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Full text of "The Illio"

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University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 


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■)."■ -I 

. ■ 

JLoung America en masse, kaleidoscoped into a surging stream ol hu- 
manity underneath a stately arhoreal roof — that s the Broadwalk. Upon 
the sounding ol a bell this placid concrete ribbon is captured by a mill- 
lg horde — perhaps the largest aggregation of collegiate youth to be 
lound anywhere — disgorged from the buildings which survey it. 

-C/mbfematic ol the sturdy goodfellowship, whole-souled loyalty, and 
forward-looking purpose ol Illini ol all ages, alumnus Lorado Tafts 
Alma JVlater group stands in colossal grandeur on a grassy plot bekind 
trie Auditorium. Xaciiig the south and recent campus developments, these 
heroic figures are prophetic ol the University's magnificent future. 

_Zr_Lelting pot for the University, the Library provides common meeting 
ground lor scientists, historians, artists, farmers, business men, teachers, 
musicians, engineers, and writers. Here, where the whole world unlocks 
the treasures of the past to the builders of the future, students from afl 
schools commingle in the process of acquiring knowledge through books. 

-l3tark beauty is possessed by the -Law building. JVLost vivid among the 
memories ol the campus carried away by lllim is a mental picture ol the 
handsome, dignuied, Inendly stonework ol this building, wherein future 
John JVLarshalls build loundations lor successful careers in courts of 
justice, legislative halls, and executive chairs 

Jl ew spots m America, we are told, equal tlie beauty ol the long, green 
vista terminated by tire impressive Auditorium. Scene ol twiligkt band 
concerts in romantic spring, musical leasts, dramatic presentations, lectures, 
and convocations, the Auditorium is a place to be viewed with admiration, 
entered with anticipation, and recalled with pleasure 

-/ill the mamlold activities ol Illiiii co-eds are koused by the Woman's 
building. Its attractive south porch, seen m morning sunshine, is a campus 
show spot, r rom the -Broad-walk the view of the porch is interrupted by 
a perpetually unoccupied lovers bench, which presents a striking picture 
on snow-covered winter nights 

T^ROM Chapel Hill, North Carolina, comes one of the fore- 
most college presidents in the country to succeed our retiring 
President David Kinley. Harry Woodburn Chase, who has 
turned America's oldest state university into the most progres- 
sive within eleven years, is the new president of the University 
of Illinois. After jumping from a psychology professorship into 
the presidency of the University of North Carolina, Dr. Chase 
won so many battles for intellectual freedom in the Tarheel state 
that he attained nation-wide fame as a fearless fighter for the 
Truth. Single-handed he defeated an anti-evolution bill in the 
state legislature. In turn he whipped practically every religious, 
political, fraternal, and military organization in the state on the 
matter of allowing teachers to say what they think. And in the 
midst of it all he carried through a remarkable building pro- 
gram, collected one of the most distinguished and able faculties 
in the nation, and welded the group into an unusually well 
co-ordinated whole. The University of Illinois welcomes its new 
chief — a lion-hearted fighter, a master-mind organizer, and a 
forward-looking educator. 




-ZjlO 1 recall the attitude and actions ol our students through the 
years, it seems to me they have shown an improving sense ol the 
proper relative values ol things in college hie; that enthusiasm has not, 
on the whole, run away with their judgment; that they have a really 
just perspective ol student activities with relerence to the main pur- 
poses ol the U niversity. 1 hey have shown a disposition to search alter 
lacts and they have kept their leet on the ground. 1 hat has given the 
University character and has built up a great student tradition, to 
seek lirst the higher things. 1 he editors ol 1 he lllio have promoted 
this tradition and shared in its line ellects. J. he improvement ol 1 he 
lllio, in character ol content and in physical lorm, through the years 
has rellected this progress. 1 trust that these attributes and this spirit 
may continue to grow liner and better 

Page 19 



The Board of Trustees 


The Governor of Illinois 

Hon. Louis L. Emmerson 


The Superintendent of Public Instruction 

Hon. Francis G. Blair 


J. W. Armstrong, Rock Island. 
H. E. Cunningham, Urbana. . 


....... .President H. S. Capron, Champaign. 

Secretary Lloyd Morey, Urbana. . . . 

. . .Treasurer 
. Comptroller 


Merle J. Trees 

Mrs. Mary E. Busey (Deceased 
April 7, 1930) 

William L. Noble 

Mrs. Helen M. Grigsby 

Mrs. Laura B. Evans 

George A. Barr 

James W. Armstrong 
Rock Island 

Frank H. Simpson 

Walter T. Fisher 









To the Students of Illinois 

CHANGES of more or less importance occur in 
the personnel of our Faculty from year to 
year, but when the Fall Semester of 1930 opens a 
change of major importance will have taken place. 
My reference is, of course, to a change in the Pres- 
idency of the University. We have passed through 
such a change only four times in the sixty-three 
years since the University was established. 

I am sure that you, as students, share with the 
Board of Trustees a feeling of regret in the pass- 
ing from active service of President David Kinley, 

who has given such extraordinary service to the 
up-building of our University. 

With the continued interest of our students in 
the welfare of the University, their loyalty after 
school days are over, and with our thorough or- 
ganization, may we not expect a continuation of 
the success we have had! 

I bespeak for Dr. Chase, who will be our new 
President, the constant co-operation you have 
given President Kinley in the past. 

President, Board of Trustees 







Page 21 

The College 

of Liberal Arts and 


Kendric Charles Babcock, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 
was born in South Brookfield. New York, on September 8, 1864. He grad- 
uated from, and was Provost of, the University of Minnesota, and took his 
doctorate from Harvard, completing his work there in 1896. On leaving 
Harvard, he became an assistant professor at the University of California. This 
position he left to accept the presidency of the University of Arizona in 1903. 
From 1910 to April, 1913, he served as a specialist in higher education in the 
United States Bureau of Education, accepting his present position at the end 

of that time. 


' I J HE College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was founded 
A in 1913 by the union of the former College of Liberal 
Arts with the contemporary College of Science. Since 
that time the Colleges of Commerce and Education and 
the School of Journalism have arisen from former de- 
partments of this College. It is still much the largest of 
the Colleges, not only in the number of its students, but 
also in the size of its faculty. Its nineteen separate de- 
partments and its affiliation with the other Colleges and 
Schools of the University offer the student a general edu- 

cation, with opportunities for specialization in many lines. 
The College offers special curricula in Chemistry and 
in Chemical Engineering, as well as pre-professional 
courses in preparation for journalism, law, and medicine. 
The College provides, moreover, instruction in its sev- 
eral departments for students registered in other Col- 
leges and the Graduate School to such an extent that it 
may well be considered the general service College of 
the University. 

Natural History Building 

Page 2: 




The College 


Commerce and Business 


Charles Manfred Thompson, '09, Dean of the College of Commerce and 
Director of the Bureau of Business Research, was born in Fairfield, Illinois, on 
November 10, 1877. On completing his undergraduate work here, he went to 
Harvard University, where he studied in 1910-1911, returning to the Uni- 
versity of Illinois in 1911 as an assistant in history. He continued his graduate 
work here, receiving his Ph.D. in 1913. Since that time he has been serving 
continuously on the faculty, accepting his present position in 1919. 


' I J HE aim of the College of Commerce is 
■*■ power in sound thinking rather than 
technique. The College is not interested 
students how to sharpen their business tools 
ested, however, in teaching them how to 
when, after leaving college, they meet up wi 
which they have no tools. 

To put the matter in yet another way, the 

to develop College of Commerce is to give its students a liberal 

facility in education with a bias toward business. This it does by 

in teaching requiring them to major in Economics, Accounting, Bus- 

; it is inter- iness Administration, and Business Law, by offering a 

make tools variety of subject groups from which students may select 

th tasks for according to their individual needs, and by permitting a 

rather liberal choice of elective courses, 
aim of the 

Commerce Building 

Page 23 


The College 


Milo Smith Ketchum, '95, Dean of the College of Engineering, was born in 
Burns, Illinois, on January 26, 1872. Since finishing his undergraduate work, 
he has been constantly connected with universities, except for two brief periods. 
In 1897-9 he served as bridge and structural engineer for the Gillett-Herzog 
Manufacturing Company, and in 1903-4 was with the American Bridge Com- 
pany in Kansas City. Before assuming his present position in 1922, he served 
in similar capacities at the University of Colorado from 1905 to 1919, and at 
the University of Pennsylvania from 1919 to 1922. 


THE College of Engineering has ten departments of 
instruction and offers fourteen specialized curricula. 
No institution in America has done more to promote re- 
search in engineering science than the University of Illi- 
nois. Wherever engineering is practiced, the Engineering 
Experiment Station is known for its valuable contribu- 
tions to knowledge. The Station has published 205 bul- 

letins and 19 circulars. Numerous manuscripts present- 
ing the recent results of investigations have been accepted 
for publication. Over eighty investigations are in prog- 
ress at the present time, the completion of some of 
which will be of tremendous importance to members of 
the engineering industries. 

Engineering Hall 

Page 24 



The College 


Herbert Windsor Mumford, Dean of the College of Agriculture, was boxn 
in Moscow, Michigan, on February 26, 1871. He received his education at the 
Michigan Agricultural College, from which he was graduated in 1891, and 
from which the honorary degree of Doctor of Agriculture was conferred upon 
him in 1921 . Returning to his Alma Mater in 1895, he served as aninstructor 
and assistant in the Agricultural Experiment Station, attaining his full profes- 
sorship in 1899- In 1901 he became Professor of Animal Husbandry at the 
University of Illinois, and since that time has been here continuously, serving 
in his present capacity since 1922. 


AVERY large part of the population of Illinois lives 
in what may properly be called a rural environ- 
ment. It is the duty and privilege of the College of 
Agriculture to train men and women for successful 
achievement in such an environment. 

It is the aim of the College to make available to its 
students, through systematic instruction, the discoveries 
of science and the experiences of the best farmers of all 

time. Through experiment, investigation, and research 
the Agricultural Experiment Station is constantly dis- 
covering new knowledge which is put into teachable 
form for the benefit of students and farmers. 

The College is also interested and primarily concerned 
with the training of men and women who, because of 
their education, will be able and willing to render a 
greater service to the world. 

Old Agriculture Building 

Page 25 


The College 



Albert James Harno, Dean of the College of Law, was born in Holabird, 
South Dakota, on January 30, 1889- ■ He graduated from Dakota Wesleyan 
University in 1911, from which school he received the honorary degree of 
Doctor of haws in 1921 . In 1914 he received his LL.B., magna cum laude, at 
Yale University. He practiced in Los Angeles until 1917, when he became 
Dean and Professor at Washburn College of Law in Topeka, Kansas. In 1919 
he went to the University of Kansas as Professor of Law. He has served here 
as Professor of Law since 1921, and as Dean since 1922. 


THE College of Law was established in 1897. Since 
chat time important changes have taken place in the 
field of legal education. With these the College has kept 
pace. During the last thirty years there has been a con- 
stant movement toward increased admission require- 
ments to the study of law. This College has adopted the 
high standard of admitting only those students who are 
graduates of colleges of approved standing and seniors 

in this University who are permitted to elect law courses 
toward their degrees. The primary aim of the College is 
to educate students through serious professional work 
for the practice of law. To that end it seeks to promote 
legal scholarship, to develop professional character, and 
to inspire an appreciation of the duties and responsibili- 
ties of a lawyer as a member of society. 

Law Building 

Page 26 

The College 



Charles Ernest Chadsey, Dean of the College of Education, was born in 
Nebraska City, Nebraska, on October 15, 1870. He studied at Leland Stanford 
University and later at Columbia University, where he finished in 1897. In 
1907 he became Superintendent of Public Schools in Denver. In 1912 he 
accepted the same position in Detroit, and in March, 1919, became Superin- 
tendent of the Public Schools of Chicago. Dean Chadsey left Chicago later in 
the same year to become Dean of the College of Education. He served the 
University in this position until his sudden death, April 9, 1930. 


THE College of Education has as its special function 
the training of individuals expecting to go into some 
kind of professional education work. The types of edu- 
cational work especially emphasized are High School 
Teaching, Supervision, and Educational Administration, 
While many types of educational preparation must in- 

clude graduate study, the fundamental courses for the 
more advanced work are offered by the College of Edu- 
cation. Curricula are offered leading to the degrees of 
Bachelor of Science, in General Education, Physical Edu- 
cation and Athletic Coaching, Agricultural Education, 
Industrial Education, and Music Education. 


-. it t 


- . ... 


assc^i mb*o££m* 


University High School 



The School 



Frederic Benjamin Stiven, Director of the School of Music, was born on 
July 17, 1882, at Ionia, Michigan. He received his B.Mus. at Oberlin College 
in 1901 , and for two years remained there as an instructor in organ. From 1909 
to 1911 he studied in Paris under Alexandre Guilmant and Charles Marie 
Widor. He returned to Oberlin in 1911 as a Professor of Organ and held that 
position until 1921, when he became Professor of Music and Director of the 
School of Music at the University of Illinois. 


THE School of Music occupies Smith Memorial Hall, 
the erection of which was made possible through 
generous gifts to the University by Captain Thomas J. 
Smith. The building contains, besides the studios, class- 
rooms and offices, some fifty practice rooms, and a Re- 
cital Hall seating over a thousand people. The equip- 
ment includes sixteen grand pianos, forty upright pianos, 
four two-manual practice organs, and a large three- 
manual organ built by the Skinner Company of Boston. 
The students enrolled in the School of Music follow a 

prescribed curriculum which includes four years' work in 
a major applied music subject; four years of a minor 
applied music subject; complete courses in Theory and 
History of Music; and various academic required and 
elective subjects. 

Most of the musical activities on the campus are spon- 
sored by the School of Music. It contributes in many 
ways to the cultural life of the University, and stands 
ready to serve any who are interested in the art. 

Smith Memorial Hall 

Page 28 


The Library 


the Library School 

Phineas Lawrence Windsor, Director of the University Library and the 
Library School, has spent twenty-nine years in library work. He was graduated 
from Northwestern University in 1895, and studied at the New York State 
Library School from 1891 to 1899. On leaving there he began his active work 
as assistant in the New York State library, but changed to the copyright office 
of the Library of Congress in 1900. In 1903 he became Librarian of the Uni- 
versity of Texas, serving there until 1909, when he accepted his present 



THE University Library not only supplies many vol- 
umes for class use by our large number of students, 
but also gives to our graduate students and to members of 
the faculty the use of the uncommon or rare books so 
often required in their advanced work. There is no 
large Reference Library in our immediate neighborhood ; 
consequently we must provide in our own library all the 
printed resources that we need. The library staff or- 
ganizes our more than 159,000 volumes for effective use. 

The Library School is a professional school for the 
training of librarians, and admits only college gradu- 
ates to its curriculum. Students come to it from every 
part of the country and occasionally from foreign coun- 
tries, and its graduates are in libraries similarly located. 
The number, resources, and educational value of libraries 
in America are steadily increasing and there is a steady 
demand for college trained librarians. 

New Library Building 

Page 29 



Graduate School 

Arthur Hill Daniels, Dean of the Graduate School, was born in East Med- 
way, Massachusetts, on October 19, 1863. After receiving his Ph.D. from Clark 
University in 1893, he came to the University of Illinois as an instructor in 
philosophy. For two years previous to Dean Babcock's arrival in 1913 he was 
acting Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Since 1918 he has 
been connected with the office of the Dean of the Graduate School, being 
Assistant Dean for one year, Acting Dean for two years, and Dean since 1921. 


THE Graduate School represents the organized efforts 
and resources of the University for the purpose of 
giving opportunities for the most advanced study and 
for the promotion of research. These two functions, 
however, are by no means separate, for the spirit of re- 
search is the life of graduate study. The ideal of gradu- 
ate work is one and the same for all graduate students. 
Some are fitting themselves for higher teaching and ad- 

ministrative positions. Others are looking forward to 
careers in the fields of business, industry, engineering, 
and the several professions. But it is the purpose of the 
Graduate School to train all in the methods and the use 
of the materials of their subjects so that they may be- 
come not only experts and authorities, but also inde- 
pendent workers in their chosen fields. 

East Administration Building 


Page 30 


The School 


William Baker Day, Dean of the School of Pharmacy, ivas born in Peru, 
Illinois, on February 15, 1871. He attended the Chicago College of Pharmacy, 
where he .received his Ph.G. in 1892. Since that time he has been constantly on 
the faculty of the School of Pharmacy. He served as an instructor until 1900, 
when he became a Professor of Histological Botany and in 1913 Professor of 
Botany and Materia Aiedica. He has been closely identified with pharmaceutical 
organization, having served at various times as general secretary, member of 
the council, and president of the American Pharmaceutical Association. He was 
Acting Dean from 1914 to 1919, when he assumed his present position. 


WITH the adoption of the three-year curriculum in 
1925 and the completion of the new building in 
1927, the School of Pharmacy entered upon a career of 
greater usefulness. The student body has grown so that 
nearly seven hundred young men and women were en- 
rolled during the last session. The faculty has been pro- 
portionately increased and the School has taken its place 

as the largest school of its kind in the West and one of 
three or four largest in the country. While its course is 
pointed toward the practice of pharmacy, many of its 
alumni are found on the staffs of pharmaceutical labora- 
tories. Not a few are hospital pharmacists, or are en- 
gaged in teaching and in other lines of activity related to 

New Pharmacy Building 

Page 31 


The College 



David John Davis, Dean of the College of Medicine, was born in Racine, 
Wisconsin, on August 10, 1875. He studied first at the Racine Academy and 
later at the Universities of Wisconsin, Vienna, and Freiberg, and at the Uni- 
versity of Chicago. He served in the capacity of Pathologist at St. Luke's 
Hospital in 1911-13, and became a Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology at 
the College of Medicine in 1913. He has written several treatises on Bacteri- 
ology and is the author of other medical papers. He began serving first as Act- 
ing Dean in April, 1925, and succeeded to the Deanship in September, 1925. 


DURING the past year the new Nurses Home has 
been completed, the building for the Institute for 
Juvenile Research is under construction as is also a com- 
plete Service Building for the general hospital group. 
We expect in the near future to open the new Psychi- 
atric Institute and also the Institute for Crippled Chil- 
dren. At the last general assembly, the Legislature 

generously provided $1,500,000 for a new Laboratory 
building for Dentistry and Medicine. Plans are nearing 
completion for this much needed building. Ground will 
be broken early this Spring. It will be ready for occu- 
pancy in the Fall of 1931. This building will be located 
in close proximity with the Hospital and other buildings 
of the new group just South of the County Hospital. 

Research and Educational Hospital 


Page 32 


The College 



Frederick Bogue Noyes was born in Chicago, on August 22, 1872. He was 
graduated from Beloit Academy in 1889 and received the degree of Bachelor 
of Arts from Johns Hopkins University in 1893, and that of Doctor of Dental 
Surgery in 1895 at Northwestern University. He began practicing dentistry in 
Chicago in 1895 : since 1909 he has specialized in orthodontia. From 1897 to 
1913 Dr. Noyes teas Professor of Histology in Northwestern University Dental 
School. In 1914 he became Head of the Department of Histology and Ortho- 
dontia in the University of Illinois College of Dentistry and served in that 
capacity until 1926, when he succeeded to the Deans hip of the College of 


A GRADUATE course in orthodontia leading to the 
degree of Master of Science has been offered in the 
College of Dentistry since 1922. The purpose of the 
course was the preparation of students for research. The 
course has now been so reorganized and extended that 
it prepares the student not only for research and teach- 

Page 33 

H E 

The School 


Lawrence William Murphy, Director of the School of Journalism, was 
born in Madison, Wisconsin, on October 18, 1893- He received his B.A. degree 
from the University of Wisconsin and his M.A. degree from the University 
of North Dakota, and has done advanced graduate work at the Universities of 
Wisconsin and Illinois. Prior to coming to Illinois in 1924 he was engaged 
in the practice of journalism, military service, and the teaching of journalism.. 
He was formerly Head of the Department of journalism at the University of 

North Dakota. 


' I J HE School of Journalism is an outgrowth of instruc- 
■■*- tion in journalism begun at the University in 1902. 
A four-year curriculum was outlined in 1905 and the 
professional program has developed since that time. The 
work is now organized on a junior-senior graduate basis 
leading to distinct degrees. Freshmen and sophomores 
have an opportunity to register in a pre-journalism course 
within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

The purpose of the School is to give students seeking 

preparation for journalism and publication work the ad- 
vantages of both a general and specialized education. 
During the freshman and sophomore years in the pre- 
journalism course the emphasis is placed on general and 
cultural studies, and during the years in the School of 
Journalism the emphasis is placed on journalism, social 
sciences, literature, and other subjects that play an im- 
portant part in journalistic work. 

University Hall 

Page 34 


H E 

19 3' 



of the University 


Kendric C. Babcock, Ph.D., LL.D Provost Arthur W. Clevenger, A.M. 

■ High School Visitor 

James M. White, B.S Supervising Architect Harrison E. Cunningham, A.B Director, University Press 

and Superintendent of Business Operations 

G. P. Tuttle, B.S Registrar Josef F. Wright, A.B Director of Publicity 

Lloyd Morey, A.B., B.Mus., C.P.A Comptroller George A. Huff, B.S Director of Physical Welfare 








Page 35 







Thomas Arkle Clark, '90, Dean of Men, was born in Minonk, Illinois, on 
May 11, 1862, and studied at the Universities of Illinois, Chicago, and Har- 
vard. He has been Dean of Men here since 1901, and his work has gained him 
national recognition as an authority on all phases of a university man ' s life. 
During the twenty-nine years of his service he has probably been guide, 
counselor, and friend to more young men than any other man in the country. 

Office of the Dean of Men 

STUDENTS come and go throughout the doorway of the Office of the Dean of Men from 
eight in the morning until six in the evening. To some, advice and direction are tendered 
without having been asked for, but for the most part the visitors come of their own volition 
to visit, to get advice, or for some concession or other. 

At the present time there are four men who devote from six to eight hours a day six days a 
week, to these visitors. These are Dean Thomas Arkle Clark, Fred H. Turner, assistant dean of 
men, G. Herbert Smith, assistant dean of men for freshmen and foreign students, and George 
B. Elliott, who is in charge of student organizations and activities. Whatever personal prob- 
lems the undergraduate man has they try to help him solve so that out of his college experience 
he may come as nearly as possible to getting a real education. 





Page 36 


Miss Maria Leonard, Dean of Women, was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. 
She was graduated from Butler College in 1906, and received her M.A. at the 
University of Colorado in 1910. Since that time she has been constantly 
engaged in Dean ' s work, having served as Dean of Women at Idaho State 
Normal from 1910 to 1912, at Coe College, Iowa, from 1912 to 1923, and 
at the University of Illinois since 1923. 

Office of the Dean of Women 

AS GENERATIONS of University students come and go through the years, their needs vary 
■■ little from time to time. Student life is built around interest in scholarship, housing, stu- 
dent employment, student loans, organizations, and extra-curricular activities. Needing help on 
these student questions, the women students of the University come to the office of the Dean 
of Women for advice. 

The office staff includes Miss Irene Pierson and Miss Mary Trenchard, assistant deans of 
women. Personal contacts come through hundreds of interviews with students, faculty, parents, 
and house-mothers ; also through correspondence with parents. The purpose of the office is to 
encourage and promote scholarship, obtain desirable living quarters for Illinois women, and to 
secure as far as possible natural means of their development intellectually, socially, and eth- 
ically, comparable to the ideals and standards of the University of Illinois, both from the indi- 
vidual and group angle. Individual and group interests are guided and assisted through regular 
conferences with group presidents of student organizations. The whole organization of the 
office seeks to serve the campus. 



Page 37 


i 'H»--jfi "IP 1 - •-■ Jfeia- ■' ' 


TT" 7"ITHIN the space of a man's lifetime the University of 
* Illinois has grown from a gangling infant occupying a 
single building to a powerful, influential giant housed in one 
hundred and twenty-five structures sprawled over four hundred 
and twenty acres of Illinois prairie. It is the third largest of its 
tribe. Devoted loyalty to the institution and burning zeal for its 
advancement on the part of faculty, students, and residents of 
the state have been responsible for its unprecedented rise to 
place and power. Yet the fame of the University does not rest 
on size or growth alone. The contributions of its members to 
cultural advancement, scientific achievement, and improved liv- 
ing conditions for everyone have made the good name of Illinois 
permanently secure. Unfolded in the following pages is the 
story of the University's evolution. On perusing it one finds 
the incubation of Illinois Loyalty, and watches its progressive 
development and increasing hold down through the years. One 
observes, and marvels, that the same brotherly spirit which 
bound together Illini in the early years still prevails, potently 
magnified, in spite of the fact that the University has assumed 
Gargantuan proportions. Loyal Illini may swell with pardon- 
able pride while reading this diary of their Alma Mater. 


J. .fcv Ej Li 1 JSI Ct tliat tlie llho should serve as more than 
a mere catalogue ol names ana events of tlie past year, 
we have created a new section, University .History. 
XTere, in a small way, we have attempted to pictonally 
portray tlie growth ol this great University and all ol its 
branches. W e trust these lew pages will prove interest- 
ing to older lllini and also to those present students 
who desire to know more ol tlie history ol their school. 

We are greatly indebted to xrolessor James JVi. 
YV kite lor encouragement, advice, and assistance through- 
out the creation ol this section, without whose help it 
would never have been completed. V^arl otephens ol 
the Alumni Association also luriiished us with a wealth 
ol material 

(Editor s Note) 

Page 41 


Armory meb Construction- Mapcm 1913 Armory Completed —December 1913 

u.A.i. b 

UUABTEB5 ~* 19 1-8 

5.A.TG. fes wall - ISIS 




lyjILITARY instruction at the University of Illinois is based on the 

x Land Grant Act. The State accepted this Act and the grant of 
land provided thereby on February 28, 1867. 

Military activities were first centered in the Armory and Shop build- 
ing on the corner of Burrill and Springfield avenues, and later in the 
Armory, now known as the Gym Annex. 

In the spring of 1913, work was begun on the present Armory and 
soon the skeleton steel work stood out on what was then almost vacant 
prairies. When completed, the stucco sides presented a harsh though 
imposing spectacle. 

During the World War, the Armory was the living quarters of the 

he Present Aqmom 

Student Army Training Corps, and for this purpose a second floor was 
constructed. The first floor was used as a mess hall and was nick- 
named "the forestry" because of the maze of columns. The food was 
prepared in true army fashion in the efficient kitchens located in an 
adjoining building. 

In 1926 a two story brick and stone addition encircling the Armory 
was built at a cost of about $425,000. Since the completion of this 
addition built in the Georgian style used in all new University build- 
ings, the Armory is considered by many as the most impressive struc- 
ture on the campus. 

Page 42 



-.2 ' " 



s tw ^Itiit^rsttg IMtiililiiig^ 

IfkBANA, C'll VMIMICX CO., [I 1 IXl 



Dedication of Ncxu Main Building, 

C"< •• WoJnssdsy, December 10, 1873. ''v'~i 

Dedication of University Hau'~!B75 

i)M)VED5iTY Hall — 1874- 

Uall Act Galled - 1890 

Libsahy — Ukii Hall e " a 1599 


T TNIVERSITY HALL, which was for fifty-six years the center of 
*-' University activities, ambitiously constructed by the five-year old 
University, seemed out of place in 1874 on the bleak prairies. Compare 
its barren surroundings with the bustling campus life and buildings 
of today, compare the wisps of trees and the scraggly grass of the 
foreground with the stately elms and smooth turf of the present, and 
you will glory in the growth of your University. 

In 1890 on the second or main floor of this building was found the 
Museum, on the third the Library, on the west wing of the fourth the 

Art Gallery, on the east wing of the same floor the Art and Design 
Studios, while on the top floor in Philomathean and Adelphic Halls 
were held the meetings of the men's popular societies. 

Although the famous landmark is really inadequate with its rough 
board floors and creaky staircases it is kept standing and in use be- 
cause of the tradition attached to it. For fifty-seven years Illinois men 
and women have thronged its corridors till it now has a place in the 
hearts of all. It is not an ordinary school building; it is representa- 
tive of Illinois life. 

Page 43 





Gegiment in 1874 


iNTftlOU OP AcMoirf c "= 1BTC 

Student Company - J.M. White, Capt. — I8S5 

G£N. Grant. Pets. James. Col Feguet— 1903 Presentation of Medals — 1303 





!9! ! 

pHE bearded band and antiquated cadet uniforms shown above are 
- 1 - remnants of the Civil War period, but were exactly right in 1874, 
when this picture was taken. The site is that of the present Gym 
Annex. The Armory and Woodshop appear in the background. The 
second floor of this building shown below was the scene of the mili- 
tary activities, including the Military Ball, for many years. 

Professor James M. White, the present Supervising Architect, is 
shown with his student company in 1888 drawn up before this same 
first Armory. 

In 1909 General F. D. Grant delivered the address on Military day, 
and with President James and Colonel Fechet was given a ride in a 
"horseless carriage." The beautiful donors in their long white dresses 
added to the pleasure of the presentation of the medals. 

Echoes of West Point may be found in this array of the cadets in 
Illinois field in 1910 with the natty uniforms so different from the 
present-day khaki. President Taft, the only president who has ever 
visited the University, appears reviewing the army in 1911. President 
James is on his right. 

Page 44 




/* 1878. ^ 




Jiuihti of the JfllinoU Jiidutftial Univettifij, 

And to all friends of Education present, 


Wednesday, June 5th, 1878, 



Edward J. Baker, Savoy. 
Charles K. Ballard, Chicago, 
Wallace E. Bridge. La Moille. 
Frank A. Brown, Kockford. 
Samuel A. Bullard.Meohauicsburg. 
Ellis M. Burr, Woodstock. 
Noah B. Roffman, Urbfcna. 
Frank A. Dean, Buckley. 
Theophilns Gaffoer, Highland. 
Alfred Gregory, Champaign. 
Henry Hanser, Mascontah. 
Eddy O. Lee, Jl t. Carroll. 
Frank II. Lloyde, Champaign. 
Janiea A. McLane, Chicago. 
Aaron II. Moore, Louisville. 
WenBel Morava, Chicago. 
John W. Patcben, Chardon, Ohio. 
James L. Pollock, Bit. Vernon. 
Cha->. L. Richards, Woodstock. 
William D. Body, Mattoon. . 

Abraham K. Butan, Dwight. 

Hamlin W. Sawyer, Godfrey. 

Manferd Savage, Girard. 

Hosoa B. Sparks, Alton. 

William F. Spradllng, Sheridan. 

Martin Spra^ne, Virginia. 

Malilnn O. Weed, Belvidere. 

John F. Whitlock, DwigUt. 

August Ziesing, Pern. 

Hourv W. Zimmerman, Peru. 

Miss Emma E. Colombia, Champaign. 

" Henrietta Culver, Henry. 

" Sarah Deardorf, Cobden. 

" Nancy Jane Davis, Monticello. 

" Ida M. Estop, Kantonl. 

" Jessie Estep, liantoul 

" Mary S. Larned, Champaign. 

" Jennie C. Mahan, Champaign. 

" Emma Page, Champaigu. 

" Mary L. Page, Champaign. 

Commencement 1906 c ^ Matching to old kum 

Commencement 1599 ~ Mabching to Auditorium 

Class Dai °- .1914 


ATOVING from one campus building to another with the growth 
■*-•*■ of the University, the commencement exercises trace this develop- 
ment. In 1878 the' exercises of the Illinois Industrial University, as it 
was then called, were held in the chapel, while in 1906 the procession 
led toward the Armory, now the Gym Annex. The Materials Testing 
Laboratory now rises on that smooth turf to the left of Burrill Avenue. 
In 1909 we see the learned seniors on their way to the Auditorium 
for their last exercises, marching where the addition to the Woman's 

Commencement 1915 ^ Mabcuing fgom new t\mm 

Building and Lincoln Hall now stand. The Class Day exercises were 
held on the lawn north of University Hall in 1914. 

By 1915 the ceremony had been moved to the newly-completed 
Armory, which was separated from the main campus by an orchard, 
and in 1929 the new Gymnasium was the scene of Commencement. 
This immense room packed with people typifies the change wrought 
in fifty-one years when compared with the forty graduates of 1878. 
In 1981 what? 

Page 45 




CHAMPAIGN, ILL., TUESDAY, OCT. 10th, 1871— at 4 O'CLOCK P. M. 


Chicag-o Hopelessly 
Ruined ! 

Mile* on Miles of the €ity in 
Ruins and Ashes. 

150.000 People Homeless! 


Fury of the Fire about Spent. 

Ativ attempt at describing the scenes of 
ihe tot riWe calamity which has hopelessly 
ruined the Garden City, would be idle. 
The simple facts that the once great city 
o( Chicago is destroyed, that hundreds of 
' jailliorH of her active capital have vanish- 
»d, »ud that nearly one-third of her inhab- 
itant* fro homeless dependents, are enough. 
A.uy attempt to embellish would be but 
mockery. We will, therefore content our 
readers with tee plain, bare, ami, in many 
eases, disconnected telegrams, just as we 
receive them. 

Some of the telegrams here given should 

; have reached us on Monday, but.vhe Hues 

■v«re disconnected iu some plaees and so 

o'ecupiod at other points that they did not 

ootue through. 

Chicago, Oct. 10, 2 ?. m. 
One-third of the citv is in ruins. All the 

that the victims of th> fiery monster may ; 
be counted by score*. 

The reign of fire and brimstone at Sodom ' 
and Gomorah can harlly be compared to | 
the devastating reigu of .Vie Fir'' Fiend iu 
Chicago. More than one-half the papula- 
tion are now rushing through the streets 
in vehicle* which are obtained at enormous 
prices, on foot and in every other way. J 
with the choicest household treasures in j 
their arms and ou their backs, in utter con- 
fusion, not knowing where to go. Fearful 
suffering must follow, and -mostly immedi- 
ately. Full 160,000 people are at this mo- 
ment homeless and houseless, not knowing 
where to lay their heads or get anythiug to 
satisfy the cravings of hunger. 

LATER— Tuesday, 3 r. m. 
Mr. Rob't Wooisev, a former resident of 
this city, but now Train Dispatcher for the 
I. C. R. R. Co., is located at Calumet, to- 
day. He has dispatched to this poiut in 
substance as follows : 

The fire has finally been stopped on th*' 
.South Side, about one mile louth of 
Lake street. Ou the Nurth Side it burned 
through to Lincoln Park, thence clear 
out to Sunny Side, a distance of fully 5 
miles north of the court huuse site. 

All the gmiu elevators have been des- 
troyed except one — Elevator B. 

The Tribvhe building is still standing, 
but the roof has fi>llcn iiv-i.ud the inside is 
romptetely riddled. . 

The Court House. PC^flflU... CH- <-.~ 

of Commerce, and all otnirsuch buildings 
are down flat. 

Many heavv dealers wh< took millions 
of dollars worth of costly good» to Lincoln 
Park lost them. 

All churches, colleges, schools and other 

nnMii. Wild'mrrs are filled withe homeless 

sufficient, call on the military authorities 
at St. Louis for the same purpose. 

Relief is .being offered from all quarters. 
Up to this time these offers stand aboutas 
follows : St. Louis $70,000, Cincinnati 
$100,000. Columbus $10,000, Oswego 
$2,000, and Wheeling $5,000. Relief 
meetings are being called in other cities 
throughout the Union, and in a few days 
aid will be pouring in from every direction. 
Just now the great demand is for cooked 
■ food. 

It is now positively asserted by some 
ithat the Water Works ara still intact, but 
I that the water was shut off from the South 
and West Division on accouut of the quau- 
i tity being used on the North Side. 

There is but one bridge left standing 
j across tbe river and that is at Polk street. 
Indianapolis soul a brigade of her fire 
{department to Chicago, and has pledged 
'$20,000 for the relief fund. 
I It is believed that every Chicago Insur- 
ance Company will fail. 

So, also, will many others. It is thought 
[that the best New York and Hartford com- 
panies will pay losses. Their business be- 
, ing niver><iti.-ri'wiil enable tbem to rto so. 
The Lorillard Insurance Company it is 
j thought will lose $1,000,0110. 

'1 he excitement n New York is intense 
I ind the printing oficus are issuing ejjras 
T wuny. 

I j The railroad lites leading to Chiesgo 
j ire all usintr every endeavor to forward 
] Supplies immediate'y. 

Card of Thanks. 

Jt Card. 

We wish to publicly acknowledge our 
thanks due to fire Co.' No. 2. of Cham- 
paign, for saving our lumber yard and com 
cribs from tle.struetivn by the terrible fire 
which raged in Urbana ou Monday. 

We think it was owing to their prompt 
and efficient action, seconded by that, of 
the employees of the I. B. & W. R'y, who 
furnished water from their tanks with their 
engines, that our lumber and corn-cribs, 
and Park 4 Rover's mills were saved from 
the devouring element. 

Webster, Daviis * Co. 

Urbana, 111., Oct. 10th, 1871. 

i.ttuf nut — Let all be on guard for 
theives. They are now endeavoring to 
make off from Chicago with their plunder. 
Detectives Loper k Hall arrested a^nmati 
this morning, who gave her name as Mc- 
Mahou, who landed at the depot with cloth* 
and silks. She was examined before Esq. 
Hess, and was held to bail in the sui 
$500.- She confessed to having "pie 
up " tbe goods. 

Thanks.— We have be»n ji 

l, J , „ , ' _f.^.i, i ^.^^rm. W-eVW^'Ul. TO 

der the warmest >hanks of th« peorj 

that unfortunate town to the njembe 
] Engine Co. No. 2, to the eitizensof 

pnign, and to the officers and emlloy 

I 9 I W Kail'way. who vfrK 

I manfully at the fire on Monday. ' ^"' 

their assistance, the loss would lirave 
! much more severe, • . 

The members of Champaign Engine Co 

Found . — On Pace slrent, Urbana^ 
I Monday, a lady's portmonie. enntab 
; money and other articles, which the owner 

Chicago Fiat Edition o r the Gazette 




"^77 HEN Chicago was devastated by the great fire in October, 1871, 
*^ the cadets of the Illinois Industrial University were ordered to 
the scene by Lieutenant General Sheridan and James B. Fry, assistant 
Adjutant General, commanding officer of the I. I. U. cadets. 

At 1 o'clock in the morning the cadets were herded into a train 
and carried to Chicago where they marched the streets until 2 p. m. 
before reaching their assigned territories. They ate and slept in a 
church in the western part of the city and guarded the surrounding 

While one could walk for miles in Chicago and see nothing but 

ashes, there were many partially destroyed buildings which the cadets 
had to guard against thievery. 

The cadets remained in Chicago about a week, being relieved from 
duty on Oct. 13. R. B. Mason, mayor of Chicago, as well as several 
grateful business men wrote Captain Snyder of the cadets, expressing 
thanks "for the unceasing care, courtesy, and endurance" displayed by 
the cadets in the preservation of the peace and protection of property. 

It is interesting to note that at almost the same time a very serious 
fire in Urbana destroyed the greater number of the buildings north of 
Main street as well as some on the south. 

Page 46 



F-EBRUAUY 19, 1898. 

<f — - 


Sat to the Effect that the Freshmen 
President Was Kidnapped. 

[Ho is In the Hands of < lassma 

wil! Deliver His Address 

the. Soolau le Tonight. 

thai A. n. 


the president of 

<.!;■- si 

9 :i ■ Him. 

it class, had been 

kid, l] :• i 

Tti. ; k.dria 

pping »-a 

- said to have 

taken plalg 

| lOlH 10 

Qi&cck, but "The 

l Gaz,-T--- ha 

, inv stigi 

ted and Griswoldf 

was en at 

11 o'clock 

by several of "his 


i It. is thought that the young gentle- 
man is in plains and will reappear in 

[■time for the social tonight. 

: Pri sident Griswold rooms at ;)20 West 
preen street. Urbana. A reporter for 
"Tli- Gazette" called at that number 
lat... tins afternoon. He did not have an 

Opportunity to see Mr. Griswold, but 
was fissured by the person who answer- 
ed the bell that he had not been stolen 


He is j n cart ut - a num per of members 
of the freshman class and is in hiding 

.ftt the lodgings of one of th- number. 




hj ? 

Mr. — ". U-^/T^c^^-Cex? </ ^^7fl^y~t 

hewing pcJssedthe usual examinations, a.ndlw.ving pa.id.thi matriculation fee of 
Tt'n Dollars, is admitted to FULL MEMBERSHIP in f'h< P \% 

entitled on the payment of 'the oidindry /<?< \ -c.ep ... lease* fron hj es 

*™ \ 'by virtue of a prize or honorary seliola.rship, to the, pitoileg.es of amy or all the I)e- 
' partiiicnls <>]' Instruction, as long "s In- nui.y wish to remain , unless sooner dismis, ed 
at his own request, or excluded, for cause. 

.' ■ itonjj S'lijiitof. we have affixed, hereto the seal oi the 
tMversify.this fJTZ day of ~^>/j3-^_c^i l.HcJ^ 

MemBEBSWP icECE'.PT Of 11.1). 


1*'V*-' fl >V-"' fc '* X ■,-,■■'.. ;i>^, **-*»?,£^-- ;?*^. ' ^s^^i^gfrtk^ 


NoaTU FiioM Uvi\vtc.VtT>f Umi ~- !6T4 

"VW"HEN Charles P. Graham paid his matriculation fee of $10.00 in 
1868 he received a much more impressive receipt than the 
modern fee slip. The Regent and Treasurer signed for the Illinois 
Industrial University and affixed the Official seal bearing the words 
"Farmers and Mechanics Illinois Industrial University" and the motto, 
"Upward and Onward." 

Honor was not the sole reward of the president of the freshman 
class in 1898. The queer style then used by the newspapers appears 
in the second deck of the headline. 

The northward view from University Hall in 1874 presents inter- 

esting highlights on University history. In the immediate foreground 
Green street strikes across the prairie and the Boneyard meanders 
along in much the same course as it follows today. On the right the 
Armory and Shop building rises just south of where Springfield ave- 
nue is today; on the left appear the Chase homes, where Mrs. Chase 
had the best boarding house on the campus — $3.00 per week. The 
five-story building in the background is the original Champaign- 
Urbana Institute building just south of University avenue at the north 
end of the present Illinois Field. This building, the first owned by 
the University, is further described on the following page. 

Page 47 





'JlEW TOWABD OLD AllMOM ~~ 1861 

Old Ag mm conduction -- 1900 



TpHE Champaign-Urbana Institute building was given to the Uni- 
A versity at the time of its founding, and before University Hall was 
built most of the classes were held there. Later it was used as a men's 
dormitory until partially destroyed by a storm in the spring of 1880. 
Deciding that repairs would be useless, the trustees ordered it razed 
the following year and the materials were used in the construction of 
new buildings. 

When Old Ag was built it was an outpost in the prairies; few 
buildings stood so far south on the campus. This picture shows well 

how the University hastened the building up of surrounding territory, 
a process that is still going on. The Auditorium right after its con- 
struction also shows the barrenness of the campus. This was a mag- 
nificent building at the time of its construction, but is now antiquated 
for stage production. 

The original Chemistry building, which has passed through the 
stages of Law, Old Law, and Entomology, here appears with its origi- 
nal Mansard roof, destroyed by fire in 1896, and its first entrance, 
which has since been changed. 

Page 48 




Illinois Covered Herself All Over 
With Glory. 


Illinois Field Saw One of the Largest Crowd; 

in the History of Athletic Sports 

at the University. 


Purdue Has Tin Horns For Sale and Illinois Has 

Glory and Honor in Unlimited Quantities 

to Divide Up With Everybody. 

"Who Can? We Can; Anybody Can Beat Cham- 
paign."— NIT. 

There were some verdant football boys 
Who tame from LaFayette; 

They tried to beat Old Illinois, 
But haven't tiuitt^not yet. 

It 1KB I 

But Failed to Win the End They 


They swore they'd make a great bjgsc 

And beat ns out or sight: 
Kut now they've learned a thing or tw 

They never win— not quite. 

Sophomore Class of the University Re- 
pudiates Mis Action and Kebnkes His 
Methods— Another Mllo Election to Be 
Held— StadentB Who Know Their Rights. 

The sophomores held an interesting 
and exciting meeting in the University 
chape) Tuesday afternoon. After re- 
ports had been heard the class pro- 
ceeded to the election of officers for the 
present term. E. B. I»ytle and C. J. 
Peeples were placed in nomination for 
president and a vote by ballot was 
taken. The following officers were 
. elected by acclamation: Vice president, 
Miss Albertina Gross; secretary, J. H. 
Armitage; treasurer, Miss Florence 
Beebe; sergeant-at-arms, Miss Frances 
Green; base ball manager, E. 0. Keator. 
President King then announced that 
the vote on president had resulted as 
follows: Ly tie, 65; Peeples, 68. J. 0. 
Neikirk, woo was seated in the rear of 
the room, rose to his feet and created 
consternation by declaring that the 
ballot had been stuffed, backing hia 
claim by the statement that 133 votes 
bad been counted when but 117 persons 
were present. Another member chal- 
lenged the correctness of Mr Neikirk's 

assertion, bnt Via otsc iaitr»nr»»rl Kv/ criflii 






^ There is r/ot a tuord of truth £ 
^ ir> the report that Illinois has H 
^ sent a spy to ?bieas}o to (jet £ 
H points on the plays <?bic3$o £ 
^ is nou; uiork;in$ on. I baue £ 
^ rjo knowledge of any marj be- £ 
Z\ in$ sent tl?ere ot) that mis- £ 
re, ^ aion, and more cban tt?at, llli- £ 

^j noig- doe6 not resort to such £ 
^ caeties in order to u/in a ^ame £ 
3 of football.— £ 

3 <;oaob Ceor^e f\. fluff- £ 



More of Them Depart from 
versity to Go Into the 
'Against Spain. 

the TTni- 



Besides the University men who 
heretofore left, two of the best ath- 
letes have received, orders to report to 
the companies of which they are mem- 
bers. A. N. Hazlitt, a senior in arch- 
itecture, rooming- at 616 West Church 
street, left this afternoon for his home 
at Ottawa to join his company. Haz- 
litt is the crack first baseman on the 
'Varsity ball team. 





A Nice Social Event in Which Some- 
thing Like Eighty Couples 
Took Part, 

Military Han, at the University, was, 

the scene of She third annual military 

ball yesterdaj veiling. The elite of the 

University circles and the flower of 

Champaign and tfrbana society, were 

■ out in forefc. Military Hall n is beaft, 

! -tiful!y decorated wjtjb the ":. i rsity 

colors, orange and blue, svhi! ilap's and 

- -■ I- floated from above and along' 

J the sides of the hall From be r.d a 

hank oi potted plants and pah -. the 

strains of Snyder's orchestra floated; 

out over the crowded haH. 


Entertainment at Military Hail in 


Will Make the Effort of Their I-lves to 
Pot the Athletic Association on Its 
Fett— Miscellaneous News Matters at 
the University. 

At the meeting of delegates from i 
thirty University organizations held I 
Monday nipht to devise means for rais- 
ing the Athlere association's debt of 
81.800, it was decided to give an enter- 
tainment in Military ha.ll some time' 
during January for this purpose. The" 
entertainment will take the form of a 
concert to be participated in by the 
University musical organizations. A . 
farce, to be presented by the Univer- 
sity's best dramatic talent, may al.-obe 
added to the program. Prof. S. W. 
Parr, Jay Brown, Ralph Mi Is, George 
Wort-hen and Misses Emma Rhoads and 
Virginia Dinwiddie were appointed a 


A FOOTBALL victory in 1898 was greeted with a great deal more 
■^ obvious enthusiasm than today's sophistication will allow. . . . 

Swannell's Drug Store in 1870 occupied the same corner and build- 
ing that it does today. . . . Perhaps the gentleman in the tall hat 
standing on the curb is patiently waiting the forerunner of the street 

There is a strangely familiar tinge to the article in the lower left 
corner regarding the elections in 1898 — it would seem as though 

modern political parties are not the first to fight corruption on this 

The Spanish-American war took its toll of students in 1898. In the 
same year we find that Athletics had not been placed on their present 
profitable basis. 

The band of 1885 can hardly be compared to the modern football 
bands, but what it lacked in size and quality it made up in enthusiasm. 

Page 49 


Colob Bush ~" 1901 


\A7E the Class of ms-, the scum of the earth; 

the anathemas of JUdl. not fit to 

dwell upon the banks of the Boneyard. 

Upon the day of the annual push ball contest 

drawing near, do shudder with apprehension 

lest we may have antagonized you of IQl^f, 
by any unseemly action. UarJ 

We want to thank you for not thus far 
taking any action against us or inflicting any 
corporeal punishment and we realize that we 
have no more chance to survive the coming 

event than a snowbank in OGll» 

The Spi&it of 13 D3 



— 1311 

iL 1 r 

It- 'M* 

Jar--*?* i| 

»■ aeyo^^it^Rp i 

Momis Dancers 


\va h 





A THLETICS and publications were far from the only activities of 
the first students. Chapel attendance was a requirement then, and 
a little later class rivalry reached its heights. Although the sophisti- 
cated sophomore has now only a slight and supercilious interest in the 
humble frosh, time was when a good-natured rivalry was actively dis- 
played. The Color Rushes, the Push Ball contests, and the Sack Rushes 
provided stimulation as well as an outlet for these feelings, although 
many shirts were ruined and eyes blacked in the process. The modern 

Cap Burning is a moderate survivor of these rough and tumble en- 
counters. The Boneyard too in those days was an active threat rather 
than a tradition, as many old-timers can certify. 

The girls too were active and on May Day morning a large group 
of girls in white dresses gathered on the lawn of the President's home 
for an early serenade. Folk dances, such as the Morris Dancers pic- 
tured above, were also popular among the girls. 


Page 50 



Homecoming - Illinois l\ Chicago 7 *— ~ 1914. 

Reception for Minister Wu Ting Fan 6 c -"" 1905 

- — uns" 

Memoum. fob. Pus. Gat&ow -~ 1914 

East fACA&t of Original Nomans Bwlwns 

/~\N the steps of President James' residence in 1908 a very dis- 
^-* anguished group assembled for the reception for Minister Wu 
Ting Fang. In the back row from left to right we see Capt. T. J. 
Smith, former Trustee and principal donor of Smith Memorial Music 
Hall, E. J. Townsend, Professor of Mathematics, Mrs. D. C. Green, E. 
B. Greene, Professor of History, T. J. Burrill, Vice-President of the 
University, S. A. Forbes, Dean of Science, E. Davenport, Dean of 
Agriculture, W. F. M. Goss, Dean of Engineering, and T. A. Clark, 
Dean of Men. In the left center W. L. Abbott, Trustee, and Miss 
Kollock, Dean of Women, are standing. In the front row Mrs. Busey, 

Trustee, is standing beside Minister Wu Ting Fang, while on his left 
are Mrs. Bahrenburg, Trustee, President James, and David Kinley, Dean 
of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

In 1914 Dean Kinley, now President of the University, assisted Miss 
Gregory in unveiling the monument to President Gregory, with Trustee 
W. L. Abbott standing near. 

"G" Huff, now Athletic Director of the University, or Coach Huff 
as he was called in 1911, and the baseball squad pose for their 


:v: : :>:- -:•::■ •>"•■. 

uu e ' a e 

l o v -a L 

T O 

V o u 

ILL !■ . n o t S 

I I 

I I 

I I 

Seniors of '30! Commencement Day comes. 

You "kings of our campus" will soon be 

Good luck to you, men. 
We wish you again 

Success and a future that ' s bright! 
Go carrying through 
Like the Orange and Blue 

With the spirit of Illinois Fight. 

The cloak of your royalty now disappears; 

Yet hold to this — Loyalty — all through the 


uue'R-eoFL-^nGe-i^no b i_ u e t l. i_ i n o i S 


M ■' 

Lue'UL. 8-^CK VOU4 "TO STiRnO 

; o -fi i n s -r ' -r- n e 8es-r t n -r »-» e i_-^no 

i i 

President, First Semester 

President, Second Semester 

i II 

The Class of 1930 

i i 


P. C. Livingston 
W. H. Holden 
F. H. Oster 
R. J. Classen 
K. E. Moberley 
William Anderson 

W. J. Pereira, Chairman 
S. E. Wilson, Vice-Cbairman 

John Pirok 
Virginia Smith 
Peg Ingram 
Peg Baughman 
Dorothy Johnson 
Peg Baer 

Walter Jolley 
A. A. Nedwed 
A. G. Tuxhorn 
J. L. Lang 
Samuel Dean 
E. F. Streit 

Barbara Menges 
Marian Hendricks 
Serene Fink 
Dorothy Altringer 
Ruth Phillips 


E. J. Lawson 
A. W. Hagstrom 
William Rose 

J. L. Campbell, Chairman 

Elbert Collins 
E. C. Hoelscher 

R. S. Bigler 
Jane McClure 

Margaret Ingram 
Kay Powell 
Lillian Rosenfeld 

Page 56 

9 3 

Women' s General Chairman 


Men ' s General Chairman 

Senior Memorial Committee 


H. O. Panhorst 
J. F. Schroeder 
C. A. Johnson 

Fred Humbert, Men 's General Chairman 
V. D. Malone P. H. Kammann 

F. J. Walker H. C. Pattison 

C. R. Frederick 
L. W. Winget 
W. R. Donigan 


Gertrude Peske 

Virginia Burke Smith, Women's General Chairman 
Helen J. Tobias Jean Reid 

Dorothy Johnson 



C. Johnson 



D. Johnson 


Page 57 



, I 

F Pt E D HUMbEfiT 

i tea 


9 30 









W»=i -R 



i A J 

David Abbott Chicago 

Landscape Architecture 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Tribe of Illini ; Cross-Coumry Squad 
(3, 4), Captain (4) ; Track Squad (3, 4) ; Ameri- 
can Olympic Team, 1928 
Purdue University 

Ruth Anne Abrahamson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Phi Kappa 
Epsilon ; Pi Delta Phi ; Sigma Delta Pi ; Woman's 
Cosmopolitan Club ; Hillel Foundation ; Student 
Council (4) 

Mary Aikin Maris s a 

Delta Zeta 

Kappa Tau Alpha ; Anonian Literary Society ; 
Daily Illini (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Commission (4) 
Monmouth College 

Christine C. Alblinger. . . .Saint e Marie 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Linnean Botany Society 


Lucille Abramo 

Phi Sigma Sigma 
Gregorian Literary Society 

. Chicago 

Fred Edward Albright. .Stratford, Conn. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Beta Psi 

Freshman Varsity Track ; Varsity Football Squad 


Columbia University 


i '( 

I I" 

Walter Erwin Ackerman Belleville 

Phi Kappa 

Phi Alpha Delta ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Delta 
Sigma Rho ; Business Manager, Siren (4) ; Com- 
merce Council (4) 

Madelyn Chellnissa Adams .... Gridley 

French Club ; Spanish Club 
Illinois State Normal University 

. Chicago 

Raymond Sigfrid Adamson . 
Kappa Psi 

William Eugene Frederick 

von Adelhelm Chicago 

General Business 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Beta Alpha Psi ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Accountancy 
Club ; Illini Chamber of Commerce ; Commerce 
Council (3) ; Daily Illini Business Staff (2) ^En- 
terpriser (1, 2, 3) ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling; 
Cheer Leader (2) ; Production Staff "Brazil Nuts" 

Milton M. Adelman. 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Kappa Phi Sigma 

. Kankakee 



Williard Curry Aldrich Rosamond 

Blackburn College 

Elizabeth Laura Alexander. . .Lockport 

Home Economics 
First Council, Woman's League 

John Robert Alexander Auburn 

Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Alpha 

Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Edith Loraine Allen Fairview 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Eureka College 

William Gordon Allen Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
A. S. M. E. 

Page 60 



Carl A. Anderson Burlington 

Psi Omega 

North Park College 

Carl William Anderson Chicago 

Siren Staff (4) ; Men's Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; Var- 
sity Bowling Squad (2) 

Curtiss A. Anderson Moline 

Railway Transportation 
Augustana College 

Florence Eugenia Anderson 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Delta Gamma 
Mask and Bauble; Cast, "The Butter and Egg 
Man," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Mary the Third" ; 
Woman's League Sryle Show (2, 3) 
De Pauw Universiry 

Glenn Lincoln Anderson Chicago 

Foreign- Co?nmerce 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Pan Xenia ; Scabbard and 
Blade; Commerce Council (4) ; Major, University 
Brigade (4) 

Jay Jacob Alloy Peoria 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Phi Eta Sigma; Editor, Illinois Law Review (4, 
5) ; Intramural Debate (4) 

Herman Millard Anderson. . Rock Island 
Psi Omega 
Student Council ( 1 ) 
Augustana College; Des Moinc-s University 

Dorothy Adelaide Altringer. . .Berwyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences J OHN Clarence Anderson Chicago 

First Council, Woman's League Clvtl Engineering 

Alice Mae Anderson Chicago 

Phi Omega Pi 
Mask and Bauble; Pan-Hellenic Council (4) 

Karl William Anderson. .Silverhill, Ala. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Beta 
Varsity Fencing Squad (2) ; Manager, Men's Glee 
Club (4) ; University Band (2, 3, 4) 
Augustana College 

Lelah Anderson Charleston 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Robert Henry Anderson Wilmette 

Alpha Delta Sigma ; Phi Alpha Lambda ; A. S. C. 
E. ; Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Ragner Theodore Anderson. .St. Charles 
Theta Nu Epsilon 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Nu Kappa; Illini Chamber 
of Commerce 

Verna Olive Andrews Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
McKendree College 

Winfield Scott Angus . . 
Beta Kappa 
Delta Theta Epsilon 

. Rockford 


Page 61 



Rosslyn Ernest Armbruster. .Springfield 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Alpha 
Phi Alpha Delta; Daily Mini (1, 2) ; Sophomore 
Interscholastic Manager (2) 

Mary Lucille Armstrong Chicago 

Eta Sigma Phi; Swimming (3, 4); Bowling (3, 
4) ; Tadpole (4) 
Crane Junior College 

William Christopher Armstrong 


General Business 

Winifred Ellen Armstrong Elpaso 

Home Economics 
Kappa Sigma Tail 

Celia Arnold Chicago 

Iota Kappa Sigma 
Assistant Business Manager, Mini Pharmacist 

Bernard Aumann App Elgin Clyde Franklin Arnold Peotone 

Liberal Arts and Sciences General Business 

Kappa Zeta Rho 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

c w , . TT , Clarence Charles William Arnold 

Samuel Worth Archer Urbana 

Electrical Engineering ............. 

.-, . „ Education 

Chi Beta . 

Kpj-O Dei 

Phalanx; E. E. Society; First Lieutenant, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) Phalanx; Caisson Club; First Lieutenant, Univer- 
sity Brigade (2, 3) 

Mervin Fremont Arentsen Ottawa Margaret Elizabeth Augur. .Mt. Auburn 

General Business Education 

St. Olaf College Butler University 

Alberta Avis Auld Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais ; El Circulo Literario Espanol 

Thorton Kenneth Auwater 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Athletic Coaching 
Kappa Zeta Rho 


Page 62 

Dominick Arthur Avallone. .Brookfield 
Kappa Psi 

Jack William Ayers Oak Park 

Electrical Engineering 


Bess C. Baer Streator 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Physikos Paideia ; W.A.A. ; Junior Informal Com- 
mittee; Co-Chairman, Pan-Hellenic Ball; Daily 
Illini (2) ; Soccer (1, 4) ; Hockey (3) ; Swim- 
ming (2, 3) ; Tadpole; Lifesaving Club 
St. Theresa College 

Rebecca Margaret Baer Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Delta Phi ; Curtain and Bell ; Wesley 

Donald W. Bahlman 

General Business 
Theta Xi 

. Beecher 

Milton Irving Balchofsky. 

Varsity Basketball Squad 

. Chicago 

Clyde Joseph Baldwin River Forest 

General Business 
Chi Beta 

Phalanx; Caisson Club; Interfraternity Council 

(3, 4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2) 
versity Brigade (4) 

Captain, Uni- 

Elizabeth Frances Baldwin. .Park Ridge 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Grinnell College 

Glenn Earl Baird Park Ridge 

Sigma Chi 

Phi Delta Phi ; Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent ; 
Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Junior Prom 
Committee ; Senior Hat Committee ; Illinois Union 
Cabinet (3) ; General Chairman, 20th Annual 
Homecoming ; President, Illinois Union ; Student 
Council; Interfraternity Council; Cast, "Nada" 

Margretta Bairstow Waukegan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
W. A. A.; Siren Staff (2); Vice-President, 
Woman's League (4) ; Vice-President, Student 
Council (4) ; First, Second Councils of Woman's 

Eugene P. Baker Avon 

General Business 
Alpha Lambda Tau 
Illio (l) 

Marian Henriette Baker. .Bloomington 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Sigma Omicron 

First Council (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; 
Hockey ( 1 ) ; Fencing ( 1 ) 

Mabel Irene Baker Neoga 

Sigma Phi Beta . 
Gregorian Literary Society 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Mark R. Baldwin Peoria 

Delta Sigma Delta 
Class President (1 ) 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Richard McCreery Baldwin Joliet 

Banking and Finance 
Delta Alpha Epsilon 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Phalanx ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; 
Daily Illini Staff (1, 2) ; Enterpriser Staff (2, 3) ; 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Maggio Charles Banca Blue Mound 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society ; A. 1. E. E. 

Paul Royden Barnes Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Kappa 
Lewis Institute 

Dante Rosario Barone Chicago 

Kappa Psi 


Page 63 


Arthur Lee Barrett. . . .Springfield, Mo. Virginia Bates. Chicago 

Mining Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Mu Sigma Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Delta Mu Epsilon ; E. E. Society; Mining Society; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Harold Lyndon Barrows 

Indianapolis, lnd. 

General Business 

Delta Alpha Pi 
Butler University 

Eliza Amanda Baughman .... Taylorville 
Torch; Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) ; Dance Super- 
vision Committee; Daily Illini (1, 2), Junior As- 
sistant (3) 

Mary-Louise Bartholf Chicago Christopher C. Bauman Highland 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Mechanical Engineering 

Crane Tunior College A. S. M. E. ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 


Charles Colwell Bartlett. . . . .Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Aurora College 

Albert Radford Barton Oak Park 

Mechanical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Sigma ; A. S. 
M. E. ; Illio (1, 2) ; Collection Manager, Siren 
(3) ; Freshman Frolic Committee 

Paul Brian Bass 

Psi Omega 
Chairman, Invitations Committee 

. Olney 

Bryant Lee Bates Mt. Vernon 


Dorothy Elizabeth Bates. 

Kappa Epsilon 
University of Minnesota 

. Chicago 

Mary Elizabeth Bayman 

Ponca City, Okla. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Thomas Harvey Beadles Cairo 

General Business 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
James Millikin Universiry 

John Weed Beal Alexis 

Commerce and Law 
Psi Upsilon 
Tu-Mas ; Freshmen Varsity Football ; Freshman 
Varsity Track 

Stewart Gillham Beatty Alton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Second Lieutenant, Universiry Brigade (4) 
Shurtleff College 

Page Edwin Beauchamp . . Trinidad, Colo. 
General Business 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Pan Xenia ; Finance Chairman, Dad's Day (2) ; 
Cavalry Officers Club ; Freshman Varsity Football ; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 



Page 64 



Richard Franklin Becker Hinsdale Herman Belson Chicago 

Industrial Administration Commerce and Law 

Chi Phi Omicron Alpha Tau 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Sophomore Intramural Manager 

Stanley W. Becker 

Psi Omega 
Lewis Institute 

. Chicago Marian Benbow Aurora 

Home Economics 
Women's Glee Club ; Home Economics Club 
North Central College 

Beatrice Cecile Bedard Kankakee 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Delta Phi ; Phi Kappa Epsilon ; Le Cercle 
Honors Day (3) 
St. Francis Xavier College 

Raymond Glen Benbow Hoopeston 

Farm House 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Delta Gamma ; Alpha Tau 
Alpha ; Alpna Zeta ; Intramural Debate (3) ; Senior 
Manager, Star Course ; Adelphic Literary Society ; 
Illini Grange ; Horticulture Club ; Education Club 
Honors Day 

Warren Royse Bedinger . . . 

General Business 


Jack Beemster Chicago 

General Business 
Beta Gamma Sigma 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Charles F. A. Behrensmeyer .... Quincy 
Kappa Sigma 

Dave S. Belinoff Chicago 

Alpha Omega; Student Council (4) 
Crane Junior College 

Edward Elwyn Belshaw. .Hammond,lnd. 
Phi Delta Theta 
Phi Delta Phi 

Purdue University 


Page 65 

William Wolf Benn Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
A. S. C. E. ; Daily Illini (2) 

Dwight Granville Bennett Urbana 

Ceramic Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Keramos ; Sigma 
Tau; Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (3) ; A. C. S. 

Robert Franklin Bennett Quincy 

General Business 
Carthage College 

John Andrew Berchtold Chicago 

Delta Chi 

Phi Delta Phi 

Carl Henry Bergeson Batavia 

Athletic Coaching 
Kappa Sigma 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Tribe of 
Illini; Varsity Football Squad (3, 4), Letter (3) ; 
Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Varsity Basketball 
Squad (2, 3, 4) 


, I 

! i! 

Lenore Berneking Trenton, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Trenton Junior College ; University of Colorado ; 
Kirksville State Teachers' College 

Seymour Bernstein Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Omicron Alpha Tau 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Chi Epsilon ; Pi Mu 

William Bernstein Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Football Squad 
(2, 3) ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling 
Crane Junior College 

Robert Newell Berry Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
James Millikin University 

William Charles Beutner Chicago 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Pi Delta Epsilon ; Pierrots ; Adelphic Literary So- 
ciety ; The Agriculturist (2. 3, 4) ; Varsity Glee 
Club (1, 2, 4) 

Eric Victor Bergstrom Chicago Neva Audra Bevis. . Urbana 

Mechanical Engineering Home Economics 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Gargoyle 

Robert S. Bigler Sigel 

Public Utilities 
Howard A. Bergquist Chicago g eta Sigma Psi 

General Business Beta Nu Kappa; Illini Chamber of Commerce; 

/-] ■ D\ ■ Chairman, Mothers Day Accomodations Committee 

*- ni rni (2); Illinois Union Cabinet (3); Secretary, Il- 

linois Union (4) ; Senior Informal Committee 
Honors Day (2 ) 

Marion Lovonia Bernard. .St. Louis, Mo. 

Education Aretta Jane Binnier Lawrenceville 

Physikos Paideia ; Basketball (3); Baseball (3); Home Economics 

May Fete (3) First Council, Woman's League 

Washington University 

Hugh Armstrong Binyon Urbana 

Civil Engineering 
Mu San ; A. S. C. E. 

* ^JH 

Julia Talbot Bird LaSalle 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gregorian Literary Society ; Le Cercle Francais ; 
University Choral Society 
Peru Junior College 

-, ^r, r . William Charles Birdzell Urbana 

General Business 

f j^ ^ 1 Theodore A. Birkhimer. . .St. Francis ville 

- * Agriculture 

k\ irl 

Audrey Elizabeth Birtwell. . . .Streator 
Phi Omega Pi ■ 



Page 66 


George Robert Bishop. . . .St. Louis, Mo. 

Electrical Engineering 
A. I. E. E. ; E. E. Society 

George Robert Bishop 

New Haven. Conn. 

General Business 
Varsity Soccer Squad (2, 3, 4) 
Butler University 

Kenneth E. Bisshopp Rockford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Tau Nu Tau ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Armen Ralph Blanke Grant Park 


Delta Phi 

Phi Delta Phi; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Alpha 
Alpha ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Phi 
Delta Gamma ; Sophomore Football Manager ; 
Varsity Debate Team (3) 

Frederick Arthur Blayney Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psi Upsilon 
Skull and Crescent ; Sophomore Football Manager 

Murle Esperance Block Urbana 

Chi Omega 

Ward-Belmont College ; Southern Methodist Uni- 

Helen Lois Black Georgetown 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
De Pauw University ; Colorado University 

Raymond George Black Champaign 

Electrical Engineering 

Tau Nu Tau ; E. E. Society ; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) 

Byron Pearce Blackard Harrisburg 

Theta Alpha 

Mu Kappa Alpha ; Phi Mu Alpha ; University Or- 
chestra ; University Band ; Choral Society ; Captain, 
University Brigade (4) 

Lucile Elizabeth Blake Tiskilwa 

General Business 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Knox College 

William W. Bland Champaign 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Scabbard and Blade; Men's Glee Club (2, 3, 4) ; 
Accountancy Club ; Cavalry Club ; Cross Country 
Track Squad (2); Captain, University Brigade 
(4) ; Cavalry Jumping Team (3, 4) 

Gertrude Evelyn Blomquist. . .De Kalb 
Mu Kappa Alpha ; University Choral Society ; 
Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day 
Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Charles Kenneth Blood 

Port Jervis, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Daily Illini ; Independent Council Senator 

Henry Harlan Bloomer Streator 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Kappa Phi Sigma 
Honors Day 

Theodore W. Blum Oak Park 

Athletic Coaching 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Freshman Varsity Football ; Freshman Varsity Bas- 
ketball ; Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3) 

Inez Elizabeth Boardman Rossville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Choral Society 
Oxford College 


Page 67 

i , i 

i i 


Marjorie Ann Bolin Sullivan 

Home Economics 
Theta Upsilon 

Gerald Glassman Bolotin Chicago 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Delta Sigma Rho ; Freshman Cross Country Track ; 
Varsity Debate Team (2, 3) 
Knox College 

Graeme Stewart Bond Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Psi 

Mask and Bauble ; Interfraternity Council ; Flying 
Club ; Illio ( 1 ) ; Sophomore Track Manager ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) ; Production Staff, 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Mary the Third," "Brazil 

Robert Ordway Bone Gary, Ind. 

Spanish Club; Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (3) 
Indiana University 

Roscoe Con as Bon jean Pekin 

Phi Alpha Delta 

Mask and Bauble; Cast, "Mary the Third" 
Notre Dame University 

Donald Edwin Bodenschatz. . Woodstock John H. Bontjes, Jr. Peoria 

Banking and Finance Pre-Legal 

Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Delta Phi 

Phi Eta Sigma; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Alpha 
Alpha; Illio (1) ; Sophomore Intramural Manager 

Betty Bodine Robinson 


Theta Upsilon 

Madlyn Elizabeth Boos Newton 

Theta Phi Alpha 

Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) ; Gregorian Literary 
Society ; University Choral Society ; Gold Feathers ; 
Daily Illini (2) 
Washington University 

Robert William Boldt Chicago William Beveridge Borst. . . .Naperville 

General Business Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Independent Council Phi Kappa Tau 

Crane Junior College ; Northwestern University Intercollegiate Flying Club ; First Lieutenant, Uni- 

versity Brigade (4) 

Joseph Milton Bosenbury, Jr Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Sigma 

Skull and Crescent ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Circula- 
tion Manager, Daily Illini (4) 

J. Arthur Bottomley Sheridan 

Mining Engineering 
Delta Mu Epsilon ; Mining Society ; Engineering 

2 Bit 

Leroy John Bowers Waukegan 

Kappa Psi 

Pharmaceutical Society 

Theodore Leon Bowes Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu ; A. I. E. E. ; E. E. 
Society; Varsiry Basketball Squad (4); Varsity 
Track Squad (3) ; Varsity Cross-Country Squad 
University of Chicago; Crane Junior College 

Everett Runyan Bowman 

Little Rock. Ark. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Post Exam Jubilee Committee (2) 


Page 68 



Hazel Louise Bowman Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Chairman Doll Show (4) ; First Cabinet Y. W. 
C. A. 

Mary Pauline Bowman Casey 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Catherine Florence Boyd. . .Coulterville 

Southern Illinois State Normal College 

Lyman J. Bratzler Barrington 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alpha Zeta ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Editor, Agricultur- 
ist (4) ; Ag Dance Committee; President, Agricul- 
tural Council ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Harold William Breithaupt 

Traverse City, Mich. 


Sigma Pi 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad 
Michigan State College 

Ruth Elma Bresee Champaign 

Home Economics 
Pi Beta Phi 

Shi-Ai ; Mask and Bauble ; Sigma Delta Phi ; May 
Fete (1, 2, 3) ; Chairman, Ag Dance; Chairman, 
Orange and Blue Feathers ; President, Blue Feath- 
ers (1) ; First Council Woman's League (1, 2) ; 
Production Staff, "Great Galeoto," "The Young- 
est," "Is Zat So?," "Uncle Tom's Cabin" ; Assist- 
ant Director, "Old English" 

Maurine Boyd Ludlow 

Home Economics 
Theta Upsilon 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Pan- 
Hellenic Committee ; Junior Informal Committee 
Honors Day 

Angeline Elizabeth Bozzich. . . .Lemont 

Chicago Normal College 

William Frank Bradley Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Psi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Delta Gamma ; Pi Mu Epsilon 

Robert Holden Brantley. . 
General Business 
Phi Mu Delta 

University of California 

. Cambr 

William Branz Chicago 

Commerce and Law 
German Club 
Crane Junior College 

Louise Brewster 

Sigma Kappa 

. Dixon 

Harry William Brinkman . . Bunker Hill 

Civil Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi ; A. S. C. E. 
Illinois College 

Harold Caldwell Brissenden. . .Chicago 

Dorothy Virginia Bristow . . St. Louis, Mo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Gold Feathers ; Le Cercle Francais 

Donald LeRoy Brock Claytonville 

Captain, University Brigade (4) 


Page 69 



Glen W. Brock Claytonville Donald Brown Elwood 

Pre-Legal Accountancy 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Ma- Wan-Da ; Accountancy Club ; Freshman Var- 
sity Baseball; Letter (3, 4) 

William Pierce Brodkorb Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Farwell George Brown Alvin 

Tau Delta Tau Education 

Varsity Track Squad (3) 
Northwestern University 

Bernard Benjamin Brody Chicago r USS ell LeRoy Brown Westfield, Ind. 

Pharmacy Landscape Architecture 

Delta Kappa Sigma Scarab 

Co-Editor-in-Chief, "Illini Pharmacist" (3); Co- Earlham College ; Butler University 
Business Manager, "Illini Pharmacist" (2) 

1 i I 

I I 


Robert 'Lawrence Brody Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Crane Junior College 

Sarah Maude Brook Stronghurst 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
French Club 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Aaron D. Brooks Hillsboro 

Mechanical Engineering 
A. S. M. E. ; S. A. E. 
Illinois College 

Beatrice Brown Lovington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Donald Meeker Brown Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Phi Delta 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Dolphins ; Phi Alpha Lambda ; 

Glee Club; Choral Society; Varsity Swimming 

Squad (2, 3) ; Interscholastic Circus (I, 2, 3, 4) 


Stuart Charles Brown Evanston 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 

Kathryn Elizabeth Browne .... Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Alpha Kappa Delta; Sigma Delta Phi ; Daily Illini 

Gerston Bruch Chicago 


Lawrence William Brugman. .Evanston 
Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E. ; Varsity Rifle Squad 
(1, 3) ; Sophomore Baseball Manager 

Raymond P. Bruhnke Oak Park 

Industrial Administration 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Tau Nu 
Tau; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Page 70 

•■ -•" 


fc g rtl 

Gordon L. Bryant Crystal Lake 

Ceramic Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
Phalanx ; Keramos ; Captain, University Brigade 
(4) ; Student Branch, A. C. S. 
Honors Day 

William Thomas Brydges Chicago 

General Business 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Skull and Crescent 

Daniel MacLachlan Buchanan 

Woodside, N. Y. 

Athletic Coaching 
College of the City of New .York 

Zora Joe Buckley Coon Rapids, la. 

Athletic Coaching 

Charles Mathew Buckman Harvey 

Delta Sigma Delta 
Illio (l) 

Francis L. Brumbach Dwight Edmund Bvddemberg . Santiago, Chile, S. A. 

' Liberal Arts and Sciences Architecture 

Cosmopolitan Club 


Lorena Marie Brune Chicago c , „ „„ E „ _ , ,, 

. 6 Florence Esther Buente Bon field 

Education , r ^ 

Home Economics 
Alpha Gamma Delta phi Upsilon 0m icron ; Home Economics Club ; In- 
Business Manager, Women's Glee Club (3) ; Illi- ternational Group, Y. W. C. A. 
ola ; Gold Feathers; May Fete (1, 2, 3) 

Gordon Davidson Bryan. .Evansvillejnd. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Raymond Rothwell Buker Kings 

Phi Gamma Delta Agriculture 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Editor, Agricultural Club 
1930 Illio; Chairman, Interfraternity Scholarship Blackburn College 
Committee (4) ; Student Council (3) ; Interfrater- 
nity Council (4) • 

Louis Floreth Bunte St. Louis, Mo. 

-, Pre-Medic 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Scabbard and Blade; Captain, University Brigade 

; ■ \ 

£ Bessie F. Burda Chicago 

■3* **^B Pharmacy 

;Si _ 2 Lambda Kappa Sigma 

% T" Associate Editor, Illini Pharmacist 


^gflfek ^^Hk. Lloyd Sumner Burdick Blue Mound 

ff ■ m ^^- Agriculture 

m m. 1 ^ <# Alpha Sigma phi 

_. Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Var- 

sity Football Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Wrestling 
I - Squad; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Fresh- 

''•v."'v Hk,^>Mk. man Tack Team. Varsity Track Team (3, 4); 

|pF^^ n 1-^Hfc^ Agricultural Club; Hoof anil I lorn Club 

ATm mkm 

Nat Thompson Burfeind Chicago 

Theta Delta Chi 
Skull and Crescent 

w iff 

.,,■* Kk Je Anita Lillian Burger Chicago 


m -*r ■ MP" 



Page 71 


, i 


Barbara Burns Chicago 

Home Economics 
Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Peter F. Caldwell. . . 
Chi Psi 

Gamma Eta Gamma 

. Topeka, Kan. 

Katharine Landon Burns Chicago ,, ,, ,, . „ 

, ,. * Ruth Caldwell Monticello 

Landscape Architecture T ., , . , , r . 

... ... _ , _. , _. Liberal Arts ana sciences 

Alpha Alpha Gamma ; Landscape Club ; First 

Council, Woman's League; Y. W. C. A. Commis- Kappa Alpha Theta 

sion ; Tadpole (3) 

Kathryn Alice Burrows Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Athenian 
Literary Society ; Torch ; Gold Feathers ; Chairman, 
Big Sisters Committee (3) 

Howard Vincent Calverley. 

Indiana University 

. Urbana 


Kenneth L. Burroughs Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent 

Fred Thomas Burt Rockford 

Captain, Freshman Gymnasium Team 

Roland Burton Bunker Hill 


. Berivyn 

Adaline Bushee 

Illinois State Normal University 

Clark Joel Buswell Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Interfraternity Council (3) ; Cavalry Club (2, 3) ; 
Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (3) ; Horse Show 
Committee (2, 3) ; Daily Illini (1) ; Captain, Uni- 
versity Brigade (3) 
Northwestern University ; Cornell College 


Clinton A. Campbell. .Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Architectural Engineering 
Fort Dodge Junior College 

John Olin Campbell Tulsa, Okla. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Dolphins ; Intramural 
Manager (2, 3) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Lois Elizabeth Campbell Tuscola 

Zeta Tau Alpha 
Anonian Lirerary Society ; First Council, Woman's 
League; Volley Ball (3) 
Illinois Woman's College 

Arthur Leham Canterbury Cantrall 

Farm House 
Alpha Tau Alpha ; Agricultural Club ; Illini Grange 

Celeste E. Cantrell Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omega Mu Delta; 
Phi Kappa Epsilon; Eta Sigma Phi; First Council 
Woman's League ; Chairman, Interracial Commit- 
tee, Y. W. C. A. (3) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Page 72 


Marion F. Carlock Carlock Elizabeth Ruth Catherwood. . . .Urbana 

Mechanical Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Acacia Electra 

Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Tau ; Tau Nu Tau ; A. Alpha Lambda Delta ; Iota Sigma Pi ; Choral So- 

S. M. E. ; Major, University Brigade (4) ; Varsity ciety (1, 2) ; Second Junior Bowling Team (3) ; 

Rifle Team (2) ; Military Ball Committee Tennis (3) ; Manager, Illinae Quartet 

Honors Day 

Ronald Carmichael Stillman Valley Charles Cerny Chicago 

General Business Pharmacy 

Ralph Allen Carpenter. . . .Mt. Vernon Charles Certik Cicero 

Pharmacy General Business 

President, Senior Class, Pharmacy School ; News Freshman Varsity Football 

Editor, Illini Pharmacist Morton Junior College 

L. Margaret Carr Indianapolis, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Robert Joseph Carr Attica, Ind. 

Athletic Coaching 
Theta Chi 
Ma- Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Freshman 
Varsity Track; Track Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Lynn Justus Carrel Greeley, Colo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Theta Pi 
Pi Epsilon Delta; Illini Theatre Guild (4) ; Mask 
and Bauble; Pierrots; Cast, "Butter and Egg 
Man" (2), "Great Galeoto" (2), "The Young- 
est" (2), "Is Zat So?" (3), "Old English" (4) ; 
Properties, "Brazil Nuts" (3) 

Vivian Carter Decatur 

Commercial Teaching 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Crane Junior College 

Carroll M. Cassity Oreana 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Kappa Phi Sigma ; Agricultural Club 

Mordecai Bernard Chamberlain . . Pontiac 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Robert Lee Chambers. .Grandfield, Okla. 

Athletic Coaching 

Chi Beta 

Delta Theta Epsilon ; Freshman Varsity Football ; 
Varsity Football Squad (2, 3) ; Freshman Varsity 
Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling (3, 4); Varsity 
Track (3) 

Hanse Chan Hong Kong, China 

Chinese Students' Club 
Crane Junior College 

Edward William Chapin Urbana 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu; E. E. Society; University Band (1, 
2, 3, 4) 

Mabel Chappelle 

Theta Upsilon 
Theta Sigma Phi 

. Champaign 


Page 73 


Vaso Chelovich Chicago 


John Paullin Christie 

General Business 
Phi Gamma Delta 

. Quincy 

Arthur Melvern Cheney 
Sigma Delta Rho 
Floiicultural Club 

. Oak Park Freeman S. Church Chicago 

Liberals Arts and Sciences 
Theta Alpha 

Kappa Phi Sigma ; Linnean Botany Society 

Emerson Edward Chenoweth 

. Mason City 

General Business 

Clarence William Clancy. . . .Highland 


Honors Day ( 1 ) 

™ fB i' 

Jeannette Inez Chesbro . . . 
Home Economics 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Phi Upsilon Omicron 

. Chicago 

William Henry Childs Chicago 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Zeta ; Alpha Zeta Freshman 
Scholarship Cup ; Agricultural Club ; Horticulture 

Michael Easterner Chinn Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Chi Epsilon 

Blanche Louise Christenson. . .Sheldon 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Paul Anker Christensen Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Caisson Club ; Scabbard and Blade ; Scarab ; Pier- 
rots ; Military Ball Committee ; Chairman, Fine 
Arts Ball (4) ; Major, University Brigade (4) 

Georgia Juanita Clapp Oakland 


Junior Orchestra (I, 2) ; University Choral Society 
(1, 2) ; Le Cercle Francais (4) 
Honors Day 

Ralph Otis Clare Chicago 

Kappa Sigma 

Tu-Mas ; Freshmen Varsity Wrestling Squad ; 

Daily Mini (1) 

University of Southern California 

Laura Clark Urbana 

Home Economics 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Mary Margaret Clark Harrisburg 

Home Economics 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Anonian Literary Society ; 
Home Economics Club ; Jamesonjan Literary So- 
ciety; Inter-Literary Council; Woman's Editor, 
Illinois Agriculturisr (2) ; Daily Mini (4) ; Gold 

Osa Leonard Clark Charleston 

Delta Chi 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Page 74 




Will Langshaw Clegg. . . .Hanna, Wyo. 

Athletic Coaching 
Caisson Club ; Delta Theta Epsilon ; Kappa Phi 
Kappa ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Scabbard and Blade 

Edith Frances Clem Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Women's Glee Club (2, 4) 
Eureka College 

John Ewart Clemens. . . .Manistee, Mich. 

De Pauw University 

Robert Emmert Clevenstine 

Rock Island 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society ; Railway Club ; University Band (1,2) 

Polly Faye Cline 


. Urban 

Elizabeth Grace Clarke Momence Ruth Julia Cline Urbana 

Home Economics Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Chi Omega 
Home Economics Club 
Rockford College 

Wade Clarke 

General Business 
Beta Kappa 

Russell H. Classen. . 

. Muncie 

John Frank Clorus 

Sigma Delta Kappa 
Indiana University 

. Gary, hid. 

. Freeburg 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Delta Phi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Manager 
Ticket Sales, Homecoming Stunt Show (3) ; Busi- 
ness Manager, Homecoming Stunt Show (4) ; 
Chairman, Senior Law Picture Committee ; Sopho- 
more Intramural Manager ; Captain, University Bri- 
gade (4) 
Millikin University 

Weldon Robert Coate River Forest 

Alpha Tau Omega 

Kenneth Ross Coatney. . . .Pueblo, Colo. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Delta Theta Epsilon 

James Arthur Coble Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 

Grace Winifred Coe Robinson 

Home Economics 
Home Economics Club 

Faye B. Cohen Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Crane Junior College 

Irving Edward Cohen Chicago 


I9 30 

Page 75 



Ruth Margaret Cole Aroma Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Sigma Omicron 

Allen Louis Coleman. . . .Mount Carroll 

University Band 
Morton Junior College 

Elbert Bowman Collins Marseilles 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Kappa Phi 
Sigma ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Cavalry Officers Club ; 
Senior Informal Commirtee ; Editor, Illini Weekly 
(4) ; Daily Illini (2, 3) ; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4) 

John Geers Collins Chicago 

Kappa Sigma 

Edward Walter Comings .... Champaign 
Chemical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Cavalry 
Club; Y. M. C. A. Board of Directors (4) ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Leonard E. Cohn Chicago Ruth Dorothy Mary Conklin 

Mechanical Engineering Los Angeles, Calif. 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
Theta Sigma Phi 
Universiry of Southern California 

Samuel L. Cohn. 


Nu Beta Epsilon 
Medill Junior College 

.Chicago George Thomas Conlin. ...... .Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Theta Kappa Phi 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Freshman Varsity Track 

Harold Wayne Cole Dalton City 

Phi Pi Phi 

First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 


Page 16 

Clarence D. Connaway. . . 

Southern Illinois Teachers' College 


John Maurice Connor Greenup 

Sigma Delta Kappa 
Cavalry Officers Club ; Freshman Varsity Football ; 
First Lieutenant, Universiry Brigade (4) ; Rifle 
Team (2, 3) 

Carl N. Conover 


. Robinson 

Donald Robert Conrad. . . .Altoona, Pa. 
Banking and Finance 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

George A. Conwell. .Tucumcari, N. Mex. 
General Business 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Band of X ; Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Jun- 
ior Prom Committee ; General Chairman, Dad's 
Day (3) ; General Chairman, Mother's Day (3) ; 
General Chairman of Homecoming Stunt Show 
(4) ; Union Cabinet (4) ; Class President (2) ; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Byron Lockard Cook 

General Business 
Alpha Chi Rho 


Harry Alfred Cooper Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Nu Beta Epsilon 

Winfield Terry Cooper Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Lambda 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Eta Kappa Nu ; E. E. 
Society ; Interfraternity Council ; A. I. E. E. 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Ruth Edna Cornwell Xenia 

Beta Sigma Omicron 
Kappa Delta Pi ; Pi Delta Phi ; Le Cercle Francais ; 
Jamesonian Literary Society 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Phyllis Ruth Cook Victoria John Raymond Couleui Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences General Business 

Men's Glee Club ; University Choral Society ■ 
Purdue University ; University of Washington 

John V. Coombe Urbana 

Civil Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade ; Caisson Club ; A. S. C. E. ; 
Technograph ; Track (1, 2, 3) 

Lamon Kendle Coons. . . 
Gamma Pi Upsilon 
University Band 

. Gary, 2nd. 

Enid Marjorie Corpe 



Beta Sigma Omicron 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Alta May Cothern 

. Gibson City 

Home Economics 


Paul Eugene Courtney Urbana 

Delta Sigma Tau 
Kappa Phi Sigma ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Daily Illini 
(1, 2, 3), Town Talk Editor (4) 

John Dee Cox, Jr Wilmette 

General Business 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Skull and Crescent 
Northwestern University 

Richard Francis Buchanan Cox 

Gamma Pi Upsilon 
Der Deutsche Verein ; University Band 
Honors Day 

. Savanna 

J. Earl Cozzens Huntington, Pa. 

Athletic Coaching 
Baseball Squad (2, 3) ; Freshman Basketball Squad 

Ralph Waldo Crain, Jr.. .Havana, Cuba 
Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 

John Paul Crandall Rushville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Gamma Delta 

Russell Joseph Crane Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Sigma Lambda 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Delta Theta Epsilon ; Tribe 
of Illini ; Student Council ; Chairman, Sachem Sing 

(3) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) ; Freshman Varsiry 
Football; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3, 4) Captain 

(4) ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad; Varsity 
Wrestling Squad (2, 3, 4) 

Page 77 


1 i > 
i i 



William Marcus Cronin Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Kappa Theta Sigma; Synton ; E. E. Society; A. I. 
E. E. 

William Henry Crook Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Gamma Delta 

Cavalry Officers' Club; Illio Business Staff (1, 2) ; 
Freshman Varsity Tennis ; First Lieutenant, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) 

Maurice Hartley Crosbie Peoria 

Alpha Chi Sigma 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Harry Edward Crull May wood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Mu Epsilon 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Virginia Graham Culbertson. . .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Northwestern University 

Anne Harrison Crathorne Urbana Charles C. Cullison. Litchfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Education 

Chi Omega 

Ada Marie Creath Sullivan 

c - mo Joseph Ralph Cullison . . .Lawrenceville 

Sigma Phi Beta J 

Animal Ecology Club ; W. A. A. ; Physikos Pai- Agriculture 

deia; Track (1, 2, 3) ; Hockey (3) ; Volley Ball Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Club; Agricultural 

(3) ; Apparatus (2, 3) ; Basketball (1) ; Minor I. Education Club 

A. (3) ; Numerals (1, 2) ; May Fete (2) ; Junior 

Track Manager 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Louise Taylor Cummins Harrisburg 

Cecil Vernon Creath Sullivan Music 

Education Chi Omega 

Ecology Club; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad A)pha Lambda Delta; Shi-Ai ; Mu Kappa Alpha; 

Sigma Delta Phi ; Anonian Literary Society 

Paul Franklin Cundy. . .Virginia, Minn. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Mu Delta 

Concert Band (3, 4) 
Virginia Junior College 

William Lester Cupples . . . Pinckneyville 

Scabbard and Blade ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Gladys Margaret Currie May wood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 

Shi-Ai; Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Lowell Eldon Curry St. Louis, Mo. 

Phi Pi Phi 

Cleo Wilhelmina Curtis Lostant 

Sigma Phi Beta 
Kappa Delta Pi ; Gregorian Literary Society ; Uni- 
versity Choral Society 
Illinois State Normal University 

■NraL '.. v>«l 


Page 78 


Verna Bertha Daily Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 

Anonian Literary Society ; Gold Feathers 

Wesa Eloise Dale Portsmouth, Ohio 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Eta Sigma Phi; Women's Glee Club 
Transylvania College 

Daniel J. Dalziel Waukegan 

Sigma Chi 

Dorothea Elizabeth Daniels 



John Nickolas Daniggelis Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Delta Epsilon Pi ; A. S. C. E. 

Dean Barber Curtis Rockford 

Banking and Finance 
Kappa Zeta Rho 
Beta Nu Kappa ; Illini Chamber of Commerce ; In- 
terfraterniry Council (4) 

Nathan Edward Curtis . . 


Clinton Stuart Cutright. 

Alpha Zeta ; Alpha Tau Alpha 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

. Casey 


Page 79 

Charles Joseph Danner Elgin 

General Business 
Delta Chi 

Alpha Kappa Psi 
Elgin Junior College 

Ellis Danner Canton 

Railway Civil Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade ; 
Chi Epsilon ; Phi Kappa Epsilon ; Sigma Epsilon ; 
Sigma Tau ; Railway Club ; A. S. C. E. ; Caisson 
Club; University Bronze Tablet (4) ; Captain, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Edward Dante Chicago 


Jules Dashow Chicago 

Nu Beta Epsilon 

Bernice Lucille Davenport. .Harrisburg 
Kappa Delta 

Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A. ; Chairman, W. A. A. 
Constitution Committee (4) ; Hockey (2) ; Soccer 
(3, 4) ; Tennis (2, 3, 4) ; Manager, Tennis (3) ; 
Basketball (2, 3) ; Apparatus (1, 2, 3) ; Bowling 
(2) ; Minor I A (2) ; Major I A (3) ; May Fete (2) 

Dorean Eliza Davis Scales Mound 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Mortar Board ; Torch ; Eta Sigma Phi ; Gold Feath- 
ers ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4) 

Eugene N. Davis 


. Roberts 

Geraldine Davis Peoria 

Home Economics 
Lambda Omega 

Home Economics Club ; Life Saving Club ; Jame- 
sonian Literary Society ; French Club 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 



Kent Gardenir Davis Hinckley 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Phi Alpha Delta; Alpha Delta Sigma; Pi Delta 
Epsilon ; Daily Illini (1, 2) ; National Advertising 
Manager (3) ; Concert Band (2, 3, 4) 

Lester Tinsley Davis Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

Charlotte DeSelm 

Wesley Players 
Illinois Woman's College 


Paul Lucien Davis Decatur 

General Business 
Beta Nu Kappa ; Accountancy Club ; Freshman 
Varsity Rifle Team 

Adele Elsie Dethmann Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 
Northwestern University 

Charles Alvin De Turk. . . .Martinsville 
Landscape Architecture 
Beta Theta Pi 
Phalanx; Scarab; U. L. A. S. ; Caisson Club; 
Landscape Club; Major, University Brigade (4); 
Pistol Team (1, 3, 4) ; Rifle Team (2) 
De.Pauw University 

Samuel Edward Dean Hinsdale 

General Business 
Delta Tau Delta 
Ma- Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Band of ; Senior Basket- 
ball Manager 

Luther Dearborn Peoria 

Phi Delta Theta 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Skull and 
Crescent ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Alpha Alpha ; 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Business Manager 1930 Illio 

Dorothy de Berard Hinsdale 

Home Economics 
Chi Omega 

Women's Business Manager Siren (2, 3) 
Southern Methodist University 

Russell Orrin Deeter Minot, N. D. 

Architectural Engineering 
Delta Phi 

Gargoyle; Scarab; Varsity Gym Team (2, 4) 
Honors Day 

Hurem K. Derment Champaign 

Athletic Coaching 
Tan Kappa Epsilon 
Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball; Varsity Basketball Squad (2); Varsity 
Baseball Squad (3) 

Thomas L. De Vito Chicago 

Psi Omega 

John Wale-ridge De Wolf 

Houston, Tex. 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
Beta Theta Pi 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Mask and Bauble 
Pierrots ; Pi Epsilon Delta ; Scabbard and Blade 
Sigma Epsilon ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Railway Club 
E. E. Society; Track (1, 2) ; Soccer (2) ; Editor, 
Technograph (2, 3, 4) ; Circus (2) ; Theatre 
Guild (4) ; Engineering Dance (3, 4) ; Engineering 
Council (4) ; Captain, University Brigade (3) 

Howard S. De Young Chicago 

Industrial Administration 
Hope College 

Temple Charles Dick. . . .Evansville, Ind. 
Architectural Engineering 
Chi Psi 
Scarab ; Mask and Bauble 

Harold Kingsley Dickinson .... Harvey 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Scabbard and Blade ; Infantry Officers Club ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) 




Page 80 

Donald Edward Dickson Chicago Clara Jane Dippell. . . 

Commerce Music 

Theta Alpha Bethany Circle 

. Urbana 

Phi Beta 

Leo John Diedrich Streator 

Landscape Architecture 
Beta Psi 

Phalanx; U. L. A. S. ; Business Manager, "The 
Vista" (3) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Laddie Francis Dobry. . . 
Delta Alpha Pi 

Morton Junior College 

. Berwyn 

D. Lyle Dieterle Sterling Karl Christian Dod La Grange 

Accountancy Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Beta Nu Kappa ; Accountancy Club 

Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma 

Arthur William Dillon Mahomet 

Alpha Tau Alpha ; Agricultural Club ; Dairy Club 

Charles Francis Dillon. . 
Accountancy Club 
Joliet Junior College 

. Joliet 

Dorothy Gladys Dillon .... Champaign 
Home Economics 
Beta Sigma Omicron 
Illini Grange 

William Kimball Dillon Chicago 

Industrial Administration 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

George Raymond Dinsmore 

St. Johnsbury 

Delta Sigma Lambda 

Cavalry Club; Captain, University Brigade (4) 


Lester Miller Dodd Loami 

Alpha Tau Alpha ; Agricultural Club ; Hoof and 
Horn Club 

Dorothy Emery Dodge Oak Park 

Home Economics 

Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Gold Feathers ; Gregorian 

Literary Society ; Home Economics Club ; Le Cercle 


Honors Day 

Merrill Palmer School 

Harold Arthur Dodge DeKalb 

Electrical Engineering 

A. I. E. E. ; E. E. Society; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Ralph U. Dodge DeKalb 

Beta Kappa 
Agricultural Club ; Caisson Club ; Hoof and Horn 
Club ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Adalbert Clemens Doescher. . .Chicago 
Mechanical Engineering 
Alpha Tau Omega 

Skull and Crescent ; Theta Tau ; A. S. M. E. ; In- 
terfraternity Council; Baseball Manager (2) ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) 

Page 81 


Lowell A. Dollahan Champaign Winifred Lenora Douglass 

Civil Engineering Kansas City, Mo. 

Triangle Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Missouri Univetsity 

Chi Epsilon ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; 
Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E. ; Captain, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Virgil Cleoh Dollahon Mahomet J- Donald Doyle Troy, N. Y. 

Education Athletic Coaching 

Theta Nu Epsilon phi Kappa 

Mary Gertrude Dollins. . . . 
Chi Omega 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

Joe E. Doyle Spring Valley 


Elizabeth Ann Doms Slayton, Minn. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Jamesonian Literary Society 
Macalister College . 

William Richard Donigan Evanston 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Sachem; Alpha Zeta; Phi Eta Sigma ; Scabbard 
and Blade ; Junior Track Manager ; Lieutenant- 
Colonel, University Brigade (4) 

Walter John Doolen Kinmundy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 

Tu-Mas ; Freshman Varsity Basketball ; Varsity 
Basketball Squad (3, 4) 
Kansas State University 

Wilbur James Doran. . . . 

. Urbana 

Edith Kathryn Douglas. 
Alpha Phi 

University of Oklahoma 


George Forrest Drake Rockford 

Engineering and Physics 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Tau Beta Pi ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Phi Sigma Phi ; 
Technograph, Art Editor ; Interfraternity Council 
(4) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Robert Taylor Drake Moline 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Scabbard and Blade ; Illini Chamber of Commerce ; 
Illini Flying Club; Major, University Brigade (4) 

Stanley Drdla Omaha, Neb. 

Architectural Engineering 
Creighton University, University of Nebraska 

Homer E. Dremann Walnut 

Industrial Education 
Tau Delta Tau 

Illini Flying Club ; Production Staff, Homecoming 
Stunt Show (2, 31 ; Business Staff "Nada" 

Dorothy L. Drews St. Louis, Mo. 

Sigma Alpha Iota 
Mu Kappa Alpha; Women's Glee Club (4); 
Choral Society (2, 3, 4) 



Page 82 


Dorothy Ducki.es Edwardsville 

Home Economics 
Women's Glee Club (3) ; Home Economics Club; 
Woman's Editor, Illinois Agriculturalist (4) 
Illinois Woman's College 

Harriett Helen Duell Tolono 

Phi Omega Pi 
Phi Chi Theta ; Business Staff, Enterpriser (1) ; 
First Council Woman's League (4) 

Margaret Aileen Durin Steward 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Rockford College 

William Duzansky Chicago 


Louis T. Dwyer, Jr Oak Park 

Alpha Chi Rho- 
Daily Illini (1, 2) ; Associate Editor, Siren (3) 

Arthur Peter Drije Riverside Robert Blissfield Eadie. . West Frankfort 

Accountancy Commerce 

Delta Alpha Pi Gamma Eta Gamma 

Morton Junior College ; New York University Cast "Old English" (4); Vice-Chairman, Senior 

Memorial Drive 

Mary Anna Eads Paris 

Matthew Drosdoff Chicago uherd Arts and Sciences 

Agriculture Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Zeta Torch . Alpha Lambda Deka 

University of California 

Eugene Arthur Dubin .Chicaeo . .. „ . „, ^ . 

... , . * Alicia Nell Vines Easley . . . Champaign 

Architectural Engineering TT „ 

_ .. _. . Home Economics 

Cosmopolitan Club „ , „. , 

-run- du- c c- Bethany Circle 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ' , 

u t\ fy\ First Council, woman s League (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Georgia Ann Easley Clay City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Frederick Turner Eastman 

Tulsa, Okla. 

Synton; Daily Illini (1, 2) 
University of Tulsa 

Bruce Grant Eaton Eaton, Colo. 

Electrical Engineering 
Phi Delta Theta 

Theta Tau 

Irene Agnes. Ebeling Champaign 

Delta Zeta 
Sigma Delta Pi ; Jamesonian Literary Society ; Gold 
Feathers; Daily Illini, (1, 2) 

Edward C. Eberspacher Pana 

Kappa Delta Rho 

University of Colorado 



Page 83 


Evan Ernest Echelberger, Jr. . .Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Chicago 

Gustave B. Ehnborn. Chicago 

Commerce and Law 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Gamma Eta Gamma; Tribe of Illini ; Men's Glee 
Club ; University Symphony Orchestra ; University 
Choral Society; Concert Band (1, 2, 3), President 
(4) ; Varsity Soccer Squad (2, 3). Captain (4) 

Curt Eugene Eckert Belleville 

Horticulture Roger Urban Ehrhart Chicago 

Farm House Pharmacy 

Illini Grange ; Horticulture Club 

Mildred Lillian Eddington Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Meta Dorothea Eilers Chapin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Omega 
James Millikin University 

I 'I 


Frank Wayne Edel DuQuoin 

Omega Beta Pi 
Interfraternity Council (4) ; University Orchestra 

Richard Henry Edmunds Clinton 

General Business 
Sigma Iota Epsilon ; University Orchestra (2, 3, 
4) ; Concert Band (2, 3, 4) 

Charles Frederick Edwards 

Kansas City, Mo. 

General Business 

Phi Gamma Delta 
Tu-Mas ; Band of X ; Illini Chamber of Com- 
merce ; General Chairman, Homecoming (3) ; Jun- 
ior Prom Committee (3) ; Sophomore Cotillion 
Committee; President, Illinois Union (4); Presi- 
dent, Student Council (4) ; Varsity Debate Team; 
Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee 

Dorothy M. Edwards Springfield 

Physical Education 

W. A. A. ; Life Saving Club ; Physikos Paedeia ; 
Volleyball (2) ; Swimming (2) ; May Fete (1) 
Illinois Woman's College 

Charles Bernard Ehnborn . . . Glen Ellyn 

Freshman Varsity Track 

* 3? m i 



Page 84 

Sarah Olive Elder Arthur 

Home Economics 
Bethany Circle 
Home Economics Club 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Leonard Edward Elias Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Phi Kappa Tau 

Illini Chamber of Commerce; Cast, "Brazil Nuts," 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" 
College of St. Thomas 

Elizabeth Caroline Elich Chicago 

Home Economics 
Delta Zeta 
Gold Feathers; Illini Grange; Daily Illini (2); 
Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) 

William Andrew Elliott 
Theta Kappa Phi 
Sophomore Baseball Manager 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Lester Neal Ellis West Frankfort 

Delta Tau Delta 

Phi Delta Phi 

University of Chicago ; De Pauw University 


Eli Louis Elman Chicago Elverta Erdman Weston 

Architectural Engineering Home Economics 

Alpha Epsilon Pi Beta Sigma Omicron 

A. S. C. E. ; Varsity Soccer Squad (2, 3) ; Daily Phi Beta; Home Economics Club; IUini Grange; 

Illini (1) University Choral Society (4); Women's Glee 

Club (3) 

Henry Hough Embree De Kalb 

General Business Dominic Nicholas Esposito Chicago 

Theta Nu Epsilon Pharmacy 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Illini Chamber of Commerce 

Hazel Oliver Endicott Walter Herbert Etzbach .... Winnetka 

Los Angeles, Cal. General Business 

Education Phi Sigma Kappa 

Southern Illinois State Teachers' College Dolphins; Varsity Swimming Squad (2, 3, 4) 

Lella Mae Endres Champaign 

Home Economics 
Bethany Circle 
Home Economics Club 

Robert Francis Engel. Washburn 

Civil Engineering 

A. S. C. E. ; Freshman Varsity Track; First Regi- 
mental Band 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Philip William Engvall 

Kingsburg, Cal. 

Athletic Coaching 
Phi Delta Kappa ; Sigma Delta Sigma ; Freshman 
Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball (2, 3) ; Letter 

Alice L. Entwhistle Morrison 

El Circulo Literario Espanol 

William George Eovaldi Benton 

Sigma Delta Kappa 
Phi Eta Sigma 

Thelma Marcella Eubanks Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Inter-Racial Club 
Crane Junior College 

John Wallace Evans Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Tau Delta 

Grant David Everhart 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 

Pi Alpha Xi ; Floriculrural Club ; Horticulture 
Club ; Hexapoecia ; Independent Council ; Cast, 
Iowa State College 

Robert N. Fagerburg Bloomington 

Banking and Finance 
Theta Chi 

Daily Illini (1) 

Illinois Wesleyan University; University of Colo- 

Kyle Marshall Fagin Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Sigma Tau 
Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Concert Band (2, 3, 4) 


Page 85 



Murray Armour Faris 

Chemical Engineering 

. Alton 

Erville Talbott Farrar Harrisburg 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

Athenian Literary Society ; Inter-Literary Council ; 
Le Cercle Francais ; McKinley Mimes 

Marie Veronica Farrell. 
Kappa Sigma Tau 
Chicago Normal College 

. Chicago 

Ernest Theodore Faigle. 


.Chicago Bernice Ferguson Quincy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
William and Mary College ; Beloit College 

Harlan Grant Fairchild Urbana Franklin James Fetherston. 

Accountancy Pharmacy 

Phalanx ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Captain, University Kappa Psi 

Brigade (4) 

. Chicago 

Catherine Adeline Fait llliopolis 

Home Economics 
Delta Delta Delta 

Torch ; Gold Feathers ; Athenian Literary Society ; 
Y. W. C. A. Commission (2, 3) ; Y. W. C. A. 
Cabinet (4) 

Albert Carl Fauth Pekin 

Sophomore Interscholastic Manager 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Lucille Evelyn Fellis Hills boro 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Monticello Seminary 


Irving Asquith Fiddelke . 
Cross Country Track Squad 

. Chicago 

Leonard Victor Finder Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Cavalry Officers' Club ; Mi-Hila 
Committee ; Senior Invitations Committee ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) ; Varsity Debating 
Team ; Independent Council 

Serene Fink May wood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
Eta Sigma Phi ; Gregorian Literary Society ; Daily 
Illini (2) ; First Council, Woman's League (4) ; 
Pan Hellenic Council (4) ; May Fete (2) 
Honors Day (3) 
Northwestern University 

Abraham David Finkel Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; Illio Committee, Pharmacy 

Lucile V. Finnegan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 

Torch ; Alethenai Literary Society ; Gold Feathers ; 
Daily Illini (2) ; Chairman, Vocational Guidance 
Committee, Woman's League (4) ; First Council, 
Woman's League (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Raymond Ellis Fisher Champaign 

Architectural Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Skull and Crescent ; Scarab ; Freshman Varsity 
Basketball; Varsity Baseball Squad (2, 3) 

Page 86 


Ralph. Otto George Fisher. .Des Plaines 

William Clark Fisher Streator 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Agricultural Club ; Horticulture Club 
Antioch College 

Isadore Fishman East Chicago, Ind. 

Nu Beta Epsilon ; University Band (1, 2, 3) 

John Jacob Floreth St. Louis, Mo. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Phi Pi Phi 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade ; Pi Tau 
Sigma ; Sigma Tau ; Tribe of Illini ; Infantry Offi- 
cers' Club ; Freshman Gymnastic Team ; Varsity 
Soccer Squad (3, 4) ; Lieutenant-Colonel, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) 

Mabel Lydia Fluck 

Home Economics 
Omicron Nu 

. Dixon 

Theresa Isabel Flynn. . . 
Beta Phi Alpha 

Siren Art Staff 
Chicago Normal College 

. Chicago 


Alice Elizabeth Fitch . . 

Joliet Junior College 

. Joliet 

James Butler Fitzgerald 

Manistique, Mich. 


Delta Sigma Delta 
University of Detroit ; Detroit City College 

John Pierre Fixmer Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Phi Sigma 
Daily Illini (1) ; Senior Hat Committee (4) ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) ; Interfraterniry Coun- 
cil (4) 

James Smith Flagg Moro 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Sigma Delta Chi ; Dolphins ; Journalism Council ; 
Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Associate Sports Editor, 
Daily Illini (4) ; Sports Editor, 1931 Illio (4) 

Dorothy Evelyn Fletcher. 

. Urbana 

Elwyn Carl Folkers Sterling 

Farm House 

Illini Grange ; Agricultural Club ; Illinois Agricul- 

Dorothy Vivian Footitt Nora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Mu Epsilon ; German Club ; Burrill Botany Club 

F. Clifford Foottit Chicago Heights 

General Business 

Phi Mu Delta 

Illio (1), Staff Photographer (3, 4) ; Junior Cap 
Committee; Interfraternity Council (3) 

Louane Ford Herrin 

Theta Sigma Phi 

Ray Melford Foreman Danville 


Phi Eta Sigma ; Delta Sigma Rho ; Phi Delta 
Gamma ; Editor, Illinois Law Review ; Glee Club ; 
Varsity Debating Team 
Honors Day 


Page 87 

! I' 


William Harry Formhals Lureta Neller Franklin Nebo 

Pittsburgh, Pa. Education 

Electrical Engineering Linnean Botany Society ; Burrill Botany Club 

Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu ; E. E. Society; A. I. Washington University 

E. E 

Honors Day 

Carnegie Institute of Technology 

Walter Harvey Forney 
Kappa Psi 

. Olney 

Frank Russell Foster Bloomington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Theta Phi 

Thelma Margaret Franklin. . .Mattoon 

Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Charles Robert Frederick Nokomis 

Phi Kappa Sigma 
Ma- Wan-Da ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Kappa Tau Alpha ; 
Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Student 
Council; Managing Editor, Daily Illini (4) ; Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 


Margie Elizabeth Francis ... Woodstock 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club ; Le Cercle Francais 

Arthur Henry Franck. .Watchung, N. ]. 
Athletic Coaching 
Phi Kappa 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Sigma ; Infantry 
Officers' Club; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Roger Kenneth Frandsen Aurora 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Robert Benjamin Frank Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Beta Tau 

Freshman Varsiry Water-Polo 

Stanley Sanford Frankel 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Beta Tau 

Catherine Elizabeth Freeman 


Linnean Botany Society; Burrill Botany Club 

Charles McClure Freese Sullivan 

Industrial Education 

John Wesley Fribley Pana 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Delta Phi 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Herbert Bernard Fried Chicago 

Phi Epsilon Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Illini 
(1, 2, 3) 

Charles Vincent Frings. 
Phi Alpha Delta 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

. Pekin 



Page 88 



Willard Wilson Fullerton 


Omega Beta Pi 

Phalanx ; Infantry Officers' Club ; Varsity Wrest- 
ling Squad (2, 3, 4) ; First Lieutenant, University 
Brigade (4) 

Irene Margaret Fulton 

Princeton, loiva 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Grinnell College 

Francis Marion Funkhouser 


Electrical Engineering 
A. I. E. E. ; E. E. Society 

Robert Charles Furman Decatur 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
James Millikin University 

Oliver Frederick Gaebe Addieville 

Farm House 

Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Club; Agriculturist 
(1, 2) 

Erna Fritz Danville Helen Bird Galatv Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Gregorian Literary Society; Kappa Delta 

Daily Illini (1) W. A A. 

Beloit College 

Ralph Eugene Frohardt. . . .Granite City 

McKendree College 

Severo G. Galinato 

Paoay, llocos Norte, Philippines 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Philippine Illini Club 

Erhard William Fuchs Chicago Sylvia Ruth Ganansky Chicago 

Pre-Medic Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Crane Junior College ; University of Chicago Crane College ; Northwestern University 

Robert Frank Ganschinietz 

H| . ■#* ' East St. Louis 

f Architectural Engineering 

•— Alpha Rho Chi 

Clarence Earl Ganschow Walnut 

General Business 
Delta Upsilon 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi 

William Allaman Ganster . . Waukegan 
Sigma Chi 
Scarab ; Mask and Bauble 

Louis M. Garfinkle Chicago 

Alpha Omega; Student Council (2) 
Crane Junior College 

Hilda Marie Garms Champaign 

Home Economics 


Page 89 



Laura Ellen Garrison White Hall Renatto M. Gerno. . Spring Valley 

Home Economics Dentistry 

Home Economics Club pf Kappa Alpha 

Illinois State Normal University Deka sigma Delta 

Lombard College 

Tom Otis Gaskins Mahomet 


Accountancy Club ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling ; 
Varsity Wrestling Squad (2) 

Frances Margaret Gaston. 
Alpha Phi 

Peter Giachini Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling ; Sophomore Cap Com- 
mittee ; Senior Hat Committee ; Mi-Hila Formal 
Dance Committee 
University of Wisconsin ; Northwestern University 

. Chicago Walter J. P. Gibbs Lincoln 

Civil Engineering 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
A. S. C. E. 

1 , I 

Harold Wendel Gaulrapp. . .Rock Falls 
Farm House 

Adelphic Literary Society ; Illini Grange ; Caisson 
Club; Varsity Track Squad (1, 2) ; Dairy Judging 
Team (2, 3) ; Live Stock Team (3) ; Second Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Harold Benjamin Gegel Marissa 

Civil Engineering 

Mildred Emma Gehlbach Lincoln 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lindenwood College 

Celso Gentilini Highwood 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Eta Kappa Nu ; 
Sigma Tau 

Otto B. Gerlach Hillsboro 

Civil Engineering 
Theta Alpha 

Mu San ; A. S. C. E. 

I 'I 

Marian Gibson Tulsa, Oklahoma 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Lindenwood College 

Greta Elizabeth Gill Virginia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Wellesley College 

Lillian Ethel Gill Albion 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Gregorian Literary Society; French Club 

Clyde E. Giller Chicago 

Beta Psi 

Phi Alpha Lambda 
Crane Junior College 

Edwin Richard Gilliland 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Chemical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 



Page 90 


Leonora Isabell Gilmour Chicago Robert F. Goddard Davenport, Iowa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Law 

Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Phi 

Jamesonian Literary Society Phi Delta Phi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Tribe of 

Crane College; Lewis Institute Hlini ; Varsity Fencing L ? tcer (h i.J). Captain, 

Angela Gioconda Harvey 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
II Circulo-Italiano ; El Circulo Espanol ; Le Cercle 
Francais ; Woman's Cosmopolitan Club; Athenian 
Literary Society 

(4) ; Military Ball Committee; Law Cane Commit- 
tee ; Lieutenant-Colonel, University Brigade (4) 

Ruth Adeline Godding Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 

French Club 
Gulf Park College 

Dorothy Elizabeth Glancey. . . Chicago Grace Madalyn Godfrey Princeton 

Education Education 

Gregorian Literary Society Bradley Polytechnic Institute ; Northwestern Uni- 

Chicago Normal College versity 

Daniel C. Glasser 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Helen Gleason 

Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Virginia Gleim Ottawa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Omega Pi 
Anonian Literary Society ; Gregorian Literary So- 
ciety ; Der Deutsche Verein ; W. A. A. ; Track (1, 
2, 3) ; Soccer (1, 2) ; Chairman, Y. W. C. A. 
Alumni Committee (3) ; First Cabinet, Y. W. C. 
A. (4) ; Commission, Y. W. C. A. (4) 

Martin Glover Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sketch Club 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

William E. Gobble Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Alpha 

Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Alpha 
Alpha; Gamma Alpha Tau; Sigma Delta Chi; 
Daily Illini Staff (1, 2, 3), Chief News Editor 
(4) ; Senior Adviser, Phi Eta Sigma 

Joseph A. Goeller Trenton, N. J. 

Athletic Coaching 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity Baseball Squad (1, I, 
3, 4) ; Varsity Football Squad (1, 2) 

Eva Anna Goff. .Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Iota Sigma Pi 

Lionel Elmer Goff Bunker Hill 

Chemical Engineering 
Lambda Alpha Lambda 

Raymond Lipman Goldstein. . . .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Alpha Mu 

Stanley Marshall Goldstine . . . Canton 
Commerce and Law 
Phi Epsilon Pi 


Page 91 


I , I 


Mary Elizabeth Goodell. 
Delta Gamma 

. Urbana Milton Hamme Gotwalt York, Pa. 

Athletic Coaching 
Beta Sigma Psi 
Shippensburg Teachers College 

Margaret Helen Goodman. . . .Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Shi-Ai ; Gold Feathers ; Chairman, Homecoming 

Accommodations Committee (3) 
man, Woman's League (4) 

Social Chair- 

H. Roi Gordon New York, N. Y. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Brown University 

Robert Louis Gougler Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Synton ; E. E. Society 
Northwestern University 

Thelma Ruth Graf Champaign 


University Choral Society 

I I 

Marion Georgina Gordon Chicago 


Sidney Milton Gordon Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma; Illini Pharmacist (3) ; Asso- 
ciate Editor (4) 

Ben Gorenstein Chicago 

Omicron Alpha Tau 
Nu Beta Epsilon ; Business Staff, Illio 

Harry Joseph Goss Potnerania, N. J. 

Athletic Coaching 
Phi Epsilon Kappa; Varsity Baseball Squad (2) 

Ruth Ella Gotsch 

Kappa Delta 

Beloit College 

.Oak Park 

Eileen Agnes Graham Alvin 

Theta Phi Alpha 
Choral Society (2) ; Daily Illini (2) 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Margaret Mary Graham Paris 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Jamesonian Literary Society ; French Club ; Spanish 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

William John Granata Chicago 

Independent Council ; President, Mask and Bauble ; 
Italian Arts Club; Varsity Soccer Squad (3); 
Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Junior Cap Com- 
mittee ; Junior Prom Committee ; Senior Ball Com- 
mittee ; Chairman, Mi-Hila Formal; Cast "Twelfth 
Night" ; Senior Law Cane Committee 
Northwestern University 

Francis Ralph Grant River Forest 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Sigma Tau 

Linnean Botany Society; Cabinet, Y. M. C. A. (3, 
4) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
Chicago University 

Ruth E. Grant Marion 

Home Economics 
Lambda Omega 
Home Economics Club 
Southern Illinois State Teachers' College 



Page 92 


Ewell E. Green junction 

Theta Kappa Nu 

Southern Illinois Normal University 

Ila Franklin Green Junction 

Theta Kappa Nu 
Alpha Tau Alpha 
Southern Illinois Normal University 

John Hart Green Urbana 

General Business 
University Band (1, 2) ; Circus (1, 2) 

William Edward Green Urbana 

Civil Engineering 
Student Branch A. S. C. E. 

Helen Margaret Greene Danville 

University Women's Glee Club (2) ; First Council, 
Woman's League (3); All-University Choir (3, 
4) ; Chairman, Welfare Committee, Woman's 
League (3) ; Student Council, Wesley Foundation 

Central Normal College ; East Illinois State Teach- 
ers' College 

William .Thomas Grant. . 
Delta Alpha Pi 
Morton Junior College 

.Cicero George Bence Gregg Sewickly, Pa. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Alpha Lambda 
A. S. M. E. ; Cabinet, Y. M. C. A. (3) ; Board of 
Directors, Y. M. C. A. (4) 

Gordon Earl Gray Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Tau 
Crane Junior College 

Elmer Duane Gregory Woodstock 

Agricultural Club ; Dairy Club 

Daniel Elbert Green 

General Business 
Phi Kappa Tau 

. Urbana 


Page 93 

Elizabeth Gress Bellaire, Ohio 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day 
Otterbein College 

. Urbana 

Edward Ray Griesheimer 
Sigma Delta Kappa 

Mary Louise Grieger 

Michigan City, Ind. 

Delta Zeta 

Jamesonian Literary Society; Daily Illini (3) 
Lindenwood College 

Richard Griesser Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Rho 

Albert H. Griffin Hecker 

Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural Club ; Dairy Club ; 
Chairman, Peanut Banquet (4) ; Little Interna- 
tional (3) 

Dorothy Marion Griggs Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Siren (1) 
Northwestern University 



Madelyn Grigsby Macomb William Richard Gubbins Oak Park 

Home Economics Dentistry 

Phi Omega Pi Delta Sigma Delta 

Home Economics Club Student Council (1, 4) 

Western Illinois State Teachers' College De Paul University; Crane Junior College 

William Grinton 

Phi Delta Theta 
Joliet Junior College 

. Joliet 

Paul Maurice Guernsey 

Vincennes, Ind. 


Irvin George Gromoll Onarga Ralph Smith Gunn Monmouth 

Accountancy Banking and Finance 

Delta Sigma Pi Phi Pi Phi 

Commerce Council ; Accountancy Club Illini Chamber of Commerce 

Honors Day (2) Monmouth College 

1 I I 
I I 

Chalmer Andrew Gross Ottawa 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Kappa Delta Pi ; Tribe of Illini ; 
Varsity Fencing Squad (2), Letter (3) 

Harry Irving Grossman Chicago 


Phi Eta Sigma 

James Henry Groutaga Canton 

Freshman Basketball Squad ; Reserve Basketball 
Squad (2, 3) 

William J. C. Gruebling Chicago 

Phi Pi Phi 

Chicago Editor, Illio (4) ; Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Ronald Gsell Mt. Carroll 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Rae Gunter Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Crane Junior College 

Josephine Gunther Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Baseball (3) ; Bowling (3) ; May Fete (2) 

Charles Wade Gustason Elgin 

Foreign Commerce 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Pan Xenia ; Commerce Council 

George Harry Gustat Christopher 

Banking and Finance 
Delta Chi 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa 

Kenneth MacVeagh Gyger . . .Princeton 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Interscholastic Circus (2) ; Interfraternity Council 



Page 94 


Margaret Haas Terre Haute, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Eta Sigma Phi 
Indiana State Teachers' College 

Clayton Major Hadley, Jr. 

Denham, lnd. 

Kappa Zeta Rho 

Delta Theta Epsilon 

Pauline Ann Hackbarth Palatine Ervan Hadley Willow Hill 

Education Insurance 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Arvel Frederick Hacke Carlinville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Alpha Lambda 
Blackburn College 

Roy A. Haebich Chicago 


Psi Omega 

Crane Junior College 

Charles William Hackensmith . . Ottawa 

Delta Theta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Sigma 
Delta Sigma 

Opal Bernice Hacker Champaign 


Eugene Andrew Hackett . 

. Chicago 

Mary K. Hackett 

Delta Zeta 

Alpha Kappa Delta 

. Decatur 

W. Maurice Hadaway Lawrenceville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Delta ; Freshman Varsity Cross-Country ; 
Varsity Track Squad (3) 
Eureka College 


Page 95 

Adolph Werner Hagstrom Chicago 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Phi Delta Phi ; Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Adelphic 
Literary Society ; Cavalry Officers' Club ; Second 
Lieutenant, University Brigade (3) ; Senior In- 
formal Committee (4) ; Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 

Richard Ferdinand Hahn Chicago 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Kappa Phi 
Sigma ; Phi Delta Gamma ; Illini Chamber of 
Commerce ; Inter-Literary Council ; Intramural 
Fencing Champion (2) ; Daily Illini (1) ; Chair- 
man, Hobo Parade Committee (4) ; Manager, Star 
Course (2, 3) ; Board of Directors, Star Course 
(4) ; President, Commerce Council (4) ; Interfra- 
ternity Council (4) 
Honors Day 

Otto Charles Haier, Jr Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Tribe of Illini ; Captain, Freshman Varsity Fenc- 
ing ; Varsity Fencing Squad (3, 4), Captain (4) ; 
Big Ten Foils Champion (3) 
Crane Junior College 

Robert M. Hainsfurther Chicago 

Ceramic Engineering 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Keramos ; Technograph (1, 2); University Band 
(1, 2, 3) 

Dan H. Hale Abington 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Delta Theta 



Marcell Harry Hall Momence Richard Gerhardy Handschu. . .Chicago 

Athletic Coaching Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Delta Theta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Fresh- Crane Junior College 
man Varsity Football 

IT TT _,-, , Oscar A. Hankner Tripoli, Iowa 

Harriet Hallowell Charleston . , , . ., , . 

Pre-Medtc AthletU Coacbln Z 

Delta Theta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Herbert P. Hallsteen Winnetka Charles Hansen Davenport, Iowa 

Commerce Landscape Architecture 

Chi Phi Scarab ; Phalanx ; U. L. A. S. ; Infantry Club ; 

., .... Landscape Club; Varsity Pistol Squad (3, 4); 

Northwestern University Major, University Brigade (4) 


Louis Conrad Haltug . . . Green Bay, Wis. 

Marguerite Evelyn Hammett 

Marion, Ark. 

Alpha Phi 

Sigma Delta Pi ; Anonian Literary Society ; El Cir- 
culo Espanol 

Ursula B. Hampel Champaign 

Phi Mu 

Alpha Lambda Delta ; Mu Kappa Alpha 

Honors Day 

Music Academy of Vienna 

Elizabeth Caroline Hanawalt 


General Business 
Sigma Phi Beta 

Gregorian Literary Society 

John William Hanawalt Evanston 

General Business 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Alpha Kappa Psi ; Varsity Football Squad (2, 3) 


Page 96 

Edward Frederick Harford. . . 

Chemical Engineering 
Theta Chi 
Joliet Junior College 

. Joliet 

Margaret Cecelia Harlan. . .Hoopeston 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

Harry Jones Harman Chicago 

Alpha Rho Chi 

Bueford R. Harper Chandlerville 

Athletic Coaching 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Sigma Delta Psi ; Tribe of 
Illini ; Freshman Varsiry Basketball ; Varsity Track 
Lerrer (3) 

Allan Harris Chicago 

General Business 


Charles Overton Harris Decatur William Roy Hartman. 

Architectural Engineering Education 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Men ' s Glee Club (3, 4) 
James Millikin University 

. Orangeville 

James Jay Harris Shelbyville HoBART HoFFER Hartong Plain field 

Pre-Medic Electrical Engineering 

. . , T , , Eta Kappa Nu 

Alpha Kappa Lambda Joljet Junior CoUege 

Leroy Edwin Hatch Timewell 


Stanley Gray Harris Shelbyville Farm House 

Banking and Finance Alpha Zeta ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; 

Alpha Kappa Lambda "H ni ^ n ^\ Hoo{ , and H °\ n 9 ub; Da ,j] y Illini 

r rr (2) ; Illinois Agriculturist (3), Business Manager, 

Sigma Iota Epsilon; Illini Chamber of Commerce (4) ; Ag Dance Committee (2) ; First Lieutenant, 

University Brigade (4) ; Livestock Judging Team 
(3) ; Dairy Judging Team (4) 
Honors Day 

Warren S. Harris Champaign 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma ; A. S. M. E. 

Francis E. Harrold Decatur 

General Business 
Psi Upsilon 
James Millikin University 

Suzanna Harry Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 

Eta Sigma Phi 

De Pauw University 

Oren Wesley Harter Long Point 

Banking and Finance 
Accountancy Club 

Robert J. Hartley Toulon 

Gamma Eta Gamma . 

Alberdine Hatcher. . . .Wellington, Kan. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Mortar Board; President, Woman's League (4) 

Robert Winston Hathaway. . . .Chicago 
Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Alpha 
A. S. M. E. ; Technograph (3) ; University Band 
(1, 2, 3) 

Jerome Edward Havlik Chicago 

General Business 
Phi Eta Sigma 

Sherrill Bertrand Hayden. .Lowell, Ind. 
Athletic Coaching 

Gertrude Elizabeth Hayes Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Pi Kappa Delta ; Theta Alpha Phi 


Page 97 


i i 


Margaret Agnes Hayes .... 
Home Economics 
Blackburn College 

Raymond J. Hayes 

Theta Kappa Nu 

. Kings William August Heinze Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Nu Epsilon 
Pi Tau Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade ; Illini Flying 
Club; Student Branch, A. S. M. E. ; Chairman, 
Sophomore Smoker Committee (2); Junior Prom 
Committee (3) ; Illini Boatd of Control (3, 4) ; 
Board of Directors, Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Major, 
Universiry Brigade (4) 

Willis Warner Helfrich 

• Gridley Chicago Heights 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Sophomore Football Manager 
Honors Day (2) 

Donald Frederick Hayworth 

Harold Edwin Hembrough. .Jacksonville 

•••••••• • Glen E "yn Alpha Gamma Rh0 

Engineering and Physics Agricultural Club ; Farm Mechanics Club ; Illinois 

Agriculrurisr (3, 4) 

Edward William Hazleton Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Crane Junior College ; University of Chicago 

Howard Cassell Heaton. . . .Kenilworth 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Synton ; Railway Club 

Helen Laverne Heffner Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Montana 

Virginia Palmer Heidman Gle 

Alpha Phi 
Daubers; W. A. A.; Illio (2) 

Neil Elmer Heikes South Bend, Ind. 

Tau Delta Tau 

Freshman Informal Committee ; Chairman, Life 
Work Conference (3, 4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 
(3, 4) ; Varsity Track Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Varsiry 
Cross Country Squad (4) 
Honors Day 

Charles Arthur Hemminger 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Sigma Delta Chi; Pierrots; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 

Mary E. Henderson Joliet 

Beta Phi Alpha 
Hockey Team (3) 
Rockford College 

Willis Stewart Henderson. .Fowler, Ind. 
Farm House 
Alpha Zeta ; Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn 
Honors Day (1, 3, 4) 

Marian Frances Hendricks Harvard 

Beta Phi Alpha 

Torch; Anonian Literary Society; Gregorian Liter- 
ary Society; Gold Feathers; Daily Illini (1) ; Illio 

(2) ; Assistant Business Manager, Woman's League 
Style Show (2); Freshman Frolic Committee; 
Chairman, House Committee, Woman's League 

(3) ; First Council, Woman's League (3) ; Produc- 
tion Staff, Homecoming Stunt Show (2) ; May 
Fete (1) 

Honors Day 

Mary Louise Henebry Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

Spanish Club 

James Millikin University 



Page 98 


Mrs. Ethel May Henwood Urbana Lee Malcolm Hester Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Gregorian Literary Society Alpha Kappa Delta 

Peter S. Herberholz. .. .Cine innati, Ohio _ _ rT ,. 

. , , . _ . . Charles Edwin Hewitt Marengo 

Athletic Coaching p , . ■ 

Varsity Football Squad (1, 2) ; Varsity Baseball _, . , ,_,,'. „. ,, . , 

Squad (1 4) Honcultural Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; First Regimental 

Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Y. M. C. A. College 

Carl Reichert Herlan Divernon 

Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
Interfraternity Council (4) (J) . hl . rfra ternity Council (3) 

Robert Grantham Hickerson . . Chicago 
Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Phi Chi; Intramural Tennis Champion (doubles) 

Sulo Johannes Herrala 

Chisholm, Minn. 

Athletic Coaching 

Sigma Delta Rho 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Dolphins ; Freshman Varsity 
Football; Reserve Football Squad (3, 4) 

E. Fred Herschbach Chester 

Phi Alpha Delta 

Pearle Dorothy Herskovitz 

Indiana Harbor, Ind. 


Sigma Delta Tau 
Alpha Kappa Delta 
Rockford College 

Maurine Hertz Kankakee 

Sigma Alpha Iota 
Mu Kappa Alpha ; Gold Feathers ; Jamesonian Lit- 
erary Society; Choral Society (1, 2, 4) ; Y. W. C. 
A. Commission (3) ; Firsr Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. 
(4) ; Chairman, Mother's Day Music Committee; 
First Council, Woman's League (4) ; Pan-Hellenic 
Council (4) ; Woman's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Morton Maxwell Herzon Chicago 

Alpha Omega 
Crane Junior College 

Frances Alice Hickman. . 
Pi Beta Phi 
Gold Feathers; Daily Illini (4) 
Rockford College 

. Benton 

Lee Hickox Evanston 

Industrial Administration 
Delta Upsilon 

Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Freshman Varsity Basketball ; 
Varsity Basketball Squad (2) 

Margaret Lucille Hicks Chadwick 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais ; El Circulo Espanol 
Cornell College 

Frank Higginbotham 

West Terre Haute, Ind. 


Waldo Wallace Higgins Neoga 

Ceramic Engineering 
Gamma Pi Upsilon 
Keramos ; Student Branch A. C. S. ; Engineering 
Dance Committee ; Engineering Council (4) 


Page 99 



William Rudolph Hildeman 

Chicago Heights 


Phi Sigma Kappa 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Tu-Mas ; 
Skull and Crescent ; Mu San ; Theta Tau ; Sopho- 
more Informal Committee ; Senior Baseball Man- 
ager ; Athletic Council 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

. Chicago 

Chester A. Hill 

General Business 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 
Oklahoma University 

Rachel Hill Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Shi-Ai; W. A. A.; Minor I. A.; Hockey Squad 
(1, 2) ; Basket Ball Squad (1, 2, 3) ; Exchange 
Editor, Siren (2, 3) 

John S. Hissong Westville 

Phi Delta Phi 

Lawrence Weaver Hockaday. . .Decatur 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Scabbard and Blade ; Senior Manager, Interscholas- 
tic Circus; Captain, University Brigade (4) ; Cav- 
alry Officers' Club; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) ; 
Athletic Council (4); Agricultural Club; Dairy 
Club; Dance Supervision Committee (4); "Ag" 
Dance Committee (3) 

Walter Caleb Hodge .... Peekskill, N. Y. 

Elizabeth Evans Hinckle. .Bloomington 
Alpha. Chi Omega 
Theta Sigma Phi ; First Council, Woman's League; 
First Council, Y. W. C. A.; Daily Illini (2); 
Matrix Chairman (3) ; Chairman, Homecoming 
Registration Committee (3) 
De Pauw University 

Maynard K. Hine Tuscola 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Senior Class President ; Student 
Council (3, 4) 

Leonard Frank Hinze Carroll, Iowa 

Athletic Coaching 
Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Floyd John Hirth 

Delta Sigma Delta 

. Chicago 

Robert Theodore Hise. . .Massillon, Ohio 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Reserve Football Squad (3, 

I I 

Edward Charles Hoelscher, Jr. .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent ; Chairman, Sopho- 
more Cap Committee ; Junior Informal Committee ; 
Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Interfraternity 
Council (3, 4) ; President, Interfraternity Council 

Joseph Robert Hoff Chicago 

Psi Upsilon 

Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Epsilon Delta; Mask and 
Bauble; Pierrots; Sigma Upsilon; Daily Illini (1, 
2, 3), News Editor (3) ; Cast "Nada," "Brazil 
Nuts," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," "Mary the Third," 
"Old English"; Production Manager, Post Exam 
Jubilee (3) ; Cheerleader (2) 

H. Edward Hoffa. . . .Marshalltown, Iowa 
Ceramic Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
University of Iowa ; Iowa State College 

Vesper Raymond Hoffman. . 
General Business 
Delta Sigma Pi 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Illini (2) 


Walter Joseph Hoffman Glenvieu 

Civil Engineering 
Beta Psi 



Page 100 


William Hoffman Chicago Harold George Homuth Barrington 

General Business General Business 

Phi Eta Sigma Sigma Delta Rho 

Daily IUini (1) 
Iowa State College 

Henry Redden Hogendobler Robert Ward Honens Sterling 

Villa Ridge Mechanical Engineering 

Railway Electrical Engineering Triangle 

Sigma Epsilon ; A. I. E. E. ; Railway Club A. S. M. E. ; Property Manager, "We Are Seven" 

, Akira Honke .... Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii 

Dorothy Diane Hoke Roanoke, La. _, . , _ . 

Electrical Engineering 
Liberal Arts and Sciences Eta Kappa Nu . E E Sodety 

Manchester College University of Hawaii ; University of Michigan 

Francis Wayland Holbrook .... Chicago 
Civil Engineering ' 
Beta Theta Pi 

Theta Tau ; Tribe of Illini ; Dolphins ; Freshman 
Varsity Swimming; Varsity Swimming Letter (2, 

William Hoyt Holden Glen Ellyn 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Illio (1, 2); Sophomore Cotillion Committee; 
Chairman, Senior Hat Committee ; Interfraternity 
Council Cabinet 

Sally Hollister Mishaivaka, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Henry Clay Holt Milford 

Illinois State Normal University 

John James Holub, Jr Cicero 

Psi Omega 

President, Sophomore Class; Student Council (2) 

William Michael Honsa Brook field 

Civil Engineering 
Mu San; Tau Nu Tau; A. S. C. E. ; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Leona Hazel Hoppenrath .... Brook field 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 
Beloit College 

Clifford G. Horton Albion 

Athletic Coaching 
Freshman Varsity Football 

Howard Henry Hottes 

Grand Junction, Colo. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 

Pi Tau Sigma ; Sigma Phi Delta 

James Miller Houck Hannibal, Mo. 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Nu 
Theta Tau; A. S. M. E. 
William Jewell College 


Page 101 



Frances Susan Howard Wilmette 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Phi 
Mortar Board; Torch; Alethenai Literary Society; 
W. A. A. ; General Woman's Chairman, Home- 
coming (4) ; Dance Supervision Committee; First 
Council, Women's League (4) ; Chairman, Y. W. 
C. A. Stunt Show (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 

Eva Adeline Howarth Champaign 

Ho?ne Economics 

George Evan Howell Champaign 

Commerce and Law 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Delta Phi ; Skull and 
Crescent; Sophomore Cap Committee; Senior Hat 
Committee ; Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee ; Senior 
Informal Committee ; Senior Ball Committee ; 
Sophomore Baseball Manager; Cast "The Dover 
Road," "Dulcy" ; University Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Jack Farnell Hudson Moweaqua 

Kappa Delta Rho 
Pan Xenia; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Frances Isabelle Hudson. 

Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Charles Arthur Huebner Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Phalanx ; Pi 
Tau Pi Sigma; Sigma Tau; Cheer Leader (3); 
Captain, LTniversity Brigade (4) 

George M. Hoy Huntley 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Freshman Basketball ; Freshman Varsity Track ; 
University Band (1, 2) 

Olaf U. Hoy Lombard 

Delta Sigma Phi 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Alpha 
Psi ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Robert Albert Hubata. 
Northwestern University 

.Oak Park 

Lois Hubbard Quincy 

Home Economics 
Alpha Delta Theta 

Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Omicron Nu ; Gold Feath- 
ers ; Home Economics Club; Woman's Editor, 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Jackson Noyes Huddleston 

Huntington, W '. Va. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Chi 

Phi Delta Phi ; Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Dance Super- 
vision Committee (4) ; Sophomore Baseball Man- 
Marshall College 


Page 102 

Walter Paul Hufnagel Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Crane Junior College 

Catherine Noyes Hughes Mattoon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 

Malinda Richolene Hughes. .Hoopeston 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 

William Buel Huie Urbana 

Phi Kappa Sigma 
Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Kappa Phi Sigma ; Phi Delta 
Gamma; Varsity Debate Team (3) 

Carl Max Hull Clinton 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Phi Lambda Upsilon ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Sinfonia : 
Freshman Varsity Gymnastics ; Wesley Foundation 
Hanover College 


Fred Humbert Geneseo 

Athletic Coaching 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Scabbard and Blade ; Delta 
Theta Epsilon ; Tribe of Illini ; Cavalry Officers' 
Club ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Football 
Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Student Colonel, University Bri- 
gade (4) ; Student Council 

Robert Case Humphrey Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 

Daily Illini (1, 2) 
Joliet Junior College 

Herbert Walroth Hurd. . . .Kenilworth 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Delta Theta 

Allen Hurwitz Syracuse, N. Y. 


Rae Kathryne Hunsicker Chicago 

p . • Ivan Jerome Hutchens Fairfield 

Alpha Xi Delta Law 

Chicago Normal College Sigma Mu Sigma 

Helen Rosetta Hunsinger Staunton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Cosmopolitan Club 
German Club ; Gold Feathers ; Gregorian Literary 
Society; W. A. A. ; Soccer (1, 4) ; Apparatus (1) ; 
May Fete (2) 

David C. Hunter Macomb 

Landscape Architecture 

Silas Haskins Huntington . . Ladoga, Ind. 
Landscape Architecture 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 

University Landscape Architects Society ; Landscape 

Delia Elizabeth Huntoon. . .La Grange 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 

Gold Feathers ; First Council, Woman's League 
Frances Shimer School 

Marlin Clair Hupp Champaign 

Beta Nu Kappa 


Harry Ibler Free port 

Electrical. Engineering 
A. I. E. E. ; E. E. Society 

Carroll Everett Imhoff. . .Washington 
Gamma Pi Upsilon 

Marguerite V. Ingram Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Junior Prom Committee ; Junior Ulinae President 
Honors Day (1) 

Celia Marie Irick Pitts field 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Gregorian Literary Society ; Illini Grange ; Inter- 
Literary Council 
Honors Day (3) 

Lawrence E. Irish Blandinsville 

Banking and Finance 
Theta Kappa Nu 

Illinois College 

Page 103 



Wilbur Clark Iseminger Hey worth Ann Elise Jaeger East St. Louis 

Civil Engineering Education 

Theta Nu Epsilon Physikos Paideia; W. A. A.; Soccer (1, 2) ; Bas- 

Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau ; A. S. C. E. ; ^ U { 1} . ~„ 

Captain, University Brigade (4) Illinois Woman s College 

Anna Louise Jackman Lake Forest 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Mortar Board ; Junior Represen- 
tative, Woman's League; Senior Representative, 
Woman's League; Ptesident, University League of 
Women Voters (4) ; First Council, Woman's 
League (4) 

Harold Henry Jaegli. . .Hillsboro, Kans. 
Gamma Eta Gamma 
Senior Law Cane Committee 
Universiry of Utah 

Norman Leonard Jacklin Streator 

Electrical Engineering 
Synton ; E. E. Society 

David Smeaton Jaffray. 
Pre- Medic 
Sigma Phi Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Chi 

. Chicago 

Ruth Elizabeth Jackson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Daily Illini (1, 2) 
University of Chicago 

Ernest William Jacobi 

East Orange, N. J. 

Freshman Varsity Track 

William Francis Jacobs Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa 

Nu Sigma Nu ; Skull and Crescent ; Chairman, 
Sophomore Cotillion Committee ; Pan-Hellenic Ball 
Committee (3) 

Herbert Rogde Jacobsen Chicago 

Commerce and Law 
Sigma Nu 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Delta Phi ; Dance Supervision 
Committee ; Sophomore Baseball Manager ; Winner 
of Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship Cup (1) 

Milton Jacobson Chicago 


Nu Beta Epsilon 
Crane Junior College 

* A t 

Arthur Morris Jahn Taylor Ridge 

Banking and Finance 

Arch Stephens James Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Psi 
Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent; Mask and Bauble; 
Pierrots; Junior Cap Committee; Daily Illini (I, 

Neora Gertrude Janssen Golden 

Home Economics 
Ztt& Tau Alpha 

Home Economics Club ; German Club ; Illinois Ag- 
riculturist Staff 
Carthage College 

Frank B. Jantac Cicero 

General Business and Accountancy 
Delta Sigma Pi 
Accountancy Club 
Morton Junior College 

Howard Lester Jenkins Long Point 


Accountancy Club 


Page 104 


Hugh Reinhardt Jenkinson .... Chicago 
■ Chemical Engineering 
Gamma Pi Upsilon 
Tribe of Illini ; A. I. C. E. ; Caisson Club ; German 
Club ; Freshman Varsity Gym ; Varsity Gym Letter 
(2, 3, 4) ; Captain, University Brigade (3) ; Inter- 
fraternity Council 

Harold Snoddy Jester. . .Perrysville, Ind. 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society; A. I. E. E. ; First Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) ; Men's Glee Club (2, 4) 

Miles Charleston Johnsen Harvey 

Architectural Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade ; Tau Nu Tau ; Captain, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Alice Mabel Johnson Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
W. A. A. ; Le Cercle Francais 
Honors Day 
Cornell College 

Arthur C. Johnson Millington 

Farm House 

Illini Grange ; Agricultural Club ; Dairy Club ; 

Dairy Judging Team (3) 

Fat Stock Judging Team 

Bernice Catherine Johnson 

Davenport, Iowa 

Patsons College 

Carleton Ware Johnson Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Freshman Varsity Basketball; University Band (1, 
2) ; Choral Society (3, 4) ; Varsity Glee Club (3, 

Charles Andrew Johnson Urbana 

General Business 
Sigma Nu 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Band 
of X; Business Manager, Daily Illini (4) ; Man- 
ager, Block I (3) ; University Band (1, 2) 

Dorothy Marie Johnson. Kansas City, Mo. 
F re- Me die 
Delta Delta Delta 
Chi Chi Chi ; Terrapin Club ; Gold Feathers ; W. 
A. A. ; Orchesis ; Life Saving Club; Hockey (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; Swimming (1, 2, 3) ; 
Volleyball (1); Baseball (1, 3); Track (2); 
Tennis (3) ; Bowling (3) Major I A (3) ; Minor I 
A (3) ; Numerals (3) ; Business Staff, Illio (3) ; 
Manager, Terrapin Water Carnival (3) ; Produc- 
tion Staff, Homecoming Stunt Show (3, 4) ; May 
Fete Dance Committee (2, 3) 
University of Kansas 

Paul Francis Johnson Moline 

Beta Alpha Psi ; Accountancy Club 
Augustana College 

Percy Everett Johnson Martinsville 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
Alpha Tau Alpha 

Philip Cordt Johnson Blue Island 

Chi Beta 

Ralph Keneth Johnson ... .Martinsville 
Banking and Finance 
Delta Chi 

Alpha Delta Sigma ; Illini Chamber of Commerce ; 
Wrestling (3, 4) ; Daily Illini (1, 2) ; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Robert Johnson Kirkwood 

Chemical Engineering 

Roy P. Johnson Oregon 

Chi Tau 

Alpha Tau Alpha 
Mount Morris College 

Ruth Mary Johnson Kendallville 

Delta Zeta 

Mortar Board ; Torch ; Terrapin Club ; Life Saving 
Club ; Physikos Paideia ; First Council, Woman's 
League; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (1, 2, 3) ; 
Bowling (1, 2) ; Swimming (1, 2, 3) ; Track (1, 
2) ; May Fete (1, 2) ; Minor I A (1) ; Major I A 
(3) ; Varsity Basketball (2, 3) ; Varsity Soccer (2, 
3), Manager (3) ; W. A. A. ; Swimming Manager 
(2) ; Student Council; President, W. A. A. (4) 



Page 105 




Isabel Frisby Johnston Rock Falls 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gregorian Literary Society ; W. A. A. ; Basketball 
(2) ; Swimming (2) ; Life Saving Club; Tadpole; 
May Fete (3) 
Rockford College 

Burton Evans Jolley. . . .North Chicago 
General Business 
Delta Upsilon 
Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Chairman, Dad's Day Recep- 
tion Committee (3) ; Captain, University Brigade 
(4) ; Cast, "Old English* (4) 

Walter Jolley Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Nu 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Skull and Crescent ; Tribe of II- 
lini ; Varsity Football Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Emery E. Jones Fisher 


Livestock Judging Team ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Truman Jones Stockton 

Chi Psi 

Icarus ; Chairman, Dean Clark Portrait Committee 
(3) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
University of Arizona 

Venus Sarah Johnson Leland William Donald Jones Streator 

Home Economics Law 

Theta Delta Chi 
Phi Alpha Delta 

Vivian Naomi Johnson Woodhull WlNIFRED Ellen J» ne s Salem 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Knox College Alpha Lambda Delta ; Pi Delta Phi ; French Club ; 

° Spanish Club 

Bruce Gilbert Johnston . . Pittsburg, Pa. RoBERT Le s e i e Jordan Waltham, Me. 

Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Chi Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. Kappa Zeta Rho 

Kansas Junior College Scabbard and Blade ; A. I. E. E. ; Captain, Univer- 

sity Brigade (4) 

Stanley Robert Jordan Sycamore 

** Electrical Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu ; E. E. 
Society ; A. I. E. E. 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Esther Louise Jorgenson Chicago 

Chicago Normal College 

Herman H. Jost, Jr East St. Louis 

Civil Engineering 
Beta Sigma Psi 
Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E. ; Caisson Club; 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Hampden Cutts Judson. . .Detroit, Mich. 
General Business 
Delta Tau Delta 

Business Staff, Illio (1, 2) ; Interfraternity Council 
(3, 4) 

Dorothy H. Jueal Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Xi Delta 


Page 106 


Janice H. Juergensen Chicago Beatrice Kane Pinckneyville 

Education Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Gregorian Literary Society; Choral Club Gamma Phi Beta 
Crane Junior College 

Charles Jun Chicago Thyra Phyllis Kantor Chicago 

Civil Engineering Liheral Arts and Sciences 

Anubis Sigma Delta Tau 

A. S. C. E. ; Interfraternity Council (J, 4) nrjfi'i" 1 ^ M^ S °T u Y ; m °t- f^cT ; ,?"& 

' v ' ' lllmi (I, 2) ; Mask and Bauble Ticket Sales (1, 2) 

Honors Day (1 ) 

Anton Jureziz, Jr Mascoutah Ge °kge Kaplan Champaign 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon 


Kappa Phi Sigma ; Nu Beta Epsilon ; Senior Cane 
Committee (5) ; University Band (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) ; 
Orchestra (1, 2, 3) 

Irma L. Kadic Chicago 

Home Economics 
Kappa Delta 

Torch ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Anonian Literary 
Society ; Home Economics Club ; Jamesonian Lit- 
erary Society; Gold Feathers; Hockey (4) ; Tennis 
(2) ; Apparatus (4) ; Life Saving (4) ; Daily Illini 
(1, 2, 3), Home Economics Editor (4) ; Illinois 
Agriculturist (1) ; Chairman, Homecoming Pub- 
licity Committee ; Chairman, Publicity Committee 
of Woman's League (4) ; First Council, Woman's 
League (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Ethel Katherine Kaesebier Emden 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 

University of Wisconsin 

. Chicago 

Burt Kamin 

Delta Pi 

Freshman Varsity Soccer 
Crane Junior College 

Philip H. Kammann Mascoutah 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 

Illio (1); Chairman, Dad's Day Transportation 
Committee (2) ; Chairman, Dad's Day Accommo- 
dations Committee (3) ; Chairman, Junior Cap 
Committee (3); President, Junior Class; Student 
Council (3) 

Henry Leveke Kamphoefner 

Sioux City, Iowa 


Sigma Pi 
Morningside College 

Jack Kaplan Chicago 


Sadie Kaplan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sulo Arthur Karjala Waukegan 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Frank Albert Karnatz. 
Phi Lambda Upsilon 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Roy Fred Karnuth Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Crane College 







Kaname Kashiwagi Champaign 

Architectural Engineering 
Japanese Student Club 
Yokohama Technical College 

Mary Charlotte Keith La Grange 

Beta Phi Alpha 
Le Cercle Francais ; Y. W. C. A. Commission (J) ; 
First Council, Woman's League (4) 
Rockford College 

Adelyn E. Kast Berwyn Esther Clara Keller. . . 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Commerce 

Morton Junior College 


Illinois State Normal University ; Bradley Polytech- 
nic Institute 

John Charles Kastner 

General Business 
Chi Tau 

.Galena Emily Josephine Kelley Mt. Vernon 


Eta Sigma Phi; Woman's Cosmopolitan Club 


William John Katt Highland 

Electrical Engineering 

Harold M. Kaufmann. 

Nu Beta Epsilon 
Northwestern University 

. Chicago 

Homer Edward Kearnaghan. .Mt. Carroll 

University Band (1, 2, 3) 

Edward Francis Keating Chicago 


Vice President, Senior Class ; Chairman, Social 
Committee; Chairman, Picture Committee 

Betty Helen Kehoe River Forest 

General Business 
Theta Phi Alpha 
Torch ; Gamma Alpha Phi ; Phi Chi Theta ; Gold 
Feathers ; Orange and Blue Feathers ; Jamesonian 
Literary Society; W. A. A. ; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; 
Enterpriser (1) ; Chairman, Dad's Day Commit- 
tee ; Junior Prom Committee ; Sophomore Informal 


Page 108 

Claire Louise Kelly Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 

Shi-Ai; Daily Illini (1); Illio (2), Advertising 
Manager (3); Sophomore Informal Committee; 
Junior Prom Committee ; Chairman, Homecoming 
Accommodation Committee (4) 

Jack Theodore Kemp 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Rho Sigma ; Sigma Psi 

. Kewanee 

Arlene Josephine Kempton 

Duluth, Minn. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 
Lawrence College 

Kathryn Ellen Kendall Chicago 

Chicago Normal College 

William Beveridge Kendall .... Chicago 
Chemical Engineering 
Phi Kappa Tau 
A. I. C. E. 
Honors Day (2, 3) 


Vernon Robert Kent Paw Paw 


Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Robert McClellan Kenyon Aurora 

General Business 

Blanche LeBaron Kerr Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta 

Mortar Board ; Torch ; Gold Feathers Council ; 
Orange and Blue Feathers ; Spanish Club ; Illini 
Theatre Guild; Daily Illini (1, 2); Chairman, 
Mothers' Day Publicity Committee (3) ; Chairman, 
Big Sister Captains (3) ; Secretary, Woman's 
League (4) ; First Council, Woman's League (4) 

Margaret Kertes Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
French Club; German Club; Jamesonian Literary 
Society; University Choral Society; Siren Staff (4) 
Joliet Junior College 

Doris Ozel Kessler Cairo 

Kappa Delta Pi ; Sketch Club 

Southern Illinois Normal University; University of 

Edith Rachel Kennedy Dixon 

■Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Spanish Club 
Honors Day (3) 

Thomas Kennedy Chester 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Leanore Kenney Ottumwa, Iowa 

Grinnell College 


Page 109 

George William Kessler. .St. Louis, Mo. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Phi Pi Phi 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Sigma 
Tau ; A. S. M. E. ; Engineering Council 

J. Raymond Kieding Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Tribe of Illini ; Dolphins ; Freshman Varsity Swim- 
ming; Varsity Swimming Letter (2, 3, 4), Cap- 
tain (4) ; Freshman Varsity Water Polo; Varsity 
Water Polo Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Thomas Harold Kiley.. 

Delta Sigma Tau 
Phi Delta Gamma 

. Kansas 

Harry Stephen Kilian St. Charles 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Nu Epsilon 

Helen Dorothy Kimball . 
Phi Omega Pi 
Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) 

. Chicago 

Mary Kathryn Kimball Bushnell 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Anonian Literary Society 

Margaret Mary Kinder Urbana 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Jamesonian Literary Society; Gold Feathers; Le 
Cercle Francais 

Ethel Elizabeth Kinderman. . .Oak Park 

Chicago Normal College ; University of Chicago 





Irene Grace Kirchner Waukegan 

Chi Omega 
Assistant Chairman, May Fete; Chairman, Health 
Week; W. A. A.; Basketball (1, 2, 3); Swim- 
ming (1, 2, 3) ; Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Baseball 
(1, 2, 3), Manager (2) ; Life Saving Club (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; Terrapin (1, 2, 3, 4) 

James Lee Kirkland Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 

Allen Morse Kite Chicago 

Banking and Finance 
Tau Delta Phi 

James Donald Knapp Chicago 

Public Utilities 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pierrots ; 
Cast, "Nada" ; Cast, "The Brazil Nuts" 
University of Chicago 

Frances Inez Knight Aurora 

Banking and Finance 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Maryland College for Women 

Charles Francis King East St. Louis 

Industrial Administration 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Mary Elizabeth King Crystal Lake 

Beta Sigma Omicron 
Pi Delta Phi ; Anonian Literary Society ; Choral 
Society; Jamesonian Literary Society; Le Cercle 
Francais; Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Neil George Kingsnorth Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Scabbard and Blade ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; A. S. A. E. ; 
A. S. M. E. ; Heliograph ; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) 
University of Chicago 


Page 1 10 

James Dale Knox Hinsdale 

Industrial Ad?ninistration 
Delta Phi 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Alpha Delta 
Sigma ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Tribe of Illini ; Inter- 
fraternity Council ; Commerce Council ; Freshman 
Varsity Fencing Squad ; Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 
3, 4) ; Chairman Dad's Day Publicity Committee 
(4) ; Senior Invitation Committee 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4) Graduation with High 

John Wesley Kochendorfer . Champaign 

Architectural Engineering 
A. S. C. E. ; University Band (2) 

Elmer Joseph Kocour Chicago 

Crane Junior College 

Marguerite Louise Koelln 

Michigan City, Ind. 

Delta Zeta 

Lindenwood College 

Anna Beatrice Kostka Cicero 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Chicago 

Charles Lewis Kotovie Chicago 

Industrial Education 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Freshman Varsity Swimming; Varsity Swimming 
Squad (2) 

Milton Edward Kraft Chicago 

Chi Tau 

German Club; First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3) ; 
Football Band (1, 2, 3) 

Vera A. Kraft Chicago 

Home Economics 
Delta Gamma 
Phi Upsilon Omicron; Alethenai Literary Society; 
German Club; Choral Society; Women's Editorial 
Staff, 1929 IHio 
Honors Day (1) 


Elizabeth Julia Kresler. .Rennselaerjnd. 
Delta Delta Delta 
Eta Sigma Phi 
Western College for Women 

Claude George Krueck Elyria, Ohio 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Sigma Lambda 
Freshman Varsity Track ; Freshman Varsity Foot- 
ball ; Varsity Football Squad (3, 4) ; Men's Glee 
Club (2) 

Marvin Henry Krueger Forest Park 


Elma Clara Krumsieg Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Theta 
German Club ; Jamesonian Literary Society 
Crane Junior College 

Helen Dorothy Kruse Chatnpaign 

Physical Education 
Phi Omega Pi 
W. A. A.; Soccer (3; 4); Volley Ball (2, 3) ; 
Baseball (4) ; May Fete (3) 

Walter Andrew Kramarczyk. . .Chicago 

Katherine Krebaum 

General Business 
University of Wisconsin 

Robert Emerson Kuhl Wilmette 

Banking and Finance 
Delta Chi 

Illini Chamber of Commerce ; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil (4) ; Infantry Officers' Club (1) ; Freshman 
Cross Country; Reporter, Daily Illini (1,2) ; News 
Editor, Daily Illini (3) ; Enterpriser (4) ; Com- 
merce Dance Committee (3) ; First Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (1 ) 

. Virden Frank John Kuhn Marseilles 

General Business 
Sigma Delta Rho 

Russell Carlton Kremer Chicago 

General Business 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Illio (1) ; Sophomore Baseball Manager; Univer- 
sity Band (1, 2, 3) 



Leon William Kuhn 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

. Marseilles 

Mary Kathryn Kumler. 


Brunette Dorothea Kummer 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

. Champaign 

Sidney Benson Kuykendall Marion 

Alpha Chi Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon 

Walter Ernest LaBelle Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Kappa Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Theta Tau ; Engineer- 
ing Council ; A. S. C. E. ; Engineering Dance 

Herbert John Lacey Chicago 

Kappa Psi 

Page 111 




Donald Raymond Laidig Sterling 

Architectural Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Gargoyle ; Sigma Tau 

Miles Alexander Lamb St. Charles 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Russell Emery Lamoreux Lanark 

Delta Sigma Tau 

Alpha Tau Alpha ; Scabbard and Blade ; Varsicy 
Wrestling Squad (2) ; First Lieutenant, University 
Brigade (4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 

Harriet J. Lampman Rockford 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Rockfotd College 

Paul William Landgren Chicago 

General Business 
Chi Tau 

Illini Chamber of Commerce ; Intetfraternity Coun- 
Crane Junior College 

Walter Bertrand Lacey. . 
Farm House 

Agricultural Club ; Illini Grange 

. Casey Alice Virginia Landhy Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alvin Landis Chicago 

Charles B. Laegeler Highland Park n I P' 

y Junior Informal Committee ; Senior Memorial Com- 

University of Chicago ; Lewis Institute 

Lester Laegeler Highland 



Page 112 

William Curtis Lane Lincoln 

Physical Education 
Phi Epsilon Kappa; Captain, University Brigade 

John LaTreyte Lang Joliet 

Civil Engineering 
Joliet Junior College 

Peter Thomas Langan, Jr Cairo 

Phi Kappa Psi 
Phi Delta Phi 
Harvard University ; Vanderbilt University 

Lawrence E. Langdon Wilmette 

Civil Engineering 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Mu San ; A. S. C. E. ; Interfrater- 
nity Council; Gym Team (1) ; Technograph (1) ; 
Sophomore Track Manager 

Dorothy Frances Lannon. . . .Saunemin 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Illinois Woman's College 

J. Frank Lansing Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 


Elizabeth Lantin Los Angeles, Cat. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

University of California ; University of Southern 

Earl M. Lantz. 


. Shelbyville 

Agricultural Club 

Everett Christian Larsen Hinckley 

Theta Nu Epsilon 

Fred David Larsen Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Tau 

Kenneth Russell Larsen Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Knud Anthon Larsen III Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Delta Rho 
Pierrots ; Caisson Club ; Spanish Club ; Techno- 
graph (1, 2) ; Enterpriser (2) ; Glee Club (3, 4) ; 
Chorus, "Nada" (3) ; Production Staff, "Is Zat 
So?" (3) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Charles Reynold Larson Lombard 


Skull and Crescent ; Interfraternity Council .; Enter- 
priser (1, 2) ; Junior Informal Committee; Vice- 
President, Illinois Union (4) ; Illinois Union Cabi- 
net (3) 

Ray Larson Kewanee 


Theta Chi 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Band of X ; Accountancy Club 
Daily Mini (1) ; Illini Board of Control (3, 4) 
Junior Prom Committee ; Junior Cap Committee 
Senior Hat Committee 


Robert William Lavicka Oak Park 

Architectural Engineering 
Delta Phi 

Gargoyle ; Scarab 

Edwin John LawsonJr. . .Downers Grove 

Civil Engineering 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Theta Tau; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E. ; In- 
terfraternity Council ; Cavalry Officers' Club • Jun- 
ior Prom Committee ; Chairman, Junior Informal 
Committee; Director, Illinois Union (3, 4), Vice- 
President (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee (4) ; 
Major, University Brigade (4) 

K. Lorene Lawson Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Max Lazovsky Evan st on 


Margaret Louise Leach Joliet 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Shi-Ai ; Phi Upsilon Omi- 
cron ; Co-Chairman, Flower Committee, Mother's 
Day (3) ; Chairman, Shi-Ai Sing (3) ; Financial 
Secretary, Woman's League (4) ; Grand Treasurer, 
Alpha Lambda Delta (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Lasell Seminary 

Andrew George Leary Rockjord 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Football (1) ; Varsity Football Squad 
(2, 4) ; Varsity Wrestling Squad (2) ; Men's Glee 
Club (4) 
Northeastern University 

Julia Elizabeth Lee. . .Valley City, N. D. 
Musical Education 
Sigma Alpha Iota 
Valley City State Teachers College 

Lucille M. Lee Albion 





Robert Ellsworth Lee Danville Florence Juanita Lewis Sheldon 

Banking and Finance Home Economics 

Delta Sigma Phi Illinois State Normal University 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Beta Alpha 
Psi ; Beta Nu Kappa ; Accountancy Club ; Com- 
merce Council (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Grover Cyrus Lewis Danville 

Alberta Leeper Centralia Chn Engmeerhlg 

Educat 'on Theta Kappa Nu 

Sigma Kappa chi Epsilon ; Phalanx ; A. S. C. E. ; Infantry Offi- 

Shi-Ai ; Gold Feathers; Daily Illini (1) cers' Club; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

De Pauw University 

James Warren Lewis. . .Indianapolis, Ind. 

John Alfred Legier Carmi „ , . 

... , . , . . Education 

Liberal Arts and Sciences . „. 

p, r ,. Sigma Pi 

rm ^ ni Tribe of Illini; Varsity Football (2, 3, 4) ; Letter 

(3) ; Basketball (2, 3, 4) 

Julien Edward LeMaire Basco 

Hoof and Horn Club 
Carthage College 

Sidney Levin Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Crane College 

David Leslie Levine Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; A. I. E. E. 

Maxwell Marshall Lewin Chicago 

Delta Pi 

Nu Beta Epsilon ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Soccer 
(3, 4), Letter (3) 

Alberta Fenn Lewis Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Torch ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Sigma Delta Phi ; Woman's Production Manager, 
Homecoming Stunt Show (3) ; Woman's General 
Manager (4) ; Gold Feather Council ; Y. W. C. A. 
Commission (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4) ; First 
Council, Woman's League (3, 4) ; Pan Hellenic 
Council (2, 3) ; General Chairman, Mother's Day 
(3) ; Dance Supervision Committee (4) 

Jerdie Dale Lewis Marshall 

Beta Kappa 

Gamma Eta Gamma ; Vice-President, Senior Law 
Class; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) 

John Hart Lewis Jackson, Miss. 

Zeta Beta Tau 

University of Alabama ; University of Wisconsin ; 
University of California 

Perry Henry Lewis Mendota 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phillip F. Lewis Marion 

Mechanical Engineering 
Graceland College 

William David Lewis Glen Ellyn 

Chi Phi 

Tu-mas ; Chairman, Sophomore Informal Commit- 
tee ; Senior Hat Committee 



Page 114 


Calvert Joseph Lincoln Gary, Ind. 


Eva Natalia Lind Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Delta Pi ; El Circulo Espanol ; Gregorian 
Literary Society ; W. A. A. 

August G. R. Lindberg, Jr Chicago 

Ceramic Engineering 

Keramos; Sigma Tau; Men's Concert Glee Club; 
University Band 

Honors Day (4) 

Dorothy Elizabeth Livesey. . . .Danville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Knox College 

Parker Chesterfield Livingston 

Spokane, Wash. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Theta Chi 
Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Dol- 
phin ; President, Senior Class ; Interfraternity Coun- 
cil (3, 4) ; Interfraternity Scholarship Committee 
(4) ; Student Council (4) ; President, Athletic 
Council (4) ; Chairman, Senior Jacket Committee 
(4) ; Chairman, Illini Sportsmanship Code (3) ; 
Block I Committee (3) ; Senior Intramural Man- 
ager; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Birtill Arthur Lloyd. .Kingston, Jamaica 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Kappa Epsilon ; Phi Lambda 

College of the City of New York 

Leslie Lindsley Rockford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Life Saving Club ; Tadpole 
Connecticut College ; Rockford College 

Anthony William Linkonis. . . .Chicago 
Kappa Theta Sigma 

Architectural Society; B. A. I. D. ; Wrestling (1) ; 
Band (2) 


kYl mm 

Julia Ann Lipow Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Herbert Richard Lissner 

Michigan City, Ind, 

Phalanx; Phi Alpha Lambda; A. S. C. E. ; First 
Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Neva Louise Little Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Sigma Delta Phi ; Women's Varsity Debating Team 

Catherine Elizabeth Loekle. 
Sigma Alpha Iota 
Choral Society; Women's Glee Club 


Ernest Ralph Loewy Chicago 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Nu Beta Epsilon ; Secretary, Senior Law Class 
Crane Junior College 

George Stanley Logan Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psi Upsilon 

James L. Long Urbana 

Beta Kappa 

Hoof and Horn Club ; Illini Flying Club ; Illini 
Grange ; Phalanx ; Second Lieutenant, University 
Brigade (4) 

Phyllis Freda Long Peoria 

Alpha Sigma Nu ; El Circulo Espanol ; Life Saving 
Club ; Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A. ; W. A. A. Ad- 
visory Board (4) ; Hockey (3, 4) ; Volley Ball (3, 
4) ; Baseball (3, 4) ; Apparatus (3. 4) ; Archery 
(4) ; Minor I A (3) ; Major I A (4) ; Archery 
Manager (4) 

Bradley Polytechnic Institute 


Page 115 




Lyle Wayne Loomis Augusta, Kans. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kansas State Agricultural College ; University 
World Cruise ; Kansas University 

Charlotte Emerson Love 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Delta 
Daily Illini (4) 

West Tennessee State Teachers' College ; University 
of Colorado 

Gaze E. Lukas East St. Louis 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Beta Gamma Sigma ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Alpha 
Psi ; Beta Nu Kappa ; Captain, University Brigade 
(4) ; Illini Chamber or Commerce; Commerce 
Council ; Accountancy Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

John Adolph Lundgren .... Butte, Mont. 

Floricultural Club 
Montana State College 

Lawrence L. Lowe Aroma Park Josefina Lupian Chicago 

Agriculture Pharmacy 

Alpha Gamma Rho Lambda Kappa Sigma 


Virginia Stuart Lowe Byron 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Linnean Botany Society 

George Francis Lowes Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

James Harold Lowry Loami 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
First Regimental Band (3, 4) 

Kenneth James Lowry. .Janesville, Wis. 
Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
A. S. C. E. 

Mildred Ludlow Paxton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 


Page 116 

Edgar Allan Luscombe La Grange 

Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 

Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Edward Arthur Lusk Round Lake 

Banking and Finance 
Theta Upsilon Omega 
Intercollegiate Flying Club ; Interfraternity Council 
(3, 4) ; Illini Chamber of Commerce; Pan-Hellenic 
Ball Committee 

Julius Magrew Luther Wilmington 

Lambda Alpha Lambda 
Agricultural Club ; A. S. A. E. ; Farm Mechanics 
Club ; Interfraternity Council ; University Band 

Madeline Winifred Lutyens . Springfield 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Jeanett Dee Lutz West Frankfort 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
W. A. A. ; Hockey (1, 2, 3) ; Swimming (2) 


Glenn Russell Lyon 

Skull and Crescent; Scarab 

.Pana Thomas Sidney McClintock Herrin 


Fay E. McAtee 

Civil Engineering 
Chi Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. 

Esther Louise McBride. . 

Crane Junior College 

d Harry William McClugage Oglesby 

Civil Engineering 

La Salle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College 

Jane Adelaide McClure. . . .Blue Mound 
. Chicago Delta De i ta Delta 

Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Sigma Nu ; Kappa 
Delta Pi ; Gold Feathers ; Physikos Paideia ; W. A. 
A.; Soccer (I, 2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3); 
Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Apparatus (1, 2) ; Bowling (1, 
2, 3) ; Tennis (3) ; Minor I A (2) ; Major I A 
(3) ; Gold Seal (4) ; Daily Illini (2) ; Manager, 
W. A. A. Basketball, W. A. A. Baseball 

John McBride Monmouth 

Civil Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Chi Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. ; Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 
Monmouth College 

Foster Wood McCarty St. Joseph 

Phi Pi Phi 

Freshman Varsiry Track; Freshman Varsity Foot- 


John Wesley McCarty 

. .Areola 

Architectural Engineering 
Wesley Players ; A. S. C. E. 

Eva Mae McClain 

. .Loami 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Omicron Nu ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 

Honors Day 

Illinois State Normal University 

Wayne Edward McCleery 

. .Leland 



Freshman Varsity- Football ; Freshman Varsity 
Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling Squad (4) 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 



Josephine Baker McCormick. . . .Normal 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Shi-Ai ; Alethenai Literary Society 
National Park Seminary 

Lloyd Allen McCormick .... Champaign 

Mechanical Engineering 
A. S. M. E. 

Melvin Aldridge McCoy Springfield 

Pi Kappa Phi 
Kappa Phi Sigma; Pierrots; Concert Band (1, 2, 
3, 4) ; University Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Samuel McCune La Grange 

Civil Engineering 
Chi Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. 
Queen's University 

Evelyn Margaret McCutchen 

Ida Grove, Iowa 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Gamma Epsilon Pi ; Phi Chi Theta 

Page 117 


Ray McDaniels .Marion John Day McIntire Spri. 

General Business Commerce and haw 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Delta Sigma Tau 

Cross-country Track Squad (4) ; Varsity Track 
Team (3, 4) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Verne Alexander McDermont 

Riverside, Calif. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Ma- Wan-Da ; Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity 

Track, Letter (3, 4), Captain (4) 

Georgine Belle McDonald. .Champaign 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Frederick Hotchkiss McKelvey. .Sparta 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Delta Theta 

Robert Charles MacLaggan. . . .Chicago 
General Business 
Cosmopolitan Club 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) ; Cast. 

Harriet McElroy Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Northwestern University 

James Leslie McElroy Bondville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Francis McGary Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Kappa Tau 
Cavalry Officers' Club ; Freshman Varsity Football ; 
Varsity Football Squad (2, 3) ; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) ; Interfraternity Council 
(4) ; Chorus, "Prince of Pilsen" (2) 

Vernon C. McGinnis Warren 

Athletic Coaching 

Eugene Littell McHarry Havana 

Phi Pi Phi 

Alpha Zeta ; Varsity Football Squad (4) ; "Illinois 
Agriculturist" (3, 4) 


George William McLean Hillsboro 

Delta Theta Phi 

Gertrude Rose McMahon Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Phi Alpha 
Daily Illini (3) 

Mary McMahon Georgetown 

Home Economics 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Illinois Wesleyan University 

Mary Alice MacMillan Hinsdale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Omicron Pi 
Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Gold Feathers , 
Choral (1, 2) ; Chairman, Group Committee, Gold 
Feathers (2) ; Chairman, Mother's Day Transpor- 
tation Committee ; Junior Fatuity Reception Com- 
mittee ; Chairman, Dad's Day Information Com- 
mittee ; May Fete (1, 2); W. A. A.; Soccer (1, 
2) ; Apparatus (1, 2) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Thomas Harvey McMillan Macomb 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais; Student Council, McKinley 
Foundation (4) 
Western Illinois State Teachers' College 

Page 118 


Robert Emmett McMurtrie 

Dayton, Ohio 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Pi 
Interfraternity Council ; Freshman Varsity Base- 
ball ; Varsity Baseball Squad (4) 

William Thomas McNeill Chicago 

Phi Kappa Psi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Delta Phi ; Junior Informal 
Committee ; Senior Ball Committee ; Dance Super- 
vision Committee ; President, Senior Law Class ; 
Senior Varsity Cheer-Leader 

Max Boyd McQueen .... 
Phi Beta Pi 

Choral Society 


Edwin Lester MacVeigh Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Ohio Wesleyan University 

Jack Macdonald Chicago 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Pierrots ; Skull and Crescent ; Freshman Varsity 
Fencing; Intramural Fencing Champion (3) ; Daily 
Illini (2); Band (1, 2); Cast, "Brazil Nuts," 
"Old English" 

Josephine Kindall Macdonald 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 



Lucille Virginia Machiels . . 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Alethenai Literary Society ; Illio (2) 
Ward Belmont School 

Guerard Mackey Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Theta Alpha 
Pi Delta Epsilon ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Theta Tau ; A. _ 
M. E. ; Engineering Council ; Business Manager 
Technograph (3, 4) 


Myrtle Edgren Magnuson Berwyn 

Delta Delta Delta 
Tadpole ; Terrapin ; Life Saving Club ; Orchesis ; 
W. A. A.; Baseball (2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (2, 3. 
4) ; Bowling (3) ; Minor I A (3) ; Major I A (3) ; 
Soccer (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Ten- 
nis (3, 4) ; Manager, Soccer (3) ; Cast, "The 
Ancient Mariner" (3) ; May Fete (3) 
Morton Junior College 

. Chicago 

Ella Marie Magny 

Theta Upsilon 

North Park College 

Martin Francis Maher Streator 

Beta Theta Pi 

Sachem ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Skull 
and Crescent; Chief Editorial Writer, Daily Illini 
(4) ; Author, "Steppin' West," 1929 Student 

James Lawrence Major, Jr. .Champaign 

Freshman Varsity Baseball; Varsity Baseball Squad 

(2, 3) 

University of Kentucky 

Samuel Joseph Makeever. . . .Marseilles 
Alpha Gamma Rho 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Tribe of Illini ; Cross Coun- 
try Track (2, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Track Team; 
Letters (2, 3) 

Margaret Louise Mallatt Sheldon 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Choral Society ; Le Cercle Francais ; Orange and 
Blue Feathers; Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day (4) 

Richard Charles Malone Freeport 

Kappa Theta Sigma 
Accountancy Club ; Advertising Staff, Enterpriser 
(2) ; Assistant Editor, Enterpriser (3) 
Columbia College 

Victor De Forrest Malone 

Maplewood, Mo. 

Athletic Coaching 
Tau Nu Tau ; Freshman Varsity Baseball ; Senior 
Independent Intramural Manager ; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) ; University Rifle Team (3, 
4) ; Cabinet, Independent Council 


Page 119 



Earl John Mann Batavia Michael Charles Marten Chicago 

Landscape Architecture Civil Engineering 

Scarab Theta Kappa Phi 

Phillip Edward Mann Flora Delmar Everett Martensen. . . .Anchor 

General Business Law 

Beta Gamma Sigma Theta Nu Epsilon 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) Illinois Wesleyan University 

Elva Winifred Martin Urbana 

Harold Austin Manuel Quincy General Business 

Electrical Engineering Theta Upsilon 

beta rsi Gamma Epsilon Pi ; Phi Chi Theta ; Commerce 

Etta Kappa Nu ; Sigma Tau Council (4) 

Honors Day (1, 3) 


Robert Lee Manville Harvey 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Mu Alpha ; Rail- 
way Club; E. E. Society; A. I. E. E. ; University 
Concert Band 
Honors Day 

Alberta Slaten Mareing Mattoon 

Illinois State Normal University ; Eastern Illinois 
State Teachers' College 

Gladys Beryl Mark Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 

Illio Staff (2) ; Illini Business Staff (2) 

Isobel Thompson Marsh. . .Denver, Colo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Anonian Literary Society 
University of Denver 

Rufus Julian Marshall Danville 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Delta Sigma Psi ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Phi Epsilon 
Kappa; Sigma Delta Sigma; Freshman Varsity 
Basketball; Freshman Varsity Baseball; Varsity 
Baseball Letter (2, 3) 



Wilbert Arthur Martin Freeport 

Phi Delta Gamma; Men's Glee Club; Sketch 
Club; Choral Society; University Band 

Elizabeth Claire Martindale . . . Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Alethenai Literary Society ; Gold Feathers 
Northwestern University 

Gordon Stanish Marvin Peoria 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society; Kappa Phi Gamma 
Northwestern University 

Mildred Eva Marx Louisville. Ky. 

Liberal Arts and Science* 
Sigma Delta Tau 

Carl J. Mason Jacksonville 

Public Utilities 
Theta Kappa Nu 

0- m 


Page 120 


Lottie Will Massey. . . . 
Class Secretary (3) 
Lewis Institute 

. Chicago 

Kate Allison Mathews. 


Helen Marie Mathis Morton 

Physical Education 
Phi Mu 
W. A.. A.; Physikos Paideia ; Volley Ball (2); 
Apparatus (2) ; May Fete (2) 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Frank Augustus Matteson, Jr . . . , Joliet 
Civil Engineering 
Theta Upsilon Omega 
Adelphic Literary Society; Technograph (1); A. 
S. C. E. ; Concert Band (2, 3, 4) 

George Downey Matthews. . . . Wheaton 
Electrical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Lambda 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma; E. E. Society; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) 

Kenneth Wilbur Mason. . . 
Athletic Coaching 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Freshman Varsity Baseball 

. Chicago 

Leslie Randolph Mason 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Chemical Engineering 

Chemistry Club ; Floricultural Club 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Mabel Lyda Majon Rossville 

Choral Society (3, 4) ; W". A. A.; Minor I. A. 
(3); Hockey (1, 2); Track (1); Volleyball (2, 
3) ; Apparatus (2) 


Andrew Bernard Matthiesen, Jr. 

Seattle, Wash. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Pi Alpha Xi 
Washington State College 

William Howard Maxant. .River Forest 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Alpha Alpha Alpha; Adelphic Literary Society; 
German Club ; Inter-Literary Council 
University of Chicago 

Bernard Cornelius Mayberry 

East St. Louis 

Phi Delta Phi 

First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Bernard Joseph Mayer. . . .St. Louis, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Epsilon Pi 

Phi Delta Gamma ; Manager, Interscholasitc Cir- 
cus ; Debate Team (3) 

Herman William Mayer 

Bay Shore, N. Y. 

Athletic Coaching 

Irving Barry Mayer Chicago 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Robert Wallace Mayer Mt. Pulaski 

Accountancy, Banking and Finance 
Sigma Phi Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Alpha Kappa 
Psi ; Beta Nu Kappa ; Pierrots ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; 
Illio (1, 2); Men's Glee Club; Choral Society; 
Cast, "Brazil Nuts"; University Band; Interfra- 
terniry Council 
Honors Day 

Helen Valette Mayes Dalton City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Page 121 

ijl >A\l\ 


Ruby Marie Meleen Erie, Kans. 

General Business 
Kansas State Teachers' College 

Valentine Charlotte Melville 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Louis John Melvin Weldon 

General Business 

Business Staff, "Braril Nuts" 

Henry Weber Meers Joliet 

Phi Kappa 

Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Ma-Wan-Da; 
Sachem ; Skull and Crescent ; Student Council ; 
Athletic Board of Control; Siren (1); Freshman 
Varsity Swimming Squad ; Senior Football Man- 

Thaddeus Walter A. Mermel . . . Chicago 

Railway Electrical Engineering 

Theta Kappa Phi 

Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Intercollegiate Flying Club ; 

Railway Club ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Ann Esther Mazac Cicero 

Morton Junior College 

Anne Hurst Meierhofer Minonk 

Delta Zeta 

Sigma Delta Phi ; Jamesonian Literary Society ; 
Sophomore Informal Committee ; Junior Prom 
Committee; First Council, Woman's League (3, 
4) ; Daily Illini (2) ; May Fete (2) 

Karl William Meisenbach Pearl 

Central Wesleyan College 

Frederic Thomas Metcalf Chicago 

General Business 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi;' Credit De- 
partment, Daily Illini (3) 
Hiram College 

Elmer August Meyer Chicago 

Sigma Mu Sigma 
German Club 
Lewis Institute 

Henry Albert Meyer Quincy 

Mechanical Engineering 

Leo Michael Meyer Joliet 

Accountancy Club 
Joliet Junior College 

Xavier Charles Meyer Champaign 

Landscape Architecture 
Agricultural Club ; Architectural Club ; Infantry 
Officers' Club ; Landscape Club ; Phalanx ; U. L. 
A. S. ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Ralph John Michelini Evanston 


Lavona Millard East Peoria 

Home Economics 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Kenneth Russell Millen. .Lansford, Pa. 
Athletic Coaching 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Phi Epsilon Kappa 






Chester Orville Miller Mary Elizabeth Miller Chicago 

Connersville, Ind. Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Accountancy Chi Omega 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Beta Nu Kappa ; Scabbard Gold Feathers ; Pan-Hellenic Council 
and Blade; Illini Flying Club; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) 

Dorothy Gertrude Miller 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Edena Miller Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Beta Sigma Omicron 
Athenian Literary Society; Choral Society; Inter- 
Literary Council; Gold Feathers; Women's Varsity 
Debate Team (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Milton Samuel Miller 

Sioux City, Iowa 

Architectural Engineering 
Delta Alpha Pi 

Samuel S. Miller Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
A. S. C. E. ; Gargoyle 

Francis Howard Miller Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
University of Chicago ; Crane Junior College 

John B. Miller Urbana 

Ceramic Engineering 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Keramos ; Southern Branch A. C. S. ; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Joseph Maynard Miller. 

. Vernon, Vt. 

J. Wallace Miller Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Leota Maebre Miller Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Illini (l) 

1 fe gi 

Thomas Strain Miller Elmwood 

General Business 
Beta Theta Pi 
Band of X ; Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity 
Track; Varsity Track Letter (2, 4) 

James Kenneth Milligan. . . .Smithshire 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Sigma Phi Delta; Rifle Team (1, 2) 
University of Southern California 

Carrol Vandaveer Mills Fairfield 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Douglas Raymond Mills Elgin 

Athletic Coaching 
Sigma Nu 

Ma-Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Skull and Crescent ; Tribe 
of Illini ; Delta Theta Epsilon ; Freshman Varsity 
Football; Vatsity Football Letter (2, 3) ; Freshman 
Varsity Basketball; Varsiry Basketball Letter (2, 
3) ; Captain (4) 

Harrison Read Miner Decatur 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society ; Railway Club 


Page 123 



k 1 

Berneice Elizabeth Mitchell Dicie Ann Moore Urbana 

New Haven Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Education Prl ' Beta Kappa ; Pi Delta Phi ; Sigma Delta Pi 
Illinois Woman's College; William Woods College 

Edmund George Mitchell 

' cleveland < ohw Edward Naylor Moore Bloomington 


Delta Tau Delta 

Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Varsity Golf 
Honors Day 

Gladys Virginia Moberly Peoria Perry Oliver Moore Otterbein, Ind. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences General Business 

Delta Gamma Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Bradley College Skull and Crescent 

Kenneth Everett Mobereey .Shelbyville 
Sigma Mu Sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Adelphic Literary Society ; Inter- 
Literary Society ; Junior Informal Committee ; 
General Chairman, Senior Memorial Committee ; 
Board, Star Course (4, 5) ; Social Chairman, Inde- 
pendent Council (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Thomas Charles Moers Freeport 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Eta Sigma; Kappa Phi Sigma; Phalanx; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

John Sture Monson Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Mu Delta 
A. S. C. E. 

Crane Junior College 

Maxwell James Montgomery 

Brook, hid. 

General Business 

Theta Alpha 
Circus Manager (2) ; University Band (2) 

John Mooradian Waukegan 

Illinois Law Review 

Richard Leigh Moore Chicago 

Industrial Administration 

Interfraternity Council (3, 4), Cavalry Officers' 
Club ; Freshman Varsity Swimming ; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Thyra Maurine Moore . . . Otterbein, Ind. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Omega 
Oxford College 

Joseph Francis Morgan. . . .El Paso, Tex. 

Architectural Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade ; Tau Nu Tau ; Major, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) 

David Eugene Morris. . .Kansas City. Mo. 
Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Kansas City Junior College 

Fred Herbert Morris Mason City 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Delta Gamma; Phi Mu Alpha; — Sinphonia; 
Wesley Players ; Mask and Bauble 


Page 124 


Isobel Blair Mowatt Chicago 

Beta Phi Alpha 
Gregorian Literary Society 
Crane Junior College 

Grace Roberta Mower 

Hot Springs, S. D. 


Alpha Delta Theta 
Gold Feathers ; Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A. ; Ap- 
paratus (2, 3) ; Basketball (2) ; Bowling (3) ; 
Hockey (2, 3); Track (3); Volleyball (3); 
Minor I. A. ; May Fete (2, 3) 

Black Hills Teachers' College; University ot 

Ruth Ileen Moye Omaha 

Home Economics 
University Orchestra ; Choral Society 
Southern Illinois State Teachers' College 

William August Mueller. . .Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club 

Palmer O. Muhl Oskaloosa, Iowa 

Athletic Coaching 
Kappa Sigma 

Delta Theta Epsilon ; Freshman Varsity Football; 
Freshman Varsity Basketball 
Penn College 

Allie Roy Morrison. .Marshalltown,loiva Russell Edward Mullady llliopolis 

Athletic Coaching Ceramic Engineering 

Delta Upsilon Phi Kappa 

Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Tribe Keramos ; S. B. A. C. S. ; Technograph (1, 2) 
of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad, 
Letter (2, 3). Captain (2, 3) 

„ T A , ,. , , ~ Edna Boyd Mulvane Robinson 

Ruth Jane Morrison. . . .Hartford, Conn. 

_, . General Business 

Education ., , T , , _■ . _ .. ., _. 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma fcpsilon Pi 

Tadp ° le Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

John D. Morse Gifford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Arthur Clarence Muns Pesotum 

Delta Tau Delta Pre-Medic 

Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Sigma 
Delta Chi ; Editor, 1928 Illio 

Lola Jeannette Muns Pesotum 

T# '*' ^B Liberal Arts and Sciences 

9 ill " 5> Alpha Chi Omega 

f. L__._ _f 

Elizabeth Ann Munson. ...... .Aurora 

Linnean Botany Society 

Jack H. Muntz Elgin 

Electrical Engineering 
Chi Phi 
Skull and Crescent; Theta Tau; Daily Illini (1) 

Oliver Wesley Munz. . .Milwaukee, Wis. 
Civil Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Mu-San ; A. S. C. 
E. ; Concert Band (1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2 ) 

Erroll Alexander Murhard 

Portland, Ore. 

Mechanical Engineering 

Sigma Mu Sigma 
Oregon State Agricultural College 


Page 125 

'tin -:><*=- 


George Washington Murieon, Tr. 

Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 


Wilbur Robert Murley Minooka 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Alpha Lambda 
Joliet Junior College 

Bernard Delbert Murphy Urbana 

Civil Engineering 
Chi Epsilon; Sigma Tau ; A. S. C. E. 

James Smith Nall. . . .Washington, D. C. 

Civil Engineering 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Delta Gamma ; Junior Manager, 
Star Course 

Joseph James Nedwed Cicero 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Pi 

Accountancy Club 
Morton Junior College 

Harry Cambron Neil Pueblo, Colo. 

Beta Theta Pi 
Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Band of X; Alpha Delta 
Sigma ; Interfraterniry Council ; Business Staff, 
Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Chairman, Dance Supervi- 
sion Committee 

Devereux Hamilton Murphy 


Civil Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Chi Epsilon ; Mu San ; Theta Tau ; 
A. S. C. E. 

Albert Otis Myers Oak Park 

Architectural Engineering 
Chi Tau 
Pi Delta Epsilon; Gargoyle; Daily Illini (2, 3) ; 
Junior News Editor; Editor, Arch Year Book (4) 
Honors Day (3) 
Crane Junior College 

Harriet June Myers Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Omega 

Woman's Cosmopolitan Club ; Anonian Literary 
Society; Gregorian Literary Society; Inter-Literary 
Council ; German Club ; Pan-Hellenic 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Oreva Elaine Myers Champaign 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais 
Honors Day (1, 2) 

Stanley Charles Myers Springfield 

Zeta Beta Tau 

Freshman Varsity Baseball ; Freshman Varsity 
Water Polo 

Walter Russell Nelsch Springfield 

Electrical Engineering 

Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau; E. E. Society; 
A. I. E. E. ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Beulah Grattan Nelson Chicago 

Kappa Delta 
Upsilon Alpha 
Northwestern University 

Charles Arthur Nelson Galesburg 

Civil Engineering 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Scabbard and Blade ; Mu San ; Tau Nu Tau ; A. S. 
C. E. ; Engineering Dance Committee (3) ; First 
Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) ; Production 
Staff, "Is Zat So?," "Mary the third" 

Harold William Nelson. . . .Park Ridge 
Chemical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Tau 
Armour Institute of Technology 

Harry Nelson Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
A. S. C. E. ; Architectural Society 




Page 126 



Iva Viola Nelson Chicago Gerold H. Nickoll Milwaukee, Wis. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Civil Engineering 

Theta Upsilon Zeta Beta Tau 

North Park College University of Wisconsin 

Olof William Nelson ......... Chicago AvGmr £yAN NlEDERHOFF 

Mechanical Engineering r-- -i -n 

6 6 Civil Engineering 

Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E. . _ ^ _ „, , _, _. , 

_f A. S. C. E. ; Men s Glee Club 

Honors Day ,_ T . _ .. 

_ . . _ ,, Crane Junior College 

Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Ruth A. Nelson Peoria 

Delta Gamma 
Torch ; Gold Feathers ; Junior Prom Commirtee ; 
First Cabinet, Y. W. C. A. (4) ; Chairman, Dad's 
Day Committee; Treasurer, Y. W. C. A. (4) ; 
Sophomore Informal Committee 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Lillian Metta Nielsen. . 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Harold Ross Nettles Carlyle 

Sigma Delta Kappa 
Alpha Alpha Alpha; Wesley Foundation Student 
Council (2, 3, 4) 

Gladys Carolyn Neystrom Toulon 

Home Economics 
Phi Omega Pi 
Home Economics Club 
North West Institute of Medical Technology 

Harold Nichols W 'infield, Kans. 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Alpha Tau Alpha ; Agricultural Club ; Agricultural 
Education Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Illini 
Grange ; Illinois Agriculturist 

Martha Eileen Nichols. . .Lawrenceville 

Douglas G. Nicholson . . 
Joliet Junior College 



Gilbert Leon Nimmo Anna 

Phi Lambda Upsilon ; German Club 
Honors Day (3) 

William Francis Nissen. . .St. Louis, Mo. 
Civil Engineering 
Sigma Phi Delta 

Eric Siegfried Noe Chicago 

Ceramic Engineering 

James Frank Normand Belton, Tex. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Texas 

Emmet N. Norris Effingham 

Kappa Psi 

Page 121 


Mary Lou Norris Normal 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 

Leonard Lewis Norton Tolono 

Sigma Mu Sigma 
Agricultural Club ; Agricultural Education Club ; 
Field and Furrow 

Benjamin Ira Norwood Danville 

General Business 
Theta Alpha 
Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Daily Illini 
(1, 2) ; Business Manager, Enterpriser (4) 

Cornelius Edmond O'Donnell 


Electrical Engineering ■ 
Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu ; E. E. Society 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

Rene Oehler Elgin 

Beloit College 

Richard Charles Oeler Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Theta 
Tau ; Tribe of Illini ; A. S. M. E. ; Varsity Gym- 
nastics Letter (2, 3, 4), Captain (4); Captain, 
Freshman Varsity Gymnastic Squad ; Intetftaternity 
Honors Day 


Cecil Wright Nysewander 

Plain field, Ind. 

Chemical Engineering 

Martha Leona Nystrom Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 

Thomas Saylor Oakwood Urbana 


Donald Joseph Oddsen .Chicago 

Gamma Eta Gamma 

William Francis O'Dell La Grange 

General Business 
Delta Upsilon 

Tu-Mas ; Scabbard and Blade ; Senior Hat Com- 
mittee ; Interfraternity Council; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) ; Production Staff, "Nada," "The 
Youngest," "The Great Galeoto" 



John LaRue Ogden Geneseo 

General Business 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling; Daily Illini (1) 
University of Iowa 

William Joseph O' Grady, Jr. . .Oak Park 
General Business 
Phi Kappa 
Alpha Delta Sigma; Daily Illini (1) 

Harry Alfred Ohlinger Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Beta Psi 

Sophomote Manager, Star Course 

Francis Xavier O'Keefe. .Allentown, Pa. 
Delta Upsilon 

Clifford Daniel Olin 

General Business 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
University of Kentucky 

Page 128 


Virginia Mae Olive Alton Alipio De Veyra B. Orencia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Tubao, La Union, P. 1. 

Shurtleff College Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Philippine Illini Club 
Crane Junior College 

Willard Raymond Olsen 

Banking and Financt 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Benigno De Veyra Orencia 

Tubao, La Union, P. I. 

Philippine Illini Club 
Crane Junior College 

Bessie Mae Olson 

Phi Mu 
Cornell College 

. Leland 

Ralph Jonas Orner Wilmette 

Electrical Engineering 

Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Synton ; E. E. Sociery ; Captain, 

University Brigade (4) ; Student Member, A. I. 

E. E. 

Milton Edward Olson 

Two Harbors, Minn. 

General Business 
Chi Tau 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Sophomore Interscholastic Manager 

£ $■ ^m^ 

George Oneal Kingsburg, Cal. 

Athletic Coaching 

Mildred Alice O'Neil Chicago 

Crane Junior- College 

Walter Joseph O'Neil Chicago 

Theta Kappa Phi 

Freshman Varsity Baseball 

Victor Leonard Opperman Pontiac 

Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Phi Eta Sigma; Gargoyle; A. S. C. E. ; Y. M. C. 
A. Cabinet (4) 

k.ht a 

Margaret Helen Osborne . . .Champaign 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Zeta 

Margaret Winifred O'Shea Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Burrill Botany Club ; French Club 

Fred Henry Oster Chicago 

Foreign Commerce 
Delta Chi 

Scabbard and Blade ; Icarus ; Freshman Varsity 
Swimming; Daily Illini (2), Junior News Editor 
(3) ; Sophomore Baseball Manager; Military Ball 
Committee (3) ; Lieutenant .Colonel, University 
Brigade (3) ; Interfraternity Council (3) 

Margaret Helen Otis Moline 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Gold Feathers ; Alethenai Literary Society ; Junior 
Prom Committee ; Sophomore Informal Committee 
Monticello Seminary 

Robert Gilchrist Ottesen Tilden 

General Business 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent; Chairman, Home- 
coming Badge Sales Committee (2); Chairman, 
Union Smoker (2) ; President, Sophomore Class 


Page 1 29 

iCn •■'Vit- 


Darrell Ova Overpeck. . 

Omega Beta Pi 

. Brazil, Ind. 

John Richard Ozment Carrier Mills 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Phi 
Southern Illinois State Normal University 

Selmar Thelo Pabst Highland 

Architectural Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Harlow Otto Panhorst Staunton 

Architectural Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade ; Tau Nu Tau ; Military Editor, 
Illio (3, 4) ; Chairman, Homecoming Awards 
Committee (3) ; Senior Membrial Committee; Mili- 
tary Ball Committee (3) ; Captain, University Bri- 
gade (4) 

Andrew Reid Park, Jr Evanston 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Edward Arthur Parker. . 

. Woodstock 

George Reginald Paine. .Bay Point, Calif. 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Sigma 

Harold George Paine Sandwich 

Electrical Engineering 
Beta Chi 

Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; E. E. Society ; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) 

Clark Francis Palmer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Rho 

G. Justine Palmer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Alpha Lambda Delta ; Alethenai Literary Society 

Richard Milo Palmer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 

Scabbard and Blade ; Caisson Club ; Freshman 
Varsity Gym Squad ; Freshman Varsity Baseball 
Squad; Captain, University Brigade (4) ; Interfra- 
ternity Council; Cheerleader (2, 3) ; Varsity Cheer- 
leader (4) 

Joe Marion Parker Vienna 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Alpha 
Honors Day (1, 3) 

Richard Denzil Parker Harrisburg 

General Business 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

James Milliken University 

Grace Esther Parkhill Champaign 

Public Speaking 
Chi Omega 
Torch; Delta SigmaRho ; Shi-Ai ; Sigma Delta Phi ; 
Chairman, Homecoming Accommodations Commit- 
tee (3) ; Chairman, Homecoming Information 
Committee (4) ; Co-Chairman, Pan-Hellenic For- 
mal Committee (4) ; Gold Feathers; Pan-Hellenic 
Council (2, 3); Woman's Varsity Debate Team 
(2, 3) 

Maurice Albert Parr Bartonville 

Electrical Engineering 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Charles Ithamer Parrish 

Indianapolis. Ind. 

A. I. C. E. ; German Club 
Honors Day 




Page 130 


Donald B. Partridge 

Marshalltown, Iowa 

Landscape Architecture 
U. L. A. S. 

Lucile A. Patterson. . . . 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Crane Junior College 

Hal Cushman Pattison Monmouth 

General Business 
Phi Pi Phi 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; Scabbard and Blade ; 
Cavalry Officers' Club; Illini Chamber of Com- 
merce ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Reserve Foot- 
ball Squad ; Lieutenant-Colonel, University Bri- 
gade (4) ; Production Staff, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 
"Brazil Nuts," "Mary the Third" 

Albert Peltzer Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Varsity Gym Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2) 

.Chicago Julius Peltzman Kansas City, Mo. 


Freshman Varsity Wrestling 
University of Kansas 

Elsie Emily Pendelton Chicago 

Beta Phi Alpha 
Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; Der Deutsche Verein 

Arthur Wayne Patton. 

Illinois State Normal University 

. Normal 

Mildred Louise Patton 

Colorado Springs, Col 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Delta Gamma 
Choral Society 
Colorado College 

Mary Elizabeth Paul Carlinville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Blackburn College 

Ruth Frances Pecival.. 
Kappa Sigma Tau 
Gregorian Literary Society 
Chicago Normal College 

. Riverside 

Leo Peller May wood 

Mechanical Engineering 
A. S. M. E.,; Independent Council; Captain, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Donald Jean Pennington Decatur 

Electrical Engineering 
Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Synton ; E.E. Society; Cast, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 
"Brazil Nuts," "Mary the Third" 
James Millikin University 

Pauline Alice Percival Champaign 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
University of Colorado 

William Lee Pereira Chicago 

Zeta Beta Tau 
Daubers ; Gargoyle ; Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; 
Tribe of Illini ; Interfraternity Council ; Varsity 
Fencing Squad (2, 3), Letters ( 2, 3), Captain 
(3); Siren (I, 2); Junior Informal Committee; 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Stanley Newhall Perkins Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Pi Kappa Phi 

Scabbard and Blade ; Tau Nu Tau ; A. S. C. E. ; 
Sophomore Informal Committee ; Captain, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (2, 3, 4) 

Louis J. Perrottet Belleville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Theta Xi 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Interscholastic Circus Manager 
(2) ; University Band 


Page 131 


Gertrude Peske Chicago 

Torch ; Alpha Sigma Nu ; Treasurer, W. A. A. ; 
Soccer (2, 4) ; Baseball (2, 3) ; Volleyball (2, 3) ; 
Swimming (3) ; Apparatus (2) 

John Andrew Phillips. 
Delta Theta Phi 

. Chicago 

Frank George Peterson . . . 

General Business 
Phi Eta Sigma 

. Batavia 

Ruth Elizabeth Phillips 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

John Andrew Pianfetti. 

Signe Walborg Peterson Richmond Chemistry 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Phi Eta Si 8 ma 

Honors Day 

University of Michigan 

. Staunton 

Thomas Hubert Peterson 

Fort Dodge, Iowa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Fort Dodge Junior College 

Frank L. Petru Cicero 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Gamma Eta Gamma; Kappa Phi Sigma; Phalanx; 
Illini Chamber of Commerce ; Infantry Officers' 
Club; Accounting Club; Enterpriser (2); Com- 
merce Dance Committee (3) ; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) ; Star Course Board (4, 5) ; Commerce 
Council (3) ; University Orchestra (1, 2) 

William B. Petty Decatur 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Alpha Epsilon 
Pierrots ; Men's Glee Club 
James Millikin University 

Louis Armin Pfautsch Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Synton ; E. E. Society; A. I. E. E. 
Northwestern University ; University of Michigan 

Esther Phares Le Roy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Alethenai Literary Society ; Sigma Delta Phi 
Rockford College 

-3* « 

Buford Lindsay Pickens Oak Park 

Alpha Rho Chi 
Gargoyle; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) 
Honors Day 

Berlyn Pierce LaGrange 

General Business 
Chi Psi 

Freshman Varsity Wrestling Squad 
University of Chicago 

Noah Pierce Danville 

Industrial Administration 

Pearle Pierce Sullivan 

Illinois State Normal University 

Ramon Briard Pierce Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Athenian Literary Society; Woman's Editor, I 
Book (3) ; Student Council (4) ; First Council, 
Woman's League (4) ; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet (4) ; 
Y. W. C. A. Commission (3) ; President, Y. W. 
C. A. (4) 



Lynn Wilson Pine Dixon Glenn Harold Pontious Loogootee 

Civil Engineering General Business 

A. S. C. E. ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Harry Harvey Pitluck Chicago 

Cosmopolitan Club 
Alpha Omega; President. Student Council (4) 

John Louis Poole 


. Ful/c 


Independence Mo. Warren Greely Poole Bloomington 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society 
Missouri Junior College 

General Business 
Augustana College 

John A. Piuppo Kankakee 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Phi Epsi- 
lon Kappa ; Sigma Delta Sigma 

George Plain, Jr Aurora 

Aurora College ; North Central College 

Dorothy Louise Plante Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Xi Delta 
Daily Illini (3; 4) 
Gulf Park College 

Louis Platt .Chicagc 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Zeta Beta Tau 
Washington University 

Eugene Polhamius Winnetka 

Theta Chi 
Purdue University 

Louis Burnett Pope Kane 

General Business 
Theta Kappa Nu 

Sidney Kent Pope Chicago 

Alpha Zeta ; Phalanx ; Major, University Brigade 

David Jordan Porter Urbana 

Chemical Engineering 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon ; University 
Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Gladys Elizabeth Porter Hume 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Mary Louise Porter Salem 

General Business 
Delta Delta Delta 

Phi Chi Theta; W. A. A.; May Fete (3) ; Base- 
ball (3) ; Hockey (4) 
James Millikin University 



Page 133 



Ruth Alene Posey Davenport, Iowa Laura Pauline Price Bloommgton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Home Economics 

Alpha Chi Omega Beta Sigma Omicron 

Basketball^ (I) ; Volleyball (1); Daily Illini (1, Home Economics Club ; May Fete (3) 

Illinois State Normal University 

2) ; Illio (2, 3) 

Helen Alyce Posnick 

Minneapolis, Minn. SaRAH HeLEN PrICE Bloommgton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences , Ubertd Arts and Saences 

c . _ . _, French Club ; Sketch Club 

Sigma Delta lau Illinois State Normal University 

University of Minnesota 

Betty Alice Post Eranston Elden Paul Priebe chlca *° 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Accountancy 

Delta Gamma Phl Ka PP a S 'g ma 

T .- i, ,, ■ ■ c r \c ■ Pm Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Delta 

Lawrence College ; University of California si g ma . Be 6 ta Alpha p si . Beta %, u Kap £ a . Daily 

Illini (1, 2) ; Commerce Council (4) 

Kenneth A. Potter 

Alpha Tau Alpha ; Alpha Zeta 
Illinois State Normal University 

. Pontiac 

Roger David Potter Champaign 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Tau Delta 

Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Football Squad 
(4) ; Varsity Basketball Squad (2, 3) ; Varsity 
Track Squad (3, 4) 

Edith Catherine Powell .... Champaign 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Xi Delta 

Shi-Ai ; Gold Feathers ; Business Staff, Daily Illini 

Maxine Christiana Pressmar. .Hillsboro 
Home Economics 

Stephens Junior College 

Ruth Kathryn Pretty Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 

Alpha Lambda Delta ; Shi-Ai ; Illiola ; Inter-literary 

Le Roy Edward Pritchard .... Washburn 
Civil Engineering 

Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Joseph Frank Prola Wilsonville 

Banking and Finance 
Kappa Zeta Rho 

Scabbard and Blade ; Infantry Officers' Club ; Cap- 
tain, University Brigade (4) 

Milton A. Provus Chicago 

General Business 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Accountancy Club 
Northwestern University 

Wiley Edward Pruner Rockford 

Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 
Architectural Society; A. S. C. E. 

Cecil Calvert Pryer Williams lille 

Kappa Phi Kappa 
Lincoln College 



Page 134 


Harold A. Putnam Manchester, Iowa 

Civil Engineering 
Phi Kappa Psi 

Skull and Crescent ; Sophomore Track Manager 

Edward C. G. Quebbeman 

Western Springs 

Commerce and Law 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
Skull and Crescent ; Phi Alpha Delta ; Alpha Delta 
Sigma; Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Helen M. Queenan 

Home Economics 
Alpha Xi Delta 

. Aurora 

La Vern Edward Quinnell Chicago 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society ; Railway Club 

Alois Joseph Rack Springfield 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu; Phalanx; First Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Vernon Donald Pulliam 

Mechanical Engineering 
Pi Tau Sigma ; A. S. M. E. 

. Urban a 

. Wheat on 

Margery Elizabeth Purnell. 
Home Economics 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Torch; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Choral Society (1, 
2); Gold Feathers; W. A. A.; Baseball (1); 
Daily Illini (1) ; Chairman, Homecoming Reunion 
Committee (3) ; Chairman, Senior March of May 
Fete (3) ; Chairman, Woman's League Bulletin 
Board Committee (3) ; First Council, Woman's 
League (2, 3, 4) 

Joseph C. Rafilson Chicago 


Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Freshman Varsity Swimming ; Freshman Varsity 
Baseball Squad ; Freshman Varsity Golf ; Sopho- 
more Interscholastic Manager ; Post Exam Jubilee 
Committee (2) 

Luther Grimm Ramer Aurora 

Electrical Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade ; Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Tau Pi 
Sigma; Synton ; E. E. Society; Major, University 
Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (2) 

Ann Elizabeth Putnam Mt. Carmel 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 

Monticello Seminary ; Northwestern University 


Page 155 

Dorothy Grace Randall . . . 

General Business 

. Morris 

Lloyd Edward Randall Owen, Wis. 

Alpha Rho Chi 
Eau Claire State Teachers College 

Jeptha Fitz Randolph Canton 

Sigma Mu Sigma 

Vincent Gerard Raney. .Loogootee, Ind. 
Phi Kappa 
Scarab; Technograph (3) ; B. A. I. D. 

Honors Day 
Indiana University 

Irva J. Rankin Rockford 

Theta Upsilon 

Athenian Literary Society; Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Lucile E. Rapp 5/. Louis, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Sigma Tau 
Volleyball (3) 
Harris College 



Delmar F. Reed LaFayette 

Landscape Architecture 
Landscape Society 

Helen Reed Hattiesburg, Miss. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Kappa 
Vanderbilt University 

T. Wesley Reed LaFayette 

General Business 
Illinois State Notmal University 

Van Reeder Clinton, Ind. 

Delta Theta Epsilon 

Daniel Scott Reese Lansford, Penn. 

Athletic Coaching 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Phi Epsilon Kappa 

Theodore August Rathje. . .Homewood Edward William Regan Chicago 

Pre-Legal General Business 

Pi Kappa Phi Honors Day (1, 2) 

Cavalry Officers' Club ; Freshman Varsity Gym ; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Richard West Rayner Elgin 

^ ; D • Conrad Carl Reibold, Tr Chicago 

General Business J b 

Deka Chi Athletic Coaching 

.,.„,_. _ , ,. . _ . Freshman Varsity Football ; Freshman Varsity Base- 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Freshman Varsity Tennis ball 

Elgin Junior College 

Edward Franklin Ream, Jr Aurora 

Civil Engineering Leslie Donald Reid Chicago 

Sigma Delta Rho General Business 

Mu San; Phalanx; Caisson Club; A. S. C. E. ; Delta Sigma Pi 

Varsity Rifle Squad (2, 4) ; Military Ball Commit- 
tee ; Major, University Brigade (4) 
Antioch College 


' ^ £Sl Mildred Reinboth Amboy 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Congregational House 
Eta Sigma Phi; Hockey (3, 4) ; Apparatus (1, 2) 


'■ J ^tt Jit Edward Leonard Reiter Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
Tribe of Mini ; A. S. C. E. ; Varsity Gym Squad 
(2, 3, 4) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

4*» *& 


Roque Tumaneng Reyes 

Laoag, Hoc os Norte, P. I. 

Railway Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E.; A. R. E. A. 
Crane Junior College 

Thomas Everett Reynolds Chicago 

Industrial Administration 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Alpha Kappa Psi ; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) ; 
Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Soccer Squad 
(3, 4), Letter (3, 4) ; University Band (1, 2) 

Tom F. Rhodes Mt. Carroll 

Architectural Engineering 
Sigma Nu 
Scarab; University Concert Band (2, 3, 4) 

in " 


Page 136 


Harry Louis Richter Gary, lnd. 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Freshman Varsity Tennis ; Freshman Varsity Gym ; 
Varsity Gym Team (3) ; Varsity Tennis Squad 
(2, 4) 

Albert Edward Riddle Winnetka 

Chi Beta 

Helen Catherine Riepen Galesburg 

University of California ; University of Colorado ; 
Lombard College ; Western Illinois State Teachers 

James Arthur Rinehart. . . .Christopher 
General Business 

Ralph E. Rinkenberger Washington 


Edward Earl Rice Milwaukee, Wis. 

Foreign Commerce 
Pan Xenia, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4) 
University of Wisconsin 

May Elizabeth Richards Glencoe 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illinois College 

Mary Catherine Richardson. . . .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Zeta Phi Eta 
Drake University 

Philip Ritzlin Chicago 

Delta Kappa Sigma ; Co-Editor Illini Pharmacist 
(1, 2, 3) 
Ctane Junior College 

Mary Elizabeth Roberts Ottawa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Illiola Literary Society ; Sophomore Cotillion Com- 

Genevieve Robinson Warsaw 

Home Economics 
Phi Omega Pi 
William Woods College 

Irma Winifred Robison Morton 

Home Economics 
Omicron Nu ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Eco- 
nomics Club ; Illini Grange 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Leonard Ely Robinson Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
A. I. E. E. ; Electrical Engineering Society ; Rail- 
way Club 
Crane Junior College 

Olaf Elery Robinson Waverly 

Athletic Coaching 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Scabbard and Blade ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Freshman 
Varsity Football; Varsity Football (3, 4) ; Tribe 
of Illini; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Robert Alden Rodgers Chicago 

Beta Theta Pi 
Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Gargoyle; Sigma Tau; 
Freshman Varsity Track; Varsity Track Squad (2, 
3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4) 

Lloyd Glenn Rodman Urbana 

Sigma Mu Sigma 
Agriculture Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Freshman 
Varsity Basketball 



Page 137 


. Chicago 

Elizabeth E. Roe 

Delta Zeta 

Physikos Paideia ; Gregorian Literary Society ; W. 
A. A.; Hockey (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Volleyball (1, 2) ; 
Basketball (3) ; Bowling (1, 2) ; Baseball (1, 2, 
3) ; Physical Education Alumni News (1, 2) 

Surton Ellsworth Roeder. 
General Business 
Theta Chi 
llio (.1, 2) 

. Chicago 

Daniel Francis Roll Paris 

Landscape Architecture 
U. L. A. S. ; Phalanx; Landscape Club; First Lieu- 
tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Iver Axel Rockman St. Charles 

Electrical Engineering 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Synton ; E. E. Society ; Engineer- 
ing Dance Committee (4) ; First Lieutenant, Uni- 
versity Brigade (4) 

Benjamin Franklin Rose II 

Rosu/ell, N. Mex. 

Structural Engineering 

Alpha Tau Omega 
Skull and Crescent; Sigma Tau ; A. S. C. E. ; Var- 
sity Football Squad (2) ; Chairman, Freshman 
Frolic Committee; All University Gold Medal (2) 
Honors Day (3) 

Laura Lorraine Rose 

Lambda Omega 
Daily Illini (3) 

. Champaign 

Jolin Noble Rolston Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 
Varsity Golf Squad (3, 4) 

Randall Roman Pekin 

Mechanical Engineering 

Pi Tau Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Tau ; 
Tau Nu Tau; A. S. M. E. ; Major, University 
Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Margaret Lucille Romanus. 

Carbondale Normal College 


Evelyn Jankowski Romer Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Women's Cosmopolitan Club 
Southern College 

Lillian Vally Ronneberg Chicago 

Theta Upsilon 

William Myron Rose Oak Park 

Banking and Finance 
Delta Phi 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Beta Nu Kappa ; Icarus ; Scabbard 
and Blade ; Sophomore Football Manager ; Com- 
merce Council Committee; Major, Universiry Bri- 
gade (4) 

Dorothy Rosen Chicago 

Gregorian Literary Sociery; Daily Illini (1) 
Honors Day (1) 

Frank Vernon Rosenthal. . .Lake Bluff 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Xi 

Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Baseball ; Var- 
siry Baseball Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4); First 
Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Lillian Jane Rosenfeld 

Terre Haute, Ind. 


Sigma Delta Tau 
Athenian Literary Society (3) ; Mask and Bauble 
(3) ; Gold Feathers (2) ; Gregorian Literary So- 
ciery ; Illio (2 ) 

Theresa Rosenwasser Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 



Page 138 


Maude Irene Ross Morrison 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Phi Beta 

Alice Athleene Royston Oak Park 

Home Economics 
Delta Delta Delta 

Home Economics Club; W. A. A.; Tennis (3) ; 
Hockey (3, 4) ; Volley Ball (3) ; Bowling (3) ; 
May Fete (3) 
Beloic College 

Walter A. Ross Chicago 

Industrial Administration Samuel Rubin Rock Falls 

Sigma Pi Commerce and haw 

Skull and Crescent; Scabbard and Blade; Caisson University Orchestra (2) 
Club; Captain, University Brigade (3) 

Maurice Louis Rossiter Chicago 

General Business 
Tau Delta Tau 
Scabbard and Blade ; Mini Chamber of Commerce ; 
Cavalry Officers' Club ; Freshman Cross Country 
Track; Varsiry Cross Country Squad (4) ; Enter- 
priser (1) ; Military Ball Committee (3) ; Captain, 
University Brigade (3) 

Kenneth William Rugh . . Greeley, Colo. 
General Business 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Tu-Mas ; Skull and Crescent ; Interfraternity Council 
(3, 4) ; Junior Class President 

Judson Burson Routh, Jr. 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Architectural Engineering 

Alpha Rho Chi 
Arch Fete (2) ; Pierrots (3) 

Mary Virginia Rowan DuQuoin 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Omega Mu Delta; Spanish Club (4) ; Chairman, 
Interracial Committee, Y. W. C. A. (4) 

Florence Margaret Roy Galesburg 

Home Economics 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Alpha Lambda' Delta ; Phi Upsilon Omicron ; 
Alethenai Literary Society 

Stanley Harold Royer Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 

E. E. Society 

Donald Joseph Royse Urbana 

General Business 

Albert Frank Rus Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Sigma Delta Kappa 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma; E. E. Society; Student A. I. 
E. E. ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Harry Gould Russell Neponset 

Animal Husbandry 
Farm House 

Alpha Zeta ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Agricultural Club : 
Mini Grange; Livestock Judging Team (3) ; Meat 
Judging Team (4) ; Dairy Judging Team (4) 
Honors Day 

Mary Margaret Russell Roberts 

Choral Society (2) ; Executive Council, Woman's 
Group System (3) ; First, Second Council of 
Woman's League; Honor Council, Woman's Group 
System (3) 

Frederick Warner Rutherford 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma; President, Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Stu- 
dent Council (4) ; Interfraterniry Council (4) 
Honors Day (1 ) 

Leslie F. Ryburn Heyworth 

Architectural Engineering 
Theta Nu Epsilon 


Page 139 


Ruth Rysdon Chicago Angela Rogue Santos 

Education Tondo, Manila, P. 1. 

Phi Omega Pi Education 

Tadpole; W. A A. ; Volley Ball (3) ; Swimming Cosmopolitan Club 

(3) ; Bowling (3) ; Y. W. C. A. Commission (4) • . , , _, ... 

... . , _,. University or the Philippines 
university or Chicago ' re 

Joseph Charles Sapora. . .Renovo, Penn. 

Mollie Fannie Sacks Pontiac Education 

r- .„ in. „•_„.., Tau Kappa Epsilon 

General Business / r r 

— _ .. Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Wrestling; Var- 

Gamma Epsilon Pi si Wrest ii n g Squad (2, 3, 4) ; National Inter- 

collegiate Wrestling Champion ; Conference Indi- 
vidual Wrestling Champion 

„ _, . Max Joseph Satin Chicago 

Sam Sagotsky Chicago 

Architectural Engineering _ ^ ., _, . 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma 

Eunice Viola Salisbury Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Women's Business Staff, Illio (2) 

Dorothy Lee Salle Polo, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Stephen's College, University of Missouri 

Richard George Sander Chicago 

Commerce and Law 
Sigma Delta Kappa 

Ella Mary Sanders Donovan 

Home Economics 
Home Economics Club 

Hazel Marie Sanders Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Home Economics Club 

Agnes Sawby. .Hatton, Saskatchewan, Can. 
Home Economics 
Kappa Sigma Tau 
North Dakota Agricultural College 

Helen Louise Sawyer DuQuoin 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Kappa 
Shi-Ai ; Gold Feathers; Illini (1) ; Sophomore Co- 
tillion Committee ; Junior Prom Committee ; Pan- 
Hellenic Council (3, 4) 
Honors Day (3) 

Bernice Margaret Saxon Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Georgia Madge Saylor Hebron, hid. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Purdue University 

Earl Frederick Schaefer 

Indianapolis, bid. 

Ceramic Engineering 

Delta Sigma Lambda 
S. B. A. C. S. ; Band (1, 2, 3, 4) 
Butler University 

>'*P ''%/"* 


Page 140 


Edward George Schaefer 

Indianapolis. Ind. 

Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Rho Chi 

John Tideman Schaefer Forest Park 

Industrial Administration 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Pi Delta Epsilon ; Sigma Delta Chi ; Sigma Iota 
Epsilon ; Editorial Staff, Daily Illini (1, 2) ; News 
Editor (3) ; Chief Editorial Writer (4) ; Editor, 
Enterpriser (4) ; Editor Y's Indian (4) ; Commerce 
Council (4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4) 

David Schaeffer 

Delta Kappa Sigma 

. Chicago 

Janette Schmidt Wheaton 

Home Economics 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Phi Upsilon Omicron ; Anonian Literary Society 
(3); Choral Club; Gold Feathers; Daily Illini 
(1, 2) ; Chairman, Homecoming Reunion (4) ; 
Chairman, Mother's Day Flowers (3) ; Chairman, 
Homecoming Awards (3) 
Honors Day (4) 

Donald Frederick Schnepp . .Springfield 
General Business 
Sigma Phi Sigma 

Stanley Gilbert Schoenbrod. . .Chicago 
Sigma Alpha Mu 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Interfraternity 
Council; Daily Illini (1, 2) ; News Editor (3) ; 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Rudolph Wendell Schafer Malta 


Chi Tau 

Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club 

Harvey Andrew Scheel Rockford 

Architectural Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
A. S. C. E. ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity 
Football Squad (2, 3) ; Freshman Varsity Track; 
Varsity Track Squad (2, 3) 

Kenneth Lawrence Schellie. . .Chicago 
Landscape Architecture 
Beta Sigma Psi 
Scarab; Landscape Society; Illio (1, 2); Sopho- 
.more Informal Committee (2) ; Senior Ball Com- 
mittee (4) ; Director, Illinois Union (3, 4) 

Carl Julius Scheve .Denver. Colo. 

Architectural Engineering 
Theta Xi 

Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma ; A. S. C. E. ; Gar- 
goyle ; Sigma Tau ; Freshman Varsity Track ; In- 
terscholastic Manager (1, 2) 

Mayer D. Schlesinger. . . 

. Chicago 

Bertha Josephine Schofield Mazon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Delta 
Honors Day (3) 

Frank McGrew Schofield. 
Alpha Chi Sigma 

. Kankakee 

Ward Kermit Schori Elmwood 

Kappa Tau Alpha; Adelphic Literary Society; 
Daily Illini (2) ; Men's Glee Club (2, 3, 4) 

Fred Roy Schroeder Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma; Dolphins; Tribe of Illini; Varsity 
Swimming Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Varsity Water Polo 
Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Captain (4) ; Interfraternity 
Honors Day 

John Frederick Schroeder. . . .Maywood 
Mechanical Engineering 
Sigma Pi 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Theta Tau ; A. S. 
M. E. ; Technograph (1); Sophomore Baseball 
Manager; Engineering Dance Committee (4) 


Page 141 

.'::' .•/-. 


Julius Robert Schuham Chicago 

General Business 
Phi Epsilon Pi 

William C. Schulte Chicago 

Delta Sigma Tau 

Tau Beta Pi; Phi Alpha Lambda; Men's Glee 
Club (2, 4) 
Syracuse University 

Ernest Roscoe Schwarm Loogootee 

Alpha Zeta ; Pi Alpha Xi ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Ma- 
jor, University Brigade (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Walter Reese Schwartz. 
Adelphic Literary Society 

. Urbana 

Ray Schwarzentraub Princeton 

Foreign Commerce 
Tau Delta Tau 

Pan Xenia 

Margaret Louise Schroeder Breese 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Burrell Botany Club ; Linnean Botany Society ; Ger- 
man Club; Sketch Club; Hockey (1) ; Tennis (2) 

Alvin Edward Schubert Park Ridge 

Mechanical Engineering 
Delta Sigma Tau 

Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma ; Tau Nu Tau ; Theta 
Tau; A. S. M. E. ; Technograph (4); Captain, 
University Brigade (3); Interrraternity Council 
(3) ; University Glee Club (4) 
Honors Day (2, 3) 
Armour Technical College 

Bertrand Carl Schuemann Chicago 

Phi Mu Delta 

Sigma Delta Kappa 

Medill School of Commerce; Crane Junior College 

Virginia Helen Schye Chicago 

Kappa Sigma Tau 
Hockey (4) ; Terrapin Club; W. A. A. 
Chicago Normal College 

George Walter Scott Winnetka 

Civil Engineering 
Delta Tau Delta 
Theta Tau ; Freshman Varsity Baseball ; Freshman 
Varsity Football; Varsity Football Squad (2) ; In- 
terfraternity Council (3, 4) 


Mary Marjorie Scott Champaign 

Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A.; Baseball (1 2, 3) ; 
Life Saving (3) ; Soccer (2, 3) ; Volley Ball (2, 3) 

Joseph Morton Scudder Chicago 

Alpha Omega ; Student Council (3) 

Susie Walton Sears Atkinson 

Theta Upsilon 
Western Illinois State Teachers' College 

Page 142 

Alwin Seavey. 

General Business 
Theta Kappa Nu 

Crane Junior College 

Virginia Louise See Hammond 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Gamma 

I am &i 

Frank Richard Sejnost Berwyn 


Morton Junior College 

Henrietta Frances Selden Durand 

Home Economics 

Alpha Lambda Delta ; Omicron Nu ; Phi Upsilon 
Omicron ; Home Economics Club 

Michael Dean Serblin Chicago 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Roy Henry Seybold. Milwaukee 

Architectural Engineering 
Gargoyle; Sigma Tau; A. S. C. E. 
Marquette University 

Alvin Raymond Shabino Glen Ellyn 

Civil Engineering 
Kappa Delta Rho 

Everett E. Seedorf Kankakee Genevieve Frances Shade . . 

Pre-Medic Home Economics 

Choral Society ; Men's Glee Club Home Economics Club 

. Urbana 

Jay Steward Seeley Chicago Milda Almene Shallene Moline 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Chi Rho Chi Omega 

Interfraternity Council ; Spanish Club ; Business Sigma Delta Phi ; Alethenai Literary Society ; Daily 

Manager Siren (3, 4) ; Sophomore Interscholastic Illini (3) 

Manager; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) Augustana College 

Theodore Jacob Shambaugh, Jr. 

Ethel Sylvia Segerman Chicago Cerro Gore 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Agriculture 

Ag Club ; A. S. A. E. ; Farm Mechanics Club 


Bertha Helen Shannon 

Chi Chi Chi ; Life Saving Club 

.Terre Haute, Ind. 

Janice Pearl Shapiro Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Richard Shapiro Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Samuel Emanuel Shapiro Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
Pi Delta Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. 
Crane Junior College 

William Henry Shappert Chicago 

General Business 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Page 143 




Robert Lee Shearer .Toulon 

Electrical Engineering 
Beta Chi 
A. I. E. E. ; E. E. Society 

Mildred Ella Shepard Harvard 

Kappa Delta Pi 
Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Emma Jane Shepard Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Beta Phi 
Rockford College 

Wilton John Sherman. .Crown Point, Ind. 
Gamma Eta Gamma 
Phi Eta Sigma; Cavalry Officers' Club; Phalanx; 
Intramural Boxing Team ; Senior Memorial Drive ; 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 
Indiana University 

Frances Shields 

Home Economics 
Bethany Circle 
Home Economics Club 
Garden City Junior College 

. Astoria 

Besse Sharer Princeton 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lombard College 

William E. Shatwell West Chicago 

Landscape Architecture 

Theta Xi 

Scarab ; Landscape Society ; University Band ; In- 
terfraternity Council 

Phyllis Evelyn Shaub Berwyn 

Beta Phi Alpha 
Women's Glee Club; W. A. A. 

m Mm ik.Sl 


John Atwell Shinn Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Alpha Delta Sigma ; Business Staff, Daily Illini 
(1, 2) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Harold L. Shively Cerro Gordo 

Civil Engineering 
Mu San ; A. S. C. E. 

Clarke Dilling Shobe Urbana 

General Business 

Robert Louis Shoemaker Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Delta Theta 
Pierrots; Daily Illini (1) 

Josephine Florence Shogren. . .Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Daily Illini (1, 2) 

Henry M. Shook Spencerville. Ind. 

General Business 
Delta Chi 

Lyle Ford Shoot Tuscola 

Farm House 
Agricultural Club ; Hoof and Horn Club ; Illini 
Grange; Illinois Agriculturist (3) ; Livestock Judg- 
ing Team (3) 
Honors Day (3) 

Ruth A. Short Champaign 

Home Economics 

Page 144 


Frederick William Siegel. . .Forest Park Julia Marie Simonsen 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Education 

Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Kappa 

Alpha Delta Sigma; Pi Delta Epsilon; Scabbard Choral Society (3) ; May Fete (3) 

and Blade ; Cavalry Officers' Club ; Illio (2 ) ; Siren Crane Junior College 
(3) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

. Chicago 

Jerome Leo Siegel. 


Tau Epsilon Phi 

Northwestern University 

■ otcago d OROTH y Grace Simpson. 

Chicago Normal College 

. Chicago 

Annetta Mae Siemon Rock Island 

General Business 
Zeta Tau Alpha 
Jamesonian Literary Society; Enterpriser (3) 
Augustana College 

Oliver Cecil Simpson. . . . 
Honors Day (2, 3) 

. Champaign 

-' - . 

i3 ■ 

Jack E. Silberman Chicago 

Chemical Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

M. Benjamin Silberman Chicago 

Tau Delta Phi 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling ; Varsity Wrestling 
Squad (2, 3, 4) 

Leon Frederick Simmonds 

New Haven, Conn. 

General Business 

Alpha Lambda Tau 
Wesley Players (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Henry A. Simms. .Albion 


Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Club; Hoof and 
Horn Club ; Illini Grange 

Leon Simon Chicago 

Chemical Engineering 
Crane Junior College 


Pearl Sa villa Sitter Anna 

Home Economics 
Alpha Delta Theta 
Home Economics Club 
Southern Illinois State Teachers College 

Freida Bernadine Skeels Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

George Skrelunas Johnston City 

General Business 

Helen Beatrice Slepicka Oak Park 

Beta Sigma Omicron 
Sketch Club ; Inter-Literary Council ; Jamesonian 
Literary Society ; Le Cercle Francais ; First Council, 
Woman's League (4) 

Irvin C. Slonneger Washington 


Accountancy Club 

Page 145 



Dean Howard Smith St. Elmo 

Electrical Engineering 

Donald Sackett Smith. . .Mount Carroll 
Theta Xi 

Earl Cooper Smith Bridgeport 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Eca Sigma 

Florence Irene Smith Crystal Lake 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
German Club ; Le Cercle Frangais 

James H. Smith Norwalk, Ohio 

Phi Kappa Tau 
Miami University 

Edward Joseph Slygh Toulon Janice Minerva Smith Urbana 

Architectural Engineering Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Alpha Rho Chi Phi Beta Kappa ; Iota Sigma Pi ; Omicron Nu ; Phi 

n, ■ c c - .~ . c . _ Upsilon Omicron: Illini Grange; Home Economics 

Phi bta Sigma ; Gargoyle ; Sigma Tau Club 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Lyle J. Smith Key worth 

Bruce Smith Bridgeport Civil Engineering 

Athletic Coaching Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

University Band Freshman Varsity Track 

James Milliken University 

Charles Oliver Smith Alton LoYAL Lauridsen Smith. . Plain vtlle. Conn. 

Mechanical Engineering Clv ;i Engineering 

Delta Sigma Lambda Beta Theta p; 

Scabbard and Blade; Tau Nu Tau: Varsity Wres- Sophomore Intramural Manager (2) 
tling Squad (4) ; Captain, University Brigade (4) . 

Terrance Herbert Smith. 

. .Scottland 

Thomas Robert Smith Omaha, Neb. 

Delta Upsilon 
Cast, "Old English" 
University of Omaha; University of Nebraska 

Virginia Anderson Smith Lincoln 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Spanish Club 
Lincoln College 

Virginia-Burke Smith Rockford 

Kappa Alpha Theta 
Gold Feathers ; W. A. A. ; Physikos Paideia ; Tad- 
pole ; Hockey (2, 3, 4) ; Tennis (1, 2, 3) ; Basket- 
ball (1); Swimming (1, 2, 3); Bowling (3); 
Baseball (1, 2, 3) ; Minor I A; Major I A; Man- 
ager, Tennis (4) 
Rockford College 

Rollin Kenneth Snethen Aurora 

Railway Electrical Engineering 
Caisson Club ; Railway Club ; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) 
University of Cincinnati 


Page 146 


Wilma Bernice Snider Oakwood James C. Soper Cicero 

Home Economics Law 

Delta Zeta Theta Delta Chi 

Illini Grange ; Home Economics Club Gamma Eta Gamma ; Publicity Manager, Home- 

Mary Lois Snively Davenport, Iowa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 
Honors Day 
Augustana College 

coming Stunt Show (3, 4) ; Dad's Day Districc 
Chairman of Programs (3, 4) 

Helen Frances Spaulding Pontiac 

Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; Theta Sigma Phi ; 
Kappa Tau Alpha ; Journalism Council ; League of 
Women Voters ; Gold Feathers ; Editorial Staff, 
Illio (2) ; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Gertrude Marie Snowhill Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Louls Frederick Spencer Chicago 

Alpha Delta Pi General Business 

Daubers; Illiola Literary Society; Inter-Literary IUini chamber of Commerce; Men's Glee Club 

Soaery; Stren ; Cast, The Butter and Egg Man (1> 2 _ 3> 4) . Captairli University Brigade (4) 
University of Arizona 

Kenneth Milton Snyder DeKalb 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Pi 
Kappa Phi Sigma ; Accounting Club ; Icarus ; Inter- 
Literary Council ; Interfraternity Council ; IUini 
Chamber of Commerce ; Senior Hat Committee 
Northern Illinois State Teachers College 

Dave Howard Sokolow Chicago 

Delta Pi 

Harold Alloysius Solger Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Glee Club 

Jack Soller Davenport. Ioiva 

General Business 
Phi Kappa Psi 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; Production Manager, 
"Mary the Third"; Staff, "Is Zat So?" "Uncle 
Tom's Cabin," "Brazil Nuts" 
Carnegie Institution of Technology 

Anna Rose Solomon. . 

Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day (3) 

. Cairo 

Frederick Kenneth Spiecker. . .Chicago 
Beta Kappa 

Pershing Rifles ; First Lieutenant, University Bri- 
gade (4) 
Crane Junior College 

William Edward Spivey. . . .East St. Louis 

Sigma Delta Chi 

Nelle Mae Spratt Sheffield 

Home Economics 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Barent Springsted, Jr.. . .St. Joseph, Mo. 
General Business 
Sigma Chi 
Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Circulation Manager, Enter- 
priser (4) 
Sr. Joseph Junior College 

George Benjamin Sproul Dixon 

General Business 
Theta Kappa Nu 
First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3) ; Concert Band 


Page 147 



Doloros Mary Stallard. 

.Donovan John Benjamin Stead Farmersville 


Robert Alan Stalnaker Paris 

Commerce and haw 
Varsity Track Squad (3, 4) ; Cross-Country Track 
Squad (3, 4) 

Dorothy Selden Steele Glencoe 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Phi 
Shi-Ai ; Anonian Literary Society ; Gold Feathers ; 
Daubers ; Inter-Literary Council ; Senior Ball Com- 

Dolph Stanley Marion ._ „ r . ... 

, . Virginia Steeley Louisville 

Floy steal Education , ., , . , „ . 

_. ' . _ .. Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Cumberland College 
Southern Normal College 


Thelma Virginia Stanley. .Waban,Mass. 

Opal Lavonne Stanner Champaign 


Gertrude Fern Stanton Urbana 

Beta Phi Alpha 

Mortar Board ; Torch ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; 
Theta Sigma Phi ; Kappa Tau Alpha ; Student 
Council; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); Woman's 
Editor (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Frederick William Stark Hume 

General Business 
Sigma Mu Sigma 
Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Frances E. Starulis Chicago 

Lambda Kappa Sigma 



D. Kenneth Steers Philadelphia, Pa. 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Sigma 
Delta Psi 

Edwin Frank Steeve Chicago 

Civil Engineering 

Mu San 

Jack R. Stein Chicago 

Beta Alpha Psi ; Accountancy Club 

Mildred Cecile Stein Chicago 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 
University of California ; University of Southern 

Rose Mary Steinpress Chicago 

W. A. A. ; Tadpole ; Physikos Paideia : French 
Club; Swimming (1, 2, 3); Baseball (1, 2); 
Soccer (2, 3) ; Apparatus (2, 3) ; Volleyball (1, 
2, 3) 
Northwestern University 

Page 148 


John Herman Steuernagel 

East St. Louis 

General Business 

Frances V. Stevens Chatham 

Kappa Delta 

Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A. ; Hockey (3) ; Basket- 
ball (3) ; Apparatus (3) ; Bowling (3) ; Track 
(3) ; Minor I A (4) ; Bowling Manager (4) 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Julia Catherine Stevens Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illiola Literary Society; Wesley Players; Women's 
Glee Club ;■ Manager, Women's Glee Club (4) 
LaSalle Peru Junior College 

Marjory Edith Stevenson 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Home Economics 

Jamesonian Literary Society ; Home Economics Club 

Leonard C.'Stever. .Hammondsport, N.Y. 
Sigma Mu Sigma 

Nick Stepanovich. . .Indiana Harbor, Ind. James Meryl Stewart Hinckley 

Law Agriculture 

Sigma Delta Kappa Alpha Gamma Rho 

Infantry Officers' Club; Captain, University Bri- Illinois Agriculturist (3); "Little International" 

gade (4) (2, 3, 4) ; "Peanut Banquet" (2, 3, 4) ; Meat 

Indiana University Judging Team (3) ; Interfraternity Council (4) 

Mary Elizabeth Stice Denver, Colo. 

Howard G. Stephens Rushville Education 

Pharmacy Electra 

Kappa Delta Pi ; Gregorian Literary Society ; Inter- 
Literary Council 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Richard Stern Evanston Charles Franklin Stiteley Savanna 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Banking and Finance 

Loyd Lemoyne Stitt Galesburg 

Theta Upsilon Omega 
Agricultural Club ; Dairy Club 

Robert C. St. John Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Scabbard and Blade; Freshman Varsity Fencing; 
Varsity Baseball Squad (3) ; Captain, University 
Brigade (4) 

Ruth Martha Stobbe Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Crane Junior College 


Cameron Melvin Stock Moline 


Augustana College 

0k _ _ 

Emily Louise Stoehr Chicago 

Gregorian Literary Society ; German Club ; Spanish 
Club; Editorial Staff, Daily Illini (4) 
y- j^' Crane Junior College 

OF ^^^ 


Page 149 





Jessie Anne Strang Waukegan 

Physical Education 
Lambda Omega 

Gold Feathers ; Physikos Paideia ; W. A. A. ; Soc- 
cer (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Basketball (1, 2) ; Baseball (3) ; 
Minor I A 

Edward Francis Streit. . 
Sigma Delta Kappa 

De Paul University 

. Aurora 

Helen Strockbine Casey 

Home Economics 
Phi Upsilon Omicron 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Helen Caldwell Stull . . . Ferguson, Mo. 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Sigma Delta Pi ; Pi Mu Epsilon ; El Circulo Espa- 
nol ; Women's Glee Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Frances Richards Summers Ambia 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Mary Rebecca Stone. .LakeWawasee.lnd. 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Anonian Literary Society 

William Harry Stout Chicago 

Sigma Phi Sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Dolphins ; Tribe 
of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Swimming Squad ; 
Varsity Swimming Letter (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Var- 
sity Water Polo Squad ; Varsity Water Polo Letter 
(3, 4) 

Elsie Marguerite Stoutemyer 


Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Kappa Delta Pi ; Gregorian Literary Society ; Uni- 
versity Choral Society 
Honors Day 


Page 1 50 

Mary Pauline Surman Carlinv.ille 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
French Club (4) 
Blackburn College 

Dorothy M. Sutherland. 

Eureka College 

. llliopolis 

Julius L. Sutton 

General Business. 
Phi Mu Delta 


Paul Bliss Swain Benton 

Architectural Engineering 
Chi Phi 
Architectural Society: B. A. I. D. 

Theodore Milton Swartz. .Loomis, Neb. 

Alpha Zeta ; Pi Alpha Xi ; Floricultural Club 
Doane College 

Frank Kingsbury Sweetman. . . .Chicago 
Mechanical Engineering 
A. S. M. E. ; Dolphins ; Tribe of Illini ; Captain, 
Freshman Varsity Swimming ; Varsity Swimming 
Letter (3) ; Freshman Varsity Water Polo; Var- 
sity Water Polo Letter (3) ; Freshman Varsity 
Track; Intramural Tennis Doubles Champion (3) 
Crane Junior College 

Clarice Vivian Swinford .... Champaign 

Illinois College ; Eastern Illinois State Teachers' 

Martha Elizabeth Swisegood. .Plymouth 
Public School Music 
Phi Beta ; Women's Glee Club 
William Woods College 


.■lit i 


John Tarwain Sesser Harold Minard Tenney Oak Park 

Athletic Coaching Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Delta Phi 

Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Football Squad (3, 4) Scabbard and Blade 

George Taubeneck Marshall 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Lambda Lorens Hansen Thaisen Chicago 

Phi Beta Kappa; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Education 

Kappa Delta; Gamma Alpha Tau ; Sigma Delta r>; f„_„„ nL- 

Chi; Fteshman Varsity Football; Daily Illini (2, ri ^ a PP a ^111 

3), Sports Editor (4), Editorial Writer (4); 

Freshmen Frolic Committee ; Skull and Crescent 


Mamie Fordyce Taylor Bristow Marie Elizabeth Theobald. ...Du Quoin 

Education Home Economics 

Brenau College 

Paul Roland Taylor Morris, Okla. 


Accountancy Club 
Oklahoma College 

Thomas Geer Taylor Clinton 

Architectural Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

William Lewis Taylor Petersburg 

Electrical Engineering 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma; E. E. Society; First Lieutenant, 
University Brigade (4) 

Henry Jule Tebow East St. Louis 

Civil Engineering 

Tau Nu Tau ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

Mary Foster Temple Salem 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais ; Tadpole 
Lincoln College 

Robert Rowland Thomas . . East St. Louis 
Ceramic Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Keramos ; S. B. A. C. S. ; Second Lieutenant, Uni- 
versiry Brigade (4) 

Donald Edward Thompson Chicago 

General Business 
Phi Gamma Delta 
Tribe of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Tennis ; Varsity 
Tennis Letter (2, 3, 4), Captain (3) 

Frances Jane Jo Thompson. . .May wood 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Harold Leon Thompson Erie 

Electrical Engineering 
E. E. Society 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

Paul Woodard Thompson Chicago 

Freshman Cross-Country ; Varsity Cross-Country 
Track Squad (3, 4) ; Varsity Track Squad (3) 
Crane Junior College 


Page 151 



Henry Franklin Thornes. 
General Business 

. Urbana Joseph John Tolson . . 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Phi Alpha Delta 

. Kankakee 

Judson A. Timm Twin Falls, Idaho 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Ma- Wan-Da ; Sachem ; Delta Theta Epsilon ; Tribe 
of Illini ; Freshman Varsity Football ; Varsity Foot- 
ball Letter (2, 3, 4); Freshman Varsity Track; 
Varsity Track Letter (3, 4) 

Susan Dell Townsend . . 
Chi Omega 
Siren (3) 
Milwaukee-Downer College 

.La Grange 

Paul Chris Traub Forrest 

Carl B. Tingley Howe, Ind. Railway Civil Engineering 

Athletic Coaching Theta Upsilon Omega 

Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Sigma Delta Psi Sigma Epsilon ; Tau Nu Tau ; Railway Club ; A. S. 

C. E. ; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Marian Eleanor Tintinger Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Omega 
German Club 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Ruth Tjardes Emington 

Home Economics 
Home Economics Club 

Helen Joan Tobias Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Lambda Sigma 
Pan-Hellenic Council (3, 4) ; First Council, Wom- 
an's League (3, 4) ; Gold Feather Council; Gre- 
gorian Literary Society; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3) ; 
Associate Woman's Editor (4) ; Pan-Hellenic Ball 
Committee; May Fete (1, 2, 3) 

Olga Irene Tobiasz 

Upsilon Alpha 
Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Blanche Mary Tobin Gilberts 

Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Homer LaHay Tripp Chester 


Beta Alpha Psi ; Accountancy Club 

Norbert Tumavich . . . 
Gamma Eta Gamma 
Morton Junior College 

. Cicero 

Edward Joseph Turnbaugh. .Rock Island 

Augustana College 

L. Raymond Twyman Rockford 

Mechanical Engineering 
Phi Mu Delta 

Alpha Lambda Sigma; A. S. M. E. ; S. A. E. ; 
Interfraternity Council (3, 4) 
Central College 

Howard O. Ullman Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Sigma Pi 




Page 152 


Irwin Chessley Ullrey . Bremerton, Wash. 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Delca Theta Epsilon ; Kappa Delta 
Pi ; Kappa Phi Kappa ; Sigma Delta Sigma ; Fresh- 
man Varsity Swimming Squad 

Franklin Henry Van Doren. . .Minonk 
Electrical Engineering 
Phi Gamma Delta 

Phi Eta Sigma ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Scabbard and 
Blade; Synton ; Captain, University Brigade (4); 
Glee Club (1, 2) 

Curtis Donald Underwood Fisher 

Banking and Finance 

Anthony Martin VanDyke . . . Westville 

Athletic Coaching 
Sigma Delta Psi ; Freshman Varsity Football; Var- 
sity Football Squad (5, 4) 

William Probasco Van Ness 
Donald Desmond Utterback. . . .Urbana p ort \^ ayne \ n ^_ 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Foreign Trade 

Sigma Delta Rho q,j pt^ 

Captain, University Brigade (4) skull and Crescent . Dolphins; Freshman Varsity 

Swimming; Varsity Swimming Squad (2, 3, 4) 


Marcus George Van Campen 

Olean, N. Y. 


Alpha Chi Sigma 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Phi Lambda Upsilon 

Donald Eugene Vance Champaign 

General Business 
Alpha Lambda Tau 

Nancy Ruth Vance St. Louis, Mo. 

Home Economics 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Lindenwood College 

Walter Noble Vance, Jr. 

Chicago Heights 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Phi Sigma Kappa 

Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; Freshman Varsity 
Fencing; Varsity Fencing Squad (2, 3) ; Assistant 
Business Manager, "Brazil Nuts" ; Business Man- 
ager, "Mary the Third"; Production Staff, "But- 
ter and Egg Man"; Business Staff, "Is Zat So?," 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" 

David Miller Van Doren .... Champaign 

Beta Gamma Sigma ; Beta Alpha Psi ; Beta Nu 

f 1 

#», «R f* ^ 


Page 153 

Ralph Frederic Vanstone Erie, Pa. 

Athletic Coaching 

Ellen Southworth Van Vliet. .Chicago 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Crane Junior College 

Vera Mae Vasey McHenry 

Home Economics 
Beta Sigma Omicron 
Home Economics Club ; Illini Grange 
Northern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Mary Elisabeth Vick Johnston City 

Home Economics 
Ward-Belmont College 

George Albert Vinik 


Omicron Alpha Tau 

. Chicago 


Alice Vodak 

Beta Phi Alpha 

Le Cercle Francais 
Morton Junior College 

.Berwyn Earl Heber Wagner Elgin 

General Business 
Delta Sigma Pi 
Tribe of Illini ; Dolphins ; Varsity Swimming 
Squad (1, 2, 3, 4), Letter (3, 4) 

Russell L. Volin Chicago Howard Earle Waite Champaign 

Dentistry Education 

Psi Omega Ph' Epsilon Kappa ; Captain, University Brigade 
Dakota Wesleyan University ; Lewis Institute 


Albert Lawrence VollbornJr.. .Arthur Frank Hanson Walker Urbana 

'Law Athletic Coaching 

Lambda Chi Alpha Sigma Nu 

Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Delta Phi; Senior Ma- Wan-Da ; Tribe of Illini; Varsity Football 

Track Manager; Athletic Council (4) Squad (1, 2, 3, 4) 

Ella Von Bauer St. Louis, Mo. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Washington University 

Frank Holton Voorhees Alton 

Civil Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 

Ward Clark Voorhees Peoria 

General Business 
Delta Phi 

Beta Nu Kappa; Daily Illini (2) ; Cabinet, Y. M. 
C. A. (2) 

Frank J. Waddell Chicago 

General Business 

Phi Pi Phi 

Scabbard and Blade ; Sigma Iota Epsilon ; Cavalry 
Club ; Military Ball Committee ; Major, University 
Brigade (4) ; Horse Show (2, 3, 4) 

Margaret Pearl Waggoner Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Bethany Circle 
Second Council, Woman's League (2), First Coun- 
cil (4) ; Gold Feathers; Life Saving Club; W. A. 
A.; Basketball (2) ; Track (2) 
Lake Forest College 


Page 154 

James Donald Walker Aurora 

Civil Engineering 

Beta Chi 

Mu San; Technograph (3); Freshman Varsity 
Rifle Squad 

Joseph Thomas Walker Kirkwood 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Psi 

Myron T. Wallace Champaign 

Freshman Varsity Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling 
Squad (2, 3) ; Second Lieutenant. University Bri- 
gade (4) 

Ross Melvin Wallis Peoria 

Architectural Engineering 
A. S. C. E. 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute 

William Joseph Walsh, Jr Chicago 



Charges W. Walton, Jr. Carlinville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 
Blackburn University 

Frances Louise Ware Jerseyville 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Chi Omega 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 
Lindenwood College 

Frank Joseph Warga Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Gym- 
nastic Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Freshman Varsity Gym; 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling; Men's Glee Club (3) 

Alberta Celia Warley Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Lois M. Warnes Long View 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gregorian Literary Society 

Ardath-Catherine Walter Glencoe Lawrence Warren Opdyke 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Agriculture 

Alpha Phi Agricultural Club ;_ Horticulture Club ; First Lieu- 

Sigma Delta Phi; Gold Feathers; Y. W. C. A. 

tenant, University Brigade (4) 

Charles Richard Walter Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Gladys Dor othy Waterman . . . Chicago 

Delta Tau Delta 
Varsity Football Squad (2) Alpha Delta Theta 

University of Michigan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Crane Junior College 

William Edward Walter 

; ' ' ■ ' Veedersburg. Ind. Agn£S Lquise Wathall ch - 

Education c j 

Alpha Tau Omega Crane Junior College 

Purdue University 

S Evelyn Mollie Watts Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Theta Upsilon 

Draden Robert Waugh Herrin 

Theta Chi 
Alpha Alpha Alpha ; Phi Delta Phi ; Interscholastic 
Circus Manager; Wrestling Manager (4) ; Athletic 
Board of Control 

>- *, L Sarah Joselyn Way Urbana 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Delta Pi 

gmt-1 Lynn Acus Weaver La Clede 

Electrical Engineering 

_"_^ Eta Kappa Nu 

Honors Day (2) 


Mabrey Alexander Weaver 

Springfield, Mo. 

General Business 
Phi Mu Delta 

Southwest Missouri State Teachers' College ; Drury 

.. k... JBElv 


Page 155 


Russel Carl Webeck Kewanee Clair Carpenter Weintz. Sioux City, Iowa 

Electrical Engineering Architecture 

Tau Beta Pi ; Eta Kappa Nu Delta Alpha Pi 

Honors Day (3) Gargoyle 

Morningside College 

Charlotte Louise Weber Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Sigma Kappa 

Alpha Lambda Delta ; Alpha Kappa Delta ; Gold 
Feathers ; German Club ; First Council, Woman's 
League (4) 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Florence Mary Weir Ashkum 


Sigma Phi Beta 

Pan-Hellenic Council (3) ; First Council, Woman's 
League (4) 

Annie Laura Webster Pleasant Hill Saul Weissman Chicago 

Education Electrical Engineering 

University Choral Sociery E. E. Society; Captain, University Brigade (4) 

Illinois State Normal Universiry Crane Junior College 

George Arthur Webster. . . .Des Plaines 
General Business 
Psi Upsilon 

Tribe of Illini ; Skull and Crescent ; Band of X ; 
Dolphins ; Freshman Varsity Swimming ; Freshman 
Varsity Water Polo ; Varsity Swimming Letter (2, 
3, 4) ; Varsity Water Polo Letter (2, 3, 4), Cap- 
tain (3) ; Dance Supervision Committee 

Adelaide Louise Weclew. 
Beta Phi Alpha 

Spanish Club 

Crane Junior College 

. Chicago 

Thaddeus Victor Weclew. 
Psi Omega 

Student Council (2, 3) 

. Chicago 

Dorothy Annette Weeks. 

. Chicago 

Silas Gunnell Weinberg Galesburg 

Architectural Engineering 
Pi Kappa Phi 

Gargoyle; Tau Nu Tau; Phalanx; Major, Univer- 
sity Brigade (4) ; Chairman, Y. M. C. A. Fellow- 
ship Committee (3) ; Senior Memorial Drive Com- 


Angela Mary Welch Deer Grove 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Le Cercle Francais ; Der Deutsche Verein 
Honors Day (3) 

Bertha Lucile Welch Mattoon 

Choral Society ; Gregorian Literary Society 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Helen Marie Welch Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Lambda Sigma 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Gold Feathers; Tadpole; 
Daily Illini (1,2) 

Mary Catherine Welch Mattoon 

Choral Society ; Gregorian Lirerary Society 
Eastern Illinois State Teachers' College 

Everett Linus Welker Bradford 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Kappa Delta 
Eureka College 

i£: : v'% 

/"r 9 


Page 156 


Bernard Leighton Wellman Joliet Charles C. Westall Greenup 

Mechanical Engineering Ceramic Engineering 

Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma Sigma Mu Sigma 

Joliet Junior College Keramos ; S. B. A. C. S. 

Franklin Burnham Wells. . . .Oak Park 
Chemical Engineering 
Alpha Chi Sigma 
Chemistry Club ; Choral Society ; Freshman Var- 
sity Football; Daily Illini (2, 4) ; Caisson Club; 
Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 

Leslie Stephen Wells Kewanee 

Electrical Engineering 
Eta Kappa Nu ; Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Scabbard and 
Blade ; E. E. Society ; Captain, University Brigade 
Honors Day (2) 

V. Luther Westberg Chicago 

Electrical Engineering 
Phi Pi Phi 
Men's Glee Club (3, 4) 
University of California 

Richard Theodore Wettstaedt.C^/V^o 
General Business 

Amado Mendoza Wenceslao 

. . . .Bulacan, Bulacan, Philippine Islands 
General Business 
Philippine Illini Club 

Hubert Arthur Wenzel Quincy 

Electrical Engineering 
Synton ; E. E. Society; A. I. E. E. ; Engineering 
Council; Production Staff, "Uncle Tom's Cabin," 
"Aren't We All," "Mary the Third," "Old Eng- 
lish," Homecoming Stunt Show 
Honors Day ( 1 ) 

Lawrence E. Wesner Robinson 

■ Banking and Finance 

Ray Earl Wesner Robinson 

Phi Delta Phi 

William Foster West, Jr Chicago 


Phalanx; Pi Alpha Xi ; Captain, University Bri- 
gade (4) 



^3$* 0»0 


George Lee Wey. Bristol, Conn. 

Electrical Engineering 
Cosmopolitan Club 

Albert Maurice Wharfield. .St. Charles 
Alpha Chi Rho 
Sigma Delta Chi; Daily Illini (1); Siren (3); 
Editor (4) ; First Lieutenant, University Brigade 

John White Bristol, Conn. 

Athletic Coaching 
Beta Psi 

First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) 
Connecticut Agricultural College 

Vernette White Mount Carroll 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Mu Kappa Alpha; Women's Glee Club (3, 4) ; 

Choral Society (3, 4) ; Y. W. C. A. Commission 


Francis Shimer School 

Robert Boice Whiteford 

New Philadelphia, Ohio 

Foreign Commerce 
Beta Nu Kappa; Pan Xenia; Sigma Iota Epsilon 


Page 157 



Margaret Joanne Whitelaw . . . Chicago 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Washingron University 

Lynn Carter Wilkinson Chicago 


Beta Kappa 

Psi Omega ; Junior Class President ; Student Coun- 
cil (1, 2, 3) 

Helen I. Whitfield Sullivan 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Pi Delta Phi 

Fredric Phelps Williams Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
University of Chicago 

Leslie Edwin WmTTENttKG .Murphysboro 
Chemical Engineering 
Gamma Pi Upsilon 
A. I. C. E. ; German Club 

Milton Leonard Williams Chicago 

Athletic Coaching 
Kappa Phi Kappa ; Phi Epsilon Kappa ; Tribe of 
Illini ; Varsity Baseball Letter (3) 

Vernon Wiberg Woodstock 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Leroy John Wietz Thornton 

Athletic Coaching 
Delta Theta Epsilon ; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Foot- 
ball Squad (2, 3, 4) ; Varsiry Wrestling Squad (3) 

Donald Frank Wiley Ottawa 

Phi Delta Theta 

Phi Alpha Delta; Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Golf (3, 
4) ; Cast, "Twelfth Night," "Butter and Egg 

Taley Tarson Wiley Champaign 

Civil Engineering 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 
Phi Eta Sigma ; Chi Epsilon ; A. S. C. E. ; Varsity 
Baseball (3, 4) ; First Regimental Band (1, 2) ; 
Concert Band (3, 4) 

George Wesley Wilhelm, Jr. 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Alpha Chi Sigma 

Kansas City Junior College 

Frances Lucille Williamson. Mt. Vernon 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Gamma Alpha Chi; Gold Feathers; Baseball (2, 
4) ; Daily Illini (1, 2, 3, 4), Statistical Manager 
(3), Women's Business Manager (4) ; Sophomore 
Cotillion Committee ; Junior Prom Committee 

Frazier S. Wilson Oak Park 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Chi Psi 
Mask and Bauble ; Pierrots ; National Collegiate 
Players; Theater Editor, Illinois Magazine (3); 
Chairman, Illinois Theater Guild (4) ; General 
Manager, Pierrots 1929 Opera ; Business Staff, 
"Nada," "El Gran Galeoto," "The Butter and Egg 
Man," "Is Zat So?," "Uncle Tom's Cabin," Post 
Exam Jubilee, 1928; Cast, "The Youngest" 

Grace Wilson Urbana 


Architectural Society; Basketball (1) 

Leonard W. Wilson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Psi Upsilon 
Sophomore Baseball Manager ; Sophomore Cap 

Louise Claire Wilson Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 


Page 158 


Marshall Albert Wilson Chicago John William Winings Arthur 

Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering 

Sigma Mu Sigma Independent Council (3,4) 
Sigma Phi Delta; A. S. M. E. 

Marvin R. Winkler Vincennes, Ind. 

. Metropolis Kappa Delta Rho 

Pierrots ; Mask and Bauble ; Varsity Basketball 
Squad (2) ; Chairman, Homecoming Badge Sales 
Cast, "Brazil Nuts," "Nada," "Old English" 
Production Staff, "Is Zat So?," "Mary the Third' 

Pauline Wilson 


S. Everett Wilson Decatur Frank Reed Winsor, Jr. Chicago 

j Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Phi Kappa Tau Delta Sigma Tau 

Phi Alpha Delta ; Interfraternity Council (3, 4) Ecology Club 

Crane Junior College 

Vera Irene Wilson Chicago 

Lambda Kappa Sigma ; Secretary, Senior Class, 
Pharmacy School 

Yoland Bartas Wilson . Fort Wayne, lnd. 
Kappa Psi 

Alice Louise Winchell .... Roanoke, La. 

■ Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Indiana Central College 

Uryth Margaret Winchell. Roanoke, La. 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Indiana Central College 

Leonard Wilton Winget 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Civil Engineering 

Sigma Phi Delta 
Mu San ; Tau Nu Tau ; A. S. C. E. ; Technograph 
(2, 3, ,4); Engineering Dance Committee (4); 
First Lieutenant, University Brigade (4) ; Chorus, 
"Brazil Nuts" (3) ; Sophomore Cheer Leader 
Kansas City Junior College 

Mural J. Winstein Davenport, Iowa 


Augustana College 

Harold Arthur Winter Chicago 

Architectural Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 

Marshall Henry Winter Chicago 

Mechanical Engineering 

Vernon Dale Wissmiller. . . .Cooksville 
Civil Engineering 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
A. S. C. E. ; Advertising Manager, Technograph 
Illinois Wesleyan University 

Harry Errett Witherell. 
Delta Tau Delta 

Skull and Crescent 

. Kewanee 


Page 159 



Arnold E. Wolgast Aurora 

Athletic Coaching 
Sigma Delta Rho 
Tribe of Illini ; Varsity Football Squad (3, 4) 

Gilbert Lloyd Wood. . Batavia 

Delta Theta Phi 

Mary S. Wood Maroa 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Delta Delta Delta 

Phi Beta Kappa ; Alpha Lambda Delta ; First Coun- 
cil, Woman's League (4) ; Gold Feathers; Y. W. 
C. A. Commission (3) 

Marion Whitfield Woodruff 


Railway Engineering 
Pi Tau Pi Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade ; E. E. So- 
ciety ; Railway Club ; Military Ball Committee (3) ; 
Major, University Brigade (3) 

Maxine Myers Woodruff. . .Mt. Vernon 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

University of Missouri 

Peter A. Wlodkowski. . 

Delta Sigma Delta 
Student Council (1) 
Loyola University 

. Berwyn Charlotte Elizabeth Woods .... Urbana 
Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Kappa Delta ; Gregorian Literary Society ; 
Chairman. Welfare Committee 

Bruno H. Wojcik Chicago 

Chemical Engineering 
Freshman Cross Country Track 

Francis C. L. Wojtanowicz .... Chicago 
Mining Engineering 
Kappa Theta Sigma 
Phalanx ; Tau Nu Tau ; Captain, University Bri- 
gade (4) 

Naioma Jane Worcester Chicago 


Marie Helen Worley Dixon 

Sigma Alpha Iota 
Choral Society ; Gold Feathers ; W. A. A. ; Base- 
ball (1, 2); Basketball (1); Soccer (I, 2, 3); 
Women's Glee Club (2, 3, 4) 

Fannie Wright Springfield 

Mu Kappa Alpha 
Illinois State Normal University 

Ralph Walker Wright Urbana 

General Business 
Beta Nu Kappa 
Honors Day (3) 

Winifred Finette Wright Eureka 

Delta Zeta 

Eureka College 

Edward Earl Wyatt Danville 

General Business 

Rita Joan Wiley Rock Falls 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Anonian Literary Society 
Rockford College 

19 30 

Page 160 


Theodore Stylianos Xanthakos Manuel N. Zarna. . . .Youngstown, Ohio 

Gytbion, Greece Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Chemical Engineering Oberlin College 
Delta Epsilon Pi 

Tetsuro Yamada Yokohama, ]apan Irwin William Zeiger. .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Landscape Architecture Journalism 

Architeccural Society; Japanese Students Club Kappa Tau Alpha; Daily Illini (4) 

Horticultural College, Chibalcen, Japan Superior State Teachers' College 

Eunice Florence Yost Carbondale 

Liberal Arts and Sciences Vincent Zerafa Waukegan 

Gregorian Literary Society General Business 

Southern Illinois State Normal University 

Charlotte Marie Ziegler Peoria 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Lambda Omega 
German Club ; Gold Feathers ; Jamesonian Literary 
Honors Day 

Edwin Ziegler Chicago 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Jack M. Zick Aberdeen, S. D. 

Delta Sigma Delta 
Student Council (4) 
University of North Dakota 

Herman Joseph Ziffren Rock Island 

General Business 

Daily Illini (2) 
Augustana College 

Walter William Zitzewitz. . . .Chicago 
Industrial Administration 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Scabbard and Blade; Cavalry Officers' Club; 
Freshman Varsity Wrestling ; Captain, University 
Brigade (3) 



Page 161 


a e 

l o v -& L 


v o u 

i l L i n o i S 

"Come quick, mamma, look at the cute little cap 
It's green and it looks like it's been in a scrap. 

Oh, don't he look funny? 
He's talking of Honey, 

And Mar got, and Mable and Madge. 
One hand ' s on his hip 
To broadcast the tip 

That he s certainly proud of his badge. 

And lookie his jacket of corduroy-tan — 
Will I be like that, ma, when I am a man?" 


LJue , Fceoa.-^-inoe-flno 8 l lj e i u i_" i n o i S 



UJS'UL. 8 -^ C K VOCJ TO S T -fl n o 

'G-^iins-r' -r-i-ie b e s -r t n -r ,_* e i_-^no 













193 1 

'}*':' : 



ELEANOPi b A h K. M A N.. 
E> E A T ^ I C E bEALL 

F Pi [ D fi I C^A CLA^SON. 
MAPiGAK ET C fi O C K [ K,. 
E L I Z A b E T H DE b E Pi A Pi D... 


H A Z_ E L D FA E W 

h E T T Y F O f\ Px E S T 

MAPiGAPxET F l\ A Z_ I E Pu 




/VllLDPuEO /V\ c K E £.... 

LOU19AN M A M E P^,.. 


MA Pv Y AA O- Px ft. I S 

K. A T H E Pi I N E P F I 9 T E Po. 




e> E Px N I G E S T E P H E M SI 
MILDRED 9 1— I U M A M... 

V I Fl G » Nl I A SGOTT. 

Pl U T H 9CHEf\.MEf\.HOfMN. 


AAAPlGAPlET singleton. 
A L D E N E W E 9 S E L f... 




IPlENE d. piemon 



193 1 



W. P. Standard 
Bernice Stephens 
Jean Macdonald 
S. B. Vaughn 
T. J. Wang 

Gwendolyn Roberts 
Gertrude Chulock 

President, First Semester 

The Class of 1931 


R. J. Conover, Chairman 

T. H. McKee 
Loretta Sturdyvin 
Mary Jane Caldwell 
H. E. Hudson 
Donna Olin 

W. G. Budinger 
Grace Esdohr 
Ruth Rankin 
R. Baldridge 
J. S. Sheridan 


Grace Esdohr, Chairman 

Virginia Marsh 

Barbara Phares 

Page 166 

F. J. Worden 
I. F. Culbertson 
Elizabeth Petru 
H. L. Krueger 
L. T. Fruin 

Frances Etzbach 



President, First Semester 


President, Second Semester 

The Class of 1932 

Ruth Ashmore 
Mary Brennan 
Wintress Dalbey 
Marjorie Finn 
Margaret Mercer 


R. MacClinchie, Chairman 

Janet Meyers 

Mary Virginia Wright 

Irving Favus 

R. W. McGregor 

J. K. Morris 

Frank Oehlschlager 
J. L. Porter 
H. M. Seago 
O. D. Ames 
H. C. Auble 

A. R. Crathorne 
J. E-. Downey 
H. W. Kring 

S. M. Richman 
R. W. Pashby 


R. McClinchie, Chairman 

J. E. Downey 
J. C. Pettee 

C. H. Daubs 

J. R. McPherson 

R. W. McGregor 
C. E. Schumacher 

Page 168 


President, First Semester 

President, Second Semester 

The Class of 1933 


K. S. Steinmetz. Chairman 

Catherine Cox 

William Arnold Jack Cohen 

Isobel Rose 

Robert Little 

Barbara Qualkinbush Lois Swan 


William Arnold, Chairman 

Gaillard Knappenberger 

Francis Hyson 

"William Gilmore James Reynolds 

Joe Turck 

Walter Busker 

Norris Thompson Gordon Kennedy 

G. M. Shuman 

Eldred Swift 

Carl Newcomer 


Robert Little, Chairman 

Robert B. Johnson 

William Carroll 

Paul McDonald 

Harold Tucker 

Walter Hellmich 

Ralph Hansen 

Lawrence Stewart 

John Sawtell 

Robert A. Nelson 

Sterling Myers 

Page 169 


-nno umo Tf4 6e we PL6DG6 our -He^RT-flnD -i-i-ftno 

w~^ N^p* 


uue'ae lov-al 


V o u 

s i_ i_ i n o i S 

They are the idols of people like me 
The B. W. and the B. M. O. C. 

He greets you in glee 
With "Sure you know me," 

And whether you do or you don't 
What matter? . . . yes, 
He'll be a success 

As Big Men On Campus are wont. 

And deep in the rolls of the souls of these 

Is "Loyalty" written again and again. 

uu€f'' R^eoR.-^nce-flno BLue iui_inoiS 


Lwe'L-L. 8-^qcK you* to S t -f=» n r> 


'o-^insT' -rue Bes-r » n -r ,-4 e i_^ino 

Ed Hoelscher 

Gertrude Stanton 

Ted Witte 

Johnny DeWolf 

Bernice Stephens 

Jimmy Cave 

Chuck Vollborn 

Marny Crocker 

Dick Strong 

Bill Hildeman 



Page 175 

George Burkhardt 

Horse May 

Fritz Humberc 

Fred Rutherford 

Chuck Johnson 

Skeezix Dooley 

Blanche Kerr 


Dwight Flanders 

Harry Neil 

Bob Honold 



Page 1 76 

Eleanor Barkman 

Jack Adams 



Louise Babel 

Larry Hockaday 


Bob Conover 

Alberdine Hatcher 

Ann Jackman 

Stella McLeish 

Jimmy Lymperopoulos 

Bob Sloan 


Page 178 

Gaga Mills 

Laurie Peterson 

Bud Jolley 

Jud Carrel 

Alberta Lewis 

Ramon Pierce 

Don Brown 

Joe Sapora 

Frank Walker 



Page 179 

Phil Redeker 

Mary Jane Seifert 

Vic Sholis 

Russ Crane 

Ray Benbow 

Paul Strohm 

Jim Wheat 


Bob Carr 

Lee Sentman 

Gordy Bryan 

Page 181 


fl e 

L O V -R L 



i L u i n o i s 


X/>£ ///^ 0/ d student is laden with toil 
With eight o'clock classes and midnite oil . 

But what do we do 
Each day after two? 

We sigh and saunter away. 
We need the rest, mind, 
Quite badly. What kind 

Of a coke will you have today? 

We have vicissitudes, lean days and fat, 

But ivhat does it matter? Why, Life is like that. 

r-jfj} - - 

uu€ , a,eoFL-iHriae-i c jno blljg iulihoiS 



' O -*=i i n S T • -rue BCS-r in -r-|_H e L -^ r> o 



Events of the Year" 

1. Sachem Interfraternity Sing 

2. The Independents Do Their Bit 

3. The Pi Phi's Dress Up for Home- 

4. Stopped at the Scrimmage Line 

5. Another Slant On the Army 
Game Crowd 


Page 184 

"Events of the Year" 

1. Materials Testing Laboratory 

2. College Life's First Barrier — 
Health Service Exams 

3. "Alpha Sigma Phi Presents — " 

4. "Beat Kansas!" 

5. The Block "I" Greets the Maroon 


Page 185 


L L 

"Events of the Year" 

1. Another Late Snowstorm 

2. The Block-Long Line for A. A. 

3. Cagle Starting One of His Long 

4. Sachem's Gift to the Army 

5. A Tribute from the Illini Band 


Page 187 

MflH HM^^b. 

"Events of the Year" 

1. The Goal of Every Woman 

2. Fraternity Men Waiting to Snatch 
New Arrivals 

3. Homecoming Hobo Parade 

4. Where All Eyes Turn Inter- 
scholastic Morning 

5. Winners In the Merchants' 
Popularity Contest 

Pare 189 



"Events of the Year" 

1. Honors Day, 1929 

2. President Kiniey Welcomes the 

3. First Prize, Singles, Hobo Parade 

4. Illinois Meets Iowa On a- Sea of 

5. Jud Timm, Mayor of Green 

Page 191 

"Events of the Year" 

1. Outside the Law Building After a 
Sleet Storm 

2. Timm Wins by Eleven Votes 

3. Pullman Porters' Quartet at the 
Army Game 

4. A Portion of the Campus: 
Stadium View 

5. Second Prize, Singles, Hobo 

Page 192 

" Events of the Year" 

1. No Casualties — Just the Psi U's 
Homecoming Decoration 

2. Gov. Emmerson at the Army 

3. More Hobos at Homecoming 

4. The Band and Block "I" 

5. A Cool Spot at Crystal Lake Park 

''Events of the Year" 

. 1. The End of a Pajama Race 

2. The Woman's Building, In a 
Colonial Setting 

3. George Brown, '33, 47 Inches 

4. Then He Hit the Line of 

5. Wachowski Clears the Bar In the 

Page 195 

Interscholastic Circus 

CLOSING his career of eight 
years as the Illinois circus 
coach, Carlos Wagner presented one 
of the most successful shows ever 
staged on the campus for the twenty- 
second annual Interscholastic circus 
in the Memorial Stadium. Twelve 
thousand spectators witnessed the 
colorful spectacle of acrobats, indi- 
vidual, doubles, and fraternity acts. 
Theta Chi won first prize for the fra- 
ternity stunts in division A, while 
Delta Sigma Pi grabbed top honors 
in division B. Fantus and Bernstein 
romped off with the doubles clown 
performance, DeWolf was awarded 
first prize in the singles clown acts, 
and Fitzer won the singles animal 


Page 196 

9-3 i 


Interscholastic Track 

LED by "Flying Ebony" Metcalfe, 
Tilden high school of Chicago 
tied Hyde Park of Chicago for the 
State track and field championship, 
earning a share of the title for the 
second straight year in the thirty-fifth 
Interscholastic meet at the Memorial 
Stadium. Metcalfe splashed to vic- 
tory in the 100 yard dash through a 
drizzling rain, and then set a new in- 
terscholastic record of 21.3 seconds in 
the 220 yard dash. Hansel of Maiden 
set another Interscholastic mark when 
he ran the 440 in 51.1 seconds. Oak 
Park was third in the final stand- 
ings with 14 points, Atwood scored 
10, and Murphysboro and Streator 
chalked up 9 each. 


Page 197 

I 1 1 


-fl n D UnTO T4H6e \X/€ PL6DG6 OUR •H6flRT-flnD -Hi*! n D 




F)ACE-SETTER for the nation is the Illinois student body in 
the significant matter of sportsmanship. Illinois athletes 
have long been noted for their love of the game for its own sake, 
their honesty in abiding by the rules, their gentlemanly and con- 
siderate treatment of opponents and officials, and their willing- 
ness to go more than halfway with the other fellow. Last year 
the Illinois student body voluntarily adopted a Code of Sports- 
manship which has become the model for sportsmanlike be- 
havior of spectators all over the land, and by means of which 
Illini sports fans vie with Illini athletic teams in courteous treat- 
ment of opponents and officials. Loyalty did the trick. The same 
loyalty to school, to fellow-students, and to the Father of Sports- 
manship, "G" Huff, which has made countless Illinois athletes 
live abstemious lives and drive themselves to the hilt for their 
Alma Mater, over-night turned Illinois athletic followers from 
customary channels of spectator-behavior into crowds of im- 
peccable gentlemen and unassailable sportsmen. Loyalty is a 
big word in Illinois athletics. 

I 9-3 ' 

L L 



In Memoriam 

T)ROFESSOR George Alfred Goodenough, for 23 
years a member of the Western Intercollegiate Ath- 
letic Conference and for 32 years a member of the fac- 
ulty in the College of Engineering, died at his home in 
Champaign on September 29, 1929. Professor Goode- 
nough was admired and loved by his students, faculty 
associates, and friends as a teacher, scientist, engineer, 
author, book-lover, and as a most capable and respected 
arbiter during his chairmanship of the faculty committee 
of the Western Conference. George A. Huff, director 
of Athletics, has paid a fitting tribute to Professor 
Goodenough in the quotation which follows: 

"Professor Goodenough's contribution to the athletic 
cause in the Conference and at the University of Illinois 
was of great value. Perhaps the greatest tribute I can 
pay to him is to say that in all Conference legislation 
he never raised the point as to how it would affect 

Illinois, and I am sure he never thought of that. He 
considered it solely from the viewpoint as to whether 
or not the legislation was for the best interests of ath- 

"It must be kept in mind that Professor Goodenough's 
chief interest was as a teacher and a scientist, but yet 
he had time to give to athletic problems and his keen 
judicial mind made his decisions universally acceptable. 
While others will speak of his work as a scientist, yet I 
would like to say a word about his reputation as a 
teacher. Gained from my knowledge from talking with 
students, I have heard many of them say that he was 
the greatest teacher they had studied under. 

"I regret the passing of my good friend. He was 
always genial, always fair, and always thoroughly un- 


Page 201 






K J^> 



; |i; 


Business Manager 

Director of Athletic Publicity 

Athletic Association 

George Huff 

George Huff 

W. B. Hayes 

H. W. Meers 
P. C. Livingston 


Fred A. Russell Judge O. A. Harker J. P. Kratz, Monticello 


Faculty Members 
Fred A. Russell G. W. Goble Ray Dvorak 

Alumni Members 
L. M. Tobin R. D. Chapman, Chicago 

Student Members 
L. W. Hockaday A. L. Vollborn, Jr. D. R. Waugh 

A. C. Callen Representative of the University of Illinois on the Faculty 

Board of the Western Intercollegiate Conference 

W. E. Clifford 

C. H. Bergeson 
W. R. Hildeman 

Two groups — the Board of Directors of the Athletic council has within its jurisdiction the election of student 

Association and the Athletic Council — stand at the head managers and cheerleaders, the awarding of Varsity let- 

of Illinois' great athletic plant. The Board of Directors ters and freshman numerals, and other matters dealing 

manage the financial side of the association while the with athletics at the LJniversity. 







Page 202 

Reynolds Thompson Prof. Griffith Knox Rosenchal Tarwain Witte May Barry Burdick Miller McFadzean 

Stout Humbert Bergeson Wolgast Lewis B. Harper Warga Whipple Gordon Stine Floreth Tonkoff 

Wagner Carr Jolley Timm Sweetman Gross C. B. Harper Dooley Burkhart Green 

Kieding Sapora Morrison Crane Oeler Haier Holbrook 

Page 203 

Senior Cheerleader 


/^HEERLEADING at Illinois has reached a higher standard during the last 
^■^ several years with the selection of cheerleaders from competition and with 
the adoption of the Illini Code of Sportsmanship. The attitude and expression 
of the entire crowd at any athletic event depends on the influence of its cheering 
captains. With Dick Palmer as head Varsity cheerleader, aided by two capable 
juniors and a squad of sophomores, sportsmanship reached an even higher level 
at Illinois sports events during the 1929-30 school year. 


Junior Cheerleader 


Junior Cheerleader 

Page 204 


TLLINOIS athletic teams not only won the majority of their contests during 
-*- the year 1929-30, but again successfully maintained their reputation of win- 
ning and losing fairly and of upholding the Illini Code of Sportsmanship better 
than ever before. The students as well as the players themselves co-operated to 
enforce the code during its second year of existence. Intramural, as well as 
Varsity and freshman athletics, made great progress during the past year with 
the inauguration of the Independent managerial system in conjunction with 
that of the fraternities. 

The Illini Code of Sportsmanship, as adopted by students of the University, 
is deserving of perpetuation in the 1931 Illio, and it follows: 

A True Illini Sportsman 




Will consider all athletic opponents as guests and treat them with all of the courtesy' 

due friends and guests. 

Will accept all decisions of officials without question. 

Will never hiss or boo a player or official. 

Will never utter abusive or irritating remarks from the sidelines. 

Will applaud opponents who make good plays or show good sportsmanship. 

Will never attempt to rattle an opposing player, such as the pitcher in a baseball 

game or a player attempting to make a free throw in a basketball game. 

Will seek to win by fair and lawful means, according to the rules of the game. 

Will love the game for its own sake and not for what winning may bring him. 

Will "do unto others as he would have others do unto him." 

Will "win without boasting and lose without excuses." 


Page 205 


pl e 

L O V -f\ L_ 


V O U 

ii i i n o i s 

i i 

Color above and color below — 
Everything here is a part of the show. 

The whistle of tin 
Is set to begin. 

The bandmen in gala array 
Suing off with a blare 
In the crisp autumn air. 

It's Football they're playing today. 

Before every gaze and when each one is through, 
The pledge fills the air: "We are loyal to you." 

uu€^f^&or\.-&no6-F*no e l u e i l_ i_ i n O I S 

I I 




UU e * U L- 8-^lCK VOUJ TO SX-iRor> 

» o -^ i n s T ' nrne eesT- tn -ri-te i_-^no 


I I 

Varsity Football 





DRIVING for a third successive Big Ten football cham- 
pionship, Coach Bob Zuppke's 1929 gridmen barely 
failed to achieve the coveted goal and closed the season in 
second place with three victories, one defeat, and one tie. 
Added to this successful record was the thrilling 17 to 7 
triumph over the Army, the game "Zup" and his warriors 
had set their hearts on winning if they never won another. 
Seventeen lettermen greeted the Illini mentor at the first 
practice, indicating a veteran, experienced eleven, but 
many of the older players received injuries which kept 
them out of the lineup for weeks at a time. The North- 
western defeat after a tie with Iowa put the Zupmen out 
of the running for another title, and it was not until the 
final battle at Ohio that the team of veterans actually 
played an entire game like a co-ordinated, well-oiled foot- 
ball machine. 


Walker Meers, manager 

Humbert Wietz Hills Burdick Roush Peters 

Wolgast Olander, backiield coach Rokusek, end coach Zuppke, head coach Lindgren, line coach Bullock, trainer Yanuskus 

Timm Gordon Jolley Crane Steinman Mills Robinson Kawal 

Page 208 


Varsity Football 



Purdue 5 


Northwestern 3 

Minnesota 3 

Iowa 2 

Ohio State 2 

Indiana 1 

Michigan 1 

Chicago 1 

Wisconsin 1 


Illinois 26; Kansas Illinois 0; Northwestern . .7 

Illinois 45 ; Bradley Illinois 17; Army 7 

Illinois 7; Iowa 7 Illinois 20; Chicago 6 

Illinois 14; Michigan Illinois 27; Ohio State ... .0 






























Page 209 


Assistant Coaches 

Reserve Football 

i i 

THE ILLINOIS Reserve football squad won 
the championship of the Big Ten under the 
coaching of "Weenie" Wilson and Johnny Sabo 
during the 1929 grid season. Victories over Wis- 
consin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio State gave the 
Illini a clear record in conference competition, 
while they suffered their only defeat at the hands 
of the Western Reserves of Kalamazoo, Mich., in 
the first game. This was the second year of Re- 
serve competition for Illinois, and proved success- 
ful in that a great many more football candidates 
had an opportunity to show their worth, and it 
gave younger members of the squad a chance to 

gain experience that they will use on the Varsity 
squad next season. 

"Chuck" Hall, letterman from the 1928 eleven, 
was the outstanding ground-gainer for the Re- 
serves, while Carl Bergeson and Art Schultz used 
their line-plunging tactics for consistent yardage. 
Other Reserves who performed in the backfield 
were: Antonides, Frost, Van Dyke, Etnyre, Munch, 
and Irwin. McGrath captained the 1929 pigskin 
chasers from his tackle position. The remainder 
of the line was chosen from Winsper, Hinton, 
Riessen, Huenergardt, Smith, Garner, Langhorst, 
Nusspickel, Bailey, Magierski, Hise, and Ovelman. 


I I 


Page 210 



Freshman Coaches 

Freshman Football 

T^VERY freshman who thinks he has any ability 
■*-' on the gridiron is given a fair chance to show 
his worth under the system used for the freshman 
football squad at Illinois. Out of more than 200 
candidates who report every September, not one 
is cut from the roster. 

After the capable staff of four plebe coaches 
has had ample time to look over the new and 
untried material, the squad is divided into two 
groups. Forty of the most promising men are 
named for the first team which scrimmages with 
the Varsity at various times during the season. 
The remaining men form the Junior League which 

is divided into teams which compete against each 
other until the final weeks of November. 

The most outstanding men from the first team 
and members of the eleven winning the cham- 
pionship in the junior league are awarded class 
numerals at the close of the season. Carl Voyles 
directs the first freshman as head plebe coach, 
and guides them in their conquests which entail 
hard knocks and bruises against the bigger and 
heavier Varsity team. Assisting him are Arnold 
von Lehsten and Leonard Umnus, both graduates 
of Illinois. Morris Sogolow has charge of the 
freshman junior league which was instituted three 
years ago. 


Xharle (Cape. ) Kolfenbach Green Welch Snook 

Wrobke Hire Stone Purma Bauer Bowman 

Voyles (Coach) Hexton Swanson Strode Butler Isley 

Jirick Russell Berry Freeman Bodman Murray 

Jensen Wilbarn 

Joslin Schildgen 

Cummings Baldwin 

Schalk Nordstrom 

Page 211 


H E 

19 3 1 

L L I 





s >- 


Illinois 26 

Illinois 45 

OPENING the 1930 football season with an impressive 26 to victory over 
the University of Kansas, the Illini gridmen displayed sufficient evidence 
of power and superior generalship to make them a real threat in the battle 
for a third successive Big Ten crown. The Zupmen had the Jayhawks at their 
mercy for the first three quarters during which time Yanuskus, Robinson, Evans, 
and Root scored touchdowns. Frosty Peters romped through the Kansas eleven 
for a 50-yard dash in addition to doing an almost perfect job of directing his 
squad from the quarterback position. Root's 37-yard jaunt for a touchdown, 
heavy line bombardment by Jud Timm and Fritz Humbert, and "Gaga" Mills' 
successful passing all stood out as instrumental performances resulting in the 
opening triumph for the Illini. 

A crushing 45 to triumph over Bradley Polytechnic Institute marked Illinois' 
final preparation for the conference season. Zuppke's charges had the Little 
Nineteen champions baffled from the start, driving through their line and 
around their ends with little trouble. Yanuskus and Root again came in for 
their share of the glory, each crashing over the goal line on two occasions. 
Jolley, Timm and Lanum also broke into the scoring column with touchdowns. 



7k -j 


* . 



m#*ti~ 1 *i££ 






\ *> 

I v 

%,. „ J 

Page 212 


I 9 3 



Illinois 7 
Iowa 7 


Northwestern 7 

STUNNED by a miraculous 78-yard sprint by Capt. Bill Glassgow in the first 
play of the game, the Illini gridmen splashed through the Iowa defense for 
only one touchdown themselves to tie the Hawkeyes, 7 to 7, in the first Big 
Ten combat at Iowa City. A driving rain throughout the tussle prevented either 
eleven from using its aerial attack. 

Illinois' touchdown came as a result of Mills' deceptive 16-yard run early in 
the second period. Frosty Peters' trusty toe drop-kicked the goal that saved the 
Illini from defeat. Line smashes and end runs by Timm and Yanuskus paved 
the way for Illinois' only score. 

Northwestern definitely blotted out all hopes for an Illinois title two weeks 
later by playing the Zupmen to a standstill while their fullback, Russ Bergherm, 
was tearing the Illini line into shreds for a 7 to victory at Evanston. Zuppke's 
forwards were not performing up to their usual standard against the Wildcats. 
Unable to pierce the powerful Northwestern line, Illinois resorted to passing, 
but this was also unsuccessful. Aerial plays brought the ball to the Wildcat 
27-yard line in the final period, only to be stopped by the sterling defense of 
Coach Hanley's eleven. Injuries proved a great handicap for the Illini with 
Frosty Peters and Fritz Humbert watching the game from the bench. 

tj u'^ ■■■>■„ ■'. . 


'-' * " / 


Page 213 



~ + 






+ tj 







Illinois 14 Michigan 

CONCENTRATING their attack on a third quarter packed with 
thrills, Zuppke's football warriors gave a Homecoming throng of 
50,000 persons an excuse to celebrate with a 14 to triumph over Coach 
Harry Kipke's Michigan eleven. 

"Gaga" Mills started the fireworks by catching Simrall's punt and 
crashing through the entire Wolverine lineup for 63 yards and a 
touchdown in the middle of the third period. A moment later Frankie 
Walker intercepted Truskowski's long pass and galloped 52 yards 
toward the Michigan goal before being downed. Line thrusts by Timm 
and Humbert placed the oval on the one yard line. After a penalty, 
Walker raced wide around left end for the second touchdown. 

Four times during the first quarter, Illinois placed the ball within 
scoring distance, but Mills missed his place-kick on every occasion. 
In the third quarter, the Illini played like champions, and with a com- 
fortable lead stowed away, Zuppke sent in a horde of substitutes to 
perform during the final period. 

With Frosty Peters on the bench nursing a cracked rib, Mills showed 
that he could handle the quarterback position in great fashion. The 
Illini line, led by Capt. Crane, Wietz, Gordon, and Burdick, held like 
a stone wall, checking the Wolverine bombarding attack with regularity. 


Page 214 



Illinois 17 Army 7 

ILLINOIS beats the Army, 17 to 7. 
If Illinois hadn't won another game the 1929 gridiron would have 
been a huge success after whipping the West Point cadets before a 
record-breaking crowd of 69,000 persons on November 9 in the 
Memorial Stadium. Upsetting all advance dope and playing like mad- 
men all the way, Coach Zuppke's alert, well-oiled football machine 
rose to superior heights to crush Capt. Cagle's forces in the most spec- 
tacular battle of the season. 

"Gaga" Mills was first to break into the scoring column when he 
sent a beautiful place-kick between the uprights from Army's 23-yard 
mark. In the second quarter after a 57-yard Illinois drive had been 
stopped three yards short of a touchdown, Murrel, Army fullback, 
booted a freak kick that came down on the Army 20-yard line and began bouncing 
toward the goal. At this point Eddie Kawal dashed in to scoop up the ball and 
race eight yards for Illinois' first touchdown. 

Arnie Wolgast took advantage of the second "break" in the same period after 
Cagle's long, accurate passes had carried the oval to Illinois' 1 6-yard line. Murrel 
started around right end, and attempted to throw a lateral pass to Cagle. Just as the 
ball left Murrel's hands, Wolgast dived between the cadets, grabbed the ball, and 
scampered 80 yards for another touchdown with Murrel at his heels. 

Cagle's ever-dangerous passes netted the Army a score in the third period, but it 
was too late. Everyone of Zuppke's Illini had played like supermen, had played 
heads-up ball, and had whipped their most deadly rival of the season. 


Page 215 





I I 

Illinois 20 Chicago 6 

CHICAGO fell before the siege-gun attack of the Illinois gridmen by a 
20 to 6 margin in the final home game of the season before a Dads day 
crowd of 25,000. While the seniors were making their last stand in the 
Memorial Stadium, it was the juniors and sophomores who spelled defeat 
for Alonzo Stagg and his Midway eleven. Pete Robinson plunged his way 
through the Chicago forward wall for touchdowns in the second and third 
quarters, and Pete Yanuskus followed suit by catching one of Peters' short 
passes to cross the goal line a few minutes later. 

Directed by his son, Paul, Coach Stagg's team specialized in forward 
passing all afternoon. Wattenberg attempted all kinds of aerial plays and 
was successful in 14 out of 25 tries for a total gain of 148 yards and a 

Capt. Russ Crane and Lou Gordon put up some of the best defensive and 
offensive line play they had shown all year, and were well supported by 
Steinman, Wietz, Kawal, Burdick, and Wolgast. The Maroons, noted for 
their powerful line plunging attack, made little progress against the Illini 
forward wall. 

"Fuzzy" Evans, one of Zuppke's fleet sophomore backs, was given his 
chance and averaged five and one-half yards on every attempt. Root and 
Schultz, also sophomores, likewise carried the ball in capable fashion. 


Page 216 

I 9.3 ' 


Illinois 27 


COMING into their own in the final battle of the 1929 gridiron season 
at Columbus, O., Coach Zuppke's twice-champion eleven romped all 
over Ohio State to capture an easy 27 to victory and clinch second place 
in the Big Ten standings. Toiling under the almost perfect generalship of 
Frosty Peters, the Illini performed like a machine with the line and backfield 
co-ordinating and playing heads-up ball until the final gun. 

Illinois scored in every quarter, and ran up a total of 25 first downs. 
Zup inserted one substitute after another and all plowed through the Buck- 
eyes with equal facility. 

Peters elected himself to the hall of fame by completing the first nine 
passes, and a total of 10 out of 13. Art Schultz, the Geneseo sophomore, 
stood out as the leading ball carrier, playing the leading role in working the 
ball down the field for the first touchdown, and scoring the fourth himself. 

Mills counted the first score after Schultz and Walker had .put the ball 
within striking distance in the first period. The second quarter saw Yanuskus 
nab a long pass from Peters to let Robinson plunge over the chalk-line for 
the next score. Another pass, Peters to Yanuskus, resulted in the third tally 
after the second half had opened, and in the final period, Peters' passes led 
to a 62-yard march which let Schultz rip through for the last touchdown. 


Page 217 


uue'ae lov-^l 



i l l_ i n o i S 

i i 


Why is it, we ask, that the ivhistle must blow 
With us placing second just two points to go? 

And screaming away 
And singing with Kay 

Is part of the game, of course; 
With cheers from the floor 
And sirens galore 

And the Man who can Laugh like a Horse. 

Loyalty — it is a debt that is owed 

To Illinois and the Sportmanship Code. 

uu€ 1 a,eoFL-Hrtoe -fk n o slug illihoiS 


Lue'L-L 8-^CK *V O l~4 "TO ST-iRnO 

G -f=I I n S "T * T 




Reserve Coach 

Varsity Basketball 

COACH Craig Ruby's Illini finished the 1930 basketball campaign in a tie 
for fourth place on the Big Ten ladder with seven victories and five 
defeats. With Capt. Doug Mills, highest scoring guard in the conference in 
1929, three other lettermen, and a capable squad of sophomores showing up 
for the cage squad, Ruby's prospects for a successful season were good. How- 
ever, Capt. Mills' illness at the opening of the season handicapped the team 
for a short time. "Horse" May, 6 foot 4 inch center, was lost for both of the 
Chicago games on account of ineligibility and an injury, and "Bur" Harper's 
injury kept him out of the last two contests of the season. 

With Harper at one forward post, May at center, and Mills at guard, Ruby 
completed his lineup by inserting "Babe" Kamp at the other forward and Eddie 
Kawal at the other guard position. 

The Illini had a hard time getting started in their long campaign, dropping 
three out of the four non-conference tilts. They came back, however, and cap- 
tured the first two Big Ten engagements, and during mid-season walloped 
Northwestern, Minnesota, and Ohio State in succession. Following this suc- 
cessful drive, the Illinois quintet bowed to three of its four adversaries to close 
the season in a tie with Indiana for fourth place. 




Manager Dean 
Coach Sabo 

Fencl Tarwain Bartholomew R. Kamp Trainer Bullock 

May E. Kamp Capt. Mills Harper Kawal Coach Ruby 

Page 220 

H E 

I 9 3 ' 

L L 



Varsity Basketball 


Illinois 22 ; Bradley 30 

Illinois 30; Washington U. . . 19 

Illinois 26; De Pauw 28 

Illinois 18 ; Butler 28 

Illinois 19 ; Ohio State 15 

Illinois 24; Michigan 18 

Illinois 9; Wisconsin 14 

Illinois 28 ; Chicago 25 

Illinois 21 

Illinois 30 

Illinois 26 

Illinois 26 

Illinois 32 

Illinois 17 

Illinois 30 

Illinois 22 



Purdue 10 

Wisconsin 8 

Michigan ._. . . 6 

Illinois 7 

Indiana 7 

Northwestern 6 

Minnesota 3 

Chicago 2 

Ohio State 1 

Minnesota 26 

Northwestern ... 24 

Minnesota 22 

Ohio State 16 

Northwestern ... 34 

Wisconsin 23 

Michigan 17 

Chicago 35 






Freshman Coach 

X-Coach Sogolow X-Coach Sabo X-Coach Wilson Capt. Owens Porte Hagerman 

Stillwell Moore Bennett Wittick Sullivan Hodges 

Smith Adams Weintraub Taulbee Theobald Serra Fierberg 


Page 221 



Varsity Basketball 


A PROMISING but inexperienced Illinois basket- 
ball team failed to keep up with the pace set by 
Bradley Polytechnic Institute in the first battle of the 
season, and bowed by a 30 to 22 count. Three soph- 
omores, Eddie Kawal, 
"Babe" Kamp, and Bob 
Kamp, started their first 
intercollegiate cage con- 
test, and before the final 
gun four more had their 
taste of big-time compe- 

Profiting by the expe- 
rience gained in the first 
encounter, the Illini next 
took Washington Univer- 
sity of St. Louis into 
camp, playing a much 
improved brand of bas- 
ketball to win, 30-19- 

During the Christmas 
holidays two Indiana 
quintets, De Pauw and 
Butler, lived up to the 
reputation of Hoosier cage teams and trampled over 
the Illini by scores of 28-26 and 28-18, respectively. 
After dropping three out of four non-conference 
frays, Ruby's charges opened the Big Ten season 
with a bang by disposing of Ohio State, 19-15, in the 

Babe Kamp 

New Gym, and a week later humbled the 1929 title- 
winning Michigan forces by a 24 to 18 margin. Minus 
the services of Capt. Mills, whose illness forced him 
to go to the hospital, the Illini put up a defense that 
the Buckeyes couldn't 
match, and goals by 
Kawal and "Babe" Kamp 
kept Illinois in the lead 
from the start. Mills re- 
turned to the lineup for 
the Wolverine invasion 
and turned in two field 
goals to swell the Illini 

Wisconsin beat Ruby's 
five, 14 to 9, at Madison 
in the third conference 
scrap when Coach Mean- 
well's Badgers proved 
that they could stall more 
perfectly than the Illini. 

Ruby's hopefuls pulled 
themselves to third place 
in the Big Ten standings 
by downing Chicago, 28 to 25, in an ordinary game in 
the New Gym. It was the nearest the Maroons had 
come to winning a game so far, but the Illini had little 
trouble with Harper, Mills, and Bartholomew each 
looping three baskets. 






■ * - 





Page 222 



Varsity Basketball 

THE lowly Minnesota five caught the Illini un- 
awares in the following tussle at Minneapolis to 
win, 26 to 21. It was one of the hardest fought games 
of the season, and was marked by stellar play on 

the part of both teams. 
Illinois put up its best 
exhibition of basketball 
so far to reconquer third 
place by trouncing North- 
western, 30 to 24, in Pat- 
ten gym on February 11. 
Eddie Kawal demon- 
strated the Illini stalling 
game to perfection by 
dribbling around the floor 
for fully two minutes in 
the final period. 

Capt. Mills and his 
cagers gained revenge on 
the Gophers by sending 
them home with a 26-22 
defeat in the next en- 
counter. "Babe" Kamp, 
the sophomore star from 
Mt. Carmel, next put in 
his bid for fame by leading the Illini to a 26-16 win 
over Ohio State with five goals from the field. Illi- 
nois' well-known "horseshoe" defense held the Buck- 
eyes without a single field goal in the second half. 
Led by "Gaga" Mills, who looped in seven of the 


X y 

most amazing long shots ever seen in the New Gym, 
Illinois dropped a thrilling, heart-breaking battle to 
Northwestern in the closing minutes of play, 34 to 32. 
It was a tough game for the Illini to lose, for they had 
led, 10 to 1, early in the 
first half. ^4&k 

The Rubymen had an ^ ™ 
off night when they met 
Wisconsin at the New 
Gym, going down to de- 
feat by a 23 to 17 margin. 
None of the Illini could 
hit the basket until the 
last quarter, when a rally 
was too late to overcome 
the almost perfect, ma- 
chine-like, short pass of- 
fense of the Badgers. 

Illinois had little trou- 
ble vanquishing Mich- 
igan in the next battle, 
30 to 17, on the home 
floor with "Bur" Harper 
watching the game from 
the sidelines. Kawal and 
"Babe" Kamp each dropped in four baskets against 
a weak Wolverine defense. Chicago, cellar cham- 
pions of the conference, rose to its highest form to 
defeat the Rubymen, 35-22, in the final contest of the 
season at Chicago. 


V 5 ^ 


Bob Kamp 



a e 

l o v -f\ L 



i i_ l i n o i .5 1 

Burnish the badges and shine up a crown; 
The Illinois track team is coming to town. 

What fun it must be 
To jump like a flea 

And pole vault and hurl in a match. 
How convenient to run 
Like a shot from a gun — 

fust think of the street-cars you'd catch! 

"What," says our team as this year gaily ends, 
"What is a record or two between friends?" 

uue^f^eoPL-r^noe-i^no slug i l l_ i n o i S 


LU e ' u i_ svqCK YOCi TO S T -<<=» O. r> 

G-^in^T' -ri-ie Bes-r in -r »-♦ e i_ -^ n o 



Couch, 1930 


Coach, 1929 


Varsity Track 



A THIRD consecutive Big Ten outdoor track championship was the 
achievement of Coach Harry Gill's Illinois cindermen in 1929. With 
this enviable record to his credit, Coach Gill took a leave of absence during 
the 1929-30 school year, leaving the destinies of the Illinois track team in 
the hands of C. D. "Chick" Werner, then assistant coach and former Illini 
track captain. Werner piloted his 1930 indoor cinder squad to second place 
in the conference meet at Minneapolis. Developing a four-mile relay team 
that shattered another national record at the Texas relays, and a sprint relay 
team that romped home with victories at the Texas, Southern Methodist, 
Kansas, Drake, and Ohio relays, Harry Gill presented a track team that was 
rivaled by none. In addition to his almost unbeatable relay quartets, he had 
Dave Abbott, national two-mile champion for two successive years, who was 
always good for a first place. McDermont in the pole vault, Sentman in the 
hurdles, and Carr in the high jump also rated among Gill's most dependable 
point-gatherers. Under "Chick" Werner, Lee Sentman twice shattered the 
world's 75-yard high hurdles record by lowering it to 9-2 seconds in the 
Illinois Relay Carnival. 




Coach Gill 
Celaya Fruin 

Seine Abbott 

Paterson Burkbart Rodgers Lenz, Mgr. 

McDermont Carr Chambers Stalnaker 

Tockstein Capt. White Harper Sanders 

Kraus Replogle 


Page 226 

H E 

9 3 ' 

L L 



Ohio State 









5H/ 2 

39i/ 2 


3U/ 2 
22l/ 2 

12l/ 2 
7l/ 2 


Varsity Track 


Wisconsin 21 

Illinois 18 

Indiana 18 

Michigan 17 

Purdue 10 

Northwestern 9% 

Iowa 8 

Chicago 7 

Ohio State 7 



Outdoor Season 

Illinois 77 ; Iowa 58 

Illinois 73 ; Michigan 62 

Indoor. Season 

Illinois 32 ; Notre Dame 63 

Illinois 40; Ohio State 46 





Poole Smiley Hannah 

Gallentine Tamais Telleen Turner 

Page 227 



Captain, 1930 

Varsity Track 

1929 Outdoor Conference Meet 

"OLACING in nine events with three first places, six 
A seconds, and four thirds, Coach Harry Gill's Illinois 
track team captured the Western conference outdoor 
track and field championship for the third successive 
year on May 25 at Evanston. The well-balanced Illini 
cinder squad finished at the top of the Big Ten heap 
with a margin of 12 points, scoring 51^4 tallies, while 
Ohio State, the nearest competitor, was running up 

39i/ 2 • 

Dave Abbott romped off with Illinois' only undis- 
puted first place in the two-mile race, traversing the 
distance in 9:33. McDermont soared 13 feet, 7 inches 
in the pole vault to tie Tommy Warne, Northwestern 
ace, and set a new conference record. Bob Carr went 
into a triple tie in the high jump by leaping an even 
six feet. Sentman and Rodgers finished just behind 
Rockaway of Ohio State in the 120-yard high hurdles, 
while Orlovich and Capt. White grabbed a second and 
third in the half-mile stretch. 

In shattering the world's 220-yard low hurdles rec- 
ord, Rockaway was hard pressed by Cave, Sentman, 
and Burkhart in establishing the remarkably low time 
of :22.8. Other Illinois point-gatherers included Cham- 
bers with a second in the javelin throw and Harper 
with a third in the pole vault. 


Varsity Track 

1930 Indoor Season 

G. K. Harper 

LED by Lee Sentman, who established a new world's 
record in the 70-yard high hurdles, Coach "Chick" 
Werner's Illini track team finished in second place at 
the 1930 indoor track and field title meet at Minne- 
apolis. Illinois ran up a total of 18 points, exceeded 
only by Wisconsin with 21. Injuries, off days, and elim- 
ination of the broad jump on the eve of the meet pre- 
vented Illinois from grabbing another championship 
on the cinder path. 

Werner's high jumpers and pole vaulters all experi- 
enced off days in the title scrap. Carr was unable to 
leap higher than 6 feet, giving him second in the high 
jump, while Tom Miller's limit was an inch lower to 
tie him for third position. Capt. Verne McDermont and 
Morrison tied for third in the pole vault, soaring 12 
feet, 8I/2 inches, four inches below McDermont' s usual 

Keith Hampton was leading the pack of quarter- 
milers half a lap before the finish when he pulled a 
muscle and coasted in behind Henke of Wisconsin for 
second place. Bob Rodgers added to the Illini total by 
taking a fourth in the 70-yard high hurdles, and the 
Illini mile relay quartet barely lost to the Badgers in 
a race for fourth place. Joe Makeever, captain of the 
Illinois cross country team in 1929, contributed two 
more tallies in the mile run, finishing behind Leas of 
Indiana and Follows of Wisconsin. 

George Simpson, Ohio State's "world's fastest hu- 
man," lived up to his name by covering the 60-yard 
dash event in 6.2 seconds to tie the world's record. 













Page 229 

H E 


19 3 1 





Varsity Track 

COACH HARRY GILL triumphantly opened the outdoor track 
season when his nationally-famous four-mile relay team estab- 
lished a new world's record, and the quarter and half mile relay 
quartets set meet records under a blazing sun at the Texas relays. 

The Orlovich-White-Stine-Abbott combination raced to victory 
in 17 minutes, 40.2 seconds, breaking the mark established by the 
Illinois squad in 1922. Timm, Burkhart, Cave, and Paterson formed 
the invincible sprint relay outfit that returned to the campus laden 
with gold watches. 

On the following day, the Illini cinder delegation continued its 
winning ways at the Southern Methodist University relays, with vic- 
tories in the quarter, half, and two-mile relays, Abbott's triumph 
in the 3,000-meter run, and Sentman's winning dash in the 220-yard 
low hurdles. McDermont and Harper heaped further laurels on the 
Illini squad by tieing for second in the pole vault at 13 feet. 

The Kansas relays on April 21 saw the half, quarter, and four- 
mile relay quartets again setting the pace, while Sentman was leap- 
ing to fame in the high hurdles and Carr tieing for first in the high 
jump. Rodgers conceded Allison of Iowa a second in the high tim- 
ber event, and Frank Simon leaped to runner-up position in the 
broad jump. Warne of Northwestern and Otterness of Minnesota 
eclipsed Illinois in the pole vault, so McDermont and Harper had 
to be content to tie for third place. The two-mile relay quartet had 
an off day, coming in behind Chicago, Missouri, Iowa, and Kansas. 



Page 230 

I 9 3 ' 






Varsity Track 

FOUR RELAY TEAMS, the quarter, distance medley, four-mile, 
and shuttle hurdles quartets, dashed to victory on April 27 to 
give Illinois major honors in the annual Drake relays. The half- 
mile squad was the only one suffering defeat, finishing behind Iowa, 
Michigan, and Nebraska. 

Despite a driving rain throughout the meet, the Illini distance 
medley team, composed of Orlovich, White, Stine, and Abbott, shat- 
tered the former Drake relay record by half a second, completing 
the laps in 10:24. Surpassed only by Otterness, the Gopher ace, 
.iMcDermont and Harper went into a draw for second place in the 
pole vault by soaring 12 feet, 6 inches. 

Fighting against rain and mud for the third consecutive week- 
end, the flashing Illinois sprint quartet led Gill's cindermen to more 
glory a week later in the Ohio relays by setting a new intercollegiate 
record of 41.5 seconds in the 440-yard baton event. Living up to 
expectations, the four-mile relay squad romped off with another win, 
while Lee Sentman and Bob Carr were topping the field in the 220- 
yard low hurdles and high jump, respectively. 

Verne McDermont soared 13 feet, 4% inches to annex a second 
in the pole vault and George Bertelsman contributed to the team's 
total with a fourth in the broad jump. Both the shuttle hurdles and 
medley relay teams finished in second place. 


:j u 


Page 231 

T H 



W r-' 






Varsity Track 

BECKONING their spikes to the powerful 
Iowa track team that had defeated them for 
the conference indoor championship, the Illini 
grabbed their first dual meet victory on May 11 
at Iowa City by trouncing Coach Bresnahan's 
squad, 77 to 58. 

First places by Timm in the 100-yard dash, 
Orlovich in the half mile, Abbott in the mile, 
Tockstein in the two mile, Rodgers in the low 
hurdles, Sentman in the high hurdles, and Cham- 
bers in the javelin throw were instrumental in 
giving the Illini the edge that was strengthened 
by a bountiful supply of second and third places. 

Gordy Harper and Verne McDermont were 
nosed out by Canby of Iowa for supremacy in the 
pole vault, while Bob Carr and Frank Simon had 
to be content with seconds in the high and broad 
jump events. Slow times were recorded in the 
track events due to a five-hour downpour of rain 
that preceded the meet. 

Michigan provided somewhat stiffer opposition 
in the Interscholastic program, falling before 
Coach Harry Gill's athletes by a 73 to 62 margin. 
A closing rush in the final events spelled victory 
for the Illini to give them a clear dual meet rec- 
ord for the season. 



Page 232 

H E 



i\ • 





Varsity Track 

DUAL MEET competition proved disastrous for 
the Illini indoor track squad which had the 
misfortune to drop the first to Notre Dame, 63 to 
32, and the second to Ohio State by the close mar- 
gin of 46 to 40. It marked the first time a Notre 
Dame cinder team had defeated the Illini. 

Ernie Useman opened the Irish encounter in 
great fashion by copping the 60-yard dash, but the 
Illini were unable to hold the lead. Rodgers in the 
high hurdles and Evans in the mile were both 
beaten by two Notre Dame men, giving the Illini 
third place in each event. Capt. McDermont 
showed his old form by vaulting 13 feet, 4% 
inches to win another five points. 

Other first places went to Makeever in the two- 
mile, Sentman in the broad jump, and Carr in 
the high jump. 

Werner's cindermen fought an uphill battle 
only to lose to Ohio State in the final event in a 
dual meet on February 22 in the Armory. With 
Ohio holding a 41-40 edge, Keith Hampton, 
Illini anchor man, barely lost to Strother of Ohio 
in the last lap of the mile relay to give the Buck- 
eyes a victory. 

Lee Sentman, the greatest hurdler the world 
has ever known, equaled the world's record of 
9.4 seconds in the 75-yard hurdles. 

B. R. Harper 


Page 233 


Varsity Cross Country 

VV7TTH JOE MAKEEVER, a letterman 
** from several years past, as the only 
foundation for the squad, the 1929 Illinois 
cross country season proved somewhat disas- 
trous to Assistant Coach Dave Abbott who 
was experiencing his first months as "Chick" 
Werner's successor. Illinois placed ninth in 
the Big Ten meet on November 22 at Co- 

Abbott's harriers opened the campaign by 
taking fourth place in a quadrangular meet 
with Wisconsin, Notre Dame, and North- 
western at Evanston. Stalnaker was forced 
from the race with an injury, and Roberts, a 
sophomore, was the first Illini to finish. 
Evans, Denekas, Tockstein, and Fuerman 
trailed Roberts in the hill and dale race. 

Following a mediocre showing against 
Michigan and Ohio State in a triangular 
meet on November 9, the Illini harriers were 
barely nosed out by Chicago, 26 to 29, here 
two weeks later. Dale Letts, Maroon stellar 
distance man, was the big reason for the 
Illini defeat when he jogged over the five- 
mile course in 26 minutes, 49.5 seconds. 
Close behind him came Kelly, another Ma- 
roon harrier, who beat out Capt. Makeever 
of Illinois by a narrow margin. Evans trailed 
Makeever while Tockstein copped sixth posi- 
tion, Stalnaker, seventh, and Eckert, ninth. 
Letts opened the long race by taking the 
lead and was never headed. All of the run- 
ners were somewhat handicapped by the 
clinging clay-like mud which helped to slow 
their times. 


o f^ 

Coach Abbott Evans Heikes Eckert . Bowes 

McDaniels Tockstein Makeever Evans 

Page 234 


L L 

Relay Carnival 

Ohio State University 

TpWO WORLDS and five Carnival rec- 
■*- ords fell by the wayside when a record- 
breaking throng of nearly 900 athletes from 
84 universities, colleges, and high schools all 
over the nation staged an assault on existing 
track and field marks in the thirteenth an- 
nual Illinois Indoor Relay Carnival on March 
15 in the Armory. 

Chief among the day's record-breakers 
was Lee Sentman, the versatile Illini athlete, 
who twice shattered the world's standard in 
the 75-yard high hurdles. Sentman lowered 
the mark from 9-4 to 9-3 seconds in the 
afternoon preliminaries, and increased his 
speed in the semi-final and final races to 
again crack the recognized mark by covering 
the high barriers in 9.2. Not satisfied with 
shaving a world's mark twice in one day, 
Sentman stepped out to capture the 75- 
yard low hurdles event a few minutes later. 

Barney Berlinger, University of Pennsyl- 
vania athlete, won the all-around event in the 
afternoon for the second straight year by 
scoring 6,058.5 points, just ll 1 /^ points 
short of the record-breaking number he 
gathered in 1929. Utterback of Pittsburgh 
placed second with 5,041 points, while "Bu" 
Harper of Illinois was third with 4,921. 

New Carnival records established were in 
the college medley relay by Michigan State 
Normal in 10:41; 1,500 meters run by Put- 
nam of Iowa in 4:00.4; 1,000-yard run by 
Martin of Purdue in 2:16.4; four-mile uni- 
versity relay by Pennsylvania in 17:50.5, 
breaking the old Illinois record of 17:53.3 
set in 1929; and the one-mile university re- 
lay by Missouri in 3:22.9- 


University of Pennsylvania 

Page 235 



r, e 

L O V -fl L 


V o u 

l_ l i n o i s 


The bases are year-stones in our hippodrome 
And ice upperclassmen are running for home. 

Bleachers . . . Yells . . . 
Vain peanut shells . . . 

Crack . . . oh, boy! what a clout. 
Crowd's lost its sense . . . 
Restless . . . tense . . . 

"Over the fence is out." 

The score is against you — the home team is flat — 
It's Loyalty s inning — and YOU are at bat! 

uu 6 ' d e o n -^ n o e -Ft n o b l u e ii_i_inoiS 


' o -<=i i n s t- ' -rue 8es-r tn -ri-» e L-^ino 


Junior Manager 

Varsity Baseball 

FOURTH place in the Big Ten with six victories and five defeats — such was the 
record achieved by the 1929 Illinois baseball team under the coaching of Carl L. 
Lundgren. Nine lettermen reported to the Illini mentor at the beginning of the season 
to give the squad hopes of a second championship in three years. Following the long 
period of training in the Armory and on Illinois field, Lundgren took 15 of the most 
promising players on the Southern trip. 

Capt. Andrews, slated to do most of the pitching, was troubled with a sore arm 
during the conference campaign and was capably relieved by Bower and Meyer. 
Kusinski, captain of the 1927 nine, worked behind the plate, as did Snyder, also a 
letterman. With Shaw temporarily injured, Coach Lundgren's infield was composed of 
Williams at first, Brown at second, Rosenthal or Yule at shortstop, and Captain-elect 
Lymperopoulos at third. Engvall saw some service on the first sack, as did Tommy 
Rickman, the diamond comedian. 

O'Grady was back in left field a great part of the season, although Dorn handled 
that position several games after recovering from his injury. Witte, a sophomore, 
earned his letter in center field, breaking into most of the important battles. Walker 
again proved himself one of the best ball-hawks on the squad with his work in right 



Varsity Baseball 



Wisconsin 6 

Michigan 5 

Iowa 5 


Northwestern 4 


Indiana 4 

Purdue 4 

Minnesota 2 

Ohio State 3 

Chicago 3 


Illinois 4; 

Illinois 8; 

Illinois 5; 

Illinois 6; 

Illinois 3; 

Illinois 10; 

Illinois 7; 

Illinois 6; 

Illinois 2; 

Millsaps 3 

Millsaps 7 

Mississippi A. & M. . . . 5 

Mississippi A. & M. . . . 6 

University of Alabama . . 3 

University of Alabama. . 14 

Louisiana State 4 

Louisiana State 9 

Bradley 2 

Illinois 6; 

Illinois .... 

Illinois .... 

Illinois .... 

Illinois .... 

Illinois .... 

Illinois 1 : 

Illinois 3 : 

Illinois .21; 

Illinois 9; 

Illinois 9; 

Illinois 3; 

Illinois 1; 

Illinois 1 ; 

(Two Innings) 

Butler 4 

Meiji (Japan) 3 

Notre Dame 

Iowa 1 

Northwestern 3 

Northwestern 3 

(Six Innings) 

Ohio State 2 


Wisconsin 2 

Purdue 8 

Michigan 5 

Wisconsin 4 

Purdue 2 

Michigan 2 

(Thirteen Innings) 


Illinois 7 ; McKendree 2 

Illinois 8 ; Bradley 

Illinois 6; Lake Forest 2 

Illinois 9; Indiana State Normal. . . 1 
















*-1 - X? 

Cosmidys Demster Cohn Mohr Labant Wolter Ferris 

Green Wahl Herschberger Schachennan Kolfenback Warner Haines Carlino Brevall 

Coach Sogolow Wiese Larson Murphy Fend Anderson Lolordo Blumenkamp Winkler Magierski Coach Sabo 

Mills Hazzard Barculis Nusspickel Fuzak Gbur Tryban Flagg Murnahan Finch 

Page 239 



19 3 1 




Varsity Baseball 

LEAVING behind them weeks of hard training in the Armory and on Illinois 
field, fifteen happy Illini ball players, accompanied by Coach Carl Lund- 
gren, entered the Southland on March 29 to open their annual Southern 
invasion. The Illinois baseball roster included five pitchers, two catchers, six 
infielders, and three outfielders, all of whom had shown great promise in the 
early workouts. 

Capt. Andrews and his nine opened the season with a close 4 to 3 victory 
over Millsaps at Jackson, Miss. The triumph proved a costly one when Ernie 
Dorn injured his ankle and was kept out of the lineup for several weeks. 
Don Brown came through with the first home run of the campaign while 
Walker was smashing out a double and a single. 

The following day saw the Illini again on the heavy end of the score, the 
Millsaps bowing, 8 to 7, with Lymperopoulos, Walker, and O'Grady provid- 
ing the batting punch. Two tie games with Mississippi A. & M. came next 
in line with Lundgren's pitchers weakening under the Aggies' murder's row. 







Page 240 


"«f"iS •* 

\ *&,. 

: " .,•■■ ■ ■ 

Varsity Baseball 

JOURNEYING to Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the fifth battle of the trip, Illinois 
played its third tie contest, this time with the University of Alabama. 
Eddie Shaw broke his ankle in this fray to handicap the Illini infield for the 
next six weeks. Base-hits were lacking on both sides, Illinois collecting only 
three to earn a 3 to 3 tie in 10 frames. Alabama came from behind to smother 
the Lundyman, 14 to 10, in the following game marked by 11 Illini errors. 

Allowing Louisiana State seven hits and four runs, Tom Desmond hurled 
his outfit to a 7 to 4 win the next day at Baton Rouge, La. Don Brown and 
Jimmy Lymperopoulos each contributed three blows, one of Brown's going 
for a home run with two on base in the opening stanza. 

Illinois suffered a 9 to 6 defeat in the final battle in the South, succumbing 
to Louisiana State with Capt. Andrews and Jerry Mueller on the mound. 
During the eight games, Coach Lundgren's squad had battled Southern teams 
for a percentage of .600 with three victories, two defeats, and three ties. 




ts -J 



Pring Linberg Kelly Kuni 

Derby Terry Kreider 

Page 241 


l 9 3 I 






Varsity Baseball 

RETURNING from a successful Southern in- 
vasion, the Illini baseball team opened its 
home season by tying Bradley, 2 to 2, in a two- 
inning game interrupted by rain on Illinois field. 
Two days later Capt. Andrews hurled the Lundy- 
men to a 3 to 1 victory in ten innings in the open- 
ing Big Ten conflict with the Hawkeyes at Iowa 
City. Jimmy Lymperopoulos, "Tillie" Walker, 
and Don Brown provided the batting punch to 
drive the winning tallies across the plate in the 

Illini batsmen took advantage of an oppor- 
tunity to sharpen their batting eyes in the next 

encounter when they slugged out a 21 to 4 tri- 
umph over the Butler nine. In the second con- 
ference battle of the season, Paul Stewart, former 
assistant to Coach Lundgren, brought his North- 
western ball team to Champaign, and took the 
Illini by surprise, downing them, 3 to 1. On a 
return trip to Evanston, Stewart's warriors again 
baffled Illinois at the plate, and the score was 
again 3 to 1. 

The following week-end saw Illinois at Colum- 
bus, defeating Ohio State, 6 to 2, with Don 
Andrews again doing mound duty. Walker and 
O'Grady led the sluggers with two blows apiece. 


.vJH-fc"^'- + 



* -„ 


Page 24: 

H E 



Varsity Baseball 

IOWA was the next victim of the Illini siege- 
gun attack, this time succumbing by a 5 to 
margin, with Len Bower zipping them across the 

Unable to hold their scant one-run lead, Coach 
Lundgren's nine went down to a third Big Ten 
defeat when Wisconsin scored two in the sixth 
frame at Illinois field. Bower was in rare form 
on the mound, but his brace of errors was largely 
responsible for the margin which eventually 
spelled defeat by a 2 to 1 count. 

Free hitting and ragged fielding by both teams 

marked Illinois' next victory at Purdue, where 
four hurlers managed to hold the Boilermakers 
to eight runs while the Illini were gathering 11. 
Jack O'Grady and Milt Williams slammed out 
triples, and Jack Snyder a double to help drive in 
runs. Michigan continued its winning ways over 
Illini ball teams when McAfee's masterful pitch- 
ing subdued the Lundymen, 5 to 1, in the follow- 
ing game at Ann Arbor. Capt. Andrews hurled 
brilliantly during the opening frames, but the 
Wolverines finally touched him for eight safeties 
to continue their leadership in the conference race. 

?,s ^r* ^'" X l 


Page 243 

it,! 1 !? 





i i 



Varsity Baseball 

MEIJI UNIVERSITY of Japan, foes of the 
Illini on their invasion of the Orient a year 
before, was the next team to face Lundgren's nine. 
Masterful twirling by Ossie Meyer kept the 
Japanese hits scattered to give Illinois an easy 9 
to 3 advantage. The Meiji midgets displayed great 
form on the diamond, but seemed to have suffered 
from too much baseball while meeting so many 
college teams on successive days. 

Notre Dame invaded Illinois Field for a non- 
conference game, only to be shut out by a 9 to 

score. Ossie Meyer's airtight pitching, five Irish 
errors, and the stick work of Walker and Dorn 
all were responsible for the one-sided outcome. 
Journeying to Madison, the Illini regained their 
form to slam out an 8 to 4 conquest over the 
Badgers. Len Bower held the Cardinals to five 
blows while his teammates were gathering 15 of 
Farber and Ellerman. Walker and Dorn led the 
batting spree with three hits apiece, while Wil- 
liams and Lymperopoulos were not far behind 
with two each. 


Page 244 







^.«i*Wi : 






Varsity Baseball 

McREYNOLDS had the Illini guessing all the 
way in the following contest, so Purdue 
nosed out the Lundymen, 2 to 1, in an evenly 
matched hurling duel. The Purdue moundsman 
won his own game off Len Bower in the ninth 
when he punched out the single that meant victory. 
The most exciting combat of the year closed the 
season when the Illini captured a 3 to 2 triumph 
over Michigan in 13 innings. Jack Yule's triple 
in the thirteenth saved the day, but Walker, Eng- 

vall, and Lymperopoulos also did their share to 
beat the tall, rangy Asbeck and knock Michigan 
out of the Big Ten lead. 

This contest was by far the most hard fought 
battle of the season, with the score remaining tied 
from the seventh until the thirteenth inning. Vic- 
tory not only established the Illini in fourth place 
in the Big Ten standings, but represented the first 
time that the Lundymen had defeated the Wol- 
verines in two years of diamond competition. 



Page 245 


a e 

L O V -& L 



l l i n o i s 

Apollo, even, would look better 
With an "I" upon his sweater. 

When right beside 
His manly stride 

Her lot to walk befell, 
She was impressed 
And cried distressed, 

"Oh, ain't he just too swell!" 

There's yo-yoing and diabolo 
Is there Loyalty in polo? 


uu € ' a. b OR,-^noe -& n o 8 l m e 

l_ i_ i n o i S 




o -^ i n s ~r ' -rue bcst to -ti-h^ i_ -^ n q 


Varsity Wrestling 

ANOTHER Big Ten championship for Illinois 
* was the reward for "Hek" Kenney's second 
season's work as head coach of the Illini wrestling 
squad. Kenney's grapplers barely nosed out Indi- 
ana, winners of the Eastern division of the con- 
ference, by a 16 to 12 count, for the undisputed 
title on March 8. Burdick and Sapora pinned their 
Hoosier opponents and Capt. Allie Morrison and 
Bauerle scored decisions while the Indiana mat- 
men were checking up four decisions over the 

Three of these wrestlers heaped more honors 
on themselves a week later by winning conference 
individual championships in the New Gym. Bur- 
dick, Bauerle, and Sapora rode through all oppo- 
sition to Big Ten titles, while Tonkoff captured 
third place in the 175-pound class. 

Allie Morrison, Olympic champion in the 135- 

pound division, maintained his record of a victory 
every bout since his sophomore year in high school. 
In addition, Allie was never on the bottom in any 
match during his collegiate career. Joe Sapora, in 
the 115-pound division; "Skeezix" Dooley and 
Lou Bauerle, 125 pounds; Morrison, 135 pounds; 
Gradman, 145 pounds; Echternacht, 155 pounds; 
Russ Crane, 165 pounds; Gene Tonkoff, 175 
pounds, and "Shorty" Burdick, heavyweight, 
formed the line-up that swept aside all opposition 
for Illinois' eighth Big Ten flag in 11 years. 

1930 SCORES 

Illinois. .'. 211/ 2 

Illinois 261/ 2 

Illinois 28 

Illinois 211/ 2 

Illinois 26 

Illinois 31 

Cornell College, la 4y 2 

Iowa State Teachers College. 7!/2 


Wisconsin 4]/ 2 


Chicago 5 

Ass't. Coach Law Trainer Brown Gradman Bauerle Manager Waugh 

Dooley Crane Burdick Tonkoff Campbell 

Sapora Hewett Echternacht Capt. Morrison Fullerton 

I 93 ' 

L L 




Varsity Soccer 

COACH HARTLEY PRICE guided his 1929 
Illinois soccer team through an even more 
successful season than in 1928 by not only winning 
his second consecutive Big Ten championship but 
the Western title as well. This represented the 
third season for soccer at Illinois, and the sport 
is now well-established on the campus with an 
increasing number of candidates reporting every 

The Illini were able to schedule but three 
games, and two of them resulted in shutouts. 
Tackling the strong Ohio State eleven here No- 
vember 9, Price's charges took their opponents 
into camp by a score of 4 to 0. "Scotty" Reston 
opened the scoring with two goals early in the 
first quarter. Reynolds came in fast for another 
tally at the beginning of the second half, and 

Walter followed up to score the final goal on a 
beautiful corner kick. 

A return contest with the Buckeyes at Colum- 
bus, Ohio, saw Coach Price's booters travel 
through Ohio State for an easy 8 to whitewash 
to successfully defend the conference title cap- 
tured in 1928. Three goals by Capt. MacFadzean 
and additional counters by Reston, Reynolds, and 
Walter wrecked Ohio's hopes while their offen- 
sive attack was held powerless. 

Journeying to Oberlin, Ohio, two days later, the 
Illini experienced the toughest game of the season, 
barely emerging with a 2 to 1 conquest over the 
Oberlin booters to grab the Western crown. Tom 
Reynolds stood out as the individual star of this 
encounter, rushing through for both of Illinois' 


Reston Young Mgr. Hockaday Kamin Hastings Pinsley Walter 

Fencl Krakower Capt. Ehnborn Floreth Reynolds Lewin 

Coach Price 

Page 249 





1R ; 

Coach, 1930 


Varsity Tennis 

COACH CAHN'S Illini tennis squad opened 
the 1929 conference season with a bang, 
whitewashing the Purdue netmen by a 9 to count 
in the initial clash on April 24. Chicago's inva- 
sion a week later proved disastrous for the Illini 
racquet wielders who were forced to bow, 5 to 4, 
for their only dual meet defeat. 

Singles victories by Eddie Shoaff, former Illi- 
nois captain, Captain-elect Topper, Traynor, and 
Bumgarner, and the invincible Traynor-Miller and 
Shoaff -Topper doubles pairings sent the Iowa ten- 
nis team to its Waterloo, 6 to 3, on May 6. 

With Ohio State invading the local courts for 
the next encounter, Cahn's netmen swept the dou- 

bles and dropped only one singles match to swamp 
the Buckeyes by an 8 to 1 count. 

While not duplicating the 1928 singles per- 
formances of Tim O'Connell, Eddie Shoaff led his 
teammates in the Big Ten meet on May 23 and 24 
at Columbus, Ohio, by fighting his way to the 
second day of play. He suffered defeat in this 
bracket from Rexinger of Chicago, 6-4, 6-3. Berg- 
herm and Riel, Northwestern' s aces on the net 
court as well as the gridiron and basketball floor, 
upset Shoaff and Topper in doubles, 6-4, 2-6, 6-3, 
and George Lott, Chicago's nationally famed star, 
downed Topper, 6-2, 6-2. 





Bumgarner . Shoaff 

Capt. Thompson 




Coach Cahn 

Page 250 





Varsity Golf 

MAKING his debut as Illinois Varsity golf 
coach, John Utley guided his golfers through 
a successful 1929 season, with three victories, two 
defeats, and one tie as his dual meet record. The 
Illini linksmen were not permitted to compete in 
the conference meet since the dates conflicted with 
final examinations. 

Capt. Whyte's golfers staged a grand opening 
match on April 27 by crushing Purdue, 24-0, on 
the Urbana Country club course. Goldwater, Mar- 
tin, Sutin, Wiley, and Lyon all turned in low 
scores against the Riveting rivals. 

The following pair of matches saw Illinois go 
down to defeat, Michigan winning, 101/? to 7^, 

and Northwestern grabbing honors at Evanston, 
111/2 to 6y 2 . Smarting from these losses, Utley's 
squad outstroked the Chicago linksmen on May 
13 by a 15 to 3 margin, with Dick Martin, Illinois' 
captain-elect and No. 1 man, dropping the only 
match to the Maroon leader. 

Ohio State crumbled under the Illini attack in 
the next meet by a 13 to 5 score on May 18 to 
give Utley's golfers their third dual victory. Trav- 
eling to Iowa City for the final engagement, the 
Illini linksmen were not in their best form and 
had to be content with a 9 to 9 tie against the 
powerful Hawkeye squad. 

Coach Utley 




Emrick Kurz 

Capt. Whyte 

Madden Ralston 

Sutin Wiley 

Page 251 



Varsity Swimming 

in the Big Ten 
and a victory in each 
of the six dual meets 
was the record 
achieved by Coach 
Edwin J. Manley's 
Illini Varsity swim- 
mers in 1930. The 
300-yard medley relay 
team and Capt. Ray 
Kieding in the 440- 
yard race grabbed 
third places in the 
conference meet 
which ended with 
Illinois trailing 
Northwestern, Mich- 
igan, and Minnesota, 
in the order named. 
Block won fourth place in both dash events, as 
did Kieding in the 220-yard free style. The 160- 
yard sprint relay quartet finished behind Mich- 
igan, Wisconsin, and Northwestern to run the 
Illinois total to 11 points, just one point behind 

Corraling seven out of eight possible first 
places, the Manleymen swamped Purdue in the 
first dual meet by a count of 54 to 21. Five points 
were awarded to the 1 60-yard relay quartet com- 


posed of Block, Pashby, Webster, and Kieding, 
Holbrook in the breast stroke, Kieding in the 440, 
Pashby in the back stroke, Webster in the 100-yard 
dash, Marshall in fancy diving, and the medley 
relay team of Pashby, Cady, and Williamson. 

Manley's tankmen showed up even better in 
the next encounter with Indiana, sinking the 
Hoosiers, 56 to 19, at the New Gym pool. George 
Webster, Illini dash ace, clipped three-fifths of a 
second from the Illinois 100-yard free style rec- 
ord by churning the water in :56.2. Bartholomew 
then shattered the Illinois mark for the 150-yard 
back stroke by covering the distance in 1:48.2. 

The next week saw the Illini journeying to 
Ohio to conquer the University of Cincinnati 
natators, 51 to 24, with Schroeder, Lockwood, 
Kieding, Bartholomew, Webster, and both relay 
teams taking first places. Minnesota next visited 
the Illini pool, only to return with a 42 to 33 
defeat. Block, Kieding, Webster, and Lockwood 
splashed to a new Illinois record in the 200-yard 
relay race. 

Manley's mermen had a much easier time the 
following week, invading the Chicago tank for a 
58 to 17 triumph with Schroeder, Block, Kieding, 
and Marshall winning firsts. Illinois completed 
its third undefeated year in dual meets by nosing 
out Wisconsin by the close margin of 38 to 37 at 

Coach Manley 
Block Williamson 

Etzbach Engesser 

Cady Wagner 

Capt. Kieding Schroeder 

Holbrook • Lockwood 

Stout Wallk 

Bartholomew Webster 

Alston Pashby 



Page 252 

Varsity Water Polo 

A 1 

LTHOUGH failing to annex their third 

straight conference championship, the 1930 
Illinois water polo team closed the season suc- 
cessfully with three wins and one loss. Coach 
Edwin J. Manley guided a veteran team through 
the four battles, but could not check the attack 
of the crafty Chicago seven which defeated the 
Illini by a 13 to 3 score. 

Capt. Fritz Schroeder led the poloists from the 
center back position and topped the list of scorers 
in practically every meet. Manley used Harry 
Stout, Earl Wagner, and George Webster, cap- 
tain of the 1929 squad, at forwards, and Ray 
Kieding, George Barry, and Wallk at guards 
during the greater part of the campaign. 

The Illini tank team pried the lid off the 1930 
season by sinking Purdue under an 8 to 1 land- 
slide. Two goals in the first three minutes of 
play gave Illinois a lead that was never relin- 
quished, and by half time they had flipped the 
ball into the net for three more counters. 

Manley's seven had a much easier time with the 
Indiana squad when the Hoosiers invaded the 
New Gym pool only to receive a 14 to 1 drubbing. 
Capt. Schroeder led his team's scoring as well as 
handling the ball in great fashion. 

The next week saw the Illini scrapping with 
the fast Chicago poloists at the Midway. The 



visiting outfit 
couldn't seem to 
become accus- 
tomed to the 
small, 60-foot 
pool, and bril- 
liant play by 
Wagner and 
Schroeder failed 
to halt the Ma- 
roon attack. 

By far the 
most thrilling 
game of the sea- 
son came in the 
final encounter 
at Madison 
when Schroeder 
and his mates 
were forced to 
go into an overtime period to romp home with a 
2 to 1 triumph. 

Five out of the regular seven men comprising 
the 1930 squad will not return next year, leaving 
Barry and Wallk as the foundation for Coach 
Manley's 1931 water polo entry. 


Coach Manley 



Capt. Schroeder 




Page 253 



TLLINOIS barely failed to cop its second straight conference title in 
•*■ gymnastics when Chicago nosed out Coach Hartley Price's charges, 
1212.05 to 1168.35 at the championship meet on March 15 at Chicago. 
Several of the Illinois athletes were off form, and Reiter was the only 
one able to gather a first place against the stiff competition offered by 
the other conference schools. Capt. "Dick" Oeler, who had so capably 
led his teammates with points in the sidehorse and parallel bars through- 
out the dual meet season, had to be content with a second and a fourth 

In their dual meet competition, Coach Price's gymnasts captured three 
out of their four conference engagements, dropping the only encounter 
to the Chicago tumblers. The Illini opened the season with an impressive 
triumph over Minnesota, grabbing every first place and accumulating 
1178.25 points to 1085.75 for the Gophers. 

Ohio State proved a much easier opponent, bowing to last year's con- 
ference champions by a 1221.50 to 1055 margin. Price's hopefuls again 
copped every first place and scored slams in the flying rings, parallel 
bars, and tumbling events. 

Chicago caught the gymnasts in a severe slump, running up 1242 
points while Illinois was accounting for only 1199-5. The Illini then 
came back to finish the successful season with a victory over Purdue. 
Capt. Oeler led his team's scoring by taking firsts in the parallel bars 
and sidehorse. The final score read: Illinois, 1171.25; Purdue, 1091. 



Capt. Oeler 



Coach Price 



Page 254 

Varsity Fencing 

T"\UPLICATING their performances of the previous year, Coach Herb 
*^ Craig's Illini fencers captured the Big Ten title for the second con- 
secutive season at the conference meet on March 15 at Chicago. Three 
Illini journeyed to the title meet, namely, Capt. Otto Haier, Fred Siebert, 
and "Doc" Gross, and three returned champions. Haier, the cat-like, 
scrapping Illinois leader opened the fray by winning every bout, and 
Siebert and Gross duplicated their captain's display of swordsmanship 
to give the Illini a perfect total of 15 points. 

Three victories and two defeats was the record of Coach Herb Craig's 
Illini fencers during the 1930 dual meet campaign. Illinois opened the 
season by trouncing Washington University of St. Louis, 15 to 2, with 
Capt. Haier and "Red" Siebert clashing through their opponents for 
wins in all of their matches. 

Minnesota next fell before the Illini swordsmen by a 16 to 1 count 
in the first Big Ten encounter. Siebert was again the star, fencing in 
five bouts and winning all but one. Journeying to Ann Arbor with two 
scalps on their belts, Craig's duellists underestimated their next opponents 
and succumbed to Michigan's attack by the close margin of 9 to 8. 

Still suffering from their slump, the Illini dropped their following meet 
to Chicago, 10 to 7, when the Maroons staged a comeback in the final 
matches. The fencers closed their dual season in the Old Gym by crush- 
ing Purdue by a 14 to 3 count with Haier and Siebert again leading the 


O. C. HAIER, Jr. 

Wheeler Siebert Knox Friedberg Schlicher Capt. Haier Gross Coach Craig 

Page 255 



r, e 

l o v -a i_ 


V o u 

i i_ l i n o i S 


Hurray for the suits with the purple-ish tint. 

Hurray for the brother who knows how to 

The Delt to thirteen: 
"It's stiffness, I ween. 

My muscles will actually squeak." 
Thirteen to the Delt: 
"1 know how you felt 

For I couldn't bend for a week." 

Hurray for the grail of triumph that goes. 
Hurray for the Loyalty everyone shows. 

uue , a,Boa.-rtnc.e-i^no e l u e i l_ l i n o i S 


(jUe'L-L 8-^CK VOCU TO STiRnO 

■ ' 

* o -« i n s "T ' -rnne Bes-r tn -r i-» e i_-^no 





Independent Manager 


"A THLETICS FOR ALL," the policy developed by Director George Huff 
£\. for all Illinois men, has become almost a reality through the efforts of 
a well-organized system of intramural athletics at the University. Under the 
directorship of Edwin J. Manley and the management of P. C. Livingston, '30, 
more than 8,000 men participated in all branches of athletics last year. A 
new system was inaugurated during the 1929-30 school year whereby non- 
fraternity or independent men have an organization of their own. V. D. 
Malone, '30, was appointed manager of the independent organization which 
was divided into 50 districts, each of which contains from 60 to 90 men. The 
Independent Council appoints a manager for each of these districts to serve 
under the senior independent manager. 




SPRING 1929 

Baseball Phi Kappa 

Track Beta Theta Pi 

Tennis, Singles 11. L. Richter, Sigma Alpha Mu 

Tennis, Doubles H. L. Richter, M. K. Miller, Sigma Alpha Mu 

Golf, Individual E. Williams, Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Handball, Singles W. R. Doolittle, Phi Kappa Tan 

Handball, Doubles W. R. Doolittle, C. E. Canney, Phi Kappa Tau 

FALL 1929 

Track Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Tennis, Doubles H. L. Richter, G. Faden, Sigma Alpha Mu 

Tennis, Singles P. R. Shildneck 

Cross Country Farm House 

Golf, Individual A. T. Hattenhauer, Delta Tau Delta 

Golf, Doubles Phi Kappa Psi 

Playground Ball, Fraternity Delta Pi 

Playground Ball, Independent Wyandottes 

Horseshoe, Individual L. W. Eaton, Alpha Gamma Rho 

Horseshoe, Doubles Bosler, McClintock 

WINTER 1929-30 

Water Polo llus 

Volley Ball, Pledge Delta Upsilon 

Volley Ball, Member Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Swimming Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Basketball, "A" Team Sigma Nu 

Basketball, "B" Team Delta Sigma Pi 

Basketball, Independent Blue Diamonds 












Page 259 










Golf Individual Champion 

Burroughs Kuppinger Wingert Hall 

A. T. Hactenhauer 


Samuels Zimring Fierberg Lapota Weintraub 

Nockin Kaufman Graema Balson 

Gradman R. Topper J. Topper Novak Goldstein 

Page 260 









Horseshoe Champion 

L. \V. Eaton 

Faden Richter 


Kremer Nauman 

Sparks Dillc 


Page 26 1 




uue'ae l o v -*q l. 


V o u 

i i_ i_ i no i S 

The modern collegienne simply won't think 
Her place is the home and the old kitchen 


Admit that our teas 

Are the nuts, if you please; 

Don't say that they never should he. 
You're all out of joint — 
For what is the point 

Of "Loyalty" minus the "Tea"? 

Ruth of the Ancients ivas loyal and true- 
As loyal are we to the Orange and Blue. 

uu € 1 a, e o r, -^ n a e -f\ n o b lu 6 i l. i_ i n O • S 

LU e ' L L. 8 -^ C K YOUI TO ST-^nO 

o -« i n s T 





Woman's League 

Alberdine Hatcher. . 
Margretta Bairstow 
Blanche Kerr 


President Margaret Leach Finance Secretary 

Vice-President Anna Louise Jackman Senior Representative 

Secretary Margaret Crocker Junior Representative 

Homecoming Frances Howard 

Dad's Day Betty Kehoe 

Mother's Day Alberta Lewis 

Social . i Margaret Goodman 

I Betty DeBerard 

Big Sister Kathryn Burrows 

Gold Feathers Billie Farnham 


Orange and Blue Feathers 

Margaret Mathis 

Freshman Education 

Anna Louise Jackman 

Vocational Guidance .Lucile Finnegan 

Finance Jean Macdonald 

Freshman Pledge Day. Virginia Marsh 

Fashion Review Leona Payne 

Bulletin Board Frederica Clason 

Poster Margaret Kingsley 

Historian Margaret Bennett 

Welfare Mable Fluck 

Activities Helen Slepicka 

All-University Party .Virginia Murton 






Page 266 






Woman's League 

VVTOMAN'S League was formed to further a spirit of unity among Uni- 
** versity women. Membership in it is open to all girls registered in the 
University. Woman's League teas, Group Mixers, and all-University Parties 
held throughout the year serve to aid in bringing girls together in the ties of 
new friendships which grow stronger through college days. Orange and Blue 
Feathers and Gold Feathers afford opportunities for executive ability and 
outstanding qualities to appear in underclassmen. In co-operation with the 
Illinois Union the three important annual celebrations, Homecoming, Dad's 
Day, and Mother's Day are carried out. The year's proceeds go to furnish 
houses for girls working their way through school. 






Page 267 



Orange and Blue Feathers 


First Semester 

Jean Johnston Social 

Marjorie Harrington Recorder 

Cynthia Dyer Points 

Harriet Iverson Publicity 

Evelyn Johnson Program 

Frances Thurston Finance 

Second Semester 

Elizabeth Setchell Social 

Edna Hyttinen Recorder 

Mary Moore Points 

Marion Filson Publicity 

Valeen Gabeline Program 

Jean Webster Finance 

/^VRANGE and Blue Feathers has the three-fold purpose of encouraging 
^^^ scholarship, activities, and new friendships for Freshman women. Its 
membership is open to all girls, but to further these three ideals throughout 
college days a "C" average and 75 activity points are required for initiation. 
By means of a loan fund it helps to carry out its share of the welfare branch 
of the general function of Woman's League. 








i i 







Page 268 



Gold Feathers 


First Semester 

Second Semester 

Marjorie Finn 

Woman s League Representative 

Mary Patton W. A. A. Representative 

Frances Zoeller Finance Representative 

Mary Brennan Sorority Representative 

Joyce Zimmerman Group Representative 

Margaret Rutherford 

Y. W. C. A. Representative 

Margaret Parker Social Chairman 

Lois Blake . . Woman' s League Representative 
Marion Wittman. . .W. A. A. Representative 

Lucille Fisher Finance Representative 

Margaret Bushee. . . .Sorority Representative 

Marian Fagin Group Representative 

Glenita Hobbs . . . Y. W. C. A. Representative 
Ruth Finnegan Social Chairman 

/"^ OLD FEATHERS carries on the work begun in the first year, with the 
addition of loyalty and democracy to its ideals. The requirements for 
initiation are more severe in order to encourage activities still more strongly 
among those girls who aim at successful campus leadership. With its Scholar- 
ship Fund and worthy accomplishments it holds a high place in campus life. 

* a£A*a 
















Page 269 


Woman's League Tea 

YV7~OMAN'S League sponsors teas every 
Wednesday afternoon in the upper parlors 
of the Woman's Building at which prospective 
Orange and Blue Feathers and Gold Feathers 
serve and provide entertainment, affording splen- 
did opportunities for securing activity points, re- 
newing old acquaintances, and making new ones. 

Page 270 


Doll Show 


'HE Y. W. C. A. held its annual Doll Show 
for the orphans of Cunningham Home just 
before Christmas with "The Chicago World's Fair 
of 1933" as the central theme. Delta Gamma won 
first place with its set "Wine-Making in France," 
West Residence Hall took second place with its 
"Mining Scene," and Aeolia the Group Cup with 
a "Candy Store" set. Individual dolls were also 
given prizes this year. Susan Townsend won this 
with a baby doll. 

Page 271 


T H 

May Fete 

"C ACH year W. A. A. presents a May fete in the 
stadium on the Saturday afternoon of Moth- 
er's Day week-end. The 1929 May Fete centered 
about "If I Were King," in which University 
women took part in the varied dances and panto- 
mime. More than 300 women were in this 
thirtieth annual event. Frances Cassady was 
chosen May queen by popular vote of the student 
body several weeks beforehand, and crowned in 
a colorful ceremony during the fete, surrounded 
by her court. 

Page 272 


French Heels 

THHE Fashion Review presented by Woman's 
League took a different form from last year's 
production. This year it was a musical comedy, 
under the title of "French Heels," with fashions 
and lively songs and dances introduced as inci- 
dental to the plot. University women planned, 
directed, costumed, and supervised the entire pro- 
duction with the aid of the faculty advisor. The 
proceeds were turned over to the Welfare Com- 
mittee to be used in furnishing the three co-opera- 
tive houses, Alpha, Beta, and Campbell Cottages. 

Page 273 


19 3 1 




French Heels 


Leona Payne Chairman 

Margaret Crocker Business Manager 

June Whitson Production Manager 


Margaret Bennett Maxine Kinney 

Virginia Marsh Mary Roberts 

Margaret Frazier Dorothy Gard 

Billie Farnham Stella McLeish 

Thyra Kan tor Mary Morris 
Betty Stoolman 

Frazier Gard Farnham Morris Bennett 

Kantor McLeish Marsh Kinney Stoolman Roberts 

Page 21 A 




Y. W. C. A. 


Ramon Pierce. 
Dorean Davis . 
Ruth Nelson. 


. Vice-President 

Frances Howard Membership 

Hazel Bowman Meetings 

Ruth Nelson Finance 

Margaret Singleton .... Girl's Work 

Dorean Davis World Fellowship 

Catherine Fait Social Service 

Maurine Hertz Conferences 

Alberta Lewis Social 

Virginia Gleim .Freshman Deportment 


Ruth Schermerhorn 

Freshman Membership 

Margaret Kingsley Alumni 

Katherine Burns ) lnter . Racia i 

Virginia Bowen ) 

Florence Wood. . .Cunningham Home 

Charlotte DeSelm . . .- Hospital 

Elizabeth Paine Garwood Home 

Elizabeth Forest 

Speakers and Leaders 

Vernette White Music 

Isabel Bower Poster 

Lucile Triebel Girl Reserve 

Virginia Dixon .... Blue Triangle Club 

Betty DeBerard Student Finance 

Josephine Galloway 

Life Work Conference 

Mary Morris Christianity 

Virginia Scott House 

Emily Johnson Parties 

Mildred Berthold Books 

uu e ' r, e 

L O V -R L 


V o u 

l i_ i n o i s 

A wood-nymph by the river's brim 
A pretty ivood-nymph was to him. 

But in the gym 
In clothes so trim, 

Both sensible and good, 
It's sad but so 
He'd never know 

His darling of the wood. 

"Oh, mother," she murmured, "now do not 

To wake me for I'm to be Queen of the May." 

uu € 1 a. e OR,-*HnGe -& n o b i_ u e i l. i_ • n o i S 

Lue'UL- 8-^ICK Y O 

o S t -« n ■ r> 

' G -« i n S T" ' -rue BCS-r tn -r ,_♦ e L ^ino 


i>:»b ! H 

Williamina Farnham 
Myrtle Magnuson 
Virginia Burke Smith 

W. A. A. 


Ruth Mary Johnson President 

Bernice Davenport Vice-President 

Irene Kirchner Secretary 

Gertrude Peske Treasurer 

Beatrice Sloan May Fete Chairman 

Angela Kitzinger Advisor 

Louise Freer Director of Dept. of Physical Education 


Katherine Fishbaugh Jane Whelan 

Virginia Murton Carol Schmidt 

Frances Stevens Jane McClure 

Helen Sowden 
Dorothy Deach 
Phyllis Long 



Stevens Deach Long Farnham McClure 

Whelan Schmidt Sowden Fishbaugh Smith Murton 

Kirchner Peske Johnson Davenport Magnuson 

Page 278 

9 3 i 




W. A. A. 

WOMEN'S athletics on the Illinois Campus 
are of major importance and are sponsored 
by the Woman's Athletic Association, an organi- 
zation of University women who are primarily in- 
terested in all forms of athletics. It is their purpose 
to promote health education and to further an in- 
terest and participation in games and sports of all 
types which make for mental and physical ef- 

Since the inauguration of a four-sport season 
year, the organization has grown until the present 
roll includes about 200 women. 

There is a manager for each sport which the As- 
sociation sponsors, and these managers comprise 
the Advisory Board. In addition to sports, W. A. 
A. sponsors a Play-Day each spring for the four 
high schools of Champaign and Urbana, and Uni- 
versity Health Week in March. The Association 
also sponsors social life with Sans Souci in the 
fall, May Fete in the spring, sport banquets during 
the year following the close of each sport season, 
and an annual spring banquet at which time all 
major awards are made. 




r > 

Y ' i 


Smith Edwards Mathis Bernard Stewart Fishbaugh Lilly 

Strang Hopkins Jaeger Kendall Weiss Cote Murton 

Porter D. Johnson Royston Hunsinger Gunther Fee 

Davenport Stevens McClure Long Baer Mower Scheidenhelm 

Roberts Muirhead Payne Deach 
Schaeffer Kenyon Mercereau 
Ridinger Reinboth Schye 
R. Johnson Whelan Jack Schmidt 

Page 279 



Major I. A. Girls 

Jane McClure 

Dorothy Marie Johnson 

Carol Schmidt 

Irene Kirchner 

Helen Mathis 

Virginia Burke Smith 

Myrtle Magnuson 

Jane Whelan 

Phyllis Long 

Gertrude Peske 

Atlene Scheidenhelm 

Katherine Fishbaugh 

Ruth Mary Johnson 

Bernice Davenport 

Elizabeth Roe 

Page 280 



Gold Seal Girls 


Dorothy Marie Johnson 

' I *HE Gold Seal is the highest honor awarded 
by W. A. A., and is won only by those girls 
who have earned 2000 points through partici- 
pation in the different sports sponsored by the 
Association during the year. This year the 
honor was awarded to four girls, an unusually 
high number. 

The major IA is awarded to girls who make 
1200 points during the year, and the minor IA 
to those who earn 600. 

Ruth Mary Johnson 



Page 281 


Virginia Burke Smith 

Jane McClure 






















t i, -a 


19 3 1 


VVTHEN 109 girls turn out to practice for 
a single sport, it is inevitable that an 
exciting tournament should follow. The 
senior team was the fortunate one, coming 
out first after a series of hard-won battles, in 
which their team spirit counted for more 
than their clever offense and defense. 

Page 282 



T TOCKEY proved itself to be the most 
popular of women's sports with the 
largest turnout of the year. As last season's 
tournament ended in a tie between the 
Sophomores and Juniors, this year's victory 
for the Seniors really ended a two year's 
battle for supremacy. 

Page 283 


mate^ Mg^^g'W 


' I ^O the Sophomores go the honors of the 
basketball floor. Over 100 women turned 
out for basketball this year, and a lively in- 
terclass battle was waged. The Sophomore 
team can well be proud of its victory, won 
after a hard round of excellent playing. 

Page 284 



'TpHE 1929 baseball season was indeed an 
exciting one, and furnished plenty of in- 
terest to feminine fans. The final result was 
a tie between the Junior and Senior teams, 
each having a final score of five games won, 
and one game lost. 


11 ? 


Page 285 

Individual Sports 

APPARATUS, Bowling, Archery, Track, 
and Tennis offer opportunities for in- 
dividual attainment. The flying rings, par- 
allel bars, high jump, alleys, and the tennis 
courts offer pleasure which few University 
women care to lose, and furnish some of the 
most interesting sports events of the year. 



L L 


"\7"OLLEYBALL enthusiasts turned out in 
force this year, with the result of an in- 
teresting and exciting tournament. After a 
season of consistent and careful playing, the 
Juniors asserted themselves winners by a 
long lead, won as much by good sportsman- 
ship and team spirit as by skill. 

Page 287 


Aesthetic Dancing 

' I 'HERE is an untrammeled freedom of 
spirit, a sense of power, a feeling of lift- 
ing ever up — up — up — then the rest and 
peace of slow undulating motion which is 
dancing — for dancing has moods now swift 
and fleet, now subdued and still; it is the ex- 
pression of self, translated through music. 

Page 288 




'TpHE art of clogging is an inheritance 
from the originators of Jazz dancing. 
"East-Side, West-Side" and "Dixie" are eas- 
ily adapted. to the tap-tap-tap of the surpris- 
ingly good amateur doggers to be found in 
the most popular of the physical education 


Page 289 


H E 

19 3 1 

L L ! 

Kitchen Smith R. Johnson Edwards Long Pence Deach 

Clow Rogier Scheidenhelm Johnson Beall Mutton Magnuson D. Johnson 

Turnell Frazier Temple Mercereau Whelan Wakefield Vaughn 

Life-Saving Club 


Beatrice Beall 
Betty Brewster 
Grace Kenyon 
Jane Whelan 
Wintress Balbey 
Virginia Murton 
Irene Kirchner 

Ruth Mary Johnson 
Phyllis Pence 
Eleanor Hall 
Dorothy Case 
Dorothy Edwards 
Rose Steinpress 

Mary Joan Bunting 
Dorothy Deach 
Carol Schmidt 
Dorothy Marie Johnson 
Arlene Scheidenhelm 
Mary Fee 

Evelyn Rogier 
Alice Vaughn 
Billy Mercereau 
Helen Kitchen 
Amy Turnell 
Phyllis Long 
Louise Clow 

Tadpole Club 


Lucille Armstrong 
Bess Baer 
Helena Bundy 
Helen Crane 
Virginia Edes 
Elizabeth Furst 
Valeen Gabeline 
Mary Hall 

Jean Johnston 
Isabel Johnston 
Marjorie Kendall 
Clare Kelley 
Helen Kitchen 
Ruth Lueder 
Matilda Helfrich 

Leslie Lindsley 
Lois Mackey 
Janet Meyers 
Ruth Morrison 
Ruth Rysdon 
Eleanor Schaeffer 
Hortense Schrader 

Mary Jane Seifert 
Martha Simon 
Helen Sowden 
Rosemary Suranovic 
Anna Tuvada 
Jane Whelan 
Dolores Oshlag 
Lois Lyons 


Lueder Schroeder Sowden Lindsley Armstrong Suranovic Edes Rysdon Oshlag Crane Gabeline 

Mackey Bundy Furst Kendall Whelan Morrison Kelley Johnston Crocker Lyons 

Page 290 


9 3 ' 

L L 






Irene Kirchner ■ President 

Dorothy Marie Johnson Vice-President 

Ruth Mary Johnson Secretary-Treasurer 

Ann Smith 


Angela Kitzinger Catherine Richter 

Alice Bonar 

Dorothy Case 
Lois Tolman 
Jean Webster 


Irene Kirchner 
Ruth Ashmore 
Virginia Schye 

Gwendolyn Roberts 
Carol Schmidt 
Alice Churchill 

Ruth Mary Johnson 
Dorothy Marie Johnson 
Myrtle Magnuson 

Churchill Tolman Robercs Ashmore Kirchner Bonar Magnuson Smith R.Johnson Schmidt D.Johnson Case E.Hall J.Hall Webster Mackey 

Page 291 


— ^— ■ — — i mg 


-a n o unxo Tnee we Pi_e oce our. -ne-^ ht -r n d -H-ano 

* 5 '^ 

uue'ae lov-^l 

to you 

i i_ i_ i n o i S 

Hundreds of serving-men writing reviews, 
What 's hist'ry tomorrow, today is news. 

I had six faithful serving-men. 

They taught me all I knew. 
Their names were what and where and 

And how and why and who. 

Six loyal serving-men guiding the pen; 

How, why and wherefore and who, what, 
and when. 

uue'R-eo-FL-^noe-flno b l u e i u l i n o i s 




Lue'UL. BvqCK "VOC4 "TO Sf-^rio 


* o -^ i n s t" ' -rf-ie bcst in -ri_, e i_ ^ n d 

H E 

I 9 3 1 

L L ! 


v 4 


Prof. O. A. Leutwiler 
Bernice Stephens 

The Illini Board of Control 


Prof. H. T. Scovill, Chairman 
Dean A. J. Harno Asst. Dean F. H. Turner 

W. A. Heinze 

J. R. Larson 

R. Baldridge 

' I *HE Illini Board of Control, established in 1908, is composed of four faculty members and 
four student members. The latter are elected by popular vote, two each year. Its original 
purpose was to appoint the editors and business managers of the Daily Illini and to determine 
matters of general policy for this publication. Although this change was a radical departure 
from the old tradition, the board has proved successful in its operations in spite of its many 
problems, and now has supervision over all campus publications and owns all publication 

The impartial selection of the student editors and managers of the various publications of 
this body has tended to encourage rather than discourage the interest shown in campus publi- 
cations. Although there was at first some doubt as to the benefit of such a board, it is now 
recognized as one of the leading factors in the recent development of campus publications 
and in no way has it hindered the originality, initiative, or executive ability of the students. 


Dean Turner 

Prof. Leutwiler 

Dean Harno 


Page 296 

H E 

19 3' 

L L 


The Illini Publishing Company 

V. L. Krannert, Company Manager 

' I 'HE Illini Publishing Company is regarded by many as the greatest student pub- 
-*- lishing company in the world. It was established for the purpose of conducting 
the student publications and employs a business manager who carries on the busi- 
ness affairs of the company and advises the publication managers. All the publica- 
tions, with the exception of the Illio, are printed in the company's own printing 
plant in the basement of the Union Building, where full-time men are employed to 
print the Daily Illini, after it is made up by the student staff of news editors, copy 
readers, and proof readers. 

The combination of all the publications into one organization with a capable 
manager to advise the student editors and business manager has enabled all of them 
to gain a firm foothold. 

This system of conducting student publications has been so successful, that the 
Illini Publishing Company has been used as a model by many universities. 






Page 291 




: ; i 


Managing Editor 


Business Manager 

The Daily Illini 


William E. Gobble Associate Editor 

Martin F. Maher Associate Editor 

D. J. Dalziel Associate Business Manager 

George F. Taubeneck Sports Editor 

Gertrude Stanton Woman's Editor 

James S. Flagg Associate Sports Editor 

Helen Tobias Associate Woman's Editor 

C. A. Hemminger Feature Editor 

Paul E. Courtney Town Talk Editor 

Irma Kadic Home Economics Editor 

Frances Hickman Editorial Writer 

Frances Williamson Woman's Business Manager 

R. E. Kuhl Financial Editor 













Page 298 

John McFarland 
W. J. McEdwards 
J. R. Van Sickle 

The Daily Illini 


John R. Adams W. S. Johnson 

D. R. Poor P. B. Redeker 

E. L. Wilson C. E. Staples 


H. L. Krueger 
V. A. Sholis 
Vladas Jurgelonis 



Van Sickle 


Page 299 



■• : ; 



Wessels Babel 



Louise Babel 
Louisan Mamer 


Eleanor Barkman 
Esther Stamm 

Ernestine Hohengarten 
Aldine Wessels 

Eloise Kohlhagen 

The Daily Illini 

Ralph Gunderson 
John McCormick 

Al Erwin 
Clifford Wertsch 



Christian Larson Bernard Moretsky 


Bruce Ladd 
Bernard Buckholz 

Victor Nord 
Sam McLean 

Arnold Sherwood 

Richard Otis 
Martin Petrie 


McCormick Gunderson Petrie 

Moretsky McLean Sherwood Otis 

Page 300 


"- V 








J. M. Bosenbury . . 
Jean Macdonald. . 
W. G. Budinger. . . 

R. E. Sloan 

E. H. Silverman. . . 
C. B. McLaughlin. 


. . . Circulation Manager F. A. Gauen 

.Assistant Circulation Manager 

Credit Manager 

Copy Manager 

Classified Advertising 

Champaign Advertising 

Marjorie Peacock. 

W. P. Boysen 

R. G. Arnold 

Betty Randolph. . 
W. K. Jordan 

. Champaign Advertising 
. . Co-ed Column Editor 
. . . Campus Advertising 
. . . . Urbana Advertising 
. . . .Statistical Manager 
. .National Advertising 

Gladys Chulock 
Rose Mandel 

Wallie Dorris 
Bob Tenney 
Margaret Parker 

The Daily Illini 


Herbert Oppenheim Marjorie Ehrman 


Burnham Holmes Jane Zinn 

Juliet Connors 
Dale Transom 

James McPherson 
Henry Wachter 

Bernard Cohn 

Russ Horner 
William Stowe 

Cohn Ecker Holmes Wachter 

Ehrman Chulock Grometer Transom Brennan 

Tarvin McPherson Stowe Dorris Horner Tenney 

Page 301 

1 I, ■' 





* J 


■■<. 4 





\ A 1 

wt 1 

m \ 

I< J 

Hl ! a 

■i^ ■ 

m iflS 

■N *' A 




t ** 



* C* * ' 1 



F. Eastman 
F. O'Neill 

R. Nelson 
D. Hoebel 
S. Hackmann 
L. Pickett 
L. Stewart 


Palmer Chinlund Dittmer 




Hackmann Dwyer Pickett 




Eastman Cameron 





D. Cameron 

D. Gratiot 
R. Palmer 
J. Chinlund 
J. Hood 


H. Sjolander 

D. Knox 
W. Adams 
J. Owens 
K. Skiles 

The Daily Illini 


A. Pfaff 

B. Bosley 
J. Turck 
D. Dittmer 
J. Cohen 
R. Dwyer 

Henrietta Koutnik 
Louise DeTamble 
Mary Brennan 
Mary Moore 
Hazel Frankell 
Emma Louise Webster 
Mary Koone 
Catherine Grometer 
Lois Fox 
Louise Neadstine 


Dolores Becker 
Virginia Seidenslicker 
Mary Ferris 
Betty Briggs 
Doretta Rasmussen 
Thelma Shore 
Helena Willard 
Gertrude Meyers 
Katherine Genster 


Allison Jones 
Mary Ostermeier 
Ellen Lemke 
Madge Sparks 
Louise Clow 
Martha Etzbach 
Evelyn Nelson 
Helen Reynolds 
Ava Monier 

Mildred Stiegemeyer 
Margaret Davidson 
Helen Barnes 
Annette Young 
Betty Gwinn 
Joan McGrath 
Irma Dinkle 
Virginia Harvey 
Lucile Carson 


DeTamble Seidenslicker Sawyer McGrath Dinkle Koutnik 

Moore Clow Ferris Genster Grometer Ireland Sparks Webster 

Young Etzbach Davidson Reynolds Ostermeier Neadstine Harvey 

Rasmussen Peacock Williamson Randolph Gladys Groner Grace Groner 



Page 302 

L U 

Hi I 

^Bc" ^| 

^ft ^ ^L. ■ 

Bra I 
■■ 1 

fll m 

^p^ 'fl 

^■L ^H 

I^Tv-. «»«,. ^^^^B 

^Lj~ Mt BK- ^Ej 

fcj 1 ( 

lr ^ i - flt h 

■L V ^«** 1V :JH 

iL\ ^~jM 

V 1 ' 

\' MA J 

n ^JL 

^flf iM 

^^\ ,^ . "" ^1 

rv n 

^n^ ) '; ''Jam* J 

East Cox Virgin Lannon Foellinger Johnson 

Love Copper Carson O'Brien Lewis Hoffman 

Holden Purdy Ranstead O'Conner Dillner Sangwin 

Bell Horner Hobbs 

Erland Horton 

Allender Ingalls 

Gertrude Horton 


Regina Rothbaum 

Emily Stoehr 


Helene Foellinger 
Helen Gray 
Joanne Myers 

Loretta Bell 
Martha Belshe 
Gertrude Bube 
Lucille Copper 
Margaret Crouse 
Myrtle Dillner 
Dorothy OGonner 

Geneva Hitt 
June Hoffman 

Evelyn East 
Bernice Fink 
Dorothy Folden 
Josephine Gauen 
Lois Ann Hobbs 
Elizabeth Johnson 


Alice Kinnare 
Mary K. Lannen 

Julia Mary Lewis 
Mabel F. O'Brien 
Margaret Paullin 
Jane Prettyman 
Vera Purdy 
Lorraine Ranstead 

The Daily Illini 

Edith Larmon 
Mildred Love 

Helen Sangwin 
Helen Virgin 
Vera Vleck 
Virginia Zeigler 
Mabel Ludy 
Josephine Harrington 

Bertha Enger 
Margaret Mercer 
Marjorie Blatt 
Anne Voelkel 


Margaret Bushee Mary Fernholz 

Anne Klein Eileen Brydges 

Georgia Jeanmairet Jane Smith 

Blanche Robbins 
Barbara Clark 
Celeste Rocke 









Klein Olsen 



Page 303 

Karl Bayer 
Lillian Swanson 


Thompson Serlin Goodman 
Zeiger Ray Carpenter 


Howard Carpenter Irwine Zeiger 
Anthony Klancar Frances Ray 

Edward Serlin 

Hal Burnett 

Cyrus Thompson Morris Goodman 

The Daily Illini 

Joseph Bumgarner 
Robert Blaine 
Willmore Hastings 

Robert Burnett 
Kenneth Holt 

Irving Favus 
Miles Scull 

George Dooley 
Melvin Roth 



Lester Yavitz 
Raymond Zimont 

F res hi 

Harold Petering 
Thomas Powers 

Robert Clanaman 
Morris Katz 

James Gordon 








Page 304 

H E 


Business Manager 

The 1931 Illio 


W. P. Standard. 
Ruth Rankjn. . . 
James S. Flagg. . 
H. O. Panhorst. 
F. C. Foottit. . . . 

. . . Associate Editor 
. . Woman's Editor 
. . . . Athletic Editor 
. . . .Military Editor 
■ Staff Photographer 

Mary Jane Seifert Woman's Circulation Manager 

Jean Macdonald Woman' s Advertising Manager 

John Budd Chicago Editor 

Charles Gruebling Chicago Editor 

William Buckman Chicago Editor 






I ll 

Page 306 

T H 

19 3' 

Page 307 


' M 

L ! ^m 

|T1| ML M R 


Davis Strang Selig Burkel McGrane 

Birks Young Ward Baker Steinmetz 

Bishop Phifer Jolley Smith Litt Nugent 

C. C. Christensen 
Y. K. Bishop 
L. H. Phifer 
P. L. Jolley 
R. S. Smith, Jr. 
H. D. Litt 


G. W. Nugent G. Ward 

K. S. Steinmetz R. L. Young 

E. H. Baker C. R. Birks 

J. J. Riley M. N. Noling 

R. T. Farwell 
J. Belton 

J. A. Selig 
M. M. Strang 

R. D. Ward 
R. Jergens 
G. E. Keck 
D. B. Black 
P. Davis 

The 1931 Illio 


Dorothy Herron 
Lois Weisman 
Dorsey Connors 
Lillian Walling 
Judith Kirkman 
Marcia Kelling 
Dorothy Wakefield 
Helen Hohengarten 

Anna Louise Beatty 
Jean Johnston 
Mabel Ludy 
Sara Moffat 
Hortense Schroeder 
Adelle Schollmeyer 
Grace Allen 

Harriett Page 
Shirley Hazard 
Kathryn Frances 
Frances Thurston 
Dorothy Crisp 
Ruth Lueder 
Kathleen King 

Maxine Sterrit 
Betty Johnson 
Frances Mitchell 
Betty Lou Hughes 
Lillian O'Neal 
Florence Hook 
Elizabeth Setchell 
Helen Sheppley 


Keaven Day Page Chance Hazard Crisp Condit Hohengarten Bell 

Birkett Johnston Ludy Moffat Schroeder Schollmeyer Kaspar Goar Home Allen 

Weisman Connors Sheppley Walling Kirkman Kelling Machiels Wakefield Francis 


Page 309 





The Illinois Magazine 


Robert Ittner Editor W. L. Ganschinietz Assistant Editor 

Fay Lux Short Story Editor Willmore Hastings Assistant Editor 

Marjorie Dooley Poetry Editor Henry Avery Assistant Editor 

Mary L. Morris Assistant Editor Robert Voet Assistant Editor 

F. R. Matson Assistant Editor 

The Illini Weekly 


Elbert B. Collins Editor John C. Payne Assistant Editor 

Paul E. Courtney Assistant Editor James C. Pettee Assistant Editor 

John E. Downey Assistant Editor 

Ganschinietz Avery Matson 

Hastings Morris Ittner Lux 

1 if 

Page 310 

-A ' ■= 



Business Manager 

The Enterpriser 

Harriet Deuel. 
Robert Kuhl. . 


. Woman's Editor Katherine Holden Assistant Editor 

. Assistant Editor Ruth Drayer Assistant Editor 

Hazel M. Burrow. 
Tyrus M. Main. . . 


Women's Business Manager Edward Clendenin Urbana Advertising Manager 

.Champaign Advertising Manager Nancy Hobi.it National Advertising Manager 

Barent Springsted Circulation Manager 

John R. Ozment 
James Seten 
Robert Allen 


James Fry W. Y. Harkness 

George Leisenring Maurice Gosnell 

Joseph King Walter Busker 

Virginia Norman 
Charlotte Gauer 
Anne Rosenburg 

Gosnell Allen Ozment Clendenin Main King 

Duell Rosenberg Gauer Springsted Hoblit Burrow Drayer 

Leisenring Busker Harkness. Norwood Fry Seten 

1 I'i 

Page 312 





Business Manager 

The Illinois Agriculturist 

Dorothy Duckles. 
W. C. Beutner. . . 


Woman's Editor H. E. Hembrough Assistant Editor 

Assistant Editor D. I. Dean Assistant Editor 

H. B. Hartline Alumni Notes 


E. L. McHarry E. L. Sauer D. J. Witt L. D. Graham 

A. K. Hohenboken J. S. Burnett 


D. J. Nelson Circulation Manager G. C. Gilmore Local Advertising 

G. A. Doole National Advertising Manager J. C. DeAtley Local Advertising 

W. H. Kauffman 
P. L. Benbow 


G. D. Smith L. W. Eaton C. C. Mast 

M. C. Guether W. C. Anderson G. T. Gates 

Pp M 

1 1 • 

*■ 1 

BH r V 

Hpi ~ : ^B 

Hb " ^| 

M ^flj •jt^A- 

■L ■■ jM 

r ^ ^bH ^k*^ *~ ^1 

1" J 


\mki ^1 A 

^L m P*(| 

Bt*. j 

■*~ ^^1 

/' fl W *M 

^& aEr ^| 

I w 

1 1 


Witt Hohenboken 

Nelson Mast 

Kauffman Dean 

Doole Guether Graham DeAtley Burnett 

Eaton Benbow Hembrough McHarry 

Gilmore Hatch Bratzler Beutner Smith 

Page 314 


a e 

L O V -*=1 L_ 


V o u 

i i_ l_ i n o i S 

You've heard of the piper in Hamlin of yore 

Who piped all the rats from the town to the 

He claimed it was true 
That he surely knew 

The course that was best for their souls. 
So he with a fife 
Devoted his life 

To getting them out to the polls. 

We pay for our pipers and follow their ivake 
And pray that they lead us not into the lake. 


(V e oR,-Y^rioe -f=* n o 

b i_ ut e 

u l i n o i s 



v ; *( : 


' o -^ i n s t- ' T-ne ees-r in -r n e i_-^no 






Illinois Union 



Glenn E. Baird 

Charles R. Larson. 
Robert S. Bigler. . . 


President Lloyd Morey 

Vice-President Edward E. Stafford 

Secretary Edwin J. Lawson 

Robert C. Ingersoll Junior Director 


. Business Manager 
. .Senior Director 


J. M. White 
H. T. Scovill 
O. A. Leutwiler 

Lloyd Morey 
C. J. Roseberry 
F. H. Turner 

G. E. Baird 
C. R. Larson 
E. J. Lawson 

R. C. Ingersoll 
R. S. Bigler 


Theodore H. McKee Dad's Day and Mother's Day Malcolm A. Burgess Smokers 

Vernon L. Kretschmer Dances and Socials George A. Bertelsman Celebrations 

Ward E. Dillavou Gridgraph and Traditions William K. Jordan Elections and Welfare 

Sinclair Russel Memberships Lloyd K. McNeal Union Week and Promotions 

*A ***** 


















Page 318 






Star Course 

The official organization at the University of Illinois for supervising 
and conducting concerts and entertainments given at the University 
by professional artists, lecturers, and other professional organizations 


Raymond G. Benbow 


F. Stewart Brown 

J. C. Behrens 
O. W. Hamel 
J. A. Niemeyer 

L. Morey, Chairman. 


F. B. Stiven 

H. B. Ingalls 

R. I. Shawl 

I. George Larson 

R. H. Buckles 
W. H. Kistler 
J. N. Rodeheaver, Jr. 


Harold K. Madison 

G. Coldewey, Jr. 
R. Leeper 
S. Dillon 

Elmer G. Woods 

P. W. Leppla 
W. W. Snyder 


Representative of Faculty 

Representative of Faculty 

Representative of Faculty 

Representative of Faculty 

. Representative of Choral Society 

G. C Wilson, Jr Representative of University Orchestra 

Frank Petru Representative of Kappa Phi Sigma 

R. F. Hahn Representative of Kappa Phi Sigma 

K. E. Moberley Representative of Adelphic Society 

C. W. Dotson Representative of Adelphic Society 

Rodeheaver Coldewey Hamel Kistler 

Dillon Behrens Snyder Leeper Niemeyer Leppla Buckles 

Petru Hahn Wilson Stiven Tuttle Shawl Moberley Dotson 

Page 319 

Dad's Day 

General Chairman 


Woman ' s Chairman 




Registration and Information 


W. R. Johnson 

J. D. Knox 

M. V. Liesenfelt 

Virginia Marsh 

Ruth Rankin 

R. C. Kennedy 

Mary Alice MacMillan 

*»■ ' ~ " * 



J. R. Johnstone 

J. J. Floros 


Dorothy Deach 

Anna Louise 


Ellen Solon 

President, Dad's 

"*-*s^P . m \t 














P^e 321 






Student Council 

Henry W. Meers. 


President Margretta Bairstow 

Charles R. Frederick Secretary 

. Vice-President 


G. E. Baird President, Illinois Union 

J. L. Harper Editor, 1931 Illio 

Alberdine Hatcher President, Woman's League 

C. R. Frederick Editor, Daily lllini 

C. A. Johnson Business Manager, Daily lllini 

Gertrude Stanton Woman's Editor, Daily lllini 

Margretta Bairstow President, Woman's Group System 

Ruth Mary Johnson President, W. A. A. 

T. W. Swain Business Manager, 1931 Illio 

E. C. Hoelscher.- President, Interfraternity Council 

P. C. Livingston President, First Semester, Senior Class 

E. J. Kinderman President, First Semester, junior Class 

F. W. Rutherford President, Y. M. C. A. 

Ramon Pierce President, Y. W. C. A. 

F. Humbert Student Colonel 

H. W. Meers Representative, Athletic Board 

R. J. Crane Representative, Athletic Board 

J. A. TiMM .President, Second Semester, Senior Class 

H. R. Hectman President, Independent Council 

R. J. Conover President, Second Semester, Junior Class 







C. Johnson 



R. Johnson 



I If? 

Page 322 







Richard F. Hahn. 

Commerce Council 


President Margaret Bennett . 

. Secretary-Treasurer 


Margaret Bennett Gamma Alpha Chi C. W. Gustason .Alpha Kappa Psi 

Della Mae Rogers Gam?na Epsilon Pi I. G. Gromoll Delta Sigma Pi 

Elva Martin Phi Chi Theta R. E. Lee Beta Alpha Psi 

E. P. Priebe Beta Gamma Sigma J. D. Knox Sigma lota Epsilon 

R. F. Hahn lllini Chamber of Commerce R. Larson Band of X 

W. M. Rose Beta Nu Kappa W. E. Ackermann Alpha Delta Sigma 

G. L. Anderson Pan Xenia J. T. Schaefer The Enterpriser 

G. E. Lukas Accountancy Club 


Prof. E. R. Dillavou L. E. Kline F. A. Orland 

v?!)-' 1*4 

t J 

Gromoll Knox 

Lukas Martin 







Page 323 

*m ■■ 


Engineering Council 


Walter E. La Belle President 

John W. DeWolf Vice-President 


W. E. La Belle President, A. S. C. E. 

J. W. DeWolf President, Railway Club 

G. W. Kessler President, A. S. M. E. 

H. A. Wenzel President, E. E. Society 

J. A. Bottomley President, Mining Society 

G. E. Mackey Business Manager of "The Technograph" 

W. W. Higgins President, Ceramics Society 

E. L. Smith President, G. E. Society 








Page 324 

H E 

I 9. 3 i 

President, First Semester 

President, Second Semester 

Agriculture Council 


L. J. Bratzler President, First Semester, Agricultural Club 

E. E. Jones President, Second Semester, Agricultural Club 

T. J. Shambaugh, Jr President, First Semester, Farm Mechanics Club 

H. E. Hembrough President, Second Semester, Farm Mechanics Club 

C. E. Eckert President, First Semester, Horticulture Club 

R. G. Benbow President, Second Semester, Horticulture Club 

C. S. Cutright. . President, First Semester, Agricultural Education Club 

R. P. Johnson President, Second Semester, Agricultural Education Club 

L. E. Hatch President, First Semester, Hoof and Horn Club 

E. L. Sauer President, Second Semester, Hoof and Horn Club 

L. L. Stitt .._. . President, First Semester, Dairy Club 

D. I. Dean President, Second Semester, Dairy Club 

L. L. Norton President, First and Second Semester, Field and Furrow Club 



Eckert Sauer 




Page 325 

H E 

19 3 1 




Independent Council 

H. R. Hectman. 
R. C. Rugen . . . 

B. BURGOON. . . . 


President L. V. Finder Social Director 

. Vice-President K. Blood Organization 

Secretary-Treasurer J. H. Allen Freshman Interests 

E. Knapp Campus Activities 

THE Independent Council is under the direction of a cabinet of 
five, drawn from the ranks of sixty senators. It has consistently 
aided freshmen in registering and has directed them in campus 
activities. It has conducted a series of bridge, billiard, and athletic 
tournaments; aided the intramural department by organizing non- 
fraternity teams; sponsored dances, smokers, and social dinners; 
and given banquets for victorious independent athletic teams and 
non-fraternity letter-men. In this way it has brought three thousand 
unorganized men into contact with the activities of the independent 

Slftl iD 









Natters tad 



Wang • 

Peterson Ross Fay 

Hoare Flodin Menchen 

Ursin Blood Weinberg Smith 

Page 326 


L L 



Dance Supervision Committee 

G. A. Webster 
J. N. Huddleston 

Harry C. Neii 

H. R. Jacobsen 
L. W. Hockaday 


Frances S. Howard 
Alberta Lewis 

Elizabeth Baughman 

THE Dance Supervision Committee, appointed by the Student 
Council, has general direction of all University dance functions. 
Composed of eight members of the Senior Class, it acts in the capac- 
ity of an advisory body in co-operating with the various dance com- 
mittees, and assists them in every possible manner. In addition, it 
supervises the petitioning and sale of all dance tickets and determines 
the eligibility of students for respective class functions. The Com- 
mittee is responsible in its work to University officials. 




Webster Huddlescon 

Howard Lewis 

iiftji *' 

Page 327 


Y. M. C. A. 

Fred W. Rutherford. 


President Lowell A. Dollahan 

Kenneth L. Telleen Recorder 

. Vice-President 


Prof. W. L. Burlison. 


Chairman Prof. M. H. Hunter 

F. W. Rutherford Recorder 

. Vice-Chairman 


Prof. Roger Adams 
Dean K. C. Babcock 
Charles W. Bailey 
Judge F. H. Boggs 
Dean A. J. Harno 
W. B. Hayes 
Louis B. King 

Roger F. Little 
Prof. Carl Lundgren 
Rev. J. Walter Malone 
Prof. A. B. Mays 
Prof. C. L. Metcalf 
Prof. L. H. Provine 
Prof. F. W. Tanner 

E. H. Renner, Sr. 
Harry E. Schlenz 
Prof. F. B. Stiven 
Dean C. M. Thompson 
G. P. Tuttle 
Prof. H. B. Ward 
Prof. W. E. Britton 

G. D. Bryan 
E. W. Comings 
S. E. Ekblaw 
G. B. Gregg 
W. A. Heinze 
Frank H. Walker 































Page 328 




■ J lj**> 







t -,. 


- .--r *-^T/tf/TW** jtX 

f M 

i M 

* . 

-r- n s 





Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 

L. B. Askin Employment V. L. Opperman Membership 

P. C. Brines, Jr Freshman Fellowship S. Perkins Reception 

M. A. Dewey Deputations E. E. Rice International Friendship 

A. L. Fay Fireside Forum (Organized Houses) J. J. Sand Social 

N. E. Heikes Life Work Counsel A. A. Santanen Older Boys' Work 

R. Lamoreaux Inter-racial Co-operation J. T. Schaefer Publicity 

D. B. Lawrence Junior Boys' Work B. P. Spann Fireside Forums (Unorganized Houses) 

H. Marlowe World Education E. B. Toles Inter-racial Co-operation 

H. S. Whalin Meetings 


H. E. Wilson 
M. I. Coldwell 

D. F. Bracken 

R. D. Hudson 

C. C. Hatfield 
F. P. Ford 

Marlowe Opperman Whalin Dewey Hudson 

Toles Alexander Lawrence Askin Rice Schaefer 

Heikes Telleen Rutherford Santanen Sand 




Page 329 


Goold Starcher Morrow Trabert Bloomer Schermerhorn Godfrey 

Wright Hull DeSelm Morris Necdes Hammerberg Catherwood Helfrich 

McKee Leighty Davis Kerr Bunte Haworth Underwood Chappelle Tripp 

Wesley Foundation 

Established by the Methodist Conferences of the State to 
promote social and religious care of University Students 


Paul Burt Director 

Willard A. Goodell Professor of Religions Education 

Fred H. Morris Student Assistant 


Louis Bunte President 

Harold Haworth Vice-President 

Mary Morris Secretary 

Kenneth Tripp Treasurer 

Brumley Pierce Row Grant Rodeheaver Martin Kammert Sloan Kuykendall 

Ingeman Hembrough Lane Harper Charlton Doak Hertz Beinhoff 

Trabert Kendall Jeffrey Smith Clark Myers Samuel Robbins Nelsch 

Fitz-Gerald Irick Parker Hertz Morris Haworth Davis Greene Stevens Rittenhouse 


Page 330 


l 9 3 










Ev ans 



Pilgrim Foundation 

To establish for the Congregational students at the University of Illinois a religious, 
social, and recreational center, in ivhich to teach the principles of Christian faith 


William E. McCormack Director 

Frank G. Peterson President 

Barbara Burns Vice-President 

Mabel Pritchard Secretary 

William C. Schulte Treasurer 

Lewis P. Evans Assistant Treasurer 


Catherine Wilcox Church School 

Howard McFarland Dramatics 

James C. Pettee Deputation 

Glenn Corbin Forum 

Jean Morgan ...-.■ Music 

Charles H. Goodrich Personnel 

Charles Willcox Publicity 

Barbara Burns Social 

Ralph Johansen International 

Susanna Scholl Sunday Lunch 


i-' \ 



McCormack Schulte 

Rector Pritchard 

Corbin McFarland Aldrich Pettee 

Willcox Fluck Evans Wilcox Morgan Westerlund Rolfe 

Klatte Scholl Boyer Strode Baker Crawford 

Footitt Wilson DuBois Blue Hartford Peterson Stanley Kennedy 

Hawkes Cowgill Dillman Wilcox Hinman Huff Hawkes Moore 

Page 331 


Florence Buente 
Grace Coe 
Harry Crull 
Donald R. Laidig 

McKinley Foundation 

Founded by the Presbyterians of Illinois as a student 
center for social and religious activity on the campus 


J. Walter Malone, Jr Pastor 

Roy M. Smith Associate Pastor 

Madge Stewart Sanmann Counselor to Women Students 

Jennis Barry Secretary and Director of Dramatics 


D. Lyle Dieterle President 

Royal S. Buchanan Vice President 

Edith F. Taylor Secretary 

Erville Farrar Treasurer 


Wilbert A. Martin Cecil Nysewander 

Harvey McMillan Margretha Rasmussen 

M. Eileen Nichols Hazel M. Sanders 

B. C. Seal 

Mary Temple 

W. L. Unzicker, Jr. 


Malone Buchanan Marcin McMillan Crull Smith 

Dieterle Barry Sanders Buente Rasmussen Seal 

Temple Taylor Farrar Coe Sanmann Nichols 



Page 332 


Carlock Fisher Culp Shields 

Parker Waggoner Ferrall Hadaway McDonald 

Illinois Disciples Foundation 

For Social and Religious work among the Disciple Students 


James A. Anderson Edward R. Griesheimer Arthur T. Mosher 

Melvin M. Culp Maurice W. Hadaway Marcella Parker 

Victor E. Ferrall Georgine McDonald Frances Shields 

The Hillel Foundation 

An organization devoted to cultural, religious, and 
social work among Jewish students at the University 

Dr. A. L. Sachar Director 

Milton Adelman Director of Student Activities 


Maier M. Levin President 

Serene Fink Vice-President 

Gertrude Chtjlock Secretary 

Stanley Myers Treasurer 



Helen Spaulding 
Margaret Waggoner 
Adaline Withey 





A. Rubin Scher • Slovic Hurler 

Lowenthal Hirsch S. Rubin Wechter 

Fink Levin Payne D. Rubin Herskovicz 


Page 333 



a e 

L O Y -^ L 



I L L_ 

n o i S 


Ziz'^j- //we d «^ with so til so dead 
That never to himself hath said, 

"I'd be a rage 

If I went on the stage. 

A good leading part in a play 
With Bauble and Mask 
Is all that I ask 

And I'll be a Star some day." 

Our footlight fantasies still pass 
Before our bedroom looking-glass. 



uu e ? p~ e o pl -^ n c e -f\ n o e l u e i l_ l i n o i s 

lu e ' u 


o -^ > n s "r ' -rue ses-r in -r »-4 e i_ -^ n o 

f ' 




Junior Manager 


Business Manager 

Illini Theater Guild 


Frae S. Wilson, President First Semester Representative of Pierrots 

W. N. Vance, Jr., President Second Semester Representative of Pierrots 

Blanche Kerr, Secretary Representative of Woman's League 

Judd Carrel First Semester Representative of Mask and Bauble 

T. L. Steele Second Semester Representative of Mask and Bauble 

G. P. Tuttle Representative of Faculty Players' Club 

A. R. Knight Representative of University of Illinois 

H. N. Hillebrand Representative of University of Illinois 

Junior Manager 

BOUND by the ties of common interest, com- 
mon aims, and common problems, the three 
dramatic societies of the campus, Faculty Players' 
Club, Mask and Bauble, and Pierrots were drawn 
together to form a board or guild which should 
direct them. This board, the Illini Theater Guild, 
came into existence' in 1924, and has since held a 

commanding position in University dramatics. 
Composed of one member from each of the soci- 
eties, two representatives of the University, and 
one associate member from the Woman's League, 
it is charged with the complete management of 
all productions by these societies — thus the success 
or failure of campus dramatics lies in its hands. 












Page 336 



9. 3 ' 

L L 


Junior Manager 

Junior Manager 

W. N. Neff 

W. E. Hall 
I. A. Goodman 

Production Manager 

Illini Theater Guild 



J. W. DeWolf 


J. M. Elliott 
J. R. Kinsey 


Margaret Parker 
Virginia Givler 

C. E. Duncan 

Margaret Rutherford 
W. R. Johnson 

R. B. Allen 

Juliet Connors 
Ruth Fitzsimmons 


J. P. Economos 


E. G. Fisher 


R. A. Harper 

W. P. Burglund 
S. M. Richman 

IN THE spring of 1929, the Illini Theater Guild insti- 
tuted a managerial system to handle the business and 
production sides of dramatics as the coaching staff han- 
dles the acting and directing. In the past year this 
system has been very successful. Unlike the coaches, 
however, the managers are students, picked because of 
their ability and knowledge along these lines. To these 

managers come all those problems connected with play 
production throughout the year — problems ranging from 
those of ticket sales to those of scenery design and 
costuming. Thus they are enabled to do the work in a 
more experienced manner and with the least wasted 









Page 337 





Men's Honorary Dramatic Society 


T. L. Steele President 

A. E. Dillner Vice-President 

J. R. Hoff Secretary 

W. N. Vance Historian 

F. S. Wilson Guild Representative 


1. Merely a Family Squabble 

2. Mary and Her Lovers Plan 

3. Faculty Players Present "The 
Silver Cord" 

4. Mary to Mary, a Little Moth 
erly Advice 

5. Judd Carrel Stars as Old 


Intramural Debate 

Resolved: That installment selling, as at present conducted, is 
detrimental to the best interests of the American Public. 



_ T . c S L. N. Salwinsky 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences \ A W Mielke 

_ . S D. I. Dean 

College of Agriculture } R £ Lamoreux 

„ T f Af. /. Lipkin 

College of Law [jacobScher 

r~ t, ( Peter Andris 

College of Engineering { A M Mmton 

College of Education \ E Mary EnTabeth Slice 








Page 344 

Varsity Debate 


Resolved: That the principle of the Chain Store System is detri- 
mental to the best interests of the American people. 

Mr. F. L. Whan, Coach 
No decision 

A. A. Hurler 

S. F. Ader 

L. O. Allen J. W. Corazza 


Mr. Leon McCarty, Director 
Mary Whiteford, Assistant 
Mr. F. L. Whan, Assistant 

First Semester 

Affirmative lost to Wisconsin at home 
F. J. Lee L. V. Finder William Zeiter 

Lou Bauerle 

Negative won at Indiana 

Raymond Froehlich Paul Brines 

Second Semester 
Resolved: That the several states should be allowed to 
adopt the Ontario System of Liquor Control. 

Affirmative won from Iowa at home Negative won at Michigan 

Charles Edwards George Fruit Paul Brines L. V. Finder Thomas Kiley C. B. Land 

Total debates won — 5 
Total debates lost — 1 








Page 345 




a, e 

L O V -fK L 


V o u 

i i_ i_ i n o i S 

L is for Ladies — and Laughter, you know; 
Also for Lights — just please turn them low. 

The orchestra fine. 
The head of the line, 

The wonder jul night oj the Ball. 
We're jolly; but he 
Was so good to me 

And I was so tired oj it all. 

L is for Lion, the social ones here ; 
Also for Loyalty, all thru the year. 

uuC'fceoR.-fHrioe-^no b l «-« e i l_ i_ i n o i s 


tx/e'uL. 8-^CK VOC-4 TO ST-iRriO 


' o -« i n s t- ' -ri-«e ses-r tn THe i_-^no 

P. C. Livingston 
W. H. Holden 
F. H. Oster 

Walter Jolley 
A. A. Ned wed 
A. G. Tuxhorn 

W. J. Pereira, Chairman 
S. E. Wilson, Vice-Chairman 

R. J. Classen 
K. J. Moberley 
K. W. Anderson 

J. L. Lang 
S. E. Dean 
E. F. Streit 

Active Members 

J. Pirok 

Virginia B. Smith 
Marguerite Ingram 

Honorary Members 

Barbara Menges 
Marian Hendricks 
Serene Fink 

CLIMAXING last school year's social activity, 
the 1929 Senior Ball was held in the Gym 
annex on the nights of June 6 and 7. Nearly 2000 
couples danced away the two evenings in the 
oriental garden-setting formed by festoons and 
drapings under a ceiling of blue, interspersed with 
stars and clouds. Outside, on Illinois Field, gar- 
den furniture and vine -covered lattice -work 

formed a picturesque and romantic scene for mo- 
ments between dances. Gus Edwards and Jack 
Chapman brought their bands to play for the 
dance of the year on the Illinois campus. 

The work of the 1930 committee gives evidence 
that the coming Ball will bring an equally fitting 
close to this year's functions. 













Streit Baer 










Page 348 


19 3' 

L L 



Pan-Hellenic Formal 


Kenneth W. Rugh, Chairman 
Bess C. Baer, Co-Chairman 

Margaret Otis 
Margaret Bennett 
Elizabeth DeBerard 
Marguerite Ingram 

Charles Edwards 
George Conwell 
Charles Larson 

Edwin Lawson 
William Pereira 
Leonard Wilson 

Edward Lusk 
Philip Kammann 
William ODell 
E. C. Hoelscher 

FOUR hundred representative Greek leaders 
gathered in a glorified Bradley hall on the eve- 
ning of February twenty-third at the annual Pan- 
Hellenic formal, most exclusive and dignified of 
social functions. With the decorations transform- 
ing the hall into a romantic Japanese garden with 

parasols, colored fountains, and hangings of 
wistaria, and with Jack Chapman's orchestra offer- 
ing soothing, crooning melodies from a platform 
garnished with reeds, ferns and palms, the frater- 
nity and sorority leaders danced in an atmosphere 
of true Niponese brilliance and languor. 

vmm}Wmwttl$< IT m \ 

■■k |X J 

' »< 

i { . R : ^Hj ft. ^Ea ' <^M 

Bk - <fl &.'. wL ' JH P^^Si 


mm m V 11 

Wilson Larson Conwell Lawson 

Kammann DeBerard Lusk Bennerr O'Dell 

Pereira Oris Rugh Baer Hoelscher Ingram 

Page 349 



Junior Prom 


R. J. Conover, Chairman 
Bernice Stephens Donna Olin 

Loretta Sturdyvin Elizabeth Petru 

Mary Jane Caldwell Jean Macdonald 

Grace Esdohr H. L. Krueger 

Ruth Rankin L. T. Fruin 

E. J. Kinderman Margaret Rutherford 

R. J. Conover Margaret Parker 

"OOYALTY visited the 1931 Junior Prom on the evening of December sixth. 
-*-^- Bernice Stephens, enthroned on a sumptuous white dais, robed in a white 
gown, and wearing a dazzling crystal crown, smiled with majestic warmth as 
the 600 couples promenaded through the Grand March formations before her. 
The Prom Queen election, held this year for the first time, was inaugurated 
with the intent of making it an annual event at each Junior Prom in future 
years. The Queen was elected by popular vote of those attending the dance. 
A gorgeous winter garden was the setting for the affair. Christmas trees, 
studded with flickering colored lights, spired up the side-walls. Red and 

Kreuger Worden Hudson Vaughn 

Esdohr Rankin Sturdyvin Fruin 

McKee Standard Kinderman Conover 

Baldridge Culbertson 

Caldwell Olin Petru 

Stephens Sheridan Budinger 


Page 350 


L L 

Junior Prom 


E. J. Kinderman, Class President 

W. P. Standard 
S. B. Vaughn 
H. E. Hudson 
W. G. Budinger 
R. Baldridge 

T. J. Wang 
J. S. Sheridan 
F. J. Worden 
I. F. Culbertson 
T. H. McKee 


green tinsel draped with white cotton icicles formed a contrastingly smart 
ceiling under which the brilliant formal gowns and immaculate tuxedos of 
the dancers blended in harmonious impression. 

Moonlight dances were another feature inaugurated at this year's Prom. 
At intervals during the evening, all the lights were extinguished, and the 
couples danced on while two colored spot-lights flickered here and there 
among them. Buddy Fisher varied. the dancers' rhythm from time to time, 
leading his adept musicians first in a dreamy, swinging melody, only to break 
into a blue-hued fox-trot for the next dance. 

Page 351 


H E 

* F JMI 



% ^ u bmmp 


fete If 'Pftfhi_' tjljfl! 

fi* ' jb tifl 

ilfl V : 

SUA a '.A 





B ' ■ 'J 



^B ' Ajfl ' 

*=ssr^ZZZ^ :r ~~~~~~W 


Sophomore Cotillion 

V. H. Hoehn, C7<«.f President 

Ruth Ashmore 
Mary Brennan 
Wintress Dalbey 
Marjorie Finn 
Evelyn Home 
Margaret Mercer- 
Janet Meyers 


Lois Webster 

Mary Wright 

Irving Favus 

R. W. McGregor 

J. K. Morris 

Frank Oehlschlaeger 

J. L. Porter 

Leo Varty, Chairman 

1 1. M. Seago 
O. D. Ames 
II. C. Auble 
A. R. Crathorne 
J. E. Downey 
H. W. Kring 


THE class of 1932 made history on the night of January seventeenth when they 
held the first formal Sophomore Cotillion ever given by any class in the Uni- 
versity. The Gym Annex was the scene of the affair, appropriate with decorations 
of black and white, set off by novel triangular lights and colored spotlights. 
Zez Confrey furnished the music with his orchestra. 

■n. ~ ^k 1 m B" : ' £■■ ■ ~~m 
Br B B£r B Buk^fl B i ■ 

r W^&^L. M?*-:. ~*^m^wL*. ,„JB BiBrni V 
■11" "Mi^^l ^ \~ BI ik ■ M I.M ; " 


^^» i ,; 


McGregor Brennan Porter Wright Favus Home 

Ames Ashmore Auble Downey Webster Kring Meyers 

Seago Finn Oehlschlaeger Varty . Crathorne Mercer Morris Dalbey 


Pd£<? 352 


I 9 3 

H. A. Winter 
K. L. Schellie 
L. Ruskin 
B. L. Pickens 
W. V. Kaeser 
G. C. Wilson 

Fine Arts Ball 

P. A. Christiansen, Chairman 

A. O. Myers 
V. G. Raney 
J. W. DeWolf 
W. N. Vance, Jr. 
W. Keck 
R. W. Lavicka 

C. A. DeTurk 
P. A. Bezy 
Maurine Hertz 
Elizabeth Stoolman 
H. C. Wolf 

OWNED in lavish costumes of the period of Catharine the Great, dancers 
crowded about that most eccentric and colorful of Russia's rulers at the Fine 
Arts Ball, held April fourth in the Gym Annex. This dance was clearly one of 
the outstanding University social functions, with the gorgeous and elaborate 
costumes worn by the dancers and the brilliant futuristic motif of the tri-colored 
decorations of gold, red, and black. 

The usual grand march was eliminated, and a short play, entitled "Catharine 
Goes to the Ball," was given in its stead in the middle of the evening. Wayne 
King and his orchestra played for the dance. 




Winter Schellie 

Raney DeWolf 





Pickens Wilson 

Keck Lavicka DeTurk 

Wolf Kaeser 

Page 353 

3 ' 




Freshman Frolic 


Catherine Cox 
Robert Little 
William Arnold 

Kenneth Steinmetz, Chairman 

Barbara Qualkinbush 
Jack Cohen 
Lois Swain 

Isobel Rose 

Gaillard Knappenberger 

BREAKING into the social whirl of the University for the first time, the 
class of 1933 made a triumphant debut with their Freshman Frolic on 
the night of January eighteenth. Dancing in the same atmosphere in which 
the sophomores held their formal, the freshmen changed the decorations 
slightly to include a huge green class numeral suspended from the ceiling 
with green and white streamers tapering off from it to the side walls. Zez 
Confrey and his orchestra played for the dance. 

Cox Little Arnold Qualkinbush 

Cohen Swain Steinrhetr Rose Knappenberger 


Page 354 



L L 


Axe Grinders 

Helen Tobias 
Gertrude Stanton 
Crawford Staples 
Phil Redeker 
Vladas Jurgelonis 
Frances Hickman 
Louise Babel 
Eleanor Barkman 
Ernestine Hohengarten 
Eloise Kohlhagen 
Louisan Mamer 
Esther Stamm 
Aldine Wessels 
Chuck Johnson 
Dan Dalziel 
Frances Williamson 
J. M. Bosenbury 
Jean Macdonald 
Bill Budinger 
Bob Sloan 

E. H. Silverman 
Carl McLaughlin 

F. A. Gauen 
Marjorie Peacock 
Bill Boysen 

R. G. Arnold 
Betty Randolph 
Bill Jordan 
Robert Ittner 
E. B. Collins 
Jay Seeley 
L. J. Bratzler 

Leroy H. Hatch 
Ben Norwood 
John DeWolf 
Gerard Mackey 
Les Harper 
Tim Swain 
Mary Jane Seifert 
Bill Standard 
Ruth Rankin 
Gordy Bryan 
Lute Dearborn 
Bernice Stephens 
Ray Larson 
Bob Baldridge 
Bill Heinze 
Frae Wilson 
J. P. Economos 
Judd Carrel 
Chuck Duncan 
Nick Neff 
W. P. Burglund 
Bob Allen 
Stella McLeish 
June Whitson 
Ted Steele 
Wen Kennedy 
Brick Meers 
Chuck Vollborn 
Bill Hildeman 
Sam Dean 
Swede Livingston 

L. W. Hockaday 
Dray Waugh 
Dick Palmer 
Keith Caddy 
Gerry Daubek 
Bob Hodgman 
Laurie Peterson 
Paul Strohm 
Dwight Flanders 
Dick Strong 
Ed Combs 
Bob Honold 
Jim Wheat 
Russ Crane 
Lou Gordon 
Bud Jolley 
Lloyd Burdick 
Fred Humbert 
Doug Mills 
Frosty Peters 
Frank Walker 
Jud Timm 
Leroy Wietz 
Arnold Wolgast 
Otto Hills 
Dale Roush 
Pete Robinson 
Herb Hill 
Horse May 
Bur Harper 
Jim Lymperopoulos 

Milt Williams 
Jack Yule 
Don Brown 
Rosy Rosenthal 
Ted Witte 
Verne McDermont 
Bob Carr 
Bob Rodgers 
Jim Cave 
Lee Sentman 
George Burkhart 
George Bertelsman 
Allie Morrison 
Joe Sapora 
W. L. Dooley 
Lou Bauerle 
George Webster 
Ray Kieding 
Fred Schroeder 
Peanuts Holbrook 
Gus Ehnborn 
Micky McFadzean 
Dick Oeler 
Otto Haier 
Dick Martin 
Jay Topper 
Ed Hoelscher 
Fred Rutherford 
R. G. Benbow 
Duke Baird 
Chuck Edwards 

Harry Neil 
Kayo Rugh 
Bill Holden 
Red Conwell 
Gene Kinderman 
Bob Conover 
Phil Kammann 
Ted Wang 
Chuck Larson 
Bob Bigler 
Bill Lewis 
Ted McKee 
Boone Hudson 
Alberdine Hatcher 
Alberta Lewis 
Frances Howard 
Ramon Pierce 
Jane McClure 
Dorean Davis 
Anna Louise Jackman 
Ruth Mary Johnson 
Margretta Bairstow 
Blanche Kerr 
Virginia Gleim 
Margaret Leach 
Pete Nelson 
Claire Kelly 
Ruth Haberichter 
Dorothy Burg 
Betty Kehoe 
Madlynn Boos 

Marian Hendricks 
Peg Baughman 
Helen Spaulding 
Margaret Bennett 
Beatrice Beall 
Mildred Berthold 
Frederica Clason 
Margaret Crocker 
Genevieve Dixon 
Elizabeth DeBerard 
Hazel Drew 
Billie Farnham 
Betty Forrest 
Margaret Frazier 
Virginia Hall 
Clara Kelley 
Mildred McKee 
Virginia Marsh 
Virginia Murton 
Mary Morris 
Glenna Roberts 
Mildred Shuman 
Virginia Scott 
Ruth Schermerhorn 
Helen Sowdon 
Margaret Singleton 
Jane Whelan 
Betty Stoolman 
Tom Miller 
Ken Duvall 
Tom Reynolds 
Mary Frances Morony 


Page 355 




Senior Informal 


J. O. Campbell, Chairman 

E. J. Lawson 
A. W. Hagstrom 
W. M. Rose 
E. B. Collins 
E. C. Hoelscher 

R. S. Bigler 
Jane McClure 
Marguerite Ingram 
Katherine Powell 
Lillian Rosenfeld 

BRINGING tag-dancing to the Illinois campus 
for the first time in history, the Senior In- 
formal, held in the Gym Annex on the night of 
December seventh, presented a novel experiment 
towards modifying the staid social customs of the 
student body. Dancing in the same atmosphere of 
the Prom, held the preceding evening, nearly 500 

couples swayed and glided while Buddy Fisher's 
orchestra provided the rhythm. The same scene, 
same decorations, and the same orchestra were 
there, but the dignified and formal tone of the 
previous evening was entirely absent, with the 
dancers apparently enjoying the lack of formal 

[■■-.■ ■ 

U 4 JM 


■B ;. jfl 

x Blflfl 

H .4n9 

fl J^l 

wHh. WTm 


BmS /^SB 

■^ i 

■T..^ 1 

Hagstrom Lawson Hoelscher Rose 

Rosenfeld Campbell McClure Collins Powell 


Page 356 


Mary Frances Morony 
Mary E. Stice 
Katherine Burns 
Jessie M. Smith 
W. J. Plankenhorn 
Edith Adams 




Mary M. Russell, Chairman 

L. V. Finder 
Mildred M. Shuman 
H. R. Hectman 
Alice Lee Douglas 
J. H. Allen 

K. C. Blood 
Margretta Bairstow 
J. N. Pirok 
V. P. Malone 
Marion Wittman 

NEARLY 500 Independent men and women, 
arrayed in brilliant-hued gowns and con- 
trastingly effective black tuxedos, gathered to wel- 
come the arrival of spring in what has grown to 
be their most exclusive social function of the year, 
the Mi-Hila Formal. With the words Mi-Hila 
meaning "spring dance," and held as it was on 

the night of April 12 in Bradley Hall, the inde- 
pendents effected the proper spirit of buoyant 
joviality amid a setting of spring decorations. The 
hall was brilliant with many-colored blossoms and 
fantastic lattice- work covered with flowering vines. 
Chick Meyers and his orchestra furnished the 
music for the affair. 



















iif ' 

Page 357 




H. B. Hartline 
R. W. Schafer 
E. E. Jones 
H G. Russell 
Mary M. Clark 

Ag Dance 


J. M. Stewart, Chairman 

E. Woods 

A. K. Hohenboken 

D. I. Dean 

L. D. Graham 

Mary V. Wilkes 
Ruth Bresee 
L. S. Burdick 
A. H. Griffin 

CLAD in overalls and working garb, the Ag 
and Home Ec students thronged Bradley 
Hall on the evening of March 21 to cavort hilari- 
ously upon this, the occasion of their most im- 
portant social function. In direct contrast to the 
dignity marking the more formal social affairs 
held on the campus this year, the Ag frolickers 

conducted themselves as befitted a group so in- 
decorously clothed. Using the floor in lieu of 
chairs and surrounded by appropriate decorations, 
the couples danced to the melody of Roland Fen- 
ton's Paradise Gardens orchestra. The informality 
of the affair lent charm to the evening. 

Hartline Schafer Jones Russell Woods 

Dean Graham Stewart Clark - Wilkes Bresee 

Burdick Griffin 

1 |,WI|M 

Page 358 

Where They Dance 

1. We're off for Axe Grinder's! 

2. Between Dances at College 

3. The Miami Triad at Bradley 

4. Packing Them in at Bill's 

5. Dixie Mason Presents 

Page 359 



a e 

l o v nq L 


v o u 

i t_ l_ i n o i S 

77^ world is in Tune; the evening is fair ; 
There's music — and Loyalty, too, — in the Air. 

P. E. is a bore 

For one who'd know more 

Of the zither or gay clarinet. 
The boys who wrote Psalms 
And Wagner and Brahms — 

Pray tell, did they have to take rhet? 

With Melody gay the Time is now rife, 
But oh, to know Harmony all of my life! 

uue 1 f^eoR,-^r»Ge -t^no 8 l u e i l_ i_ i n o i S 


Lue'UL. B-^CK -VOC* TO S T -iR n £> 

"> c -<=i i n s -c ' -r- t-t e. Bes-r to -r ,_» e i_-^no 






University Bands 

A. Austin Harding, Director 

Raymond F. Dvorak Assistant Director 

Neil A. Kjos Assistant Director 

Gus B. Ehnborn President 

George C. Wilson Vice-President 

Fred M. Vierow Secretary 

Dr. L. L. Stelmley Welfare Committee 

F. M. Lescher Welfare Committee 

M. A. McCoy Welfare Committee 

Robert B. Lyon Business Manager 

Donald R. Poor Assistant Business Manager 

James A. Sullivan Librarian 

Melvin L. Bali.iett Assistant Librarian 

Russell S. Howland Quartermaster 

THREE bands, the Concert, First, and Second Reg- 
imental bands, are maintained by the University. 
Each of these forms a division of the "greater" Illinois 
band whose membership numbers more than 300 musi- 
cians, and from these three groups are chosen the mem- 
bers of the University Football Band. This latter pre- 
sents a pageantry each fall in the Memorial Stadium, 
and also makes out-of-town trips with the Varsity Foot- 
ball team. 

Professor A. A. Harding's chief aim in directing the 
bands is not so much to build up a marching band as to 

develop a musical organization of symphonic propor- 
tions. Thus the Regimental Bands direct their efforts 
toward the training of men for promotion and partici- 
pation in the Concert Band, a group of specially selected 
musicians organized for the study and execution of the 
higher types of music. The Concert Band arranges each 
year a definite schedule of musical performances, includ- 
ing an annual tour of mid-western cities. 

Membership in any of the bands is accepted by the 
University as a substitute for required military drill and 



Jallietr Poor 






Page 362 


B-flat Clarinets 
R. S. Howland* 
M. A. McCoy* 
C. S. Tucker* 
G. B. Ehnborn* 
F. E. Browning* 
F. R. Blaisdell* 
P. F. Cundy* 
F. M. Lescher* 
David Rosenblooirr 


C. W. Newcomer 
G. D. Fulk 

G. K. Blakeslee* 

B. F. Harnish* 
Otho Arnold* 
M. W. Farlow* 

D. S. Mitchell 
R. G. Wells* 
M. L. Balliett 
D. C. Isted* 

D. B. Mitchell* 

C. J. McKeown* 
J. H. Otten* 

R. B. Cundiff* 
R. C. Kammerer* 
J. A. Culbertson 
M. E. Dean* 

E. A. Martin 

C. T. Colgren* 
M. P. Grabow* 
W. F. Doak 
W. H. Stewart 

E-flat Clarinets 
N. A. Kios* 
W. J. Krencewicz* 

Alto Clarinets 
M. E. Olsons- 
Ross Miller* 
W. L. Cherry* 

D. M. Knotts* 

Bass Clarinets 

E. G. Young* 
T. W. Drayer* 
M. H. Flowers* 
C. C. Coleman* 

F. H. Bischoff 

B-flat Taragato 

H. H. Wich* 
Alto Saxophones 

F. C. Goetzenberger 
S. F. Ehman* 

L. A. Pfaff 
E. M. Craig 

Concert Flutes 
E. J. Shaw* 
H. L. Newcomer* 
P. W. McDowell* 
H. B. Jewell* 
J. C. Stock* 

D-flat Flutes and 
R. A. Powers* 
C. E. Ireland* 

E-flat Flutes 
R. H. Edmunds* 
P. G. Tomv 

Alto Flute 
A. W. Borg 

J. A. Sullivan* 
R. P. Sedgwick 

G. C. Wilson* 
C. E. Binkert* 

Concert Band 

B. P. Blackard 

E. H. Wickland* 
English Horn 

G. C. Wilson* 

M. K. Marcus* 

M. K. Marcus* 

R. F. Dvorak* 

R. I. Shawl* 

R. H. Davidson 

C. M. Gallati* 
M. J. Serbu 

Contra Bassoon 
C. M. Gallati* 
Tenor Saxophones 

F. A. Matteson* 
H. A. Sahlin 

L. G. Nurmi 

Baritone Saxophone 

G. K. Beebe 
Bass Saxophone 

H. M. Macklin* 
Bass Sarrusophone 

V. T. Penn 

R. E. Turner 

J. R. Skidmore 

String Basses 
L. L. Lehman* 
R. M. Radhl 
Ernst Schmidhofer 


William Bledsoe* 
F. R. Bellmar* 
R. A. Choate* 

N. A. Fadim* 


N. A. Fadim* 

F. R. Bellmar* . 
K. W. Anderson 


G. T. Sands* 

Snare Drums 
L. W. Clift* 
L. G. Lederer 

Bells and Xylophone 

F. V. Tooley* 
Bass Drum 

George Kaplan* 

Earl Blumenthal* 
E-flat Basses 

L. L. Steimley* 

P. O. Ritcher* 

H. C. Haney* 

BB-flat Basses 
C. H. Woods* 
L. A. Thrasher* 
C. G. Schafer 
Nelson Wylie* 
F. M. Armstrong 

R. B. Lyon* 
R. B. Moorman* 
C. R. Wood* 

F. M. Vierow* 
W. E. Anderle* 
K. G. Davis* 
W. E. Wade* 


G. B. Sproul* 
J. A. Fetterolf * 


I. H. Rosenthal 
C. O. Hulick* 
L. W. Coale 
G. E. Bader 

Bass Trumpet 
W. E. Trude 

French Horns 
Herbert Gutstein* 
E. R. Beloof* 
R. H. Sifferd 
E. H. McGinnis* 
J. A. Mart* 
J. E. Smith 

'Indicates those who wear varsity band emblem. 

L. V. Trabert 
T. T. Wiley* 
A. O. Lauher* 
E. F. Schmidt 

R. L. Manville >: 
R. E. Shultis* 
W. L. Wood* 
H. E. Conant* 
A. B. Barber* 
T. F. Rhodes* 


Bass Trombones 
S. A. Berg* 
A. R. Gilkerson* 

D. B. Lindsay* 
C. H. Leeds* 
Davon Smith* 


C. A. Handley* 
J. H. Bunting* 
C. E. Arch 

R. C. Scott 
L. W. Bodine 



3 I 



Flutes and Piccolos 

P. G. Tomy 
A. W. Borg 
R. J. West 
R. F. Engel 
A. S. Ash 

E-flat Clarinet 
M. H. Reid 

B-flat Clarinets 

Wilben Doak 
R. A. Byerly 
W. H. Stewart 
R. A. Schnoor 
H. K. Buchanan 

E. W. Chapin 
Gordon Watson 
A. L. Lippert 

P. H. Warren 
J. L. Ingham 
D. W. Mitchell 
D. R. Halcom 
D.J. Porter 

F. R. Matson 

F. N. Menke 

G. D. Commons 
R. A. Erikson 

J. R. Vaky 
R. B. Khch 
L. E. Evans 
E. J. Ralph 

E. G. Bourne 

R. M. Hainsfurther 

Bass Clarinets 

F. H. Bischoff 
M. B. Moore 
E. E. Howe 

Soprano Saxophone 
V. T. Penn 

Alto Saxophones 

E. M. Craig 
W. P. Cuthbertson 
L. A. Pfaff 
C. A. Erickson 
S. L. Greenfield 

Tenor Saxophones 

H. A. Sahhn 
F. C. Oathout 
J. H. Green 

Regimental Band 

Roster, 1929-1930 

K. H. Steiner 

Baritone Saxophones 

J. M. Luther 
G. K. Beebe 


B. P. Blackard 


E. F. Schaefer 


K. W. Anderson 

Snare Drums 

L. G. Lederer 
L. K. Temple 
J. M. Tindall 
R. E. Bevis 
H. T. Hulthberg 

Bass Drum 
L. E. Wiley 


E. R. Benedict 


Raymond Leeper 
R. E. Martinie 


W. E. Trude 
E. M. Ahrens 
H. L. Anderson 
J. H. Lowry 
W. W. Krughoff 
Clayton Cash 
M. O. Gulick 
G. F. Meyer 
W. R. Nilson 
R. W. Meeker 

C. U. Kring 
W. E. Mathews 
E. W. Howard 
L. J. Bert 

G. L. Shapiro 
G. E. Thomas 
Ambrose Elliott 

D. D. Collins 
D. L. Zeigler 
R. W. Mayer 

French Horns 

L. V. Trabert 
J. E. Smith 
E. F. Schmidt 
R. A. Harper 
G. J. Curzon 
B. W. Maxwell 
R. C. Geyer 

W. E. Chastain 
Bruce Smith 


F. G. Kraml 
J. L. Stearns 
W. A. Gore 
H. D. Heffelfinger 
R. C. Knoblock 
J. H. Cannon 
W. S. Hertz 
T. I. Nalbach 


C. E. Arch 
R. M. Little 
C. E. Lund 
J. J. Miller 


R. N. Gsell 
J. N. Adams 
R. W. Ball 

E-flat Bass 
L. S. Anderson 

BB-flat Basses 

C. G. Schafer 
F. M. Armstrong 
C. F. Clow 
M. M. Saxer 
J. W. Ashby 





Page 364 

Flutes and Piccolos 

R. K. Green 
H. E. Wilson 

B-flat Clarinets 

B. B. Bruner . 
M. P. Plunk 
H. E. Wacaser 
H. S. Howard 
E. S. Turnipseed 

D. V. Frost 
H. L. Jacobs 

E. D. Herron 
T. L. Forsberg 
W. R. Allen 
A. O. Blatter 
E. S. Constant 
W. G. Baker 
E. L. Dutcher 
W. J. Bailey 
T. L. Pezman 
R. W. West 

R. A. Nordgren 
J. W. Davis 

Soprano Saxophone 
G. C. Lindsay 

Regimental Band 

Section A — Roster, 1929-1930 

Alto Saxophones 

K. J. Johnson 

R. L. Zelle 

W. F. Hellmich 

I. N. Thompson 

F. C. Hall 
Baritone Saxophone 

J. G. Knappenberger 
Snare Drums 

R. K. Berg 

B. W. Gunn 

H. E. Duncan 

R. W. Schroeder 
Bass Drum 

L. W. Bodine 

H. K. Chandler 

L. W. Bodine 

D. D. Hershey 

H. L. Hughes 

W. K. Turner 

R. M. Young 

D. W. Grove 

G. C. VanGerpen 
G. A. DaCosta 
E. H. Jordan 
C. H. Bumstead 
G. W. Nugent 
John Bradford 
E. N. Davis 
C. R. Wutzke 
W. C. Stanfield 
T. T. Quinn 
J. P. Fletcher 
A. R. Richards 

H. W. Knng 
L. R. Schmink 
J. C. Wheeler 
L. G. Deditius 

E. E. Smith 
W. M. Connell 
R. A. Hoffman 
J. J. Mcintosh 
G. R. Hill 

R. M. Woolley 


F. E. Birkett 
J. E. Tobie 



L. W. Gillman 
M. D. Arganbright 

R. E. Lane 


G. D. Foster 
E. L. Magnus 
M. R. Edison 
E. R. Mikeworth 
S. W. Lesher 
L. C. Mueller 
M. D. Wilber 

Flute and Piccolo 
R. H. Blakemore 

B-flat Clarinets 

P. P. Fowler 
H. C. Baldwin 
R. A. Lowe 
L. B. Huston 
C. S. Mellen 
J. P. Jones 
R. E. Lee 
H. W. Dickhut 

A. E. Olson 
C. H. Wertsch 
J. B. Roth 

P. H. Walker 
R. M. Wallenstein 
H. W. Bitting 
J. P. Jahicki 

B. B. Josi 

H. W. McCalley 

C. P. McCool 

R. E. Cram 
R. C. Martin 
H. C. Godsey 


C. F. Wilcox 
H. W. Turner 
C. R. Tiebout 

Soprano Saxophone 
M. A. Sander 

Alto Saxophones 

A. F. Sears 
E. W. Niemeyer 
L. W. Brearton 
L. G. Middleton 
S. A. Kurocki 

Tenor Saxophones 
H. H. Ackman 

Section B — Roster, 1929-1930 

H. C. Griffith 
J. W. Baldwin 

Baritone Saxophones 

H. L. Wingfield 
G. B. Maxwell 

Snare Drum 

R. von Rautenkranz 

Bass Drum 
E. H. Runden 


W. H. Kistler 
Wm. Motel 


J. T. Davis 
C. A. Stiegman 
J. H. Manns 

G. R. Dusky 
R. W. Boyd 
W. B. Billmire 
P. O. Boyle 
M. A. Churchill 
T. R. Verry 
H. W. Frick 

F. R. Fisher 
Frank Payne 
J. H. Lund 


G. W. Horsley 
R. P. Smith 

F. E. Keup 
L. J. Sebek 
Loch Shumaker 
H. C. Dunbar 
L. N. Eck 
L. T. King 
W. Johnson 
S. T. Bauer 

C. B. Davis 
H. C. Warren 


E. W. Morgan 
C. L. Banner 
J. R. Hood 
J. H. Frederickson 
R. I. Hardy 
Raymond Lepper 
R. J. Railsback 


G. W. Vandervoort 

S. E. Rice 

W. W. Lockwood 


,M. J. Madden 
J. T. Dawson 
M. A. Thompson 



"^-...:.. ■■->' 

M ; /mm 


Page 365 

H E 

l 9 3 



University Orchestra 

A. Austin Harding 

Roster, 1929-1930 
.Conductor Walter L. Roosa. 

. Associate Conductor 

First Violins 

Oskar A. Kubitz 
George C. Wilson 
Mrs. Ruth M. Marsh 
Mrs. Helen J. Kurt 
Harold Wich 
L. J. Bert 

Carolyn M. Harriman 
Mrs. Evelyn Roberts 
Harold S. Crost 
B. F. Dickinson 
San Richmond 
Katherine Zimmerschied 
Judith R. Walz 

Second Violins 

Melba Wheeler 
B. P. Blackard 
Nathan Deutch 
Mildred Parker 
Martha Morrow 

John E. Seyfried 
Donald H. Steiner 

F. D. Tuemmler 
George R. Hill 
Frances Lindley 


L. F. Audrieth 
J. Stanley White 
Marcelline Gougler 

G. K. Green 
E. R. Benedict 
A. E. Blumberg 


George L. Clark 
Kathryn Boekenhoff 
Arthur J. Paik 
J. R. Skidmore 
D. G. Radcliffe 
R. E. Turner 


L. L. Steimley 
L. L. Lehmann 
Ernest Schmidhofer 
W. E. Skidmore 
R. M. Radl 


Jean Bridges 


R. H. Edmunds 
P. W. McDowell 


R. S. Howland 
M. A. McCoy 
C. S. Tucker 

Oboes — Bassoons 

M. K. Marcus 
R. H. Davidson 


Herbert Gutstein 

E. R. Beloof 
R. H. Sifferd 


R. B. Lyon 
C. R. Wood 
I. H. Rosenthal 


S. A. Berg 
C. H. Leeds 


L. A. Thrasher 


George Kaplan 
G. T. Sands 

F. V. Tooley 
Earl Blumenthal 


Page 566 


University Choral Society 


Frederick B. Stiven, Conductor 

Mrs. Edwin L. Draper President 

Professor C. A. Berdahl Vice-President 

James N. Adams 

Professor Lloyd Morey. 

. Secretary 
. Treasurer 


P. L. Windsor 
R. I. Shawl 

G. F. Schwartz 
R. E. Middleton 

Jane C. Watt 
Mary von Almen 

Wilbur D. Gross 
J. W. Swain 

FOLLOWING its custom of presenting three major 
choral works each year, the University Choral Society 
added much during the season of 1929-30 to the sterling 
reputation it has gained on the campus through past 

The organization opened its season with a rendition 
of Handel's "The Messiah," appropriately presented 
during the Christmas holidays. This oratorio was fol- 
lowed on January 19 by Verdi's "Requiem." Local 
soloists admirably filled the roles of principals for both 
of these productions. 

The Society climaxed its season by giving, in conjunc- 
tion with the Men's Glee Club, the sparkling, scintillat- 
ing opera "Carmen," written by Bizet. The accompani- 

ment was furnished by the University Orchestra. Fol- 
lowing the usual custom, three noted singers of grand 
opera were imported for the leading roles. The part of 
"Micaela" was sung by Fanny Cole Sample, "Don Jose" 
was portrayed by Le Roy Hamp, and the Norwegian 
artist, Sessan Whist-Nespia, was the "Carmen" of the 

The University Choral Society consists of a group of 
175 voices recruited from the students and faculty of 
the University and from the citizens of Champaign and 
Urbana. It offers them an opportunity to utilize their 
musical talents, and provides an unusual and worthy 
form of entertainment for lovers of good music. 

ie 367 


M > 

awm km 




Men's Glee Club 


Raymond F. Dvorak, Director 

Robert W. Mayer : President 

Jack L. Shumate Vice-President 

Donald M. Brown Secretary 

Karl W. Anderson Manager 

Louis F. Spencer Librarian 

August S. Lindberg Librarian 


First Tenors 
C. W. Anderson* 
J. R. Couleur 
F. G. Crow 
C. A. Gerfen* 
M. D. Littler 
R. A. Lowe 
W. G. Peters* 
W. B. Petty 
K. E. Tripp 

R. W. Teeter* 

Second Tenors 

K. W. Anderson* 
C. L. Binna* 
W. R. Hartman 
W. S. Hertz 
C. W. Johnson* 

H. D. Koeller 
A. L. Logan* 
W. A. Martin* 
R. H. Mason 
G. D. Mathews 
J. L. Shumate* 


R. E. Middleton* 


A. H. Gunn* 
M. C. Johnson 
D. E. Keller 
H. W. Kidder* 
J. E. Lattan* 
L W. Leighty 
A. S. Lindberg* 
H. W. Neely 

L. V. Peterson* 
M. H. Reid 
L. F. Prichard 


J. N. Adams* 
W. W. Bland 
D. M. Brown* 
C. E. Cederblom 

G. F. Drake 
P. B. Geiger 
A. G. Leary 
R. W. Mayer* 
J. M. Moulton* 
A. M. Phelps 
L. F. Spencer* 

F. H. Morris 

APPEARANCES of the club on tour included, among others: Station WENR, Chicago; Ansar Temple, Springfield; 
Reception, Governor's Mansion, Springfield; Tebala Templs, Rockford; Mohammed Temple, Peoria; Geneva, Decatur, 
Dixon, and Danville. 

^Indicates wearers of varsity emblem. 

|vj K J m 

■ W m ^m/ 

■ Hill 

R-" rnW- ■ !>>-■■ ■ bVbb/' 

Wm mWL b^b^bk ' ^BV B^B^L^- ^bY' : 

MB ■ ^^k" aft ■¥■*. fl el IK~ - 9 

bbbv^i ' ^BbbI Jb^bWT' ^bV ,-iBsts. * ^^H 91 bbT -J^t ^ 

a mHI m*m 11 J^ 1 

BBA. B\ i ^Bw Hk* ^B/ ■¥>> * Tm\ / J ■fi /■ 
Bt iBk B1B\ Bl B : * mu Bb *> ^Bt Bl B*"i ,5, Bl 

fc'I /ft- i/'l C- 'Iftfc^M /Afcr 9 

B jB 1 1 1 ■ BaE ( Ma flUr awi BK b1 

1 hJI flBkam BUI «Htfl fl 









C. Johnson 


Littler Prichard Reid Geiger Crow 

Logan Moulton Phelps Peterson 

Kidder 'Hertz Leary Drake Petty 

K. W. Anderson Mayer Shumate Spencer 




Page 368 





1 m 




The Women's Glee Club 

Russell H. Miles Director 

Maurine Hertz President 

Wesa Dale Vice-President 

Doris Danks Secretary 

Marie Worley Treasurer 

Julia Stephens Business Manager 

Dorothy Schouer Librarian 

Sherman Schoonmaker Accompanist 


First Soprano 

Marjorie Golden 
Mildred Kratovil 
Lorena Brune 
Catherine Loekle 
Margaret Mallatt 
Catherine Wilcox 
Evelyn Blomquist 
Ruth Brennan 
Marion Gleim 
Alyce Millard 
Inez Miller 
Bernice Brinkema 
Lois White 
Winifred Boyd 
Doris Emberson 
Ruth Beale 

Clara Williams 
Thelma White 
Beth Olwin 
Anita Wascher 

Second Soprano 

Marie Worley 
Vernette White 
Beulah Hey 
Dorothy Drews 
Evelyn Wachob 
Carolyn Harriman 
Dorothy Schauer 
Doris Danks 
Maxine Kinney 
Vivian Mortenson 
Catherine Steele 

Dora Thacker 
Eleanore Ballweg 
Marion Benbow 
Betty King 
Edith Clem 
Marcella Brownson 
Alberta Williams 
Phylis Schaub 

.First Alto 

Maurine Hertz 
Virginia Gill 
Martha Swisegood 
Catherine Colp 
Dorothea Gilbert 
Perry Brauer 
Betty Campbell 

Nina Norris 
Jean Smith 
Ruth Fitzsimmons 
Jean Bridges 
Miriam Taylor 
Geraldine David 
Emma Wilcox 

Second Alto 

Julia Stephens 
Wesa Dale 
Mildred Dixon 
Mildred Anderle 
Huldah Young 
Miriam Seidel 
Helen Stull 
Louise Knapp 




® e 




Braner Gill Wachob Norris Knapp Beale Smith L. White Brune Stull C. Williams 
Brownson White Olwin Brinkema A. Williams Loekle Drews Harriman Mallatt Kinney Young Fitzsimmons Miles 
Kratovil Benbow Schroth Shaub Dixon Steele Bridges Emberson Boyd Wilcox Miller King Gleim 
Colp C. Wilcox Mortenson Wascher Schauer Danks Dale Hertz Worley Hey Golden White Seidel Anderle 

Page 369 




fl e 

L O V -f\ L_ 


V O U 

t_ l_ i n o i 


Now /'»z ;zo crusader, nor grim buccaneer. 
I can't say I banker for such a career. 

Where am I at? 

What has become of that horse? 
Where is my troop? 

Hoiv'd I get into this course? 

Maybe I can't take a pop -gun apart 
But I know my Loyalty lesson by heart. 




Fee o r, -*h n g e -t^ino 

8 l u e 

L_ l_ I 

n o i S 


tu e f u l. 8-^ick -vow to STiRnr> 

c -« i n s t" ' -rue eesT in -r i-» e i_ -/=» n o 

"\ J~ILITARY instruction at the University is based on the Land Grant Act. 
-*-*-*■ The State accepted this Act and the grant of land provided thereby on 
February 28, 1867. A plan for the Military Department was adopted by the 
Board of Trustees in November, 1867, on recommendation of a Committee 
which said in its report, "while the effects of this Department will be to scatter 
through the State a body of men, so far advanced in Military work, that, in 
case of war, they will furnish skilled officers, ready to drill and lead the Mil- 
itary forces of the country. It is the opinion of many experienced educators 
that the introduction of Military drill and discipline is of positive value for 
their educating influence. They will materially assist in the Government of 
the Institution, and tend to form those habits of order and punctuality, for 
want of which so many educated men fail of usefulness and success." 



Page 372 


L L 




'TpHE present Military curriculum for the Reserve Officers' Training Corps 
-*- was adopted by the University Senate soon after the War and approved by 
the Board of Trustees. The advantage of this military training to the nation, the 
University, and the students participating has been obvious through the years. 
It is a service to the Nation and the State to prepare officers in a civilian atmos- 
phere. It is to the advantage of the University because such training interests 
the people at large and impresses them with the belief and desire of the Uni- 
versity to train young men for this as well as for other lines of public service. 
It is to the advantage of the student because it has an educational value in the 
development of his character, and because the study of Mathematics and En- 
gineering from the Military point of view is as truly an educational process as 
is the study of these subjects from the point of view of the Civil or Mechanical 


Page 373 



Col. Weeks, Lt. March, Sgt. Cochrane, Sgt. Kistenmacher, 
Sgt. Pinsenshaum 

/^VFFICERS of the Army are detailed to duty with the R. O. T. C. at 
^~^ Illinois only with the concurrence of the President of the Uni- 
versity. They are detailed for a four years' tour of duty. Great care is 
exercised in their selection in order that the highest educational and 
moral standards may be maintained. It is desirable also that the army 
officer shall possess the college man's viewpoint if he is to be a success- 
ful instructor. 

The officer comes in contact with a most excellent class of young 
men. The conditions are such also that results of effort can be readily 
recognized. At the beginning of each year large numbers of first year 
basic students are brought into the Department. The results of the 
efforts of the army officers throughout the year are recognized when, at 
the end of the year, the Annual Military Day Review is held. It is with 
special satisfaction that the regular army officer watches individuals 
develop from first year basic recruit to a commission in Reserve Corps 
after four years of training. On account of the admirable facilities 
furnished for carrying on military training, and the interest manifested 
in this phase of the University work, not only on the campus but also 
throughout the State, army officers feel themselves honored at being se- 
lected for the detail and benefited professionally by the tour of duty 

Maj. Lemen 

Maj. Sarrart 

Lt. Col. Smith 

Lt. Burgess 

Capt. Parsons 

Maj. McCleave 


Page 374 



Cadet Col. F. Humbert Commandant 

Cadet Capt. L. F. Bunte Adjutant 

Cadet Maj. G. L. Anderson Executive Officer 

Cadet Lt. Col. H. C. Pattison Cavalry 

Cadet Lt. Col. F. J. Rose Engineers 

Cadet Lt. Col. W. R. Donigan Artillery 

Cadet Lt. Col. J. J. Floreth Infantry 

Cadet Lt. Col. E. W. Pride Signal Corps 

Cadet Lt. Col. W. B. Nichols Air Corps 

'T'HE immediate aim of the University of Illinois is the education of 
•*- the student body; its ultimate goal is the development of leaders 
for the State and Nation. The function of the R. O. T. C. is the de- 
velopment of leaders for war. Its primary purpose is to create a corps 
of trained officers, who, in the event of war, will be called upon to train 
and lead the National Army. The course of instruction in the R. O. T. 
C. emphasizes leadership. That essential element of leadership, the 
ability to make decisions, is stressed. The object of the instruction is 
the inculcation of discipline, precision, individual initiative, and respon- 

With the increasing age of the World War veterans, the R. O. T. C. 
has become the chief source of supply for reserve officers. Out of 8070 
reserve officers appointed in 1927, 5018 were graduates of the R. O. 
T. C. 

The R. O. T. C. offers an excellent opportunity to the student who 
desires to follow the military profession. Honor graduates are required 
to take only a physical examination for appointment as Second Lieu- 
tenant in the Regular Army. The mental examination required can be 
passed by any good student. While the securing of an appointment is 
dependent on existing vacancies, in recent years a considerable number 
of vacancies have been available. Once commissioned, the R. O. T. C. 
graduate suffers no handicap in his competition with the West Point 


Cadet Maj. G. L. Anderson, Cadet Col. Fred 
Humbert, Cadet Capt. L. F. Bunte 

^Li^/ yv^^^^-e^LS^- 

Lt. Col. Nichols 

Lt. Col. Pride 

Lt. Col. Pattison 

Lt. Col. Rose 

Lt. Col. Floreth Lt. Col. Donigan 

Page 375 


§5- ^ 

\£ml ZSagSS 


Hi I 

3.yj& : Mre 


Maj. Lemen Lt. Griffiths Sgt. Mount 

Engineer Corps 

Summer Camp 
Camp Custer, Michigan 


Page yil 



Lt. Lewis, Lt. Price, Maj. McCleave, Lt. March, Lc. Lee, 
Sgt. McLintock 

Field Artillery 

Summer Camp 
Fort McCoy, Sparta, Wisconsin 



■.''■:".'■ ■ .■■■.■' : ■ . 

, > SE l 

II 11 

II If 



i\1 .%■<-, '*V'- 

■ J! -.' '" 

■-. ft >■ V' ** 
^j, : »■ ' ? :gr 

J .?. 1. 

f% fv'Ja «»■' It-J fe. fe #3 

IT * n. W - 'Sf ^ ; « 

V _ *'■ . ,! -"•' '-¥»■ Z* * 

• *M ■ ■#■- t-M-f «- ? - "ir ■*" 

; -\ -r - , ;- :\ c, *% 

**--.•■ *;■ Vf. -rf .*• B 


Lt. Engerud, Capt. Parsons, Sgt. Abbott 

Signal Corps 

Summer Camp 
Fort Sheridan, Illinois 


■ *"-__-* 

C^ji |<$ '*.»,' ^> * y 

V s ' V 


m ;*■ 

■ i 

Pd^ 379 






Page 380 


Lt. Johnson, Maj. Palmer, Capt. Patterson, Col. Smith, Lt. Sullivan, 
Capt. Featherstone, Sgt. Crosby 


Summer Camp 

Fort Sheridan, Illinois 


Page 381 







Gen. Parker, Pres. Kinley, Col. Weeks 

A REVIEW of the entire Reinforced Brigade, consisting of the 
Infantry, Cavalry, Field Artillery, Engineers, Air Corps, and 
Signal Corps is held several times during each school year. On Mili- 
tary Day, held in the Spring of the year, those completing their 
fourth year of R. O. T. C. work are commissioned in the reserve 
corps of the National Army. Last year the commissions were 
awarded by Major General Parker, commanding officer of the Sixth 
Corps Area. The newly commissioned officers of the reserve then 
review the Brigade, which is led by the First and Second Regimental 
bands. After the review a luncheon is held, sponsored by the local 
chapter of the Reserve Officers Association. All officers attend, so 
they may become better acquainted with the other men in their units. 
On this day the Hazelton prize medal and the University gold medal 
are awarded to those basic corps men showing the highest proficiency 
in Military Drill and Tactics. 



Page 382 





The Hazelton Prize Medal 

Won in 1929 by 

The Hazelton Prize Medal was 
provided in 1890, to be awarded 
annually to the best drilled student 
enrolled in Military Science. The 
competition for this medal is held 
in May of each year. 

The award is made for excellence 
in military appearance, erectness in 
carriage, neatness in dress, and for 
excellence in the execution of the 
school of the soldier, without arms 
and without numbers. 

The University Gold Medal 

Won in 1929 by 

The University Gold Medal is 
awarded annually by the Board of 
Trustees of the University. The 
medal is awarded for military ex- 
cellence shown in the annual com- 
petitive drill. The applicant for the 
medal must have a required stand- 
ard of scholarship both in Military 
Science and in his other school 
work, and he must show a thorough 
knowledge of the other details as in 
the requirements for the Hazelton 

The Medals 


Page 383 


1.1 , ■- 


Fred Humbert 

Ethel Magnuson 

Military Ball 

ALL the pomp, precision, and smart dignity 
characteristic of military affairs marked the 
1930 Military Ball, held in the Gym Annex on 
February 21. Cadet Col. Fred Humbert with Ethel 
Magnuson, and Cadet Col. Jack Rose with Cath- 
erine Ehrler, led the grand march. Brilliantly pol- 
ished uniforms, the clank of spurs, expert maneu- 
vering, and martial rhythm combined to make the 
march one of the finest ever seen at a University 

dance. Under a canopy of red, white, and blue 
streamers, and picturesque panels, the military 
officers and leaders appeared their finest, arrayed 
in shiny leather and polished brass. Following 
the grand march, all present clicked their heels 
and came to attention, a corp of bugles sounded 
and a fluttering flag rose above the crowd. The 
music was furnished by Jack Chapman and his 




Page 384 

Jack Rose 

Catherine Ehrler 



Fred Humbert. 
Jack Rose 

E. F. Ream 

F. J. Waddell 
H. C. Pattison 
J. J. Floreth 

D. A. Fay 

E. H. Stiff . 

W. B. Nichols 
P. A. Christensen 
E. W. Pride 
H. K. Dickinson 
M. F. Carlock 
J. R. Ramey 



.Assistant Chairman 

G. S. Bond 
H. L. Haworth 
R. W. Farrell 
C. H. Luckman 
L. R. Bunte 
R. C. Hodgman 

Ramey Bond Haworth Farrell Luckman Bunte Hodgman 

Stiff Nichols Christensen Pride Dickinson Carlock 

Ream Waddell Pattison Humbert Rose Floreth Fay 

Page 385 






Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1904 

Scabbard and Blade 

F Company, First Regiment, Established 1909 

Honorary Military Fraternity 


Seventy Companies 

Col. C. W. Weeks 
Lt. Col. S. D. Smith 
Maj. J. A. Sarratt 
Maj. W. C. Lemen 
Maj. W. McCleave 
Maj. O. A. Palmer 

Col. David Kinley 
Dean T. A. Clark 
Dean C. M. Thompson 
Maj. W. Shumway 
Capt. M. S. Goldman 
Capt. J. J. Dolan 

Lt. S. N. Perkins 
Lt. L. J. Halvorsen 
Lt. F. W. Gartner 
Lt. M. L. Rossiter 
Lt. R. E. Lamoreux 

Lt. J. M. Lewis 
Capt. H. F. Kramer 
Capt. J. R. Burney 
Capt. L. C. Parsons 
Capt. C. M. Ennis 
Capt. P. V. Kellogg 

Capt. L. A. Daugherty 
Lt. E. C. Johnson 
Capt. H. E. Featherstone 
Capt. L. Patterson 
Lt. D. W. Griffiths 
Lt. F. A. March 


Capt. T. S. Hamilton 
Capt. F. W. Stubbs 
Lt. A. M. Buswell 
Lt. P. C. Ludolph 
Lt. R. D. Rudd 

Lt. W. L. Collins 
Lt. Ray Dvorak 
Lt. H. E. Schlenz 
Lt. W. B. Young 
Lt. A. W. Fox 

Lt. M. F. Sullivan 
Lt. G. S. Price 
Lt. F. W. Lee 
Lt. W. K. Burgess 
Lt. H. Nichols 

Lt. O. F. Garrett 
Lt. W. M. Langsford 
Lt. W. A. Nichols 
Lt. E. E. Ambrosius 
Lt. K. E. Corrigan 


Lt. G. M. Reynolds 
Lt. R. C. Munnecke 
Lt. R. O. Waller 
Lt. H. O. Panhorst 

Lt. M. W. Woodruff 
Lt. C. O. Smith 
Lt. Frank Reed 
Lt. C. C. Hobbs 

A. P. Bear 
J. H. Beaman 
L. R. Black 
L. F. Bunte 
M. F. Carlock 
H. A. Chetham 
P. A. Christensen 
W. L. Clegg 
J. V. Coombe 
W. L. Cupples 
W. R. Donigan 
L. A. Dollahan 
R. T. Drake 
R. W. Farrell 
D. A. Fay 
J. J. Floreth 
Q. W. Foutch 

F Company — 1st Regiment 


J. J. Floreth Captain 

E. H. Stiff First Lieutenant 

F. J. Waddell Second Lieutenant 

H. L. Ha worth First Sergeant 

C. R. Frederick 
H. L. Haworth 
W. A. Heinze 
L. W. Hockaday 
H. E. Hudson 
F. Humbert 
W. C. Iseminger 
M. C. Johnson 
H. H. Jost 
J. Journay 
N. G. Kingsnorth 
C. Luckman 
J. F. Morgan 
W. R. Nelch 
W. F. O'Dell 
J. J. O'Shay 
R. M. Palmer 


E. C. Pattison 

E. W. Pride 
J. F. Prola 
L. G. Ramer 
O. E. Robinson 

F. J. Rose 
W. M. Rose 
F. W. Siegel 

E. H. Stiff 

F. J. Waddell 
L. E. Warlow 
J. R. Webb 
L. S. Wells 
C. W. Wells 
W. W. Zitzewitz 
R. I. Iden 

A. Watt 

D. March 
S. P. Langhoff 
J. E. Asp 
H. Wilson 
R. G. Larsen 
C. O. Miller 
R. C. Hodgman 
G. L. Duwe 
T. B. Waddel 
G. F. Knelling 

E. F. Smith 
W. W. Bland 
J. O. Fixmer 
R. W. Henderson 
C. A. Nelson 

R. Roman 
C. A. Gerfen 

R. S. Johansen 
R. E. Bullard 
R. P. Brunhke 
L. E. Van Epps 
E. C. Fairfield 
J. R. Ramey 

D. H. Herzberg 
S. J. Haight 
J. E. Lattan 
J. A. Harvey 
K. L. Mounce 
R. N. Du Puis 
W. A. Southard 
C. J. Jones 
S. Evans 

H. R. Dickinson 

E. J. Lawson 


Page 387 



l 9 3 1 

L L I 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 

Alpha Morae Established 1926 

Two Active Morae 


Col. C. W. Weeks 
Lt. Col. S. D. Smith 
Maj. J. A. Sarratt 
Maj. W. McCleave 
Maj. O. A. Palmer 
Maj. W. C. Lemen 

Capt. J. R. Burney 
Capt. H. Kramer 
Capt. P. V. Kellogg 
Capt. C. M. Innis 
Capt. L. A. Daugherty 
Capt. L. Patterson 

Capt. H. E. Featherstone 

Capt. L. C. Parsons 

Lt. F. W. Lee 

Lt. F. A. March III 

Lt. J. M. Lewis 

Lt. G. S. Price 

Lt. M. F. Sullivan 
Lt. E. C. Johnson 
Lt. D. W. Griffiths 
Lt. H. Engerud 
Lt. W. K. Burgess 


H. M. Adams 

E. E. Atwood 
C. J. Baldwin 
R. M. Baldwin 
J. C. Behrens 

F. E. Boucher 

G. L. Bryant 
E. C. Clemens 
C. A. De Turk 
L. J. Diederich 
H. G. Fairchild 
H. E. Hangs 
C. Hansen 

C. A. Huebner 

D. C. Hunter 
A. V. Karman 

F. W. Katterjohn 

G. P. Kendall 
W. N. Knudsen 
G. C. Lewis 

H. R. Lissner 
X. C. Meyer 
T. C. Moers 

E. J. Mutinsky 

F. W. Nelson 
J. A. Anderson 

C. Jorgensen 

G. P. Smith 
R. M. Scherer 
B. C. Sutch 
E. Wells 

D. C. Wiegand 

G. A. Pace 
S. K. Pope 

A. J. Rack 
E. T. Ream 

D. F. Roll 

B. C. Seal 
R. D. Seidel 

E. W. Suppiger 
S. G. Weinberg 
P. A. Wheeler 
W. F. West 

C. F. Winters 

F. C. Wojtanowicz 
T. J. Cinak 

C. V. Wallrab 
M. P. O'Neal 

S. E. Nelson 

E. C. Norum 

V. C. Sekera 

E. H. Walter 

Z. E. Carlson 

E. F. Buckhold 

J. L. Long 

R. C. Hammersmith 

W. R. Reinhold 

R. F. Elrick 

C. H. German 
T. E. Philbin 
L. L. Hupe 

J. E. Reynolds 

D. E. Knoblauch 
W. S. Benjamin 

Kendall Fullerton Norum Cinak Fairchild Atwood Elrick Behrens 

Hangs Hammersmith Reinhold Nelson Sekera Buckholdt Jorgensen Moers Wiegand Scherer Sutch 

Lewis De Turk Pope Carlson Seal Karman Hansen Winters Walter Boucher Meyer Baldwin O'Neal 

Lissner Mutinsky Smith Adams Wells Ream Katterjohn Seidel Pace Roll Long Walrab 


Page 388 


Illini Flying Club 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 

M. R. Riddell 

L. R. Black 
G. S. Bond 
R. T. Drake 
W. Heinze 
J. L. Long 

E. A. Lusk 

T. W. Mermel 
C. O. Miller 
H. Olson 

F. Quindry 

W. M. Ragland 


C. F. Green 

W. K. Burgess 


L. J. Halvorsen 
R. W. Henderson 
R. C. Hodgman 
C. Grill 

M. S. Ketchum, Jr. 
K. M. Snyder 
W. J. Unfried 
E. W. Vatthauer 
C. Weber 
R. Wild 

H. B. Wishart 
J. M. Alexander 
C. O. Bernard 
V. J. Bert 
R. F. Blame 
H. A. Chetham 
W. M. Floyd 
R. G. Larsen 
R. L. Locke, Jr. 
M. F. Wolnick 

One Active Chapter 

L. Halpenney 

A. E. Loomis 
R. E. Lowen 
W. B. Pings 
M. Scull, Jr. 
S. R. Sparks 

E. W. Buge 
L. D. Carlock 

F. C. Davis 

H. A. Halvorsen 
T. F. Newcomb 

Wild Pings Ragland Carlock Wolnick Buge 

Locke Loomis Lowen Scull Newcomb Floyd Davis 

Larsen Vatthauer Bernard Black Chetham Rose Hodgman Alexander 





Pershing Rifles 

Founded, University of Nebraska, 1892 

Six Companies 

To promote citizenship, to encourage the highest ideals of the military profession, and 
to create among the Cadets a closer relationship and a high degree of military ability 

Col. C. W. Weeks 
Cadet Capt. G. P. Smith 

Cadet Lt. H. C. Sutch 


Cadet Lt. H. L. Haworth 

Cadet Sergeant H. E. Christian 

W. Anderson 
J. H. Alexander 
J. M. Alexander 
M. Alexander 
A. C. Bass 
G. Berresford 
J. T. Berthelet 
W. C. Bennett 
E. Belinger 
J. A. Broom 
S. F. Cummings 
F. P. Cole 


E. R. Cadwell H. S. Kruse 

L. G. Croysdale G. P. Kendall 

J. B. Dinsmore F. Lovell 

K. F. Ecklund M. W. Mueller 

R. C. Forsberg J. C. Mitchell 

C. W. Henson O. H. Norman 

V. H. Hoehn J. R. Ott 

P. L. Jolley L. C. Pickett 

W. P. Jones J. H. Paden 

H. F. Kenney R. F. Preston 

A. Keszycki F. W. Roberts 

H. L. Reynolds 

W. R. Reinhold 

B. F. Rosenblum 

T. J. Ruddy 

H. K. Ruyle 

W. P. Schnitz 

B. Snyder 

H. A. Schwanbeck 

M. Shiefly 

L. Shiefly 

F. K. Spiecker 

M. F. Saiker 

Ott Norman Anderson Jolley Mueller Pickett Jones Hoehn Alexander 

Preston Forsberg Henson Lovell Kenney Paden Bellinger Cummings 

Reinhold Spiecker Haworth "Smith Sutch Robetts Croysdale 


Page 390 

Tau Nu Tau 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 

One Active Chapter 

To perfect the curricula of Army Engineering, and to bring the 
Cadets into closer contact with the regular Army and its officers 

Maj. W. C. Lemen 


Lt. D. W. Griffiths 


G. W. Barry 
N. E. Bibow 
K. E. Bisshopp 
R. G. Black 
R. P. Bruhnke 
Q. W. Foutch 
W. Honsa 
W. H. Hunter 
W. C. Iseminger 
M. C. Johnsen 
A. V. Karman 
V. D. Malone 
J. F. Morgan 

C. A. Nelson 
W. R. Nelsch 
H. O. Panhorst 
S. N. Perkins 
R. Roman 
A. E. Schubert 
H. J. Tebow 
C. V. Walrab 
S. G. Weinberg 
L. W. Winget 
W. J. W. Winter 
F. C. Wojtanowicz 
C. O. Smith 

M. F. Carlock 
A. P. Bear 
H. L. Haworth 
H. E. Hudson 
R. D. Seidel 
W. S. B. Benjamin 
D. J. Brumley 
S. E. Carlson 

0. C. Craft 
J. R. Curtis 
W. A. De Van 

1. F. Gerdel 
C. H. German 

R. S. Johansen 
D. E. Knoblauch 
A. L. Logan 
W. Mathews 

D. G. Parkhurst 
T. E. Philbin 
W. R. Reinhold 
L. H. Shirley 
W. R. Smith 

J. C. Behrens 

E. W. Wells 
S. E. Nelson 

J. W. Brentlinger 

Black Nelsch Barry Carlock 

Mathews German Knoblauch Johansen Benjamin De Van Gerdel S. E. Nelson Brumley Reinhold Philbin Shirley Curtis 

Bruhnke W. R. Smith Carlson Roman C. A. Nelson Bear Seidel Hunter Schubert Karman Morgan Leaf Brentlinger Grennan 

Shapiro Wells Tebow Wojtanowicz Malone Johnsen Maj. Lemen Lt. Griffiths Haworth Traub Winget Behrens Hudson Walrab Weinberg 

ml •' 

Page 391 




Lt. Col. S. D. Smith 

A. H. Braunsdorff 
R. S. Buchanan 
W. L. Cupples 
L. A. Dollahan 
H. G. Fairchild 

D. A. Fay 

N. G. Kingsnorth 
G. D. Matthews 

E. W. Pride 
L. G. Ramer 
A. F. Rus 

Pi Tau Pi Sigma 


Capt. L. C. Parsons Lt. H. Engerud 


J. S. Clark W. L. Taylor C. H. Lanham 

M. W. Woodruff F. S. Cooper J. G. Lattan 

H. S. Lacey R. J. Cope D. B. Lawrence 

H. A. Dodge E. H. Ehler M. G. McCrory 

S. J. Haight E. C. Fairfield T. Maguire 

C. H. Huebner M. R. Fuller R. S. Mason 

I. A. Rockman J. A. Harvey T. W. Mermel 

R. J. Orner D. H. Herzberg H. G. Paine 

A. E. Abel E. W. Horning E. J. Pouzar 

R. C. Bond C. W. Thomas J. R. Ramey 

E. R. Schwann E. T. Schwendemann J. R. Webb 

Lt. P. C. Ludolf 

E. J. Raushenberger 
H. Reich 
J. E. Reynolds 
E. A. Schultz 
W. D. Shannon 
J. L. Swarner 
W. P. Burgland 
O. H. Kominky 
J. D. Hutchinson 
D. D. Porter 
L. S. Wells 

Lt. Col. S. D. Smith 
Maj. O. A. Palmer 

F. Humbert 
H. C. Pattison 

G. L. Duwe 

F. J. Waddell 

G. F. Kelling 
E. J. Lawson 
S. M. Stone 
E. J. Smith 
W. W. Bland 
J. O. Campbell 
P. C. Livingston 
R. C. Parmelee 
W. W. Zitzewitz 
G. R. Dinsmore 
L. W. Hockaday 
E. B. Collins 

A. C. Allen 
E. L. Reiter 

Cavalry Officers' Club 


Capt. L. Patterson Lt. E. C. Johnston 


J. P. Fixmer R. O. Bone G A. Doole 

W. C. Lane J. C. Scully W. L. Dooley 

E. W. Comings W. H. Crook J. W. Durant 
G. E. Lucas E. V. Brown H. S. Fantus 
W. L. Stewart R. L. Moore D. H. Fulton 

F. R. Grant A. W. Borchers T. B. Godfrey 
H. W. Cole J. H. Allen L. D. Graham 
H. E. Waite R. H. Anderson A. W. Hagstrom 
W. E. Fleming C. W. Arford S, X. Hartman 
H. Kuttner L. E. Becker R. W. Henderson 
L. V. Finder B. L. Blatt C. H. Johannsen 
T. A. Rathje C. E. Brebner J. W. Karaker 

F. W. Seigel M. J. Bruedigam J. G. Kuebler 

F. McGary W. G. Budinger H. C. Lane 

R. L. Johnson H. Caldwell R. C. McCammon 

M. K. Miller B. A. Cox E. H. May 

L. E. Hatch G. G. Daubek J. W. Mohler 

Lt. M. F. Sullivan 
Capt. H. E. Featherstone 

L. Muir 
R. W. Otto 
R. A. Perkins 
A. M. Phelps 
J. W. Rogier 
C. F. Row 
S. Russel 
W. C. Russell 
W. W. Siebert 
J. A. Spear 

E. R. Stege 

F. A. Stephens 
C. J. Svilow 

C. N. Swanson 

D. V. Wachsman 
T. B. Waddell 

E. H. Walter 
J. F. Warren 





TT& A 
m ■ 

Page 392 

Caisson Club 

Maj. W. McCleave 

H. M. Adams 
J. R. Alexander 
G. L. Anderson 
G. E. Baird 
C. J. Baldwin 
J. O. Baldwin 
G. C. Bulkely 
F. E. Boucher 
P. A. Christensen 
W. L. Clegg 
J. V. Coombe 
C. A. De Turk 
R. U. Dodge 
W. R. Donigan 
C. R. Frederick 
H. W. Gualrapp 
C. A. Hill 

Maj. J. A. Sarratt 

R. Baldwin 
J. H. Beaman 
L. F. Bunte 
B. R. Davis 
H. K. Dickinson 
R. Du Puis 
G. A.Eldred 
R. W. Farrell 
J. D. Flanders 
J. J. Floreth 
W. D. Foltz 
A. H. Franck 
W. W. Fullerton 
P. R. Grunder 


Capt. L. A. Daugherty Lt. J. M. Lewis Lt. G. S. Price 


J. F. Hudson 
R. J. Iden 
H. H. Jost 
R. McDaniels 
G. E. Miller 
T. C. Moers 
W. F. O'Dell 
J. J. O'Shea 
R. M. Palmer 
S. K. Pope 
F. Premuda 
E. F. Ream 

E. T. Reeder 

F. W. Siebold 
V. C. Sekera 
F. A. Shinn 

R. K. Snethen 

F. W. Stark 
J. C. Stauffer 
E. H. Stiff 

L. A. Watt 
W. F. West 
H. E. Wilson 
W. W. Adair 
J. A. Anderson 
J. E. Asp 

G. A. Baldwin 
A. J. T. Bennett 
A. M. Bitzer 

H. E. Bonham 
P. R. Bruns 
E. F. Buckhaldt 
L. Burdzeus 

D. S. Charlton 
T. J. Cinak 

L. F. Concklin 
C. A. Davidson 
M. E. Denekas 
J. F. Diver 
R. S. Ellifrit 
R. F. Elrick 

E. R. Faust 
C. A. Frazer 
C. W. Gansz 
R. Gellerman 
G. C. Gilmore 

F. G. Gimlin 

G. Goldstein 
J. L. Haefele 

Lt. F. W. Lee 

O. R. Hills 
H. V. Johnson 
G. W. Johnston 

C. J. Jorgensen 
A. S. Kolm 

G. Kriviskey 
M. T. Kuhl 
S. P. Langhoff 
W. H. Lawrence 

D. March 

J. W. McElroy 

C. A. Minot 
J. F. Mowat 
L. H. Mumm 
W. N. Neff 

D. F. Nichols 
T. R. Parker 

Lt. F. A. March III 

A. G. Pease 
W. G. Peters 
C. G. Petty 

F. L. Reisner 
S. H. Ross 

E. N. Rubel 
J. S. Seten 
O. B. Smith 

G. E. Springer 
A. F. Straub 

R. T. Sutherland 
N. S. Weber 
S. E. Wilhite 

F. M. Wilkens 
F. J. Worden 
A. A. Yoder 
R. G. Zimmer 

Infantry Officers' Club 


Capt. H. F. Kramer Capt. P. V. Kellogg Capt. J. R. Burney Capt. C. M. Innis 


C. Hansen 

B. F. Harris 

A. A. Hutler 
F. Johnston 
J. Journay 

F. W. Katterjohn 

G. P. Kendall 
W. N. Knudson 

E. E. Liese 
P. H. Lohss 

C. I. Luckman 
M. M. Mandel 

B. C. Mayberry 

F. W. Merker 

I. E. Missner 

E. Mutinsky 
R. W. Nelson 
J. O'Neal 

M. Pond 
J. F. Prola 
I. B. Richter 

F. W. Roberts 
O. F. Robinson 
H. R. Rosenzweig 
H. Oppenheim 

S. B. Saylor 
R. Baldwin 
A. Schneider 

S. B. Shapiro 

E. B. Smiley 
H. M. Sobel 

F. K. Spiecker 

B. C. Seal 
L. Warren 

L. E. Warlow 

C. W. Wells 

A. M. Wharfield 
P. A. Wheeler 

G. U. Zintel 
X. C. Meyer 

D. C. Bennett 

B. C. Sutch 

S. R. Black 
W. M. Blatt 
J. A. Brunner 
K. T. Brusa 
W. S. Carver 
C. F. Coleman 
M. D. Comstock 
J. B. Dinsmore 
J. S. Drake 
P. Evans 
S. Evans 
M. G. Gibbs 
C. J. Jones 
H. D. Hayes 

P. E. Vaupel 

E. B. Keeley 

F. J. Lindsten 

I. R. Mandelson 
W. Morrison 
H. P. Nelson 
W. M. Petefish 
H. C. Poyer 
S. J. Ron 
H. C. Roy 
C. L. Snyder 
A. B. Solomon 
W. A. Southard 

Page 393 



a e 

L O V -R L 


V o u 

i «_ i_ i n o i S 

Have you ever heard of the honor man foe 

Who yearns for the Knowledge of How one 
can Know? 

Scorning his tribe 
He goes to the libe 

The lantern of Learning he brings. 
Each day doth he go — 
It's habit, you know, 

And habits are wonderful things. 

Get into the habit of boosting. You'll find 
The Loyalty habit the best of its kind. 

uue'fVfc; o r, -*h n a e -f\ n o blub i l l. i n o i S 


Lue'L-L. B-^CK "VOC4 TO SX-i^nO 


o-^insT - ' -rue 8es-r in -r 1-4 e i_ -^ n o 


Beta Gamma Sigma 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 

Twenty-six Active Chapters 

To encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment along the lines of business ac- 
tivity among students and graduates of colleges of commerce and business administration 


David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. 
A. C. Littleton, A.M., C.P.A. 
Frederic A. Russell, Ph.D. 
Paul D. Converse, A.M. 
Paul M. Green, M.S. 

Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. 
Essel R. Dillavou, Ph.D. 
Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. 
Arthur G. Anderson, M.S., C.E. 

Laurence E. Kline, B.S. 
Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. 
Nathan A. Weston, Ph.D. 
Charles L. Stewart, Ph.D. 

Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. 
Simon Litman, Dr. of Jur. Pub. 
Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. 
Charles F. Schlatter, M.S., C.P.A. 
V. L. Krannert, B.S. 



Jacob C. Beemster 
Paul F. Johnson 
Gaze E. Lukas 
Rexford C. Parmelee 

George H. Gustat 
James D. Knapp 
Phillip E. Mann 
Elden P. Priebe 

Ervin Hadley 
James D. Knox 
Robert W. Mayer 
David M. Van Doren 

Olaf U. Hoy 
Robert E. Lee 
Chester O. Miller 





Van Doren Johnson 

Filbey Mann Lee 

Scovill Knapp Hadley Lukas Hoy 

Beemster Knox Gustat Littleton Priebe 


Page 396 


Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 

Tau Beta Pi 

Alpha Chapter Established 1897 

Fifty-seven Active Chapters 

To mark in a fitting manner those engineers ivho have conferred honor upon their Alma 
Mater by a high grade of scholarship as undergraduates or by their attainments as alumni 

N. J. Alleman, M.S. 

H. E. Babbitt, M.S. 

A. E. Badger, M.S. 

N. H. Barnard, B.S. 

M. Brooks, Ph.B., M.E. 

A. C. Callen, E.M, M.S. 

Hardy Cross, A.B., B.S., M.C.E. 

T. J. Dolan, B.S. 

J. J. Doland, B.S., C.E. 

M. L. Enger, M.S., C.E. 

N. E. Ensign, A.B., B.S. 

W. N. Espy, M.S. 

M. K. Fahnestock, B.S. 

R. E. Gould, M.S. 

C. W. Ham, M.E. 

H. W. Brinkman 
J. W. DeWolf 
D. H. Murphy 
S. R. Jordan 
W. H. Formhals 
H. R. Johnston 
D. G. Bennett 
G. F. Drake 
C. E. O'Donnell 

R. P. Hoelscher, M.S., C.E. 

W. C. Huntington, M.S., C.E. 

V. P. Jensen, B.S. 

H. H. Jordan, B.S. 

A. Jorgensen, M.S., E.M. 

M. S. Ketchum, D.Sc, C.E. 

E. E. King, A.B., M.C.E. 

C. T. Knipp, Ph.D. 

A. P. Kratz, M.S. 

R. F. Larson, B.S. 

O. A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. 

M. F. Lindeman, B.S. 

J. G. Lowther, B.S. 

A. J. Monack, M.S. 


H. F. Moore, M.E., M.M.E. 

R. B. B. Moorman, B.S. 

N. D. Morgan, M.S.. C.E. 

E. B. Paine, M.S., E.E. 

G. W. Pickels, B.C.E., C.E. 

J. A. Poison, M.E. 

L. H. Provine, M.S., A.E. 

E. A. Reid, M.S., E.E. 

F. E. Richart, M.A., C.E. 
H. E. Schlenz, M.S. 

E. C. Schmidt, M.E. 

F. B. Seely, M.S. 
C. E. Skroder, M.S. 
C. M. Smith, M.S. 


A. E. Schubert O. W. Nelson 

W. V. Reed H. H. Hartong 

E. V. Bergstrom D. R. Laidig 

R. C. Oeler D. L. Levine 

S. Bernstein W. C. Schulte 

G. W. Kessler B. L. Wellman 

C. Gentilini F. S. Brown 

A. R. Barton B. Murphy 

D.Sc. H. J. Stoever, B.S. 

E. W. Suppiger, B.S. 

A. N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc, D.Eng. 

H. R. Thomas, C.E., M.S. 

C. L. Thompson, B.S. 

J. Vawter, B.S., C.E. 

E. H. Waldo, M.S., M.E., E.E. 

H. M. Westergaard, Ph.D., D.Eng. 

H. L. White, B.S. 

J. M. White, B.S. 

C. C. Wiley, B.S., C.E. 

A. C. Willard, B.S. 

W. M. Wilson, M.M.E., C.E. 

A. L. Young, M.S. 

E. G. Young, M.S., M.E. 

E. A. Dubin 
R. C. Webeck 
C. J. Scheve 
T. L. Bowes 

B. G. Johnston 

C. Y. McCown 
W. T. Cooper 
W. P. Burglund 
E. Danner 

D. Murphy 

Scheve Johnston Reed Cooper B. Murphy Bowes 

Brown Gentilini O'Donnell Schubert Jordan Levine Brinkman 

Barton DeWolf Oeler Drake Formhals Webeck Kessler 


Page 397 




19 3 1 

L L I 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 

Pi Tau Sigma 

One Active Chapter 

To foster the high ideals of the mechanical engineering profession 

J. A. Poison, M.E. 
O. A. Leutwiler. M.E. 


W. N. Espy, M.E. C. W. Ham, M.E. 

A. C. Willard, M.E. 
H. J. Maclntire, M.E. 

N. J. Alleman 


R. E. Gould M. K. Fahnstock 

H. J. Stoever 

W. A. Heinze 
H. H. Hottes 
G. Mackey 
R. Roman 
B. L. Wellman 

J. R. Alexander 
G. W. Kessler 
C. Y. McCown 
J. J. Floreth 


E. A. Luscombe 
A. R. Barton 
O. W. Nelson 
R. C. Oeler 

J. F. Schroeder 
V. D. Pulliam 
W. S. Harris 
A. E. Schubert 

L. Corso 
S. F. Ehman 

F. K. Eklund 


C. M. Gardiner 

R. P. Honold 

Schroeder Hottes 


Harris Eklund Heinze Floreth Roman 

Kessler Pulliam Corso Mackey Barton Luscombe 


Page 398 


Founded, Syracuse University, 1914 

Pi Mu Epsilon 

Established, University of Illinois, 1924 

To promote scholarship in mathematics 


R. D. Carmichael 
A. Emch 
H. R. Brahana 
L. L. Steimley 

E. Amelotti 
Elizabeth Cooper 
M. W. Dejonge 
Frances Harshbarger 
Eleanor Kingsley 
L. M. Reagan 
Mildred Taylor 

Helen Stull 
K. E. Bisshopp 
S. R. Jordan 

Elsie F. Zelle 

E. J. Townsend 
J. B. Shaw 
H. Levy 
D. G. Bourgin 

M. T. Bird 
H. D. Cogan 
G. L. Edgett 
L. O. Hubbard 
R. E. Meints 
D. T. Sigley 
G. E. Moore 

A. B. Coble 
A. R. Crathorne 
C. F. Green 
G. A. Miller 


L. T. Bourland 
Florence Catherwood 
A. T. Blomquist 
C. E. Ireland 
R. E. Norris 
G. W. Starcher 
P. K. Smith 


P. B. Evans 
Dorothy Footitt 
J. K. Knipp 



H. E. Crull 
G. F. Drake 
S. Bernstein 

Sixteen Active Chapters 

E. B. Lytle 
H. W. Bailey 

F. C. Ogg 

L. Bristow 
P. Cramer 
J. J. Gibbons 
Rose M. Kersey 
E. R. Ott 
Frances Wolever 
C. W. Strom 

C. Gentilini 

C. E. O'Donnell 




Crull Ott 




Cramer Dejonge 







Page 399 



19 3 1 

L L I 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1899 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 

To promote high scholarship and original investiga- 
tion in all branches of pure and applied chemistry 

Twenty-eight Active Chapters 


Roger Adams, Ph.D. 
George L. Clark, Ph.D. 
Harry S. Grindley, D.Sc. 
Norman W. Krase, Ph.D. 
Williams B. Nevens, Ph.D. 
John H. Reedy, Ph.D. 
G. Frederick Smith, Ph.D. 
Laurence L. Quill, Ph.D. 

Louis F. Audrieth, Ph.D. 
Michael J. Copley, Ph.D. 
B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D., B.Sc. 
Justa M. Lindgren, A.M. 
William A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D. 
Worth H. Rodebush, Ph.D. 
Louie H. Smith, Ph.D. 
Leonard F. Yntema, Ph.D., D.Sc. 

John C. Bailar, Ph.D. 
Duane T. Englis, Ph.D. 
Frank C. Howard, M.S. 
Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. 
Samuel W. Parr, Ph.D. 
William C. Rose, Ph.D. 
Wendell M. Stanley, Ph.D. 
V. DuVigneaud, Ph.D. 

Arthur M. Buswell, Ph.D. 
Reynold C. Fuson, Ph.D. 
Donald B. Keyes, Ph.D. 
Harold H. Mitchell, Ph.D. 
Thomas E. Phipps, Ph.D. 
Ralph L. Shriner, Ph.D. 
Sherlock Swann, Ph.D. 

Robert W. Ball 
Louis H. Bock 
Francis M. Clark 
Horace B. Gillespie 
Milton Gallagher 
S. M. Jackson 
William H. Mackey 
Sidney L. Neave 
Donald D. Peirce 
Carl E. Schilz 
Howard A. Smith 
S. M. Troxel 
Eugene H. Woodruff 


Chester W. Bennett 
Clair S. Boruff 
Donald W. Davis 
Orville E. Goehler 
William F. Henry 
Earl H. Johnson 
A. H. Macmillan 
William A. Nichols 
Orin W. Rees 
Pierce W. Selwood 
Avery H. Stearns 
Julius White 
John C. Zimmer 


Herbert Berg 
Rodger H. Bray 
Henry G. Dawson 
John B. Goodman 
Judson H. Holloway 
T. Y. Kao 
Robert Maxwell 
Irving L. Ozanne 
Leslie J. Roll 
Everett J. Shaw 
Roger S. Sweet 
Wallace Windus 
Donald Coffman 

Al. T. Blomquist 
Eugene Browning 
F. A. Dykins 
Harry Greengard 
Gordon Hughes 
Walter Klabunde 
Ralph E. Meints 
Edmund L. Pearson 
Swanie S. Rossander 
P. R. Shildneck 
George E. Symons 
Harold W. Woodrow 

E. W. Comings 
Birtill A. Lloyd 



E. R. Gilliland 
G. L. Nimmo 

Charles M. Hull 
David Porter 

John Bertetti 

Sidney Kuykendall 
M. G. VanCampen 

Phipps Keyes Selwood Dykins DuVigneaud Ball 

Coffman Bennett Bock H. A. Smith Ozanne 

Porter Clark Rossander Windus . Jackson Woodruff 

Comings Kuykendall Lloyd Bertetti Gilliland Henry 

VanCampen Hull Browning Roll Davis 

Peirce Meints Englis 

Marvel G. F. Smith 

Lundquist Audrieth 

Bailar Quill Berg 

Nimmo Stearns 


Page 400 

Page 401 


T H 

19 3 1 

L I 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Founded. University of Illinois, 1922 

Sixteen Active Chapters 


To promote a higher standard of learning and to encourage high scholastic 
attainment among the freshman men in our institutions of higher learning 

Dean Thomas A. Clark 
Dean Kendric C. Babcock 


Dean Charles M. Thompson 
Dean Arthur H. Daniels 

Dean Albert J. Harno 
Dean Fred H. Turner 

Dean G. Herbert Smith 
Dean George B. Elliott 


Philip A. Anderson 
Irwin H. Baker 
David M. Baldwin 
Alfred P. Bay 
Earl R. Benedict 
Robert A. Blakeney 
Milton H. Blosten 
Charles H. Bumstead 
George Coldewey 
John G. Coleman 
Robert H. Crowe 
Charles A. Davis 
Edwin H. Daubs 
Richard J. Duffin 
Charles L. Emrich 
William J. Eovaldi 
William R. Fickett 
David G. Fithian 
Harry L. Frese 
George A. Fruit 
Carl F. Gale 
Donald Garretson 

Thomas W. Gill 
Robert Handschin 
Theodore Helmreich 
Elston D. Herron 
John D. Holder 
Robert A. Hollands 
Clarence Holoffe 
Paul T. Hofhenke 
Donald C. Isted 
Charles A. Jackson 
William P. Jones 
John P. Jurkanin 
Donald M. Kammert 
Lawrence V. Kanter 
Irvin A. Kaufman 
Robert T. Kay 
William H. Kistler 
Richard B. Kitch 
Myron L. Kohn 
Harvey W. Kring 
Charles U. Kring 
Paul C. Lambert 

Richard K. Law 
Paul W. Leppla 
Glen E. Lightholder 
Robert A. Linberg 
Mark D. Littler 
Melvin O. Lundahl 
Robert MacClinchie 
Frederick W. Mast 
James R. McPherson 
Bernard I. Moretsky 
William Motel 
Arthur T. Mosher 
Fred A. Painter 
Robert W. Pashby 
James C. Pettee 
Dorn L. Pettit 
Stanley H. Pierce 
Wilbur B. Pings 
Merton H. Rapp 
Frank Renwick 
Harold Reynolds 
Joseph N. Rodeheaver 

William Rice 
David Rosenbloom 
Robert N. Rutherford 
John J. Sand 
Edward I. Serlin 
Charles H. Shattuck 
Frank J. Shepherd 
Loch Shumaker 
Benjamin Silberberg 
Lawrence H. Simerl 
Danely Slaughter 
Edgar B. Smiley 
Kenneth H. Smith 
Herbert J. Sterrenberg 
Pliney O. Tawney 
Kenneth L. Telleen 
Lewis V. Trabert 
Arthur G. Wagner 
Harrison Walther 
James F. Whisenand 
Harold H. Wich 
John P. Wollstadt 


Page 402 



19 3' 

Founded, William and Mary College, 1776 

Phi Beta Kappa 

One Hundred and Six Active Chapters 

Gamma of Illinois Established 1907 



Ruth A. Abrahamson 
Myron E. Baker 
Robert D. Baird 
Kathryn A. Burrows 

Juniors elected in March, 1929 

Karl Christ Dod 
Luther Dearborn 
Bernard A. Friedman 
Wm. E. Gobble 

Anna L. Jackman 
Sylvia M. Katz 
Alberta F. Lewis 
Wm. K. Maxwell, Jr. 

Earl C. Smith 
Janice M. Smith 
George Taubeneck 

Dicie Anne Moore 
Harry Edw. Crull 
Susan Deuel 

Seniors elected in October, 1930 

Ray M. Foreman 
Frank J. Lansing 

Julia A. Lipow 
Georgine B. McDonald 

Henry W. Meers 
Mary S. Wood 
Winifred E. Jones 

Seniors elected in March, 1930 

Mary A. Eads 
Lee M. Hester- 
Julia C. Stevens 
Wm. H. Maxant 
Josephine B. McCormick 
Julian K. Knipp 
Elizabeth A. Windsor 

Mary E. Paul 
Faye Cohen 
Beatrice C. Bedard 
C. J. Palmer 
Russell R. Reno 
Ines E. Clayton 

Mary McMahon 
J. A. Pianfetti 
May E. Richards 
Helen L. Refiner 
Eve M. McClain 
Louisan E. Mamer 

Dorothy Duckies 
Joe Marion Parker 
Margaret Kertes 
Sylvia R. Ganansky 
George E. Gilman 
Adrienne M. Edelstein 

Martha E. Righter 
Dewey B. Stuit 
Donald P. Morris 
Pearl V. Meyer 

Juniors elected in March, 1930 

Hugh J. Graham, Jr. 
Rose E. Freidlin 
Paul O. Ritcher 
John Clark 

Richard B. Ainsworth 
Robert T. DuPuis 
John R. Schultz 
Raymond C. Rugen 

Robert T. Inner 
Ednamae McClelland 
Mary Anne Carson 
Fay K. Lux 

■ J III } 


The Conference Medal 

ROBERT "BO" ORLOVICH was the 1929 
winner of the conference medal for athletic 
and scholastic proficiency, which was awarded 
last June. Orlovich was a reliable point getter 
for Coach Harry Gill for three years, running 
the distances. "Bo" was a member of the 
famous Illinois four-mile relay team, which 
swept everything before it. For the second time, 
in as many years, the winner of the medal has 
been a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 


"i 'I 

Page 403 


EACH year the University of Illinois rewards the mem- 
bers of the graduating class, who, during their junior 
and senior years, have sustained excellence in scholar- 

ship, by casting their names on a bronze tablet which is 
placed in the Administration Building. The following 
were honored in 1929: 




Each year two civil engineering seniors who have 
maintained all-around excellency are awarded the Pro- 
fessor Ira O. Baker Prize of $75 and $25 for first and 

second places respectively, and their names are cast on a 
bronze tablet. The 1929 winners were Vernon P. Jen- 
sen, first, and Jacob Karol, second. 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Five Active Chapters 

To encourage and reward high scholarship among the 
women of the freshman classes at the University of Illinois 

Maria Leonard, A.M. 


Ruth M. Caldwell, B.S. 


Jeannette Hills 
Jullianna Korth 
Dorothy McClintock 
Margaret Parker 
Edna Reese 
Elizabeth Rusk 
Marie Stratton 
Mary Virginia Wright 
Dorothy Armour 
Dorothy Case 
Helene Foellinger 
Maude Goodenough 
Florence Bearsh 

Glenita Hobbs 
Hazel Knuth 
Margaret Mercer 
Helen Pesci 
Helen Reynolds 
Margaret Sattley 
Frances Tarpley 
Joyce Zimmerman 
Sina Bevis 
Elizabeth Daily 
Marjorie Freeman 
Elizabeth Gore 
Harriet Deere 

Roberta Jackson 
Florence Leibovitz 
Naomi Meyer 
Frances Pierce 
Mary Robbins 
Frederica Schrumpf 
Louise Tavs 
Margaret Clem 
Eloise Bonnet 
Marjorie Finn 
Dorothy Gard 
Gwendolyn Hall 
Bernice Lapin 

Anne Jones 
Elizabeth Lotz 
Josephine M. Nelson 
Rilla Ortgiesen 
Kathryn Boekenhoff 
Jane Smith 
Dorothy Whyte 
Marcelline Gougler 
Louise Cameron 
Linda Fitz-Gerald 
Ruth Gardner 
Mathilde Helfrich 
Terlan Paul 

Hills Stratton Robbins Pierce Dean Leonard Dean Caldwell Boekenhoff Gardner 

Nelson Paul Zimmerman Rusk Foellinger Meyer Freeman Goodenough 

Bearsh Cameron Jones Clem Deere Lapin Pesci Helfrich Lotz 

Karth Mercer Bonnet Gore Fitz-Gerald Finn Schrumpf Bevis 

Page 404 


SKULL and Crescent fraternity awards a cup at the be- 
ginning of each semester to the national social fra- 
ternity having the highest scholastic average for the pre- 
ceding semester. Alpha Kappa Lambda was awarded the 
cup for the fall semester, 1929. 

The Sachem Trophy is awarded to the social fraternity 
having the greatest number of scholastic points which 
are compiled on the scholastic average basis and the 
greatest number of scholastic points as compared to the 
preceding semester. Cosmopolitan Club won the trophy 
for the fall semester of 1929. 

Scarab, professional architectural fraternity, offers each 
year the Scarab Medal as an award to the student in the 
Department of Architecture who submits the best solu- 
tion to a problem in architectural design. The medal 
was awarded to M. D. Schlesinger in 1929. 

The American Institute of Architects offers each year 
a medal to the senior in the Department of Architecture 
whose development during the four-year course is the 
most consistent and best. The award is based upon 
scholarship in all work during the course, the purpose 
being to prevent over-specialization in design. The medal 
was won by Maurice W. Kleinman in 1929. 



Through the generosity of Mr. Francis J. Plym, of Niles, Michigan, a graduate of the 
University of Illinois of the class of 1897, the trustees have established a fellowship for 
the advanced study of architecture. The stipend attached to the fellowship is one thou- 
sand dollars. The winner is required to spend a year of study and travel in Europe. The 
fellowship is awarded annually by competition in architectural design. Won in 1929 by 
William P. Crane, II. 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1923 

Phi Kappa Epsilon 

To provide an incentive to a higher standard of 
scholarship between foreign and native students 

One Active Chapter 

R. R. Kudo, Ph.D. 

D. H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 

E. L. Bogart, Ph.D. 
N. Brooks, Ph.D. 
H. B. Ward, Ph.D. 


W. A. Oldfather, Ph.D. 
E. Berman, Ph.D. 
Dean T. A. Clark 
A. H. Lybyer, Ph.D. 

A. W. Aron, Ph.D. 
Suzanne Kissel 
H. B. Dorner, Ph.D. 
H. F. Moore, D.Sc. 

Cesarine Breuillaud 
Dean Maria Leonard 
W. A. Noyes, Ph.D. 
A. F. Olmstead, Ph.D. 
P. E. Jacob, Ph.D. 


Emil Amelotti 
Lincoln H. Cha 
Cyprian R. Cunningham 
Mabel Deere 
George L. Edgett 
Lloyd A. Helms 
Beatrice Bedard 

Icko Iben 
Mimi L. Jehle 
Tsi Y. Kao 
Harley W. Kidder 
Siechi Konzo 
Birtill A. Lloyd 
Ruth Abrahamson 

Anne M. Krause 
Ching H. Li 
Fritz Moore 
Lawrence M. Null 
Herbert H. Ross 
G. L. Hockenyos 
Angelina Pietrangeli 

Pierce W. Selwood 
Walter G. Warnock 
Eric Winters 
Han T. Wu 
Ellis Danner 
Celeste Cantrell 





Null Wu 





Page 405 








r, e 

L O V -f\ L 


V O U 

i i_ i_ i no 


77?<? /^ Alma Mater expects of her sons 

Was worshipped and sought by the ages. 
Odysseus found it wherever he went, 
hi Galahad it was a natural bent, 
La Salle in his gallantry knew ivhat it meant, 
We find it in history's pages. 

Loyalty — power to stand by your guns 
Loyalty down through the ages. 


uue'Fceor^-^noe-i^no s i_ u e i l. i_ i n o i S 

luS'ul. BvqCK -vow TO S T -^ n. r> 

o-^insT**. -rue bgst in ~r 1-4 e i_ -^ n o 


Fraternity Index 

Acacia 429 

Alpha Chi Rho 450 

Alpha Chi Sigma 432 

Alpha Delta Phi 446 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 459 

Alpha Gamma Rho '. . 433 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 502 

Alpha Kappa Lambda ■ 463 

Alpha Lambda Tau 495 

Alpha Rho Chi 447 

Alpha Sigma Phi 434 

Alpha Tau Omega 417 

Anubis 453 

Beta Chi 498 

Beta Kappa 482 

Beta Psi 477 

Beta Sigma Psi 481 

Beta Theta Pi 421 

Chi Beta 428 

Chi Phi 441 

Chi Psi 442 

Chi Tau ' 491 

Cosmopolitan Club 435 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 472 

Delta Alpha Pi 493 

Delta Chi 473 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 425 

Delta Phi 460 

Delta Pi 489 

Delta Sigma Delta 503 

Delta Sigma Lambda 480 

Delta Sigma Phi 456 

Delta Sigma Pi ■•■••• 471 

Delta Sigma Tau 476 

Delta Tau Delta . 412 

Delta Theta Phi 483 

Delta Upsilon 427 

Farm House 448 

Gamma Eta Gamma 467 

Gamma Pi Upsilon 464 

Illini Hall 499 

Ilus 430 

Kappa Delta Rho 465 

Kappa Psi . . : 507 

Kappa Sigma 414 

Kappa Zeta Rho 488 

Lambda Alpha Lambda 490 

Lambda Chi Alpha 449 

Nu Sigma Nu 500 

Omicron Alpha Tau 492 

Omega Beta Pi 458 

Phi Alpha Delta 424 

Phi Beta Pi 504 

Phi Chi 506 

Phi Delta Epsilon 508 

Phi Delta Phi 420 

Phi Delta Theta 416 

Phi Epsilon Pi 461 

Phi Gamma Delta 418 

Phi Kappa 443 

Phi Kappa Psi 426 

Phi Kappa Sigma 415 

Phi Kappa Tau 451 

Phi Lambda Kappa 509 

Phi Mu Delta 468 

Phi Pi Phi 475 

Phi Rho Sigma 501 

Phi Sigma Kappa 439 

Pi Kappa Alpha 454 

Pi Kappa Phi 466 

Psi Omega 505 

Psi Upsilon 440 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 419 

Sigma Alpha Mu 455 

Sigma Chi 413 

Sigma Delta Kappa 494 

Sigma Delta Rho 487 

Sigma Mu Sigma 485 

Sigma Nu 422 

Sigma Phi Delta 49^ 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 423 

Sigma Phi Sigma 45"" 

Sigma Pi 436 

Tau Delta Phi 484 

Tau Delta Tau 462 

Tau Epsilon Phi 478 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 444 

Theta Alpha 469 

Theta Chi 452 

Theta Delta Chi . . . ■ 437 

Theta Kappa Nu 48o 

Theta Kappa Phi 474 

Theta Nu Epsilon 496 

Theta Upsilon Omega ' 479 

Theta Xi 470 

Triangle 431 

Zeta Beta Tau 445 

Zeta Psi 438 

Page 410 


Interfraternitv Council 

Established 1911 


Edward C. Hoelscher President 

Al Watt Vice-President 

Richard F. Hahn Secretary 

Hal C. Pattison Treasurer 

Richard L. Moore Sergeant-At-Arms 


Delta Tau Delta 
G. W. Scott 

Alpha Sigma Phi 
D. Bodenschatz 

C. Jun 

Phi Mu Delta 

A. Twyman 

Sigma Chi 

G. E. Baird 

Sigma Pi 

W. A. Ross 

Pi Kappa Alpha 
G. A. Conwell 

Theta Kappa Phi 
N. C. Marten 

Kappa Sigma 

W. P. Standard 

Theta Delta Chi 
M. A. Burgess 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
E. J. Lawson 

Phi Pi Phi 

H. C. Pattison 

Phi Kappa Sigma 
J. Clements 

Zeta Psi 

J. McFadzean 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
S. Schoenbrod 

Delta Sigma Tau 
J. E. Maclnryre 

Phi Delta Theta 
L. Dearborn 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
W. Vance 

Delta Sigma Phi 
D. Brown 

Beta Psi 

W. J. Hoffman 

Alpha Tau Omega 
A. C. Doescher 

Psi Upsilon 

F. A. Blayney 

Sigma Phi Sigma 
J. P. Fixmer 

Tau Epsilon Phi 
M. J. Satin 

Phi Gamma Delta 
G. D. Bryan 

Chi Phi 

H. Hallsteen 

Delta Phi 

J. D. Knox 

Theta Upsilon Omega 
E. A. Lusk 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
K. W. Rugh 

Chi Psi 

F. S. Wilson 

Phi Epsilon Pi 
M. Levin 

Delta Sigma Lambda 
W. T. Cooper 

Beta Theta Pi 
H. C. Neil 

Phi Kappa 
H. C. Wolf 

Tau Delta Tau 
R. E. Stein 

Beta Sigma Psi 
R. S. Bigler 

Sigma Nu 
W. Jolley 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
L. W. Hockaday 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 
G. F. Drake 

Beta Kappa 
L. A. Watt 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 
E. C. Hoelscher 

Phi Kappa Psi 
K. Burroughs 

Zeta Beta Tau 
W. L. Periera 

Alpha Delta Phi 
J. Bontjes 

Gamma Pi Upsilon 
H. R. Jenkinson 

Kappa Delta Rho 

Sigma Mu Sigma 
C. R. Herlan 

Theta Kappa Nu 
C. J. Mason 

Delta Upsilon 
W. O'Dell 

Alpha Rho Chi 
B. L. Pickens 

W. H. Holden 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Sigma Delta Rho 
A. E. Wolgast 

Chi Beta 

C. Baldwin 


C. R. Larson 


R. L. Moore 

Omega Beta Pi 
F. W. Edel 

Farm House 
C. E. Eckert 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
T. E. Reynolds 

C. W. Wells 

Theta Alpha 
B. Blacken 

Theta Xi 

P. H. Kammann 

Chi Tau 

P. W. Landgren 

Theta Nu Epsilon 
W. Heinze 

Alpha Lambda Tau 
G. P. Baker 


L. E. Langdon 

Alpha Chi Rho 
E. N. Bankert 

Delta Sigma Pi 
I. G. Gromoll 

Tau Delta Phi 
C. R. Garkan 

Alpha Chi Sigma 
F. W. Rutherford 

Phi Kappa Tau 
S. E. Wilson 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 
R. F. Hahn 

Lambda Alpha Lambda 
J. M. Luther 

Alpha Gamma Rho 
J. M. Stewart 

Theta Chi 

P. C. Livingston 

Delta Chi 
R. E. Kuhl 

Kappa Zeta Rho 
D. B. Curtis 






Page AW 



Bethany College, 1859 

Seventy-four Active Chapters 

Beta Upsilon Chapter 

Established 1872 
302 East John Street 

Delta Tau Delta 


Richard R. Marsh, A.B. 
Oscar W. Cagann, M.S. 
Edgar J. Townsend, Ph.D. 
Martin Prucha, Ph.D. 

Frank E. Wardecker 
Harry Cole 
John Morse 
Hampden C. Judson 

Frank Smith, A.M. 
Kendric C. Babcock, Ph.D. 
Frank Footit, A.B. 

George Schwartz, Mus.B. 
Phineas Windsor, Ph.D. 
Herbert Berg, B.S. 



George W. Scott 
John W. Evans 
Samuel E. Dean 
Harry E. Witherell 

Edmund G. Mitchell 
Edward E. Liese 
C. Richard Walter 
Walter J. Doolen 

Robert F. Seybolt, Ph.D. 
Col. Charles W. Weeks, Ph.D. 
Louis M. Tobin, A.B. 

Herman K. Miethe 
Guy Keller 
John C. Sculley 

Franklin B. Lanum 
J. Freeland Harrold 
Warren L. Wood 

Henry B. Terry 

C. Montgomery Nicholson 

Gaines G. Cole 

R. Courtney Moorsehead 

James Anderson 
Harry McBride 
Joseph Bryson 
John Murrin 
Norman Stephens 

Rodger D. Potter 
Paul H. Hughes 
Dorence L. Kirtland 

William B. Billmire 
Kenneth F. Stanford 
Eugene M. Hodgson, Jr. 

Albert Hattenhauer 
Robert Spiess 
Carl Dueser 

John Neiger 


Clifford R. Kealey 
Francis D. McGuire 
George P. Wagner, Jr. 


Harry Kepler 
Robert Chester 
Joseph Mauss 


Lester Robinson 
Ladd Groth 
Donald Armstrong 
George Kreker 

Nelse Orne 
Robert Zane 
John Logan 

Paul Spicer 
Robert Flannigan 
Robert Nelson 

Samuel Keyes 
William Harper 
Ronald Reddig 
Eugene Bennett 
Harry Perrin 

Judson Evans Dean Doolen Liese Scott Keller Lanum Walter Zane Logan Kealey Cole 

McGuire Moorsehead Hodgson Billmire Morse Witherell Flannigan Stanford Kirtland Wood Harrold Potter Terry Miethe Nicholson 

Wagner Mauss Harper Kepler Neiger Chester Cole Perrin Groth Murrin Robison 

Spiess Anderson Kreker Bennett Stephens Dueser McBride Orne Armstrong Keyes Bryson Reddig Hattenhauer 

Page All 


Miami University, 1855 

Eighty-eight Active Chapters 

Kappa Kappa Chapter 

Established 1881 
410 East John Street 



Sigma Chi 

David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 
James B. Shaw, D.Sc. 


Capt. Lester A. Daugherty, A.B. A. James Casner, LL.B. 

Clifford R. Niswonger, B.S. 
Clarence B. Cox, B.S. 


Glenn E. Baird 
William A. Ganster 

Daniel J. Dalziel 


William B. Brown 

Barent Springsted 

Hall M. Macklin 
Fred L. Wham, Jr. 
Hugh F. Owens 

Ralph M. Thompson 
John H. Thomas 
Thomas A. Graham 


Ralph Kleinschmidt 
Laurence B. Hotchkiss 
Harvey R. White 

Raymond C. Stotlar 
Neal W. Olson 

Frank W. Renwick 
Robert W. McGregor 
William P. Stowe 


John H. Frederickson, Jr. 
James H. Vaughn 
Robert D. Sweet 

Benjamin F. Harris, III 
Gustav M. Berg 
Danely P. Slaughter 

Lewis E. Keith 
Thomas B. Carson 
Christian B. Larsen 

William R. Gilmore 
Harry R. Thomas 
John N. Hadley 
James F. Owens, Jr. 

Harry D. Litt 

Roy A. Nordensson 

George K. Leisenring 

Freshmen ' 

Walter L. Settlemire 
Harry B. Smock 
Charles H. Rohrer 

Jack F. Furst 
John E. Utley 
William C. Nicol 

Thompson Depke Dalziel Ganster Leisenring Macklin Brown Thomas Baird 
Olson Larsen Berg H. Owens Wham Renwick Stowe Frederickson Kleinschmidt Carson Springsted Graham 
Owens Furst White Slaughter Sweet Keith Hotchkiss Vaughn Gilmore Utley Wilson 
Nordensson Thomas Smock Litt Settlemire Nicol Hadley Leisenring Stotlar Rohrer 

Page 413 



University of Virginia, 1869 

One Hundred Eight Active Chapters 

Alpha Gamma Chapter 

Established 1891 
212 East Daniel Street 

Kappa Sigma 

G. A. Huff, B.S. 
Carl Lundgren, B.S. 
Ivan Wright, Ph.D. 


S. W. Hall, B.S. 
C. V. Donovan, B.P. 
C E. Bradbury, B.F.A. 

H. F. Moore, M.M.E., D.Sc. 
Capt. L. C. Parsons, B.E.E. 
L. T. Brown, A.M. 

R. C. Fuson, Ph.D. 
W. F. Frese, A.B. 
Lane Mitchell, B.S. 


Leonard O. Dobbins 

Charles F. Behrensmeyer 


Ralph O. Clare 

Carl H. Bergeson 

Paul E. Wiese 
William P. Standard 
Paul F. Schlicher 

Charles F. Turner 
George C. Cole 


James B. Hapeman 
H. Brinton McDermott 

Cyril J. Heintz 
Ronald S. Manley 
Fred Heimlicher, Jr. 

Russell M. Horner 
John M. Elliott 
Sydney H. Davies 

William F. Seifert 
Charles A. Schicht 
Louis A. McLaughlin 


Jack F. Pickrel 
Orville D. Larson 
Donald C. Isted 

Dale V. Pittenger 
Ralph A. Wheelock 

Norval W. Garland 
Carbys Saxe 
Wayne M. Canney 
George M. Clare 

R. Paul Graham 
David H. Coffman 
Stuart Murphy 
Victor C. Trewyn 


Walter H. Savage 
Carl Dohme 
Philip Miller 
Charles A. Sanders 

William J. Cornwell 
Clinton W. Loomis 
William E. Flack 

Saxe Garland Craig Heintz ■ Seifert Isted Larson Davies Pickrel 

Canney Hellmick Graham Wheelock Wiese Bergeson McLaughlin Turner Horner Pittenger Coffman Schicht Murphy 

Behrensmeyer Heimlicher Manley Cole Schlicher Standard R. Clare Dobbins McDermott Hapeman Elliott 
Trewyn Cornwell Miller G. Clare Sanders Flack Loomis Dohme Savage 

Page 414 



University of Pennsylvania, 1850 

Thirty-eight Active Chapters 

Rho Chapter 

Established 1892 

313 East Chalmers Street 


Phi Kappa Sigma 

Arthur R. Crathorne, Ph.D. 

Paul N. Landis, Ph.D. 


Chris S. Rhodes, B.S. 

Arthur C. Willard, B.S. 

Joseph M. Bosenbury 
Robert P. Dearborn 
Turner H. Trimble 


Charles R. Frederick 
Walter E. La Belle 

William J. Green 
Robert J. Nixon 

William B. Huie 
Elden P. Priebe 

John H. Clements 
Raymond White 
Richard A. Welch 

Ralph V. Anderson 
A. Robert Crathorne 
Robert Sigler 

Leon T. Fruin 
Carl Keith, Jr. 

Donald A. Cameron 
Vernon F. Pentecost 


Robert A. Wood 
Everitt B. Hulsebus 


William H. Kapple 
Judd S. Brown 

William A. Meteer 
Burdette S. Johnson 
Robert P. Sayers 

William A. Barton 
John D. Holder 

Lowell D. Ryan 
Harold R. Thompson 
William S. Lain 
George H. Rettig 

John W. Rourke 
Edward Hartung 
Harry R. Johnson 
Luis H. Vance 


Arthur F. Geele 
Paul E. McDonald 
Robert Farrell 
Robert T. Conklin 

J Roma Id White 
Robert O'Malley 
Harold E. Burnham 
Gaillard Knappenberger 


R. White McDonald Rettig Johnson Hulsebus Burnham Farrell Geele Knappenberger Hartung Sigler O'Malley Thompson Freeman Brown 
Crathorne Lain Kapple Barton Cameron Vance Holder Ryan Anderson Merson White Rourke 
Conklin Johnson Wood Welch Fruin Pentecost Sayers Frederick 
Meteer Huie La Belle Trimble Clements Priebe Nixon Keith Dearborn 

Page 415 



University of Miami, 1848 

Ninety-seven Active Chaptets 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1893 

309 East Chalmers Street 

Phi Delta Theta 


Neil C. Brooks, Ph.D. 
Harrison E. Cunningham, A.B. 

Norman R. Jansen 
Daniel H. Hale 
William Grinton 

James H. Beaman 
George Burkhart 
Robert B. Fulton 

Charles V. Penwell 
Charles H. Sethness 
Robert L. Kamp 

Norman M. Adams 
William R. Allen 
Harry A. Barber 
Gilbert E. Berry 
John S. Espencheid 

Charles E. Chadsey, Ph.D. 
Justa M. Lindgren, A.M. 

George P. Tuttle, B.S. 
William A. Oldfather, Ph.D. 


Luther Dearborn 
Roland A. Folberg 

George L. Eldred 
Everett E. Groves 

Elbert B. Kamp 
Guy C. Fraker 

John T. Foley 
William C. Gifford 
James F. Joslyn 
John P. Mead 

Warren K. King 
Frederick H. McKelvey 


Fred. L. Johnston 
Joseph E. Diver 



Frank S. Hickman 
Merton H. Rapp 

Berne M. Mead 
Edward C. Patterson 
John E. Qualkinbush 
Jewett A. Ricker 

Homer A. Dennis, A.B. 

Herbert W. Hurd 
Robert Shoemaker 
Bruce G. Eaton, Jr. 

Robert J. Conover 
Russell Ward 
Charles W. Campbell 

James W. Ashby 
Frederick L. Block 
Halbert F. Thomas 

George L. Scripps 
Clarence A. Thompson 
Leroy G. Ward 
John C. Woodward 

J. Mead Berry Woodward Allen Scripps B. Mead Foley Gifford Patterson 

Barber L. Ward Adams Ricker Ashby Penwell Thomas C. K. Thompson 

Rapp Fraker Sethness Hickman Burkhart Fulton Conover Campbell 

McKelvey Beaman Grinton Dearborn Hale Hurd Shoemaker Floberg Eaton Jansen 

Qualkinbush Espenscheid Joslyn 

R. Kamp E. Kamp Block 
Diver Eldree Groves 

Page 416 


Virginia Military Institute, 1865 

Ninety-one Active Chapters 

Gamma Zeta Chapter 

Established 1895 

604 East Armory Avenue 

Alpha Tau Omega 


Roger Adams, Ph.D. 
C. L. Allen, A.B. 
A. S. Colby, Ph.D. 

Adalbert C. Doescher 

David D. Decker 
Albert J. Neill 
Walter B. Booth 

John G. Coleman 
Edward S. Baxter 
Winfield S. Morrison 

Walter I. Waggoner 
Keith W. Rastede 
Norris J. Downing 
William P. Clark 

A. G. Anderson, M.S., C.E. 
H. L. Newcomer, A.B., B.S. 

T. A. Clark, B.L., Litt.D. 
B. S. Hopkins, Ph.D. 

N. A. Weston, Ph.D. 
A. L. Hjortland, A.B. 


Benjamin F. Rose Weldon R. Coate 


W. Wayne Lockwood 
George A. Bertlesman 
Robert G. Busse 

Allen L. Vought 
Donald A. Lisenby 

Robert M. Koho 
Robert S. Palmer 
Richard Cisne 
Paul W. Reddish 

Lee H. Sentman 
E. Morley Webb 
Oscar J. Ogg 


John I. Clark 
Frank Carl Gale 



George W. Riedell 
Edward Schalk 
Frank R. Markland 
J. Robert Boston 

William E. Walters 
Fred B. Marshall 
Tom A. Gillen 

C. E. Gordon 
Maurice H. Reid 
Frank E. Jones 

Theodore A. Schweer 
Charles Pflager 
Fred S. Seyfried 

•_ ■ f r «3|g :r '" :, ~ r "^^ V~ j ' -^ **^ 


Cisne Riedell Waggoner Palmer Markland Rastede Reddish Pflager W. Clark Seyfried Schweer Downing Schalk 
Walters Lisenby Vought Gordon Morrison Jones Coleman Sentman Baxter Marshall J. Clark Gale 
Bertlesman Booth Busse Decker Coate Doescher Rose Ogg Neill Lockwood 


Page 417 




Jefferson College, 1848 
Seventy Active Chapters 

Chi Iota Chapter 

Established 1897 

401 East John Street 

David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. 
James M. White, B.S. 
Arthur H. Daniels, Ph.D. 

Gordon D. Bryan 
John O. Campbell 
Christian H. Seger 
Robert T. Babcock 

Paul C. Brines 
Frank E. Dubach 
Donald A. Fruland 
William L. Unzicker 

R. James Railsback 
A. James Davis 
H. Richard Schmidt 

I. Norris Thompson 
Robert P. Crook 

Phi Gamma Delta 


Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. Harold R. White, A.B. 

John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. Stephen A. Forbes, Ph.D., LL.D. 



Donald E. Thompson 
Franklyn H. Van Doren 
Raymond E. Fisher 
John P. Christie 

Robert H. Rugh 
William F. Lewis 
Donald O. Stewart 

Pomeroy Sinnock 
Warren D. Foltz 
Lane W. Brearton 

Robert B. Rutherford 
Henry H. Triebel 

Charles F. Edwards 
William H. Crook 
Carl I. Glasgow 
Samuel G. Jenkins 


Joseph L. Rust 
Kenneth C. Lyon 
L. B. Thompson 



Henry E. Wilson 
Robert A. Linberg 
James B. Hale 

Warren Kinsey 
Glenn A. Waser 

Fred B. Seely, M.S. 
Kenneth C. Gerard, B.S. 
Frederick A. Russell, Ph.D. 

Richard M. Keck 
J. D. Thomason 
H. Edward Hoffa 
John P. Crandall 

Dean Lowell 
Frank W. Roberts 
John L. Ingham 

Edgar L. Burtis 
Martin Kratz 

Milton P. Rasmussen 
William A. Gore 


Van Doren Hoffa 


R. Crook 

Ingham Brines Unzicker 

D. Thompson W. Crook 
Linberg Brearton Hale 

Rasmussen N. Thompson 

Lyon ' Rugh Dubach Fruland Gerard Wilson 

Fisher Campbell Bryan Seger Babcock Christie 

Foltz Sinnock Railsback Schmidt Lewis Edwards 

Rutherford Triebel Kinsey Waser Kratz Stewart 


Page 418 



University of Alabama, 1856 

One Hundred Three Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1899 

211 East Daniel Street 


Paul M. Green, M.S. 

Oscar A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 


Capt. Carl Innis, A.B. William C. Rose, Ph.D. 


Fred H. Turner, M.S. 

Kenneth W. Rugh 
Paul A. Marshall 
Henry M. Ward 

Gaze E. Lukas 
Verne A. McDermont 
William V. Kaeser 


Gene L. Brewer 
Jack Macdonald 
Rufus Marshall 

James W. Huss 
Walter L. Stewart 
Lyle Smith 


John S. Kapernick 
Lucius P. Yale, III 
John C. Stamm 

Renick H. Buckles 
Fritz Kaeser, II 
Philip H. Nye 

John D. Vance 
James O. Brooks 
Bert J. Collett, Jr. 

Charles W. Dotson 
Robert J. Wilson 

Russell M. Striplin 
Samuel Wallace, Jr. 

Joseph Ensminger 
W. Byron Morrow 
Philip W. Burton 

James L. Smith 
William D. Kilborn 


Fresh i 

T. Edge Hughes 
George E. Leutwiler 

George F. Ward 
Homer M. Adams 
William B. Arnold 

Delmar Sandberg 
Allen Sayler 

Harry L. Frese 
William W. Wright 
John N. Johnson 

Ralph W. Morgan 
Joe Sundberg 
Hunter Russell 

L. Smith Stewart Lukas Arnold Sayler Brooks Buckles Collett Morrow Vance 

Turley Cope Michel Sandberg Morgan Russell Burton Ensminger Ward Adams Sundberg 

H. Ward Wright Wallace Leutwiler F. Kaeser Striplin Nye Yale Hughes Marshall P. Johnson Obrien 

Smith J. McDermont Huss Brewer Stamm Macdonald Rugh Wilson Frese Kapernick Kilborn Dotson Dunning 

Page 419 


University of Michigan, 1869 

Fifty-eight Active Chapters 

Langdell's Inn Chapter 

Established 1901 

303 East John Street 

Phi Delta Phi 


Oliver A. Harker, A.M., LL.D. 
Frederick Green, A.M., LL.B. 

Walter L. Summers, A.B., LL.B., J.D. 
Oliver L. McCaskill, Ph.B., J.D. 

James W. Garner, Ph.D., LL.D. 

Merrill I. Schnebley, A.B., J.D., J.S.D. 

A. James Casner, A.B., LL.B. 
Lon L. Fuller, A.B., J.D. 

Stephen B. Adsit 
Edward E. Belshaw 
John A. Berchtold 
John W. Browning 
Nat T. Burfeind 
Charles H. Carlstrom 


Russell H. Classen 
Lester N. Ellis 
John W. Fribley 
Robert F. Goddard 
John S. Hissong 

George E. Howell 
Herbert R. Jacobsen 
Albert E. Jenner 
David W. Johnston 
Richard M. Keck 

Peter T. Langan 
Paul A. Marshall 
William T. McNeill 
Ralph C. Murphy 
Ray E. Wesner 

Harley R. Fleisher 
Norman J. Gundlach 
Samuel G. Jenkins 
Frederic L. Kirgis 

Leon L. Lamet 
Mack A. Pond 
Roy A. Powers 


John D. Thomason 
Albert L. Vollborn 
Lyle K. Wheadon 

Leon R. Whitney 
Lish Whitson 
Edgar O. Zimmer 
Francis B. Stine 

Glenn E. Baird 
Armin R. Blanke 
Henry C. Cole 
John P. Crandall 

Kenneth L. DuVall 
Adolph W. Hagstrom 
Jackson N. Huddleston 


Bernard G. Mayberry 
Henry W. Meers 
Fred W. Potter, Jr. 

Clifford M. Raemer 
Henry M. Ward 
Draden R. Waugh 




Huddleston Meers Pond Ward Baird Stine Jenkins Raemer Lamet 

Waugh Mayberry Blanke Powers Whitson Potter Gundlach Johnston Vollborn 

Kirgis Wheadon Marshall Thomason Whitney Fleisher 

Carlstrom Ellis Browning Howell Goddard Adsit Jacobsen Hissong 

Murphy Langan Fribley Belshaw Berchtold Wesner Classen McNeill Jenner 


Page 420 


Miami University, 1839 

Eighty-six Active Chapters 

Sigma Rho Chapter 

Established 1902 

202 East Daniel Street 

Beta Theta Pi 


Cullen W. Parmellee, B.S. 
Leverette A. Adams, Ph.D. 
William S. Bayley, Ph.D. 
Charles E. Bowen, B.S. 

William V. Reed 
Calvin D. Beck 
Walter F. Oelman 
Robert A. Rodgers 

Lawrence A. Peterson 
Charles E. Duncan 

Charles H. Bumstead 
Robert Y. Bartholomew 
William P. Cuthbertson 

Wade W. Wren 
Henry E. Duncan 
Charles J. Off 

George L. Clark, Ph.D. 
Robert Graham, B.S. 
Marion B. Harland, B.S. 

Whitney C. Huntington, M.S. 
Alvin L. Lang, B.S. 
Lewis W. McKelvey, A.B. 



Lyle S. Cline 
Martin F. Maher 
J. Stewart Eaton 

R. Stacy Woods 
Charles E. Conley 

L. Don Turner 
Frederick A. Schnell 
Theodore P. Bailey 

Howard G. Young 
Morrow D. Schnell 
Russ Schnaiter 

John W. DeWolf 
Lynn Justis Carrel 
Thomas S. Miller 

I » mors 

Robert L. Greene 
Louis M. Baurle 

Russel H. Miles, A.B. 
Clarence J. Roseberry, LL.B. 
G. Herbert Smith, M.S. 
Carl M. Voyles, B.S. 

Harry C. Neil 
Loyal L. Smith 
Francis W. Holbrook 



Henry H. Brigham 
Lome Bulpitt 
Norman V. Orndorff 

Herrick Henry 
Dorland J. Davis 
James W. Greene 

Keith J. Caddy 

Robert B. Stiven 
Burnham Holmes 

Robert G. Moench 
J. Max Cline 
Robert M. Little 


H. Duncan 

J. Greene 

Schnaiter Henry 



F. Schnell Bailey 



Conley Caddy 



Rodgers DeWolf 

Wren Schnell Little Cline Davis Young 

Cuthbertson Bumstead Bartholomew Stiven Moench 

Woods C. Duncan R. Greene Peterson Bulpitt 

Neil Eaton Holbrook Maher Cline Carrel 

Page 421 




Virginia Military Institute, 1869 

Ninety-five Active Chapters 

Gamma Mu 

Established 1902 

1002 South Fourth Street 

Temporary Headquarters 

Sigma Nu 


Lemuel C. Dillenbach, A.M. 
Edson J. Millizen, A.B. 
Rodney E. Spangler, B.S. 

Walter Jolley 
C. A. Johnson 
Tomas F. Rhodes 
Frank H. Walker 

Stanley L. Bodman 
Fred W. Steuernagle 
Milton J. Malmberg 

John R. Kinsey 
Henry C. Diehl, Jr. 
Spencer M. Butler 
George H. Scholz 
John K. Morris 

Joseph A. Turck 
Paul C. Worden 

William D. Soratz, B.S. 
Frederick A. Russel, Ph.D. 

John O. Krachenbuehl, M.S. 
Terence T. Quirke, Ph.D. 



Douglas R. Mills 
Thomas A. Watson 
James A. Coble 
Willard P. Boysen 

Lewis E. Barenfanger 
Wm. B. Pinkerton 
Paul H. Strohm 

Merl T. Hopson 
Mark O. Roberts 
Harold Hemphill 
Donald Westall 

Charles P. Funky 
Wallace R. Hornby 

Miller Hauck 
Charles Carlstrom 
Herbert R. Jacobsen 
Payton Byrne 


Sumner G. Webb 
Henry Schumacher 
George W. Pickels 

George W. Pickels, B.C.E., C.E. 
L. Audrieth, B.S., Ph.D. 

Donald S. King 
Edwin Steele 
Theodore Steele 

Harold S. Skinner 
Emmons W. DeBerard 
Nicholas R. Dann 


Donald Grove 
Henry C. Rosenstiel 
Charles R. Meeker 
Edward Schnieder 


Harold Ressler 
Richard H. Johnson 

Edward Berndt 
Clark Root 
John R. Sanderson 
George Mangle 

Robert C. Shaw 
Hale J. Risetter 

Roberts Meeker Root Shaw Diehl Hornby Kinsey Worden Butler Funky Risetter R. Johnson Turck 

Mangel Pickels Morris Schnieder Hemphill Rosenstiel Hopson Sanderson F. Rhodes Grove Scholz Berndt Westall Mills 

Malmberg Rogers Webb DeBerard Skinner Dann Strohm Steuernagle Byrne Pinkerton Schumacher Bodman 

Hauck Boysen C. Johnson Jacobsen Watson Jolley McKown T. Rhodes Coble Steele Carlstrom 

Page 422 


University of Richmond, 1901 

Sixty-one Active Chapters- 

Illinois Alpha Chapter 

Established 1903 

1105 South Fourth Street 

Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. 

David Abbott 
Karl Bayer 
Donald Conrad 
William K. Dillon 

Harold H. Ackman 
Lawrence L. Edgren 
Chas. W. Gansz 
Richard W. Henderson 

Wilfred N. Neff 

Norman F. Menke 
Henry Steinman 
Clarence A. Draper 

Robert Abels 
James Chinlund 
David Davis 
Edward Hellmich 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Sherman Schoonmacker, B.Mus. ■ Horace A. Stearns, B.S. 



J. Raymond Kieding 
George M. Hoy 
Russell C. Kremer 

Robert W. Farrell 
John Patten 
Charles E. Cessna 
Elbridge H. May 

Kenneth R. Jones 
Arthur C. Nauman 
John L. Waddell 

Tom Jordan 
Bingham Kleine 
John Kott 

Edwin J. Lawson, Jr. 
George Murison 
Raymond McDaniels 

Mortimer F. Sullivan, Lieut. U.S.A. 

Dolph Stanely 
Walter Zitzewitz 
Edward Smith 
Kenneth Coatney 


C. T. Falk 
Don Johnstone 
Noel Pike 
Earl Smith 


Edward J. Kawal 
George S. Fencl 
Francis Harpole 


William McCann 
Fred Nash 
Charles Poulsen 

Glen Storme 
Walter Strandin 
Harry Sparks 
Joe Tiffany 

Henry Wachter 
Richard C. Redell 

LeRoy Stewart 
Henry Wichman 
Lester Prentiss 
Walter Hellmich 

Stine Farrell Frederickson Murison Abbott Kremer Neff May Sparks 

Cessna Gansz Conrad Zitzewitz Hoy Dillon Kieding Lawson Stanley Henderson Fencl 

Smith Ackman Edgren Nauman Menke Jones Waddell Kawal Redell Draper Strandin 

Wichman Pike W. Hellmich McCann Kleine E. Hellmich Chinlund Davis Jordan Poulsen Prentiss 

Tiffany Nash Johnstone Storme Stewart Abels Falk Harpole Wachter Kott 

Page 423 



■:\ : 

life 1 



Kent College, 1898 

Fifty-two Active Chapters 

Magruder Chapter 

Established 1903 

1007 South Fifth Street 

Phi Alpha Delta 


Albert J. Harno, A.B., LL.B., A.M. William A. Britton, A.M., J.D. George B. Weisiger, B.S., LL.B., J.D. Russell M. Reno, A.B., J.D. 



E. W. Collard 
D. F. Wiley 
J. L. Bond 
R. C. Bonjean 

L. V. Kuhar 
D. M. Hudson 
J. G. Sargent 
A. E. Dilner 

R. P. Dearborn 
R. A. Powers 

C. V. Frings 
Leigh H. Hunt 
G. H. Milev 

C. C. Dreman 
W. D. Jones 
C. D. Vaughn 

W. E. Ackerman 
J. J. Tolson 
E. F. Hershbach 


D. L. Root 

P. M. Greenwell 

M. J. Clarke 

Allen Watt 
A. M. Hall 
E. H. Wineland 


F. Philp 

R. J. Armbruster 

J. R. Hoff 

E. C. J. Quebbeman 

C. M. Webber 
H. A. Deneen 
J. Lonergan 
S. E. Wilson 

R. S. Phillips 
L. O. Dobbins 

Sargent Deneen 

Watt Hall Dobbins Root 

Hudson Tolson Hunt 

Collard Dreman Bond 









Armbruster Hoff 

Quebbeman Philp Powers 

Dilner Clarke Phillips 

Miley Vaughn Hershbach 

Page 424 


Yale University, 1844 

'Forty-six Active Chapters 

Delta Pi Chapter 

Established 1904 

902 South Second Street 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. 

Edward C. Hoelscher 

Laurence E. Kline, B.S. Capt. F. A. March, U.S.A. 


Clark J. Buswell 

Paul A. Christensen 

Carl Weinrich 
John C. Gage 
Rudolph W. Hack 

George D. Kelley 
John R. Adams 
Arthur J. Proteau 


James A. Cave 
George Springer 
Guy C. Stoltz 

J. Duncan Campbell 
Charles V. Quackenbush 

James E. Aitken 
John Sandberg 
George Hartford 
John K. Warner 

John L. Porter 
Wilbur H. Stocking 

F. Gordon Bartholomew 

G. Gardner Pitts 


Everett C. George 
Robert Voet 
Vernon J. Bert 
William Baker 

Louis P. Shultz 
John Snook 
Elbert Faust 

Robert E. Cummings 
John Merrell 
Stevens S. Farson 
Robert R. Buswell 

Roger G. W. Carlson 
William P. Charle 
Eldred B. Swift 
Douglas Shaw 


Lenard Ellwood 
Thomas H. Owen 
Alvin Hall 
George A. Day 

Peter K. Wilson 
Donald H. Key 
Richard Dietrich 


Weinrich Springer Cave Stoltz Adams Christensen Hoelscher Buswell Kelley Campbell Hack Gage 

Bartholomew Snook Aitken Faust Sandberg George Bert Schultz Hartford Stocking Pitts Baker Voet Warner Porter 

Day Dietrich Wilson Farson Buswell Carlson Swift Kay Shaw Charle Cummings Hall Merrell Owen Ellwood 

Duke — the Mascot 

Page 425 



Washington and Jefferson College, 1852 

Fifty Active Chapters 

Illinois Delta Chapter 

Established 1904 

911 South Fourth Street 

Phi Kappa Psi 


T. Rossman Palfry, Ph.D. 
Francis S. Ronalds, Ph.D. 
S. Lindley, A.M. 

Kenneth L. Burroughs 
John Tarwain 

Charles F. Coleman 
John W. McElroy 

Robert H. Crowe 
Richard Hart 
Daniel Crumlish 

Charles Gallup 
Warren Wingert 
Jack Ross 
David Hicks 

Ernest Schmidt 

Robert H. Baker, Ph.D. 
John Hartel, B.Arch. 

Austin Harding, B.Mus. 
Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. 

Kenneth W. Mason Jack Soller 


James W. Karraker 
John H. Detrich 

Robert Curran 
Harris L. Undem 

Fred Comstock 
Kenneth Welch 
Robert Dearborn 
Marvin Kuppinger 

Otto R. Hills 
Tom Carter 


Ralph O'Connell 
Miles Scull 


Tom Powers 
Harold Deane 
Robert Kerr 
Keith Hall 

Frank L. Stevens, Ph.D. 
J. Craig Ruby, A.B. 

Harold A. Putnam 
Jack Shumate 

Julian K. Knipp 
Carl B. McLaughlin 

George D. Kolbe 
Stanley R. Pierce 
Lesley Carmichael 

Harry Willwerth 
Jack Reilly 
Charles Edwards 
Anthony Horn 
Stanley Wilborn 


Shumate McLaughlin Karraker Burroughs McElroy Soller Hart Putnam Detrich 

Crumlish O'Connell Pierce Undem Hills Tarwain Scull Curran Crowe Wilborn 

Hall Ross Horn Edwards Welch Schmidt Kuppinger Wingert Coleman 

Hicks Willwerth Powers Kerr Deane Gallup Reilly Comstock Dearborn 

Page 426 


Williams College, 1834 

Fifty-four Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1905 

312 East Armory Avenue 

Delta Upsilon 

Williams Trelease, D.Sc, LL.D. 
Ernest Bernbaum, Ph.D. 
Gilbert H. Cady, Ph.D. 

Robert S. Andrews 
Armen R. Blanke 
Clarence E. Ganschow 

William Budinger 
Verne S. Curtis, Jr. 
Charles F. Dickinson, Jr. 

Frederick L. Winslow 
Walter W. May 
Gilbert H. Cady, Jr. 

M. S. Goldman, A.M. 
Karl B. Lohmann, B.S. 


J. W. Kennedy, A.B. 
M.L.A. A. F. Dodge, A.B. 



Norman L. Hickox 
Allie R. Morrison 

Phillip A. Hanson 
Roger R. Sparks 

William L. Jackson 
Frank W. Gilbertson 
S. Howard Gimre 

Burton E. Jolley 
John F. Moran 


Henry T. Oleck 
David F. Madden 


o mores 

Howard D. Holzman 
Cyril J. Geisler 
R. Lewis Young 

Gail F. Moulten, M.S. 
William Habberton, A.B. 

Thomas R. Smith 
Francis X. O'Keefe 
William F. O'Dell 

Norman R. Sherman 

Stanley Smith 

S. Clement Irwin, Jr. 

Densmore A. Ross 
Richard G. Zimmer 

Reginald S. Airman 
William E. Carroll 
John B. Daily, Jr. 
Lambert T. Ericson, Jr. 
H. Sargent Howard 

Paul L. Jolley 
Myron D. King 
Bruce C. Ladd 
Franklin J. Lindsten 


Milton W. Nosek 
James D. Piper 
Edward C. Russell 
Willard C. Russell 

Joseph E. Sheehan 
John C. Soule 
Nathan Wilkinson 
Wallace J. Little 



Daily W. Russell Geisler Winslow Ericson Holzman Soule Zimmer Carroll L. Young Sheehan Cady 

Irwin Oleck Erb Hanson Dickinson Sherman Jackson Curtis Madden Sparks May Gilbertson 

Hickox Smith Andrews Moran O'Dell Blanke B. Jolley Ganschow O'Keefe Morrison 

Howard P. Jolley Wilkinson Ladd Piper Lindsten Ross Airman Little King E. Russell Nosek 

Page 427 



University of Illinois, 1906 

One Active Chapter 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1906 

1011 South Sixth Street 

Chi Beta 

Frank E. Rokusek, B.S. 


Wendell S. Wilson, B.S. 

Thomas J. Dolan, B.S. 

Milton E. Aldrich 
Samuel W. Archer 
Karl W. Anderson 



Clyde J. Baldwin 
F. Eugene Boucher 
Robert L. Chambers 

Phillip C. Johnson 
Charles I. Luckman 
Donald A. Radeke 

Edwin T. Reeder 
A. Edward Riddle 

George A. Baldwin 
Floyd G. Crow 

Dwight P. Flanders 
George W. Johnston 


Louis A. Magierski 
Herbert R. Hill 

F. Lewis Phillips 

William Z. Black, Jr. 
Myron D. Comstock 
Fred Donner 

Richard H. Heberling 
Fred B. Johnston 


Robert C. Kennedy 
Arthur W. Kowitz 

Edgar E. Rhodes 
Russell F. Scott 
H. Percy Yarnell 

Thomas H. Beahm 
Howard E. Core 
Frank R. Grunder 

Wendell T. Hegg 
Edward A. Kramer 


Donald W. Lyddon 
Harry J. Reck 

Ralph von Rautenkranz 
J. Paul Wesley 
Julian C. Wheeler 

Comstock Grunder Wesley Beahm Lyddon "Kramer von Rautenkranz Reck Hegg Core Wheeler 

Heberling Scott Donner Kowitz Kennedy G. Baldwin Crow Flanders Rhodes F. Johnston Yarnell 

Phillips P. Johnson Boucher Anderson C. Baldwin Aldrich Chambers Riddle Luckman Reeder Radeke G. Johnston 

Page Aid, 

. Founded, 
University of Michigan, 1904 
Thir-cy-chree Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1906 

501 East Daniel Street 

IkgW i ' „•'*; w'. 



Pembroke H. Brown, Ph.D. 
Lathan Collins 
Alonzo P. Kratz, A.M. 
Charles M. Hottes, Ph.D. 

Charles R. Larson 
Paul B. Huck 
Wayne E. McCleery 

C. Stanley Monnier 
Fred W. Gartner 

Carleton J. Jacobson 
Hazen S. Whalin 

Milton C. Geuther 
Paul J. Manning 

Russell T. Gregg, B.S. 
Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. 
Harry G. Paul, Ph.D. 

Ray I. Shawl, M.S. 
William L. Burlison, Ph.D. 
Francis M. Porter, M.S. 

John K. Tuthill, B.S. 
Lewis W. Williams, A.M. 
Charles F. Green, Ph.D. 



Irwin C. Ullrey 
Lester T. Davis 
W. Russell Nelsch 

Elmer G. Woods 
Karl F. Adams 

Albert V. Lutton 

Lorin Dye 

John H. Myers 
Edward N. Moore 
Marion F. Carlock 


Carroll E. Yeast 
Lloyd D. Gould 


Thurlow W. Drayer 


Carl E. Woerner 

Glenn R. Lyon 
Louis J. Melvin 

Theodore J. Echternacht 

William B. Pings 

L. Delos Carlock 



w&*. -* ' ^H 

MmH£ ^| 


1 H^'' ■ 1 

■^ . -: 

Ua mhHB IB V' 



wk '" 

Hi m 

^^H ^L \ 


H|^ R . 









L. Carlock 

Lyon Huck Ullrey Lutton 

McCleery Yeast Nelsch M. Carlock 

Echternacht Gould Adams Gartner 

Dye Manning Meyers Pings Monnier 



Page 429 

\'V : 

Li I 


University of Illinois, 1907 

One Active Chapter 

1115 South Euclid Street 



Raymond L. Robinson 

Richard L. Moore 
Theodore E. Brooks 


Harry W. McClugage Frank K. Sweetman 

Richard C. Frasier 
Arthur Dillner 

Henry W. Haman 
Lawrence L. Huckins 

John A. Olson 
George C. Rice 


Lewis F. Concklin 
Robert C. Ingersoll 

John E. Asp 
Tyrus Main 

Frank J. Oehlschlaeger 
Norman E. Wendt 

Harold F. Green 
A. Louis Demorest 


William R. Gunner 

Charles M. Broom 
William H. Rex 

Robert Burnam 
William Osman 
Frank Humphrey 

Everett Rex 
Chester Johnson 
Jack Wicken 


Jacob E. Evitts 
Jean Heffner 
Joseph Brock 

Gordon Kennedy 
Jerome Winnie 
John Abram 

A A ^-^v 


Frasier Dillner Robinson Haman Sweetman Asp Olson Moore McClugage Abram 

Huckins Concklin Brooks Wendt Gunner Oehlschlaeger Broom W. Rex Demorest Ingersoll Rice 

Main Kennedy Winnie Osman Brock Burnam Wicken E. Rex Humphrey Johnson Heffner Evitts 

Page 430 

University of Illinois, 1907 
Fourteen Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1907 

112 East Daniel Street 



A. N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc, D.Eng. R. S. Crossman, B.S., C.E. 
E. E. Bauer, B.S. A. C. Willard, B.S. 

R. P. Hoelscher, B.S. 
H. H. Black, B.S. 

M. L. Enger, M.S., C.E. 
E. E. Cress, B.S., C.E. 



Robert H. Anderson 
W. Reginald Berry 
Lawrence W. Brugman 

Edward W. Baldwin 
Julian L. Spencer 

Frank W. Bennett 
J. Roderick Johnstone 

George A. Johnstone 
DeWitt A. Redd 

Harold A. Dodge 
Lowell A. Dollahan 
Robert W. Honens 

Lloyd W. Mattson 

Quintin J. Crawford 
Arthur E. Olson 

Joseph R. Kempston 

Eldon O. A. Cronquist 
Lawrence E. Langdon 
Edward L. Smith 


Donald W. Ray 


Richard J. Duffin 
Raymond J. Schauer 


George S. Lawson 

Robert C. St. John 
Harlow O. Panhorst 

F. John Rose 
Leonard E. Van Epps 

Paul B. Holt 

M. Howard West 

Langdon Van Epps Rose J. R. Johnstone Anderson Smith 

Cronquist Brugman Dollahan Dodge Berry Honens St. John Crossman 

Mattson Schauer Duffin Lawson Baldwin Bennett Crawford 

West G. A. Johnstone Holt Redd Day Kempston Olson Spencer 

Page 431 



• AiC 



9k. ^Ia 
















Hp? — — 3H 


University of Wisconsin, 1902 

Forty-six Active Chapters 

Zeta Chapter 

Established 1908 

907 South Sixth Street 

Alpha Chi Sigma 


Roger Adams, Ph.D. 

A. I. Andrews, Ph.D. 

L. F. Audrieth, Ph.D. 

John C. Bailar, Ph.D. 

Dana Burks, Ph.D. 

A. M. Buswell, Ph.D. 

G. L. Clark, Ph.D. 

L. W. Elder, Ph.D. 

D. T. Englis, Ph.D. 

Vincent du Vigneaud, Ph.D. 

Darrell Althausen 
Webster W. Benton 
A. T. Blomquist 
Horace H. Bliss 
Eugene Browning 
Lewis W. Butz 
F. M. Clark 

M- Hartley Crosbie 
John L. Journay 
Sidney B. Kuykendall 

Milton A. Dewey 
Sanford A. Elliott 

Stewart T. Bauer 
Joseph A. Brunner 

R. C. Fuson, Ph.D. 
H. S. Grindley, D.Sc. 
T. S. Hamilton, M.S. 

B. S. Hopkins, Ph.D., D.Sc. 
H. F. Johnstone, A.M., B.S. 
D. B. Keyes, Ph.D. 

N. W. Krase, Ph.D. 

C. S. Marvel, Ph.D. 

W. A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D., 


D. D. Coffman 
John de Vries 
Wm. Lawrence Faith 
Charles H. Fisher 
Milton Gallager 

H. B. Gillespie 

O. R. Overman, Ph.D. 
S. W. Parr, M.S., D.Sc. 
C. W. Parmelee, M.S. 
T. E. Phipps, Ph.D. 
J. H. Reedy, Ph.D. 
W. H. Rodebush, Ph.D. 
W. C. Rose, Ph.D. 
W. A. Ruth, Ph.D. 
R. L. Shriner, Ph.D. 


Clay M. Greer 
Stanley M. Jackson 
Edward M. McMahon 
Ralph E. Meints 
Howard E. Munro 
William A. Nichols 


John B. Miller 
David E. Morris 

Wilhelm G. Peters 

Frank M. Schofield 

Marcus G. Van Campen, Jr. 


G. F. Smith, Ph.D. 
Sherlock Swann, Ph.D. 

F. W. Tanner, Ph.D. 

G. I. Wallace, Ph.D. 

L. F. Yntema, Ph.D.,D.Sc. 
R. D. Snow, Ph. D. 
F. C. Howard, B.S. 
E. A. Hertzell, M.S. 
C. S. Boruff, M.S. 

E. L. Pearson 
Richard D. Rudd 
J. E. Spiker 
Wayne A. Sisson 
Wallace Windus 
W. C. Klingelhoefer 

George W. Wilhelm 
Frederick W. Rutherford 
Franklin B. Wells 

Arthur M. Phelps 

Carlyle J. Stehman 

J. Newton Rodeheaver Robert N. Rutherford 

Donald B. Black Willard Wade 

Merton M. Beckwith 

Jackson Wallace Shriner Bailar Bliss Blomquist de Vries Audrieth Hamilton Reedy Nichols Zimmer 

Fuson Keyes du Vigneaud Meints Windus Marvel Englis Johnstone Hertzell Snow 

Tanner Adams Rose Swann Black Brunner R. Rutherford Rodeheaver Faith Butz Fisher Elder Sisson 

Bauer Phelps F. M. Clark Elliott Dewey Benton Peters Stehman McMahon Munro Gillespie 

Kuykendall Van Campen Schofield Miller Wells Morris Journay Wilhelm Crosbie F. Rutherford 

Page 432 

University of Illinois, 1908 
Thirty-three Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter 
Established 1908 
58 Gregory Drive 

Alpha Gamma Rho 


George I. Wallace, Ph.D. 
Sleeter Bull, M.S. 
Horace B. Ingalls, B.S. 

William C. Beutner 
Lyman J. Bratzler 
Vernon R. Cordts 
Walter A. Gano 

Walter A. Brewer 
James S. Burnett 
H. Clarence Carrison 
George A. Doole 

Joseph W. Ashbrook 
Claude A. Baker 

H. Dale Allspach 
W. Herbert Baldridge 
Mark Grenlund 

William H. Young 
Frederick J. Keilholz, B.S. 

Fred H. Rankin. 
Henry P. Rusk, 




William R. Donigan 
William C. Fisher 
Harold E. Hembrough 

Orland F. Dunteman 
Linn A. Eaton 
Lloyd D. Graham 

Kenneth L. Glassburn 
Arley K. Hohenboken 

Robert M. Harrison 
Robert Howard 

Percy E. Johnson 
Leon W. Kuhn 
Lawrence L. Lowe 


J. Albert Hardgrove 
Harvey B. Hartline 
DeVere Mummert 


James F. Holderman 
Robert T. Kay 


W. Scott Maloney 
Sterling E. Myers 

Fred C. Olson, M.S. 
Hubert J. Sloan, Ph.D. 
J. C. Hackleman, A.M. 

S. Joseph Makeever 
Albert A. Pritchard 
James M. Stewart 

Harold Nichols 
George Rawls 
Jay C. Shutter 
Robert M. Guthrie 

Dealas J. Witt 

Maurice M. Strang 
Elmer E. Williams 
Kenneth J. Johnson 


Myers Harrison Baldridge Allspach Grenlund Maloney Williams Strang 

Glassburn Ashbrook Kay Hohenboken Witt Baker K. Johnson Hardgrove Dunteman Hartline 

Eaton Burnett Guthrie Brewer Shutter Cordts Doole Makeever Bratzler 

Donigan Pritchard Beutner Hembrough Stewart Young P. Johnson Nichols Fisher Kuhn 

Page 433 


j Mi 



Yale University, 1845 
Thirty Active Chapters 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1908 

211 East Armory Avenue 

Alpha Sigma Phi 


Edward C. Baldwin, Ph.D. 
Everett E. King, A.B., M.C.E. 

Donald E. Bodenschatz 
William T. Brydges 
Lloyd S. Burdick 
Robert F. Colwell 

Everett D. Carthey 
Wilbur L. Dooley 
Charles B. Harper 

Howard C. Dunbar 
Harold D. Dahlin 
Haddon B. Davenport 

Clark R. Brown 
Eugene Cole 
Allan D. Erwin 
Richard A. Grantz 

Theodore H. Frison, Ph.D. 
Francis P. Shepard, Ph.D. 

Frederick B. Stiven, B.Mus. 
Capt. Herman Kramer, B.S. 


Gustave B. Ehnborn 
Joseph A. Goeller 
Robert A. Hessler 

Lowell G. Fouts 
Leon W. Fouts 

Sidney L. Greenfield 
Sherman C. Anderson 
John J. Fitzpatrick 

James T. Landon 
Merritt W. Peterson 
Charles E. Pruett 

Bueford R. Harper 
James D. Knapp 
Charles L. Kotovic 


Wesley H. Morgan 
Ward A. Southard 


Richard W. Haines 
Eugene J. Hayes 
Wallace E. Salmon 


John R. Sawtell 
Lester R. Stone 
William G. Theobold 

Lieut. David W. Griffiths 
Frank W. Stubbs, B.S., C.E. 

Robert G. Ottesen 
Clifford D. Olin 
Daniel S. Reese 

Albert R. Gloor 
Raymond R. Peterson 

Harry A. Wilson 
Thomas A. Lundeen 

Kellogg C. Walbert 
Percy A. Wells, Jr. 
Jack G. Dickson 

Dooley Harper Wells L. W. Fouts Fitzpatrick Dunbar Walbert Carthey Theobold Erwin M. Peterson B. R. Harper Landon 

Anderson Haines Morgan Southard Reese Ottesen L. G. Fouts Hayes Stone Davenport Salmon Greenfield 

Goeller Hessler Colwell Bodenschatz Knapp Brydges Olin Burdick 

Gloor Wilson Grantz Brown Dahlin Lundeen R. Peterson Pruett Sawtell 

Page 434 


University of Wisconsin, 1903 

Forty-nine Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1908 

605 East Daniel Street 

Cosmopolitan Club 


Frank C. Baker, B.S. 
E. C Baldwin, Ph.D. 
J. H. Beard, M.D. 
Edward Berman, Ph.D. 

Anant K. Joshi 
Albert Monack 

Walter C. Alward 
Eugene Dubin 
Tzu Tao Tsung 

Eugenio Argudin 

David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 
Herman B. Dorner, M.S. 
Victor E. Shelford, Ph.D. 
G. W. Sanford, M.A. 

W. F. Schulz, Ph.D. 
T. E. Oliver, Ph.D. 
E. H. Waldo, M.E., E.E. 
H. W. Craig, B.A. 


A. D. Singh Stanley Kleinheksel 

L. M. Null George L. Hockenyos 


Orville E. Goehler, B.S. 
Lorenzo B. Paredes, A.B. 
H J. Vanden Berg, Ph.D. 

Tsing Lai Lau 


Edmundo Buddemberg 
Constantine N. Darras 

Robert MacLaggan 
Paul Marihara 


Jach L. Sachs 

Jurie P. Schoeman 

George Wey 
William MacPherson 

Napoleon C. Carbonell 

Carlos Claure 

David Rosenbloom 

Allen Schwalb 

Irving Rosenthal 

Hugo Lopez 


Howard Kubots Espanosa 

James Berman Gonzales 






Waldo Carnahan Shelford Paredes 

Lopez Claure Kleinheksel Craig Beard 

Singh Rosenthal Rosenbloom Sachs Berman 

Buddemberg Schwalb Lau Dubin Schulz 


Page 435 





Vincennes University, 1897 
Thirty-two Active Chapters 

Phi Chapter 

Established 1908 

402 East Armory Avenue 

Sigma Pi 

C. E. Palmer, M.S. 

La Force Bailey, M.S., B.P. 

Howard O. Ullman 
James W. Lewis 

Clifford A. Grill 
John C. Evans 
William F. Ridgway 
Edwin S. Winsper 

Arrhur F. Schultz 
Richard A. Dancey 
Ralph G. Larsen 
James B. Reston 

Phillip W. McDowell 
Jesse F. Burt 
Arthur E. Blackstone 


A. R. Knight, M.E., M.S., E.E. H. A. Ruehe, Ph.D. 


Harold W. Breithaupt 
Henry Kamphoefner 

Arthur A. Esslinger 
Crawford E. Staples 
Alvin H. Siemering 

Albert E. Loomis 
Otis H. Law 
Clayton Esslinger 
Ernest Jokinen 

LeRoy E. Kruggel 

W. Fredrick H. Lindall 

Daniel J. Sullivan 

John F. Schroeder 
Robert E. McMurtrie 


Lawrence B. Huston 
Herbert L. Krueger 
Charles Helander 


Clyde F. Carroll 
R. John Wolgast 
Robert V. Carter 
Harry K. McEvoy 


Grover B. Wickendon 
William A. Amsler 
Roy W. Johnson 

J. Sabo, B.S. 

Walter A. Ross 
Claude P. Smith 

Frank H. Davis 
Richard E. Tener 
Walter E. Brinn 

F. Richard Hayner 
Walter Aabye 
Gilbert R. Van Voorst 
Theodore H. Griesenauer 

Lawrence Frerk 
Al Hadfield 
John Gerber 

Breithaupt McMurtrie Kamphoefner Schroeder Ross Ullman Smith Brinn Lewis 

Evans A. Esslinger Ridgway Davis Staples Reston Winsper Schultz Siemering Tener Krueger 

C. Esslinger Van Voorst Hayner Dancey Wolgast Larsen Loomis Law Aabye Helander Carter 

Griesenauer Carroll McDowell Hadfield Frerk Kruggel McEvoy Blackstone Gerber Amsler Burt Lindall Wickendon 

Page 436 


Union College, 1847 

Thirty Active Chapters 

Kappa Deuteron Chapter 

Established 1908 
901 South Second Street 

Theta Delta Chi 

Alfred C. Callen, M.S.. E.M. 


Matthew T. McClure, Ph.D. 

Edward M. Mueller, A.B. 

Robert G. Peebles 


Nat T. Burfeind Allen H. Willard 

James C. Soper 

Harold S. Dawson 

Lyle Freemon 

John M. Van Arsdell 

Chester M. Carson 
Rome G. Arnold 


Malcolm A. Burgess 
William L. Pownall 

Raymond J. Gengler 
Herbert L. Smith 

Marvin J. Bruedigam 
Joseph L. Tourtelot 
Colby Graves 

Raymond E. Trafelet 
Robert MacClinchie 


Donald M. Barton 
Louis Schell 

Giles Eldred 
Harold Hilding 


Harry Larsen 
Stanley Boughton 
Frank Dvorak 
Richard Joy 

Eugene Reitz 
Truman Mason 
George Tucker 
Gilbert Day 

Harry Smith 
Bertell Jonson 
Joel Futter 
George Hayes 

Herbert Tieman 
Paul Wilier 
Andrew Heisel 
Edgar Smart 

MacClinchie Wilier Smith Mason Eldred 

Graves Jonson Boughton Larsen Futter Heisel Day Dvorak 

Freemon Smart Tieman Hayes Hilding Tourtelot Van Arsdell Trafelet 

Pownall Smith Arnold Soper Peebles Carson Burfeind Willard 

Reitz Joy Schell 

Bruedigam Barton Tucker 

Gengler Dawson Burgess 

Page 437 



New York University, 1847 
Twenty-nine Active Chapters 

Alpha Epsilon Chapter 

Established 1909 

201 East John Street 

Halford A. Spalding 

Harrison Y. Bingham 
Charles W. Madden 
Maurice M. Briggs 

Paul A. Betty 
Lloyd W. Germann 

James Williamson 
John C. Sloat 
Philip C. Kolb 

Zeta Psi 


Harland Bartholemew, C.E. 


Brewster E. Freeland 


William K. Jordan 
William W. Vincent 

Truman Richards 
John B. Drury 

Wm. A. Kleppinger Wm. M. Drummond 


Frank B. Edwards 
Bennett E. Bates 
Harland B. Roney 

Charles R. Pfingsten 
Floyd Wrobke 
Spencer E. Vasen 

John McFadzean 

George C. Thompson 
Norman C. Spelman 

Harold J. Klenha 

Robert H. Witter 
James Reynolds 


Spalding Freeland Vincent Bingham McFadzean 

Kleppinger Madden Germann Betty Briggs Thompson 

Williamson Drummond Spelman Wrobke Richards 

Witter Sloat Kolb Vasen Edwards Reynolds 

Page 438 




Massachusetts Agricultural 

College, 1873 

Fifty Active Chapters 

Alpha Deuteron Chapter 

Established 1910 
1004 South Second Street 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

John A. Nicholson, Ph.D. 

Edward C. G. Quebbeman 
William R. Hildeman 

Donald R. Poor 
George W. Stark 
Charles A. Minot 
Robert Mason 

Duana F. Hall 
Ernest M. Useman 

Theodore R. Myer 
Halvor A. Halvorsen 
A. St. Clair Vance 
Leonard S. Hopkins 


W. P. Sanford C. A. Webber, B.S. 



Walter N. Vance, Jr. Clark H. Miley 


Robert J. Johnston, II 
Jean P. Tonkoff 
Lars J. Halvorsen 
William F. Engesser 

Irving H. Kraft 

Edwin A. Ford 
Marshall Wallberg 
Malcolm J. Gillis 
Ernest Schmidhofer 

Paul E. Needham 
Clark Webber 
H. Denton Peoples 
Harry E. Herr 


Robert W. Pashby 


Harry W. Osterman 
Joseph J. McGrane 
Charles M. McHenry 
Richard F. Schramm 

F. L. Whan, A.B. 

George M. Wray 
Walter H. Etzbach 

Gordon C. Losee 
Orville W. Asper 
Robert F. Tevis 
Robert G. Lemon 

William L. Ganschinietz 
Willmore B. Hastings 

Edgar H. Dugan 
Frederick A. Brown 
Vernon L. Douthit 
Albert Brown 

Schramm McHenry Wallberg Osterman A. Brown 

Pashby Losee A. Vance F. Brown McGrane Ford Hopkins 

Peoples Lemon Asper Herr Hall Kraft Johnston Useman Hastings 

Tevis Needham Tonkoff Stark Poor Etzbach W. Vance Quebbeman 

H. Halvorsen 

Gillis Myer 

Minot Mason Webber 

L. Halvorsen Engesser 

Page 439 






Union College, 1833 

Twenty-seven Active Chapters 

Omicron Chapter 

Established 1910 

313 East Armory Avenue 

Psi Upsilon 


Frederick Green, A.B., A.M., LL.D. George F. D. Zimmerman, B.S., A.M. Fred H. Rankin, B.S. 



George H. Perrine, A.M. 

John W. Beal 
J. Robert HofT 
Charles V. Mount 

Edward E. Emrick 
Richard B. Ainsworth 

William R. Brown 
Lowell G. Croysdale 
Harry J. Meyers 
William M. Rice 

John L. Furrer 
John H. Holstein 
Mark B. Swanson 

Frederick A. Blayney 
George A. Webster, Jr. 

David S. Hughes 

W. Clark Brubaker 
C Lyman Emrich, Jr. 
Robert M. Murphy 
Leo B. Varty 

John C. Hand 
Richard E. Otis 

Charles V. Hall 
Leonard W. Wilson 


Theodore H. McKee 


Harry A. Chetham 
Wilfred R. Johnson 
Dudley Onderdonk 
Roy E. Taylor, Jr. 


James M. Hodge 
Jerry R. Owings 

Herbert Henley Hall, Jr. 
Francis E. Harrold 
G. Stanley Logan 

Hugh J. Graham, Jr. 
Wilbur J. MacEdwards 

Charles F. Cockrell 
Arthur P. Davenport, Jr. 
Varence T. Penn 

Arthur G. Holstein 
Earl R. Stege 

Graham Emrick 

J. Holstein A. Holstein Otis F. Tebbets Swanson Hand Hodge Stege 

Onderdonk Taylor Cockrell G. Tebbets Chetham Emrich Murphy Owings Furrer 

Brown Brubaker Varry Davenport Croysdale Johnson McKee Rice Penn 

Ainsworth MacEdwards Wilson Webster Blayney Harrold Mount Logan 


Page 440 

Mk &* 

Princeton University, 1824 
Thirry-one Active Chapters 

Sigma Chapter 

Established 1912 

303 East Chalmers Street 

Chi Phi 


Lawrence M. Murphy, A.M. 

Herbert P. Hallsteen 
Richard F. Becker 
Howard A. Bergquist 



J. Edgar Kelly 
William D. V. Lewis 

Jack H. Muntz 
Paul B. Swain 

Lyle H. Rossiter 
William P. Van Ness 


William P. Cameron 
Junius P. Califf 
John B. Davies 
J. Leslie Harper 

Raymond E. Gessing 
Walter L. Horn 
Daniel W. Roche 

Robert B. Johnson 
Stanford E. Hulteen 
Louis O. Egner 

Arthur F. Homer 
Glen Hummer 
Donald M. March 

Herbert A. Sjolander 
Stanley F. Warner 

Kenneth S. Steinmetz 
William Waterhouse 
Robert E. Dwyer 

R. Neil McClarnan 
Jay L. Wheelock 
Philip B. Redeker 


Lindley Murray 
Robert C. Van Ness 


Robert F. Schutz 
Hamlet Ridgeway 
Carl F. Roepke 

Robert G. Rockwell 
Edward H. McGinnis 
Lee A. Becker 

Robert C. Thompson 
Marshall F. Grunwald 
Jule B. Mallin 

Dan Dailey 
Harry J. Wallace 

Grunwald Roepke Ridgeway Steinmetz Johnson Egner Dailey Schutz Thompson Waterhouse 

Dwyer Horn L. Becker Murray McClarnan Rossiter Sjolander Warner Roche Wallace 

Hulteen Mallin March Gessing R. Van Ness Califf Redeker Harper Hummer Davies Bergquist 

Swain W. Van Ness Lewis McGinnis Wheelock Kelly Hallsteen Homer R. Becker Muntz Rockwell 

Page 441 






Union College, 1841 

Twenty-five Active Chapters 

Alpha Zeta Delta Chapter 

Established 1912 

912 South Second Street 

Chi Psi 


Peter F. Caldwell 
Joseph T. Walker 

Gebhardt W. Peterson 
Ralph D. Uhlendorf 

Charles P. McCool 
William Tarvin 
Charles E. Murphy 

Bruce Boyson 
Walter M. Johnson 
Donald S. Hoebel 
Eugene J. Dailey 

Arch S. James 
Bruce C. Pettigrew 

Walter Herschbach 

Truman Jones 
Berlyn Pierce 


James S. Shannon 


Wilson H. Daveler 
O. Dean Ames 

William E. Hall 
Howard S. McFarland 

Frae S. Wilson 
Temple C. Dick 

Nesbit McCorkle 
Ramond Gibbs 

John W. Mills 
Wm. Dickenson 


William W. Baker 
Reynold S. Smith 
Charles F. Newhall 
William H. Cole 

Clayton S. Hexton 
W. Ross Wood 
Charles G. Rummel 
Kemp G. Townsend 

Cyrus L. Thompson 
Harold G. Bloomfield 
Charles H. Gallion 
Lawrence J. Pickett 

Pierce Walker Caldwell Dick Jones Uhlendorf James Pettigrew Wilson 

Hall Daveler Murphy McFarland Ames Peterson Herschbach Gibbs McCorkle Shannon 

Gallion Hexton Johnson Wood Newhall Cole McCool Mills Dickenson 

Smith Townsend Thompson Rummel Boyson Hoebel Bloomfield Pickett Baker Dailey 

Page 442 


Brown University, 1889 

Twenty-three Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1912 

310 East Chalmers Street 

Phi Kappa 


Walter Ackerman 
J. Donald Doyle 
Arthur H. Franclc 

Edward A. Cody 
Edward H. English 
Thomas Ferris 

Cecil Clennen 
Stephen J. Coffey 
Owen J. Curtin 
Rodney J. Daley 

Vincent Considine 
Robert A. Dillon 
Samuel E. Dugan 

Edward J. Manley 

James W. Garrity 
Frank J. Gollings 
William J. Grady 

Kasmer J. Lambert 
George J. Lounsbery 
Frank A. Palumbo 

P. Dennis Gunning 
Harold B. Johnston 
Walter E. Krieder 
Jerome Mockenhaupt 

Casmir Gadzinski 
Joseph J. Gillen 
Francis E. Hyson 

Herman J. Schrader, B.S., M.E. 


Ronald F. Henrekin 
Henry W. Meers 
Vincent G. Raney 


Benjamin E. Rine 
John M. Ryan 
John S. Sheridan 


Eugene V. Morrissy 
Samuel J. Roti 
Willis P. Ryan 
Edgar B. Smiley 


Paul B. Juhnke 
Frank Metzdorf 
Daniel J. Mitchell 

Henry C. Wolf 
Russell E. Mullady 

Donald D. Traynor 
William B. Ryan 

Aloysious F. Tasch 
Mathew M. Wingert 
Francis T. Sheehy 

Francis Otterson 
George J. Ray 
Fred Solsberger 

Doyle Wingert Rischar Smiley Coffey Sheehy Mockenhaupt Ferris 

Cody J. Ryan Sheridan English Wm. Ryan Curtin Palumbo Lounsberry 

Franck Garrity Mullady Gollings Meers Ackerman Grady Raney 

Roti Juhnke Lambert Dillon Gillen Kreider Clennon Morrissy 

Otterson Solsberger Dugan Tasch Metzdorf Considine Hyson Gadzinski Ray 


Rine Traynor 

Mitchell W. Ryan 

Page 443 







Illinois Wesleyan, 1899 
Thirty Active Chapters 

Gamma Chapter 

Established 1912 

102 East Chalmers Street 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 


Milton M. Olander, B.S. 
George Horner, B.S. 
Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. 

Raymond P. Bruhnke 
Edward Comings 
John D. Cox 
Hurem E. Derment 

Evan Howell, B.S. 
W. C. Casey, Ph.D. 

Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D. 
Ralph Doner, A.M. 


Bradford Cox 
Paul J. Dean 

Lyle Huff 
Robert Rosbe 

Carl Devol 
Harry Edwards 
George Keck 
Chester Newberg 
Burton Perrine 

Lawrence W. Hockaday 
Fred Humbert 
Robert Manville 
James G. Sargent 

Thomas Parker 
Ernest J. Meislahn 

Jack McConaha 
Allen Roos 

Wendall Warren 
Alvin Wood 
Robert Sanderson 
Frank Dalrymple 
Lloyd G. H. Hire 

Fredrick Siegel 
Judson Timm 
Olaf Robinson 
Harold Dickinson 


Granville Sands 
Robert A. Schwann 


Thomas Gill 
George Walters 


Orrin Nordstrom 
Paul Anderson 
Christian Meislahn, Jr. 
Ralph Blanchard 
William Hagerman 

Daune T. Englis, Ph.D. 
Chester R. Anderson, A.M. 

Adolph Hagstrom 
Kenneth Milligan 
William Shappert 
Joseph Sapora 

Harold Vance 
Bert Youngquist 

Charles Monroe 

Leland Lair 
Ralph Welch 
Dwight Emmel 
Farnwald Black 
Raymond Comings 

J. Cox 

Walter Perrine Black Sanderson C. Meislahn Dalrymple Warren Blanchard R. Comings Wood 

Derment Lair Timm Nordstrom Edwards Emmel Anderson McConaha Devol Hagerman Keck Welch Hire 

Sands Vance Parker B. Cox E. Meislahn Dean Gill Monroe Huff Roos Rosbe Youngquist Humbert 

Sapora Robinson Classen Dickinson Shappert Milliken Hagstrom Hockaday Siegel E. Comings Bruhnke Manville 


Page 444 

College of the City of New York, 1898 
-' Thirty-two Active Chapters 

. Rho Chapter 
Established 1912 
907 South Fourth Street 

Zeta Beta Tau 


Max Wasserman, Ph.D. 



Irvin B. Beren 
Albert H. Isenberg 
Harry Mitchell 
Louis Piatt 

Roy Simon 

David V. Wachsman, Jr. 

Philip N. Citron 
Ellman S. Koolish 
Stanley M. Richman 
Norman Westheimer 

David F. Cerf, II 
Bernard B. Krauss 
Raymond A. Rosen 
Stanton R. Schiller 
Jack E. Weiller 

Robert B. Frank 
Harold E. Kuttner 
Stanley C. Myers 

Marshall I. Solomon 

Leon H. Epstein 
William T. Mathews 
Albert H. Slepyan 

Milton E. Goodman, Jr. 
Saul Lockwood 
Morton S. Roskoph 
Joseph Schonthal 

Bernard Friedman 
John H. Lewis 
Gerald H. Nickoll 


Milton I. Stiefel 


Robert W. Epstein 
Herman M. Messing 
Allan B. Solomon 


Russell L. Gorevitz 
Saul Manaster 
Joseph A. Rubenstein, Jr. 
Leon R. Schultz 

George Goldstein 
Joseph K. Pottlitzer 
William L. Pereira 

David S. Traub 

Milton L. Kahn 
Bertram M. Natkin 
David Wanger 

Jack Izenstark 
Leonard J. Phillips 
Jay G. Rubin 
Orrin Wais 

Izenstark Schultz Rubin Phillips Roskoph Weiller Manaster Gorevitz Lockwood Rosen Schiller Wais Krauss Rubenstein Cerf 

Schonthal L. Epstein Richman Mathews Messing R. Epstein Slepyan Koolish Westheimer Goodman 

Citron Wanger Kahn A. Solomon Simon Wachsman M. Solomon Piatt Natkin 

Lewis Nickoll Beren Pottlitzer Goldstein Pereira Myers Traub Isenberg Franks Stiefel 

Page AA5 





John H. Bontjes 
Archibald G. Johnson 

Ernest P. Chattin 

Robert K. Dean 

S. Ward Hamilton, Jr. 

Charles B. Adams 
Thomas A. Becker 
Robert F. Blaine 

Jackson Dougherty 
Robert V. Faragher 
Benton B. Gallup 
John M. Hayes, Jr. 


Hamilton College, 1832 

Twenty- seven Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1912 

310 East John Street 


Alpha Delta Phi 

Herbert J. Barton, Ph.D. 

Carl P. Krantz Harold M. Tenney 


Kenneth K. Keeney 
Milo S. Ketchum, Jr. 

John M. Bookwalter 
A. Burton Conklin 
Roger S. Lloyd 

Virgil W. Kimball, Jr. 
Robert W. Mahnke 
George T. Nicholson 

Fred S. Lyon 
Ralph T. Moloney 


Wendell C. Locke 
Richard S. McEwen 
Campbell W. Mickelberry, Jr. 


Virion S. Rice 

J. Frederic Robinson 

Cass F. Smith 

Gregory B. Whipple 

Louis S. Rodger 
Timothy W. Swain 
James H. Wheat 

Charles E. Scott 
George D. Sudlow 
Darwin L. Wood 

Frank D. Erwine 
Douglas W. Van Petten 
Stephen A. Williams, Jr. 

Lyon Moloney Krantz Hamilton Keeney 

Swain Rodger Chattin Johnson Bontjes Tenney Whipple Wheat Dean 

McEwen Locke Adams Becker Blaine Sudlow Conklin Bookwalter Scott Mickelberry Lloyd 

Faragher Mahnke Smith Williams Dougherty Kimball Hayes Robinson Rice Gallup Nicholson Van Petten 

Page 446 


University of Illinois and 

University of Michigan, 1914 

Ten Accive Chapters 

Anchemios Chapter 

Established 1914 

1108 South First Street 

- -.. 

Alpha Rho Chi 


Frank M. Lescher, B.S. 

Rexford Newcomb, A.M., M.Arch. 

Ralph W. Crain, Jr. 
Robert F. Ganschinietz 
Harry Jones Harman 

Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. 

Loring H. Provine, B.S., A.E. 

T. E. O'Donnell, M.S., M.Arch. 


John L. Bloom 
H. Harold Bowen 
Sigfried E. Carlson 

Lawrence W. Anderson 
Willard R. Auble 
Weldin R. Baldwin 

John W. Brown 
Frederick P. Cole 
Bernard E. Huh 

Buford L. Pickens 
Wiley E. Pruner 

Eugene L. Chapman 
Carl A. Gerfen 
Wm. F. Keck 

Chauncey M. Buck 
Wm. W. Faris 

Kenneth G. Kauffman 
H. Samuel Kruse 

Arthur C. Purdy 
Lloyd E. Randall 


Marvin R. Patterson 
Case M. Rutledge 
John E. Spann 


Richard E. Hult 
Stanley T. Radenz 


Donald M. Mayne 
Holger N. Mortenson 

Judson B. Routh 
E. George Schaefer 
Edward J. Slygh 

Mac I. Wallingford 
Waldo J. W. Winte 

James F. Whisenand 
Charles F. Wiley 

Warren K. Ratledge 
Dave H. Shiveler, Jr. 
B. Thomas Sutton 

Randall Pruner Routh Purdy Wallingford Ganschinietz Harman Spann Rutledge Chapman Bloom 

Keck O'Donnell Schaefer White Pickens Lescher Palmer Bowen Slygh Patterson 

R. Hult Ratledge Anderson Radenz Wiley Baldwin Faris Buck Auble Carlson 

Kauffman Mayne Brown Mortenson Kruse Sutton Cole B. Hult Shiveler 

Page AAl 





University of Missouri, 1905 

Six Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1915 

105 East Daniel Street 

Farm House 


Henry P. Rusk, M.S. 
Alvin F. Kuhlman, M.S. 

Samuel W. Decker, M.S. 
Horace M. Newell 

Edwin I. Pilchard, B.S. 
Everett J. McConnell, B.S 

J. Ross Baird, B.S. 
John H. Brock, B.S. 



Raymond G. Benbow 
Curt E. Eckert 
A. Lehman Canterbury 
Elwyn C. Folkers 

Robert W. Baldrige 
J. Gerald Cash 
Donald I. Dean 

Willard C. Anderson 
Paul L. Benbow 

William H. Brown 
Halsey L. Miles 

Oliver F. Gaebe 
Harold W. Gaulrapp 
Leroy E. Hatch 

Cornell H. Eckert 
Emery G. Holt 

Edwin H. Daubs 
Harold W. Hannah 

George D. Pring 

Arthur C. Johnson 
Walter B. Lacey 
Harry G. Russell 


Henry Marlowe 
Donald J. Nelson 


Paul H. Shuman 
Kenneth R. Tucker 


Minott Silliman 

Willis S. Henderson 
Guy D. Smith 
Lyle F. Shoot 

W. Howard Kauffman 
John W. Rogier 

Joseph G. Bumgarner 
Arthur T. Mosher 

Avery A. Vose 

Anderson Tucker Shuman P. Benbow Hannah Bumgarner Daubs Pring Miles Brown Silliman Pilchard 

Ackerman Mosher Nelson C. H. Eckert Dean Holt Rogier Baldrige Kauffman Marlowe Cash 

Russell Shoot Gaebe Henderson Folkers C. E. Eckert Johnson Canterbury Smith Hatch Gaulrapp R. Benbow 

Page 448 



University of Boston, 1909 



Eighty-two Active Chapters 


Chi Zeta Chapter 

Established 1915 


209 East Armory Avenue 

- - . - 


Lambda Chi Alpha 

Hartley D. Price 


A. R. Von Lehsten 



Herold A. Winter 
Richard C. Oeler 
James S. Flagg 
Francis X. Hayes 
Francis H. Miller 

Robert T. Ittner 
Dean R. McCumber 

Clement E. Pritz 
Louis D. Pring 

James S. Nail 
James E. Lonergan 
Kenneth M. Gyger 
Albert L. Vollborn 

William H. Bear 

Arthur L. Schultz 
Claire C. Stauffer 

James J. O'Shea 
Patrick J. Flynn 
Robert M. Beck 
Thomas E. Reynolds 


Leopold D. Berbiers 


o mores 

Walter A. Mertz 
George D. Hilstrom 

John W. Hanawalt 
Robert R. Thomas, Jr. 
Vernon D. Wissmiller 
Otto C. Haier, Jr. 

Thomas B. Mackie 
Fred W. Siebert 

LeRoy G. Applehans 

Francis C. Gall 
Fred R. Matson 

Clifford R. Dammers 
Joseph F. Jirik 


Paul R. Dooley 
Joseph M. Korzen 

Fred E. Sredl 

E. Parke Godwin 


Winter Nail Gyger Oeler Reynolds Hanawalt Flagg Vollborn Thomas 

Hayes O'Shea Wissmiller Miller Flynn Haier Ittner Bear Siebert 

McCumber Berbiers Pring Stauffer Schultz Hilstrom Beck Pritz 

Gall Jirik Korzen Mertz Mackie Applehans Davis Dammers Sredl Matson 

Page 449 






Trinity College, 1895 

Twenty-one Active Chapters 

Phi Kappa Chapter 

Established 1916 

311 East Armory Avenue 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Fred W. Tanner, Ph.D. Frank E. Schooley, B.S.J. 



Edward U. Banker 
A. Radford Barton 
Byron C. Cook 
Kent G. Davis 
Louis T. Dwyer, Jr. 

David W. Dorman 
Paul B. Geiger 
Clifford C. Ireland 

Alfred W. Borg 
Owen W. Edwards 
William M. Feldman 
Joseph A. Gallentine 

Edward Barker 
William W. Bingaman 
William Davis 
Alvin Goldsmith 

Richard W. Griesser 
Albert E. Jenner 
Carleton W. Johnson 
Ralph C. Murphy 

Warren D. Marshall 
John A. Morse 

Burton C. Gerber 
Roy N. Green 
Richard C. Horton 
Laurence A. Hubbard 

Robert E. Hoffman 
Joseph G. Holty 
Emmett N. Johnson 

Clark F. Palmer 
Jay S. Seeley 
J. Atwell Shinn 
Luther S. Souder 


Morgan Ochsenschlager 
Victor A. Sholis 


Otto K. Huenergardt 
Raymond Leeper 
E. Wayne Morgan 
Ezra H. Sohner 


Raymond B. Jones 
John J. Miller 
Thomas J. Newbill 

Charles F. Wade 
Albert M. Wharfield 
Eugene Souder 
Philip L. Turner 
Thomas C. McKee 

Roy J. Wood 
Charles R. Leaverton 

Russell T. Sutherland 
Alvin S. Wick 
John E. Somerville 
King Lantz 

George O'Connell 
Arnold F. Reisner 
William H. Stewart 
Richard J. Wenthe 

Banker Turner Jenner Davis McKee Wharfield Dwyer Seeley Cook Palmer Wood Dorman 

Johnson Barton Leaverton Souder Shinn Morse Sholis Geiger Marshall Ochsenschlager Wade Ireland 

Huenergardt Edwards Holty Feldman Stewatt Somerville Gallentine Morgan Horton Leeper Gerber Hubbard Wick 

Borg Davis Barker Hoffman Wenthe Miller Lantz Sohner Jones Johnson Newbill Goldsmith Bingaman O'Connell 



Page 450 



Miami University, 1906 

Forty-two Active Chapters 

Zeta Chapter 

Established 1916 

310 North Stadium Drive 

Phi Kappa Tau 


Newton W. Ensign, B.S., A.B. 
Josef F. Wright, A.B. 

William B. Borst 
Leonard E. Elias 
Daniel E. Green 

Roderick C. Cary 
Maynard M. Easley 
J. Holton Green 

Phil A. Anderson 
Harold Ernst 
James W. Fry 

Carl Wendall Arling 
Stanley W. Baldwin 
Robert C. Davis 
Warren B. Dierking 

R. F. Smith, A.B., M.S. 
Albert J. Harno, B.S., LL.B. 

George B. McClellan, B.S. 
Edward E. Stafford, B.S. 

A.M. George B. Elliot, B.S. 



Francis J. Heusel 
William B. Kendall 
Francis McGary 

Claude O. Hulick 
C. Graydon Megan 
Edward Roos, Jr. 

Keith Hampton 
Farrell K. Hodges 
Casper L. Mast 

Wayne Kephart 
Robert F. Maley 
Sam McLean 

Edward L. McGrath 
Herbert Pexton 
S. Everett Wilson 




Fred W. Salogga 
Carl N. Swanson 
George A. Swanson 

Max E. McCrory 
Francis P. O'Neill 
William Turnquist, Jr. 

Maurice S. Mulholland 
Elmer J. Nonnenkamp 
William E. Norton 

Gordon E. Gray 
James H. Smith 

Don E. Thai 

William J. Unfried, Jr. 

Russell L. Villars 

Richard Carl Winkler 
Arnold L. Sherwood 

Morton H. Petrie 
Edwin R. Rich 
Gerald C. Weiland 

H. Green Baldwin Davis Nonnenkamp Mulholland Mast Maley Arling 

Sherwood Salogga Villars O'Neill Gray Fry McLean McCrory Hodges 

Kephart Hampton Winkler Turnquist Smith Elias Ernst G. Swanson Unfried 

C. Swanson Thai Megan Pexton Hulick Stafford Wilson Heusel McGrath 

Dierking Norton 

Anderson Weiland 

Cary Kendall Petrie 

McGary Borst Roos 

Page 451 









Norwich University, 1856 
Forty-six Active Chapters 

Rho Chapter 

Established 1916 

505 East Chalmers Street 

Theta Chi 

David Davis, Jr. 

Stewart J. Beany 
Robert J. Carr 
Robert N. Fagerburg 
Edward F. Harford 

Edmond N. Combs 
Arthur S. Davis 

William R. Bierdeman 
A. Calvin Gartley 
Harry D. Grow 

Edward H. Baker 
William R. Baldwin 
Andrew B. Barber 
Kester T. Benninger 


Bernard L. Jefferson, Ph.D. John J. Pieper, Ph.D. 


Frederick L. Kirgis 


Jackson N. Huddleston 
Robert C. Humphrey 
Frederick E. Husted 

Warren S. Johnson 
W. Daniel McMullen 

Milton R. Howard 
Gordon J. Longley 

William L. Blake 
Daniel E. Christopher 
Louis Douglas 
Walter C. Fagerburg 

Ray Larson 

Parker C. Livingston 

Gerald M. Powell 


Raymond E. Martinie 
Keith F. Scott 


John F. Mowat 
Donald Munch 


Eugene W. Gessler 
Donald H. Gratiot 
Frederick W. Grohne 
R. Melvin Johnson 

Lyle K. Wheadon 

Burton E. Roeder 
Draden R. Waugh 
Edward Wyman 

Schuyler B. Vaughn 
J. C. Williamson 

C. F. Oathout 

Robert Tenney 

P. W. Sawyer 
Leland C. Scheel 
E. C. Williamson 

Baker Scheel Gratiot 

Huddleston R Fagerburg Humphrey Larson Carr D. Davis Roeder Waugh Wyman Livingston 

Husted Martinie Vaughn W. Johnson J. Williamson Howard A. Davis Powell Combs Longley 

Christopher Baldwin M.Johnson Beatty Barber Bierdeman Gartley Tenney Oathout Grow 

Douglas Mowat W. Fagerburg Blake Scott Gessler Grohne Benninger E. Williamson Sawyer 

Page 452 


University of Illinois, 1917 

One Active Chapter 

110 East Chalmers Street 


Robert Robb 



J. Arthur Bottomley 
Louis C. Haltug 
Frank Higginbotham 

Raymond A. Fues 

Arvid E. Blumberg 

Julius J. Klingelhofer 

Arthur N. Jonsson 
Charles Jun 

James Jun 

Stanley R. Royer 
Edwin F. Steeve 


Richard F. Peterson 

Robert M. Christie Allan F. Kalsow 

Duncan N. Ross 


Gust L. Skly 

Iver A. Rockman 
H. Clayton Haney 
Kenneth R. Larsen 

Virgil W. Thompson 

John H. Otten 

Jack E. Slattery 

Royer Jonsson Larsen Thompson Bottomley Haney Robb Rockman Steeve 

Higginbotham Fues Otten C. Jun Haltug Christie J. Jun Peterson 

Kalsow Slattery Ross Skly Klingelhofer Blumberg 

Page 453 





University of Virginia, 1868 
Seventy-six Active Chapters 

Beta Eta Chapter 

Established 1917 

303 East Armory Avenue 

Pi Kappa Alpha 


Essel R. Dillavou, B.S., A.M., J.D. William E. Britton, A.B., A.M., J.D. Charles F. Pegues, A.B., A.M. 


Robert Brown, A.B., A.M. 


Theodore W. Blum 
J. R. Woodfill 

Lloyd K. McNeal 
Robert C. Cathcart 
Edward C. Watson 
Paul R. Knupp 

Pete Yanuskus 
Wirt W. Hughes 
John J. Floros 
Wallace W. Drueck 

Richard C. DeZur 
Otto A. Gunther 
Edwin A. Stevens 

George A. Conwell 
Frank Reed 

Ward E. Dillavou 
Robert M. Werden 
Allen A. Yoder 

Robert M. Whitely 
Edward J. Hunolt 
Paul E. Mead 

Fred Davis 
Lammon L. Kipp 
C. R. Woodfill 

Edwin P. Beauchamp 
Walter J. Gibbs 


Albert L. Seidel 
Warren B. Heaps 
Stanton H. Ross 



Ray R. Rising 
Owen W. Hamel 
Warren T. Greenleaf 

John E. Koessler 
Robert G. McCullough 
Henry L. Dean 

Joe M. Parker 

Herman C. Troch 
William L. Ghent 
Gerald H. Zimmerman 

John H. Mathis 
Richard K. Hammel 
Howard M. Bartelsmeyer 

David W. Mitchell 
Winslow M. Wright 

Hamel Bartelsmeyer Hammel "Mitchell Gunther Koessler Drueck 

DeZur Knupp Kipp Dean Hunolt C. R. Woodfill Floros Mathis Mead Hughes McCullough Wright Stevens 

Whitely Troch Werden Seidel Ghent Ross Yanuskus Heaps Watson Gibbs Zimmerman Greenleaf 

Cathcart Dillavou Parker J. R. Woodfill Beauchamp Conwell Blum McNeal Britton Yoder 

Page 454 


College of the City of New York, 1909 

Thirty-six Active Chapters 

Rho Chapter 

Established 1918 

1008 South Fifth Street 

Sigma Alpha Mu 



Stanley Schoenbrod 
Irving Sideman 
Martin Miller 

Marvin Lowenthal 
Seymour Goodman 
Fred Shankman 

Robert Wittenberg 
George Gaber 
Eli Golan 
Adolph Rothbardt 
George Gurow 

Bert Levitetz 
Sidney Gordon 
Bert Silbar 
Julius Goldner 
Abram Schaffer 

William Benn 
Robert Hainsfurther 
Ernest Loewy 

Morton Caine 
Harry Weinman 

Louis Sinow 
Mandel Barnett 
Harold Flesch 
Alex Rasnick 
Richard Weis 

Merle Sharpe 
Milton Dreifus 
Bernard Bosley 
Leo Oppenheim 

Milton Provus 
Raymond Goldstein 
George Rabens 


Sam Cohen 
Charles Kenis 


Bert Novy 
Morton Abelson 
Silas Wallk 
Irwin Schwebel 
Charles Goldboss 


Lester Levy 
Morris Bernstein 
Fred Brucker 
William Kass 

Sidney Mogul 
Harry Richter 
Thomas Rosenberg 

Sid Nierman 
William Oplatka 
Gerson Faden 

Martin White 
Nate Gordon 
Jordan Rose 
Albert Stein 
Morton Mandel 

Emmanuel Aland 
Harold Schwartz 
Nat Morgan 
Herbert Grossman 

Oppenheim Schwartz Sharpe Goldboss Levitetz Gurow Schwebel Sinow White Oplatka Kass Brucker 

Kenis Mogul Wallk Novy Rothbart Barnett Rasnick Wittenberg Gaber Flesch Mandel Weis Golan Morgan 

Goldstein Caine Weinman Miller Loewy Richter Rosenberg Cohen Shankman Goodman Hainsfurther Provus Nierman 

Levy Silbar Bernstein Dreyfus Abelson S. Gordon Grossman Faden Aland N. Gordon Goldner Bosley 

Sideman Schoenbrod Lowenthal 

Page 455 






College of the City of New York, 1899 

Forty-eight Active Chapters 

Alpha Alpha Chapter 

Established 1919 
106 East Daniel Street 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Henry H. Bailey, A.M., C.P.A. 
Harold D. Trimble, A.M. 

George N. Blatt 
R. Taylor Drake 
H. Luther Intemann 
Joseph J. Tolson 

Bernice L. Blatt 
Robert G. Klein 

Glenn W. Allen 
Ward W. Hartman 
Josef H. Westerberg 

Virgil J. Chessen 
R. Harold Foland 
Robert M. Jourdan 
Merideth M. Saxer 


Richard E. Haswell, A.M. Horatio M. Fitch, B.S. 



William W. Bland 
George L. Duwe 
Robert E. Lee 

George C. Gilmore 
Ralph E. Morehouse 

Howard P. Bein 
Robert W. Podlesak 

Harold A. Christiansen 
Russell F. Foss 
Albert J. Matousek 
John R. Schaeffer 

Donald Brown 
Daniel C. Glasser 
John R. Ozment 




Carl O. Goodwin 
Willard C. Russell 

Daniel A. Gelino 
Karl E. Reid 

Robert F. Clauss 
Max G. Fuller 
Howard M. Parkhurst 
Kenneth R. See 

Charles C. Curtis, A.M. 
Joseph R. Ramser, M.S. 

Arnold G. Christiansen 
Olaf U. Hoy 
Foster A. Smith 
Elliott C. Whittle 

William E. Hummeland 

Edward W. Groshell 
Russell K. Tucker 

Ralph O. Dueringer 
Oliver N. Jackson 
Fred T. Powney 
Joe A. Vanerka 

Bland Drake 

B. Blatt Bein 

Fuller Tucker Foss 

Vanerka Matousek 

G. Blatt Intemann Hoy Fitch Glasser Whittle 

Tolson A. Christiansen Brown Duwe Ozment Westerberg Reid 

Klein Allen Podlesak Gilmore Russell Goodwin Hartman 

Powney H. Christiansen Clauss Chesssen Dueringer Groshell Saxer 

See Foland Huddleson Jourdan Schaeffer Parkhurst Jackson 

Page 456 

Sigma Phi Sigma 

John P. Fixmer 
Robert W. Mayer 

Alfred E. Treen 
Theodore J. Schlitt 
Charles H. Page 
John D. Olson 

H. Clifford Auble 
Donald A. Baker 

Laddie J. Sebek 
Paul E. Hamman 
Arthur J. Paik 
William A. Zoeller 


Chester R. Anderson, A.M. Ethan A. Norton, B.S. 


Donald F. Schnepp W. Harry Stout 


Kenneth L. Mounce 
John E. Carlson 
Robert W. McMichael 

H. Eugene Baldwin 
William A. Hutton 

Robert C. White 
E. Gordon Watson 
James C. Peebles 

H. Champlin Luders 
John W. Hederick 
Robert E. Grusendorf 


David B. Johnston 
Herbert B. Keller 


J. Curtis Mitchell 
Raymond C. Nelson 
Albert W. Gasper 

Marion M. Marberry 

James W. Goodwin 
Jack W. Durant 
Gerald G. Daubek 

James H. Whitfield 
Murray C. McCullough 

Elmo R. Cadwell 
Ralph E. Bromund 
Frank H. Graf 
Edgar F. Nason 

Sebek Keller Graf Bromund Nelson Hederick Nason Gasper Mitchell White Watson Peebles Paik Zoeller Hamman Cadwell 
Luders Auble Olson Carlson Baker Durant Daubek Baldwin Johnston Hutton Treen Whitfield McCullough 
Mounce Schlitt Schnepp Stout Marberry Fixmer Mayer Grusendorf Goodwin Page McMichael 

Page 457 




— ' ; 




University of Illinois, 1919 

Ten Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1919 

712 West Oregon Street 

Omega Beta Pi 


Thomas A. Clark, B.L., Litt.D. Leverett A. Adams, Ph. D. 

Floyd R. Watson, Ph.D. Harley J. Van Cleave, Ph.D. 

Kendric C. Babcock, B.Litt., Ph.D., LL.D. Henry B. Ward, Ph.D., D.Sc. 

Fred H. Turner, A.B. 
Robert F. Paton, Ph.D. 
Joseph H. Beard, M.D. 

Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. 
Waldo Shumwav, Ph.D. 
Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. 

Frank W. Edel 


William W. Fullerton 

Darrell O. Overpeck 


Louis E. Silcox 

Harold L. Shinall 

W. Addison Hutchison 

Kelvin H. Booty 
Max R. Goodson 
Forest C. Parker 

Edward E. Schumacher 

William B. Harkins 
Carl Makarski 

Paul D. Berns 
Cyril M. Gallati 

Gerald Schneider 

Edward A. Pekarek 
Paul E. Hepner 


R. Paul Hayes 
Vernon E. Michael 


John Banic 

Glen C. Anderson 
J. M. Lockwood 
Philip G. Thomsen 

Joseph Alberts 
S. P. Sparks 

Edward Yeazel 



-* 1 



W*. Sat ■ '» 







i$ - is 



* V 




Edel Booty 

Sparks Hays 

Watson Hutchison 

Pekarek Parker 

Berns Makarski 

Van Cleave Paton 

Hepner Goodson 

Gallati Thomsen 

Marvel Silcox Harkins 

Lockwood Anderson Michael 

Banic Schneider Schumacher 

Page 458 


University of New York, 1913 

Twenty Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1920 

402 East North Drive 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Alvin R. Cahn, Ph.D. 


David G. Bourgin, Ph.D. Julius White, M.A. 



Eli Elman 
Henry L. Wolen 
Myron Lewis 

Sydney X. Hartman 

Samuel G. Alpert 
Leonard Levin 
Albert Epstein 

Louis Swee 
Louis Cohen 
Robert Grossman 
Tom Pritikin 
Bernard Siegal 

Judd R. Breakstone 
Joseph C. Rafilson 

Milton L. Benjamin 

Harvey E. Ginsburgh 
Sinuel Ostrovsky 

Stanley Brasch 
Fred Polacek 
Edward Wolf 
Morton Alexander 

Milton M. Adelman 
Gerald G. Bolotin 

Edwin J. Ziegler 
Joseph E. Springer 
Charles R. Jacobson 


Stanley Schewel 


Henry B. Rothenberg 
David Goodman 


Philip Passman 
Julian Ecker 
Bernard Rosenblum 
Bernard Isenstein 

Eugene Davis 
Lester Wolfson 
Arthur Weil 

Ray Bell 
Alex Sax 
David Rattner 
Sidney Port 
Jack Chizewer 

Swee Brasch Bell Passman Cohen Polacek Ecker Grossman Sax Goodman Wolf Rosenblum 
Rattner Pritikin Alexander Wolfson Isenstein Port Siegal Chizewer 

Epstein Weil Ostrovsky Levin Davis Rothenberg Lewis Ginsburgh Schewel Alpert Benjamin 

Jacobson Wolen Bolotin Springer Rafilson Bourgin Ziegler Hartman Cahn Adelman Elman White Breakstone 

Page 459 







Union College, 1827 

Fifteen Active Chapters 

Tau Chapter 

Established 1920 

1008 South Fourth Street 

Delta Phi 

Henry B. Ward, D.Sc, Ph.D. 


William H. Rayner, M.S., C.E. Charles L. Stewart, Ph.D. 


James D. Knox 
Russell O. Deeter 

William M. Rose 


Ward C. Voorhees 

Robert W. Lavicka 

Homer Caldwell, Jr. 
Kenneth E. Tripp 
G. Kenneth Beebe 

Homer A. Stoody 
Max H. Flowers 
A. Ryrie Koch 


Clifford B. Campbell 
Eugene J. Kinderman 
Charles F. Row 

Robert W. Teeter, Jr. 
Wendell C. Kennedy 
F. Allan Hill 

O. William Sommer 
Robert M. Johnson 

Wilson McB. Connell, Jr. 
Richard A. Munnecke 
Robertson E. Smith 
Robert B. Franks 

W. Scott Lawrence 

Douglas H. Sampson 
Edward A. Holcomb 
F. Dudley Knox 


Edward G. Fisher 


Donald E. McGuire 
Harry E. Chesley, Jr. 
Richard E. Jones 

William H. Allen 
Leonard L. Blome 

James A. Wares 
Daniel A. Smith 
Ernest Pope 
B. Willcox Gunn 


D. Knox Jones Munnecke Johnson McGuire HiH Chesley Blome Connell Sampson Holcomb Franks 

Allen Fisher Lawrence Sommer Stoody Kennedy Flowers Row Caldwell Beebe R. Smith 

Kinderman Teeter Deeter Rose J. Knox Lavicka Voorhees Campbell Koch Tripp 

Page 460 


College of City of New York, 1902 

Twenty-eight Active Chapters 

Psi Chapter 

Established 1920 

907 South Third Street 



Phi Epsilon Pi 


Morris H. Sogolow 


Charles H. Blumenfeld 


Morton C. Chesler 
Joseph L. Cohn 
Sherman I. Deutch 

Edward S. Back 
Nathan Deutch 
Nathan A. Fadim 

Stanley J. Burger 
Herman S. Cassel 
Bernard M. Cohn 
Irving B. Richter 

Fred Portes 
Myron B. Lasker 
Morris P. Cohn 
Melvin Fegenhols 

Herbert B. Fried 
Stanley M. Goldstine 
Maier M. Levin 

Frederick M. Friedlob 
J. Frank Friedberg 

Milton C. Hirsch 
Jerome A. Johnson 
Lester J. Kaden 

Harry Wall 
Herbert S. Hecht 
Stanley I. Wexberg 
Irving T. Solomon 

Bernard J. Mayer 
Harry H. Pinsley 
David Rubin 


Albert A. Hutler 
Kenneth C. Kurtzon 


Raymond M. Wallenstein 
Lawrence Kanter 
Arthur E. Nackman 


Howard L. Lurie 
Abbot R. Stahl 
Robert M. Stein 
Leonard J. Hertzberg 

Joseph G. Schoolman 
Julius R. Schuham 
Louis R. Solomon 

Gerson Marks 
Nathan L. Pollack 
Herbert N. Stein 

Irving A. Kaufman 
Harold Marks 
Lester S. Kahn 

Leonard Chesler 
Bernard R. Fisher 
Stewart Sales 
Myron D. Gutmann 

fi » 

M. Cohn Fegenhols Wall Lurie Wexberg I. Solomon Sales Hertzberg L. Chester Stahl R. Stein Lasker Fisher Hecht 
Gutmann Richter Kaden H. Marks Johnson Burger Kaufman Kanter Hirsch B. Cohn Kahn Nackman Portes 
Wallenstein Hutler N. Deutch G. Marks Friedberg Friedlob Pollack Fadim Kurtzon Back H. Stein Cassel 
Schoolman J. Cohn Mayer S. Deutch Blumenfeld Schuham Levin Rubin L. Solomon Fried M. Chesler Pinsley 

Page 461 

!> r 1 : 




University of Illinois, 1920 

One Active Chapter 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1920 

202 East Green Street 

Tau Delta Tau 


Abner R. Knight, M.E., M.S., E.E. 
Charles D. Werner, B.S. 
Harold N. Hayward, B.S. 

Arthur W. Fox, M.S. 
Robert Hendsrson, B.A. 

Chester O. Jackson, B.S. 
Walter G. Warnock, M.A. 

Glen C. Law, B.S. 

Leonard J. Umnus, B.S., M.A. 



William P. Brodkorb 
Maurice L. Rossiter 
Edward E. Longbons 

George O. Christensen 
Edward C. Nieburger 

Kenneth W. Culp 
Homer E. Dremann 

Jack C. Deatley 
John B. Robinson, Jr. 

Neil E. Heikes 
Robert B. Lyon 


Herbert T. Holmquist 
H. Clair Warren 

Raymond Schwarzentraub 
Frank E. Quindry 

R. Elmer Stein 

William F. Gieselman 

Alfred S. Pfaff 


Karl R. Schwarz 

Gustav H. Stiehl 

Ralph R. Bartelsmeyer 
Robert F. Hoffman 
Melton A. Reasoner 
Frank G. Sibley 

Eugene C. Beckmeyer 
Frank B. Kuntz 
Glen C. Reed 


George E. Cowan 
Frederick R. Mason 
J. Hubbard Rossiter 

Thomas R. Glavin 
H. Wayne Bitting 
William L. Wilder 


Bitting Hoffman Beckmeyer Sibley J. H. Rossiter 
Knight Law Jackson Warnock Umnus 
Robinson Schwarz Pfaff Holmquist 
Heikes Schwarzentraub Brodkorb Nieburger 

Reed Glavin Kuntz Cowan Bartelsmeyer Reasoner Mason 
Quindry Hayward Henderson Fox Warren Werner 

Stiehl Joslin Deatley Gieselman Christensen 
M. L. Rossiter Stein Dremann Lyon Culp Longbons 

Page 462 



University of California, 1914 

Eight Active Chapters 

Gamma Chapter 

Established 1921 

401 East Daniel Street 



Alpha Kappa Lambda 



Harlan H. Bloomer 
John L. Brown 
Louis F. Bunte 
Forest Drake 
James J. Harris 

Stanley G. Harris 
Lynn N. Harriss 
Willis Helfrich 
Max Hull 
Silas Huntington 

Andrew Matthiesen 
Fred H. Morris 
Victor L. Opperman 
Harvey A. Scheel 
John T. Schaefer 

Sam M. Stone 
George F. Taubeneck 
Lester M. Van Tress 
George Wood 
Tarson Wiley 

Stewart F. Brown 
Roy F. Culbertson 
Marvin E. Denekas 

Harold L. Haworth 
Jean F. Rogier 


Wayne S. Hertz 
Daniel R. Ketchum 

Edward Klatte 
London G. Middleton 

Elston D. Herron 
Udell Kring 

Melvin Lundahl 
James Pettee 


Stanley H. Pierce 
Vernon Trabert 

Harvey Kring 

Edward S. Baker 
Charles Helfrich 

William Jacobs 
Ronald Meeker 


Norman Noling 
Robert Potts 

Robert Prescott 



i'i i 

Drake Helfrich Opperman Morris Rogier Scheel J. Brown S. Harris Wood Bloomer Stone 

Taubeneck Matthiesen J. Harris Denekas Hull Huntington Bunte Haworth Klatte Schaefer Van Tress 

Culbertson Lundahl S. Brown Ketchum Hertz Middleton Trabert Pierce Pettee U. Kring 

Herron Baker H. Kring Potcs C. Helfrich Jacobs Noling Me;ker Prescott 

Page 463 



University of Illinois, 1921 

One Active Chapter 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1921 

502 East John Street 


Gamma Pi Upsilon 

Laurence L. Quill, Ph.D. 
Michael J. Copley, Ph.D. 
Roger Adams, Ph.D. 
George L. Clark, Ph.D. 
Duane T. Englis, Ph.D. 


B. Smith Hopkins, Ph.D., D.Sc. Norman W. Krase, Ph.D. 
Justa M. Lindgren, M.S., B.S. Carl S. Marvel, Ph.D. 
Ralph K. Hursh, B.S. Cullen W. Parmelee, M.S. 

Donald B. Keyes, Ph.D. Samuel W. Parr, M.S., D.Sc. 

Thomas E. Phipps, Ph.D. 
John H. Reedy, Ph.D. 
Worth H. Rodebush, Ph.D. 
William A. Noyes, Ph.D., LL.D. 



Lamon K. Coons 
Richard F. B. Cox 

Waldo W. Higgins 
Hugh R. Jenkinson 


Charles I. Parrish 
Carroll Imhoff 

Leslie E. Whittenberg 

Fay V. Tooley 

Leland J. Mamer 
William W. Turner 

Ernest K. Mills 



Lyle T. Watson 

Kenith D. Atkins 

Paul T. Hofhenke 
John F. Robbins 

Lester H. Anderson 


Harold S. DuHamel 

W. Pearce Ball Rossander Ozanne Berg .Smith Brown Johnson Shields D. Pierce Schilz 

Wittenberg Parrish Copely Noyes Marvel Reedy Lindgren Keyes Ewart Cox 

Hofhenke Higgins Coons Atkins Imhoff Jenkinson Watson Hughes Mamer 

Derringer Winkles Tooley Turner Robbins Corrigan 

Page 464 

Middlebury College, 1905 
Eighreen Active Chapters 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1921 

1110 Williamson Street 

Kappa Delta Rho 


Hugh A. Brown, M.S., E.E. 
Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. 

Knud A. Larsen 
William H. Holden 
Howard F. Brown 

Clement R. Burkhart 
Paul M. Miller 
Richard V. D. Strong 

Alvah C. Borah 

J. Warner Skoglund 

Stanley S. L. Swanson 

Charles Embleton 
Joseph R. Rosborough 
Robert Leicester 
Charles Christensen 
Dewey D. Collins 

Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. 
Robert D. Carmichael, Ph.D. 

James M. Lewis, Lieut. U.S.A. 
Irvine M. Marshall, B.S. 

Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. 

Perry Lewis 
Henry C. Pi el 



Edwin C. Eberspacher 
Henning C. Vagtborg 


Robert C. Hodgman 
Robert Sloan 
Milton Anderson 

Clarence I. Chirpe 
Arthur Nelson 

Albert Whitlock 
Howard Benson 
Edward F. Fowler 
Sherwood M. Day 

Ray J. Iden 
Jack Mohler 
F. Blair Mayne 


Ernest Hoerr 
Ralph Lockard 


John Michelsen 
Max K. Eno 
Robert Anderson 
Russell Sedgwick 

Alvin R. Shabino 
Marvin Winkler 
Jack F. Hudson 

Arnold Lipoert 
John Armstrong 
George Johnson 

Wilburn A. Johnson 
Cecil Bernard 

Edmund Jensen 
Daniel Buckmaster 
Charles Partlow 
Jack de Gette 

Leicester Embleton Holden Buckmaster Christensen Jensen Anderson Benson de Gette Day Eno Collins Fowler 
Rosborough Burkhart Michelsen Whitlock Sedgwick Partlow Mayne Strong Bernard Sloan Lockard Johnson 
Borah Skoglund Johnson Anderson Lippert Swanson Nelson Hoerr Iden Hodgman Armstrong Chirpe 
Miller Lewis Shabino Larsen Hudson Piel Eberspacher Brown Mohler Winkler 

Page 465 







College of Charleston, 1904 
Thirty-eight Active Chapters 

Upsilon Chapter 

Established 1921 

106 East Green Street 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Virgil R. Fleming, B.S. 


Laurence J. Norton, Ph.D. William J. Putnam, M.S. 



Melvin A. McCoy 
Theodore A. Rathje 

E. Kirker Campbell 
William N. Knudsen 

George L. Bodwell 
Charles F. McEuen 
Don A. Parkhurst 

Joseph W. Bodwell 
Donald F. Mulvihill 
Kenneth P. Sharpe 

Kenneth R. Millen 
Fred R. Schroeder 

George W. Eckert 
Forest McEuen 

Clarence A. Frazer 
Walter F. McWade 
Rives W. Pirtle 

Curtis P. Brown 
Thomas Ondrus 
Clifford Wertsch 

Charles A. Nelson 
Lorens H. Thaisen 


Earl L. Feicht 
Samuel J. Haight 



Harry C. Lawson 
Charles S. Morgan 
Wilber H. Tammeus 

Philip D. Grover 

Nelson N. Parker 
Herbert W. Wishart 

Stanley N. Perkins 
Silas G. Weinberg 

Clayton W. Wells 

Paul W. Leppla 
Joseph Ondrus 
Harold A. Wilson 

George H. Morton 
Arthur F. Schreiber 

Lawson Mulvihill 

Feicht Haight 


Frazer Wilson Parker . J. Bodwell Parkhurst Wertsch 

Morton Brown Schreiber T. Ondrus J. Ondrus Grover 

F. McEuen Knudsen Pirtle G. Bodwell Eckert C. McEuen 

Perkins Wells Rathje Schroeder McCoy Millen Nelson 

Wishart Sharpe 

Leppla Campbell 


Page 466 




University of Maine, 1901 


.Twenty-six Active Chapters 



Pi Chapter 
Established 1921 


607 East Daniel Street 


h i 

Gamma Eta Gamma 

Sveinbjorn Johnson, A.M., L.L.B. 


George Washington Goble, A.B., L.L.B. 


William R. Arrington 
Charles E. Binkert 
Robert J. Hartley 
Harold H. Jaegli 

Jerdie D. Lewis 
Edward E. Longbons 
Donald J. Oddsen 


James C. Soper 
Norbert Tumavich 
Phillip L. Turner 

Alvin W. Kunke 
Albert G. Rigge 
Frank L. Petru 
Frank E. Quindry 

William E. Anderle 
Roy M. Asher 
Charles L. Binna 
Peter F. Caldwell 

Arthur Elliott 
H. Clayton Haney 
Frank C. Hoff 


Franklin B. Lamb 
John P. McMillan 
William B. Maske 

Robert B. Eardie 
Richard R. Hughes 
Alfred J. Withers 

Walter F. Bacon 
Gustave Ehnborn 
Anthony Butwell 

Robert N. Gasaway 
George Kelling 


Lee Savage 
Erion J. Kendall 

Howard Frick 
Theo Korb 












Korb Mclntire McLean Ehnborn Frick Gasaway Elliott Butwell Quindry 

Hughes McMillan Maske Eadie Withers Hoff Binna Asher Bacon Rigge Turner 

Arrington Judge Johnson Prof. Goble Lewis Jaegli Oddsen Hartley Longbons Kunke 

Page 467 




Connecticut Wesleyan College, 1898 

Sixteen Active Chapters 

Gamma Gamma Chapter 

Established 1921 

809 West Pennsylvania Avenue 

Phi Mu Delta 


L. Raymond Twyman, Jr. 
John S. Monson 
Bertrand C. Schuemann 

F. Clifford Foottit 
Julius L. Sutton 


Carl J. Harper 
Harold E. Klein 

Raymond Pfautsch 
Paul F. Cundy 
Robert Brantley 

Donald H. Cooper 
William B. Cott 
Henry R. Olson 

Wayne H. Duvall 
Arthur P. Bear 


A. Llewellyn Fay 
Harold C. Frederick 

Mabrey A. Weaver 
Rudolph A. Monson 

James R. McPherson 

C. Summer Mellen 


C. Richard Freeman 

Charles R. Canfield 

Marshall A. Anderson 
Burdette E. Anderson 

Lawrence E. Glick 
Gordon J. Burnette 


George H. Meyers 
Albert J. Pfaff, Jr. 

Harley P. Ritchardson 
Ellsworth J. Zinzer 



Mellen Canfield Twyman Bear 

Fay Brantley Duvall Foottit " Schuemann 

Sutton Cott Klein M. Anderson Meyers 

B. Anderson Zinzer Weaver W. Anderson 

J. Monson 
R. Monson 


Cooper McPherson 
Freeman Olson 

Glick Burnette 


Page 468 

, IJ _ jp 


University of Syracuse, 1909 

Four Active Chapters 

Gamma Chapter 

Established 1922 

412 East Green Street 

H. Wilbur Alexander 

Theta Alpha 


H. Carl Struck 


J. Robert Alexander 
Rosslyn E. Armbruster 
Byron P. Blackard 
Gilbert E. Chalstrom 

Herbert H. Boice 
Lindo Corso 

Jarvis M. Alexander 
Roger N. Arneman 
Charles A. Davis 

John W. Baldwin 
Edward W. Buge 
Charles P. Cosgrove 

Freeman S. Church 
Otto B. Gerlach, Jr. 
William E. Gobble 

James E. Dare 

Lawrence N. Hansen 
Harold S. Mason 

Robert E. Davison 
Richard C. Hathaway 

Robert W. Hathaway 
Guerard Mackey 
Maxwell J. Montgomery 


Herbert Hudson, Jr. 


Keith Rich 
Ralph A. Struck 


Herman Kelder 
Fred Kruger 

Benjamin I. Norwood 
Donald E. Dickson 
W. Nelson Wyle 

Irvin P. Nielsen 
James S. Seten 

Clarence H. Woods 
T. Richard Young 

LeRoy H. Phifer 
Robert E. Simpson 
Albert J. Wernle 

Dickson Gobble Gerlach Church Montgomery Hansen Chalstrom Boice R. W. Hathaway Mackey Wyle Blackard 

Rich Hudson Arneman Mason Woods Seten J. M. Alexander Struck Dare Young Kruger 

Kelder Simpson Phifer Cosgrove R. C. Hathaway Buge Davison Baldwin Nielsen Wernle 

Page 469 



i'l I 

ti K l 




Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864 

Thirty-one Active Chapters 

Alpha Beta Chapter 

Established 1922 

205 East Armory Avenue 

Horace J. Maclntire, B.S., M.M.E. 

Theta Xi 


Paul D. Converse, Ph.D., A.M. 


Fred E. Lauder 
Carl E. Feickert 
Carl J. Scheve 

Harry H. Hall 
Hans H. Barr 
Edward L. Wilson 

Allen J. Niess 
Robert A. Harper 
Jack E. Ferry 
Maynard T. Doherty 

Chester L. Eva 
Richard C. Simons 

LeRoy B. Harr 
E. Eugene Howe 
Donald S. Smith 

Archie G. Pease 
Francis M. Davies 
Max P. Staley 

Tom M. Brown 
Rogers D. Jones 
L. Ray Brooks 

Keith Grant 
Joseph S. Peacock 

Donald W. Bahlman 
Philip H. Kammann 
Richard M. Palmer 


Harold C. Poyer 
Emerson C. Kunda 
Theodore C. Wine 


Robert A. Hollands 
Lester E. Kuni 
Loch Shumaker 


Milton F. Guy 
Henry Burnett 

Vernon V. Rosenthal 
Elmer F. Blumenkamp 
Louis J. Perrottet 

Martin C. Christensen 
Charles H. Johannsen 
Lyman M. Pendergast 

John W. Brentlinger 
Edmund M. Burke 
Harold L. Reynolds 
Theodore C. Witte 

W. Norman Wittenfeld 

Niess Grant Wittenfeld Eva Guy .Burnett Simons Peacock Gilkerson Reynolds 

Doherry Brooks Brown Shumaker Kuni Hollands Jones Ferry Burke Brentlinger Harper Hall 

Johannsen Barr Davies Howe Staley Poyer Pease Witte Pendergast Burges Farrow Christensen 

Rosenthal Bahlman Blumenkamp Lauder Palmer Feickert Kammann Perrottet Wilson Harr Scheve Smith Shatwell 

Page 470 



New York University, 1907 
Forty-nine Active Chapters 

Upsilon Chapter 

Established 1922 

1111 South First Street 

Delta Sigma Pi 


Ernest L. Bogart, Ph.D. 
Essel R. Dillavou, A.B., J.D. 

Edward J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. 
Frank G. Dickinson, Ph.D. 

Ivan Wright, Ph.D. 

Wilbert E. Karrenbrock, M.S. 

Charles F. Schlatter, M.S., 



William E. Adelhelm 
Irvin G. Gromoll 
Frank L. Petru 
Joseph J. Nedwed 

John L. Hampton 
James E. Hawke 
Charles J. Jones 
Carl C. Schneiter 

Ronald P. Smith 
Wallace V. Dorris 

Arden B. Crawford 
Robert W. Anderson 
Kenneth Warren 

Leslie D. Reid 
Frank B. Jantac 
Elbert H. Stiff 

Roy C. Gellerman 
Carl G. Petty 
Arthur M. Bitzer 
B. Richard Putman 

Ray E. Shultis 

Carl W. Newcomer 
Robert W. Link 
Lester A. Clausen 

Vesper R. Hoffman 
Clyde H. Andrews 
Kenneth M. Snyder 


Herbert J. Kowalski 
Clyde W. Lyon 
W. Wayne DeLong 
M. Jack Pucin 


J. Ward Cockrum 


James A. Powers 
Glen S. Eastburn 
Robert E. Lichty 

Jack O. Baldwin 
Earl H. Wagner 
C. Richard Wiedey 

Gordon G. Burroughs 
Francis A. Gauen 
Ronald M. Van Tuyl 
Harold E. Wilson 

J. Max Mitchell 
Gary H. Homann 

J. Byron Sheets 
Kenneth A. Skiles 

Sidles Bitzer Wilson Wagner Stiff Jones Cockrum Crawford Warren Homann 
Eastburn Wiedey Gromoll Gellerman Burroughs Andrews Anderson Nedwed Lyon Pucin Dorris Clausen 
Powers Mitchell Gauen Hoffman Snyder Schneiter Jantac Baldwin Putnam Link Van Tuyl 
Shultis Adelhelm Petty Kowalski Lichty DeLong Smith Sheets Newcomer Hawke 


Page All 






University of Illinois, 1923 

Four Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1923 

1106 South Third Street 

Arthur B. Mays, M.A. 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 


Egbert E. Nearpass, B.P. Robert E. Norris, MA. 



Richard M. Baldwin 
Charles A. Huebner 

Wayne S. Carver 
Edward F. Schmidt 
A. Stanley Olin 
Ingwald G. Larson 

Joe C. Behrens 
Robert E. Lee 

George K. Ball 
E. Don Hansen 
John S. Kendrick 
Joseph F. Mancel 
Malcolm V. Bowman 

Carroll M. Cassity 
Donald J. Pennington 

Carl G. Danielson 
Hilding V. Foreen 
Kenneth N. Lind 
Henry C. Schroeder 

Richard L. Boblenz 
Randall A. Forsberg 

Charles A. Gillmann 
Estel E. Lenington 
Byron Nelson 
John W. Crews 

Richard F. Hahn 
William B. Petty 


John B. Dinsmore 
Clarence M. Graham 
G. Preston Kendall 
Paul A. Wheeler 


Leon H. Cassity 
Walter L. McCann 


Ralph Hansen 
Joseph McChesney 
Robert E. Stewart, Jr. 
Roy A. Erikson 

Allen S. Wonn 
Robert S. Philip 

Hugh A. Fisher 
Forrest G. Gimlin 
Ralph C. Knoblock 
Arthur Watts, Jr. 

Watts W. Chance 
Christy M. Nicely 

John M. Gustafson 
Alex McLachlan 
Edgar A. Weber, Jr. 
John A. Selig 
Harold A. Schwanbeck 


Watts Stewart Larson Schroeder Wheeler Baldwin Pennington Olin Bowman 

Schmidt Danielson Kendall Fisher Hahn Philip Petty Graham Knoblock 

Dinsmore Foreen Lind Lee Chance McCann Gimlin Carver Huebner L. Cassity 

Nicely Gillmann Mancel McChesney McLachlan Gustafson Forsberg Behrens Boblenz Lenington 

Crews Hanson Hansen Ball Nelson Erikson Schwanbeck Weber Kendrick C. Cassity 

Page 472 


Cornell University, 1890 
Thirty-six Active Chapters 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1923 

61 East Green Street 



Delta Chi 

Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D. 
Merlin H. Hunter, Ph.D. 


J. Howard Beard, M.D. 
Frank A. Orland, A.B. 

A. C. Littleton, Ph.D. 
Lon Fuller, LL.D. 

Merrill Isaac Schnelbly, LL.D. 
Albert Guthrie, B.S. 


Charles E. Binkert 
Arthur H. Ellis 
Frederick H. Potter 
Ralph K. Johnson 

Henry M. Shook 
Robert E. Kuhl 
Graham M. Van Ness 


Richard W. Raynor 
Fred H. Oster 
Gerald C. Buikeley 

Charles M. Danner 
George Gustat 
Osa L. Clark 

Ralph Hensley 
Merritt W. Matthews 

Frederick S. Taxon 
Thomas A. Orndorff 


James Slaughter 
Eric W. Just 

Henry S. Stiritz 

Charles M. Dempster 
Laurence M. Olson 

Robert Bjork 

E. Orville Edlund 


Herbert Ellison 
Robert Slaughter 

John Orlando 

Leroy D. Connell 
Roy L. Plhak 

Adolph P. Stohl 
Farrington G. Schaeffer 


Edwin Horash 
Perry A. Martinson 

Harold V. Nelson 
George Tschappat 


II * 

Oster Rayner Buikeley Van Ness Kuhl Shook Clark Johnson Potter Ellis 

Danner Gustat Orlando Hensley Matthews Taxon Orndorff Just Littleton Thompson 

Dempster Olson Bjork Edlund Orlando Ellison R. Slaughter Stiritz 

Connell Plhak Stohl Schaeffer Nelson Horash Martinson Tschappat J. Slaughter 

Page 473 






Lehigh University, 1919 

Nine Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1923 

206 East Green Street ■ 

Theta Kappa Phi 

James J. Doland, B.S. 


Raymond F. Dvorak, B.S., B. Music Clarence E. Ireland, M.S. 



George T. Conlin 
Michael C. Marten 

Charles E. Arch 
Eugene E. Brull 

William H. Kelly 

James B. Danaher 
Edward F. Ginger 
Walter W. Potokar 

William A. Elliott 

John J. Conlin 
Edward P. Czerwin 

Harold J. Smith 

Victor F. Froehlich 
Richard B. Keck 
William B. Reed 

Tad W. Mermel 


Joseph J. Estwanik 
Gerald J. Koerner 


Joseph C. Schumacher 


George T. Gibson 
Joseph A. Negri 
James M. Maloney 

Hugh A. Deneen 
Walter J. O'Neil 

Richard B. Martin 
Louis R. Roehm 

Robert W. Thomas 

Charles M. Lundquist 
Henry A. Rutkowski 

R. Martin 

G. Conlin 










M. Marten Elliott O'Neil J. Conlin Mermel 

Brull Smith Koerner Schumacher Kelly Roehm 

Froehlich Reed Lundquist Negri Danaher Gibson 

Page 474 


Northwestern University, 1915 

Twenry Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1923 

305 East Green Street 

Rexford Newcomb, B.S., A.M., M. Arch., A.I.A. 

Phi Pi Phi 



Joseph L. Picard, B.S 

M. R. Beckstrom 
M. J. Clarke 
G. W. Kessler 
L. E. Warlow 

D. M. Davis 
R. C. Martin 

E. M. Ahrens 
J. C. Finley 
R. M. Powers 

M. C. Beecher 
E. M. Lacy 
R. D. Woolsey 

G. D. Bouseman 
L. E. Curry 
F. W. McCarty 

R. W. Graham 
J. R. Ramey 

H. B. Burton 
R. G. Hudson 
L. J. Smith 

G. T. Gates 
J. W. Murphy 

V. L. Westberg 
H. W. Cole 
J. J. Floreth 



C. M. Johnson 
C. F. Willcox 

R. H. Choate 
S. N. Murphy 
H. W. Squires 


T. L. Hudson 
L. J. Rettinger 

E. L. McHarry 
J. S. Clark 
R. S. Gunn 
H. C. Pattison 

M. C. Labahn 

A. J. Curry 
W. A. Pflug 

J. H. Johnson 

C. F. Pennington, Jr. 



Woolsey T. Hudson R. Hudson 

Graham Rettinger Beecher Choate 

Pennington Lacy Gates Johnson Squires 

A. Curry Powers Murphy Ahrens Smith 

Willcox Davis Pflug _ Westberg_ L. Curry Cole 







Page 475 



V T 





University of Illinois, 1923 

Two Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1923 

409 East Daniel Street 

Delta Sigma Tau 

Henry R. Brahana, Ph.D. 
C. L. Metcalf, D.Sc. 


Carl R. Larson, A.B. Walter V. Balduf, Ph.D. 


David A. Milligan, M.A. 


Charles L. Binna 
Alvin E. Schubert 
Thoman H. Kiley 

Henry C. Lane 
Howard E. Kasch 

Everett W. Howard 
Merritt M. Griggs 

Charles R. Birks 
Ronald Wild 

Paul E. Courtney 
Frank R. Winsor 
Francis R. Grant 

John R. Van Sickle 

Kyle M. Fagin 
J. Day Mclntire 
L. Wayne Leighty 


Thomas E. Derwent 

Warren H. Fuermann Robert M. Ingeman 

Louis W. Lenz 


James K. Mosher 

Russell L. Lamoreux 
Harold W. Nelson 
William Schulte 

Charles R. Lenz, Jr. 

Rocho Sinderson 
Elson C. Sims 

H. Robert Olson 

Larson Grant Fagin Courtney Schulte 

Metcalf Van Sickle C. Lenz 

Kasch Sims L. Lenz Birks 

Schubert Leighty Binna Lamoreux Kiley Milligan 

Griggs Sinderson Howard Lane Nelson Winsor 

Olson Wild Mosher Derwent Fuermann Ingeman 


Page 476 


University of Illinois, 1924 

Five Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1924 

1105 South First Street 

«i-&r\ ^ 



tffg wt* 
1 I 

^y*T? [<w* 

Ii,"»- -.-M 

Beta Psi 

Laurence M. Larson, Ph.D. 
Raymond C. Heidloff, B.P.E. 

Roger Stoughton 

Frederich A. Albright 
Graeme S. Bond 
W. Frank Bradley 

Delbert Loos 
Robert Dunkle 

Robert C. Altera 
Robert Burgett 
Ralph Gunderson 

William M. Blatt 
Frank D. Low 
Ralph C. Mehrlich 

Frank E. Richart, M.S., C.E. Harry B. DeCook, A.B. 


Howard E. Degler, M.E. 

Albert E. Hallett 


Leo Diedrich 
Walter J. Hoffman 

Charles E. Krueger 

Stephen Huska 
Chris Larson 
Paul W. Nelson 

Roy T. Nilsen 
Kenneth J. Rabe 

Harold A. Manuel 
Harry A. Ohlinger 


Foster W. Merker 


Walter Piszek 
G. Cecil Rhodes 
Roman A. Theida 


Millard Rada 
Frederich M. Walnick 

Joseph Rich 
Conrad C. Reibold 
John T. White 

James Sullivan 
Richard H. Wittbold 

Otto V. Uhlir 
Charles Leckrone 

George C. Van Gerpen 
Robert Craner 

Blatt Wolnick Van Gerpen Nilsen Rabe Gunderson Low Mehrlich 

Thieda Huska Piszek Nelson Altera Larson Rada Rhodes Uhlii 

Krueger Sullivan Dunkle Merker Degler Loos Bradley Wittbold 

Stoughton Giller Diederich Ohlinger Hoffman Bond Hallett Manuel 

Page All 



i\ * 




Columbia University, 1910 
Thirty-one Active Chapters 

Psi Chapter 

Established 1924 

105 East Armory Avenue 

Tau Epsilon Phi 

Max Abramovitz, B.S. 

Samuel L. Grossman 

Maurice O. Grossman 
Leonard M. Hart 

Irving I. Favus 
Lee P. Friedman 

M. Abramovitz 
R. J. Berkowitz 

A. M. Ceplair 

B. Cohen 
B. S. Cohen 
H. L. Gettner 


Max J. Satin, A.B. 


Irving B. Mayer Sidney L. Segall 

Maurice W. Kleinman, B.S. 


Gordon B. Hirsch 
Alfred L. Piser 

Jerome Gartner 
Saul Goldstein 

B. J. Gingis 
M. E. Goldberg 
H. A. Gordon 
L. R. Stevens 
M. J. Levisohn 

Harold R. Rosenzweig 
Leo S. Rubenstein 


Irving L. Missner 
Jerome Sultan 


S. B. Lifschultz 
A. O. Markowitz 
M. O. Middell 

E. R. Melcher 

F. Propp 

Jerome L. Siegel 

Alvin D. Simon 
Jack H. Satin 

George S. Sultan 

M. L. Roth 
J. A. Samuels 
H. C. Steinborn 
D. Wasserman 
J. L. Cohen 
P. Gordon 

Hirsch Rubenstein M. Satin Siegel Segall Mayer S. Grossman R. Cohen M. Grossman Hart 

Piser Favus Friedman J. Sultan Missner G. Sultan Simon J. Satin Rosenzweig Gartner Goldstein 

Berkowitz Levinsohn H. Gordon Merkowitz Steinborn Middell J. Cohen Roth Samuels 

Wasserman Gettner Ceplair Gingis B. Cohen Propp Goldberg Melcher Lifschultz 

Page 478 


Interfraternicy Conference, 1923 

Fourteen Active Chapters 

Delta Alpha Chapter 

Established 1923 

1010 South Third Street 

Theta Upsilon Omega 

Thomas E. Oliver, Ph.D. 
William B. Nevins, Ph.D. 

Edward A. Lusk 
Alonzo M. Davis 
Curtiss Stock 

Charles J. McKeown 
Erwin C. Godfrey 

Elmer A. Greenlee 
Francis H. Lovell 
Oliver D. Barron 

Lawrence F. Prichard 
Carlton R. Good 
Eugene W. Klenk 

Max Englehart, A.M. 


Pierre A. Bezy, B.S. 

Donald P. Ayres, B.S. 



Lloyd L. Stitt 
Frank A. Matteson 

Lyle E. Malley 
John A. McFarland 

John S. Hockaday 
Melvin R. Liggett 
Norman M. Wishart 

Ralph K. Berg 
Robert Cadle 
George N. Gilkerson 

Paul C. Traub 
Royal S. Buchanan 


George W. Braun 
Alwin S. Kolm 


Edwin G. Belinger 
E. Tyrus Larkin 
George G. Brumbaugh 


Charles T. Novak 
Jack W. Cowles 
Don F. Hermes 

Arthur Gilkerson 
Charles C. Smith 

Walter J. Cope 

Weston E. Matthews 
Harry Walther 

Roy G. Smith 
J. Edwin Porter 
Robert E. Viner 

Lusk McKeown Traub Matteson Smith C. Davis Godfrey Buchanan Ayres Stitt 

Malley Barron Stock Cope Hockaday Walther Kolm Englehart Braun Prof. Oliver 

Brumbaugh McFarland Matthews Greenlee Lovell Wishart Belinger Larkin Liggett A. Gilkerson 

Cadle Prichard G. Gilkerson Berg Good Hermes Novak R. Smith Cowles Klenk Viner 

Page 479 





University of California, 1921 

Eight Active Chapters 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1925 

212 East Green Street 


Lewis M. Reagan, M.A. 

Delta Sigma Lambda 


Edwin G. Koch, M.A. Charles O. Werner, B.A. 



Anton F. Antonides 
Winfield T. Cooper 
Russell J. Crane 

Robert H. Anderson 
Kenneth W. Mills 
Beaumont M. Parks 

Robert L. Farmer 
Andrew A. Hall, Jr. 

Charles C. Christensen 

George R. Dinsmore 
Claude G. Krueck 

Vernon C. Pusheck 
Perry Goranson 

Robert E. Kraft 

Harro Hansen 

George G. Matthews 
Van C. Norman 


LeRoy R. Stoltz 
Frederick J.Worden 


Robert H. Pinkel 


V. Raymond Kruse 

Earl F. Schaefer 
Charles O. Smith 

James O. Yeazel 
John F. Warren 
Andrew A. Santanen 

Donald W. Smith 
William E. Trude 

George C. Lindsay 

Koch Krueck C. O. Smith Reagan Hall • Crane Antonides Parks Matthews Schaefer 

Cooper Dinsmore Worden Mills Trude Stoltz Pusheck Anderson Pinkel Kraft Werner 

Christensen Yeazal Goranson Sanrenen Lindsay Hansen D. W. Smith Farmer Kruse 

Page 480 


University of Illinois, 1920 

Six Active Chapters 

Alpha Chapter v 
Established 1925 
110 East Green Street 

Theodore J. Geissendoerfer, Ph.D. 

Beta Sigma Psi 


H. F. W. Moeller, M.A. 


Robert S. Bigler 
Herman A. Bushing 

Walter F. Fierke 
Vernon L. Kretschmer 

George Coldewey 
Franklin J. Dvorak 

Walter E. Busker 
Wilbert E. Ebert 
Carl F. Lund 
J. Herbert Lund 

Milton H. Gotwalt 

Robert P. Honold 

Philip J. Fahs 
Morlin F. Johnson 

Hugo K. Luostari 
Elmer C. Norum 
Harold G. Petering 

Herman H. Jost, Jr. 


Ralph E. Petering 


John B. Roth 
Kenneth L. Telleen 


Sieving W. Querl 
Henry G. Sandvoss 
Robert W. Spanier 

Kenneth L. Schellie 
L. W. Norin 

Elmer R. Riebe 
Edward G. Schultz 

Albert C. Welge 
Paul E. Pottker 

Harold P. Stelter 
Leonard W. Telleen 
Harold A. Thieman 
Henry C. Timmerman 

'w ■ , , J 

Kit * ,' jB£^ J -s^ 

^H BBg V m—b^H 1 1 "a 

J B3 r«FJ i c -jB 1 ■ Mil i I rr 

UPoHf IE] P ■■■ 

l^H H/Jffl wJ y m ^ •'''TfA* ■BvbH 

'-j #^? Vufl H'JbI /A i'" I* i a Hwf 

R. Petering 
L. Telleen Sandvoss 

Ebert Timmerman 

Gotwalt Schellie Fierke Bigler Schultz 

Kretschmer Honold Pottker Jost Riebe Busching 

Norum Johnson Dvorak Coldewey Roth K. Telleen 

Thieman Spanier Querl H. Petering Stelter Busker 

Welge H. Lund 

Luostari C. Lund 

Page 481 






Hamline University, 1901 

Thirty-four Active Chapters 

Kappa Chapter 

Established 1925 

305 East John Street 

Beta Kappa 

Jesse M. Harvey, A.B., M.A. 


Cornelius A. Van Doren, B.S. Ralph W. Kluge, B.S. 


Wilbur E. Harnish, A.B. M.A. 


Leason B. Adams 
Ralph U. Dodge 

Earl J. Duncan 

R. Donald Pinkerton 

O. Harold Norman 
Joseph V. Schuster 

Bernard J. Ranstead 
Wilbur Buddemeier 
Frank W. Byrns 

Wade J. Clark 
Lee Long 

Paul R. Basford 

Irwin Sedlacek 
Halbert O. Crews 

Casslon Bennett 
John E. Boyd 

F. Kenneth Spiecker 
L. Allan Watt 



Harris R. Dante 

Paul W. Brandenberger 
Robert C. Perry 


Donald G. Anderson 
Edward Grable 

Reuben V. Hershey 
Orbille D. Thompson 

Adam E. Abel 
Clement J. Svilow 

Robert W. Lusk 

William Adams 
Paul Richards 

T flU 










.-_<*» ^MK«^1 


*R « . 

■■^:j- .^ 

&' *'%*** 

"■IjhjjP ,,*■!' 



**!■ f "**"j 

■ ;*fN 

* . *3 


* - 

PaiMiar s» *■ ~ V ^H 



B ~ : m 





■ |^f^ 




TM 1-;-, 


^m ■• ■ 

^^L -~ JSmH 

^P •"■ * ^^ 

Harvey Harnish Brable 

Dillon Norman Crews 

East Lewis Long 

Boyd Bennett . W. Adams 

Lusk Brandenburger Perry 

Abel Schuster Sedlacek 

Pinkerton Dodge Watt 


Buddemeier Anderson Burns Richards 

Basford Dante Duncan Angus 

Clark Spiecker L. Adams Ford 

Page 482 


Cleveland School of Law, 1900 

Sixty-seven Active Chapters 

David Davis Senate 

Established 1925 

1109 South Fourth Street 

Paul C. Roberts, L.L.B. 

Delta Theta Phi 


Leon McCarty, A.B., A.M. 


Gilbert L. Wood 

Edward W. Clendinin 
Frederick W. Katterjohn 
Merritt McClurg 

George E. Cook 
Robert A. Hoover 

Charles O. Brook 
Clark R. Cochonour 

George W. McLean 

Robert F. Elrick 
Dwight R. Kinder 

Arthur Cooper 
John A. Niemeyer 

Gordon A. Da Costa 

Gordon G. Pillow 



F. Russell Foster 
Joseph P. Longwell 

William E. Hewitt 
Robert J. Thomson 


Orville W. Johler 

John A. Phillips 

George A. Johnson 
Jesse J. Middleton 

Richard B. Seyfarth 

Lester Partlow 









Cochonour Cooper Partlow Seyfarth 

Niemeyer Thomson Foster DaCosta Johler 

McLean Wood Katterjohn Middleton Elrick 

Page 483 


•i i 




■a mmi 




College of City of New York, 1910 

; Nineteen Active Chapters 

Pi Chapter 
Established 1925 
: 313 East John Street 

Tau Delta Phi 


Dr. L. N. Jadah, M.D. 


Marvin Getz, A.B. 


M. B. Silberman 

Max J. Cooper 
Bernard Kellman 
Marshall W. Rubenstein 

Milton H. Birger 
Sol C. Omansky 
Harold Porte 

Irving R. Mandelson 
Bernard N. Buchholz 
E. Herman Mink 
Meyer I. Rabinowitz 
Elmer M. Imber 

Allen M. Kite 

Max R. Horwitz 


Arthur S. Cohen 
Hugo S. Fantus 

Arthur G. Wagner 
Sidney R. Blech 

Theodore I. Singer 
Harry Flower 
Morris Rosen 
Lester Spiegel 

Theodore J. Cooper 
Benjamin M. Edidin 


Sol N. Crelman 
Milton A. Greenstein 


Edward J. Brawdy 
Phillip Blachman 
Sydney L. Devin 
Raymond Weinberger 

Charles C. Gordon 
Arnold J. Weil 
Saul Levine 

Harry P. Goldman 
Jerome B. Rosenthal 

Leslie Elson 
Arthur Samuels 
Harry Rubenstein 
Allen Lasser 
Sol Porte 

Omansky Goldman Kite Birger Levine Cohen Fantus Gordon G. M. Cooper Kellman Rubenstein Weil Rosenthal Edidin 

Greenstein Wagner T. Cooper Blachman S. Porte Rabinowitz Samuels Mink Devin Brawdy Singer 

Mandelson H. Porte Weinberger Rosen Crelman Lasser Flower Elson Imber Buchholz Spiegel 

Page 484 

Tri State College, 1921 
Nine Active Chapters 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1925 

405 East John Street 

Sigma Mu Sigma 

Fred H. Rankin, B.S. 
John A. Clement, Ph.D. 

George W. Foster 

Arthur L. Barrett 
Carl R. Herlan 
Kenneth E. Moberly 
LeVon L. Patterson 
Leonard C. Stever 
Marshall A. Wilson 

William C. Adams 
Ervin W. Detjen 
Royal L. Siefferman 
Clarence O. Wies 

Edward G. Bourne 
Earl S. Perrine 

Robert W. Burke 
R. Hagan 

Arthur Nelson 

Charles J. Starr 


William H. Young 


Robert H. Gould Lewis V. Peterson 


Lon L. Fuller, A.B. 
B. Rupert Hall 



Allan D. Hubbard 
Dwight G. Bennett 
Ivan J. Hutchins 
Erroll A. Murhard 
Jeptha F. Randolph 
Charles C. Westall 

Charles S. Campbell 
Robert M. Edwards 
Perry W. Ward 

Castle J. Harvey 
Edward T. Hausafus 

Howard B. DeHaven 
Fred S. Hooper 

Howard H. Hottes 
Elmer A. Meyer 
Fred W. Stark 
Gordon L. Bryant 
Kenneth J. Lowry 
Floyde D. Sperry 


Clarence S. Coe 
Shirley F. Ehman 
Perry M. Wilcox 


E. Raymond Nelson 
Harold M. Seago 


Theodore Frye 
George R. Hill 

Edgar O. Zimmer 
R. W. Rodman 
Leonard L. Norton 
Edwin Jahns 
Harry Nelson 

J. Howard Corzine 
Edwin R. Hauser 
Obert S. Werland 

Fred Cummings 

Henry Glasstetter 
Ralph B. Jones 


Hagan Lowry A. Nelson 

Burke Jones Murhard Edwards 

Herlan Hooper Bourne Cummings 

Stark Glasstetter Ehman Bryant 
















H. Nelson 

Ward R. Nelson 
Patterson Siefferman Hall 

Coe Bennett Wies Meyer 

DeHaven Randolph Hauser 


Page 485 







Interfraternity Council Meeting, 1924 

Forty-five Active Chapters 

Illinois Beta Chapter 

Established 1926 

212 East Chalmers Street 

Theta Kappa Nu 

Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. 
S. Max Corey, M.A. 


Arthur H. Grossman, B.A. 
Henry G. Dawson, M.S. 

Max A. Faucett, M.S. 
Burrus S. Dickenson, M.A. 

Harold E. Kenney, B.S. 

Richard M. Lawerence 


R. Alwyn Powers 



Raymond J. Hayes 
Lawrence E. Irish 
Louis B. Pope 
Eldon W. Simon 

Howard M. Anderson 
Vernon D. Irish 
David R. Sanks 

Otho Arnold, Jr. 

Harold H. Mallotke 
Oscar L. Toll, Jr. 

Ewell E. Green 
Cooper B. Land 
Alwin M. Seavey 

John S. Bartholomew 
David D. Fishback 
Calvin G. Smith 

J. Howard Bunting 
Floyd O. Martin 

I. Frank Green 
Elmer C. Maher 
George C. Sproul 


Paul R. Bruns 
Donald Moore 
Paul J. Warrick 


William L. Ewald 


Robert A. Nelson 

Galen A. Grimma 
Carl J. Mason 
C. Victor Wallrab 

Theodore J. Cinak 
Norris P. O'Neal 

Harry C. Sutch 

Chandler Sterling 
Paul C. Weigand 


Seavey Bunting Bruns Grossman Land Powers O'Neal Mason 

Warrick Lawerence Cinak Anderson Maher Bartholomew Pope Hayes Grimma 

Wallrab Ewald Sanks Smith Martin V. Irish Sterling Simon 

Sproul Sutch I. Green E. Green Mallotke Nelson Weigand Toll Arnold 

Page 486 


University of Miami, 1921 

Seven Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1926 

307 East John Street 

Robert B. B. Moorman, B.S. 

Sigma Delta Rho 


Clifford Garwick, B.A., M.A. 


Horace M. Adams 
A. Hugh Campbell 
Arthur M. Cheney 

Melvin C. Anderson 
Curtis R. Andrews 
George W. Barry 
Frederick H. Beinhoff 

Donald S. Charlton 

Pliny A. Adams 
Franklin M. Benson 
William E. Cairnes 

Fred C. Exter 
Sulo J. Herrala 

Gunnar S. Clason 
Wilbert F. Doak 
James L. Fetters 
Lynn Haefele 

Harold G. Homuth 
Frank J. Kuhn 


Joseph D. Friend 
Harold K. Madison 
Elmer A. Moos 
Jaroslav Pech 



Robert W. Elich 
Willard H. Haefele 

Charles B. Hollcraft 
Sydney F. Knapp 

Edward F. Ream 
Desmond D. Utterback 
Arnold E. Wolgast 

Ernest N. Rubel 
Edward F. Schoof 
Fred W. Soderberg 
Hugh C. Wear 

Albert R. Putman 

Everett W. Leins 
John Soma 
Wade C. Stanfield 

Ream Beinhoff Doak Moorman Soderberg Barry Moos Putman Wolgast Schoof Kuhn 

Homuth Clason Anderson Rubel Fetters Pech Benson Charlton H. Adams Cheney 

Elich P. Adams Andrews Madison Soma Hollcraft Knapp Stanfield W. Haefele Cairnes Leins 

Page 487 


1 1 






University of Illinois, 1926 

One Active Chapter 

309 East John Street 

Ralph S. Crossman, M.S., C.E. 

Kappa Zeta Rho 



Fred J. Berner 

King J. McCristal, B.S. 


Joseph F. Prola 
Bernard A. App 

Darrel M. Hathaway 
David M. Knotts 

George F. Westwood 

Markwood R. Edison 
Warren A. Bunge 

Dean B. Curtis 

Alois Krsek, III 
E. H. Wickland 

C. M. Hadley 


Fred H. Goss 
Russell Rains 

Howard H. Abram A. Willard Turner 

Vincent J. Curran F. Drury Hollenbeck, Jr. 

T. Kenneth Auwater 
Robert L. Jordan 

Lester Muir 

Elmer W. Siler 

Glen G. Orth 
Philip S. Rockwell 























Page 488 


University of Illinois, 1925 

One Active Chapter 

111 East Chalmers Street 

a i 

Delta Pi 



Burt Kamin 
Alvin Landis 

Dave H. Sokolow 

Maxwell M. Lewin 

Harold E. Friedman 

Sam C. Bernstein 
Lewis L. Leaf 

Jack S. Slovic 


David Eliscu 

Elliot Kohn 

Ben Beckerman 
George Rubenstein 
Max Matz 

Louis Ruskin 
Henry Berg 


Sydney Sideman 
Irving I. Silver 

David E. Rosenblatt 
Morris W. Selin 
Milton Kohn 

Albert Friedman 

Elmer Friedman 


Benjamin B. Rosen 



Eliscu Ruskin 

Lewin Kamin Landis 

Rosen Friedman 

Bernstein Rosenblatt Berg Kohn Friedman 

Slovic Sokolow Friedman Beckerman Leaf Slutzky 

Sideman Rubenstein Selin Silver Kohn Matz 

',* W*\ 

Page 489 


■'> ] &m 



University of Illinois, 1927 

One Active Chapter 

Alpha Chapter 

Established 1927 

401 East Green Street 

Lambda Alpha Lambda 

W. Jackson Treece, B.S. 



Lionel E. Goff 
Floyd G. Johnston 

Howard H. Cohenour 
Carl Edwards 
John P. Goggins 

Fred B. Bisbee 
Earl E. Cazel 

George B. Gregg 

Frank E. Hangs 
Franklin S. Hunsaker 
G. Kenneth Lowe 

Earl A. Jackson 

Robert C. Hammesfar 

J. Magrew Luther 

Howard L. McCowan 
Pierson W. Peck 
Alton R. Rowe 


Gerald E. Murch 


Claude L. Nelson 

Wilbur R. Murley 
Arvel F. Hacke 

W. Donald Teare 
Joseph Turigliatto 

Archie M. Walker 
Carl J. Lehwald 



GofT Nelson 






















Page 490 


Duke University, 1920 

One Accive Chapter 

Iota Chapter 

Established 1927 

312 East Daniel Street 


■^ ' 









1 li to ■* • 

1 rn.JS.nm 



% . 

H pic. H 

■~J ■,£• 

—£tt 1LJ 

Edward F. Porthoff, Ph.D. 

Chi Tau 


H. L. Buckardt, M.S. 



Vernon P. Jensen, B.S. 

Norbert E. Bibow 
Roy P. Johnson 
John Charles Kastner 

David B. Anderson 
Glenn D. Commons 

Roy E. Etnyre 
George W. Faulhaber 

George T. Christie 
Darwin A. Dougan 

Milton E. Kraft 
Paul W. Landgren 

Harvey H. Corydon 
Wilfred Y. Harkness 

Frank R. Fischer 
•WillardF. Merntt 

Kenneth E. Gustafson 

Fred D. Larsen 
Albert O. Myers 


V. Skipper Johnson 
Fred J. Lee 


Douglas B. Morton 
Montad A. Mortensen 


James E. Moran 

Milton E. Olson 
Charles H. Ross 
Rudolph W. Schafer 

C. Elmer Meador 
William C. Wenninger 

Clarence W. Riessen 

Gordon T. Ronneberg 

Meador Lee 

Ross Larsen 

Moran Anderson Morton Dougan Christie Gustafson 

Etnyre Merritt Riessen Harkness Ronneberg Buckardt Fischer 

Commons Pottoff Mortensen Corydon Jensen V. S. Johnson Wenninger 

Bibow Myers Landgren Kastner Kraft Schafer Olson R. P. Johnson 

Page 491 


I I; 






Cornell University, 1912 

Twenty-two Active Chapters 

Pi Chapter 

Established 1927 

112 East John Street 

Omicron Alpha Tau 


Jacob Karol 


Seymour Bernstein 

Benjamin Pass 
Herbert Gutstein 

Morris Solomon 
Louis Katzman 

Abraham Gosenput 
Clarence Ziff 
Erving Schwab 

Herman Belson 

Bernard Friedman 

Lester Yavitz 

Harold Crost 
Meyer Lipner 
Elmer Yavitz 

Ben Gorenstein 


Emanual Kahn 


Jack Stone 


Aaron Gunther 
Julius Dubnow 
Solly Tankus 

Louis H. Bornoff 

Arthur Allen Bogeaus 

Henry Feinberg 
George Speizman 

Morris Myer 
Morris Soklec 




. Yavitz 















Gosenput Tankus 

Katzman Speizman 

Gorenstein Friedman 

L. Yavitz 

Page 492 


Ohio Wesleyan University, 1919 

Six Active Chapters 

Zeta Chapter 

Established 192" 

404 East lohn Street 

Delta Alpha Pi 

Herbert H. Alp, B.S. 



Oscar E. Wagner, B.A., M.A. 


Milton S. Miller 
Laddie F. Dobry 

Walter W. Wiegand 
Clarence B. Denison 

Edward C. Wahl 

David Neslor 

Clair C. Weintz 
William T. Grant 

David E. Wiegand 
Arthur P. Larson 

Vance A. Ray 

H. Lyndon Barrows 
Arthur P. Drije 


George M. Silling 
Aubrey V. Wells 


Hans P. Nelson 


Eugene A. Kafka 

Francis C. Rowley 

Arthur F. Swoboda 

Robert L. Hendee 

Weintz Wahl Grant Barrows Denison Miller Wagner 

Drize Silling D. Wiegand Ray W. Wiegand Dobry Wells 

Larson Swoboda Kafka Nelson Rowley Neslor Hendee 

Page 493 

i i 



' : n^<a^ 



University of Michigan, 1914 

Forty-five Active Chapters 

Alpha Alpha Chapter 

Established 1927 

709 South Second Street 

Sigma Delta Kappa 


Harold Wright Holt, S.J.D. 


William G. Eovaldi 
Giles E. Jordan 

Harold R. Nettles 


Burton Schuemann 

Nick Stepanovich 
Norman Perry 

John M. Connor 
Harold Craig 
Theodore O. Cutright 
Brinley R. M. Davies 

Fred McCollum 
Robert Macdonald 
Glen Miller 


Harry Pate 
Lawrence Smith 
Cleo Williams 

Ross Miller 
Elmer F. Davies 
Knowles Laird 

Albert Rus 
Webber Borcher 
R. G. Sander 
Steve Brondas 
Frank Hanafin 

George M. Lentz 
E. R. Griesheimer 
Jack Kramer 
De Witt Twente 
Don Nichols 


Louis Gard 
Harold E. Jaeger 
Tennyson L. Edwards 
Frank R. Sejnost 
Edward W. Cleary 

Donald R. Myers 
Bernard Wall 
Elden Brashaw 
Edward F. Streit 




Wall Davies Craig Gard . Pate Hanafin Edwards Streit 

R. Miller G. Miller Connor Williams Jaeger Sejnost 

Sander Nichols Cutright Twente Borchers Lentz Smith 

B. Davies Laird Brashaw Rus Macdonald McCollum Kramer Brondas 

Perry Eovaldi Iungerich Doney Holt Jordan Stepanovich Schuemann 

Page 494 



Oglethorpe University, 1916 

Fifteen Active Chapters 

Lambda Chapter 

Established 1928 

1005 South Second Street 

Alpha Lambda Tau 

W. E. Karrenbrock, M.S. 


C. E. Coleman, B.A., M.A. 


Eugene P. Baker 
Henry G. Raisch 

Leon F. Simmonds 


Donald E. Vance 

Frederick P. Williams 
Wesley C. Gault 

Harvey E. Berg 
Omer R. Bantz 

Mathew V. Liesenfelt Marvin G. Milner 

James E. Watters 
H. Russel Griffith 

Dale J. Kenney 
Frank M. Wilkins 

Norman S. Weber Jean R. Lansbery 

Glen D. Stultz 

Lester N. Eck 
Edgar Y. Hamel 

George A. Hess 


Harold R. Moore 

V. C. Rusin 


Stultz Moore Lansbery Kenney Weber Karrenbrock Hess Rusin 

Hamel Wilkins Bantz Liesenfelt Watters Coleman Eck 

Williams Raisch Griffith Simmonds Baker Berg Milner Vance 

Page 495 

^ym : :m 




Wesleyan University, 1870 

Fifteen Active Chapters 

Pi Pi Chapter 

Established 1928 

201 East Green Street 

Paul H. Tracy, M.S. 

Theta Nu Epsilon 

Richard E. Gould, B.S. Carl N. Challacombe, B.S. 



Ragnar T. Anderson 
Wilbur C. Iseminger 
Delmar E. Martensen 

Clayton P. Davis 
Walter J. Zeiter 

Henry A. Bengson 
Richard T. Keller 

Carrol W. Bartlett 
Lawrence W. Brown 
John G. Seanor 

Virgil C. Dollahon 
Everett C. Larsen 

Willis E.Linne 

Malcolm R. Derby 
Russel E. Larson 

David W. Benbow 
H. Curtis Griffin 
C. Dudley Smith 

William A. Heinze 
Leslie F. Ryburn 


W. LaMon Moyer 


Carl A. Erickson 
Nolan C. Newman 


Edward L. Brennan 
John R. Leggett 
Paul G. Tomy 

Harry S. Kilian 
Henry H. Embree 

Leo G. Nurmi 

Albert H. Trowbridge 
Kenneth C. Suhr 

Ned W. Easley 
Joseph S. Santner 
E. Carlin Whittaker 


Davis Heinze Kilian Zeiter Iseminger Nurmi -Martensen Challacombe Moyer Tracy Linne Anderson Ryburn 
Larsen Embree Derby Suhr Keller Bengson Newman Larson Trowbridge Whittaker Dollahon 
Smith Benbow Bartlett Griffin Seanor Easley Brennan Santner Leggett Brown Tomy 

Page 496 


University of Southern California, 1924 

Six Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1928 

306 East Green Street 


Sigma Phi Delta 


Carroll C. Wiley, B.S., C.E. 

John S. Crandell, B.S., C.E. 



Donald M. Brown 
Stuart C. Brown 
Robert L. Gougler 

Howard H. Hottes 
Edgar A. Luscombe 

William F. Nissen 
Clarence O. Wies 

Leonard W. Winget 
Oliver W. Munz 
Marshall A. Wilson 

William S. Benjamin 
Charles W. German 

John A. Harvey 
Dallas D. Hershey 


Edward W. Horning 
Donald E. Knoblauch 

Thomas E. Philbin 
William R. Reinhold 

Raymond W. Bliss 
Armin W. Emmertz 

Mark W. Ennis 
Raymond W. Hall 


Allen C. Hottes 
Lib Panichi 

Henry P. Warren 

Wiley Knoblauch H. Hottes German Christiana Warren Horning Nissen Crandell 

Panichi Ennis Benjamin Philbin Hershey Luscombe A. Hottes Emmertz D. Brown 

Wies Wilson Harvey Gougler Munz Reinhold Winget S. Brown 


* WW* 

Page 497 



Lawrence A. Cirhan 
J. Donald Walker 

Edwin H. Johnson 
W. Dee Schad 

Guy J. Maresca 
James A. Shearer 

L. Paul Bunchman 
Eugene H. Jackson 

University of Illinois 
One Active Chapter 

Illinois Chapter 

Established 1928 

210 East John Street 

Beta Chi 


Swanie S. Rossander, M.S. 



Walter Smith 

Guisti Pucci 

Paul H. Walker 

Milo A. Churchill 

Harold G. Paine 


Robert W. Tennyson 


Robert E. Reilein 


Hilmar C. Johnson 

Robert L. Shearer 

Merle E. Davis 
Vernie C. Swanson 

William L. Waxier 

Daniel A. Ludlow 

Maresca Bunchman Schad ' Churchill Ludlow H. Johnson 

Tennyson Rossander Pucci J. Shearer Jackson P. Walker Reilein Waxier 

Davis Cirhan R. Shearer D. Walker Paine E. Johnson Swanson 

Page 498 


725 South Wright Street 

Illini Hall 



Robert Buker 
Donald Costa 
Stanley Drdla 

Ralph E. Cundiff 
Harold Frick 
Harold Geis 

Fred Cummings 
Ambrose Elliott 
F. Flinn Elliott 
Russel Elliott 
Edwin Finch 

Jose Arnillas 
Cecil Blain 
Ralph Blakemore 
Earl Blumenthal 
Harold Borch 
Fred Brown 
George Churchill 
Carl Clodfelter 
John T. Davis 
Robert Dewey 
Jack Dickson 

Marcell Hall 
Sherrill Hayden 
Anton Jureziz, Jr. 

Ted Large 
George A. Pace 
Stephen Piskur 

Jack Flox 
Thomas Godfrey 
Jack Matthews 
Elmer Meese 
Albert Musick 

Clifford Durr 
Carl Edwards 
Ralph Feherenbacher 
Delmar Fischer 
•Leon Freidlander 
Joseph Hanfling 
Donald Hartford 
Vernon Heckman 
Max R. Heinzman 
Fred R. Hexter 

John Lang 
D. Nicholson 
John N. Pirok 


Robert Scherer 
Albert Sachtleben 
Maurice Turner 


Darius Phebus 
Edward Sand 
John Sand 
Rex Shipplett 
George Ursin, Jr. 


Willis Hiles 
Uno Hill 
Louis Holub 
Bruce Ihlenfeldt 
William Imgrund 
Lee Ireland 
Samuel Isa 
Maurice Johnson 
Maurice Kreeger 
Sidney Leader 

Vladmir Sekera 
Bernard Wellman 
C. K. Willett 

Elmer H. Walter 
R. F. Stahley 

Milan Vydareny 
Edwin Williams 
Robert Williamson 
Walter Smith 

Ludwig Lederer 
Sam Lehman 
Adolph Lind 
Bud Moseley 
Howard Musick 
Elmer Norum 
Fremont Plambeck 
Anton Smerz 
Joseph Tesmer 
Robert Young 

*■• ■'•'■'.■ •* 

r ; *"^b 


H ~ " VJ BY " *"■ bT*^ 

m m 


w -TH 



17 tr ^ i: --jUflMf-iSrfll 

B) ■■ ■ ■ 

Rf ^*1 




• T"I 

W. " *9 ■■ 

TT^ ■ *' ili ^ ID^^bV 


B) aBj 

'• 4'1 ty'/ilT: 

SEi? A'*$*LA 

yL§ bI -^bb^^ i 3 1 

Mn f i*iL. f^^w^i 


1 "SBr "*f 

W W& i *W^^i ^bV^^bBbVbVJ 

VT jH| 

BBfr^m *lSS 

'•? j"BV^"' 



BK jgf ""^M 


' wwk Mfr' i 

Br 'i$ 

la " Bl 

^k ».'*. 

i , 1 

■ I vl 

4 k tr ■ Hbb 

B» fl*3 


"**$■ v« 



J J I 


I I^J 


■ I J 





Davis E. Sand 

Hill Piske 


Mack Blain Imgrund Holub 

Phebus A. Musick Rottet 

Durr Ihlenfeldt Mathews 

H. Musick Smith F. Elliott 

Pace Lehrman Turner 





Norum Friedlander Flox Lind 

Young Arnillas R. Elliott Gonja 

Vydaremy Arnillas 

A. Elliott J. Sand Ursin 

Walters Frick Commings 

Sachtleben Hayben Jureziz Pirok 

i Kwfm. 

Page 499 

:■'■■•■:■'.. •■■■■•y;vY. 

H. P. Newman, A.M., M.D. 
A. W. Casey, A.M., M.D. 
H. A. McGuigan, B.S., Ph.D 
H. T. Byford, A.M., M.D. 
F. B. Earle, M.D. 
F. E. Senear, B.S., M.D. 

Kent A. Alcorn 
Charles H. Metzel 
George H. Vernon 
James E. Graham 

Stephen A. Ambrose 
Clifford E. Carter 
E. Graham Evans 
Charles H. Kauffman 

John P. Budd 
William E. Butz 
John H. Gilmore 

William F. Jacobs 
J. O. Conklin 
Albyn G. Wolfe 

D. K. A. Steele, M.D., LL.D. 
C. S. Williamson. B.S., M.D., M.S. 
W. F. Petersen, B.S., M.D. 
F. G. Dyas, M.D. 
J. C. Beck, M.D. 

E. S. Moore, Ph.B., M.D. 

Walter C. Hammond, M.D. 
Oscar E. Nodeau, B.S., M.D. 
M. H. Hobart, A.B., M.D. 
V. J. O'Connor, B.S., M.D. 
Eugene Cary, B.S., M.D. 
S. J. Burrows, M.D. 



Clifford P. Sullivan 
Ford K. Hicks 
Guy E. Seymour 

E. Lee Strohl 
Theodore J. Wachowski 
Stephen J. Hansen 
Howard M. Jacobs 

John T. Reynolds 
William Rettberg 

Samuel A. Purves 
Gus N. Neese 

Elmer D. Gay 
Roy C. Riser 
William I. Stickley 


Ray L. Ken ward 
Fred Kuehl 
Kenneth L. Schnepp 
William H. Oakes 


Myron T. Wallheiser 
Adelbert E. Wuesteman 


Wesley Gustafson 
Donald V. Burroughs 

H. H. Nash, M.D. 

G. A. Granger, M.D. 

A. W. Kitsener, B.S., M.D. 

K. J. Smith, B.S., M.D. 

Lesi M. Browning, B.S., M.S. 

Benjamin E. Twitchell 
Lawrence J. Murphy 
George E. Ingrish 

Ernest D. Ponzer 
Arnold E. Ritt 
Doran T. Rue 
George L. Countryman 

Lorin D. Whittaker 
Robert B. Wilson 

Stephen P. Johnson 
Ralph W. Freeman 
Theadore Dillman 

Purves Freeman Gilmore Wolfe Ponzer Gustafson Reynolds Wallheiser Rettberg Burroughs Whittaker Wachowski Rue Dillman Johnson 

Strohl Conklin H. Jacobs Ritt Hansen Bretz Wilson .Countryman Kauffman Kenward W. Jacobs Ambrose Carter 

Wuesteman Budd Schnepp Alcorn Vernon Graham Hicks Metzel Seymour Gray Stickley Twitchell 


Page 500 





H E 

19 3 1 

L L ! 


Alpha Kappa Kappa 

Dartmouth College, 1888 
Forty-eight Active Chapters 

Eta Chapter 

Established 1899 

312 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 


William L. Noble, M.D. Daune W. Propst, A.B., B.S., M.D. Frank G. Murphy, B.S., M.D. 

Henry E. Irish, M.D. Julius H. Hess, M.D. Dennis R. Crile, B.S., M.D. 

Charles Davison, A.M., M.D. John D. Koucky, B.S., M.D. Archie J. Graham, B.S., M.D. 

Benjamin F. Lounsbury, B.L., M.D. Robert W. Keeton, A.B., M.S., M.D. Robert L. Furby, M.D. 

Edward L. Heintz, Ph.G, M.D., D.Sc. Lindon Seed, B.A., M.S., M.D. Walter R. Fischer, B.S., M.D. 

Hallard Beard, B.S., M.D. Charles H. Phifer, M.D. Henry R. Amberson, B.S., M.D. 

Norval Pierce, M.D. Leonard F. Weber, M.D. L. Wade Martin, M.D. 


Alvin H. Clark 
Marc J. Hughes 
Dan D. Jamison 

Ranson B. Baker 
Robt. W. Hallenberg 

George F. Brooks 
Herman H. Carr 
Howard G. Diesner 
Howard A. Finney 

Alfred F. Akkeron 
Charles E. Branch 
W. Arnold Christian 

O. Harold Muus 
Alfred G. Rice 

Edwin F. Dieterich 
Arthur D. Wilson 

George F. Fleischli 
Murray S. DuMont 
Clarence F. Kelly 
Emmanuel A. Kominik 

Clarence S. Costigan 
Harlan A. English 


James J. Rodgers 
Charles P. Whalen 


K P. Johnston 
Theodore N. Rafferty 

Armand J. Mauzey 
Wm. W. Hollemann 
Harry D. Miller 
Alfred J. Movius 


Seeley B. Furby 
Leo C. Larkin 

Bennett R. Parker, B.S., M.D. 
Richard A. Lifvendahl, B.S., M.D. 
Willard Van Hazel, A.B., M.D. 
William C. Doepp, B.S., M.D. 
John R. Johnson, B.S., M.D. 
Amos P. Bratrude, B.S., M.D. 
Paul H. McDaniel, B.S., M.D. 

Waldo W. Wynekoop 
Roger B. Coglon 

Milton J. Donkle 

Harry E. Ryan 
Paul L. Shallenberger 
Arthur H. Schumacher 
William H. Walton 

Kenneth E. Lewis 
Wm. R. Sladek 

English Christian Branch Akkeron Lewis Larkin Sladek Costigan Furby Kominik Fleischli Hallenberg 

Diesner Walton Finney Ryan Rafferty Mauzey Kelly Miller Carr Shallenberger Holleman Movius 

Schumacher Wilson Jamison Hughes Rodgers Clark Rice Wynekoop Whalen Muus Coglon Brooks 

Ptge 502 


Delta Sigma Delta 


University of Michigan, 1882 

Thirty-one Active Chapters 

Rlio Chapter 

Established 1901 

816 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 

Frederick B. Moorehead, M.S., D.D.S., M.D. 

Donald M. Gallie, D.D.S., M.D. 

George W. Dittmar, D.D.S. 

Fredrick B. Noyes, A.B., D.D.S., Sc.D. 


Louis Schultz, D.D.S., M.D. 
Burne O. Sippy, B.S., D.D.S., M.S. 
Waclaw H. Kubacki, D.D.S. 
Edward J. Krejci, D.D.S. 

Thomas W. Humble, D.D.S. 
William B. Downs, D.D.S. 
Robert G. Kesel, D.D.S. 
Kermit F. Knudtzon, D.D.S. 

Sigmund F. Bradel, B.Me.. 

Henry J. Droba, D.D.S. 
Louis Schultz, Jr., D.D.S. 



Mark R. Baldwin 
Charles M. Buckman 
James Fitzgerald 

Henry Bigelow 
Thad Bruin 

Joseph Bernier 
Jean Cappell 
George Carey 

Norman Johnson 
Luis Barosso 
Charles Hoyt 
Milford Nelson 

Renatto N. Gerno 
William R. Gubbins 

Orlyn Gingrich 
Edgar Kramp 

C. D. Helmer 
G. S. Jacks 
Leo Litvin 

Edward Sahlstrom 
Charles Green 
Robert Wisterman 
Charles Crabbe 

Floyd Hirth 
Einar Holand 

Hugh Mead 
Robert Reimer 


S. Servine 
R. Skudstadt 
H. Steinmeyer 

D. N. Bradley 
William Denneman 
James Gagnon 
Richard Mueller 

P. Wlodowski 
Jack M. Zick 
Maynard K. Hine 

Allan Shirley 
Herbert Weiss 

Robert Stephan 
C. Summerfeld 

Don A. Vespa 
Ned J. Vespa 
M. Pauly 

Steinmeyer Servine Shirley Buckman Helmer Gubbins 

Kramp Johnson Gerno Weiss Hine Gingrich N. Vespa 
Zick Reimer Bigelow Fitzgerald Hansen Cappell 
Mueller Bruin D. Vespa Carey Pauly 

Page 503 



'••.;•;•:•'.•.' ■..■■?■■■■ 

H E 

19 3 1 


f * 

Phi Beta Pi 

University of Pittsburg, 1891 
Thirty-nine Active Chapters 

Iota Chapter 

Established 1902 

709 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 

Charles S. Bacon, Ph.B., M.D., D.Sc. Carl A. Bacon, B.S., M.D. 
George P. Dreyer, A.B., Ph.D. Frank L. Stone, M.D. 

Charles E. Humiston, M.D., D.Sc. Harold I. Meyer, M.D. 
Edmund Foley, B.S., M.D. Calvin A. Lauer, M.D. 

James T. Groot, B.S., M.D. Hugo O. Deuss, B.S., M.D. 


William H. Browne 
Maurice L. Blatt, M.D. 
John J. Gasser, B.S., M.D. 
Carl A. Hedblom, A.B., MA. 
Ph.D., D.Sc. 



Orville L. Abbott, B.S. 
Walter E. Barton, B.S. 
John W. Stevens, B.S. 

Andrew F. Barnett 
Andrew Galloway 

William A. Nye 

Lester W. Baird 
William J. Copeland 
Claire M. Dixon 
John O. Firth 

Howard R. Miller 
Homer L. Lawder 
Claude I. Ellis 

Paul V. Brinley, B.S. 
Robert G. McMillan 
Freeman C. Harris 

James F. Merritt 
Theodore Hartley 
J. Clifton Felts 

Runyon H. Irvin 
Loren L. Love 
Max B. McQueen 

Cyril J. Anslinger 
Ellis Bonnell 

Henry W. Eggers, B.S. 
Martin V. Brown, B.Ed. 
W. Everett Glass, B.S. 


Alvin J. Cerny, B.S. 
Theodore R. Hudson, A.B. 
Francis K. Smith, B.S. 


Burtis E. Montgomery 
Edgar A. Thacker 
Frank R. Urban 

Joseph S. Bartlum 
J. Frank Harris 

Walter J. R. Camp, B.S., M.S., M.D. 

Franklin S. Wilson, Ph.G., M.D. 
M.D., Walter H. Theobald, B.S., M.D. 
Rudolph J. E. Oden, A.B., M.D. 
Cecil D. Browne, B.S., M.D. 

R. Howard Allison 
Behle B. Burns, B.S. 
Francis J. Twohey, B.S. 

Leo L. Thelen 
Jack B. Dismukes 

Harley R. Varney 
Finis E. Wilson 
W. Clay Dine, Jr. 

Frank B. Voris 
James A. Weatherly 
Jack W. Welty 

Copeland Anslinger Miller Lawder J. Harris Voris Bonnell Ellis Weatherly Welty Dixon Bartlum 

Abbott Firth Montgomery Baird Irvin Varney McQueen Dine Urban Thacker Wilson Love Stevens 

Dismukes Hartley Nye Barnett Galloway Hudson Merritt Felts Thelen Smith 

Brinely F. Harris Allison Barton Eggers Twohey Burns Brown McMillan Glass 

Page 504 


Psi Omega 


University of Baltimore, 1892 

Thirty-nine Active Chapters 

Beta Alpha Chapter 

Established 1902 

712 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 


V. T. Nylander, A.B., D.D.S. 
S. D. Tylman, A.B., D.D.S. 
J. S. Kellogg, D.D.S. 

E. C. Wach, 
G. F. Kolar, 
R. A. Jentzcl 

Ph.G., D.D.S 
B.S., D.D.S. 
i, D.D.S. 

M. E. Galvin, D.D.S. 
K. Shoskey, D.D.S. 
W. Mann, D.D.S. 

F. Bazola, D.D.S. 
W. Tolar, D.D.S. 



L. C. Wilkinson 
T. DeVito 
R. Haebich 

P. Bass 
S. Becker 
R. Volin 

H. M. Anderson 
C. A. Anderson 
R. Kane 


T. Weclewski 
J. Holub 

T. Sakowski 
R. Kindlesperger 
C. Sarsoun 
H. Foster 

E. Sroka 
R. Scott 
A. Knab 
W. Hogan 

D. Riedl 

C. Glessner 
P. Wycoff 

E. Potocki 


W. Fredricks 
F. Mackh 
E. Walters 
W. Bezkostny 

R. Campbell 
C. Siniarski 
F. W. Mahlke 
P. H. Landers 

F. Jokela 
H. Robertsor 
C. Cronk 


J. McElroy 

R. Jones 

E. Greenway 

P. Iagman 

F. Fabian 

G. Hanus 

Sarsoun Wilkinson Wycoff Scott Fredricks Robertson Fabian Mahlke McElroy Campbell Hogan 

Landers Dr. Mann Volin Dr. Galvin Foster Knab Potocki Glessner Mackh Bezkostny Sroka 

DeVito Haebich Bass Becker H. Anderson C. Anderson Kane Weclewski 

Jokela Riedl Walters Kindlesperger Hanus Jones Greenway Sakowski 

Page 505 




Phi Chi 


University of Vermont, 1889 

Sixty Active Chapters 

Upsilon Iota Chapter 

Established 1910 

1642 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago 

C. O. G. Almquist, M.D. 

Lloyd L. Arnold, M.A., M.S., M.D. 

A. L. Sawyer, M.D. 

M. J. Summerville, B.S., M.D. 

C. O. Ritch, M.D. 

William E. Burton 
Otis B. Gilther 
Irving E. Kaveney 
Lyle B. Knight 

Walter H. Baer 
Theodore M. Carow 
Henry P. Dorman 
Lars F. Gulbrandsen 

Harry G. Becker 
David A. Bennett 
James E. Cravens 
Gilbert H. Elvardo 
Fred C. Endres 

Bruce N. Balding 
Paul B. Bauer 
Harry C. DeBaurcy 
Clyde A. Dickinson 
DeLoss R. Hanley 

H. M. Ross, M.D. 
J. W. Harned, M.D. 
H. F. Meyer, M.D. 
S. W. Raymond, M.D. 


Dwight Pence, B.S., M.D. 
L. J. Wilhelmi, M.D. 
F. J. Jirka, M.D. 
J. J. Theobold, M.D. 



Hugo Long 
Wilford Mason 
Lynn P. McGoldrick 

Robert H. Newell 
Roger R. Olsen 
Frank L. Quillman 
Milton C. Schell 

Arthur L. Ennis 
Robert G. Hickerson 
David S. Joffray 
John A. Layman 
John A. Legier 

Kyle C. Hawkins 
Lewis M. Heifer 
Clifford A. Hendricks 
John Humphreys 
Gerard M. Jordon 


James W. Moreland 
Frank G. Piszkiewicz 
Dwight W. Rife 

Conrad S. Sommer 
Walter A. Stark 
Marion T. Taylor 
Constantine F. Wente 

Robert McCune 
Bernard E. Malstrom 
Theodore J. Nerein 
Paul M. Rice 
William F. Sayle 

Edward T. Kennedy, Jr. 
William J. Reed 
Leo W. Schneider 
Herman M. Schwerer 
Ralph E. Speer 

S. E. Brown, M.D. 
V. A. Ross, M.D. 
A. Van der Kloot, M.D. 
C. L. Pugh, B.S., M.D. 
C. S. Scuderi, M.D. 

Martin H. Seifert 
James E. Stroh 
Louis F. Varzino 
Jack G. Mearns 

John F. Wixted 
E. Hunter Cox 
Carl F. Waters 

Merrill J. Werner 
Joseph A. Hubata 
Thaddeus M. Koppa 
George E. Ronstrom 

Harry F. Vail 
Arthur S. Weihe 
Robert C. Widerborg 
Joseph D. Simmons 

Ronstrom Schell Wixsted Bauer DeBaurcy 

Schneider Dickerson Nereim Koppa Sommer Hickerson Malstrom Weihe Hawkins Hendricks Bennett Baer Heifer 

Schwerer Balding McCune Reed Ennis Edwards Hubata Werner Layman Sayle Endres Rice Cravens Dorman 

Stark Quillman Kaveny Mason Rife Mearns Giltner Burton Piszkiewicz Stroh 

Taylor Gulbrandson Humphreys Speer Jaffray Legier Vail Becker Widerborg 

\f » 

Page 506 


Medical College of Virginia, 1897 

Forty-three Active Chapters 

Chi Chapter 

Established 1910 

614 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 


William B. Day, Ph.G., Pharm.M. 
Clyde M. Snow, Ph.G., A.M. 
A. H. Clark, Ph.G., B.S., M.S. 
Hugh L. Davis, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 

Elmer H. Wirth, Ph.C, B.S 
Paul D. Carpenter, Ph.G. 
Lewis E. Martin, Ph. G. 
Jos. C. Ocenasek, Ph.G. 

Laurence Templeton, B.S. 
Charles W. Clarke, B.S, M.S. 
George A. Riendeau, Jr., Ph.C. 
J. A. Dorjahn, Ph.G. 



Raymond S. Adamson 
John W. Allen 
Paul J. Biestek 
Hubert M. Darnell 

Clarence W. Burns 
Charles B. Bernadi 
Henry A. Bregenzer 

Richard C. Dodge 
Franklin J. Fetherston 
Walter H. Forney 

John C. Campbell 
Lloyd J. Fay 

Alfred R. Goslin 
Bohumil J. Hajicek, Jr. 
Herbert J. Lacey 


Francis P. Lyman 
Walter O'Grady 

Emmet N. Norris 
Louis W. Rezabek 
Loren A. Sullivan 
Yoland B. Wilson 

Albert DeWitt Schell 
Cleo Wm. Veatch 
Walter A. Lindwall 
















Dr. Davis 






Page 507 

Phi Delta Epsilon 


Cornell Medical School, 1903 

Five Active Chapters 

Alpha Alpha Chapter 

Established 1918 

834 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 

Haim Davis, M.D. 
Maurice Lewison, M.D. 
Egan W. Fischman, M.D. 
Jacob Meyer, M.D. 
Isadore Pilot, M.D. 
Harry A. Singer, B.S., M.D. 

David Banen 
Irving Dreyer 
Benjamin Eisenberg 
Milton Eisenstein 

Samuel A. Levinson, M.S. 
Solomon Maxwell Goldberger, 
Arrie Bamberger, B.S., M.D. 
Charles Newberger, B.S., M.D. 
Isadore B. Diamond, M.D. 
Joseph K. Calvin, B.S, M.D. 



Frank Max Wittelle, B.S., M.D. 
Max S. Wein, B.S. 
Ben Zion Rappaport, B.S., M.D. 
Maxwell T. Borovsky 
Joseph Greengerd, B.S., M.D. 
Abraham F. Lash, B.S., M.D., Ph.D. 
Michael Henry Streicher, B.S., M.D. 
Maurice J. Rose, B.S., M.D. 
Milton H. Kronenberg, B.S., M.D. 
George S. Livingston, B.S., M.S., M.D. 
Seymour J. Cohen, B.S., M.D. 
Jacob M. Mora, M.S., M.D. 
Thomas P. Saltiel, B.S., M.D. 
Harry O. Maryan, B.S., M.D. 



Eugene Falestein 
Albert H. Jenkins 
Solomon Kaufman 
Noah Koenigsbarg 

Earl Lustgarten 
Robert Rodin 
Perry Ross 
Herbert Sacks 

David A. Willis, B.S., M.D. 
Morris L. Parker, B.S., M.D. 
Benjamin L. Levin, B.S., M.D. 
Max T. Bolotin, M.S., M.D. 
Alfred P. Solomon, A.B., M.D. 
Sherman L. Shapiro, B.S., M.D. 
Henry H. Rubin, B.S., M.D. 
S. Wiener, B.S., M.D. 
William Boikan, B.S., M.D. 
Philip Shapiro, A.B., M.S., M.D. 
Louis Parmacek, B.S., M.D. 
Julius Gurvey, B.S., M.D. 
Max E. Fisch, M.S., M.D. 
Jacob Fischer, M.S., M.D. 

Louis W. Shabat 
Henry Siegal 
Louis Steinberg 
Philip Thorek 

Leon J. Aries 
Solomon Benensohn 
Charles R. Bloom 
Henery Chapman 

Samuel Ditkowsky 
Maurice Edelman 
Leon Erenburg 

Daniel Feiman 

Les Baskin 
Harold Bernstein 
Melvin Cohen 
Harry Copper 

Bernard Cohen 
David Cohen 
Hyman Kaplan 

Milton Handelman 
Robert H enner 
David Lerner 

David Golden 
Nathan Ingber 
David Koransky 

Eugene Lipow 
Lester Riskind 
Louis Shapiro 


Benjamin Lichtenstein 
Nathan Masor 
Joseph Miller 


Julius Krevitt 
Morris Lipstein 
Phillip Narodick 

Manuel Taft 
Louis Terman 
Howard Zeitlin 

Edward Seidman 
Norman Shure 
Jack W. Wall 
Maurice Weiss 

Williard Shingleman 
Irwin Shingleman 
Ernest Williams 
Allan Zimring 

Miller Weiss Handelman Wall Seidman D. Cohen Klein Kaplan Lichtenstein Masor Lerner Henner Erenburg Feiman Williams 

Moskowitz Stamler Golden Shure Terman Zeitlin Taft Bloom Aries Riskind Benenjohn Chapman Ditkowsky Koransky 

Lipow B. Cohen Edinburg Kaufman Eisenburg Shabat Jenkins Sacks Lustgarten Falstein Dreyer Eisenstein 

Copper Zimring Waldman Lipstein Shingleman Bernstein Ingber Narodick Krevitt Baskin M. Cohen 

y r 

Page 508 

H E 

I 9 3 ' 

L L 

Phi Lambda Kappa 

University of Illinois, 1907 
Thirty-three Active Chapters 

Alpha Alpha Chapter 

Established 1922 

806 South Ashland Blvd., Chicago 

Louis J. Brody, B.S., M.D. 
Hyman N. Brown, B.S., M.D. 
Jacob W. Fisher, M.D. 

Nathan Epstein, B.S. 
Charles Finkelstein, B.S. 
Bernard Frazin, B.S. 
Joseph Janofsky, B.S. 

Edward J. Denenholz, B.S. 
Bernard Horwitz, B.S. 
David Lerner, B.S. 
Alex Ragins, B.S. 

Benjamin Appelman 
Samuel S. Leavitt 
David L. Lerner 
Arthur H. Schwartz 

S. Bernstein 
H. Brodsky 

0. Comess 
S. Klow 
M. Werbel 
S. Manellis 

1. Schuman 


Max L. Folk, M.D. 

George S. Glassoff, B.S., M.D. 

George B. Hassin, B.S., M.D., Ph.D. 

Leonard E. Markin, B.S., M.D. 
Henry R. Krasnow, B.S., M.D. 
Herman J. Pilka, B.S., M.D. 


Samuel Kraines, B.S. 
Max Rulney, B.S. 
Samuel Shapiro, B.S. 

David V. Effron, B.S. 
Philip Kaplan, B.S. 
Samuel A. Loseff, B.S. 
Meyer I. Saberman, B.S. 

Harry Berman 
Irving Lederman 
Donald Miller 
Joseph Stagman 

A. Bernstein 
M. Byers 
A. Coyne 
S. Rome 
N. Fox 
A. Weffsky 


Irving Siegel, B.S. 
Abraham Simon, B.S. 
Jack D. Singer, B.S. 


William W. Fox, B.S. 
Irving Kaufman, B.S. 
Joseph Poticha, B.S. 
William J. Schutz, B.S. 


George Goldenberg 
Abraham Leff 
Isadore M. Neims 
Louis M. Steiner 

Oscar B. Ragins, B.S., M.D. 
Herbert S. Sarnoff, B.S., M.D. 

Charles M. Weinberg, B.S. 
Benjamin I. Weininger, B.S. 
Irving Wolinsky, B.S. 

Alfred H. Herman, B.S. 
Milton Kurschner, B.S. 
Sydney S. Price, B.S. 


M. Becker 
B. Chern 
M. Dushkin 
G. Rose 
H. Gordon 
I. Makovsky 

Leo J. Greenberg 
David Lemberg 
Martin Rosenthal 
Isadore Turow 

H. Beisman 
J. Cohen 
C. Katz 
J. Winsberg 
H. Greenstein 
F. Saruk 

Rome S. Bernstein Brodsky N. Fox Cohen Katz Chern Manellis 

Klow Kaplan Leff Ragins Schutz Turow Rosenthal Dushkin Byers Neffsky Lemberg Saruk Comess Biesman Greenstein 

Rose Jessert Lederman Berman Leavitt Greenberg Steiner Appelman Miller Schwartz Stagman D. Lerner Neims Becker Ryder Brownstein 

Kaufman D. Lerner Janofsky Finkelstein Kraines Shapiro Wolinsky Price Poticha Kurschner Schuman 

Coyne Gordon Winsberg A. Bernstein Effron Saberman Denenholz W. Fox Herman Horwitz Loseff 

Page 509 

;^-::- :: ^-^:^ 

uue'ae l o v -<q l. to vou i l i_ i n o i S 

Each one has a way to whate'er she attains; 

For some have the beauty and some have the 

There ' s Something that's sweet, 
And Something that ' s neat, 

But Something, you're bound to admit ; 
That mystical charm 
Prepared to unarm — 

That whimsical Something called "it." 

You may be in luck and find one who re- 

Her ravishing beauty with competent brains. 

uu€T , R-e OFL-f^noe -n n o Slug 

l_ u » n o i S 

LUS'UL. 8-vqCK -VOU4 to S t -iR n. o 

' O -*=i > n ^ t~ ' -ri-ie BCS-r in -ri-4^ i_ -*r r> o 




Sorority Index 

Alpha Chi Omega 517 

Alpha Delta Pi : 524 

Alpha Delta Theta 538 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 528 

Alpha Gamma Delta 526 

Alpha Omicron Pi 522 

Alpha Phi 533 

Alpha Xi Delta 519 

Beta Phi Alpha 535 

Beta Sigma Omicron 544 

Bethany Circle 547 

Chi Omega 518 

Congregational House .-....' 549 

Davenport House 550 

Delta Delta Delta 529 

Delta Gamma 520 

Delta Phi Epsilon 543 

Delta Zeta 530 

Gamma Phi Beta 525 

Kappa Alpha Theta 514 

Kappa Delta 536 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 516 

Kappa Sigma Tau \ 540 

Lambda Omega 537 

McKinley Hall 551 

Phi Mu 531 

Phi Omega Pi 523 

Phi Sigma Sigma 539 

Pi Beta Phi 515 

Pi Lambda Sigma 545 

Presbyterian Hall 548 

Sigma Alpha Iota 541 

Sigma Delta Tau 542 

Sigma Kappa 521 

Sigma Phi Beta 546 

Theta Phi Alpha - - 527 

Theta Upsilon 534 

West Residence Hall 553 

Women's Residence Hall 552 

Zeta Tau Alpha 532 

Page 512 

Page 513 


University of DePauw, 1870 
Fifty-eight Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1895 

611 East Daniel Street 

Kappa Alpha Theta 


Hazel Bowman 
Ruth V. Caldwell 
L. Margaret Carr 
Ruth Conklin 


Susan Deuel 
Aileen Durin 
Greta Gill 

Alberdine Hatcher 
Rachel Hill 
Leota M. Miller 

Mary E. Roberts 
Virginia B. Smith 
Pauline Percival 


Marjorie Adam 
Frances A. Eberlein 
Williamina G. Farnham 
Elizabeth Furst 
Katherine Goodwin 
Jane Hardy 

Virginia Amsbary 
Frances Campbell 
Louise Cameron 

Irene Doolen ' 
Florence E. Martin 
Grace Ellen Miller 
Margaret Railsback 
Elizabeth Schneider 

Margaret W. Haven 

Ann Jones 

Frances L. McConnell 

Emily Johnson 
Virginia Sherman 
Bernice Stephens 
Ethel L. Young 
Virginia Wilkes 


Nancy L. Mead 
Margaret Rutherford 
Jean Smith 

Virginia Bredehoft 
Barbara Bergen 
Ellinore C. Carroll 
Eunice Collins 
Mary Lou Condit 
Annette M. Schoel 

Margaret Stults 
Cassaline A. Stephenson 
Mary Virginia Wright 

Valeen A. Gabeline 
Mary B. Herrick 

Katherine E. Hevron 
Barbara A. Johnson 


Grace Johnston 
Mildred Parkhill 

Frances J. Smieding 
Vida Merchant 


Rutherford Goodwin Gabeline Smieding Hevron Parkhill McConnell Stults B. Johnson Johnston G. Miller Stephenson Condit Merchant 

Doolen Farnham Carroll Amsbary Haven Wright Mead Campbell Smith Cameron Jones Hardy Herrick Bredehoft 

Schoel Eberlein Sherman Martin Adam Furst Young Stephens Wilkes Schneider E. Johnson Collins Railsback 

Carr Smith Hill Caldwell Roberts Bowman Durin Percival Gill L. Miller Conklin Hatcher 

I , 

Page 514 


Monmouth College, 1867 

Seventy-five Active Chapters 

Zeta Chapter 

Established 1895 

1005 South Wright Street 

Pi Beta Phi 


Maria Leonard, A.M. 
Lillian M. Hatfield, Ph.D. 

Ruth E. Bresee 
Emma Jane Shepherd 
Anita Wood 

Elizabeth Stoolman 
Helen M. Porterfield 
Josephine M. Townsend 

Mary Jane Hutton 
Marybelle Kimmel 
Mary E. Gatewood 
Grace Louise Keiser 
Louise Haire 

Barbara J. Qualkinbush 
Jane Hall 
Ruth Brennan 

E. Lucille Welch, A.M. 
Nelle M. Signor, A.B., B.L.S. 

Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. 
Willa Garver, B.L.S. 

M. Lee Etheridge, M.D., Dr. Ph. 



Kathryn A. Burrows 
Wesa Dale 
Catherine M. Hughes 

Lucille Triebel 
Dorothy M. Miller 

Louise Rickard 
Jane Busch 
Glenita Hobbs 
Elizabeth Howell 

Barbara Kurtz 
Beth Olwin 
Gertrude Walters 

Verna B. Daily 
Frances Hickman 
Alberta F. Lewis 


Mary Ann Carson 
Margaret Alexander 
Dona Olin 


Margaret R. Sattley 
Margaret F. Mathis 
Alice M. Daugherity 
Katherine Colp 


Jean Webster 
Melle K. Russell 
Kathryn Leutwiler 

Ann E. Putnam 
Mary Lou Norris 
Gretchen Stein 

June Whitson 
Patricia Russell 

Elizabeth Hughes 
Dorothy Farrar 
Mary Jane Fithian 
Mary Foster 

Linda Fitz-Gerald 
Jeanne Price 

Qualkinbush Hall Brennan Kurtz Olwin Walters Webster M. Russell Price 

Colp Keiser Howell Hutton Daugherity Farrar Foster E. Hughes Fithian Alexander Fitz-Gerald Leutwiler 

Porterfield Townsend Kimmel Stein Carson Whitson Busch Mathis Gatewood Haire Hobbs Rickard 

Daily Wood Norris Lewis Burrows K. Hughes Putnam Dale Olin P. Russell Miller Triebel Stoolman 

Page 515 






Monmouth College, 1870 
Fifty-seven Active Chapters 

Beta Lambda Chapter 

Established 1899 

1102 South Lincoln Avenue 

Catherine Richter, A.B. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 


Frances Simpson, B.L.S., M.L. Harriet T. Barto, A.M. 



Virginia Bates 
Margaret Goodman 

Gladys Scior 
Frances Ray 

Frances Hart 
Virginia Mae Stephens 
Sara Moffat 
Jeanne Culver 

Jane Diener 

Margaret Ann McMakin 
Jane Fisher 
Kathryn Lindskog 
Katherine Trees 

Lucille Machiels 

Elizabeth DeBerard 
Martha Baker 

Juliet Connors 
Katherine Steele 
Lois Webster 

Marcia Kelling 
Elizabeth Gregory 
Kate McCandless 
Zara Heard 
Jane Prettyman 

Esther Phares 


Barbara Phares 
Mary Jane Seifert 


Irene Boyer 
Hope Thalman 
Jane Zinn 


Sara Hughes 
Jean Pettigrew 
Maxine Sterrett 
Betty Ann Harter 
Edna Olson 

Josephine McCormick 
Mary Anna Eads 

Margaret Carnahan 
Helen Crane 

Mary Funk 
Mary Robbins 
Meryl Sanders 

Elizabeth Setchell 
Mary Ellen McKee 
Isobel Rose 
Virginia Ziegler 

Rose Olson Kelling Harter McCandiess Setchell Trees McKee Hart Gregory Pretryman 

Stephens McMakin Sterrett Ziegler Diener " Fisher Lindskog Hughes Pettigrew Heard Crane 

Baker Sanders Moffat Robbins Webster Culver Connors Steele Thalman Boyer Funk Zinn Carnahan 

DeBerard Eads E. Phares Richardson Goodman McCormick Bates Machiels Ray Scior B. Phares Seifert 

Page 516 

DePauw University, 1885 
Fifty-seven Active Chapters 

Iota Chapter 

Established 1889 

708 South Mathews Street 

Alpha Chi Omega 


Josephine E. Miller, A.B., M.A. 

Bess C. Baer 
Ruth Posey 

Frances L. Ware 
Betty E. Hinckle 


Elizabeth Clarke 
Sarah L. Hollister 

Lola J. Muns 

Ruth E. Waddell 
Lillian Swanson 

Marguerite E. Stephens 
Charlotte R. Wainwright 


Ellen W. Brayshaw 
Maxine Wilson 

Rebecca Garnette 

Esther J. Hardwick 
Mary J. Brennan 
Virginia A. Givler 

Jeanne J. Roeder 
Eileen Jones 
Helen M. Welch 


Leona L. Brandt 
Margaret J. Moore 
Mariellen Nottingham 

Helen Mulford 
Dorothy C. Grant 

Nancy Cousley 
Aleta Flaningam 
Virginia Gill 

Elizabeth Schumacher 
Harriette E. Gingrich 
Eleanore T. Irland 


Dorothy E. Johnson 
Muriel D. Transom 
Katherine Knappenberger 

Elma G. Patton 
Ruth E. Sheldon 
Jessie Waddell 


Wilson Stephens Brennan Brandt Wainwright Swanson Transom Roeder Knappenberger Brayshaw Grant Patton Gingrich Givler Mulford Nottingham 

Moore Jones Welch R. Waddell Irland J. Waddell Garnette Sheldon Johnson Hardwick Schumacher 

Clarke Muns Hinckle Baer Ware Hollister Posey Cousley 

Page 517 

w$ l 

University of Arkansas, 1895 
Eighty-seven Active Chapters 

Omicron Chapter 

Established 1900 

907 South Wright Street 

Chi Omega 

Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. 


Vivian McLarty, A.M. Cornelia P. Kelly, A.M. 



Thyra Moore 
Susan Townsend 
Gladys Mark 
Murle Block 

Virginia Edes 
Ellen White 

Betty Daily 
Janet Meyers 

Helen Gregg 
Martha Belshe 
Henriette Mehaffey 
Marjorie Phillips 
Edith Larmon 
Georgia Butt 

Milda Shallene 
Betty Huntoon 
Louise Cummins 

Jean Macdonald 

Georgia Jeanmairet 
Helen Mary Reynolds 

Betty Lou Hughes 
Dorsey Connors 
Lois Wesemann 
Jane Beckwith 
Betty Briggs 
Elizabeth Canavan 

Ann Crathorne 
Dorothy DeBerard 
Mary Dollins 


Jane Landee 


Virginia Harvey 
Jane Acker 


Shirley Hazard 
Cynthia Dyer 
Frances Yeaton 
Betty Johnson 
Lorayne Harper 
Pauline Block 

Irene Kirchner 
Grace Parkhill 
Betty Miller 
Claire Kelly 

Miriam Phillips 
Katherine Weinberg 

Delyte Klatt 
Margaret Bushee 

Constance Hess 
Ernestine Keller 
Alice Millard 
Mary Lindsay 
LaDonne Patier 
Virginia Toeller 

Miller Townsend 
Mark M. Block Shallene 
Daily Jeanmairet Phillips Landee Canavan 
Gregg Mehaffey Larmon Connors Harvey Briggs 
Belshe Phillips Butt Hughes Wesemann Beckwith 

Huntoon Moore Crathorne 
'Cummins Kelly DeBerard Dollins 

Weinberg Macdonald White Edes Bushee Acker 

Klatt Yeaton Kirchner Meyers Reynolds Millard Lindsay 
Hazard Byer Johnson Harper P. Block Hess Keller Patier 

Page 518 



Lombard College, 1893 

Fifty Active Chaptets 

Kappa Chapter 

Established 1905 

715 West Michigan Street 

Alpha Xi Delta 



Helen Queenan 
Dorothy Jueal 

Maxine Kinney 
Irene Helphinstine 

Ruth FitzSimons 
Alice Kaspar 

Marjorie Olson 
Janice Wiggins 
Jane Miller 
Mary Louise Goelitz 

Virginia Patterson 
Harriet Lampman 

Kathryn Hunsicker 
Leslie Lindsley 

Mona Leis MacMillan Helen Schlapp 

Marjorie Day 

Pauline Patton 
Birdie DeCardy 
Perry Brauer 
Jean Barkdull 


Hazel Frankel 



Doris Emberson 
Anita Rose Reece 
Betty Apmadoc 
Edna Dowling 

Dorothy Plante 
Catherine Powell 

Gertrude Horton 
Gwendolyn Roberts 

Esther Berg 
Maxine Cripe 

Mary Ferris 
Myrtle Rea 
Marjorie Biersmith 

Rea Ferris Miller Cripe DeCardy Day Apmadoc Goelitz Wiggins Biersmith Barkdull 

Emberson FitzSimons Schlapp Frankel Kinney Dowling Lee Olson Reece Kaspar Brauer 

Lindsley Powell Patterson Queenan Culhane Lampman Plante Hunsicker Roberts MacMillan 

Page 519 




Lewis Institute, 1874 

Forty-three Active Chapters 

Iota Chapter 

Established 1906 

804 South Mathews Street 

Aka G. Saunders, M.A. 

Delta Gamma 


Edna E. Walls, MA. 


F. Eugenia Anderson 
Mary E. Goodell 
Gertrude E. Hayes 
Vera E. Kraft 

Margaret E. Crocker 
Frances C. Crouse 

Ruth E. Ashmore 
Helena D. Bundy 
Catherine Dennis 

Emily L. Aiken 
Charlotte Bradley 
Margaret C. Crouse 
Elvera Duller 
Maude Hine 

Gertrude E. Lytle 
Josephine K. Macdonald 
Gladys V. Moberly 

Mary Jane Egan 
Gladys Freeman 

Mary C. Franklin 
Florence L. Grigsby 
Margery Gunn 

Evelyn H. Holliday 
Ruth Frances Huckett 
Edna M. Hyttinen 
Karlynne E. Jacob 

Ruth Nelson 
Martha L. Nystrom 
Virginia L. See 


Mary Eleanor Gilmore 
Jane Ludy 


Dorothy K. Hoge 
Margaret A. Parker 
Jean Thompson 


Jane Kraft 
Harriet Pitman 
Caroline E. Sexton 
Alice Smedberg 

Mildred L. Patton 
Helen E. Smith 
Martha G. Welch 

Mary Virginia Marsh 
Edith P. Stone 

Elayna Burner 
Mary Louise Temple 

Dorothy J. Stanley 
Mary Thompson 
Martha Willett 
Jean Johnston 
Edith L. Smith 

Bradley Huckett Stanley Duller Smith Aiken Holliday M. Crouse 
Sexton J. Kraft Hine Johnston Pitman Temple J. Thompson Gunn Bundy Grigsby Parker Hyttinen Smedberg Jacob 

Ashmore Franklin Dennis Egan Marsh Stone Crocker Hoge F. Crouse Ludy M. Thompson Willett 
Patton Moberly Anderson Welch Hayes Nelson Macdonald V. Kraft Lytle Goodell Nystrom Gilmore See H. Smith 

Page 520 


Colby College, 1874 

Forty-one Active Chapters 

Theta Chapter 

Established 1906 

1116 West Nevada Street 


Ethel Larm, B.A., M.A. 

Sigma Kappa 


Josie B. Houchens, A.M., B.L.S. Helen H. Peffer, A.B. 


Fannie M. Brooks, A.B., R.N. 


Alberta Leeper 
Helen L. Sawyer 

Ruth Rankin 
M. Beth Moore 
Mary L. Morris 
Louise Babel 

Lilian Sawyer 
Evelyn Kluge 
Lois I. Miller 

Caroline Pope 
Genevieve Morris 

Louise Brewster 

F. Marjorie Peacock 
Sarah M. Zoller 
Beryl Bennethum 
Olga Bursik 

Lois J. Blake 
Kathryn Connor 

Lois Chitty 
Rogene Jones 

Helen Reed 


Helen L. Reagin 
Helen Rochenbach 
Mary Pope 
Lucile Quade 


Inna Marie Willis 
Virginia Peffer 


Mildred Coe 
Helena Willard 

Julia M. Simonsen 
Charlotte L. Weber 

Ruth Beers 
Eleanor Barkman 
Doretta Rasmussen 

Bertha Armstrong 
Frances Zoeller 
Dorothy Armour 

Martha Robbins 
Jean McLean 


Peacock Babel Reagin M. Pope Moore Armstrong Rankin Bursik Brewster Weber H. Sawyer Simonsen Leeper 

Rochenbach Miller Willis Kluge L. Sawyer Rasmussen M. Morris Quade Beers Barkman Bennethum Reed 

G. Morris Coe Willard Chitty Jones Robbins Armour C. Pope Zoeller Blake Zoller 

Page 521 





Barnard College, 1897 

Thirty-seven Active Chapters 

Iota Chapter 

Established 1911 

706 South Mathews Street 

Alpha Omicron Pi 



Mary Alice MacMillan 
M. Richolene Hughes 

Grace A. Esdohr 
Louise H. Thompson 
Katharine Coughlin 

Mary Fernholz 
Edna L. Kline 
Helen K. Granger 
Mary K. Kennedy 
Erma A. Bissel 

Gladys Neunuebel 
Anita French 
Beatrice La Velle 
Ruth Page 

Dorothy L. Lannon 

Edna L. Polk 
May L. Wilson 

Betty Hess 
Eleanor Hall 
Louise Buresch 
Mildred Wilcox 

Gladys Anderson 
Grace Allen 
Lois Fox 
Ruth Reed 

Margaret Harlan 


Dorothy Ruth Miller 
Elizabeth Evans 



Esther G. Collins 
Wilma Haeger 
Florence Hook 
Evelyn Home 

Janet Egly 
Florence Koegel 
Mary Seibert 
Ruth Baldwin 

Kathryn Browne 
Betty C. Stiven 

Dorothy Jane Fogwell 
Mary Campbell 
Dorothy H. Burg 

Anna Louise Beatty 
Virginia de Voigne 
Marion Camp 
Ellen Jones 
Audrey J. Skinner 

Grace Karstens 
Betty Walker 
Harriet Thompson 
Leona Goodman 

Neunuebel French La Velle Page Anderson Fox Reed Egly Koegel Seibert Baldwin 

Granger Collins Walker Thompson Allen Goodman Jones Kline Hook Haeger Hall Camp 

Hess Home Buresch Skinner Wilcox Beatty Bissel Kennedy Fernholz de Voigne Miller Evans Fogwell 

Debenham Wilson Thompson Esdohr Polk Burg Stiven MacMillan Harlan Browne Hughes Lannon Coughlin Campbell 

Page 522 


University of Nebraska, 1910 

Eighteen Active Chapters 

Gamma Chapter 

Established 1911 

713 West Ohio Street 

Phi Omega Pi 

Grace E. Danforth, A.B., M.A. 


Margaret Barton, A.B., M.A. Emma R. Jutton, B.L.S. 



Audrey E. Birtwell 
Madeline Grigsby 
Virginia E. Gleim 

Dorothy C. Abbott 
Oriole Helbrig 

Ruth C. Smith 
Winifred G. Flint 
Marion E. Edwards 

Marion H. Gleim 
Laura C. Jones 
Helene Still 

Genevieve Robinson 
Gladys C. Neystrom 

Muriel E. Ragsdale 
Grace M. Green 

Lillian C. Walling 
Ruth H. Chamberlain 

Ruth B. Ranger 
Dorothy L. Pottag 

Alice M. Anderson 
Helen D. Kimball 


Dorothy B. Muirhead 
Virginia A. McLeod 


Mildred M. Thai 
Stacy M. Sward 



Alice B. Underwood 
Mildred Sheperd 

Helen B. Kruse 
Harriett Duell 
Ruth A. Rysdon 

Helen Hammond 
Helen E. Sowden 

Frances M. McLeod 
Ruth A. Blumenkamp 
Mable Lindstrom 

Dorothy Flowers 
Louise Soanamenn 
Pauline M. Opp 

Hammond Jones Helbrig Pottag Ranger Opp Shepherd Flowers Underwood M. Gleim Still 

Sward Lindstrom Chamberlain Thai Smith F. McLeod Walling Blumenkamp Edwards Flint V. McLeod Ragsdale Muirhead 

Green Abbott Sowden Rysdon Kruse Neystrom Robinson V. Gleim Grigsby Duell Kimball Anderson Birtwell 

Page 523 







Wesleyan Female College, 1851 

Forty-nine Active Chapters 

Sigma Chapter 

Established 1912 

1202 West Nevada Street 

Louise M. Pickens, M.S. 

Alpha Delta Pi 


Rossleene A. Hetler, Ph.D. 


Margery E. Purnell 
Gertrude M. Snowhill 

Joyce E. Newbill 
Gladys B. Nelson 
Margaret K. Burns 

Helen A. Hilliard 
Winona M. Rakstang 
A. Allison Jones 

Eileen P. Gleason 
Shirley G. Webber 
Mary F. Thoma 

Margaret J. Whitelaw 
Gladys M. Currie 

Elizabeth M. Mann 
Helen M. Mojonnier 

Dorothy E. Squire 
Frances E. Pierce 

Martha J. Schmidt 
Evelyn E. Nelson 
Evelyn East 

Ruth K. Pretty 
Dorothy M. Griggs 



Jean B. Currie 
Virginia A. Smith 

Mary A. Hayes 
Eleanor A. Shell 


Dorothy M. Runge 
Lois C. Swigart 
Phyllis Theiss 

S. Joselyn Way 

Gertrude B. Freevol 
Mary Jane Caldwell 
Bernice A. Ryersen 

Josephine A. Smith 
Lucille Chance 
Elizabeth J. Gore 

Elizabeth A. Gwinn 
Margaret B. Crocker 

Theiss Jones Mann Hilliard V. Smith Gleason Thoma Schmidt Gwinn E. Nelson Hayes Webber 

Crocker Burns Shell Mojonnier Pierce Newbill J. Smith Rakstang Chance G. Nelson Swigart 

J. Currie Caldwell Myerson Way Whitelaw G. Currie Purnell Griggs Snowhill Prerty Freevol Squire 


Page 524 

Syracuse University, 1874 
Thircy-six Active Chapters 

Omicron Chapter 

Established 1913 

1110 West Nevada Street 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Mary Wens Beam, A.B. 
Mary Burnier, B.S. 

Winifred Douglas 
Frances Knight 
Florence Roy 

Eleanor Applegate 
Lois Fleming 
Jean Stingley 
Marjorie King 

Elizabeth Allen 
Helen Duncan 
Margaret Heppes 
Elizabeth Schaub 

Jean Clements 
Mary Gray 
Evelyn Johnson 


Eleanor Kingsley, A.B. Marie M. Hotstetter, A.B., B.L.S. 


Anna Belle Robinson, M.A. 


Marion Gibson 
Margaret Leach 
Sarah Worst 

Frances Payne 
Dorothy Roesch 
Lucy Baker 
Jeannette Smallfeldt 

Helen Sheppley 
Lillian White 
Audley Nichols 

Gretchen Wagner 
Alice Ireland 
Tirzah Kane 

Margaret Helman 
Evelyn McCutchen 
Nancy Vance 


Dorothea Gilbert 
Dorothy Marie Whyte 
Betty Petru 
Dorothy Lee Salle 


o mores 

Helen Campbell 
Maxine Dry 
Rachel S. Holman 


Eleanor Cook 
Catherine Grometer 
Mary Moore 

Beatrice Kane 
Margaret Otis 

Elizabeth Rice 
Virginia Hall 
Elizabeth Paine 
Gwendolyn Pike 

Sarah Simonds 
Bertha Enger 
Helen Kamphoefner 

Ruth Curtis 
Marion Irrmann 
Mildred Smith 

Cook Wagner Johnson Gray Moore Smith 

Heppes Allen Holman Enger Campbell Dry 

Stingley Kamphoefner Whyte Paine Roesch Pike 

Helman Vance Gibson Douglas McCutchen Roy 

Clements Curtis Kane Irrmann Ireland Grometer 
Nichols White Schaub Sheppley Simonds Duncan 
Smallfeldt Payne Baker Salle Applegate Rice Gilbert 
Knight Otis Leach Worst Kane Fleming Petru King 

Page 525 


l mv 


Syracuse University, 1904 

Thirty-nine Active Chapters 

Sigma Chapter 

Established 1918 

1106 South Lincoln Street 

Alpha Gamma Delta 


Ruth M. Caldwell, B.S. 


Lucille Blake 
Lorena Brune 
Jeannette Chesbro 

Blanche Christenson 
Marguerite Ingram 
Kathryn Kimball 


Bernice Saxon 
Janette Schmidt 
Ruth Shreve 

Mary R. Stone 
Helen Stull 
Rita Wylie 

Mildred Berthold 
Esther Caldwell 
Frances Cody 

Priscilla Adams 
Barbara Jane Clark 
Margaret Heartt 

Vivian Anderson 
Mildred Buehler 
Bernice Brinkema 

Doris Danks 
Eloise Kohlhagen 

Mary K. Lannen 
Viola Little 

Elizabeth Flinn 
Lucille Hum 


Musa Lewis 
Margaret Singleton 


Adele Schollmeyer 
Louise Tavs 


Marjory Murphy 
Gladys Smetana 

Eleanor Warren 
Dorothy Todd 
Ruth Lueder 

Clara Williams 
Louise Miethe 

Viola Tupy 

Martha Jayne Kimball 



M.Kimball Buehler Smetana. Tupy Anderson Hum Murphy 

Cody Todd Berthold Williams Little Heartt Schollmeyer Tavs Miethe Lannen Warren 

K. Kimball Adams Blake StuH Kohlhagen Caldwell Singleton Shreve Clark Danks 

Saxon Chesbro Brune Lewis Ingram Schmidt Stone Wylie Christenson 

Page 526 


University of Michigan, 1912 

Seventeen Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1919 

1005 West Nevada Street 

Theta Phi Alpha 


Alice M. Sullivan, Ph.D. 



Madlynn E. Boos 

Charlotte H. Barrett 
Audrey McDonald 

Jeanette Armstrong 
Bernadette Caron 
Dorothy Herron 
Joan McGrath 
Jane Smith 

Flora Armstrong 
Lucille Carson 
Marie Van Etten 

Eileen A. Graham 

Barbara Carson 
Catherine O'Neill 

Virginia Barrett 
Marjorie Dooley 
Marjorie Keavin 
Eleanor Wall 

Eleanor Boos 
Frances Lyman 

Elizabeth H. Kehoe 


Marion Drueke 
Josephine Purcell 


Frances Birkett 
Catherine Ellis 
Eileen Kenneally 
Adelaide Wright 


Louise DeTamble 
Gertrude Meyers 

Mary G. Hayes 
Mildred E. Rapp 

Mary Frances Burnham 
Marjorie Finn 
Alice Kinnare 
Frances McLaughlin 

Irma Dinkle 
Hortense Schroeder 

Keavin Burnham Meyers 
Lyman Smith Finn V. Banett 

E. Boos McDonald Rapp 

Herron Wright Wall Schroeder Dinkle Kinnare Caron McGrath DeTamble 
Dooley McLaughlin F. Armstrong Bergen Birkett Kenneally Van Etten J. Armstrong 

O'Neill Drueke Purcell 

Hayes C. Barrett Graham M. Boos B. Carson 

Page 527 





Barnard College, 1909 

Twenty-seven Active Chapters 

Mu Chapter 

Established 19'S 

904 South Third Street 


Elizabeth Lantin 

Ethel Lee Klein 
Bernice Grawoig 

Lillian Newman 
Margaret Lee 
Hannah Friedman 
Louise Meyers 

Florence Bearsh 
Maeta Herbst 
Bernice Fink 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 




Zelda Goodman 
Mildred Miller 

Evalyn Cooper 
Ruth Wechter 
Marguerite Kahn 
Selma Springer 

Jane McCowan 
Dorothy Rosenberg 
Phyllis Shanedling 

Rosalyn Cutler 
Bernice Spitalny 


Ruth Ruekberg 
Delia Milgrim 
Janet Harris 
Jewel Ecker 

Mildred C. Stein 

Regina Rothbaum 
Esther Stamm 

Thelma Shore 
Sylvia Baer 
Joanne Myers 


Beatrice Schoenbrod 
Maxine Traub 
Elizabeth Stitzberg 

Maerose DeLue 
Charlotte Goldman 
Dorothy Levin 

Schoenbrod DeLue 
Ecker Bearsh 
Kahn Milgrim Lee 

Shanedling Traub 
Rosenberg Cohen 
Goodman Lantin 

Fink Ruekberg 

Spitalny Cooper 

Newman Klein 

McCowan Levin Goldman Herbst Rothbaum 
Miller Friedman Springer Baer Harris 
Stein Stamm Cutler Wechter Grawoig Shore 

Page 528 


Boston University, 1888 

Seventy-four Active Chapters 

Delta Pi Chapter 

Established 1920 

508 East Chalmers Street 

Adele Dethmann 
Catherine Fait 

Gladys Groner 
Grace Groner 
Marjorie Jaburek 

Clara Doolen 
Grace Elliot 
Ruth Finnegan 
Ruth Francis 

Sarah Applegate 
Elizabeth Fishbaugh 

Delta Delta Delta 


Leah Fullenwider Trelease, A.M. 


Lucile Finnegan 
Dorothy Marie Johnson 

Ruth Johnson 
Esther McAnulty 

Dorothy Gard 
Charlotte Gauer 
Carolyn Goar 
Helen Gunn 

Lucinda Gauer 
Harriet Iverson 

Elizabeth Kresler 
Myrtle Magnuson 


Sarah Porter 
Marian Waiss 


Hazel Horton 
Mary Ingold 
Dorothea Kenyon 
Antoinette Lingg 


Mary Just 
Dorothy Scudder 

Jane McClure 
Mary Wood 

Mary Betty von Almen 
Florence Wood 
Virginia Murton 

Virginia Loomis 
Ramona Wood 
Marjorie Lee 

Helen Saunders 

Dethmann Magnuson Fait M. Wood C. Gauer 
F. Wood Elliott McAnulty Waiss Porter von Almen Murton Kresler D. Johnson L. Finnegan 
Doolen R. Wood Gunn R. Finnegan Gard Ingold Jaburek Lee Lingg Horton Loomis McClure 
Goar Francis R. Johnson Saunders Fishbaugh Kenyon Applegate L. Gauer Scudder Gladys Groner Grace Groner Iverson Just 

Page 529 



\ .vj. , -,. ; ■ 





Miami University, 1902 

Fifty-three Active Chapters 

Alpha Beta Chapter 

Established 1921 

810 South Third Street 

Elizabeth Peckenpaugh 

Delta Zeta 



Ruth Rothenberger 


Mary Aikin 
Elizabeth Elich 
Mary Louise Grieger 
Margaret Osborne 

Mary Joan Bunting 
Frances Hawes 

Eloise Bonnett 
Mary Patton 

Louise Clow 
Eleanor Schultz 

Clara Rush 

Mary Charlotte Finley 

Ruth Mary Johnson 

Hazel Drew 
Vera Monroe 

Dorothy Case 
Ann Voelkel 

Nancy Embree 

Irene Ebeling 
Elizabeth Roe 
Marguerite Koelln 


Mildred Mercereau 
Genevieve Dixon 


Helen Gray 
Phyllis Parker 


Katherine Konold 

Winifred Wright 
Mary Hackett 
Ann Meierhofer 

Wilma Busenbark 
Mary McGraw 

Audrey Weis 

Virginia Planer 

Mercereau Clow Konold Embree Schultz Bonnett Weis Planer Monroe Voelkel Rothenberger 

Patton Gray Parker Wright Finley Hawes Drew Bunting Aikin Dixon Busenbark 

Koelln Roe Elich Johnson Meierhofer Hackett Peckenbaugh Grieger Osborne Snyder Ebeling 

Page 530 

Wesleyan College, 1852 
Fifty-six Active Chapters 

Delta Beta Chapter 

Established 1921 

706 West Ohio Street 




Margaret Gates, A.M. 


Jessie L. Potter, B.Mus. Clara Meyers, B.S. 



Eliza Baughman 
Ursula Hampel 
Bessie Olson 

Beatrice Beall 
Ernestine Hohengarten 
Ann Turnell 

Wintress Dalbey 
Phyllis Jack 
Celeste Rocke 
Lucille Wilson 

Betsy Atkinson 
Helen Hohengarten 

Evelyn Blomquist 
Isabel Johnston 

Elizabeth Campbell 
Edith Lee 

Lucille Fisler 
Frances Meade 
Virginia Stanford 
Emma Louise Webster 

Edna Barney 
Mildred Johnston 

Dorothy Dodge 
Phyllis Long 


Rhea Crews 
Isabel Bower 


Kathryn Francis 
Mabel Poore 
Dora Thacker 
Rose, Mary Wilson 


Phyllis Brown 
Mildred Stiegemeyer 

Dorothy Edwards 
Helen Mathis 

Martha Swisegood 

Margaret Frazier 
Isabel Roper 
Amy Turnell 

Elizabeth Horner 
Edna Reese 
Dorothy Wakefield 

Jane Beall 


Meade Stanford L. Wilson H. Hohengarten Barney 
Jack Wakefield Webster Francis Fislei 
Crews Bower Lee B. Beall Frazier Roper 
Johnston Edwards Mathis Long Blomquist Olson 

Wetherhold Stiegemeyer J. Beall Atkinson Mitchell 
Dalbey Knuth Thacker Rocke Poore 
Amy Turnell Brown Reese R. Wilson Horner 
Baughman Swisegood E. Hohengarten Campbell Ann Turnell 

Page 531 





Virginia State Normal College, 1898 

Fifty-five Active Chapters 

Alpha Kappa Chapter 

Established 1921 

808 West Vermont Street 

Beulah M. Armstrong, Ph.D. 

Zeta Tau Alpha 



Flora H. Tesh, A.B. 

Lois E. Campbell 
Mary Margaret Clark 
Erville T. Farrar 

Mary L. Bennett 
Charlotte E. Claussen 
Frances M. Etzbach 

Evelyn Brodin 
Eileen J. Brydges 
Evelyn Cote 

Ethel M. Best 
Rosalyn E. Boggs 
Margaret E. Dirks 

Leonora I. Gilmour 
Helen E. Hibbs 
Neva L. Little 

Helen June Goulding 
Sara F. Hewitt 

Agatha E. Felter 
Viola Helen Hopkins 
Judith M. Kirkman 

Martha F. Etzbach 

Mary Elizabeth Flannigan 

Neora G. Janssen 
G. Justine Palmer 
Ruth E. Phillips 


Margaret R. Kingsley 
Norma A. Krull 



Frances M. Lindquist 
Muriel B. Nelson 
Helen L. Smith 

Eugenia D. Hammett 
Bonita C. Mathews 

Annetta M. Siemon 
A. Lucille Patterson 

Ruth E. Rowe 
Elizabeth R. Schwarz 
Ruth A. Bell 

Virginia P. Weber 
Barbara R. Stansfield 

Ethel M. Nelson 
Irma M. Volger 
Marian E. Filson 

Hammett Dirks Filson Flannigan Boggs Brodin Best Bennett Mathews E. Nelson Volger M. Etzbach 

Hopkins Krull Hewitt Kirkman Brydges Rowe Stansfield Cote Felter Smith M. Nelson Lindquist Weber Bell Claussen 

F. Etzbach Kingsley Gilmour Siemon Little Palmer Campbell Clark Hibbs Patterson Phillips Farrar Janssen Goulding Schwarz 

Page 532 

Syracuse University, 1872 
Thirty-one Active Chapters 

Beta Alpha Chapter 

Established 1922 

508 East Armory Avenue 

l M 


Alpha Phi 

Marian E. Baker, A.B. 
Margaret Bloom, Ph.D. 


Esther K. Bruhn, A.B. Frances E. Jenison, A.M. 


Jane C. Watt, A.B., B.Mus. 
Margaret L. Plant, B.S. 

Frances Gaston 
Virginia P. Heidman 
Ardath Walter 

Frances Howard 
Edith Douglas 
Adelaide Potts 


Isabel I. March 
Suzanna Harry 
M. Evelyn Hammett 

Elizabeth Martindale 
Ramon B. Pierce 

Kadierine G. Fishbaugh 
Louise Freeman 

Virginia C. Scott 
Alice Mlodock 


Carol Schmidt 
Betty Forrest 

Jeanette Stocker 

Sherry Eaton 
Carol Johnson 

Betty Anne Siegrist 
Mary J. Wallace 


Thelma Warren 
Billie Harms 

Joyce Sandgren 

Ruth Drayer 
Frances Thurston 

Mary Christine Craij 
Mary Warren 


Harriet Baker 
Betty Whitney 

Catherine Cox 
Bertha Heier 

Drayer Craig M. Warren T. Warren Wallace Mlodock Heier Johnson Sandgren Siegrist Baker Cox Whitney Thurston 

Fishbaugh Forrest Freeman Potts Stocker Schmidt Scott Eaton Harms 

Douglas Martindale Heidman Harry Pierce Howard Walter Hammett March Gaston 


Page 533 




University of California, 1914 

Sixteen Active Chapters 

Gamma Chapter 

Established 1923 

606 West Ohio Street 

Theta Upsilon 


Helen Rand, A.M. 


Elizabeth Bodine 
Marjorie A. Bolin 
Maurine Boyd 
Mable E. Chappelle 

Mildred Allen 
Winifred K. Armstrong 
Mary F. Fee 
Dora Ireland 

Bernice Cranston 
Ann Week 

Florence Fox 
Paula Morf 

Elizabeth Gress 
Mildred Ludlow 
Ella Magny 

Frances Lindley 
Maxine Lyman 
Marie Crouch 
Helen Ridinger 

Elsie C. Lay 

Jean Gerber 
Ruth Jarman 

F. Iva Nelson 
Irva J. Rankin 
Lillian V. Ronnenberg 


Flora M. Rittenhouse 
Laura Wickhorst 
Madeline L. Watts 
Evelyn Newman 


Anna M. Tuvada 


Lucile Mouch 
Elizabeth Taylor 

Susie W. Sears 
F. Lois Snively 
Evelyn Watts 
Elva Martin 

Gladys Peterson 
Blythe Snively 
Helen Dodds 

Clementine Roberts 

Mary Ann Metzger 




Freese Fee 






Morf Fox- Week Newman 

Snively Cranston Peterson Roberts Lyman Allen 

Armstrong Bodine Rittenhouse Ridinger Wickhorst 

Sears Ronnenberg Martin Rankin Ludlow Boyd 

Page 534 




Lay ^^^^^^ 

T5— 15 


University of California, 1909 

Twenty-one Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1923 

805 West Pennsylvania Street 

Beta Phi Alpha 


Florence Catherwood, M.A. 


Olga Zwermann 


Mary C. Keith 
Theresa I. Flynn 
Marion Hendricks 

Beata Armstrong 
Edythe Cavallo 
Katherine Holden 
Jean Hoeft 

Helen Beall 
Kathleen Bauer 

Mildred Anderle 
Margaret Craig 
Marjorie Fetterly 

Gertrude McMahon 
Isabel Mowatt 

Helen Kautz 
Helen Konopasek 
Virginia Knipe 

Frances Davidson 

Mabel Ludy 
Lois Ann Hobbs 

Phyllis Shaub 
Gertrude Stanton 


Verna Niebergall 
Helen Rose 
Dorothy Rose 


Charlotte Ingalls 



Lillian O'Neal 
Dorothy Stitely 

Alice Vodak 
Adelaide Weclew 
Elsie Pendleton 

Jean Rice 
Dorothy Schenkel 
Dorothy Witmer 
Marcia Mills 

Jessie Wolf 
Marcelline Gougler 

Irene Schweidler 
Ruby Teteak 
Delores McGlone 

McMahon Mowatt Keith Pendleton Vodak Hendricks Shaub 

Konopasek Niebergall Gougler Schenkel Rice Shurtz Hoeft H. Rose D. Rose 

Weclew Flynn Armstrong Cavallo Davidson Beall Bauer Knipe Witmer Mills Kautz 

Teteak Ingalls Fetterly Craig Wolf Stitely McGlone O'Neal Ludy Holden Anderle 

Page 535 



fa fa 





». . ■ ^H| 

\~*m WF:~wyA 


IB** w i 

<MM *^^aB 

F ■ VV 

1 @ 


H[ ;.. '' yj ^m 






¥ - 

V ' 1 

■—* S w- 9 

1 - TE 

J BE ' '"" 

{HP ■:■:■" 

' J 





Virginia State Normal College, 1897 

Sixty-four Active Chapters 

Sigma Omicron Chapter 

Established 1923 
1204 South Lincoln Street 

Kappa Delta 

Thelma Grimm, B.S. 

Ann Williams, A.B. 


Gertrude Hendrix, A.B. 

Dorothy Bristow 
Leona Hoppenrath 
Annabelle Woods 
Josephine Gunther 

Dorothy Austin 
Hazel Burrow 
Marion Simonson 

Nancy Hoblit 
Frances Stevens 
Ruth Godding 



Barbara Menges 
Helen Galaty 
Blanche Kerr 

Margaret Bennett 
Lois Mackey 
Dolores Becker 


Mary Koons 
Esther Beck 
Donna Johnson 

Bernice Davenport 
Irma Kadic 
Marian Suleeba 
Charlotte Love 

Helen Baker 
Ruth Gotsch 
Ruth Weber 

Pauline Allen 
Martha Morrow 

Gertrude Bube 
Bessie Morton 
Florence Walker 

Kathryn Boekenhoff 

Ettamae Mitchell 
Ruth Schwarz 


Lucille Taylor 


Helen Sangwin 
Elizabeth Hallett 

Margory Blatt 
Lorene Rhodes 

Myrtle Dillner 
Lucille Riser 
Marion Jourdan 

Henson Riser Walker Bube Morton Hallett Simonson 'Dillner Schwarz Jourdan Sangwin Mitchell Taylor Bennett 

Dollins Boekenhoff Baker Allen Blatt Morrow Mackey Burrow Johnson Austin Becker Rhodes Weber Beck Koons 

Kadic Stevens Davenport Gunther Hoppenrath Menges Woods Galaty K:rr Hoblit Love Suleeba Bristow Godding Gotsch 

Page 536 


University of California, 1915 

Eight Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1923 

1008 West Green Street 

Lambda Omega 



Geraldine Davis 
Jessie A. Strang 

Janet Cromwell 
Lois McNeel 

Ruth E. Grant 
Marian E. Tintinger 

Dorothy Deach 
Laura Sentz 

Harriet June Myers 
Laura Rose 

Charlotte M. Ziegler 


Louise Anderson 
Lois Shelford 

Alice Ferguson 

Eloise Berbaum 

Ruby Holden 

June Evans 
Dorothy Stuber 


Jane Gustavison 


Alberta Kabbes 

Pauline Hurd 
Frances Wilson 

Mary Frances Lynch 
















Ferguson Kabbes 

McNeel Shelford 

Strang Rose Stuber 

Page 537 

■P ;l 


Transylvania College, 1919 
Seventeen Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1923 

104 East John Street 

Louise B. Dunbar, Ph.D 

Helen Cade 

Alpha Delta Theta 


Suzanne E. Kissel, M.A. Romola J. Reese, M.A. 


Louise Saddler Florence W. Shaw 



Lois Hubbard 
Jane C. Dippell 

Frieda A. Bartholf 
Marjorie G. Brittain 
Mary A. Hargitt 

Marcel la K. Brownson 
Louise Young 

Wilsona Hutchison 

Elma Krumsieg 

Janet R. Heggie 
Vivian S. Mortensen 
Evelyn Schmitz 

Audrey Moore 

Grace R. Mower 


Virginia Seidel 
Ruth L. Thoms 
Marietta Weed 


Anita Wascher 


Pearl S. Sitter 

Elizabeth A. Windsor 
Ruth Simma 

Gladys Waterman 
Mabel Waldmeier 

Jennie Waldmeier 

Reese Dunbar Sitter Cade Kissel Shaw Hubbard Krumsieg Mower 

Weed Brownson Brittain Windsor Heggie Seidel Hargitt 

Mortensen Wascher Thoms Waterman Hutchison Moore Bartholf Young 

Page 538 


Hunter College, 1913 

Seventeen Active Chapters 

Theta Chapter 

Established 1923 

1004 West Nevada Street 

Phi Sigma Sigma 


Lucille Abramo 


Ruth L. Bachrach 
Adrienne Edelstein 
Betty Lederer 

Violette Abramo 
Elamarie Pearlman 

Ethelyn Bachrach 
Eleanor Hechtenthal 
Roslyn Mandel 
Elfreda Wechsler 

Harriet J. Brady 
Leanore H. Ehrlich 
Sylvia Marland 

Marjorie Ehrman 
Esther R. Pohn 

Anna Mae Blackstone 
Diana Lieb 
Bernice E. Marwick 

Gladys A. Chulock 
Jean Feldman 
Gertrude A. Chulock 

Dorothy M. Hirsch 
Sarah Wexler 


Margot L. Hauschner 
Ruth K. Pohn 


Irene Cohen 
Annette Lurie 
Doris Mickel 

Bernice Kahn 
Jeanne Ricardo 

Florence Corush 
Rose A. Mandel 
Eleanor Shaeffer 

Feldman Hechtenthal Lurie V. Abramo Corush Blackstone Lieb Mickel Wechsler Roslyn Mandel E. Bachrach 

E. Pohn R. Pohn Ehrman Pearlman Kahn Lederer Gertrude Chulock Rose Mandel Marwick Shaeffer 
Brady Wexler R. Bachrach Ehrlich Ricardo Marland Hirsch Edelstein L. Abramo Gladys Chulock Hauschner 

Page 539 





Northwestern University, 1921 

Four Active Chapters 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1924 

806 South Fifth Street 

Kappa Sigma Tau 


Lucille E. Rapp 
Marie Farrel 

Virginia H. Schye 


Agnes L. Sawby 

Winifred E. Armstrong 

Alice C. Churchill 
Olive I. Williams 
Una A. Gilster 

Ruth Pecival 
Edwina Ricketts 
Martha Simon 


Claire H. Ehrman 
Sally Telford 
Imelda Good 

Isabel Katz 
Margaret R. Hetzner 

June D. Hoffman 

Harriet L. Page 


Viola A. Pittman 

Billy Lemen 

Alice M. Foster 


Gertrude Sandwell 

Adams Pittman Churchill Hoffman Telford Hetzner Sandwell 

Rapp Schoeman Ehrman Page Lemen Williams Sawby 

Katz Simon Schye Gilster Foster 

Page 540 


University of Michigan, 1903 

Fifty-seven Active Chapters 

Sigma Delta Chapter 

Established 1924 

1102 West Nevada Street 

Sigma Alpha Iota 

Velma I. Kitchell, B.Mus., B.S. Kathryn J. Sutherlin, B.A. Ethel Phipps, B.Mus. 


Marjorie M. Golden 

Marion Treleaven 


Dorothy Drews 
Maurine Hertz 

Virginia Bell 
Jean Bridges 

Bernice McKenzie 

Margaret Berry 
Genevieve Mott 

Brunette Kummer 
Elizabeth Lee 

Beulah Hey 
Mary C. Medley 

Catherine Loekle 
Margaret Mallatt 

Terlan Paul 


Chappelle Roeder 
Judith Walz 



Evelyn Wachob 

Vernette White 
Marie Worley 

Evelyn Swingley 

Melba Wheeler 

Margaret Jones 

Lloyd Bell Paul Wachob Harriman Mott Wheeler Jones 

Campbell Roeder Walz Medley Bridges Hey Swingley McKenzie Kummer 

Golder White Lee Loekle Hertz Drews Mallatt Worley 

Page 541 






Sigma Delta Tau 



Thyra Kantor 
Mildred E. Marx 

Virginia Dantzig 

Marian Barker 
Estelle Pushker 
Miriam Starr 
Lillian Stein 

Melba Adelman 
Florence Baskin 
Eleanor Birkenstein 
Devera Fisher 

Leona Payne 
Helen Posnick 

Ruth Lapin 

Rosalind Steiner 
Clarice Weiner 
Louise Weis 

Edythe Greene 
Edith Gogel 
Shirley Horberg 

Lillian Rosenfeld 
Pearle Herskovitz 


Anita Schulman 


Berenice Lapin 
Belle Mayer 
Sylva Karasick 


Eleanor Lazar 
Ruth Levy 
Freida Miller 

Cornell University, 1917 
Fourteen Active Chapters 

Kappa Chapter 

Established 1926 

1104 West Nevada Street 

Sylvia Sharwell 

Phyllis Barnett 
Sylva Ostrovsky 
Bernice Frank 

Myrtle Sabath 
Dresna Trieber 
Kathryn Baer 
Margaret Jacobson 

I.azar Horberg Sabath Baskin Adelman Baer Greene Miller Birkenstein Jacobson Fisher Trieber Levy 
Stein Starr B. Lapin Barker Weiner Pushker Gogel Barnett Mayer Frank Karasick Ostrovsky 
Marx Posnick Steiner Herskovitz Rosenfeld Payne R. Lapin Dantzig Schulman Sharwell Weis 

Page 542 


New York University, 1917 

Eighteen Active Chapters 

Rho Chapter 

Established 1927 

710 West Ohio Street 

Serene Fink 

Ida Jean Summer 

Jessie Baskind 
Fern Krueger 
Edith Goffen 
Ardelle Kahn 

Ruth Berger 
Regina Rubenstein 
Dorothy Shapiro 

Delta Phi Epsilon 




Bernice Bloomfield 

Irene Turner 


Ruth Kantor 
Shelley Ruben 
Florence Leibovitz 

Anne Rosenberg 
Geraldine Glasner 
Esther Goodman 

Evelyn Epstein 
Betty Levisohn 
Rosabel Malkin 


Belle Moretsky 
Reva Glickson 
Laura Lieberman 

Harriet Sochat 
Beatrice Sachs 
Dorothy Feingold 

Ethel Green 
DeVera Shon 

Lieberman Rubenstein Shapiro Green Feingold Shon 

Kantor Goodman Moretsky Rosenberg Berger Bloomfield Sachs Glickson Sochat Epstein 

Baskind Goffen Krueger Leibovitz Summer Fink Turner Kahn Levisohn Ruben 

Page 543 







University of Missouri, 1888 

Twenry Active Chapters 

Alpha Mu Chapter 

Established 1927 

1106 West Oregon Street 

Beta Sigma Omicron 



Marian Baker 
Edna Cornwell 
Dorothy Dillon 

Margaret Chynoweth 
Helen Copenhaver 

Jullianna Crippin 
Isabel Hinman 
Clara May Lindsay 

Ruth L. Beale 
Louise Knapp 

Elverta Erdman 
Elizabeth King 

Edena Miller 
Laura Price 


Elizabeth Engstrand 

Ruth L. Lewis 


Lucile Keniston 
Lois Lyons 

Cleonice Martin 

Lucille Mieher 
Nina Norris 


Margaret Paullin 

Helen B. Slepicka 
Vera M. Vasey 
Gertrude Redmond 

Margaret Nonneman 
Dorothy LaPierre 

Mildred Parker 
Blanche Robbins 
Evelyn Spring 

Ruth J. Reynolds 
Inez Miller 

Lyons Hinman Norris Miller Knapp Reynolds Martin Paullin Beale 

Lewis Chynoweth Engstrand Copenhaver Keniston Parker Crippin Mieher Robbins 

Price Dillon Cornwell Erdman Slepicka Baker Miller King Redmond Vasey 

Page 544 


Boston University, 1921 

Five Active Chapters 

Delta Chapter 

Established 1928 

509 East Chalmers Street 

Pi Lambda Sigma 


Helen M. Welch 


Helen J. Tobias 

Kathryn M. Ford 

Anna G. Stich 


Marcella V. Fordon 

Helen E. Muzzarelli 

Margaret D. McGuan 
Mary Jane Farrell 

Margaret H. Hendrey Mary O. Marquardt 

Bernadette M. Wilmot 
P. Loraine Cornelisen 

Julia M. Lewis 
Mabel F. O'Brien 

Margaret C. Stiel 
Virginia Napier 


Dorothy G. McCabe 
Gladys Reuter 

Constance D. Toomey 


Marquardt Hendrey Welch Fordon Stiel O'Brien Farrell Lewis Cornelisen 

Toomey Tobias Stich Muzzarelli Ford McCabe McGuan Wilmot 

Page 545 

Ruth G. Clinite 

Mabel Baker 
Ada Creath 

Esther Ewald 

Frieda Gasser 


University of California, 1919 

Nine Active Chapters 

Lambda Chapter 

Established 1929 

907 West Illinois Street 

Sigma Phi Beta 


Grace K. Goodman, A.B. EIrena D. Seider, B.S. 



Cleo Curtis 
Margaret Fink 

Elizabeth Hanawalt 
Maude Ross 

Dorothy Wagner 
Florence Weir 


Helen Reed 

Marie Jenssen 


Margaret Leslie 

Grace Beagley 

Wagner Ross Baker Leslie Gasser Goodman 

Jenssen Curtis Reed Ewald Hanawalt Creath 



Page 546 



rT^b M 

- University of Illinois, 1912 


One Active Chapter 


Alpha Chapter 

Established 1912 


608 South Mathews Street 


Bethany Circle 

Mildred Camp, A.B., B.L.S. 


Edith Jacobson, A.M. 


Ethel Gill 
Luella Endres 
Ann Young 

Margaret Waggoner 
Olive Elder 


Alicia Easley 
Georgene McDonald 

Frances Shields 
Jane Dippell 
Ethel Kaesebier 

Bernelda Moyer 
Pauline Hurd 

Edith Clem 


Mary Jane Fee 

Grace Chamberlain 
Marjorie Padfield 

Adaline Withey 
Frances Price 

•Lorraine Haines 


Mabel Stevenson 

Rita Walker 

Orpha Hair 


Dorothy Doty 


Walker Hair Stevenson Price Withey Smith 

Elder Endres Shields Clem McDonald Waggoner 







Page 547 



B^k ■«-"'> 

k-flS -J 



1 : 

* iSl Urn 


; r ■..-.'..■. 

■_,:., ■ ■■ ::■. .... 




University of Illinois, 1912 

One Active Chapter 
805 South Fifth Street 

Janet Kraft 

Presbyterian Hall 


Louise Wright Lenna Guthrie 


Dorothy Coie 


Evelyn Olson 
Evelyn Starkey 

Laura K. Johnston 
Edith Taylor 

Clara Mae Lindsey 
Mary Elizabeth Bowers 

Margaret VanBergen 
Marette Hotchins 

Ruth Jane Dickson 

Dorothy La Pierre 
Esther Seibert 

Mary Paul 


Ruth Eadie 
Esther Wirick 

Mary Louise McCumber Julianna Kozma 

Elva Thornton 


Janice Harvey 

Mary Temple 

Laura Sentz 

Feme Garmen 

Marjorie Rodier 
Betty Starck 

Kozma Taylor Starck McCumber Harvey Bowers Starkey 

Lindsey Kraft Hotchins La Pierre Dickson Paul Seibert Thornton 

Eadie Wirick Rodier Wright Van Bergen Temple Olson Johnston 

Page 548 

University of Illinois, 1914 

One Active Chapter 
602 South Mathews Street 

Laura Heulster 

Mildred J. Reinboth 

Ruth Shoms 

Martha Morgan 

Vera Dillman 

Congregational House 




Louise Pickens 

Evelyn Full 

Grace Beagley 

Elma Meyer 


Pauline Boyd 


Clela Guthrie 


Mary Jo Noble 

Grace Wilson 

Edwina Ricketts 

Gertrude Leier 

Mildred Worrill 













Page 549 




807 South Wright Street 


Davenport House 


Angela Bozzich 
Letitia Boyd 

Virginia Steely 
Beatrice Brown 


Marjorie Portner 
Bess Sharer 

Rebecca Baer 
Barbara Jenkinson 


Blanche Tobin 
Kathryn Babcock 
Irene Jacobs 
Janet Overturf 

Dorothy Meneely 
Marcella Wunderlich 
Hulda Meislahn 

Marjorie Wolcott 
Gretchen Overholser 
Alice Reed 

Helen Kepler 
Blanche Robillard 
Violet Gladville 

Marcella Parker 
Thelma Fish 
Margery Kendall 
Mildred Rubin 

Mary Wright 
Liberty Mundo 
Marjorie Townley 
Raena Kendall 


Jeanette Hills 
Helen Gabris 
Elizabeth Soukup 
Norma Larson 

Bernadine Bnnkman 
Fern Wiehle 
Alice Lee Douglass 

Geraldine Shuman 
Mary Luther 
Edithmarie Nelson 
Helen Bier 
Helen Virgin 

Alma Carson 
Dorothy Warner 
Josephine Hall 
Doris Lisenby 


Eleanor Evans 
Mary Jane Evans 
Katherine Altorfer 
Madeline Paluska 

Irene Schweidler 
Marguerite Young 
Ruth Roskam 
H. Louise Harrold 
Wilmah Storey 


Shuman Portner Robillard Warner Soukup Gladville Bier Boyd Lisenby Roskam Hall Meislahn Weihle Brinkman Bozzich 

Luther Hills Nelson Larson Fish Carson Harrold Gabris Jenkinson Wolcott Overholser 

J. Evans Wright Paluska Parker Virgin Babcock Jacobs Tobin Meneely Overturf Mrs. Staehle 

E. Evans Schweidler Young Mundo Baer Altorfer R. Kendall M. Kendall Wunderlich Storey 

Page 550 

801 South Wright Street 

McKinley Hall 



Lorraine Allen 
Margaret Augur 
Marian Benbow 
Katharine Burns 

Caroline Emick 
June Fergason 
Frances Flanders 
Louise Grabbe 
Clara Kelley 

Phyllis Cook 
Erna Fritz 
Kathryn Kendall 

Grace Knospe 
Virginia Lundquist 
Lois Molden 
Hazel Montooth 
Grace Moss 

Ruth Morrison 
Julia Stevens 
Elsie Stoutmyer 


Lucille Nelms 
Gertrude Poole 
Edith Riker 
Marian Rutherford 
Ruth Schermerhorn 

Ellen Van Vliet 
Dorothy Simpson 
Eva Youmans 
Jane Lutz 

Rosemary Suranovic 
Reva Voile 
Genevieve Walsh 
Gladys Waterman 
Falodene Winter 

Norma Brauer 
Chloe Evans 
Helene Foellinger 
Helen Goodrick 

Annabel Larges 
Aldona Lenock 
Glendora Francart 
Dorothy McClintock 


Naomi Meyer 
Josephine Nelson 
Mary Osborne 
Alice Sears 

Celia Sweet 
Edna Voss 
Viola Paul 

Sarah Applegate 
Laura Byers 
Mildred Dixon 
Mary Katharine Fier 

Fresh i 

Alma Frantz 
Louise Ghent 
Mildred Huser 
Alma Jergens 

Eva Melten 
Nellie Ozment 
Virginia Smithson 
Vlasta Spatny 

Evelyn Wildi 
Doris Wise 
Edith Reid 
Eunice Stanley 

Stevens Burns Van Vliet Simpson Kendall Scoutmyer Waterman Francart 
Kelley Youmans Nelms Allen Emick Poole Lutz Cook Fritz Morrison Augur Knospe 
Schermerhorn Molden Rutherford Grabbe Montooth Lundquist Suranovic Walsh Fergason Moss Flanders Benbow Winters 
Sweet Paul Voss Lenok Meyer Nelson Goodrick Larges Brauer Osborne McClintock Sears Evans 
Spatny Fier Wise Wildi Smithson Jurgens Byers Frantz Ried D ; xon Applegate Melton Ghent Ozment Huser 

Page 551 

1111 West Nevada Street 

Woman's Residence Hall 



Madelyn Adams 
Marian Gordon 
Doris Kessler 
Margaret Kertes 
Stephania Blaszczenski 
Theresa Rosenwasser 

Ethel decider 
Angela Gioconda 
Helen Hunsinger 
Dorothy Altringer 
Ruth Stobbe 

Alice Landhy 
Lorene Lawson 
Eva Lind 
Helen Riepen 
Ruth Tjardes 

Mildred Shepard 
Bertha Schofield 
MoIIie Sacks 
Irma Robison 
Margaret Schroeder 


Christine Alblinger 
Mildred Aszmann 
Elizabeth Bement 
Irene Christesen 
Evelyn Ehman 
Dorothy Esslinger 
Sulah Ferguson 
Frances Florance 
Gertrude Graham 
Amy Gustafson 

Marjorie Hall 
Ethel Illlc 
Garnet Jeffery 
Helen Johnson 
Irene Kertes 
Josephine Krill 
Margaret Leddy 
Mary Frances Morony 
Mabel Pritchard 

Marjoria Randall 
Carma Rohwedder 
Margaret Romanus 
Madeline Ronchetti 
Pauline Roney 
Maxine Schroeppel 
Delia Settles 
Mary Sparks 
Beatrice Sullivan 

Lorna Sullivan 
Eunice Schmitt 
Margery Tammen 
Anne Webber 
Genevieve Thies 
Ruth Warnecke 
Ellen Werlik 
Rose Werlik 
Alicia Wilbur 
Francelia Wilkening 


Charlotte Baer 
Bernice Balickas 
Mabel Blair 
Florence Bardwell 
Marjorie Bement 
Helen Blaszczenski 
Margaret Bronson 
Aura Clark 

Isabella Dewey 
Marian Fagin 
Marianne Fanuko 
Patricia Fleming 
Aimee Lou Fowler 
Lucille Gaetje 
Ruth Gardner 
Bernice Green 

Esther Haefele 
Elizabeth Hambrook 
Marie Jensen 
Frances Kapilla 
Elsie Moore 
Gertrude O'Brien 
Eunice Pecival 
Eleanor Richards 

Lois Tolman 
Anita Weiss 
Evelyn Wolff 
Arlene Scheidenhelm 
Janna Silander 
Margaret Schnapp 
Leona Prince 


Elizabeth Artman 
June Baer 
Dorothy Baker 
Dorothy Becker 
Antoinette Berg 
Leigh Beshers 
Emily Blewitt 
LaVerne Brenner 
Rose Broz 
Eugenia Clinton 
Ernegene Cole 
Helen Crink 
Geraldine David 
Margaret Davidson 
Loraine Dvorak 

Ariel Ehler 
Anne Fabian 
Kathryn Gabel 
Dorothy Gadsden 
Elizabeth Glasow 
Rowena Goldman 
Mildred Green 
Eleanor Haefele 
Josephine Harrington 
Mildred Holicky 
Marian Holloway 
Dorothy Hunter 
Esther Hurd 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Maude Jurjevich 

Anne Louise Kenyon 
Jane Land 
Eleanor Klee 
Ellen Lemke 
Ruth Leydig 
Doris Lively 
Lorin Ludwig 
Mary Jane Martin 
Mildred McGraw 
Mildred Mies 
Antonia Nasluchacz 
Helen Nelson 
Juliet Newman 
Gladys Novotny 
Arabella Orr 

Velma Pottorf 
Bessie Rafelson 
Evelyn Rogier 
Alice Runyan 
Katherine Ryckman 
Milada Spatny 
Frances Stubblefield 
Alice Sypel 
Katherine Tillman 
Katherine Tuach 
Kathryn Wood 
Elinor Wilson 
Dorothy Wilson 
Violet Wegner 
Alice Vaughan 

Page 552 


I 9 3 > 

1115 West Nevada Street 

Betty Baldwin 
Barbara Burns 
Florence Cook 
Enid Corpe 
Charlotte DeSelm 
Dorothy Duckies 

Virginia Anderson 
Virginia Bell 
Bernice Burroughs 
Catherine Busch 
Faye Cohen 
Sylvia Damon 
Amanda Daniels 
Betty de Clercq 
Marjorie Diez 
Leonore Elliott 
Mary Johnston 

Louise Brown 
Betty Bruckman 
Eva Davis 
Doris Denman 
Lillian Drechsler 
Dorothy Diehl 
Margaret Eastman 
Myla Goldberg 
Lucy Griffith 
Lois Hunt 

Stafae Bajarunas 
Dorothy Balita 
Julia Beatty 
Mabel Berger 
Marie B. Bonvallet 
Lilah Brown 
Virginia Dasso 
Marie Elmzen 
Elizabeth Fieckert 
Elsie Frost 
Pauline Gaebe 

West Residence Hall 



Alice Entwhistle 
Margie Francis 
Catherine Freeman 
Anna Louise Jackman 
Ethel Kinderman 

Julia A. Lipow 
Virginia M. Olive 
Eunice Salisbury 
Janice Shapiro 
Florence Smith 


Evelyn Feldsher 
Rose Fisher 
Virginia Fischer 
Margaret Gaa 
Sylvia Ganansky 
Libby Gordon 
Marguerite Hendrick 
Mary Elizabeth Hyde 
Minnie Irish 
Jessie Johnson 

Mildred Kratovil 
Lillian Kriloff 
Dorothy E.. Lynch 
Marjorie McGinnis 
Mildred McKee 
Catherine MacKechnie 
Hannah Mills 
Elaine Munal 
Betty Randolph 
Vernice Rathmell 


o mores 

Mary Elizabeth Jackman 
Grace Kenyon 
Arlene Kimball 
Helen M. Koehler 
Henrietta Koutnik 
Caroline A. Lange 
Alice Lundstrom 
Mary McEuen 
Idelle Martin 

Sarah Melnick 
Dorothy D. Miller 
Annie Pauline Minier 
Raymonde Moses 
Lucretia Mott 
May Parsons 
Mary Petitti 
Elva Read 
Lois Schildhammer 


Sylvia Hedstrom 
Virginia Hewitt 
Beulah Hilgenberg 
Elfriede Horst 
Phoebe Jacobus 
Lillian Levinson 
Mary Lavin 
Fay Lowenthal 
Bernice Meyer 
Florence Miller 

Inez Nelson 
Virginia Nussell 
Lillian O'Neal 
Mabel Richmond 
Rosella Ring 
Helen Ruther 
Mary Ryan 
Hattie Shaykin 
June Slakoff 
Ruth Smith 

Anna Rose Solomon 
Helen Spaulding 
Bertha Welch 
Mary Welch 
Frances L. Williamson 
Laura Kinderman 

Ruth Reynolds 
Clara Rodebaugh 
Silvia Rubin 
Anette Schad 
Dorothy Schauer 
Dolores Schrum 
Dorothy Stecher 
Frances Stevenson 
Bernice Twersky 
Carolyn Johnson 
Naomi Rettke 

Jean Schwartzenberg 
Mabel Schoch 
Mary Seigel 
Cyrille Silbermann 
Evylen Spring 
Margaret Stoutenberg 
Grace Thomas 
Marion Wittman 
Doris Zottman 
Margaret Mercer 

Lois Swain 
Elizabeth Taylor 
Miriam Taylor 
Helen Thiel 
Anne Waisman 
Rose Waisman 
Sylvia Wasserstrom 
Marjorie Wheeland 
Phyllis Williams 
Margaret Winter 
Evelyn Nelson 

Page 553 

■in war 

uue'ae l o v -*q l to vou illihoiS 



The old invitation floats down from the blue 

To lead on your daughters now fighting for 

The womanly touch 
Accounts for so much! 

What charm has a beautiful face! 
When Ruth and Rebekkah 
Are coming to Mecca 

The world is a merrier place. 

Today's Cleopatra is off at a dance 

With Helen of Troy and feanne of Trance. 

uu 6 ' R- e OR,-r^nce 

~f\ n o 

8 l u e 

n o i s 


Lue'UL 8 -^ C K <V O LJ TO S T iR n £> 

g -a i n s ~r~ ' -rue ees-r in -r»-»e i_-^mo 






Mildred Shuman 
Alice Langhorst 





Woman's Group System 


M argretta Bairstow President 

Mary Elizabeth Stice Social Chairman 

Edith Adams Activity and Scholarship Chairman 

Jessie Smith Athletic Chairman 

Iva Reynolds Secretary 


Mary Russell Mildred McKee 





Page 556 


Glenna Roberts 
Fredrica Clason 


H E 

9 3 ' 





Tarpley Berg 

Welker Stephen 


Maulding McBride 

Franklin Erickson Aldrich 



I.ureta N. Franklin 
Frances J. J. Thompson 
Esther L. McBride 
Louise Gross 

Louise E. Franklin 
Ruth I. Erickson 
Dorothy Maulding 
Marion Aldrich 

Frances Tarpley 
Esther Berg 
Florence Stephen 
Lois Welker 

Mary Waits 
Wilmetta Rowand 
Margaret Twiss 



Virginia Culbertson 
Isabel Moore 
Lucy McDonald 
Loretta Harvey 
Margaret Weston 
Gertrude Civik 

Luba Belevitch 
Wilma Mittelberg 
Alice Langhorst 
Helen Drew 
Doris Schneider 

Elizabeth Rusk 
Dorothy Doland 
Dorothy Harrowell 
Louise Neadstine 
Placide Daues 

Ruth Koller 
Alice Mast 
Maryone Green 
Dorothy Powell 
Mildred Striepe 
Joyce Zimmermann 

Eilers Weston Mast Powell Moore Doland McDonald 

Mittelberg Green Civik Zimmermann Rusk Striepe Neadstein Harrowell 

Belevitch Koller Harvey Langhorst Culbertson Drew Schneider Daues 

Page 557 


*/\ VfiS' 


















Margretta Bairstow 
Dorothy G. Randall 
Edith M. Adams 
Pearl V. Meyer 
Marjorie Hammerberg 
Vera Purdy 

Ruth E. Catherwood 
Nellie M. Spratt 
Elizabeth W. Brown 
Emily Christine Taylor 
Allene Mowery 

Emily J. Kelley 
Marjory E. Stevenson 
Eleanor Clayton 
Grace Whittington 
Reta Walker 

Mary K. Kumler 
Mary Elizabeth Stice 
Josephine M. Galloway 
Helen Borchers 
Olive Carter 

Vesta and Io 


Kathryn Knoop 
Eva Balstad 
Ruth Kahn 
Edith Williams 
Charlene McCarty 
Grace Rieger 
Beatrice Wilson 

Inez Boardman 
Dorothy Bradbury 
Iva Reynolds 
Wilma Williams 
Rebecca Snyder 
Helen Mashek 
Lillian Malloy 

Catherine Boyd 
Rose Freidlin 
Jessie Smith 
Kathleen Smith 
Annette Young 
Delia Simpson 
Marjorie Carlson 

Mary Russell 
Louise Gray 
Lois Warnes 
Elsie Zelle 
Mary Clifford 
Anna Mae Chambers 
Rhoda Mae Simpson 

Balstad Carlson 

Gray Clifford 

Warnes E. Williams 

Boardman J. Smith Russell Boyd Bradbury Reynolds 

Wilson Simpson Knoop Freidlin Mashek Rieger 

W. Williams Kahn Young Chambers Simpson Zelle 

Page 558 

H E 







H. Deere 


M. Deere 








Mable Deere, A.B. 
Mildred Shuman 
Frances Howard 
Marjorie Freeman 
Gertrude McCollom 
Mary Adsit 

Isabelle Nicolet, B.S. 
Glenna Roberts 
Thelma Stephens 
Harriet Deere 
Catherine Dietrich 

Helen Bruner 
Frances Partridge 
Maxine Payne 
Ruth Chapin 
Frieda Lewis 

Celia Irick 
Doris Jack 
Anne Klein 
Beva Bennett 
Genevieve Hitt 

Corina — Daphne — Aeolia 


Rose Samuell President 

Artrude Westerheide Vice-President 

Lenore Lorimer Secretary 

Leah Fox Treasurer 


Juline Hitchcock President 

Mary Oftenmeier Vice-President 

Pearl Pierce Secretary 


Lillian Ralph President 

Angela Santos Vice-President 

Dorothy Folden Secretary 

Fox(C) Hamilton (C) Cole (A) Kinder (D) Wheeler (A) 

Westerheide (C) Munro(C) Guthrie(C) Schumaker(D) Samuell(C) Folden(D) Hitchcock(A) Seider(A) Clark(A) 

Tomczak(D) Saul (C) Lorimer(C) Bunn(C) Villanueva (D) Santos(D) Ralph(D) Conaway(A) Sirois(A) Ostermeier (A) D.SamuellfO 

Page 559 


r, e 

L O V ~f\ L 


V o u 

I L l_ I 

n o i S 



Little Jo College is always amiss. 

The man I could worship is something like 


With silver keys 

Were just his fav'rite dish; 
The pins he ivore 
Were all and more 

Than anyone could wish. 

The key to one ' s character hangs on no chain; 
The silver of Loyalty stands every strain. 

uu € 1 a, e o a, -*h n a e -n n o 8i_ue i t__ l_ i n o t S 


LUS'UL- B •& C K -VOCJ T O S T iR n O 


' C -fi i n S -r ' -rue BGS-r t n -rn e L-^ino 



Ml : 



Honoraries and Professionals 

Accountancy Club 580 

Adelphic National Literary Society 580 

Alethenai Literary Society 581 

Alpha Alpha Alpha 563 

Alpha Alpha Gamma 581 

Alpha Delta Sigma 582 

Alpha Kappa Psi 564 

Alpha Omega 565 

Alpha Sigma Nu 582 

Alpha Tau Alpha 566 

American Ceramic Society 583 

American Society of Civil Engineers 567 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 583 

Anonian Literary Society 584 

Athenian Literary Society 584 

Band of X 568 

Beta Alpha Psi 585 

Beta Nu Kappa 585 

Chi Chi Chi 586 

Chi Epsilon 569 

Chinese Students' Club 586 

Delta Theta Epsilon 570 

Der Deutsche Verein 587 

Dolphins 587 

El Circulo Literario De Espanol 588 

Electrical Engineering Society 588 

Eta Kappa Nu 589 

Eta Sigma Phi 589 

Floricultural Club 590 

Gamma Alpha Chi 590 

Gamma Epsilon Pi 591 

Gargoyle Society 591 

Gregorian Literary Society 592 

Home Economics Club 592 

Illini Chamber of Commerce ■ 571 

Illiola Literary Society -. 593 

Inter-Literary Council 593 

Iota Sigma Phi 594 

Jamesonian Literary Society 594 

Japanese Club 595 

Kappa Delta Pi 595 

Kappa Phi Sigma 572 

Kappa Theta Sigma 573 

Keramos 574 

Landscape Society 596 

Le Cercle Francais 596 

Linnean Botany Society 597 

McKinley Mimes 597 

Mu Kappa Alpha 598 

Mu San 598 

Omicron Nu 599 

Pan Xenia 599 

Phi Beta 600 

Phi Chi Theta 600 

Phidelus 601 

Philippine-Illini Club 601 

Phi Mu Alpha 602 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 602 

Pi Delta Epsilon 603 

Pi Delta Phi 603 

Railway Club 604 

Scarab 604 

Shi-Ai 575 

Sigma Epsilon 605 

Sigma Delta Chi 605 

Sigma Delta Phi 606 

Sigma Delta Pi 606 

Sigma Iota Epsilon 607 

Sigma Tau 576 

Sketch Club 607 

Skull and Crescent 577 

Synton 60S 

Theta Sigma Phi 608 

Theta Tau 578 

Tu-Mas 579 

Wesley Players 609 

Women's Cosmopolitan Club 609 


Page 562 

H E 

9 3 • 

Alpha Alpha Alpha 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 

One Active Chapter 

Honorary Pre-Legal Fraternity 

A. J. Harno, B.S., LL.D. 

W. R. Arlington 
A. E. Jenner 
Jack Bontjes 
Tim Swain 
E. G. Schultz 
P. C. Livingston 
William B. Huie 
William Helfrick 
H. Frick 
K. L. Telleen 
G. Springer 
Joe Williamson 

R. C. Murphy 
L. V. Kuhar 
Luther Dearborn 
Jack Huddleston 
Richard Seyforth 
William Gobble 
Claude Vaughn 
Ed. Thompson 
H. L. Dante 
Casey Ireland 
R. Rosbe 

Paul Greenwell 
Harold Nettles 
Fred Katterjohn 
Draden Waugh 
A. W. Hagstrom 
L. Allen Watt 
A. R. Blanke 
James H. Wheat 
W. Maxant 
G. M. Berg 
L. Bauerle 

Fred Kirgis 
George Kessker 
L. E. Lewis 
Vernon Curtis 
Raymond Gengler 
Francis B. Stine 
Daniel Dalziel 
F. W. Renwick, Jr. 
R. Thieda 
W. D. McMullen 
E. B. Collins 










Bauerle Nettles Penwick Huie Classen Stine 

Hagstrom Helfrick Collins Williamson Watt 

Thieda Telleen Ireland Berg McMullen 

Page 563 





Alpha Kappa Psi 

Founded, University of New York, 1904 

Fifty-one Active Chapters 

To create higher business ideals, and to jostSr research in 
the fields of finance, accounting, and business administration 


David Kinley, Ph.D., LL.D. 
F. A. Russell, Ph.D. 

H. T. Scovill, C.P.A., A.B. 

Oias. M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. 

L. E. Kline, B.S. 
A. W. Fox, M.S. 

N. A. Weston, Ph.D. 
M. H. Robinson, Ph.D. 



C. W. Gustason 
R. M. Baldwin 
R. F. Hahn 
H. H. Embree 

G. W. Braun 
R. J. Gibbs 
R. E. Sloan 

L. Germann 
E. Weideman 

C. J. Danner 
J. W. Hanawalt 
R. E. Lee 

G. D. Commons 
A. R. Graves 
J. E. Reynolds 

J. R. McPherson 

G. H. Gustat 
W. H. Stout 
F. T. Metcalf 


Don Cooper 

Ray Iden 

P. J. Meinardi 


H. A. Sahlin 

C. E. Ganschow 
R. Anderson 
G. Anderson 
R. W. Mayer 

J. A. Fetterolf 
G. C. Losee 
R. J. Johnston 

W. P. Stowe 


Germann Weideman Stowe Iden Hanawalt T. Reynolds 

Gustason G. Anderson R. Anderson Sloan Cooper Johnston Losee Embree Danner 

Braun Graves Reynolds McPherson . Sahlin Fetterolf Commons Meinardi 

Page 564 


Founded, University of Maryland, 1909 

Alpha Omega 

Alpha Chapter Established 1927 

Twenty-five Active Chapters 

To uphold the highest standards of the Dental profession 

Lester D. Kaplin, D.D.S. 



Joseph Scudder 
Dave Bellinof 

Rubin E. Kadens 
Sidney Q. Deutsch 
Harry H. Asher 

Isadore Aronwitz 
Arthur Alban 

Louis Garfinkle 

William Chason 
Jules Gould 

Isadore Lossof 
Joseph Gordon 

Harry Pitluck 


David Pritikin 
Bernard Roberts 


Jack Levine 
William Mates 

Joshua Vission 
Louis Holzman 

Jack Sturman 
Fred Zissman 
Richard P. Hoffman 

Elmer Jaffe 










Page 565 

v. >•'.■:•;. i •:cx»\YiS^?- ,, *-v.v 

To help in the advancement of Civil Engineering, and the advancement of Mankind 


W. E. LaBelle President 

D. H. Murphy Vice President 

M. T. Chinn Secretary 

L. P. Murphy Treasurer 


L. M. Winget, Chairman 
K. Brusa G. M. Wood H. E. Hudson A. W. Johnson 


L. E. Langdon, Chairman 

J. H. Alexander J. F. Fitchie H. W. Johnson J. N. True 

E. W. Baldwin I. H. Gerdel G. P. Moriarty L. E. Langdon 

G. R. Herlan G. R. Righter 


J. V. Coombe, Editor 
O. B. Genlach J. R. Lang L. Sanders 

Page 567 


i i 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1923 

Honorary Commerce Fraternity 


Don Brown 
Lyle S. Cline 
George A. Con well 

Samuel E. Dean 
Charles E. Edwards 
Ray Larson 


Tom Miller 
Harry C. Neil 
Francis B. Stine 

Charles A. Johnson 
George A. Webster 


John R. Adams 
Willard P. Boysen 
Edmond N. Combs 
Robert L Conover 
George A. Bertelsman 

John C. Gage 
J. Leslie Harper 
Francis A. Gauen 
J. B. Mallin 
Paul H. Strohm 

Fred S. Lyon 
Robert C. Hodgeman 
Eugene J. Kinderman 
Eldridge H. May 
Wilber J. McEdwards 

Carl B. McLaughlin 
Lawrence A. Peterson 
William P. Standard 
Peter J. Yanuskus 


I 9-3 ' 


Chi Epsilon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

Seven Active Chapters 

Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity 


M. S. Ketchum, D.Sc.C, D.Sc, C.E. 
Hardy Cross, A.B., B.S., M.C.E. 
H. E. Babbitt, M.S. 
F. W. Stubbs, B.S., C.E. 

R. B. Moorman 
V. P. Jensen 

T. C. Shedd, B.S., C.E. 
M. L. Enger, M.S., C.E. 
J. S. Crandell, B.S, C.E. 
C. C. Wiley, B.S, C.E. 

J. E. Vawter, B.S, C.E. W. C. Huntington, M.S., C.E. 

W. M. Wilson, M.M.E, C.E. A. N. Talbot, C.E, D.Sc, D.Eng. 

W. H. Rayner, M.S., C.E. G. W. Pickels, B.C.E, C.E. 

J. J. Doland, B.S, C.E. F. B. Seely, M.S. 


M. F. Lindeman 
F. Kochis 

C. J. Woodbridge 
T. J. Dolan 

J. Karol 



D. H. Murphy 
L. A. Dollahan 
F. A. McAtee 
B. Murphy 

J. F. Chandler 

W. E. LaBelle 
G. C. Lewis 
J. McBride 

C. H. Peterson 

M. T. Chinn 
O. W. Munz 
E. Danner 

S. McCune 
T. T. Wiley 
S. Bernstein 
B. G. Johnston 


M. T. Ekovich 

Munz Doland Huntington Vawter Johnston 

Lindeman LaBelle D. H. Murphy Cross Crandell 

Moorman B. Murphy McBride Peterson McAtee Wiley 

Bernstein Dollahan Lewis Wiley Chinn Chandler Ekovich 

Page 569 




Delta Theta Epsilon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1920 

One Active Chapter 

•V. *« 

Honorary Professional Physical Education and Athletic Coaching Fraternity 


Albert F. Brainard, B.S. 
Winsor W. Brown, B.S. 
Charles E. Chadsey, Ph.D., Litt.D. 
Harry B. DeCook, A.B. 
George A. Huff, B.S. 
Chester O. Jackson, B.S. 
Jerome J. Jordan, B.S. 

Harold E. Kenney, B.S. 
Glenn C. Law, B.S. 
Carl L. Lundgren, B.S. 
Edwin J. Manley 
King J. McCristal, B.S. 
Milton M. Olander, B.S. 

Harold C. Patterson, B.S. 
Joseph L. Picard, B.S. 
Hartley D. Price, B.S., B.P.E. 
Frank E. Rokesek, B.S. 
J. Craig Ruby, A.B. 
John P. Sabo, B.S. 

Arthur F. Smith, A.B. 
Morris H. Sogolow, B.S. 
George T. Stafford, B.P.E., B.S. 
Arnold R. VonLehsten, B.S. 
Carl M. Voyles, B.S. 
Coleman R. Griffith, Ph.D. 
Justa M. Lindgren, A.M. 



W. S. Angus 
C. H. Bergeson 
R. L. Chambers 
W. L. Clegg 
K. R. Coatney 
R. J. Crane 

A. H. Franck 

C. W. Hackensmith 

C. M. Hadley 

M. H. Hall 

O. A. Hankner 

S. J. Herrala 

R. T. Hise 

F. Humbert 
A. G. Leary 
D. R. Mills 
P. O. Muhl 

G. R. Paine 

John Piuppo 
Van Reeder 
D. K. Steers 
Judson Timm 
I. C. Ulrey 
L. J. Wietz 

A. F. Antonides 
W. B. Bakke 
D. M. Buchanan 
F. T. Burt 
L. J. Allen 


W. W. Anderson 
Anton Jurezez 
K. Millen 
J. S. Drake 

E. Hensley 
D. M. Hathaway 
A. A. Esslinger 
W. M. Lurie 

T. M. Phelps 

P. J. Wolosonovich 

R. Celaya 

E. Winsper 

Angus Paine Picard Patterson Price Basler Thomas Hiedloff Wagner Kulcinski 

Muhl Hall Fleak House DeVanzio Denes Whitwam Glass Stephens Hise Vesel Clouser 

DeCook Ulrey McEndarfer English Franck Steers Mills Humbert Herrala Patchin Timm Reeder Hadley 

Drew Orth McCristal Hasan , Kaufman Derringer Clegg ' Hankner Ginie Leary Brown Coatney Piuppo Rozycki 

Page 570 

T H 

i g • 3 ' 


Illini Chamber of Commerce 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1920 

To collaborate with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, and to promote professional 
interests in trade and civic secretarial activities among students of the University of Illinois 

Charles M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

Paul D. Converse, A.M. 


Arthur W. Fox, M.S. 

Laurence E. Kline, B.S. 



R. F. Hahn 
W. E. Adelheln 
D. B. Curtis 
S. G. Harris 
H. C. Pattison 
A. S. Olin 

J. G. Abrams 
C. D. Commons 
L. E. Elias 
V. L. Kretschmer 
F. N. Taxon 

H. Corydon 
G. A. Swanson 
C. H. Andrews 

R. E. Kuhl 
R. T. Anderson 
R. T. Drake 
P. W. Landgren 
M. L. Rossiter 
A. E. Hallett 

R. F. Allen 
D. H. Cooper 
W. Ghent 
R. B. Martin 
R. Iden 

V. Traubert 
C. S. Mellen 
J. C. Pettee 

R. S. Bigler 
C. F. Edwards 

E. V. Lucas 
H. P. Schaeffer 
R. Frazier 

F. L. Petru 


W. A. Andreson 
C. P. Davis 
L. L. Jacobson 
P. M. Miller 
K. Snyder 

Sophomores ■ 

E. Roos 

E. W. Littell 

J. A. Fetterolf 

K. W. Culp 
R. S. Gunn 
E. C. Nieberger 
L. F. Spencer 
E. Lusk 

G. H. Clevenger 
W. E. Dillavou 
R. C. Knoblock 
R. H. Stine 

H. Embree 
C. F. Willcox 
H. A. Squires 

Taxon Corydon 





Wilcox Gunn 





Traubert Pettee 




Lusk Roos 

Anderson Harris 




Andrews Snyder 

Fetterolf Elias Kuhl 




Dillavou Spencer 

Page 571 

v fp 




Kappa Phi Sigma 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1867 

Philomathean Chapter 

Ten Active Chapters 

i. s », gfi. 

To develop cogency of thought and personal power by public speech 
and contact of personalities, and to stimulate cultural activities 

T. A. Clark, B.L., Litt.D. 
S. W. Parr, D.Sc. 
C. F. Hottes, Ph.D. 
C. W. Wolfe 


H. B. Boyer 

C. M. Thompson, Ph.D., LL.D. 

A. R. Crathorne, Ph.D. 

R. F. Dvorak, B.S. 
R. E. Norris, A.B. 
P. H. Brown, Ph.D. 

J. M. White, B.S. 
C. O. Gardner 
N. C. Ricker 
R. B. Lyon 



J. F. Knight 
A. E. Hallett 

F. L. Petru 

W. E. Adelhelm 
A. R. Blank 

G. F. Drake 

D. P. Flanders 
C. A. Hubner 
R. F. Hahn 
L. R. Sutin 
C. Cassity 
L. E. Hatch 

W. B. Huie 
T. C. Moers 
C. I. Luckman 
Arthur Nedwed 
H. H. Bloomer 
K. Snyder 

L. E. Adams 
E. T. Reeder 
S. Kaplan 
E. B. Collins 
M. A. Pond 

H. E. Hudson 
W. W. Chance 
C. H. Andrews 

Nate Fadim 
Wilbert Doak 


E. L. Adams 
L. N. Harriss 

G. W. Gregg 
R. F. Allen 
C. E. Binkert 

L. H. Epstein 
A. V. Wells 

C. C. Gordon 


E. D. Herron 

D. Wanger 

Allen Harriss Adelhelm Collins 

Andrews Pond Huie Frandsen Bloomer Drake Gordon 

Snyder Hatch Blanke Hudson Doak Wanger Herron Epstein 

Page 572 

I 9 3 < 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1929 

Kappa Theta Sigma 

One Active Chapter 

To promote religious ideals, high scholarship, social interests, and good fellowship among its members 

Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. 


Rev. William J. Bergin, C.S.V. 

Otto Lorenz 


William Cronin 
Anthony Linkonis 

Phillip McGrennan 
John Wolter 

Harold Barys 
Edward Brown 
John Dwyer 
William Fuzack 
Richard Picchietta 

Charles C. McAndrews 

Bernard Wall 

Charles Gaa 
Arthur Grennan 
Melvin Hase 
Matthew Hunt 
James Cunniff 


Richard Malone 


Paul Pelnar 


Joseph Joyce 
John P. McCullin 
Charles Nix 
Patrick Noonan 
William O'Connor 

William Reilly 
Francis C. Wojtanowicz 

Clarence Dempsey 

Roger Sondag 
Curtis Tobin 
Peter Wuss 
Clement Coleman 

Raymond Arnold, Jr. 
Thomas Carroll 

Harry Gaykowski 


Otto Wolter 

Edward Burns 

McCullin Sondag Wojtanowicz Lorenz Gaa Nix Grennan McAndrews Tobin Hunt Noonan Wolter Hase 

Coleman Malone Dwyer Joyce Wuss Brown Gaykowski Reilly Linkonis Grennan O'Connor Barys 

Dempsey Cunniff Wolter Carroll Pelnar Picchietta Arnold Burns Wall Cronin 


Page 573 

Honorary and Professional Ceramics Fraternity 

A. I. Andrews, Ph.D. 
C. L. Thompson, B.S. 

E. G. Bourne, Cer.E. 


R. K. Hursh, B.S. 

C. W. Parmelee, M.S. 

H. W. Alexander 
A. F. Badger 
E. C. Clemens 


R. G. Hardy G. C. Harman 

R. D. Rudd A. J. Monack 

W. R. Morgan 
E. Mulvane 



D. W. Bennett 
D. G Bryant 
R. R. Thomas 

R. M. Hainsfurther 

A. G. Lindberg 

W. W. Higgins 

R. E. Mullady 


C. H. Rapp 

J. B. Miller 
E. S. Noe 
C. C. Westall 


H E 

I 9 3 

L L 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1907 


Honorary Sophomore Inter sorority Society 


Alpha Chi Omega 

Marguerite Stephens 
Ruth Waddell 
Leona Brandt 
Mary Brennan 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Gertrude Freevol 
Jean Currie 
Winona Rakstang 
Lucille Chance 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Margaret Singleton 
Margaret Heartt 
Adele Schollmeyer 

Alpha Omicron Pi 
Grace Esdohr 
Evelyn Home 
Edna Kline 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Josephine McCormick 
Juliet Connors 
Jane Zinn 

Pi Beta Phi 

Elizabeth Stoolman 
Josephine Townsend 
Margaret Mathis 
Glenita Hobbs 

Alpha Phi 

Katherine Fishbaugh 
Virginia Scott 
Billie Harms 
Carol Johnson 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Gwendolyn Roberts 
Mona Leis McMillan 
Marjorie Day 
Alice Kaspar 

Chi Omega 

Jean Macdonald 
Elizabeth Dailey 
Margaret Bushee 

Delta Delta Delta 

Virgina Murton 
Dorothy Gard 
Charlotte Ganer 

Phi Mu 

Ernestine Hohengarten 
Margaret Frazier 
Lucille Fisler 
Wintres Dalbey 

Delta Gamma 

Virginia Marsh 
Margaret Crocker 
Margaret Parker 
Ruth Ashmore 

Delta Zeta 

Mary Joan Bunting 
Genevieve Dixon 
Mary Patton 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Marjorie King 
Lois Fleming 
Sarah Simonds 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Billie Farnham 
Bernice Stephens 
Margaret Rutherford 
Nancy Mead 

Sigma Kappa 

Louise Babel 
Ruth Rankin 
Lois Blake 
Frances Zoeller 

Leeper Zoeller Sawyer Casper Rankin Blake Gard Zinn Bushee Mathis 

Babel Connors Brandt Fisher Dalbey Stevens Kline Home Frazier Murton Johnson 

Bunting McMillan Brennan Patton Schrollmeyer Heartt McCormick Stoolman Simonds Hobbs 

Roberts Rakstang Chance Freevol Macdonald Esdohr Farnham Fleming King 

Currie Pretty Purnell Marsh Macdonald Leach Bresee Hohengarten Day 


Page 575 


Founded, University of Nebraska, 1904 

Sigma Tau 

Theta Chapter Established 1914 

Nineteen Active Chapters 

To encourage and promote high engineering scholarship 


M. S. Ketchum, D.Sc, C.E. 

H. H. Jordan, B.S. 

A. C. Willard, B.S. 

R. Newcomb, A.M., MArch. 

H. J. Macintire, M.S., M.M.E. 

H. E. Degler, M.S., M.E. 
A. R. Knight, M.E., M.S., E.E. 
C. E. Palmer, M.S. 
C. A. Keener, M.S. 

F. B. Seely, M.S. 
R. L. Brown, M.S. 
H. E. Babbitt, M.S. 
H. E. Schlenz, M.S. 

R. K. Hursh, B.S. 
J. K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. 
R. S. Crossman, M.S., C.E. 
F. W. Stubbs, B.S., C.E. 



D. G. Bennett 
M. F. Carlock 
L. A. Dollahan 
J. J. Floreth 

C. Gentilini 

C. A. Huebner 
G. W. Kessler 

D. R. Laidig 

A. G. R. Lindberg, Jr. 
H. A. Manuel 

B. Murphy 

C. J. Scheve 

E. J. Slygh 
R. H. Seybold 
B. F. Rose 

















Skull and Crescent 

Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1907 

Helmet Chapter Established 1917 

Sophomore Interfraternity Honorary Society 

Fred H. Turner, A.M. 



T. Drayer 
A. V. Lutton 

Alpha Delta Phi 
T. A. Becker 
R. S. McEuen 

Alpha Sigma Phi 
R. W. Haines 

Alpha Tau Omega 
W. S. Morrison 
J. G. Coleman 

Beta Theta Pi 

R. Y. Bartholomew 
L. D. Turner 

Chi Psi 

O. D. Ames 
J. W. Mills 

Chi Phi 

J. B. Mallin 

D. W. Roche, Jr. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 
F. G. Bartholomew 

E. R. Faust 

Delta Tau Delta 

C. M. Nicholson 
H. B. Terry 

Delta Upsilon 

H. D. Hazman 

F. L. Winslow 

Kappa Sigma 
J. M. Elliott 
W. F. Seifert 

Phi Delta Theta 
J. W. Ashby 
E. B. Kamp 

Phi Gamma Delta 
R. A. Linberg 
R. J. Railsback 

Phi Kappa 

H. B. Johnston 
E. B. Smiley 

Phi Kappa Psi 
R. H. Crowe 
Miles Scull, Jr. 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

A. R. Crathorne, Jr. 

B. S. Johnson 

Phi Sigma Kappa 
R. W. Pashby 
E. Useman 

Psi Upsilon 

C. L. Emrich, Jr. 
L. B. Varty 

Sigma Alpha Epsilor. 
H. L. Frese 
T. E. Hughes 

Sigma Chi 

R. W. McGregor, Jr. 
F. W. Renwick, Jr. 

Sigma Nu 

J. C. Sanderson, Jr. 
M. O. Roberts 

Sigma Pi 

R. J. Larsen 
J. B. Reston 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 
L. Lair 
A. W. Roos 

Theta Delta Chi 
D. E. Barton 
J. L. Tourtelot 

Zeta Psi 

P. A. Petty 

W. A. Kleppinger 

Ames Holzman Johnston Smiley Larsen R. Bartholomew Faust Duncan 

D. Turner Lair Drayer Lutton Scull Winslow Renwick Emrich Hughes Haines Mills 

Roos Pashby Linberg G. Bartholomew Seifert Crowe McEuen Frese Morrison Coleman Standard F. Turner 

Becker Johnson Railsback Roberts Kleppinger Crathorne McGregor Varty Nicholson Rugh Elliott Terry Sanderson 


Page 511 

Founded, University of Minnesota, 1904 

Theta Tau 

Kappa Chapter Established 1915 

Twenty-four Active Chapters 

To maintain a high standard of professional interest among 
the members, and to unite them in fraternal fellowship 

E. E. King, A.B., M.C.E. 

J. W. Howe, M.S. 

O. A. Leutwiler, B.S., M.E. 


J. O. Vawter, B.S., C.E. 

W. M. Wilson, M.M.E, C.E. 

A. M. Jorgenson, B.S. 

W. J. Putman, M.S. 
T. J. Dolan, B.S. 
James Mather, B.S. 

J. J. Doland 
P. A. Bezy, B.S. 



Bruce Eaton 
W. D. Scott 
R. C. Oeler 
W. R. Hildeman 
J. H. Muntz 

A. C. Doescher 
F. W. Holbrook 
R. M. Wandling 
W. E. LaBelle 
C. I. Luckman 

E. J. Lawson 
D. H. Murphy 
A. E. Schubert 
G. Mackey 
J. M. Houck 

R. B. Huck 
W. Kletting 
J. F. Schroeder 
C. T. Masterson 
J. D. Jarvis 

E. J. Snow 
J. R. Woodfill 
Reno Biondi 
W. F. Ridgway 

G. T. Sands 
C. S. Monnier 
F. H. Davis 


L. F. Concklin 
O. B. Gerlach 
M. D. Serblin 

W. L. Hoffman 
H. C. Lane 
H. D. Peoples 
R. P. Sayers 





Lane Peoples Ridgway Sayers 

Concklin Gerlach Kletting Mather Muntz Serblin Hoffman 

Davis Mackey Biondi Schubert ' Huck Murphy LaBelle Scott 

Houck Lawson Schroeder Oeler Luckman Monnier Reeder Hildeman 

Page 578 

&ffi£ ft 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1906 

Junior-Senior Interfraternity Honorary Society 


Alpha Delta Phi 

T. W. Swain 
J. H. Wheat 

Alpha Sigma Phi 

R. G. Otteson 
J. C. Wilton 

Alpha Tau Omega 

F. B. Marshall 

G. A. Bertelsman 

Beta Theta Pi 

L. S. Cline 
Charles E. Duncan 

Chi Phi 

William D. Lewis 
William M. Cameron 

Chi Psi 

Arch S. James 
James S. Shannon 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Edward C. Hoelscher 
John C. Gage 

Delta Tau Delta 

Walter J. Doolen 
Warren L. Wood 

Delta Upsilon 

William F. O'Dell 
Henry T. Oleck 

Kappa Sigma 

H. Brinton McDermott 
R. O. Clare 

Phi Delta Theta 

Roland A. Floberg 
Robert J. Conover 

Phi Gamma Delta 

Charles F. Edwards 
William F. Lewis 

Phi Kappa Psi 

K. L. Burroughs 
J. W. Karraker 

Phi Kappa Sigma 

John H. Clements 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

William R. Hildeman 
G. W. Stark 

Psi Upsilon 

John W. Beal 
W. J. McEdwards 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
Kenneth Rugh 
Robert J. Wilson 

Sigma Chi 

G. E. Baird 
Hugh Owens 

Sigma Nu 

Willard P. Boysen 
J. M. Malmberg 

Theta Delta Chi 
H. S. Dawson 

Zeta Psi 

E. B. Freeland 
W. K. Jordan 

Hoelscher James Shannon Stark Owens Baird Karraker Boysen Bertelsman Wood Macklin 
Duncan Cameron Otteson Hildeman Edwards Malmberg Dawson O'Dell Oleck Conover Clare Floberg 
Doolen Lewis Jordan Rugh Burroughs Lewis McDermott Wilson McEdwards Beal 


Page 579 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 

Accountancy Club 

To foster and maintain a sincere interest in the science of accounting 

One Accive Chapter 

Edwin L. Theiss, Ph.D., C.P.A. 

R. Parmelee 
R. M. Brown 
S. C. Wernham 
Robt. E. Lee 
H. L. Tripp 

D. G. Fithian 
Wm. W. Bland 
J. J. Nedwed 
T. M. Maine 

P. G. Kreiling 
M. Vydareny 
C. G. Burroughs 
W. F. Doak 
A. M. Bitzer 

E. H. Wagner 
V. P. Christman 

Nathan E. Curtis 
M. T. Kuhl 
J. M. Pucin 
Olaf U. Hoy 
J. E. Hawke 
P. J. Meinardi 
L. B. Askin 
W. W. DeLong 
Paul R. Taylor 
M. W. Smith 
S. Sideman 
J. S. Seten 
J. Ward Cockrum 
C. N. Wishart 
C. J. Jones 


M. A. Provus 

F. Higginbotham 
M. F. Arentsen 
P. L. Davis 

C. L. Renfrew 

G. G. Daubek 
C. R. Wiedey 

F. E. Bloomquist 
R. L. Smith 
N. Deutch 
A. Ault 
J. R. Stein 
Geo. L. Duwe 
C. M. Stock 
K. R. Jordan 

Hiram T. Scovill, A.B., C.P.A. 

Wm. M. Floyd 
Ed. A. Berndt 
P. F. Johnson 
M. G. Peterson 
Howard L. Jenkins 
John A. Niemeyer 
M. F. Anderson 
Walter B. Smith 
C. G. Smith 
L. M. Meyer 
J. A. Morse 
O. W. Harter 
R. L. Brody 
J. A. Fetterolf 
H. G. Homuth 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1869 

Adelphic National Literary Society 

To further forensic, literary and artistic activities 

N. A. Weston, Ph.D. 
King J. McCristal, B.S. 

R. G. Benbow 
H. G. Collom 
W. C. Beutner 
W. H. Maxant 
F. W. Merker 
K. E. Moberly 

Lorado Taft 

G. E. Collins 
H. W. Gaulrapp 
G. F. Kelling 
R. Baldridge 
W. L. Pownall 



G. Robertson, A.B. 

E. L. Sauer 
E. G. Woods 
R. P. Kern 
L. L. Patterson 
W. K. Schori 

G. T. Flom, Ph.D. 

C. W. Dotson 
W. E. Ackerman 
R. F. Elrick 
A. E. Blumberg 
W. E. Willey 

G. E. Lukas 
John R. Ozment 
T. O. Gaskins 

B. Beckerman 
Ted M. Michaels 
E. P. Priebe 

R. Gellerman 

C. W. Mcintosh 
W. H. Bacon 

R. E. Morehouse 
I. C. Slonneger 
Eugene N. Davis 

D. L. Dieterle 
K. M. Snyder 
R. C. Malone 

Two Active Chapters 

G. A. Huff, B.S. 
W. W. Yapp, Ph.D. 

W. R. Schwartz 
V. C. McGinnis 
D. M. Knotts 
I. G. Larson 
R. H. Choate 
F. C. Hoff 

Maxant Larson 

Null Schwartz Moberly 

Merker Collins Schori 

Kern Patterson 

Baldridge Knotts Dotson 

Kelling Gaulrapp 


Page 580 


Robbins Roy Hall Whyte 

Rusk Shallene Stoolman Whitson Howard 

Moffat Finnegan Gard Roesch Martindale Eaton 

Von Almen Carnahan Burrows Peacock Daily 

Alethenai Literary Society 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1871 

Helen Rand, A.M. 

Kathryn A. Burrows 
Elizabeth Martindale 
Margaret Carnahan 
Josephine McCormick 
Milda Shallene 
Sherry Eaton 
Elizabeth Dailv 

To stimulate forensic eloquence 


Lucille Machiels 
Dorothy M. Whyte 
Lucille Finnegan 
Florence Roy 
Elizabeth De Berard 
Marjorie Peacock 
Elizabeth Stoolman 

Linda Fitzgerald 
Marjorie Finn 
Sara Moffat 
Frances Howard 
Virginia Hall 
Dorothy Roesch 
Mary E. Von Almen 

Five Active Chapters 

Clarissa Rinaker, Ph.D. 

Mary Robbins 
Margaret Otis 
Elizabeth Schneider 
June Whitson 
Dorothy Gard 
Elizabeth Rusk 
Florence Martin 

Alpha Alpha Gamma 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 Six Active Chapters 

To advance women in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior decorating 

Florence Robinson, B.S., M.S. 

Katherine Burns 
Margaret Yopp 


Barbara Jenkinson Jane Egan 

Sara Worst 






Page 581 


Silverman McLaughlin 

Wood Curtis Knox 

Boysen Russell 

Iden Hayes 

Ackermann Levin 

Siegel Anderson Hoffman 

Goldstein Metcalf Priebe 

Founded, University of Missouri, 1913 

Frederick A. Russell, Ph.D. 

Alpha Delta Sigma 

To encourage interest in advertising 

Twenty Active Chapters 


Oscar W. Cagann, M.S. 

Victor L. Krannert, B.S. 


Walter E. Ackermann 
J. Stewart Eaton 
Vesper R. Hoffman 
James D. Knox 
Edward C. Quebbeman 
Daniel J. Dalziel 
Vernon S. Curtis 
Carl B. McLaughlin 
Joseph E. Springer 

Robert H. Anderson 
Herbert B. Fried 
Albert E. Jenner 
Maier M. Levin 
J. Atwell Shinn 
Frederic T. Metcalf 
John B. Davies 
Richard W. Rayner 

Willard P. Boysen 
George Goldstein 
Charles A. Johnson 
Harry C. Neil 
Fred W. Siegel 
William J. O'Grady 
Ray J. Iden 
Edward H. Silverman 

Luther Dearborn 
Francis X. Hayes 
Ralph K. Johnson 
Elden P. Priebe 
Roy J. Wood 
Rome G. Arnold 
Howard B. McDermott 
Robert E. Sloan 
Timothy W. Swain 

Alpha Sigma Nu 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 

To promote scholarship and achievement in the various fields of health education 


Louise Freer, M.A. 
Carita Robertson, M.A. 

Margaret Windsor 
Phyllis Long 

Catherine Richter, A.B. 
Elizabeth Noyes, A.B. 

Angela Kitzinger, A.B. 
Laura Huelster, B.S. 


Mabel Deere 

Jane A. McCIure 

Ann Avery Smith, B.S. 

Gertrude Peske 
Clara Kelly 












Page 582 

■ '••'•■■■■■■■■'. 

ssSsSt . •*-;••■: 


McCormick Leppla Mamer Slaughter Bryant J. Thomas Matson K. Lyons Duvall Liggett 

Rapp Bennett Deringer Kuttler Lowe Lindberg Mills 

Hainsfurther Howe Mullady Schaefer 

Miller R. Thomas Trabert Higgins Hoffa Plankenhorn Westall Bourne 

American Ceramic Society 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 

Fourteen Active Chapters 

To serve in the advancement of ceramic engineering and ceramics among students 


Prof. R. K. Hursh 


D. G. Bennett 
G. Bryant 

R. M. Hainsfurther 
K. D. Atkins 
W. H. Duvall 

E. E. Howe 
E. Bourne 

W. A. Deringer 
P. W. Leppla 
C. D. Hester 

W. W. Higgins 
H. E. Hoffa 
A. G. R. Lindberg 
W. S. Kuttler 
E. K. Lowe 
K. Lyons 
H. Lyons 
L. J. Mamer 
J. McCormick 

J. B. Miller 
R. Mullady 

E. S. Noe 

J. Plankenhorn 
C. H. Rapp 

F. R. Matson 
E. K. Mills 
L. A. Trabert 

G. T. Moore 

J. T. Schaefer 
R. R. Thomas 
C. C. Westall 
J. A. Slaughter 
J. A. Thomas 
M. P. Liggett 
R. W. Slaughter 
Ken Jones 
Abde Ally 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers 

Founded, LIniversiry of Illinois, 1896 One Active Chapter 

To further student accomplishment, and to keep in touch with the progress of engineering 


G. W. Kessler President 

M. H. Wilson Vice President 

E. A. Luscombe Treasurer 

G. Mackey Secretary 


Page 583 

H E 

19 3 1 

Campbell Voelkel 

Weiss Bunting 



Hall Ehman Drew Marsh 

King Hammett Wylie 







Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

Anonian Literary Society 

To further interest in literary and scholastic achievement 

One Active Chapter 


M. Evelyn Hammett 
Betty King 
Verna Dailey 
Rebecca Stone 
Betty Forrest 
Winifred Armstrong 
Eunice Collins 
Grace Green 
Carol Johnson 
Elizabeth Engstrand 

Isabel T. Marsh 
Virginia Gleim 
Marian Hendricks 
Helen Crull 
Virginia Scott 
Mary Joan Bunting 
Ruth Pifer 
Charlotte Claussen 
Thelma Warren 

Mary M. Clark 
Rita Wylie 
Harriet Myers 
Frances Linque 
Marjorie Hall 
Gertrude Graham 
Lois Campbell 
Blanche Robbins 
Audrey Weiss 

Kathryn Kimball 

Helen Ridinger 

Mary Aiken 

Mary Elizabeth Flannigan 

Evelyn Ehman 

Margaret Railsback 

Hazel Drew 

Pauline Hurd 

Ann Voelkel 

Evelyn Cote 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1907 

Athenian Literary Society 

Alpha Chapter 

To stimulate interest in literature 

One Active Chapter 

Ramon Pierce 
Edena Miller 
Sylva Karasick 


Helen J. Goulding 
Lillian Rosenfeld 
Erville Farrar 

Catherine Fait 
Edna Carroll 
Angeline Gioconda 

Mabel Blair 
Elizabeth Siegrist 
Chapel le Roeder 

Page 584 




Van Doren 



Johnson Lukas 


Frese Karrenbrook 




Anderson Hackett 




Beta Alpha Psi 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1919 

To foster and maintain sincere interest in professional accounting 

H. T. Scovill. A.B., C.P.A. 
E. J. Filbey, Ph.D., C.P.A. 
E. L. Theiss, Ph.D., C.P.A. 
C. F. Schlatter, M.S., C.P.A. 

Robert E. Lee 
G. E. Lukas 
Rexford Parmelee 
Milton E. Anderson 


A. C. Littleton, A.M., C.P.A. 
M. H. Robinson, Ph.D. 
E. R. Dillavou, A.B., J.D. 

W. E. Karrenbrock, M.S. 

H. L. Newcomer, A.B., C.P.A. 

D. M. Beights, M.S. 


George H. Lesch 
Jack R. Stein 
Homer L. Tripp 
E. J. Kinderman 

John H. Detrich 
Wm. Adelhelm 
Paul F. Johnson 
Ralph Linville 

Beta Nu Kappa 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 

To perfect the curricula of Banking and Finance, and to bring the 
students of banking in closer contact with bankers and business men 

Nathan A. West, Ph.D. 
Maurice H. Robinson, Ph.D. 

R. T. Anderson 

C. H. Seger 
R. W. Wright 

D. B. Curtis 
W. M. Rose 
D. H. Cooper 

R. E. Morehouse 
M. G. Peterson 


Hale L. Newcomer, A.B., M.S. Ivan Wright, Ph.D., D.Sc. 


D. M. VanDoren 
R. S. Bigler 
R. B. Whiteford 
D. H. Dieterle 
C. O. Miller 
H. D. Koeller 
J. A. Morse 

F. W. Soderberg 
R. E. Lee 

M. C. Hupp 

G. E. Lukas 

E. P. Priebe 

F. R. Henrekin 
D. A. Doughty 

Fourteen Active Chapters 

P. M. Green, M.S. 
W. F. Frese, A.B. 
R. P. Hackett, M.S. 

C. E. Allen, M. S. 

D. M. Van Doren 
Eldon Priebe 
Olaf U. Hoy 

One Active Chapter 

Horace M. Gray, Ph.D. 
P. G. Busey 

C. B. Campbell 
W. C. Voorhees 
R. W. Mayer 
J. D. Knapp 
P. H. Davis 
G. G. Daubek 
J. W. McMahon 

Lukas Knapp Whiteford Bigler Hupp Rose Mayer Davis Anderson 

Miller Koeller VanDoren Peterson Henrekin Soderberg Wright 

Voorhees Campbell Curtis Morehouse Morse Doughty 

Dieterle Daubek Newcomer McMahon Cooper Lee Priebe 

Page 585 



Tavs Hinman Spring Worell Casto Conley 

Berger Reid Heffner Weintraub Hellrung Horst Galloway 

Simon Morf Shannon Evans Day Pecru Eklund 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1928 

Maude Lee Etheridge, M.D. 

Dorothy Marie Johnson 
Laverne Heffner 
Helen Shannon 
Evelyn Spring 
Elfrieda Horst 
Mary Weintraub 

Chi Chi Chi 

To stimulate and foster a spirit of professionalism and to 
uplift the ideals and standards of the medical profession 


Selma Olsen, B.A. 

Maria Leonard, A.M. 


Josephine M. Galloway 

Susan Conley 

Stina Eklund 

Louise Tavs 

Paula Morf 

Mildred Worell 

Sulah Ferguson 
Martha Simon 
Betty Petru 
Isabel Hinman 
Ruth Berger 
Jessie Waddell 

One Active Chapter 

Rosalie M. Parr, Ph.D. 

Chloe Evans 
Mary M. Casto 
Ceceilia Hellrung 
Marjorie Day 
Edith Reid 

Chinese Students' Club 

L. H. Cha 
Hans Chan 
Y. K. Chen 
T. T. Chu 
W. C. Chu 
L. Chung 
H. J. Eng 
T. Y. Huang 
P. K. Kao 
T. Y. Kao 

To labor for the welfare of the Chinese Republic, to advance knowledge and 
thought, to promote friendship, and to cultivate the spirit of associated life 


T. M. Kwoh 
T. L. Lau 
C. L. Lee 
Harry Lee 
H. Q. H. Lee 
S. C. Lee 
Thmas T. M. Lee 
C. H. Li 
S. K. Liang 
H. C. Ling 

Chuan Liu 
C. M. Lu 
Y. F. Ma 
Park J. Mark 
T. Pao 

Chester T. Su 
Oliver Sun 
S. H. Tho 
C. C. Tien 
H. P. Ting 

W. F. Tsai 
C. C. Tsiang 
C. H. Tsui 
T. T. Tsui 
T. T. Tsung 
H. T. Wu 
J. Wu 
P. C. Yang 
Y. C. Yen 
G. G. Young 








P. K. Kao 



S. C. Lee 


C. L. Lee 
T. T. Chu 

T. Y. Kao 

W. C. Chu 






; Chan 

T. T. Tsui 

H. T. Wu 


H. Q. H. Lee 


Page 586 


Nimmo Garretson 

Jehle Zeiter Kertes Pritz Blaurock 

Achenbach Pokorny Wyneken Zimmerman n Francis 

Hills Mohlman Schneider Smith Grossman Gliem 











Der Deutsche Verein 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1890 

P. Achenbach 
W. Branz 
M. F. Blaurock 
Mary G. Blaeuer 
Dorothy Becher 
Sophia Brzenk 
L. W. Butz 
Dorothy Crisp 
L. F. Dedituis 
Francis Diekow 
Elizabeth Doms 
Eileen Dorman 
Marie Elmzen 
Prof. A. W. Aron 

To further the knowledge of German literature, life, and language 

Mrs. A. W. Aron 
Dorris Gerlich 
Florence Gerlich 
Sylvia Goodman 
Stina Eklund 
Dorothy Footitt 
D. D. Garretson 
Josephine Galloway 
Leona Happenrath 
Jeanette Hills 
Helen Hunsinger 
Robert Ittner 
Carolynne Kayner 

Margart Kertes 

Jane Kraft 

Nina Norris 

H. Z. Lerner 

H. N. McLaughlin 

Lucy Mohlman 

Ruth Ann Blumenkamp 

Antonia Nasluchacz 

G. L. Nimmo 

Helen Otto 

F. W. Ottererson 

J. Pokorny, Jr. 

E. G. Reimann 

One Active Chapter 

C. Schull 
Florence Smith 
Helen Sangwin 
Ruth L. Thorns 
Marian Tintinger 
Agnes L. Walthall 
Chester Wyneken 
W. J. Zeiter 
Joyce Zimmermann 
Elvera Duller 
Marian Jourdan 
Irene Kertes 
Susana Scholl 
Doris Gchneider 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

E. J. Manley 

F. W. Holbrook 
F. R. Schroeder 
W. P. Van Ness 
J. H. Wheat 

F. J. Rose 


Honorary Swimming Fraternity 

H. C. Patterson H. B. De Cook 


J. R. Kieding 
G. A. Webster 
J. O. Campbell 
C. E. Staples 
J. Williamsen 

W. H. Etzback 
W. H. Stout 
P. C. Livingston 
S. Herrala 
J. Carlson 

One Active Chapter 

R. F. Dvorak 

E. H. Wagner 

F. K. Sweetman 
J. S. Flagg 
George Barry 
H. Hall 



De Cook 










Cessna Farrell Cooper Johnstone Saenz 

Celaya Little Keeney Pierce Cope Thies Lind Lundeberg Larsen 

Smith Stull Hilliard Gerlick Meneely Tobin Lopez Rosenwasser Wylie Martin 

Hammett Olson Wunderlick Kepler Graham Diehl Schroeppel Gioconda Henebry 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1912 

D. Carnahan, Ph.D. 
M. Briones 

El Circulo Literario de Espanol 

To encourage interest in Spanish life, literature, and culture 


A. Hamilton, Ph.D. 

O. Lundeberg Ph.D. 

Ralph H. Abbas 
Robert Celaya 
Dorothy Diehl 
E. Augudun Y Ferrabal 
Margaret Graham 
Helen Hilliard 
K. A. Larsen 
W. V. Little 

Evelyn Olson 
Maxine Schroeppel 
Genevieve Thies 
Gregory Whipple 
Madeline Adams 
V. Arnillas 
Nancy Embell 
Linda Fitzgerald 


Evelyn Hammett 
Don Johnstone 
G. C. Lewis 
Helen Lopez 
Frances Pierce 
Madge Sparks 
Blanche Tobin 
Helen Stull 


Marcela Wunderlick 
H. W. Borsch 
Arthur Cooper 
Robert W. Farrell 
Angela Gioconda 
Mary Louise Henebry 
Kenneth K. Keeney 
Eva Lind 

C. Martin 

Theresa Rosenwasser 
Helen Stewart 
Margaret Van Bergen 
Charles E. Cessna 
Dorothy Cope 
Doris Gerlick 
Charles C. Gordon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1904 

Electrical Engineering Society 

To enliven interest in electrical engineering 


M. W. Woodruff 
J. R. Woodfill 
H. A. Wenzel 
M. C. Banca 
G. R. Bishop 
R. G. Black 
S. C. Brown 
E. W. Chapin 
W. M. Cronin 
J. W. DeWolf 

F. M. Funkhouser 
W. H. Formhals 
A. W. Emmertz 
L. J. Rubenking 
K. S. Johnson 
S. W. Archer 
D. L. Levine 
D. J. Pennington 
W. M. Hesselberth 
A. Honke 

H. Ibler 
H. S. Jester 
W. J. Katt 
G. S. Marvin 
G. D. Mathews 
W. R. Nelsh 
R. J. Orner 
H. G. Paine 
G. H. Pitner 
L. E. Robinson 

B. K. Peters 
A. H. Bate 
W. P. Schmitz 
R. E. Clevinstine 
L. E. Mendel 
I. A. Rockman 
R. L. Shearer 
D. H. Smith 
W. L. Taylor 
L. A. Weaver 

L. S. Wells 
R. Shapiro 
G. L. Bodwell 
W. P. Burgland 
E. C. Fairfield 
D. H. Herzberg 
R. G. Humphrey 
L. P. Evans 
R. A. Erickson 
C. H. Trommer 

Q. W. Foutch 
H. R. Miner 
J. D. Lowe 
A. Mabon 
W. R. Marston 
J. C. Monahan 
G. W. Pickels 
E. J. Pouzar 
R. A. Siegrest 
C. R. Stout 

One Active Chapter 

M. Kidder 
J. Swain 

Margaret Hicks 
Helen Kepler 
F. V. Lindston 
Dorothy Meniely 
Dorothy Runge 
Louise Slow 
Sylvia Wasserman 
Rita Wylie 

One Active Chapter 

K. A. Stoll 
R. J. West 
W. H. Zurhorst 
E. V. Bialik 
L. G. Croysdale 
J. M. Gibson 
C. W. Veach 
C. Gentilini 
C. E. ODonnell 
H. L. Thompson 

Rockman West Thompson Clevinstine Marvin Evans Siegrest Miner Bodwell O'Donnell Peters Pitner Shearer Funkhouser 

Levine Gentilini Bialik Foutch Brown Woodruff Wells DeWolf Croysdale Black Cronin Archer 

Chapin Formhals Shapiro Katt Mendel Wenzel Quinnell Ibler Weaver Nelsch Jester Honke Pennington 

Page 588 



! ! 
















Burg land 

Strong Myers 





Founded, University of Illinois, 1904 

Eta Kappa Nu 

Alpha Chapter 

Morgan Brooks, Ph.B., M.E. 
Hugh A. Brown, M.S., E.E. 
Harold N. Hayward, B.S. 

T. L. Bowes 
E. W. Chapin 
W. T. Cooper 
W. H. Formhals 
C. Gentilini 
H. H. Hartong 
A. Honke 

Honorary Electrical Engineering Fraternity 


Charles T. Knipp, Ph.D. 
Abner R. Knight, M.E., E.E. 

Ernest A. Reid, M.S., E.E. 
Laurence L. Smith, B.S. 


C. A. Huebner 
S. R. Jordan 

D. L. Levine 
H. A. Manuel 
C. E. O'Donnell 
L. G. Ramer 

L. A. Weaver 
R. C. Webeck 
L. S. Wells 
W. P. Burgland 
H. V. Foreen 
O. H. Kaminky 

Twenty-two Active Chapters 

Elmer F. Heater, B.S. 
Ellery B. Paine, M.S., E.E. 
Edward H. Waldo, M.S., M.E., E.E. 

A. Mabon 
G. F. Meyer 

C. R. Schnell 
R. V. Strong 

D. E. Weigand 
R. J. West 

A. J. Rack 

Founded, University of Chicago 

Celeste Cantrell 
Dorean Davis 
Chauncey Finch 

Eta Sigma Phi 

Alpha Kappa Chapter 

Honorary Undergraduate Classical Fraternity 


Ben E. Perry, Ph.D. 


Serene Fink 
Suzanna Harry 
Anna L. Jackson 

Emily Kelley 
Margaret Haas 
Mildred Reinboth 

Thirty-seven Active Chapters 

Ina Mae Cheek 
- Pearl Meyer 

Haas Kelley Cantrell 

Meyer Cheek Fink Reinboth 


Page 589 



Everhart Woods 

Peters Fink 

Thompson Turner Kiffmeyer Ball Decker 

Downing Kistler Hartig Shoot Faber Krone 

Gill Reinoehl Bruns Matthiesen Grimmer Gimlin Edwards 

Kniep Wilkening Lundstrom King Cheney Hackleman 

Floricultural Club 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1914 

To advance Floriculture knowledge and interests, and to promote fellowship 


Herman B. Dorner 
Stanley W. Hall 

Arthur M. Cheney 
Orland F. Duntemann 
Grant D. Everhart 
Margaret Gaston 
Joseph G. Gill 
John A. Lundgren 
Andrew B. Matthiesen 
Ernest R. Schwarm 
Fred W. Seibold 
Wm. F. West 
Lawrence C. Faber 
George D. Pring 
Henry G. Sandvoss 
George W. Thompson 

Frederick F. Weinard 


Theodore M. Swartz 
Hans Bahr 
Paul R. Bruns 
Eugene R. Buffa 
Forest G. Gimlin 
Wilbert W. Grimmer 
John H. Hanley 
Chas. E. Hewitt 
Chas. H. Johannsen 
Nellie T. King 
Burr K. Hackleman 
Sieving W. Querl 
Lynn R. Shoot 

James Hutchinson 


Wilhelm G. Peters 
Maurice T. Turner 
Francelia A. Wilkening 
E. G. Woods 
Leonard Blome 
Marjorie H. Deal 
William H. Edwards 
William P. Kiffmeyer 
William H. Kistler 
Rosalie M. Kniep 
Milton R. Hartig 
Carl W. Reinoehl 
James E. Smith 

Gamma Alpha Chi 

Founded, University of Missouri, 1920 

National Honorary and Professional Advertising Fraternity for Women 


Alta Gwinn Saunders 

One Active Chapter 

Samuel W. Decker 

Alice I. Lundstrom 
Albert J. Neill 
Elmer L. Patelski 
Wendell Arling 
George K. Ball 
Orville R. Black 
Paul R. Dooley 
Weymore B. Downing 
William H. Duis 
Lester N. Eck 
Donald E. Krick 
Vernon H. Rowe 
Julius A. Staack 
Margaret C. Fink 

Five Active Chapters 


Frances Williamson 
Margaret Bennett 
Betty Randolph 
Marjorie Peacock 
Juliet Connors 
Jane Zinn 

Betty Kehoe 
Margaret Crocker 
Jean Macdonald 
Frances Etzbach 
Mary Brennan 

Dorothy Diehl 
Barbara Menges 
Dolores Becker 
Hazel Burrow 
Frances Zoeller 

Margaret Parker 
Mary Koons 
Dorothy Austin 
Nancy Hoblit 
Emma L. Webster 
Henrietta Koutnik 











Peacock Parker 


Brennan Koutnik 




Page 590 

':■.'.- • ■£ 

Caldwell Seider Rogers 

Saunders Martin Sacks Mulvane 

Gamma Epsilon Pi 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1918 

National Honorary Commerce and Business Organization Sorority 

Eighteen Active Chapters 

Ruth M. Caldwell, B.S. 

Elva W. Martin 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1917 

C. E. Palmer, M.S. 

Russell O. Deeter 
Robert W. Lavicka 
Donald R. Laidig 
S. G. Weinberg 


Elrena D. Seider, B.S. Aha G. Saunders, A.M. 

Edna Boyd Mulvane Delia M. Rogers 

Gargoyle Society 

Honorary Architectural Fraternity 

R. Newcomb, A.M., M.Arch. L. H. Provine, A.E. 


Robert A. Rodgers Edward J. Slygh 

William V. Reed V. L. Opperman 

Carl J. Scheve B. L. Pickens 

R. H. Seybold William L. Pereira 

Mollie F. Sacks 

One Active Chapter 

J. M. White, B.S. 

Samuel S. Miller 
C. C. Weintz 
A. O. Myers 

Pereira Weinberg Weintz 

Myers Scheve Lavicka Deeter 

Seybold Slygh Pickens Laidig Miller 


,,, ; 


Page 591 




! 9 3 ! 

Fagin Pray Moyer Gill Johnston Clason Baker Curtis Glassner Malkin Siroi 

Bird Blake Young Tolman Zimmerman ■ Green Penstone Seider Hanawalc Jorgenson Montooth 

Stoutmeyer Schneider Yost Percival Langhorst Moretsky Green Brown Sachs Feingold 

Hunsinger Dohme Olson Reed Schoch Stice M. Welch B. Welch Young Epstein 

Gregorian Literary Society 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

To promote interest in literary work and to further the 
spirit of good-fellowship among the girls at Illinois 

Julia Bird 
Elizabeth Hanawalt 
Mary Elizabeth Stice 
Elsie Stoutmeyer 
Mary Welch 
Bertha Welch 
Roberta Olson 
Emily Stoehr 
Mabel Baker 

Celia Irick 
Helen Reed 
Ann R. Young 
Ethel Gill 
Mildred McGraw 
Bernelda Moyer 
Fredericka Clason 
Esther Ewald 
Hazel Montooth 


Elizabeth Brown 
Evelyn Schmitz 
Eunice Yost 
Rosabel Malkin 
Evelyn Epstein 
Geraldine Glassner 
Ruth Percival 
Dorothy Roberts 
Mabel Schoch 


Norma Seider 
Vivienne Sirois 
Lois Tolman 
Elva Read 

Emmy Lou Webster 
Alice Langhorst 
Gladys Dohme 
Joyce Zimmerman 
Marian Fagin 

Doris Schneider 
Majorie Freeman 
Maryone Green 
Belle Moretsky 
De Vera Shonn 
Ethel Green 
Reve Glickson 
Ruth Berger 
Bonita Mathews 

One Active Chapter 

Elsie Reif 
Isabel Johnston 
Eva Youmans 
Beatrice Sachs 
Annette Young 
Clara Louise Blake 
Ruth Pray 
Faye Livesey 
Florence Penstone 

Home Economics Club 

Founded 1902 

To further the interests of and to promote good fellowship among the Home Economics Students 


Lillie M. Johnson 

Mary Margaret Clark 
Virginia Knipe 
Madelyn Grisby 
Hazel Sanders 
Ruth Beale 
Ethel Best 
Ruth Tjardes 

Ruth Reynolds 
Eugenia Hammett 
Gladys Neystrom 
Laura Price 
Hulda Meislahn 
Dorothy Abbott 
Mildred Thai 


Florence Walker 
Marjorie Stevenson 
Ruth Ranger 
Jean Hoeft 
Helen Hammond 
Reva Voile 
Irene Helphinestine 


Dorothy Duckies 
Marcia Mills 
Mildred Rausch 
Mary Strubinger 
Liberty Munco 
Vivienne Sirois 
Olive Elder 

Elizabeth Engstrand Ruth Rowe 

Pauline Black 
Besse Sharer 
Florence Buente 
Genevieve Shade 
Meora Jamssem 
Maude Hine 

Lucille Taylor 
Florence Walker 
Ruth Schwarz 
Marian Simonson 
Vera Butler 

Buente Voile Price Shields Jamssen Stevenson Schwarz Thai Ranger Tjardes Wilson Wolcott Aszmann 

Vasey Clarke Munco Sirois Helphinestine Hammett Johnson Hoeft Mamer Hammond Neystrom 

Taylor Walker Riser Selden Sanders Clarke Grigsby Knipe Abbott Kadic Best 

Page 592 



Haas R. Catherwood 

Beadles Griffith 


F. Catherwood 











Iota Sigma Pi 

Founded, University of California, 1900 Seventeen Active Chapters 

To promote interest and stimulate personal accomplishment among women in Chemical Fields 


Mary Aldrich 
Mary Bennett 
Ruth Ellis 
Rosaline A. Hetler 
Helen Keith 
Selma Olsen 
Rosalie Parr 
Catherine MacLaren 
Janice Smith 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

Virginia Bartow 
Helen Cade 
Esther Griffith 
Henrietta Hoersch 
Marie Killinger 
Margaret Plant 
Anna M. Schrieber 
Ruth Catherwood 

Harriet Barto 
Florence L. Catherwood 
Dorothea Haas 
Leonore Hollander 
Mrs. W. Klabunde 
Lucy Pickett 
Annette M. Winaker 
Eva Goff 

Jamesonian Literary Society 

Jessie Beadles 
Rachel Davis 
Mabel B. Hershey 
Dorothy Husseman 
Clara R. Meyer 
Louise Pickens 
Catherine Steele 
Mrs. Elsie Sellars 

One Active Chapter 

To foster interest in literary work, and to further the spirit of good fellowship among the women of Illinois 

Ruth M. Caldwell, B.S. 

Alice Ferguson 
Virginia Weber 
Elma Krumsey 
Marjorie Brittain 
Audrey Morre 
Anita Wascher 
Wilsona Hutchison 
Margaret Dirks 
Louise Sonnerman 
Rowena Goldman 
Lorin Ludwig 



Elizabeth Down 
Evelyn Cote 
Katheryn Bowers 
Marion Holloway 
Elizabeth Cole 
Elizabeth Artman 
Mary Coons 
Marie Kunzer 
Violet Murson 
Pauline Hurd 


Geraldine Davies 
Margaret Hertes 
Laura Sentz 
Caroline Kayner 
Frances Dickow 
Virginia Seidel 
Mary Margaret Clark 
Mary Marquardt 
Hazel Drew 
Charlotte Clausen 

Helen M. Rand, A.M. 

Ruby Holden 
Lillian Winson 
Alberta Kabbes 
Lois Battenfield 
Marion Filson 
Hallia Daugharthy 
Marie Busev 
Mildred Parker 
Ruth Schermerhorn 
Mildred McKee 



Holloway Bartholf Seidel Shore Gustavison Kabbes Ferguson M. Kertes Daugharthy Busey Sonneman Mohlman 

Hohengarten Filson Bottenfield Cornwell Parker Clark Bowers Ludwig Sentz Brittain Doms I. Kertes 

Wascher Deach Cote Weber Davis Hurd Springer Goldman Prumseig Mortenson Schermerhorn 

Page 594 



T. Ito 

H. Nakamura 


urn " mi 

iTrl K",'W'i Mm 

j^^ ^H0-° ^^H * \Jj^^^ Tl 


Konzo Yamada Ito 

Nakamura Kamijo Okada 

Goto Kashiwagi Sagawa 

Japanese Club 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 

To further the social interests of Japanese students at the University 


T. Yamada President 

S. Konzo General Secretary 

K. Sagawa Treasurer 


K. Kashiwagi R. Okada 

R. Gato 
T. Kamijo 

Kappa Delta Pi 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1911 

Alpha Chapter 

Sixty-two Active Chapters 

To encourage in its members a higher degree of consecration to social service 

J. R. Byerly, B.S. 
E. H. Cameron, Ph.D. 
C. E. Chadsey, Ph.D. 
J. A. Clement, Ph.D. 
S. M. Corey, A.M. 
R. T. Gregg, A.M. 
Mabel Hagan, B.S. 


E. W. Dolch, Ph.D. 
W. E. Harnish, A.M. 
J. M. Harvey, A.M. 
B. C. Lawson, M.S. 
E. B. Lytle, Ph.D. 
Liesette McHarry, A.M. 
A. B. Mays, A.M. 

W. S. Monroe, Ph.D. 
H. G. Paul, Ph.D. 
W. W. Peters, A.M. 
G. W. Reagan, Ph.D. 
Anna Robinson, A.M. 
G. H. Smith, A.M. 
S. C. Staley, A.M. 

Helen Taylor, A.M. 

C. M. Thompson, Ph.D. 

F. H. Turner, A.M. 
O. F. Weber, Ph.D. 
L. W. Williams, A.M. 

G. T. Stafford, M.S. 

William Clark 
Martha Duell 
Mary Bowman 
H. H. Jarman 


Mildred Kemp 
Myrtle Harris 
Velma Magill 



Mary Stice 
V. T. Smith 
E. C. Seyler 

Mary Wells 
Chalmer Gross 
Jane McCIure 


Corey Byerley 



Stoutmeyer Stice 




Taylor Cornwell 


Baker Curtis 


Hendrix Kessler 




Page 595 


Broderick Strauss Cox Robinson Lohman Blair Schaffer White Dunkle Sterling 

Griffith Davis Beck Thomas Cunningham Ellifrit Nurmi Lehman Burkes Nelson Schumacher Wilkening Irish Jansen Worst 

Werland Groeser Peck Bowen Atwood Roberts Smith Poyer Jenkinson Brown Harris Hunn Krueger Egan Krien 

Huntington Parttidge Yamada Diedrich Shatwell Hunter Roll Mann DeTurk Meyer Hansen Reed Brown Burns 

Landscape Society 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1907 

To promote good feelings and interest among the students of landscape architecture 


Earl J. Mann President 

Charles A. DeTurk Secretary and Treasurer 

Le Cercle Franca is 

To help further the knowledge of France and the French language 


Leon Mayeur, A.B. 
David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 

Margie E. Francis 
Florence I. Smith 
Margaret L. Hicks 
Georgia J. Clapp 
Beatrice C. Bedard 
Margaret L. Mallatt 
Julia T. Bird 
Ruth A. Abrahamson 
Raymonde Moses 

Alphonse V. Roche, A.B. 
Cesarine Breuillard, A.M. 

Suzanne E. Kissel, A.M. 
Isabel G. Balthazard, A.M. 

Margaret M. Kinder 
Sarah Brook 
Betty King 
Frances L. Webber 
Elizabeth De Berard 
Margaret Carnahan 
Ruth M. Walters 
Mary A. Eads 
Florence L. South 


Joyce E. Newbill 
R. A. Perkins 
Ellen W. Brayshaw 
G. A. Chulock 
Alice C. Churchill 
P. P. Fowler 
Charlotte Wainright 
Elizabeth Huff 
Kathryn F. Francis 

Mary L. Burnier, A.B. 
Franc P. G. Thenaud, B.A. 


Linda Fitz-Gerald 
Anne Jones 
Mary Temple 
P. L. Cornelisen 
Viola A. Pittman 
Mary P. Surman 
Alice Hessler 
Lois Shelford 

Churchill Pittman 

Roche Bird Price Surman Adams Carnahan Kissel Christenson Perkins Fowler 

Balthazard Robbins Hicks De Berard Breuillard Burnier Stanley Curtis Brock Jones 

Francis Grant Wainwright Francis South Cornelisen Bedard Graham Wilcox 

Smith Moses Clapp Walters Fitz-Gerald Chulock Abrahamson Young Duncan Temple 

Page 596 


Stella M. Hague, Ph.D. 

Freeman Church 
Katherine Freeman 
Anita Burger 
Vivian Martin 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1926 

Linnean Botany Society 

To foster and further the interests of Botany on our campus 

Charles F. Hottes, Ph.D. Frank L. Stevens, Ph.D. 


Elizabeth Munson 
Lureta N. Franklin 
Virginia Lowe 

Margaret Schroeder 
Christine Albranger 
Margaret Leadbeater 

McKinley Mimes 

To create an interest and to offer training in religious dramatics 


John H. Armstrong 
Lois Hubbard 
D. Lyle Dieterle 
Lillian Ralph 
John F. Warren 
Leland Olin 
Mary Paul 
W. L. Unzicker, Jr. 
Eileen Nichols 
Ruth Phillips 

Marguerite Lipscomb 
Royal Buchanan 
Margaret Hayes 
Emily Stoehr 
Milo Appleman 
Cecil Nysewander 
Edith Taylor 
Mary Temple 
Donald Laidig 

Florence Buente 
Hazel Sanders 
Avis Conn 
Gladys Conn 
Grace Coe 
Erville Farrar 
Benjamin C. Seal 
Inez Ruth Conard 
Carl Gerfin 

Charlotte Love 

William Kistler 

Curt Eckert 

Annette Seiman 

Leonora Gilmour 

Naomi Wingfield Hunter 

David Hunter 

Mary Margaret Clark 

Jennie Barry 

Madge Stewart Sanmann 







Love Coe 











Page 597 

T H 

19 3 1 















Founded, University of Illinois, 1913 

Mu Kappa Alpha 

To encourage scholarship and advance music culture 

One Active Chapter 

Stella R. Percival, B.Mus. 

Byron P. Blackard 
Evelyn G. Blomquist 
George C. Wilson 
Doris V. Danks 
Judith R. Walz 
Helen Granger 


George F. Schwartz, A.M., B.Mus. Frederick B. Stiven, B.Mus.A.A.G.O. 

Louise T. Cummins 
Dorothy L. Drews 
Fannie Wright 
Ursula B. Hampel 
James N. Adams 
Thelma L. Utterback 

Maurine Hertz 
Robert B. Lyon 
Marjorie M. Golden 
Hall M. Macklin 
Helen A. Blaszczenski 
Margaret L. Mallatt 

Jessie L. Potter, B.Mus. 

Vernette White 
Fred R. Bellmar 
Milton K. Marcus 
Rhea V. Crews 
Harold H. Wich 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1911 

Mu San 

To more closely affiliate student and faculty, and to 
promote interest in Municipal and Sanitary Engineering 

One Active Chapter 


Arthur N. Talbot, C.E., D.Sc, D.Eng. Virgil R. Fleming, B.S. 
Harold E. Babbitt, M.S. James J. Doland, B.S., C.E. 

Arthur M. Buswell, Ph.D. 


Hugh A. Binyon 
Otto B. Gerlach 
William R. Hildeman 
William M. Honsa 
Devereux H. Murphy 

Melvin L. Enger, M.S., C.E. 
Harry E. Schlenz, B.S. 

Oliver W. Munz 
Edward F. Ream 
Edwin F. Steeve 
Charles K. Willett 

Leonard W. Winget 
Charles A. Nelson 
Lawrence E. Langdon 
Harold I. Shively 

Robert B. Moorman, B.S. 
W. Leighton Collins, B.S. 

J. Donald Walker 
Edwin C. Franzen 
James Jun 
J. Norvell True 

















Jun . 





Page 598 

y','>'/^-' f ;'-i-^yfyj 

• '■•'■: 

Founded, Michigan State College, 1912 

Isabel Bevier, D.S. 
Harriet T. Barto, A.M. 
Evelyn C. Lamar, M.S. 
Fannie M. Brooks, A.B., R.N. 

Stewart McMahon Fluck Sellers 

Leach McClain Hubbard Selden Remley 

Omicron Nu 

Honorary Home Economic Fraternity 

Stella C. Munger, M.S. Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. 

Helen E. McCullough, A.M. 
Margret L. Plant, M.S. 

Eda A. Jacobsen, A.M. 
Anna B. Robinson, A.M. 


Helen J. Code 
Dorothy Duckies 
Lois Hubbard 
Mabel L. Fluck 

Founded, University of Washington 

Margaret L. Leach 
Eva M. McClain 
Mary McMahon 

Ruby K. Remley 
Irma W. Robinson 
Elsie H. Sellers 

Twenty-three Active Chapters 

Clara R. Meyers, M.S. 
Evelyn Smith, A.M. 
Edna E. Walls, A.M. 
Anna M. Schreiber, A.M. 

Janice M. Smith 
Nesta T. Stewart 
Henrietta F. Selden 
Dorothy L. Husseman 

Pan Xenia 

Fourteen Active Chapters 

To develop interest in foreign trade and to promote higher ideals and business ethics 

Laurence E. Kline, B.S. 

Glenn L. Anderson 
Edmundo Buddemberg 
H. S. Nahigian 
Roblee Alexander 
John H. Allen 


Simon Litman, Dr. Jur. Pub. et Rer. Cam. 


William N. Walton 
Bill L. Ghent 
Edwin Jahns 
Clarence M. Graham 
Ralph C. Knoblock 

C. Wade Gustason 
Edward Rice 
Marion T. Kuhl 
Robert C. McCammon 
Raymond Swartzentraub 

George W. Sanford, A.M. 

Robert B. Whiteford 
Jack F. Hudson 
Kenneth C. Pippert 
Homer A. Stoody 

Graham Knoblock Whiteford Hudson Pippert 

Walton Gustason Swartzentraub Kuhl 

Ghent Stoody Allen Nahigian Anderson 

Page 599 

¥ * 

I W 






Von Almen 












Phi Beta 

Founded, Northwestern University, 1912 

Sigma Chapter Established 1929 

Elverta Erdman 
Iva Reynolds 
Agatha Felder 
Ettamae Mitchell 

To bring girls of similar interests closer together and to 
stimulate the professional side of Music and Dramatics 


Mrs. Katherine Johnson 


Wilma Busenbark 
Catherine Wilcox 
Mary E. Von Almen 
Trae Ehnborn 

Marie Busey 
Helen Ridinger 
Mary Freese 
Katherine Walker 

Seventeen Active Chapters 

Jane Dippell 
Frances Lindley 
Harriet Baker 

Martha Morrow 

Founded, Columbia University, 1924 

Phi Chi Theta 

Sigma Chapter Established 1927 

Twenty-nine Active Chapters 

To promote interest and friendship among the girls in the College of Commerce 


Ruth M. Caldwell, B.S. 

Aha Gwinn Saunders, A.M. 

Harriet Duell 
Elva Martin 
Frances Etzbach 


Evelyn McCutcheon 
Virginia Hall 
Frances Myers 

Bernice Robinson 
Edith Hudnut 
Margaret Bennett 

Delia Mae Rogers 
Virginia McLeod 
Mary Franklin 












Page 600 



Slovic Grossman 

Hartman Kanter 


Birger Rosenthal 

Richter Matz 

Hutler Favis Koolish 

Berg Beckerman 






Provol Friedberg 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1929 


To promote activities, scholarship, and good fellowship 

Dr. A. L. Sachar 


One Active Chapter 

Ben Beckerman 
Frank Friedberg 
Bernard Friedman 
Charles C. Gordon 
Samuel G. Alpert 
Milton Birger 
Henry Berg 
Eugene Davis 

Maurice O. Grossman 
Sidney X. Hartman 
Albert A. Hutler 
Charles Kenis 
Irving Favis 
George Gaber 
Arthur A. Bogeaus 
Harry P. Goldman 

Benjamin B. Pass 
George J. Provol 
Jerome Rosenthal 
Roy Simon 
Lawrence V. Kanter 
Jerome Gartner 
Ellman Koolish 
Max Matz 

Jack Slovic 
Joseph E. Springer 
David S. Traub 
Milton Adelman 
Irving B. Richter 
Louis Katzman 
David Wagner 
Robert Wittenberg 

Mrs. Mabel Carlock 

Bernabe R. Dacanay 
Severo G. Galinato 
Sotero U. Cacanindin 
Napoleon C. Carbonell 
Marciano R. Daelto 

Philippine-Illini Club 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1918 

To promote felloivship among the Filipinos and friends in the University 


Lorenzo B. Paredes, A.B., LL.B. 

Macario Z. Landicho Roque T. Reyes 

Alipio D. Orencia Benigno D. Orencia 

Marcelino V. Bernardo Gabriel D. Carpio 

Florencio T. Lucas Juan G. Galinato 

Angela R. Santos 
Amado M. Wenceslao 
Catalino M. Orencia 
Soledad P. Villanueva 


Bernardo Cacanindin B. Orencia C. Orencia 

Paredes Galinato Wenceslao Landicho Dacanay 

Lucas Carbonell Villanueva Santos Reyes A. Orencia 



Page 601 




Teeter Doty Middleton Ehnborn Morris Macklin Marcus Roosa Butcher 

Harding Sullivan Lyon Dvorak Beloof Steimley Hull Van Tress Audrieth Kubitz 

Bellmar Bledsoe Blaisdell Wich Peters Wilson Schwartz Kjos Shawl 

Phi Mu Alpha — Sinfonia 

Founded, New England Conservatory, 1901 

R. F. Dvorak, B.M. 
L. F. Audrieth, Ph.D. 
O. A. Kubitz, A.M. 
H. L. Newcomer, A.B. 

F. R. Bellmar 

B. P. Blackard 

C. M. Hull 
R. B. Lyon 

H. M. Macklin 
R. L. Manville 

Alpha Xi Chapter 

To develop fraternal spirit, the mutual welfare of music 
students, and the advancement of music in America 

E. J. Shaw, Ph.D. R. E. Norris, A.M. 

R. H. Miles, B.M. W. L. Roosa, A.B. 

E. W. Doty, A.M., B.M. R. I. Shawl, M.S. 

D. A. Grossman, LL.B. N. A. Kjos, A.B. 


M. K. Marcus 
F. H. Morris 
R. B. Moorman 
R. E. Middleton 
L. M. Van Tress 

G. C. Wilson 
R. W. Teeter 

F. R. Blaisdell 
E. R. Beloof 

G. B. Ehnborn 

Fifty Active Chapters 

A. A. Harding, B.M. 
S. Schoonmaker, B.M. 
F. B. Stiven, B.M. 
L. L. Steimley, Ph.D. 

G. W. Peters 
J. A. Sullivan 
H. H. Wich 
W. A. Bledsoe 
C. A. Butcher 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Founded University of Minnesota, 1909 Pi Chapter Established 1926 Seventeen Active Chapters 

To promote intellectual development and the growth and advancement of Home Economics 

Isabel Bevier, Ph.M., D.Sc. 
Florence M. King, M.S. 
Mary C. Whitlock, A.M. 

Maurine Boyd 
Barbara Burns 
Jeannette I. Chesbro 
Laura Clark 
Nelle M. Spratt 


Fannie M. Brooks, A.B., R.N. Kathryn Van Aken Burns, A.M. 

Helen E. McCullough, A.M. Clara R. Meyer, M.S. 


Mary Margaret Clark 
Dorothy E. Dodge 
Lois Hubbard 
Irma L. Kadic 


Vera E. Kraft 
Margaret L. Leach 
Eva M. CcClain 
Florence M. Roy 

Ruth A. Wardall, A.M. 
Isabel M. Hitchcock, M.S. 
Dorothy L. Hussemann, M.S. 

Irma W. Robison 
Janette Schmidt 
Henrietta F. Selden 
Janice M. Smith 


M. Clark Roy Whitlock 

Leach Boyd Burns Kadic 

Page 602 






















Pi Delta Epsilon 

Founded, Syracuse University, 1909 Forty-three Active Chapters 

To foster and encourage collegiate journalism, and to promote inter-publication good will 


Dean Thomas A. Clark, B.L., Litt.D. 
Fred H. Turner, A.M. 
Lawrence W. Murphy, A.M. 

Richard M. Baldwin 
Guy D. Smith 
Leroy Hatch 
John R.Webb 
Elmer R. Riebe 
S. E. Shapiro 
George Doole 

Victor L. Krannert, B.S. 
Frederick J. Kieholz, B.S. 

Hiram T. Scovill, A.B. 
Charles E. Bradbury, B.F.A. 


Robert W. Mayer 
Harve R. Hectman 
Fred W. Siegel 
Stanley G. Schoenbrod 
Elbert B. Collins 
Guerard Mackey 

Clarence A. White 
Lyman J. Bratzler 
William C. Beutner 
Albert O. Myers 
Robert Inner 
Harvey B. Hartline 

Reuel R. Barlow, A.B. 

William L. Burlison, Ph.D., D.Agr. 

Harold E. Hembrough 
Ben Norwood 
L. J. Halvorsen 
Kenneth N. Lind 
Lawrence Hupe 
G. C. Gilmore 

Pi Delta Phi 

Founded, University of Chicago, 1906 ' Seven Active Chapters 

To improve scholarship and to promote an interest in the field of French language and literature 


P. E. Jacob, Ph.D. 
G. H. Perrine, A.M. 
Angelina Pietrangeli, A.M. 

Eva Maye Benton 
Fred Berner 

T. R. Palfrey, Dr. 
T. E. Oliver, Ph.D. 

Suzanne Kissel, A.B. 
D. H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 


Frances Webber Ruth Abrahamson 

Beatrice Bedard Winifred Jones 

Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. 
Cesarine Breuillaud, A.M. 

Elizabeth King 
Helen Whitfield 








Page 603 

H E 

19 3 1 

L L I 

Clevenstine Tuthill Kirkman Schmidt Legge Quinnell Danner Horning Schrader Barnard Young 

DeWoIf Woodruff Greenlee Staples Miner Moore Culp King Sims 

Mermel Panichi Hogendobler Heaton Imhoff Reyes Steele Liang Marston Traub 

Railway Club 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1912 

To form a social and educational bond between the members of the Railway School 

Edward C. Schmidt, M.E. 
John K. Tuthill, B.S, E.E. 

George W. Boot 
Ellis Danner 
John W. DeWolf 
Karl F. Kirkman 
Roy W. Legge 
Robert L. Manville 
Thad W. Mermel 
Roque T. Reyes 
Paul C. Traub 


Everett E. Young, M.S., M.E. Herman J. Schrader, B.S., M.E. 

One Active Chapter 

Everett E. King, A.B., M.C.E. 

Rollin K. Snethen 
Harold W. Matteson 
George W. Barry 
Carlos A. Claure 
Melvin M. Culp 
Edward W. Horning 
Sing-kue Liang 
William R. Marston 
Paul E. Needham 


Granville Sands 
Harrison R. Miner 
John M. Michniuk 
Homer R. Rizner 
Robert E. Clevenstine 
T. Kenneth Greenlee 
Howard C. Heaton 
Henry R. Hogendobler 
Marion W. Woodruff 

LaVern E. Quinnell 
Leonard E. Robinson 
Crawford E. Staples, Jr. 
Harold D. ImhofF 
Harry Q. H. Lee 
Harry G. Edwards 
Mark B. Moore 
Stanley C. Nelson 
Lib Panichi 

William W. Pinkerton 
Randall P. Sims 
Clayton S. Steele 
Henry P. Warren 
James T. Chinlund 
Myron D. Gutmann 
Wallace R. Hornby 
Charles H. Sheldon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1909 

LaForce L. Bailey, M.S., B.P. 
Lemuel C. Dillenback, A.M., A. I. A. 
George L. Horner, B.S. 


Karnak Chapter 

Professional Architectural Fraternity 

M. R. Beckstrom 
K. L. Brown 
P. A. Christensen 
R. O. Deeter 
H. F. Depke 
C. A. DeTurk 
R. E. Fisher 


Rank M. Lescher, B.S. 

K. B. Lohman, B.S. 

Rexford Newcomb, A.M., A. I. A. 

Cyrus E. Palmer, M.S. 
Irving S. Peterson, B.S. 
Loring H. Provine, B.S., A.E. 

W. A. Ganster 
C. Hansen 

F. J. Heusel 
W. V. Kaeser 
R. W. Lavicka 

G. R. Lyon 

W. M. MacPherson 

V. G. Raney 
W. V. Reed 
T. F. Rhodes 
K. L. Schellie 
M. D. Schlesinger 
W. E. Shatwell 
T. L. Steele 

W. J. Strain 
H. C. Wolf 
Temple Dick 
L. E. Barenfanger 
M. R. Cothern 
F. M. Davies 
A. S. Davis 

Ten Active Chapters 

Otto G. Schafrer, B:S. 
James M. White, B.S. 
Donald S. King, B.S. 

C. E. Duncan 

E. H. English 
O. Ogg 

H. C. Poyer 

F. T. Rose 

G. C. Stoltz 

i ill* 


Hansen Barenfanger Cothern Duncan Rhodes Deeter Beckstrom English Schlesinger 

DeTurk Schellie Strain Davies Lyon Kaeser Dick Davis 

Rose Lavicka Shatwell Raney Reed Heusel Wolf 



Page 604 


■ ■' -i- ■• ..,.-,■,,:.. ..--, 

1 j i^J 

1 * 4"*^^ 

I flp* I 




9Bb ' ■ 

-If 1 

***%. f •HI 

" «31 Bri *"irmiiTM 

i i 19 Hh / 

Tuthill Schmidt Sands Kirkman Staples Danner King Barnard Traub 

Greenlee De Wolf Hogendobler Heaton Culp Schrader Young Horning 

Sigma Epsilon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1924 

To provide an incentive for higher scholarship in Railway Engineering 

One Active Chapter 

Edward C. Schmidt, M.E. 
Everett E. King, A.B., M.C.E. 

H. C. Heaton 
K. F. Kirkman 
C. E. Staples 


John K. Tuthill, B.S., E.E. 

Everett G. Young, M.S., M.E. Herman J. Schrader, B.S. 

Niles H. Barnard, Grad. 


P. C. Traub 
E. Danner 
M. M. Culp 

J. W. De Wolf 
H. R. Hogendobler 
G. T. Sands 

E. W. Horning 
T. K. Greenlee 

Sigma Delta Chi 

Founded, DePauw University, 1909 Illinois Chapter Established 1912 Forty-four Active Chapters 

To promote professionalism among journalists, and to uplift the ideals and standards of the profession 

L. W. Murphy, A.M. 
W. J. Graham, Ph.D. 
F. J. Keilholz 
C. L. Allen, A.M. 
F. A. Russell, Ph.D. 

Martin F. Maher 
James S. Flagg 
Charles R. Frederick 
Donald R. Poor 
H. L. Krueger 
Warren S. Johnson 


M. J. Goldman, A.M. 
R. R. Barlow 
H. B. Johnston 
L. M. Tobin 

O. C. Leiter 
F. S. Siebert 
C. Stephens 
J. F. Wright 


George F. Taubeneck 
C. Arthur Hemminger 
Albert Wharfield 
John R. Adams 
John McFarland 

William E. Gobble 
Paul E. Courtney 
Thomas Watson 
V. A. Sholis 
John R. VanSickle 

R. E. Haswell 
C. R. Anderson 
C. B. Davis 
V. L. Krannert 
F. E. Schooley 

John Schaefer 
John Morse 
William Spivey 
Edward L. Wilson 
W. James McEdwards 

Leiter Flagg Adams C. W. Johnson Wharfield Courtney Howell 

O. L. Davis Watson Krueger Schooley Sholis Frederick Maher Taubeneck 

McEdwards Hemminger McFarland Morse VanSickle Poor W. S. Johnson 


Page 605 

. £ 


19 3 1 

L L I 











t' i 


Sigma Delta Phi 

Founded, University of Michigan, 1918 

To encourage interest in 
Maria Leonard, A.M. 

Grace Parkhill 
Milda Shallene 
June Whitson 
Stella McLeish 

Beta Chapter Established 1920 Five Active Chapters 

more general participation among women in the activities of the art of speech 


Severina Nelson, A.M. Mary Whiteford, A.M. 


Loretta Sturdyvin 
Neva Louise Little 
Ruth Rankin 

Mable Martin 
Kathryn Browne 
Margaret Baer 

Anne Meierhofer 
Elizabeth V. Stoolman 
Virginia Scott 
Cleda Woodworth 

Sigma Delta Pi 

Founded, University of California, 1919 

To promote a 

Arthur Hamilton, Ph.D. 
David H. Carnahan, Ph.D. 
James B. Shaw, D.Sc. 
Margaret Carlock, A.M. 
Mabel Staudinger, Ph.B., A.M. 

Ruth Abrahamson 
Fred J. Berner 
Robert Gelaya 
Irene Ebeling 

Lambda Chapter Established 1926 

high degree of interest in the Spanish language, culture, and ideas 

Fourteen Active Chapters 

Paul Jacob, Ph.D. 
William S. Robertson, Ph.D. 
Olaf K. Lundeberg, Ph.D. 
Frank L. Stevens, D.Sc, Ph.D. 

Marina Briones, Ph.D., A.M. 
McKendree Petty, A.M. 
Evelyn McLain, A.M. 
Margaret Kidder, A.M. 


M. Evelyn Hammett 
Mary Kathryn Kimball 
Eve Lind 

Romena Elizabeth Wells 
Dicie Ann Moore 
M. Pauline Roney 

Lucy M. Puehler, A.M. 
Hilario Saenz, A.M. 
George Perrine, A.M. 
John Utley, A.B. 
Jarvis Burr Burner, A.M. 

Helen C. Stull 
Rita Wylie 
John Young 
Helen Lopaz 


Carnahan Hamilton 

Kimball Wylie Lind 

Ebeling Hammett Lopaz 



Moore Stull 



Page 606 






















Sigma Iota Epsilon 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 

Three Active Chapters 

To arouse a greater interest in industrial management and to provide closer contacts 
between students, business executives, and faculty leaders interested in management work 

Arthur G. Anderson, M.S., C.E. 

James D. Knox 
John T. Schaefer 
Stanley G. Harris 
Richard H. Edmunds 
Jerry W. Smith 

Founded, University of Illinois, 1927 

Edward John Lake, B.P. 
Egbert Ernest Nearpass, B.P. 

Pilamalder Roche 
Elizabeth Baldwin 
Harlon Bloomer 
Irvin C. Ulrey 
Eleanore L. Ballweg 
Mary Bennett 



Frank J. Waddell Ben I. Norwood 

Burton E. Jolley Barent Springsted 

Clarence S. Hemming John G. Leisenring 

Thomas E. McCall Raymond P. Bruhnke 

Clifford B. Campbell Lee T. Thompson 

Sketch Club 

To promote the study of fine arts 


Charles Earl Bradbury, M.F.A. Cecil Vincent Donovan, B.P. 


Harold Bowen 
Loretta R. Flom 
John D. Lawson 
Wilbert A. Martin 
Jessie Black 
Margaret Chynoweth 

Cleonice J. Martin 
Glendon Hodson 
Margaret Schroeder 
Ernest B. Freed 
Martin Glover 
Dorothy Diehl 

Merten J. Mandeville, M.S. 

Lee Hickox 
Carl J. Harper 
Donald E. Vance 
Robert B. Whiteford 
Lung Chung 

One Active Chapter 

A. Marie Anderson, A.M. 

Stella T. E. Tylor 
Helen Slepicka 
Doris Kessler 
Helen Price 
Mable Blair 
Joe E. Hubbard 

Nearpass Bloomer Lawson Freed Bowen W. Martin Bradbury Lake 

C. Martin Ballweg Diehl Black Flom 

Price Blair Bennett Kessler Chynoweth Slepicka Schroeder 


Page 607 




Burglund Allen McCullin Bodwell Parsons Croysdale Abel Wang 

Foreen Ramer Wiegand Pennington Bayles Pride Kaminky 

Rockman Cronin Gougler Engerude Orner Eastman Horning 


Founded, University of Illinois, 1925 

C. T. Knipp, Ph.D. 

D. G. Bourgin, Ph.D. 

J. C. Bayles 
H. C. Heaton 
I. A. Rockman 
A. E. Abel 
F. T. Eastman 
O. Kaminky 
W. F. Ridgeway 
L. G. Croysdale 

Alpha Chapter 

National Professional Radio Fraternity 


M. F. Sullivan, Lt. U.S.A. 
J. T. Tykociner, E.E. 

L. C. Parsons, Captain U.S.A. 
H. Engerud, Lt. U.S.A. 


C. F. Schultz C. B. Long 

W. N. Cronin R. L. Gougler 

R. J. Orner D. J. Pennington 

H. A. Wenzel F. H. Van Doren 

R. F. Allen G. W. Bodwell 

H. V. Foreen E. W. Horning 

J. P. McCullin E. W. Pride 

K. R. Sanders T. J. Wang 

Four Active Chapters 

C. F. Green, Ph.D. 

A. Mabon 
N. L. Jacklin 
L. G. Ramer 
W. P. Burglund 
D. L. Humm 
D. E. Wiegand 
W. E. Phillips 

Helen H. Peffer, A.M. 

Gertrude F. Stanton 
Helen F. Spaulding 
Lillian C. Swanson 
Mildred M. Shuman 

Theta Sigma Phi 

Founded, University of Washington, 1909 

To foster interest in Journalism as a profession for women 

Helen M. Rand, A.M. 


Louane Ford Ruth Conklin 

Mary J. Bunting Dorothy A. Schenkel 

Eleanor L. Barkman Dora B. Ireland 

Alice E. Fritschle, A.B. 

Betty Hinkle 
Mabel E. Chappelle 
Mildred C. Allen 
Louise C. Babel 








Page 608 





Hertz Brown 

Stevens Schermerhorn 

Hendricks Rogers 

Arford Simonds 

Baer Sun 



Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 

Paul A. Burt 

Wesley Players 

To promote the drama in religious education 

Mrs. Paul A. Burt Prof. Lloyd Morey 


Leon F. Simmonds 
Fred H. Morris 
Wayne S. Hertz 
John L. Brown 

Julia Stevens 
Margaret Baer 
Carrol Arford 
Ruth Schermerhorn 

John McCarty 
Oliver Sun 

Marguerite Hendricks 
Delia Mae Rogers 

Eight Active Chapters 

Mrs. Lloyd Morey 

L. S. Lindstrom 
Ethel Illk 
Charlotte DeSelm 

Women's Cosmopolitan Club 

Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1903 

To cultivate social and intellectual intercourse among women of different nationalities, to promote 
scholarship and character among its members, and to foster the spirit of universal brotherhood 


Ruth Abrahamson 
Alex Allen 
Angela Gioconda 
Ruth Beedle 
Emily Delley 
Margaret Kidder 
Lucy Puehler 
Evelyn Romer 
Angela Santos 
Louise- Schott 
Martha Simon 
Catherine Steele 
Soledad Villaneuva 
Naomi Fleming 

Marrie Killinger 
Suzanne Kissel 
Julianna Kozma 
Annemarie Krause 
Helen Lopez 
Margaret McGlothline 
Rovinia Miller 
Angelina Pietrangeli 
Esther Caldwell 
Ruth Caldwell 
Mrs. Mabel Carlock 
Mrs. J. D. Fitz-Gerald 
Margaret Carlock 
Mrs. S. E. Glenn 

Mrs. Alice Hamilton 
Mrs. Wilma Cox 
Mrs. W. F. Schultz 
Mrs. V. E. Shelford 
Mrs. J. T. Tykociner 
Mrs. Kunz 

Mrs. A. R. Kienholtz 
Mrs. R. R. Kudo 
Mrs. Harry Levy 
Mrs. Oliver 
Helen Pesci 
Jean Nowakowski 
Anne Tuvada 
Irene Jacobs 

Beatrice Bedard 
Isabel Balthazard 
Marian Moore 
Mrs. Jones 
Anne Jones 
Frederica Claison 
Dorothy Husseman 
Guinevere Stanley 
Marjorie Washburn 
Alice Hessler 
Marjorie Rodier 
Lois Shelford 
Linda Fitz-Gerald 
Genevieve Dixon 

Kosma Shelford Kelley Claison Balthazard Breuillard Oliver 

Tykociner Krause Washburn Hussemann Kissel Romer Pietrangeli Stanlay 

Abrahansom Bedard Shelford Moore Jones Pesci Gioconda Beedle Jacobs 

McGlothline Rodier Lopez Tavada Fitz-Gerald Huntzington Miller Fitz-Gerald Santos 

Page 609 


e * a. e 

L O v y=» 


o o 

"0^ My," said the prof when his finals were 

"Such popularity must be deserved." 

Could you ivalk a mile 
While studying style? 

Are you satisfied, in a way? 
With Everwear Coats 
And hot rolled Oats 

You'd have more pep today. 

This saying's as pure as Norubadub Flakes, 
What a whale of a difference Loyalty makes. 

uu e 1 a e oi^-^noe y=ir»o blljc • l l. i n o I S 



U/e'LL B-^CK -VOC4 TO S T -i^ n O 



(§pea\ing of 

Paul Stone 







430 North 



lORTRAITS by Paul 
Stone-Raymor, Ltd., are im- 
bued with a subtle quality 
of distinction which sets 
them apart from the ordinary 
. . . they possess a charming 
"something" . . . Portraits . . . 
striking in cleverness . . . 
typical of the unusual . . . 
some daring . . . others con- 
ventionally modern. Mr. 
Stone enjoys an enviable 
reputation as an artist ... a 
reputation which is the re- 
sult of 1 5 years of fixed in- 
tent ... to make the finest 
portraits for a clientele 
which places quality before price ... he knows feminine and masculine requirements in 
the art of "taking" and he and his clever staff of artists constitute the acme of perfection 
in their line. . . . One with an eye for beauty cannot look over Mr. Stone s collection of 
prints without realizing the "difference" . . . portraits that express charm and individual- 
ity .. . no matter what sort of a picture is desired . . . whether the season s smartest 
debutante . . . society's leading matron, college youth or miss, business man or celebrity 
. . . the name Paul Stone-Raymor, Ltd., stands for the extraordinary . . . Chicago admirers 
of the unusual are most enthusiastic in their praise of the results obtained. 

Page 61 2 

T H 

Index to Advertisers 

American Cabinet Co 614 

Anheuser-Busch 646 

Arcus Ticket Company 626 

Armstrong Bros. Tool Co 644 

Associated Military Stores 641 

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway Co 636 

Beich, P. F., and Co 627 

Besly, Charles H., and Co y 620 

Brooks Bros 641 

Bryant Stratton Business College 624 

Cable Piano Co 620 

Chicago Hardware Foundry. . : 628 

Chicago Bridge and Iron Works 642 

Chicago Medical Book Co 630 

Clayton Uniform Co 634 

Commonwealth Edison Co ■ 618 

Coon-Sanders 649 

Crane Co : 629 

Crofoot-Nielson Co 614 

Davis & Kreeger 620 

Dearborn Chemical Co 622 

Deere & Co 623 

Dixie Music House 616 

E & W Clothing House 634 

Frame, C. L., Dental Supply Co 621 

GasthofT, E. W., & Co 636 

Hall, W. F., Printing Co 630 

Hartman Printing Co 628 

Harvard Co 638 

Hotel Nelson 618 

Hoyt Studio 624 

Illinois Bell Telephone Co 636 

Illinois Power & Light Corporation 640 

Illinois Terminal System 640 

Illini Club of Chicago 638 

Kuhn, Jos., & Co. 619 

Lewis & Rocca 632 

Lyon & Healy 632 

Mansionette Corporation 637 

Manz Corporation 645 

Mayer, Frank B., Hotel Corp 615 

Medart, Fred, Mfg. Co 646 

Mehring & Hanson Co 614 

Missouri-Pacific Lines 647 

Molloy, David J., Co 633 

Moser Business College 622 

Mueller Co 626 

Mueller, V., Co ' 644 

National Theatres 643 

Nelson, Bert C 630 

Oakford & Fahnestock 626 

Raymor, Paul Stone, Studios .612 

Ritter Dental Co 617 

Ruhm. Phosphate and Chemical Co 628 

Schmidt Costume and Wig Co 638 

Simpson, F. H, Co 624 

Spinner Bros .- 648 

Stein, Charles Frederick 635 

Streator Clay Mfg. Co 632 

Strom Steel Ball Co 642 

U. S. Smelting Furnace Co 644 

Victor Adding Machine Co 616 

Victor X-Ray Corporation 618 

Wayne, H. L., Co 641 

Weber Studio 634 

Webster Hotel 625 

Western Brick Co. .... . 616 

Westinghouse Electric Corp .• 631 

White, S. S., Dental Co 639 

Y. M. C. A. Hotel of Chicago 622 

Page 613 






E L D I N 



205 Wacker Drive 
Tel. Randolph 3341 

Branch Offices 
307 N. Michigan Blvd. 

Tel. State 7046 
24 E. Van Buren St. 
334 S. Wabash Ave. 

Tel. Harrison 8133 



Special Service, Always Speed and Results. Big Floor Space 
and Equipment for Rush Orders 




14 N. Franklin St. 


Professional Success 

T S of the greatest importance to you and 
■*- depends to a large degree upon your equip- 

You surely want to start right, and the suc- 
cessful dentists of today will tell you that their 
equipment was largely responsible for their suc- 
cess, and that American Dental Cabinets can not 
be surpassed. 

Our goods can be purchased from the dealer 
in combination with chair, engine, unit, and in 
fact a complete outfit ; on one contract ; on easy 
monthly payments. 

We will demonstrate our line in your city and 
hope to see every member of the senior class. 


Two Rivers, Wis. 

Page 614 



7 #" 




Just Invested in New Furnishings and Fixtures 

When you stay at a hotel you expect to be able to rest and 
entertain your friends with the assurance of comfort and 


The NEW BEARDSLEY offers in addition to new and 
modern equipment, highest class service, including dining- 
room service, quietness not usually iound in hotels, access- 
ibility to the business district and the University Campus, 
as well as a management ever willing to help make your 
visit in the community a pleasant and delightful one. 

Our guests and their personal comforts are our chief con- 

Advance reservations are respected and held until the last 

possible minute. 

For Reservations, Write 



Mayer Hotel Co., Operators 


MECCA HOTEL, Cleveland 

- ■ "'■■ ~ 4 

Page 615 




Danville, Illinois 




Light Weight Aggregate," 




Sales Representatives for Champaign and Urbana 

We have been serving 
Since 1902 

We still have 

our 1902 Customers 


Dixie Music House 







Standard Adding Machines 

World-wide Sales and Service 



Page 61 6 




. y 


;vv i: ;l|'^ 





Page 617 




now boasts of a new and truly magnificent Civic Opera 
House — a 42-story edifice which is but one of many build- 
ings typifying Chicago's progressive spirit, and relying upon 
EDISON SERVICE for its electrical requirements. 

Commonwealth Edison Compaq? 

The Central Station Seroinp Chicago 


Plan your trip 
with an overnight stop at 


365 Rooms 
3 Popular Restaurants 



you'll want your own x-ray unit 

FREQUENT use of the x-ray is one of the ways 
by which the public is learning to distinguish 
the progressive dentist. More and more the 
leaders in the profession are installing their own 
x-ray units. 

The Victor CDX Dental X-Ray Unit has been 
a great factor in creating this vogue for individual 
ownership. The Victor CDX hangs suspended 
from the wall. It is electrically safe. Both trans- 
former and tube, insulated in oil, are enclosed in 
the tube head. There is no high tension current 
exposed anywhere. You and your patient can 
touch the CDX anywhere while it is in operation. 
There is no danger of shock. 

Let us send you the facts drawn from the ex- 
perience of successful practitioners about this 
modern unit. It makes radiography almost as 
simple as photography. As you start out, you can- 
not afford to be without this important tool of your 
profession.Write us about monthly payment plan. 


Chicago, III.. U.S. A. 

2012 Jacksoa Boulevard 

Page 618 

T H 


>vm s s 




and the season's greatest values in 

See the new university styles. No frills. Nothing stiff 
or stagey. Just models that have every feature of the 
correct college cut. 

Fine hand tailoring — equalled by only a few of the 
leading custom tailors. Sturdy, luxurious woolens. 
And the values cannot be duplicated anywhere in 
clothes of like quality. 




Page 619 

The Besly Catalog so 

is a Complete Library of The Latest and 
Best in Mechanical Tools and Equipment 

For fifty years the leading engi' 
neering colleges and institutions 
have found Besly a dependable 
source of supply for their re- 



118-124 N. Clinton St., CHICAGO 


Wentworth 0722-0723 



Dealers in 


Decorators and Contractors in 

211-213 W. Sixty-Third Street 

Near Went north Avenue 



Ov/ Fraternities and 
Sororities in Champaign 
and Urbana have pur- 
chased their instruments 
from Cable's — a fact of 
which we are very proud. 

"COR the home . . . the Studio . . . the 
■*- Concert Stage — Conover Pianos are the 
choice of music lovers everywhere. Distinc 
tive in tone, charming in line and finish, they 
are styled for the modern taste. 

At Cable's you can compare all the great 
Radios side-by-side — Victor, Erla, Cable Sky- 
Vox, R. C. A. Radiola, and others. Our fifty 
years 1 experience as a Music House is your 
guarantee of finest quality and service. 



Chicago Headquarters — Wabash and Jackson 


Page 620 





'VERY young man who is about to establish a dental 
office pictures himself enjoying a successful practice 
amid pleasant surroundings and operating with modern 

Before this can be brought about finances must be ar- 
ranged and a location selected. Perhaps plans will have 
to be drawn and the office remodeled to suit the future 
occupant. Interior decorations and furnishings that har- 
moniz,e with the equipment will have to be selected. 
Then comes the installation of the equipment, the send- 
ing out of announcements and the adoption of a prac- 
tical method of record keeping and accounting. During 
the past twenty years our organisation has been chiefly 
engaged in helping our clients solve problems such as 
these. We would be pleased to serve you in a similar 


17th Floor, Mailers Bldg. (Main Store) 
21st Floor, Medical and Dental Arts Bldg. ft 6331 S. Halsted St. ft 18th Floor, Pittsfield Bldg. 



'The Business College with a 
University Atmosphere" 

PREPARE for a business career at the only 
Business College in the West which re- 
quires every student to be at least a four-year 
High School graduate. 

Beginning on the first of April, July, October, 
and January, we conduct a special, complete, 
intensive, three-months' course in 
stenography which is open to 

College Graduates and 
Undergraduates Only 

Enrollments for this course must be made 
before the opening day — preferably some time 
in advance, to be sure of a place in the class. 
Stenography opens the way to independence, 
and is a very great help in any position in 
life. The ability to take shorthand notes of 
lectures, sermons, conversation, and in many 
other situations is a great asset. 

No Solicitors Employed 

PAUL MOSER, J. D. Ph. B., President 

116 South Michigan Avenue 
Randolph 4347 12th Floor Chicago, Illinois 

In the Day School Girls Only are Enrolled 

1(3404 B)| 



View of the balance room of the new Dearborn 
Laboratories. The major activities of this company 
touch on scientific correction of boiler water trou- 
bles, rust prevention and lubrication — and the chief 
executives of the company are "Illini." 


310 South Michigan Avenue Chicago 

Offices Throughout the World 


for Students 

University 0/Illinois 


Service Features 









West Side 
Professional Schools 

1804 W. CONGRESS ST., at Wood St. 


Page 621 


V'xV^v'.v-V. :y- 


■) w I 


: m 

All the Way from England 

LL the way from England, 
i across the Atlantic by steam- 
ship, up the Mississippi and Illinois 
rivers by steamboat, overland by wag- 
on 40 miles to the blacksmith shop 
of John Deere in the little frontier 
village — thus had come the steel. 
It was a notable event to the pio- 
neer villagers and farmers. 
They were all talking about the 

Steel was scarce and high priced. 
For a hundred years there had been 
no improvement over the slow,cost- 
lyHuntsman processof makingsteel. 
It was years before the coming of the 
Bessemer process, the Siemens-Martin 
process and the open-hearth process. 

England, with an annual output of 
less than 50,000 tons, controlled the 
steel markets of the world. 

In young America, no dependable 
source of good steel was available at 
any price. 

But John Deere, foreseeing the 
importance of his steel plows, had 
worked out his specifications and 
ordered plow steel from England. 
From a broken mill-saw blade he 

had built the world's first successful 
steel plow, in 1837. For a few years 
he had made plows from saw blades 
and other products gathered from all 
accessible points. He wanted a 
source of supply in keeping with his 
vision of a wilderness conquered by 
the steel plow. 

And here was the steel ready for his 
craftsmanship; steel that cost more 
than $300 a ton delivered; slabs of 
steel from each of which this ener- 
getic young blacksmith could cut 
material for six moldboards and 
shares — the first shipment of plow 
steel from a steel-maker to a plow- 
maker since the world began! 
Gone was the uncertainty of depend- 
ing upon old sawblades for plow bot- 
toms. No longer would there be 
the crudities of construction due to 
improvised material. 

Here was the highestgradesteelthat 
could be secured for making plows 
— steel rolled to the exact specifi- 
cations of John Deere — good, thick 
steel that enabled John Deere to 
make better plows, in much greater 
quantities each day. 
Thus was the second great step 
taken in the steel-plow industry — 
a step that ranked in importance 
with the building of. the first steel 
plow by John Deere in 1837. 

Steel for John Deere plows ! It is easy 
to get today. Great steel mills of 
America produce it, with all of the 
latest methodsof manufacture. One 
sees its bright reflection of the sun 
from moldboard and share, in all sec- 
tions where plowmen go afield with 
steel plows — a shining light that tells 
of the spirit of progress of the black- 
smith who founded the steel-plow 
industry and the John Deere organ- 
ization which manufactures and 
distributes to all parts of the world 
quality equipment for every farm- 
ing operation. 

Vcyi i 

Page 623 




At Your Service 










Seventeen Years 
As Growers' Sales Agent 



Discriminating People Have 
Their Portraits of Distinction 

Made by 

The Hoyt Studio 

Kenneth Eugene Frederick, Portrait Artist 

623 E. Green St. 

The only studio in the Twin Cities Using 

Hollywood lights and True Tone Material 



C O^iJL E G E 

Offers Special Summer Secretarial Course to College Students 

SECRETARIAL TRAINING enables you to learn the business from an executive 
who knows the business. As Secretary to such a man you are in intimate touch 
with all the activities of the organization and immediately associated with the person 
who has the power to advance you to a higher place. 

This Summer Course enables you to continue college and equips you to EARN part 
or all your way, or it gives you a three months' advantage toward business success as 
compared with students starting in the Fall. 


The School Where a BUSINESS Atmosphere Prevails 

18 South Michigan Avenue 


Phone Randolph 1575 

Page 624 

, ; ■: !v/-> : 





GEO. W. CLAUSSEN, Manager 


J. S. NILES, Manager 

A "FRONT YARD" more beautiful than any 
t \ other Chicago location boasts . . . Lincoln 
Park at your door . . . with all its recreational 
facilities, its lovely lawns and gardens . . . and 
then the Lake! Rooms, suites or complete apart- 
ments . . . individual homes of many sizes and 
arrangements. Ideal for "summer bachelors 77 . . . 
a safe, wholesome, healthful environment for 
families with children. Hotels of distinction, with 
service of the highest order. And restaurants of 
many types, with table d'hote or a la carte service 
and excellent food. Truly the place to make your 
home ... no matter what your living require- 
ments may be. 


Splendid facilities for large or small private par- 
ties. Catering under direction of Arnold Shircliffe 


FRED M. CROSBY, General Manager 

2100 to 2300 Lincoln Park West 






Page 625 


l 9 3 


Fine Quality Foods 


® Guaranteed (® 


are used yearly in U. of I. and other leading 
universities for 

TRACK and other 

Coaches, managers, and all others who have 
anything to do with Tickets appreciate the 
promptness of ARCUS SERVICE. 

"Ticketing" the largest stadium has no "ter- 
rors" for our experienced organization 


348 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago 



'RUE to the 
modern trend and in 
harmony with the 
present day bath- 
room ensemble. 

Designed and Manufactured by 


(SINCE 1 857) 

Canadian Factory: MUELLER. Ltd., Sarnia 

Branches in principal marketing areas 

Page 626 


The Epicure Assortment 

In each pound package, 
three trays of delightful 
candy. A convenience 
that added to excellence 
makes Epicure Assort- 
ment the choice of the 
discriminating everywhere 


Charm in taste so evident in 
Beich s Candies is the result 
of keeping pace with the de- 
sires and modes of the day. 

Candy so good is sure to 
please — say Bikes. 




Page 627 












H. L. WILLIAMSON, President 

219 South Fourth Street 
Springfield - - - Illinois 



One fertilizer a farmer can use with profit and still leave his farm 

better than he found it 

AS demonstrated by Dr. Cyril G. Hopkins, of the University of Illinois, this 
l natural form of finely ground phosphate is the cheapest and most 
efficient source of phosphoric acid for Illinois farms. 




Ruhm Phosphate and Chemical Co. 

(Producers since 1897) 



Page 628 



EVEN Sarah Bernhardt, who threatened to sue a 
hotel because an uninviting bathroom spoiled 
her day and her evening performance, would have 
been charmed by the beauty of this typical Crane 
room. Even the most frugal will be delighted by the 
economy with which this beauty is here offered to 
American home builders. The Corwith bath with 
overhead shower, the Norwich lavatory, the Santon 
closet, all new fixtures full of character, cost no more 
than clumsy ones. The fixtures can be had in any one 

of a dozen delicate hues, with only a fraction added 
to the complete cost of a bathroom. The decorations 
. . . linoleum for the floor, canvased wainscot, papered 
walls . . . actually can be had for less than a stereo- 
typed room. For a book of beautiful rooms, one 
of which may exactly fit your taste, purse, and 
house, write for Bathrooms for Out-of-the-Ordinary 
Homes, with color schemes, floor plans, full informa- 
tion. Your architect and a responsible plumbing 
contractor will help plan and make the installation. 




Fixtures, Valves, Fittings, and Piping, for Domestic and Industrial Ush 

Crane Co. , General Offices, 836 S. Michigan Aye., Chicago ♦ 23 W. 44th St., New York + Branches and sales off. ces in one hundred and ninety cities 

Page 629 






The Most Complete Stock 

of Medical Books 

to be found 

Anywhere in the World. 

Headquarters for Everything Used 

in the Chicago Departments 

Medical ■ Dental 












Old Age Protection 

LIFE INSURANCE covers human needs. It provides funds for the sup- 
port of widows, orphans, aged fathers and mothers, and protects business 
against the loss of its master mind. 

The man who secures these good things for others through life insurance AT 
THE SAME TIME guarantees to himself a comfortable, independent, and 
therefore happy old age. This unique combination is provided only through 
life insurance. 

will furnish you this protection at the low- 
est net cost over a period of years. Write: 


Life Insurance Service 

Peoria, III. 

Page 630 


*ifT^8 J 




i|i . 



Kiir ■■ . » 


JHf llg|::i If 

Special cars were needed . . . 

railway tracks had to be lowered, to handle 
the transformers these men built 

At conowingo, Maryland, 
J~\. is the second largest 
hydro - electric development 
in the world. Power gener- 
ated there at 220,000 volts 
will be fed into lower volt- 
age transmission lines of 
the Public Service Electric 
and Gas Company at Rose- 
land, near Newark, New 

The transformers that will 
perform this transfer of energy 
are physically the largest ever 
built, for their capacity is suffi- 
cient to serve the home light- 
ing needs ofa city of a million 
people. Four in number, each 
is larger than a house, weighs 
when empty as much as a large 
locomotive and holds three 

tank cars of oil. Four specially 
built railway cars and fifty- 
two standard cars of various 
types were required to trans- 
port them from the factoty to 
the job. At one point the rail- 
way tracks had to be lowered 
so the units would clear an 
overhead viaduct, so great 
was their size. 

When spectacular jobs like 
this come up it is natural 
that they go to an institution 
like Westinghouse. Pioneers 
in electrical development, 
Westinghouse engineers 
often know the thrill of 
achieving the "impossible" 
in seeing their work 

£"?«:"£ Westinghouse 

University of 

Kansas '25 

Development of 

Commercial Design 


Ohio State Univer- 
sity, '22 
Tap Changer 

University of Minne- University of Pitts- University of 
sota. '25 burgh, '24 Illinois, '27 

Electrical Designer Engineer of Tests Designing Engineer 

Page 631 



for Student and Artist 

FOR more than 65 years, America's great 
music house in Chicago has gathered to- 
gether the finest lines of nationally known 
Band and Orchestra Instruments. Among 
them are these famous names: Holton, Inspi- 
ration, Lyon & Healy, Jaubert, Delarue, 
Washburn, Ludwig and Triebert. See this 
wonderful display when in Chicago. Send 
today for our new Band and Orchestra In- 
strument Catalog. 

Inquire about the Lyon & 
Healy Easy Payment Plan 


Wabash Ave. at Jackson Blvd. 



Lewis & Rocca 


55 East Jackson Boulevard 
Chicago, Illinois 



As Time Flies It Beautifies . . . Distinctive 
Texture . . . Lasting Colors . . . Hardness 



6 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, III. 

Room 1101 


Page 632 

v>#iw* : : 

Molloy >>MoiLOYMADp f Made 

The COVER on this book 

is the product of an organization 

of specialists whose sole work is 

the creation of unusual covers for 

School Annuals, Set Books, Histories, 

Catalogues, Sales Manuals and 

other Commercial Publications 


2857 North LlJestern Avenue 

Page 633 





^^= EQUIPMENT ^^= 

We are on the campus the entire 

year 'round, to serve you and to 

stand behind our merchandise. 


Clayton Uniform Co. 




The Intelligent 

COLLEGE MEN who are highly 
critical in matters of styling, 
fabrics and tailoring get 
all they demand 
when buying 
their ap- 

« » 

The E &W Clothing House 
Main Elm Wyman 
Rockford, Illinois 

All Photographed 




Page 634 



CHARLES FREDERICK STEIN is an exponent of the art of 
building the finest of grand pianos. He aims to make an instrument 
as close as humanly possible to perfection. His apparent prodigality 
in the selection of materials, and in the expenditure of labor has 
earned marked favor among those who understand, appreciate, and 
demand the ultimate in tonal perfection. 

grand piano is a coveted mark, of distinction. 

Factory and Offices 






Page 635 


Km i 



1\T TIMES of danger, sudden illness or 
fire you need a telephone and need it badly. 
Why not have an extension telephone right 
at your bedside ! With it, you are master of 
any emergency that might arise during the 
night. It's a comforting assurance to know 
that help is constantly at your finger tips. 

When the occasional late call demands that 
you awaken and answer the telephone, an 
extension enables you to do it without get- 
ting out of bed ! Extension telephones pro- 
vide that additional convenience which is 
necessary to every comfortable home. 

Telephone extensions also have their place 
in other rooms. They save time and steps 
for every one in your home. Your telephones 
are twenty- four hour a day servants — always 
ready to serve you. 

Call Our Business Office 

Illinois Bell Telephone Company 

bell system 

one policy — one system — universal service 

imufacturers of =»• 

nville CO* I Hi n 


^Ski -\tt « 

Grand Canyon National Park is in Arizona, is earth's scenic wonder. It 
is the titan of chasms. On your SANTA FE way to or from California. 

Page 656 

Mansionette Homes 

Are Now Available to All! 

THIS announcement is of vital importance to all owners of vacant building lots. No longer need your residential vacant 
lot be a liability. Make it pay you dividends! Here's how. ' 

The Mansion*?//*? Corporation, a National institution, is now extending its unique home building service to vacant lot 
owners in the five central states. Architect-certified Mansion*?//*?/ are available to everyone. From modest homes of $5,000 
to the rambling $50,000 mansion, all of the same paramount Mansion*?//*? quality, can be built on your own lot on conven- 
ient terms ; you can pay same as rent. Each Mansion*?//*?, no matter how small, is an individual architectural creation and the 
construction on each is completely supervised by a qualified expert local Architect. No extra charge for this service. 

Mansions? — the Home of Today and the Future 

The Maze of Insecurity Removed 

Every Mansion*?//*? backed by an organization with twenty 
years' practical building experience is your best guarantee. 

We are particularly pleased to introduce Mansion*?//*? 
Homes to home lovers in this vicinity, because they are the 
most modern, completely-equipped and attractive homes of 
modern cost that have ever been designed. 

All Brick — They Cost No More 

Exterior face brick wall is laid in cement water-proofed 
mortar. Plastic Paint textured decorations, tinted and glazed 
with oil paints, for beauty and permanency. 

Mansion*?//*? Homes represent new building materials, 
new electrical appliances, new ideas in color and decoration, 
new theories of heating and ventilation, new built-in, labor- 
saving utilities and devices. 

All new ideas of merit are investigated by our designers 
and engineers, weighed carefully, tested out and if sound, 
adapted in the Mansion*?//«\ 

The building standards of Mansion*?//*? Homes are thus 
continually improved upon, and although we regard a rea- 
sonable profit as essential proof of good management, we 
take more pride in a satisfactory job than in the profit. The 
sweetness of low price is not overshadowed by bitterness of 
poor quality. 

Your local Mansion*?//*?-Contractor was selected carefully 
for his reliability and trustworthiness. He is able and de- 
pendable and will protect your interests not only up to the 
time of turning over the key to your "MANSIONSTTii," 
but will remain your friend and advisor indefinitely. 

Only Reputable Local Realtors Are 
Licensed to Build Mansione/te Homes 

Building up local goodwill through its authorized offices 
in all principal cities is the keynote of the MANSIONETT.E 
program. From employing local craftsmen and obtaining all 
materials from established dealers to supervision of all con- 
struction by a local Architect, the firm's far-reaching activi- 
ties are aimed to benefit each community by sound non- 
speculative development. 

You Cannot Afford Not to Own a 

It Costs No More — and Here's How It's Done 

All material prices to us are based on volume production 
by the manufacturers. We pass these discounts on to you, 
Mr. Consumer. Your one home is based on our costs for 
one thousand homes. You can thus get a far better home 
than you expected for the same money. 

Our mass purchasing power obtains for you only ap- 
proved quality merchandise. There is little or no upkeep. 

Our construction methods give you Permanency — Insula- 
tion and Fire-safeness. Depreciation is negligible — rather 
appreciation much the same as that which now endures with 
the homes of old Colonial days, is the result, and you save 
on fuel bills and insurance. 

Beware of substitutes. A certified Mansions//*? can be 
built only by a licensed builder. 

Hundreds of Floor Plans to Select From 

Call at your local office and see actual samples of mate- 
rials or write us today and we'll gladly send you the name 
of your authorized representative and complete information. 




Mansion^//*? homes are being built in 
over 50 cities right now. Their popu- 
larity is sweeping the country. 


Before you build or buy your own 
home, wait 'till you see the Mansion- 
*?//*?. Let Mansion*?//*? stand on its 
oivn merits. 


Page 657 


Where ever 
you may go 


it be Kankakee, 

Kewanee, Kansas 

City, Kenosha. 

Join the ILLINI 



Schmidt Costume 
and Wig Shop 



Tel. LINcoln 5236 


Compare HARVARD Equipment » » 
« « With That of Any Other Make 



TODAY, as in previous years, 
Harvard offers a complete line 
of dental office furniture — the 
New Peerless Harvard Chair, 
embodying many new and im- 
proved features of which quite a 
few are distinctively Harvard; a 
variety of Harvard Cabinets, 
made famous by Harvard Crafts- 
manship; the Harvard Units, 
Model A and Model B, the units 
which, when introduced, become 
popular over night; the Harvard 
Electric Engine, for years recog- 
nized for its trustworthiness; the 
Harvard Wall and Auxiliary 
Cabinets, seen in so many dental 
offices; the Harvard Laboratory 
Bench, typical of Harvard's fine 
cabinet workmanship; the Har- 
vard Lathe, well known for its 
dependable qualities. 

Every piece of the Harvard Line 
easily meets the three important 
requirements of the Profession — 

high efficiency, modern and 
attractive appearance and long 
life of dependable service. 
Yet Harvard is ever striving to 
find new improvements which 
can be incorporated in Harvard 
Equipment to afford the dentist 
greater efficiency and ease of 
operation, more impressive ap- 
pearance and even longer service 
at the lowest price for fine quality. 

And Harvard Equipment is al- 
ways designed and constructed 
to stand the acid test of com- 
parison with any make of equip- 
ment — regardless of price. 

Inspect and examine the Harvard 
Line at the depot of your nearest 
Harvard Dealer — and compare 
it, point for point, with that of 
any other make. Harvard Equip- 
ment is also sold on a very lib- 
eral time payment plan, if you 
desire it. 



Manufacturers of Chairs, Cabinets, Units, Engines and other dental equipment 

The RICHWOOD— No. 780 

Harvard's newest creation in dental 
cabinets — modern and dignified in 
design, solid mahogany generously 
inlaid, beautifully finished and com- 
pletely fitted. See this striking example 
of Harvard's progressiveness at your 
nearest Harvard Dealer's Depot, or 
write us for descriptive literature. 

Page 638 


If you would rise above the medi- 
ocre, be satisfied with nothing but 
the best ; give the best and demand 
the best. 

Surround yourself with the best 
of equipment, because, consciously 
or unconsciously, we all react to 
the stimuli of our environment. 

In addition to making your work 
easier and more efficient, good 
equipment elevates your profes- 

sional status in the minds of your 

The S. S. White Equipment Unit 
No. 6 and the Diamond Chair No. 
2 represent the most modern of 
equipment for the den tal office. To- 
gether they will provide the mod- 
ern appliances for efficient service 
and comfort to your patients and 
ever be a source of inspiration to 
do your best. 

Write to your dealer or direct for literature, office 
planning service and deferred payment contracts 


S. S. White 



No. 6 




No. 2 

On Display 
at Dental Depots 

^he S.S.White Dental Mfd.Co 

^211-17 South I2U! Street, Philadelphia 

Page 639 






Exercising, we hope, a useful part in the economic, 
social, and student life of the community. 




FOR more than three decades Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and 
Kansas have been in the forefront of Middle Western 
commercial, agricultural and industrial development. Much 
of their progress has been due to the availability of 
adequate, economical utility service, supplied by subsid- 
iaries of North American Light & Power Company to more 
than 800 communities in the states named. 

North American Light & Power Company 

General Offices 
231 South La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois 

Page 640 



ntlmttW ^urttij3l|in0 |§*Jdit£, 


Suits with Trousers or 

Send for Illustrated Catalogue 


Newbury corner of Berkeley Street 

n ewport 



O. W. Barrett 




We Specialize in Fire, Life, Compen- 
sation, Public Liability, Jewelry, Furs, 
Automobile Insurance and Surety Bonds 



Page 641 











Are Being Produced By 


Products include Elevated Tanks 
— Storage Tanks — Wiggins 
Roofs — Hortonspheres — Smoke- 
stacks — Steel Pipe — Kilns — Di- 
gesters — Creosoting Cylinders — 
Blast Furnaces — Ladles — Kettles 
— Coke Ovens — Steel Bins — Oil 
Agitators — Absorbers — Bubble 
Towers — Condenser Boxes and 
Steel Plate Construction. 

'■'Trade name for products fabricated and erected 
by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Works. 



E. C. Barrett L. McDonald 


hi. C Doardman fc. b. Michaels 
G. E. Borst D. A. Miller 
H. C. Brown H. B. Murphey 
P. R. Bush F. S. Musser 

R. M. Campbell J. R. Nay 

J. R. Donaldson C. S. Pillsbury 

R. K. Dupee G. S. Sangdahl 

F. L. Goldsby R. P. Shanks 


R. Green E. Stephens 

A. H. Heineman M. J. Trees 

H. B. Horton D. D. Williams 

From a Century-Old 
Illinois Institution . . . 

W. R. Manock R. A. Williams 

To the 

1931 ILLIO 

Chicago Bridge 8C Iron Works 
Sales Offices: 
Chicago Philadelphia Dallas 
New York Birmingham Boston 

Cleveland San Francisco Atlanta 


Detroit Havana, Cuba Seattle 

Chicago, Illinois Birmingham, Alabama 
Bridgeburg, Ontario Greenville, Penna. 

Page 64 


■' ' ■'■' ■''■■■' 


Visit the Two Most Beautiful 
Atmospheric Theatres in the World 



79th St. and Halsted 

« » 

A v a I o n 

79th St. and Stony Island 


Chicago's Great 

South -Side 


BOTH the Capitol and Avalon 
Theatres offer an atmos- 
phere of enchanting beauty . . . 
breathing' the lure of far-off, 
exotic "places. 

And in these brilliant settings 
you will find the choicest of en- 
tertainment. The Capitol and 
Avalon are always 


First with the Finest 

of Talking Picture 

Hits . . . 

combining them with 

Stage Creations 

in which beauty and color and 
the genius of America's finest 
entertainers are blended into rich 
patterns of modern diversion . . . 



Page 643 




Manufacturers of 





Remember Armstrong Tool Holders are used in 
the most efficient machine shops the world over 

Tool Holders for Lathe, 
Planer, Shaper and Slotter 

Other tools we make: 
Lathe Dogs, Drop Forged Wrenches, Clamps, Ratchets 
and Pipe Tools. All Have ARMSTRONG Quality 


"The Tool Holder People " 

l* 7 fl 








Page 644 






THE passing years in lllini history have seen many great 
achievements of loyal men and women. Taking its place 
among them is the lllio of the class of 1931. It stands 
as a fitting tribute to the ingenuity and industry of those 
who built it. Staff members will experience a great deal 
of satisfaction and pride in the successful culmination of 
their work. The Manz Corporation shares in this pride, as 
it has been privileged to make the engravings for the lllio 
— and to print it. 

For sixty-three years Manz has developed — until today it 
is the largest complete printing establishment of its kind in 
the country. Here everything required for the complete 
printed job — from Idea to Finished Product — is produced 
under one roof. 

For years we have co-operated with student staffs and 
faculty advisors in the preparation of year books. They have 
found it profits them to take advantage of Manz creative 
service in the initial stages of their work. 






s te, 




The Great 
Greets the Great 

Medart Steel Lockers and 
Gymnasium Apparatus 
are found in the better 
schools throughout the 

Our Compliments 

Fred Medart Mfg. Co. 

Potomac and DeKalb Sts. 

Saint Louis, Missouri 



, 'ilillNGER ALE 

A quality product from the 
. house of Anheuser-Busch, 
that holds the patronage of those 
who are in the habit of demand- 
ing the best of everything. 


Extra Dry 

"America's Finest Ginger Ale 



Page 646 



Let's open our eyes 

to our opportunities 

next door 

MEXICO is one of the greatest storehouses of undeveloped natural resources on the face of the 
earth. In addition to that it is a land of charm for the tourist. The people not only are as hos- 
pitable and courteous as any — their hospitality and courtesy is developed against a background of 400 
years of Caucasian civilization and culture. 

Basic soundness of Mexican institutions has been demonstrated in the remarkable way our Sister Re- 
public has survived turmoil and trouble since 1910. There is no visible evidence today in any quarter 
of the years of strife. On the other hand, wherever one goes, there will be found happy, prosperous, con- 
tented, aggressive, patriotic, home-loving and God-fearing men and women who welcome the stranger 
within their gates. 

Mexicans realize they need and must have outside assistance in their development. They are prepared 
to welcome and reward such assistance in every legitimate way, and the citizens of our country visiting 
Mexico will be repaid in many ways. 

Few realize how easily and comfortably, quickly and economically a visit to Mexico can be accomplished. 
Excellent train service, that compares favorably with that throughout the United States, enables anyone 
now to visit Mexico City, for instance, on through trains from St. Louis in less time than it takes to go 
from St. Louis to Los Angeles. 

Mexican railroads are marvels of engineering efficiency and their equipment and service compare favor- 
ably with any in the United States. 

Recognizing all these things, the Missouri Pacific Lines, in addition to endeavoring to help develop the 
territory directly served by these properties, also acknowledges a responsibility to assist in every possible 
way in the proper development of our great Sister 
Republic of the South. f 4 

Any Missouri Pacific Man will gladly provide 

anyone interested with any and as much addi- ^82 BSW-. \ %. 

tional information as may be desired. jB fife. iJiwO- >r~ 

I solicit your co-operation and assistance. 


A Service Inns tit of torn" 


Page 647 





%are Surprises in 


Cjfift Creations 

Practical and Ornamental 
Book Shaped Products 


— for Magazines and Telephone Directories 

Spinner Master Craftsman Magazine Covers. They combine 
artistry and utility by lengthening the life of their contents. 
Suitable for library and living room in home — for reception 
rooms of offices and professional men. Five striking color 
combinations — dominating tones: Red, Green, Blue, Brown 
and Black, relieved by harmonizing and beautifying decorative 
effects. These covers are very strong and will stand long usage 
— easily cleaned. Magazines can be quickly inserted and re- 
moved — operation is very simple. 

O PINNER Master Craftsman Covers and Book Products possess exceptional merit because 
<s of their ornamental value for living rooms, library and offices, yet are so thoroughly prac- 
tical and useful. A gift package of any of the articles described will be appreciated by all who 
love beautiful bindings. Special prices may be had by arranging to buy a quantity of these 
items at one time. 


With removable humidifier and ash tray. 
This is an apparently De Luxe edition 
book, yet when the cover is raised you 
find a practical humidor with a compart- 
ment to hold at least 10 or 12 good size 
cigars and a smaller compartment with a 
removable ash tray. The removable hu- 
midifier keeps cigars always fresh. 


This resembles a handsome book and con- 
tains two decks of fine quality gold-edge 
playing cards, with specially designed 
score book and trump-indicating bridge 
pencil. The cover is made of specially 
grained Leatherode, available in five col- 
ors, and the entire set is made of the 
finest materials in the expert Spinner 


With removable ash tray has an unusual 
appeal, having every appearance of a 
handsomely bound book. When the cover 
is raised you will find a practical cigarette 
container, match and ash tray. The book- 
shaped cover is beautifully grained and 
decorated with border and title in two- 
tone effect. 



Manufacturers and Designers of 

Smoke and Ashes, Humor Door, Photo Library, Bridge Sets, Book 

Covers for Magazines, Catalogs, Telephone Books and Specialties 

Playing Cards for Standard and Advertising Purposes 

Book-Shaped Containers for Playing Cards, Etc. 

For further information, prices, etc., write or phone 



Spinner Master Craftsman Products 


Telephone Harrison 0877 

, BOOK ' 

Page 648 




19 3 1 

Our Sincere Best 

To You, Illini 



Closing Blackhawk May 17th. Opening 
Dells (on Demspter Road) June 9th. Back 
to the Blackhawk to complete the winter 

Page 649 


a e 

L O V -fK L 


V O U 

I L l_ I 

n o i s 


The Grail is constant forever and aye 

To be sought, to be found, to be kept, and yet 

You don't really need 
A galloping steed 

And a banner that vies with the snow 
With engraved on the border 
The mark of the order — 

Knighthood is more than a show. 

Illinois character brightly keeps burning 
With Loyalty added to Labor and Learning. 

uue^a^eor^-t^noe-f^no bluc i u l_ i n o i S 



Lue'LL B-^CK -V O 

o S t -f\ n o 

o-*=i»nST"' -rue ees-r in -r^e i_ -^ n o 




Aabye, Walter 436 

Abbas, R. H 588 

Abbott, David 60, 203, 226 

231, 234, 423 

Abbott, Dorothy 523, 592 

Abbott, O. L 504 

Abel, A. E 392, 482, 608 

Abels, Robert 423 

Abelson, M 455 

Abrahamson, Ruth A 60,403 

405, 596, 603, 606 

Abram, H. H 488 

Abram, John 450 

Abramo, Lucille 60, 539 

Abramo, Violette 539 

Abrams, J. G 571 

Abramovitz, M 339, 478 

Acacia 429 

Accountancy Club 580 

Achaea 557 

Achenbash, P 587 

Acker, Jane 518 

Ackermann, W. E 60, 323 

424, 443, 580, 582 

Ackman, H. H 365, 423 

Activities 293 

Adair, W. W 393 

Adam, Marjorie 514 

Adams, Edith M 357, 556, 558 

Adams, E. L 572 

Adams, Homer M 221, 419 

Adams, Horace M 388, 393, 487 

Adams, J. N 364, 367, 368 

Adams, J. R 164, 178 

299, 425, 568, 605 

Adams, K. F 429 

Adams, L. A 421, 458 

Adams, L. B 482 

Adams, L. E 572 

Adams, Madelyn 60,552,588 

Adams, N. M 416 

Adams, P. A 487 

Adams, Priscilla 526 

Adams, Roger 328, 400 

417, 432, 464 

Adams, W. C 302,482,485 

Adamson, R. S 60, 507 

Adelhelm, W. E 60, 471 

571, 572 585 
Adelman, M. M. . .60, 333, 459, 601 

Adelman, Melba R 542 

Adelphic National Literary 

Society 580 

Adler, S. F 345 

Administration 17 

Administrative Officers 35 

Adsit, Mary 559 

Adsit, S. B 339, 420 

Advertisements 611 

Index of Advertisers 613 

Aeolia 559 

Ag Dance 358 

Agriculture Council 325 

Ahrens, E. M 364, 475 

Aiken, Emily L 520 

Aikin, Mary 60, 530, 584 

Ainsworth, R. B 403, 440 

Aitken, J. E 260, 425 

Akkeron, A. F 502 

Aland, E 455 

Alban, Arthur 565 

Alberts, Joseph 458 

Alblinger, Christine 60, 552, 597 

Albright, F. E 60, 477 

Alcestis 557 

Alcorn, K. A 500 

Aldrich, M. E 331, 428 

Aldrich, Marion 557 

Aldrich, Mary 594 

Aldrich, W. C 60 

Alexander, Elizabeth 60 

Alexander, H. W 469, 574 

Alexander, J. H 390, 567 

Alexander, J. M. .307, 389, 390, 469 

Alexander, J. R 60, 393, 398, 469 

Alexander, M 390, 459 

Alexander, Margaret 515 

Alexander, Phylis M 404 

Alleman, N. J 397, 398 

Allen, A. C 392 

Allen, C. E 585 

Allen, C. L 417, 605 

Allen, Edith 60 

Allen, Elizabeth 525 

Allen, G 60 

Allen, G. W 456, 507 

Allen, Grace 309, 522 

Allen, J. H 326, 328, 357, 392 

Allen, L. J 570 

Allen, L. O 345 

Allen, Lorraine 551 

Allen, Mildred C 534, 608 

Allen, Miriam 165 

Allen, Pauline 536 

Allen, R. F 312,337,338 

355, 571, 572, 608 

Allen, W. H 460 

Allen, W. R ; 365, 416 

Allison, R. H 504 

Alloy, J. J 61 

Ally, A 583 

Almen, Mary von 367, 529 

531, 600 

Almquist, C. O. G 506 

Alp, H. H 493 

Alpert, S. G 459, 601 

Alpha Alpha Alpha 563 

Alpha Alpha Gamma 581 

Alpha Chi Omega 517 

Alpha Chi Rho 450 

Alpha Chi Sigma 432 

Alpha Delta Phi 446 

Alpha Delta Pi 524 

Alpha Delta Sigma 582 

Alpha Delta Theta 538 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 528 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 459 

Alpha Gamma Delta 526 

Alpha Gamma Rho 433 

Alpha Kappa Kappa 502 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 463 

Alpha Kappa Psi 564 

Alpha Lambda Delta 404 

Alpha Lambda Tau 495 

Alpha Omega 565 

Alpha Omicron Pi 522 

Alpha Phi 533 

Alpha Rho Chi 447 

Alpha Sigma Nu 582 

Alpha Sigma Phi 434 

Alpha Jait Alpha 566 

Alpha Tau Omega 417 

Alpha Xi Delta 519 

Alpha Zeta 401 

Allspach, H. D 433 

Alston, W. T 252 

Altera, R. C 477 

Althausen, Darrell 432 

Altman, R. S 427 

Altorfer, Katherine 550 

Altringer, Dorothy.. 56, 61, 548, 552 

Alward, W. C 435 

Amberson, H. R 502 

Ambrose, S. A 500 

Ambrosius, E. E 386 

Amelotti, E. 399, 405 

American Ceramic Society 583 

American Society of Civil 

Engineers 567 

American Society of Mechanical 

Engineers 583 

Ames, O. D 168, 352, 442, 577 

Amsbary, Virginia 514 

Amsler, W. A 436 

Anderle, Mildred 369, 535 

Anderle, W. E 363, 476 

Andersen, Vivian 526 

Anderson, A. G 396,417,607 

Anderson, Alice 61, 338 

513, 523, 607 

Anderson, B. E 305, 468 

Anderson, C. A 61 

Anderson, C. R 444, 457, 605 

Anderson, C. W 61, 368 

Anderson, D. B 491 

Anderson, D. G 482 

Anderson, Eugenia 61, 338, 520 

Anderson, G. C 458 

Anderson, Gladys 522, 564 

Anderson, G. L 61, 323, 375, 393 

Anderson, H. L 364 

Anderson, H. M 61, 486, 505 

Anderson, J. A 333, 388, 393 

Anderson, J. C 61 

Anderson, James, Jr 412 

Anderson, K. W 61, 348 

363, 364, 368, 428 

Anderson, L. K 464 

Anderson, L. S 364 

Anderson, L. W 447 

Anderson, Lelah 61 

Anuerson, Louise 537 

Anderson, M. A 468 

Anderson, M. C . . . . 487 

Anderson, M. E 465, 585 

Anderson, M. F 580 

Anderson, P. A 209,402,451 

Anderson, P. J 444 

Anderson, R. H 61, 392, 431 

465, 480, 564, 582 
Anderson, R. T. . . .61, 496, 571, 585 

Anderson, R. V 415 

Anderson, R. W 471 

Anderson, S. C 434 

Anderson, Virginia 553 

Anderson, W 390 

Anderson, W. A 571 

Anderson, W. C 314, 448 

Anderson, W. W 570 

Anderson, William 56 

Andrews, A. 1 432, 574 

Andrews, C. H 471, 571, 572 

Andrews, C. R 487 

Andrews, D 228 

Andrews, D. H 238, 241, 245 

Andrews, Edmund 501 

Andrews, R. S 427 

Andrews, Verna 61 

Andris, Peter 344 

Angus, W. S 61, 570 

Anvnian Literary Society 584 

Anslinger, C. J 504 

Antonides, A. F 480, 570 

Anubis 453 

Armour, Dorothy 404, 521 

Aitman, Elizabeth 552, 594 

Apmadoc, Betty 308, 519 

App, B. A 62, 488 

Appelhans, L. G 249, 449 

Appelman, Benjamin 509 

Appleman, Milo 597 

Applegate, Eleanor 525 

Applegate, Sarah .529, 551 

Arch, C. E 363, 364, 474 

Archer, S. W 62, 428, 588 

Arentsen, M. F 62, 580 

Arford, C. W 392 

Arganbright, M. D 365 

Argudin, Eugenie 435 

Aries, L. J 508 

Arling, W. C 451, 590 

Armbruster, R. E 62,469,424 

Armstrong, Beata 535 

Armstrong, Bertha E 521 

Armstrong, Beulah M 532 

Armstrong, Donald 412 

Armstrong, Flora 527 

Armstrong, F. M 363, 364 

Armstrong, J. H 465, 597 

Armsrrong, J. W 20, 21 

Armstrong, Jeanette 527 

Armstrong, Lucille 290 

Armstrong, Mary L 62 

Armstrong, Winifred E 60, 534 

540, 584 

Armstrong, W. C 62 

Arneman, R. N 469 

Arnillas, Jose 499 

Arnillas, V 588 

Arnold, A. G 301 

Arnold, C. C. W 62 

Arnold, C. F 62 

Arnold, Celia 62 

Arnold, Otho 363, 486 

Arnold, R. G 301, 437, 582 

Arnold, R. L., Jr 506, 573 

Arnold, W. B 419 

Arnold, William 169, 354 

Aron, A. W 405, 587 

Aronwitz, Isadore 565 

Arlington, W. R 476, 563 

Ash, A. S 364 

Ashbrook, J. W 433 

Ashby, J. W 364, 416, 577 

Asher, H. H 565 

Asher, R. M 476 

Ashmore, Ruth 168, 291 

352, 520, 575 

Askin, L. B 329, 580 

Asp, J. E 387, 393, 430 

Asper, O. W 228, 439 

Aszmann, Mildred 552 

Athenian Literary Society 584 

Athletics 199 

Atkins, K. D 464, 583 

Atkinson, Bessie 531 

Atwood, E. E 388 

Auble, H. C 168, 352, 457 

Auble, W. R 447 

Audrieth, L. F 366, 400 

422, 432, 602 

Augur, Margaret 62, 551 

Auld, Alberta 62 

Ault, A 580 

Austin, Dorothy 536, 590 

Auwater, T. K 62. 488 

Avallone, D. A 62 

Avery, Henry 310 

Axe Grinders 355 

Ayers, J. W 62 

Avres, D. P 479 


Babbitt, H. E 397, 486. 569, 576 

Babcock, Dean K. C 22, 35 

328, 402, 412, 458 

Babcock, Kathryn 550 

Babcock, R. T 418 

Babel, Louise C 165, 178, 300 

355, 521, 575, 608 

Bachrach, Ethelyn 539 

Bachrach, Ruth L 539 

Back, E. S 461 

Bacon, C. A 504 

Bacon, C. S 504 

Bacon, W. E., Jr 62 

Bacon, W. F 476 

Bacon, W. H 580 

Bader, G. E 363 

Badger, A. E 397, 574 

Baer, Bess C 63, 290 

349, 513, 517 

Baer, Charlotte 552 

Baer, June 552 

Baer, Katheryn 542 

Baer, Margaret ... .56, 279, 348, 606 

Baer, Rebecca 63, 550 

Baer, Sylvia 528 

Baer, W. H 506 

Bahlman, W. D 63, 470 

Bahr, Hans 590 

Baird, F. W 504 

Baird, G. E 63, 318, 320, 322 

355, 393, 413, 420, 579 

Baird, J. R 448 

Baird, R. D 403 

Bairstow, Margretta ... .63, 266 267 

322, 355, 357, 556, 558 

Bailar, J. C 400, 432 

Bailey, C. W 328 

Bailey, H. H 456 

Bailey, H. W 399 

Bailey, LaForce 436 604 

Bailey, T. P 421 

Bailey, W. J 365 

Bajarnus, Stapae 553 

Baker, C. A 433 

Baker, D. A 457 

Baker, Dorothy 552 

Baker, E. H 309, 452 

Baker, E. P 63, 495 

Baker, E. S 463 

Baker, Edward 331 

Baker, F. C 435 

Baker, Harriet 533, 600 

Baker, Helen 536 

Baker, I. H 402 

Baker, Lucy 525 

Baker, M. E 403 

Baker, Mabel 63, 546, 592 

Baker, Marian H 55, 63 

513, 533, 544 

Baker, Marion E 404 

Baker, Martha 516 

Baker, Maurine Wilma 404 

Baker, R. B 50"> 

Baker, R. H 426 

Baker, William 425 

Baker, W. G 365 

Baker, W. W 447 

Bakke, W. B 570 

Balbkey, Wintress 290 

Balchofsky, M. 1 63 

Balding, B. N 506 

Baldrige, R 166, 167, 297 

351, 355, 448, 580 

Baldrige, W. H 433 

BaldufT W. V 476 

Baldwin, Betty 63, 553, 607 

Baldwin, C. J 63, 388, 393, 428 

Baldwin, D. M 402 

Baldwin, E. D 434 435 

Baldwin, E. W 431, 567 

Baldwin, G. A 428, 393 

Baldwin, H. C 365 

Baldwin, H. E 457 

Baldwin, J. 393, 471 

Baldwin, J. W 365, 469 

Baldwin, K. G 211 

Baldwin, Richard M 63, 503 

Baldwin, Robert M 63, 388 

472, 564, 603 

Baldwin, Ruth 393, 522 

Baldwin, S. W 451 

Baldwin, W. R 447, 452 

Balickas, Bernice 552 

Balita, Dorothy 553 

Ball, G. K 472, 590 

Ball. R. W 364, 400 

Balliett, M. L 362, 363 

Ballweg, Eleanore 369, 607 

Balstad, Eva 558 

Balthazard, Isabel 596 

Bamberger, Arrie 508 

Banca, M. C 63, 588 

Band of X 568 

Banen, David 508 

Banic, John 458 

Banker, E. U 450 

Banner, C. L 365 

Bantz, O. R 495 

Barber, A. B 363, 452 

Barber, H. A 416 

Page 652 



Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Bardwell, Florence 552 

Barenfanger, L. E 422, 604 

Barkdull, Jean 519 

Barker, Edward 450 

Barker, Marian 542 

Barkraan, Eleanor 165, 178 

300, 355, 521, 608 

Barlow, R. R 603, 605 

Barnard, N. H 397, 605 

Barnes, Helen 302 

Barnes, P. R 63 

Barnetc, A. F 504 

Barnetr, M 455 

Barnert, Phyllis 542 

Barney, Edna . . . ■. 531 

Barone, D. R 63 

Barosso, Luis 503 

Barr, G. A 20 

Barr, H. H 470 

Barretr, A. L 64, 485 

Barrett, Charlocte H 513, 527 

Barretr, Cliff 305 

Barrett, Virginia 527 

Barron, O. D 479 

Barrows, H. L 64, 493 

Barry, G. W 203, 253 

391, 487, 587, 604 

Barry, Jean 332, 597 

Bartelsmeyer, H. M 454 

Barcelsmeyer, R. R 462 

Bartholf, Frieda A 538 

Bartholf , Mary L 64 

Bmholomew, F. G 252, 425, 577 

Bartholomew, J. S 486 

Bartholomew, R. Y 220, 223 

421, 577 

Bartlett, C. C 64 

Bartlett, C. W ,.496 

Barclum, J. S 504 

Barro, Harriet 516, 594 

Batton, A. R 397, 398, 450 

Barton, D. E 577 

Barton, D. M 437 

Barton, W. A 415 

Barton, W. E 504 

Bartow, Virginia 594 

Barys, Harold 573 

Baseball 237 

Basford, P. R 482 

Basketball 219 

Baskin, Florence 542 

Baskin, Les 508 

Baskind, Jessie 543 

Bass, A. C 390 

Bass, P 64, 505 

Bassoe, Peter 501 

Bare, A. H 588 

Bates, B. E 432 

Bates, B. L 64 

Bates. Dorothy E 64 

Bates, Virginia 64, 516 

Battenfield, Lois 594 

Bauer, Ella, Von 154, 431 

Bauer, J. A 211 

Bauer, Kathleen 535 

Bauer, P. B 506 

Bauer S. T 365, 432 

Bauerle, L. M 203, 248 

345, 355, 421, 563 
Baughman, Eliza 56, 64 

327, 348, 355, 531 

Baumann, C. C 64 

Bay, A. P 402 

Bayer, Karl .304, 423 

Bavles, J. C 608 

Bayley, W. S 421 

Bayman, Mary E 64 

Baxter, E. S 417 

Bazola, F 505 

Beadles, Jessie 594 

Beadles, T. H 64 

Beagley, Grace 546, 549 

Beahm, T. H 428 

Beal, J. W 64, 440, 579 

Beale, Ruth 308, 369, 544, 592 

Beall, Beatrice ...165, 290, 355, 531 

Beall, Helen 535 

Beall, Jane 531 

Beall, Miriam 59 

Beam, Mary W 525 

Beaman, J. H 387, 393, 416 

Bear, A. P 391, 387, 468 

Bear, W. H 449 

Beard, Hallard 502 

Beard, J. H 435, 458, 473 

Bearsh, Florence 404, 528 

Beatty, Anna L 309, 522 

Beatty, Julia 553 

Beatty, S. G 64, 452 

Beauchamp, P. E 64, 454 

Beck, CD 421 

Beck, Esther 536 

Beck, J. C 500 

Beck, R. M 449 

Beckenhoff, Kathryn 366 

Becker, Dolores 302, 536, 590 

Becker, Dorothy 552, 587 

Becker, H. G .506 

Becker, L. A 392, 441 

Becker, M 509 

Becker, R. F 65, 84, 441 

Becker, S. W 65, 505 

Becker, T. A 577 

Beckerman, B 489, 580, 601 

Beckmeyer, E. C 462 

Beckstrom, M. R 475, 604 

Beckwith, Jane 518 

Beckwith, M. M 432 

Bedard, Beatrice C 65, 403 

405, 596, 603 

Bedinger, W. R 65 

Beebe, G. K 363, 364, 460 

Beecher, M. C 308, 475 

Beemster, J. C 65, 396 

Beers, Ruth 521 

Behrens, J. C 319, 388, 391, 472 

Behrensmeyer, C. F 65, 414 

Beishts, D. M 585 

Bein, H. P 456 

Beirihoff, F. H 330, 487 

Beisman, H 509 

Belevitch, Luba 557 

Belinger, E. G 390, 479 

Belinoff, D. S 65, 565 

Bell, Loretta 303 

Bell, Ruth A 459, 532 

Bell, Virginia 541, 553 

Bellmar, F. R 363, 602 

Beloof, E. R 363, 366, 602 

Belshaw, E. E 65, 301, 420 

Belshe, Martha 303, 518 

Belson, H 65, 492 

Belton, J 309 

Bement, Elizabeth 552 

Benbow, D. W 496 

Benbow, Marian 65, 369, 551 

Benbow, P. L 314, 448 

Benbow, R. G 65, 181, 319, 325 

355, 401, 448, 566, 580 

Benedicr, E. R 364, 366, 402 

Benensohn, S 508 

Bengson, H. A 496 

Benjamin, J. H 339 

Beniamin, M. L 459 

Benjamin, W. S 388, 391, 397 

Benn, W. W 65, 455 

Bennethum, Beryl 521 

Bennet, A. J. T 393 

Bennett, Bava 559 

Bennett, C. W 400, 482 

Bennett, Casslon 482 

Bennett, D. A 506 

Bennett D. C 393 

Bennett, D. G 65, 397 

485, 576, 583 

Bennett, D. W 574 

Bennett, E. E 221, 412 

Bennett, F. W 431 

Bennett, Margaret 165, 266, 274 

323, 349, 355, 513, 536, 590, 600 

Bennett, Mary L 532,594,607 

Bennett, R. F 65 

Bennett, W. C — .. 390 

Benninger, K. T 452 

Benson, F. M 487 

Benson, H 465 

Benton, Eva 603 

Benton, W. W 432 

Berbaum, Eloise 537 

Berbiers, L. D 449 

Berchtold, J. A 65, 420 

Berdahl, C. E 367 

Beren, I. B 445 

Berg, Antoinette 552 

Berg, Esther 519, 557 

Berg, G. M 413, 563 

Berg, H. E 495 

Berg, Henry 489, 601 

Berg, Herbert 400, 412 

Berg, R. K 365, 479 

Berg, S. A 363, 366 

Bergan, Barbara 514 

Bergenser, H. A 507 

Berger, Mable 553 

Berger, Ruth 543, 586, 592 

Bergeson, C. H 65, 203, 414, 570 

Bergin, William J 573 

Bergquisr, H. A 66, 441 

Bergstrom, E. V 66, 397 

Berkovitz, R. J 478 

Berman, E 405, 435 

Berman, H 509 

Bernard, CO 389, 465 

Bernard, Marion L .66, 279 

Bernadi, C. B 507 

Bernardo, M. V 601 

Bernbaum, Ernest 427 

Berndr, E. A 422, 580 

Bernecking, Lenore 66 

Berner, F. J 488, 603, 606 

Bernier, Joseph . .503 

Berns, P. D 458 

Bernstein, A 509 

Bernstein, Harold 508 

Bernstein, M 455 

Bernstein, Seymour 66, 397, 399 

489, 492, 509, 569 

Bernstein, William 66 

Berresford, G 390 

Berry, G. E 416 

Berry, G. 1 211 

Berry, Margaret , 541 

Berry, R. N 66 

Berry, W. R 431 

Bert, L. J 364, 366 

Berr, V. J 389, 425 

Bertelsman, G. A 203, 226, 231 

318, 320, 355, 417, 568, 579 

Bercetti, John 400 

Berthelet, J. T 390 

Berthold, Fredrica 355 

Berthold, Mildred 165, 275 

320, 526 

Beshers, Leigh 308, 552 

Besore, Margaret 597 

Best, Ethel M 532, 592 

Bete. Alpha Psi 585 

Beta Chi 498 

Beta Gamma Sigma 396 

Beta Kappa 482 

Beta Nu Kappa 585 

Beta Phi Alpha 535 

Beta Psi 477 

Beta Sigma Omicron 544 

Beta Sigma Psi 481 

Beta Theta Pi 421 

Bethany Circle 547 

Betry, P. A 438 

Beutner, W. C 66, 314 

339, 433, 580, 603 

Bevier, Isabel 602 

Bevis, Neva A 66 

Bevis, R. E 364 

Bevis, Sina 404 

Bezkostny, W 505 

Bezy, P. A 339, 353, 479, 578 

Bialik, E. V 588 

Bibow, N. E 391, 491 

Bier, Helen 550 

Bierdeman, W. R 452 

Biersmith, Marjorie 519 

Biestek, P. J 507 

Bigelow, Henry 503 

Bigler, R. S 56, 66, 318 

355, 356, 481, 571, 585 

Billmire, W. B 365, 412 

Bingaman, W. W 450 

Bingham, H. Y 438 

Binkert, C. E 363, 473, 476, 572 

Binna, C. L 368, 476 

Binnier, Aretta J 66 

Binyon, H. A 66 

Biondi, R 578 

Bird, Julia T 66, 592, 596 

Bird, M. T 399 

Birdzell, W. C 66 

Birger, M. H 484, 601 

Birkenstein, Eleanor 542 

Birkett, F. E 365 

Birkett, Frances 527 

Birkhimer, T. A 66 

Birks, C. R 309, 476 

Birtwell, Audrey E 66, 523 

Bisbee, F. B 490 

Bischoff, F. H 363, 364 

Bishop, G. R 67, 588 

Bishop, G. R 67 

Bishop, Y. K 309 

Bissel, E. A 522 

Bisshopp, K. E 67, 391, 399 

Bitting, H. W 365, 462 

Bitzer, A. M 393, 471, 580 

Bjork, R 473 

Blachman, P 484 

Black, D. B 309, 432 

Black, Farnwald 444 

Black, H. H 431 

Black, Helen L 67 

Black, Jessie 607 

Black, L. B 389 

Black, L. R 387 

Black, O. R 590 

Black, Pauline 592 

Black, R. G 67, 391, 588 

Black, S. R 393 

Black, W. Z., Jr 428 

Blackard, B. P 67, 363 

364, 366, 469, 602 

Blackstone, A. E 436 

Blackstone, Anna Mae 539 

Blaeuer, Mary G 587 

Blain, Cecil 499 

Blaine, R. F 304, 389 

Blair, F. G 20 

Blair, Mabel 552, 584, 607 

Blaisdell, F. R 363, 602 

Blake, Clara L 592 

Blake, Louis J 269, 521, 575 

Blake, Lucile E 67, 526 

Blake, W. L 452 

Blakemore, R. H 365, 499 

Blakeney, R. A 402 

Blakeslee, G. K 363 

Blanchard, Ralph 444 

Bland, W. W 67, 368 

387, 392, 456, 580 
Blanke, A. R. .67, 420, 427, 563, 572 

Blaszczenski, Helen 552 

Blaszczenski, Stephinia 552 

Blatt, B. L 456 

Blatt, Berdnice L 392 

Blart, G. N 456 

Blatt, M. L 504. 

Blatt, Marjorie 303, 536 

Blatt, S. R 393 

Blatt, W. M 477 

Blatter, A. O 365 

Blaurock, M. F 587 

Blayney, F. A 67, 440 

Blech, S. R 484 

Beldsoe, W. A 363, 602 

Blewitt, Emily 552 

Bliss, H. H 432 

Bliss, R. H 259 

Bliss, R. W 497 

Block, F. L 416 

Block, Murle E 67, 252, 516 

Block, Pauline 518 

Blome, L. L 460, 590 

Blomquist, A. T 399,400,432 

Blomquist, Gertrude E..67, 369, 531 

Blood, K. C 67, 326, 328 

Bloom, C. R 508 

Bloom, J. L 447 

Bloom, Margaret 533 

Bloomer, H. H 67, 330 

463, 572, 607 

Bloomfield, Bernice 543 

Bloomquisr, F. E 580 

Blosten, M. H 402 

Blue, Miriam 331 

Bium, T. W 67, 454 

Blumberg, A. E 453, 580 

Blumenfeld, C H 461 

Blumenkamp, E. F 239, 470 

Blumenkamp, Ruth A 523, 587 

Blumenthal, E 363, 366, 499 

Boardman, Inez E 67, 558 

Boblenz, R. L 472 

Bock, L. H 400 

Bodenschatz, D. E 68, 434 

Bodine, Elizabeth 68, 534 

Bodine, L. W 363, 365 

Bodman, A. E 211 

Bodman, S. L 422 

Bodwell, G. L 466, 588 

Bodwell, G. W 608 

Bodwell, J. W 466 

Boekenhoff, Kathryn 404, 536 

Bogart, E. L 405, 471 

Bogeaus, A. A 492, 601 

Boggs, F. H 328 

Boggs, Rosalyn 532 

Boice, H. H 469 

Boikan, Wm 508 

Boldt, R. W 68 

Bolin, Marjorie A 68, 534 

Boling, H. A 238 

Bolotin, G. G 68, 459 

Bolotin, M. T 508 

Bonar, Alice 291 

Bond, G. S. . .68, 338, 385, 389, 477 

Bond, J. L 424 

Bond, R. C 392 

Bone, R. 68, 392 

Bonham, H. E 393 

Bonjean, R. C 68, 338, 424 

Bonnell, Ellis 504 

Bonnett, Eloise 404, 530 

Bontjes, J. H., Jr 68, 446, 563 

Bonvallet, Marie B 553 

Boomfield, H. G 442 

Boos, Eleanor 527 

Boos, Madlynn E..68, 355, 513, 527 

Boot, G. W 604 

Booth, W. B 417 

Booty, K. H 458 

Borah, A. C 465 

Borch, Harold 499 

Borchers, A. W 363, 392 

Borchers, Helen M 558 

Borchers, Webber 494 

Borg, A. W 363, 364, 450 

Bornolf, L. H 492 

Borovxky, M. T 508 

Borsch, H. W 588 

Borsr, W. B 68, 451 

Boruff, C. S 400, 432 

Bosenbury, J. M., Jr 68, 301 

355, 415 

Bosley, B. B 302, 455 

Boston, J. R 417 

Both, J. B 481 

Bottcmley, J. A 68, 351, 453 

Boucher, F. E 388, 393, 428 

Boughman, Eliza 513 

Boughton, S 437 

Bourgin, D. G 399, 459, 608 

Bourland, L. T 399 

Bourne, E. G 485, 574, 583 

Bouseman, D. G 475 

Bowen, C. E 202, 421 

Bowen, Harold 311, 607 

Bowen, H. H 447 

Bowen, Isabel G 275, 531 

Bowen, R. H 251 

Bowen, Virginia 275 

Bower, L. K 238, 240 

Bowers, Kathryn 594 

Bowers, L. J 68 

Bowers, Mary E 548 

Page 653 



Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Bowes, T. L. .68, 228, 234, 397, 589 

Bowman, E. R 68 

Bowman, Hazel L 69, 275, 514 

Bowman, M. V 211, 472 

Bowman, Mary P 69, 595 

Boyd, Catherine F 69, 558 

Boyd, T. E 482 

Boyd, Letitia D 550 

Boyd, Maurine 69, 534, 602 

Boyd, Pauline 549 

Boyd, R. W 365 

Boyd, Winifred 369 

Boyer, H. B 572 

Boyer, Ileayn 331 

Boyer, Irene 516 

Boyle, P. C 365 

Boysen, W. P 301, 355 

422, 568, 579, 582 

Boyson, B. H 442 

Bozzich, Angeline E 69, 550 

Bradbury, C. E 414, 603, 607 

Bradbury, Dorothy 558 

Bradel, S. F 503 

Bradford, John 365 

Bradley, Charlotte 520 

Bradley, D. N 503 

Bradley, W. F 69, 477 

Brady, Harriett J 539 

Brahana, H. R 399, 476 

Brainard, A. F 570 

Branch, C. E 502 

Brandenberger, P. W 482 

Brandenburger, A. R 501 

Brandt, Leona 513, 517, 575 

Brantley, Robert 69, 468 

Branz, W 69, 587 

Brasch, S 459 

Brashaw, E. W 494 

Bratrude, A. P 502 

Bratzler, L. J 69, 314, 325 

355, 401, 433, 603 

Brauer, Norma 551 

Brauer, Perry 369, 519 

Braun, C. C 203 

Braun, G. W .479, 564 

Braunsdorff, A. H 392 

Brawdy, E. J 484 

Bray, R. H 400 

Brayshaw, Ellen W 517, 596 

Breakstone, J. R 459 

Brearton, L. W 365, 418 

Brebner, C. E 392 

Bredehoft, Virginia 311, 514 

Breithaupt, H. W 436 

Brennan, E. L 496 

Brennan, Mary 168, 269, 302 

352, 517, 575, 590 

Brennan, Ruth 369, 515 

Brenner, LaVerne 552 

Brcntlinger, J. W 391, 470 

Bresee, Ruth 69, 338, 358, 515 

Breuillaud, Cesarine .. .405, 596, 603 

Brevall, J. F 239 

Brewer, G. L 419 

Brewer, W. A 433 

Brewster, Louise 69, 521 

Bridges, Jean 366, 369, 541 

Briggs, Betty 302, 518 

Briggs, M. M 438 

Brigham, H. H 320, 421 

Brines, Paul 329, 345, 418 

Brinkema, Bernice 369, 526 

Brinkman, Bernadine 550 

Brinkman, H. W 69, 397 

Brinley, P. V 504 

Brinn, W. E 436 

Briones, Marina 588, 606 

Brissenden, H. C 69 

Bristow, Dorothy 69, 536 

Bristow, L 399 

Brittain, Marjorie 513, 538, 594 

Biitton, W. E 328, 454 

Britton, William A 424 

Brock, D. L 69 

Brock, G. W 70 

Brock, J 261, 430 

Brick, J. H 448 

Brodin, Evelyn 532 

Brodkorb, W. P 70, 462 

Brodsky, H 509 

Brody, B. B 70 

Brody, L. J 509 

Brody, R. L 70, 580 

Bromund, R. D 457 

Brondas, Steve 494 

Bronson, Margaret 552 

Brook, C. 483 

Brook, Sarah 70, 596 

Brooks, A. D '.. .70, 596 

Brooks, Fannie M 521, 602 

Brooks, G. F 502 

Brooks, J. 419 

Brooks, L. R 470 

Brooks, Morgan 397, 589 

Brooks, N. C 405, 416 

Brooks, T. E 430 

Broom, CM 430 

Broom, J. A 390 

Broomell, Virginia 308 

Brown, Albert 439 

Brown, Beatrice 70, 550 

Brown, C. P 466 

Brown, C. R 434 

Brown, D. M 70, 368, 497 

Brown, Donald 58, 70, 179 

238, 242, 355, 456, 568 

Brown, E. V 392 

Brown, Edward 573 

Brown, Elizabeth W 558, 592 

Brown, F. A 439 

Brown, F. G 70 

Brown, F. S 319, 397, 499 

Brown, H. A 465, 589 

Brown, H. F 339, 465 

Brown, H. N 509 

Brown, J. L 463 

Brown, J. S 415 

Brown, J. W 447 

Brown, K. L : 604 

Brown, L. T 414 

Brown, L. W 496 

Brown, Lilah 553 

Brown, Louis: 553 

Brown, M. V 504 

Brown, P. H 429, 512 

Brown, Phyllis 531 

Brown, R. L 70, 576 

Brown, R. M 454, 590 

Brown, S C 70, 497, 588 

Brown, S. E 506 

Brown, S. F 463 

Brown, T. M 470 

Brown, W. B 413 

Brown, W. H 448 

Brown, W. R 440 

Brown, W. W 248, 570 

Browne, C. D 504 

Browne, Kathryn 70, 522, 606 

Browne, W. H 504 

Browning, Eugene 400, 432 

Browning, F. E 363 

Browning, J. W 420 

Browning, L. M 500 

Brownson, Marcella K 369, 538 

Broz, Rose 552 

Brubaker, W. C 440 

Bruch, Gerston 70 

Brucker, F 455 

Bruckman, Betty 553 

Bruedigam, M. J 392, 437 

Brugman, L. W 70, 431 

Bruhn, Esther 533 

Bruhnke, R. P 70, 387 

391, 444, 607 

Bruin, Thad 503 

Brull, E. E 474 

Brumbach, F. L 70, 93 

Brumbaugh, G. G 479 

Brumley, D. J 330, 391 

Brune, Lorena 71, 369, 526 

Bruner, B. B 365, 490 

Bruner, Helen 559 

Brunner, J. A 393, 432 

Bruns, P. R 393, 486, 590 

Brusa, K. T 393, 567 

Bryan, G. D 58, 71 

181, 328, 355, 418 

Bryant, G. L 71, 388. 485, 583 

Bryant, R. G 574 

Brydges, Eileen 303, 532 

Brydges, W. T 71, 434 

Bryson, Joseph 412 

Brzenk, Sophia 587 

Bube, Gertrude F 303, 536 

Buchanan, D. M 71, 570 

Buchanan, H. K 364 

Buchanan, R. S. . .332, 392, 479, 597 

Buchholz, B. N 300, 484 

Buck, C. M 404, 447 

Buckhardt, H. L 566 

Buckhold, E. F 388 

Buckholdt, E. F 393 

Buckles, R. H 319, 419 

Buckley, Z. J 71 

Buckman, C. M 71, 503 

Buckman, William 306 

Buckmaster, Daniel 465 

Budd, J. P 206, 500 

Buddemberg, E 71, 435 

Buddemeir, W. D 482 

Budinger, B. G 355 

Budinger, W. G 166, 301 

351, 392, 427 

Buehler, Mildred 526 

Buente, Florence E 71, 290 

332, 592, 597 

Buffa, E. A 590 

Buge, E. W 389, 469 

Buker, R. R 71, 499 

Bulkely, G. C 393, 473 

Bull, Sleeter 433 

Bullard, Helen 305 

Bullard, R. E 387 

Bullock, D. M 203, 208, 220 

Bullpitt, Lome 42 1 

Bumgarner, E. H 250 

Bu'mgarner, J. G : .304, 448 

Bumstead, C. H 365, 402,421 

Bunchman, L. F 498 

Bundy, Helena D 290, 520 

Bunge, W. A 488 

Bunning, W. F 232 

Bunte, L. F 71,330 

375, 387, 393, 463 

Bunte, L. R 385 

Bunting, J. H 363, 486 

Bunting, Mary J 290, 530 

575, 584, 608 

Burda, Bessie F 71 

Burdick, L. S 71, 203, 208 

214, 248, 355, 358, 424 

Burdzeus, L 393 

Buresch, Louise 522 

Burriend, N. T 71, 420, 437 

Burg, Dorothy H 355,522 

Burger, Anita L 71, 597 

Burger, S. J 461 

Burgess, M. A 167,318,437 

Burgess, W. K 374, 386, 388, 389 

Burgett, Robert 477 

Burgland, W. L 313 

Burglund, W. P 337,338, 339 

355, 392, 397, 588, 589, 608 

Burgoon, B 326 

Burham, R. E 261 

Burke, E. M 313, 470 

Burke, R. W 485 

Burkhart, C. M 465 

Burkhart, G. H 164, 167, 226 

228, 232, 355, 416 

Burks, Dana 432 

Burlison, W. L 328, 429, 603 

Burnam, R. E r. : 430 

Burner, Elayna 520 

Burner, J. B 606 

Burnett, H. C 304, 470 

Burnett, J. S 314, 433 

Burnett, Robert 304 

Burnette, J. G 468 

Burney, J. R 386, 388, 593 

Burnham, H. E 415 

Burnham. Mary F 527 

Burmer, Mary L 52 5, 596 

Burns, B. B 72,331,553,602 

Burns, C. W 507 

Burns, Edward ! 573 

Burns, K. L 72, 275 

357^551, 581 

Burns, Kathryn V 602 

Burroughs, Bernice 553 

Burroughs, C. G 471, 580 

Burroughs, D. V 500 

Burroughs, K. L. ..72, 260, 429, 579 

Burrow, Dorothy 536 

Burrow, Hazel M 312, 590 

Burrows, Kathryn A. ...72, 266, 267 
403, 515,' 581, 593 

Burrows, S. J 500 

Bursik, Olga M 521, 593 

Burt, F. T 72, 570 

Burt, J. F 436 

Burtis, E. L 418 

Burton, H. B 475 

Burton, Margaret 523 

Burton, P. W 419 

Burton, R. C 72 

Burton, W. E 506 

Busch, Catherine 553, 593 

Busch, Jane 515 

Busenbark, Wilma F 530, 600 

Busey, Mary E 20, 594, 600 

Busey, P. G 585 

Bushee, Adaline 72 

Bushee, Margaret 269, 303 

518, 575 

Bushing, H. A 481 

Busker, W. E 169, 312, 481 

Busse, R. G 338, 417 

Buswell, A. M 386, 400, 432 

Buswell, C. J 72, 423 

Buswell, R. R 425 

Butcher, C. A 602 

Butler, S. M 422 

Butler, Vera 592 

Butt. Georgia 518 

Butwell, Anthony 476 

Butz, L. W 432, 587 

Butz, W. E 500 

Byerley, J. R 595 

Byerly, R. A 364 

Byers, G. B 566 

Byers, Laura 551 

Bvers, M 509 

Byford, H. T 500 

Byrne, Payton 422 

Byrns, F. W 482 


Cacanindin, S. U 601 

Caddy, K J 204, 355, 421 

Cade, Helen 538, 594 

Cadle, Robert 479 

Cadwell, E. R 390, 457 

Cady, G. H 252, 427 

Cagann, O. W 412, 582 

Cahn, A. R 203, 250, 459 

Caine, M 455 

Cairnes, W. E 487 

Caisson Club 393 

Caldel, Homer, Jr 460 

Caldwell, Esther 526 

Caldwell, H., Jr 392, 460 

Caldwell, Mary Jane.. .166, 350, 524 

Caldwell, P. F 442, 476 

Caldwell, Ruth M 404, 491 

494, 526, 600 

Caldwell, Ruth V 72, 514 

Califf, J. P 441 

Callen, A. C 397, 437 

Calverley, H. V 21, 72 

Calvin, J. K 508 

Cameron, D. A 302, 415 

Cameron, E. H 595 

Cameron, Louise 404, 514 

Cameron, W. M 441, 579 

Camp, Marion 522 

Camp, Mildred 547 

Camp, W. J. R 504 

Campbell, A. H 203, 248, 487 

Campbell, C. A 72 

Campbell, C. B 460, 585, 607 

Campbell, C. S 485 

Campbell, C. W 416 

Campbell, E. K 466 

Campbell, Frances 311, 514 

Campbell, F. G 404 

Campbell, H. Elizabeth 369, 513 

Campbell, Helen 311, 525 

Campbell, J. C 507 

Campbell, J. D 338, 425 

Campbell, J. L 56 

Campbell, J. O 72, 356 

392, 418, 587 
Campbell, Lois E. .72, 513, 532, 584 

Campbell, Mary 522 

Campbell, R 505 

Campus Leaders 173 

Canavan, Elizabeth 518 

Canneld, C. R 468 

Canney, C. E 259 

Canney, W. M 414 

Cannon, J. H 364 

Canterbury, A. L 72,448, 566 

Cantrell, Celeste E 72, 405, 589 

Cap Burning Committee 169 

Cappell, Jean 503 

Capron, H. S 20 

Carbonell, N. C 435, 601 

Carey, George 503 

Carlino, J. A 239 

Carlock, L. D 299, 389, 429 

Carlock, M. F 73, 385, 387 

391, 429, 576 

Carlock, Mabel 601 

Carlock, Margaret 606 

Carlson, J. E 457, 587 

Carlson, Marjorie 558 

Carlson, R. G. W 425 

Carlson, S. E 388, 391, 447 

Carlsttom, Charles 420, 422 

Carmichael, Lesley 426 

Carmichael, R 73, 465 

Carmichael, R. D 399 

Carnahan, D. H 405,413,435 

588, 596, 603, 606 
Carnahan, Margaret .. .516, 581, 596 

Caron, Bernadette 527 

Carow, T. M 506 

Carpenter, Howard 304 

Carpenter, P. D 507 

Carpenter, R. A 73 

Carpio, G. D 601 

Carr, H. H 502 

Carr, L. Margaret/ 73, 514 

Carr, R. J 58, 73, 181, 203 

226, 228, 231, 355, 452 

Carrel, L. J 73, 179, 336, 338 

339, 341, 355, 421 

Carroll, C. F 436 

Carroll, Edna 584 

Carroll, Ellinore C 514 

Carroll, Thomas 573 

Carroll, W. E 169, 427 

Carson, Alma 550 

Carson, Barbara 527 

Carson, C. M 437 

Carson, Lucile 302, 527 

Carson, Mary Ann 403, 515 

Carson, T. B 413 

Carter, C. E 500 

Carter, Olive 558 

Carter, R. V 436 

Carter, Tom 426 

Carter, Vivian 73 

Carthey, E. D 434 

Carver, W. S 393, 472 

Cary, Eugene 500 

Cary, R. C 451 

Case, Dorothy . . .290, 291, 440, 530 

Case, H. C. M 401 

Casey, A. W 500 

Casey, W. C 444 

Cash, Clayton 364 

Cash, J. G 448 

Casner, A. J 413, 420 

Cassel, H. S 461 

Cassity, C. M 73, 472, 572 

Cassity, L. H 472 

Casto, Mary M 586 

Cathcart, R. C 454 

Catherwood, Elizabeth R 73, 330 

558, 594 

Page 654 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Catherwood, Florence L 399 

535, 594 

Catc, H. V 305 

Cattron, J. G 329 

Cavallo, Edythe 535 

Cavalry Officers' Club 392 

Cave, J. A 164, 175, 203 

228, 230, 355, 425 

Cawthorne, F. J 501 

Cazel, E. E 490 

Cederblom, C. E 326, 368 

Celaya, R 226, 570, 588, 606 

Ceplair, A. M 478 

Cerf, D. F 445 

Cerny, A. J 504 

Cerny, Chas 73 

Certik, Chas 73 

Cessna, C. E 423, 588 

Cha, L. H 408, 586 

Chadsey, Dean C. E 27, 416 

570, 595 

Challacombe, C. N 496 

Chalstrom, 6. E 469 

Chamberlain, Grace E 547 

Chamberlain, M. B 73 

Chamberlain, Ruth H..' 523 

Chambers, Annamae 558 

Chambers, A. R 226, 230 

Chambers, R. L 73, 428, 570 

Chan, Hanse 8, 73, 586 

Chance, Lucile 524,575 

Chance, W. W 472, 572 

Chandler, H. K 365 

Chandler. J. F 569 

Chapin, E. W 73, 364, 588, 589 

Chapin, Ruth 559 

Chapman, E. L .447 

Chapman, Henry 508 

Chappelle, Mabel. .73, 330, 534, 608 

Charle, W. W 211, 425 

Charlton, D. S 330,393,487 

Chase, H. W 19 

Chason, William 565 

Chastain, W. E 364 

Chattin, E. P 446 

Chauvet, Frank 501 

Cheek, Ina Mae 589 

Chelovich, Vaso 74 

Chen, Y. K 586 

Cheney, A. M 74, 487, 590 

Chenoweth, E. E 74 

Chern, B 509 

Cherry, W. L 254, 363 

Chesbro, Jeannette I. . . .74, 526, 602 

Chesler, Leonard 461 

Chesler, M. C <61 

Chesley, H. E., Jr 460 

Chessen, V. J 456 

Chester, Robert 412 

Chetham, H. A 387, 389, 440 

Chi Beta 428 

Chi Chi Chi '. 586 

Chi Epsilon 569 

Chi Omega 518 

Chi Phi 441 

Chi Psi 442 

Chi 7au 491 

Childs, W. H 74, 401 

Chinese Students' Club 586 

Chinlund, J. T 302,423,604 

Chinn, M. E 74, 567, 569 

Chirpe, C. 1 465 

Chitty, Lois .308, 521 

Chizewer, J 459 

Choate, R. H 363, 475, 580 

Christensen, C. C 309, 480 

Christensen, C. D. 465 

Christensen, G. 462 

Christensen, M. C 470 

Christensen, P. A 74,353,385 

387, 393, 425, 604 

Christenson, Blanche L 74, 526 

Christessen, Irene 552 

Christian, H. E 390 

Christian, W. A 203, 502 

Christiansen, A. G 456' 

Christiansen, H. A 456 

Christie, G. T 491 

Christie, J. P 74, 418 

Christie, R. M 453 

Christman, V. P 580 

Christopher, D. E 452 

Chu, T. T 586 

Chu, W. C 586 

Chulock, Gertrude A 166, 333 

539, 596 

Chulock, Gladys A 301, 539 

Chung, Lung 586, 607 

Church, F. S 74, 469, 597 

Churchill, Alice.. 291, 513, 540, 596 

Churchill, George 499 

Churchill, M. A 365, 498 

Chynoweth. Margaret 544, 607 

Cinak, T. J 388, 393, 486 

Cirhan, L. A 498 

Cisne, Richard 417 

Citron, P. N 445 

Civik, Gertrude .557 

Clanahan, Robert 304 

Clancy, C. W 74 

Clapp, Georgia J 74, 596 

Clare, G. M 414 

Clare, R. 74, 414, 579 

Clark, A. H 502, 507 

Clark, Aura 330, 552 

Clark, Barbara Jane 303, 526 

Clark, F. M 400, 432 

Clark, G. L. .366, 400, 421, 432, 464 

Clark, J. 1 417 

Clark, J. S 392, 475 

Clark, John 403 

Clark, Laura 74, 602 

Clark, Mary E 358, 597 

Clark, Mary M 74, 532, 584 

592, 594, 602 

Clark, O. L 74, 473 

Clark, Dean T. A 36, 386, 402 

405, 417, 458, 572, 603 

Clark, W. J 482 

Clark, W. P 417 

Clark, William 595 

Clarke, C. W 507 

Clarke, Elizabeth G 75, 517 

Clarke, M. J 404, 424, 475 

Clarke, Wade 75 

Clason, Fredrica 165, 266, 592 

Clason, G. S 487 

Clason, Margaret 355 

Classes 53 

Class of 1910 56 

Class of 1931 166, 167 

Class of 1932 168 

Class of 1933 169 

Classen, R. H 75, 420 

Classon, R. J 56, 348 

Claure, C. A 435, 604 

Clauss, R. F 456 

Claussen, Charlotte E. .532, 584, 594 

Clayton, Eleanor 1 403, 558 

Cleary, E. W 494- 

Clegg, W. L 75, 387, 393, 570 

Clem, Edith F 75, 369, 547 

Clem, Gilbert 566 

Clem, Margaret E 404 

Clemens, E. C 388, 574 

Clemens, J. E 75 

Clement, J. A 485, 595 

Clements, Jean B 525 

Clements, J. H 415, 579 

Clendinin, E. W 312, 483 

Clennen, Cecil 443 

Clevenger, A. W 35 

Clevenger, C. H 571 

Clevenstine, R. E 75, 588, 604 

Clifford, Mary 558 

Clift, L. W. 363 

Cline, J. M 421 

Cline, L. S 421, 569, 579 

Cline, Polly F 75 

Cline, Ruth J 75 

Clinite, Ruth G 546 

Clinton, Eugenia 552 

Clodfelter, Carl .499 

Clorus, J. F 75 

Clow, C. F 364 

Clow, Louise C 290, 302, 530 

Coale, L. W 363 

Coate, W. R 75, 339, 407 

Coatney, Kenneth 75, 423, 570 

Coble, A. B 399 

Coble, J. A 75, 422 

Cochonour, C. R 483 

Cockrell, C. F 203,440 

Cockrum, J. W 471, 580 

Cody, E. A 443 

Cody, Frances 526 

Coe, C. S 485 

Coe, Grace 75, 332, 597 

Coe, Mildred 308, 521 

Coffey, S. J 443 

Coffman, Donald 399, 400 

414, 432 

Coglon, R. B 502 

Cohen, A. S 484 

Cohen, B. S 478, 508 

Cohen, Faye 75, 403, 553 

Cohen, Irene 308, 539 

Cohen, I. E 75 

Cohen, J. L. .169, 302, 354, 478, 509 

Cohen, L 459 

Cohen, Melvin 508 

Cohen, S. J 455, 508 

Cohenour, H. H 490 

Cohn, B 239, 301, 461 

Cohn, J. L 461 

Cohn, L. E 76 

Cohn, M. P 461 

Cohn, S. L 76 

Coie, Dorothy 548 

Colby, A. S 417 

Coldewey, G., Jr 319, 402, 481 

Coldwell, M. I. .329 

Cole, Elizabeth 594 

Cole, Ernegene .552 

Cole, E 434 

Cole, F. P 390, 447 

Cole, G. C 412, 414 

Cole, H. C 412, 420 

Cole, H. W 76, 392, 442, 475 

Cole, Ruth M 76 

Coleman, A. L 76 

Coleman, C. C 363, 573 

Coleman, C. F 393, 426 

Coleman, E. C 495 

Coleman, J. G 402, 417, 577 

Colgren, C. T 363 

Colin, G. T 474 

Collard, E. W 424 

College of Agriculture 25 

College of Commerce and 

Business Administration 23 

College of Dentistry 33 

College of Education 27 

College of Engineering 24 

College of Journalism 34 

College of Law 26 

College of Liberal Arts 

and Sciences 22 

College of Medicine 32 

Collett, B., Jr 419 

Collins, A 56 

Collins, D. D 364, 465 

Collins, E. B 76, 310, 355, 356 

392, 563, 572, 603 

Collins, Essie G 522 

Collins, Eunice 514, 584 

Collins, G. E 305, 580 

Collins, J. G 76 

Collins, L 429 

Collins, W. L 386 

Collom, H. G 580 

Colp, Katherine 369,515 

Colwell, R. F 434 

Combs, E. N 164, 174, 227 

355, 452, 568 

Comess, 509 

Comings, Edward 76, 328 

392, 400, 444 

Comings, Raymond 444 

Commerce Council 323 

Commons, G. D. .364, 491, 564, 571 

Comstock, Fred 426 

Comstock, M. D 393,428 

Conant, H. E 363 

Concert Band 363 

Concklin, L. F 393, 430, 578 

Condit, Mary Lou 514 

Congregational House 549 

Conklin, J. O 500 

Conklin, R. T 415 

Conklin, Ruth D 76, 514, 608 

Conley, C. E 421 

Conley, Susan 586 

Conley, T. J 501 

Conlin, G 76,228,474 

Conlin, J. J 474 

Conn, Avis 597 

Connaway, C. D 76 

Connell, L. D 473 

Connell, W. M 365,460 

Connor, J. M 76, 494 

Connor, Kathryn 521 

Connor, R. A 404 

Connors, Dorsey 309, 418 

Connors, Juliet ..337, 516, 575, 590 

Conover, C.N 76 

Conover, R. J 166, 178, 322 

350, 355, 416, 568, 579 

Conrad, D. R 76, 423 

Conrad, Inez 597 

Considine, Vincent 443 

Constant, E. S 365 

Converse, P. D 396, 470, 571 

Conwell, G. A 76, 320, 340 

349, 355, 454, 568 

Cook, B. C 450 

Cook, B. L 76 

Cook, Eleanor 308, 525 

Cook, Florence 553 

Cook, G. E 483 

Cook, Phyllis R 77, 551 

Coombe, J. V 77, 313 

387, 393, 567 

Coons, L. K 77, 464 

Coons, Mary 594 

Cooper, Arthur 483, 588 

Cooper, D. H 468, 564, 571, 585 

Cooper, Elizabeth 399 

Cooper, Evelyn 528 

Cooper, F. S 392 

Cooper, H. A 77 

Cooper, M. J 484 

Cooper, T. J 484 

Cooper, W. T 77, 397, 480, 589 

Cope, Dorothy 588 

Cope, R. J 392 

Cope, W., Jr 479 

Copeland, W. J 504 

Copenhaver, Helen 544 

Copley, M. J 400, 464 

Copper, Harry 508 

Copper, Lucille 303 

Corazza, J. W 345 

Corbin, G. H 331 

Cordts, V. R 433 

Core, H. E 428 

Corey, S. M 486, 595 

Corina 559 

Ccrnelisen, P. Loraine 545, 596 

Cornwell, Edna 77, 148, 544 

Cornwell, W. J 414 

Corpe, Enid 77, 553 

Corran, R. E . .209 

Corrigan, K. E 386 

Corso, L 398, 469 

Corush, Florence 539 

Corydon, H. H 491, 571 

Corzine, J. H 485 

Cosgrove, C. P 305, 469 

Cosmidys, C. J ' 239 

Cosmopolitan Club 435 

Costa, Donald 499 

Cote, Evelyn 279, 340 

502, 584, 594 

Cothern, Alta M 77 

Cothern, M. R 604 

Cott, W. B 468 

Coughlin, Katharine 522 

Cougill, Ethel 331 

Couleur, J. R 86, 368 

Countryman, G. L 500 

Courtney, P. E 77, 298 

310, 476, 605 

Cousley, Nancy 517 

Coutrakon, P. G 338 

Cowan, G. E 462 

Cowles, J. W 479 

Cox, B. A 392, 444 

Cox, Catherine 169, 354, 533 

Cox, C. B 413 

Cox, E. H 506 

Cox, J. D., Jr 77, 444 

Cox, R. F. B 77, 464 

Coyne, A 509 

Cozzens, J. E 77 

Crabbe, Charles 503 

Craft, Liva Morgan 404 

Craft, O. C 391 

Craig, E. M 363, 364 

Craig, H. A 494 

Craig, H. W 203, 255, 435 

Craig, Margaret 535 

Craig, Mary 533 

Crain, R. W. , Jr 77, 447 

Cram, R. E 365 

Cramer, P. D 399 

Crandall, J. P 77,418,420 

Crandell, J. S 418, 497, 569 

Crane, Helen 290, 516 

Crane, R. J. . . . 58, 77, 181, 203, 208 
214, 248, 322, 355, 480, 570 

Craner, R. J 477 

Cranston, Bernice 534 

Crathorne, A. R., Jr...l68, 320, 352 
399, 415, 572, 577 

Crathorne, Anne H 78,518 

Cravens, J. E 506 

Crawford, A. B 471 

Crawford, Q. J 431 

Crawford, Ted 331 

Creath, Ada M 78, 546 

Creath, C. V 78 

Crelman, S. N 484 

Cress, E. E 431 

Crews, H. 482 

Crews, J. W 472 

Ciews, Rhea 531 

Crile, D. R 502 

Crink, Helen 552 

Cripe, Maxine 519 

Crippin, Julianna 305, 544 

Crisp, Dorothy 309, 587 

Crocker, Margaret B 524 

Crocker, Margaret E. ..165, 175, 266 
267, 274, 311, 320, 520, 575, 590 

Cromwell, Janet 537 

Cronk, C 505 

Cronin, W. M 78, 573, 588, 608 

Cronquist, E. P. A 431 

Crook, R. P 418 

Crook, W. H 78, 392, 418 

Crosbie, M. H 113, 432 

Cross, H 397, 569 

Crossman, R. S 431, 488, 576 

Crost, H. S 366, 492 

Crouse, Frances C 308, 520 

Crouse, Margaret C 303, 520 

Crouch, Marie 534 

Crow, F. G 368, 428 

Crowe, R. H 402,. 426, 577 

Croysdale, L. G. . . 390, 4407 588,' 608 

Crull, Harry 78, 332, 399, 403 

Crull, Helen 584 

Crumlish, D. J 320, 426 

Crystal, D 344 

Culberrson, I. F 166, 351 

Culbertson, J. A 363 

Culbertson, R. F 463 

Culbertson, Virginia G 78, 557 

Cullison, C. C 78 

Cullison, J. R 78, 566 

Culp, K. W 462, 571 

Culp, M. M 333, 604 

Culver, Jeanne 516 

Cummings, R. E 211, 425 

Cummings, S. F 390, 499, 485 

Cummins, Louise T 78,518 

Cundiff, R. B 363, 499 

Cundy, P. F 78, 363, 468 

Cunniff, James 573 

Cunningham, Carol 566 

Cunningham, C. R.... 405 

Cunningham, H. E 20,35,416 

Page 655 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Cupples, W. L 78, 387, 392 

Curran, Robert 426 

Curran, V. J 488 

Currie, Gladys M 78, 524 

Currie, Jean B 524, 575 

Curry, A. J 475 

Curry, L. E 78, 475 

Curtin, O. J 443 

Curtis, C. C 456 

Curtis, Cleo W 78, 546 

Curtis, D. B 79, 488, 571, 585 

Curtis, J. R 391 

Curtis, N. E 79, 580 

Curtis, Ruth 52 5 

Curtis, V. S., Jr 427, 563, 582 

Curzon, G. J 364 

Cuthbertson. W. P 364, 42 1 

Cutler, Rosalyn 528 

Cutright, C. S 79, 325, 401, 568 

Cutright, T. 494 

Czerwin, £. P 474 


Dacanay, B. R : 601 

DaCosta, G. A 365,483 

Dad's Day 321 

Daelto, M. R 601 

Dahlen, H. D 434 

Dailey, D 441 

Dailey, E. J 442, 581 

Daily, Elizabeth 404,518,575 

Daily Mini, The 299, 305 

Daily, J. B., Jr 427 

Daily, Verna B 79, 515, 584 

Dalbey, Wintress. .168, 352, 531, 575 

Dale, Wesa 79,369,515 

Daley, R. J 443 

Dalrymple, Frank 444 

Dalziel, D. F 79, 298, 355 

413, 563, 582 

Dammers, C. R 449 

Damon, Sylvia 553 

Danaher, J. B 474 

Dance Supervision Committee .. .ill 

Dancey, R. A 436 

Danforth, Grace V 523 

Daniels, Dean A. H 30, 402, 418 

Daniels, Amanda 553 

Daniels, Dorothea E 79 

Danielson, C. G 472 

Danielson, W. G 229 

Daniggelis, J. N 79 

Danks, Doris 369, 526 

Dann, N. R 422 

Danner, C. J 79, 564 

Danner, C. M 473 

Danner, E 79, 397, 404, 405 

569, 604, 605 

Dante, Edward 79 

Dante, H. L 563 

Dante, H. R 482 

Dantzig, Virginia 542, 597 

Daphne 559 

Dare, J. E 469 

Darnall, Fred 501 

Darnell, H. M 507 

Darras, C. N 435 

Dashow, Jules 79 

Dasso, Virginia 553 

Daubek, G. G 204,355,392 

457, 585 

Daubs. E. H 168, 402, 448 

Daues, Placide 557 

Daugharthy, Hallie 594 

Daugherity, Alice M 515 

Daugherty, L. A.. 386, 388, 393, 413 

Daune, E. T 444 

Dauss, H. 504 

Daveler. W. H 320, 442 

Davenport, A. P., Jr 440 

Davenport, Bernice L...79, 278, 279 

280, 434, 536 

Davenport House 550 

David, Geraldine 369, 552, 594 

Davidson, C. A 393,502 

Davidson, Frances 535 

Davidson, Margaret 302,552 

Davidson, R. H 363, 366 

Davies, B. R. M 494 

Davies, E. F 494 

Davies, F. M 470, 604 

Davies, J. B 441, 582 

Davies, S. H 414 

Davis, A. J 418 

Davis, A. M 479 

Davis, A. S 452, 604 

Davis, B. R 393 

Davis, C. A 402, 469 

Davis, C. B 365, 605 

Davis, C. P 496, 571 

Davis, Dean D. J 32 

Davis, D. J 308, 421 

Davis, D. M 475 

Davis, D. W 400 

Davis, David, Jr 423, 452 

Davis, Dorean E 59, 79, 180, 275 

330, 355, 589 
Davis, E. N. .79. 365, 459, 580, 601 
Davis, Eva 553 

Davis, F. C 389 

Davis, F. H 436, 578 

Davis, Fred 454 

Davis. Geraldine 79, 537 

Davis, H. L 507 

Davis, J. T 365, 499 

Davis, J. W 365, 449, 501 

Davis, K. G 80,363,450 

Davis, L. T 80, 429 

Davis; M. E 498 

Davis, P. L 80, 309, 580, 585 

Davis, R. C 451 

Davis, Rachel 594 

Davis, W 450 

Davison, R. E 469 

Dawson, H. G 400, 437, 486, 579 

Dawson, J. T 365 

Day, Dean W. B 31, 507 

Day, G. A 425, 437 

Day, Marjorie 519, 575, 586 

Day, S. M 465 

Deach, Dorothy 278, 279, 290 

321, 537 

Deal, Marjorie M. . .'. . .' 590 

Dean, D. 1 314, 325, 344 

358, 426, 448 

Dean, H. L 454 

Dean, M. E 363 

Dean of Men, Office of 36 

Dean of Women, Office of 37 

Dean, P. J 444 

Dean, R. K 446 

Dean, S. E 56, 58, 80, 174, 220 

221, 348, 355, 568 

Deane, Harold 426 

Dearborn, Luther .. .58, 80, 174, 403 
416, 563, 582 

Dearborn, R. P 415, 424, 426 

DeAtley, J. C 314, 462 

DeBaurcy, H. C 506 

DeBerard, Elizabeth ...165, 266, 267 
275, 320, 349, 355 
513, 516, 581, 596 

DeBerard, E. W 80, 422 

DeCardy, Birdie 519 

Decker, D. D 417 

Decker, S. W 448 

DeClercq, Betty 

DeCook, H. B 477, 570, 587, 590 

Deditius, L. F 365, 587 

Deere, Harriet 404, 559 

Deere, Mabel . . . .404, 405, 559, 582 
Deeter, R. O..80, 254, 460, 591, 604 

DeGette, Jack 465 

Degler, H. E 477, 576 

DeHaven, H. B 485 

Deiterich, E. F 502 

Dejonge, M. W 399 

DeLong, W. W 471, 580 

Delta Alpha Epsilon 472 

Delta Alpha Pi 493 

Delta Chi 473 

Delta Delta Delta 529 

Delta Gamma 520 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 425 

Delta Phi 460 

Delta Phi Epsilon 543 

Delta Pi 489 

Delta Sigma Delta 503 

Delta Sigma Lambda 480 

Delta Sigma Phi 456 

Delta Sigma Pi 471 

Delta Sigma Tau 476 

Delta Tau Delta 412 

Delta Theta Epsilon 570 

Delta Theta Phi 483 

Delta Upstlon 427 

Delta Zeta 530 

Delue, Maerose 528 

Demorest, A. L 228, 430 

Dempsey, Clarence 573 

Demster, C. M 239,473 

Deneen, H. A 424, 474 

Denekas, M. E 393, 463 

Denenholz, E. J 509 

Denison, C. B 493 

Denman, Doris 553 

Denneman, William 503 

Dennis, Catherine 520 

Dennis, H. A 416 

Depke, H. F 604 

Derby, M. R 241, 496 

Der Deutsche Verein 587 

Deringer, W. A 583 

Derment, H. E 80,444 

Derwent, T. E 476 

DcSelm, Charlotte. .80, 275, 330, 553 

De Tamble, Louise 302,527 

Dethmann, Adele E 80, 529 

Detjen, E. W 485 

Detrich, J. H 426, 585 

DeTurk, C. A 80, 353, 388 

393, 596, 604 

Deuel, Harriet 312 

Deuel, Susan 403, 514 

Deutch, N 366,461,580 

Deutch, S 461, 565 

De Van, W. A 391 

Devin, S. L 484 

De Vito, T. L 80, 505 

Devol, Carl 444 

De Vries, J 432 

Dewey, C 203 

Dewey, Isabella 552 

Dewey, M. A 329, 432 

Dewey, Robert 499 

DeWolf, H. J 605 

DeWolf, J. W 80, 175, 313, 336 

338, 339, 351, 353 
355, 397, 421, 588 

DeYoung, H. S 80 

DeZur, R. C 454 

Diamond, I. B 508 

Dick, T. C 80, 442, 604 

Dickenson, B. S 486 

Dickenson, W 442 

Dickhut, H. W 365 

Dickinson, B. F 366 

Dickinson, C. A 506 

Dickinson, C. E. 228 

Dickinson, C. F., Jr 427 

Dickinson, F. G. . 471 

Dickinson, H. K 80,385,387 

393, 444 

Dickson, .D. E 81, 469 

Dickson, Jack .49.9 

Dickson. J. G ■ 434 

Dickson, Ruth Jane 548 

Diederich, L. J. . 81, 388, 477 

Diehl, Dorothy . .553, 588, 590, 604 

Diehl, H. C 422 

Diekow, Frances 587, 594 

Diener, Jane 516 

Dierking, W. B 451 

Diesner, H. G 502 

585, 597 

Dietrich, Catherine 559 

Dietrich, Richard 425 

Diez, Marjorie 553 

Dillavou, E. R 323, 396, 454 

471, 585 

Dillavou. W. E 318, 454, 571 

Dillenbach. L. C 422, 604 

Dillman, Theadore 500 

Dillman, Vera 331, 549 

Diliner, A. E 339, 430 

Dillner, Myrtle 303, 536 

Dillon, A. W 81, 566 

Diilon, C. F 81 

Dillon, Dorothy 81, 544 

Dillon, R. A 443 

Dillon, W. K 81,261,423 

Dilner, A. E 424 

Dine, W. C 504 

Dinkel, Irma 302, 527 

Dinsmore, G. R 81, 392, 480 

Dinsmore, J. B 390, 393, 472 

Dippell, Jane . .. .284, 538, 547, 600 

Dirks, Margaret E 532, 594 

Dismukes, J. B 504 

Ditkowsky. Samuel 508 

Dittmar, G. W 503 

Dittmer, D. W 302 

Diver, J. E 416 

Diver, J. F 393 

Dixon, C. M 504 

Dixon, Genevieve. 165, 355, 530, 575 

Dixon, Mildred 369, 551 

Dixon, Virginia 275 

Doak, W. F 330, 363, 364 

487, 572, 580 

Dobbins, L. 414, 424 

Dobry, L. F 81, 493 

Dod, K. C 81, 403 

Dodd, L. M 81, 566 

Dodds, Helen 534 

Dodge, A. F 427 

Dodge, Dorothy E 81, 531, 602 

Dodge, H. A 81, 392, 431 

Dodge, R. C 507 

Dodge, R. U 81, 393, 482 

Doepp, W. C 502 

Doescher, A. C 81, 417, 578 

Doherry, M. T 470 

Dohme, Carl 414 

Dohme, Gladys 592 

Dolan, J. J 386 

Dolan, T. J. .397, 404, 428, 569, 578 

Doland, Dorothy 557 

Doland, J. J 397, 474, 569, 578 

Dolch, E. W 595 

Dollahan, A. H 569 

Dollahan, L. A 81,328,387 

392, 431, 576 

Dollahon, V. C 82, 496 

Dollins, Mary 82, 518 

Dolphins 587 

Doll Show 271 

Domke, D. E 501 

Doms, Elizabeth 82, 587 

Doner, Ralph 444 

Donigan, W. R 57, 82, 375 

387, 393, 401, 43.3 

Donkle, M. T 502 

Donner, Fred 428 

Donovan, C. V 414, 607 

Donovan, R. F 501 

Doole, G. A 314, 392, 433, 603 

Doolen, Clara 529 

Doolen, Irene 514 

Doolen, W. J 82, 412, 579 

Dooley, George 304 

Dooley, Marjorie 310, 527 

Dooley, P. R 449 590 

Dooley, W. L 164, 176, 203 

248, 355, 392, 434 

Doolittle, W. R 259 

Doran, W. J 82 

Doren, D. M. V 396 

Dorjahn, J. A 507 

Doiman, D. W 450 

Dorman, Eileen 587 

Dorman, H. P 506 

Dorn, E. F 238, 241 

Dorner, H. B 405, 435, 590 

Dorris, W. V 300,471 

Dotson, C. W . 167, 319 

419, 580, 593 

Dory, Dorothy 547 

Doty, E. W 602 

Dougan, D. A 491 

Doughty, D. A 585 

Douglas, Edith K 82 

Douglas, Louise 452 

Douglass, Alice Lee 357, 550 

Douglass, Winifred 82, 525 

Douthit, V. L 439 

Dowell, P. W 366 

Dowen, Elizabeth 594 

Dowling, Edna 519 

Downey, J. E 168, 310, 352 

Downing, N. J 417 

Downing, W. B 503, 590 

Doyle, J. D 82, 443 

Doyle, J. E 82 

Drake, G. F 82, 313, 368, 397 

399, 463, 572 

Drake, J. S 393, 570 

Drake. R. T. . .82. 387, 389, 456, 571 

Dramatics 335 

Draper, C. A '. 423 

Draper, E. L., Mrs 367 

Drayer, Ruth 312, 533 

Draver, T. W 363, 429, 577 

Drdla, Stanley 82, 499 

Drechsler. Lillian 553 

Dreifus, M 455 

Dreman, C. C 424 

Dremann, H. E 82, 462 

Drew, Hazel 165, 355 

530, 584, 594 

Drew, Helen M 557 

Drews, Dorothy L 82, 369, 541 

Dieyer, G. P 504 

Dreyer, Irving 508 

Drije, A. P 83, 493 

Droba, H. J 503 

Drosdoff, Matthew 83, 401 

Drueck, W. W 454 

Drueke, Marian L 527 

Drummond, W. M 438 

Drury. J. B 438 

Dry, Maxine L 525 

Dubach, F. E 167, 418 

Dubin, E. A 83, 397, 435 

Dubnow, Julius 492 

Dubois, Gale 331 

Duckies, Dorothy 83, 314, 403 

553, 592 

Duell, Harriet H 83, 523, 600 

Duell. Martha 595 

Dueringer. R. 456 

Dueser, C. J 308, 412 

Duffin, R. J 402, 431 

Dugan, E. H. 439 

Dugan, S. E 443 

DuHamel, H. S 464 

Duis, W. H 590 

Duller, Elvera 520, 587 

DuMont, M. S 502 

Dunbar, H. C 365, 434 

Dunbar, Louise B 538 

Duncan, C. E 336, 337, 338, 355 

421, 579, 604 

Duncan, E. J 482 

Duncan, H. E 365, 421 

Duncan, Helen 525 

Dunkle, Robert 477 

Dunnington, Miles 404 

Dunteman. O. F 433, 590 

Du Puis, R. N 387, 393, 403 

Durant, J. W 392, 457 

Durin, Aileen 514 

Durin, Margaret A 83 

Durr, Clifford 499 

Dushkin. M 509 

Dusky, G. R 365 

Dutcher, E. L 365 

DuVall, K. L 338, 339, 355, 420 

Duvall, W. H 468, 583 

Duvigneaud, V 400, 432 

Duwe, G. L 387, 392, 456, 580 

Duwe, H. C 392 

Duzansky. William 83 

Dvorak, Frank J 437 

Dvorak, Franklin J 481 

Dvorak, Lorraine 552 

Dvorak, R. F 203, 339 

362, 363, 368, 386 
474, 572, 587, 602 

Dwyer, Tohn 573 

Dwyer, L. T., Jr 83, 450 


Page 656 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Dwyer, R. E 302, 441 

Dyas, F. G 500 

Dye, Lorin 429 

Dyer, Cynthia 268, 518 

Dykins, F. A 400, 404 


Eadie, R. B 83, 476 

Eadie, Ruth 548 

Eads, Mary 83, 403, 516, 596 

Earle, F. B 500 

Easley, Alicia 83, 547 

Easley, Georgia A 83 

Easley, M. M ' 451 

Easley, N. W 496 

East, Evelyn 303, 524 

Eastburn, G. S 471 

Eastman, F. T 83, 302, 608 

Eastman, Margaret 553 

Eaton, B. G., Jr 83, 416, 578 

Eaton, J. S 421, 582 

Eaton, L. W 259, 261, 314, 433 

Eaton, Sherry 58, 533 

Ebeling, Irene 530, 606, 614 

Eberlein, Frances A .514 

Eberspacher, E. 83, 465 

Ebert, W. E 481 

Echelberger, E. E., Jr 84 

Ecbternacht, T. J 248, 429 

Eck, L. N 365, 495, 590 

Ecker, J 459, 528 

Eckert, C. E. . .84, 234, 325, 448, 597 

Eckert, C. H 448 

Eckert, G. W 466 

Ecklund, K. F 390 

Economos, J 174, 337, 338, 355 

Eddington, Mildred L 84 

Edel, F. W 84, 458 

Edelman, Mourice 508 

Edelstein, Adrienne 403, 539 

Edes, Virginia 290, 311, 513, 518 

Edgett, G. L 399, 405 

Edgren, L. L 423 

Edidin, B. M 484 

Edison, M. R 365, 488 

Edlund, L. 473 

Edmunds, R. H 84, 363, 366, 607 

Edwards, Carl 490, 499 

Edwards, C. E 568 

Edwards, C. F.84, 180, 355, 418, 571 

Edwards, C. F 345, 349, 426 

Edwards, Dorothy. .84, 279, 290, 531 

Edwards, F. B 432 

Edwards, Harry 444 

Edwards, H. G 604 

Edwards, Marion E 523 

Edwards, R. N 485 

Edwards, T. L 494 

Edwards, W. H 590 

Edwards, W. 450 

Efiron, D. V 509 

Egan, J 581 

Egan, Mary H 520 

Eggers, H. W 504 

Egly, Janet 522 

Egner, L. 441 

Ehler, Ariel 552 

Ehler, E. H 392 

Ehman, Evelyn 552, 584 

Ehman, S. F 363, 398, 485 

Ehnborn, C. B 84 

Ehnborn, G 84, 203, 249, 355 

. 362, 363, 434, 476, 602 

Ehnborn, Trae _. 600 

Ehrhart, R. U 84 

Ehrlich, Leanore ; . . . .513, 539 

Ehrman, Claire, H 540 

Ehrman, Marjorie 301, 539 

Eilers, Meta D 84 

Eisenberg, Benjamin 508 

Eisenstein, Milton 508 

Ekblaw, S. E 328 

Eklund, F. K 398 

Eklund, Stina 586, 587 

Ekovich, M. T 569 

El Circulo Literario de Espanol . .588 

Elder, L. W 432 

Elder, S. Olive 84, 547, 592 

Eldred, G. A 393 

Eldred, G. L 416, 437 

Electra 558 

Electrical Engineering Society. . . .588 

Elias, L. E 84, 451, 571 

Elich, Elizabeth C 84, 430, 513 

Elich, R. W 487 

Eliscu, David 489 

Ellifrit, R. S 393 

Elliott, Arthur 476 

Elliott, A. W 364, 499 

Elliott, F. F .499 

Elliott, G. B 36, 402, 451 

Elliott, Grace 529 

Elliott, J. M 337,414,'577 

Elliott, S. A 432 

Elliott, Leonore 553 

Elliott, Russel [499 

Elliott, W. A 84 474 

Ellis A H. 473 

Ellis, Catherine 527 

Ellis, James 501 

Ellis, L. N 84, 420 

Ellis O. 1 504 

Ellis, Ruth 594 

Ellison, H 473 

Ellwood, Leonard 425 

Elman, E. L 85, 459 

Elman, J. F 313 

Elmzen, Marie 553, 587 

Elrick, R. F 388, 393, 483, 580 

Elson, L 484 

Elvardo, G. H 506 

Emberson, Doris 369, 519 

Embleton, Charles 465 

Embree, H. H 85, 496, 564, 571 

Embree, Nancy 308, 530, 588 

Emch, A 399 

Emich, Caroline 551 

Emmel, Dwight 444 

Emmerson, L. L 20, 373 

Emmertz, A. W 497, 588 

Emrich, C. L., Jr.. 307, 402, 440, 577 

Emrick, E. E 251, 440 

Emyre, R. E 491 

Endicott, Hazel 85 

Endres, F. C 506 

Endres, Luella M 85, 547 

Eng, H. J 586 

Engel, R. F 85, 364 

Enger, Bertha 303, 525 

Enger, M. L 397, 431, 569 

Engerud, H 388, 392, 608 

Engesser, W. F 252, 439 

Engineering Council 351 

Englehart, Max 479 

Englis, D. T 400, 432, 464 

English, E. H 443, 604 

English, H. A 502 

Engstrand, Elizabeth ..544, 584, 592 

Engvall, P. W 85, 238, 242 

Ennis, A. L 506 

Ennis, C. M 386 

Ennis, M. W 497 

Eno, M. K 465 

Ensign, N. E 397, 451 

Ensminger, Joseph 419 

Entwhistle, Alice L 85, 553 

Enterpriser. The 312 

Eovaldi, W. G 85, 402, 494 

Epstein, A. A 305, 459 

Epstein, Evelyn 543, 592 

Epstein, L. H 305, 445, 572 

Epstein, Nathan 509 

Epstein, R. W 445 

Erdman, Elverta . 85, 544, 600 

Erenburg, Leon 508 

Erickson, C. A 364, 496 

Erickson, Ruth 557 

Ericson, L. T., Jr 427 

Erikson, R. A 364, 472, 588 

Ernst, Harold 451 

Erwin, Al 300, 434 

Esdohr, Grace . . .166, 350, 522, 575 

Espanosa, H. K 435 

Espencheid, J. S 416 

Esposito, D. N 85 

Espy, E.N 397, 398 

Esslinger, A. A 436, 570 

Esslinger, Clayton 436 

Esslinger, Dorothy 552 

Estwanik, J. J 474 

Eta Kappa Nu 589 

Eta Sigma Phi 589 

Etheridge, Maude Lee 515, 586 

Etnvre, R. E 228 

Etzbach, Frances M. . . .166, 513, 532 

590, 600 

Etzbach, Martha 302, 532 

Etzbach, Walter H 85, 252, 253 

439, 587 

Eubanks, Thelma M 85 

Eva, C. L 470 

Evans, Chloe 551, 586 

Evans, D. W 228 

Evans, Eleanor 550 

Evans, E. G 500 

Evans, Elizabeth 522 

Evans, June 537 

Evans, J. W 85,412, 436 

Evans, Mrs. Laura B 20 

Evans, L. E 364 

Evans, L. P 331, 588 

Evans, Mary Jane 550 

Evans, P 393 

Evans, P. B 399 

Evans, S. J 234, 387, 393 

Events of the Year 183 

F.verhart, G. D .85, 590 

Evitts, J. E 430 

Ewald, Esther 546, 592 

Ewald, W. L 486 

Exter, F. C 487 


Faber, L. C 590 

Fabian, Anne 552 

Fabian, F 505 

Faden, G 259, 261, 455 

Fadim, N. A 363, 461, 572 

Fagerburg, R. N 85,452 

Fagin, K. M 85, 476 

Fagin, Marian 269, 552, 592 

Fahnestock, M. K 397, 398 

Fahs, P. J. 481 

Faigle, E. T 86 

Fairchild, H. G 86,388,392 

Fairfield, E. C 387,392,588 

Fait, Catherine A. .86, 275, 529, 584 

Faith, W. L 432 

Falestein, Eugene 508 

Falk, C. T 423 

Falls, F. H 501 

Fantus, Bernard 501 

Fantus, H. S 392,484 

Fanuko, Marianne 552 

Faris, W. W 86, 447 

Farlow, M. W 363 

Farm House 448 

Farmer, R. L 480 

Farnham, Williamina G.. ..165, 266 

267, 274, 278, 320, 338 

355, 513, 514, 575 

Farrar, Dorothy 515 

Farrar, Erville 86, 332, 532 

584, 593, 597 

Farrell, Mary Jane 545 

Farrell, Marie 86, 540 

Farrell, R. T 415 

Farrell, R. W 385, 387, 393 

423, 588 

Farson, S. S 260,425 

Farwell, R. T 309 

Faucett, M. A 486 

Faulhaber, G. W 491 

Faust, E. R 393, 425, 577 

Fauth, A. C 86 

Favus, 1 168, 304, 320 

352, 478, 601 

Fay, A. L 329, 468 

Fay, D. A 385, 387, 392 

Fay, L. J 507 

Feary, H. D 203 

Featherstone, H. E 386, 388, 392 

Fee, Mary J 279, 290, 534, 547 

Fegenhols, Melvin 461 

Fehrenbacher, Ralph 499 

Feicht, E. L 466 

Feikert, C. E 470 

Feingold, Dorothy 543 

Feinman, Daniel 508 

Felder, Agatha 600 

Feldman, Jean 539 

Feldman, W. M ....450 

Feldsher, Evelyn 553 

Fellis, Lucille E 86 

Felter, Agatha E 532 

Felts, J. C 504 

Fencl, G 220, 222, 239, 249, 423 

Fergason, June 551 

Ferguson, Alice 537, 594 

Ferguson; Bernice 86 

Ferguson, Sulah 552, 586 

Fernholz, Mary 303, 522 

Ferrabal, E. Augudun Y 588 

Ferrall, V. E 333 

Ferris, Mary 302, 519 

Ferris, T. E 239, 443 

Ferry, J. E 470 

Fesler, Lucille 575 

Fetherston, F. J 86, 507 

Fetterly, Marjorie 535 

Fetterolf, J. A 363, 564, 571, 580 

Fetters, J. L 487 

Fickett, W. R 402 

Fiddelke, I. A 86,228,234 

Fieckert, Elizabeth 553 

Fienberg, Henry 492 

Fier, Mary Katherine 551 

Fierberg, S. C 221, 260 

Fierke, W. F 481 

Filbey, E. J 396,465,471,585 

Filson, Marian E 268, 532, 594 

Finch, Chauncey 589 

Finch, Edwin 499 

Finder, L. V. .86, 326, 345, 357, 392 

Fink, Bernice 303, 311, 528 

Fink, Margaret C 513, 546, 590 

Fink, Serene 56, 86, 333, 348 

513, 543, 589 

Finkel, A. D 86 

Finkelstein, Charles 509 

Finley, J. C 475 

Finley, Mary 530 

Finn, Marjorie 58, 168, 269 

382, 404, 527 
Finnegan, Lucille, V.... 58, 86, 174 

266, 529, 593 

Finnegan, Ruth J 269, 340, 529 

Finney, H. A 502 

First Regimental Band 364 

Firth, J. 504 

Fischer, D 499 

Fischer, F. R 491 

Fischer, Jacob 508 

Fischer, Virginia 553 

Fischman, E. W 508 

Fish, Thelma 550 

Fishback, D. D 486 

Fishbaugh, Elizabeth 529 

Fishbaugh, Katharine. .278, 279, 280 
533, 575, 593 

Fisher, B. R 461 

Fisher, C. H 432 

Fisher, Deverra 542 

Fisher, E. G 337, 460 

Fisher, F. R 365 

Fisher, H. A 472 

Fisher, Jane 516 

Fisher, }. W 509 

Fisher, Lucille 269 

Fisher, R. E 86,418,604 

Fisher, R. 87 

Fisher, Rose 553 

Fisher, W. C 87, 433 

Fisher, W. R 502 

Fishman, Isadore 87 

Fisler, Lucille 531 

Fitch, Alice E 87 

Fitch, H. M 456 

Fitchie, J. F 567 

Fithian, D. G 402, 580 

Fithian, Mary Jane 515 

Fitzgerald, J. B 87, 503 

Fitz-Gerald, Linda. .. .330, 404, 515 
581, 588, 596 

Fitzpatrick, J. J 434 

Fitzsimmons, Ruth. .. .337, 396, 519 

Fixmer, J. P 87, 387, 392, 457 

Flack, W. E 414 

Flagg, J. S 87, 298, 306 

„, , 449, 587, 605 

Flanders, D. P 176, 209, 355 

, , 428, 572 

Flanders, Frances 551 

Flanders, J. D 393 

Flaningam, Aleta 305, 517 

Flannigan, Mary E 532, 584 

Flannigan, Robert 412 

Fleisher, H. R 420 

Fleming, Lois 525, 575 

Fleischli, G. F 502 

Fleming, Patricia 552 

Fleming, V. R 466 

Fleming, W. E 392 

Flesch. H 455 

Fletcher, Dorothy E 87 

Fletcher, J. P 365 

Flinn, Elizabeth 526 

Flint, Winifred, G 523 

Floberg, R. A 579 

Flodin, G. E 326 

Flom, G. T 580 

Flom, Loretta R 607 

Florance, Frances 552 

Floreth, J. J... 87, 203, 249, 375, 385 
387, 393, 398, 475, 576 

Floricultural Club 590 

Floros, J. J 321, 454 

Flower, H 484 

Flowers, Dorothy 523 

Flowers, M. H 339, 363, 460 

Flox, Jack 499 

Floyd, W. M 389, 580 

Fluck, Mabel L 87, 266, 331 

Flynn, P. J 449 

Flynn, Theresa 1 87,311,535 

Foellinger, Helene ....303,404, 551 

Fogwell, D. J 522 

Foland, R. H 456 

Folberg, R. A 416 

Folden, Dorothy 303, 559 

Foley, Edmund 504 

Foley, J. T 416 

Folk, M. L 509 

Folkers, E. C 87, 448 

Foltz, W. D 393, 418 

Football 207 

Footitt, Dorothy V.87, 331, 339, 587 

Foottit, F. C 87, 306, 412, 468 

Forbes, S. A 418 

Ford, Edwin A 439 

Ford, F. P 329 

Ford, Kathryn M 167, 545 

Ford, Louane 87^ 608 

Fordon, Marcella V 545 

Foreen, H. V 472, 589, 608 

Foreman, R. M 87, 403 

Forest, Elizabeth 275 

Formhals, W. H...88, 588, 589, 597 

Forney, W. H 88, 507 

Forrest, Betty 165, 355, 513 

,, , 533, 584, 593 

Forsberg, R. A 472 

Forsberg, R. C 390 

Forsberg, T. L 365 

Foss, R. F 456 

Foster, Alice M 540 

Foster, F. R 88, 483 

Foster, G. D 365 

Foster, H 505 

Foster, Mary 515 

Foutch, Q. W 387, 391, 588 

Fouts, L. G 434 

Fouts, L. W 434 

Fowler, Aimee L 552 

Fowler, E. F 465 

Fowler, P. P 365, 596 

Fox, A. W 386, 462, 564, 571 

Fox, Florence 534 

Fox, Leah ... 559 

Page 657 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Fox, Lois 302, 522 

Fox, N 509 

Fox, W. E 228 

Fox, W. W 509 

Fraker, G. C 416 

Francart, Glendora 551 

Francis, Kathryn 309,531,596 

Francis, Margie E 88, 553, 596 

Francis, Ruth 305, 529 

Franck, A. H 88, 393, 443, 570 

Frandeson, R. K 88 

Frank, Bernice 542 

Frank, R. B 88, 445 

Frankel, S. S 88 

Frankell, Hazel 302, 519 

Franklin, Louise 557 

Franklin, Lureta N 88, 557, 597 

Franklin, Mary C 520, 600 

Franklin, Thelma M 88 

Franks, R. B 460 

Frantz, Alma 551 

Frasier, R. C 430, 571 

Fraternities ■ . . 409 

Fraternity Index 410 

Fray, D. A 326 

Frazer, C. A 393, 466 

Frazier, Margaret. . 165, 274, 531, 575 

Frazin, Bernard 509 

Frecse, C. M 88 

Frederick, C. R. .57, 58, 88, 298, 322 
387, 393, 415, 605 

Frederick, H. C 468 

Frederickson, J. H 365, 413 

Fredricks, W 505 

Freed, E. B 607 

Freeland, E. B 438, 579 

Freeman, C. R 305, 468 

Freeman, Catherine E.. .88, 553, 597 

Freeman, Gladys 520 

Free-man, Marjorie . . . .404, 559, 592 

Freeman, W. R 211, 500 

Freemon, L 437 

Freer, Louise 278, 279, 533, 582 

Freese, Mary 600 

Freevol, Gertrude B.. 524, 575 

Freidlander, Leon 499 

Freidlin, Rose 403, 558 

French, Anita 522 

French Heels 273, 274 

Frerk, Lawrence 436 

Frese, H. L 209, 402, 419, 577 

Frese, W. F. . . 414, 585 

Freshman Frolic 354 

Freshman Frolic Committee 169 

Fribley, J. W 88, 420 

Frick, H. W 365, 476, 563 

Frick, H. L 499 

Fried, H. B 88, 461. 582 

Friedberg, J. F.. . .255, 339, 461, 601 

Friedlob, F. M '461 

Friedman, A 489 

Friedman, B. A.. .403, 445, 492, 601 

Friedman, Hannah 528 

Friedman, H. E 489 

Friedman, L. P 478 

Friend, J. D 487 

Flings, C. V 88, 424 

Fritschle, Alice E 608 

Fritz, Erna 89, 551 

Froehlich, R 345 

Froehlich, V. F 474 

Frohardt, R. E 89 

Frosr, D. V 365 

Frost, Elsie 553 

Fruin, L. T. .166, 226, 228, 350, 415 

Fruit, G. A 345, 402 

Fruland, D. A 418 

Fry, J. W 312, 451 

Frye, T 485 

Fuchs, E. W 89, 125 

Fuermann, W. H 228, 234, 476 

Fues, R. A 453 

Fulk, G. D.... 363 

Full, Evelyn 549 

Fuller, L. L 420,473,485 

Fuller, M. G 456 

Fuller, M. R 392 

Fullerton, W. H.. .89, 248, 393, 458 

Fulton, D. H 392 

Fulton, Irene M 89 

Fulton, R. B 416 

Fulton, W. J 203 

Funk, Mary 516 

Funkey, C. P 422 

Funkhouser, F. M 89, 588 

Furby, R. L 502 

Furby, S. B 502 

Furman, R. C 89 

Furrer, I. L 440 

Furst, Elizabeth 290, 514 

Furst, J. F 413 

Fuson, R. C 400, 414, 432 

Futter, J 437 

Fuzak, William ' 573 

Gaa, Charles 573 

Gaa, Margaret 553 

Gabeline, Valeen..268, 290, 514, 552 

Gaber, G 455, 605 

Gabris, Helen 550 

Gadsden, Dorothy 552 

Gadzinski, Casmir 443 

Gaebe, O. F 89, 448, 566 

Gaebe, Pauline 553 

Gaetje, Lucille 552 

Gage, J. C 250, 425, 568, 579 

Gagnon, James 503 

Galaty, Helen 89, 536 

Gale, F. C 402, 417 

Galinato, J. G 601 

Galinato, S. G 89, 601 

Gall, F. C 449 

Gallager, Milron 400,432 

Gallati, C. M 363, 458 

Gallentine, J. A 227,450 

Gallie, D. M 503 

Gallion, C. H 442 

Galloway, Andrew 504 

Galloway, Josephine M 275, 558 

586, 587 

Gallup, Charles 426 

Galvin, M. E 505 

Gamma Alpha Chi 590 

Gamma Epsilon Pi 591 

Gamma Eta Gamma 467 

Gamma Phi Beta 525 

Gamma Pi Upsilon 464 

Ganansky, Sylvia 89, 403, 553 

Ganer, Charlotte 575 

Gano, W. A 433 

Ganschinietz, R. F 89, 447 

Ganschinietz, W. L 310, 439 

Ganschow, C. E 89, 427, 564 

Ganster, W. A 89, 413, 604 

Gansz, C. W 393, 423 

Gard, Dorothy 274, 340, 404 

513, 529, 481 

Gard, Louis 494 

Gardiner, C. M 398 

Gardner, C. 572 

Gardner, Ruth 404, 552 

Garfinkle, Louis 89, 565 

Gargoyle Society 591 

Garland, N. W 414 

Garmen, Feme 548 

Garms, Hilda M 89 

Garner, J. W 420 

Garnette, Rebecca 517 

Garretson, Donald D 402, 587 

Garrett, O. F 386 

Garrison, H. L 433 

Garrison, Laura E 90 

Garrity, J. W 443 

Gartley, A. C 452 

Gartner, F. W 386, 429 

Gartner, Jerome 478, 601 

Garver, Willa 515 

Garwick, Clifford 487 

Gasaway, R. N 476 

Gaskins, T. 90, 580 

Gasparich, S. J 203 

Gaspar, A. W 457 

Gasser, Frieda 546 

Gasser, J. A 504 

Gaston, Frances 90, 533 

Gaston, Margaret 590 

Gates, G. T 314, 475 

Gates, Margaret 531 

Gatewood, Mary E 515 

Gato, R 595 

Gauen, F. A 301, 355, 471, 568 

Gauen, Josephine 303 

Gauer, Charlotte 312, 529 

Gauer, Lucinda 529 

Gaulrapo. H. W.. .90, 393, 448, 580 

Gault, W. C 495 

Gaunder, F. R 313 

Gay, E. D 500 

Gaykowski, Harry 573 

Geele, A. F 415 

Gegel, H. B 90 

Gehlbach, Mildred E 90 

Geidert, H 339 

Geiger, P. B 368, 450 

Geis, Harold 499 

Geisler, C. J 427 

Geissendoerfer, T. J 481 

Gelineau, D. A 456 

Gellerman, R 393,471,580 

Gengler, R. J 437, 561 

Genlach, P. B 567 

Genster, Katherine 302 

Gentilini, Celso 90, 397, 399 

576, 588, 589 

George, E. C 425 

Gerard, K. C 418 

Gerber, B. C 450 

Gerber, Jean 534 

Gerber, John 436 

Gerdel, I. F 391,567 

Gerfen, C. A 368, 387, 597 

Gerlach, O. B 90, 469, 578 

Gerlich, Doris 587, 588 

Gerlich, Florence 587 

German, C. H 388,391,497 

Germann, L. W 438, 564 

Gerno, R. M 90, 503 

Gessing, R. E 441 

Gessler, E. W 452 

Getner, H. L 478 

Getz, M 484 

Geuther, M. C 429 

Geyer, R. C 364 

Ghent, Louise 551 

Ghent, W. L 454, 571 

Giachini, Peter 90 

Gibbons, J. J., Jr 399 

Gibbs, M. G 393 

Gibbs, R. J 442, 564 

Gibbs, W. J 90, 454 

Gibson, G. T 474 

Gibson, J. M 588 

Gibson, Marian 90, 525 

Gieselmann, W. F 462 

Gifford, W. C 416 

Gilbert, Dorothea 369, 525 

Gilbertson, F. W 427 

Gilkerson, A. R 363,479 

Gilkerson, G. N 311, 479 

Gill, Grera E 90, 514, 547, 592 

Gill, H. L 226 

Gill, J. G 590 

Gill, Lillian E 90 

Gill, T. W 209, 402, 444 

Gill, Virginia 369, 517 

Gillen, J. J 441 

Gillen, T. A 417 

Giller, C. E 90 

Gillespie, H. B 400, 432 

Gilliland, E. R 90, 400 

Gillis, Malcolm J 439 

Gillman, L. W 365 

Gillmann, C. A 472 

Gilman, G. E 403 

Gilmore, G. C 314, 393, 456, 603 

Gilmore, J. H 500 

Gilmore, Mary E 520 

Gilmore, William 169, 413 

Gilmour, Leonora 1 91, 532, 597 

Gilsrer, Una A 540 

Gilther, O. B 506 

Gimlin, F. G 393, 472, 590 

Gimre, S. H 427 

Ginger, E. F 474 

Gingis, B. J 478 

Gingrich, Harriette E 517 

Gingrich, Orlyn 503 

Ginsberg. Sarah 404 

Ginsburgh, H. E 459 

Gioconda. Angela.. 91, 552, 584, 588 

Givler, Virginia A 337, 517 

Gladville, Violet 550 

Glancey, Dorothy E 91 

Glasgow. W. H '18 

Glasow, Elizabeth 552 

Glass, W. E 504 

Glassburn. K. L 433 

Glasser, D. C 91, 456 

Glassner, Geraldine 492, 543 

Glassoff, G. S 509 

Glasstetter, Henry 485 

Glavin, T. R 462 

Gleason, Eileen P 524 

Gleason, Helen 91 

Gleckler. Erhel 552 

Gleim, Marion 369, 523 

Gleim, Virginia E 91,275,355 

523, 584 

Glessner, C 505 

Glick, L. E 468 

Glickson, Reva 543, 592 

Gloor, A. R 434 

Glover, Charles 566 

Glover, Martin 91, 607 

Goar, Carolyn 529 

Goble, G. W 476 

Gobble, William E 91, 177,298 

403, 469, 563, 605 

Goddard, R. F 91, 203, 420 

Godding, Ruth A 91, 536 

Godfrey, E. C 479 

Godfrey, Grace M 91 

Godfrey, T. B 330, 392, 499 

Godsey, H. C 365 

Godwin, E. P 449 

Goehler, O. E 400, 435 

Goelitz, Mary L 308, 519 

Goeller, J. A 91, 434 

Goetzenberger, F. C 363 

Goff, Eva A 91 , 594 

Goff, L. E 91, 490 

Goffen, Edith 543 

Gogel, Edith 542 

Goggins. J. P 490 

Golan, E 455 

Goldberg, M. E 478 

Goldberg, Myla 553 

Goldberg, S. M 508 

Goldboss, C 455 

Gold Feathers 269 

Golden, David 508 

Golden, Marjorie 369, 541 

Goldenberg. George 509 

Goldman, Charlotte 528 

Goldman, H. P 484, 601 

Goldman, M. J 605 

Goldman, M. S 386, 427 

Goldman, Rowena 552, 594 

Goldner, J 455 

Gold Seal Girls 281 

Goldsmith, Alvin 450 

Goldstein, G 393, 445, 582 

Goldstein, R. L 91 

Goldstein, S 260, 478 

Goldstine, S. M 91, 461 

Goldwater, F. W 251 

Gollings, F. J 443 

Gonzales, J. B 435 

Good, C. R 479 

Good, Imelda 540 

Good, J. W 373 

Goodell, Mary E 91,520,593 

Goodell, Willard 330 

Goodenough, G. A 201 

Goodenough, Maude 404 

Goodman, D 459 

Goodman, Esther 543 

Goodman, Grace K 546 

Goodman, I. A 337 

Goodman, J. B 400 

Goodman, M. E 445 

Goodman, Margaret H. .92, 266, 267 

513, 516 

Goodman, Morris 304 

Goodman, S 455 

Goodman, Sylvia 587 

Goodman, Zelda 528 

Goodmann, Leona 522 

Goodrich, C. H 331 

Goodrick, Helen 551 

Goodson, M. R 458 

Goodwin, C. 456 

Goodwin, J. W 457 

Goodwin, Katherine 311,514 

Goold, Mildred 330 

Goranson, P 480 

Gordon, C. C 167, 484, 572 

588, 601 

Gordon, C. E 320, 417 

Gordon, H. A 478 

Gordon, H. R 92, 509 

Gordon, James 304 

Gordon, Joseph 565 

Gordon, L. J.... 203, 208, 216, 355 

Gordon, Libby 553 

Gordon, Marion 92, 552 

Gordon, N 455 

Gordon, P 478 

Gordon, S. M 92, 455 

Gore, Elizabeth, J 404, 524 

Gore, W. A 364, 418 

Gorenstein, Ben 92, 492 

Gorevirz, R. L 445 

Gosenput, Abraham 492 

Goslin, A. R 507 

Gosnell, Maurice 312 

Goss, F. H 488 

Goss, H. J 92, 519 

Gotsch, Ruth E 92, 536 

Gotwalt, M. H 92, 481 

Gougler, Marcelline ...366, 404, 535 

Gougler, R. L 92, 497, 608 

Gould, Jules 565 

Gould, L. D 429 

Gould, R. E 397, 398, 496 

Goulding, Helen J 532, 584, 593 

Grabbe, Louise H 551 

Grable, Edward 482 

Grabow, M. P 363 

Gradman, H 248, 260 

Graduate School 30 

Grady, W. J 443 

Graf, F. H 457 

Graf, Thelma R 92, 523 

Graham, A. J 502 

Graham, C. M 472 

Graham, Eileen A 92, 527 

Graham, Gertrude J 552, 584 

Graham, H. J., Jr 403, 440 

Graham, J. E 500 

Graham, L. D. .. .314, 358, 392, 433 

Graham, Margaret M 92, 588 

Graham, R. P 414 

Graham, R. W 475 

Graham, Robert 421 

Graham, T. A 413 

Graham, W. J 605 

Granara, W. J 92, 338 

Granger, G. A 500 

Granger, Helen K 522 

Grant, Dorothy C 517 

Grant, F. R 92,330,392,476 

Grant, Keith 470 

Grant, Ruth E 92, 537 

Grant, W. T 93, 493 

Grantz, R. A 434 

Gratiot, D. H 302, 452 

Graves, A. R 564 

Graves, C 43" 

Grawoig, Bernice 528 

Gray, G. E 93, 451 

Gray, H. M 396, 465, 585 

Gray, Helen 303, 530 

Gray, Louise 558 

Gray, Mary '. 525 

Greeg, G. B 328 

Green, Bernice 552 

Green, C. F 389, 399, 429, 608 

Green, Charles 503 

Green, D. E 93, 451 

Green, E. E 93, 486 

Page 658 


Green, Ethel B 543, 592 

Green, Frederick 420, 440 

Green, G. K 366 

Green, Grace M 523, 584 

Green, H. F 239, 430 

Green, I. F 93, 486 

Green, J. H 93,203,364,451 

Green, Maryone A 557, 592 

Green, Mildred 552 

Green, P. M 396, 419, 585 

Green, R. K 211, 365 

Green, R. N 450 

Green, W. E 93 

Green, W. J 415 

Greenberg, L. J..\ 509 

Greene, Edythe H 542 

Greene, Helen M 93, 330 

Greene, J. W 421 

Greene, R. L 421 

Greenfield, S. L 364,434 

Greengard, Harry 400 

Greengerd, Joseph 508 

Greenleaf, W. T 454 

Greenlee, E. A 479 

Greenlee, T. K 604,605 

Greenstein, H : 509 

Greenstein, M. A 484 

Greenway, E 505 

Greenwell, P. M 424, 563 

Greer, C. M 432 

Grefen, C. A 447 

Gregg, G. B 93, 328, 490 

Gregg, G. W 572 

Gregg, Helen 518 

Gregg, R. T 429, 595 

Gregorian Literary Society 592 

Gregory, E. D 93 

Gregory, Elizabeth 516 

Grenlund, Mark 433 

Grennan, Arthur 573 

Gress, Elizabeth 93, 534 

Grieger, Mary L 93, 530 

Griesenauer, T. H 436 

Griesheimer, E. R 93, 333, 494 

Griesser, R. W 93, 450 

Griffin, A. H 93, 358 

Griffin, H. C 496 

Griffith, C. R 423,458,570 

Griffith, Esther 594 

Griffith, H. C 365 

Griffith, H. R 495 

Griffith, Lucy 553 

Griffiths, D. W.. .386, 388, 391, 434 

Griggs, Dorothy M 93, 524 

Griggs, M. M 476 

Grigsby, Florence L 520 

Grigsby, Helen M 20 

Grigsby, Madelyn 93, 523, 592 

Grill, C. A 389, 436 

Grimm, Thelma 536 

Grimma, G. A 486 

Grimmer, W. W 590 

Gnndley, H. S 400, 432 

Grinton, William 94, 416 

Grohne, F. W 452 

Groner, Gladys 529 

Groner, Grace 529 

Grometer, Catherine 302, 525 

Gromoll, I. G 94, 323, 471 

Groot, J. T 504 

Groshell, E. W 456 

Gross, C. A 94, 255, 595 

Gross, Louise 557 

Gross, W. D 367 

Grossman, A. H 486 

Grossman, D. A 602 

Grossman, H. 1 94, 455 

Grossman, M. 478, 601 

Grossman, R 459 

Grossman, S. L 478 

Groth, Ladd 412 

Groutage, J. H 94 

Grove, D. W 365, 422 

Grover, P. D 466 

Groves, E. E 416 

Grow, H. D .209, 452 

Gruebling, Charles 306 

Gruebling, W. J. C 94 

Grunder, F. R 428 

Grander, P. R 393 

Grunwald, M. F 441 

Grasendorf, R. E 457 

Gsell, R. N 94, 364 

Gubbins, W. R 94, 503 

Guernsey, P. M 94 

Guether, M. C 314 

Guild, Margaret 338 

Gulbrandsen, L. F 506 

Gulick, M. 364 

Gunderson, Ralph 300, 477 

Gundlach, N. J 420 

Gunn, A. H 368 

Gunn, B. W 365, 460 

Gunn, Helen 529 

Gunn, Margery 520 

Gunn, R. S 94, 475, 571 

Gunner, W. R 261, 430 

Gunning, D. P 443 

Guntar, Rae 94 

Gunther, Aaron 492 

Gunther, Josephine . . ..94, 279, 536 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Hammerberg, Marjorie 330, 558 

Hammersmith, R. C 388 

H.immesfar, R. C 490 

Hammet, M. Evelyn. . . .96, 533, 584 
588, 593, 606, 

Hammett, Eugenia D 532, 592 

Hammond, Helen 523, 592 

Hammond, W. C 500 

Hampel, Ursula B 96, 531 

Hampton, J. L 471 

Hampton, K 232, 451 

Hanafin, Frank 494 

Hanawalt, Elizabeth C. .96, 546, 592 

Hanawalt, J. W 96, 449, 564 

Hand, J. C 440 

Handelman, Milton 508 

Handschu, R. G 96, 402 

Handshin, Margaret 308 

Handley, C. A 363 

Haney, H. C 363, 453, 476 

Hanfling, Joseph 499 

Hangs, F. E 388, 490 

Hanley, D. R 506 

Hanley, J. H 590 

Hankner, O. A 96, 570 

Hannah, H. W 227, 448 

Hansen, C 96, 388, 393, 604 

Hansen, H 480 

Hansen, L. N 469 

Hansen, R 169, 472 

Hanson, E. D 472 

Hanson, P. A 427 

Hanson, S. J 500 

Hanus, G 505 

Hapeman, G. B 414 

Hardgrove, J. A 433 

Harding, A. A 362, 366, 426, 602 

Hardwick, Esther J 517 

Hardy, Jane 514 

Hardy, R. G 574 

Hardy, R. 1 365 

Harford, E. F 96, 452 

Hargitt, Mary A 538 

Harker, O. A 420 

Harkins, W. B 458 

Harkness, W. Y 312, 491 

Harlan, Margaret C 96, 421, 522 

Harman, G. C 574 

Harman, H. J 96, 447 

Harms, Wilhelmina D 533, 575 

Harned, J. W 506 

Harnish, B. F 363 

Harnish, W. E 482, 595 

Harno, Dean A. J 26, 328, 402 

424, 451 

Harper, B. R. .96, 203, 223, 228, 233 

337, 364, 434, 470 

Harper, C. B.164, 180, 203, 355, 434 

Harper, C. J 330, 468, 607 

Harper, G. K 229 

Harper, G. L 226 

Harper, J. L 164, 306, 322 

355, 441, 568 

Harper, Lorayne 518 

Harpole, Francis 423 

Harr, Ler. B 470 

Harrenhauer, Albert 412 

Harrington, Josephine 303, 552 

Harrington, Marjorie 268 

Harriman, Carolyn 366, 369 

Harris, Allen 96 

Harris, B. F 311, 393, 413 

Harris, CO 97 

Harris, F. C 504 

Harris, J. F 504 

Harris, J. J 97, 463 

Harris, Janet 528 

Harris, Myrtle 595 

Harris, S. G 97, 463, 571, 607 

Harris, W. S 97, 398 

Harrison, R. M 433 

Harriss, L. N 463, 572 

Harrold, F. E 97, 440 

Harrold, H. Louise 550 

Harrold, J. F 412 

Harrowell, Dorothy 557 

Harry, Suzanna 97, 533, 589 

Harshbarger, Frances 399 

Hart, Frances 516 

Hart, L. M 478 

Hart, Richard 426 

Hartel, John 426 

Harter, Betty Ann 516 

Harter, O. W 97, 580 

Hartford, Donald 331, 499 

Hartford, George 425 

Hartig, M. R 590 

Hartline, H. B.. . .314, 358, 433, 603 

Hartley, R. J 97, 476 

Hartley, Theodore 504 

Hartman, S. X 392,459,601 

Hartman, W. R 97, 368 

Hartman, W. W 456 

Hartong, H. H.. .397, 415, 485, 589 

Harvey, J. A 387, 392, 497 

Harvey, J. M 482, 595 

Harvey, Janice 548 

Harvey, Loretta 557 

Hatvey, Vitginia 518 

Hase, Melvin 573 

Hassin, C. B 509 

Gunther, O. A 454 

Gurow, G 455 

Gustafson, Amy 552 

Gustafson, J. M 472 

Gustafson, K. E 491 

Gustafson, Wesley 500 

Gustason, C. W 94, 323, 564 

Gustat, G. H 94, 396,473, 564 

Gustavison, Jane i 537 

Guthrie, A. N 473 

Guthrie, Clela 549 

Guthrie, Lenna A 548 

Guthrie, R. M 433 

Gutmann, M. D 461, 604 

Gutstein, Herbert 363, 366, 492 

Guy, M. F 470 

Gwinn, Elizabeth A 302, 524 

Gyger, K. M 449 


Haas, Dorothea 594 

Haas, Margaret 95, 589 

Habberton, William 427 

Haberichter, Ruth 355 

Hack, R. W 425 

Hackbarth, Pauline Ann 95 

Hacke, A. F 95, 490 

Hackensmith, C. W 95, 570 

Hacker, Opal B 95 

Hackett, E. A 95 

Hackett, Mary 95, 530 

Hackett, R. P 585 

Hackleman, B. K 590 

Hackleman, J. C 433 

Hackmann, S. W 302 

Hadaway, M. W 95, 333 

Hadley, C. M 95, 488, 570 

Hadley, Ervin 95, 396 

Hadley, J. N 413 

Hadsfield, Al 436 

Haebich, R. A 95, 505 

Haefele, Eleanor 552 

Haefele, Esther 552 

Haefele, J. L 393, 487 

Haefele, W. H 487 

Haeger, Wilma 522 

Hagan, Mabel 595 

Hagan, R 485 

Hagerman, W. L 221, 444 

Hagstrom, A. W 56, 96, 356, 392 

420, 444, 563 

Hague, Stella 597 

Halm, R. R 95, 319 t 323, 472 

564, 571, 572, 593 
Haier, O. C. .95, 203, 255, 355, 449 

Haight, S. J 387, 392, 466 

Haim, Davis 508 

Haines, G. H 239 

Haines, Lorraine 547 

Haines, R. W 434, 577 

Hainsfurther, Robert M 95, 364 

455, 574, 583 

Haire, Louise 515 

Hair, Orpha 547 

Hajicek, B. J 507 

Halcom, D. R 364 

Hale, D. H 95, 416 

Hale, J. B 418 

Hall, A. A., [r 480 

Hall, Alvin 425 

Hall, A. M 424 

Hall, B. R 485 

Hall, C. V 203, 440 

Hall, Duana F 439 

Hall, Eleanor 290, 522 

Hall, F. C 365 

Hall, H. H. .253, 404, 440, 470, 587 

Hall, Jane 515 

Hall, Josephine 550 

Hall, K. W 260, 426 

Hall, M. H 96, 570 

Hall, Marcell 499 

Hall, Marjorie 552, 584, 593 

Hall, Mary 290 

Hall, R. W 497 

Hall, S. W 414, 590 

Hall, Virginia 165. 355, 513 

525,. 580, 600 

Hall, W. E 337, 442 

Hallenberg, R. W. . ; 502 

Hallett, A. E 571, 572 

Hallett, Elizabeth 536 

Hallowell, Harriet 96 

Hallsteen, H. P 96, 441 

Halpenny, L 389 

Haltug, I.. C 96, 453 

Halvorsen, H. A 389, 439 

Halvorsen, L. J 313, 386, 389 

439, 603 

Ham, C. W 397, 398 

Hambrook, Elizabeth 552 

Haman, H. W 430 

Hamel, E. Y 495 

Hamel, O. W 319,454 

Hamilton, A 426, 588, 603, 606 

Hamilton, S. W 446 

Hamilton, T. S 386, 432 

Hamman, P E 457 

Hammel, R. K 454 

Hastings, D. A 249 

Hastings, Willmore . . .304, 310, 439 

Haswell, R. E 456, 605 

Hatch, L. E 97, 314, 325, 355 

392, 401, 448, 572 
Hatcher, Alberdine. .59, 97, 178, 266 

322, 355, 514, 593 

Hatfield, C. C 329 

Hatfield, Lillian M 515 

Hathaway, D. M 488, 570 

Hathaway, R. C 469 

Hathaway, R. W 97, 469 

Hattenhauer, A. T 259, 260 

Hauck, Miller 422 

Hausafus, E. T 485 

Hauschner, Margot L 539 

Hauser, E. R 485 

Haven, Margaret W 514 

Haverstock, R. T 308 

Havlik, J. E 97 

Hawes, Frances 530 

Hawke, J. E 471, 580 

Hawkes, Mabel 331 

Hawkes, Mary 331 

Hawkins, K. C 506 

Haworth, Harold L 330, 385, 387 

390, 391, 463 

Havden, S. B 97, 499 

Hayes, E. J 434 

Hayes, F. X 449, 582 

Hayes, Gertrude E 97, 437, 520 

Hayes, H. D 393 

Hayes, Margaret 98, 597 

Hayes, Mary A 524 

Hayes, Mary G 527 

Hayes, R. J 98, 486 

Hayes, R. P 458 

Hayes, W. B 328 

Hayner, F. R 436 

Hayward, H. N 462, 589 

Hayworth, D. F 98 

Hazard, Shirley 309, 518 

Hazleton, E. W 98 

Hazman, H. D 577 

Heaps, W. B 454 

Heard, Zara 516 

Heartt, Margaret 513,526,575 

Heater, E. F 589 

Heaton, H. C 98, 604, 605, 608 

Heberling, R. H 428 

Hecht, H. S 461 

Hcchtenthal. Eleanor . 539 

Heckman, Vernon 499 

Hectman, H. R.. .322, 326, 357, 603 

Hedrick, J. W 457 

Hedblom, C. A 504 

Hedstrom, Sylvia 553 

Heffelfinger, H. D 364 

Heffner, Jean 430 

Heffner, Laverne 98, 586 

Hegg, W. T 428 

Heggie, Janet R 538 

Heidloff, R. C 203, 477 

Heidman, Virginia P 98, 533 

Heier, Bertha 533 

Heikes, N. E. .98, 228, 234, 329, 462 

Heimlicher, Fred 414 

Heintz, C. J 414 

Hcintz, E. L 502 

Heinze, W. A. 98, 177, 297, 328, 355 

387, 389, 398, 496 

Heinzman, M. R 499 

Heisel, A 437 

Heison, Francis 311 

Helander, Charles 436 

Helbrig, Oriole 523 

Heifer, L. M 506 

Helfrich, C 463 

Helfrich, Mathilde 290, 404 

Helfrich, W. W.. .98, 330, 463, 563 

Helling, George 476 

Hellmich, E 423 

Hellmich, W. F 169, 365, 423 

Helloing, Cecilia 586 

Helman, Margaret 525 

Helmer, CD 503 

Helmreich, Theodore 402 

Helms, L. A 405 

Helphinstine, Irene 519, 592 

Hembrough, H. E 98, 314, 325 

330, 433, 603 

Hemming, C. S 607 

Hemminger, C A. .98, 298, 311, 605 

Hemphill, H 422 

Hemphill, R. B 501 

Hendee, R. L 493 

Henderson, Mary E 98 

Henderson, Melvin 566 

Henderson, R. W 387, 389, 392 

423, 489 

Henderson, W. S 98, 401, 448 

Hcndrey, Margaret H 545 

Hc-ndrick, Marguerite 553 

Hendricks, C. A 506 

Hendricks, Marion F 56, 98, 348 

355, 535, 584 

Hendrix, Gertrude 536 

Henebry, Mary L 98, 588 

Henner, Robert 508 

Henrekin. F. R 443, 585 

Henry, H 229, 421 

Page 659 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 


Henry, W. F 400 

Hensley, E 570 

Hensley, R 473 

Henson, C. W 390 

Henwood, Ethel M 99 

Hepner, P. E 458 

Heppes, Margaret 308, 525 

Herberholz, P. S 99 

Herbst, Malta 528 

Herlan, C. R 99,485,567 

Herman, A. H 509 

Hermes, D. F 479 

Herovitz, Pearl 513 

Herr, E 439 

Herrala, S. J 99, 487, 570, 587 

Herrman, R. E 501 

Herrold, R. D 501 

Herron, Dorothy 309, 527 

Herron, E. D 305, 365, 402 

463, 572 

Herskovitz, Pearle D 99,. 333, 542 

Hershey, D. D 365, 497 

Hershey, Mable B 594 

Hershey, R. V 482 

Hershback, E. F 99, 424 

Herschback, W 442 

Hertes, Margaret 594 

Hertz, Maurine 99, 275, 330, 353 

369, 513, 541 
Hertz, W. S..330, 364, 368, 433, 463 

Hertzberg, L. J 461 

Hertzell, E. A 432 

Herzberg, D. H 387, 392, 588 

Herzon, M. M 99 

Hess, Betty 522 

Hess, Constance 518 

Hess, G. A 495 

Hess, H. E 502 

Hesselberth, W. M .588 

Hessler, Alice 596 

Hessler, R. A 434 

Hester, C. D 583 

Hester, L. M 99, 403 

Hetler, Rosaline A 524, 594 

Hetzner, Margaret R 540 

Heulster, Laura 549 

Heusel, F. J 451, 604 

Hevron, Katherine E 514 

Hewitt, C. E 99, 590 

Hewitt, Sara F 532 

Hewitt, Virginia 553 

Hewitt, W. E 248, 483 

Hexter, F. R 499 

Hexton, C. S 211, 442 

Hey, Beulah 369, 541 

Hibbs, Helen E 532 

Hickerson, R. G 99, 506 

Hickman, F. S 416 

Hickman, Frances. .99, 298, 355, 515 

Hickman, R. Z 404 

Hickox, N. L 99,427,607 

Hicks, David 426 

Hicks, F. K 500 

Hicks, Margaret 99, 588, 596 

Higginbotham, Frank ..99,453, 580 
Higgins, W. W 99,357,464 

574, 583 

Hildeman, William R...58, 100, 175 

239, 355, 439, 578, 579 

Hilding, H .437 

Hiles, Willis 499 

Hilfrich, Mathilde 404 

Hilgenberg, Beulah 553 

Hill, C. A 100, 393 

Hill, F. A :....460 

Hill, G. R 365, 366, 485 

Hill, H. L 203 

Hill, H. R. ..164, 179, 203, 222, 428 

Hill, Rachel 100, 514 

Hill, Uno 499 

Hillebrand, H. N 336 

Hillel Foundation, The 333 

Hilliard, Helen 524, 588 

Hills, H. E 355 

Hills, Jeanette 404, 550, 587 

Hills, O. R 164, 180, 203, 208 

212, 355, 393, 426 

Hilstrom, G. D 449 

Hinckle, Elizabeth E 100, 320 

517, 608 

Hine, Maude 100, 503, 520, 592 

Hinman, Isabel ..308, 331, 544, 586 

Hinze, L. F 100 

Hire, L. G 211, 444 

Hirsch, Dorothy M 539 

Hirsch, M. C 333, 461 

Hirth, Floyd 100, 503 

Hise, R. T 100, 570 

Hissong, J. S 100, 420 

Hitchcock, Isabel M 602 

Hitchcock, Juline 559 

Hitt, Geneva 303, 559 

Hjortland, A. L 417 

Hlava, Milton 305 

Hoare, B. W 326 

Hobart, M. H 500 

Hobbs, C. C 386 

Hobbs, Glenita 269,404,575 

Hobbs, Lois Ann 303, 535 

Hoblit, Nancy 312, 536 

Hockaday, J. S 479 

Hockaday, L. W. .100, 178, 197, 249 
327, 355, 387, 392, 444 

Hockenyos, G. L 405, 435 

Hodge, C 100 

Hodge, J. M 440 

Hodges, F. K 320, 451 

Hodges, N. D 221 

Hodgman, R. C. . .164, 174, 238, 355 
385, 387, 389, 465, 568 

Hodgson, E. M 307, 412 

Hodson, Glendon 607 

Hoebel, D. S 302, 442 

Hoeft, Jean 535, 592 

Hoehn, V. H 313, 352, 390, 415 

Hoelscher, E. C. . .56, 100, 175, 322 

356, 425", 5'79 

Hoelscher, F. W 355 

Hoelscher, R. P 397, 431 

Hoerr, Ernest 465 

Hoersch, Henrietta 594 

Hofer, E. J 501 

Hoff, F. C 476, 580 

Hoff, J. R...100, 338, 339, 424, 440 

Hoffa, H. E 100,418,583 

Hoffman, June 303, 540 

Hoffman, R. A 365 

Hoffman, R. E 450 

Hoffman, R. F 462 

Hoffman, R. P 565 

Hoffman, V. R 100, 471, 582 

Hoffman, William 101 

Hoffman, W. J 100, 477 

Hoffman, W. L 578 

Hofhenke, P. T 402, 464 

Hogan, W 505 

Hoge, Dorothy 308, 520 

Hogendobler, H. R 101, 604, 605 

Hohenboken, A. K 314,358,433 

Hohengarten, Ernestine. 165, 300, 355 

513, 531, 575 

Hohengarten, Helen 309, 531 

Hoke, Dorothy D 101 

Holand, Einar 503 

Holbrook, F. W...101, 203, 252, 355 

421, 578, 587 

Holcomb, E. A 460 

Holden, Katherine 312, 535 

Holden, Ruby 537, 594 

Holden, W. H 56, 101 

348, 355, 465 

Holder, J. D 402, 415 

Holderman, J. F 433 

Holicky, Mildred 552 

Hollander, Leonore 594 

Hollands, R. A 402, 470 

Hollcraft, C. B 487 

Holleman, W. W 502 

Hollenbeck, F. D 488 

Holliday, Evelyn H 308, 520 

Hollister, Sara 101, 517 

Holloway, J. H 400 

Holloway, Marian 552, 594 

Holman, Rachel S 525 

Holman, W. W 164 

Holmes, Burnham 421 

Holmes, Juliet 301 

Holmquist, H. T 462 

Holoffe, Clatence 402 

Holstein, A. G 308, 440 

Holstein, J. H 440 

Holt, E. G 448 

Holt, H. C 101 

Holt, H. W 494 

Holt, K 304 

Holt, P. B 431 

Holty, J. G 450 

Holub, J. J., Jr 101, 505 

Holub, Louis 499 

Holzman, H. D 427 

Holzman, Louis 565 

Homann, G. H 305, 471 

Homecoming 320 

Homecoming Stunt Show 340 

Home Economics Club 592 

Homer, A. F 441 

Homuth, H. G 101, 487, 580 

Honens, R. W 101, 431 

Honke, A 101, 589 

Honke, K 588 

Honold, R. P 164, 176, 259 

355, 398, 481 

Honorary and Professional 561 

Honorary and Professional Index .562 

Honors 383 

Honsa, W. M 101,391 

Hood, J. R 302, 365 

Hook, Florence 309, 522 

Hooper, F. S 485 

Hoover, R. A 483 

Hopkins, B. S 400, 417, 432, 464 

Hopkins, L. S 439 

Hopkins, V. Helen 279, 532 

Hoppenrath, Leona Hazel 101 

536, 587 

Hopson, M. T 422 

Horash, Edwin 473 

Horberg, Shirley 542 

Horn, Anthony 426 

Horn, W. L 441 

Hornby, W. R 422, 604 

Home, Evelyn 352, 522, 575 

Horner, Elizabeth 531 

Horner, G. L 203, 444, 604 

Horner, R. M 301, 414 

Horning, E. W 392, 497 

604, 605, 608 

Horsley, G. W 365 

Horst, Elfriede 553, 586 

Horton, C. G 101 

Horton, Gertrude 303, 519 

Horton, Hazel 529 

Horton, R. C 320, 450 

Horwitz, Bernard 509 

Horwitz, M. R 484 

Hotchins, Marette 548 

Hotchkiss, L. B 413 

Hotstetter, Marie M 525 

Hottes, A. C 497 

Hottes, C. F 429, 572, 597 

Hottes, H. H 101, 398, 485, 497 

Houchens, Josie B 521 

Houck, J. M 101, 578 

Howard, E. W 364, 476 

Howard, F. C 400, 432, 581 

Howard, Frances S.59, 102, 177, 266 
267, 275, 320, 327 
355, 533, "559, 573 

Howard, H. S 365, 427 

Howard, M. R 433, 452 

Howarth, E. A 102 

Howe, E. E 364, 470, 583 

Howe, J. W 578 

Howell, Elizabeth 515 

Howell, G. E 102, 420, 444 

Howland, R. S 362, 363, 366 

Hoyt, Charles 503 

Hoy, G. M 102, 423 

Hoy, O. U. . .102, 396, 456, 580, 585 

Huang, T. Y -...586 

Hubata, R. A 102, 506 

Hubbard, A. D 485 

Hubbard, J. E 607 

Hubbard, L. A 450 

Hubbard, L. 399 

Hubbard, Lois . . .102, 538, 597, 602 

Hubbard, Otto Linus 404 

Hubner, C. A 572 

Huck, P. B 429, 578 

Huckett, Ruth F 520 

Huckins, L. L 339, 430 

Huddleston, J. N 102, 327 

420, 452, 563 

Hudnut, Edith 600 

Hudson, D. M 424 

Hudson, Frances 1 102 

Hudson, H. E 166, 351, 355, 387 

391, 469, 567, 572, 593 

Hudson, J. F 102, 393, 465 

Hudson, R. D 329, 495 

Hudson, T. L 475, 504 

Huebner, C. A 102, 388, 392 

472, 576, 589 

Huelster, Laura 582 

Huenergardt, O. K 450 

Huff, Elizabeth 596 

Huff, G. A 35, 203, 205 

414, 570, 580 

Huff, Lyle 444 

Huff, Mary 331 

Hufnagel, W. P 102 

Hughes, Betty Lou 309, 518 

Hughes, Catherine M 102, 515 

Hughes, D. S 440 

Hughes, Elizabeth 515 

Hughes, Gordon 400 

Hughes, H. L 365 

Hughes, M. J 502 

Hughes, M. R 522 

Hughes, P. H 412 

Hughes, R 102 

Hughes, R. R 476 

Hughes, Sara 516 

Hughes, T. E 419, 577 

Hughes, W. W 454 

Huie, W. B 102, 415, 563, 572 

Hulick, C. 363, 451 

Hull, C. M 102, 254, 330 

400, 463, 602 

Hulsebus, E. B 415 

Hult, B. E 447 

Hult, R. E 447 

Hulteen, S. E 441 

Hulthberg, H. T 364 

Humbert, Fred .57, 58, 103, 176, 203 
208, 214, 322, 355, 375 
385, 387, 392, 444, 570 

Humble, T. W 503 

Humiston, C. E 504 

Humm, D. L 608 

Hummeland, W. E 456 

Hummer, Glen 441 

Humphrey, Frank 430 

Humphrey, R. C 103, 452, 588 

Humphreys, John 506 

Hunolt, E. J 454 

Hunsaker, F. S 490 

Hunsicker, Kathryn 519 

Hunsicker, Rae K 103 

Hunsinger, Helen .103, 279, 552, 587 

Hunt, Leigh H 424 

Hunt, Lois 553 

Hunt, Matthew 573 

Hunter, Dorothy 552, 597 

Hunter, D. C 103, 388 

Hunter, M. H 328, 473 

Hunter, Naomi 597 

Hunter, W. H 391 

Huntington, Silas 103, 463 

Huntington, W. C 397, 421, 569 

Huntoon, Betty 103, 518 

Hupe, L. L 313, 388, 603 

Hupp, M. C 103, 585 

Hurd, Esther 552 

Hurd, H. W 103, 416 

Hurd, Pauline 537, 547 

584, 593, 594 

Hum, Lucille 526 

Hursh, R. K.429, 464, 574, 576, 583 

Hurwitz, Allen 103 

Huser, Mildred 551 

Huska, Stephen 477 

Huss, J. W 419 

Husseman, Dorothy 594, 602 

Husted, F. E 452 

Huston, L. B 365, 436 

Hutchens, I. J 103, 485 

Hutchinson, J. D 392, 590 

Hutchinson, W. A 458 

Hutchinson, Wilsona 538, 594 

Hutler, A. A 167, 333, 345 

393, 461, 601 

Hutton, Mary Jane 515 

Hutton, W. A 457 

Hyde, Mary E 553 

Hyson, F. E 443, 169 

Hyttinen, Edna M 268, 308, 520 

Iagmin, A. P 505 

Iben, 1 405 

Ibler, H 103, 588 

Iden, R. J 387, 393 

465, 564, 571, 582 

Ihlenfeldt, Bruce 499 

lllio, The 1951 306-309 

Illiola Literary Society 593 

lllini Chamber of Commerce 571 

lilini Flying Club 389 

lllini Hall 499 

lllini Publishing Company, The., 297 

lllini Theater Guild 336, 337 

lllini Weekly, The 310 

Illinois Agriculturist, The 314 

Illinois Disciples Foundation 333 

Illinois Magazine, The 310 

Illinois Union 318 

Illk, Ethel 552 

llus 430 

Hits Water Polo Team 261 

Imber, E. M 484 

Imgrund, William 499 

Imhoff, Carroll 464 

Imhoff, C. E 103 

Imhoff, H. D 604 

Independent Council 326 

Infantry Officers' Club 393 

Ingalls, Charlotte 535 

Ingalls, H. B 317, 433 

Ingber, Nathan 508 

Ingeman, R. L 330, 476 

Ingersoll, R. C 318, 430 

Ingham, J. L 364, 418 

Ingold, Mary 529 

Ingram, Marguerite 56, 103 

348, 349, 356, 513, 526 

Ingrish, G. E 500 

Innis, C. M 388, 393, 419 

Intemann, H. L 456 

Interjraternity Council 411 

Inter-Literary Society 593 

lnterscholastic Circus 196 

lnterscholastic Track Meet 197 

Intramural 257 

Intramural Debate 344 

lota Sigma Pi 594 

Ireland, Alice 525 

Ireland, C. C 450, 563 

Ireland, C. E 363, 399, 474 

Ireland, Dora 534, 608 

Ireland, Lee 499 

Ireneus, C 250 

Irick, Celia 103, 330, 559, 592 

Irish, H. E 502 

Irish, L. E.. 103, 486 

Irish, Minnie 553 

Irish, V. D 486 

Irish, W. D 339 

Irrmann, Marion 311, 525 

Irvin, R. H 504 

Irwin, S. C, Jr 427 

Isa, Samuel 499 

Iseminger, W. C. .104, 387, 391, 496 

Isenberg, A. H 203, 445 

Isenstein, B 459 

Isley, L. C 211 

Isted, D. C 363, 402, 414 

Ito, T 595 

Inner, Robert 310, 355 

403, 449, 587, 603 

Iverson, Harriet 268, 529 

Izenstark, J 445 

Page 660 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

ahurek, Marjorie 529 

ack, Doris 559 

ack, Dorothy 279 

ack, Phyllis 531 

acklin, N. L 104, 008 

ackman, Anna Louise.. 59, 104, 178 
266, 321, 355, 403, 553, 589, 593 

ackman , Mary E 553 

ackman, Sara L 267 

acks, G. S '. 503 

ackson, C. A 402 

ackson, C O.... 462, 570 

ackson, E. A 490 

ackson, EH 498 

ackson, O. N 456 

ackson, Roberta 404 

ackson, Ruth E 104 

ackson, S. M 400, 432 

ackson, W L 427 

acob, Karlynne E 520 

acob, P. E 405, 603, 606 

acobi, E. W ' 104 

acobs, H. L , 365 

acobs, H. M 500 

acobs, Irene 550 

acobs, William B 463 

acobs, W. F 104, 500 

acobsen, H. R. . .104, 327, 420, 422 

acobson, C. J 429 

acobson, C. R 311, 459 

acobson, Edith 547 

acobson, L. L 571 

acobson, Margaret . 542 

acobson, Milton 104 

acobus, Phoebe 553 

adah, L. N 484 

aeger, Ann E 104, 279 

aeger, H. E 494 

aegli, H. H 104, 476 

afire, Elmer 565 

affray, D. S 104 

ahn, A. M 104 

ahns, Edwin 485 

ames, Arch. .104, 338, 339, 442, 579 

amesonian Literary Society 594 

amison, D. D 502 

anicki, J. P 365 

anofsky, Joseph 509 

ansen, N. R 416 

anssen, Neora G 104, 532, 592 

antac, F. B 104, 471 

apanese Club 595 

arman, H. H 595 

arman, Ruth 534 

arvis, J. D 578 

eanmairet, Georgia 303, 518 

effrey, Garnett 330, 552, 597 

efferson, B. L 452 

ehle, Mimi I 405 

entzch, R. A 505 

enner, A. E 420, 450, 563, 582 

enison, Frances 533 

enkins, A. H 508 

enkins, H. L 104, 580 

enkins, S. G 418, 420 

enkinson, Barbara 550, 581 

enkinson, H. R. .105, 203, 254, 464 

cnsen, Edmund 465 

ensen, Marie 546, 552 

ensen, S. C 211 

ensen, V. P 397, 404, 491, 569 

ergens,- R 309 

ergens, Alma 551 

ester, H. S 105, 588 

ewell, H. B 305, 363 

irik, J. F 211, 449, 506 

offray, D. S 506 

ohannsen, C. H 392, 470, 590 

ohansen, R. S 331, 387, 391 

ohler, O. W 483 

ohnson, A. C 105, 448, 566 

ohnson, A. G 446 

ohnson, Alice M 105 

ohnson, A. W 567 

ohnson, Barbara A 514 

ohnson, Bernice C 105 

ohnson, Betty 309, 518 

ohnson, Carol 415, 533 

575, 577, 584 
ohnson, C. A 57, 58, 105, 176 

298, 322, 355, 422, 568, 582 

ohnson, C. E 430 

ohnson, C. M 475 

ohnson, C. W 105, 368, 450 

ohnson, Donna 536 

ohnson, Dorothy E 517 

ohnson, Dorothy M 56, 57, 105 

279, 280, 281, 290, 291, 308 
348, 513, 529, 586 

ohnson, E. C 386, 388, 501 

ohnson, E. H 400, 498 

ohnson, E. N 450 

ohnson, Elizabeth .303, 552 

ohnson, Emily 275, 514 

ohnson, Evelyn 525 

ohnson, G. A 483 

ohnson, G. L 465 

ohnson, H. C 498 

Johnson, H. R 415 

Johnson, H. V 393 

Johnson, H. W 567 

Johnson, Helen 552 

Johnson, J. A 461 

Johnson, J. N 419, 475 

Johnson, J. R 502 

Johnson, Jessie 553 

Johnson, Katherine 600 

Johnson, K. J 365, 433 

Johnson, K. S 588 

Johnson, Maurice 499 

Johnson, M. C...105, 368, 387, 391 

Johnson, M. F 481 

Johnson, Norman 503 

Johnson, P. C 105, 428 

Johnson, P. E 105,433,566 

Johnson, P. F 105, 396, 480, 585 

Johnson, Robert 105, 169, 441 

Johnson, R. H 422 

Johnson, R. K 105, 248,473, 582 

Johnson, Roy 566 

Johnson, R. L 392 

Johnson, Ruth M. .59, 105, 177, 278 

279, 280, 281, 290, 291, 322 

355, 452, 460, 529, 530 

Johnson, R. P 105, 325, 491 

Johnson, R. W 436 

Johnson, Sveinbjorn 476 

Johnson, S. P 500 

Johnson, Venus S 106, 491 

Johnson, Vivian N 106 

Johnson, W 365 

Johnson, W. A 465 

Johnson, W. R 321, 337, 440 

Johnson, W. M 442 

Johnson, W. S 299, 452, 605 

Johnston, B. G 106, 397, 569 

Johnston, D. B 457 

Johnston, D. W 420 

Johnston, E. C 392 

Johnston, F 393 

Johnston, F. B 428 

Johnston, F. G 490 

Johnston, F. L 416 

Johnston, Grace 514 

Johnston, G. W 393, 428 

Johnston, H. B.. . .320, 443, 577, 605 

Johnston, H. R 397 

Johnston, Isabel F 106, 290 

531, 592 
Johnston, Jean... 268, 290, 309, 520 

Johnston, K. P 502 

Johnston, Laura K 548 

Johnston, Mary 553 

Johnston, Mildred 531 

Johnston, R. J 439, 564 

Johnstone, A. M 

Johnstone, D 313, 588 

Johnstone, G. A 431 

Johnstone, J. R 320, 321, 431 

Johnstone, Don 423 

Jokinsen, Ernest .436 

Jokela, F 505 

Jolley, B. E 106,427,607 

Jolley, P. L 309, 390, 427 

Jolley, Walter 56, 106, 179, 203 

208, 216, 348, 355, 422 

Jones, Allison 302, 524 

Jones, Anne 404, 514, 596 

Jones, C. J 387, 393, 471, 580 

Jones, Ellen 522 

Jones, Eileen 517 

Jones, E. E 106, 325, 358 

Jones, F. E 417 

Jones, J. P 365 

Jones, K 583 

Jones, K. R 423 

Jones, Laura C 523 

Jones, Margaret 541 

Jones, R 505, 521 

Jones, R. B 450, 485 

Jones, R. D 307, 470 

Jones, RE 460 

Jones, T 106, 442 

Jones, W. D 106 

Jones, W. D 106, 424 

Jones, Winifred E 106, 403, 603 

Jones, W. P 390, 402 

Jonson, B 437 

Jonsson, A. N 453 

Jordan, E. H 365 

Jordan, G. E 494 

Jordan, H. H 397, 576 

Jordan, J. J 203, 240, 570 

Jordan, R. L 106, 488 

Jordan, Tom 423 

Jordan, W. K 167, 301 

318, 355, 438, 579 

Jordon, G. M 506 

Jordon, K. R 580 

Jordon, S. R 106, 397, 399, 589 

Jorgensen, A 397 

Jorgensen, C 388, 393 

Jorgensen, Esther L 106 

Jorgenson, A. M 578 

Joshi, A. K.. 435 

Josi, B. B 365 

Joslyn, J. F 211, 416 

Jost, H. H., Jr... 106, 387, 393,481 
Jourdan, Marion 536, 587 

Jourdan, R. M 456 

Journay, J 387, 393, 432 

Joy, R 437 

Joyce, Joseph 573 

Judson, H. C 106, 412 

Jueal, Dorothy H 106, 519 

Juergensen, Janice H 107 

Jugelonis, Vladas 299,355 

Juhnke, P. B. 443 

Jun. Charles 107, 453 

Jun, James 453 

Junior Prom 350, 351 

Junior Prom Committee 166 

Jureziz, Anton, Jr 107,499,570 

Jurjevich, Maude 552 

Jurkanin, J. P 402 

Just, E. W 473 

Just, Mary 529 

Jutton, Emma R 523 


Kabbes, Alberta 537, 594 

Kaden, L. J 461 

Kadens, R. E 565 

Kadic, Irma 107, 298, 536, 602 

Kaesebier, Ethel 107, 547 

Kaeser, Fritz 419 

Kaeser, W. V 353, 419, 604 

Kafka, E. A 493 

Kahn, Ardelle 543 

Kahn, Bernice 539 

Kahn, Emanual 492 

Kahn, L. S 461 

Kahn, M. L 328, 445 

Kahn, Ruth 558 

Kalsow, A. F 453 

Kamijo, T 595 

Kamin, B 107, 249, 489 

Kaminky, O. H 589 

Kaminky, W. F 608 

Kamman, P. H 57, 107 

303, 355, 470 

Kammerer, R. C 363 

Kammert, D. M 330, 402 

Kamp, E. B 220, 222, 416, 577 

Kamp, R. L 220, 223 

Kamphoefner, Helen 525 

Kamphoefner, Henry 107, 436 

Kane, Beatrice 107, 525 

Kane, R 505 

Kane, Tirzah 525 

Kanter, L. V 402, 461, 600 

Kantor, Ruth 543 

Kantor, Thrya 107, 274, 542 

Kantz, Helen 513 

Kao, P. K 586 

Kao, T. Y 400, 405, 586 

Kapernick, J. S 419 

Kapilla, Frances 552 

Kaplan, George 107, 363, 366 

Kaplan, Hyman 508 

Kaplan, Jack 107 

Kaplan, Philip 509 

Kaplan, S 107, 572 

Kappa Delta 536 

Kappa Delta Pi 595 

Kappa Delta Rho 465 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 516 

Kappa Phi Sigma 572 

Kappa Psi 507 

Kappa Sigma 414 

Kappa Sigma Tau 540 

Kappa Theta Sigma 573 

Kappa Zeta Rho 488 

Kapple, W. H 415 

Karasick, Sylva 542, 584 

Karjala, S. A 107 

Karman, A. V 388, 391 

Karnatz, F. A 107 

Karnes, W. G 308 

Karnuth, R. F 107 

Karol, Jacob 404, 492, 569 

Karraker, J. W 392, 426, 579 

Karrenbrock, W. E 471, 495, 585 

Karstens, Grace 522 

Kasch, H. E 476 

Kashiwagi, K 595 

Kaspar, Alice 519,575 

Kass, W 455 

Kast, Adeline 108 

Kastner, J. C 108,491 

Katt, W. J 108, 588 

Katterjohn, F. W.388, 393, 483, 563 

Katz, Isabel 540 

Katz, Morris 304, 305 

Katz, Sylvia 403 

Katzman, Louis 492, 601 

Kauffman, C. H 500 

Kauffman, K. G 447 

Kauffman, W. H 314, 448 

Kaufman, H. M 108 

Kaufman, I. A. . .260, 402, 461, 509 

Kaufman, Solomon 508 

Katitz, Helen 535 

Kaveney, I. E 506 

Kawal, E. J. .208, 212, 220, 223, 423 

Kay, R. T 402, 433 

Kayner, Carolynne 587, 594 

Kealey, C. R 412 

Kearnaghan, H. E 108 

Keating, E. F 108 

Keavin, Marjorie 527 

Keck, G. E 309, 444 

Keck, R. B 474 

Keck, R. M 420, 418 

Keck, W. F 333, 447 

Keener, C. A 576 

Keeney, K. K 446 

Keeton, R. W 502 

Kehoe, Betty 108, 266, 267 

321, 355, 527, 590 

Keilholz, F. J 433, 605 

Keiser, Grace Louise 515 

Keith, Carl, Jr 415 

Keith, L. E 413 

Keith, Helen 594 

Keith, Mary C 108, 535 

Kelder, Herman 469 

Kellar, Esther 108 

Keller, D. E 368 

Keller, Ernestine 518 

Keller, Guy 412 

Keller, H. B 457 

Keller, R. T 496 

Kelley, C. D ..228 

Kelley, Clara 165, 551 

Kelley, E. B 393 

Kelley, Emily J 108, 558, 589 

Kelley. G. D 425 

Kelley, V. W 401 

Kelling, G. F 392,580,593 

Kelling, Marcia 309, 516 

Kellogg, J. S 505 

Kellogg, P. V 386, 388, 393 

Kellman, B 484 

Kelly C. F 502 

Kelly, Claire 108, 290, 320 

355, 518, 582 

Kelly, Cornelia P 518 

Kelly, J. E 441 

Kelly, W. H 474 

Kelly, W. M 241 

Kemp, Mildred 595 

Kemp, J. T 108 

Kempston, J. R 431 

Kempton, Arlene J 108 

Kemvard, R. L 500 

Kendall, E. J 476 

Kendall, G. P 388, 390, 393 

Kendall, Kathryn E 108, 557 

Kendall, Margery. 279, 290, 330, 550 

Kendall, Raena 550 

Kendall, W. B 451 

Kendrick, J. S 472 

Kenis, C. R 455,601 

Keniston, Lucile 544 

Kenneally, Eileen 527 

Kennedy, Edith R 109 

Kennedy, E. T 506 

Kennedy, G. D 169, 261, 430 

Kennedy, J. W 437 

Kennedy, M. K 522 

Kennedy, M. T 331 

Kennedy, R. C 321, 428 

Kennedy, Thomas 109 

Kennedy, Wendell 108, 338 

Kennedy, W. C 355, 460 

Kenney, H. E 248, 486 

Kenney, H. F 390 

Kenney, K. K 588 

Kenney, Leanore 109 

Kenny, H. H 570 

Kent, V. R 109 

Kenyon, Anne L 552 

Kenyon, Dorothea 529 

Kenyon, Grace 279, 290, 553 

Kenyon, R. M 109 

Kephart, Wayne 451 

Kepler, Harry 412 

Kepler, Helen 550, 588 

Keramos ■ 574 

Kern, R. P 580 

Kerr, Blanche ... .59, 109, 176, 266 
267, 330, 336, 355, 513, 536 

Kerr, Robert 426 

Kersey, Rose M 399 

Kertes, Irene 552, 587 

Kertes, Margaret. .109, 403, 552, 587 

Kesel, R. G 503 

Kessker, George 563 

Kessler, Doris O 109, 552, 607 

Kessler, G. W 109, 351, 397 

398, 475, 576, 583 

Keszycki, A 390 

Ketchum, D. R 463 

Ketchum, Dean M. S 24, 397 

569, 576 

Ketchum, M. S., Jr 389, 446 

Keup, F. E 365 

Key, D. H 425 

Keyes, D. B 400, 432, 464 

Keyes, Samuel 412 

Kidder, H. W 368,405 

Kidder, Margaret 588, 606 

Kieding, J. R 109, 203, 252 

253, 355, 423, 587 

Kieholz, F. J 603 

Kiffmeyer, W. P 590 

Kilborn, W. D 419 

Kiley, T. H 109, 345, 475 

Page 661 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Kilian, H. S 109, 496 

Killinger, Marie 594 

Kimball, Arlene 553 

Kimball, Helen D 109, 513, 523 

Kimball. Martha J 526 

Kimball, Mary K.109, 526, 584, 606 

Kimmel, Marybelle 515 

Kinder, D. R 483 

Kinder, Margaret M 109, 596 

Kinderman, Ethel E 109, 553 

Kinderman, E. J.. 164, 167, 322, 350 
351, 355, 460, 568, 585 

Kinderman, G 180 

Kinderman, Laura 553 

Kindlesperger, R 505 

King, Betty 369, 584, 596 

King, C. F 110 

King, Don 338, 339, 422, 604 

King, E. E. .397, 434, 578, 604, 605 

King, Florence M 602 

King, Joseph 312 

King, Kathleen 309 

King, L. B 328, 365 

King, Marjorie 575 

King, M. D 427 

King, M. Elizabeth 110, 544, 603 

King, Nellie T 590 

King, W. K 416 

Kingley, David 19, 373, 386 

396, 418, 564 

Kingsley, Eleanor 399, 525 

Kingsley, Margaret R 266, 275 

525, 532 

Kingsnorth, N. G 110, 387, 392 

Kinnare, Alice 527 

Kinney, D. J . .495 

Kinney, Maxine 274, 369, 519 

Kinsey, J. R 337, 422 

Kinsey, Warren 418 

Kipp, L. L 454 

Kirchner, Irene G 110, 278, 280 

290, 291, 518 

Kirgis, F. L 420, 452, 563 

Kirk, A. E 339 

Kirkland, L 110 

Kirkman. Judith M 309, 532 

Kirkman. K. F 604, 605 

Kirtland, D. L 412 

Kissel, Suzanne . .405, 538, 596, 603 
Kistler, W. H 319, 365 

402, 590, 597 

Kitch, R. B 364, 402 

Kitchell, Velma 1 541 

Kitchen, Helen 290 

Kite, A. M 110, 484 

Kitsener, A. W 500 

Kitzinger, Angela ....278,291,582 

Kjos, N. A 362,363,602 

Klabunde, Mrs. W 594 

Klabunde. Walter 400 

Klancar, Anthony 304 

Klatt, Delyte 518 

Klatte, E. W 331, 463 

Klee, Eleanor 552 

Klein, Anne 303, 599 

Klein, Ethel L 513, 528 

Klein, H. E 468 

Klein, R. G 456 

Kleine, Bingham 423 

Kleinheksel, Stanley 435 

Kleinman, W. M 478 

Kleinschmidt, Ralph 413 

Klenha, H. J 438 

Klenk, E. W 479 

Kleppinger, W. A 438, 577 

Kletting, W 578 

Kline, Edna L 522, 575 

Kline, L. E. . .396, 425, 523, 564, 571 

Klingelhoefer, W. C 432 

Klingelhofer, J. J 453 

Klow, S 509 

Kluge, Evelyn 521 

Kluge, R. W 482 

Knab, A 505 

Knapp, E 326, 328 

Knapp, J. D.110, 339, 396, 434, 585 

Knapp, Louise 369, 544 

Knapp, R. D 501 

Knapp, S. F 487 

Knappenberger, Gaillard 169 

354, 415 

Knappenberger, J. G 365 

Knappenberger. Katherine 517 

Knelling. G. F 387 

Kniep, Rosalie M 590 

Knight, A. R 336, 436 

462, 576, 589 

Knight, Frances 1 110, 525 

Knight, J. F 572 

Knight, L. B 506 

Knipe, Virginia 513,535,592 

Knipp, C. T 397, 589, 608 

Knipp, J. K 399, 403, 426 

Knoblauch, D. E 388,391,497 

Knoblock, R. C 364, 472, 571 

Knoop, Kathryn 558 

Knospe, Grace 551 

Knotts, D. M 363, 488, 580 

Knox, F. D 255, 302, 460 

Knox, J. D 110, 203, 255, 321 

323, 396, 460, 582, 607 

Knudsen, W. N 388, 393, 466 

Knudtzon, K. F 503 

Knupp, P. R 454 

Knuth, Hazel 404 

Koch. A. R 460 

Koch, E. G 480 

Kochis, F 569 

Kocour, E. J 110 

Koegel, Florence 522 

Koehendorfer, J. W 110 

Koehler, Helen M. 553 

Koeller, H. D 368, 585 

Koelln, Marguerite L 110, 530 

Koerner, G. J 474 

Koenigsbarg, Noah 508 

Koessler, J. E 454 

Kohlhagen, Eloise 300,355,526 

Kohn, E 333, 489 

Kohn, M. L 402, 489 

Koho, R. M 417 

Kolar, G. F 505 

Kolb, P. C 438 

Kolbe, G. D 426 

Kolfenbach, E. J 211,239 

Koller, Ruth 557 

Kolm, A. S 393, 479 

Kominik, E. A 502 

Kominky, O. H 392 

Komm, R. Ed 254 

Konold, Katherine 530 

Konopasek, Helen 535 

Konzo, S 405, 595 

Koolish, E. S 338,445,601 

Koons, Marv 302,536,590 

Koppa, T. M 506 

Koransky, David 508 

Korb, Theo 476 

Korth, Jullianna 404 

Korzen, J. M 449 

Kostka, Anna B 110 

Kotovic, C. L 110, 434 

Kott, John 423 

Kouchy, J. D 502 

Koutnik, Henrietta ...302,553,590 

Kowalski, H. J 471 

Kowitz, A. W 428 

Kozma, Julianna 548 

Krachenbuehl. J. O 422 

Kraft, Irving H .' 439 

Kraft, Jane 520, 587 

Kraft, Janet 548 

Kraft, M. E 110, 491 

Kraft, R. E 480 

Kraft, Vera E 110, 520, 602 

Kraines, Samuel 509 

Kramarczyk, W. A Ill 

Kramer, E. A 229,428 

Kramer, H. F 386, 388, 393, 434 

Kramer, Jack 494 

Kraml, F. G 364 

Kramp, Edgar 503 

Krannert, V. L 297, 396 

582, 603, 605 

Krantz, C. P 446 

Krakower, I : . . . .249 

Krase, N. W 400, 432, 464 

Krasnow, H. R 509 

Kratovil, Mildred 369, 553 

Kratz, A. P 397, 429 

Kratz, Martin 418 

Krause, Annemarie 405 

Krauss, B. B 445 

Krebaum, Katherine Ill 

Kreeger, M. M 499 

Kreider, W. C 241 

Kreiling, P. G 580 

Krejci, E. J 503 

Kreker, George 412 

Kremer, R. C Ill, 261, 423 

Krencewicz, W. J 363 

Kresk, Alois 488 

Kreslar, Elizabeth J Ill, 529 

Kretschmer, V. L 481, 571 

Kretschmer, W. E 318 

Krevitt, Julius 508 

Krick, D. E 590 

Krieder, W. E 443 

Kriloff, Lillian 553 

Krill, Josephine 552 

Kring, C. U 254, 364, 402 

Kring, H. W 168, 352 

365, 402, 463 

Kring, Udell 463 

Kriviskey, G 393 

Kronenberg, M. H ■. 508 

Krueck, C. G Ill, 480 

Krueger, C. E 477 

Krueger, Fern 543 

Krueger, H. L 166, 299 

350, 436, 605 

Krueger, M. H Ill 

Kruger, Fred 469 

Kruggel, L. E 436 

Krughoff, W. W 364 

Krull, Norma R 532 

Krumsey, Elma 594 

Krumsieg, Elma C. Ill, 538 

Kruse, Helen D Ill, 523 

Kruse, H. S 390, 447 

Kruse, V. R 313, 480 

Kubacki, W. H 503 

Kubitz, O. A 366, 602 

Kudo, R. R 405 

Kuebler, J. G 392 

Kuhar, L. V 424, 563 

Kuhl, M. T 393, 580 

Kuhl, R. E. .111, 298, 312, 473, 571 

Kuhlman, A. F 448 

Kuhn, F. J Ill, 487 

Kuhn, L. W Ill, 433 

Kumler, Mary K 111,558 

Kummer, Brunette Ill, 541 

Kunda, E. C 470 

Kuni, L. E 241, 270 

Kunke, A. W 476 

Kuntz, F. B 462 

Kunzer, Marie 594 

Kuppinger, M. R 260, 426 

Kurocki, S. A 365 

Kurschner, Milton 509 

Kurt, Helen G 366 

Kurtz, Barbara 515 

Kurtz, W. C 251 

Kurtzon, K. C 461 

Kusinski, J 238, 243 

Kuttler, W. S 583 

Kuttner, H 392,445 

Kuykendall, S. B. .111, 330, 400, 432 

Kweder. D. J 501 

Kwoh, T. M 586 


I.abohn, M. C 239, 475 

LaBelle, Beatrice 522 

La Belle, W. E Ill, 351 

415, 567, 569, 578 

Lacey, H. J ill, 507 

Lacey, H. S 392 

Lacey, W. B 112, 448 

Lacy, E. M 475 

Ladd, B. C 300, 427 

Laegeler, C. B 112 

Laegeler, Lester 112 

Laidig, D. R 112, 332 

397, 576, 591, 597 

Lain, W. S 415 

Lair, Leland 444, 577 

Laird, Knowles 494 

Lake, E. J 607 

Lamb, F. B 476 

Lamb, M. A 112 

Lambda Alpha Lambda 490 

Lambda Chi Alpha 449 

Lambda Omega 537 

Lambert, K. J 311, 443 

Lambert, P. C 402 

Lamct, L. L 420 

Lamoreus, R. E 112, 329 

344, 366, 386 

Lampman, Harriet J 112, 519 

Land, C. B 345, 486 

Land, Jane 552 

Landee, Jane 518 

Landers, P. H 505 

Landgren, P. W 112,491,571 

Landhy, Alice V 112, 552 

Landicho, M. Z 601 

Landis, Alvin 112,489 

Landon, J. T 434 

Landscape Society 596 

Lane, Bertha Emily 404 

Lane, H. C 330, 392, 476, 578 

Lane, R. E 365 

Lane, W. C 112, 392 

Lang, A. L 421 

Lang, J. L 56, 112, 326. 348, 499 

Lang, J. R 567 

Langan, P. T 112, 420 

Langdon, L. E 112, 431, 567 

Lange, Caroline, A 553 

Lanham, C. H 392 

Langhoff, S. P 387, 393 

Langhorst, Alice 556, 557, 592 

Langhorst, O. M 203 

Langsford, W. M 386 

Lannen, Mary 526 

Lannon, Dorothy F 112, 513, 522 

Lansbery, J. R 405 

Lansing, J. F 112,403 

Lantin, Elizabeth 113, 528 

Lantz, E. M 113 

Lantz, King 305, 450 

Lanum, F. B 203, 210, 412 

LaPierre, Dorothy 544, 548 

Lapin, Bernice 404, 542 

Lapin, Ruth 542 

Lapota, M. H 260 

Large, Ted 499 

Larges, Annabel 551 

Larkin, E. T 479 

Larkin, L. C 502 

Larm, Ethel 521 

Larmon, Edith 303, 518 

Larsen, C. B 413 

Larsen, E. C 113, 496 

Larsen, F. D 113, 491 

Larsen, H 437 

Larsen, K. A 113, 339, 465 

Larsen, K. R 113, 453 

Larsen, R. G 387, 389, 436, 577 

Larson, A. P 493 

Larson, C. R 113, 174, 318 

349, 355, 429, 476 

Larson, Christian 300, 477 

Larson, I. G 319, 472, 580 

Larson, J. R 113, 180, 297 

323, 355, 452, 568 

Larson, K. A 588 

Larson, L. M All 

Larson, Norma 550 

Larson, O. D 239, 414 

Larson, R. E 496 

Larson, R. F 397 

Lash, A. F 508 

Lasker, M. B 461 

Lasser, A 484 

Lattan, C. H 392 

Lattan, J. E 368, 387, 392 

Eau, T. L 435, 586 

Lauder, F. E 470 

Lauer, C. A 504 

Lauher, A. 363 

Lavicka, R. W 113, 353 

460, 591, 604 

Lavin, Mary 553 

Law, G. C 248, 462, 570 

Law, O. H 436 

Law, R. K 307, 402 

Lawder, H. L 504 

Lawson, B. C 566, 595 

Lawson, E. J, Jr 56. 113, 318 

349, 356, 387, 392, 423, 578 

Lawson, G. S 431 

Lawson, H. C 466 

Lawson, J. D 607 

Lawson, K. L 113 

Lawson, Lorene 552 

Lawrence, D. B 329, 392 

Lawrence, R. M 486 

Lawrence, W. H 393 

Lawrence, W. S 460 

Lay, Elsie 534 

Layman, J. A 506 

Lazar, Eleanor 542 

Lazovsky, Max 113 

Leach, Margaret 113, 266 

267, 355, 525, 602 

Leadbeater, Margaret 597 

Leader, Sidney 499 

Leaf, L. L 489 

I.eary, A. G 113, 368, 570 

Leaverton, C. R 450 

Leavitt, S. S 509 

Le Cercle Franc ais 596 

Leckrone, Charles 477 

Leddy, Margaret 552 

Lederer, Elizabeth 513, 539 

Lederer, L. G 363," 364, 499 

Lederman, Irving 509 

Lee, C. L 586 

Lee, Edith 531 

Lee, Elizabeth 541 

Lee, F. J 345, 491 

Lee, F. W 386, 388, 393 

Lee, H. O. H 586, 604 

Lee, Harry 586 

Lee, Julia E 113 

Lee, Lucille M 113 

Lee, Margaret 528 

Lee, Marjorie 529 

Lee, R. E 485 

Lee, Robert Ellsworth 114, 323 

396, 456, 564, 580, 585 

Lee, Robert Ernest 313, 365, 472 

Lee, S. C 586 

Lee. T. M. T 586 

Leeds, C. H 363, 366 

Leeper, Alberta 114, 521 

Leeper, Raymond. .319, 364, 365, 450 

Leff, Abraham 509 

Legge, R. W 604 

Leggett, J. R 496 

Legier, J. A 114, 506 

Lehman, L. L 363, 366 

Lehman, Sam 499 

Lehto, G. E 229 

Lehwald, C. J 490 

Leibovitz, Florence 404, 543 

Leicester, Robert 465 

Leier, Gertrude 549 

Leighry, I. W 330, 368, 476 

Leimbacher. Earl S 404 

Leins, E. W 487 

Leisenring, George 312, 413 

Leisenring, J. G 607 

Leiter, O. C 605 

LeMaire, J. E 114 

Lemberg, David 509 

Lemen, W. C 374, 386 

388, 391, 540 

Lemke, Ellen 302, 552 

Lemon, Robert G 439 

Lenington, E. E 472 

Lenock, Aldona 551 

Lentz, G. M 494 

Lenz, A. C 226 

Lenz, C. R 476 

Lenz, L. W 476 

Leonard, Dean Maria 37, 404 

485, 515, 586, 606 

Page 661 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Leppla, P. W 402, 466, 583 

Lerner, David 508, 509 

Lerner, H. Z 587 

Lesch, G. H 585 

Lesher, F. M 362, 363, 447 

Lcsher, R. M 604 

Lesher, S. W 365 

Leslie, Margaret 546 

Leutwiler, G. E 419 

Leutwiler, Kathryn 515 

Leutwiler, O. A 313, 397 

358, 419, 578 

Levin, B. L 508 

Levin, Dorothy 528 

Levin, H. B 203 

Levin, L '. 459 

Levin, M. M 333, 461, 582 

Levin, Sidney 114 

Levine, D. L.114, 228, 357, 583, 589 

Levine, Jack 565 

Levine, S 484 

Levinson, Lillian 553 

Levinson, S. A 508 

Levinson, Betty 543 

Levinsohn, M. J 478 

Levitetz, B 455 

Levy, H : 399 

Lew, L 455 

Levy. Ruth 308, 542 

Lewin, M. M 114, 203, 249, 489 

Lewis, Alberta ...114, 179, 266, 267 

275, 320, 327, 340, 355 

403, 515 

Lewis, Florence J 114 

Lewis, Frieda 559 

Lewis, G. C 114, 388, 569, 588 

Lewis, J. D 114, 476 

Lewis, J. H 1 14, 445 

Lewis, J. M 386, 388, 465 

Lewis, J. W 114, 203, 436 

Lewis, Julia 303, 545 

Lewis, K. E 502 

Lewis, L. E 563 

Lewis, M 311, 459 

Lewis, Musa 526 

Lewis, P. F 114 

Lewis, P. H 114, 465 

Lewis, Ruth K 544 

Lewis, W. D 114, 441, 579 

Lewis, W. F 418, 579 

Lewis. W. P 355 

Leydig, Ruth 552 

Li, C. H 405, 586 

Liang, S. K 586, 604 

Library School 29 

Lichtenstein, Benjamin 508 

Lichty, R. E 471 

Lieb, Diana 539 

Lieberman, Laura 543 

Liese, E. E 393, 412 

Liesenfelt, M. V 321, 495 

Life Saving Club 290 

Lifschultz, S. B " 478 

Litvendahl, R. A 502 

Liggett, M. R 479, 583 

Lightholder, G. E 402 

LiUey, Mary 279 

Linberg, R. A 402, 418, 577 

Lincoln, C. J 115 

Lmd, Adolph 499 

Lind, Eva N 115, 552, 588 

Lind, K. N 313, 472, 603 

Lindall, W. F. H 436 

Lindberg, A. G. R., Jr 115, 241 

574, 576, 583 

Lindberg, A. S . . . 368 

Lindeman, M. F 569, 596 

Lindgren, J. M 203, 208 

400, 416, 464, 570 

Lindley, Frances 366, 534, 600 

Lindley, S 426 

Lindsay, Clara M 544, 548 

Lindsay, D. B 363 

Lindsay, G. C 480 

Lindsay, Mary 518 

Lindskog, Kathryn 516 

Lindsley, Leslie 115, 290, 519 

Lindsten, F. J 393, 427 

Lindston, F. V 588 

Lindstrom, Mable 523 

Lindwall, W. A 507 

Line, H. E 229 

Ling, H. C 586 

Lingg, Antoinette 529 

Link, R. W 471 

Linkonis, Anthony 115,573 

Linne, W. E 496 

Linnean Botany Society 597 

Linquist, Frances M 532, 584 

Linville, R 585 

Lipkin, M. J 344 

Lipner, Meyer 492 

Lipow, Eugene 508 

Lipow, Julia A 115, 403, 553 

Lippert, A. L 364, 465 

Lipscomb, Marguerite 597 

Lipstein, Morris 508 

Lisenby, D. A. . . 417 

Lisenby, Doris .550 

Lissner, H. R 115, 388 

Litman, Simon 396 

Litt, H. D 309, 413 

Littell, E. W 571 

Little, Neva L 118. 538, 606 

Little, R. F 328 

Little, R. M 169, 354, 364, 421 

Little, Viola .526 

Little, W. J 427, 588 

Littler, M. D 368, 402 

Littleton, A. C 396, 473, 585 

Litvin, Leo .' 503 

Liu, Chuan 586 

Lively, Foris 552 

Livesey, Doroth/ E 115 

Livsey, Faye 592 

Livingston, G. S 508 

Livingston, P. C 56, 58, 115, 174 

259, 322, 348, 355, 392, 452 
563, 587 

Lloyd, B. A 115, 400, 405 

Lockard, Ralph 465 

Locke, R. L., Jr 389 

Lockhart, Grac: Elizabeth 404 

Lockwood, J. M. 458 

Lockwood, S 445 

Lockwood, W. W 252, 253 

365, 417 
Loekle Catherine. .115, 369, 513, 541 

Loewv, E. R 115, 455 

Logan, A. L 368, 391 

Logan, G. S 115, 339, 440 

Logan, John 412 

Lohmann, K. B 427, 604 

Lohss, P. H 393 

Loki 559 

Lolordo, V 239 

Lonergan, J. E 424, 449 

Long, C. B 608 

Long, Hugo 506 

Long, J. L 115, 388, 389 

Long, Lee 482 

Long, Phyllis F 115, 278, 279 

280, 290, 531, 582 

Longbons, E. E 462, 476 

Longley. G. J .452 

Longwell, J. P 483 

Loomis, A. E 389, 436 

Loomis, C. W 305, 414 

Loomis, L. W 116 

Loomis, Virginia 529 

Loos, Delbert 477 

Lopez, Helen 533, 606 

Lopez, Hugo 435 

Lorenz, Otto 573 

Lotimer, Lenore 559 

Losee, G. C 439, 564 

Loseff, S. A. : 509 

Lossof , Isadore 565 

Lotz, Elizabeth 404 

Lounsbery, G. J 443, 502 

Love, Charlotte 116, 536, 597 

Love, Mildred 303 

Lovell, H. F 390, 479 

Low, F. D 477 

Lowe, G. K 490, 583 

Lowe, J. D 588 

Lowe, L. L 116, 433, 504 

Lowe, R. A 368 

Lowe, Virginia S 116, 597 

Lowell, Dean 418 

Lowen, R. E 389 

Lowenthal, Fay 553 

Lowenthal, M. L 333,455 

Lowes, G. F 116 

Lowry, J. H 116, 364 

Lowry, K. J 116, 485 

Lowther, J. G 397 

Lu, C. M 586 

Lucas, E. V 571 

Lucas, F. T 601 

Lucas, G. F 585 

Luckman, C. 1 385, 387 

393, 428, 572, 578 

Luders, H. C 339, 457 

Ludlow, D. A 498 

Ludlow, Mildred 116, 534 

Ludolph, P. C 386, 392 

Ludwig, Lorin 552, 594 

Ludy, Jane 520 

Ludy, Mabel 303, 309, 535 

Lueder, Ruth 290, 309, 526 

Lukas, G. E 116, 323, 392 

396, 419, 580, 585 

Lund, C. E 364, 481 

Lund, J. H 365, 481 

Lundahl, M. 402,463 

Lundberg, 588, 606 

Lundeen, T. A 434 

Lundgren, C. L 203,238 

270, 328, 414 

Lundgren, J. A 116, 590 

Lundquist, C. M 474 

Lundquist, Virginia .551 

Lundstrom, Alice 553,590 

Lupian, Josefina 116 

I.urie, Annette 539 

Lurie, H. L 461 

Lurie, W. M 570 

Luscombe, E. A 116, 398 

497, 583 
Lusk, E. A.. .116, 349, 389, 479, 571 
Lusk, R. W 482 

Lusotari, H. K 481 

Lustgarten, Earl 508 

Luther, "J. M 116, 364, 490 

Luther, Mary 550 

Lutton, A. V 429, 577 

Lutyens, Madeline 116 

Lutz, Jeanette 116, 551 

Lux, Fay 310, 403 

Lybyer, A. H 405 

Lyddon, D. W 428 

Lyman, F. P 507 

Lyman, Frances 527 

Lyman, Maxine 534 

Lymperopoulos, J. L 58, 178 

203, 238, 244, 355 

Lynch, Dorothy E 553 

Lynch, M. F 537 

Lyon, C. W 471 

Lyon, Esther 344 

Lyon, F. S 446, 568 

Lyon, G. R 117, 429, 604 

Lyon, K. C 148 

Lyon, Lois H 290, 544 

Lyon, R. B 362, 363 

366, 462, 572, 602 

Lyons, H 583 

Lyons, K 583 

L\ons, S. F 251 

Lytle, E. B 399, 595 

Lytle, Gertrude E 520 


Ma, Y. F 586 

Mabon, A 588, 589, 608 

MacClinchie, R 168, 437, 402 

Macdonald, Jack 119,. 339, 419 

Macdonald, Jean. .166, 266, 267, 301 

306, 350, 355, 518, 575, 590 

Macdonald, Josephine K 3, 119 

513, 520 

Macdonald, Robert 494 

Machiels, Lucille Virginia 119 

516, 581 

Mack, C. A 501 

MacKechnie, Catherine 553 

Mickey, Guerard 119, 313, 351 

355, 398, 578, 583, 603 

Mackey, Lois 290, 536 

Mackey, W. H 400 

Mackh, F 505 

Mackie, T. B 449 

Macklin, H. M.. .339, 363, 413, 602 

MacLachlan, Alex 472 

MacLaggan, R. C 118, 435 

MacLaren, Catherine 594 

MacLeod, Frances M 523 

MacMillan, A. H 400 

MacMillan, Mary A 118,321 

MacMillan, Mona L 519, 575 

MacPherson, W. M 435, 604 

MacVeigh. E. L 119 

Madden, C. W 438 

Madden, D. F 251, 427 

Madden, M. J 365 

Madison, H. K 319, 487 

Magierski, L. A 428 

Magill, Velma 595 

Magnus, E. L 365 

Magnuson, Myrtle E 119, 278 

280, 291, 529 

Magny, Ella M 119, 534 

Maguire, T 392 

Maher, E. C 486 

Maher, M. F 119, 298, 421, 605 

Mahlke, F. W 505 

Mahnke, R. W 308, 446 

Maine, T. M 312, 450, 580 

Major I. A. Girls 280 

Major, J. L., Jr 119 

Makarski, Carl 458 

Makeever, S. J 119, 228, 234, 433 

Makovsky, 1 509 

Maley, R. F 451 

Malgrim, Delia 513 

Malkin, Rosabel 543, 592 

Mallatt, Matgaret 119, 369 

541, 596 

Malley, L. E 311, 479 

Mallin, J. B 441, 568, 577 

Mallotke, H. H 486 

Malloy, Lillian 558 

Malmberg, J. M 579 

Malmberg, M. J 422 

Malone, J. W 328, 332 

Malone, R. C 119, 573, 580 

Malone, V. D 57, 119 

258, 357, 391 

Malone, W. J 328 

Maloney, J. M 474 

Maloney, W. S 433 

Malstrom, B. E 506 

Mamer, L. J 464, 583 

Mamer, Louisan . .165, 300, 355, 403 

Manaster, S 445 

Mahcel, J. F 472 

Mandel, M. M 393, 455 

Mandel, Rose 301, 539 

Mandel, Roslyn .539 

Mandelson, I. R 393, 484 

Mandeville, M. J 607 

Manellis, S 509 

Mangle, George 422 

Manley, E. J 120, 203, 252, 253 

258, 443, 570, 587, 596 

Manley, J. H 404 

Manley, R. S 414 

Mann, Elizabeth 524 

Mann, P. E 120, 396 

Mann, W 505 

Manning, P. J 429 

Manns, J. H 365 

Manuel, H. A. . . .120, 477, 576, 589 
Manville, R. L 120, 363 

444, 602, 604 

Marberry, M. M 457 

March, D. M 387, 393, 441 

March, F. A., Ill 374, 386 

388, 393, 425 

March, Isabel 533 

Marcus, M. K 363, 366, 602 

Mareing, Albeita 120 

Maresca, G. J 498 

Marihara, Paul 435 

Mark, Gladys B 120, 518 

Mark, Park J 586 

Markin, L. E 509 

Markland, F. R 417 

Markowitz, A. 478 

Marks, Gerson 461 

Marks, Harold 461 

Marland, Sylvia 333, 539 

Marlowe, H 329, 448 

Marquardt, Mary 545, 594 

Marsh, Isabel 120, 584 

Marsh, Mary V 360, 520 

Marsh, R. R 412 

Marsh, Virginia. . 165, 166, 266, 274 
321, 355, 520, 575 

Marshall, F. B 417, 579 

Marshall, I. M 465 

Marshall, P. A 419, 420 

Marshall, R. J 120, 419 

Marshall, W. D 450 

Marston, W. R 588, 604 

Mart, J. A 363 

Marten, M. C 120, 474 

Martenson, D. E 120, 496 

Martin, C. J 544, 588, 607 

Martin, E. A 363 

Martin, Elva W 120, 323 

534, 591, 600 

Martin, Emily K 404 

Martin, Etnest 330 

Martin, Florence E 514 

Martin, F. 486, 581 

Martin, Idelh 553 

Martin, L. E 507 

Martin, L. W 502 

Martin, Mabel 338, 606 

Martin, Marian H 404 

Martin, Mary J 552 

Martin, R. B 251, 355, 474, 571 

Martin, R. C 365, 475 

Martin, Vivian 597 

Martin, W. A. . . .120, 332, 368, 607 

Martindale, Elizabeth C 120 

533, 581 

Martinie, R. E 364, 452 

Martinson, P. A 473 

Marvin, G. S 120, 400, 432 

444, 458, 464, 588 

Marwick, Bernice 539 

Marx, Mildred 120, 542 

Maryan, H. O 508 

Mashek, Helen 558 

Mask and Bauble 338 

Maske,.W. B 476 

Mason, C. J 120, 486 

Mason, F. R 462 

Mason, H. S 469 

Mason, K. W 121, 426 

Mason, L. R 121 

Mason, Mabel L 121 

Mason, R. H 368, 439 

Mason, R. S 392 

Mason, T. •. 437 

Mason, Wilford 506 

Masor, Nathan 508 

Massey, Lottie W 121 

Mast, Alice 557 

Mast, C. L 314, 451 

Mast, F. W 402 

Masterson, C. T 578 

Mates, William 565 

Mather, J 578 

Mathesen, A 463 

Mathew, Kate A 121 

Mathews, Bonita C 532, 592 

Mathis, Helen M. .121, 279, 280, 531 

Mathis, J. H 454 

Mathis, Margaret 266, 267 

515, 575 

Matlock, R. L 566 

Matlousek, A. J 456 

Matson, F. R 364. 449, 583 

Matteson, F. A 121," 363, 479 

Matteson, H. W 604 

Matteson, L. W 431 

Matthews, G D 121, 368 

392, 480, 588 

Page 663 


Matthews, J .W 499 

Matthews, M. W 473 

Matthews, W. E 364, 479, 445 

Matthiesen, A. B 121,463,590 

Matz, Max 489, 601 

Maulding, Dorothy 557 

Mauss, Joseph 412 

Mauzey, A. J 502 

Ma-Wan-Da 58 

Maxant, W. H... 121, 403, 563, 580 

Maxwell, B. W 364 

Maxwell, G. B 365 

Maxwell, Robert 400 

Maxwell, W. K 403 

May, E. H 164, 176, 203, 220 

223, 355, 392, 423, 568 

May Fete 272 

May, W. W 427 

Mayberry, B. C 121, 393, 420 

Mayer, B. J 121, 461 

Mayer, Belle 542 

Mayer, H. W 121 

Mayer, I. B 121, 478 

Mayer, R. W 121, 339, 364 

368, 396, 457, 564, 585, 603 

Mayes, Helen V 121 

Mayeur, Leon 596 

Mayne, F. B 339, 447, 465 

Mays, A. B 328, 595 

Mazac, Ann E 122 

Mazluchlacz, Antonia 587 

McAndrews, C. C 573 

McAnulty, Esther 529 

McAtee, F. A 569 

McAtee, Fay E 117 

McBride, Esther 117, 557 

McBride, Harry 412, 569 

McBride, J 117, 569 

McCabe, Dorothy G 545 

McCall, T. E 607 

McCalley, H. W 365 

McCammon, R. C 392 

McCann, W. L 423, 472 

McCarty, Charlene 558 

McCarty, F. W 117,475 

McCarty, J. W 117 

McCarty, Leon 345, 483 

McCaskill, O. L 418, 420 

McChesney, Joseph 472 

McClain, Eva 117, 403, 602 

McClandless, Kate 516 

McClarnan, R. N 441 

McCleave, William 374, 386 

388, 393 

McCleery, W. E 117, 429 

McClellan, G. B 451 

McClelland, Ednamae 403 

McClintock, Dorothy 404, 551 

McClintock, T. S 117 

McClugage, H. W 117,261,430 

McClure, Jane. .56, 59, 177, 278, 279 
280, 281, 355, 529, 582, 595 

McClure, M. T 437 

McClurg, M 483 

McCollom, Gertrude 559 

McCollum, Fred 494 

McConaha, J. N 305, 444 

McConnell, E. J 448 

McConnell, Frances L 514 

McCool, C. P 365, 442 

McCormack, W. E 331 

McCormick, J. M 300, 581, 583 

McCormick, Josephine 117, 403 

516, 575 

McCormick, L 117 

McCorckle, N 442 

McCowan, H. L 490 

McCowan, Jane 528 

McCown, C. Y 397, 398 

McCoy, M. A 117, 263, 266 

339, 362, 466 

McCrory, M. E 451 

McCrory, M. G 392 

McCristal, K. J 488, 570, 580 

McCullin, John P 573, 608 

McCullough, Helen E 602 

McCullough, M. C 457 

McCullough, R. G 454 

McCumber, D. R 449 

McCumber, Mary Louise 548 

McCune, Robert 506 

McCune, S 117, 569 

McCutchen, Evelyn ...117, 525, 600 

McDaniel, P. H 502 

McDaniels, R 118, 228 

- ^ 234,393,423 

McDermont, V. A 58, 118 174 

203, 226, 228, 311, 355, 419 
McDermott, H. B 167, 414 

579, 582 

McDonald, Audrey 527 

McDonald, Georgine 118, 333 

403, 547 

McDonald, Lucy 557 

McDonald, Paul 169, 415 

McDowell, P. W 363^ 436 

McEdwards, W. J 164' 180 

299, 440, 568, 579 

McElroy, Harriet 1 18 

McElroy, J 118, 505 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

McElroy, J. W 250, 393, 426 

McEuen, C. F % . . . .466 

McEuen, F. W 466 

McEuen, Mary 553 

McEuen, R. S 577 

McEvoy, H. K 436 

McFadzean, J 203, 355, 438 

McFarland, H 331 

McFarland, John 299, 311 

442, 479, 605 

McGary, F 118,392,451 

McGinnis, E. H 338, 363, 441 

McGinnis, Marjorie 553 

McGinnis, V. C 118, 580 

McGlone, Delores 535 

McGoldrick, L. P 506 

McGrane, Joseph 439 

McGrath, E. L 451 

McGrath, Joan .302, 527 

McGraw, Mary 513, 530 

McGraw, Mildred 552, 592 

McGregor, R. W 168, 320 

352, 413, 577 

McGrennan, Phillip 573 

McGuan, Margaret 545 

McGuigan, H. A 500 

McGuire, D. E 460 

McGuire, F. D 412 

McHarry, E. L. .. 118, 314, 401, 475 

McHarry, Liesette 595 

McHenry, C. M 439 

Mclntire, J. D 118,476 

Mcintosh, C. W 580 

Mcintosh, J. J 365 

Mclntyre, H. J 398, 470, 576 

McKee, Mary E 516 

McKee, Mildred 165, 330 

355, 553, 556, 594 

McKee, T. C, Jr 450 • 

McKee, T. H 166, 167, 318 

321, 351, 355, 440 

McKelvey, F. H 118, 416 

McKelvey, L. W 421 

McKenzie, Bernice 541 

McKeown, C. J 363, 479 

McKinley Foundation 332 

McKinley Hall 551 

McKinley Mimes 597 

McLain, Evelyn 606 

McLarty, Vivian 518 

McLaughlin, C. B 301, 355 

426, 568, 582 

McLaughlin, Frances 527 

McLaughlin, H. N 587 

McLaughlin, L. A 414 

McLean, G. W 118, 483 

McLean, Jean 521 

McLean, Sam 300, 451 

McLeish, Stella . .178, 275. 338, 355 

McLeod, Virginia H '.523, 600 

McMackin, Margaret A 516 

McMahan, J. W 585 

McMahon, E. M 432 

McMahon, Gertrude 118, 535 

McMahon, Mary 118, 403 

McMichael, R. W 457 

McMillan, J .P 476 

McMillan, R. G 504 

McMillan, T. H ...118, 332 

McMullen, W. D 452, 563 

McMurtrie, R. E 119, 436 

McNeal, L. K 167,318,454 

McNeal, Lois 537 

McNeill, W. T 1 19, 420 

McPherson, J. R 168, 300 

402, 468, 564 

McQueen, M. B 119 504 

McWade, W. F 466 

Mead, B. M 416 

Mead, Hugh 503 

Mead, J. P 416 

Mead, Nancy L 514, 575 

Mead, P. E 311,454 

Meade, Frances 531 

Meador, C. E 491 

Mearns, J. G 506 

Medley, Mary C 541 

Meeker, C. R 422 

Meeker, R. W 364, 463 

Meers, H. W 58, 122, 177, 208 

209, 322, 355, 403, 420, 443 

Meese, Elmer 499 

Megan, C. G. . . . '. 451 

Mehaffey, Henryette 518 

Mehrlich, R. C 477 

Meinardi, P. J 564, 580 

Meints, R. E 399, 400, 432 

Meirhofer, Ann 122, 530, 606 

Meisenbach, K. W 122 

Meislahn, C., Jr 444 

Meislahn, E. J 444 

Meislahn, Hulda 550,592 

Melcher, E. R 478 

Meleen, Ruby M 122 

Mellen, C. S 365, 468, 571 

Melnick, Sarah 553 

Melville, Valentine 122 

Mclvin, L. J 122, 429 

Menchen, E 326 

Mendel, L. E 588 

Meneely, Dorothy 550 

Menges, Barbara ..56, 348, 536, 590 

Meniely, Dorothy 588 

Menke, F. N 364, 423 

Menke, W. J 203 

Mercer, Margaret 168, 303 

352, 404, 553 

Mercereau, Billy 290 

Mercereau, Mildred 279, 530 

Merchant, Vida 514 

Merker, F. W 393, 477, 580 

Mermel, T. W 122, 313 

389, 392, 474, 604 

Merrill, J. F 260, 425 

Merritt, J. F 504 

Merritt, W. F 491 

Mertz, W. A 449 

Messing, H. M 445 

Metcalf, C. L 122, 328 

476, 564, 582 

Meteer, W. A 415 

Mctten, Eva 551 

Metzdorf, Frank 443 

Metzel, C. H 500 

Meyer, Bernice 553 

Meyer, E. A 122,485 

Meyer, Elma 549 

Meyer, G. F 364, 589 

Meyer, H. A 122 

Meyer, H. F 506 

Meyer, I. H 238, 243, 504 

Meyer, Jacob 508 

Meyer, L. M '7. 122, 580 

Meyer, Naomi '.-. .404, 551 

Meyer, Pearl 403, 558, 589 

Meyer, X. C 122, 388, 393 

Meyers, Clara 531, 594, 602 

Meyers, G. H 468 

Meyers, Gertrude 302, 527 

Meyers, H. J 440 

Meyers, Janet .... 168, 290, 352, 518 

Meyers, Louise 528 

Michael, V. E 458 

Michaels, T. M 58O 

Michelini, R. J 122 

Michelsen, John 465 

Michniuk, J. M 604 

Mickel, Doris 539 

Middell, M. 478 

Middleton, J. J 483 

Middleton, L. G 365, 463 

Middleton, R. E 367, 368,' 602 

Mieher, Lucille 544 

Mielke, A. W 344 

Mies, Mildred 552 

Miethe, H. K 412 

Miethe, Louise 526 

Mi-Hila 357 

Mikeworth, E. R 365 

Miles, H. L 448 

Miles, R. H 369,421,602 

Miiey, C. H . 424, 439 

Milgrim, Delia 528 

Military 371 

Military Ball 384 

Millard, Alyce 369, 518 

Millard, Lavona 122 

Millen, K. R 122, 466, 570 

Miller, Betty 513, 518 

Miller, C. 123, 387 

. , 389, 396, 585 

Miller, Donald 509 

Miller, Dorothy D 553 

Miller, Dorothy G 123 

Miller, Dorothy M 515 

Miller, Edena 123, 544, 584 

Miller, F. H 123,449 

Miller, Florence 553 

Miller, Freida 542 

Miller, G. A 399 

Miller, Glen 494 

Miller, G. E 393, 5 14 

Miller, H. D 502 

Miller, H. R .504 

Miller, Inez 369 544 

Miller, J. B 123, 432, 574^ 583 

Miller, J. F 404 

Miller, J. J 364, 450 

Miller, J. M 123 

Miller, Joseph 508 

Miller, Josephine 517 

Miller, J. P 250 

Miller, J. W 123 

Miller, Jane 519 

Miller, Leota M 123, 514 

Miller, Lois E 521 

Miller, M 455 

Miller, M. K 259, 392 

Miller, M. S 123, 493 

Miller, Mary E 123 

Miller, Mildred 528 

Miller, P. M 465, 571 

Miller, Philip 414 

Miller, R. H 522 

Miller, Ross 363 494 

Miller, S. S 123, 591 

Miller, T. S 123, 203 

228, 355, 421, 568 

Milligan, D. A 476 

Milligan, J. K 123 

Milligan, Kenneth 444 

Millften, E. J 422 

Mills, C. V. 123 

Mills, D. R.. .58, 123, 179, 203, 208 
212, 220, 222, 355,422, 570 

Mills, E. K 464, 583 

Mills, Hannah 553 

Mills, J. W 442, 577 

Mills, K. W .' 480 

Mills, Marcia 535, 592 

Milner, M. G 495 

Miner, H. R 123, 588, 604 

Minier, Annie P 553 

Mink, E. H 484 

Minor, C. A 393, 439 

Minton, A. M ' 344 

Missner, I. L 393, 478 

Mitchell, Berneice E 124 

Mitchell, D. B 363 

Mitchell, D. J 443 

Mitchell, D. S 363 

Mitchell, D. W 364, 454 

Mitchell, E. G 124,412 

Mitchell, Ettamae 536,' 600 

Mitchell, Frances 309 

Mitchell, H 445 

Mitchell, H. H 400 

Mitchell, J. C 390, 457 

Mitchell, J. M 471 

Mitchell, Lane 414 

Mitchell, M. H 404 

Mittelberg, Wilma 557 

Mlodock, Alice 533 

Moberley, K. E 56, 124 

319, 348, 485, 580 

Moberly, Gladys V 124, 520 

Mockenhaupt, J. B 443 

Moeller, H. F. W 481 

Moench, R. G 421 

Moers, T. C 124, 388, 393, 572 

Moffat, Sara 309," 516, 581 

Mogul, S 455 

Mohler, J. W 392, 465 

Mohlman, Lucy M 308, 587 

Mohr, W 239 

Mojounier, Helen M 513,524 

Molden, Lois 551 

Moloney, R. T 446 

Monack, A. J 397, 435, 574 

Monahan, J. C 588 

Monier, Alva 302 

Monnier, C. S 429, 578 

Monroe, Charles .444 

Monroe, Vera 530 

Monroe, W. S 595 

Monson, J. S 124, 468 

Monson, R. A 468 

Montgomery, B. E 504 

Montgomery, M. J 124, 469 

Montooth, Hazel .551,592 

Mooradian, J. V. 503 

Moore, Audrey 538, 594 

Moore, Beth 320 

Moore, Dicie A 124, 403, 606 

Moore, Donald 486 

Moore, E. N 124, 429 

Moore, E. S 500 

Moore, Elsie 305, 552 

Moore, G. E 399 

Moore, G. T 583 

Moore, H. F 331,397,405,414 

Moore, H. R 495 

Moore, March B 268, 302 

521, 525, 604 

Moore, Margaret J 517 

Moore, P. O ' 124 

Moore, M. B 364 

Moore, R. L 124, 392, 430 

Moore, R. Z 261 

Moore, Thyra 124, 518 

Moore, V. E 221 

Moore, Virginia 557 

Mooradian, J. V 124 

Moorman, R. B 363,397 

487, 569, 602 

Moorsehead, R. C 412 

Moos, E. A 487 

Mora, J. M 508 

Moran, J. E 491 

Moran, J. F 427 

Morehouse, R. E 456, 580, 585 

Moreland, J. W 506 

Moretsky, B. I 300, 402, 543, 592 

Morey, Lloyd .20, 35, 139, 318, 367 

Mortar Board 59 

Mortensen, Vivian S 538 

Morf, Paula 308, 534, 586 

Morgan, C. S 466 

Morgan, E. W 305, 365, 450 

Morgan, J. F 124,391 

Morgan, Jean 331 

Morgan, Martha 549 

Morgan, N. D 397, 455 

Morgan, R. W 419 

Morgan, W. H 434 

Morgan, W. R 574 

Morgan, Winona 331 

Moriarty, G. P 567 

Morony, Mary F 355,357,552 

Morris, D. E 124, 432 

Morris, D. P 403 

Morris, F. H 124, 330, 338 

368, 463, 602 

Page 664 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Morris, Genevieve 305, 521 

Morris, J. K 168, 320, 352, 422 

Morris, Mary 165, 274 

275,. 330, 521 

Morrison, A. R 58, 124, 180 

203, 248, 355, 427 

Morrison, Ruth J 125, 290, 551 

Morrison, S. H 507 

Morrison, W. S.. .228, 393, 417, 577 

Morrissy, E. V 443 

Morrow, Martha .330, 336, 536. 600 

Morrow, W. B 419 

Morse, J. A 450, 580, 585 

Morse, J. D 125,412,605 

Mortensen, M. A 491 

Mortenson, H. N 447 

Mortenson, Vivian 369 

Morton, D. B 491 

Morton, G. H 466 

Moseley, Bud 499 

Moses, Raymonde 553,596 

Mosher, A. T 333, 402, 448 

Mosher, J. K 476 

Moss, Grace 551 

Motel, W 365, 402 

Mott, Genevieve 541 

Mott, Lucretia .■ 553 

Mouch, Lucile 534 

Moulten, G. F 427 

Moulton, J. M 368 

Mounce, K. L 387, 457 

Mount, C. V 440 

Movius, A. 1 502 

Mowat, J. E 393, 452 

Mowatt, Isobel B 125, 535 

Mower, Bernelda 279 

Mower, Grace R 125,. 513. 538 

Mowery, Allene 558 

Moye, Ruth I . 125 

Moyer, Bernelda 547, 592 

Moyer, W. L 496 

Mueller, E. M 404,437 

Mueller, L. C 365 

Mueller, M. W , 390 

Mueller, Richard 503 

Mueller, W. A 125 

Muhl, P. O. . .' 125, 570 

Muhs, E. 501 

Muir, Lester 392 , 488 

Muirhead, Dorothy B 279, 523 

Mulford, Helen 517 

Mulholland, M. S 451 

Mullady, R. E 125, 443, 574, 583 

Mulvane, Edna B 125, 591 

Mulvane, O. E 574 

Mulvihill, D. F 313,466 

Mumford, Dean H. W 25 

Mummert, DeVere 433 

Mumm, L. H 393 

Munae, Elaine \ 553 

Munch, Donald 452 

Mundo, Liberty 580, 592 

Munnecke, R. A 460 

Munnecke, R. C 386 

Munro, H. E 432 

Muns, A. C 125 

Muns, Lola J 125, 517 

Munson, Elizabeth A 125, 597 

Muntz, J. H 125, 441, 578 

Munz, O. W 125, 497, 502, 569 

Murch, G. E 490 

Murhard, E. A 125, 485 

Murison, G. W., Jr 126, 423 

Murley, W. R 126, 490 

Murphy, B. D 126, 397, 569, 576 

Murphy, C. E 442 

Murphy, D. H 126, 397, 567 

569, 578 

Murphy, F. G 502 

Murphy, J. W 475 

Murphy, L. J 500 

Murphy, L. M 441 

Murphy, L. P 567 

Murphy, L. W 34, 603, 605 

Murphy, Marjorie 526 

Murphy, R. C 420, 450, 563 

Murphy, R. M : 44Q 

Murphy, S. N 239, 414, 475 

Murphy, V. L 501 

Murray, L. P 211, 441 

Murrin, John 412 

Murson, Violet 594 

Murton, Virginia .165, 266, 267, 278 
279, 290, 355, 529, 575 

Music 361 

Musick, Albert 499 

Musick, Howard 499 

Mutinsky, E. J 388, 393 

Myer, T. R 439 

Myers, A. 0.126, 353, 491, 591, 603 

Myers, D. R 494 

Myers, Frances 600 

Myers, Harriet J. .126, 330, 537, 584 

Myers, J. H 429 

Myers, Joanne 303, 528 

Myers, Morris 492 

Myers, Oreva E 126 

Myers, S. C 126, 333, 445 

Myers, Sterling E 169, 433 

Muzzarelli, Helen E 545 


Nackman, A. E 461 

Nakamura, H 595 

Nalbach, T. 1 364 

Nail, J. S 126 

Napier, Virginia 545 

Narodick, Phillip 508 

Nash, Fred 423 

Nash, H. H 500 

Nasluchacz, Antonia 552 

Nason, E. F 457 

Natkin, B. M 445 

Natterstad, E. L 326 

Nauman, A. C. 261, 423 

Neadstine, Louise 302, 557 

Nearpass, E. E 607 

Neave, S. L 400 

Nedwed, A. A 56, 348, 572 

Nedwed, J. J 126, 471, 580 

Needham, P. E 439,604 

Neese, G. N 500 

Neeseman, A. C 501 

Neely, H. W 368 

Neff, W. N 336, 337, 338 

355, 393, 423 

Negri, J. A 474 

Neiger, John 412 

Neil, H. C 58, 126, 176, 327 

355, 421, 568, 582 

Neill, A. J 339, 417, 590 

Neilsen, Lillian M 127 

Neims, I. M 509 

Nelms, Lucille 551 

Nelsch, W. R 126,330,387 

391, 429, 588 

Nelson, A. S 259, 465 

Nelson, Arthur 485 

Nelson, Beulah G 126 

Nelson, Byron 472 

Nelson, C. A 126, 387, 391, 466 

Nelson, C. L 490 

Nelson, D. J 314,448 

Nelson, E. R 485 

Nelson, Edithmarie 550 

Nelson, Ethel M 308, 532 

Nelson, Evelyn E 302, 524 

Nelson, Evelyn S 553 

Nelson, F. W 388 

Nelson, Gladys B 513,534 

Nelson, H 126,485 

Nelson, H. E 311 

Nelson, H. P. . . .169, 229, 393, 493 

Nelson, H. V 473 

Nelson, H. W 126, 476 

Nelson, Helen 552 

Nelson, Inez 553 

Nelson, Irving 566 

Nelson, Iva 127, 534 

Nelson, Josephine M 404,551 

Nelson, Milford 503 

Nelson, Muriel B 532 

Nelson, P. W 127, 397, 398, 477 

Nelson, R. A 169, 486 

Nelson, R. C 302,457 

Nelson, R. W 393, 412 

Nelson, Ruth 127, 275, 355, 520 

Neison, S. C 604 

Nelson, S. E 388, 391 

Nelson, Severina 338, 606 

Nerein, T. J 506 

Nesler, David 493 

Nettles, H. R. . . .127, 330, 494, 563 

Neunuebel, Gladys 522 

Nevens, W. B 400, 401, 479 

Newberger, Charles 508 

Newbill, Joyce E 311,524,596 

Newbill, T. J 450 

Newburg, Chester 444 

Newcomb, Rexford 447, 475 

576, 591, 604 

Newcomb, T. F 389 

Newcomer, C. W 169, 363, 471 

Newcomer, H. L. .363, 417, 585, 602 

Newell, H. M 446 

Newell, R. H 506 

Newhall, C. F 442 

Newman, Evelyn 534 

Newman, H. P 500 

Newman, Juliet 552 

Newman, Lillian 528 

Newman, N. C . 496 

Neystrom, Gladys C...127, 523, 592 

Nicely, C. M 472 

Nichols, Audley 525 

Nichols, D. F 393,494 

Nichols, Eileen 332, 597 

Nichols, Harold . .127, 386, 433, 566 

Nichols, Martha E 127 

Nichols, W. A 386, 400, 432 

Nichols, W. B 385 

Nicholson, C. M 412, 577 

Nicholson, D .499 

Nicholson, J. A 439 

Nickoll, G. H 127, 445 

Nicol, W. C 413 

Nicolet, Isabelle 559 

Niebergall, Verna 535 

Nieburger, E. C 462, 571 

Niederhoff, A. E 127 

Nielsen, I. P 469 

Niemeyer, E. W 365 

Niemeyer, J. A 319, 483, 580 

Nierman, S 455 

Niess, A. J 311, 470 

Nilsen, R. T 477 

Nilson, W. R 364 

Nimmo, G. L 127,400,578 

Nismonger, C. R 413 

Nissen, W. F 127, 497 

Nix, Charles 573 

Nixon, R. J 415 

Noble, Mary J 549 

Noble, W. L 20, 502 

Nodeau, O. E 500 

Noe, E. S 127, 574, 583 

Nolan, A. W 566 

Noling. M. N 309, 463 

Nonneman, Margaret 544 

Nonnenkamp, E. J 451 

Noonan, Patrick 573 

Nord, Victor 300 

Nordensson, R. A 413 

Nordgren, R. A 365 

Nordstrom, O. B 211,444 

Norin, L. W 481 

Norman, O. H 390, 482 

Norman, V. C 480 

Norman, Virginia 312 

Normand, J. F 127 

Norris, E. N 127,507 

Norris, Mary Lou 127,515 

Norris, Nina E 369, 544, 587 

Norris, R. E 399, 572, 602 

Norton, Bessie 536 

Norton, E. A 457 

Norton, L. F 466 

Norton, L. L 128, 325, 485 

Norton, W. E 451 

Norum, E. C 388,481,499 

Norwood, B. I., Jr 128, 355 

469, 603, 607 

Nosek, M. W 427 

Notkin, B 260 

Nottingham, Mariellen 517 

Novak, C. T 479 

Novak, S 260 

Novotny, Gladys 552 

Novy, B 455 

Noyes, Elizabeth 582 

Noyes, Dean F. B 33, 503 

Noyes, W. A 400, 405, 432, 464 

Nugent, G. W 309, 365 

Null, L. M 405, 435 

Nu Sigma Nil 500 

Nurmi, L. G 363, 496 

Nussell, Virginia 553 

Nye, P. H 419 

Nye, W. A 504 

Nylander, V. T 505 

Nysewander, C. W 128, 332, 597 

Nystrom, Martha L 128, 520 


Oakes, W. H 500 

Oakwood, T. S 128 

Oathout, F. C 364, 452 

O'Brien, Gertrude 552 

O'Brien, Rev. John A 573 

O'Brien, Mabel F 303,545 

Ocenasek, J. C 507 

Ochsenschlager, Morgan 450 

O'Connell, George 450 

O'Connell, Ralph 426 

O'Connor, Dorothy 303 

O'Connor, V. J 500 

O'Connor, William 573 

Oddsen, D. J 128,476 

O'Dell, W. F 128, 349 

387, 393, 427, 579 

Oden. R. J. E 504 

O'Donnell, C. E 128,397 

399, 484, 588 

O'Donnell, T. E 447 

Oehler, Rene 128 

Oehlschlaeger, Frank 168, 311 

320, 352, 430 
Oeler, R. C 128, 203, 254, 355 

397, 398, 449, 578 

Oelman. W. F 421 

Off, C. J 229, 421 

Oftenmeier, Mary 559 

Ogden, J. L 128 

Ogg, F. C 399 

Ogg, O.J 339, 417, 604 

O'Grady, W. J... 128, 244, 504, 582 

Ohlinger, H. A 128, 477 

Okada, R 595 

O'Keefe, F. X 128, 427 

Okner, H 326 

Olander, M. M. .203, 208, 444, 570 

Oldfather, W. A 405, 416 

Oleck, H. J 338, 427, 579 

Olin, A. S 472, 571 

Olin, C. D 128, 434 

Olin, Donna 166,350,513,515 

Olin. L. G 597 

Olive, Virginia M 129, 553 

Oliver, T. E 435, 479, 603 

Olmstead, A. F 405 

Olsen, R. R 506 

Olsen, Vivienne 305 

Olsen, W. R 129 

Olson, A. E 365, 431 

Olson, Bessie 129,531 

Olson, Edna 516 

Olson, Evelyn 548, 588 

Olson, F. C 433 

Olson, H. R 389,468,476 

Olson, J. A 430 

Olson, J. D 457 

Olson, L. M 473 

Olson, M. E 129,363,491 

Olson, Marjorie 519 

Olson, N. W 413 

Olson, Roberta 592 

Olson, Selma 586, 594 

Olwin, Beth 369,515 

O'Malley, Robert 415 

Omansky, S. C 484 

Omega Beta Pi 458 

Omicron Alpha Tau 492 

Onderdonk, D 440 

Ondrus, Joseph 466 

Ondrus, Thomas 466 

Oneal, George 129 

O'Neal, J 393 

O'Neal, Lillian 309,553,555 

O'Neal, N. P 388, 486 

O'Neil, Mildred A 129 

O'Neil, W. J 129, 474 

O'Neill, F. P 302, 451 

O'Neill, Katherine 527 

Oplatka, W. E 455 

Opp, Pauline M 523 

Oppenheim, H. E 393 

Oppenheim, Herbert 301 

Oppenheim, L. H 455 

Opperman, V. L. .129, 329, 463, 591 

Orange and Blue Feathers 268 

Orencia, A. D 129,601 

Orencia, B. D 129,601 

Orencia, C. M 601 

Organizations 407 

Orland, F. A 323, 473 

Orlando, J. R 473 

Orlovich, R. B 233 

Orndorff, N. V 421 

Orndorff, T. A 473 

Orne, Nelse 412 

Orner, R. J 129,392,588,608 

Orr, Arabella 552 

Ortgiesen, Rilla 404 

Orth, G. G 488 

Osborne, Margaret H 129,530 

Osborne, Mary J 551 

O'Shea, J. J 387, 393, 449 

O'Shea, Margaret W 129 

Oshlag, Dolores 290 

Osman, William 430 

Ossman, J. A 501 

Oster, F. H...56, 129, 348, 386, 473 

Osterman, H. W 439 

Ostermeier, Mary H 302 

Ostrovsky, S 459, 542 

Other Varsity Sports 247 

Otis, Margaret H 129, 349, 513 

523, 581 

Otis, R. E 300, 440 

Ott, E. R 399 

Ott, J. R 390 

Often, J. H 363, 453 

Otterson, F. W 443, 587 

Ottesen, R. G 129, 434, 579 

Otto, Helen D 587 

Otto, R. W 392 

Overholser, Gretchen 550 

Overman, O. R 432 

Overpeck, D. 130, 458 

Overturf , Janet 550 

Owen, T. H 260, 425 

Owens, H. F 413, 579 

Owens, J. F., Jr 221, 302, 413 

Owings, J. R 440 

Ozanne, I. L 400 

Ozment, J. R 130, 312, 580 

Ozment, Nellie 551 

Pabst, T. S 130 

Pace, G. A 388, 499 

Paden, J. H 390 

Padfield, Marjorie 547 

Page, C. H 457 

Page, Harriett L 309, 513, 540 

Page, Ruth 522 

Paik, A. J 366, 457 

Paine, E. B 397, 589 

Paine, Elizabeth S 275, 525 

Paine, G. R 130, 570 

Paine, H. G 130, 392, 498, 588 

Painter, F. A 402 

Palfrey, T. R 426, 603 

Palmer, C. E.436, 447, 576, 591, 604 
Palmer, C. F 130,403,450 

Page 665 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Palmer, Justine 130,513,532 

Palmer, O. A 386, 388, 392 

Palmer, R. M 130, 204, 302, 320 

355, 387, 393, 470 

Palmer, R. S 417 

Palumbo, F. A 443 

Paluska, Madeline 550 

Pan-Hellenic Council 513 

Panhorst, H. 57. 130, 306 

386, 391, 431 

Panichi, L 497, 604 

Pao, T 586 

Paredes, L. B 435, 601 

Park, A. R 130 

Parker, Alice 330 

Parker, B. R 502 

Parker, Cliff 338 

Parker, E. A 130 

Parker, F. C 458 

Parker, General 373 

Parker, J. M 103, 403, 454 

Parker, M. L 508 

Parker, Marcella 333, 550 

Parker, Margaret 269, 301, 337 

350, 404, 575, 590 

Parker, Mildred 366, 544, 594 

Parker, N. N 466 

Parker, Phyllis 530 

Parker, R. D 130 

Parker, T. R 393, 444 

Parkhill, Grace 130, 518, 606 

Parkhurst, D. A 391, 466 

Parkhurst, H. M 456 

Parks, B. M 480 

Parmacek, Louis 508 

Parmelee, C. W.. .421, 432, 464, 574 
Parmelee, R. C...392, 396, 580, 585 

Parr, M. A 130 

Parr, Rosalie M 586, 594 

Parr, S. W 400, 432, 464, 572 

Parrish, C. 1 130, 464 

Parsons, L. C 374, 386, 388, 392 

414, 608 

Parsons, May 553 

Partlow, Charles 465 

Partlow, L 483 

Partridge, D. B 131 

Partridge, Frances 559 

Pashby, R. W 168, 252, 253 

402, 439, 577 

Pass, Benjamin 492 

Pass, B. B 601 

Passman, P 459 

Pate, Harry 494 

Patelski, E. L 590 

Paterson, J. A 228 

Patier, LaDonne 518 

Patka, J. A 501 

Paeon, R. F 458 

Patten, John 423 

Patterson, A. Lucille 131,532 

Patterson, E. C 416 

Patterson, J. A 226, 230 

Patterson, L. .386, 388, 392, 485, 580 

Patterson. M. R 447 

Patterson, Virginia 519 

Pattison, H. C 57, 131, 338 

339, 375, 385, 387 

392, 570, 571, 587 

Patton, A. W 131 

Patton, Dolly 308 

Patton, Elma G 517 

Patton, Mary 269, 530, 575 

Patton, Mildred L 131,520 

Patton, Pauline 519 

Paul, H. G 429, 595 

Paul, Mary. .131, 403, 503, 548, 597 

Paul, Terlan 404, 541 

Paul, Viola 551 

Paullin, Margaret 303, 544 

Payne, Frances 525 

Payne, Frank 365 

Payne, J. C 310 

Payne, Leona 266, 274, 279 

333, 513, 542 

Payne, Maxine 559 

Peacock, J. S 470 

Peacock, Marjorie ....165,301,355 
521, 590 

Pearlman, Elamarie 539 

Pearson, E. L 400, 432 

Pease, A. G 393, 470 

Pech, Jaroslav 487 

Pecival, Eunice 552 

Peck, P. W 490 

Peckenpough, Elizabeth 530 

Peebles, J. C 457 

Peebles, R. G 437 

Peery, Ben E 589 

Peffer, Helen 521, 608 

Peffer, Virginia 521 

Pegues, C. F 454 

Peirce, D. D 400 

Pekarek, E. A 458 

Peller, Leo 131 

Pelnar, Paul 573 

Peltzer, Albert 131, 203, 254 

Peltzman, Julius 131 

Pence, Dwight 506 

Pence, Phyllis 290 

Pendergast, L. M 470 

Pendleton, Elsie 131, 535 

Penn, V. T 363, 364, 440 

Pennington, C. F., Jr 475 

Pennington, D. J.. 131, 472, 588, 608 

Penstone, Florence 592 

Pentecost, V. F 415 

Penwell, G. V 416 

Peoples, H. D 439, 578 

Percival, Pauline 131, 514 

Percival, Ruth 131, 540, 592 

Percy, Nelson 501 

Pereira, W. L 56, 131, 203, 338 

339, 348, 349, 591 

Perkins, K. N 391 

Perkins, R. A 392, 596 

Perkins, S. N 131, 329, 386, 466 

Perrin, Harry 412 

Perrine, Burton 444 

Perrine, E. S 485 

Perrine, G. H 440, 603, 606 

Perrottet, L. J 131, 470 

Perry, Norman 494 

Perry, R. C 482 

Pershing Rifles 390 

Peske, Gertrude . . .57, 132, 278, 279 

280, 404, 582 

Petefish, W. M 393 

Petering, H. G 304, 481 

Petering, R. E 311, 481 

Peters, B. K 588 

Peters, F 208, 216, 355 

Peters, W. G.368, 393. 432, 590, 602 

Peters, W. W 595 

Petersen, L. A 164,179,239 

355, 421, 568 

Peterson, C. H 569 

Peterson, F. G 132,331 

Peterson, Gladys 442, 534 

Pererson, L. R .' 326 

Peterson, L. V 368 

Peterson, I. S 604 

Peterson, M. G 434, 580, 585 

Peterson, R. F 453 

Peterson, R. R 434 

Peterson , Signe W 132 

Peterson, T. H 132 

Peterson, W. F 500 

Petitti, Mary 553 

Pettie, M. H 300,451 

Petru, Betry .166, 338, 350, 525, 586 
Perm, Frank 132, 319, 471 

476, 571, 572 
Pettee, J. C 168, 310, 331 

402, 463, 571 

Pettigrew, B. C 442 

Pettigrew, Jean 516 

Pettit, D. L 402 

Petty, C. G 393, 471 

Petty, P. A 577 

Petty, McKendree 606 

Petty, W. B 132, 339, 368, 472 

Pexton, Herbert 451 

Pezman, T. L 365 

Pfaff, A. J., Jr 302, 468 

Pfaff, A. S 462 

Pfautsch, L. A 132, 363, 364 

Pfautsch, Raymond 468 

Pfingsten, C. R 438 

Pfister, Katherine 165 

Pflager, Charles 417 

Pflug, W. A 475 

Phalanx 388 

Phares, Barbara 166, 516, 593 

Phares, Esther 132, 516 

Phebus, Darius 499 

Phelps, A. M 368, 392, 432 

Phelps, T. M 570 

Phi Alpha Delta 424 

Phi Beta 600 

Phi Beta Kappa 403 

Phi Beta Pi 504 

Phi Chi 506 

Phi Chi Theta 600 

Phidelis . 601 

Phi Delta Epsilon 508 

Phi Delta Phi 420 

Phi Delta Theta 

Phi Epsilon Pi 461 

Phifer, C. H 502 

Phifer, L. H 309, 469 

Phi Gamma Delta 418 

Phi Kappa 443 

Phi Kappa Epsilon 405 

Phi Kapa Psi 426 

Phi Kappa Sigma 415 

Phi Kappa Tau 451 

Phi Lambda Kappa 509 

Phi Lambda Upsilon 400 

Phi Omega Pi 523 

Philbin, T. E 388, 391, 497 

Philip, R. S 339, 472 

Philippine-Mini Club 601 

Phillips, F. L 428 

Phillips, J. A 132, 483 

Phillips, L. J 445 

Phillips, Marjorie 518 

Phillips, Miriam 518 

Phillips, Ruth E 56, 132, 348 

532, 597 

Phillips, R. S 424 

Phillips, W. E 608 

Philp, F 424 

Phi Mu 531 

Phi Mu Alpha — Sinjonia 602 

Phi Mu Delta 468 

Phi Pi Phi .475 

Phipp, Ethel 541 

Phipps, T. E 400, 432, 464 

Phi Rho Sigma 501 

Phi Sigma Kappa 439 

Phi Sigma Sigma 539 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 602 

Pianfetti, J. A 132, 403 

Pi Beta Phi 515 

Picard, J. L 475, 570 

Picchietti, Richard 573 

Pichter, I. B 393 

Pickels, G. W 397, 422, 569, 588 

Pickens, B. L 132, 353, 447, 591 

Pickens, Louise M 524, 549, 594 

Pickett, L 302, 390 

Pickett, L. J 442 

Pickett, Lucy 594 

Pickrel, J. F 414 

Pi Delta Epsilon 603 

Pi Delta Phi 603 

Piel, H. C 465 

Pieper, J. J 452 

Pierce, B. Raymor 132, 442 

Pierce, Frances 404, 524, 588 

Pierce, G. L 229 

Pierce, Noah 132 

Pierce, Norval — .... 502 

Pierce, Pearle ...132,559 

Pierce, Ramon B 132,179,275 

322, 355, 533, 584 

Pierce, S. H 330, 402, 463 

Pierson, Irene D 37, 165 

Piettangeli, Angelina 405, 603 

Pifer, Ruth 584 

Pi Kappa Alpha 454 

Pi Kappa Phi 466 

Pike, Gwendolyn 525 

Pike, Noel 423 

Pi Lambda Sigma 545 

Pilchard, E. 1 448 

Pilgrim Foundation 331 

Pilke, H. J 509 

Pillow, G. G 483 

Pillsbury, C. S 320 

Pilot, Isadore 508 

Pi Mu Epsilon 399 

Pine, L. W 133 

Pings. W. B 305, 389, 402, 429 

Pinkel. R. H 480 

Pinkerton, R. D 482 

Pinkerton, W. W 422, 604 

Pinsley, H. H 249, 461 

Piper, J. D 427 

Pirok, John . .56, 326, 348, 357, 499 

Pirtle, R. W 466 

Piser, A. L 478 

Piskur, Stephen 499 

Piszcek, Walter 477 

Piszkiewicz, F. G 506 

Pi Tau Pi Sigma 392 

Pi Tau Sigma 398 

Pitluck. H. H 133, 565 

Pitman, Hatriet 520 

Pitner, G. H 133, 588 

Pittenger, D. V 414 

Pittman, Viola A 540, 596 

Pitts, G. G 425 

Piuppo, J. A 133, 570 

Plain, George, Jr 133 

Plambeck, Fremont 499 

Planer, Virginia 530 

Plankenhorn, W. J 357, 583 

Plant, Margaret 533, 594 

Plante, Dorothy L 133,519 

Piatt, Louis 133, 445 

Plays 342, 343 

Plhak, R. L 473 

Plunk, M. P 365 

Podlesak, R. W 456 

Pohn, Esther R 539 

Pohn, Ruth K 539 

Pokorny, J. , Jr 587 

Polacek, F 459 

Polhamius, Eugene 133 

Polk, Edna L 522 

Pollock, N. L 461 

Poison, J. A 397, 398 

Pond, M. A 393, 420, 572 

Pontious. Glenn H 133 

Ponjer, E. D 500 

Poole, Gertrude 551 

Poole, J. H 227 

Poole, J. L 133 

Poole, W. G 133 

Poor, D. R. .299, 311, 362, 439, 605 

Poore, Mabel 531 

Pope, Caroline 521 

Pope, Ernest 460 

Pope, L. B 133, 486 

Pope, Mary 521 

Pope, S. K 133, 388, 393 

Porte, H 484 

Porte, S 221, 459, 484 

Porter, D. D 392, 400 

Porter, D. J 133, 364 

Porter, F. M 429 

Porter, Gladys E 133 

Porter, H. L 338 

Porter, J. E 479 

Porter, J. L 168, 352, 425 

Porter, Mary Lou 133, 279 

Porter, Sarah 529 

Porterfield, Helen M 515 

Portes, Fred 461 

Portner, Marjorie 550 

Posey, Ruth 134, 517 

Posnick, Helen 134, 542 

Post, Betty 134 

Poticha, Joseph 509 

Potocki, E 505 

Potokar, W. W 474 

Pottag, Dorothy L 523 

Potter, F. H 473 

Potter, F. W., Jr 420 

Potter, Jessie L 531 

Potter, K. A 134,566 

Potter, R. D 134 412 

Potthoff, E. F 491 

Pottker, P. E 481 

Pottlitzer, J. K 445 

Pottotf , Velma 552 

Potts, Adelaide 533 

Potts, Robert 463 

Pouzar, E. J 392, 423, 588 

Powell, Dorothy 557 

Powell, G. M 311,452 

Powell, Edith K...36, 134, 356, 519 

Powers, J. A 471 

Powers, R. A 363, 420, 424, 486 

Powers, R. M 475 

Powers, Thomas 304, 311, 426 

Pownall, W. L 437, 580 

Powney, F. T 456 

Poyer, H. C 393, 470, 604 

Pray, Ruth 592 

Premuda, F 393 

Prentiss, Lester 423 

Presbyterian Hall 548 

Prescott, Robert 463 

Pressmar, Maxine C 134 

Preston, R. F 390 

Pretty, Ruth K 134, 524, 593 

Prettyman, Jane 303,516 

Price, Frances 547 

Price, G. S 386, 388, 393 

Price, H. D. .203, 249, 254, 449, 570 

Price, Helen 607 

Price, Jeanne 515 

Price, Laura P 134, 544, 592 

Price, Sarah H 134 

Price, S. S 509 

Pilchard, L. F 368, 479 

Pride, E. W..375, 385, 387, 392, 608 

Priebe, E. P 134,323,396,415 

580, 582, 585 

Prince, Leona 552 

Pring, G. D 448, 590 

Pring, L. D 241, 449 

Pritchard, A. A 433 

Pritchard, L. E 134 

Pritchard, Mabel 331,552 

Pritikin, David 565 

Pritikin, T 459 

Pritz, C. E 449 

Piola, J. F 134, 387, 393, 488 

Propp, F 478 

Propst, D. W 502 

Proteau, A. J 425 

Provine, L. H 328, 397, 447 

591, 604 

Provol, G. J 338, 339, 601 

Provus, M. A 134, 455, 580 

Prucha, Martin 412 

Pruett, C. E 434 

Pruner, W. E 134, 447 

Pryor, C. C 134 

Psi Omega 505 

Psi Upsilon 440 

Publications 295 

Pucci, Guisti 498 

Pucin, J. M 471, 580 

Puehler, Lucy M 606 

Pugh, C. L 506 

Pufliam, V. D 135, 398 

Puicell, Josephine 527 

Purdy, A. C 339, 447 

Purdy, Vera 303,558 

Purma, F. L 211 

Purnell, Margery E 135, 524 

Purves, S. A 500 

Pusheck, V. C 386, 480 

Pushker, Estelle 542 

Putman, B. R 471 

Putman, W. J 466, 578 

Putnam, A. R 487 

Putnam, Ann E 135, 515 

Putnam, H. A 135, 426 


Quackenbush, C. V 425 

Quade, Lucile 521 

Qualkinbush, Barbara. . 169, 354, 515 

Qualkinbush, J. E 416 

Quebbeman, E. C.135, 424, 439, 582 

Page 666 

.vr'.v.Vv:: >>:•:■>:£# 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Queenan, Helen M 135, 519 

Querl, S. W 481. 590 

Quill, L. L 400, 464 

Quillman, F. L 506 

Quindry, F. E 389, 462, 476 

Quinn, T. T 305, 365 

Quinnell, L. E 135, 604 

Quirke, T. T 422 


Rabe, K. J 477 

Rabens, G 455 

Rabinowitz, M. 1 484 

Rack, A. J '. 135, 388, 589 

Rada, Millard 477 

Radcliffe, D. G 366 

Radeke, D. A 428 

Radenz, S. T 447 

Radl, R. M 366 

Raemer, C. M 420 

Rafelson, Bessie 552 

Rafferry, T. N 502 

Rafilson, J. C ..135,459 

Ragins, Alex 509 

Ragins, O. B 509 

Ragland, W. M 389 

Ragsdale, Muriel E 523 

Railsback, Margaret 514, 584 

Railsback, R. J 365, 418, 577 

Railway Club 604 

Rains, Russell 488 

Raisch, H. G 495 

Rakstang, Winona M 524, 575 

Ralph, E. J 364 

Ralph, Lillian 559, 597 

Ralston, John 251 

Ramer, L. G 135, 387, 392 

589, 608 

Ramey, J. R 385, 387, 392, 475 

Ramser, J. R 456 

Rand, Helen 534, 581, 594, 608 

Randall, Dorothy G 135, 558 

Randall, L. E 135, 447 

Randall, Marjorie 552 

Randolph, Elizabeth F..167, 301, 353 
355, 590 

Randolph, J. F 135, 485 

Raney, V. G 135,353,443,604 

Ranger, Ruth B 523, 592 

Rankin, F. H 433, 440, 485 

Rankin, Irva J 135,513,534 

Rankin, Ruth. 165, 166, 167, 180, 306 
321, 350, 355, 513 
521, 575, 593, 606 

Ranstead, B. J 482 

Ranstead, Lorraine 303 

Rapp, C. H 574, 583 

Rapp, Lucile E 135, 540 

Rapp, Mildred E 527 

Rapp, M. H 402, 416 

Rappaport, B . Z 508 

Rasmussen, Doretta 302, 521 

Rasmussen, Margretha 332 

Rasmussen, M. P 418 

Rasnick, A 455 

Rastede, K. W .417 

Rathje, T. A 136, 392, 466 

Rathmell, Vernice 553 

Ratledge, W. K 447 

Rattner, D 459 

Rausch, Mildred 592 

Raushenberger, E. J 392 

Rawles, - George 433 

Ray, D. W 431 

Ray, Frances 304, 516 

Ray, G. J 443 

Ray, V. A 493 

Raymond. S. W 506 

Rayner, R. W 136, 473, 582 

Rayner. W. H 460, 569 

Rea, Myrtle 519 

Read, Elva 553, 592 

Read, Lois 592 

Reagan, C. W 595 

Reagan, L. M 399,480 

Reagin, Helen L 521 

Ream, E. F., Jr 136, 385, 388 

393, 487 

Reasoner, M. A 229,462 

Rechards, Truman 438 

Reck, H. J 428 

Rector, William 331 

Redd, E. A : 431 

Reddig, R. R 412 

Reddish, P. W 417 

Redeker, P. B 181, 299, 355, 441 

Reddell, R. G 320, 423 

Redmond, Gertrude 544 

Reece, Anita R 308, 519 

Reed, Alice 550 

Reed, Carlos 501 

Reed, D. F 136 

Reed, Frank 386, 454 

Reed, G. C 462 

Reed, Helen ....". 136, 521 

Reed, Helen H 546, 592 

Reed, Ruth 522 

Reed, T. W 136 

Reed, W. B 474 

Reed, W. J 506 

Reed, W. V 397, 421, 591, 604 

Reeder, E. T 393, 428, 572 

Reeder, Van 136, 570 

Reedy, J. H 400,432,464 

Rees, O. W 400 

Reese, D. S 136, 434 

Reese, Edna 404, 531 

Reese, Romola J 438 

Refiner, Helen 403 

Regan, E. W 136 

Reibold, C. C, Jr 136, 477 

Reich, H 392 

Reid, E. A 397, 489 

Reid, Edith 551, 586 

Reid, Jean 57 

Reid, K. E 456 

Reid, L. D 136, 471 

Reid, M. H 364, 368, 417 

Reif, Elsie 305, 592 

Reilein, R. E 498 

Reilly, Jack 426 

Reilly, William 573 

Reimann, E. G 587 

Reimer, Robert 503 

Reinboth, Mildred. 136, 279, 549, 589 
Reinhold, W. R. .388, 390, 391, 497 

Reinoehl, C. W 590 

Reisner, F. A 450 

Reisner, F. L 393 

Reiter, E. L 136, 203, 254, 392 

Reitz, E 437 

Renfrew, C. L 580 

Renner, E. H 328 

Reno, R. M 424 

Reno, R. R 403 

Renwick, F. W 209, 402, 413 

563, 577 

Renz, E. J 326 

Replogle, V. L 226, 232 

Reserve Football 210 

Ressler, Harold 422 

Reston, J. B 249, 436, 577 

Rettberg, William 500 

Rettig, G. H 415 

Rettinger, L. J 475 

Rettke, Naomi 553 

Reuter, Gladys 545 

Rex, Everett 261, 430 

Rex, W. H 430 

Reyes, R. T 136, 601, 604 

Reynolds, G. M 386 

Reynolds, H. L 390, 402, 470 

Reynolds, Helen M. . .302, 404, 518 

Reynolds, Iva 600, 558 

Reynolds, J. E 388, 392, 564 

Reynolds, James 169, 432 

Reynolds, J. T 500 

Reynolds, Ruth ..308,544,553,592 
Reynolds, T. E. . .136, 203, 355, 449 

Rezabek, L. W 507 

Rhodes, E. E .428 

Rhodes, G. C 477 

Rhodes, Lorene 536 

Rhodes, T. F 136, 363, 422, 604 

Ricardo, Jeanne 539 

Rice, A. G 502 

Rice, E. E 137, 329 

Rice, Elizabeth 525 

Rice, G. C 430 

Rice, Jean 535 

Rice, P. M 506 

Rice, S. E 365 

Rice, W. M 402, 440 

Rich, E. R 451 

Rich, Joseph 477 

Rich, Keith 469 

Richards, A. R 365 

Richards, Eleanor 552 

Richards, May E 137, 403 

Richards, Paul 482 

Richardson, Anna May 165 

Richardson, Mary C 137 

Richart, F. E 397, 477 

Richman, S. M 168, 337, 445 

Richmond, Mable 553 

Richter, Catherine 291, 516, 582 

Richter, H. L. . . .137, 259, 261, 455 

Richter, I. B 601 

Richter, Oscar 501 

Rickard, Louise 515 

Ricker, J. A 416 

Ricker, N. C 572 

Ricketts, Edwina 540, 549 

Rickman, T 238 

Rickter, I. B 461 

Riddell, M. R 389 

Riddle, A. E 137, 428 

Ridgway, Hamlet .441 

Ridgway, W. F 436, 578, 608 

Ridinger, Helen... 297, 534, 584, 600 

Riebe, E. R 311, 481, 603 

Riedell, G. W 417 

Riedl, D 505 

Rieger, Grace 558 

Riendeau, G. A 507 

Riepen, Helen C. ;:.". 137, 552 

Riessen, C. W 491 

Rife, D. W 506 

Rigge, A. G 476 

Righter, G. B 567 

Righter, Martha 403 

Riker, Edith 551 

Riley, J. J 309 

Rinaker, Clarissa 518,581 

Rine, B. E 443 

Rinehart, J. A 137 

Ring, Rosella 553 

Rinkenberger, R. E 137 

Riser, Lucille 536 

Riser, R. C 500 

Riserter, H. J 422 

Rising, R. H 454 

Riskind, Lester 508 

Ritch, C. 506 

Ritchardson, H. P 468 

Ritcher, P. 311,363,403 

Ritt, A. E 500 

Rittenhouse, Flora 330, 534 

Ritzlin, Philip 137 

Rizner, H. R 604 

Robb, Robert 453 

Robbins, Blanche.. 303, 513, 544, 584 

Robbins, J. F 464 

Robbins, Martha 521, 581 

Robbins, Mary 330, 404, 516 

Roberts, Bernard 565 

Roberts, Clementine 534 

Roberts, Dorothy 592 

Roberts, Evelyn 366 

Roberts, F. W 390, 393, 418 

Roberts, Glenna 165, 279, 325 

556, 557 
Roberts, Gwendolyn 166, 291 

519, 575 

Roberts, M. 307, 422, 577 

Roberts, Mary 137, 274, 513 

514, 593 

Roberts, P. C 483 

Robertson, Carita 582 

Robertson, H. G 505, 580 

Robertson, W. S 606 

Robillard, Blanche 550 

Rqbinson, Anna B 525, 595 

Robinson, Bernice 600 

Robinson, D. E 208 

Robinson, F 581 

Robinson, Genevieve 137, 523 

Robinson, J. B 462 

Robinson, Lester ..137, 412, 588, 604 
Robinson, M. H. .396, 425, 564, 585 

Robinson, O. E 137, 215, 355 

387, 393, 444 

Robinson, R. L 261, 430 

Robison, Irma 137,552,602 

Roche, A. V 596 

Roche, D. W 320, 441, 577 

Roche, J. P 607 

Rocke, Celeste 303, 531 

Rockenbach, Helen 311,521 

Rockman, I. A 138, 392, 453 

588, 608 

Rockwell, P. S 488 

Rockwell, R. G 441 

Rodebaugh, Clara 553 

Rodebush, W. H 400, 432, 464 

Rodeheaver, J. N..319, 330, 402, 432 

Rodger, L. S 446 

Rodgers, J. J 502 

Rodgers, R. A 58, 137, 180, 203 

226, 228, 231, 355, 421 

Rodier, Marjorie 548 

Rodin, Robert 508 

Rodman, L. G 137 

Rodman, R. W 485 

Roe, Elizabeth E 138, 280, 530 

Roeder, B. E 138, 452 

Roeder, Chappelle 541, 584 

Roeder, Jeanne 308, 517 

Roehm, L. R 474 

Roepke, C. F 441 

Roesch, Dorothy 165, 525, 581 

Rogers, Delia Mae 323, 591, 600 

Rogers, R. A 591 

Rogier, Evelyn 290, 552 

Rogier, J. F 463 

Rogier, J. W 392, 448 

Rohwedder, Carma 552 

Rohrer, C. H 413 

Rokusek, F. E 203, 208, 428, 570 

Rolfe, Mary 331 

Roll, D. F 128, 388 

Roll, L. J 400 

Rolston, J. N 138 

Roman, R 138,387,391,398 

Romanus, Margaret 138, 552 

Rome, S 509 

Romer, Evelyn 138 

Ronalds, F. S 426 

Ronchetti, Madeline 552 

Roney, H. B 432 

Roney, M. Pauline 552, 606 

Ronneberg, G. T 491 

Ronneberg, Lillian 138, 534 

Ronstrom, G. E 506 

Roos, A. W 444, 577 

Roos, Edward, Jr 451, 571 

Roos, F. J 501 

Roosa, W. L 366, 602 

Root, Clark 422 

Root, D. L 424 

Roper, Isabel 531 

Rosbe, R. L 259,444,563 

Roseberry, C.J 318, 421 

Rosborough, J. R 485 

Rose, B. F 138,417,576 

Rose, Dorothy 535 

Rose, F. J 376, 385, 387, 431 

455, 487, 604 

Rose, G 509 

Rose, Helen 535 

Rose, Iobel 169, 354, 516 

Rose, Laura 138, 537 

Rose, M. J 508 

Rose, W. C 400, 419, 432 

Rose, W. M 56, 138, 323, 356 

387, 460, 585 

Rosen, B. B 489 

Rosen, Dorothy 138 

Rosen, M 484 

Rosen, R. A 445 

Rosenberg, Anne 312, 543 

Rosenberg, Dorothy 528 

Rosenberg, T 455 

Rosenblatt, D. E 489 

Rosenbloom, David . . .363, 402, 435 

Rosenblum, B. F 390, 459 

Rosenfeld, Lillian.. 56, 138, 333, 338 

356, 542, 584 

Rosenstiel, H. C 422 

Rosensweig, H. R 393 

Rosenthal, F. V 138, 238, 244 

355, 470 

Rosenthal, I. H 363, 366, 435 

Rosenthal, J. B 484, 601 

Rosenthal, Martin 509 

Rosenwasser, Theresa. . 138, 552, 588 

Rosenzweig, H. R 478 

Roskam, Ruth 550 

Roskoph, M. S 445 

Ross, C. H 491 

Ross, D. A 427 

Ross, D. N 453 

Ross, H. H 405, 506 

Ross, Jack 426 

Ross, Maude 1 139, 546 

Ross, Parry 508 

Ross, S. H 393, 454 

Ross, S. T 326 

Ross, W. A 129, 386, 436, 506 

Rossander, S. S :400, 498 

Rossiter, J. H 462 

Rossiter, L. H 441 

Rossiter, M. L 139, 386, 462, 571 

Rossman, Edward 501 

R. O. T. C 375 

Roth, J. B 365 

Rorh, M. L 304, 478 

Rothbardt, A 455 

Rothbaum, Regina 303, 528 

Rothenberg, H. B 459 

Rothenburger, Ruth 530 

Roti S. J 228, 393, 443 

Rourke, J. W 415 

Roush, D. W 203, 208, 212, 355 

Routh, J. B., Jr 139, 447 

Row, C. F 330, 392, 460 

Rowan, Mary V 139 

Rowand, Wilmetta 557 

Rowe, A. R 490 

Rowe, Ruth E 532, 592 

Rowe, V. E 590 

Rowley, F. C 493 

Roy. Florence M. .139, 525, 581, 602 

Roy, H. C 393 

Roy, Margaret Julia 404 

Royer, S. H 139, 453 

Royse, D. J 139 

Royston, Alice A 139, 279 

Rubel, E. N 393, 487 

Ruben, Shelley 543 

Rubenking, L. J 588 

Rubenstein, George 489 

Rubenstein, H 484 

Rubenstein, J. A 445 

Rubenstein, L. S 478 

Rubenstein, M. W 484 

Rubenstein, Regina 543 

Rubin, A 333 

Rubin, David 333, 461 

Rubin, H. H 508 

Rubin, J. G 445 

Rubin, Mildred 550 

Rubin, S 139, 333 

Rubin, Silvia 553 

Ruby, J. C 203, 220, 426, 570 

Rucker, H. J 566 

Rudd, R. D 386, 432, 574 

Ruddy, T. J 390 

Rue, D. T 500 

Ruehe, H. A 436 

Ruekberg, Ruth 528 

Ruel, Fred 500 

Rugen, R. C 326, 403 

Rugh. K. W 139, 177, 349 

355, 419, 579 

Rugh, R. H 418 

Rummel, C. G 442 

Runden, E. H 365 

Page 667 



Runge, Dorothy M 524, 588 

Runyan, Alice 552 

Rus, A. F 139, 392, 494 

Rush, Clara 530 

Rusin, V. C 495 

Rusk, Elizabeth 404, 481, 557 

Rusk, H. P 433, 448 

Ruskin, Louis 311, 353, 489 

Russel, Sinclair, Jr 318, 392 

Russell, C. E ■ 427 

Russell, F. A 396, 418, 422 

564, 582, 605 

Russell, H. G 139, 358, 401 

419, 448 
Russell, Mary M. .139, 357, 556, 558 

Russell, Melle K .-. .340, 515 

Russell, Patricia V 340, 515 

Russell, W. C 211,392,427,456 

Rust, J. L 418 

Ruth, W. A 432 

Ruther, Helen 553 

Rutherford, F. W.322, 328, 555, 432 
Rutherford, Margaret 269, 337 

350, 514, 575 

Rutherford, Marian 551 

Rutherford, R. B 418 

Rutherford, R. N 307, 402, 432 

Rutkowski, H. A 474 

Rutledge, C. M 447 

Ruyle, H. K 390 

Ryan, H. E 502 

Ryan, J. M 443 

Ryan, L. D 415 

Ryan, Mary 553 

Ryan, W. B 443 

Ryan, W. P 443 

Ryburn, L. F 139, 496 

Ryckman, Katherine 552 

Rversen, Bernice A 524 

Rysdon, Ruth 140, 290, 523 


Sabath, Myrtle 542 

Saberman, M. 1 509 

Sabo, J. P 203,210,220,221 

240, 436, 570 

Sachar, A. L 333, 601 

Sachem 164 

Sachs, Beatrice 543, 592 

Sachs, J. L 435 

Sachtleben, Alberr 499 

Sacks, Herbert 508 

Sacks, Mollie, F 140,552,591 

Saenz, Hilario 606 

Sadler, Louise E 538 

Sagawa, K 595 

Sagotsky, Sam 140 

Sahlin, H. A 363, 364, 564 

Sahlstrom, Edward 503 

Saiker, M. F 390 

Sakowske, T 505 

Sales, Stewart 461 

Salisbury, Eunice V 140, 553 

Salogga, F. W 451 

Sallee, Dorothy L 140 

Salmon, W. E 434 

Saltiel, T. P 508 

Salwinsky, L. N 344 

Sampson, D. H 460 

Samuell, Rose 330, 559 

Samuels, A 484 

Samuels, J. A 260, 478 

Sand, Edward 499 

Sand, J. J 329, 402, 499 

Sandberg, Delmar 419 

Sandberg, J. V 260, 425 

Sander, M. A 365 

Sander, R. G 140, 494 

Sanders, C. A 414 

Sanders, Ella M 140 

Sanders, F. W 203, 226, 234 

Sanders, Hazel M.140, 332, 592, 597 

Sanders, K. R 608 

Sanders, L 567 

Sanders, Meryl 516 

Sanderson, J. C, Jr 422, 577 

Sanderson, Robert 444 

Sandgren, Joyce 533 

Sands, G. T 363, 366, 444 

578, 604, 605 

Sandvoss, H. G 481, 590 

Sandwell, Gertrude 540 

Sanford, G. W 435 

Sanford, W. P 439 

Sangwin, Helen 303, 536, 587 

Sanks, D. R., Jr 486, 566 

Sanmann, Madge 332, 597 

Santanen, A. A 329, 480 

Santos, Angela R 140, 559, 601 

Sapora, J. C 140, 179, 203 

248, 355, 444 

Sargent, J. G 424, 444 

Sarnoff, H. S 509 

Sarratt, J. A 374, 386, 388, 393 

Sarsoun, C 505 

Saruk, F 509 

Satin, J. H 478 

Satin, M 478 

Satin, M.J 140 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Sattley, Margaret R 404, 515 

Sauer, E. L 314, 325, 580 

Saunders, Alta G.520, 590, 591, 600 

Saunders, Helen 529 

Savage, Lee 338, 476 

Savage, W. H 414 

Sawby, Agnes L 140, 540 

Sawtell, J. R 169, 434 

Sawyer, Helen L. .140, 506,. 513, 521 

Sawyer, Lillian 521 

Sawyer, P. W 452 

Sax, A 459 

Saxe, Carbys 414 

Saxer, M. M 364, 456 

Saxon, Bernice M 140, 526 

Sayers, R. P 415, 578 

Sayle, W. F 506 

Sayler, Allen 419 

Saylor, Georgia M 140 

Saylor, S. B 393 

Scabbard and Blade 386 

Scarab 604 

Schachenman, W. H 239 

Schad, Anette 553 

Schad, W. E 498 

Schaefer, E. F 140, 364, 480 

Schaefer, E. G 141, 447 

Schaefer, J. T 141, 323, 329, 463 

583 v 605, 607 

Schaeffer, David 141 

Schaeffer, Eleanor 290 

Schaeffer, F. G 473 

Schaeffer, H. P 571 

Schaeffer, J. R 456 

Schafer, C. G 363, 364 

Schafer, R. W 141, 358, 491 

Schaffer, A 455 

Schaffer, O. G 604 

Schalk, Edward 417 

Schaub, Elizabeth 525 

Schaub, Phylis 369 

Schauer, Dorothy 369, 553 

Schauer, R. J 431 

Scheel, H. A 141, 463 

Scheel, L. C 452 

Scheidenhelm, Arlene G 279, 280 

290, 552 

Schell, A. D 507 

Schell, L 437 

Schell, M. C 506 

Schellie, K. L 141, 353, 481, 604 

Schenkel, Dorothy A 535, 608 

Scher, Jacob 333, 344 

Scherer, R. M 388, 499 

Schermerhorn, Ruth ...165, 275, 330 

355, 551, 594 
Scheve, C. J. 141, 397, 470, 576, 591 

Schewel, S 459 

Schicht, C. A 414 

Schildgen, A. W 211 

Schildhammer, Lois 553 

Schiller, S. R 445 

Schilz, C. E 400 

Schindler, J. A 501 

Schlapp, Helen 519 

Schlatter, C. F 396,471,585 

Schlegel, K. W 501 

Schlenz, H. E 164, 328, 386 

397, 576 

Schlesinger, M. D 141, 604 

Schlicher, P. F 203, 255, 414 

Schlitt, T. J 457 

Schmidhofer, Ernest ..363,366,439 
Schmidt, Carol E 278, 279, 280 

290, 291, 533 

Schmidt, E. C 397, 604, 605 

Schmidt, E. F 363, 364, 426, 472 

Schmidt, H. R 418 

Schmidt, Janette .141, 320, 526, 602 

Schmidt, Martha J 524 

Schmink, L. R 365 

Schmitt, Eunice 552 

Schmitz, Evelyn 538, 592 

Schmitz, W. P 588 

Schnad, M. S 345 

Schnaiter, Russ 421 

Schnapp, Margaret 552 

Schnebley, M. 1 420, 473 

Schneider, A 393 

Schneider, Doris 557,587,592 

Schneider, Edward 422, 581 

Schneider, Elizabeth 514 

Schneider, Gerald 458 

Schneider, L. W 506 

Schneiter, C. C 471 

Schnell, C. R 589 

Schnell, F. A 259,421 

Schnell, M. D 421 

Schnepp, D. F 141, 457 

Schnepp, K. L 500 

Schnitz, W. P 390 

Schnoor, R. A 364 

Schoch, Mabel 553, 592 

Schoel, Annette M '. 514 

Schoeman, J. P 435 

Schoenbrod, Beatrice 305, 528 

Schoenbrod, S. G 141,455,603 

Schoeppel, Maxine 552, 588 

Schofield, Bertha J 141, 552 

Schofield, F. M 141, 432 

Scholk, E. A 211 

Scholl, Susanna 331,587 

Schollmeyer, Adele K. .309, 526, 575 

Scholz, G. H 422 

Schonthal, J 445 

Schoof, E. F 487 

Schooley, F. E 450, 605 

Schooley, R. E 305 

Schoolman, J. G 461 

School of Pharmacy 31 

School of Music 28 

Schoonmaker, Sherman. 369, 423, 602 

Schori, W. K 141, 580 

Schouer, Dorothy 369 

Schrader, H. J 443, 604, 605 

Schrader, Hortense 290 

Schramm, R. F 439 

Schreiber, A. F 466 

Schrieber, Anna M 594 

Schroeder, F. R. ..141, 203, 252, 253 
355, 466, 587 

Schroeder, H. C 472 

Schroeder, Hortense 309, 527 

Schroeder, J. F 57, 141, 398 

436, 578 
Schroeder, Margaret L 142, 552 

597, 607 

Schroeder, R. W 365 

Schrum, Dolores 553 

Schrumpf, Frederica 404 

Schubert, A. E 142, 313, 391, 397 

398, 476, 578 

Schuemann, B. C 142, 468 

Schuemann, Burton 494 

Schuham, J. R 142, 461 

Schull, C 587 

Schulman, Anita 542 

Schulte, W. C 142, 331, 397, 476 

Schultis, R. E 471 

Schultz, A. F 436 

Schultz, A. L 313, 449 

Schultz, C. F 608 

Schultz, E. A 392 

Schultz, E. G 481 

Schultz, Eleanor 530 

Schultz, J. R 403 

Schultz, L. R 445 

Schultz, Louis 503 

Schulz, W. F 435 

Schumacher, C. E 168 

Schumacher, E. E 458 

Schumacher, Elizabeth 517 

Schumacher, Henry 422 

Schumacher, J. C 474 

Schumacher, W. H 502 

Schuman, 1 509 

Schuster, J. V 482 

Schurz, R. F 308, 441 

Schutz, W. J 509 

Schwab, E. G 492 

Schwalb, Allen 435 

Schwanbeck, H. A 169,313 

390, 472 
Schwarm, E. R.. .142, 392, 401, 590 

Schwarm, R. A 444 

Schwartz, A. H 509 

Schwartz, G. F 367, 412 

Schwartz, H 455 

Schwartz, Ruth 536 

Schwartz, W. R 142, 580 

Schwartzenberg, Jean 553 

Schwarz, Elizabeth R 532 

Schwarz, K. R 462 

Schwarz, Ruth 592 

Schwarzentraub, R. J 142, 462 

Schwebel, I. G 455 

Schweer, T. A 417 

Schweidler, Irene 535, 550 

Schwendemann, E. T 392 

Schwerer, H. M 506 

Schye, Virginia H.142, 279. 291, 540 

Scior, Gladys 516 

Scott, G. W 142, 412 

Scott, K. F 452 

Scott, Mary M 142 

Scott, R 505 

Scott, R. C 363 

Scott, R. F 428 

Scott, Virginia 165, 275, 355 

533, 575, 584, 606 

Scott, W. D 578 

Scovill, H. T 318,396,465 

564, 580, 585, 603 

Scripps, G. L 416 

Scudder, Dorothy 529 

Scudder, J. M 142, 565 

Scuderi, C. S 506 

Scull, Miles, Jr.. .304, 389, 426, 577 

Scully, J. C 392, 412 

Seago, H. M 320, 352 

Seal, B. C 168, 332, 388 

393, 485, 597 

Seanor, J. G 496 

Sears, A. F 365 

Sears, Alice 551 

Sears, Susie 142, 534 

Seavey, A. M : 486 

Seavey, Alwin 142 

Sebek, L. J 365, 457 

Second Regimental Band 365 

Sedgwick, R. P 363, 465 

Sedlacek, Irwin 482 

See, K. R 456 

See, Virginia L 142, 513, 520 

Seeber, Marie F 142 

Seed, Lindon 502 

Seedorf , E. E 143 

Seely, F. B 397, 418, 569, 576 

Seeley, Jay 143,311,355,450 

Segall, S. L 478 

Seger, C. H 418, 585 

Segerman, Ethel S 143 

Seibert, Esther 548 

Seibert, Mary 522 

Seibold, F. W 393, 590 

Seidel, A. L 454 

Seidel, Miriam 369 

Seidel, R. D 388, 391 

Seidel, Virginia 538, 594 

Seidensticker, Virginia 302 

Seider, Elrena D 546, 591 

Seider, Norma 592 

Seidman, Edward 508 

Seifert, Mary Jane 181, 290, 306 

355, 506 

Seifert, W. F 414, 577 

Sejba, 229 

Seinost, F. R 143, 494 

Sekera, V. C 388, 393, 499 

Selden, Henrietta F 143, 602 

Seldon, J. M 226. 233 

Selig, J. A 309, 472 

Selin, M. W 489 

Sellers, Elsie 594 

Selwood, P. W 400, 405 

Sene, F. E 500 

Senior Ball 348 

Senior Informal 356 

Seniors 55 

Sentman, L. H 164, 181, 203 

233, 355, 417 

Sentz, Laura 537, 548, 594 

Selin, M. W 489 

Serblin, M. D 143, 578 

Serbu, M. J 363 

Serlin, Edward 1 304, 402 

Serra, J. J 221 

Servine, S 503 

Setchell, Elizabeth ....268, 309, 516 

Seten, J. S 312,393,469,580 

Sethness, C. H 416 

Settlemire, W. L 305, 413 

Settles, Delia 552 

Sexton, Caroline E 520 

Seybold, R. H 143,576,591 

Seybolt, R. F 412 

Seyfarrh, R. B 483, 563 

Seyfried, F. S 417 

Selfried, J. E 366 

Seyler, E. C 595 

Seymour, F. W 501 

Seymour, G. E 500 

Shabat, L. W 508 

Shabino, A. R 143, 465 

Shade, Genevieve 143, 592 

Shaeffer, Eleanor 279, 539 

Shallenberg, P. L 502 

Shallene, Milda 143,518,581 

593, 606 

Shambaugh, T. J., Jr 143, 325 

Shanedling, Phyllis 528 

Shankman, F 455 

Shannon, Bertha H 143 

Shannon, Helen 586 

Shannon, J. S 338, 442, 579 

Shannon, W. D 392 

Shapiro, Dororhy 543 

Shapiro, G. L 364 

Shapiro, Janice 143, 553 

Shapiro, Louis 508 

Shapiro, R 143, 588 

Shapiro, S. B 393, 509 

Shapiro, S. E 143, 603 

Shapiro, S. L 508 

Shappert, William 143, 444 

Sharer, Besse 144, 550, 592 

Sharpe, K. P 466 

Sharpe, M 455 

Sharwell , Sylvia 542 

Shattuck, C. H 402 

Sharwell, W. E 144, 604 

Shaub, Phyllis 144, 535 

Shaw, Douglas 425 

Shaw, E.J 363, 400, 602 

Shaw, Florence W 538 

Shaw, J. B 399, 413, 606 

Shaw, R. C 422 

Shawl, R. I. .319, 367, 368, 429, 602 

Shaykin, Hattie 553 

Shearer, J. A 498 

Shearer, R. L 144, 498, 588 

Shedd. T. C 569 

Sheehan, J. E 427 

Sheehy, F. T 443 

Sheets, J. B 471 

Sheldon, C. H 604 

Sheldon, Ruth E 517 

Shelford, Lois 537, 596 

Shelford, V. E 435 

Shell, Eleanor A 524 

Shepard, F. P 434 

Shepard, Mildred 144, 552, 523 

Shepherd, Emma Jane 144, 515 

Page 668 



Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Shepherd, F. J 402 

Sheppley, Helen 309, 525 

Sheridan, J. S 166, 351, 443 

Sherman, N. R 427 

Sherman, Virginia 514 

Sherman, W. J 144 

Sherwood, A. L 300,451 

Shevler, D. H., Jr 447 

Shi-Ai 575 

Shirley, L. H ..390, 391 

Shirley, M. W 390 

Shields, Frances 144, 333, 547 

Shildneck, P. R 259, 400 

Shinall, H. L 458 

Shingleman, Irwin 508 

Shingleman, Willard 508 

Shinn, F. A 144, 393, 450, 582 

Shipplett, Rex 499 

Shirley, Allan 503 

Shively, H. 1 144 

Shoaff, E. A 203, 250 

Shobe, C. D 144 

Shoemaker, R 144, 339, 416 

Shogren, Josephine F 144 

Sholis, V. A.. 164, 181, 299, 450, 605 

Shon, De Vera 543, 592 

Shook, H. M 144, 473 

Shoot, L. F 144, 448 

Shoot, L. R 590 

Shore, Thelma 302, 528 

Short, Ruth A 144 

Shoskey, K 505 

Shreve, Ruth 526 

Shriner, R. L 400, 432 

Shultis, R. E 363 

Shultz, L. P 425 

Shumaker, Loch ..209, 365, 402, 407 

Shuman, G. M 169 

Shuman, Geraldine 550 

Shuman, Mildred. .165, 320, 355, 357 
556, 559, 608 

Shuman, P. H 448 

Shumate, J. L 368, 426 

Shumway, Waldo 203, 386, 458 

Shure, Norman 508 

Shutter, J. C 433 

Sibley, F. G 462 

Sideman, 1 455 

Sideman, Sydney 489, 580 

Sidwell, Wayne 566 

Siebert, F. S 605 

Siebert, F. W 203, 255, 392, 449 

Siefferman, R. L 485 

Siegal, Henry 508 

Siegel, B. G 459 

Siegel, F. W 145, 387, 392 

444, 582, 603 

Siegel, Irving 509 

Siegel, J. L 145, 478 

Siegel, Mary 553 

Siegrist, Elizabeth A 533, 584 

Siegrist, R. A 588 

Siemering, A. H 436 

Siemon, Annetta M....145, 532, 597 

Sifferd, R. H 363, 366 

Sigler, Robert 415 

Sigley, D. T 399 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 419 

Sigma Alpha Iota 541 

Sigma Alpha Mu 455 

Sigma Chi 413 

Sigma Delta Chi 605 

Sigma Delta Kappa 494 

Sigma Delta Phi 606 

Sigma Delta Pi 606 

Sigma Delta Rho. 487 

Sigma Delta Tau 542 

Sigma Epsilon 605 

Sigma lota Epsilon 607 

Sigma Kappa 521 

Sigma Mu Sigma 485 

Sigma Nu 422 

Sigma Phi Beta 546 

Sigma Phi Delta 497 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 423 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Volley 

Ball Team .261' 

Sigma Phi Sigma 457 

Sigma Pi 436 

Sigma Tau 576 

Signor, Nelle M 515 

Silander, Janna 552 

Silbar, B 455 

Silberberg, Benjamin 402 

Silberman, Cyrille 553 

Silberman, J. E 145 

Silberman, M. B 145, 484 

Silcox, L. E 458 

Siler, E. W 488 

Silliman, Minott, Jr 305,448 

Silling, G. M 493 

Silver, I. 1 489 

Silverman, E. H 310,355,582 

Simerl, L. H 402 

Simma, Ruth 538 

Simmonds, L. F 495 

Simmonds, L. F. 145 

Simmons, J. D 506 

Simms, H. A 145, 566 

Simon, A. D 167, 478 

Simon, Abraham 509 

Simon, E. W 486, 566 

Simon, Frank 226, 230 

Simon, Leon 145 

Simon, Martha 290, 540, 586 

Simon, R. C 313 

Simon, R. D 445, 601 

Simonds, Sarah 525, 575 

Simons, R. C 470 

Simonsen, Julia M 145, 521 

Simonson, Marion 536, 592 

Simpson, Delia 558 

Simpson, Dorothy G 145, 551 

Simpson, Frances 516 

Simpson, O. C 145 

Simpson, R. E 469 

Simpson, Rhoda M 558 

Sims, E. C 476 

Sims, R. P 604 

Sinderson, Rocho 476 

Singer, H. A 508 

Singer, H. D 501 

Singer, J. D 509 

Singer, T. 1 484 

Singh, A. D 435 

Singleton, Margaret 165, 275 

355, 526, 575 

Siniarski, C 505 

Sinnock, Pomeroy 418 

Sinow, L 455 

Sippy, B. 503 

Siren, The 311 

Sirois, Vivienne 592 

Sisson, W. A 432 

Sitter, Pearl S 145, 538 

Sjolander, H. A 302, 441 

Skeels, Freida B 145 

Sketch Club 607 

Skidmore, J. R 363, 366 

Skidmore, W. E 366 

Skiles, K 302, 471 

Skinner, A. J 522 

Skinner, H. S 422 

Skly, G. L 453 

Skoglund, J. W 465 

Skrelunas, George 145 

Skroder, C. E 397 

Skudstadt, R 503 

Skull and Crescent 577 

Sladek, W. R 502 

Slakoff, June 553 

Slattery, J. E 453 

Slaughter, D. P 402, 413 

Slaughter, J. A 473, 583 

Slaughter, R. W 583 

Slepicka, Helen . .145, 266, 544, 607 

Slepyan, A. H 445 

Sloan, Beatrice 278, 279 

Sloan, D. E 330 

Sloan, H. J 433 

Sloan, R. E 164, 178, 301 

355, 468, 564, 582 

Sloat, J. C 438 

Slonneger, I. C 145, 580 

Slovic, J. S 333, 339, 489, 601 

Slow, Louise 588 

Slygh, E. J 145,447,576,591 

Smallfeldt, Jeannette 525 

Smart, E 437 

Smedberg, Alice 520 

Smerz, Anton 499 

Smetana, Gladys 526 

Smieding, Frances J 514 

Smiley, E. B 227, 393 

402, 443, 577 


th, Ann A 291, 582 

th, A. F 203, 570 

th, Bruce 146, 364 

th, C. C 479 

th, C. D 496 

th, C. G 486 

th, C. M 397 

th, C. 146, 386, 391, 480 

th, C. P 436 

th, D. A 146, 460, 588 

th, D. N 221 

th, D. S 146, 470 

th, D. W 363, 480 

th, E. C 146, 403 

th, E. E 365, 423 

th, E. F 387 

th, E. J 392 

th, E. L 351, 423, 431 

th, Edith 308, 520 

th, F. A 456 

th, F. K 504 

th, Frank 412 

th, Florence ..146, 553, 587, 596 

th, G. D 314, 401, 448, 603 

th, G. F 400, 432 

th, Dean G. H.36, 402, 421, 595 

th, G. P 388, 390 

th, H. A • . . ..400 

th, H. C 437 

th, Helen E 520 

th, H. J 474 

th, H. L 261, 437 

th, Helen L 532 

th, J. E 363, 364, 590 

th, J. H 146, 451 

th, J. L 419 

th, J. W 607 

Smith, Jane 303, 404, 527 

Smith, Janice 146, 403, 594, 602 

Smith, Jean 330, 369, 514 

Smith, Jessie M 357, 556, 558 

Smith, Josephine A 524 

Smith, K. H 402 

Smith, K. J 500 

Smith, Kathleen 558 

Smith, L. D 146 

Smith, L. H 400 

Smith, L. J 146, 419 

Smith, L. James 475 

Smith, Laurence L 494, 589 

Smith, Loyal L 421 

Smith, M. W 580 

Smith, Mildred 525 

Smith, O. B 393 

Smith, P. K 399 

Smith, R. E 460 

Smith, R. F 451 

Smith, R. G 479 

Smith, R. J 326 

Smith, R. L 580 

Smith, R. M 332 

Smith, R. P 365, 471 

Smith, R. S 309, 442 

Smith, Ruth C 523, 553 

Smith, S. A 392 

Smith, S. D 374, 386, 388, 392 

Smith, Stanley 427 

Smith, T. H 146 

Smith, T. R 146, 427 

Smith, V. T 595 

Smith, Virginia A 56, 146 

279, 348, 524 
Smith, Virginia B 57, 146, 278 

280, 281, 514 

Smith, W. B 499, 580 

Smith, W. R 391, 501 

Smith, Walter 498 

Smithson, Virginia 551 

Smock, H. B 413 

Snatner, J. S 496 

Snethen, R. K 146, 393, 604 

Snider, Wilma B 147 

Snively, Bly the 5 34 

Snively, E 308 

Snively, Lois 513, 534 

Snively, Mary L 147 

Snook, J. K 211, 425 

Snow, CM 507 

Snow, E. J 578 

Snow, R. D 432 

Snowhill, Gertrude M..147, 311, 524 

Snyder, B 390 

Snyder, C. L 393 

Snyder, I. D 238, 242 

Snyder, K. M 147, 389, 471 

571, 572, 580, 593 

Snyder, Rebecca 558 

Snyder, W. W 319 

Sobel, H. M 393 

Sochat, Harriet 543 

Society 347 

Soderberg, F. W 487, 585 

Sogolow, M. H. . .221, 240, 461, 570 

Sohner, E. H 450 

Sokolec, Morris 492 

Sokolow, D. H 147, 489 

Solger, H. A 147 

Soller, Jack 147,338,339,426 

Solomon, A. B 393, 445 

Solomon, A. P 508 

Solomon, Anna R 147 

Solomon, I. T 461 

Solomon, L. R 461 

Solomon, M. 1 445 

Solomon, M. J 492 

Solon, Ellen 167, 321, 338. 593 

Solsberger, F. G 443 

Soma, John 487 

Somerville, J. E 450 

Sommer, C. S 506 

Sommer, O. W 460 

Sondag, R. F 573 

Sonnemann, Louise 523,594 

Soper, J. C 147, 437, 467 

Sophomore Cap Committee 169 

Sophomore Cotillion Committee. .168 

Sophomore Cotillion 352 

Soratz, W. D 422 

Sororities 511 

Sorority Index 512 

Souder, Eugene 450 

Souder, L. S 450 

Soukup, Elizabeth 550 

Soule, J. C 427 

South, Florence 308, 596 

Southard, W. A. .339, 387, 393, 434 

Sowden, Helen E 165, 278 

290, 355, 523 

Spalding, H. A 438 

Spangler, R. E 422 

Spanier, R. W 481 

Spann, B. P 329 

Spann, J. E 447 

Sparks, H. F 261, 423 

Sparks, Madge 302, 588 

Sparks, Mary 552 

Sparks, R. R 427 

Sparks, S. P 458 

Sparks, S. R 389 

Spatny, Milada 552 

Spatny, Vlasta 551 

Spaulding, Helen.. 147, 333, 553, 608 

Spaulding, Margaret 355 

Spear, J. A 392 

Specthrie, S. W 404 

Speer, R. E 506 

Speizman, G. W 492 

Spellman, Edward 338 

Spelman, N. L 438 

Spencer, J. L 431 

Spencer, L. F 147, 368, 571 

Sperry, F. D 485 

Spicer, E. P 412 

Spiecker, F. K 147, 390, 393, 482 

Spiegel, L 484 

Spiess, R. F 412 

Spiker, J. E 432 

Spitalny, Bernice 528 

Spivey, W. E 147,605 

Spratt, Nelle M 147, 558, 602 

Spring, Evelyn C 544, 553, 586 

Springer, G. E 393, 425, 563 

Springer, J. E 459,582,601 

Springer, Selma 528 

Springsted, Barent, Jr 147, 312 

413, 607 

Sproul, G. B 147, 363, 486 

Squire, Dorothy E 524 

Squires, H. W 475, 571 

Sredl, F. E 449 

Sroka, E 505 

Staack, J. A 590 

Stafford, E. E 318, 451 

Stafford, G. T 203, 570, 595 

Stagman, Joseph 509 

Stahl, A. R 461 

Stahly, B. F 499 

Staley, M. P 470 

Staley, S. C 203, 595 

Stallard, Dolores M 148 

Stalnaker, R. A.. .148, 226, 228, 234 
Stamm, Esther ...165, 300, 355, 528 

Stamm, J. C 419 

Standard, W. P 166, 306, 351 

355, 414, 568 

Stanfield, W. C 365, 487 

Stanford, K. F 412 

Stanford, Virginia 531 

Stanley, Dolph 148, 423 

Stanley, Dorothy J 520 

Stanley, Eunice 331, 551 

Stanley, Thelma V 148 

Stanley, W. M 400 

Stanner, Opal L 148 

Stansfield, Barbara R 532 

Stanton, Gertrude F. . . .59, 148, 175 

298, 322, 355, 535, 608 

Staples, C. E., Jr 299,355,436 

587, 604. 605 

Starcher, G. W 330, 399 

Starck, Betty 548 

Star Course 319 

Stark, F. W 148, 393, 485 

Stark, George W 339, 439, 579 

Stark, W. A 506 

Starkey, Evelyn R 548 

Starr, C. J 485 

Starr, Miriam 542 

Starulis, F. E 148 

Staudinger, Mabel 606 

Stauffer, J. C 393, 449 

Stead, J. B 148 

Stearns, H. A 400, 423 

Stearns, J. L 364 

Stecher, Dorothy 553 

Steele, Catherine C 369, 594 

Steele, C. S 604 

Steele, D. K. A 500 

Steele, Dorothy S 148 

Steele, Edwin 422 

Steele, Katherine E 516 

Steele, T. L. .336, 338, 355, 422, 604 

Steely, Virginia 148, 550 

Steers, D. K 148, 570 

Steeve, E. F 148, 453 

Stege, E. R 392,440 

Stehman, C. J 331,432 

Steimley, L. L 362, 363 

366, 399, 602 

Stein, A. F 455 

Stein, H. N 461 

Stein, J. R 148, 580, 585 

Stein, R. E 462 

Stein, R. M 461 

Stein, Gretchen 515 

Stein, Lillian 542 

Stein, Mildred C 148, 528 

Steinberg, Louis 508 

Steinborn, H. C 478 

Steiner, D. H 366 

Steiner, K. H 364 

Steiner, L. M 509 

Steiner, Rosalind 542 

Steinman, F. H 501 

Steinman, H. J 208, 215, 423 

Steinmetz, K. S. . .169, 309, 354, 441 

Steinmeyer, H 503 

Steinpress, Rose 148,290 

Steit, E. F 348 

Page 669 


Seeker, H. P 481 

Stepanovich, Nick 149,494 

Stephan, Florence 557 

Stephan, Robert 503 

Stephens, Bernice 164, 166, 167 

175, 297, 338, 350 

351, 355, 514, 575 

Stephens, C 605 

Stephens, F. A 392 

Stephens, H. G 149 

Stephens, Julia 369 

Stephens, Marguerite E 517, 575. 

Stephens, Norman 412 

Stephens, Thelma 559 

Stephens, Virginia M 516 

Stephenson, Cassaline A 514 

Sterling, Chandler 486 

Stern, Richard 149 

Sterrenberg, H. J 402 

Sterrett, H. Maxine 309, 516 

Stet, W 391 

Steuernagel, F. W 422. 

Steuernagel, J. H 149 

Stevens, E. A 454 

Stevens, F. L 426, 597, 606 

Stevens, Frances V 149, 278 

279, 536 

Stevens, J. W 504 

Stevens, Julia C 149, 330 

403, 551, 593 

Stevens, L. R 478 

Stevenson, Frances 553 

Stevenson, Mabel 547 

Stevenson, Marjory E..149, 558, 592 

Stever, L. C 149, 485 

Stewart, C. L 396, 460 

Stewart, D. O 418 

Stewart, Helen 279,588 

Stewart, J. M 149, 358, 433 

Stewart, Lawrence 169 

Stewart, LeRoy 302, 423 

Stewart, R. E 472 

Stewart, W. H 363, 364, 450 

Stewart, W. L 392, 419 

Stice, Mary E 149, 344, 357, 556 

558, 592, 593, 595 

Stich, Anna G 513, 545 

Stickley, W. K 500 

Stiefel, M. 1 445 

Stiegemeyer, Mildred 302, 531 

Stiegman, C. A 365 

Stiehl, G. H 462 

Stiel, Margaret C 545 

Stiff, E. H 385, 387, 393, 471 

Still, Helene 523 

Stillwell, E. J 221 

Stine, F. B 226, 229, 261 

420, 563, 568 

Stine, R. H 571 

Stingley, Jean 525 

Stiritz, H. S 473 

Stiteley, C. F 149 

Stitely, Dorothy 535 

Stitt, L. L 149, 325, 479 

Stitzberg, Elizabeth 528 

Stiven, Elizabeth C 522 

Stiven, F. B.. .28, 319, 328, 434, 602 

Stiven, R. B 421 

St. John, R. C 149, 431 

Stobbe, Ruth M 149, 552 

Stock, C. M 149, 580 

Stock, Curtiss 479 

Stock, J. C 363 

Stocker, Jeanette 533 

Stocking, W. H 425 

Stoehr, Emily 149, 592, 597 

Stoever, H. J 397, 398 

Stohl, A. P 473 

Stoltz, G. C 425, 604 

Stoltz, L. R 480 

Stone, Edith P 520 

Stone, F. L 504 

Stone, Jack 492 

Stone, L. R 211, 434 

Stone, Mary 150, 526 

Stone, Rebecca 584 

Stone, S. M 392, 463 

Stoody, H. A 460 

Stoolman, Elizabeth V.274, 320, 338 
353, 355, 515, 575, 581, 606 

Storey, Wilmah 550 

Storme, Glen 423 

Stotlar, R. C 413 

Stout, C. R 588 

Stout, W. H 150, 203, 252 

253, 457, 564, 587 
Stoutemyer, Elsie M...150, 551, 592 

Stoutenburg, Margaret 553 

Stowe, W. P 301, 413 

Strain, W. J 604 

Strandin. Waltet 423 

Strang, Jessie A... 150. 279, 513, 537 

Strang, M. M 309, 433 

Stratton, Marie V 404 

Stratton, R. L 338 

Stratton, R. S 339 

Straub, A. F 393 

Streicher, M. H 508 

Streit, E. F 56, 150, 494 

Striepe, Mildred 557 

Striplin, R. M 419 

Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Strockbine, Helen 150 

Strode, O. G 211 

Strode, Rogene 331 

Stroh, J. E 506 

Strohl, E. L 500 

Strohm, P. H 164, 181, 209 

355, 422, 568 

Stroll, K. A 588 

Strom, C. W 399 

Strong, R. V. D 164, 175, 227 

355, 465, 589 

Strubinger, Mary 592 

Struck, H. C 4.69. 

Struck, R. A ....469 

Stubbs, F. W 386, 434, 569 

Stubblefield, Frances 552 

Stuber, Dorothy 513,537 

Student Administration 317 

Student Council 322 

Stuit, Dewey 403 

Scull, Helen C 150, 369, 399 

526, 606, 688 

Stults, Margaret 514 

Stultz, G. D 495 

Sturdyvin, Loretta ....166,350,606 

Sturman, Jack 565 

Su, Chester S 586 

Suhr, K. C 313, 496 

Suleeba, Marian 536 

Sullivan, Alice M 527 

Sullivan, Beatrice 552 

Sullivan, C. P 500 

Sullivan, D. J 221, 436 

Sullivan, J. A 362. 363, 477, 602 

Sullivan, Lorna 507, 552 

Sullivan, M. F 362, 386, 388 

392, 423, 608 

Sultan, G. S 478 

Sultan, Jerome 478 

Summer, Ida 513, 543 

Summerall, Gen 373 

Summerfeld, C 503 

Summers, Frances R 150 

Summers, W. L 420 

Summerville, M. J 506 

Sun, Oliver 586 

Sundberg, Joe 419 

Suppiger, E. W 388, 397 

Suranovic, Rosemary 290, 551 

Surman, Mary 150, 596 

Sutch, B. C 388, 393 

Sutch, H. C 390, 486 

Sutherland, Dorothy M 150 

Sutherland, R. T 393, 450 

Sutherlin, Kathryn J 541 

Sutin, L. R 203, 251, 338, 572 

Sutton, B. T 447 

Sutton, J. L 150, 468 

Svilow, C. J 392, 482 

Swain, J. W 367, 588 

Swain, Lois 160, 354, 553 

Swain, P. B 150, 441 

Swain, T. W 164, 306, 322, 355 

446, 563, 579, 582 

Swann, Sherlock 400, 432 

Swanson, C. N 392, 451 

Swanson, G. A 571 

Swanson, Lillian C. . . .304, 517, 608 

Swanson, M. B 211, 440 

Swanson, S. S. L 465 

Swanson, V. C 498 

Swanson, Wesley 339 

Sward, Stacy 523 

Swarner, J. L 392 

Swartz, T. M 150, 401, 590 

Swee, L 459 

Sweet, Celia 551 

Sweet, R. D 413 

Sweet, R. S 400 

Sweetman, F. K 150, 203 

261, 430, 587 

Swift, E. B 169, 425 

Swigart, Lois C 524 

Swilo, C. J 392 

Swinford, Clarice V 150 

Swingley, Evelyn 541 

Swisegood, Martha E..150, 369, 531 

Swoboda, A. F 493 

Symons, G. E 400 

Synton 608 

Sypel, Alice 552 


Tadpole Club 290 

Taft, Lorado 580 

Taft, Manuel 508 

Talbot, A. N 397, 431, 569 

Tamais, W. B 227 

Tammen, Margery 552 

Tammens, W. H 466 

Tankus, Solly 492 

Tanner, F. W 328, 432, 450 

Tarpley, Frances 308, 404, 557 

Tarvin, W 442 

Tarwain, J.. .151, 203, 220, 222, 426 

Tasch, A. F 259, 443 

Tailor, Miriam 553 

Taubeneck, G. F 151,174 

298, 403, 463, 605 

Tau Beta Pi 397 

Tau Delta Phi 484 

Tau Delta Tau 462 

Tan Epsilon Phi 478 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 444 

Taulbee, M. L 221 

Tau Nu Tau 391 

Tavs, Louise 404, 526, 586 

Tawney, P. O 402 

Taxon, F. N 473, 571 

Taylor, Edith 332, 548, 597 

Taylor, Emily Christine 558 

Taylor, Elizabeth 534, 553 

Taylor, Helen 595 

Taylor, J. S .. .501 

Taylor, Lucille 536, 592 

Taylor, M. T 506 

Taylor, Mamie F 151 

Taylor, Mildred 399 

Taylor, Miriam 369 

Taylor, P. R 151, 580 

Taylor, R. E., Jr 440 

Taylor, T. G 151 

Taylor, W. L 151, 392, 588 

Teare, W. D 490 

Tebow, H. J 151, 391 

Technograph, The 313 

Teeter, R. W 339, 368, 460, 602 

Telford, Sally 540 

Telleen, K. L .227, 328 

402, 481, 563. 

Telleen, L. W 481 

Temple, L. K 364 

Temple, Mary F 151,332 

548, 596, 597 

Temple, Mary L 520 

Templeton, Laurence 507 

Tener, R. E .436 

Tenney, H. M ...151, 446 

Tenney, R. 1 301, 452 

Tennyson, R. W ; ...498 

Terman, Louis 508 

Terrapin 291 

Terry, H. B 241, 412, 577 

Terry, R. E -....507 

Tesh, Flora H 532 

Tesmer, Joseph . . . 499 

Teteak, Rubv 535 

Tevis, R. E.: 439 

Thacker, Dora 369, 531 

Thacker, E. A 504 

Thaisen, L. H 151, 466 

Thalman, Hope 516 

Thai, D. E 451 

Thai, Mildred M 523, 592 

Theiss, E. L 444, 580, 585 

Theiss, Phyllis 524 

Thclen, F. L 504 

Theobald, Marie E 151 

Theobald, W 221, 434 

Theobald, W. H 504 

Thenaud, F. P. G 596 

Theta Alpha 469 

Theta Chi 452 

Theta Delta Chi 437 

Theta Kappa Nu 486 

Theta Kappa Phi 474 

Theta Nu Epsilon 496 

Theta Phi Alpha 527 

Theta Sigma Phi 608 

Theta Tau 578 

Theta Vpsilon 534 

Theta Vpsilon Omega 479 

Theta Xi 470 

Thieda, R. A 477, 563 

Thiel, Helen 553 

Thiemann, H. A 481 

Thies, Genevieve 552, 588 

Tho, S. H 586 

Thode, Paul 501 

Thoma, Mary F 524 

Thomas, C. W 392 

Thomas, G. E 364 

Thomas, Grace 553 

Thomas, H. F 416 

Thomas, H. R 397, 413 

Thomas, J. G 405 

Thomas, J. H 413, 583 

Thomas, R. R.. . .151, 449, 574, 583 

Thomas, R. W 474 

Thomason, J. D 418. 420 

Thompson, Dean C. M..23, 328, 386 
396, 402, 473, 564, 571, 572, 595 

Thompson, C. A 416 

Thompson, C. L 397, 594 

Thompson, Cyrus 304 

Thompson, D. E 151, 203 

234, 250, 418, 563 

Thompson, Frances 151, 557 

Thompson, G. C 438 

Thompson, G. W 590 

Thompson, H. L 151, 588 

Thompson, H. R 415 

Thompson, Harriet 522 

Thompson, I. N 365, 418 

Thompson, Jean 520 

Thompson, L. B 418 

Thompson, Louise H 513, 522 

Thompson, L. T 607 

Thompson, M. A 365 

Thompson, Mary 520 

Thompson, Norris 169 

Thompson, O. D 482 

Thompson, P. W 151 

Thompson, R. C 441' 

Thompson, R. M 413 

Thompson, V. W. . . . 453 

Thorns, Ruth L 538, 549, 587 

Thomsen, P. G 458 

Thomson, R. J ' 483 

Thorek, Philip 508 

Thornes, H. F 152 

Thornton, Elva 548 

Thrasher, L. A 363, 366 

Thurston, Frances 268, 309, 533 

Tice, Fredrick 501 

Tiebout, C. R 365 

Tieman, H 437 

Tien, C. C 586 

Tiffany, Joe 313, 423 

Tillman, Kathryn . . 552 

Timm, J. A. . .56, 58, 152, 177, 203 
208, 217, 231, 322, 355,444, 570 

Timmerman, H. C 481 

Tindall. J. M 364 

Ting, H. P 586 

Tingley, C. B 152 

Tintinger, Marian E...152, 537, 587 

Tjardes, Ruth 152, 292, 552 

Tobias, Helen J 57, 152 

298, 355, 513, 545 

Tobias, Olga 152 

Tobie, J. E 365 

Tobin, Blanche M 152, 550, 588 

Tobin, Curtis 573 

Tobin, L. M 412, 605 

Tockstein, L. V. . .226, 228, 232, 234 

Todd, Dorothy 308, 526 

Tolar, W 505 

Toles, E. B 329 

Toll, O. L 486 

Tolman, Lois 291,552,592 

Tolson, J. J 152, 424, 456 

Tompson, C. L 442 

Tomy, P. G 363, 364 

Tonkoff, J. P 203, 248, 439 

Tooley, F. V 363, 366, 464 

Toomey, Constance D 545 

Tooper, J. R 250, 260, 355 

Tooper, R. J 250, 260 

Torch 165 

Tourtelot, J. L 437, 577 

Townley, Marjorie 550 

Townsend, E. J 399, 412 

Townsend, Josephine M 167 

515, 575 

Townsend, K. G 442 

Townsend, Susan D 152, 518 

Trabert, L. A 330,583 

Trabert, L. V 330, 363 

364, 402, 463, 571 

Track 225 

Tracy, P. H 496 

Trafelet, R. E 437 

Transom, Muriel D 301, 517 

Traub, D. S 445, 601 

Traub. Maxine 528 

Traub, P. C 152, 479, 604, 605 

Traynor, D. D 250, 443 

Treece, W. J 490 

Treen, A. E 457 

Trees, Katherine 516 

Trees, M. T 20 

Trelease, Leah F. . . 529 

Trelease, William 427 

Treleaven, Marian 541 

Trenchard, Mary 37 

Trewyn, V. C 414 

Triangle 431 

Tribe of lllini 203 

Triebel, H. H 418 

Tricbel, Lucile 275, 515 

Trieber, Dresna 542 

Trimble, H. D 456 

Trimble, M. L 230 

Trimble, T. H 415 

Tripp, H. L 152, 580, 585 

Tripp, K. E 330, 368, 460 

Troch, H. C 454 

Trommer, C. H 588 

Trowbridge, A. H 496 

Troxel, S. M 400 

Trude, W. E 363, 364, 480 

True, J. N 567 

Tsai, W. F 586 

Tschappat, George 473 . 

Tsiang, C. C 586 

Tsui, C. H 586 

Tsui, T. T 586 

Tsung, T. T 435, 586 

Tuach, Katherine 305, 552 

Tucker, C. S 363, 366 

Tucker, G 437 

Tucker, Harold 169 

Tucker, K. R 448 

Tucker, R. K ; 456 

Tuemmler. F. D 366 

Tu-Mas 579 

Tumavich, Norbert 152, 476 

Tupy, Viola 526 

Turck, J. A 169, 302, 422 

Turigliatto, Joseph 490 

Page 670 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Turnbaugh, E. J 152 

Turnell, Amy 290, 531 

Turnell, Ann 531 

Turner, A. W 488 

Turner, C. F 414 

Turner, D. R 250 

Turner, Dean Fred H 36, 318 

' 402, 419, 458, 577, 595 

Turner, H. W 365 

Turner, Irene 543 

Turner, L. D 227, 421, 577 

Turner, M. T 499, 590 

Turner, P. L 450, 476 

Turner, R. E 363, 366 

Turner, W. K 365 

Turner, W. W. . .' 464 

Turnipseed, E. S 365 

Turnquist, J. W., Jr 451 

Turow, Isadore 509 

Tuthill, H. K 429, 576, 605 

Turtle, G. P. .35, 319, 328, 336, 416 

Tuvada, Anna 290, 534 

Tuxhorn, A. G 56, 348 

Tvvente, A. D 494 

Twersky, Bernice 553 

Twiss, Margaret 557 

Twitchell, B. E ' 50O 

Twohey, F. J 504 

Twyman, L. R 152, 468 

Tykociner, J. T 608 

Tylman, S. D 505 

Tylor, Stella T. E 607 


Uhlendorf, R. D 442 

Uhlir, O. V 477 

Ullman, H. 152, 436 

Ulrey, I. C 153,429,570,607 

Umnus, L. J 462 

Undem, H. L 426 

Underclassmen . . 163 

Underwood, Alice B 523 

Underwood, CD 153 

Underwood, Esther 330 

Untried, W. J., Jr 389, 451 

University Bands 362 

University History 39 

University Life 171 

University Women 263 

Unzicker, W. L., Jr.. .332, 418, 597 

Urban, F. R 504 

Urbanek, Frank 501 

Ursin, George, Jr. 326, 499 

Uscman, E. M 228, 233, 439, 577 

Utley, J. H 251, 413, 606 

Utterback, D. D 153, 487 


Vagtborg, H. C 465 

Vail, H. F ' 506 

Vaky, J. R 364 

Van Arsdell, J. M 437 

Van Bergen, Margarer 548, 588 

Van Campen, M. G. ..153, 400, 432 

Vance, A. Sr. Clair 439 

Vance, D. E 153, 495, 607 

Vance, Harold 444 

Vance, J. D 419 

Vance, L. H 415 

Vance, Nancey 153, 525 

Vance, W. N., Jr 153, 336 

338, 339, 353, 439 

Van Cleave, H. J. 458 

Vandenberg, H. J 435 

Van der Kloot, A. 506 

Vandervoort, G. W. . . 365 

Van Doren, C. A 482, 566 

Van Doren, D. M 153, 396, 585 

Van Doren, F. H 153, 418, 608 

Van Dyke, A. M 153 

Van Epps, L. E 387, 431 

Vanerka, J. A 456 

Van Etten, Marie . . .' 527 

Van Gerpen, G. C 365, 477' 

Van Hazel, Willard 502 

Van Ness; G. M 386, 473 

Van Ness, R. C 441 

Van Ness, W. P 153, 587, 441 

Van Sickle, J. R 299,, 476, 605 

Vanstone, R. F 153 

Van Tress, L. M .463, 602 

Van Tuyl, R. M 471 

Van Vliat, Ellen 153, 551 

Van Voorst, G. R 436 

Varney, H. R V 504 

Varsity Baseball 238 

Varsity Basketball . . 221 

Varsity Cross Country 234 

Varsity Debate 345 

Varsity Fencing 255 

Varsity Football 208 

Varsity Tennis 250 . 

Varsity Track 226 

Varsity Water Polo 253 

Varty, L. B 168, 259 

352, 440, 577 
Varzino, L. F 506 

Vasen, S. E 432 

Vasey, Vera M 153, 544 

Vatthauer, E. W 389 

Vaughn, Alice .290, 552 

Vaughn, CD 424, 563 

Vaughn, J. H 413 

Vaughn, S. B 166, 351, 462 

Vaupel, P. E 393 

Vawter, J. 397, 569, 578 

Veach, C. W 583 

Vernon, G. E 500 

Verry, T. R 365 

Vespa, D. D 503 

Vespa, N. J 503 

Vesta and lo V.' 558 

Vetcer, Ruthetta 308 

Vick, Mary E 153 

Vierow, F. M 339, 362, 363 

Villanueva, S. P ". . . 601 

Villars, R. L 451 

Vincent, W. W > 438 

Viner, R. E 479 

Vinik, G. A 153 

Virgin, Helen 303, -550 

Vission, Joshua 565 

Vleck, Vera 303 

Vodak, Alice 154, 535 

Voelkel, Anne 303, 530, 584 

Voer, Robert ' 310, 425 

Voigne, Virginia de 522 

Volger, Irma 308, 532 

Volin, R. L 154, 505 

Vollborn, A. L 58, 154, 175, 227 

228, 234, 355, 420, 449 

Voile, Reva 551, 592 

Von Lehsten, A. R 211, 449, 570 

Von Rautenkranz, R 365, 428 

Voorhees, F. H .-.'.. 154 

Voorhees, W. C 154, 460, 585 

Voris, F. B 504 

Vo'se, A. A 448 

Voss, Edna 551 

Vought, A. L 417 

Voyles, Carl M.. .211, 220, 421, 570 
Vydareny, M 499, 580 


W. A. A : .278, 279 

Wacaser, H. E .. .365 

Wach, E. C 505' 

Wachob, Evelyn .'36?, 541 

Wachowski, T. J 500 

Wachsman, D. V., 392, 445 

Wachter, Henry 301, 423 

Waddell, F. J .154, 385 

387, 392, 607 

Waddell, J. L., Jr '. 307, 423 

Waddell, Jessie 308, 517, 586 

Waddell, Ruth E 517, 575 

Waddell, T. B 387, 392 

Wade, C. F 450 

Wade, Willard Edmond 363; 432 

Waggoner, Margaret P 154 

333, 547 

Waggoner, W. 1 417 

Wagner, A. G 252, 402, 484 

Wagner, David 601 

Wagner, Dororhy 546 

Wagner, E. H 154, 203 

253, 471, 580, 587 

Wagner, G. P., Jr 412 

Wagner, Grerchen 525 

Wagner, O. E 493 

Wahl, E. C 493 

Wahl, H. T 239 

Wainwright, Charlotte R...517, 596 

Wais, O. B 445 

Waisman, Anne 553 

Waisman, Rose 553 

Waiss, Marian ' 529 

Waite, H. E 154, 392 

Wakefield. Dorothy 309, 531 

Walberr, K. C 434 

Waldmeier, Jennie 538 

Waldmeier, Mabel 538 

Waldo, E. H 397,435,589 

Walker, A. M 490 

Walker, Betty 522 

Walker, F. H 58, 154, 179, 203 

208, 215, 328, 355, 422 

Walker, F. J 57 

Walker, Florence 536, 592 

Walker, H. B 238, 245 

Walker, J. D 154, 498 

Walker, J. T 154, 442 

Walker, Kathryn 600 

Walker, P. H 365, 498 

Walker, Reta 547, 558 

Wall, Bernard 494, 573 

Wall, Eleanor 527 

Wall Harrv •. '. . .461 

Wall, J. W 508 

Wallace, G. 1 432, 433 

Wallace, H. J .441 

Wallace, Mary 533 

Wallace, M. T 154 

Wallace, Samuel 419 

Wallberg. Marshall 439 

Waller, R. 386 

Wallenstein, R. M 365, 461 

Wallheiser, M. T 500 

Walling, Lillian C 309, 523 

Wallingford, M. 1 447 

Wallis, R. M 154 

Wallk, S 252, 253, 455 

Wallrab, C. V 288, 391, 486 

Walls, Edna E 520 

Walsh, Genevieve 551 

Walsh, W. J 154 

Walrer, Ardath C 155, 533 

Walter, C. R 155, 412 

Walter, E. H 388, 392, 499 

Walter, George, Jr 444 

Walter, W. E 155, 249, 417 

Walters, E 505 

Walters, Gertrude A 515 

Walters, Ruth 596 

Walthall, Agnes L 587 

Walther, Harrison 402, 479 

Walton, C W., Jr 155 

Walton, W. F 502 

Walz, Judith R 366, 541 

Wandling, R. M 578 

Wang, T. J, .166, 326, 351, 355, 60S 

Wanger, D 228, 445, 572 

Ward, G. F 309, 419 

Ward, H. B 328, 405, 458, 460 

Ward, H. M 419, 420 

Ward, L. G 416 

Ward, P. W 485 

Ward, R. D 309 

Ward, Russell 416 

Wardall, Ruth A 515, 602 

Wardecker, F. E 412 

Ware, Frances L 155, 517 

Wares, J. A 460 

Warga, F. J 155, 203, 254 

Warley, Alberta C 155 

Warlow, L. E 387, 393, 475 

Warncke, Rurh 552 

Warner, Dorothy 550 

Warner, J. K 239, 425 

Warner, S. F 441 

Warnes, Lois M 155, 558 

Warnock, W. G 405, 462 

Warren, Eleanor 526 

Warren, H. C 365, 462 

Warren, H. P 604 

Warren, J. F \392, 393, 480, 587 

Warren, L 155, 393 

Warren, P. H 364 

Warren, Thelma 533, 584 

Warren, Wandall i 444 

Warrick, P. J 486 

Wascher, Anita 369, 538, 584 

Waser, G. A 418 

Wasserman, D 478 

Wasserman, M 445 

Wasserstrom, Sylvia 5 53, 588 

Waterhouse, William 441 

Waterman, Gladys D..155, 538, 551 

Waters, C. F 506 

Wathall, Agnes L 155 

Watson, D. K 254 

Watson, E. C 364, 454 

Watson, E. G 457 

Watson, F. R 458 

Watson, L. T 464 

Watson, N. A 404 

Watson, T. A 422, 605 

Watr, Jane C 367, 533 

Watt, L. A .387, 393 

424, 482, 563 

Watters, J. E 495 

Watts, Arthur 472 

Watts, Evelyn M 155, 534 

Watts, Madolin 534 

Watts, Mary 557 

Waugh, D. R 155, 196 

248, 355, 420, 452, 563 

Way, S. Jocelyn 155, 524 

Wear, H. C 487 

Weatherford, Anna Margaret. . . .404 

Weatherly, J. A 504 

Weaver, L. A 155, 588, 589 

Weaver, M. A 155, 468 

Webb, E. M. -. .-. .417 

Webb, J. R 387,392,603 

Webb, S. G 422- 

Webber, Anne 552 

Webber, C A 439 

Webber, C. M 424 

Webber, Frances 596, 603 

Webber, Shirley G 524 

Webeck, R. C 156, 397, 589 

Weber, C 389 

Weber, Charlotte L 156, 521 

Weber, E. A 472 

Weber, F. 595 

Weber, L. F 502 

Weber, N. S 393, 495 

Weber, Ruth 536 

Weber, Virginia P 532, 594 

Webster, Annie L 156 

Webster, Emma L 302, 531 

590, 592 
Webster, G. A... .156, 203, 252, 253 

327, 355, 440, 568, 587 

Webster, G. L 507 

Webster, Jean 268, '291,' 515 

Webster, Lois 253, 516 

Wechsler, Elfreda 539 

Wechter, Ruth 333, 528 

Week Ann 534 

Weclew, Adelaide L .156, 535 

Weclew, T. V 156 

Weclewski,. T 505 

Weed, Marietta 538 

Weeks, Col. C. W 374, 386 

388, 390, 412 

Weeks, Dorothy A 156 

Wcffsky, A 509 

Wegner, Violet 308, 552 

Weideman, E 564 

Weigand, D. E 589, 608 

Weigand, P. C 486 

Weihe, A. S 506 

Weil, A. J ' 484' 

Weil, A. W 459 

Weiland, G. C 451 

Weiller, J. E .445" 

Wein, M. S 508 

Weinard, F. F 590 

Weinberg, C M. . . '. ' 509 

Weinberg, H. H :326 

Weinberg, Katherine 311,518 

Weinberg, S. G '. 156, 388 

„„ , 391, 466, 591 

Weinberger, F. R 484 

Weiner, Clarice 542 

Weininger, B. 1 509 

Weinman, H 455 

Weinrich, Carl .425 

Weintraub, M 221, 260 

Weintraub, Mary ...'.586 

' Weintz, C C 156, 493, 591 

Weir, Florence M.. . . '. 156, 546 

Weis, Audrey 279, 530, 584 

Weis, Louise ' ' 542 

Weis, R. D 455 

Weisiger, George B 424 

Weiss, Anita 552 

Weiss, Herbert 503 

Weiss, Maurice 5 08 

Weissman, Saul 156 

Welch, Angela 156 

Welch, Bertha L 156, 553 582 

Welch, E. Lucille 515 

Welch, Helen 311, 517 

Welch, Helen M 156 545 

Welch, K. B 21i; 426 

Welch, Martha G '. 52'6' 

Welch, Mary C 156, 553, 592 

Welch, R. A ......415 

Welch, R. L ' 444 

Welge, A. C '431 

Welker, E. L 156 

Welker, Lois 557 

Wellman, B. L.. .157, 397, 398 499 

Wells, A. V 493 579 

Wells, C W 387, 393! 466 

Wells, E. W 388 391 

Wells, F. B 157' 432 

Wells, L. S. .157, 387, 392, 588,' 599 

Wells, Mary 595 

Wells, P. A., Jr. .. .'.. . 434 

weiis, r. g ..' ;:;;;363 

Wells, Romena E 606 

Welry, J. W 504 

Wenceslao, A. M 157, 601 

Wendt, N. E 261' 430 

Wenninger, W. C 491 

Wente, C. F 506 

Wenthe, R. J 450 

Wenzel, H. A 157, 351, 588, 608 

Werbel, M 509 

Werden, R. M 454 

Werland, O. S 485 

Werlik, Ellen 552 

Werlik, Rose 55? 

Werner, CD 203, 226, 462 

Werner, C. O 480 

Werner, M. J 506, 

Wernham, S. C 580 

Wernle, A. J 469 

Wertsch, C. H 300, 365, 466 

Wesemann, Lois .309, 518 

Wesley Foundation ' 330 

Wesley, J. P. . . . 428 

Wesner, L. E 157 

Wesner, R. E . . . 157, 420 

Wessels, Aldine 165, 300' 355 

West, M. H '.'.' 431 

West, N. A 585 

West Residence Hall 553 

West, R. J 364, 588, 589 

West, R. W 365 

West, W. A 393 

West, W. F., Jr 157, 388,' 590 

Westall, C. C. .. .157, 485, 574, 583 

Westall, Donald 422 

Westberg, V. L 157, 475 

Westerberg, J. H .456 

Westergaard, H. M 397 

Westerheide, Artrude '. .559 

Westerlund, Leona .331 

Westheimer, N. F .445 

Weston, Margaret ' 55 T 

Weston, N. A 396, 417, 564, 580 

Westwood, G. F .488 

Wetner, C. 480 

Page 671 


Index of Books and Persons — continued 

Wettstaedt, R. T 157 

Wey, G. L 157, 435 

Wexberg, S. 1 461 

Wexler, Sarah 539 

Whalen, C. P 502 

Whalin, H. S 329, 429 

Whan, F. L 345, 439 

Wharfield, A. M 157,331 

393, 450, 605 

Wheadon, L. K 420, 452 

Wheat, J. H 164, 181, 259 

355, 446, 563, 579, 587 

Wheat, W. H 321 

Wheeland, Marjorie 553 

Wheeler, J. C 365, 428 

Wheeler, Melba 366, 541 

Wheeler, P. A... .255, 388, 393, 472 

Wheelock, J. L 441 

Wheelock, R. A 414 

Whelan, Jane 165, 278 

279, 280, 290, 355 

Whipple, G. B 446, 588 

Whisenand, J. F 402, 447 

White, C. A 603 

White, Ellen 518 

White, H. L 397 

White, Harold R 203, 418 

White, Harvey R 413 

White, J 400, 459 

White, J. M 35, 318, 397 

418, 572, 591, 604 

White, J. R 415 

White, J. S 366 

White, J. T 157, 477 

White, Lillian 525 

White, Lois 369 

White, M 455 

White, R. B 415 

White, R. C, 457 

White, R. L 226 

White, Thelma 369 

White, Vernette. .157, 275, 369, 541 

Whiteford, Mary 606 

Whiteford. R. B 157, 585, 607 

Whitelaw, Margaret J 158, 524 

Whitely, R. E 454 

Whitfield, Helen 1 158, 603 

Whitfield, J. H 457 

Whitlock, Albert 465 

Whitlock, Mary C 602 

Whitney, Elizabeth F 533 

Whitney, L. R 420 

Whitson, June 165,274,338 

355, 515, 581, bi)6 

Whitson, L 338, 339, 420 

Whittaker, E. C 313, 496 

Whittaker, L. D 500 

Whittenberg, L. E 158, 464 

Whittington, Grace 558 

Whittle, E. C 456 

Whyte, Dorothy M 404, 525, 581 

Whyte, G. K 251 

Wiberg, V 158 

Wich, H. H 363, 366, 402, 602 

Wichman, Henry 423 

Wick, A. S 450 

Wicken, Jack 430 

Wickendon, G. B 436 

Wickhorst, Laura 534 

Wickland, E. H 363, 488 

Wiedey, C. R 471, 580 

Wiegand, D. C 388 

Wiegand, P. E 493 

Wiegand, W. W 493 

Wiehle, Fern 550 

Wiener, S 508 

Wies, C. C 485, 497 

Wiese, J. F 239 

Wiese, P. E 414 

Wietz, L. J 158, 203, 208 

212, 355, 570 

Wiggins, Janice 519 

Wilbarn, S. L 211 

Wilber, M. D 365 

Wilborn,, Anthony 426 

Wilbur, Alicia 552 

Wilcox, C. F 331, 365, 591 

Wilcox, Catherine 331, 369, 600 

Wilcox, Emma 331, 369 

Wilcox, Mildred 522 

Wilcox, P. M 485 

Wild, Ronald 313, 389, 476 

Wilder, W. L 462 

Wilderberg, R. C 506 

Wildi, Evelyn 551 

Wiley, C. C 397, 497, 569 

Wiley, C. F 447 

Wiley, D. F 158,203,251,424 

Wiley, L. E 364 

Wiley, T. T 158,363,463,569 

Wilhelm, G. W 158, 432 

Wilhelmi, L. J 506 

Wilhite, S. E 393 

Wilkening, Francelia A 308 

552, 590 

Wilkes, Mary 358 

Wilkes, Virginia 514 

Wilkins, F. M 393, 495 

Wilkinson, L. C 505 

Wilkinson, Nathan 427 

Willard, A. C. . .397, 398, 431, 576 

Willard, A. H 437 

Willard, Helena 302, 521 

Willcox, C. F 475 

Wilier, P 437 

WUlett, C. K 499 

Willett, Martha 520 

Willett, O. B 305 

Willey, W. E 580 

Williams, Alberta 369 

Williams, Ann 536 

Williams, Clara 369, 526 

Williams, Cleo 494 

Williams, E 259 

Williams, E. E 433 

Williams, Edith 558 

Williams, Edwin 499 

Williams, Ernest 508 

Williams, F. P 158, 495 

Williams, L. W 429, 595 

Williams, M. L.. .158, 238, 245, 355 

Williams, Olive 1 540 

Williams, Phyllis 553 

Williams, W. L 404 

Williams, Wilma 558 

Williamson, C. S 500 

Williamson, E. C 452 

Williamson, Frances 177, 298 

355, 553, 590 
Williamson, J. C..252, 452, 563, 587 

Williamson, J. D 438 

Williamson, Lucille 158 

Williamson, Robert 499 

Willis, D. A 508 

Willis, Inna M 421 

Willwerth, Harry 426 

Wilmot, Bernadette M 545 

Wilson, A. G ' 502 

Wilson, Beatrice 558 

Wilson, Dorothy B 552 

Wilson, E. L 299, 470, 605 

Wilson, Elinor 552 

Wilson, F. E 504 

Wilson, F. S 158,336,338 

339, 442, 504 

Wilson, Frances 437 

Wilson, G. C, Jr 319, 353, 362 

363, 366, 602 

Wilson, Grace 158, 331, 549 

Wilson, Harold A 466 

Wilson, Harold E 387, 393, 471 

Wilson, Harry A 434 

Wilson, H. E 329 

Wilson, Henry E 385, 418 

Wilson, L. W 158,349,440 

Wilson, Lucille 531 

Wilson, Louise 158 

Wilson, M. A 159,485,497 

Wilson, M. H 583 

Wilson, M. L 552 

Wilson, Maxine 517 

Wilson, P. K 308, 425 

Wilson, Pauline 159 

Wilson, R. B 500 

Wilson, R. J 419, 579 

Wilson, Rose 531 

Wilson, S. E. .56, 159, 348, 424, 451 

Wilson, Vera 1 159 

Wilson, W. A 355 

Wilson, W. M 397, 569, 578 

Wilson, W. S 203, 210, 221, 428 

Wilson, Y. B 159, 507 

Wilton, J. T 579 

Winaker, Annette M 594 

Winchell, A. Louise 159 

Winchell, U. Margaret 159 

Winchester, Lillian 305 

Windsor, Elizabeth A 403, 538 

Windsor, Margaret 582