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Full text of "The Iliad of Homer: From the Text of Wolf. With English Notes"

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Bv C. C. FELTON, a m., 






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Entered aooovding to the Act of Coogieas, ia the Tear 1833, 

by HiLLiAEO, Obat, k. Co., 

in the Clerk's OiBoe of the DUtriot Court of the Diitriet of Massaohoiettf. 





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The text of this edition of the Diad is an exact reprint of 
the Leipzig edition, published by Tauchnitz in 1829. It 
has been thought better to select some approved text and 
Mow it faithfuDf , than to attempt a revision, which cannot 
be executed with the same advantages in this country as in 
Europe. The emendations of Wolf have met with general 
approbation, and it has appeared expedient to adopt the most 
correctly printed edition of his text, which is believed to be 
that just mentioned. It was published in Leipzig after a 
most severe revision. A reward was offered for the detec- 
tion of every error, and a text comparatively immaculate 
was thus obtained, which is here presented, in our reprint. 
The utmost pains have been taken to insure its typographic 
cal correctness. 

In the preparation of the notes, I have been guided by 
my recollections as an instructor, and have selected those 
passages for comment which have aj^ared to me, from 
several years' experience in the class-room, most to require 
it I have consulted freely some of the best commentators, 
particularly Heyne and Trollope. The notes, it will be 
perceived, are designed partly to explain the most difficult 
phrases, allusions, and constructions, and partly to call the 
attention of the reader to the intrinsic poetical beauties of 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


the Iliad. My wish has been to lead the yoang student to 
read the poem, not in the spirit of a school-boy conning a 
doll lesson to be " construed " and "parsed" and forgotten 
when the hour of recitation is at an end, but in the delight- 
fid consciousness that he is employing his mind upon one of 
the noblest monuments of the genius of man. Whatever 
his conclusions may be, as to the merits of particular pas- 
sages, if any remarks of mine should chance to excite his 
attention to the real character of the poem, and to promote 
a habit of analytical criticism, whether his opinions agree 
with my own or not, the object which I have proposed to 
myself will be accomplished. A faithful use of the Gram- 
mar and Lexicon is; of course, of primary importance ; nor 
can the Ifabit of constant and careful verbal analysis be too 
strongly inculcated. 

The Illustrations of Mr. Flaxman are not so generally 
known in this country as they ought to be. No modern 
sculptor, according to the opinions of the best judges, has 
imbibed more thoroughly the spirit of grace and beauty 
which belongs preeminently to ancient art. His mind may 
be said to have been cast in a Grecian mould ; he had the 
same intuitive perception of the beautiful, the same love of 
simplicity, the same power, which belonged to that intel- 
lectual people, of embodying in perfect forms, the ideal crea- 
tions of genius. He spent seven years in studying the remains 
of antiquity at Rome ; and no man was ever more fitted by 
nature and education to revive and reproduce the elegant 
simplicity of the works of the ancients. His Illustrations 
of Homer, designed originally for bas-reliefs, were welcomed^ 
on their appearance, by the applause of all Europe. They 
have been repeatedly published in England, France, Ger- 
many, and Italy, and hare taken, by universal consent^ a 
place among the happiest modem representations of the spirit 
of the antique. They hold the same rank in art that Goethe's 
Iphigenie holds in literature. The republication of these 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


niustratioiu, it is belioTed^ will be an acceptable senrice to 
the readers of Horner^ executed as they are in the purest 
Grecian style. As a general remark, it may be obsenred, 
that the Art and Literature of the ancients shed light upon 
each other to a degree unknown in modem times. There 
was a peculiar connexion between them ; they were different 
de?elopements of the same ideas of the beautiful. The 
sculptor borrowed his theme from the poet ; the poet was 
influenced in turn by the sculptor; both were in some 
measure controlled by the architect ; while all wrought under 
the animating impulse of the most delightful country and 
climate, where everj breeze seemed to bear on its wings the 
choicest inspiration of poetry. It appears necessary, there- 
ibre, to look beyond the mere words of ancient literature, if 
we would understand it in a liberal way ; and to see how the 
same spirit, which breathes from the poet's page, was em- 
bodied in the works of the artist. To promote this kind 
of study among the young readers of Homer, this edition 
of the Iliad is accompanied by the truly Grecian Illustra- 
tions of Flaxman. Mr. Andrews has executed the engrav- 
ing with a skill and fidelity to the original, highly honorable 
to his taste and talents as an artist. 

The Homeric question, as it is call^, cannot be discussed 
in this place. The reader who is curious to look into this 
Tery interesting subject, will do well to consult the learned 
Prolegomena of Wolf, and the writings of Heyne. Happily, 
a decision on this much contested matter is not necessary 
to the most complete enjoyment of the poetical excellences 
of the Iliad. For my own part, I prefer to consider it as 
we have received it from the ancient editors, as one poem, 
the work of one author, and that author Homer, the first 
and greatest of minstrels. As I understand the Iliad, there 
is a unity of plan, a harmony of parts, a consistency among 
the different situations of the same character, which mark 
it as the production of one mind ; but of a mind as versatile 

A • 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


as the forms of nature, the aspects of life, and the cotnbiD^ 
tions of powers, propensities, and passions in man are tarioos. 
Some of the chief personages in the Iliad show themselves 
but imp^fectly, unless all the situations in which they are 
placed throughout the poem \>e taken into consideration. 
Achifles, for example, in the first book, exhibits only the 
ungovernable impetuosity of his temper, and justifies the 
character given of him by Horace : 

Ixnpi^r, ijracundus, inezorabilis, acer. 

But in the interview with the ambassadors sent by Ag^ 
memnon to his tent, he shows himself courteous, hospitable, 
and eloquent. Afler the death of Patroclus, the higher quali- 
ties of bis character, his strong affections, his heroic virtues 
are magnificently developed. This circumstance seems to 
show, that the poet, making his heroes display themselves 
by their actions, intended that an entire character should 
be judged by taking into view the whole series of events 
comprehended in the poem. The same observation will 
apply to other personages of the Iliad. 

The historical facts, which form the basis of the poem, 
are few, and may be concisely stated. The immediate 
cause of the Trojan war was the abduction of the beautiful 
Helen from Sparta, by Alexander, or Paris, son of Priam, 
the king of Troy. The early people of Western Asia and 
of Greece appear to have sprung from the same origin, and 
probably spoke the same language. Their manners, cus- 
toms, and mythology, according to Homer and Herodotus, 
were nearly alike. Before the Trojan war, piratical expedi- 
tions fi-om Greece to Asia, and from Asia to Greece, were 
the common enterprises of the adventurous spirits of the 
age, who carried off men, women, children, and cattle. It 
also grew into a fashion for the leaders to seize upon beautiful 
women of high rank, the carrying off of whom was a matter of 
pride and triumph to the successful marauder. Herodotus in 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


hiB Firat Book mentions several instances. In consequence 
of this slate of things, Tyndaros, king of Sparta, required 
of the chieftains, who sought his daughter in marriage, to 
bind themselves beforehimd that they would unite to restmv 
her, should she be stolen in this manner from the husband of 
her choice. She was married to Menelaus. Shortly after 
ibis event, Paris, who appears to have been a kind of pirati- 
cal dandy, visited Sparta, and was hospitably entertained by 
Menelaus, whom he contrived to rob of his beautiful wife^ 
and a large amount of treasure. The chieftains of the diA 
ferent states were now called upon to fulfill their promise, 
and a large armament was assembled at Aulis, under the 
command of the two brothers, Agamemnon and Menelaus. 
The numbers furnished by the respective chiefs, are given in 
the famous catalogue. 

The state of society and character of the age must be 
kept in mind by the reader of Homer. Though raised eo^ 
siderably above barbarism, the marks of primitive simplicity 
were still discernible. Communities were governed by heredip 
tary chieftains, whose powers were not defined with much 
precision, but depended in a great measure on the personal 
qualities of the individual. These chieftains were in general 
distinguished by strength and prowess, and were expected to 
lead their subjects in expeditions for plunder and in battle. 
They are variously styled in Homer, Jdngs, chiefs, leaders, and 
shepherds of the people. In this great enterprise they were 
doubtless animated, not so much by the desire of avenging 
the insulted honor of Menelaus, as by the hope of returning 
laden with the rich spoils of Asia ; for Troy, according to 
several intimations in the Iliad, was at this period in a highly 
prosperous condition, and the customs of war sanctkm^ the 
merciless sacking of cities and the selling of captives into 

The Grecian forces, brought together in this manner, and 
entertaining these expectations^ sailed for the Troad. The 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


war was prosecuted with varioas success, on the plain of 
Troy, for nine years ; during which many neighbouring cities 
were plundered, and their inhabitants killed or sold. In the 
tenth year the city was taken and laid in ruins. Such 
is a sketch of the ground-plan on which the divine genius of 
Homer raised the magnificent superstructure of the Iliad. 
I have thought it necessary to state thus much, with a view 
to the clear understanding of merely the poetical character 
of Homer. Much entertainment and instruction may be 
found in the farther investigation of these points, by such as 
wish to become learned in the early history of Greece. 

The splendor of the Homeric dialect is worthy of the 
greatest admiration. There is a certain point in the pro- 
gress of every people, when their language is most fitted for 
poetical composition. It is when they have risen above the 
state of barbarism to a condition of refinement, yet uncor- 
rupted by luxury, and before the intellectual powers have 
been given much to speculative philosophy. Then the rude> 
ness of language is worn away, but the words are still used 
in their primitive meanings. They are like coins, lately 
firom the mint, with the impressions unworn by long and vari- 
ous use in the manifold business of life. The numerous sec^ 
ondary meanings which the ever-increasing intricacy of the 
social relations, and the new views and abstract ideas of 
science, impart to words, sometimes to the concealment of 
their original senses, have not yet confused or effaced the 
impressions. Such was the condition of our own noble 
language in the time of Elizabeth. The words of Shak- 
speare and Massinger have a truth to nature, a clearness 
and graphic power, a simplicity, force, and freshness, which 
few subsequent writers have been able to rival. Such 
was the condition of the Greek language in the age of Ho> 
mer. Formed under the genial influences of a serene and 
beautiful heaven, amidst the most varied and lovely scenery 
in nature, and by a people of a peculiarly delicate organi- 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

zation, of tlie keenest saseeptihility to beautj, and of the 
most creatiTe imagination, the langCnge had attained a de* 
BcriptiTe force, a copiousnefls, and hannony, which made it 
a fit instnimtat to eiprem the immortal conceptions of po> 
etry. Its resources were inexhanstible. For every mood 
of mind, every aflection of the heart, every aspect of nir* 
tore, it had an appropriate expression, and the most delicate 
imagery. Its words and sentences axe pictures; in soeh 
living forms do they bring the thing described before the 
reader's eye. The metrical harmony of the Iliad has never 
been equalled. The verse flows along freely and majestically^ 
more like the great courses of Nature, than any invention 
of man. 

Thus the author of the Iliad enjoyed very great advan- 
tages for the poetical handling of his subject ; and his genius 
was on a level with his situation. We should not expect in 
the work of an early poet, the various humors and cha> 
acters which grow out of modern society ; but we shall find 
in Homer a wonderful power in the' delineation of such 
characters as belong to the heroic age. The various per- 
sonages of the Iliad come bodily before us ; we see them 
act, we hear them speak ; but we neither see nor hear the 
mighty conjuror who has summoned them around us. Every 
hero bears himself throughout consistently. There is no 
confusion, no contradiction, no indistinctness. The voyage, • 
the council, the battle-field, the storm, are all described with 
equal power, truth, and knowledge. The hospitable enter- 
tainment, the eloquent debate, the warmth of fi'iendship, the 
love of country, and the happiness of domestic life, are de- 
picted with a warmth of coloring which shows the famil- 
iarity and fondness of one who has known them all. The 
speeches of the ambassadors in the tent of Achilles, the 
lament of Agamemnon over his wounded brother, the inter- 
view between Hector and Andromache, the visit of Priam 
to the Grecian camp^ the short but most animating harangue 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


of Achilles urging the Greeks to immediate battle afler the 
reconciliation, with numberless others, display the transcend- 
ent genius and consummate knowledge of the poet It 
has been well remarked, that Homer's vivid conception 
of human affections seems to have unfolded to him, in a 
striking manner, those truths in relation to the human soul, 
which are so necessary to satisfy its innate aspirations ; and to 
illustrate this idea, the followbg words of Achilles are refer* 
red to: (xxii. 389, 990.) 

'< For though they do forget the dead in Hades, 
Yet, eVen there, will I remember my companion." 

It is true that a future life was believed in as an article of 
poetical faith ; yet many passages in Homer show how imper- 
fect and uncertain were the ideas of the age on this subject. 
But here the poet is setting forth the grief of Achilles for the 
death of his beloved companion and friend. In the ardor of 
his imagination, under the strong inspiration of the mo- 
ment, his genius, forgetting the dim traditions and idle 
fancies which gave the heart no cheering hope, suddenly 
opens to the delightful vbion of a future and conscious ex- 
istence, in which the friendships formed on earth shall be 
remembered and renewed. According to this fine criticism, 
the passage at once shows how the belief in a life to come 
suits the wants of the human heart, and how deeply the poet 
was able to go into the nature of man. I mention this as 
one of many points of view from which the intelligent 
reader of Homer may examine his works, and as one of many 
interesting reflections which will occur to an attentive 

I have briefly referred to the peculiarities of the country 
and the state of society in which the Iliad was produced. 
These must be kept steadily in view, if we would form a just 
estimate of Homer. I will remark, in addition, that books of 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


taYeb in Greece and Asia Minor afBird the moat valuahh 
aaaiatanoe in clearing op obacore pa a e ages , and particularly 
in throwing light upon descriptions of natoral scenery. 
There has not been sufficient attention given to this kind of 
illustration, by commentators on the ancient classics. I am 
persuaded that a man of classical taste, who should make a 
careful survey of Greece, and study her present language, 
superstitions, customs, traditions, and antiquities, with this 
single object in view, would do more to illustrate the beau* 
ties of her ancient literature, remove uncertainties, and r^ 
store the half-lost impressions of some of her choicest gems, 
than the acutest mind could do by the researches of the 
closet, aided by the most critical erudition. Mr. Wood's d^ 
lightiiil " Essay on the Original Genius of Homer" is a fine 
example of this kind of illustration, from which I beg leave 
to quote the following remarks upon a passage in Iliad ix : 

'fit y inft9t )m itifrn l^inrt* Sj^Mttrmt 

Which Pope has thus translated : 

** At, from its cloudy dangeon iMuing forth, 
A double tempest of the West and North 
Swells o'er the sea from Thracia*s frozen shore, 
Heaps waves on waves, and bids th* JEgean roar ; 
This waj and that, the boiling deeps are tost ; 
Such various passions urged the troubled host." 

"The poet's purpose, which was to paint the struggle of 
wafering indecision in the people, distracted between a 
sense of honor and of danger, and alternately resolving to 
fly or to stay, is, no doubt, completely satisfied in the general 
image, which he makes use of But though his meaning 
went no farther, I am not less of opinion, that upon this 
occasion, his imagination suggested to him a storm, which 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


he had seen : and having myself had more than once an 
opportunity of observing from the coast of Ionia the trath of 
this picture in every circumstance, I cannot help giving it 
as an instance of the poet's constant original manner of 
composition, which faithfully (though perhaps in this case 
inadvertently) recalls the images, that a particular striking 
appearance of Nature had strongly impressed upon his 
youthful fancy, retaining the same local associations, which 
accompanied his first warm conception of them. 

** But lest my testimony, as an eye-witness of the exact 
correspondence of this copy to the original, from which I 
suppose it taken, should not be satisfactory ; I would pro- 
pose a test of this matter, upon which every reader will be 
enabled to form his own judgment. Suppose a painter to 
undertake this subject from Homer, he will find each object 
not only clearly expressed, though within the compass of 
four hexameters; but its particular place on the canvas dis- 
tinctly marked, and the disposition, as well as perspective, 
of the whole ascertained, with a precision of outline, from 
which it is impossible to depart The Thracian mountains 
must form the back ground, thence the tempest is to burst 
on the iEgean sea, which has its proper stormy coloring ; 
while the Ionian shore covered with sea-wreck, by a suc- 
cession of waves breaking on its beach, will make the fore- 
ground, where the poet views, admires, and describes the 
whole." Wood's Essay, pp. 24, 25. 

In the preceding remarks, several topics have been 
touched upon, which perhaps ought to be discussed at 
greater length. But as my chief object has been to call 
the young reader's attention to some of the leading views in 
the criticism of Homer, these observations may as well be 
brought to a close. 

C. C. F. 

Cambridge, Massachusttts, 
May, 1833. 

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I A I A J O £ A. 

Rogatvr ab initio Miua, ut cantnm pnBcipiat de cladibat ad 
Iliniu, Achillit iram conaequutit (1-7). Venit in concionem 
Achiyorum ChrTses, tacerdoa Apollinis, filiam snam redemptu- 
nu, bello nuper captam, et honoris cauaa datam Agamemnoni 
(8-21). Illo cum ignominia repulso, foneatam laem Apollo 
per ezercitum spargit (22-52). Uabet concioneni' AchilleB ob 
placandnm deum, in quaCalcbaa yates calamitate eos levatum 
iri reducenda Chiyae'ide cenaet, auctore imprimia Achille 
53-129). Ita irritatUB Affamemno atrocia jurgia nectit cum 
Acbille ; et Cbiyss quioem filiam reddere non recasat, sed 
illi, qaod praemium yirtutia retulerat, Briaeidem eiipit, quam- 
vis obnitente Neatore (130-311 et 318-347). Hac incensus 
injuria atatuit acer juvenis se cum Mjrmidonibus abellisoci- 
etate sejungere : quod propoaitum a matre ejus Tbetide con- 
firmatnr, qufB et supphcanti nltionem promittit (348-427). 
Inierea publice Instratur exercitns, et sacra fiunt Apollini 
(312-317): turn Chryseis domum reducitur una cum nostiis 
piacularibus, quibus mactatis scelus ezpiatur (428-487). 
Thetidi jam Olympum adeunti Jupiter occulta annuit, vic- 
tores in prceiiis fore Trojanos, donee Acbilli ab Achiyis satia- 
factum merit (468-533). Junonem, infestam Trojanis, pun- 
gunt hsc clandestina consilia ; inde rizatur cum Jove super 
ccenam (534-567). £a re contristatur omnia consessus 
deorum, quoe tandem ad hilaritatem reducit Vulcanua 

A o I fi6 s. Mi] V I g. 

MifViy ttii9(f '9'ea, IlriXfiidStw ''jlxtlffog, 
Oilofiivijv, ij fiVi^r 'Jxttiolg alyt' t^fiKBTf 
JlolXag d' i<f&lfjovg iftvxag "Md^ nqdiu^w 

« Oitavoial it naai ^ Jiog S ' irtXtUto (hvlfj — 
*£$ ov dfi Taito^ja diadrriTfiv iQlaartB 
Ax^iidrig Tc, ara^ itv^qHv, %ttl 9iog ^AxtlXtvg. 

Tig t ap aqpwe d^mr cpidt $wifiK8 ftax^o&ai ; 
jifjTovg xat Jiog vlog. i yaq PaaiXtfi xo^^^kf 

10 Novaov ava axqmov «ip<y« xax^Vf oXinorto di Xaoi, 
OvMxa Tor Xffvatir^jlgiria* api^r^^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

2 JAIAJ02A. 

Ar^tldtjg. yuQ riXd-t &oag int rffog ^Axaioirf 
Avaofifvog Tc ^vyaxqa, (piffoar t' intqiUst* anoira, 
J^ififun * txfoy iv jpe^aty ixri^okov ^AnolXuivoq 

ift Xqvov^ ivu axi^TtTiffff, nal iUoavro navrag ^Axaiovg^ 
AvQilda di fiuXiara dvtt, xoofii^Togt Xaww ' 

Axqiidatl re xal aXXoi ivxn^(nd8g *Axoiifdy 
Tfuv fisw d^tol dottr^OXvfinia dmfiat* txitntg, 
BxTtiqaai IlQiafAOio noXiv, ev d* otitad* ixia&ai' 

90 Jlaida d ifiol Xvfjai re (plXriw, xd x* anoiya d^x^a&m, 
Aj^ofievoi Jiog vlov Ixfi^okov ^AnolXoava, 

'*£v& SiXoi nh Ttavxfg inttHpi^fitiacnf Axotiol, 
AldHa&al &' Uiffja, not ayXaa dixd-ai anoiva ' 
AXX' ov* *AxQeldtj ^Ayafii(ivopi ^dccvs &v(if, 

36 AXXet xaxoig aipUi, x^otTc^or d* inl fiv&op hsXXiP * 
Mii at, yiifop, xolXfiOW 4ym naqa vrival xix^i», 
"jtf rvr dri&vvorx*, ^ vaxtffcv avxig iovra I 
Mt^ vv xoi ov xQcUofijj anriTxxQOv nal axififjM &Boio» 
T^y d* 4y^ ov Xvaoi, nqiv fitv xal yifQag iniunv 

«o 'fffuxi^it^ M oVxi^t iv ^'A^yuy xtfXo&i nax^g, 
loTov inoixofiirriv, xal ifior Xixog ayxiomaav ' 
AXX t&i, fii^ fi ' iQs&tit, aatoxtQog Sg xt viriai ! 

'lilg upax * idduaev d* 6 yig<ov, xal iml&ixo fMV&^, 
B^ d axitov ^aoa dUva TxoXytpXqhfioio y9qXaa0rig * 

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AjcoXXmvi upaxxy^ xov rfixofiog xixs Afixw ' 

KXv&l fjuv, IdQyvQoxo^^f og Xqvatiy afupi/a/irixagf 
KllXay T« Ca&iriy, Tsyidoto xs liqpt ayaaatig, 
J^fuyd-ev! iXnoxi TOijpa^/eir' dnl yijoy t^tt/fa, 

40 Iff ci dij noxi xoi xaxa nloya fifmi* txijot 
Tavi^ fli* aiyay, xods fiot xqr^t^voy iiXdwg * 
Tlauav Aopaol ifut dax^va aouji^piXiaaw* 

^Slg e^oT* evxofiirog ' xov 8* exXve ^dlfiog IdnoUmy. 
^ndi xax* OifXvjinQio xa^iiywy, x^pntyog xIiq, 

46 7b| • ^i^iaty ^onv afi^figtaia xs fpaqh^tiv * 
*'ExXaylay d^ Sq* oiotoI in wiuav xvofiivoiOf 
Avxov xiyti&ivxog ' o d* ijU wxxl ioMotg, 
"^ex BJxux* aixdyev&s vmy, ftttd d' ioy fijxsy * 
Jtiyri Jfi xXayyfj yivn* aqyvi^ioio fitolo. 

60 Ovi^tjag (Aty nf^mxoy ^tt^/cto xal xwag a^yovg ' 
Avxao fhtUT avxolai fiiXjog ixBntvxig iipulc, 
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Byyiifioq fth iya m^axov ^x^o x^Xa &toh * 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


jtoDVf d* *Ajgfldfig inoXv/ialyfa&ai' Smytr. 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

10 lAlAAOS A. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS I. 11 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

12 IAIAJ02 A. 

Jl X^vmjf n^ ft* tntfoffep avof owSqw *AyafUfamp, 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

IA1AJ02 L 18 

485 y^id fiiv cli/e fiiXatrar in^ tiTitlqoio tgvcaonf 

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Tdyfitog ' ov ydg dfiOP naXivdygtrop, ovd inarriXdr, 
♦ Oi'd * uxtXfvxijxov, o,ti xtr xtqiaX^ xaxavtvafa, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

14 IAIA/i0 2 A. 

i II, %al nvotvir.aiv in* owovm rtvoE Kooylttr' 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02L 15 

Toiaiv i* '^iltpaioTog nXvttnixrrn t^qx* ayogtvur, 
Mi^rgl (pllfi initiga tpigiav, Xf t/xuiUV^ "^Qfl ' 

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Zivg ds ngog or Xexog ii'i* uXvfintog daxigompctfi, 

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^Ey&a x«&(v8 "* dyapdg ' nagd dd, xgvad&gopog "Higfl* 

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I A I A J O 2 B. 

Jupiter, illatam Achilli injariam ulturus, speciem noctu^^ 
nam mit^t ad Agamemnonem, quae earn ad committendum 
proBlium spe victorise incitet (1 -40). Sub lucem Agamemno 
rem et impetum suum aperit primoribus Achivorum; mox 
concionem habet ilniversorum ^11-100). Placuerat ei, ad 
tentandam populi fidem, cui diffidebat, consilium repetendae 
patriae simulare : eo audito, statiii) multitudo bello fessa tumul- 
tuari et naviffationem parare coepit (101-154.) Seditionem de 
compacto et Minervoe monitu comprimit Ulysses, ad singulos 
precibus, minis, opprobriis usus ita, ut concionem restituat 
(155-210). Thersiten, turpem et maledicum hominem, qui 
discessum urgere non desinit, ^ravius castigat ad terrorem 
caBterorum (211-277). Sic cohibitum vulffus ilectitur tandem 
compositis ad persuadendum orationibus U lyssis ac Nestoris, 

?ui et veteia promissa expetunt, et ostentis utuntur ad spem 
lii cite expugnandi ; Agamemno autem indicit prcelium, et 
ardore pugnandi omnium aniinos implet (278-393). Jam 
armatur exercitus ; primores apud Agamemnonem, mactata 
majore hostia, epulantur; csteri passim per tentoria cibum 
aumunt sacraque faciunt, et a suis quaeque natio ducibus 
instnicta in aciem prodeunt (394 - 4d4). Hoc loco inseritur 
accurata enumeratio navium, populorum, ducum, qui Aga- 
menmonem ad bellum Trojanum sequuli erant (485-7^). 
Item Trojani) comperto quid minentur Achivi, duce Hectore 
in campum egrediuntur etipsi et socii^ puorum omnium brevior 
recensus adjicitur (786 - 877) . 

'OvBtQOs B o I o T i a if xardXo- 
y o s T & V V € £v . 

^IXoi fiiv (a S-tol Tt xal avBQtg Imioxo^vaTal 
Evdov narrvxioi, Jla d ovx t^^ vi^dvftog VTtvog * 
MX o/€ fUQfif^Qi^s xorra (pQsva, mg y#;piZ^a 
Tifii^atjfOliajj ds TioXiag ini vrivolv 'jxaiuy, 
5 Hdt di oi xctia &vfi6v aQiarri (palvsro fiovlri, 
Ilifjuftai in ^Aif^iidri ^Aynfiifivoyi ovXov ^Oviif^w * 
Ktti fiiv (ptovi^aag insa nTf{}6(VTn JiQogrjvda . 

Baax' t&h ovXs "Ofeige, &oac ini ytiag ^Axaiwr* 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lyilAJOS 11. 17 

£kd^^v ig nlioitip *J/aui/ivorog *Ar^(ideto, 

10 Uarta fniX* aT^txi^g a/o^fvifAtr, lug iniTilln. 
OtiQij^ai k xiXtvi xa^^xofiomrTag lilx'^^^f 
Uixravdlri ' vvr ya^ xiv tXoi nolty tif^vnyviar 
Ti^mw' ov yuif h' iftffig *Olvuma dtificn* t^wtBg 
A&avaroi <f(^^ortat ' iTtiyreifttfftt yii^ mtartigg 

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*''Jlg q>axo' flij d* Siqi* ^Chii^ng, infl tw fiV&w SMOvatp. 
Kaf^naXifivi^ d' Xttep^t &oaQ inl r^ag *Axnmv * 
Bri d' uq* in' [drqtldrir ^Ayafiifivova ' tor 9* inigoenr 
livdorr* iv xhaljif mql d* afiflq6o$ng xixv&* vitpog, 

to JPr^ d' uq* vniq xftpaliig, NrjXrfiia vu ibixwg, 

NioToqit rov Qa fuiliara ytqorttnf ii ' 'jiyafiifirmp ' 
7\a fiiv hiadutt og nqogHptivtt S-t7og *'OytiQog • 

Evdug, ATQsog vU dttttfQOvoc, ijtnoddfioto ; 
O^jj^ij navrvxiov tvdnv /iovlijifogoy Svdqtt, 

96 Jl laoi t' iniTfrQd<fja'tfii, xai rooaa /liui^Xtv. 

Nvy d f'fii&tv ^vrrg uxa ' A tog di roi uyytXog tifM, 
"Og fff-Vf dvfv&ev iwv, ftiya xT^dnat ijS* IXtalqei. 
0ti»(t^$ul ac xiXtvat xaf^rixofioairtag *Axifiovg 
Jlaravdlfi ' vvv yao xtv FXoig noXtv tvgvriyviuv 

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A^uvttjot (pQttiorrrti * imyvafi^ffr yd(f dnttrtag 
"I/qti XiaaofiivTi* TQWfaai di XTidf' ifpif-mcth 
Ex Aiog, dXXa ai/ affOiv t/t (potal, firide at At/^ 
Aiqthoi, ivi' av at fuXlipQutv vin'og dyijr]. 

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Tint (ff^iorr* nvd 'dvfior, a ^* ov ttXifa&ai tfiiXlair* 
0ri yuQ oy' algijatir IlQtdftov noXtr ijfjircn xshi^, 
^'ijniog ' ovdi td fjdi]t a ^ Ztifg fif'firro igya. 
0r,afir yd(f rr' ffifXXer /ir* dXytd t« atoraxdg tt 

40 Tf^wsL re xal Aavaolai did xgaitf^dg vafiirag. 
"j^pfTo d ' i^ vTtvov • ^€/q 8i fiir df/t^iivr ' 0^.93. 
"j'^ito 6* o^Sm&tlg ' fittXttxov Hi* trdwt jpiTwra, 
KtiXor rtiydsiov ' Tttg} di fifya (idXXtto (pd^og " 
Jloaal d ' vno Xmaf^oloir idi^aaro x"Xd nidiXa * 

u *Afiipl 6' aq* m/ioioir fidXtro ^Itfog aqyvffdtiXor^ 
£iXtto di axtjnrqov nargmor^ djp&itor eutl' 
^r Tto tflfi xmd rijng A/aiwr xf^^^oxitarmr, 

'llwc fiir ^a -^fd ngogt^riatno /iaxgor "OXvftnw, 
ZtjvI (porng fgiovan xat SXXotg d&ardtoiair ' 

•0 AvtttQ 6 TtTjoyreaai Xiyvqi^oyyoiat, xiXtvatr^ 
Kfiiivaanr ftyogr^rdt xaQf}y.0fi6t»rtag Axatovg^ 

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18 I^ TAJ 02 B. 

Ol fiiv iitiigvaaov, tol d' ^yd^orro fidX^ oixo. 

BovXfi de n^^Tov fitya&vfitav i^€ yegovrmv, 
NtaTooitj noiQa yrfC JIvXoiyevdog /iaaiXrfOg ' 
06 7'ovg oys avyxaXiaag, nvxiviiv -rJQtvvtjo /iovXi^p ' 

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Eidog Tf, fiiyB&og le, <pvrfV x ' uyx^aTa iojxti. 
Sir^ d^ ag' vnig x«paXifg, xai fie iiQog fiv&or Btimt * 
00 Lvdfig, Atqiog vlk dai(pgovog, iTtnodafioto ; 
Ov xiff} navvvxtov eiidetv ^ovXtiipogov urdga, 
SL Xaoi t' immgdipaTai, xal loaaa fiifirjXsv, 
Nvv d* ifAi^iv tvvfg wxa * Jiog 8i to* d/ytXog eifii, 
^Og flr«v, avtv&fv tutv, fiiya x^'^crat ^5' iXtaiqu. 
66 Om^lai ae xiXivoi xaqtixofiofaviag ^Jx^^^^i 
Ilavavdip ' vvv ydg xiv fXoig noXiv BVQvdyviar 
Tqaiuv* ov ydg ct' ufi(p}g *OXvfinia dwfiar' ixorteg 
A&dvuToi (pgdiovxai ' fnip'ttfikptv ydg anavjag 
"Hgri Xioaofiivri ' Tgot^aai dk xrfit f'qjrjmai 
70 ^Ex Jiog • dXXd ah affOiv l/e qgfaly. — '1^2? o /ley Blniow 
*'SlXtj^ dnoTtxdfievog, ^-ue de yXvxvg vm'og avfjxfw, 
^AXX* aytj't al xiy jtd)? ^(oqrj^ofiev vlag 'Ajfawv. 
IlQma d ' 4.yav tnfaiv ntiQi^aofJitti, >; S^iftig iaiiv, 
Kal (ffifyfiv avv vr-vul noXvxXrfiai xtktvaoi ' 
76 ^Tfieig d^ aXXo&tv uXXog iqrjrvHv initaaiv. 

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IVfaTfl)^, og ^a JIvXoio mV«J i}v '^fia&oivxog ' 
"O aq>iv ivq)qovtOiv dyoqriaaxo xal fjmieinev ' 
Jl (plXoi, ^Aqydfav r]yrixoq(g r^bi fiidorrtg, 
80 El fiiv xig xov ovnqov 'Axotiaiv aXXog ivianev, 
Vfvdog xsv (palfiiVf xal vooffi^olfis&a fidXXov ' 
Nvy d' i'dtv, og fiiy^ ugiarog ^Axai^v evxexai elrai, 
^AXX * ayBT \ ut xiv ntog ^(aQr,5ofiBV vlag 'Axaimr* 
*\flg Sign (piavrfaag flovXrjg i$ riQxe vifo&ai, 
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JSxfjTtxovxoi finatXrifg ' intaatvorxo de XaoL 
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00 ' Ai jiiv t' eyda dlig nenoxr^nxai,, ai di xe BV&a* 
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'itiorog ngondgoi&s /ia&elrjg iaxixowvxo 
i ^IXadov fig dyogriv * fitxd di a<piair "Oaaa d^d^Bi, 
. 'Oxgvvova^ iivai, Jiog ayyfXog' oJl d a^igovxo. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 11. 19 

luiadiv i^orrfoy, ofAodog d*7]v' ^^ea 8i a(ftas 
J^^gvxBg jioootyjig iqiQtvor^ «tfP^' «i?^^2? 
J^oiar , axovanav di Jjorgftpiotv fiaailili(or. 
2:iovdij d' t^no Xaog, f'fitlTvitty di xa&* idgaSt 

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Eaxrit (jxrJTJTQoy f^oiy, to fjiiv "lltfaiatoq xdfiB tevxwf. 
H<paiaTog (liv dcuxe SiX Kgovimvi araxTi ' 
Avia{^ uQa Zivq 8o»x8 diaxroqu} Agy(iq>6vT7i ' 
Eofifiug di ava^ datxtv JliXmti nXrilinnta ' 

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AiQivg di Ovriaxmv iXtniv noXvitf^VL Ovtarrj ' 
Avxaq 6 avn Oviat ' ^A/ufiifiyori Jln;r8 (po^vai, 
JloXkf^aiv vrfOOiai xal *'A(fyn navu oLvdaanv. 
T^ oy igiioufitvog, int * \4qytloiai fitirivda • 

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Zivg III fiiya Kgovldrig ar/y dvidtiui (ivigflp ' 
J^biXtog, og TiQiy fiiv fiot vniaxtro xal xuiivivaiv^ 
iXiov fxTtiQanvT (vidxto> unovna&at' 
Nvy di xaxrjy undTi}v (iovXfVoato, xal fit xfilevM 

115 AvgxXia *'Agyog Ixia&atj dnn noXvy dlXtaa Xaor, 
Ovuo nov AiX ftiXXsi vnt^fAtvil qtiXov iJvni, 
'^Og df} TioXXdtay noXltav xorriXvat xd^va, 
Ud iTi xal Xvon ' tov yd(f xf^djog iarl fidyiaior. 
Aiaxgov ydq rods y' doTi xal taaofiifioiai nv&ia&tu, 

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**A7igr]XT0V TtoXffjiov noXffil^eiv, ^^di fidx^c&ai 
'AvdgdoL navQoxiqoiatt xiXog d* ovntit ri Ttitpayxai, 
fJEtntg yuQ X ' l&iXoifiiv 'Axa^oi « Tgatig u, 
""Ogxia niiSTa lafio^i fg, uQi&firj&i^fjiiyui afUfoa, 

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Tgwav d' dvdga t^aQJOv iXolftt&a qlvoxotvt}f ' 
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Toaaoy iyta q^rifit. nXdag i^fitvat vlag Axotwv 

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SoXXiay fx noXUiv iyxionaXoi dydQtg saair, 
Oi fit fiiya TiXd^ovoh xal ovx eioia ' i&tXopta 
*JXlov ixniqaai evyaiofifvoy nxoXiid-gov, 
'Eyyia dri pt^daai Aiog fitydXov iyiamoh 

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Aijfi nov ^^iregai t' aXoxot xal vi^nia tixva 
£iaj' ivl^iydqoig noJidiyfityat' afifu di tqyoy 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Avvmg axQomrror, ov eXysxa dtv^* ixoiifO&a. 
l^XX* ay id-*, tug «y ^yav ttnto, nu&tafit&a narttg' 
140 0tvyai/uv avv r^val (pUriv tg narglda ymwf* 
Ov yaff ttt Tgoiriv alq^aofi^v tvgvdyvuxv. 
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. Haai fiixa nhj&vy, oaoi ov /^ovZ^^ indxovaen^, 
'Kinj&ri d ayoQtjf fag xvfittxa fiaxQu &aXdaaiig 
1« Jlortov 'ixaQioio, ra idv t' Evqog t« Noiog t8 
^Jlf^oq*, inat^ag iror^o; Jiog ix vtfptXdav, 
>,*Jlg 8* ore xivi^arj 2^^V£og P(t&v Xijiov H^iip, 
Att^qog inaiyiitav, ini t 1^11 fi aaraxvfaatv ' 
''Jig T«y nda ayogri xtyrid^r^, lol 5* iXakrifi^ 
150 Nr^ag dn' iaaevorrOf nodoiv d' vnivfQd^B xovlff 
"lomt' aHgofiivfi ' Tol d aklriloiaL xihvopf 
"Aimad^ttt vrim', ^6* iXxififv dg ajl« dlar, 
; Oigovg X * iUxd&uiQOv ' avxTj d ' oifgarov Ixev, 
K^Otxttdi itfiirmv ' vno d jlgfov Igftara vr^^w. 
Ifc *'£vd^a xcv 'jgytloiaiv vnigftoga roaxog ixvx^> 
El fii} *A&riraii}v "jlgti ngog fiv&ov i'ltnev ' 

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Ovxa dj] oixopdfj (pllrjr /g naxgida yaiar, 
Agyuoi ffivlortai in* evgia nara -daXttuarjg; 
liX) Kad di x(v 6vxtoXi)v IlQidfiw xat Tgiaai Unotew 
Agytlriv *£Xivrfr, 1;; uvfxa noXXol [/Ix^iutr 
Jir Tqolfi dnoXovxo, fplXi}g ano naxgidog aVrig ; 
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Soig ayavdtg inifoaip igi^rvB ODCUTor txaaxor. 
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[XagnaXifiiag 8 ' ixavt &odg ent vtjag [i4xaiMP *] 
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Jioysvig Aa(gxi.ddtj, TtoXvfi^'iXov ' *08v(TtJiv, 
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*Ev Tgolrj anoXorxo, qilXrjg ano naxgidog atfig ; 
UlJl* i&i vvv xaxa Xaov *Axaimv, firfii t' ^^Ci ' 
180 Soig ayaroig initaaiv iq^rvt (pma ixaajor, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAiAJos n. 21 

"Jlg if>a& * ' o di ^wiijxs -O^ieif ona q^vrfiadatig. 
Bij di ^iuv, ino di/ia/ray fialt ' T^y d' ixofuaatr 
Kii^v^ Evovfldrrig ^J&antiaiog, og ol oTrijdec. 

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Ailuxo ol axTfTKTQov 7ttvr(fai'ior, u(p&iTOP aid ' 
Svv t^t (fifi xttid. vfjag Axma¥ xalxoxtTWfmv, 
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Tov 5 ayarolg inhaatv igrftvaaaxt Tiaffaardg ' 

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AXk' nvTog tt xd&rjao, xal ulXovg Xdgvt Xaovg, 
Ov yuQ 7101 ad(pa oiad-', ciiog voog 'Arffiidao ' 
yvr fiiv nuQuimy Ta/o 6 * tiptrai vlag '/txainy. 
ilv jiovXfi d' oi ndvjig axovaafxfv ciior hintv* 

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Ovfioc di /uyac ^arl /hoiQf<piog fiaaiXijog ' 
TtfiTf d* ^x Jtog ^axi, <piXn di i fifirUra Ztvg. 

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Tov axijTTT^oi tXdottaxfVf ofJOxXrjaaaxi rf fivOw ' 

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OvT€ Ttox ' iv noXififo fyaQldfJUog, ovi * 4vl /Joi/Aif . 
Qv ftiv niag ndvtfg jSuatXivaoftiv h&dd' *Axotioi ' 
Oi'X nya&ov noXvxoigavli} ' fig xolgarog taroi, 

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[^ijnTQOv t' rfdi -^ifiiaiag, *iva aq>lai PaaiXsvrj,^ 

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Avj^g intaaivorto riwr ano xal xXiatdviVt 
-f^xfh <tfg j'lt xvjia noXvffXola/ioio &^Xdaafig 

310 'A^i'aX^ ftfydXa jSQijisiai, OfiaQtxyu di .t« nortog, 
*'AXkot fiir (f ' I'^orto, iQrjrv&tv di xad- ' idgag* 
^^tgohfii: d* (TL uovvog dutrgofTthe ixoXtaOf 
. Og ^ iitfa (fQtaiy jtaiv uxoofia re noXXa ti jjOfj, 
Mdifj, diaq ov xaid xouftov, ^Qi^ifityai ^aatXivaiv, 

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, tl{oXx6g (fiv, /(uZo; d i'rtgoy noda * t|S di ol wfin 
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'Pp&g itiy xt(i>aXiiy, if/tdvi^ d ' infrrtVOtf^B Xd^vf^, 

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1)» ydg ytixthaxB ' tot' «vt' 'jynuifiyovi dlijf 
'0|«a xfxXijytag Xiy ' ovtldta ' tiw d uq * 'Axatol 
^Mxndylmg xonorro, vBfiiaoridiv t' iv\ ^vfi^^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

22 lAIAJOS B. 

Avrag 6 fiaxga fia£r [dyafiifjwova rtlxtt fiv&^ ' 

39B AtQBldfi, xio y aVT im/ieuffnai, ^^i xaxil^Big ; 
UXuai TOt jtaXxov xXialat, noXXal ds ywalxtg 
EiaiP irl xkialfig i^gejoi, Sg to* *Axaiol 
i/(»»T/at^ dldofiev, tvt ' Sp nxolU^qov ^et/iBP. 
11 hi xal xgvoov imdBveai, ov xi ng otau 

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0¥ XBv iyw di'ioag iydya, ri dllog 'Axoimv ; 
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IIvT* avTog anovoaipi xctxiaxini, / — ov ftiy toixBr, 
Aqxov ioPTtt, xaxav ^mj9aaxifi(v vlag 'Axai^v. 

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Ol'xadi TtfQ aifv vrjval vBtaftii^a ' lovdB d^ dtafitr 
Amov ivi Tgoir^ 7^9^ nfoaifiBv, oq>Qa I'dfjrai, 
H qa xi oli x Vf^^^y ngogafivvofiBv, i^b xal ovxl' 
"O? xai vvy yi^drjot to /«'/' afiBhova (pcuTtt, 

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Jl yag av, AigBidrj, vvv varuTa X(apy\aaio. 

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OBQaljrjg' tcJ d wxa nagloruTo dlog OdvaoBvg, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

24 1AIAJ02 B. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAA02 n. 35 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

24 IjilAJ02 B. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAlAd02n. 35 

\Aaii^mmif iiuSi^t*, haiaifui aiiftata ipalpmr, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

96 IAIAJ02 B. 

Ilqo^lrKii qxoniha * tpv d * oSnoti wfiotm Xdnu, 
narxoUov iviftm, or' av By&* ^ Bv^a yirmnau 
AvaxaytBq d * o^iorto, xedaa&ipng umia rij^tg, 
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Aaop xfjgvoaopTBg aytigopxwf xata pijag' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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28 lAIAJOS B. 

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XAIAJ'0 2 IT. 

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80 XAIAJ02 B. 

TaiUn d* Sfi^ iydwKorra (Uhuwai rijtg tnorro* 
eft 9i Mvxi^yag e^oy, ivmlfitrop nToXU&^, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS 11. 81 

JmtidMg SvdQig Bfimvov, imardfurot noUfdinp. 
AvTog ydg atptv S^xiv ava^ aid^wf *AyafU(amp 
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fUg, o fiiv Kttdjov, o d' ag' Evgviov IdxToglmrog' 
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Tttp di Terdgjav riQx^ UoXvUivog &BOudiig, 
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Oi T€ Zdxvv^oy ^oy, r^d ' 6i 2!dfioy afuptwifioPTO, 

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Ov yag It ' Oiyijog (ityttXi^Togog vUtg tjaar, 
Oid * UQ* h^ avTog irp^, &dyt Si ^ay&og Mtliaygog -^ 
71^ d' inl ndvt* hixaXjo ayaaaiftsy AirmXdiaty' 
T^ d* afjia TBoaagdxovTa (dXaivai yrjtg tnono, 

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Toiai d* afA' iydoixopxa fUXaivat vr^Bg tnoyxo. 
TXtinoXBiiog 9* 'HgaxXBl9fig, ijv^ xb (Uyag xe. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

32 1AIAJ02 B. 

!fix 'Pd^ov hpia r^ag Sytv 'Podlmr iyt^JiX^n ' 

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Avxixa naiqhq koto q>lkov fiiqiffwa xmima, 
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XUtg vuovol T0 filtfg 'H(faxXiitltig. 
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Tgtx^a di ^xri^tv xaTaq>vXad6v, rjd' iqdXtf&ep 
Ex Jtog o^fi ^toufi xal ap&ganoi^iry apdoan, 

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Nigsvg av ^fttf^ev Syt iQtig vj^ag itaag, 
NiQBvg, ^AyXai'ijg viog Xagonoio t* apaxtog, 
NtQsvg, og xaXXiatog opiig vno ^JOuop tiX&tP 
Tuv aXXtap Japamp /ict' afivfiopa IlriXsUiPa ' 

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Kal Kmp, EvgvnvXoio noXip, vi^aovg %e KaXvdPog ' 
Tup av ^ildmnog t« xal *'APTiq>og ^yriada&fjPj 
O&joaXov viz dva 'HgaxXUdao apaxrog ' 

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0% T e?tor *P&iriP tjd * 'JEXXdda xaXXiyvpaixa * 
MvQfiidovtg de xaXivPio xal "jEXXrjpeg xal 'AxouoI' 

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AXX* oXy' ov noXifioio dvgrixiog i/upmopto ' 
Ov yag hj^, ogrtg a<ptp inl axlxag r^y^oaiio, 
'KsIto yag ip Pijsaai noddgxrjg Slog IdxiXXsvg, 
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Jrififirgog tiiiipog, ^Ixapd tb, fifijiga (Ai^Xnp, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Tw av llQtn€alXaog A^Xog ^/Bftorevw, 
Ztiog iw * TOTff d ' ^dfi ^ty xara yaia fiiXmrcu 

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Kdi dofiog ^fiirtliig ' tor d* fjcroFS Jdodarog ir^g, 
Niiog ano&awntorta noXv n^itawr Jxoaw* 
Ovdi fiir ovd ' ol uraQXOi Mcnf, no^tov y9 fih iqxop * 
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Bolfiifv xal rkaq>VQag xal ivxTifitnjr ^fatuXxov * 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

86 IAXAJ02 B. 

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Hdrdagogt 4 *^^ toiw [dnoUmf avrog tdmnty. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


810 7£p fih Sq* \4fuplfiaxog xal Naarii^ ^yriaaa&rir, 
Naatr^q *Auq>luaxog it, Noidovoq ayXaa rim^n, 

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T^l6&t¥ i% Avxlrig, gdp&ov Sno Sivqtyxog, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 r. 

Primo concona proBlii Paris leu Alexander fortissimum 
qnemqne Achivorum ad pugiiam proyocat ; Bed, ut Menela- 
um conapezit de cnrru deBilientem, abjecto animo refrigit 
(1-37). Paullo post id^nii Hectoris yoce correptus, offert ae 
certamini singulari cum Menelao de summa belli ineundo; 
qua conditione accepta, poscit Menelaus, ut spoDsio interpona- 
tur, pnesente Priamo sancienda (38- 110). Igitur arma depo- 
nunt exercituB ; sacrificia ab utraque parte parantur : interim 
Helena ex turn Priamo et senioribus Trojanis demonstrat 
duces Achiyorum in oampo Bubjacente nil -244). Yocatus 
superyenit Priamus, comite Antenore ; toeduB^ue ictum anti- 
quo ritu hisce legibus, ut, uter alterum yiciBset, Helenam 
ejusque opes haberet, Trojani autem inferiores Achiyis grayem 
multam penderent (245-301). Post Priami discesBum arma 
capiunt Menelaus et Paris, et in spatium certamini dimensum 
procedunt: at superatum Paridem clam surripit Venus, et 
ucolumem in ipsius cubiculum asportat (302-382). In euo- 
dem^ locum adducit ilia Helenam, que primum reluctans noyo 
marito iffnayiam exprobrat, mox tamen eum in gratiam recipit 
(383-448^. Itapnemiis deae fi-uentem adyersarium frustra 
qusrit Menelaus, dum Agamemno publico repetit pactum 
pretium yictoriae (449-461). 

"Ogxoi. Te I X o a X o n i a. *AXi- 
§ dv 8 f o V xat M$v$Xdov (lo- 
V o (I a X i OL* 

Jliiaq iml xoafitj&er Sfi * '^ytfiirsaaiv Ixaoroi, 
Tfftitf fih alayyji t* ivoitjj t' fjay, ogvi&$g Sg' 
*Eivt8 nsg xlayyti ytgarwp niXei ovffcofo&i ngo, 
^T insl ovKjifFi/Mtfya <pvyar ital a&iaipctToip o/iPqar, 
s KXayyfj taly$ nhoriM in* 'jlMOPdio (odmr, 
*Ayd^ai Ilvyfialotai ipopor xal Kfj^a ipigovaai * 
^Higuu d * affa xtdyt itaxrip cjpida n^oaigorrM * 
019* Sq* taar aiyfi fiirta Ttrdontf Ax^^» 
j& &Vfi^ fifftamitg aXtUfur iXXiiXoiair. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIA/lbs TIL 

10 JSvi* $Qtog HQifV<fijjai Noiog xaiixtvtr ofdxlfp^t 
lloifualP ovTi <piltiv, xXimjj di tc pvxio^ ifuhm, 
Toaaop ilq x* iniXtvaoH, oao/r t' inl laaif Xriaiy* 
'^Jlg Siga t^v ihio noool noviaaXog w^rvr itXXiig 
E^xofiiymv ' puxla d ' wxa dtin^aaov Tudloto. 

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Kal ^og ' avjag o dovQB dvm xtxogv^fiira X^^Mf 
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90 JytijSioif fiaxioiM'&a$ iv aivn drfioiijii, 

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EijXOfiivov nqonaqoi&iv ofilXov, fiaxQa fiijSmna, 
"Jlare Xiav ^x^gri, fityala inl aotfierti xvgoag, 
EvQvn^il ekaq>ov xigaoy tj aygiov aJya, 
96 IlBLvdfav ' fidXa yig le xajta^Ut, iVntg Sv avxov 
2ivwnai raxttg re xvvfg, S^aXtgol t' aiiriol' 
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'0<p&aXfidi(fiv idw ' qxxxo yag tlata^at aXslrfiv * 
Avrlxa d' ^| oxi^n' ovv tiixtoiy aXro x^f^^iis, 
M Top d* wg ovy ivoriaty 'AXt^avdgog &iOBi3iigy 

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'!dyf d hdgmv. tig t&yog ix^Z^'^o Krig ' aXttlvotv. 
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Ovgtog iv firiaatig, vno xb jgofiog (XXafis yvla, 
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46 Eldog Bn* ' dXX^ ovx taxt jilrj q>gialy, ovdi Tig aXxti. 
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!e$ anlfjg yalrig, vvov avdgwv aixfiiixdav — 
60 Ilttxgl xs a^ ^c'/a nrifia, noXrfi xe navxl xb 9ijftff, 
Avgfifviaiv fiivxdgfAa, xairiq)firiv di aol avx^ / 
Ovx av dij fiilvBiag ^Agrl'iquXov MtviXaov / 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

40 IAIA/S02 r. 

I^olfiq x*9 oiov <pwt6g tx^ig &aX(ifijp ytaoaxomr. 
Ovu av xoi XQ^I^fi «^aoi^, tot t8 dwQ 'Aip^kfig, 

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*!AXXovg fiiy xd&iaov Tgwag xal ndvrag ^Axaiovg^ 
Aviag tfi' iv fiiaam xal ^Agrfi'iptXoy MfviXaop 

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06 "Jig eqia&* ' oi d' uga ndvxsg dxriv iyivorto amnfi. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 HI. 41 

KixXvT$ vvy %al ifiiio ' fuxXiata yaq aXyog htUPU 
Bvfiov i/iov ' fpf^im di diaxQir&rifitnn ^ifi 
A(fy€lovg tial TffMOi, iml xaxa noXXa ninoo'd't 

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'Hfiiav i ' oTtTtortQW -^ayettog xoi itoiqa thwina^ 
Tt&yalri ' alkoi Si diax^iV'&ehs Ta/urro. 
OlaBXB d' agp*, Ejt^v Xivxov, hi^tiv di ftdXairo», 
rjj IB xal ^HtlUa ' Ju d ' ^fitlg otaofitr SXXor. 

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AvTog, inti ol nciidtg vnB(fqfi€tloi xcU aniatot ' 
Mriiiq vnBffjiaaltj Jiog OQxia dtjliiatiTW, 
Ahl d' onloTB^otv avdqw q>^vfg ^«^e^o>Ta»* 
dig d' o yignv fiBTStjotv, afia nooaaca xal onUia» 

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**Jlg tq>a& ' * oi d' ^/dgijaay 'AxmoI tb Tqoiig n, 
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Kaf^nalifttag afjvag re ipiffBiv, IlQiauov t« xaUaacu, 
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N^ag BTti yXaqiVifotg livai, r^d* aqv* ixiXBVty 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

42 IAIAJ02 r. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 

44 1AIAJ02 r. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

JAIAJOS ni. 45 

^J9 d' 'Odvawg noXvutiTig ' ata^ ntj^vxtg i/avol 
"O^ia mora &twy ovrayov, n^iiJQi di oJvop 
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no H ^a, xal ig 8lq>qw.a^ag &iio lao&iog <ptig' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

^ IAJAJ02 r. 

Jyd Sq^ iSaiv* avtog, xma 3* ^vla tthtr onlaam • 
Hag di ol Ayn^vrnQ ntgixaXUa fii^oaio dl<pqor * 

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0(pQa tig iQ^lyj^at xal oipiyoytoy dy&^nioy, 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/10 2 m. 47 

<w !ff dUf Kcxi ifintnaXiw ngotu doltxoaxior I/x^, 
Ka& /iaU nqiafddao %at* ianlda navxoa* itdifr* 

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Tf^iXO-d T< %al TBTQax^^ dtonqvffh ixntoB jt«^0ff« 
Atqtldiig d' ^^oilc^y Idtnf tig oiqayoy sif^vy ' 

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'^Ayx* di fuy noXvxtaxog iftdg uTiaXiiy vno dsi^y, 
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Kal i* ig ivy iyAt^ ^idg ntquutXXiu dtiqiiy. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Srnd-%i -^^ iutooiVTa xal Suaaxa uaguaioorta, ^ 
OafipijaBP X aq tnuja, tnoq t ciporr > in x ovofuxj^v^ * 
Jaifiovltj, %L fi8 Tttvia kiXaUai rjnsqonevBiv / 

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Haaai /juafiriaovxai ' l/ai d' axB* uxgira -dvii^. 

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AfuplnoXoi fiiv enstxa &omg inl tgya xqdnovxoy 
*I£ d* ilg vtpoqoipov ^dXafiov xis dfta yvvaixwv, 
T^ d' aqa diq)qov kXovaa ifiXofifiBidrjg 'Aifgodlxfj, 

435 'Ayxl' 'AXB^dvdgoio &Bd xaxi&tixB tpiqovaa ' 
"Ev&a xd&ii' 'EXivijt xovqri /liog aiyioxoio, 
^OaoB ndXiv xXlvaaa, noaiv d' r^vlntiiiB (ivd-ta* 

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l^dgl dafulg xgaxBQ^, og ifiog ngoxBQog nooig i^cn 
4ao Ji fiiv dii Ttglv y* bvxb ^AgrfUplXov MtvBXdov 
JSjj XB ^iji xal /c^a* xal ByxBi <pigxBgog Blvah ' 
aXX' X&i vvv TtgoxdXBaaai 'AgrftaiXov MspiXaov, 
^E^avxig ftaxiaaa&ai ivavxlov ! aXXd a* ByvfB 
llavaaa&ai xiXofjiah firfdi lavd-^ MtvBXdfi^ 

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*A<pgadi(ogf fi'^nrng xdx vn* avxov dovgl dafulfig, 

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Mfj fiB, yvvau, x^XuxolaiV ovtldsm -dvaav tvt7tx$ ! 
Nvv fiiv ydg MsviXaog ivixijaBr avv A&iivfi * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IJL1AJ02 ni. 49 

440 KAvw d* avTig fyd ' naqa yaq &tol iick nal ^fUP» 
UU' S/B dn mIoTfin toandouof twriS-irte, 
Ov yag Tiunots fi ads igt»g v^qwag afupatalvyfOf' 
Ovd' 0T8 a» ngwTov jiaxidalfiovog i^ iqcnHttig 
*'E7iI(w agnoiag h nortonogotai vnuuty, 

446 Niiat^f d' dy Kgavari iftlppf tpdoTifri xal «vi^ ' 
"Jlg a$o rvy tgafiat, xal fit yXvxvg tutgog aS^cL 

H^a, xal agx^ Xixogds nmr ' afia d* stiEtt* Swmg' 
T<u uh ag ' iy tgrftoioi xatswaaS-ep Xtxieaaty. 
Atgeldrjg 5* av' ofitXoy iqtolja, S-tjgl iotxoig, 

450 J^ nov iga&gi^ansv 'Md^awdgov '^toMidia. 
'MX* ovtig dwajo Tgmwv xXtijuy t' inutoigmy 
Jti^ai 'AXi^avdgov tot' *Agr}iq>llo^ MtrtXaii^ 
Ov fiiv yag (fiXoitijl y dxsv&onfov, $X nj rio*TO ' 
laov ydg a(ptv naaty anrfxd-eio Kfjgl (leXalyji, 

4M Toiai di xal ftniiinty Sya$ dvdgay *^yafiifiyt»p ' 

Kixlvri ftiv, Tgmg xal jdgdavot ^d' inlxovgoi* 
Nlxr} fih drj (fouvej' 'Agtfiq>llov MsvtXdov ' 
'T/uig d' ^Agydfiv ^EXdyrpf xal XT'quaS'* Sift* ait^ 
"ExdoTi, xal Tifjtr^y antn^yifitP, ijyuy' eoixty, 

4M "Htb xal iaaoaivoKJi gm ay&gwnoiat mXiftai. 

Q.g tqxh 'AigBidrig' inl fjveoy SkXoi *4caioL 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1 A I A J O 2 J. 

Quam ex foedere Helena Achivis reddenda, infeits^ue 
Bciei dirimende essent, superato Paiide; Juno in concilio 
deorum indignabonda, ita non expleri odium iuum in Troja- 
nofl, Joyi extorquet, ut ipsi concedat liii excidium (1-49). 
Mineryai ipsa quoqne Trojanie inimica, Junonis hortatu ad 
terram missa, persuadet Pandaio Lycio, ut jacta in Menelanm 
aafitta pactionem conturbet, ac novam beflandi causam serat 
(50 - 104) : at non letali yulnere percuraum Menelaum arces* 
situs medicus curat Machao (105 — 219). Interea mrsus 
aimati ad pugnandum se referunt Trojaniy dum Agamemno 
cateryas Achiyorum obit ; nonnullorum, ut Idomenei, Ajacum, 
Nestoris, qui jam in procinctu stabant, alacritatem laudans ; 
aliorura, ut Menesthei, Ulyssis, Dinmedis, qui recentem 
impetum nondum senserant, cunctationem reprehendens 
(220-421). Quo facto, proelium instauratur, in quo Trojanis 
Mara et Apollo, Achiyis prieter alia numina Minenra anmios 
addit ; cedesque fiunt mutus (422-544). 

*0 f X L a V €f if jr j( V a I s. ^Ay a fn i- 
fivovos inindXifffis. 

Ol de S-Bol naq Zipit xa&'^fisyoi ^lyogowyto 
Xqvaim iv danidf^t (ina di a(piat Jtoma "Hfifi 

Judixox^ aXXijXovg, Tgmotv noUv uaooootrttg. 
» AvxU' inugaxo Kgovidrjg igs&iisuey Hgriv 

KtgTOfdoig iithaai, nagapXi^dtiv ayoqtvwv ' 
Joial fih Meveldfa agfjyovfg ilal -d^tatav, 

^Hgri t' ^Agytlri mat lHaAxo^n^t^ 'Adiqvifi, 

jiX ' ijjot tal v6a<pt xa&i^fievah tiaogowTat 
10 THgntad^oV t<^ d* avrc mtXofifittdrig l4q>godlTfi 

jUl nagfiififihoxe, xal avtov Krigag afivvu ' 

Kal vvv i^eaamaiv oiofifvov &apita&ai, 

'jH * ijTOi vlxTj fikv *ADr{Upllov MoftXiov ' 

'Bfuig ds <pgaitafjti&*f ontsg latai tadt tgya, 

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Digitized by CjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JAJAJ02 IV, 61 

u "Iff ^' avjii niXtftov it xaxov ttal (fvXomf ply^r 
"Ogaofity, ^ q^tXoriiia fttt * afitpotigoiot fidXttfUtf. 
^ Ei d av nong jods naat (fiXor xal tidv yivono, 
*'Htoi fiiv oixiono noXig TlQidfioio uyaxrog, 
Axnig d *A^yiirfV 'jiXivr^v MiviXaog ayono, 

20 ''jlg t<pa& ' ai d* inifivlav 'A^rjvalrj t« xal "JBgii' 
UXrialai aiy^ ija&iiv, xaxd di T^oiiaoi fitdiad^tpf* 
^Hxoi ^A&rivalij ixitav iji*, oidi t* ftJiey, 
2xviofiiv7} JCC najqi, x^Xoi; di fiiv ay^iog tfQH ' 
H^ d* ovx ^a^e aT?;^o? jfoiloj', aXXd TtQogrjvda' 

36 AlvoTcctB Kgorldtj, noiov xov fiv&oy hinig ! 
Uaig i&iX$ig aXiov &ilrai novov ifi ' ujiXiaxoVf 
Idgui S- ', oV idgoDaa (ioyoi ! xa^iir^v di fiot Xnnoi, 
Attoy ayHQOvajif ITgiuiioj xaxt'i lolo tc naialy. 
Egd ' ttTcig ov lot nuviig fnuiyiofny S'iol aXXot* 

80 T^v di fiiy^ oxO^riaag 7tgogi(fTj vftpiXriytgixa Ztvg' 

Jaifioyltj, iL yv oe Ilgla^og Ilgiufioio le naidtg 
Toaaa xaxd (i^ovaiv, ot ' uanigxh fiivtalyug 
iXiov ilaXand^ai ivxTifiiroy moXU&Qoy ; 
JB» di avy' ugfXOovaa nvXag xal Tf//fa fiaxgd^ 

36 Slfioy pt^gta&oig Ugiafioy Jloidfioto it noii^agj 
^AOJiOvg T« Tgwag, totc xtv xoXoy ilaxiaato, 
^Egloy, ontog i&iXtig ' firj tovto yt viixog onlaam 
Sol xal i/iol ftiy' igiofta ftn' dfitforigotai yivrfttu. 
"AXXo di tot igito, av d* iyi q>gial (idXXso afioip' 

40 Ottttots xey xal iya fitfiaaig noXiy d^aXand^ai 
T^y i&iXa, o&t rot (pilot nvigfg iyytydaaiy, 
MiJTt diargl fifty Toy d^ioy ^oXoy, dXXd ft idaat* 
Kal yog fyot aol dmxa kxwv iixovxi yi &v/i^. 
^ ydg vn r^tXm ts xai ovgavQi dajfgofyri 

tf Ndtetdovat 7K6Xr,fg knixd-ovmv dy&gwnoty, 
' Taw fiot nigt xr^gt riiaxno "tXiog Ig^, 
Kai Ilglafiog xal Xaog ivfiftfXloj Ugidfioio. 
Ov ydg fAol noxs ptoiiog idtvixo datxog itarig, 
Aoijitjg xe xylaarjg xs ' x6 ydg Xd^ofiey yigag fifutQ* 

«0 Toy d* ijfulfin* intixa fiocimg noxvta "Hg^ * 
Hxot ifiol xgiig fiiy noXv q^lXxaxal tiat noXfitg, 
^Agyog tb 2'ndgxri X8 xal ivgvdyvta Mvxrpnn ' 
Tig dianigaai, ox' ay toi dnixd^uyxat nigt x^gt* 
Tld^y ovtot iyta Jigoad- ' Xaxitfiaty aids fityalgw* 

M ETntg ydg qy&oyita xt, xal ovx flcG dianigaai, 
Ovx dyvvi (p&oyiova* ' inuri noXv q>igxfg6g iaat, 
*AXXd xgh *nt ifioy ^ifityat noyoy ovx dtiXtator* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

62 1A1AJ02 J, 

Ka\ yaq fy& S-tog ilfii, yirog d* ifiol sif&iv, oS-w aol * 
Kal fu n^tafivjuTfjv tixsio Kgovog ayxvlofnirtigi 
•0 'jfupoTB^oy, y$ytjj te, xal ovrsxa atj na^axontg 
KixXtifiai' aif de naat (isr* a&avdjotatv avdaaeig. 
*J}X* fftoi (liv ravd-^ vnoBl^o^tv alki^loiaiv, 
JSol ph iyto, aif d* iftol ' inl o eipovtat ^sol allot 
'A&dyarot* av di ^daaov ^Adrit air/ iniTtJXah 
« *£l&Hv ig Tofatov %al 'Axaitiv (fvkoniv a*vijV, 
nuqdv d', (ag xs Tgmg vmgxvdavrag ^Axotiovg 
^jig^Giai ngoTSQOi, vniq ogxia drikr^aaa^ai* 

"Jlg tlqpar* * ovd* anl&tjas naxrjQ avdg^t tc ^cwy xa* 
Avtlx' ^A&rivalriv iTtsa TtUQOfvra Jigogijvda' 
70 Altpa (idX ' ig aipaTov il&i /ifra Tgaiag xal *Axaiovg, 
Uiiqdv d ', wg xs Tgufg vnsgxvdavTag 'A^aioifg 
^Idg^iaai ngoTtgoi vnig ogxia drfXi^aaa&ai, 

"Jlff tinav ojTgwe ndgog ^ffiavlar A&i}yfiv ' 
Bfj ds xar' Ovlvunoio xagi^viav d'ltaaa. 
76 Olov ^' dariga iixe Kgdvov nalg dyxviofn^ua, 
*H vavTijai rigag, ije orgaTM tigii Xawv, 
AafiTtgoy ' tov ds tb noXXol ano aniV'&tjgtg Ifyrat * 
Tu tixvl^ ij'i^sv inl x^ova JlaXXdg U&yvTi, 
Kdd d' t&og^ ig fiiaaoV -^d^^og d' tx^v doogoomag 
80 Tgmdg &^ innoddfiovg xal ivxvi^fiidag L^f/atovff. 
^JlSi Si Tig BVntaxsVi iddtv ig nXrialov aXXov * 

Vf^' avTig 7t6Xt[i6g tb xaxog xal (pvXomg alrif 
"jEaatjat, ^ (fiXoiriia /ict* dfuporigoiai Tl^rjaiv 
ZBvg, ogj ' dv&gfoTtoiv lafjilrig noXifioio xirvxiai. 
86 Iflg aga rig tlmaxBV 'Axaitov ib Tguttav tc. 
'Hd* dvdgl ixiXri Tgajwv xaTsdvGa&' ofiiXov, 
Aaodoxf^ Uyrrivogldfj, xgaxBgw aixfJitiTrj, ^ 
Jldvdagov dvti&BOV di^rifiivrj, d nov iq>Bvgoi. 
EvgB Avxdovog vlov dfiv/iovd u xgoTBgov tb 
•0 'Earaox" ' ifjKfl di fiiv xgarsgal atlxBg damardioy 
AaCiV, oX oi tnovTO an' Aiarfnoio ^odtav. 
*Ayxov d* lajaftivTi tma TrcBgoeyTa ngogrivda ' 

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Tlalrig xbv MBviXdta imngoifiBv raxvv ioy ' 
•6 Ilaai ds XB Tgmaai x^Q^^ ^"^ xvdog agoio, 
*Ex ndvTtay di fidXitna UXi^dvdga /iaaiXrli, 
Tbv xBy dri ndfingtara nag ' ayXad daga q^igoio, 
AV XBy i'dtj MtviXaov ^Agrjiov, 'Aigiog viby 
2$ SiXBi'dftri&iyTa, nvgiig impuvx' dXtyBivrig. 
100 ^A}X* Sy'^ oiarBvaoy MivtXdov xvdaXlfioio' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS IV. * (S8 

Evx^o d* *An6XXmy& Avxtiywii xXvroxo^, 
Aqvmv nqtnoyovtav qi^iv nkutriy hiarofififpf, 
Otxadf roaji^aag U^riq tig aatv Zcile/i}^. 

*Jlg tfdx l4&tjvai7i ' to di apqivaq ia^Wh n&&W» 

105 Avtlx* davla ro^ov iv^oov, i^aXov aiyog 

^Ayqiov, ov (a tiot' aixoq vno miqvoio tvxioaq, 
Hit^ftig ix/Jairoma dsdtyfidvog ir n(f0^ox^a^p, 
Btpiiixsi ngog arij^og ' o d* vTntog ffinsoB nh^ ' 
Tbv xiqa ix xttfaXrjg ixxaidtxadotQa ntipvxH * 

110 Kal Tct flip aaxfjaag ntQao^oog ijgagt rixwr, 
nav d IV Xiit^yag, XQvaiyv ini&tjxB xoqtavriP. 
Kal TO fiiy iv xaxid^rixt tonnfaadfiirogf noil yalfi 
^AyxUvag ' nqoa&iv di adxta axi^ov ia&lol htugoh 
Mri nqiv ava't^Hav Ifigrfioi vhg lt1;[aiwy, 

lU nqly ^Xrja&ai MtviXaoy 'Agi^'ioy ^Argiog viiy. 
Avxdg 6 avla ndifia ffaqh^r^g, ix d* tktr* loP 
A^X^rat TtitQoirta, fisXaivimy iq/i* odvydnp ' 
Alif/a d inl ytvgfi xaTSxoaftu Tt^xqoy oiaxop, 
Evx^To d ' ^AnoXXayt AvxTtyiyii xilvroTO^ 

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Otxadt roaii^aag Ugrig tig uoxv ZtXtitig, 
^Elxa 8' o^uov yXvifidag tb Xa^wp xat PBvga pitta* 
Nevgriy fxiy fia^ot niXaatv, i6^ di aUhjQoy. 
Avrdg inttdti xvxXoTtQtg fiiya lo^oy Utiyty, 

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'oiv^tXTiit *a& ofAiXov tntTtria&ai fitytalyup. 

Oidi ai&tv, MtviXae, ^tol fiaxaqtg XtXd'9-wio 
^A&ayaxoh nqwrti di Jiog -dvydxriq aytXtlii, 
"H tot ngoadt ardaa, piXog ixtnivxtg Sftvptp, 

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JJaidog iiqytt fivlay, o^ '^dii Xi^trai t/nr^. 
AviTi d* avx^ t&vytv, o&i iaaxiJQog oxfitg 
X^atioi ovytxoPt »al dtnXoog ijpxtxo &w^^ * 
*Ep d' iTitae iaoxTiQi a^Qoxt nixgog olaxog * 

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Kal dia xtugrixog noXvdaiddXov ^gijquoto, 
MxQfig & % ^v iffoQU tqvfia x^foog, fgxog ixopimp, 
"H oi nXiiaxop tguxo, diango di itaaxo xal ttjg, 
^AxQotaxop d^ &Q^ oigxog iniyffaipe XQoa ipmtog ' 

140 Avxlua d^ toftiP alua xtXaiPtipig i^ tixtd^g. 

'jlg d' oxBjlgi: iXitpoKta yvr^ <polpixt lUfij^ 
Mijoplg fii KdBtqa, nagrfiw BfifiBPai Inntuf * 
KBixat S if -^aiifiLfUf, noXiBg ti fup ^^ifaarra 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

64 • lAIAJOS A. 

!Anr$fic ipogUit * fiaciltfi ds 9i$hm SyaXfia, 

l« Afiipats^, Koa/iog ^' %nm^, iloj^^cfE Mvdog* 
TMici Toif MofiXaB^ mav&^v aifiart fifiQol 
Evqntisg, xptlfjuxl t i^di uipvffa *dk ' vnivfQ&w, 

'Plyfia$r d' Sq* sTiBita ava^ irdgwy ^A/afiifomtf, 
Jig eldiv fiiXcty aiua xara^^iov i^ otTfiXrjg ' 

1*0 Plyijaty ds xcil avtog *AQifi<pilog Mtwiluog. 
Jig di tdt¥ vtVQov T€ xai oyxovg txrog iortag, 
Aiffo(f6v oi &vftog ivl <nrj&saaiv ayigd^rj. 
Taitg di /iaQvaxtvaxiav fitrifpri XQiitav ^Ayafiiiivwr, 
XsiQog fx<av Mivilaov • innntvaxovxo d' kraigoi' . 

IM <P/i« xaalymju, ^avaxov vv rot ogxi* hafiyar, 

Oloy ngooTT^aag ngo ^Axaitor Tgcaai fiaxtad-ai. 
Jig a tpakov Tgwig, xara d' vgxia niaxa Trari^aoy. 
Ov fiiv nag aXiov niABi oqxiov, aifiti n agvwv, 
Sjiovbai T ' axgtiToi xal df^iai, yg tnim&fiiv ! 

100 £XniQ yag re xal axnlx* 'OXvfiTiiog ovx hiXiuatP, 
*'Mk ti xul otpB TtXii ' avv re fxfydX(o anixiaay, 
2vv a(pfjaty xiqiaXfiOi, yvvai^l re xal rixiBaair. 
Ev yao //oi rodt oida x«ra wpiva xal xona &vu6v. 
Jiaatrai Tffiag, ox av nox olotXjj Ikiog igr^t 

195 Kttl Ilqiafiog xal Xaog iv^fiiXio) JlQtdfioio, 
Ztvg di offii Kgovldrig VkpL^vyog, xn^igt valmy, 
AvTcg iniaatir^aiy igtfirtjv alyida ndaiy, 
Tijgd* dndxfjg xoxsatv ' xa fiiv i'oafxai, ovx axiXtaxa. 
AXXd fioi aivoy ayog aidtv laatxai, a MiyiXaCf 

170 At xe S^dvTfg, xal fioiQav avanX'^arfg ftioxoio ' 
Kal xiy iXiyxioxog noXvdiipiov **Agyog ixolfitjy. 
Avxlxa yag fjvrfoovxat ^A/aiol naxgiHog aXrig ' 
Kad ds xtv £v/0)ilf)y JTgidfio) xal Tgmal Xlnoifisy 
Agytli]v 'EXtvrjy' ado d oaxia nvasi Sgovga, 

176 Kufiiyov h Tqolp, axeXsvxi^xo} im tgyta. 
Kal XB xig id igifi Tgaibiv vnfQrfVogBoyxtay, 
Tyfifloi ini&giaaxmy MByBXdov xvdaXluoio ' 
Al'9- ' ovxug inl ndai xoXoy xbXbobi ' Jyafiifiywy, 
'jlg xal rvv aXioy oxgaxoy \yayBy iv&dd* *j^awy, 

180 Kal d^i e/9ij olx6y$B (plXrjv ^g naxglda yaXay 
-2W xBiyrjaiy yfivai, Xtnwy aya&oy MtyiXaoy. 
"jlg noxi xig igiBi ' xoxb fioi jifccyoi BvgtXa x^o^y / 

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Bdgaut fitidi xl not dudlaoBO Xaov 'Axai^y. 

185' Ovx iy xaigU^ o^v ndyri fliXog, aXXd ndgot&ey 
JEiigvaaxo imaxi^g xi navaioXog, -^d ' vniyeg&ey 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 IV. 65 

Zmfii re na\ fdrffti, tijv xaXxtitf Mfior SrdQtg, 

jR yaq Sif ovifti; $tii, <pilog tu MeriXai ' 

IM "jElxag d* ir^jri^ inifiaaonai, tfi^ ini&i^aH 
0aofiaj[', a xiv notvajjai (iiXaivamr odvvanr, 

Jl, xal TaX&vjiiov, -d^tiov xi^QVxa, nifogfivSa * 
TttX&vPt , OTTt tdxioza Maxaova divgo xalaaawp 
^£t*, Aaxlfiniov viov, ufivfiovoq iijt^^o;, 

IM Offqa tdrj Msvilaor ^Aqriiox aqxov 'Axaioip, 
Ov Jig o'ioTtvoag tliaXiv, To^eav ev tidug, 
TQfaotv ^ Avxltav ' tm fiiv xXiog, apfit, ds ner&og. 

*^Slg i<pcn* ' ovd' aqa ol xr^qvl anl&riaiv axovaas ' 
B^ 8* Uvai xara Xaor ^i^aictfv /ailxo/tTOiyoy, 

900 UaTnaivtar ijoata Maydoya ' lov d' i>'6i]atv 

EaxaoT afi(pi os fiiv xgaifQui arlxtg aamatamp 
Acuh, oi oi i'novto Tqixrjg ^J innoliotoio, 
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Tf (idXa noXX' iniuXXi nagiaxdfity, orntoTB %iv §up 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

64 • lAIAJOS J. 

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JEigvaato (oxttij^ tc navaloXog, -^d* iitivtq&tv 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 IV. 65 

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JR yuQ dfj ovxng efij, <piXog oi MeviXa^ ' 

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*wt', AaxXfiniov viov, ifivfiovog irjTfiQog, 

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J^ fidka nolX* iniuXXi naqiaxifi^y, omtdre xir §UP 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

64 • lAIAJOS A. 

!fifii{fiC ipogint ' (ktaiXfi'i d» xtitai SyaXfia, 

Itf AfiipotBQor, Kouftog &* inni^, dXajrigiaB itvdog* 
Toiol toh Msifilai^ utav&tpf aifiart (ifi^ol 
Ewfvitg, xy^fial t' t^di aqjVQa xdl' vnireQ&sr. 

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^gvcato (oxTTij^ t£ nayaloXog, ^d' V7tivBg&tv 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIA/IOSlV. 65 

jR yag dif oVTwg tttif qtlXog w MtpiXat ' 

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^oiofitix*, a xev notvafjOi fiBlaivduv oduvdw^, 

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Evgvfudwy, viog JlxoXtfiolov Jlsigai'dao ' 
Tf ftdXa nolX' inixtXXt nagiaxifiBy, onnote xir lur 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


980 IMia laStj xafiOTOf, noXiag dia noiqwfiortu * 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAJOSlV. 67 

!e&^« d' in^ jdarttaah utw ava ovXaftop m^fwp 
7}» di uoovaaia&fpf, S/ia ds viipo^ itnaTO ntiwp* 

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fairer* toy xara nortov, ayu di t< Xallana noXkipf ' 
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Kal atpeag (f<oyi^aag IVrea njigosyTa ngogrivSa ' 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

58 IJIAJ02 J. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJ'OS IV, 60 

Ovra OB VBixBla ne^twrior, ovrc uiXtvn. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

60 lAIAJbS d. 

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"H Gq>iy xal tots vsixog ofioUo> ifijioAB fUoQUfi 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

I AI A/I OS IV. 61 

4a *S^ftipri nad'* ofulop, oipiXXovaa ototot ipd^Am 
Oi d' OTf ^if ^' igx^if<nf iva iwiomg tnartOf 

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Ttvxta iSvXriam ' fiiwy&a di oi yiys& o^jui}. 
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[dgyaXiov T(f(0(ay xai ^Axonay ' ol di, Xvxot (Sffi 
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*H fiiy X ' d^ofiivri xhxm Ttmofiolo naq ox-O^ctg * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Tciiop iq ' *Jp&BftUhiv JSifioMiawp i^iPOQiiw 
JXaq Jtaytviig. rov ^ * "Anupog aioXo&(6^^, 

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Stigyop vitig fio^oio, ndyti d* h itytvfioyi xoXuig. 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Tf 0/8 faaxiqa tvipB fUaffp, in d^ atwro &vfW9f 
lUx^m i * oin anidvai ' niqioTf\amf yaq ktui^i, 
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Airtvoi xata uiaaov, ayoi di I UaXXdg 'A&ipni, 
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Ilfffp^itg i¥ xoylfiat naq^ alki]Xoioi titano. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 E. 

Strt^m Trojanonim continuant Achivi; ante omnesinsig- 
nifl Diomedes, Minerve, Martem ab acie seducentia, pneaidio 
feroeiasimtu (1 - 94). Sed ipae a Pandaro vuineiatus, etiam 
Tehementius Bceyit in hostes (95-166): Pandanim, antea 
peditem, nunc ex iEneae curru pugnantem, inierficit {\&7 ~ 296) ; 
iEneam, amici corpus tegentem, sazo sauciat (297-310): 
Veneri, filium ez pugna e^erenti, plagam in mann infligi^ 
(311-351). Venus, ab Iride educta, curru Martia reyehitur 
ad Olympum, ubi earn mater Dione sinu foyet| alii dii leniter 
irrident (352-431). iEneom, a Venere destitutum, Diomedia 
furori enpit ApoUo, et in arce Trojana recreandum curat, 
simul Martem in aciem revocat (432-460). Mara ad rem 
fortiter gerendam hortatur Troianos, quibua atatim JLnesa 
integer aubyenit (461-518). Kec segniua pugnant Achiyi, 
caedunturque ez utrisque multi, in his Tlepolemus ab Sarpe- 
done; tandem pelluntur paullatim Achivi (519-710). Hia ita 
laboran tibu a ez Olympo upitulatum veniunt Juno et Minerva 
(711 - 777) , ac voce Junonie denuo incenditur turba, Miner- 
vae a igtem monitu et dnctu Diomedes ipsum Martem vulnerat 
(778-863), qui ez campo repente ad Olympum redit, ibique 
nnator, aequentibua etiam deabua (864-909). 

JEvd"* av Tifdildji JiofiridBi IlaXkag *A&fiyfl 
JnxB fUros xal ^OQaog, Iv^ txdrilogusia naaip 
*Jl^ydoia^ ytvono, ids xXiog ia&loy agono. 
^dU o\ in x6^&6g ts xal aaitldog axancnop TtVQf 

* *Jaxig * onngtv^ ivaXl/xiov, ogit (lakiara 
Aamnqhv nafiqMlvtiai, XeXovfiivog'JlxBOPoto ' 
TbXoy oi nvq daUr ino xqarog tc xaii oSfi69y ' 
Jl^B 9i fup xaja fiiaaop, o&i nltUnoi xXoriorro. 
£& Si tig iw Tf^faiaat Ja^g, aqtvfiogf afiVftrnw, 

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^Hyivg Jdaiog tt, /uxjifi}* fv (idoTt naoiig. 
TW oi, anoxqifi^ivu, ivartlta o^ftfi&tjjriv' 
Ti fih iip* tmtoiiv, o d* ano x^orog oi^yvTO n$C6g. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


0\ d* 0T9 9^ axMv ijaoy in iXkfih>iaiV Uwng, 

u <^Hyivg ^a nqoxtqo^ n^otBi. doXixooMiop tyxog' 
Tvdtidtn d^ vniff mftop agiatB^ov ^kv&* axm»fi 
'^yx^og, ovd^ l/5ail' avroV* o d' virtt(fog w^tnno x^Xm^ 
TSidsidrig' rov d^ ovx akiop pHog txipv/B x^fog, 
jm' tjJaU axij&og /utafiaiiop, fooB d' aip* titnur^ 

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Ovd trXri nE^i/ajrou adtltpeiov xtaftiroto ' 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized by VojOOQIC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 V. 71 

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Digitized by VojOOQIC 

T3 lAlAAOS B. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAdOS V. 78 

nolXa XutaofiiyTi, XQVoafinvxetg ftxttv Xnnovq * 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

74 1AIAJ02 E. 

Tf d inl Jlair^wf odw^fpata ipa^fiana ndaamr, 
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**Jlg (pdxo * TvdBidTjg d^ drtx^i^^ xvtd^ov onlaam. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

iuilAJ02:V. 76 

Miiviv ttXBvafisyog kxatfiPoXav [dnoXXtavog* 
44fi Alrelay d^ anaug&ev o/iilov ^ijxiv ^AnoUmy 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

76 lAIAJOS E. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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785 Stiyxo^ ilaafUyii fiByaXffXogt, xohtBOiptaytf, 

^Og maoy avdijaaax*, ^^^ ajUloi nBvxiixoyxa ' 
Aidtag, ^Agytioi, xdx* iXiyxia, tldog ayijxoil 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAA02, F. 
*(kMM fih if noXi/My nmXiaxno 9iog *4x^^^f9 

no Otxi^Baxw ' xbIvov yag idilhaw ofiffifiov tyxoQ * 
iVify di iMog noXiog koUjis inl r^val fiaxortau 

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Idiffog ydg fitr hugtv vno nXuxioq jiXafiavof 
Aanldog ivxvxXov ' tc^ ttiqtto, xdfive di x^Q^ * 
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'jiyytXog ig Oi^jioig, noXia^ find Kadfuiiavag ' 

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Jvxdg 6 ^Vfioy txotv ov xagxigov, <ag xondgog ntg, 
Kovgovg KadftBiay ngoxaXli^no, ndvxa d' ivlxa, 
]^Pffi6l(ag ' Tolrj oi dyuv inixd^^o&og ija.] 
2o\ d* ijxot fiir iyat nagd &' laxafiai, '^di <pvXdaam, 

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AXXd atv 1} xdfictxog noXvd'i^ Y^^9^ didvxtVp 
^Hwi ai nov diog Vox ft dxijgioy' oi ovy* tnena 
T\jdiog ixyoyog laai da'iipgoyog Olviidao, 

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T^ toi ngoq>gov6ag igito tnog, ovd' inixivota. 
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Tudtldfi Jiofirjdtg, ifi^ xfxagiofiiye &vfiUf 
Mtftn avy* ^'Agrja xoye dddiO-i, fii^TS xiy SXXoy 
A&aydt€»v ' xolti xoi fya»y inixdggo&og tlfii, 
!lU' ay*, in* "Agrfi nofaxpf tx^^mvxag Xjinovg* 

no Tvipoy 6$ axe^^lrjy, fitid dito ^ovgoy "Agria 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

84 IAJAA02 E. 

Tovtw ftairofitpor, tvxtov naxov, oXXonQogaXXcf 
"Og nqwf¥ fup ifiol t« xal "ffgrj otevx' ayoffnvmf 
7]pc9(r* fiaxi^ata&ah irag ^Aqydoiaiv igrfitiv ' 
Tfiv Sb fuja Tgmaatv ofitXBt, toiv ds liXaarai, 

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Hd* ig dlq>Qov sfiaivi naoal Jiofii^dBa Siov 
*£fi(Mfjuxvia &id ' fUya d tPqax^ ip^yivog o^wy 
Bgid-oovfrp ' dstvriv yag ayev &tov, avdga t* Sqimow* 

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Avrlx in ^Agrj'i ngtana tx^ fitowxag innovg, 
"Hto^ 6 fih IIigl(pavTa ntXagiov i^ivdgtitv, 
AItwXwv ox^ agiGTOV, ^Oxtiolov dyXaov viop ' 
Tov fiif **AgTjg ivdgiis fAionqtovog ' aiidg ^A&i]Vfi 

845 Avy ^Aidog xvviriv, fitj fiiv I'doi ojigifiog *'Agfig, 
'jlg ds Vde ^gotoXoiyog *'Agrig Jiofii^dea Slot, 
Hxoi fiev IlfgUpavra nsXwgiov aviod-' taaiv 
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Avxoig 6 jiij ^^ Idvg /jiofii^deog injioddfioio. 

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JIgoa&ev *'Agrig (agk^a&' vnig ^vyov rivia &^ XnnvfP 
^£yX^'i X^XxdMt fttfiaojg dno -^Vfiov hXia&at ' 
Kai toys X^^Q^ Xapoma ^boc yXavxaJmg 'Ad-i^vfi, 
Slaty vn* ix dlq>goio iTOjatov aixdr^vai, 

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"j^yxd xaXxeim ' inigsias ds JIaXXag A&rjvij 
Nelaiov ig xivsara, o&i Sfovrvaxno fjtUgijv ' 
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'£x ds dogv andasv avug, 6 d* tpgaxs xdXxsog ^'AgriQ, 

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Tovg d^ ug' vno tgofiog slXsy ^Amtovg t« Tgadg t«^ 
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^alyid-^, ofiov vKfssaaty lo!}y slg ovgavov tvgvv. 
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Umg ds Ju Kgovlo)vt xa&sisxOf &vfi6v dxivmy, 

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Alii xoi glyiaxa &fol xfxXtioxsg stfisy 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAJOJSV. 85 

975 Sol ndrtig fii^ofita&a * av yaq riutg a<p^va mov^, 
OvXofiirtiP, f^x alh ar^avXa tqyai fUutiXuf. 
^JlXoi /ISP yaq nurttg, oaoi &€oi sia ir ^OlvfitUff 
Sol t' ininei&oyrai, nal dtdfii^fita^a ^xcunog ' 
TotVTJiP d* ovj* tnt'i nqot^fioXUah ovt% ti lip/y» 

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'^ yvp Tvdioq vlov, vni^v/AOV Jiofn^dta, 
Ma^yaipsiv apifjxtv in* a&txrdTOiai -d^soianf, 
Kvngida fdv nomov cxMp ovxaat /ei^' inl xa^mf*. 
Avtaq STtHT avT^ fioi inioavto, dalftopi laog * 

MS jXXa fi' v-Ji'^vtinmf jaxitg nodtq ' ti ji yc dfigop 
Avtov nr^fita tnaaxov iv aiv^atp rBxadtaair, 
"H *8 J^mg ifuvtivog ta xoXxoto rvn^atr. 

T(tv d* ag* vnodga idaiy nQogi<pri vtiptXriyt^a Ziif* 
Mrju fiotf aXXoitgogaUB, nageiofitrog fiirvgiiB ' 

MO ''j^&iOTog di fioi iaat &my, oi "Olvfjmov ^ovair. 
JUI yag TOt iQig is q>lkti, noltfiol ts /iaxa^ t« * 
MflTQog TOi fiivog iarlv aaaxtrov, ovh iniuxiop, 
^Hgrig ' TT/V fiiv iym OTtovdrj da/irrifi* inisaoiv. 
Tf a ai'ot xdvfig tads ndax^iv hviairjair. 

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!Ejc yciQ ifiiv yivog iaal, ifiol di aivfivato lirfr^q, 
£i ii %tv i^ aXXov ye &i6iy yirtv aid' atdriXog, 
Kal xtv bri ndtah Jia&a Mortgog OvgoPitivwy, 
'Iflg q>dTo, xal nair^av avfayti i^aaa&ou, 

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^Hxiaax ' ov fiir ydg t* xona&rrirog y* ixixvxto. 
*Slg d* ot' onog ydka Xivxov in$iy6fi8vog awinti^ 
*Tyqoy idv ' fiuXa d* taxa ntgiaigt<piTai xvxomm *. 
"jlg aga xagnakifAtog tijaorro &ovgov *!Agr}a, 

•00 T&v d* "^fflv Xoifoiv, /a^/cvra ds ii/una laaw * 
Bag 8b Jit Kgovlfovi xa^iino, xvde'C yaUav* 

Al J' aviig ngog btafia Jiog fieydXoio rioPtOp 
"Bgt} T* ^Agyflij xal 'AkaXxofievf^tg 'a&i^vti, 
navaaaai figoroXoiyop "Agrjp dvdgoxraa^o»f» 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 Z. 

Trojanorum acie in ftigam inclinante, Helenns vates Hecto- 
rem hortatur, ut publicam obsecrationem Minerva in arce ha- 
bendam indicat (1 -101). Ergo is, celeriter restituto proelio, 
pergit in urbem : in'eo proelio Diomedes et Glaucus, dux Ly- 
ciorum, ad certamen progressi, priusquam manus consererent, 
paterna inter se hospitia recordati, facta armorum permuta- 
tione. dextras jungunt (102-236). Hecuba et ca^terae matro- 
ns, de Hectoris et procerum Trojanorum consilio, peplum in 
sedem Minervoe inferunt, votaaue pro salute patriae nuncupant 
(237-311). Interim Hector domi desidentem Paridem objur- 
gando in aciem reducit (312 - 308) : uxorem Andromachen, in 
aedibus suis irustra quaesitam, tandem urbe egrediens ad por- 
tam Scasam una cum puero Astvanacte obviam habet, atque 
ultimum alloquitur (369-502). Mox firatrem in via armatus 
conaequitur Paris (503-529). 

"E X r g s x a I ^^vdgofAax'ils 
6 [I I X i a. 

IloXla d' uq' ev&a Hal IV^' l&vas (iixxH ^i^^^o, 
JXXi^loiy i-dvvofiivfoy /ailxTjoca dovqa, 
MBaatjyvg 2i>fi6crEog idi aoiv&oio ^odtav. 

t Alag ds ngwrog TeXafitanog, ioxog ^Ax^*^'''* 
Tqiimv ^rj^s (pdlayya, (potag d^ kiaqoiaiv B&fiKsr, 
^Avdqa jiakfov, og aqiarog ivl Oq^xeaai T€TVXT0, 
fiov ^Evaatagov, ^AHafiotyr' r^vy t« fiiyctv t», 
Tov ^' ifiaU nqwTog xogv&og qxiXov iTtTiodaaUrjg, 

10 ^£y ds (ux(a7i(^ nfj^s, nigiiai d* op* oarioy itdm 
Jlzi^V X^^^^V ' T^ ^^ oxoTOff Saas itdlvipsy, 

"Aivloy d^ ag* insipye Poriv aya-d-og JM/ii^dfig 
TBV&gayldriyf og tyaisy ivxufiiyrj h l^ujfy, 
*Aipvtiog fiiotoio, iflXog d^ rpf ay&gmnoiaa^ ' 

10 ndnag yag <piXita«sy, odf Jhn olx/a valmy. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 VI. 87 

JlXi ol ovri( Twi^« TOT* ^Qxsaa Ivy^y SXt&^ov, 
Hooa&ar vncnrttaoag * aJU' Sfttpw &Vft6r ani^vqa, • 
Aviir, nal &8Qdnoria Kalifatov, og ^a r6&' iTtnor 
*'Eaney v<p7jyloxog ' tw d' Sfupoi yaiav idinr^v, 

90 J^aov d' Ev^vaXog xal ^ChpiXrior i^evaQi^By ' 
Bii di fUT* AtatfTtoy xal Ilqdaoov, ovg nors Nvfupri 
NtfCs ^AficL^flaoifi tcx' ifivfiovi BovxoXiotvi. 
BavxoXiay 6^ r^v vlbq ayavov Aaofiidorrog, 
H^tajSvtajog yivtjji axonov di k ytlvaxo firfXriQ ' 

M Iloipialywv d^ in' oioai filyti <pd6iriu xal Bvvrj, 
H d vnoxvaaafibvt} didvfidors yiivaro naldn ' 
Kal fih Tmv vnilvas fiivoq xal ipaidifia yvia 
Mtixiarriiddrjg, xal an' wfjiiav tcv^c iavla, 

^AarvaXoy d' uq' irnqtvE fitvtmokffiog IZolvnolrtig ' 

80 IZidvrriv d' 'Odvaevg IliQxojotov i^svagi^sr 
^'Eyxei xuXxfloi ' T^vxgog d' 'AQudova Siov. 
AnlXoxog d' *'Apiri(^o> ivr^qaTO dovql wativw 
NtaiOQidrig ' ^Mlaxov dt ava^ avdqtov Ayafjufivoiv ' 
Nciie di, Satvioivtog ivq^iiiao na^^ oxd^ag, 

85 Hrfiaaov alnuvr^v, 4wkaxov d' tXt Arjixog r^qtig . 
^tvyovT • EvQvnvXog di Mfldv-d-iov i^tvagi^ey. 

*jid^aToy d' aq' tnetxa ^or]v dya&og Mevilaog 
Zuov A' ' Xnnat ydq ol arufo/ucW ntdloio, 
"Oii^ m pia(p&ine fiVQtxlytf, iyxvlov dqfia 

40 A^pyi h nQUTot (vfi^, avtto /aiy ijii^Trjy 

Hoog noXiv, jjnsq oi iiXloi ajviofitvoi (poftiorto * 
Avjog d' ix dUpQoio naqd tqoxgv iUxyUa&ii 
nqufyrig iv xoyir/aiv inl arofia ' ndq di oi arri} 
AtQildrfg MtviXaogt ^cur doXixdaxiov tyxog* 

45 ^AdgriaTog d' uq^ intna Xa^wv iXXlaano yovvtav ' 
Zwyqtt, [diqiog vU, av d' d^ia di^t anowtu 
nolXd d ir atpvBiov naxqog xfifii^Xia xelxat, 
XaXxog t< XQ^^og xs, noXvxfirixog X8 aldrfQog ' 
T}uy xiy to» ;|fa^Mja(TO naxrjq aniqilai,' dnotva, 

50 £t X8y ifii (oioy ntnv&oix' ditl rrivaly ^Axetwy. 

"Jig <pdxo ' T^ d' uqa &vfiby iyl axi^&eaaiy oqiifw* 
Kal dr^ fuv xdx' efitXXa xkoiig inl yrjag *Axni^y 
Atiaiiy (f -^tqunoyxi xttxa^ifity ' aXX' ^Ayafiif$yt»y 
Ayxlog fiX&$ 'd-iav, xal ofioxXiiaag tnog f^vda ' 

55 Jl ninov, ta MiyiXae, xitj di av xi^dsat aStmg 
'Aydff&v / 1} xoi aqifsxa nsnolrjxai xaxu olxov 
JIgog Tqwaty ' xuy firixig vnBXipvyoi aiixvy oXB&gw, 
Xtiqdg •&-* '^fiixigag * firid* oyxiya yaariqi l*V^^9 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

88 lAIAAOS Z. 

Kcvqw icrra fpioo^ ftfid* og qtvyot ' aU' Sfia namg 
00 JXiov fytnoXolat axi^dsmoi not &q>avjoi. 

''Hon* *ji6(ma%ov' TOpdtxgUmv 'A/audfivar 
Ovta mnei Xotnagrjv ' o d' aptrpdnsr * ^Atgddffg di 

M Aai h axii&fai fiag, i^ianaac fulXivov e//oc. 
NiatotQ d ' 'AqyBloiaiv ixixXsTO, futxgov ava(tg ' 
Jl iplloi, ^gwt^ Jtxyaol, &Bgdnoyjeg ''AQTiog, 
Mi^tig vvv hdqoiv inifiaXXofisvog finonta&ey 
Mifivitta, mg xcy nXBiara <figtov inl vijag Xxfirai ' 

70 jXX aydgag TtriivfOfiev ' ikuta ds xai to Ixijilo* 
NexQovg afi ntdloy avXiioBTS Ttdyi]UTag, 

Jig sinwy <tfr^t;ve fuvog xal &Vfi6v ixdarov. 
^Ev&a xtp avT8 Tgwtg 'Agtfi(fiXair vn^ [dxaiSv 
*'lXiov eigavipfjaav, avaXxdnai dafuvrsg, 

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Ilgtafddiig *!!e3L«>05, oiatponoltap ox ' agiatog ' 

Alvda T€ xal "Exxog ' inil itovog vfifit fidXuna 
Tgoioay xal Avkltav iyxixXuai, ovvex ' agiaxoh 
ndaav in l&vv iars lAaxioB^al it q>gov6ny ts ' 

•0 ^t^t' ctVTOv, xal Xaoy igvxdxBts ngb nvXaeav, 
HdyTfi inoixofieyoi, ngh avx* iv jifc^a* yvyatxSr 
0€vyoyTag ntoieiy, drfioioi di xdgf^a ytvia^ait. 
AvTog insl X8 (fdXayyag inortgvv^xov dndaag, 
*HfiHg fiiy /tavaoiair fiazfia6ue&' , av&t idyovxtg, 

65 Kal fuxXa xetgofieyol ntg ' ayayxaltj yag inslyn * 
"Extog, atdg av noXtyda fisttgxeo, slni d Bnena 
Mfitigt ajj xal ifiy ' ^ ds ^vydyovaa yigautg 
Nfioy ^A&tjvalfig yXavxiantdog h noXu axgji, 
OKaaa xXrfid^ 'dvgag Ugolo dofjioio, 

00 ninXoy, og oi doxdei xo^gtiaratog tjds fiiyunog 
EJyai irl fifydgta,. xal oi noXit (plXjarog air^, 
Otiyai *A&f}yali]^ inl yovvaaty rjvxofioio * 
Kal ol vnoaxio&ai dvoxaldsxa fiovg ivl vfif, 
^Hyig, iixiaxagy Ugtvaifiey, aV x* ileiiarj 

00 "Aotv tB xal Tgtatay dXoxovg xal vr^nia tixya, 
J& xsy Tvdiog vioy dnoaxjl 'iXlov igrjg, 
^jiygioy alxfirirriy, xgaxtgoy fii^tnmga q>6poio * 
**0v drj iya xdgxiaroy ^Axai^v ffufil y^ia^ai, 
Oid^ AxiXi^d nod-' idi y' idtldifify, ogxafiov opdgSpt 

100 "Oynsg <f>aal Ssag ^| tftfisvat ' dXX ' ods Xlriv 
Malyexai, oidi xlg oi dvyatai fiiyog iao<pagl^Biy, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


jtvtUa d* i^ oxinp €vv ttvxioiv aXio xafiai9 ' 
ZlaiXny d ' o^sa dov(fa, xata ar^aroir $x^o niitni, 

10» ^Oxqvvmv fiaxioaa&ai, t/tigt di (pvXoJuv ainiv, 
Oi d^ ilfklx^aav, xal ivanioi, tarocy ^JxnMy* 
^ytioi d' vnfx^qjiattv, Irfiav-di q>6voio ' 
0ap di Tiv' a&avdranf i$ oifgavov aartgosnog 
Tftitalv aXt^aorra xaTeX&ifiep ' £$ iUUx^w, 

110 "fxTwp da TqmaoLV inimXtiOt fiangby oruaag ' 

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Ajfiqig tart, q)iXoi, fivi^aaa&8 di &ovQidog iXxr^g, 
^'OifQ* av iyw ftem ngoil **lXiov, ijda yigovaip 
JStnci jSovXsvrfjai koi '^/lijigrjg aXoxoiaiv, 

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*^lflg uQa q>tovrfaag amjSfj xogv&aloXog '*E%x9ag ' 
AiKfl di fiiv atpvQoi Tvnxs xal avxiva digfia xtXcuvw, 
"j^yrv^t r} nvfiairj d-isv aanldog 6^(paXoiaar^g, — 
rXavxoq d', ^InnoXoxoio nd'ig, xal Tvddog vlog 

190 Eg fUaov dfifpotsQUiv avvltfiv utfiuwis fAaxta&ai. 
Oi d' OTS dij oxMr rfOav in dlXriXoiaiv lovreg, 
Tov ngoTiQog nqogiuni /}o^v aya^og Jiofir^drig ' 

Tig di av iaai, ipigiars, xajadyrijiay avd^qfanrnp ; 
oi ftiv yuQ noT onbtna fidyj] m xvdiavslgtj 

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S^ d^dqaii, ox ifioy doXixoaxiov tyxog tfiuvag. 
JvaTi]v<av di le naideg i^ta fiivu avxiotaaw. 
Ei di xig a^avaxtav yt xax* ovgavov liXi^Xov&ag, 
Ovx av lyoayt d^tdiaiv inovgavloiai fiaxoifirir. 

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Ar^v rjyt 6g ^a S-toiaiy inovgavloiaiv igiiiv ' 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byVjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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oidi fii ^vfihg apwytp, intl fid^op ffifAepa^ ia&Xif 

44B Aid, xal ngmxouji, find Tgmaai fidxfo&ai, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

i|T' -i^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlA/102 VI. 97 

^Am^vfitpog n«n(f6g t« fiiya nUog ^9* ifiop avtov. 
Ev yaq iy^ joda olda xma ^qiwa xo2 naia ^fiiw ' 
"EaattM fffio^f or* Sr ncr* oltilp "ihof i^, 
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Kal xtp vdmg (pogioig MBaarfi'dog fj 'Tnt^elrig, 
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Kal noxi rig ttit^aip, Idiay xorta ddxgv xiovactp ' 

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Tjpctfoiy innoddgjLtnf, ore "Hiov afjuptfidxoyto, 
"Jli; TtOTB Jig ^qin ' aot d av viov Baaexat alyog 
Xfjiti joiovd avd^og, a/ivvsiy dovXior rjfiaQ. 
^AXXd fjiB Tt&niwta x^h ^f^^^ /^^ xaXvTtioi, 

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Kal noxi xig fi'jtr,ah naxgog d' oys noXXor ifidvwf ! 

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Kxtlvag df'iiov uvdQa, Xo^Q^^V ^c (pQiva f4i^xtjg, 
"Slg tintav dXoxoio (plXtig iv z^ffolv B&Tjxty 
JIaid ioy' Tj d' viqa fiiv xfjotdf'i di^axo xoXncf, 
^axQvoiv yfXftaaau. noaig d ^XirfOB roflaag, 

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/fnifioviri, ftri fiol ti Xlrjv »x//jjf/ffo &Vfim I 
Ov ydff ih fi ' vntQ alaay avtjg "Aidi ngoidiffBi ' 
Moiqnv d* oi'r.rd <pi(Air nB<pvy/iivov (fifiivai aydoAf, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

98 luilAJ 02 z. 

Ov naxoPy ovdk fisv iad-Xov, inrjv ran^mxa yhnfftm, 
490 ^MX* di olxor iovaa to a' avrrjg egya xojUtC*, 
*I<niy t' ^Xaxdrrjr t«» xal afiq>tn6loiat xiksvB 
*'£^yoy inolxBa&ai * Ttolefiog d^ ard^taai fiBXtiau, 
Uaaiv, ifiol ds fidhara, iol 'lUto iyyt/daaiv. 

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^MvjQonaXiionivri, S-alcgov xara ddxQV x^ovaa. 
Aiipa d' insi&^ XxtxPi doftovg evwamdoyrag 
"l^xtoQog avdifOfpovoio ' xix'^oaro d ivdo&i nolXag 
^Afupinokovg, r^aiv Si yoov ndohaiv iyagaBV. 
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'*I^Bad-ah ngoq>vy6vTa fiivog xait x^^Qt^g ^Axniw, 
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JSlfo&tag Xovia&ai ivggfiog TioxafioTo, 
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610 Jlfioig ai'aaovxat' 6d dyXai'rj(fi ji £7ioi&<ag, 

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KayxaX6(ov, ra/ttc di nodeg q)igov ' aJtpa d ' iiieixa 
616 *'£xxoga dlov Itctjuw ddBlq>f6vy tvv* Sg^ l/ieUcy 
2tgbipEa&' ix x^Q^9» o&i y cdgi^s yvvaixL 
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^Egyov dxifii^aetB fidxrjg, iitel dXxifiog iaai * 
!^a kxwv ^B&ulg xe xal ovx i&iXttg ' x6 d* ifiov xrig 
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686 Bgog Tgoicav, o? |^ov(Ft noXifp novov ttytxa aelo. 

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Atoji, inovgavloiiTt &to'ig aitiysyirijaiy 
Kgffxijga mi^aaa^ai iXtv&tgop iy ueydgowvp, 
'E» Tgoifig QMaawaig ivKyi^[udag Jxawig* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 H. 

AcliiTMy Chilis adhuc seu prosperis armis certantes, nrffent 
Hector et Pans, in prcelium reverai (1-16) : quod ut tandem 
dixunatuT, de MinervK et ApoUinis consilio, Helenique suasu, 
fortiseimas quisaue ab Hectore ad pugnam sin^ularem proyo« 
catnr (17-91 ). Alenelaum, qui se alacrem ostendit, csteria cunc- 
tantibuB, deterret Agamemno (!i2-122); mox, a Nestore in- 
Btigati, Burguni ad diinicandum novem heroes, ex quibua sortiB 
eventus designat Ajacem Telamonium (1^-205). Congredi- 
nntur Hector et Ajax, acriterque depugnant, donee sab Doctezn, 
yiribuB pares, daiis invicem muneribus, discedunt (206-312^. 
In epulis publicis Nestor censet corpora ca?sorum sepelienoa 
et castra munienda : in Trojanorum concione Antenori, pacis et 
Helens cum opibus restituenda; auctori, respondet Paris, nihil 
Be prater opes, scd eas propriis adjectis, redditurum (313-364). 
lUud responsum altero die Priamus ad AchivoB perferri, atque, 
Qt Trojanorum quoque corpora crementur, inducias iniri jubet 
(365 - 420). Post hsec sepulturam curant utrique suorum, si- 
mnl Acbivi navalia sua muro fossaque cingunt ; quae opera Nc»P- 
tunuB inter decs non sine indignatione miratur (421*464). 
Coenam nox sequitur minax tonitribus (465 - 482). 

"E XT o g o s % at A i av t o s fA o v o* 
jua;ifia. N e x g S v avaigsais. 

J^g tinojy nvXiap iUoavro (paldifAog **Exxtaq * 
T^ d Sm 'jXi^avdqoq xl ' adtXcptog ' iv d* aqa &vii^ 
' AfupoTt^fot fidfiaaay noXtfilinv '^de /Kx/ca^aiai. 
iflg ds &t6g vavijiaiv ieXdoiJiivoiair tdwxty 
s OvQoy, inriv xtxdfiwair ivU<rrfig iXditjair 
Jlorroy iXavvovrtg, xafidxo^ d vno yvia XiXvyrai ' 
"Jig Squ tcj T(^maatv hXdofiivoiaiy <ptnniTfiP. 

*'Ef'd-' kXhrfv, 6 fth vlov *j4^7jid-ooio ayaxtog, 
*U^ ymttdoyra Mtyia&toy, oV xogvyijji^g 
10 Filyat *Aoiii'&oog xal tPiXofiidovaa /iowmg * 
"jSxrm^ d* J/'ioyija fidX^ t/x^'i i^vosyn 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

100 lAlAdOZ H. 

Avxiv ino owpayriq tvxahtoVt Avac Hk yvXa, 

ItavKoq d*, ^Innoloxoio naXg, Av%ltav ayog apdgnv, 

Iqdvoov fiaXs dovgl xona nQajBQfiy vafitvfiP, 
li Js^uidrfv, XTtnay iniaXfiivov ixttatav, 

Jlfiov • 6 d* i$ Xnnotv /u/iad^ niat, Xvvto 9i yvta, 
Tovg d ' ig ovy iroiiaB S^ta /Xavxmnig ^Adrflffi, 

Agyelovg olixonag ivi xgaxfQJj vafxivrj, 

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ao XXiw elg Ugi^v. rjj d ' artlog tSgvirt ' *An6XX(oy, 

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AXXi^Xoiat di tta/s avvavxiaOriv naqa q>fiyt}* 

T^v TtgoTSQog nqogUmtv ava^, Jiog viog, ^AnokXoiv * 
TtjtTB av d av fnuavla, diog &vyajiQ fisyaXoio, 
2» HX&ig ttjr' OiXvfMTioio, fiiyag Si ae S^vftog av^xsv ; 

H %va dfj /javaolai, fJidxv? kugaXxia rixriv 

J^tg ; ijiBi oijxi TQcJag anolXvfjirivovg iXsalgtig. 

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Nvy fiiv n'xvatofiev noXsfiov xal dTjXorijra 
90 Srifuqov ' vaxfqov aviB fiaxi]Q0VT*, tigoxB xixfuag 

jXlov fVQViaLv ' insl ag (piXov inXsro -d^Vft^ 
Tfuv a&avdTrjai, Sianqotd-hw Tods aorv. 

Toy d* avTS ngogiHTte ^ta yXavxwnig A&Tjvri ' 

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V^HXd'OV in ' OvXvfinoio ^fiBjd Tgwag xal \4xawvg. 

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Tr^y d' avxs ngogisinBr aval, Jiog viog, 'AnoUtiP' 

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40 ^Ayripiov uaxiaaa&ai iv atvjj drfioxrjxi, 

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Olov inogauav noU^lCBiv "Exxogt dim, 

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46 BovXrjv, ^ (a*-&B6l(jiv itp^vdave fAtixiomoiv ' 

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"Exxog, vU Ilgidfioto, J it firixiy axdXaviB, 

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"AXXovg fdv xd9iaoy Tgaag xal ndvxag ^Axaiovg, 
50 Avxog 9b ngoxdXBoaai Axctt^v ogxig agiaxog, 

*Artl^iov fiuxioaa&ai iv atvjj drfioxiixi ' 

Oi ydg nd xoi fidlga ^ovbIv xal nox/iov intantiv, 

*lflg ydg iynv on* dxovaa -d^trnv altiyBVBxday. 

"Xlg Bipa&* ' "Exxng d* avx* ixdgri fiiya, fiv^op ixovoag. 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

I Al A/10 2 Vn. 101 

M Kttl i* ig fiiaaop Uat, T^tMnr mfi9^9 ipaXayyof, 

Miaaov davffoq ihiy * xol d^ Idovii^aap anrcrrrtg. 

Kad d* 'AraiUfirwtf tlaty HhtPfifitSag ^Axtuavg. 

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*A<mlai xal no^&Buat xal Byx^at n^p^tmiiM. 

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61 Toilai aqa axlxfg eVorr' l^aimp t« Tgniw w 

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Kimhni fiBV, Tgasg xal ivxvrjfudfg *Axcuol, 

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"Ogxia fiiv Kqovldriq vy/Kvyog ovx MUaatp, 
70 JOiXa xaxa q>Qovimy rexfioUgfjoi ifjupoii^iatiif, 

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75 Jevff^ Troi ix ndrrwv, 7t(f6fiog tfifisyat "Exjoq^ dUf* 

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80 Tgaitg xal TgtJfay aXoxoi XfXdxtoai ^avoyxa' 

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Tevxici avXrjaag, ototo ngorl "lUoy i^y, 

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m NbIxh oyBidiSny, fUya di axByaxK^'^ ^/uf * 

"^Jl fjioif aiutXtitfiQBg, l^aiidBg, ovxh* *Axtu%it 

'*Hfiiy dii hi(hi xMb y' taowun oiro^er u$ymgy 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

102 JuilAJOSS K. 

J& (irtTiQ Java^v rvv "Etiro^g iofxlog ilaof. 
MX' Vfuig fiBP ndvttg vdtoq xal yain yirouf^B, 

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Tad% d' iy^v airrog &ioQtj^fnai' aixag vneg&tp 
Nixtig ndqax^ tx^rtai iw a&avdToiai ^$oiaiv. 
Jig aqa ipmrr^aag xcnidvatxTO TCi;/ca xaXd, 
£y^a ni toi, MeviXai, <payfi fiioroto rtXsvrri 

IW "Exjogog h nakdfirjaiv ' inel noXv q>iQUgog if«y ' 
El fifi ava'i^avTtg tXoy /SaaiXrjtg *Axaiciv ' 
AvTog T AtQsidfig, iVQVx^tuav Id/afiifirtnf, 
Js^iTt^ijg fxe/ei^o^, tnog t' lyar*, Ix t' ovofia^ey' 
AcpQalvtig, MeviXuB Aioiqtffig * oiHi jl af xq'^ 

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Mfjd Bd-eX ^ tQirdog atv ifitlvovi fpoajl fidxso&ai, 
Exxoqi, Ugia/jiiduf roiTfi arv/iovai xal akXoi. 
Kai d AxiXei'g tovtoi yi ndxjiXvi xvdtavtigfi 
■EQ^ty atrnfioXfiaat, 6nf(f oio nolXov ifitivfav. 

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TovTO) de nQofiov alXov avaatriaovisiv ^AxaioL 
Ein%Q adtii^g y' iarly xal n fio&ov lor* dxogjjrog, 
0rjfU fitv dajiaolag yow xdfitffHv, aV xc q>vytiaiy 
Ari'iov ix noXi/ioio xal aivrjg drfioj^rog. 

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Alatfia na(^uniav ' o H* intl&tTO ' tov uh tnsita 
rrj&oowoir S-tgdnovrtg aTv' wfiav ifu/e eXorto. 
NsaTCjQ d Aifytloiaiv dviaxajo, xal finiHnty ' 

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*£a&X6g MvQfitdovaiy PovXi]<p6Qog r^d ' ayoqtftr^gy 
"Ognoxi fi* ugoftivog fiiy' iyi^^ssy ^ ivl otxi^, 
Jldniay jigyslioy iqitoy ysvei^y xe xoxov t«. 
Tovg vvy Hjmaaaoytag vy' 'Exjoqi ndnag axovcM, 

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Ovfiov ano fitXimy dvvai dofioy *'Aidog itam. 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

104 lAtA^OZ B. 

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"Exioq, injT fiiy dfi aa<pa etoBai cU&tp olog, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

XAIA/IOS Vn. 105 

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Atittqog ain* ASag noXv iitiioya Xaay ad^ag, 
^Ux* intdiniaag, ini^m/n di h* in$X6&^ * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

106 lAlAAOS & 

flio JEXaa d' aanid* taUf fiaXAf ftvloudii nh^ * 

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Atayj* av&' irigtt&Bv ivxvfjfiilftg *Axaiol 
Elg Ayafiifivova 9lov ayor, xc/a^ijora Wx^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Old^ ova di nhaifiaof iv ^AtQMoto yivwtOp 
TfiUf^ di ficvp li^svatp aval awdgmv ^AyafUfAvttr, 

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"O aq^iy ivcfqovioay oiyogrjoaro xal fiiwmiv ' 

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tM Jiog 'AXi^avdgog^ ^JSkiwig nooig ^vxo/uoio * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

106 IAIAJ02 B. 

Of MP ifitifiofiwog Mnea ntBqitmca ngogffvda * 

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Ola&a nal aXXor fiv&ov afitlvova lovde votjoau 
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Kal (pvXaxi)g fivqaaa&s, xal iygriyog-d-t ixaarog ' 
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Eindfiir ^Argtldrig, Ayafiifivovi xal MeyfXdw, 
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NrfC nuga ngvfivri Ayafjifivovog ' avrag o roiaiyt 
2idg iy fiiaaoiaiVj fififfpavety rjnvja x'^gv^ • 

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"AfifMB diaxgiyrj, dmj 6* higoial yt ylxriy. 

"Jig B(pad- ' oi d^ aga ndvteg axfiv iyivorro aiwtp. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 Vn. 109 

0^9 di dri finitiTu fioffv aya&og Atofii^diig * 

Mii&' *is3UViyy * yvoitoy di, xal og fuila viiniog iarof, 
Jig 7idfi Tgrntaatit oXi&^fCV nelgcn* iq)i}7nau, 

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JOat y fiTOi fiv&op Axotifny otvxog anovug, 
"Jlg roi vnoxplvortM ' iftol d* iniavdavn ovrng ' 
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Ov ydo Ti$ tpiidta ytxvmv xonau&rrioaTwv 

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"AiffOQ^ov d' 'idttiog t(}rj ngoTi "Utov Igriy* 
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Tijfiog ag ' ifupl Tivgr^y xgiTog eygero Xabg 'Ax^uAp * 

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Evgtiay, ufydXtfy ' iy de oxoXgnag xar«7rij|ar. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


**Slg oi fih novimno xaoiiKOfiooitntg^ 'JxaioL — 
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Oix ogdag, on d' onfxs xagfixcfiowyrsg Axaiol 
7^7/o; ixuxioaotno vimy vnt(f, dfi<pl di tdtpqot 

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Tov d rjToi xliog carat, oQoy t' inixidvarai ^tig ' 
Tov d' tTziXi^aovTUh^Oi't' i/iu xal 0di/iog ^AnolXw 
*'Hq(^ Aaofiidom noUaaafiey d&XiiaavT$. 

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''Og aio noXXov dipavgotigog X^^Q^9 ^^ fUvog T8 ' 
^y d fjtoi xXiog latou, oaoy t inixidyatcu ^dg, 
^jiygti fidvy ot' ay avtB xagijxo/jiowyteg 'Jxaiol 

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Avtig S' rjioya ficydXtjy if/afid&oi(H xaXvipai, 
"Jlg xiy toi fidya tiixog diiaXdvyrjtat t^auSy. 

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Sovipoysoy di xaxd xXialag, xal dognoy ^Xoyto, 
Nrjtg d' ix Ar^fivoio nagdataaay, ohoy ayovaai, 
IloXXait tag nooirixsy Itjaoyldrig Evyfjog, 
Toy (' m;(f TtpiTtvXrj vn' 'li^aoyt, notfUyi lamw, 

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Aaxey 'ifiaoyldfig ayifity fii&v, xlXtauirga, 
*'Ev&ty ag* olyiiorto xagmtofiovtyttg Axouol, 
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*'AXXoi di ftyoig, aXXot d* avtijai fiotaaty, 

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Ilayyvxioi fiiy tnsita xagrixouoiaytig Axaiol 
Aalyvyto, Tgmg di xata ntoXiy r^d' inlxovqo^ 
Jlayyvxiog di a(pty xaxd firidsto fifjfiUta Ztvg, 
SfitgdaUa xrvnimr * tovg di xXngoy diog ^gst ' 

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Jlgly nUtiy, ngh WUpai vntofieyii Kooyluy^ 
KoifA'iacart* Sg* f^Ttura, xal vnyov dagor tXono. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 e. 

Deos ftd concilium yocatos Tetat Jupiter neutri populo in 
acie adeasei cumique vehitur ad Idam(l-52). Inde pro- 
■picitmane dubia victoria pagnantes exercitua, deinde for- 
tunia eorum fatali lance pensitatis, dejectiique fiilminibuf, 
ezitia Achiyia portendit (53 - 77). lis, usque ad munimenta 
compulsis, adiutorem Neptunum Juno frustra expetit ; moz 
inclamando animos reddit Agamemno, et propitium Joyem 
ostentum significat (78 - 250). Jam Achivi, aliquamdiu superi- 
ores, noYo impetu repellunt Trojanos, quorum multos saffittis 
configit Teucer, vicissim ab Hectore vulneratus (251-334). 
Rursus in fu^am yertuntur Achivi, quum Juno et Minerva 
auxilii ferendi causa Trojam proficisci parant ; sed conspectas 
statim ex monte Jupiter per Irin rejicit (335-437). Ipse ad 
Oljrmpum reversus contumaces deas acri objurgatione incessit, 
Achivis etiam majores clades in crastinum diem minatur 
(43S-484). I^nita ob noctem dimicatione, babitaque con- 
cione, Trojani victores in ipso proelii loco excubias obsidionii 
instituunt, atque, ut insidias hostibus aut navigationem pr»- 
cludant, crebros per urbem campumque ignes accendunt 

K 6 X o s fiL dx'^* 

-*^€ig fih xooxonenXog ixlSvono naaav in* alw' 
Zevg di •&Bwy ayoqipf noirjaato Ttqnmiqowoq 
AnQOTOxri xo(fV(f>jj noXvSsigddog Oilvfinoio. 
Avthq di a<p ' ayo^evB, &boI d ' vno navrtg Snovov * 

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"Oif^' ttnta, Tff jua &Vfi6g M an^&Boai xiXsvei. 
Mrits rig ovv ^i^Xna &i6g toyt, urifii ti^ a^oi^v 
IlHQmv) diaxiqaai ifiov tnog ' alX* afta narxBg 
JlvHt*, oq>ga laxtora Telci/rt/aoi tads tgya. 

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!b1^oit* ^ TqtiBaatv agtiyifitv rj Javadlair, 
SXiiytig ov xorro noafkW^ iXsvaerai OvXvfiTtMf 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

112 IAIAJ02 e. 

T^Xe fial*, fixt fid&taxov vno x&ovog iati fligi&QW * 

u '^Ew&a aidiignal ts TtvXai xal j(faZxeo$ ovdog, 

Toaaop eyig& Atdtotf oaor ovqayog iar * ano yalrig ' 
rvmatt tnnd- , oaoy tifil &6wr xaquarog anannvm 
Ei d*, ay 8, TtBtg'^aao&e, •d'6ol,%ya stdn9 nantg' 
Seiqfiy j^^vac/i^r i^ oiqavo&fv x^ftfidaamg, 

90 ndvTsg d ' i^aTnia&e &eol, ndaal tc &iaiyah 
'MX* ovx av igvaaix^ il ovoocvo&ev ntdiovda 
Zr^v , vTtajov firiaxdaq , ovS tl udika nolXd xifiont* 
*Ail* oxB dii xal iyta nootpofav iO^iXoifii iqvaaat, 
Avxji xsy yait} i(fvaaifi , avTJi ts ^aXdaaji' 

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/Ifiaal/jLTjv ' id di x' avrs fim^oga Jidrta yiroiro, 
Haoaov iym niql t ei/ii ^ewv, ntql %* iXfi* av&QtaTtay, 
Iflg i(pa& ' oi d uga ndvug axijv iyivorro amnjj, 
Mv&ov iyaaodfitvoi * fidXa ydg xgaitgrng dyogevaey, 

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Ev rv xal rjfislg Xdfitv, o tot a-d-ivog ovx Inutxxov * 
^AkX* BfiTirig Jttvawr oXoqfvgofisd-' aixf^f}xd(ov, 
OX xtv di} xaxov oixov avanXi^aavxsg oXoivxat. 

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BovXfiv d* ^Agydoig vnod^f)o6fitd-\ r^xig ovrjau, 
*Jlg firi ndyxBg oXmvxat, odvaaafiivoto Tcoto. 

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Sdgath TgixoyivBia, q>lXov xdxog ' ov vv xt &Vfi^ 

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'jlxvnha, xgyoijioiv i&Blgjjatv xofiotovxB ' 
Xqvahv d ' avxog idvvB ttboI xgo'i ' yivxo d* ifida&XfiP 
XgvaBlriv, bvxvxxop, lov d ins^riaBxo di<pgov. 

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MBQOTiyvg yaltig xb xal ovgavov daxBgosyxog, 
^Idfjv d* Ixaysv TtoXvnidaxa, firixiga &tfgmr, 
rdgyagoy, BV&a di ol xifuvog, /Jotfiog xb ^w^Big * 
^y^' tivnovg corijae naxr^g avdgay xb ^Cfloy xif 

60 Avaag i$ o/coiy, xaxd d ' ^sga novXw ^bvbt. 
Avxog d ' iy xogvq>fiai> xa&itexo, xvdBy yaUty, 
Elgogowy Tgoiwy xb noUv xal y^ag *Ax9u&y* 

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*Pl(upa xaxd xXiaiag, dno d ' ainov ^mgr^aowno* 

M Tgmg d* av&* kxigio&BV dvd nxoXtv inUioyxo^ 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

lAlAJOS Vni. 118 

Xqiwi avaywdri, ngo js naldmf xoi n^ yvvwatWm 
Haaai d^ mywno nvXah in d* caovro iaog, 
Hsiol •d' ijtnijig re ' noXvg d* ogviia/dog ogrngt^. 
•0 Oi d' 0T9 d^ ^^ ig X^QOV ira ^horttg Xxorto, 

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^Enlrpn^ aXXi^XTjai, noXvg d ' oovfiaySog o^(ftL 

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OifQa fitr fjtog rjr, xal 0m|<to m^o> tifiag, 
T6(pga uaX ' afi(poTiQmv SiXs' i^nTBio^ nimt d^ Xaog. 
Hfiog d *IIiXi>og fuaor ovqovov ifAtpijitliiixu, 
Kal Tore ^^ /^vacia narri^ hlitxirB jdXana ' 
tfi Ev 6^ irl&ei dvo xtJqb layriXiyiog -^avaroio, 

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*!EXxb Si fiiaaa Xa^iav, ^int d ' aXoifioy ^ifiotq '^aM»r. 
[Al fih '^/aidJy xr^qtg inl x^ovt novXvjiojBlgfj 
EZia&Tjy, Tgtamv de nf^og ovgavov ivqvy atq^tv^ 
7« Avxog d' i^''**ldrig fitydX^ txrvnt, dmofiBffOV di 
HxB aiXag find Xaov Axaiatp ' oS di Idomg 
Odfififjaav, xal ndnag vno xXta^ov ddog BtXiV. 

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OvTB dv* Alamg fitvixriv, •d^iqdnovr^g ^Af^og ' 
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Ovu kxwVf uXl' 'innog hsigero ' xbv pdXtv in 
/flog AXf^avdgog, ^EXivrig noaig 'Ijvxofioio, 
^Axf^v xdx xogiv(priv, o&i le -ngmat tgixeg Xnnwf 
Kqavlot ifiJifq^vaai, fidXicrta de xalgior iariv, 
fl* AXy^oag d* avinaXxo, fiiXog d* tig iyxi<paXov dv' 
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fpaaydva ataadav, t6q)g^ 'Exjogog toxUg iJtnoi 
HX&ov ap^ ioaxiioy, d-gasvv r^vioxev <pogioytBg, 
90 ExTOOtt, xal vv xtr tv&* 6 yigtox ano ^(ihv oXBoav, 
M firi dg* o|w votiOB /9o^y dya&og Jiofii^dijg' 
JSfugdaXiov d^ ijJoriaep, incfighfrnv ^oiva^a ' 

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"Slg lipor'* ovd* iadxovoB noXvtXag 9iog *oiv{nnvg, 
*AXXd nagm^ey xolXag inl rijag *Axaimv, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

114 lAIAJOSe. 

TvSiidfig d*, €WTag ntq iw, n^/ux/ourtr ifdx&fi * 

100 J5t^ di ngaad-* Ximtiv Nrjkrfidiao yi^rtos, 
Kal my Kprnn^aag Bn8a Ttrs^oBvia n^o^rivda * 

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2^ di j^lff 'liXvtM, x^lsnor Si ue yrjgag ondj^ei ' 
'HntdiOfog di rv to» ^«^a7ia»y, ^(^dizq di to* tmrot. 

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Oioi T^moi tnnoi, iniardfieroi n$dloto 
Koaimfa ftdl' sy&a xai tr&a duaxifiw ^d$ ipifiwd'ah 
Ovg not an Aivtlav iXofifif, /uijoroi^e q>6floio, 
TbvTw fiiv d-tqdnonn xofulimv * tfidB di vwt 

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£VaeTai>, jj xal ifiov doQV fialveiai iv naldfijjatv. 

"Jlg $<paT ' • aid * anl&ijae Hi^iivtog Imtma Niat90^ 
NBOTogdag fih l«e*^' Xnnovg ^eQanorxs nofirhrpf 
Ifp&ifnoi, JS-d-ivtkoq T« xal Evqvfiidwf ayanrnviaq, 

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Niaruf d^ iv x^f(JOi> Xdji* rivia oiyaXotrta^ 
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Tov d' i&vg fUfiawTog anomae Tvdiog vlog ' 
Kal TOV (Uv (f ' aq>dfiaQTSv * o d* r^vioxov •d'tgdnortOt 

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Hgiite d ' H oxitav, vnEQfatiaonf di ol iTtnoi 
'jlxvnodig ' tov d^ av&i Xv&fi ynfxv »« f^og w. 
"ExToga d' aivov axog nvxaot ipgivag TivioxoiO ' 

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KCiQ'd'ai ' d* ^yloxoy fii&int -d-Qaavy. ovd aq tu dipt 
"irntm divia&fiy orifidyToqog' alif/a ydq tvgev 
*l(ftTldi\y * jiffXfJnoXtfiov ^qaavy, oy ^a TOt^*' tnJtnv 
'jlxvnodtav ini/itjat, didov di oi ^yla x^^oly. 

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Kal yv XB oiixaa&sy xara *'lXtoy, t^vtb aqvBg, 
Ei firi Sq ' o|v yoriOB naTrig dvdowy tb &Bmy t«. 
BqomriQag d ' a(fa dsivoy, a<f>fjx aqyiJTa XBgavpifg 
Kdd di nqoa^ ' Xnnmy Jiofi^dB<^ 17x6 /or/40^« * 

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NioTOf^ d^ ix x^^^ qtv/oy ^yla atyaXoirta * 
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140 H ov yiyyttaxBig, o to» ix Jtog cvx ^^^ ^Mtri / 
Nvv fiiv yuQ Tomtf Kgovldr^g Ztvg xvdog ondCB^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Jw/H' ar^Q d« »«y ovu Jioq viov ufvaamro, 
Ovdi fiaX* Tif^ifAog ' inBtri nolv wd^tQog iauv» 

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Nal dri ravid yE nayxa, yi^oy, xcnit (ioi^a» tuntf • 
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"EnrtiQ ydo uotb <pi^aeh A'X T^ioa* ayo^tvmt^ * 
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"Sl fjtoi, T^ddog vu Saiipf^og, olor hmtg i 
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Avrig ay mxfiop ' inl di Tgmig it xai "jEking 
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Tifdsidii, nigi uiv as jior ^iayaol razvnmlot 
"Edgu T6 xgiaaiy t ^di nlBlptg dtnaeaafp ' 
Niry di a' iiifir^aovin' yvyaixog ap* irtl lirv^ 
*^(8, xaxii yhqyri ! intl ovx, Bt^aytog ifuio, 

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"jJ^Big iy njtaat ' ndgog roi dalfAora dwott, 

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"innovg ts argiiffoi, xal (yaviLfiwy fuxxBoaa&at, 
Tglg fih fugfii^giU xard <pgiya xal xatd &Vfi6if * 

no Tglg d* ag^ an^ ^IdaUty ogiwf xivtib fitfrUta Ztig, 
Sfjfia Tt&Blg Tgmaoi, fidxng itBgaXxia ylxffp* 
^Extuig di Tgmaaiy ixixXtJo, fiaxgoy avoag * 

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Nixtjy xal fiiya xvdog, axdg Jayaolal yt ixtffM * 
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M^lioavyri xig BitBixa ixvgog dfitoio yeyiadw, 
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£jayBlovg nagd rrfvaitf, irvj^ofiipovg vno fMOTyoS*J 
Slg Biniy tisMotat/y ixiuXno, (pwrioiaf %%* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

116 lAIAJOS e. 

185 Savd-B T« xo* uv, nodctqyn, %ai JtdtiP,Aifin9 %$ Km, 

Nvr fjLOi TTir nofudiiv anotlvnov, ^v fiaXa noU^ 
jtydgofidxri, ^vyarr^Q fuyali^roQOg HnU»ros» 
Tfuv nag nQOxigoiai ficXUpgovar mgor t&fintp, 
[Ohov T iyxBgaaaaa nitir, ot» &vfiog ay»/oh\ 

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*JXJl ' i(pofiag%tltov not antvdnov^ at xe Xdjk»itt9 
Aanida NEorogirjv, rtjg vvw xXioq' ovqavov X%ti, 
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"jEfvacy di diangvoioy, Aayaoiai ytytoytog * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

JAIAJOS FiZr. 117 

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no Btfikfixup, 6 flip aid-t mow ano ^vfiop oXiCCiP, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

118 IjiIAJ02 e. 

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Eig ASavd' *• o di fuv adxu m^vTnaaxB <pa8tp^, 

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*lifiiy€iy noXifAovde, /iaXs axf\&og nagd fia^ov * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS Vin. 119 

S16 *Jlxv7tod$Q' jov d* av&t Xvdii y^jpi Y< fUpog r«. 
"ExToqa 6 * alvov Sxog TtvuaaB (pqivag ^vio/oio * 
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"Exmg Ugiafddrjg, xai 6 if xaxa noXXa togyBP. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


£a) UfiP ovTog yn (Uvog ^(top t' oliatuw, 
Xtqalv vn l4^ydtap ip&lfiwog h naxqldi ycdji * 
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Baan' l&i, fgt taxuut naUy xgins, fM/fi^ lor orrvify 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

IAIAJ0 2 Vm. 121 

400 *£gxw&* ' ov yag xaXa owoiaofAB&a nroUftopSB, 
Jlds yog i^Bgiw, to ds xal TncXeauirov tojtu * 
Ihfuiaa udv aq>mv vq> ' agftaair wxeag Xitnovg * 
Avxaq d ix di<pgov fitxXimf xcna &* ag/iaia a^ ' 
Ovdi x» ig dextixovg negirtXlofiivovg iyionnovg 

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0(pg udfi rXavxantg, ot ay ^ ;rorr^i fidxriTat. 
"Hqji d ' ovTt toaov vtfuaiiofitti, ovdi xoXovftM * 
JUI yag fioi tm&sv ivixXay, o,m yoijoroi. 

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UgoiTTiatry di nvXtjoi noXyniv^ov OvXvfinoio 
JyiOfUvti xatigvxe * /iiog 9d atp' Bwens fiv&oy* 

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Ovx iaa KgoviSrjg iTtafivvifiBv Agyiioiaiy* 

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rumoBiv ftiv acpmy v(f> * agfinoiv wxiag imtovg, 
AvTug d^ ix dlq>QOv jSaXinv, xaxd &' agfioza a^uV 
Ovdi xsv ig dsxdrovg nsgueXXoinevovg iviavxovg 
£XxB anaX&rfaBO^ov, a xtv fidgnTTjai xtgavyog^ 

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"Hgt] d ovTi toaoy ytfuaiiBrai, ovdi xoXovrai ' 
jiUl ydg ol ito&iv ivixXdv, o,tt* yorfOjj ' 
AkXa avy , alvoTdtrj, xvov adddg, el ittoy ys 
T\>Xfii^a£ig Jiog a^xa niXtagiov syxog dtlgai. 

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Avjag ^A&rivalrjy "Jfgij ngog fiv&oy tunty ' 

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Ntai iw Jiog ana pgoxtay lytxa nxoXifilinv. 
T^y aXXog fiiv a7ioq>&la&(o, alXog di jSKaxa, 

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Tgt^ai xs xal /iayaoiot dixaiixta, lug inuixig, 

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Tiqay 3' ^Slgai fiiv Xvaay xaXXixgixtH innovg ' 
Kal xovi uiy xonidriaay in' d^/Jgoalrjat xdinjaiv * 

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Avxal di xgvoioiaiy inl xXiofiolai xd&il^oy 
Mlyd' aXXqiai '&soun, tpLXoy xttirifUyai ijxog. 

Zevg di narrig **ldij'&iy ivxgoxoy agfia xal tnJtaVi 
OvXvfinovds dUixe, &my d' iiixtxo ^uxovg. 

440 7^ da xal iTnrov^ fUy Xvas xXvxog *£yyoalyatog, 
*'Ag flora d' au fim/iola^ xld-Uy xaxa lira nBxdoaug. 
AvTog di xgy<f^ioy inl &g6rov ivgvona Ztvg 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

122 lAIA/10 2 B. 

"JEj^ito' TcJ d^ vTio noaal fiiyag nsXifilin^ "OXvfinog* 
Ai d otai Jioq afi(pig 'A&fjvcUfi t< xal "S^ 

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Avxaq 6 $yva) rjoiv ivl q>gial, (ptuvffaiv tc ' 

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Ov fiiif &rjv xd/iSTOv ys fiaj^j svt xvdiwtiqjj 
OXkvaai, TQwag, toIgiv xotov alrov B&sa-d-e, 

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Ovx av fi8 jgitpBtay, oao* -d-eoi big iv ^OXv^inff. 
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Uqiv noUfjtop t' idiuv, noXifMio is fiiqiitqa %/a. 
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Alp ig ^'OXvfinoy ixsa-d-oy, Xv^ a&aydwv Bdog iarlp. 

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IlXr}alaif aXy^ ^a-d-tjv, xaxa di Tg^aai fudia&fiy, 
Htot A&rjvalTj axiwy ijy, oifdd ti bItibv, 

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HqIj d ovx l^otdfi OTTJ-d-og x^Xoy, aXXa ngogrivda ' 
AiyoTaTB Kgoyldri, ndtoy toy /iV'&oy BBinBg ! 
Ev yv Ka* ^fiBig VdfiBy, o toi a&iyog ovx aXaTuxdroy ' 
AXX Bfinrig Jayaoiy oXoqsVQOiud- aixfitiTautyf 

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BovXriv d* 'Agysloig V7io&ria6fiB& , ^rig on^OBh 
*Jlg (IT] ndmg oXiojjai, odvaaafiiyoio Tfoco.] 

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*'OipBatr, at x' i-d-iXfja&a, ^oointg noTvut "Hofj, 
'OXXvyj^ ^AqyBitay novXvy oxqajoy aixfiriraoiv. 
Ov yaq nqly noXifiov anonavaBxai opgifiog "Bxt^Bq^ 
Ilqly oq&at naga yavq>b nodiaxBa Hr^XB'mycu 

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2tBivBt h alvoxaxf^, niql UatgoxXoio &av6vtogJ] 
*]flg yaq -d-Baqtatoy iou ' oiO-sy d iym ovx aXByK*f 
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IAIA/102 Vm. 123 

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T^nalv fiir ^' aixovatv tdv (paog * cnnaQ Idxtuolg 
Acnt€Ujlti, TQlXltoTog, iniiXv^t vvl igtliiwrj. 

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"■^/Xog tX^ hdixdnrixv ' ndgoi&B ds Xdftntto dovgog 

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Nvr i(pd(if}v, vTjdg t oXiaag xal ndvjag l^aiovg, 
Aiff anovoiTi'^auv hqoxI *'lXiov rjyefioiaoav ' 

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jigyelovg xal yijag inl ^/fi7n •&aXdaarjg» 
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*E$tXdap ip&i^di xvpag Ktigsaaupoi^tinjg. 
[Ovg Kfigtg <pogiovai fitXaipd^BP inl n^oipJ] 

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124 IAIAJ02 e. 

JlX iJTOi inl rvntl (pvXdloftw fffiiag aviovg ' 

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Nrjvalv im ylaipvorjaiv i/clQOfiev o|vy "j^tfcu 
EtaofiM, tt %i fi^ Tvdtidfig xgajtgog Jiofiijdrig 
Hag Vfjay ngog TBi/og anmaerah ij xtv iyta tov 
XaXx^ drjoiaagf tvaqa /Sgoxosyra fpigtaftat, 

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Muytj inegzofitvov ' aXl' iv notuToiaiv, oioa, 
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HiUov avionog ig avgioy. it yag iyatv wg 
£tnv a&avatog not uyrigaog ijfiaia ndvra, 

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Ol d' tTTTiov? fiev Xvaar vno ivyov Idgiaovxtig, 
Ariacnf d ifidvriaai nag ag/iaaiv oiaiv txaaxog ' 

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^alvti agtngBnia, oxb z* inXBxo vrjvsfiog al&i^g ' 
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Kal vdnai * ovgavo&Bv d* ag' vntggdyjj Sonexog aldillg,^ 
ndrta di t BtdBxai aaxga ' yiyri&B dd xs <pgiya noi/jniv ' 

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Tlguwy xctioyraiy, Txvgd (palvBxo *lXi6'd'i ngo. 
XiU' ag* h JtBdifo nvga xaUxo' nag di kxdaxif 
£iaxo nBrxTjxoyxa, aiXa nvgog al'&ofiivoio^ 
"innoi di xgi Xbvxov igBJxxofUvoi xal oXvgag, 

5a» *£ata6xBg nag ' oxBOipiy, iv&govQv *IIta ftlfiyoy^ 

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I A I A J O Z L 

Apud AchivoSy et prsterito diserimine perculwMi, et initaiite 
conterriUw, clam ab Agamemnone procerea convocantnr, qoi« 
boa rex conailium fiige et properande per noctem navigatioiiM 
indicit (1-28). A turpi incepto dehortantur eum piomedes 8A 
Neator (29 - 78). Excubis locantur pro munimentia castromm, 
in Agamemnonia tentorio ccena parator proceribua, port cob- 
nam aollicite affitur de Achille placando et ad exercitum redu- 
cendo (79-113). Ipae A^amemno illi, ai iracundiam auam 

Sublics neceaaitati remiaerit, et intactam Briae'idem at ezimia 
ona promittit (114-161). Hia cum conditionibna mittontor 
viri a Neatore delecti, Phoenix, quem Achilli pater rectorem 
juTentiB addideraty Ajax major, Ulvsaea, duo caduceatorea 
(1G2-184). Legatee amice excipit Acnilles, acd eorum, qiiam- 
via accurataa, gravea, blandaa orationea et onmia Agamem- 
nonia promiasa adapematur; pneterea PhoeniceiQ apud ae 
retinet, cum eoque in patriam propediem ae reditunun minatnr 
(185-668). Ita poa^uam irritam legationem renunciarunt 
Ajax et Uljaaea, ^viter affiictoa principea confirmat Diome- 
dea, et ad pertinaciam pugnandi hortatur (669-713). 

Jig oi fih 7^mtg (fvXaxag ^oy * airaq ^^awvg 
Btantolfi fx^ tpvj^a, ^po^ov xqvotrxog halgri * 
Hh^il 9* arXfjtm Pi/3oXi^ato namg agtarot. 
'jlg d' Sri/Mt 9vo norrov o^ivstof txduoenaf 

ft Bogifig »ai Zi(fVffog, xwtB Ogrjxfi&sv Stirow, 
'jEk&ovt* i^anlvrig ' Sfivdig H t« nvfia ntXcupiif 
Ko^^eiat ' noHop di noQt^ aXa q>vxog ^wctp ' 
^Jlg iddiZtto Svftog ivl OJ'n^soaiw 'Jxaiwy. 
^ATQildfig d*, &x^l (ityali^ psjioXfifdrog ffjog, 

10 ^olta ntigvxsaoi Uyvq>&6//oiai xtX^vonft 
Kki^fpf aig iyootip nixXi^axHP Svdga ixaatop, 
Mtidi Soap * onnog di /ma TtgmoMi nwHjo. 

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196 IAIAJ02 L 

liw d' tly iyoq^ Tempore; ' Sp d* IdyctfUfjamp 

U £lj9 not aiyUiTtoq nh^g dvoipsgoy /se^ vdng ' 
Jig 6 fia^vojBvdxmv bttb* *AgytUnai fitnivda * 
SI (pUot, Aq/zUnr ^yi^togtg ffde fudomg, 
Zsvg fi8 fii/a Kgorldfjg axn ividtjoe ^aqilr^ * 
2xhXiog, og n^lv fup fioi vniaxno xal xontrnfotp, 

ao 'iXioy innigoavT* evrci/eoy anoyita&ai' 

JSvv di xaxffv andxfiv fiovXevaatOt nai fiB xtXtvu 
JvgxXia "Agyog ijtia'&ai, ^nil noXifv wXBoa Xaov, 
Ovim Ttov Ail uiXlBi vneousvi'l cplXov tlyai, 
'jOs dj noUaW noUwy ,cttHva, x<i^a. 

Sft Nd m *al XvuH * tov yaq %qaxog iail (liyiaroif. 
'AIX ' ays&*, wg Sv iyo!>y ttjifa, TtBi&tofit&a ndrtig ' 
^svyatfitp aifv njvol (plXtiv ig najglda yalay " 
Ov ydg tji Tgoitiv alffrfoofisv svQvdyvtav. 

Jig tcpa&'t ol d' aQtt ndrtig dxTjv iysporto aumfi. 

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'Otpi di dri fuihmt fioriv aya&og Jiofufidiig ' 

'ATQiidti, aol nqmxa ftaxi^aofiai aq>gadiom, 
p d-bfAig iariv, aval, dyoqfj ' air de fn^ri X^Xa^g, 
AXx7}v /liv fioi ngwTOV ovsidiaag iv Aavaoiaiv, 

36 ^ag ifxfv amoXtfiov xal dvdXxida ' tavra di ndvia 
"laaa' Idgytlvtr r^fih riot ij5« yigovrtg. 
2^ol di didvdixa dwxB Kqovov naig dyxvXofii^TBn ' 
JSxT^TiTQfa fxiv TOi dd}x$ Tttififja'd'ai Tttgl ndvxmf ' 
'AXxtiv d' ovToi dtixev, o,J£ xgdtog iail fiiyiatcfv. 

40 Jaifiovi', ovTot nov fidXa tkntat v\ag 'Axaiw 
'AmoXffiovg t' ifitvai xal dvdXxidag, ag ayogtvug; 
Ei di aol aix^ '&vfi6g iniaavxai., i^gxB vitad^ai, 
"jE^/fO • ndg tot odog, vr}tg di tot ayxt ■&aXdoafig 
*Eaxda'p at tot tnorto Mvxiivfi&ev (idXa nolXoL 

46 UiUl ' aXXot fitriovai xagrjxofiowrttg 'Axatol, 
Elgoxs ntq Tffolri^ dtaniQaofitP. bI di xal avtol, 
^tvyoyiav avv iti^tsi (plXfir ig natqlda yaiav ' 
Nm d', iyoi JS&ivtXog te, fiaxfiaofiid-* , eigmis tiufimQ 
'iXlov tvg»futf ' aw ydg ^eS uXfiXov&/ur, 

00 **Jlg t<p€t&* ' 9* d a^ Ttdrttg inlaxar vhg Idxou/At, 
JM^d-op ayaaadfityot Jtofti^diog iTtaoddfwto. 
Tolat d' mftatdftspog fUttiptipBSP htnota NimmQ' 

TvdeUhi, nigi fup noXifn^ m xagtigog iaat, 
Kal PovXfj futa ndrrag oft^^Xixag tnXev agtatog * 

H Ovxtg tot top fivd-op opoacitat, oaaot '^aco4 

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lAiAjosix. vsn 

Ovd^ ndXiy iqiu* oto^ av rilog tuto fiv&mv. 
H (i^v nal piog iaol, ifiog Hi «• lud ntAq tX^s 
OnXoxtaoi yevij<ptp ' iiaQ niTtrvfiira (Saiug 
ji^ytifov fiaad^agt intl xaia ftolQtty luneg. 

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B^tinm, xal nana dtt^fuxi ' ovdi xi xiq fio^ 
Hi^&op aufii^OBif ovds xgelwv 'Aya^ifivmy, 
AcpQ^TWif, a&ifii<nog, ardariog iaxiv ixEivog, 
Og Ttoli/iov sgajai, inidrifuov, oxgvoerzog, 

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JoQTta T ' i(po7tiia6fisa&a ' (pvlaxrrjQig di Ijcooto* 
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AtQildri, av fiiv agx^ ' ov yaq fiaoiXiVTonog iaau 

70 Aaiw daita yiqovaiv ' toixi xoi, ovioi atixig. 
nXnal xoi oVvov xXialai, toy i^f^ ^Axon^oiv 
Bfiduai 0QTJxti&iv in ' tvqia norrov ayovaiv ' 
Jidad Tol ia&' vnode^lri ' noliwai d* urdaaeig. 
JloXXav d^ dyQOfiivwy, xa ntlatai, og xey aqUnipf 

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£a&Xrig xal nvxiyrjg, oxi di^'ioi iyyv&i yrjmv 
Kalovaiv nvgd noXXd ' xig uy xdds yij&i^aBiBy ; 
Nv^ d' fid' ^e diaQQulon axqonoy fji aaoiau, 
**Jlg tfpad- ' ' 01 ^ ' dga xov fidla fih xXvov, 1^6 iiU&Wto* 

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^Hd' dfi(p^ 'AaxdXaqtoy xal ^idXfityoy, vlag '^A^og, 
Afiwl xt MfiQiovTiy, 'dcpaqrid xi Jrfi'nvQoy xt, 
Hd a^<pl Kqilovxoq vioy, Avxo^rjdsa dloy. 

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KovQot afMi axBixoy, doUx* ByxBa X'Q^^^ ^xo^^ * 
Kad ds fUaoy xd<pQov xal xtlxeog l^oy Uyxtg ' 
"Ey^a di nvq xr^avxo, xl&tyto 8b doqnov txaatog. 
Ax(fddrig di yiQoyxag doXXiag riyty AxcuAy 

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Oi d^ in' oyBlad" ' krdifia nooxslfitya /eif off talhnf* 
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Toig yigoiy ndfinffmxog i^ahuy liQX^o ft^af, 
NiaxuQ, ov xal nqoa&ey aglaxii ipalyixo ^ovXr^ ' 

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'AxgBldij xvdiaxB, aya^ a»dgwf ^AydfUfOfoy, 
!fi^ aol fihf Xri^m, aio d* aifiofiai ' ovytxa noXXAf 
Aamy iaal aya$, xai xoi Zfivg iyyvaXiisy 

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128 IAIAJ02 L 

2K,f^mqiv %* ijdi ^ifuarctg, fpa otplai fiovXivtjo&a, 

100 Tf OB x^ niqi fih g>da&ai thtog, ^d* iTtOMovam, 
KgTjijwai di kuI aXh^, Sx* op ttva &vfiog arnyjl 
Siniip tig iya&ov ' oio d* Hsrai, o,m %ty uqxs^ 
AvjqQ iymy i(fm, ag fioi doxBl $lvai aQuna. 
Ov ydq jig voov afUo^ ifuivova tovds yatfou, 

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JE^itt rov 0T9, Jtoytvig, Bgigifi'da xovgrjV 
Xttofiiyov ^^ilijog t^i^g xXtalri&ey anovgag ' 
OvTi xad- ' ^fiiuQoy ye voov. /adXa yog toi> ty^Byt 
HoXX ' ansfivd-eoufiv ' av di a^ fityaXi^Togt Svp/f 

110 JEtl^ag, aydga (pigiaroy, oy i^avtnoi ntg hujcty, 
^Hrififiaag ' Ucjy yag t^^ y^gog- ilX* m %ai rw 
0gai(afua&^, mg xiy fuy ageaadueyot nenLd'Wftnf 
J»goialy r ' ay(xyo7aty, sneoal te fieiXixloiaty. 

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Aa^v iaily arrig, ovtb Zsvg xilgi <pili^ar] * 
*Jlg yyy tovxov htae, ddftaaaB is laoy ' Jxaumy. 
JXk insl daadfirjv, <pg8ol XevyaXdjjai, ni&i^oag, 

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*Tfuy 6* iy ndrtsaai TttgixXvri dwg' oyofir^ym* 
Em * anvgovg rginodag, 9ixa di xgyoolo xdlaana, 
Atd-ayctg di Xijiijiag itUoai, drndsxa d ' l^nrovp 
Urjyovg, a&Xo(p6govg, ot ai-^hM nooaly Sgorxo* 

laft Ov xty ali^'iog strj ayi^g, ^ joaaa yiyono, 
Ovdi xey axTrjfioiy ignlfioio xgvooU), 
"Oaaa fiot iiydxano di&Xia ftwwxfg tTtnot. 
Juiaoj d^ htrd pn^cuxag, afivfiowa %gy^ sidvlagy 
Awpidag, dg, otb Aiajioy ivxTigiivffy ikey onnog, 

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Kovgriy Bgiaijog * xal inl fUytxy ogxoy ofiovfjuUp 
MiptOTS trig evyrig ini/Siifjitvah tjde fiiyi^yai, 
^p d-ifiig dy&gciniay ml$h dydgwv ^ds ywaix&y. 

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*A<nv fiiya Ilgidgioto &8ol doMo' aland^ah 
2V^0 akig xgvaov xal xoiXxov yijrjada&ta, 
EigBX&oiy, on xey Scnsoifit&a Xtfid^ *AxaioL 
Tgwiddag 91 yvpoixag hlxoaty avtog hXea^mp 

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£» di xey "Agyog ixolfiB&' ^JxCtuxiy, ov&cig agovgifs 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAAOS IX, 130 

rkififigog K«r ftot toi ' %lam di fuv laop ^Ogiarfi, 

7|p<Z? ^0 fioi iiai &vytnQtg hi ue/a^ cvTnjxt^ 

146 Xgvao&tfiiq jtal uiaodixfj xal Iqiuxvauaa ' 
Taw 5" *' i^iXjiOh q^Xfjv ivaidvov ayia^ti 
Ilf^ olxoy UTjlTJog' dyto 6* inl fiilUa dtoam 
JloXXa fiaX', oaa^ ovna jig kj inidtoxB &vy<ngL 
^ETTta di oi dfaati twaiofieva moXU^ga, 

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0riQaq re ia&iag r^d * *!Av&uav fia^vXei/wv, 
KaXiiv T AVntittv xal Ilrjdaaoy afiniXoiaaoty, 
Haaai S iyyvg aXo^ viocxai, JIvlov r^fia^owrog " 
'Ev d' avdgtg yalovai> noXvQ^rjVBg, noXvPovrat, 

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Tcn/ia xd oi leXiaaifii, unaXXri^avTi ;(6Xoio. 
/ifiTj&i^Tio I Aidr^g toi ufiilXtxog i}d addfiaavog * 
Tovvsxa xai le jSgoTolai ^twv fxd-iarog anavrotr' 

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'Hd ' oaaov yivtf) nooyiviaxiqog (vxofiui iivai. 

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ATQudtj xvdi(TJEt livai ardgtoy Ayoifjiefivoy, 
Juga flip ovxit ovoaia diddig AxiXr{i avaxn * 

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^'EXd-tsa ' ig xXiaiijy UriXffiadtta ^AxiXrjog. 
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^oivii fikv nQciuaxaf Ju q>lXog, '^yijaaa&a ' 
AvraQ entit Alag ts niyag xal Slog ^Odvaaevg * 

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^iqxi di x^9^^^^ vdwo, evq>ri(AiiacU tb xiXia^B, 
*'Oipoa Ju Kgoyldfi a^a6/Asd-\ at x' iXei^ofj. 

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noXXa fuiX' tixofiiyn yaitiox^ EyyoaiycU^ 
*PifidU»g nBTii&Biy (leyaXag <pgiyag AiaiUdao* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

130 1AIAA02 I. 

i» Mvqfuiio¥Wf d* inl tt xXtuiag xal rijag inia&tiP 
Tir d tvqov q>qiva xtqnofitvov q>oqfuyyt Jtty^]^» 
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Avxio oyt xqBiov fUya xd/S/iaXev ir nvqog avyfj, 
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nvq di Mtyomddfjg dauy fu/a, iao&eog qxiig. 
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ndaoB d* dXog ^tloio, xqaxsvxduy inaelqag, 

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HXfjadfieyog d* oVvom dinag, dBldtxt* *AxiXtja' 

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*Hfdy iyl xXtalji ^Ayafdfiyoyog 'Axqtidao, 
*Hdi xal iy&dd$ tvv ' ndqa ydq (itroHxia nolXi 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS IX. 181 

j€Urva&* ' ill* oi dmiog imt^ffitov If yet ^fi^ltr \ 
*JXka Urpf fUya TtrjfjM, Jwtqiq>iq, u^oQOwrt^,- 

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N^ag ivaaiXfwvg, si ft^ avyz dvaiai oAxify. 
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T(fwsg vTii^&ufioi, tiiUkXijtoI t* iTilxavooh 
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Zevg di aq>i KQoMrjg ivdi^ia ar^funa qxtivmw 
^AnqaTiTU ' "^xtoi^ dk fiiya ad-Mi piUfuoLvwf 
MaLvnai iHitdylmg, nlovyog Jtt, oidi ti> rUk 
Ajfiqag, ovds &sovg ' x^otrtQif di I Xvaaa didvxof, 

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2xtvTai yuQ r^^v anoxoipHy auqa xo^fiflOf 
Amag t ifinQtiauv fiaXsQov m/^og * avra^ ■ Axwcfig 
Jjjfoaetv naqd tiJaiy,*vQiyofAiyovg vno xanvov, 
Tavj^ alvwg diidoixa xaia q)giya, fiij ol inedag 

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t^gd^iv, on<ag Jayaolaiv alsiiiaaig xaxor fifioq* 
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Tixvoy ifiov, xdgjog fiiy ^Ad^vcUri tt xal "Hgii 

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"laxuy iy axi^&saai ' <piXo<pgoavyfi ydg iftilynp ' 
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llfiyovg, a&XoifOQOvg, oT ii&Xia noaalv agano* 
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oidi xty ixjijfimy igiiifioio xifvaoio, 
"Oaa* *Ayaftifivayog Xnnoi ai^Xia noaah iqmno. 
710 Jmau d iitta ywaUag, ifivfjutva egy* aidvlag. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

132 lAIAJOS I. 

Awfiidag, ag, ort jiiaftcr ivKt^fUnpf ^Ug cnnog, 
'S^iUd-^fUxi TOTS KoXXn Mnwf fpvXa /vrtux£r. 
Tug (uvitoi dtaau, fina d* taaetai, i^v tot* am/v^a 
Kovfftpf BQiaijog ' Kal 4nl fiiyav o^mw ofieiTtu, 

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Xgvao&tfitg xal Aaodlxij xal *l(piavaaaa' 
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nqhg olxov JiTjXrjog' 6 d' avr' int fiBlXia dtaoBi 

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'Eircd ii TOi dttSasi svvaiofitva TtroXie&ga, 
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^TUfdg T€ iad-iag Tjd^ *'Avd^Biav /ia&vXuftov, 
KaXi^v t' AiJiBiav xal Ili^daaov ifiniXoBaaaV' 

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'Ev 5' ardgtg vaiovai noXv^^rivBg, noXvfiovrai, 
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Tiaovo^ ' ri yaQ xi a(pi fidXa fiiya xvdog agoto. 
Nvv ydq x^ "Exxog* iXoig, iml aw fidXa tot oxBdoP Bk&ot, 

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Ol BfXBPai Javamv, ovg iv&ddB viifg tytixav. 

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*Jlg firj fioi xgv^TjXB naqrifiivoi aXXo&tv aXXog. 
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"Og x' ^t^goy fiiv xtvOtf ivl {pgBolv, aXlo di stTtji, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IA1AJ02 IX. 188 

Avtag iymr iqia, &q ^v ^omii Av<u Sguna' 

sift Ovt* Bftsy* AT(ftidfiy 'Afafiifivova nucifAsr oXt»t 
Out' aXXovg Aaraovs ' in$l ov% Sga tc( X^9^ V^f 
MoQvaa^ai drii'otaiv in* avdifaai yuUfiig tdiL 
^Fati (Miiqa iiivorti, %al il fiala tif noUfdiot * 
'£y di ifi rifitj r^fih xaxo;, r^di xat ia&Xog * 

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Ahl iur^v ^Vjt^y naga/iaXXofuyog noXiftiitty. 
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^Aydqdah fiagvdfuvog odgiity crtxa Ofpixtgdwy, 
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JOtiog d' I'rdsxd q>fifii xard Tgoitpf igi^oiXoy ' 

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Axgudai ; inU, ogxig ayrjg dya&og. xal ix^fpgwff 
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"laxity, offga d' iy<a fin* *Axtnoiaiy noXifi^oy, 
Ovx i&iX(ax9 ftdxfty dno xilxeog ogyvfuy "Exwg, 
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Nvy d*, intl oix i^iXot noXtfiil^ifuy "Exiog* dU^f 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

134 IAJAA02 1. 

AvQMP iga Ait (i$ag xal naai &$o7aiy, 
Nfii^aag ev vrjag, inrfv aladi ngoegvcan, 
"Off/sat, iqv id^iXrja&a, nal at xiy to» to fUfji^Xfi, 

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N^a^ ifiig, iv S aydgag if^taaifixpai fiefutmrag * 
JSi /fi. ntv tvnXolfjv dtofi xlvrog ^Ewoalyaix>g, 
"fffionl KB jgttaT(^ OMiiv iol/SaXov holfirir, 
*!EaTi> di fioi fAoXa noXXa, %a xaXXmoy iv&ade B^^y * 

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Hdi yvyalxag ivi<ayovg, noXtoy tb aldriQoy 
*ji^fjiaiy aaa^ BXaxoy /b' yigag di fioi, ogntg IdmxBy, 
AvTig itpv^qiiay bXbto xqBimy ^Ayoifjiifiyuiy 
AtQBldrig. — Tw Ttdyt' iyogsvifiBy, <ag iniriXXti, 

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Et Tiva nov Aayaav srt BXneiai i^anajrjaBiy, 
Ally ayaidelrjv inuifiivog ! — ovd^ ay Bfiot/B 
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Ovd Bt fioh dtxaxig ts xal Bixoadxig joaa dolri, 

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Ai/vmlag, od-i nXBiara dofioig iy xxr^uaxa xBixat * 
Ai& kxaxofinvXol Biai, ditixoaioi d ' ay kxdaxtpf 
'AvioBg iloix^Bvaii avy XnTioiaiy xal oxta(f)iy ' 

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Ovdi xsy ag hi ^fibv ifioy nelatt ' [dya/iifiyB^y, 
Ugly Y^ oino ndaav ifiol dofiBvai &vuaX/ia Xtififpf. 
Kovofiy d ov yafiBU Ayafiifiyovog AxgBldao ' 
Ovd el XQ^^^ll *A(pgodiiri xdXXog igl^ot, 

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, "Ogxig otx' iniotxB, xal og /iaaiXsvxegog iaxtr. 
"Hy ydg di^ /ib aoaai -d-Bol xal otxad' txtofioh 
IlriXBvg &i^y fjuti BiXBixa vwaXxa yafiiaaBxai avxog. 

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Kovgau agiOxr^Boy, oXxb itxoXiB&ga ^vorxay * 
Tdtaiy fpf %* i&iXtifit, {ptXrpf noiiiaofi* axoixiv. 
"Ey&a di fioi ftdXa noXXoy iniaavxo &Vfi6g iyrprng, 
Piliom fiyijax^y aXoxoy, uxvlay axoixtp, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


400 KtiiuMi tigma^ou, tci yigtnf ixviacfwo HfiXtvg, 
Ov yog iftol tffvxris artaliw, aid* oaa ipaalv 
^tUw ixTija&aif nrvaiofurop moXU&^, 
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Krritol dt tqlnoSig re nal lintwv ^&a nagrira * 
Jjfdqog di ifnjx^ naXip H&iiv ovt9 XetOTi/, 
Ov& Uenf, in$l S(f xcy afuitf/tia^ iqnoq odortwf, 

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Jllero fiitf fiot voaiog, aidg xUog atpd^ixow taiau ' 
jEI di nsv otxad * Xxmfu (piltir ig naiQlda yaiaPt 

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"Eaanai, ovdi xi fi* (oxa riXog ^avdtoio xixtlfj* 
Kal d OP xoig alXoiaiv iyn nagafivd^fiacdfitip, 
Otxad ' inonUUtv ' intl ovksta di^tit tixfti»g 
JXlov innsivijg ' (lika ydg l&w iv^ona Zeifg 

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'JXI vfuig fth iovTtg, agiOTiitaaiv ^Jxaiw 
*A/y$Xlriv ano^uQ'&t * to ydg yigag iotl ytf^inrnp * 
*'09>^' oXkrpf q>odi(artat ivl fpQtal ur^Tiv ifuipm, 
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B^&op ayaaadfjitroi ' fiaXa ydg xgaregng aniunty* 
'Owi di dfi fAtjism* yigmy InnTiXocia ^otyi^f 
Jaugv ' avangi^aag ' ntgl yag dU rrivaly 'Jxamy ' 
J5» fiiy d^ yoaxoy y% find <pgeal, (paldifi* ^UJUv, 

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Hvg i&iUtg alrdfiXoy, intl /oAo; tftntat &ufi^ 
mig Sv tmn* ano auo, qdXoy rinog, av&t XinolfiffP 
OTog/-^aol di u' tntftnt yiguy inntiXara JXfiXivg 
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Ovd' ayogitiy, %ya %* Svdgtg agmgenitg tiXi&ovviiy* 
Tovyixd fin ngoiffxt, didaaxifuya^ xdd% ndyta. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

135 IAIAJ02 L 

''Jig Sv tnHT* ini atdo, <plloy tixog, ovn i&iloifu 

445 jislmad^', ovd' ttxiy (loi vno€nalr^ &i6g ecvrogt, 
rijgag ano^vaag, d^r^auv viov rfP^oovta, 
Olay oj$ nqmov Unov ^ElXdda xaXXtywatxct, 
^evymv vBUaa notigog Idfivrrogog ^O^fierldao ' 
"Off (loi^ naUauldog nfoixwaro xaXXixofiou) ' 

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Mrjiig^ ifii^v ' ^ d* alev ifii Xhaaiaxno yovvcnf, 
UaXkaxidi, nQOfjuytjvai, Xv* ^x^i^Qeis yigovra, 
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485 Kai GB xoaovxoy B&rjxa, &Bo7g iniBixBX* !^iUsv, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAJAJ02 IX. 187 

OvT* ig 9aij' Uvai, ovt' h fjuydgoiai naaaa&eu, 
nqiy /' oTf dri a* in* ifioiaiw i/w yovraaat *a&loang, 
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JToXXov vntxngo&bth q>^dvsi di re ndaav in* aUof, 
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Toy di fUy* wvriaay, xai x* ixXvov iv^a/Jiivow ' 

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Tifirjy, ^x * aXX(ov ntg iniyydfinxii voov ia^Xaw. 

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AxgtidTig, dXX aiiv iniSa<peXoig xoXinalvin, 
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MifiVfiftat xods sgyov iya ndXai, ovxi viw ys^ 
'Jlg tpf' iy d* vfiiy ioim ndyxeaai wlXon^v» 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

188 lAlA^OS L 

ASO [dfjupl jtoXty KaXvd£yaf xal aXXi^Xovg hdqtiop' 
jdxvilol fuv, ifiwofisvoi KaXvdwvog i(fawijg ' 
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Kal yag joiat Haxov jp^vaoi^^ovo; "jQTBfiig wgaMP, 
XnaafUvfi, o ol ovu S-aXvaia /ow^ alm^g 

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'il Io&st', fj ovK ivorjatv ' adaono Ss fiiya ^/i^. 
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Miizfig, 'AXxvoyog noXvTtsy'd-iog ohay ^ovaa, 
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naiAl difisy &dyaToy * ti^g d' ^^egoipohig Egtffvg 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS IX. 189 

"B^vw a^ *S^ifiwoiptif, ifitUuxw firoq §xovaa ' 
TAv di tax' ifiipl nviag ofiodog ual iwnoQ o^q9§f 
nvqywf liaXkofAivuy ' t6> di Hoaoyto yiqontg 

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Oitno&t Tuoxatov ni^lov KaXvdtivog iqartriig, 
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nolXa di tovy* xaaiyvtitfu xai noxvia ftiftfig 

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jiXX' ovd ' wg tov OvfiCP ivl axr^&iaaiv Bnsi&or, 
nqlv /' oT« dii 'd'olafiog irvxa ^IXtro ' xol d* inl ni^ymp 
Bdivov KovQijjtg, xal ivinffiid-ov fiiya Sarv. 

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*jiyd^g fuv xtelvovah noUv di tt nvq afAa&vpti, 
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l^^iidji fj^'i fpiqmv x^f'V' oidi xl obx^ 
Tow ^iXiEiv, hm fti^ fiot anix&i}ai ipdioru * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

140 lAiAJo:^ t 

law ifiol Ikufllsve, nal ijfuav ubIqbo rtf»^g. " '* 

Ovtot d' ayytUova^t av d' avto&t Xd$9o fUfomp 
Evrj m fialaxji * cifia d' ^7 wouvofUrfiq>w 
^gaaaofitd-*, fj xe vtafjie&* iq> ^fdt8g , ij «t fihmfttr. 

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Tijg, fi uiv nagd vrivah ixlofiev l^o/oy SlXwv ' 
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nX^&vog ix Javauv, fidfjiafiev Ss xoi I^jtof aXlwf 
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SnBlaavxBg, nagd vrjag laay ndXiv ' figx^ J" Odviraivg, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAAOS IX. 141 

^olvau axo^iatu nvxwoy Uz^ ott* Tdxuna» 
^M Md' inin$i&6fi9HU otoowop Uxof, ng ixHtvaw, 

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700 2V^ av (ity noXif fiuXXoy ayByoglrjaiy iytixag. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


^J31* ^oft wShwp fiir iaaofttp, ^ %w trntuft 

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710 '^Jlg B<iDa&* ' oi d* aqa ndyieg iTtj^vtiaaw ftoatl^Ht 

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*'£v^a di xoifiriaarto, xal vtiwov dm^w Hoxro. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 K. 

Agamemno iniomnis com fratro Menelao lectu •▼oeant 
Nestorem et alios principiuxL, cum iisqne excabiu ad fonam 
obeunt (1-193). Conaiiio ibi, nt in trepidis rebus, habito, 
mittunt specol&tores in castra iSrojana, Diomedem atque Ulys- 
sem (194-271). His aliquantom promssis pnepes avispro- 
sperum aoffurium affert (272 - 298). Eodem temi>ore Achivo- 
rum consUia ezploratum prodierat Trojanns quidam, Dolo, 
Hectoris promissis incitatus, quern, ad navaUa qunm maxime 
tendentem, illi comprehendunt (299 - 381). Hie aanm yitam 
sibi deprecatus, omnem sitam castronun, et, ubi Rhesus, rez 
Thracum, tenderet, indicayit, proditor a Diomede occiditor 
(382 - 464). Jam pergunt ad cubilia Rhesi, quern modo sub- 
Tenisse cum insi^ibus equis audierant; et ipsum quidem cum 
duodecim sociis obtiuncat Diomedes, equos avertit Ulvases 
^465 - 503). Heroes, a Minenra moniti, ne spe plura prwoandi 
oiutius morentur, dum Apollo Thraces et Trojanos ezcitat, 
salTi ad sues revertuntnr (504 - 579). 

J X 6 V s I a. 

JSlXoi fiiip naqa njvahf a^Mrr^e; navo^au&if 

jOlX* qvk *AtQBldriy Idyanifiyova, noifutfa Xa&f, 
"fitpog 6X* /Jivxt^og, noXXa ipqwh ogfuUroyta. 
• VZ( d' St' Sp aoTQamri noatg "l^S ^vxouoio, 
TtvxttP { noXw Sfifiifoy a&iaqxnov, rii /aAoCoo^, 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

144 IAIAJ02 K. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS X. 145 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

146 lAlAAOS JC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 X. 147 

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'jt^qmp r^dk xwwv ' ino xi wpiait vnrog oXmiiP ' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

148 IAIAJ02 JC 

TSl^ Toyy vi^dvfAog vitrog ano pXttpd^ouv oAiuleiy 
Nvma (pvXaaaofiivoiai xaxi^v ' ntdLovis yaq al%\ 
Tngcifpad'', onnox* inl Tgiatop ai'oisy iovtoty* 

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Svy T« dv^ iqxoftsyfn, xai tc nqo o tov iyatjatp, 

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"U&iXi Mriqioviig, fjtdXa d^ ij&fXB Niatoqog vlog * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAJAJOzX. 149 

"H&eXt d' o jXiifMr 'Odvatitg xtnadvrcu ofulw 
T^oip ' aiil ya^ oi ivl q>Qtal &vfiog itoXfuu 
Taiiat di *al lutiuntv Sya^ avd^ttv 'AyafUfo^ttw* 
Tvdtldfi JiOfiridsg, ffif xc/a^«afciy8 &vfi^f 

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Iltag av I'Tretr' ^Odva^og iyta S-sloio Xa^olfifiy, 
Ov nsQi fiiy 7i^o<p^6iv xgadlri nal &Vfi6g ayiJymQ 

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Kal lUf>og ' ifupt di oi xvyiijy, xB(paX^(piy B&i^xtJf, 
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Tfli d^ i-JiBl ovv onXoiatv hi. diiyoiaty iditrjiy, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

150 IAIAJ02 K. 

Buv ^' Uvait Unhfiv ds xat' otvro&i navTag iglawvg 
Toiai ds dt^ov ijkbv i^mdiw iyyvq bdoio 

97« UaXkag ^A&rivalf) ' rol d* ovx Vdov oq>&aXfidiauf 
Nvxra di ogtfvalriv, alXa. xXdy^aviog axovoar. 
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KXvd-l fisVf alytoxoto Aioq xixog, ^rt fwi ousl 
^Ev ndvreaai novotat noQiaraaah ovSi as li^&n 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02X, 161 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

152 IAIAJ02 JC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA^02 X. 153 

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Digitize'd byLjOOQlC 

154 JAIAJ02. JC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


480 Tip d* *Odvotvg fuj6nui&9 Xafitot nodog i^t^aacxw, 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

166 IAIAJ02 K. 

{Nfiaq hti ylagiVQag ' t^ yaq q>lXop tnhro ^ju^*] 

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seo ^ExTavB, nag d ' kxagovg dvoxaldBxa ndvrag agiaxovg, 

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666 KayxaXooiv' dfia d' aXXot Vaav xaigovTtg ^AxaioL 

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*Egpdvug, xvi^fjiag xs ids X6q>ov, dfupl ve firigovg. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02X. 157 

Jmiq insl aipa^ kv/m &aXaamig idgS nolXop 

*Eq ^' aaafilp&ovg ftarug ivUotag Xovaeatto. 
To di lotaaafta^w, uai iXsMfrafthm Un* Half, 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 A. 

Instnxctua splendidis arrnifl Agamemno mane eopiag roaa 
in aciem educit, fimul Hector et alii prineipea Irojanonim 
(1 - 66 j. Insolita virtute Agamemnonia, quaa et ineognitam 
■ turbam inflammat, Trojani commoYentur, ma^a clade accepta 
(67- ]62). Hector ipse, ad urbia usque mosma repulsus, Jovia 
juBsu impetum furentis adversarii declinat, donee ille sauciua 
proelio e^editur (163-283). Quo facto, Hector ad pugnan- 
dum redity et novum ardorem iniicit suis (284 - 309). Aciem 
inclinatam restituunt Diomedes, UljsaeB, Ajaz : sed Diomedes, 
a Paride vulneratua, cito ad naves revehitur (310-400) ; item 
Ulysses, vulneratus a Soco, atque^ eo transfixo, a Trojanis cii- 
cumventus, ope Menelai et Ajacis dimicationi eripitur ^401 - 
488) ; mox Paridis sagittis vulnerantur Machao et Euiypylus 
(489-596). Machaonem, Nestoris curru pnetetvehentem, 
conspioatus Achilles* Patroclum mittit pnesentia cogniturum 
(597 - 617). Is ubi Machaonem agnovit, a Nestore misemmam 
fortunam proelii edocetur ro^turqua, at vel Achillem ad 
auzilium Achivis ferendum miploret, yel ipse, Achillis azma 
indutus, bostes teneat (618-803^. In reditu Patroclus En- 
rypylum ex vulnere egrum offenoit, eique in tentorium delato 

^A y a (I i iiv o V o s dgitfTBii 

Hag d* in Uxi^v naq' iyavov Tt&utyolo 

Zsvg d* "Bifida ngoi'ttXle &oag inl yjjag 'jl^^^^ 
'Aff/aXiriVt noUfioio Ti^ag /irta x^Qolv tx^vaav, 

8 2tfi d* in^ ^Odvaarjog fifyaxrJTei vrfi fiiXalvfjf 
"Hif* h fitaaaxfig eaxs, yiyayifui^ aiJLq)ori^ae, 
*fffih in' AXartog xXialag TeXafiwviadao, 
*Jld* in* l4/JLX{o(* Tol ^ Baxttra v^oig itaag 
Et(fvaaif, ^yooifi nlawoi Kal xa^e'i x^^v* 

10 *'Evd^a axaa* rfvat S-Bct (Uya t« duvip re 

^0^^»', *jixmoiaiiif di fUya O'd'irog (fifiaX^ ixaarm 
Ka^lfl, SXXrixTOV noXfftlCtip ^di ftaxiO'&ai. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I i 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1A1AA02 XL IM 

[7bXar» d' w^uq nole/iog yXvnUav yirn', tfi piBO&iu 
Elf n(val yXaqfVQ^oi <piXfiP ig narqUia yciUnf.'\ ' ^ 

1* ^Ati^iUifiq d * ifioiioiif, ids imvrvU'&M ivnytif 
Idg/slavg' ir ^' aixog idvomo vm^na xo^ov, 

Kaldg, igyvgioMiv inujipv(^loig iqaqvUtg ' 

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nwvd^tio yaq KvjiQovde fiiva nXioe, owtx* *JxcuqI 
^£g T(po/ijy viisaoiv avanXevata^at ifitHop ' 
Towexu oi xov dcSxe, x^Q^^f^^^ fiaaiXij'i, 
Tov d' fjjoi diita olfiot laav /jiiXavog xvayoio, 

96 Jmdsxa Jc jt^aolo, »al ttxoa^ xaaaitii^oto ' 
KvavBOi di dffdxomg o^u^c^aro nQ<nl dei^y 
Tgiig Ixare^^', iQiaaiv ioixojtg, agiB K^ovUov 
Ev piqtii ori^^tle, T£^ac fiBi^onfay av^Qanrnf, 
'JfLq^ld^ a^' afioiaiv fiaXsjo ^iq>og ' ir di oi i^Xoi 

SO X^OBiot nufifpatyop ' ura^f ntgl xovUov rttv 
Id^yVQtor, jt^vacoiaiy uo^Tr,Q(aair igtigog. 
"jiy d tXtt' afUfi/igoTriv, noXvdaidaXov aanlSa &ov^af, 
KaXriy, ^y nsQi fiky xvxXou dixa xf*Xx(oi riocty ' 
'Ey di oi Ofiq)ttXol r^aav idxooi xaaaitii^oio 

S6 Anvxolf iy de fiiaoiaiy ci^y fiiXavog xvdvoio. 
Jfl d^ inl (iky FoQ/^ pXoav^uTtig iaTt(pdyorto, 
Atvyoy dtQXOfuyri ' tisqI di Aufiog t« ^o^og Tf. 
T^g d' ii aqyvf^tog ttXafmy rpf * aitdq in' avt^ 
Kvaymg iXiUxjo di^dxtay, x€q>aXal di oi ijaerv 

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"jmtovqty ' duyoy di Xoff^og xa&vniq&iy tyrusy, 
£iXno d aXxifia dovqs dvn, xsxo^-&fiiya x^^ff 
*0^ia' tijX$ di xotXxog an' ctvroffiy ov^aroy itaw 

40 Adfin*' inl d* i/dovnriaay 'A&rpfalfi tc xal "H^, 
Tifiuaou §€uiiX^a noXvxqvaoio Mvxf(yfig, 

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^Innovg ev xaid xoofioy igvxifity av&' inl td<p^^ * 
AvTol di n^vXieg aw Jtvxtai &u(frix&irTeg 

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0&ay di uiy' inniiwy inl tdipQ^ xoofiri^iyxtq* 
*Innf(€g d oXlyoy fuiixla&oy ' iy di xvdoifioy 
Vl^9 xaxoy KQOvldfiCt xaia d * viffo&ey tix%y ii^ag 
Aifieni fivdaXiag ^ ald-igog, ovyex * tfiiXXiy 

AS noXXag i<p&lfiovg xtipaXdg "Aide n^oidipuy. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IW lAIA/102 A. 

T^tq d* avd-' hiQm&w inl &^aftf nsdloio, 
Etnoqi %* iiMpl (Uyav %al afivfiwa Jlovivdafiapra, 
AirtUxv S-\ og T^wa*, ^Bog Sg, tlno di^fji^, 
1^9ig T ^Amtro^ldag, Uolvfiov %al ^Ayrpoi^ (Fiw, 

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Exrag d' iv n^motai apiq* aanlda naartoa* Hkjriv. 
Oiog in vBfpiwv ovawaiyeTai ovliog aan^g, 
naiiqxUviav, xoxi d* avrig tdv viq^sa axLOBrra' 
•fig "^jnmg ore fjuw t« fura n(fiatouji <pdv%a%t¥, 

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Jj^ovv, ovd' txFgoi fivcjovr oXooio <f>6l3oio' 
laag d vafilyj] x€q>aXdg t^ov ' oi de, Xvxoi atg, 
0VVOV. *'£Qig d* ag' I'xaigs nolvarovog elgogofoaa ' 
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OvvBx ' aga TgtoBaaiv i^ovXno xvHog ogi^ai. 

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TVGr uXXmv dndvBV&B xad-i^ejo, xvds'i yaimv, 
Eigogooav Tgoitav js noXiv xal vrjag Axaimv, 
XaXxov Ts aTBoonvVf oXXvvtag x ^ oXXvuipovg tb, 
Oipga fiBV fiwg tjv xai, aeitrro itgov fifiag, 

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Hfiog Sb dgvxofiog UBg avrjg tonXlaaaxo iuTtvov 
OvgBog iy jii^aariaiv, iuBl x ixogiaaaxo x^^Q^ 
TdfAvviv diydgea fiaxgd, adog xi fiiy Xxbto ^v/iiy, 
2ixov XB yXvxBgoio itBgl ipgivag XfiBgog algu * 

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^Hxoi oy ' H Xnntnv xavBndXfAByog, avxlog tatfi * 

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2Vi;|\ oifdi axBq>dyi^ dogv oi axi&B xaX^ofldgBia, 
*AXXd dt^ aixrig tjX&b xal iaxiov, iyxB<paXog di 
"Eydoy dnag nBndXaxto * ddfuxacB di fity fiBfuxBha, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XI. 161 

KaX Tovp fMy Unw av&^ Srai ird^mp 'A/afiifomif, 

Aixaq o fiij ^' ^laor ra nal "Afxupw i^iPOffi^, 
fie dvm IJqidfAOio, po&op xoi yv^awp, ifMpm 
&v i»t dltpq^ iovrag ' o fup po^of ^vtoxwePp 
"ArtM^ av TtaQhfiaaxB snqtMlvtog' S not* !4P'^^^^*VP 

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l^v luv vniq fuxioio uona atij&og fidlt dov^ * 
"Ayjupoy av naqa ovq ilaa% ^Upu, ix d' tflaX' tmtmp, 

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Eldtr, or' ^| ^idr^g Siyayw nodag wxifs t^ciUUvg. 
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*Pffi8ing awiaU, Xa^wv x^ugoiaip odovav, 

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*H d ' tXntq t8 tvxfjai fidXa axMv, ov dwonotl aipi9 
XgaiafiHV ' aur^y yaQ.fUP vno jQOfiog airogixdvst' 
Ka^naXifing d ' ^'i^s dw d^/id nvxvd xal vXtiify 
Sntvdova^, Idqtoovaay xqaxaiov ^qbg v^' o^f^^ff ' 

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T(^W€dv, aXXd xal avtol vn * 'Aqyeloiat q>ipono. 

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lUag IdvTifidxoio dcticpgovog, og (a iidXima, 
Xoyaov ^AXe^dwdgow dtdcyfiivog, dylad daoa, 

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TovncQ d^ dvo nalde Idfih xqtUav Idya/iifivmr, 
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"Og not ' dyl TQmmv dyogri MmXaop avwysp, 

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Avd-t xataxtiivai, iii}d' d^iuty aw dg *^xfuovg * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1<KI 1A1AJ02 A. 

Nvp ftiif dij rov naiqoq auuia jlottt hi^, 

H, xal JlilaaydQOP fiiy a<p * trntwr mat xofiS(B9 
Jovql fiaXnv n(^oq ai^&og ' o d ' vtniog ovSu i^th&ti, 

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XeiQog ano U^u tfiii^agt ino t' avx^^ xoyHMs' 
"OXftciP d' £g taatvs xvXMtO'&M dt* ofiilov, 
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T^ ( ho^cna^t offia i* SHoi ivxprjutdeg 'JxcuoL 

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^Inniig d' iTtnijag — vno di aq>i(nv wpxo xor/17 
E* mdlov, jTjy vtgaav if^iydovnoi nodeg tnnmr — 
XaXxio dffioenrtBg, aroQ xgdiop [dyafiifi^tfr 
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ndmj t* eiXvffowv avifiog q>iQeif oi di Ti ^dfirot 
nqo^^iioi TtiinovaiVt inEtyoftivot Ttvgog ogfiij ' 
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Tqiawf q>evy6yTW, noXXot d' iqiav/tvig titno^ 

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*Hyi6xovg nord-iovxtg dfiv/iovag ' oi d^ linl yalji 
KBiaro, yvnsaaiv noXv q>lXTEgoi ^ aXoxoiaiP. 

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*'£x J ' dvdgoxraaiijg, tx & ' aXfionog, ex is xvdoifiov * 

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Axgddrig, Xv-d-gta de naXdaano ;|fc7^a$ adtnovg, 

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*'£vd- uga drj Xaxarxo, xal aXXijXovg ctvi/iifipor, 
Ol d* rri xdfi fiiaaor nedlov fpo/iioyxo, ^otg &g^ 
!^frs Xiwf iq>6priae, fioXiov h rvxxog afioXy^, 
ndaag ' xtj di x ' Ij^ dva<palvexai aiixvg oXeS-gog * 

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nolXol di ngrnviig xfi xal imxioi txn$aoP trntttp 

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UU' 0X8 drj xdx tfifXXiP vno nxohp aiitv t« T^ffo; 
"l^Ba&ah x6x8 di} (a narfig avdgwp X8 &8wy T8 
*'j9fig iv xogv(pjjai xad-iiexo ntdiiiaaiig, 
Oigaro&tp xaxafidg ' 8X8 d« mfgontip ftrri X^^* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAAOS 3CL 163 

Bdax* t&^, J^i raxiUtf top "Extort fiv&w tnamt 
*0^q* Sy luv %w 6^ 'Ayafu/ivovaf no^fuifa lamp, 
Bworr' h Jt^ofuixotair, iralffovja (nixag apdgmr^ 
TDq>^' avax^qdjta, toy d* alloy hwy anox^m 

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Axnaq intl »' ^ dovgl ivntig ^ fiXiifAWog i^ 
£iq Innovq aUxah t<>t0 ol %qaioq fyyvall^ 
KxtivuVf uiont vijoi ivaailfiovg aq>lxfjtai, 
Avfi X riiuoq, xal inl xviipaq Ugby tld^, 

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Bn de xoT ' ^idalwy ogimy iig *'lUoy Iqruy ' 
£vp' vioy IlQiafioio daupffovog, ^Gxto^ ^oy, 
^Eaiaox* tv &' XnnoMi xal Si^fioai xoilffrolaiy ' 
Ayxov d UjiafUvfi nqogi<^ nodag loxia Igtg' 

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Ztvg fAB najfig ngoitixe, xBiy jade fivS^oaa&eu, 
"Otpg ' Sv fiiy xty ogag 'Ayaftifiyova, notfiiya la£y, 
Owovt* iv ngofidxoiaiy, ivalgoyta axlxag iydg^iy, 
T6q>g vnosixe fidx^lSt tov d ' akloy Xaoy aywx&i 

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AvtuQ insi X* f) dovgl rvmlg ^ /SXi^fUPog i^, 
Elg iTiTtovg aXijai', tots to» x^oto; iyyvali^u, 
Kuiveiy, (igox$ v^ag ivaaiXfiovg aq>lxtim, 
Avji T* riiltog, xal inl ttvitpag Ugoy sl&ii. 

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"Exttog 6 ' ^1 oxdfov aify xsvxtaty aXio xt^fidj^t, 
ndXXay d oUa dovga xaid argaiay ^/ero ndrtfi, 
^Oigvvtay fiaxdaaa&ai * fyttgt 8i (pvXoniy alrtliy. 
Ol d ' iXtUx&rioay, xal iyayxloi taxay *Axaiay. 

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FiiiAag d^, ix &ald(AOio ftnd xXiog %xn* Axcuiy, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

164 lAIAAOX A. 

JBw dvonaldtxa vifval uo^mrUrw, «f of tnwio * 
Tag fup antn^ h Ila^xtkp Um rijag itaag, 

no Ainaq o n^og io»w %ig "lUar dlrilin&si ' 

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Oh ots oij axBOov r^aav in alkf^hoiatv toirttg, 
At^Mtig fih afio^e, na^al di ol hqann* tyxOS* 
*I<pidafiai da xata CoiPtiy, ^9»(ffixog wtq&Wf 

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Ovd' stooB iwrnjga navodolov^ alXa noXv nqlf 
A^^vqt^ artofunj, fioXiflog mg, hQatnet* otigf^'i' 
Kai TO/e jt^t^i XaPmr ev^vx^e/ojy \4yafidfAV99rf 
"jSln' inl ol fiefiatig, S^jt Xtg' ix d^ aga X'^og 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XI. 105 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

166 lAIA/IOJS A. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XI. 167 

Tfili diet nqofiixviVt o^« oi wnatlaato yidtii, 
t6<p^ ' "ExjotQ afiTHnno, xal atp is dUpgov OQOvaag 

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^Eg dUpgoy d ' avogovoe, xal ^y^6x^ invttXkty, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

166 lAlAAOS jL 

OUi&ii d* 'oivatvs dovQixlvrog, ovdi tig avr^ 
JliytUav TtitgifMtpev, iml <pofiog tkXafiB nartag ' 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/102 XL 169 

Sol d^ fyta iv&ttdB ifififil ipivov xa2 X^^a fuXaufOif 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

170 l\dIAJ02 A. 

Sni ds nagi^ ' Tgmg d^ 8inQ$a€af SXXvdtg alloc* 
*jHro* tov MsviXaog ^A^log Say* Ofdkov, 
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Digitized byVjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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*Hgvna d^ iy xoyiriaiy' iya d^ ig dkpgoy ogovaag, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


UgmfivtM^ 9i cv iaai * filji d^ oyb nMw ifulvmr * 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

178 lAlAdOZ JL 

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^Eqx* odvpog' TO fiw ^og MgatjOt navacno d* eifta. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O JS M. 

Afliiivi, intra murnm compolii (inTisnm diis opiU) ab iisqne 
gtatim post ipsam urbem deletum), Trojanoe jam naviboa 
imminenteB vident, jam foesam transgressuroa (1 - 59^. Rei 
difficultate primom attoniti, moz, Polydamantis monitU| de 
cuiribus dascendunty et in quinqoe catervaB divisi inctumint 
^SO-107). Anus, unam {lortarum ex curm aggredi ansus, a 
oinobuB Lapithis cum magna clade snonim rejicitur (108 - 194). 
Infausti augurii interpretatiO| a Polydamante facta, Hectoren^ 
non deterret a persequendis hostibna (195 - 250). Hi, etsi 
procelltMo Tento mipediti, munimenta sua acriter defendnnti 
imprimifl doo Ajaces (251-289). Alia parte Sarpedon et 
Glaucos irruunt, quibus se opponit Menestheus, ab eoqne 
arceseitii Ajaz major et Teucer (290 - 377). Sarpedonis socins, 
Epicles, ab Ajace, Glaucus a Tencro sanciatur; tandem a 
Sarpedone pinna muri revellitar (378-399). Lycioe, murmn 
perruptoros, etiam nunc fortiter arcent Acmvi ; Hector autem 
portam ingeato saxo discutit, suisque viam ad naveiaperit 

Jig o uiy iw xholrjai Mevonlov ahtifiog vlog 
'luT* Evovnvlop QiQXtiuivov ' ol d* iuaxovto 
ji^uot X4U T^Bg Ofulaow. ovo aq hfitAJLOf 
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A&avitwv ' TO xa2 oivn noXvp x^^ov Bftmdop lyti'. 

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Tiipoa di nal fti/a rsixog l^mwv sfintdoy ^tp. 
Avtuq intl xaia fiw T^ctp &dyow oaifOk Squnoh 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

180 lAIAAOS M 

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U Hig^ero 8b hgiufioio noXig dsxar^ iviavrf, 

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TeTxog afiaXdvvat, natafiwy /iirog dgayayomg, 
Oaaoi an* 'idalay o^c«y aXa9e nqogiovaw, 

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H^VMog Tfi ital Atofinog, Slog ts SKafuxvd^, 
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^ngtiv xal Xdav, ta &iaay fioysoyttg 'AxaioL 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

IAlA/10 2 XIL 181 

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EgfioUtj, ns(ol di fuyolysov, ii laXiovaiv. 
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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

182 lAIAJ 02 M. 

100 sAlX^X^ '^' ^Anaaa^ te, futxfig sv M^ort naaiig. 

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"Jlgrvw, Mop iomg, ifivna&M nagl ttiw ' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

.184 IAIAJ02 M. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

186 lAlA/IOS M. 

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KaXoy qtvxaXiTJg xal aqovqijg Ttvqwpoqoio / 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

lAlAJOS XIL 187 

ns T^ ifvp xffh '^^hntioMi fUTa n^joinw iirtag 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

188 lAXAJOS M. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IjilAJOS jni. 18» 

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Aanldoq afifpifi^itrig ' aXla Ztvg K^^ag afsw» 
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Agydwy, xal yiivaly ivlixe S-tanidaig nvg ! 

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'i&vaay d ' inl xuxog aoXLi%g ' ol fiiy enura 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

190 IjiXAJOJS M. 

Kgoqadnv inifioiPw, iuaxfiim davftn* fxcntg. 

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tSon^xci nqio&Bf noy/$y6g naxvg, eevti^ vnt^ep 
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'Pij^s d* an^ ifupotigovg &aiQovg' nioB di U&og Btam 

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jiang vno (iTtrjg. 6 d' aq* %g&ogB (paldiftog "Extng, 
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J^fugdaXiio, top Icoto negl xgot * doia di x^^ 

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Noatpi &eup, St' igdXro nvkag* nvgl d' oaai dtd^it. 
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Nijag opa yXatpvgdg ' ofiadog d* aUaatog inx^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 N, 

Trojani pamdm mipento nnno oadnnt Aehiyof, ^nm Nep- 
tonoii, miieratione commotos, ckm Jove, taendu nayibiu 
auxiliator accedit (1 - 42) : qui primnm duoa Ajacet, turn c»- 
teroa principes, homana specie indutuB, ad obaisteniU pertina* 
eiam cohortator (43 - 124). Igitur Ajaces et alii Hectorem in 
media acie ab excidio nayiom aicent (125-206) ; moz Ido- 
meneusy a Neptuno in arma instigatas, assnmpto Merione, ad 
ainistram afflictis succurrit (206- &9). Ezinde atroz proBlium 
conaeritur, in quo Trojania Jupiter^ Achivis Neptunus favet, 
inter Achivoa Idomenei imprimis yirtns spectatur (330-362). 
Is Othryoneum, Asium, Alcathoum interncit ; idemque cum 
Merione, Antilocho, Menelao, advenus £neam, Deiphobum, 
Helenum, Paridem prospere dimicat (363 - 672). Etiam Hec- 
torem, medio, quern duaum tenuit, loco sic urgent Aiaces et 
alia cateryae, ut gradum jam referant Trojani: sed Poljdar 
mantis consilio firmatns Hector repente coUectos in hostem 
ducit (673 - 808.) Movam puffnam ciet Ajax, et ingenti utrim*- 
que clamore certatur (809 - 837 ). 

Mdx^ iitl rats v av a tv. 

Zsvg d* intl ovy TgSdg t« nal "Juno^ rtival TtiXaaatif, 
Toi/g fikr la naga tfjai nivov t ' ix^fiev %al o'iiw 
iVctfiUfMco; ' avTog ds ndlip jgintv oaae q>aHVQi, 
NoQfphv iw' iTtnonokoiy Sgnxav Ha&ogtifityog alai^, 

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nanxo<pdYm^ ^Afiimv t€, dixatordrmf av&gwntav. 
*Eg Tgolnv d ov nauncey hi tgintv oaas q>aBi9fo' 
pi ylgZy^' a&ayit^v^ xlv' iilniTo Sv xara ^fiay 
tfiSL^orr' ij Tgoiioaiv agrfiifiw ij Javaoioiv. 

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Ka\ yog 6 d-avfidinv rjaro Tnoktfiov ts fidx^y ti 
*TiffOV in^ axgoxdir^g xogvtpr^g 2d(AOV vXtjiaarig 
Bgtfixlrjg * sv^ef ydg i<palviJo ndaa fiir *'ldfi, 
0alviTO di Jlgwiioio nchgf xa\ y^c; 'Jx^^* 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

192 IAIAJ02 N. 

Tjpwa^ dafivttfidvovg, Ait di xgojtQwg iysfjbiaatu 
Avtlna S' i^ ogtog xarcfii^isno nainaXoenog, 
K^ounya noal Ttqo§t,poig ' rgifis d* ovgBa fianqa Xfli2 vXfi 
JOToaalv vn a-&txyaToiai Iloaeiddoivog Uvrog. 

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Jlydg ' h^&a di oi xXvta doifiona fiiv^sai Ufirtig, 
XgvoBa, fAogfjudooyta jsrevzonai, aq^d-vta aid, 
"jSv^-* iX&mv in oxBa<pi tnrvaxtTo /ailxonod' titim, 
JlxvtUta, x^ffBtjisiv i&dgrjaiv jtOfiowvjB. 

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Xgvasifjv, BVTVinov, kav d iTts/^i^asTO dlq>Qov * 
Br^ y iXdav inl xvfiar' ' araXXB Se x'qiB vn ovrov 
Udyto&sy ix xtvd-fi^v, ovd ' rjyyolfiocp Svaxta ' 
rrj&oavyrj ds &dXaaa(x duararo ' tol d^ instovto 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 



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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS Xm. 197 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


A^d-^i fiUDpduatog, OS da tdfurat ovjop itw» 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

900 lAlAAOS 2V. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 Xm. 901 

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"H (d oi aanalgovaa xal ovgiaxoy nM^niiw 
"^yx^^ * ^^"^ '' hruj' a<pUi ftiyog oftgiftog "A^* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

»02 IAIAJ02 N, 

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"Jig t^d-' ' ol d' aga ndrxsg, tya ipgavl ^ftop Itompf 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAiAJoz Jan. M8 

JirUag d* hiQ»^tw MxXno olg ktdqoMW, 
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Jlvdaq de nq&tog axovriasv ^Jdofuy^og ' 
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680 AvlJini^ jqvi^dXiia x^/ial fioftfifiOB moovaa. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

2©4 lAIAJ 02 jsr. 

Miigiovrig d' i^avtig indXfuroi, aiyvntog £s, 
JE^igvae ngvftroio figaxlovog o^ifiov %/x^^ ' 
'jiip d* kidgoty iig t-dyog ixd^fto, tor di noXltfig, 
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Kal xogvg ' a/£<pt di oi &dvaJog ./vto ^Vfiogaiaji^g. , 

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^IXXdaiP ovx i&iXovta ^itj diiaantg ayavaiv* 
'^Jlg o Tvntlg i^anatgs (liyvr&d ntg, ovxi (idXa dffr, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/102 JQtU. 205 

*'0<pQa o* in XQOog tyx^S owtandaaT^ iyyvd'W A&ip 
575 "jSgug MtiQiorfis ' rov di attoxog ooat xaXvifftP, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

2©4 lAIAJ 02 N. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

206 lAIAJOS N. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAJOS JnU. 207 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

208 lAIAJOSN. 

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law S'V/MV Itforre, jijalveroy * afiq>l d ' aga a<p$¥ • 

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nig vT^nr BX&vigiBv anr^iiovBg, ■? ydg tymyB 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

310 lAiAJOSisr. 

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jigydovg ; ovtoi n fjuxxrig aSai^fiovig UfUP, 
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Odgavpog otwv^ ' o d* ifAtl/Seto (pald^iog "JExtmg' 
Mav dfiagrotnig, Povydit, nolov tBimg i 

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jStriv iifuna jtdyta, zixoi di fit noxvM "Mgfi, 
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Jldai fidX* ' iy di ail toloi n6<piiafai, at X9 taXaaajig 

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JdijtH * itag Tgmtav xogittg xvvag iid ' oUnmig 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

XAlAdOZ XnL 311 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 S. 

Clamoribiu pugnas ezterritiis Nestor egreditur tabenmcnlo 
tuo, in quo adhuc Machaonem recreabat| ut, quo ree loco sit, 
ezploret (1-26). ObTiam ei veniunt ex yulneribus aegri, 
Agamemno, Ulysees, et DiomedeBj eadem de causa progressi , 
quorum primusy de belli exitu pndem anxins, nunc, vallum 
prorutum videns, rursus fiL?am meditatur (27 - 81 ). Hoc con- 
silium improbat Ulysses , Diomedes autem persuadet omnibus, 
ut in prcelium redeant suosque pnesentia certe atque hortatu 
adjuvent; simul euntem Affamemnonem solatur, et exercitum 
confirmat Neptunus (82 - 152). Interea Juno, ut AcluTorum 
laborem subleyet, ornat paratque se ad Jovem in Ida uxoriis 
illecebris deleniendum ; quam ob rem a Venere cestum mutu- 
atur, et ex Lemno arcessit Somnum, qui deum in soporem 
committat (153-351). Huic tempori insidiatus, Somno auc* 
tore, Neptunus, fortunam Achivorum promptius auxiliando 
restituit ([852 - 401). Hector, ab Ajace ictu lapidis percussus, 
deficit animo, atque a sociis suis asportatur curaturque (402- 
A3S), Jam renoyatis animis pugnantes Acbivi Trojanos a 
navibus avertunt, Ajace imprimis minore fugatos persequente 

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XaXnf nafupoSb^oy ' o ^' ^' ianlda nat^ kHo. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAdOS XIV. 218 

Sni d* imog nXurlfig, To/a d* tlgtdw tgycv aiixis, 
Tovg iu» o^iwofihovg, tovg di »Xorio¥tag onia&w, 

ift TQuag VTtt^&vfiovg ' iqi^mvo de tUxog ^Jx<i^^^» 
Slg d m nog<pv^ nAayog fUya xvfion xwpf, 
Oaaofisvor Xiyiwf wigiWf Xaiifnj^i xiXw&a 
Avrag, ovd* a^a t« nQoxvUvdttcu ovdni^wxtt 
JIqIv Tiva xiKfifUvop xataBr^iuyai i% Jiog ovqow ' 

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JiX^ddi', fj fiBd-' ofulov Vol Joa^amv tcg[V7tnX»r, 
Hi flit' *AtgtUhiv Ayatiift»ova, noifdva Xa£y. 
Jldt di ol ipQ&riom doaaaato %i(fdtw Aftu, 
Br^van in* 'ATQddfiw. ol d* aUi^Xovg iyaot(o¥, 

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Nvoaofiiv^y ^liptalr t< xal tyx^oiv afupiyvoiaiy, 
Niaxoqi di ^fifilfimo JwiQtipiBg Paaii^sg, 
Jld^ vfiwr aviomg, oooi fisSXi^ato x^^^t 
Tvdtldijg *Odvasvg t« xal Atgeldtig \4yafii^vt»¥, 

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0iv B<p' aXog noXitjg ' rag yaq nqwiag nMovdn 
JEtQvaav, avidq Titxog inl n^fivriaiy tduficty. 
Ov9i yaq ovd^, evQvg nsQ iav, iiwrjaato ndaag 
Alyialog vrjag xf>iSitiy ' attlyoyjo di Xaol ' 

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'H'ioyog arofia fiaxgoy, oaoy avyzigya&oy axgau 
7)0 ( oXy' offfiioyreg avtrig X€tl noXifioto, 
^yX^^ iQBidofisyoh *lw a&Qoot' axwio Si atpiy 
Ovfiog hi aTi^d-taaiy, 6 di ^n^Xfjfto yegatog, 

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Toy xal <pttyi^aag ngogifpri xgeUay ^AyafUfomy ' 
SI Niaxoq NfiXrflddfi, fuya xvdog ^Axai^, 
TiTttB Xinmy noXtfMy (p&iafjyoQa dsvg' a<fixdyug; 
/fsldvt, ufi dtj fioi reXiafi $nog ofiqifiog "IExtm^, 

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Ugly Ttvgl yrjag tyingr^aai, xriiyai di xal avrovg. 
Kuyog twg ayogtvs ' ri dri yvy nana tcXsItoi. 
'IfZ ninoi, ^ ^a xal aXXoi ivxyiifiidtg 'Axaiol 

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Ovd* id'iXovai (lax^a^ai inl ngvfMyjiai yiwaty. 

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Tff dfi xavti y* holfia tnwxmai, ovdi nm SlXms 
Ziig vynpg$fiinig aitig nagax^tn^nuw* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

814 lAlAJOS M^ 

Ol d ' ini vijval ^o^u$ f^4x^ aUmrtw l^towsiv 
NtdefMg* ovd * av Ir* /roltig, fuila n9Q anoJuuCmr, 

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'HfiBig di ip^itSfiBd-', omtg ftatai tddt $^a, 
£X Jt voog ^i^u ' noXsfiov d ' oix afifu ntktva 

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/TsTii noXX* B7ta&oy Javaol, skirorto di -^fi^ 
Aq^if^mov vrjuv t« xcu avrar slXeig taiad'ah ' 
OvTO) nov ACC fdXXu vjiBQumi <plXov dvai, 

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KvdavBi, '^fidiSQOV di fiivog xaX-x^iqug tdr^atv, 
UU' Syt&'f wg ay iywp einia, nsid-wfis&a ndmg, 

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"Tiff I d^ in* evvdwy oQfilaao/itv, tilgonsy il&tf 
IVv| a^Qotfi, i^v »otl tji anoaxfoyjai noldfioio 
T(Mitg ' enuta di ttey igvaaifud'a viiag andaag. 

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Ovlofuy^, aX&^ wtptlXig astxsUov axqaiov SXlov 

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Toaaold '» Zoaoiaty ov fin 'Agysioiaw iydaaug ' 

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"Og xilBUh noU/AOio avpeataoTog xai aik^g, 
Ntictg ivaaiXfiOvg aXad* iXxi/uy, o<pQ* m fiaXXoy 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XIV. 316 

. fffuy ounvg oM^gog ini^^sJtp* pv yag Axfuol 

100 ^^aovai» noXtfunff n^w Siuai* iXxofiwanv, 
*JXk ' anoTtamuyiovaiy, igmiaovai di X^Qf^^'K* 
"Ev&a xe ori) flovX^ dtil^kicUf 0(»/afi« Xany. 

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SI *Odvoiv, fidXa nag fu xa&ixeo &Vfioy htm^ 

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Nrjag ivaailfiovg SuLaS* Uxifuy vlag 'Jxctiay. 
Nvy d* tVn, og riigdi y* ifitiyoya ii^nr iyiontn, 
'iCr yiog, igi naXaiog ' ifiol di xty aofuy^ sfi}. 

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Ud&ta&M ' xal fir^n xort^ aydaiia&8 Bxaatog, 
Ovvixa dri ytyt^<pi ytthatog eifu fu& ' v/uXy * 
IIonQog d* i^ iyad^ov xal iya yivog ivzofUM <7y<M. 
[TvSiog, oy O'^firjat x^ri xoita yaia xdXvtpsyJ] 

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^flxzQy d' iy JlXevguyi xal ainHyfi KaXvd»yh 
*UyQU>g ^dt MiXag, tffltaTog 6 ' t^w imtoja OiyBvg, 
JIaiqog ifwio naniq ' agttj d* ffw s^oxog avrw, 
IdXX* 6 /ih avro&i gitivs * nai^g d* ifjutg "Agyu yaa&ii, 

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IloXka di oi ngojitn' lax« * xixaato di nanag ^Axpu/ovg 

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^Ey^a d tnww* avioi fiiv ix^fis&a dtfiatfjftog, 

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*'AXXovg d' irgvyorteg ivi^aoftty, of Tondgog mq 
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Bay d* tfuy, iigx9 d* aga oquy ayai aydgw IdyofUftyt^. 

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AUtfugnP d' £U /fi^' IdyafUfDyayog *Amidao, 
Ka& fiip ^p€»y^aag Xn$a Tntgotrta Jtoog^a' 
*Atgddfi, yyy dij nov AxtXX^og olow xiig 

140 Pn^fll M avi&BOah ^or xal ffiSttp 'Agamy 

Digitized by VJjOOQIC , 

816 1AIAA02 Jt 

JiQno/up^ ' inBl oV oi fhfi ip^irtg, oiS' ^/kuaL 
JXX' 6 fUy £g anoXoiTO, &i6g di I auphoauw! 
Sol d' ovnw ftaXa ndyxv &6o} uaxagtg xotiovatv ' 
MX* m nov Tfrncsv tiyiiroQeg r^ds fiidoneg 

145 Ev^i} x&ylaovatv nedloV ov d* inoiftwii avioq 
iPn/yorrag ngoTl aatv ysmv ano xal xXufumr* 
Jig unnr fidy* avow, iTisaavfievog nsSloio, 
"Oaaoy d* iyvsdxi'Xot inlaxw fj dsnaxdoh 
'jyigeg ir noXifn^, sgida hn^dyorttg "jgijog ' 

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H%w ^Jxatoiaiv de fiiya od^hog ifjifial* hcwni^ 
Kagdltj, aXXfjxTOp noUJdi%iv rjdi jidxtod'au 

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Stao^ il Ovkvfinoio Ano (iov' ainUa J' tyvio 

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AvToxaalyvriiov xal daiga, x^9^ ^^ &v(a^ ' 
Zr^va 9 in axgatdtfjg xogvq>ijg noXvnldaxog idrig 
*'Hfi€vov eigBtde ' <nvyBg6g di oi bttXbto ^Vfi^. 
Msgfii^gi^s d* tTtsna floiimg notvia "Hgrj, 

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*'lide di ol xata &vu6v dgiaxn q>aiv^o (iovXi^, 
^EXd'Hv tig "Jdfjv, ev ivtvvaaav I cnrri^y, 
£t Tiwg ifiUgaiTo nagadga&ietv (piXottfTi 
B. XQO^jif TiJ d ' VTtvov ani^fiovd t« Xiagov rs 

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Bfi d ' VfACr ig d-dXafiov, tov ol q>lXog vlog tttvltp, 
*'Hq>ouaTog, Ttvxtvdg de 'dijgag axa-d-fiolaiv inr^ga^ 
lUffidi xgvTtTJj, Ti]v d ' OV &t6g aXkog ay^ytv. 
^Evd-* fiy eigfX&ovaa, d^vgag ini&rixB tpatiydg, 

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Avfiata ndvxa xdd^gtv, alBltpcno di Xln iknU^t 
[dfijSgoalia, iday^, to ^d oi rs^mfiiyoy tity ' 
Tov xal xiwfiiyoio Jtog xaxd xaXxojionig dw, 
"EfiTTug ig yaldy te xal oigavoy ?x8t otlr^i;. 

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Jli^afiiini, x^9^l nXoxdfwvg MnXtit (patofovg, 
KaXovg, auflgoalovg, ix xgdatog i-d-aydroto, 
\4fi<pl d^ ag* i/iPgoaiOfy ketyoy taa&*, oy ol *A&iiy^ 
"E^a* iaxi^aaaa, jl&ti.d* iyl daldaXa noUd * 

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Zmaato di £o»i^, ixatoy &vadyotg aga^Tay ' 
'Ey d* aga fygiota ^xty Hk^oiat Xoflolafiy, 
TglyXf^yof /uo^otyta* x^9^ ^' cmtXafunto nolXii. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAJAJ02 XIV. 217 

K(fTidifiy(^ d* i<pvnBg&4 xaXvipuTO Sia ^idmy, 

186 KaX^, vtiymt^ ' XtVHOP d* ^y, riiXidg wff* 

noaal d' vno XinaQoiaiv idrjaono xaXa niddou 
AvTotq inetdri navra ntql jjf^o'ft ^ijxorro xoQuor, 
Bij ( tfitv in &aXdfioAO, xaXBaaafiivri d ' AifQodlTfpf, 
7li)y aXitov anavav&s -d-ewv, TiQoq fiv&ov hmttf ' 

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Hi xsv i^n^aaio, xoTsaaa/idyri toys &Vfii^, 
Ovvzx* fya Javaoiat, aif di Tgmaaiv o^yBig; 

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"Hgrii nqia^a &ed, &vyaj$g (isydloio Kgovoio, 

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El dvvttftou reXiaai ye, xal el TstsXsafUtfoy iarlv, 

Trfv de doXo<pgovsovaa ngogrjvda notvia "ifyii ' 
Jog vvv ftoi (piXoTtita xal tfieoov, ^t« aii navjag 
Jafiva a&ayttjovg riSe •dyijtovg av^gmnovg, 

300 Eifit yag oipOfAevij 7toXv(p6gliov nelgcna yalr^g, 
^Jlxeoofov re, d-t^v yiveaty, xal (Aijftiga Tr^&vp, 
Oi ft* iy a<po'iat dofioiaiv iv xgi<pov ^d' axlxoiHw, 
Ai^ctgjuvot ^Pelfig, oie xe Kgovov evgvona Zevg 
Falfig viad-e xa&elae xal drgvyixoio 'd'aXdaaiig * 

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*'jldrj ydg drigbr xgovov aXXr^Xonf dnixovxai 
Evvtjg xal <piX6xrixog, htel xoXog eftneae 'dvfi^. 
£X xelvta y ' inieaai nagameni&ovaa <ptXop xfjg, 
Elg ewTiv avhaifu biivtd-iqvai g>tX6xi]xi, 

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Ovx tax*, aide eoixt, xeov eisog agrrjaaad'cu ' 
Zrpfog yag xov dglaxov iv dyxolvjjair lonieig. 

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"Evd-* evi flip mXoxijg, iv d* tfiegog, h d* ocMtarvg 
Ildg<paaig, rjx exXsy/e vow Txvxa iteg wgoveovrmv. 
Toy fa ol tfipaXe /8^a/y, tnog t' I^ot ,^x* hvoiu^ * 
T*i vvv, xovxov Ifjuxvxa xe^ iyxdx&eo xoXrti^, 

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"ATtgfjxxov ye viead-ai, o,t» (pgeal a^at fisvotv^g* 
'^Jlg q>dxo ' fieidtiaev di fiotinig noxvui ^Mgti, 
Meidiiaaaa d ' iiteixa i^ iyxdxd-txo xoXnm, 

*Huiv tfi^ ngog dnfia Jiog &vydxf^g AffffMiH ' 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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But genUc.Nig^i. to wViom T £lc<l for aid 

The friend of earth and heaven her wings diaplay'd.^ 

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Digitized byCjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized by,VjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 O. 

Jupiter ezperrectofl pelli videt Trojanofly Achiyii ojMm 
ferente Neptuno (1-11). Itaque aspere increpits Junoni im- 
perat, ut ex Oljrmpo advocet Irim et ApoUinem ; his ae mi- 
nistrifl usurum ad Trojanas yires restituendafl ; simal omnfem 
iatorum aeriem usque ad exoidium urbia proedioit (12-77^. 
£x Junone, in deorum aedem reverali Mara audit de ctBoe 
filii aui, Ascalaphi, et atatim ad ultionem exar^eacit ; furorem 
ejua repiimit Minerva (78 - 142). Apollo et Iria deveniunt ad 
Jovem, cujua miaau n«c Neptunum minaciter conterritum, 

Suamvia reluctantem, cogit, ut bello deaiatat (143-219); 
Lpollo aanatum Hectorem erigit, eoque in pu^am reducto, 
fortunam Trojanorum inataurat (220-280). Hector fortiaai- 
moa AchiTorum adortua, imbellibua ad navea degrreaaia, partim 
trucidat, partim in fugam vertit, pneeunte deo, qui commo^ 
aB|^de Achivia pavorem incutit, Trojania auiem, deleto mure, 
viam munit ad claaaem ezacindendam ^281-389). £a re 
animadveraa, Patroclua ab Eurypylo reoit ad Achilleni) ut 
•um extremo diacrimini auxiliatorem exoret (390 -404V In- 
terim acerrime pro navibua propugnant Achivi, pluribua ab 
utraaue parte cadentibus (405 - 590) : tandem illi, nee diaperai, 
receaunt intra ordinea nayiumi a quibua Ajax Telamoniua 
conto armatuaignem defendit, quo iam Hector nayem Proteai- 
lai ae ezuatmrum minatur (591 - 746). 

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09vyoyTeg, noiXol ds ddfiw J(xvawv vno x^Q^^^f 
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Tovq fUp ogiyofiivovg, rovg Si xXovioyrag onta&$¥, 
*A(iyBlovg * fiija di a(fi JJoaiiddwa avaxta. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

226 IAIA/10 2 O. 

£K'roga d* h judl^ tdi nUutvov * aiupl d ' htuooi 

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Aifi ifiiwp' intl ov (uv ifpavgoTtnog fiaX' t^oMSy. 
Toy ds idwp iXiriaB ntn^g arSqw jb -d-wy re, 
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H fidla dfi xaxoTix^og, ifirix«yh oog Solag, "ifyfh 

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jivaai d ' ovx idvyavxo naqaatadoy ' ov de Xdfioifu, 
PiTtTaaxoy istaydty ano SriXov, o(pq Sv Xxtitau, 
il^v oXiYfimXitay ' ffti d ovd * oig &Vfioy ayist 

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Toy fiiy iy&ty tv&sy (vadfiriy, xal avi^yayoy aviig 

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Tf KB UooBUidmy yB, xal bI (idXa flovXBxai SXXji, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

jAiA/102 XV. aa? 

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*Ml* si (^ ^ Htor yt *c^ aTQixing ayofftviiq, 
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Olog ixdpov ^fiog vnBg<fdttXog x«2 inifr^g. 

Digitized byLjOO^lC 

228 IAIA/102 O. 

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Tavia di xal futa naaiv uxovaem a&opdTOiaiv, 
Ola Zwg itaxa tqya m<pavaxttai ' ovdi %l ijptifu 
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MaQipu 9* H^Uiig, og t' afxtog, ign xal qvmL 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Tf a av rvr uiXofiat fu&8fu» xoJ^op vIo; i^os^ 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XV. 381 

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9M Ohu^ inqx%i^i dai -d-toi, K^vov ifiqug iortiq. 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 


sio "^tfaunoq Au i£ns ijpo^fUPM if tfofiw ird^p * 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIA^OJS XV. 286 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 0. 

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Avtag oy' duq>* Sfiotai adxog -d'iro xnga^iXvfgyw* 

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\^[nnovgiy, dsiyoy di X6<p6g na&vneg&ty eyevBy •] 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/10 2 XV. W^ 

486 Ti^al T« Koi Avxlotaiv ixdnXtro, fiaxoov avaag ' 

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N^ag ava yXatpv^ag ! dri yaq Xdov oif&aXfiolatv 
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AXXa fidx^^* M r/ivaip aolXifgi og di xiv vfiimr 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAJOS 0. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IjiIAJ02 XV. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Sigwtol d* iyivovto pbuv, nBgl d* t<^B&oy axgai 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XV. 241 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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*'AyT8a-d'* hf noXifi^' ng iaavpiymg ifioxorto. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


740 Oimf KitthfUroh btag ^/ie^a nmffldog atms* 
Tijl 2y jiff^} <pot$g, ov fudAxlp noUfwto. 

74ft Titf d* Alkig avjaaxt, dtdtyfurog tyx^l fMWfff * 


I A I A J o 2 n. 

Pfttroclo depiecanti permittit AchilleB, lais et armii et co- 
piifl ad pugnam exire, ea lege, ut, Trbjanos a navibns depnliBse 
contentns, majori ne bo periculo objiciat (1-100). Jam ipse 
debilitatus Ajax obstare non valuit, quin ignis inferretur navi 
(101 - 123). Quo viBO, Achilles ultro amicum in arma vocati 
ordines Buorum instruit, alloquitur, libatione et precibuB fiisis 
dimittit (124 - 256). Kepente conspectus Myrmidonum due- 
tor consternatOB hoBtes Achillis specie falliti nayem oppu^a- 
tione liberat, incendium restinguit (257 - 305) ; prcelium pnmo 
committit* apud naves mox cjbco pavore fugientea supra val- 
lum et usque ad campi aperta compellit (3^)6-418); deinde 
congresBus Sarpedonem, Jovis filium, perimit, ultore csdis 
relicto Glauco (419-507). Is cuni Hectore et aliis Trojano- 
rum gravi certamine Achivis, spolia detrahentibuB, corpus 
Sarpedonis eripiunt: quod, jussu Jovis, lotum unctumque 
AdoUo tuetur» ab amicis in Lyciam deportandum (508 - 683^. 
Illo rerum Bucceasu feroz Fatroclus Trojanos ad urbem perse- 
quitur, murumque ejus scandit, sed ab eodem deo detruditur 
(684-711); tamen Hectori rursuB irnienti fortiter obflistit, 
aurigam ejus Cebrionem necat, spoliatum cadaver abstrahit 
(712-782); denique complures ex turba interficit, donee ip- 
Bum, vi Apollinis attonitum et armis exutum, Euphorbus aau- 
ciat. Hector prostemit, qui et Automedonti instat, AchilliB 
currom propere ad naves agenti (783-867). 

n a T g 6 X X B I a. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


'Oatiop' o<p&aXfiol d^ j^ra/iat niaw hf ncvlpatw, 
Avtov nooa&M nodwv' 6 S^ ag', i^Bvtiioi ioMtig, 
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t/2^ nsQl Kijigi^yao dva fii^ajmQsg avTrjg, 

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"leyt iXXi^Xfoy xafiiuy xQoa yriXii x<*Xx^. 
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niiqoxXog d' hsQU&ey ^sv nodog' oi di dii SXXot 
Tgmg xal Javaol ovvayoy xoarsff^y va/dytjy. 

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OvQBog iy fi^fforig, pad-ir^y ntXefiij^efiey vXrjy, 
^rjyoy TS, fjuXlriy js, Ttgyv<pXoi6y rs XQayticty, 
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^Hxfi d- canto Ifi, ndrayog di t« ayyvfuydwy ' 

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Arjouy, oid' irtgoi fiytaoyx oXooio (pojioio, 
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^lol TB megoByrtg ano yevgtj<pi &og6ytBg * 
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*Ex fiiy Kspgionp^ pBXitty ^ovec Bgvaa«y 
Tgtimy i^ iyonrig, xal in* ttftny Ttv/e' IXorro. 
ndjqoxXog di T^wil xaxa (pQoyimy hoqcwnaf* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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"£¥&* &qa TOh ndxqoidM, qxivri fiioxoio TcXfiVXij. 
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Juvog* o fiiv TOP lovta xcna xXovw oim hoi^ow ' 
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ndy dt oi iv x^lQeaauf dyri doltxoaxiov tyx^^t 
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^Aan\g avv xda^wvi, x^f^di nioB tegfuotaaa. 
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J^rj ds Taqi(av ' ott^^s v de fittd<pQtvov o|e7 dovgl 
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nav&oldrig Evq>OQPog, og rihxlr^v ixixaaxo 
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llQux^ iX&(ov avy oxBoipi, didaaxofiBvog TxoXifioM ' 
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HolXa di t' aa&fialyofyxa Xiuy iddfiaaaB ffljjipuf * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Jig nov ae nqogifpij, aol di (pgivag Stpgoyi ntu&ey. 

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'Pffidlag * avTol ydq an' ^fuay jsvxe' tkoyto, 
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Jldrtsg X* airt6&' oXovto, ifA^ vno dovgl dafiimg. 
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*jiXXo di toi iqiio, aif d^ iyl q>qtijl (idXXBO afjaiy ' 
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0di^ri ifju^ vno dovql tvn9lg ano &vfAoy oXioam ,- 

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Etqvoe, Xa$ nqogjidg' toy d^ inttwy ws* imb dw)^, 
Ainlxa di ^ify dovql (Ui* Axnofiidovta /^^j^f/Mi, 

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"ino ydq fiaXiuy ' toy d^ Mx<ptqoy wxiBg innoi 
*Aiifigcrtot, ovg HfMl &iol diaay iylua Mfo. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 P. 

Oeciso Patroclo arma detrahentem Euphorlmm interfieit 
MenelauB (1 - 60) : Hector aatem, Apollinis monitu, ab inse- 
quendo Antomedonte Teverans, ezuYias aufert, dum Menelaua 
Ajacem majorem ad cadaver tuendam arcessit \ quin illud quo- 

2ue mutilatum abstulisset, nisi Ajaz accurrisset (61-139). 
Ljaci cedit Hector \ sed, Glauci objurgatione stimalatus, mox 
Achillis armis superbiens redit ad corpus eripiendum, ac for- 
tiBsimum quemque suorum in eandem pugnam accendit; 
simul, a Menelao convocati, advolant Btrenuissimi Acbivorum 
(140-261). Sic uno in loco acerrima dimicatione orta, Mene- 
laus et Hector cum catervis uteraue suiB ancipiti fortuna in 
diversa contondunt : illi, ut Patrocli corpuB defendant ; hi, ut 
ad ludibrium trahant (262-425). AchilliB equis, casum Pa- 
trocli dolentibus, vigorem reddit Jupiter, eosque in proelium 
reducit Automedon, socio assumpto Alcimedonte (426-483). 
Statim adoriuntur currum Hector, iEneas, alii, ut nobilcB tquos 
capiant ; at impetum eorum fbrtiter Bustinent Achivi, qui etiam 
cadaver propugnant, quum Menelaum novia viribus implet 
Minerva, Hectorem hortatur Apollo, annuente Jove (484-596). 
Tandem inclinat Achiva acies, ipse etiam Ajaz TelamoniuB 
trepidat : cujus jussu Menelaus Antilocbum coeBi Patrocli et 
acceptflo cladiB nuntium ad Achillem mittit (597-701); idem- 
que Menelaus cum Merione cadaver ad naves deportare audet, 
comitatu fretuB Ajacum, ingruentes hostea arcentium (702- 

M tv tX a ov dfittTBia. 

najQOxXoq Tqmaai dafitlg iv drftoTJjTi, 
Brj ds dia nQOfidx<ov, x(xo(fV&/iivog aV&oni jta^xa» * 
'jfi<pl d' ag* avtM (ialv^, wg tig ntgl nograxi fn^jrig, 
s JlQtaToroxogt xivvqi}, ov uqIv tldvla roxoio ' 
']flg TTfpl IlaxQoxlo} ^aivt ^ay&og Msvilaog. 
Ilgoad-B dd oi doQV j licr/s xal aanida narxoa^ iifrny, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

266 IAIAJ02 P. 

Thv xTUfurai, fitftamg, ogng tovy ' iartUiq SU^oi. 

Ovb ' Sqa Jluv&ov vlog ivfifitUrig afiiltiaew 
10 Uat^oxXoio neaonog agAVfiovog ' ayx*' ^ ' ^^ avtov 

*'£aTTj, nal nqogiumv AQrji'<piX<nr MiviXaov ' 
[dt^eldrj Msyilas, Jiorgsipig, ogx^^f^^ law, 

Xdieo, lEine de ve^goy, I'a d' tvaqa jigorotrra! 

Ov yag rig ngortgog Tgtawv xXtixwv t* inixoiguv 
U UaTgoxXoy (iaXs dovgl xaxa xgajBgriv iafAivtjV * 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 XVn, 273 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

274 lAIAJOS P. 

Thf 9% nsaort' iXitiatP ^A^log Idatioonaiog, 
^idvasy di xal o ngocpomv JcafadUx^ uayta&m * 
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866 Earaotsg mgl 27aTfoxil^» ngo di davQctt* txovxo. 
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tof oiy * sy^a xal h&a vixw oXiyji hi x^gji 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XVn. 276 

8M "^Imwp ifupott^i ' fMiXa yaq Qf^uxw tXntio i^Vfiop^ 
Ti^ahf fiiy, iqvuv n^\ "jXiov, mnaq l^fttioX^, 
Nrfiiq tiik yloupvoag* s^c^^ ^' ovrov fi^Xog 0(fUQ9^ 
*'AyQtog' ovdi * "^(fflS Xaoaaoog, ovdi k' 'A^irti 
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ndai xdvoi I TO xsv r^fitv aq>aq noXv xigdiov tV^, 
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Ovifu iytoxlfitpam xagima * Ifdx^a di Oipw 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


BBQfia xona flXupagmp jf A/ia^r; (it fiv^ofdwouiiPf 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAA0 2 XVII. 277 

"^ iq^ax^' *J)MtfUdtnf de fiori&oop agfi^ inagovaas 
KaqnaUfitaq udariya xal ijWa laCszo j^^c^a/y * 
AvxofUdfav d anogovas. yoijas di qxUdifiog £xtt»Q * 
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Avxta XB xxevisiv, iXdav t' igiavxEvag innovg ' 
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"Jig ag* oyB Txgo^ogwp niqBv vnxiog ' ip di 05 tnfOf 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

278 IAIA/i02 P. 

ft35 £xtioff d ' AvxofiidovToq axoyjiat dov^l q>atm^ * 
MX 6 fih avxa iS(av tilBvaio xo^lxBW tyx^g ' 
IlQoaam yag naiixvip^' to d^ i^oni&sv dogv fiaxgor 
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*EyX^og ' ivx^a d ' Bntir atpUi fjUrog ofigifMg '^Agfig. 

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AgyaXeTj, noXvdaxgvg ' tyeiga Ss vtixog ^A&iivti, 

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Ogyvfitvat Aavaovg ' drj yag voog ixgdnix* amov. 
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Zivg ii ovgavo&tv, jigag e/uifiEyai rj noXifioio, 
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*^Jlg rj nogqivgiji vtfpiXri nvxqLoaaa e airily, 
Avast' Axaimv td^vog, sysigs da q>^Ta ixaatov, 
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Ilatgoxh^ ' fidXa yag fie &ayiay igeftdaoato ^fiiy. 

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XaXx^ drfUay * t^ ydg Zevg xvdog OTidCei. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA^02 XVIL 279 

'\ilg <pajo' ytj&fiaof di &ta ylavxSntg ^A^vff, 

*Ev de pirpf wfiotat real h yovvaaavy e&fixev, 

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"ffrt, %al iqyoftivTi fidXa nsg jifpoo^ ardgofiioio, 
'/or/oya^ daxduy, Xa(fQV ti ol aifi^ ayS-gdnov ' 
Toiov fuv S-dgaevg nXtjat (pgivag afiq>ifiiXaivcig. 
Sij d' ini UettgoxXt^, xai dxortias dovgl (pasiy^^ 

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/irifiov, ind ol halgog erjv <plXog tilaTnyctari^g ' 
Toy (a xata (oiatTJga ficiXs ^ayd-og MeyiXaog, 
Ai^avTa giofiovde ' Biango ds xotXxov tXaaosy ' 

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Nbxoov vnsx Tgdav tgvatv find B&vog kxalgioy. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Kal TOT* ag* Aiag bIixb poriv dya&ov MByiXaoy' 
^inxBo vvy, MsyiXas jtoxgBqfsg, at xBy tdijai 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I AX A JO 2 XVIL 281 

Zmiv li' *APiiloxw9 iityet&vfwv NiatOQag viw* 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


!& aikai fi^ya^M ' to d' inifi^fiti k irifuuo * 

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^evyonwy Javawv' nolifwv d' ov ylyvtt i^rj. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 2. 

Accepto nantio de nece Patrocli, Achilles planctui et lamen- 
tifl indulffet (1-34). His lamentis ex mari excita Thetis cam 
cohorte Nere'idum ad filium consolandum venit ; quern quam 
nlciscendi Hectoris cupidissimum videt* quamvis id statim ipsi 
&tale futuram sit, cupidinem ejus is poster um diem differt, 
quo ei nova a Vulcano fabrican(u arma perlaturam se promittit 
/35-137). NereidibuB domum remissis, Thetis ad Olympum 
restinat, dum prcelium renovatur super Patrocli corpore \ quo 
tandem potiturus erat Hector, nisi Achilles, monitu Junonis, ex 
fossa Trojanos truci adspectu voceque terruisaet, et ftmestam 
ad mcenia fugam fecisset (138 - 231). Interim Achivi cotdus 
ereptum tabernaculo AchilHs inferunt, instante nocte (232 - 
242). Tumultuariam concionem habent Trojani, quibus Poly- 
damas suadet, ut salutem intra mosnia querant, neu se Achilti 
in acie objiciant trucidandos ; sed prudens consilium displicet 
Hectori et pojpulo (243-314). Noctem in armis pervigilant 
Trojani : Achivi, praeeunte Achille, Patrocli casum deflent, 
cadaver curant, lectoque componunt (315 - 355). Ad Olvm- 
pum, ubi Jupiter modo conjugem objurgabat, quod AchiUem 
concitasset, eadem noctepervenit Thetis, inque domo Yulcani 
amice ezcipitur (356-427): (^ui ei fkcile exoratus clipeum 
eximia arte et reliqua arma fabncatur (428-617)* 

^O nX on it a. 

Slg ol fiiv (laqvarto difjuxg nvgog ai&ofdvoio * 
Jbnlh>xoq d j^iXrj'C nodag xaxvg ay/slog 'tjk&ey. 
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Tot (pqoviort' dvd •^fiov, a dij xmUofiiva ^ev' 
Ox^oag d aga sins ngog ov fisyaX'^TOQu •&vfi6y ' 

Kfl (lot iyto, t/ t' Sg^ avre xagfixofiomrtsg 'Jx^uoi 
Nrlvalv tnt xXoyionai, irviofievot ntdioio ; 
Mri di^ fioi TsXiaaai d-sol xaxa xtidsa &vfA^, 
"Jlg noti fioi firitTjg dit7tiq>gade, xal fiot Bsmev, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XVni. 286 

10 Mv^fudwmp Tor ttQiOTotf, hi itSovtog ifttio, 

H fiala d» ti&vri»8 Mwoniov Sihtifioq vliq ' 
S^hhoQ, If t ixiXivar, imtnodfLWOv dijiov nvf , 
'*Atp inl vfjag ijusr, fnid ' "Jixrogi }(pi fiax^a&ui, 

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T^oqtga ol fyyv&tp riX-d'tv ayavov Niaiooog vtog, 
jdxQita SsQfia j)^€0)y, ipdro d ' a/ytUijv aXt/Biyi^v * 
*lfl lAOh HriUog vik 8ai:q>QOVog, i} fidXa Ivy^fijg 
JlBvaeai ayytXlrig, ij firi i»<)p6iLl« yeyiaS-ai. 

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l\fivov * octdq jdye ttvxB* t/si xogv&oUoXog "Extwg. 
*^Jlg ipdto' Tov d' ax^og mpiXii ixdXvtpe fulairvu 
l4fi<poTdiffjai di x^^^^ ^^* xorty aid'aXoiaaav, 
Xsvaio xax xtfpaXfjgf jfa^/ev 9 ' ^axwe nqogtanw * 

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AvTog d iy xovlfjat fUyag fuyaXfuaji jayvo'd'tlg 
Ksho, (fdXfiai 9b x^9^^ xoftiiv ^axvy^ 9aLiotv. 
JfjLoaal 9 ', dg Axdsifg Xtftuaajo ndiqoxXog ib, 
QvfAoy dxijxbfieyai fisydX* Xaxoy ' ix 9b -^vQaCB 

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^•^S-Bu nBTiXi^yoyjo, Xv&By 9* vno yvla ixdorr^g, 
*AyilXoxog 9 ' higto^iy o9vqbto, 9dx^a X$i(imy, 
XBlqag tx^y 'AxtXijog ' o 9^ lajeyB xv9dXifioy xijg ' 
JeliiB yog fin Xatfioy dnoxftiiU^ ai9iigtjf ' 

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Kaxvaiy t* aQ'.htBna' <^ea« 9d fuy afupayi^rto, 
Jldoai ooai xata /Hyd-og aXog Nr}^tii:9ag ijaay. 
*'Ey^* aq^ hiy VXavxri tb, OaUid tb Kv(Ao96xfi tij 

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Kvfio&ofj TB xal 'Axtalfi xal AifiyiaQBiOj 
Kal MbXIth xal *'laiga, xal *Aiiq>k&6fi xal ^Ayawi, 
Aonm TB Uqiotw tb, tPigovad tb Jvyafiiyfi tb, 
jBiafiBVfi TB xal ^Afiq>iv6fiTi xal KaXXtdyBiQa, 

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' NfjfugfTiig TB xal [4tpsv9^g xal KaXXidyaaaa * 
"Ey&a 9 ' tffy KXvfdyri, *ldyBiqd tb xal ^idyaoaa, 
Maiga xal VlgBi&vta, ivnXoxafiog t' 'AfidS-Bta ' 
'^AXXcu & *, aX xaTa /iiy&og aXog Nrigfit9tg tiaay. 

60 Tuy 9b xai agyvq>Boy nX^To aniog' at 9^ dfta niaok 
SiT^^Ba nenXifyoyro * Oitig 9* i^gx* yooio' 
KXvtb, xaulyy fixai Niiifr[i9tg, oq>g* tv naaat 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ijlJAJOl S. 

*!ESoxw ij^aiQ»y ' o d* arsd^fitp egrti laog ' 
liiv fih iym &gitffaaa^ <pin6v Sg yovv^ (tloatlg, 
Nrivatw iningoirixa xogaplaiv *'lXioy $iaw, 
Tlgt^al fUMXiiaofisvov ' tov 6 ' avx vnodi^ofiai otVTKi 

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Axyvtai, ovdi xi ol dvvafAai XQotiofJiijaat ioma, 
ALk slfji ^, ocpga I'dtofu <piXov tdxog, fjd ' inaxovao», 
0,JU fiiv Xxeto 7tiv&og, ano TrroUfioio fUvona* 

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/faxQVoeaaai taav, ncqi dd aqtim xv^a S-aXdaaijg 
*P^yvirto. xal d * ots dr^ TqoItjv iql^rnXov I'xorro, 
Axxr^v Bigavs/Saivov iniax^^^t tvd'a ■&a(ABtal 
Mvgfudoymv sVgvvxo vitg xaxvv afiq> ^AxiXria. 

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O^v 9i xQfxvaaaa xdgrj Xd^B noudog idio ' 
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'E^otvda, firi xBvd-t ' xd fiiv di^ xoi^ xexiXsaxav 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XVni. 387 

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Digitized byVjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 2. 

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OiffOfuyai t8 yi^ovd" ' ahov xal dcafictja natgog, 
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"Eaxf^xi ngo vmv, ol d* aXX^Xovg oXixovaiy, 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


* Iqi &Ba, rii yiq ae ^mv ifiol iyytlw finer ; 

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Jldoiv oglv&rj &Vfi6g ' axdg xaXXlxgixeg tnnot 
'jiiff oxfOL xgontov ' oaaovxo ydg dXysa Svfif, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

390 IAIAJ02 S. 

99i ^Hvloxoi i* txnX'fiy%Vt iml tdop ixafiojop nvQ 
Jeivov vniq xiipdkt^q fis/a&vfiov IlfiXdo^vog 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XVin. 291 

Afifi^lvi * H d* SfifiB mxricnak iyS-dd* iirtag 
AvQWP OQfOi&tlg avv xsvxtfTiv, iv rv Tf^ aiiov 

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ndvTfg fiv&iaxovTO noXvxf^voov, noXi'xaXxov ' 

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nolXd di dri ^QVylriv xal Mtjovlrjv iQaTfivqy 
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^AXyioy, at x i&iXjjah xf taatxai. ov fttv fywyt 
^tu^ofiai, ix noXi/iOio dvgrixiog, dXXd fidX ' orri/y 
:Striao^ai, rl xb (piqjjai, fiiya xqdxog, ij xt ff>tqol(tsgy. 
Svyog ^EwdXiog, xal xt xxaviovxa xaxixxa, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

2W lAlA/iOS S. 

yrinioi ' ix ydq aq>t(oy (pgivag etXno Jlallag 'A&^Pti* 
Emogt fiiy yag in^vriaay, xaxa fifittoiavii * 
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'£g nidag ttt xit^aikT^g * xa&vnig&B di, «pdgBi Uvxf. 

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lAiAjos xvm. 888 

HwmfxnQk fiir ennttt nodag ra/vy iftfp* *Ax*^^^ 

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£S avifjs iyiifortQ naQ^nofiommg ^om)/. ^ 

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Jlvoxaii K^ldti, ndiov top fiv&ov htnig I 
Kal fih dii nov xig fiiXkti floorog iydql tBXiaavu, 
"Ogne^ &yrit6g t' iarl, xai ov roaa fii^oea oJdtP * 
Hag dfi Bymy ', tj (fHftt -^tamv tfifiiy aglarri, 

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Kiidrifjieu, av di naoi fux' i&avdxoiaiv ivdaoiig, 
Ov* o(fskov TQcisaai noxtaaafiirri nana (dtpai ; 

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*H<palaxov 9 ' txava dofiov Oixig agyvgomSa, 

910 A(p&ixov, aaxtoosvxa, fji$xan(fini* ad-avdxoKTtPt 
Xdlxsop, OP 6 aviog non^aaxo KvXlonodlmv» 
7^p 9' tVQ^ id^wovxa, iXicaofitvop tic^* fpvaag, 
^Jisvdorta ' XQlnodag yag idxoat nuvtag mv/cVi 
£axdfAiyai ntQl xolzov ivaia&eog fityd^oio * 

t76 XqvQia di a<p ' ifjio xvxXa kxJiax^ nv&fAivi 'd'fjxsv, 
*'0<poa ol avxofiaxoir ^eiop Svaodax ' iytLra, 
Hd avxhg nqog dw/ia vfolaxo, -d-avfia idia&at, 
Oi d* ^TOt xoaoov fiiv ^ov xilog, ovaxa 9* ovix» 
^aiddXta ngogsxBixo ' xd ( ijgxvs, xotxxb ds SiOfUtvg. , 

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ToqtQa ol iyyv^tP ^Z^e ^m OLxig aQyvgonej^a. 
Tfiy 8b ide ngofioXovaa Xdgig Xinaqoxgifit^vog, 
KaX'n, xTip anvu ntgixXvxog Aucpiyvmig ' 
Ep X aga oi q)V x^^Qh ^'^og x tq>ax , ex x opofioi^fp 

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*AXX* Biito ngoxiga, 7pa xoi nag Ulvux -d-tlto. 

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Tr^P fiev BTteixa xa&BlatP inl -d-goyov dgyvgoi^Xov^ 

880 KixXov, daidaXiov * vno di &grjwg noaly f,ev* 
KixXixo d ' "ffifaiaxov xXvxoxixyiiP, ilni xb fAV&op ' 

"Htpaiaxt, ngo^oi* mdB f Oixig vv xi obIo X^^K^ 
Tr^ d ' '^fiil^tx ' emixa TtsgixXuxog *Afiq>iyviJBig ' 
H ^d vv fioi dtivi] XB xal aldolfj S^tog ivdop ' 

MSTffft' iadtaa^, oxt fi' aXyog atplxfxo, xijXB nsaopxa, 
Mf^xgog dfirjg ioxrjxi xvyfaTXidog, tj u ' i^iXriaBV 

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IAIA/i02 2. 

KqviifUi,x^lMr iorta' tot* Stf nd&or Stkyw &VfM4» 

EvjfwofAf^, ^ydtTjQ aipo^^oov ]n.xiay6io» 

*» T^ai naq* elvdeteg zdixsvoy doUdaXa noiXd, 

no^nag jb yvufiTtrdg ^ ' Duxag, xdXvxdg t8 xoii QQftovg, 
Ev onrfi ykaqnig^ ' nsol di ^6og 'Jlxeayoio 
Aipif^ fioQ/AVQ(ov ^iev aansTog ' ovdi tig SXlog 
*^f£de€y, ovtt ^sw, ovrs i^xwy ay&Qm7t09y, 

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*^H vvv '^fiitiQov dofiov Xxei * t^ fu fidXa jt^eiu 
nana Ohi, xaXkmloxdfK^ itidyqiM tlvur* 
'jXXa av fih vvv ol nagd&tg ^eivnCa xahi, 
uq>Q av iyw wvaag ano-d-eiofiat oJtla te notrta. 

410 H, xal an axfjto&irout itilaQ al'tirov dvianif 

XwXevfov ' vno di xyrjfiai Qfaovxo dquial, 
0vaag fuv ^ dndvev&e xi&et nvqog, onla t« Troira 
Adqvax Ig aQyvqirjv avXXd^axo, xolg inoviixo " 
SnoyyiA d afi(pl TtQogoma xal afiffxa x^tq* anofAogyrv, 

416 Avxiva Tfi (Txi^aQov xal arij^ca Xaxvi^evxa ' 

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XviXtvoiv' vno d afi<pinoXot (toovxo avaxxh 
Xgvaeiah j^at^ai vei^iaiv tloixvlai. 
Tjjg iv fikv voog iaxl fiixd <pQ(aly, iv ds xal avdij, 

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At fiiy vnai&a avaxxog inoinwov ' avidq 6 tq^vtVt 
IlXrjalov, ty&a Ohig nto, inl &q6vov Ifs ipasivov ' 
Ev X aqa oi <pv x^^Qh ^^og x t(pax , tx x ovofiaZsv 
Timt, Ghi xavvnenXe, ixdveig ^fiixeqov dm, 

4M AldoUi X8 (plXri XB ; ndgog ys fiiv ovxt &afiiieig, 
Avda o,xi, (pqoviiig ' xBXiaai di fiB &Vfi6g Sv(oyev, 
Ei dvvafjiai xeXiaai ys, xal si xsxBXeafUvov iaxlv. 

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''Htpatax*, 1) aqa di^ XLg, oaai &ial bIo ' iv uXvfin^, 

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"Oaa' ifiol ix naaitav Kqovidrig ZBvg aXyB* Bdmxsv / 
'Ex fiiv fi* dXXdav aXidotv dvdql ddfiaaOsv, 
Alaxidrj IlriXtih *al BxXriy dvigog ewfjv, 
IloXXa fidl ovx i&iXovaa * o fiiv dri yr^Qui Xvyqf 

4S6 KbIxui ivl fiByaQOig aqiHAiyogt aXXa di fiok vvv ' 
Tiov inti fiot d^xB yBvia&ai xb xqaipifiev xt, 
*'E$oxov i^^biQiv * d ' avidqafiiv sqvB'i Taog ' 
Toy fiev iyui ^qiipaaa, <pvx6v ag yow^ aXniig, 
Nijvalv ininqoi^xa xoq»vlai,v "jX^w Btam, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XVin. 986 

Ml T^wil (u^aofiwor ' tor d ' oix vnodi^fuu tnmgp 
OUadB voarliaarsa, douov IlriXiiiop el<J«. 
^'OipQa di /M>* {^eJa» xal oq^ tpdof 'HtHoto, 
*jtXinnai, oidi il ol dwafiat jt^ata/i^aot lovaa, 
Kovgrpf ^ a^a ol yi(fttg &ikov vhg [^amv, 

441 T^ Sip ix /cA^My tXcio MQsimv IdyafUgivmf, 

^Hxoh o xT^q a/tW, <pQBV€ig tq>&itr ' avjuQ [^tuovg 
7]pttls( inl nqvfinjaiv itUtov, oifdi ^v^ois 
JEtotv i^tivai * lov di Uaaorto yii^vteg 
'jl^tUty, xal noXla m^ixlvra d<o(f* ovofAoCov. 

4S0 ^Evd' * ainog luv insit' r^vaivno Xoiyov afivrat ' 
Avxaq 6 Uaxgoxlov negl fih xa a xtvzia toQW, 
nifATiB di fu¥ noXsfiOvdt, noXvv d ' oifia laiv onaaaw, 
Jlav d' TjfiaQ fioffvavto 7x^(^1 ^aifjai nvXtjaof' 
Kal vv xtv otvxfjfiaQ noXiv tJiQa&oy, ti iatj 'AtxoXXuv 

4M IloXXa xaxa (i^avxa, Mevoixiov aXxifiov viov, 
*'£icxtiv' ivi ngofiazoMh xal **Exxo(fi xydog idmxtp, 
Tbvvexa vvv xa act yovva& Ixdyofiah at x^ i&BXfia&a 
fUi i^at tuxvfiOQot dofiBv aanlda xal xgvq>aXBiar, 
Kal xaXdg xvrnudag, ima<pVQioig aqa(jvlag, 

400 Kal ^ai^i2;t' ' ^ ydq ijy oU aitwUaB ntaxog hai^o;, 
T^ttal dafitig * o di xtixat inl x^ovl ^vfAOv axBVBgr* 
Tfiv 3' rififl/iex' tJistxa ntQixXvxog ^AfiquyvriBig' 
Baqaii, (ti^ xoi xavxa fuxd q>gial a^oi (AiXortttP, 
Jl yaq fuv -d^avaxoio ivgrixiog tadB dwalfitiy 

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"Slg oi xtvxBa xaXd naqiaoBxai, old xtg uvxb 
*Ay&gf6noiv noXiiav d-avfidaasxai, og xiy XHtixai, 

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Tag d' ig nvg hgiipe, xiXsvai xb igydSta&a^, 

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nayxolfiv Bvngr^oxov aikfirjy i^yitlaah 
^jiXXoxB fih anBvdovxi nagififuvai, aXXoxB d ' ovrt, 
"OnitOBg *'H(paiax6g x* i&iXoi, xal tgyov arono* 
XaXxotf d ' 4v nvgl pdXXev axBigia xaaalxBgir xb, 

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Ofjxsy h axfio&BXff^ fiiyay axfiopa * yivxo di x^Q^ 
*Putaxfiga xgaxBgrpff ixigjjipi di yirxo nvgdyqmpf. 

IIoIbi di nooixiaxa adxog fjiiya xb aufiagop tt, 
ndrxooB daidaXXtov, ntgl d* arxvya fidXlB (paBtnfv, 

400 TglnXaxa, fiagfiagitiv, ix d* agyvgtop xsXafiwa. 

nivxB d* ag avxov*eaap adxBog nxvxBg' avxaq h avff 
noUh daldaXa nolXa idvlfia^ nganldBQaiv. 

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lAlAdOS X 

lUUov t' ixdfutrtet, JSdijpfiP tt TtX^&ovottP, 
48f £y di ta le/oea narta, tar* ovqawo? ioTHpoamtfUf 
IlXrfidda^ & ^Tddag ti, t6,tB a&ivog ^fl^Uirof, 
"ji^xiov &^, ijv uai afio^ay iTtixXtiatv naXiovatPf 

Otfi d^ a/AfiOQog iati Xottq&v ^Slx%ct»olo. 

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KdXdg, iv t;) fuv ^a yufioi r tauv tiXanivai re * 
Nvfiq>aq d ' in •d'cddfifov, dcttdav vno Xetunofiiyampp 
Ifylvtov ivd aoTV ' noXifg 6 ' vfiivaiog oqioqbi ' 
KovQoi d ' OQXV^VQ^ idlvtoVf iv d ' Sga rdiaiv 

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'lardfiivat d-avfiaiov inl n^o&vgoiaiy kxaarti. 
uiaol d iiv dyogfj taav a&goot ' tv&a di vttxog 
Jl(fi»ifH ' dvo d urdgeg iviixeov tXvtxa noivrjg 
jiydifbg dnoq)&tfjiiPov ' 6 uev ivxfjo nart ' anodovnu, 

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*l4izq.a) d^ Ua&ijv inl taroQi niiqaq iXia&at. 
Aoiol d ' dfi(potdQoiaiv inrfitvovt dfi<ptg dgoayol * 
Ki^^vxeg 6 ' uga Xab^^ igi^rvov ' oi di yigovxtg 
^Xar' inl Ucrrolai XlS-otg, Uqm irl xvxXto' 

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Toiatv tnftj ' ij'iaaov, ufioi/irjdlg di dlxa^op. 
Kftro d Sq iv fiiaaoiai dvto XQ^^oio itiXavra, 
Till dofifv, og fiBTCt Toiai dlxrjv i&vrtnra (lno^» 

Tf^v d^ krigrjv noXiv dfupl dvta (ngatol tXato Xairf - 

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*Hi dtanga&itiv, ij avdtxo nana ddaaa&at, 
Ktriaiv oariv ntoXUd^ffov inr^Qaxov ivrog iigyn* 
Oi d ' ovjifti nsl&ovto, X6x<o d * vni^iaqr^aaovto, 
Tiixog fiiv ^ ' aXoxol u <plXat xal v^ma rixra 

»l» 'Puai', iffBataoTtg, futd d^ dvigsg, ovg ^e yrj^ag* 

Oi d' laety ' ^qx^ ^' ^Qf* ^^9^^ "Aiffig xal JlaXXdf ^A&fpnn, 
^A^fpta xilvoBiw, XQvatia di Btfiaia Jla&rpp, 
Xoicu xal fAtydXta av¥ xbvxboiv, wgrB &tm tibq, 
*Afuplg aQiii^iM ' Xaol d* vnoXl^ovBg tjaetr, 

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*Ev natafiA, o&i t* dgdftog triv ndrtBaai poxolavyf 
TSr^' &00L xoiy^ tCov%*, siXvfjiiroi aV&oni xaXtcf. 
Toliai d tnBtx * aTxdrtv&B dvu axonol itaro Xamr, 
Aiyfitvoi onnoxB fi^Xa idolaro xal ^xag fiovg. 

9U Oi di xaxa ngoyhorto, dvn d^ Sfi* tnorto POfiiifg, 

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I jit A J OS XVin. 297 

Tsqnoiiepoi avgiy^i ' doXov d ' ovrt ngovotiacty. 
Oi fUy ja nqoidovxBg inidqoifiov, tma 5^ tmita 
TdfAyorc afupl fiowv iyiiag xal ntota %aka 
AQytwioy otav * muvov d ' inl fifiXo^OTijgag. 

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Blgdtav ngondooi&s xa-S^fuyoi, avrlx ' i<p Xrntw 
BdvTiq degaiTtodwv fitrsxia-d-ov, ahfta d^ Xxorto. 
2iriad(iivQl y ifidxorto fidxriy norafiolo naq^ ox^ag, 
Bdlkov d' aXXrikovg xo^x'^qtatv iyx^ljiatv, 

635 !£y d' ^'Egig, iv d$ KvdoigjLog ogilksov, iw d' oXo^ Ki^g, 
liXXoy ^odov ix^vaoi veovrarov, alXov Sovtov, 
*jiXXov tsdyrjara xaid fio&ov iXxs nodoTiv ' 
Eifia d' tx' atfiqil* ufioioi daq>0Lve6v aifioni <pwTwr. 
JlfilXevv d', ^gxB iaol Pqorol, ^5' ifiaxovro, 

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EvqiiaVy tqlnoXor • nolXol d' dqoirjqtg iv avrfj 
Ztvyea dtvevovrsg iXdarqioy sv&a xcil tvd^a, 
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'idftsyot ynolo fia&drig liXaov ixia-d-at. 
'H ds fitXalyei* omod-iy, aqriqofiiyrj di if^xti^ 
Xqvaeifj ntq iovaa ' to dri niqi -d-avfia rirvxro. 

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"Hftety, o^dag dqendvag iy x^Q^^^ ^onrc;. 
Jqayfictra d ' aXXa fitr' oy/ioy inijrQi/jia nlittov tqa^i, 
^jXXa d^ cifAaXXodsTfiqtg iy iXXidotyoiai diorto- 
Tqtlg d^ Sq' afiaXXodnijqsg- ifpiaraaay ' avidg onto^w 

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*Aan€Qx^^ ^agtx^' fiaoiXtvg 6' iy jdia^ aiwtri 
Sxtintgoy ^«9y lorifxu in' oy/AOV yti^oawog xrjg* 
Kii^xtg 5 ' andyiv&sy vno 5giA' daha nivceyjo, 
Bovy d' Ugsvaotyrig fuyixy ufuptTioy ' al di yvycuMQ, 

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KaXiiy, XQVodrpf ' fidXaysg d wd poTgveg tiaoty * 
'EoTiixH 5i xdfioii dtafiniQig aQyvqijiaiy, 
^Al^pl di, xvayirfy xdneioy, ntql d * tgxog tkaaoB^ 

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T^ ylaaorto <poqfitg, ots xqtvyo^aiy alaii}^. 
Jlaq^tyixal di xai ^t&ioh ataXd (pQoyioru^, 
JjUxToig iy jaXdqoiai ffigQy fitXttidia %aqniv. 

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Tfiiaiv i^ iif ftiaaoun naig <piqfuyyy hjjlfl 
•70 'jftsgoof m&a^ii9 ' Uvw d* vno koIw audti^ 
uieTnaXirj ipmvfj * to) di ^ifaaoirf ^ a/io^rj 
MoXTtjj T Uf/fif T0 ftoal axal^orteg inorto* 

Ji da fioBg xQvadio tnsvxato xaaanigov %8 ' 

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JZao norafiop xelddorra, naqa ^odavor dwaMtja* 
Xgvattoi di vofiiJ€g afi^ ifrrtxootvjo jiotaaa^y 
TiaGaQtg, hvia di a4jpi xvvBg nodag agyol inorro. 
^ftegdaliifa di Uopzt dv* iv nqwijiai fiotaatr 

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Elxho • Tov di Kvveg fiettxla&ov '^d otfijo/. 
Tu fiiv avag^i^^avte ^oog fjitydXoto Posltjv, 
^Eynaja xal ftdkav tufjM ka<pvaasioy ' oi di rofAfitg 
AvTtog MlfOixv, taxiag xvvag orgvyovrtg, 

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lardfiepoi di fidX* iyyvg vlaxtsop, bm t aliorro, 
'Ep di vofiop Ttolrjos nsgixlvtog ^AfKpiyvi^Big, 
^Ep xaXjj p^aatjt fiiyap oi&p igyepvdtop, 
2ia&fiovg ts xliaiag tb xcttfjQsq>bag idi arjxovg, 

600 £p di xoQOP nolxtXXt nBgixlvrog 'AfupiywiBig, 
T$ txBXop, olop not* ip\ Kvma^ BvgBlfi 
JaldaXog ^xijaey xaXXinXoxd/jM Aguxdpti, 
^Ep&a flip '^i'-&toi xal nag&ivoi aXg^al^oiat 
JlQXfy^ > otlXr^XmP Inl xagn^ X^^9"S ^orrc?. 

606 Tup d^ at flip XtTndg od-opag bxov, oi di xitSvag 
JSi«T* iyppi^rovg, ^xa axixpopxag iXalm' 
Kal ^' al flip xaXag otBqxxpag *bxop, oi di fiaxal^ 
EIxop XQVoslag ^| dqyvqimp TBXafimwf. 
Oi d ' oxi flip &gi$aaxop inunafUpoiah nodBooiP 

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'E^ofiBPog xBoafiBvg nBigijaBTah at xb •d'iriaip ' 
*!AXXotB d* av d^DBlaaxop inl arlxotg aXXfiXoiaup, 
UoXXog d^ ifiBQOByta xogoy nBguarad- ofuXog, 
TBgitofiBPoi ' fiBxd di aq>ip ifiiXuBto &uog aoidog, 

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MoXnrig Hdqxortog, idlpBvop xatd fiiaaovg* 

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^Anvyu nag tcvfiaxrfp uaxtog itvxa noifjtoZo. 

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Tbv^b di oi xogv&a figtagi^p, xgordq>oig agctgit/iap. 

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lAiAJos xvin. 

•15 Mtftqag 4r*^n?« ^*« nqOTtdgoi^w ail^ag. 
'H 0, t^l »9» oXto wn OvlvfAitov puftoenog. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O I! T, 

Orta lace Thetis Achilli anna Yaleania affert, enmqae nxr- 
■01 ad belli locietatem impellit ; Patrocli autem corpus divinis 
perfbndit odoribus, ut ad sepulturam integrum duret (1 - 39). 
Achilles, advocata concione, iracundiam suam abolitione depo- 
nit,atque e vestigio proelium postulat (40-73). Aj^amemno 
▼ioissim confitetur errorem suum, simul reconciliato dona 
ofiert, per Uljssem le^tum promissa : sed eorum Ule negli- 
ffens, quippe ultioni^ intentus, praslium poscere instat {jA- 
l53^. Tandem denique cedit Ulyssi^ exspectandnm esM 
monenti^ dum copiaD pranderint, recipitque coram concione 
dona et ipsam Briseldem, contentionis causam, quam intactam 
reddere se Agamemno per sacrificium adiurat (154-275). 
Dona ex publico loco in tabernaculum Achillis transferuntur, 
nbi mulieres Patroclum gemunt, et ipse denuo lamentatur 
heroa; qui, ezercitu cibum capiente, pertinaciter abstinet 
(276-339). Is igitur a Minerva ccelo demissa recreatur, mox 
novis armis accingitur, currum conscendit cum Automedonte, 
atque, auditis ex altero equorum fatis suis, prodigus vite in 
aciem educit (340-424). 

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'Iflg agoi <pmniaaaa S'ta xati Tttsfs* t&fintr 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 







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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJpS XIX. 301 

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Juvov vno filt^gwv, w^il ailag, iltipaav&w ' 
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Axnag insl (pQBah ^ai mdgnno, daidaXa Uvaawp, 

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"Bgy* BUBP a&avatmr, fnidi fiq<nhv avdga xBkiaaai. 
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Jsidm, n^ fiot TOipga Msyoitlov SlMfwv vlow 

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Evkag iyytlvwrteu, asixloaoiai H vBitqov — 
'E% d * aitiv 7riq>onM — xot« di XQ^^ nivza aoTt^rj. 
Tov S' '^fisifler' tnena &Ba Ohig agyvgonBia ' 
Tixvov, firi tot Tavta fista q>Qeal a^at (ulortay. 

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Mvlag, aX qd xb (puTag ^Aqr{iq>tttovg xaxidovQiVn 
^JiyntQ ydq xrjjal ys TiUaqtogov dg incnnov, 
Aul j^d ' Bozai XQ^fg Bfinsdog, ij xal agdwy. 
^AXka avy' tig dyogrjv xakiaag riqtaag ^Axoiiovg, 

86 Mfjviv anoBiTiatv Ayafiifivovi, novfiivi Xauv, 
Alfa ficiX' ig noXffAOV -d-o^ifaaeo, dvaso d^ iXxr^v, 
*^Jlg &qa cfxovr^aaact ftivog noXv&agasg ivrjxBif ' 
UatqoxXia d' avt' dfi^qoalriv xal vixjag igvd-gov 
J^d^e xard firwp, Xva oi XQ^S BfinBdog bItj. 

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SfiBgdaXia Idxtov, wgasp d fiQtaag Axcuovg. 
Kal ^ ' oXntq tondgog yB ytav iv iy&vt fUvBOxotf, 
Ol T« xvjisgvrJTm xal txov olrfia yrjav, 
Kal Tafiiai nagd vrjfvalv taav, oItoio dotijoig^ 

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*E^Bq>dvrj, dtjgoy ds fidxi}g ininavx aXBysiyijg, 
Tut ds dvoi axdZovtB j^dxrpf ^AgBog ^BgdnovtB, 
TvdBidrjg xb fisyBTnoXBfiog xal dtog OdvaaByg, 
^Eyxsi' igudojiiyo) ' hi ydg l^y tXxsa Xvygd, 

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"EXxog ^&)V * xal ydg xov iyl xgaxBgfj vafdrri 
Ovxa Kotav 'Avxr\yogl5rig xaXxijgil dovgl. 
Avxdg iriBidri ndfxfg doXXla&fiaay Axatol, 

65 Total d' dviaidtuvog fitxicpri nodag tixvg ^AxiXXtvg ' 

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303 IAIAJ02 T. 

*Jj^€ldfi, ^ Sg T» tod* ifMpotifoiaaf iquw 
^EnXno, aol %al ifiol, m rwt nag, ixmjfUim ic^^ 

T^v oq>tl h vffwai^ xonantafiip -"J^buu: l^, 

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T^ X* ov tooaot *Jxouoi oda^ Slor aanttov ovSag, 
Jvgfiiviety vno jpa^/y^ ifiev inofi^vlaartog, 
"jSxxoQi fiiv xal Tgotal to xigdior ' aitag ^Jgcuovg 
JrjQov ifirjg xal arjg tgidog fiOnjaea-d-w om* 

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Ovfiov ivl ati^&iaai <plXoy dafidaayttg avayxfj. 
Nuv d^ ijtoi fiiy iya navn xoloV oidi tl fA$ X9^ 
AaxeXimg aiil fuveturifisy. aXX ' aye ^aaaov 
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At x' d&ildta^ inl vijvaly iaviiv ' aXXd tiy' otu 
'Aanaaltag avray yow xdfuf/eiv, og xs {pvytjait 
Arfiov fx noXifioio vn lyx^og r^fitiigoio. 

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[Avrod-iy il i'dgfjg, ovd iy fiioaoiaiy ayaaxdg '] 
J2 9/Aot, ^qio^ Javaol, ^egdnoweg ^'Agrjog, 
'Eaiaozog fih xaloy axoveiy, ovds (oixcy 

80 ^TppdXXuv ' xoXenby ydg, iniardfityoy neg iorta, 
Avdgay S iy tioXXm ofiddia nag xiy tig axovaai, 
"^JI iXnoi ; pXdptxat di Xiyvg nsg i(ay ayogrftiig* 
JltiXtldrj fisy iyuiy iydBi^ofiai * avxdg ol aXXot 
Svy^fod^^, [dgyiioh fiv&oy t' «v yvwxB ixaatog. 

85 IloXXdxi di^ fioi tovxoy ^Axeuol fAV&oy tunop, 
Kal ti fu vHxdtaxov ' iyta S' ovx aVxiog sifu, 
'Akka Zivg xal Moiga xal T^agotpoltig ^JEgiyrug, 
OiTC fioi ely ayogfj q>gealy tfi^aXoy aygtov atfip, 
"Hftati tm, ox ^AxiXXijog yigag avxog ampigur. 

00 *AXXd tl xey fi^aifn ; &eog iid ndvxa xBktvx^, 
JlQiofia Aiog ^ydxr^g "Atfi, rj ndrtag adtai, 
OiXofiiyfi' trig f^^^ ^ anaXol nodtg' ov yog in* ovdm 
JllXyaxai, aU' aga r^ya xat* aydgmy xgdaxa (ialyu. 
[BXdTixova ' iy&gwnovg ' xaxd d ovy tttgov ye nidiio$y,] 

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*Ay8gwy f^di d^Bwr (f>aa* tfifuyat * aXX* aga xal top 
^Jfgri, ^iiXvg iovoa, doXoq>goovyiig andx^a€P, 
*'jfyati toh ox* ffiMB /ilTjy 'UgaxXfislriy 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


jUxfirjrn jfya&M ivax^ipawii^ h\ Biififj' 

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"Ofpg* «lVr«, rd n% &Vft6g hi avi^taaiv arwyti. 
^fisgoy avdga (pomgda fioyoaxoxog JEtXtl&via 
Enqxtrsif og ndmaat nioitniwwaiv avd^et, 

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Vtvarrjatig, ovd' avis riXog fjiv&fu int&rjaHg. 
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*H fsiy TOP ndrtiaai negtxtioveaaiv opoitip, 

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T£v aydgay, ot a^ff i$ atfiajog bUji, ysri&Xrig. 

Iflg a<pajo ' Zevg 6 * ovji doXoq>goavniv ivor^aey, 
jiXX* ofioatr fiiycty ogxw ' snaita ds noXXoi^ ada&ri> 
"Hgri 8^ at^aoa Xintv (lov OiXvfinoio, 

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'lip&luftv aXozov JS&syiXov Jligarfiddao, 
*H 8 ixvu iplXop vlov ' o 8* ifidofiog iavixBt fulg ' 
*En 8' ayaya ngo (p6(ag8a, xal ^hjoftTivop iirva, 
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£E9f| ai^g yayw iO'&Xog, og AgyaloMw opo^ai, 
Evgva&avg, S&tviXoio naig JZagarfiddao, 
So¥ yivog ' ov oi auxag ivaaaiutp 'jgyalotaip. 

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Mnnot ig OvXvfinov ra xal ovgarow aatagoana 
Avtig Aavaaa&a^ ^Atvpf^ ^ nanag aatat. 

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Egyop aauiag ajgorta vn EvgvaUTiog aa&luif. 
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^lU' ogaav n6Xafi6p8a, xo2 aXXovg Sgmf^i Xaovg! 

140 Jmga 8* iyip 08a nana nagaax^hf oaaa to» il&mp 
X&iiog hi xXtalpaiv vnaax"o 8iog ^08voaivg. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

3W lAIA^OS T. 

El d i&iXsig, inlfjuivoy, iTtetyofitvog ntg *'AQfjog ' 
Jciga di 101 -d-egdnoyrfg, ifi^g notga vtjog iXoneg, 
Otaova , o<pQa i'dtjat, o roi fi%vouxia doiaoi. 

146 T6y d ' anotfiuPofiEfog ngogdq)f] nodag tojevg !4r<^^ * 

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J^qa fxiVf at x ' d&iXrja&a^ nagaaxifiev, cu$ ininnig, 
"Ht ixdfiey ' ndga aoL vvv di fivrjatafie&a XfxQfJ^VS 
Alipa /idk^ ' ov yag xgv nloromvBtv iv&dd* iovTog^ 

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"Jlg %i Tig onn ' ^Axdrja find ngmoiaiv IdTitai, 
"Eyx^'C ;jfaAx«/a» Tg<6mv olixovra (pdXayyng. 
Jldi tig vfisloDV fUfivrj^svog avdgt ftaxio&io. 

Tov 5 ' dnafififlofisvog ngogiopri noXvfitjTig ^Odvaarog ' 

W6 Mfi y ovtoig, dya&og nfg idv, ^soslxeX' 'jixtXXsv, 
Nriaxiag otgwB ngoxl *'lXiov viag ^Axat^v, 
Tgtoal fiaxTiaofidvovg. insl ovx oXlyov XQovov tarat 
0vXonig, evi dv ngairov 6fitXi^a(oai tpdXayysg 
Avdgwv, iv ds ^Eog nvtvajj fjiivog ufiq)OTigoiaiy, 

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2ltov xal otvoio * TO ydg fiivog iatl xai dXxr^, 
Ov ydg dr^g Ttgonav tjfiag ig '^iXiov xtxradvyta 
"Axfirjvog altoio dwi^anai dvxa fidxsa&ai. 
£tjng ydg ^ufju^ ye fisroivda noXtfiliuVf 

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Alipa %9 xal Xifidg, pXa^nai Si tt ycmax Ximu 
"Og di X * dvfig, otyoio xogtaadfjisyog xal iSadfig, 
'Apdgdai dvgfurieaat nayrjfiigiog noUfdifi, 
BagaaXioy yv oi ritog iyl q>gsaly, ovdi %i yvXa 

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'jiX* SyB, Xaoy fjuv axidaaoy, xal dtuwoy arvix&i 
"OnUa^w* rd di dSga Sva^ avdgw *Ayafiifiytnf 
Oiaitm ig fidaaffy dyogi^y, tya ndrttg ^Axatol 
^Oqt&aXfioicrty Idttat, av 8i q>g8al apaiy iety&ng, 

176 ^Ofiyvija di toi ogxoy, iv ^Agycloiaiy iyaatag, 
M^nmz T^g wyj^g intp-^fuvah iidi fiiyijyai* 
[^p &ifug iarly, ayai, tit ' aydgmy ^tb yvymxAy *] 
Kali di aol airt^ &vfi6g iyl <pgBaly Ucroc tatm. 
Avjdg efiBnd as danl iyl xXtaltjg agBado&» 

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*Atgddfi, cv d' enena dyxaiotzgog xal in* £U^i 
"Eaaiai * ov fiiy ydg tt ytfuaofitdy, fiaailfia 
"Avdg * inagiaaao&at ore tig ngotegog xt^Xmiiyp, 

Toy d ' ovTc ngogiBinsy aya$ iydgHy *Ayafiifamp * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


IM Xal^ aw, jitti^M^, tor ftv&w aMCvaag * 
& fiolffji /ag nana diixto xai natiXt^g. 
Tttvra d * iywf i&ilti Ofioaai, ttHitai di fu &vfi6g, 
Ovd * intogx-^aw ngog dalfiwog. avtag AgtlUvg 
Miftrhw av&i Tiag, intiyofupog ntg "Aqf^oq ' 

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Kangw hoiuuaajw, Tafiieiv Ju t ' ^JliXlt^ t€« 

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Atgeidfi xvdiatB, aVa| awdgtiy IdyafUfivov, 

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Kal fiivog ov xoqov rjaiv M ariiS'taatv i^ioXaiv. 
Tfvy d oi fjth xitttai deda'iyfiivoi, ovg iddfiaaaiv 
^ExTmg JIgiafiidfig, &te ol Ztitg xvdog tdwxty. 

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Tivliad-a^ fidya dognov, inriy tiaalfit&a Xto^ffy, 
Ilqly y ovntag ay sfioiys <plXov xata Xaifiov iut^ 

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"Og fiei iyl xXiolf} dsda'iyfLsyog o^ii /aXx<^ 
Kelxai, oy« ngo&vgoy xsxgafifiiyog ' afi<pl 6* kxaigov 
Mvgovxai ' x6 fiot ovxi fitxa <pg$ul xavxa fiififiUy, 
AXXa ifovog xs xal alfia xal agyaXiog axoyog aydgur^ 

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Kgalaaay tig ifiid-ey xal q>igxegog oix oUyoy ntg 
"JEyxu, iyv) di x< quo voi^fuxxl ye ngoPaXolfiriy 
IloXXoy ' intl ngoxtgog yeyofirjy, xal nXtioya olSct, 

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"Afifixog d' oXlyiaxog, inf\v xXlyrja* xdXarra 
Ztvg, ogx ay&gti7twy tafdfig noXifioto xixvxxai, 

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Aifiy yag nolXol xal iin^xgifioi rjfiaxa nana 
nlnxovavy* nixt xir xtg iyanvevaut noyoio;- 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

8W IAIAJ02 T. 

JlXa x^ toy fih awtad^intuvt oq X8 •d-mn^aoff 
NffUa &vfM>y exorrag, in* ijfiaTt, danqvaattaq " 

no ''Ooaoi d* av noUfioio tibqI tnvyiqoio Ujtwrtcu, 
MEfivija&ai noaiog %al idr}TVO$, o<pf^ ht fuiiiXw 
^Ayigwn dvgfierisaai ftaxfofu&a y^Xsfiig aid, 
'^Eaadfupoi XQO%' xaJi*oy aTstgioL fitjdi rig aViipf 
Aatmf orgvyrvv notidiyfisyog laxovada&to* 

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Nrivaly in' ^Agydotv iH' a&QOOi OQfifi&img^ 
Tgaatv itp' innodoifioiaiy iydqofjLtv 6^ "A^a, 
H, %a\ Niaxoqog viag ondaaojo xvdaUfiow, 
^vlBldfiy IB Miyrjfta Ooavid ts MrjQioyfiy it, 

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Bdv d i'fiey ig xXwltiy AyafUfiyovog 'Atgddao, 
Avrix^ tntid-' otfia (ivd-og ttjv, miXtaro di iqymf 
^Entd fih in xXtalijg rginodag q>igoy, ovg oi vniGtri, 
Al^foyag da Xdprijag islxoat, dadsxa d ' iTtnovg ' 

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"JEm*, aTUQ oydodrrpf, Bgiarjida xaXhndgrjov, 
Xgvijov ds atriaag 'Odvasvg ddxa nmrta •tdXana, 
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Kal TOE fjLsy iv fuaarj ayogfj ^iaay, ay d ' IdyafUfnymv 

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Kangov l/wy iv x^Qol, naghTono noifUvt Xaoiy. 
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"H ol nag ^lq)eog fiiya xovXtoy aiiv amgio, 
Kangov anb tglxag dg^dfisyog, Ju xdgag ayaaxfiy, 

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'Anysioh xaxci fidigav, axovovrsg ^aaiXfiog. 
Evidfityog d ' aga tlnfy, iS^y tig ovgaybv Bvgvp ' 

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r^ ts xal ^HiXiog xal 'Egiyyvsg, ai&'' vno yailaw 

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Mfi uh iym xovgij Bgiatfidi Jt'V* ineyelxoh 
Ovj Bvvfjg ngoipaaiy xBxgvifdvog, otfrs rev oXUm' 
*AXX^ tfity' angotlfjtaarog iyl xXiaipaiy ifA^aiy. 
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T^ uh TaX^vfiiog noXii^g aiJog ig uiya Xo&tfM 
'Flip intdiyi^aag, flooiv ix^aty. avtag *Ax*^^^^ 
^Ajfordg ^Aoytloiat q>iXonjoXiftotai> fttv^a * 
370 Ztv naug, 19 fuydlag Stag Sydgwai didoic&at 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Oin UP 3^9voT« '^fiov h\ atii&faaiv ifuHaup 
^AtgMfig Sqips dlafint^ig, ovdi nt xov(fr[p 
HyBT, ifitv iixonogt afi'^ijtyog ' akXd no&t Zeig 
"H&tX* Uxcuoioty &wator noUwat ytrio^ai, 
«7« Niip d' tQxw&* inl dsiirvop, Xva ^a/nfier 'U^a. 

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no Kal xa fdy ip xhalpai &daixp, Jtd&ioay di yvptuuas * 
JknovQ d ' eig ayiXriP tlaoap '&8ganoprBg ayavoL 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1A1AA02 XIX, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

310^ I AI A/10 2 T. 

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'jiXJiMg dri <pgdita&8 aamaifiir ^vioxija 
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Ev ru xoi olda xal aixog, o fiot fiogog ir&dd* oXiad'tu, 
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Tff (a, xal iv ngmoig idxMf ^e fiwvxag tTurovg, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 r. 

Utro<jiie ezercitu infltrttcto, Jupiter diis ad concilium yoc&tiB 
permittit, ut quiBque, utri yelit, Buccurrat, ne excidium Tro- 
janis Achillis scYitia maturetur (1-30). Ita ad bellum pro- 
ficiflcuntur Juno, Minerva, NeptunuB, Mercnriua, YuIcsdub, 
Achiyia opem laturi ; Trojanis, Mars, Apollo, Diana, Latona, 
Xanthua, Venua : eorum ingressum coelestis fragor ac tremor 
terre concelebrat (31 - 74V Ante initum proelium Apollo iE- 
neam concitat contra Acnillem, Hectori instantem ; interim 
dii, Buaau Neptuni, seorsum ab acie considunt (75 - 155). Ya^ 
rias proYocationeB sequitur certamen Achillis cum .£nea, 
quem, regno inter Trojanos fatis deetinatum, Neptunua per 
nebulam periculo eripit T 156- 352), Hector, Achillem aggrea- 
•urus, roYocatur ab Apolline ; Achilles quum alios Trojanorum, 
tum etiam Polydorum, Priami filium, interficit (353-418), 
Jam fratemam necem ulturus cum Achille congreditur Hector, 
quem ipsum quooue nube circumdatum Apollo subducit (419- 
454). Csteros Trojanos dolore percitus Achilles adoritur, 
campumque foeda strage ccsorum atque armorum complet 
(455 -5(»). 

Jig ol fihf nagi Pffval mo^mvlat S'ugifaaovTo 
*A(iifl ait llfjXiog vU, fiaxiig axo^Toy, '^aiol ' 
TgoiBg d* av&* hign'S'tv inl ^gmafi^ nedlou), 

Ztvq di Biuuna xiXtvae S-tovg ayogiipde xtdiaaiu 

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^oit^aaaa, uiXwat Jiog ngog dAfia viea&at. 
0St9 Tig ow norafutp imtiv, v6a<p ' VZxeoyoXoy 
Ovt* Sga NvfMpdnv, ah' aXa$a uaXa vifimftai, 
Kal mnyig mytapMy xal nlaea noir^tna, 

10 *£ld'irttg d ' ig d£fia Jiog vtiptXtf/tgixao, 
Statjg ai&QV<niaiy iipliavw, ag AiC naxgi 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

813 1 At A A' OS T. 

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JNflKOvanioe &9ag, aXX ^alog ^l&s fin* crutovg, 
u 11^8 d* Sq* iff fuaaotai, Aio$ d* iU^Qfro fiovlrpf ' 

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Ovii jdrwd' ' i^ovai nodtoxea IlriXdtoyet. 
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Nvv d^fOfiB dvi xai &vfi6v ktalqov xfi^TM aiytig, 

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B&if d' tfABrat TtoXtfAwdB -d^iol, dlxa 'drvfwv l^oirc;' 
TSjpi} fih fiBt* aymva vi&v xaH naXXag Id&iiyfi, 
*Bdi IIoaBiddo)^ yair^oxog ijd' iqiovyr\g 

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"Hipatarog d* Sfia joun xIb, o&ivi'i pUfiBalvBW, 
XnXBVtav, vno di xvijfiat (tAovto aqatoL^ 
!fi^ 6b Tqmag ^Aorig xoqfV-d-aloXog ' avxdq afjt en/rijl 
Odifiog axBQaexoftfjg rid' ^AqiBfug ioxiaiQa, 

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Ting 'Jx^^^ol fM» fiiya xvdavoy, ovpbx* 'AxiXXBvg 
*£^B<pdyfi, drigoy di fidxng inincnn aXByBivrjg ' 
Tgaag di toofAog aivog wttiXv&B yvta ixaajWp 

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TBvxBai Xafjutofuyay, flgoxoXoiy^ laow ^'Agifi, 
Avtag iisBl fud"' ofuXov 'OXv/imoi ^Xv^w apdgSp, 
Slgvo d* "Egig xgouBgii, Xaoaaoog' avB d* 'Ad^ijini, 
Siaa* oxiuky naqit xdq^gov ogvxxr\v XBlxBog hnog, 

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AvB d* "Agvig higm&By, igBfivfj XalXaai Jaog, 
*0& xot' axgaxdxtig noXiog TgnBoai xtltiWy 
''AXXoxb nag iifioBvxi, ^iav inl KaXXixoXmyji, 

Iflg xovg ifiqunigovg fidxagBg ^€0i orgvpitrtBg, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 XX. 313 

M JSvfifiaXoy, h d* airoig h^iSa (riytwno fioQdimp. 

'Tiffo^w • aixaq htf^i noaudaw Hival&f 
rdiaof ajtsigtaifjv, oqiwr t* almiva xd^a. 
Havieg d * iaaBhrto nodsg noXvnldaxog Idfig, 

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"EddeioiP 5' wtiveg&By Svai higw, 'Aidavsvg, 
dslaag d' i* &g6pov aXio, xal Xaxh l*V o» vneg^w 
rdiav iva^^lM Uoandam htoalx^onft 
Olxla de ^ritdiat xal a&ayatoiav (pavdri 

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"Igtut' ^AtioUmv Ooipog, l;irai>' ia Tnagoerta ' 
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^'Agtefiig loxiaiga, xaat/yi^Tri Exdjoio ' 
AfjToi d ' mnioTri aaxog, igiovviog ^EgfJirfg ' 
"Ana d^ ag^ 'llq^alaroio fiiyqg IIoTafiog fta&vdlymg, 
*0y Sdv&ov xaUovai &boI, dvdgtg di 2xdfiavdgoy, 

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"Exxogog dvra fuiXiata XiXaUto dvvai ofuXov 
ngiafildsw ' lov ydg (a fiaUaxd k &Vfi6g avtoysi 
Atfiatog aaai> "Agtia, taXavgtvop noXBfiKntiv, 
Alviiav d ' id^g Xaoaaoog wgasp l^roAXftW 

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lUi ds ngidfioLO Avxdoyi iVaaro q>wn(if ' 
T^ fnv isiadfinfog 7tgogiq>ri ^log vlog AnoXXoiP ' 

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ZTgiafildti, ti fia javta xcx* ovx td-iXoyia xiXtvsig 
^Ayzla IlfjXBlotvog wtBg&vfdOto fidxBO&ai / 
Ov fiiv yag vvv ngwta nodfaxsog art Ax^V^S 

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!£! "idTjg, otB fiovalv iTtrjXvd'ap ^fjtnigjiaiv, 
nigcB ds Avgvfiaov xal Uridaainf * cnndg ifU Ztvg 
Eigvaa&% og uot inugaa fiivog Xai^nigd t« yowa. 
^H x' idd/triv VTtb X^i^^^ *Axi^ri<ig xai ^A&^vm% 

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"Eyx^'i X"^^^^ AdXByag xal Tgmag ipolgaiv. 
7)^ ovx Bot' 'AxiXijog ivovxLop avdga fidxta&tu " 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

314 1A1AJ02 r. 

Jitl yaq na^ slg y9 &i«iy, og loiyov ifiwet* 

Kal d' aJJMg tovy* i&v fiilog niva*, oid' iiuA/^yUf 

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laov tbIveuv nolifiov rilog, ov fi9 fidXa ^ia 
Nw^a 61, ovd* fi TtayxdXkwg evxntu cJyflu. 

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"HQiag, ilX* aye, xal ov &eoig ousiytrhtiaiiy 

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'Exyeydfiev, xiivog ds x^Q^^og in &sov ioriv ' 
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AivyaUoig initaaiv anotqtniim xal aguji. 

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'ji d^ ufivdtg xaXsGaaa ^toifg ftna fw&w sfinsp ' 

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'Artla n^liUmyog ' ay^xc Si 06ifiog *A3i6Umy, 
'AXk' ay id-*, ^fisig nig ftiv anoTgummfuy ouiloa» 

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nagarairi, dolrf Si xgaiog fiiya, fitiSi n ^Uftf 
Aevia&ui * Xya tiSfj, o fitv ipiXiovouf agurtoi 
^A&avdmy, ol S' avt^ aPifiwlMi, oi xondgog mq 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XX. 316 

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'Hfuxi^ffg vno x^^ohf avayxji Iqn dafUytae* 
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Elah ydg oi n»idfg' id' tfintdog, ovd* atoUpgrny, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

2jiiAjo2 JLT. nr 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

818 lAIAdOS T. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XX. 819 

*bro» \u» vkq imi noUof vfioaaaftw oonovg 
Jluai fin a&eafojoiaip, fyu not HcdXag *A&iirfi, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Ovd ' aga xaXxtlri xogvg tax^^^y, dXXa di avx^g 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAlA/102 XX. 821 

400 Evdov Snag ntndXaxto ' ddfiaaae di fup ft$/iawt€U 
'iTtnoddfAarta d^ tnuTa^ *a&* Xnnotv at^ayta, 
Jl^oa&ey t&tv {pwyovta, fietdipgsyov ovraos dovgL 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 0. 

Trojanofl partim ad urbem, parttm in Xantham (Scaman- 
drom) agit AchilleB, et multui in flumine trucidatia, XII ju* 
yenea yinctos inferiis Patrocli senrat (1 - 33). Ibidem Ljcao- 
nem, Friami filium, quamyis supplicem (34-135)| moz et 
ABteropoBum, ducem Pteonum, cum aliis huiiu grentia, inter- 
ficit, Fluyio irrisoy ut impari (136-210): ceedemque continaa- 
bat, niai Xanthua yi cadayerum obatrui ae dolena, alyeo eum 
ezcedere jaaaiaset. Vix exceaserat, quuxA ruraos inailit; at 
Flayiua eum suis fluctibua mer^ere furit,et e^essum inaequi- 
tor (211 - 271). Jam in undia luctanti yirea addunt Neptunoa 
et Minerya; Xantho autem, qui irritatior etiam Simoentia 
opem inyocat| a Junone objicitur Vulcanua, qui campnm et 
Fluyium ezuiit| nee flammaa cohibet, nisi eadem dea auctore 
(272-384). Oriuntur deinde sinffulares contentionea caetero- 
rum deorum : Martia, Mineryse, Veneris ; ApoUinia, Neptuni ; 
Junonia, DiansB; Mercurii, Latpns (385-513). Postnaecin 
Olympum reyertuntur dii pneter ApoUinem, qui Trojam yer- 
aua pergit, dum Achillea ferro ssyit per campum, alioa com* 
pellit in urbem ; quibua portam recludi iubet Priamua ^514 - 
o43). llli ne in fuga opprimantur, Apollo Achillem prmiom 
immiaao Agenore distinct, moz ipse, Agenoris specie mdutna, 
fallit fiigiendo, et ab urbe abstrahit (544 - 611). 

M dx^l nafanoxdfiios* 

JiXk^ ore dj noi^w \^ov iv^fBlog notaftoio, 
Sar&ov dnfijarfog, op a&ayatog xittno Zivg, 
'ip&a diojfiii^ag, rovg fih ntdlordt dlmMsy 
nqo^ nohv, jjTte^ l^aiol itvi^ofuyoi ipopicrto 
A *Hii(ni> T^ nqotii^, ots fudrtro ipcddi/iqe "Exrm^ ' 

'Eg notaftop BiXevrro pa^d^oov, a^/v^lyfpf ' 

'fy d* tuBCOP fuyalif nmayi^ ' fi^axt d' ouna fh&QOf 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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OevyifAsyai nora/wyda ' to di ipXiyu a*dfiatop Ttvq, 
"O^fiwop ilaUpvriq, Tai dk Tttwaaovai xa^' vdm^ * 

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nXfjjo foog nsXddttv inifit^ tTtnar xb xal avdq&y, 

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0dayayoy oloy ^w, *axa da (p^tal ui^dno lip/a. 

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. Aaxs d' kxaiqoi(hy xardyBiy xolXag inl yjjag, 
Avxag Sif/ inoqovat, da'lCifAsyai fisyscUyioy, 
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Kil&ey di ^eiyog fiiy iXvaaxo, noXXd d' tdwxsy, 
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^^Ev&ty vnBX7tgoq)vy<oy, naxqmoy ixtxo drnfta. 

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0Bvyovx ix noxaiiov, xduaxog d* vno yovyax iddfiya * 
*0jf^ijaa5 d* aqa alnB nqog oy /ityaXiixoqa ^uoy* 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1A1AJ02 ^. 

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Avxig ivamr^aovKU vno ioKpov ijBqo&rtag ' 
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"Og xoi kxaXgov BJtBqiviy iytiia xb xgaxBgov T6. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/102 XXI, 881 

UlaC' &iuivq na^vnsg&tff * o d' vyfia* noaah ifnida 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

1AIAJ02 XXI, 388 

SM J7yoi^ TsigofUPot nolvfiiftios 'Htpalatoio, 

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Tff ov fiiftvji, oxB TvdBldfpf JiofiridB ' aytixag 
Ovxdfuyai / avxti di nayoytioy tyxog iXovaa, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

884 lAlAJOS^. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XU. 386 

Mifivrim, oaa ^19 nd&ofJUP Jtcrxer ^iXiw ifupl, 
Movvok vm ^Bor, ox* iy^vogi uiao/Aidom 

'^01 iy^ Tq^HfQi^ nohv niqt Tuxog fldufUh 
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"idfig iv Krtifioiai noXvnvixov vXijiaari^. 
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£^iq>Bgoy, totc pm fiirfOato fua&ov anavta 
AaoiUdwf t»naYlog% inBiXr^Goig ^' aninsfouifm 
2b* fuv o/* ^nslliiat nodag xai x^^9 vnsg&w 
J^qasiy, xal nsgaav yifaoDy tnt rrilidanaoiP ' 

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Mia-d-ov xoiOfiivoh tov vnoaxoig ovh ixiXeaasp, 
Tov dfi vvv Xadiai g>dQ€tg xf^^Q^^ ' oidi ise&* ^^W 
Hsio^, ag %e Tgmeg vn(g<piaXo^ anoXtovtiu 

400 JIgoxvv xaxag, avv naial xal aidolrjg aloxoiaiv f 

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£woaiyai^, ovx av fie aaotpgova fivd'TjOcuo 
^EfAfitvait fl dri aofyt ^goj&v hixa ntoUfAiiu, 
JttXSy, oV q>vXXoiaty ioixoTsg, SXXotb ftip je 

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*jiXXot8 de (f^iyv&ovoty axi^gioi, aXXa jax'^ora 
Jlavawfisa^a fiaxfjS * ol d ' avTol dfjgMaa&mtf. 

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nvtgQxwjiyyr^xoto fuyi^/ievai iy naXafifiaiy, 

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[^A^ifiig aygmoTj, xo* oyiiditoy qMxo fiv&ow *] 
^tvyug dii, Exatgyn, Jloa$idatnn di ylxfpf 
H&aocy inhgtiftas, fidXiov di oi svxog tdmxag / 
NffTtvxis, xl w xi^y tx^ig aytfUffXwp aSi^mg / 

476 Mii aev vvy eti noxgog ivl fuyagomty ixavom 
Evxofiiyov, €ig xongly iy a&ayaxoKn •d^tdiainfp 
"Jrra JIoaztdAwvog iyartlfiiay noXifdtiHy. 

'^Jlg ipdxo ' xriy d ' ovxi ngogii^ ixaigyog *jttoXlm* 
UUa xoXoioafiiyti Aiog aldoltj nagdxotxig' 

460 [Nilxiasy *Ioxiviga» oyeiddoig ims0a$P *] 

iltti; ^8 aif vvy fiifioyag, xvoy iddiig, artl* ifiA> 
£niota&ai ; JifoXcitif xoi iy^ ftiyog aytUj^gm&iUt 
Toko<f6g^ mg iovap * iiul ob liorxa yvwatSp ' 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

3M lAIAJOX #. 

£i d* i&iXit^ noliftoto dw^fuwrn ' Sf^' cv ft^^?* 
"Ooaaw ipi^fUii^ dfL*, on /mm ftirog iwTt^9Ql(iuf, 

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4lt JSkai^, ^iint^ 6* aq an^ mfsmw aSwto to5b * 
Avtoiaiiw 9 Siq t&uwt futq ' ovsra futStomaa 
JEFtQonahio/iirrjp ' x«gf/e( ^ hnMnow oiawoL 

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"Jlg { dtiu^otaaa tfvytr, lint i* avzo&i to&i. 
.^ifritf de nqogitim duixto^og Jl^tufcmnig' 

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£vxta&eu ifti pix^acu xqare^^ipi (ilfjipiw, 

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*H fih To|a Xaflovach ndXiw xU &vy(niqoq 7iq. — 

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Jax^otaaa di naxf^og itpiSno yovvaai xovifti, 
*AfUfi y Sq* agjiliQoaiog iopog rqiftB ' tifV di n^l oJ 
JEiXe ntnr^o Kqofidrig, x(u awtlqero, ^di ytXaaaag ' 
Tig rv OB roiad ' iQ^t, ipiXow tixog, Ovf^uavuv / 

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MiftfiXtro yoLQ ol ttixog ivdftfjtoio noXijog, 
Mfi Jaafool ni^tiop vniqfioqov rliuny xdrt^ 
Ol d* SXloi ngoq "OXvfinov Xoop ^tol aiir iimg, 
Oi flip, x^ofupoh ol di, fiiya xvdiomrtBg * 

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T^ag ofimg avtovg t* oXbxsp xal fuopvxag iTtTtovg. 
*ILg d * otB xanpog uar tig ovqopop tioifp Ixaru 
"Aneog ai&ofiipoio, ^tmv di I ft^ptg avr^xtp ' 
Uaai d ' K&fixe nopop, noXXolat di xi^dt* iif^xtp' 

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'Eaxr^xth d 6 yi^tsp Jlqlafiog &bIov inl ni^w, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Eq ^^ hi^* ^JXtXija ntXiiqiw * ovxclq in* avxov 
T^cSk £900 nlopiwio ntipvl^oTt^t ovdi jig oIk^ 
ItypBd-* ' o d* oifimiag ino nv^yov fiaipt xotf^iB, 

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*Eyyvs odt nlovimp * irav o£d» lolyi tata&iu. 
Atrta^ insl n ' ig tnxog apcnrrewwaiif iHrttg, 
Avng inoof-^ifiwat aopldag itvxirAg aqoipjlag ' 
JddM yaq, fir^ oviog oy^^ ig tiixog Shijai, 

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'Anlog i^&OQi, Tqtomy %0a lotyov aXabtoi, 

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0svyov ' di atpBdctroP tqnn^ ^yx^'^ ' ^voaa di of nijq 
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*'£y&a x«y vif/lnvXoy Tf^olrpf tkofp wg *Axcii&f, 

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^wt', ^AntivoQog vlov ifivfiovi t« xqax^qoy t<. 
Ev fih 0% xqadlfi &aqaog fidXti naq dt o\ avrog 
^Eaxri, oTtag d-itvaxoio ficiQBUtg KriQag ildXxoi, 
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Kal ydff ^t^p tovt^ j^mrog /^c o^^ jro^x^» 
*Ey di Va V/v/t;, dmriiop di t waa * ap^i^no^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 0. 

Zivg '&finiy, nal Ii5c0ic« xaTaindfUv, tjp k' i&ihia&a. 

485 "Bjqi piktiqiv ion, xtn* ov^ea &iJQag hcdouv^ 
Idy^BQag t' ildg>ovg, if xoslaaoaiy ttpi fAaxta&au 
£t d' i&iXBig noUfioio darifuvai ' o<pQ* bv iUf^g, 
Ooaov qtc^igri itfi', on fioi fiivog armps^liBtg, 

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AvToiaiv 9* Sq* ^S-bipb naq* ovata fut/d^owja 
^EnqonaXiioiiBVfpf' taxtBg d' BXjnTrtor oiaxoL 
JaxqvoBaaa d* vnai&a ^sa ffvyBv, &giB niUia, 
"B ^d &* vn^ tqrixog xolXtiV BlgiTntno nhqriv, 

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Iflg ^ daxqvoBoaa (pvyBv, UnB d* avto&t ro^ou 
Afitm Sb nqogBBtTiB duixToqog [dq/Bupoyrrjg' 

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HXiiXTlisa^ aXoxoiai Jihg tfB<pBlf}/tqhao ' 

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*H fih Tola Xaflovaa, ndXw xU ^vyattgog rig. — 

506 'Ud* ao* "OXvfinor ixavB, Jiog norl xciXxo^onig d£' 
Jaxgvotaaa di ncngog i(fiSeto yovvaai xovgti, 
A(A<pl d' Sq afijigoaiog ktxpog rgifiB ' liiv ds ngoil oJ 
£IXb naiTio Kgofldtjg, xal artlgBto, ^di) ytXdaaag ' 
Tig w 08 Toidd' Bgt^B, <piXov tixog, Ovga»tiavBaif ; 

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^ a' SXoxog <nvq>BXLiB, ndrsg, XBVxdXBVog "ifgij, 
!£| ijg a&ayd%oi4Jiv tgig xal viixog i(pijnTai, 

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MififiXBto ydg ol tBixog ivdfii^toio noXriog, 
Mfi Javaol nBgaBie» vnigfiogop rjnoji xbIvb^. 
Old* SlXoi ngog **OXvfinov faaif ^boI euh iortBg, 
Ol fiiv, x^ofXBVoi', ol 8b, fiiya xvdLOBirtBg * 

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'Slg y OTB xanpog My Big oigavov BvoyvlxdvBy 
^AatBog al&ofihoio, ^Bm di k ftfjvig avtixBp ' 
ndai 8 * B&f^xB noyov, noHoiat 8b xi^8b* iq>ijxtif' 

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'EatrixBt 8 o yigtov UglafAog &bIov inl nvgyov. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIA/SOS XXI. 337 

^Ei y hi^o* ^Jxikr^a ntXmqiw ' aiii^ in aviov 
T^mBg SfjpOQ nkoviwio nB<pvlt6ug, ovdi rig aXxfj 

' *0T^6np na^ ftixog iycatXtixovg nvXatt^ovg * 

UntTtt/iirttg ^ j)^«^a* nvlag ^er', tigouB Xaol 
*'£ld'tiat n^l acTV nupviiiet^g ' ij yaq ^Jxi-lX^vq 
*£yyifg odt ttXovwp ' pvy otto lolyi tatad^ai. 
Avta^ inU % ' ig Ttixog aramftvamauf aXiyjtg, 
AvT^ inaif&ifAtvM aavidag nvxtvoig aqaqvlag * 
Jddia yog, fiii ovXog ayi}^ ig tuxog aXijTaA. 

'*Jlg tipa&* 'old* avtadr te nvXag, %ai anmow oj^o^ * 
M di neiaa&siaai tiv^ap gtdog. avtaq Anokkmv 
Idrtlog Hi'&offt, Tqiouv %va loiyop aXailicoi. 

^ Oi d* l&ifg TtoXiog xal TtixBog vif^Xdio, 
Mipn naQxaXdoh xBxwifiiyoi, i» mdlo^o 
^evyoV 6 di aq>€8ctrov etpsn* ^yx'^' Xiaaa di oi nfjq 
JUv bx' a^oTSfm, luvicuvB di xvdog aoia-d-ai, 
*!Ev^a xsv viplnvXov TqoItjv tlov mtg *Axaiouf, 

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0mj*, 'Avttivo^g vlov ifAVfiovd tb xgajBgov Tt. 
jSv ^ oi xqadli^ ^dqaog fidlBi naq it ol onrtog 
^Eaxtit onmg d^avdxoi.0 ^aqBlag Kr^qag ikakxoi, 
iPfiy^ xexXifiivog ' xBxdXvnio d ' Sq fjBQi noXX^. 

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"jHoTTi, noXXa di ol xgadli^ 7t6g(pVQB (Uvovxy * 
^Ox^oag d^ Siqa bIhb nqog Sv fuyaXtitOQiji &v(mi¥ * 
"Ji fu)i iymy, Bi fiiv xsr vno xqaugov ^AxiXijog 
^Bvyta, t^nBQ ol ailot axvl^ofitvoi xXoviorrai, 

i Ji^aBi fiB xal wg, xal avdXxida dBigorofii^aBi. 
Ei d* av iyw rovxovg fiiv vnoxXovBBod'at iiam 
IIiiXBidfj 'Jx^vf^ nooiv d* inb tBlxBog SXXji 
^Bvym nqog ntdlov ^tXriiov, o<pq ' or txmfuu 
^idrig TB xvfjfiovgt xajd tb ^tiTt^'ia dvn * 

) ^Eaniqtog 6 ' ap XnBixa XoBaadfAOfog notofioio, 
'idgii ano^/vxd^Bigt noxl "jXiov anoptolfifiP, 
IMm rlfi fioi Tocvxa ipiXog diBXiiaxo -dv/iig ; 
Mii ft,' anaBigofiepor noXiog uBdiovdB poi^ari, 
Kal fiB fiftat^ag fidqyfu taxitaai nodiaoiv ' 

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Alriv yag XQcnBQog nBql ndvttav tdx ' iv&gtinwf, 
Ei di xiv ol nqornqoid-B niUog xaxtvavxiov Sl%^oi * 
Kal yd(f ^f^v tovt^ xgtnog XQ^9 ^Isi x^*4f 
*Ev di Va wvx^j, dyiixop di t waa ' av&qt^nok. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

338 lAlAJOS^. 

A70 ["Efifieraii * aira^ oi Kgorldrig Zeifg xvdog ondJ^iiJ] 
^Iflg tintav Idj^iXtja altlg ftivsp * iv di oi iitog 
"jOixifiov iuQfiaTO moXtfilifiv ij^i fiaxBad'ai. 
!flurc nogdakig flat l^a&dtjg 1% ^vXoxoto 
Ayd^og ■d-ijQfir^Qog irartiov, ovdi ti &Ofi^ 

676 Ta^l^ei, ovdi (pojitirvh i'^^ ^^^ vXayuot axovaji * 
EVntQ yaq (p&dfievog fiir rj ovTdarjf ryi pdXtjaty, 
l4XXd T€ xal TtiQt dovgl mnaQfiivti ovx inoXr^yH 
JXxr^gi tiqIv y' tjs ^VfjijJXrjfityat, ^8 dafifjv»t ' 
^Jlg 'AvTTJvogog vlog dyavov, dfiog ^Aynvoi^, 

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Lyxuri o avToio rttviixno, xori p/ avut * 

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^'llfiaxi rads noXiv Ttigauv T^totov dyt^mx^iy. 

*86 jyrjnvTi', Tj t* hi noXXd mev^rrai dXyn* in* ovtJ- 
' *£y ydq oi itoXitg re xai dXxifioi ayigsg eifiip, 
OX x€ n(j6a&i (plXiov toxfW, dXox^itv re xal vl^y, 
**Ihov slgvofita&a ' av d* iv&dds notfiov fq>itffBig, 
Jld' txnayXog iotv xal ^agaaXiog noXe/uaT^g. 

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Kal ^' B^aXe xv^ftriv vno yovvaTog, ovd* dipdfiix^tr, 
*Afiq>l df fiiv xvfifug ptorsvxrov xaaaniQOio 
SfiBgdaXiov xovd^tjat ' ndXiv d' duo /a)txo^ ogovaep 
BXTjfiivov, ovd ' iTtigrjaB * ^fov d * tfgvxaxe dwga, 

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JevTtQog ' ovdi r ' taatv 'AnoXXotv xvdog dgia&ah 
*AXXd fjiiv i^iigna^Bf xdXvtpe d* dq* ^igi no)lfi, 
*Havxiov 8 * aga fttr noXdftov ix nifint ifCBO&ai, 
Avrdg o nrjXfUtva 86Xw dnoigya&e Xaov» 

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"Eaxrj ngoa&i nodup '6 8* iniaavxo noaal 8uix8t9. 
"Emg 6 tor nB8ioio 8tmxtJ0 nvgo(p6goto, 
Tgiipag nag notafjtov Pa&v8ivriivxa ZxdfjUM¥8gapf 
TvT&op vnexngo&iovra' 86Xo} 8* Sg* s&tXyiP *AnolXmw, 

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Itlandaioi ngorl aarv ' TtoXtg 8 ffjinXfiTo aXirrtiP. 
Oi8 ' aga to//* hXop noXtoc xal jtlx^og ixrog 
MbXpoi rr* iXX^Xovg, xal yvwatrai, og Tf nnpfvyoh 

610 "Og i' t&op* ip noXift^* dU, iaavftipwg igixvpxo 
*Eg noXtP, orripa x&pyB n68tg xal yovpa admaop. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 X 

Uterque exercitus se ex campo in tutum receperat, quum 
Achillem, a persequendo ApolKne redeuntem, solus manet 
Hector, parentibus ex muro flebiliter revocantibus (L-89). 
Frustra : hinc enim pudor, hinc alii aifectus ilium loco cedere 
prohibent; adspectu tamen viri exterritus fugit, insequente 
emn Achille ac ter circum mcBiiia agente (90 - 166). Inter 
haec Jupiteri vicem Hectoris miseratus, tentatis fatorum lan- 
cibuB, illi necem appendit, qucm ab Apolline statim desertum 
Minerva, specie fratris DeYphobi, ad dimicandum hortatur 
(167-247). Ita heroes congrediuntur Fingulah certamine, 
in quo Minerva Achillem procsens adjuvat, Hectorem atroci 
dolo deludit (24B - 305). Tandem hunc, maxima contentione 
puffnantem, Achilles hasta transfigit, armis spoliat, infiultandum 
foedandumque prsbet suis, et religatum curru ad stationem 
navium raptat (306 - 404). Hectoris sui interitum plorat omnia 
civitaSi lamentantur ex muro spectantes parentes et domo 
ezoita Andromache (405-515). 

^E XT o g o s dv a i g € a I s. 

Slq ol (ih xcna aarv mqwioTBg, rivte vt^gol, 
'jdgrn antipvxo^^f ^^ ^'> oi^^o^^o ts dlipav, 
KtxUfiiroi xaXjiaiP indX^Baof * avtoQ ^Axatol 
Tdxtoq aaaop i<7ay, aaxs' wftoiai xUvavrtg, 

A ^ExToqa d^ otvrov fitivat oXori Moiq* inidtiatnf, 
*tklov n^ana(foi'&i, nvkdoiv u ^aidtav. 
AviaQ JlTfhBlwva nQo^vda ^oljiog ^AnoXXwf ' 

Thnt fu, Ilfikioq vUj noaiv xaxi^iJOi. dimxtig, 
Avr'og &in]Tog iwf &toy afijS^orov / ovdi rv nto fu 

10 ^yimg, wg S-iog ilfu, av d' danigxig fitytnlvtig. 
Vr TV rot ovxt fiilfi TQwmv norog, ovg iipo^riaag, 
eft ^if TO* tig aarv aXtv, av di diVQo lida&iig. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

340 - IJIAJOS X. 

Oi fiip fu Mte¥i$ig, intl ovro« fwgaiftog tlfu. 

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Eif&adB vvv tQiy/ctg ano jtlj[fog' j x' In nolXol 
rbXoy o^a5 tlXoy, nQiv ^Ihov tigaiptxia&ixt. 
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Pffidlwg, insi ovri rlaiv y* tddtioag onhan* 

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SBVafiivoq, Si& Xnnog iB&Xoq>6i}og avv oxta<piP, 
Og ^d XB ^Bia ^ir^at tiraiyofAtvog ntdloio ' 
"Jig u^cAev; laty/fjQa nodag xal yovvax * ivtifia, 

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Ilafi<ptdpov&*, wffT* aareo', infoavfitvov mdioio, 
Og ^d T onwQffg tlaiv ' aQliijXoi di ol aival 
^aivinwiai noilolai fin ' aaxqaai rvxTog a/ioXy^ * 
OrtB uvy 'jl^l»yog inUXr^aiv xaXiovaiv ' 

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'Ttpoa ' avaaxo/iBPog, fiiya d ' oifita^ag (ytyiavBi, 

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Tir d* o yi^Btv iXsttva ngogtivda, x^^f'i iqtyvvg * 

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dlog SvBvd- aXXtov, Xva firi xdxa noxftor inlanjig, 

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2^ixXiog / at&B &6oiai <plXog xoaaovds yivoixo, 
"Oaaov ifiol * xdxa xir i xvrBg xal yvntg idorxai 
KtlfiBvop ' 11 XB fiOi aivop ano nffanidmv axog bI&w * 
"Og fi* vImp noXXmp xb xai ia&Xwp bvpip B&fjxip, 

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Kal ydq pvp dvo nalds, Avxdopa xal IloXvdmgcip, 
Oi dwafiM IdiBip, TgBmp Big Sarv dXtPxtifp, 
Tovg fioi uiaod^oii xixBxo^ xgBlovaa yvpaix£p. 
'jIlX* bI flip itiovat fiBxa axQoxf, ij x* ap tnBtra 

00 XaXuov xBXifv^ov x* anoXvaoftid-* ' boxi vao Mop* 
noXXin ydq &naaB naidl yigwv opofiaxXvxog uHt^ 
£* d' iidti xB&paoh xa» bip *Aidao dofxoiatPt 
^JXyog ifi^ &Vfi^ xal (irjxigh toI xBxofiBa&a * 
uiaoiatp d ' aXXoiai furvvd-adimtgop aXyog 

W '^OBxat, tip (iri xal av ^dp^g, '^xiX^I dufiaad-Blg* 

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IjiIsAJ02 XXII. 841 

•^^ ^U^ifX^o tBixog, ifioy xixog, 09^ aaaiaj^g 

l^ctg no* Tomag, fttide fiiya uvdog o^i^fjs 

Uf^Xtldri, avTog di <pllrig alUvog ifiB^&jig. 

Hoog d ', ifie tor dmitivor m qtqwiQVT * iUfiaop, 
to AvgfAOQor, or ^a nor^^ Kqoiddrig hti yii^aog ovdf 

Man ^^ ^Q/^^V <P^^^h xaxa noXX* tnidorfoh 

tidg T* o)JiVftdyovg, Uxiji^e/ao; re -dvyatqag, 

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W '£XM0fuw9g IB vvovg oXojjg ifno X'9^^ 'JxcuSr* 

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JlfAfi<nal iqvovaiVf inU xi tig o$si jpaXxi^ 

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Ovg Tgt<poy iv fiByaooiOh tgantiijag nvXati^ovg, 
10 Of X ' i/ioy alfia niorteg, aXvaaorxeg niqi Sv/i^, 

Kelaopt* iv nf^o&VQOiai. vi(^ di tt ndvt* inioMnt, 

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7# Jldu T ' aiaxvvioat xvvtg xiafiivoio yBQOrtog, 

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H (^ 6 yiqvtVt noXtag d^ Sq' ava tqlxoiQ tXxno x^^K 

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80 KoXn&v ivitfiivTi, higyjipi di fiaZov ivia^BV ' 
/To/ fuv daxgv/iova ' bubu Tniqotvxa ngogiivda ' 

"jExTog, Tbxvov ifiov, xddB x aVdto, xcU fi * Hifi^w 
Avxr^v! Btnoxi xot Xa&txfidia fia^ov iniaxov, 
T^v fiv^aai, q>lXB xixvov ' dfiwB Si drfiov Svdgm, 

81 T^lxBog ivxog i(6v, fiijdi ngofiog Xaxaao Tovry * 
J^ixXiogf ttnfg ydg as xaxaxxdvfi, ov ff' h* fym/B 
KXavaoftai iv Xfxitaah q>lXov ^dXog, ov xixonf avfi]» 
Ovd * aXoxog noXvdmgog ' aviv&B di aa fii/a vmh 
*J^/bU»v naqa vrival xvvtg xaxitg xvtidovjat, 

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HoXXd Xiaaofiivfo ' ovd* "Exxogi &vfAov fhxBi&op ^ 
AXX oyB filfJiv* ^JixiXrja TtBXtogiov aaaov lona, 
*J2( di dgdxoiv inl x^^fl oqiaxtgog Svdga fUvTjaiv, 
BB/igfoxwg xaxot (pdgiAotx * tdv di xi fiiv x^Xog tdvog * 

00 SfugdaXiov di didogxiv, ihaaofiBvog ntgl /ecf ' 
"Jlg "Exxwg, aajifoxev ix^v fiivog, oix vnfx<»gBi, 
Jlvgyot iTii ngoyxovxi <jpaHvriv aaitid* igflaag. 
'Oxif'tiaag d ' ugn (itib nghg ov fifyaXi^xoga &vfi6v * 

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843 lAlAJOS X. 

*Sl /tot iytar, ti flip xt itvXag xal tdxM Svm, 
IM novXviaficig fioi ngurog iXByxBltpf uvo'&iiaH, 
Og /A ixiXtve Toaal noxl TnoXtr r^yflaaa^at 
Nvx^^ vTto tipfd oXoi^y, ore t* oi^cto 9iog 'jl;nlUvg» 
AXX . ivio ov nt&ofirpf ' rj j* av noXif xigdiov ^cy * 
Nvv d insl HUaa Xaov aTaa&cdlijaiv ^ft^OkP, 

106 Jldiofiw T^ag xal Tfiocidag iXxiatninXovg, 
Mi^noti xig Btnrjai xaxoixsgog SXXog ifjuio ' 
ExTug ijifi piji(pi ni-d-iquag £Xiat Xaov, 
*^Jlg igiovaip * ifiol di tot' av noXif xigStov etfif 
^Anriv rl !<^ijl^a xaxaxxilvana yiead-ai, 

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Kal xogv&a j3gtagi^v, dogv 8i ngog xhixog igdaag, 
Avxog iatv 'Ax^^V^S Ufivfiovog avxlog tX&m, 
Knl oi vn6axf»fiaL ^EXivtiy xal xxrlfia&' afi avxjjf 

115 udvja fidX^i oaaa x' \4Xi^avdgog xoiXrjg ivl vrivahf 
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Jojuffiiv^ AiQudrjOiv aysiv, ufia d* dfi<plg 'Axaioig 
^IdX). ' uTioddaaaa&ah oaaa nxoXig r^ds xixtv&sp ' 
T^ojalv d' av fiixoma&s ytgovaiov oqxov fXonfiat, 

190 3ir;r( xaxaxQVipHVy dU.^ avdixa ndvxa ddaaa&ai ' 
[ A'l^cjti' Off j^y nxoXU&Qoy iTtr/gaxov inog iigyu *] 
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Ovdi xl fi aidiaeTai, xxfviit di /uc, yv/ivov 46vxa, 

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Ov fiiv Titag vvv taxiv ano dgvog ovd ano nitgrig 
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laog EvvalUa, xogv&dixi, nxoXtfiiaxn, 
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JfLv/fy ' Jjuqpt di x^iXxog iXdfinno ilxiXog avyjj 

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Ati&t fiiveiv, ojiiaoii di nvXag Xlnt, fijj di qto^ri^dg* 
IlrfXfidrig d^ fnogovas, noal xgamyolai nsnotd-tig, 
JJv If xlgxog 6^ia(piy, ika(pg6xaxog ntxiTjy^iy, 

140 'Pri'idiiog oY'ir^at fiixd xgrigitiva niXiiay ' 

*JI di ^' vnixifJu (fo^urui' 6 J' iyyv&ey o|i AUijxwc 

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lAlAJOS XXn, 848 

^*flg aq* 0/' ififMfiom^ i&vg niuio* tqioe d* "Bxtrng 

14ft 01 di naqa oHoniifv Mod iqtvtop ftrtfioiyra 
Tdx^og alh vnsH xaz' ifialiiov iaaevorto ' 
K^Qvyio d^ Xxarev naXlid^oio, h&a di niiyal 
Joial ivoliaisovai, SSxaftavd^ov divi^eyTog, 
H fUp yuQ & * vdatt Xiag^ ^iei, afi(pl di ncnarog 

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H d higri &igei nQOffiu eixvia /oXa^'i;, 
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KaXoit loCl'vfoi, od-i eifiata aiyaXoivra 

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JlQoa&i fiiv ia&Xog t<f>evys, d/oixe di fiiv fiiy* a/ulpnr 
KagnaXlfxag ' in ft ovx Ugijiov, oifde iSotltiv 

100 4gyva&T}V, a,Tf noaalv ii&Xta ylyynai avdgmv, 
*AXXa nigi ipvxng d-iov *'lixxogog innoddfiOLO, 
*Jlg 5' ox' di&Xoifogoi negl xigfiaxa fi(6wxBg trniot 
'Pifi<pa fidXa xgrnx^oi ' xo ds fiiya xtlxai at-d-Xop, 
'^xginog rjt yvri^^ avdgog xaxaxid-vriwxog * 

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T\}iai di fivd-av ijgxe naxr^g avdg^v xt &mp X9 * 

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*Oip&otXfi6taiv ogcifiat * ifioy d ' 6Xo(pvgexai Tixog 

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"idrig iv xogv(p]]at noXvnivxov, aXXoxs d' avxB 
^Ev noXn axgoxuxrj ' vvv avxi i dlog !4jf'^*Vf 
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IdXX^ ayixs, (pgd^iad^e, d-£oi, xal firixidaa&8, 

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IlTiXeldri ^Jxt-Xrii dafidaaofuy, iad-Xov iovxa. 

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SI ndxfg, agytxigavvs, xtXaiV6q>ig, olov htntgf 
"Avdga &yrjx6v lovxa, ndXat mngnfiivoy atajf, 

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Odgaei, TgixoyivHa, cplXoy xixog ' ov yv xi &Vfi^ 
Ilgofpgoyif fivd^iofiai ' i&iXio di xoi ^mog tlyai* 

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844 IA1AJ02 X. 

IM ^E^^, inti dii Toi >6og JlnXno, (iifli t' iffmu. 

"^Jli $in»v m(fvv9 nd^ uifucyiap 'Ad^rriy' 
' B^ di xat * OiXvftnoto xOQripmy at^aa. 

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Jig d^ ou vt/igov ofsoipt Kv»y iXdfpouf dli^jatf 

Tuv d ' etnt^ ti Xd&jjai xcnajtrrj^ vno d-duw^, 
AlXd X * ivix¥ivtiv ^in BfinBdw, oipQa nof iv^p * 
^tflg *'£xxwQ ov X!i&$ nodtixia UtiUlt^va. 
^Oaadxi d' offfiiiaM nvldonf Jaqdaofwwf 

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£t noig oi xa&v7tf.(f&Bw iidlxoisy (itXiBaatv' 
Tooaaxy fiiv itQondQoi&$¥ anoatgiipaaxB na^a^d-ig 
IlQog Tttdioy * airbg di norl Tnoliog nhtt * aid * 
Jig 6 ' iv ovdot^ oi dvvcnai <ptvyovxa diiaxup ' 

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'*Jlg o TOP oi dvvojo fidgipai noalv, oid* og alv^M, 
n&g di xof ^'ExTVtff Kr^qag vJiiUtpvytP &aydtoio, 
Ei ni ol nvfjMTov t$ xal vaxaxoy rjvtn ' AhoUmp 
Eyyvd'tv, og oi in^qat fuvog lai^riqd ra yovva / 

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Ovd Ba iifitjfai inl "Exjoqi tuxqoi diXefAva ' 
Miiiig xvdog agoiro fiaXeiy, 6 di devregog tX&ou 
*AlX ou dri to tixaqxofp inl xf^owovg iiplxovxo, 
Kal xoxi d?! jif^vac^a nax^q hlxcuye xdXayxa ' 

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"EXxB di fdaaa Xafiuy ' (stib d * Exxoqog ataifioy iffioq, 
^flXtto y Big ^Mdao' Xlnsy di i ^olfiog *AniliMi9, 
UflXBlnya 6 * IxavB &Ba yXavxwnig A&rjyii ' 

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Ov oi yvv m /' taxi nB(pvyfii>oy afi/iB yeyia^ah 

990 Ovd* Bt XBV fidXa noXXa na&oi kxdBqyog ^AnoXXmv^ 
n^ngoxvXivdofieyog naxifog Aiog aiyioxoio, 
!iUa av fiky vvv axri&i xal SfiTxyvs ' xMb d * iyii tm 
Oixofiiyri nsm&i^aa havxl^iov fiaxiaaa&at, 

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Stt Sfij d* ag* inl fisXlrig xaXxoyXtaxivog ioBia&Blg. 
Hd aga xov (liy XXbiub, xix^oaxo d* Exxoga diov, 
AriUpo^ti^ Bixvla difiag xal axngia ^wy^y * 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


*Ayxov d* Unaftipfi tma nttootma n^ogwida* 
H&bI , fi fuiXa d^ at Pu(ft§u mieug JxiUsvg, 

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*A}X* iyi dri arimfUP, ncti akt^fita&a fUvoms. 

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Aift^fi*, 1} fiiy fiOi joTtu^og nokv fplltatog fia&a 
jrV«T«y, ovg *£xiififi ^di U^lafAog tint nMag * 

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"Og etlfig ifiiv stve%*, intl t8eg og>&aXftoiaii'f 
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Avd-i fdri^V totov yciq vnor^ofAiovaiP Snarvtg * 
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Nvy d l&vg fttfiOWTS lio^mfH&a, fitidi n dovgmp 
"jSdx^i qtudnlij, tva 6tdi)fuyf tt nep \/ixiXltvg 

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N^ag tnt yXatpv^dg, ij msp a^ davQl dajnifi. 

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Oi d * ot8 dri axt^ov ^aop in oUifiourty Urttg, 
Toy noiitqog nqogiunt fiiyag nogv&oUoXog "Emrng ' 

300 Ov a* hi, JIfiXbog vU, (pofl'iaofAah ig tanagog mg* 
TQig n$gl Sajv fiiya JIguifAOV Slap, ovdi not* irXtiP 
M$iPM in$gx^f*^op ' pvp atni fiB &Ufiog arijxtrf 
2Yiuieyi» optla asXo * iloifd xep, ^ xbp ihUfiP, 
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NBxgop ^AztudiaiP dman naXtP* ng di av gi^HP. 

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"Extoo, juif ftoi, aXaaxBf avpfifioavpog uyogtVB, 
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"OgxuB Bcaopja^f nglp /' ^ htgop yB ntaipta 
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Uoptol^g iotriig fUfiPiiaxBO ' pvp ob fiaXa x^ 
•^Xl*V^ T BfAtpai xal ^ngaaXiov noUftumip, 

910 Ov TOi tt* wO"* vnaXvhg ' uifag di ob UaXXag *A(hi'^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

346 IJIAJ02 X 

H (a, xdi ifinsnaXmr nqoiu ^oJUjtooxtoy tyxf>9* 
' Kal TO fih avTU idmr TfXwajo ipoUdiftog "Ewitt^ * 

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jBy yalt] d * indyti * ira d ' fjonaat JlaXkii 'A&ijpfi, 
"Alp d' *AxdTJ'i idov, Id&i d "Exro^a, noifii»a imSr. 
"BxtiaQ di TtQogitiniv ifiVfiova JlriUiwa * 

"jlfiflgoTig, ovd ' aqa ttcJ Ti> 4^$oig intdxtX AxMiiv, 

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"Oop^a ' vnoddsiaag fiiveog alxiig t8 Xd&(Ofiai. 
Ov fjUv fioi tptvyorti, luxaffqhia tv doQV n^U^Qf 
AXl i&vg fitfittWTi dta ax'^&tacpiif tXaaaov^ 

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XakxBov ! wg Si^ fnv o^ iv xi^oX ndv xofilaaio. 
Kal xev ika(p{»6xBQog nolsfiog Tli^tasaai yivono, 
2uo xaTa<p&ifiivoto ' av ydq a(piai nijfM (liyiOTOP, 
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*Ayglov ' ngoa&ep de adxog axigpoio xdXv^ep 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IA1AJ02 JO^II. 847 

Xovauu, dg "Ufpaimog 'iu Xiipov afupl ^ofUidq. 
Oloq d' aar^Q tJai fitt* daTQaat vwnog ufLoly^ 
£a7tBgog, og xdlkiatog h oigavu taratat aorijo * 

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Tov di xal alio, xoaoy fiiv tj[$ XQ^ j^alxia tsvxfl, 
Kald, ta IlaigoxXoto filtiP hdgi^t xonaxjdg ' 
0alviio d'f 7] xlt/idtg in' Vfmp avxi^* ex^vauf, 

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Ocpga xl fuv ngoxtdnoi afuifiofuvog inietfaiv, 

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''£xTog, aidg nov I(qp9}(, JlatgoxXfi ' i^evagliwv, 
J^wg laaiad-\ iuk d' oifdiy onliio yoaquy ioyttu 
NT^nu ! jolo d uyev&ey uoaarjiriQ (liy ' afidyoty 
Nrfvaly bth /lafprgjiaty i/dt fUTonia&B liXti/Afiriy, 

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'Jilxi^aova^ a'ixmgt toy Ss xxBgiovaiy 'Axol^oL 

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Aiaaofi VTtig ipvxfjg xal yovvtav, adty le Toxi^oay, 
Mri fiB sa naga yrival xvyag xaradd^M 'AxcMty * 

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Jaga, xd xoi doiaovat nctrtig xal noxyia firixrig ' 
^fia da oVxad' ifioy dofisyat ndUv, oq>oa Jtvgog fu 
Tgmeg xal Tgfiiav dkoxoi Uldxaa^ ^ayovta. 

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Ax ydg ntag avxoy fM ftivog xal ^Vfiog iydrit 
"Jlfi' anoxafiyofityoy xgia Bdfieycu, old fi* Bogyag' 
''Slg oix ta& *, og aijg yt xvvag xB<pdki^g dnaXakxo^ * 
Ovd ' iX xiy dBxdxig xb xai Bixoaiyi^git' Snotpa 

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Ovd * «i' xdy a ' avxiv /^vcrf igvaaa&a^ aydyot 
Jagdayidiig Ilglaftog' ovd* wg aiyB noxvia fiifttiQ 
'Ey&tfuyri XtxiBoai yo^atrah oy xbxbp avfi}, 
*AXld xvytg re nal oUtvol xatd ndvxa ddaovxau 

866 Toy di xattt&yiiaxt)y ngog6q>fi xogv&cUolog "SnmQ* 
H a* Bv yiyytiaxmy ngotiouaoftai, ovd* ug (/abXXw 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

848 IAIAJ02 X 

0^80 pw, ftfi tol Ti ^8«ly iifpnfm yiwftcu, 
"HfAtni T^, StB uiy ac lla^ig xal ^oZpog 'AnoUmr, 

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liv nai tt&fnjwja n^ogtjvda Slog '^lAJlcv; ' 

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Ztvc iS-iXfj ttliaai, ^^ a&dponoi &sol aiUoft. 

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AifAaJotrv* ' aUioi di n^Ldgafiov vl^q *Jx(uatPt 

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El d', aytx^, afjiq^l noXiy avy XBVxfoi JtBCQfid'mfiBy, 
*'Oipga xi t* yyoifiey Tgcifav voov, ovxw ' Xxovaiy ' 
yi xaxalBiipovaty noliy axqriy, xov6b nBoovtog, 
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ZwMny fiBxia, xal gioi (plXa yovyai ognigij. 
Et di 'd'ayoyrmy ntg xaxaXr^d-oyx* Biy Aidao, 

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Nvy ay't asldoyng nair^oya, xovgo^ *Jx^^^^9 
Nijv&ly BTti yXaq>vgjjaL yeafju&a, xMb d ' aymfiw. 
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*Eg aipvgo¥ ix Tixigvrig, (ioBovg d' i^ijinBy ifidyxag, 
'Ex dUpgoio y idtiOB ' xdgri d' tlxBO^at Bauep ' 
'Eg dUpgoy d* ayafldgy dyd xb xXtni xbvxb* aBlgag, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


Tov d ' f^v iXxofiivoio xwlaaXog ' afiq>l dB xo^jm 
Kvdytai nlXyctywo, na^ d * anap iv xoplrjaiv 
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*jl^iX^6yja noXfiog, ixia&' inl vijag 'Jxcu£y, 
Alaauift^ iviga xovxov ardo&aXov, ofigifiOBgyov, 
*'Hv ntag r^Uxlriv aidiaaertu, rfd * ilti^afi 

430 riJQag. xal di w x^di ncnrjg xoiogds xixvxxai, 
HrjXtvg, og fiiv ixixxB xal sxQStpe, ntjfia ytvia&ai 
Tgmal ' fidXiaxa d' i/iol negl ndvxwv oX/b* tdiptw. 
Toaaovg ydg fiot naidag anixxays XTiXB&dovxag * 
Tar ndrxwv ov xoaaov odvgofiaif axyvfurog vtg, 

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"ExTogog ' mg o(ptXev ■d-aviBiv iv x^(^*^ ififioiv ! 
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Tgatai xe xal Tgajjai xaxd nxoUv, oi OB, &bw &g, 

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Ziao; ifov ' rvv av ^dvaxog xal Mdlga xixdifBt. 

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"ExTogog ' ov ydg o% xig ix^ixvftog ayyeXog iX&nv 
*'HyyfiX\ OTxt (d oi noaig txxo&t /ilfivB nvXdwp * 

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JinXaxa nogupvgiriy, iv di d-gova noixlX * tnaaawf* 
KbxXbxo d* afupmoXoujiP ivTtXoxdftoig xaxi drnfia^ 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

350 lAIAJOS X 

Afjupl nvql arr^aau, xqinoda (Uymf, iipqa mXoito 
*'EKToqi -d-Biffia Xoeiga fiaxiis i* vaaxriaarn ' 

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XB(^alv 'AxiiXrjog ddfiaoB yXavxwnig ^A&iqyfi* 
Kfoxxtjov d* ijxovas xat olfiayrjg ano nvQ/ov, 
7'/]^ J' ileliX&Tj yvla, /a/ua* 5i ol exneas xtgnlg * 
// d avTig duafjaiv timloxufioiai utrr^vda ' 

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Aldolijg ixvQtjg onog txXvov ' iv d' ifxol avjjj 
^tijSteat TidXksim tjtoq dva aiofia, vs(^&6 di yovva 
Ilrjywtat' iyyvg ^ij ii xaxov JlQidfioio tixBaaiv, 
^fi ydq an* ovaxog et'i? ifitv enog ! dlXd fidl* tuv&g 

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Movvov anoTfirj^ag noUog, nsdiovde dlfiTai, 
Kal dif fjiiv xajanavajj ayfjvoglrig altyeivfjg^ 
' "ll fiiv l^fecrx' • inu ovkot^ ivl nXii&vt (ihtv ivdqmv, 
Akka noXv ngod-haxi, to ov fihog ovdBvl ttxmv, 

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ndkkofihTi xqadlriv ' oifia d ' d/KplnoXoi xlov OVT^. 
Avxdq intt nvqyov le xal avdQfov Ifev ofiiXop, 
**EoTri naJtri^vaa' inl rsixs'i' tov d' ivorjaev 
'EXxofievov ngoa&sv nohog ' taxttg di fjuv Ximot 

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Tr^v di x«t' o<pd^alfiO}v ^qfjSewrj vv$ ixdXvipOf' 
*'Hgins d iloniata, dno di iffvxyjv ixdnvaaiv, 
Tt^Xb d ano xgatog xie diofiaia aiyaXoBvra, 
^Afinvxa, xfxgvtpaXov t' >/5e nXexTtiv avadiafirpf, 

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*'iIfjiaTi> Tw, 0T€ fuv xoQV&uioXog 7Jydye& "Exjtog 
*Ex dofiov ^Hiilavog, inst noge fivgia tdva» 
Afi(pl dd fxiv yaX6(o re xal tlyaTigsg aXig larav, 
AX k fina awlatv iJxov ajviofjtivriv dnoXia&ai. 

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*A^pXriiir\v yootaaa, fiBza Tgtofiaiv iSintv ' 

"ExTog, iyto dvarrjvog ! ijj uga ytiv6fts&^ ataij, 
liuqtoTsgoi, av fiiv iv Tgoip Ilgid^ov xaid dwfia, 
Avxdg iydli Qri(iriaiv vnb IlXdxia vXfjiaafi, 

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Avgfiogog aivofiogov ' (u{ fit] oi<ptXXB tBxia&ai ! 
Nvv di av fiiy ^Al'dao dofiovgt vnb xsv-^eai yaliig, 
*'EgxBai, avxdg ifii aivyeg^) ivl niy&i'i Xtlnug 
Xrigrify h iitydgoiat ' naig d ' ti* vi^ntog avx^, 

485 "Oy tixofitv av t* iya t«, dvgdfifiogoi* oSxi aif tovr^ 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IJIAdOS XXn. 851 

"Eaascth "Etttog, Syeiag, insl '&avts, ovrs ao2 ovtog* 
TEfr yoQ drj noXtfwy /s <pvyjj noXvdaxgvp 'Axauav^ 
AibI to« tovjoi yt noyog ual xif^s' oniaaa 
*!EaoovT* ' SXXoi yaq ol anovQlaaovair agovgag. 

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ndna d VTttfjivT^ftvxB, dedaxgvytat ds nagewL 
JtvifjLtvoq di t' civeiai naig ig nargog hcUgovg, 
jiXXay uh xXalvrjg igvotv, aXXov di x^'^^vog ' 
TYuy d iXsfiadyjav xoriXrjv tig tvj&ov iniaxtv, 

4M XslXsa fiivt' idlriy', vnegariv d oix iditivw. 
Toy di xal afjufi^aXfjg ix Sairvog iarvipiUliy, 
Xtqalv nsTtXfiyuig xal ovBideioiaiv ivlaaoty ' 
Eg^ ovxtag ' ov aog ye TtaTijQ fiejadalyvrat ^fuy. 
JaxQVOiig di t' arsiai naig ig fitjjiga xVQ^'i^t 

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Mv€X6y olov tdioxe, xal olav nlova drjfAoy * 
Avtaq o&' VTtvog tXoi, navaaito Jt yijTiiaxeviay, 
Evdeax* iy XixTgoiaiy, iy ayxaXldeaai ti-S'iiyrig, 
Evyfj fin fiaXax^, S^aXiaiv ifATiXijadfitvog xijq * 

6M JNvy d* ay noXXa ndd-jiaif q>iXov dno natgog ifUH^oSr, 
Aarvdyct^, oy Tgcjtg inlxXijaiy xaXiovaiy ' 
Olog ydg a<piy tgvao nvXag xal idx^a fiaxgd, 
Nvy di as fjisv naga yrival xogaylai, yooipi roxriwy, 
AloXai tvXal sdortai, intl %i xvveg xogiatoytai, 

ftiO Zvfiyoy ' ojdg to* eS/ior' hi fJisydgoiat xiwrat, 
Avnd T« xal /a^/ei^a, jsjvyfxiva x^gol yvyaixuy* 
'AXX fjtot jdde ndna xaTaq)Xi$U) Tnjgl xrjXito, 
Ovdty aoly' otpeXog, insl ovx iyxsloBai amoig, 
UUa ngog Tgiaixty xal Tgrnldday xXiog slyah 

515 'iflg effino xXalova ' ' inl di axtydxoyio yvyouuig. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I A I A J O 2 V. 

MyrmidoneB circa Patrocli lectam in armis decurrunt, 
preeunte Achille, qui iisdem mox epulum funebre praebet, 
ipse apad Agamemnonem ccsnat, et in alteram diem ezsei^uias 
indicit (1 - 58). Insequente nocte per qaietem offertor ei ima- 
go Patrocli^ justa funebria poscentis (59- 107). Agamemno- 
nia jussu mane convehuntur ligna, aJSertur corpus, comis 
conspersum Achillis et aliorum, exstniitur rogus, et mactatis 
ad eum multis victimis et XII juvenibus Trojanis, accenditur, 
ardetque flatu Borese et Zephyri, dum Hectoris corpiu a Venere 
et Apolline curatur (IDS - ^5). Proximo die leguntur et in 
urnam conduntur Patrocli ossa, ex ipsius voto olim cum Achil- 
lis reliquiia socianda; excitatur etiam tumulus subitarius 
(226 - S^). His in defuncti honorem adjicit Achilles certa- 
mina de yario genere, in quibus proemia et munera merent 
principes Achivorum : equis, Diomedes, Antilochus, Menalaus, 
Meriones, Eumelus, Nestor (257 - 650) ; pugilatu, Epeos et 
Euryalus (651 - 699) ; luctando, Ajax Telamonius et tllysseB 
rrOO - 739); oorsu, Ulysses, Ajax minor, Antilochus (740 -797); 
aecertando armis, Diomedes et Ajax Telamonius (798-625); 
disco, PolypoBtes (826 - 849) ; sagittando, Meriones et Tenoer 
(850-883) ; jaculando, Agamemno et Meriones (884-897). 

\A d' X a i 7t I naxg6xX&. 

Jig oi fdv oreydxovro ftara ntokiv ' avzoQ !^aM>2 
^Entdiri vt^dq xt %al ^ElXriqnovxov XnovtOf 
Ol fitP Sq^ iattldvavro krjv int yija txaarog. 

ft jlXk oys olg hdgoun (pdoTtroXifioiat, fitttivda * 
Mv^fudovsg raxvnwXoi, ifiol iqluq^g haiqoh 
Mfi dii nm vn^ oxeoipi XvesfiB&a fuawxag litnovg, 
JH avToig innoiat xal aqfiaaiv aaaov iovrsg, 
ndtooxlov xialmfiBy ' o yag yigag iaxl •^aworttiv. 

10 Avrag ind x oXooeo jnagTKoiisa&a yooio, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIAJOS XXm. 383 

''Jig ttpa&' - oi d^ ^/ufkiStey ioUieg' ^^^ B^ Ux^^^^ 
O! di tgig ntgl vtx^ov ivtqixog ^laattr trmoye, 
Mv^fuyoi * futa di atjpi Oiris yoov t(if(fw mqav. 

1* Jworto tpafta&oi, devovxo di jtvx^'* ffnjwp 
Ja*(fvai ' tolov yaq no ^ top fiiqatnQa ip6poto. 
Total di nriXBidrjg adivov H^f^x^ yoaio, 
Xuqag in* avd^ofpovovg &£^tPog anid-taaiif htdgcv* 
Xaigi fAoi, cS ndrgoxlt, Jtal ely *Aidao dofwtaaf I 

90 narta yaq ridri roi uXia, ra nuf^oi&ew vniatrir, 
£Kto^a devg' egvaag dtoaeiv xvaly ifiii diaaad'aif 
Jwdexa di ngondqoi&s nv(^ijg anodeigojofAiiativ 
7]piua)y ayXaa jixva, aidsv xTUfiivoto xolvi&^lg^ 
H (a, xal *'Exxoqa Siov iuxia firjdsto e(fya, 

M nqr^via nuq Xt^injat Mivoiitddao larvaaag 
Ev xovljig. ol d* ivTB* aqxonXl^ovTO sxaarog 
XaXxta, (laQfiaiqovTa, Xvov d ' viptiziag iTtnovg * 
Kad d ' ISov nagu vrfC nodoixeog Aiaxldao, 
Mvgloi ' aiiag 6 lotai jdq)ov fievoBixia dalrv. 

SO nolXol iihf (iueg agyol ogix^^ov d(i(f>l oidi^gta, 
JScpaiofitvot, noXXol d^ oisg xal firjxddtg alytg' 
HoXXol d agyiodoyng Vig, 'd'aXid^ovrsg aXoti^, 
Evofityoi TavvovTo dia (fXoyog *II(palajoia' 
Udrtfj d ifAtpl vixvv xoTvXr^gvxov tggtsy alfMU 

86 Avxag joiys avaxja nodiSxea nrjXdoaya 
Eig Ayafiifivova 5iov liyov (SaoiXijtg Jxai&v, 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

d&t IAIAJ02V. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

364 IAIAJ02 V. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ0 2 XXni. 871 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

372 IAIAJ02 V. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IA1AJ02 XXin. 378 

TlD^or * ara^ di} o'iatov t/ir ndluh wg t&vpw. 
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Kamttas ' laol d\av dijevvto ts, d'dfzfifiaay ts. 
Ziy d^ aga MrjQioyrig TtsXixtag 9ixa ndnrtag a%i>qty, 
Ttvxqog d' ^fiiTiiXsxxa gd^sy xolXag M yrjag. 
Avra^ UriXsidtig xona fiiy doXtxoaxioy tyxog, 

•385 Kad di U/3tjt* dnvgov, fioog d^tov, ayd^tfiiwyra 

Oijx ' ig aymva (pi^tay ' xai ^ ' ijfioyfg Syd^tg ayiarcty ' 
'U.y fih Sq' ^AtQsliijg tvqvxqtUoy 'AyafUfiy<oy, 
''Ay d' S(fa Mrjqioyrjg, Ssgdntoy ivg Idofisytjog. 
Toiat ds xal fisjismt noddgxt}g 9iog 'AxiXXsvg ' 

890 ^ATQcldri * tdfitv ydq, oaov nQofis^rixag andrtwy, 
V/d' oaoy 9vydfitt re xal ijfiaaiy titXtv aQunog* 
^AXXd av fisy rod ' as&Xoy i^oiy xolXag inl yrjag 
^£QXtv, axdq ^oqv Mrjgioyji ^qai nogonfity, 
Ei avys aa &Ufita i-^iXoig ' xiXoftai yaq $ymyB. 

895 '*Jlg tqxxT* ' ovd anl&riaey aya^ dvdqmy ^Ayafiifiy^y, 
Aax8 98 MfjQioyri 86 fv xdXxtoy' avrdg 6y' ^gtitg 
TttX&vfii^ xif^vxi dldov nsgixaXXis ae&Xoy, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


I A I A J O 2 St. 

, Ludii peractifl, cobmi Bomnoque w dant Achiyi; Achilles 
noctem insomnem ducit, maneque Hectorem curru religatum 
circa tumulum Patrocli raptat (1-18). Earn contumeliam, 
plures per dies repetitam, inter decs, partim dplentes, partim 
tstaiitea, miseratua Apollo, qui corpus adhuc integrum aerva- 
bat, graviter couqueritar (19-54). Itaqae Jupiter per Theti- 
dem, ab Iride arceuitam, imperat Achilli| ut ab sevitia desis- 
tat, et corpus redimentibus tradere ne recuset ; simul ejusdem 
mandatu Iris cohortatur Priamum, ut oblato redemptionis pre- 
tio filium recipiat (55-166). Geruntnr hasc duodecimo pact 
mortem Hectoris die, quo rriamuB sub noctem, Hecuba et 
Cfleteris omnibus remotis, qui iter morarentur, pretiosa dona 
colligit, bisque currum onerari, ab Idaeo prscone ducendnm, 
sibi alium parari jnbet (187-282) ; turn libatione facta, et dex- 
tro omine aocepto, iter ingreditur (283-330). Ei Jovis missn 
Qccnrrit Mercnrius, a quo oer sopitos vigiles ad tabemaculum 
keroTs deducitur (831-467). Achilles, a rege supplice facile 
exoratus, pretium redemptionis accipit, corpus ei lotum et 
yestibus involutum restituit, undecim dies induciaram ad 
sepulturam concedit, coeneque adhibitum honestissime dor-, 
mitum dimittit (468-676). Prima luce postridie, Mercurio 
duce, Priamus ad urbem refert corpus, cujus visendi causa 
obyiam effusi Trojani lamentantur; mox in aula positum, 
prseter conductos cantores, plorant Andromache, Hecuba, 
Helena C677- 776). Exsiructo deinde rogo, celebratur fimiu 
cum epulo (777 - 804). 

"E X X o f o s Xv % g a*' 

jlvxo d^ ayw, Xaol di &oag int rijag ixaatoi 
*Eoxldrayt* iiwrn ' xol fuv diqnoio fiidwro 
"TTtPOV IB yXvKtqov taQn^fiBPm. aitn^ *Jxilkivf 
KXalt, <plXov ha^v ^ffirnfUvoq, ovdi fuv wtpog 
• "/Ig^ Tiaydafiaiw^' ill* iargiipn* ir&a xal tv&a, 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IA1AA02 XXIV. 376 

'^ ' oitiaa TolvnKvas aw ovr^, %al ndd-ip alyiaf 
Ayd^iiy T8 moXsfiovg, aUyuva xt nvfiaia nel^v ' 
TYuy ftifirfiaxofifvog, -^rnXs^ *atd ddxQVOw si3t¥, 

10 *'MX<n ' inl nXiVQog xonax9lfie»og akXoti d ' cnns 
"Timog, aXXoTS ds nqftft^q^ tots d' oo&hg atfoarag 
^ivtv%a% ilvviv na(fa &lv' uXog. ovdi fuv 'H^g 
^Paivofiivr) Xrj&faxtv vntlo dla x ' f{i6vctg x%. 
• jiXl oy intl itv^tuv vq> a^fiaaiv (oxiag innovg, 

lA "£xTo^a d' iXxtaS^ai dfiadaxsio dUpqov onta&tv' 
To($ d iqvaag n^l arjfia Meyoitiddao &av6rtog, 
Avug ivl xlialf] Ttaviuxtjo' xovSs d^ taax6v 
Ev xovi ixravvaag TiQoiiQTjvia. xolo d' ^AnoUMV 
'ndaav iiixtlTjv aTtf^i XQO'-* <p^''* iXiai^onf, 

90 Kal xi&VTioia mq' ntql d* cuyldi ndvra xdXvTtxeif 
Xqva$iri, Xva ffri fttv anodqvq^oi hXxvaxdiay. 

"Jlg 6 fiiv **£xxoQU dtov dtixiifv fiBVialvvtv. 
t6v d^ iXiaiQBaxov fidxaQig &ioi el^oQomvtfg, 
KXitpai d ' ozqvviaxov ivaxonot ^AQyet<p6rtriv. 

9ft "EvS-^ aXXoig fisv naaiv kr^vdavkv^ ovdi no^* "^^i 
Ovdi nouHddmv\ ovdi yXavxomidi xovqji ' 
Alk^ txov, ug a(piv itf^iov dnrix^no *'lXiog Iqi^, 
Kal IlQlafiog xal Xaog, 'jXt^dvdqov ^vtx ' atrjg ' 
"Og rdxioae &£dg, oje oi fiiaaavXov txovxo, 

80 Tfiv d' ijvria , tf oi 7i6q$ (tax^oavvriv aXtyuvr^v, 
^jXk OTC dr^ ^ ' ix xolo dvwdixdxri yivfx tjnig, 
Kal tot' «^' a&avdxoKfi finijvda ^di/Jog ^AnoXltuf' 
^itXiol iaxe, S-eol, dtiXiifioiftg ! ov vu noS-' Vfu¥ 
"Exxmq fAfioi £xi}8 fiowv aiyiiv xe xeXiUtv ; 

85 t(>v vvp ovx ctAi^ts, yixw mg iovxa, aauacth 
px* iXox^j^ IdUiv xal fofxigt xal xixei t^, 
Kal naxigi Ugidfiiff Xaoial xt ' xoi xi fiiv a>xo 
!& nvgl xi^atsp, xal inl xxigia xxtglaauv. 
*AXX* oXo^ [dxtXrj'i, &tol, fiovXiad-* tnagriynv, 

40 ^Jl ovx* ag tpgirtg tialr dralaifioi, ovxs vofifia 
ryafimor hi axi^dsaat' Uav d' ^, aygia oldift 
"Ogi* intl ag fAtydXtj xs fiifi xal ayrjvogi 'dvfi^ 
£S$orc, eltj' inl fAfjXa figoxoiv, %ya daixa XdjJrjatv ' 
"jlg ^AxiXtvg tXiov fAtv antHEaer, ovdi ol aidmg 

4ft rlyvtxah TfX ' avdgag fiiya alvnai, r^d ' ovhtiait. 
MilXBt ftiv nov xig xal iflXxtgov akXov oXduaoh 
'm xaalyvfixov ofioydaroiov, rji xal vlov * 
*AXX' ijxoi xXavaag xal odvgdfovog (U^iriMv* 

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376 lAIA/iOl Ji. 

T%mhv ycLQ Molocu &vu6v -^iaay av&QiinoiGiv, 

so Axnaq oy - Eatnoqa Oioy, iitu qdloy i^ro^ a7n(^qa, 
iTmtav i^onnwvy itegl arffi ' iid(^oio <pUoto 
"Slxet ' oi fiiiv oi joys xdXkiov, ovdi t ' Sfistror ' 
Mil aya&^ neg iivn vifisaoti&tifiiy oi ^fielg' 
K6i(f^y yitq dri yalav aetxiiti fisvtalvwy. 

A5 J^y de xohaaaifuvri nQogi(pti ItvxtoXsrog "ffgri ' 

Ettj x€y xal tovto tsov tnog, [dgyvgoro^e, 
•El dri ofjiriv l^ilfji xal "Extoqi &'^an€ tifiijv. 
ExTwg fAsv •&vrii6g je, yvvaixd re &iiaaio fia^ov * 
AvTOQ l^iXXtvg ian &(ag yovog, ijv iydt airrj 

00 Ogitffa T8 xal atlTrjXa, xal avdgl nogov nagaxotxiv^ 
Jlrflit, og nigi xr^gi (plXog yivn* a&avdiounr ' 
ndrtBg d ' avtidaa&B, •d-toi, ydfiov ' iv di av xoioiv 
Jalvv*, eXtiv (pogfuyya, xaxav ijag^, aih anKns! 
Trjv d ' anafisi^ofitvog ngogiq>ri vttpsXtiyBgita Ztvg * 

u Hgii, fii] dij ndfinay anooxvdfiaive &toiaiv. 

Ov fiiv ydg jifiij yt fil ' taasrai ' alXct xal "Exttog 
^iXtajog laxe &soTai figoiav, ot iv ^JXI(0 tiaiv ' 
Jig ydg Sfioiy ' inil ovn q>iXmv '^fidgruvB doigtov. 
oi ydg fiol note /Stofiog idtvtro 6airog i'i'iJrjg, 

70 Aotfirig Ti xviaaijg ts ' to ydg Xdxourv yigag rffitig, 
AXX ' tjtoi xXiipai fiiv idaofiiv — ovdi ivn tarty 
Ad&gri A^dXijog — &gaavy "Exroga ' ij ydg oi iubI 
Mr^ifig nagfiififiXiuxty ofitsg rixrag re xal f\fiag% 
AlX* iXiig xaXiasiB -d^eav Oiny aoaov ifitio^ 

76 *'Oq>ga xl oi tXnm nvxivov tnog^ oig xty 'jx^^^^^S 
Afogwy ix Ilgidfioio Xdxfj, ano &' "Extoga Xvaij. 

Iflg B(paj ' wgto ds Igig diHonog dyytXiovaa* 
Mioaijyvg 9i sdfiov re xal *'jfifigov natnaXoiaoti^ 
^'Ey&oge fielXayi nortt^ ' iTttoroydxfjos di XlfiVfi. 

80 H di, fioXvSdalyfi ixiXfj, ig fivoaov ogovaey, 
"Hts xot ' aygavXoto fioog xdgag ifiPefiavla, 
*jE£4f£Ta» w/ujarrjaty in ' ix&vot Krjga q>igovaa, 
Evgh d iyl aniji yXa<pvg^ OiTiy, dfi<pl di^ "t SXXat 
£ia&* Ofifiyegstg aXiai S-ial * fi d* ivl fidaotjg 

86 KXau fAogov ov naidog dfiVfioyog, og oi Bfjullty 
0&la6O& ' iv Tgoirj igt/itaXaut, xfiXod-t ndrgiig, 
Ayxov d' iarafiiyfi ngogi<pfi nodag fixia Igig' 

"Ogao, Oin, xaXdsi Zfifg S(p&na fti^dta lidiig, 
T^v d ^fui/itj^ tnsna &Bd Ohtg dgyvgonBj^a' 

M TiinB fu xtivog avnys fUyag S-Bog y aidioftai di 

MiayBod'* id-avdjotaiy, txm d* ax** Sxgita ^fif. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAlAJOS XXIV. 877 

£l/i» idv ' ovd* aXtov tnog iaatrat, o,TTi un tVirji. 

''Jlg aipa q>oiviiaaoa xdXvftfi * fl$ Sia &6imp 
Kvareoif, tov d ' ovu fAflarrtQW ^TtUto ta&og. 

M B^ y iirm, ngoa&iv di nodi^vffiog inia ^Qig 
'ifyBij^' afupt d* aqa fj<pt kidZno xvfia d^aXdatnig. 
AxTt^v d' iigavctfiaaai, ig ovgopov aiyf d-ij-ny* * 
EvQov d' (VQVOVca KQOvidrjv, ntgl d' aXioi anarttq 
Mad- ofiff/tgit^' fidxagBg'-^tol aiiv iorrtq. 

100 7/d' a^a ndq Jti naj(jfl xa^effio, fl|e d* *A&'r^rti. 
"llQfj da xQvatov xaXov dinag h xfQ*^ &rixty, 
Kal ^' tv<pQtiy* inhtsai, * Oixig d* o^s^b niovaa, 
7V)MJi di fiv&my ij^jfs nonriQ ardQav tc i^fwy t» ' 
*'llXv&sg OvXvfinovSe, S-ea Oiiiy xridofiirfi ntOf 

105 niv&og aXnaror (xovaa fifta q>Qtalv ' oiSa xat avtog * 
.<^a xal ag igitt, tov a' tivtxa dsvQO xdXtaaou 
£yv7Jfiag Sif viixog iv d^nvdrotoiv 0Q<OQey 
"ExTogog afiq>t vixvi xal ^AxiXXrfi moXmogd'fi^ ' 
KXiiffoa 9 ' oTQvytaxov /vaxonov Idgytttpoyrriy ' 

110 Avjdg iyia t66$ xvdog ^Ax^XXr^i nQOudnrvt, 
Aidw xal (pd6tr]xa Tcr^v fAttdnio&s (pvXdaaoav. 
Alipa fidX* ig axf^arov iX&i, xal vui ata inlutXw. 
2xvita&al ol nm &tovc, ^fii 6 ' Ro/cf ndmay 
A&otydrttv xrxoX^a&nif ort q>Qfal ftaivofiivrjaiv 

lift "Extoq txH Ttaf^d vfjval xoQatvlaiv, ovd' dniXvasr' 
At xiv nwg ifii is dtlafi, ^^^ ^ ' "-E^^OQa Xvofj. 
Avrdg fya Ilgidfio} fAf/aXrjTOQi Tgiv i<pi^am, 
Awau^ai <plXor viop, iovr' inl vr\ag *Axamr, 
Awga d' liix'^^^'^ (pfgiM'fv, %d xt &VfiOV irjvrj. 

190 **Jlg cigpar ' * oud * dni&rias &(d Ostig dgyvgoit^ut ' 
Brj di xar' OiXvfinoio xagi^vtty d'l^aaa. 
JJev d* ig xXialfiv ov vUog ' (y& * «^a royye 
Evg ' adiyd axwdxoyra ' <plXoi d ' dfi<p ' avroy halgoi 
'jEaavftiymg inivmrto xal ivrvyorto agnnw * 

196 Tblat d oig Xdatog fiiyag iy xXiolrj Ugivro, 
*Hdi pidX* ayx^ avjoio xa&tino noma fiv^g, 
Xugl Ts fuy xatigt^fy, anog t' ttpat', bx t* oyiiiaCw* 

Tix»oiy ifioy, rio fidxg^ odvgofvsyog xal axwmp 
2^y edtOB xgadi^Vf fiffiyrffnivog ovrt ri olxov, 

ISO OvT svyijg ,- iya&oy di yvyaixl nfo h ipikotffik 
Mlayta^* * ov ydg fioi dr^go-y /Siff, alXd xoi ijdti 
^Ayx^ nagiaxfixty &dvaiog X4*l Molga xgtnan^* 
AXX ffti&By ^wtg uxa, Atog di xot ayyaXog tlfttn 
Zxv^BO&al aoi t^tjci ^tovg, ia d^ t^ia niwxmv 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

378 1A1AJ02 SL 

lu A&aycitttv xfxoXwa&ah ou (pff$ul fimvofiiyTiaiv 
"Extog ij^Btg naga vrival xogtuflaiv, ovd ' amXvattg, 
AkX ayi dfi Xvaov, vtxgoio di d^ai anowa* 

Tfiv d^ anafietfiofASvog ngogdipri nodag oixv$ l^ilUig ' 
Tjjd e^Jj * og Snoiva (pigoi, xal vBxgov ayono, 

140 m drj 7tg6q>govi ^vfi^ ^Oivfimog avtog arwyu, 
^^Jlg o'iy' iv vricip ayvqu {irixf^g tc xo* vihg 
Holla jiQog aXXi^Xovg tnta msgoetT^ iyoqtvw. 
Jgiv d St^vvb Kqovidrig Big '^lUov Igr^v ' 

Baax* l&t, Jql jaj^Bia, Xmova* Bdog OiXvfinoto, 

i4d AyyBiXov Ugiufup fityaXi^Togi "JXiov Btaat, 
Avaua&M <plXov vlop, iovt' inl VYfog ^Axatth^, 
Juga d A^iXXiji q>BQi(jify, in xb &Vfi6v i^^p 
Olov, fifjdi Jig aXXog afia Tgoiiav Irot tlvrig. 
Ki]QV^ Tig oi tTioito yfQaiiBQog, og x ' l&vvoi 

IM 'jifjuovovg xai afia^uv tvrqoxov, ridk xal avxig 

NiXffov ayoi ngorl aaxv, rov XxxavB 9iog ^Ax^XXevg, 
MTjdi ri oi x^dvonog (itXiria (pqfai, fitdi rt xaQfiog \ 
Tolov ydq oi nofinov indaoofiBv AQyBKpoyrtjv, 
'O^ uUh fuog xfv ayav *AxtXij[i ntXaaaji, 

156 Avruf^ inijy aydytjOiv Itfo) xXialrjv ^AxiXrjog, 

Ovi uvTog xTtyift, ano t ' uXXovg ndvtag igv^BU 
OvTB ydg iar' atpqviv, ovx aaxonog, ovt' aUxf^i»mv' 
AXXa fidX ivdvxitag ixixtta ntaidi^atTai dvdgog. 
^Iflg i(paT ' (aQXo dt Igig oBXXonog ayyBXdovaa. 

160 J^sy d * ig JlQldfiOlO ^ xlxBV 6 ' ivOTtTi* XB yoW T«. 

llaldsg fisy naxiq afiq>i xa^^fiByoi Bvlio&By avXfjg, 
JdxQvaiy flfiax' B<pv^y' 6 d' iy /jUaaoiai yi^aiog 
Mvxvndg h X^^^V *^x(*Xvfifuyog * afupl di tzoXX^ 
K67i(fog eijy xBipaXy xb xal avxiyi xolo yigonog, 

iM Ttjy qa xvXiydouBvog xaxapiiaaxo /cf aey i^aiy, 
Ovyaxif^Bg d avd doifiax^ idi yvoi ^dvQorto, 
Twv fiifiyfiaxofAByai, oV dtj noXitg xb xai ia&Xol 
XBgalv in' 'AgyBimy xiato tpvxag oXiaavxBg. 
^iri di TtaQU JJqlafioy Jiog SyyBXog, Tjdi nqo^da, 

170 Tvx&oy ip&By^afiBvrj ' xov di xqofiog BXXa/ia yvla * 

OdgaBi, JaQdavidrj ITqlafU, ipQBal* nrfii %i rdgfiu ' 
oi fiiy ydg xoi iya xaxoy oaaofdvri too Ixmmt 
^AXX' aya&a <pgoyBov<ja' Aio^ di xot SyyBXog bI^u, 
"O; OBV, aytv&Bv imv, fiiya x^idBta^ ffd ' iXiolgBi, 

176 Avoaa&al a« xiXsvasy *OXvfi7nog "Exxoga 9ioy, 
J^ga d^ ^AxiXX^'i q)BQif;iBP, xd xe S^Vfily i^ytj, 
dlovj fif^di TK SXlog ufia Tgtmy txm inig. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

I AI A/I 2 XXIV. 379 

Kfiqv^ jlg to* tnouo /B^falxa^g, og x * l^vroi 
*H(u6vovg xal a/ua|ay ivr^x^f ^^' ^^^ onnig 

lao JVM^oy a/oi TTDOT^ aoTV, Toy txraps Slog Axi^fvs* 
MtiSi tl joi d^ayajog (ulsTm <p(^alf fit^Hi u rdiffiog * 
Toiog yaq TOi nofinoq a/i^ tipntu A(fysiq>ortfig, 
"Og a' a^$i, tXmg hsv aywy Ax^^^'^ neXaaari» 
Avjoq inriv a/dyjjaiy Kato xXtalriy 'AxtXiiog, 

186 OvT* aiftog xTmc(> ano t* aXXovg itartag i(fv$Bt. 

Ovtt yao iax* S<pQW, ovj' aaxonog, oxn alitfifMP' 
*AXXa iiak ' ivdvamg Ixmca nstpidiionai trvd^og* 

'j£ fih oo' 10V HTtova* dnijifj niHag wda fyig* 
AviuQ oy* viag cifia^av ivT(fOXoy lifitovUr^v 

190 'Onkiaai r^vtayHy nsl^ty&a de dfioai in otvifig, 
Awog 3' ig &dXafiov Hcnefiiiasto xijtasyra, 
Kidqivov, vif/6^0(poy, og ykiivia TtoXXd xexdvdsi ' 
'£g d ' aXoxoy 'JExd^v ixaXiaaono, q,tuytfaiy ts * 

Jcufioylri, Jio&ev fioi *OXvfimog ayytXog i^Xd-iP, 

1M Audaa&at (plXoy vUv, ioyz^ enl yrjag 'Axaiw, 
Jwi^a 5* ^AxiXXij'i (pBQSfAey, t« xs &v(i6y tijVij. 
'AXX ' ays fiot tods sins, tI joi g>Qsalv sidsvai shai / 
Aiyoii ydq ft' uv\6v ys fiivog xal -d^Vfibg avioysi, 
Ksia^ Uvai inl yijag laoi aTgatov sif^vy ^Axatmr. 

900 ^]flg <3paT0 • xcixvasv ds yvvr\i xai ifulpsjo fivd-^ ' 
"Jl fioi, nij ^jj TO* q>Qdvsg oixov& ', ^g JonaQog nsq 
*'ExU^ in ay&Qtanovg Ul^ovg, 17^' oio**' aydaaug ; 
Jl^g i&sXsig inl yijag ^Axaiay iX&ifisy olog, 
Idydgog ig 6<f&aXfiovg, og to* noXiag ts xal ia&Xoifg 

906 Iliag i^ivagi^s ! aidra^siiy vv roi rixog. 

El ydq a ' al(^7iasi> xal igotperai wp^aXfMliaiy 
'Slfirjoirig xal dntmog avrig ods, ov a iXstjaet, 
Oim zl a ' aldiasiai. rvv ds xXaUafuy aytv&ey 
"fffisyoi iy fisydgta ' la d^ aig no&i Molga xf^atavti 

210 TlBivofiiy(^ inhrias Xlv€^, ots uiy jsxoy avtri, 
^A^ylnoHag xvyag aaat, say andvsv&s xoxr^my, 
^Avdgl ndga xgatSQt}, tov iyoi fdaoy r^naq ^*/m 
'£a&ifisvai noogipvaa ' tot ' ayrira sgya yhono 
natdog ifiov ! inel ov k xaxiiofjLsyQy y% xcnixuh 

916 ^AXld noo TQWtay xal TQwiddtay ^a&vxilnvnf ^ 
^Eaxaox , ovtc q>6pov (ASfiyij^vov, ovx ' aXw^g* 

Ti^y d' avxs nQogismt yiqfoy Uglafiog •dsoaiS^C* 
Mrj f** i&iXoyx' iivai, xaxsgvxctyt, fttidi (ioi avti 
*'Ogyig iyl (isydgoiai xaxog niXsv ' av6i fu nsloHf. 

9^ ]^ (isy ydg jig /*' aUog imxdvylw UiXtvw^ 

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880 1A1AA0:S SL 

'^ o» fuirtUg uah &voax6oh ^ if^ntg, 

Nvr d ' — aviog yaq Smovau •d'tov, Mai igi^Qonaw fo i y — 
JSlfu, »at oix aXtop tnog laatrai. e* di fiOLolaa 
9U T^&vafiivai Tiaqa vfivahf u^anSy /ctilKosr^TwirMyy 
Bovlofiai ' avtlma yaq fM xatatadrtttp l^tHtfVg, 
'jyxag kkovr* ifutv viov, inrip yoov i^ lipoy tlipf, 

*'jEwd'f» dwdsxa (tev ntqina^Xiag t^tkt JtinXovgy 

930 dfadtxa 8' anXdiSag /iUi/ya^, Toaaovg di laTniTafp 
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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIA/10 2 XXIV. 881 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

884 IAIAJ02 Jl. 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 


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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

IAIAJ02 XXIV. 889 

0{ doM» TwiBw, 19 d* avTiJ ydi^ato noUovg * 
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Tiv d' intnagtoftittr ngogia^ nodag ixvg 'Axdkwg* 

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Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lAIA^OS Jl. 

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[SdyO^ov diyiifyjog, ov a&dyaiog xixiio Ztvg,^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

JAJAJ02 XXIV. 891 

*£^fuias fu» tnux^ ijtiflti nqoq fiaugop ''OXvfinw* 

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nigasiai. ij ydg oXoaXag inlaxonog, ogxB /aip avt^p 

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X»ofiafog, (jf dii nov adBXtpBOP txraytv "Exxmg, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


*£iKtoifoq h mdafifiaip oda^ Hor Samrop ovdag, 
Oi /ag fuUtxog tatt9 nat^g tto^ h dtit Xvygp * 

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ji^ov 8i Toxevat' yoov »al nip&og t&fixag, 
"Exxoq ' ifiol di /iaXiOTa UXdy/nai SXyut Xvyga, 
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"MetB yvy, Tg£tg, kvXa aatvde, utidi ti ^fif 
AiUnft' 'AgytUty nvxtroy Xoxav ' i; yag 'Ax^XXtvg 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

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'Eyrijfiag fiiy tolvB uylrwv aannov vhipf ' 

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Ey di nvg^ vnatfi ytx^or S'iGtKP, h 9 BfiaXor mig, 

Hfiog y '^giyivBta <pmffi fododanrvlog !?»;, 
T^fiog Sq * ifupl JTV^y nlvtov ''Ekiooos flygno hxog. 

T90 [Avtag ind ^ ijyig&BP, ofiriyegitg t fyirorto,^ 
/Igmov uh Kara TngMoiffV afiiaa» at&om otrtg 
Jlaaop, onoaaoy iniaxB Ttvgog fdrog ' avtag mtna 
'Oaria Xtvua Xdyorto naalyrfftol &* hagol t«, 
Mvgofityoi, S-aXigov di ttcnslfino daxgv ntngtmv, 

796 Kai Ta/« /^vac/iTy ig Xagvaxa ^xay Hortsg, 
IIog<f)vgioig ninXoun nakvipartig fiaXaxolaiv * 
Jl^a d* ag' ig xoUlijp nannov d^iaocp' avrag vntg&m 
JlvKVoiai'V Xdsoai xatBorogsatsy fiB/dlotaw * 
'PlfAtpa de aiifi* txtar, ntgl di oxonol staro narrji, 

900 Mfi ngh iq>ogfifi^iU» ivxt^fudtg *JxtuoL 

XtiavtBg di to a^px, ndhv xlor ' avrag tnuta 
Ev awaysigofuyo^, dalvwr igixvdia davta 
JwfMiaiy iy Sguifioio, Jungi<piog fiaaiX^og. 

"Jlg oXy* ifupUnoy twpw "Bmogog UtitodaftoiOn 

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1 . MSmv, &c. Interpretations materially difiering from each other have 
been given by critics to the first seven lines of the Iliad. Many think 
with Heyne, that the subject proposed to himself by the poet Is simply the 
wrath of Adatte$^ and the disasters inflicted on the Greeks by the Trojans, 
in consequence of his quarrel with Agamemnon. Th^n Ai«i %* iriAi/ir* 
^aCxn (1. S)f and the countel or fmrpote tf JufUer was accompHshedf must 
refer to the revenge of AchiUes, for the injury he had received at the hand 
of Agamemnon. It is obvious that this explanation flows from the theory 
that the Iliad is a collection of poetry, by difierent minstrels, and put to- 
gether by ingenious editors long after the actual dates of the poems them- 
selves. The poet therefore, could have had no conception of a regular 
epic, all the parts of which should conduce to some one important end; 
but, proposing merely to sing of the quarrel and its immediate consequences^ 
he lays the matter directly before his audience in the best manner he can. 
The most common explanation of the passage is, that these lines c oiW tf i ^ 
' an exposition of the Iliad, considered M one entire poem. The poet be- 
gins with the wrath of AchiUes, because it gave a decided impulse to the 
events of the war, and hastened the catastrophe. It brought upon the 
Greeks a train of disasters, ending with the death of Pbtroclus, the be- 
loved friend of Achilles, which drew him forth from his retirement, l» 
exact a bloody vengeance from Hector and the Trojans. The purpose tf 
Jave was to bring about the destruction of Troy by the fall of Hector, &c. 

*B{ •Z ^ rmwfmvm ^tmwrnrnv l^Umvri, Sec. 

** And the will of Jove was accomplishing from the time when Atadei, 
fkiDg of Men. and the dmne AddBet parttd^ hoping guanelled" M may 

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398 NOTE& 

be Temarked, « a coUatenl <a|:q|iort of this ioterpretatioOt that fuhit dgni* 
fiesy according to a Scholiast, contiiMud angary and not stmpiy a fuarrdn 

3. «'^«i«i^iy, a compound of «r^j and i«rr«#, and very expressive. 'Hrrm 
is from the same origin as wiirr^f and signifies to cause to JtUl by violent 
means, and to attail with violence, U(^ qualifies the meanii^ of the verb 
in relation to time, so that the compound signifies to cause to fill prema" 
turely, and may be rendered here, hurried away to Hades matuf brave soule 
of heroes before their time, &c. The student will find his taste gratified, 
and his power of understanding the author greatly increased, by subjecting 

'his language to a rigid analysis, and dedudng the real signification of com- 
pound words from the sijgnification of their primitives. 

4. avrtitt ii, &c., and made then (L e. thdr bodies) a prey, &c. ; «vr«vf 
seems to be used in antithesis to ^vx»t in line 3. 

9. fiariXnu the Ionic or poetic dative of fiaetXivt, 

11. it^nrn^My from &^k or tlie verb A^fuu, one who prays, a priest, 

13. AvrV»'*f> future participle^ with the signification in order to ran- 
som. This signification often occurs. 

14. Iriftfutr* t^if. The custom of suppliants carrying branches 
twined about with wool is often referred to in ancient writers. The stu* 
dent will recollect the opening of the CEdipus T^-rannus ; 

^Ci TiKva KtQfuv rw irAXtu yi« r^«^ii, 
Tiy«f 9*4* ti^»s r»0''i* Ifiui Stf^^ire, 

fFUh suppUant branches decked. 

Instead of an olive-branch the priest is here represented as bearing thegold- 
^OB sceptre, which indicated that he was the priest of Apollo. 

19. '£»«4^r«i. The simple verb means to destroy. '£« imparts 
to it the significatioa to destroy utterly, 

20. xJfSMi n, to give up in return for a ransom. The difference 
between the active and middle voices is obvious in the difiere&t meanings of 
fvr«^iy«f (1. 13.) and this. 

23. irtv^qy»iir«y, expressed their assent to, sometimes by invoking 
blessings, but beie by the silent expression of their countenances. Ob- 
serve the force of IfrL 

25. ««Mf l^iuf rudefy dismissed him, 

26. utx^i^h from »ixnfu * subj. for «M;t^«. 

31. *lrrjy i«rtf;^«^iHiy. The verb properly signifies lo approadk^ $o 
attack, and, as has been observed, Is applied to iveaving With peculiar pro- 
priety* on account of the ancient custom of standing at the loom* It 1$, 

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lUAD, L 399 

howercr, uaed in a genenl way to signify being employed about any work^ 
and may be rendered bere> Paying the loom, 

39. fiwuf for fii/t subj. The ancient form of the sulj. wis fUfuu 
tn^mtf nrmu Then the r in the second person was dropped, and the verb 
assumed the form which occurs here. 

34. Bn V Amim. ThiB line is one of remaricable beauty and expressiTfr- 
ness. It brings vividly before the eye, the image of the Priest, wallring 
silently and sadly along the shore of the deep-sounding sea i and, as Poprt 
justly remarks, ** the melancholy flowing of the verse admirably expresses 
the condition of the mournful and deserted father.** Such passages are 
perpetually occurring in Homer. 

39. ;^«(iiyr' Iwi vhm ^^^p». The preposition, by a frequent usage of 
Homer, is separated from the verb. The veri> l^^tv properly means 
to cover, to roof over^ hence to crown^ and the expression here alludes to the 
ancient custom of decorating the shrines and altars of the Gods with gar- 
lands and chaplets. Another instance of the division of the preposition 
and verb occurs in the next line. 

41. m^nwfy Poetical for jk^mv, from x^Mm. 

44. et seq. The description of Apollo, descending in wrath, is much 
celebrated. The rattling of the arrows is vividly described, and the sound 
of the verse corresponds to the sense. — i%* iftt fimr) lt»m§, and he went 
like niglit. This has been said to refer allegorically to the impure state of 
the atmosphere at the time of the pestilence, but without sufficient reason. 
Mr. H. N. Coleridge very justly observes that there are two kinds of 
similes, those addressed to the Fancy, and those addressed to the Imagina- 
tion. The former present a likeness to the outward vision i the latter to 
the eye of the mind. The simile just quoted belongs to this class, and 
nothing can more happily describe to the inward sight the descent of the 
angry God. — Auvi Hi nXnyyit^ &c. The sound of this line admirably imi- 
tates the twang of the silver bow. 

57. 9yn^U9 ifknyt^iu r*, after they had been tummoned, ami were all 

65, tv;^»tXnf iirtfUfi^trmi, iftzm*\xndentood. — lumriftCnf the hecatomb 
was properly, as etymology indicates, a sacrifice of a hundred oxen i it is 
frequently, however, used in a more general sense, and means a sacrifice of 
any sort. 

66* rtXt*t9f perfect, without spot or blemish. 

67. Jtfrdem§f from AtrUii^, with the gen. signifies to enjoy, 

78. if)^ ;^«XArrf/cf », thai I s/iall make angry, VertM in m» generally 
signify to put into the state or condition indicated by the nouns or aiQec- 
tires ixom which they are formed. 

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400 NOTES. 

8S. pfd^m, mid. ddiberaie, Thii it for the noit yui the agnificetioa 
of the middle vpice of f(^»f* 

98. n^if y' Jkiri, &e.y b^fbre we ratoreg w^if is often conetnicted with 
the infinitive. -— IX«»4Mr«)«. The meaning of this word is uncertain. Some 
derive it from tXtmitt black, which gives the signification black^eyed, Othen 
form it from IxS^^m to roU, urith rolKng eyes ; and this describes tlie quickness 
and vivacity of the e>e, which is characteristic of the Orientab. The lat- 
ter is probably the tme meaning. 

103. f^i Jkftfi/UxmiHu, &c. ; ^^Mt properly meins the rfiu/jiftnu gm . It 
if applied to the mind on account of the intimate connexion between the 
operations of the mind and the functions of the disphragm. 

115. th ^iftmif &c. neither inform nor ttaiure, &c. 

1 36. wmXiJiXtym, again eoUeeUd, 

132. Kxiwrt Mf, deceive m mind, i. e. purpose or try to decdvc; tb 
wmfiki^nmt, litersUy, you tkali not past by me, that is, overreach me. 

136. After trrmt, understand some such expression as, U ehaU be weB, 

140. fiira^furifu^m, we wUl consider at another time s furm, in com- 

142. iwtmhf, used adverbially. 

151. d«y ixiifMfmi, to go on an expedition, here, more properly, to lay 
an ambushm 

159. rtfikv Af9^fuui, m order to procure satisfaction fir Mendaus. 

•175. funrUrm, {ox /tnr^ir^s, Mo\, 

176. '£;^^irr«f, has two meanings, most hostile and mast odious* Tlie 
iMter is the meaning here. 

187. *'I#«9 IfUi, &c., to pretend to an equtdity with me, and to set him- 
self in open rivalry. 

194. "EXmvv, was drawing, 

SCO. ^wit li, &c., and her eyes shone, &e. 

205. r^^ Af, this expression in later writers, as in the Tragedians* 
acquired the signification of perhaps, or probably. In Homer, however, 
Eustathius, and after him, TroUope^ affirm, that it never loses its primitive 
signification of quickly. 

21 1. iftr l#i«w< Mf, as it shall be, i. e. as teproaehes may oeeur to youm 

216. «f»JTi^ yu The dual possessive, referring to Juno and 

225. The abusive epithets in this fine are characteristic of the violence 
of Achilles, and of the herok age i KtenHy heavy-mtk-wisse, hening the 
/bos of a dog, hut the heart of a stag. 

226. iff Xmf ^tifwxfnmi, to be mrmed with the peepU, !• cw to go l» 
battle with the army. 

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ILIAD, I. 401 

997. jUx^tU; &c» to engage m cm ambmtctde, Tbig wm oonsidend 
one of the mott daring, enterpriwt of war. 

23S. **£[ ykf Mff fair certamly you wonUd now v^re fir the latt tjm#. 

SSS. et aeq* It was customary for kings to swear by their sceptres. 

239. n^ At§t ti^rmi, who dtfend the lam ef Jove, or the laws re- 
caved from Jove. 

S4a ecAf, a feeUng cf lots, a great iojuiy arising from the loss or 
abstace of Achilles. 

S50. /At^iwmf, from fiti^ dhnde, and A^, the voUxy according to Susta- 
thius, an epithet applied to man, as possessing the power of sounding 
and articulating words, syllables, and letters. 

853. lv^tfM»(»9. This compotmd sometimes means VMU-ditpoted, wdl^ 
untidngi and sometimes w^-thinkingi prudent, tagacioue. Here it seems 
to unite both meanings. 

856. mx»i*'»r0i poetic for x^***^h " ^^^» ^^^ 

966, r^^fr, for ir^dfnsar. 

868. ^(r}y, &c, for ^n^r/r. The mountain-dweBing monstert, gene- 
rally supposed to be the Centaurs. 

370. Arint ymint* Some explain this, a ficr distant land. Others 
consider the epithet, a name derived from Apis, a Pelasgian adventurer, who 
settled at an early period in the Peloponnesus. Whichever of the two may 
be right, it means the Peloponnesus. 

271. »«r* tft' MVT99. Some interpret these word% according to the 
bettof mjf power, others, hy myseff, ajMrt from the rett. The 'former 
seems to be the better meaning, though the latter is supported by highly 
respectable authority. 

283. Airr«^*, ' A;^<XX<ri' ^i^i^ir ;^«X«y, I beseech you to give up your 
anger agairut AchiUet, 

888, 889. »^«r(i4v, kfi^^tit, ani enftatnvh are not tautological The 
first properly means, to have power over^ but not necessarily to exercise it { 
the second, to exerdte kingly or jrrincely power, and the third to command, 
for instance, as a military chieftain. Agamemnon uses these difierent 
words to describe as strongly as possible the excessive ambition of Achilles. 
A Tit *, &c. m reqmct to which I eh not think any one will obey him, 

308. £j I', iyi ftn*, a Greelc idiom, to be explained by supplying the 
ellipvs thus, JhU if you choote, or wish, come on, &c 

310. Biin. The first aorist o£ thia verb has a transitive meaning. 
H« put on board the ship a hecatomb fir the God, 

315. «iXir/r#«f, pe^ict, without spot or blemish. 

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409 NOTB& 

896. w^9ttu Smi them on, or awmf. The prapoiitioii it not ndnn- 
dant M some aiaert. 

833. fr«> If) ^wif inhu own mmd, 

348. ^Mi,ragei. 

350. w93iMif9 •Ifiem. These epithets must he understood as applied to 
diflerent views of the sea. The first is vahite or foaming^ i. ew near the 
shore ; the second, dark-caloved, describes the appearance of the deep water 
at a distance. 

356. Ixth vhen joined with an active participle generally implies « con- 
tinuance of the action, he has taken and dill potttua g Ar«»if«f, I aor. from 
Airt^il^tf, or A«-«v^M». 

361. ififfZtt. Not always called him by name, as the etsrmology 
would seem to indicate, but simply addreued him. 

393. iti0ff gen. from ivt, brave. Some editors read U«r aspirated, from 
.the possesiive Uf, which is sometimes used for the 1st or 9d person. 

407. Xufil ywu9. Suppliants threw themselves at tlie feet of the per- 
son to whom the supplication was addressed, and embraced his knees. 

410. WtkV^m^tu^ ironical, that they may enjoy their lung, 

414. MJMv, adverbially, under an etfU fate. 

415. A74* i^tXit. The 2d aorist of the verb ifUkm, Joined with an 
infinitive, is often used to express a wish, determined by the person of the 
verb : mS^ * S^tXn, wndd that I had or might, according to the infinitive ; 
«7^* «^iXii, would that thou hadMt, &c, 

432. and the following, describe the process of disembarking from a 
ship. *lrri« eruXafT*, they Juried the mils, and placed them in the 
ship; *IrT«f } ', &c. and }}laced the mast in the case QerMmif), or according 
to others, rested it against a prop or pole ; w^ntttf o^ifru, lowering it by 
the ropes ; these ropes passed from prow to stern, through a pulley at the top 
of the mast ; tl$ cffut, &a, and forced it (the ship) to the landtng-plaee with 
the oars ; *£« l* imkg, &c.. and let down or threw out the weights, which 
served for anchors, and were attadied to the prow i nmrk U w^sppifrMt, and 
fastened the cords or cables from the stem, which was drawn up on the 
shore ; M ftiyfuft, upon tlie shore, literally, upon the breaker, 

449. Xt^hpmfT*, &c., they waAed their hands, which wu the first cer- 
emony in sacrifices. — wXtx^rat AnXiwr* * these were the cakes of salt and 
barley, ** which were crumbled between the horns of the victim, on its back, 
and the parts dissected for burning, and also upon the altar bdere it was 
sacrificed.** Robinson's Gr. Antiq. p. 906. 

459. This and the foUowing lines contain e minute dsicriptkm of the 
sacrifice. Ayi^ifra9,8D(i,,they first drew back the kmdqf thevictim^uou to 

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lUAD, L 400 

turn the tiuroftft vp^mdt, tbtocttt the fthreeft (l#H^O »^ ^7^ ^ ^'IctfaD 
(Oii^O* Then they cut out the thighs {jui^t which were appropritted to 
the gods, and oorered them with fiit (mW^) m double ctuU {^9r9xm 
watnfmfrtf)f and placed upon them pieces of flesh taken from difieient parte 
of the Ticiim (mpu^wtmtw), and the old man (the priest) burnt them upon 
the deA-wood (fx^9f)» ^'^ poured on them the wine. And young men 
stood by, holding five-pronged Ibrks (wyunifi»km) in their handit which 
were used ** for stirring the flesh, that it might be quickly and coropletdy 
destroyed.*' TroUope. «- ^rkdyx** Ircriirt • they feasted upon the en> 
trails, including the spleen, heart, &c. — ftUntXXst, &c they cut up the other 
parts and pierced them with the foxk% and roasted them skilfully, and took 
them from the ibiks. -* ^msrit iUntf the equal or equally distributed fiaet. — * 
lM#ri^fr«, filled to the brim. The x^m^f, were large goUeta^ in wbidi 
the wine was first poured. It was afterwards handed round in smaller cups 
(Uwdim^ Jwsii^li^fM, beginning in order, that is, from the right. 

478. AviyMT*, they smiled back. The succeeding lines describe with 
great spirit and beauty the passage of the ship on her return. 

486. tffAarM, props. It was the custom to draw the ships entirdy upon 
the shore^ and to secure them by long props. 

490. »uitd9u^9f either ** resorted to by illustrious men,** or '* rendering 
men illustriouB.** 

5S4. Mmrrnvtv^ftmi, I will sanctum the promise by my nod. 

5S8. This and the two following lines have been much cdebrated for 
their grandeur. 

535. MuMi, to await, that is, to leep his place, or to keep his seat. 

554. p^tmt, you plan or devise. 

555. wm^iwft lest she persuade thee, 

561. Amifu9i9f a term of address, sometunes fanplyhig respect and hon- 
or, and sometimes rebuke. — ittmi, you are always swpecting something, 

569. Wtyfdftypm^a piXn »«;, bending or curbing her spirit. The 
adjective f/X«f is ofken used in Homer veiy nearly in the aenae of 'the pos- 
sessive pronoun. 

575. MXf «f lXm^T«9y raise a tumult, 

576. rk x*^**** ***f> '^ worse gains the vtetory^ u e. the disturbanee* 
581. #r«^iA.i|w, to hurl down from. After this a few words must be 

supplied. He can doit, or he wSl. 

584. i^»^w«;aM^ a cup with fioo hosidlest in appositkm with Uwut. 

591. rt^rmymf, 2 aor. from rd^^ to seize. Verbs which s^gidfy to seis^ 
teueh, Ae. tike agenitive of the part on which the seism is made. 

597. iyMiMp^Vvm the rig/ktf in order. 

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404 KOTES; 

e06* MmmntHnnt. For mmvmiuUMttt dtmring to deqf, or to lie down 
to- rest. 

611. mmh»^\ he hy davm^ with a diipotitioii to sleeps not he ttept ; for 
in the next book (Uoe 2) it if laid, Jupiter did noi deep. 

Tlie first book contains the prelinnnariei to the comrnencement of 
aerious action. First, the visit of the priest of ApoDo to ransom his captive 
daughter i the refusal of Agamemnon to jidd her up» and the pestilence 
sent by the god upon the Greeian army in consequence. Secondly, the 
lestoration, the propitiation of Apollo, the quarrel between Agamemnon 
and Achilles, and the withdrawing of the latter from the Grecian army. 
Thurdly, the intercession of Thetis with Jupiter i his promise, unwillingly 
given, to avenge Achilles ; and the assembly of the gods, in which the 
promise is angrily alluded to by Juno, and the discussion peremptorily 
checked fay Jupiter. The poet, throughout this book, maintains a shnple 
unadorned styl^ but highly descriptive, and happily adapted to the nature of 
the sulject. 


The poem now becomes more exciting i the langusge more animated; 
the description more lively and figurative. Homer seems to kindle with 
bi^ subject and to press all the phenomena of nature into his service for the 
purpose of illustration and adornment. Jupiter prepares to keep his prom- 
ise of avenging Achillea by dmwing Agamemnon into a deceitful expecta- 
tion of taking the city. The forces are arrayed for battle, which gives 
occasion for the celebrated catalogue. 

1. isrwiu^v^Ttiit aa epithet compounded of Unr§t, and »*^»Mh to arw^ 
Properly, those who Jigitt from chariots, 

4. Ti^rfi, that he might avenge, 

6. 0uXm, pernicious ; perhaps herei, deceitfid, 

10. Jkyt^wi^f, Infinitive for the imperative^ properly governed by 
some word understood. 

L3. hft^t belongs to ^^t9vm in the next line i Mnh d^etrentiyr or 
are divided in opinion, 

23. Ut^H, generally, prudent^ kig^dwt t. applied to t mrrior, skiBtd 
in woTf waHUe, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

lUADb IL 40ff 

S5t WtrtTfd^mrmtf for i«>jrtr{«^i^ipM ti^L 

26. 1^9, for 1/*^. 

34. J^niy for Av^ 

37. ^ HteraUy» A« joi^ It li often used by Homeri in the aenae of 
Ae tkmtgbt, 

4S, 43. x'^Zm and fSfw • the first was the inner garment or tunic i the 
second, the exterior garment corresponding to the Roman toga. 

49. i^S«4V«, m order to announce* 

55, TTvtuniu This epithet has Tarious meanings; 1st. Mtoir, eon- 
denttdf finny ttron^ / 2d, prwAtiUy wite, tagadom, &c. 

71. 'n^M*' lw9itrdfUfH* This veib is often constructed with partici- 
ples of verbs of motion. He Jlew away. 

73. f Bifiis Writf tohere U i$ rights or perhaps, m the manner thai i$ 

81. 90^tJ^»tfuimt literally, we should separate curedvet from U t we 
should not believe ic 

90. mwrnnmroi^ for wrMWWj^ perf. pass, from w^^dm. The beauty 
and correctness of the simile in these lines cannot ftil to strike the reader. 

93. *Orr« )t^i«. Fame or rumor hwmedf from hdm, pi. mid. 

95. Tir(«i;(;ci, wat rough, or tumuU%»ou9p from rf^x*^ 

106, wXv*^ ''In the ruder ages of society, before the use of 
coined money, the necessaries of life were exchanged for one another, and 
wealth was aecpidingly esthnated ny the number of flocks and herds.** 

1 13. U«^«vr* is in the aecusaUve and agrees with \fd understood. 

\\6* fdkXM, it appears, 

125. l^Urtth natives. 

1 33. U^em, to destroy utterfy, 

137. W9rtiiyfumh eapeeting us. 

146. WmtfyiLSf singular for phiraL 

148. Xitff*^ tempeshums. V^u, falls. The 4gure is bold and highly 

153. Oi^vt, channels, through which the ships were hunched. 

1 54. 07mi)i /f^iMfft ^ager to return. 

160. f^;^«XJ^f, properly o vow t hence a thing to be desired, sometUng 
lo be boasted of, a boast 

165. ^ftfnXiermtfnundonbathtideti So m e tim ea rendered sisf^ 

175. if ..... ^nr«mf, rushing on board, 

190. Mmxi9 Jtt, Hiea wmk memt or eewird. 

105* ^i ;(;«X#rj^^iff«f. Supply some woid* kewanf kttf ftOt 

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406 NOTES. 

800. Ar^(/MM iTr^ sU quieUy. 

204. m lymSn, This ailjectiTe agreei ^tb aome neuter noon tinder- 
stood. The construction is a common one, 

210. ASyim>>f, ftc. This is a finely descriptiTe lint, 

212. et seq. The character of Thersites is admirably dtetcbed. 
There is nothing vague and indistinct, but all the traits are so lively that be 
stands before us, Ulce the image of some absurd being whom we have our- 
selves seen. It has been justly remarked fay the critics, that the poet dis- 
plays great skill in representing the opponents of Agamemnon in the char- 
acter of so base a personage, since nothing could more efiectually reconcile 
the Greeks to the contuuance of the war than the tidieulous turbulence of 

215. Il,rt §4 f7r«ir« ytX$ii99, vfhaiever it teemed to him would excite the 
laughter of the Greeks, 

216. mUx*erHf the haeest, 

217. f*X»itf squinting* 

219. ^«S««, &c, pointed as to his head, with a head like a conK — imni- 
Wi, perf. mid. from Wtifiiit, 

220. "Mx^i^THt he was most odious* 

221. yu«iiir»f, he was wont to revile, 

2S4. IciCarxi^f, &c., to involve tlie sons of the Greeks in ralamitifs. 

2S7. yl^u if$^rifU9, to awutss booty, 

245. ^ii^ very stemfy — nurav^, pref. mid. from lfirr», 

246. AMf/T9/iv4i, loquadousy Xty^t «ri^, applied ironically. 
264. iuMieet, unseemly ^ disgraceful. 

266. iImw^ii, he writhed, — a«;Lf^y li, the starting tear. 

269. A;t:C*''' *^*» looking foolish, 

915, %ex * lt'y»(»*'f» restrained from his harangues, 

291. ^H fkn*t &c. This line is very obscure. The generally received 
veraion is to this effect, Truly the labor is such that one, might justly wish 
to return^ being Vfom out by the long continued Jatigue of the war* 

296. fw^iwvrtrri, part. dat. pi. from /*ifi9weu 

S02. 7C«if ^i^o^mty have carried away, 

SOS. x**K^ ^ ^ *t^*K\ If^kff referring to the pestilence. 

905. kfii^) wt^if round about, 

SI 2. »9'»9rtirmSrts, perf. from wr^eem, hiding themselves fiarfuify 
among the branchew, or fluttering among the'brancfaes. 

SI 8. f^nnv, who smf Aim, 

SS5. S^ifin, r^MKuT§f, fale, to be fuyUled late. 

9S0. rtXurtUtore aooompUMng,, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, II. 407 

836. Ti^Mt, to ciDed from Geren^ a town io the Pdoponnesui. 

341. 2r«f)cj r' &ii^iir« suH )i^i, the Ubutiont tf unmixed whet 
and the right handt / in allusioo to the custom of pouring out a libation of 
pure wine, in the ceremony of forming a league, and joining right hand8> 
as a pledge of mutual fidelity after the sacrifice. 

348. 11^^ "A^tsi* it9«M. This is to be connected with C«»Xf^r* in 
the preceding line, to return to Argoe firsts befxfre we know, &c. i 

353. Ivj^i^ '. Auspicious o?nens were supposed by the Greeks to come 
from the right 

356. iffi^f*ar^ n rrefm^^t ri. There are two interpretations to this 
line. 1st. The departure of Helen and her subsequent repentance ; and 
2d. The expedition of the Greeks and their sufierings on account of Helen. 
The latter seems to be the more probable. 

362, ^vXm, ^(nr^mf. The Athenians were divided into four tribes, 
called ^vA«, and each tribe into three f^r^im or wards. The words seem 
to be used here, however, in a more general sense, and the passage means 
that they should be divided according to their tribes and nations. 

380. •vi* nZattiff not even a little, not a moment. This speech of Aga* 
memnon is artful and spirited. He first praises the wisdom of the old 
Nestor i then speaks of his quarrel with Achilles, doing ample justice 
to his bravery i then gives the most animated directions to prepare for the 
coming contest ; and lastly threatens the coward who shall shrink from the 
battle, with instant death. 

389. JkftfiCfimf, The sliields of the Gredcs were of sufficient diameter 
to protect the whole body, sometimes reaching to the feet. 

400. *AXX«f I* ikX^, each to his own peculiar god. 

409. ikitX^Mf mt \*t9uv, instead of its aitX^U Wnitr^f for /le knew 
in hit mind how his brother was laboring, 

410. m^«rr4ir«fr«, stood around, 

413. The infinitives in this line depend upon some word understood. 
" Grant,- &c 

415. 9»fig )«j«i«, governed by itm understood. 

420. et seq. A sacrifice is here described, not materially difiering irom 
that mentioned in Boo^ I. 

438. Ayi(i9T«09f third pers. pL imper. pres. 

447. Aiyiim • the ^is of Minerva was a shield, with rows of tassek 
(^»0aw) on the edge. 

449. iMmriftCttH worth a hundred oxen. Before coins were in use^ tbt 
Tilue of things was expressed by reference to some familiar article of prop* 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

408 KOTBa 

453. irikifut yXvuSm yinr', war became ndeHer, &e. 

455. et eeq. Tbe splendor of the deKription of the march can never 
be sufficiently admired. Tbe poet adorns it with a magtiificent prodigafity 
of similes, all appropriate, and forming a combination which presents 
the most lively picture that can be conceived. 

484. Tbe poet now invoices the Muses to aid him in the enumeration of 
the Grecian leaden and their respective forces, implying that without their 
aid, he should be unable to ** describe tbe multitude^ and to name them.'* 
The following catalogue ha^ always been celebrated for accuracy and 
fidelity, and was anciently appealed to as a high authority. Tbe student 
is advised to give particular attention to this important passage. He will 
find it the most interesting fragment of andent geography extant t interesting 
for tbe poetical beauty of the verse, tbe regular order which is followed, and 
the little characteristic touches, which denote the peculiarities of the several 
provinces. Tbe more be examines this catalogue with the subsidiary lights 
of geography, history, and travels, tbe more cause will he find of won- 
der, that a description so ancient, should combine so much accuracy, 
beauty, and interest. It is recommended to the student to trace the prov- 
inces and cities on some good map of ancient Greece. 

Tbe Boeotians are first enumerated, beginning with the towns on the eastern 
coast. Proceeding westward, the Fboceans next occur, then the Locrians, 
with their several towns. The poet now moves eastward and enume- 
rates the Euboeans, and their several towns, affixing to many of them, 
epithets, descriptive of their situaflon or productions^ or some other charac- 
teristic circumstance. Turning iiis course towards the Pebponnesus, he 
comes to Athens, then to Sal amis, then to Argos and other towns in tbe 
province of Argolis^ then to Mycenae and Corinth and Sicyon. It is to be 
remarked, however, that the description proceeds more in the order of 
the large tovms or cities, than in reference to the provinces as their bounda- 
ries became afterwards defined. Then follows the description of Lacedaemon, 
I^los, and the neighbouring towns, on the southwestern extremity of the Pel- 
oponnesus. Proceeding northward, the poet comes to the Arcadians i and it 
may be observed as a proof of his minute accuracy of information, that he says 
Agamemnon gave them ships because they had never concerned themselvet 
in naval afiairs. Arcadia was an bland province nowhere touching on tbe 
sea. This is a small circumstance, but valuable because it shows the entire 
fidelity of the poet in matters of fiict Nortiiwest of Arcadia lie JSlis, 
Buprasium, &c which follow in the enumeration. Then the islands called 
Echinades, which lie near the mouth of tbe river Achdous, and as Homer 
expresses it, e^m ^U«f , "HXiUt iftm. We have now followed tiie poet 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, 11. 409 

through the Pe1otx>nlietU8, louthward on the eastern coast, then north tvard 
through the interior and along the we&tern coast ; we nuw arrive at the 
dominion of Ulysses, Cephallenia, Ithaca, Neritus, &c., then turn to the 
continent and come to the Vidians, the sucjects of Thoas. We must 
now return to the south and visit the islands in the ^gean sea, the domin- 
ions of the renowned Idomeneus, Crete, the island of a ** hundred cities." 
Following the course of the enumeration, we find ourselves on the celebrs^ 
ted island of Rhodes, from which Tlepolemus led his hands, with many other 
islands in its neighborhood. Having gone over the islands, the poet leads us 
next to the important dominions of the " swift-fooied, godlike Achilles," ' 
which by on the north of all the nations hitherto enumerated, Pelasgic 
Aigos (so called to distinguish it from Argns in Peloponnesus), Alus, 
Alope, &c., and Hellas, " abounding in beautiful women.*' Tliis la&t nanrje 
became afterwards common to all Greece. Next comes the dominion of 
Protesilaus, lying on the coast. This hero was celebrated for being the 
first who was slain in the war. He was killed while leaping from his ship 
upon the Trojan shore. Proceeding northward, we come to Pherae, and 
the lake Boibeis, whose forces Eunielus commanded. Still farther north, 
and along the coast of the Thermaic gulf, lay Methone and other parts of 
the kingdom of Philocteles. In the west of Tliessaly were Tricca and 
Ithome, whose forces were commanded by the sons of .^sculapius, celebra- 
ted for their skill in medidne. In the northern part of Thessaly are 
Argissa, Gyrtone, Oloosson, &c. 

Tlien proceeding to the northwest, we come to the region of the " stormy 
Dodone," and the river Titareslus, which flows into the Peneus *' without 
mingling its waters." And last of all are the Magnetes, who dwelt in the 
neighbourhood of ** the Peneus, and the leaf shaking Pelinn." The stuiient 
will thus perceive that the order of enumeration is sufficiently precise for 
easy recollection, and he will find it for his pleasure and advantage, to 
make himself familiar with its details. It would be curious to estimate the 
combined forces of the Greeks upon this enumeration. Trollope rem irks 
that the Yiumber has been variously given by different autht>rs : Plut&reh, 
1SO,000 men : Thucydides about 102,000, &c. Now if we take the whole 
number of ships, 1184, and multiply by 120, the number of men in each 
of the Boeotian vessels, we shall have 142,080 for the whole Grecian army. 
This is obviously too great i and a much fairer way of estimating it is to 
take the mean between 120 and 50, the smallest number mentioned, which 
will give the average 85, and multiply this by 1184 t then we shall have 
100,640^ or in round numbers about 100,000 men. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

410 NOTES. 

In the same manner we may trace the nations who were united with the 
Trojans, and the islands lying near the coast of the Troad. The enamfr. 
ration is not so jmrticular, nor so regular, aa that of the Greeks, nor does it 
aSbtd any basis for a calculation of their number. Perhaps this circum- 
stance may still forther confine the credibility of Homer as to historical 
facts. He would naturally be more familiar with the traditions relative to 
the Greeks than with those relative to the Trojans, of whom he might 
easily learn about as much as he has told us, and could not probably ac- 
quire more particular information. 

Every thing is now prepared. The two armies are arrayed, enumerated, 
and ready to engage. The next book shows how the battle was interrupted 
by the proposal of a single combat between Menelaus and Paris. 


The scenes described in this book are exceedingly lifesome. The figures 
are animating and beautiful, and the mind of the reader is borne along 
with breathless interest over the sonorous verse. 

1. M/inhf for x«r/i*«^n^«», xocre arrayed. 

6. *Afi0Asi UuyfA*i9ifu "They are placed by Aristotle and Strabo on 
the banks of the Nile, and the Scholiast describes them as a diminutive race 
of men in Upper Egypt, who assemble in thefr fields for the purpose of 
scaring the cranes from the corn, at the time of their periodical passage to 
the warmer climate of the south." TroUope. ** The cranes in order to 
escape from winter, at this day, turn their course to Africa.** Volcker, 
«*Uber Homerische Geographic und Weltkunde, § 48." 

18. »i»fl{i^^i»« for in»#^i»^fciir«, pomted or armed wUlu 

28. ^r« yA^t &c. for he thought to avenge himself upon the ujrong-doer, 

35. m^ueit, governed by »«r« understood. 

39. ^vt^e^h unhappy Parit, Awj is compounded with other words, and 
sometimes with proper names, as in this instance. 

57. A«f7w» W* x^rZfth y»w wouid have put on a coat qf stone, i. e. you 
. would have been stoned to death s the Oriental punishment for adultery. 

64,65,66. Several words are here en: ployed in an unusual sense. 

Do not bnng before me (i. e. reproach -te wUk) the detirqbU gifts of 
golden Yenus, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, III. ' 411 

The glorious ^U of the gods cannot be rejeptedj 

Whatsoever thejf may give, and no one am acquire them at wiB. 

77. T^«»y A»iifyf ^AXayyms, he kept back the phlalanxes of the Trofans, 
taking his spetar by the middle* ** The pirt of a thing taken hold of is put 
in the genitive. " 

83. Invrmi, he is desirous. 

98. iia»^i9H/itHUf to be reconciled, or to bring the war to a close. 

99. ei«r«^i. Various explanations are given of this form ; I st, for 
wtirini^t • Sd, for wtv-Man, perf. mid. of v-arx^ * and 3d, for iriiri- 
^art, perf. mid* of e«r;^«f. 

100. ' k^x^*y *^^ beginning of the war. 

103. «7rtrf, future for the imperative. 

115. iftf if t between. This word bears occasionally, but not of^en, this 

146. •; y Afn^i, Priam, Panthous, &c. with their attendants. This 
construction often occurs. 

151. nrrSyif^h The following note, drawn up for a different purpose 
by an accomplished and accurate scholar, Mr. Charles Folsom (of the 
Cambridge Press), he has kindly communicated for insertion in this place. 

*' For an account of this tuneful insect, its haUts, and the wonderfu 
apparatus by which its music is produced, see Shaw*8 * General Zoology,' 
Vol VI. p. 149: Kirby and Spence*s 'Entomology,* Vol. II. Let- 
ter 24, On the Noises of Insects t and especially * The Library of Enter- 
taining Knowledge,' 7fiMc/ ArchUedure, pp. 147-152; Insect Miscel- 
lanies, pp. 83 - 87, 150. 

*' The TirrJi or cicada being scarcely ever found in England, Pope and 
all preceding English translators of the Greek and Latin poets mistook its 
nature, and wrongly translated it < grasshopper,' an insect of an entirely 
diflerent order, and unlike it as well in external fr»rm as internal economy. 
The more recent translators have wisely naturalized the name cicada, 
* « « ♦ « From Dr. Harris, a distitiguished American entomolo- 
gist, we learn (Encyclopaedia Americana, Vol. VIII. art. Locust) that, in 
some parts of the United States, it is called * the Harvest Fly,* and also 
amply, but very erroneously, ' the Locust.' Mr. Rennie ( * Libraiy of 
Entertdning Knowledge,' as above cited,) has attempted to save it from 
being ranked among grasshoppers by imposing on it ihe unpoetiral name of 
' Tree-hopper ' ; since it if commonly observed on trees in an open, sunny 

*«In the lUad (IIL 151.) where the ek)quence of Priam and his aged 
eounidlon it compared to the song of the tItti{, Cowper ttanslates it by 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

412 NOTES. 

the ijreDenl name fiy ; and not inappropriately, if we regard the form of 
its body, iu wings and legs, and the sucker (instead of mouth) by which it 
lives entirely on liquids, as dew and the juices of plants. 
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 

** Virgil says ; 

' £t cantu querube rumpent arbusta cicad« : * 
< And shrill cicads all the woodland tire : ' {SolhiA^ 
and various modem poets and travellers speak of their music as an annoy- 
ance rather than a T^leasure. But the song of the cicada, like the chirping 
of crickets and the piping of frogs, gives ddight by being associated with 
the season { — h't^H yy.v»ut wc^nrtii, 'prophet sweet of summer hours.' '* 

1 56, This episode is remarkable for its beauty. The efleet of Helep's 
appearance upon the aged counsellors, is striking and poetical. It must be 
borne in mind, that Helen was of divine parentage and unfading beauty, 
and this will explain the enthusiasm which her sight called forth from the*old 
men. The poet's tkill in taking this method of describing the Grecian 
chieftains is obvious, and the sketches themselves are living and characteristic 
to a high degree. The reminiscences of the aged Priam, as their names 
are announced, and the penitential sorrow of the erring Helen, which the 
sight of her countrymen, and the recollection of her home, her child, her 
companions, excite in her bosom, are among the most skilful touches of 
natural feeling. 

1 64. mtrinf to be blamed. 

170. yi^ih re^yeclable, impoting. 

175. niXvyimf, generally, a child bom in old age, but secondarily, an 
otdy child, and a bdi*ved child. 

180. ifut itr«f Ktnmwi^tt &c. The possessive is here used instead of 
the genitive of the personal pronoun. He was the brother-tn-law of me, 
ihameleu — if indeed he ever was to related^ that is, I am now to degraded 
that I almost doubt' whether such a man ever was connected with me. 

183. ^ii^iaT»t pluperf. pass, from %m^Mm. 

IKD. *A/u«^«Mf, a tribe of warlike women, celebrated not -only by the 
ancient poets, but by historians. Their exploits, and even their existence, 
are considered fabulous. 

206. n», concerning you, wt^i understood. It would be difficult to find 
in poetry or rhetoric a more distinct and beautiful sketch of diflerent 
kinds of eloquence, than is here drawn in the deseriptioa of Menelaus and 

224. ti rirt yi. This line is supposed to be spurious. Perhaps it 
means. Our admiration was noi then drawn to the form of 'Ulysses, bnU H 
the power of his oratory. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, IV. 413 

234, et >eq. Helen aeet nowhere in the plain her two brothers, Cw- 
tor and PoHux. Her enquiry- is a natural one, and her sd^-reproach 
naturally suggests her own disgrace as the cause of their not appearing 
among the other commanders. The two lines in which the poet mentions 
their death, are simple and touching. 

269. S^MM ri#T«. The victimt by which the compact was to be con* 
firmed and sanctioned. 

273. r»ftn ^^txtif* The ceremonies of making a covenant began bj 
Gutting from the heads of the victims a portion of the hair and distributing 
it among the chiefs of the contracting parties. 

279. rivtfr^tr, dual, referring to Flutu and Proserpine. — Sng is used in 
rdation with the plural, a frequent construction, for whoever of departed 
men, &c. 

286. Ti/tnff a tribute. Some understand the following line to mean 
vJiich shall continue to be 'jnad in coming times, and others, which shall 
remain with the Greeks in coming times, that is, vohich shall never be 

330. Kvff/iM^sf, greaves, for the defence of the legs, fastened with 
buttons. The defensive armour of the heroic age consisted of a helmet, 
breastplate, and greaves. The ofiensive weapons were, the spear, the 
sword, the bow, darts, &c 

372* ix^us, the thong by which the helmet was fastened under the chin. 

376. Ki/nf, for «iyii» empty, 

420. ^^ttt ^ T(»tks XMt%9, Hie passed unseen by the Thffan women. 

The battle between Menelaus and Paris, is thus ended by the interposi- 
tion of the goddess Venus. The reproaches of Helen are well-timed and 
deserved. Her penitence and her anger are however but momentary. 


Council of the gods t line 1. nya^imrs from ky^Jut^ imp* for fiy»^£fr», 
3. itff4x»*h poured Vie wine. At feasts in the heroic age, it was the 

custom for young men to perform the part of wine-bearers, which Hebe is 

represented as doing among the Gods. 

4* £kuU)CT* iiXXiUttSf teemed ike ctqt from each other. 
SB* . 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

414 ' NOTB& 

8. 'AXmXtu/ufntt. DeriTed, according to some, from mXtiXntift to rem* 
der a3sisiance,^Bccordii\g to others from Alalcomenos, « part of Boeo^ 
The former is the more generally received explanation. 

1 1 . wm^ifiCx.if»t, a Homeric verb from r«f c^i/»CXm, io ntpporl or 

24. *H^ V •&» 2;^c)i rrii^ff, the breatt of Juno did noi cotUam her 

43. \iut9 kiunri yt ^v^, yielding, hut wiih reluctant mittd, 

46, wi^h above, beyond, most of all. 

49. AM^iis, the libation of wine. 

59. w^irfivrdmh mott revered or honored. — AyxvX»/i4ms, having deep 
or inscrutable counsels. 

74, et seq. The descent of Minerva, and the effect of her appearance 
upon the Greeks and Trojans, are described vith fine poetical imagery, and 

95. nSri, among all or m the eyes of all. 

107. hhyfii94t, waiting for, lying in voait for. 

111. m§^fn9, the tif} or end of the bow to which the siring was fastened. 

122. yXit^Shtt, the notch, in the arrow, which was pressed against the 
string. This description, so full of circumstantial detail, is remarkably 
beautiful. 1. The history of the bow, giving in a few words the picture of 
a hunter, lying in ambush and slaying his victim. 2. Then the process of 
making the bow. 3. The anxious preparation for discharging the ar- 
row with certainly, vrhich was destined to break off the trace and precipitate 
the battle. 4. The hurried prayer and vow to ApoUo, after which the 
string is drawn, the bow is bent, the cord twangs, the arrow ** leaps forth." 
The whole is described wiih such lifesomeness, that we see^ and hear, and 
wait in breathless suspense to know the result. 

141. 'Xlf %* in rtt» "We learn from hence that the Lydians and 
Carians were famous in the first times for their staining in purple, and that 
the women excelled in works of ivory ; as also that there were certain 
ornaments, which only kings and princes were privileged to wear.** Pope. 

151. ty»»tn, the barbed head, 

161. itririmf, the aorist instead of the future. 

167. I^tfitn9 ayiht, his sacred shield. This speech of Agamemnon over 
his wounded brother is full of noble power and touching eloquence. TTie 
Trojans have violated a truce sanctioned by a solemn sacrifice to the Gods. 
The re6ection that such penury cannot pasa with impunity, but that Jove 
will sooner or later punish it, occucs first to the mind of the warrior* In 
the excitement of the moment he. prodida. that, the.^lay will rnnly oodm 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, IV. 415 

when ncred Troy shall hXL From this impetuous feeling, bis mind sud- 
denly returas to the condition of bis brother, and imagines, with much 
pathos, the consequences that will flow from his death, and ends with the 
wish, that the earth may open before him, when that time shall come. 

SOO* Tlmitrmifmf'iookmg round Jwr, 

814. waXtf iytt (for Hyn^mt), were drawn outaganu 

8S5v ^pivHm, to the fahe or petftired, 

849. rtinwiruj from Si(r«, to be astonished at. 

259. yt^»vfi*9, that which is given to old tnen^ or counseUori, that Is^ 

275. fi^Hf n doud, that is, a multitude Wte a eUmd. The comparison 
in the succeeding lines it exceedingly lively, and the description which' fd- 
lows, highly picturesque. 

806, 307. 'Of li»\ &C. And whoever^ having left his chariot (i. e* 
being on foot), dtall come to another chariot (i. e. of the enemy), let him 
attack with extended spear. 

315. yn^t ifi*ST§9, old ageaUke to aU, 

322. 'AxXa »mi mtt but notwithstanding this, 

371. r«xSf^« yt^^t, literally, the bridges of war, i. e. the spaces be- 
tween the ranks of the contending armies. 

386. ^inf 'ErMxXni/nf, a circumlocution for Eteodes himsdf. 

412. Tirra, a friendly term of address from a young to an old man. 

426. Kv^w, swollen. 

446, et seq. This is a most animated description. The onset, the 
clashing of spears, the shield to shidd, the tumult of battle^ the shouts and 
groans of the slayer and the dying, — all are described in words, whose 
every sound conveys the terrible meaning. Then come the exploits per- 
formed by individual heroes. The student must bear in mind that the 
battles of the heroic age depended in a great measure on the prowess of 
stogie chieftains. Hence the appropriateness of the following enumeration. 

472. Jlwi( I*, &c., man grappled with man. 

478. S^ivr^m, provision made for parents as a return for support in 

500. ra^' Tm^, from the charge of the ste^ mares, in Abydos. 

539, et seq. ** The turning off in this place from the actions of the 
field, to represent to us a man with security and calmness walking through 
it, without being able to reprehend any thing in the whole action, is not only 
a fine-praise of the battle, but, as it were, a breathing -place to the poetical 
spirit of the author, after having rapidly run along with the heat of the 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

416 NOTES. 


This book contains the exploits of Diomedes, narrated in a style of 
great power. 

5. * A#ri^ ' irif^iff, the autumnal star, i. e. Sirius. This comparison, 
among many others, shows how constantly the poet's attention was directed 
to the phenomena of nature. 

11. tv ttiirt9 vxU sktOai in. 

12. &W0»^t94im, separated from the rest* 

IS. mp* iffVMJV, literally, Jrom their hones, that Wtfrom their cHanot, 
which was drawn by two horses. In the heroic age, horses were used only 
with chariots, in battle. 

21. fri^iCiiNw, literally, to go round, that is, to protect. 

26. tutrdyuf, to lead dawn to. 

36. ntwTit formed from «<mv, a tiutre; on the bank of the Scamander. 

49. •lf*4fm, tkiUed. 

64. SmIv l« ^ir^ra, the oradet of the godt, referring to the oracle 
which commanded the Trojans to abstain from naval afliirs, and devote 
themselves to agriculture. 

67. 'AfriMfit, through, to the opposite side. 

73. «i>i«y, the hollow below the back of the head. 

74. uwi yXSrrmt rm/it, the construction is drtrtifu yXieemu The 
spear passed through and cut out his tongue. 

85. Tv^f/lnv, &c. 'The activity and eneigy of the hero are vividly 
described. The simile of an overflowing river, sweeping all before it, pre- 
sents a lively image of his exploits on the field of battle. 

113. rrfiWTM ;^ir«Mf, from fr^i^tt. A species of breastplate^ formed 
of hides, strengthened with pieces of metal, and joined by hooks^ so as to 
be fexible. 

117. ^iXtu, imper. first aor. mid. 

119. KmXt ^^mfitft, anticipated me, hit me first 

135, et seq. The comparison of Diomedes to a lion among the sheep- 
folds, and the description of the terror of the sheep, are finely conceived. 

154. Ifr< »nanrri, in possession of his estate. 

158. ;^f)^«rr«} li, the nearest relatives after children. 

178. *I^r, on account of sacrifices, that is, nested, tviuu understood. 

182. auXmwiii n. The upper part of the helmet was composed of the 
XipH» the crest, and the f cX«r, the cone. The helmet is called «vX«wif 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, V. 417 

because it hat an orifice, mMs, into which the crest is lecured. It appears, 
from the epithets frequently applied to helmets, that the crest was generally 
made of horse-hair. 

852. f«C«*)' iiy*^w\ do noi courud me to betake nu^ toJUght, 

862. il Hmyt • the Hfrt^ was a roiaed temidrde in front of the chari- 
ot, with a hook or peg in the centre, by which to fasten the reins^ 

292. y\ier»9 T(9ftni9, the root of the tongye, 

306. 'Ir;^iV» ^ hip'-johu, »««'vAm>, the hoUow of the htjh-ione, 
which thef thigh-bone is inserted. 

335. Ir^^t^M^iMf, aitackmg him toith extended tpear» 

364. i»tixi/nini from ^««;^iM. ' 

387. xt^df*^, here means, a cavern* 

416. f;^4?, ace. for <;e«l^«. The meaning and construction of the fine 
is, &ie said, and, with both her hands, she (Dione) wiped away the blood 
from the hand (of Venus). 

453. >.aifiita, small and rery light shields, 

487. ^^rrj, the meshes, 

499. 'Hf %* &Hfi$t* This is a simile of great beauty. Obsenre how 
the poet always draws his similes from oljects which were the most icmiliar 
to the tight of men in that age. 

526. nvM^r/f. This fine describes admirably the whistling of the 

530. msiur^ respect each other, that is, be ashamed to fiul in your duty, 
in the presence of each other. 

579. M>.tiiim, the collar-bone* 

586. MUfiCmx^s, headlong, 

620. X«{ w^H^ks, treading upon him, generally rendered, with his heel, 

661. fiatfi^mrtt, part present, from fimtfuut. 

686. w* i(* lfukX»f, I was not destined. 

698. MtxmfnTm, for »i««^«Mrs, fainting, 

709. MtftXtfiiff, in the neighbourhood of, 

723. i*rM»9nfMh having eight Sftokes. , 

724, et seq. Irvt, the circumference nf the wheel, the felloes g IrWa^ 
r^ the tire ; wXnf/tnu, the nave ; Vt^^t^ the body ; ivrv^tf , the semidr^ 
des in Jront / fvftit, the pole, 

733. The description of the .^is of Minerra is highly wrought. 
The symbolical devices of Terror, Discord, Violence^ and Pursuit, -give H 
a most warlike appearanoe ; and the wonder is raised to the highest pointy 
when the poet dedares it to be sufficient for the armies of a hundred eities, 
(l« 744). The remainder of the description — the Goddess idsing her 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

418 Kcrras. 

mighty spear, and mouoting the flamh^ car — the opemng galea of bear- 
en — the Houra -— are sublime conceptions and expressed in 'magnificent 

751 . Arm»Xjfmif iwtiumh to remom ike Udek dtrnd^ and to tpread U oner 
ike heavens, 

770, et seq. These lines are quoted by Longinoa^ as a wanaricahle 
example of the sublime. 

817. itni^uvf heartlet$t diapiritmg, 

834. rSvh, that is, the Greda, 

85 1 . n^«#^f f, &C. til Jromtf Man aseailed him with esetended ipear, over 
the yoke and reins. 

859. Mars is wounded, and roars as loud as nine or ten thousand men. 
This is bold, but the poet is describing the voice of the god of war. The 
description (864 - 868) completes the picture^ and leaves an impression of 
grandeur, upon the mind of the reader. 


1. •U^, was ieft alone, that is by the gods. 

4. 2if»it9TH, &c The Simois and Xanthus were two rivers of the 
Trood, which formed a junction before they reached the Hellespont. 
The SiiDois rose in Mount Ida, and the Xanthus had its origin near Troy. 

14, 15. Axylus was distinguished for his hospitality. This tnit was 
characteristic of the Oriental nations, and is often alluded to by the ancient 
writers. The right of hospitality, often united fiimilies belonging to diflev- 
ent and hostile nations, and was even transmitted from frther to son. 
This description is a fine tribute to the generodty of Axyluc 

17. vrmvri^mt, assisUng or protecting, 

24. g-fUriWt iliegUinuUe, 

39. fiXm^ifTt, impeded by. 

40. "AltttT *, having broken, 

47. U iffUiS, in the house of my wealthy Jbtker, 

56. A^term. Spoken ironically, in aliudon to the wrongs Menelaos had 
lustained in hitf domestic relations. 

62. AZri/Mt, justice, what is merited by the enemy. 

72, et seq. The Greeks begin to gain the advantage over the Trcjads. 
Helenus, the chief of the soothsayer^ direcU Hector to enter the city, and 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, VI. 419 

cause the Trojan women to aasemble in the temple of Minerva, with a 
•pleodid robe for a propitiatory offering, and to promite a lacrifice, if dw 
will ttay the Tictorious career of the son of Tydeus. 

117. rv«^a, struck againUi Vi^fm »«X4My«t is the nominatiTep 

118. 'Avrt{, the rim, the edge or border, made of hide, in apposition 
with hffia in the preceding lines. 

119. The episode of Glaucus and Biomedes is remarkable in several 
respects. At first sight, it seems improbable that two combatants, eager to 
engage, should hold a dialogue of this description ; and accordingly we find 
a writer in the Edinburgh Review, objecting to, and ridiculing it, as in 
the highest degree absurd. It must be remembered that Homer is describ- 
ing the manners of an ancient heroic age, and not of the nineteenth cen- 
tury. His battles are not like those of Waterloo and Austerfita, the result 
of scientific calculation, and dependent on the movements of misses of men, 
giving but little scope to individual prowess, and, above all, are not decided 
by powder and bullet. They are the battles of an age of simplicity, in 
which the personal valor of the chieftains bore a distinguished share. It 
happened, not unfrequently, that opposing chieftains singled each other out, 
and fought hand to hand, after holding parley, and making various inter* 
rogatories of each other. This has indeed occurred in the skirmishing 
warfare of the last Greek Revolution. We have before adverted to tha 
right of hospitality. It cannot be deemed improbable that two warriors, 
whose fathers had exchanged courtesies and pledges of this description, 
should meet on the field of battle, and, upon enquiry, find themselves thus 
bound together. The peculiar sacredness of this tie would cause them at 
once to suspend hostifities, and perhaps exchange tokens of friendly recog* 
nition. On the wholes this episode, so far from being an unnatural and 
improbable excrescence, is a relief to the carnage and confusion of the bat- 
tle, and presents a beautiful picture of that feature of ancient society, 
which has already been the subject of remark. 

143. ixU(90 wti^m4 * 7««f«4, that you may come to the end of death. 

150. )«ii^fMM for )««Mw, 2 aor. pass, from hum. After this some word 
must be supplied. " If you wish to know, krwwt or I wUl teU you.** 

168. ^futrm Xvy^d, deadly signs. Some suppose that alphabetical 
writing was unknown in the Homeric age, and consequently that these signa 
must have been hieroglyphical marks. The question is a difficult one, and 
the most distinguished scholars are divided. We can hardly imagine that 
a poem of the length and general excellence of the Iliad, coukl be com- 
posed without the aid of writing, and yet, we are told, there are well authei^ 
ticated examples of such works being preserved and handed down fay trar 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

490 NOTfia 

£tioi»] roanoryi However this may be, we know that the Oriental natioiM 
were in possenion of the art of alphabetical writing at a very early period, 
and before the Trojan war. It cannot, then, seem very Improbable, that 
the author or authon of the Iliad, should also have been acquainted with iL 
The student may find the question amply and learnedly discussed in 
Wolfe's Pro^gomena, Wood's Essay on Homer, &c., and the arguments on 
both sides very concisely stated by H. N. Coleridge, in his beautiful '< In« 
troduction to the Study of the Classics.** It can merely be alluded to In t 

169. r«Msi wrvMT^t a folded tablet, probably 9^ roll of parchmerU. 

194. rifufs*' It was usual to appropriate tracts of land, for the dis- 
tinguished services of the great men of antiquity. Tliis word afterwards 
acquired the signification of, a tpot aacred to Mme dmnitjf. 

2S4. i|iAir«, took away, 

236. Um/»C«<', worth a hundred osun, for those worth hut nine. 

The episode is now completeil, and the narrative of Hector's visit to tha 
city is resumed. The description of the Trojan wives and daughters gath- 
ering around bim to inquire the fate of their friends in the war, is exceed- 
ingly natural and beautiful, but is lost in the incomparable beauty of the 
scene between Hector and Andromache. 

242« Hf^f, porticos i ^«X«^<, chamberty or apartments, which 
opened inco a hall, in front of the bouse i *vXfi, the outer court. 

251. nwuht^Ht gentle. There is a moumfiilness in the interview b^ 
tween the hero and his mother which is deeply interesting. Her urging him 
to take wine, and his refusal are natural and simple incidents, which 
heighten the effect of the scene. 

285. f(i9 *, governed by »«<•« understood. 

322. i^fratt handling. The employment, in which Hector finds 
Paris engaged, is extremely characteristic. 

331. 'Tufif, governed by Xs, understood. 

344. This address of Helen to Hector is in fine keeping with her chai- 

351. fifij knew, regarded, 

365. K«) yi^ lym*. Hector^ having performed his public duty, by 
directing his mother to jupplicate the goddess Minerva, and by calling 
Paris from his idle employments, now hurries to a hasty interview with Us 
wifc^ having a mehncholy presentiment that he shall no more return. 
This conduct was worthy of him, to whom the city looked for succour and 
deliverance. No private tie, however strong, couki call his attention from 
a public duty. That duty peribnnedy he yields to the impulses of his heart. 

Digitized byLjOOQl€ 

niAB, VI. 421 

and niihet to his honMi Andrainadie it gone» in her sorrow and anxiety^ 
to the tower. The hero toms thhher and meett her at the Sccao gate. 
Hier nurse is wiih her, bearing on her bosom the young Astyanax, the hope 
of the dty, '< the lored chfld of Hector, like a beautiful star.'* The father 
looks upon his son in nlence^ and smiley while the mother stands by, in 
tears. The address of Andromache to her husband is full of natural and 
touching eloquence. She calls up the sad recollectbn of her slaugfatered 
&ther, her brothers, and her mother slain fay Diana, sfter her release from 
captivity. Hector is now, •* her father, mother, brother, husband " — her 
all, and she tenderly entreats him to protect the city, and not expose himself 
to death on the plain. The reply of Hector is full of the bfty bearing of 
the hero, and the fine and generous feelings of the man. He forebodes 
the destruction of Troy, and then pictures to himself the desolate condi- 
tion of his gentle wife. The anticipation is full of sorrow, the picture is 
heart-rending ; he looks forward and sees her in imagination, reduced by 
strong necessity to be the sUre of another, and to perform the office of 
plying the loom, or of drawing water from the Messeis or Hyperes, as a 
slavey in Argos« He imagines one of the hostile nation, looking upon her 
as she weeps, and exclaiming, '* This is the wife of Hector, the bravest of 
the Trojan warriors,*' and, in the depth of his grief, prays to repose in death, 
before he learas the unhappy doom, which be has just pictured. The whole 
o{ this address is above praise. The mixture of lofty feeling, of tender- 
ness, sorrow, and melancholy foreboding, fills the heart of every reader 
with emotions of sadness. 

The incidents which follow are simple but exquirite. Hector wishes to 
take in his arms his beloved son, but the child, terrified by the glittering 
armour and the waving crest, dings to the bosom of the nurse. This calls 
a smile upon the countenance of the parents, who are thus, by a happj 
stroke of nature, made to forget, for a single moment, the gloomy state of 
public ai£urs, in afiectioo for their offipring. Hector lays upon the ground 
his shining helmet, caresses his son, and utters a prayer, becoming a patriot 
and warrior. He phces the child in the arms of his wife, who receives him 
upon her '* fragrant bosom," smiling tearfully (Ias^miv 7<X^r«r*). This 
is one of the most beautiful expressions to be found in any language i it 
is concise, yet dbtinct, and presents a perfect image of mingled gentle- 
ness and sadness. It fills the imagination and touches the heart 

The moment of separation draws nigh. Hector, in compassion for the 

distress of his wife^ utters such consolaUon as the case will bear, counsels 

her to forget her sorrow in domestic employments, snd departs for the field 

of battle. Fearfully she directs her steps homeward, casting a frequent 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

422 NOTS& 

g^Dce behind, b the dfrection of her depsriiiig knd. AnMog tt her door, 
she finds her maidens assembled, and all together ** lament the livfaig Hector 
aa the dead," for they suppose he wfll no more return. Sodi is an ont* 
line of the celebrated scene between Hector and Andromache;*- a 
scene, which, for true and unafiected pathoi^ delicate toadies of nature^ and 
a profound knowledge of the human heart, hat rarely been ptraDeDed and 
uever surpassed, among all the effiirts of genius, during the three thouMod 
years that baTe gone by, since it was oonceiTed and composed. 

506. *CU y Trt. This comparison is a BTely one* and presents fordbly 
tQ the mind the bold and splendid bearing of Fkris. — wrmrii Iwwtt o harm 
ihathashng been cof^hud in the staNe* 

508. Xf^ir^M IS^Hf &c., to bathe in the sw^^fiowSng river. lUs 
▼eib, and several others, are constructed with a genitire or dative indif- 

516. U^tih met teithf or ^)ohe with. 

523. 'Axx« Ijm^ fuSiiit, but you wSHnffy remit your eflbrts in the war, 
and are not willing to labor* 

528. K^rii^ tHntrim ixi^ifff, to dedicate the goblet of fieedomp 
hafing freed our dty from the bdeaguering of the Oredra. It may be 
obserred that Hector begins to resume bis hope of success, and bis warlike 
spirit is roused again, as be approaches the field of action* The depressing 
efiect of his sad interview is wearing away from his mindt and he is al- 
ready prepared for the battle with Ajax, which awaits him. 

The student, who has once read this book, will read it again and again. 
It contains much that is addressed to the deepest feelings of our common 
nature, and despite of the long interval of time which lies between our age 
and the Homeric, despite the manifold changes of customs, habits, pursuits, 
and the advances that have been made in dvilization and art, despite of all 
these, the universal sjurit of humanity will recognise in these scenes much 
of that true poetry, which delights alike all ages, all nations, all i 


1. igim/r*, from l»ni;«f. for l^i^vir*. 

5. IvJtl^rifi Ixdrifnv, with their poUshed Jbn, that is, oart made of the 
fir tree. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


12. wTt^ntt the exterior rim of fhe hdmet, hence ihekeimeL, 

S6. lrt^mX»U, lliienTiy^ gwmg areng^t or aU io omttker, 

SO. rUftm^ the end^ the Jhie. 

45. ^cvriWfl^ paitidple from t^rtAm^ and a frequent poetical form. 

53. «'i4yMt WcMnZ*! to oMrtoibe fiie or daorfA. 

63. f ^iX the rippGng of Uie wares caiued by thiiiCepliyr. 

80. XfA4(;^«#i, aitiKto<ftofvm»iiiif»f^r6e*totvi<poti. 

68. u^ftiiH eujtpand^ a< a trophy, a cuatom frequently alluded to. 

86. ISifU ti §1 x*^'''^ raise a mitmnd or tomb for him. It was com- 
mon in the heroic age^ to ndae these monuments in honor of distinguished 

96. 'A%mtht, It was a common form of reproach, in the mouths of the 
leaders, wishing to instigate their followers by sbame^ to call them tDomcn, 
not men, as here. 

117. HMs ytf that is, Hector, 

118. yifo uJift^fnt9f bend the knee, cease from the conflict. 
ISO. iMk Af4^ for &pm/(C4. 

171. Nestor, the wise counsellor, advises them to decide by lot, who 
shall meet the reliant Hector. — inwakaxfit, from w«Xi(rr*, which, in the 
passiTe with »x4f y» means to deckle by lot, 

184. If3i(ai, in order, beginning on the right. 

199. "BAw^^mu is often used in the sense of / belieoe, or / thutk, 

212. Mulij^y /3Xtr»f«>i r^tt^rm^i, tmUmg wUh his stem countenance, 
Tbe dative case is formed as if from wfittMrmt, The force of the expres- 
sion is increased by the use of the plural. The description of the appear- 
ance of .^jax is grand and strilnng. 

2S8. fmfuiem fiSw (for ^v), to wield my ox-hyde, that is, shidd. 

241. ftiXwt^fim 'A^i^ to Jight, a figurative expression borrowed from 
some war-dance. 

255. The description of the contest now becomes highly animated. 

270. fivXti^ii, huge, large as a millstone, 

279, et seq. The interference of the herald to stop the progress of Uie 
battie shows in what consideration the dignity of this dass of men was held. 
The reply of ^ax, his willingness to cease provided Hector will propose it, 
dnce he is the challenger, have sometiiing of the spirit of chivalry. ^ 

298. ^$9}ymTM kyOfOt wU enter or take part in the sacred assembly, 
that is, the procession of Trojan women, who were to resort to the temple of 
Minerva, to supplicate the pity of the goddess. The address of Hector, 
and the separation with a mutual exchange of presents, are worthy of the 
generous combatants. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


S 1 0. JuXwrutnt, not expecting^ 

S27. Nestor propoaet that a truce shall be agreed upon for the purpoat 
of dispoiiog of the dead, who now overspread the plain. This propoution 
is made partly with the design of gaining time for the erection of fortifi- 
cations against the assaults of the Trojans, who» under the guidance of 
Hector, and in the absence of Achilles, have become formidable and aud^ 

348. The speech of Antenor contains one of those delicate toncbea of 
nature for which Homer is remarkable^ He is conscious of the perfidious 
part which his countrymen have played, in violating the truce, and distrusts 
the success of their cause. He consequently adyises the restoration of 
Helen, &e. 

371. ly^yffh fof lyfnyi^^ru 

409. ixi^(09 irti^r*, for«Xi/^«<. 

410. wv($f fAuXtrAftif, to gratify or to favor wih the Jkneratjire. 
421. Here is a very brief, but lively picture of the two parties, doing 

honor to the remains of their slaughtered comrades. 

443. The gods look down ivith wonder upon this great work of the 
Greeks. Neptune, fearing lest the fame of their wall and trench shall exist 
in the memories of men, when that which he built for Laomedon is forgotten, 
obtains permission of Jupiter to destroy it. 

467. I» An/tf»ft from Lemnos. We learn from this passage that 
Lcmnos was famous for its wines. 

472. mV^mc*, jmrchaaed wine. The enumeration of articles in the fol. 
lowing lines, shows that trading vras not carried on by means of coined 
money, but with brass, iron, slaves, &c. 


1. »^itiwtwX$ft an epithet of Aurora, supposed to designate an earlier 
hour than the epithet fMii»T»X§f 

8. )j««i^«i, from ^cxi/^, to retdnd, to make voitL 

1 4. fii^t^c*, abyu. 

19. m^f x^tf0titi9, the golden cham, simply. Many have explained 
this as An allegorical expression for one of the great laws of nature, gravU 
ty, or the attraction of the sun. There is not the slightest probability that 
any such meaning is intended. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


27. ^^/. lUs prepcMition is often otod to tignify gitpeHofittf, u io ihlt 

59. ItyurrifMnh omassd, or tarried at. 

43. ^iWffor Tai«v. 

48. r«f 7«^wy Garganis was a part of Ida. — rl^Mf, a taend tpot, on 
which a temple or altar stands. 

54. AriV »^w,and Jbrthwith, 

56. K«} «rf, even ao, that is, notwithsUnding. 

60. The following lines give a spirited picture of the meeting of the 
armies. We almost hear the dash of shield and spear, the tmnult and the 
groans of battle. 

69. xt^*** TiXaurmy the golden »cate$, 

70. rmmXiyUst causing long repose, 

7S. /cm ) ', weighed down, portending death. . 

75y 76. Hie omen is terrifio, and the description striking. 

84. Ktti^w, /aUd, or vitaL 

87. wet^^^imtt the reins, by which the side horse was guided. " It was 
usual to attach an additional horse to the side of the chariot, which would 
therefore be ready to' supply the place of either of the other two, which 
might happen to be disabled.*' Trollope. 

94. /u^» NtfCA ^X^h turning your back, 

96. yi^«rrt, that is, Nestor, 

108. OStwer'A^* AinUtf, which I took from JEnrns, Vertw signi- 
fying to deprive, &c. govern two accusatives. 

121. «r«^ near or by, 

122. v«^M9«w», storied bade, ^ 
124. wu»art, clouded. 

131. viiuuiu, from rii«^(«, derived from 9nni$, a pen, would have 
been penned up* The word is very expressive. 

16*2. 'E^7» &c It was usual at the feasts to honor the chief men 
with the first seats, and hrger and choice portions of food, &c. 

178. 0()«Mr»^ worthy of no thought. Hector, full of courage, and 
knowing that the omens of Jupiter are in his favor, eichorts the Trojans 
to valor, and contemns the ramparts thrown up by the Greeks. 

185. Hector in the excitement of the moment addresses his favorite 

horses. From this speech it may be gathered, that women were accustomed 

to loosen the horses from the chariot on their return from battle^ and feed 

them ; and from line 189, unless it is spurious, it seems that the provender 


Digitized byLjOOQlC 

426 NOTB& 

was lometimei mixed with wine. It is most prcbaUe, however, that the 
line is not genuine. 

19S. »cMNKf, rods, passing across the shield and senring for a handle. 

206. In copying the text, it has been thought best to copy it exactly, 
and to print the name divided as here. 

215. "EiXifitivmp, crowded. 

222. fitytutnrn, huge, like a whale. 

223. ytytnlfUf ^^^M^«n, n M to ipeak to the fiirea on both ade$t so 
as to be heard at either extremity. 

230. »tMMvxiut empty botating* 

247. kurixa ) * miirh ^mu The application of this is obvious : — the 
eagle signified Hector i the &wn denoted the fear and flight of the Greeks, 
which, being dropt at the altar of Jupiter, showed that they would be saved 
by the protection of that God. ** The word «'«M/»f«7«i, says Eusta- 
thius, has a great signiftcancy in this place. The Greeks, having just 
received this happy omen from Jupiter, were ofleriog oblations to him under 
the title of the Father of Oracles,** Pope. 

282. fimf. This word occurs frequently in Homer, in the sense of 
help, deUveranoe, &c., and sometimes is applied to persons, as here. 

287. %^ for ^, 

306. Mii«M», the simile is veiy beautiful. Tlie drcumstance mentioned 
in line 308, that the head was weighed down by the helmet, adds to the 
perfectness of the picture. 

336. rm^^f fimftins ^««», dnwe them back from the trench. The de- 
scription of Hector has a wonderful vividness. 

348. &fii^i9't^i^r^^tu This compound has great signtficancy. It can 
only be expressed by a periphrasis. Drove bit hortei abotU in every direc^ 

353. Mmuinrifuf*, from mJ^^fuu, 

371. yuMv. The attitude of supplication is here alluded to^ which 
was to touch the knees of the person supplicated with one hand, and the 
chin or beard with the other. 

378. Vn4nnt «r^«^j(HiV«. Hie participle here is In the accusadve dual, 
referring to the two goddeses, Juno and Minerva. The expression is 
idiomatic, and the accusative is governed by the verfa^ though, strictly con* 
sidered, it is neuter. 

396. »i»r^>i«fl«f , obedient to the spur, 

402. Tui^^m, I wiU lame, 

405. pl^'TTifftf may u^lictf by overtsking or striUng them. 

408. Um)Jw, poetical for iyxxSt, 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, IX. 427 

435. Mwmt the tmter wolU. 

441. fiitfutn. These wen pedettali or framei, the wofrd meaning, not 
only aUar, but the bate of an altar, the boM of a statue, or any raised 

449. 'OxxSmi, partidple present. 

47a Jupiter now discloses, in part, the divine decreet, in relation to the 
destruction of Troy. He hints at the death of Fktrodus, which is to call 
out Achilles from his fleet, and thus put an end to the war by the death of 

474. fffmh part inf. pass, from fyfuu* 

488. v^iXXifTts, tkrioe-mthedy compound of v^f and xUrftm, 

495. ^i^mitt the golden rmgt which secured the head upon the handle of 
&e spear. 

500. ri, used in the sense of the relatiTa A frequent usage of Homer, 

535. imuetrtu, he thdtt prove, 

538, et seq. fTould thai I might be immoriai^ and free from old 
aget oB my dayty and might be wonhifped Hhe Mmgrva and ApoUoy m 
ewrdy as tkb day wSl bring ditatier vpon the Oreeku 

655. The simile is the most msgnificent that can be conceived. The 
stars come forth brightly, the whole heaven a cloudless and serene, the 
moon is tn the dcy, the heights and promontories and forests stand forth 
distinctly in the light, and the thepherd r^oicee in hie heart. This last 
simple and natural circumstance is inexpressibly beautifu], and heightens the 
efiisct of the visible scene by associating it, in the most direct and poetical 
manner, with the inward emotion, that such a scene must produce. 

558. iwtffmyiit breahi «^, ctoirs ^, ** The metaphorical application of 
this verb is very natural, and allied to an idiom of our own.*' TVoIlope. 


3. ^m, a dt^HuUien tofi^ it is here penonifled as the companion of 

3. ^iC«;uUf^ for XttUXamf, from fU>J^ 

4. 'Xlf )* Art^Mf. This figure it veiy expraasive at an iDuttration of the 
mental agitation of the Oreekti 

11. Kx4l«iv ^ naiiM» ptfionaOy 

IS. vMwpJnff for ririu«<ri», from wAm. 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 


S2. 'Ar^ti, &C. Hiit speech of Dioinedes it highly dianderistic. 
Ha had been reproached by Agameomoa with want of wadike tpiriti and 
now alludes to it, but only as becootei a warrior. His escploits have 
already given him the right of retort The speech if full of generous 
courage, end rouses the enthusiasm of the lutenmg council. 

S7. itdfiij^th one of two. 

49. rvv y^ i^f « with the fiivor of the Divinity. The agency of the 
gods, appears to have been perpetually recognised, in the Homeric age. 
Bvery enterprise was begun by propitiating them with sacrifices, libations, 
prayers, &c Every compact was sanctioned by solemnly calling them to 
witness it. Every event was attributed to their agency, every success to 
their favor, every disaster to their anger. Even the bad conduct of men 
themselves, arising from the indulgence of evil tefiaper, tuibolenoe^ or 
avarice^ was attributed to their interference^ as we shall hare occasion to 
notice hereafter. 

69. fim^tknmtt governed by w^it understood. 

73. 'H/u«r«««, every day, 

9\ This speech of Nestor is very happily conceived. It brionged to 
him as the aged counsellor, to begin the debate^ by laying the subject 
before the assembly, especially as it was necessary to impute the blame of 
the present unfortunate condition of the army to Agamemnon. It would 
have seemed presumptuous in any other, and it was a matter of difficulty and 
ddicacy even for Nestor. He begins with an expression of the highest rev- 
erence for Agamemnon, " to whom Jupiter hu given the soeptre.*' He 
then urges upon him the duty of listening to good counadsfrom others, and 
declares his purpose of giving that which aeema to hun best He touches 
Upon Agamemnon's injustice towards Achilles, and his own attempt to £s- 
suade him, with much skill, and in such language u would not irritate Aga- 
memnon. The ambiguity of the word, fiuymX^rt^, which means properly 
great-hearted, but may mean violent or hi^ tempered, is happily adapted to 
the object of the speaker, which was to make him fully sensible of his 
wrong conduct, without awakening his pride or anger i to make him tkmk 
that he had yielded to the impulse of a malicious temper, by teUtnghim 
that h^ had followed the leading of his great heart. Finally, he propose^ 
to propitiate Achilles, by acceptable gifb and soothing words, intending 
that Agamemnon shall take the hint and tiSEer to restore the c^itive Brisels, 
whom he has robbed from AchiUes* tent. 

115. ^'iv^i, adveri)ially. 

119. Xtifyukipnt pemidoutf dettruetwe. 

122. iiwv^—tt not uaed Jbr boSimgf that is^ viaea^ oraamcntal and for 
mixing wineii 

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ILIAD, IX. 489 

184. AiiXuh prixa in ihe fuce, Froin time immemorial, the Gredu 
were fond of thif kind of amusement. The Olympian, Istlimian, Fythiaa, 
&CC games were established in obedience to this natural passion, and con- 
firmed and increased it. 

146. AfAthn, This word may mean either wUloui a dowry, or wUhout 
hamng a dowry or price paid. Here it bears the latter meaning. In the 
heroic age the custom was the rcTcrse of that which afterwards grew up. 
Tile bridegroom paid, either to the bride or her father, a marriage dowry t 
and Agamemnon's ofier therefore was very liberal, for he promised, not only 
to give his daughter without the dowiy, but to add, from his own, a munifi- 
oent gift* 

154. ir§Xyffnn$, ^^KwCtdrm* These words show what some of the 
principal articles of wAlth were in that age. On the whole, this speech of 
Agamemnon justifies the skill and tact of Nestor's opening address. Aga- 
memnon candidly acknowledges his fault, oSen the desired reparation, and 
even goes fiirther than could have been expected, by making an ofier worthy 
of a prince, in addition. 

171. ^(^ h XH^^* ^"(9 ^^* '^^* ^"^ ^°® ^^ ^® religious ceremo. 
niea previous to any important enterprise. Then followed the order for 
silence and reverent attention (tv^nftSirut), then the libation, &c 

173. laiirmf from J^f^dvm, 

186. Tif i* iJ^«n This passage shows that music was, at a very early 
period, a &vorite amusement among the Greeks. It was also customary 
to accompany songs, in honor of the great exploits of heroes, by the lyre^ 
which was the most celebrated musical instrument among the Greeks. 
How appropriate was this employment to occupy the leisure of Achilles. 

187. ivyh, the fwek of the lyre, held in the left hand. 

196. %ti»9£fiU9H, taking them by the haiuL AchiHeiT reception of the 
emiiassy is interesting as a picture of ancient hospitality. 

806> A(ir«v. iilome dispute has arisen in regard to the meaning of this 
word. From the context it seems roost likely that it was a sort of table 
on which the meat was placed before division. — It rn^^ aly^ in the Ughi 
of the fire, that is, near the fire. The materials' for the feast were plain, 
and Achilles himself officiated as chief cook. What was wanting in 
refinement was probably made up in an excellent appetite and hearty cheer. 
They did not recline on couches, but sat at tables. After they <<had 
removed the appetite for drink and food," ^^ax gives Phoenix the nod, in 
rebUon to the bu&iness in hand. Then ensues a scene of the most remark- 
able character, in several respects. . The speeches are admirable modds of 
fevenl kinds of eloquence^ and suit ciactly the characters of the speaker^ 

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430 NOTE& 

as wcD at the olgeet vfaich they iHabed to gain* Ulynet opeoa the bamMn^ 
because he ia akflled in coandL His tpeech is conceifed with great jiist« 
neis and power. He begins with an aUosion to their hospitable reception^ 
but quickly turns to the unhappy condition of the Greeks, the audad^of the 
TVojans, and the mvincible daring of Hector, who longs for the day to 
come that he may complete his vengeance. He calls upon Achilles to 
roose hunsel^ and defend his countrymen from the impending destruciioa. 
It is to be observed, that he dwells particularly upon tlie bearing of Hector, in 
the hope of arouafaig the personal pride of AchtUes. He roninds him of 
the commands of Pdeus, on the point of his departure to the war, and 
then enumerates the gifts which Agamemnon promises u an expiatmy 
ofiering ; and if Agamemnon and his gifis are abhorred, he entreats him to 
look with compassion upon the other Greeks, who wilf honor him as a God. 
Hie speech concludes with another, and more direct, allusion to the gloiy 
which he migfat acquire by killing Hector, ** who boasts that no one of the 
Ofedcs is equal to himself.** 

The reply of Achilles is characteristic He declines at once the pro- 
posal. He touches slightly upon lus services — the many spoils he had 
won for Agamemnon,— *' who had distributed but few and retained 
many.'* The portbns which other chieftains received have remained in 
their possession, but bis alone Is taken away. His allusion to the cause 
4i the war, and the application of it to his own case, are admirable i 
and the sentiments with which be accompanies it are natural and beau- 
tiful. He alludes to the works which have been thrown up since he 
left the army, but decboei that all these cannot arrest the progress o£ 
she man-slaying Hector. His purpose is to return on the morrow to 
bis native land. He repeals with additional .assurances, his determina- 
tion to meddle no mone with the «ar, refuses to many Agamemnon's 
4Ui^hter, and resolves that he will, the rest of his life, enjoy the possessions 
which '* the old man, Peleus, has acquired.** He mentions the two-fokl 
fate which had been destmed to him from his birth, but be will stlU return 
and counsel athers to do the same. He commands the messengers to 
announce his fdetermination, and prepare some other means of defence^ 
than that which they have devised^ in the hope that he would give up his 
flmith, &e. This speech is wdl worth studying, with a view to its oim- 
torical exoellenoes fnerely. 

The speech of Phoeaix, b very diflerent, and very curious. The oU 
man kioks upon Achillea with affiM^ion, and hears his determination with 
aorrow. He then enters upon a long and rather garrulous account of his 
aarly adventures, beCore he kmtm the father of AchiUes. We ouuioi 

Digitized byLjOOQlC 

ILIAD, X. 431 

•nilyce it, but tbe reader will find in it abundant veaaon to admire the 
universafity of that genius, which could ooncdTe the varied and character- 
istic speeches of this intenriew, from that of Ulysses, to that of Ajax. 

The reply of Achilks, is short, respectfiil, but resoluta 

Ajax, seeing that nothing is to be gained, addresses Ulysses in a brieC 
pithy, and indignant speech, and counsels a apee^ retunu AchiUes again 
alludes to the injuries he has received from Agamemnon, but treats Ajaz 
with courtesy. Still further, he declares he will not move until Hector hu 
come to the veiy tents and ships of the Myrmidons. 

After a Hbadon, the embassy retuma. Their mess^e is sorrowfully 
received. Diomedes inspirits them, the day doses, and they retire. 

There is much in this boolr, which is worthy of close attention. The 
consummate genius, the varied and versatile power, the eloquence, truth, and 
nature displayed in it, will always be admired. Perhape there is no portion 
of the poem more remarlrable for these attributes. 


2. ^fuiftifUf overcome wUh, from hifUUr. 

8. irr»Xiftu$ fuy» ^ftm, the great mouth f^ mauniful war. An 
expressive circumlocution for iiur, or devouring war. The simile in the 
preceding lines is descriptive of the frequency of Agamemnon's sighs. 

13. AvXSf rv^iyym rS, pipes and ^tUeSf the most ancient and aimple 
musical instruments. 

15. ir(0itX¥ftfuff, by the root* 

84. iro^n»it, reaching to the foot. 

SO. rrt^amf is here used for the whole helmet, 

43. 1;^ »«2 W. The sentence is ellipticaL im^Wf or some such word, 
niust be understoed. 

56. /if«y, tacred. This word, however, must not always be understood 
in the sense of our eacred. It often means, greats distinguished, excd- 
lent, &c. 

67. \y^y^m from ly^f^y^, perf. pass. ; and ivrnx^h from &ftiynf*h 
the same as Avtfyif, pres. imper. for AftiytSt. 

82. It has been remarked, that Nestor's questions, when roused in the 
night, show how imperfect was the art of war in the heroic age, in respect 
to centinels and guards. No pasa-word was used, so that Nestor was in 
doubt whether he addressed a friend or an en^y. 

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498 KOTSa 

98. JtHitinint, ftom JOU. Here neint no oeeeHi^ for douUing ik% 
^ — 1 would be long without it. 

124. IfU* ir^irtftf), b^finre me, 

185. jMcXi^tNM, for MkkifUHu, and that U poetical for mmXMn, 

184. AfrXSpy daubUf that ii^ winding twice round hit bodj. 

189. rif) ^^iMt§ IxW Jirt^ <A0 aotfiui caiM In kb taueip b» qdcUj 
iMrd the sound. 

145. /kCiMi*f from fiidth Aid (fiiimi Jlof o a wt oi iM ^ or eoMtf owr <A« 

160. 6«p)*. The folbwing Bnea are condae^ but eitfendy gtaphie. 
Hie acene appeara at once before the reader*a mind* 

158. A«£ r«)) Mtni^mt, mowng khn by the ftci^ wUk kk toe, 
160. S(«rA4, the kili, in the midst of the plain. 
167. iftvx'^'^f in this passage^ indefatigable, 

173. Iw) |i^«v Irrmrm Axfttiit > proverbial exprenion <«- ft dands on 
the edge of a raxor --^ we are aU in the moU d^^jtcvU ettuatum* 
199. *£v.jMt^«^, m a dear tjKit. 
206. lr;^ar«Mfr% draggling, 

824. 2vff n 1^' lcc*t^**'* nominative abaolutft Two geing together, 

one perceives or diecovers b^Jbre another, how an advantage mojf be gamed, 

827. These lines well describe the eagerness of the heroes to accompany 

Diomedes. The repetition of the verb gives vivadty and rapidity to the 


847. wi^iM^i. The force of the preposition in composition ia to be 
observed. Since he knowt above, or more than, othen, 

852. 'A^r^ U h, the stars are far advanced, and the night is pasted, 
more than two jnarts, 

258. A^akif n ttmi i>X9^, without cone or crest, — mmwmrvl^ a sort 
ef cap. 

263. Xttnui SHfTit, rows of boars* teeth were arranged on the outsida^ 
for the purpose of strengthening the cap, and it was lined with the wTXt or 
Jelt to protect the head. 

274. I(«r)i«», a hiron. The two following lines show how careful 
the poet always was to be true to nature. The little circumstance, that . 
they could not see the heron, but only heard him, stamps the description 
with an air of verisimilitude, which is at once recognised. 
281. IvxXfiCf, accusative pi. from IvxXMff. 
285. 'Sirut, from rwitfuu, formed from the 2d aorist l#w«/uff. 
290. r^if^mrrm, an old feminine form of w^^^an. 

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294. xi^^ ^ Ummatm eintom to tdom the honw of tbe victim 
whli goUL It was alao neeeMaiy« according to the alluaon in the preoedhig 
line, that the victim ihould sever have heen uaed for any ordinary porpoie. 

88S. UrUfMm lM«i^MM» Tbia ighttm frequently, perhapa genenOy, 
would mean, ke petjwed kmmiffi Here it means only, he iwore an oath 
whkh vaa not ftiUUled. 

SS5. scrttevi lined with weaid dfcm. 

341, et seq. Tbe itratagem proposed by Ulysses ia in keeping with 
his rsptttation for ready reaoiiroe. 

S51. lir«Mif«. Analhision to agricukore. Theie are two explanations 
of it. 1st* It is said, if a pair of mules and a pair of oxen be empUiyed 
in ploughing together, the mules will reach the end of the furrow first, and 
the distance between them is thelrM»^ k^tm. Sdly. It is said, the hmd is 
twice ploughed, first with oxen and then with mules, and the i*Uu^ ia the 
space between two teams of mules pbughing the same field, which has once 
been broken up by the oxen. The student may choose for himself. 

361. The simile is highly appropriate and lively. 

862. fUfmrntHt for fu/uifMtM^f firom fmrndm, 

375. BrnftCmifant ttanunering, through fear. 

401 . iinftm4tT$f aqrind qflerf spoken in irony. 

403. ^fa4fumt» This is analogous to our English kiiom, hard to be 

418. ifpfig Uxd^0 This expression refers to waioe Trojans. 

457. ^hyyifUntt^ wMlt he wu peaking* 

460. XnUi^, the plunderer, 

468. THgitett ! this termination to the plural of the article occurs but 

463. lwtC^ifui'9 poetical lor iwiUneifutm. 

466. )/iX«f, for likt», 

475. *£S Wt^tmUi wv/Umh from ike edgji qf the ti^of, or semi' 
drde in front qf the chanot, 

480. fUxuff inactive. In the Tragedians . the word means wretched. 
k occurs frequently in the (Edipos Tyrannus and the Medea. 

483. Wt0r^9^£^ en aU ndu. 

493. Mtem y^ fr' uvrSft that is, nn^f, Jhr the^ were not yet 
accustomed to them i thsy had but Utely arrived, and had not yet taken part 
in the war. 

50S. 'PmCuti** whistled. 

SIS. iXM4€m4ini99 careless waUA. 

540. tSwat wm§ i3(f«rt fwnr, ike word was hardfy spoken. 

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494 NOIB& 

57S* U^ accuntiTe for S ^ n u 

578* xif^ ihB ntcki *' Time vanion plunge into die Mt to vaik 
tlMBiielTcs I for tbe nit water ia not only more puiifyuig tiian any odiary 
bttt more oorraboiatei the nenrea. They afterwards enter a bath* and mb 
tbafar bodiea with oil, whifth by softening and moistening the flesh, pieventa 
too great a dissipation, and restores the natard strength." Pope. 

57e. Aniftnitms, batkmg-4vbi, 

577. kiit\ probably from an old elective, Xh^, Xtwit. 

The libation to Minerva, with which the book closes^ and the ofleriiy 
in Une 571, show, among numberless other passsges^ the 
carefiilaess of the ancients to pay due honor to tbe goda. 


4» v«X(^Mi* rlfsff tkB dgnat 9f vnr. 

do. {mmiTmv a token ofJHetuUkSp. 

S4, et seq. are remaricaUe for the particularity of the deacriptiott* 
sT/iM, tHpeSf Mvdfit, of lead. 

95. nm^irl^$u, of tin. It is matter of great doid>t what these metalt 
were. The probability is that which has been stated. 

S7. I^t^en Uutitiu like the nmbow. It is finely remained by TroDopc^ 
that, " of all the p<nnts of resembUnoe^ which may be discovered between 
the sentiments, associations, and expressions of Homer, and those of the 
Sacred Writings, this similitude is perhapa the most strildng i and there 
can be little doubt, that it exhibiu a traditional vestige of the patriarchal 
record of 6od*s covenant, in Gen. ix. 13. LXX. ri ri^ ff¥ rUnfu iv 
rn ft^ii^ff tuii ttrm tts ^fuTn Jkm ftir^ l^iMt; »mi rirf yiis. 

69. tSXiHt Jy^* 'This simile is lively, snd has the diarm which belonga 
to all figures borrowed directly from nature* 

67. Stfinrn^t mowers or reopen, iprnwa, oppotite. This is to be 
explained by the ancient mode of resping and mowing, which was the foU 
lowing. The workmen divided into parties, beginning at the opporite ends 
of the fidd and meeting in the middle. It was thus naturally a matter of 
rivalry to see which sbouU do its part first. Hence the propriety of the 
l^re^ applied to two hostile armies, advancing rapidly towards each other. 

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68. 'Oy/Ms the row ; applied to bay, periiapa it would iMtn tf 

84. Ai^iTt /i(«v 9fut^ the dojf wot tneteatmg, Thii waa the donple 
sodoa of the division of time. The day increaied tiU noon. 

86. \ttnfm9 the woodcutter. Homer most frequently borrowa Ua 
aimilet and descriptire circumstances from the most ftmiUar oljects eC 
nature or of daily life. It is this which gtres his poetiy that air of yeriimiQU 
tude^ which scarcely any other poetiy possesses. It is important to notice 
this trait, in order to form a just estimate of Homer. 

105. iiUh from the old verb tiUifu, to Mnd. 

ISO. y§»m^Uhif. This verb means primarily, to tote hjf the knee$t that 
beii^ the usual sign of supplication. Its seoondaty meaning is therelbre^ 
to supplicate, as here. It is often used when the aupplicatoiy attitude ia 
impossible from the situation of the parties, and means simply, to tuppSioaU 

147. *Oa^mv. This was properly a cylindrical moriarf and genenlly « 

180. ufjtTikti^, a derivative from sf«rU • drew with a nme, that Is^ 
the noise of the horses* hoofs and of the empty chariots. 

173. h w»rU hf^^ySfi oi the milhmg'4ime of nighi, Thk is as- 
iaatance of the reckoning of time by the recurrence of some famifiar object 
or operation. It may mean either evening or morning* Here it evident^- 

S14. IXiXJxhrmf, and they raBied, 

SS7. /MTk «xi«f, <^ier the report, that is, havug heard the report, 

S36. ir*^t, 2d aorist, from «-«^m». 

S4S. TtTiKk y 3)M»if, had given much, referring to a custom of the 
bridegroom paying a dowry to the bride or her father, which has been ex- 
plained before. 

251. iv(«|, aside. 

S56. Awtfur^ifU, litenSiy, wind^nourished, — supposed to mean, ''the 
wood of which the 8pear*shaft was made, was hardened and strengthened by 
exposure to the weather." May it not mean, borne on the wind, that ia 
when hurled from the warrior's hand, or sw^ as the wind 7 

269. fiiXH, here means, the pains of child-birth, 

283. "A^^iw, they Jbamed. The description is brief and graphic 

297. irt^iT, violent. 

807. Tfi^i, swelling. 

808. This line is vigorous and picturesque. 
319. fiiXtTtu, the old form for ^tvXtrau 

334. muNMf, 2d aor. from x^^'s having deprived qf. 

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S64. fAxXttii^you arewtmi, 

385. Tt^ir*, &c. These epithets are intended to coarcy the grettait 
contempt JSow-man, thou who tightest with the bow, not daring to trust 
thyself to the open battle. It is said that areheiy was not considered §• 
bonorabie a mode of warfiue t» other kinds of figfating, becattse it did not 
ao readily admit the exploita depending on personal prowess* The other 
epithets are obrious. 

993. d^'^^af I. This word denotes the extremity of grief, laeerai$ii 
on boih tides of Ute face* 

413. 'EKtmft for t/Xiirm^ fimn ilkim, ihut km tp, sarvranded him* 

4S4. Tgirfttieai, the navel, 

485, urt^uS^ shali perform Junerai rketm It was held neceesaiy to 
the repose of the shade, tiiat proper funeral honors should be paid to tho 
body of the dead. 

509. furmnXivilpTHf gwmg way, 

537. ImrMM-^fv 1A« Itrv of the wheeU 

548. 'Clg ) ' mUfimm, There areseveral points to be noticed b tbese two 
simfles. Flrs^ Ajtx is compared to a lion who ho been prerented by tho 
watchfulness of the herdsmen and their dogs fiom preyii^ upon thecattkw 
He is bold and terrible^ bat numbers thwart hhuy and prerent him fhm 
aoeompfishing his purpose. Secondly, his retreat is eompared to the obiti» 
nate and slow retreat of an ass from a field, when young men surround him 
and beat him with dubs. Their power on him is but small, and he retire% 
but only when he has satiated himsdf in the rich pasture. He single point of 
oomparison, it must be obsenred, is the almost indomitable obstinacy of tho 
animal in withdrawing from the tempting repast. So far, the iUustratioo 
is nowise derogatory to the character of the wanior. 'Whatever apparent 
meanness may be found in it, arises wholly from later associations with dm 
name of this much-abused and long-sufiering beast It is well icnown that 
in ancient times and among the Oriental nations, the ass was hdd in higb 
repute. The ancient listener to the song of Homer would think of none 
of the ridiculous images which exist in the mind of the modem reader. 

574. XiXmti/itfo, eager to tatiate thewudoet with hit JUtk, The genina 
of the poet animates all things tbat come within its magic infloence^ The 
arrow leaps forth from the bow, eager to fly among the hostile throng ; the 
spear is stopt in the shield, while urging its way onward, eager to taste oC 
or to satiate itself with, the flesh, &c. The student will observe immme- 
raUe instances of this, which give an incomparable liveliness to the objects 
and scenes that the poet describes. 

62S. w§ri Wf$ui9, towards the breem* 

Digitized byVjOOQlC 

nJAD, XI. 487 

6S4. »»Mm, for jsmimmh a poHm, litenny, a mkiure. 

6S0. s^/ftMVy oftjon. This omon was very fifierent from the root which 
now passes under that namOi It had a sweet flavour, and was used to impart 
an agreeable taste to wine. It is in high repute at the present day in 

630. WTif ^^w, a rduh to the drink. 
681. x^**y fr^^i «««i(v> mnL 

638. ni^ Xi ^irAf . The cup of Nestor is described with considerable 
particularity. It was adorned with goMen studs, with four rings or handles^ 
being double, and with two other handles, carved, and representing doves. 

639. Jivff, imp. from ntnfu^ same as »fiU, to grate. She grated goafs 
milk cheese upon it. 

659. ^fCxn^ivM, 0lTdfUMi n. The diflerence between these seems to be 
that the first is hU^ as by an arroWf or javeUnt and the second wounded as 
by a sword. This long speech of Nestor must be judged in reference to 
the character of the tpealcer. It may be rather tedious, but cannot, on 
that principle, be considered out of place. It may be rather weak in the 
old gentleman, but not therefore indicative of weakness in the poet 

674. 'PvTi* iXavfifUfif, literally, driving away the cattle by way tf 
retaSation, for what had been previously carried off by the other party. 

754. firtiitf, extended, 

762. *CU t«9t thus I was. — tSwtr* in* yh perhapi^ ff I may teU what 
I once was among men, 

764. fttTamXmvetrSm, will weep or lament afterwardSf will repent when 
it is too late. 

796, et seq. Nestor closes his long story by proposing to Fatrodua^ 
that he should obtain Achilles* permission to wear his armour, and appear on 
the field, that the Trojans might think it was Achilles himsdf, and the Greeks 
thus obtain some respite. 

884. witUwtu, win rusht toat is, in flight 

This book is full of stirring events. The war is apparently drawing 
towards a c