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Full text of "Illustrated catalogue of 100 paintings of Old Masters of the Dutch, Flemish, Italian, French and English schools belonging to the Sedelmeyer Gallery which contains about 1000 original paintings of ancient and modern artists"

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The pictures described in this Catalogue are for 
private sale. 

For prices and further particulars, please apply to 
the owner 


6, rue de La Rochefoucauld 

Copies of the present Catalogue and of the three Cata- 
logues previously published (1894-1896) : priee 10 francs each; 

Copies of the Illustrated Catalogue of 3oo paintings by 
Old Masters ^vhich have at various times formed part of the 
Sedelmever ( lallery : price So francs ; 

The complete set (4 Catalogues i()94-i897, and Cata- 
logue of 3oo paintings above mentioned) : price 5o francs: 
may be had at Mr. Charles Sedelmeyer's, 6, rue de La 
Rochefoucauld. Paris. 



of the 





of the Dutch, Flemish. Italian, l-'rench, and English Schools, 

being- a portion of the 

Sedelmeyer Gallery 

which contains about 
i5oo orig-inal Pictures by ancient and modern artists 




CiiAS. Sedelmever, Publisher and Art dealer, Paris, has 
the richest stock of original pictures in Europe. 

His qallery includes over 800 works by Old Maslers, 
of which this Catalo^-ue describes only a portion, and a 
similar number of pictures by living artists, and painters of the 
Barbizon School. 

Chas. Sedelmeyer, who imported and sold to the United 
States the two celebrated pictures by Munkacsy « Christ 
before Pilate » and « Christ on Calvary », controls the w^orks 
of this artist and those of V. de Brozik, Tito Lessi, Eugene 
Jettel, etc. 

He publishes every year a selection of line and important 
plates, of wich only a small number of proofs are printed. 

He has just issued the second volume of a most extensive 
book in <> volumes on Rembrandt, containing reproductions of 
all the pictures of this master; the text by Doctor W. Bode, 
Director of the Berlin Gallery. Subscriptions now received. 

The prospectus of this book, and illustrated catalogues 
of other publications, to be had at Chas. Sedelmeyer's, 
6, rue de La Rochefoucauld, Paris. 




I. — A Sea-Piece with a Storm coming on 

On a patch of land to the right, are two men, one reclining, the 

other, supposed to be the artist himself, seated and sketching. In 

the centre is a large fishing smack, with a small boat alongside. 

Other vessels are seen on the left and in the background. 

Cloudy sky. 

Canvas, 19 in. by 27 in. 

Exhibited at Manchester, in 18.^7. 

From the Collection of Mr. W. Delafield. London, 1H70. 

— — M. Francois Nieuwenhuys, Paris, iSHi. 

— — M. Maurice Kann. Paris. 

CUljP (Aelbert) 

( i62o-i6()i ) 

2. — Cavaliers in a Landscape 

Described in Smith's Catalogue (part v, p. 3.34, n" 174) as follows : 

" A gentleman in a scarlet jacket, mounted on a spotted white 
horse, at the head of which stands a gentleman in a brown dress, 
with two dngs by his side: a third gentleman is seen on the left, on 
a ba\' steed, galoping fi'om a wood towards the iVont. » 

Signed : A. C. 
Panel, 1 1 i 4 in. by i5 1/2 in. 

Described in Smith's «■ Catalogue Raisonnc i>, part v, p. 334, n" 174. 
From the Collection of Mr. Yates. 

1. — Backiiuisen (L.) 

Ciiji' (Aclbcrt) 

CUIJP (Aelbert) 

( 1020-1091 ) 

3. — - Boy holding a gray Horse 

A boy, in a brown hat and coat, is holding- tlic bridle of a grey 

liorse, ready saddled; above the road on which they stand, a steep 

wooded hill rises on the left; llgures are seen in the distance to the 


Sig-ned : A. cuijp. 
Panel, 14 in. hy 12 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, 1878. 

Described in Dr. Waagen's « Art Treasures in Great Britain », vol. iv, p. 4.10. 

From the Collection of Lord Dunmore. 

— — Mscount Powerscourt. 

CUIJP (Aelbert) 

(1620- 1 69 1 ) 

4. — Gentlemen watering their Steeds 

In a river, occupying the whole of the foreground, are two 
gentlemen; one, to the left, is letting his steed drink; another, 
to the right, mounted on a grey horse, is speaking to a thii'd 
gentleman, on a bay horse, who is on the bank of the river, pointing 
with his whip at some distant object. A dog is drinking from the 
river. A hilly landsjape in the background; a house on the right. 

Sig-ned : A. cuijp. 
Panel, 17 .v4 in. by 21 1/2 in. 





Cuiji' (Aclbcrt) 

DYCK (Sir Anthony van) 


5. — Portrait of a Gentleman 

Standing, his figure to the right, but his head and eyes turned 
towards the left. Long fair hair falls in ringlets on his shoulders. 
He wears a brown doublet, and over his left shoulder a black mantle, 
which he grasps with his right hand. Half-length figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 36 1/2 in. by 26 1/2 in. 
From the Collection of Sir \\'. R. Farquhar. Bart.. London, 1004. 

DYCK (Sir Anthony van) 

( 1 599- 1 64 1 ) 

6. — Portrait of Sir John Lambert 

Turned to tlic right, looking at the spectator, clad in armour 
with a crimson scarf round his waist, on which his right hand rests. 
A skirmish of cavalry is seen in the background on the right. Half- 
length lin'ure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 3.5 1/2 in. by 28 1/2 in. 





FYT (Jan) 
( i6i 1-1661) 

7. — Dead Game and Dogs 

A hare suspended by his hind-legs from Ihe branch of a tree, 
at the foot of which a wild duck, partridges and other birds are 
lying-. Two dogs and a basket are near this group. View of a 
hilly landscape on the right. 

Signed : Joannes P'yt 1644. 
Canvas, 48 in. by 68 in. 

Painted in Italy, where the artist sojourned between i64(j and i65o. 


GOYEN (Jan van) 
( 1 596- 1 656) 

8. — Halt at the Village Inn 

In the centre of tlie foreground, two peasants are seated on the 
ground liy the road-side, conversing with a man who stands in front 
of them and is accompanied by a boy and a dog. On the left, two 
men with a dog are seated in front of a small building-, havinijr the 
appearance of a chapel, near which is a large tree. In the middle 
distance, a country inn, at which numerous travellers, with waggons 
and horses, have stopped to bait. 

Canvas, 47 in. by ^4 in. 

— 14 

^ mm 



^ . -v^ 1^ -^^^ 

- "^""^^^^^^ '*?a«ti.'.^.S'- 

FvT (Jail) 

8. — GoYKN ' I. van I 

HALS (Frans) 
( i5(So OR i58i-]666) 

The Jolly Toper 

He holds a jug in his left arm, and a pipe in his right hand, and 
looks laughingly at the spectator. He is dressed in a green coat 
and a small linen collar; a fur cap covers his head. Bust. Life-size. 

Canvas, 23 3/4 in. by ig 1/4 in. 
From the Collection of Baron de Beurnonville, Paris, 1884. 

HOLBEIN (Hans) the younger 

10. — Portrait of a Young Man 

Half-length, three-quarters face, in a black cap, with a white 

feather, and slate-coloured, gold-striped dress bordered with fui": 

black ribbon and pendant round neck, hands together, the left 

holding a glove, the right resting on the hilt of a dagger. Green 

curtain background. 

Panel, 17 in. by 12 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at Burlington House, London, 1870 and 1880. 
the Tudor Exhibition, London, 1890. 
— the Burlinyton Fine Arts Club, London. 

lYom the Collection of d. P. Boyce, Esq., London. 

— 16 








^B' !S3^B 

. ^^K'i^^^^l 













^Hjj/ .fl^^^^^^^l 








^^^V ^^-^TO.^ 











.T^ '^^H 













[^^^^^^^^^^HeT- ' 




^^■p^U r"^ 






^^^^^^^^^^^^HKr^ ^- 









2:^?.. Jl : 

■ M 

— ic^ — 


b^ ■ "--^i 

-^ ■ ■'■'// /^' ■'•■■'- 


— \ i — ■ 



HOXDECOETER (Melchior d') 


II. — Fowl In a Park 

In the centre, a peacock, surrounded by a flamingo, a hen-phea- 
sant, a cock and a hen. A parrot is perched on a stone parapet on 
the left, at the foot of which is a little monkey eating- fruit. Other 
fowls are seen in the middle distance, and the view of a park with a 
mansion forms the background. 

Signed : .M. d'llondecoeter. 
Canvas, 46 in. by 62 in. 

From Prince Kaunitz' Gallery, \'ienna. 

From the Collection of M. G. Rothan, Paris, 1890. 



{ l63o-AFTER 1677' 

12. — Interior Avlth Figures 

In the centre, near an open window, through which is seen a 
river bordered with trees, a g'entleman in a red dress and black hat, 
and a \i\dy holding a cup in her right hand, are seated at a table 
covered with a Turkey carpet, on which is a plate with a glass 
of wiiie. and an orange. A negro-servant is pouring coffee into a 
cup. In the foreground (jn the left, a female servant kneeling near 
a chininc} . ornamented w ith columns, ari'anges the fu^e with a pair 
of tongs. Two dogs ai'e on the light. In another room in the 
background, a gentleman is seen to enter. 

Canvas, 26 1/2 in. by ,33 in. 
From the Collection of T. Humphry Ward, Esq.. London. 

18 — 

U, — HONDECOETF.K (M, d') 

12. — lIouCH I,!-", dcj 



1 3. — Portrait of a Lady, supposed to be 
Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I 

StandiiiL;-. tui'ncJ three-quarters to the left, the hands cUisped 
at the waist; she is dressed in a bkick silk I'lthe with wide slashed 
sleeves, the bodice eni'iehed with peai^ls. llei' ears and wrists ai'e 
also adorned with pearls, and strings of the same jewels are nmnd 
her neck and in her hair. (Ireen curtain in the hack^-round. 

C';in\as, .14 1/2 in. liy ?ih in. 

From Ihc (iailery of Ihc t)iichL'Ssc dc licrry. \'enicc. 

— Collection of 1). 1*. Scllar, llsq.. Paris. iJillo. 

— — M. Inlcs 1'()1"l;cs. I'ai'is. 



( i5<j4-iO04) 

14. — Portrait of a Gentleman. 

Turned to the ri;^ht. looking;- at the spectatoi'. lie wears a 
black doublet and a loose mantle of the same colour: a skull-cap on 
his full cui"l\ hair. His i-iL;iit hand is placed on his hip, his left 
holds his i^-loves. Three-quarters lii^ure. Life-size. 

SiiiMicd : < 'oiMK'lius janscn \aii ('cnicn fecit I'in.i. 
( 'an\as, 42 12 in. 1\\ .14 in. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy. London, \l\l\r,. 
[■mm the Collection of 1). 1'. Sellar. Lsq., Paris. h'i;!i>. 
— — .M. lules Poi'ucs. I'aris. 








KEYSER (Tiio.MAs de) 

( i5r)6oR i5()7-i007 ; 

1 5. — Portrait of a Gentleman 

Seated at a table, covered with a Turkish carpet, on which he 
rests his left hand, holdini;- his hat: an open book with the drawing- 
of a female, a skull and a scroll are lying near; his right hand 
rests against his thigh ; his left foot is placed on a small stool in 
front. He is dressed in a crimson satin robe, and hose of the same 
colour. Behind the table is a small ivory figure on a stand ; a 
lute and a sword are hanging against the wall. Small, full-length 


Panel. 29 1/2 in. by 21 1/2 in. 
From the Gallerv of Count Festclits, Menna. 

-M ABUSE (Jax Gossaert, called Jan van) 

(abolt 1470-1.^41) 

16. — Portrait of a Lady 

Turned In the left, and looking in the same ilirection : her left 
hand, adorned with a jewelled ring, rests on a parapet in front; she 
holds a llower in her right hand. She wears a black dress with 
green sleeves, a golden underdress and waistband, and a gold- 
embroidered head-dress. A gold chain hangs from her neck. 

Panel, arclied top. 12 1/2 in. by o 1/2 in. 
From the Collection of Arthur Seymour, Esq., London. 1896. 

MAES (Xicoi.AEs) 

( 1632-1693) 

17. — Bust of an Old Lady 

Turned sliijlilly U> the left, lookini^- ;il the spectator; slic wears a 
full black liood and mantle, with a red bodice beneath, and a small 
white linen collar round hci^ neck. 

I'aiiel. 17 1/2 in. by i3 1/4 in. 
From tlie Collection of an Enolish Nobleman. 

AlAES (NicoLAEs) 

I l0.^2-i6(j.\ 

18. — Portrait of a Gentleman 

A L;-entleman in black dress and cap, holdinL^- his yhives in his 
left hand. Ilalf-len^th li^iire. Life-size. 

This picture was described and sold as the work of Rembrandt 
at the Dudley Sale. 

Canvas, 3c) 1/2 in. by 3i in. 
From the Collection of the Earl of Dudley. London. 1892 (Cat. n" 21). 



(before 1430-1495) 

ig-20. — Two Wings of a Triptych with 
Portraits of the Donors 

On the left wini;-. an did woman knccliny, dressed in black 
with a while kei^chiel" over her liead. her hands folded in prater. 
Behind, stands her patmn saint, holding an open bi»nk in hei" right 
hand, her left being placed on the shoulder of the old lad\-. The 
background consists of a minutely finished landscape enriched on 
the left b\- a castle surrounded bv water, and a draw-bridge, on 
which are two men; in the distance a fortified castle and its build- 

On the right wing, a man kneeling, dressed in black, holding 

an open prayer-book with both hands. Behind stands his patron 

saint, dressed in a black mantle, steel helmet, end gaintlcts. He 

holds in his right hand a long lance, t(j the upper end of which is 

fixed a banner, and la\ s his left hand on the shoulder of the donor. 

Panel, each. ?>2 12 in. by i<i 1 4 in. 

l^xhibitod at .Manchester, 1(3.^7. 

Described in Crowe and Cavalcaselle, p. 265. 

Mentioned by Conway, pag-e o5. 

— Biirfrer. « Tresors d'art exposes a .Manchester », p. i6r. 

From tile Collection of S. Kog-ers, iM.Sd. 

— the Kt. Hon. Lord Lyveden iN'einon Smith). 

— Hon. Ci. R. \'ernon. 

26 — 





-s— 1^. 








m i 





.\IIEREV1:LT (.Mhhiei. Jaxsz) 
(1567- 1 641) 

2 1. — Portrait of Maria Breman 

Seated in a chair on the arms of which she rests her liands; 
turned to the rii^ht. and looking- at the spectator. She is dressed in 
a black y(j\vn trimmed with fur. and a white rutf and cap. Three- 
quarters length liL;-ure. Life-size. 

Family arms on the riyht. and inscription : 
."Eialis. ho. \ 1025. M. .Miercvckll. 

I'ancl. 44 I : in. t^\ .IS in. 

In^cripliou <n\ ihc t^ack of the panel : \'roii\vc .Maria Breman Iluijsvrouw v;;n 
dc I leer Zaeharias van IlesenbrtJeek Ileere van Ilofdijck. 

Llxhihiled al ihe Exposition de Portraits. Brussels, 1897. 

MIEREVELT (Michiel Jaxsz) 

' 1 567- 1 64 1 ' 

22. — Portrait of William of Nassau, 
Prince of Orange 

(Surnamcd « The Silent » for his singiihir discretion and 
reticence. Founder, and First Stadholder of the Dutch 
Repubhc ; born at the Chateau of Dillenburg in Nassau, 
in 1333 ; assassinated at Deltt in July 084). 

Standing slightly to right, his left hand resting on the edg-e of a 
talkie covered with a red cloth, his right hand in the pocket of his 
coat. He is dressed in his rol^es of oflice with a small rnff and a 
black sknll-cap. l'\ill-length figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 70 in. by 47 in. 

From the Collection of Sir Julian Cioldsmid. Hart., London, loc/x 





NEER (Aert VAX der) 

( 1600-1O77) 

28, — River Scene 

The outskirts uj a town (»n the banks of a river or eanak On 

the rig-ht, a kiri^e boat loaded with straw is moored near the 

bank on whieh are a eartt and several liyiires. On tlie opposite 

bank, a man is anyliny near two trees, standini;- out ayainst the 

elear evening sky, and farther to the lel't, a gentleman is walking 

with his dog. 

Siynct-l with m(ino^;.;ram. 
Canvas, 20 1/2 in. by 29 1/4 ir. 

NEER (AcRT VAX 1)i:r) 


24, — River Scene at Sunset 

A row of houses sl\ii-t tiie river on the left. In the eentre of 
the foreground two carts each drawn l^y one horse, followed b_\- a 
man on horseixick; to the right, on a little eminence, a man reclining, 
and a woman seated 1\\- his side; beyond, on the river, a boat with 
two men in it. A number of sailing-boats are seen in the distance. 

Sig-ncd wiUi montjgram. 
Panel, 18 in. by 27 1/2 in. 

I'roni tlie Collection of M. Rodolphc Ivann, Paris. 


23. — Neer (A. van der 

24. — Neer (A. van der 

NEER (Aert VAX der) 

25. — Canal Scene by Moonlight 

View luoking along a canal. On the right, a large boat with her 
sail set, near a small bridge, bevond which is seen a church sur- 
rounded by trees. Many other boats on the canal. ( )n a road in 
the left foreground, a man on horseback is approaching the front 

Sig'iied with monogram. 
Canvas, 21 1/2 in. by 27 3/4 in. 

From the Saxeham Hall Collection. 

NEUFCHATEL (Nicolas), called Lccidel 

XVl"' rENTlRY 

26. — Portrait of a Man 

Small half-length figure, to the right, three-c|uarters face; black 
dress with red doublet, black cap: he is holding up a ring in his 
right hand, and carries a pair of gloves in his left: a coat of arms in 
the left upper corner; grey background. 

l.'anel, n; .14 in. by i5 3/4 in. 

Exhibited at the l^)yal Academy, London. i8g2. 

— Burlington Fine Arts Club, London. 

From the Collection of H. W'illett, Esq., jiriyhton. 


2.S. — Neer (A. van dei 






OSTADE (Adriaex van) 
(1610-1 685 ) 

27. — Interior of a Country Alehouse 

Described in Smith's Catalogue (Supplement, p. 11)4. n" 8'ji as Ibllows : 

« The inteiior of a couiitiy alehouse, in which ai'e five pei'sons, 
two of whom ai'e in the centime and ffont of the apartment; one of 
them, wearing a drab hat and a gi'eyish dress, is seated, lighting 
his pipe at a pot of embers; his companion, dressed in a purple 
jacket, stands before him, leaning his left arm on the back of a chair, 
and holding a jug in his right hand. Near a chimney, in the back 
of the room, a woman, a man, and a boy. « 

Signed : A. v. Ostade. 
F^anel, lo 1/2 in. by 12 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, 189.5. 

Described in Smith's « Catalog-ue Raisonne », Supplement, p. 104, n" 86. 
From the Collection of J. B. van Lancker, Antwerp, i835. 
— M. Tardieu fils, Paris. 1840. 

— — Colonel Bire, Paris, 1841. 

M. Slayaert van den Husche, Brussels, i856. 

— — Vicomte de Buisseret, Brussels. 1891. 


POTTER (Paulus) 


28. — Three Cows at Pasture 

Two are standing, and seen nearly in profile; the nearer to the 
spectator is of a dull dun colour, the other of a reddish brown : 
the third is white, with brown patches, and is 1_\ ing down ruminat- 
ing. A cluster of trees on the left. 

Signed, and dated i6.52. 
Panel, 16 in. by \r> in. 

Engraved in the « Leigh Court Clallcry d. 

Described in Smith's « Catalogue Raisonne », part v, p. 141, n" r>r>. 

— Dr. W'aagen's, Art « Treasures in Great Britain », vol. in, p. 184. 
From the Collection of Hart Davies, l-]sq., 1814. 

— — Peter James Miles. Esq.. Leigh Court, Bristol. 

- -^^4 

I'j. — OsTADE (A. van) 


(' i02 2-i(>7.-! ) 

29. — The Ferry-Boat 

Described in Smith's Catal<ii;iic iparl vi. p. 2fi.".. n" 71 as follows : 

« A view on a river, under the aspect of sunset. The right 
is composed of a lofty hill, with a liver llowing at its base, rui which 
a ferry-boat containing several passengers, some of whom are 
entertained by the obstinacy of an ass which, while endeavouring to 
escape from his master, has nearly dragged him into the ri\er : this 
event has alarmed a gentleman on the right, who seems enger to 
escape from the threatened danger. » 

Sig'iied : A. Pijiiacker. 
Canvas, 25 in. by 20 in. 

Engraved by Godefroy in the " I.cbrun dallcry ». 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London. \'<\'\2. 

Described in Smith's « Catalo.uiie Raisonne », part vi. p. 2;;'!. n" 7. 

— Dr. ^^'aati"en's « .Vrt Treasures in Oreat lirilain ». vol. iv, p. 29.5. 

I'roni the ( ollection ot'l'hevalier Lambert, i7'"'7. 

M. Goll van I'rankenstein, 1833. 
— A. ^^'aIter. Esq., Bearwood. 

RUBENS (Petrus Paulus) 

3o. — Venus and Cupid 

The goddess, seen in a front vie^\^ stands, resting her right arm 
on the base ofacolumn. and holding an arrow in her hand. She looks 
down I Ml Cupid. \\ho. standing by her side, receives her instruc- 
tions. A reddish ilrapery and a black mantle ai'c i-ound her bodv, 
leaving her bust and legs uncovered, ktilblength ligin-es, less than 

Canvas, 5'n in. by .p in. 

36 — 

^ ^;»' 

'< ''•>.^. 


29. — riJN'ACKF.R (,A.J 


RUBENS (Petrus Paulus) 


3i. — The Marriage of St. Catherine, in the 
presence of numerous Saints 

The Viri^'in is seated on a throne, holdini^- the Infant Saviour, 
who bends forward to place a rinL;- on the lini^-er of St. Catherine; 
St. Joseph stands behind the Virt^-in; St. Peter and St. Paul are on her 
right; St. John and two infants with a lamb on her left; upon the 
steps, in front of the throne, are various saints, among whom 
may be distinguished St. Sebastian, St. Lawrence, St. Augustine, 
and St. George. 

Canvas, 3i in. by ::i in. 
Sketch for the altar-piece of the church of the Aug-iistines, at Antwerp. 

RUBENS (Petrus Paulus) 

32. — Christ triumphant over Sin, Death, 

and the Grave 

Described in Smith's Catalogue (part 11, p. 8, n" q) as follows : 

« The Saviour, attended by angels, is represented sitting on 
the tomb, treading Sin and Death under his feet. >^ 

Transferee! from wood to canvas, 66 in. bv 92 in. 

Engraved by Eynhoudts. 

Described in Smith's « Catalogue Raisonne », part n, p. 0, n" g. 
This picture was painted to adorn the tomb of the family of Cockx, in the 
church of St. Walburge, Antwerp; it disappeared from its depository during- the 
French Revolution, and the church was sold and demolished. 

It reappeared at the sale of \'inck de Wesel, Antwerp. April 27, ioi3. In i832 
it was in the collection of Watson 'J'aylor, Esq.; in ilVnF,, in the collection of 
Sir William W. Knighton, Hart., iJlendworth Lodge, Hampshire. 





Rubens (P. P.) 



33. — The Evangelist 

Seated, lurned slightly to the left, with a large open book on 
a desk in front of him, on which he is resting both hands, the right 
holding a quill-pen. lie seems to be meditating on wha the is writ- 
ing, lie wears a red dress, and a gi'een cloak, and has a g(;)lden 
coloured turban on his head. 

Sio-ned. and dated ]A6.. (prol^alily 1669). 
("anvas. 40 i '2 in. by 02 ^^ in. 

Exliibiled at Manchester, ifo^. 

Described in Dr. Dodc's « The (.'oniplctc Work of Kcnibrandt •. 

From the Collection of Th. Emnierson. 

— — .Mrs. Hall. London. 

— — T. Humphry \\ ard. Esq., London. 



RLISDAEL (Jacob van) 
(1628- 1 682) 

34. — A Rocky River Scene 

A mountainous countiy with a i-iver in the centre, falling in a 

cascade between rocks in the lorcground. On a hill lo the right is 

a cottage with a quantity of timber scattered near it. and some sheep 

browsing. Farther back stands another rustic building sheltered 

by clusters of trees, and beyond it is seen a road on which are lour 

ligures. In the middle distance un the left, a farm-house partly 

hidden by trees stands near the base of a richly wooded hill, above 

which rises the spire of a church. 

Sii^ned : J. v. kiiisdncl. 
L'anvas. 24 1,4 in. by ,m) i 2 in. 

From Uie Collection of Mrs. Lyn^ Stephens. London. i8q5. 

RTISDAEL (Jacob van) 


35. — Mountainous Landscape 

On the right, a high thickly wooded mountain crowned 
witli a castle; a road, on which ai'e several figures, leads down 
to a river on the left. The stream falls in a cascade, over frag- 
ments of rocks, in the fureground. On the rugged bank stands 
a group of pine-trees, another pine-ti'ee is lying on the ground. 

SioneJ : J. v. Kuisdael. 
Canvas, 29 ];2 in. by 34 1/2 in. 

From Uie Collection of M. E. Secretan, Paris. 


34. — Ki isi)Ai:i. (J. van) 



, '.>■■• ^, »r • - X ' ^ 

35. - - Rlisdael ij. van 

RUISDAEL (Jacob van) 
(1 628- 1 68 2) 

36. — Forest Scene 

A landscape representing a richly wooded scene. On llie right, 
an eminence with a stream llowinn" at its base; a road, on 
which is a woman with a bundle on her head, accompanied by a 
child, leads downwards, t(» a rustic bi'idge. over which a man is 
walking. In the distance, to the left, is seen the open country. 

Signed with monopram. 
Canvas, 41 in. by .Sn in. 

l-"rom the Collection of Ilcrr Iloech, .Munich. 

— — lleir Robert von Mendelsohn. Berlin. 

— 44 


> u 

RUISDAEL (Jacob vax) 
(1628- 1 682; 

87. — Woody Landscape 

On the left, near Ihc enclosure of a farm, a \vaL;-L,'"on drawn by 
two horses, and containini^- four persons, conies down a steep road, 
preceded by a day;. On the left, live C(jws and some sheep are 
rep(jsinii: in a shady meadow. IJeyond, a i;iimpse of the distant 

The lii^-ures are painted by A. v. \'elde. 

SigneJ : j. v. Ruisdacl. 
Canvas. i<'! in. by 24 in. 

— 4^ 

RUIJSDAEL (Salomon van) 

38. — Halt at the Village Inn 

On the rii4hl. a villaL;-c inn surrounded bv trees, with three carts 
haltiiiij" in front of it; nearer the lorei^-round are three cows, and on 
the left a man. and a woman seated on the roadside, with a doy, and 
a basket near them. A Nilhiye church is seen in the distance. 

Signed, and dated 1044. 
Canvas, 24 1/2 in. by 3~ in. 

Fmm the Collection of W. E. Biscoe, Esq., London, in^jh. 


37. — KrisDAF.i. (J. vaiV' 

38. — RiiisDALL iS. vaiv 

SNYDERS (Frans) 

89. — The Bear Fight 

Nine dogs are fighting two bears, one of which, standing 
upright on the right, has seized a dog with his fore-paws, pressing 
him in a deadly hug ti» his breast. The other bear, on the left, 
hard pressed by his antagonists, is biting the foremost of them in 
the jaw. 

Canvas, 80 in. by iiu in. 
From the Collection of Colonel Unthank. ot Intwood Hall, near Norwich. 

STEEX (Ja\) 
(about 1 626 -1 6-9) 

40. - Interior of a Village Inn 

In the centre of the room, a woman is eating her soup, seated 
near a table, at which are two men, (Uie of whom is lighting his pipe 
at a brasier, while the other, a glass in his upraised right hand, 
seems to drink the health of some one. On the right is a woman 
receiving some coins from a man, who has a basket containing 
fowls slung on a stick over his shoulder. Part of a landscape is 
seen through the half-door of the room. 

Signed : J. Steen. 
Panel, 22 in. by 26 14 in. 

From the Collection of M. julcs Porg-es, Paris. 

- 48 - 

39- — Snyders (F. 

' wv^kR^^^E 




HK '^^^^H^^ 


' jK. .^^^^1 

!■•-- j« ^ 






40. — SteeiN I Jam 

TENIERS (David) tiii: vouxger 

M 1 u- 1 0()O ) 

41. — Interior of a Kitchen 

On the rii^-ht of the composition, a \oung- female cook is occu- 
pied in cleanini;- the entrails of a calf, the head of which lies on 
a bench in the opposite coi'ner and its hide on the i^Tound. In the 
l^ackgTOund, an old man holdini^- a glass in one hand, and a pipe in 
the other, converses with a woman l^} the lireside. Another man. 
seen from behind, is leaving the room. 

Signed : 1). Tcnicr- t'.. and dale I lO.Si. 
Canvas, q5 1/2 in. bv 3i 1/2 in. 

From Prince l^emidotT's Collection. 

TENIERS (David) the younger 

( i6io-i6c)o) 

42. — The Interior of a Chemist's Laboratory 

Described in Smilh"s Catalog^iie (part 111, p. 3(/'.. n" .^20) as follows : 

« The operator is standing at a furnace, watching the result (j1 
some experiment; three of his assistants, busily engaged, ai'e at a 
furnace in another part of the room; they are overlooked by a man, 
from a little window above. Numerous alembics, retorts, crucibles. 
books, etc.. are distributcLl in every part of the room. A spaniel 
lies asleep in front. » 

Sii;ncd : I). Tcnicrs. f. 
Canvas, 2^! in. bv .^ 1 2 in. 

Described in Smith's « Catalogue Raisonne », part 111. ji. .v/'l, n" 5:o. 
From the Collection of Mr. Stanley, 11124. 

— — Ford kadstocK, 1M26. 

— — Ford NorthwicK. Cheltenham. 1809. 


41. — 'l"i;xiF.RS (D.) the young-er 

Tenieks (U.) the younger 


TENIERS (David) the younger 

( 1 610-1690) 

Interior of a Village Inn 

In the centre, a young- woman, holding a glass of liquor in her 
right and a pipe in her left hand, is seated by the side of a man who 
has his left arm placed round her shoulder, and holds a tin-can in his 
right hand. An old woman is observing them from a little window 
above, on the right. Three peasants are near a iire-plnce in the 


Signed : D. Tenier ib3.5. 
Panel, 16 in. by 14 1/2 in. 

TER BORCH (Gerard) 

44. — Portrait of a Lady 

Standing in an interior, near a table covered with a dull 
red velvet cloth, (»n which she rests her riiiiit hand, holding a 
black handkerchief. She is turned sli^htlv to the left, and looks at 
the spectator. Her dress consists ofa bhick gown, and grey under- 
dress, a large Hat muslin collar, and a bkick cap. Tesselated floor. 
Reddish curtain on the left. Clrey background. Small full-length 


Canvas, 26 1/2 in by 20 1/2 in. 

— D2 






life. ' 



< ■ 


B i:^^ 


■ ^ 








( ' 


\'ELDE (^^'lLL!:M VAN DF.) 

4?. — Sea View, during Calm Weather 

The pi'incipal (•bjccl is a lisliinL;--sniack lyini;" on llic left, with 
her sail reefed. A sailini^'-boal lies aloiiL;- her further side, and 
near the shore a row-boal. from which a man has alii^-hled to recei\e 
a Inindle from another man. who is standini!" on the exti"emit\' of a 
jetty, only a small portion of which is visible. Near the centre of 
the forcLj-round, a man, cariyini;- a basket on his back, is wading 
throui^h the water towai'ds the spectator. On the riL;-ht, some small 
craft and a man-of-war firiny a salute. Several other war-vessels 
in the distance. 

Si.irncd : VV. v. \'clde f. 
Canvas, 24 in. by lO 12 in. 

VVOrWERMAX (Philips) 


46. — Departure for the Chase 

.\ i^entleman in a red coat and plumed hat is about to mount a 
white horse the bridle of which a man is ari-aniiinL--. He is caressing" 
a dog, which leaps up at him, and speaks to another gentleman, 
mounted on a bay horse, seen from behind, and holding a falcon 
on his left hand. A lad\- on a grey horse behind them. A ser- 
vant cari'ving a sahei" with refreshments is descending the steps 
of a mansion, only pai't of which is seen on the right. 

Signed with monogram. 
Panel, 14 in. t^y 11 12 in. 

The following- inscription is wiitten on the t~»ack of the panel : « Je prie mon 
lils de conserver ce tableau coniine souvenir dc sa mere qui I'aime de tout son 
C'juur. La duchesse de Tlnfantado. nee princesse de Salm-Salm. » 


4.T. — \'ELr)E (W. van da 





( 1 619-1 668) 

- (( Le Defile de Cavalerie » 

47- - 

Soldiers, with artillery and baggage-wai.'-p^ons, defiling through 
an open country, intersected by a river. Upon a bank', in the 
foreo-round on the left, is a uroup of thi-ee cavalrv-soldiers; one of 
whom (with his lace to the spectator) appears to be an officer of 
distinction; on his right is an ensign in the act of mounting, and 
the third is descending the ban);, to water his steed. 

Signed wilh ninnogTam. 
Panel, iTi 1 4 in. by ifl i '2 in. 

Engraved l-ty l>eanniont. 

Described in Smith's « C'atalng-ue Raisonne >■, pari 1, p. 224, n° 79. 

From the Collection of M. Rare?;. 

— — — De La Live de Jully, 1769. 

— — — Morelle, 1776. 

— — — Dubois. 1784. 

— — Mrs. Bentlcy, London, 1879. 

— — Arthur Seymour, Esq., London, 1896. 



- <( La Buvette des Dames » 

Described in Smith's Catalogue (part i, p. 3oi, n° .3.^.^), as follows : 

« A view in the outer court of a mansion surrounded by walls, 
in an arch of whicli. on the right side, is a fountain, composed of the 
figure of a woman with a child : tlie middle is occupied by a hunting 
party, consisting of a gentleman on a piebald horse, blowing a horn ; 
a lady dismounting from her steed, assisted by a cavalier: and 
another with her back to the spectator : a luan pouring out a cup of 
wine, five dogs, a page, and other objects, complete the composition. » 

Signed with monogram. 
Cdnvas, 16 1/2 in. by 21 in. 

Engraved by Moyreau. 

Described in Smith's « Catalogue l^aisonne », part i. p. .3oi, n" 355. 

From the Collection of M. de la Have, 1741) 

— — John Knight, 1-^sq.. 1819. 

— — M. Zachary. Esq., 1828. 

— 56 - 

\\'( >r\\'i:i<.M,\N I I'll. 

4M. — \\'nr\Vi:U.MAN I I'll. I 

WOUWERMAX (Philips) 


4q. — Landscape with Figures and Animals 

In the centre, a white horse, witli brown patches, feedini;- on 
the scanty i^Tass; near it, on the left, a peasant, seen from beliind; 
and beyond, a man mounted on a mule ladden with fii^-ots. On the 
riyht, a woman seated, holding- a distaff, with a boy standiui^- 
behind her; in the distance, a cavalier on horseback, seen from 
behind, preceded by a doy. 

Si^'ned with nionooram. 
Panel, i6 1/2 in. by 14 in. 

'^^^■^ '^H 



49. — WoLWERMAX (Ph.) 



CALCAR (Johannes St. von) 
(1499 -1 546) 

5o. — Portrait of an Astronomer 

Standini^- to the rii^iit, holdiiiL;- a riiiL;- in his v\Li;h\. hand; the left, 
on the hilt of his sword, i^Tasps his i^doves. lie has small mousta- 
ches and chin tuft, and wears a black velvet c<»at, with satin 
sleeves of the same coluui"; a black velvet cap covers his head. 
Three-quarters ll^iire; life-size. 

Panel, 36 1/2 in. by 26 34 in. 

Exposition de Portraits, Bruxelles, 1897. 
Retrospective Exhitiition, Munich. 1097. 

I MO LA (Innocenzo Francucci, called Innocenzo da) 

( I 494- I 55n) 

5 I . — The Marriage of Saint Catherine 

Ilalf-length, life-size lii^ure of the \'irL;in. holdini^- with her left 
arm the Infant Savi()Ln% whc) stands on a parapet, and is about to 
place a I'inp: on the rii^iit hand of St. Catherine; the saint kneels 
on the left, resting her left arm on her wheel; behind on the 
right, St. Joseph. Landscape background. 

Panel, 20 in. by 21 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at Manchester, im.S-. 
Exhibition of Early Italian Art. London. 1893-1894. 

Described in Dr. Waagen's « Art Treasures in Great iiritain », vol. 11, p. 293. 
From the Wynn L41is C'ollectioii, London, 1876. 
— Beckttt-Denison Collection. London. i885. 

— bo — 





BHIWEEN 1475 AND 1 4«' !o — SOOX AITHR [()?■?> 

Ten decorative fresco panels, allei;'<»rical of the suffei"inL;-s and 
struii'iiies Ini- lihertv of Lombardx under the Dominiun of Spain. 
Four of this series are here reproduced, viz : 

5*2. — Peace 

A vouhl;" man standing on the left, and holding a lance, is 
pointing \\ilh his right hand at two female tigurcs, l_\ing asleep 
amonirst a Hock of sheep, in a llowerv meadow to tiie riiiht. A for- 
tilled castle and buildings on the top of a mountain in the 

89 1/2 in. by 48 in. 

53. — Praying for Liberation 

A young woman, her eyes turned heavenward, and her hands 
clasped in prater, is kneeling in the centre of the fore^ground 
w ith a bow and (|ui\er b\ her side. Another young woman holding 
a bow", and taking an arrow from her cjuiver, approaches her from 

91 in. l\\ 44 1,2 in. 

62 — 





LUIXI (Bernardino) 

54. — Burying the Treasure 

A \oiint^- man in the foreground near the centre, burying a 
treasure at the foot of a tree. Two other episodes are depicted in 
the background. 

89 1/2 in. liy 5q in. 

55. — Killing the Enemy 

A young man standing on an eminence to the right, lighting 
with wolves; tw(j Amazons on the left, and four in the middle 
distance are coming to his rescue. 

(Sg 12 in. by 4.^ 1,2 in. 

These frescoes are .still on the orii^-inal surface, having- been cut from the 
walls and removed from the \'illa Pellucca, near Mon/:a. They were afterwards 
in the Cavalieri Collection, Milan. iP.7.3. and in the Collection of iM. Cernuschi, 


I— I 



MURILLO (Bartolome Esteban) 

56. — Praying Magdalen 

The Magdalen in violet robe, kneeling, in protile to the right, 
before a cavern, her hands joined in prayer; books, a vase, and a 
skull are on the ground. Full-length, life-size tigure. 

Canvas, 65 in. by 48 in. 

Etched by Lurat. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, 1P.79. 

— — Spanish Art l<:xhibition. London, i894-i»q5. 
Mentioned in Curtis « VeLazquez and Alurillo », p. 261, w" 3-3 E. 
Presented by Ferdinand VII, King- of Spain, to the Dowager Queen 


Sold by order of II. M. Queen Isabella to Mr. Brooks for 3ooo pounds. 
From the Collection of Mrs. B. (Brooks), Paris, 1877. 
_ _ J. Osmaston, Esq., London 

_ Sir John G. T. Sinclair, Bart., London. 

— 66 



POLLAirOLO (AxToxio) 

( I4:(j-i498) 

The Virgin, Infant Christ, and two 


The Virgin, in a red robe and j^Tcen mantle, a veil falling 

IVom her head ovei' her shoulders, is sealed in a marble ai-ehway. 

supporting the Infant, who is seated on a pink cushion on her lap; a 

saint on either side: background of foliage. 

I\inc1, .^o in. by 21 in. 

Exliil-'ited at Ihc Royal Academy, London. 1877. 
From tile Collection of Alex. Barker, London. 1877. 
— — Ci. P. Boyce, London. 1897. 

67 -- 

TIE POLO (Giovanni Battista) 

(1692- 1 760) 

58. — The Martyrdom of St. Agatha 

The Saint, on a stone elevation in Ihc c'entre. is martyred by the 

two executioners, riL;iit and left of iier. A weepini;- woman is 

kneelini( on the i^Tound b\' her side. In the forei^'round, a younu: 

man accompanied by a doi;- is looking- at a third executioner in the 

foreground on the left. Two anii;els descend towards the Saint 

with wreaths and palm branches. 

(ariN'as. 20 1/2 in. liy 12 3/4 in. 

From the Collection of Ijowdcn Urown, Esq., \'enice. 
— - Dr. j. V. Ricliter, London. 

- 68 



1 - 




TINTORETTO (Jacopo Robustk cAr.Li.i)) 

( 1 5 In- 1 594) 

59. - The Annunciation 

On the rii.'-ht, the \'irL;-in. holdini^- a hook with her left hand, 

bows before the Ani^-el, who is kneeh'nL;- on clouds, and pointing- 

with his riL;iit liand to the Holy Cihost above. An archway in the 

centre throui^ii which is seen a hmdscape. Life-size fiLj-ures. 

Canvas, 80 in. by no in. 

From the Troward Collection. 

— Collection of Lieut. -Colonel llalpli X'lvian. 

TINTORETTO (Jacopo Robcsti, calli-d) 

( i5i8-i5r)4' 

60. — Portrait of a Sculptor 

He is standing-, turned to the rig-ht, in a black dress, receiving- 
gifts from a cornucopia held by a female ligui-e hovering in the rig-ht 
hand cornerof the picture. Three-ciuarters leng-th fig-ure. Life-size. 

Inscribed : 

Octavivus dc Stra- 

Da. A. Rosber. Jac. Fil. 

Civ. Rom. Rodvl. Imp. 

Ivobil. .\vlicvs. Aeta. 


lac. Tentoret. 


( anvas. 5o in. by 40 in. 

From the Collection of the Duke of Marlboroui^h. iSlenheim Palace. 
— — — r<t. Hon. Cr. A. IC Cavendish-l)cntincK, Condon. 1O91. 

— 70 -- 

09. — Tintoretto 



(;XVI* century) 

6i. — Portrait of a Young Man 

Nearly full face, turned slii^htl}- to the left, and looking at the 

spectator. A black beard, and fair bushy hair enframe his face; 

he wears a black cap, and a coat of the same colour. Head. 

Nearly life-size. 

Panel. II I; 2 in. by 9 3/4 in. 

Exhibition of ^'enetian Art, London, i8g4-](S(p. 

From thie Collection of the Rt. Hon. G. A. F. Cavendish-Bentinck, London, 1886. 
— — Henry Willett, Esq., Brig-hton. 



62. - Portrait of Philip IV. of Spain 

Three-quarters to the left, in a l^lack dress, and small white 
linen collar. Bust. Lile-size. 

Canvas, 24 1/2 in. by 17 1/2 in. 

From the Collection of A. Hope. l]sq.. London. 1894. 
— M. Adolphe Schloss. Paris. 














CHAMPAIGXE (Philippe de) 

63 — - Portrait of Jean Pierre Camus. Bishop 

of Bellev and Arras 

(Born 1582; friend of Francois dc Sales ; writer of many 
works against monasteries; died 1652.) 

Turned slightly tu the yhj^hi, looking at the spectator, thin full 
beard. In ecclesiastical robes and skullcap. Bust. Life-size. 

Inscribed : IE\.%. 58, 164^. 
Canvas, 29 in. by 2.3 in. 

Engraved by Marin. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy, London, 1877. 

From the Tollection of Sir H. H. Campbell. I3art., London. 1894. 


CHAMPAIGXE (Philippe i.e) 

64. — Moses with the Tables of the Law 

Turned slightly to the left, supporting with his right hand the 
tables of the law on a parapet in front of him. 

( anvas, .35 in. by 27 .3/4 in. 

Engraved by Nanteuil and EdelincK. 

From the Collectii)n of AL La Live de JuUy, Paris, 1770. 

— — AL ChoiseuLPraslin, I'aris. 1793. 
— Cardinal I'esch, Rome, 1845. 

— — Dr. t.eroy d'Ktiolles. I'aris, i8bS. 

-6 - 









Eight decorative Panels 

Three of the set are repi^ndiued on the next pajj^e. viz : 

65. — Triumph of Amphitrite 

Canvas, no in. by 44 in. 

66. — Polyphemus and Almacis 

C'aiivas, 1 i<i in. by 46 1/2. 

67. - - Neptune and Amphitrite 

< anvas. no in. by .^q 1/2 in. 

The live remainini;- are : jiipiterand Eiiropa (Canvas. 110 in. 
by 09 1/2 in.'; Narcissus (Canvas, iio in. by i.'l i '2 in.); Marriage 
of Bacchus 'Canvas, iio in. b}- 2.'! in.): Mora and Zepiiyr (Canvas. 
1 10 in. by 2? .V4 in.); Venus and Acta'on (Canvas, j i<» in. by 18 in.). 

— "8 — 





* it * 




^ . 















DROUAIS (Francois-Hubert) 


68. — Portrait of Young Lady with a Dog 

Seated, turned to the left, looking at the spectator. She is 
dressed in a grey silk gown with pink stripes, and holds her pet dog- 
in her lap. Bust. Life-size. 

Canvas, oval, 23 1/2 in. by 19 1/4 in. 
Exposition de Portraits de Femmes et d'Enfants, Paris, 1897. 

GREUZE (Jean-Baptiste) 


69. — Portrait of a Little Boy 

Turned slightly to the left, looking at the spectator. White 
satin dress, open at tlie neck, and blue sash. Bust. Life-size. 

Canvas, i5 12 in. by 12 1/2 in. 
From tlie Collection of Sir Charles Robinson, London. 

— 80 





70. — Portrait of Marie dc Laubespinc 

She faces the spectator, her powdered curly hair adorned with 
flowers and jewels. A crimson mantle, lined with white satin, is 
loosely draped over her gold-embroidered low bodice. Landscape 
background. Half-length figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 32 in. by 25 in. 
Exposition dc Portraits dc Fcmmcs et d'Enfants, Paris, 1897. 

( 1 656- 1 746) 

71. — Portrait of James Francis Edward 


(Knowm as the Chevalier de St. George, or the old Pretender, 
son of James II, by his second wife, Mary of Modena; born 
June 10, 1688, at St. James' Palace; married in 17 19 to 
Clementina Maria Sobieski, grand-daughter of John III, 
King of Poland. Died at Rome.) 

Nearly full-length, in armour, standing, his head bare, his right 
hand resting 011 his helmet; landscape background with a skirmish 
going on; and beyond, to the right, some buildings. 

Canvas, 62 1/2 in. by 5<j in. 
iM-om the Collection of Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart., P. C, M. P., London. 









LOO (Charles-Andre Van) 

(1705- 1 765) 

72. — Portrait of the Marquise 
de La Ferronay 

Three-quarters figure, life-size, seated to the left, the head 
turned towards the spectator; white dress trimmed with lace and 
blue ribbons; a narrow black ribbon round her neck; a little dog 
on her lap. Grey background. 

Canvas, 32 3/4 in. liy 28 in. 


VESTIER (Antoine) 

(1740-] 824) 

y3o — Portrait of Madame Adelaide Scot, 
Baronne de Clitourp 

Seated at a writing table, turned to the right, and holding the 
envelope of a letter on which her name is inscribed. She has pow- 
dered hair, a lock of which falls on her right shoulder, and wears a 
blue dress, open in front. Half-length figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, oval, 3i 1/2 in. by 2.5 1/2 in. 
E.xposition de Portraits de I'emmes et d'T^nfants. Paris, 1897. 





1 . 

VIGEE-LEBRUN ( Elisabeth- Louise) 


74. — Portrait of Madame Vestrls 

Turned to the left, in a walking position, looking towards the 
right. Her hands folded in front, the left holding up her blue 
mantle. F'air hair bound with red ribbons; a coral necklace round 
her neck. Background of sky. Three-quarters figure. Life-size. 

Signed : L. E. Vigee Le Brun, ifio4, a Londres. 

Canvas, 36 in. by 28 in. 

Exposition de Portraits de Femmes et d'Enfants, Paris, 1897. 

WATTEAU (Antoine) 

75. — Portrait of a Young Lady 

Turned to the right, looking at the spectator, dressed in a 

white, fur-trimmed robe, and lace head-dress with pink ribbons. 

Bust. Life-size. 

Canvas. 21 1/2 in. by 17 1/4 in. 

l'ri)ni the Collection of .Mrs. Lyne Stephens, London, 1895. 
— — M. Jules Porges, I^aris. 

— 86 







BEECHEY (Sir William), R. A. 


y6. — Portrait of Mrs. Merry 

Seated, turned to the left, holding a little dog in her lap. She 

is looking at the spectator ; her hair falls in curls over her forehead; 

she wears a velvet bodice over a white muslin chemisette. Red 

curtain in the background. Half-length figure. Life-size. 

Panel, 28 3/4 in. by 23 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at Leeds, 186'^. 

— the Exposition de Portraits de Femmes et d'Enfants, Paris, 1897. 

From the Collection of Colonel Leathes. 


I "76- I 


77. — Dedham Vale 

View^ looking across the vale, with the river Stour and Dedham 
church in the distance; a cluster of trees on the right of the rising 

Canvas, 24 in. by 20 in. 
Study for the large picture in the Collection of Sir John Neeld. 

90 — 










CONSTABLE (John), R. A. 
(1 776-1837) 

y8. — The River Stour, Suffolk 

The river occupies the whole of the foreground. On the left, in 
the shadow of a rich group of trees, a barge, in which are four 
figures, is moored near the bank of the river;, another barge, 
only seen in part, and a small row-boat, with a man in it, lie near. 
On the right, a small wooden bridge, on which are two cows, 
leads to a farm, half hidden by trees. Two boys angling, and a 
woman with a child in her arms are nearer the foreground. 

Canvas, 3o in by 47 in. 
Engraved by David Lucas. 

From the Collection of the late W. A. Pocock, who had it from John 





















] ) 









r- ^ 






75). — Portrait of Montague, first Lord 


Turned to the rii^ht, looking in the same direction ; he wears a 
powdered wig, and is dressed in a reddish-brown coat and waist- 
coat with a lace-neckerchief, iiust. Life-size. 

Canvas, oval, 28 1/2 in. by 24 in. 


HOPPNER (John), R. A. 
( 1 759-1810) 

80. — Portrait of Lady Powlett, second wife 
of John, fourth Earl of Powlett 

The figure to the front, the head three-quarters to the left, 
looking- in the same direction. She has fair hair, and is dressed in 
white muslin, with a cap of the same material on her head; a blue 
sash round her waist, and a black lace mantilla draped loosely 
over both arms. A red curtain in the background, and, to the left, a 
glimpse of a landscape. Seen to the w^aist. Life-size. 

Canvas, 29 1/2 in. by 24 1,2 in. 
From the Collection of Lord Powlett, Hinton Saint-George. 

94 — 










^i'« JUI^ l^"^^^«iM^B 


'' "^L^ ^ 





j-K^ ' 




q^i. ..., 

. f^iVA ^^^H 




i^ ' 


''^^^^^H ' -1 


^^ i' 


H^H"^' .. 




y ■ 



LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas), P. R. A. 


81. — Portraits of the Misses Fanny 
and Jane Hamond 

(Daughters of ihe Rev. Horace Hamond, of Massingham, 

They are seated side by side on a couch, dressed in white 
muslin dresses, holding flowers. A red curtain in the bacivground 
on the right ; a kuidscape on the left. Three-quarters figures. 

Canvas, 36 in. by 32 1/2 in. 




LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas), P. R. A. 


82, — Portrait of Lady Wallscourt 

Full-face, with black curly hair, falling over her forehead; coral 

earrings; while muslin dress, open in front; red sash. Seen to 

the waist. Life-size. 

Canvas, 23 3/4 in. by 19 3/4 in. 

Engraved by Philipps. 

Kxposition de Portraits de I'emmes et d'Enfants, Paris, 1897. 

— 9: — 


LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas). P. R. A. 

( 1 769-1830) 

83. — Portrait of Miss Hopman 

Seated to the rii'ht, in a low brown dress with short sleeves, hei- 
arms eovered with doi^'-skin gloves. A red eurtain and a column 
behind her. and a landscape on her right. Hall-length ligure. 

Canvas, 2l> 3/4 in. by 24 1/2 in. 
Exposition Je I^ortraits de l-"emmes et d'Enfants, Paris, iHg-. 





LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas), P. R. A. 

( 1 709-1000) 

84. — Portrait of Mrs. Cuthbcrt 

Seated on a sofa, turned to the left, looking- at the spectator. 

On a table, in front of her, lies a book on which she rests her rig-ht 

arm, her left hani^-s beside her. Dress of crimson velvet, open in 

front. A yellow mantle trimmed with fur behind her. Nearly 

full-length. Life-size. 

Canvas, 56 in. by 44 in. 
Engraved in Mezzolinlo by J. D. Pralt. 

Heliogravure in the « Ci:izelte des Beaux- Arts », 3" periode, tome win. 
Exposition de Portraits de I'emnies et d"l'2nfants. F^aris, 1897. 
From the Graves family. 

i<y) — 



LAWRENCE (Sir Thomas), P. R. A. 

85. — Portrait of Mr. Cuthbert 

(This 2;entleman was the husband of the huiv described 
under the preceding number.) 

Standing, his left arm resting on the base of a column. Black 
dress and silk hose of the same colour, white neckerchief. Red 
curtain on the left. Background of sky. Full-length figure. 

Canvas, 9.3 in. by 5~ in. 
From the Graves family. 

— 10 [ — 

LEE ( F K E 1 E R I c K R . ) , R . A . 

(1 799-1^! 70) 

86. — Landscape 

At the foot (»r some withered birch-trees, on the left, two men 
are sawini^- the trLinl\ of a tree. In the middle distance, a river, and 
meadows in which sheep and cows are browsins^-. An extensive. 
flat country, intersected by water and woods, stretches away to the 

Canvas, i.i i : in. Liv 60 in. 



8d. — Lee (I'\ R.). H- a. 

MORLAND (George) 

( 1763-1(304) 

87. — « Squire Thornhill and Olivia » 
(Scene from the u Vicar of Wakefield » 

In a lonely corner of a wood, squire Thornhill, dressed in a red 
coat, and kneeling on one knee, clasps Olivia's right hand, which 
she is endeavouring to withJraw. She is dressed in a white ^own 
and a broad-brimmed straw hat; her fair hair falls in curls on her 

Canvas. 20 12 in. by i5 in. 

MORLAXl) (George) 
(1763- 1 804) 

88. — The Gamekeeper s Return 

In front of ac(jttage, partly hidden by trees, the gamekeeper, the 
bridle of his poney round his right arm, holds up with his left hand a 
pheasant, to show it to his wife, seated in front of the cottage-door, 
a child in her lap. By her side, a little boy and a girl are playing 
with a dead hare. An older boy is standing on the farther side, 
and four dogs are grouped in a half-circle before their master. 

CanvaS; 40 in. by 54 in. 







OPIE (John), R. A. 

( i:6i-i8<i7) 

89. — Portrait of Mrs. Coxe 

Seated to tlic Ici'l. lookiiu.;- al the spectator, dressed in a red- 
dish brown robe, her head supported l\\' liei" riL;iit iiand. She has 
fair hair which falls in rinyiets over her forehead. Three-quarters 
length tigure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 4c) in. 1-iy 3q 1/2 in. 

Painted about i8()6. 

See Mrs. Opic's preface tu her husband's lectures, 4°, 1809, pp. 36-37; also 
page 86, « Opic and his Works ». by J. John Rog-ers. 

OPIE (John), R. A. 


go. — Mother and Child 

A voudl;- lad\- in a white chemisette and brown dress seated on 
a red velvet sofa, holdini^- her child's shoe in her right hand, against 
the back of the sofa. The child is seated on the left, dressed in 
white, the left hand upraised, the right holding the ribbons of a 
cushion. Columns in the background. 

. Canvas, 38 1/4 in. by 34 i '4 in. 


RAEBURN (Sir Henry), R. A. 


gi. — Portrait of Master Robinson 

Standing in a landscape, turned to the right, holding a hoop 
and a short stick in his right hand. Ilalf-lcngth figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 3o in. by 24 1/2 in. 
From the Morgan Family (Lord Tredegar's family namej. 

REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua), P. R. A. 


92, — The little Flower-Girl 

Standing in a landscape, dressed in a red gown and blue petti- 
coat, she holds a bunch of flowers in her outstretched right hand, 
and a basket of flowers on her left arm. Full-length figure. Life- 

Canvas, 5o in. by 40 in. 





4t^ \ 





REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua), P. R. A. 


g3. — The Virgin, the Infant Christ, 

and St. John 

The Virgin seated, facing nearly to the front, supports the 
naked Infant Christ, who is bending forward to tlie little St. John to 
eml^race him. The latter, holding the reed-cross, is standing on the 
left. Background of skv. 

Canvas, 35 1/2 in. by 27 1/2 in. 

Painted for the Rev. Holwell Carr. 
F'rom Sir Rob. Affleck's ('ollection. 
— Swinton Park Collection. 


REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua), P. R. A. 


94. — Portrait of Mrs. Barnard, ^vife of 

Dr. Barnard 

Seated in a landscape under a tree, turned tu llie right, holding 

a book in her right hand, her lell arm resting on a parapet. She is 

dressed in a llowered white satin gown ; a red mantle is draped 

round her waist and over the parapet. Three-c]uarters length figure. 


Canvas. 5o in. by ^n in. 

I'ainted in i7:fc>. 

See Cotton's List. 

Exposition de Portraits de I'emmes et d'Enfants, Paris, 109-. 

T 10 — 




REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua), P. R. A. 


g5. — Portrait of Mrs. Nesbitt as « Circe » 

Turned to the left, looking at the spectator, her brown hair 
adorned with strings of pearls and a white gauze scarf. Low pink 
dress. Seen tu the waist. Life-size. 

C'nnvas, 24 1/2 in. by 19 1/2 in. 
From ttie Collection of T. Humphry Ward, Esq., London. 

REYNOLDS (Sir Joshua), P. R. A. 


96. — Portrait of Mrs. Barnard 

Represented in a front view, looking to the left, her head resting 
(jn her left hand. Yellow dress trimmed with fur. Background 
of sky. Seen to the waist. Life-size. 

L'anvas, 29 1/2 in. by 24 1/4 in. 
Retrospective Exhibition, Munich, 1897. 

112 — 







ROMNEY (George) 

(1734- 1 802) 

97. ^ Portrait of Mrs. Elizabeth Chafyn 


Turned to the left, looking at the spectator, a white straw-hat 

with a muslin ruche and blue ribbons on her dark hair. White 

mantle trimmed with black fur, and black mulT. Landscape 

background. Seen to the waist. Life-size. 

Canvas, 29 1,2 in. by 24 1/2 in. 

Painted at « Feme », Wilts, in 1784. 

Fnnn the Collection of the late Sir C. Grove, Bart. 

— 114 


R0MN£V (George) 


98. — Portrait of Mrs. Tickell 

Seated in a landscape, turned to the right, looking at the spec- 
tator; powdered hair, locl<s of which fall on her shoulders; white 
dress, blue sash; left elbow resting on a table. r)n which are a 
drawing and a pencil. Half-length figure. Life-size. 

Canvas, 3o in. by 24 1/2 in. 

— HO 

ROMNEY (George) 
( 1734-1802) 

99. — Portrait of Mrs. Farrer 

llalf-leng-th tigure, life-size, seated to the right, looking at the 
spectator; white dress, blue sash ; hair falling over her shoulders in 
ringlets; curtain background. 

Canvas, 29 1/2 in. by 26 1/2 in. 

Exhibited at the Royal Academy. London, 1895. 
From the Collection of R. A. Fawcett, Esq., London. 

ii^> — 

















( 1734-1802) 

100. — Portrait of Lady Carruthers 

Turned to the left, lookini,^ at the spectator, her abundant 
brown hair, intervowen with blue ribbons, ilowing down her back. 
She rests her head lightly on her right hand, and is dressed in a 
litrht ffown cut low in front. Bust. Life-size. 

Canvas, 20 3/4 in. by 17 in. 

Exposition de Portraits de Fenimes et d'l<:nrants. Paris, 1B97. 

100. — ROMNEV (G.) 




Backiiuisex (L.). — A Sea-Piece with a Storm coniiiiiT on U 

Beeciiey (SirW.). — Portrait of Mrs. Merry c)o 

Calcar (J. St. von). — Portrait of an Astronomer 60 

CiiAMPAiGXE (Ph. de). — Portrait of Jean Pierre Camus 76 

— Moses with the Tables of the Law 76 

Constable (J.). — Dedham Vale go 

— The River Stour, Suffolk 92 

CoYpEL (N.-N.). — Triumph of Amphitrite 78 

— Polyphemus and Almacis 78 

— Neptune and Amphitrite 78 

Cuijp (A.). — Cavaliers in a Landscape 8 

— Boy holdino- a gray Horse 10 

— Gentlemen watering their Steeds 10 

Drouais (F.-H.). — Portrait of a young Lady wiih a Dog 80 

Dyck (Sir A. van). — Portrait of a Clentleman 12 

— Portrait of Sir John Lambert 12 

Fyt (Jan). — Dead Game and Dogs 14 

Gainsborough (Th.). — Portrait of Montague, first Lord Sandwich. 9.3 

GoYEN (J. van). — Halt at the Village Inn 14 

Greuze (J--B.). — Portrait of a little Boy 80 

Hals (P.). — The Jolly Toper 16 

Holbein (H.) the younger. — Portrait of a young Man 16 

Hondecoeter (M. d'j. — Fowl in a Park i8> 

Hoocii (P. de). — Interior with Figures 18 

Hopi'Xer (J.). — Portrait of Lady Powlett 94 

Imola (1. da). — The Marriage of Saint Catherine do 

Janssens VAX Ceulex (C). — Portrait of a Lady, supposed l<; be 

Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I. 20 

— Portrait of a Gentleman 20 

119 — 


Keyser (Th. de). — Portrait o(" a Gentleman 22 

Largilliere (N.). — Portrait of Marie de Laubespine r.2 

— Portrait of James Francis Edward Stuart. . . 82 
Lawrence (Sir Th.). — Portraits of the Misses Fanny and Jane Ha- 


— Portrait of Lady Wallscourt 97 

— Portrait of Miss Hopman 98 

— Portrait of Mrs. Cuthbert 100 

— Portrait of Mr. Cuthbert loi 

Lee (F. R.). -- Landscape 102 

Lo3 (C.-A. Van). — Portrait of the Marquise de La Ferronays . . 84 

LuiNi (B.). — Peace 62 

— Praying- for Liberation 62 

— Burying the Treasure 64 

— Killing the Enemy 64 

Mabuse (J. van). — Portrait of a Lady 22 

Maes (N.). — Bust of an Old Lady 24 

Portrait of a Gentleman 24 

Memling (H.)- — Two Wings of a Triptych 26 

Mierevelt (M. J.). — Portrait of Maria Breman 27 

— Portrait of William of Nassau 28 

Morland (G.). — « Squire Thornhill and Olivia ^^ 104 

— The Gamekeeper's Return 104 

MuRiLLO (B. E). — Praying Magdalen 96 

Neer (A. van der). — River Scene 3o 

— River Scene at Sunset 3o 

— Canal Scene by Moonlight 32 

Neufchatel (N.). ^ — Portrait of a Man 02 

Opie (J.). — Portrait of Mrs. Coxe 106 

— Mother and Child 106 

OsTADE (A. van). — Interior of a Country Alehouse 34 

PoLLAiuoLO (A.). — The Vrigin, Infant Christ, and two Saints. . . 67 

Potter (P.). — Three Cows at Pasture 34 

PijNACKER (A.). — The Ferry-Boat 36 

Raeburn (Sir H.). — Portrait of Master Robinson 108 

Rembrandt van Rijn. — The Evangelist 40 

Reynolds (Sir J.). ~ The little Flower-Girl 108 

— The Virgin, the Infant Christ, and St. John . no 

— Portrait of Mrs. Barnard, wife of Dr. Barnard. 1 10 

— Portrait of Mrs. Nesbitt as <■ Circe ^•> 112 

— Portrait of Mrs. Barnard 112 

RoMNEY (G.). — Portrait of Mrs. Elizabeth Chafyn Grove 114 

— Portrait of Mrs. Tickell ii5 

— 120 


RoMNEY (G.). — Puilrail olWlrs. Farror 1 16 

— Portrait of Lady Carriithers 118 

Rubens (P. P.). — Venus and Cupid 36 

— The Marriage of St. Catherine 38 

— Christ triumphant over Sin, Death, andlhe Grave. .38 
RuiSDAEL (J. van). — A Rocky River Scene 41 

— Mountainous Landscape 42 

— Forest Scene 44 

■ — Woody Landscape 4.S 

RnjSDAEL (S. van). - Halt at the Village Inn 46 

Snyders (F.). — The Bear Fight 48 

Steen (J.). — Interior of a Village Inn 48 

Teniers (D.) the — Interior of a Kitchen 5o 

— The Interior of a Chemist's Labora- 

tory 5o 

— Interior of a \'illage Inn 52 

Ter Borcii (G.). — Portrait of a Lady 52 

Tiepolo (G. B.). — The Martyrdom of St. Agatha 68 

Tintoretto. — The Annunciation ^o 

— ■ Portrait of a Sculptor 70 

Velazquez (D.). — Portrait of Philip IV. of Spain 72 

Velde (W. van de). — Sea View, during Calm Weather 54 

Venetian School. — Portrait of a young Man 72 

Vestier (A.). — • Portrait of Madame Adelaide Scot 84 

Vigee-Lebrun (E.-L.). — Portrait of Madame Vestris 86 

Watteau (A.). Portrait of a young Lady 86 

WouwERMAN (Ph.). — Departure for the Chase 04 

— « Le Defile de Cavalerie » 56 

— « La Buvette des Dames » 56 

Landscape with Figures and Animals .... 58 

121 — 









The richest and most exhaustive book ever pubh'shed on any painter. 


1" Over 5oo Heliogravures specially executed 


in public and private Galleries; 

2" Ilis Biography, with Transcriptions of many original 
Documents, and the Description and History of his Works. 

The number of Copies will be : Edition de Luxe on Japan 
Paper, in Engdish 75 copies, in French i5, and in (iernian 10. 

Copies on Holland Paper, in English 5oo, in b'rench 200, 
and in (ierman i.So, 


For the Edition de Luxe on japan Paper (limited to 7.^ English 
Copies) : 80 Guineas; for the United States ,^20 Dollars including 

For the Edition on Holland Paper : 5o Guineas; for the United 
States 32() Dollars includini>- Dutv. 

Terms of payment : on delivery of each volume, one eii^hth 
of the Subscription Price. 
The second volume has been issued : the others to follow at intervals of 
tour months. 






The Times, London. May 21. 1896, 

No such monument has ever been erected to any painter. To attempt such a 
work at all, three things were necessary — photography wiiii lis modern deve- 
lopment, enterprise, and a critical authority as complete as Dr. Hode's is. 

The Times, L(jndon, April 14, 1H97. 

\N'e commend this book as a wonderful result of modern reconstructive scho- 
larship, zeal, and enterprise. When the eight volumes are completed, they will 
bequite indispensable to every library which concerns itself witli the history of art. 

The 'Times, London, Jantiary 7, iScyi. 

The second of the eight volumes of this important and splendid work has 
just been issued by M. Sedelmeycr and is not less carefully executed than the 

'1 he volume as a whole, like its predecessor, represents all that scholarship, 
care, and money can do towaids the errection of a worthy monument to Rem- 
brandt's memory. 

The DjUv Chronicle, London. April 29. 1896. 

These photog^ravures are invaluable to students of Rembrandt and are excel- 
lently produced. The expense, research and energy of Mr. Sedelmeycr in making 
this collection must have been enormous. 

All we can say is that the subject is worthy of it. and happv will ilicy be who 
can become owners of the costly work, which is to be issued in eight volumes. 

Ill list raleJ London Xe)vs. April 25, 1896. 

The value and beauty of this collection, which exceeds anything before at- 
tempted, are beyond controversy. 

The Daily Teleij^raph, London. October 22, 189^). 

The work will be a veritable monument to the genius of the very greatest 
of all painters. 

— 12.3 — 

American Register, Paris, March 27, 1897. 

A magnficcnt work of art, at which no less a connoisseur than Mv. Charles 
Sedelmeyer, the well-known dealer and expert in art, in collaboration with Direc- 
tor Bode, has been working- for fully fifteen years, has at last been completed. It 
is the richly illustrated eJition in eight larg-e volumes of-' LXEuvre Complet de 
Rembrandt, " a veritable literary and artistic monument to the great Dutch mas- 
ter, all of whose works, scattered throug-hout the world, have here been reproduced 
in heliog-ravure, with full descriptive text. The first volume has made its appea- 
rance, and, asmig-ht well have been foreseen, does great credit to the enterprising- 
editor as well as to France. 

The Colleclur, New Yufk, Apiil i5, 1897. 

Nothing- has yet been done, either in honour of any sing-le artist or for the 
recording of his works, to even approach « The Complete Work of Rembrandt » 
which is published by M. Sedelmeyer, of Paris.... II comes in the shape of a fat 
folio, of the most sumptuous form of artistic embellishment and typography, and, 
entirely apart from its magnificence as an art work, is a book of reference no 
true collector can fail to appreciate. 

The Art Amateur, New Yofk, December, 1897. 

The Complete Work of Rembrandt, which Dr. Bode has spent fifteen years in 
preparing and of which Mr. Sedelmeyer has already issued the hrst two volumes 
in truly magnihcent style, will reproduce every known painting by the master, 
one hundred and tifty of them never before published. 

The Art Amateur, New York, Febfuaiw, 1898. 

The second volume of Dr. Bode'smonumental work, which has just been deli- 
vered to American subscribers, is even richer and more interesting than the first 
volume, as it reproduces the work of a more advanced period of the master. As 
compared with the most thorough of his predecessors. Dr. Bode is immensely 
more full and authoritative. Where he differs from them in regard to individual 
pictures, the layman will do well, as in most such cases, to pin his faith to the 
most recent authority. Dr. Bode has had many advantages for which Vosmaer or 
Michel might sigh in vain. His learning is disputed by no one; and there is 
throughout his work abundant evidence of a calm judgment and a disposition to 
examine carefully both sides of every open question. When he admits as genuine 
works of Rembrandt paintings which other critics have pronounced doubtful, he 
speaks with precision, while they express themselves in a hesitating manner, and 
seem ready to withdraw every opinion that they advance. The difference of 
manner is due, it is safe to say, to real knowledge on the one side and presump- 
tuous ignorance on the other. Many things have come to light since .Michel 
wrote his book — a great bool( for its day — and the whole mass of evidence, 
new and old, has been sifted and weighed with the greatest care by Dr. iiode. 
The hundreds of photogravures from the original paintings which illustrate his 
great work arc of the highest merit, and are as superior in qualify to the 
illustrations of former works on Rembrandt as they vastly outnumber them. 


Principal Publications 



The Syndics of the Draper's Corporation. — Etching by Charles 
Koepping- after Rembrandt. 

Size : 20 1/4 in. by 3i 1/4 in. — Plate destroyed. 
125 proofs have been issued at Fr. 1.300 

Portrait of an Old Man. — Etching- by Ch. Koepping- after Rembrandt. 

Size : 32 in. by 21 in. — Plate destroyed. 
12.5 artist's proofs on Japan paper at Fr. 800 

The Arciiebs of St. George. — Etching- by Ch. Rapping- after Franz Hals. 

Size : 20 in. by 84 in. — Plate destroyed. 
125 artist's proofs on Japan paper at Fr. 1.000 

Beatrice of Cusance, Duchess of Lorraine. — Etching- by F. Laguil- 
lermie after Anthony Van Dyck. 

Size : 27 1/2 in. by 21 in. — Plate destroyed. 
125 artist's proofs on Parchment at Fr. 800 

Christ before Pilate. — Engraved by Ch. Waltner after Munkacsy. 

Size : 21 in. by 3i 1/4 in. 
Prints Fr. 75 

Christ on Calvary. — Engraved by Ch. Kcepping after Munkacsy. 

Size : 21 in. by 32 1/4 in. 

Prints ' Fr. 75 

Companion to the etching- Christ before Pilate. 

Milton dictating Paradise Lost to his Daughters. — Etched by 
Ch. Courtry after Munkacsy. 

Size : i5 in. by 21 in. 
I'rints Fr. 25 

Milton visitinci Galileo at Arcetri near Florence, 1640. — Engraved 
by A. .Mathey after Tito Lessi. 

Size : i3 6,0 in. by 17 3,8 in. 

200 Remark proofs at Fr. 150 

Lettered proofs on India paper Fr. 25 

Mozart directing the first Execution of his Requiem. — Etched by Ar- 
mand Mathey after Munkacsy. 

Size : 16 1/2 in. by 23 3/P) in. 
Prints on India paper Fr. 25 

Spring. — Etching- by E. M. Geyger after the picture by Sandro Botticelli. 

Size of the etching : 19 1/2 in. by 3o in. 

100 Remark proofs at I'r. 623 

Lettered proofs on India paper Fr. 75 

GiovANNA Tornabuoni. — Engraved by .\. Mathey-Doret, after Domenico 

Size : 20 1/2 in. by i3 in. — Plate destroyed. 
3oo Remark proofs, signed by the engraver l-'r. 130 








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