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u^ Facsimile Reproduction of the First Edition 
printed at Augsburg in 147 1-2 






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HERE are several treatises belonging to the class 
of devotional theology, and meant to assist in 
the advance of the spiritual life, vvrhich are of the 
highest excellence, which come from the pens of 
great servants of God, and are valuable possessions 
of the Christian Church. Among these may be reckoned such 
works as St. Francis of Sales' Devout Life and Scupoli's Spiritual 
Combat — the one from France, the other from Italy; and in 
England such books as Law's Serious Call, or in poetry George 
Herbert's 'Temple and Keble's Christian Tear. At the very head 
of all such works, however, and facile princeps in devotional 
literature, is the Imitation of Christ. 

This wonderful book is — like the Divina Commedia — a land- 
mark in the history of the human mind. It is impossible for 
anyone who habitually uses it, or seriously thinks upon the ques- 
tion, to doubt its unique position. Securus judicat orhis terrarum 
is a test which may be said to apply to it with entire appropriate- 
ness. From every part of Christendom, from devout persons 
belonging to different nationalities, and speaking in different 
languages; from those who are directly connected with some one 
of the Apostolically-ordered parts of the Church, as well as from 
those who belong to some one of the various bodies which are 


more or less separated from her, — there is one general and unvary- 
ing acclaim of testimony bearing witness to the fact that wherever 
souls have any serious desire to serve and love God, they have felt 
the power of this marvellous book. 

Although there has been considerable controversy in later 
times as to the authorship, and although some great names such 
as Mabillon and Cajetan have been arrayed on the side of the 
argument in favour of a Benedictine or other authorship of the 
book, — 'if may be fairly said that, on the whole, now the evidence 
is so overwhelming that there is what may be called an almost 
general consensus of belief that the author was none other than he 
whose name is so closely associated with it, viz., St. Thomas a 
Kempis. Those who are interested in the controversy, and, 
indeed, in the whole history of this wonderful little book, would 
do well to read — if they wish to go deeply into the subject- -the 
works of Kettlewell* and of the Italian, Santini,-!* and, above all, 
that beautiful little book which summarizes excellently the results 
of all the histories and investigations on the subject, and which 
gives, in a handy form and sympathetic spirit, the most useful 
information, called The Story of the " Imitatio Christi" by Leonard 
A. Wheatley.:}: 

Thomas a Kempis, whom, then, we may assume to have been the 
real author of the Imitation, was born of pious parents in the town 
of Kempen in a.d. 1380. After some years of early training, he 
came under the influence and teaching of the celebrated monastic 
community in Holland called the " Brothers of the Common 
Life." His natural disposition appears to have been singularly 
in tune with the sweet, clear tone of charity and simplicity which 
distinguished that community. He spent seven years in diligent 
study, — never dissevered from devotion, — under the guidance of 
members of the Brotherhood at Deventer, and, in fact, sang in the 

* Thomas a Kempis and the Brothers of Common Life, 2 vols., 8vo, London, 1882 ; and 
Authorship of the ' De Imitatio ne Christi," i vol., Bvo. 

t / Diritti di Tommaso da Kempis, 2 vols., 8vo, Rome, 1879. 
} Published by Elliot Stock, London, 1 89 1. 

choir of the principal church of that town, of which John Bohme 
— a close friend of the founder of the Brotherhood — was Vicar. 

The Brotherhood of the Common Life was one of those 
monastic communities which grew up in a natural and healthy- 
way from small beginnings to meet a real need. It was founded 
by Gerrard Groot, who was born at Deventer in 1 340, and who 
after considerable success in the paths of learning, abandoned all 
thought of worldly advancement, in order more closely to serve 
God and his fellow-men. He was not, however, the only founder. 
Florentius Redewyn, who had been a Canon of the Cathedral 
of Utrecht, and possessed of considerable wealth, had been 
moved by Groot's simple and impressive teaching, and abandoned 
his preferments in order to join his friend. Together they formed 
a small band of earnest men at Deventer, who devoted themselves 
to help others by directing them in their studies, and by making 
copies of the Bible, and of the Breviary and Missal and of the 
writings of the saints, which was a charitable work at that time' 
when printing had not yet been invented. These bound them- 
selves together at first to live " a common life of good will." 
They were intent upon being " in the world but not of the 
world," and, as a matter of fact, they commended themselves 
and their teachings to others by their simple and sensible un- 
worldliness. They encouraged one another, and helped those 
whom they could reach — to conquer self, to subdue and purify 
passion, to mortify self-will, and to live a simple, devout, but 
busy life, keeping God always before them. Idleness they dis- 
countenanced. They made copies of the Bible and other books. 
They tilled the ground and worked at useful handicrafts, and 
those of them who were ordained gave themselves to preaching 
and other clerical duties. 

It had been the desire of Gerrard Groot to form, from the 
Brotherhood, a distinctly monastic establishment, and for this he 
prepared the way. He died of the plague, however, before his 
desire could be fully accomplished. His friend Florentius was 


able to carry out his wishes, and he founded the celebrated 
monastery of Windesheim in 1386. Within comparatively few 
years after the foundation — so great a hold did this religious 
movement take on the minds of the men of that time — there 
were some five-and-forty, or more, religious houses in connection 
with it. The Brotherhood adopted the rule of St. Augustine, and 
their establishment became one class of Augustinian Canons 
Regular. They were in close sympathy with the Cistercians and 
Carthusians, whose spirit was much akin to their own. On the 
foundation of Windesheim some of the Brethren, both clerical 
and lay, remained for teaching and working purposes at 
De venter. It was under the influence of these that Thomas a 
Kempis came in his early years, and he formed the most devoted 
attachment to the founder, Florentius. After his seven years of 
study he spent five years of novitiate in the Augustinian house of 
Mount St, Agnes, near Zwolle, of which his brother, John a 
Kempis, was at that time Prior. In the seventh year from his 
entry he was ordained to the priesthood, and devoted himself to 
the duties of the pulpit and the confessional, and to devotion and 
to the composition of religious treatises. He had taken his vows 
in A.D. 1406, and died in his 91st year in 147 1. In those inter- 
vening years his life was a life of quietness, and work, and love. 

There seems to have been only one serious external dis- 
turbance. He had been elected Sub-prior in 1425; some diffi- 
culties had arisen; the district had been placed under interdict by 
the Pope, and the Brothers for the time had been driven out of 
their monastery. For some fourteen months or so Thomas had 
been absent in consequence, during which time he attended his 
brother in his serious illness. On his return he found a new Sub- 
prior in his place, and he entered quietly on the life of an ordinary 
monk. In a.d. 1448 he was again elected to that office, and he 
continued to fill the place from that time until his death. It is 
clear from the writings of a contemporary historian that he won 
the respect and love of all, and that many were drawn to the 

monastery at Mount St. Agnes by admiration for the Sub-prior. 
We have every reason to believe that he was a man who, by the 
grace of God, to a marvellous degree practised what he taught. 
He was, like many thoroughly devout men, of extraordinary 
diligence. The contemplative life, and indeed a deeply religious 
life, has been sometimes contrasted in thought with the active 
life. This contrast, up to a certain point, seems to be justified by 
Our Lord's saying as to Mary and Martha. There have been, of 
course, examples of some who have exaggerated their duties of 
devotion at the expense of their duties of action. On the whole, 
however, this is only a proof that there has been, in such, an 
insufficient sense of devotion. Very holy men have been enabled 
to hold the balance more true, and at any rate the danger of the 
Western mind — especially in our own times — does not seem to 
lie in this direction. Those who are inclined to think of St. 
Thomas a Kempis as merely a recluse, and given to meditation, 
should remember his great diligence and the earnest advice which 
he has given to monks on this subject. In his Life of Florentius 
he advises the novices "never to be altogether idle, but to be 
either reading, or writing, or praying, or meditating, or labouring 
on something for the good of the community." We learn that 
he himself had a quick eye and a skilful hand, and that he wrote 
out the Bible in four volumes, and many other works, for the 
use of the monastery. 

Those who thoughtlessly, and from prejudice, and without 
examining carefully the condition of the Middle Ages, decry the 
monastic system of the Past, are — often all unconsciously — guilty 
of grave ingratitude. The monasteries, especially the Benedictine 
houses, and these Augustinian foundations, have preserved to us 
the Holy Scriptures and the great classical authors both of 
Greece and Rome and of the European nations, including our 
own. As printing was not then invented, humanly speaking all, 
or most of these, must have perished but for the diligence of 
the monks. Then, again — and the Brothers of the Common 



Life are no exception to this — when the outside world was in a 
state of continual strife, and the poor subjected to cruelty and 
oppression, it was such houses as these which both gave oppor- 
tunities for peace and devotion and the cultivation of religion and 
literature, and which afforded protection to the poor. 

In this monastic quietude, — which lent itself admirably not 
only to prayer and meditation, but also to useful toil, — St. 
Thomas a Kempis formed that character which made it possible 
— under God's blessing — to produce such a work as the 

It seems to have been the custom of the Brothers to make 
collections of helpful teachings from the Bible and the Fathers. 
These books of extracts Gerrard Groot had recommended to the 
Brethren of his community. They were called Rapiaria, and 
there are several examples of them. To this practice of 
" collections " we owe probably at least th.t form of the Imitation. 
The Imitation really consists of four treatises. The name by 
which the book is now known was, in fact, the title of the first 
of the four. In the first two the intention seems to be to teach 
the blessedness of the Christian life by giving the reader counsels 
which are " useful to a spiritual life," and those which are 
calculated to " draw us to the inner life." The third treatise, it 
is believed, is probably that generally known as the. fourth book. 
It deals with the subject of the Holy Eucharist, the benefits of 
which can be fully entered into by those alone who have learnt 
the lesson of the first two treatises. The fourth treatise, now 
called " the third book of the Imitation," is of greater length, and 
treats of the deeper spiritual things concerned with " inward 

The Imitation may be said to be the outcome, humanly 
speaking, at once of the scholasticism and mysticism of the 
Middle Ages. Scholasticism did its own good work, and helped 
to the development of an exact theology. The scholastic 
movement — like other movements — had its faults, and ran wild. 


and became, as we should say, "high and dry." From this, 
mysticism was in one sense a reaction. It was a movement of 
souls to seek and know by experience those deep spiritual truths 
of which exact theology is the precise outward statement and 
safeguard. Mysticism, too, had its weak points at last. Its 
danger was to degenerate into dreaminess or fancifulness, and 
pietism afterwards illustrated this danger. Human nature is 
the same at all times, and subject to the same or similar perils. 
In our own country a careful and exact theology showed a 
tendency to become hard ; while spiritual revivals showed at last 
a tendency to become fanciful or unreal. The mysticism of the 
Imitation escapes these dangers. It is based upon an exact 
theology ; it is deeply spiritual ; its spiritual teaching, whilst 
tender and unearthly, is eminently practical and strong. This is 
proved from the unquestionable fact — without going further — 
that this little book has been the dearest and most helpful com- 
panion to " all sorts and conditions of men " — to the most 
energetic and practical, as well as to the most retired, in every 
age and country since it first was written. 

The first characteristic, then, which strikes us about it is its 
power of leading us into the deeper spiritual truths without 
forgetting the safeguards of exact theological thought. In 
this connection it is, perhaps, well to notice that fault has 
been found with the Imitation on the ground — so it is said — that 
it encourages a kind of spiritual selfishness. This charge seems 
to me to be quite without foundation. It is a charge indeed not 
unlikely to suggest itself in days like our own, when there is a 
tendency to make Philanthropy do entire duty for Christianity. 
In one sense, of course. Religion may be said to be selfish ; but if 
religion is accused of selfishness, in the usual sense of that word, a 
fallacy lurks in such a statement. Man, to be true to his higher 
nature, must have an end before him, and must make for that end. 
Man must live for some object. The object of life — the only one 
which can satisfy at once thought, and will, and afl^ection — is God. 


To love God is to have the highest reward. To do this is to 
deny " self" in a thousand ways. To do this, however, may be 
called — by what is practically a misuse of language — " selfish- 
ness." " The self-existent, the all-perfect Being," so it has been 
well said, " could not surround Himself with creatures who were 
to find the final satisfaction of their various powers and instincts 
in something other than Himself He is the End of all beings, 
as He is the Centre and Source of all existences, by an inevitable 
necessity, because He is God." And again the same writer well 
expresses this truth when he says : " To take really a wise fore- 
thought for the spiritual self — to act and to refrain from action 
accordingly — is to be truly disinterested as well."* This kind of 
selfishness is taught in the Imitation, but this kind of selfishness is 
Christianity. No man can help others in the Christian religion 
unless he himself first is a sincere Christian. Men are not 
powerful by what they say, or what they do, unless they are first 
powerful by what they are. Our Lord Himself said, " What 
shall it profit if a man gain the whole world and lose himself?" 
The charge of selfishness cannot be sustained against the Imitation. 
Another characteristic is this : the author of the Imitation has 
fully grasped the truth — so often forgotten — that to imitate 
Christ is not to follow our Master in accidental resemblances, 
but to govern our lives by His spirit and temper under entirely 
different conditions. Men have wrecked their faith or have 
been carried into wild extravagances before now by contemplating 
— in a narrow and despairing spirit — the apparently yawning gulf 
which opens between the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount 
and the forms and arrangements of later society. The severe and 
serious sayings of Christ remain as admonitions and ideals, but 
Providence and History, and the Development of Society, and 
the arrangements and interpretations of the Catholic Church, are 
also revelations of the Will of God, and the author of the 
Imitation saw clearly the great truth that to imbibe the Spirit of 

• The late Dr. Liddon : sermons preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, August 26th, 
1877, and again December ist, 1878. 


Christ under the varying conditions which are endorsed by these 
forms of revelation and to apply it diligently to altered circum- 
stances is to follow Christ. 

Another characteristic is the following — so it seems to me. 
This wonderful saint realized that Christianity is not only a system 
of consolation, but that it is also a serious rule, that there is such 
a thing as the " Law of Christ." For this reason, this beautiful 
little book is a healthy antidote to the wild antinomianism of 
modern religious systems. As Christians, we cannot think and act 
and speak just as we like. There is such a thing as the Truth. 
To hold the Truth not only leads to, it is part of, the Christian 
state of mind. Thought and affection and action — i.e., intellect 
and desire, and the expression of both in deed — these for a 
Christian must be disciplined, and placed under the Rule of 
Christ. This the author of the Imitation saw and felt. 

Such forces as these, however, would not be sufficient, 
without something more, to move and control mankind. A land- 
scape may be exactly drawn, and its facte may be exactly stated, 
and yet such drawing or such statement will never bring home 
the whole truth about it, or place the details in precise pro- 
portion or exact perspective, unless some attention is paid to 
atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Christian life is Love. 
Exact theology and the Rule of Christ are valuable, indeed 
they are necessary; but, as applied to mankind, they are dis- 
jointed, they may even become repulsive, unless surrounded by 
the atmosphere of Lave. This was the interior spirit of the 
Lord's life. This is the being and texture of the life of God. 
To learn this is the reason for living at all. To teach this is the 
justification of the existence of the Catholic Faith and the 
Catholic Church. The very temper of the Imitation — even in 
its most severe and trenchant sayings — is Divine Charity. To 
open it anywhere is to breathe the air of Heaven, and to be 
raised above the common world, right up into communion with 
God, with a sweet sense and a perfect certainty that there is no 

mere sentimentality, or unreality, or straining too far, or — that 
"prima materia of the Devil " — Cant, but the real, solid, serious 
fact of beautiful and spiritualized human Love going out towards 
God and, for God's sake, towards man. 

If there be any truth in this, such a book was sure to com- 
mand the suffrages of mankind, and so it has done. " Anima 
naturaliter Christiana " — " The soul is by nature Christian " — is 
the expression of a great truth. Let men be ever so overcome 
by sin or carried away by prejudice, they are so great, they come 
from such a parentage, and they have before them such a destiny, 
that the deep truths of Life and God must find a response in their 
souls. The Imitation has been loved and is loved by those who 
have used it, really because, like all great works of genius — but 
super-eminently of religious genius — in dealing, as it does, with 
the highest things, it expresses the yearning of human souls. 
The soul — whatever half-way houses it finds in earthly things 
— is yearning for God : 

" L'onda dal mar divisa 
Bagna la valle e '1 monte, 
Va passegiera 
In fiume, 
Va prigioniera 
In fonte, 

Mormora sempre, e geme 
Fin che non torna al mar : 
Al mar, dov' ella nacque. 
Dove acquist6 gli umori, 
Dove da' lunghi errori 
Spera di riposar."* 

* Mctastasio — Artaserse. Atto Terzo, sceita prima, ad fin : 
" Waters from the sea uptorn 

The valleys and the mountains lave, 

Down rushing rivers calling 

From prisoned fountains falling. 

They murmur and they rave 

With passion for the main, 

From whence they came in cloud and rain. 

Hearing its voice for long in vain, — 

The mighty main where they were born, — 

Far from the lands their drops have worn, — 


So wrote Metastasio — thinking of the longing of an exile for his 
country — so men have felt — in thinking of the soul's longing for 
its Heavenly Father's Heart as its own true Home — but no man 
— not among the inspired writers of the sacred Scriptures — has 
ever expressed this so fully and so perfectly as the author of the 

Then again — as is natural enough in the saints — for while 
pietists may be foolish, saints are always sensible — this little work 
is a perfect handbook of the common-sense of eternity. That 
common-sense is taught us in St. John's Gospel; and the Imitation^ 
with its teaching of true unselfishness and love of God, is after 
all only an expansion, illuminated by genius and goodness — of 
the saying of the Divine Teacher : " If any man wills to do His 
Will, he shall know,"* 

It remains to remind the reader of the enormous number of 
manuscripts and editions through which this wonderful little 
work has passed. The large number of religious houses which, 
as we have seen, were so soon connected with the first great 
monastery of the Brothers of the Common Life, together with 
the fact of their close connection — which we have noticed — with 
the Cistercians and Carthusians — accounts, as it has been felt, for 
the wide circulation, even during St. Thomas's life-time, of the 
Imitation. This, indeed, is one proof that it was written by him ; 
but this wide circulation would never have taken place had it not 
been for the remarkable character of the book itself. Nevertheless, 
the number of MSS. of the Imitation existing is enormous. Some 
of these are undated, but the larger number are dated. The 
controversy alluded to above would probably never have arisen, 
had they all been signed. Ama nesciri, however — love to be 
unknown — was the motto of the Brothers of the Common Life, 
and St. Thomas a Kempis — like all the great servants of Christ — 

Wherein, when all their wand'rings past, 
They long to lose themselves at last. " 
— TTie above translation has been kindly written for me by the Duke of Argyll. 
* St. John vii. 17. 


was prepared to " let his light shine " when God was glorified 
thereby, but, as far as possible, himself to sink out of sight, and 
to lead the hidden life. The MSS., then, are multitudinous ; still 
more multitudinous, if possible, are the printed editions and trans- 
lations. This book has been translated again and again into every 
modern language. The invention of printing gave it, of course, a 
still wider circulation than the most vigorous efforts of diligent 
copyists could have done. And here it gains another slight 
glory. It is one of the earliest books ever printed. The first 
edition (the editio princeps) was printed by GUnther Zainer, at 
Augsburg, about 1471 or 1472. St. Thomas was then living. 
The interest of the present volume — to which this is a slight 
introduction — lies in this — that it is a careful and exact repro- 
duction of that first printed edition. Mr. Elliot Stock has already 
done much for the Imitation. Nothing, however, that he has 
done hitherto can surpass in interest this beautiful and careful 
reproduction of the first printed presentation of this wonderful 
little work. 

To literary men the Imitation may be recommended as a 
noble example of that simplicity and perfection of style which is 
a mark of the highest genius. To thoughtful theologians it 
comes home as a work of true religion based upon a careful and 
exact theology. To deeply religious souls it approaches with a 
tender touch of a well-known hand — the hand of Christ — which 
can lead them on to higher things. To the way-worn and the 
weary it appeals by its simple and straightforward teaching of a 
life of peace, even here, to those who seek God. To all men, if 
they use it, it must speak of the better things for which their 
souls are longing ; it must remind them that, while they should 
make efforts to advance in goodness, those efforts — even with the 
grace of Christ — must be " toilsome and incomplete," but that 

" God's greatness flows around our incompleteness, 
Round our restlessness, His rest." 

W. J. Knox Little. 

Hoar Cross Vicarage, 
All Saints' Tide, 1893. 

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This book is due on the last date stamped below, or 

on the date to which renewed. 

Renewed books are subject to immediate recall. 


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MAY ?. 1R59 













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