foand obwrvanee. Tbm (hey inpp'd 

wllh nit Ihingi ni. and oil 
Repalr'd to tonti nnil real. Tin friend [lie 

ihom minilinnl 
Soufht for hi» bed, and found a pbkce; 

Wr. and upoti which piny'd 
The murmuring billowi. 'lliere h!i llmbt 

to mt not drop, he Uid. 
Heavily ilghlDg. Round oboui, sUcni and 

DM too Dear, 
Stood all hit MjmMonl ; whm ttraisht, 

M«TFr-Ubo<ir'd w«e 
Hii Eoodly linauncnit vrttb dute ol K«C- 

lor. Innl. beyond 
Mix roolotlon not (o tloep. Sleep can hii 

ndclon bond 
Over hli seex, and loosed his cate. Theti 

of his wrcichfd friend 
The Krai .ippcar'd ; ai eY«y port the form 

diJ compielictid 
llii tikrni-vi ; liii f.ijr eyes, hii voico. Us 

slfliure, every Breed 
His person wore, it liuitiuied ; and itix>d 

abort his hpid. 
Thit tad speech ullering: "Dost thou 

skrp? -I^ncidm. am 1 
Forpjtlcn of thee? ISelnjf all™, I found 

Ihy incmory [lo>R alinlei- 

Bvermpcctfu] ; but now, d«id. Ihy dyine 
Inlet nc quickly, enter me In Huio'i Iron 

For now the toult lihc thnda) of men, 

ll«l bom Ihb being, beat 
My (|ririt fmn nBt. uid stay my much- 

destred iKclpi 
Araonnt loiilt placed beyond the fiood. 

Now oteiy way I itr 
Ab9ut lUt bioad-door'd house of Dis. O 

hel^ than to nnfer 
My soul «t fimhef ; here I monni, but, 

had tne funrmt flro 
Coosuaud ny body, iiei«r more my iptnt 

should rellie 

Prom hell's l9w Rcion : from tbence i 

never arc tetOeved 
To talk with Mcod* htm ; not sh>a I ; i 

hateful law dcprini] 
My being here, that M my blilh wh ix'ii 

and to such bi* 
Cven thou, O nd-Ilke man, art ninth'd| 

llied»illy lllon i;alc 
Miut en'crttm thy dcalk. O dm, 

clinrj^e ihoe niiw, lake auB 
Thnt our buDc* part not ; bul as life ■ 

bincd in e<)ual fare 
Our loviOE boingi. to let dtalh. 

from Opunta s lowcn 
My father Ivonshl me m your toofii f^iaat, ' 

'EnintI my will, my poirtn 
Incenied. and indisaect U dxe, slew Ut 

Then EVIeus entottaia'd me well ; tbcB fai 

thy chnrpE t was 
By hii injuiiclion and thy low; 

therein lei me still 
Receive protection. Holh our booe*, ; 

vide III iliy latl will. 
That one nm may coninlti ; and 

that veucl ^1 of gold. 
Tbat Ttietii cave ih«. that rkb nm.^ 

This md. Steep ecosrd to hold 
Achilles' icm^tai, and tba thadi tlius bf 

rvocaved ; ** O frteodL 
What needed tlicse oommmds? ny ewi^ 

brftn*. maant to comnHBHl 
My bones to (Mne. and in that nra. H 

SUIT thy will it donr- 
A Uttk stay yM, let's delish^ with Mm 

or woaanough. ■ilhrr's aflecU; (mbnq 

<re." Openlns thus 
Hi* greedy aimt. nc tclt no fricad ; lib 

matter nponxui 
The spirit vaniih'd under entdi, and rain 

niur'd in hiSHOOp. 

Aciiilieiitntted, both lilt hands be clapp'd 

and lifted vp. 
In Ibis tort wondering: "O )pc gods; : 

•tc wc have a soul 
I n Ih' Dnder-dwelliosK and a kind o( man 

iTsemhIlitg Idol ; 
The scHils scat y«t, all autttcr felt. iHf 

with ilie ouows btir. 
O Iricnds, linplns Pslnxlus' soul did ij 

ihii ni|t)it apiiear 
Weeping and making moan lo me, com 

nmhilinj; r^'^rythinu 
TTiai 1 inLended lownrdt liim ; $o 

figuring (accident did 

flimielf II *Ii [itrls. at wasslrtnBS." 
To much more tonow, and becaia 

Dcti 10 mourn 



I* all tlni hcaird. Wben mourning Itint^ 

ihc TOT Uon UMc. 
And AcuneniaMi ihrauth lb* Hat* waked 

alL and did dnpoie 
Soib not *mI wiulo Gx cartiKi^E of maim 

lot (ha 5n ; 
or aO oMtb ««th McriMKik the Cntan 

HvDRica'* *(|uii% 
Wai cafUdn ; and ttvoad thcf went. 

Wi><xl«alliiV Mob tbtj boro 
Of d hamll, and w*U-lvl«cd ooidL He 

mulct manb'd all tvlon. 
Up hA and dvwn hill, ovcnhtant, and 

l>i«ak-Dcck d>Ki Ihcv Tuu d 1 
Bm, vhea Ihe rounilui liiu't lop* (Iwy 

aealnl with ulmosl hguir. 
AD tM mem the hlgh-hali'd oakx, and 

down ihcir curtod brawi 
Ftf biBtlinK lo th« oanh ; and up vent all 

Ibe bolc« and bougtii 
BnoNd t«lb«anals: iiid back aiFuntlwy 

ptDtfd th« hanli war 
Antngit Acoi ittfoocti tl>« laneKnealinite: 

and lonr tbn ihoughl Iho ilnjr 
TOl tn tbe pbln lidd alTanlTtd. for oil Ihe 

woodmen own 
Lop <■ <l>*ff Mck*; Uerione* would 
. tore II lo. The ikon 

Al Ibi tWejr noch'd fei. and than down 

llida auitaga they ctei, 
Asd au upoa ihEm, wbcn the aoa of 

Pdnuhad placed 
fto cmund far hU gmu tcpnlchra, and 

foi hi* fritntf*. h*«ns. 
Tlie7 mbcd • hucc pUe, Mid lo nani 

w«nt nor Minildon, 
Chured br Achilla ; ohanoU and hone 

were barncucd, 
FS^«« >«! chariotem fol np, and tber 

tbe Md nwnJl led, 
A cloud ot inrinttc bcc WilMI. Id tnidai 

of all WIS bame 
Patradui' pens* br hit peers. On lilin 

wm all bradi thrim. 
Eicfl tfll Iher <OT«'d hm wlih eurii, 

K«sl lo him marcb'il hit (rii-iiil 
Bmtaaant hi* cold nock, all ud ; lincc 

BOW he wai lo aend 
Hildauallohi* ndkM bOBKi. Airrrtd 

all when the wood 

VftS hcap'd foe (nntnl. Ibry tct doivn. 

Apart AchBca Mood. 
And when tnmiiiti wood wu besp'd on, 
ha out hto BoMm hair. 

■Iw the Bood. In bopc 

[Itfl hopcicM thui. 

I ritcr'i pcnrnr ; tan now 

ITiiitnl. iaiHiiiifclaa i«i ihi ii«. he ctkd 

vnt: "BpttcMMt 

Long kept lot 



Tn rain my blhcr^ p>cty nyw'd, al irij' i=i- 

ptoRd Rtum 
To tny Irrtni eoiinliy, llat Iheie eutU 

th<mM on Uiy tborci be ihoni. 
Bettdn h lacial hccatamb ; and uttiAce 

Of flrty wtHberi. at tbate AKmH. ■Wre 

riM'n iMvr nlilini [thy nanff- 

A li'ItT irmjilc. anil periiunal an a.)iar to 
*rifrc vovt'il lie nil llirta oniirin)[i; but 

fa*r pmeuts thy lune, 
Ills bopca not auDcflag Mti(fie± Aud 

want I ne*rT mon 
Shnll sec my loved MI. vy fdend'i band* 

thall lo Ihe lilyi-iiin tliotc 
Convey ihrv: ire so. " Tbut be pal in hit 

(dead'* buidt ibc biJc : 
And llili btcd frcth dcun ot atooa ; sad 

in iluil nd albir 
lliG lun had (CI nmoneu them all, had 

Tbala* *en not iiioke 
Thai to Altidei : " King o( men. thy ud 

I Kill inn>ke, 
Since ihy command all mm ttjll hear : 

dlsmm thy utillcn now. 
And liTl i1:i-iii ricrtjit] L lfi<7 bxvc rauura'd 

tn&acBt ; tu we owe 
Tlie dead ibii honour ; and with w let all 

Ihn captain* nay." 
TbU heard. Atilda Imiaiidy the (oldien 

*rnl away : 
Tbe funvrai oflicen icfnolli'd. and heop'd 

on matter itHI. 
Till u( an hRDtlrrd foot about they made 

the funeml pUe, 
In wliou! hot hdcht Ibty caai the cooe, 

and then they pour'd on loan. 
Number* of III inoef^ and like tutt of 

croukod-EOlnc tttM^ 
Tbcy skw bolore tta Mtona Sre ; ttripp'd 

oil their hides and dtcu'd. 
Of dhicli Achilla took the fat, and 

oovff'd the deceatcd 
From hc9ul to bot ; and reond alioat lie 

made Ibe oftccn pile 
I'bc beatti* tolnd bodle* ; veneU lUQ of 

honey and of oil 
Pouf'd InUieni. laldupMiafakr, and cafl 

into the fin^ 

F«ur CDodly bone ; aitd of nine hotmdf. 

Dro uett ia Ibe detiic 
Of lb*l rroat prince, aad trtndier-(u) ; all 

bd that bnngiy dame. 
Tw(li« TroJoB mincca lait Mood fonlt. 

yocns. and of toward bm*. 
At! which {tel on wilh Mekcd «(Mt4 Ikcn 

ilroofc bft IbcR he ikw, 
And to iba has ttiBBfili of fin Ibdr MUa 

Uata he threw. 



Tbee bnnitiMl his UtI sighs, und IhcM 
wDidi : ■' Again wiolce. my Mcnil, 

Evrn in Ihe joyli-« ili-iiili of hcl!. Now 
pw ) complclp mi! 

To M nif Tom. Atone thy We viitnlii'd 
not violracc ; 

Twcin Tiojan print«« wait on ibcc. knd 

lA>Knir (« inocntB 
'■"hy k'x'^o™ htap of funnal. Gnal 

Hcclor I'll eicuu, 
The dog* tliall ral him." The*" Iiitli 

thrautpccfonn'd not ih«lr ubuic ; 
Jov**! danuic. Vcnut. look the gau4 of 

noblt Hecior'i com, 
And kept Ihe do« off, night and day ap- 

plylne MmtScn Cmcc 
0( rosy balms, tlat to Che dogs wen 

hcoitble In talfe. 
And wiih which the Iho body fill'd. Re- 

nowm'd Apollo oitt 
A cloud ftom hiMtcn. leu wiih the (un the 

DMivs and Uneanirnu 
Miglil diy and pulicfy. And now tome 

EC}weT? denif'd commit 
a lolcmniiy : th« fnv (for nil the oily 

II hAii mjeclcd) would not bum ; and Ihcn 

Ihe lorinu Crait 
Studied for help, and, sIondlngolT, Invoked 

Ilic two fail wtndA. 
Zephyr nnd Dorcis. lo afford the mje of 

iMlh lliclr kimli 
To aid bit outiag«. Prrcloui gifts liii 

euMM teal did vow, 
Ponr'd fioni a KOldrn howl rniicli wine, 

and pray'd tnem both lo blow. 
Tlutl rjuickly hit tiiend'i cone might iHirn, 

and tbal hmji') sturdy bmxtc 
Embrace coniumplion. Im beud: the 

winds were at a fcul. 
AH in the OMirl of Zepbyrus. thnt boisteroui 

blowiag air. 
Gather'd toi^htr. She llial «<can tht 

thooMad-colaur'd bur 
Flew (hilber.tlandinB in the porch. Tliey, 

Kvinv hrr, all arc*0, 
Callol to hit, ciBiy one deslt«d (he would 

BwhUc lepooc. 
And Mt wiih ilumi. .She ■niwer'd : " No. 

CO plan of ami is here ; 
RetNM ealll to the Ocean iUul .A\i!iiupii, 

A becaionb Ii offering dow to hcat^n. and 

then mtisl I [signify 

Intake the teati of aacrllice. I came lo 
Tbtl "nnili ton liRplom loiir aidi 

(prinoes of North nnd U'cii). 
Wkb Te<M of nnich bit surilicc. If tath 

wOl Ml fall brcosl 

Agninsl his bnp of (iinenl, and make il 

quickly bum : 
PAtinclnR tin lliBrr. wtiow demue all it 

Actia>aDt moutn.' 
She UJd. htkI ]ian(4 : and «nl mh't 

wiih an iinmRuuml toir, 
'Hioie iwo wRidi. tiimblini; clouds 

hrii|il, uihnt 10 ellher't Mun. 
And iniiantly Ibey readi'd the im ; 

Itew tlic wave* : the gule 
Wm ilronc : reach'd fruiiful Tray i 

full upon the fire tfanr Ui. 
The hoge heap Ibnndei'd. All nlgkt lon| 

from his choked bnoM tbty blew 
A Ulximl Dome un : uid all nigbi swtlt- 

fool Acliillia iiiiew 
Wine from a gcldm bowl on wth, and 

iteep*d Ihe toll tn wSM; 
Still cuIlW on ratroclui' tad. Ke bihct 

could incline 
Moic lo a ton most dcai, nor more mom 

at luji bumed bonca. 
Than did Ihe greiii pnncc lo hii friend i 

lit« conibij\1irin\, 
Still FTreping near asd neat ibe heap ; i 

sifihing, werplng Eiill. 
But iilini the duy^Mr look'd abnod, I 

piomtH^l from bishlU 
Llfhl. uhlvli Ih'' iHlTran mom itaile | 

and sji""!^'^ on tba sea 
Then lantniuh'd the greRI pile : Iben j 

Ihc Ibiiiict : and IhRI calm fnwa 
Tum'd tack the KOgb winds 

hoinci : the Thtaclan billow i 
Tbcil MkIi rctiyst. RiAlod wilb 

then Ilium pfaant viogs, 
Pclldci ihen fooook the rule, «nd l« : 

linjd limb 
Ch(K«d place of ren : where Uld. me 

ilwp fc-ll lo hit with on h>in. 
\Vbeti all Ihe kins'i jcuard (walling th 

peicelving will lo rise 
In llial K'n' antion) burrinl in. and ■ 

a^iin hu trya 
With luniuli 01 iheir tioop, and bait*. 

Ltiile tlicD he rair'd [afblr refefT*J 
His troubled penon. tlittng irp, end ih 
To wtth'd eommandmrnl of iba ' 

■' Atrides. and Ihc rest 
Of our commandcn gcnrj^l, Touchule i 

iliii irqvM 
Qcfore your pAilIng: g(re la i 

■ruenctiinu wllb blad wine 
Of this hmpa rBcs; erery brand 

yellow trcasMlesMne : 
And ILtn kl March Putiodiu' boiMB, i 

ni^ulshiaK IWm wrll : 
A* wtUya mm, ihcy kept Ihe miiht. I 

rot al nndom (tU 



About <b' exiiOM pMt of (bo pile ; aen's 

boast aad bono' nbi'd. 
Bda( (eiMd, I'U iod u urn of coU t' «i- 

eloM lt»m. and betatu 
Jim rir Md tbem Iwo kali of fu bjr on 

OMM, ■BdMfOt 

ComBfl (b««, til) mla* own boM* xal 

MB lore. iDjr wal dtceaMtL 
T^ (qMikbic I bM« Dotcfcarged to uaka 

of loo nueb ititK 
Bat o( « noM MinHblng mcaa, thai jron 

Wbni I an fcoa, majr nnipli^ wttb sncb 

ft bnadth ud bH^ 
A* Rtt TCOC judfMoiM Md outwattb*." 

Tli doic* nMt<«d Ub waigbt 
Ik oM ofaNfVHice : HbI thcr qucach'd 

«<lb Mbh >iw tbs hmp^ 
At Iv w It had kd (he flame. TIm Mh 

iell woBdroot detf^ 
In wWck Iv wwEra. Uut bii lita n- 

tekmiljr loved. 
Seucnd, ««epin(, tat bli booM ; which 

hniad. tbqr iiiiniiaipel'lj pro>«d 
Uk will iDwte i« M'^f*^_ ana whal U> 

A pMfa xsmI. dowhla IM, ccanala'd 

then : an wMeb, clad 
IP ViO* e( lidfa^ pura and licb, ««« 

wkmnty oonWd 
T AchlUe*' leiiL The pUUoim Ihrnibnul 

ilip jm1« tittj Inkl (earrh, an>l ttirii 

Of U« H KpHlchiv. and ndaed a btop of 
OSet'd dtparlale. Bdi Ite pdoee RUind 

than irill bk Dun. 
Emfiaytnc ibem to bich (mm fleet rich 

. trtpMb fcr hii fuiM, 
CaUront. bone. mnha. broad-hauled 
bantt bn(bi Med. and bctgh i« damcL 
TIi« bm at hono-raea b« otdjoa'd a 

OeoBallv pcaUdol Wr and Tounb and 

Of all kiodi tiling : and aMud a birol. 

Tiv«nihr-i«9 w i M nr i ^ rooM, aith mh. 

Tae BcM pilta be pMpowd 
Wai (ihat <rM% ihn bad Msh RspKl) a 

■w oftbi vwn olda 
TitwfUnl btrrtri allti a wnlr. anil rriilr 

M haw totta. . 
Ite IhM ciB* »n a caldno. new, fait, 

bfljtin. and cauU ror )i« 
Coatai* too mei— wi. Fa* tbe (wnth, 

tm taltMt' cnaMtks 
OftecMto>d. Tbft Rfth gataawa* a (tnt 

Dew Maadini; bowl. 
To Mt down boUi vayx. Tboe brought in, 

AdilUa Ibtn MOUd sp 

Aad aUd : "Atildet and raf lord*, thitf 

hoiaeaifa ofour boat. 
Thaw gainea eapecl re. If nrKlfibould 

Intopoae 017 moM 
Tat our botaataca. I aiake no douM bat 

I ihouEd take again 
'llioe gltu piapo wJ . Vc tS knox wtll, 

of bow dirlne a Mrua 
U)r bone at*, and bow «fltfMD>. Of Nep- 
tune'* gift ibov an 
To Pdnu. and of nU lo me. Mynlf tbea 

will not thsTe 
In giiu civni riiltm. nor mjr Mocdi btwiha 

any ipirit (■:> il^ake 
Their airv jiaiMin) : to the)' monra tor 

llwir Kind ciiiil<r'i lake, 
Laic IcHi : [iiM uied wiih hucaoeout oil 10 

(tick liio UiCtj man A. 
Clrar nifr lia<mj> cInuMd Ihnn fait, 

and. ba banc being their banet, 
Tbose lofty manei mw ilnw the catlh. 

Ihair baads hold ihaton down. 
Vou iben that tiiul in chuioii. asd bcpc 

with bone Co crown 
Your conqachng templet, pnl jromehvt: 

now, fjinc and phic lUcfcb iot. 
All that havT t]aii*. Tbu Gnd aU ; iho 

fiat conpMiioT 
Watfcbig tUwMlui, whom the Bttd bone- 

Braatliip did pact. 
Son to Adnitfui. Next (obtm rose Uotud 

to the rai-e^ 
Thai undo tnns mt«d Trojan boiw. VT 

laie (orr«l irom [be «in [liuion 

01 lonl Aiieiiiict. liimieCtCfeBlof ncaieoa- 
Bj Phobui. Ntxl to him Ml fDilli iha 

velkiw-hcadtd liine 
Of LaoedjiRKH), Juvei blgA aced; and. 

In hii managine. 
Podargui and awtti ^he itod, tieedi lo 

the King of men : 
.Elho givea bf Bcbepolul, lb* Andibi- 


A* bribe 10 fn« him from Iba war naolned 

So Dclt^cy feaUtd hhn. whom Jove be- 

How'd upon 
A mlghir w<«ttb : hit dwciltng wai In 

bvODul Sicxooe. 
OU Ntttor'i km, Antflotba^ wia fcoith 

for cfalviky 
In thit ooaUnnon ; hii ^r boeM wete of 

Iha Pvllan breed. 
And hii oal taihtt, f^mina iKar, tofaro'd 

him [far good ip ea d ) 
Wllfc good noe M«ei. bi wtikfe btaadf 

eoald good hut nit t lBM gHa : 
" AnlflotbK ibougb totag ikon mi. 

jH iby grata TfrtaaaSvi 



tSclov«l of Ni^plunr and <i fore : Ibcir 

^jiirilt tiavc UugM thee all 
The an of hotMouinihip, lor which Ihe leis 

ihy m«Us till 
[q ncml of iloctrinc Well ihy tltUl cjui 

wldd A clunot 
Id all lit lunilng*, x^ 'Iiy hone ibclr tlow 

(me Imnillii naC 
A* ha thy inan«4te. which duImb m« c«H 

d'WliU ol tliv HicecM. 
I well knoir all Ibwe an not Mcn in an of 

lKi> addns 
Mot* thyKlf : iVir honri yrt supe- 
rior are [o ihinc 
For [licii |iatu; tMoe want tpocd lo malu 

discharge of n dnien 
To please on onut. But k» on. shew bul 

lb; nil M»l lictil 
At all polnu. and sei ih«n aiptiiut Ibdr 

hcirMa' heul and on ; 
Good juitcn will not Ma IbM IdM. A 

cnrpenlei's dacrt 
Stands max In curmlng Uun En power. A 

pilot doth aien 
Hi* vesKi from Ihe rock, and wrMk, loe'd 

with thn ehiuliih wtndi. 
By skill. nE» nrmictli '. >o loiU ll bora : 

one ehuiotecr ihatAndt 
Want of uoUict't power In horae ntiul In 

hli own iklU •« 
An otcrplui of Ibil to ihu : nnd w the 

pr^raf will nl 
Skill, that still tests within a, man, mare 

fttcc (ban powti wllhoul. 
He that In hone and duiiioCi tnuti. ii 

often fanri'd about 
Thia way and thai. unhanclroiTicly. nil 

heaven wide of his end. 
K(; bnier iklU'd, lliat nilei worse horse, 

will all obicrnnoo litnd 
Ri^ on Ibc scope siltl of a rue. beat 

naar. know when to ii.-in. 
When {Ive nin, u hii foe bcloni |wtJI 

Dated bt blB fcin 
Of mannfeandbuslooda'evUlr) pttamiu 

I'll Kin thee inftnnce now, u plain at II 

ihoii ciw*!! it dcoe : 
llere standi a diy stub o4 mme tree.* a 

eulilt from thi: irtoiind. 
(Suppote the b<iiI> oF ouk or bttb. for 

ettber arc so sound 
llat nnthrr ntt with welj two Moiic*. 

white (moril yoiO. white tax new. 
hrlod on rilhrt tiilr. Itic Uuti ; and llioc 

l«r wbei« they drew 

* A ODOimcnl mitht w<e]1 b^ buund vpon 
IKia ipe«h of ^toto' 

T)ie way into a (trait ; the tOM Ix-twol 

both lying cleat. 
!ma(pae them same mncunDeUt of eae loac 

sinM lomb'd Ibtre. 
Or thiti they hod been lists of moe fat ma 

uf ftirmrr yon. 
As now Ihe tun Achilles seix may tcm to 

Muy rem heim. ^^'hen noaT to iteN 

the race grows, tbcn as tlfAt 
Dn'vo on them at tlij aye can jihIi[« ; ilia 

lay thy bifdie's wcu;tii 
Mwil of thy IctI fide ; thy >i)[ht liurse llwa 

Biritclilag, all ihy ibm.ii 
(Spent In cncoiirttgeinents) ci>e him. and 

all i!i« rriti let float 
About his ihoulden ; thy neai bone «411 

yet be he tlial gaie 
Thy bIuII the prin*. and him dcid *q hit 

held may loueli the OnTe 
Of iliy kli ikluvl : but then lake <a» Hkm 

runn'sl not on the stone 
(With wmek of honie and chonoi^ whkfe 

>o Ibou brar'M upon. 
Shipwrack within the h.-iicn BTOid, by all 

mtaini ; that will breed 
OthendctiKht. and thn aibama. Bame 

then, and take h»d. 
My luvoil roil, cRt but to be Gttt ol tsiun( 

In the coune ; 
He liviT* not iliol can txAn thrc then, not if 

he back'd the iione 
TheKod*brcd.aiidAd[ajitaiomd. Dtrlne 

Arioa'a qwed 
Could cot ouipaoe tbtc. or the hotte Lao- 

mcdon did brard. J 

Whow race is inmaaa, and fM heiie.fl 

Tliussat Neleida. ■ 

When all that could be aid dm mM.* 

And then Merionc* 
Set lifttily forth hii ftitr-numod boiM. AH 

Inipl to chariot : 
And creryninn then for the statt out knbli 

S roper lot. 
ei drew ; Antilocbos the lot lel fore- 

niott forth ; 
Eutnelus nnt : Attidot third ; Merions 

the fbunb : 
The (ifili nnd batwu Diomnd. fnr BtM lo 

AU ttooit In order, and tlic litis Aehiilc* 

fii'd far Ihmoa 
In plRln field ; and a *eM cnlatn'd tut by, 

in which he vi 
ficiiawmod Htioniii, thai in grnceof Pelcus 


• HsUi'* actd )««• of vteck «u bus 
brieflj' nirtflL 



To wc ihc mee. an) give * inth «f all 

tbdr p*M*|e*. 
AB (i«t toMher, Komxcd. nd cried, ftnd 

S>v« iluir builiMB 
BtndT and otder. Tbeo^ tb« Mi they 

held a winged pace. 
Beneaih Ibc bMoai <t Ihdr tterAi n dun 

to dlmiii'd the noe. 
It Mood atoPB Ihdr houli tn cloud*, or 

like to Momn iniRMd. 
Maiici flor like rtulgnt wllh the wlitd. 

Tbe charfoM aomriiinn gnard. 
And tonMtaDCS lump'd up to the air ; yec 

Mill Mit tel llu: Ricn. 
Tbcir ipirila c*n paiuine in ItwirlweHt* 

with iervnir to obtain. 
But wlMa tlN7 tucn'il to Dccl apdn, Ihtn 

all men! ikills uprt Irinl. 
Hkd tlitlch'd the (Lulcmi of Ibcji ilcoli. 

liiimthw' bone in prkl* 
SilU bCM Itwif toTcrFlgn. After Iheia 

oaaDSoRwd'icniiixrrt clear, [npOAC 
Sitll apt to leap ihni chariot, and nudy lo 
UpcM lh« ahontdcn of Ihcir king ilicli 

head* : hii bacli wen tnitn'd 
mtb Itic that fttun thtrir bckiiiIi flnr ; anil 

tbsn (b«riT lord Wl iiim'd 
n* iflioe to him. or glvca it doubt, it 

natboM had not imll 
ntoKoiuEeoat ofbialiandi, and tear* of 

bc^tea* wruh with tt 
Fnm vnih hit vjt*. lo ice fail bene tor 

wMiloltcaiii^ made rlow. 
Aad Ih' olhan, bjr ApoUo'*bd[^ witb much 

more iviftnw* to. 
ApoUo'i tpKe Palbu dbctru'd, and Bern 

lo Tjdcua' arm, 
Hla Mource nadi'd, and U* Iwnii nia4i 

fiMb. Tben KmIe her angiy ran 
At ktoc Ewneliu, brake bl* pat* ; bb 

marca en both Met Btw. 
Bh iliiiMbI [ilir Icfi to culli. and him tbc 

U^S«p cbariot ifarew 
Dson 10 lb* tttOi. M* dboM ton, fab 

Smokatib«ecntre,blsipecchIaM. Aad 

Onb tbe turaad race 
FiinioTydidaa: bdoreall bn conquctiajt 

Aad Unt be cUlta'd in tb» nee ; dirin« 

Suaonb (o U* bona. aiM) Cua* lo bim. 

Next him dtavc Sparta'i Uac- 
AMUochu* bii latbrvi bone ibcn urged 

(M Mouixe and veicc : " Kun low," nld 

be, ''atntcb <M jour Bnb«k and fly ; 
WU) DlDBMd't bone 1 bid not •oifMNM' 

wMb Unadr arfra I ; 

Aibeoia wings hi* hont. and bim tv- 

nmmi ; Auidct' ttndi 
Arc thry ye mutt iM fall but itacb ; and 

Mon. lal loan ncttcda 
Tb* btoi of all your funea, to yicU le 

nriiincai lo a mare, 
To Il-iiuIc ^tlw. Wbal't lb« cauw, yc 

bot thai CTCT wwr. 
Thai (hu) yc fan ui? Be •uinod. that 

Nmor I love jre lo» 
For ever. iT ve ful hu ton : threuch both 

nmr both liclc* kocb 
Ilta lot mtfI. if jv tuDcr me to bring (Iw 

tut ptde liome. 
KkU. ovvtalw them initmnily ; we weoU 

fouat oveseomc 
Tbiifaatrii wsy next ui. lliix my mind wlU 

take, (hii I ilopiie 
For will. Dm I'll otep thiMish : bard 

(hr unv Tn hononr im. 
And ih.\< (dkc I, aad tbat xliali yidil." 

Hi> hone hf all lUt know 
lie wBi not ptsned, and fcar'dbbTnx. 

and lor a while they Sew. 
But Wniittht more rlrnr ajipcar'd ibc uiait 

Annlochm foresaw. 
Il wM a gup Ihr mih gm, tomal by 

bnmourt cold and raw, 
Pour'd out of WVntrr'i watciy bnaA met 

tbn*. and dnivinj; itAt^) 
All tliM near p*n.i«': lo the Usii. Tbis 

NCMOr^ 100 wiiltlll Irry, 

And left Ibe londwiT. l<clDe about. 

AirMe* bai'd,* asd cntd : 
■ AnlUochuit thy coan« i) ; contain 

thy hone, we ride 
A way moit danni out ; nun brad, bttinie 

take laixer nrlil, 
W« itmn be tfilltitd." N«ttM'i sea wliti 

much mtn KVurgr impnTI'd 
Hil horse for tbu, ai if not beard ; and 

gu lu Ur bf fere 
A* any yotiih aa tatt a qnoll. Airidci 

would no mora: 
lU back agaio, for (car himself, hi* goodly 

And hone tceethcr, tticw'd Ibe dot, lu 

btdncso dtuty bot 
Of thiMod MnqueN. But be dild, at 

panin^ puune krc : 
"AaUoetat,* aaid he^ "• wooe than 

Ibm aaitb naier boTfi 
KawwcH, VM MKT tboocht tbn «iie thai 

ware wbe : botiMt *o 
Wllboni oalb* >lwll the wteolh. be i«ie, 

oown tby mad i<bi|iIi». Uo." 

■ llwihiii ia Irw 10 Ut!>« AiHiliKkui. wba 
ft awy •« ps»r«^ up« b*. 



Vet h« bcihought tilm. und went loo, 

tbu itlnins up hit bltcdi : 
" Leave me nol lut thus, nor iluid vex'd. 

Ld IliMc fail in Dib speeds 
Of frat oad kn«s, not yoa. Sball these, 

theae old Jades, put Iht flower 
Otfauth tb«l iFou biini, pan jou?" Thli 

(be hone feu'd, •■»] more power 
Pul to ih^ kDoa, ltial2h[ gelUnE eiouad. 

Both C«w, and to tb« nnl. 
All MDie do imoka, like tplrlii. Tlie 

Orokl, (•« to ice who did but, 
WllhoQI IhJe rw*, aloft) now maiif .-> new 

diKOvery. [nicneui' eye 

Other ihwi thai thejr nude u rmi. I<1ei- 
DliUng^ulib'd all. he kite* lfa« voic« of 

t>iunied, ixtiRg a hone 
Of tpecial mvk. of notour tuy, and wax 

Ihe llol In coiirie. 
Hi* (nnhrjul puiimic (oilh a tlar, round 

like the moon, aod wtiiio. 
Upatcxidllte l.'rtlaa, uiicring Ihii: "bll 

alome niy aijihi. 
Priftce* and cupium, that disecriu another 

lead the race 
Vn& othsr bon* (hao led of Ut«? 

EuRwIu* intde naoaC pace 
WUh hl> fleet mare*, and he bcgaa the 

fltxuic U we Ihcninht ; 
Now ail Ihe field I search, and find no- 
where hit irtew : hath nought 
BefbJl'n amlu lo him ? Pnhapa he hath 

ooc lAlth $u<oe» 
IVfonn*il hia flEXurt ; hii reini lo*i, or 

iBU. or with the tieu 
His chariot Inll d lilm. and hi* mares have 

outlay d wlili afrriahl. 
Stand up, irj you your cyea. for mine hold 

with iht KGood light ; 
Thii wemt lo me Ih ^lollaa kin£. Ihe 

Tydoin Momed. " 
"7o you it icemt io." nttUcIj A)*a 

Oileus uid, 
" Your word* arc lulled to your eyes. 

TtioM matt* lead atill thai l.-il. 
Bamvlua oma lh«m, and he tlill holds 

relni and plaoe that did. 
Not fdTt'n aa you hoprd : you mutt prste 

before iii all, llioiijch Injt 
In judKmcDt of all : y nie 100 old. your 

tongue goci 1,1 ill too tul. 
You Rtuit not lalk >o. Here an those 

tlini belter ihce, and look 
For liril place In Ike ecMurfe" lliia 

Idommeui look 
In much diidaln. and thus leptlcd : "Thou 

beat. ID apanbea HOni. 
B«rbM«iw4aiiguand : oiher* ben might 
ham nwovM me Am. 

Not thou, unfllt'it of alL I bold a utped 

with thee hen^ 
Oi uldron. and our Geoeral make our 

equal arhiler, 
Those horaaarc Gnt. thai when thou pay'tt 

thou (hen ina/it know." Tbli Acad 
Oiliadd nioi«. and more ibaa word* Ibla 

qu.-ittel had inspired. 
Had nut AchiUii tose, and ned thb 

SKifying ipceeh : 
o more : away with wetdt In war : 

tl louchelh both with breach 
or Ihat which fits ye : your doert* should 

o[ htri rcprchond 
Thai give Mii-'h foul (rcmt -. til je siill. the 

men themsrtvcs will end 
lllesirlfG betwlit you inilanlly, and eilbct't 

own load bear 

On hli own ihoulden. Tbca to both ihc 

fini lionc will appear. 
And vMrb ii second.' These words med, 

Tydida was ni hand, 
Kli hunc lan high. gUneol on the way, 

and up they loaa'd the sand 
Thick on Iheir coachman : on ihsir pacv 

Ihoir chariot dcck'd with gold 
Swiftly niiended, no wheel aeeit, mv 

wh«)'i prtnt la the mould 
Impreu'd behind llieni. These hOBe flew 

a ihghi, noi ran a race. 
AmvM. .tmkii the lliu ihey stood, nrM 

IritHinj: down apice 
Their hiKh manes and their pronlncU 

brctiiijt ; and down iunip'd Uiomed. 
Laid up his scourge aloft Ihe seat, and 

stntighi his pnie was ted 
Homr to hii lew. RoujEh Stbtnglu* laid 

quick hand on the dame; 
.\nd handled trlrel. aad teat both honra 

by his men. Next came 
Aniilochus, that won with wUes, not iwUt- 

ncu of hli bone, 
Pn<cedfiice of the cold-Iock'd kin(, who 

Ect maJ Qiain'd ihe fourse 
iti-., ihnt not Ihe king'towti horse gal 

mote brfote Ihe wheel 
Of his rich chariot, that might «iU lb* 

iiotcuilon fed 
Wiih the txmme bain o( his i«il {and that 

nilBcieni close 
Itrld lu hia leader, no greu ipuo Jt let 

hjm utlerpose 
Considud In so pni a Add}. Tim 

Ntitor'i wily son 
Gat of the king ; now at hli beeli. ihoach 

at the breach he won 
A quoii'i cast of him. which Ihe king again 

ai th' intiaai falo'd. [maoadL 

£tba AcamemiKmldM tbat tea* wikhip 

0*l iliei>GtI> XlU M the >t«nt ; which vordl 

bcT aunfa hwl looted «ilh dtmlli 
Had mem gioiinil lK«n bIIuw '<) tlx race i 

mul tcMil (nr 1MB sMd*, 
N» VKiNao U^iing tor iha price. And 

wm Mcrioim 
A d>n*« can ounc behind (he king, hb 

hnrae of tpnil nuich Int. 
HinurK ^Bi iktt'i t' impottnne tfatm, iml 

(lv« 1 dKuloc WW. 
AdiUciia' HM wu W. wbOK p%hi 

AchtBet pllTlng 
Tbw lp*la : " Wit man tunici lut ; jfm 

ngbt Diml stc hit priM nol Irail. 
Tin Mcond hit dewni miM bcw, and 

Dionxd Ihc beu." 
HeiUd. Niid all allciir'd ; aod ran lh« 

■Mia had been till ovn, 
^dnol AniikchutMood TonL and la lili 

(MOO toe bU Inunat : " A^hltlet. 

"I Aonldbcanfnr «l[b roQ muoti to •«« 

OngtM you 10 Uke fram mc mr ric)><. 

bacaiuc bii hOTMi liad wronc. 
HImmU bccas CDod^ Hu Kl.<mhl have 

wed. «a Good men da, hb i«r<cua 
la prajpir M ilxit poacn ihai blisi good 

(not matinj; lu Sit ii<n). 
Hot W kavc bnn kn iliu gMd iMt. Hn 

0**rtbicw Boi ■■«: (rtio'i lul? •ho* 

fint t men'* (OodncB wlltiatil itioe 
la Dot «W auoliolL If bli gogi) you plly 

jH, and plow 
Mne^ u |>aoe li ; Toui IcdB hold a 

Coodly deal of rM. 
Bnm. bone, shocp; womtn i out at IbcM 

jwnr booaty ouy be txM. 
T4 lalEa ■ Bnta mon vortby prin than 

ny poor nwdi (eeki. 
And ftn it hora btfora uy face. *nd all 

iScac : thai lh« Gmks 
Uar gloTi^ !«" Ilixtnl handt. Thli 

pnw I win Mt yield. [a Hied fidd. 
Who bean thb, ■haooever nati. be bun 
Hli hand and mine mtui chaace tome 

blovl." Achilles laoBh'd. and mid : 
" l( iby arlll be^ Aniflocbiu. I'll fee 

Euacluf (aid 
Ooi of mif laiU. I'D ghe Urn Oi' mim. 

■WGh lal* I eonqoerd la 
AMCfopMML foned of bnai; and mxitd 

about wUh dn ; 
TWl b« a inKal "onhy biin." Tila 

Mid, AMMDOdon 
He Mit tortbcm. He urcni ami brouElu : 

and la AdnHtnt' ton 


Aohlllei ttn lb«m. Ka. mil phatML 

lecEived Ibrm. Tties arcae 
Wiung'd MrMiniit. mucb laceated aldi 

young Aoiilodiut. 
Habrnt (oipeak. ahcnld look hit *cef*rE 

and caix cktrt* 
0( ttlcacf f} the olhcr Gmk»; thra did 

till- kiiij! i-nluti 
1'he >[i1p(n he priton'd, U'cring ihh ,* 

" Antilndiui. till I'ow 
Vi't Eimi that viw : bat m lliit aci afc-il 

■iirdoni uiter'si liiont 
Ttiou ha4t diignced tay vittue, wTong'4 

my hone, prafcirinf Ihilw. 
Much ilieii Infertoni Mil go to, Pilacoi, 

not hii nor mine 
Jadceof wlitiravcDr.faimnoemo: lettaay 

TUi tondtl : ' MfMlais «oo, vtih Ncs- 

lot'J «in'» obiue^ 
Ttw petic in cjootlon. hi* bone wont ; 

hinuaU y«t wan ibr Ixil 
By power km cteaHMB.' Vet. beowue t 

muld not that ocotcM 
To nuke pani lakine. I II bo judc* ; and 

I >uff>a« none hm 
WUI Uame ray judgsent, 111 do right : 

Anidothiu, wtne ttm ; 
Come, noble fcnllenua. 'lb jota ptaoe ; 

ma> by Cn' canh-ciKUog god, 
(Standing before yout chailoc and bone, 

WHh vhocb you Kourgcd Itrna in yom 

hand] IT boib with ad and Hile 
You did not croM my cbariot.'' lie ibM 

did reconcile 
Giaor wiib hli dligiaec^ and with wU 

nsloicd him la hU »It : 
■* Nowt enve I tatitMec : O king, ahal- 

vrvJ m) tinCC. 
Aicitbe to much mon youth ti nie than 

you ; you, more m ngc 
And monc In eacclleiicr. know *^ Ifce 

ouinp thai englge 
All youog Bien'* adloni : ihatpct alia, bol 

dolkrwiidomi. Mill 
Fraomflow than tfom yo»: fb« <Mtb, 

curb, vlth your wMam, •ilL 
'llie peue I lhow<ht diiia I yteU youn, 

and. Vyou pbase. a pMie 
CHgTMHrnhM M my teat lH Mod tar, 

Your wm al M. «Dd iMUnlly : (M,l«lhil 

ffllofllme;, [topiodlmh 

abb lA be cnfola'd your foagur^ 

■ Ken MMib»i' lidiculHu ^i t di kr i 
I t AM&>cbnbai>eKilR||tt- 



Th:in to tic Mlins all aij time ti«m height 

of lurh * gtiico,* 
O Jovc-loveil Vinjt. nnd ol the gocU receive 

a coTj/r in |i]aci^" 
Thlx uid. b* Iclcli'd the prite to him ; 

and It r^ocil him ta. 
Tlial M eon-ean iliinc wtlli thn drw, ycl 

havioE timii lo gnra. 
WlicnfidSi Hi nil thdr btiMlm up;I to 

auch A iiilTwrrI tlioHi 
O MmeUui. niuuerlng Ihui: "Aniilodraj, 

I now, 
Ttumch I ucrc anrry. yietd to thev, be- 
cause I IOC Ili'hiutit wll. 
Wbta I lliiiii|;lil nut ; Jhy voulli lialfi gol 

Ibe mulcry of thy iplill^ 
And yrl. Tor nil Ihii, lii mote ude not to 

nbiuc at nil 
Oreul men. ihnn, vcnmrin;. tnut to wit to 

tAn up wliit luiiy [»1l ; 
For no mnn m our hoii tnaidc had caiily 

Oklm'i] mr iplccn, 
Slin'd with liko lumpott. Bui Ibyult hul 

a nuloliwr bren 
Of much dinictlon la mj cmuc: so Ihy 

pxil r>thc[ loo. 
And to thy brother ; at thy niit, t lbcn> 

fore let all go, 
G'nv Ihix lliUifimrhiT. tHoiiK'iTiiiiicOwti. 

ttut all 1h«r may dlwrn 
Ktnj McncLtiii Imn > mind nl no pin 

proud or mbth." 
The king (hu) cabn'il, Aaiilochiu re- 

onivd, and gave the tietil 
To loved Noemon to lead thcnoe; nnd 

(ben RDtlvol beside 
ThecaldTcn. Nnt, MeTi»nM,foi fourtJi 

game WM to have 
Tvro lalcntV goiil. 'Ilie fifth, unwon. i>c- 

Dowm'd Avhilles gnve 
To reverend Ncstor.txlngabowl (OKI om 

dttiFT end ; 
V^llich Ihroui-h the pna hr mirlrd him ; 

" Receive," uld he, " old fnciiJ. 
Thb tVI ai funenl munumcal ul mv dew 

Whom never yon mutt tee again ; I malce 

Tojouu. ■'ilhaii( any strife, oblaJning l( 

(Mm all. 
Vour ibtnildeit nm«t not undergo the 

churllih w)ioorlbiil'« fa.ll ; 
WralllinG it |maI ^uu. ilrift Id daiti. Ihe 

toot"* relerily ; 
Hnnh ngr. In hit yean fetlcn you. and 

honour KltyoufiTc" 

• linnlir*. 
f Tltit >uuilc LVcvue u merely LnDicaL 


Tbusgirahc ii. He took, and joy'd; 

but. ere be ihaak'd. be toid : 
"Now luce. my bonooraUe ton. Id tS 

point* Ehou IiaM play'd 
Tlie (omcly orator ; ao more Diutl I eoe- 

tcnd uilb ncncs -, 
Feet fail, hihI bamls : ami vaM thM 

II teni^. tbat ihl) anid iku i*lnge 
Uiidci yiiar ibouldcn. Wonid to ~ 

I were «o young-cfainn'd aoir. 
And iireoRib thrc* mch a many of 

to cirkbrnin Iliia atiow, 
As when Ihe ^mi brought t« Int, 

nctlvcly hoDOiiTing thut. 
Kinj: Amaiynctft'i (uncial* lu (air Dupn* 

Hit torn put prttn doMi (or him ; «hti« 

not a man malch'd nw 
Of all the Epimu, or the tent ot gicoi^ 

toul'd ^lullr. 
No, iwr the Pyllnnt thenuehc^ mf 

countrynKD. I bcnl 
GtvAt Clytomolma, Eaopt' Mii,al buBen. 

Ai the (eat 
Of «iut!Ing, I laid imdet me OM Hot 

Bipiinit me roM, 
Anci»js, call'd PleuconitK, 1 nadt 

Iphlcliu lota 
The r»fii-i:ame lo nie. At the spear, I 

conquer'd I'olydor^ 
And tlmng Pliytna. Actoi^ tna, «f 

men, otily txuni 
The pnlm at borte-race. conquering *il 

iHsT^ng on niure borve, 
Aii4 cniyins my vitcoiy, becmise. 

ihdt coune, 
.Ml Ihe bcjrt games wen gone with 

Theie men veie tarini ; one wu 

A men! lUTv guide, ■ mOK lUTC pMt ', 

iitlier uave the pan 
With rod nnd meitle. Thlnnuihen. Bui 

now young men niuti wife 
TbatewwH. and nty joinia uiideixo th< 

tod defecit ot age ; 
Tbou^b ilica I ma anotfier sml At 

time I uniTd 
AmoniEM ih' betoca.* Dot fonb now ; It) 

III' other rilT) Ik iH-ld 
For thy dcerosod fncnd; tbis thy gift 

all kind piit I take. 
And i»ui;h il joys my hrvt, Ikat Mjft, 

my irup lundncti' uke, 
Yon give me menorr. Yon 

ubai6t gnwi t luad 
AmaitKU Die Grcckani ; and to 

Ki yoorpaetfiil baad. 

* Hit deun tifna* paal* 



TbefodtglTCWBplencoaipctue ot cnwe 

ociin lo ihec 
F«r Uiu* aiiril aU ihjr tanoua." Tbas, back 

tbnxwfc the tbrul draie h«, 
Wbv babad ttn'd out all tbs pmiM of 
~ oldNcktda." 

IM« far boffbl). thai tovgb eamc 

bevnkf'd paaaf^; 
ftnpcM ing ■ bboiloiB mule, of xb jvaa 

e)d. nauoMd. 
Awl Acne in liMKlUng. brauKht. and bound , 

In thftl pUoe wlwn lliey gunnl ; 
And. to A* coaqucT'd. a round cup. I!oth 

wblch bo thai nodaUns ; 
"Airldei«Od idTfrtcDilaot Oieeco, Mo 

Bwo. for ibcM two eanwt, 
1 Ud sMod fank. Wba bc« can tittke, 

wlih hicb OMtiaeud Gat*. 
(Apdio ctvinR turn ihe witatb) know all 

aboul Itioe ll!U. 
Sb^ win a mulr. lallml of tail ; tbe it«n- 

ontltl'd, ihu TDund cup." 
Ttla uttct'd ; Puiagirua' ion, KpeiM, 

•Utfgllt Hood up, 
A tall Inge nan. that (o the noil knew Iha( 

rvd* (port of hand. 
And, Klilug ihc louRb mull?, ihui spoke : 

" Now lei totiiE at her iland 
Forth far the o^>: thia mule Is miniv *> 

CUft 1 bOOM IN best. 

IiTiDecaBOBihlwn M toI£«? who li 

Al M 'KvA^t nooe: not poastbk. Ai 

ihi* rn iMi t otf. 
AadwIUpcrftanBlbla: who Maud* forth, 

Hie bodM M lo a monar:! folch mr- 

CeooaoiMW to take 
Hi* oae from tmder mc." ThU aptecli 

did «ll nwn lilimt make. 
At U^ wood lortb Euiyidui, a dm god- 
like, and ton 
To kinic HcdMens, (be grnndchlld of 

bonouc'd 'I'alaoD. 
He mu >o itrone ihal. C0Bta( OOCe lo 

IVUs. wlicn (Edipui 
Had like rtia lokmnlaed lor bba. be wml 

Fkom all the TbctODt. Thh rare man 

TjpdidM woold piD|ion'. 
Pat on hi* firdig, oa-hida oords, bir- 

wtoofbt ; Mod qmii much ear* 

* AoMkcf OM* M KtaWi'l humuur. not H 
maA Mat M ^ pl*u>r oUorcd in lU thcH 
Ifisib u IB lU b«ek. 

t Nawtta ibnyi ■« if w(i la cur Hocut : 
IT ahm r«a bgk aoi Kir U ra« eu linil il 

Hut he mleht eonquer, bcanea'd Um, 

and (auvht him trick). Solh dtoM'd 
Fit forth' affiur, both forth were broosht: 

then breail c^ipoted lo bieui. 
Fitt* aniati liaU rote and. Oity Joio'il, 

r\ii1ini; of jawi wm Ibcn^ 
<>naihiflg aS iccth, and hanj bknn daah'il 

Uooil out awnTwbcra. 
At lei^ih epeiu spied dear war, nuh'd b«, 

aad well ■ blow 
Drairc UDdeintatli tbe others lat, that h» 

The knock 'd cuih. no more le|^ had he . 

Ihii 21 n buEv fish laid 
Neat lo thi CQld-wud^atbcrinc zbtm. k 

with a Nurth fla» &aid, 
Shools back, and in the black deep lil:lea : 

10. Mui ngHlikM Ilia (roaad, 
Wa* fod'd Euryalus. his ilrcDKtli. so hid in 

more profound [conii,cilior ; 

|)e«[w^ Kpeua. wliotook ti|>tli' ioiiauccd 
AbouL whom nuh^d a crowd of blendfc 

Ihiit Ihrmgh ihcctuucn bora 
tUl&ilteriDg kMts; he sputiiifi np tbick 

dodi «f blood, hi* bead 
TolUi'd of «ea aide. UstooNfODe ; wben, 

to a hjr-plMe led, 
Tbiihcr iti<7 branfbi bin lbs round cup. 

Ptlidea thm sei fonh 
FrtaefoeawiBiiline; lotbe bcU atifrci, 

rtial wa» nutili 
Twelve oxen, ineat and fit [oe fae; the 

coniiiet'd vu l' obuin 
A woman cmlli-nr la troiks ; bcr baauij, 

and hdt^iD, 
PrfiBd at lour oien. Up be nood, and 

Ibiu proclais'd : "/inm, 
Voa wmstlen, that will nnwe far tbew." 

Out ttmt'i the atEfJe file 
Of mtcht)' Ajux. huge ia titcoxth ; to bim 

La«iie>' son, 
Tba taUj one, at hB|B In Hi^ht. Tbtir 

oeRmoiv done 
or maklac ntAy, fonh tber Occp'd. eald> 

clbuwi with Kioax huBds. 
And OS the bouni of some bleh borne 

ciack wiih a xonn, |el Maa^ 
Ttw boosr. bans buliihrnlUkill'd men; 

to crack'd tbcit baek-bonot wrlnch'd 
Wilb botrid ivtidt* ; in Ibeii odea, aiB*. 

shouldei^ alt bcfiliKh'd. 
Hao iluck (be walM rtd witb tbe blood. 

nuh lo HSit out Bolh 
Long'd foe the oonquai and Ike piin ; yet 

ibew'd no play, bdns loih 
To lose both. Nor ooeOd UhaeutiUr AJaa ; 

MU could be 
Halo dowa UlyiMS, bdaa «<■« 

(baa «tth vMntBn>ii^>a\R 




Hurl'd from all tanlig? of his ileigtil. 

T)nd then with lugging play, 
Onst Aju Tcliuiioniui uiJ : "Thou 

•nitat (nun. or lay 

My 6iM up. Of lei me lay thine ; lei Ji)»f 

t»kf am Ua ihtw." (LMrliiiiIrs 

lliLisAld. he hoi5( him up to air; when 

Hii Wik> forgu not. AJiu' Ihiiili he tifook 

behind, ftnci (bl 
lie on fall beck fell : on bis breut Vlj^t*. 

Wonder'd Ht 

Wu Ihii of all ; kll Hood amiied. Then 

the rnoch-lufleilng m^n, (monlun 

I^vtoe Ulynoj, nt nril eloM Ihu Ti-la. 

A tlllle laiinl from eaith. not quite, but 

with hl» linee iinpliM 
Lock'd |i"i:s ; »n(l Jown full both on e*rlli, 

c]qx by CJch □ther'i side. 
Both filcil wiih diisi : bill irtiiniiii' up, the 

third clow thpy had muk. 
H»d not Achillci' telf stood up, ralruning 

Ihem, and bivie : 
" No more lug on? nnothei Ihtu, DOT moil 

youTMluci ; (e«ive 
Priie cqiinl ; conqiust ctoinu ye both ; the 
lisu !o Others leare." 
They houd. nnd yielilcd willingly, 
bmish'd off Ihe dull, ami on 
Pal other vests. IVhda then, to those 
■hut mifteit run. (compnrtuni, 

PropiKsJ ajioTher prii« ; a trawl, bgyocd 
Botb fot the siK and worknoniblp, paM 

■It Ox bowl* of ciKh . 
ll htid six mnuuns ; illva ill ; but tuid 

hu special worth 
For workra.inihip, rtccWing form from 

those LnRenious men 
Of Sldon. "i^ic PhceDlciuu made cliolce. 

«nd brou{:hl il then 
AloDC the peen %est, giving It to Thoa* ; 


t.]rc*on. of Acliillts' friend t>otishl mlh it ; 

■nd this, here 
Achilla nuide bRi game for falm Ihu bat 

hli feel could tar. 
Foneronrf he propoiod Ml oi, ahugcaoc; 

■nd D (u : 
And half > talent cold for bit. These 

thus he set them at : 
" Rite, you that will atwy for iheM." 

Forth Mepp'd Oitiada ; 
Ulytics aniwcr'd : and die Ihlid wu, ODC 

oletin'd pMl these 
Fot foottnuuhipi AnnlodiiUL All rank'd, 

Achilla >hDw'd 
Tlie no««»pe. Fram the itut Ibey cUd. 

OlUades batow'd 

Ilii foet ihetwiftat; close to ham Sew (Od- 

like Ithicui 
And M a lady at tint loom. Iidng fOMf 

and briuteoui. 
Her iilk-iluiiilc clote to her temt, *Uh 

i;m::r (Itjit d^ilti infl.imr. 
.\nd iicr white hand, lifts tpiick and oft. Hi 

dxwlng (torn lice ftaine 
Heri:enile (httad, which >hc onwiDdt wAh 

ever at ber hnast 
GnuinK her fair hind ; ao iJow HBI, iad 

uiih tiicb interest 
I n all men's Uklngi, I Ihacus unvround.iBi 

»[ipnl lliRMue 

By bim iwfotc: look out td) steps with 

putting tn their pUce 
Promptly uid Enotfullyhisown ;tpriiJtrt 

the dust befoic. 
And cloudod with hii lirctth his he^ So 

fadMjIia bon 
111* roy«l pcnon, Uiat he strook sboiUi 

from iha flrnetfi. with ihlni 
Thai he should eonquet. though IieB««t 

" Yet come, come, O come tltv,*' 
Ever Ihiiy crloJ to him. And Ihli «vca 

his wile bnail did move 
To men dedte of ticiory; II niMle him 

piay, uid prove. 
Minem's aid, bUfaQDess still; "O god> 

deu. hesr. " tald he. 
" And to tny fevl tloop with thy belf^ dow 

happy fflutresbe." 
Slic w», and li|;bl mndc all hli limbl: 

and now, both neitr their tnwn. 
Minerva tripp'd up A}ai' bods, uid betd* 

long he fet1 down (C^t'T 1*'^ 

AmIds the ordun of (be beuts, t here fuwli- 
biiice i)tcy wrtr; sliUa there; and by toll, 

Miuerva'i friend bereft 
OiUada ol that neb bowl, asd left his Upft 

Ruthfulty imeai'd. The fnt o> y<< b« 

teltcd fot second prists 
Held by the horn, ipii out the lait, and 

thus spake ail besmtar'd : ■ 

"O villanoul dunce I this Ithacnt H 

bifhly is Mtdtar'd ^ 

To hii Miner*!, that bet bind is crcr In 

She, like his fcolhet, nesilta him ; foe (luo 

Iict It prociciitt. 
I know, that I am used thus.' Tlili all In 

llglil liiughier ctut ; 
Aniocigti whum i^lck AnlUoctnu Ungh'd 

Ool hli coming last 
Tbui wittily : "Know, all my tricsdt. tbiri 

all tiinee pM(, and now. 
The god) mou honoui mott-Und 

Oiliadei j« know 



HOM dd I^M I ; bat Itbaau a of ihe 

FiMffMcnHoaofnien. Olv* ibt dd miin 

Iter eoonl hiro of ibe emn-hftlr'il cM ; 
tbar majp i or n bb &nt«r ; 

Fcr not «ar frtBi«si floarWier ma eqaal 

bin la powo' 
OrfcM'AiUe.bulAidilei." Thiatoothnl 

Wbo ttaa aocDpUd il: "Wall, yoalh. 

TOUT ixniws shftll not nm 
With ui>t«*anlcd (ttt oa mine : ;«u; h*l( 

■ ulnii'tpriM 
I'll mike * wbole Mie : Uke mo. tir." 

He look, and joy'd. TtwD RIm 
Anmbci fi»« lonb. TbeU*' ma wI In 

the lisi* a kSrM^ 
A AieU. iMd bebiM, bdo^ Ih' anns Sar- 

pcdoMdid aditSMC 
AfttM PattMhUk aad hn priwd. AikI 

thui he uuanl th' iddna : 
"Suod fotth. lira thr moM exeellcnl. 

aiB'd. aod bcJora all thcae 
Gfcn BUny «iiiM M Itic Much aad woand 

Wlw Ant thall wound. Ifarauch other'! 

Btms hh btood appeaftav tiish. 
Shan win IhitBword. nlvtr'dTmd batch 'd ; 

tbe bUdc U nght cf Thrace i 
A jWt op Miii Tield^ iL Ihoe ainu ihall 

WHfi dilwr^ lalDur; ud tbe men 111 

At MTpwIUMi." To (hit game thf Gnl 

■Ban that addren'd [^Dlomcd. 

Wa A^ Tetamoniui i lo him kinE 
Boib^ Im opfCMd pant of tbe ptcM, tm 

•nn'd, Mth «ainrd 
TbeHtBamidttheniultitQde, puiloakion 

Aid lota'd ao roticlilr, ibat aaiB« tiir> 

BtlMd the Gfcdi* In (tar 
Of £|mi'* «teblet. Tteka th» ihnw 

Ibolr ficna dutt, a«d dcaad ihrice. 
Then AIM RnokibiaughDloaKd'ohicld. 

bat did M pf^odiee ; 
Hk oaiMHftUm. Dkuned'i dm still 

SdUawvnitewlUkibc'qMflbon. And 

B0« ioi« AJmi gi«ir 
aa*Mnl.UMiibeCh>>kicriad: "Hold. 

aa man. Lat then no more. 
I'QHlcqnalprin tocMiier." yettboiaoo). 

rec bin did bNb AdUUMga** lo Diotned. 

la hiMna of a ipbam b< ibow'd ; of no 


But PBlaral. only ric^ibJ ibiough oilh 

iroD. Two* tbe bowl 
I1»t Une Eeiion us«d to buti ; but he 

bmn oTkiuI 
By gnmt Achillea, lo Ibe Heel, wtlh ilore of 

He broDKhl it, and ptopoMd II bow both 

lor the txcrdjc 
Anil pri(e iliclf. He itood. and Hid : 

"Raeytm that nill »jiptoi« 
Vour armi ifimzliu DOW in Ibu bnw 

«iife. lUs vigour ibM eaa move 
Tbli funhcd. BOrek no faiiM but Ibli ; (or 

reach ha ne'er w br 
With large Heidi of hi* own In GioeCB (and 

to need* (or hU car. 
Hit ploogh. or other looU ol thilfl, nuiah 

Iron) I'U able thli 
For live ravolvad Tear* ; no nttd ihall use 

To anjr (own to AnnUi htm, tbia only bowl 

ihall Tlrld 
Iron enough (or all aftaln." This lald 

to try I hit fipld. 
Pint PcHypone« lamed ; neil Leonleiu ; 

Oraai A]as; hnge Eprat fotitih; f«tbc 

wuflnH thatitin'd 
Tliac mine o( iron. Up it wenl.and up ha 

Th^u Iiiughtn took op all Ibc Gctd. Tbe 

nut man that did throw 
Wu Leonlcu* ; A^ third, vbo gate It 

tuch a band, 
Thu far pati botb IlielT marks it flew. 

Sat now tWB* to be iniinn*d [ttrajn 
Bjr fydjtpmlat ; and, M far ai at an oi ibnt 

A heidimiui can unng out hu goui. so lar 

did facoutralie 
Tbe jiaop pan alt men : all tbe Geld vgm 

Lei aiE;ou1 to ife't ; 
Abooi biin dock libit (rictuU, and boretha 

roral game to Rett. 
For arcbety he Iheo tct loHb tern aiea 

r<lK«l •tr. way*. 
And ita ol one edge. On the tboie, fai- 

cil!. be cuunj lo tai>e 
A Bbip-nuM : to *rbow top Ibejr tkd a 

(ciufui iatK by Ih' loot. 
At whtcballabol, Iberamaput tbw; He 

that tbe da*e could ibooi, 
N'oc lowii iha tMof that faim'd bet, the 

twt^^dnd looti ihould beat 
All to the fleet. Wbo loucbd the Mrtng. 

tkiid mln'd the dove. iliouU there 
Tbeon»«dndan(. IhiiprepvaediUif 

Teuocrs force aroae. 
And Hith him row Meelonea. Asd an* 

lou miw diipoaa 



Their ihooilng fim ; boOi vhicb lot Cill 

iaio a helm of brnn. 
FIiU Tmuv't CUD% kad lint h« tbot. tad 

hii cn« btfone wH 
To ihoM ih* Uring, the dore unlouch'd : 

Apollo ilid (nvy 
lib iJiiU. itnce not 10 him be vow'd, bdns 

A finl-UI'n limb. The Uttn ihaf) ]ret 

CDl la two the oociS, 
Thai down («1I. uml Ihs dor« aloft op tu 

the welkia scm'd. 
"Hi* Qftdu gftve ihoutt. Mcilancs Tint 

made a hentty row 
To Mcrtflce A fint-btl'o lamb to hicn that 

ruin ific bow, 
And then feU to Ms lim, bis shaft bdng 

tcftd/ nock'd before. 
He *i>led hei In ilie clouds thai hoe, lbsn> 

ercnwbeie did uxa. 
Vol (I hoc helKhl ha Nacb'd htr tide. 

stioolc tin qall« tfamogh, and down 
The shaft fell at his tecl ; the dove the 

mast a.ipiin did crown, 
"not hung the heard, and all hn plumea 

wtce nifllfd, >he uatk drad. 
And fhrro, fcir Off from him, the fdL The 

people wonderad, 

And Mood astunisJi'd ; ih' onfeer pIcMBd. 
Mixida ihtn ihews 

A lone Inner, ud ncaldnui bow, ncnfl'd 

with mcnty hu^ 
f^iml It on oi. lluso ipunci wcte tbeir'd 

for mm at daici : and than 
Up Toie the Cicncnil of all ; op tOK Ifae 

kin|r of mirn ; 
Up rwe Inle-crown'd McrioneK AdHs 

toeing ihc Wng 
Do liiin init c^f. pTrentl taore deed: 

his toyii] oflcnng 
Titus iaiomiiiiiug ^ " King of men, «• 

well conotivT how bi 

Tbr wonh lupmor I* lo all, bow inacb 

tnuti tinKubU 
Tbf pawn a. and thy skill la darti ; 

acwpl Iheo Ihii p«v priic 
Without oonlonlijon, and(y«arwiU pteoMd 

with what 1 advise) 
AtTord Metioiia tlm Ijncc' Tttit UBf 

Hiu noihinc I'ow 
To thai fa since. AchlUes then Ihc bnui 

Isnoa did Ixsiow 
OngoodMerionta. The Ung his ptacM 

would not save, 
UhI CO rrnowm :1 TollbyblDt lb* fvMj 





JflYK, •nwnaininj a™ of lltcini'icont, 

^AiTt Thvtiflolwr KA for hi4 rcmfirM; 

Ai>^ tl tinm'uMrm of il. Jiii Ihcq 

He (cndt In Pn^in ; wiUi^ix bim bi gaiB 

Hi« »i>n f^i n;>uim, II4, by ILfnftB IctI, 

Cell IhrQuj^li AUiiIlo' (uiMi ; tUtjm dfitp wid 

Cut 0fi clim by hii ciiid* : vhdt, wltK kc*m 
Aad bunbic yuil pm Jv to ^CtLCids, 
H4 (Aiiu ifac body 1 i»hicli la Tiar ^ bun^ 
And bUDH il milb &uiv bvlcj w Man, 

ANOTHER ARdntsm'. 

Op»P nc* AaEnquiM. 
Ab4 UmIm'i it4eBpler7 pilMk 

Tin fiAinei pcifonn'd ; tbe Mldien wholly 

Supper and ilMpihciranlycars. ConKanl 

Acliiltd yet 
Wept (or bb ftkad ; nor i!«p ittcif, that 

oil ttiiii{i do(h Mbdue. 
Could roKti U faim : rhit w^qr mJ thai be 

lum'd. and did renmi 
Uii trloMl'i dolt mcniafy, bii crsM In 

tnaraClaK fail iOvnctli, 
And hi* amgth't Kraunai; ho* Ulb 

ndt'd IMo thdr luawii knsth 
O1U& bottlA lad the wntht uf m% is 

ihdrJolM wftnwoe. 
Etch (bowh tt wWtb um'd lo a tau. 

ScmomM fat wouU »d««>e(k 
la tunbUotf oa the shot*, hk ride : wm^ 

tinM EU riuK ; tbcn tan 
FkloahhbaaoniMaitupciglM. A)ihou|^ 

he lev Ok: (noni 
Sbeir Hs aad ibonhil tcttuy, hctcfinol, 

Rue TWfcd hjadbnaetton ; hoTK, chuiol. 

Ka calTd (or; iMd, those loia'd. the cone 

val to bb dMftM lied, 
Aod Ihrlce abew tke xpalclira ho Riade 

DntB|%<>* pgrae*. All ihH pan ; In hto 

ItM a«i«ad klm. tiN vliii HectM'a ccne 
U* nga had Mvtr ilee«^ 

Still Sttttttiag it t' of^m** the dou. Ajxillo 

y«t. evtn dtad. 
Pflied tbe ptlaoci aimI bouU dm m in- 

hmnanc ly»nnii M 
Wiih mon pollijiioD <if hh Dmba; and 

thntfon tortus round 
Kli pcii«n ollb In jcohkn riiield, thai 

toda dogi mlBht tiM woand 
His manly Uncaateni^nhichihnalAciiiilii 

H«d BKd in ftin. Bui now lleMtn kt 

fnll a tcnenJ eye 
OX {iily on hiia ; Ibe lilol £vdi [iiiiiiiilnl 

Ttidf good olacncr. lo hi* timkb ; and 

Sloorl pIcaKd wllh il ; Juno BMpt, tncn 

Nc|ilune. Bad Oat El4Jd 
OmcM] with t)rc blue cyrtL oil llick bntili 

Ilood hatcAiUj aiiiiaid 
LoDCiitiM: a^ Uld lu n* nl fin*, to 

Piwn, lUon. 
And all hb MhjrcU, lb( the npa u> Im 

Dctotioa* wn. 
Proud Pafb^ thu dapiud thctc >lamni in 

ihek di«(M »wci 
Made t» bi* cocuce, and polMd bet tbM 

bk tad mWoDiKai 
So OMily Dooruli'd. The IwcUih morn 

DOW ihlned on tbe deUy 
01 tiecloi't nicue, aad Ihca nakc Ibe 

Tbtii to lh~ Immoitils : " Stanmekaa foil, 

auibon oltUyttn 
Tb iu9<T 91, Haih Itcotoi'i Wa at ^ 

Uma diwr'd hit care 
Of an i«or tOm, in barajnc lhi(h> «! 

bwves aad Boact lo yon. 
AndanfoecuanomoitsiFhim? voucb- 

vif« *t iKN e««n now, 
Even ilnul, to keep him ; Uut Ut vik, hu 

>[iij(hi-r, Jiad hit ton. 
Faihu. and lublfCC); (nay be avml to 

those dfvdi he balhdonr. 
SaiHac ve» putter* bim thai acnad jvt. 

aad ttfidins to tbeb hanik 
Hi) peno* for iba ttua ct lire? 




All help to otiKTt. vou caa balp ; ono ihol 

hau iMilhcr heart 
Kor Mol villliD him Ihnl will move or yicttl 

M any pari land mere wild 

That fin ■ man ; but Ilon-tlkc upUnJikh, 
Slave to his pride, nnd all hia ovrna b«>i>| 

oaiiually oomplk-d 
Of ominnil UnnGih. lUlki out and prep 

npon ■ illlf itieop. 
Ami to Sum ihU man : that fit niih ih.i: 

no« (hould dnw w derp 
In all the vorld. being lo«l in him ; and 

tliame (a mialliy 
0(w much wi-ii;ht. that both il help* bik) 

hurts eitesilvcl)'* 
Men in theic nianiicn) i» not known, nor 

halh the power to be. 
In ihl> R]itn'il>clng. OthcT men agreaicr 

loss Ihoa he 
IlaTv underEane : a ton, suppote, or 

lirolhn (if ODs womb ; [En hli toiub 
Vcl, olttt dun o( woes and (tan, ihry ^-lIt7 
All tlwit dcpldrinei. Ftia hai« glveii to 

all Ihut an liuv men 
I'ne maaly saticace : but this man bo 

loalha hit bloody vein 
Tliat no blood Bcno it ; ha muii have 

<llvin«-Mu]'d ll«ctot bound 
To bli proud (Aiailoi. and danced In a 

mml buboMU* round 
AboiQl hit lond Mend'i Mpulchra ; nlien 

he il (lain. 'TU vile, [now nwhlle 
And draws no profit after il. Bui ki him 
Mark but our ongtn ; he U speoE : let oil 

hit WiBiHlh lake hro) 
It tempu not our wmths ; lie b«g«tt, Ln 

thLi oulraeooQ* deed. 
The dull cartli vrith hit furj't hat«." 

Being tnueh Inomied, "Thi> doom ii on« 

tliat ihou woaUlii have obef 'd. 
Thoa bearer of ihe ulrcr bow. timt we In 

And honour ihould hold Ueciot't wonh, 

wlih him thai clalRU a share 
In our doftRvine*. Iloctor tuck'd a mortal 

woman'i bftut. 
iCai-lda a foddcai'l ; ouneK had i'itrirf>l 
Boih ill hii infnat nouriihmcnt. ojid 

bnnglnR up with noie. 
And 10 Ihe humane Pelcus wt (lavi hit 

bifda] mnle. 
BecauK he hod th' Immortal*' Itmi. To 

olebiata thi Uaet 
Ol tbelc high nuptUlt, c*«Ty god mu glad 

lo be a gueat ; 

* STiAse a qmllijr ihal hurt) ud helj'l men 

And thou fcdd'it of hit fxthcr'i caM. 

toucMnt; Ihy harp In snet 
Of thai tie);innini; c^oui frinid, whan lb; 

perhdioui tice. (vkh Pifam'^ too ; 
In hit perfmllon, btushelh no! to nuuh 
thou thai to bemji anil iliane ut Mill 

JovB ihu* t™d»«d her: "Never gn« 

these broad itrmi to a jcod. 
Those TWO men ibaU not be compand : 

andytl. «(bII Ihai tiod 
The >vtl-pixvcd lUoD, none to dear to oB 

thedeiliet [mMtorpriie 

At H<nor WSJ : at teoil to me i for oflcnngs 
Hit hand* woiiU never nntermii. Oar 

a3iai« ever liood fand osry eoed 
Furnuli'd with bonaueu MdnK ui. odoan 
Smoked in our lemplcs ; and lor Itdi, fdn- 

Mvinc it. hiifnie 
We maik'd with bonotiT. which must lUad. 

Biit. to give uctllh «Mace 
In bii deliv^nco, thus we that ; noraxitl 

we kvDur one [Thells* urn, 

To ibam* anotbK Privily, vitli wronn to 
W« must nM work out lleccoc'a tight. 

Ilif M is a nuisom due, 
And open course, by lawiofamu; jnwhicll 

miui humbly sue [any ^ would lUf. 
TliR frirndv 1 Jcdor. Vr n;ch juK maan if 
And iiK ibe other, 'twould not tsve : (cc 

Ihetis nl^lii and day [Irii hither, I 
Is cunrdiwi lo him. But would one ^U 
Wculd give ditcetioiu that for gifn tlw 

'I'rajan king should buy [(hairM^n-" 

Itii lleclot's body, which the ton ofTbelk 

'ITiJi lUd. his will Will done : the DoiM 

iliAE doth in vapobn ihlnr. 

Dewy and thin, (ou«d with tUHnu,)ainp*d 

to the lable icas 
Twixl SajDoa and ibarp Imbar'a cUft ; Ibe 

Inke groon'd wllh the pros 
Of hcc tt)uj:1i (rei. and, plumnei-tik*; pat 

in an ox't horn 
Thi! Iiear« dcaih to ihe raw-fed kh, aha 

divnl and (band locloni 
Tbeiii lunentlng tier loa't faie. who wu 

in I'roy lo havt^ 
For from ni> oounliy, hit death tcrred. 

Clotc lo hci Iris stood, 
Andi^d: ■' Rite. Thnit: pradent Jon, 

HhMe cotmtclf IhiRI not btao4 
C;illi lot then." Tliclii answei'd hel with 

osliing: "Wbai's the cause 
The great god colli? My ud powtn 

Mit'd to braak ('>' iinniurtiil Ltwt, 
In going filed wttb gdefs toheavva. B«t. 

he fc'tt intim tor none 
Willi culniii'd Dounwli ; out a word of hi 

but iial\ be done.' 



S)naii4 and look BikblaTtiliabUckct 

A btannly UuKiiiler and e»n W17, Said 

In* tmiiu brtore. 
About boib rull'd the bnckbh mtres, 

Tbty took ihiir banln, and A(w 
Up 10 iApapot ; mben Ottj fcnind Sani- 

Sfibmd with hnvtm'f e*cr*beine >tu»- 

UtoMra nw. flBil (aiv 
Hw placa m Tlictn nuu 10 Jot* ; knd 

Jbm did rtuive 
HcrtMty i(!ih a oiporxold. In Hhlch the 

dntnk to hvr, 
Onccd b«f BUh comrort, aod (he enp to 

bM bawl did ntcr. 
She dfimk, rbIktk»K it ; and then the sn 

of men and godl 
TImb mifr.aio'd lw»: "CnnitBt Ihou up 

M i(i«te out blest abodos; 
FaJrttxMcu'IlKlK tetnntlid; and thai 

In M Uith kind 
At paudk lonnnoe? T^i* 1 know, and 

triad thsa, and now Ki"l 
Th|r will bymloe rakd. ■hicli ii rule lo all 

wmWi* tovemineol. 
Deakka liii ttinl yti. thi* cauM icnt dom 

fee ih7 aMcnl, 
Nine da;*' oonicilioQ tialh been beld 

amongit ih' Immonali hrtn 
For Kod^r'* [wrun and thy Mm ; and 

looie idrk' • wen 
To hare out nod >p)' Mercatr tlcal (rom 

ibjt ton the torae : 
But tbat rnraach I ktpt fat off, to keep in 

Tbjr fonwr km- mkI tevttotML Haiu 

the*, and Icll thy too 
Tbe Roda an angrr ; aod rajMlT lake tbu 

■mag be bath done 
To Heetor to woni pari <rf all : Ibe tathct 

DeUJM bl* pmoQ. Ckaige him tlxo. it 

be iwpi n ■ii"»gl 
Fee My itMon, lo rteip elain Hoctar. t 

■rill Mad [oanimnul 

Ii« to Mem 10 redeem hii een. oad re- 
Fk nasom to Achilles' (nor, in wtiich 

riiibt be may joy 
And <ad hii nin ctitC To Ihl* cKugfc 

hti|b( Tbttli did employ 
InMani mdnrour. Froai beaven't lops 

■bcROch'd A«fafllcB' Mnt, 
Found Mm uiD (Ightat, and mom Menda 

vKh in ibrireompkmeat 
SoeOU^bUfauiDOur; olbet lonM wfth an 


U* dinnet. all Ihtir piiM aad 



A fall 


n wool-beam, dau{blier'd 

HH reverend mother Ihea 
Came pear, took kiadljr ha fa^t hand, and 

uk'd him ; " Dew too, nben 
Win sorroK leare ihet? Hov Ices time 

will ihou Ihue e>l thy heart. 
Fed *Mb no other Tood. ooi test? 'twere 

load tboo woatdU dl*ert 
Thy liirad's love to eome lady, ebeci thy 

ipinca wiih tadi kittd part* 
A* the cm Quit thy siaoe wiihaL ttejof 

I iball DM long haie ; dratli b ncai. and 

thy all-conquettng (ale, 
WtiMC hui<: Ihou ouBt not bule wiib eiicL 

bill iiiKlrntaad ibtetair 
Of thinci bdonsJDg 10 Ihy Utt^ which 

quickly ordci. 1 
Am KRt fnim Jo*e t' advertiM Iheei thai 

enty deity 
li anKiy oiih thee. MmMltmoel. thai ngt 

Ihui triiiu ia Ibev 
S1III 10 keep lloctce. (JuJi ktm then, and 

lut fil lanum. (ire 
Hii injurtd peraon." He replied: "Let 

bain come llut ilut]] give 
The tantoin. and the prr<«a cakei. Joie'e 

plcuLir? mUMdepnuc 
Men ot a'li picuutcl. 1'hb good spcooh, 

and many mote, the 100 
And molhei used. In eat of alt Ibe naval 

And now to hoTy IlionSatiimlDS I rtiteni : 
" Go, iwlft-fool Iita. bjd Troy 1 king beer 

lit gifti, and oOnicni 
AcbUlsfotUi (oa't release; but let him 

Tbe Oiedan navy ; not % maa, except* 

bic nch a one 
Aa nny hit hone and tlauiot giBde, a 

herald. «t one oh), 
Atiendlog hiffl; and let Mm Uka hU 

HecEor, Be ha bnldl 
DUooonsedaoT with ihailiiMC feat: wlie 

Mercurr Ihall guUe 
HU paa tageUII tbe pnooa be nev; and. 

ke gooe, let hUa iMe 
Rceolved em io AchiUce' liot. He iluil 

not loocfa tbe Kate 
Ot bli high penou, not admit tb« dcadlinl 

Ofall^ioUbla: fat. Ibougk Serce. be U 

Nor incoiuideiaEe, nor a man past awe of 

B« paniDg ftee and cntteua 10 do • 

*app3taM gnroe." 
Tbia M(d. the Rakbow to be* fctl lied 

wbM-wbdl, and the place 



lUacfc'd insUrllT. Th? baiv^ court Cla- 

taoat nnd Moumlns; (ill'd ; 
T]i« soiu all »I about liic titr i mkI Uieic 

Mood ChW. and stUl'd 
Tcan on thnr i^jrmcnUL In the mldil 

■he old klne Ki<«. hii ww>j 
Alt wrinkled, lioid and neck duiI-rUod : 

the pnncOM* hU Mc4. 
The prtncesa M» Mn>' fair wives, all 

mounUng b; ; Itie Ihougitt 
Of Mend* ¥> naaj, >nd lo KOoi [bein): 

nra'd to loon to tiousbl 
Bj ORelon b«nd*) Miuumcd their youth. 

ndn'd bettuty from thnr eras. 
IritotnGneiirtbcklns; beriighl thooli 

all hU &culQ*«t, 
And ihcicfore fptike the toll, and toid -. 

*' Re (hid, Dudknidcs ; 
Of good occuirenls. and none ill, am I 

Jove gmu ihra ; who. in <«ie, tu nim:)i 

M he Is dlitAnt, ddzns 
E<re to thy sotrawt, pitying tlicc. My um- 

Thit chiifc to Ihec (lom him: he wiltt 

ihoQ shouhltt tcdecm thy ion, 
Beta gins t' Acbillw, dMS hlis »o : but 

vuii him alone, 
Noncbiii viRiahi-mld let Ulcnd.thy mulct 

and chunot 
To inanat;! for Ihcc Vaa. nor deilli let 

doniit Ate ; Jove Iiai)i )i<}t 
Harme* (o guide Ihce. wlio as near lo 

Thtlii' Kia ivl nCfd* 
Shall Kuanl thee; and bein^ onoa triili 

hun, nor hli, nor olhen'. dccdt 
Slaitd louch'd with, be will »II contain ; 

nor li he nuuL nor vain. 
Nor imidoux but wiib all Ills ncivci 

(tndloot to cntotun 
Onothiit tubmUs wlih nlinisticc" Tbm 

vanlili'il sht hkr Hind. 
He miila and chariot oills ; hli tons 

bidi w^ lliirm JQin'd, and taind 
A trunk brhlad It ; he hiin»eir <1own to hi] 

wanl[<il« goo. [odonterouj. 

Built all of otdar, hiEhly looril. nnd 
Thai much ituir, worth tliciiKlit. contojn'd. 

Tu him he catl'd faU queen, 
ThiuemtinGhn : " CoiM^ bajdett datnc : 

an angel I hnre teen. 
Sent down (rum Jovv. tlial Ixide mc tnt 

ma dear son from the tint 
Witli iiMom plcailnf to out l-x. Wlijii 

boMt tbjr Judgment meet ? 
My ilrcsglh and iptaU la>i high charge on 

all mv btlng lo b«ar 
Tbe Greeki' wortt, ««nttiiiQZ through theft 

bcM," TtequcncrkdoittlotMU 


Hit vennitcus puqicst, and teplicd : "O 

whiihcr now U (Inl 
The late diMtethm that teiwwa'd ihycixn 

and kimrlnj hctd 
In fotrignand Ihiiiuown nilnl mliin.lbll 

thus I^Llu d,uvit aaav (hortilile dccny 
Sight uf Iluu !U,ui. Id aboitcbrow Uick>ihe 
Ol loni to many, nnd to iliougl thy 

heart It Iron 1 think, 
ir Ihi4 Urm man, wiiow^ Ihiitt of bk«d 

maki3 cm city hu linak. 
Take, or but tec llic« thou ail tStdd. He 

noiliinjt [Htxa YKM, 
Nor honoun age. Wlthoul bit tight, 

hAve enough lo do 
To mourn niili ihought ofbim. Keep M 

our palace, weep wc htre. 
OtirtODUiiMi out Iwlp*. Thotc ihrooi 

(bat my ddlvereii wet« 
Of fait unhappy Uneamcnti; told me they 

ktaould bt torn 
With btackrooi doffi. Almighty faU; 

thai black hour lie wu bars. 
Spun in hii spiinging thread that end ; far 

trora tilt parencr KBCh, 
Thit bloody fellow than oidati;'il to fa« 

thcit mean, Ihit nretnli. 
Whoae ttony lii«r would to heaven I might 

douDur. my i™ih 
My son't rcvecgcn mode. Cunod Gnck, 

he gave hiin nut hil dt^lh 
Dolni: nn 111 work ; he aJone fougbt for 

Ills oounliy. he (and ctutslpoliqr 
Plod not, nor reai'd, but stood hit woivt ; 
Wathit nndolng." lie replied: "What- 
ever wat hU end [aieau to dofcnd 
U not DUi qursiion. we Dual mm um iB 
Hui end from Kvindal; ftotD wtilcli act 

diwiada not nty jutt will. 
Not H me nouritn in my boose a bhd 

prc&iginx 111 laay earthly Ipirit 

To my good aetioai ; *ll* m nan, 11^ 
Citvca thli w gg e flto n : tf our pdau, or 

MOthtajcra, chnltaaging merit 
Of prophiett, I might hoU it bhc, aad 

be the rather moved 
To kri.ip my julica ; but thcw ean Ud 

these icK eye* aplitv«ed 
It wai a goddcsL I will (o ; fat not ■ 

wortl the qnli* 
I know wBi kUc If It wett^and Ibal my 

bie will make ( AdiiUc* : corner 

Quiek tldda&oe of me at tW flwt. loll bmw 
Wiien ptllng to Ihcc^ I shall lloid a ^tifpj 

dying room 
Oa Heclot't boMm, when eoougih lUctt d 

my tew* flada there 
Quench to hb (orvoui,'* ThU ntaliw^ 

the walks lutt btt and daw 




Of kfa Ml (oteat be bivufhl abnwl ; 

(wrivtveOi atod^l omxatf l 
Twd<e plain (avna: ■nd m puny luits 

ti wttMif ttftOTf ; 
M nuor maMk* : boneaicB^ ceni* ; icn 

Two n^iodt: caldion* roar; ■ bowl, 

wtem rains ba did hntd 
Dcjand bH pitee. pmmied bjtV amboiu- 

Aea of 'riince. 
The old king notblns hilcl loo ilmr. to 

fEMne mm dlignKe 
Bit mdooi Htdor. Furth he cunt. 

At (Dliy <f fab oouit 
Tb* TrolM dUMai n prot'd, ihnl iliit 

ofiprobnOQi >ort 
Of tttccJi be lued ; " Hence, cast awnyi ; 

m»Kj, ft Impiouji eww : 
AienotTontinebeDoufhat hoae? wiiat 

ttaoe T« Mte 10 view t 
CmnfaiinrcikEi? «««ld n ta how 

Vt sot cnongh. tnuxtoc jc? jt night 

kao». era r* eiDM 
Vniai tiuti « ton't lots irFlsh'd triih me. 

Bat kaow thb for jrout Min^ 
Vont booMS h.-it« the muker doon ; the 

GrkIu will And Iheir gatm 
The euiet lor hit Iom, lie tur«. But O 

TVor. «f«l>w 
Tt^rain, let the doon of hell nctive kikI 

Tbn* «tib Mi leeptrc tet be on Ibe 

Wbo g>i« back, seaug him so urse. And 

now hcenrcrUlBi 
ni* HMB at roocblr, Hrienm, IMt. 

I^amaon, dMiu AcUbono, imawm'd 

Dotpliabw (IrMfaiimUk 

Anm, and AnUpbomii. and tasl. not 
TUt tmaa Mllat i lbn« Dfaw MB* Ibe 

Hdp'd Un M vent !■ tbo* (b«p tennt ; 

" Bam, jtn bihmoM breod. 
And fit mr tfeattoL Wovld to bcmea 

lEudl On tMecl blood 
!■ iS jDoi «dn* lad Beou seated : O 

AH ''JP^^J^ *" C^"* • '")' "'■'''* '''^ 

Han iwallow'd from me- t bjnv knt 

Itator, twmanKd the fair ; 
TMIui, that rautf knlcht al annt, lltM 

nuda hb field nrnnr 
Ever n imnnpi «mI fijMlj ; ami Hector. 

MMMftt ntn 
Biteem'd a cod. not bom a mortal't teod, 

IM of A' eternal ittain. 

He Mom'd 10 all ej», Thtm an CMh : 

you itiit tunive are batei 
Linn anil com moil tn«-hBoatfi : all bull]', 

not Dunce, 
nul in fcHir bnh, in all jour piuti . dancing 

Ve all are euxllent. Ileac«. r« bnU; 

lore )ro ro bear mt moiiii ? 
Will ye not (ei my ctiuiot } eommiuid it 

ijiuckly, Of. 
That I may (KtrccI this dear woik." Tlilt 

nil dhl icrrtfjr ; 
And i(tai)[hi liia mulxlniwn cliatiai came, 

lo which thex bit did bmd 
The iniiik vith (IRi. And then came 

forth, vith an aAidod mind. 
Old Hcniha. In her right bud a bowl 

lit gnhl (he faeea 
\^'llh iveet wine crown'd, tlooti aetu. and 

utd : " Kodve thb, mid ttnlon, 
(With iEicrificinK)ltoJove)ihr>J!ciciutn. 

Thy mind likn (till to gc^ ihougli mine 

di'^>ikcl it utt«rly. 
t^.ty lo itie blodMilond-calheiing god, 

Idain Jovp, thai (icn 
AH Tniy. and all bet mbwioi. (bat he will 

deliin 10 sac 
Hit most- Icumd bird lo nii^thy lopa; 

ihnl. hc[ hnnd n'tDf 
SfBiuiJ OQ liiy liflil lnia<I. Dmn map* 

knoa Ihy Bttknii offnini; 
AcccM«l, ami Ihy tftfc ictuin ooolirni'il : 

Fall thy Iniof. ibonch never so it bboun 

10 JlMVjB." 

"Ths I (efutOBOl, 'be replied, '■(or no 
blib b to KittH 
In Jovo't higb (anOBr, but it rooit wilh 
held-ap hands IntrraL " 
Thii uid, the cldfnbanuid. thai held 
the ewer and bain t^. 
He bute pa«r water on hat hand* ; ahoa, 

Umki^ lo Ibe tkr. 
He took the bowl, did taeriAo^ ami Ibut 

Imptored : "OJorti 
From Ida uiiDE t&y eommanili. In all 

dcMttt above fn iha Mcfal 

An ofber gndt. ooQchiali) me >Ale ; and 11I17 
Of ^at Achniei ; and, far trutl lo tlml 

«i--i'd Kf»«*"'. e^dee 
Thy iiiifl«<r«d mnvncar. dkhI Ufoiii;. 

■UM of ait't icKtoa lond. 
To low on niy ii|[M htod ; ottch Utht 

may firmly we .-inao*cd 
Tbjr (e»*r wmonot^ aad my tpacd^" 

Ho pea/iL and hcavea's Hag beatd. 
And Uuiaody oaM frota Ut Im ■b't all- 

eommandlf bb^ 



The bladi-vlng'd huntiHS. pcrfcclat of 

ftll fourh» which f»dt call 
Pctcnos. (be rat^B. Au'l how broad tha 

ch&mlxr nujiliol 
Of may ■nitht)' mut lulh iloon. lucli 

bftodlh Mil vihtT wiDi; : 
Whidi now the uxd. and iprcnil ihcm 

wida on rieht hxni] of Ihr Kiii|[. 
All Mw it, »tid KjolMd. and up to chAfiot 

Dntn fanh, tba poRi] ud the porab r»- 

MUDdlng u be (Oei. 
Hil frim<1t *II foIIowM h^m, and mautn'd 

u tf he ornl 10 die ; 
Aad bringinjc him put town lo field, it! left 

him : and lh« tyr 
Of Jufillct WM ihentiU guard, who pitied 

turn, knd med 
Titme ward* to Hennei; "Metcury, ihj 

help htib been ptotused 
Ever wiih in««l gnc* In eoBtOiti of 

mvellen dinna'd. 
Now consult Prinm (□ the fleet : bul so, 

ihui not iliR ^^■^\^ 
Sutjilcion of him be nltain'd. till at Achilln' 

Thy ooftroy hath ■trivcd him wfe." Tliii 

ohatgE Inoootincnl 
He nul in practice. T« hi* feel lili 

Irnthci'd •boct hs tied, 
Immortal, and made oil of sold, with 

which he lued (o tide 
The [oiigh sfa and lb' unmcuuied earth. 

and equiiU'd in hu pLioc 
The puITt of wlml. llicii loolt he up hit 

tod. that halb the Grace 
To thai what ctc* he Uiu wllh ilcep, atld 

op«n Ibom ■{■in 
to UtonctM trances. This he held, (tew 

forth, and did attain 
To Troy and Hellaponlus' strait. Tbcn 

like B (air young prince. 
Fit*t-doi»n.ehiiinVJ, and of (iich ■ gmw ** 

nikiat bti looki convince 
CoaBendlftg eyo lo view him, forth he 

went lo mrrl thtt kinjr. 
H(. haviof- poB'd ihe miifniy lotiib of Hut. 

Hit mulo In Xanlhut, the dark Even fell 

on the earth ; and then 
Idaeut (guldei ol the mulct) disccrn'il iliii 

Knicsof men, [Daidanidcs, 

And >p(Ji« alfoM lo PrJamui: "llcwsre. 
Our uaiea aik countel; I ditccm the 

dangoraua aeoeii 
Of seme man ne>r tu; now I fear wt 

iMrUh. la it belt 
To ify. or kilt hii koMi and atk bit ntth 

of men dlnrcii'd I' 

Confuiion ilreok the kinic. cohl fear oi- 

liiiiicly cjucnchd hit veiot, 
Upriglit upon his LuiEuiihinK head hi> hak 

iiouJ, and the chalni 
Ofiiiiingamattbaundallhttpoiivn. To 

boih which th«D otiDt Dwar 
The prtnee-tum'd DcHy, loeik lut hand, 

and that bdpake the peer : 
" To what place. &(ber. driveil tliou ont 

through loliiary nlckl, 
Whvri otben tkep? jJvb doI Ibe Grfcki 

uiffldeni CMiae ofrrij[fat 
To itidc lale travcU. being lo near, and 

such vow'd CDcmicB? 
Of all which, If with all tbU load any 

thoulit C;ut hil eyet 
On thy advenrum. vhat would Ihea thy 

mind ctteern ihy stale, 
Thjipl/old, n(Ti! thy toliowaoW? Raaift, 

(luicc oould not rale 
At any value ; ai (or me, be tuie t mlad 

no harm 
To thy gTtiTe pertoo. bat af^init the bun 

ol uiherri nun. 
Mine own lored fntber did not get ■ 

greater love In ma 
Tohagood.thanihoudautathine." Ha 

*Mn«r'd: "The degree 
Of danger In my eoune. mit ton. te nothing 

less Ihan Ihnt 
Thou urgcfi : but lome god't fair hand 

puu III for iny taf* Mala, 
Tha[ spnd« to >w«i a guardian in thlt to 

Of night, and danger, as Ibysdf. (hat all 

gnue in hii prime 
Of body and of bciiuty ihcw'tt ; all trrtwer'd 

with a mind fblcwol kind 

So knoKing. thai It cannot be but o( wma 
Thou art il(»K«nd(d." "Mot uBtrwv" 

Slid Hitinei, '■ ihy eonwlt 
In all Ihit holdi ; bill nirther iiuih rdua^ 

if of such wciylit 
As I conceive thy caniage be and chat ihjr 

care oonvcyt 
Thy goodi of most price lo mon gimd t 

or go ye all your u.iyi 
Frighied (tORi buly lliuii t w iiriTliat ■ 

At Ihou hadtl (being youi tpcciil tUvngtb) 

Ml'u lo dmrueiion. 
\Miom no Greeh beiter'd for hu Agbil" 

" Q, whut ait Ibou." said he. 
"Moat worthy yaaih, of what noe botn, 

thai ihu* rtcauDflt U om 
My wnlchod ton'i death wicb audi truth f 

" Now. b!ha.~ be rrpltcd. 
"Youli'mpl meffx. '"> wonilniac b«( tba 

dealt) v>ai ngnillMl 


Of TOOT divine m« to ft nuu >o mere « 

Ai ma hold mc ; bnC I an one tbat ofl 

IM*« IMS htm bear 
fUi pmon like ■ goil in KcM ; and whin 

m htap* lit ■]«« 
TbcGndii. an ronlod m cliric fU'ci. lib xv 


Made me adisin, not (tcl hti haml ; be- 

iMCond, admitted not our fighi, mj^eU 

lb blaUfh (WMQ, Mntn^ him. ami baih 

In omt ihtp MiTd. BdiJo. b)' btnh t 

fanallitft MynnidoD, 
Pdtrc io t. calTd the tKb, aij tire, dcdlaed 

Sb wot bo halh. and me a leiaiih ; w>d 

Ib FtehSa, ilnoe. all CMtioc loli. myt^anae 

Ta fallow hitber. Now bi nlk I left mj 

TlMiwnoir all the lun-bumcl Gmb will 

declc Trof la^th *jm». 
The prinoM nge to be withheld w idly. 

roar akmu 
H«l c(i«a half hot MlouKti, they think, anc! 

caa coDialo no nton." 
He •Mwei'd : " If tdu ktvc the pnnce, 

kt n* be boM I implnre 
TUi crace of ibee, and tell me true : llct 

HccMr hen at fleet. 
Or ban the dofi his flnlif" He taiil : 

" Nor dog* nor towi lun ytt 
T««A'd at hli polon ; itlll he Ucs al neel. 

aad in lb* t«n| 
Of out gicM Captain, vbo bideed 1* much 

Of bb fit met. 8ai. ibcnih now twelve 

dtgv faaie ipefii iheti heai 
Ob bi* ceM body, twiibei wumii with any 

taint haw <a^ 
Nor pUDefbMkMpetfth'dil: yet ever, when 

Uftt bier dltine UshI fraon the ica. uo- 

■Mrdtully borne 
Aboot I^lTodni* fepulcbre, ft bean his 

ftttod's dadita, [outran rrign 

Dooad 10 hlsduuioi : bat no tin of lunhrt 
Ib hb d lMwa p er : you would muse to sec 

Bin Matpa t^ body, all the blood wub'd 

oft BO ikBdtim shew 
Of cen or oaklaee ; but hi* vonndi all 

doead, tboiiglb laany mre 
Opca'd about hlia. Sncfc a love the blcit 

lin iBo cti h bcetf , 

Even d«ad, to [by dotr son, because hi* 

Ute sbew'd love to Ihem." 
HvjuyU annrcT'd : "O my son. It Is a 

Id any men to serve the godt. And 1 

iniiw nerils tay thh; 
For DO nuse. bavins uiuon At. my 

HR-lor't liandi would mfas 
Advucpioeni to ihe gods wlih (1(1^ aud 

Uitrrfoie da not they 
MlM hi* rrmrmbranoe afte« dolk. New 

k( an old mui pMV 
Thy riiur* lo itoeit* tlii* eup; and keep il 

for my kne. 
tior leave bm lOl the geds and thee bate 

made my ptayvs approve 
Achillea' p)ly. by iby culde btought lo bli 

princely tent." 
Kcrnws npUed : "Vou tempt me now. 

dd kingi to • oooaent 
Fkr fKien me, Ihoucb youili aptly ens. t 

•tctvlly medra 
Gifts itiu 1 cannot broadly roach? take 

gmee* ihal will gin; 
My lunl dtihonoutf or what be Lnowt tMC, 

or will eiiccin 
Pcth.nja un^i ? inch briberiea polapa at 

first may seem 

Sveel and (ocun ; IkiI ftilurtty they atill 

prove tour, and brrrd 
Both lew and dinger, t coald wliIi thy 

grave affisin dkrocod 
My g<9M« to Afcef, tIDiB MFV'd, or 

lacketlnc by IbTrid^ 
Am] would be srndlon* in t!^ fuerd ; so 

nothing could b« irin) 
But csre In me to keep thee sale, tot (bat I 

cootil exouae. 
And roach to all men." Tbeee words 

poii. be pal Ihe deeds In oie 
Foe which [ore SEBI bin ; <i}i he leapt to 

Priam's obaiiot ; 
Took sooDTfe and lelns. md blew Ib 

titwtttb to fab Erse steeds, and got 
The naval ww«n and deep dike iiraltbi. 

The guards were all ta meat ; 
Those he cnslumber'd. Ofwd tbe pens, and 

Old Prtam with bis wralihy ptin. Foitb- 

wiih Ihey leBch'd (be lent 
Of ent Achilles, taifc aad Uch. aad Ib 

his Boat ascent 
A shaggy nof of seedy (cedi biowii boiB 

the ntads : a hall 
Of state they made ibeir Idnt in it, and 

urengrbta'd II wttbal 
Tlilck wiUi fii raflen : wboKappTDBthvaa 

Id la by a door [mca t vwr u o i e 

THai bad bMoae bar. but so b«K ibat throe 


Raised it la xbul. three fresh take dKnta; 

which yet lEaeides 
\Vou1d ihui >ind ope himselL And thji 

with £u man cue 
llcmm tel opr. entcrini' Ihc kinE ; '■^■i' 

leapt bom hone, anil uld : 
" Now know, old kin/t. Mftcnry. a 

gal. bolhcivvn this aid 
To tliy rndfftvi^iir, u»l tiy Jdvc ; and now 

For mi-n u«uld cnvjr ilijr «iiu? lo m ■ 

AiTccl .1 imtn Ihtu : cnUi Ihou, nnlinK* 

Achillea' knee, 
And bjt hi* aiic, *aa. moLhcr, pnjt hi* ruth 

wMKiace toihw." 
ThU wld. he hiRh Olyiiipui rgnch'd: 

(btkiDElhrn k^lt hiicfuch 
Te grane iBscu*, uid weni on, nude hii 

i«*d*ed ■pfMBch, 
And entsr'd Id • goodly room, where willi 

hIi priooe* *nle 
Jov*-lo>MI Adiillc*, *t ilidr (ri*i ; two 

onlf kept the stalo 
Of hii Btrtniluice, Aldmiu, and lotd 

At rriam'i tatty. A gnat lime Achillea 

giKd upon 
Hii wtintlrt d-al approscb. DOT cat; the 

reit did nolhinf; lee, 
While clow he cuiic up, wilh hi* hand* 

(m hiildinK tlie brat linnt 
Of Iteflor'i coQquerDr. And kba'd fbul 

li^rgK inAn4lEtu|£hlertnG luind 
Tliai much blood Itom his sonihuddnwo. 

And ni In tome lUwige land, 
And fivat nan'* hoine, ■ cuui I* drtvoi 

(mlh that abhon'd disnuijr 
Tbu foUowl wilTul bloodiUcd tlill. lib 

forliine txinj; lo (lay 
One whcoe blood cries ntoud far bb] lo 

plcHil iiictcclion, 
Id tuch a miaeiable plight as Tiiglit the 

lookeivoa : 
In lueli a «lupdicd ntate AcbiUo Mt lo 


So unFijmtcd. so in Dli[hl, and as in- 

Old Priara't entry. All bli (rlcods one on 

anoiber surcd 
To tn b>'> >ir»n[i- looks, ledng DO couie. 

Thai iliam then prepared 
H<I soii'i [fdi'iiiplion ; " jn in me, O 

Eod-liks Tlieds' son. [bang outiun 
Tliy used fMha; anil pcth.i)]> crrn now 
With wmg of my won. nc^Khbcnir foes 

(ihou ahocni) loklng ume 
To do hint muchiiK ; no moan left to 

tmify [ho ciimo 

Of his oppression ; jet be beao thy pM«* 

Mill surviTS. 
And jon to hear II, bO[nn|; nil! (o *ca the* 

tote arrive 
From Tuin'd Tmy ; Iiul I, cunod man. of 

all my iiio« snail Utc 
To >« none living. Fifty Mna the deltte* 

did j^ve 
My hopw lo live In ; all allv« when rMoi 

(int imidiiin^ shore 
The Gmrli ihiiie hiibour'd, and one womb 

nlneif«n ol tboc sons bare 
Now M^n n number of IliL-ir kncts hntk 

slren^leialeft ; and h« 
Tliat wiu. of all, anr only joy, and Troy's 

soloEuaid. bytneti 
Late Aghung for hli conniiy, slnn ; vboM 

tmdcr'a penon now 
t come (o ransom. tnfinit« i* thai I cflcr 

Myself Kmruninjt Jl, aipoaad aloM 10 aU 

your odds. 
Only iiiii>Iuiiflg righl of anaa. AeUIIcSt 

fear the cods, 
riiy on old mim like thy tat ; dlSacM Id 

only this, 
Tlinl I nm wrrtcbrsler, and boH Ikot 

wtiKM of iiilwria 
Tiiai n'V'^r man did, my Conad tip* (■■ 

lotEvd to kis that hand 
That (lew my children." TWl moved 

lean : hlabtber't name dldiland, 
(Mcnlion'd by I'nam) la much belp to Us 

compiuilon : 
And moved iGadda lo mudt. be conk) not 

look upon 
The iiminii falhtt. Willi hb baDd ba 

gently pt away 
HI* grave fncc: calm rcnilidoa bow did 

mil lu ally display 
Her power in cither'* tKCtntncnL Old 

Pliiin. ID record 
111* son E d«uh and his dtnehsman see, Ul 

lean and bcaom pour'd 
Before AchillM : at bU &M ht kkl Ui 

ttvoend beB& 
Achilles' thought*, now wtlh hi* ^n, no* 

with his £oad. wen (ed. 
BetwiM both. lonow Ul'd ibe uaL But 

DOW ^acidca 
(Salute ai all part* with the nub of tb«fr 

i^lart up, and up be raixd Ibe kaig. Ilk 

mlik-while head and beard 
With p-ly ha bchtid, and laid: ■■ 

nuu), thy mind is tcaml 
Wiifa much amaloa. How durM _ 
peraon thus kloa* [dutnyawortbyNnT 
Venture on hte i%bt Ihu Iwtb alilB ao 




iuui M drar K Iho? 

marie of traa : til. 
And t'tUc wt oar woes, Ihoaffi bagc, tea 

fiulliini; pruMt iL 

Cblil iiiouiiiiKc wniia bat om li*a^ healv 

Tlic it"l^ ■uni^ ilmioaie 
nu fnuhnl DUitah imisl live mS ; 'lit 

l>r- ii'iiiioriiil i'Ue 
or II I'v >■■»< ■>"*■ incura. Two tuM <J 

(;ira Ihcn! lie 
In JoM'i euc^ i»H! of cddJ, oik III, ilmt 

«ur moftiiMy 
HainCBta. apMl. Milet: wblch when Jarc 

(loUi Riix 10 ani man, 
Cm ahile he ballot, oee while mottim. 

If ol tui nuMinhil aai 
A nan driaki ontr. onlj monci ho dalli 

cxiKMc lilni to : 
Sid haafa in 111' abnndant eaiih duih lou 

Uta M aiHl f in, 
PTfr^-M nor of Eodi nor men. Tlic 

mix'd cup Pticu* (bank 
B*m fram iili binfa : heiTm bint hii 

life : he llTcil not IhM coiiU iliaiilt 
The godi far tach nn bviidUi m ict 

forth hU CUDW. 
He raen'd anomc hU MjmnidoiU, motl 

ricb, mcM (onoiiftie. 
And. Ihooth a murikl. liad hii tinl dcck'il 

wilh a <lcattilaa 6amt. 
And }«(. wilh »)l thb Eood, one IH Gcd 

nia'iL llul laluM airnuinc 
Prooi aU that coodnni ^ hii oame now. 

whou procrmiian here 
Men rouni Ibe crown uT llidr niMI eood, 

not UcM'd wlih pcnrrt lo Imr 
One lilotHm bul myndf, ind 1 iluUwn n 

1000 as blovn ; 
Nc( than I live 10 cheer bit age oitd site 

To hun IhM noutUh'd me- for off mj 

nat if act In Tlojr, (tliel did oijojr. 
To team Ifaee rcaUtaa and 1% accd 1 Ui>Kif 
Ai «c bnite btatd. n bapiir life ; whai 

l^abot do(h conUin, 
rii liiiiM past bcani ■ btcaa'd man'tKait. 

what Uie nnmooDfcd main 
Of HrilapMio*. PhrycU, liulilv at« all 

Tliy ampitc, wealth and lom enow ; but. 

when the (Odi did liim 
Til/ tileu lUle 10 panake wilh bone, war 

■ad (Iw hloodt of mun 
Ctretcd th]P dUy. nmti clear. Sll down 

nml niller ibea ; 
Moiim not liwritahlo thinft ; Ihy lean can 

tpring no doed» 
To help iktc nor mall Ihj mo ; ln> 

ni npon ill, noka) wont thlngi woik, aad 

ibenfoie ilt." He Mid : 
" Ciw me no *mI. gnat Mid of Jon* 

when ya unmntowed 
lleoinr Ueirttcbu In ilijr tenO, but ddca 

■illi Mimotl ■ncod 
Hit iHi|nialk«. ihol lhe*c eyt* niajr we 

hit pi^toa ftpnt. 
Ami lliii icfBoa tnlliJiiKl willi gitls. Accept 

Blijt I hatv broHKlil, 
Ah'I iiim lo lliihlai tiiennii|>h lliycon- 

i|<ierta£ ImmI haili fooglil 
Till lli-etor (alicr'd uiulei li, ant) llociof'a 

fuilm ttood 
Wilb fm hunaclrf saSe.' He ftown'd 

nnil »td : " (jlv« no) m) blood 
Fnsh rauaa of furjr : I kiuw wtfl I roan