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Horaoe, The Wwks of. With Englieh Notes, for the use of 
Schools and Colleges. By J. L. Lincoln, Professor of Latin 
Language and Literature in Brown Uniyersity. ISmo. 575 pages. 

Livy. Selections from the first fire books, together with the twen- 
ty-first and twenty-second books entire. With a Plan of Borne, 
and a Map of the Passage of Hannibal, and English Notes for 
the use of Schools. By J. L. Lincoln, Prof, of the Latin Lan- 
guage and Literature in Brown University. 12mo. 339 pages. 

QointllS Cnrtiiui: Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great. 
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Sallnst's Jagurtha and GaUline. With Notes and a Vocabu- 
lary. By BuTLBB and Stubgas. 12nio. 397 pages. 

It is believed that this will be found superior to any edition 
heretofore published in this country. 

The Histories of Tacitus. With Notes for Colleges. By Vt. S. 

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12mo. 463 pages. 

Tadtns's Germania and Agrieola. With Notes for Colleges. 
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Tirg^l's £neid.* With Explanatory Notes. By Henry Frieze, 
Professor of Latin in the State University of Michigan. (Re- 
cently published.) 12mo. 598 pages. 

The type is unusually large and distinct. The work contains 
e\ghty-five engravings, which delineate the usageSj customs, weap- 
ons, arts, and mvthology of the ancients, with a vividness tnat can 
he attained only by pictorial illustrations. 


A First Greek Book* and Introductory Reader. By A. 

Harkness, Ph. D., author of " Arnold's First Latin Book.'' 

*' Second Latin Book," etc. (Kecently published.) 12me. 

276 padres. 
Acts of the Apostles, according to the teit of AnansTtrs Hahn. 

With Notes and a Lexicon by John J. Owen, D. D., LL. D. 

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LEIilfD S\iA]Ni'r;:.. .j.Ali J5:'V.r;RSTTV 








Aflpice. Mjboniobu, a quo, cen fonte pereuni, 
Vatum Picriis ora regantar aqui8.^0viD. 






649 & 661 BROADWAY. 



JIntercd, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1S51, \>y 

In (he CIcrVs Omce of tbo District Court of the United States for the Southern 

District of New York. 


ll;9{Rrtfnlli| SeMrattlt 




dfffriitj} o£ ^trsonal Jftitntstif, 







This edition of tlie Iliad is a reprint of Wolfs, pubEshed at Leipzig, 
1839. In selecting that edition as the basis of the text, the editor 
was actuated not only by a high sense of its intrinsic merit^ but 
also by a desire to make the present volume uniform with his 
edition of the Odyssey, published in 1S44. In a few instances, 
however, the editor has slightly departed fix)m the reading of Wol^ 
when that of some other scholar seemed more conformable to the 
wants of a given passage, and supported by stronger manuscript 

In correcting the text and preparing the notes, the editor has 
availed himself of the best editions extant, among which he will name 
as of special use to him, 1, Heyne's, London, 1834. 2, Heyne's 
with the Scholia Minora, Oxford, 1834. 3, Spitzner's, Goth®, 1832. 
4, Clarke's, London, 1824. 5, Emesti's Clarke, Leipjdg, 1824. 
6, Bothe's, Leipag, 1832-3. 7, G. C. Crusius', Hanover, 1845. 
8,Brandreth's, London, 1841. 9, Oxford Edition, 1849. 10,Felton's, 
Boston, 1847. 11, Stadlemann^ Granmiatisch-Kritische Anmer- 
kmigen zur Ilias des Homer, Leipsdg, 1840-4. 12, Kdppen's An 
meikungen zu Homers lias, Hanover, 1820. 13, Thiersch tiber 
das Zfilt^^ und Yaterland des Homer, Halberstadt, 1824. .14, 
l4u^hmann*s Betrachtungen fiber Homers Bias, Berlin, 1847. 15, 
Ydlcker's, Homerische Geographie, Hanover, 1830. 16, Wood's 
Ifasaj on ^e pepi^ aud Writixigs of Honaer, London, 1824. IT-, 
l&t^ger's Homerische Foirokhrig, Bei;H^ ^§i4?». 


/ The editor takes pleasure in referring more particularly to one uf 
the above-mentioned editions. Prof. Felton's, which for elegant and 
accurate scholarship, and a just conception of the beauty and spirit f 
of the Homeric verse, is worthy of all praise. The present work is t 
not intended as a rival to that, or any other edition now used in our 4 
institutions of learning, but rather as an auxiliary in the field <A 
classical literatare, helping to furnish our youth with a complete 
apparatus to the study of the first and greatest of epic poets. 

The Notes are mainly based on the exegetical wants of the 
reader of Homer. Mythological works are now so abundant and 
accessible to the student, that it seemed undesirable to enlarge and 
encumber the notes by quotations of this sort ; yet wherever it was 
deemed essential to the explanation of any passage, points of myihiii- 
lo^cal interest have been duly adverted to. It will be seen, that 
copious illustrations have been given to all that pertains to the 
archaeology of the poem. In this portion of his labor, the editor 
acknowledges his obligations to Smithes Dictionary of Greek and 
Boman Antiquities, a work which has now been republished in this 
country, and should be in the hands of every student as a book of 
reference. As it respects the places spoken of in the poem, much 
pains has been taken to give them the geographical position assigned 
them by the most approved authorities, such as Lealce, Mure, Kie- 
pert, and others. 

Those who have been conversant with the editor's former publi 
cations, it is believed, will find evidence in this volume of the same 
desire to maintain the golden mean between extreme fulness and 
meagreness of annotation, which has marked his previous labors. 
Whether he has achieved this object is left to an indulgent public, 
from whom, in the Jight of psist experience, he has every reason vj 
expect as fiivorable a dedsipn as the wo^k will justify. 

Hie same ^tem of punctuation and accentuation hns been foi 


hwedf which was adopted in the editor's earher works, viz^ to give 
to eveiy oxytone standing before a punctuation-mark, whether in a 
Greek or English sentence, the acute accent The uniformity result- 
ing from this practice seems, in the editor's judgment, far to out- 
weigh any objection which may be advanced against it. 

Reference has been freely made to Sophocles', Kohner^s, Crosby's, 
and Buttmann's Greek Grammars. The latter of these works, as re- 
\ised by the author's son, and translated by Dr. Robinson, has just 
been published, and thanks are due to the translator for furnishing 
the editor with sheets of the grammar, in season for reference to be 
made to it in the present work. References also have been made to 
the Grammars of Matthiae, Thiersch, ErQger, Rost, and Kahner 
(JelTs edit, Oxford, 1842). 

The Grammatical and Historical Indexes have been prepared 
with as much fulness, as the space allotted to them would justify. 
Hie Kstorical Index, in particular, has been made by carefully 
tracing the history and deeds of each person whose name figures in 
the poem, and noting down every thing of general interest Thus 
reference can easily be made to any act of the personages of the poem, 
and a general view taken of their achievements. A Summary of each 
book IB prefixed to the volume, which will be of use to the student 
in obtaining a general view of the plan and parts of the poem. 

With renewed expressions of gratitude to the classical professors 
and teachers, who have so abundantly manifested their kind interest 
in the editor's previous publications, he commits this new work to 
them and to the literaiy public, with the wish that it may advance 
m some d^rce the cause of classical learning, and render the study 
of this great poem both profitable and pleasing to the youthfu! 

Nxw-ToRK Free Academy, 
June 14, 1851. 


J. The poet announceA aa the subject of his poem the WBATH OF ACHILLKS, In 
oooattog for the cause of wliich, he reUites how Chiyses, a priest of Apt^o, came to tlM 
Grecian camp, to ransom Lis daaghter, who had been taken oqttive, but was rudely di»> 
missed by Agamemnon (1-21). In his distress he prays to Apollo, who sends a destructive 
pestilence apon the Grecian camp, (22-^), in consequence of whic^ Acliilles calls an assem* 
Sly of the Greeks, and having learnt from the soothsayer Chalcas the cause of Apollo's an- 
ger, advises the restoration of Chrvses (5&-129), whereupon A^unenmon becomes enraged, 
and a violent altercation ensaes between these chieftidns. Kestor attempts to reconcile 
them, but in vain, for Agamemnon seizes upon Briseis, tiie fiiir ciq>tive of Achilles (18^ 
S48) : whereupon the latter withdraws from the arm v, and expresses his determination to 
taiie no ftutoer part in the war. His mother, Thetu, at his solicitation, ascends to Olym* 
pas, and obtains Jupiter's promise to honor her son by giving victory to ^e Trojans ^9- 
o80i Juno is incensed at this, and quarrels with Jupiter, but a reconciliation is effectea by 
Vaican, who also promotes hilarity among the gods by performing the oflice of cup-bearer 

IL — A deceitftil dream being Beat to Asamenmon by Jupiter, he assembles the principal 
ehieb, and afterwards the army, and in OToer to make trial of their disposition, proposes an 
immediate return to Greece (1-84). To this proposal they Joyfully assent, and run to pre- 
pare the shins for their departure (85-154) ; but through the addreea of Ulysses, incited 
thereto by Minerva, are dissuaded ttom carrying their design into execution. Thersites 
alone dissents, but is rebuked and chastised by Ulysses (155-277). Ulysses, Nestor, and 
Agamemnon harangue the army, and preparations are made for battle (278-488). The poet 
enumerates the forces and leaders of the two opposing armies (484-877). 

IIL— As the battle is about to be Joined, Paris challenges the bravest of the Grecian 
dileft, but at sight of Menelaus turns ms back and flies. Hector, seeing this, upbraids him 
for his cowardice, and obtains his promise to fight Menelaus (1-120). Helen being sum- 
moned by Iris to witness the combat, points out to Priam the chief l^iders in the Grecian 
army (121-244). The terms of the combat are ratified by Priam and Agamemnon (245^ 
818X after which the fight takes place, in which Paris is worsted, and savedonly by the in- 
toposition of Yenns (814-882). The goddess conveys Paris to his chamber, and thither 
lirings also Helen, who upbndds him lor his weakness and unwarlike character (883-448). 
Agamemnon demands firom the Trojans the performance of the stipulations of the combat 

IT.— The gods having i^reed in council to continue the war, Minerva is sent down t» 
break tiie truce. (1-72). This she effects by means of Puidarus, wliom she persuades to dis- 
charge an arrow at Menelaus, by which no is wounded, but cured by Macbaon (78-219). 
Agamemnon marshals his forces, and passing through the ranks, exhorts the leaders, prris 
log some and blaming others (220-^l> The armies join battle with great fhry (422-644). 

v.— Diomedes, with the help of Minerva, greatly signalizes himself (1-94X He is 
wounded by Pandama, and cured by the godd^ who enables him to distinguish the gods 
from mortals, and forbids hisfighting with any of the former except Venus (95-165). Mneaa 
goes in quest of Pandarus, and with him drives against Diomedes, who kills Pandams and 
wounds ./Eneas. Venus, in rescuing her son from Diomedes, is also wounded by that hero 
166-480), but is assisted by Apollo, who conveys JSncas to his temple^ where he is healed 
^y Latona and Diana (481-458)1 Mars excites Hector to the fight (454-518), and ^neas also 
returns to the battle, which rages with great ftiry. Sarpedon slays Tleptolemus (514-710). 
Jono and Minerva descend to assist the Greeks, by the latter of whom Diomedes is incited 
to so against Biata, whom he wounds, and causes to leave the battle (711-871). He com- 
imns to Jupiter of the conduct of Minerva, but receives a stem rebuke (872-906). Juno 
sod Minerva ascend to Olympus (907-909). 

VL— The battle continuing aTMr the departure of the gods, tho Grecians prevail 
1-71) ; whereupon Hector, at the advice of Helenus, enters the city ti» direct Hecuba to 

le of Minerva, In order to entreat the god- 

a procession of Tix>jan matrons to the temple of Minerva, in ore 
to remove Diomot'es fVom the fight (''•VllS). Glaueus and 

Diomedes, as tK- 


■t«at to aoen^ in eombak, beeooM known to eadi other as i^iiiiiriii'i of mcwtow bo- 
twecn wbom akted tiio leagno of hospitaiSrr, w ii e i e up on tfacr exehonsn Bmoi: aod part 
asfHoDdaaif-iSC). Hootor hariag de&TCTed ha mt ga g c to Heenba ^aK-gUX flnds Fam^ 
and ezbortii him to retiini to tbe field of war I'SlS-Sfiejk after wiiidi he takes a teader lours 
«r bis wttb ADdroaMdw (813-603), and, arwniiiianiod hj Paris, recaras to batde (508-6»)l 

TIL— On the retnra of tbe Troteciiie^ tbe fight b renewed with great ardoc. Heleaa^ 
faicitod tbervio by Aptdki, Mantis Hettar to efaaBeoee tbe bravest of tbe Greeka to a single 
eombat (1-^ from which ettDengo tbe cfaic* at l&at stsink. but at last, stnng bj tbe le- 
I«oaebes of Mendani, who ba^ oSmd to eeeepC tbe cbaDange. nine of them arise and dafam 
tbe eombal. Loa baiiinc beer east, AjMX obtains tbe bottor <,5^AJ6X aBd immediately pn- 
paras fiir tbe fight The beioea engage, and Ae eombat is protiacted. with neariy eqnal 
•oeeeas, imtfl, at tbe aa proec b of nigfat tber are separated bj tbe beialdsi, and part with 
mntoal presents {2M-912). JSestat advisee the burial of tbe slain, and tbe fortfftcatkm of 
tbe Gredan camp (818-S18V Priam also proposes a traee for tbe banal of tbe slain, and 
eommnnieates the decision of a conndl <rf^tbe Trqians which bad just been held, to restoie 
tbe tieaaarea, bnt not Helen (841--I20)l This is fakdignantly rejected by tbe OteekSi who 
Stnmrij ivtiiy tbdr camp (42i-441X at tbe greatness of which work Xeptnne beoomea Jea- 
loai, bot is pacified by Jnpiter (4t3-4G8\ Tbe Greeks and Tngans pas the night in Usast- 
ii^ but Jnpiter plans eriv agabist the latter, and terriflea them daring tbe ni^t with his 
ttnnden (4M-4^ 

VIIL— Jnpiter calls a eonncfl of tiie gods, and forbids their taking any ^art in tiie war 
b^bre Tror (1-40% after wliich be repaiTB to Ida, and there balances tbe desdnieB of tbe two 
armtea, nid oireets bis Hghtnfngs agunst tbe Grecians (41-7T). Nestor bdng tn imminent 
danger Is resooed by Dlomedes, who drives against Hector and slajs bia duurioteer. Axain 
the thonders ct Jove break over tlie Greclui host, aifirighted at whidi they flee to ueir 
mtrendiments (78~I219)l IMomedes with other diieft, however, saDy forth and rmew tbe 
battle, Teocer Derforms great exploits ontU be is disabled by Hector (220-8S5X The Greeks 
are again driven bade to their entrenchments, seeing wUch Jano and Minerva are fiDed 
with rsge, and orepare to dese^id to tbe field of battle, oat are peremptorily forbidden to do 
so by Jnpiter {WC-464t\ Night pots an end to the battle, and both armies rest, having first 
taken measures to secure tbonselves fixmi sorprise (485-1^1). 

IX. — The Gredan efaielSi meeting in oonndl (1*-78X Nestor advises the sttiding an em- 
bassy to reqnest A/ddlles to return to the aid of tbe Greeks, and Ajax, Ulysses, and Ph<Bnix 
are therefore sent to tbe offieaided hero with proposals of recondliation (79-281). These all 
make eloquent and urgent n>eecbe8, bnt in vain, for Achilles remains inexorable (222-664X 
Phoenix bavi^ been left behind at the invitation of Adiilles, the others return and report 
to the leaders their cnsuceessftil mission (665-709)l 

X. — ^Agamemnon being unable to sleep In oonsequence of the critical state of afiUrs, 
arouses the prlndpal chieiK, holds a council, and detennines on exploring the enemies^ camp 
(1-217X Dlomedes takes this service upon himseU^ sdecting Ulysses as his companion 
(218-871). They surprise Dolon, who has in like nuumer been sent by Hector to spy out the 
Gredan camp (372-^389). Having obtained from him all the information they dedre, they 
kill him (890-4o8X after which they sUy Bhesus and return with his horses to the Gredan 
camp (469^9). 

aL— The batUe is renewed on the following day, and Agamenmon greatly distinguishes 
hlmseU^ but bdng wounded is obliged to retire (1-298), whereupon Hector charges tho 
Greeks with great impetuodty, and drives them before him, but is temporarily checked bv 
AJaz, who nulies the Greeks and makes head against the victorious Trojana (299-595). 
Achilles sedng from his ship the flying Greeks, sends Patrodnsto learn the name of a 
MTOUBded ohier(606-468). Nestor detains him in his tent with a redtal of some of his 
former deeds, and implores him to obtain permisdon of Achilles to fight in his armor (654- 
Si)2>. Patrodus meets the wounded Eurypbylns and assists him (808-847). 

All.— The Trojans in five divisions and on foot, make a desperate chaxge upon the 
Gredan entrenchments (1>107). Adns rejecting the proposal to descend from his chariot 
and fight on foot, drives within the ditch, but is repu&ed with great loss (10&-194). On the 
appearance of an nnfltvorable omon, Polydamus advises the witbdrawal m the troops from 
the Gredan ramparts, but is sternly opposed by Hector who with great valor continues the 
assault Sarpedott distinguishes himseffand first makes a breach in tho wall (195-399), bnt 
being repulsed. Hector advances with a stone of enormous size, breaks down tho wall, and 
mshinff in nursnes the Greeks to their ships (400-471). 

XIlI.— Neptune eomss to the assistance at the Greeks, and arouses the AJaxes to oppose 
the Trepans (1-82). Great exploits are performed on both ddes and many are ddn. Mori- 
ones and Teuoer espechdly distinguish tnomselves (88-168), and Idomeneus inspired by Nep- 
tune slajra manv of the Trqfans, but is at length compelled to retreat before ^neas and 
Delopholns (169-515). The Trojans are repulMd on the left wing, but Hector holds his 
position on tiie right, until being harassed by the Locrian archers and slbigers, he goes to 
fummon the leaden to a war-council, after which he returns and renews the fight wltti Ajax 

XI v.— At the suggestion of Dlomedes, the chiefo who had been wounded, vidt tho bat> 
tie and encourage the army with their presence (1-184). Neptune continues to excite the 
Grteks (185-152X and when Jupiter by a stratagem of Juno nad been thrown into a deep 


stubei; gives them more open and eMdent aid (153-401). Ilector ia struck do«iii by a 
itoM M«t bv AUse, and carried off from the batUe (4(y2-4d9X after which the Trofaaa betais 
(Ssheartoied nil back. On thia occasion Aj^ Oileos greatly dlstingoiahes himself (M0> 

to ezdte them against Jnpiter (76-112X Mars is about to arm for battle bnt is restrained 
by SOnerra 118-148). Iris and Apollo repidr to Jnpiter, the former of whom is sent to eom- 
mnd Neptone to retire from the battle, which he reluctantly does (149-219), the latter at 
theeomznand of Joyo restores Hector, marehes before him with the aegis, and inftises into 
Ui Bmbs strength and actiTihr (220-242X The Trojan hero breaks down a great portion of 
lbs Grecian wall, but is nnable to driye the AJaxes from the line of ships, which they defend 
UUimt valor (84S-746). ' 

XyL— Ajaac being at length overpowered, and his spear being cnt in two hj Hector, ia 
•Uiged to give way, whereupon hl9 ship is immediately fired. Patroclus who at this time 
ma entreating Achules for permission, to fl^t in his armor, is suddenly incited thereto by 
Ai^UleBk who aeea the flames bursting out from the ship (1-1971 The Myrmidona being 
inned and marshalled for battle are addressed by Achillea, ana committed to ratrodna, 
who leads them forth (193-277). Supposing him from his armor to be Achilles himseU; the 
Trq^ana flee in consternation (278-288), Sarpedon is slain and the troops are driven to the 
very walla of Troy (284-d97), at which time the fortune of the battle is changed, Patrodna 
bdnff slain^- Hector, having been previously disabled by Apollo and wound^ by Euphor* 

lYIL— A dreadftil fight takes place over the dead body of Fatroclus, the Trojans headed 
l>y Hector endeavoring to get possession of it, and tho Greeks under the conduct of their 
bravest chleft, striving as eagerly to defend it. In this battle Menelaus greatly distinguishes 
himself (1-188\. Hector arrays himself in the armor of Achilles, which had oeoi worn by 
Patrodoa, and aostalned ^JBneas presses hard upon the Greeks, who are rallied and 
dieered on by Alax (140H^d). Hector and JSness attempt to take the chariot of Achilles, 
but are repellea by Antomedon (42^-542). Jupiter enshrouds the body of Patroclus in 
thick dariuees, wh«eat Ajaz preys for light 0$43-647), and as soon as the mist clears away 
■ends Mendaus to find Antilocnns, in order that he may communicate to Achilles the sad 
news of the death <tf hia frigid. Having executed this comnoission Menelaus returns to ihe 
fl^t, where he and Meriones, covered by the Ajaxes. bear away the body, the Trojans led 
on by Hector attacking them with great raiy (648-761). 

XYIIL — ^Antilochus having delivered his message, Achilles breaks out in the most pas- 
stonate hunentatioa, whidi soon brines Thetis and her attendant nymphs to comfort him 
(1-77). WhUe they are conversing (78-147), toe battle continues to rage around the body 
of Patrodna, until at the oonmiand of Iris, Adiilles stands at the head of the entrench* 
ments, and snoots dreadftilly, whereupon the Trojans flee in terror and confttsion, and the 
Greeka bear away the body (148-288). Polydamus advises Hector to retreat to the dty, 
and light from the walls, but nis advice is rejected by Hector, who expresses his readiness to 
fight Achilles (289-815). Achilles mourns over the body of his friend (816-856). Jupiter 
taonta Juno with her extreme concern for the Greeks (856-868X Thetis repairs to Vulcan 
and obtrina from him a new suit of armor for her son (869-477). Description of the shisld 

XIX. — Thetis brings the armor made by Vulcan to her son (1-20), who is reconciled to 
Agameomom, q>eeches, presents, and solemn sacrifices gracing the joyous occarion (21-276). 
Bnnis laments Patroclus (277-802). Achilles refhsing to take any food until he has avenged 
Ma fHe&d, Minerva descends and infhses into his breast nectar and ambrosia (308-S56X sifter 
which he arms, addresses his horses, and rushes to the battle (857-424). 

XX.— Jnpiter permits the gods to mingle in the fight (1-80). They take different sides 
In the battle, which is rendered so dfeadhil by the thunders of Jove, and the shaking of 
Um earth by Keptune, that Pluto leaps affrightea ih>m his throne, and fears that his ghastly 
lealma will be lud open to- the gaze of men (81-75). Achilles having first met JSneas, who 
Is saved ftx>m being Idlled by the interposition of Neptune (76-840), pursues the Trojans 
with great slaughter, and is upon the point of killing Hector, but Apollo snatches the Trojan 
bero away in a cloud (841-444). Immense havoc of the Trojans is made by Adiilles, as ho 
irives them before him over the plain toward the Scamander (445-508). 

XXL — ^The Trojans being divided at the 8camand<»'. some are driven toward the 
-4^, others into the river, where with a great outcry they are drowned, or elain by 
the sword of Achilles (1-208). The river-god enraged at him for thus slauglitering the 
Trqtana, endeavors to overwhelm him with his waves, by which the Grecian hero is well 
«Mi exhausted, but is finally relieved by Vulcan, who at the instance of Juno sends his firea 
«M almost cbies up the stream (209-^2), The gods personally engaging in t>attle, Minerva 
diaatiaoa Mars and venua, Juno conquers Diana, while Apollo and Mercury prudently de- 
dine the contest, the former with Neptune, the latter \^ith Latona (883-52U). Meanwhile, 
Adiillea driving the Trojuia with immense slaughter into Troy, Agenor resolves to mako a 
•tand against him, but is snatched from destruction by Apollo, who assumes his sbapot tt*w 
draws Achilles away in pursuit until the Trojans have time to enter Troy (544-611 


XXIL— Hector, oontnuy to tho earnest entreaty of his Dither and mother, awaits fho 
approach of AchiUes, and resolves to conqaer him or £sdl in the combat Bnt as Achilles, 
blazing in the splendors of bis divinely-wrought armor approaches, the Trojan hero is seized 
with fear, and nle»thrice around the walls of Troy (I-I60). Jupiter weighs their destinies, 
iind commissions Minerva to descend to the aid of Achilles (167-186X Hector being 
deceived by the goddess in the form of Deiphobus, ceases to fly, and resolves to meet 
AchUIes, who with the assistance of Minerva uays him (187-8T5). Achilles drags the dead 
body around the Trojan plain, at sight of which Priam and Hecuba break out in the most 
bitter lamentations (876-486X aroused by whose cries, Andromache hastens to the walls, and 
on beholding the drad body of her husband, swoons (487-174), after which she gives ntter- 
tnce to the most fraottic expressions of grief (475-^15)1 

XXIIL — ^Achilles and the Myrmidons mourn over the body of Patrodus, and indignities 
•re still heaped upon the body <h Hector (1-84). ThA shade of Patroclus aj^pears to Achil- 
les in sleep, and demands the rites of burial (85-107Xwhereupon preparations are made the 
aext morning for the fhneral ceremonies (108-137). The procession takes place, animals are 
sacrificed, and twelve Trojan youth offered up on the pue. after which fire is applied (188- 
191X The flames are excited by the wind (192-280), and the materials of the pile being 
consumed, the boues are placed in a solden urn ana a tomb is raised (282-257). AchiUes 
then institutes ftmeral games (258-261), In the order of the chariot race (262-650), the cestus- 
match (651-699), the wrestling-trial (700-789), the foot-race (740-797), the trial of arms 
(798-825). the throwing of the discus (826-849), the trial at archery (850-888), and the cast- 
ing of the Javelin (884-807). 

XXIV. — At the command of Jupiter, Thetis repairs to Achilles, and requires the resto- 
ration of Hector's dead body, which he had Just before dragged tiiree times around Uie 
tomb of Patroclus (1-142). Iris is also sent to Priam to encourage him to go to Achilles, in 
order to ransom the booy of his son (148-187). Contrary to the entreaties ci his wife and 
sons, Priam sets forth and is guided by Meroury to the tent of Achilles, at whose feet he 
prostrates himself, and begs for the body of bis son (188-506). Achilles is moved with com- 
passion, arid artaaa him his request, whereupon he spends the night with him, but at the 
suggestion of Merenry se^ out early on his return to Troy (507-691). The Trojans come 
IVtrtu to meet him, and with lamentations on the part of Andromadie. Hecuba, and Helen, 
tbe body is deposited ou a fbnenl pile^ lad with tte usual solemnities Is bomod (699-8<M). 


S. stands for 

Sophocles* Greek Grammer. 



Kuhner's ** ** 



MatthiaB*8 « « 



Buttmann*s " ** 

Butt Lexil « 


" LexiloguB. 



Viger*s Greek Idioma 




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". T. A. " " Kot rh Aotira — eta ifec. 

Tlie references to KQhner are made to his School Grammar, translated hy 
ITcssrsi. Edwards and Taylor, Andover. Whenever Jelf 's edition of KQhDfii 
» referred tOy the nimo is fully given. The references to Buttmann arc 
made to his Larger Giammer, revised by his son, and translated hy Dr 

lAlAJ OS A. 

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IAIAA02 I. 21 

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«al iJLoKa irep ^vp^ KejfpKxo/Jbivov * W9 yap afietvov. 
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IAIAA02 :. 27 

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IAIAA02 I. 29 

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46 IAIAA02 B. 

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48 IAIAA02 B. 

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50 IAIAA02 B. 

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IAIAA02 II. 51 

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74 IAIAA02A. 

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IAIAA02 IT. 77 

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1AIAA02 IV. 79 

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IAIAA02 IV. 81 

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IAIAA02 IV. 83 

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IAIAA02V. 91 

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98 IAIAA02 E. 

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106 IAIAA02 E. 

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lAIAAOSV. 115 

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118 IAIAA02 Z. 

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IAIAA02 VI. 119 

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120 lAIAAOS Z. 

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IAIAA02 VI. 121 

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122 IAIAA02 Z. 

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lAIAAOS VI. 123 

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IAIAA02 VI. 129 

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1AIAA02 VII. 139 

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1AIAA02 VI 1. 141 

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142 lAIAAOS H. 

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144 IAIAA02 H. 

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IAIAA02 VII. 145 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 149 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 151 

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152 IAIAA02 e. 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 157 

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158 IAIAA02 e. 

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IAIAA02 vm. 159 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 161 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 163 

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166 IAIAA02 I. 

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IAIAA02 IX. 107 

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IAIAA02 IX. 169 

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170 IAIAA02 I. 

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IAIAA02 X. 171 

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IAIAA02 IX. 173 

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IAIAA02 IX. 17B 

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IAIAA02 IX. 177 

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lAIAAOS IX. 179 

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lAIAAOS IX. 181 

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182 lAIAAOS I. 

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IAIAA02 IX. 183 

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IAIAA02 IX. 185 

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IAIAA02 X. 191 

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192 lAIAAOS K. 

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210 IAIAA02 A. 

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IAIAA02 XI. 211 

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212 IAIAA02 A. 

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214 IAIAA02 A. 

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216 IAIAA02 A. 

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IAIAA02 XI. 217 

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218 IAIAA02 A. 

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IAIAA02 XI. 223 

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224 IAIAA02 A. 


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IAIAA02 XI. 229 

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IAIAA02 XII. 238 

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284 IAIAA02 M. 

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IAIAA02 XII. 237 

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238 IAIAA02 M. 

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IAIAA02 XII. 239 

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5240 IAIAA02 M. 

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IAIAA02 XIT. 241 

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242 IAIAA02 M. 

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IAIAA02 XII. 243 

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244 lAIAAOS M. 

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246 IAIAA02 N. 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 247 

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248 IA1AA02 N. 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 251 

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1AIAA02 XIII. 253 

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254 IAIAA02N. 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 255 

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256 IAIAA02 N. 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 261 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 265 

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IAIAA02 XIII. 267 

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IAIAA02 XV. 293 

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294 IAIAA02 O. 

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IAIAA02 XV. 295 

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IAIAA02 XV. 301 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 317 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 319 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 323 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 325 

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1AIAA02 XVI. 329 

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330 IAIAA02 n. 

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1AIAA02 XVI. 331 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 337 

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1AIAA02 XVII. 339 

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340 IAIAA0 2 P. 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 341 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 343 

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344 IAIAA02 P. 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 345 

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346 IA1AA02 P. 

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354 IAIAA02 P. 

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IAIAA02 XVII, 356 

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356 IAIAA02 P. 

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IAIAA02 XX. 393 

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IAIAA02 XX. 396 

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IAIAA02 XX. 408 

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IAIAA02 XXI. 417 

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IAIAA02 XXI. 421 

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1AIAA02 XXII. 426 

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IAIAA02 XXII. 427 

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IAIAA02 XXII. 435 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 473 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 476 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 477 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 479^ 

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1AIAA02 XXIV. 481 

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1. fui$t.\ wrath. This word involves the whole subject or ground-work 
(^ the Iliad. The first book unfolds the cause of the resentment of Achil- 
tes. In the second and twenty-second inclusive are detailed the effects of 
that resentment. Grote takes coniiderable pains to show that books II — 
Vn. have no tntemal connection with the first, aud that the ninth is an un- 
suitable addition. Hence he argues that the primitive Achilldis included 
only books I, VIII, XI— XXII. The brevity of these notes forbids me here 
to say more, than that I have seen no evidence sufficient to justify me in 
rejecting any portion of the book, or in considering it other than the pro- 
duc^(m of one person. On every page are to be found traces of the same 
master-mind, and although there are elevations and depressions of style, 
and occasional chasms, and apparent interpolations, yet these are found 
no mote frequently in the Diad, than in other ancient and even modem 
productions, and are to be regarded rather as evidence of their emana- 
tion from one individual than otherwise. It appears to me to be impossible 
for any <me to read, with attention and critical accuracy, the poem from the 
beginning to the end, and not find overwhelming evidence, that it is as 
much the production of one man, as is the Paradise Lost, or the Jerusalem 
Delivered. ^ta (i. e. MoCo-o. Cf. Odys. 1. 1) refers to Calliope, the god- 
dess who presided every Epic poetry. In 2. 484, the plural is used. 

nqXij&Cdcw, a patronymic (S. ( 140), is the Epic form of IXtiXc/Sov (cf. E. 
1 288. 2. b ; S. ( 44),' the last two syllables being pronounced by synizesis, 

as though written Z», Cf S. % 19. *Ax«A^oy is put, on account of the 

metre, for *AxfAA^os (Epic for *AxiAA^ay. S. % 52. 2). He was the son of 
Peleus and Thetis, and the principal hero of the Iliad. 

2, 3. ohKofUviiv (Epic for 6\ofi4tfriy, 2 aor. mid. part, of iJAXujui), destruo 
Hv€, pemicuncs, is to be taken in an active sens[Q (= tV o\4<ra(ray. Eop.) 

492 NOTES. 

Cf. Odj^s. 4. 92. fjLvpi* (for fivpla), innumerable, countless. When this is 

proparoxytone it signifies ten thousand. S. § 79. N. 2. *Axaioit=T««r 

"EWriarip, inasmuch as in the time of the Trojan war, the Achseans were the 

leading people in Peloponnesus. ^^K€y=iiroiri(rey. ^^vx'^* ^'^ 

stands opposed to avrohs (=(r<ifiaTa), in v. 4. Cf. S. § 160. 4. f. ''Aiii= 

tls "AT^a or cIs *At5ow ScS/ia. Koppen. Tpdtw^€v, sent away (x/w-). Cf. 6. 

190. Heyne and Emesti explain this in the sense of the simple verb, sent. 
£t has been usually rendered sent prematurely, but, as Felton remarks, Uiis ii 
now given up as too far-fetched. 

4-7. 7)p<aa>y is the possessive genitive. This epithet, in the heroic age, 
was applied to kings, princes, and warriors of eminent valor and strengtb, 
but, as TroUope rehiarks, was restricted afterwards to those only, who were 

descended from an immortal parent, the other being mortal. tcvxc. 

For the interchange of the aorist and imperfect, cf. K. § 266. 3. The im- 
perfect, as representing continuance of past action, describes an event, and 
impresses it therefore more vividly and permanently upon the mind, than 
the aorist, which is employed of a past act conceived of as having only a 

momentary existence. K^yararty, Epic for tcvari. S. ^ 52. — ^ oimyoin 

(for oiavois. S. § 46), birds of prey ; Uterally, birds flying alone, as is the 

habit of rapacious birds like the eagle, tulture, hawk, etc. watrt (=«ar- 

Toiois), all kinds. irjsXtUro (imperfect of rcXeiw, Epic rcXc/w), was ac- 

amplishinff. Bou\^ that Hector should fall by the hand of Achilles, and 

that Troy should be taken by the Greeks. Sh is here strongly advenft- 

tive, but, notvjithstanding, inasmuch as it introduces an idea, apparently so 

much at variance with what is said in vs. 3, 4. i^ oZ 9^ (sc. xp^^)i 

from the very time, is to be taken with irpoiw^^v and nvx^ and not, as some 

think, with itetSc. rairpvra, first, at the f/rsl. Wolf, without anfiSdent 

ground, distinguishes between rh. irpOra and rmrpSara, affixing to tiie firsts 
the signification imprimis, to the second res primas. — 9ieurH^nfr (for 
SteoT^TTjv), 2 aor. 3 plur. dual of Sdanifxt. — '• — ipltrayrt denotes cause, bf 

having wrangled. Cf. K. § 312. 4. b ; S. § 225. 4. "Arpti^t, the son of 

Atreus, i. e. Agamemnon. As commander-in-chief of the Grecian foxxses, be 

is called by Homer king of men (ivol dySpSy). r\—Kai, both — and, — 

87of. This is not a moral epithet, but refers to divine parentage or to hjgk 
birth and p3rsonal endowments. 

8-11. ris T* fip* (i. e. T^ &pa),who then. This question maybe coa- 
sidercd as proposed to the Muse invoked in v. 1. Some may prefer, how- 
ever, to regard ft as a rhetorical introduction to the nanative which ftiOemn, 

-^— ffifKio^ refers to Agamemnon and Achilles. ^&y is the ptaUdfe 

genitive. fyidt is to be constructed with fidx^f^^^, to contend t» ^^t 

since they did not proceed to blows. Omsius takes tptZm with Mk tiM 
following verbs in the sense : rit—^^hs IwiiiKtv ^ptSi, fitrc ndx^^m IfiSb 
EOppen constructs: t(t ^%Sav tnZi (=8<* tpw) %vwhiK9 (Jb<rrC\ uiAxfi^ 

ILIAD I. 493 

The sense €t these constnictions is essentially the same. — Airrott xai 
Ai6f vUs, i. o. Apollo the son of Jupiter and Latona.— — ^ssoSror. The 
use of the article for. the demonstratiye pronoun in the Homeric poems, is 
generally noticed by granmiarians. Cf. Butt ^ 126. N. 7 ; K. ^ 247. 2 ; S. 

§ 166. 1. fieuriXril (Epic for fiaurt\tt-€i) refers to Agamemnon. ^— &if((, 

throughout, h\4irKovro tk XaoX {^^ crparlmTcu) is parenthetic, and de- 
notes the result of vovirov .... iccuc^r. ritw Xpicti^. The article is hero 

regarded by Matthise (^ 2C4. 5) as having its AtUc use, that Chrysei the 
well-known priest of Apollo. Cf. Butt. $ 126. N. 7. For the use of tlie 

article to denote a distinguished or well-known person, cf S. ^ 167. 

ooynipa, priest, literally, one who prays. 

12-16. 6. See N. on v. 9. ^o^s hrl r^at = ciff irrpar6iriZov, inas- 
much as the ships were drawn on shore, and served as a wooden rampart 
for the defence of the camp. In Homer the epithet 3oal is common to v^cs. 
*—'Xw6fiwoSi in order to ransom. The future participle denotes purpose, 
and sometimes the present participle is employed in the same way. Cf. K. 

^802. 4. c; Butt % 144. 3; S. ^ 226. 5. S^impa, i. e. Chrys6is, or as 

she Is sometimes called Astynome. &roiy«, a ransom^ i. e. gifts for a 

ransom, " consisting of valuable articles, gold, silver, robes, goblets, and the 

like." Felton. ar^fifiar* — &vh irtcfixTp^j fillets on a staff. In v. 28, it is 

vtc^wrpov mH vrdftfui ^eoto. It is only in the £pic and lyric writings, that hya 
is used with the dative, iy being elsewhere employed. Cf. K. ( 290. R. X. 
Staph, takes &ycb in the sense of o-i^v, having in his hand fiUets toith a golden 
teepire. It was the ancient custom of suppliants, to carry branches, upon 
which were bound tufts of wool. Here Chryses, as priest of Apollo, bound 
the wool to the sceptre of the god, as the badge of his office, and to give 

weight to his petition. kKrifi6\ov, far-darting^ far-shooting, is an epithet 

given to Apollo as the god of archery. xP^^V^XP^^Vi ^0*1^ forma 

being used by Homer according to the necessities of the metre. The scep- 
tre was either gilded, or ornamented with golden studs. *ArptiSa — 8i5« 

(i. e. Agamemnon and Menelaus). See N. on v. 7. AowSv. See N. on 


18-21. T«— Kot', both— and. S. ^ 230. N. 3. ^ioX tcitev—Uirfptrai, 

may the gods grant you to destroy. For the use of the aorist optative in a 
wish referring to future time, cf. S. § 216. 3; Butt ^ 139. m. 8; Mt $ 613. 

Obe. 4. ^Mcl is monosyllabic by synizesis. *0\vfiTia Sc^juar* (^x^m-cs 

kmoing (Mofmpian abodes. Reference is had to the popular notion, that the 
residence of the gods was upon Mount Olympus. Jlpidfioio, Epic geni- 
tive for nptdfMv. S. ^ 46. Ti^Afv, i. e. Ilium or Troy, as it is usually 

oaUed from its being the capital of Tpoioy Trqja. cS 8* o1ko8* (S. § 134. 

]{) Ma^ai. This prayer was not answered, as misfortunes and delays 
ittended the letum from Troy of most of the Grecian chiefs. Menelaus 
driven by adverse winds into Egypt, where he was detained several 

494 NOTES. 

yean. Ulysses wandered about for ten years, before he reached lUuusik 
Jiiax. Olleus was shipwrecked. Agamemnon on his return was muid^^ed by 
his feithless wife and her paramour -^gisthus. Idomeneus was driven finom 
Crete by his rebellious subjects. Similar to these were the fortunes of 

Diomedes, Teucer, etc. \vffat is here put for A.^<roT€, the verb &4ku 

being mentally to be supphed. Cf. K. § 306. 11. a ; S. 228. 5. Some com- 
mentators after the Schol. make the infinitive to depend on Solcy, but the 

following &(6fA(yoi forbids this. Emesti reads \6(raiT€. rd t' Sm^u^ 

and this ransom. The article is here employed SeiicriKws, i. e. as thongb 
the finger were pointed towards the thing spoken of. Cf. Mt. ^ 264. 2. 

22-25. ^^3^*, then. &\\oi chiefs except Agamemnon. htev^paf 

arav=fAer* tvtfnifilas i^tray. Schol. $6x^ai, Epic 2 aor. infin. mid. of 

Bexofxai. K. i 227. 6 ; S. ^ 133. A. &AX* ^fi^, biU it did not please 

the mind of Agam>emnon the son of Atreus ; literally, it did not please Agth 
memnon the son of Atreus in his mind, bvfi^ being, as Crusius says, a looU 
dative. Sophocles (Gram. ^ 156. 1. a) says that ^fi^ as a part, is put in 
apposition with *Ayafi€fiyori denoting the whole. See N. on v. 237. io^ 

responds to fi^v in v. 22. iupUtj sc. avrhy referring to Cliryses. fuda^ 

refers to the speech which follows. 

26-28. /*^ vt — i«x«^« (Epic for kix^ from obsol. icfx^jtti = jcix^^), &< 
me not meet titee. K. ^ 259. 5; S. ^ 219. 3. This has been usually expliUned 
by supplying Zpa or fi\4v€. As this would be oftentimes quite inapposite, 
Butt. (4 148. N. 5) thinks " it is perhaps better to say, that the Greek hui- 
guage, by means of /u^ with the subjunctive, and a certain tone of emphasii^ 

formed an independent clause expressing care or foresight." Koikpvuf, 

Epic for ffoTXcur. S. § 44. irapdj near. adrif i6yra = wot n ^ < ww ■ . 

ju^ {lest. S. § 214. a) — xp^^l^V- "^^ sulijunctive without &r is em- 
ployed after verbs denoting present or future time. Mt. ^ 518. 1 ; JelTb 

Kahn. ( 806. 2 ; S. ^ 212. 2. rol, Ion. for <roi. ov belongs to x^«^' 

K. 4 318. R. 6 ; S. § 280. N. 2. trtrntrrpov. The sceptre was the enrigB 

of power and dignity. As Chryses bore the sceptre of Apollo, it entitied 
him to great respect and favor. 

29-82. TV=Tai^K. See N. on v. 9. xpfr, before (I firee her) 

Hoyne, Hermann, Bekker, and Crusius pimctuate, oh Xv^rm • vp(r puw, Tbs 
sense would then be : I will not release her i-^^sooner shall old age, eta But 
the other construction is more natural, and contains a taunt of excaeedivg 
bitterness, that the priest's daughter shall be restored to him, only wImb 
she shall be too old to administer to the pleasure of Agamemnon. ^t^ 
aMi9, S. 5 78. — "Afryf r, Argos, was properly the capital of Aigoib Md 
the re^enco of IMomedes (cf. 2. 559). Here it is put for the entii* Briv* 

poonesrs, c^ which Argos was the chief city. Tn\6^ vdrpris, & % ttOT* 

4.— foT^r iwoixon^hfiiP {=vi>ai9fovffaM, Koppen and Cmsius), pt^img !*• 
\oom. Some translate it^ going about the loom^ as the weaver did mii alt at 

ILIAD I. 495 

the loom to weave, but went aronnd it, the warp hanging perpendkmlarly 

Hram the loom-beam, instead of being stretched out horizontally as with us. 

Wttsfiag was a common occupation of females in andent times. So Hectof 

sayi (Book YI) : 

** No mere— bat hasten to thj tasks at home ; 
Tha« guide the spindle and direct the loom." 

And agam In the same book, Hector is said to find Paris brightening his 
ablold and polisliing his bow, whUe 

** Beside him Helen with her Tiigins stands, 
Guides their rich labors and instructa their hands." 

4fAw X/x^s itmSeftrw, preparing mf bed ; literally, il-otn^ to my bed in 
order to prepare it. Butt. (Lexil. No. 23. p. 144) maintains that ^mSvarw 
cannot here mean sharing or partaking ofj as it would imply something 
wished for or desired on the part of Chrysdis, the yery opposite of which is 
shown by the context. This sense, however, was doubtless in the mind of 
the speaker, and indeed is implied in the <»ie above given. Cf Heyne's 

Note on this passage. fi4i /i* 4p4»iCe (S. ^ 218. 3)— r/^ai (=&ir4x^s. 

SchoL). See N. on v. 28. For the form, cf S. § 118. 8. trau&r^pot, more 

stcfety (than otherwise thou wouldst) = ike safer. The second member of the 
compartoon is frequently omitted, and the comparative may then be transla- 
ted aa an emphatic positive, or by joining to the positive the adverbs too^ 
prdty, itmewhat, etc. Cf. K. ^ 823. R. 7; Mt. ^ 467; Butt. ^ 123. 7; S. 

88"-86. C», thus, IW«i(r€y for l^cttreF. S. § 7. N. 1. 6 yfyavy the 

9ld man ; literally, the elder. The substantive character of the article gives 
to the adjective the nature of a substantive. The same is true in ol &aAoi, 

r&Ula, etc Cf Butt. § 128. 6. See N. on v. 891. dic^»r, in silence, has 

tiie fbim of an adjective, but is used in the Homeric writings as an adverb. 

wy> iKya, along the shore. iro\v4>\olafioio (Epic termination for ov. 

See N. on t. 19) is a word formed to imitate the sound of a wave break- 
ing upon the beach. The figure is called onomatopeia.—^-^iroWk belongs 

to lipadr*. Siirdvev^e Kiisv (sc. »^wv), when he had gone far (=some dis- 

tanoe) from the ships, A participial clause may be rendered frequentiy by 
a finite verb preceded by a relative pronoun, or a relative adverb of time. 

K.^ 812. 4. a; Butt. ^ 144. 1; S. ^ 225. 2. 6 ytpai6s. See N. on b yi- 

^MT, T. 88. rhp^tw. K.^247. 4; S. § 166; C. % 467. iidico/ioj (Epic 

tfx ttmpLos), beaiUiful-hairedj an epithet peculiar to Latona. 

87-42. XffbffifiPt Chryse, was a town on the coast of Troy near Thebes, 
where wm a tonple d^cated to Smintheus Apollo. Chryses, therefore, 

addressed him as the tutelary deity of the place. afi^ifi^firiKas has hero 

a present BignlficatioD=" hast protected and dost still protect.^* Trolloxie. Cf. 
K. \ 255. R. 5 ; S. 5 211. N. 6. The word literally signifies to go araitnd, as 
ft protector the person or thins: protected. Klxxav, Cilln, was also fi 

496 NOTES. 

town in Troas, v/licrc was a temple of Apollo, and henco the accompaDy- 

ing epithet, (a^4riv. T€v4^oio (see N. on Ilptdfioto, v. 19), Dsnedas^ WM 

an island in the JE,gea,n sea, a few miles from the coast of Troy. For the gen 

cf. S. ^ 187. 5juty^€D. There are various conjectures as to the etynn^ 

ogy of this word. Some would read ZfAi^ehj smiter, or destroy>7r. Others, 
uftcr Aristarchus, refer it to S/ifvdt}, a town in Troas whore was a temple 
of Apollo. The more common opinion is, that he received the name, from 
liis having destroyed the mice {trfih^oi) which infested Phrygia, or because 
the mouse was regarded as the symbol of prophetic power. Cfl Smith'i 

Diet. Mythol. Vol. III. p. 846. rfirore, if ever. The indicative follows 

tliis particle, when the condition is assumed as a certainty (K. ^ 339. 8. a; 
S. ^ 215. 1) ; but when the thing spoken of is uncertain or undetermined, it 

takes the subjunctive. Cf v. 341. rot, for yoUy is the dative of adyan- 

tage {DcUivus Commodi). When a thing takes place to the disadvantage 
of a person, the dative is styled Dativus Incommodu Cf. Butt. ^ 183. N. 5; 

K. § 284. 3. R. 4; S. § 201. 1. xaf>^«»^*=X«f>'^'^«s- Voss joins this with 

vri6y.^—'ivl — ept^a is put by tmesis for hrip^^a (from iT€p4<pw). So nerkr— 
^KTia, in the next line, is put for Koreicna, S. § 234. It may be as well, how- 
ever, to regard the prepositions in such cases as having an adverbial use. 
In respect to the signification of 47e4p€<^a, some take it in the sense of tc 
buHd i others more correctly in the sense of to deckf as with garlands, ever- 
greens, etc. el 8^, if in truth, if really. 8^ gives vivacity and emphasis 

to the expression. finpl* (for fi-npla), the thighs, haunches, which, previona 

to being burned, were covered with caul or fat, between the folds of which 
were laid small pieces of flesh, cut from other parts of the animal. Cf 
V. 460. — — T(J56 /toi Kp^Tivop i4\do9p, accomplish this my prayer, Kp4n9» 
and ifKdotp are put by protraction, for Kpityov (from Kpaitm) and fUJktp. S. 

§ 11. 3. ria-tiea/ (S. ^ 118. 4) . . . . Zdicpva, may the Greeks alone for mf 

tears For this precatory use of the optative, cf. Mt. ^ 513. 1 ; Bntt ^ 139. 

m. 7 ; S. § 216. 3. AokooI is properly the name of the Aigives from 

Danaus (who according to the poets came from Egypt and settled in Ai;^): 
but is applied to the Greeks in general. See N. on iy "^Apyei^ v. 30. — 
fi4\€ir<rip is put for ficKcorty. See N. on U^eurey, v. 33. 

43-47. As (see N. on v. 33) itpar* evx6}iwos=^i^s it^x^^- ▼•» * 

(and) liicAve. S. § 192. 1. ^cfifios {shining, briUiaiU), the Homeric epi- 
thet of Apollo, is supposed to denote his identity with Helins or the Sim. 

Cf. Smith's Diet. Mythol. Vol. I. p. 231. icot*— «op^iwr, dawn fnm ike 

summits. K. ^ 292. 1. 1. a. OlK^fiiroto. See N. on v. 18. — cV ^ 

the synccdochial accusative. S. ^ 182. r6^' for T<((a=r^or. I^piif 

(Tiv is the local dative. S. ^ 203. afuf>7ip€<l>4a. Some render thif epftbet 

of the quiver, closed at both ends. Others translate, covered on aU aiia, ctoe* 

covered, which appears to be the true sense. ^icAcry^etr .... ;^,^nplfpwl 

A fine example of onomatopeia. Sec N. on v. 34.' V 6pa, and tktrejon^ 

L e. in consequence of the quiver being closed. hr* &/jmw, vpen th. 

ILIAD I. 497 

skouUkn, S. ^ 281. alnov is opposed to oiffroX in the preceding line. 

Cf. V. 4. Kipiib4vTos is taken by Cnisius in a middle sluso, token h£ 

moved (see N. on ku&¥j v. 35) himself ^ as he moved along, f/if for Jf«. S. 

^ 124. wirri iouidsy lUce night (S. § 202. 1), i. e. dark as nigM. It was 

a popular notion of the ancients, tliat the pestilence made its must fearfnl 
ravages in the darkness of night. Cf. Ps. 91, G ; 2 Kings 19, 35. It is more 
natural, however, to refer the expression here to the effect of Aik)11o's 
anger on his countenance, making it dark and threatening. Cf. 12. 4C3 , 
Odjs. 11. 606 ; Milt. Par. Lost, 6. 832. 

48-^2. cfcT* . rewy. See N. cm v. 35. fieri (sc. tAs v^af or robs 

^ZXkipfas), am>ongj into the midst of, K. ^ 294. II. 1. a. There is no tmesis in 

fur^—thiK€P (Epic for ^ica). hetv^ .... fiuiio. See N. on v. 46. The ik 

in this and some of the preceding lines has a copulative force, and denotes 
a change of subject. K. ^ 322. 2. fiuno is the genitive of separation. K. 

^ 271. 2. avfnjas (Epic for op4as) .... apyo6s. This has been referred 

by same to the opinion of the ancients, that the pestilence first commences 
with four-footed animals (cf. Ex. 9, 1), and by others, to the clemency of 
the deity in giving to the Greeks an intimation of his anger, by first de- 
stroying their most useful animals. avrhp lirctr*, and theUj responds to 

fOv in the preceding line. Cf Hoog. Gr. Part. p. 103 ; S. § 236. N. 3. ^eira 
frequently corresponds to trpSarov in the sense of dcvrepov, K. ^ 264. R. 7. 

hr^X^^t ^* fi4Xx>s from the following line. ovrotiri, i. e. the Greeks. 

C£ v. 4. This dative denotes the object. ixeirevKtSj bitter^ and hence 

deadly, destructive. /3(i\A*, sc. tunoht from the preceding oxnotfri, 

«2tt^ eotUinuaUy, constantly. This shows how destructive was the pestUenoe. 

dofMtalt numerous. For the accentuation, cf. Thiersch ^ 201. 14. h. 

Pamphylus wrote the word as propcrispomenon. See Spitzner's Note. 

53, 54. imnjiiopi for nine days. ay<£, through, x^Xa, missiles^ is 

used by Homer only of those sent by the gods. if 5€K(£tp (sc. w4p(f), 

S. ^ 204, ikyopi^y^e, to a council. This was commonly held in front of 

Agamemnon's tent, but sometimes by the ships of the other chiefs. For 
the use of the enclitic to denote the direction ' whither,' cf. S. ( 134. 3. 

55^58. ry (=Tot5Ty. See N. on & y6^^ v. 9) is put for the adnominal 

genitive after ^pco-f, mind ofhim=his mind. S. § 201. 5. yhp is causal, 

i e. it introduces the reason why Achilles called an assembly. ivX 

^ftai diiK9. When a preposition with the dative, instead of a preposition 
with the accusative, follows a verb of motion, the idea of the state of rest 
which follows the motion, is intended to be the predominant one. So when 
a jtrepofiition of motion with the accusative follows a verb of rest, it imparts 
to it the idea of previous motion towards the place spoken of. This is 
called the constructio prcegnans. Cf. Mt. § 596. ^ ; K. § 300. 3. a. b ; S. 

i 285. 7&P introduces the reason why Juno incited Achilles to call an 

AflBcmbly. See N. on v. 55. Aovowk (S. § 193). See N. on v. 42. 

In ^ "be':ause namely." Crusiiis. &pa is hero used as an explanatory 

498 NOTES. 

particle. ^rficrKovTas dpuro (mid. for act. Soph. Gr. Verbs, p. 207), ik 

saw them dyvig. The participle has here what is called its complcmenkmf 

force. Cf. K. § 310, 1 ; Butt. § 144. 6. ody^ therefore, is Tesumpiiyeotfbo 

train of thought interrupted by the parenthesis in vs. 65, 56. -^c^dcr, 

Epic for iiyep^ffav, 3 pers. plur. 1 aor. pass. ofi,yclpa>. Cf. Soph. Gr. Verbi^ 

p. 75. Sfiriyeptes r* iytyoyro is not tautological, when considered in 

relation to tlie preceding member, as it denotes the completion of the act 
of assembling, i. e. the being together, and in a state of readiness to delib- 
erate on the subject in hand. roicri {=iy rot<rt. Schol.) depends on 

iufiardfitros, as that in respect to which, or in the presence of which, the 

action took place. K. § 284. 8. 10 ; Rost § 105. N. 2. 8 * connects the 

apodosis to the preceding member, as though they were independent 
clauses ; an idiom of which the earlier Greek writers seem to have been 
fond. Kiihner ( Jelf 's edit. § 770. 2) remarks that a sentence composed of 
such a protasis and apodosis, is opposed to another similar pair of daiises 
by 8e — 8c, so that the second protasis answers to the first, and the second 
apodosis belongs to the second protasis. Here we have iyyrj/utp jtUy— ry 

SfKorit 8* — ol 8* — ToTtrt 8*. irS^as explains ofxhs as the synecdoclucal 


69-61. vvv lififie k. t. X. Crusius constructs : vvy oico Hfific (Epic for 

rjfjMs. S. ^ 78) h^f &iroyo(rrfi(rciv voKifivXhy^^yras {wandering back}. xh 

i. e. iLy) — (i>6yoifA€y. The presence of Kh in the protasis, implies a condition 
upon which the protasis itself depends, if we would escape dearth at least (in 
case we can escape). Cf K. § 340. 6. €t 8^, if now = seeing that, 

62-66. ipclofiey (Epic subj. 1 plur. for ipiwfity from ip^» = ip«grim), Ut 

us inquire. S. § 218. 2. fidvriy, a prophet. " The business of the Mantis 

was rather to announce the feeling of the gods in regard to what was done, 

than to indicate the future, and what must be done." Wachsmuth. 

UpTja — 6y€tpo7r6\oy. These words are considered by some as in appoffltion 
with fiiyriy. The former denotes one who derives his divination fVom the 
entKuls of the victim, the latter, one who inteiprets the will of the gods 
from dreams. As this method of determming the divine will was in leas 
repute, it is here preceded by K<d in the sense of even. This is further 
indicated by the next clause Kott . . . . icrriyyfor a dream also is from Jupikr, 
iu which Achilles asserts the divine origin of dreams, as a reason why he 

would consult an 6yttpoir6\os. Zs k* c^ttoi. The optative is tiaed in a 

relative sentence, even when the verb of the principal sentence^is present or 
future, to denote a supposition or condition depending on a certain condi- 
tion, who may tell us (if we inquire of him). Cf Jclf's Kahn. ^ 832; Rort 

^ 123. 8. a. 8, Ti (so written to distinguish it from 8ti the conjnnetha), 

pn account of what, why. Cf Odys. 6. 215. This accusative is synecdoehkaL 

rfr'— €«^', whether— or. Mt. § 617. 5 ; S. ^ 236. N. 8. »y» leferB to 

AdoUo. ye gives emphasis to the pronoun. S. $ 68. N. 8. •^x«Aiit is 

the KcniUve of cause. K. $ 278. f ; SI $ 194. 1. oT n^y (Epic for fT m) 

ILIAD 1. 499 

-jfodXcroi. Supply (tkotfuv or •wttpwy^ou^ to see if by any means he may 

be waUng. Cf. K. § 34-1. R. 9; Rost § 121. N. 8; S. ^ 215. N. 0. a. 

Ktntnnit — iamduras. For tho genitive after verbs of participation, cf. Mt. 
^828.6; 8.(191.2. In prose, verbs of meeting and approaching are usually 

fdlofwed by the dative. Cf. K. § 278. R. 9. b. In Wolf's edition a comma 

is placed after cb^i^ar, which I have erased, as itfivweu depends on /So^Xrrm 

(for jMXifrai). rtXtlav, i. e. without any blemish. Some find a 

tmesSa in kah — Sifivyai. 

68, 89. ^o(, therij like fil¥ is responded to by 8i in the next clause. 

6f, thus. JcoT* Ap* tCero, he then sat down. For this use of Upa, see N. 

on T. 806. TOio-i 5* Mtmi. See N. on v. 58. tx' (for *X«)i h /«^i 

«iualiflefl tipurros. 

70-73. g8ij, Epic pluporf for 0€i. S. <> 129. 2. rd r' fSjrra, 

tk§ jprestniy the future^ and the past. irp6 r* i6trra] literally, those things 

f^deh have gone before. yiiea-ir* ^rffitrar \ VThilo tho Grecian fleet lay 

at Anlis, a prodigy appeared, which Chalcas interpreted fevorably, and 
thus encouraged tho army to proceed. He was virtually, therefore, the 

leader of the expedition. Cf. 2. 800. "lAio^ cftnw, to Itivm, "all the 

way to Ilium." Felton. ^y 9ih fiatrroa^vTiy denotes the means by 

by "wbleh Chalcas exercised a controlling influence over the expedition. ^^ 

is a poneadvB pronoun. r^r=fip. See N. on rrfr, v. 80. <npip, 

Epic for tfifin, 8. § 78. iC^poy4»Vf weJl-disposed. Nitzsch (ad Odys. 2. 

160) sayi that it denotes kindness combined with intelligence. ayopfi- 

ffcrro jcol furdtarwrf harangued them and said = addressed them as follows. 

74-79. fLv^ffo/f^u, to explain^ interpret. m^wi', i. e. the cause of the 

anger. Ijcony/Bc^^ao, Epic for ^K(trnPe\4rov (S. ( 44) for iKrifi6\os. See 

N. on T. 96. : rotydpy therefore. ip4(0 for ipu. S. $ 119. N. 1. trb 8i 

v^pjH* (fbr evp^v, 2 aor. impcr. mid. 2 sing, of ovvridTifii), but do you attend. 

ff^r&co, ac ^p€ai. ttfioenroy for i/xoffop. This doubling of consonants for 

the sake of metre is too common to require further notice. Ij fih 

(=/d(F), tnUy. c^^fir depends on 6fioa-(rov, and its subject is omitted, 

because it is the same with that of the verb on which it depends. Hence 
wp6fpvp {^=:promptly) is put in the nominative by attraction with tho sub- 
ject of ifUMTirow. Butt. § 142. 2. a; K. § 807. 4; S. ^ 222. 8. b. yi^ in 

9 yif (.for truly) introduces the reason why tho prophet might need the 

piotectioii of Achilles. xo^»^^/*«»') Epic for xoA-(^<reir. S. § 118. 6. For 

the omission of the subject, see N. on ctp^^eir. fi(ya .... KparUi^ who 

koUb povjerful sway over aU the Greeks. S. § 189. Heyne remarks : " Aiglvi 
rant, qui c^ns regno subsunt ; Achivi (*Axaiol) totus exercitus, cui tanquam 

rammiis dux imperat." Cf 2. 684. ol = f. The repetition of the relative 

inroooan, when the verbs of two clauses require diffferent cases, is frequently 
EToided by omitting the relative in the second clause, or employing, in place 
of tbfe second relative, a demonstrative or personal pronoun. Cf K. § 834 
1 ; Bntt. $ 143. 7. 

500 NOTES. 

80-83. Kpeitracop In reference to the means of revenge. St€ xc^ctm 

(i. e. x^^^vrcujj wlienever he is angry. This supplemental proposition ii 
indefinite, and takes the suhjunctive because the antecedent is indefinite 
(S. % 217. 2). Had Uv been added (cf. v. 128), the clause would have been 
conditional to the principal proposition, Kpela-truv yap fiaa-t\€6s. CC Rost 

§ 121. N. 1. x^RVh inferior, is opposed to Kpelaraav, cfircp, even if. 

The apodosis begins with oAAcf tc Kot, but yet. t^ is added to both 

clauses, in order to mark more strongly the antithesis which exists in Um 

members. Cf. Jelf 's Kuhn. § 755. 2. 7€ imparts emphasis to x^^^i 

and Kol to aifTTJfjLap. Opposed to avrrj/xap is fifr6rrta^€y in the next line. 

KoToy, grudge. 6<ppa rsKfcari (sc. k6tov), untU he shall have acam- 

plished it, i<ppa with the aorist subjunctive denotes an object aimed at^ K. 

\ 337. 6; Jelf's Kiihn. § 841. 2. iv arii^i<rcnv kotffi, (for ois) is to bo 

taken with exci k^top, ippda-ai, consider. eX (whether. S. ^ 215. N. 6) 

fit ircu&ffeis if Agamemnon shall be enraged at me. ct denotes a twofold 
question, whether— or not, Cf. Jelf's Kuhn. § 877. b. 

84-91. 8*, then, on the other hand. ^€<nrp6viov, ike oracle; litemDjr, 

something shown forth by the gods. Cf. Butt. Lexil. No. 64. #6 . . . . 

*A7f6\\ava, no, by Apollo, ou /tick is employed in negative,, and nd fUi in 

affirmative propositions. Cf. Mt. § 605 ; S. ^ 183. ^t€ limits c^^^^w, 

which participle denotes cause or means. See N. on v. 7. Kd\x^ ^ 

the vocative of KdUxas. S. § 50. 1. Zenodotus wrote KcUxa. ov in 

oijTis is an emphatic repetition of ov in v. 86. i/jL€u (uyros, wkUe J live. 

This genitive absolute denotes time. K. § 312. 4. a ; S. ^ 226. This expres- 
sion is rendered more vivid and emphatic by Scpico/icvoio, while I see=bekdd 
the light. Prof. Felton rightly takes ^1 in a local sense, while I live and soe, 

upon the earth. a-ol — fiapcias x^H*^^ ivoifffi, shaU lay heavy hands upm^ JK» 

= shall do you violence. Aayaay is the genitive of the whole after 9frtt. 

ovB* ^v (i. e. iiy), not even if. The subjunctive shows that the ooodi" 

tion is uncertam, although regarded as possible. The apodosis oSns .... 

AavoMv takes the indicative to denote what is certain. K. ^ 339. n. h. • 

*Ayafjit/iPova follows eftrp j as the accusative of person, the verb beixig fol- 
lowed generally by the accusative of the thing spoken. €£ 2. 69, 156; 

Jelf's Kuhn. § 583. 68. voWhv tpurros. See N. on tx * (ifnfrrt, T. Ml 

eSx^^ai elKoi {professes to be)= ^<rr«, since Nestor uses the same 

sion in 2. 82, where, as Emesti remarks, it would not comport with his olj^ecAk 
to attribute to Agamemnon a false pretension to superiority, which ArhiP^ 
is thought by some to do in these words. 

92-95. T($Tf 84 then indeed. oi^' 6p*, not tJuen. 6pa refen tolba 

erroneous idea as to the cause of Apollo's anger, contained in thb qmttitm 
of Achilles (v. 65), and repeated in tifx^^^vs ivifi4fitf>€rcu in this imm. Ct 
Jelf's Kiihn. ( 787. 2. c. Trollope supposes that it denotes a conseqaBBDe of 

ix\* €V€K* .... irotpa, the clauses being inverted. $y* refers to ApoQo 

Cf. V. 75. 

ILIAD I. 501 

96-100. nvtfrcic* (i. e. rod ey^Ko) 6p*, on this account Vien, ipct, whes 
emj^oyed in explanation or illustration, is called &pa expliciiavum ; wlien in 
aentences denoting the consequence, it is styled ipa condusivum. Cf. Jclf > 

KQhn. $ 789. a. 'Eict^iSbAos, Far-darter , an epithet of Apollo. ^5 

in Sc^rc, and he will still send them. irply — wpluj before that. In proso 

vp\p is commonly preceded by xp^r^poy or irpStr^ey. S. $ 220. 2. Xoifioio 

.... &^ci, f9t22 ke restrain his heavy hands from the pestilence. Some trans- 
late, hands heavy with the pestilence (xe^cf \oi/uS5c<f , manus pestHentes). 

9Sfi€pai (2 aor. Infin. act. for Zovyat. S. ^ 132. 6) is put in the infinitive 
after rpb^j to denote a conceived limitation of" time, not independent but 
sabcmlinate to the principal clause. Cf K. ^ 837. 9. c ; S. ^ 223. 3. The 
aorist is here nsed, because the speaker refers to the future event as though 
it had already taken place. Cf K. § 256. 4. f avrhy referring to Agamem- 
non is to be supplied with ^Sficvai. i\tK(&iriia, " having glancing or roll- 

ML^ eyes, a mark of spirit and youthfhl fire." Smith's Cms. Lex. Others 
render it black-eyedj that being esteemed a trait of beauty among the 
orientals. — &irpuEnjy, iLydfrotyoy, unbo7ightj unransomed. Crusius remarks 
that the former of these words denotes, without a ransom demanded^ the 
latter, wiihe^ the acceptance of any offered reward. — - refrc .... ireir/- 
hoxyMf (£plc for vt^oiftcy), then by having propitiated (see N. on ipla-ayrfj 
V. 6) him (thus) we may perchance persuade him to remove the evil. The 
aorist IB here nsed, because the animation of the speaker leads him to 
view the thing spoken of, as already accomplished. Cf K. § 257. 

101-106. ^i—U. See N. on v. 68. chpvKptloay. Cf 2. 108, 576- 

580. — fi4y(os .... trifiirXayr^ (for iirlfxirXayro), and his dark said was 
muek JUled with wrath (S. § 200. 3). <t>p€V€s &fjupifi€\aiyeu, literally. Aw black 
dtaphragm. The ancients supposea the diaphragm or midriff to be the 
seat Off thought and of the passions. When the mind was inflamed with 
anger, thb veins became swollen and dark with blood, and hence it received 

the epithet here given it. ofupt/i^Kaiyat, black all around (=: entirely 

black), shows, therefore, the violence of the king's anger. Other explana- 
tions of this epithet have been given. oi in ttrae i4 ol is the dative 

emfdoyed for the possessive genitive (S. §201. 5) = 6<ra'€ ain-ov. Cf K. 
$ 818. R. 2. This dative also may be referred to that, in reference to or in 
prawncip of which an action is performed. In this case it is to be con- 

Itnicted with iticrrty. Cf K. § 284. (10). \an'ir€T6<avri, shining, a pro- 

tacted form (S. § 11. 8) of the defective participle Xafurerwy {-dtoy). Cf 

Soph. Gr. Verbs, p. 184. ^.crrjyj 3 dual pluperf for i^Ktirnv (from 

i&of), with the signification of the imperfect. Cf Butt. Ir. Verbs, p. 81 ; 

Soph. Gr. Verbs, p. 131. KoAxo»h-o depends on irpoffteiircy. The 

asyndeton is expressive of the hasty and violent anger of the king. — 

vpdrtora, first of all, is a poetic superlative. ndK* oaraSfieyos, looking 

fiercely (literally a'lV), "with threatening look" Voss. " On Chalcas lower 

602 NOTES. 

1*71^." Cowper. Some render it presaging i.lj but this is implied \n tkc 
more literal interpretation. Cf. Butt. LexiL No. 86. 

106-108. fxdvrt KuKwyj prophet of cvUss i. e. announcer of evil tldingH. 
Reference is had among other things, perhaps, to the unwelcome predky 
tion of Chalcas, that ten years would be spent in the seigo before Troy 
would be taken. The sacrifice of Iphigenia is supposed by some to be 

alluded to, but that story was the invention of a later age. ov vi^«t«, 

never yet. tcSt^ limits the time expressed in o0 va to the present. -— — vA 
Kp-fiyvov, the thing which is good or useful, Cf. Butt. LexiL No. 74. in 

respect to the sentiment cf 2 Chron. 18, 7. ro\ — ^ro-l limits ^Uc, 

which, had the impersonal construction been chosen, would have been 
ipl\ov in agreement with fioyrevea^cu the subject of iari. Cf. Mtw § 443. 

1 ; K. § 243. 3 ; S. § 157. d. rik kuk *, those things which are evil, — 

oCtc ri vca — oUr*, never at all — nor. ri in this connection is synecdocliicaL 

S. § 182. ireKiffffas = itrX'liffwffas. " Vatcs ipse dicitur perfican lUi, 

quae eo praedicente evenirent." Bothe. 

109-115. K(d uvtf, Tww also. ivj in^ i. e. in the assembly oC 

^fovpoireuyj explaining omenSj not predicting future everUSy wbich is a boob^ 

unsuited to the context. c^r . . . . cveica, hmo that^ forsooth, beuum tf 

this. 8)) has here its ironical use. Cf Jelf 's Kuhn. ^ 721. 3. rmi* Si 
explained by oHyeK* (i. e. oS ItyeKa, because) .... Zt^our^cu. ■■ m^ffs 
XpvffTftSosj virgin daughter of Chryses. Cf. S. ^ 140. See N. on v. 1& 
Trollope supplies oyrl before this genitive. Cf K. § 276. R. 4 ; S, ^ 20a 4. 

^ircl vo\h fio6\ofiouj since I much prefer. This sense is demanded by 

the antithesis between this and the precedmg sentence. C£l Butt LexiL 
No. 85. In V. 117 it is followed by ^, there being an ellipsis of fiSkXm. 
Cf K. ^ 323. R. 3. Perliaps, however, it would be better to consider the idea 
of comparison, as there communicated to fiov\ofAcu by tho cornxMuratiTe |. 

Cf Butt. ^ 149. 7. Kcd ydp ^, for indeed now^ is confirmatoiy of iHut 

IS expressed in iirtl .... Ilx^ty. Kovpt^lris kK6xov, lawful wife, in oppo- 
sition to a conoubme or wife of inferior order. Cf 19. 298, wbere Bii«yi 
refers to the p/omise of Patroclus, that she should be tho wodded or 
lawful wife of Achilles, although she was even then his wife in the toww 

sense. e^^cy, Epic for ol (S. § 78) = ean^s referring to ClytemnMtra 

and depending on xcpe^»v. S. § 19J?. 1. oh (=x=o(nr€) — oM — olPr'- 

neither — and not — rwr — nor. For ttie use of these negatives in 
containing subdivisions or explanations, cf Jelf 's Kfibn. % 776. Oha. 4 

Sc/ta; refers to the form or figure, and ^lAiv to those general chanv 

which combine to form a beautiful woman. These nonns are aocovatfvw 

synecdochical. otfr* ilp, not at all. -^-^^ if>p4vat denotes mental and 

ipya personal accomplishments, such as music, skiU in embioldciy and 
irorks of the loom. 

116-120. &\Acb icol fiy, but even ihiis, i. e. notwitlistanding she is ttms 

ILIAD I. 603 

accom p lMhed. Ufuycu vdKiu=iaroiowaL riy*, this at least. 74 

limits the assertion to tho thing here spoken of, and r^ refers to the 

restoiation of ChrysAis. fiov?ion* ixoA«r;^«, for J laish mypeopU 

to be safe ratAer Oan to perish. See N. on v. 112. timtwi, Epic for cTmu. 
S. % 134, — a^hp (Epic for a,rip\ outj however^ denotes a transition 

T^of refers to the booty wliich fell to the chiefs. 6^pa=^Ua. 

mV-*» (Epic for S). Cf. S. % 229. 2. titos 'A^tlmw, the only 

one of ike Greeks, Tho genitire is partitive. ioucw is here used 

impersonally, it is l^eJUting^ proper, r^ is explained by S /m« 

i\^p, in which ^ has the sense of Ifrt, and fyx^'rai lUX);, " is going 

elmoAeres=is passing from one to another." Felton. For this local sense 
ariAAp, cC Jelf 's Kuhn. G06. Obs. 6. 

121-126. wMpiais^ivdSas oucvst v. 58, inasmuch as swiftness of foot 
is closely allied to strength of foot, which is the etymological signification 

of woSdpKtis, — -— ^lAorreoyc^arc TrJurruPf most avaricious of all, ykp 

m vms yhtp implies an ellipsis: (this cannot be) for how. To tho negative 
•A /lir in this omitted clause, Trollope says that ov^ in tho following 
line reflbrs. Some prefer to take 7^ in its strengthening sense, how then, 
— — ««<* in «»» ^/Acr, we no longer any where know. Kdppen reads oM 
ri «w, necdwn. tBfity is put for ftr/icv, and that by syncope for lo-a/icy. 
— — (w^te (for {vyfia), puMic properly ^ common stores. From these a gift 
iroakl have to be selected for Agamemnon, unless some one of the chiefs 
was deprived of his share. — '— rit fihtf .... S^Scurroi, what things we have 

phndered from cities^ these have been divided. rh. fjXv^-rk = & fihf — 

remm. See Ns. on vs. 9, 86. The relative clause is placed first for tho 
sake of emphasis Cf. S. ^ 173. For the anastrophe of r|, cf S. ^ 231. 

126-129. hMohs (see N. on v. 10) is the subject of ivaytipuy^ and 

boUi form tho sulject of hr4ouc€. waXlX^joya, collected again for a 

second distribution. So Emesti explains : omnia ilerum in unum conferre^ 

iU mlia denuo portione dispertiantur. de^, i. e. according to the will 

Oif tho god (viz. Apollo). irp^f, imperat. 2 aor. of irpotrifu. S. ^ 124. 

— mi^kp denotes transition, but (as to the reward). aX k4 wo^i {if 

ever) — 8#« (Epic for Jy). See N. on v. 80. Tpoiriv is taken as an 

■cyective by Nitzsch , ^ Tpo(a (sc. 7^) is put for the name of the country. 

131. ti^ I' «vr«f, not thus. dya^Ss irep it&y^ although you are very 

(vfjp. Jelf 's Ktihn. ^ 734. 2. 1) bravCj i. e. your bravery will not assist you 
to overreach me in this matter. Fof this concessive use of the participle, 
ef.E.(312.4.-R. 8; S. ( 225. 6. Prof. Felton translates: brave as you are^ 
i. e. it is unbecoming a brave man to attempt to obtain an undue advan- 
tage. But this comports less with the imgovemablo rage of the king, 

which would not permit him to reason or expostulate. K\4im v6tp^ 

yradise not (jiii) deceit; cherish not deception in the soul." Smith's Cms. Lex. 
w6^ is the local dative. S. ^ 204 ov iraptXfvdtcu, you will not over- 

504 WOTES. 

reach me. Similar to this is the expression in vulgar use, yon carCt caju 
over me. 

133, 134. o(pp* is here a particle of time, whilst. Its usual reuder- 

ing that, is in this place erroneous. avrhs is in apposition with tha 

omitted subject of ^XV^- ^' ^) 1^^- ^- ^- """" awrcip. Bothe finds an ana- 
coluthon in this line, regularity of construction demanding i^dK^is owris 
t^x^iv ycpas. But there is no necessity for this, as aurhp is employed to 

mark more strongly the antithesis, in the sense of on the contrary. 

djTws, indifferently J carelessly. Some take it in the sense of oSh-^r, but I 

think the usual signification giv.en it conforms better to ^tr^ai. {eu^ 

vov THY prize. te in KcAecu 8^ is an emphatic connective. 

135-140. aAA* 6t iikv 9(&aov(ri k. t. X. There is an ellipsis of the »po- 
dosis KdKm Hx^i, which a gesture or tone of the speaker would readily 
suggest to the mind, and which is implied in the contrast of the twc 
conditional clauses. Cf. K. § 340. 2. c ; Mt. ^ 617. a. Butt. (^ 161. V. 2) 
refers this aposiopesis to the first of the conditional clauses beii^ of 
such comparatively trivial importance, that the speaker hunki on ic 

the second as alone worthy of special attention. Spa-con-es icaHk ft«^« 

fitting it (i. e. the present) to my mind^ i. e. making it satisfactoiy.-— 
hvr&iiov (sc. T^j Koitpus. S. § 200. 4) agrees with yipas to be 8iip|i&ed 

from the preceding clause. ct 8c kc {=^4hv 8i) responds to el ^ in 

the preceding line. elf xe, with the subjunctive, is a milder cxpreaioa 

of the condition, than el with the future. Cf. Mt. § 623. 1. fy^ 

€\ufiai, I myself will take it. The subjunctive in the Epic dialect, ia often 
employed with or without &y, for the future indicative. K. ^^ 269. R. 4; 
260. 3. c; Butt. ^ 139. 1. 4; S. ^ 215. N. 4. dh=^on the contrary, inamiiich 
as it follows a hypothetical protasis. In 6. 146 S^ has a similar advena* 
tive force after a comparative protasis. Cf. Jelf 's Kuhn. ^ 770. 1, a (a). 

f) Tidy, either thine. Atcan-o?, i. c. Ajax Telamon, next to AcfaiDet 

the bravest of the chiefs. Cf. 2. 768. 1) 'OivtrTJos (sc. y4pms) l|» 

k\d>v, or seizings I will lead away that (viz. the prize) of Ulysses. Tbk 
chief signalized himself at the seige of Troy for his prudent counsels and 
inventiv0 resources (cf Odys. 3. 121). Agamemncm shows his imperiooi- 
ness, in thus threatening by name the most distinguished leaden in the 
army. The repetition in tXv/xai — Uay — i^w ixi»f is well salted to tba 

excited state of the speaker's mind. jc^y stands here with ««xoA4(««nB 

(ftit. pass, as fut. mil.), because the proposition is dependent upon tht 
conditional clause, 5y k€p Uvfuu (=^ rtva Uwfuu. K, ^883. 8; Bait 
^ 123. 2; S. ^ 217. 2). hw depends on M or vp^r nnderstood, or k tbe 
terminal accusative. icol ah-is, at another time^ hereafter, 

141-147. vvv 8', frye, hut now come on, Z* is hero a particle of toaaa- 

ition, and iiye is hortatory. fi4\atvw. This epithet was giv«B to tlie 

ship, either from the color which wood receives ft-om its exposure to wind 
and water, or from the pitch with which the ship was anointed. 

IL1A0 1. 505 

h6tnniiw. Epic for ip6<rt9fi(p. Cf. Bntt. ^ 104. 15. So m hrftipoyitp and 
Mofitr (vs. 142, 143), the connecting vowel is sliortencd for the sake of 
the metre. Cf S. ^ 118. 4. The subjunctive is here used for the impera- 
tive. S. $ 218. 2. As the ancients drew their ships up on the 8ho;-o 
(cf 1. 486), previous to sailing they had to launch them into the sea. 

Iaa Smt. The sea was called divine^ doubtless on account of its 

vastneBS. " Mare magnum^ nam omnia magna sunt divina." Heyne. 

is 9* ,. . . ipftipofUPt ^"^ ^^ ^^ collect rowers into it in suitaUe nvmAers. ft. 
Epic fbr c£r, is usually considered as disjoined from iey^tpo/up by tmesis. 

But see N. on t. 89. Butt. (Lezil. No. 61) reganls iwtrriS4tj as an 

adverb composed of M with a case of the demonstrative pronoun B9t, 
^j i^Sf, with tibe sense, as is necessary for that thing=as many as a/re 

proper, Cf. Odys. 16. 28. hf—fiii<rofitp, let us cause to embark. For 

this causative use of the aorist of fiafim, cf Butt. ^ 114. B ; S. ^ 133. B. 

^— cjf =Wf, some one, Vx^* is t^ predicate. — pouKrftpSpos. 

None but kings or independent chieftains met in such councils as this. 
— — ISoficw^, Idomeneus, was king of Crete, and one of the oldest and 
most distinguished chiefs. Cf 2. 646 ; 3. 230. Here again Agamemnon 
imperioudy asserts his power to send any one of these great chieftains 

on thie proj^tiatory errand to Apollo. See N. on v. 138. ^inrcryA^ar', 

most dremdfidy terrible. This word seems to include neither praise nor 
blame. Cf Uddell and Scott. Those who regard it as an epithet of 
praise, consider it as here spoken ironically. But cf 18. 170, where Juno 

addresses AciuBes with this same epithet. jj^iy, for t«, is the dat. 

commodi. See N. on 1. 89. 'EKdfpyoy. See N. on *Eierifi6xosy v. 96. 

-— — fiultf'tf'cac for bAff<rnai. ^c|af denotes means. See N. on ipU 

0)vr«, ▼. 9. 

148-163. ^<(3p« IUp, looHng fiercely. & futt (S. ^ 201. C) " indig- 

iiBnUs est" Bothc. &nuSc(i}y iittttfiei^ (from hnivwfu for lipimntfu), 

dothed in impudence. For the construction, cf S. ^^ 184. 1 ; 177. 3. 

icep9a\*6^pew. See N. on ^iXofrrcayc^arc, v. 122. rot — ^ttriv^ thy 

vords. See N. on S^a-t ol, v. 104. wti^rirat is called by Kuhncr 

(( 269. 1. b) the deliberative subjunctive, i. e. it expresses deliberation 

as to what the individual ought to do. Cf Jelf 's Ktthn. ^ 417. 

'Ax«dr depends on rls. &^¥ i\^4fAtyau (Epic for ixdtiy) is usually 

tnoriated, to make an ambuscade, the \6xo¥^* Uvsu in v. 227 being 
ooMidered its equivalent. I prefer, however, with Voss, Bothc, and 
Crurios, to give it the more literal significatiou, to go on a journey, either 
fyr plunder, or on some embassy or mission. Cf Odys. 3. 316. In this 
■ense, it stands opposed more naturally to iufBpdffty (S. ^ 202. 1) 2i^c M^X^ 

wbtu in the next clause. For the accusative, cf S. ^ 181. 2. yiip in 

o6 yiip implies an ellipsis: (how can you expect obedience from the 
Crreeks, since you requite so ill those who came here for your sake alone)j 
for I did not come here, etc. alxitr/irawv, literally, those who handU 


606 NOTES. 

spears. Butt. (^ 84. IV. 3) regards the termination out, as one of the nuxtf 

ancient forms of the genitive plural. fiaxw^f^^vos. See N. on A^ 

ttCKOf , V. 13. ivel .... ctViv (" since they are not guiUy towards mt/' 

Felton), i. c. since they have done me no wrong. Some take /xoi in tie 
sense of in my opinion. Cf. Jelf 's Kiihn. ^ 600. 1. 

154r-157. ov yap trd^iroT*, for never, yhp explains and confirms hn 

.... eiffly. ifji^s .... Xincovs. The most frequent causes of war, i» 

earlier and ruder times, were inroads for plunder made by chiefs upon eicb 
other's territory, at which time cattle and horses were driven away, cnp 
destroyed, and sometimes towns and villages pillaged and burnt Sack 
expeditions were not deemed dishonorable. Cf. Thucyd. I. 5. § 1. — li 
^^ifft in Phthia. This was the chief city of the Myrmidons in Theadjoi 
the river Sperchius. It was the residence of Peleus. Sometimes it is tiken, 

as here, for the country around Phthia. iBriK'ii<T(un'*=ifik&B^. ficboL 

— ^€i^ (for ivci ^), since. oi/pca refers to the mountains in Mk^ 

donia and Thrace, lying between (/ieTa|i») Phthia and Troy. — wirfrri. 
This epithet refers to the dark appearance of mountains oofwod with 
dense forests. —— ^ J^cUatro-a, i. e. the ^gean sea. 

158-162. ^(AXa coi. The pronoun retains its accent, beciON H ii 

emphatic. o/a* {= tecum) gives emphasis to i(nr6/A§^\ •^— X"^- 

The subjunctive here follows a verb of past time, but which denatei 
action continued to the time of the speaker. Cf Mt. (518. 4; iH^ 

( 122. II. N. 4; S. ^ 212. N. McveXdv depends upon ri;&V VV>^ 

{seeking requital), as the dat. commodi. See N. on v. 89. S<»ne icfts 
rifi^if to the honor of Menelaus, which had been wounded in the abdafi- 
tion of Helen. hpvifk%¥oi is here used de conMu. Zenodotna wnM 

i^>v6fi€P0Sf referring the participle to Agamemnon alone. jcvwrcl 

shameless; literally, dog-eyed. The Homeric chieftains were not very 
refined in their expressions of wrath. — wp6s, from, K. ( 288. 1. 1. 

T«y o&Ti fierarp^, about which things you hoKe fio concern. 8. i IW. 

abrhs is to be taken with wpcupi^a^arbai. See N . on irp^^pmwj r 77. 

f Hm anastrophe for ^</>' f. S. (§281. N. 2; 83. 2. «^V li 

properly the cognate accusative after ifi^aa, but i<i employed adw^ 

ially. Jelf's Kohn. ((563; 648. f; S. ((181. 2; 185. 2. SJm. K. 

By. Cf N. on o/, v. 79. vUs *Axaiwp=oi "EAAijircy. 

168-168. od— ir^c, never. See N. on v. 106. ir»>— 7<r»» 7^. 

). e. y4pas Itrov vol, a reward equal id thine. ffdi=y4pf (rou, TbiB cooh 
parison of the attribute of one object with another object is called tMmpt 

ratio compendaria. Cf K. ( 828. R. 6; S. ( 202. N. 1. Tp^mw alfw^ 

fjLcvop xro\(fdpoy does not refer to Troy itself, but to any of tim dticf te 
the Trojan country. Cf 9. 828. TroUope contends that tirii pbraae 
always refers to Troy, and that the verb after imr^' desiginitet fctnra 

action. &XA^, notrnthstanding. ii\p in rh iih irXcibr (w. nfy^) 

makes this an independent clause, in contrast with what fblknri. It 

ILIAD 1. 507 

may he xenderedi however, as a subordinate clause, while my Aanda 
perform iie greater portion of the fierce battle, but when a division (of the 
spoil) comes, by far the greater prize fails to you, Cf. Jelf 's Kfllm. 
4 764. e. rh y^pas, " the weU^known prize which the victor receives.*' 
Mt. § 264. 2. rh is employed here as the true Attic article. See N. 

on v. 11. <^Xo¥ what there is of it, or in the absence of a moro 

valuable prize. Mi» KtKdfiu (2 aor. Epic of icd/t^ 'rok€fii(uy, when 

I am wearied with fighUng, For the subjunctive after Mtw to denote a 
present or future action frequently repeated, cf. Mt. ^ 521 ; K. ^ 337. 6, 
For the iMurtidple denoting the way, means, or manner, c£ K. ^ 310. 4. c ; 
Butt ^ 144. 2. 

168-171. ditt has a future signification. S. ^ 211. N. 4. ^blnvi*. 

SL % 134. 8. — -» ip4pr€poy than to stay with Agamemnon. iarir has 

lor its subject oUai* .... Kop^vioiv in the next line. Thiersch, both here 
udin V. 179, would read ^vy after y, as vk combine a more sonorous pro- 

mmdation. oM o* . . , . iupi^riv, nor do I purpose, while here dishonored 

(see N. on iuyrot, v. 88), to heap up wealth and riches for you. This inter* 
pretation, which makes o-* stand for o-ol (dat. commodi) elided before 2tv, 
comparts better with wvp V tliu *^iiipl\ than the one that makes ir' (i. e. 
(T^) the sulgect of kp^luv, (which in that case ought to have been &^^c- 
vS^ai^ or that which, by an anacoluthon, makes &'y|ior ^^i' (=Sri/ioy 
idrra) redet to Agamenmon. " &Tifios est AchiUes, pra^mio orbatus, quod 
est Ti/i^j y^P^t injuria ajfectus, per totum carmen." Heyne. 

173-177. /wiA.* strengthens 4>c07c, fly by aU means. roi. See N. 

on •!, V. 104. ^«7«, lot least, whatever others may do. yt has a simi- 
lar emphatic force in cfwiyt below. irdp* for wdpcta-i. S. ^ 234. d. ■ 

JUXm chiefs. xh in ot k4 fie rifi-ficrawri implies a condition, who will 

kanor m« if an occasion ofifers (K. ^ 333, R. 1). To supply the condition 
in such cases, would often destroy the delicate shade of indefiniteness 
conveyed in the original. Butt. (^ 139. II. 3. 1) attributes to tir a softening 
influence in respect to the affirmation of things future. There is no essen- 
tial difierence between this and the explanation of Ktihner. fjnrrlera, 

ElHO for firrrifrns. — Auyrp€tl>€wv, Jove-nourished. Kings were regarded 
as deriving their power and dignity from Jupiter. yap refers to 

178-181. »oi}, doubtless, "somehow." Felton. r6y* refers to cl 

.... ifffl. oUaZ* liau — &inM'<r€=go home and rule. The action 

expressed by the participle, must often bo conceived of as one with that 
of the verb following, and in such cases may be frequently rendered by 

the English verb. Cf. Butt. § 144. N. 3. For the construction of 

H»piuZ6P€<r(rty tvcuroe, cf S. ^ 189. N. Kiihncr (Jelf's edit. §605. 3) 
ranks this with the local dative. Rost (§ 108. N. 2) says that hvdffirew, in 
Ihe signification to cormMmd^ to order^ is joined with the dative, in the 
signification to be master or lord, with the genitive. Tlie Myrmidons were 

508 NOTES. 

an Achaean people in Thessaly tinder the dominion of Acldlles, whom 

they accompanied to the Trojan war. ci^ev (Epic for crow. See N. on 

V. 114). a\€yiCu,. S. § 194. 1 ; K. ^ 274. 1. b. oW 6Sfoficu Kvri- 

otnos (sc. eov), nor do I trouble mi/self about you (=your) being angry. — 
iiTruXiiata Se roi c&Se. The threat is contained in the following lines. S9t 

is opposed to oUad* in v. 179. us, since. iupaipctrat has two 

accusatives. S. § 184. 1. t^v fi^y iyii> .... v€fvpu = while I sendatcaf, 

etc. See N. on fAcr, v. 165. k* &7fl». See N. on e\»/iaf, v. 187. Tho 

nature of the subject will show why vefvpu, denoting a positive assertion, ii 
employed in one clause, and the subjunctive denoting a conditi<Hi in tbe 
other. Rost (^ 120. 5. b) gives to the subjunctive here the shade, it vH 
happen thai I will take, etc. BpitrntSa, Brisdis. According to the Schol- 
iast, her name was Hippodamia. Achilles received her as his portion of 

the spoils taken at Lymissa. Sec N. on 2. 589. t2» ahtf yipaa ii in 

apposition with BpierTjiSa. The article belongs to ahv {=thal loUci if 

thiiU). Cf. S. ^ 158. 2 (end). t(^p* denotes the end or poipan. 

This is called its telic {rtXtKus) sense. When it denotes resoH) ft ^ 

called ecbatic {iKfiarucws). fi<ra-ou, how much, strengthens the oooipink- 

tive. K. ^ 239. R. 2. a^^y (see N. on v. 180) depends on t^r^*** 

5. ^ 198. 1. Kol &Wos is opposed to cv, the omitted subject ol aiji= 

not only you^ but anther too. Taop ifiol <f)d(r^ou, to say thai he is egidU 

mes or as Trollope renders, to caU himself my equal. The next dauae ii 
still stronger, icoi . . . . &yri;y, or place himself in comparison with Ml. 
Jktrrt^if (adv. kmX) implies open comparison, or that which results fitn 
placii^ the objects face to face. SfAotu^fi^vai is middle in sense. 

188-192. niyXcW*, the son of Peleus. For the form of this patro- 
nymic, cf. S. % 140. For the dative, cf. S. % 201. 3. ol ^rop. See N. 

on ol, V. 104. ar^^eco'ty Xnaloio'i is the local dative. S. ^ 204i 

Hairy breasts were considered a mark of strength. Cf. 2. 851. 

fifpfiiipi^etf — ^ — avaurrftartiay. In deliberative questions, the optative is em- 
ployed after an historical tense, when the statement in the suboidinate 
clause is to be considered as that of the person spoken of. Cf. K. % 841. 

6. See N. on vc^^rrrai, v. 150. tyt. The subject being changed ftom 

^rop (v. 188), the pronoun is employed to bring it distinctly forward. CL 

Telf 's Kuhn. % 655. Obs. 2. roht fihp refers to the chiefs sitting around 

Agimemnon. In the next clause, we should have expected *Arpc(^ S/, 
but Achilles in 6 B* {he himself) is opposed to the chieftains referred to ii 

rohs fily. ayaor^^cicv, should disperse by arousing them ttcfnx thfilr 

seats. In rushing towards Agamemnon, Achilles would cause to sUtri «f 
((he literal meaning of Ai^atrr^o-ctcy) the chiefs who sat arotmd hhn. Some 
render should excite to rebellion. But the fiiry of Achilles would damind 
Immediate vengeance, while the stirring up of rebellion would be too ikyw 
a revenge for his wounded feelings, and inconsistent "vvith his ungOTCtnabk 
temper. . 

ILIAD f. 509 

198-201. i in Iwf 6 is rendered emphatic by its poeition where a long 

syllable is required. Cf. 9. 892. ^p4tnt has reference to the mind or 

under :Umdingy ^fiSuj to the sotd or heart considered as the seat of the 
emotions. Render : while he was revolving these things in his mind and 
keart==vhdle he was vacillating between the dictates of prudence and passio-n, 
A. writer in Blackwood's Magazine for May, 1816, thus renders it: 

** But M Iw Btniggled with thought and the burning confnaion of impulM." 

— €^Ke^Of was beginning to draw (cf. S. ^ 211. N. 12). ITia passions were 

getting the better of his judgment 8* before 'Ad^rq is antithetic, 

and does not respond to 8c, which answers to /iir implied in the preceding 
line, and connects cXiccro with Spfuurt. — —* ^/bwi, alike^ to the same degree. 

In 6. 535, 6fjMs is followed by the dative. ^uKdovera, because she loved. 

S. ( 225. 4. ^cof^ris KOfi^s is the genitiyo of the part taken hold of. 

8. 4 192. 2. o2y <p<turofi4prj, appearing to him alone. fitrh — irpdwtr * 

by tmesis for fierarpdwfr '. 9uyii> ^iav^tp, for {Z\) her eyes 

(aocordiqg to some his eyes) shone terrible (== terribly). So Felton with 
Heyne. Some render terrible to him (i. e. to Achilles) appeared her eyes. 
This is on the assumption that ^oivw^ou never means to shine, but always 
io appear J wUcfa is not correct, ol tacrt. See N. on v. 104. ^^Juavh^v, Epic 
for i^^dfffft». — ^ lirea irrtpSeirra, winged words, i. e. words uttered with 
rapidity and vehemence. So Cowper : " wUh accents on the wing of haste." 

202-205. r/xr' (i. e. rl'iroT€=why in the world. Felton) oJt*, why 
again?' It is implied that Minerva had before visited Achilles. Trol- 
iope, however, refers aSr * to aSrc in v. 206, to mark a conversation carried 
on by alternate replies. This might have been true, had these words 

stood, the one in v. 206 and the other in v. 215. e4\^\ou;&a$— %, cf. 

Mt.^518.4; R. §5256.2; 330.2; S. §212.2. ^ rSrf, is U that you 

ma/y behold the insolence; " peradventure to 5cc," etc. Smith's Cms. Lex. 

rb tk (i. e. rouro h\) refers to what is contained in the next line. §f 

^€povXlpa't=his acts of insolence. For the plural of abstract nouns, cf. K. 
§ 243. 8 (3). Uv—h\4<r(rxi. See N. on /c* tyw, v. 182. 

206—209. yXavKWKis, having sparkling oir bright eyes. It is generally 
rendered blue-eyed. ^)^ov — irai5<rou<ro. See N. on v. 13. The parti- 
ciple has here a causative sense. ol «6 {whether). See N. on v. 66. 

olpay6d€y follows ^X^ou. 

210-— 214. A^* fyi^os. S. § 197. 2. Personal violence is here referred 
to, tince Achilles, in the following lines, receives permission to reproach 

Agamemnon as he pleases. /tt^Se— cAjceo. S. § 229. 2. &s Hcrtrerai 

rtp, just as it shall be (i. e. as words shall come to you) =J7ist as you please. 
Compare with this advice of the goddess, Luke 6 : 27, 28 ; Rom. 12 : 14. 

— rh . . , . ifrrai, and it shall also be accomplished, not announced merely. 

— fcal before wot^ is to bo constructed with rp\s rScro-a in the sense of 
tve7i, Cf. 9. 121. irore, sometime. v^pios of Agamemnon. — 

510 NOTES. 

fffuif refers to Juno and Minerva. Aristarchos accentnatcs ^fiw. Cf. Bntt 
( 72. N. 6. (9). But if the tone is drawn back, it would be better to 
accentuate ^fiiv. Cf. Butt. 1. c. N. 5. 

216-218. v<f>uir€poy refers in the dual to the above-mentioned divinitiei 

Iiros, monition^ convnumd. ical .... K^xo^a/i^poPy although (see N. 

on V. 131) indeed being very angry aJt heart (see N. on v. 193). Hoogeveen ■ 

Bays that the poets are very fond of disconnecting Kalw€p. &s, tiUu. 

refers to liros ^Iploaaff^ai. &fitivop than to disobey you. The lait 

member <^ the comparison is sometimes omitted, when it can easily be 

supplied by the mind. r* is employed here in the apodosis, to tbaw 

the intimate connection between the clauses, as though the latter (danso 
had been expressed, in part at least, in the protasis. Cf. K. § 821. R 4; 
Mt. § 626 (end). KicXuoy (aorist) ahrou. S. ^ 192. 1. 

219-222. f (imperf. of V0> ^ ^^- ^^ colloquial use, it is written I 

8* Zt. Cf. S. ^ 133. H. Apyup^j? Kdnni. See N. on xpuccy «ir?fi 

V. 15. (Tx^e, Epic for Icrx^. Cf. K. § 162. «auX6<Jr, E^ &r 

Ko\e6p, fi{>^tp. See N. on ftroy, v. 216. PefiriK^i. The pb^eifect 

is employed here to denote the suddenness of her dexxartnre, dk had 
(rone. In such cases as this, it may be translated as an aorist or tai^- 
fect (see N. on 4. 4), the notion of suddenness being mentaUy iditaKd 
in its aoristic sense. Cf. Mt. §505. IV; Butt. §114. B; S. §21L N. 

16. juerA Zaifjunms tKKovs refers here to the abode of the gods (L e. 

Olympus), inasmuch as Jupiter and the other divinities, were at fUi 
time feasting with the .Ethiopians (cf. v. 423). Toss supposes that tbe 
embassy to Chryses (v. 808), the purification of the army (v. 81$), md 
the sacrifice (v. 316), occupied one day, after which Achilles imj^oicd 
the aid of his mother, and learnt that the gods had departed to SXtit- 
opia. This would x)ermit fivrh haifiovas tXKovs to bo refbrred to the 
gods. But tho most natural inference from vs. 318-821, is that AdiiDes 
was deprived of Bris6is, and called upon his mother for assistance, on 
the same day, in which the quarrel with Agamemnon and its attendiDg 
circumstances took place. 

223. ^^oCt/s. Cf. V. 149 et seq. hrapmipotsy reproachful, Cf. T. 

211. — koHL ofnrot = /col ovk Iti. 

225-230. o^yofiapfSj heavy with wine = drunkard. The chieft WKUb- 
times indulged too freely in intoxicating drink (cf. Odys. 8. IW), 

although drunkenness was considered disreputable. jtuy&s Iptftttr^ 

tx^v. Cf. V. 159. KpaSiiiP 9* 4\d^io, The stag was the ijaibol 

of cowardice. oCrt iror*, never yet (see N. on v. 106), !s to be iMtcn 

with TerATiww 3v/x^ (see N. on v. 193). Aoy. See N. on r. 10. 

x6xovy Uvu, to go on an ambuscade. Tho bravest soId2era were 

selected to lie in ambush. t^tXhkos has the signification of tho 

present ^— t5 . . . . cTkoi, for this (i. e. to go upon an ambuscade) 
appears to be death to you, i. e. you dread it as you would death Itseli* 

ILIAD I. 511 

t^p = l^dmros. The SchoL explains cTScreu by ^ycrai. Butt (Ir. verba, 
p. 79) says, that the Epic middle is used exactly as the Latin verbs apparep 

and videor, ^ is here used ironically (K. § 316. 2). itrrl haa 

aroaip€i&^at for its subject. oa-rif with the subjunctive (cfriy) has the 

senao of si guts. Hence its antecedent is to bo taken as indefinite (S. 
i 217. 2), and fully written would bo 9&pd rivos, ts. Cf. K. $ 831. R. 3. 
For the construction of the omitted antecedent tif^s, cf. S. 4 197. 2. 
SoTus Sorts 69y the modal adverb being frequently omitted after the 

relative. C£ K. % 833. R. 3 ; S. ^ 217. 2. aib^y. " The force of the 

genitive here is, according to Nagelsbach, any thing which, considered from 
pnur point o/iriew, looked at with your eyes^ is offensive" Felton. 

281, 232. lhifAofi6pos ficurtXcbs is the nominative of exclamation. K. 

$ 269. 2 ; S. § 15^ 8. ^ yitp (= othenmse) implies an ellipsis, which 

after Eustathiua is supplied thus by critics: ct fi^ oAtiSokc: i^o-or, ofr 
dMiovfif. As Emesti remarks, this broken and interrupted oration in vs. 
229-282, well becomes the fierce anger of the speaker. Prof. Felton gives 
to i its affirmatory force, and thus supplies the ellipsis hinted at by ydp : 
I Sjpeak to thee boldly^ for most assuredly this is the last time thou shalt injure 
me. But we should have expected in that case the indicative, since fty — 
Xwfiihvoto denotes uncertainty, conjecture, or undetermined possibility. 
K. $ 260. 4 a; S. § 215. 1 (end). Sffraroj the very last time. 

238-239. r« roi 4pia>. Cf v. 204. M is to bo taken in tho 

adverbial sense of in addition to (my words). See N. on v. 39. 

hyttiviuu. Fut. Attic. The Schol. finds a tmesis in iir\—hiu>vyuau, and says 

that iro/iy^yeu is used in affirmative, and i,irofiy6vcu in negative oaths. 

lUyaw ipKOP, For the distinction between solemn oaths and ordinary 
aiBrmations, cC Man. Clas. Lit. p. 418. opKoy is the abstract accusative 

after l/wvfuu, S. ^ 181. 2. yal fid. See N. on v. 80. rS9« <ric^- 

wTfop. The oath was often suggested by the occasion. As this oath was a 
remmcaalaon of service to Agamemnon the gcneral-in-chief, Achilles very 
naturally swears by his sceptre, which was the emblem of regal power. 
For the great variety of objects, by which the ancients were accustomed to 

swear, cf. Smith's Diet. Gr. and Rom. Archajol. pp. 649, 660. olhrorc 

.... ^^ci, shall never put forth leaves and shoots. ixtiBij wpwra, when 

/urst=from the tim>e when first. rofjL-fiv, the stump or trunk left behind; 

Bterally, the part cut off. ictpi, round, about, is here used adverbially. 

— — ydp pa. The ellipsis may be supplied thus : and therefore (it will not 
bad again) for the brass (= the axe). The use of brass in edged instru- 
ments, leads many to suppose, that the ancients possessed some way of 
hardening this compound metal unknown to us. Some have thought that 
iron is referred to, but Crusius remarks that Homer, in several places, has 

careftiUy distinguished between iron and brass. k — 4»uXA.o — ip\oi6v. 

lliis construction is called by Kuhner (§ 266. R. 4) (rxny^^ f o^* ^Aov ical 
r^»f, i. e. the part joined to the whole, in order to limit more strictly the 

5i2 NOTES. 

operation of the verb. Cf. Rost ^104. G; Butt. §151. 5. N. 10; S. 
5 15G. 1. a. Here the action of the verb on I (=o^<J, i. e. trfcri'rrpw) ll 

limited to (pvWa and (p\oi6y. pvy oJre fiiv (Epic for aurb) k, t. A. 

Achilles now speaks concerning sceptres in general, as the badge of 

authority and dignity, pvy is taken by Bothe for rSrc. vUs *Ax«£# 

refers to the princes and chieftains. iy iraXdfi'ps fpopeovai, Thiendi 

(Gram. § 164. 5) suggests iv vaXdfiria'i ^opeovci (trissyllabic by synizesis). 

^iKcurirSXoij judges, is in apposition with vUs *Axaiwp. The judidtl 

power was often lodged with those holding military office. xplhs Ai^, 

by the avihorily of Jupiter (" auctore Jove." Crusius). Cf. Jelf 's Kfihn. 
(\ 638. 1, c. rt; K. § 298. I. c. tlplaTai, Epic for ^pwrai. S. § 132. 2. 

■ ■ 6==0UTUS. 

240—244. 'Axt^^^os is put ifK^ariKccs for tfxov, and depends on w3i 

as genitive of cause. K. § 274. b. vTas limits the direction of tferoi. 

K. §277; S. §186. 1. toTs 8' refers to vTas *Axaiwv. ij(piiupis 

irep, although being grieved. See N. on v. 132. cSr * &Vj Epic for Jror, 

when, is here followed by the subjunctive, the time being reguded 

indefinite. K. § 337. 6. v(p* "Exropos is to be taken with dr^ntntt 

iriirruffi denoting the author. K. § 299. *'EKropos, Hector^ the eldest 

of the sons of Priam, and chief commander of the Trojans and theit iffiiM, 
He is represented as brave, generous, and courteous, an ardent deftodet 
of his country, tender and kind in his domestic relations, and conductiDg 
himself, in almost every instance, in such a way as to command the sym- 
pathy and admiration of the reader. " Hector is in my Judgment the 
most noble and generous character in the Iliad. As a warrior and as t 
man he is far superior to Achilles, to whom in beauty and size he is not 
inferior (cf. 22. 370). Achilles fights with irresistible force as a sfaig^ 
warrior, but Hector fights with the spirit of heroism, and' leads also as 

general the forces of his country." Edppen. <ri» . . . . ^^(cis, you skaU 

gnaio your soul within = you shall be vexed in your inmost souL 

X(iMfi€P05, being enraged at thyself gr*, i. e. Zrij because. Bothe and 

TroUope stand for Sre^n the sense of quandoqiddem. S. § N. on 
6. 126. ov8eV, in no respect. 

245, 246. S>s, thus. Cf. v. 217. irorl (Epic for vpbs) is an adYcrt^ 

denoting more emphatically the terminal fVmction of the dative in 70^, upa% 

the ground. Crusius takes irorl 8^ in the sense of moreover. XP*^^ 

^AoKTi nrarapiLtPOP, See N. on V. 15. 

247-253. Mpw^cpf on the other hand. ifi^pUf began to rage, — " 

To7<ri. See N. on v. 58. N4(rro9p was the king of Pylos (now cilW 

Navarino), and the oldest of the Grecian chiefs who came to Troy. T^ 
armament also with which he came to the war, was inferior on^ to that 

of Agamemnon. \tyhs nv\tup hryopv^s, the dear-voiced ordttr of tkt 

Pylian-s. roZ .... ah^^. This bcautiAil line has thus been lendjeTed 

by Cicero (De Senectute 10. 31), ez ejus lingua meUe dulcior fkiebat oraUfi,* 

ILIAD I. 513 

PIq torch aayi tLat tUis is the highest praise "which can be given an orator 

For the construction of /i^Xxros, cf. S. ^ 198. 1. r^ is to be taken with 

i<p»Udr\ See N. on To*(n, v. 68. ffJij, already, Sv* ytptal. Gen- 
erations have difforcdj as to length of time, in difibrent ages of the world. 
In the time of the patriarchs, it was 100 years. Cf. Gen. 15, 16. In 
subsequent ages it was forty years (cfl Job 42. 16). It is now usually 
reckoned at thirty years. Trollope thinks that the two generations are 
not to be counted from his birth, but from his accession to tho loyereignty 
of Pylofl, anoe otherwise the age of ninety years would be nothing so 
peculiarly remarkable. But it is not his age alone which is extraordinary, 
but his great physical and mental activity, which enabled him to bear the 
dangers and hardships of the camp, and to bear away the palm of wisdom 

in the councils of the chiefb. 44p^ia^\ £pio for l^irro. S. ( 132. 2. 

tH refers to ivo ytvtai. ol depends on &/jm. S. ^ 231. N. 2. 

rpdi^ (for irpd/priaaof. S. ^ 132. 1) -^8* iywotno is a hystcron proteron 
for iyvorro W Tpd(l>€P. Prof. Felton, however, adopts the opinion of 
Stadebnann, that " two generations aro hero spoken of; one, of those who 
grew up {rpd^tp) with Nestor, being his coevals ; the other, of those who 
were bom later (say thirty years, the computed length of a generation), 

^T^MTTft." fierdt is only employed in poetry with tho dative, in the 

sense of amng (cf. K. ^ 294. R), here = orer. 

254-269. *a xSiroiI {==^ohfiel shame t) is an inteijection, and not the 
vocative. Hence Nitzsch, Crusius, and others, with Wolf, rightly reject the 

accentuation 2. *h-x4ut^<^ ycuay {=*Axaio6s). See N. on vtas, v. 240. 

«^ 7i)d^(rai— K^ ic6xafH)faro— €2 irv^iaro. When tl stands with the 

optative in the protasis, and &y with the samo mood in tho apodosis, it 
ropresents, both in the condition and conclusion, uncertainty or mere con- 
jecture and supposition. K. § 339. II. a; Mt. ^ 623. 2. yijH<r(u con- 
forms in number to Hf/iofios, the nearest noun. iWoi oftentimes 

denotes something different from what has been mentioned. cl fftpuiv 

.... faapm/idyoiivj if they shall hear that you are quarrelling (S. % 225. 7) 
about all these ihings. For the syntax of o'4>wiy, cf. S. ^ 192. 1. rtiSc wdma 
defines /iapyetfjmour, S. ^ 182. Some make <r(p&ly to depend on tcCSc 
vtfrro, all these things of you both, and rcb frdtn-a on irv^oiaro. S. ^ 192. 

N. 2. »€pl (i. e. v§pi(ffTt) denotes superiority (K. § 296. I. 2. d. 

fiovK^v and fiax^tr^cu (used as a noun) aro synecdochical accusa- 
tives Ihniting vtpuffrt. The former refers to Agamenmon, the latter to 
Achilles. Aavauv depends on TrcpteoTe, in which lies the idea of com- 
parison. S. ^ 189. N. 5i (=7ap) connects with oAAct xl»((r^\ K. 

\ 822. R. 6. intio (Epic for ifu>v) depends on ptwrfyw. S. ^ 198. 1. 

260-264. ^i^1| ydp iroT*(= " many a time and oft." Felton), for in times 
pott; literally in times {xorV) before now, yhp introduces the reason for 

that which Nestor has just said. ^eVep {ffi7y=ri4xfp 7jfi€is 4<rfA4y. K. 

i 828. 3. — *- icai . . . . i.»^pxfov, a?id thesr. never slighUd me, y\ renders 


514 NOTES. 

the proDonn emphatic. ykp in oh ydp itot ezplafais AptCMror ... 

wfilxria-a. oh^k Xdwfiai, nor do I expect to see (such men). See N. o> 

Khf H^M/uu, y. 137. The subjunctive here denotes expectation, in opposi- 
tion to what is known and certain. Cf. K. ^ 259. R. 4. oToPf such as, 

S. ^ 76. The relative, which would otherwise be in the nominatiYe, is 

frequently put by attraction in the same case with its antecedent. 

woifimj shepherd^ was an epithet g^ven to princes, because, as a shefdieni 
watched and protected his flocks, so they were the guardians and proteo 

tors of their people. km-t^^ouy godlike. hn\ here denotes comparisQi 

or resemblance. 

266-273. Kdpricrrot, Epic for KpAriarot. Cf S. ^ 12. 1. rpi^. 

See N. on v. 261. fihf refers forward to koI in the next member. — 

^pfflv (i. e. ^ptritf. S. ^ 10) optcrKt^oKri^ Tnountain-beasts^ is by nuuij 
referred to the Centaurs, inasmuch as the heroes here spoken of, assisted 
the Lapithas in their quarrel with that people. But Homer nowiiere 
speaks of the Centaurs as a savage race, and in Odys. 21. 295, the appelli- 
tion hyakKvr6vj given to Eurytion the centaur, shows that they aie BOt to 
be classed as savages with wild 1)easts. It is better, therefore, io n&r 
p7ip<r\¥ (written without a capital) to beasts, which, in the early aettieneot 
of Greece, infested the country and were hunted by organized budt of 

men. itdc&yKuSi dreadfvUy. ierSK^ffffa^. The subject and oikgQCk 

are to be supplied from the context. fi\v (i. e. /u^), Pndy, indeed. 

^1 iarlris yairfs, from a fwrlaiid. In its signification Pelaponnesian the tin 

&irios is long. Cf. Butt. Lexil. No. 24. ^ 2. ykp introduces the reuoa 

why Nestor came from a far land, to be the companion in arms of such 

heroes. icot* I/** a^6y, by myself alone^ i. e. having an independeni 

command, and not fighting in the ranks of any other chief. Cf. 2. 366. 

Kcitfoio'i refers to the heroes above mentioned, and not as some think 

to (pvip&lr. Iky — fiax^oiTo. The protasis is often omitted, when the 

expression of it would not be essential to the sense of the passage. & 

§ 216. 8. r&r= iKtlpwv. o\ is the subject, and fip&rol hnxd^mM 

the predicate. ical fi4p ficv k. r. X. furnishes additional evidence of 

Nestor's former renown. He was not only invited from a far country, to 
join these heroes (v. 270) whose equal he was in battle (vs. 271, 272), bat 

they consulted him and followed his advice. fiov\4eep (for /BouXfir). 

S. ^ 44. i^Ktouj i. e. Iw^ecray. Spitzner with Aristarchus writes ^U%mL 

274-279. iUA& .... tfxfitSj " auscultate «os miki seni ju/oenes, ad etimm 
juveni auscuUarunt senes." Emesti. &xx^ has here its hortatory aeiiM. 
— Koit also as did Pirithous, Dryas, Caeneus, etc. — ifi€uwr. See W. 

on v. 217. trh refers to Agamemnon. oyol^s wwp Wr, bting vetf 

qood^ is here thrown in to conciliate Agamemnon, and Is not, tbereftie, to 
be translated, though being good, as is the similar phrase in t. 181. — - Ib, 

sc. «vT^ ^X**'' ''^ 7^>«** Heyne. — Us, since^ because, ol reftfs to 

Achilles. rpAru is taken adverbially. ni|Xf/8i}, £^*x* is to be read 

ILIAD I. 61& 

with synixeflifl, since, as Crusius remarks, Homer has oniy the form Mxte, 

Cf. Thiersch ^ 149. 5. iptC^fitvau, Epic for iplitty. S. ^ 118. 6. 

da^iXi* is the dai. incammodi. See N. on v. 39. — S/iolrift sc. ry rod 
Ayofiiftyoi^s I't/ij}. Crnsms supplies rj/ rwp &\Xmrj aXXk //lmI^opoSi ai 
though the comparison were between kings, and chiefs not having regal 
dignily. But Nestor evidently claims for Agamemnon precedence over all 
other kings. — fyfMptj 2 perf. of fjicipopuu. Cf. Soph. 6r. Verbs, p. 198. 
Butt. (It. Verbs, p. 172) says that it is plainly an aorist in this place. In 
tiis granmiar (^ 114. M. f), however, he remarks that it may be taken as a 

281-284. Aax* Syf , yet he, commences the apodosis. KoprtpSsj su- 
perior in power, is opposed to the preceding KotprtpSsj which refers to 

physical strength. *ATpe/5i|, irb 8^ vavt k. t. X. The 8i in clauses 

afber the vocaUve, is to be considered simply as a connective without any 
adTonalive signification. We find other particles in the same connection, 

as *r4p, oAXa, and yhp (cf 7. 328). Cf Butt. ^ 149. 7. 'AxiXXtji— 

X^Aar, ofitger against Achilles. S. ^ N. on toi, v. 39. There is no» tau- 
tology here, inasmuch as x^^'^ signifies rage, passion^ while fi4yos denotes 
a mdfe htstfaig resentment. Some critics, overlookiDg the fact that \laeopM 
neyer takes the dative of the person (cf. Liddell and Scott sub voce, No. 
It), tmnhite : but I myself beseech AchiUes to lay aside his anger. But avritp 
has here, as in v. 606 and 2. 26, the sense of enim, as Nagelsbach weii 
remaiks, and then the train of thought is easy and natural : do you, O son 
ef AtreuSf cease your resentment, for I myself (Nestor, the former compan- 

ion of heroes) entreat you to lay aside, etc. vcAcrou is the poetic form 

of the substantive verb. iroXifioio is the objective genitive after tpKos. 

286-291. rol 8^, truhj indeed. 7^ gives emphasis to the pronoim, 

and thns limits Karh fioTpav to the things spoken by Nestor. &\a 

denotes a difierence between this and the preceding clause, both of which 
are supposed to be true. In such cases, it may be rendered, yet, notioith- 

^Umdhig, /cori fio7pov, in a^cordxmce loUh right =righifuUy. K. § 292. 

n. 8. b. x€p\ frdvTtop t^fifi^vai, to be above all (Mt. ^ 589). Cf. v. 258. 

— " KpwrUuf, &yd(ra-€ip, and oji/Miyeip are not tautological. The first 
properly means to have power over, but not necessarily to exercise it ; the 
second, to exercise kingly or princely power ; and the third, to command, for 

fatstance, as a military chieftain." Felton. wdvrea'trt 8' iufdarffcip. See 

K. cm v. 180. fxip alxM-'frrnv t^^oap, have m/ide him a warrior. S. ^ 185. 

' ol^F i6pr^s, being always, immortal. rotipeKa (see N, on v. 96), on 

Mis account, « 

292-296. birofiK'fiiTjp, interrupting Agamemnon. ^ ydp. The ellip- 

tis may bo supplied : (I have acted rightly) /(?r truly. ica\9otfiriP=§frip. 

— — ft — inrel^ofuu. The indicative imparts certainty to the condition. See 

N. on V. 39. 8^. See N. on v. 110. ttcw tpyov=^ip tcaun (cf v. 

289). Crusius. 5^ strengthens Awoktip = others, whoever they may be. 

516 NOTES. 

; care not wham. Cf. Jelf 's Kuhn. ^ 723. 1. Opposed to &AAtM«ii» is ^ 

(Htrengfthened by yk) in the next clause. 7^^ in ia^ yhp is causal 

=r (your commands most be executed by others) for you wUl no longer 
dictate to me. See N. on v. 55. — yhp in oh yhp introduces the reason 

of /i^ . . . . (HiiMLiv*. l7«7* is an emphatic repetition of ^ftoiyc in tht 

preceding line. <roi is accentuated by Crusius and Trollope, cm tht 

ground that roi only in Epic language is enclitic. Cf. K. § 217 ; S. ^ 37. 

297-303. &h\o {another thing) is explained by x^P^^ M^ oCro* le. r. A. 
Crusius compares with this Virg. Mn. III. 388. " Tu, condita TnerUe teneto." 
For the constructio preegnans in iv\ (ppeal jScUXco, see N. on v. 55. — • 
KovpTis refers to Bris6is, and not to Helen, as some suppose. ^— — ctk and 
&W^ depend on ixaxh^foiitu. — iic^l .... 8(j>nrcs, since you who gave (see 
N. on V. 35), take her away from me (S. § 184. 1). The first acciisatiYe is 

here omitted. rwv 5* &\\wp is repeated in rwp (v. 301), in ooose- 

quence of the intervening words between it and rl upon which it depends. 
K. ^ 304. 3; S. ^ 163. N. 3. Spitzner makes rwv 5* jUa^k. depend 00 I 

ct 8', &y€. Supply the ellipsis thus: cI 8^ /BovAet, &y€. K. ( 

tpa has the telic sense. See N. on v. 189. yv^ooai is a pioliactod 

form (S. ( 11. 3) for yvQtn^ 2 aor. 3 plur. subj. of yiyv^aicm, — *- iOc 

refers to the chiefs sitting around Agamemnon. oT^k toi. Then k an 

ellipsis which may thus be supplied : (make the trial and) your Uoei lUtt 
flow J etc. 

304, 305. T(^'. The use of y\ to impart emphasis to the pronoaD 
with which it stands, is so common as to require no further notice, ezfi^ 

in special cases. hv(rrirrriv (for avecrffniv), ros