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Bt C. C. F.ELTON, 





^ /^^. ^n 

AAmifi CTUMi UM«1 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1846, bj 
Jambs Munrok and CoMPANTy 
!n the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Masaachusett 





Lr the piesent edition of the Iliad, the text has heen carefully 
iCTiBed. A much larger body of annotations than was contained 
in the former editions has been subjoined to this, and a small portion 
only of the old notes has been incorporated with the new. It would 
hare been a pleasing task to fumisH a minute and critical com- 
mentary npon the whole Iliad ; but such a commentary would have 
enlarged the work greatly beyond the plan which had been deter- 
mined on. It was thought better to explain in detail a portion only 
of the niad, — a portion which would probably embrace nearly all 
the peculiarities of the Homeric language, — and to prepare notes of 
a more general character for the rest. The student will, therefore, 
find the remarks upon the first book much more numerous and par- 
ticular than those upon the remainder of the poem. On the other 
hand, such passages as the shield of Achilles, in the eighteenth 
book, are illustrated with a fulness of discussion which their general 
interest, as pictures of antique life, seemed to warrant. 

In the Preliminary Remarks to the notes, an attempt has been 
made to sketch the leading features of Hellenic life in the Heroic 
and Homeric ages, and to trace the growth of Epic poetry from its 
primeval sources to the full tide of song in the Iliad and Odyssey. 
Several views there set forth are to be regarded as.probable approx- 
imations only to a true picture of ages and states of society, the 
poetical remains of which are the only documents of their history. 

At the close of the Preliminary Remarks, an extract of some 
length is given from the chapter in Mr. Grote's History of Greece on 
the Homeric poetry. This work, of which two volumes only have 
been published, displays great learning, and rare powers of histor- 
ical combination and critical analysis. I have cited the passage al- 
loded to, not because I am prepared to adopt the conclusion it em* 


bodies respecting the construction of the Iliad, but because that con- 
clusion has been drawn by the independent studies of a well trainee 
English mind ; and as it was published while the notes were pass 
ing through the press, and as several years will probably elapse be 
fore the completion of the history, it was thought desirable to lay a 
once a critical judgment of such high authority before the Americai 

In the preparation of this edition, a great Tariety of works havt 
been freely used, niustrations or quotations taken from them ar< 
marked by the initials of their authors. The principal books con 
suited are Heyne's Homeri Bias, Bothe's Homeri Carminaf Homer 
Jlias von G. C. Crusius, Grammatisch-Kritische Anmerhungen zu 
Jlias des Homer von C. F. Stadelmann, K6ppen*s Anmerkunge\ 
zu Homers Ilias, Montbers Observations sur Vlliade d^Homtrt 
Spitzner's Homeri Bias, Wolf 's Vorlesungen uber Homers Bias (ed 
ited by Usteri), and Wolf's Vorlesungen Uber die AUerlhumswissen 
schqft. Other subsidiary writers have also been consulted, and info] 
mation drawn from them combined, as far as was practic-able, will 
in tlie limits of the editor's plan. Mr. Hope's valuable and elegar 
volumes on Ihe Costumes of the Ancients t and Mr. St. John's learne 
work on the Manners and Customs of Ancient Greece, the rich fru 
of a lifetime passed in study and travel, should be particularly mei 
tioned. The excellent Lexicon of the Poems of Homer and the Hi 
tnerida, ably translated by Professor Smith, supplies, to a great es 
tent, the place of a verbal commentary on Homer, and ought to t 
in the hands of every student of the poet. 

The Illustrations of Mr. Flaxman are not so generally known i 
this country as they ought to be. No modern sculptor, according 1 
the opinions of the best judges, has imbibed more thoroughly tli 
spirit of grace and beauty which belongs preeminently to anciei 
art. His mind may bo said to have been cast in a Grecian mould 
he had the same intuitive perception of tho beautiful, the same \oy 
of simplicity, the same power which belonged to that intellectui 
people of embodying, in perfect forms, the ideal creations of gei 
ins. He spent seven years in studying the remains of antiquity i 
Rome ; and no man was ever more fitted by nature and education i 
revive and reproduce the elegant simplicity of the works of the ai 
dents. His Illustrations of Homer, designed originally for bas 
reliefs, were welcomed, on their appearance, by the applause of a 


fioTope. They hare l>een repeatedly publiahed in England, France, 
Gennany, and Italy, and have taken, by uniyeraal consent, a place 
among the happiest modem representations of the spirit of the an* 
tiqne. They hold the same rank in art that Goethe^s Iphigmie 
holds in literatore. The repnblication of these Qlustrations, it is 
heiieTedy will be an acceptable sernoe to the readers of Homer, ex- 
eented as they are in the purest Grecian style. Mr. Flazman illn»- 
fnled the Poems of Hesiod and the Tragedies of iBschylus in the 
sane fjawucal and spirited manner. As a general remark, it may 
he obeerred, that the art and literatore of the ancients explain each 
ether to a degree unknown in modem times. There was a peculiar 
csoneetion between them ; they were different developments of the 
same ideaa of the beantifol. The sculptor, the poet, the aichitect| 
eadi whedding light upon the others, wrought under the animating 
impulse of the most delightful country and climate, with a conmion 
ability to the beauty of proportion, and a simil^ abstinence from 
in means and effects, — a temperance which lies at the foun- 
dation of good taste. Homer's compositions were the source from 
iriiidi the artists of Greece drew their ideal forms of gods and god- 
desses and heroes. The whole compass of ancient poetry was, in 
&ct, reshaped in the marble of the Grecian sculptors, and delineated 
anew oo the canTass of the painters. The noble figures on the Par- 
thenon, diisdled under the eye, if not by the hand, of Phidias, the 
broken remains of which are even now the best teachers of the 
hi^iest style in the art, sprang into being from the same kind of in- 
spiratioa as that which spoke in the rhapsodies of Homer, and the 
Tragedies of jEschylos and Sophocles. This is the hood which 
holds together Grecian art, song, and philosophy, in immortal dnity 
and beaaty. It appears necessary, therefore, to look beyond the 
words and forms of ancient literature, if we would understand it in 
a liberal way ; and to see how the same spirit which breathes from 
the poet's page was embodied in the works of the artist. To repre- 
sent the principle of this union to the young readers of Homer, the 
truly Grecian lUostrations of Flaxman have been inserted in their 
proper places. The engravings are executed by Mr. Andrews, a 
featleman of weU known taste and talent in that branch of art. 

The ipiestions of the existence of Homer, the original unity of 
the Ihad, the mode of its composition, and the occasions on which 
it was delivered, are touched upon in the Preliminary Remajrks. I 


win mexely say here, that I can see no leason to doubt the 
aonal existence of Homer, or his anthoiship of the Iliad. Tl 
are, with few exceptions, a harmony of parts, and a conaistt 
among the difl&rent sitnations of the same character, which n 
the whole as substantially the production of one mind ; but 
mind as comprehensiTe as the forms of nature, the aspects of 
and the powers, propensities, and passions of man, — of a ge 
as Taried, rersatile, and dramatio as Shakspeare's. Then, to 
may be remarked, that some of the chief peiaonages in the ] 
are not completely exhibited, unless the situations in which 1 
are placed in different parts of the poem be taken into consideral 
Achilles, for example, in the first book, displays the ungovem 
impetuosity of his temper, and justifies the character given of 
Dy Horace : — 

" Impiger, ineandaf , inezorabilif , acer." 

But in the interview with the ambassadors sent by Agamen 
to his tent, he shows himself courteous, hospitable, and eloqu 
After the death of Patrodus, the higher qualities of his chara< 
his strong 'afiections, Ids heroic virtues, are magnificently develo; 
yet with a Isrge and consistent admixture of his old ferocity. 

This, however, does not preclude the supposition that the J 
dents and characters in the war of Troy had been often handler 
singers before Homer. Indeed, his whole manner of dealing ^ 
them seems to show that he took up the legendary types of the 
eral heroes, and infused fresh life into them, without essenti 
changing their outlines ; as a modem poet would use the traditii 
character of the Cid, or Hagen, or Parcivalt or Arthur, without ' 
turing to displace the legendary figures by creations of his o 
Shakspeare did so in several of his tragedies. The sculptors 
painters of Greece practised upon the same principle. The ti 
tional form, expression, and attributes of each mythological pei 
were followed by the artists of later times, however much their { 
las and skill may have enabled them to excel their predecessoi 
the execution of the details. 

Nor do I see much reason for supposing that Homer compc 
the Iliad as one regularly planned and developed work. The pi 
abilities tend the other way. There b no great room for doi 
that the story or stories of the Iliad rest on a historical basie ; m 


of the details, however, are to be regarded as the fictions of the 

The facts or legends on which the poem may be said to be histori 
tally founded admit of being concisely stated. The immediate cause 
of the Trojan war was the abduction of the beautiful Helen from 
Sparta, by Alexander, or Paris, son of Priam, the king of Troy. 
The early people of Western Asia and of Greece appeajr to have 
sprang from the same origin, and probably spoke the same lan- 
guage. Their manners, customs, and mythology,' according to Ho- 
mer and Herodotus, were nearly alike. Before the Trojan war, 
piratical expeditions from Greece to Asia, and from Asia to Greece, 
were the common enterprises of the daring spirits of the age, who 
carried off men, women, children, and cattle. It became a favorite 
enterprise for adventurers to seize upon beautiful women of high 
rank, the abduction of whom was a matter of pride and triumph to 
the soocessful marauder. Herodotus, in his First Book, mentions 
several instances. In consequence of this state of things, Tyndareus, 
king of Sparta, required of the chieftains who sought his daughter 
in marriage to bind themselves beforehand that they would unite to 
restore her, should she be stolen in this manner froin the hus))and 
she might choose. She was married to Menelaus. Shortly afVer this 
event, Paris, who appears to have been a kind of piratical dandy, 
visited Sparta, and was hospitably entertained by Menelaus, whom 
he had the insolence to rob of his beautiful wife, and a large amount 
of treasure. The chieflains of the different states were now called 
upon to fulfil their promise, and a large armament was assembled at 
Aulis, under the oonmiand of the two brothers, Agamemnon and 
Menelaus. The numbers furnished by the respective chiefs are 
given in the catalogue or muster-roll of the army. 

The Grecian forces, brought together in this manner, and enter- 
taining these expectations, sailed for the Troad. The war was 
prosecuted with various success, on the plain of Troy, for nine 
years ; during which many neighbouring cities were plundered, and 
their inhabitants killed or sold. In the tenth year, the city was taken 
and laid in ruins. But the action of the Iliad embraces only a few 
days of the last year. Their number is variously estimated from 
htty to fifty-three. The epic narrative begins with the quarrel of 
Achilles and Agamemnon, and ends with the burial of Hector; 
eonsequently, before the capture of Troy. Such is a sketch of the 


gTound-plan on which the dhine genius of Homer raised a sopei 
structure so magnificent. 

The state of society and character of the age must be kept i 
mind by the reader of Homer. Though raised considerably abov 
barbarism, the marks of primitiye simplicity were still discernible 
Communities were gOTerned by hereditary chieftains, whose power 
were not defined with much precision, but depended in a gres 
measure on the personal qualities of the indiyidual. These chic; 
tains were in general distinguished by strength and prowess, an 
were expected to lead their subjects in expeditions for plunder an 
in battle. Their genealogies traced their origin back into the mytl 
ical times, when the gods walked the earth and allied themselvc 
with mortals. A divine ancestry, more or less remote, was the pn 
rogative and the glory of the leading heroic families of the Hcllcni 
race. They are Tariously styled in Homer, kings^ chiefs, leader. 
and shepherds of the people. Associated with them was a BovX\ 
or council of state, whose advice was sought in political affairs, ar 
sometimes even an assembly of the people was convoked to delil 
erate- on questions of general concern. In the great enterprii 
against Troy the champions were doubtless animated not so muc 
by the desire of avenging the insulted honor of Menelaus, as by tl 
hope of returning laden with the rich spoils of Asia ; for the kin< 
dom of Priam, according to several intimations in the Iliad, was 
this period in a highly prosperous condition, and the customs of w: 
sanctioned the merciless sacking of cities and the selling of ca 
tives into slavery. 

The Homeric poetry is essentially popular, and deeply groundi 
in the universal nature of man. It speaks to the common pofsioi 
of the human heart, and, like the drama of Shakspeare, which 
vitality of character it most resembles, profoundly engages the i 
terest and sympathy of readers or hearers, apart from all that is 1 
cal in coloring and temporary in form. Homer ^s rhapsodies we 
the most popular poetry, when they were rhythmically chanted 1 
the minstrels in the festive halls or under the open sky at the Pa 
egyries, or recited by public authority at the splendid Panathcnr 
assemblies in the violet-crowned city of Athena ; and now, aiuid: 
the altered relations of the world, they share witli the plays of t 
great Englishman in a popularity coextensive with civilization, a 
not approached by any other works of uninspired man. Every ci 


tinted langaage has translations of them, executed with Tarioas 
degrees of fidelity. Chapman, Hobbes, Ogilby, Pope, Cowper, 
Macpherson, Sotheby, and our countryman, Mr. Munford, have la- 
bored, in different modes and with different fortunes, to render them 
into English. From recent indications, it seems probable that a 
translation into English hexameters will soon be added to the Eng- 
lish Homeric library. The Germans have long possessed, in the 
hexameter translation by Voss, an admirable representative of the 
Greek. A writer in Blackwood's Magazine has published two 
books of the Hiad, the first and the twenty-fourth, which, in their 
rhythmical movement, give a vivid idea of the measure, as well as 
the spirit, of the original. Mr. Shadwell has also made a successful 
attempt in the same Homeric style. A complete translation of the 
Diad and Odyssey, in fiee and flowing English hexameters, would 
be the highest triumph of the translator's art. 

Bat, popular as the Homeric poetry is even now, in order to ap- 
preciate it fully we must study ourselves into the Homeric age. 
The Grecian epic was a species of 8tory«>telling, abundant as the 
modem novel, for the entertainment of assemblies of men, on festive 
occasions, in princely halls, at Amphictyonic gatherings, or at re- 
ligions solemnities. It was delivered in a species of musical recitar 
tive, vrith a slight accompaniment of the phorminx, like the min- 
strelsy of the Minnesingers and Troubadours who sang to the 
cithern in the baronial castles of the Middle Ages. 

The peculiar genius of the Homeric language is worthy of 
special attention. There is a certain point in the progress of every 
people, when their speech is most fitted for poetical composition. It 
is when they have risen above the state of barbarism to a condition 
of some refinement, yet uncorrupted by luxury, and before the intel- 
kctual powers have been given much to political or philosophical 
speculation. Then the rudeness of language is softened down, but 
the words are still used in their primitive meanings. They are like 
eoins, lately from the mint, with the impressions unworn by long 
and various use in the manifold business of life. The numerous 
secondary meanings which the ever-increasing intricacy of the so- 
cial relations, and the new views and abstract ideas of science, im- 
part to words, sometimes to the concealment of their original signifi- 
cation, have not yet confused or efiaced the images they at first pre* 
sented. Such was the character of our own noble language in the 


time of Elizabeth. The words of Shakspcare and Massinger hi 
a tnith to nature, a Clearness and graphic power, a directness, for 
and freshness, which few subsequent writers have been able to ri^ 
Such was the condition of the Greek language in the age of I 
mer. Formed under the genial influences of a serene and beaut: 
heayen, amidst the most varied and lovely scenery in nature, and 
a people of a peculiarly delicate organization, of the keenest susc 
tibility to the beauty of sound as well as form, and of the most c 
ative imagination, combined with a childlike impulsiveness and s 
plicity, the language had attained a descriptive force, a copiousn( 
and harmony, which made it a fit instrument to express the poi 
immortal conceptions. Its resources were inexhaustible. For ev 
mood of mind, every aflfection of the heart, every aspect of nati 
it furnished clear, appropriate, and graphic expressions. Its wc 
and sentences are pictures, in such living' forms do they bring 
thing described before the reader's eye. Frederick Jacobs says, i 
cifuUy, yet truly, that the language of Ionia " resembles the smc 
mirror of a broad and silent lake, from whose depth a serene 6 
with its soft and sunny vault, and the varied nature along its su 
shores, are reflected in transfigured beauty." It was vivid, mel 
ous, and rich ; strikingly objective or concrete in its general cha 
ter ; a charm to the ear, and an unspeakable delight to the imag 
tion, of a simple, hearty, but refined and beauty-loving people. 
was copious and infinitely flexible in phrase, free and gracefu 
movement, unconstrained in structure, and obedient to the airy 
pulses of feeling, rather than to the formal principles of gramn 
It expressed the thoughts and passions of robust manhood with 
artless and unconscious truth, and sometimes almost the prattle 
the child.* Its freedom from constraint, its voluble minutenes; 
delineation, its rapid changes of construction, its breaks, pau 
significant and sudden transitions, its flexible irregularities, exl 
the intellectual play of national youth, while the boldness and sp 
dor of invention it displays, and the majestic sweep of imagina 
which adorns it, bear the impress of genius in the full strcngtl 
its maturity. 

* The analogies between the language of Homer and that of children 
vncnltiTated people are ingeniously traced by Nast, a German scholar, 
treatise entitled Vbtr Homen Sprache aiu dem Getichtspunct ihrer Ana 
mU der Algemeinen Kinder^ und VoUutprache. 


Tones and gestures of the liviDg singer also formed a part of 
t]ie poet's ezpressiTe povrer, aiid these must be reproduced by the 
imagination of the modem reader. The dramatic scene, as con- 
ceiTed by Homer and enacted by the rhapsodist, must be made to 
pass before the eye of the mind, revived and restored, with its Ionian 
aooompaniments, -by the force of fancy, aided by the resources of 
learning. '* Almost five centuries had passed," said the great 
scholar cited abore, " before the poems of Homer were imprisoned 
in written characters ; and even then, mindful of their original des- 
tination, they flowed more sweetly from the tongue to the ear." * 

The movement of the Homeric hexameter \s singularly adapted, 
by its dactylic and spondaic rhythms, and the variety of its cssural 
pauses, to the free and excursive character of the epic. It seems to 
have been taught to the early Hellenic singer by the Muse herself, 
or to have flowed from some natural fountain, some vocal Castaly 
<if song. It retains its native freedom under the restraints of the 
written character, and the discipline of conjectural criticism* I do 
not believe in the necessity of filling out its quantities to the read- 
er's eye, by making the text brisde with uncouth digammas, as 
Payne Knight has done in his attempt to exhibit Homer, as it were, 
m furis naturalibuSj and Mr. Brandreth, to a leas objectionable ex- 
toLt, in lus otherwise elegant edition. The musical recitation of 
the rfaapeodist enabled him to satisfy the demands of the ear in a 
much more simple and natural way. Under the management of the 
Ionic minstrel, time, within certain limits, was a variable quantity. 
The ini<pdkoh fulovQoi^ doXixooVQOi^ — the headless, tailless, long" 
tailed, and other anomalous verses with polysyllabic names, are the 
inventions of technical metricians. 

TliuB the author of the Iliad enjoyed very great advantages for 
the poetical handling of his subject ; and his genius was on a level 
with ids situation. We should not expect, in the work of an early 
poet, the various humors and characters which grow out of modem 
sodety ; but we shall find in Homer a wonderful power in the delin- 
eation of such characters as belong to the Heroic age. The various 
personages of the Iliad come bodily before us ; we see them act, 
we hear them speak ; but we neither see nor hear the mighty con- 
juror who has summoned them around us. Every hero bears him 
self throughout consistently with the poet's leading idea of the char 

• Clauical Studies, by Sean, Edwards, and Felton, p. 276. 


acter. There is do confuuon, no contradiction, no indistinctneas it 
the scenic representations. The yoyage, the council, the battle- 
field, the storm, are all described with equal power, truth, anc 
knowledge. The hospitable entertainment, the eloquent debate, th( 
ardor of friendship, the love of country, and the happiness of do 
mestic life, are depicted with a warmth of coloring which shows th( 
familiarity and fondness of one who has known them all. Thi 
pictures he has drawn with such unrivalled simplicity, life, an< 
beauty, are the combinations and reproductions of scenes with whicl 
his own eye was familiar, to which his own heart was bound, froi 
which his own imagination gathered its materials. The speed 
es of the ambassadors in the tent of Achilles, the lament of Ags 
memnon over his wounded brother, the interview between Hectc 
and Andromache, the visit of Priam to the Grecian camp, the shoi 
but animating harangue of Achilles, urging the Greeks to immt 
diate battle afler the reconciliation, with numberless others, dii 
play the original and transcendent genius of the poet. 

I have briefly referred to the peculiarities of the country and tl 
state of society in which the Iliad was produced. I will remark, 
addition, that books of travels in Greece and Asia Minor afford tl 
most valuable illustrations both for the Iliad and Odyssey, and pa 
ticularly in throwing light upon descriptions of natural scener 
This kind of illustration, though too much neglected by comme 
tators on the ancient classics, has given, so far as it has been ei 
ployed, a fresh interest to the study of antiquity. Mr. Wooc 
Essi^ on the Original Crenius of Homer is a. fine example of wl 
may be done in this way. Mure's Journal, Wordsworth's Pia 
rial Greece J and his Athens and Attica, are among the best of t 
recent English works of this kind. A man of classical taste, w 
should make a careful survey of Greece, and study her present h 
guage, superstitions, customs, traditions, and antiquities, with tl 
single object of illustrating the ancient classics, might render 1 
most important aid to the critical labors of the closet. Such a n 
was Karl Ottfried Miiller. The highest expectations of the schol 
of the whole world were excited by his visit to the renowned s 
of Hellas ; but his death on the scene of his enthusiastic researcl 
disappointed these hopes, and filled the lovers of learning with e 
row. To such a scholar, every hill in Greece is venerable with 1 
tone associations and imaginative superstitions. True, indeed, 


Jacobs says, *' the ancient rivers, some yet called by their former 
names, steal mournfully through a desolated land ; the gods that 
once dwelt on their banks and in their grottos have vanished ; and 
the wondrous strains which told the history of every fountain, hill, 
and woodland to the listening ear of a free and susceptible people 
have died away." Yet the banks of every river still possess a mag- 
ical attraction for the man 'of letters by the charms of legendary 
lore, by the triumphs of genius, by the teachings of philosophy, 
or by the deeds of historic renown. The clear stream of Grecian 
poetry has reflected, in images that never will fade, every feature 
of the lovely country through which it flowed during the classic 
ages. It has echoed the sounds, and painted the sights, of that 
home of artists, poets, orators, and philosophers, that fair land of 
heroes and gods. 

Cahbridok, October^ 1846. 

I A I A J O 2 A. 

Rogatur ab initio Mosa, ut cantum prsecipiat de cladibns «d 
Iliom, Achillis iram conaequutis (1-7). Venit in concionem 
AchiYorum Chryses, sacerdos Apollinis, filiam suam rodemptu- 
nu, hello nuper captam, et honoris causa datam Agamemnoni 
(8-21). lUo cum ignominia repulso, funestam liiem Apollo 
per exercitum spargit (22 - 52). Habet concionem Achilles oh 
placaodum deum, in qua Calchas vates calamitate eos levatum 
iri redncenda Chryseide cense t, auctore imprimis Achilla 
53-12D). Ita inritatus Agamemno atrocia jurgia nectit cum 
Achille ; et Chrysae quidein filiam reddere non recusat, sed 
illi, quod premium yirtntis retulerat, Brise'idem eripit, quam- 
Tis obnitente Restore (130-311 ct 318-347). Hac iucensus 
injuria statuit acer juvenis se cum Myrmidonibus a belli soci* 
etate sejungere : quod propositum a matre ejus Thetide con- 
firmatur, qusa et supphcanti ultionem promittit (348-427). 
Interea publice lustratur exercitus, et sacra fiunt ApoUini 
(312-317): turn Chryseis domum reducitur una cum nostiis 
piacularibus. quibus mactatis scelus expiatur (428-487). 
Tbetidi jam Olympum adeunti Jupiter occulte annuit, vie- 
tores in proeliis fore Trojanos, donee Achilli ab Aohivis satis 
factum fuerit (488-533). Junonem, infestam Trojanis, pun 
gunt luee clandestina consilia ; inde rixatur cum Jove super 
cflenam (534-067). £a re cbntristatur omnis consessuB 
deorum, quos tandem ad hilaritatem reducit Vulcanoa 

A o I fi 6 s. Miiv I s • 

OvAofiirtir, i^ fiVQi* *Jxaioig alye* t&tixerf 
UoViag d* Iffblfiovq ^vxaq "Aidi nffotatptv 
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I A I A J O 2 B. 

Japitrr, illatam Achilli injuriam ultarus, speciem noctur- 
Dam mittit ad Agamemnonem^ quae eum ad committendum 
proiliuni ape victoriie incitet (1-40). Sub lucem Agamemno 
rem et impetum ■uuin aperit primoribua Acbivoruni; moz 
concionem habet universorum ^41 - 100). Placuerat el, ad 
ientandam populi fidem, cui dimdcbat, consilium repetende 
patriffi simufare : eo audi to, statiin multitudo bello fessa tumul' 
tuari et naviffationem parare CGBpit (101 - 154.) Seditionem de 
compacto et Minervae monitu comprimit Ulysses, ad ainguios 
precibus, minis, opprobriis usus ita, ut concionem restituat 
rir»5-210). Thersiten, tuipem ct maledicum hominem, qui 
aisccssum urgere non desinit, gravius casti^t ad terrorem 
caeterorum (21 1 - 277). Sic cohibitum vulffus nectitur tandem 
coropositis ad persuadcndum orationibus iJlyssis ac Nestorisi 

?iii et Vetera promissa expetunt, et o«lei«tis utuntur ad spem 
lii cito ezpugnandi ; Agamenmo autem indicit proelium, et 
ardore pugnandi omnium animos implet (278-^^3).. Jam 
armatur exercitus; primores apud Agamemnonem, mactata 
majore hostia, epulantur; csBteri passim per tentoria cibum 
■umunt sacraque faciunt, et a suis quaeque natio ducibus 
instrucla in aciera prodeunt (394 - 484). Hoc loco inseritur 
accurata enumeratio navium, populorum, ducum, qui Aga 
memnonem ad bellum Trojanum sequuti erant (465-785). 
Item Trojani, comperto quid minentur Achivi, duce Hectore 
in campum egrediuntur et ipsi etsocii, quorum omnium brevior 
recensus adjicitur (7d(>-877). ' 

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JAIAJ02 I. 11 

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*'Jiy9a xaj^iiS^ dvafiag' nuqa di, Xif^oo&govog ^Hg^ 

I A I A J O 2 B. 

Japitcr, illatam Achilli injuriam uUurus, speciem noctur- 
D&in mittit ad A^memnonem, qua; eum ad committendum 
proilium spe victonce incitet (1-40). Sub lucem Agamemno 
rem et impetum luuin aperit primoribua Achivorum; inox 
concionem habet universorum (41 - 100). Placaerat ei, ad 
tentandam populi iidem, cui dimdcbat, conBilium repetende 
patrise simutare : eo audito, statini multitudo bello fessa tumul- 
tuari et naviffationein parare ccepit (101 - 154.) Seditionem de 
compacto et Minervae monitu comprimit Ulyaaes, ad sinjruioa 
precibui, minis, opprobriis usub ita, ut concionem restituat 
?ir»5-210). Tiiersiten, turpem ct maledlcum hominem, qui 
aisceBsum urgere non desinitf ^aviua castirat ad terrorem 
cstifrorum (21 1 - 277). Sic cohibitum vulmis nectil 

(211 -277). Sic cohibitum vul^s flectitur tandem 
coropositiB ad pereaadendum orationibuB UlyBsiB ac NeBtoriBi 

?ui et Vetera promisBa expetunt, et OBteittis utuntur ad spem 
lii cito expugnandi ; Agamcmno autem indicit proelium, et 
ardore pugnandi omnium animoB implet (278-31)3).. Jam 
armatur exercituB ; primorea apud Affamemnonem, niartata 
majore hoatia, epulantur; ceteri passim per tentoria cibum 
sumunt sacraque faciunt, et a suis qusque natio ducibus 
instructa in aciem prodeunt (394 - 484). Hoc loco inseritur 
accurata enumeratio navium, populorum, ducum, qui Aga 
memnonem ad bellum Trojanum sequuti erant (465 - 78;)). 
Item Trojani, comperto quid minentur Achivi, duce Hectore 
in campum egrediuntur et ipsi etsocii, quorum omnium brevior 
recensuB adjicitur (78(3-877). ' 

^OvBigos. S o I o T i a rj x a r d k o 

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^ Evdov navvvjiioh ^?« 5' ovx i'^t vtfdvfioc vJirog' 

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IjilAJOS n. 17 

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Oti(f^^l i xiltve xaqrixofiooirtag ^Axotiovg 
Ilttwavdljj ' vvv yaq xtv tXoi noliv (VQvayvia¥ 
7(p«)«y* oi yuQ ct* ifiqiig *Olvfjuita dtafiax* tx^ntQ 
A&dratoi (pgai^ovrm' Jniyyufiif/iv ya^ anavrag 
U ff^ji Xiaaoniyti" Tffcafaat di nijdB' iq>iJ7nai. 

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KaqnaXinta^ d ' ixart ^oag tni rJiag Jlxumv ' 
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71^ flip iuadutrog Ti(fogf(ptavft ^liog ^'Ovuf^og * 

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M Jl Xaoi r' inntiqaqfaiM, xal looaa fiiptiXty. 

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Ai^tiTOt, IV J* ay at /i<U<jr^oiy vnrog ayi^t], 
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J^no di axr^mqoy naTQw'iov, d(p&noy aiti ' 
Svy rw tPn xaia yr^ng Axaioiv /aAxojjfiTcJy'aiK 

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IAIAJ0 2 II. 19 

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I A I A J O 2 r. 

Primo concunu proBlii Paris seu Alexander fortissimuni 
qnexnque Achivorum ad pugnain provocat ; sed, ut Menela- 
um conspexit de curru desilientcm, abjecto animo reirigit 
(1-37). Panllo post idem, Hectoris voce correptUR, offer! se 
certamini singulari cum Menelao de summa belli ineundo; 
qua conditione accepta, poacit Menelaus, ut sponsio interponap 
tur, prssente Priamo aancienda (38-110). Igitur arma depo* 
Hunt ezercitus ; aacrificia ab utraque parte parantur : interim 
Helena ex turri Priamo et senioribus I'rcjanis demonstrat 
duces Achivorum in canipo subjacente (111-244). Vocatas 
Bupervenit Priamus, comite Antenore i fosdusque ictum anti- 
quo ritu hisce legibus, ut, uter alterum vicisset, Helcnam 
ejusqud opes haberet, Trojani autem infcriores Achivis gravcm 
multam pendcrent (245 -301V Post Priami discessum arma 
capiunt Menelaus et Paris, et in spatium certamini dimensum 
procedunt: at superatum Paridem clam surripit Venus, et 
incolumem in ipsius cubiculum asportat (302 - 382). In eun- 
dero locum adducit ilia Helenam, qute primum reluctaus novo 
marito i^naviam exprobrat, mox tamcn eum in gratiam recipit 
(363 --448). Itaprsmiis deae fruentem adversarium frustra 
quierit Menelaus, dum Agamemno publice repetit pactum 
pretium victorise (449-461). 

Ogxoi. TsixoaxoTtia. *^ X % 
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I A I A A O 2 J. 

Quoin ex fcedere Helena AchiTis reddenda, infestcque 
acies dirimends essent, Buperato Paride; Juno in cuncilio 
deorum indignabunda, ita non expleri odium suum in Troja< 
nos, Jovi extorquet, ut ipsi conccdat llii ezcidium (I -40). 
Minerva, ipsa quoqne Trojania inimica, Junonis hortalu ad 
ierram missa, perauadet Pandaro Lycio, ut jacta in Menelaum 
■afitta pactionem conturbet, ac novam bellandi causam scrat 
(50- 104) : at non letali vulnere percussum Menelaum arces- 
situs medicus curat Machao (105 — 211)). Interea rursus 
armati ad pujgnandum se referunt Trojani, dum Agamemno 
catervas Achivorum obit ; nonnullorum, ut Idomenei, Ajacum, 
Nestoris, qui jam in procinctu stabant, alacritatem laudans ; 
aliorum, ut Menestliei, Ulysais, Diomedis, qui recentein 
impetum nondnm senserant, cunctationem reprehendena 
(220-421). Quo facto, proelium instauratur, in quo Trojanie 
Man et Apollo, Achivis preter alia numina Minerva animoi 
addit ; cadesque fiunt mutuu (423-644). 

'O g X i a V a ij y j^ v a i s. ^A y a fi i 
fivovog *i7ti7tciX7fai$. 

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deidixtn* aXXijlovg, TQiaav noltv tiaoqowrttf. 

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lyiiAJO^: IV. 51 

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44 lAlAJOSr. 


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IjilAJ 02 III. 49 

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I A I A J o i: J. 

Quum ex foedere Helena Achivis reddenda» infests^ue 
Bcies dirimendB essent, superato Paride ; Juno in concilio 
deorum indignabunda, ita non expleri odium suum in Troja< 
nos, Jovi eztorquet, ut ipsi conccdat Jlii ezcidium (1-4U). 
Minerva, ipsa quoque Trojanis inimica, Junonis hortatu ad 
ierram missa, penuadet Pandaro Lycio, ut iacta in Menelaum 
■agitta pactionem conturbet, ac novam beflandi causam serat 
(50- 104) : at non letali vulnere percusaum Menelaum arces- 
situs medicus curat Machao (105 — 211)). Interea rursus 
armati ad pugnandum se referunt Trojani, dum Agamemno 
catervas Achivorum obit ; nonnullorum, ut Idomenei, Ajacum, 
Nestoris, qui jam in procinctu stabant, alacntaiem laudana ; 
aliorum, ut MenesUiei, Ulysdis, Dioinedis, qui recentem 
impetum nondnm senserant, cunctationem reprehendens 
(220-421). Quo facto, proelium instauratur, in quo Trojanis 
Mars et Apollo, Achivis propter alia nuniina Minerva animoa 
addit; csBdesque fiunt mutuu (422-644). 


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Xgvaiiff iv doTtidta, finu di aifiai noma ^Ilflii 
Niiaag it^oxou ' lol di ^Qvtfioig dBTtataatP 
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IA1AJ02 IV. 61 


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G2 IAIAJ02 J. 

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IAIAJ02 IV. 63 

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T^v^ta d oix inidvat ' nt^Untiaav yaq kiiuqoh 
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JloXXol yug TQUOiP xal ^^aio/y ^/MXTi xc/yy 
npifriig ip xopit,oi nag akktlloiai TCTorro. 

I A I A J O 2 E. 

Stm^em Trojanonim continuant Achivi ; ante omueiinsi'*- 
nis Diomedes, Minervae, Maitem ab acie aeducentis, prssid'to 
ierocissimiis (1 - 94). Sed ipse a Pandaro Tolneratos. eiiaiu 
veliementiuB asvit in hostes (95-l(K3): Pandanim, antea 
peditem, nunc ex iEnese curru pu|rnanleii\, interficit (167-20G) , 
^neam, amici corpus tegentein, saxo sauciat (2U7-310)r 
Vcneri/ filium ex pugna efferenti, plagam in manu infilgit 
(311-351). -Venus, ab Iride educta, curru Martis revehitur 
ad Olyinpum, ubi earn mater Dione sinu fovet, alii dii leniter 
irrident (^352-431). iEneam, a Venere destitutum, Diomedis 
furori cripit Apollo, et in arce Trojana recreondum curat, 
simul Martem in acieni revocat (432-460). Mars ad rem 
ibrtiter gerendam hortatur Troianos, quibus statim ^neaa 
integer subvenit (4G1.-518). Kec segnius pugnant Achivi, 
c«duntarque ex utrisque multi, in his Tlepolemus ab Sarpe- 
done; tandem pelluntur pauUatim Achivi (519-710). His ita 
laburantibus ex Olympo upitulatum veniunt Juno et Minerva 
(711-777), ac voce Junonis denuo incenditur turba, Miner- 
vte autem monitu et ductu Diomedes ipsum Martem vulnerat 
(778 -6G3), qui ex campo repente ad Olympum redit, ibiqiie 
sanatur, sequentibus etiam deabua (8G4-909). 

mm ^^ 

Ev&* all T\)dtldri Jtofii^df'i TTalXag Ud^iji'ij 
Jax9 fiivog xal ^dgaog* cV ' ixdrjXog fitru naair 
*Agyiloi(ji yivoirot idi xXiog ia&Xov aqoixo. 
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^*^r/^vi *ldiu6g Tf, fxdxr,g hv fidoti miarjg, 
7b) ol, unoxgir&ivrs, ivavxl(a OQfiti&^xrfV' 
Tm fABv dip* Itnnouv, 6 d' dno x^ovog ^gvvxo ittl^oQm 

IAIAJ0 2: V. 65 

CH d ou dff axtdov tiaav in* aXXiJloiGiy iovng, 

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Tvdiidiat d VJtio tauov uoiaxsgov ^Xv&\ axoix^ 
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Ti'dddrig ' xov d ' ov^ aXioy jSiXog txgivys x^iQog, 
AXX tfialM ar^&og fniaiitiiiov, btat d' aq>' XTtnioy, 

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Ildaty ogiv&ij d-vfwg * arag yXtxvxomtg A&ijyfi 

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yui di xt^%f>f^iO&a, Jtog d dXim^tOa firfViv ; 

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70 IAIAJ02 E. 

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80 IAIAJ02E. 

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S2 IAIAJ02 E. 

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IAIAJ02 F. 83 

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I A I A J O 2 Z. 

Trojanorom acie in fu^m inclinante, Helenus yates Heeto- 
rem hortatur, ut publicam obsecratiouem Minerve in arce ha- 
bendam indicat (1 - 101). Ergo is, celeriter restituto proelio, 
pergit in urbetn : in eo prcclto Diomedes et Glaucus, dux Ly- 
ciorum, ad certanien progressi, priusquam manus conaerereDt, 
paterna inter se hospitia recordati, facta armorum permuta- 
tione, deztras jungunt (102-236). Hecuba et caters matro- 
nm, de Hectoris et proceruni lYoJanoruin consilio, peplum in 
aedem Minervue inferunt, votaque pro salute patria; nuncupant 
(237-311). Interim Hector domt desidentem Faridem objur- 
gando in aciem reducit (312-368) : uxorem Andromachen, in 
aedibus suit fruatra qusaitam, tandem urbe egrediens ad per- 
lam Scaeam una cum puero Aatvanacte obviam habet, atque 
ultimum alloqoitur (369-502). Alox fratrem in via armatna 
conaequitur Paris (503 - 529). 

^E X T o g o s X a I ^Avigofidx^^ 

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I A I A J O 2 H. 

Achiroc, vipu adhnc mu prospens anniB certantes, Qmnt 
Hector et Pans, in pitBliom reverai (1-16) : qaod at tandem 
dirimatur, de Minervae et ApoUinis conailio, Heleniqoe soasa, 
furtissimus qolsane ab Hectore ad pngnam sinffularem provo- 
catur (17-91 ). Menelaum, qui se alacreni oatendit, cieteria cone- 
tantibusy deterret Agamemno (92-122) ; moz, a Neatore in- 
■tigatii surgrunt ad dimicandam novem heroea, ex qnibiu aortia 
eventua designat Ajacem Telamonium (123-205). Congredi- 
ontor Hector et Ajaz, acriteique depugnant, donee sub noctezni 
▼inboa pares, datia invicem maneribu8| diacedunt ^206-312^. 
In epuUa publicia Nestor cenaet corpora csaornm aepelienaa 
et caatra manienda : in Trojanorum concione Antenori, pacta et 
Helens cum opibua reatituenda; aactori, reapbndet Paris, nihil 
ae pr&'ter opea, acd eaa propriia adjectia, redditumm (313-364). 
Illud responaam altero die Priamua ad Achivoa perferri, atque, 
ot Trojanorum qnoque corpora crementur, induciaa iniri jubet 
(3(V> - 420). Poat niec aepulturam curant utrique aaomm, ai- 
mul AchiW navalia aua muro foaaaque cingunt ; quae opera Nen- 
tun*:^ inter deoa non sine indignatione miratur (4^1-464). 
CienAm noz aequitur minaz tonitribus (465-482). 

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100 IA1AJ02U. 

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IA1AJ02 VII. 101 

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103 IAIAJ02 //. 

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104 IAIAJ02 n. 

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lAlAJOZ VIL 105 

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I A I A J O 2 e. 

Deof ad conciliam Tocatos vetat Jopiier neutii popiilo m 
a«M adene, curruque vehitur ad Idam(l-52). Indc pro- 
■picitmane dttbia victoria pugnantes exercitus, deinde for- 
tanifl eorum fatali lonce pensitatis, dejectisque fblminibiuiy 
ezitia Aehiria portendit (53 > 77). lis, usque ad muDimenta 
compnlats, adiutorem Neptunum Juno frustra expetit ; moz 
inclainando aninins reddit Aganiemno, et propitium Jovem 
ostentuin sigiiificat (78-250). Jam Achivi, aliquailldiu superi- 
ores, novo iuipetu repellunt Trojanos, quorum multoa saffittui 
eonfigit Tencer, vicissim ab Hectore vulneratus (S51 -%4). 
Rursus in fu^am vertuntur Achivi, quum Juno et Minerva 
aaxiHi ferendi causa Trojam proficisci parant; sed conspectaa 
statim ex monte Jupiter per Irin rejicit (335-437). Ipse ad 
Olympuin reversus contumaces deas acri objurgatione incesait, 
Achivls etiam majores clades in crastinum diem minatur 
(438-484). Finlta ob noctem dimicatione, babitaoue con- 
cione, Trojani victores in ipso proslii loco excubiaa oDsidionia 
inslituunt, atque, ut insidias hostibus aut navigationem pr8»> 
elndant, crebros per urbem campumque ignes accendunt 

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I A I A J O 2 e. 

I>eos ad concilium Tocatos retat Jupiter neutri popiilo m 
■ei« adesse, curruque yehitur ad Idam (1-52). Indc pro- 
•pkitmone dubia victoria pugnantes exercitus, deinde Ibr- 
tnnis eomm fatali lance pensitatia, dejectiaque fiilminibua, 
ezitia AchiTia portendit (53 - 77). lis, usque ad munimenta 
compulsis, adiutoreni Neptunum Juno frustra ezpetit ; moz 
inclamando animos reddit Aganicmno, et propitium Joyem 
oatentuin stgnificat (78 - 250). Jam Achiyi, afiquamdiu superi- 
ores, novo impetu ^ repellunt Trojanos, quorum multoa Ba|»ttia 
confijrit Teucer, vicissim ab Hectore vulneratus (251 -334). 
Rursus in fu^m vertuntur Achivi, quum Juno et Minerva 
auxilii ferendi causa Trojun proficisci parant ; sed conspectaa 
statim ez monte Jupiter per Irin rejicit (335-437). Ipse ad 
Olympura reveraos contumaces deas acri objurgatione incesait, 
Achivis etiam majores clades in craatinum diem minatur 
(4^18-484). Finita ob noctem dimicatione, babitaque con- 
cione, Trojani victores in ipso proelii loco excubiaa oDsidionia 
instituunt, atque, ut inaidias ho:ttibus aut navigationem pr8»> 
clodant, crebroa per urbem campumque iffues accendunt 
(485-665) r H -« 

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113 lAiAJOS e. 

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IAIAJ02 VIII. 113 

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114 IAIAJ02 e. 

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1AIAJ02 VIII. 116 

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^tian' arjig di xev ovu /J tog voov uqvoaaixo, 
Ovdi ftal' Xyd-ifioq * innii nolv q>iQJt^6g iativ. 

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116 lAIAJOS e. 

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lAIAJOS Yin. 117 

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Uii i/Saw tvz^Xaif otb dij tfaftty bIvou uQunoh 
"Ag, oTTor' iv Atlfiroj, ttertavxiti '^yo(^aaa&8, 
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IAIAJ02 VIII. 123 

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I A I A J O 2 I. 

Apttd AchiyoSy et preterito discrimine percalsos, et inviuita 
eontenitoa, clam ab Agamemnone proceres convocantur, qui- 
bas rex conailium fuga; et properandx per noctem navigationit 
indicit (I - 28). A turpi incepto dehortantur eum Diomedes ae 
Nestor (29 - 78). Excubim locantur pro raunimentis castroram, 
in Agamemnonis teiitorio coena paratar proceribua, post cob- 
nani sollicite agitur de Achille placando et ad exercitum redu- 
cendo (79-1J3). Ipse A^^amemno illi, si iracundiam suam 
pablica; necessitati re miser it. et intactam Briseidem et eximia 
dona promittit (1 14 > l^il)* His cum conditionibus mittantur 
yiri a Nestore delecti. Phoenix, quem Achilli pater rectorem 
juyento) addiderat, Ajax major, Ulysses, duo caduceatores 
(IG2-184). Legatos amice excipU Achilles, scd eorum, qnam- 
▼is accuratas, graves, blando^ orationes et omnia Agamem- 
nonis promissa adspernatur; prxterea Phocnicem apud se 
retinet. cum eoque in patriam propediera se rediturum minator 
(]t&-C68). Ita postquam irritam legationem renuncianint 
Ajax et Ulysses, ^raviter afRictos principes confirmat Diome- 
des, et ad pertinaciam pugnandi hortatur (669 - 713). 

A L X a i. 

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134 lAIAJ 02 L 

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lAIAJOS IX, 136 

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lAIAJOS IX, 137 

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2 K. 

AgBHieiiino inaomnii cam firalre Menelao leetia evocant 
rVestoreio et alios p*iiicipnin, cam Usqae excabias ad fonam 
obeant (1 - 193). Consiiio ibi, ut in trepidis reboa, habito, 
auttnnt specalatorea in c'aslra Trojana, Diomedem atque Ulja- 
•em (194-271). Mis a.iquantam- proffreaBia pnepes avis pro- 
sperum au^ariam affert (272-298). Eodem temjwre Achivo- 
nun conauia exploratum prodierat Trojanas qaidam, Dolo, 
Hectoria promiasia incitatus, qaem, ad nayalia qaum maxime 
iendenieic, illi comprehendant (299-381). Hie qaum vitam 
aibi deprecatua, omnem aitum castrorom) et, abi Rheaaa, lez 
Thracumf tenderet, indicaTit, proditor a Diomede occiditor 
(362-464). Jam pergant ad cubilia Rheai, quam modo sab- 
▼eniaae cum inaigniboa equia audierant ; et ipaum quidem cam 
doodecim sociia obtrancat Diomedea, eqaoa arertit Ulysaea 
(4€5 - 503). Heroea, a Minerva moniti, ne ape plant prsoandi 
aiatius morentor, dam Apollo Thracea et Trojanoa excitat, 
■alTi ad raof reTertantur (504 - 579). 

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lAIAAOS X. 145 

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148 IAIAJ02 K. 

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IAIAJ02 X. 149 

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X H 1 ^ 


I A I A J O 2 A. 

Instructufl aplendidia armia Agamemno mane copiaa anaa 
in aciem educit, simul Hector et alii principea Trojanorum 
(1 - 66j. insolita virtute Agamemnonia, quae et incognitnm 
turbain inflammat, Trojani coiiimoventur, magna clade accepta 
(67- 1G2). Hector ipse, ad urbis uaque mcenia repulaua, Jovia 
juaau impetum furentia adveraarii dcclinat, donee ille aauciua 
proclio egreditur (163-2^3). Quo facto, Hector ad puffnan- 
dum redit, et novum ardorem injicit auia (284 - 309). Aciem 
inclinatam reatituunt Diomedea, Ulyaaea, Ajax : aed Diomedea, 
a Paride yulneratua, cito ad navea revehitur (310-400) ; item 
Ulyaaea, vulneratua a Soco, atque, eo tranajixo, a Trojania cir- 
camventua, ope Menelai et Ajacia dimicationi eripitur ^401 ~ 
488; ; moz Paridia aagittia vufnerantur Machao et Eurypylua 
(489-596). Machaonem, Neatoria curru praetervehentem, 
conapicatua Achillea, Palroclum mittit prsaentia cogniturum 
^597 - 617). la ubi Machaonem agnoT it, a Neatore miaerriroam 
tbrtunam pnclii edocetur ro^turquc . i^t vel Achillem ad 
auxilium Achivia ferendum imploret, vel ipae, Achillia arma 
Indutuay hoatea terreat (618-803^ In reditu Patroclua Ea- 
rypylum ex vulnere egrum ofiendit, eique in tentorium delate 

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*A(fyaXifiv, nolifioio ligag fifxa x^^^^^ ixovaon^. 

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"H q iv fitaauTta taxf, yfytarifitp ajuiq^oTi^atae, 
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Tov d 1/701 dixa oifioi taav /liktxrog xvrivoio, 

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Kvarioi di d{(dxovjig oqfoqixoixo nqoii dnQtiv 
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'OUa' rrfXt di zf*kx6g an' avjofpir oiqarov tXata 

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Ttfiaiaai PaaiXrja noXv/gvaoio Mvx'^nig. 

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'jTinovg fv xara xouftov igvxifttv avd-* inl td(pgt^ * 
j4vtol di ngvXifg ai'v Tti'XfOi dotgrj^^infc 

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'PUnr di ftiy* innr^oiv inl Ttxtpgoj roapijOiritg' 
*f7tn7,tg d oXiyov fintxlaOoV iv di xvdoifjtov 
Jlgat xnr.ov KgovidftC^ xaiu d Viffu&tv \xtv iigaag 
Aiftnri fn'daXiag i^ itif}igog, ovvfx ififXXtv * 

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J A I A J O 2 A. 

Instruetua Bplendidis armia Agamemno mane eopiaa suaa 
in aciem educit, simul Hector et alii principes Trojanomm 
(1 - 66j. insolita virtute Agamemnonis, que et incognitnm 
turbain inflammat, Trojani commoventur, magna clade accepta 
(67- 1G2). Hector ipse, ad urbis usque mcBnta repulsua, Jovia 
jusau impetum furentis adversarii dcclinat, donee ille aauciua 
proclio egreditur (163-283). Quo facto, Hector ad puffnan- 
dum redit, et novum ardorem injicit auia (2B4-3(K)). Aciem 
inclinatam restituunt Diomedea, Ulysses, Ajax : aed Diomedea, 
a Paride vulneratus, cito ad naves revehitur (310-490) ; item 
Ulyaaes, vulneratus a Soco, atc^ue, eo trans.fixo, a Trojanis cir- 
cumventus, ope Menelai et Ajacis dimicationi eripitur C401 ~ 
488; ; mox Paridia aagittis vufnerantur Machao et Eurypjlua 
(489 -59()). Machaonem, Neatoria curru praetervehentem, 
conapicatua Achilles, Palroclum mittit prsesentia cogniturum 
^597 - 617). la ubi Machaonem agnov it, a Nestore miserrimam 
xbrtunam prrelii edocetur ro^turquc . i«t vel Achillem ad 
auxiliom Achivia ferendum implorel, vel ipae, Achillia anna 
indutus, hoates terreat (618-803^ In reditu Patroclua Eu- 
rypylum ex vulnere tagrum offendity eique in tentorium delato 
medetur (804 - 848). 


*A y a (I i (IV o V o 9 ag i a x^ i a. 

Hwg d ' in Xtx^tiv naq* uyauov TiOnyoio 

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'AQ/alitiv, Ttoli^oio li^ag fifxa /f^a»y txinfaav, 

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*Ild* in* *j4x^XXtjog' rot ij' tax»ta v^ag itaag 
litQvaay, riroQirj niavi'Oi xnl xtigrn x^'if^^' 

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Kaffihiy uXX^xior noX^fii^HV rfik fitxxiodai. 


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lAIAdOS XL 161 

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166 IAIAJ02 A. 

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168 JAIAAO:S A. 

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I A I A J O 2 M, 

Aehivi, inlra muram compaM (inTiBiim dits opos, ab iismie 
■tatim post ipsam urbem deletum), Trojuioe jam naTiDos 
unminentefl Tident, jam fossam transffressuroe (1 - 59^. Rei 
dtffieaitate primnm attonitt, moz, Polydamantis monitUi de 
cnrhbns descendunt, et in quinque caterraii divisi incummt 
rGO-107). A«iu9, anam portanim ex cumi aggredi auaus, a 
ottobua Lapithis cum ma^rna clade Buornm rejicitur (108-194). 
InfansU au^urii interpretation a Polydamante facta, Hectorem 
non deterret a persecjuendis hostibus (195 - 250). Hi, etsi 
procelloso yento impediti, munimenta sua acriter defendont, 
imprimis duo Ajaces (2ol-289). Alia parte Sarpedon et 
Glaucus irruont, qnibus se opponi t Me nestheus, ab eoqae 
arcessiti, Ajaz major et Teacer (1290 - 377). Sarpedonis soeios, 
JCpides, ab Ajace, Glaacus a Teucro sauciatur; tandem a 
Ssrpedone pinna muri revellitar (378 - 399). Lycios, murum 
perroptiiros, etiam nunc fortiter arcent Acluvi ; Hector autem 
portam incesto sazo diacutit, suisque viam ad naves aperit 

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I A I A J O 2 N. 

Trojuii passim supereto moro cicdunt AchiTOS, ^unxn Nep« 
tonos, mtseratione commotns, clam Jove, tuendis nayibof 
Auzihctor sccedit ( 1 - 42) : qui primum duos Ajaces, tum cae* 
tcros principes, huinana specie mdutus, ad obsistendkpertioap 
ciam cohortatur (43-124). Igitur Ajaces et alii Hectorem in 
media acie ab ezcidio navium arcent (125-205) ; mox Ido- 
meneus, a Neptuno in arma instigatus. assumpto Merione, ad 
■inistram alflictis succurrit (200-329). Exinde atroz pneiium 
conseritur, in quo Trojan is Jupiter, Achivis Neptunus favet| 
inter Achivos Idonienei imprimis virtus spectatur (330-3ti2). 
J 8 Othryoneum, Asium, Alcathoum interticit ; idemque cum 
Merione. Antilocho, Men«lao, ad versus iflneam, Dei phobum, 
Helenum, Paridem prospere dimicai (363 - 672). £tiam Hec- 
torem. medio, quem dudum tenuit, loco sic urgent Ai.ices et 
nliae catervK, ut gradum jam referani Trojani : sed rolyda- 
xnantis consilio firmatus Hector repente coilectos in hostem 
docit (673 - 806. ) Novam pugnam ciet Ajax, et ingenti utxim- 
tfoe clomore certatur (809 - 837 ). 

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lAlAAOS Xm. 211 

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I A I A J O 2 S. 

Clamoribut pognn •ztenitiM Nestor ^{[reditar tabemaealo 
•uo. in <iao adliac Mftohaonem recreabat, ut, qoo res loco sit, 
ezploret (1-26). ObTiam ei veniunt ez Tulneribos »pri, 
Agamemno, Ulysses, et Diomedes^ eadem de causa progressi ; 
quorum primus, de belli ezitu pridem anxius, nunc, vallum 
prorutum videns, rursus fiigam meditatur (27-81 ). Hoc con- 
silium improbat Ulysses, Diomedes autem persuadet omnibus, 
ut in proellum redeant suosque pne^ntia certe atque hortatu 
adjuvent; simul euntem Affamemnonem solaturi et exercitum 
confirmat Neptunus (82 - 152). Interea JunO| ut Achivorum 
laborem sublevet, ornat paratque se ad Jorem in Ida uzoriis 
iUecebris deleniendum ; quam ob rem a Vencre cestum mutu- 
atur, et ez Lemno arcessit Somnum, qui deum in soporem 
committat (163-351). Huic tempori insidiatus, Somno auc- 
tore, Neptunus, fortunam Achirorum promptius auziliando 
restituit (S52 - 401). Hector, ab Ajace ictu lapidis percussus, 
deficit animo, atque a sociis suis asportatur curaiurque (402- 
439]). Jam renovatis animis pugnantes Achivi Trojanos a 
navibus avextunt, Ajace imprimis minore fugatos persequente 
(440-622). -• r 1 

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IAIAJ02 XIV. 215 

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lAlAJOS XIV. 223 

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I A I A /I O 2 O. 

Japiter ezperrectuB pelli ridet Trojanos, Achivii op«m 
ferente Neptuno (1-11). Itaque aspere increpits Jimoni im- 
pent, ut ez Olympo adrocet Irim et Apollinem ; his we mi- 
nutria ttsanim ad Trojaoas yirea rastituendas ; »\mn\ omnem 
iatorum seriem usque ad ezcidiam urbis praedicit (12-77^. 
Ez Junone, in deorum sedem reyersa. Mars audit de cflBOii 
filii aui, Ascalaphii et statiin ad ultionem ezardescit ; furorem 
ejus reprimii Minerva (78 - 142). Apollo et Iris dereniunt ad 
Jovein, cujua missu nxc Neptanum minaciter conterritum, 
auamyis reluctantem, cogit, ut bello desistat (143-219); 
Apollo sanatum Hectorem erigit, eoque in piiffnam redueto, 
fbrtunam Trojanorum instaurat (220-280). Hector fortissi- 
mos Aehivorum adortns, imbellibus ad nayes degressis, partlm 
trucidat, partim in fugam vertit, pnceunte deo, qui commota 
H>gide Acniyis pavorem incutit, Trojanis autem, delete muro, 
yiam munit ad classeni ezscindendam (281 - 389). Ek re 
animadversai Patroclus ab Eurjpylo reait ad Achillem, at 
eum eztremo discrimini auziliatorem ezoret (390 - 404). In- 
terim acerrime pro nayibus propugnant Achiyi, pluribus ab 
ntraoue parte cadentibus (405 - 590) : tandem illi, nee diApersi, 
leeeaunt intra ordines navium, a quibus Ajaz Telamoniua 
conto armaius ignem defendit, quo jam Hector nayem Protesi- 
lai se eznstnrum minatur (591 - 74d). 

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lAIAJOZ XV. 297 

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lAIAdOZ XV. 229 

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230 lAIAJOS O. 

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lAlAJOS XV. 23J 

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iAiJAO:s XV. 837 

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ljiIAJ02 XV. 239 

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IJ I A/I OS XV. 241 

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IjilAJ OS .XV. 248 

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' I A I A J O 2 

Patroelo deprecanti pennitUt Achxllei, inis et armii et eo* 
piii ad pugnam axire, ea lege, ut, Trojanoa a navibus depulisae 
contentus, majori ne se periculo objiciat (1 - 100). Jam ipse 
debilitatua Ajax obstare non valuit, quin ignis inferretur navi 
(l()l~123). Qao viso, Achilles ultro amicum in arma rocat, 
ordines saomm instruit, alloquitur, libatione et precibus fusis 
diinittit (124 - 256). Renente conspectus Myrmidonum duc- 
tor consternatos hostes Achillis specie fallitf nayem oppa^na* 
tione liberal, incendium restinguit (257-305) ; prcBliuiu primo 
eommittitf apud naves mox cieco pavore fusrientas supra val- 
lum et usque ad campi aperta com pellit (3^-418); deinde 
congressus Sarpedonem, Jovis filium, perimit, ultore cvdis 
relicto Glauco (419-507). Is cum Hectore et aliis Trojano* 
rum ^ravi certamine Achivis, spolia detrahentibns, corpus 
Sarpedonis eripiunt : quod, jussu Jovis, lotum unctumque 
Apollo tuetur» ab amicis in Lyciam dcportandum (508 - 6»3j. 
lllo rerum successn feroz Patroclus Trojanoa ad urbera perse- 
quitur, murumque ejus scandit, sed ab eodem deo detruditur 
(084 -711); tamen Hectori rursus irruenti fortiter obsistit, 
aurigam ejus Cebrionem necat, spoliatum cadaver abstrahit 
(712-782); denique complures ex turba interficit, donee ip- 
sum, vi Apollinis attonitum et arrais exutum, Euphorbus sau- 
eiat, Hector prosternit, qui et Automedonti instat, AclulUi 
cuiTum propere ad naves agenti (783-8G7). 

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I A I A J O 2 P, 

Oeeiso Patroclo arma detrahentem Euphorbum interficit 
Menelaus (1 -60): Hector autem, Apollinifl 'monitn, ab inse- 
quf ndo Automedonte reversus, ezuvias aiifert, dum Menelans 
Ajaeem majorem ad cadaver tuendam arcessit ; quin illud ouo- 
oue mntila^uni absluUsset, nisi Ajaz accurrisset (61-139). 
Ajaci cedit Hector ; wd, Glaaci objurgratione stimulatus, moz 
Achillia armia superbiena redit ad corpus eripieodum, ac for- 
tissimum quemque suorum in eandem pugnam accendit; 
sima], a Menelao convocati, advolant strenuissimi Achivorum 
n40-2Gl). Sic uno in loco acerrima dimicatione orta, Mene- 
laus et Hector cum catervis uteroue suis ancipitt fortuna in 
diversa contendunt : illi, ut Patrocli corpus defendant ; hi, at 
ad ludibrium trohant (26^ - 425 ^. Achillis equis, casum Pa- 
trocli dolentibus, vigorem reddit Jupiter, eosque in prcBlium 
reducit Automedon, socio aasumpto Alcimedonte (426 - 483). 
Statim adoriunturcumim Hector, i£neas, alii,ut nobiles e<^aofl 
eapiant ; at impetum eonim fbrtiter sustinent Achivi, qui etiam 
cadaver propugnant, quum Menelaum novis yiribus implet 
Minerva, Hectorem hortatur Apollo, annuente Jove (484-^6). 
Tandem inclinat Achiva acies, ipse etiam Ajaz I'elamonius 
trepidat : cujus jussa Menelaus Antilochum ccpsi Patrocli et 
aceeptiD cladis nantium ad Achillem mittit (597-701) ; idem* 
que Menelaus com Merione cadaver ad naves deportare audet, 
eomttatu fretus Ajacum, ingruentes hostes arcentium (702- 

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I ^I A J OS XVll. 5J67 

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I A I A J O 2 2. 

Accepto nanUo de nece Patrocli, Achillei planctui et lamen- 
tis indiuffet (1 - 34). Hii lamentis ex mari ezcita Thetii cum 
cohorte Nere'idam ad filium consolandam venit ; quem quam 
ulciqcendi Hectoris cupidiasimum videt, quamvia id Btatim ipai 
fatale faturum sit, cupidinem ejus in poateriim diem differt, 
aao ei nova a Vulcano fabricancui arma perlaturam se promittit 
r35-137). Nere'idibua domum remissis, Thetis ad Olympum 
teatinat, dum prcdlium renovatur super Patrocli corpore ; quo 
tandem potiturus erat Hector, nisi Achilles, monitu Junonis, ez 
fossa Trojanos truci adspectu voceque terruiaset, et funestam 
ad mcBnia fugam fecisset ^138 - 231). Interim Achivi corpus 
ereptum tabernaculo AchiUis inferunt, instante nocte (2o2- 
242). Tumultuariam concionem habent Trojani, quibua Poly- 
damaa auadet, ut salutem intra mosnia quaerant, neu se Achilli 
iu acie objiciant trucidandoa ; sed prudena conailium diaplicet 
Hectori et populo (243-314). Noctem in armia pervigilant 
Trojani : Achiri, pneeunte Achille, Patrocli caaum decent, 
cadaver curant, lectooue componunt (815 - 355). Ad Olym- 
pum, ubi Jupiter moao conjugem objurgabat, quod Achiilem 
concitasset, eadem noctepervenit Thetis, inque domo Vulcani 
amice ezcipitur (856-427): ^ui ei facile ezoratua clipeum 
eximia arte et reliqua anna fabncatur (428-617). 

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ljiIAJ02 XVIII. 209 

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1AIAJ02 XVin. 299 

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1 A I A J 2 7'. 

Orta luce Thetis AchilU arma Vulcania affert, eamque rur- 
lus ad belli societatem iinpellit ; Patrocli autem corpus divinia 
perfundit odoribus. ut ad sepulturam integiuin duret (1-39). 
Achilles, advocata concione, iracundiam suam abolitione depo- 
nit, atque e vestigio prcBlium postulat (40-73). Affamemno 
vicissim confitetur errorem suuin, siniul reconciliato dona 
ofiert, per Ulyssem le^atum promissa : scd eoram ille negli- 

feiis, quippe ultioni mtenius, prcBlium poscere instat (74- 
•>3j. Tandem denique cedit Ulyssi, exspectandum esse 
monenti, dum copiic pranderint, recipitque coram concione 
dona et ipsam Briseldem, contentionis causam, quam intactam 
reddere se Agamemno per sacrificium adiurat (154-275). 
I>ona ex publico loco in tabernaculum Acliillis transferuniur, 
ubi mulieres Patroclum gemunt, et ipse denuo lamentatur 
heros; qui, ezercitu cibum capiente, pertinaciter abstinet 
(276-339). Is igitur a Minerva c<b1o demissa recreatur, moz 
novis armis accingitur, currum conscendit cum Automedonte, 
atque, auditis ex altero equorum fatis suis, prodigus vitc in 
■ciem educit (340 - 424). 

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IAIAJ02 XIX. 801 

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Jji! AJ O 2 XIX. 303 

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I A I A J O £ T. 

Vttw^ue ezercita iiutructo, Jupiter diii ad concilium Yocatli 
permittit, ut quisque, utrt velit, succurrat, ne ezcidium Tro- 
)ania Achillis scyitia maturetur (1-30). Ita ad bell am pro- 
ficiacttntur Juno, Minerva, Neptunus, Mercurius, Vulcanufl, 
Achivis opem laturi ; Trojanis, Mara, Apollo, Diana, Latona, 
Xanthus, Venus : eorum ingreuum ccelestis fragor ac tremor 
terrz concelebrat (31 - 74). Ante initum prcelium Apollo iB- 
neam concitat contra Achillem, Hectori inetantem ; interim 
dii, suasu Neptuni, aeorsum ab acie considunt (75 - 155). Va- 
riai proTocationes eequitur certamen Achillis cum iEnea, 
quern, regno inter Trojanos fatis destinatum, Neptunus per 
nebulam periculo eripit n 56 -352). Hector, Achillem aggres* 
Burus, ravocatur ab Apolline ; Achilles quum alios Troianorum, 
tum etiam Polydorum, Priami filium, interficit (3o3-418). 
Jam fratemam necem ulturus cum Achille congreditur Hector, 
auem ipsum quoque nube circumdatum Apollo subducit (419- 
454). Cnteros Trojanos dolore pereitus Achilles adorituri 
eampumqua fceda strage cassorum atque armorum complet 
(455 -5(»). 

Jig ol fih noQa viival xo^oir/ai ^u^ifaaorro 
Afiipl aif IJfiXiog vU, fict;gTig dxofftjjoy, *Axaiol* 
Tffiitg y avd'* kt€Q(adtr inl ^^oia/ioi ntdioio. 

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J A 1 A J 2 XX, 318 

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I AlAJ 02 XX. 817 

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lAIAJOS XX. 819 

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889 lAiAJOS r. 

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IAIAJ02 XX. 323 

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IlrfXiidrfg, Xv&g<f di nuXdaaejo ^Cf^or; ddnrovg. 


I A I A J O 2 *. 

Trojan<M parUm ad urbem, |>artiin in Xaifthum (Seaman- 
dmm) agit Achiliet, et muitis in flamine tnicidatis, Xll ju<- 
Tenet Tinctoii inferiis Patrocii servat (I -33). Ibidem Lycao- 
nem, Priami filium, quamvis supplicpm (34-135), moz et 
AsleropiBum, ducem Poeonam, cum aliis huius gentis, inter- 
ficity Fiu?io irriBO, at impari (13(5-210;: cipuemque continua- 
bat* nisi Xanthus vi cadaverum obstrui ae dolens, alveo eum 
ezcedere jusaisset Viz ezccMerat, quum ruraus inailit; at 
Fluvius eum suis flactibus mereere rurit,et egressum inaequi- 
tur (211-271). Jam in undis hictanti vires addunt Neptunos 
et Minerva; Xantho autem, qui irritatior etiam Simoentia 
opem invocat, a Junone objicitur Vulcanus,^ qui cainpum et 
Fluvium ezurit, nee flammas eohibet, nisi eadem dea auctorA 
(272-384). Oriuntur deinde singular es contentiones eaetero* 
mmdeorum: Martis, Minervas, Veneris ; Apollinis, Neptuni; 
Junonis, Dians; Mercurii, LatoniB («)b5-513). Post hsee in 
Olympum revertuntur dii prster ApoUinem^ qui Trojam ver- 
•as pergit, dum Achillea ferro sievit per campum, alios eom« 
pelUt in urbem ; quibus portam recludi iubet Priamus ^514 - 
543). 1111 ne in fu^a oppriniantur, Apollo Achillem primum 
immisso Agenore disUnet, moz ipse, Agenoris specie indutus, 
Ikllit fugiendoi et ab urbe abstrahit (544 - 611). 

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IAIAJ02 XXI. 827 

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IAIAJ02 XXI. 337 

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338 IAIAJ02O. 

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*Eg noXiy, oyxiva xdtyye nodtg xal yovya adaaay* 

I A I A J O 2 X. 

Uterque exercitus se ez campo in tutam receperat, qanm 
Achillenii a peraequendo Apolline redeuntem, solus manet 
Hector, parentibus ex muro flebiliter rcTocantibuH (1-89). 
Frustra : hinc enim pudor, hinc alii affectus iDmiii loco cedere 
prohibent; adspectu tamen viri exterritus fugit, insequente 
eum Achille ac ter circum mcenia af^ente (l^U- ]()G). Inter 
hflcc Jupiter, Ticem Hectoris miseratus, ientatis fatonim lan- 
cibas, illi necem appendit, quem ab Apolline statim desertum 
Minerva, specie fratris Deiphobi, ad dimicanduiil hortatur 
(167-247). Ita heroes congrediuntur lingular! certamine, 
in quo Minerva Achillem prtfaens adjuvat, Hectorem atroci 
dolo deludit (248 - 305). Tandern hunc, maxima cnntentione 
puraantem, Achilles hasta transfigiti armis spoliat, insultandum 
foedandumque prxbet suis, et religatum curru ad stationem 
navium raptat (30G-404). Hectoris stii interitum plorat omnis 
eivitas, lamentantur ex muro spectantes parentes et donio 
ezcita Andromache (405 - 515). 

*E X X o g o s dv a i g € a I s. 

Jig ol gih xora aarv ntquviortg, i}t;re rt/igot, 
'ld^6> anufnfxoyjo, nlot t', iniorto re diipav, 
KfxU/iivoi xaXjjair inalUoiP ' avToiQ !/f;)forio} 
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Vllov ngoTtagoi^t, TtvXday tt Sxaidmv, 
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10 "Eyviflg, ig \>f6g tlfti, av d* uanfqx^g fjtvfnlvfig. 
n fv TO* OUT* fiiXft 7jpojDiy novoCf ovg ^tfoSffOag, 
Oi di^ lot tig uaxv aXtr, av di diVQO XuiaOrig, 

340 lAIAJOSX. 

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rtiiav odu^ filo>, TTQ^y *'fktov tigtxqttxia&ai, 
Nvf d' ^fti fiiv fiiya xvdog aq>fiXtOf jovg d* iaaaaotg 
^Ptfidio}g, ^ml ovu rlaiv /* tddtiaag oniaato, 

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StvufAivog^ big& Xmiog ai&koqioQog avv 6xfO(ptP, 
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IAIAJ02 XXII. 341 

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T^wag xal TQtodg, firide fiiya xvdog OQS^rig 
Urjltidp, avtog di qfllrig aluvog afitg&jjg, 
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I A I A J O 2 JP. 

Myrmidon es circa Patrocli lectam in armis decurrunt, 
praseunte Achille, qui iisdem moz epalum funebre prsbet, 
ipse apod Agamemnonem ccenat, et in alterum diem ezsequiaa 
indicit (1 - SB). Insequente nocte per quietem offettur ei ima- 
go Patrocli, justa funebria poscentis (59-107). Agamemno- 
nis JU8BU mane convehuntur ligna, afiertur corpus, comis 
conspersum Achillis et aliorum, ezstruitur rogus, et mactatis 
ad eum multis victimis et XII juvenibus Trojanis, accenditur, 
ardetque flatu Boreae et Zephyri, dum Hectoris corpus a Venere 
et Apolline curatur (108-^25). Proximo die leguntur et in 
urnam conduntur Patrocli ossa, ex ipsius voto olim cum Achil« 
lis reliquiis socianda; excitatur etiam tumulus subitarius 
(226 - Sfo6). His in defunct! honorem adjicit Achilles certa> 
mina de vario genere, in quibus prsmia et munera merent 
principes Achivorum : equis, Dioniedes, Antilochus, Menalaus, 
Meriones, Eumelus, Nestor (257 - 650) ; pugilatu, Epeus et 
Euryalus (651-699); luctando, Ajaz Telamonius et Ulysses 
aOO - 739); cursu, Ulysses, Ajax minor, Antilochus (740 -797); 
aecertando armis, Diomedes et Ajax Telamonius (798 - 825) ; 
disco, Polypoetes (826-849) ; sagittando, Meriones et Teucer 
(850 - 683) ; jaculando, Agamemno et Meriones (884 - 897). 

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Enudfi vfjag t8 xal '£XXi^g7iovToy Xxovzo, 
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IA1AJ02 XXIII. 373 

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I A I A J O 2 Jl. 

Ludifl peractis, eoena lomnoqne se dant Achivi; Achillefl 
Boctem insomnem ducit, maneque Hectorem curru religatum 
circa tumolam Patrocli raptat (1-18). Earn contumeliam, 

I dares per dies repetitaxn, inter deos, partim doleotes, partim 
etantes, zniseratiu Apollo, qui corpus adhuc integrum serva- 
bat) graviter conqueritur ^19-54). Ita^ue Jupiter per Theti- 
dem, ab Iride arcessitam, imperat Achilli, ut ab sesvitia desis- 
tat, et corpus redimentibus tradere ne recuset ; simul ejusdem 
mandatu Iris cohortatur Priamum, ut oblato redemptionia pre- 
tio filium recipiat ([55-186). Geruntor hacc duodecimo poet 
mortem Hectoris die, ^uo rriamua sub noctem, Hecuba et 
csteris omnibus remoiiB, qui iter morarentur, pretiosa dona 
eolligit, bisque currum onerari, ab Idso prascone ducendum, 
■ibi alium parari jubet (187-282) ; turn libatione facta, et dex- 
tro omine accepto, iter ingreditur (*283-330). Ei Joy is misau 
occurrit Mercurius, a quo per sdpitoa vigiles ad tabemaculum 
beroTs deducitur (331-467). Acbilles, a rege supplice facile 
exoratus, pretium redemptionia aceipit, corpus ei lotum et 
yestibus inyolutum restituit, undecim dies induciarum ad 
sepulturam concedit, c<£n8Bque adhibitum honestissime dor- 
mitum dimittit (468-676). Prima luce postridie, Mercuric 
duce, Priamus ad urbem refert corpus, cujus yisendi causa 
obyiam efiusi Trojani lamentantur; mox in aula positum« 

E rater conductos can tores, plorant Andromache, Hecuba, 
[elena C677-776). Exsiructo delude rogo,' celebratur funna 
cum epuJo (777 - 804). 

^jE X T o g s Xvxfa. 

*Ea*ldvavx* livai * loi fiiv dognoio ^tiSovro 
*Tnvov le yXvHtgov TaQntjfitvai* avTttg Uf/tUcvc 
KXait, (ftXov kraf^ov fiffivrfudrog, oidi fitv VJtvoq 
ft * llqti nardafiaiajQ ' uXX' iargiq^it tyda xal tv&a. 

IAIAJ02 XXIV. 876 

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Sd' onoad ToXvmvat avv airiM, xal ndOfv uXytat 
Avdgiav T€ nioXifiovg, uktyuva re xvfiaiu nkiguiv ' 
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"TjiJiog, aXXoTB di^ Tigt^vTlg^ rore d* oqdog avaarag 
^iveviax aXvtar naqa &ly uXog* ovdi fiiv Iliag 
0aivofA!ivfj Xi^&taxty vntlq aXa i r^'iovag re. 
AiX oy intl itvU^iv vq> agfiaaiy wxiag tnnovg, 

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ndaav idxtliiv anf^t xqoi\ (jpoir' iXtalqav, 

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Xqvasltj, Xra fii^ fiiv a7xodQvg>oi iXxvaxdioiv. 

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Ovdi Uoatiddwv , ovdi yXavxainidL xovotj ' 
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KaX Ilqiafiog xal Xaog, AXt^drdqov ivix uxr^g * 
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I\afinx6y ivl axtj&faai' Xioty d wg, Sygxa oidiVt 
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Ei^ag, ila* inl fiijAa jigoxtay, h'a dttlxa Xdiir,(jiv ' 
"Jlg WjifiAev; tXfov fih untaXtafv, ovdi ol aidug 

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MiXXfi fiiy nov Jig xal {plXxfgov uXXov oXiOaat, 
*Jli xaaiyir^xoy ofioydargtoy, t/c xal viov' 
*AXX* t/toi xXavoag nya odvgd^tvog ^li&irixty. 

376 IAIAJ02 Jl. 

T^ijTov yag Motqat &Vft6v ^iaav iv&gcjnoiotv, 

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IAIAJ02 XXIV. vrt 

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IAIAJ02 XXIV. 379 

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1AIAJ.02 XXIV. 883 

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890 lAlAJOS Si. 

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tAlAAOS XXIV. 881 

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/lf»liaaty iv Ilgidfioio, diOTQ(q>iog flaaiXr^og. 

"n^ nV</' auatitnoy tdffoy "Exxogog innoi^dfiOto, 





Ths iint authentic date in Greek chronology is the Olympiad of Con»- 
btifl, B. C. 776. The Ionic migration took place one hundred and forty 
yeaxB after the fall of Troy. The interval between these events chronologista 
have no meaps of determining ; the precise date, therefore, of the war of 
Troy, on wliich the Homeric poetiy is founded, it is impossible, by any com- 
binations or calculationsj'to establish. The chronology of Eratosthenes, as 
■tated by Clemens and explained by Clinton (Fasti Hellenici, Vol. I., p. 
124), places the fall of Troy in the year B. C. 1 183. Apollodorus gives 
the same, and he is followed by DIodorus, excepting that, by a slight 
difference In the mode of calculation, the latter adds one year to the era ; 
and this, viz. 1184, is the date which is commonly received. Newton, 
however, brings it down to B. C. 904. Taking the statements made by 
Isocrates respecting the Return of the Heradetds in throe of his orations, -— 
Arcfaidamus, the Panathenaicus, and that on Peace, — and adding to 
them eighty yean for the inter\*al between that event and the Trojan war, 
Mr. Ginton obtains dates var}'ing fVom that of Eratosthenes by forty or 
fifty years. The fall of Troy is fixed by the Parian Marble at B. C. 1209; 
by a calculation founded on the statements of Herodotus (11. 145) at 1S60 
or 1270, and as deduced firom the Dfe of Herodotus at B. C. 1270. Per- 
haps, if we assume the first quarter of the twelfth oentuiy B. C. as the 
period within which the Trojan war took place, we shall come as near the 
actual date as can ever be expected. 

The Heroic age is commonly regarded as embracing the period between 
the first known appearance of the Hellenes in the north of Greece, and the 
return of the Greeks from Troy. The personages, whose names and exploits 
fill up the real and fabulous history of this age, ara called Aeroes, — an epithet 
of honor, but of doubtful etymology. In Homer we find it given to leaders, 
kings, and priests, seemingly implying nobility of descent. The wars, expe- 
ditions, and adventures of this legendary ago are the principal material out 
of whidi the creations of Greek poetry arose. In this age lived Bellerophon 
and Perseus; in this age, Hereules performed his marvellous deeds, and 
Theseus rivalled him in heroism, besides being the first political zefonner ; 


898 NOTES. 

Iffaios established his oommcmwealth in Oete; the deacDj war betweeo 
Thebes and Ai^gos, mora than once afterwards the sabject of tragedy, was 
waged; the Ai^gonautic expedition, and its stoiy of love, desertion, and 
murder, took place, — adventures as renowned as the tale of Troy itself; 
and then the events which the genius of epic song has emblazon^ with 
unequalled glories, the beginning, the progress, and the end of the war 
whidi laid the capital of Priam in ashes, and filled the states of victorious 
Greece with revolution, disaster, and woe. The fates of the great fiumlies, 
whose names and sufferings fill this part of the Heroic age, are fiuniliar to na 
in the masterpieces of Attic tragedy. 

To go back a few steps in the Heroic history. The celebrated hero Per- 
seus was the ancestor, removed by three d^^rees, of Hercules, whose 
mother, Alcmena, was a granddaughter of Perseus. Befora the birth 
of Hercules, his parenta wera forced by Sthenelus, another son of Perseus, 
to quit Myoenie, and take reftige in Thebes. In this way, the legitimate 
heir to the throne of 'M.ycaam became, by birth, a Theban. Sthenelus re- 
served Mycene and Tliyns, and bestowed Biidea on Atreus and Thyestes, 
the sons of Pelops. Euiystheus, the ^predestined enemy of Hercules, suc- 
ceeded his father Sthenelus, and, after the death of Hercules, pursued his 
children, who fled for refuge into Attica. Tlie implacable chieftain demanded 
their surrender of Theseus, the Athenian monarch, and an invadon of the 
Attic territory was the consequence of his refusaL The army of Eurystheus 
was defeated, and he himself fell by the hand of Hyllus, the eldest son of 
Hercules. Atreus, the uncle of Euiystheus, succeeded him on the throne. 
. His sons were Agamemnon and Menelaus, the famous leaders of the Grecian 
armament in the war of Troy. Agamemnon succeeded Atreus ; and his 
brother Menelaus, having married Helen, the daughter of Tyndareus^ king of 
Laconia, became, by the resignation of his father-in-law, master of that 
country. Thus the house of Pelops rose to great splendor and power. 
Their dominions were richer and more extensive than had as yet fallen to 
the lot of any princely family in the Heroic times ; but their subsequent 
calamities afforded the poets a favorite themo for pathetic delineations of 
human sorrows and solemn reflections upon the shifting destinies of maa 
As <m8 of them nnga : — 

*^ For, when a house b whelmed by heavenly wrath, 
Woe nerer fails, but steals from age to age ; 
As when the billow, ui^ged by Thracian blasta 
And rolled across the sea-swept Erebus, 
Upheaves the dark and tempest-driven sand 
From the abysses underneath the sea. 
And the lashed shores reecho with the sound.'* 


Of the ixutitatioiis belonging to the earlier portions of the Heroic age we 
know but little, except so fhr as they are shadowed out in the descriptions 
of Homer. A warlike race of nobles appear to have overspread the conntiy, 
without ai^ very violent revolutions ; and the institution of slavexy existed 
in veiy remote antiquity. Li the petty wars between rival states, and in 
the piratical expeditions, wliich had an almost eicact parallel in the adven- 
tures of the Northern sea-kings, captives were constantly taken, and gen- 
erally reduced to domestic servitude. The princely houses traced their origin 
to the gods, and rested on this high genealogy a part of their daims to su- 
periority over the common freemen ; yet mere illustrious birth was not 
sufficient to secure a permanent influence and control. The chief was called 
upon to lead the armies in war, and to stand among the foremost in battle. 
His personal presence must be impoeing, by a robust frame and lofty stature ; 
he must awe his troops by his fiery eye, and stir them up by his sonorous 
Yoif«, as by the sound of a trumpet ; he must surpass them by his skill in 
martial exercises, his patience nnder fatigue, and his love of hazardous en- 

The only form of government known in the Heroic age was the 
kingly. Aristotle declares it to have had its origin in the free choice of th« 
people, who conferred the royal office in honor of distinguished public 
services. If this assertion is correct, the Heroic times have been but re- 
peated in the history of the Germanic tribes, and in the origin of most of 
the monarchies of modem Europe. But if the moiuuvhical form sprang up 
in this maimer, it soon became hereditary, through the influence and the 
increaang power of some distinguished families. The later forms of the 
Heroic government exhibit the people divided into smaller bodies, which may 
be called tribes and dans, growing, it is likely, out of the simplest combina- 
tions of social life, and each having originally a patriarchal head. This 
feature, also, has been repeated in modem history. The sacrifices performed 
by the chlefii and kings continued, from the remotest times, to be their bond 
of union. The officiating at these sacrifices, the command in war, and the 
administration of justice were the three principal functions of the Heroic 
kings ; but their powers, in these throe respects, are not dcfmed with mudi 
accuracy. We may naturally suppose that the authority of a 'military 
leader, in warlike expeditions, would be more ample and imperative than that 
of a priest officiating at solemn national sacrifices, and merely representing 
the people over whom he presided. It would appear fVom the representa- 
tion on the shidd of Achilles, that justice was admmistered by an assembly 
of dders. Taking this description as a tme picture of Heroic manftera, we 
must suppose that the judicial function was not uniformly exercised by the 
king, — at least, personally. Other passages exhibit the king as presiding 

400 NOTSa 

over the anembled cble6 and dders, and pitmotmdng acntence in tlie namt 
and with the assent of the whole body. In general, the kings appear to harv 
transacted no offidal busmess withont the sanction of the chieft, and some- 
times of the chie& and the people together. Even in the camp, Agamemnon 
calls together the whole army, on great occasions ; and popular assemblies in 
times of peace transacted affairs of every description. With such indefinite 
powers, it is plain that the royal authority must have varied peipetually 
with the personal qualities of the individuals who held it. It fbmished am- 
ple means fbr personal aggrandizement in the hands of an ambitions and 
aUe leader. Tdemachus, in the Odyssey, says, with much dmpUdty, *^ It 
ia no bad thing to be a king ; his house grows rich at once, and himadf 
more honored." A portion of land was set apart for the royal service ; am- 
ple presents were bestowed upon the king, and, in fact, constituted an im- 
portant part of his revenue. Even the administration of justice was paid 
for by gifts firom the parties concerned. 

As to the prindplea on which the government was maintained and iii* 
dividual rights protected, we must not look for that regularity and order 
and certainty, in the Heroic age, that we expect to find in dvilized oom- 
munides, under whatever political forms, at present. Human and divine 
rights were not established by any thing like legislative assemblies, but 
grew up from long-continued usage, judicial dedsions, and the prindi^es 
of natural equity. But, in the absence of any established power to 
enforce them, the fear of divine anger and the force of public opinion 
must obviously have been the diief restraints upon the insolence of the 
rich and great. No public notice was taken of private feuds, unless the 
parties agreed to submit to the award of the tribunals. In quarrels which 
tended to disturb the public peace, the community interfered so far aa 
to oompd the injured par^ to accept a customaiy compensation from the 
aggressor. Even the blood of a murdered kinsman might be atoned for 
at a stipulated price. Herodotus describes a practice among the Lydiana 
and Phrygians, according to which the manslayer withdrew into a foreign 
land, and remained there until he had been purified by expiatory rites. The 
fugitive was shidded from injury by the sanctity with which his person was 
supposed to be surrounded. The stoiy of Orestes, who was pursued by the 
Furies after the assasdnation of Clytemnestra, is a good illustration of the 
rdigious instinct with which the andent Greek shrank from the pollution of 
blood, espec^ally the blood of kindred, and the solemn expiations by which 
audi a crime was to be atoned. If the rights of individuals were thus 
denderly protected, the mutual rights of independent states were even lesa 
deflnitdy settled. Individuals of two tribes or nations, not in dose alliance 
or amity with eadi other, made no acruple to exerdse hostilities and retali* 

PBELIMINABT itieiffAitTrfl- 401 

•tlons. FIncj, aooordiiig to Tliacydidesi was nniyenaHj an hononblt 
oocupotioii. Tet sometimes neighbouring states united for 'rdigioos or 
political purposes, and an imperfect feeling of national unity early pervaded 
the Hellenic tribes ; and the contrast between Greek and Barbarian, which 
afterwards grew so marked and broad, in the pride of national enthusiasm^ 
began to show itself^ but only in the Hellenic oonsdonsness of possessing 
ft more harmonious language. 

In tssdng the manners of the Heroic age, no trait it more striking and 
mors honorable to the Grecian character than the institution of marriagei, 
in the form of monogamy. The relations of the sexes were not marked by 
that refinement which Christianity has imparted to modem manners, yet 
the pictures presented to us in the Iliad and Odyssey are by no means un- 
pleasing^ even compared with the manners of our own times. The beauti- 
ful scenes between Hector and Andromache ; the passionate love of Achillea 
for Briseis ; the nuptial rejoicing described in the Diad; the dance of youths 
and virgins ; the lovely bftt guilty Helen, whom the oonsdonsness of her 
error never leaves ; the exquisitely drawn character of the Plusadan prin* 
oess Nausicaa, whose maiden modesty, filial tenderness, and dmpio woman- 
ly delicacy make her one of the noblest creations Sn the whole circle of 
andent poetry ; the conjugal devotion and unwavering fidelity of Ptonelope ; 
the queenly Arete, wift to King Aldnoiis, who shared his power, and whom 
the people gazed upon as a goddess whenever she walked abroad ; are po- 
etical creations, it is true, but must haye been b o rr o wed from actual lifik 
They are unquesti^ably bright and Rowing transcripts of individual quaCtiea 
with which the poet was himself familiar, and by which his noblest strains 
were inspired. But, on the other hand, the simplidty of Heroic life sano- 
tioned many customs which aftertimes rejected, and imposed upon women 
many tasks that were afterwards performed by slaves. The princess carried 
the urn, and drew water f^m the river with her own hands. The first 
meeting of Odysseus with Nausicaa was on a washing-day, when the princess 
and her Phaeadan maids had gone to the river to perform the very necessary 
but not very romantic task of deandng her father's and brothers' soiled 
dothes. Other services, still more at variance with modem nodons of re- 
finement, appear to have been performed by maidens of the highest rank. 
Nestor's daughter assists Tdemachus in bathing, anointing, and dressing ; and 
Odysseus accepts the same kind of attendance in the house of AldnoQs. In 
marriage contracts, the father's authority seems to huve been absdnte, and 
the agreement was ratified by the mutual exchange of presents, according 
to the wealth of the parties. If the contract was broken by the wife's infi- 
delity, the presents received by her friends were restored ; but if aha Wfti 

34 ♦ 

ifXf NOTES. 

ftroed to retnm to her fiither, withoat her own fiuilt| she wai tJUm^A to 
ciny back ha portion with her. 

It has been remazked, that ^ one of the noblest and most amiable rides 
of the Greek character is the readiness with which it lent itsdf to contract 
intimate and durable fiiendships ; and this is a feature no less prominent in 
the earliest than in later times." The fiiendships of Hercules and lolaos, 
cf Theseus and Peirithoiis, of Orestes and Fylades, of AdiiUes and Fa- 
trodus, are renowned in European poetry. Some of the most passionate 
scenes in the Biad delineate the sorrow of Achilles fbr the death of his 
ftiend and companion in arms. 

Another feature of the Heroic age, and, indeed, characteristic of that 
state of society, was the tie of hospitaHty. Many pleasmg iUustratioDs 
of this occur in the Odyssey. The stiang«r q>pears at the threshold 
of a princely house. He is lecdved with open arms; no question is 
asked, until he has partaken of the hospitable cheer immediately set be- 
fbre him by the master. Thus Athene^ in the fbnn of Mentor, is reoeired 
by Telemachus. Thus Tdemachus Is welcomed at I^los, by Nestor, who 
coolly asks him, after the banquet is over, '^Whether he is voyaging 
upon some buaineas, or only roaming over sea, like a pirate^ bearing 
mischief to others." Thus Odysseus is treated in the deligfatfhl scenes 
at the court of King Aldnoiis. The laws of hospitality are enforced still 
more strongly, in the Odyssey, by the belief that the gods themselves some- 
times visit the cities of men in the likeness of strangers ; a thought ex- 
pressed in the language of Scripture^ '^for some have entertained angels 
vnawares." The ooimection of hospitality often bound together individuals 
and families of different and distant nations, and was transmitted from 
fiither to son, retaining its sacred meaning from generation to generation. 
In one of the battles of the Biad, an Argive and a Lycian hero are restrained 
from rushing into single combat by the accidental discovery that this he- 
xeditary bond exbts between them. They pledge mutual friendship, and 
ratify it by an exchange of arms. In short, the tie of hospitality was the 
freemasonry of the Heroic age. 

Closely connected with this topic is that of the convivial usages of the 
Greek Heroic age. These are all described with admiraMe simplicity, both 
in the Iliad and Odyssey, and they agree in many pomts with patriarchal 
customs anciently existing, and others still preserved, in the East '^ The 
Hero and the Patriarch," says Coleridge, "^are substantially coeval ; but the 
first wanders in twilight, the hist stands in the eye of Heaven. When three 
men appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre, he ran from the tent- 
door to meet them, brought them in, directed Sarah to make bread, fetched 
from the herd himself a calf, tender and good, dressed it, and set it before 


them ; when AJax^OdysaeoB, and Phoenix Btand beforo Achilles, he rashes 
farttk to greet them, brings them into the tent, directs Patrodus to mix the 
wine, cnts up the meat, dresses it, and sets it before the ambassadors. The 
son of Peleus sits down to eat, and the sons of Jacob sat also before Joseph ; 
the practice of reclining at meals, which afterwards became universal, was 
miknown to either." An expression in the Siad, describing sacrifices, an£ 
feasts that followed them,— 

mirk^ Imi mm¥k pm^i \%»n »«} 99Xmyx;t lr«r«Mra,"— 
*^ bat when the thighs were bonied, and they had tasted the entrails,"—- 

has puzzled critics not a little. These fastidious gentlemen, forgetting 
that heroes and patriarchs had stronger stomachs than themselves, hav 
endeavoured to make rrX«y;^f« mean every thing else except entrails 
-—they have interpreted it heart, liver, lights, and kidneys, and many 
other things. A few years ago. My. Stephens, the American traveller, in the 
course of his wanderings, fell in with a patriarchal old Arab, who received 
him with great hospitality, killed a lamb and 'cooked it, and they all sat 
down together and rrXsy;^?' ir«r«»rt, — feasted on the entrails, — with the 
keenest relish, just like the heroes at Troy. 

Hie guests, it seems, were ranged along the walls of the banqueting- 
room, each with a table to himself. In the palace of Alcinoiis, who lived 
in more luxury than any other Heroic personage, the feast consisted of 
sheep, hogs, and oxen. Instead of drinking wine ^vith his guests, the host 
sent a portion of his dish to their tables. Tlius,* in the seventh book of the 
Iliad, Agamemnon compliments Ajax with the whole backbone of an 
ox. Wine was used principally to make libations to the gods ; but the 
proper '^ornaments" of a feast were the song and the dance. The 
minstrel was an indispensable personage at every entertainment, just like the 
bards at the baronial castles of the Middle Ages. Thus, Demodocus, at the 
feast with which Alcinoiis enteitains Odysseus, sings a lay of the war of Troy 
that moves the heart of the unknown hero to tears. The dance is then ex- 
hibited by youths trained in the art, under the eye of judges appointed to 
control these amusements, and accompanied by the bard in a sporti^-e 
lay. Other g}'mnastie exercises conclude the entertainment, amidst the ap-