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Full text of "The Iliad of Homer, according to the text of Wolf"

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NOTES "^^ "^'^ 


Aitpice M^ONiBBiff a quo, ceu fonte perenht, 
V^tun Pieriis on reganiur aquis.— OviB. 





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Bnterp jL according to act orCongresa, in the year 1861. by 


Id the Clark's Ofllce of the D^rict Court of the United Sutea lur the Southern Diatnd 
of New- York. 



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This edition of the IHad k a reprint of WdTs, pnUiahed at Leipog, 
1839. In selectnig that edition as the basis of the text^ the editor 
was actuated not onfy bj a high sense of its intrinsic merit, but 
also by a desire to naake the present volume unifivm with hk 
editi<m of the Odyssey, pnbhshed in 1844. In a few instances, 
however, the editw has slightly departed from the reading of Wol( 
when that of some other scholar seemed more conformable to the 
wantB <^ a given passage, and supported l^ stronger mannscript 

In correcting the text and preparing the notes, the editor has 
availed himself <^ the best editions extant, among which he wiU name 
as of spedal nse to him, 1, Heyne's, London, 1834. 2, Beyne^ 
with the Scholia Minora, Oxford, 1834. 3, Spitsnei's, Gothn, 1832. 
4, CSarke'is, London, 1824. 6, Emesti's Garke, Leipog, 1824. 
6, Bothe's, Leipzig, 1832-3. 7, G. G. Onnnn', Hanover, 1845. 
8,Brandreth's,L(nidon,1841. 9, Oxford Edition, 1849. ]0,Felton\ 
Boston, 1847. 11, Stadlemann^ QrammatiBch-Rritische Anmer- 
kungen zor Ilias des Homer, Leipog, 1840-4. 12, E<yppeii^ An 
merkongen za Homers IKas, Hanovw, 1820. 13, lliiersch tlbei 
das Zeitaher and Yaterland des Hcmier, Halberstadt, 1824. 14, 
Lachmann's Betrachtm^^ Qber Homers Ilias, Beilin, 1847. 15, 
Vdl^er's, Homerische Geographic, Hanovw, 1830. 16, Wood's 
Boay on the Genius and Writings of H<Hner, London, IBM. 17, 
ErOger^ Homerische Formldire, Berlin, 1849. 


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The editor takes pleasure in referring more particularly to one uf 
the above-mentioned editions^ Prof. Felton's, which for elegant and 
accurate scholarship, and a just conception of the beauty and spirit 
of the Homeric veise, is worthy of all praise. The present work is 
not intended as a rival to that, or any other edition now used in our 
institutions of learning, but rather as an aiudliaiy in the field of 
classical Hteratare, helping to furnish our youth with a complete 
apparatus to the study c^ the first and greatest of epic poets. 

The Notes are mainly based on the exegetical wants of he 
reader ci Homer. Mythological works are now so abundant and 
accessible to the student, that it seemed undesirable to enlarge and 
encumber the notes by quotations of this sort ; yet wherever it was 
deemed essential to the explanation of any passage, points of mytho- 
logical interest have been duly adverted ta It wiU be seen, that 
oc^ioQB illustrations have been given to all that pertains to the 
archsedogy of the poem. In this portion of his labor, the editor 
acknoidedges his obligations to Snaith^s Dictionaiy of Greek and 
Roman Antiquities, a work which has now been republished in this 
oountiy, and slioukl be in the hands of every student as a book of 
referen ^ As h respects the places spoken of in the poem, much 
pains has been taken to give them the geographical position assigned 
them by the most a^^noved autiioritios, such as Leake, Mure, Kio- 
pert) and others. 

Those iriio have been conversant with the editor's former publi- 
catbns, it is believed, will find evidence m this volume of the same 
desire to maintain the gc^en mean between extreme fulness and 
meagreness of annotation, whidi has marked his previous labors. 
Whether he has achieved this object is left to an indulgent public, 
from whom, in the light <^ past experience, he has evciy reason to 
expect aa fiivonUe a dedskm as Uie woik will justify. 

Tlie same system of punctuation and accentuation has been fol* 


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lowed, which i^as adq>ted in the editor's earlier works, viz^ to give 
to every oxytoae standing before a ponctuation-mark, whether in a 
Greek or J&ighah sentence, the acute accent The uniformitj result- 
mg from this practice seems, in the editor's judgment, far to out 
weigh anj objecti<Hi which may be advanced against it 

Reference has been freely made to Sophocles', Eahner's, Crosby's, 
and Buttmann's Greek Grammars. The'ktter of these works, m re- 
vised by the author's son, and translated by Dr. Robinson, has just 
been published, and thanks are due to the translator for furnishing 
the editor with sheeto of the granmiar, in season for reference to be 
made to it in the present work. References also have been made to 
the Gnunmars of Matthiae, Thiersch, ErQger, Rest, and Kohner 
(JelTs edit, Oxford, 1842). 

Ihe Granmiatacal and IDstorical Indexes have been prepared 
with as much frilnees, as the space allotted to them would justify. 
Tlie EBstorical Index, in particular, has been made by carefully 
tracing the history and deeds of each person whose name figures in 
the poem, and noting down every thing of general interest Thus 
reference can easily be made to any act of the personages of the poem, 
and a general view taken c^ their achievements. A Summary of each 
book ii prefixed to the volume, which will be of use to the student 
in obtaining, a general view of the plan and parts of the poem. 

With renewed expressions of gratitude to the classical professors 
and teachers, who have so abundantly manifested their kind interest 
ID the editor's previous publications, he commits this new work to 
them and to the literary public, with the wish that it may advance 
in tome degree the cause of classical learning, and render the study 
of this great poem both profitable and pleasing to the youthiu? 

Nkw-York Free Aoadbmt, 
June 14, 1851. 


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L The fo^Mi^Jmrmmtb» anO^eot of Us poem the WBATH OF AOHILLES, lu m> 
e— nHwg far tM uose of whieb, be rebitee how Ohiyiea, a priest of Apollo, oum to the 
Grecian eamp, to nuuom hie danghterf who had been taken captive, but was rudely dls- 
nrisped by Agamemnon (1-81). In his distress he prays to ApoUo, who sends a destruoUve 
pestilence noon the Qreelan camp, (83-68X ^ eonseqaence of which Achilles calls an assem- 
bly of the Ckeeka, and having letunt ttom the vwthsayer Chalcas the oaose of Apollo's an- 
ger, advises the restoration or Ghrysee (68-189X wherenpon Agamemnon becomes enra^Fod, 
and a violent altereadon ensnes between these chi^taina. Nestor attempts to reconcile 
them, bat in vain, for Agamemnon seizes upon Briset^s the fiUr captive or Achilles (180- 
948): whereupon the latter withdmws lh>m the armv, and expreeees his determination to 
take no ftutner part in the war. His mother, Thetu, at his solidtaUon, ascends to 01 vm- 
pua, and obtains Jupiter's jMomise to honor her son by giving victory to the Troiaos (849- 
OOOi Juno is inoeosed at tills, and quarrels with Jupiter, but a reconciliation is effected by 
Yalcan, who also promotes hilari^ aoKMig the gods by performing the office of cnp-bearor 

11 — A deoeltftil dream being seat to Agamemnon by Jupiter, he assembles tlie principal 
efaieft, and afterwards the army, and In order to make trial'of their disposition, proposes an 
immediate retun to Greece (1-84). To this proposal they joyfUUy assent, and run to pre- 
pare tt « ahipa for thair departore (85-154) ; but through the address of UlyBsok Indted 
thereto by Minerva, are diasuaded from carrying their design into execution. Thersites 
alone diasent^ but is rebuked and ehastlaed by Ulysses (155-S77). UlvBse^ Nestor, and 
Agamemnon narangue the army, and preparations are made for battle (27»-488). The poet 
enumerates the forces and leaders of the two opposing armies (484-677). 

IIL— As the battle is about to be Joined. Paris challenges the bravest of the Grecian 
lieft, but at sight of Menelaos turns his hack and flies. Hector, seeing this, upbraids him 
r his eowardioe, and obtains his promise to fight Menelaus (1-l)iO). Helen belns sum- 
moned by Iris to witness the combat, points out to Priam the chief loaders in tlio Grecian 
army (121-244,), The terms of the combat are ratified by Priam and Agamemnuo (245- 
$18), «ter which the fight takes place, in which Paris is worsted, and saved only by the in- 
terposition of Venus (814-882> The goddess conveys Paris to bis chamber, and ttittber 
brings abo Helen, who upbraids him hr Us weakness and unwarlike character (8S8-44S). 
Agamemnon deniaadB from the Trq)ans the performance of the stipulations of the combat 

lY.— The gods having agreed in council to continue the war, Minerva is sent down to 
break the truce (1-78). Thb ^e effbcts by means of Pandams, whom she persuades to dis- 
charge an arrow at Menelaus, by which he is wounded, but cured by Machaon (78-219) 
Aguiemnon marshals his forces, and (wsslng throngh the ranks, exhorts the leaders, pralr 
fa)f some and blaming others (220-481). The armies join battle with great fhry (422-^4). 

Y.— DiomedeSL with the help of Minerva, greatly signalizes himself (1-94X He is 
wounded bv Pandarus, and cured by the godde», who enables him to dLsUngtdsh the god£ 
from mortala, and forbids hiafigbting with any of the former except Yenus (95-1 65). iEneas 
goes in quest of Pandams, and with him drives against Diomedes, who kills Pandarus and 
wounds i£neas. Yenus, in rescuing her son from Diomedes, is also wounded by that hero 
1M-480X but Is assisted by ApoUo, who conveys ifineas to his temple, where he is healed 
yy Latona and Dhma (481-468)k Mars excites Hector to the fight (454 -518), and ^neas abu) 
-•tums to the battl^ which rages with fgnat fnrv. Sarpedon slays Tleptolemus (51 A-710). 
Juno and Minerva descend to assist the Greeks, by the latter of whom Uiomedes is incited 
to |o againat Mars, whom he wounds, and causes to leave the battle (711-871). He com- 
plains to Jupiter of the conduct of Minerva, but receives a stem rebuke (S72-90C). Juno 
sad Minerva ascend to Olympus (907-909X 

YL— The battle oonlJnnIng after the departure of the irodf, the Grecians previiil 
(1-71) : whereupoB Hector, at the advice of Helen us, enters the city to direct Hecuba to 
lead a procession of Trqjan matrons to the temple of Minerva, in order to entreat the god- 
dess to remove Diomedes from the fi«^t C^.- 118). Glauens and Diomedes. as ther im 


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alXNit to engage In combat, beoome known to each other as desoendaDt» of ancestors b^ 
tween whom existed the league of hospitality, whercapon thev excbango armor, and fm^ 
as frienda (119-286X Hector having delivered bis message to Hecnba (287-31 1 \ finds Paris, 
and exhorts him to retom to the field of war (812-868X after which he tAkes a tender leave 
of his wife Andromache (dl2-n502X and, accompanied by Paris, retarns to battle (5U8-^9). 

YIL— On the return ot the Trojan chief, the fight is renewed with groat nnlor. Helenua, 
incited thereto by Apollo, directs Hector to challenge the bravest of the Greeks to a single 
combat (1-68), m>m which challenge the chie6 at first shrink, but at last, stung by tlie re- 
proaches ot Menelaus, who had ofnovd to accept the chaUengo, nine of them arise and claim 
tlie combat Lota hftvinc been cast, AJax obtidna the honor (M-2U6), and immediately pre- 
pares for tlie fight The nerotis engage, and the combat is protracted, with nearly equal 
success, until, at the approach of luglit, they are separated by the heralds, and part with 
mutual presents (206-^2). Nestor advises the burial of the slain, and the fortification ol 
the Qrecian camp (818-^13). Priam also proposes a truce for the burial of the shtin, and 
communicates the decision of a council of the Trojans which had Just been held, to restore 
the treasures, but not Helen ^844-420). This is hidignantly rejected by the Quck^ who 
strondy fortify their camp (421-441X at the greatness of which work Neptune becomes Jea- 
lotu, but is pacified by Jupiter (442-4081 The Greeks and Trojans pass the night hi feast- 
ing, but Jupiter plans evib against the latter, and terrifies them during Uie night with his 
thunders (464-482). 

VIIL— Jupiter calls a council of the goda, and forbids their taking any part in the war 
>K)fore Troy (1-40), tifter which he repairs to Ida, and there baUnces the destinies of the two 
armies, and direcbi his lightnings against tli^Greciana (41-77). Nestor being in imminent 
danger is reeoued by Diomedes, who drives asalnst Hector and slays hie charioteer. Again 
the thtmders of Jove break over the Qredan boat, afM^ted at which they flee to their 
entrenchments (78-219). Diomedes with other chiefK, however, sally forth and renew the 
battle, Teucer perftirms great exploits until he is disabled by Hector (220-885). The Greeks 
are again driven liack to their entrenchments, seeing which Juno and Minerva are filled 
with rage, and prepare to deeoend to the field of battle, but are peremptorily forbidden to do 
so by Jupiter ($86'1S4V Night puts an end to the battle, and both armies rest, having first 
taken measures to leoure themselves flrom surprise (485-561). 

IX.— The chlefe meeting in council (1-7SX Nestor advises the sendins an em- 
bassy to request Aohilles to return to the aid of the Greeks, and AJax, Ulyase^ and Phoenix 
are therefore sent to the oiTended hero with proposals of reconciliation (79-281). These all 
make eloquent and urgent speeche^ but in vain, for Achilles remains inexorable (282-664). 
Phosnix having been left behind at the invitation of Aohillea, the others return and report 
to the leaders their misuccessftil mission (665-709). 

X.— Agamemnon being unable to sU'cp in consequence of the critioal state of aflUra, 
arouses Uie principal chiefs holds a council, and determines on exploring the enemies* camp 
(1-217> Diomedes takes tliis service upon himself, selecting Ulysees as his companion 
(218-271). They surprise Dolon. who has in like manner been sent by Hector to spy out the 
Grecian camp (*?72-889). Having obtained fi-om him all the information they desb^ they 
kill him (890-468), iifter which they sUiy Rhesus and return with his horses to the Grecian 
camp (469-679). 

XI.— The battle is renewed on the following day, and Agamenmon greatly disdnguishea 
liimseU; but being woumled is obliged to rethre (1-298X whereupon Hector charew* the 
Greeks with great liApetuosity, and drives them bcobre him, but is temporarily checked by 
AJax, who rallies the Greeks and makes head against Uie victorious Trojans (299-595). 
Achilles seeing fyom his ship the flying Greeks, sends Patroclusto Icam the name of a 
wounded chief (596-658). Nestor detains him in his tent with a recital of some of his 
former deeds, and implores bini to obtain permission of Achilles to fight in his armor (654- 
802). PatrocluB meets the wounded Euryphylus and assists him (808-847). 

XIL— The Tro>1sns in five divisions and on foot, make a desperate charge upon the 
Qredan entrenchments (1-107). Asius r^ecting the proposal to descend ft-om his chariot 
and fight on foot, drives within the ditch, but is repulsed ^ith in^t loss (108-194). On the 
appearance of an unfiivorable omen, Polydarnus advises the withdrawal of the troops from 
the Grecian ramparts, but Ls sternly opposed by Hector who with great valor continnes the 
assault biupodon <listlnffui4he<« himself and first makes a breach in the wall (195-899), but 
being repulsed. Hector advances with a stone of enormous size, breaks down the wall, and 
rushtnff in niirsues the Greeks to their slilps (400-471). 

X III.— Neptune comes to the assistjmce of the Greeks, and arouses the AJaxra to onpose 
Uio Trojans (1-82). Great exploits are perfonned on both bid^ and many are slain. Meri- 
ones and Teucer especially distinguish themselves (88-16S), and Idomenens bisplred by Nep- 
tone slays many of the Trojans, but Is at length compelled to retreat before iEn^s and 
Deiopholus (169-516). The Trojans are repulsed on the left wing, but Hector holds hla 
position on the right, imtil being harassed by the Locrian archers and slingcrs, he goes to 
summon the leaders to a war-council, after which he returns and renews the fight with AJax 

XlY.— At the suggestion of Diomedes, the chiefe who had been wounded, visit the bat- 
tle and enoounum the army with their presence (1-184). Neptune continues to excite the 
Qreidts (185-ld2X adcI when Jupiter by a strat^gcn) of Juno had been thrown into a deef 


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nhm, glTM tbem more epon and efUdent aid (IfiS-iOl). H«ctor to strode down Inr t 

tby AJax. and carried offfrtNn the battle (4M-489X after which the T^ans belu 

* '^. back. On tbto ooeaaion A)u Oileos greaUj dtotingntohes himaelf (440- 

81T.— Jnplter having awaked from hto sleep, and seeing Hector disabled and the Trqjans 
Ib oooftisioo, to greatly moensed aspsinst Jnna 8he socoeeds in appeasing him and to sent 
to sommon Iris and Apollo (l-TTi Repairing to the assembly or the gods, she endeavors 
to excite them agaiiMi Jupiter (76-112). Mars to abont to arm for batUe bnt to restrained 
bj Minora^ 18-148). Irto and ApoUo repair to Jnpiter, the former of whom to sent to com- 
mand Neptnne to retire from tike battle, which he reluctantly does (149-81 9X the latter at 
the comniand ot Jove restores Hector, marches before him with the aegis, and iafttses into 
hii limbs strength and aottTity (220-a43> The Trojan hero breaks down a great portion ot 
the Gredan wall, bnt to unable to drive the Aiaxes from the line of shipe, which they defend 
wiib gnat ralor (848-74«). 

X V L— Ajax being at length overpowered, and hto spear being cut in two by Hector, to 
obliged to give way, wtierenpon hto snip to immediately fired. Fatrodus who at ihis time 
w«i Mitie^Uig AchiUee for permission to fight In hto arnKHr, to suddenly Indeed tliereto by 
Adiillea, wtio sees the flames bursting out from the ship (1-197). The Myrmidons being 
armed and marshalled for battle are addressed by Achillea, ana committed to PatroduSi 
who leftds them forth (193-377). Supposing him from hto armor to be AchiUos himself, the 
Trojans flee in comtemadon (278-968X Sarpedon to slain and the troops are driven to the 
very walto of Troy (284-697), at which time the fortune of the battle to changed, Patrodna 
being alain by Hector, having been prevtoosly disabled by Apollo and wound^ by Euphor- 
boa (696-867). 

XVIL— A dreadfhl fight takes place over the dead body of Patrodos, the Trojans beaded 
by Hector endeavoring to get possession of it, and the Greeks under the conduct of thdr 
tea vest chieA, striving as eagerlv to defend it In thto battle Menelaus greatly distinj^lshes 
himself (1-1891 Hector arrays himself in the armor of Achillea, which bad been worn by 
Patrodns, and sustained by .£neas prestts hard upon the Greeks, who are rallied and 
ebeered on by AJax (140-420). Hector and .£neas attempt to take the chariot of Achillea, 
bat are repelled by Antomedon (<tt6-6ti). Jnpiter oisbrouds the body of Patrodus in 
thick darkness, whereat Ajax prays for Ugbt (548-647), and as soon as the mist dears awi^ 
•ends Menelaus to find AntUocnos. in <mler that he may communicate to Achilles the sad 
news of tiie death of hto friend. Having executed thto commission Menelaus returns to the 
flight, where be and Merionea, covered by the -^klaxes. bear away the body, the Trojans led 
on by Hector attacking them with great mi^ (648-761). 

X VUL— Antiloohns having deUvered hto message, Achilles breaks out in the most pas- 
sionate lamentation, which soon htiaga Thette and her attendant nymphs to comfort nim 
(1-77). While they are conversing (78-147), the battle continues to rage around the body 
of Patrodus, until at the command of Iris, Achilles stands at the head of the entrench- 
ments, and shouts dreadAilly, wherennon the Trojans flee in terror and confhslon, and tlie 
Greeks bear away the body (148-288). Polydamus advises Hector to retreat to the dty, 
and fight from the walls, but hto advice to r^ected by Hector, who expresses hto readiness to 
fight Achilles (289-815). Achilles mourns over the body of hto friend (316-355). Jupiter 
taunts Jnno with her extreme concern for the Greeks (856-868X Thetto repairs to Vulcan 
and obtains from him a new suit of armor tor her son (869-477). Description of the shicld 

XIX.— Thetto brings the armor made by Vulcan to her son (1-20), who to reconciled to 
Agamemnom, speedies, presents, and solemn sacrifices gracing the joyous occasion (21-276). 
Brtoeto laments Patrodus (277-302). Achilles reftising to take any food until he has avensed 
hto friend, Minerva descends and infhses into hto breast nectar and ombrosto (308-856X alter 
wbldi he anns, addreeses hto horses, and rusbee to the battle (857-424X 

XX->Jnpiter permits the gods to mingle in the fight (1-80). They take difl^erent sides 
in the battle, wtiich to rendered so dreamd by the thunders of Jove, and the shaking^ 
the earth by Neptune, that Pinto leaps afiVlgbted fh>m hto throne, and feara that hto ghastly 
realms will be hud open to the gaze of men (81-75). Achilles having first met iEneas, who 
to saved from bdng killed by the interposition of Neptune (76-840), pursues the Trojans 
with great slaughter, and to upon the point of killing Hector, but Apollo snatches the Trojan 
hero away in a doud (841-444). Immense havoc of ttio Trojans is made by Achilles, as he 
drives them before him over the plain toward the Scamander (445-508). 

XXI.— The Trojans being divided at the Scamandor. some are driven toward the 
dty, others into the river, where with a great outcry they are drowned, or sldn by 
the sword of Achilles (1-208). The river-god enraged at him for tlius slaughtering the 

Sans, endeavors to overwhelm him vrith his waves, by which the Grecian hero to wdl 
exhausted, but to finally relieved by Vulcan, who at the Instance of Juno sends hto fires 
dmoet driM i^the stream (209-882\ The gods personally engaging in battle. Minerva 

chasttsas Mars and T enua, Juno conquers Diana, while Apollo and Mercury prudently de- 
dine the contest, the former witli Neptune, the latter with Latona (888-520). Meanwhile, 
Achilles driving the Trotens with Immense slanghter into Troy, Agenor resolves to make t 
stand against him, bnt to snatched from destruction by Apollo, who assumes hto shi4>e, and 
drswB JLChiUea away in pursuit, until the Trojans have time to enter Troy (544-611 

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XXn— H«eloi^ oontrtry to the mm&ti entncty of hU flitber tsd moClMr, awiMi Om 
■roroaoh of AobOles, and reeolvw to o(Miqaer blm or flJl in the eombat But at ArhflWt 
Nudng tn the splaDdon of his dlTlnalj-wronfffat armor umroaches, the Trojan hero is aelaed 
with fear, and flies thrice around the walls or Troy (l-loo). Japlter weighs their destinies, 
and oommiaslons Miner\-a to descend tn the sid of Achilles (167-180). Hector being 
deceived hv the goddess in the form of Deiphobns, ceases to 1)7, and resolves to meet 
Achilles, who with the assistance of Minerva slays him 0^-^^ Achilles dnus the dead 
body around the Troisn phdn, at sight of which Priam and Hecuba break out m the most 
bitter lamentatloBS (876-4MX arouned bv whose cries, Andromache hastens to ttib walls, and 
on beholding the dMd body of her husband, swoons (487-474X after which she gives ntter- 
snce to the most frantic expressions of grief (475-515)1 

XXI I L— Achilles and tne Myrmidons mourn over the body of Patrodus, and indignities 
ite still heaped upon the body of Hector (1-84). Th^ shade of Patrodus appears to Aohil- 
lee in sleep, and aenumds the rites of burial (85-107)^hereupon preparations are made the 
next morning for the fhneral ceremonies (109-187). The prooeaiion takes place, animals are 
Mcrlfloed, and twelve Trotian youth oifered up on the pUe, after which tn is wpUed (188- 
191). The flames are exdted by the wind (192-880), and the materials of the pile being 
consumed, the bones are placed in a golden urn and a tomb is raised (889-857). Achilles 
then Institntes fhneral games (858-861), In the order of the chariot race (M8-650X the cestns- 
match (651-699), the wresUing-trial (700-789), the foot-race (740-797), the trial of amw 
(793-885), the throwing of the discus (886-849X the trial at archery (850-888X and the cmH- 
Ing of the Javelin (884-897). 

XXIY.— At the oonunand of Jupiter, Tlietto repatrs to AohHIes, and requires the resto- 
ration of Hector's dead body, which he had Just before dragged three times around the 
tomb of Patrodus (1-142). Iris is also sent to Priam to encourage him to go to Achilles, in 
order to ransom the body of his son (148-187> Omtnry to the entreaties of his wife and 
sons, Priam sets forth and is guided l^ Mercury to the tent of Achilles, at whose feet ha 
prostrates himself, and begs for the body of his son (188-506). Achilles is moved with com- 
passion, aitd grants him his request, whereupon he spends the ni|dit with him, but at the 
aoggesaon of Bl ercury so^ oat eariy on his return to Troy (507-WlX The Trqjans comt 
§omi to meet him, and with hunentadons on the part of Andromache. Hecuba, and Hdsa. 
tSM body Is deposited on a ftmeral pile, and with the usual soleoudtiesla bonied (699-804X 


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S. stands for Sophodea* Greek G rammer. 


" Kfthiwr's 


« MatthiiB'8 " 


** Buttmann's " " 

Butt LexiL " 



" Viger's Greek Idioma. 


« Note. 


" compare, consult 


« scilicet 

-. T. X. •* " Ka2 tA XoiirA— eta &o. 

The references to KAbner are made to his School Grammar, tmnslatetl bj 
Mcssri*. Edwards and Taylor, Andover. Whenever Jelf's edition of Knhnci 
is referred to, the name is fully given. The references to Buttmaun arc 
made to his Larger Grammer, revised by his son, and translated by Dr 


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Jdriviv aeiBe, ^ed, Il7fK7)laZe(o 'ilj^tAiJo?, 

iroXKa^ S* l<f>^tfiov<: '^y^^? "AlSt irpotd^^^v ^ , 

^pdxap, avTOis Be eXcopui t§ux€ /cvveaauv > 1 u a * <- . . 

i^ ov Si) rairpSna htaarriTqv iplaavre 
ArpelZris re, ava^ avSp&p^ Koi Bio^ ^A-xiXKev^, 

Tk t' ap aifxae ^eoyp epiZi ^vv€7)K€ pAxea^cu; 
AfjToih fcai Aii><; vto^. 6 yap ^turtXiji ^oXa>^€i!9, 
vovcrov ava arparop &pa€ KaKi]v, oXAkopto Bk Xaoi, 16 

ovP€Ka TOP XpvoTjp rjTljMmr apr)Ti]pa ^ O s( *- -. .. v* * 
*ATpe{Br}<;, 6 yiup 7}X^€ ^oa/; hrX vfjtvi ^A'xcu&p^ 
Tkvaofiepos re ^vyarpa, <f>ipa)P t' anre^el/rC Snr^i^pa, 
^^ U\rr§aS|ttaT e^^wv ip x^P^^^ Ifcq^oKov '-47r6\Xa)i/o9 

Xpvaitp apa afcqwrptp, Koi eKiaarero iraprtvi ^Axfuov^, 15 
^ArpeiZa Be pAXurra Bvo), Koa-pAjprope \a&p • 

^ATpeiBai re koX aXKoi ivKPrip^iBe; ^A^fuoh 
v/MP p.ep ^eoX Bolep ^0\vp,Trui Biop^ar^ ep^oin-e?, 
eKiripacu Ilpuip^io ttoKcPj €v 8' oIko^ Uia^ai • 
-jTCuBa S' ip,ol \vaal re (f>tKi]P, rd t' airowa Bix^o^ai, 2h 
d^op^poi Al6<; vlop €fcr)06\op ^AiroWcopa. 

"Ei/y oKKoi p,ep 7rain-e9 i7r€v<f>rjp>i]<Tap ^A^avoij 
alBelo^ai V le/^^o, kcu dyXad Bej^cu diroipa • 


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16 IAIAA02 A. 

26 aXXct KCUC&9 a4f>l€i, tcparepov 8' iirl fiff^op ereXKev • 

M^ <r€, yepov, /coiXrjatv iya> irapct vffual fcix^uOfj- \v ^ 

^ vvv Srf^vpovT, fj varepop airri^ iopra ! ^. ^:r - . ^ ^^^ . 
(- /^ vv Toi ov Xpatltr/ii; aicrfTrrpov icaX ari^fjui ^eoio, 

Ttfv 8' iyo) ov Xvcro}, irpip /mip koX yfjpa<; eireuriv 
30 rifierip^ hit otxip, ip ^Apyel, rrfKff^i iraTprj^, 

(OTOP iTTocxofiipTjp, Kol ifiop X€;^09 aPTioaxrap • 

aXX 1^1, firi fjL ipi^c^e, acuirrepo^ w fce peijcu ! 
"fl^ €<f>aT • cBSecacp 8' 6 yeptap, /caX iiret^ero fiif^tj^. 

Prj 8' axicop irapa ^ipa '7ro\v<f>Xola/3ou) ^aXda-a^ • 
85 iroXXa 8' eireiT airapev^e kloup rjpa!^^ 6 yepcuo^ 

^AttoXXxopc apafCTif top yivko^jlo^ tckc Ar)T(0' , ^. , ^^ 

KXv^l fj^eu, ^Apyvp6T0^\ h^ XpvarfP a/x ^iBiB vtC4K^ 

KiWap T€ ^a^ei]p, TepeSoio re l(f>i apda-a-ei*;, 

SfJ'i'P^ev ! elTTori roi '^aplePT e/ri ptjop Ipeyjrct, y ^ -^ ^ "^ ''•( 
40 ^ £t hri TTork roi Kara irLopa fMrjpC Sfcrja 

ravpcop 178* aly&p, roie fwi Kprmpop ieX&op •""'"*'■' 

TLa-teuip Aap<w\ ifia Sdtcpva aoZat ^i\e<ra-cp. 
^/29 €<f>aT €ir)(pfiepo^ • rov 8' eicKue ^ocl3o<; ^AiroXXenf 

87) Bk Kar OvXvpnroio Kapi]pa>p, ')(Ci}6p,epo^ fcrjp^ 
45 Tof ' &fjbot,(riP ^(op ap^rjpe^^a re (fyapeTprjp • 

ItcKay^ap 8' ap^ olotoI hr oi/xayp ')(foo/i€Poio, 

avTov Kiprf^hno^ • 6 8' file pvktI ioiKW • 

?^€T hrevT airdpev^e pe&p, fiercb 8' lop h^Kep • 

ieiprj 8^ KXayyff ykper apyvpeoio fiioto, 
50 ovpria^ fiep irpSyrop iTr^yero kol tcupa^ apyov^ • 

avrap eireiT aurolai ySe'Xo? i^CTrevxe; i(f>iek, 

fidW^ • aUl Se irvpal pcKvayp kqIopto ^afieuiL 
^Eppfj/xap fihf ava arparop ^;^eTo tctpsxi ^eolo • 

rfi SeKavp 8' dyoprjpie KoKkararaTo \abp 'ilji^tWcwj. 
^ T^ yap iirl <f>p€al ^k€ ^ea Xev/aoXepo^ '^^PV ' 

Kriiero yap Aapo&p, ore pa ^pjja-KOpra^^opaTO. 

oi 8' en-el o\w i^yep^ep, Ofirfyepie^ r iyevopro, 

Touri S' dpccrrdp^po^ fieTi(l>rj iroZa^ d>Kv^ '^Ij^tXXew • 


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IA1AA02 I. 17 

th^ aTrovo<m^<T€iV9 et kcp ^dvarov ye <f>vyoi/ii€V, 60 

€1 Si) ofiov TTo'KefjM re hafua Koi Xocfib^ ^Aj(cuov^p 

oXX* aye Bij riva fuiimv ifmoiievy fj leprfo^ ' ' s ^'y 

ri tcaX oveipoiroXov-KoX yap r ovap iic Aio^ iariv- J " • 

09 K eliroi^ o, Ti Toaa-ov ^anraro ^olfio^ ^AiroXXoop, 

eir ap oy eifxcoXi]^ i7njjAfji(j>€Tah €i^' exaropfirj^' 6fi 

al fchf 7ra)9 apv&v /cvl<ra"r)^ aly&v re reXeitov k . , 

fiovXjerai avTidtra/; r^pZv airo Xoiybv afwvau 

^Hrot oy &9 ehriav icar ap ^^ero, rouri S* avioTf) 
KaKya^ SeoTOpiSff*:, oltDVOTroXcap Sy apurro^ • » 

S9 5&7 rd T iovTO, rd t iaaofiepa^ irpo r iovra, " 70 
Kol vrieiTtT iffl^aarr ^A')(ai&v ^iTuov elaw, 
^ &a fiavTffavpf)v, rrfv 01 irope ^olfio^ ^AttoXKxov * 
5 a<f>cv ev^povewv ar/opriaaro xal fiereeuirev • 

^il *A')(tX6v, KeKeal fie, Aii <f>iKe, uv^aaa^a^ 
fjLtjvip ^AttoXKomh}^ hcaTTifieXeTao &vaxTo^. 75 

Tovyap iyii>v ipeoD * <rv B^ avi/^eo, koa fioi SfioaaoPy 
7} fUv fu>^ '7rp6<f>pci>v hreaiv Koi ')(ep<rlv apij^eiv^ 
^ yctp otbfuu avSpa ')(o\joi><jefiey^ d^ /tiya irdvrwv 
^ApyeUov Kpariei. ical oi Tret^ovrai, ^A'^cuoL 
Kpeurawv yap fiaaiXeis, Sre yaxrera^ avSpl ^e/ji/t • 80 

ehrep yap re j(6\ov ye koX airnjfJMp Kararrre^lrp, 
oKKd re koX fieroTTur^ev iyet ko^ov, 6<f>pa reXeatrp^ 
hf orrj^eafTtv ioiai * av Be <f>pd(Tai, el fie aaMXTei^. 

Tov S* a7rafjLeifi6fievo<: irpo^etfyif iroBa^ a>p^ ^A'xpsXev^ • 
^ap<n]<raj9 fidXa, ehre ^eoirpoTriov o, rt ola^a ! 86 

oi) fJM yap ^AiroXKcova Ad <f>i\oif, ^e av, KaK')(aif^ 
€ifX0fjL€SfO9 AatHUHaL ^eoirpoTriof; dva<f>aMfei^, 
oirif;, ifi€v ^&vro^ koI irrl ')^bvl Bep/copAvoio, 
aol KotkQ^ iraph vrjvol ^apeia^ X^^P^ hroiaei, 
avp/jrdvroiv Aa^faMV • oiS' fjv ^AyapAjxvova eliryf;, 00 

$9 vvv woXkov ap^aro*: ^A')(cu&v evx'^^ elpou 

Kai rare Brj ^dp<rrjae, K€U rfiSa fuarri^ afivfuuv * 
oSr ap Sy evxfoXJ^ i7nu€iA(l>er<u, off^^ efcarSfifirj^j 


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18 IAIAA02 A. 

aW' €P€K^ aprirfjpo^, hv ^Ifi/rftr^ ^AyafUfMVwv, 

95 • ovS* aweKvae ^^vjarpa^ koL ovk afreBi^ar* airoipcu 
TOVPCK* ap^ aXye^ eStOKCP ^Efcrj^oXxx:, tjB^ en Soicre*" 
ovS^ oye TTplv Xocfwio fiapeiw; Krjptv; axjyi^i, 
irpiif 7' airo war pi <f>tKtp iofianu iki/carmSa Kovprfv 
airpidTTjv, avdm-oivop, ajeiv ^' lep^v ifcarofifirjp 

100 ^9 Xpvaijv • t6t€ fciv juv iXaa-a-dfievot irerrt^oifiev, 

"Htoi oy' &9 elirhv Kar ap^' e^ero •' roia-i 8' ipiarnf 
• ^/)a)9 ^Arpelp^^; evovKpe^v Ayaii€fMVWP, 

axi^v/xevo^' fi€V€osi Sk fjuejfa <f>pip€<;'afJi^ijjAlLcuv€U 
'TrifiTrXturr^, 6<ja€ Si ol irvpX Xo/ATrerowin** ittcnjv. 

105 KaXxavra irpJrrurra kok oaaofjueuo^; irpofiienrev 
MdvTi Kcuc&v, oi ttcSttotc fioi TO fcpijyvgu ^hre^ ! 
aUi TOL ra kok iarl <f>i\zi <f>p€(rl iuivr€V€&^<u* 
ia^Xov 8' ovT€ tI tto) €Z7r69 e7ro9, oiJr' iriXeo'a'Wi* 
tccu vuv iv AavaolaL ^eoTrponicop df/opevei^;, 

110 ca? 8^ Toi)8' eve/cd aijyiv 'E/CT]fi6\o<: AXyea revj^e^ 
ovv€K iyo) Kovp7]^^Xpv<TrjtSo<; ar/\a airoirva 
OVK ?^€Xop he^aa^oj, • errel ttoXv fiovKofuu aMfP 
oXkol e)(GCP, KaX yap pa RKvraLfMihjoTprjf; Trpo/Si^ovkOf 
K0vpi8ir)<; ako')(pv • cfrel ov l^ei/ ioTt 'xepelcop, 

116 ov Sifuts, ovSe <f>v7jPf ovr &p (fypepas, ovre tl epya, 
aXXa Kal &9 e^eXo) Sofiepcu TrdTup, el roy^ ofAecpop* 
^ov\x)fi^ iyo) \aoi/ <r6op efi/iepoi, ^ aTroXia-^ac, 
axnhp ifiol yipa^ ciif^ix ^oifidaar*, 6(j>pa fit) olo<; 
^Apyelcop ar^ipaaro^ ico • hrel ouBk €ouc€P, 

180 Xeva-aere ykp roye irdpre;, S fwi yipa^ ipyerai SXKy, 
Top 8' rjfielfier* erretra irohdptcrf; 8469 ^A')(pCkjev^ • 
^Arpelhr) /cvBurre, (jyCKoKTeapforare irdprcop ! 
irw ydp TOL Baxrova-L yipa^ neyd^pboi ^Aycuoh 
ovh* ere TTov IBfiep ^vpijia Kcifiepa nroXKa. 

1S5 dXXoL tA p.€P TToXUop i^ hrpa^ofiev, tA hiha/rrai^ 
Xaou9 8' oxfK hrioifce iraXlXKoya ravr' hrayelpetp. 
oKSA ov fihf pvp TijpSe ^e^p irpoei • avrap ^A'XjduoI 


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IAIAA02T. ' 19 

TptirX^ rerpaifK^ t* dirorlaofiep, aX tee ttoS* Zev^ 
S^i TToXiv Tpolfiv exnelyisov i^aXam-d^cu* 

Tov S' a7rafL€i^6fi€vo^ irpo^ifyq KpeUav ^AyafjUfivcjv ' 130 
fii) S' o5tcd9, aya&09 ^rcp iwv, ^eoeuceX* ^A^iXKev, 
tcKinrre v6<p ! hrel ov irctpeXeva-ecu, ovBi fie ireUrev;. 
fj ^iKeiSf S^p avTO<; e;^ yip<K, avrap ifi* aXnta^ 
fia^cu Bewfievop, xikecu Si fie ttjpB^ airoBovvcu ; 
oXX* ei fikv iwrova-i yipa^ fieyd^fioi *A^cuol, 136 

apa-cafre^ Karh ^fiop, ottok dina^uov larcu — 
elSi ice fitf S(o<a(nv, iyi} Be xev airo^ IXMfiai 
fj reap fj Atavro^ taw yipa^, fj '08u<r^09 
o^ iKoov * 6 Si K€v KexoKoxreTat, ov kcv XicoDfiai. 
&SX ffroi, fikv ravra fi€rcuf>p<ia6fie</ha ical aSnvi, 140 

inhf S\ arfe^ inja fiiKcuvav ipvTcofiev, ek oKa Slav, 
e? 8* ipirofs iiriTrfS^ ayelpofiev, €9 8' e/carofi^rjv 
^elofieVf ctv 8' avrijv Xfwaijl^ tccCKKiirdprfov 
firfaofiev • eh Si t49 a/>X^ dvr)p fiov\rf(f>6po<: Iotcd, 
fj Ala^, fj *ISofi€V€v^, fj Sw 'OSva-a-evf:, 145 

fjk av, TlfjXjeiSrf, irdvronv iKrrrayKoTar avSp&v ! ^ / 
i^p' fffuv *EKdepyov iKaaaecu iepa pe^a/i. '^' '* ' ' 1\,/! ^ 

Tov 8' op' inroSpa iSa>v irpo^^ iroScu; incbf; ^AypsXev^ • 
& fwij awuSeifjv iirietfiipe, fcepSaXeo^pov ! J^^-^^l^ rv* ^v • 
TTW TtV TO* irp6il>fxov hreatv irel^nfTcu 'A')(€u&v, ^ ' ifeo 
^ oSov ik^ifievcUf fj avSpdatv i^t fid^'So^cu ; t "* ^ ' 

ov yap iya> TpoHov ?v€K ijfKu^ov atxjirjrdoDV 
SevfX) fiayrftrofxevo^ * hrel otm fiot aXrioi eUrcv. 
ov yap w^or^ ipM ^oih ffhjouTav^ ovSe fikv tinrov^, 
ovSe TTOT ev ^^irj ipi/3af\afa, jSarruivelpi^, >^ . •^- ll55 

KopTTov iSrjiKij<ravT* • erreiif fioKa iroXKa fiera^ 
oiped re aKioevra, ^dXaao'd re ff^eaaa • 
oXXA aolj & pJky avacSh, &fi i<rrr6fie^\ 8<f)pa av Xouprys, 
Tifiifv apvvfievoL MeveXd^, aol re, KwarTra ! 
irpo^ Tpdxov — TO)i/ otrrt fieraTpiin), ovS* aSjeyl^ei/i* 160 
Koi Snff fiot yi'pa^ axno^ a^KUpriaea^ai direCkeh, 
^ hn vvXX ifioytfca, Sorrav Si fxoc ule? ^A^omV' 


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i^O IAIAA02 A. 

ov iJL€P <Tol TTore laov e)((o yepa^, ottttot *A')(aioi, 
* 1 ;/ 1 ^ ^ *^ Tpdxov €/c7r€p<Tcoa eiwaiofievov irroXiihpov ' 

165 oKKa ro/fi^v irXjdov iroXkjUlKOf; iroKe^Mio 

^ Xe*/>€9 e/wu SiMpva' • dfap/^v 'jrorSiaafw^ uJrjrcu, 
<rol TO yjfxv; TroXif/fjLe^ov, ijfw B* oKl/fov re ^tfjw rt 
€p^ofi ^ODV errl/vTja^, imp fceKaLco iro\dill^(ov. 
vvv 8' €ifu l$^if)i^\ hrefh iroXifJ^prepov jiirra^, / 

170 oiKoS* Ifiev axjv vrjval Ko ptovla iv • ovSe <r' otca u^'^'^^ 
iv^dh* aTifw^ i(ov, a(l>€vo<; koX irXovrov d(f>v^af. 
Top 8' Tfiiei^er^ hrevTa opo^ dtfSp&v 'Aya/jAfiPcnf ' 
-» -' / <f>€vy€ fmX, el toi d 17x09 eiriaavrai! ovBe <r* iyooye 
' Xiaaofuu €ip€k ifieio fieveiv * irdp* cfioiye koI aXXoi» 

175 oi xi fi€ Tifii]aov(r(^ fiaXurra ik fj/qrLera Zev^, 
ej^LOTO^ Si fioi eaai ^ioTp€(^&av ^ciaiXijwv • 
aUl ydp TOi €pis; re ^iKf)^ woXe/JLoi re, fid')(cu tc 
el fjLoKa fcaprepo^ iaat, ^eog irov aol Toy* eSmtcev, 
oIkoS* loav aiw vqvaL re afj^ k<u (toU erdpourw, 

*80 MvpfiiBoveaaiv avacae ! ai^ev S* iyoi> ovk aX^jtQm^ ,^ 
ouS* o^ofjLcu KOTeovT(y;* direOJiafD Si roi &he * ^ 
C&9 ?/*' d(f>atpeiT(U XpvarftSa ^otfio^ 'A'ttoXXo^v, — A^L-^ 
TTjp fjuev iyo) avv vrjt t* i/ju^ kcu ifuns irdpourcv 
irifiylrw, eyo) Bi k d^co BpurrftSa KoXKiirdptfOP, 
85 avT09 mp KKuj-irjpBe, to <t6p yipa^ • 6^p* eif €lS§^, 
oaa-op <f)€pTep6<; eifii a^ep, (rrvyei) Sk koX 3XKo^ 
laop i/Jbol (fyda^cUf icaX Ofwuts^^fiepcu opttjp. 

^Sif: <f>dTo • IlijXeUopi 8* a^o^ yip€r\ hf hi oi f/rop 
(TTrf^eaatP TuiaiQUTt, BtdpSi/)(f^ fjL€pfii]pi^ep, 

' VK) rj oye ^daryapop o^v iovaadfieifo^ irapd fiffpov, 
TOW fji€p dpaoTtjaeiep, 6 B' 'ArpelBrjp ivapi^^, 
lye ^6\op iravaeiep, ipTjTVijeU re ^/mSp. • . ' * ' 

&)9 6 raff^' &pfjL€UP€ Kard (f>pepa Koi Kard ^vfiovg 

. ,^ iTuccTO 8' i/c KoXeoto jxiya ^i<f>o^, fp^e 8' 'il^ijwy 

195 ^ovpopo^ep' 'jrpo ydp fjice ^ed XevKtiiXep<y; "^HpTj, 
afjL<f>(o 6fi&<: ^vfjb^ (jyiXeovad re, /crjBo/juiprf t€. ' 
OTTj 8* Stti^cp, fai'^9 Bk KOfjur)^ ?Xe IlnjXeicDpa, 


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#» <■ 

IAIAA02 I. 31 

o2^ ^Mivofihnj • T&p S* SXSjodv ovti^ qparo^ /.ww^ ^7 >^ -^ 

iloXXaS' 'A^vaiffP ' Beww Bi oi Saae if>dcu^€P. gOO g 

«ai /ui/ ^vriacu; enea irrepoevra irpo^vSa * '^ ^' ^^ ' 

TiTrr' oSt', alytoxoio J w t€/co9, eiXiyXotdo? ; 
17 «w v/3piv tSjf 'AyafiifMvovo^ 'Arpe&ao ; , ( ' , , / - 
aXX' eic rot epecw, to 8^ #cal reXAea^cu 060 • ^' ♦> v 

^ inrepoirXi'pa'i rd^ av irore ^vfwv oXkcari, W^^., 

Thv S' aSre irpo^ieiire ^eii yXav/e&ms *A^ip»f • ' 

flX!^ov eyct) Travcovaa ro abv fievo^, of #re irC^cUt 
ovpavo^ev' irpo Si ft fjice ^eA XevfcdtX^vo^ "^pV* 
a^i^ bfiSyi ^vfi^ <f>i\iov<rd re, KffSofiein) re, 
dXX aye, X^* epi&y;, fjLr)Si ^ufxys SXxeo xetpi • 910 

aSX ffTOt hreaof ^hf opetBurov, a>9 la-erai irep. 
c&Se yap i^pito, to he teal rereKea-fikpop i<rr€U • 
/ecu TTOTC Tot TpU Toaaa irapia-a-era^ arfkah S&pa 
iPpuy; elveKa Trf^Ze * crv S' la^eo, Trei^eo 8* i7/i«/. 

T^i/ 8* dtrafUiPofiepo^ frpo^i<f>r) iroBw; &kv<: '^^^tXXev? • 815 
j(pT) fiep <r<fxDtT€p6p y€j S^ea, e7ro9 elpvca-aa^OA 
tcaX pLoka irep ^vfi^ Kexpktofiipop * &9 ycLp ofiewop. 
09 ice ^€0*9 hmreC^rriTai, puiKa t ^kKvop aurov. 

^H, KoX hr dpyvperf Kmrp cr^c^e X^^P^ fiapeiop • 
&y^ B* €9 KovXeop Sxre p^a ^iff>o^, ovB' dirl^aep ttO 

li;ff^(p ^A^vairj^ • -q S' OvXvp/jropBe fiefiijKei 
iAfiaT 69 aUfi&)(pio Ai6<: p^erh Saip^opa^ dXKov^. 

nrf\e[Sr}<; B* i^avTCfi drapr^pok hreeaaw 
*Arpe&qp irpo^ieenre, kcu oinro) Xiyye xpXoio • 

Olvoffape^, Kvpo^ op,p4iT e)(Oi>P, KpoBirjp B* iktUfxHO I S86 
ovre TTOT* ^9 TToXep^p ipxi \a& ^(oprp^rjpo^,, 
ovre Xo^opB^ Upoc avp dpia-rijeaacp ^A^ou&p 
rerXrj/cas ^vpM * to Be roi Krjp etBerai elwu. 
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Swp* aTToaipeur^at, o<^t<: a-e^ep upt lop ecTrrj. 830 

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.IAIA«OZ I. 2i 

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24 IAIAd02 A. 

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lAlAZi02 I. 


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26 1 A 1 A Zi O 2 A 

Xuaofievi^ re ^vyarpay <f}kp(ov r afrepelxTL anrotva^ 
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TOP KoL VTTeiSeia'av fidicape^ ^eo/, ovBi t' ehtjcap. ''*^-^^ 


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1AIAA0Z I. "* 87 

t6p 0UV fuv fJLvrica/Ta irapi^eo, koI XajSe yovvtov, 
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irarpl if>lX(p iv xe/wrl tI^cl, /cat jmlp irpo^eenrfp • 

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28 lAIAZiOS A. 

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lAiAAo:; I. 29 

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so lAlAAOS A. 

aXX oKeayp StfV fjaro • Oirts S*, w f'j^JraTO yovwov, 
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aUl aoi <f)iXop iarlv, ifiev d7rop6(r<f)t,p iopra, 
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lAIAAOZ I. 3] 

oXX* hv fUv It iirieiKe; aKovifi^v, oiJt/9 hrevra 

ovT€ ^e&p TTpoTcpo^: ropy^ etaera^, out' av^p^mv • 

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firfri aif rnvra eKO/na Btsipeo, /irfBe fieraXXcu 660 — 

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alporare Kpopi&rj, iroiop top /jlij^op eenre; I 
KoX Xltpi a€ irdpo<: y' otJr' elpo/juu, ovt€ fieraXKA • 
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vvp S^ alp&^ SeiSoixa /caret <f>pipaj fMij ae Tratfi^nrp 555 

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wj^rfccuf B* ca/h B&fia Aw ^eol OvpopUapei, ^70 

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dvefi yap k i^iXrja-iP ^OXufiirio^ currepoirrfrii^ 680 

i^ iBfayp an/<f>€\i^a^ • 6 yhp ttoXv <f>ipTaT6^ eaTip, 


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L-v-^ (/Ua' t'v— ^7 (^ t«>4^%^v«-t 
32 lAlA^OS A. 

aXSA av Tovy* hr^eca-t Ka^wnrrea^ai fiaXatcdiaiv • 

^Sl<; ap' €<fyr} • Kot avai^a<:, Serra? afi^HxvveXXjov 

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' ' ' fit) ae, <f)i\7)v irep iovaav, iv 6<f>^a\uu)i<nv IScofiat 

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Xpcua-fiew • apydkio^ yap ^OXufiiruyi avr^ipea^au 

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pi'^y TToSos rerarfa^v, airo firjkov ^€<rrr€(rioio. 
ircuf h* fifiap <f>€p6fjLrjv, a/Ma S' rje7u(p KaraZxnm 
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avrap 6 rok SXXoktc l^eo2? ivBi^ta ircUrLv 
^P(y)(p€i, yXuKu vi/crap anb Kprjrfjpo^: a^va<T<DV. 
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605 Avrkp hrel /carkhv Xap/rrpov (f>do<: rieXioio, 
01 fjLcv KcucK€LovTe<i l^av ohcovSe eKOcro*;, 
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'HifMUTTo^;, TToirjaev iS mrjo -y irp aTriZ co'a'iv. ^^^ 
Zev^ Be 7rpo9 hv Xe^^o? tjV 'OXvfnrio^ currepoirryrrfiy 

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h^a Ka^evB* dvafid<: • irapit Se, ;^v<ro^/>oi/o9 "H/wy* 





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'Ov€ipos* Boi^rla fj /cardXoyo^ r&v ve&p. 

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arrj S^ &p^ irrrip Ke<f>aX^j<;, Nr}\7jt^ vU ioiKW, 20 

NeoTopi, rov pa p^aXurra yepomtov rV ' AyapMpvaav ' 
T^ pbiv ieicapyevo^ irpo^e^vee SVeZov "Ovetpo^ • 


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34 lAlAAOS B. 

EvSei^, 'Arpio^ vlk 8dt<f>povo^, imroSafiou) ; 
ov ypt) iravvir)(iov euSeip fiov\r}<f>6pov avSpa, 

25 ^ Xaol t' hnrerpd^Tai, kol roaaa fiifjLrj\j6K 

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5? a-ev, dvev^ev idv, fieya KijSercu ^' i\jealp€i, 
^(apfj^al a-e xeKevae KaprfKo/jLoayvras 'A'xai^v^ 
'rrcuHrvSifj • vi/p yap xev ?Xot9 ttoXiv evpvdyvuiv 

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c&dvoTOi <f>pa^ovT(U • iiriyvafjuyfrev yhp airavra^ 
"Hprj Xura-ofiiprj • Tpmecra-i Se /ciySe* i^njirrcu 
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aipelrcD, eSr' ov- ae fie\li^p6i>v vttvo^ aui^, 

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tA <f>pov€ovT^ ivii ^fi6v, & p ov rekiea-^cu ifJLeXKop. 
(fnj yhp oy cupijtreiv Ilpiafwv iroktv rj/Mart /eehnp. 
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l^ero 8' op^oifyek ' fuiKatcov 5* hfSwe j(i>T&va, 
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iroaai S' utto Xi'Trapolaiv iSi^aaro /cdXA 'rreStXa • 

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dfi^poatqv hiii vvKra • fiaXurra Bi NeoTopi Sloi 


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lAIAdOS II. 36 

e2So9 re, fiiy^i^ re, <f>wiv r irfxyrra i^i, 

crfj 8' &p* irrrip K€<f>aXrf^, tcai fie trpo^ fxtjf^op hmrev • 

tv&e^xi, ^Arpeo^ vik Sai^popo^, ItnroSdfMOio ; 60 

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vvp S' ifii^ev ^we^ Snca* A169 Be roi 0776X09 €«/m» 

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S a<l>ip iv(l>papimp ayopi^aTo Koi fm^.&;ir€v • 

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€l fjL€v Ti9 Tov Speipop 'A^^uAp aX\o^ ci^^enrcz', 80 

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PUP B* SS€i/, S9 /A«7* apurrof; 'A^eu&p ejxjsrai €&a£. 
oXX* oyer*, aX kcp 7r«»9 ^^pij^fiep vla^ ^Ayfu&¥. 

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ffire Shpea curt fMeKuradcap oBiPotop, 
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fivrpvBiop Zk TrkroPTOA hr ip^eciv eiapipota-uf • 
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&9 T&p f^pea TToXXA ye&v ^Q ^ tcKuruu^t 
^lopo^ T^pq^dftoC^e fia^efTiy: eaT*x<^*Tfl 


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36 lAIAAOZ B. 

iKaSov ek ofyop^v • fberh Si a^Haiv "Oaaa heSiii€i^ 
orpwova-^ Ikmu^ Aii^ SyyeXcy; * oi 8' dyipovro. 

95 T€Tpi^€i S* ayop^, inro Si arevaxi^^ro ydia, 
Xa&p i^6vT^9v, ofjLc£o^ S* ^v iwia Si a^a/i 
Kripvic€<i fioofovres iprfTDOv, eiirorr axnifi 
ayaUvr^ iucovaeiav Si Aunpe<f>itov ^aaCkqc^v. 
airovS^ S* ifyro Xa^y iptfrv^ev Si /ca^* SSp<K, 

100 iroMrdfAmKH, tcKayyfj^ • 6va H KpeUiv * Ayapifivtav 

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"H^^euarof fJth^ Sa^xe Ad KpopUovi oohucti * 
airrkp &pa Zeif^ SAxe Suucrop^ 'ApyeufMprjf * 
^Epp^'uK a Sva^ ScMcev IliXowc irXfj^imnp * 

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^Arpeif^ Si ^^vrfaKmv ektirev iroXjuapw 0vi<rrrf • 
ainkp o aSne Ovior^ 'Ayafjtip>votftt Xevrre <f>opfjP€U9 
woW^of vi^ourt tcaX ^Apyel treunX avcurtreiv* 
T^ oy' ip€i^dp,€vo^, Sw€* 'Apyeioun p^TffvSa' 

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Zev^ fA€ p^€L KpoviSff^ art) iviSrf<re fiapeitj • 
{TxirXio^, 09 fTflw piv poc vviaxero koX fearivewraf, 
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voXkal K€P SexoBe: Sevoiaro oipoypoio. 
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giS Si K€P evyoDXriP Uptdp^ koI Tpcoal Xiiroiep 160 

Apyelfjp 'EXhn)p, ^ ehexa iroXXol ^A^cu&p 
h Tpoir) (moXoPTOy <t>iX7ji airo TrarpiSo'; aXrj^ ; 


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38 IAIAA02 B. 

aXX* T^ivvv Kara Xaov *Aj(ai&v ^aXirop^trcoiwy * 
aoU a/yavok hreea-civ ifyrfrve <}>&Ta Ikclotov. 
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eJfpev eireir 'OSvaija, Ait firjriv aroKavroVy 

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Kijpv^ Evpvj3dT7)<; *I^a#«;(rM>9, 09 oi otti^i. 

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aop T^ l^f) /carh vrja<; ^A'XfU&p x<^CKKO')(yr<iiV(DV, 

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ip /3ov\7J B* ov trdpre^ djcovaap^ep otop Senrep. 

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rtp^f) B* ifc Aco^ iari, <l>i\€2 Bi i firjrlera Zevi. 


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IAIAA02 II. 39 

^Ov 8* a5 hrifiov r av&pa vboL, fioowvra r i<f>€vpoh 
Tov atcrprrpc^ iXiacLaKev, 6fWicKi^<Taa-ici re fit^<p' 

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ovT€ wot' iv TToXAfKp hfapf^fuo^^ oifT evl ^ov\§, 
ov fiiv 7rco9 irdvre^ ^curCKewrofJLev iv^oB* 'Aj(Cuol • 
ovx aya^op TroXu/cotpavirj * eh Koip€tvo<i icrrto, 
ek ^aaiXev^, ^ IScatce Kpovov ircus arftcvKofirfreto* 206 

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o^ia K€K\rfyay; Xey* opelBea • t£ 8' ap' 'A'^at'Ol 
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irpfOTiartp SiSofiep, c&r* &p irroXie^pop iXxofiep. 
fj iht Kol ')(pv<Tov i'mBev€€u, Sp /ci t*9 oi<rei, 
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40 :AiA/:k02 b. 

fjyr' avT09 aTrovo<r<fH Karia^&u ; — ov fiev eoyec^, 
afy^pv ioPTO, kcuc&v emffaa-Kifiof vt(K *A)((u&v» 

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oXicc£i irep avv vqvaX vetofie^a * rovBe 8* i&fMev 
avTOv ipl Tpoirf yipa 'ireaaifiev^ 6<f>pa iSrfrcu, 
fl pd TL ol X Vf^^ irpo^afiupofjtev, lije koX ovkI • 
h^ KoX inhf ^AxO^SjOt lo fjuiy apslvova <l>&Ta, 

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wkfj^ • 6 B* IBptit^, ^aXepop Be 01 eiareae Bdxpv. 
apABi^ B* atfAOToeaaa fjb€Tcuf>pepov i^uTrtwiarif 


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aiajwrpov irro ypvakov • 6 S* &p l^ero^ rdplSrfoiv re • 
oKrffiaaf: h\ axp^iov tZwv, am-ofi^p^aro haicpv, 
oi Scy KoX a')Qn)fJL€WH irep^ hr^ avr^ ^v jeKouraav * 270 

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/3oi;Xa9 T i^dpxciv aya^ds, irokefiop re Kopwratdv • 
vihf Se t6& /Lt^' apuTTOv iv 'Apyelounv l/aefev, 
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elSofiiin) KTipviUt auoTrav Xaop avayyei, 280 

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aXXi^Xoiauf oSvpoPTCu ohcopSe piea^cu. 200 

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^ ireop KaK')(a^ pLcarrevercu, rfk koX ovkL 300 

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lidprvpoi, 0V9 /JLt) Krjpe^ ^^av ^avd'O.o <f>epouaai 


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43 IAIAA02 B. 

)^t^ re Koi frptoi^*, Sr* e? AvkliSa inje^ '-^X* 
fiyepi^ovTO, tcojca Ilpidfjup /cat Tpe^al <f>€pov<rcu* 

305 y/j^vi £' a/jL^l irepi Kprjvriv iepois Kari, /36>/40^ 
cpSofiev a^avdrouri reKrjiaaa/: iKarofijSaif, 
KoXfj imo irkaravloTtpt Si^€v peev a/y\aop vSoip • 
€v^ ' iifximf fieya afjfjta * ipoKtov hrX vSna hcb^xuvi^ 
(r/j^pSaXeo^, rov p avT09 ^OXufiino^ ijxe ^oeo^, 

310 ^a)fiov V7rat^a<f, irpo^ pa wXaTaviaTov Spov<r€v* 
€P^a S' €<T€W oTpot/^olo vcoaaolf vrpruL re/cvop 
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o/ero), drap firfrqp ivdrrj ^, fj tSkc rbcva • 
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TTjv S' €X€Xtfa/A€i/09 irripvyo^ Xdfiev dfj^ia^yiop. 
avrdp ewel Kard reicv €<^ay€ arpoi/^oio koX aim^ 
rov fM€V dpi^rjKov ^k€v ^€09, o<;rrep Sffnivev • 
Xaav yap fiLV S^/c€ Kpovov ttoZ? dyKvXjOfiTjrem • 

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(09 oiv Beivd ireKtopa ^e&v eisiflA^ eKarofjufiai^, 
Kd\)(a^ S' ail be* eiretra ^eoTrpoirexov d/yopeveif • 
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ft)9 ©5x09 Kard rifcv* €(^ay€ arpov^olo kclL avnjv, 
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aSX Sr/e, fMlfivere irdvre^, iv/anjfuBe^ *Aj(cuol, 
airrov, eko/cev aarv fieya Ilptdfioio SXxofiev, 

^/29 i<f>ar^ • ^Apyeioi Bi fiiy^ laypp — dfi<l>l Bk vtje^ 
(TfiepBaXeov KovdfirjaaPj dvadvrwv irif* ^A'^auop — 

V15 fiif^ov hraivrja-avre^ 'OBvcraijiK ^eioio. 

rotai Bk fcal fjuerieiire Teprjvio^ iwirora Niart»p • 


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IAIAA02 11. 4Si 

*/2 irinroi i fj iff ireuaiv ioi/core^ ajopaaa^ 
vipTi&ypi^, ok ovTL fiiXjei troXjefirila epya, 
irrj Sif avt^ea-icu re zeal SpKia ^rjaerav ^fiip ; 
iv TTvpl Sff ^ovKai re yevolaro, iirjhed t' apBp&p, 340 

airovScU t' oKprjroi /cat Se^taly ^9 hrctrfyfjLev! 
at{Ta>9 yap pi* hrieaa* ipi£aipo/i€v, ovSe ri firjx^ 
evpifieiHu Sirvdfiea'^a, ttoXup ^povov iv^dS* iovre;. 
^ArpeiST), crv S' ^', 0)9 'n-pli/, iytov currep^a ^ovKrjV, 
apj(€v^ 'ApyelouTi Kara Kparepa^ va/jblvas ' 345 

Tov^Se S* ea {jAan^eiP, fpa kolL Bvo, toI kcp *Aj(cu&p 
p6(rif>iv fiov\€voo<r* — aw<rt^ 8' oiffc Saaerai axn&p — 
irpXv "Apyo^^ Uviu, irpXp kcu Au>^ aijioypio 
ypa>fi€P{U eire -^reOSo^ irn'6(r)(€<n<;j ^^ xal omL 
ipijfjX yhp oJnf Karapevaai xnrepfievea Kpoplcava 350 

fipxiri tS, ot€ PTjvaip iir* ojfcvTropoicriv I^cupop 
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wplp TtPa irhp Tpdcop a\6)(<p KaraKOLfiTj^rjpcu^ 356 

ruToa^cu 8' 'E'Kiprj<; opfxrjfJLard t€ <Tropa)(d^ re, 
el Sc Ti9 itcTrdy\(a<; i^iket ohcopSe piet/^at, 
dnrrea^fo ^ ia7;o9 ivacriX/ioio /Lt€\atV?79, 
S<f>pa 7rp6<r^^ aXKcop ^dvarop koX TroTfiop eTrunrrj. 
aXXd, apa^, avro^i t' dJ fJH^Beo, TreC^eo t' aWq) • 360 

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Kpcp* ap8pa<; fcarct <f>v\a, Kara (f)pifrpa<;, 'Aydfi€fipop, 
OH? <f>priTpr) <l>pi]Tpr)(f)iP dpT^yp, <f)v\a Bi <f>v\oi9. 
el §€ Kep i>9 €p^, Kal rot Tre^xoPTcu ^A'^cuoly 
ypdxnj eTret^', 09 ^' ^fjyefiopcop KaK6<;, o^ ri pv Xomp, 365 
^' 09 >ic' i<r^\6^ hjfn ' Kara (T<f>ias yap iJba')(koPTaL • 
ypaxrea^, S*, el teal ^ecnrea-ir) ttoXvp ovfc dXaird^eiSp 
fj dpSp&p KaKOTrfTi Kal df^paZlt) ttoTJ/iolo* 

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^ flap aSn^ o/yopfj pifca<;, yepop^ vta^ ^Axaia>P> 370 

at yap, Zev t€ irdrep Kal ^A^vvalr) koX ^AttoXXop, 


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44 lAIAilOS B. 

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aindp eireir^ Aiapre Bvco koX TvBio^ viop. 


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IAIAA02 II 45 

&Toy S' aSr* 'OSwrtja, AiX fAtfriv aroKavrov. 

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cu^aXoev, Trpfjo-cu Se 7rvp6<; Srjtbio ^vperpa, 415 

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/cal ra pip iip <rxPiV^*'^ d<f>vXKot(rip Karexauyp • 426 

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Xaop Kf)pviT<roPT^ d/yetp6irra>p icarb, pvja^ • 
^fiei; S' a^pooi &&€ Kari, arparop evpvp *A')(€U&p 
lofjtep, S<f>pa K€ ^atraop iyelpof^ep ^ifp ''Apija. 440 


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46 lAiA^o: B 

^•O? €<l>ar* • ouS' airf^i)a€v ai/af avSp&v * AyafjtifJOf^nf 
avrUa KTfpvKeaaL \iyv<f>^yyoiai fciXeua-ev, 
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oi fiev i/c^pvaavv, rol S' rfyelpovro fidTC &Ka. 

445 oi S* api/f> ^Arpeuova ^ioTp€<f>ie; ficun^Jje; 
^vvov Kpivovres; • fjbera Sk jXavKaym^ *A%jvff, 
alyiS* i^ova iptnfiov, ayi]p€U}v, c&cofdrrjv re • 
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iravres; AhrXe/c^e?, hcaTOfJL/Soio^ 8k e/ccurro^, 

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orrpvvova Uvcu • iv hi o^ivoq Sypaev eKooT^ 
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*A<rUp iv \€Cfi&vi, Kavarpiav a/jL<f>l /See^pa, 
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xXayytihov TrpoKa^i^ovrcov, a-fiapayel hi re Xe^ia>v ' 
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afiephoKeov Kovd^c^e iroh&v avr&v re Kal XmraiV. 
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&prf iv eiapiv^f Sre re yXdyo^: ayyea hevei • 
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1A1AA02 II. 47 

&9 TO^ riycfxove; Stexoafieov h/^a /cat ev^a, 

iwfilvijvh* Uvcu* fierit Si, Kpeuov ' Ayafiifipwv, 

SfifuiTa Kol fC€tf>a\^p Ik€\o^ Aii repTTLKepaviftp, 

^Apei Se t^vrjv, arrepvov hh Tloaetiaxavi 

rg&re /3ov(; ayiXri^i /^ey' i^orxp^ hrkrro irdvrav 480 

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roiov ap* 'Arpe^v ^ic€ Zeif^ fjfiari Kcivep, 

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vfiek y^p ^eal iare, irdpcoTe T€, tare re irdvra, 485 

rilJuek hk K\io^ olov afcovofiev^ ovSl ri tSfiev • 
olrive^ ffyefwve^ Aava&v koI tcolpavoi ^<rav, 
irXrjf^in/ S' ovfc &v iyio fiv^i]<TOfiat, ou8* ovofjurjvw • 
ovS' €? fioi ScKa fikv ykaxro-ac, Se/ra Se ctto/lwit' c&r, 
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SxoSpov t€ Sfc&Xov T€, TToXiiKVTjfiov T ^Eretovov, 
OioTTtav, Tpaldv re Kal evpvxppov MvKaXrjaoi/, 
01 r* afJL<f)* "^pH'* ipip^vro Kal ElXicriov pcaX ^Ept^pa^, 
oX r 'EXe&v elxov 17S' "TXrjv Kal Ilere&va, 500 

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ol re Kopa>veiav Kal iroirjev^* 'AXlaprov, 
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ol ^' 'TttoSt^jSo? elypv, ivKrlfievov irroXle^pov, 505 

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01 re rroXvtrrd^vXov ^Apvrjv ^ov, oX re MiSeiaVt 
Niadv re ^a^erjv, *Ajf^S6va t' ea^arotoa-av * 
r&v fjukv rrevrrfKOirra vie^ kIov • iv Sk eKdtrn) 
Kovpoi Bouor&v €Karbv Kal etKocrc fiatvov, 510 


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Ot S* * AairKflriiova vaZov IS* ^Op)(pfi€vbv Mivveio^, 
TO)!/ ^px' ^'^o'KdK(uf>o^ /cal *Id\fi€vo<:, vle^ "Aprfo^f 
o59 T€K€P ^A(mK>)(tj, Bifi^ "Aicropo^ ^A^eiBaoy 
Trap^ivo^ aiSoiTf, irrrepcolov el^iova^dca, 

515 "Aprjl Kparep^ • 6 8i ol irapeXk^aro \d^p7j • 
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ot Ktrrrdpuraov e)(pv, Ilv^&vd re irerpriecacLV^ 

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ol r apa irdp worafiov K'qif^icov Slop evoMv, 
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ot Kvvov r €P€/jLovr\ ^Oiroeprd re KaXXiapop re, 
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Tdpifnjp re &p6vi6p re, Boayplov dfufn pee^pa • 
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T^ S' dfi "A^apre; hrovro ^ool, Sirc^ep KOfMocnrre^f 
al'XJJuriral, fufiaorre^ opeicrfjaLP fieXlrf<rtP 
^(!}p7jKa<: prj^eip Sritcop dfi<f)l anf^ea-aip^ 

545 T^ S* dfJM reaa-apdKOPra fieXcupai pfje; hropro. 


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1A1AA02 II. 4B 

Ot B^ ap^ 'A^rfvcK el^oVf evscrifievQV TrrokU^puw, 
Sfjfiov 'Epejfiijoi fj^aX^JTOpo^, op ttot* ^A^i^prj 
^pes^, Auy; ^^vyaTqp — t€/c€ Se ^eioofpo^ "Apovpa — 
ici8' 8' ip ^A^inj9 elacp, e^ epi iriopi ptf^* 
ip^dSe fup ravpoiai /ecu appeioU iXdoprai 6M 

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r&p oS^* fffepLOpev vi6<; TlereAo, Mepec^eu^. 
T^ S' owr<o Tt9 6/ioio9 hn,')^6vu}ff jkver^ avi^p, 
Koap^rjcrcu Zmrov^ re koX apipa^ cunriSuSnoi — 
NioTcop 0I09 epi^ep • 6 yap Trpoyepearepo^ ffcp — 665 

T^ 8* ifia irepnjKOPra /leXauHU vrje^ hropro. 

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[oTTJae 8' ayoDP, Ip 'A^pcU(0P urroPTO ifkiXcpyye^.] 

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'EpfJUOPTfp, *Aaipi]p re, fia^^vp icark koXttop i')(ovawi^ MO 
TpotJ^p*9 'Hiopof; T6 Kcu af/mr^Kjoepr ^Eiri&tvpop, 
ot T* expp AlyiPOPj Moffrjrd re, Kovpoi *A')(atAv • 
tS>p at^' ff/€pJiP€V€ fioijp d/ya^o^ Jio/if^8i;$, 
Koi S^€P€Xjofi, Kcpiravfjo^ d/ycucKeprov if>iKo^ vlo^ * 
Toiai 8' dfM* EvpvdXo^ Tpiraro^ kUp, lao^eo^ ^xis^ 665 

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avfiwdpTcop 8* ijyeiro fioi)p dya^o^ Jm/m^Si^^ ' 
Toitri 8* ifi oyid/copra p^KcuPtu pff€^ Sttopto. 

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Apyidkop r dpd irdpra, xaX dfuf>* *E\iicqp evpeiap * 575 
rS)v hcarov pif&p ^px^ KpeUop *AyafAep>pa}p 
'ArpetSff^ • &fia r^e iroXv TrXeiaroi koI dptaro^ 
Xaol hropT • ep 8* ainhs iSvaaro pdpoira ;^aAjcov, 
/cvSiowp, OTi vdai perhrpevep '^pieaaiv^ 
oIjp€k* &puTTo^ h}P, TToXv 8^ ifXciOToi/^ oyc \ou)vs> 580 



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50 IAIAZX02 B. 

Ot £* el^op KoiKijv AcuceSaifjLova /ofrdea-aat^, 
iaplv re S'lrdpTTfv t€, iroXirrp^pwud re Miaatju, 
Bpvaew; r* ivefiovTO kcu Avyetas ipareiva^, 
01 T* ap' *AfJMKXa>: elxop, "JSXo? t\ h^cCKov irrdKie^pov 

565 ol T€ Adav elypVf rfi* OtrvXcv a/juf>€V€fiovTO ' 
T&v oi aB€k(l>eo^ ^IPX^* fiorjp aya^o^ MeviXao^y 
k^Kovra ve&v • awdrep^e Bi ^capria'aovro. 
iv S' auT09 fciev ^o*^ irpo^vfilrjin TreTroi^Si 
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kclL TlreXeop kcu "jBXo<? koI Aeopu)P — ep^a re Movaoi 

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Oi)(a\irj^€P iopra iroLp^ Evpurou Oi)(a^V^ * 
areuTO ykp €v)(6p,€P0<; pucrfaifieVf elirep &p avraX 
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al Si ;^oXaMra/L6€i/ai. irqpop ^eaop^ curriup aotSifp 

600 ^etrrreairjp dff)€KopTOj koX eKkiKa^op Kt^apurrvp — 
r&p a5^' '^yefjbopeve Tepripw^ iinroTa Niarayp • 
T^ 8' ip€Pi]K0PTa yXcufyvpai i/ee? €aTcxP<oPTo. 

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Ahrvriop irapa rvp^^op, uf^ avepe^ tt^^/mi;^i7Ta*, 

605 ot ^kpcop T ipep/)PTo kcu ^Op^ofievop Tro\vp,ffKop, 
^Piirqp T€, SrpaTirjp re kou fipep^oeccrcw ^Evi<rjnpf, 
Kol Teyerjp elypP kcu Mcurnperjp ipareiptip, 
SrvpxfnjXop t' elxop, koX HctppcurirfP ipifiopro • 
r&p fjpx* 'AyKcUoio tto^, Kpeioup * Aywirripo^py 

610 e^KOPTd pe&p* 7ro\ee<; S' ip pr\t eKdarp 

^ApKoie^ aifSpe; ejSatpop, eTrurrdfiepot, woXefu^w* 
aiiros yap <t^i>p BUkcp opo^ avSp&p ^AyafMfwwv 
prja^ iwraiXfLoii^j irepdcup hr\ otifOTra iroproPj 
^ArpeiSf)^ * cTrel qv ci^i ^a\w<rui epya fiefiijXjei. 


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IA1AA02 II. 51 

Ot S* &pa Bovirpdo'iop re koX *'HX«Sa Sia» hfcuov^ 615 
oo-avp i<l>' 'Tpfilvff KoX Mvptrivty; itrxarowac^ 
irerfn) r ^ItKevwf /eaX *AXelatop ipT09 iipya • 
rmv aSf ria-a-ape^ ^^PX^ l<rav * Bixa S' avSpl eKdtmj^ 
tnje; errovro ^oal, iroXie^ S* efi/Scupop ^EireioL 
T&v fihf op' * Afuf>lfiaxo^ kclL SaXirui^ ^urfo-da^p, 680 
vie:, 6 fikp KT&iToVj o 8' ap Evpvrov 'Afcropitapo^ • 
T&p S' * AfiapvyK€&ry$ ffpxe Kparepo^ Aia>pvf; • 
T&p he rerdpTWP ^px^ IldKu^iPo^: ^eoeiBip;, 
vw ^Ayaa^epeo^ AvyijidBac Svcucro^. 

Ot S* ix j^ovTuxioio, *E')(iPamp ^' Upaonf ^85 

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r&p a5&' rfyefi6p€V€ Meytf^, araXaPTO^ "Apifi, 
$yX«/Si79, tp rUre Ati ^/Xo9 hnrora $uX€V9, 
09 7roT€ Aov\i)(Un^^ airevdaaaro^ irarpX ;^o\d>^iV ' 
T^ S' &§jLa Tea-aapajcopra fjUXcuptu pfje^ Siropro, 690 

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0% p ^I^dicrfP €lj(op teal Ni]piTOP elpfuri^vXXop, 
KoX KpoKvKev ip€fioPTO koI AijlXjnra Tprj^eietp, 
oi T€ Zixxn^op ^op, 17S' ot ^ojiop aiMl>€pifjLOPTO, 
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62 IAIAA02 B. 

650 T&v fi€P ap 'ISofuvei^ SovpucKvro^: ryy^^u^vevev, 
Mrjpioinjs T, ardKairroi *EvvaXi<p ai/Bp€t<f>6vTj) • 
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Mvpfj>iB6p€^ Be KaXevvTO koX '^EXXijve; fcai *A)(aiol * 


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IAIAA02 II. 53 

Twp ai iranritcovra v€&v ^v ap^o^ *A'x^iXKeth. 666 

oXX* oty^ ov TToXifjLOio Sv^^xjeo^ ifiif<oovTO • 

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"AXicriaTL^f TleXLao ^yarp&v €lSo<i aplanj, 716 

Ot 8' apa Mrf^<i>vr}v teal Bavp>aKtr)v ivifjMvro, 
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r&v Sk ^iXoKTijTrj^ ^PX^* to^wi/ ci €lS{i<f, 
hrra vemv • iperai S* iv efcdoTij irevTrjKovTa 


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64 lAIAAOS B. 

ttXX* o fMeif €V vri<T<p leelro Kparip* Skyea wdayt^v, 
Ai]fMV(p iv '^a^^ret}, ff^c fJLtv Xiirov vle^ ^A'Xfu&Vy 
iXxei fMO^i^ovra KaKto oKoo^povo^ vSpov • 
&&' Sye K€it' ayitov • rouya Sk fjuhja-etr^cu SfAcXKov 

786 'Apyeioc iraph vr)v<rl iCXjoKTrjTdo avcucro^, 

ovBk fikv ovS* ol avapxoi la-av, iro^eov ye fjuh apyov 
ilXX^ MeSo)]/ Koa-fifjo-ev, 'OtX^oy 1/6^09 vl6<i, 
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"O/o^v, 'HXcow/j/ re, iroXtP t' ^OXooa-aopa Xevicriv 

740 T&p a5^' ff/efiopeve fMepeTrroXefio^ IIoXvTroiTr)^, 
vto9 Ilecpi^ooio, TOP a^dpaTo<; ri/cero Zei^ — 
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rifiari r^, ore ^rjpa<: irlfraro Xwypriepra^^ 
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&; y h IlTjpetop TTpoUi, KaXXippoop vhoup • 
ovi^ oye Ilrjpei^ <rvfifMi<ryeTai dpyvpoSipp, 


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IAIAA02 II. 55 

aXXd re fuv icc^ihrep^ev hnppee^ ^trr* tKaiov . 

optcov ykp Seimv STxryo^ vBaTo*; iariv airoppdi^, 755 

MarpnfTiiyv S' ^PX^ Upo^oo^^ T€v^pijB6vo<i vm, 
oi ircpi IIf)V€i6p teal Tlrpuov €lpo(ri<l>uXKop 
vaUaKOV • T&v fiev IIpo^oo^ ^ob^ ijye/ioi/euev • 
t3 8* ofia reaaapaxovra pMXcuvcu vije: Sirovro. 

OvToc ap^ ff/€p^ve; Aavct&v koX KolpavoL ^aav, 7(*i) 

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airr&v, rjS^ hnro^v, ot a^i ^Arpel^atv hrovro, 

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TOf; EvpafXjty; eXxivve, iroScoKca^, SpvCicu; wy, 
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avSp&v ai fjUy^ apurro^ eqv TeXa/uovuy; AUv;^ 
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ip)(pfiiwov' /laXa S' &Ka Zidirp^aaov TreBioLO. 785 

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irhp Au^ {ivytoypuo avv ayyeXlr) oKeyuvy, 
ol 8' ayoph^ ayopevov cttI Tlpuifioio ^vptfaiv, 


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56 IAIAA02 B. 

Travre? ofji^rjyepie;^ rjfiev vioi fjSe yipovre^. 

790 dyxov 8' larafikvri *trpo*ii<\yq iroha/; a>Kea *l/5t9» 
eUraro he <f>%oyyr}v vli HpidfioLo TloXlrri, 
89 Tp(oo)P a-Koiro^ Ife, iroBcoKeiija'i Treirot^w 
ri]fi^<p eV cucpoTdT<p Ala-vrJTOO yipovro^, 
S€yfi€vo<; omroTe vaif(^v a<f)opfjLfif^€iev ^Aj(cuoi • 

795 r^ fuy iecaafj^evri /tere^ irohcu; a)/cia *IpA9 * 
*/2 yepoVy aUi roi fiff^oc <f>lXoi axpiTol elaiv, 
W iroT^ ctt' €lpqp7j<; • 7r67^fji,o<i S' d\ta<rro9 opaypep* 
^ ft^ S^ /iaXa TToXXa fid')(a^ eUrjkifyov avBp&Vj 
ciXX' ouTTO) TOioi/Se rocroi/Se re Xooi/ iirayira • 

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€pr)(pvT(u ireBiou), fiaxn^ofievoc vepl aarv. 
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T&v 8' i^yeia^a), Koafirjadfievo^ iroTw^Tw;, 

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(uyfra eXvc ayoprjv • eiro reu^ea o eaaevovro, 
iraaai S' iityvxnno ttvKxu^ etc S' eaavro Xoo?, 

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"EoTi Be Ti9 trpoTrdpoC^e ttoXxo? aiirela Ko\d>vrf^ 
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TT)v ffTOi avhpes Barleiav KiKkriaKovavu, 
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npiafiiSrj^ • &fia rwye iroXif irXeurrot. koX apurroL 
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*ApX'kX(yxp^ T 'AKafuif; re, /xax^9 €i5 eiSore irdarj^. 


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IA1AA02 II. 57 

Of he ZiXeiav evaiov inrai iroSa veiarov ^Ih^, 
a4f>v€U)i, 'rrlvovre^ vScop fiiXav AunjTroiOj 825 

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ndvSapo^, ^ KoX To^ov ^AiroXKcov avro^ eBcoxev. 

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Ktu IIiTuemv expv xal Trjpeirj^ 8po<i ahrv • 
r&v ^PX "ASprjoTO^ T€ Kal "Ap^io^ \ivo^d>pr)^, 830 

vU Svo) MepoTTOS HepKcoalov, o<? ircpX ttovtcov 
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aT€ij(€cv €9 TToXe/AOV <f>^i(n]vopa • ri) Si oi oirrt 
irei^ia^^Tp; • Krjpe; yap ayov pMXavtyi ^avdroio. 

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Kal Sr)<rr6v xal "A/SvSov expv Koi Slav 'Apia^rpf • 
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^Aa-io^ *TpTajciS7j<;, hv ^Apia/Stf^ev <f>ipov vmroi 
ai^a)i/699 fieyoKoh irorafiov airo ScWijein-o*;. 

^Iinro^oo^ S* aye <f>S\a Ilckaay&v iyxea-L/Mopwv, 840 
r&v ot Adpuraav ipijSdiXxiKa vateTcuurieov ' 
r&v ^px 'I'mro^oo^ re TlvXaio^ r\ 6^o<: ''Aprjo^^ 
vU hwD Arf^oio TJeKaayov TevrafiiSao, 

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iaaovs 'B\X?797rojrro9 arfdppoos ivTO^ iepyei. 845 

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*A^iov, oJf KaWiorov iScap eTrcKlSvarai alav. 860 

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i^ *Ever&v, S^ev rifiiovoyv yevo^ a/yporepojcov • 
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afuf)! re Tlap^evLOv irorafibv Kkvrk Soo/jiar^ Ihaiov 
Kp&fji,vdv t' AhylaXov re Kal vyfrrj\ov<: ^Epv^Cvov^. 855 

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rt^Xjo^ev i^ *A\v/3ryf, S^ev dpyvpov iarl yevi^Xrj. 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

B8 IAIAA02 B. 

aXX* oifK oloavouTLV ipvaaaro Krjpa fiikacvav, 
860 aXX iSdfjurj trrro X^P^^ iroSdofceo^ AlcuclZao 

iv worafAi^ S^i irep Tp&a<; xepdi^e /cal aXKov^. 

top/cv^ ai ^pvya^ fjye kcli ^AatcavKy; ^eoetSj;?, 
T^X' i^ *A<TKavirj^ • fiifuurav S' vafilvi fidxea-^cu. 
M^oatv aZ Mka^Xtfi t€ kcu '^Avti^o^ ijyvo-ao-^i/, 
865 i/Ie ToiKxuyukveo^t w Tvyairj rhce Aifiprjf 
ot KciX M'pova^ ff^ov xnro Tfjuoktp yeycuara^. 

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ot MtXrfrav ^oi/, f^eipcjv t' Spo^ aKpiT6<f>v\Kov, 
McudvBpov T€ podf;, MvKoXr)^ t ahreivh xdprjva • 
870 T&v fihf ap^ *Afuf>lfiaxo^ fcal Ndarrff; ^yr)crda^v, 
Nd<rrrf<; *Afuf>lfiaxo9 re, Nofilovo^ ayXai^ rcKva, 
89 fcal ;^u<roi/ ix"^^ 'rroTs^fWpS* lev, rjire Kovpr^ • 
vrprio^, ovSe rl oi Toy* imjp/eeae \uyp6p ItKe^pov, 
aXX iSdfMf xnro X^P^^ 7roB(!}fC€o^ AUuclZao 
875 €v TTora/A^, ^^wrov B* 'i4;^tX€i>9 iKOficaae ScU^paov, 
SapTrrjS^ S' fjpxev AvkUov koX TXcwko^ dfivfjuop^ 
nyXo^ey ix AvkIa^;, Udv^ov iiro Sivijeirro^. 


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\dov fiovofia')(^fa. 

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ipXPp>€P(ov paKa, V &Ka Bihrpr/aaov veSloio. 

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oiniBuov pMX^a-aa^at iv alvfj Sr}ioTrJTt, 40 


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9§ 1i re KOfi/rf, ro, re eJSo^, or* ev Koplrjac /jLtyeirf^f 


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IAIAA02 III. 61 

aXXci fiaXa Tp&e^ SeiSijfjLope^ • ^ ri k€u HSr, 
Xaipov Scao ^^troM/a, kok&v &€^', o<r(ra eopyas* 

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aUi TOi KpaZiri irike/cvi m iariv areipjj^, 60 

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vrilov ifcrdfjonja-iv, 6(f>€XXei S' avSpo<; ip{oi]v * 
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fjuri /jLoi B&p^ ip{vr€t irpo^pe XP^^^ * A<f>poSir7f^ ! 
ovToi, airSfiXrjT* iarl ^e&v iptKvBia S&pcL, 05 

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vw aSrr el /a' i^iKei<: TroXe/itfetv rjSk pAj(e<T^cu, 
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airrkp cfi ev fieaatp koI ^Ap7)t<f>tXop MeveKaov 
trvfifidXer^ dfJL(f>* ^EXivt) xal KT^ficun iraai fjLd)(ea^(u. 70 
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louTiv re TCTvaKOfievoc Xdeaai r e^dXKjov. 80 

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ainop 8' ep fieaatp icaX 'AprjtifxXop MepeKaop W 


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62 IAIAA02 r. 

otov^ ofJL^* 'EXiinj Kal /cnjfiaa't ttoo-i fmyea^tu • 
07nr6r€po^ Si #ce vtxi]<rp, Kpeicaoov re yhrrjrcu, 
KTTifjLci^^ eSMV eZ irdvTO, ywaucd re, otxaS* oyeo^oi • 
ol B* aXKoi <f>t\6TrjTa koI opKia irtarh rd/uofiev, 

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Toio't Bi Kol fierieLTre ^orjv ar/a^b<: MeviXao^ • 

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^fjLov i/jLov • ^povito Bk Bicucpa^fievcu ^fSiy 
*Apyeiov^ xal Tpiki^, hrel Koiea iroKKa irhroa^ 

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teal p imrois fkhf ipv^av eirX ot/^o?, €#c S* e^av aiml^ 
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*IpA9 B* oS^' 'EXhnj XevKcoiXivip ayyeXo^ ^X^€i/, 
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25 r^v 8' eip* hf fieydp^ • rf Bi fieyav urrov vipMpeVa 


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IAIAA02 III. 63 

hlTTKcuca trop^iperjv • iroXia^ 8' ivhraaaev oeSrXovs 
Tpdxov ^* hnroBafKOP koI ^A'xac&v ^(aXjcoxt'Tdvmv, 
oft? €&€P €af€K eTTcurxpp utt' "Apr^ty; TraXafidoDV. 
arfxov 8' ioTafiipT) Trpo^&fyr] TroSa? (o/C6a *I/>^9' 

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Tpowj'^' iTnroSdfMDv KoX 'Aj(€ua>v j(a\Ka)(VT(ov(ov^ 
ot irpXv eir' aXKrjXjOLa-v <f>epov iroki&cucpvv "Aprja 
iv irehifp, oKooio \i\ai6fi€P0t TroXifioio, 
oi Sff vvv iaroi cuyfj — TroXefjuo^ Se ireiravrcu — 
cunr'un Ke/cKifievov, iraph 8' ey-^ea fuucpk Treirrfyep. 135 

cunhp ^AXe^avSpo^ fcal ^Aprjt^CKcyi MeveTuio^ 
fjbOKp^ iyX^'W^ /ia;^?;o'oirreu wept aeio • 
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inpfiar CK ^aXdfJboio, repev icarii Sojcpv 'XjEovaa • 
ov/c qirj, apu r^ye kol afufyiTroXoc Bv' Sttovto, 
AT^prj, IltT^oj ^vydrrjp, KXvpAmi re jSoarm/^, 
iuy^ 8' ^6t^' Tkouov, S^t S/caud irvXcu fffrav, 145 

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Adfiirop T€ KXvTiop ^' ^Iicerdopd t\ 6^op ''Aprfo^, 
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elaro Bripxyyipopre^ hrX SKcurja-c irvXrjo'ip • 
yjjpal St) iroXifiou) ireiravfievoit aX>C dfyoprfTal 160 

ia-^Xol, TeTTiy€<racp ioixore;, o1t€ Ka^* vXrjp 
BepBpetp i<f>€^6fi€P0i Sira XeLpioeaaav Ulaip * 
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oi 8' (09 oZv etBop^* 'EXeP7)p hrl irvpyop lovaop, 
flKa trpo^ aXXiyXou? eTrea Trrepoepr' dyopevov • 155 

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TOifjS* dfXi^l yopayici iroXvp 'xpopov dXyea 'jrdtryetp • 
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aXXa /eal ok, roirf irep iova*, iv P7)vai P€€a^(a, 
a»?S' Tjfup Teiceea-ai r onrio-aca irrjfjui Xltrotro* 160 


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64 1 A I A A o s r. 

*/29 ap* iifxw npiafxos B' 'EXivrjp iKaXeo-aaro <f)o>v§' 
Sevpo irdpoi^* iX^ova-a, (f>iKov rhco<ij tfeu ifielo, 
6^pa iSff irporepov re irotriv infov^f re <f>i\oiJ9 re — 
ovTL fJboi aiTir) iaal, ^eoi vv fioi alrioi eiatVy 

165 oX fJLOt iifxapfirfcav mXefbov iroXvBaxpw 'A)(€U&v — 
a>9 /JLOL Koi TOILS' avSpa TreXcopiov i^vofirivr^, 
59Tt9 SS' ioTlv 'i4;^cuo9 avrjp ^{5? re fxerfw; re. 
ffTOV /Jbhf fC€<f>a\p KoX fiel^opef aXKoi iaaiv • 
koKjov S' oirrft) iyoiv oinrto thov 6<f>^a\fJU)i<nv, 

170 ovS* ovTfo y€pap6v • /ScurtXtjl yitp avSpl iouceu, 

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alSow T€ fu>i iaat, <f>i\€ ixvpij Secvo^ re • 
c»9 6<l>eX€v ^dvaro^ fioi, oBetv KaKO^, oTnrore Sevpo 
vUi <T^ hro/j/rjv, ^aXafMov yvtOTOV^ re Xiirovaa^ 

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aXKct ray* ovk iyevovro • to koI xXaiovaa rirrjKa, — 
Tovro Si rot ipeco, o fi dveipeac rjSe /lerdXX^^ • 
otrro^ y* 'ArpeiSTf^, evpVKpeicov ' AyapUfivayv, 
dfi<l>6T€pov, /SocrtXeu? t' ar/a^o^, Kpar^po^ r alj^Tpi^* 

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fl f>dpv rot irciXXol SeSfjujaro Kovpoi *A')(av&v. 
fjSr} Kal ^pvyiqp eWqXv^op dfJUTreXoeaacLP, 

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Xaov9 'Ot/»)o9 fcal MvySopo^ dim^ioto, 
oX /&a TOT ioTpuTCKOPTO TTap* o)^a^ ^arfyapLoio • 
KoX ydp iya}p iirUovpo^i ea>v fierd Tourtp i\i')^fjv 
flfULTt ToJ, ore T ^X^ov 'Afjui^ope^ dpTidpecpcu • 

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AevTCpop avT 'OSvafja IScop, ipietp' 6 ycpcuo^ • 
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tieifop fiep K€^\j} * Ayafiifipopo<i 'ATpeiSao, 
€vpvT€po^ S' AfioKTCP ISk (TT€pPounp IBia^aL 

•95 T€V^€a fihf oi kcItcu errl ^^oj/l TrovXvfioTeipijt 


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IAIAA03 III. 65 

airrb^ 8e, /m\o9 59, iirtiroaikeircu otij^o? apSp&v • 
apv€i^ fuv eyayye it&/ca irrjy€<n/JuiXK(p, 
S^t' otoDV fiija ir&v SUp^ercu apyewa^v. 

Tov S' ^/LteiJSer' eirei!^' ^EXevij, Ac6<; ixyeyavla • 
OVT09 S* ai Aa€pTidS7)^, iroXufirfrt^ 'OSua(Tev<;, 200 

o9 Tpdffnj €v Sijfup ^I^oKfj^ tcpavarf; irep iovarf^, 
elScD^ iravToiov^ re hoXov^ koX fiijSea irvKva. 

T^v S* air* 'Avnjvtop irenvvpAvo^ avriov ffvSa • 
& yvvai^ fi pLoKa tovto eiro^ irrjfjLepre; eecire^, 
rj&rj yhp koX SeOpo irorr ^Xu^e S2o9 '0Si/<r<r€V9, 305 

<tA €V€k ayyeKiffff, <rifv *Apr)Uf>C\j(p MofeKcup • 
TOW S' iyio i^eiviq-a-a, Kol iv fieydpoun <f>CKrfa'a, 
afuf>or€pa)P Sk <f>vfiP iSdrjv koI fiijSca irvKvd. 
aSX ore Stj Tpcoea-aip iv aypop^ivounv ep^i^ev, 
aravrcav fiev MeviXao^ inreipejfev €vpia<; a>/tou9, 810 

&fi<l>a> B* e^ofiepa), yepapcarepo^; Ijev ^OSvaaeis ' 
dXV 5x6 Bf) piv^ov^ KoX pLijSea iraaw v(f>aivov, 
ffroi pikv MeveKao^ erriTpoxa^v ayopevev, 
Travpa pAp, aXKct pui\a \iy€a)<; • iirel ov iroXvpuv^o^, 
ovB* cuf>apLapToerrri<iy fj koX yipei i/oTepo? 1J€p. 215 

aXX* ore Sif TrokupTjrvi ca/ai^tep ^Oivaaevs, 
arcuTKep, inral Sk IBeaxe, Karii ')^opos Sppuira Thj^a^j 
CKrJTrrpop S' oir* onruroi oire TrpOTrprp/e: ipcoput, 
aXX aaT€p<f>k^ l)(€<rK€P, atSpel (fxiyrl ioucdy; • 
^if)^ K€ ^oKOTOP re rip^ ep^puepai, a<l>popd t avr<»y; • 220 
aXX' 5t€ &7 p oTTa re pLeyakrjp itc <rn}^eo^ lei, 
Kcu eirea puf>aSeaaip iocKora yfetp^plrfcnp, 
ovK &p hreir ^Ohvcrrjt y' ipiaaeie y9/>OT09 aXXo9 ' 
ov Tore y' wS' 'OSvcr^o? dyaaadp^^^ eZSo^ iZopre^, 

Torpirop air* AXapra IBdv, epeeip* 6 yepcu&i • 225 

TI9 t' a/)* oS* SXKxy; *Aycu6<: dprjp iJiJy re peya<: re, 
e^o^o^ ^Apyemp xetJHiXTjp rjB* eupiof: ai/toi/9 ; 

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oJno^ S* Ala^ e<TrX TreXeopio^, IpKO^ *A')(aubp • 
^ISofiepev^ S' erepco^ei* ipl Kpjjreaat, ^€09 &i, 230 


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66 IAIAA02 r. 

larrjK^ • afi<f>l Si fiiv Kprjr&v ayol fjyep^ovrai. 
iroXKoKL fuv ^eivKraev *Apr)t<f>cXo^ MepcXao^ 
oIk<p iv rjfieripfp^ ottotc Kprprf^ev Xkolto, 
vvv S* aXXoir? fJi^ irairra/; 6/)<a kXitcayrra^ *A')(aiov9j 

235 01/9 fcev itf yvolrjVj koL rovvofia fiv^fjaaififfp • 
Soto) 8* oif Svvafuu ISecLV KOfTfiijTope Xa&v, 
KdoTopd ^' iTnroSafjbov Kol irv^ aya^bv IIoXuStvKeat 
avTOKCuriypi^Tta, tco /jmc ^ia yelvaro fii^Trjp, 
ff oiry^ eowia^v AcucehcUfJLOvo^ i^ ipareivrj^ ; 

240 fj Sevpo fi€v hrovTO veeaa^ hft irovroTropounv, 

vvv ain^ ov/c i^eXovcL f^^XV^ KaroBvfievcu dvSp&v^ 
al<r)(€a heiZiore^ xal ovelSea ttoXK*, & fwl iarcv ; 
"^/ly <f>dTO • T0U9 8* ^fSi; /caT€)(€v ^valfyo^ cda 
€1 /laKeBalfwvc aff^v, <f>iX,7f iv irarplSi yalrj. — 

245 KripvK&; S' avh atrTv ^e&v if}kpov op/cia irurrdj 
apve Suco xal olvov ^<f>pova, Kapnrov apovptf^, 
aa-fc^ iv alyeup • ^pe Bk /cptfrrjpa <f>a€iv6v 
KTjpvl^ ^IBcuo^ fjSk XP^^^^ KihreXKa • 
&Tpw€v Sk yipovra Trapurrdfievo^ hrkeaavv • 

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69 Trehiov KaTal3rfV€U, Tv* opKUi irund rdfirfre* 
airrdp ^AXi^avSpo^ xal ^Aprjt(f>i\o<: MeviXao^ 
fuucp7j<; iyx^^V^^ yjiyy\<TovT* dfi<f>l ywtuKi • 

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oi h* SXKoif (ficKoTTfra koi opKia irurrd rapivre;^ 
vaioipsv Tpoifjv ip^/SdiX/iKa • toI Se vioirrcu 
''Apyof; €9 hjnrb^orov /caX '^p^atffia KaWiyvvaixa, 
^/l? (f>dTo • piyrjaev S* 6 yeptov, €/c€\eu<re S' eralpoi^ 

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Ax/ S' op' cf/Si; Tlplap^^y Karh S' rivla reivev oTrtWw 
Trip Si oi ^Avrrpfiop irepLKaXKia ^ija-aro Si(f>pov. 
TO) Se StA S/ca4MV ireSiovS* ^ov a>/cia<; hnrov^. 
*AXX ore Srj p l/covto fierd TpS>a^ Kal ^A-xmov^. 

265 i^ Xwrraw a7ro0dvT€^ iwl ')^6va TrovKvBoTecpcuf, 


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IAIAA02 III. 67 

ef fiAaaop Tpwov koX *A)(€u&v iari^'xwavTo, 

wppvTO S' airriK hrecra ava^ avSp&v ^Ayafiifivcw, 

av 8' ^OhiHTcis TrdkvfJbfiTi^ ' arctp KtjpvK&i ayavol 

optcui 'irurrii ^e&v avvayov, fcp^jrfjpi Si olvov 

fii4Tyov, arAp ficunXevo'tv vSoip errl %6t/xt9 €')(€vav • 270 

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irmrorrepoi, irpinepoL wrep optcui injp,7]P6iap^ 


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66 lAiAAOS r. 

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oto Kaavyprfroio Avfcaopo<i • rjpfjuxre S* airr^ 


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lAlAAOZ III. 60 

ofA^ 8' op* AfUHaiv fioKero ^itfxy; upyvpofjiKop, 

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aeiovT iyx^^, aXKi]\ourw Koreovre, 346 

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oifS* ipfyq^ j(a)uc6p • apeyvdfuf}^ Bi oi ai'Xjj^ 
cunriB* hfl tcparepy, 6 Bk Bevrepa^ &pvvTO xoCKk^ 
^Arpei&q^ MeviXao^;, hrev^dfievo^ A A irarpi' 350 

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^ArpeiSfy; 8* ^fUD^ep, tSwi/ ek ovpapop evpvp • 

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nt)^ '7ra\dfur)(f)iP eraxnop^ oifB* i^cCKop fup. 


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70 IAIAA02 r. 

370 ikice S' hriarph^wi fier^ ivicpTjfjLiiwi ^Ayatmn • 
arf)(€. Si fjLOf wdKyfC€<TTO<: ifiius airaXrjv inro Seiprjvj 
09 04 utt' aif^€p€&vo^ ox€V^ riraro Tpv(f>aKeirf^. 
KcU vv K€P elpvcaev re, kcu aairerov fiparo ^So9) 
el firj ap' o^u v&q<re Avb<i ^^ruyaTrfp ^ A(f>pohLTq^ 

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plyfr^ eiri^vriaa/i, KOfuaav 8' ipirjpe^ ercupou 
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airrij S' aJ^' 'EXevijv Kokkova ?€• rrjv S* iKi)(caf€» 
wvpy^ i(f)' in^Xtp • irepl Se Tpcocu aXt? ^aav. 

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ijaxeiv etpca koKo^ fiaXcoTa Se fjuiv <f>CKkeaK€v • 
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390 Aevp* f^' • *A\k^avhp6s <re KoXel olKovSe viea^cu, 
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icdXXet T€ OTtK^oyv koI elifiaaiv • ovBi fce (fxurj^ 
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^dfififfaip T ap' eTreira, ftro9 r* €<\>aT\ eic r opofut^ep* 
Aai/jLOpir}j ri /x€ ravra TuXaleac rprepoTrevcvp ; 

400 ^ ir^ fi€ 7rpoT€p<o irokitDV evpaiofievdayp 
a^€i^ fl ^pvyirp;^ rj Mr}opiri<; iparetpr}^, 
el rk Tov /ctA tceV^c <^tXo9 fiepoirtop ap^payirrap ; ' 
ovp€Ka 8t) pup Stop 'AXi^opBpop MepiXao^ 


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Tovv€Ka Si) vvv Sevpo Bd\jo(f>pov€ov<Ta Trapearr)^ ; 406 

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xeiae S* e^mf ovk elfii — vefieaaifrov Si xep elt) — 410 

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TToacu fuoiiriaovTat,' e)(w S* &X€^ axpira ^vfif^ 

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fij; /a' epe'^e, <r)(€T7uij ! fii) 'xjaxrafiivr) <t€ fie^eioD, 
TW Si <r' anre)^rip<o, ijs vvv ifcira^X iiJHKrjaa, 416 

fiiaa^ S* a^jufxniptov firjria-ofuu e^^ea Xuypdy 
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aiTf^ • irdaa^ Se Tp(oa^ Xd^ev • r^px^ Si Saljjbwv, 4S0 

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avrC *AXe^dvSpou) ^eit Kori^rjKe <f>ipov<Ta • 425 

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avripiav iroXep^v TroXefii^eiv ^8e pAx^o^at 435 

d^paJSiax;, p,rfTr(o^ rax vtt avrov Sovpl Sap^ijy;, 

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f^l f^f yvvcu, xfCKjenounv oveiSeat ^pi)v evtirre I 


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78 IAIAA02 r. 

vvp fiev yi^p MeviXtMo^ iviictfaev airv ^A^vjn * 

440 K&vop B* aJrris ij(i> * irapk y^p ^€oi eiai, mi rifuv, 
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oif yap TTttmoTe fi &B6 epayf <f>p&/a^ afjuf}€K(iXtrs^'€v * 
ov8^ ore ce irp&rov AafC€Salfju>vo<; i^ ipareivfj^ 
iirXeou apTrd^a/f iu irovroiropoKn veeaaiv, 

445 vria<p S' hf Kpavap ifilyrfv <f>iXjOTfjTi Koi €vv§ • 
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TW fi^hf ap' iv Tpfjroiat, Kareuvaa^cv Xe)(€€aaip, 
^Arpel&rj^ S' dv ofitXov iijyolra^ ^pl ioi/aofj 

450 el irov e^a^pijceiev 'AKe^opSpov ^eoeiSia* 

dXX* ofirt? SvvaTO Tpdxov kX£it&i^ t hn,icovpwv 
Bei^oA *A\e^a4fSpov tot* 'Aprji(f>iK<p MeveXdtp. 
oif fikv ydp <f>i'KoTrjTl y* ixetf^avop^ el Tt9 IBotro* 
laov yap a<f>iv Trdaiv ajr^j^eTO Krjpl fieXaiinj, 

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vIki^ fiJev Si) <f>aiv€T' ' Apiji^CKov MeveXdov • 
VfieU S* 'Apyelrjp ^EXeprjp koX /cnjfuiy afi* avT§ 
SxSoTe, Kal TifMffv diTOTivefiep, rjprtv* loucev^ 

460 ^e Kol iaaofievoun fier dv^pdmocai TreXT/ra*. 

^/29 €<f)aT ^ATpeESvy; • hrl h* ffpeov iXKoi, ^A'XfuoL 


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01 Bk ^eol Trap Zrjvl xa^fiepoL rjyopowvTO 

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vhcrap etpvo^oei • rot Se 'xpva-ioc^; heird^aaLv 

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aXX ffroi Tol v6<r(f>i Ka^'^fMCvcu, ekopotaacu 
ripirea^ov • t^ S' aire <f)iXofifi€i8rj^ *A<f>poSi'n) 10 

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oXX* ffToi vlfcq [xhf ^Apiji^ikov McveKdov • 
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fj ^' a^i^ TToXefiov re kcucov kclL (f>uXo7n,v alinjv 15 

6paofjL€v, fj (f>iK6r7jra fier ap,(f>orkpoL<n, fioKcafiep. 
el B* oJ 7rfi09 ToSe vaai <f>Ckov koX ffiv yivoiro, 
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7rXi;<rwu afy' r^a^rfv, xatca Sk Tpa>€(r<n p,€Sia^7)v. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

74 IAIAA02 A. 

ijTOi ^A^Tji/air) axeiov fiv, ouSi rt ehrev, 
afcv^ofiivff Aii irarpij 'XpXo^ Bi fitv Sypux; ppei • 
"fl/jj; S' ovK ej^oSe a-rfj^o^ '^6\ou, aXKa Trpo<;rjvBa • 

25 Alporare KpoviStj, irolov rov fixfhop eeiTrcy / 
7ra)9 €^€\€t9 fiXtoj/ ^6ti/at TToi/oi; ^' areXeoToi/, 
iS/xw ^*, 81/ T^po>aa fwytp ! xafierrjv Si fwv Xmroi 
\ol6v a/y€tpovarj, IIpujLfi(p Kcuca Tolo re wa^uriv. 
Ip8* • ari^ ov rot iravre: e7raaf€0fjb€v ^eol aKXx)U 

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Scufwpiij, ri mi ae Hpiafio^ ITpta/toto t€ TroiSe? 
Toaaa Kcuca pi^ovacv, ot' tunrep^e^ fieveaipec^ 
'IXiov i^aXawd^cu ev/crlfjuevov TrroXU^pop ; 
el Bk (Tvy* €ke\^ov<ra miXcK fcal relyea fiatcpd, 

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aXKxiin T€ Tp&cu;, to re k€P ^^oXoi' i^cuciaaio. 
Ip^P, 07rG)9 e^iXev^ • fit) tovto ye pelico^ OTrurao) 
aol KoX ifiol pMrf epuryji /ter' dfKf>OT€poun yeprp-cu. 
aXko Si TOi epi(o, ah S^ ep\ (f>pecri ^dXKeo o^aLP* 

40 omrore k€P koX iyo) fiefuutt^ iroXiP i^oKcnrd^aL 
rifP ^iXa>, S^l roi, <f>iXot avipe; eyyeydaatp, 
fiiJTi, SuLTpifieip TOP ifJLOP x^^^' dWa /i' eaaat. 
Kol yap ey<o aot SS)/ca exajp ditcopri ye ^v/j^ 
ai yap inr^ fjeXUp re koI ovpapco aoTepoepTc 

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ratop piot iript /crjpi Ttia-tcero ''IXioi tpi], 
KoX IIpiafiO(; fcai \ao^ iv/ifieXio) IIpuifjLOio. 
ov yap fioi irore ^a>fju><: iSevero Sa^ro^ Hcrrf^, 
Xoifirj^ re Kpiao^ re • to yap Xd^p^ep yipa<; rjp^U. 

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^TOt ifiol TpeU fiep iroXv ^CXraTai elai TroXrje;, 
"Apyo^ re Sirdprrj re koI evpvdrfvia Mvkijpt) • 
TO? Sunripaai^ ot' op to* a7ri)^a>PTa^ iripi /njpi • 
rd(op ovTOt iyw irpoo^* tarafuu, oifSe fi€yalp<o, 

56 elirep yhp (f>^opia} re, koI owe el& Sunripaai, 

oiffc dpwo <f>^opiova^ • iirectf iroXv <f>€pTep6<; eaav. 


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IAIAA02 IV. 76 

a>A^ XPV ^ ^A^^ ^€fAeva4, irovov ovk driXeirrav. 

Koi ^hp eya> ^€09 ei/u, 'yo'o^ S' €/iol hf^evy Sf^ev aoi* 

xai fJL€ Trpea^vTamfv rhcero Kpovo^ a/yicuXjofiifnj^, 

afuf>6T€pov, y€V€^ T€, Kol ovv€Ka arj irapcucoiTi/i 60 

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aXX' ffroi, fihf rai^* irrroei^o^icp aXK'^Xourtv, 

aoi fJL€v eyoi, aif S' ifioi • errl S' ey^vrcu ^eol SXKoi 

c^auarou av Sk ^acaou *A^rfpairj hrtTetkcu, 

iX^elv 69 TpdiHov iC(u *A')(ouS)v (f)uXo7nv atvrjvy 06 

'jreipav S\ m xe Tp&e^ imep/cvBcantv: 'AxMois 

ap^axTL irpirrepoi {rrrkp op/cut bqXriaaa'^CLU 

^Si<; e<f>aT • ov8* dirC^ae iraTTfp avBpw re ^e&v re • 
ainuc 'A^vairfp hrea wrepoeirra irpo^vBa • 

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76 IAIAA02 Zl. 

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OvSk ci^ep, MepiXae, ^eol fidxape^ XeXd^oPTO 
i&dpoTOL, irpcoTTj Sk Aw ^vyaTTfp dyeKeirf, 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

IAIAA02 IV. , 77 

fj roi irpoo^e aTcuxa^ /3iXo^ e)(err€VK€<; afiM^ev. 

ij Sk Toaov fjL€v eepyev utto "Xpoo^ w ore fiiJTf)p 180 

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iaaercu ^fuip, Sr^ av iror* oXMXrj "IXuy; Ipij^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

78 IAIAA02 /X. ' 

t65 Kol nplafio^ fcal Xao^ evfifieXlo) Ilpidfioto, 
Zev^ Si (T^L KpovlSrjf; vyfri^vyo^, at^ept valoav^ 
avTO^ hnaaelrjavv ipcfivr^v alyiSa iraatv, 
T^S' airdrri^ /corioiv • ret fjikv eaaercu ovk ariKetrra 
aXKa pLOL awov &X9^ c^ev eaa-ercu, oS MepiXae, 

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Kal K€v eKej')(urro^ iroXvhiyjrLov ^Apyo<: iKoipsfV. 
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icbZ 84 K€v €ir)(a>Xrfv HpiAp^ icaX Tpaxrl Xvrroifiev 
^Apyeirjp *EXhr}v • <reo 8' oaria irvau Apovpa, 

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fit] S' Upcu Karh Xcu>p 'Aj(ai&p ^aX^o^trcii'ttJi', 


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« 1AIAA02 IV. 79 

iranrralpofv fjpciHi Maydova. rov S* iv&qaev 900 

earaoT* • afufi Se fuv Kparepal ariye^ cunrurrataif 
\a&p, oX ol erropTO Tpi/cr)^ ef imrofioTOio. 
arfypv S* iaTd/i€JH}<: hrea Trrepoevra irpo^vSa • 

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o<f>pa iSfj MeviXaov ^Aptflov apypv ^Axat&v, 205 

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fiav 8' iewu tca^' ofuXov avh arparov evpbv ^A'^cu&v, 
aK)C ore S^ p Xkovov, Sbi fai/^09 MeviXao^ MO 

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yvia Xd^ xafiaro^^ iroXias Std Kotpapiopra * 990 

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Koi f>* ob^ fi€P (nrevSopTO^ tSov Aopo&p ra'xyirATaop, 
roiff fidXa ^apavpeaKe irapLordfiepo^ hreeaaw • 

*ApyeioL, iirfircD rt fie^'ere ^ovptSo<: aXxij^ f 


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80 lAIAAbS A. y 

935 ov yhp iirl ^fr€vSi(TO'c irartjp Zeif^ iaaer* aptayii * 
aXX oiirep irpoTepot, xnrep op/cia SrfX^avTOj 
T&v ffToi avT&v ripeva ^6a yvire; SBovrcu • 
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a^ofi€P eV vrieaatv^ hrqv irroKU^pov SXja>fi€V. 

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T0U9 fidXa veuceUtTKe ')(pXjayrola'tv hriea'aw • 

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Tuf>^* ovTfo<; eoTTjTe re^^rjirore^:, rj6r€ ve^poi ; 
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^ArpetBrj, fjuiXa fiep rot, iyoDP ipitjpo^ kraZpo^i 
iaaofJULL, ft)9 TOTrpwTOP inrecrrrip kcu Korepevaa • 
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S<f>pa Twxyrra /Lta;^<i/i€^' • hrel cvp y* opKi* e)(€vav 


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# IAIAA02 IV. 81 

Tp&e^ • Touru/ &' a5 ^dvaro^ Koi xqSe* oTrurata 270 

eaaer^, iirel Trporepot, inrep opxui SffXtfaavro. 

^flf; €<f>aT ' *ATp€iBr)<: Sk Trap^ero yrf^6aw<yi icfjp. 
^^€ S* hr\AlavTeaaiy Kiiov dva ovXafiov avBpwp • 
Tft) Bk fcopvaaia^v, afjua Sk 1/6^09 eiirero Tre^&v. 
<»9 8* or' airb aKOTTLrfi elSev pi<f)o<: ahroKos av^p^ 275 

ipj(6fi€Vov Kara irovrov vtto Ze<^vpoio layrp; • 
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^oo/er' lov Kara irovrov, opf&i Si re XaiXaira iroXXiijv • 
jiiyqa-kv re IScov, irrro re <nrio<; ij/Kcure fJLrjXa • 
TOicu afji* Aldvreaac Au)rpe<\>i(Dv al^'n&v 280 

S^lov e? iroXefiov itvkcvcu kIvvvto (f>dXcvyy€^ 
Kudvecu, aoKeaiv re koX €y)(€<rL Tre(f>piicvuu» 
KoX T0V9 fiev yj]^<r€v I&odv KpeUov ' Ayofiifivayv, 
KM (r(f>€(K ^vrja-as eirea irrepoevra irpo^vSa • 

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avTQ) yhp fwXa \a6v avcoyerov l(f>i fidx€(T^cu. 
at yap, Zev re trdrep icai 'A^vairj /cai "AiroTsXoVy 
TOW iraaiv %vfi6^ ivl arr[^e<raL yipotro • 
T^ K€ rax* riP'Vaeie iroki^ Upiafxou) avcucro^, 290 

^^^Krlx/ v^' '^fureppo'cv aXjova-d re Trep^ofievrj re. 

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dfHfA fAeyav Ilekdrfovra, ^AXdaropd re Xpofilov T€, 295 
Atfiovd re Kpeiovra, Biavrd re, irovp^va Xa&v, 
hrrrrja^ fiev irp&ra avv hnrouriv Kal &)(ea'<f>iv^ 
irefyvfi S' i^OTTC^e arijaev iroXicv: re koX ecr^XoiJ?, 
ipKo^ efjLCV iroXifJLOio • Kcucoif^' S* €<? fjUaaov SXcuraeVj 
i^pa KciX ovK €^i\a>v ta9 dvajKair} iroXefii^oi. 300 

iinrevinv fiev irpSn* iweriXKero • rov^ yiip avdy^ei 
<r<f>ov(; Xtnrov^ i^ifiev, fifjSe KXoveeo-^at ofiCkip • 

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3lo9 irpoaV oKKmv fie/uira) Tptoeaai /lm»x^<7^<u, 




S3 IAIAA02 A. 

805 fjfffi^ avw^t^peirdi* aXairaSvoTepoi yap lalsa-^e. 
S9 Be K avijp airo &v o^iwu erep* apfia^* uctjtcu^ 
€y\€i ope^ao'^ • iTreit) ttoXu <l>ipT€pov ovroy;. 
^Be Kal oi irporepoi iroKia^ fcal rel'x^e^ errop^ow, 
TovBe voov KoX ^fiov hit arrf^eaaiv expvre^, 

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KoX rov fiev yrj^ria-ev ISq>v fcpeicov ^ Ayafiifjuvayv, 
Kal fMLP <f>a)ifi]a'a^ errea irrepoevra irpo^vha • 

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W rot, yovva^* ftrotro, ^irj Si roi efJuireSo^ elt) • 

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84 IAIAA02 A. 

375 fjvrrj<T\ oifSe iSov • Trepl 8' aXXojp ifxKrl yevia^ai, 
ffroL fL€V yap drep ttoKM^jlov el^X^e MvKJjva<; 
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TrefyofiePQi Tepd^qtn. i^ef^p KoX Z171/09 dptayy' 


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IAIAA02 IV. 86 

icetvoL Be a<l>€T€pr}<np araa^aKiriaiv SXjovto. 

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TOVT^ fi€v yap fcvSo<; afi e^erat, et xev 'A^aiol 415 

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TOVT<p S* av fieya 7r€i/^09, ^A'^ai&v Stjco^ evroov. 
aXX wye 817, xal vwl fieicofie^a ^oiptZo^ d\^9* 

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aXXa yXcaaa^ ifti^iKTO' 7roKvK\7)TOi, 8' eaap apBpe^;. 
&pa€ Be Toi>9 fiep ^Apiy;^ tois Be yXavKSyiri^ ^A^prj, 
Aeliw^ r riBe ^o^of; xal ''Epi<:, afiOTOP fie^vla, 440 

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ovpap^ iaTrjpc^e Kapij, xal hrl )^opl fiaipei,. 


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S6 IAIAA02 A. 

fj a<f>w Kol Tore veiKO^ Ofioiiov efi^aXe fiicraip, 

445 ipj(pfi€inj /ca^* o/Jii\ov, 6<j>i\Xouaa otopop apSp&v, 
0/8* Sr€ St] p €9 x^P^^ ^^ ^vpi6pT€9 Ttcopro, 
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errXrjPT* aWijXyaL, ttoXis S* 6pvfiayhb<; 6pd>p€i. 

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ai^T} yaXKelr) • top Sk ckoto^ Saae KaXu^lrev, 
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XaXKQ>SopTcaBTj<i, fieya^vfuop apyp^ ^Afidprcyv • 

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Teu)(€a ovXyjaeLe • fiipup^a Si ol yei/e^' opfii], 
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ouTTjae ^OT^ j(aXKi]pei, Xva-e Sk yvla. 

470 &9 TOP fikp Xiire ^u/w • Ar' airrtp S' ipyop hv^finf 
dpyaXiop Tpcoayp Kol ^Aj^oUjp • ol Si, Xvfcoi, 0)9, 
aSXrjXoi<; hropovcap, avrjp S* avSp^ iSpoTrdXi^ev. 

"JEJi/Sr* §8aX' ^Ai^efiio)po<; vlop TeXafidpio^ Aloff^ 
fji^eop ^aXepop, StfU)eiau>p • op irore fxrfrqp, 

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yeipaT\ eirei f>a TOKevaiP afi* eaireTo fxrjka iSia^au 
ToijpeKd flip KaXeop Scfioeiaiop * oifSk TOKCvaip 
^perrrpa <f)iXou; aTriScofce. ficpvp^dSus Si ol < 


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IAIAA02 IV. 87 

eTrXe^', utt' AiavTO<; fieya^vfiov Sovpl Sa/JuhnL. 
Trp£rrov yap fiiv lovra fidXe <rr^^09, 'Trapct fia^bv 480 

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)JX^6i/. 6 B^ ev Kovirjai xa/xal ireaev, aXyetpo^ &<;, 
rj pd T* ip elafianj IXeo9 fieyaXoto '7r€(pVK€c, 
Xeif), ardp re ol o^ol err* dfcpordrrj 7r€<f>va(TLV • 
T^i/ fiiv ^* apfuiTOTnjyb^; dvr)p cu^odvc aibt)p<p 485 

ef^a/i.', 6<f>pa Iruv Kdfjuyfrrj irepifcaXXAl Bi<f>p(p • 
17 fihf T* d^ofiimj /celrai iroTafiolo irap* 8)^a^ • 
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IIpuifiiBrf<;, /fa^' ofiiKov dKoimaev o^il Bovpi 490 

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ffefiXi^xei fiovp&va^ vi/cw iripeoa ipvovra • 
fipiire S' a/A^^ aiTG>, v€/cp6<: Be oi etcTrea-e ')(€ip6<;. 
TOV 5' 'OSi/creu? /uiXa ^u/^i' d7roKTafievou> 'XoXdf^r) • 
/S^ Se S^ 7rpofJbd')((DV^ K€Kopv^fikvo<i aX^orm ')((iKkS>^ 495 

crrj Be p>aX iyyv^ uop, koX dKOPriae Bovpl <f)a€Lv£, 
dfJL<f>l I -TraTTTJ/i/oy. utto Se T/3a)69 xeKoBovro, 
apBpb^ axovrUraavTO^ ' 6 B* ovx SXlov fiiXo^ ^k€V, 
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T^vaav Be ttoXv irpoTepo), — Ne/jLeoi]a€ S' ^AttoXKxov, 
IlepydfjLOu etc KaTiBol>v, Tpieaac Be KefcXer di<ra^ • 
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^Apyeioc^ • hrel ov a<f}i Xi^09 %pci?, ovBe aiBrjpo^, 510 

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tiappuTcu, aXX' €7ri vrfval yoKov ^vpuXyea Treaaei. 


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88 1.VIAA02 A. 


^iQy <f>dT* airo tttoXao? ieivo^ ^eo?* airrap *A^aioif^ 

515 &pa€ Aio^ ^vyaTTjp, KvSiarrj TpiToyip€ia, 
ip^ofihrrf ko!^' opuXov, o&t fii^Uvra^ tSoiro, 

"Ei/S^' ^ AfiapvyK€(&tjv ^uopea Molp* hrehr^aev* 
')(€pfic£l(p yhp pkijTO irapi, a<f>vpov oKpioevri, 
Kvrjfiriv ie^i/repriv • ^oKe hi Oprjfccjj/ oyo? avSp&v, 

620 Ileipoo^ ^IfippaaChvj^, 89 ap' Aivo^ev etkrjiXjov^et, 
dfu^oripo) Sk rivovre /cat oaria \aa<: aj/cuSf}<: 
&)(pL<: a7n]\ob}<r€v • o S* vTmo<: iv Kovlpacv 
Kormreaof, afKJxo x^Jpe <l>tXx>is irdpoun Trercura-a^, 
^fjbov aTTOTTveUov. 6 S' iTriSpofiev, 09 p* e/3a\ip Trep, 

525 Ileipoo^' ovra SI Sovpl Trap' 6fJL<f>a\6v* i/c 5* apa Tracoi 
')(yvTO x^H^ x^XoSe? • top Se a/coro^ oacre KoKin^^v. 

Tbv hk Q6a<; AlrcoXb^ i'rreaavfiepov ^dXe Bovpl 
arippov xnrep fia^olo, irdfpj S' ip irpevfiopc x^Tuco^. 
dyxifM^v Se oi ^X^e ©oa9, €/c S' o^pifiop eyxp^ 

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r^ oye yaaripa rvyjte fjiAarjp^ ck S' cupvto ^fwp, 
Tey^ea S' ou/c direSvae' nreplarrjaap yap kraZpoi^ 
Opjjuce^ oKpofcofjLOi, BoXi^ ^JX^^ X^P^*'^ ^xopres, 
ot ij fieyap irep iopra koI l<f>^i/wp xal dyavop, 

535 Sxrap diro a<f)eui>p • Se x^0L(T<rdp,epo<i TreKe/jilj^fTj, 
i)9 TcSy* €P Kopiridi, trap' aKKrfKxnci rerda^rjp, 
ffTOi o fi€P QprfK&Pt o S' ^EttcUop x^xKKOxyroovciv, 
r/yefiope^ • ttoXXoI Sk Trepl KT^ipoPTO Koi SXkoi^ 
^Ep^a K€P ovfcm epyop dprjp opoo-oito /lereX^civ, 

549 09Tt9 er' dff\r)T(y; xal dpovraro^ o^el ^o^^ 
Sipevoi Kara /jbiaaop, ayoi Si e IlaXXd^ 'A^ptf, 
;^efc/)09 eXovo-', airrap ^eXiwp direpifKOi iptoijp. 
TToWol yap Tpdxop /cal ^Axcu&p fifjuirt Keipfj^ 
irpr}P€€<i €P Kopirjav irap^ dXKriKoiaL Teramo. 


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AiofXTjiovf; aptarela. 

"Ep^* av TvS^iSrj AcofiijSel UaXXAy "A^vij 
S&K6 fihfofi KoX ^dpa-0^, Xv lKBfj\o^ fierit iraatv 
*Apy€U)UTC yevoiTOy ISe /c7Uo<: ia^Xov apoiro, 
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currip* oTrcopiv^ ivaXlyKiov, o^rre fioKiara t 

Xafiirpov 7rafi<f>aiinj<Tiy 'KeXovfiivo^ ^fl/ceapoio • 
Toiov ol TTVp Scuev airo Kparo^ re xal &pM>v • 
&pcr€ Si /jUv Karh fiiaaov, S^l Trkeiaroi k\ov€OV70» 
^Hv Si Tt9 iv Tp(li>€aai Adpr)^, axfypeia:, dfivfuiaPf 
lp€V9 'H(f>alaToio • Svco Si ol vlie: t^ottjp, 10 

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Tci ol, diroKpiP^ipTe, epaprm opfJLrf^-qrrjp • 
Tft) fikp d(f)^ Zmroup, 6 8' aTro 'Xpopb<i Appvro Trefo?. 
ol S* oT€ Sfj trxeSop fjaop iir* dWf]\ounp toin-e?, 
^Tjyev^ pa 7rpOT€po<; trpoUi, SdXiyparKUiP €y)(o<i • 15 

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€Y)(€o<;, ovS* c^oK! axnop • 6 8' v<rT€po<; &ppvT0 xaX^o) 
TvSeiSr)<i • Tov S' ovx^ SlKiqp jSeXo? €/c<f>vye xe(/>09, 
oXX* efiaXe <rr^^09 fiera/jid^iov, &<t€ 8* d<f>^ tTTTTWi/, 
JSa2o9 8* diropovae, XiTrcbp TrepiKaWia Si(f>pop, 20 

oifS erXr] irepi^rjpcu dSe\(f3€iov Kra/jLepoLO • 


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90 IAIAA02 E. 

oifSe ycLp ovSi xev ovro? vrreK^vye Krjpa fisKouvav^ 
a)OC * H<l>cuaTo<; Ipxrro, a-cuoae Se wktI KoKin^^v;, 
ay; &; ol fir) irarfyy ^kptov a/ca^i]fJL€PO^ ettf. 

25 tTTTTou? 8' i^eXdacL^ fieya^Vfiov TvBio<: i/iJ?, 
B(OK€V eraipouriv Karwyeiv tcoiXxK iirl inja^. 
Tpa>€^ Se /jL€yd^Vfioi eirel ISov vU Adptiro^y 
TOP fi€v aXevdfievov, rov Be fcrdfiepov Trap' axeciffip, 
iraaiv opiv^r) ^fu)9 ' drcLp yXavKoyrrc^ 'A^i]Vff 

30 X'^^P^^ eXoua*, iirieaat trpovjiha ^ovpov ^'Aptja • 

^Ape^, ''Ape;, ^poroXotyij fjuai(f>6v€, ret^^atTrX^a I 
ovK &v Stj TpSxK fihf idacufiep xal 'A^omv^ 
fidpvaa^'y omroTipoun irarrjp Zev^ kvBo^ opefy, 
v&l hi ^ofcw/ttecr^a, Aw; 5* dXedfie^a firjviv ; 

35 ''/29 eiirovacLj fidxo^ i^rjyaye ^ovpov ''Apija • 
Tov fihf erreira xa^etaep iw^ rjloevTL SfcafuivSpip, 
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irpda^ep ^€P (fyevyoPTO, fieTd<f>p€P0P oircure SovpH 


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lAiAAos y. 91 

fjpifre Bi irpijVTfit apafirja-e Se rcv^e' eir' ovtcS. 

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'ApfiovlBea, 89 xe/Jcrli/ errloTaTO SatSaXa iravra 60 

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dprjrifp irervfcro, &€09 S* &9 riero Si]fi<p * 
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ovT* apa ipK€a t<r)(€t dXcodayv ipi^rfXicov, 90 

iX^OPT* i^irlvr}^^ or hrifipiari A 16^ SpLJipo^ • 


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92 IAIAA02 E. 

TToXXA S* VTr' avTOV epya Korripi'Tre kuX al^rj&v* 
&9 VTTO TuSelBrj TTVKival KkoveovTO ^aXayy€9 
Tpdxov^ oifK apa pnv fii/xvovj TroXeey 'rrep i6vT€<:. 
95 Tov S* 0)9 ovv ip6r)a'€ AvKaovo<; dyXao^ y/69, 

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alyjr* iirl TuSeiSrj irtTali/ero icapnrvKja, To^a, 
Kol ^aX eTrat&aovTo, tv)((ov Kara Se^iov oyfwv* 
^(opr)Ko^ yvaXov • SicL 8' hrTaro irucpo^ oloTo^, 
100 avTiKpif he Stecr^e, TraXao'crero S' aip^ri ^(oprj^, 
T^ S* ^l fJLOKpov av<T€ Avicdovo^ ayXao^ vio^ • 

^Opvva^e, Tpcoe: fieyd^vfioc, Kevrope^ hnrayv ! 
^€/3\r)Ta4, yap apKno^ ^A^df^v • ouSe S (fyqfu 
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105 &p<Tev ava^f Atb<: v/o?, diropvvfievov Avfcirj^ev. 

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110 8<f>pa fjLOi ef &fWio epv<Tau<i inicpov oIotov. 

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yvXa 8' e^rjKev e\a<^pd, ir6ha<i koX ;^64/ja9 virep^ev • 
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arpofiop, olov e^eaKe aaKeairaXo^ linroTa TvSev^* 


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IAIAA02 V. 9S 

axkifv S' av toi air* 6<f>^a\fjL&v fKov, fj irpiv hr^ev^ 

S<f>p* dJ yiyvdxTKT)^ nfMev ^ebv tjSk koI avipa. 

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fir/Ti (Tvy' a^avdroca-^ ^eoU dvriKpv juixea^ai . 130 

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iX!^<r' ep iroXe/jLov, Tijvy' ovrdfiev o^ei 'yaKK^, 

*JI ft€V ap^ &9 ehrova dirifit) yXavKSyiri^ *A^i]pij. 
TvSeiSf}^ 8' i^avTi<: Iodv irpofULXouriv ifilj^r) • 
tcai, irpiv irep ^vp^ /t€/taa>9 Tpcoeaai pA^ea^ai, 135 

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avrdp 6 ipLp^p^w ffa^&f^ ef aXKercu av\rj<; • 
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Tov pkv virkp pM^olo pahMV ')(aKKrjpel Sovpi, 145 

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TrX^f* • aTTo 8' airxjepo^ &p^p iepya^ep rjS' dirb pcotov, 
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vleaf; EvpvSdpaPTo<:, opeipoTroKoio yipopro^ • 
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«P9 Sk "XJoDP €P ^ovcd ^opoyp ef av^ipa dfy 


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94 1AIAA02 £. 

iroprio^ i}€ i3oo9, ^vXx}y(pp Kara ^oiTicofjLepamv * 
&9 Toxj^ dfMJMyripoi^ i^ Tmrwv TuSio<i 1//09 
ffijae Kcuco^ aifcovra^, hreira S^ reirx^ iavKa* 

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ndvBapop dvrC^eov Bi^Tjfiepo^, et vov i<f>€vpoL. 
€vp€ Av/cdovo^ vlhv dfivfiovd re Kparepov re * 

170 <rT»7 he irpoa^* airroio, hro^ re fjnu diniov rpjSa* 
Hdvhape, TTov rot ro^ov ISk irrepoevre^i olaroi^ 
Kcu K\io^ ; ^ ovrc^ rot ipi^erav ev^aSe y* dinjp, 
ovSe Tt9 €1/ AvKiri <7€oy' eir)(erat, elvcu dfjuelvcov, 
dXX' aye, t^' €<^e9 dvSpl ^i\o^, Aii x^tpa? dtfcurxcov^ 

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el firj Tt? ^€09 ioTt,^ Korea<rdfievo^ Tp(oea<np, 
ip&p fMrfPiaa^ ' ^aXeirt) Be ^eov em firfpi^. 

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TuBeiBr) fitp eycoye Bat^popt irdpra etaKO}, 
dairiSt yiypdxTKCDP, avXcorriBi re rpvif>aXeiri, 
imrov^ r eUop6<^p* (rdxfui 8' ovk olS\ el ^e6<: earip, 
el 8' oy* dprip, op if>r)fu, Bat<t>p(OP TvBio^ i;io9, 

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larrjK* d^apdrtop, P€(f>€\f) elXvfiepo^ Afiov^, 
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ffSf) ydp ol €<f>rjKa /9e\o9, Kai /mp JSoKop &fiop 
Be^iop, dpriKpif BuL ^<ap7jKo<; yvdXoco • 

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Ifiirrj^ 8' OVK eBdfjua-a-a • ^609 pv T19 eari, Kcrijet^. 
Xmroi 8' ov irapea<ri Kal apfiara^ r&p k €Tn>/3alrjp' 
dTsXd TTOV ip fieydpoLtn Avkoopo^ epSeKa Bl^poi 
KcCKol, TTpoyroTrarfel^t peorexr)(ee<i • dfi<f>i Be ireirXot 

t96 Trerrraprai, • rrapd Be a(j>ip eKucrrq) Bl^vy€<: Zmret 
eoToaij Kpl XevKop ipeirrofiepoi Kal oXupa^, 


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IAIAA02 V. 95 

^ (thf fJLOi fjLoXa TToXXa yipofv cd'XpnjTii Avkomv 

if>Xo/jUv^ CTrereXXe So/jloi^ hf^ Troirjroia-iv • 

iinrouriv /a' ifciXeve xaX apfuunv ififie/ScUara^ 

ap^evew Tpd}€aai, Kara xparepcl^ va^iva^ • 300 

oXX* irjfO> ov TT^ofirpf — ^ t' Ai/ ttoXv Kephtov fiev — 

Xmrfov <l>€iB6fi€PO<;, fiij fioi, Sevolaro <f)opfirj^, 

dpSp&u €tKofiev(ov, em^ore^ SS/jLeva^ aSSrjv, 

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ro^ouTLV irlawo^ • rk he fi ovk ap* efieWov ovrjaew, 805 

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drpe/ch alfL^ eaa-eva ^aXcov • ijyecpa Sk fiaXKop, 

r^ pa Muc^ alaji otto iraacrdKov dy/cv\a ro^ 

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^yeofirjp Tp(o€a<n, <l>€p(Dv x^P^^ '^E/cropi Bitp, 

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irpiv y' eTTt von t^* dvipl avv hnrourtp Koi ix'^^^^^j 
dvTifiiiqv ik^6pT€i crirv hrreai, iretprf^vcu. 920 

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otoi Tpmoi Xmroiy hnardfievov irehloio 
xpaiTTPcL fidX €P^a koI Ip^a Su»K€fi€P ^Se <f)i/3€a^ai, * 
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Zein hn TvSel&u Atofirihel kvSo^ ope^. 385 

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B^oi, iyii> 8* hnrcifp hnfiijaofjuu, S<f>pa fjuixio^fMU * 
^ aif TOpSe SiSe^o, fAeXfjaovtriv S' ifiol hnroL. 

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Alpela, aif fjLhf avT09 ex ^via koX reo) vmrto * 880 

fiaXKop vif>' i^ptox^p e/wSw* ko^ttvXjop dpfia 


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96 IAIAA02 E. 

ota-erov, elwep &v a!ne <f>€l3mfjb€^a TvSiof viw. 
fiif TO) /Jbhf helaavre /iaTij<r€TOP, ouS' i^ikrirov 
iKif>€p4fi€v TToXifioio, reov (fAoyyov Trcf^eovre • 
835 v&i S' eiraJ^Ofi fieya^vfwv TuBio^ vco9, 

aird} re tcreivrf, koX iXda-arrj fjMVxr)(w; vmrov^, 
oKKa <nr{ airro^ ikavve ri^ apfiara teal reii) fenrai, 
rovBe S' iyaw hrUnna BeBi^ofiat o^ii BovpL 
^/29 dpa ^vri(Tcan€^y h apfiara TrotfciXxi ^dvre^, 

T0U9 Sk IBe S^eveTsjo^, Kairavrilo^ ayKah^ vlo9, 
cdyjra Bk TvSei&rjv eirea irrepoevra wpof^vSa • 
TuMBrj Aiop/qhe;^ ifim fcexapurfiipe ^fi^ 
apSp* opofD Kparcpoa hrl col fiefia&Te fidx^o'^ai, 
846 Iv* aweXe^pov iyovTcui • 6 piv, ro^v ev elSd^, 
IldvSapoi, vio^ B' aire Avfcdovo^ ev^ercu ebnu * 
AivtUv; 8* vw phf ap,vfiovo^ 'Ay^ia-iio 

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fiifri if>6fiovB* dyopev*, iwel ovBi <re ireurip^v oUd. 
oif ydp fioi, yewdiov oKvaKafyvri fid')(ea^at^ 
ovSe KaTairrdxrcreiv • Srt p>oi p,hfo<i e/iireBop ioTUf * 

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avrlov eZ/i* ain&v • rpelu ^' ovk ia iTaXX^9 'A^ijvtf, 
TOVTO) S' ov wdXiP atJrt? diroia-erop wxee^ hnroi 
&fMf>ci) o^' iip^Uap^ el yovp frepoy ye <f>vyr}crtp. 
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fteo ai /C€P fjMt wo\v/3ov\o^ "A^PT) icOBo^ opefy, 

dfufxyripio tcreipcu, av Bk rov^Be fjuh i>Kia^ Xmrov^ 
airrov ipvteaKietp^ i^ &prvyo<; fipia relpo^ • 
AlpelcLO S' iirat^ai fiep,P7fpApo^ hnrtop, 
itc B* ikda-ai Tpwop fier* ivtepripbiBa^ ^Aycuov^. 

866 T^ ydp TOI, yepeij^, ^ Tpa>t irep evpvova Zeb^ 
B&X* ^^^ irowffp TapufMi^eo^: • o{}p€k aptaroi 


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IAIAA02 V. 97 

tmrnvj Sao'oi eaaiv xnr^ rfw t tfiXiov re. 

T^ yeverjf; exXeyltev ava^ avBp&v ^Ay^i/nf;^ 

Xd^fnj AaofiAhovro^ v7roa")(Q)v ^j;Xea9 hnrois • 

T&v oi ?f iyevovTO ivl fjucydpoitri yeve^Xrf • 270 

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el TOVTfo K€ \dfioLfiev, apoifie^d k€ #cXco9 icr^Xov, 

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TO) Be rdj(^^ eyyv^ey ^X^oVj iXavuovr^ q)K€<k hnroxf^, 276 
TOP irpinepo^ irpo^keiire Av/edovo^ a/Y\a6<; vi6<; • 

K<ipT€p6^vfjL€y Bat<f>pov, dyaxM}v TvSeo^ vie, 
^ fidXa a* ov fiiXo^ mKXf iafmaaaro^ ircfcpo^ olaro^ • 
vvv aSr' €y)(€irf Treipijaofjuu, at xe nJ^wftt. 

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KoX fioKe TvSeiBdo kot d<rrriSa • r^ Si Sunrpb 
^XM X^'^^^V TTTafieini ^di>pffKt 7reXa<r^. 
T^ 8' eTrl fujucpov avae Avkoovo^ arfKoLo^ vio^ • 

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Sffpov It* av<r)(T^ea^<u • ep>oi Si fiiy* eiyp^ IStoxa^* 286 

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rjfifipore^, ovS' en/X!^ • arap ov fihf atfAt y' otta 
irpiv y* aTroTrawrea^iu, TTpuf y* ^ irepov ye ireaovra 
aXfJMTO^ iacu ''Aprfa, ToKavpipov woXefiurhjv, 

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piva irap* oif/^aXfiov, Xevteois 8' erriprja-ev o&6vr<K, 
rov 8' dwo fiiv yXSura-av TTpvfivtpf rdfie ^aX/e^ dretprfi^ 
aljQirj S* i^aif^ irapd veiarov av^epe&va. 
ffpvire 8' i^ ox&^v, apdfirfo'e Si rev^e hr* avr^ 
atoKoLy irafjjfHXVowvra • waph'pe&aav Si oi Xmroi 295 

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te lAIAAOZ E. 

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SjcpTfp ovTcure x^ipa fieroKp^vo^ o^il Sovpl 


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IAIAA02 V. 99 

afiXofXjpriv ' eT^ap 8k Sopv 'xpoio*; avreroprjcrep, 

dftfipoaiov Bia irerrkov, ov oi Xdpire^ Kcifwv axnaly 

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^ 5' & yovpaci irtirre Auopt)^ BT ^A<f)poBiTr), 370 


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100 lAIAAOZ E. 

firp-po^ ^ • 17 S* ajKct^ ika^ero ^vyarepa f/p, 

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89 TO^OKTW e/cTjSe ^€01/9, ot "OXvfiTTop e)(ov<np. 


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IAIAA02 V. 101 

tTci B* hrl TOVTOV ainJKe ^ea yXavK&in^ *A^ijvrf * 405 

vifirtof:, oifSe to olSe Kark (f>p€pa Tvhio^ vlo^, 

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Sewii S' ofLOKXijaas irpo^e^ ixdepyo^ 'AiroXKjtop • 


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102 IA1AA02 B. 

440 ^pd^eo, TvBei&rj, koI xal^eo^ fiff^e ^eotaiv 
la' ^eXe <f>pove€LV • iirel ovTrore <f>vXjOv ofidtov 
a^avdrayv re ^€&v, x^f^ ipxof^ciKOP t' dp^pannap. 
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firjpLP dXevdfiepo^ eKarrffioXov '^7r6\Xfi)i/09. 

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IlepydfMp eip Upy, oS-t oi ptfo^ y* irervfcro • 
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olo9, <rvp yapfipo'iai, Koai^Yfrotal re aotatp. 


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IAIAA02 V. 103 

r&if vuv ovTCP* iyo} ISieip Svpofi*, ov8^ vorjceu, 476 

aXXc^ KaraTTTdxTaovai, xvpe^ &9 afjuf>l Xeovra * 

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aXXh fud &9 AvkIov^ cnrpiivo), koX fJbefAov* avT09 

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olov K rj^ <f>ipoi€V 'Axawi, ij k€v &yoi€P • 

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atfSp&p XuciKOPTtop, Sre re ^p^i) Arifirjvqp 500 

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Xev/col fhrep^e yipoPTo KOPtaiKxp, Sp pa Si* avr&P 
ovpopop ^9 iroKirxaKxop iviirXffyop 7r6&9 hnrcop, 
4^ hnfuayofiepa>p • inrb S* €<TTp€<f>op 971/to;^^ • 505 

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toifiov ^AwoXXoDPo^ ;^t;<raopov, 09 fiip ap<oy€^ 


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104 IAIAA02 E. 

510 Tpwalv "^fiop iyelpat, hreX tSe UaXKdS' 'A^lpnfy 
olxpfievriv • rj ydp pa irikev jdava4>unv apTjydp, 

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^K€, KoX ip <rrrf^€<T<TL fikpo^ fiaXe TTOifievi \a&v, 
AipeUv; S' irdpouTL fie^iararo • toX S* i^dpfja-ap^ 

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teal fiepo^ ia^'KJop exopra • fjL€TdXXsf<rap ye fihf ovri, 
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Tov<: S' AiaPT€ Bv<o Kcu ^OSvacei^ koX jdtofirjSrf^ 

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ovT€ jSioj^ TpaxDP inreSeiSia'caf, ovre Uoxd^ * 
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drpefUK, S<l>p^ evStjai, fupo^ Bopiao koI oKKcap 

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Tibi/, hrel &009 ecKe fjLerd Tr/xoTOkrt fidx€o^cu, 
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petaipr) S' ep yaarpX Bed ^(ooTrjpo^ eKaaaep. 

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dtj>P€Ui<; ^Unoto * ykvo^ 8* Tjp eK irorafjuou) 


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IAIAA02 V. 106 

*A\j(f>€iov, a9T' evpv piec HvXicov Sul yalrjs, 546 

5? TeKer ^OpalXo^^pv, TroXkeaa^ avSpeaatv ava/cra • 

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106 IAIAA02 E. 

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IAIAA02 V. 107 

rov pa Karh ^(oarrjpa ^dXev TeXa/juovto^ Ala^^ 615 

veicUprj S' ip yaarpl irarfq So\ij(6a'Kiop €yj(p^ • 

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iX^SpT^ ix AvKi7j<:, ovS^ el fidXa xapTepo^ ia-av, 645 

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108 lAIAAOS E. 

650 29 pa fuv ei ep^avra Kaic^ ^piirawe fiv^^, 

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i^ ifj^ev T€v|e<r^aA, ifj^ B' inro Sovpi Bofihrra 

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SapmjBtoPj Aio^ vukt eiroi 8* o\jo<f>yBvoy levrrep* 


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IAIAA02 v. lOS 

IlpiafU&f), fit) Sij fu iXjuyp Aavfiounv idajy: 
Keur^cu, dXX' iirdfiwop ! hremu fi€ koX Xiirot aiw 666 
iv iroXeL vfierepr) • eirel ovk ap^ IfjbeXXov Sywye 
voarriaa^ ohcopSe, if>iK7jp €9 warpiSa yaiav, 
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ovre TTore irporphrovro fieXcupdoiP errl vr)&v, 700 

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Tp^X'^^ t' aixM'rnV^ AirdiKiop, Oipofiaop T€, 
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7} p* aXiop TOP fjLif^op vTria-TTjfjLev MepeXcup, 715 

^IXiop iKTripcoPT^ evreix^op anopie&^ai^ 
el o^TOD fiaip€<r^cu idcrofiep ovKop "^Aprfcu 
dXX' aye Brj kcu pS)1 fieBiopfya ^ovpiBo<; aXxfi^, 


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110 IA1AA02 E. 

720 97 /iei; hroi-xpiikvr) 'XpvadfjLTrvKa^ hnvev 'tmrox)^ 
"Hprjy irpiafia ^ea, ^vyaTrjp /jLcydiKoLO KpovoiO • 
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j^aXjcea, o/crd/cvrjfia, atSijpi^ a^ovi afi<l>k. 
T&v fJTOv xpvaeq X'tv<; a(f>^LTO<;, avrctp vTrep^€v^ 

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irXijfJLvav S' apyvpov elal wepCBpofioi a/i<f>OTipoi)^€if 
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hnrov^; wfcvTroBa^, /MCfiavc^ epiSo^ koI avTrj<:. 

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ireTrKov fiev fcarex^vev kavov irarpos err* ovSei, 

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740 iv S* ^EpL<;^ iv S* *A\Kri, iv Bk Kpvoecrcra *I<o/eij' 
iv Bi T€ Topyeir) Ke<\>cCKri, Beivoto TreXxopov, 
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Kparl S' iir* dp^l^xiKjov fcwirjv ^iro rerpa^oKripoVi 
Xpvceivv, iKOTov ttoXuov Trpukieaa* dpapviav. 

745 i^ B* 6x^CL (l>\6y€a iroal firjaero • Xafero S' l^x^ 
^pi^v, fiiya, arifiapovj r^ Bdfivrjai <rr/^a9 dvBp&v 
'qpoKov, Tourivre Korea-aerai o^piftOTrdrprj. 
"Hpf) Bk fidoTiyc ^069 eircfiaieT &p* imrov^ • 
airrofjuarac Be ttvXcu fMVfcov ovpavov, &9 ^01/ ^Slpcu, 

750 T§9 emTeTpaTTTcu /M€ya<; ovpavov Oi\vfiir6<; re, 
fjfiiv dvcucXCvai irvKWov v€(f)o^, 7;S* iTri^civa^ 
T§ pa Bi avrdoDv KevTprjveicia^ ^ov vjnrov^ • 
^pov Bh KpovUdva ^€(ov drep ijfievov aXXooVj 


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ajcpoTdrr) icopvjn^ 7ro\vS€ipdSo<; OiXv/iTroto, 

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oaadriov re koI olov dirtaXeae Xaov 'A'^aiMV 
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repTTOvrai Kvirpif; re teal dpyvpOTO^o^ *Arir6Xkoi)P, 760 

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112 IAIAA02 E. 

6^pa fAkv €9 TToXjEfiov TTcoXecfceTo Slo^ *Aj(iXKeik^ 
ovShrore Tp&ef irpo wvXcudp Aaphaviaxov 

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TvBelStj S* iwopovae ^eo, yXavKorm^ ^A^vrj • 
eupe Si Tovye avcucra trap tmrouriv kcu S)(€<T<f>w 

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ihpoi^ ydp fuv €T€tp€p VTTO irXario^ reKapL&vo^ 
aairl&o^ ev/cvKXjou • r^ relpero, xd^ve Be x^^P^ * 
dv S' iaxoDv reXafi&vct, fC€\cuP€^>€^ alp,* airojMtpy^nt. 
iinreiov Se ^€ct {uyoO ijylraTO, (jxovrjcriv re • 

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TvSev^ TOi fwepbf fjih/ hjv Se/ta?, aWA pM^rirr^. 
KcU p ire irip pnv iya> iroKcfiO^eiv ovk cIcutkov, 
ouS' iKirat^>da<Teiv^ are r tjKv^c voa^iv ^A^amv 
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Kovpov^ KaZp^itap wpoKoXi^ero, irdma 8* ipuca. 
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crol S* i^TOt p,kp iya> irapd S^' tarap/u, ^Se <^v\da<Ttt>^ 

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ik^a ^ iriiKepuop^ Tfjvy* oirrdp^ep 6^1 ^fCKic^ 


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IAIAA02 V. 113 

*Apy€iov9 iKeKevaa akqfJLevtu hf^a&e irdma^ • 
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/ijjrc avy^ ^'Aptfa roye SeiBi^iy fJMJre rw SXKjov 
a^avdrciv • T0117 rot iyoDV eTrtra/i/oo^o^ ei/u. 
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X€i/)l iraXip ipvaaa' • 6 h* ap* ifMficpirioy; airopovaep. 
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ifAfUfiavia ^ed • fiiya S* efipayc <f^tPO<i a^p 
fipi^oavPD • Beipfjp yap ar^ep ^eop opSpa r apurrop. 
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AlraiK&p 8^ dpiarop, '0')(r)a'iov dyXaop vlop • 
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Svp^ ^AiBo^ KUPerjPj fMJj fup IBot ofipc/jux; ^Aprj^, 845 

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ffroi 6 p,€P Tlep^Mpra TreXaypiop avroy icurep 
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oi S' 0T€ B)} ay^Sop ffirap hr* aXKr/kouryp ioi/rev, 850 

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eyx^l x^oiXKeUp^ fiefiaw aTro ^vpop iXAa^cu • 
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Skrof irrr* ix Bi^poio cr(i>aiov di)^i}vcu. 
Bevrepo^ aif^' i>pfiaTo fioyp dya^o^ Aiop^rjSTf^ 956 

IpyX^l x«XiiC€/y ' hripeiae B€ UaWd^ *A^i]P7] 


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114 IAIAA02 E. 

velaTOV €9 KeveSavOt o^i fytyvmiaKero fitrpvfv • 

rfi pa fACV oSra ruytaVf iih hi XP^ icdKhv ^Sa^^ey * 

€/c Se hopv airaaev aJnis;. 6 S' €fipa)(e j(aXtc€0^ ^Aptf^t 

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avep€9 €V iroXifup, epiSa ^wayovre^ ''Aptfo^. 
Tois S' dp^ imo rpofio^ etkev ^A)(€uov^ re Tp&df: t€, 
SeuravTO^ * roavv IjSpaj^* "Aprj^ iro^ iroKifioio, 
OTrf 8* ix P€(f>€<ov ip€l3€vpif (fMivercu aqpy 

865 KavfiaTo<; i^ avifwio Sv^aA)<i opvvfiipoio * 
ToZo? TuBei^rf Aiofii^Bel ;^aX«eo9 "Aprj^ 
ifutivey^ ofAOv ve^^traw law eU ovpoifov evpw. 
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irhp Sk A A KpovUavv /ca^i^ero, ^vfiov a^evcdv^ 

870 Sel^ep S' afifiporov aXfia^ Karappiov i( AretX^, 
icai p oko(\>vp6fjL€vo^ hrea irrepomna irpo^vBa • 

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dXkjoi fihf ydp irdvre^, Saoi ^eoi eur^ ev * OXufJUirtpi 

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880 d\X duiei^, iwel airo? iyeivcu} ttoHB* dtbrikov • 

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firjTC fiot, dWoTTpo^aWe, irape^ofiepo^ fMivvpi^e • 
990 €^L<TTO<; S^ fAol ia<rt ^e&p, of "OXu/iTToi/ l;^oi;<7ti'. 

aUl ydp Toi €pL<; T€ </>4Xi;, iroXefioi re fuiycu t€ • 


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IAIAA02 V. U6 

fiffTpi^ TOi. fjUpo^ €<rrlv ad<r)(€TOP, ovk iirieuerov, 

"Hpff^ • T^ fi€V iyib (nrovSfi Sdfjunffj,^ hr4e<T<Tiv. 

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aXX ov fJLov <r h-L Srjpbv avi^ofuu oX/ye' expvra • 895 

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Tw S* errl ITot^i^ oSvpi]<f>aTa (fxipfjiOKa irdatroov 900 

fiKeaar* • ov fihf yap ta Kard^vrjro^ y* ererv/CTO. 
A9 S' or' OTTo^ ydXa Xevxbv erreiyofievo^ awhrrj^evy 
iypbv iov • fioKa 8* &Ka 7r€puTTpi<f>€Tai tcvKoanni • 
i>9 apa KapTraXip^oi^ Ifjaaro ^ovpov "Apqa. 
TOP 8' "Hfiv Xovaep, '^aplevra Bk eXpara laaev 905 

Trap Be AiX KpovUovi ka^^ero, icvBei yamv, 

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"HpT) T ^Apyeiff Ka\ ^A\a\Kop€pr)U *A^i]Wfft 
irauaao-cu fiporoTiJoiyov "Aprfv difBpoKTaauimw* 


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^EfCTopoff Kal ^AvSpofJkdj^fff; ofAtXla. 

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fiea-cnfyv^ StfJLoevriy: ISk Bco/^olo poawv. 

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avSpa fiaXcop, &9 apLorq^ ivl Opj^KCcrai rirvicroj t ■ • -> 
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Tev^pavtSrjv, &9 evaiev ev/crifMevr) ip *Apia-j3'p, 
cuf>P€i09 fiioToio, KJyiXo^ S' ^p dp^pamoKriP* 
iravTWi yap KJytXieaKep, oSo) eiri oUla paicop^ 15 

aXKd oi ovri^ rtopye tot Tjpxeae Xirypop Ske^poPj 
irpoa^ep VTratnida-a^ • aXX afKJxo ^vfjiop a^nyjvpcL, } '^ v^ 
airop, Kfu ^epdiropra KaXqccop, 09 pa t6^* imrtop 
ecKCP v<fn)pU)'Xp<; • to) S' dfMKJya) yalap iSurrjp. 

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firj Zk /-ter' AHarjirop Kal TI'qBa^op, oik irore Nifi^ 


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118 IAIAA02 2. 

1/1/iV ^Afiapfiaperj t€k' ofLUfiovc BovKoXleoii. 
BovKoXuop S* ijp vio^ ayavov Aaofiihovro^^ 
7rp€al3vTaTO<: yevefj, o-kotlov Be i yeivaro p^rjTJjp • 

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fj S' inroKViTaaLbAni SiBvfidove yeivaro ira&e' 
Kai fM€v T&v wr€J&tt*ftevos koI <f>aiBt/jLa yvia 
MriKU7Tqla£^, koX air* &fJuov rev^e i<rv\cu 

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30 IIiBvtrfv S' 'OSixrev? HepKdxnov i^evdpc^ev 
eyx^l x^niXiceicp • Tevfcpof S* 'Aperdova Slop, 
^AptiKoxo^ S* "Afikfjpop ivrjparo Sovpl ^aecp^ 
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poue Be, XarpvoevTO^ evppelrao irap" o)^a^, 

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<f>evyoPT* • EipvirvXc^ Be MeXdp^iop i^epdpc^ep, 

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fowl/ eX' • ?7r7ro) yap ol aTV^opJpcoTreSloco, * 

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avTO^ S' €K Bl(f)p'dlo 7rapa'Tpo)(pv i^efcvXXd^'^^^'*^^'^' 
irprjpry; ep KOPiyatp iirl aTOfui • Trap Be oi earrj 
^ATpeiBi]^ Mepekao^^ exa}p Bo\i')(p(TKiop eyxP^- 

45 ^ABpqoTO^ B* dp* hreiTa Xa/SoDP iWiaaero yovpwp • 
Zdrypei^ ^Arpeos vU, aif S* d^ca Bi^ac diroipa, 
TToXXa S' ep d(f>peu)v irarpo^ Kecfx/fKia Kelrai, 
')(aKjc6^ re ')(pva'6^ re, iroXvKfiTjTo^s re a-lBrjpo^ • 
T&p K€P TOt 'xapio'avro Trarrjp airepeiat* dirowa, 

60 el K€P i^k ^ODOP ireTTv^oiT* eVJ ptjucIp *A')(ai&p. 

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teal Si] flip rdx' efieWe ^od^ iirl pP]a<; ^A-xauSiP 
Ba)aetp ^ ^epdTropri Karate fjuev • aX>C ^Ayafiep^poup 
dpTLO^ 7j)s^e ^<op^ Kal 6fiOK\Tj(ra<; eTTo? rjvBa • 

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dpBpc^p ; ^ TOt dpurra TrerroiTjTai Kard oIkop 


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v/m TpaHnav • rSnv fiiJTi*; inr€K<f)vyot oIttvp Ske^pov, 
X^H^o^ ^' i7/A€T€/»a9 • fJ'vS' SvTiva yaaript firp^p 
Kovpov iovra (f>kpoi^ p,rjS* &9 <f>vyoi • aXX afia irdvre^ 
*I\iov i^airoXoiaT* dicqSeoTOi koX cu^carrot. y c^ ^ ;i iv. .a-60 

^/29 ehrcav Ihpe^^^v aZeK^iov <f>p€pa<: ^/xov, 
aiatfia irapenrwv. 6 S' dwo e^ev &aaTo X^tpi 
r)pa>^ "ASprfiTTOV ' top Be KpeUov ^ AyafxepofODV 
oJrra Kara "Kawdpqv • 6 S' auerpdirer • 'ATp€i&rj<; Sk 
Xif iv <m]^€<n )8a9, i^iinraae fietkcpov ey^p^, .^ : //» . ft5 
Ni<rr(op 8* ^Apyelourtv iKixXero, fioucpov wi(ra<; • 

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p>rfTVi vvp ivdpudv hrL^aXhjofievty; fieroTrur^ev - '- ^ ' ^ ^ " " 
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dXX* avSpa^ KTclvtofiev • eiretra Se /cal to cKnXot 70 

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el fitf ap* Alpeia re koX "Eicropi, ehre irapa<TTa<; 75 

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KoX fidXa re^o^epoL irep • dpayKaiTj yap hrev^ei' ' 86 

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fi/qrepy aij Kal ifxfi • ij ie ^vpwyo vaa yepcuas .^-' • * 
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cZmu iv\ p^erfdp^, Kai ol irokb i\>LKTaro^ avr^, 

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120 IAIAA02 Z. 

^€u/<u *A^vairf^ cttI yovvcurw rjvKOfAOiO • 
/ , ^ /x^ teal 01 uTToavej^at Suo/caiSeKa /3ov^ ivl vq^ 
^ ^ ^ yr^^^ ffvif;, ^/c€<rf a?, lepevaifiePy aX k ikeijap («» J, ^^^^ ^ ^^^\^/J^ 
96 currv re xai Tpaxov oKoxov^ koX vrprui rd/cpa,^ ^, '^^J^ 
cu K€v TvBios vlov airoa^ ^IXiov Iprj^, m , a »,^>, y<^ ^ 
arfpvov aix/Ji,7)Ti]v, Kp arepov fiijaraypa <f>6$oio • V V. " ' 
hv St) iya> KapTurrov Aj(auov jnjfil yevia^cu. 
oiS' '-/4;^»X^ TTo^* wSe y' iS€iScfi€v^opj(afLov/avSp&ift ^^ 
100 ovTr€p'<fxurl &^a? ^f efifievai • aXX' oSe X/iyv V" 

fialvercut ovSi rk oi Supatcu fJiAvo<;jla'o<f)apl^€iv. ^y 

^{1^ €<f>a^' • *'EicT(op 8* ovTi Ka4rVpn\T(p anr^^a^. 
avTuca S* 6^ o^iciv aiw T€U)(€<rcv SXto j(af^'^ ' 
TraXKoov S' ofea Bovpa, Kork arparov ^x^^ Travrtf, 
105 orpvvtav fiax^^^*^^^^ Syeipe Sk <l>v\o7rcv alvtjv. ' ** ^^ 
, * oi S' iX^Xij ^rj a-aif, xaX evavrloi earav TJj^icii/' ' "^ 
* ApyeloLo inrex<i>pw^^> Aijfai/ Se <I>6vom • . • ' .^ -^T 
^ii/ S^ T4I/' a^oi/aTQ)!' ef ovpavov aarepoevTO^ ' 

110 ^EtcTCjp Bk Tpdiyeaaw ^fCffcKero, fiaxpov aiaa^* . 

Tpioe^ inrip^vjioi^ rrfKeKXjjroi t^ i:rriKovp^t^.,^^ .V^^'"^ 
avipe^ €aT€, <f>i\joiy fipijacur^e Se ^oi5piSo9 aX/c^, 
5<f>p* lip eyo) ^eici} irpoTi "iTuoVj i^Sk yepovcw 
etTTCD fiovKevryai koI '^fieripry; aKjoxoKriv, '■ ' 

• 115 BaifjMO-iv dp'ijacur^a^, irTToax^o^fu ^' iKaTOfMJSoi. 

^ilf; apa <f>covi]aas aire^ri Kopy^dioXo^ '^B/crtop • 
afufn Si fuv a<f>vpit rvTrre koX avx^va Sipfia xeXaivoVj ^ 
carrv^, ^ irvfiaTt] ^iev cunriBo^; 6iij>a\oiaa'ff^.-:fV- >^ ' ^ ^*^^' 
rXavKog 8\ 'ImroXoxoio 7rdl<i, Kai TvBio^ vlo9 
120 €9 fjUtrov afiffxyrepccv o^wJTrjv fi^fuuoTe pAx^a^a^ 
oi S' ore Bi} axeSov ^aap iir* oKkijXouraf iovre^y 
TOP TTpoTcpo^ 7rpo<;e€i/7r€ Porjp aya^o9 ^U)fj,7]Bf}9 • 

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oi phf yap WOT* STronTra f^dxjj ept icvBiapelprf . .^^>j 

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<T^ ^dpa-et, OT* ifiop BoXlxoo'kwp eyxo^ Ifietpo^. 


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. x-*^^" I.MAA02 VI. v^-**" V 121 

• "' '^ ,.-^0 jwr- 

hvcTTflWiV Si T€ 7rat8c*9 e/^ f^ivec dvrtOQiff'tv. 

€l Si Tfc9 a^avdrcDV ye Kar ovpavov et\?;Xou^a9, 

ovK &P iyayye ^eouriv iirovpavioca-c fjLa^olfitjv, 

ovSe yap oifSk ApiavTo<; vi6^^t^ifiT€po<i AvKoopyo^^ 130 

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^ . ^ ty^X^ X^f^ tcari^evavt inr^ dvSpo<f>6poco AvKOvpyov 

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(y<^ M^^' aXi9 /aira /cO/ui • ©ert? S* xnreSi^ro KoXirt^ 

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el Si rk iaa-t l3poT(op, ot apovprp; KopTrqp eSovtrtPj 
aaaop T^\ w fcep ^aaaop oX^pov ireipa^* iKtjat. /■ . ^ 
. X^P 8' oS^' 'Iinro\6)(pio irpo^^rjvSa <f>al^iuo^i6s ' ' ' Vo 
TV&iSi/ fieyd^vfie, rif} yeperjp ip €€ip €i<: ; 145 .^ 

oh) Trep <i>v\X(op yepen, TouiSe, koI aphpciiP, 
9t;X\a ra /*€!/ t gygfto y x^H^^^ X55''* ^^^^ ^^ ^ ^^^ 
Ti/Xc^ooxra ^i5et • Iag09 S' hnypfp^rat &p7j • 6v. I^L, ^^ /^' w- '/ 
a>9 dpSpwp yeperj ^fiep if>v€i, wS' aTroKijyei, 
€ijS' €^€\€*9 /col raOra Sa rjjE^m t^ S(f>p* ev elS^ 150 

^fxeripfiP yepeqPy ttqXXoI Si. tup opSpe^ Io-cktip • 
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hf^a Sk Siovifxy; ea/cep^ o KipStaro^ yever' dpSpApy 
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liZ IAIAA02 7. tKLJ^ 

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^ S* €T€Ke Tpia reteva Ba£<f>popi BeXKepo^PTfj, ^ 


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lAIAAOX VI. 123 

^acofSpov re koX 'ItnroKoxov koX AaoSdfieiav — 
AaoSaficlr) f^kv irapeXe^aTO f iTfrU ra Zev^ • pnrryr\ tKx^^^ 
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ypSxriP, OTL ^elpoi irarfmloL evypfis^^ elpai. 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC ^ 

124 lAIAAOS z. 

^ift? apa (fxovTjaavre, ko^^ XmroDv al^vre, 
X^^P^ t' aWrikoDV Xafiirqv, koX TTtoTOHravTo. 
€v^^ atrre r\uivtc<p KpoPiBt)^ ^p€va<; i^iXero Zeti^, 
235 $9 irpo^ TuBeiSrjv AtofMjSea T€V^e^ dfieifiev, 
j^vaea ^^aXAceuoi', efeaTOfju/Sot* ivveafioUap. — 

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afi<f>^ apa fuv Tpdxov aXo^oc ^iov r)Be ^vyarpe^, 
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840 KoX woaia*; • o S' hretra ^cot? 6t;;^ffO'^(U avclfyet 

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7r\f)a-ioi oKKtjXxdv BeBfji/rjfJiei/oi • h^a Be yofJbfipol 

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Tifcvov, TVTrre Xittwv TroKcfiov ^pa^up eiKijKov^a^: ; 

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aXXa fiiv\ 6<f>pa xi toi fieXiffBia oTvov iveUm, 
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260 TTp&TOV ' hrecra Be k axrrh^ ovrfcreai^ aX K€ Trltfo^a. 
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Tr)v S' rjfiei^eT* hrevra pAyof; Kopv^aio\o^ ''E/CTO>p' 
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X^P^^^ ^' dviirroiaiv Ait \eij3eip oj^oira olvov 


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IAIAA02 VI. 12B 

a^ofiai * ov8e irq earcj K€>uuv€<f}ii KpovUovi, 

atfuiTt Koi Xif^p^ 7r€7ra\ayfi€vov eif^erdacr^cu. 

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irenrXov S\ a?T49 roc ;^af)i€<7TaT09 rihk. fUyurro^ 

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^t9, ^icecrra?, Upeva-ifiep, al k iXcijarf 275 

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KacXero' ral S' a/)' aoXXca-a-ca/ kotcl cuttv yepcud^. 
avTT) S' €9 ^dXafjLOP xarefiija-aTo fcrfdevra, 
€i/^* €<rav ol irirrrXoL irafiirouccXoi, Ipya ywaue&v 
ScSo^itDV, Td<: avT09 'AXe^cwSpix; ^oei&ff^ 290 

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rffv oSov, ffif 'EXiprpf irep din^ya/yev einraripeuxp. 
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d<rr7fp S' &9 am-eXafjuTrev * etceiTO he veictro^ aXXoov. 205 

firj h' Uifcu, TToXXal he p^ereaaevovro yepautL 

Aih^ ore vr^ov ucapov *A^ijv7j^ hf TrSXei itcpffj 
T^ci ^pa^ m^e Oeapa> Ka7<Xi7rdp7)<y;, 
Kur(njify 0X0^09 'Avnjvopof; iTnrohd/juHO • 
rijv ydp Tp&e^ e^rfKav ^A^r}vair)<i iipeuw, 300 

ai 8' oXoXvy^ ircurfu ^A^rivy xelpa^ dvetrypv. 


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126 IAIAA02 Z. 

17 S' apa irerrXjov ekova-a Gecufi) Ka\\t7rdpf)o^, 
^K€v *A^rjv€Urf(; hrl yovwuriv fjvKOfwu) • 
eirxpfjihrq S* ffparo Aw Kovprf fiejaXxno • 
J05 IIoTvc' ^A^ffvoAj, ipva-hrroXi, Sia ^edtov, 

irpr^via 869 ireaiuv Xkomw irpoTrdpoAe ttvXcuov • 
S<l>pa roi ainiKa vuv Svo/calBefca ^ov^ ivl vff£y 
^1/^9, ^KicTO^, Upevaofiev, of k iXjerjajf^i 

SIO aajv re Kal Tpdxop oK&xpv^ kcu pifirui retcva, 

^11^ l<f>aT* cvxofJ'hn} • dviveve Sk IlaXKet^ ^A^vif, 
Sy; at /jUv /i' €V)(pvTO /lib<: Kovfyp fieydXoio • 
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KoKdy rd p aino^ erev^ avv dvSpd<rtv, ot tot* apurroi 

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o7 ol hroifiaav ^dXafJLOV koX S&fia koX avXrfv, 
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6i/9r' "E/cTCDp ekrjX^e Ad iptXa^ • «/ S* apa %€i/>l 
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cunriSa /cal ^dprfxa xai dy/cuXa t6^* d<f>6€0VTa * 
'Apyeirj S' 'EXitnj fLcr' apa S/j^fjo-i yvva^^ip 
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fiapvdp,€V0L • creo S' elv^ic d\nr\ re irToKepuo^i t€ 
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380 el Tivd TTov fie^tevra ISoi^ CTvyepov iroKkfuoio* 
oKk! ava, fjiif Td^a. oottv irvpo^ S7jtou> ^ptfTiu. 

Tov S' aSre irpo^^ketirev 'AyJk^avhpo^ ^eoeiZrf^ • 
"E/cTop • eTret fjLC icaT aUrcof iveiiceaa^, ovB' tnrkp attrop^ 
Tovv€/cd Toc ipid) • aif Si avv^eo, icai fJLev oucowrov. 

335 oinoi, iyi) Tp^cov Toaaov %oX^, oi&k v€/M€a(T€C, 
rjfi7}v iv ^a\dfiqi>, e^eXov S* ax^i irpOTpairia^aA* 


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IAIAA02 VI. 127 

pvv Si /M€ Trapet/TTovo'* cLkoyo^; ficCKcueok hreca-O'W^ 

ipfjiftja* i^ irihjefiov * hoiciei he fioi &8€ koX airrS 

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aW aye vvv errlfievifov, *Api]la T€V')(€a Swo • 340 

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TOP S* ^EXhni fiif^oun irpo^vSa fiu\i')(ioia'iv • 

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w /a' 8<f>e\* fifiarv t^ ^re /jl€ trpSnov rixe fi^jTrfp, 345 

ol^eo^cu 7rpo<f>ipov(ra /ccuc^ avifioio ^mXKxi 
eU Spo^9 fj ek tcvfia *iro\iMf)\oi<rfiou} ^aXcurtrrf^ • 
hf^a fie KVfM awoepae, irapo^ rdSe ipya yevia^cu, 
ainiip hrel raSe y &S€ ^€ol tcafca reKfiijpavTO, 
avSpo^ hreir' &<f>€XKov dfieivovo^ elvai okoiti^, ^0 

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rovTip S* ovT^ &p vvv <f)piv€<; efiireSoi^ ovr' a/)' OTritrtr(a 
SiTcovTcu • T^ Kai fuv iiravpri<T€<T^ai 6toi>, 
aXX' ay€ vvv elVeX^e^ icaX i^eo t^' iirl Si<f>p^, 
Sae/>, incl ae fuiXtarra ttovo^ <f>pivw; afi(f>LJ3ififfK€v 9S5 

€iV€#c* ifieio Kwo^ fcal ^AXe^dvSpov Iv€k Attj^ • 
olatv iirl Zei^ ^xe kcucov fuipov, (09 koI oTrlco'to 
dv^panroici TreXco/ttf^' doiStfioi iaa-ofjkivounv, 

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/X17 /£€ icdl^i,i^\ 'EXivri, <f>CKdov<rd trep • oiiSi fie ireiaei^. 3(J0 
^f&7 ydp fiot ^vfib^ iiriaa-vrcu, S<f>p' hrafivvto 
Tpcoeaa^, ot fiiy ifielo iro^v d'ire6vro<; i^ovatv • 
^XX^ <Tvy^ Spw^i TOVTov, iTreiyia^oi) Si kol avro^, 
w fcev €fi hnoa^ev irokio^ icarafidp^ iovra.' 
icaX yap iya>v obcovS* i^ekevaofiaij 6<f>pa tScjfuu 365 

oUvftv; oKo^ov re ^iKrjv xal vrftnov vlov. 
ov yap t' olS\ el en, <r<f>iv inrorpoTro^ t^fuu atrrt^, 
fj ff&q fi inro %€/>o-l ^eol Safiixoaiv ^A')((uS)V. 

^fl^ apa (fxovi^aa^ dtriprf KOpv^aioXoi '^Efcrap, 
oZ^ra S' hrei^* Ixave Sofiov^ euvcuerdovra^^ 370 

oiX" evp^ * AvSpofidyTfv XevxtoXevov iv fieydfjouriv • 


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128 lAIAAOZ z. 

uXX "fjye ^ifv ttcuSi fcal ufJufHiroKtp €inr4ir\/p 
irvpyfo i<f)€aTyfcei yoocoad re fivpopuevri re. 
^EicTdip S' w ovK hfhov afivfiova rerfMev &KoiTiv, 

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irfi efir) ^ ApBpofjuix') Xj^fC(oXevo<; Ik fieydpoio ; 
rje irrj €<? yaX6(ov, ^ elvareptov einrhrXcav, 
^ e? ^A%r)vaii]^ €^ol)(€tcu^ ev^a irep SXKcu 

380 Tp<oal evirKoKa/jLov Seiinfv ^eov IXdcKovrcu ; 

Tov S* (UfT* oTprfpt) rafuvq irpo^ /Jiff^ov eevirev • 
^EfCTop, iirel fiaX dvtayas aKtf^ea fiv^-qacuj^oA • 
oine irrj e9 yaXocop, oirr* elvariptav einrerrXMP, 
ovT^ 69 ^A^7jvair)s e^oi^erat, ev^a irep aXKcu 

885 Tpayal euTrXoKa/Juov Seti/^i/ ^ebv IXdcKovrcu • 

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reipea^at Tpaxp;, fieya 8k Kpdros ehai ^A'xjou&v. 
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fuuvofihrp ehcvla' <f>€pet S' afjui ircuSa ri^Pff. 

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rifv airrrjv oSov a!m^, €V/CTi/JL€va<; scar* ayvid^. 
etne irvhjK iKave^ iLep)(pfievo^ fieya aarv, 
Xica^A^ — Tfi yap efieXKe Si£^ifji€va^ TreSlovSe — 
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^HerUov, S9 epoiev inrb TlXdjctp vXrfe(r<rp, 
©17/817 'TircmXaKLTj^ KiXiKeaa^ avhpeaaiv dvdaacsv* 
roxrirep Sr) ^vydrijp e^e^' ^'Efcropi )(a\KO/copvaT^. 
ff oi eiretT^ Tjirrr)a'\ dfia 8' d/j^iiroXo^ Kiev a^irnj, 

400 TraK' €7ri fcikinp e^ova dTaXd<f>pova, vrfmov avrca^, 
'E/CTopiBfjv dyairrjTov, okiyKtov accept fcoK^' 
TOV p ^EfCTCJp Ka\ee<TKe StcafidpSpiov, ainap oi SXKm 
*AaTvdva,fCT* • 010^ yctp ipvero "IXiov ^E/crayp* 
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IAIAZi02 VI. 129 

vaXbd T€ vrprla')(ov, kcu efi* a^fwpov, ^ rdyfa XHPV 

a€v iaofjuu • raya yap ere KarofCTaviotMnv *A)(auHj 

iravre^ i(f>op/j/rf^€VTei • ifiol Si k€ xepSiov efiy, 410 

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fi w /cai avT&v ^ir/to9 hrorpvpei Kal dpdrfu. 

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fj Kcu ifJUH rdSe iravra fuXei^ yvvat • a\Xa pAX alpw 


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(80 IAIAA02 Z. 

alBeofJLai Tpcoa^ Koi TptoaZa^ eTuceanrerrXov^^ 
aX K€, Kcucc^ w?, v6ar<f>ip aXvaKd^co iroXifMOio • 
ovBi fjL€ ^VfjL09 avcoyev, iirel fia^ov e/Mfievat e<7^Xo9 

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apvvfievcy; Trarpo? re /ieya k\Ao^ rji^ ijJLov avTov, 
€v ycLp iyo) roSe oiBa Kara <f>p6pa /cal kut^, ^vfiov • 
eaaercu ^fjuip, ot^ av ttot' oKcoXri "1X^9 Ipij^ 
KoX Hpiafio^ fcaX 'K<ib<; iv^fjbeXUo IlpidfJbou), 

450 dXX' ov fjLoi TpuHov roaaov fii\eL aXyo^ OTrlaa(o^ 
mn avTTJ^ 'EKd^if:^ ovt€ IIptd/jLOio avcucro*;, 
ovT€ K€unypi]Ta}v, ol tc€V iroXAe^ re kcu ia^Xol 
€v Kovirfat irkaoLev inr* dpSpdo-i Svfffjbcvieo'a'cp^ 
oaaov <x€l\ ore /cip tl^ ^A'^auop ^aXKo^tTcopoiP 

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Kai K€P,v8o}p <f>opeoi^ Meo-anjtboi ff 'Tirepeirj^;, 
TToXX' d€tca^o/M€pr), Kparepr) S' hriKeiaer^ apdyxTf • 
Kal TTori Tt9 eiTrijacp, IScbp Kara Sdxpv 'xiovaap • 

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Tp(aa)p ImroBdpMP, ore ^IXiop dfi<f>€fjbd')(ppTo, 
&S TTori Ti9 €p€€L * <7ol 8* uv viop eaaerat aX/yo^ 
^T6(; TOtoOS' dpSpoSj dfjLVP€tP SouXtop fifiap, 
dXKd fie T€^prj(OTa %vt)/ KaTo, yala KaXinrroi^ 

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liyfr S' 6 TTul^ 7rjpo9 koXttop ii)^<M>poio ti^'/]P7]<; 
eKXip^T] ld')((ap, iraTpo^ <f>LXov oy^LP dTV)^€l<;, 
rap^rjaa/; 'XaXtcop t' ^Be X6<f)0P tTTTTio^a/Tiyi', 

470 BeiPOP aTT* uKpordTr)^ Kopv^o^ pevopra P07)(Ta<; • 
ix S' iyiXaaae irarrip re <f>LKo<; xal ttotpui fiy]Tr)p, 
avrix diro tcpaTo<; Kopv^^ eiKero <f}aiBtfio<; '^Efcrfap, 
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Zev, 3XKx>i T€ ^eoi, Sore Bn /cal TOpBe y€P€<f^a^ 


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IAIAA02 VI. 131 

wdtS* ifiov, (09 Kcu iyd) irep, aptirpen-ia Tpcoea-a-iP, 

fiSe ^IffP t' aya^oPj tcaX ^IXlov, l<f>i avdaa-eiv' 

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€K TToXifjLOv aviovra • ^ipoi S' ivapa ^poroema, 480 

KT€iP(K Si]lop avBpa, ')(ap€iTi hk <f>pipa fJt^TTjp, 

^fl^ elirwp aXoxoio (f>i\r)^ ip yepaXp ?^k€p 
TTOiS' €0P • 17 S' apa flip /crje!)Bei Si^aro KoXTnp, 
Scuepuoep yeXdo'aa'a. iroai/; S* ekeyi<r€ poi]<r(Ky 
X^^pi ''■^ M*^ fcaripe^ep, hro9 r S<f>aT\ Sfc r' opofjbo^ep • 485 

jdcufwpirf, fiij fJLoi ri Xlrjp oKa-xi^eo ^fj^ ! 
ov yap rk fi xnrkp ala-cof apfjp "iitSt irpold'^i, • 
fiolpap S* ovTCpd (fyrffu 7r€<f>vyfjLipop cfifiepai avSp&p, 
oif KOKOP, ovBi phf ia^Xjop, hrrfp rairpSyra yiprjTcu. 
aW' €49 ohcop lowra ra a ainri^; epya KOfu^e, 490 

iOTOP T rjkaKcLTqp t€, koX afKf>i7r6\oi<Ti xiXeue 
Ipyop hroiyea^cu • 7roX6/A09 S* apSpea-a fuXtjaev, 
irdaiPj ifiol Zi fjudKurraj rol 'IXitp iyyeydao'cp, 

^/29 dpa ifxDPTjawf Kopv^* eXXero ^aiZi,fio<; '^E/CT<op 
tmrovptp • aXjo)(p^ ^^ ^iXrf ohcopSe pe^rjKCt 496 

epTpoiraXi^ofiipr), ^dXepop xaTct Sdxpv x^ovgo. 
alylra S* hr€i^* 'Uape BopLOv^ evpaierdopras 
"E/CTopof; avSpo^pou) • KL')^)<raTo 8* epSo^i iroXXct^ 
afuf>i'jr67u>u<;, rfjaip Bi yoop irda^aLP ip&paep. 
ai fiep ft-t fctfoi/ yoop ^E/cropa ^ ipl olxtp • 600 

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T^ea^cu, irpo^vyopra fiipos xaX %ei/3a9 'A^cuAv. 

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aevar hrei/r^ dph aarv, iroal Kpanrpolcn irewoC^oa^. 506 
C09 S' ore TA9 0TaT09 Xmro^ dKoarrjawi €7rl (fuzTPrf, 
BecTfiop diroppTj^a^ ^^Irj TreBioio Kpoaipcop, 
€U0^a>9 XjOvcct^cu ivppeio^ woTajxalo, 
KvBioayp • w^vv Be /cdprj l^^t, afjuf>l Be x^*^^ 
&fjLOi,^ attra-oPTOi • 6 S' ayXatr)<f>i weiroi^w, 610 

plu4>a € yovpa <f>epei fierd r ffhea koX po/jlop Xwjrfov • 


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133 1A1AA02 Z. 

&9 vw Ilpuifwio ndpc^ Kara Hepyafiov Sxpfy; 

/c(VfxaX6(ov, ra)(€&i hi iroiei <f>ipop . cuyfra S* hreira 

515 "E/CTOpa Stop €T€TfMeV aS€\xf>€6p, €VT^ ap* €fl€\K6P 

arphjrea-^^ ix x^PV^' ^* i oapi^e yvpauci. 
TOP rrporepo^ 7rpo<;eec'7r€P *A\€^apSpo^ ^eoeiSi^ • 

'H^eVj ij fidXa Si] <t€ koI iaa-vfiepop /carepvKOt, 
Sff^poDP, ovS^ ^X^op ipaia-ifwp, C09 eKeXeve^, 

680 T6p B* aTTafjLevfiofLCPO^ irpo^kifyq Kopv^aloXo^ "Eicrrap 
hcupipLi ovK &p rk rot apjjp^ 5? ipaiaifMO^ eirf, 
Ipyop arifAfja€i€ fidyriSy hrel oKki/jlo^ iaai • 
aXKiL €fca>p fjLe^iei^ re koX ov/c i^iXei^ • to S* ifjLOP tcffp 
a')(pxrrai hf ^v/i^, 5^' irrrep cri^ep at(r)(€* axovo) 

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aXX Xofiep * rh S^ Swia^ep apeaaofie^* , aX xi tto^a Zcii 
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icpffTrjpa anjaaa^cu iXev^epop hf fMeydpouruf, 
iic Tpoirji iXdcapra^ €VKPi^fitS<K 'A')(aiov^. 


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lAIAJ 02 H. 

"EKTopo^ Ka\ AtavTo<: fiovofiaxi^'" Nexp&p 

"fl^ ehrwv TrvXeoyp i^iaavro <f>alSifio<; '^E/crayp • 

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d/Ji4l>6T€pot pAfuurav iro\ep.l^eiv rjhe p^yea^cu. 

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oipov, ernjv Kexap^a-LP iv^€<rTp<; iXdrtfa-tv 5 

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"JEi/^* iXeTfjp, 6 fxep viop *Apr)1^6oio apatCTO<;, 
"Apvr) poierdoPTa M€pi<T%u)P, hp Kopxjpijnjf: 
yeipar* *Apr)t^oo^ xal ^iXofjuiBovca l3oc(nn<; • 10 

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aux^P* irrro aT€<l>dprjf; cvxaTucov, XOcre Se yvuu 
T\avKo<; B\ ^ImroKo^OLO irdl<;^ AvkUop dy6<: dpSp&p, 
I(f>ii/oop /3ttX€ Sovpl fcard Kparepffp va/j>LP7)p, 
A€^idSr}P, LTnr(op i'7rcd\/JL€P0P a>K€ui<op, 16 

&/JLOP' 6 S' ef ^Tnrayp 'x^afidSi^ irkae^ \vpto he. y via, 
Toi^ 8* a»9 oip ipcyqo-e ^ed yXavKOiiri'^ '-4^vi;, 
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"IXiop eh Upijp. TTJ 8' dpTLo^ &ppvT^ ^AiroXKcop, 90 

IlepydfJLOu ix xariBoap, Tpdeca-t Si %v\eTO pLktip • 


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134 IAIAA02 H. 

aXXijiXouTi Sk Tdyye auvamia^rjp irapa ^vy^, 

rrjv irporepo^ irpo^keinrev apo^, ^to9 u/09, 'AiroXKtav* 
Ttrrre av S* av fiefiavla, Ato^; ^vyarep fieydXoio, 
S5 ij\^€9 air* OvXvfiTTOvo, fi4ya<i Si <re ^vfio^ ajnjfcev ; 

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aXX et fioi ri irl^oio, to k€v ttoXv /cipSiov etrj ' 

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30 arjfupov • iarepov aire fiaxw^^» €k6K€ Tocfjuop 

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35 fps^ov am' OvKufiirou) /x-erA Tpoia^ kcu *A^acov^ • 

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Ttjv S' avT€ Trpo<i€€VTrev apa^, J 109 vto9, * AvoWcov * 

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ffp Tipd TTOV Aapa&p TrpofeaXeaaerai, olo^ev 0Z09 
40 dpTi^LOP fia')(€(raa^at ip alpfj Brj'iarrJTt, 

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dlop ewopaecap Trdkep,il^€ip '^E/cropi 8/y. 
*'f2<; €(f>aT • ovS* dirC^Tfa-e ^ea yXavicSyjriff *A^ptj, 

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45 /3ovXi]P, fi pa ^eolatp i<^ripSaP€ firfnocoaip • 

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"^E/cTop, vie Ilpidfioio, Ad firJTLP drdXavTe, 

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50 auT09 Se TrpoKoKeaaai, ^Axciioyp o^tis apiaro^, 

dprilSiop ixa')(i<Taa^ai ep alpfj irjloTrJTL ' 

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fdiS 8' *Ayafiifipa>p elaep ivKPijfuScPs *^^aiot;9. 


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IAIAA02 VII. 136 

ici5 S* ap^ *A^7)vairj re kcu apyvporo^o^ ^AttoXXxov 

i^ia^v, Spvunv ioiKOTC^ auyuinotaLv, 

<fyqy^ i<l>* {nfrrjXfj irarpo*; Alo^ alyi6)(pL0, 60 

avSpdo'L repirofievoL * rtav Be or/p^e? eiaro irvtcvai, 

aa^iai koI fcopv^ea-ac koI €y)(€0'L ire^piKvlcu, 

oirj Se Z€<f>vpoio i^evaTo irovrov eiri (f>pl^j 

opwfiepou) veov, fxeXavei 8e re iroirro^ vtt' airfj^; • 

Touu apa arlxe^ elar* 'A^accov re Tpaxov re 65 

iv rrehiq) • "Exrajp Se fjuer* afMJxrrepoKnv eecrrev • 

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S(f>p^ etirto, rd fie ^vfib<; ivl (mf^eaai xeXjevei, 
opKUL fjkhf Kpov&q<; xn^L^vyo^ ovk ereKeaaev, 
oKKa KaKa if>poveo)V reKpLaiperou ap^^xnepounv, 70 

ekofcev rj vp^ls Tpolrjv evrrvpyov IXrjre, 
rj avrol rrapa vqval Safieiere 'Trovroiropoiaiv, 
vfilv fiev yap ea<nv apcaTi}e<; IIava')(eu<ov • 
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Sevp^ tro) ex Travrcov, 7rp6p>09 epup^vcu ^'E/cropi Bl^» 76 

caSe Be fiv^iofiai, Zev^i B' u/m/m* einpAprvpo^ €<rreo • 
el fikv Kev ifie Kelvo^ eky rai/ajjtcel ^cOuc^ 
revyea Gv\r\GWiy (f>eper(o KolXa^ iirl prja^, 
a5>fui Be oifcaB* ip^v BopLevai irdXiVj o<f>pa rrvpo^ p£ 
Tpwe^ KCU Tpaycov d\x))(OL \e\d')((i>ai ^avovra. 80 

el Be ic iycD rov eXo), B<aT^ Be p^i eir)(p^ ^AiroWojVj 
reir)(ea (rv\i]a'a^, otaco irporl "IXiop !p^p, 
Kal Kp€'p6(o rrporl vrjov ^AttoXKmvo^ eKaroio • 
rov Be veKw eirL vi]a<; evcraeXfiov^i dTroBdxrw. 
6<f>pa € rap^vcrcoat Kap7)Kop,6(avre^ ^A^cuoij 85 

aijpd re oi ^evcoaiv eVl irXarel ' EX\i]<;7r6m(p • 
Koi TTore ta9 elTrriac koI oy^iyovcov dp'^payTrcov, 
vr)t TToXvKXijiBi TrXicov iirl olvoira irovrov • 
dvBpo^ fiev roBe aripa irdXai Karare^vrfoyro^, 
ov TTor* apurrevovra xareKrave (f>alBipo<; "Efcroyp, 90 

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(uBeo'^ev fA€v dvi^<raa^ai, Belaav B* {nroBi')^cLu 



136 I A I A A O 2 H . 

oyjre Sk Brj MeviXao^ avlaraTO, koX fierieiirev^ 

95 i/€uceL oueiBi^cov, fjueya Be <rreva-)(L^€TO ^vfi^* 

"SI fjboi, aTreiXtjTijpe^y *-4;^aiS69, ovfch^ ^Aycuoil 
fj u€P St) Xco^T} rdSe y' eaaerai alvo^ev alv&^, 
el fiTj Tt9 Aava&v vvv "Etcropo^ avrio^ eUrip. 
a\X vfieh fjbhf irdme; vBcop koI ycua yepour^e, 

hX) fjfievoi, aV^i, Ikoo-toc atajpcoc, aJcXek^ cwro}^ • 

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vIk7j<; irelpar exovrat hf a^avdrouri ^eourcv. 
^flf! apa (fxav^tra^ KareSvaaro rev^ea koKL 
h^a K€ TOi, MeviKae, <f>dvTf fiioroio TeXetrrif 

105 ^E/cTopof; ip 7ra\dfjL7f<r$p • iirel ttoXu <l>ipT€po^ fjep • 
el fit) apat^ame^ iXop l3aaiXr}€<; *A')(aiS)P • 
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Se^ireprj^ eXe ')(€ipo^, hro<i r l<f>aT\ Sk t* opofux^ev 
*A<f>p(iwei^, MepeKae AioTpe<f>i^ • ovSe ri <re j(pff 

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firfi* l^eV e^ epiZo^ aev a/ieipopt, (fmrl fmyea^cu^ 
^E/cTopi IlpuifiiSjj, ropre arvyiovac /cai aXKoi, 
KoX 8' '-4;^a\€U9 tovt^ ye fidxi^ epi /cvSuipelprj 
Ippcy^ aPTi^oKrja-ai, oirep aeo ttoXSjop dfieipwp, 

115 aXKci aif fiep pvp T^ev, Icbp fierh, €^po<: eraipcjp* 
TOVTCp 8k TTpofjLOP oXKop dpaarTTjaova-Lp ^A^cuoL 
ehrep a8ei,rf; y* iarl^ tcaX el fio^ov eoT* oKoprfTO^;, 
ifyrjfiL fup cunraaioyi yopv KafiylrecPf aX xe \f>vyya'Uf 
8fjtov ix TTokefiou) kcu alp7J<; BtjIottjto^. 

lao ^fls eliranf Traphreurep a8€\<f>€U)u <f>pepas ^pa)9, 
alaifjui wapecirtop • o S' eTret^ero • rov fM€P eireira 
yrf^oarupoi ^epdiropre*; air &fjL(OP Tevye^ ?Xopto, 
NeoTwp 8* *Apyeiourcp dpiararo^ koX fiereetirep • 
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TrdvroiP ^Apyeicop epewp yeve^p re tokop re. 
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ovS' oi '7rpo(f>povia}'i fiep>a^^ "EKTopo^ dvriov eX^elv, 160 

^fl<; veUecra 6 yipcov oi 8' im/ea Trdme; dvecTOV, 
&pTO iroXv irpciyro^ fiep dva^ dvBpo>v ^AyafiifxpcDV • 
T^ 8 hri TvBetSfji; (apro Kparepo^ Aiop^rihr^ • 
Toiert 8* €7r' Atavre^^ ^ovpiv iineifiivoc oKk/jv • 
rHat 8' ^' *IBofi€Pev<: xal oirawv 'IBofjueprjo^, 165 


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138 IAIAA02 H. 

MffpiovT)^, ardXavTO^ *Evva\i<p avSp€i(f)6pTfj • 
TOUTL S* eTT* ExfpinrvXjofiy EvaifMovo^ ayXao^ vio^ • 
&v Bk Goaf; ^ AvBpaifioviZr)^ koX Sw * Oivo-aev^ * 
frames &p^ oty* e^Xop TroXcfMl^ecv '^Enrropt Sitp, 

170 T0i9 S' a!m^ fieriecwe FepijvKy; iinrora Nearotp • 

K\i]p^ vvp 7r€7raXa;^^e hiufiircpl^, 09 /ce Xayr^a-Lv • 
0UT09 74^/0 S^ ovrjaei. iv/onj/uSas 'A)(a4ov^ • 
/ical S* avT09 Ji' ^/iov owJo-eriM, a? k€ <f>vyrfaiv 
Sfjtov ix iroTUfwu) /caX cUvfj^ SrflorfJTo^:. 

175 ^fl<: l^aSr* • 01 8k /cTJjpov i<rrjfii]Pcurro SfcaoTO^, 

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AXaPTO^ • Kijpv^ Bk (f>€poi>p ap* 8fii\op am-dpTTj, 
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*/2 ifjtXoi, f^Toi K:\fjp09 ifJLo^ ' x^P^ ^^ ^^ avTO^ 
^vfi^, hrel Boiceto pucrjaefiep '^Etcropa Blop, 
dX)C ayeTf 8<f>p^ &p iya> iroXe/jLtjla Tev^ea Bvo», 
T6(f>p* vfiel^ €i/)(€<T^€ Ad KpopLcopL apaxTi, 

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976 Kal dfjL<l>aBlT}P, hrel ourcpa BelBifiep ipnrq^. 
ov ydp Tk fie ^Irj ye eKOUP dexopTa BItjtcu, 
ovBk fiep iBpeir) • hrel ovB* ifie pijlBd y* ovtoi>^ 
Skirofuu ep SaXafupi yepia^ai t€ Tpa(f>€fiep re. 

8?0 *^/29 €<^a^' • 0/8' e6)(pvT0 Ad Kpopieopt apojcri • 
JjBe Be T*9 eiireaKep, IBwp eh ovpapop evpvp • 


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IAIAA02 VII. 134 

Zev irdrep, "ISrf^ev fieSiwv, /cvSurre, fiejKrre, 
So9 pucfjv AtavTi /ad aykouov 61^09 apia-^cu * 
el Sk icai '^E/CTopd irep <l>t\Jet^, koI /cijBecu avroO, 
iarjv afufxTripoKTi fiiqv koX Kvio^ Siraaaov, 205 

^/29 ap' €(f>ap' Ata^f Sk Kopvaaero vrnpoiri yaKx&, 
avTctp irretSrj irdvra irepl ^xpot iaaaro revxVi 
o€vaT err€iy, 0I09 re ireXcopio^: ep^ertu *'Aprf9, 
09t' eUrw iroke/jbovSe fier* dvipcu;^ ov^e KpovUov 
^fiofiopov l/>i8o9 fievei ^w4qK€ fid^a^ai, 210 

roixy; ap AUvi &pTO TreXtopio^, epxa^ ^A'xai&v, 
fUtSiowv pKoavpolat irpo^onraai, • vep^e hi iroaaiv 
ffLe ficuepa ^Lfii% KpaZdcav SoXl^oo-kiov iyx^' 
TOP Sk Kcu ^Apyelot fiiy* iyrj^eov ekopotavre^ • 
Tp&cig Bk rpofio^ alpo^ irmjXv^e yvla eKoarop^ 215 

"Etcropl t' avT^ ^u/w ivl OTrj^eatn irdTOAraep • 
aXX' oinr(o<i ert el'^ep inroTp^acUf ouS' avciSvPcu 
&ylr Xa^p ^ ofiiXop, ivel TrpoKaXeaaaTO yapfjurj. 
Ala^ 8' iyyv^ev ^\^€, <f}6pa}p (rdfco*;, ijure wvpyop, 
^dTuceoPt enTa/Soetop, o ol Tv')(io^ xdfjie rev^ayPf 220 

a/cvTOTOfJUOP ox dpuTTO^, "TXi; cpl oIklot paUop • 
59 oi eTTolrfo-ep adxty; alokop, hrra/Soetop, 
Tovpcop ^aTp€<f)€{op, iirl S' SyBoop rjXxKre yaXxop, 
TO TTpoa^e (rreppoio <f>epa)P TeXafuopixy; Ala^, 
crrij pa fid)C ''Etcropo^; eyyiJ?, direCkrifTas Bk irpo^^rjvBa* 225 

"EiCTopy PVP fX€P Brj (Tdff>a €i<r€ai oio^ep dlo^, 
oloi Kol Aapoolaw dpunije; fierkaaip, 
tcaX fji^er^ 'i4;^*XX?)a jyq^Popa^ ^v/ioXioPTa, 
a\X 6 fi€P €p p^o-ai KopKOpLat irovroTropounp 
kcIt dirofiT^PUTWi * Ayafjuip^popi, iroifiipi Xa&p • 230 

^/jL€k S' elfikp ToloL, ot &p ai^ep dpTiAa-cufiep, 
Kol TToX^e^ • dX)C apx€ fidxv^ ^8e TrroXifioio. 

Top B* airre irpo^ieiTre fiiya<; Kopv^aioXo<i "JS/crwp • 
Alap Acoyepi^, TeXapuopie, Koipape Xa&p, 
(irifTi, /i€v, riire TratBo^; d<f>avpoVj necpip-c^e^ 23& 

ffi yvpcuKO^, 7) ov/c olSep TroXefJirjla ipya. 
airrip iyi>p ei otSa fidxa^ t' Ja/BpoKraaia^ re* 

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14C IAIAA02 H. 

oK* iirl &fta, oK' en-' apurreph pcofirjaai I3&p 
a^aXerjv, to fjLol iari raXavpLvop 7ro7\j6fu^€iv • 

240 olBa 8' iwat^ai /jlo^op hnrtov incecacov* 
olSa 8' ipl arahiri Sr)t(p fjUX'jrea^aL "Aprjt 
aXX* ov ^ap &* i^^Xto ^aXieiP, rotovrov iovra, 
Xd^pT) 07rA7rT€u<xa9, ciXX' afM<f>aB6v, cu k€ rv)((0fu. 
^H pa, Kol apLTTerraKoiv 'rrpotev Zo\i')(o<TKU>v €y)(o^, 

245 Koi j3d\€v AtavTO^ Seivov aoKO^ k-rrra^oeLov^ 

oKporarov KarcL ^aX/cov, &9 SySoo^ ^€v hr^ air A, 
If Se Std irrv^as ffh^e hat^oav ^oXko^ dreipi^ • 
ip Ttj S* e^SofuiTT) piva> <r)(€To, Sevrepo^; adre 
Alcu; Auyfevi}^ irpofet 8o\i')(oo-kiov ey^^o?, 

250 KoX ^aXe IIpiafJitScLo xar* dairiSa irdvroa it&rjiu 
Sid fikv dairl&o^ ^XS^e (fxteiinj^ S/SptfJMp ey^^j 
Kal Sid ^dyprjfca^ TroXvScuSdXov '^pijpeiOTo • 
dvTiKpif Se irapaX Xairdprjp Sidfirjae 'xyrSypa 
^y^09 '6 8' ckXIp^, koX dXevaro Kijpa fiiXaipap. 

255 TO) 8* ifeawaa-a-apApo} SoXi^^ cyxea X^P^*'^ ^A*' afM<f)», 
avp p eTreaop, Xeiovaip ioitcoTe; a)fjLO<f>dyoiaiPj 
fj aval KdirpouTiPy rtopre a^€Po<; ovfc dXawdSvop. 
IlpuifiiSrp; fikp hreira fiiaop adKO<; oxnaae Sovpl, 
oiS* €ppr)^€P yaXxop • dpeypdfKJ)^ Si oi al'^JJ^ij. 

260 Aia^ 8' dairiSa pv^cp errdXfjuepo^ • tJ Se Sunrpo 
ilXv^ep iyx^^h <rTV<f>eXt^€ Si pup pucfuicaTa * 
TpLijSrjp 8' ai)(ip* iirfjX^e • puiXap 8' dpetajfuep ol/xo. 
oXV ou8' &9 diriX'qye /Mixn^ KOpv^aloXo<: "EfcroDp • 
aXX* dpoxaaadpiepo^ Xi^op elXero ^etpl irax^lrj, 

265 K€lpL€POP ip ireSup, puiXapa, Tpr)^p re piiyop re • 
T^ ^dXep AtaPTo^ Seipop adjco^; iirra^oeiop^ 
pAaaop i7rop><f>dXiop • irepirfyr^aep 8' dpa yaXKO^:. 
Sevr €po<: air Ala/; woXv p^i^opa Xdap deipa^, 
fJK^ emSiPi]aa^, iTripeure Si Ip* dwiXe^pop • 
270 elao) 8* dairiS^ €a^€, ^aXoup pLvXoeiSil irirpoy 

fiXdyfre Si ol <f>iXa yovpa^^ ' 6 S* Unma; i^erapva^r), 
dairiS^ €i/t;^t/i<^^€i9 • top S* alyfr* &p^(oaep ^AitoXKmv 
Koi IV ice St) ^t<f>i€aa* auroaxcSop oirrd^oPTO, 


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lAIAAOZ V(l. 141 

€i fit) icr^pwc^, Ati^ ayyekoi i^Bi teal avBp&v. 

?\^oi/ o fjiiv Tpuxav, 6 S' *Ax'OM}v ;^aXAco;^tTcJi/CDi/, 276 

Tdk^vjSio^ T€ Koi ' J&ubv, vemfVfjLipo) afKfxi). 

(lAatTfp 8* afjufxyrepayv (r/cfprrpa <r)(j^ov • ehri t€ fiff^op 

icripv^ ^ISoM^, irenwiJLeva fi^Sea €i8d>^ • 

MfftceTiy TTcuBe <f>tKxa, woXjefii^ere, fjurfSe fidjaea^ov • 
afufxnepa} yap a(f>a>l (f>iXjei ve^peXfjyepera Zev^ ' 880 

afufxo S' al^rird • roye Si) koX ISfiev awavre^. 
vv^ S' ffit) reki^ev • ayc^ov tcaX w/cri iri^ea^oi. 

Tbv S' a7rafjL€ifi6fi€iH)s irpo^eifyr) TeKapLtavw^ Ala^* 
* JSoI*, "Exropi ravra KeXevere fiv^caa^cu • 
avT09 yap X^PM'V 'J^pOKokiaaaTO travra^; apl<rrov^, W5 
apr)(iTto • ainiLp iyw pAXa ireiao/juu, §7r€p &v ovro<;. 

Top 8' ctvT€ Trpo^ietire fierfo^ /copv^aloXo^ ''E/cro^p* 
Alav • errei roi ba>K€ Sreo? fiiy^6<i re fiir)p re, 
Kol irunrrqv, irepl S* ^yx^* ^AyaMiv <^pTaT&: iaffi • 
vw fihf iravaoifiea^a fjui^^qs tccu S^lorijTOf; WO 

<n]fMepov ' varepop aire fLa^aop^^', eMxe haifuop 
ofifie SuiKpiprj^ Bdnj S* irepouri ye piicqv • 
pi)^ 8' fj&r) T€\i^€i • a/ya^op Kol pvktI Tn^ia^a^ • 
«9 <n; t' €v^pr)prj^ iravra^ iraph pijvalp ^Ayaiov^, 
aov^ T€ p^i/rra era^ Kat eraipov^:, oX roi eaaiv • S95 

amrap eya> Kark S/rrv fjLcya Ilpidfioio apa,fCTO^ 
TpcMv; iv<f>pavea) Koi TpwdSa^ iKKeavTrhrkou^t 
aire fiot €if)(6fi€P€U ^eiop hvnoprai dySava^ 
S&pa 8\ ay\ d\\i]\oun irepucKurd Scoofiep afjufxo, 
Sif>pa Tt9 C&8' €hrr)<np *A')(ai&p re Tpanop re • 800 

^ fiep ifiappda'^r)P epcBos iripi ^vpLO^opoiOy 
rfi' cSn hf <f>iX6T7)TL SUrfia^ep dp^p,r)<TapT€. 

^/29 apa (fxopijaai; Sco/ce ^i<^ apyvporjXop, 
aw KoXe^ re <l>€p<i)p teal Hrrfirfrtp Te\afi&pt • 
Auk 8^ ^(ooTr)pa &ihov (fyoipiKi <f>aeip6p, 906 

TO Sk Suucpip^epre, 6 fjuep fierd Xabv 'A^auop 
Iji, 6 8' ^9 Tpdxop OfiaBop kU. Tol 8' €')(apr)aa4ff 
Jk etSop ^(oop re koI aprepAa irpo^iopra^ 


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142 IAIAA02 H. 

Aiairro^; wpo^vyovra fikvo^ koX xeipa^: ootttoik' • 

SIO fcal y fjyov Trporl aarVj d^XTrrcoin-e? (^oov elvnj. 
AtavT^ avV eripoa^ev iiJKihjfjLiSe; ^ Amatol 
eU ^Ayapsp,vova Siov ayov, Ke^aprfora pUtj, ' 

01 8* ore Brj KKurirfo-iv iv ^ArpeiSao yevovro, 
Touri Be j3ovp Upevaep &pa^ apSp&v ^ Ajap,kfiv&>v, 

315 apcepoy Tr^irroeny/wi/, irrrepficpii Kpovuovt, 

Tov Bipov, afjul>l ^' &roi/, xai fuv SU)(6vap afravra^ 
fjUoTvXXov T ap* iTTiOTa/iipQy;, irelpav t* o^eXourLPt 
Smrqaav re '7repc<f>paS€(o<;, epvaaino re irdvra. 
airriLp iirel irauaavTO irovov, rervKovro re iaZrOy 

320 Baivvirr\ ovBe ri ^vfw^; iBevero £a^T09 it&rj^ ! 
wnourtv S' Alavra Bi^veKeeaav yipaipev 
ffpQ}9 ^ArpeiZ^fi, evpvKpeUov ^ Ayofiefwoav. 
aSnap eirel iroaio^ koX iBrjTVO<; i^ epov evroy 
Tok 6 yepeov 7rayLwr/)a)T09 v<f)aiv€W fip')(eTO fjurjrip, 

325 NeoTdop, o5 kcu Trpotr^ev dpurrrj <f>aiv€To /3ov\ij • 
<r<f>i,p iv(f>povea)v a/yopijaaro koI fieTeenrev • 

^ATpelSf) re koX SXKol apujTrje<; Ilavaxcu&p, 
iroXXol yap re^vdai Kaprjfcofx6(ovre; ^A')((uoiy 
r&v vvv alfjLa xeXcuvov evppoov dfjL<f>l SKUfiavBpov 

330 ia/ceBaa* ofiv ''Aprj<;, '^vxcu S' 'AlBoaBe KarrjX^ov, 
r& ae XPV 'ToXcfiov fikv ap,* tjol iravacu ^A)(cuS>v> " 
currol S' dyp6fjL€P0i KV/c\i]<ro/^p ip^oBe peKpoif^ 
/3ovai zeal '^p^topotctp • drdp xaraKijofiep avrov^; 
rvr^op airoTrpo pe&p^ &<; k oaria iraiacp CKoaro^ 

335 oIkoS^ ayj), or^ &p atrre pewfie^a irarpiBa ycuap • 
rvp,fiop 8* dp,<l>l TTvptjp hfa yevop^p i^aya/yopre;, 
axpiTOP ix ireBiov • ttotI 8* avrop Seip^p^ep &Ka 
irvpyov^ injnfXoiK;, elKap P7J(op re kcu avrcop. 
ip B' airrolat irvKa<; Troiijaop^p ev dpapvia^, • 

340 6(f>pa St' avrdayp iTnTTikaairi oho^ elrj* 

ifcroa^ep Bk fia^eiap opv^op^p iyyv^L rw(f>pop, 
ff y^ vmrov^ KoX Xooi/ ipvKotcot, dpxf>U eovaa, 
p,r^or hn,ppi(Trf irokep^ Tpdxop ay€p<o)(a)V. 


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IAIAA02 VII. 143 

^fi^ €i^a&^ • ci B* apa iravre; hrj^vrftreuf ficuriKx^esr 
Tpwav <WT^ arfOpT) yiper' 'IXiov iv iroXjei &Kptf^ 345 

heuni, T€T pjj^vla^ irapa Ilpuifioio ^vptfaiv. 
TcSaw S' ^AvTTjp^ TreTTPVfjihHy; fipx djopeveiv • 

K&cXmt€ fiev, Tp&€<; koX Adp&avoL rfi^ hrucovpoiy 
6<f>p* ehrm, rd fie ^/xo9 ivl anf^ea^a-t fceXevei. 
SeuT* oyer*, ^Apyeiqv *E\anfv /eaX terjjfjba^* &fi* cUnjj 35C 
B(i>ofi€v * ArpeiSTfaiP ayeiv • vvv 8 ' op/cui irurrct 
^reiMrdfiepoi pAypfua^a * r^ ov vv ri, iciphiov fjfuv, 
[IX7ro/4<u iKT€\eea^€u, Xva p.T) pi^p^ev &S€,] 

Hroi by ft>9 eimxov kot ap cfero. roun o avearq 
Sio9 * AyA^avipo^i 'E\anf<; nroa-i^ rjvKop^u) • 356 

09 pMf ap£ifi6p£vo^ hrea irrepoevra irpo^vSa * 

^AvTTjvop, aif /A€V ovK€T^ ip^l ^>JL TavT* ayopevei^* 
dto^a KoX aXKov /iO^oi/ dp^ivova rovBe voijaat^ 
el 8' ireov 8r) tovtov airb <nrov8fj^ dyopevei*;^ 
e^ apa Si] tol hreira ^eol i^phas &\e<rav airroi 360 

auTop iyo} Tpdyea-a-i /^^* iTnroBdp^oi^ dyopeva-a}' 
ianiKpif S' diroKfnjp^ ywaXKa p,€v ovk dTToSdxrw * 
xnip^xra 8\ oaa drfop.r\v i^ "Apyeo^ ^psrepov Sta, 
irovr' i^iKoj Bop^vai, icaX er* oi/co^ep a\X eTri^ewau 

''Hroi by Sk eLiriav icar^ &p^ i^ero, rourt, 8' dviarrj 365 
AapSa^iSff^ UpiapLO^i ^eo^v p^ijoToyp ardXcuno^ * 
S a<f>iv iifif>pove(i>v cvyoprfaaro /cal p^erienrev • 

KacXure p>ev, Tpc^ /cal AdpSavoi 17S' en-iKovpoi, 
Sif>p' eliro), rd p>e ^/i09 ivl oTTJ^ea-at xeXevei. 
vvv pJev BopTTOv IXea^e xarcL trroXiv, m roTrdpo^ irep^ 370 
icol ^vKaicrfi p^vijcaa^e, /cai iypijyop^e eKocno^ * 
ffSf^ev S' ^I8aZo>f; Itod KotKa^ i^rl vfja^, 
ehripkev ^ArpelSiy;, *Aya^p>vovc koX MeveXdtpy 
pif^ov ^ AXe^dvSpoiOj rov eXveKa veucos optopev • 
Koi Be ToB* elirep^vcu irvtcivov hro^;, aX k fheXjcaaw 375 

iraiaa^T^cu iroKepoLO Bvsrjx^o^y ekoxe vexpois 
Kijop^v • iarepov aire pa)(rja'6p^^\ ekoKe 8aipa>v 
OfJLp^ Buucpivrf, Bcofj 8' ertpouri y: vircrfv 


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144 IAIAA02 H. 

''/29 i(f>a^* • ol S' apa rov fuiXa fikv kXuop, ^' hrt^opro' 

880 [Sopwov errecy eiXopro Kara orpaTOv iv reXeeaau/ •] 
i^&^ev S' 'ISotos" e/877 #co/Xa9 ^l 1/1)09. 
Tou? 5* €v/>* €ti/ ayop^ Aavaov^, ^epdirovra^ ''Aptfo^j 
vrft vdpa wpvfMin) ' Ayafxdfivovo^ • alniip 6 rolaiVy 
<rra9 ^v fii<T<TOt<riv^ fjL€Te<f>d>v€€P tirrina KJjpv^ • 

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i^jmyet Ilptafio^ re xal aXXoi Tpa>€^ ay avol^ 
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146 lAIAAOZ H. 

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148 IAIAA02 e. 

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lAIAAOl VIII. 149 

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''E/eropa. kcU pv tcev &^* 6 yepoDv Atto ^vfibv SKeao-ep, 00 


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160 lAIAAOS O. 

afiephdXiov h* il3orf<r€Vt eirorpuvc^v *OSvaija • 

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elarerai, ^ xaX ifiov Bopv futivercu ev 'rraXdfirja'iv. 

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/iooTtfev B* iTnrov^ • Td^a B* '^Etcropof; oy^* y^'^wro 
Tov S' t^is fi€fJM&T09 oKOVTure Tvieo^ vio^ * 
Kal TOV pAif pi* d^>dfiapT€v • 6 B* ijvio}(ov ^epdirovra, 

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^Eicropa B* alvov ayo^ irvKoae <f>piv(K ^vt^^io • 


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airvi dp* U»xjm>p • hrl Be Tp&e^ re xal "Eicrtop 


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182 IAIA'A02 e. 

160 T^ S' €7rl fuucpov auae ftesya^: Kopv^cudKo^ "Eicrmp • 
TvSeiSrj, irept flip <t€ i4ov Aavaol ra;^t^a>Xoi 
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cunrCBa Nearopirjp, rPj^ pvp kXAo^ ovp€u/6p ticei. 


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I AI A A 02 VIII. 153 

waaav '^^pvaeiqv Cfievat, Kavova^ re koX avrrjv • 

avrap air^ &fiouv Aiofirjheo^ imroSd/jboto 

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aeuraro S* eb/l ^p6v(p, iXiki^e 8k futfcpov ''OXvfiirov • 
teai pa TlocetZcuova^ fiiyav ^eov, avriov rjfjBa • 200 

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etirep yap k ^iXoifiev, oaot Aavaolatv apcoyoi, 206 

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elfHHrav, fivopiri ttutwoi KaX Kaprel X'^^P^^ '] 
fficcv 8i Suvrrpuaiov, Aavaolai yeytovw • -^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

164 1AIAA02 e. 

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nrrj efiav ev^^wXa^ ^^ ^V ^^/*«' elvcu apurrot^ 

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irlvovre; Kprjrfjpci^ i7naT€<f>€a^ otvoto, 
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crnja-ea^* iv iroXifi^ ; vvv S* ovh* €v6^ a^ioL elftep, 

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rolai 8' hr* AlapT€<:j ^ovptv hnei^p^oi oKxrip • 


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tAIAAOS Till. 165 

To!ir« S' eir' *ISo/*€vev9 koX matov ^IBofievi}o<;, 

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Aalropd re Xpofiiop re Koi avrl^eov AvK(xf>6pTr)v, 5J75 

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OTTJ ?€ Trap* avTOP imp, /cai p,ip irpo^ fiff^op eecrrep • 960 

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KcU are, pff^op irep iopra, KOfxia-aaTo ^ ipl oIk<p • 
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166 IAIAA02 e. 

TovTOP S' oif Svva/juu fiaXeciv icvva Xva-arjrijpa. 

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jiv lihf hreC^' inroSwn^ Sv<o ipirjp^ ^W^^f 


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Mrj/currev^, 'E'x^loio Trofe, koX Sib? *A\d<JTa>p, 
injct^ eirt ry\cul)Vpds if>€p€T7}V ^apia aTevd^ovra, 

*Ay^ S' auTi^ Tp(o€aaiv 'OXu/jltti^ iv fievo^: Apaei* 335 
ot 8' 4^v9 Td(f>pou} )3a^6M79 wrap *A)(au)v^ • 
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el yiip iyw rdSe jfSe' ipi ijypeai •jrevKaXifij^o'tp, 
eSre tup ek *Athao irvXdprao wpoHwefiy^, 


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158 IA1AA02 e. 

cf ^Epkfiev^ a^ovra Kvva OTuyepav ^A^ao • 
ovK &v V7r€^€<l>vy€ Srvyb<; vBaro*: alirk pie^pa. 

'770 vvv S' ifik fJL€V oTvyiu^ O^iSo^ S' i^vxHre fiovXd^ 
fj oi yovvar^ eKvaae, kou eWafie X^^P^ yeveiov, 
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eoTcu fidv, or &v aire <f>i\i]v TXjavicdymZa etirrj, 
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irocKiKov, ov p aMf irovqaaTo /cal Kdps x^P^^ * 
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rev^saiv i^ iroXefiov ^(opijaa-ero hcucpvoevra, 
i^ S' 3;^€a ipsjoyea iroal ^ijaero • Xd^ero 8' eyyf^ 

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IAIAA02 VIII. 169 

airra^ B* ix hiff>pov ^aXeeo, Kara ft* apptara a^ • 

oifSe K€v €9 hBKarov^ TreptreXKofievov^ ivuturov^ 

?\x€^ airaX^a-ea^ov, & fcev fidfyTrrptn xepawo^ • 405 

wf>p^ eiS^ rXavK&TTi^j or* &v c5 Trarpl fid)(r)Ta4^ 

"Hpjj 8' ovTt rSa-ov vefieatXoficu, ov8i 'XpXov/xat • 

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^fj Se Kar ^ISaicjv opeoDV i^ fioKpov "OXvfjm-w, 410 

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avrofjthrq KaT€pv/C€' -dw Se <7^' eweire fiU^ov 

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wSe yhp rprelXriae Kpovov waZf!, el reXiei wep • 415 

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airra^ 8' ix hi^pov /3a\^€LV, Kara ft* apfuna a^vv • 
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eX/ce' dircO^rjaea^ov, & K€v frnpTrrpa-o Kepavpo^ • 
o<f>p* €t&79, rXavK&jn^, Sr^ &v <r^ irarpl fid')(r)<^- *^ 

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160 lAiAAOS e. 

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1AIAA02 YIII. 161 

ov yap irpXv iroKkfMsv afronrawTertu 6/3p^jM^ "E/ermpj 

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nirov t' c/c fieydpcov, iirl Si ^v\a ttoXXA Xiyea^e • 


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IG*i IAIAA02 e. 

Kamfuv TTvpa ttoXKo^ aiKa^ S' eh ovpavov ucff • 
510 fjLTJTro}'; xal SiA vv/cra fcaprjKojjLooovre^ ^A'^cuol 
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elrjv a^aj/aT09 xal ar/rjpao^ rjfiara iravra, 

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0)9 vvv riiiepT fjZe kokov ^ipet ^Apyeiounv. 


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IAIAA02 VIII. 163 

^/29 *'EiCTo»p arfopev • hn Bi Tp&e^ KeXaBrja-ap. 
oi 8' Zmrov^ fiev \v<rav inrb ^vyov lipa>ovTa^y 
Sfjaav S' ifidvT€<rat Trap* ipfiaaiv olaiv Ikcutto^* 
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Kviaarjv S' iK ireilov .Sve/wi (f>ipov ovpavov etcc^ 
^Seuuf • 1% S* ovTA Sreol fiaKape^ Sariopro, 550 

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#cal npia/jbo^ teal Xao9 ivfifie\la> TLpidfiou)^] 

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etaro, irawv^ioL • irvpii Si a'<f}un tcatero iroXKa. 
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iaraore: irap" dx^a^ip, iff^povov 'H& filfivav. 503 


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npeafieia tt/oo? 'id^ftXXia, AcraL 

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166 lAIAAOS I. 

Sv^xXea "Apyiy; Uia^ac, hrel iroKvv AXeaa Xaop. 
ovT€d TTOv Ad fUXKei inrepfiepii (f>Ckov elvai^ 
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1i ^ifu^ iarlp, ava^, ayop^ • aif Se fii]Ti ^oXo)^^. 
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lacuj-* *Apyeia}p ^fiep peoi i^Se yipopre^. 
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aicrfinpfp fiep rot S&xe renfirjiT^cu irepl irdpre^p • 

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ovBk TrdKuf ipiet * arhp ov TiXo^ Ifceo /Mf^o^p. 


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1AIAA02 IX. 167 

inrXorara; yepe^iJHV • drap wenwfji^va ^afyv: 

'Apyeu^v ficurikfja^;, eirel Kara fiolpav hiire^ ^ 

oXX' 07*, eycJi/, 69 treio yepiurepo^ ^j)(OfjLai ehnu, 60 

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oi 8' hr* ovela^* iroipLa irpoKeip^eva xelpa/i XcCSXov* 


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168 IAIAA02 I. 

avrhp hr^ iroaw; kcu i&qrvo^ cf epov ivro^ 
Toif; 6 yipoiv irdfnrpcitTo^ v^aiveiv fip^ero firfriv^ 
NioTtop, ov Kal Trpoa^ep apianj (fnilvero fiovXq * 

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iv aol fjihf Xri^tOf do 5' dp^ofuu ' ovvexa iroKK&i^ 
"Ka&v iaa-l aua^, kcU toi, Zeif^i iyyvdKi^ 
a-Kfjirrpop t' lySe ^ifuara^, iva a^La^ fiovKevrf<T^€U 

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ehreiv etV wycfyov • aio S* eferat, o^m k€v apjgf* 
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aXX irrel aaadp/qp, (f>p€al XevyaXirfat irv^ija'a^, 

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vfup S* iv irdpreaac irepucXjurd S&p* opop/rpKo * 
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ovSi K€P oKT^pwp ipirlfjLOio j(pv<rdiot 


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IA1AA02 IX. 169 

otraa fwi rj/yeiMavro H^Xta fjuopu)(€<; hnrou 
S(!ht<0 S' eirra yi/i^owca?, dfivfjuova epj elBvia/;, 
AeaffiSa^, a9, ore Aea^ov iuKTVfJLorrjv ?\€v axno^, 
i^eXofJUffv, at KtiXkei ivucwv <f>v\a ywcuK(bp, ISO 

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Kovfyrfv Bpi<Tijo<; * koI iirl fiAyav opicov opLovfKU^ 
UTfTrore 7% evvrfs irmfiijfieva^, ^Se fLiyrjvcu^ 
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ravra [lev ainyca irdvra TrapdaaeraL • ei Be fcev oSre 135 
aarv fiiya Upiapjoio ^eol idxaa oKaTrd^at^ 
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ekeX^foVj ore K€v SaretfOfjue^a XrjiS* ^A'XpuoL 
TpwidBa<; Be ywcuKO/^ ieifcoaLV auT09 eA^o'^co, 
at x€ fter' ^Apyeiifv 'EXiprjp KdXKcoTcu itoavp. 140 

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yafifipo^ K€P fJLOL €01,' Turoo Be fxip hrop ^Opiarrj^ 
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rpek Be fioi eiai ^^xrfaTpe; €p\ fieydptp eirmj/crtp, 
Xpv<T6^€fM^ KoX AuoBucT) Koi ^I<f}uipa(T<Ta * 145 

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w/w oIkop nrjfXifo*; • eyo) 5' eTri fJi^iXia BcSxrei) 
iroXXa fidX^ oca* ovwo} rt? ۤ eTre&u/ce ^vyarpL 
hrra S4 oi Bda-co eupaiofMCPa irroXie^pa, 
KapBofivXrjPj 'EpoTTTfp re kcu *Ipr)p Troifjea-acw, 150 

trfpw: T€ ^^ea^ ^B' "Ap^euw ^a^vXeifiop, 
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ravra xi ol reXiaxufjLc, fieraXXij^avrt ')(6Xoto. 
8/iri%]ra ! 'Ai^<; roi dfietXuxp^ fjB^ aBdfuurro^ • 
ro&P€Ka Kal re fiporourt ^e&p ej^iaro^ dirdprtop • 
/eai fJLot vTro<mjr<o, oaaop fiacrtXevrepo^ clfiv, 160 

1^* iaaop yepe^ irpoyepiarepoq €v)(pfi(H eZwM. 



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170 IAIAA02 I. 

Tov S' rj/Meifier* eireira Fepijvuyi vmrira Niartap • 
'ATpeiSrj /cvSurre, ava^ avhp&v * AydfiefUfov, 
S&pa fihf ovKer ovoora ZiZoU ^AyCKrii avcucrt • 
165 aW' ay€T€, K\fjTov<: orpvpofiev, oi k€ rd'xurra 
IX^oxT* €9 tckurtqv IlTfXrjidSea} * A'^^iXrjo^, 
el S\ aye, rov^ &v eyaw hrtoy^ofuu • ol Se Trt^eo-^o)!/. 

ainiip hrcvr^ Ala^ re fi€ya<; Kai Sio^ ^OSvaaev^ • 

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^ipT€ Se ')(€pa\v vSayp, einjytffjLrjaai re KeXjea-^e, 
S(f>pa Aii KpoviSrj aprfa-6fi€^\ aX k i\eij<rg. 

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avrap iwel (nreiadv t\ hrutv ^*, wrov ff^eXje ^Vfi6<;» 
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ireipdv, As TreirC^oiev dpxfp^va HrjXjeitova* 

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TToXXA p/iX etrxppAvo) ycurjoxfp ^ EvpoatycUtp^ 
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tccCK^, ScuBdKefj, cttI S' dpyvpeov ^uyov ^ev • 
rifp aper* ef ivdpcov^ irokiv ^Heritoviy; oXAaaa^ • 
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TO) 8^ PdrriP 'TrporepoD, ffyelro hk Sw ^Ohvaaevs • 
(rrkv he irpoa^^ ainoto • to^p 8' dpopovaep *Ax<iXKev<t^ 
airy avp ^opptyyt, yuirayp IS09, ep^a ^daa-a-ep. 

Ifl5 i)9 8* aUrtos ndTpoxXo^y eirel IBe <^€iiTa9, dp4<rrq. 
ri> Kal SeiKPtip^pos irpo<i€<fyr) 7r6Sa9 ft)/(fV9 'AxtXXev^ • 


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IA1AA05 IX. 171 

XcUperov • fi <l>t\oi avSp€<; bcdverov ! ^ rt fiaXa XP^^ * 
01 fWb a-Kv^ofjUvq) irep ^Aycu&v ^HXrarol iarov, 

'^/29 apa ^VTjaa^ irporepw arye Stby 'il^^tXXev?, 
ehrev S* iv fcKiafioicnt rdirrfai re 7rop<f>vpiouTiv • 200 

aty^ Sk ndrpoKXov irpo^€<fxov€€v, iyyis ioma • 

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fyiporepov he Kcpave, Beirut S* hmwov €/cdaT<p. 
oi yap (fiiKraroi dvSpe^ ifJL^ {nrecuri fi€\d^p<p, 

*/29 <l>dTo • HdrpoKXo^ Se <f>CK/p hreirel^e^^ eralptp, 206 
axndp oye Kpeiov ^jbirya Kdfi/SaKev iv irvpo^ o,vy^, 
iv S' apa vSnov e^ffK* 8I09 ^al iriovo^ alrf6<;f 
iv Sk avo^ a-idXoio pd')(i,v re^dKviav d\ot<f>ff, 
T^ S' 1^61/ AvTOfjbiSwv, rdfivcv 8' apa Stb? ^A'x^i.Wev^* 
Kol rd fikv ei filarvXKe, xal d/uf>^ 6/3e\oi<nv hreipev * 210 
irvp Se MevoiTuiSr)^ SdUv fieya, tao^eo^i <fxa^, 
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av^paxirjv (rropiaa*;^ ofieXois c^vrrepS-e rdwaaev • 
irda-ae 8' aXo9 ^eloto, KparevroMV iiraelpa/i, 
axndp iirei p &7m)<r€, zeal elv iKeouriv excvev, 215 

ndrpoxXo^ fiev alrov ektov iTrevet^fie TpoTri^jf, 
KdKol<; iv xavioiatv • drdp Kpia velfiev ^A'^iXKev^, 
avTO^ 8' avriov t^ev *OBva<rrfo^ ^€1010, 
roi')(pv Tov krepoLo • ^eouri Si ^aai dvcayev 
ndrpoKXov, hv kralpov • 6 S^ iv irvpl fidXKe ^tnjXds, 220 
01 S* eV oveia^^ crolfia irpoKelfieva x^lpa'; taXKov, 
axndp iirel Troaio^ koI iSrfTvo^; i^ epov Svto, 
if€v<r* Alas ^oivLKi. viyqae hi hlo^ ^OSva-aev^ • 
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^fjL€v ivl kKktIti ' AyafMejjLVOvo^ 'ArpeiBao, 
i;Se xal iv^oBe vuv • irdpa ydp fievoeitcea iroXKd 
Baivva^* • dX?C ov BaLTo<i iinjpdrov epya fiifirp^ev • 
dXKd Xirjv fjLeya irrfiiay JtoT/)6^€9, ekopoayvre^, 
BeiBifiev • iv Boifj Bk aaaxrefiev fj diroXio^at, 230 

Vffi^ iikraiKfiov^, el fjbrj avye Biiaeai dXicijv, 


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172 IAIAA02 1. 

iyyif^ yap vrj&p kcu rdx^o^ avXiv e^evro 
Tpck<; inrip^ufioh rrpiCicXTfTol t' iwucovpoij 
tcTfdfievo^ TTvpct TToXXa Kara oTparov, ow8' ert ifxiaip 

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Zeif^ h4 <T^i> Eipopi£rj^ ivSi^ta arffutra <f>aLvwv 
dcTpd'nTet • "EfCTtop Se fjueya c^ivei pKep^cUvmv 
fiaipercu e/cTToyXoi?, irlavvos AU^ ovBi rt rlei 
avepa^, oifSe ^€ou9 • xpareprj Bi i Xvaaa SiSv/cep • 

mo apdrcu Be rd')(LaTa ^carr^vai, ^H& Slav * 
OTcvToi yctp V7)&p iiroKon^iv cucpa Kopvfi^a^ 
airrwi t' i/Jbirpijaeuf fiaXepov 7rvp6<; • avrap 'A'xatois 
Sffwaeip irapa t^<t«/, 6pwo/j£vov<i inro Kairvov. 
ravT^ alvw BeiSoixa Karh <l>p6va, firi ol direCKcv: 

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aXX' apa, el pifwpwi ye^ kol o^ irep^ vlcPi ^Ax^mw 
r€ipofjukpov^ ipvea^cu irrro Tpaxop opv/uiyBov, 
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YifiaTL T^j 0T€ a ix ^^irjs * AyafikfJLPOPt, irkpmof • 
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i<Tj(€ip ip arrl^eaat • <f>LXo<f>poavpri ykp dp^ipwp • 
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rifuxr' *Apyei<op ^fM€P piot ^e yipopre^. 
&9 ^€T€XX* 6 yepiop • aif Bk Xrj^ecu, aXX' eri fcal pvp 

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el Bi, aif pip p^ev aicovaop^ eyoa Be fd rot, KaraXe^, 
oaaa rot, ip xXuriyat^p inr€<r)(€ro Ba>p* ^AyapApvwp • 
ftrr* dirvpov^ rphroBa^, Bexa Be ^i;<rot6 rdXapra, 

265 aX^oi>pa<; Bk Xf/Siyra? ieiKoav, BdBeKa 8' tTTTroi;? 
7rfiyov<;, dd>a)^poi;9, oi oA^Xta iroaalp dpopro. 


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oS tc€P 0X1^10: eif) avrjp, & roaaa ykutwro, 

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avro9 fcal rod B&pa * cr^ S* aXKov^ rrep JIapw)(aioi>^ 


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174 IAIAA02 I. 

recpofihfov^ iXJcupe Kara orpaTov, ol <r6, fteoi' w* 
riaova • ij yap ick a-ijit fidka fMeya /cvSo^ apoto. 
vvv yap X "E/crop IXoi^, iircX &v fiaXa rot o^eSov IX^ot^ 
S05 Xuira-av €)(€ov okorjv: hrcX ovrivd ffyqatv ofioiov 
ol €/JL€va4, Aawi&v, o{^ iv^dBe vije^ evetxav, 

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Aioyevh ActepruiiSr), woXvfiij'x^av* 'OSwrcrei), 
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5? X ^^P^v H^ K€v^ ei/l <f>p€aiv, aXKo Si elTTij, 
avrap iyi)v ipeoj, <5? fioL Sofcet elpoi apiara • 

815 oir €fiey' ^ArpeiSijv * AyafiifJLvova ireurifiev oud, 
oUt' &\Kov9 Aavaov^ * eTrel ovk dpa ri^ X^P^^ ^^* 
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ovSi ri fwt irepUevTaL, hreX ira^ov aXyea ^vfi^, 
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ft)9 S' Spvi^ winrjai, veoaaoLa-L 'n'po<f>€pr}<np 
pAaraK , hrei k€ \dl3rf<n, icaKSy; S' apa ol iriK^i avr§ 

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avhpdat p/ipvdp>€vo<: odpmv Ipetca a^erepdxov. 
iaj&€Ka S^ trifv vrjvaX TroXety aXaTraf * dv^p(a7ra)v, 
7r€{o9 S' hfheKd <fyrjp,i Kara Tpoirfv ipl^aoXov • 

890 rdtav ix iraaeoav K€ip,rjKuL iroXKd icaX i&^7<jd 
i^Xop/rjv, Koi irdvra <f>ipoi>v *AyapAp,vovi hoaicov 
^ArpeiSr) • o 8' Snur^e p>€va)V iraph vrjvaX ^orjatv, 
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eCker^t ej(€i S* aXo^oi/ ^vpapia' t§ iraptavcav 


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lAIAAOZ IX. 176 

refnriiT^w. rl Si 8eZ iroXefii^ifievcu Tpa>€acnv 

^Apyeiov^ ; rl Se Xaov aui^yayev iv^dS^ oyelpeK 

^ArpeiSvf^ ; ^ ov^ *E\hnj<; evcK ^v/cofiou) ; 

fj fiovvoi ^CXAow oKjo^om fiepoTToyv at/^pfiirmv 340 

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ix ^vfiov <f>CX£ov, BovpucnpT^v irep iov<rcuf. 

vvv S* ivel ix x^^P^^ yipa<; eTXero, koU yJ anrdrriijev, 

lirj fuv TrecpdrWj ei eiBoro^ • ovSi fjL€ ircLaeL, 345 

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evpeiop, fjL€yaK7)v, hf Se cneoXorra? /caT^Tnj^ev * 350 

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a^fiai, iatr* S\axov ye' yepcv; Si fAoi, o^irep ^m/cev^ 

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dfufxiSop * Sil>pa Kol aWoi iTna-tcv^ayvrcu 'Axcuoij 37G 

el nvd irov Aava&v Src SXirercu i^airaniareiVj 


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176 lAIAAOS I. 

alev avoiSeifjv iTriecfiipo^ ! — avS>* tiv Sfionye 

rerXalrf, /cin/ec^ irep iAv, eh Snra iSia^eu, 

ovSi ri oi /3ovXa^ arufi<f>pd(raofuu, ovSe fjiev ipyov, 

inb ix yap Siy fi* airaTqce koX fikirev • ovS* hv er aJni^ 
e^aird^LT iTrietraiv • 0X19 8i oi ! aXKik etafjXjo^ 
ippera) • ix yap eif <^p€vas eiKero fi/ryriera Zev^, 
iy^pcL Si fioi Tov i(opa, tlod Si fup iv /capb^ aXfnj. 
ov8^ d fioi SeKtiici^ t€ koX eitcoaaKi^ roaa Soirj^ 

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IAIAA02 IX. 177 

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178 IAIAA02 1. 

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fjLV^(t)v T€ prjTTJp* efievai, irpriKTripd re epyoDP. 
i)9 &v hreiT airo aeto, (f>iXov Ti/co<;, ovk i^eKxiLfu 

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<f>€vy<ov veUea TraTpb<: ' AfjLvvropos ^OpfieviScu) • 
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pTj^a^ i^X^ov, Kul xnrep^opov epxtov aiiXrj^ 


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IAIAA02 IX. 179 

if>€vyov tnrevr atrdvev^e &' 'EXKdSo^ €vpir)(ppoio^ 

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180 IAIAA02 I. 

T^ ^Avqv S/a' jirecr^m, Xva fiXatfAw aworitrff, 
aXX, *A')(LKev» irope koL av Auy; Kovptfcnv Siretr^a* 
TLfi/qv^ rjT^ aXXcov irep hrtyvdfnrrec voov ea^XSyv, 

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IAIAA02 IX. 181 

fi S* aful>* avT^ ^ice woXvv KeKaZov koX cu/nivf 

KovpTfTfov re fj^aifjyif koX AItooIXmi/ fj^eja^v/uop. 

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irvpytop ^aXKofJiSpeop • top Be XiaaoPTO yipoPTC^ 

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iroXXA Be fii^ Xvrdveve yep<ap hnrifXdTa Olv€i>9, 


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182 lAIAAOS I. 

ovSov hmjifie^a^ {r^p€^>io^ ^akofjLoi^ 
qelcDV KoWrjrct^ aaviZcui, yowovfievo^ viow * 
TTciXXa Be Tovye Kaciyvrjrcu kcu nrorvta fiifrrfp 

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oX oi KeBvoraroL koX (jytkrarot ^aap airavrav • 
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TT/jo/ 7* St€ B^ ^aXafU)<; irvKa fidXKero' rol S* eTri irvpymp 
fiaZvop Kovpfjre^j koI ipeirprf^op iik^a aarv, 

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Icrop ifjLoX /SeurtXeue, koX rjfMurv fuipeo ti^779« 


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IAIA.A02 IX. 183 

ovTot 8' a/fyeXiovac, av S' ctino^i Xe^eo fi^ifJOKOV 
eifinj eve fia\a/cf) ' 2/ia B* rjol <f>aivofianjif>iv 
(f>paaa'6fi€^\ ij ice vecofie^* €<^' fjfikrep^s V "^ fievtofiev. 

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ix Kkurhp; vootolo fieSolaro, Toiac S' ap' Ata^ 
avTt^eos T€\a/Mk)i/ta&;9 fiera fMi^ov hiirev • 

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Xoiiev * ov yap fwt Soxeet fiv^oco reXeurt} 635 

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Xpt) fiff^ov AavaolqL^ koX ovfc ar/<A6v irep i6vTa, 
ol trov vvp larai TroriBiyfievot. ainkp * AyCKKeif*; 
arypiov iv an^^eaci ^iro fjieyaXijropa ^vfjuiv • 
a^6T\i09, oifBe fieraTpiirerav (jyiXoTrjro^ h-alpoaVy 630 

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rav Be t' iprjTverai KpaBirf koX ^/xo9 ayrivoip^ 686 

TToivrfv Be^afjukvov. <to\ 8' SXKtiktov re kokov re 
^vfwv ivl (mf^eaai ^eol ^eaav eZveica Kovprj^ 
ohi<i, vvv Be rot, eirra irapiayofiev e^X ^p!'<^^) 
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184 lAIAAOS I. 

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lAIAAOS IX. 185 

;^eipa effv {rrrepia^j rAaptn^tccun Bi XaoL 

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lAIAJ 02 K. 


AXkoi fjtkv nraph vqvaXv apunrie^ Tlava'xai&v 

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fJTtf: dXe^iKaKo^i irdatp Aapoolai yipotro. 20 


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188 I MA A 02 K. 

wocal S* irrro XiirapouTtv ihrjaaro KcCKit. irihCKa • 
ajJAJil i* eireira Sa(f>oiv6v kkaaaro Sipfia Xeoi/roy. 
cu^a>vo<f, /jLeydXoLo, troSrjveKef; ' etKero 8* iyx^* 

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VTTvo^ hri ff\£<f>dpoiaiv i(f>i^av€j firjri ira^otev 
'Apyetoi, rol St) ^ev eiveKa irovXifv ^0' vyprjv 
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TOP 8' eS/o* apA^^ &pLoun rfyrip^vov hnea koKA, 

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pipufya ^etop iirl prja^ • eya> 8' iirl NecTopa Sop 

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i>>^elv i<: <l>vXdKcop lepop Te\o9, 178* iTnTeiXai. 


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lAIAAOZ \. 189 

tcew^ yap /c€ fiaKKrra TrC^oiaro * rcio yap vlo^ 
aijfiaw€i <l>v\cijc€aai, xaX * ISofievrjo^; ottocdv, 
Mtfpiovrjs • Tolauf yap iTrerpaTrofiip ye /j^oXujtcl 

Top 8' rjfJLeifier^ hrevra fiofjp aya^o^ MeviXaot; • 06 

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aS^i fiepoD fiera toutLj SeSey/tei/o? ekoKep e\^9, 
fj€ ^€a> fierd <r' avri^, hrrip ei roU iTTiretX^ ; 

Top B* avT€ irpo<;i€i7r€P ava^ apSp&p ^ Ayafiifipwp * 
oS^t fi€P€ip, fiJjTTG)^ d^pord^ofjtep aXKi^Xoup 66 

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irdpTOf; KvSaiPcop * fArjSi fjb€ya\i^€0 ^vfi^. 
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op^cD^eU B' ap" hr* dy/c&PO<it /C€<t>a\r)P hraeipa^, 80 

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hf <rnf^€(T(n p^eptf, xai fioi, ^Cka yovpar optoprj, 90 


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190 IAIAA02 K. 

irXd^oficu &S\ iirel ov fiot iir' ofjLfuun vi]Bvfun {hrva^ 
I^dp€c, aXKit fiiKe^ irokefio^ koI /ci/Se' 'A^ai&v. 
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cfiTTcSov, aXX aXaXuKTfjfuu • fcpaSirj Bi fwt efo) 

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ov ^v "E/CTopi irdvra votj/jLara firjTcera Z€v<; 

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dvrl^eov t* Alavra Kal ^Ihofievrja dua^fcra . 
T&y yhp vr}e<i laaiv eKoardTco, ovhe fJLoX iyyu^. 
dWet (f>i\ov irep iovra koI alBolov MeviXaop 

115 veucia-G) — elwep /loi vep^earjaea^, — oiS* hnfcevaa}, 
a>9 evSet, aol 8' oltp hrerpe^ev Troviea^ai. 
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Tov 8* aJrre irpo^ievirev ava^ dvSp&v *Ayafiifiv(DV' 

120 & y^pov, aWore fikv ae koX aiTidaa^ai avcaya • 
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vvv 8' ifiio TTporepo^ fidX iireypero, koi fiov hre<mi • 


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IAIAA02 X. 191 

Toy fih iym Trpoerf/ca KcCKrifieucu, 0^9 (tv /i€TaXXa9. 125 

aSX Xofiev * /eelvoi;^ Se KV)(rja6ix€^a irpo irvXtuov 
hf i^Xdfceaa-^' tpa*ydp a-^cp hri^pahov rffepeea^cu. 
Top S' fjfulfier^ erreira Teprivio<; linrora Neartop • 
oUtw^ auTi^ ol vcfieaijaercu ov8* airi^aei, 
*Apy€io»Vy &r€ K€v to/' iTrorpvvrj koI avwyy* 130 

iroaai S' inro TuTrapoUriv Hrjaaro KoXa TreScKa • 
ofufA S' apa j^Kalvav irepovriaaTO <f>otvcK6€a'<rap, 

eTkero S* akiUfiov €yxoi» cuca^(/Mivov o^el yoKK^* 135 

fiv] S' ihnu Korh ifrfo/i ^A')(cn&v ')(aXKO')(VT(i)V(ov. 

vp&Tov eire^T ^OSiMrfja, A A firjrip aToXaPTOP, 

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(fl^ey^dfiepos • top 8' cdyfta irepX <l>p€Pas rj\v^' uof], 

ix S' ^\&€ KXurirj^, /cat a^eax; irpo^ /iff^op eetirep • 140 

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/A^ pcfiiaa • TOlOP ycLp a^o^ ^efiltf/cep ^A^aioif^. 145 

oXX' hrev, 8^pa koX SXKop iyelpofiep, Spt* hrkoucep 
fiovXM fiov7uv€iP, fj ^>€vy€fi€Pj lye fm^ea^ai. 

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TTOucikop ofjuf}^ &fju)un cdtco^ ^iro, ^rj Sk /ter* avrov^. 
fiikv 8' hrl TvSei^Tjp Acofi^Sea • top S' ixlx^fop 150 

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eSSoy ' vwo Kpaalp 8' i'xpp aunriBas • eyx^a Bi a^ip 
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eSS\ inrb 8' Iot/mwto ptpop ^00^ dypavXou) • 155 

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"Eypeo, TvSio^ vie ! ti Trdvwxop vttpop oarreS? ; 


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192 IAIAA02 K. 

160 ovK aJkv;^ m Tp&es; hrl ^p<Daf4^ TreBioio 

etarai dyx^' ve&v, 6Xl/yo<: 8* he x^P^ ipv/eei ; 

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fcal flip ifxamjaa^ eirea irrepoeirra 7rpo<;r)vBa • 

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oZ K€v hrena l/caarop iyeipeuip ficun\i]<aPt 
Trawq hrovxpH^voi ; o-tr 8* afiri^apo^ €<r<rt, yepcui. 

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val Sff ravrd ye irdpra, <f>L\o<:, Kara fiolpap eenre;. 

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(cal 7ro\€€9, Ta>p k€p Tt9 eTTOLXpfiepo^ KoKiaeiev • 
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pvp yap St) wdpreaatp errl ^vpov urrarcu cucfirj^f 
ff fidKa Xvyp6<; oke^pos ^Axpuoh, r^e fic&pcu. 

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ovSe fL€P €vSoPTa<i ^vXAkodp fjyr/TOpa<; eipop • 
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IAIAA02 X. 193 

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194 IAIAA02 K 

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! A 1 A A O 2 X 195 

€? /eal iTTurra/jLiveD^ * fAecinf S' ipl wiXo^ api^pei, 966 

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196 1 A I A A O 2 K 

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IAIAA02 X. 197 

teparl 8' iwl fcriS^rjv /cwerjv • IXe S' o^vp axavra • 386 

firj 5* ikpoL irporl vria/i airo aTparov * ovS' ap^ ifteKkev 
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ffi) y av oSop fjLefiaw ' rov Be (f>pdaa/ro irpof;Unna 
Aioyevifi 'OSvaeis, AioiAtjiea ie irpo^fdeiirep • 94C 

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rvT^iov • hrena Be k avrbv eTra^avrc? IXMfjtep 845 

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Sovpl B* iTrat&acDP irpo^eif>ri xparepb^ Awp,r^rtf; • 


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196 IAIAA02 K. 

870 *Hi fiJv\ rji ae Sovpl KcxfjcofMU • ov84 <t€ <f>fffU 
Sijpov ifj/fp: airo x^t/)09 oKv^iv clvttvv SXe^pov. 

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IAIAA02 X. 199 

iXX' aye fwi roSe elire koX aTpe/ceo)^ KaraXe^ov • 106 

irov vvv Sevpo /ctoDv Xnre? '^Efcropa, iroifikva \aSyv ; 

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ffovXM fiovXevei, ^eiov irapk aripMTv "TKov, 416 

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200 IAIAA02 K. 

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*P5<ro9 8' ip fii<T<p efSe, irap^ avp^ 8' q)/c€€9 iTnroi 


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IAIAA02 X. 20J 

i^ i7nBuf>pidSo^ 'irvfia'Tq<; ifiaai, BiSevro • 47f. 

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iyyt^cp urrafihnj 7rpo<:€<f>rf Aiofirfiea Slop • 

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

902 IAIAi\OZ K. 

610 vfj(K em y\cuf>vpd^ • fifj koI Tr€<f>ofir)/jL€vo<; eX^r/^ • 
/A17 TTOV T49 Kal Tpa>a<; iyeipriaiv ^€09 aXKo^, 

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r6^<p* Tol S' iirerovTO ^oa^ cttI j/^a? *A')(ac&v. 

615 OiS* aXaoaKOTTCTjv eZj^' apyvporo^o^; ^ AttoXKodv, 
609 ffi' *A^ijvair)v fiera TvSio^ vlov hrovaav 
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640 OStto) irdp etprjTO erro^, or' ap^ i]\v^op avroL 

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IAIAA02 X. 203 

i7nrw<; tov<; B' wtttous Xdfierop • KaraSinrre^ SfuXov 545 

TfxocDV ; rj Ti<i cifHoe iropev ^609 avrt^oXriiTa/!; ; 

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& NioTop NffXrjldSf), fMeya kvSo^ ^Aycu&p, 555 

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Zmroi S* oJSe, yepcui^ verjkuBe^t 01)9 ipeeipei^, 
0p7)tkioi * TOP Be a-^ip apaicr aya^6<; AicfiriZrj^ 
Sxrapc, irhp S' erdpov^ SvoxalSeKa iravTa^ apUrrov^, 560 

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"EtCTfop T€ 7rpo€f)K€ Kol oXXoi TpS>€^ oyavoL 

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ptft 8* ipl 'TrpvfAprj hfapa /SpoToevTa AoXcjpo^ 670 

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piiltep airo ^(ptoTo^, xal dp^lrv^ep ^iKop ffrop^ 575 

h p* aaapdv^ov^ fidpT€<: iv^eara/; XoxxrapTO. 
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vXelov d^v(T<rdfievoL Xelfiop fAeXir^Sia ohop. 


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Ha>9 S' i/c \€)(ioi)v Trap' a/yavov Ti^covoio 

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Tov irorri oi Kivvpr)<i S&k€, ^eivrjlov elvau 20 

iretf^ero yap KvirpovSe /xiya xXio^, ovvex ^A^p^ol 


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206 IAIAA02 A. 

e? Tpoiffv vfjeaaw avairXeva-eo'^aA cfj^Wjov 
Tovv€Ka oi TOP B&K€, 'xapL^6fi€P0<: l3aac\i}L 
Tov S' TjTOi Sixa olfioi ea-av fi€\avo<: /evdvoio, 

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Kvdveoi Sk SpdxovTc^ ap(ope)(aTO Trpori Beip^v 
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€P vi<f>€l anjpt^j T€pa<: fiepoiriov av^pdyjrwv, 
afJL^l S* &p' AfioKTiv fidXero ^i<f>o^ ' ^i' Sd ol ^Xoi 

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dpyvp€OV^ Xpva-ioiatp aopnjpeaaip aprjp6<i. 
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o^ia' T^Xe Be j^a\/co9 dw* ain'6<f>LP ovpapop elaoa 

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alfJLari, pLvBdKea^ i^ al^epo^j ovp€k ep^XKep 

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Tp&e^ 8' av^^ erepw^ep iirl ^ptaap,^ ireBioiO, 


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IAIAA02 XI. 201 

"ExTopd T* dfM<f>l fjLeyav koI dfMV/iova IIovTivBafiaPTat 

Aiveiav ^',0? Tptoai, ^eo9 &<:, riero irfficp^ 

rpek T ^AvTijvopiSa^, IloXvfiov koX ^Ayrjvopa Siov, 

i^f^cov t' 'AfcdfiavT\ CTTieifceKov a^apaTouriv, 60 

^ExTcop S* iv Trpdyroia-t <l>ip* aaviSa iravroa* it&f)V. 

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aXXore 8' iv Trvfuiroun, xeXewap • ttS? S' apa ')(aXjc^ 66 

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irvp&p ff KpL^&p • T^ Se Spdyfiara rap<f>€a irhrre^ • 
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ol S' dXKoi ou a'<f)tp irdpea-av ^eoi, dXKd SktjXo^ 75 

aifyoicriP ipi fieydpoicrt /ca^etaro, ff^t kKdartp 
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irdpre^ 8' rjTiocopTO KOsjuve<f>4a Kpopicopa^ 
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tS)p fjtkp dp* oufc dXiyi^e irarijp • 6 Sk p6(T<f>L Xia^^ek, 80 
T&p dXKxov dirdvev^e Ka^e^ero, KvSel yaifop, 
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')(aXKOv T€ aT€po7n]Pj oWvpra^ r oWv/iepov^ t€. 

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T6(f>pa fid>C d/i(f)OTepo}p fiiXe* fjirTero, irhrre hk Xao^ • 86 
fip^ Se SpvT6fjbo<; irep dprjp iiirXiaaaTO hehrpop 
oUpeo^ ip ^7]a<rrfcrLP, eVet t' eKopeaaaro ^et/^a? 
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alrov T€ yXv/cepoio irepl <}>piva<: ifiepos alpel • 
tQ/lu>9 €nr^ dperfi AapooX pri^aPTo (fydXayya^, 90 

tceKXofUPoi erdpourc Kara arixa^' iv 8* *Aya^fMmv 


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208 IAIAA02 A. 

7r/}ft)T09 opova • tKe S' avhpa jStijvopat TrotfUva XoSy, 
axrrov, erreira 8' eratpop, ^OiKija irXri^Linrov. 
ffTOL oy* ef iTTTTcov KaTeiraXfievo^j avrio^ eoTTj • 

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aXKa St' aim]<; ?J\^€ fcal oareov, iyfci<l>aXo<; 8e 
&Soi/ &7ra^ 7r€7raKa/CT0 • hafuiaae Si fiiv fiefia&TCL 
Kol Toif<; fiev Xiirev aff^i avd^ avSpcop * Ayafiifipcopj 

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airrap 6 I3rj (>^ ^laop re koX "Aptu^p i^epapi^oDV, 
vU Svo) npidfioio, po^op Koi ypi^crtoPt afiAfxa 
elp €pI Zi<f>p(p eopras • o fiep 1/0^09 ^pcox^vcp, 
"Aptl^o^ ai wapi^ao'/ee irept^KKvro^ • & iror^ ^ A')(p>CKjeif^ 

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TOVTrep 8^ Svo irdiSe Xdfie Kpelcop ^ AyapApLPfOP^ 


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IAIAA02 XI. 209 

ehf ivl Si<l>p^ iovrcK, ofiov S* e^pv a)K€a^ Tttttov^ * 

ix yap a<l>€a<; x^^P^^ ^vyov rjvia aiyoKoevTa, 

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dyyeXiTjp iX^ovra avv amC^k^ 'OSvaijl, 140 

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Sovpl PaKcop TTpb^ <rr^^09 • 6 8' virrto^ ovSci ipela^r), 
*IwiroXjor)(p<% 8* airopovae, top ai X'^f'^ i^€pdpi^ep, 146 

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«9 8* ore irvp dtSr)\op ip d^vXip ifnrearj v\r) • 155 

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irpoppt^ot TrhrTovaiPj iireiyo/jLepoi Trvpo^ opfif} • 
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Tpdxap ^>€vy6pro)P, ttoXKoX 8' ipiavx^pc^; Xttitoi, 
iceip* ix^^ KpordXi^op dpd irroXifUHo y€<f>vpa<:, 160 


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810 lAIAAOI A. 

iJi/t6^ou9 TTo^eoi/re? dfivfiova<: • ol S* errl yalrj 
Kciaro, finreaaiv iroXv <f>i\T€poi rj aXoxounv* 

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€K T* avSpofCToa-irf^, €K ^* a2]uaT09, ex re Kvhoifiov • 

165 'ATpeiSrj^ S* hrerot ^(fyeBavov Aavaolau xeXevtop. 
ol Be irap* ^TKjov arjfjia waXaiov AapBavlBcu)^ 
fxeaaov kott irehlov^ irap ipiveov eaaevovro^ 
iefjsvoi 7ro\t09 • 6 hi KCKXrjy^ hrer alel 
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a9T€ Xift)!/ i<f)6l3rja€, fioXoDV iv WKTo<; afMoX/y^, 
irda-a^ • rp Be t^ ly apaifyalvercu ahrv^ Ske^po^ • 

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l^ea^at, rore Btj pa irarrjp apBp&p re ^e&p re 
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ovpapo^ep icara^as; • ^e Be OTepoirrjp fjuerct 'xepciP, 

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S<l>p^ &p flip K€P opq, 'Ayafjiifipopa, woifiepa Xa&p, 
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r6<f>p* apa')(<Dpeir(Dj rop B' aWop Xaop ap(iy)^(o 

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aurhp iirei k fj Bovpl rvTreh fj fiXrifUPo^ l^ 
ek i'mrov^ aXercu, rore ol xparo^ iyyvaXi^j 
KreipeiP, ei^OKe prja^ ewra-eKfiov^ cUfyifcrjrai, 
Svff r rjikio^, Kal iirl /cpi<f>a^ lepop eX!^. • 


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IAIAA02 XI. 211 

/3rj Si KOT ^ISalosv opitov ek "IXtoi/ Ipvv • 
€vp* viov Ilpcdfiou) Zat^povo<;^ "Etcropa Stov, 
€<rr<i6r & ^' XinroLO'i, koX apfuurt KoWrjrota-tv • 
dyxpu 8* iarafiivrf 7rpo^€<fyr} irohcu; d)K€a ^Ipi<: • 

"E/cTop, vlk IIpcdfioLO, At,i fiTjTLV aToXavTe, 200 

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S<f>p* &v fikv K€¥ 6pa<; ^Ayafiefivova, iroifieva \a&v^ 
^uvovT eu irpofidj^uriv, ivalpoma ari^a*; avSp&p, 
r6<f>p* inroeuce fidxn^i top B' oWop \a6v &v(&)^i, 
pApvcuT^OL Srjtbun kotcl Kpai^eprfv vafiiirqv. 905 

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ek nrrrov^ aXeraiy rore rot fcpdro*: iyyvaX^ec, 
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orrpvptop fJui')(e<T(UT^(u • eyeipe Si <f>v\o'mp alpiffp. 
oi S* ik6\t'}fi7)<Tap, Kol hfaPTLOt, larap *A')(auap. 
'Apyewc 8' eripca^ep eKaprvvapro <f>aKa^a<; • 215 

dpTUP%r) Si fJid^XT), otcLp 8' aPTioi • ip 8' ^AyafiifjLPtop 
Trp&TO^ Spov<T • i^ekep Si iroXv wpofjidyea^cu dirdprayp. 

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S^t^ Sff 7rp&T0<;,*AyafjLifjLP0P(y; dprio^ i}\^€J/, 
^ ain&p Tpaxop, ^e Kkeir&p hnKovpcap, 820 

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89 rpdtfyr) ip Op^fcrj ipt^d>XaKt, fiffripL firpsMP • 
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axndp hrel p* fiffrf<: ipiKvSeo<; Jicero fUrpop, 225 

airrov /up KarepvKe, SlSov 8* oye ^vyarepa fjp • 
y7}fjLa<; S\ ck ^aXdfioio fierit /cXeo? Ikct^ 'A^tu&Pf 
aifp SvoKaiScKa prjvai fcopcopiaLP, at ol erropro • 
rbs; flip hreiT ip HepKoyrrf Xhre pfja^ itaa/;^ 


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212 IAIAA02 A. 

230 avrap 6 ire^ ia>v ek "IXiov tLK7)Koi^€L • 

09 pa tot' ^ArpeiSea) * Ayafiifivovo^ avrio^ ^\)^^v. 
ol 8* ore Srf ajaeSov ^crav irr^ aXKTJ\x)L<Ti,v 16vt€^, 
'ATp€iSff<: fX€v afjuapTC, irapaX Se oi erpairer* ey^o?. 
^I^iZdfia^ hk Kara ^dvrjPj ^(opi]Ko<; evep^ev, 

235 vv^* • hrl S' ainb^ epeure, fiapeiij %€Cp\ 7ri^rJ<ra^ • 
ouS' erope ^<»>aTr}pa Travaiokov, aXXa woXif Trplv 
apyvp<p avTOfihrq^ fi6\Lfio<; «59, irpdirer^ alxJ^V' 
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iXjc* inl ot fjL€/jLaw^, &rr€ XI9 • €k B* apa X€a/>09 

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oiicrpo^t airo /iprjarfj^ oKoxoV: currounp apifffwp^ 
KovpiJ^uq^ fj^ ovri x^P*'^ **^^J TToWA S* eBcoKep • 
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oimKpv Be BiAfTX^ ^fxiewov Bovpo^ dKtoKrj. 
piyrjaiv t' ap* hrecTa apa^ dvBp&p ^Ayafie/MPtop* 

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aXV hropovae Kowpi^ €x<^^ dye/jLorpeifye^ ^TX^' 
ffToi 6 ^lifyiBdfuiPTa tcaa-lyprjTOP kol oTrarpop 
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woTfiop dpavX^aaPTe:, eBup Bofiop "AiBo^ elcm. 



1AIAA02 XI. 213 

AincLp 6 T&v a\Xa)v iwerrojXeiTO oTC'xa^ avSf^&v, 
eyxet r &opi re, fieyaKouri re 'xepfia^iouTiv^ 265 

6^pa ol alfA* en ^epfjbbv avjjvo^ev i^ a)TetX% • 
avrkp hrel to fikv f\Ko^ irkpacroy iravcaTo 8* al/ia, 
o^lcu S' i&vv(u Svpov fiii^o^ ^ATpetSao. 
<&9 S' 5t' Ar c^iv'ovaav l^O y^eXcx? 6^ yvvauca, 
hptfiv, TO, T€ irpoUtai pLoyotrroKoi. Etkel^uu, 270 

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€9 Slff>pov S' av6pov<T€, Kol rivLoxtp hreteKKeVt 
VTjvalv hn y\a<f>vp^aiv fKavvifjucv • rj^ero ycLp /cfjp, 
fJMrev Bi Stairpv<nov, Aavaolai yeycovays • 276 

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vfjcui hn yXa^vpwi • ria S' ovk atcovre ireria^v • 
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oXyer dptfp &puTTo<;, ifiol Bk pArf eS^o? eBtoicep 
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i^^ipjop AavcL&p, Xp* \rjripT€pop €Jr)(p<; aprfo^e, 290 

^Sls ehriup Snpwe pipo^ kcH ^vpi>p kKdoTOV. 
&^ S' ore irovTi^ ^rjprjr^p Kvpa<i dpyvoBopTCK 
aevfj At' dyporiptp (rvi Kairpltp rjk X^oPTt • 
&9 eTT* ^Axcuotaip aeve Tp&a<: /leya^/Ltov? 
"EtcTfop TIpiap^iBir^y l3poTo\ocy<p Zero? "Aptfl 205 

avT09 B* iv irpdnouTi pAfa <j>popk<op i/SejSii/eet • 
ip S' eirea vtrp^tptf, xnrepail laos aiXXi;, 
ffre Ka^aXkop,€P7j loeiBea itoptop optpei. 


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214 I AI A A 02 A. 

"Ev^a liva irp&rov, riva 8' vararov i^dpt^€v 
300 "EKTtop npiafiiSrj^j ore ol Zev^ Kvho^ eSay/cep ; 

*Aaalov /lev 'trptora icaX Axnovoov fcal 'Oirinjp^ 

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Tois dp^ oy rff€fi6va^ Aava&v eXev, aindp hr^i/ra 

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dpyiarao Notoio, ^^e/i; XatX/nri rvTrroav • 
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a/dSvarai. i^ avefiou) iroXvirXdyKTOto lonj^ • 
fi)9 apa TTVKVCL Kaprjd^^ v<f>^ "Efcropi SdfivuTO Xa&v. 

310. "Ev^a K€ \oiyb<: erjv, k<u dfirp(ava Spya yevovrOy 
/cai vv K€V iv vrjeaai iriaov ^evyovre; ^Axcuoi, 
el fjLT) TvBeiS]^ AiofMijSei KeKKer ^Ohvaaev^ • 

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dXX aye Bevpo, ireirov, irap efJL Xotcuto' Br) yap eXey^^og 

316 eaaerac, el Kev urja^ eXrf Kopv^alo\o<: *'EicT(op. 

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# Tpwalv drj ^oXera^ Bo^ac Kpdro^, rjeirep ^fuv, 

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airr'Aeop ^epdiropra^ MoXiopo^ toio dpaicro^:, 
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TO) 8' dv' ofuXop 16pt€ KuBoifJLeop, (09 ore xdirpm 

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daira^iays (f>€vyoPTe<; dpeirpeop '^Efcropa Biop. 

"JBj;^' eXeTTjp Bvf>pop re koX dpepe, Bqfiov dpUrro^y 
vie Bwa Mep(mo<i IlepKwaioVj &9 'rrepl iriprayp 

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(rTei)(€VP i^ iroXefiop <f>^^a'i]POpa • to) Be oi ovri 
irei^ea^rjp • Krjpe; ydp dyop fieXoupo^ ^apdrow. 
TOW fiep TvBeiBrf<: BovptKXeirb^ Aiofii^Brf^, 


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^AIAAOl XI. 215 

^fiov Kcu y^uxfi^ fceKO&ov, KXvra r€V)(e amjvpa • 
'ImroSofiov 8' ^OSvaeif^ xal ^Tireipoyov e^vdpi^. 335 

^Ev^a (T^LV Kara laa fJ^X'^v irawaae KpovuDv, 
ef "18179 Ka^op&v • Tot 8' a\\i]\ov<i ivdpi^op, 
fjToi TvSeofs vib^ ^ AydaTpoifyov ovraae Sovpl 
IIaioviSr)p rjpcoa xar' ur^iov • ov yap ol hnroi 
iyyv^ ecav Trpo<f>vy€lv • adaaro he /jUya ^vfjup. 340 

Tois fiev yhp ^epaTroDP dirdvev^^ ex€v • ainctp 6 Trefo? 

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"Eicrayp 8' o^v porjae Kara oTLj^a^, Sypro 8* iir avrov*; 
KOcXrjyw ' apba Se Tpaxap enropro <f>dXayy€^, 
TOP a l8a)P piyii<T€ /3or}p dya^o^ Au)fn]Srj^, 345 

aly^a 8' ^OSvcaija irpo^effxiipeev^ iyyvs iopra* 

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dXX' dye &fj arewfiep, xal dXe^/iea^a fJi€POPT€<s. 

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Kol fidXep, ov8* d(f)dfuipT€j TLTuc/cofMepo^ K€<f>a\7]^p, 350 
cucpTjp Kcuc Kopv^a ' 7r\dy)^7j S* aTro ycCKKOffyt, ')(<iKk6% 
oifS' ucero X/ooa koKop • ipvxaKe ydp rpv<f>d\€ui, 
rpiimr)(p^, avKSrin^, ti]p oi irope ^ol^o^ * AttoXKmp, 
"Eicreop 8' &K aTriXe^pop dpeSpa/ie, fMiKTO 8' ofiiK^ • 
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^i>&e KOKop • PVP aSne a epvacraro ^olffo<; ^Air6XKoi>p, 
£ fieXKei^ evx^c^a^,, mp €9 Soihrop oKoprtop, 
^ ^ijp (T^ i^apvQ} ye, Kal varepop dPTi^o\qaa% 366 

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216 IAIAA02 A. 

airrkp *A}J^pSpo9, *E\€vr)<: iroais; ^VKOfjLotOj 

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aXwT^ airo <rrr[^€a^L wavaloXov, a<rrriSa r &ficov, 

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KoX fidKeVf ovS* apa fiiv aXtov /3e\o? €fc<f)vy€ ^etpo^, 
rapaov Se^irepoto TroSo'i • SiA S' afxirepe; lo^ 
iv jaiff KarerrqtCTO. 6 Si fidXa 178^ yeXdaaa/;, 
i/c X^ov afiirrjSrjae, kcCL eiy)(pfi€Vo^ hro^ rfvBa • 

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velarop i<: Keve&va l3d\xov, ix ^v/jlov iXea^ai. 
ovTO} fC€V Kal Tp&e; avhrvevaav KaKOTTjro*;, 
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OVK aXAyo), iy;ei fie yuurj ^dXoc fj irak a<l>pa>v • 

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of u fieKo<: iriXercu, koI aKi^piov alyjra tC^cip • 
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TToiSe^ 8* 6p<l>aviKoi' 6 Se^' aXfiari, yalap ipev^oap 

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larrf irpoa'^* • 6 8' SiniT^e Ka^e^ofiepo^, ^i\o^ (OKXf 
ix 7ro8o9 SXjc^ • oSvptf Se St^ X/5009 iJX^' aXeyeiPi^. 
i<; Sl^pop S' apopovae^ koI f/PL6x<p eTrereWep, 

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Old^ff S' 'OSi/creu? SovpiKXvro^, ovSe rt? avr^ 
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q)^ija'a<i S* apa elire tt/jo? hp fieyaXijTopa ^vfiop • 


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IAIAA02 XI. 217 

V2 fUH iya>y tI Tra^o) ; fxiya fjbkv kokov, at xe if>ifi€»fAah 
vXTf^ifP rap^rjcra^ • to Se piyLOv, cu /cep oKuxo 405 

fiovvo<; ' Tois S' aXKov^ Aavaov^ i<f>6^rjcre Kpovmv. 
aTsXoi Tiff fwt ravra <f>l\os BteKi^aro ^u/w ; 
olSa yap, ottv kojcoX fikv airolxovrat irokefioio • 
h^ he K apuTT€vri<n fiaxO ^^ '^^^ ^^ fidXa ypeoD 
e<rTdfL€vac Kpar€pSi% tit l^rjT\ fp-^ eySaX' oKKov. 410 

*'£a)9 6 raXf^^ &pfjuuve Kara <l>pipa xal Kara ^vfioPy 
T6<l>pa S* eTrl Tpdxov aTi)(€^ rjXv^op vunrurrcuop • 
IXxrap S' ip fjAa-aoKTi^ fierct a^ia-i, TnjfjLa Ti^ePTCf;. 
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aevwPTai, 6 hi r eXai ^a^eirjs ifc ^vXoxotOf 415 

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afjL<f>i Si t' ataaoprai • xnral 8i t€ Kop/rro^ oSoptodp 
yiypercu • oi he p,ipovaip a<f)ap, Bclpop wep iopra • 
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TpSiCs;. he TpSirop p,ep a/ivfiopa ArjioTriTrjp 4S0 

ovToaep &p^p virep^ep eTraXfiepo^ o^il hovpi* 
ainap hrei/ra Oocopa teal "Epvop.op e^epdpi^ep • 
Xepa-ihdp^pra S' eireiTa, Ka^* iTnrtop w^opto, 
hovpl Kark wpoTfjLTjaiP inr' a(nrih(y; 6fi<f)a\oicr<Tr)^ 
vv^ep' 6 h^ ip Kopirjai Treadp, eke ydlap dyoar^. 485 

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arfj he pJX iyyif^ uop, Koi fiip wpoi fjiff^op eeiirep • 

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TouoS^ dvhpe KaTOKTeiPo^, xal Tev)(€* dirovpa^* 
7) Kev ip^ xnrh hovpl TinreU dwo ^vpx)P oKicatf^, 

^'fl^ ehriop ovrrjae /ear* doTriha irdproa^ it&rjp • 
SuL flip a/nrihos ^\^e <l>a€ipyj<; S/3ptfjL0P iyx^* *^ 

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irdpra h* dirb irXevpcjp xpoa epya^ep, ovhi r laaev 
IToXXA? ^A^rjpairj fjLV)^i]fi€pat ey/cao-* ifxuno^. 



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218 IAIAA02 A. 

yvu) 8' ^Oivacv^, o ol oUri jSiXty; /caret icaipvov fjh^ev ' 
440 a^ S* ava)((u>pri(Ta^ So^kov tt/jo? fjLi^op hnrev* 

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ijToi fjUv p €fi hrava-a<; hrl Tpdoeaai pAx^a^ai • 
aol £* iyi} ii/^oBe (fyrjpX ^ovov kcu Krjpa fiiXxuvew 
fifiarL T0)8' eaaea^oA,* i/ju^ S' inrb Sovpl Safjiivra, 
A 15 evxp<; ip^ol Sdxreip, '^X^^ ^' ^AiSt KXvroTrdiK^. 

'JT, Koi 6 fihf (fyvyaJS* atrrts V7ro<TTpdyjra^ i/SefiijKei • 

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Bovrnja-ev 8e ireamv • 6 8' hrcv^aro Sio^ 'OSvaaevf; • 

450 *if2 S&x\ ^I'Jnraaov vie 8ai<t>popo^, hnrc&dfjLOVO^ 
(f>^ij <7€ T€Xo9 ^apdrou) k^x/ip^vop^ ouS' xriraXv^a^. 
a heiX, oif fih/ aotje irarrfp koI ttotpui /tiyn/p 
Saae Kc^aiprja-ovai ^opopti irep, aXX ouopol 
wfiTfOToi ipvovai, irepl irrepa irvKPct ^ctKopres* 

465 axnap hrel /ce ^avro, /creputva-i fie Slot ^Ax(uoL 
^fl^ ehrdp, X(Ofcoio B(it<f>popo^ Sfipifiop eyxp^ 
€^(0 T€ xpoo^ IX/C6 /cal olottISo^ 6fi(f)d\o€a'<Try; • 
al/xa Si ol (nrao^epro^ apeaavTo, /cijSe Be ^vfAov, 
Tp&e^ Se fjueyd^vfioi, oiro^ XBop alfi ^OSvaijo^, 

460 KeKKofiepoi, Ka^^ o/m\op, €7r' airr^ Trairre? efiriaav* 
avrap oy* e^oirla-fo apex^^^TOt aie 8* eraipov^ • 
rpU fjL€P eTretr' 'ffvaep, o<rop Ke<f>a\ff x^^ (fxaro^, 
TpU 8* alep IdxoPTO^ ^ Aprjt<f>Ck(y; Mepekao^* 
ahira 8' ap* Alapra irpo^effKoveep, eyyiff; iopra • 

465 Alap Aioyepe;, TeTutfiMPie, Kolpape Xa&Py 
dp,<\)i fi *OSvar<rfjo^ ra\aai<l>popo<; XKero (fxoin^, 
T^ iKeXr), w^el i fii^ro fiovpop eopra 
Tp(oe<i, dfroT/jLi^^apTe^ ipl xparep^ ucTfilprf. 
a\X tofiep Ko^' ofjLiXop • aKe^efi€Pa4, yap ofieipov. 

470 SeiBcDy fAijTi ird^aiP ipl Tp(oea<rc fiopa>^€k, 

ia^\o^ ia)P, fieyaXfj Se tto^t; ^apaouri yeprjTO*. • 

^^2^ el'7ri>p 6 fiep ^px\ o S' ifi eairero lao^eo^ <^c49 • 
e^oop eireir* 'OSvaija A A <f>iKop • dfJL(\>l 8* a/>' avrov 


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IAIAA02 XI. 8\9 

TpS>€^ hrov% \ oxjet re Sa<f>oLvol ^5e9 Sp€<nf>iv 

afuf>* €\a<fx)P Kepabv fiepKr^fiivov^ ovr e^aX avifp 4' > 

l^ OTTO vevprf; • rov fUv r ^Xuf e woSeaaiv 

<f>€uya}V, S<f)p' alfjM Tuapop, Kal yovvaT* opioptf • 

avTctp inei&fj rovye Safidaaercu d)Kv<i ovarro^y 

wfioifxi^oi fJLiv ^wev iv ovpeat SapSdirrovo-iv 

iv v€fi€i (TKiep^ • iirl re X£v Tjyaye Saifuov 48C 

aiimjv ' ^we? fUv re Sterpea-av, axnap 6 Sdirrei • 

m pa TOT* a/JL<f>^ 'OSvaija Sat<l>popa, iroucCKofirfrqv, 

TpS>€s hrop iroXKol re koX aXKtpLoi • axrrhp ay' ffpct)? 

ataaoiP ^ ^y^^* ifivpCTo w/X^e? ^fiap. 

At<v; S* iyyv^ep ^X^e, <f>ep(op aaKO^^ fjiTe irvpyop, 486 

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IIpuifjLiBijPf po^op vlop • hrevra Se HdphoKOP oirra • 490 
oiVra Sk Avcaphpop kclI Hvpaaop ^Se TIvXdpTtjp, 
w S* OTTOTC ttX^^wv TTOTafw^ veSiopSe KdTeurvp 
')(€ifidppov^ KOT* 8p€a<f>ip, 07ra^6fjL€PO<; Aw 8fifip<p, 
7roXXA9 8^ Spv<: d^a'Kia<;, ttoXXA? Se re irevKw; 
e;<l>ip€Tai, iroXKop Se r' d^vtryerop eh SXa jSdXKec • 495 
Sis e<l>€Tre xKopitop ireSLop Tore <f>aiSifjLo<; Ala^, 
Sat^ayp hnrov^ t€ koX dpepas oifSe iray "Efcrcop 
Trev^er', eTrei f>a fidx'J*: €7r' dpurrepd fidppaTo Trdxrrf^, 
8)^a^ Trap irorafiolo SfcafidpSpov • t^ pa pAXurTa 
dpSp&p TTiTTTe Kaprjpoj /Sot} S' oa^eaTO^ optopei, 600* 

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^EiCToyp fihf fierd Tolaip o/xIXet, fiipfiepa fie^oyp 
eyx'^i ^' iinroavprf re* petop S* dXawa^e <l>d\ayya^, 
ovS^ ap TTO) ^aJbi/TO KeXev^ov Siiot 'A^^aiol, 
el fi^ ^AXe^apSpo^, ^EXhrq^ iroa.^ r^vKOfMOio, 605 

waih'ep dpKrrevoPTa Ma^dopUy iroifiipa XaSyv, 
l^ TpirfSjir^vpi PclKmp Kara Se^iop &/jlop. 
T^ }kl vepiiSSeuTap fiepea irpeiopTe<; ^A^at^oi^ 


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220 lAIAAOZ A. 

^Yfirta^ fiWf iroXi/jLoio fieraKXiv^hrrof;, tXjoiep. 
510 avTifca S' ^ISofieveif^ 7rpo^€<f>(ov€€ Niaropa Siov • 
^fl NicTOp NrjXffia&r), fjuiya kv8o<: ^A'^cuAvj 
ayp€L, a&v o^icav hnfiriaeo • irap Se Mayaoiv 

IrjTpo^ 'yap avffp iroWc^u ajrrd^co^ aXKoov. 

515 [lots t' i/crdfjivetv, iirl t' rjirta <f>dpfuiKa irda-o'etv.] 

^fi^ €(f>aT • ovS' diri^Tjae Fep^vux: Imrora Niartop. 
avruca S' &v o^etov hre^rjo-ero • irhp hk Ma')(a(0V 
ficuv\ ^Aa/cXtpriov vi6<: afivfiovo^ Irjrijpo^ • 
fjbdoTi^ev S' wTTToi;?, to> S' ovk axovre weria^v 

520 V7ja9 €7n yXa^vpd<; • rfj yap ^CXov hrXero ^vfjb^ 
KefipcovT}^ Se Tp&a^ opvvofievou*; iy&qcev^ 
"E/cTopc Trap/Sefia^w, icai fiiv irpo^ fiv^ov eei/irev • 

"EfCTOp, v&l fjikv iv^dS* ofuXeofjLev Aapooiatv^ 
i<rxaTL7j TToXifioto Sv^x^^ ' ol 8k Stf aXXoi 

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Ata^ Se /cXop€€t TeXafuovco^; • eJJ S^ fiiv eyvcov • 
evpv yap ifuf}^ A/moiccv e-yeu adKO<:. aXXa Kal '/jfiek 
K€U7^ nnrov^ re /cal Supfi t^vvofjuev, ev^a fidXcara 
Imrrje^ ire^oi re, KOJcfjv epiSa irpo^aKovrei, 

530 aXKrjkov^ oXcKOvatj fiorj S' aajSeoTfy; 6p<op€v, 

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yLotmyi Xcyvpfj • roi Si, TrX^y^? atdvre^ 
pifKf)^ ^epov ^oov ipfjui fierk Tp&a^ koX- 'A'^cuov^, 
OTel/Sovre; vetcvd^; re xai a<nriSa^ • aXfutri S' a^v 

535 vip^ep aira^ ireTrdXafcro, Kal avrvye^ at irepl Si<f>pov^ 
&9 &p* <i^' hnreloDP oirXiayp pa^dfuyy€<; l/3a\Kov, 
at T* aTr' hrLaadyrponv, 6 Se lero Svvai o/uXov 
dvSpofjLeov, prj^cu t€, fieraXfjuevo^i * hf Sk kvSo^p 
^K€ kokop AapaouTiy filwp^a Se 'x^d^ero Sovp6<;. 

540 avrhp 6 t&p aXXa>p hrewcoXelTo <rTi)(a^ dpSp&p 
lyX^f t' aopl T€y fJueyaXota-l re j(€pfjuiSlotcriP • 
AUtPTO^ S' aXeeipe fJ^X'^p TeXafuapidSao, 
[Zev9 yap oi pefieaa^\ or dfjueipopi (fxarl fidxo^To,\ 


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?AIAAOS XI. 221 

Zev^ Bi irarrjp Atai^* injtl^vyot; iu ifyofiov &p<rw • 
arfj Si Ta<f>a>i>, Sin^ep 8i a-axo^ fidXev emrafioeuv • 641 
Tpeao'e Se TraTm^va^ e^' ofilXov, ^pl iot/cA^, 
ivrpovaXi.^ofievo^, oKlyov yow yowo^ afiel^mv. 
C09 £' oJ^CDi/a \koma fio&v aTro fietraavKoto 
eaa-evovTO kvp€^ re fcal avipe^ dypoi&Tcu, 
otre fuv oxfie el&ai fio&v ix iriap iXia^cu, 660 

iravwyoL iypijaaovre^ • 6 Bi Kp€ia>v iparl^ODVj 
t^vei, aXX oiri, irptia-aei • ^afj^e^; yap ixovre^ 
dvriot ibraovtn ^paa-euuav airo x^ip&v^ 
Koiofuval T€ Serai, rd^e rpel, iaavfjuevo^ irep • 
fjSf^ev S' d7rov6<T(f)iv Ifirj reruqirv ^p^* 666 

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ffie, TToKK deiccDV • ire pi ydp SU vrfvalv 'A^cuSny. 
€09 S* orr* 6po^ Trap* dpovpav Iwp i/Sifjo'aTO iraiSa^ 
vocf^ij^, ^ Sfj woWA irepl f>6'jrdX^ d/jL<f)U idyrj, 
K€lp€i T ekeX^wv fia^v \i]iov • ol Si re ttoaSc^ 660 

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<nrovS§ t' i^Xaca'aPj irrei t* itcopiaaaTO f^op/S^ • 
&9 rrfr* hr€LT* Alama fiiyav, TeXafMovtov vlov, 
Tp&es v7rip<f>vfiot, TriKitcKrjToi t inUovpot, 
vvaaovTe^ ^varota-i pAaov a-dxa^, aikv hrovTO, 666 

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ttSrty v7r<Hrr/>6^^€t9, koI iptfTva'a^iee <f>dXayffa^ 
Tpdxov ImroSdfxaiv • ore Se TpayirdaKero <f>€vyeiv, 
irdma^ Sk irpoiepye ^oA? €7rl vrja^ oSeieip • 
airm Se Tptixop koX *Ay(ai&v ^vve fiearjyif 670 

urrdfievo^ • Tct Sk Sovpa ^pa^ecdcap diro j(€{,p&Vj 
£KKa fihf hf adxei fieydXtp irdya/^ Spficpa wpocim • 
TToXXA 8^ Kol fjL€a<rf)yv, irdpo^ XP^^ \evKOP hravpeiv, 
ip yaij) urraPTOt \CKai6p€pa 'xpoo^ dcau 

Top S' m oJn^ eporja-* Eifalfiopo^ dryXao^ vto?, 676 

EvpvTTvXo^j mvietvolai, ^ui^o/iepop jSeXeecra-ip • 
<rTrj pa 'Trap* airrop itoPj koX dKomure Sovpl iJMetv^ 
Kol fidXe ^avaid&rjp * AiruTdopa^ iroipiva Xa&Vj 


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228 lAIAAOS A. 

fj-.rap inro irpanrvbtav^ eT^ap 8* inro ^ovvar tkvutv* 

580 J5tY)t^7n;Xo9 S' iiropovae, koI ouvvto T€v^^ aTr* Afimp, 
Tov S' ci9 oSi/ iporjaev 'A\€^avSpo<: ^€0€iSfj<;, 
revye* cnrcuvvfieifov *A7n<rdovo^, airrifca ro^v 
?\k€t iir^ EvpxnrvKcp, Kai fiiv jSdXe firjpov oiar^ 
Se^iov ' iKkda^ Se Sopa^, i^dpvve hk firjpov. 

586 &y^ S' erdpwp ek ?^vo<; ep^ofero, Kijp* aXeeiwav 
T^va-ev Bk 8ui7rpvaiov, Aavaourt yeywvayi • 

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OTtJT* iX6\i')^€in'€^j KoX afjLVP€T€ prj\€&: flliap 
Alap^*9 $9 fieXjeeaai /3id^€Tcu * ovBi e ifyrifu 

690 ^€v^€o^* iK TToKkfJLOLO 8u9i7XW • oKKb, fiaX awrfv 
2jTa<7^' afi^^ Alapra fjueyap, TeXafjuipiop vlop. 

^/2<? eiJMT^ Evpv7n/Ko<; /Sc/SXiy/teyoy • oi Sk trap* avrhn^ 
irXfjaioi eanjaap, aaKe^ &/jLOun KXipcarre^, 
Sovpar apaaj(6fi€Pot' t&p S' aprio<: fjKv^ep AXwi^ 

696 arri Sk fiercurrpe^ff^eL^, hrel ucero e^i/09 hraiptdP. 
&9 ol fih pAppovro Sifia^: 7rvpo<; at^ofiepoto, 

Niaropa S' ix TroXifiou} <f>^pop Nrfkriuu Xmroi 
ISpSxTcu ' ffjop hk Maxdopo, iroipApa Xa&p. 
TOP Se iBcbP ipoTjae woSdptcry; SZ69 'id^^tXXeu? • 

fiOO karriKei yhp hr\ wpvfiifrj fieyafajrel prjt, 

elf^opooDP TTOPOP ahrvPy I&kcl re hcucpvocao'caf, 
at^ S' kraZpop kop TIaTpoicXrja Trpo^ienrep^ 
<f)^€y^dfi€Po^ wapa 1/1769 * o Se fcXtairf^ep aKovaa^, 
€KfJLoXsp I<ro9 ^ApTfl • Kafcov S* apa ol iriXep apxv* 

60fl TOP TrpoTepo^ Trpo^ieiire Mepotriov aXfeifw^ vio^ • 

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TOP S' airafi€ifi6/jLep0f irpo<ii<f>r) ttoSo? a>Kif^ '-^^^tXXevv. 

Ate MepoLTiaSfj, r^ €/x^ tce^apL<Tfiepe ^vfi^, 
pvp ota> irepX yovpaT^ ejjbh, anjaea^ac *Axcuoi>^ 

» 10 Xuraofiipov^ • ')(peiM yap itcapercu ovicer opefCTO^^ 
dXX' T^i PVP, HaTpoKXe Aii ^iXe, Nearop* ipeio^ 
oPTipa TOVTOP ayei /3efiXrffjL€P0P ix iroXkfioio. 
^01 fiip Tory* 67na^e Maxdopi^ Troana ioucep. 


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lAIAAOS XI. 223 

r^ ^AaKXofvuiSDt arhp ovk t6ov Sfifutra <^to9 * 

hnroi yap fte irapijl^ap, irpoo-ao) fjuefiavuu. 615 

^/29 ifxirro • HdrpOKTsjo^ Sk <f>iX/p iTreireC^e^* h'cUp^ ' 
fifj Bi ^ieiv irapd re KKiaitv: tcaX vfja<; *Ax<Mlnf. 

Oi £' ore 8f) Kkuriffp NtfXrfidSeca cuf>ucovTo, 
airrol fUv /i* airk^a-cof hr\ ')^6va Trovkv/Soreipav * 
fn^ou? B* EvpvfiiSoDV ^epdwo^v \v€ Toio yipovro^ ftW 

€f 0X60)1' • Tol S* lBp& airey^v^ovTo 'xyroovtov, 
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224 lAIA^OZ A. 

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ivpv)(iov TrpoTl a(TTV • yeyrfhet he <f>p€pa Ni/Xew* 


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IAIAA02 XI. 286 


coveted fioi tv)(€ iroXKh vitp TroXjefiopBe kUvti, 
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ov yap 7r« ri /i' 1^ iSfiev 7rdX£fAi]'ia epya, 

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ijwTe^ 6Bd( l\jop 0S&19, €/x^ inrb Bovpl BofAepre^. 

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he mkifiov icdaHre, iccCKxr^<i rjipi, voTCX^^ 
h^a Zeis UvXloun p^eya Kpdro^ iyyvdKi^. 


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I\IAA02 XI. 827 

To^pa yhp o5v eiro/Ji^a'^a Stu (77ri8€09 'ireBioio, 

lereivovri^ t' ovtow, avd t' hrrea KcCKa Xiyovre^, 766 

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228 IAIAA02 A. 

Kal ol atffuiiveiv • o Sk ireiaerai ek cvya^ov irep, 

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raOr' etirot^: ^A')^iXrjl 8at(f>popi^ al k€ *rrChriTcu, 
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aX K€ ae r^ laKOvre; airoo'ypDvriu iroXifiou) 

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reipofievoi • okiyrj Be r avdirvevai^ TToXefjLOLO. 
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If 6 ^mp ndrpoKXo^, Ipa a<f>^ drfoprj re ^e/ic^ re 
fjrjp, T^ htf Kal a'<f)i ^e&p irerevxtiTO fioDfiol • 
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aSX aye fioi, roSe ehrk, Aiorpe^h EipinrvX ^/mw • 

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^Kiri, Aioyep^ HaTpoicKev^^ oKxap ^A'^a^^ 


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ea'aercUj oXX' iv vqvaX fi€Kalvriavv ireaioprai, 

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iarj( iSvPCPS • to fjbip IXxo^ eri/xrero, iravaaTo 8' ol^io. 


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IAIAj r M. 

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lAIAj r M. 

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lor* Evpirm/kop fie/SXrjfjLevov ' oi S' €fA<ixpPTO 
*Af}y€U)i KoX Tpwe: ofuXaSov. oifS* ap ifieWep 
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hrro^ €xpv pvoirro • ^e&v S* aeterjn rerv/cro 
c&avdTCi>v • TO KoX ouTi iroXin/ ;^oi/oi/ IfiireSov ^€V, 
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'Prjaofi ^' 'ETrrdiropo^ re, Rdprja-o^ re 'PoSio^ it 90 

rpqvLKo^ re Koi Al<nj7ro^t 8«09 re SKdfuiuSpo^, 


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232 IAIAA02 M. 

KoL SifJi^€L<;, 5St TToXXA Poaypia teal Tpv(f)d\€uu 
Kainreaov iv Kovirjai, fcal rifxi^eoyv yivo^ avZp&v ' 
T&v TrdvTtov OjMxre oTOfiaT^ erpaire fot^ty; ^AiroXKcov, 

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awe)(4^i i<f>pa k€ ^aaaov oKhrXjoa reixca ^e/jy. 
auT09 S* ^Ewoaiyaio^, ex^v xeipea-a-c rpiaiuav, 
rjyelr^ • iic S' apa irdirra ^efietkia KVfiaai irefjunev 
(f>iTp&v fcal XdcDV, TcL ^iaav fioyiovre^ ^Aycuoi* 

30 \ua S' hroirjaev irap ar^dppoov 'BXATy^TTOiToy, 
aJni^ S' fllova fieydXriv i^apbd!^0L<n fcoKvy^^v, 
retxo^ afid\JBvpa<: • irorafioxs S' Irpesfre piea-^iu 
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^/29 ap' ifieXkov 6'm,o'^€ UoaeiZdjoov kgX ^AiroXKjonf 

35 ^a-ifievcu • tot€ S' afi(j>l fidyfr) ivorrrrj t€ SeSiJft 
T€l')(p<; idZfiTyrov^ Kavd^t^e Se Sovpara irvpycov 
l3a\\6fjL€v\ 'Apyetoc Si, ^to? fidariyi hafihrresy 
vrfva-lv em y\a<l>vpf}aiv iekfiivoi icryavooDVTo, 
^Eicropa SeiScore;, Kparepop firjortopa (f>6fiou) • 

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Kdirpio^ r^k \€(0P aTp€(f>€Tai, ar^dvel j3X€fi€alv<ov • 
oi Bi T€ irvpyrjSbp a^ea^ airrov^ dprvvapre^ 
dprioi, ZrraPTai^ Kal oKOPri^ovai ^afietas 

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rap^el, ovhk <t>ofi€iTat • dyqpopiq Si fiip Ifcra . 
rap<f>ia re arpi<f>erai, <mxo^ dpSp&p ireipijTi^tap • 
STnrrj t t^v<rp, TrJT^ ecKovcrt, (rrl'xe^ dpSpwp • 
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ToXfuap o)fev7roSe^' fidXa Sk ')^efjb€Ti^op^ iir* Sjcpfp 
XeCkei i(j>€aTa6T€^ • dwo yctp SeiSiaaero Td<f>po^ 
evpeV, o6t* ap* irrrep^opievp trxeSop, ovre irepifjaou 
pijiSif) • lepfjfipol yhp hrrip€^i€<i irepl irdaap 

65 loTcurop apL(f>oripofy€P • virep^ep Sk a/coXoirea-auf 
ofiaip rjpi^pei^ tow iara^ap vley ^Ax^^&p^ 


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IAIAA02 XII. 233 

KVfepoif^ teal fieydXov^, Sf^&oi^ avSp&v aKeo>pf/p. 

&^' ov K€v pea fTTTTO? iifTpaxpv &p/jLa rtralinav 

€<:fiaiffy Tre^ol Se ^voivcov, el reXJotxrcv, 

St) t6t€ IIovKuSdfJLa/i ^pturi/v '^E/croph ehre irapcurrdf; • CC 

''EtcTop T ^' aXKoi Tpdxop ayol ^S* hrucovptov^ 
a^pah&a^ Sui rtufypop iKavpofiev &Kia^ Zmroxs * 
jj Be fiaX apyaXerf irepdav • a-KoXoire^ yhp ev avT§ 
o^ee; eaTcuTiVy ttotI S* avrov^ T€ij(p^ *Aj(ai&v • 
€v^* owray; eariv Karafiiifievai, oifSi fiw^ea^cu Ci 

iinrewn • <rrelviy$ yap, S^i Tp(i>a€a^cu otco. 
el fi€P yhp Stf irayxy icaxk <f)popea>v aXa'rrd^ei 
Zeir; xr^ifipepinfi^^ Tpiiyeaat Se fiovXer* apifyeiv, 
^ t' Ai/ eyoyy^ i^eXjoijukt Kal axnuca tovto yevea^ai, 
vfovvfAVcvf; airoXea^cu air "Apyeo^ ii^aB^ *A')(€uov^ • 70 

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ttXX' ayeV, c»9 &v eyoov €?7rG>, 'jreAoifie^a 7rc£j/T€9, 7S 

tTTTTow A*€i/ ^epdirovre^ ipvicovrtav cirl ri^pfp^ 
ainol Bk 7rpv\e€9 aw Teu)(€at ^copTj^epre^ 
"EfCTopi iravre; eirtofie^^ doXKee^ • avrdp *A')(cuol 
ov fju€V€ova'\ el Bi] a(f)cp oXi^pov irelpar €(fn]WTM, 

^fl^ (f>dTo IIovXvBdp^' oBe 8' ''Efcropi p.0^o^ d'/njfimp' 8t 
axnuca S' ef ox^mv auv rev^eaiv dXro x^l^^- 
ovBe fiev aXXoi Tpwes i<f>^ hnroDv fyyepi^ovTo • 
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fivio^fp fi€P errena e^ eTrereXXev licooro^, 
hnroxjf; eS /card Koafiov ipv/cifiev aS^* eirl rd^pfp • 89 

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ireinaxa Koafirf^€VTe<;, afx fjyefioveaaiv Sttovto. 

Oi fikv dp,* '^EtcTop* laav koX dp,vp^vL TIovXvBdfiaamj 
ot TrXeurrot koI apurrot eaav^ fxefiaaav Bk pAXuna 
reixp^ fnj^d/Mepoi KoiXrf^ iTrl vrfval pAxea^ai • 90 

fcal (T<f>iv Ke^piovffs rpiro^ eiwero' Trap B^ dp* 6-)(e(T^>w 


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234 IAIAA02 M. 

aXXov, Kefipiovao x^P^^^nni, KaXkiirev ^E/erwp. 

T&v S' eripoDv HapK fjpX^f fcai *A\Kd^o(y; tcaX *Ayijv<op* 

T&v Si rpirmv "EXevov icai Arftif>ol3o^ ^€0€iStj<fy 

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"Aauy; 'TpT(uciST)<;, hv *Apia'firf^€P <f>kpov tmroc 
ctt^oDPe;, fiejaXoCt irorafiov airo SeXXi^ePTO^. 
T&v 8i rerdpTCDV ^px^ ^^ 'rofe *Ayxl(rao, 
Aivelas ' aiui r^e Svo> *AvTijvopo^ vU, 

IOC ^Apx^'Koy&i r ^AKafia^ t6, fidx;r)<f eS elBore irdarj^ • 
SapTTfjSaiv S* fffl\<Ta:T arfOKKetrSiv hrucovp^v, 
irpio^ S' tKjero rXaSfCOV /ecu ^Aprfiov ^Aareponrcuov • 
oi yap oi eUravro BuuepiBov ehai dpurroi 
T&v oXXmv fierd y avrov • o h* eirpeire koX Sia irdm-o^v, 

105 oi B* iirel oKk^Kovs apapov rv/er^a-i fioeaaiv, 
pav y f^v^ Aava&v XeXMtffiivoi, oifSi r ijxuno 
<r)(fi<T€a^\ aXX* iv vrjval fuXaunfO'tv Treo-iecr^o^. 
"Ei/ft* aXKoi Tp&e^t rrfKeKXrfrol r* hrUovpoi^ 
fiovkfi IlovXvSd/jUiirro^ afMdfirfroio irC^ovro * 

110 aXX* oifx ^TpTcuclSfy: f^eX "Aauy;, Spx^M^ avSp&p, 
aC&t XiTTCiv Ettttov? t€ tcaX rjvioxpv ^epArrovra • 
dXKi, ainf avToiaiv irihuourev vricacn ^off<nv, 
vifiruy; • ovS* ap* SfieXKe, Koucas inro Krjpof; a\u^(K 
iinroKTtv /col i^^a^iv aya\\6/i€vo^, iraph vq&v 

115 a^ dirovocrrrjaeiv irporl ^TKxov fjvefioeaaav * 

irpoa^ev yap fuv Molpa Sv^eowfio^ dfjL<f)€/ed\uy^'€v 
SjX^^ ^IBofievfjo^ dyavov Aev/caXiSao. 
elaaro ydp vq&v Ar* dpurrepd, rfJTrep ^AxcuoX 
ix irehlov vl<raovTO avp Xmrourtv koX &)(€<tj>iv • 

190 T§ p hnrov^ re teal ipfxa Sii^Xaa-ev, ovSk irvXrjaiv 
eSp* hruc€icKifJL€va/i aavlSa^ icai fjuuepov h^^fo, * 
aXX' avameirrapiiHVi i^v dvip€<:, el riv* traipcov 
ix iroXifjLov <f>€vyovTa aao^euuf fierd inja,^^ 
ry /i* 4&V9 il>pove(av hnrov^ iye • roX S' afi ftroirro, 

185 o^ea /ceKXifyoPTei • €<t>aPTo yhp ovkct* *Axaiovi 
crxn^€a^* dXX iv vffval fieXaivrjacv irecriea^aVt 


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1AIAA02 XII. 236 

yi/TTAoe • €v Be 7rv\f)<n Sv^ avepa^ €vpov apUrrots^ 

vla<i inrep^Vfiov^ Aarrrt^cuov al^rjTacav ' 

TOP fjL€P, IlecpL^oov via, itparepov IIoXinroiTrfv, 

TOP Se, AeovT^a, ^poToXoiy^ laop ^Aprjl • 130 

TO) fi€P apa Trpowdpoi^e irvkdfop vyjn]\da>p 

eoTOcap, c5)^ ot€ re ipv€<; ovpeaip vylrtKdprjpoc, 

aiT* ape/jLOP fiifipovai kol verop rj/iaTa Trdpra, 

pl^rjo'CP iJL€yaKri<n BirjpeKieo'a'* dpapvuu • 

&9 dpa Tft) "xeipea-a-t weirot^ore^ rjSe ^i'p(f>tp, 185 

/jiifipop hr€p')(6fJL^pop f^iyap "Actlop, ovh* i(f>ifioPTO, 

oi B* t^u9 7rpo9 T€4;^o9 HBfirfTOP, ^ocp; ava<: 

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'Aciop dfiipl apafcra xal *Iafj,€POP teal 'Op€<nrjp, 

^AaidBi]P t' *ABdfiaPTa^ Qocopd re Olpo/jmop t€. 140 

ol B' 1JT0L eSa)? pL€P ivKvrifuBwi \A')(aioif^ 

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avrkp iTrecSrj ret;^©?, hreuavfihov^i iporjaap 

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iK Bi TO) at^aPT€, irvXdfOP irpoa-^e fiax^o^v^, 146 

dfyporipoi&t aveaaip ioiKore^ rtoT^ ip 8p€a<np 

dpBp&p ffie Kvp&p Bkyarat KoXoauprop IoptOj 

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irpvfiprfv iicrdfipopre^^ xnraX Se t€ ic6pnro^ oBoptcop 

ylyperai, ekoxe rk re ^oXmp €K ^vfwp eKryrcu * 150 

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apvqp fia\KofjL€P(OP * fidXa ycLp Kparepm ipuixoPTo, 

'Kaolaw Ka^threp^e ireiroAoTe: rjBe filrf(f)ip. 

oi B* dpa j(€pfjuiBiounp ivBfirJTODV aTTO wvpytop 

fidXXov, dfwp6p,€p0i (T(f>&p T auT&p koI kXutuuop, 155 

vr)&p T i>KVTr6pfOP, puf>aB€^ B* coy irhrrop epa^e, 

i9T' aP€fio^ 9x7799 pi(fi€a a-Kioepra Bopjjaa^:^ 

Tap<f)€id<: Kareyevep hrl %^oj/l irovXvlSoTelprf • 

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fiaXKofJLePiu fivKdKeaai, tcai doTrlBe^ oii4>cCKo€a<T€U. 


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&7 (m tot ^fUD^ T€ Kol &> 7r€7r\ijyeTo fj/rfpin 
^Aaio^ 'TpTaKiSff^, koX aXaoTija'a^ ftro9 rfvSa • 
Zev wdTep, ^ pa w koX av <f>tXoylr€vBr)^ ererufo 

166 irar/yy /loX' • ov yap eytay* i^d^riv ifipoia^ ^A^aiov^ 
<r)(fia€iv rjfiirepov ye /i.ei/09 fcal ;)^etpa9 aaTrroi/?. 
oi B\ &^€ affnJKe; fikaov aloXoi r^e fiikiaa'ai 
oucla TToi'^aoiVTiu 68^ em, iranraXoeairTf, 
ovS^ a/TroKebjrovtnv koVKov SofWPf aXXa fxiuome^ 

170 avhpa<i ^rjpr)Trjpa^^ dfivvovTai Trepl TeKPtov • 
ftk oly' ovK i^iXovai irvXaxov, ical hv eovTe, 
Xdcaa^^ai, irplv y' ^6 KaTOJcrdfiev^ fjk oK&vau 

^fl^ €<f>aT, ovSk A 109 TreZ^e <f>p€va tout* arfopcwov* 
^E/cTopi yap ol ^Vfib<; ifiovKero /cvSo<: ope^at, 

175 [*A\\oc S* ifuf)* aWTjct fidyriv ifxaxovro irvXno-at • 
apyaXiov Si fie Tavra, ^eov &<;, iravT* arfopevaau 
iravrq ycLp irepl Tet^o^ 6pa}pei, ^e<rjnSak^ irvp 
\aivov • ^Apyetot Se, Kal dyyvfjievoL irep, dvdyicrf 
VTj&v fjfivvovTo ' ^eol S* aKax^iaTO ^vfwv 

180 irdvTef, oaoi, Aavaoicn /^X'7^ hnTdppo^oi, ^aav. 
aifv S' epaXov AairC^ai iroKefJbov xal &7M>T^a.] 

^Ep^^ a3 Tleipi^oov vtov, KpaTepo^ HoKvTroiTrgi^ 
Bovpi fidXev AdfuuTOV^ tcxwkq^ hid ')(aKKOTrapriov ' 
ovS* apa x^iKKeiri tcopv^ ea^e^ev • aXXA hiaTrpo 

185 alyjiri x^iKKeb) pfj^^ oariov • iyKi<f>a\o<; Se 

epSop airaf; ireTrdXoKTo * hdfuiaae Se fup fie/JUi&Ta * 
axndp hreiTa Hvkcopa koX "Opp.epop i^epdpt^ep, 
viop S' ^ ApTLfid'Xpi^ Aeoprev^, 6^0^; "Aptfo^;, 
^ImrofJLa'Xpp ^dXe Bovpi, xaTd ^axrnjpa TU^cra9. 

190 a!m^ S' etc KoXeoto epva-a-dfjispof; ^i<f>o<; o^v, 
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TrX^f ' auToaj(€Bir)p • 6 8* ap* vimo^ ovBei ipela^ • 
axndp hreirra Mkpcopa koL *Iaiiepop icaX ^Opiartjp, 
'rrdpTa<i erraaaxnepov^ ireXaae )^opl TTOvXvfioTelpff. 

195 'Off>p* oi TOW hfdpL^op an ePTea fiapfia^ipoPTa, 
T(\<f>p* oi IIovXuBd/MiPTi teal "E/cropi Kovpoi, hropro, 


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IAIAA02 XI 1. 237 

oi irXeloTOi tcaX apurrot SaaVj fiefuiauv ik fioKurra 

T€?;^09 T€ f!yij^€iv, Kol €vnrpi]<T€cv TTvpl vria/i. 

oX pi* m fupiiripifyv, i^araorei irapa rd<f>p<p. 

SpviS yip o'(l)tP eTTTJX^e, Treprjae/Jievcu fxcfKMxnv, 90C 

IU6T09 infrcTrirryi, ^tt' dpiorepa \aov iipyav, 

^ivrfema ipaxovra (fyipcov ovi^'^a'a'^ wiXcopov, 

^e^ov, er' ounraipovra • kcu oinrco Xrf^ero X^Pf^^* 

Koy^e yhp <wtov iypvra Korh (TTrfbo<; irapi BecpijVf 

iSinafyeh oTrUroa • 6 S* airh l^ev fj/ce x^fid^e, 906 

aXyi^a^ oSvprjai^ pAatp S* ivl KafifiaX ofilXcp * 

avT09 Se KKarf^as Trirero irvoifj^ avepbovo. 

Tpwe^ 8' if>piyri<TaVy Sirw<i t^ov aioKov S(fnv^ 

KeifLCvov iv pUa-aourt, ^iM ripa^ alyi6)(pio, 

8^ t6t€ IIovKvSdpLa^ ^pcurvv '^E/cropa ehre irapaard^ 810 

"Eicrop ' ael pueu irw /Aot hmr\ri<Ta€L^ arfop^aiv^ 
ia^Xd if>pa^opL€vq> * CTrel ovSi /to/ ovBk eoixev, 
SfjpLop iovra irape^ dyopevipbev^ ovt* ivl fiovXp, 
ovre ttot' iv iroXApup, aov Si Kparo^; alikv di^tv 
vw S' oSt* i^pio), &9 pboi BoKei cZmu apurra. 81i 

fiif iofJL€v AavaouTL fiajfrja-opLevot wepl vrj&v, 
&&€ ydp ifCTckiea^ai otdfxai, el ireov ye 
Tpfoahf oh* ipvis €Tr7Jf>Ae, Trep^aepLevat pLepLowriv, 
<ueT09 in^iirinp:, hr* dpurrepd \a6v iepy<ov^ 
<l>ounjevTa hpoKovra if>€p<i>v 6vv)(€a(Ti rriXxapov, 890 

^oi>6v &ff>ap S' d(f>e7)Ke, irdpo^ <f>IX(i olicC !/ci(r^ai, 
oiS* iri\£a(re if>€p(ov hopievcu TCK^eaatv iouriv, 
i)9 ffp^hi elirep re TnJXa? koX rel^pi *A')(cu£n/ 
^^fie^a (T^evei pueydXtp, el^ai 8' *A')(cuoi, 
ov Koapup irapd vav(f>iv eKevaopie^* axnd xiKet/ba * 995 

woXKois ydp Tp<a(ov KaraXeiy^optev, ofh xev ^AycMii 
^oKxA Sffdaovaiv^ dpLwopLevoi wepl vrj&v. 
Siie X vTroKpiPOiTo ^607r/[)67ro9. Jk adifM ^vpb^ 
elSeiij repdwvy koJ, oi irec^olaro TkjooL 

Tov S ap vTToBpa iSa>v 7rpo^e<fnf tcopv^aloXo^ "Etcrwp' 996 
TIovXvBdpLOf aif puev ovkSt' iptol <f>iKa ravr drfopeuevi • 


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I A I A A O 2 M . 

ola-^a KoX aTOiOv fiff^ov afjb^ivova roOSe voriacu, 
el 8* ^€01^ Srj TOVTOv airo (rn'ovSP]<; ayopevec^, 
i^ &pa Sij Tov hreira "^eol <f>pivaf; &\€(t<w avroi, 

236 &9 fciXeai Zrjviy; fiev ipiySovTrou) Xa^ia^ai 

iSovXeoiPy a9T€ fioL airros virea^^eTo koX kaTevevaei • 
Tvvrf S' oloDPoto'L TavvTrrepvyeaa-v K€KeveL<; 
TTct^ea^at • t&p ovtv fjLeTaTp€7rop,\ ouB^ aXeytfeo, 
€?t' €7rl Be^i' l(0(n irpo^ 'H« t* 'HiXiov re, 

240 eXr^ ew apUrrepa to lye ttotI ^6(f>oi/ tfepoevra. 
nfiek 8k fieyaXoio Aio^ Tret^cw/te^a ^ovKfj, 
^9 ircurt ^vrfTOUTV koX a^avdrotaiv avdcaei* 
eh olcovo^; 5purT09, afivpeo-^ai irepl Trdrpri^. 
Thrre au Sei8oiK(K irokejiov xal SrjloTfjTa ; 

246 elirep yap t' aWoi ye irepl tcretvdifie^a iravre^ 

vfjvalp eTr' ^Apyelwv^ aol 8* ov 8€09 ear' dTroXio-^oi • 
ov yap TOi Kpa£lrf fjLeveSi^io<;, ovSk fia^ijfMov. 
el Sk (T\f B^toTTfTos cufyi^eac, t)i tip* oXXop 
'rrap<l>d/j£Po^ hrieaaip amorpey^et^i Trdkifjbou), 

260 avTUC ifjutp irrrb Sovpl rvTreU aTro ^vfiop oXeaaei^. 
^S2s apa ifxamjaa^ rjyri(TaTO • roX 8' a/*' hroPTo 
fiyfj ^eoTrealrj • inl Be Zeis repinKepaupo^ 
Sipa-ep dir^ ^ISoiodp opetop avifioto ^veWap, 
^ y !^v^ P7)&p Kopirjp ff>€pep • ainhp *A^ai&p 

266 ^eXrye pooPy Tpaxrip Bk xaX '^Efcropi kvBo^ Srra^ep. 
Tothrep Bfj repde<T<Ti TreiroC^ore^ rjIBe fflrf(f>iPy 
jyqywa^cu fieya T€t;^09 ^Ayai&p ireiprfTifyp. 
Kpoaaas fikp irvpyoup epvop, xal epecwop 67ra\f et?, 
(rrqXa^ re irpo/SKrjra^ ifio-xXeop, &9 ap' ^A'^atol 

260 irpana^ ep yalrj ^eaap efjufiepat exjiara irvpytop. 
rhs: oXy* avepvop, ekTropro Be rel^o^ *A)(cuol>p 
pi]^eip. ovBi pv iroD Aapooi ')(afypTo KeKeff^ov • 
aX)C dlye ptpolav ffo&p (f^pd^apre^ eirdK^i^, 
fidXKov aTT* axndoDP hqtbxr; vtto relxp^ lopra^. 

266 ^Afi^repta 8' Alapre KeXjexmotopr eiri irvpyoDV 
TrdpToae <t>oiTffTr^p, fiepo^ orpvpopre^ ^Ayat&v • 


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IAIAA02 XII. 239 

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IAIAA02 XII. 241 

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212 IAIAA02 M. 

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IAIAA02 XII. 343 

j^ofer', €7rei ol ^vfU)<i iikirero tcvio^; apea-^ai, 
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IAIAJ02: N. 

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246 ' IAIAA02 N. 

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TevKpop eiri Trpcorop teal Arjlrop ffh^c KeXevoyp, 


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248 IAIAA02 N. 

HrjveK&av ^' fifXDO^ Qoavrd t€ Afftirvpov re, 
Mrjpiovrfp T€ Kal * AvriKxy)(pv^ fJkrforcDpw; avT%* 
TOW oy* hroTpvvwv, hr€a Trrepocvra 7rpo<;rfvSa • 

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avT(o^ rjXda/covo'atj amXxtSe?* ovS' iirl ')(ap/i7j • 

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r^Se fie^TffjLoavvr) • dXX iv ^peal ^ecr^e Ixaaro^ 
alSw fcal vkfieaiv • 8^ yap p^eya veuco^ SptDpev. 
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Kaprepo^j Ipprj^ he irvXa^ koX fxa/cpov o^rja. 

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dfJb<t>l S* ap' Aiavraf^ Sotov^ laravro (f>dXayye^ 


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IAIAA02 XIII. 249 

Kaprrepai, &9 ovt av k€v "ApTj^ ovoacuro fiereX^dv, 
oUrre k* *A^7)vairj Xaoaaoo^, ol yap Aptaroc 

KplV^€VT€^ Tp£d^ T€ Kol ''EfCTOpa SloV €flLflVOV, 

<f>pd^avT&; hopv Bovpi, aaKo<; aaKel irpo^eXvfwtp • 130 

curing UK aairio epeioe, /eopv<; Kopw, avepa o aprjp • 

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vevovrtav • &9 irvKvol i<f>e(rTaa-ap aK\i]\oi<np • 

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avTUcpif p^ficuo^, oKooirpo^o^ iy; airb Trer/w;?, 
ovT€ Kara <rr60ai/i79 7roTafib<; ')(€ipAppoo^ &(rrj, 
(ni^a^ cunrirtp ij^^ptp avoAieo^ l)(jiaTa irerpry; • 
xn^i S' ava^pdxTKfov irireraL, /crvTriec 8^ ^' inr* ainov 14C 
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fi)9 "EfCTOip €uo<; fi€P airevKeL, fi^XP^ ^aXoo-tny? 
j)ia hi€K£v<T€a^av tcKiaia^ koX i^a? ^A^cuSyp, 
Krrelptop • aX\* ore Stf 'rrvtap^^ ipetcvpae if>aXarf^i,p, 145 

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vvtra-opre^ ^i(f>€a-ip re /ecu eyyeaip afi^tyvounp, 
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rjvaep Sk Siairpvaiop, Tpcoea-o'i yeyaypcof; • 

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KoX fjLoXa Trvpyr)Sbp (r<f>€a<; avrov^ dprvpapre; • 
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teal jSdXep, ovB* d^dfutpre, /ear dfrjriSa irdprotr it&rjv, 160 
Tcwpelfiv • rrj^ 8* oirn ScT}\a(r€P, dWA ttoXv 'irplv 


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260 IAIAA02 N. 

Jv KOvKp iarfq i6)w)(pv Sopv * Afjt^fio^ Sk 
cunriSa ravpeirjp <t;^^* aTTO &, Setae Se ^vfM^ 
eyp^09 Mr)pi6pao 8a^/)0i/09* avrap 5y' ^pw? 

165 A*^ erdpcov ek e^vo^ ixd^^^TO, ^dxraTO 8' atj/w 
apA^Tepov, vucq^.re xal eyx^o^* & ^vpia^ev. 
I3tj B* Uvcu irapd re K\i<Tia<: kuI vrja^: *A)(aiS>Pf 
olaopievo^ Sopv pxucpov, o ol K\ia-ir}(f>c XekeiirTO. 

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Kovprjp Se Ilpuipoio p6^r)p €)(€, MrfSeaucdarrfP' 
avTcLp iirel AapoSyp pee<; ^Xv^op dp,(f>ieXiaaai, 

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M/f ', ix S* eaircujep eyxo^ * 6 8' avr* hreaep, peXitf i% 
ffr* ipeo^ Kopv<f)^ e/ca^ep Trepi^xupopepoio 

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&9 ireaev • a/x^t Se oi ffpd^e rev^^a iroiKiXa ^(aXK^. 
TevKpo^ S' i}pp,rf^r}^ /Ae/iaa>9 diro Tev)(€a Sv<Tai' 
^E/cTa>p S' oppnf^ePTo^ oKOPTure Sovpl <f>aeip^, 
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vuTcopepop TToXepopSe, fcarcL arrf^oi fiuXe SovpL 
Soinrqaep Sk ireadp, dpa^Tjae Se rev^e^ iir^ ain^ 
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/cparo^ d<f>ap'rrd^aL pejaXTjropa^ * Ap<f)ipuixoio • 

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apepScCKetp K€KdXv(f>^* • o S^ dp^ dawiSo^ oplfniXJop at to, 
&o-e Si pup a^evei pLeydXtp • 6 Se ')(da<TaT oTrlaaa) 
P€Kp&p dp^reptop • Tot>9 S' e^eipvaaap ^A'^aioL 

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fipXol 'A^tjpaifDP, fc6p4><Tav perd Xahp ^A^cu&p ' 


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IAIAA02 XIII. 251 

"Ifjifipiov avT* Acairre, fiejxaore ^ovpLSo<i uTucrj^. 

59T€ 8u' alya Xiovre kupcjv vtto Kap^apoBovrcov 

ap7rd^avT6j (f>ip7)T0V ava payTr/jla irvKvd^ 

xr^ov virhp yairj<; fiera 'yapL(f>rfK^aiv €)(pvT€ • 200 

0)9 pcL TOP infrov e^ovTe Buco Atavre Kopvard, 

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Koy^ev *0iXuiSTj9j Ke^oXxofikvos ^ AfJL^Ljjud^oio • 

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^EfCTopi Be TTpoTrdpoL^e ttoBwp 7ri<x€P ip K0pi7)<np, 205 

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vioipolo veaoPTO^ ip alp^ Brjlo-njTi • 
fii] S' lipcu irapd re kKktUi^ koX ptja^ ^A^ai&i', 
orpvpiayp Aapaov<;^ Tpwe<r<TL Be K/)Bi:* erev^ep, 
^IBofiepeif^ S' apa oi BovpixXuro^: dpre^oXqa-ep, 810 

ip^6fjL€P0<i trap* eraipoVj o oi peop e/c iroXifioio 
iJX^c, Kar^ lypvrjp fiefi\rjp,€Po<i o^el ^aXx^. 
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ijlep e; kKlgLtip • ert yap iroXep.ovo /juevoipa 
dvTcdap. TOP Be,'7rpo^e:f>T} fcpeltop *Epoal')^a}p, 815 

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AlrayXolacp apaaae^ Seov 8' toi tUto Bi]pL(p • 

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olyoPTcu, TcL^ TpcacXp direiXeop vle^ *A^cuwp ; 220 

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S) Soap, ovTi^ dprjp pvp alrio^, oaaop eycoye 
ypypuHTKO} • 7rttj/Te9 yap eTn<ndp.e^a irroXepiii^eiv • 
ovre ripa Bios ^(^X^^ aKt'jpioPj ovre ta9 oxprp 
€tKa}Vy apBverac iroXefiop tcaicop • dXXd ttov ovto} ?25 

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aXXd, Ooap • koI yap rorirdpof; /MepeB/fCo^ rja^a, 
orpvpei^ Be kqX oXXop, S^c fie^Upra IBrjai' 
T^ PVP /ii/r' aTToXiyye, KsXeve re (JxotI eicdxTTtp,. 230 

7*9^ 8* rj/jL€(^eT* eTTCiTa noiretBduyp ipQa'i)fia}p ' 


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252 IAIAA02 N. 

*ISofi€P€Vj fiif KHvo<; avfjp en votrnjaetev 

iie Tpoiff^, aXX* ai^c /evvwi/ fieXTnf^pa ykvovro, 

835 aXX* fiye, revyea hevpo Xafiatv f^f ravra 8* £/ia ;^p^ 
<r7r6i}&4i'» aX #c' ^^€\o9 rt yevdfji^e^a, xal Sv* iovre. 
0VfjL<f>€fnif B* aperff iriKei avhp&v, icaX fidXa Xvypwv * 
vm ik Kai k a^a^ounv iTrioTCUfiea^a /id'^eo^cu, 
^'Sl^ elirdPt 6 fi€v airi^ 6/817 ^eb^ £/i irovov avip&v * 

840 *ISofi€V€v^ S' 0T6 S^ KKiahiv eHrvxrov tccwev, 
Sva-ero revyca Ka'kii irepl XP^* jhno Si Sovpe • 
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iyyif<; en Kkurirf^ • p^erk yip Sopv ')(aKK€Ov ^i 
otaofJLeuo^ • top Sk irpo^itfyq a^kvo^ ^ISofievijo^ • 

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rfi T€v ayy eXirji fjuer* e/t' ^Xv^e? ; ovS^ rot avro^ 
^a^cu ipl Kkurirjai XiXaiofuu, aXXk pLayea^OA, 
Top S' aZ Mrfpcow]^ irenwpApo^ apriop rfvSa • 

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ip')(pp4U, et ri roi iyx^ ^^ feXKrirjo'c XiXeiTrrcu^ 
ourop^epo^ • to pv jhp Kared^afiep^ h wplp eja^aKOP, 
aawiSa ^r)Uf>6fioio fiaXa>p inrepriPopiopTO^. 

Top S* aJn^ *ISopL€P€v^, Kprfr&p 0769, optiop ijSSa* 

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eoTOOT* hf KXurirj 7r/)09 ipdrn'Ui irapA^poaypra^ 
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dvSp&p Sv^pbepitap €Kit/f lardp^po^ rroXep4^€tP. 
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865 Koi teopt/^e^ koX ^d>pr]K&; XapLirpop yoptKOpre;. 

J*6p S* ai M'qpUtvri^ irenwpipo^ avriop rjvSa ? 


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IAIAA02 XIII. 253 

fcai TOi ifiol Trapd re kKktiti koX vrjt fieKaivrf 

itoXK! evapa Tpweav • aXX ov <r)(€h6v i<mv iXitr^ai. 

ovSk yap ov8^ ifjue <f>i)fiL XeXaar/xhfov e/ifievcu aXjcij^, 

aXKa fierci irptoToiai fid^p avh fcvSidvecpav 270 

lara/uu, OTnrore V€uco<; optoprfrcu iroXAfioLo, 

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\rf^^ liapvaiieva^, ak Be ISfievcu avrov ot(t), 

Tov S' aSr' 'I8o^€P€v<i, Kprjr&v 0769, dmiov rjvSa' 
oK' ap€Tf)v o269 ia-ai • rl ere ^PV Tavra Xeyea^cu ; 276 

€t ycLp vvv irapa vrfval Xeyoi/j^^a irdme^ apiaroi 
h 'K6)(pv, €V^a fidXurT^ dperrj ButeiSerac dvSp&p, 
ft/ft' o,Te SetXo9 din]p, 09 r' aXxifjCo^, i^€<f>adv^7j — 
TOV iihf yap re koxov TpeTrerai XP^ aXKuSis aWy • 
ovSi oi drpefiaf; fja-^ai ipryrver* ev <f>p€(rl ^v/w, -280 

d\\a fieroK\d^€i, xal eir^ dfi^oTepoxjs irohas ijet • 
iv he T€ oi KpaBir) fjueyaka arepvouri trarda-a-ei^ 
Krjpa^ oiofMevtp, wdrayo^ Se re yiyver* oBovtodv ' 
TOV S' dya^ov ovt^ &p TpeTrerai j^ft)9, ovre ti Xirjp 
rapffel, eireiBdv Trpdrov e^i^rjra^ Xo^ov dvSp&Vy 285 

aparat Se Td^toTa fjkiyrjfievai ev ha!t Xvyp^ — 
oifhe Kev ev^a reov ye p.evo<i kolI ;^e2/?a9 ovoiro, 
eltrep ydp Ke pXelo irovevfievo^, rje nnreiq^^ 
ovK &v iv avx^v^ onia^e irea-oi /8€\o9, ov8' ivl vanq>, 
dXXd Kev fj arepvcov fj vrfSvo^ avrcda-eiev, 290 

irpoaao) le/xevou), fierd irpo/jAx^^ oaptarvv, 
aXX* dye, fjbTjfcert rama Xeyoi/xe^a, vrjinmoc 0)9, 
€<rraoT€9, /i»/ ttov T19 vTrep^idXco^ vefiecnjirp • 
dXXd avye KXKrirjvSe Kca>v ?X€u 6^pifiov eyx^« 

^/29 <f>dro • M'qpiovrff; Si, ^o^ drdXavro^ "Aprjl, 295 

fcapTTaXifuo^ /cXi(ri7)^ev dvetXero xdXKeov eyxo^j 
^rj Sk fier^ ^ISo/jievPja, fiiya irroXAfioto fUfiriXdy;, 
0I09 Si fipoToXotyb^ "Aprj^ iroXefiovSe fiereuriv, 
T^ Sk fo^o^, ^tXo9 vm, afxa Kparepio^ icaX drap/Si^f;, 
itnrero, 59t' i^^rjae roKd^povd irep woXefuaniv • 300 
Tw fihf ap^ ix ©/>27/ny9 *E<^vpov^ fiira ^(DpTJcaea'^ov, 


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254 I A I A A O 2 N . 

lye fjL€Ta ^Xeyua? ixeyaXrjTopa^ • ovh^ apa rcSye 
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IAIAA02 XIII. 365 

&9 apa T&v ofioa^ ^\^€ H^X^* fiifuiaav 8* evl ^i;/ta> 
dX\97\ov9 /ca^' OfiCKov ivaipifiev o^ii j(aXK^. 

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aXXA Oeriv KuBaive icai, viia Kaprepo^v/JLOV * 350 

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yree Bk Uptdfioio ^vyarp&v elSo? aplaTTjv, 365 

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Baxrifievai • 6 Bk pApva^', vTroa^eairiaL 7n^i](Ta^, 
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Kal /3dXev ijy^i jSifidma TV)((av • ouB^ ripKeae ^d}pri^ 


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256 1 A I A A O 2 N . 

j^aX^609, hv (fnypiea-Ke, fiicrp S' ip yaaripc Tiij^ev. 
SovTrrjaev Se irea-oov • o 8* hrev^aro, <f><oinj<r€P re • 
'0^pixiP€v, ire pi Si; a€ fipor&v aivifyfi* airavrcav^ 

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Kai Ke rot '^fjuek ravra y* v7roa")(6fJi'€voi T€\i<raifjL€v • 
SolfJL€v S' ^ArpeiSao ^vyarp&v eZSo9 apicrrrjv, 
"Apyeo^ i^ayayome^, oirvUfiep • et /ee trifp afifuv 

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afif\>l ydfMp * eTrel ovtol iehworaL /caxoi elfiev. 

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alep ex 't)ploxo^ ^epdirayv • o Sc tero ^iz/xw 
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j^a\/e^09, Si' <l>opi€a'K€, fida-t} B* ip ycurrepi irrj^ep. 
avTcLp Sy* do'^fiaipcop evepyio^ itcrreae Bl(f>pov • 

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i^eXaae Tpdxop fier* €VKvrjfjLtBa<; ^A^cuov^* 

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*Aaiov d')(PVfjLepo^y koI afc6pTC<re Bovpl iJMeiP^. 
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T^ &p* Bye pvpouTL l3o&p koI paypoirt ')(clKk^ 


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1AIAA02 XIII. 267 

Sanorifv ^pieaice, Bwa Kavoifcaa* dpapvtav * 

rg Ctto Tra? iaXr), rb S' vTripTrraro ^aXjeeov 2yx^ ' 

icapi^cCKjkov Se oi a<nrU cTrL^pi^avny; avcev 

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fprap VTTo wpaTTiSeov, eV^ap S* irrrb jovpar' Ikva-ev 

^rjt(f>o/3o^ S* €K7ray\ov errev^aro, fia/cpov adaa^ • 

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649 ''AiBo^ irep loirra irvXAprao Kparepolo, 415 

yrf^Tjaeiv Kark ^fiov • hrci pd ol Smaaa irofiirov. 

^Sl^ ifbar^ • ^ApyeiouTc 8' a^o^i yeper* ev^afiipoto, 
*AptiX6'x<P Si fioKuna Sat<l>poPL ^vfiop ipipep^ 
akX ovS\ cuyyvfiepof; irep, iov afjL€Kr)<7€P eraipov, 
aXXa ^€(0P wepifir), Kai oi aaxo^ afi<f>€/cdXirsft€P. 480 

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*I8ofjL€P€v<: S* ou Xr]y€ fjb€VO(; fieya • lero 8' alel 
flje ripa Tpdmp ipe/Seppy pvktI KaXuyjrcu, 4S5 

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ffpto ^AXxd^oop — yafjLJSpo*; B* f^p ^Ay)(yTWO • 
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r^p iripi KYjpt if>Lkr)ae iraTtjp koI ttotpul fiijrrjp 430 

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KoXKei KoX epyouTip tSe 4f>p€(rl • Tovpetca Kai fuv 
yrjfiep dpr)p &pi<TTo^ hii Tpoirj evpeij) — 
TOP To^* VTT* ^ISo/iepfjl TIo(T€LBd(OP iSd/MKrceVj 
^eXfa? o(r(re (f>a€cpdy 7riSr}(r6 Si ^aiSifui yuta. 435 

ovT€ yhp i^orn-iaw <f>vy€€ip SvpaT\ oiJr' aXiaa^a^. • 
dXTC, &<n'€ <TT7]Xr]P rf SipSpeop vyjrnr€Tr)XoPj 
arpi/jLO^ caTOora^ arrf^o^ fiiaop ovra^e Sovpl 
ffp<o^ * ISo/jL€P€v^t prj^ep Si ol afufn '^ir&pa 
^dXK€OPt 09 oi Trpoc^ep diro XP^^ ripKCi oXe^pop • 440 

8^ t6t€ y^ aiop dv(T€P, ipe^KOfiepo^ irepl Sovpi. 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

258 IAIAA02 N. 

SovTTffaep Se '/readu^ Sopv S' iv KpaSifi eir e ir^eij 
ff pd oi cunraipovaa koX ovpia'xpv ireXifu^ep 
ey^eo? • €P^a B* eiretr* acfyUt /iii/09 ofipLfio^ ^^P^ * 

445 ^ISofjL€V€v^ S' e/cirar/Xjov hrev^aTO, fioKpov avaa<; • 
/i7jt<f)o^\ ?} apa St] Ti itaKOfisv a^iov elvcu, 
rpeU €1/09 aprl 7r€<f>d(7^(u ; eirei <rv irep €V)(€ai otrroK " 
Saifiovc* ! dXXA Kol avro^ ivcaniov laraa* ifieiOf 
o(f>pa tSrj, o2b9 Zrfvb^ y6vo<; ip^aS* iKdvco • 

450 S9 TTpcjTOv Mivfoa reKe, Kpijrp hriovpov • 

Miva)<: 8* ai T6/c€^' viov a/xv/iova AevKcCKuova' 
AevfcaXiayv S' €/i€ TLfcre, iro'XAaa Svipeaatv avaxra 
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aoi re kokop kcu irarpl teal aXXjoia TpdyeaaiP. 

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&yjr dpa')(Oi)pij(rai, fj weipijacuTO xal 0Z09. 
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firjpcu €7r* Alpelap ' top S' vararop evpep ofitKov 

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yafi^pt^ afivp4fi€Pcu, eXirep ri ae /crjBo^ Itcupe^ 

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yafM^pof; eQ)P e^pe^ Bofioif; li/t, rvr^op eoprd' 
TOP Be TOL *IBofi€Pev<; BovptKXvTOf; i^epdpt^ev. 

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fir] Bk fier ^IBofMCpfja^ fieya TrroXefioio fie^ijXwf 

470 aXV ovK 'IBpfiePTJa (f>6fio<; \dfie, Trfkuyerop c59» 
dXK efJLep^, o)^ ore t49 ov<; ovpeaip oXkI freiroc^dtf, 
a9Te fjih/et KoKoavprop iTrep)(pfi€P0P ttoXup dpSp&p 
X^p^ ep oioTToXfp ffipia-a-ec Be t€ p&top virep^ep • 
6<f>^a\fi<o B* apa oi irvpl Xdfnrerop • aindp oBopto^ 

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&9 fJiivep 'IBo/M€Peif9 BovpiKXvTo^, ouB^ irrre^icopei. 


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I Ai Ail OS XIII. 269 

Aipeiav hnovra ^orf^oov • aiie S' eraipov^, 
^Ao-kolKo^v t' e;opa>v, *A<f>apfjd re ATjiirvpov re, 
Mr)pU)V7jv T€ KoX * AvrtX(y)(pVt fjuriartopw; avrrf; • 
roxff; oy' hrorpvvoDv errea irTepoevra irpo^vha • 180 

Aevre, <f>i\oi, Kai {m ot<p afivvere! BeiBca 8' alv(0'i 
Alveiav hriovra iroha/; Ta)(yv, 09 fiot, eireuriv • 
S9 fjidXa Kaprepo^ i<m fMu^rj epi <^Ta9 ivaipeiv • 
KoX 8' €;^6t ^)9i7<? £1/^09, 5, re Kpdro^; iarl fxeyiarov. 
€1 yctp ojj^rpUKlrj ye yepolfie^a t^' ^i ^vfitp^ 485 

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irXfja-iot eaTqaav^ Gcuce cS/totcrt KkivavTei, 
Alveia^ S' erepco^ev e/ce/cXero 0I9 erdpoiaiv^ 
Ar}t<f>ofi6v re Ildpiv r hopiav teal ^Ayijpopa Siov, 490 

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\aol hrov^\ iy^el re p^erd /crlXov etnrero fiTjXa 
irwfiev* €K fiordpTjf; • ydvvrai 8' apa re (f>p€va iroifi^v • 
&9 Alveia )^vfib^ ivl anff^effO'i yeyij^et^ 
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01 8' a/ir^' 'ilX/ca^o^ avTotrxeSov a>p/n]^7}<rav 
fuiKpotac ^arola-L • 7re/>l aTif^eaai Se p^aX/co9 
afjuepBaXiov Kovdfiv^e, rirva-KOfievoyp Aca^' ofiiXop 
dXKijKeov Bvo 8* dpSp€<; ^Apijloi e^o)(OP d\\a>p, 
AtPeia^ re Kal 'IBofiepev^, drdXaproi "Aprfi, 500 

Upr^ dXKrfKcop rafieeip xpoa i/^Xit ')(a\K^. 
Alveia^ Si rrpwriyi oKOPrurev 'ISofievfjoq • 
aXX 6 fA€V apra ISoDp rfKevaro yoKjceop €yx<^ * 
alxf^ 8' Aipeiao KpoBaipOfMevrj icard yairpi 
cS^er*, hrei /i' oKlop ari^apfj^ diro %etpo9 opov<T€P. £05 
*I8opL€P€v^ 8' a/>a Olpofuiop ^dXe yaarepa fi€<r<nfp • 
p^^e 8c ^(oprjKcy; yvaXop, Bid 8* etnepa p^aXico9 
^wr' • 6 B^ ip Koplyat TreaoDP ?Xe yalap dyoar^, 
*ISofi€P€v^ 8' e/c yu-^ peKv<y; B6>ax6aKLop eyxo^ 
iairdaar*, oifB^ dp* er* aXXa Bvp^aaro rev^ea KaXd 510 
&fiot>ip df^Xic^oi • hreiyero yap ^eXkeaaxp, 


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260 lAIAAOS N. 

oxf yctp ft"* l/ATTcSa yvla iroB&i/ fjv opfiff^hni, 
air* ap^ iirdt^ac fie^^ iop ^SeXoy, ovt* aXiaa-^cu. 
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515 rpitra-cu 8' ovfcen plfjuf>a 'rroSe^ ff>€pop etc iroXifioio, 
Tov Si fia&rjv a7rt6i/T09 aKovrure Sovpi <f)a€cvfp 
Ar)t<f>ofioi; • S^ yap oi fj^ei/ kotop ifjLfievk alei • 
aXX* oye /eaX r^^ afiaprev, 6 S* * AaKoXa^v ^aXe Sovpt 
vlov *Evva\ioio • St* (5/ioi; S* S^pc/iov ey^o^ 

520 €(r)(€V * 6 B* iv Kopirjo'i 'ireaa>p SXje ycuap ayoar^ 
ovS' &pa irdu T* ireirxHTTo ffpujirva; 6fipifio<: ''Apt)^ 
uIo9 eoio ir€a6pT0<; ipl Kparep^ vafilprj • 
dXX' oy' 5/5* &Kpip 'OXufJLirtp xjiro ^u(r€oc(n pitf^eaaof 
fl<rro, Aut^ ffovXfja'iP ieXpApo^, ep^a irep aXKot 

525 a^dparoi ^eol ^aap, iepyofiepot TrdKkfWio. 

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ffpTToae • MrjpiSpTj^ Si, ft 0^5 draKavTO^ ''^pVh 
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i^ipiMTC TTpvfipoio ^paxiopo^ 6ffpip,op eyxo^ ' 
A*^ 8' krdpoiP 6*9 efti/09 ixd^^ro, top Sk IIoXlTr^, 
ainoKaaiyprjTOfSy irepi fMia<ra> %€!/}€ rinjpof:, 

535 i^^€P TToXifjLOto Svf^rfx^o^i S<f>p^ Xkc^ imrovs 
oDxia^, ol 01 STria^e /ia;^9 ^JSe irroXifioio 
iaraaap, fpfio^pp re koX ipfuira itolkIX eyppre^ • 
ot Topye TTporX oxttv (f>€pop ^apia arepdxopra, 
reipofiepop • xarii B* atfia peovrdrov eppee j^et/w. 

540 0/8' oKXoc fidppovro, l3off 8' aa^earo^; opdpec 
a/ft* Aipka^ *A(f>aprja KaXrfropLSrjp hropovaa^f; 
Xaifiop ruyfr^, iirl ol rer pa/xfiepop, o^ii Sovpi' 
eKXip^Tj 8' €T€/J6><r€ xdpij, errl 8' dairU idxfjt^ff, 
teal KOpv^ • dfi^l 8^ oi ftawiro? X^^ ^vfuopaianj^* 

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ovTcur* ivcU^^' diro Si <f>XePa ircUrap €K€p<r€Pf 


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ffr' ova p&Ta ^iovca Suifnrepe^, <ii^€i/* iKdvec* 
Tffv airo iraaav eKepaev* 6 S' utttao? iv Kovirjcuf 
KcnrTrecep, a^t^fxo X^V^ (f>i\ot^ CTapo^ai Treraaa-a^. 
*Ain't\jty)(p<: ?' hropovae, koX aXwro revx^* air* &fia\p, 550 
iraTTTaiuwv * Tpolye; 8^ TrepuTToBov aXXo^ep a\Xo9 
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ehrvi ejriypa^cu ripeva X/wJa vrjkil %aX/c^ 
*AvTiXaxpv • iripc yap pa IloaeiSdwv ipoai^tov 
Niaropo*; viov Ipvro, koX iv iroXXoun ^iKeaatv, 555 

ov fihf yap tror avev hqUov ^v, aXXh Kar* avrois 
OTpoHfAr * ovhe oi ey^o^ ^x arpifJM^^ viXKa fiaX <uel 
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IAIAA02 XIII. 263 

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264 IAIAA02 N. 

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1AIAA02 XIII. 266 

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pAppa^rro Tpaxrip re Kal ''Eicropv /caXxoKOpvoTp • T8C 


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*S&6 IAIAA02 N. 

ol S* SnAeif fidXKopre^j iXca/^avov • ovSi rv X^Pf^V^ 
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KtKKriym, iiii hk Tpaaonv irerer^ i;S* hrueovponf, 755 

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^68 1 A I A A O 2 N . 

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lAlAAOS XIII. 269 

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'Apyetoi S* €T€poi>^ep iirlaxovy oiS' iXd^ovro 835 

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ff)(ri 8* afufxnipwv 7/ceT* al^ioa tcaX Jto9 auya9t 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 


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lAiAJOs r 

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i)9 o yipaop &pfuup€, hal^6fi€vo<; kotcl ^vfiop 80 

hi')^dSi*, ^ fi€^^ ofiiXop lot AopoAp TaxywdiX/ap, 


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272 IAIAA02 s. 

rjk fier' 'ArpeiBrfv ^ Aya/iefjLvova, irocfLeva Xoqm^ 
(H)0€ Se oi <f>pov€ovTc SodcTaaro KepSiov elvcu, 
prjvai iir* ^ArpeiSijv, oi 8' aXKyXov^ ipdpt^ov, 

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Trap V7)wp dm6pT€^, octol ffc^^aro x^^*^^ 
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^Iv €</>* ttXis" TToXi^? • ras ydp irpwra*; ireSiovSe 
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alytaXo^ in]a^ Xahkevv • areivovTo Sk Xaoi* 

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Tov Kal ifxavrjaa^; 7rpo<;i<fyrj KpeUov ^AyapLi/jLvayp • 
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apptfKTOP pT)6!}p T€ Kal avTtap elXap eaecr^ai • 


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I A I A A o 2 XI y\>'' 273 

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arffialpeip, fjurjS* afifup apcuraifiep • olaiv apa Zeis 85 

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uil^op, hp ov KCP aprip ye Sta oTOfia Trdfurap wyopro, 



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274 I A 1 A A o 2 a 

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afcif7rTOV)(6<: r' €17), Kai ol Tret^olaTO "Kcujii 
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irel^ea^ai • koX firfn Kortp a/fiarja^e Ikooto^, 
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irarpo^ ifiolo 'jraWjp • aperfj S' ^v l^O)(p^ avr&p, 
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T^ oifie av jjue 70/09 ye tcaxov real dpoX/ci&i ^irre9, 


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IAIAA02 XIV. 275 

ui^ov arvfii^(UT€ iref^curfikvov^ op x.eS Airm, 

SevT* tojj^v TToXe/j^vBe, Kal oirrdfievol irep, avay/cif, 

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fiiiv 8' 2/A61/, fipx^ ^' ^P^ ^^^^ aim^ avSp&v ' Aya/jtifAPeov. 

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Se^tTCpijv S' l\£ X^^P* 'Aya/jUfiP0P09 ^ArpeiSao^ 
Kal fuv (^yqacLf; hrea Trrepoevra 7rpo<njvBa • 

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yrf^el ivl anf^eaai^ ^ifov koI (f>v^av *A)(cu&v 140 

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KapSiTf, aXXffKTOP TToXefii^eip 778^ {Jbdyea^ai^ 

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OToa-^ i^ Ovkufi/rroio diro piov • auriKa S' Syp<a 
TOP fi€P TTOcmnjopTa /id'xrjp apa KvitApeipav 155, 

avTOKcuriypffTOP Koi Baipa, x^P^ ^^ ^vfi^ • 
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nSt 8c 01 Kara ^vfiop apitrrq (fyiipero 0ov\vt 


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gf6 lAIAAOS 3. 

i\^€w €A9 "ISijv, ei ipTWcuTOV i ainjp, 
€1 ira>^ ifielpaiTo irapahpa^iew (f>iX6Tfjr^ 
3 XP^^V* '^^ ^' inrvov ainj^pd re Tuapop t€ 

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^rj 5* Ifiev iy ^dXafjLOV, top oi ^t\09 vio^ erev^ev, 
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Kprjihip,p<p S* i<t>vir€p^€ kcCSap^to Sta ^edcop, 

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axndp eireiSfj irdpTa irepl xpot ^i^xaTO KoafAOP, 
07} p lp,€p CK ^aXdp^oio, /eaXeaaapApT) 8' ^ A<f>pohiTf)P9 
T&p aXXa>p dirdvev^e ^e&p, vpo<; pAj^op eevrrev * 

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ei hvpap^u TeXiacu ye, koX el TereXeap^op eVri^y 


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IAIAA02 XIV. 877 

Tijp Se S6Ko<f>poj4ovaa 7rpo<;rjv8a ttotvul ''Hprf • 
Sov vvv fwi, <l>iKoT7fra koX Xfi^poVy ^e av iraina^; 
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elfAi yap oy^ofjuivTf 7ro\v(f>6p^ov irelpaTa yairj^j 800 

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Se^dfiepo^ 'Peirj^, otj t€ Kpopop eipwyira Zeif^ 
jahf; P€p^€ Ka^ecae kcu arpvyirou) ^aXdaarj^: • 
rots €lfi o^ofjUpTf, Kai <rif>^ axpira peucea Xv<t<o, 80^ 

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einnys koI <f>iXj6TtjTo^, inel x^^^ epnreae ^vfi^ 
ei Keipo) y* eireeao'i wapaxTrem^ovca <f>iKop Ktjp^ 
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iroucikop ' €P^a Bi oi ^eTucTTJpuL iropra rirv/cTO • 816 

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'rrdp(f>ao'L^, rjr* iKXeyfre poop irvxa irep (f>poP€6pTa>p, 
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iroiKikoPy ^ €PL irapra Terevx^Tai • ovBi ae <^fu 880 

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fieiSi^aa'a S' eireira k^ iytcdr^ero KoKirtp, 

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"Hprj 8* d^aaa Xiirep piop OiiKvfLiroio^ 885 

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a-evar' i<f)' iinroTroXwp Qprpctap 6 pea puf>6€PTa, 
aKpordra^ Kopvff>d<i • oihe ')^6pa fidpTrre voSoUp • 
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h^^ ''Tirptp (v/jL^XriTOf tca^iymjTfp OapdroiOi 


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278 IAIAA02 S. 

€v t' apa oi (fw X^*P*» e7ro9 t' l<f>aT\ etc r* 6v6fAa^€P* 

^Tirve, ava^ irdmwv re ^e&v, iravrcjp r av^pmnnf ' 
^ fiev Bi] ttot' i/jLOP erro^ e/cXi/c?, ^8' en xai vvv 
235 wel^ev • iyw Bi /ci roi ISiw X"^P^^ tffiara irdirra. 
Kolfirj<r6v fioi Zr}v6i vtt' 6ff>pv<rcv 6<t<t€ (fxteanoj 
ainuc inrei /cev iya> irapaXi^ofjuu iv ^CKjottitu 
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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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IAIAA02 xiy. 281 

aXX el Si) fi* i^iKeiq, ical roi (f>tXx)v hrXero ^vfA^ 

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2S2 IAIAA02 X. 

€<r<TdfJL€Poit /ve^oXA? £^ iravaH^r^aw Kopv^etrtnv 
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IAIAA02 XIV. 293 

8m pa ol fiiKo^ &kv irdociov €/c(f>vy€ ;^€t/)09. 

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j(€pfmBlq>, rd pa ttoXXo, ^od(ov €)(fiaTa vtf&p, 410 

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284 IAIAA02 Z. 

€p^a TToXif 7rp<oTLOT0^ ^OiKrjo^ rayy; AX<v; 
Sdrvtop otnaae Sovpl fierdXfMevo^; of i/oota, 
*Hi/o7riSr)P, hv apa Nv/jufyrf re/ce vrjU afivfuov 

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ovra Kork Xairdp'qp • 6 S* di/erpaTrer', a/t^t 8* ap* avra 
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afw)9 ; ov flip fioi koxo^ eiSerai, ovBk Ka/coyp If,- 
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Ip^ 'A/edfia^ Tlpofia^op Bouortop ovraac hovpi^ 


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1A1AA02 XIV. 285 

afKJn Koaiyvip^tp fiefiady; * 6 S' v(f>€\K€ nrohotiv. 
T^ S* 'AxafUK €K7ray\ov eVei/f aro, fiaKpov aiaa^ • 

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ov^r)p olouriv ye ttoi/o^ t' eacrai Kol oi^o^ 480 

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Sf)p6v aTAT09 fty. Tc5 fcai k€ Tt9 eS;^f rot avtfp 
yvomov ail fieydpotaiv dpi]<i aXfCTrjpa Xnr^d^cu, 485 

^fl^ €<f}aT* • ^Apyeioiat S' ^^X©? ykver^ ev^afihfoio, 
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vibv ^6p/3ain'o<; ttoXv/jltjXov, top pa fiaXtoTa 490 

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286 IAIAA02 5. 

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1AIAA02 O. 

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Ji90 IAIAA02 O. 

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lAIAAOZ XY. 29i 

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iravadp^pop pup dvoa^t H^X^ ^^^ irrokipou) 160 


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M2 I A I A 2^ O 2 O . 

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^^epd-l 8k firpri, fie irar/yy^ /eatcov ok, SeiSura^a^op* 
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rifp fidyC hruTO'eUdP, ^^eew fjpcda^ M^^atoiJ?. 890 « 


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294 lAIAAOS o. 

(Tol S' ovtS fjLeXh-to, *EKaTff/36\e, <f)alSifjLo^ '^E/craop* 
T6<f}pa yiip oip ol eyeipe fiivo^ fieya, S<f}p^ &v *Aj(aiol 
if>€vyoine; vrja^ re koX ^EXKri^nrovrov Ztcoavrcu. 
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335 w? K€ /cat atrri^ ^A')(cuol dvaTTvevo-axn irovoco. 

^12^ €<f)ar • ovS* apa warpb^ avrfKOVoTrja-ev ^Av6\Xea9 
firj Se KWT^ ^IZaUov 6pia>v, tprfxi €ot#cci>9 
oiKii, <l>a<ra'0(f>6p<Pf arr &kutto^ irererjv&v ' 
eS/)* vlov TIpidfJMLO Sat(f>povo<;, ^Eicropa Siov, 

840 ijfia/oPj omS' eri Kelro • viov h* i'iayelpero ^v^v, 
afi^l i ytr/vaKTKoyv €Tapov<; * arhp Sur^fia /eal ISpoa^ 
iraver, hreL fMiv lyetpe ^to9 wo9 alyi6')(pio, 
offxpv S* lardfievo^ irpo^iffyq eKocpyo^ ^AirohXcov • 
*'E/cTop, vie npidfjLOio, Tiff Se <rv voa^iv air oKKjav 

S45 ^o"' 6\vyifir€\k(ov ; tJ irov rl ae /cf]8o<; Udvec • 

Tbv S* oXiyoSpavioDV irpof^iifn} xopv^aloXo^ "E/croap* 
rk Be (TV i(T(Tt, (f>€piaTe ^ewi/, 3y f/ elpecu avTijv ; 
ov/c dteL<:, o fie vrjvalv hn Trpvpjrrja-ip ^A^^ai&v, 
oft? erdpov^: oXAkovto^ ^offv a/ya^b^ fidXev Ala/; 

S50 yepfiahifp irpb^ (rrff^o^;, hravae he ^ovpiBo^ aX^c^, 
teat St) eyarf' e<f>dfji/qv ve/cva^ teal Ba>fjL^ ^AtSao 
fffiart T^' Sy^a^cu, iwel <f>t\jov aiov ^op. 

Tov S' avT€ TTpo^eenrep ava^ €Kd€pyo<: ^AttoXKoiw » 
^dpaei vvv • toIov roi doaaifrrjpa Kpopicov 

256 ef *'ISi79 TTpoerf/ce irape<rrdfiepou koX dfivpeiv, 

^oifiov ^AiroXKosma ypvadopop • 09 <re irdpo^ irep 
pvofi% opw avrop re kcu ahrecpop irroXie^pov, 
aW aye pvp iirrreva-ip ewoTpvpop TrdkieaaiPt 
pr)v<rlp hrt y\axf>vp^a'ip ekavpcfjuep oiKea/i hnrov^ • 

MO aindp eycb TTpowdpoAe kuop, XwrrouTL KeXev^op 
iraaap Xetapeo), T/ae^o) S' fjpa>a<: * AyjoLiov^, 

^fl^ ehrwp e/MTTpevae fUpo^ fiiya iroifiepi \aSnf, 
w S ' 6t€ TA9 <rraT09 TTrTro?, dK04rnj(Ta<; ^l ^tvi/, 
• Sea/jLOP diroppTj^as ^elt) irehioio Kpoalvonf. 

965 elon^oa^ Xovea-^a^ etyJ^etb? TrOTafUHo, 


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IAIAA0 2 XV. 296 

KvSioc^p • wlrov Se xaprj e^u, afufn Se ^aiTat 

&fjLOi^ ato'covTcu • S' ay\at7}<f>c TreTrot^ci^, 

pifuf>a € yovva (fyipei, /xera t' if^ea Kal vofiov Xmrnv ' 

&9 "EfCTcop Xatyjnjpa TroSa? ^cai yovvar iiKOfJLO, 

OTpuvoov hnrrja^f irrrci ^eoO ercKvev avh}v, 270 

o/ 8', fi^r' ^ €\a<f>ov K€pa6v rj aypiov alya 

i<T<T€VOVTO KVV&i T€ KoX avipCS uypOUOTCU ' 

TOP fjikv r fjKifiaro^ werpij koI Sda/cio^ v\r) 

elpvcaT, ovB* apa t4 a<f>i KV)(rifi€vai atac/jbop 1J€P • 

T&p Si ^' VTTO layrjf: i(f>dp7f Xis ^vyipeio^ 275 

e<V 6S6p, ahira Se 7rdpTa<; airerpaire xal fiefuuiraii ' 

&; Aavaol eh^ fihf ofMiKoBop alep eiropro, 

pvao'OPTe'i ^uf>€a'lp re xai eyxcaip ufA^iyvoiaip • 

avrap hrel IBop "^Efcrop* hroL^ofiepop otIxo^ apSpSup, 

rdpfirjaap, iraatp ik irapaX iroai Kamreae ^vfxo^, 280 

Tolcri S' erreiT* ayopeve S6a(:j ^ Apipaifiopo<i vtoy, 
AirfSK&p 6^ apioT099 hri,<7rdfi€vo<; fiep axopri^ 
^<7^Xo9 S' cV <rraZiri • ayopf) Si i iravpot ^Ax^uAp 
puccap, o7nroT€ tcovpoi ipica-eutp irepl fiv^cop • 
5 a<f>ip iv<f)popi<op dyopijaaro teal /Merieiirep * 28b 

*^S2 TTOTTOi, fj fiiya ^av/Ma toS* 6(f>^aXfiol(np op&fuu 
olop S' auT* i^avTi<f apiaTq, Krjpa^ dXv^a^, 
"E/CTcop ! fi ^rip /UP fidXa eXTrero ^u/xo? iKcurrov 
X^pcrlp inr^ AtapTO^ ^apietp TeXafKOPtaZao, 
oKKd Tt9 avre ^e&p ippvaaro koI ia-dcocrep 290 

^E/CTop\ 6 Brj ttoXXmp Aapo&p irrro yovpar^ ekvaep 
W Kol pvp ea-a-ea^ai otdfuu • ov ydp arep ye 
ZrfPo^ ipcyBo&rrov 7rp6fjLo<: XoTarai, oSSe fiepoipc^p. 
aXX a/y€^\ a)9 &p iyoDP et7r(o, 7r€i^<ofi€^a irdpre^. 
irXff^up flip ttotI pfja<; dpco^o/iep diropiea^at, • 296 

avTol S', oa-a-oc aptoTO^ ipl a-rpar^ €v)(6fjb€^* elpcu, 
arelofiep, &^ fee tt/jcStoi/ ipv^ofiep dprida-apre^^ 
Sovpar dpoa-xpfiepoi • rip B ' olfo, koI fiefJui£Ta, 
^vfjt^ Seiaea'^cu Aapcmp KarahupoA, ofMiXop, 


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296 lAlAAOS o. 

300 ^/2y 1^^' • oi y apa rod fidXa fAcv tcXvov ffS iirtS^mrn, 
ol fikv ap^ oLfjAf}* Alavra koI *ISofi€pffa avatcra^ 
Tewcpovj Mr^pLovrjv re, Miyrfv t\ ardXavrop "Apffi, 
va-fJLivrjp ijpTVPOP, apioTijaf: KaXkiTc rr€% 
''EfCTopi KoX Tpioecraip ipapriop* airrhp dnrUro'to 

305 i} TrXrf^is eTrl pfja^ ^A^cu&p aTTOpiopTO, 

Tpw&: Se irpovTvy^ap aoXKAe^ • ^PX^ ^* ^P* "-EiCTwp 
fjuiKpa iSifiof; • TTpoa^ep Sk kC avrov ^ot/So^ ^AiroXXm 
eipApo^ &fjLoup P€<f}i\r)P, 6;^€ 8* alyiSa ^ovpip, 
Bei^pi^p, afMif>iSda€iap^ apnrpejre, ^p apa 'xaKxei/^ 

310 *'II<f>aurro^ Ad Swkc ^pi^fiepcu €9 ^fiop opBp&p* 
TtfP ap' oy' ip 'xeipeaacp i^top, rjyrjaaro XoSi^. 

^ApyeloL S' inrip^cpap aoXKee^ • &pTO S' avrrf 
ofet' afA<l>oT€pa)^€P • utto P€vpf}<l}i S' ourrol 
^pcoaKOP * TToWa Se Sovpa ^paaeuuop airo ^eip&p, 

315 aXKa p^ ip XP^^ Tnjypvr' ^Apr^V^owp al^rjwp, 

TToXXa Se KoX p^aar^yv^ 7rdpo<; XP^ "KevKOP hravpetv^ 
€P yaly larapro, TuXaiop^epa ')(po6<i icoL, 
S<f>pa p,€P ahyiha x^palp e^* arpep^a ^ol/3o^ ^AiroXkjim 
T6<f}pa /ioX' apf^OT€p(op /SeXe' rjirrero, Trwrre Se Xao^. 

320 avrhp iirel Kareptoira ISatp Aapa&P ra'xyroiXMP 

<r€la\ eirl S' avTo<; auae pAXa piya^ roiai Se ^vp>bv 
ip oTtj^eaaij) e^eXf €, Xd^oPTo Be ^ovpiSo<; aXxffi. 
ol S\ (59t' rj€ ^owp dyk\r)P fj irciv p,&y' ol&p 
^pe hvio Kkopiayat, p,e\alpr)<f pvtcro^ dp>o\y^, 

325 ik^oPT* i^aTTipij^, arjfuipTopo^ ov irapeoPTO^i * 

&9 i4>6^rj^€P ^A'xoLol avdXKiZe^ • iv yhp ^AiroKKji0V 
flK€ <p6^op, Tp(oarlp Be xal ^Efcrop^ /cvBo<; oira^ep. 

''Ep^a S' dpTfp IXev apBpa, /c€Ba^^€i(T7j<; vap,ipff^, 
^EicTwp p,kp Stix^op t€ Kol ^ApK€(TiKaop hre<f>v€Py 

330 TOP /i€V, fiotcarcSi/ fiyrjropa ;^a\/co;^tToii^o)v, 

TOP Be, M€pea^rjo<; p^a^vp^ov irtarop eraZpop, 
AipeUvi Be MeBopra icaX "laa-op i^pdpi^p • 
iiroi 6 phf p6^o<: vio^ ^OtKjjo^ ^eioio 


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lAlAAOS XV. 397 

eafce, M^(av, Alavro^ aB€\(f>€6<;' avrhp evcuev 

iv ^vXdKrj, yair)<; airo frarpiio^ avhpa Kara/eras, 335 

yvanov fj,7jTpvirj^ ^Epuo7nSo<i, fjp ex 'OtXeiJ?* 

^laao^ avT^ apyo^ jxev *A^r}vamv irirvfCTO, 

v/09 Se ^^rfKoio /caXeo-Kero BovKoXiSao, 

Mi]KiaT7j S' €\e IIovXvSdfJLa^, 'E^iov Se JTo\m;9 

Trpdnj) iv vafMiprj, KXovlov S' eXe SZ69 ^Ayrivtop. 340 

Ar)t(y)(ov he Hdpi/;. jSaXe veiarop &fMOP oTna-^ev 

^>€vyovT* €P irpofMaxpiCTi, Sunrpo Sk XfOucov ekaaaev, 

^0(f>p* oi rov^ ipdpt^op dir eirreoj T6<f>pa 8* ^Axacol 
rd^pip Kal aKokcnrea'a'Uf epLirkri^avTe^ opu/cr^, 
€P^a Koi a^a ^e^ovro, Svopto Se relxp^ dpdyicrf. 345 

"EtCTiop il Tpweaa-ip e/ce/cXero, fuucpop aicra/i • 

Nrjvalp hnaaevea^ai^ eav S* epapa jSporoepra ! 
hv S* &p iytop dirdvev^e peo^p erepoo^i, poijao), 
avTov oi ^dparop pLijriao/Juu, oifSe pv ropye 
yvanoi re yvarrai re 'rrvpb^; XeXd^/^ai ^apopra, 350 

oKKk Kvve^ epvovtrc irpo aareo^ r/fjuerepou), 

^/29 eiTTWP fidoTiyi KaTcofiaSop ijkacrep imrov^, 
KeKXofievo'i Tpo^eaai Kara oTt;!^a<?. ol he avp avr^ 
irdpres OfiOKX/i^aaPTe^, exop ipvaapp^ra^ Linrots, 
i^XS ^ctrrreaif) • irponrdpoi^e Se ^oiffo^ ^AttoXXwv 355 

peV S^a^ Kaireroio fia^eirf^: Troaalp epeiirtop 
6p fjLeaaov Kare^aXKe • ye<f>vp(o<T€P Se xiXev^ov 
/jLcucpffp ^' evpelap, Scop t hrl Bovpb^ iprarf 
yiyverat, ottttot* apt)p a^epeo^ ir€ipa)fiepo^ ^a-tv. 
rfj p oiye vp(y)(€OPTO (fydKayyrjSop, irpo S' ^AiroKKtov^ 360 
aiyCSi* exj^v epirifjLOP • epei/ire Si rel^o^ ^Axcu&v 
pela fjLdX\ w ore rt? '^dpu^op irali a^X*' ^oXdaa^, 
59t' hrel oiv iroLT^a-Tf d^pfiara priTrUrja-vp, 
ttfyp* oSt^? avpex^ve iroalp kcu j^6/3<7ij/ d^vptov • 
«? pa ait ^t€ ^otfie, iroXvp Kdfjuarop koX oi^up 366 

tTvyx^a^ 'Apyeuop, avrourt Se <f>v^ap ip&patK* 

^ii^ oi pip irapa prjvalp eprjrioPTO pApovre:, 


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298 IAIAA02 o. 

aXKi]\x>ial re /ccfcXo/ievoi, xal iraai ^eoUriv 

170 NioTtap aire fiaKuna Teprivto^^ oipo<; ^A')(cu&v, 
€V)(€TOj X^^P* ^P^^^ ^^^ ovpavov aarepoeirra • 

Zev TraTepy etirore rk tol iv "Apyet irep voXuTTVpfp 
fj fioh9 ^ Sity; Karh iriova fitfpia Kaicov, 
evxero vocrtjacu^ av S' xnreo^eo koX xarkvevaa^* 

875 r&v fjivrjacu, koX ofiwov, ^OXvfnnCt V7)\€€<; ^fiap • 
fjuTfS* ovTO) Tpd^eca-cp ia Sdfivaa^ai ^A^puoi^' 

^il<; €<f)aT €ifx6fi€vo^ • fjueya S* efcnrrre fjLTjTiera Zeu^^ 
apd(OV atoiv Nr}\r)iaBao yipovro^:. 

Tp&e: S' C&9 eTTU^oi/TO ^to9 /crwrov atyufxpio, 

380 fmXKov eir' ^Apyeiourt ^opov, iivrjaavro he xp-pfi^* 
ol S', WT€ fieya tcvfia ^cLKaaarjf; evpirrropou} 
vTfb<: inrep Toij((ov Kara/Sija-ercu, ormror^ erreiyrj 
h avi/jLOV ff yap re fiaKiard ye tcvfuiT^ o^XKjet. 
Sn Tp&€<; fieydXrj lay^ Kark T€i';^09 e/3aivop, 

386 Zttttou^ S' ek€\d<ravT€9, im 7rpvfivf)(n fidj(pvTO 
SyX€(TCv dfM^iyvoi^ avroa-x^hov ol p,ev &<f>^ Xinffov^ 
ol S' diro vff&p ir^t iieKcuvacov hnfiaurei^ 
ncuepoun ^varolai^f rd f>d a(f>^ erri vtjvalv l/ceiro 
pavfutxa* KoWijePTa, Kara <rr6fia el/MCPa j^aAxA 

390 TIdrpoKkof; S', euo^ fiep ^Ax^coi re Tp&h re 
reix^o^ dp^ljAxpPTo ^oomp Ifcro^i pff&p, 
To^p' oy* ipl kKutItj ayaTri^popof: Evpwrvkoio 
^OTO T€, KoX TOP lT€p7r€ \6yoii, eiTi S' IXkcI \vypA 
(fxipfiax* dicqfiaT hrcurae fJuekcupooDP oStwdwp, 

196 avrhp hreiSif relx^^ iTrea-avfiipovf; ipor)a-€P 

Tp&a^f drhp Aapo&p yepero laxfi re (fw^o^ re, 
^fjuo^ip r ap hreiTO, koX & irerrXifYeTO fiffpi) 
^€/o<7l KaroTTpripia'd*, 6\off>vp6fiepo^ S' eiro^ i^SSo. 
EvpvTTvX^, oifKeri rot SvpafKu, ^arfoin-/ Trep efiirtf^n 

100 h^oBe vapfi€pifi€P • 8^ yap fikya peUo^ Sptopep • 
dXKa <rk fikp ^epdirmp iroTirepTrerfD • airriip iy<oy€ 


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IAIAA02 XV. 290 

7rap€i:raii' , aya^t) Se 7rapaiif>aa'i<; iaTiv eraipov. 

Top fjL€V lp\ S)9 chroma, TroSe? <f>€pop • avrap ^A'^aiol 405 
Tpwa^ €7r€pj(0fi€iM)v<; pbhov e/xTreSoz/, oil's* iSvvairro, 
ircLuporkpov^i Trep ioina^y uTrdxraa^aL irapa vtf&v, 
ovre irore Tp&€^ AavaS}v iSvpavro (f>d\ayya^, 
pq^dfi€voi, Kkiairfa-i pLiyripLevat 978I vi€<T<Tiv. 
a\X &<n'€ ard^^fj Sopv vrfiov i^i^vvei 410 

ri/CTOva; iv iraKafirjo'i ZarjfjLovo^, Si pa re 7rd<rq^ 
ei elSy 0-0^/179, inro^ijfioa'uPTfa'iv ^A^'qvrj^ • 
&9 p^ev Tcov €7rl loa fidx'^ reraro TrroXefio^ re • 
aXXoc S* ap,<f>^ akKr)a'c P'd)(7]v ifxd^ovro vkeaaiv. 

"EfCTcop S' oyr' AtapTO^: ieiaaro KuSa\ip4)co. 415 

TO) Se /it% Trepl j>i;o9 Ix^^ ttopop, ovS* iBupaPTO, 
ov^' 6 TOP i^eXdaai, xai ipcTrprjaac Ttvpl i/»)a9, 
ovS' 6 TOP &y^ Aaaa-^oi,, iirei p eiriXaacre ye Saifjuav, 
&^' via KXvTLoco KaXrjTopa <f>aiSt/jLO<: Aca<;, 
TTvp €9 pfja (fyipovTOj Kara arTf^o^; fidXe SovpL 480 

Bov7nj(T€P Se TTeaeop, HaXb^ Si ol Sxireae ^^ipo^, 
^Eicroyp S* w hcrqaep apeylrcbp o^^aXpmatP^ « 

ip fcoPiTfa-t ireaopra peo^ irpoTrdpoC^e p^Xaiprj^i 
Tpcoal re xal AvkIoktip ifcinXeTO, p^xpop aica^ • 

Tpwe^ Kol AvKioi kgX Adphapoi dyx^f^'^X^^^ ^^ 

piff Bi^ TTO) X'i^ea^e pA^ri^; ip areipel rwSe • 
aXX' via KXvrioio aacoa-aTe, prj piP ^ Amatol 
T€{r)(€a <TvXric(d(n, pe&p ip ay&Pi Treaopra. 

*^I2^ ehroiP Auuno^ oKOpriae Bovpl (f)aetpS. 
Tov p>€P apbap^^* o S* hretra AvKO(f>popa, MdoTopo^ viop, 430 
AtaPTo<; ^epdiropra, Kv^ijpLop, 09 pa irap* axn^ 
val\ iirel apSpa /eari/cra Kv^i^poitrt ^a^iotaip, 
TOP p i^aXep K€<l>aX^p irrrep ovaro^ o^el xclXk^, 
iaraoT* dyx AlaPTo<;' 6 S' {hrrco^ ip Koplrjo'ip 
Vffb^ OTTO 7rpvp,pr]<; x^pdSi<; iria-e • Xvpto Se yvla. 43? 

^ta^ S' ippiyr)(T€, Kaaiyprfrop Se irpo^vSa • 


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300 IAIAA02 O. 

Tev/cpe irefrovj Bif v&iv airitcraTO inaro^ k^alpo^, 
Maaropihr^, hv vm, Kv^rjpo^ep evBov eovra, 
laa (f>LXjoun roKevatp iriofiep iv fieydpounp • 

440 TOP S' "B/CTft)/} fieya^vfio<f aireKT(W€. irov pv tov lol 
uyfcvfiopot KoX To^op, o TOi TTope ^o2ffo<; ^ATToXXayp ; 

'^/29 (f>d^^ • 6 Bi ^vpeqK€ ' ^icDp Se oi ayx^ irapiaTf), 
To^op e)((ap hf %€t/:>l irciXipTOPOP ^Se <f}ap€Tprjp 
loSoKOP * fioKa S' &/ca l3eKea TpeoeaaiP i<f>i€i. 

445 Kai p effaXe KXevrop^ Tleurripopo^ ayXaop viop, 
HovKuhofJLcano^ eralpop, ayavov Ilap^oiBao^ 
ffpia x^/wtIj' e^pPTa • 6 /jlcp iretrovriTo Ka^* iTnrov^i • 
rfj y€ip ej^'i ^ pa iroXif ifXjelarat Kkopeopro (fioKayyefp 
'^E/CTopt KoX Tp<o€a<n 'xapi^o/JLCPO^ • rd'^a 8' airr^ 

460 ^X^e Ka/cop, to oi ovrc^ ipvfcaxep UfMepcop irep, 
axr^kui yap oi Sma^e ttoXvctopo^ efiTreaep 16^ • 
7]pnr€ S' ef ox^oiPt inrepdyrjaap Si oi LTnrov, 
Kelp* S^jsa KpOTiopT€^. apa^ 8* ipirqae ToytOTa, 
nov\vSdfMa<i, Ka\ irp&TO^ ipapTio^ fjKv'^ep Xmrav. 

155 T0U9 /i^ 07' ^A<TTUp6(pt IIpoTidopo<: viei, i&K€P' 
iroXKh S* hrdnpxwe a^eSop la^ecp ei<;op6(i)VTa 
Zinrov^ • avTo<; 8' aSrt^ loiP TTpOfjAxourtv i/jUy^ff. 

TevKpo^ 8' aXKop outtop i<^* '^ExTopt x^aXKOKopwrr^ 
atpVTOy /caL Kep eTravae jmclx^p hrl p-qvaXp ^Axai&p, 

460 el /MiP apiorevoPTa ^aXcop e^eikero ^vfMP, 

aXX ov Xij^e Ai6(; ttvklpop poop, 09 p' €(f>v\aa-a'€P 
"E/CTop', arkp Tevtcpop TeXafJuopcop €u-)(p<% aTnjvpOy 
09 oi iva'Tpe<f>ea pevprjp ip dfivfwpi To^tp 
prj^* eirl t^ ipvoPTi • iraperrXdy^rf Be oi aXXi) 

465 io9 x^XKo^api^^, to^p Be oi e/cireae ^^vpo^. 

Tevtcpop 8' €ppiy7)<r€, Kaaiypryrop Be irpo^vBa* 

*'I2 TTOTTot, ^ Bif Trdyyy /Aa;^9 eTrl fMi^Bea xeipei 
Salfiayp fifiereprj^, o, re fLOi fftop ex^aXe X^a/>09, 
pevprjp 8' i^epprj^e peooTpoif^p, fjp eveB^aa 

470 TTpcoiop, S<f>p* ap^oiTO ^afia ^pdaKopTOf; ourroi^. 
Top 8* fifuL^er eireiTa fieya^ TeXafJuopio<: 4"*?f 


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lAIAAOS XV. 301 

& irerrov^ a\X^ fiiov fihf la xal rap(f>ewi loif^ 

Keia^ai, errel awkxjsve ^e&i, AfwaoUrt fJteyi^pcL^, 

avrkp 'xepalv €\a>p SoXixov .Sopt;, teal adfco^ &fJi^> 

fidpvao T€ Tp<o€<r<rL^ kcu a\Xot/9 opvv^i Xootk ' 475 

fjLTf ixhv cUnrovSi ye, SafiaaadfMepol irep, eXoiev 

vrja^ evaciXfJLOv^ * aXKci fivrjaayfie^a ^dpfj^rj^. 

*'/29 ^y • o Bi TO^op fihf ivl KTucirfa-a/ e^/cev • 
airrap trf afjL<f>* Afwuri aojco^ ^ero t€t pa^dXvfMVOv • 
Kparl S' €7r' l(f>^ifi(p /cwirjv evrv/crov S^Kev' 480 

[imrovpiv, Secvbv Se \6<f>o^ Ka^virep^ep iv€V€V •] 
etXjero S' aXxifiov eyyty;, oKa^fMevop o^il 'xaXfc^ ' 
fiij S' Upcu, fjbdka B* &Ka ^ea)i/ Alairrt Trapiarrj, 

"B/cTft)/:) S* 0)9 elSep TevKpov fikeuff^ipra ^SeXe/iwi, 
Tpojai re koI AvkIoutip i/ceKkero, ficucpop aJica^ * 486 

TpSyes KaX Av/aoi kcu AdpSapoi dy')^LfjLa'xrn'^h 
avepes eare, <f>t\oc, fiprjaaa^e Be ^ovpiBo^ aXxfj^ 
inja^ ai/A y\a<f>vpd^ ! Brj yap IBop 6<f}^a\fiolaip 
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310 IAIAA02 n. 

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312 IAIAA02 n. 

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lAIAAOl XVI. 818 

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314 IAIAA02 n. 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 316 

avTcLp iireiSr) irdvra^ afi .ijyep,6ve<T<nv *A')(pCK€v^ 
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vl^^TO S' auT09 ')(€lpa^, d^vaaaro S' cu^oira olvov • 290 


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;jl6 IAIAA02 n. 

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318 lAiAAo: n. 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 319 

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sail lAIAAOS n. 

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IAIAA02 XVI. 821 

yvc'^fiov St^repov, S*A 6' avrov irelpev oSovrmv 405 

iXjce 8k Sovpo^ iXaw wrep aPTtryo^, m ore rv^ (fni^, 

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

328 IA1AA02 n. 

T6v S' rifieifier errevra fio&Trt^ ttotvul "Jifffi* 

440 alvoTare KpoviSr), ttoIov top fiU^ov &47r69 / 
avipa ^vr)rov iovra, iraXcu TreTrpca/nivov aXarj, 
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UTTCLaadfieifO*; rainirfKe^ aop ira^eo^ irapa firipov, 

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rev^ea avXriaoi(n, pe&p ip ay&pi ireo^pra, 500 

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lepApov^ (fyo^iea^ah eTrel XiTrep dpfxar' updicrwp. 


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834 lAiAAOx n. 

TXavictp &' €U9f6v axjK jipero^ ^ & oyy % <Ubrri* 
&piv^ Be ol ^op, OT* olf Swaro irpofafiviHU. 

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32(i lAiAAOz n. 

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iyX^^ * ^*^* ^' eiretr' o^&t /i€V09 Sfip^fio^ "Ap^if;. 
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IAIAA02 n. 

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IAIAA02 XVl. aw 

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d3() lAIAAOS n. 

avipt eiadfiepo^ al^rf^ re Kparep^ re, 
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olfia Aioin-09 e^wi', 09T€ ara^fiov*; Kepatfyiv 
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334 IAIAA02 n. 

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l^IAJ02 P. 

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336 lAiAAOZ p. 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 337 

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338 IA1AA02 p. 

tiiyris fiot Aava&v veiiearjaerai, 09 icev ISrjTcu, 

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1AIAA02 XVII. 339 

rov Se V€/cw Tpq>ff<nv ipua-a-d/Aevo^ tcval So/17. 

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340 IAIAA02 p. 

eX^oi T€^prja>^, Kai fuv ipvaaifie^a X^PM^i 
al^a /C€P ^Apyelot, SapTrrjSovo^ evrea KoKk 
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842 IAIAA02 P. 

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fliuav r^ hfdpmv airoSia-aoficu^ fffiurv S' avrb^ 
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344 I A I A A O 2 P. 

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TiJX' OTTO Aapiaar^ ipifidXcuco^ • oifSe TOKewrtv 
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ftrXeV, vtt' Alamos fieya^vfiov Sovpl ZafiivTi. 
'EfCTdop S* atrr Alamos oKOvriae Bovpi (fnieip^ 

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tvt^6p • 6 Sk ^^eiiov, fieycH^fiov, 'I<f>iTOv vlov, 
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oiicia vcuerdaa/ce, iroTsAaa^ apSpeaaiv avdaatov* 
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&ypwt i^dpra IScop • fieya 8' '^Eicropa ehre fioi^aa*; • 


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IAIAA02 XVII. 346 

^EfCTop r rjS* oXXoi Tpaxov ayol tfS* eiriKovpon/, 335 

aiSw fi€P vvv fjSe y', 'Aprji(f>tK(Dv w' ^Aj(aiS)v 
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cOOi eri yap rk tfyrjai ^€&v, ifwl ayxi irapaoTd^, 
Zijv^, virarov fi'q<rT(opa, fidyry; hnrdppo^ov elvcu, 
Tfi5 p^ /S^ Aavtt&v tofiev, firfS^ ovye S/crjXoi 340 

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vlov ^Apla-fiauTO^, AvKOfiijBeo^ ia^Xbv eraZpov, 345 

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ari) Se /jmTC iyyv^ uav, xal afcovrure Sovpl <f>a€tv^, 
KoL fiaXev 'iTnra^iSrjp ^Airuraova, iroifikva \nS)v, 
fjlirap VTTo TrpaTTiBcov, el^ap 8' {rrrb youvar* Ikvaev • 
a; p* ifc IIaiovhj<; iptficoXoKo^ eiXrjXoif^ev, 350 

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d'KX oihray^ Srt elj^e • adtcearaL yap epyaTo irdirrq 
i<rra{n€^ mepX UaTpoxXtp, irpo Si Sovpar expvro, 355 

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ovT€ riv* i^o'Trla-o) vexpov ;^afe<7^at dvdyyei^ 
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iravporepot Si irokv <f>^ivv^ov • fiifivrfirro yap aUl 
dW'qXoi^ Ka^^ ifxCKov dXe^ifjLCvaL if>cvop alirvv. 3W 

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ovT€ iror fjiXtov a6ov efifievai, ofrre aeXrivrfv, 
ffept, ydp Kark)(pVTO fidyr^f; em, oaaoi apcaroi 
ioTCurav a/t^l MevonidSrj /caTare^vrfani. 



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346 IAIAA02 P. 

370 ol S* aX\M Tp&e<: kcu imui^fuSe^ ^Axcttol 

ev/crfkoi iroKkfii^ov inr' al^epi • irhrraTo 8* auyii 
HeXiov o^eia, ve<f>09 S' ov <f>aip€To iraarff; 
yaiTf^, ovS* opmv fierairavo/j^voi 8* ifid'XpVTo, 
oKXijfKcop aXeelvoirre^ fiikea oTovoema, 

376 TToXXov o^oTOOTCj. Tol 8' iv fiia-fp aX^ye* hrcurypv 
fjipL KoX TToKiiup • relpovTO 8k vrfKii ^^aAxcS, 
5<raoi ipuTTOi Icav. Svo 8' oStto) ffnare 'rreirvc^v, 
avipe Ku8a\ifjM, 0pa,(TVfii]8r)^ ^AvtCKjoxo^ Te, 
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aypio^ ' ov8i k ''A pry; \aocrcr6o9f oif8i #c' *A^^vrf 
Tovye ISova* ovoacur*, ovS* el fjuiXa fuv x^^^^ ^^ 

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flpuTL T^ irdwo-a-e kokov irovov. ov8* apa TTci ri 
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TToXkop yap dirdpev^c pec^v fjAppavro ^odxop, 
reixei vtto TpolxiDP • to fiip oiiroTe ekirero ^/jl^ 


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IAIAA02 XVII. 347 

rfyvdfJLev^ oKKJa, ^taov, ivi')Q3ifjL(f>^hrra 7rv\r)<nPy 405 

A^ a/rropoarija-etv • eTrei oiSk to eXirero irdfnrav, 

ifcrripaeip TrroXle^pov avev ^ep, ovBi cvv ain^, 

iroXKcLKL ykp roye /irfTpo<; ej^ev^ero, v6a(f>tp aKovwPy 

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pcjikefAe^ iyXpiJ^TTTOPtOj koI aW^Xow ipdpi^op* 
&S€ Si TA9 elireo-fcep ^A'ycu&p ')(a\KO)(^LT(opQ>p • 

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iraaL '^dpoi ! to K€p ^fiip a<f>ap iroXv xepSiop elt), 
el rovTOP Tpcoeaai fie^Tjaofiep ImrohdfioKnp 
aoTv iroTi a'<f>€T€pop ipuaai, xal kvSo^ dpia^cu, 

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irdpTWi 6fi&<if fjkTiirto ri^ ipcoeiro} TroXifioio ! 

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IAIAA02 XVII. 349 

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560 IAIAA02 p. 

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1AIAA02 XVll. 351 

fj Kol y(eifi&vo^ SvffyaXirio^, 09 pd re Spycap 

av^payrrov^ aviiravaev hrl ')^ovi, fiijka Bk icrfiei • 560 

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352 I A I A A O 2 P. 

^ivcav ifHKraTO^ ecKev, *AfivS6^^ oucta val»v * 

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fipiwe S* e^ oxefov, xard 8' ^pta ^eOei/ epa^e. 


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1AIAA02 XVII. 363 

iud rdye Mi^ptSvtfq Ikafiev )(elp€cr<n ^tKrfciv 690 

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ehrtlp, oTTi pd oi iroXv (piXrarc^ a>Xe^* iralpo^. 655 


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354 IAIAA02 P. 

^11^ e<f>ar • ouS* airi^bifo-e 0otjp afya%b^ MeviXa^. 
fiq 8' Upcu, a>9 TI9 T€ Xitop airo fMeaaavKoio, 
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dXXA avy^ aJylr* ^A xtX^]t, ^etjop errl ptfa^ ^A')(cuSiv, 


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IAIAA02 XVII. 355 

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i^i fidXa /t€yaXft>9 • irrl 8' XciX^ Ty-ain oirta^ep 
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ffXr)/jUptp (Uf cDcrt irpo Kovptop ^ffprjTi^p^p • 


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366 IAIAA02 P. 

&i)9 /J'hf yap re ^Sovcl, hutppcuacu fiefioAre^, 
aXX St€ htj y iv Tourtp iXi^ercu, aXfci TreiroAm, 
ayfr t' apex(oprjaap, Bui t* erp^aav aXK\jBi,<; aWo9 • 

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KipKOP^ o,T€ a/jLucpfjat <f>6pop <f>€pei oppC^eaaip • 
iy; ap^ inr^ Aipeia re xai "EfcropL Kovpot, 'A^cuAv 
otfKop KeKXriyopre^ laap, Xif^opro Be ^a/3/x7;9. 

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if>€vy6pT<dP AavaoiP' iroXe/nov 8' oi ylyver^ iptoi^. 


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iAiAJOJ: s. 


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yvfAVOV • irhp raye revxe* e^e* fcopv^aioXo^ "Etcrmp, 


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368 „ IAIAA02 2. 

^/29 (f>dTO • TOP S* a^eo^ vec^Xrj eKoKvy^e fieXaivct, 
afuf>oTif}rj(TV Sk ')(epalv k\u>v k qvluj i^ aXoea-aav, 
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anf^ea irmkriyovTo, \v^ev 8' inro yvia eKaarrj^. 
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ev^^ a/>' hfP TXavtcq t€, QaXeia re KvfJU)B6K7) re, 

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Kvfjufyorj T€ Kid ^A/eraiff koI Atfju/dpeia, 
KoX MeXiTij fcal ^Icupa^ zeal 'Afi<f)i^67) koI ^Ayavi^ 
Acfyrd) T€ IIp(DT(o re, ^ipovcrd re Avva/Mem} re, 
Ae^afjAvff T€ fcaX ^Afuf>iv6fjLr) /cal KaXKvaveipa^ 

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iv^a S' erfv KXvfievrf, 'Idveipd re koX ^IdvaaaOj 
MaZpa Kol ^/ipet^va, iihrXoKafio^ t' 'Afza^eui' 
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elSer' axovouaai, oa ip^ eve tcqica ^vfx^ 
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^i^X^v VP^^ ' i 5' dviSpafiev epvel lao^ • 


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IAIAA02 XVIII. ^ 359 

TOP fLtif e/tt) ^peslraara, <f>vTov &9 yovP(^ aXanj^, 

vr)vaiv eiriirpoeqKa Kopiovunv "IXiov €i(ra>, 

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MvpfuSovtop elpmrro vie; ray^vp afJL<f>* ^A)(^i\rja. 
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fccu p oKo<f>vpoiiivT), hrea irrepoema irpo^uBa • 

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ix Ai6<;^ w apa Brj irpiv y evxeo, ;^€tpa9 uvaa^Vj 75 

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fjLtjrep e/ijj, ra fiev ap fjLOL * OXv/xTruy; i^ereXeaaev* 
dXXd tL fiob T&v ^809, hrel <^tXo<? &Xe^^ eralpo^, 80 

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laov ep,^ K€<f>aXfj ! rov dirdiXeaa' revyea 8* *'EiCT<op 
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l^ip, oifB^ &vBpea(TL p,€Tip.p>€pac, at k€ prj ''EfCTtop 


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360 IAIAA02 2. 

irp&TO^ €/A^ inro Bovpl rvireU am ^v/aop oKiaaj^ 
TlarpoKKoio S' SXcopa Mei/otrioSeo) airorUrrf. 

Tov S' avre Trpo^ieLire ©€Tt9, Kara haxpv yiowra • 
05 &KVfiopo9 ^V /^^> Tetco9, ItraecUy oV ayopevei^* 

avrUa yap roi erretra fie^* ^Eicropa ttot^jm^ krcipa^* 

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i^irep ^tkraTOf; la-xe Ait KpovUavi avajcri* 
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Top S* 7)fJL€i/3eT^ erreira ^€a Oert? apyvpdire^a* 
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reipofMepot,^ erdpoLa-iv afiw^fiev aliriw oXe^pop • 
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irpiv y* ifjii Sevp^ iX^ovtrap ip 6(f>^a\fiol<Tip tSrfOi. 136 

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362 lAIAAOS 1. 

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364 IAIAA02 2. 

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Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

M6 lAIAAOS 2. 

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TpdiMV a^yuaa Tixpo, tri^ev icrafJLevoio ^^0X0)^6^. 
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968 lAIAAOZ s. 

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IAIAA02 XVlII. 369 

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370 IAIAA02 2. 

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IAIAA0 2 XVIII. 371 

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374 IAIAA02 2. 

ejKara xal fiiXav alfui Xcuf>va<T€Top * ol Sk vofirje^ 
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376 lAIAAOS T. 

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IAIAA03 XIX. 377 

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Digitized by CjOOQ IC ■ 

378 IAIAA02 r. 

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ainiica S* elX' "Attjp /eetJHiXrj^ XiirapoTrXoKd/MOiOy 


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IAIAA02 XIX. 379 

lirproT^ i^ OvKvfAwov t€ /cat ovpavov aarepoevra 
a&r^? iKewrea^cu "ATqv^ r) ttuvtck aarau 

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aXX^ rrdacuf^oi apea^i ^o^ ^X mjvalp *Ax<ouoi>i 16C 


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380 IAIAA02 T. 

<ri,Tov tcaX cXvoio * rh yip fiipo^ i<ni icai oXicif. 
ov yip avffp 'rrponrap ^fiop e; rjikunf tcaraJSvmm 
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S&pa ifjLTJ^ iraph prjo^ ipeucifjtep, i<ra 'i4;^AX^ 


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IAIAA02 XIX. 381 

jfii^v {nrioTfjfiep Sata-eiv, arfificv re jwaUca^. Id5 

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irhrroiHTiP • irore k4p rt^ opairpevaeLe ttopoio ; 
aXX& 'Xph TOP fikp Kara^dwreip, 8^ xe ^dpffctPt 


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d82 lAIAAOZ T. 

vrfXea ^vfAov expmas, iir* rj/j^ri Scucpvaavra^ • 

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firf fikp ^a> Kovprj BpccrjiBi X^^P* ^^veucai, 
o6t* evpfj^ irpo^MaLP Ke)(pvM^^f ^^^ t^^ aXXov • 


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iAiAAa2 XIX. 383 

oXX* €fjb€v^ awpoTifUUTTO^ ipl fc7uai7)<TtP ififi<Tiv. 

€1 Be Ti T&vS* hriopKov^ ifiol Seol aXyea SoUp 

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ff^eX *A^aiotatP ^dpaTOP iroXiea-a-i yepia^cu. 
PUP S' €px€0'^^ €7rl SelTTPOPy Xpa ^updycofiep ''AprjcL, 276 

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apSpa fiePy ^ eBoadp fie irarrip koX ttotpul /iT]T7)p, 
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oifSe flip ovBe /x' ecuT/ce;, or* apBp* ifiop a>^v9 ^A')(iXKeif^ 206 
ifcreipep, iripaep Be woXiv ^eiou) MvprfTo^, 
tcXaUcp, aXXd //.' e^aa-K^ ^ A'>(iX\rio'; ^eioio 


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384 I A I A A O 2 T. 

/covpiBifjv a\oy(pv ^a€cv, S^hv t' hii injvolp 
€9 ^^irjv, 8ai<T€cv Sk ydfjuov fiera Mvpfii86v€cr<nv* 

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Sfcvpo^ep i(aydfyoi<:, kcu oi h€i^eca<; IfcaoTO, 


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IA1AA02 XIX. 386 

crriavv ifAtfv Sfi&d^ re koX inlr€p€<f>k<; fieya B&fia. 

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fjLvpo/M€vot^ S' dpa TotV/6 lSa}v iXirjae Kpovi<ov, 340 

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fjarai oSupofJievo^ Irapov <f>tKov • oi 8k Sff aXKot 345 

ot)(pprcu /tcrA SetTrvov, 6 S' aKfMffvo^ koX airaaTO^, 
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avritca ^foprjiraovTO icark arparov • ^ S' *A')(CK^i 
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Xo^^-fcov inro arepoirrj^ • inrb Se /«wo9 &pwTO iroa<r\v 
avSp&v • iv hi fUcouri Kopva-aero Sw *Aj^iX\6u^* 
[rov Kol oBovTtov fi€v /capaxff TreXe * Ta> Se ol 6<T<n 365 
Xa/A7r€<r^i/, &^l re Ttvpo^ a-iXa^ • ip Se ol ffrop 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

386 IAIAA02 T. 

Sw' &X09 iTXtfTov 6 S' apa Tpwalv fUvecUvtov 
ivcero S&pa ^eov, rd ol '^H^xuoto^ /cdfie rev^wj/.] 
/cpfjfiiSa^ fihf TTpSyra irepX Kpijfiijaiv ?^rjK€v 

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Sevrepov aS ^(oprjKa irepl arrf^eaaiv ISwev. 
dfji<f>l S' ap* &fiot,atv /SdXero ^i<f>o^ apyvpir)XoUj 
'Xd\K€ov ' avrhp hrevra adxo^ fieya re arifiapov t€ 
€i\€To, Tov 5* d7rdp€v^€ aiXcK yiver*, fjitre fnjmj^. 

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Kcuofiivoio irvpoi • to Be fcaUrcu vyjro^* Spea^LVj 
oTc&fi^ iv oioTToXtp* rov^ S' oifx i^€\ovTa<; aeXKcu 
irovTOV eir* Ij^voevra <f>t\<ov dirdvev^e <f>kpov<Tiv • 
&9 aTT* * A')(iXKri<y; adK€(s criXaf; al^ip* iKavev 

380 fcaXov, ScuSa>Jov. irepl 8^ Tpv<f>dX€uiP aeipa^ 

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hnrovpi^ rpvifydXeia • irepuraeiovro S' ?^€ip<u 
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ireipi^f) 5' & axnov iv hrreai, SZ09 * A')(psXe{st 

385 el ol €<l>apfi6a'a'€i€, koI ivrpe^^pi dyXaa yvia * 

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ix B* apa avpiyyo^ irarpoylov iairda-ar* ^yx^^* 
fipi^v, fieya, ari^apov to pLCv ov Bvvar a\\o9 'i4;^w 
TToXXeip, d\\d /JLiv 0I09 eirloTaTO irrfKat, '-4;^fc\XeiJ9, 

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yafi^rpjj^ e/SaXop, fcard S' 171/ta relpap oTriaaa) 

395 KoXXrfTOP ttotI Bl^pop. 6 Be fidariya (f>a€ip^p 
p^et/ol XapoiP dpapviap, €^' Il'ttttoup dpopovaep, 
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400 Sidp^e re kcu BaXle, TrfXexXuTct Te/cva UoBdpyrj^, 


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1AIAA02 XIX. 387 

aXXQ>9 Sff tfypd^ea^e aaaxrifiev ^pioy(fja 

&y^ Aava&v €9 ofiiKov, hrei ;^' k&^v iroTsAfAOto • 

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Hai/^09, a(f>ap S' fjfivae xapijaTt • Traa-a Sk ^^a/riy, 408 

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avirfema S' S^Ke ^ea Xeu/ccoXei/o? "H/Jiy ' 

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aXkd Toi iyjv^ev fjfiap oXi^piov • ovSi rot, riii^l^ 
aXrtoi^ aXKii ^eo9 re fieya^ Koi Molpa Kparcuij. 41G 

ovSi yap rfpLerepri /SpaSvTTJri re pco'^eXirj re 
Tp&e^ air* &fAoup HarpoKKov rev^e* tKopro* 
oKKk ^e&p &puno^t hp rjiKOfio^ reKe ArjT(o, 
e/crap* ipi '7rpofid')(pcai, koI '^Eicropi, Kvho^ cScdkcp. 
v&l Se Kai K€P a/Mi wpoiy Z€<f>vpou) ^ioifiep, 415 

f^pirep i\cul>pOTdT7jp <f>dar^ €fifi€Pa4, • aK\2b aol ainr^ 
liopai^fiop €<rrt, ^e® re kclL apepi l<f>t BafMrjpcu, 

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Udp^e, TV fJLOi ^oparop p^aPTeuecu, ; ovZe rl ae xpV* 4J0 
eS pv Toi olSa /cal avro^, 5 p>oc fA6po<; ei/^aS' oXia^at, 
p6a-<f>i (f>l\ov 7raTpb<; xal p.fjTepo^' oKKci kcu ipm-q^ 
ov \ri^(o^ irptp Tp&a^ aSi]p iXdaai iroXAfMoio, 

^H pa, Kol €¥ TTpCOTOL^ ld')(COV $)(€ fJMiPVJ(a^ XiriTOVi. 


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^fl^ oi fih iraph vrfvoi tcopwvia-i ^a>pij<r<rovTO 
a^l <r€, IlffXio^ vlij fidxV^ atcofyrjrop, ^A^cuol* 
Tp&€^ S* aSy iripw^ev iirl ^pcDo-fji^ TreStoto. 

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KpaTo^ WK OvKjuyiiToio iroKirmv^ov • 17 8* apa iriami 5 

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o6t€ Tt9 oiv Tlorafjb&v oTre/jv, v6(T<f>* *i2K€avolOj 
oUt* apa NvfJL^>dci>v, atr SXaea /cdKcL pifiovraif 
Kal mffk^ irorafi&v xaX wiaca iroii^etrra. 
i\^6vT€^ S* i<: B&fui J 409 v€<f>€\r)y€piTa>o, 10 

(ecrr^ a4!^ov<nja'iv i<f>l^avoVt &9 ^tt warpl 
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i>9 oi fikv J 409 evSop a/yriyipaT' • ovS* *Epofrb)^^tnf 
vrjKOvaTTfO'e ^€a9» a\X i( aXo9 JjX^e /a€t' avrov^. 
Ife 8' ap* iv fiecaouTt, Jto9 S' i^elpero fiovXifP* 15 

TtTTT* oSt', ^Apyucipaupe^ ^€ov9 a^opiipSe ledXetra-ofi ; 
ff Ti irepl TpdxDp Kal 'A^aiAp fiepfirjpi^ei^ ; 
T&p yhp PUP arfyyrra fJui^Tf iroXefJbo^ re B^rjep. 

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Sypm^i 'Eppocriycue, ip,ipf h <rrrf^€<ri, ^ovXtfp, fO 

&p !p€Ka ^dyeirpa ' piKoval /loi, oXKufiepol frep* 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

390 IAIAA02 Y. 

aXX* ^oc fjihf ^o) fievicf} tttx^I OvKvfifroto 
fffievo^, &y opowv ^p€va ripylrofjuu • oi Se St) aXKoi 

25 dfufyoTipourc S' ap^ye^*, otttj voo^ iarlv ixdaTOV, 
€l yap *A')^iXX6v^ o2o9 iirl TpcoeaaL fiax€iTcu, 
ovSk filvw^^ l^oviTi TToSco/cea TlrfKeUova. 
Kcu Si T€ fup Koi irpoa^of uTrorpofjk^eo'Kov op&me^ • 
vvv S\ St€ Stf Kal ^fi6v eraipov ^cSerot cUvm, 

30 SeiScDj fiif koI retxo^ inrippMpov i^aXaird^, 

^i2^ i<f>aTo KpovlSt)^, TToXcfiov S* aXiaoTov eyeipev. 
phv 8' tfjbcpcu iroXcfiovSe ^eol, Sl^a ^fiov ^x^^^^^* 
"Hpff fihf p,€T arf&va ve&v koX ITaXAA? 'yl^iywy, 
ffhk Uoaeihdoiv ycurjo^o^; ^S' iputuvri^ 

35 ^Epfi€ia^f &9 €7rl <f>p€al ir€v/ca\ifirj<n KeKCUTTCu • 
''H<f>at,aTO<; S' a/Ma rotcrt kU, cr^ivel /SXefieaivmv, 
jdaokajiov, inro Se tcvrffuu pcoovro apaiaL 
i^ Si Tp£>a<: "Aprjfi Kopv^au)\jo<s • airrcip afi* avr^ 
^oifio^ oKepaeKOfirf^ iJS' "Apre/Mi^ loxi(up€^ 

40 Ar)T(o T€ Sdv^o<; re, (f)iXjOfifi€i£ifi t *A<f>poSiTff. 

£2io9 /*€!/ p aTrdvev^e ^eol ^^rvrjr&v eaav dvSp&v, 
Tea)9 ^A^aiol fikv p^iya /cvSavoVj oifveK ^AxCKKev^ 
i^€<f>dvrfj Srjpov Sk fidxn^ hri'rrauT* d\€y€anj(s • 
Tp&a^ Se rpopu^ alvo^ VTrrjkv^e yvia &a<rroi/, 

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axnkp iirel /^e^' ofiiKov *0\vfi'jru)C ijXv^ov dvSpSvj 
&pTo S* "EpL^i Kparepi], Xaoacroo^ • aiJe S' '^l^iyw;, 
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aSe S' ^ApTf^ erepw^ePj ipCfMvfj XatXairt Taofj 
o^if Kar^ aKpordrrp; moKio^ Tpdyeaai KeXewov, 
aWore irdp 5^/^€VTt ^e<BV iirl KaXKucoKoovri. 
^il<i rovs dfufxyrepovi pAxape^ ^eol orpuvovre^, 

66 avpfiaXov, hf S* axrrovi ipiSa prjywvTo Papelav. 
Seivov Se ^povrqce iraTTjp dvSpwv re ^ecSi' t€ 


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IAIAA02 XX. 39) 

i/y^^ev • avrap €P€p^e Iloa^iZcmv h-iva^eif 

ycuav airetpealrfv, opiojv t ahreiva Kciprjva, 

7rairr€9 8' iaaeioirro 7r6S€<; 7ro\v7riSaKo<; ^ISrf^, 

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apra S' *Epva\ioio ^eA y\auKQ}7n<; *A^i]P7) • 

"Bprj S* aprioTT) ')^varj\dKaTo<i, KeXaBeim^, TO 

''ApT€fic<{ laxicupa, KdaiypijTrj ^Ekotoio • 

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apra S' ap* 'H<f)alaTou> fiiya/; TIora/M)^ l3a^vSlp7f^, 

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"E/CTopo^ apra fidXiara XCKaiero Svpai ofiCKop 
npiafiiSeo) * Tov ydp pa fidXtard € ^vfjLO^ opcjyei 
alfiaro^ iacu ^Aprja, rdkavpipop woXefjLumjp, 
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dpTta IlrjXeitopo^, iptJKe Si ol fiipo^ r^i, 80 

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IlrfXelSea} ^A)(^i\rjo^ ipaprl/Siop iroXefii^eip ; 85 

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npiafilSrj, rl fjL€ raOra koI ovk i^iXopra xeXevem 
dpTia UrfhAicdPo^; irrrep^vfiou) fidxeo^oA ; 
ov fikp yhp pvp irpSxra iroS<!>K€o<: airr' ^A'^iXrjo^ 
arqaofiac, aX\' IjSr) fie kcu 3X\ot€ Sovpl i^offfja-ev BO 

i( *'!&;?, ore fiovalp eTTjJXi/^a/ rjixGrkprjaiPy 


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392 IAIAA02 Y. 

iripcre Si Avpvrjaov Kot Hrjhcurov * airrcip ifik Zei^ 
€lpv<Ta^\ 09 /toA hrSipae fiivo^ Xatyfrrfpa re yovvcu 
i} /c iSdfiffV VTTO ')(€palv *A')(iXKrio^ koX ^A^rivrf^^ 

95 ff oi TTpoa^ev lovaa rt^et ^ao9» ^S' ixiXeijev 
eyx^i x^oCKjceicp AiXeya^ koI Tp&ax: evaipeiv, 
Tc5 ovK €<rr ^A')(L\rio^ ivavriov avSpa fid')(€a^ai • 
alel yctp wdpa eU ye ^ewi/, S? Xoiyov afivvei,, 
Kal S* aWw? Touy* i^if ffiXxyf Trerer*, ovS* diroXqyeij 

100 TTplu ')(po6<; avSpo/Mcoio SieX^etu. el Si ^€09 irep 
laov reiveiev TroXi/tou t€\o9, 01; fxe fidXa pia 
vtiefja-ei, ovS* el 7ray)(a\Keo^ ev^erab elvcu. 

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ijpw^, aXX' aye, Kal av ^eok alei/fevirQaiv 

105 evyeo • koX Si ae <f>aai Aio^ Kovprj^ ^A<f>poSiTf)^ 
i/cyeyd/jtev, tcetvo^ Si 'xepelovfy; €K ^eov iarhf, 
fi fiiv ycLp Alo<; ia^*^ 17 S* e^ aXioto yipopTo^. 
aXX' t^v<: (f>€pe ')(aXKov dreipia, fiijSi ae irdfiirap 
\evyaXeoL^ iireeaa^v aTroTpeTrerw teal apetfj. 

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fiij Si Sut Trpofjbd'yoyv^ K€Kopv^fievo^ aX^onrv )(aXK^ 
ovS' ?Xay ^ Ayyyrao irdVi XevKfoXevov '^Hprjp, 
airria HrjXeUovo^ mv dvct ovXa/iov dvSp&v • 
fl 8* a/MvSi^ KoKkaaaa ^eov<i fierk fiff^ov ieiirev • 

115 ^pd^ea^ov Sr) a(f>&i, TloaeiSaop koX *A^pff, 
iv <f>peo'lv vfieT€pr)a-cv, &rr€0<; larai rdSe Ipya. 
Alveia^ oS* e/Srj^ KeKopv^fievo^ al^<ym yoKK^, 
dvria TlriXeuovo^ • avrJKe Si ^oiPo<; * AiroKKoov • 
aSX aye^\ rffiel^ irep fiLV d'7roTpa)7r&/ii€v irrrlaam' 

120 airro^ev • rj Ti9 hrena koX rffieUav '^^tX^t 
TrapoTalrj, Sohj Si Kpdro^ /Jteya, firiSe rt ^vfi^ 
Sevia^d) • iva elSfj, 5 fiiv if>CXeov<nv aptaroi 
a^avdrmv, 01 8' aSr' dvefKoXioi, ot ronrdpo^ irep 
Tpdna-lv djJbvvovatv TToXefiov teal SrftoTrjra, 

125 7rdpT€<i S* OvXvfiTTOLo KarrfS^ofiev dpTLooovre^ 
•7%8€ fidx*^, Iva fjLTiTi fMCTct Tpweaai wd^ffa-iv 


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IA1AA02 XX. 393 

frfffiepov ' HoTepov aire rh Treurerat, &a<ra oi AUra 

yeivofMCPip eTrivrfo-e \iv^, St€ fuv riice firfrqp. 

€1 S' ^A')^tX€v^ oif ravra ^e&v ifc irevaerai 6fJi<fnj^, 

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"Hpri, fiTf 'xoKhraive irapex v6ov • ovSc rl ae XPV* 
oifK &v lyoyy^ i^iXxiifii Seou9 epiSi ^vveXdaaat • 
[rffiAcv; T0U9 aXXuOV^, hreiff TroXif <f>€pT€pol elfjLep •] 186 

a\X 'fffiek fikv €7r€ira xa^e^cofiea^a Kcovre; 
iK TTOTov €9 a-KOTTii^v, TToXc/Ao? S* uvSpcaai fieXijfreu 
elSe K* "Apryi apx^/ixri, fia'^rj^ -fj ^ot/3<y: * AiroXKxav, 
fj ^A-xCKi] lar^foai, xal ovk elaxrc fidyea^aij 
ouriK hreirra koL afifii Trap* avT6<f>i vetfco^ opelnu 140 

<f>v\6TriSo<: * fidXa S' &Ka SuiKpip^iina<; otco 
&y^ Xfiev OvkvfMTTOvBe, ^e&v fie^' ofii^yvpiv oXXora^ 
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TeZ^09 €9 afi(f>ix^uTOV 'HpaxXfjo^ ^eioio, 146 

in^XoPy TO pd ol Tpcie^ fcal ITaXX^9 *A^vfj 
iroUov^ Sifypa to /crJTO<: {nr€/C7rpo<f>vya)p aXeoirOf 
ormr&re fAiv aewuro dir* rfiJbvof; ireSiovSe. 
Sv^a noaeihdfov kot &p^ e^eroy xal ^eol oXXoi^ 
dfJ4f>l S* ap* dpprjKTOv V€^i\r)v &fiouTLV Icavro • 160 

oi S* Mpaae Kol^iXov hr^ 6<f>pv<n KaXKiKoXivfj^j 
dfufH <ri, file ^oifie, koX ^Apr^a m-oXiirop^ov* 
iy; ol flip p kxdrep^e Kc^eiaro firjrioayvTe^ 
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IAIAA02 XX. 395 

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396 IA1AA02 Y. 

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1AIAA02 XX. . 397 

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TOpSe Karaicreani • fjbopifiov Be ol iar* aXeaa^ai, 
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400 IAIAA02 Y. 

T^ S' iym avrlo^ elfu, koI el irvpX ;^6^? iouoePt 
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lAIAAOZ XX. 401 

tcovpmv eKKOVTtDV * ydpvTCU Se 7€ rot^ *Epoa'i)^w¥ * 405 

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402 IAIAA02 Y. 

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lAIAAOS XX. 408 

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406 IA1AA02 ♦. 

m 8* VTTo SeK<l>2uo<: fAeyafoyreos l^ve^i aKKov 
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IAIAi^02 XXI. 407 

olop Sff Koi oS* ^X&e, (l>vya)v vtto vrfKee^ Tj^p, 

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406 IAIAA02 «. 

vvv Se Sff ii/^dBe fiot kokov eaa-ercu * ov yap ot» 
aa^ X^^oa? <f>€v^€a^cu, iirei p* hreka^ai ye Salfjuavm 
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irarpo^ S' e?/Li' dfya^oio^ ^e^ Se pie yeiparo /i^rtfp* 

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IAIAA02 XXI. 409 

l)fiv^t 59 /ce <f>arfQai Avicdovo^ apyera S^jfiov. 

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&pfifiv€v 8' avii ^vfiov, oTTft)? wavaeie irovoto 
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*/29 ^ar' aTreiXiyo-^w o 8* dWo^ero 82a9 ^Aj^iXKed^ 

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410 IAIA^02 ♦. 

llfjXiaSa fukiffp * 6 8* afiaprjij iaOpturiP ofn^ 

flp(o^ ' A<rT€poiraus ' en-el irepiSi^io^ ^f€¥ • 

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IAIAA02 XXI. 411 

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zeal Xtw^pov ioPTa * ^eol Be re <f)epTepoi avBpSnf. 


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IAIAA02 XXI. 413 

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416 lAIAdOZ «. 

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KelfLCPOP €P TreBiipt fiekapo, rpffx^p t€ /jUyap re. 


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lAIAi^OS XXI. 417 

Tov p* Sv8p€^ TTporepoL ^iaav ififievcu oipov dpovptf^ . 406 
T^ iSdXe ^ovpov ''Aprfa kot^ av^iva, Xvce Se yvia, 
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revved r dfjL<f>apdfi7j<T€ • yeXaaae Sk IlaWd^ ^A^i^vrj, 
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Trdaap hrerpeyfra^, pAXeop Se ol evxo<% eSeoxa^ ; 
pfprune^ rl pv to^op €;^€*9 apepjcoXtop a&ro^ ; 


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IAIAA02 XXI. 419 

fi^ aev vvv en frarpb^ ivl fieydpourtv axovaw 475 

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ama IIoaeiBcuovo^ ivami^wv woXefii^etv, 

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[veUeaep ^I(y)(icupav ovecSeiots hreeaavv •] 480 

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etke TraTtjp KpovlSTf^y koI dvtipero, ^Sif yeXda-tra^ * 


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430 IAIA/102 «. 

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^'f ^ a^avaTOUTtv epi^ koI veucty; i<f>YJ7rTaL, 
^fl<: ol fiev Tocavra tt/oo? aXXijTiov^ ayopevov, — 

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piefji^Xero yap ol rel^o^ ivSp,ijTOU) iroKrp^^ 
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yiype^* • 6 8* oipM>^a^ airo irvpyov ficupe '^ap^fy^ 

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al he Treraa^elaai rev^ap <f>do<:. curriip ^AiroXKuv 
optLo^ i^i^op€t TpiooDP ha 7u>iyop aXaXxoi, 

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oUp ix^ Kparepri, p^epeaipe Se kvBo^ apia^cu. 

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IAIAA02 XXI. 421 

"JSi/^a /C€v ir^iirvKov Tpoir)v IXov vte^ *A')(a4,&v, 
el fit) *Air6XKa>v ^oifio^ ^Ayrjvopa Siov ainjicev, 545 

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iv fk€v oi tcpaBiT) ^dpao^ jSaXe, irap he ol airra^ 
eoTTj, 07rci>9 ^avdroio /Sapeia^ Krjpa^ aXdXKOiy 
(fnjy^ KeK\i,fievo^ ' KeKoKuTrro 8' ap' ffipt, ttoXK^. 
avTctp 07' w evofiaeif ^A'yiXKxia irroXiirop^oVj 560 

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alpijiTei ps KoX &> ical avoLkKiZa Beiporofiijaeu 555 

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<f>evy(o 7rp6<: ireBlov TXiJioi/, o<f>p^ &v ucoapuu 
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dXKd Tirj p>oc ravra ^1X09 SceXe^aro ^vfio^ ; 
pLYj /a' dwaetpofiei/ov ir6Xio<; ireBiovSe voi]ar)y 
Kai /Me fierat^a^ pbdpylrT) Taxeea-ai. iroBeaaiv • 
ovKeT hrevT^ earat ^dvarop xal K'qpa^ dXv^cu 565 

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[ep^/Mevai • aindp ol KpovlSr)<; Zev^ tcvBos OTTofet.] 670 

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rivre iropSaXi^ elat /Sa^eny? ex ^v\6')(Olo 
dvSpo^ ^TjpTfrffpo^ evavTiop, ovSe n ^Vfi^ 
rapfiel^ ovSe <f>ol3€lTai, hrel /cev iikarfpJov dieowrg 575 

etirep ydp (f>^dfAev6^ puv ^ ovrdajf, rji ffd\rf<riv, 
dXKd T€ KoX irepl Sovpl Treirapfjieprj ovk diroKriyek 


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422 lAIAAOS «. 

&9 ^Avnjvopo^ ut09 ayavov, Sib? ^Ayi^vap, 

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fffiOTL TftiSe m\LV ireptrew Tpdxov ay€p<o)((ov. 

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iv yap oi TroXie? t€ koI aXfUfioi avipe^ etfiev, 
ol Ke vpoa^e <f>i\jcDv To/citov, a\j6x<ov re xal xn&v^ 
''IXiov elpvofiea^a • aif S' iv^dSe irSTfiov i(f>€y^i9, 
fSS' e/cTTo^Xo? ^0)1/ ^al ^ctpaaXio^ voXefuan^, 

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•ffairx^ov S' apa /uv iroXifJLOv i/c w^fitre veea-^au 
avrap 6 TlrfKeitova iiiktp a/rroepya^e Xaov. 

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&)9 o TOP ireSioio Suoxero irvpo^poio, 
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TVT^ov inre/CTrpo^doPTa • B6\<p 8* ip' e^eXyep 'AiroXKonft 

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cunrdaioi irporl ootv • TroXi? S* efMirXrfTO a\Am)»p. 
ovS^ apa Toly^ erXap ttoXao? kcu Tei\€o<; itcrb^ 
fxetvai ir aXKriXov^^ /cal ypcofiepcu, 09 t€ ir€^>evyoi 

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t At A J OS X. 

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iSp& aire^ir)(pvro, irLov r', cuciovrb t€ St^oy, 

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e^SXa-^ra? p,\ 'EKoepye, ^e&v okodoTore Travrvav, 15 

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pr)lBuo^, iwel ovri riaiv y' eBBcKrcK OTria<T(o, 
fi a av Tia-atp/qv, el p^t hvvap^k ye irapelrj. if 

^H^ ehroov Trporl aarv p^a (ftpov^cav e^e^rjKei^ 


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424 IAIAA02 X. 

09 pa T€ pela ^^ac rtraivofievo^i ireSloco • 

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irafi<f>alvop^\ cSjt' acrrip*, iTreaavfievop ireSioio, 
09 /ia t' OTTcopTf^; eUrw • api^rjXoi Se oi avyal 
(ftaofoirrcu woWol<rc fier* aarpcuri inz/cro? a/juoX/yi^ • 
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Kai T€ <f>ipeL woXKov irvperbv BeiXotat ^porolaLV 
i>9 TOV xoXko^ ekapnre irepl crif^eaat ^iovro^, 
^pM^ev 8* 6 yepcov^ K€(f>a\rjv S' oye Koy^aro '^(epa'lp; 
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ioT^KeiH, apoTov pepaa><i 'A')^tX'qi pA^^ea^cu • 
TOV S* 6 yepoyv iXeetvh wpo^vSa, x^t/oo^ opeyvv^ • 

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oIcK ai/ei;^' aXKaov, Xva prj tcl'^cl iroTpop hrl<nrrf9t 

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<r)(€T\u}^ I cu^e ^€o2at <f>l\o^ ToaaovSe yevoi/rOj 
ocraov ipLol' Ta^a Kev i Kvvei koX yinre^ cBoptcu 
Keip^evov • i} tee pLOi alvov ano irpairiStDV a^o^ SM^Oi • 
5? /i' vi&v ttoXSmv t€ koX ia^XSiv eivtv e^Tjxev, 

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iroXXcL ykp Syrraae iraihl yep<»>v ovopxucXvro^ "ilXny?* 
el S* fj^ Te^vaa-c, koI elv 'AtSao Sopkoiaiv, 
aXyo^ ip^ ^vp^ xal prjT^pc, toI Texopea^a • 
Xaolaip S' aXXourt pivw^aSuoTepov aXyo^ 

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dXX ekipx^o ref;^©?, ipibv Tixo<i, 6<f>pa acuixr^ 


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1AIAA02 XXII. 42fi 

Tp&<K teal Tpmd<!, fJtffSk fjiiya /eOSo? op4^rj<; 

IlrjXeiSjj, avTOi Be <f>IXrf<: auovo^ a/ite/o^^. 

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SikfJLOpov, ov pa irar^p Kpov'&q^ cttI yripaos ovS^ OD 

alat) iv apyaXerf (f>^ia-€i^ Katca ttoXV CTriBovrfi^ 

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IAIAA02 XXII. 439 

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480 lAIAAOZ X. 

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IAIAA02 XXII. 431 

aXfiaTO^ SxroA ^Aptja, raXavpivov iroXe/uarijp, 
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ZffPi T€ Kal Jw vtet, *ETrj/3o\rp, o7 fie Trdpo^ ye 


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48S IAIAA02 X. 

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fjtff flap aairovhl ye /cal afcXevok airoXoifjLrjv^ 

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434 IAIAA02 X. 

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IAIAA02 XXll. 435 

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436 lAIAAOZ X. 

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440 IAIAA02 f". 

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avTcLp Arel iroai^ /cat iSrjrvo^ i^ €pop hno, 
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iTpati>i r ivBvK€(o<i, «eal aov ^epdirovr ovop^rjvev • 90 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

443 IAIAA02 fr, 

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Ki£S &p hf aicrrfi fioKKop hrtax^pdo, &y ap 'Ax^Xkeif^ 1«5 
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444 I A I A A O 2 Y. 


100 Ki^Seo^ iart vkicv^ • irapii 8' oi ra/yol afifii fj^evoprw. 

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&/&' aSr' &\X ip6fj<r€ iroSdptcrf^ Sib? *il;^i\X6U9 ' 

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Spt€ fjLera KpoKOTreTrko^ xnreip Ska /ciSpaTcu mi?, 


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146 lAlAAOS V. 

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^/c€ ywaisca ayea^cu, afiv/jLova Spy* eiSvlav, 

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dXK* orrot) T^piroiTo fidvtDV • fA^a ydp 01 lS(aKev 


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448 IAIAA02 "». 

Zev^ S^>€vo^i vaUv S* oy^ iv evpvxpptp Suev&vi* 

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AT^j ^Xv9 iovaa • rlrj XeiTrea-^e, <f>ipuTroi ; 

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4SJi IAIAA02 ^. 

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'Kafipa^opriv ifiepcu * irdpa yhp koI afieivov^ SXXoi, 
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ei Si fup oltcreipevf, Koi rot <f>tXo<; eTrXero ^vjLt^ 


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iart TOi «/ K\ialrj ')(pvah^ ttoXiJ?, etm hi x^oXko^, 

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459 IAIAA02 ^. 

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avrdp 6 TTvypax^V^ dXeyeiprj^s ^ijxep ae^Xa * 


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456 lAIAAOZ ^. 

fifiiovov ToXaepyop ayayv KaTihrjc* iv ay&vi 

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7AIAA02 XXIII. 459 

wavTo^ev i/c fieXeav • hrl 8' &pwTo Sio^ ^Bireio^, 

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ovT Ala^ Svparo, Kpareprj 8' e)(€P U *OSvai)o^, 780 

aXX* Sre 817 f>* dpia^op ivKPTjfiiSa^ ^A^aiov^, 
Sh rare fjLtv Trp<Mevjre fiiya^ TeXafuopto^; Ata^ • 


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460 IAIAA02 "9, 

Aur/€vei AaepridSrf, ir6kvfiri')(jaLu^ ^OSiMraev, 
fj ifM* avd€ip\ ff iya> ae* ra S* aif Ati iravra /j^Xqaeu 

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Kamreae' Xool S' av ^yeOino re, ^dfifiTfo-dv re. 
Seurepo^ axn avde^pe TroXirrXa? hlo^ 'OSva-trev^, 

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vitcq S' afiifxyrepourw ae^Xia S' la* aveXivrei 
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apyvpeov icfyrirripa, reruypivov • 8f S' a/m p^pa 
')(avSapev, avrkp tca^KKei ipuca Traaap err' aHav 
itoXKSp • eTrel St^v&i woXvSaiSaXoi ev tja/crja-ap, 
foipi/c&: S' ayop opSpe^ eTr' rjepoeiBea ttSptop, 

745 {TTfja-av S' €i/ XipApea-at, Odopri, Be B&pop eScofcav 
vlo<; Be HpiApLOio AvKdopo<i &vop lB<o/c€v 
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/cal TOP ^A'^^tXKev^ ^kcp ai^Xiop o5 erdpoco, 
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750 Bevriptp ai fiovp ^rjKe p^^ap kxu iriopa Br\yu^ * 
flpAnroKavTOP Be ypvaov T^ur^V e^KCP. 
OTTJ B* 6p^6<:, /cal /irV^oi/ ep ^Apyeiourtp eevirev 
^Oppva^\ ot /cal Tovrov ae^Xov ireiprjaea^e ! 
&9 i<f>aT • &ppxrro B* avrU* ^OiXSfo<: ra'xy^ At(K, 

755 &p 8* *OBva'€if^ TToXvp/rfTiij hreira Be NiiJTopo^; v«J^, 
^ApTiXo^o^ ' yip aJne piov^ Troal Trairra? ipUa. 
[arivBk p^raoTOvxel* arip/qpe Bi repp^vr ''-^^^XXev?.] 


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TcSai S* am'b vwr<rq^ rtraro SpofU}^ • &fca 8' Sirtira 
lK<f>€p* 'OtXut&79' M S' ApwTo Sio^ 'OSvaa-eifi 
ayx"' f^^ * ^ ^^ '^^ '^^ yvpcufco^ iv^dvoio 761 

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mpfiov i^iXjcova-a irap^K fxlrov, ayxp^i' S* Ta^ee 
arrj^eo^ • i>9 'OSva-ev^; ^eev iyyif^ev • avr^p ihruj^etf 
ixyia TVTTTe 7r6&<r<rt, irdpo^ koviv afi^iy^fyrjvai, • 

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&9 ^>aT evypfuvty!;' rov S* Ik\v€ ITa\X^9 'A^^qvff 
yvia S* e^rj/eev iXa^pd, iroSa^, Koi xetpa^ Irrrep^^ev, 
dXX' ore 8^ to^* SfieXKov iwat^aa^cu &^\ov, 
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T§ pa fio&v fciyvr 6p^o^ airo/crafihwv ipifAVKa)v, 775 

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*AvtCKo)(f^ 8* apa Sif 7iouj^i]lov €/c<l>€p* ae^Xov, 795 

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d^dvaroi ri/iMKri iraKaunipoxf^ di/^pwirov^. 
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oSto^ Be irporipTf^ yeve^, irporriptov t' dv^poyjraop* 790 
Afioyipopra Bi fiiv <f>aa^ ep^fiewu • apyaXiov Bi 
iroaalv iptSijcaa^cu ^Axauoh, cl fiif *Axi'X^t 


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IAIAA02 ^. 

^/29 <l>dTO * icvSffvev Be iroidmea HufXelmpa, 
TOP S* 'i4;^tX6V9 /jLi^ourtv afieifiofiepo^ irpo^ev/rep 

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aXXd TOi ^fitToXcarrov iyw 'xpxxrov hri^rja^D, 

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avrhp nr)\€iSff<: Kara fihf &>XA;^6<r#c«>i' ey^^ 
^K ^ aySiva ^p<oVy Kwrk S' aawiSa /col Tpv<f>aKeia9^f 

800 revx^a SctpirqSovrof:, i fiu/ HdrpoKk/y; awqvpa. 
arfj S' 6p^6<:, koX fiff^op iv ^Apyeloia-iv ievirev • 

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T€vy€a ia-aafiiiHO, rafuai'xpoa ^oX^i/ IXoirre, 
aSXrjXjcov irpcm-apod^ev ofiikov iretprf^va*. 

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'^wiatf 5' €vilv(ov. Bid r' evrect, xaX piXoof aX/JUi* 
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/caXop, Spmjtiaov, to fihf * Aarepoircuov airqipfov* 
reux^a B* ap^repoi ^wijia ravra <l>€p^<r^€OP • 

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&v S* apa TvBciBf)^ &pTO, Kparepo^ ^lOfju^Bfi^. 
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a/y Ala^: fiev hrnra kwt* dairlBa irdvroa itarpf 
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• 800 TvBelBf)*: 8' ap* hmra virkp adxeo^ p^aKoio 
alhf hr* avxivi /cvpe ^xieipov Bovpo^ oKn/cQ. 
teal Tore Brj p Alavn vepiBBeiaavre^ ^Ax^uol, 
iravaapivov^ i/cikewrav di^Tua Itr' dveXia^au 
aurdp TvBebBri B&Kev pJya (fidayavop ifpiD^ 

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Avrdp nrfXeiBTj^ ^rj/cep aoXov amorxwavovt 
hv TTpXv fi€v piirracTKe p4rfa t/^kvo^ ^Herlmvoi* 


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oXX* f/Toi Tov S7r€<l>v€ 7ro8dpKr}<: ££09 *^;^c\X€W» 
Tov S* oyer' ip vqeaai, aifv aXXoun /credreao'tv, 
<rn} 3' op^is, icai /jli^ov ip ^Apyeiotaiv Senrep* 890 

"Oppva^*, ot /cal tovtov ai^\ov ir€ipi]a'€<r^e ! 
el 01 KoX fioKa troXKhv airorirpo^i 7ru)V€^ aypoi, 
S^A fuv Kai irmne TrepiTrKofiivov^ ivuivTOv*; 
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iroi^firiv, ovS* aponip, eZir' €9 ttoXm/, aXKa Trapi^$. 835 

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S&pa S' *A')(tX\^i <l)€pifi€V, to. K€ ^vfiov iijinj. 
oXV aye fioi^ t6S€ eliri, ri rot, <f>p€alv elScTcu ehau ; 
alv&<; yap fi ainov ye fJL4vo<; Kal ^vfw^ avioyei, 
Keia* Uv€U eTrl vfja^ earn arparov evpvv *A')(cu&p. 

^Sl<i <f>dTO • KtaKvaev he yvwjj Kal dp^ljSero /jli^^ • 200 

& fiotj iTTJ Si] rot <f>pepe^ ol)(pi/^\ ^9 T<yjrdpof$ irep 
hcKe^ hr* dv^pdyjrovi ^eu/ov^, ^S' olav dvdaaeis; ; 
iriyi i^eKei^ hn vfja^ *A)((CU&v iK^ifiep oZo9) 
dv8p6<; €9 6<l>^a'KtMov^, 09 rot iroX^oi re koX ea^\ois 
vUa^ i^dpi^ ! aiZripeiov vv rot ffrop. 205 

ei ydp a aipi^aei koI e:cn^€Tcu 6(f>^aXfjLoiaip 
cofifjarry; koX airuiTO^ dvrjp oSe, ov a ikei^a-ei, 
ovBi Tt (T* alS^a-erai, vvv he Kkaicofieif avev^ev 
rjfievot ep fieydp^ • tw 8* ok Tro^t Molpa Kparaii) 
yeivofi^evtp eirevrfae \iwp^ ore fiiv racov aim], 210 

dpyiiroha^ kuv{K icai, e&v dirdvev^e rotcrjcov, 
dphpl irdpa Kparep^, tov iyo} fieaov fjirap e)(pvfn 
€<r^efievai, irpo^^vaa • tot' avrtra epya yepoiro 
TratSo? ifiov ! hrel ov e /caKi^ofievov ye KoreKra 
oKKd irpo Tpmov kaX Tpcoldhfov ^c^vkoKitodv 215 

iaTaoT\ ovre (f>6l3ov fiefiv^pAvov^ ovt^ d\6a>/>^. 

T7]v 8' avre irposieuTre yepoDv Hpiafio^ ^eoeiht]^ • 
fAT] fi i^ekovr Upcu /carepvKape, firjhi fiot airrr] 
Spppi epl ^ydpouTi koko^ irekev • ovhe /JLe ireiaet^, 
el f^ep ydp rt? fi* a\\o<i eTri^^opUop iiceXevePj 290 

fj oi pApTte^ eiai, ^voa-fcooi, fj leprje^, 
yjrevho^ Kep ^>aLp,ep, Kal po<T<f>i^oip^^a p£\Xop * 
pvp 8' — auT09 yap axovaa ^eov, kgI i^ihpaxop opttjp — 
elp,it Kal ov^ &\u>p €7ro9 eaaerat, ei he p^oi alaa 
re^pdp^eva^ irapd prjvalp ^AyauiiP 'xaXjcoxt'TaiPiDP, 28J 

povXopMi ' avrUa ydp p>e KaraKreipeiep 'i4;^t\XeiJ9t 
dyKd<; eXoPT* epxfp vlop, hrrjp yoov ef epop eirjp. 

^H, Kal ^piap&p ein^rip^Ta KdX dpe<pyep, 
ep^tp hd}h€Ka phf irepiKoXXea^ e^eXe 'ireTrXov^, 


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472 IAIAA02 O. 

290 SdiBe/ca 8' airXo&a<: 'xKaiv(v;^ Totrcrov^ 8i rimfrai^y 
Toaaa Se (fxipea /eaXd, roaov^ S' ^i rolai ^trwi/a^. 
jfpva-ov Si cm^ov h^pev hiica Trdvra rdKam'a' 
i/c Se Bv al^cDva^ rpcTro&K, iriavpa^ hi Xifirfra^, 
€K Se 8e7ra9 TrepcKoXK^, o oi Qp^ice^ iropov avSpe^^ 

235 i^eairjv iK^oprt, fieya /cripcK ' ovBi vv rothrep 

<f>elaaT hit fieydpoi^ 6 yipaov • Tript S* if^eXe ^vft^ 
Xwaa-^a* <I>!Xop viov. 6 Se Tp&<i^ fjkkv iiravra^ 
a!^ov<T7f^ airiepyev, hreaa al<r)(pol4nv iplaa-c^v • 
"Eppere, Xuf/Sfjrrjpe^, ikeyxih^ / o6 w icai vfiSp 

240 olKOi eveoTi yoo^i or* fi ^X^ere /erfSij<rovT€^ ; 
^ owe<ry, oTi fioi KpoviSt)^ Zeis aX/ye* iSmieep, 
iraiS* oXiacu rov apiarov ; ariup yvdxrea^e koX Hfifie^ I 
jyqtrcpoi ycLp fiaXKov * Ayaioiatv Brj ea-eo'^e, 
K€ivov Tf^porro^, ivcupifjuep I axnhp eyeyye, 

245 TTpiv aXaira^ofievfjp re troXiv, xcpdi^ofievrpf re, 
6<l>^a\fjLolaiv ISelv, ^airjv hofiov "AtBo^ eUrta, 

^H, Koi (T/crpraviq) Bleir^ avipas* ol 3' Itrav 1^, 
cirepxop^poto yipovro^. 6 S' vicunv oUriv ofAOKXa, 
V€LK€Uav "ET^vov t€ Tlipiv T ^Ayd^wvd re SJbv, 

250 Ild/jLfjLovd t' * Avri^vov re, ^otfv dyc^ov re IIoXiTffPj 
Afjt^ofiop re kcu 'Iwrro^oop koX Aiop aryavdp * 
hnfka toZ? 6 yepaw 6p>OK\riaa^ ifcikevep • 

Sireva-aTe fioi^ ku/ccL ri/eva, tcarri^pei! aiKl afia irdprei 
'^E/cTOpo^ (i^eXer' dprl ^o^9 i^i Pffva-l ire^cr^tu! 

255 & fju)t iya> irapdirorfio^, hrel reicop via? aplarov^ 
Tpolp ip evpcirj, t&p S* oirivd <fyr)fu \€\euf)^(U * 
MrjOTopd t' aprlheop zeal TpmtXop hnnaxdpfjurfp, 
^EtcTopd y . ^9 ^€09 SaKC fJb€T^ opBpdaip, ovSe i^ei 
dpSpo^ ye ^VTfTov irak efxp^epcUy oKKjol ^eoio • 

260 roif^ flip aTTcoXea "Aptf^* rib S' iKeyx^a irdvra Xekevtmu, 
's^arai r 6pxn<^o.i re, ')(ppoi,rv7riri<TiP apurroi^ 
dpp&p ^S* iplffxDP hriZrifuoi dpTrcucrfjpei. 
ovK &p StJ fju)i afxa^ap i<f><yn\i<raaiT€ rdxi^rra^ 
raurd re irdvr^ hrH^Hre, Xpa Trpija-a-c^fiep oSoio ; 


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IAIAA02 XXIV. 473 

^fi^ l^y • 01 S' dpa irarpo^ irrrohSelaairre^ ofio/eXi^, 265 
€K fjihf apui^av aeipav idrpo^ov i/jfjuoveirfv, 
KaXrjV, TTpmroTTCuyea • irelpiv^a bk Sij<rav hr^ ainrj^ • 
Kob S* OTTO ircuraaX^i ^vybv fipeov -qfitoveiov, 
irv^vvovt OfufyaXoev, ei oiijKeaatu aprjpo^ • 
CK S* l<f>€pov ^vyoSea-fiov Sifxa fyy& iweamiyy. 270 

Kal TO fihf^ei fcari^fcav ev^ioTq) errl pvfiS, 
Tri^rj ewt TTpanj}, hrl Sk /epl/eov eoTopi fidXKov • 
TpU S^eKarep^ev eSrftrap eTr' 6fi<f>a\6v' avrkp hrara 
€^€if)<: KaT€S7)<rav, xrrro y\ay)(wct S* l/eafiyftav. 
ix ^oKdfAOv Sk ff>ipovr€^t iO^icmj^ err* airqvr}^ 376 

P7JCOV 'EKTOpet)^ K6<f>a\rj^ anepeiaC iiroiva • 
feO^i/ S' "fifiiovov^ Kparepoavxrxps;, ivrea-iepyov^, 
T0V9 f>d TTore IIpidfKp Mvtrol hocav, a'yXaii S&pa, 
'iTTTTOv^ Se IIptdfKp ihra/yov fyyov, 069 6 yepaw 
ainhs e^^^v aTvraXKev ev^ioTr) cttI <f>drvri • 280 

TO) /A6V ^€vyvva^riv iv ScofUKriv xr^Xotaiv 
Ktjpv^ Kol npiafuy;, irvKivh <f>p€(rl firjbe^ e^ovrc?. 

^ Ay^ifjLoXjov Si a^^ ^X^' 'Efcdfirj t€Ti^ti ^vfi^, 
olvov Ikxpva hf X^^P^ /ii€Ki(f>pova Severe pf}<f)LV, 
ypvaitp iv Shral, S<f)pa Xeiy^avre fcioinjv • 286 

oTTf S' Ittttcov TTpoirdpoi^ev, erro9 r e^T , & r ovofui^ev* 

Trj, ffwelaop A A irarpl, fcaX eux^o, oXkoS" i/cia^cu 
A*^ e^ Su^fieveoDv avSp&v • ewel &p aeye ^v/jM 
orpvvei hrl vrja^^ ifielo fihf ovk i^eKova^, 
aXX* €V')(€v <T\rf erreiTa K€XaiV€<f>il Kpapltovij 290 

^ISaiG), &Te Tpoitfv Kara irdaav opdrcu * 
alrei, B* omvov, raypv ayyeKov^ o9T€ oi atmp 
<f>i\raT09 oUopcjp, Kai ev fcpdro^ earl fiijurrov, 
Se^iov • 6(f>pa fiiv aurov hf 6<f>^a\fioia-i i/oijcroy, 
T^ irUrxfvo^ €7rl vTja^ try; AavaS}u Ta^uTrdXcDV. 295 

el Si T0» ov SdxreL ihp ofyyeXop eitpvcira Zev^, 
OVK dp eyoyyi <t* hrura iiroTpvvovaa KeXoifirfp 
PTja^ €7r* 'ApyeioDP lipai, fxaKa ntp fiefiamrcu 

Trjp S' aTTafAeifiofJbepo^ 7rpo^i<f)7j IIpiapLO<i ^eoetZrj^ • 


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474 IAIAA02 O. 

900 S) f/ui/oi, ov fi4v Tot ToS' &f>i€fidinj dirt^i^o-M. 

ia^Xov yap Aii x^^P^ opaax^fiev, al k ^Kef^trji. 

^H pa, Koi afjL(f>i7ro\op TafMitjv &Tpvv' 6 ye/oouk, 
yepolv vBwp 6'7rt;^e0at oK^parop* ij Be irapeaTt), 
yepvi^ov a/j,<f>i7ro\of; irpoxpop ^' afia 'X^po'lv exowra^ 

306 pc^jrdfiepo^ Be tcinreXKop ehi^aro ^ aKji>x^^ ' 
€V)(eT^ eirecTa ara^ fi^<rq> epxei, Xelfie Be oTvov^ 
ovpapop ekapiBeop * koX ffnopqaa/i hro^ rjvSa * 

Zev wdrep, ''IBrf^ep fieBiwp, fCvSurre, fieyioTef, 
S6<i fi 69 '-4%*XX^09 <f>tKop iX!^€lp ^S' iXeeiPov • 

310 irifjLylrop S' oUopop, rayyp ayye'koPy cfere crot ain^ 
<l>l\raT09 oicop&p, ical ev fcpdros earl fjUyuTTOP, 
Be^iop * 6<l>pa fup ouro^ ip o<ffhcCKfiouTL poi^aa^, 
T^ iriaupo^ €7rl prjcv; la> AopoAp Taxvir<iiXja>p. 
^I2<! e<f>aT^ eirxofiepo^ * rov S* e/cXtje /iTjTiera Zeif^, 

315 aurUa 8' aierop fjKC, reXecoraTOP irereqp&p^ 
fiop^vop, ^r)pr)Trjp\ bp KoX irepicpop Kokiovaip. 
oaarj B* vy^op6(f>oio ^pr) ^akd/JLOU) t€TVKTm 
avkpo^ a(l>p€iolo, iv/c\i]iSj apapvla * 
roaa apa rov i/cdrep^ep €<rap irrepd • elaaro Be a^Mf 

320 Be^LO^ at^as irrrep aareo^. ol Be IBopre^ 

yrj^riaap^ Koi ircLaw ipl if>p€(rl ^VfMo<: Idp^vf. 

Sirep^OfJ^po^ B' 6 y€p€Uo<; eov hre^riaero Bi(f>pov 
etc 8* iXaae wpo^vpou) koX aH^ovarj^ eptBovTrov, 
TTpoa^e fiep '^fjiiopoc 1\kop rerpajcvKkop amripriPt 

325 T^9 ^IBalo^ ekavpe Bat<f>pcop • ainap Swur^ep 
Zmroi, T0U9 6 yepoDP e^iroiP fid<myi /ceXevep 
KapwaXlfuof; Kara aarv • <f>£Xoi B* afia iroane^ firowrop 
TToW' d\o<f>vp6fi€Poi^ d>^el ^dparovBe kiopto, 
ol 8' eTTel oip 7roXto9 xare^ap, ireBiop 8' d<l>iK0PTOt 

330 ol fiep ap a-^ppob irpori "IXiop airopeopro^ 

iraiBe^ /cal ya/AjSpoL to) B' ov Xd^op evpvoTra Zfj— • 
p\ €9 ireBlop irpo^pePTe • IBodp S' eXirjae yepopra, 
alyira B* ap* 'Epfieiap, vlop if>iXop, dvriop TfSBa • 
Epfieia- ao\ yap re fLdXiard ye ifyiXrarop iarw 


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IAIAA02 XXIV. 476 

avSpl h-a^piacTM, kcU t exXve^^ ^ k i^eXtja^a* 336 

ficuTK t^i, teal Hpiafxov fcoi\a<; eiri injas ^Ax^uAp 
&9 ayay\ ck /ai}t' dp Tt9 %. fMijT ap re v<yi]<rp 
Tft>j/ uXXmv Aapo&v, irplv HrfKjeUovdS' Uia^ai. 

^12^ €<f>aT' • ovB^ aTrC^Tfce huucropo^ ^Apyei^vrq^* 
ainiK eTreiy xnro iroaaXv iSi]<raTo /caKa weSiXa, 340 

ufM^poa-ia, 'Xpvaeia, ra fiiv <f>epov rjfj,€V i<f> vypi^v^ 
^S' eTT* aweipopa ycuav, ifia irvoi.^^ avcfiou)* 
etXero Se pd^Bov, ryr avhp&v ofM/jbara ^i^/yei, 
&v i^iXet, Tov? S' aJfT€ teal v7tvd>ovTa^ iyelpet' 
rffv fierii x^/ktIi/ I^^o)!/ Trerero xparv^; 'Apy€i(f>6vT7j<:. 346 
ah^a S' apa Tpoirjp re xal 'EXKij^nrovrov uccu/ev • 
firj S' Upcu. Kovpfp aiavrfTrjpi ioi/cfo^, 
TTp&TOP inrqpriTrf^ rovirep j^apteaTaTrf fffirj. 

01 S* hrel oJfp p^eya arjfia wape^ "IXoio iXouxaav^ 
oTTJaap ap' ijfuopox/i re kuX hnrov^, 6(f>pa irioiep^ 360 

€P irorap^ • 8^ yhp koX M /cp€<f>af: 7]\v^€ yaiap. 
TOP B* i^ WY)(jLfiokoio iZa>p i(f>pda'<raTO Krjpv^ 
'Epp^lap, ttotI Be Tlpiapbop <f>aTO, (fxaprfaip re • 

^pd^€o, AapiBapCBri • <f>paZ4o^ poov Ipya rervtcrai, 
avBp^ opoto' rd'^a S' a/i/x€ BuippaCaea^ai ofe). 355 

aXV Sr^e Bfj ^evytofjLep i<f>* hnrwp, ij fup eireiTa 
yovpwp oA^dfietfOt XiTapevaofiep, aX k eKerjari. 

^12^ (JMTe crvp Be ye pome p6o<; %uto, BelBie 8' cUp&^ • 
op^al Be Tpi)(€^ ioTOP hfX ypafiirrolai, fieKeaaip • 
(nrj Be ra^p • avrb^ B* 'Epiovpio^ eyyif^ep iK^dp, 360 
X€^P<^ yipoPTo^ eXcop, i^elpero xal irpo^4enrep • 

21^, wdrep, c&S' Xmrov^ re koX fjfiiopov^ i^vpei^ 
pv/cra St' afMffpoa-lfjp, ore ^ eHBovcri ^porol aXXjoi ; 
oifBe avy* eSSeto-o? fiepea irpeiopra^ '-4;^atot59, 
o? rot Bv^fieph^ koX dpdpaiot eyyir; eaaip ; 866 

rS>p el rk <Te IBoiro ^ot)p Bul putcra fieXaipap, 
ToaadB* 6p€(ar* ayoprop rk &p Bj] rot poo^ eXr) ; 
out' airro^ peo^ etrai, yeptap Be rot, o5ro9 OTnySet. 
&pBp* dirapAjpcur^ah ore rt? irporepo^ ^^aXeTTiyi/i;. 


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476 lAIAAOS o. 

370 aXX' iy» ouS^i/ ae f>e^(o Kcucd, xaX Bi k€p SXKop 
aev aircCKjs^acuiu • ^tX^ hi as war pi itcricm. 

Tov 8' fjfiel^T hreira ytpatv Ilpiafio^ ^eo€t&79 ' 
ouTCj trri rdhe y* ioTi, <f>i\ov Tefco«;, w ayopevetS' 
aXX' ft-f T»9 KoX ifielo ^ea>v inrep^axe^e X€t/>a, 

376 o9 /AO* ToiovS* fJK€P oioiiropov avTifioXTftrcu, 
alciov, elo^ 8^ aif iifitK koX etZo^ arpfro^, 
irerrwaal re v6(p, /laKdpwv S* If ia-tri ro/ctfODV, 

Tov S' aJrre irpo^eeiire Sui/cropo^ 'Apy€uf>6vrfj9' 
v€u Sff ravrd ye wavra, yipov, Kark /loipav eeirre^ • 

380 dXX* 076 /loi roBe eliri koX arpex^w^ icaraXe^ov, 
ff€ TTTj iKirefiirei^ KeLfirjkuL ttoXX^ fcciX cor^X^ 
ivipcvi 69 aXXoSa7rov9, ha irep rdSe to* aoa filfivg ; 
fl Tf&r) rravres; /earaXeiirere "iTuop ipr)v 
heiZUnei ; roio^ yhp avrjp &purro^ SXaoXev 

385 flro9 wak ' ov fihf yap ri /iAy(rf^ irreSever* 'A'xcu&v. 
Tbv S* rifieifier^ eireira yip<ov Uplafuy; ^eoeiitf;* 
rk Se <TV iaai, ^purre^ rirov S' ef ia-ai rota^v, 
!k fJLOi KoXcL rov olrov anrorpLov iraiBix; evunre^ ; 
Top S* aJrre Trpo^eeiire hiaicropo^ ^Apyei^irnf^ • 

300 rretpa i/jteio, yepaii, xal eXpeax "E/cropa Slop, 
rop fiev €yi> fiaXa iroXKa fjui'xr} epc tcvBiopelprf 
6<f>^aXfio2aip SrriDira, koX eiJr' hfi prjvaip eXdacra^ 
^Apyeiov^ /cretpeaKe, hatfy>p 6^1 ;^a\/c^ • 
'^fi€i<! S' ea-raore^ ^avfid^Ofiep ' ov yhp* ^AypsXeb^ 

305 eXa fidppa^^a*, /cexo^ff^o<: ^Arpeitovi, 

rov yap eytt> ^epdwoDV, fiia S' rjya^ye prjv^ evepyif^' 
MvpfJLiSoptap S* ef elfii^ warrjp 8e fMol iart IIo\v/cre»pm 
d<f>P€W fiip oB* iariy yepayp Be Si;, w ovirep &B€ • 
l| Be oi vie: eaaip, iya> Be 01 l^BofMO^ eifn. 

400 r&p fiera iraXKifiepo^^ KXijptp Xdxov ip^aB* hrea^M • 
pvp S* tJX^oi/ TreBiopB^ airo pr)MP • rfa}^€P ycLp 
^ija-opra^ irepl aarv fidx'JP eXuccoire^ *A')(cuoL 
aaxa\6<o<n yap oZSe fca^ijfievoi, ovBe Bvpaprai 
layeip iaavfiipov^ woXe/MOv ^a^iXrje^ ^AyatSup. 


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. IAIAA02 XXIV. 477 

Top 8' fifJLelfier^ hrevra yipayv Ilpiafio^ ^eoetSiy? • 405 
el fJbhf Stj ^epdireov UiyX^iaSeo) 'i<;^t\^o? ' 

€l9, aye Si; fioi iraa'av aXrfbelrjp KardXe^ov^ 
^ €Ti Trap vrieaaw ifjuo^; iralSt M H'^^ V^ 
fjci Kvalv fxeXeloTi ra/jLwv Trpov^rjKev *A)^iXK€v^, 

Tov S' alrre Trpo^eetnre Bidfcropo^, ^Apy€i(f>6imj^' 410 

& yipov^ ovTTQ) Tovye fcvvei <f>dyov, ovS^ omvoi* 
aSX ert, Kelvo^ Kelrat ^ A')(CKKrj(y; irapa mji 
airroy^ ev KkLalyaL • hvaiheKdrrj hi ol rim 
Keifiivipt ovh4 ri ol XP^ arprerai, ovBi fii^v evXal 
€a^ova\ al pd re <f>a>Ta^ *Ap7}'C<f)dTov<; KardSovaiv, 415 

^ fiAf fup trepl oijfMa eov erdpoio ^iKoio 
SXxet axJihitTTw^, rji^ ore Sia <f>api]7j • 
ovBe fUP aUrxypei • ^-qolo kcp avrov eireX^dp, 
otop eepaijei,^ fceirat, we pi 8* atfia pepnrrai^ 
ovSi TTo^i fjbiapo^ • avp S' iXtcea wdpra fiifMVKep, 420 

CKTcr* irvTrr) • TroXee? yctp ep ain^ ')(aXic6p SXaaaap. 
i)^ rot Ki]SopTCU fjbdxape^ ^eol vto9 ^09, 
Kol peKvo^ irep eoPTOs ' ^ei a<f>(, <f>i\o^ Trept Krjpu 

^il^ (JMTO* yrfhrjaep S' o yepeop, kcu dfielfiero /LnJSy 
& rd/cos, 1j p dya^op Koi epalaifia Bcopa SiSovpai 425 

a^apdToi^ hrel ovttot^ efio^ ircu^, eliroT* erjp ye, 
\jJ^€T* €pI fieydpoiai ^ewi/, ot "OXvpnrov e^ovaw • 
T^ oi direfjipriaapro koX ep ^apdroLO trep atay. 
a\V aye Sfj roSe S^^cu ifiev irdpa KohJop aXenrop • 
avTOP re pvaai, wipA^op Se fie crvp ye ^eolaip^ 430 

S<^pa K€P €9 kKktitip nr)\r)idS€(0 d<f>ucoi)fUU, 

Top S' aCre irpo^eenre Sidfcropof;, ^Apy€L<f)6pT7i^' 
ireipq, ifjuelo, yepate, peandpov, ovBi fie ireCcrei^ • 
o9 fie tceKeoA, aeo Bel) pa irape^ 'y4^t\^a Se^^eo-^cw. 
TOP fi€P iyo) SelBoLKa, xai hlZeofiai iripi /crjpi 435 

avKeveip, firf fioi tc Kaxop fiero-ma^e yiprjTai. 
<rol S' &p iya> 'irofiirb^ icaL Ke kKxttop "Apyp^ ucolfi^p, 
ipSv/cio)^ ep PTjt ^ofj 'q we^^ ofiapTecop • 
oiftc OP Tt9 TOft, TTOfiirop opoaadfiepo^j fiaxic(^^'r^ 


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47B IAIAA02 Q. 

440 *1T, Kol apat^a^ *Epiovpco^ apixa koX imrov^, 
KapnraXifMo^ fuza-rcya Kal 7)via Xd^ero ')^epalp • 
iv 8' €7rp€V(r* iTnroicn koX t)^l6pol^ fjbipo^ rji, 
a\X ore Srj wvpyov^ re peoyp koL Td<f>pop ikopto, 
oi hk piop irepl hopira (fyvkafcrfjpe^ ttopSopto • 

445 Tolai S* i<f>* (nrpop e^eye SidtcTopo<;, 'Apy€C(f>6pT7j<;, 
7rd<rw • a<f>ap S' Al^e TruXa?, koI air&aep o'^^rja^^ 
€9 S' ayaye Tlpiafiop re Kal dyXaa Sa>p^ iir' dTTijprjt;. 
oKX ore 8^ /cXia-iTjp IlfjXTjidSeco a(plKOPTo 
inlnjX^v, TtfP Mvpfiihope^ troirjaap aparcn, 

450 iovp* iXdrrj^ Kepaapre; • cn-kp Ka^wrep^ep epeyjrap, 
Xaj^wyein-' 6po<f>op Xei/Mopo^ep dfirjaapre^ • 
afjj\>\ Si oi fi€ydX7)p avXrjp irolrjaop apa/crt 
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IAIAA02 XXIV. 479 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 481 

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482 IAIA2102 a. 

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IAIAA02 XXIV. 483 

ip X V7rv\<i»y 1^4 ^>aal ^edwv efifievcu evvcu^ 615 

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484 IAIAA02 Q. 

850 'EfCTo^ fM€v Sff Xe^, yipov <f>LXje • /A17T49 'A'^cuAif 
ei/^oS' iTrek^fffTw 0ov\f)<^po^, oire fioi aUl 
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icai vuv fkhf <f>ikov vlov iXva-ao, troXKa 8* ^m/ca^ * 685 

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rrpSyroL r6py' a\oxo<: re <f>l\rj xal irinpua fitfrqp 710 

rCKKko^p, ctt' afia^op Orpoxop at^aatu, 
awro/xepai Ke<f>a\'fj^ * fcXaitov S* afi^ltrrc^* ofuXo^. 
KcU pv Ke Si) TTpinrap ^fiap €9 rjeXiop /cctTKtSupra 
"E/cropa SoKpv^iopre: oSvpovro irpo irvKdcop, 
ei firj ap' iic Sl<f>pOLO yepwp Xaoun fAerqvSa • 715 

EX^are fioi, ovpevai SieV^ifjuev • airrap eiretra 
aaecr^e tcXav^fioto, iirfjv d/ydfyco/u SofiopSe, ^ 

^i09 etpa^' • ol Si SUarrjaav, fcal el^ap dinjpff. 
oi S' iirel ekdyayop kkurii So9/JUira, rop fiep Siretra 


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486 IAIAA02 O. 

790 TpffTok hf Xexieaai ^iaew, iraph 8' eixrav aoihov^^ 
^pTfvwv i^dp^ov^, olre oTOPoeaa-ap aoiSrfv 
ol fi€v op' i^fyqv€ov, hrl 8e crevdxoPTO ywauce^. 
T^aiv B' * AvSpofui'xrf "Kev/cdiKepo^ ^PX^ yooio, 
*'E/CTopoi apSp(Hf>6voio Kopff fierci 'xeptrlp e)(pv<ra • 

725 ^Ap€p, air' at&po^ pio^ e&Xeo, tchh Si fie XHPV^ 
Xehrei^ €P fieydpotai • wdh S* m pifirto^ avra^, 
hv ri/cofiep av r* i^ re, Svfsdfi/wpo^, ovSi fiiP ol<a 
fjfirip Z^ecr^fU • irplp yhp iroKi/^ ijSe xar* axprj^ 
TrepaeTai* ^ yiip SXmXo^ eTrir/wwro?, Srre lup cUrrifp 

780 ^v<TK€v, S)(e; 8' oKoxov^ xeSpi^ koX vrjiria rktcpa * 
of &; Toi rdya vrfvaip oy^opTcu y\a<l>vp^(rip, 
Kol flip iyoi fAerk r^ai • aif 8* a5, rixo^, fj ifJLol oirrQ 
fyjrecu, h/^a tup ipya de^Kea ipydfyio^ 
de^Xeiwp irph apcucro^ dfJL€vKlxov • ff Tt9 ^Aj^cuAp 

786 plyfrei, %€«/909 IXcSi/, airo irvpyov, Xvypov SXe^pop, 

J((o6fJL€POf:, S &7 TTOV aB€\<f>€bp €fCTaP€P "ElCTWp, 

fl TTorep*, 17^ leai viop • iwel fidXa ttoKKoI ^Ayai&p 
"E/cTopo^ hf 'nukdfjLfjaiP oSii^ l\op S/rrrerop oJjiBiK. 
ov yctp p^tKiyo^ earxe 'rrarffp tw ip Sot XvypQ • 

740 T^ Kal flip \aol fikp ohvpoprai Karh, aarv, 
apffTOv Se TOK€V(Ti yoop koI ttA'Sto? S^fca^, 
EfCTop • ifioi Sk fidXuTTa XeXeiyjrercu aXyea \vypd. 
ov ydp fioi ^PTfiTKWP Xeyiayp ix xeJ/Mtv Spe^a^ • 
ovS^ t{ fioi elire^ ttvklpop hro<;, otrre k€p aUl 

745 fMCfip^fi/qp pvtcra^ re Kal fffiara Scucpirxiovaa. 

*/29 S<f>aro kXaiovcr* • Art Se arepaxopro yvpouce^ • 
rfjaip S' aSy ^Exd^rj aStpov i^px^ yooio • 

"EfCTop, ifiS ^vfi^ irdpTfop woXif (f^iXrare iralSfOP I 
fj flip fioi 2^0)09 ircp i<op, <f>tKjo^ ^^a ^eouriv * 

750 oi S' apa trev fcijSopTo koI ip ^apdroio wep atarjj, 

aWoif? fi€P yiip TratSof; ifiois iroSa^ iixis 'i4;^t\Xe^ 
irippoo'x'i Sptip* SXeafce, iriprfp aXJo^ aTpuyiroio^ 
€9 Sdfiop, fe t' "Ifi/Spop fcal Arjfipop afit^cChjo€<T<Tcaf 
<r€i; S' errel e^iXero '^v^ffP ropaijKei x^oCKk^ 


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lAiAAOS XXI v. 487 

ttoXKA ptMrrd^€tr/C€v iov irepl (njfi* erdpou), 76ft 

TIarpoicKov, top hre^ve^ • avearriaev Si fuv ouS' w. 
iw Se fioi ip<nJ€i^ Koi irp6^(f)aro^ ev f/keydpoiaiv 
KclatUf T^ i/ceXo?, ovr^ dpyuporo^o^ ^AirdWxov 
oU ayavoU fieTi^aa-tv ivoixofi€vo<^ Kariire^vev. 

^fl^ €<f>aro KXatovaa, yoop 8' oKkaarov opcvev. *60 

ryat S' &r€t^' ^EXivrj Tpi/raTrj i^px^ ySoio • 

'^E/CTCDpf i/Jb^ ^vfjLw haiptav ttoKv <f>i\,TaT€ irdvrtov ! 
fj fiiv fjLOi TTOcrw iarlp ^AXi^avBpof: ^€0€i£i^, 
59 /^' aytvye TpolT)p8* • 109 wplp &<f>eK\op oKia-^at ! 
ffif) ykp pvp fioi, ToS' iei/cooTOP ero? iariv, 766 

€f o5 K€7^€P efiffp, Kcu ififjf; alteXijXv^a Trdrpty; • 
aXV oiJTrcit) o'cv cucovaa kokop eiro^^ owS' dawfirfXov 
aXX el rk p^ tcaX SXKo^ hii fieydpoiauf ipOmoi, 
hadpiop, fj yaXiifOP, 'fj elpardpwp evTrhrXcop, 
fj iicvpri — eKvpo^ Si, Trarffp ft>9, fjirto^ aiei — 770 

aXKd av roi/y' iirieaaL 'irapat.(f>dp^po<; KaripvKe^, 
<r§ t' dyapo<f>poavpy koX aok arfapok hrieaaip* 
T^ <t4 y ap>a tcKaUo KaX e/Lt' ap^fiopop, dypvpApri icrjp^ 
av yap t/? fioi er* a\Xo9 ipl Tpoirj evpeir^ 
^A09, ovSk (fyiKo^ • irdpre^ Si fu ireffipCKCunp. Ttb 

^12^ €<f>aTO Kkaidvar* • €7rl S' l<rr€Pe Sijfio^ direiptop. 
\aol<TLP S* 6 yipayp TIpiap.o<: fierd /mC^op eevTrep • 

"A^ere pvp, Tpa>€<;, ^v\a aarvSe, /jltjS^ ti ^vp^ 
SeioTfT* ^ApyeLoDP ttvkipop \6xop ' ff ydp *y4;j^t\\eu9 
irip.TroiP /Lt' 58' iirireKKe p^Xoupdtop dirb ptj&p, 780 

fiT) irplp irtfp^a^eeip, wplp ScoSe/cdrr} fioXjj ^Hd>^, 

*^/29 €<f>a^^ \ol S^ vtt' dp,d^T)aiP ^6a<; '^p.iovov^ re 
^evypvaap* aly^a 8* erreira irpo a<rT€09 tfyepi^oPTO. 
ipprjfjLap p,kp Toiye dyipeop dtrrrerop v\r)P • 
dXX' ore Sfj ScKdrt) i<f>dp7) <f>aecipiPpoTo<; ^a><?, 786 

Kal TOT^ ap^ i^i<f>€pop ^pcurvp "^Efcropa SaKpv\ioPT€^, 
hf Be irupfj vTrdry pexpop ^ecrap, ip 8* e^oKop irvp. 

*Hp^ 8' ripvyipeva <f}dprf poSoSdjcTvXo^ 'Hok, 
rrjfKy; dp* dp,<f>l irvp^p kXutov "E/cTopo<; eypero \ao^. 


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488 lAIAAOS o. 

790 [avritp iirei p' fjyep'^ev, ofiffjepSe: r' iyipovro,] 
Trpa^TOV fikv Kara irupxalrfv a^iaav aX^owi olv^ 
iraaav, oiroaaov i7ria")(€ irvpo^ fjuivo^ • axnap eirara 
oorea Xevxa Xiyovro KaaiyvTjroi V h-apoC re, 
fivp6/jL€i/oip ^aXepov Sk Kardfiero Bd/epv irapecwp, 

795 Kol To/ye ypva-etqv i^ Xdpvatca ^rjfcav iXovre^, 
iropi^vpeoi^ TreirXoiav Ka\in^avT€<i fiaXaKolaiv • 
cdyjra S' ap' €9 koiXtjp Kairerov ^iaav avrap wrep^ev 
irvKPouTip Xdea-fn Kar€<rT6p€<Tav fjueyaXouriv • 
pifufM Se <r^/i' ^X^<M/, ire pi Se a-fcoirol elaro iravrtf, 

800 fir} irplv i<f>opp,rf^€Uv ivKvrifiiZe; *A')((uoL 

^evavre^ Be to cnjfiOy irSXiv kIov • airhp hrei/ra 
€5 awayeipofievoCj Balvxnrr ipiKvSia Saira 
Sdfiaa-tv iv IIptdfAOU) AtOTpe^eo^ fiaciXijo^. 
^12^ oXy* afi^ieirov ra4>ov '*E/cTopo9 iTnroBduoi0. 


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1. ftn^. wrath. This ^ord involves the whole subject or ground-work 
of the Ilia<k. The first book imfolds the cause of the resentment of Achil- 
les. In the «cond and twenty-second inclusive are detailed the efiects of 
that resentment. Grote takes considerable pains to show that books II— 
Vn. have no mtemal connection with the first, rjid that the ninth is an un- 
suitable addition. Hence he argues that the primitive Achilldis included 
only books I, Vm, XI— XXII. The brevity of these notes forbids me here 
to say more, than that I have seen no evidence sufficient to Justify me in 
rejecting any portion of the book, or in considering it other than the pro- 
duction of one person. On every page are to be foiuid traces of the same 
master-mind, and although there are elevations and depressions of style, 
and occasional chasms, and apparent interpolation^ yet these are found 
no more frequently in the Iliad, than in other ancient and even modem 
productions, and are to be regarded rather as evidence of their emana- 
tion from one individual than otherwise. It appears to me to be impossible 
for any one to read, with attention and critical accuracy, the poem from the 
beginning to the end, and not find overwhelming evidence, that it is us 
much the production of one man, as is the Paradise Lost, or the Jerusalem 
Delivered. 3ca (i. e. Mov<ra. Cf. Odys. 1. 1) refers to Calliope, the god- 
dess who presided every Epic poetry. In 2. 484, the plural is used. 

niyAi}Z<i8c«, a patronymic (S. ^ 140), is the Epic form of TlriktiZov (cf. K. 
^ 238. 2. b ; S. ^ 44), the last two syllables being pronounced by synizesis, 

as though written 9t». Cf S. ^ 19. *Ax<A.^or is put, on account of the 

metre, for *Ax<AX^f (Epic for *Ax<AA^f. S. ^ 52. 2). He was the son of 
Peleus and Thetis, and the principal hero of the Iliad. 

2, 8. ohXafkhriP (Epic for 6\ofihfriP, 2 aor. mid. part, of 6KX.vfu), destruC' 
lirf , f^m/ooiuc. is to be taken in an active sense (=t^k Maatnuf. Kop.) 


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492 NOTES. 

Cf Odys. 4. 92.— /iwpf* (for nvpla), innumerable, ceunUess. When this is 

proparoxytone it signifies ten thousand. S. ^ 79. N. 2. *Axatois=TQ*s 

"EWiieu^, inasmuch as in the time of the Trojan war, the Achseans were the 

leading people in Peloponnesus. i^Ktr=4wolnatif. ^«/x«^»i *^«^ 

stands opposed to atrrobs {=<r^tittra), in v. 4. Cf. S. ^ 160. 4. f •'AJa« = 

cif ''Alba or tts *Al8ov ZAfM, Kdppen. vpoto^cy, seiU away (trpo-). Cf. 5. 

190. Hoyne and Emesti explain this in the sense of the simple verh, sent. 
It has been usually rendered sent yremaiurely^ but, as Felton remarks, this is 
now giren up as too far-fetched. 

4-7. iip^p is the possessiTe |;enitive. This epithet, in the heroic age, 
was applied to kings, princes, and warriors of eminent valor and strength, 
but, as TroUopc remarks, was restricted afterwards to those only, who were 

descended fVom an immortal parent, the other being mortal. rcvx«. 

For the interchange of the aorist and imperfect, cf. K. ^ 256. 3. The im- 
perfect, as representing continuance of past action, describes an event, and 
impresses it therefore more vividly and permanently upon the mind, than 
the aorist, which is employed of a past act conceived of as having only a 

momentary existence. k^pwvw^ Epic for xvoi. S. ^ 52. oimvwi 

(for olwpoh. S. ^ 46), birds of prey ; literally, birds fiyiiig alone, as is the 

habit of rapacious birds like the eagle, vulture, hawk, etc. voo-i (==««»<. 

rWotf), all kinds. ir€\9irro (imperfect of rt\4m, Epic rcAci^), was ac- 

compUsking. fiovX^i that Hector should fkll by the hand of Achillea, and 

that Troy should be taken by the Greeks. 9h is here strongly adversa- 
tive, butf notwithstanding, inasmuch as it introduces an idea, apparently bo 

much at variance with what is said in vs. 8, 4. i^ oZ d^ (sc. xp^v), 

from the very time, is to be taken with wpotw^tv and rfvx*, and not, as som& 

think, with JU i8«. rcarpAra, first, at the first. Wolf, without sufficient 

ground, distinguishes iietween rk vp&ra and rawpirra,, affixing to the first, 

the signification imprimis, to the second res primas, iiaffrfirjip (for 

ZttarrffTVv), 2 aor. 8 plur. dual of Zita-rrifu. ipiattMTM denotes cause, by 

having vyrangled. Cf. K. § 812. 4. b ; S. ^ 226. 4. "Krp^i^s, the son of 

Atreus, i. e. Agamemnon. As commander-in-chief of the Grecian forces, he 

is called by Homer ki?ig of men {Atfo^ dif9pvf). rh—Kol, both— and. 

Slot. This is not a moral epithet, but refers to divine parentage or to high 
birth and personal endowments. 

8-11. rls r* Ap* (i. e. ri Apa), who then. This question may be con- 
sidered as proposed to the Muse invoked in v. 1. Some may prefer, how- 
ever, to regard it as a rhetorical introduction to the narrative which follows. 

— <T<f>w^ refers to Agamemnon and Achilles. l^wr is the partitive 

genitive. fpi9t is to be constructed with fidx^bai, to contend in strife, 

since they did not proceed to blows. Crusius takes fyiit with both the 
followhig verbs in the sense : rts—^ths liWiyjccr fyiZt, fitrc fjuix*<r^m I^l 
K5ppen constructs: rls ^t&p fyidi {^Zi* Hpip) (ur/iyicff (fitrr*) fidx^^*^ 


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ILIAD I. 493 

The sense c^ these constractions is essentiallj the same. Aryrods xai 

Aths vi6s, i. e. Apollo the 'son of Jupiter and Latona. ^asoSror. The 

dse of the article fbr the demonstrative pronoun in the Homeric poems, is 
generally noticed by grammarians. Cf. Butt. ^ 126. N. 7; K. 4 247. 2; S. 

4 166. 1. fioffiXril (Epic for ficun\^-4i) refers to Agamemnon. iud, 

throughout. hkicKorro Ji Xaoi \ irrpwriancu) is parenthetic, and de- 
notes the result of powrop .... iceuc^t. rhp Xp^otjy. The article is ho.*^ 

regarded by Matthias (^ ^&i. 5) as having its Attic use, that Chryitk a^a 
well-known priest of Apollo. Cf. Butt. % 126. N. 7. For the use of the 
article to denote a distinguished or well-known person, cf S. ^ 167. — 
hp^irnipa, priest^ literally, one who prays, 

12-16. 6. See N. on v. 9. boks M rQaf = ffls arporrimt^v^ inaa- 

much as the ships were drawn on shore, and served as a wooden rampart 
for the defence of the camp. In Homer the epithet bon^ is conmion to writs, 

\vo6fitpos, in order to ransom. The ftiture participle denotes purpose, 

and sometimes the present participle is employed in the same way. Cf K. 

t 802. 4. c; Butt. ( 144. 8; S. ( 225. 5. l^^orpo, i. e. Chrys6is, or as 

she is sometimes called Astynome. Hatoufa, a ransom^ i. e. gifts for a 

ransom, " consisting of valuable articles, gold, silver, robes, goblets, and the 

like." Felton. orififiar*— iiyii fficSrrrp^, fillets on a staff. In v. 28, it .» 

vttiiirrpov koL ffr4fjifia i^coTo. It is only in the Epic and lyric writings, that &m 
m used with the dative, ip being elsewhere employed. Cf K. ^ 290. R. I. 
<lteph. takes Ml in the sense of <r^y, having in his hand fiUets with a golden 
teptre. It was the ancient custom of suppliants, to carry branches, upon 
Irhich were bound tufts of wool. Here Chryses, as priest of Apollo, bound 
■ ne wool to the sceptre of the god, as the badge of his oflace, and to give 

weight to his petition. iiefifi6\ou, far-darting, far-shooting, is an epithet 

given to Apollo as the god of archery. xpwr4^ff=xp^o^y both forms 

oeing used by Homer according to the necessities of the metre. The scep- 

wpe was either gilded, or ornamented with golden studs. 'ArptiZa — J^ 

}1. e. Agamemnon and Menelaus). See N. on v. 7. \aup. See N. on 

T. 10. 

18-21. T€— Ko/, both— and, S. ^ 286. N. 8. dfol ^Ur-^Mw4paai, 

may the gods grant you to destroy. For the use of the aorist optative in a 
wish referring to future time, cf S. % 216. 8; Butt. % 189. m. 8; Mt ^ 618. 

Obs. 4. btoi is monosyllabic by synizesis. *OA^/iirta i^ifiar^ (x^^prts 

having Olympian abodes. Reference is had to the popular notion, that the 
.isidence of the gods was upon Mount Olympus. npictfioio. Epic geni- 
tive for Tlpidnov. S. ^ 46. ir6\ip, i. e. Ilium or Troy, as it is usually 

caUed from its being the capital of Tpofo, Troja. td I* oUa^* (S. ^ 134. 

B) lit4<r^at. This prayer was not answered, as misfortunes and delays 
attended the return from Troy-of most of the Grecian chiefs. Menelaus 
«as driven by advene whids intc Egypt, where he was detained several 


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494 NOTES. 

years. Ulyssea wander jd about for ten years, before he reached Ithaoa. 
AJax Olleos was ship^vrecked. Agamemncm on his retom was mmdeced by 
his fluthiess wife and her paramour .£gisthus. Idomeneus was driven firom 
Crete by bis rebellioos subjects. Similar to these were the fortunes of 

Diomedes, Tencer, etc. Kvo'cu is here put for X^o'arc, the verb i^dXm 

being mentally to be supplied. Cf K. ^ 806. 11. a; S. 228. 6. Some com- 
mentators after the Schol. make the infinitive to depend on Soicr, but the 

following ik(6fifyoi forbids this. Emesti reads X^cutc. rd r* &irou«, 

and this ratiMm. The article is here employed 9€iktuc»s, i. e. as UK)ugh 
the finger were pointed towards the thing spoken of. Cf Mt. ^ 264. 2. 

22-26. 6^*, then. Axxoi chiefs except Agaraenmon. hrwv^/tin' 

0ttr=/i«T* t^fiias 4$6riffw. SchoL '^x^cu, Epic 2 aor. infin. mid. of 

S^o^Kot. K. ^227. B; S. ^ 188. A. &\X* ^u/t^, but U did not pieam 

the mind of Agamemnon the son of Atreusi Utefally, U did not jdease Aga- 
memnon the son of Atreus in his mind^ bvfi^ being, as Crusius says, a local 
dative. Sophocles (Gram. ^ 166. 1. a) says that dvju^ as a part, is put in 
apposition with *Ayafi4fivovi denoting the whole. See N. on v. 237. &XAA 

responds to fihf in v. 22. iupiti, sc. a^h^ referring to Chryses. /iS3or 

refers to the speech which follows. 

26-28. ft^ fft — Kix^lm (Epic for iux» froni obsol. ic(x^/u=ictx^bw), 'ei 
me not meet thee. K. ( 269. 6; S. ( 219. 8. This has been usually ezplidned 
by supplying ipa or fikiwt. As this would be oftentimes quite inapposite, 
Butt (^ 148. N. 6) thinks " it is perhaps better to say, that the Greek lan- 
guage, by means of /x^ with the subjunctive, and a certain tone of emphasis, 

formed an independent clause expressing care or foresight." Koikpatp, 

Epic for KoiXeut. S. ^ 44. vapd, near. adrij l6trra=voirT^<mfTa. 

;t^ {lest. S. ^ 214. a) — xp^t'V' '^^ subjunctive without fty is em- 
ployed after verbs denoting present or fViture time. Mt. ( 618. 1 ; JelTs 

Kflhn. ^ 806. 2 ; S. ^ 212. 2. rot, Ion. for ooi. ou belongs to X9<^l^' 

K. ^ 818. R. 6; S. ^ 230. N. 2. ainiwrpoy. The sceptre was the ensign 

of power and dignity. As Chryses bore the sceptre of Apollo, it entitled 
him to great respect and fkvor. 

29-82. r^=ra6Trip. See N. on v. 9. wpip, before (I free her). 

H^yne, Hermann, Bekker, and Crusius punctuate, ob x^aw xplv fuy. The 
sense would then be : I will not release her : — sooTier shall old age, etc But 
the o^er construction is more natural, and contains a taunt of exceeding 
bitterness, that the priest's daughter shall be restored to him, only when 

she shall be too old to administer to the pleasure of Agamemnon. /»ly =. 

qMi¥. S. ^ 78. "A/ryf 4, Argos, was properly the capital of Aigolis and 

the residence of Diomedes (cf. 2. 669). Here it is put for the entire Pelo- 

ponnesus, of which Argos was the chief city. T7i\6^t xdrptis. S. ^ 187. 

A.-—-'larhp iwoixofjUyiitf {==^^>aivovffcaf. Koppen and Crusius), ptying thi, 
loom. Some translate it, going aboiU the loom, as the weaver dia not dt at 


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ILIAD I. 495 

the loom to weave, but wept around it, the warp hanging perpendicularly 
from the loom-beam, instead of being stretched out horizontally as with us. 
Weaving was a common occupation of females in ancient times. So Hector 
says (Book YI) : 

" No more— but hasten to thy tasks at home ; 
There guide the spindle and direct the loom." 

And again in the same book, Hector is said to find Paris brightening his 
shield and polishing his bow, while 

** Beside him Helen with her virgins stands, 
Guides their rich labors and instructs their hands." 

4iibp \4xos iuni6«nray, preparing my bed; literally, going to my bed m 
order to prepare it. Butt. (Lexil. No. 23. p. 144) maintains that dtrnSwatr 
cannot here mean sharing or partaking of, as it would imply something 
wished for or desired on the part of Chrys^is, the very opposite of which is 
riiown by the context. This sense, however, was doubtless in the mind of 
the speaker, and indeed is implied in the one above given. Cf. Heyne's 

Note on this passage. /i^ fi* ip4^(€ (S. ^ 218. Z)^p4ificu (= itw4?^s. 

Schol.). See N. on v. 28. For the form, cf S. ^ 118. 8. <r«^cpot, more 

safely (than otherwise thou wo\iXdst)= the safer. The second member of the 
comparison is frequently omitted, and the comparati# may then be transla- 
ted as an emphatic positive, or by joining to the positive the adverbs ioOf 
pretty, somewhat, etc. Cf. K. ^ 828. R. 7; Mt. § 467; Butt. ^ 128. 7; S. 
( 159. 8. 

88-86. $s, thus, Mturtr for l^curcy. S. ( 7. N. 1. 6 yipw, the 

old man ; literally, the elder. The substantive character of the article gives 
to the adyective the nature of a substantive. The sante is true in ol &AA01, 

raxAo, etc. Cf. Butt. ^ 128. 6. See N. on v. 891. iuc^wy, in silence, has 

the form of an adjective, but is used in the Homeric vrritings as an adverb. 

— »of>A ^Tya, along the shore. irokv^Koiff^to (Epic termination for ov. 

See N, on v. 19) is a word formed to imitate the sound of a wave break- 
ing upon the beach. The figure is called onomatopeia. voWk belongs 

to ^fwy. iardyw^t kAv (sc. yc»y), when he had gone far (=s(nne dis- 
tance) from the ships. A partidpial clause may be rendered fVeqnently by 
a finite verb preceded by a relative pronoun, or a relative adverb of time. 

K. % 812. 4. a; Butt. ^ 144. 1; S. ^ 225. 2. b ytpcuSs. See N. on 4 7^ 

p^^ V. 88. rhp=Jiy. K.$247. 4; S. ^ 166; C. § 467. ii^Kofjios (Epic 

for tHKOfios), beautiful-haired, an epithet peculiar to Latona. 

87-42. XpioriVi Chryse, was a town on the coast of Troy near Thebes, 
where was a temple dedicated to Smintheus Apollo. Chryses, therefore, 

addressed him as the tutelary deity of the place. hiupifit^Kos has here 

'a present significations" hast protected and dost still protect." Trollope. Cf. 
K. ^ 255. R. 5 ; S. ^ 211. N. 6. The word literally signifies to go arotmd, as 
a protector the person or thing protected. K^AAoi^, CiUa, was also a 


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496 NOTES. 

town in Troas, where was a temple of Apollo, and hence the accompany- 
ing epithet, (a^4rip. TtpdJhio (see N. on Ilpidfuno, v. 1 9), Dnvedos, waa 

an island in the ^gean sea, a few miles fVom the coast of Troy. For the gen. 
cf. S. ^ 187. T^uvdw. There are various conjectures as to the etymol- 
ogy of this word. Some would read 3^i;^€<Jj, smitcr, or destroyer. Others, 
after Aristarchus, refer it to 'Xtdw^, a town in Troas where was a templo 
of Apollo. The more common opinion is, that he received the name, fVom 
his having destroyed the mice {aijdwboC) which infested Phrygia, or because 
the mouse was regarded as the symbol of prophetic power. Cf. Smith's 

Diet. Mythol. Vol. HI. p. 846. cftrorc, if ecer. The indicative follows 

this particle, when the condition is assumed as a certainty (K. ^ 889. 8. a ; 
8. ( 215. 1) ; but when the thing spoken of is uncertain or undetermined, it 
takes the subjuncUve. Cf. v. 841. roi, for you, is the dative of advan- 
tage {Dativus Commodi). When a thing takes place to the disadvantage 
of a person, the dative is styled Dativus Incommodi. Cf Butt ^ 188. N. 5 ; 

K. ^ 284. 8. R. 4 ; S. ^ 201. 1. x<V^«»^*=X<V<^»»- Voss joins this with 

rri6v. M — fyt^a \a put by tmesis for Mpw^ (from hr9p4<pv). So icor^ — 

$icf}a, in the next line, is put for icar^Kria. S. § 284 It may be as well, how- 
ever, to regard the prepositions in such cases as having an adverbial use. 
In respect to the signification of Mpe^a, some take it in the sense of tc 
build ! others more cdhtjctly in the sense of to deck, as with garlands, ever- 
greens, etc. tl Ml, if in truths if really. ^ gives vivacity and emphaau 

to the expression. firipi* (for firipia), the thighs, haunches, which, previous 

to being burned, were covered with caul or fiit, between the folds of which 
were laid small pieces of flesh, cut fVom other parts of the animal. Cf. 

v. 460. r6St fxoi Kp4n¥0¥ UxZmp, accomplish this my pra/yer. Kpnripwf 

and i4\i»p are put by protraction, for nphvov (from Kpaitm) and IX8»p. S. 

4 11. 8. rlffttw (S. 4 118. 4) ZdKpva, may the Greeks atone for my 

tears For this precatory use of the optative, cf. Mt $ 618. 1 ; Butt. § 189. 

m. 7 ; S. ^ 216. 8. Aovool is properly the name of the Argives from 

Danaus (who according to the poets came ftom Egypt and settled in Argos). 

but is applied to the Greeks in general. See N. on itf "ApycF, v. 80. 

fi4\€a-aiif is put for fii\€<nv. See N. on iSScto-cr, v. 83. 

48-47. Af (see N. on v. 88) ttpvr* €vx^fi€yos=i^s i?tfx«^®- '^^^ '* 

(and) licXwf . S. ^ 192. 1. *o7$of {shining, hriUiant), the Homeric epi- 
thet of Apollo, is supposed to denote his identity with Helius or the Sun. 

Cf Smith's Diet. Mythol. Vol. I. p. 281. kot*— icap^iwK, dov^n from the 

summits. K. § 292. 1. 1. a. Oh\<itiiroio. See N. on v. 18. xhp ^ 

the synccdochial accusative. S. § 182. t<{{* for ri^a = ri^ov. &tuMr 

ffiv is the local dative. S. ^ 208. ofufmptipda. Some render this epithet 

•f the quiver, closed at both ends. Others translate, covered on all sides, dose- 
covered, which appears to be the true sense. Hitkay^af .... x*^^^'^^ 

A fine example of onomatopeia. See N. on v. 84. 8* Apa, and therefort, 

L e. hs consequence of the quiver being doeed. hr* SfAmtt, ^tpon the 


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ILIAD I. 497 

skoviden S. ( 281. abrou is opposed to 6Xirro\ in the preceding line. 

Cf. y. 4. Kirn^^vTos is taken by Crusius in a middle sense, toAen fu 

moved (see N. on «u^, v. 86) Hmself, as he moved along. — fflc for Jc*. S. 

§ 124. vvktI ^ouccij, Wire night (S. ^ 202. 1), i. e. dark as night. It was 

a popular notion of the ancients, that the pestilence made its most fearful 
ravages in the darkness of night. Cf Ps. 91, 6; 2 Kings 19, 85. It is more 
natural, however, to refer the expression here to the effect of Apollo's 
anger on his countenance, making it dark and threatening. Cf. 12. 468 , 
Odys. 11. 606; Milt. Par. Lost, 6. 882. 

4&-62. ?feT* .... yc£y. See N. on v. 36. fieri (sc. rhs yrias or robs 

•eaaiivm), among j into the midst of. K. § 294. II. 1. a. There is no tmesis in 

lirrh—iitKw (Epic for ^ku). Uat^ /Stow. See N. on v. 46. The 5^ 

in this and some of the preceding lines has a copulative force, and denotes 
a change of subject. K. ^ 822. 2. fiuHo is the genitive of separation. K. 

^ 271. 2. i^fnias (Epic for ^^oj) .... Vx®^*- This has been referred 

by some to the opinion of the ancients, that the pestilence first commences 
with four-footed animals (cf Ex. 9, 1), and by others, to the clemency of 
the deity in giving to the Greeks an intimation oi his anger, by first de- 
stroying their most useful animals. ahrhp iirur\ and then, responds to 

fj^v m the preceding line. Cf. Hopg. Gr. Part. p. 108 ; S. ^ 286. N. 8. ftrctra 
frequently corresponds to vpwrov in the sense of dc^cpov. K. ^ 264. R. 7. 

iv^X^'*^ ^' fi^^s from the following line. ainouri, i. e. the Greeks. 

Cf V. 4. This dative denotes the object. ix^if^vKU, bitter^ and hence 

deadly, destructive. /3«Ua*, sc. ahrohs from the preceding ovroio-t. 

olci, corUiniuUly, constantly. This shows how destructive was the pestilence. 

dan€ud, numerous. For the accentuation, cf. Thiersch § 201. 14. b. 

Pamphylus wrote the word as properispomenon. See Spitzner's Note, 

53, 64. itfyTifAop, for Tume days. iv«t, through. ir^\a, missiles, is 

used by Homer only of those sent by the gods. t^ ^eKdry (so. ri/i4p^\ 

S. ^ 204. ikyofthy^fi to a council. This was commonly held in front of 

Agamemnon's tent, but sometimes by the ships of the other chiefs. For 
the use of the enclitic to denote the direction ' whither,' cf S. ^ 184. 8. 

55-68. T^ (=To^y. See N. on 6 ydp, v. 9) is put for the adnominal 

genitive after (^tvl, viind of him = his mind. S. § 201. 5. 7^ is causal, 

i. e. it introduces the reason why Achilles called an assembly. «V1 

^ffX I^Kf. When a preposition with the dative, instead of a preposition 
with the accusative, follows a verb of motion, the idea of the state of rest 
which follows the motion, is intended to be the predominant one. So when 
a preposition of motion with the accusative follows a verb of rest, it imparts 
to it the idea of previous motion towards the place spoken of This is 
called the construUio pragnaiis. Cf M t. § 696. b; K. () 300. 8. a. b ; S. 

§ 235. yekp introduces the reason why Juno incited Achilles to call an 

assembly. See N. on v. 55. Aayauy (S. § 193). See N. on v. 42. 

5ti ^ '^because namely." Crusius. &pa is here used as an explanatory 


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498 NOTES. 

pftrtide. dr^icoKTof SpSro (mid. for a<^ Soph. Gr. Terbs, p. i07), Jitf 

saw them, dying. The participle has here what ia called its comfitwietUanf 

force. Cf K. ^ 810. 1 ; Butt. ^ 144. 6. oJr, tktrefare, is resumptire of the 

train of thought interrupted by tbe parenthesis in vs. 56, 56. ^«yd«r, 

Epic for ^^pdijcroy, 8 pers. plur. 1 aor. pass, of iy^lpw. Cf Soph. 6r. V«-bi^ 

p. 75. 6furYtp4(s T* iyirovTo is not tautological, when considered in 

relation to the preceding member, as it denotes the completion of the act 
of assembling, i. e. the being togethtr, and in a state of readiness to delih- 

crate on the subject m hand. rotfft (= ip raSffu Schol.) depends on 

iufurrdfut^s, as that in respect to which, or in the presence of which, the 

action took place. K. ^ 284. 8. 10 ; Rost ( 105. N. 2. d* connects the 

apodosis to the preceding member, as though they were independent 
clauses ; an idiom of which the earlier Greek writers seem to have been 
fond. KQhner (Jelf 's edit ^ 770. 2) remarks that a sentence composed of 
such a protasis and apodosb, is opposed to another similar pair of clauses 
by d€—94, so that the second protasis answers to the first, and the second 
apodosis belongs to the second protasis. Here we have hn^/tap pht — rf 

8«ir<irp y—ol y — Toun 9\ T69as explains imhs as the synecdochical 


59-61. yvp ififi€ K. r. X. Crusius constructs : pw 6im i/ifu (Epic for 

riftus. S. ^ 78) hit iarovwrHi4r€iv mXtfi'TXaybdm-as (wandering back). ic^ 

i. e. fty)— ^^oi^ffv. The presence of ickp in the protasis, implies a condition 
upon which the protasis itself depends, if we would escape death at least (in 
case we can escape). Cf K. ^ 840. 6. c* JWJ, if now = seeing that. 

62-65. iptiofitp (Epic subj. 1 plur. for ip4mfi€y from 4p4» = ipttr^\ let 

us inquire. S. % 218. 2. yArrw, a prophet. " The business of Uie Mantis 

was rather to announce the feeling of the gods in regard to what was done, 

than to indicate the fhture, and what must be •done.'' Wachsmuth. 

l9^a—hptipoir6xo¥. These words are considered by some as in apposition 
with fiianiv. The former denotes one who derives his divination fVom the 
entrails of the victim, the latter, one who interprets the will of the gods 
from dreams. As this method of determining the divine will was in less 
roDute, it is here preceded by jtoI in the sense of even. This is farther' 
indicated by the next clause icol . . . . ieriv.for a dream also is from Jupiter^ 
In which Achilles asserts the divine origin of dreams, as a reason why he 

would consult an hpttp4yir6\os. %s «t* rifiroi. The optative is used in a 

relative sentence, even when the verb of the principal sentence is present or 
future, to denote a supposition or condition depending on a certain condi- 
tion, wlw may tell us (if we inquire of him). Cf Jclf 's KOhn. ^ 832 ; Rost 

4 123. 8. a. «, Ti (so written to distinguish it from 8ti the conjunction), 

on account of what, why. Cf Odys. 5. 216. This accusative Is synecdochical. 

^r'—t1^\ whether—or. Mt. § 617. 5 ; S. § 236. N. 8. ty* refers to 

Apollo. 7i gives emphasis to the pronoun. S. § 68. N. 8. -^ — 9ifx*$\^s is 
the genitive of cause. K. ^ 278. f ; S. § 194. I. of ie4p (Epic for tf kw) 


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ILIAD 1. 499 

n»t — fit/iXxTtu, Sapfdy mcmew or Ttipa^dai, to 9U if by ofMf meoTis he may 

be vriUmg. Cf. K. % 844. R. 9; Ro6t % 121. N. 8; S. ( 215. N. 6. a. 

ic¥iff<ni% — bmdtraf. For the genitive after verbs of participation, cf. Mt. 
^ 828. 5 ; S. ^ 191. 2. In prose, verba of macting and approaching are usually 

followed by the dative. Cf. K. ^ 278. R. 9. b. In Wolf's edition a comma 

is placed after wmdiras, which I have erased, as itfivvai depends on /BovXcrai 

(for fio^Xirrai). rcXffwy, i. e. without any blemish. Some find a 

tmesis in imh—iftwat. 

68, 69. ffroi, tberif like ^ is responded to by 8i in the next clause. 

$Sj thus. iccrr* &p* t{rro, he then sat down. For this use of $pa, see N. 

on V. 806. roun 5* bafifrrn. See N. on v. 68. ix' (for *X«). h /'^ 

qualifies Apurros. 

70-78. jf«ij. Epic plupert for 0u. S. ^ 129. 2. rd r* iSyra, 

the present, the fiUure, and the past. wp6 r* Uvra] literally, those things 

which have gone before. w4i€&ff* irrhwr*. While the Grecian fleet lay 

at Aulis, a prodigy appeared, which Chalcas interpreted fkvorably, and 
thus encouraged the army to proceed. He was virtually, therefore, the 

leader of the expedition. Cf. 2. 800. "iKwv Otrm, to Jliwn, "aU the 

way to Ilivm." Felton. l^v 9tb fuurro<r6rriif denotes the means by 

by which Chalcas exercised a controlling influence over the expedition. %y 

is a possessive pronoun. r^r=^^p. See N. on r6p, v. 86. cr^/r, 

Epic for (Tiptai. S. ^ 78. kO^vi^sv, well-disposed. Nitzsch (ad Odys. 2. 

160) says that it denotes kindness combined with intelligence. 070^^ 

0-aTo Koi ftrr^ciircy, harangued them and said ^ addressed them as follows. 

74-79. fiv^oatr^ou, to explain, interpret. /i^vty, i. e. the cause of the 

anger. lican)i9cX^ao, Epic for kKorrifi^^ov (S. ^ 44) for ^icf}fi6\os. See 

N. on V. 96. roiydp, therefore. ip4» for ip&. S. ^ 119. N. 1. <rir S^ 

<rbr^§o (for avp^ov, 2 aor. imper. mid. 2 sing, of avyridrini), but do you attend. 

triif^o, sc. ^oi ifioff^otf for tftoa-oif. This doubling of consonants fbr 

the sake of metre is too common to require f\irther notice. ^ fi^t^ 

(^ fiiip), truly. bpi^tip depends on tixoovw, and its subject is omitted, 

because it is the same with that of the verb on which it depends. Hence 
Tpi^pvw (= promptly) is put in the nominative by attraction with the sub- 
ject of ifUHTtroy. Butt. ^ 142. 2. a; K. ^ 807. 4; S. ^ 222. 8. b. ybp in 

^ tV (f<^ truly) introduces the reason why the prophet might need the 

protection of Achilles. x^^^^^'a**". Epic for xo^trtiy. S. ^ 118. 6. For 

the omission of the subject, see N. on Ap^|€iv. fi4ya .... npar^n, who 

holds powerful sway over all the Greeks. S. § 189. Hejme remarks : " Argivi 
sunt, qui ejus regno subsunt ; Achivi ('Axcuol) totus exercitus. cui tanquam 

summus dux imperat." Cf 2. 684. ol = f. The repetition of the relative 

pronoun, when the verbs of two clauses require difierent cases, is frequently 
avoided by omitting the relative in the second clause, or employing, in place 
of the second relative, a demonstrative or personal pronoun. Cf K. ^ 884 
t; Butt. 4 148. 7. 


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500 NOTES. 

80-88. KfMlffvmv in reference to the means of revenge. Srw x^^"* 

(i. e. x^<»^«)> v)henever he is angry. This supplemental propoeiticm Is 
indefinite, and takes the subjunctive because the antecedent is indeflnite 
(S. 4 217. 2). Had hv been added (cf. v. 128), the clause would have been 
conditional to the principal proposition, Kp€i<r<rtap yhp fitunKtj^s. Cf Rosi 

4 121. N. 1. x^PVily inferiftr, is opposed to Kpeiwny. cftrcp, even if. 

The apodosis begins with ixxi tc icoi, InU yet. ri is added to both 

clauses, in order to mark more strongly the antithesis which exists in the 

members. Cf Jelf 's Kahn. § 755. 2. 7^ unparts emphasis to x^^m'* 

and ical to etur^fuip. Opposed to avr^iiap is fi,rr6riff^€P in the next line. 

K^op, grudge. tppa r€\itr<rj;i (sc. kStov), until he shall A/ww acanrn- 

plished it. 6ippa with the aorist subjunctive denotes an object aimed at. K. 

I 387. 6; Jelf's Ktthn. ^ 841. 2. ip arii^tffffiP io7<n (for oU) is to be 

taken with lx« k^op. <ppdaat, cmisider. rf (whether. S. § 215. N. 6) 

/AC ffa^tit if Agamenmon shall be enraged at me. tl denotes a twc^old 
question, whether^or not. Cf Jelf's Kuhn. ^ 877. b. 

84-91. Z\ then, an the other hand. ^wpiwiop, the orade; literally, 

something shown forth by the gods. Cf Butt. Lexil. No. 64. ofr . . . . 

'Air^XAwva, no, by Apollo, oh fi^ is employed in negative, and vol fi^ in 

affirmative propositions. Cf Mt. ^ 605 ; S. ^ 188. fre limits tix^fi^pos, 

which participle denotes cause or means. See N. on v. 7. K^x'"' ^ 

the vocative of Kd\xa%. S. ^ 50. 1. Zenodotus wrote KiUxo. ob in 

othis is an emphatic repetition of oh in v. 86. ifi€v (wpros, while I Uve. 

This genitive absolute denotes time. K. ^ 312. 4. a ; S. ^ 226. This expres- 
sion is rendered more vivid and emphatic by UpKoii4voio, while I seeT= behold 
the light. Prof Felton rightly takes M in a local sense, while I live and see, 

upon the earth. ool — fiaptlas x*¥^^ hroio§i, shall lay heavy hands upon you 

^ shall do you violence. Aopomp is the genitive of the whole after olfrts, 

oW* ijp (i. e. idp), not even if. The subjunctive shows that the condi- 
tion is uncertain, although regarded as possible. The apodosis o^rts .... 

^opa&p takes the if. iicative to denote what is certain. K. ^ 839. U. b. 

'Ayafi4fipopa follows rfirpr as the accusative of person, the verb being fol- * 
lowed generaUy by the accusative of the thing spoken. Cf 2. 59, 156; 

Jelf's Ktthn. ^ 588. 68. iroWhp &pi<rrox. See N. on 6x * iptaros, v. 69. 

€lix*Tau tiipoi {professes to be)= tlari, since Nestor uses the same expre&- 

sion hi 2. 82, where, as Emesti remarks, it would not comport with his olgect, 
to attribute to Agamemnon a false pretension to superiority, which Achilles 
is thought by some to do in these words. 

92-95. T^Tc 8^, then indeed. oiJr * tp \ not then, (ipa refers to the 

erroneous idea as to the cause of Apollo's anger, contained in the question 
of Achilles (v. 65), and repeated in cvx»^^$ hnfi4fut>treu in this verse. Cf 
Jelf's Kuhn. § 787. 2. c. Trollope supposes that it denotes a consequence of 

AAA* ^vfic' .... iirotpo, the clauses being inverted. fry* refers to Apollo 

Cf V. 75. 


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ILIAD I. 501 

96-100. ro0Mic* (i. e. rov Ircica) Ap% on this accourU i\en. ApOj when 
emt^oyed in explanation or illustration, is called Upa explicilawm ; when in 
•entenoes denoting the consequence, it is styled ipa aniclusivum. Cf. Jelf s 

Kiihn. % 789. a. 'EmiiSLAor, Far-darler, an epithet of Apollo. ^V 

ihi 96a€if and he vnU sUU send them. irp\» — irplw^ before thai. In prose 

xfAv is c<Hmnonly preceded by wpSrtpoy or wp6<rdty. S. ^ 220. 2. KoifuM 

. . . &^/|c<, loUl he restrain his heavy hands from the pestilence. Some trans- 
late, hands heavy with the pestilence {x^tpts KoifMtts, marms pesUlentes). 

l^fi^pot (2 aor. infin. act. for iowai. S. ^ 182. 6) is put in the infinitive 
after wp(y, to denote a conceived limitation of time, not independent but 
subordinate to the principal clause. Cf. K. ^ 387. 9. c ; S. ^ 228. 8. The 
aorist is here used, because the speaker refers to the f\iture event as though 
it had already taken place. Cf. K. ^ 256. 4. f. <dn^ referring to Agamem- 
non is to be supplied with ^/itvcu. iKue^tHoj " having glancing or roll- 
ing eyes, a mark of spirit and youthfUl fire." Smith's Cms. Lex. Others 
render it black-eyed, that being esteemed a trait of beauty among the 

orientals. awpidirriv, Mivotvoy, unboiighb, unransomed. Crusius "remarks 

that the former of these words denotes, toithout a ransom demandedy the 

latter, without the acceptance of any offered reward. r6r€ .... t9wI- 

^ifjLttf (Epic for iri^ififtf\ then by having propitiated (see N. on iplffotrrt, 
v. 6) him (thus) we may perchance persuade him to remove the evil The 
aorist is here used, because the animation of the speaker leads him to 
view the tbmg spoken of, a^ abeady accomplished. Cf. K. ^ 257. 

101-105. firot—il See N. on v. 68. ^{/puKptlw. Cf. 2. 108, 576- 

580.. fihrtos .... trlfivKcun'' (for ivlftirXasrro), and his dark sold was 

much filled with wrath (S. ^ 200. 3). <ffp4vts iLfjufnfi4\ouvcu, literally, his black 
diaphragm. The ancients supposed the diaphragm or midriff to be the 
seat of thought and of the passions. When the mind was inflamed with 
anger, the veins became swollen and dark with blood, and hence it received 

the epithet here given it. iLfjtipifji4\atuai, black all around (= entirely 

black), shows, therefore, the violence of the king's anger. Other explana- 
tions of this epithet have been given. oi in 6ao€ 94 oi is the dative 

employed for the possessive genitive (S. §201. 5) = 5<r(r« avrov. Cf K. 
5 813. R. 2. This dative also may be referred to that, in reference to or in 
presence of which an action is performed. In this case it is to be con- 
structed with iticrny. Cf K. § 284. (10). \afnrrr6wyri, shining, a pro- 
tracted form (S. § 11. 8) of the defective participle Xafjiwer&p (-<W). Cf. 

Soph. Gr. Verbs, p. 184. ^f.mjv, 3 dual jrfuperf for itpKelr^v (from 

cTkw), with the signification of the imperfect. Cf Butt. Ir. Verbs, p. 81 ; 

Soph. Gr. Verbs, p. 131. KiKxcufra, depends on upoffttnrtv. The 

asyndeton is expressive of the hasty and violnt anger of the king. 

TptSnurra, first of all, is a poetic superlative. KdK* 0(r<r6fX€V09, looking 

fiercely (literally «-7), "with threatening look" Vcm. " On Chalcas lower- 


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502 NOTES. 

i»^." Cowper. Some render it presaging i I, but this is implied ia the 
more literal interpretation. Cf. Butt Lexil. Nc 86. 

106-108. fidin€ KfMcwv, prophet of evils; i. e. announcer of evil tidings. 
Reference is had among other things, perhaps, to the unwelcome prcdio- 
tion of Chalcas, that ten years would be spent in the seige before Troy 
would be taken. The sacriflce of Iphigenia is supposed by some to be 

alluded to, but that story was the invention of a later age. ov v(6s-or«, 

never yet. ir^c limits the time expressed in oC tw to the present t^ 

Kp-fiyvov, the thing which is good or useful. Cf. Butt Lexil. No. 74. In 

respect to the sentiment cf. 2 Chron. 18, 7. rol — ^ptal limits tpixa, 

which, had the impersonal construction been chosen, would haye been 
^(Xor in agreement with fican-tUe^ai the subject of i^rL Cf. Mt. ^ 448. 

1 ; K. ^ 243. 3 ; S. ^ 157. d. tA kAk *, those things which are evil. 

o|rT€ rl wtf — o5t*, 9iever at all — tiot. rl in this connection is synecdochical. 

S. ^ 182. Mxtffffos = hrKiiirwras. " Vates ipso dicitur perficere ilia, 

qusB eo prsedicente evenirent." Bothe. 

109-116. iral rSr, now also. iv^ in, i. e, in the assembly of. 

bwKpowwy, explaining omenSy not predicting fiUure events, which ia a sense 

unsuited to the context &s . . . . %P€Ka, how that, forsooth^ because of 

this. JAi has here its ironical use. Cf. Jelf' s KOhn. ^ 721. 3. rov9' is 

explained by ottftK* (i. e. od Ircica, because) .... 8^(cur3ai. Kovp^s 

XpwrrftBoSy virgin daughter of Chryses. Cf. S. ^ 140. See N. on v. 18. 
TroUope supplies A»^l before this genitive. Cf. K. ^ 275. R. 4 ; S. § 200. 4. 

hrtX iroxh fio6?^fuuy since I much prefer. This sense is demanded by 

the antithesis between this and the preceding sentence. Cf. Butt LexH. 
Na 86. In v. 117 it is followed by 1j, there being an ellipsis of fuikJiop. 
Cf. K. ^ 828. R. 3. Perhaps, however, it would be better to consider the idea 
of comparison, as there communicated to fio^Xoficu by the comparative ^. 

Cf. Butt § 149. 7. Koi ydp ^a, for indeed n^w, is confirmatory of what 

is expressed in iv^l .... ^x***'- Koupi^irjs iL\6xov, lawful wife, in oppo- 
sition to a eon-jubine or wife of inferior order. Cf. 19. 298, where Brisdis 
refers to the p/omise of Patroclus, that she should be the wedded or 
lawful wife of Achilles, although she was even then his wife in the lower 

sense. g^cF, Epic for oZ (S. () 78) = alniis referring to Clytvmnestra 

and depending on x*P^^^^- S. § 198. 1. o6 (=o(Jt«) — oWi— otrr* — oiJrc, 

neither — and not — nor — nor. For the use of these negatives in clauses 
containing subdivisions or explanations, cf. Jelf 's Kahn. (> 775. Obs. 4. 

Htfias refers to the form or figure, and <piA}v to those general charms 

which combme to form a beautiful woman. These nouns are accusatives 

synecdochical. ofh* &p, not at all. ^p4vaK denotes mental and 

ipya personal accomplishments, such as music, skill in embroidery and 
works of the loom. 

116-120. iXiJh Kol isy but even this, i. e. notwithstanding she is ttiuf 


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ILIAD I. 603 

Aocomplished. 8^/acmu v^C\iy=cbrodovyai. r^*, this tU least, yk 

limits the assertion to the thing here spoken of, and rk refers to the 

restoration of ChrysAis. fio6?iofi* .... inroK4<rdcu, far I loish my people 

to be safe raUicr than to perish. See N. on v. 112. IfM&crax, Epic for cTwu. 

S. ^ 124. ahrh^ (Epic for or^), hut^ however, denotes a transition. 

y^pns refers to the booty which fell to the chiefs. 5<^=tya. 

/*V-*« (Epic for «). Cf. S. § 229. 2. otot *Apy€ta)p, the only 

one of the Greeks. The genitive is partitive. thuctv is here used 

impersonally, U is befUtingy proper. r^e is explained by 5 fioi 

.... &\Ayy in which h has the sense of 5ti, and fyxercu AAA]?, " i5 going 
elsewhere = is passing from on^ to another." Felton. For thi.s local sense 
of «AXp, cf Jelf 's Kuhn. 606. Obs. 5. 

121-126. woiidpinis = w6das wic^;, y. 58, inasmuch as swiftness of foot 
is closely allied to strength of foot, which is the etymological signification 

of vo^KTis. <f>i\aKTfounlfrart irdyrotVy most avaricioi^ of all. yhp 

in it&s ydtp implies an ellipsis: (this cannot be) for how. To the negative 
•6 /iir in this omitted clause, Trollope says that ovUk in the following 
Une refers. Some prefer to take yhp in its strengthening sense, how then. 

oW * $ri wow ISfiev, we no longer any where know. KSppen reads oM 

ri »», necdum. W/ncy is put for firiMy, and that by syncope for Xtraii^v. 

fyfvi)la (for l^eta), puUic property, common stores. From these a gift 

would have to be selected for Agamemnon, unless some one of the chieft 

was deprived of his share. rh ^y .... J^Saorreu, what things we have 

plundered from cities, these have been divided. t^ fiky—rh = h fi^y — 

ravTo. S^ Ns. on vs. 9, 86. The relative clause is placed first for the 
sake of emphasis. Cf S. $ 173. For the anastrophe of f^, cf. S. § 231. 

126-129. \aohs (see N. on v. 10) is the subject of iToyeiptty, and 

both form the subject of Mouct. vaXiWoya, collected again for it 

second distribution. So Emesti explains : ojtinia iterum in unnm conferred 

ut alia denno portione dispertiantvr. ^€^, i. e. according -to the will 

of the god (viz. Apollo). irp6ts, imperat. 2 aor. of rpoitiui. S. § 124. 

o^hp denotes transition, biU (as to the reward). oJf k€ irobi {if 

cver)—^<ri (Epic for 8y). See N. on v. 80. Tpoiriy is taken as an 

adjective by Nitzsch ; t^ Tpola (sc. 7^^) is put for the name of the country. 

131. fA^ 8* o^»s, not thus. dya^6s irtp i^v, aUkongh you are very 

{irtp. Jelf 's Ktthn. ^ 784. 2. 1) brave, i. e. your bravery will not assist you 
to overreach me in this matter. Fot this concessive use of the participle, 
cf. K. 4 812. 4. R. 8; S. ^ 226. 6. Prof Felton translates: brave as you are, 
i. e. it is unbecoming a brave man to attempt to obtain an undue advan- 
tage. But this comports less with the ungovernable rage of the king, 

which would not permit him to reason or expostulate. /cA^im y6^, 

practise not {iiAf) deceit; cherish not deception in the soid." Smith's Crus. Lex. 
p6^ is the local dative. S. ^ 204. oh iraptXt^tat, you will not over- . 


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reach me. Similar to this is the ezpressioii in vulgar use, you canCt 
9ver me. 

188, 184. i^p* is here a particle of time, whUst. Its usual render^ 

ing tkiU, is in this place erroneous. awrbr is in apposition with the 

omitted subject of txo^. S. ^ 160. 4. b. — ubrip. Bothe finds an ana- 
coluthon in this line, regularity of construction demanding i^4\€is airhs 
Ixfty y^pas. But there is no necessity for this, as oirip is employed to 

mark more strongly the antithesis, in the sense oi on the contrary. 

afh-usy indifferently, carelessly. Some take it in the sense of oStwj, but I 

think the usual signification given it conforms better to ^a^u. SciNJ/ic- 

pov my prize. 5i in k^Xccu 8i is an emphatic connective. 

185-140. kKJC tl fihf 8c^oi/<ri k. t. X. There is an ellipsis of the apo- 
dosis KoXAs lx<<) which a gesture or tone of the speaker would readily 
suggest to the mind, and which is implied in the contrast of the two 
conditional clauses. Cf. K. ^ 840. 2. c; Mt. ^ 617. a. Butt. (^ 161. V. 2) 
refers this apoeiopesis to the first of the conditional clauses being of 
such comparatively trivial imt>ortance, that the speaker hurries on to 

the second as alone worthy df special attention. ipaayrfs icara dvfUr, 

fitting it (i. e. the present) to my viijid, i. e. making it satisfactory. 

iurrd^ioy (sc. T^f tco6p7is. S. ^ 200. 4) agrees with ytpas to be supplied 

fVom the preceding clause. el B4 icc (= iky Bh) responds to tl /thf in 

the preceding line. rf kc, with the subjunctive, is a milder expression 

of the condition, than tl with the future. Cf Mt. ^ 628. 1. ^ , ,. . 

cXM/tcu, / myself wiil Uike it. The subjunctive in the Epic dialect, is often 
employed with or without iy, for the future indicative. K. 4§ 259. R. 4; 
260. 8. c; Butt. ^ 189. 1. 4; S. ^ 215. N. 4. di = f>7t the contrary, inasmuch 
as it follows a hypothetical protasis. In 6. 146 tk has a similar adversa- 
tive force after a comparative protasis. Cf Jelf 's Kahn. ^ 770. 1. a (a). 

^ rf6y, either thine. Aforrov, i. e. Ajax Tclamon next to Achilles 

the bravest of the chiefs. Cf 2. 768. ^ *05w<r^or (sc. yipas) 6J^ 

k\^¥, or seizing, I wiU leofl away thai (viz. the prize) of Ulysses. This 
chief signalized himself at the seige of Troy for his prudent counsels and 
inventive resources (cf Odys. 8. 121). Agamemnon shows his imperioua- 
ness, in thus threatening by name the most distinguished leaders in the 
army. The repetition in fAw^wu— t^v— 4|« i\iat is well suited to the 

excited state of the speaker's mind. K^y stands here with K€xo\^enu 

(fut. pass, as fut. mid.), because the proposition is dependent upon the 
conditional clause, 5y K€y %Ko>fuu (= idy rtya Tk»/uu. K. ^ 883. 3 ; Rost 
4 123. 2 ; S. ^ 217. 2). ty depends on M or wphs understood, or is the 
terminal accusative. koI ah-is, at another time^ hereafter. 

141-147. yify l\ iyt, InU now come on. 8* is here a particle of trans- 
ition, and &yt is hortatory. iiikaxycof. This epithet was given to the 

»bip, either from the color which wood receives ft-om its exposure to wind 
and water, or from the pitch with which the ship was anointed. ► 


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ILIAD 1. 506 

^^^•vv^MT, Epk tat 4^t^u9. Cf. Butt. ( 104. 15. So in ky^poititp and 
^ofuif (vs. 142, 148), the connecting vowel is shortened for the sake of 
the metre. Cf. S. ^ 118. 4. The suljanctiTe is here need fbr the impera- 
tive. S. ^ 218. 2. As the ancients drew their> ships np on the shore 
(cf. 1. 486), previous to saUing they had to Unnch them into the sea. 

Sxa fior. The sea was called divine^ douhtless on account of its 

vastness. " Mare magnumy nam onmia magna sunt diviaa." Hejme. 

4s y ., . . kytipoftfWt and ki us collect rowers into it in suiUMc numbers, it. 
Epic for <if , is nsoally considered as di^oined from ieytlpoftm by tmesis. 

But see N. on v. 89. Butt (Lexil. No. 61) regards Irmyd^f, as an 

adverb composed of M with a case of the denM>nstrative pronoun S8c, 
f^, T^c, with the sense, as is necessaty for tkat tking^^as motif as are 

proper. Ct Odys. 16. 28* Ikr— /8V#^ir, let us cause to embark. For 

this causative use of the aorist of fitJwm, cf. BuU. ( 114. B ; S. ^ 18a. B. 

rff =T(f, some one. Vx^* >« **»« predicate. jBovXsy^dpof. 

None but kings or independent chieftains met in sudi couodls as this. 

'ISofMyc^f, Idomeneus, was king of Crete, and one of the <dde6t and 

most distinguished chieft. Cf. 2. 646 ; 8. 280. Here again Agaoaomnon 
imperiously asserts his power to send any ona of these great chieftains 

on the propitiatory errand to Apollo. See N. on v. 188. iKwoyX4rmr\ 

most dreadful, terrtUe. This word seems to inchide neither praise nor 
bhune. Cf Liddell and Scott. Those who regard it as an epithet of 
praise, consider it as here spoken ironically. But cf 18. 170, where Juno 

addresses Achilles with this same epithet. Vu*") forus^i^Qkb dat. 

commodi. See N. on 1. 89. *fjtAtfyw. See N. on *E«iy/B^Aot, v. 96. 

iKioatai for iKig^ytai. ^ifyts denotes means. See N. on ^ 

ccant, V. 9. 

148-168. {nri»pa tUp, looking fyeroAf. « /im (S. ( 201. 6) " indig- 

nantis est" Bothe. &rai8c(i)y kni^nuhn (from knikn^pi fbr k^iw^iu), 

clothed in impudence. For the constraction, cf S. ^( 184. 1 ; 177. 8. 

K€p9a^€6^p. See N. on ^•rrcoM^rarc, v. 122. tm— Ircrir, tkf 

words. See N. on ll^o'c ol, v. 104. rrtiS^m is called by Kfihnor 

((269. 1. b) the deliberative subjunctive, L e. it expresses deliberation 

as to what the individual ought to do. Cf Jelf 's Kflhn. ( 417. 

*AxatAp depends <m rls. Mv IX^fMm (Epic for ^A^^c^) is usaally 

translated, to make an ambuscade, the \6x9p9' Upm in v. 227 bei; 
considered its equivalent I prefbr, however, with Yoss, Bothe, and 
Crusius, to give it the more literal signification, to go on a jowmey, cither 
for plunder, or on some embassy or mission. Cf Odys. 8. 816. In this 
sense, it stands opposed more naturally to M^iy (S. % 202. 1) I^i amxc- 

9bm in the next clause. For the accusative, cf 6. % 181. 2. yitp in 

0^ TJkp implies an ellipsis: (how can you expect obedience ftom tha 
Greeks, since you requite so ill those who came here for your sake alone), 

for I did not come Jure, etc o/xMV^Ur, literally, those who handle 



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506 NOTES. 

spean. B«tt. (( 84. IV. 8) regards the termination mw, as one <^ the moai 

ancient forms of the genitire plural. fiaxifv^Mvof . See N. on A^»- 

IJMvSy V. 18. — hnk .... tteiw (" since they are not gwUy towards me.*' 
Felton), i. e. since they hare done me no wrong. Some take /toi in th€ 
sense of in my opimon. Cf Jelf 's Kflhn. ( 600. 1. 

154-167. «* yitp w^hnr*, for never, ykp explains and confirms iin* 

.... thrip l^f .... frrmft. The moet ft«quent causes of war, in 

earlier and ruder times, were inroads for plunder made hy chiefh upon each 
other's territory, at which time cattle and horses were driren away, crops 
destroyed, and sometimes towns and Tillages pillaged and humt. Such 

expeditions were not deemed dishonorahle. Cf. Thucyd. I. 6. ^ 1. iw 

*a^, in PJUkia. This was the chief city of the Mymidons in Thessaly on 
the river Sperchius. It was the residenco of Peleos. Sometime* it is taken, 

as here, for the country around Phthia. ^xiffarr'= HfiKwffoy. Schol. 

— ^ iw§iii (for ^fl '^), since. oUpta refers to the mountains in Mace- 
donia and Thrace, lying between {iirra^b) Phthia and Troy. — ^ (nci^crra. 
Tliis epithet refers to the dark appearance of mountains covered with 
dense fofests. — ^ ^^i^Mroa, i. e. the ^gean sea. 

158-162. itfjJi (Tol. The pronoun retains its accent, because it is 

emphatic. — — ifi* {= tecum) gives emphasis to iffxSfi*^. x^^f- 

The subjunctive here follows a verb of past time, but which denotes 
action continued to the time of the speaker. Cf. Mt. ^518. 4; Rost 

^ 122. TI. N. 4; S. ^ 212. N. WtvtXdt^ depends upon rtuV ^w^tpoi 

{seeking requital), as the dat. commodi. See N. on v. 89. Some ref^r 
rifiiip to the honor of Menelaus, which had been wounded in ^he abduc- 
tion of Helen, hpvipupoi is here used de conaiu. Zenodo«us wrote 

ifv^fupos, referring the partidple to Agamemnon alone. Kvyuwa! 

shameless; MteraUy, dog-eyed. The Homeric chieftains were not very 

refined in their expressions of wrath. wprfr, from. K. § 298. I. 1. 

rmp o6ti lacrcerphnp, about which things you have «^ eoncern. S. ^ 198. 

eArht is to be taken with hipatpfhctabcu. See N on vp^pwr, v 77. 

f In anastrophe fbr ^' f. S. ^^ 281. N. 2; W, 2. ir^A*' is 

properly the cognate accusative after ifi^<ra, but i« employed adv«Tb- 

ially. Jers KOhn. ^^668; 548. f; S. ^§181. 2; 18^ ^ 96iraP so. 

tp. Cf N. on of, V. 79. — vtts *AxauSip = oi ^^EKkriPts. 

168-168. o4— T^«, never. See N. on v. 106. «ro>— I<roi' — r^», 

i. e. y4pas loop ooly a reward equal to tMne. ooi^yipt^ o^. This com- 
parison of the attribute of one object with another object is o^Med compor- 

ratio compendaria. Cf K. § 328. R. 6; S. § 202. N. 1. T;-^i»v thprni- 

fitpop irroxi^^pop does not refer to Troy itself, but to any of ih" cities in 
the Trojan country. Cf 9. 328. Trollope contends that thU phrase 
always refers to Troy, and that the verb after 6inr6T* designate* fiiture 

action. iiXXd, notwithstanding. fih^ in rh fikp ir\etov ("^ vfyos) 

makes this an hidependent elanse, in contrast with what fon'""^ II 


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ILIAD 1. 507 

mmj be rendered, howeyer, w a snbordhuite claose, tehile my hand* 
penform the greaUr portion of Vie fierce battle, but when a division (of the 
spoil) comesj by far the greater prize fails to you. Cf. Jelf's Ktthn. 
% 764. €. rk T^pof, " the weVrknown prize which the victor receives." 
Mt. 4264. 2. T^ is employed here as the true Attic article. See N. 

on V. 11. ^iKov what there is of it, or in the absence of a mom 

valuable prize. Miv icticdtm (2 aor. Epic of Kdfi^) iro\9ni(my, when 

I am wearied with fighting. For the subjunctive after ^ir^i^ to denote a 
present or ftiture action frequently repeated, cf Mt. ^ 521 ; K. ^ 837. 5. 
For the participle denoting the way, means, or manner, cf K. ^ 310. 4. e ; 
Butt 4 144. 2. 

169-171. c7/u has a fhture signification. S. ^ 211. N. 4. «3(i)y8'. 

S. 4 184. 8. — ^4frr9fio¥ than to stay with Agamemnon. ^oriy has 

for i(£ subject oUvZ* Kopmwiow in the next line. Thiersch, both here 

and in v. 179, would read (vr after r, as y«c combine a more sonorous pro- 
nunciation. oM 0-* . . . . &^{riy, 7wr do I purpose, while here dishonored 

(see N. on ium-ot, v. 88), to heap up wealth and riches for you. This inter- 
pretation, which makes <r* stand for <rol (dat. commodi) elided before iictj 
comports better with pw V tlfu *^iritf9*, than the one that makes o' (i. e. 
o-i) the subject of iuf>6^€ip, (which in that case ought to have been &^^{c- 
a^m,) or that which, by an anacoluthon, makes irtftos 4^p (=:trifiop 
Upto) refer to Agamemnon. " dn/iof est Achilles, prsemio orbatus, quod 
est Tifi^, y4pas, injuria affsctus, per totum carmen." Heyne. 

173-177. fii^ strengthens ^^vye, fiy by all means. to*. See N. 

on ol, V. 104. ^tryt, I at leasts whatever others may do. 7* has a simi- 
lar emphatic force in Ijuorxc below. uttp* for xdpfKri. S. § 234. d. 

&XA01 chiefs. ici in ot ic4 fit rtfiiioovot implies a condition, who wiU 

honor me if an occasion offers (K. ^ 333. R. 1). To supply the condition 
in such cases, would often destroy the delicate shade of indefiniteness 
conveyed in the original. Butt. (^ 139. II. 3. 1) attributes to &y a softening 
influence in respect to the affirmation of things future. There is no essen- 
tial difference between this and the explanation of Ktlhner. fiyrrlrroj 

Epic for firrrt^rris. AtoTptip4»y, Jove-nowrished, Kings were regarded 

as deriving their power and dignity fVom Jupiter. y^ refers to 


178-181. ftov, doubtless, "somehow." Felton. T&y* refers to cl 

.... 4ffoi. oXkqZ* litv — iya(r<rt=go home and rule. The action 

expressed by the participle, must often be conceived of as one with that 
of the verb following, and in such cases may be frequently rendered by 

the English verb. Cf Butt. % 144. N. 8. For the construction of 

VLvpiiiUvtoffiv ipovot, cf S. 4189. N. Kflhner (Jelf's edit. ^605. 3) 
ranks this with the local dative. Rest (( 108. N. 2) says that h^ottp, in 
the signification to command^ to order, is Joined with the dative, in the 
ligniflcation to be master or lord, wHh the genitive. The Myrmidons were 


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508 NOTES. 

an Achnan peiople !n Theasaly under the dominion of Achillea, wboM 

they accompanied to the Trojan war. tr^w (Epic for cw. See N. on 

y. 114). kkrYii». S. ^ 194 1 ; K. ^ 274. 1. b. o&8* ^do^uoi imt^ 

wTot (sc. eov)i nor do I trouble myself aboiU you (=your) being angry, ^— 
4ir«iX^w Zi TOi £8ff. The threat is contained in the following lines. iMm 

is opposed to oUaZ* in v. 179. &f, since. ii^pmipuraa, has two 

accusatives. S. ^ 184. 1. tV M^ ^T^ • • • • W/*^^irAife /5e9u2 inooy, 

etc. See N. on ixh, v. 166. jc* iiym. See N. on Iam/uu, v. 137. The 

nature of the subject will show why v^/i^'v, denoting a positive assertion, is 
employed in one clause, and the subjunctive denoting a condition in the 
other. Rest (^ 120. 5. b) gives to the subjunctive here 'the diade, U will 
happen that I will take^ etc. BpurrilBa, Bris^is. According to the Schol- 
iast, her name was Hippodamia. Achilles received her as his portion of 

the spoils taken at Lymissa. See N. on 2. 589. '- t^ <r^ y^p^ is in 

apposition with BpunitZct, The article belongs to 0-^r (==thal which is 

thine). Cf. S. ^ 168. 2 (end). 6tpp* denotes the end or purpose. 

This is called its telic (jtKucas) sense. When it denotes result, it is 
called ecboHc {iK$aruc&s). iffffoyy how mnch^ strengthens the compara-