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mmmK • ^ ■■ 



■X' ! 

Si'- A^^{ 




?«;<v r. /. ^ 





Eighty-third Edition 

Published by the Student Body of the 

THE 1952 

University of Massachusetts, Amherst 




EVER before, certainly not in recent years, lias our campus 
community been so stunned and saddened as it was on August 
14, 1951, when death, instantly and without warning, took 
from us Charles Nelson DuBois, for fourteen years a member 
of the Department of English. It was partly because he was 
still young, only forty-one. And it was partly because he was 
so vipright and outstanding a teacher^and man. 

x\t the time of his death he was an associate professor, in 
charge of the English courses in the Stockbridge School, the 
University's academic extension program, and registration of 
students in English. His own course in American Poetry was 
one of the most popular in the Department. He had recently 
brought into effective operation a calendar for campus activi- 
ties. His gifts and services were various and gratefully recog- 
nized by all of us. 

INIoreover, he had been for several years faculty adviser 
to the Index. He had helped plan this book. That it should be 
dedicated to his memoiy is therefore pre-eminently fitting. 

This is for the record, Init what can never be committed 
to words is the memory of a vibrant, loyal, resourceful, inde- 
fatigable associate, respected and loved by all who worked 
with him, youth's hostage to honor in a troubled world. We 
miss him sorely, l)ut are proud to have known him. 

— Frank Prentice Rand 


/;/ Memoriam — Arthur N. Julian 

Arthur X. Julian, professor of German and Head of the Depart- 
ment, died on August 11, 1951, after a period of failing health. 
Born in 1885 in Illinois, he did his first teaching at Elgin Academy 
after graduating from Northwestern University. In 1911, after 
study and travel in Europe, he came to the University of Massa- 
chusetts, becoming Head of the German Department in 1925. 

In June of this year he had retired, with the intention of devoting 
part of his time to a re-examination of ancient Greek literature 
and language — next to German his favorite study. Death overtook 
him before he could rightly begin to gratify his wish. 

Professor Julian will be remembered by many generations of 
students for his friendliness and his unselfish attention to the needs 
especiall.y of those less favored than their fellows. By his friends 
and associates he will be remembered as a man of integrity and 
loyalty, by his immediate family for his undiminished devotion to 
their well-being. 

Fred C. Ellert 

Clarence Gordon— In Memoriam 

Scientist, naturalist, lover of the great outdoors, Clarence 
Gordon was, as student, alumnus and teacher, a personage on the 
campus of his Alma Mater for considerably more than half his life. 
Graduating in 1901 after an undergraduate career of leadership 
and recalled to join the teaching staff following a period of graduate 
study and teaching in other institutions, he had much in knowl- 
edge, experience and personality to offer his students. Distinguished 
among his associates, he headed the science faculty for eighteen 

Though professionally a geologist, he had an inherent interest 
in plant life: his private garden was a repository of cheri.shed 
favorites gleaned in field and fishing excursions which were often 
made in rare companionship with a fellow naturalist. 

A man of sterling character, scholarly attainment, deeply 
committed to things worthwhile, loyal in friendship, his was a 
pattern of high accomplishment and exemplary living. 

.\. Vincent Osiiun 


Doctor Guy Chester Crampton, distinguished insect morphologist, was born 
in Mobile, Alabama, September 21, 1881. He died of a heart attack in Albany, 
New York, on October 31, 1951. 

Doctor Crampton received the A.B. degree from Princeton; A.M. from Cornell 
and Harvard; and Ph.D. from the I'niversity of Berlin. He was a member of several 
entomological societies in America and abroad, and of the leading honorary societies 
in American universities. Other details of his life and work are given in American 
Men of Science and in Who's Who in America. 

Doctor Crampton came to the College in the spring of 1911, retiring in 1947. 
He was a much-loved teacher, and undoubtedly most of the entomologists whom 
he trained — and they may be numbered in the hundreds — best remember the 
friendly and informal discussions with their professor, not in the lecture rooms but 
more especiall>' in the laboratories and after classes. To be associated with a man of 
Doctor Crampton's philosophy and culture was in itself an education, and unques- 
tionably many of his former students now holding high positions throughout the 
nation and abroad owe much of their present success to the influence of this great 

Always Doctor Crampton was most generbus of his time and wealth, and in 
his passing leaves a host of friends who owe him an unrepayable debt. 

Ch.uiles p. Alexander 


On December 22, 1951, the I'niversity was saddened by the death of Professor 
AValter E. Prince, member of the Department of English for thirty-seven years 
before his retirement in 1949. 'Sir. Prince was born in 1881, attended school in 
Webster, and then took both a B.A. and an M.A. degree at Brown. In 1912 he began 
his long an<l highly succes.sful career at the University. 

He was known affectionately to .several college generations as "Bull" Prince 
and was the sort of man about whom legends naturally circulated. For years his 
familiar voice boomed and echoed through the classrooms and corridors; sometimes 
it was a roar of indignation directed at an absurdity in contemporary literature (he 
liked nothing but the l>est in the great classics) or at a liapless frcslunan guilty of 
passing in a careless theme: but the indignation generally turned into a roar of 
laughter — laughter '' not of the face and diaphragm only, but of the whole man 
from head to heel. "" 

In his eighteenth century courses he would alternately assume the manner and 
mood of a Dean Swift or a Dr. Johnson, two of his favorites. He had an abiding 
love of the theater and taught Elizabethan drama with a truly Elizabethan en- 
thusiasm. He was justly ])roud of having introduced the study of .Vmerican Litera- 
ture into the curriculum, and for years students crowded into his American courses 
in such number that only an auditorium could accommodate the enrollment. 

While other memories recede into the past, Walter Prince's rugged character 
will remain with us as sharply outlined as e^'er in years to come. We remember him 
as a robust American, an enemy of h,\']iocrisy, a lover of courage, talent, and in- 
tegrity when he met with them in any human being. 


Some ivere old . , , 
among these halls . . . 

. . . some ivere new . . . 
and some had ivy . , . 

and above them all chapel chimes . , . 

. the singing pulse — in ivhat is old . , . 

. ... in what ivith dignity . , . 

.... has been strong foundation . 

for what is new 



rising out of traditions . . , 

that foster groivth 

. . . . of minds — and hearts , . . 

. . . within these ivalls, these halls ive kneiv 




Governor of the Commonwealth 

of ^lassachusetts 

policies . , . 

these , . . 

Chairman of ihe Board of Trustees 


Standing: Hawley, Carntiichael, Kelcher, Malian, Burke, Chandler, Desmond, Whitn 
Sitting: Brown, McNamara, Hubbard, Williams, Van Meter, Bartlett, Leach, O'Brian 

. Stokes, 
irsh. Ell. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Laura McNamara 
(Graduate Teacher's College), Cam- 

Leonard Carmichael, S.B., Sc.D. 
(Tufts College), Ph.D. (Harvard Uni- 
versity), Litt.D. (Portia), LL.D. (Bos- 
ton University, Colgate University, 
Northeastern University, Rhode Island 
State College, St. Lawrence Univer- 
sity), Medford 

^Irs. Joseph Swan Leach, Walpole 

Ralph Fred Taber, B.S. (University of 
Massachusetts), \.~Sl. (Harvard Uni- 
versity), West Newton 

John ]\I.u?tin Deely, A.B. (Williams 
College), Lee 

Clifford Chesley Hubbard, A.B., 
Ph.D. (Brown University), A.M. (Har- 
vard I'niversity), Mansfield 

Harry Dunlap Brown, B.S. (Univer- 
sity of Massachusetts), Billerica 

John William Haigis, ]M.A. (Amherst 
College), Greenfield 

Joseph Warren Bartlett, A.B. (Dart- 
mouth College), LL.B. (Harvard Uni- 
versity), LL.D. (University of Massa- 
chusetts), Boston 

Philip Ferry Whitmore, B.S. (Univer- 
sity of ^Massachusetts), Sunderland 

William Michael Cashin, A.B. (Bos- 
ton College), Milton 

William Aylott Orton, B.A., M.A. 

(Christ's College, Cambridge), M.Sc, 

D.Sc. (University of London), LL.D. 

(Boston College), Northampton 
Ernest Hoftyzer, B.S. (Ohio State 

University), Wellesley 
Alden Chase Brett, B.S. (I'niversity of 

Massachusetts), Belmont 

me:mbers ex officio 

His Excellency Paul Andrew Dever, 
LL.B. (Boston University,) LL.D. (St. 
Anselm's College and Boston I'niver- 
sity), Governor of the Commonwealth 

Ralph Albert Van Meter, B.S. (Ohio 
State University), M.S. (University 
of Massachusetts), Ph.D. (Cornell 
University), President of the Univer- 

John Joseph Desmond, Jr., A.B., A.]\I. 
(Harvard University), D.Ed. (Suffolk 
University), Commissioner of Educa- 

John Chandler, B.A. (Yale University), 
Commissioner of Agriculture 

James William Burke, B.S. (University 
of Massachusetts), Secretary of the 

Kenneth AV. Johnson, B.S. (University 
of Vermont), Treasurer of the Univer- 



President of the University 


willia:m la\^son mach:mer 

Dean of the University 


, , . to these — curriculum and counsel . . . 


Dean of Men 

Dean of Women 



Ralph A. Van Meter 

President of the University 

Charles P. Alexander 

Dean of the School of Science 

James W. Burke 

Secretary of the University 

Harold W. Cary 

Professor of History 

Gladys M. Cook 

Assistant Professor of Home Economics 

John H. Dittfach 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical 


Fred Charles Ellert 

Professor of German and Acting Head of 


Philip L. Gamble 

Dean of School of Business Adm,inistration 

John F. Hanson 

Assistant Professor of Insect Morphology 

Harold E. Hardy 

Professor of Business Administration 

Robert P. Holdsworth 

Professor of Forestry and Head 

of Department 

Fred P. Jeffrey 

Professor of Poultry Hnshandry 

MiLO Kimball 

Associate Professor of Business 


Marshall O. Lanphear 

Registrar of the University 

William L. Machmer 

Dean of the University 

George A. Marston 

Dean of the School of Engineering 

Warren P. McGuirk 

Director of Athletics and Head of the 

Division of Physical Education 

Helen S. Mitchell 

Dean of the School of Home Economics 

Frank P. Rand 

Dean of the School of Liberal Arts 

Carl S. Roys 

Professor of Electrical Engineering 

Dale H. Sieling 
Professor of Agronomy 

Allen M. Sievers 

Associate Professor of Business 


Ruth J. Totman 

Professor of Physical Education for Women 

and Head of Department 

Leonard R. Wilson 

Professor of Geology and Mineralogy and 

Head of Department 

Gilbert L. Woodside 
Professor of Biology and Head of Depart- 
ment of Zoology; Dean of Graduate School 



Mrs. Robinson, Miss Larkin, Mrs. Phillips. 




./■^ ''> r 



GKOKGh: K. KMKKY. Kxcculiie Secretary, As 
ate Alumni, University Field Secretary. 

The Alumni Office exists as the 
general information center for Uni- 
versity graduates wherever they 
may be. The Office keeps a file 
on all alumni and maintains data 
on the doings and whereabouts of 

The Office publishes the Alumni 
Bulletin, indispensable organ of 
information both to and from 

The Office, under Mr. Emery, 
is the direct tie between present 
and past U of !M students. And 
the present benefits directly from 
the past, for the Associate Alumni 
body has established itself as one 
of the most devoted and helpful 
ahunni bodies in the country. 
Alumni contributions to the physi- 
cal campus — dorms, a gym, Me- 
morial Hall — as well as other 
important services concerned with 
proper development of the Univer- 
sity attest to the effectiveness of 
the organized alumni effort. 





The Graduate School of the 
University this year embarked on 
a pohcy of expansion under its 
new Dean, Professor Woodside. 
Though just now coming into 
prominence in ahnost all studies 
offered by the University, the 
Graduate School is by no means a 
new institution. Graduate courses 
leading to the degree of Doctor of 
Science were offered in botany 
under President Clark and in 
chemistry under Professor Goess- 
man as early as 1876. It was not 
until 189'-2. under President Henry 
H. Goodell, that courses leading 
to the degree of Master of Science 
were offered. This degree was 

University; M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University— Dean 
of the Graduate School. 

first conferred in June, 1896, on 
two candidates. Graduate courses 
leading to the degree of Doctor of 
Philosophy were first offered in 
1897, with chemistry, botany and 
entomology as major and minor 
subjects. The first degree was 
conferred on one candidate in 
June, 190^2. 

In the early years the graduate 
Avork was conducted under the 
direct administration of the Pres- 
ident in conjunction with the 
undergraduate program. The de- 
mand for advanced work in- 
creased, however, and in Junc^^j 
1908, the trustees made the Grad^^ 
uate School a separate unit. ^ 

Today courses are available 
leading to the degree of Doctor 
of Philosophy, Master of Science, 
Master of Arts, ^Master of Land- 
scape Architecture, Master of Sci- 
ence in Civil, Electrical, and Me- 
chanical Engineering. 



Professors Retiring 


Professor of Nature Education 

Knowledge of tlie great out- 
doors, knowledge of men, and the 
knowledge of how to promote the 
education of man through the 
resources of nature: these will be 
missed as much as "Cap'n" Bill 


Treasurer of the University 

For many years the University's 
chancellor of exchequer — compe- 
tent, zealous, always acting in the 
best interests of school, commun- 
ity, and Commonwealth — Mr. 
Hawley's tenure in office has been 
in the best tradition of enlightened 
public service. 


Librarian of the University 

Scholar, bibliophile, adminis- 
trator: this familiar figure has 
l)econie a campus institution. His 
dedication to duty, his devotion 
to the cause of scholarship have 
not gone imappreciated. The L^ni- 
versity loses a faithful, unstinting 


Professors Emeriti 

(ffliUiam it?enrp SrmBtrong 

Assistant I'rofessor of Mechanical 
Drawing, Emeritus 

aicxanbcr Cbmonb Cancc 

Professor of Economics, Emeritus 

SJoscpt) ^cubbcr Ctamfacrlain 

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus 

(J^rton iLoring Clatb 

Associate Professor of Botany, Emeritus 

liilliam J^icfjarbfion Cole 

Associate Professor of Eood Technology, 

Clifforb 3. Jfatncett 

Extension Specialist in Animal 
Husbandry, Emeritus 

l^enrp ^^orgep Jf ernalb 

Professor of Entomology, Emeritus 

3FuUus; l^crman Jfranbgcn 

"Professor of Dairy Industry, Emeritus 

Soljn Cameron <graf)am 

Professor of Poultry Husbandry, 

iHargaret ^omerop Hamlin 

Placement Officer, Emeritus 

J^enri Bartoin ^agfeins 

Professor of Agricultural Chemistry, 

Srtfjur llenpon l^arrisfon 

Professor of Landscape Architecture, 

l^arrtct 3Fulia J^apnes 

Assistant Extension Professor of Home 
Economics, Emeritus 

Annette tKurner J^err 

Extension Professor of Home Economics, 

Currp ^tarr l^tcfeg 

Professor of Phvsical Education, Emeritus 

Cbtuarb ^Bertram J^oUanb 

Research Professor of Chemistry, 

Carlcton barber 3fones( 

Assistant Research Professor of 
Chemistry, Emeritus 

3Jofjn l^ecfelep ICent? 

Professor of Veterinary Science, 

Jfranfe Cochrane jHoore 

Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus 

ilillarb ^nson iilungon 

Director of Extension Service, Emeritus 

Sloljn l^axtcr J^etulon 

Assistant Professor of Engineering, 

^. Uincent (J^smun 

Professor of Botany, Emeritus 

Sumner IRufus Parfeer 

Extension Professor of Agriculture, 

Ctarlesf ^bamg Peterfi 

Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus 

aialter Cberett prince 

Professor of English, Emeritus 

Jacob i^ingslep ^bato 

Research Professor of Pomology, 

Jfreb 3Iobn ^ieberjs 

Director of Graduate School and Director 
of Ex]ieriment Station, Emeritus 

Cbna Hucp ^binner 

Dean of the School of Home Economics, 

Pbilip J^enrp ^mitb 

Research Professor of Chemistry, 

laintbrop g)elben fflielleg 

Professor of Education, Emeritus 



Liberal Arts 

FRANK PRElNTir.K l« VM). \M., Williain 
A.M., Amherst <oll.-gf - D.aii of tlic Sell. 
eral Arts 

jl of Lib- 

Liberal Arts. . .l)uilt on the humanities. . .teaching a knowledge of men. 
the world men live in. . .the better world they might live in. 


Assistant Professor of English 
B..\. Wesleyan University; .\.M. Harvard LTniver- 
sity: M..\., Ph.D. Princeton University. 


Associate Professor of Music and Head of Department 

of Fine Arts 
Mus.B., M.Ed. Boston University. 


Instrnctor in History 
B..A. Yale University; Ph.D. I'niversity of Chicago. 


Instructor in English 
B.A. University of Ma.ssachusetts; M..\. University 
of Minnesota. 


Assistant Professor of History 
A.B., M.A. Radcliffe College; Ph.D. Cornell Uni- 


Professor of History and Head of Department of 

History and Government 
B.A. College of Wooster; M.A. Harvard LTniversity; 
Ph.D. Yale University. 


Instructor in History 
A.B., M.A. University of Illinois; Pli.D. Cornell 


Professor of History 
A.B. Williams College; M..\. Harvard University; 
Ph.D. Yale LTniversity. 


Instructor in French 
Licenee-es-Lettres, Diplonie d'Etudes Superieures, 
Universite de Dijon. 


Instructor in English 
B..\, Wesleyan University; M.A. Yale University. 


Assistant Professor of French 
.\.B. Goucher College; M..\. Middlebury College; 
Docteur de I'LTniversite de Grenoble. 


Instructor in Music 
B.Mus. Oberlin Conservatory; M.A. Columbia 


Assistant Professor of History 

B..A. Colgate University; M.A. Harvard University. 


Instructor in Sociology 
B..\. Temple L'niversity; M.A. LTniversity of Penn- 

Instructor in English 
B..\. St. Lawrence University. 


Professor of German, Acting Head of Department 
B.S. LTniversity of Slassachusetts; M.A. Amherst 

Assistant Professor of Psychology 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. I'niversity of ^ii(•higan. 


A.'<si.s-tant Profes.sor of lionianic Languages 
A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. Boston University. 


.-Uslstanl Professor ,.f Gorcrumcut 
B.A., M.S. IriiverMty of Slassachnsctts. 


Professor of Romance Languages and 

Head of Department 

A.B. Colorado College; A.M., Ph.D. Harvard Uni- 

HARRY NEWTON CLICK of Philosophy and Head of Department 
A.B. Bridgewater College; .\.M. Northwestern 
University; Ph.D. University of Illinois. 

Proft:s.ii)r of Frciuh 
A.B. Dartmoutli C'oUego;' A.M. Ilnrvani liiiv.r- 
sitv; P1\.D. University of Wi.sioii.siii. 

MAX^YEI.l/lll^^'UV GOl.DBKRC. 
Prod-ssor of Emilish 
B.S. University of Massacluisetts; M.A., rii.l). 
Yale University. 

Associate Profexmr of German 
B.A., M.A. University of Toronto; Ph.D. Univer- 
sity of California. 

Assistanl Professor of Goreriinieiit 
B.A. Williams CoUeKe; M.A." Harvard University. 
Assistant Pnifcssor of Psi/iliologi) 
B.A., M.A.. I'h.l). State University of Iowa. 
Instructor in Romance Languages 
A.B. Boston College; A.M. Boston Lhiiyersity; 
M.-\. Harvard ITniversity. 

Assistant Professor of Economics 
B.A. Amherst College; M.A., Pli.D. Colmiibia 

Professor of English 
B.A. Carleton College; Ph.D. Yale University. 
Instructor in German 
B.S. Boston College; M.A. Boston University. 
Instructor in English 
B.S., A.M. Bo.ston University. 

Assistant Professor of English 
B.S. LTniyersity of Massachusetts; M.A. Smith 

Assistant Professor of Romance Languages 
B.S. Ohio University; M.A., Ph.D. University of 

Instructor in English 
B.A. College of the City of New York; M.A. Boston 

Assistant Professor of English 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Princeton University; M.A. 
Harvard University. 

Professor of Sociology and Head of Department 
B.S. Villanova College'; M.A., Ph.D. Yale University. 
Assistant Professor of English 
A.B. Columbia University; M.A. Harvard I'niver- 

Instructor in Sociology 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D. University of Chicago. 

Instructor in English 

B.A. McGill Uni\ersitv; Ph.D. Brown University. 


Instructor in English 

A.B. Bowdoin College; il.A. University of New 


Instructor in Sociology 
B.A. University of Pennsylvania; M..\., Ph.D. 
Harvard University. 


Assistant Professor of Psi/ihiilogy 

R.A. Reed College; M..\. Cnlnnil.ia University. 


Instructor in Government 

LL.B. Columhia University Law School; M.A. 

Coluinl)ia I'niversity. 


Assistant Professor of Education 

B.S.E., Ed.M. Bridgewaler Stale Teachers College. 


Visitiiiii Lecturer in Clinical Psychiatry 

M.D. University of Kiel. 


Instructor in Eui/lish 

B.S. Bowdoin College; M..\. Harvard University. 


Associate Professor nf Corerument 

B.S. Clemson College; M.A. University of North 

Carolina; M.A., Ph.D. Princeton University. 


Instructor .in German 

A.B., A.M. Columbia University. 

Professor of Economics 
A.B. W'estern Reserve University; M.A. Ohio State 
ITniversity; Ph.D. University of Illinois. 

Professor nf.lournulism 
B.S., M.S. Boston University; Nieman Fellow, 
Harvard t^niversity. 

Professor of Psychology and Head of Department 
B.A. University of .California at Los .\ngeles; M.A., 
Ph.D. Clark University. 


Associate Professor of Si)eech 

B.S. Ithaca College; M.A. Cornell ITniversity. 


Associate Prnfcss,,r of English 

B.S. University of Massachusetts; M..\., Ph.D. 

Yale University. 

Assistant Professor of Education 
B.S., M.S. LIniversity of Massachusetts. 

Instructor in Speech 
B..\. University of Ma.ssachu.setts. 



Itislniiliir hi History 
A.B., M.A. Harvard liiiversitv. 

Professor of Education and Head of Department 
B.A. University of New Brunswick; Ed.M., Ed.D. 
Harvard Universitv. 


. Professor of English and Head of Department; Acting 

Dean of School of Liberal Arts 

A.B. Williams College; M.A. Amherst College. 


Assistant Professor of Education 

B.A. Beloit College; M.S. in Ed. Northwestern 


Instriiclor in Psi/rhology 
B.A. University of ()klali(.iiia. 

Assisiaul I'nifessor of Philosophy 
A.B. Asbury College; A.M., Ph.D. Columbia Uni- 

Instructor in Psychology 
B.S. Long Island University. 

Instructor in German 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.A. I'^niversity 
of Iowa. 

Instructor in Speech 
A.B. Emerson College. 

Instructor in German 
B.A. University of Massachusetts; M.x^.. Middle- 
bury College. 


Instructor in Romance Languages 

B.A. Hunter College; M.A. AVellesley College. 


Professor of English 

B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.A. Amherst 



Instructor in English 

B.A. .\mherst College; M.A. Harvard University. 


Assistant Professor of Psychology 

A.B. Miami LTniversity; M.A., Ph.D. Syracuse 


The Llbe 


Assistant Professor of English 
A.B., M.A. Weslevan Universitv. 

Instructor in Government 
B.A. University of Oklahoma; M.A. Princeton 
University. ^,.jj j j,^j ^^.^^^^^ 

Instructor in Economics 
B.A.,. M.A. Universitv of Texas. 

Instructor in Komancc Languages 
B.S. New York University; M.A. University of 

Assistant Professor of English 
A.B. Clark University; "A.M., Ph.D. Cornell Uni- 
versity, ^^g MARTHA R. WRIGHT 

Instrtictor in English 
B.S. Miami University. 

Assistant Professor of Education 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.Ed. Boston 


Instructor in Speech 

B.S.O. Currv College; M.A. Boston University. 


Assistant Professor of History 

B.A., M.A. Catholic LTniversity of America. 

tt and friend. 




University — Dean of the School of Science 

Science . . .teaching the spirit of free inquiry into the phenomena of the earth 
. . . through the greats of science — Euchd, Newton, Lavoisier . . . Pasteur, 
Lvell, Darwin. 


Professor of Physics 
B..\. Williams College. 

Professor of Entomology and Head of Deparbncnf; 

Dean of School of Science 
B.S., Ph.D. Cornell University. 

Instructor in Mathematics 
B..\. .Amherst College; M.."V. Harvard LTniversity. 

Professor of Mathematics and Head of Department 
X.B., M..\. LTniversity of Nebraska; Ph.D. Harvard 

Instructor in Botany 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Instructor in Zoology 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; .\.M. Williams 

Assistant Professor of Botany 
B.S. Rutgers University; Ph.D. University of 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 
Cornell University. 

Professor of Physiology 
A.B. Swarthmore College; Ph.D. L"niversity of 

Associate Professor of Mathematics 
B.S., Ch.E. Worcester Polvtechnic Institute. 

Professor of Bacteriology and Public Health and Head 

of Department 
B.S. Wesleyan LTniversity; Ph.D. Yale L'niversity. 


Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry 
B.S., M.A. Mount Holyoke College. 

Assistant Professor of Pli,,sics 
B.S. .American Intenialioniil ('(illcRc. 

Instructor in Mullicmatirs 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; M..\. Coluniliia 


Instructor in Mathematics 

A.B. Dartmouth College; M.S. LTniversity of Massa- 


Associate Professor of Chemistry 
B.A. Dakota Wesleyan University; M.S., Ph.D. 
LTniversity of Illinois. 

Instructor in Physics 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Instructor in Chemistry 

B.S., M.S. University of Rhode Island. 


Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

A.B. Radcliffe College; M.A., Ph.D. University of 


Assistant Professor of Bacteriology 
B.S. Pennsylvania State College; M.S., Ph.D. Uni- 
versity of Illinois. 

Instructor in Zoology 
B.A., M.A. University of I'tali. 

Instructor in Entomology 
B.A. Western Michigan College; M.S. Michigan 
State College. 



Laboratory Assistant in Chemistry 
B.S. Simmons College. 

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 
Columbia LTniversity. 

Instructor in Entomology 
B.S., M.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 
Technical Assistant in Bacteriology 
Professor and Acting Head, Department of Bacteriol- 
ogy and Public Health 
B.S. University of Delaware; M.S. I'niversity of 

Associate Professor of Bacteriology 
B.S. University of Massachusetts. 

Lecturer in Public Health 
B.S. in C.E. University of Wisconsin. 
Instructor in Chemistry 
B.S. University of Massac luisetts. 
Instructor in Mathematics 
B.S., M.A. Columhia University. 

Assistant Professor of Insect Morphology 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. University of Massachnsetts. 
Instructor in Zoology 
A.B., M.A., Ph.D. University of California, Berke- 

Visiting Lecturer in Public Health 
S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Instructor in Geology and Mineralogy 
M.S. Universily of Mas.saclius.-tts. 
Instructor in Xoohiyi/ and I'hi/siology 
. M.S., Ph.D. New York rni%-.Tsily. 
Instructor in Malhrmalirs 
B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S. 
Stanford University. 




Professor of Botany and Head of Department 
B.S. Syracuse University; M.S., Ph.D. Duke Uni- 

Instructor in J-iactcrioloijg anil Public Health 
B.S., M.S. llniversity of AJassachusetts. 
Lecturer in Public Health 
M.B., M.D., University of Toronto; M.P.H. Har- 
vard University. 

Assistant Professor of Geology and Mineralogy 
A.B., M.A. LTniversity of Missouri; Ph.D. Rutgers 

Associate Professor of Chemistry 
B.S. Cornell University; M.S., Ph.D. University of 

Associate Professor of Botany 
A.B. Colorado College;' M.A., Ph.D. Duke Uni- 

Assistant Professor of Physics 
S.B. State Teachers College, East Stroudsburg, 
Pennsylvania; M.A. Columbia LTniversity. 

Instructor in Mathematics 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.A. Columbia 

Instructor in Mathematics 
A.B. Amherst College; A.M. Brown University. 
Assistant Professor of Geology and Mineralogy 
B.S. Colby College; M.S. Middlebury College. 
Instructor in Zoology 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 
Cornell LTniversity. 

Instructor in Chemistry 
B.S. Tufts College. 

Instructor in Chemistry 
B.S. LTnion College; M.S. University of Massachu- 
setts, Ph D LTni\ersit\ of Missouri 

A^sodate Priitt ■•■.or of Bacteriology 
B S Universit> of Massai husetts 



Profesmr of Physics and Head of Dcpartmeiif 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Clark University. 


Instntctor hi llotaiii/ 

H.S.. >LS. I'nivcrsity of Massach'usett.s. 


Iiislnirtor in Zoologi/ 

B.S. QueoMi.s College: ^LS. rnive'r.sity of Illiiioi.s; 

Ph.D. Brown l'ni\"ersity. 

Instrnctor in Chcniintn/ 
B.S. The Citadel. 


Assistant Professor of Cheniislri/ 

B.S., ^LS. University of Massachusetts. 


Professor of Chemistry and Head of Department 

B.S. Ohio State University; A.M., Ph.D. University 

of Missouri. 

Instructor in Mathematics 
B.N.S. College of the Holy Cros.s; M.A. University 
of Pennsylvania. 

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 
B.S., M.S. University of New Hampshire; Ph.D. 
Cornell University. 

Assistant Professor of Bacteriology 
Harvard School of Public Health. 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 
A.B. Middlelinry College; M.A. Williams College; 
yi.X., Ph.D. Harvard University. 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
B.A., M.A. Brooklyn College; Ph.D. Harvard Uni- 


Associate Professor of Physics 

B..\., M..\. .\raherst College; Ph.D. Yale LTniversity. 


Instructor in Geology and Mineralogy 

A.B., M.A. Smith College. 

Instructor in Chemistry 
B.S. Bates College; M.S. Syracuse University. 
Lecturer in Public Health 
.\.B. Clark University; M.S. LTniversity of Massa- 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; S.M. University 
of Chicago. 

Assistant Professor of Entomology 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; Ph.D. Cornell 

Instructor in Mathematics 
A.B. Amherst College. 

Professor of Chemistry 
B.S., M.A. University of Utah; Ph.D. University 
of Wisconsin. 


Instructor in Entomology 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 
I'niversity of Illinois. 


Assistant Professor of Physiology 

B.S. Iowa State College; Ph.D. Indiana University. 


Lecturer in Pvblic Health 

B.S., M.S. Harvard I'niversity. 


Instructor in ISotani/ 

B.S., M.S. University of Ma.ssaeliiisetts. 


Assislant Professor of Chemistry 

B.S. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn; M.A., 

Ph.D. Princeton University. 

Professor of Ecology 
B.S. Colorado State College; M.S. Iowa State Col- 
lege; Ph.D. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 
Instructor in Zoology 
B.S. Haraline LTniversity. 

Professor of Botany 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; Ph.D. Harvard 

Assistant Professor of Zoology 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Cornell UT.iversilv. ' 
Instructor in Chriiiistn/ 
A.B., A.M. College of the Holy Cross. 

ROBERT w. \\a(;xi;r 

Professor of Mathematics 
A.B. Ohio University; M.A., Ph.D. LTniversity of 

Assisthnt Professor of Physics 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; M.S. Purdue 


Professor of Geology and Mineralogy and 

Head of Department 

Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D. t'niversity of Wisconsin. 


Professor of Biology and Head of Department of 

Zoology^ Dean of Graduate Scliool 
A.B. DePauw University; M.A., Ph.D. Harvard 



Agrimlture and 


Ph.D., Iowa State College - 
Agriculture and Horticultur 

5.. Kaii!>as State College; 
Deau of the School of 

Agriculture and Horticulture . . .the science of the deep earth, 
of sustenance and conservation. . .the science of hfe. 

the science 


Instructor in Pomology 
B.S., M.S. West Virginia University. 


Assistant Professor of Pomology 

B.S. University of Massachusetts. 


Assistant Professor of Poultry Husbandry 

B.S. Cornell University. 

Professor of Farm Management 
B.S. University of Connecticut; M.S. Cornell Uni- 

Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry and 

Superintendent of Farm 
B.S. University of Massachusetts. 

Professor of Horticulture 
B.S. Iowa State College.' 

Professor of Poultry Disease and Head of Department 

of Veterinary Scieiwe 
D.V.M. Iowa State College; M.S. University of 

luslrwinr in Ai/riiiiHural Economics 
B.S. University „S Masiachusetts. 


SuiJcriulcnJent of Dciin/ Manufactures 


Professor of Agronomy and Head of Department 

B.S.A. University of Illinois; M.S., Ph.D. Rutgers 


Instructor in Agrostology 
B.S. University of British Columbia; M.S. Univer- 
.sity of Massachusetts, 

Assisiant Professor of Animal Husbandry 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.S. University 
of Minnesota. 


Associate Professor of Agrostology 
B.S.. M.S. Uni\ersity of Massachusetts. 

Instructor in Floriculture 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; M.S. University 
of Wisconsin. 


Instructor in Animal Husbandry 

B.S. McGill L'niversity; M.S. LTniversity of Vermont 


Assistant Professor of Agronomy 

B.S., M.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Professor of Fond Technology and Head of Department 
A.B. Cornell University; M.S., Ph.D. Rutgers 

Instructor in Dairy Industry 
B.S., M.S. I'uivorsitv of Mas.sachusetts. 


Instructor in Food Technology 

B.S., M.S.. Pli.l). I'niversitv of MassachiLsetts. 


Professor of Animal Hu^lmudn/ 

B.S., M.S. University ol' Massaclinsctts. 


Professor of Pomology and Plant Breeding 

and Head of Dcpartnwut of Pomology 

B.S. Ohio State University; M.S. LTniversity of 

Massachusetts; Ph.D., I'niversitv of Minnesota. 


Instructor in Forestry 

B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts; M.F. Duke 


Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry 
B.S. LTniversity of Connecticut; M.S. University 
of Minnesota. 

Instructor in Landscape Architecture 
B.F..\, University of Illinois. 


Dl'.N/.l-.l. .1. HANKINSON 
Profesmr of Dairy Indii.ilrii anil Head of Dcjiarlmenl 
B.S. Mk-liigiin State College; M.S. I'liivei-.sity of 
Conneeticut: Pli.O., Peniisylvaniii Stale College. 

Professor of Foreslrii and M'ildlifc Manai/rmcnt and 

Head of Department 
B.S. Miehigaii State College: M.F. Yale Selioul of 


Assistant Professor of Florirnltnre. 


Professor of Poultry Ihishandri/ and 

Head of Department 

B.S. Pennsvlvania State College; M.S. Uiiiver.sity 

of Mas.saeli'usetts. 

Instrwtor in Olericultvre 
B.S. Pennsylvania State College; M.S. ITniversity 
of ^L1ssachusetts. 

Assistant Professor of Arboriculture 
B.S. Michigan State College. 

Assistant Professor of Food Technology 
B.S. University of Lausanne. 


Associate Professor of Fond Teihnoloqti 

B.S., M.S., Ph.D. University of Mas.sachusett.s. 


Assistant Professor of Dairying 

B.S. t^iversity of Massachusetts; M.S. University 

of Maryland. 


Professor of Agricultural Emnoniics and 

Head of Department if Agrirullural 

Economics and Farm Management 

B.S. University of Illinois; M.S., Ph.D. Iowa State 


Instructor in Forestry 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.F. Y'ale School 
of Forestry. 

Instructor in Landscape Archilecture 
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture 
B.Arch. Liverpool L'niversity; Dip. CD. Depart- 
ment of Civic Design. 

Instructor in Animal Husbandry 
B.S. L^niversity of Massachusetts. 

Instructor in Food Technology 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D. L^niversity of Massachusetts. 
Assistant Professor of Dairying 
B.S. University of New Hampshire; M.S. Univer- 
sity of Missouri; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State College. 
Professor of Landscape Architecture and 
Head of Department 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.L.A., Harvard 
University Graduate School of Design. 

Instructor in Agronomy 
B.S., M.S. Kansas State College. 


Assistant Pnfcssor of Animal Husbandry 

B.S, Uiiivcrsitv of Massaclui.setts; [M.S. University 

of Couneclicut 


Instructor in llorticulliire 

B.S. University of Ma.ssacliusells. 

Professor of Animal Husbandry and 
Head of Department 
B.S. North Carolina State College; M.Agr. Univer- 
sity of Massachusetts; D.Agr. University of North 

Professor of Forestry 
B.S. University of New Hampshire; M.F. Y'ale 


Associate Professor of Forestry 

B.S., M.F. New Y'ork Stale College of Forestry. 


Associate Professor of Pomology 

B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.S. University 

of Illinois. 

Assistant Professor if Floriculture 
B.S. L'niver.sity of Massiiclinsetts. 


Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics 

B.S. University of Maine; M.S. Cornell University. 


Professor of Ponltri) Husbandry 

B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts. 


Dean of Agriculture and Head of 

Experiment Station 

B.S., M.S. Kansas State College; Ph.D. Iowa State 


Associate Professor of Veterinary Science 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; V.M.D. .Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania. 

Professor of Olericulture and Head of Department 
B.S. A. University of Toronto; M.S. Michigan State 

Assistant Professor of Forestry 
B.S. New Y'ork State College of Forestry; M.F. 
Y'ale LTniversity. 

Assistant Professor of Agronomy 
B.Agr. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Professor of Floriculture and Head of Department 
B.S. University of :\Ias.sacliusetts. 

Professor of Wildlife Management 
B.S. Michigan State College; M.S., Ph.D. Univer- 
sitv of Michigan. 

Assistant Professor of Vegetable Gardening 
B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.S. Pennsyl- 
vania State College. 

Assistant Professor of I'millrii lliisliandry 
Instructor in Agronomy 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts. 




Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.S., Un 
Iowa — Dean of the School of Engineering 

in C.E.. 
versity of 

Engineering. . .built on mathematics and the sciences. . .training minds to 
set machines in motion ... to speed the processes of progress. 


Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
B.S., B.E., M.E. Yale University. 


Professor of Mechanical Engineering and 
Head of Department 
B.S.E. (M.E.), Ph.D. University of Michigan; S.M. 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


Professor of Electrical Enginering and 
Head of the Dcpartutcnt 
B.S. University of Texas; S.M. Massachusetts 
Institute of Teclinology. 


Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering 
B.S., M.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 


Instritctcjr in Chemical Engineering 
B.S., M.S. W'orcester Polytechnic in.stifut'e. 


Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 
B.S. Chaio-tung University; M.S. Harvard LTniver- 

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering 
S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.E. 
Yale University. 

Research Professor in Agricultural Engineering 
B.S. in Agricultural Engineering University of 
Nebraska; M.S. in M.E. Illinois Institute of tech- 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
B.M.E., M.S. University of Mirnicsota. 


Assistant Professor of Mechanical Enginccrim/ 
B.S. in M.E. Harvard University; M.M.E. Univer- 
sity of Delaware. 


Instructor in Ciml Engineering 
B.S. in C.E. National Pai-Yang University; M.S., 
Ph.D. University of W isconsin. 


Instructor in I'iril Engineering 

B.S. Technical Iiiiversity of Moscow; C.E. State 

University of Lithuania; Dr. Eng. in C.E. State 

Lfniversity of Latvia. 

Instructor in Cii'il Engineering 
B.S. University of CoTinecticut. 

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering 
B.S., M.S. LTniversity of Maine. 


Instrnctor in Electrical Enginering 

1 E.E. Carnegie Institute of Technology. 


Assistant Professor of Metallurgy 

M.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute; B.S. 

Carnegie Institute of Technology. 

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
B.S., M.Ed. Fitchburg State Teachers College. 
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering 
B.S. University of New Hampshire; S.M. in E.E. 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Instructor in Electrical Engineering 
E.E. Northeastern University. 
Professor nf Chemical Engineering 
Ch.E. Georgia Institute of Technology; 
Yale University. 
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
B.S. United States Naval Academy: M'.S. Penn.syl- 
vania State College. 







In.ilruiliir in C'Iril luii/iiiirriiKj 
B.S. Worcostcr Pdlyk-ihnic IiisiiluU-. 

Associate Professor of Agricultural Engiuecring 
B.S. University of Minnesota. 

Dean of the School of Engineering 
B.S. in C.E. Worcester Polyteelmic Institute; M.S. 
University of Iowa. 

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 
M.E.Stevens Institute of Technology; B.S Worces- 
ter Polytechnic Institute. 


Associate Profi'ssor of Cirll Enqinecring 

C.E., D.Kus. Rensselaer IVIylrrhnir InstiUite. 


Instructor in Agricultural Engineering 

B.S. University of Maine. 

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering 
B.S. in Agriculture, B.S. in .\gricultural Engineer- 
ing, Purdue University; M.S. Lhiiversity of Massa- 


Assistant Professor if Agricultural Engineering 


Professor of Electrical Engineering 

B.S. Worcester Polytechnic Institute; M.S. in E.E., 

Ph.D. Purdue LTniversitv. 


Instructor in Electrical Enqinecrimi 
B.S. Worceslrr l",.lylrchliie ll.slilule. 

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 
B.E.E. Northeastern University. 
Instructor in il echanical Engineering 
S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Professor of Agricultural Engineering and 
Head of Dcimrtment 
B.S., M.S. Kansas Stale ('.iUef,'e. 

Professor of M echanical Engineering 
B.S. in M.E. New York University; M.A. Colum- 
bia University. 

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Engineering 
B.S. Iowa State College. 

Professor of Mechanical Enqineering 
B.S. in I.E., M.S. in I.E. Pennsylvaiiia State College. 
Head of Civil Engineering Department 
A.B., C.E. Dartmouth 'College; M.S., Ph.D. Cal- 
ifornia Institute of Technology. 

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering 
E.E. Cornell University; M.S. Illinois Institute of 





IMIIIJP lYLK <;AIV1BI.K. B.S., M.S., Wesleyan Uni- 
versity: Ph.D., Cornell University — Dean of the 
School of Business Administration 

Business Adnnnisfration . . .the world of commerce. . .training — in its op- 
erations and problems . . . defined a science,, taught as an art. 


Axsociate Professor of Business Administration 
B.S., M.S. University of Rhode Islaiifl; Pli.D. Vm- 
versity of Massachusetts. 

Head of the Departnieiit of Economics. Acting Dean 

affile Srhool nf Ihisinexs Ailmiiiislralion 
B.S., M.A. Wesleyan University; Ph.D. Cornell 

Professor of Business Administration 
A.B. Pomona College; Ph.D. University of Min- 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 
B.A. Antioch College. 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 
A.B. Harvard University. 

Assistant Professor of Bnsiiiesx Ailniinislratiou 
A.B. Princeton University; Ph.D. Cornell Univer- 

Instructor in Business Administration 
A.B. Dartmouth College; M.C.S. Amos Tuck School 
of Business Administration. 

Professor of lliisiness Administration 
B.S. Ohio Northern University; B.B.A., M.B.A. 
Bo.stoii University. 

Instructor in Business Administration 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D. State University of Iowa. 


Instructor in Business Administration 
B.A. Clark University; M.S. Urii\ersilv of Illinois. 


Assistant Professor of Business Adminislration 
B.A., M.A. Oberhn College; Ph.D. University of 


Assistant Professor of Business Administration 


B.S. New York ITniversity; M.A. University of 


Instructor in Business Administration 
B.S., M.B.A. Indiana University. 


Assi'.tant Professor of Business Administration 

LL B Boston Uni\er^ity, AB Amherst College. 




Military and Air 

Science and Tactics 

JOHN G. DKHOUN. Liciitvnant Colonel. ll.S.A.F.; 
B.S., MichiBan State CollcRc — Professor of Air 
Science and Tactics and Head of the Division 

Miliiari/ a)id Air Science and Tactics. . .science of the organization for de- 
fense. . .the knowledge of logistics, strategy, survival. 


Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. .\rmy 
Professor of Military Science and Tactics 
B.S. Norwich University. 


Major, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 


Sergeant, U.S. Army 



Master Sergeant, U.S. Army 



1st Lieutenant, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

B.S. University of Massachusetts; M.F. Yale llni- 


LEWIS R. ADAMS, Lieutenant Colonel. U.S. Army; 
B.S.. Norwich University — Professor of Military 
Science and Tactics and Head of lli. ni>i~lon 

Technical Sergeant, IT.S..\.F. 

Instructor in Air Science 


Master Sergeant, U.S.A.F. 



Lieutenant Colonel, U.S..\.F. 

Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

B.S. Michigan State College. 


Master Sergeant, U.S.A.F. 

Instructor in Air Science 


Captain, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

B.S. I.^niversity of ilas.sacliu.setts. 

.Major, U.S.A.F. 
Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 
B..\, Mount Union College. 


Master Sergeant, U. S. Army 

Instructor in Military Science 


Captain, .\rmor, Ll.S.A. 

Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics 


Master Sergeant, I'.S..\.F. 

Instructor in Air Science 


Technical Scrgenut. I'.S.A.F. 

Instructor in Air Science 

ALBERT McCarthy 

Captain, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

.\.B. Niagara LTniversity; M.A. Syracuse University. 


First Lieutenant, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 



Master Sergeant, U.S. Army 

Instructor in Military Science 


Major, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

B.A. University of New Hampshire. 

Staff Sergeant 
Instructor in Air Science 
A.B. Harvard University. 

Major, U.S.A.F. 
Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 
B.A. Colby CoUege. 


Major, U.S. .\rniy 

Assistant Professor of Militarij Science and Tactics 


Major, U.S.A.F. 

Assistant Professor of Air Science and Tactics 

Home Economics 


Associate Professor of Home Economics 

A.B. DePauw University, Sl.S. Iowa State College. 


Assistant Professor of Home Economics 

B.S. University of Iowa; M.,\. CoUnnliia University. 


Assistant Professor of Home Economics 

B.S. Battle Creek' College; M.S. University of 


Instructm in Home Economics 
B.S. University of Maryland; M.S. Cornell Univer- 


Assistant Professor of Home Economics 
B.S. (Syracuse University; M.A. Columbia Univer- 

Instructor in Home Economics 
B.S.E. Framingham State Teachers College; M.S. 
University of Massachusetts. 

Assistant Professor of Home Economics 
B.S. University of Vermont; M.S. University of 


Dean of the School of Home Economics 

A.B. Mt. Holyoke College; Ph.D. Yale Uniyersity. 


Assistdiit Professor of Home Economics 

B.S., M.S. Mil hifjau State College. 

Instructor in Home Economics 
B.S. Michigan State College; M.S. Cornell. 

Instructor in Home Economics 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts- 

lege: I'll. I).. Yale University — Dean of the School of 

4. '2 

^ ' 



Assistant Vniversity Physician 
B.S., M.D. Boston Fniversity. 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
B.S. University of Massachusetts. 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
B.S., M.S. University of Massachusetts. 

Assistant Professor of Physical Edncation 
B.S. Springfield College; M.S. University of Massa- 

Profcs.snr of Physiral Education 
A.B. Colgate l'niver.>^ity; M.S. University of Massa- 

Professor of Physical Education and 
Head of De/iartment of Physical Education 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 


Instructor in Physical Education for Women 

B.S. Russell Sage College; M.S. Syracuse LTniversity. 


Instrnetor in Physical Edncation for Women 

B.S. Sargent College (Boston LTniversity); M.Ed. 

Mills College. 

Instructor in Physical Edncation for Women 
B.S. University of Wisconsin; M.A. LTniversity of 

Associate Professor of Physical Education 
B.S., M.Ed. Springfield College. 


Instructor in Physical Education 

Stockbridge School (L'niversity of Massachusetts). 


Physical Education 


Professor of Physical Education 

B.S., M.Ed. LTniversity of New Hampshire. 


Instructor in Physical Education 

B.A., M.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Head of Division of Phy^cal Education and 
Director of Athletics 
Ph.B. Boston College; M.Ed. Boston University. 
University Physician 
M.B., M.D. University of Toronto. 

Instructor in Physical Education, Director of 
Department of Athletic Care and Injury 
B.S., M.Ed. Springfield College. 

Instructor in Physical Education for Women 
B.S. LTniversity of Massachusetts. 

Assistant Professor of Physical Education 
Instructor in Phi/siral Kiluration 
B.S., M.S. University of SlassMc-linsetts. 
Associate Professor and Head of Department of 
Physical Education for Women 
B.S. New Jersey College for Women; M.Ed. Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh. 

M.Ed., Boston University —Head of the Division of 
Physical Education and Director of Athletics 



A year of crises . . . the world scene uncertain, charged with pres- 
sures. . .and we, in a sense, recipients. . .taught by events. . .that 
passed in review as our year progressed . . . Chinese Communists 
launching their drive in Korea . . . the United States testing A-bombs 
in the Nevada desert. . .Truman relieving MacArthur of command 
. . .controversy, but steady heads prevailing. . .though one of the 
steadiest. Senator Vandenberg, champion of unity, passes away. . . 
a hope for peace, but a hope dubious, evanescent . . . Russia's Jacob 
Malik proposes a cease-fire between belligerents in Korea . . . then 
inflamed nationalism. . .the Anglo-Egyptian treaty denounced by 
Cairo. . .the British told to leave Suez. . .but the world contests for- 
gotten for a time as the contest of bat versus ball ensues. . .and the 
hapless Giants fall before the Yankee sluggers 4-'2 . . . then — reality 
again. . .the East's moderates, who could possibly stem the angry 
tide of nationalist sentiment, die by assassins' weapons. . .in the 
"interests" of nationalism Iran and Pakistan lose statesmen. . .the 
political scene here in the States takes on shape and content . . . 
Senator Robert A. Taft announces himself ready — to accept the 
G.O.P. nomination for the Presidency . . . and in England — politics 
too, while a monarch is ailing. . .a heated campaign for power. . .and 
the Tories, under the indomitable Churchill, return as guides of Eng- 
land's destiny — and time of troubles ... a Princess visits the United 
States. . .and so does a soldier named Eisenhower. . .the nation is 
rife with conjecture — what do Truman and Ike talk about?. . .the 


. . and interpretations. 
(Dr. Wieschoff— U. N.) 

question stands, for a time at least . . . the Atlantic Pact nations come 
closer together, in mutual defense, as foreign ministers meet in 
Rome. . .more hopes for peace in Korea. . .a provisional cease-fire 
line agreed on. . .then the endless talk again. . .the momentous pub- 
lication of the list of Allied prisoners in Communist hands. . .and 
some American families find Christmas a time of greatest joy, their 
loved ones safe . . . the matter of the four American fliers, ransomed 
from Hungary, incensing America. . .Stassen becomes a Republican 
candidate for the Presidency . . . and Governor Warren throws his 
topper in. . .but biggest news comes from Senator Lodge who says 
that he can commit General Eisenhower as the third G.O.P. candi- 
date . . . the Democrats are not far behind . . . Kefauver, corruption- 
exposer extraordinary, talks with Truman . . . then announces his 
candidacy for the Big Job . . . Truman stays silent . . . the issues — big 
ones: corruption, foreign affairs, government control. . .and in Eng- 
land a Ijeloved King passes cjuietly away . . . and Queen Elizabeth II 
begins her reign, at 25 . . . 

And here on campus we kept up on events. . .and sought inter- 
pretations and guidance. . .Dr. Boas, just returned from England, 
talked about the British . . . the U.N. Trusteeship Council sent Dr. 
Wieschoff to tell us about United Nations Today . . . later came young 
Representative Kennedy . . . and Vera Micheles Dean . . . many of us 
wanted to know. . .the times ahead would be uncertain. . .yet 
campus life must go on too . . . and so we worked . . . and we played. 


Now that April's here. . .the week 
for competing Greeks. . .songs, 
skits, speeches. . .and then the 
ball. . .Psyches and Cupids whirl- 
ing to the strains of Eberle. . . 
more prosaic matters . . . the for- 
midable Selective Service College 

Qualification tests. . .separation of 
the sheep from the goats. . .wor- 
ries forgotten with the mass grass 
of Spring Day . . . studies more bur- 
densome. . .profs less understand- 
ing . . . libe lawn mushrooming with 
l^eople . . . spring fever . . . 


Maytime .... the campus bursting 
with greenness .... dazzhng sun- 
shine and the smell of lilacs .... 
contemplatives on the libe lawn 
.... lazy afternoons at Green Pond 
.... picnics at the Rifle Range .... 
the view from Sugarloaf .... Par- 
ents' Weekend. . . .music drifting 

down from The Tower .... the 
Naiads,' acjua-ballet . . . .Liliom. . . 
On review before lovely Colonel 
Hartley. . . .the officers of tomor- 
row .... with tomorrow coming all 
too soon .... Finals .... studying 
among the fragrant pink and white 
clouds of the orchard. . . . 



Sun and skies and clouds of June 
. . .the hiuTV and eager excite- 
ment of Commencement Weekend 
. . . Soph -Senior Ball — starlight 
and orchids. . .the calm of a rare 
June night . . . Class Day . . . ora- 
tions and a new flag pole for Alum- 

ni Field. . .alums recapturing the 
blissful ignorance of college days 
... A sad and gentle rain . . . gradu- 
ation in the Cage . . . Robert Frost 
honored. . .The dying echo of Old 
Chapel bells . . . 

. and deepened twilight shadows . . 

September. . .with a touch of hn- 
gering summer. . .and the breatli 
of coming fall . . . bewildered but 
eager freshmen, one thousand and 
forty strong, wandering over the 
campus . . . upperclassmen — vet- 
erans of college life . . . retvn-ning to 
the familiar. . .but sadness in re- 

tvu-n . . . then registration, book- 
store turmoil ... C-store hours... 
last year's juniors becoming cam- 
pus leaders. . .the beginning of a 
college year. . .a chance to start 
anew. . .undone by gold and scar- 
let afternoons under falling foli- 
age. . . 

October's bright blue weather. . . 
U.M. as producer of men of science 
ranks sixth in nation . . . ankle-deep 
in leaves. . .Judging Team victory 
at Eastern States . . . thrilling songs 
of the De Paur Infantry Chorus . . . 
The French Department Presents 
A Soiree de Gala. . .the first bon- 

fire of the year . . . rally dances . . . 
U. M. upsets favored Rhode Is- 
land . . .torchlight. . .fantastic 
floats. . .of course the sophomores 
won the Rope Pull. . .Light Up 
the Sky in rehearsal . . . Pehrson- 
Alintuck campaign for Senate- 
prexy rages. . . 


The tang of bare November days 
before the coming of the snow. . . 
piano magic l)y ^Nlorley and Gear- 
hart . . . the Hort Show — a sym- 
bol of United Nations and united 
students. . .Queen Mary chosen to 

wear the crown. . .Bob Pehrson 
chosen to lead the Senate. . .a 
touch of Broadway with Light Up 
the Sky. . . .then home for four 
days of sleep, turkey, and Thanks- 
giving spirit .... 

December. . .full of tinsel, gin, 
and mistletoe. . .pride of the R.O. 
T.C. Colonel Granfield. . .chosen 
at the Military Ball by boys in 
blue and khaki. . .the spirit of 
Christmas brought closer by 
Christmas Vespers — eighty voices 
praising the Christ Child amidst 
a setting of candlelight and ever- 

green. . .the rushing season for 
freshmen . . . not so bewildered now 
. . . the axe falling on Dean's Satur- 
day. . .Phi Kappa Phi Scholarship 
Day . . . the mystery of the year . . . 
Whence Metawampe?. . .an revoir 
to Tommy Eck . . . look homeward, 
angels. . .then silent snow and 
lonely campus. . . 

a./ "w 


The sinking sound of melting 
snow ... a thick, muddy January 
thaw. . .rehictant return from the 
hohdays. . .the big push before 
finals. . .Basil retires. . .Tropicana 
. . .sensvial Latin dancers and 
drums. . .back in the throes of 
winter. . .snow-"lare of the cold. 

white sunshine . . . campus Ciceros 
declaim in the Flint Contest. . . 
Grandy's peppery pizza . . . Cap- 
tain Prevey, campus hero. . .cock- 
tail hovu' at the Drake — world 
issues settled over a ])ottle of Bud 
. . .finals again. . .blood, sweat, 
curses, and tears . . . 


A new semester slow-starting . . . 
then — the pulse of campus 
quickening. . .a new spirit creep- 
ing up on scholars and bursting 
forth in the excitement of — Car- 
nival !.., books cast aside. . .the 
friendly intimacy of the Ski 
Dance. . .Bowker crowded with 

theater lovers . . . the rivalry of class 
thespians . . . hot j azz by the Delta 
Five. . .futile scanning of the skies 
for snowflakes . . .SueMoynahan — 
King Winter's Queen . . . the Snow- 
boat Ball. . .then back to Plato, 
Marx, Milton, Freud. . .labs and 
lectures. . .sleep. 

[64 J 

After more tlian a week of wait- 
ing for the flurries to begin and 
with Winter Carnival nearly over, 
the elements finally gave in and 
poured a liberal amount of the 
white stutf on Amherst (and a con- 
siderable portion of the surround- 
ing area). Immediately fraterni- 
ties and sororities pulled out draw- 
ing boards and got out sculpturing 

ig lo the Ball 

gan literally to take shape. In a 
day or two the big exhibition was 
ready to take place. 

The coming of the week-end 
brought one of Amherst's biggest 
traffic jams, as hundreds of visitors 
passed through to get a look at the 
North Pleasant Street ofl^erings at 

the Old Mill Str 

tools (which are strangely unlike 
regular artists' instruments, in- 
cluding — among the sophisticated 
snow shapers — things like irons). 

Massing of the white flakes soon 
began in earnest. 

North Pleasant Street, Lincoln 
x4venue. Sunset Avenue, Allen 
Street, and Chestnut Street were 
buzzing with activity as one of 
Winter Carnival's main events — 
and best general attraction — be- 


President Van Meter 

least. The weather stayed fairly 
cold so that no signifieant deterio- 
ration set in till after Sunday. 

In the women's division Chi 
Omega took first place with their 
Going to the Ball scene. And Theta 
Chi captured the men's first prize 
with their Carnival World with a 
background of strictly modern de- 

The judges' decisions weren't 
easy. Kappa Alpha Theta's After- 

noon of a Faun took second, nosing 
out Sigma Kappa's Student Prince, 
in the women's division. Sigma Phi 
Epsilon's CarnivaVs Over placed 
second in the men's division with 
x\lpha Epsilon Pi's mammoth 
maiden taking third. Phi Sigma 
Kappa's Dotvn By the Old Mill 
Stream was fourth for the men; 
Butterfield House got on their Car- 
nival Merry-Go-Round for a similar 
prize in the women's division. 


The winds of ]\Iarch that made 
my heart a dancer. . .the steady 
pace of studies broken by the 
thrilhng Romberg memorial, the 
production of The Student Prince — 
then as now — serenades and stein 
songs ... a month of melody . . . New 
York City Little Symphonj^ . . . 

stirring interpretations of the mas- 
ters. . .then from the black heart 
of Africa . . . strange rhythms . . . 
Pearl Primus — imtaraed art. . . 
Candid U.M.. . .the winds are still 
...faint throbs of awakening 
spring. . .Dim sound of Finals in 
the distance. 




William DcmiiiolT 

IVniii Tickelii 
Business Manai 

Lawrence Litwack 
Managing Editor 

John H. Mitchell 
Lilerary Advisor 

Lawrence S. Dickiu 
Business Advise 


The project: a book, 300 pages 
long, to provide fit material with 
which proudly to bore one's chil- 
dren and grandchildren. So — the 
editors plunge into the future and 
begin to conjecture about what 
stutf might provoke some alma 
maternal nostalgia in the latter 
days of the Class of '5'i — and 
provide innocent reading for the 

Immediately grandiose ideas 
burst forth: picture layouts loom; 
art possibilities teem; lines of text 
crystallize. We're off! 

Ah, but at our back we hear the 

quiet but insistent voice of pru- 
dence: dear editors, all this is fine, 
but who is going to pay for all 
these filigrees?. . .We are undone. 

Well, let's do it soberly then. 
The grind begins. Page 1, page 2, 
page 3. . .and in between there's 
toil, and sweat, and a few tears 
(furtive of course) — with onlj% in 
ruination of this rhetoric, the 
blood missing. 

Then — March, and the book 
done. The editors, strangers to 
books and classes, wish merely to 
graduate — with the class they've 

Back Row: Brodcr. Stoskin, Cramer. Machaiek, Sullivan. Delaney, Marcotte, Levitt, Roniasco, Gimalowski. 

Third Row: Garbownt, W liitc, Seiicabaugh, Schnctzer, Herberg, Wichmann. Neusner. Jolinson. Mason, Zografos. 

Second Row: Skillings. Gilman, Westcott, Kaufman, Bowman, O-Reefe, Saltman, Newman. Goodfader, Brehaut, 

Guettler. Guiltinan. 
Front Row: Bullock. Peterson. Dinsmore. Smith, Domlnoff. Tickelis, Litwack, Tarapata, Alintuck, Schindler. 

Index Editorial Board 

Editor-in-Chief: William Deminojf 

Managing Editor: Lawrence Litwack Business Manager: Penni Tickelis 

Associate Editors: \Milto7i Neusner Assistant Business Manager: 

\Mahel Tarapata Willard Johnson 

Advertising Manager: Arihur Aliniiick 

Art Editor: Charles DeDeiirwaerder Literary Editor: Patricia Schindler 

Associate Art Editor: Sehvyn Broitman Photography Editor: Heaton Bullock 

Statistics Editor: Jane Dinsmore Sports Editor: Joseph Broude 

Typing Editor: Carol Smith 


Index Staff 

Advertising Staff 
Barbara Bartliolom 
Connie Oilman 
Marvin Reeber 
Sumner Shore 
Brian Touher 
Charlotte Volk 
Al Whorf 
Connie Zografos 

Business Staff 
Irene Baginski 
Barbara Bowman 
Ann-Marie Burrell 
Louise Donovan 
Ann English 
Audrey Rose 
Joan Stack 
Anne Westcott 

Photography Staff 
Gale Feigenson 
Edward Herberg 
Ralph Levitt 
Howard Mason 
Robert McKnight 

Sports Staff 
Allan Bresuick 
Barry Bunshoft 
Joan Cross 
Paul Fabermaii 
Bennett Kninier 

Statistics Staff 
Jean Gimalowski 
Doris Goodtader 
Mary Pat Guiltinan 
Martha Okun 
Virginia Sullivan 
Virginia Ubertalli 
Kenneth Wickman 

Art Staff 

Robert Boland 
Morris Hayn 
Barney Hergenrother 
Joan Kennedy 
Alan Shuman 
Charles Tooker 
Marlene Wolk 

Literary Staff 
Ruth Brehaut 
Judy Broder 
Judy Davenport 
Mary-Louise Drapeau 
Jean Person 
Barbara Flaherty 
Ann Gibbons 
Virginia Guettler 
Kathryn Heintz 
Lorraine Keane 
Joan Kennedy 
Robert Kingsbury 
Suszanue Klaus 
Richard Lettis 

Mary Lowry 
Cecilia Machaiek 
Wayne Marcotte 
Natalie Newman 
Daniel Porter III 
Ellen Quinn 
Barbara Rowell 
Dorothy Skilling 
Barbara Summers 
Marie Torres 
Barbara L^nderhill 
Marcia Viale 
Peggy White 

Typing Staff 
Frances Blank 
Joanne Filar 
Phyllis Gendron 
Marjorie Kaufman 
Rae Michelson 
Ardeth Miller 
Ellen Quinn 
Joan Schnetzer 
Phyllis Sencabaugh 
Micki Velleman 
Cynthia Zaft 

Editorial Assistants 
George T. Delaney 
Albert Romasco 


Ann Peterson 


Hack Koi 
Front Ro 

: UrtMlrr, Lfvilt, Marcoltf. Berger, INcm 
VI Freedman, Ruttman, McGralh, Dav 

s, Taraputa. Postman 

During the past year, those who 
have wandered into the Quarterly 
office in Memorial Hall (mistaking 
it for a broom closet), have en- 
countered a lean, hard-eyed group 
of young men and women in the 
midst of furious debate: vile epi- 
thets, cacophonic catcalls, and 
stentorian slander drown out Stra- 
vinski, two doors away. From this 
chaos, however, comes one of the 
few really creative efforts on cam- 
pus, the Quarterly. 

The Quarterly is a magazine 
written by and for the student 
body. While once confined mainly 
to English majors, the publication 

has of late included members of 
many other departments. 

"As student critics," ran one 
editorial, "we select the best art 
made available to us by the stu- 
dent body. We are continually 
making way for more democratic 
participation in the organization, 
and we are trying to present a 
more popular variety of art. " 

The staff this year has included: 
Bob Da vies, Editor-in-Chief; Bill 
McGrath, Associate Editor; Dick 
Lettis, Poetry Editor; Ellen Orlen, 
Prose Editor ; Larry Ruttman, Bus- 
iness Manager; and Judy Broder, 
Exchange Editor. 



The staff in actio 

"Have YOU written the head for 
the first lead stoi-y?" "Do you have 
three mches for a jump on page 
two?" "Save eight inches for the 
Senate report.". . .and another 
Collegian goes to press. 

This year there was an obvious 
predominance of women in key po- 
sitions on the campus newspaper. 
The women's touch, however, did 
not in any w'ay lessen the cjuality 
of the Collegian. Two issues a 



Richard Ha fey 

Execiitii'e Editor 

Judy Broder 


Eunice Diamond 

Managing Editor 

Milton Crane 
Business Manager 


.Judy Broder 
Executive Editor 

Barbara Flalierty 

Xina Clialk 
Managing Editor 

Alan Shunian 
Business Manager 

<-. niaiiioi«l. lialVy. Drodc 



week, whirli et)ut;uned all the 
news fit to print, were successfully 
produced throughout the year. 

Special competitions were held 
for freshman women, and a capa- 
ble group of reporters was re- 
cruited from them. 

The business board functioned 
acti^'ely and brought in enough 
revenue through oceans of ads to 
enable the paper to be published. 

AYith the aid of the Pulilishing 
Board, matters of policy were de- 
cided maturely and effectively. 

A j>recedent was set when the 
Collegia)! took a stand on campus 
])olitics by editorially favoring one 
of the candidates for the office of 
the Student Senate presidency. 
Because it was the first time tliat 
the CoUccjian had ever announced 
its partisanship in such a matter, 
much consternation and interest 
was aroused. When the matter was 
resolved, the CoUec/ian reverted to 
routine coverage of news and en- 
joyed another successful season. 

Publications flourished . 

Back Row: Garbowit. Bullock. Mas 
Middle Row: Goodfader. Kaufman 
Front Row: Rubin, Shuman. Cran. 

Dn, Litwack. Herber 
Wrightson, Bowma 
, Chalk, Diamond, 1 

, Pehrson, Levitt, StosUin 
, Peterson, Newburg, Postm 
afey, Broder. Flaherty, Fox 


The Handbook is an annual 
statistical and information publi- 
cation distributed to the entire 
student body. It is available to 
faculty members and housemoth- 
ers. The Handbook staff is chosen 
through competition conducted by 
already-existing Handbook naem- 
bers. The editor is chosen by 
members and upon the recommen- 
dation of the faculty advisor, Miss 
Horrigan. The' editorial board con- 
sists of members who cover the 
various phases of student life in- 
cluded in the Handbook. 

Meetings are called bv the 

Editor-in-chief as he or the faculty 
advisor deems necessary. The edi- 
tor also distributes various as- 
signments to the Handbook staff 
members. Work for the following 
year's publication begins early in 
the first semester to assure com- 
plete coverage of student life. 

The Business x\dvisor, Professor 
Lawrence Dickinson, approves 
payments and provides a budget 
for the editor to follow. 

The Handbook is very highly 
rated in its class of publication 
and many schools have rec^uested 
copies for models. 

Back Row: Kiidm 
Front Uoiv: Y.-;;li. 

1. Worbncr. B.-iriiard. Stile 

.. Paclicco. Waks 
all.S.jral. GraiiB 

11, Early, \* 
Milkr. Br 

^injier, Padden, Praetz, Sullivan. 



. . . Musical organizations 

gave us art and 

entertainment , , , 

The Dance Band, advised hx 
the ]\[iisic Department's Joseph 
Contino, is a bndding organization 
interested in making Lombardo- 
like strains for campus dances. 

The Band plays from many 
standard arrangements but keeps 
up to date on current instru- 
mental arrangements. Glenn Mil- 
ler's work is a constant source, 
though the Band has Ray Forkey 
to do some original arranging for it. 

Sessions are held in Mem Hall 
Auditorium each week, two-and- 
a-half hours at a stretch, Bee- 
thoven taking a back seat for a 
while as the instrumentalists emu- 
late Flanagan, Sammy Kaye, et al. 

This year the Band played at 
the dance given for Delta Sigma 
Chi's inception, with other en- 
gagements scheduled for the latter 
part of the year. 

Back Rowt Sliumway, Falby, Groves, Phillips, Garner. 

Front Row: Lovejoy, Ferguson, Forkey, Zarrella, McBane, FarwcU. 



effect ive settings, charming chore- 
ography, and nimble dancing . 
chorus making a tremendous com- 
posite hit with the audiences. Be- 
hind the scenes Technical Director 
Howie Galley, Production Secre- 
tary Ann Morrill, and Scene Shop 
Director Nancy Gilley w^'orked col- 
lectively to produce what the 
audiences saw as near-Broadway- 
style techniques. 

Following up on last year's 
smash success with Brigadoon, the 
Operetta Guild selected Sigmund 
Romberg's The Student Prince for 
the 1951-52 season's production. 
The show was revamped by Doric 
Alviani and Bob McCartney to 
give it the flavor of the new trend 
in the musical theatre — the mu- 
sical play. Bob Boland's versatile 
theatre talents paid off again, his 


ltol>crt McCarlney, As. 


The cast, headed by Boh Pol- 
lack in the title role and Jean 
^Murdoch as Kathie, captured the 
spirit of the show and tvu'ned in 
sensitive, delightful performances. 
Ray Frenier, warmly portraying 

Dr. Engel; Wilburt Richter as the 
obnoxious Lutz; Howie Galley as 
Lutz's valet, Hubert; Mary Lowry, 
dancing the effervescent Gretchen; 
Lorna Wildon, playing a lovely 
Princess Margaret ; and Jim Chap- 

Back Row: Stewart. Gaeta;. Nelson. Stromgrcii. Riley. Galley. Ricliler. Oliver. 
Front Row: Campbell. French. Lowry. Wildon. Ruder. Holies. Baird. Cole. Elliott. 








man, as Captain Tarmitz, looked 
tlioroughly Viennese and exuber- 
antly bohemian. 

The chorus and supporting sing- 
ers and dancers received ovation 
after ovation for their dancing and 
singing of such numbers as the 
Drinking Song; Come, Boys, Let's 
All Be Gay, Boys; and Student Life. 

Audiences of thousands filled 

Bowker night after night as last 
year's attendance record was shat- 
tered : all were thrilled by the near- 
professional performance of the 
U of M group. The high standard 
set by Brigadoon was fulfilled this 
year bj^ the Prince which added 
considerably to the precedent. 
Doric Alviani's stellar direction 
deserves immense credit. 



Back Kow : -Stewart. Galley, Nelson, Wilson, Richter, Stromgrcn, Oli 
Front Row: Wildon, Blackwell, Bianchi, Werbner, Katz, Zervas. 

The Savoyards are the Gilbert 
and SuUivan Society of the Uni- 
versity. The organization is open to 
all students interested in the Gil- 
bert and Sullivan tradition. After 
their performance of H.M.S. Pin- 
afore in the spring of 1950, the 
Savoyards disbanded for one year, 
but by popular request they were 
reinstated in the fall of 1951. The 
organization this year produced 
a novel evening's entertainment 
entitled An Evening ivith Gilbert 
and Sullivan, consisting of great 
scenes from four full-length oper- 
ettas, including the whole of Trial 
By Jury. As the organization ex- 
pands in scope and in musical 
ability, it plans to present to the 
campus one complete production 
a vear. 



Led by a buckskin-clad Meta- 
wampe, the ^larching Band jazzes 
down the field of every home foot- 
ball game and at two tilts away. 

A couple of blasts on the tuba, 
a r-r-rooUll of the drums, a beaute- 

ous blare from the trumpets — 
then hut ! two ! hut ! two ! — and 
they're off — right down the field. 
And even MacXamara hasn't 
anything on this combo, whose 
flat notes are mightv scarce. 

Back Row: nireotor Contino. Uitiina, Gucttlcr. Anderson. Tonks, Butler. Harvey. McBane. 
Fourth Row: Pcarse. Hobson. Lombard, Mahar. Nolan. Groves, Blaisdell, Klinger. Allen. Fulton. 
Third Row: Campbell, Ferguson, Carter, Mctbot, Damon, Wilson, Duvernois, Sullivan, Alger. 
Second Row: Bullock. Lovejoy, Wheeler, Blanchard, Carlson. Sheelian, Woodward, Seymour. Cutle 

Front Row: Turner. Clancey. Todt. Kyrouz. Blumenthal. Fox, Miller, Niekless. Russell. 










The Concert Band, under the 
able direction of Joseph Contino, 
started its work at the conchision 
of the fall athletic season and the 
dissolution of the marching band. 
The group, composed of more than 
fifty pieces, gave a series of con- 

certs both on and otf campus. A 
select group of performers took 
part in the Operetta Guild produc- 
tion of The Siiident Prince. Re- 
hearsing once a week, the group 
busily made plans for bigger and 
better concerts in the future. 

Back Row: Lombard. Seymour. Sedgwick. Sterling, Cutler, Suitor. Contino 
Second Row: Lovcjoy. Nolan. Allen. Wilson. Kigali. Groves. Miller. Ferguso 
Front Ro« : l>:inu.M. K;il<lwiii. ( laneey. Turner. Parmelee. Wlieeler, Cornell 


Back Row: t;iij 

Middle Row: Boland. Galle 

Jahii, Falbj, Speiictr, Falvej , Cliapnian. Wliittcmorc, Gaetz. Riley, Nelson, 

y, Wildon. Hill, Tattersoii, Camphell, Ryder, Diisas, Ricliter. 
Front Row: Miirdoek, Woodman, Baird. Carlstrom, Bolle*, Riiiler, Hinds, Billings, Swift, Jolin- 

This year, under the co-mana- 
gership of Jun Patterson and Dot 
Swift, these songsters initiated a 
new rating sj^stem of acceptance, 
based upon range, potential dy- 
namics, character of vocal tone 
and ability to sing without assist- 
ance, all this designed to produce 
optimum pei'formance. The merit 
gained by the system was justified 
in the Chorale's many concerts. 

The Chorale appeared this year 
for the third time on the Monsanto 
Hour's Songs from New England 

Colleges, over the Mutual Broad- 
casting System. The Group also 
sang on a nation-wide radio show 
over Mutual. The major campus 
appearances of the Chorale this 
year were with the Operetta Guild 
in The Student Prince and the 
ballet. Story of a Princess (danced 
l)y ]Mary Lowry and Bob Boland). 
The Chorale as usual travelled 
this year, making its first extended 
tour between semesters and an- 
other in the spring taking them to 
New York, Worcester and Boston. 


Back Row: Taylor, Vaughn. Campbell. Bagcant. 
Front Row: Scott, Lewis, Evcrson. Green, Scmbroski, Fislicr. 

. melodists and harmonists: we 

had them in quantity , 


Bettina HoUis 

-Best Actress 
s Plays 

Roister Doisters — U of M's 
thespian group — started the Uni- 
versity's dramatic season with the 
production of Moss Hart's satire 
on theatre people Light Up the 
Sky. Two veterans of Roister 
Doister shows, Bob Boland and 
Mary Lowry, took the leads, those 
of aesthetic director and tempera- 
mental star working in a drama by 
a tyro playwright. Marino Grimal- 
di and Marguerite Tallett, two 
newcomers to the Bowker stage, 
handled the respective parts of 
cigar-chewing "angel" of the play 
and his wife with complete stage 

Others wlio made their deliut 
in the Hart offering were Ralph 
Hall, Carole Cassidv, Dick Strom- 

fgren, and Ray Kennan, with vet- 
erans Mario Bruni, Phil Johnson, 
and Mel Tucker also supporting. 
The capable direction of Professor 
Niedeck resulted in the best of 
notices for the Roisterers. 

Interclass Plays came next. Jean 
Parker was general supervisor of 
the class offerings. The result: an 
enjoyable evening in which the 
sophomores, directed by Dick Can- 
tor, won first place with The Flat- 
tering Word by George Kelley, 
with Dick Stromgren copping the 
evening's Best Actor award. Bet- 
tina Hollis, starring in the junior 
play, was Best Actress. 

Eastward in Eden, Dorothy 
Gardner's dramatization of Emily 
Dickinson's life, was the Roi- 
Doi's spring production. 


. . . drama—with Light up the Sky featured. . . 

Back Row: O'Donnell. Dowd, Bageaiit, Perkins. Johnson, List, Zaborowski. Courtney, Tuttle, Jones, Stiles. 

Second Row: Goldberg. Klie, Parker, Seiicabaugh, Gimalowski, Francis, Sullivan, Chalk, Feener, Tarapata, Schindler, 

Good fader. 
Front Row: Cavanaugh. Elliot, Cassidy. Hastings, Bruni, Jacob, Goldberg. Freedman, Kennan, Fairman, Stromgrcn. 



Till- iNew York Link- Syiiipli. 

The 1951-195'-2 concert season 
. . . the DePaur Chorus running 
the gamut from calypso to Uturgi- 
cal chants. . .Morley and Gear- 
hart's piano magic — Bach to 
Gershwin — with a dash of ami- 
abihty . . . then the New York Lit- 
tle Symphony, Thomas Scherman 
conducting a vibrant program . . . 
and the season's end with Metro- 
politan Opera tenor Eugene Con- 
ley singing show tunes, arias, art- 
songs, all with brilliance. 

Eiifjene Conley 


Henley. Riley. Campbell, 
I'orter. Koehler, Gactz. 


Ita.'k ll<>»: 
Second Rov 
Front Kow: 

(taan. .lone,.. Ware. Maciolek. SininioM>. 
: Quinn. Dillon. Tibbctts. Stcphan. Marx. l»r 
Uelval. Genuario, Avery, Katz,, Audette, Pchi 

o. Miller, Hawortb. 

II, Granfield. Buck, Viale, Alg 

The Student Senate, the major 
student-government body on cam- 
pus, conducts weekly meetings at 
which stvident problems in every 
phase of campus life are aired. The 
business of the Senate is conducted 
by standing committees on curric- 
ulum, activities, public relations, 
student life, buildings and grounds, 
elections, finance, athletics, board- 
ing halls, and constitution. The 
senators, approximately one for 
every ninety students, are elected 
in the fall of each academic year. 
Two representatives come from 
each dormitory, four from the com- 
muting group, two from the sorori- 
ties, five from the fraternities, and 
one from the married-students' 

The new leaders of campus af- 


fairs this year were elected in Oc- 
tober. When votes were cast by the 
Solons for election of the president 
(Bob Pehrson or Art Alintuck) and 
the vice-president (Cliff Audette or 
Henry Walters), a tie resulted in 
both cases. As the campus buzzed 
with opinion, for the first time in 
campus history the Collegian took 
a definite editorial stand on a stu- 
dent-politics issue by coming out 
for Pehrson. The ensuing Senate 
meeting (attended by a huge, inter- 
ested student audience) began with 
a spirited hour-long discussion of 
the merits of the competing politi- 
cos and ended with the election of 
Pehrson and Audette. Mary Gran- 
field and Dale Humphriss were 
elected secretary and treasurer 


Class elections were conducted 
under the direction of Henry ^^ alt- 
ers. As an aid to a faculty commit- 
tee headed by Dr. Allen, the Senate 
sponsored the collection of funds 
and signatures in the Crusade for 
Freedom drive. The Glen's Af- 
fairs Committee elected Joseph 
Lucier. Allan "NYakstein, Joseph 
Phillips, Donald Clifford, and 
John Heintz to the Men's Judici- 
ary Board. Other Senate activities 
included the backing of the pul)li- 
cation of the U of M calendar, the 
building of more cement walks on 
campus, a blood drive, a minute of 
silent prayer throughout campus 
on the AVorld Day of Prayer in 
February, and Spring Day. 

In many respects the Senate 
failed to accomplish many of its 

expressed purposes diu'ing the first 
semester, but this weakness w^as 
attributed to faulty committee 
setups. The fault realized, meas- 
ures were taken to improve the 
management of campus business. 
Things went along better during 
second semester. 

In an effort to provide a better 
insight into the workings of the 
Senate and to inform the student 
body of the many phases of campus 
life with which the Senate deals, 
the Collegian sponsored a sei'ies of 
articles about the governing body. 
^Yritten by Jack Heintz. a member 
of the Senate, these articles pre- 
sented a clearer picture of the 
duties, problems, organization, and 
potential worth of the Senate to 
the students. 

ifield (Sec.1. Hii 



Groves, Tickeli! 
inc, Morrill, Rut 

The Academic Activities Board 
is composed of the business man- 
agers of all campus organizations 
which receive student-tax funds. 
Under the guidance of Professor 
Rand, the Board apportions the 
money collected in the Student 
Activities Fund and generally 
guides its use. 

The Board also nominates those 
students who by their extracur- 
ricular services on campus merit 
recognition at Senior Convocation, 
svich recognition coming in the 
form of silver, gold, and diamond- 
chip medals. 

Comprising representatives from 
the student body and the faculty, 
the SLC works towards maintain- 
ing a wholesome balance between 
social and academic life on campus. 

An important event for the 
Committee this year was its ap- 
pearance before a Trustees' com- 
mittee to further plans for a 
Student Union. And earlier the 
SLC prepared a booklet defining 
decorum and policy at social func- 
tions for use of chaperons and 
social chairmen. Student-faculty 
cooperation on the committee was 
complete and ett'ective. 

It Ku 

lliil.inolT. Or 
niiij:, Mr. Var- 

Folcy,Dr. 1 
ley, DcmiiiofT. 
Back Row; Lappiii 
OldKeld, Quiiin. 




The Student Government Con- 
stitution of the University of ^las- 
sachusetts is the basis for the 
Women's Judiciary Board. It is 
the job of the board to interpret 
and enforce all rules and regula- 
tions concerning women students 
on campus which are outside the 
jurisdiction of the women's dormi- 

There are five members on the 
board elected by the women stu- 
dents. In cases requiring constitu- 
tional interpretation, the Women's 
Judiciary holds a joint session 
with the ]Men's division. 

The jNIen's Division of the Gen- 
eral Court of Justice is a judiciary 
body concerned primarily with the 
conduct of men students. It func- 
tions to interpret and enforce the 
rules and regulations governing 
men students and jointly with the 
Women's Division on problems of 
general student regulations. It de- 
termines disciplinary action in 
cases of infringement of dormitory 
rules which cannot be handled by 
the house councils, and in a separ- 
ate court it handles traffic viola- 




A. S. M. E. 

This year the American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers saw the 
first anniversary of its Student 
Branch at tlie V. of ]M. Though 
one of our newer chibs. it has ac- 
comphshed much in its single year 
of existence, this year playing host 
to the Regional Student Branch 

A. I. E. E. 

Any electrical engineering stu- 
dent may join either the national 
society or the local organization of 
the American Institute of Electri- 
cal Engineers for a broader glimpse 
of his field. The technical meetings, 
with outside speakers, aim to pro- 
mote interest in the professional 
aspects of engineering. 

B.irrell. Moscr, Chaplin. Bara. 

A. S. C. E. 

Still in its infancy, the two-year- 
old student chapter of the Ameri- 
can Society of Civil Engineers 
pluml^ed the possibilities of jobs 
via the spoken word from those 
who are established already. Meet- 
ings throughout the year were 
held in Gunness Laboratorv. 

I>l. ll.'.Klricksoii. Ho 



An Hus Club 

That classic among li\'est()ck 
shows — The Little International 
— is the big project of the An Hus 
Chib. On the completely recrea- 
tional side, the Club sponsors 
a hayride in the fall and do-si-do's 
and promenades through a couple 
of square dances as well. 

Regis, Frang 
Prof. Robertson. 

Business Administration Club 

The Business Administration 
Club, one of the newer clubs on 
campus, is a corporate body meet- 
ing on a monthly fiscal basis. 
Successful former bus. ad. majors 
make reports to the Club; trends 
in present business situations are 
assayed; public relations are fos- 
tered. And the dues are such as 
seldom to contribute to insolvency. 

Bacteriology and Public 
Health Club 

The Bacteriology and Public 
Health Club had a successful year 
with Dave Fucillo as president. 
The Club held its meetings once 
a month and at Christmas enjoyed 
a club party and dance. On other 
occasions movies and speakers pro- 
vided valuable professional infor- 




Camera Club 

"To further the enjoyment of 
tlie art of photography in all its 
phases" is the purpose of the UM 
Camera Club, founded October 11. 
1951. The program of movies, 
well-kno\Yn speakers, and a winter 
photo contest presented tips for 
better slides, movies, and record 
shots for the amateur shutterbugs. 

Chem Club 

A^ews in Chemistry — this was 
the general title of the series of 
lectures presented to Chem Club 
members during the past year. 
Social hours followed after each 
lecture, the punch being served 
(naturallv) in beakers. 


/.ins. Ntlsoil, iwuriliis 

Standing; Gunn, Allen, H. Sniitli, Clapp, Pearoe. 
Sitting: Dr. Ritchie, Kestigian. 

Chem Engineering Club 

Lectures, student discussions, 
movies — these plus refreshments 
further the cause of flask, retort, 
and burette. The engineers take 
field trips whenever they find a 
chink in their meager spare time: 
otherwise they are campussed, us- 
ing the Chem Engineering Clul) 
as an outlet for shop-talk. 



Dairy Club 

The Dairy Club met in con- 
junction with the Bacteriology and 
Food Tech (liibs twice a month. 
Bowditch Lodge being the scene 
of conchives. ]Milk. cream, and 
ice cream — these provided the 
stutt' out of which many a nour- 
ishing discussion was whii)i)ed uj), 
with successful dairymen showing 
the wav. 

■lliioltU. Barlur 

Economics Honors Society 

The Economics Honors Society 
was founded in 1949 for the pur- 
pose of helping Economics majors 
and graduate students with the 
writing of their theses. Seniors and 
second-semester juniors who have 
attained a grade of 80 or above in 
economics, as well as all economics 
graduate students, are invited to 
join the club. 

Standing: O'Brien, Frol. llankinson. Waters. 
Sitting: Lamb, Bradley. 

DeMolay Club 

The role of the DeMolay Club 
is to foster a nostalgic return to 
fraternal high school days. First 
college group of the DeMolay in 
New England, the Iniversity club 
made field trips to old high school 
haunts and otherwise fraternized 
twice monthlv. 



Martinez, KowelK Ly. 

Fencing Club 

"They tilt with piercing- 
steel. . . '" or at least with a reason- 
able facsimile. The Fencing Club 
spends first semester foiling around 
as it were, learning to thrust, 
parry, and riposte. Second semes- 
ter finds them in more or less 
"deadly" earnest, usually trading- 
metal with their counterparts up 
at Amherst College. 

Education Club 

LA Annex was the reception 
area for future teacher employers 
(the superintendents of schools, 
that is) who, as guests of the Edu- 
cation Club, let the budding pre- 
ceptors know the good (and some- 
times sad) facts about prospects 
in grammar and high school teach- 

Fernald Entomological Club 

Founded in \9'i5, the Fernald 
Entomological Club undertakes to 
see what's new among the wee 
invertebrates. Appropriately 
enough, the Club sponsors two 
picnics a year — at which, we can 
be certain, members of the Class 
Insect a abound. On the more busi- 
ness-like side, the Club publishes 
The Fernald Yearbook, which re- 
cords the department's work. 



Floriculture Club 

Each year one ot" tlie agrieulture 
or horticulture clubs has charge of 
the theme and general nianage- 
uieut of the Horticulture Show. 
This year, under the capable ad- 
visorship of Professor Clark Thay- 
er, the Floriculture Club chose the 
theme of the I'nited Nations and 
gained credit throughout eastern 
United States for the show. 

4-H Club 

Farley Club House was the 
meeting place for many of the 
convocations of the -t-H Club this 
year. 4-H principles got some 
concrete illustration via movie pro- 
jector and prominent 4-H speakers. 
And square dancing served to 
enliven manv a 4-H winter soiree. 

Food Tech Club 

Again this year the Food Tech 
Club presented to its members not 
only a series of important talks 
by food tech experts but an op- 
portunity to show a social flair 
by meeting with members of the 
allied Bacteriology and Dairy 
Clubs. And both lectures and 
social affairs floiu'ished. 

ckle> , i rowcll 



Vanassc. Somirini. Flalurly 

Future Farmers of America 

The purpose of the Future Farm- 
ers of America is to promote better 
agriculture by encouraging voca- 
tional education in farming in 
order to produce teachers. A series 
of high school banquets, lectures, 
and national and local judging 
contests made the aim a thor- 
oughly enjoyable one for the year. 




r yij y 




4^ - 

m% i 


French Club 

The French Club brought to 
the campus the first All-Univer- 
sity French Day on October 17th, 
with M. Chambon, consul-general 
of France to the Fnited States, as 
guest of honor at activities lasting 
from noon until midnight. 

The French Club's pageant was 
a highlight of Christmas Week. 

Standing: Joi 
Sitting: Gastoi 

Geology Club 

The Geology Club, comple- 
mented by the local members of 
Sigma (iamma Fpsilon, a national 
scientific fraternity, works to pro- 
mote geology through rock-and- 
rill trips and monthly meetings, 
aided and abetted, mineralogi- 
cally. l)y Smith, ^[ount Holyoke, 
and Amherst College each j-ear. 



German Club 

The German (^lub's aim is to 
gain closer contact with (ierman 
customs and behefs as well as to 
promote opportimities to hear the 
language spoken. Skits in German 
were one of the entertaining ways 
of making contact. Speakers from 
the surrounding college area helped 
round out the program. 


Mrs. Wilhelm. IMIliiij:. l»a 

International Club 

The International Club is com- 
posed of both foreign and American 
students, and exists as a truly 
international community on cam- 
pus. An interchange of cultural 
experience makes for understand- 
ing and effective generation of 
good-will, two commodities which 
can be carried back duty-free to 
members' homes around the world. 

I'rof. Ilill. Boyle. GoUlbcri 

Home Eg Club 

Bi-monthly club chats were 
the mainstay activity of the Home 
Ec Club, with now and then an 
outside speaker allowed to get a 
word in on current fashion trends 
or opportunities in dietetics, de- 
signing, and other allied topics. 
A pet project this year was the 
sponsoring of a local girl scout 

Aprilc. Kolk. Merritt. Hi-rke 



Back Row: Roi 
Front Row: Pari 

Land Arch Club 

These Frank Lloyd Wrights of 
lawn-and-shrub can boast one of 
the most successful professional 
ranks on campus. Many leaders in 
the field of landscape overhauling 
have appeared before this group, 
which both now and previously 
has had noteworthy leaders among 
the membership itself. 

International Relations Club 

The Liternational Relations 
Club, fulfilling its purpose of en- 
couraging the study of interna- 
tional affairs among members of 
the college population, not only 
s})ons()red student and faculty 
discussions, but brought to the 
LTniversity LIN leaders and other 
important speakers. 

Hill. Fish, Fraser, Cascio. 

Math Club 

Einstein-ian conviviality pre- 
vails at Math Club meetings. 
Speakers are a staple, as usual, but 
with a difference: all talk is up in 
the quadratic realms of symbolic 
rhetoric. And editorials in the 
club's paper. The Integrator, 
abound in controversial alphas, 
gammas, deltas. The accent is on 
math plus entertainment. 

Mr. Mi.ntku, <;<>r<lon. ViMiiiu. McC.coch 



Nature Guide Club 

A (^hristmas ])arty and a Sugar- 
ing-ott' party in the spring are the 
two events at either end of the 
year which mark ott' the activities 
of the Xatnre Guide Chib. Under 
the direction of the beloved Cap'n 
Bill Mnal. the Club met at Bow- 
ditch Lodge to hear talks on nature 
guidance — or charming bits of 
Cap'n Bill's philosophy. 

Prof. Johnson. Gove. Feddema. 

Outing Club 

Providing outdoor recreation via 
the hike, bike — and even canoe: 
this is the aim of the Outing Club. 
A sugaring-olT party in the spring 
polishes off the activities of these 
intrepid legmen (and women). Two 
scjuare dances sponsored by the 
group aid also to keep limbs 

Olericulture Club 

Olericulture Club, which is one 
of the younger clubs on campus, 
has already become a well-estab- 
lished campus organization. All 
students interested in vegetable 
culture and related fields are eligi- 
ble for membership. Besides taking 
part in the annual Horticulture 
Show, the Olericulture Club spon- 
sors lectures. 



Standing: Bovcnzi. I'arsons. 
Sitting: Gochberg. Dr. Woodsidc, 

Poultry Science Club 

The private lives of pullets, 
chicks, and other denizens of the 
poultry world — these the Poultry 
Science Club periodically inquires 
into. The thousand shocks that 
chicken flesh is heir to are dis- 
cussed by experts called to speak 
before the Club. 

Pre-Med Club 

One of the most serious and ef- 
fective of the special interest clubs, 
the Pre-Med Club presents spe- 
cialists in the medical field as 
speakers not only for pre-med 
majors but for the University at 

The Club is the clearing-house 
of information on everything from 
pediatrics to psychiatry. 

Slanding: Pratt, Merchant. 

Sitting: Freeman, Prof. VcndcU, Shonp. 

Press Club 

The University Press Club was 
reorganized this year with its mem- 
bership made up of budding Hor- 
ace (ireeleys including student cor- 
respondents, top members of the 
Collegian, and members of the 
athletic publicity bureau. The Club 
is designed for the exchange of 
ideas in the field of journalism. 

I'rof. Musgravc. I.ilwa.k. Sard<i 



Psychology Club 

The shade of Sigmiind Freud 
hovers over Psychology Chib meet- 
ings as these chibbers probe around 
— in an entertaining, non-academic 
way of course — amidst the vagar- 
ies of human nature. Open-mind- 
edness is maintained, though, and 
the Freud-geist stands challenged 
by the newer methods of treat- 
ment and research. 

Prof. Trippensee. Durkee. Larsi 

Sociology Club 

. Another newcomer among the 
special interests club, the Soci- 
ology Club has been founded to 
form a cohesive leisure-time organ- 
ization of campus sociology mem- 
bers. The Club received sanction 
in the middle of the year, but em- 
barked on a successful program for 
building a strong club. 

Rod and Gun Club 

Spirited anglers and gunmen, 
interested as much in having fun as 
in learning, comprise the Rod and 
Gun Club. These ^Yaltons and 
Nimrods are active outdoors indi- 
vidually and are entertained in- 
doors at meetings by films and 
speakers from the field of wildlife. 

Carter, Hinds, Tobiii, Kovey 



Roiiillard. Georgaiitas 
Sanlori. W oik. Petrillo 

Student Wives Club 

The Student Wives Club main- 
tained activities this year and 
built a program of social functions 
designed especially for the student 

The events the wives sponsored 
helped to create a healthy and 
interesting community spirit. 

Forestry Club 

The annual Horticulture Show 
is the high spot for members of the 
Forestry Club. These budding 
technicians among the tall arbors 
this j^ear set up a serious exhibit 
at the Hort Show showing the 
effects of certain malaises that 
trees are heir to. Movie meetings 
take up the rest of the year. 

Spanish Club 

Brought into being this year, 
the Si:)anish Club ambitiously pro- 
moted the speaking of the lan- 
guage by members, produced skits 
and the play Sin Querer, gave a 
Christmas party — all in the in- 
terests of learning both the lan- 
guage and customs of Spanish- 
speaking countries. 

Arboriculture Clvib 

^lembership in the Arboricul- 
tnre Club is limited to agriculture 
majors. At their meetings twice 
a month they hear tree experts 
from pri^'ate companies and from 
park and forest departments. This 
year the return of arboriculture 
alumni helped to let members 
know what the prospects are. 



Student Christian Association 

The hard-workina;, friendly 
Student Christian Association ac- 
quired a new adviser. Dr. Sydney 
Temple. The Association sponsored 
weekly coft'ee hours, conferences, 
the Freshman Cabin Party, as 
well as the usual Sunday night 
confabs. Participation in the 
Christmas ^'esper Service was one 
of its major events. 

Bellas. IVIelachrinos. Zografos. Kofos 

Wesley Foundation 

The Wesley Foundation repre- 
sents the INIethodist body on cam- 
pus. The group has a diversified 
program during the year, including 
everything from discussions and 
lectures on Christian thought to 
entertainments that keep the or- 
ganization an active one both re- 
ligiouslv and sociallv.,,:;: Kraiidt. Whitten. Maclaclilan. 
^iMiii;i: l>r. IVmpIc, Eckberp;. 

Chrysostom Club 

Founded as the religious or- 
ganization for all Orthodox stu- 
dents, the Chrysostom Club began 
the year with a seminar (at which 
Dr. Edniund Laine suggested the 
Club's name), attended meetings 
at Grace Episcopal Church, con- 
ducted vespers, and formed a co- 
hesive basis for next year. 

Gates. Hill. Pilling. Rev. Laird. 



Lutheran Club 

Effective religious thinking com- 
l:)ined with fellowship to produce 
an active 1951-52 Lutheran organ- 
ization. The group, meeting semi- 
monthly throughout the year, 
highlighted its year by attending 
the Lutheran Students of New 
England Convention in Boston. 
The Club advisor for the year was 
the Reverend Henrv C. Wolk. 

Judson Fellowship 

The Judson Fellowship wel- 
comed students from both the 
University and Amherst College 
to its membership. Weekly meet- 
ings at the local Baptist Church 
provided opportunity to discuss 
and resolve interesting social and 
religious questions. 


OiH'Oi. MrrriciMi, IloiiU'. Kile 

Dr. Ttmpli-. Falby. Billings. Ryder 

Newman Club 

The Newman Club is the student 
organization established under the 
aegis of the Catholic Church. Each 
week the group meets; and thei'e is 
an annual retreat and communion 
breakfast for Catholic collegians. 
Brightside orphans were enter- 
tained this year by members at a 
football game and party. 



Hillel Foundation 

This year the Hillel Foundation 
programmed Friday evening ser- 
vices, forums, holiday celebrations, 
dances, movies, and Sunday break- 
fasts. The Foundation is dedicated 
to further the cultural and social 
needs of those of the Jewish faith. 
Hillel also sponsored classes in 
Hebrew and philosophy, bringing 
the Jewish community on campus 
closer together. 

Canterbury Club 

Pro Chrisfo per Ecclesiam ad 
Collegium — with this motto and 
under the aegis of the National 
Canterbury Association, Episcopal 
students at the University prac- 
tice an active Christian program. 
Supper meetings, discussions, stu- 
dent-led vespers, and speakers help 
to implement the program. 

Edwards Fellowship 

The purpose of the Edwards Fel- 
lowship is to guide and encourage 
Christian study and worship. Each 
week the Fellowship discusses cur- 
rent religious controversies or top- 
ics of interest. The Fellowship 
speaks in print through the Koin- 
ania. Two students this year were 
sent to the S. V. M. Quadrennial 
Conference in Kansas. 

Channing Club 

The Channing Club comprises 
students from the University and 
Amherst College. Meetings are 
held every Sunday at the Unitarian 
Church. Social activities, discus- 
sions on religion and good living, 
the usual Sunday supper combine 
to give the Channing fellow^ship an 
active organization. 



Mason, Mi\!.oii. M.l»ri<n, M.-rrill, 
Kolk, Monet, Flaherty, Duga 

"Ici on parle francais"" applies 
to only one group. . .La Maison 
Francaise. On hayrides, at dances, 
in the Butterfield salon, at its 
dining table, the aim is to speak 
French — fluently, correctly. Each 
Thursday is guest night when the 
girls invite the faculty and any 
students interested in French to 
dinner and a social hour. 

The five hundred books given 
the French House bv the French 

government are available this year 
to the entire campus. French gov- 
ernment scholarships were award- 
ed to two members February 19. 
The girls presented a program 
of French folk dances in April 
for French Club Night. Three 
distinguished guests — M. Cham- 
bon, consul-general of France; M. 
Lapierre, consul of France; and 
M. Beaulieu, consul of Canada — 
were present at the Vernissage. 



WMUA, campus radio station, 
which went on the air officially 
under that name in October of 
1950, is a student-operated, stu- 
dent-planned organ of information 
and entertainment for the campus. 

Ensconced in the gabled tur- 
ret on South College, the station 
beams out music both popular and 
classical, sponsors panel discus- 
sions, reports the news, maintains 
request programs for hour-exam 

Tryouts for staff assignments at 
WMUA are held in the fall, with 
successful audit ioners getting air 
time for the semester provided 
promptness and quality of work is 

A Policy Board which includes 

six faculty members and six stu- 
dents sets the rules and regulations 
under which the station operates as 
a collegiate enterprise. 

In its drive to become an in- 
creasingly more effective campus 
institution, WMUA has furthered 
its plans for establishing F]M 
facilities by its acquiring an FM 
transmitter. The transmitter will 
be put into use as soon as the 
FCC issues a permit. 

Live broadcasts from Skinner, 
Bowker, the Cage, or the Press 
Box on Alumni Field are possible 
via WMUA-laid telephone lines. 

This year's top three: Station 
Manager, Gene Ryan; Production 
Manager, Dan Da vies; Technical 
Director, Dick Napolitan. 

Top Row: Conley, Tessier, Porter, Robertson. Frasi 
Front Row: Bullock, Hawkes, Donovan, Spear, Rya 

r, O'Connell, Shields, Higgins, Brandt. 
L, Davies, Hartwell, Francis, Jeffreys. 

11, '5 


With the deepest gratitude for 
his contributions, we dedicate 
this sports section to Head Coach 
Tommy Eck. 

Tommy came to the University 
as head football coach in 1945. 
Since then he has contributed all 
he has to give in behalf of his men. 

Few men have the warm human 
interest in their team that he has 
had. Few men tried as hard to 

produce winning teams. The rec- 
ord books are merely harsh pages 
showing statistical facts. The 
stories behind the games remain 

We are proud to give Tommy 
this tribute from the University 
he has served faithfully and well. 
Wherever Tommy may go, he 
carries the best wishes of his 
many University friends with him. 





















Boston College 








New Hampshire 






















Massachuset ts 














Rhode Island 














—jJ^^u^^^JH"""" " " ""^ 

To swin:: or not lo 






The spring of 1951 looked good 
for the varsity baseball squad. 
The return of ten lettermen prom- 
ised a successful season. And sta- 
tistically, the Marooxi and White 
nine were on the better end of a 
10-8 season's record. This record, 
however, does not indicate the 
true showing of the squad. 

Outstanding for the Redmen 
were pitchers Anderson, Kroeck, 
and Corkum; Captain Lew Bald- 
win at first; Ray Gunn; Don 
Smith; and Don Quimby, who re- 
ceived the MVP award. 

In their opening game of the 
season, the Redmen went down 
to defeat before a strong XT Conn 
iiineTS-l. diet Corkum pitched. 

The following afternoon Marty 
Anderson hurled almost airtight 
ball as the Lordenmen racked up 
eleven hits in scalping Norwich 

^yilliams College met the U 

Coach Lorde 



Back Row: Coach Lorden. RabaioU. kilboume. Manager Shuman. 
Third Row: B. Corkum. Pyne. Uriscoll, Akerson, Bakey. 
Second Row: Dohcrty, Sullivan, Corkum, Kroeck. Smith, Guiin. 
Front Row: Quimby, Estellc, Baldwin, Costello, Anderson. 



Mass nine with a three-run first- 
inning barrage, but rehef hurler 
Bob Kroeck held the Ephmen to 
but one more tally while the Red- 
men amassed six runs to give the 
Maroon and White a i-1 record. 

A ninth-inning line-drive homer 
gave Boston College a 2-1 edge 
over UMass for the Redmen's 
second loss of the season. 

Returnmg to campus, the Bay 
Staters were clawed by the Mid- 
dlebury Panthers G-'i as wildness 
on the mound and fielding lapses 
handed the Redmen their third 

In the next game, Bob Kroeck 
chalked up his second as the 
Lordenmen scored a victory over 
inter-state rival New Hampshire 

10-7. Dt)n Quimby paced the Ma- 
roon and White attack while a 
weak infield cost Kroeck most of 
his runs. 

Clark University provided the 
I^ordenmen with their fourth win 
14-7 as diet Corkum finally re- 
ceived some support. Bill Bakey 
sparked the UM attack with four 
hits as the Redmen smashed out 
17 safeties. 

Bob Kroeck, supporting his own 
cause with a triple and a home 
run, handed Trinity but one run 
as the Redmen romped 7-1. 

At Pratt Field, Amherst Col- 
lege took a 7-1 decision over Chet 
Corkum, the Redmen garnering 
only three hits. 

The UMassers scored an im- 
pressive 5-3 win over Union Col- 



Back: and safe! 

lege with Ed Frydryk fanning 
seven of the Garnet batters for 
his first win. 

Bob Akerson led the eleven-hit 
Maroon and White attack with 
three for fi-\'e as the Redmen 
romped against Worcester 11-2. 

A single run in the last of the 
ninth gave the Redmen their 
eighth win as diet Corkum led 
the squad to a 4-3 victory over 

Facing Wesley an, Ray (nmn 
reached on an error, stole second, 
and scored on two successive fly 
balls to give Ed Frydryk and the 
Redmen a o-l victory. 

Tufts bowed before Chet Cork- 
um 3-2 in an eleven-inning battle 
that saw pinch-hitter Marty An- 
derson rap a single to center 
scoring Don Smith with the win- 

ning run to give the Redmen their 
fifth consecutive win and tenth of 
the season. 

Ivroeck took his first loss as the 
Redman winning streak was finally 
broken by Rhode Island 7-4. 

Northeastern broke out with a 
three-run burst in the eleventh to 
edge the Massachusetts nine 10-7 
as hurlers Corkum and Kroeck 
were belted for fifteen hits. 

In the first of a two-game se- 
ries, Springfield edged the Lorden- 
men 2-1 as Marty Anderson gave 
up but four hits. The following 
day, before a capacity Graduation 
crowd, the Redmen dropped the 
second game 3-0 as Springfield 
came to life with three runs in the 
ninth oft' Chet Corkum to provide 
a disappointing close to an other- 
wise good season. 



S( HEDri.K 





























The Little Indians started their 
4-3 season successfully by defeat- 
ing Monson Academy 18-6. This 
opening win was followed by a 
closely fought 3-'2 loss to the Am- 
herst frosh and an 11-1 shellacking 
by Trinity. The UMassers tallied 
their second win by downing Wes- 

leyan 14-11, but suffered their 
third defeat to Springfield 8-5. 
The Ballmen again showed their 
strength bj'' troiuicing Worcester 
Academy 14-3. The frosh squad 
finished their season on an im- 
pressive note as they downed 
Brandeis 9-2. 














Holy Cross 






North Carolina 




Worcester Tech 











New Hampshire 










The varsity tennis team suf- 
fered a slight letdown last spring- 
as they compiled a 7-5 record in 
comparison with the 8-3 record of 
the previous year. The men that 
led the team to victory time after 
time were Phil Dean, Bernie AVis- 

newski, and Bob Allen. For his 
outstanding work. Phil Dean was 
a\Varded the Paul Sears Putnam 
trophy, awarded annually to the 
outstanding player on the team. 
Bob Allen was elected to head the 
team this coming spring. 

Back Row: Manager Litwack, Nadisoii. Wogan. Dean, Allen, t'.oacli Kosakowski 
Front How: I'ncker. Weston. Selig. McManus, Wisnewski. 

I ^ <i'\^ ^ 


Coacli Steve Kosakowski, men- 
tor of the varsity tennis team, has 
achieved an enviable record in his 
coaching career. Graduating from 
Stockbridge in 1940, Steve spent 
four years in the service before 
coming to the I^niversity in 1947. 
In his first full year as coach, he 
brought the first Yankee Con- 
ference crown in history to the 
school. His over-all coaching rec- 
ord in tennis is '20-11 for three 
years. Coach Kosakowski has nev- 
er had a team that fell below ..500. 

A\V\\\\\\\^ ^^ 


1-25 ] 



353-2 Connecticut 



293/2 AVilliams 



303^ Trinity 



39 Worcester Tech 



27 Northeastern 





The varsity "spring track team 
turned in a somewhat disappoint- 
ing season despite the efforts of 
Lew Derby's mentoring. Under 
the leadership of Captain Art 
Ahntuck, the team garnered 5^ 
points in the Yankee Conference 
Meet at the end of the season. 

Frank Barous surpassed any previ- 
ous performance with a 21 -foot 
broad jump to take a third; Halsey 
Allen grabbed a second in the two- 
mile; and Don Stowe soared up 
and over to take a tie for fourth 
pllace in the pole vault. 

Back Kow: Managir Miller. \(.illcr. I>1'^M■1K. M.t<-Ni><'ii. (.oat li I>>tI>^ 

Middir l<o» : Kikert. Kil<-%. Krirro. It.->rutis 

From Kou <.r.i>~i>n. I> Vlinl ti< k. M.iiiili mII<-. \II('ii 











AVorcester Tech 








Rhode Island 













A season's record of three wins, 
four losses, and one tie doesn't 
appear to be very impressive for 
the varsity football team. The 

Captain Benoit 
Coach Eck 

Eckmen, however, played a re- 
spectable brand of ball but were 
hampered throughout the season 
by the weather, injuries, and as- 
sorted other factors. The tutelage 
of Messrs. Eck. Lorden, and Masi 
seemed completely adequate, but 
the Maroon and White never got 
the necessary breaks. 

Handing Coach Eck a hearten- 
ing opening-game win, the Red- 
man eleven topped BATES COL- 
LEGE '21-7 as freshman Ted Piers 
proved to be the star of the game 
after returning a kickoff for a 
brilliant 100-yard touchdown run. 
Piers accoimted for two of the 
UMass TD's while qtiarterback 
Noel Reebenacker took responsi- 



bility for the third. Don Smith 
starred in the point -after-TD de- 
partment by making all three 
attempts good. The INIassmen out- 
rnshed the Bobcats 11 to 7 in 

In the seeoiul game of the sea- 
son, however, the Eckmen didn't 
fare too well. Fnmhles and costly 
penalties on the part of the Ma- 
roon and White gave WORCES- 

first downs and 96 to "io yards 
gained on the ground. At this 
early point things looked good for 
the Redmen. 

TER TECH a third consecutive 
one-point victory. A capacity 
crowd saw numerous scoring 
chances go down the drain as the 



Redmen committed a total of 
eight fumbles. Charley Redman 
romped 44 yards to set up the 
first tally. Then, running plays by 
Buster DiVincenzo and Captain 
Jack Benoit brought the touch- 
down. Tech took the lead early 
in the fourth period, getting a 
touchdown as a residt of a UM 
fumble. The Worcestermen held 
on despite a 77-yard march for a 
score hy the Redmen. The final 
score: Tech 14, IM 13. 


li.ii. . K„u:il,-k;. M.iiuiKir l!ii. i,-. 
i I'm r-. Berlin. Connolly. t,ilmori-. Valides, Hex. Jacqncs. 
t^, Kf|ui, DeCelle, CuUiiiaii. Bropliy, Chambers, Casey, Ashe, Redman 
uin ■Wilson, Wofford, Ilowland, Reebenaeker, Demcrs, Nolan, Conwa 
leks Rtitcho, Pyne, Smith, Capl. Benoit, Driseoll, Benson. Adams, 11 

. Bieknell. Jiin 
iworth, Prokop€ 

Next the fighting TJMass eleven 
went down to its second defeat of 
the year as WILLIAMS COL- 
LEGE took the Homecoming Day 
game 14-7. The Redmen ])roved 
unable to cope with (lie potent 


Ephmen's passing attack which 
ultimately brought the visitors 
their victory. Williams' Cramer- 
and-Kulsar combination proved to 
be the Redmen's nemesis. The 
lone Maroon and White score 


came in the final ciuarter as tlie 
Rednien marched 90 yards Hov the 

Against their fourth opininent 
(if the season, the Eckmen ran up 
their highest score since 1949 as 
they steamrollered over RHODE 
ISLAND 40-7. Gigi Rowland took 
the starring role as he ran wild 
scoring three of his team's touch- 
downs of the day. DiMncenzo, 
Reebenacker, and Redman tallied 
the other three in the midseason 
massacre. The Bay Staters rolled 
up an offensive total of 569 yards, 
the highest of the season. 

Undefeated this year and seek- 
ing revenge for the loss it suffered 
to the Redmen last year, a com- 
VERSITY club handed the Ma- 
roon and White their third defeat 
20-7. Fumbles and first-half nerv- 
ousness cost the Redmen the ball 
game, the Huskies scoring the 

first two times they took tiie ball. 
Ted Piers averted a possil)le shut- 
out by l)ucking across from the 
one-yard line in the closing (|uarter 
for a tally. 

Traveling to Burlington, the 
Maroon and White arrived and 
outslushed the UNIVERSITY OF 
A'ERMONT Catamounts by a 
score of (i-O before a hai'dy congre- 
gation of ^OO fans on a snow-swept 
field. With but five minutes left to 
play Dick Conway went over for 
the only score and gave the Red- 
men their third win. 

In a game marked by long runs 
and wide-open football, the Red- 


men received their worst beating 
in years as they went down before 
the superior guns of SPRING- 
FIELD COLLEGE by a score of 
42-14. Individual spectacular play 

The Jumbos of TUFTS ended 
the season for the U of M by 
holding the Redmen to a 6-6 tie. 
The underrated Jumbos kept the 

Miini.ii I ield 

kept the Redmen from a complete 
slaughter. Springfield's pass attack 
clicked with disheartening fre- 
quency, the Redmen being totally 
hamstrung in that department. 
To brighten up an otherwise dark 
afternoon for Maroon and White 
partisans, left-halfback Noel 
Reebenacker matched an earlier 
performance of Ted Piers by run- 
ning 102 yards to a TD. The Red- 
men were forced to be content 
with the small satisfaction of hav- 
ing scored against a club which 
had shut them out for three vears 

down, while their own passing 
helped keep them in the game. 



'^— *imp ^^ f<^ . 4k' '^^ '^Sk 

■^4 44^^35-1 45, i 12 40/ 23^ 33 '^Q^' 

Back Kow: Coach Dolan, Tela. Pierce, Bruno, Vickerson, Pcloski, Mgr. McDaniels, Coach Ball. 
Fourth Row: Cattoggio, George, St. Martin. Christianson, Blanchard, Napolitano. Fistori, Goetche. 
Third Kow. Williams. Haworth, Hennessey, Santucei. Smithwa, Seifer, Wright, Fardig, Boyle. 
Second Row: Porter, Dickson, Kowaleski, McDerniott, Mallon, Gildea, DiBiaso, Hennigan. 
Front Row: Bissonettc. Dean, Curtis, Rattigan. Taslijian, McFee, Kirsh, Jennison. Torcliia. 

Coacli Red Ball's frosli football 
team played a five-game schedule 
with a resulting 3-^ season's rec- 

In their first game, the Little 
Indians scored a close 6-0 decision 
over the New Hampshire frosh. 
The Ballmen made it two in a row 
by edging the Connecticut fresh- 
men 6-0. 

In their third game, a powerful 
Holy Cross J.V. team handed the 
frosh their first setback 19-12. 
The papooses lost their second 
straight as they bowed to an im- 
pressive Springfield eleven 2'2-6. 

The Little Indians closed their 
season with a win as they downed 
the Trinitv freshmen 13-0. 




Massacliusetts 6 New Hampshire 

Massachusett.s 6 Connecticut 

Massachusetts li Holy Cross J. V. 19 

Alassachusetts 6 Springfield S'S 

Massachusetts l.'i Triiiily 

[134 J 


Massachusetts 27 

Northeastern 28 

Massachusetts 20 

\\'orcester Tech 39 

Massachusetts 15 

Amherst 48 

Massachusetts 19 

Wilhams 40 

Massachusetts 15 

Boston College 53 

iNIassachusetts 25 

M.I.T. 31 

Conn. Valley Championships 1st. 

Yankee Conference 


New Englands 




1951 saw the cross-country team 
forge ahead to a brilliant season, 
unmarred by defeat in dual compe- 
tition and highlighted by victories 
in the Yankee Conference and the 
Connecticut Valley Champion- 
ships, in which the Derbymen 
copped four of the first seven 
places. Among other notable a- 
chievements was ranking sixth in 
the New England Intercollegiates 
and nineteenth in the ICAAAA 
Championships. Sparked by 

"Burt" Lancaster, Yankee Con- 
ference victor. Captain Halsey 
Allen, Harry Aldrich, and Hank 
Knapp, the distance men romped 
through the regular season, with 
but a few serious threats to their 
supremacy, strong competition 
coming only in the thrilling North- 
eastern and M.I.T. meets. The 
M.I.T. meet, last of the season, 
deserves special attention, as it 
was this hard-fought victory, paced 
by Lancaster and Aldrich, that 



.U licn>: Coach nerb> . Knapp. Lancaster. Allen. 
>iil li.iw: Sucre. Coding. Sargent, Angelini, Stengle 

h. McMnllin, Ma 

sec-ured an undefeated niche for 
the harriers. The Redmen breezed 
through such teams as Worcester 
Tech, Amherst, Williams, and 
Boston College, at times being far 
enough in the lead to allow several 
men to join hands and jog across 
the finish line in a tie for first place. 

Rounding out the triumphant 
squad wei-e George Goding, Pio 
Angelini, George McMuUin, Bob 
Steere, Walt Sargent, and Charlie 
Stengle. With a star-studded fresh- 
man group coming up next year, 
the picture for the U. of M. hill- 
and-dalers looks bright indeed. 

The take-oif ! 






Xui-tlu-asU'rii .].\. 21 



Wesleyaii 29 



Williams 44 



Amherst 45 



M.I.T. 34 



Conn. Valley Champ. 1st 



New Englancis 3rd. 



ICAAAA 7th. 

^^^H^ -^ l^^^^^^^ft: ^VSI 

4 t 





ib ■ '» 



1 : 


1^ ^^ i 

V - 


Back Row: Coach l>crl>y. lliggins, Tripp, Conlin, Wilde, Mgr. Mackcj 
Front Row: Macliinis, Bruneau, Equi, Hussey 

Following in the footsteps of 
their illustrious elders, the 1951 
edition of the Frosh Cross-Country 
team enjoyed an undefeated season 
in Frosh competition, their only 
loss coming at the hands of North- 
eastern's Junior Varsity. Further, 
the Little Indians proved their 
worth by a strong victory in the 
Connecticut Valley Champion- 
ships, which saw Bill Conlin and 

Pete Tripp tie for top honors. The 
fleet-footed Frosh were capable, 
also, of scoring a third place in the 
New England Interscholastics and 
seventh in the ICAAAA. The 
other members of this victorious 
band were Vernon Bruneau, Dino 
Equi, George Higgins, Paul Mac- 
Innis, Richard Quigley. and Ken- 
neth Wilde. 



Despite the efforts of sophomore 
Al Hoelzel, who led the New 
England Intercollegiate Soccer 
League in scoring, the varsity 
team was unable to compile a 
winning season. 

The University team, coached by 
Larry Briggs, defeated Williams, 
Clark and Boston University in an 
eleven-game schedule. The yovmg 
inexperienced hooters failed how- 











































ever to win over Tufts and W.P.I. , 
with whom they were forced to 
settle for ties. 

Next season, Steve Lapton will 
again captain the varsity soccer 
squad. INIongkol Wattanayagorn, 
who will return next season, was 
awarded the Maurice Suher Soccer 
Award for his fine play and team 
spirit through the season. 

Back Row: MacLauchlin, West, Lit, Curran, Bridges. Marsh, Mgr. Davis 

Middle Row: Mgr. Kagaii. O-DonncU. Puddington. Bacchieri. SutelifFe. Bourdeau, Cohen, Spilier. Zing, Coach Briggs 

Front Row: Deans. White, Yesair. Hunter. Twardus, Hoelzel, Capt. Lapton. Ritzi, Casey, Tucker, Simpson, Wattana- 



Displaying precision marching 
such as is seldom seen, the Drill 
Teamers covered themselves with 
honor wherever they appeared. 
The showing of the Drill Team did 

much to enhance the reputation 
of the University. Its formations 
could have put a crack infantry 
drill team to shame. 


^^ i^-^P^^y ^\fy^.^:m 



u. M. — fight: fight: 

Led by head cheerleader Lennie 
Woloshyn, the group of eight 
cheerleaders took upon themselves 
the job of arousing the spirit of the 

The i)rettiest things on the field, 
the whirling drum majorettes that 
led the band through its forma- 
tions, provided a classy addition to 
anv outfit. 


I UO 1 










Boston College 
















Boston University 
















New Hampshire 












Coast Guard 












Rhode Island 







. 70 













New Hampshire 


Despite the outstanding per- 
formance of Bill Prevey and the 
high-spirited play of the entire 
squad, the varsity basketball team 
was unable to show more than a 
4-17 record for the season. The 
student body, however, had ))lenty 


to cheer about as Prevey broke 
many of the existing University 
records and ranked among the top 
small-college scorers throughout 
the country. 

In the opening contest of the 
season the Redmen dropped a 


heartbreaking double overtime 
thriller to NORTHEASTERN 
UNIVERSITY. Bill Prevey, with 
but ten seconds remaining in regu- 
lar play, tied the contest with a 
hoop; but the Huskies went on to 
win 65-64 on a twenty-five-foot 
set shot. 

on its home court, topped the Red- 
men 76-5'-2 as they put on a surge 
to cut the ]Massmen"s early lead. 

The University cjuintet, playing 
in nearby Springfield, lost its sec- 
ond contest in three games by a 
single point, 48-47, as A.I.C. capi- 
talized on a foul shot with seconds 
remaining in the game. 

Despite the individual scoring 
record set by Bill Prevey, who 
hooped 33 points, the Redmen 
were unable to match the PRO^T- 
DENCE quintet and suffered a 
86-66 setback. 

The Massmen, playing their first 
game since the Christmas recess, 

staved oft' a last-ditch rally by 
CLARK to capture their first win 

Traveling to Boston, the Bay 
Staters were unable to make it 
two straight victories and fell be- 
63. The University oft'ensive was 
spark-plugged by MacLeod and 
Prevey who for a fleeting moment 
had their team in the lead. 

Paced by the offensive scoring 
of Hank jNIosychuk and the re- 
liound work of Bill Stephens, the 
Redmen were able to cut a half- 
time 20-point deficit to four points 
liefore the TRINITY hilltoppers 
could stop the drive and take the 
game 7*2-63. 

Coach Ball cleared the bench 
before a capacity crowd in the 
Cage as his quintet defeated W.P. 
I. 69-42 for its second win of the 
season. Worcester was no match 
for the Redmen who took and 
kept a commanding lead all night. 



MAINE, the first of the Yankee 
Conference rivals to meet the 
Redmen during the season, buiU 
up a tremendous halftime lead 
with uncannily accurate sets and 
went on to top the Redman ciuin- 
tet 80-59. 

vantage of a third-period scoring 
lapse on the part of the Redmen to 
make up a fifteen -point deficit 
and go on to win 67-58. Prevey 
broke the two records formerly es- 
tablished for total foul shots con- 
verted in a three-year period and 
conversions within a single season. 

Bernie Kaminski, Ed Conceison. 
and Bill Stephens combined to 
hit for seven points in the last 
minutes of play to pull within two 

and give the Redmen a chance for 
victory. The Purple, however, kept 
a point ahead of the Massmen in 
the final minute of play to win 

In one of the most thrilling 
games of the season the AM- 
fought back in the last period of 
play to overcome the Redmen's 
lead and steal the ballgame 45-44. 

The Redmen proved to be in- 
hospitable as they broke their 
four-game losing streak by topping 
the visiting COAST GUARD quin- 
tet 65-54 for their third victory of 
the season. 

with seventeen seconds left on the 
clock and the Redmen one point 
in the lead, sent the contest into 

Back Row: Coach Ball, Saltmaii. Barous, Uelahunt. Tiltoii. Harlow, Norman, Mgr. Goldn 
Front Row: Stephens, MacLeod. Mosychuk, Capt. Prevey, Kaminski, Conceison, Bourde 



overtime play on a free throw. 
The Massmen again took the lead 
but two quick baskets for Spring- 
field as the game was ending hand- 
ed the Redmen another loss: (58-00. 

On a desperation shot with five 
seconds left to play Killeen of 
INIIDDLEBURY set from half- 
court and hit to give his team a 
65-63 win over the Massmen. 

Although the INIassmen hit the 
strings for more points than any 
time during the year and Prevey 
broke his individual high by scor- 
ing 39 points, the quintet wasn't 
able to match a RHODE ISLAND 
team that trounced them 96-72. 

The Ballmen dropped their sec- 
ond straight game to a team from 
Rhode Island as they went down 
before a potent BROWN combi- 
nation 78-64. 

The Redmen celebrated "Prevey 
Night" by whipping TUFTS 70-59. 
Pre-game ceremonies, here in the 
Cage, included tributes and gifts 

to Bill for his sportsmanship and 
excellent play on the court. Bill ex- 
pressed his thanks by throwing in 
28 points during the contest. 

Opening up a three-game Yan- 
kee Conference series, the Red- 
men went down before a strong 
VERMONT combine 68-61, 
though Prevey and Kaminski 
shone for the Redmen. 

CONNECTICUT clinched the 
Yankee Conference crown as they 
toppled the Redmen 78-64. High 
scorers were Kaminski and Prevey 
with 17 each, with additional hon- 
ors going to Conceison for his de- 
fensive play. 

And in the final tilt of the season 
the Redmen, plagued by their 
long siege of bad luck, dropped 
another contest by one point to 
NEW HAMPSHIRE: 72-71. The 
game was sparked by Prevey and 
Conceison who provided an ambi- 
tious UM attack. 


















Boston rniversity 

■ 72 







Worcester 'I'ech 












Rhode Island 
















Salem High 






The freshman basketball team 
had one of its toughest seasons in 
history as 13 out of 14- contests 
were dropped. The Little Indians. 
under the leadership of Captain 
Howard and Coach George Bush, 
were never able to match the 

superior scoring power of their 
opponents. The team suffered one 
of its biggest losses at the half-way 
mark when seven men left as 
scholastic casualties. There was, 
however, promise of material for 
the varsitv next season. 

. Gibbons, Sears, Cohc 
r<l. U<-taIli-. Br<.wn. 



Mass. 42 Northeastern 71 

Mass. 331-^ New Hampshire 79}4 
Mass, 53 Holy Cross 60 

Mass. 64 Worcester Polytech 35 

Mass. 62 Amherst 51 

Inspired by the performance of 
frosh and soph speedsters, the 
track team showed great potential 
for the future, capturing two 
meets out of a five-game schedule, 
best of the past few seasons. A 

third meet, with Holy Cross, was 
decided by the scant margin of 
seven points. The high point of the 
season was the trouncing of our 
cross-town rivals, Amherst Col- 
lege, 62-51. A strong U of M mile 

Back Row: Liberty, Sullivan, Law, Stone, Nottouson, Butler, Smith, Porter, Brown, Barron, Coach Derhy 
Front Row: Winston, Knapp, Lamkin, Aldrich. \llen. Mintnck. Steerc. Kel--.-y, Karlyii. Kink. 


relay team finished second to Wil- 
ilanis in the Knights of Cohimbns 
Meet, due, in large part, to Joe 
Ivelsey's powerful anchor leg. High- 
jumper Russ Briere set a new col- 
lege record in the YjNICA ]\Ieet 
with a leap of G feet ^4 inches, and 
freshman Fred Law joined him in 
the record-breaking class by set- 
ting a new University high of VI 
feet 2 inches in the B.A.A. pole 
vault event. 

Outstanding in dual competition 
were Harry Aldrich, who broke the 
college and cage two-mile record 
with a time of 9:50 and was unde- 
feated through the season; Joe 
Kelsey, double victor in the 440 
and 880 in three out of five meets; 
Fred Law, undefeated in the pole 
vault and a consistent scorer in the 
35-yard dash; hurdler Ira Notton- 
son, with a double win against 
Worcester Polvtech and a victorv 

in the Amherst meet; and Frank 
Barons, with three firsts and a sec- 
ond in the broad jump. Other 
point-getters on the squad in- 
cluded Alintuck in the shot-put, 
Butler in the 440, Lamkin in the 
dash, Knapp in the mile, and Fink 
in the high jump. 

The Derbymen might have 
fared better with greater depth in 
the field events; still, the over-all 
picture shows a marked improve- 
ment in the University track pro- 






Boston University 




















Coast Guard 










The varsity swimming team, 
under the leadership of (^oach Joe 
Rogers, finished the 1951-5'^ season 
with the identical record of its 
previous season, 4-4. 

The squad opened its season by 
narrowly beating a strong Boston 
Universitv team 39-36. The next 

two meets saw the Redmen fall 
before the superior forces of Am- 
herst and Wesleyan, as the depth 
of the two Little Three members 
proved too much for the Rogers- 
men. Returning to the win column, 
the Mermen rolled up three straight 
decisive wins over Worcester Tech, 

Standing: Coach Rogers. 

Sitting: Prokopowich, Steigleder, Cornfoot, Jacque, Campbell, Bartlett, Sexton, Bell, Rogers, Belanger, Warren. 


Rensselaer, ami the Coast (luard. 

Traveling to Boston, the Red- 
men dropped a heartbreaker to 
Tufts as the Jumbos took the final 
relay to clinch the win 38-37. 
Their final meet of the year again 
saw the relay decide the meet as 
Connecticut took the event and 
the meet. 

Outstanding during the season 
for the Redmen was junior Dick 

Cornfoot. who set a new Univer- 
sity and pool record in the 200- 
yard backstroke against W.P.I. 
and then broke his own record in 
the Connecticut meet while rolling 
up eight straight wins in dual com- 
petition. Other reliables for the 
Redmen were INIitch Jaccjue, Art 
Steigleder, Don Bell, Joe Rogers 
Jr.. Art Belanger, and Ed Sexton. 


■*' ,-(l c^ f^ 

:^ 1 

Standing: Durkce, Zulalian, Williams. 

Sitting: Bartels, Alvcs, Sgt. Piatt. Wilson, Kellcy. 

[ Competing in the northern divi- 
sion of the New England College 
Rifle Group, the University rifle 
team, coached by T-Sgt. Harry H. 
Piatt, participated in an abbrevi- 
ated schedule. Captain William 
Stanley, high man for the Rednien 
for two consecutive years, led the 
marksmen in a somewhat dis- 
couraging season. Three wins and 
five losses were the team's record 
with the greatest performance com- 
ing in the post-season Hearst Tro- 
phy Match. There, the Armored 
R.O.T.C. rifle unit fired 912 to 
break the previous University re- 
cord of 897. 












New Hampshire 




















Standing: Alvcs, Nottonson, Kallgren, Coach Rogers. 
Sitting: Fiorelli, Hames, Mgr. Serpis. 




West Point 




Michigan State 




Georgia Tech 




U. S. Naval Academy 




^lichigan State 








Michigan State 






Competing in the U. S. Revolver 
Association's intercollegiate match- 
es, the UM varsity pistol team 
stood high in the nationwide com- 
petition. At the end of eight match- 
es the University of Massachusetts 
has a 4-4 record but ranks eighth 
among competitors from coast to 

Such notables among pistol prac- 
titioners as Cornell, Georgia Tech, 
and the U. S. Naval Academy fell 
before the UM guns. 



Spearheaded by three individual 
leagues, the intramural softball 
teams battled it out until the final 
out of the season. 

In League A, Alpha Gamma 
Rho swamped all opposition to 
take the fraternity crown, trailed 
to the wire by SAE. 

League B saw Middlesex finish 
undefeated to beat Alpha Tau 
Gamma and the Animal Husband- 
ry club for the crown. 

In League C, Hamlin House 
nosed out Mills to cop the crown 
in a blazing finish. 

The first round of the playoft's 
saw Hamlin emerge victorious over 
Middlesex 7-4!. 


League A 

League B 

League C 



Middlesex 7-0 





ATG 5-1 





An Hus 4-2 





Dairy 4-3 

Grad. Ed. 




Berkshire 4-3 

Chem. Eng. 




Hort. Club 2-3 

Fed. Circle 




Forestry 1-3 





Brooks 2-4 





Arboric 2-4 

Elec. Eng. 




Microbes 2-5 





Plymouth 0-4 

In the finals, Alpha Gamma 
Rho gained the intramural coronet 
by beating Hamlin 8-5. 

E-E-A-A-SY Score 



Leayuc A 

Sigma Alpha Ep.siloii 


Kappa Sigma 


Alpiia Epsilon Pi 


Theta Chi 


Lambda Chi Alph.i 


Phi Sigma Kappa 




Alpha Gamma Kho 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Zeta Zeta Zeta 


Tau Epsilon Phi 


League B 



Chadbourne B 


Berkshire B 


Mills B 


Berkshire A 


Brooks A 


Greenough B 


Chadbourne A 


Greenough A 


Mills A 


The 1951 intramural football 
season started oft" in high gear with 
two leagues in operation. 

In League A, Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon rolled up nine straight wins to 
take the crown. Right on their 
heels was Kappa Sigma who 
dropped but two starts in nine 
games. Third place found Theta 
Chi and Alpha Epsilon Pi tied for 

In League B, Middlesex upset 
the apple-cart by beating Berk- 
shire B for the title. In second 
place was a freshman club from 
Chadbourne B, closely followed by 
Berkshire B. 

In the playott', SAE took the 
intramural crown by defeating 
Middlesex 18-0. 

. — - the Champs'. 



As this journal of the Class of 
1952 goes to press, the Interfra- 
ternity Bowling Competition is 
near but the half-way mark. 

SAE ranks number one on the 
score sheet, by a wide margin. 
Sig Ep and AEPi run close behind 
with AEPi having the strategic 
advantage with more matches to 

With fourteen fraternities com- 
peting for the Interfraternity 
Award, bowling has taken on a 
new recreational imjiortance on 
campus, with top-notch bowlers 
like Frank Sottile and Bob Pollack 
adding interest. 

liECOl^D AS OF MARCH 4, 1952 




























































Double blast! 


League A 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 


Sigma Alpha Epsilou 


Theta Chi 




Lambda Chi Aljjha 


Kappa Sigma 


Tail Epsilon Phi 


Phi Sigma Kappa 


League B 



East Experiment Sta. 


Chadboiirne B 




Mills B 


Middlesex A 


Berkshire A 


League C 





Middlesex B 


Berkshire B 


Chadboiirne A 


Plymouth A 






With the season at the halfway 
mark as this hook went to press, 
five teams were emerging as poten- 
tial aspirants for the three intra- 
mural basketball league crowns. 

In League A, Alpha Epsilon 
Pi and Sigma Alpha Ejisilon boast- 
ed undefeated slates as they raced 
towards their final clash for the 
crown at the end of the season. 

In League B. the Independents 
flourished the only unblemished 
record in the standings as they 
appeared to be well on their way 
to clinching the title. 

League C saw the Grads and 
the Castofi^s battling it out for the 
top spot as they displayed identical 
records of five wins and no defeats. 


Naiads — apt name for U]M's 
niemiaids. To further their pur- 
pose of learning advanced swim- 
ming maneuvers, the Naiads act 
as a University exhibition group. 
Winter Carnival saw them give a 
stellar performance of decoratiAe 
aquatics. And in INIay the Naiads 
give another exhibition to cele- 
brate May Day. 

Senior Naiads under Prexv El- 

inor Gannon were Dorothy Beals, 
]Margaret Carlson. Ann Cotton, 
Terry Ennis, Faith Fairman, Bet- 
tejane Farr, Mary Findlay, Con- 
nie Oilman, Jane Hartman, Jean 
Hazelton, Dorothy Hefferan, 
Bette Lou Johnson, Joan Kennedy, 
Jane McBrien, Ann Merrigan, 
Nancy Montgomery, Nancy 
Motte, Carol Orrell, Joan Sheehan, 
and Jovce Smith. 



Allen, Slcvoiis 
Miss Totman, Clifford 



^^^^^^^^^R^'v ^''^j^^^l 

L <^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 






The AVomeii".s Athletic Associa- 
tion began the 1951-52 season with 
800 participating in a co-recrea- 
tional playday for the frosh. 

Basketball, bowling, badminton, 
field hockey, archery, modern 
dance, softball, swimming — all 
these are promoted vmder W.A.A.'s 

This year the Xaiads accejited 
the W.A.A. ofter to affiliate with 
the Association, and an associate 
board was added for purposes of 
publicizing W.A.A. activities. 

Composed of men w^ho have 
won their "M" in varsity sports, 
the A'arsity M Club is set up to 
"promote fellowship, encourage 
scholarship, foster, social activities, 
and maintain more complete rela- 
tions between coaches and play- 
ers." A go-getting group since its 
organization, the Club, student- 
sponsored, runs concessions and 
sells sports programs for the bene- 
fit of the scholarship fund. 

Standing: Howlaiid. Walters. 
Sitting: Benoit, Gunn. 




The Panhellenic Council, advis- 
ing group for the seven sororities 
on campus, is itself part of a na- 
tional organization, set up to guide 
and instruct the sorority chapters 
of various college campuses. 

The Council has charge of the 
Pan-Hell Workshop, in which two 
representatives of each house sub- 
mit the problems of their partic- 
ular chapter and ask advice and 

The Pan-Hell rules and regula- 
tions control what has become on 
our campus a rigid "rush" period, 
as well as all the social functions of 
rushing time. The council strives 
to effect a smoothlv functioning 

President: Cherry Heath 
Vice-President: Cathy Cole 
Secretary: Ruth StiUivan 
Treasurer: Ann Peterson 

unit of the women's fraternal or- 
ganizations and to encourage 
healthy competition among the 
women Greeks. In this aim, the 
Pan-Hellenic Council has the close 
co-operation of the administration 
and campus at large. 




: Miller. Macia 
iaymond. Silct 

ilan. Jones, Hamilton, Homer, Barber. Boutilier, Robbins, 
, Gatcly, Livingston. Crane, Smith, Taylor. Stewart, Gaudr 

The Interfraternity Council is 
composed of two representatives 
of each of the eleven fraternities 
on campus. The Council is in 
charge of fraternity athletic activi- 
ties and arranges the schedules for 
these events. It is also in charge 
of the Athletic Scholarship Fund. 
Generally, the Council seeks to 
promote scholarship among the 
Greeks and encourages co-opera- 
tion and fraternity among the 
various houses. 

Created as a close-knit unit for 
the promotion of responsible self- 
government among the Greeks, 
the Interfraternity Judiciary 
Board has served the University 
of Massachusetts for seven years 
in enforcing the rules and regula- 
tions of the Student Life Com- 

President: John Early 
Vice-President : Milton Crane 
Secretary: Robert Smith 
Treasurer: Richard Casey 

Flood. Bailey 
Galxrniaii. Mlrn. Tai 



President: Mary Granfield 
Vice-President: Eleanor Zamarchi 
Secretary: Mary-Louise Drapeau 
Treasurer: Joan Kennedy 


The Chi Omega social register 
this year included Spring and Fall 
House Dances, a Pledge Dinner- 
Dance, football open houses, and 
exchange dinners with fraternities 
and sororities. 

The Chi Omegas were well repre- 
sented in all campus activities, 
including Drill Team, Chorale, 
Roister Doisters, Concert Associa- 
tion, Senate, Operetta Guild, 
Woman's Judiciary, and various 
committees and clubs. 

Chi Omega had its share of 
Queenship this year, too, with 
Mary Granfield as Queen of the 
Horticulture Show and Honorary 

Back Row: Brchaut. O'Donnell, Daigriault, Conroy, Steam, Cavanaugh, Hohenbcrger, Viale, Mitchell, Morrill, Brown, 

Genuario. Belval, Fosliay, Fortunato. GiUey. 
Tliird Row: Klaus, Regis, Hchitz, Sullivan, Belval, Riley, Flaherty, Donovan, Bayon, White, Torres, Litz, Gibbons. 
Seeond Row: Conroy. Allen, Smith, Burrell, Guettlcr, Houle, Howes, Duffy, Bedell, Byrd, Yegoyian, Montgomery, 

Simpkins. U-e, Miehelson, Gulski. 
IVonl Row Konopka, Bcals, Gimalowski, Davenport. Sullivan, Galas, Kennedy, Granfield, Zamarchi, Drapeaii, Dole, 

■^, P.Urson, Bolles. T 



Dorothy Beals, Janet Bolles, Julia 
Davenport, Nancy Galas, Jean Ginialow- 
ski, Mary Granfield, Joan Kennedy, Bar- 
bara Konopka, Mary Lowry, Carole 
Orrell, Ann Peterson, Audrey Rose, 
Barbara Rowell, Patricia Schindler, Carol 
Sullivan, Virginia Sullivan, Mabel Tara- 
pata, Virginia I'bertalli, Eleanor Zaniar- 


Doris Allen, Irene Baginski, Louise 
Belval, Ruth Brehaut, Beverly Burns, 
Fredrica Dole, Mary-Louise Drapeau, 
Ann Gibbons, Xancy Gilley, Virginia 
Guettler, Katherine Heintz, Helen HouJe, 
Xancy Howes, Lorraine Keane, Suzanne 
Klaus, ^'era Litz, Mary Maroni, Xorma 
Regis, Patricia Smith, Joan Stack, Eliza- 
beth Sullivan, Barbara Summers, ]Marie 
Torres, Isqouhi Yeghoian. 


Barbara Bayon, Marguerite Brown, 
Helen Breault, Ann-^Iarie Burrell, Ann 
Cavanagh, Frances Con roy, Patricia Daig- 
nault, Louise Donovan, Jean Flaherty, 
Mary Lou Gulski, Jean Lee, Janet Ire- 
land, Sarah Marsh, Shirley Michelson, 
Roberta Mitchell, X'ancy Montgomery, 
Barbara Mullins, Joan Simpkins, ^larcia 
Viale, ^largaret White, Joan Wrightson. 


Barbara Bedell, Carol Belval, Dorothy 
Burgault, Xell Byrd, Ellen Conroy, 
Patricia Duffy, Annette Fortunato, Cyn- 
thia Foshay, Maria Genuario, Carol Ho- 
henberger, Jane ^Morrill, Ceil O'Donnell, 
Gail Riley, Algie Stern. 




Irene Bertelsen, Joanne Brandreth, 
Juliette Cichon, Mary Jean Crowley, 
Eunice Diamond, Kathrj-n Galbraith, 
Barbara Galletly, Astrid Hanson, Cherry 
Heath, Barbara Hill, ]Marie Jacob, Betty- 
Lou Johnson, Edith Jones, Jane Klein, 
Cecilia Machaiek, Jane ]\IcBrien, Gail 
Peterson, Jean Sanborn, Helmi Wiini- 


Carole Anderson, Janice Anderson, 
Barbara Ashe, Sally Cande, Marjorie 
Chase, Joan Clark, Barbara Dean, Alice 
Gteorgantes, Janet Harvey, Janet Haw- 
kins, Bettina Hollis, Frances Kelly, 
Elizabeth Kinnear, Jeanne Mangum, 
Marcella ^Nlethe, Jeanne Myrick, Mar- 
jorie Nelson, Barbara Neumann, F. Kay 
O'Keefe, Nancie Phillips, Beverly San- 
ford, Joan Schnetzer, Phyllis Sencabaugh, 
Pamela Tuttle, INIildred Vanderpol, An- 
nette White. 

195 It 

Joan Arthur, Mary Judith Baird, Helen 
Baldwin, Sylvia Becker, Margot Bushey, 
Gail Ferry, Patricia Gay, Hope Hartigan, 
Ann Hood, Beth Nava, Joyce Peck, 
Nancy Pond, Dorothy Skilling, Jean 
Tonks, Elizabeth Wood, Gladys Wood- 


Jo Ashe, Susan Bageant, Lois Blake- 
ney, Brenda Campbell, Mary Lou Couch, 
Barbara Crowley, Bernardine Kennedy, 
Margaret Kenny, INIary Kukkula, Shera 
Lawson, Claire ]MacDonald, Betsy Bobin- 
son. Sheila Ryan, [Maureen Urton. 



Ill tlie spring of 1951 the Thetas 
celebrated Mrs. Clark's fifth anni- 
versary as house mother by invit- 
ing their friends and neighbors to 
a tea in her honor. Pledge Formal 
at the beautiful Roger Smith 
Hotel in Holyoke was the other big 
event of the season. Thetas who 
returned early to school in Sep- 
tember found their new dining 
room nearly completed. The girls 
started off the year by organizing 
a double quartet, the Thetettes, to 
sing at rush parties and other 
social events and by holding an 
autumn dance in the new addition. 

Pi'esident : Astrid Hanson 

Mce-President : Barbara Hill 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Mary Jean Crowley 

Recording Secretary: 
Janet Hawkins 

Treasurer: Irene Bertelsen 


Back Row: Kyan, Neumann. Myrick. Mangum. Clark, Chase, Bageant. Jones. Pelersoii. Pond. Sanl'ord. <:ani|>l>eU, 

Harvey, Urton, Kinnear, Hawkins, Methe. 
Third Row: Robinson, Hollis, Blakeney, Tutlle, Vander Pol, Woodward, Anderson, Becker, Anderson, Schnetzer, 

Nava, Tonks, MacDonald, Phillips, Nelson. Georgantcs. Sencabaugh, Baldwin. 
Second Row: Arthur. Ferry, Gay, Kelley, Ashe, Kukkula, Brandreth, Couch, O'Kecfe, Dean. Kenny, Crowley, Lawson, 

Kennedy. Cande. White. SkiUings. Bushey. Wood. 
Front Row: Heath, Sanborn. Wiinikaincn, Machaiek, Bertelsen. Crowley, Hill, flanson. Ciehon. Jolinson. Galhraith. 

McBricn. Jacob. Galletly. Diamond. 




President: Muriel Fauteux 

Vice-President: Anne Westcott 

Recording Secretary : 
Faiih F airman 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Barbara Bounnan 

Treasurer: Joan Waltermire 


Kappa began the year with 
members on the Drill Team, the 
Band, and Cheerleader Sciuad. 
They also had representatives on 
Isogon, Scrolls, Judiciary, and Sen- 

A fall scavenger-hunt dance, 
an alumnae tea on Homecoming 
Weekend, the Pledge Forinal in 
January, and a spring house-dance 
comprised Kappa's social events. 

Kappas also gained recognition 
in Naiads, W.A.A., Winter Carni- 
val Committee, Index, Collegian, 
Chorale, Roister Doisters, and va- 
rious religious and departmental 

Back Row: Garrity, Allen, Casavecchia, Anderson. Bennett, Shank, Hefferan, Gates, Greene. Stroiiach, Henley. Moul- 

ton, Taubncr, Moriarty, Sheehan, Fiske, Smith, Anderson. 
Third Row: Motte, Tompkins, Lloyd, Stewart, Mitchell, Wilkinson, Morrill, Toner, Tete, Waltermire, Czaja, Chalk, 

Mathias, Sikora, Gustavsen, Fisher. 
Second Row: Judson, Lon^more, Dolan, Campbell, Hartley, Carlson, Ennis, Lester, Hobart, Kallgren, Quinn, Beaupre, 

Bclval, Pruyne, Parsons, Carey, Elliott. 
Front Row: Keaney, Green, Lancto, Marshman, Fairnian, Westeoll, Bowman, Faiilenx. Dinsmore,Cuiltinan, Tickelis, 

Vounfr, Stevens, Hazelton, Gannon. 



Barbara Howmaii. IJoLsy Campbell, 
Jane Dinsmore, Faitli Faimiaii, Muriel 
Fauteux, Mary Pat Guiltinan, Jean 
Ilazelton, Gerry Laiicto, Betsy Marsh- 
man, Ruth Ryerson, Barbara Stevens, 
Penelope Tiekelis, Anne Westcott, Joan 


Jean Anderson, Loretia Belval, Mar- 
garet Carlson, Elinor Casavecehia, Nina 
Chalk, Joan Czaja, Bette Fisher, Elinor 
Gannon, Ann Green, Marion Henley, 
Joan Hobart, Nancy Keaney, Mary 
Lester, Gretchen Mathias, Ann Morrill, 
Carolyn Moulton, Rosemary Quinn, Cath- 
erine Roulliard, Joan Sheehan, Victoria 
Sikora, Joan Stronach, Eilleen Toner, 
Helen Viera, Joan Waltermire. 


Nancy Jane Alien, Constance Camp- 
bell, Raeleen Carey, Barbara Jean Elliot, 
Terry Ennis, Carol\n Fisk, Barbara 
Gates, Norberta Grandchamp, Jane Hart- 
man, Dorothy Heflferan, Rosalie Jones, 
Nancy Lloyd, Jacqueline McCarthy, 
Mary Lou jNIoriarty, Nancy Motte, Yir- 
ginia Parsons, Betty Perrin, Barbara 
Proctor, Priscilla Ruder, Joy Smith, 
Virginia Stewart, Janice Taubner, Mar- 
garet Tete, Jane Wilkinson. 


\[ary Sue Anderson, Annette Beaupre, 
Bette Bennett, Mary Ann Dolan, Regina 
Garrity, Marilyn Green, Judith Gustav- 
son, Carol Ann Hartley, Ruth Nancy 
Judson, Janet Kalgren, Carol Longmore, 
Mary Beth Mitchell, Nancy Porter, Jean 
Prujme, June Shank, Lucy Tibblas, 
Marcia Tompkins. 




Jeanne August, Jane C'azavelan, Betty- 
jayne Farr, Jacqueline Messier, Patricia 
Messier, Evelyn Postman, Pauline Strong. 


Ruth Avery, Carolyn Billings, Joan 
Carlson, Jeannette Davis, Grace Dresser, 
Anna Grant, iNIuriel Haase, Adele Hig- 
gins, ]Marcia Rouillard, Arlene Rudman, 
Ruth Sullivan. 


Jane Blackwell, Natalie Crowell, Janet 
Evensen, Jane Katz, Edith Olson, Sheila 
Spooner, Martha Wilson. 


Helene Gaudette, Martha Haynes, 
Anne Parnin, Elizabeth Tourville. 


Phi Delta Nu si)ent its first 
complete year on eainpus in the 
South Wing of Buttertield. To 
establish sorority traditions, the 
senior han(|uet. monthly birthday 
parties, and distribution of Thanks- 
giving gift baskets to underprivi- 
leged families were successfully 
carried out, with the highlight 
being the Pledge Formal. 

The Phi Delts were well repre- 
sented in campus activities such as 
Senate. Collegicni, Chorale, and 
Drill Team, with many members 
active in professional and campus 
clubs and participating in all inter- 
Greek activities. 

Principles of friendship, democ- 
racy, and non-sectarianism were 
fully realized in this. Phi Delt's 
first active vear. 

President: Erch/n Posfni<iii 

Vice-President: ^iiiiia draiif 

Recording Secretary: 
Paidine Strong 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Patricia Messier 

Treasurer: Xatalie Crowell 


Back Row: Blackwell, Spoon. 
Middle Row: Rudman. Hayii 
Front Row: Cav.avclan. Carls 

gins, TourviUe. Olson, Dresser, Wilson 

n. Evensen, Gaudettc. Sullivan, Katz, Haasc 

ill. Slrons. Oram. I'ostmaii. Farr. Roiiillard 


President: Irene Finan 

Vice-President: Catherine Romano 

Recording Secretary: 
yancy Header 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Joan Conlin 

Treasurer: Mildred Seher 


Pi Phi came up to its usual 
standard of having members in 
many activities. Some of these 
included Drill Team, Cheerleaders, 
Chorale, Isogon, Scrolls, and AV. 

The Pi Phi social calendar was a 
busy one with the traditional coffee 
hours, the Fall Dance, and the 
Pledge Formal. 

The Massachusetts Betas finally 
achieved their goal of having the 
highest scholastic standing. Their 
efforts along this line were further 
rewarded by the winning of a 
national Pi Beta Phi scholarship 

all. Cole. Barnard, Welssingcr, An- 

Back Row: Coylc. Allen, Bates, I'atton. Mnrpliy, MacDonald, l>onoliuc, Waecliter, Manley. Bacliman, Kobii 
Jones, Perry, Bartlctt, Lodge. Elliott, Dewar, Lively. 

Third Row: Robinson, Martin, Sargent, Granger, Parmclee, Menzies, Cotto 
derson,. Miklas, Stiles, Stone, Pratt, Card, Harvey. 

Second Row: Whitten, Mulkern, Meader, Ordway, Egan, White, Jczyk, Ycutter, Burns, MansHcld, llrbancck, Hart- 
ford. Buck, \ndrews. Lecznar, Boeske. Findlay, Dugan. 

Front Row Stih%. Krukley. Coding, Liindberg, Cormack, Seher, Romano, Finan, Conlin, Woloshyn. Rcgo. Kovey, 
NiUoii Ilir.oMi/.. Roiinsevell. 




Barbara Hrooks, Joan Cleary, Joan 
Conlin, Joan Corinack, Irene Finan, 
Betsy Coding, Pauline Harcovitz, Carol 
Hinds, Mae-Louise Jezyk, Eileen Kovey, 
Anita Krukley, Joan Lundberg, Lois 
Nelson, Dolores Rego, Catherine Ro- 
mano, Ruth Rounsevell, Mildred Seher, 
Dorothy Stiles, Joy White, Helen Wolo- 
shvn, Evelvn Yeutter. 


Jane Allen, Sonya Anderson, Nancy 
Bachman, Janet Buck, Wendalyn Card, 
Barbara CliiTord, Anne Cotton, Dorothy 
Curran, Jocelyn Dugas, Maureen Egan, 
Mary Findlay, Helen Granger, Doris Hal- 
verson, AVilliamina Harvey, Alice Jagi- 
ello, Nancy INTeader, Patricia Menzies, 
Joan Miklas, Priscilla Ordway, Bethel 
Pratt, Marcia Small, Barbara L^^rbanek. 


Joyce Barnard, Janet Bates, Sara 
Boesk, Ruth Burns, Evelyn Cole, Sue 
Dewar, Susan Elliot, Frances Jones, 
Lorraine Lively, Mary Jane Lodge, Claire 
MacDonald, Patricia Mansfield, Mar- 
garet Mulkern, Betty Munch, Jean Miu- 
dock, Julia Parmelee, Janet Robinson, 
Phyllis Robinson, Ruth Stiles, Evelyn 
Stone, Ann Weissinger, Jean Whitten, 
Bettv Woodman. 


Nancy Andrews, Judith Bartlett, Mar- 
garet Cole, Elizabeth Coyle, Elizabeth 
Donahue, Ruth Haenisch, Janet Hartford, 
Dorothy Lecznar, Joan Manley, Sally 
Ann Martin, Carol Murphy, Mary Pat- 
ton, Joanne Perr\-, Sally Sargent, Nancy 




Arlene Arons, Judy Broder, Barbara 
Brown, Joyce Clements, Selma Garbowit, 
Enid Goldman, Judy Gordon, Rene Gor- 
don, Ruth Hurwitz, Marlene Lanes, Judy 
Lappin, Alice Leventhal, Charlotte Le- 
vine, Grace Levine, Estelle Lieberman, 
Gerry O'Connor, Ellen Orlen, Sandra 
Foley, Connie Shift', Elaine Smith, Laura 

Cs-l W 


Frances Blank, Goldie Cohen, Harriet 
Fox, Rosalyn Goldberg, Doris Goodfader, 
Marge Kaufman, Rhoda Kranick, Ardeth 
Miller, Natalie Newman, Adele Saltman, 
Judith Sanders, Bailey Schanberg, Carol 
Smith, Naomi Zellman. 


ATuriel Altsher, Faye Baer, Pearl 
Binder, Barbara Binsky, Barbara Butler, 
Jane Cohen, Ann Edesses, Ruth Finkle- 
stein, Francine Freedman, Jane Gilman, 
Anita Goretsky, Norma Gurvvitz, Rita 
Hayes, Judy Hellerman, Roberta Home, 
Rosalie Liner, Miriam Lyman, Ina Mela- 
med, ^Nlerna ^Xlorgenstein, Arlene Perlis, 
Hermia Seidman, Shirley Smith, Char- 
lene Spitz, Audrey Suvalle, Paula Tattle- 
baum, Marcia Werbner. 


Eleanor Barnett, ^Tarilyn Cogan, Don- 
na Cohen, Helen Fisher, Zelda Goldstein, 
Joyce Goldstone, Ina Hettinger, Arline 
Presler, Rhoda Rogosin, Muriel Schoen- 
berg, Edith Schwarz, Nessa Stahl, Mari- 
lyn Tuttle, ]\Ii]dre(l ^'e]leman, Elaine 
Wolper, Cynthia Zaft. 


From the fall thru winter and 
spring, Sig Delts were active par- 
ticipants in many campus organi- 
zations. S.D.T. boasted presidents 
of the Psychology and Economics 
Honors Society clubs, members of 
the Editorial Boards of the Quarter- 
ly. Index and Collegian, as well as 
I'epresentation on Drill Team, Rois- 
ter Doisters. Drum ^Majorettes 
and Student Life Committee. 

Open-house dances throughout 
the year highlighted many week- 
ends. The major social event was 
the second annual "Pledge Formal 
Dinner Dance"" at which time 
the traditional pledge scholarship 
bracelet was awarded. 

President : Esfelle Lichennan 

Vice-President : Set ma Garbowit 

Recording Secretary : 
Joyce Clements 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Marlene Lanes 

Treasurer: RutJt Ilunritz 


Back Row: Fisher. Roga^on, Vellemaii, Goldberg, Binder. Goldstein, Gilman. Sclioenberg, Werbner, Lcventhal, Miller, 

Sanders. Polc> , Kronick, Pressler. Hayes, Barnett, Cogan. Zaft. Tuttle, Wolper. Stahl, Freedman. 
Third Row: Goodfader. Schwartz, HeUerman, Cohen, Liner, Zellman, Newman, Lyman, Fox, Malamud, Binsky, S. 

Sn:iith, C. Smith, Gurwitz, Goldstone, Cohen. 
Second Row: Baer, Gorctsky. Brown, Tattlebaum, Blank, Kaufman, Saltman, Butler, Suvallc, Broder, Edesses, Fink- 

lestein. Spitz. Perlis. Horn. Altsher. Morganstein, Seidman. 
Front Row : Orlen. Stoskin, Goldman, ShifF, Levine, Lanes, Garbowit, Lieberman, Hurwitz, Clements, Gordon, Levine, 

<>•( iMiiior. K. Smith. Lappin. 



President: Joanne Marfin.ten 

Vice-President : Jean Trarers 

Recording Secretary : 
Sylvia Kingsbury 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Lorna Hogg 

Treasurer: Claire Magee 


The Sigma Kappas opened the 
1951-52 college year by helping to 
spur the football team on to vic- 
tory with their float, which took 
first place at the Rhode Island 
game i-ally. This was followed by a 
successful Hallowe'en dance at the 
house. This year again saw Sigmas 
active in the Scrolls, Isogon, Sen- 
ate, Chorale, Band, Drill Team, 
and W.A.A. 

The social calendar included a 
coffee hour for alums on Home- 
coming Weekend, a Pledge Formal 
in the spring, and the annual 
facultv tea. 

Hopkins, Canii, Morton. Gle 

1. Ti 

r, MacLeod. Adan 
, Kcnealj.Frcncli. 


Back Row: GafTncy. Cafferj . Adams, Mil 
Jacobson. Quirk, Daykiiis, Hastings. 

Tliird Row: Waterhouse. Hebert, Hickcy. Alger, Hawkes. Kennedy, Tucker. Peirce, Cruddc 
Hogg, Meserve. 

S, cond Row Moon. Mitcbell. Ryder. Weeks, Rogers, Strotlier, Dunn, Reardon, Myers, Kelleher, Dagata, Jewell, Rus- 
sell Krikorian. 

l-ronl Row Miranda. Hathaway. Dockerty, Case, Buck, Palmer. Hatton. Martinsen, Magee, Coughlin, Cole, Law, 
Km^-~l.iirN. Wliile. 




Jac'ciiieline Buck. Elinor Ciise, Cath- 
erine Cole, Ruth Coughlin, Jane Doekerty, 
Shirley Hathaway, Sylvia Kingsbury, 
Mary Law, Jacqueline Lynch, Joanne 
Martinsen, Viola Milandri, Charleeii 
Palmer, Jean Travers, Norma Wvlie. 


Miriam Carlstrom, Barbara Dagata, 
Priscilia Gaffney, Jeanne Hebcrt, Cath- 
erine Hickey, Lonia Hogg, Joyce Hop- 
kins, Joan Kennedy, Joan MacLeod, 
Claire Magee, Jacc|ueline Meserve, Joan 
]\Iorton, Lucia Peirce, Frances Rogers, 
Jean Rvder, Gweneth Willard. 


Shirley Adams, Carolyn Alger, Eliza- 
beth Caffrey, ^lary Crudden, Barbara 
Daykins, Lois Finnick, Lois French, Shir- 
ley Hastings, Nancy Jacobson, Norma 
Jewell, Dorothy Kelleher, Kathleen Ken- 
ealy, Diana Krikorian, Shirley Mitchell, 
Joan Reardon, ]\Iargaret Strother, Paul- 
ine Turner, Jean Waterhouse, Carolyn 


Claire Adams, ^Margaret Cann, Janice 
Chaskes, Elizabeth Dunn, Patti Giennon, 
Patricia Goldmann, Joanne Gravalese, 
Elizabeth Hall, Elizabeth Hawkes, Ursula 
Miranda, Janet Moon, Lorraine ]\Ionroe, 
Janet Myers, Roberta Quirk, Elizabeth 
Russell, Susan Tucker, Janet White. 




Arthur Alintuck, Joshua Alpern, Sel- 
wyn Broitnian, Jason Lebowitz, Law- 
rence Litwack, Robert Livingston, Arthur 
Mintz, Harvey Pord, Arnold Porges, 
Robert Sheiber, Myron Solberg. 


Norman Aaron, Sidney Bresnick, Har- 
vey Gaberman, Marvin Glaser, Robert 
Kingsbury, Stanley Kramer, Richard 
Levine, Everett IVIarder, Howard Men- 
delsohn, Milton Neusner, Marvin Reeber, 
Robert Romer, Robert Rubin, Sheldon 
Saltman, Sumner Shore, Alan Shuman, 
Herbert Sostek, Harvey Stetson, Frank 
Siigarman, Sumner Waitz, Walter Wek- 
stein, Eli Young. 


Herbert Bamel, David Bovarnick, 
Richard Davis, Paul Faberman, Saul 
Feingold, Leon Fink, Elliott Fishbein, 
Burton Friedman, Gerald Goldman, Ron- 
ald Gottesman, Herbert Kagan, William 
Karlyn, Arthur Konigsberg, Bennett 
Kramer, David Lamkin, Myron Lappin, 
Burton Liebman, Robert Pollack, Martin 
Promise!, Richard Silverman, Gilbert 
Slovin, Nathaniel Weiner, Richard Woolf. 


Charles Aronson, Burton Bloomberg, 
Lester Broverman, Gerald Cohen, Myron 
Cooper, Mitchell Finer, Charles Gilboard, 
Herbert Holzman, Edward Katz, Robert 
Kline, Charles I^asky, Abram London, 
]\Iyles Marcus, Gordon Mirkin, Jack 
Neusner, Arnold Robbins, Norbert Ru- 
binstein, Bruce Sachar, Stanley Sarfaty, 
Edward Waxman, Edward Weiner, Rich- 
ard ^^'olfl', Joel Zais, Martin Zelickman. 



Homecoming Weekend this year 
was a great success with the return 
of many ahnnni. During rushing 
twenty-five freshmen and three 
upperchissmen were pledged. 

The calendar for the social year 
included the first annual formal, 
the "Sno-ball," the Military 
Brawl and the SAEPi semiformal. 
In interfraternity competition. Pi 
made its usual good showing in 
athletics, the Sing, Skits, and 
snow sculpture. 

With its new chapter advisor, 
Joseph Marcus, Pi will uphold the 
high status that it has enjoyed in 
past years among the fraternities 
on campus. 

President: Arnold Porges 

\ ice-President : Hobeii Livingdon 

Secretary: Richard Lerine 

Treasurer: Sehrijn Brnifman 

Member-at-Large : 

Laivrence Litwack 


Back Row: Merkiii, Weintraub, Zais, Leib 

Pollack, Cohen, Lasky. 
Third Row: Konigsberg, Woolf, Lappin, Fishbeiii, Robbiiis, Cooji 

Second Row: B. Kramer, Fabern 

Kingsbury. Fink, Friedman, Ruben>^U■in. Feingold. London, Reeber, 
Sachar. Holzman, N. Wcincr, Sarlaty, Wolff, 
Proniisel, Lamkin, Davis, Bamel, Marder, .\aron. Young, Siovin, Silver- 

Front Row: Rubin, Wekstein, Sostek, S. Kramer, Broitmau, Alintuck, Forges, Livingston, Solbcrg, Mintz, Litwack, 

Shore. Neusner. Gaberman. 


President : Gordon Taylor 
^*ice-President: Robert Cro.sbij 
Secretary: Williaiu Jahn, Jr. 
Treasurer: Thomas Danko 


Participation in interfraternity 
competitive events, intercommun- 
ity relations, and general campus 
life made this year an exciting one 
for Alpha Gamma Rho members. 
Socially the annual Pink Rose 
Formal and Pledge Formal high- 
lighted a series of excellent Satur- 
day night parties. 

AGR points with pride a:t mem- 
bers who earned many awards on 
the university's livestock judging 
teams and as exhibitors at the 
Horticulture Show. Another proud 
accomplishment of xVGR was plac- 
ing first in interfraternity schol- 
arship competition. 

Back Row: Chase. Strii; 
Fourth Row: Wilson. .!< 
Third Row: Botacchi.P. 
Second Row: Dodsc, Vo 
Front Row: It. Stevens. 

:le. Corscr. McDaniel. Brown. Cornfoot. Tenny, MacLachlan. Paclieco. Knepper. 
tlinson. H. Stevens. Davis. Buiman. Blanchard. Hale. Murray. Houston. Cofipola 
:rley. Bacchieri. Sutcliffe. Richmond. Forkcy. Kallgrcn. Gove, 
iidell. Milne. Gay. Flint. Blackmer. Hatch. Nelson. Dana-Bashian. LaPlante. 
^verv. Dankn. Ooshy. Taylor. Tahn. Mien. Rogers. Maciolek. 




Ilalsey Allen, Kenneth Avery, Randall 
Ulackmer, Robert Crosby, John Dana- 
Bashian, Thomas Danko, Warren Davis, 
Benjamin Flint, Raymond Forkey, Don- 
ald Gay, Everett Hatch, Mitchell Jactiue, 
Jr., William Jahn, Jr., Roland LaPlante, 
Paul Maciolek, Charles Milne, Ernest 
Nelson, Owen Rogers, Donald Stevens, 
Gordon Taylor, Richard Vondell. 


Leo Bacchieri, Allen Botacchi, Philip 
Bulman, Joseph Cappola, Richard Corn- 
foot, Robert Corser, William Crowell, 
Arthur Dodge, Warren Gove, Corie 
Hale, Jr., Ernest Johnson, Richard Jones, 
Donald Kallgren, John Libby, Bruce 
MacLachlan, Thomas Perley, Leonard 
Pierce, Myles Richmond, Philip Sullixan, 
Warren Wilson. 


Arthur Batchelder, David Blanchard, 
Gordon Brown, Milford Davis, John 
Fellers, David Houston, Donald Knepper, 
David Meyer, John ^Murray, Anthony 
Pacheco, Herbert Stevens, Lynwood Sut- 


Paul Brousseau, Richard Chase, Doug- 
las Cornfoot, Charles Cozzens, Louis 
Emmonds, John Flynn, Frederick Hardy, 
Ralph Hatch, Thomas Judge, William 
Lawrence, Joseph ]McDaniel, Theodore 
Meyers, Charles Rioux, Edward Russell, 
Gilbert Sears, William Shenk, John 
Stahl, Charles Stengle, Richard Stone, 
Robert Tennev, Paul Woodburv. 




John Beiioit, Frank Bunker, Kenneth 
Casey, John Cleary, Frederick Cole, Don- 
ald Cozzens, Dana Davis, Robert De- 
vine, Richard Drake, John Early, Her- 
bert Emanuel, Calvin Farnsworth, Rich- 
ard Fraser, Hadley Gray, David Johns- 
ton, Rene Lucier, Eugene Misiaszek, 
James Patterson, Alan Roberts, Alfred 
Smith, Donald Smith, Robert Smith, 
Gustaf West, Jr., Robert DriscoU. 

Richard Bailey, William Bakey, Gor- 
don Benson, George Bicknell, Jr., Rich- 
ard Casey, Richard Conway, Hugh Corr, 
Jr., Francis Daigle, Everett Davis, Leon- 
ard Drew, Robert J. DriscoU, David 
Fdicillo, Raymond Graham, A^'illiam 
Hicks, Philip Huber, Thomas Lambert, 
Stephen Lapton, Jr., John MacDonald, 
Robert Maloney, Lucien Prokopowich, 
Noel Reebenacker, Elmer Seaman, Rich- 
ard Spencer, Anthony Szurek, George 
Vartanian, Henry Walter. 

John Anderson, Jr., Richard Beals, 
Peter Benet, James Buckley, Philip 
Burne, Martin Corcoran, Don Dalrymple, 
Louis Falconieri, Edmund Flaherty, Don- 
aid Francis, Fred Galloway, Frank Gran- 
done, Morgan Jennings, Jr., William 
Johnson, Stephen Karis, Ronald Kelley, 
Joseph Parks, John Patterson, John Peter- 
son, William Ripley, John Shannon, 
Richard Shores, Robert Steere, Jr. 


Neil Bennett, Robert Brown, Vera 
Bruneau, Fred Burne, AVilliam Connelly, 
Fred Crory, AVarren Fardig, Paul Fistori, 
Frank Gibbons, Al Gilmore, Dave Gorm- 
ley, Ned Hennigan, Bill Jennison, Henry 
Kerr, Steve Kowaleski, Richard Meth- 
ot. Chuck Miller, Ted Piers, Robert 
Pollack, Lee Quimby, Bob Shanahan, 
Jack Sheehan, Tom ^IVnan. 



This year Kappa Sigma again 
proved itself to be one of the lead- 
ers in campus activities, the six 
athletic captains being Kappa Sigs, 
with sixteen of its niembers on the 
varsity football team. Other activi- 
ties in which Kappa Sigs were 
acti\'e were Maroon Key, Men's 
Judiciary Board, Senate, I.F.C., 
Winter Carnival, and Chorale. 

Kappa Sig sparked the social 
season with highly successful for- 
mats in the fall Embassy Ball and 
the Annual Spring Formal. The 
traditional Memorial Day Clam- 
bake was again a welcomed event 
on the campus calendar. 

President: James Patterson 
^'ice-President : Gordon Benson 
Secretary: John Early 
Treasurer: Robert DriscoU 


, Malo 

;urek. Hicks, Shores. Jcnniiifc's, Galloway, Graliain, Flaherty. Burne, 
Lucier. Bakcy. Buckley. Bunker. MacDonald. Parks. Patterson, Bcnct, Conway. 
Gray, Coixens, R. Casey. Spencer, Waller, Faleonicri, F. Davis, Corr, FuciUo, 

Back Row: Smith. Daigle. Johns. 

Third Row: Bailey. Karras, Peter 

Second Row: Dalrymple. Anders 

Johnston. Francis. Kelley. 
Front Row: Misiaszck, Devine. Reeves. K. Casey. Fraser. Karly. Benson. Patterson. Cole. 1». Davis. Drake. Levis. CI 

Roberts. X^'est. 



President : David Flood 
Vice-President : Thomas Cauley 
Secretary: Charles Ritzi 
Treasurer: Al Morano 


Prominent in their contributions 
to campus life in the form of extra- 
curricular activities, Lambda Chis 
have been actively engaged in 
many widely diversified fields. 
These include football, baseball, 
soccer, basketball, Adelphia. Ma- 
roon Key, class officers, depart- 
mental and social clubs, plus rank- 
ing high in the scholastic field. 

Lambda Chi's social program 
included Homecoming Weekend, 
Orphans" party at Christmas, St. 
Patrick's Party, Founders Day 
Banquet, plus spring and fall for- 
mals which were all deemed highly 
successful by those in attendance. 

Renovation of the house has 
started with a complete pine-pan- 
eling job on the ''Cave.' 

Back Row: Spat, Daley. Moriarty, Morgan, Lyons, Brcsnaliaii. BlaUdell, Wliilmore. Jones. 
Third Row: Coughlin, Allen, LcMay, McLean, Clark. Ashe, Ritzi, Dean, Brophy, Martin. 
Second Row: Bruni, Dunphy. Hart, Equi. Flood. Akerson, Powers. Boyd, Wright. Bell. 
Front Bow: Delancy, Wilson. Kccgan. Tibert, Krocck, Manley, Poliks. Dickensoi 



Cliesley ("orkiiin, George Delaiiey, 
Jolin Foley, Frank Keegaii. Robert 
Krocck. William Mauley, Marshall Mc- 
Donough, Etlmuiul Poliks, Stephen Sor- 
row, Edward Tenczar, Richard Tibert. 
Richard Wilson. 


Robert Akerson, Norman Anderson, 
Francis Barous, John Bresnahan, Donald 
Bruni, Thomas Cauley, Robert Corkum, 
Frank Dickinson, Richard DriscoU, Da- 
vid Flood, Robert Grayson, Thomas 
Harlow, George Howland, Peter Kenney, 
Fred Kiley, Joseph Kobak, Matthew 
Lojko, Basil MacDonald, Donald Mac- 
Lean, Lawrence ^larshall, Cornelius Mc- 
Grath. Alfred Morano, Jerome Morgan, 
John O'Brien, Charles Ritzi, Donald 
Ware, William Whitmore. 


Pio Angelini, Thomas Ashe, Raymond 
Boyd, John Coughlin, Francis Daly, 
Paul DiYincenzo, Glenn Dunphy, Robert 
Ec|ui, Frank Jacques, Philip Jones, Ber- 
nard Kaminski, Raymond LeMa^', Rob- 
ert L'Esperance Harry Ludwig, Daniel 
Moriarty, Joseph O'Hare, Joe Powers, 
William Rex, William Spat. 


Ronald Allen, Richard Ambrose, 
Marshall Barnars, Robert Bell, George 
Blaisdell, Robert Clark, William Dean, 
Joseph Faucette, G. McCutchen French, 
Francis Hart, William Lyons, John Mar- 
tin, Arthur McEvoy, Thomas Morgan, 
Herman Roche, Richard Swain, Fred 




Carl Aylward, Roger Dean, Lawrence 
Jones, Ralph O'Brien, Henry Pallatroni, 
Victor Pietkiewicz, Earl Raymond, Da- 
vid Reid, Louis Rigali, Alan Speak, Rob- 
ert Webster, Harold Weston, Edward 
White, Ira Wickes. 


^'erne Adams, Richard Bellows, Vance 
Blake, Russell Briere, Douglas Call, Wil- 
liam Call, James Chapman, William 
Cody, John Dent, Donald Dewing, Vin- 
cent Galli, Robert Garnett, Stanley 
Goodnow, William Graham, Lawrence 
Haworth, Robert Hendrickson, Michael 
Ma'rcinkowski, Thomas Murphy, Edward 
Sexton, Norman Silcox, John Sniado, 
David -Tarr, Raymond Tenney, Bruce 
Thomas, Kendall Walsh. 


Kutty Bedrosian, Charles Burns, How- 
ard Burns, Richard Butler, Alan Clarke, 
Edward Conceison, Philip Costello, John 
Delahunt, Antony DeNardo, Frank Had- 
ley, Joseph Lucier, Henry Mos\chuk, 
Benjamin Xason, Richard Perkins, Jo- 
seph Phelan, Robert Rice, James Stama- 
topulis, Edward Sullivan, ]\Iilton Taft, 
Sven Tilly, Randall Tatro. 


George Chandler, Thomas Cocco, Cris 
Collins, William Conlin, John Farnhain, 
Arnold Feener, Thomas Fleming, Gene 
Gasse, Charles Gould, Ralph Grasso, 
Richard Green, Robert Haworth, Rich- 
ard Hennessey, George Higgins, Gerald 
Higgins, Richard Mallon, John Patton, 
Robert Pelosky, Richard Quigley, David 
Rice, Gerald Sherman, Peter Tripp, 
Philip Woodrow. 



A fraternity that participates 
in all school and interfraternity 
events, a fraternity with diversi- 
fied interests, a fraternity that 
always has a congenial atmosphere 
— of this Phi Sig may proudly 

In the spring of 1951, Phi Sig 
won first prize in the interfrater- 
nity sing; in the fall of 1951 Phi 
Sig won first prize in the float 

The social program at Phi Sig 
is alw^ays full. It includes the Au- 
tumn Nocturne Formal held in the 
Fall, the Moonlight Girl Formal 
held in the Spring, costume dances, 
and the faculty Whist party. 

Pi-esident: Andrew Mangiim 
Mce-President : Edwin JasinsJci 
Secretary: Philip Johnson 
Treasurer: David Reid 


Back Row: Graham. Chapman. Dewing, Bricrc, Henrickson, Iladley, Stamatopulis. Blake. 
Third Row: Walsh, Sexton. Tenncy, Call, Cody, Tilly, Call, Burns, Silcox, Lucier, Perkins. 
Second Row: Adams, Galli. Rice, Dent. Murphy, Costello, Nason, Phelan, Tarr, Taft, Haworth. 

Front Row: Raymond, Pallatroni, Dean, Wickes, Webster, Johnson, Mangum, Jasinski, Reid, O'Brien, Speak, Lam- 
bert, Pietkiewics!. 



President : Henry Boynton 

Vice-President: Vincent Keavy 

Recording Secretary : 

Richard Martinez 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Albert St. (iermain 

Treasurer: WiUiarn Spencer 


This year Q.T.V. participated 
in all phases of campus life as it 
has for the past eighty-two years 
as a fraternity on this campus. 
Several leaders in campus affairs 
are included within its member- 

The social activities of the year 
were highlighted by the traditional 
Homecoming Dance, the Annual 
Lawn Party, the White Rose For- 
mal, and the Halloween Party. 
Again this year, as in the past, 
Q.T.^^ entertained the orphans 
from Brightside at a very enjoy- 
able Christmas party. 

A large pledge class certifies 
Q.T.A'.'s importance on the cam- 

Back Row: 
Third Ro« 

Brcady, Tilcy, Buslicy, Spencer, Owen, Mcllcy, Allen, Scaral'oni. 
Parker, Dennis, Winston, Walke.r, Deans, Webber, McMullin, Ott, Whitcomb, Corporan, Hopkins, St.- 

Second Row: Dcsrochi 

George, Liberty. 
Front Row: McKnight, SkanI 

Mandeville, Beddow, Tct 

Ycsair, Pywell, Rosa, LeTourneau, Davis, 
, Nelligan, Creeden. Liioto, MacCalUi 

Kon, Bresnaban, Butler. Desjarlais, 
ynton, Spencer, Martinez, Pelletier, 



Henry Boyiiton, John Creeden, Jiilien 
Gaudreau, Richard Johnson, ^'incent 
Keavy, Hugo Luoto, Jr., Richard ^lac- 
("alluni, Ernest Mandeville, Loreto Mar- 
inelli. Richard "Martinez, Lawrence O"- 
Fhiliavan. Ethvard Parsons, Arthur Pel- 
letier, William Spencer, Kenneth Skantz. 


Richard Beddow, Jr., Victor Johnson, 
Robert McKnight, Andre Tetreault. 


Richard Carignan, Norman Corporan, 
Frank Davis, Robert Deans, Howard 
Dennis, Arthur Dudevoir, Donahl 
George, Jr., Stephen Hopkins, Carlton 
Ivoehler, Harold Liberty, Jr., Howard 
^laxcy, Robert Rosa, Albert St. Ger- 
main, ^Merrill Walker, Jr., Peter Webber, 
John Winston, Oliver Whitcomb, Jr. 


Xorman Allen, Donald Bready, DavitI 
Bresnahan, Donald Brown, Ronald 
Bushy, Ralph Charlwood, Donald Des- 
jariais, Euclid Desrochers, John Masaschi, 
Daniel Melley, Theodore Xixon, Thomas 
Ott, Stephen Owen, Edgar Parker, Rich- 
ard Scarafoni, Frederick Spencer, Ed- 
ward Savage, John Savage, David Tiley, 
Jefferson Tubman, John Butler, Orvis 
Kinney, Arthur Perlev. 





Cliff Audette, Xeal Bellas, John Ben- 
venuti, John Boelsma, William Chace, 
Edward Clapp, Gerald Chapdelaine, John 
Coporanis, Donato Dagnoli, Dom Dicen- 
zo, Russell Eldridge, John Gibbons, Wes- 
ton Kelly, Earl Mitchell, Clifton Mudge, 
Harry Pappas, George Pearse, George 
Simpson, James Sniffen, John Touher, ' 
Gerald Vanasse, Isadore Vivaldi, Win- 
throp AVade, William Warren, Allison 
Whorf, Herbert Wild, William Worden, 
Constantine Zografos. 

Robert Anasoulis, Richard Arcici, 
Thomas Bevivino, Richard Boutilier, 
David Curran, Robert Cross, Charles 
Demers, Joseph Daly, William Egan, 
Walter Farin, George Goding, John 
Granville, Herbert Headle, John Howard, 
AValter Jeoft'rian, Donald Lewis, Robert 
Nolan, William Stephens, Vitie Vilesis, 
Charles Olney, Gordon Price, Huntington 


Harrison Aldrich, Paul Ayers, Robert 
Collagan, Anthony Chambers, Edward 
Craig, David Chapla, John Dillon, Ger- 
ald Drewes, Samuel Ellsworth, Edward 
Filiault, Robert Gibbons, Walter Gifford, 
Louis Glinka, Joseph Guarnotta, John 
O'Donnell, Donald Pearse, Frank Perrin, 
Henr\- Le Blanc, William [Nlahoney, John 
Manning, Frank ^IcNiff, Paul Pudding- 
ton, Charles Redman, Robert Smith, 
William Shrader, Hal Sou tier, John 
Wofford, George Warren, Harold Wilson. 

Robert Andrea, Frank Apicella, James 
Cooper, Fred Curtis, Charles Dean, 
Richard DeRosas, John Donnelly, Steven 
Dwyer, George Jones, Walter Kangas, 
Jiurt Lancaster, Richard Larson, Rich- 
ard Mahoney, Francis INIcDermott, Ben 
^Merrill, William Pappas, Allen Pare, 
Richard Pescosolido, Rollin Petrin, Rich- 
;ir<l Smithwa, Donald Swanson, Robert 
^raslijian, Hicliaid 'Porchia. 


SAE, the signet letters of Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon fraternity, have 
left a favorable impression on a 
good variety of campus activities. 
As champions of the fraternity 
league in intramural football, the 
men of the Purple and Gold broke 
a five-year jinx and defeated the 
dormitory champions. SAE pins 
were prominent on the members 
of honorary societies, school pub- 
lications, varsity sports, and stu- 
dent government organizations. 

In keeping with the continuous 
program of a good balance between 
studies and socials, informal and 
formal affairs provided a pleasant 
break for the brothers. 

President: Earl Mitchell 

Vice-President : Herbert Wilde 

Secretary: William Wade 

Treasiu'er: Ctcorfjc Simpfion 

Corresponding Secretary : 

Constantine Zografos 


Back Row: Lewis, Wilson, Puddington, Bevivino, Torcliia, Lar 

Daly. Anasoulis, Headle, EUsworJ^h, Ta^hjian, O^Donnell. 
Fourth Row: Smith, Kearn, Sniffeii, Souticr, Derosa, Swansoii 

Petrin. H. Pappas, Olney. 
Third Row: Benvenuti, Craig, Price, Manniiis, W. Mahoney, Shrader, Willia 

Velisis, Drewes, Egan, Guarnotta. 
Second Row: Vivaldi, Chase, Boelsma, Gibbons. Mudgc, Simpson. Wild, Mitchell, Wade, Zografos, Chapdela 

Bellas, Kelley, Eldridge, Warren. Clapp. 
Front Row: Sniitliwa, Curtis. Merrio, Jones, Pescolido, Andrea, Apicella. W. Pappas, Cooper. 

m, Kangas, Boutilier, Milne, Granville, Dwyer, Arcici, 

Howard, Coporanis, Whorf, Filiaiilt, Ayers, CoUagan, 

Geoffrian. Worden. Touher, Dean, 



President : Robert Spiller 

Vice-President : Xeil Fitch 

Recording Secretary: John Baker 

Corresponding Secretary : 
Lawrence Shaiv 

Comptroller: Harry Shorey 


Sig Ep's third year on campus 
since reactivation proved success- 
ful in every phase of college life. 
Full support was given to all 
campus activities, notably student 
government, the radio station, and 
numerous special interest clubs. 

Socially, the year will be long 
remembered with the annual Fi- 
esta Party, the Bali Hai Party, 
and the Sweetheart Ball. Scholas- 
tically, Sig Ep has remained with 
the leaders. 

Sig Ep also had the distinction 
of winning the interfraternity 
competition for the second year 
iii a row. 

Back Row: Shradcr, Braselles. Audettc, Montisny. Sliorey, R. Hergenrothcr, Devaney, Briggs, Wiley. Handy, Colby, 

Bennett, Parks, Tooker, Copeland, Anderson. White, Arsenault, Hayn, DuVernois. 
Third Row: Arsenault. Keith, Barney, Hayes, Heintz. McKcnzie, McCarthy. Wheeler, Gates, K. Hergenrothcr, Priest, 

DeDcurwaerder. Hamilton, Conley. Segal. MacGillvray. 
Second Row: McLaughlin. Buczala. Pina, Watson, Griffin, McGowan, MeMahon, Fogelgren. Jones. Marshall. Cotton, 

Bell, Fleming, Lincoln, Tomlinson, Barnes, Carroll. 
Front Row: Lcntz, Servais, Donovan, Sievers, Pehrson, Gately, Baker. Fitch, Spiller, Shaw. Twardus. Higgins. Nickless, 

B>an. /ing. 




Joliu IJaker, Thomas Gately, Xeil 
Fitch, Laurence Higgins. George Xick- 
less, AUui Pehrson, Albert Pieropan, 
Eugene Ryan, Lawrence Shaw, Herbert 
Sievers, Robert Spiller, Edward 'I'wardu.s, 
Rali>h Willard, Robert Zing. 


Donakl Audette, Sanniel Batl'o, James 
Barnes, Ralph Briggs, Charles DeDeur- 
waerder, Francis Donovan, Richard Ham- 
ilton, Wallace Handy, Morris Hayn, 
Rudolph Hergenrother, Edward Nicholas, 
Norman Montigny, Thomas Parks, Ed- 
vardo Pina, Robert Priest, Robert Ser- 
vais, Harry Shorey, William Shrader, 
Albert Tomlinson. 


Donald Anderson, Robert Arsenault, 
George Brasells, Donald Bell, Edmund 
Bennett, Richard Bonney, George Buc- 
zala, William Carrol, Arthur Colby, 
Edward Conley, Avery Copeland, James 
Devaney, Francis DuVernois, Arthur 
Fogelgren, Charles Gaetz, John Griffin, 
Randall Hayden, John Heintz, Karl 
Hergenrother, Gareth Keith, Howard 
Lenz, Hugh MacKenzie, Robert ]\Iac- 
Lauchlin, Louis Marshall, Phillip INIc- 
Carthy, William McGowan, Robert Mc- 
Mahon, David Segal, Duane Wheeler, 
Edwin White, John Watson. 


Hugh Ahern, Charles Bolles, Alan 
Cotton, Neil Fleming, Richard Jones, 
Robert MacGillvray, Kenneth Wilde, 
Ned Wiley, Robert White. 








p"l'! IliLlKllll 

Wi^ , nil 1 

I i 

EM" p n?' 



J i 


m^a-i laaeflKiaW. 

-'-: = 5 





^ \ 0g> 



Milton Crane, Stanley Glick, Sumner 
Gochberg, Paul Goldberg, Mark Green- 
berg, Phillip Kaplan, Aaron Kornetsky, 
Macey Miller, Lawrence Ruttman, Jack 
Slatoff, Robert Tanofsky. 


Joseph Broude, Robert Factoroff, Mor- 
ton Geller, Melvin Glusgol, Robert Hy- 
man, David Marshall, Lawrence Miller, 
Daniel Rosenfield, Robert Segal, Martin 
Sidman, Robert Skolnick, David Sokol, 
Mark Titlebaum, Allen Wakstein, Ber- 
nard Weinstein, Clinton Wells. 

Leonard Antiles, Gerald Appel, Marvin 
Bass, Herbert Belkin, Laurence Berlin, 
Allan Bresnick, Richard Canter, Joseph 
Cohen, Charles Feldberg, Bruce Fox, 
Morton Goldberg, S. Peter Gorshel, 
Norman Kaufman, Herman Resnick, 
Robert Rodman, Marvin Rosen, Hayden 
Tibbets, Gerald Tober, Martin Wolf, 
Lionel AVolpert. 


Irwin Alberts, Leonard Barber, Daniel 
Bobrick, Barry Bunshoft, Edward Cohen, 
Robert Cohen, Stanley Cramer, David 
Ganz, Bernard Gold, Myron Goldberg, 
Jack Golden, Stanley Handman, Martin 
Isenberg, Irwin Less, Jordan Liner, Ira 
Nottonson, James Potter, Arnold Prom- 
isel, Richard Rosen, Richard Rutfield, 
Lawrence Sax, Edward Schwartz, Walter 
Schwimmer, Herbert Stone, Jordan Wein- 


Scholarship, uiuisual social 
events, and notable personal 
achievements are all to be found 
in Tau Epsilon Phi. ^Vinning 
the Scholarship Cup for eight con- 
secutive semesters gave Tep its 
claim to scholastic achievement. 
Its traditional Heaven and Hell 
Dances and the Country Club 
Dance contributed to the social 
scene. This year Tep men held 
many important positions in cam- 
pus activities including the Col- 
legian, the Quarterly, the Hand- 
book. Roister Doisters, the Senate, 
I.F.C., and Departmental clubs. 

1951's Man of the Year was 
again a Tep man for the second 
time in four vears. 

President : Jack- Slafoff 
Mce-President : Milton Crane 
Secretary: Mark Greenhcrg 
Treasurer: Maccy Miller 


Back Row: Berlin. Appcl. Rosen, l^olieii, Sokol. Bclkin, Sax, Kramer, GolJbcrf:. Bobriek. Skolnick. I'olter, Roscnfield, 

Schindler, Gorshel. 
Third Row: Gold, Less, Butfield, Stone, Fox, Fcldbcrs, Cohen. Smith, Brcsnick, Rodman, Alberts. Winnerman, Sid- 


Nottonson, Cohen, Segal. Tober, Schv 

r, Ke 

artz. Promise!, 

Sceond Row: Weinberg. Liner, kaul'r 

Bunshoft. Tibbets, Ganz. 
Front Row: Glussol. Wolpert, Bass. Click, Marshall, Tanofsky, Grcenberg, Slatoff. Kaplan, Rutlman. Geller, Wak- 

stein. Miller, Factoroff. Weinstein. 


[ 195 

President : C. Whitney Crawford 
Vice-President: Robert Smith 
Secretary: Alan Manchester 
Treasurer: Bruce Cooley 


Versatility in campus activities, 
high standing in IFC competition, 
snow sculptures, ^lother's Club, 
Mass Grass, Sadie Hawkins, Bow- 
ery Ball, Carnation Ball, Sunday 
picnics, Mrs. Pease's cooking — 
these are what Theta Chi brings 
to mind. 

Theta Chi men look forward to 
Sadie Hawkins with anticipation, 
for it brings to them one of the 
most colorful of fraternity dances 
held on campus, surpassed, per- 
haps, only by the Bowery Ball. 

Theta Chis honor their parents 
at their own semi-annual Parents 
Weekend with a tea. Mother's 
Club meeting, and a banquet. 

Back Row: Bartlett, Watts, Orff, Quinlin, Seiferth. ■Wiiitcrlialtcr. Darling, O'Brien, Swenson, Heckmu 

bins, Butler, Cronin, Flynn, HaU, Lajoie, Rabaioli. 
Fourth Row: Brazil, Martin, Jack, Smith, Gunter, Saunders, Rattman, Cave, Leavitt, Reagan, Boisse 

Porter, Finan, Jcrahian, McBane, Warren. 
Third Row: Bartlett, Picard, Junkins, Berretta, BeU, Garner, Cairns. Vldcn, Friend, Baglione, Simon 

Baker, Kyrouz, Law, Russell, Motolo. 
Second Row: Cryan, Williams, Briggs, Sottile, Rapalus, Cooley, Smith, Crawford, Manchester, Gagnon, 

Massidda, Fox. Hixon, Willey, Bristol. 
Front Row: Carney, Rogers, Shurtleff, Good, Ritter, Korean, Ross, Carey, Wells, Pearson. 




C'oiinul Hriggs, Hruce Cooley, ]\lai'tiii 
Cryan, AVhitney ("rawfonl, William Fos- 
ter, John Fox, Holand Gagnon, Allen 
Hixoii, William Massidda, Orson Miller, 
Alan Manchester, Jack Rapalus, John 
Reed, Fred Seiferth, Robert Smith, 
Frank Sot tile, Fred Williams, David 


Raymond Alden, Da\-id Baker, Fred 
Bartlett, James Bristol, David Cave, 
James Darling, Fdward Friend, Allen 
Garner, Robert Gunter, Walter Gajewski, 
Donald Junkins, John Lajoie, Alan Leav- 
itt, Douglas Martin, William ]McBane, 
Paul Motolo, David O'Brien, Alfred 
Rabaioli, John Ritter, Paul Robbins, 
Herbert Saunders, Blanchard Warren, 
Robert Wells, Alan Winterhalter. 


Edward Avery, Dana Bartlett, Donald 
Bell, Robert Berretta, Clement Burlin- 
game, Richard Carey, David Carnej% 
John Casey, John Davis, John Flynn, 
Richard Finan, Alan Good, James Jack, 
Richard Norman, Kenneth Orff, Irving 
Pearson, Eugene Picard, Roland Quinlan, 
Joseph Rogers, Donald Ross, Robert 
Russell, Peter Smith, Giflord Stutzman, 
Edward Swenson, Charles Tilton, Robert 


Joseph Bagiione, Richard Boisseau, 
John Brazil, James Butler, Richard 
Cairnes, Paul Cronin, James Daly, Ralph 
Hall, Edward Hanson, Melvin Heckman, 
Gabe Jei-ahian, Alfons Korzan, Richard 
Kyrouz, Fred Law, John Porter, William 
Rattman, Robert Reagen, Richard 
Shurtleff, Herbert Simmons. 




Glenn Barber, Edward Beckwith, John 
Carty, Sherwood Carver, Raymond 
Chappell, Donald Chucka, Carl Cousin- 
eau, Lawrence Hobson, David Hultgren, 
Donald Kuhn, Colin Moodie, Kenneth 
]Moser, Joseph Powers, Frederick Self- 
ridge, Charles Shields, John Stuart, John 
Swana, Norman Thibault. 


Michael Byer, Leonard Campbell, 
Richard Costello, Robert Hulsman, David 
Jordan, Frank Johnson, Robert McNulty, 
John Miller, Edward O'Da^', John Penn, 
David Tatham, Clinton Watson. 


Daniel Dunwoodie, Robert Gallagher, 
Alfred Ilaslam, Joseph Larson, Ralph 
Lawton, Robert Levesque, Jack Ma- 
hone>-, David Mooney, James Mcintosh, 
Donald Phillips, Louis Roncarati, George 
Siddall, James Stewart, Barry Stinson, 
Alan Turner, Ronald Woodger. 



The opportunity to occupy its 
first fraternity liouse started Zeta 
Zeta Zeta out on its second year 
with an enthusiasm which pre- 
vailed throughout the year as Tri- 
Zeta progressed to major frater- 
nity importance. By tripHng its 
membership, Zeta Zeta Zeta gained 
the strength necessary to compete 
successfully in interfraternity and 
campus functions and to promote 
an increasingly more interesting 
and varied social life. The year 
saw the establishment of many 
precedents and customs which will 
underlie the future growth of ZZZ. 

Tri-Zeta is now regarding affilia- 
tion with a national organization. 

President: ShcDcood Carver 
Vice-President: Kenneth Moser 
Secretary: Darid Tafliam 
Treasurer: Donald CInieka 


Back Row: Levesquc. Kuliii. Ilultgrcii. Siddall, O'Day, Moone> . Moodie. S» 

Second Row: Lawtoii. Jolinson, Stinson, Hulsman, Turner, Watson, Malioncy 

Front Row: Cousineau. Penn, McNulty, Uobson, Barber. Mosher, Carver. Talh; 

Campbell. Selfridge. 

■ na. Koncarati. I'liillips. (iailaglier 
Larson. Tliibanit, Woodeer, Miller 
■n. <;iiucka. Stuart, Powers, Sluelds 



And dorm life: exuberant as ever 

The grand influx of the state's 
scholars was reasonably well chan- 
neled into existing housing units: 
dorm life thrived. 

Baker, the behemoth on the hill, 
was to have had its grand opening 
in ^Nlarch — but the building 
schedule got a bit behind. The 
dorm wovdd not be opened till 
September. All the conveniences 
are promised, however, including 
a branch of the V-store serving 
snacks to hilltop residents. 

Chadbourne housed male fresh- 
men; its twin, Greenough, fresh- 
men and some sophomores. Butter- 
field, for the first time in years, 
sheltered sophomore and junior 
misses, as well as a few seniors — 
plus Phi Delta Nu and La Maison 
Francaise. Hamlin and Knowlton 

^^jas^^ \ 

Thanksgiving sing at Biitlerfield 

went fema'le, too. The Abbey, 
Lewis and Thatcher were women's 
domain also, the latter two ac- 
commodating freshmen only. 
Brooks was a male freshman 

from Butterfield . 



haven, ^Nlills the final campus 
repository for senior men. 

County Circle gave lodging to 
male collegians as well as married 

Mountain climbing, as usual. 

was indulged by the residents of 
the hill dorms, the men expressing 
hopes that one day the hill would 
give a semester's jihys ed credit, 
the women using their well-exer- 
c-ised limbs for Gaite Parisienne 
exhibitions in Butterfield lounge. 

Lewis, Thatcher, the Abbey, 
and neighbors Hamlin and Knowl- 
ton, though blessed by their prox- 
imity to Draper, were still looking 
forward to eating in the new caf- 
eteria, to be built within a few 
hundred yards of all these houses. 

Brooks indulged a dubious form 
of the old English sport of bowling. 
Mills (where maturity reigned) 
intellectualized over pool and ping- 
pong. And County Circle-ites 
paused long enough during study 
hours to inciuire : when shall we get 
sidewalks ? 

to County Circle , 



To THE Graduates of \95'i: 

This yearbook is published by your class as a memorial to 
YOUR years in college. It covers splendidly many of the high- 

of you will wish to review and relive in the years ahead. 

The very fact that you. are publishing this yearbook 
bears witness to your recognition of these college y'ears as 



future is crowded with uncertainty and it is easy' to fall into 
an attitude of profound pessimism when great populations 
cannot or will not view life and its problems as we see them. 
This is not new. Our way' of life alway's faces disruption. 
The future is always uncertain. The "greatest threat to 
society" is always the current unsolved problem. What we 


The obvious fact that over the years that movement has 
definitely been forward to magnificent accomplishjient en- 
genders a reassuring faith that the people of the world will 
somehow resolve even the present crises soilewhere short of 

Your generation is better prepared, I believe, than any 


ahead. There is a great need for your services. Somewhere 




Back Uow: Litwack. Taylor. Pehr 

Front Row. Delaiiey. Kroeck, Crane, Smith 

Also members of Adelpliia: Ray Cunn, Walter Foster 

Adelphi.\, Senior Men's Honorary Society, this year car- 
ried ON its tradition of promoting cohesion and morale among 



AT Senior Convocation with election to the society. Candi- 

While x\delphia's chief interest and purpose lies in stimu- 

BY MEMBERS OF THE Ccivipus Varieties troupe. 


to provide recreational facilities by development of the 
Mount Toby area. 


[ 206 ] 

The largest groitp of seniors in the past four years was 


THE Junior-Senior Processional in May', 1951. Ten active stu- 

effective new activities to their agenda. 

Besides ushering at convocations, assisting with the pro- 
duction OF Campus J^arieties\ planning football rallies and the 
Float Parade, Isogon successfully managed a number of in- 
formal dances at the Drill Hall, set the foundation for a 
bulletin to publicize the university', and aided in the forma- 
TION OF A Campus Cabinet, organized for the purpose of bol- 

a group of the most active women at the university, 
Isogon members were represented in all phases of campus life. 


Doisters, W.A.A., THE Handbook, the Index, the Collegian, Quarter- 
ly, THE Student Senate, Drill Team, House Council, Phi Kappa 
Phi, and various campus social committees. 

Completion of Candid U M saw an Isogon dream realized. 
With Adelphia, the Isogonians have been pushing this project 


Back Row: Heath. Fatiteiix, Jacob, Finan. Fair 
Front Row: HazeUon. Romano. Flah.rty. Mar^ 



Back Ro 
Front Ri 

The national society of Phi Kappa Phi is established to en- 


Harlow Shapley giving the Phi Kappa Phi Address. Phi Kappa 
Phi initiat?es included: Halsey Leonard Allen III, John Wil- 
liam Bennett, Nancy Ann Burrows, Eunice Joan Diamond, Clif- 
ford William Falby, Muriel Doris Fauteux, Melwyn Ben- 
jamin Fine, Sumner Harold Gochberg, Mae-Louise Jezyk, 
Richard Lincoln Lettis. Cecilia Genevieve Machaiek, Edward 
Lewis Parsons, Jean Sanborn, and George Robert Stephens. 

Elected in the spring were: John Warner Davenport, 
William V. Deminoff, Edna Clarice Dick, Robert Bernard 
Eckberg, Jean Emery Person, Richard William Hathaway, Es- 
TELLE Lieberman. Alan Robert Pehrson, James Danford Pom- 
EROY, Thomas Grant Walkinshaw, and Evelyn x\nn Yeutter 



Senior Class 

Raymond Holmes, President 

Helen Walo~li}ii. Secreta 

Halsey Allen. Treasnrer 


Ray Gunn, Vice-President 


PRISCILLA AINSWORTH. "Pris." English. ->() North St., Grafton. 
Born Ml liH7 at Worcester. Transfer from Simmons College School of 
i.ilirarv Science. Aclivities: Student Christian Association; Interna- 
ticiial Relations Clul). 

HOWARD PERLFA' ALDRICH. "Howie." Electrical Engineering. 
Ki West St., Winchendon. Born in 1928 at Winchendon. Entered from 
M\ir(lrKk Hifih Scliool. Actirities: Dean's 1, 2; Outing Club 3, 4; 
-V.l.K.K. :), t; Electrical Engineering i. 

ARTHUR HAROLD ALINTUCK. "Tuck." Sociology. 30 Ellis Rd.. 
West Newton. Born in 1930 at Winthrop. Entered from New York 
Military Academy. Activities: I.F.C. Judiciary 3, 4 (Chief Justice 3, 
.\dvisor 4); Campus Chest 3, 4; Senate 4 (Finance Committee); 
Hazing Committee '2; Collegian 2; Index 3, 4 (Advertising Manager 
4); Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 3, 4 (Advisor 4); Ring 
Committee 3; Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 2; Spring Day 
Committee 2: Sociology Club 4; Freshman Football 1; Varsity Foot- 
ball 2; Freshman Track 1; Varsity Track 2, 3, 4 (Captain 3); Varsity 
M Club 2, 3 4; Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

HALSEY LEONARD ALLEN HI. "Hal." -Physics. 87 Summer St., 
Fitchburg. Born in 1930 at Rhinebeck, N. Y. Entered from Fitchburg 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi 
Kappa Phi 4; L F. C. Judiciary 4 (Chief Justice); Chemistry Club 3, 
4 (Program Co-Chairman 4); Student Christian Association 4; Var- 
sity M Club 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Class Officer 4 (Treas- 
urer); Alpha Gannna Rho 2, 3, 4 (Usher 4). 

ROBERT WALDO ALLEN. "Bob." Electrical Engineering. 8 West St., 
Greenfield. Born in 1931 at Greenfield. Entered from Greenfield High 
School. Activities: Newman Club 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4). 

FREDERICK OLIVER AMES. "Brud." Entomology. 10 Jewett St., 
Northampton. Born in 1927 at Northampton. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 3; Fernald Entomology Club 3, 4. 

ARLENE RUTH ARONS. Mathematics. 91 Winthrop Parkway 
Revere. Born in 1930 at Boston. Entered from Winthrop High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3, 4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Mathematics 
Clul) 4; International Relations Club 2; Sigma Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Historian 3, 4). 

DONALD ROBER'l' ASKEW. "Don." Mechanical Engineering. 
o2 Cohnnbus .\ve., Northampton. Born in 1930 at Northampton. 
Entered from Northampton High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; 
Mechanical Engineering Club 3, 4; American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers 3, 4; Society of Automotive Engineers 4. 

GEORGE ATKINS. Chemistry. 51 Jones Ave., Dorchester. Born in 
1920 at Boston. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Chemistry Club 1,2, 3, 4; 
Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Germanic Society 1; Fencing Club 1, 2. 

CLIFFORD JOSEPH AUDETTE. "Cliff." Pre-Dental. 9 Rawson St., 
Leicester. Born in 1929 at W'orcester. Entered from St. John's High. 
Activities: Senate 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Legislature Day Commit- 
tee 3, \ctivities Committee 2; Buililir;^; and (irounds Coinmittco 3 
(Chairman); Dormitory President 2 (Berkshire); Newman Club 3, 4; 
Military Ball Committee 4 (Honorary Colonel Committee Chairman); 
Chcnustry Club 2, 3; Pre-Med Club 2, 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 


JEANNE SELMA Al'GlST. Psychology. U Conz St., NortlKiinplon 
Boru ill 1931 at Nortliainpton. Entered from Northampton Iligli 
Scliool. Aclii-ilicx: Dean".< List 3, i; Panhellenit- 4; Operetta GniUI 3, I: 
Hillel 1, ■-', 3, 4; Carnival Committee 4; Psvohoiogy Chib 3, 4; Plii 
Delta Nil 3, 4. 

KENNETH WALTER AVERY. "Ken." Poultry Husbandry. North 
River Rd., Colrain. Born in 1930 at Colrain. Entered from Arms Acad- 
emv. Activities: Dean's List 3: Animal Husbandry Club '2; Poultrv 
Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Rho 1. ■>, 3, 4. 

CARL FREDERICK AYLWARD. "Spoon." Chemistry. 39 Winthrt.]) 
Ave., Beverly. Born in 19'2S at Salem. Entered from Beverly Higii 
School. Actirities: Chemistry Club 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, '2, 3, 4. 

EDGAR LINIS HACON. "Ed." Entomology. 17 Rock Ave., Auburn. 
Born in 19311 at I.cinster. Entered from Auburn High School. Activ- 
ities: Dean's List 3; Student Christian Association 1, '2; S.C.A. Cab- 
inet ■2: Fernald Entomology Club 3, 4. 

CHARLES BYRON B.\ILEY. "Buz." Engineering. 7 Armory St., 
Springfield. Born in 19'29 at Agawam. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Actii'ilies: Dean's List 1, '2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; American Society of 
Ci\dl Engineers -2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, President 4): Joint Engineering 
Council 4; New England Conference A.S.C.E. 4 (Vice-Chairman). 

RICHARD BURGESS BAILEY. "Dick." Engineering. 1453 Great 
Plain Ave., Needham. Born in 1930 at Needham. Entered from Need- 
ham High School. Actirilies: Interfraternity Council Judiciary 4; 
Band 1, 2: Carnival Ball Committee 3; Mathematics Club 4; Kappa 
Sigma 1, '2, 3, 4. 

CHARLES WILLIAM B.\KER, JR. "Charlie." Mechanical Engi- 
neering. 16 Belmont Ave., Northampton. Born in 1923 at North- 
ampton. Transfer from Farragut College. Actimties: American So- 
ciety of Mechanical Engineers 3, 4; Sigma .\lpha Epsilon 4. 

JOHN HCVNARD BAKER. "Johnny." Agronomy. Acorn St., Marsh- 
field. Born in 1930 at Shreveport, La. Entered from Calvin Coolidge 
School. Activities: Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 

STEPHEN A. BARA. "Steve." Mechanical Engineering. 11 Bardwcll 
St., South Hadley Falls. Born in 19'2'2 at Holyoke. Transfer from Hol- 
yoke Junior College. Activities: Dean's List 1; American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4 

NORMAN EDWIN BARBEAU. "Norm." Industrial Engineering. 
20 Franklin Court, Gardner. Born in 1928 at W'are. Transfer from 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Activities: Dean's List 1, '2, 3; Sin- 
fonietta 1, 2, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; American Society of Mechan- 
ical Engineers 3, 4; Debating 1, 2; Phi Kappa 1, 2. 

211 ] 

AUTHTR \'\y\, HARHKTT. General Business. 7 Albany St., Quiney. 
Born ill l!l:i() al Salem. Entered from Newman Preparatory Scliool. 
.ic/(>(V("<w.- Hasketliall 1,'.!. 3, 4. 

PAYSON EDWARD BARTLETT, JR. "Bart." Business. 12 Albion 
St., Amesbnrv. Born in 1927 at Amesbury. Transfer from Fort Devens. 

EDWIN MARK BARTOS. "Ed." Chemistry. 409 North Main St., 
South i)ccrti<-ld. Born in 193(» at South Deerfield. Entered from 
Deerticld lligli School. AHiritif>:: Newman Club 4; Military Ball 
Connnitlce 4; Ch<Mni,slry Club 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 3. 

DOROTHY REALS. "Dottie." Recreational Leadership. 26 Marked 
Tree Rd., Needham. Born in 1930 at Needham. Entered from Need- 
ham High School. Arlirifiea: Nature Guide Association 3, 4; W.A.A. 
Nominating Committee 2; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 2, 3, Executive Board 4); Drill Team 2, 
3, 4 (Squad Leader 4); Freshman Picnic Committee 1; Mother's 
Day Committee 1 ; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Activity Chairman 3). ^ 

PHYLLIS ANNK BEAN. "Phyl." Home Economics. Warner, N. H. 
Born in 1931 at Concord, N. H. Entered from Simonds Free High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Handbook Board 1, 2; Operetta Guild 
2, 4: Education Club 3. 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Executive Board 3); 
Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CORNELIUS GEORGE BELL.\S. "Neal." Electrical Engineering, 
"do Dickinson St., Springtielcl. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered 
froni Spriiiglielcl Technical High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; 
Student Cliristian .Vssociation 4: Orthodox Club 4 (President); Mil- 
itary Ball Coniniittee 4; Class Picnic Committee 1: Hellenic Club 2, 
;i (Social Cliairnian 3); W.M.l'.A. 2; A.I.E.E. 3; LF.C. .Indiciary 4; 
Varsity Soccer I, 2, 3 (Manager 3); Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2, 3, 4 
(Chaplain 3, Social Connnittee 3). 

.JOHN WILLIAM BENNETT. "Bill." History. 7 Orchard St., Hol- 
yoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Holyoke High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi Kappa Phi 4; Honors Work 4; 
Chowder and Marching Society 2, 3 (Treasurer 3): University 
Chorus 4; Zoology Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

JOHN JOSEPH BENOIT. "Jack." Finance. 398 Goodwin St., Indian 
Orchard. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from Cathedral High 
School. Activities: Class Officer 3 (Treasurer); Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 
4; Ring Committee 3 4; Joint Committee on Inter-Collegiate Ath- 
letics 4; Varsity M Club 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, President 4); Football 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN ROBERT BENVENUTI. "Ben." Business. 455 State St., 
North .Vdains. Born in 193II at North Adams. Entered from Drury 
High School. Artiritie.i: Men's .ludiciary 3, 4; Newsman Club 2, 3, 4; 
Fencing Club 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 2, 3, 4; International Club 
4; Pre-Med CInb 2; WMU.V 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 2, Ass't Station Man- 
ager 3, Adiniiiistratioii Director 3, Public Relations Director 3, 4); 
T'niyeisity Uailio Policy Board 2, 3; Pioneer Broadcasting Sy.stem 3; 
Sigma Aljiha Ep.silon l', 2, 3, 4. 

IRENE EVELYN UEBI'EI.SEX. "Beanie." Mathematics. 22 School 
St.. Islington. Born in 193(1 at Arlington. Entered from Wcstwood 
High Si-hool. Artirihrs: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; University Chorus 2; 
Phillips Brooks Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Matlicniaties CInb 2,3, 4; Nature 
Guide .Vs.sociatioii 3, 4; Women's Athletic .Vssociation 2, 3, 4; Kappa 
Aliiha Theta 2, 3, 4 (A.ssistant Treasurer 3, Treasurer 4). 


R.\N0AM,(;A1.E HlACKMl'.R. " Randy. " Civil KiigiiuHrinf!. WIktI- 
er Ave., Orange. Born in 103(1 at Orange. Entered from Orange lligli 
Seliool. Activities: Dean's List 1, '2, 3; Civil Engineering Club '2, 3, 4; 
Alpha Gamma Rlio '2, 3. 4. 

HAROLD WILLLVM BL.VZOXIS. "Skii)." Civil Engineering. Osford 
Hotel. Mn'm St., Oxford. Horn in 1!K>7 at Clinton, 'rransfer from Fort 

ROBERT JOHN BLINN. "Jasper." Lulustrial Administration. 
35 Trumbull Rd., Northampton. Born in 1936 at Northampton. 
Entered from Williston Academy. Activities; Labor-Management 
Relations Seminar 3; Athletic Scholarship Fund '2: Lambda Chi 
Alpha 1, '2, 3, 4. 

JOHN HARMEN BOELSMA. Animal Husbandry. 448 Pond St., East 
Bridgewater. Born in 193(1 at llinghani. Entered from East Bridge- 
water High School. Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon '2, 3, 4 (Steward 

ROBERT MOORE BOLAND. "Boh." Fine Arts. 446 South St., 
Pittsfield. Born in 19'2o at Philadelphia, Penn. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3: Canterbury Club 4; Quarterly '2, 
3 (Art Editor); Roister Doisters -2, 3, 4; L^niversity Chorus i; Operetta 
Guild '2, 3, 4; Campus Varieties 2, 3; Devens Statesman 1; Devens 
Commonwealth 1; Merrymount Masquers 1; Devens Glee Club 1. 

JANET BOLLES. Recreational Leadership. 11 Laurel Rd.,Woronoco. 
Born in 1931 at Springfield. Transfer from Westfield State Teachers' 
College. Actimties: Chorale 4; Nature Guide Association 3, 4; Wom- 
en's Athletic Association 3, 4; Chi Omega 3, 4. 

PAUL RAYMONT) BOURDEAU. "Pauly." Physical Education. 
48 Central St., Turners Falls. Born in 1930 at Turners Falls. Entered 
from Turners Falls High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, '2, 3; 
Honors Work 4; Distinguished Military Student 4; Soccer 4; Track 
1, '2, 3, 4; Phi-Ed Club 1, '2, 3, 4 (President 4); Varsity M Club 1, 
'2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, '2, 3, 4. 

JOHN FRANK BOVENZI. Civil Engineering. 14 Hale St., Leominster. 
Born in 1928 at Worcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

BARBARA IRENE BOWMAN. ;'Barb." Home Economics. 133 
Centm'y St., West Medford. Born in 1930 at Medford. Entered from 
Medford High School. Activities: Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegian 3, 4; 
Index 3, 4; Roister Doisters 2, 4; Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4; Student 
Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Edwards Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4; Carni- 
val Ball Committee 4 (Chairman Booklet Committee); Education 
Club 4: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Associa- 
tion 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, Cor- 
responding Secretary 4). 

JOHN JOSEPH BOYLE. "Jack." Psychology. 37 Orchard St., West 
Lynn. Born in 1928 at Lynn. Transfer from Fort Devens. Actimties: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; German Club 1, 2,3, 4 
(Secretary-Treasurer 3). 


HENRY PHILIP BOYNTON. "Hank." General Business. 8 Hyde 
St., Brookfield. Born in Ware. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Q.T.V. 3, i (President 4). 

JOANNE BRAND RETH. "Brandy." English. Stafford St., Rochdale. 
Born in 1931 at Northampton. Entered from Leicester High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, '2, 3, 4. 

HARRY EDWARD BRENNAN. Engineering. 568 Chicopee St., 
Williniansett. Born in 1927 at Springfield. Transfer from Fort Dev- 
ens. Activities: Sigma .\lplia Epsilon 4. 

CONRAD BRIGGS. "Connie." Marketing. 9 La Grange St., Win- 
cliester. Born in 1931 at Providence, R. I. Entered from Mt. Hermon 
Preparatory School. Actiiities: Roister Doisters 3, 4; Theta Chi 
1, i, 3, 4. ■ 

•JLIDITH BROpER. 'Judy." English. 25 Woodford St., Worcester. 
Born in 1930 at Worcester. Entered from Classical High School. .4c- 
tivities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Executive Committee 3; Isogon 4 
(Publicity Chairman); Burnham Declamation 2; Collegian 1, 2, 3, 4 
(FeatureEditor 3, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4); Quarterly 3, 4 (Ex- 
change Editor); Index 3, 4; Roister Doisters 3, 4; Interclass Plays 3; 
Operetta (iuild 3; Campus Varieties 2, 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 3); 
Campus Chest Committee 3, 4 (Chairman of Special Events 3); Hillel 
1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Comniittee 4 (Publicity Chairman); Spring Day 
Committee 3; Women's .\thletic As.sociation 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Tau 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Recording Secretary 3). 

SELWYN ARTHUR BROITMAN. "Sel." Bacteriology. 11 Hartwell 
St.. Roxhurv. Born w 1931 at Boston. Entered from Roxbury Me- 
morial Iligh'Srhool. Actiritirs: Dean's List 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival 
Ball Committee 3; Bacteriology Club 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 2; Alpha 
Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer, Vice-President); Index 4. 

BARBARA ANN BROOKS. "Barb." Medical Technology. 509 
Pleasant St., South Weymouth. Born in 1930 at Weymouth. Entered 
from Weymouth High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Outing Club 
2; Student Christian Association 1, 2; Wesley Foundation 1; S.C.A. 
Choir 1,2; Women's Athletic Association 2; Bacteriology Club 3, 4; 
Pi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4 (Scholarship Chairman 3, 4). 

BARB.VRA .lUNE BROWN. "Beaver." Zoology. 6 Stedman St., 
Brookline. Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Brookline High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Collegian 1; University Chorus 
4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; So])homore-Senior Hop Committee 2; Chemistry 
Club 2, 3; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's .\thletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Tau 2, 3, 4. 

JACQUKLINE MAK BUCK. ".lackie." Nutrition. 7(i Clwunicy St., 
Mansfield. Born in l<l;f(l at Brockton. Entered from Maiistield High 
School. .l./inVio-.- Class Nominating Conmiittee 1; W.S.ti. A. Council 4; 
Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Roister Doisters 2; L'niversity Chorus 2; Student 
ChristiaTi .\ssociation 1, 2, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wom- 
en's Athletic .Vssociation 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 (Social 
Chairman 4). 

MICHAEL BUDNYK. Agriculture. Born in 192C in Galicia, Ukraine. 

Transfer from Karl Francis University in Graz, .\ustria. Activities: 
Agronomy Club 3, 4; Quarterly 3, 4. 


PAUL ELIOrr BURKK. Zoology. 5!) Ilutcliings St., Roxl.uiy. Hoin 
in lO-JT at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. Aclirilii:i: llilk'l '2. 8; 
Chemistry Club 1, '>, 3, 4: Pre-Med Cluli 1, -2. 3, 4 (\ic.-rresiilont 4); 
House President 3 (Brooks): Gerniiin Club 1, '2, 3, 4 (Treasurer -2, 
President 3): Statesman 1 (Business Manager). 

DONALD PHILLIPS BURRELL. "Don." Meebanieal Engineering. 
39S Central St., East Bridgewater. Born in 19'28 at Brockton. Entered 
from East Bridgewater High School. Activities: Engineering Club 3, 4; 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers 3, 4 (Vice-Chairman 4); 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3,4. 

NANCY ANN BURRO^^■S. Home Economics. College TTIghwav. 
Soutlnvick. Born in 1930 at Westtield. Entered from Westficld High 
School. Actimlies: Dean's List I, '2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa 
Phi 4; Burnham Declamation '2; Flint Oratorical Contest 3; Sliident 
Christian Association 1, 4; Lutheran Club 1, '2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 
'2, 3, President 4); 4-H Club 1, -2, 3, 4 (Secretary '2, Treasurer 3. Nice- 
President 4); Home Economics Club 3, 4; Chimes '2, 3, 4. 

Amherst. Born in 1930 at New Haven, Con 
College, Ohio. 

History. '24 Hallock St., 
1. Transfer from Wooster 

ELIZABETH ANNE CAMPBELL. "Betsy." Zoology. Lyman School, 
Westboro. Born in 1930 at Marlboro. Entered from Westboro High 
School. Actirities: Dean's List '2; Concert Band 1, '2, 3, 4; Marching 
Band 3, 4; LTniversity Chorus '2; Chorale 4: Concert .\ssociation 3, 4 
(Co-Manager 4) ; Operetta Guild 3, 4 ; Student Christian Association 1 : 
Judson Fellowship 1, '2, 3, 4 (Chaplain 4); Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3. 4; 
Chimes 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Chaplain 4). 

LOUIS DANIEL CARTER. "Dan." Sociology. 26 Armstrong Street, 
Jamaica Plain. Born in 1928 at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Brooks House Vice-President 3; Psychol- 
ogy Club 2, 3, 4; Track Team 1 ; Fencing Club 1 ; Skiing Club 2. ' 

ELINOR REID CASE. "Casey." English. 86 Summer St., Maynard. 
Born in 1929 at Concord. Entered from Maynard High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Wesley Foundation 1; German Club 2; 
Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. 

KENNETH KEVIN CASEY. "Case." General Business. 253 Gillette 
Ave., Springfield. Born in 1930 at Maiden. Entered from Springfield 
Technical High School. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; Business Ad- 
ministration Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 3, 4; Golf 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

JANE CAZAVELAN. "Caz." Sociology 90 Summer St., Pittsfield. 
Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Transfer from Cornell I'niversitv. Activities: 
Phi Delta Nu. 

WILLIAM GEORGE CHACE, JR. "Bill." Pomology. Depot St.^ 
Westford. Born in 1928 at Lowell. Transfer from Lowell Textile Insti- 
tute. Activities: Pomology Club 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 


GERARD PAUL CHAPDELAINE. "Gerry." Forestry. 153 Dart- 
mouth Terrace, Springfield. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered 
from Assumption High School. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Forestry Club 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 2; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (House 
Manager 4). 

DANIEL EUGENE CHAPLIN. "Dan." Mechanical Engineering. 
3 Albemarle St., Boston. Born in 1928 at Boston. Entered from Boston 
Technical High School. Activities: Newman Club 4; A.S.M.E. 1, 2, 3, 
4; Mechanical Engineering Club 2, 3; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

.lULIETTE ALICE CICHON. "Julie." English. 317 Chicopee St., 
Chieopee. Born in 1930 at Easthampton. Entered from Chicopee 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Handbook Board 2; French 
Club 4; Women's Athletic Association 3, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, 2, 
3, 4 (House Manager 4). 

CHARLES EDWARD CLAPP, JR. "Ed." Chemistry. Route 62, 
West Sterling. Born in 1930 at Holden. Entered from Princeton High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Student Christian Association 
1, 2, 3, 4; Animal Husbandry Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Pre- 
Med Club 1, 2; Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 4 (Manager 3, 4); Winter 
Track 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Baseball 1; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHARLES RONALD CLARK, JR. "Clarkie." Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. 184 Allen St., Athol. Born in 1926 at Peterborough, N. H. Trans- 
fer from Fort Devens. Activities: A.S.M.E. 4; Mechanical Engineering 
Club 3, 4; Ski Club 1, 2 (Treasurer 1); Ski Team 1, 2. 

JOAN PATRICIA CLEARY. "Brix." Home Economics. 71 Mooreland 
Rd., Melrose. Born in 1931 at Brighton. Entered from Melrose High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Operetta Guild 4; 
Newman Club 3, 4; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Women's Athletic 
Association 1, 2, 3, 4; W.M.U.A. 3; Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN THOMAS CLEARY. "Jack." Business Administration. 32 
Groton St., East Pepperell. Born in 1930 at Nashua, N. H. Entered 
from Pepperell High School. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Ski 
Club 1, 2, 4; Business Administration Club 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 3, 4. 

JOYCE I-ORNA CLEMENTS. Home Economics. 22 Atherton Rd., 
Brookline. Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Dorchester High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Women's Athletic Association 2; 
Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; I.Z.F.A. 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma 
Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 

DONALD WILLIAM CLIFFORD. "Clilf." Landscape Architecture. 
52 West St., Brockton. Born in 1928 at Brockton. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 3; Horticulture Show 2, 3, 4; DcMolay 
Club 3, 4; Public Relations Club 1; Civil EiigiTiccriTiK Chib 1; Men's 
Glee Club 3; Campus Chest Committee 3; Military Ball Committee 
3, 4 (Chairman 4); Landscape Architecture Club 2, 3, 4; Men's Ju- 
diciary 4 (Chief Justice). 

STEWART TEMPLE COFFIN. "Stew." Electrical Engineering. 24 
Summer St., North Amherst. Born in 1930 at Palmyra, N. J. Entered 
from Amherst High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Outing Club 
1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4); Mathematics Club 4; Radio Club 1, 2. 


CATHKRINE ANNK COLE. "Cntliy." Actounting. 'Z Elm St., Mc- 
tliuen. Born in 1931 at Andover. Entered from Edward F. Searli-s 
High School, Methuen. Actii'ilicn: Dean'.s 1, 3: I'anhellenic Rep- 
resentative 3, + ^Viel'-President -t); Scrolls '2: National Student 
Association 1, -2, 3: Campus Chest Committee '2, 3; Student Senate 
1, 3: Handbook Board 1, -.'; Inokx ■-', 3; Roister Doisters 1, '>; Operetta 
Guild 3. -t (Business ManagerU Sluilenl Christian Association 1, 'i; 
Carnival Ball Commiltec 3; Business Administration Club 3, 4; Sigma 
Kappa 1, '», 3, 4. 

FREDERICK BOYO COLE. "Fred." Business Administration. 19 
Fletcher St., .\ndo\er. Born in li)3(l at Lawrence. Entered from 
Punchard High School, Andover. Artiriti,:^: Basketball 1: Track 1; 
Collegian 1, '2; Ski Club 1, -2; Carnival Ball Committee '2; Sophomore- 
Senior Hop Committee '2; Business Administration Club 3, i; Kappa 
Sigma 1, ^, 3, 4 (Social Chairman's). 

JOHN PATRICK COLLINS. ".Jett." Industrial Administration. -2 
Cambridge Terrace, Cambridge. Born in 19'28 at Cambridge. Transtc 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2; Radio Club 1, 2. 

JOAN CONLIN. History. 1-17 VVoodlawn Ave., Fall River. Bor[i in 
1930 at Fall River. Entered from Durfee High School. Activities: 
Handbook Board 3: Index 3; Newman Club 1, ^2, 3, 4; International 
Relations Club 4: Pi Beta Phi i, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3). 

BRUCE WHITNEY COOLEY. Business Administration. 12 Brook 
St., East Longmeadow. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from 
Technical High School. Actimties: Roister Doisters 3; Campus Va- 
rieties 2, 3; Carnival Committee 3, 4; Sophomore-Senior Hop Com- 
mittee 2; Swimming Team 1, 2; Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

T>. JOHN COPARANIS. "Tyke." Mathematics. 90 Bellevue Ave., 
Haverhill. Born in 1930 at Manchester, N. H. Transfer from North- 
eastern University. Activities: Mathematics Club 3, 4; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (Eminent Herald 4) . 

CHESLEY \YILLL\M CORKUM, JR. "Chet." Education. H 
Washington St., Stoneham. Born in 1927 at Maiden. Entered froni 
Stoneham High School. Actimties: DeMolay Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Edu- 
cation Club 3, 4; Varsity M Club 2, 3, 4; Phi-Ed Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Baseball 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOAN CORMACK. "Jo." Sociology. 73 North St., Ludlow. Born in 
1930 at Ludlow. Transfer from Springfield Junior College. Activitii.^: 
Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 3, 4 (Bowlint: 
Manager 3); Campus Chest Committee 3; Pi Beta Phi 3, 4 (Activili. - 
Chairman 4). 

RUTH EVANGELINE COUGHLIN. "Cubby." Merchandising. 18 
Card St., Worcester. Born in 1931 at Worcester. Entered from South 
High School. Activities: University Band 1; Handbook Board 2; 
Index 2; Operetta Guild 1; Outing Club 1; Home Economics Club 
2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2; Modern Dance Club 2: 
Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 (Rush Chairman 3, Vice-President 4). 

MILTON CRANE. "Milt." Economics. 17 Clifford Ave., Stoughton. 
Born in 1930 at Stoughton. Entered from Stoughton High School. 
Activities: Class officer 3 (Vice-President) ; Adelphia 4 (Vice-President) ; 
Class Executive Committee 2; Interfraternity Council 2, 3, 4 (Vice- 
President 4); Collegian 1, 2, 3, 4 (Circulation Manager 1, 2, Business 
Manager 3, 4); Handbook Board 3; Index 3; Roister Doisters 1, 2: 
Campus Varieties 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 3, 4); Military Ball 
Committee 2, 3, 4; Ring Committee 3, 4; Sophomore-Senior Hop 
Committee 2; Inter-Greek Ball Committee 3 (Chairman); Tau Epsi- 
lon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, 4). 


C. WHITNEY CRAWFORD. "Whit." Economics. 7 Orris Place, 
Melrose. Born in 1930 at Melrose. Entered from Melrose High 
School. Activities: Class President 1; Mother's Day Committee 1 
(Chairman); Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4). 

FRED NELSON CREED, JR. "Freddie." Government. 17 East 
Corning St., Beverly. Born in Wii at Beverly. Entered from Beverly 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3: Flint Oratorical Contest 4; 
Roister Doisters 1, 2; Chowder and Marching Society 2; Student 
Christian Association 1, 2; Pistol Team 3, 4; Varsity M Club 4; 
Fencing Club 2; Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4 (President). 

ROBERT >L\('KAY CROSBY. "Bob." Animal Husbandry. 50 
Miildlescx .\vc., Reading. Born in 1929 at Westfield. Entered 
from Reading High Siliool. Activities: Student Senate 4; Live- 
.stiick and Meat .Judging Team 4; Animal Husbandry Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; Pre-Veterinarv Club 4; Football 1; Football Manager 2; 
Basketball Manager 1; Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pledge 
Cliairman 3, V'ice-President, President 4). 

MARY JEAN CROWLEY. English. 254 Davis St., Greenfield. Born 
in 1930 at Greenfield. Entered from Greenfield High School. Activities: 
University Chorus 2; Chorale 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French 
Club 3, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 4). 

MARTIN SHERMAN CRYAN. "Marty." Food Technology. 8 
Hayden Rd., Saugus. Born in 1930 at Medford. Entered from Saugus 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Symphony Orchestra 2; 
Chowder and Marching Society 2, 3; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3; Food Technolo- 
gy Club 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

DONATO FRANCESCO DAGNOLI. "Don." Chemistry. 80 Lyman 
St., North Adams. Born in 1931 at North Adams. Entered from 
Drury High School. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Roister Doisters 2, 3, 
4; University Chorus 2; Newman Clul) 4; Military Ball Committee 
1, 2; Cheinistrv Club 3, 4; Universitv Savoyards 2; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon 1, 2, 3, 4. ' 

RUTH ELEANOR DAMON. "Ruthie. " Home Economics. 115 Pren- 
tice St., Springfield. Born in 1930 at W'are. Entered from Classi- 
cal High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Home Economics Club 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

JOHN DANA-BASHIAN. "Jonny." Agronomy. 19 Craig Place, 
Brookline. Born in 1931 at Bermuda. Entered from Brookline High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Operetta Guild 4; Swimming Team 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Manager 4): Rifle Team 1, 2; Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4. 

THOMAS DANKO. "Tom." Poultry Husbandry. 13A Old Fall River 
Rd., North Dartmouth. Born Iti 193(1 at North Dartmouth. Entered 
from Dartmouth High School. Arliritie.':: Dean's List 1; Operetta 
Guild 1: Judging Teams 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Military Ball Com- 
mittee 2; Poultry Clnli 2, 3, 4; Al]>ha Gannna Rho 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treas- 
urer 4). 

FRANK RAYMOND D'ARGENTO. Electrical Engineering. 95 
Walthara St., West Newton. Born in 1924 at Aragon, Sicily. Transfer 
from Ma.ssachusetts Institute of Technology. Newman Club 2, 3; 
A.I.E.E. 3, 4; I.R.E. 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 


STANLEY VMh nASHEFF. Business Adininistnilic.n. l!ll Crant 
Ave., Newton. Born in W-il at Boston. Transfer I'roTO Fort |)e\ei;s. 

JIILIA MAY DAVF.Nl'ORT. 'Miuly." Knglisl,. HH Fairview St.. 
Greenfield. Born in 193(1 at Greenfield. Entered from (ireeiifield Ilifjli 
School. Activities: Drill Team '2, 3, 4; Collegian 1, '2, 3, -t (Exeliange 
Editor 3, Assignments Editor 4); Ilandl)ook Board '2; Index 3, 4; Op- 
eretta Guild 3, 4; Campus Varieties 3: Mother's Day Committee 1; 
Freshman Picnic Committee 1; Education Club 4; Women's .\thletic 
Association ■i, 3, 4: Chi Omega 1, '2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3, 
Personnel Chairman 4) 

ROBERT ALLAN DAVIES. "Bob." English. '23 Sacramento Si. 
Cambridge. Born in 19'28 at Cambridge. Transfer from Fort Deven> 
Activities: Collegian 3; Quarterly 3, 4 (Associate F^ditor 3, Editor 4i 
Education Club 4: Writers' Group 1, 2, 3, 4. 

C.\RROLL RODNEY DAVIS. Mechanical Engineering. -21 Wyola 
Drive, Worcester. Born in 19-26 at Worcester. Entered from South 
High School. Activities: ^fechanical Engineering Club 2, 4. 

DANA LAMONT DAVIS. "Hy." History. 6 Lincoln St., Milford. Born 
in 1930 at New Haven, Conn. Entered from St. Mary's Academy. 
Activities: Maroon Key 2 (President); Newman Club 1, 4; Sophomore- 
Senior Hop Committee 2: Football 2; Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pledge 
Chairman 3). 

W'ARREN CUDWORTH DAVIS. General Engineering. 5 Churchill 
St., Amherst. Born in 1923 at Springfield. Entered from Weston High 
School. Activities: Roister Doisters 1; Radio Club 1 (Technician); 
Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4 (Chaplain 4). 

ROGER CHAPMAN DEAN. Mechanical Engineering. 165 Central 
St., Mansfield. Born in 1930 at Mansfield. Entered from Mansfield 
High School. Activities: A.S.M.E. Club 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, t. 

GEORGE THOMAS DELANEY. History. 24 Arch St., Pittsfield. 
Born in 1927 at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfield High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Honors W'ork 4; Judiciary Board 2, 3 
(Chief Justice 3); Labor- Management Relations Seminar 3; Adelphia 
4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Index 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter- 
national Relations Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. 

OSWALDO THOMAS DELLASANTA. Electrical Engineering. 62 
Norfolk St., Worcester. Born in 1923 at Winchendon. Entered from 
North High School. Activities: A.I.E.E. 3, 4. 

WILLIAM DEMINOFF. English. 41 James St., Pittsfield. Born in 1925 
at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfield High School. Activities: Dean's 
List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Student Life Com- 
mittee 4; Index 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief 4); Pre-Med Club 3; Internation- 
al Relations Club 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 4). 


CHARLES RAYMOND DENTON. "Charlie." Animal Husbandry. 
Crescent St., West Boylston. Born in lO'iT at West Boylston. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Animal Husbandry Club 2, 3, i. 

ROBERT DEVINE. Olericulture. Arden St., Greenbush. Born in 1929 
at Boston. Entered from Scituate High School. Activities: Newman 
Club 2, 3, i; Military Ball Committee 3; Olericulture Club 2, 3, 4; 
Kappa Sigma 2, 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 3, 4). 

El'NICE .JOAN DIAMOND. Home Economics. 170 Field Rd., Long- 
nicadow. Born iTi 1930 at Newark, N. J. Entered from Cathedral 
Hinh Scliool. Artii'ities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; 
Collogian 3, 4 (News Editor 4); University Chorus 2; Operetta 

. Guild 1,2; Drill Team 3, 4 (Squad Leader 4) ; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 2; Home Economics Club 3, 4; 
Inter-Class Plays 3; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 3). 

DOMINIC MICHAEL DICENZO. "Digger." Political Science. 
221 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield. Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Entered from 
Pittsfield High School. Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

EDNA CLAIRE DICK. Home Economics. 11 Stebbins St., Worcester. 
Born in 1931 at Winthrop. Entered from South High School. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Collegian 3, 4; Handbook 
Board 1; Operetta Guild 4; Outing Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Home Economics Club 3, 4; Women's Athletic 
Association 2, 3, 4. 

HENRY GRANT DICKINSON, JR. Civil Engineering. 130 Elm St., 
Agawam. Born in 1928 at Agawam. Entered from Agawam High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Civil Engineering Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JANE HA'SHI.TOX DIXSMORE. •Manie." Home Economics. Hallet 
St., YariiKinthport. Burn in 193(1 at Farmington, Maine. Entered 
from Yarnioutii High Schocil. Activities: Dean's List 3; Handbook 
Board 1; Index 2, 3, 4 (Statistics Editor 4); Women's Glee Club 3; 
Campus Varieties 3; Student Christian Association 1; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill 
Team 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Registrar 4). 

LEONARD DOAK. Electrical Engineering. 95 West St., Northampton. 
Born in 1924 at North Vancouver, Canada. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Roister Doisters 3; Statesmen 1; Radio Club 
1, 2; Electrical Engineering Club 3, 4; Amateur Radio Association 
1,2,3,4 (Treasurer 4). 

JANE STERLING DOCKERTY. Chemistry. 9 Summer St., Maynard. 
Born in 1930 at Concord. Entered from Maynard High School. Activ- 
ities: ChemistTy Club 4; Women's Athletic Association 3; Sigma 
Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHARLES ARNOLD DOHERTY. Food Technology. 87 Yale St., 
Medford. Born in 1929 at Mcdford. Transfer from Boston College. 
Activities: Student Senate 3; Newman Chib 3, 4; Food Technology 
Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

220 ] 

ELIZABETH DOWD. "Betty." Mathematics. '265 Eroiit St., ^Ye\•- 
moutli. Born in li)3(l at Weyiuoutli. Entered from Weymouth High 
School. Actirities: Newman" CUih 3, 4; Mathematics Chib 3, 4; 
Women's Athletic Association 1, '2, 3, 4; Naiads '2, 3. 

ARTIHR FRANCIS DOYLE. "Art." Civil Engineering. 6-i Powder 
House Boulevard, West Somerville. Born in 1928 at Somervillo. 
Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: Mills House President 4: 
Newman Club 4: Civil Engineering Club 2, 3, 4. 

RICHARD BOUVE DRAKE. "Dick." Forestry. 43 Border St., 
Cohasset. Born in 19^20 at Boston. Entered from Mount Hermou 
Preparatory School. Activities: Military Ball Committee 4; Forestry 
Club 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 1, '2, 3, 4 (Steward ■i. 3). 

FRANCIS JERALD DRISCOLL. "Frank." Business. 45 Dunster 
Rd., Jamaica Plain. Born in 1927 at Boston. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Newm:in Club 1, i, 3, 4; Business Administration 
Club 4. 

ROBERT EDWARD DRISCOLL. "Bob." Ornamental Horticulture. 
1 North High St., Melrose. Born in 19'26 at Westfield. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Actii'itie.i: Newman Club 1, 'i, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, 4); 
Football 1, '2, 3, 4; Kajjpa Sigma 3, 4 (Treasurer 4). 

RICHARI) WENDELL DRURY. "Dick." Civil Engineering. 484 
Nortli ricMsant St., Amherst. Born in 19'2S at Stamford, Conn. 
Entered from Newton High School. Activitic.i: Agricultural Engineer- 
ing Club '2; Civil Engineering Club 3, 4. 

FREDERIC DUNCANSON. "Tank." Electrical Engineering. -2(i(i 
Greeley St., Clinton. Born in 19'28 at Clinton. Entered from Clinton 
High School. Actiiities: Outing Cluli -2, 3: Radio Club 3; Electrical 
Engineering Club 3, 4. 

WILLIAM EDWARD DUNN, .JR. "Bill." Mechanical Engineering. 
55 Kensington Ave., Northampton. Born in 1928 at Northampton. 
Entered from Northampton High School. Activities: A.S.M.E. +i 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

PAUL DONALD DITVAL. Chemistry. 140 Lyman St., South Hadley 
Falls. Born in 19'29 at Springfield. Entered from Monson Academy. 
Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Chemistry Club 1, '■2, 4; Food 
Technology Club 4; International Club 4 (Chairman Entertainment 

JOHN GILLESPIE EARLY. ".Jake." Business .Administration. 15 
South High St., Milford. Born in 1931 at Milford. Entered from St. 
Mary's High School. Activities: Dean's List '2, 3; Interfraternity 
Council 3, 4 (President 4); Carnival Committee 3, 4 (Chairman of 
Events 4); Military Ball Committee 4; Inter-Greek Ball Committee 
3; Business Administration Club i, 3; Football 1, '2; Kappa Sigma 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 3, Secretary 4). 


ROBERT BERNARD ECKBERG. "Bob." Animal Husbandry. 18 
Wedge Pond Rd., Wim Ixstir. Born in 1930 at Woburn. Entered 
from Winchestir High School. Artioities: Dean's List 1, i, 3, 4; Honors 
AVork 4; Phi Kappa Plii 4; Student Christian Association 2, 3, 4 (Pres- 
ident 3, 4) ; Lutheran Club 1, -i, S, 4; Animal Husbandry Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM HARDY EDWARDS. "Bill." Economics. Pelham Rd., 
Pelham. Born in 1926 at Fall River. Entered from Joseph Call High 

Rl'SSELL CHAUNCEY ELDRIDGE. "Russ." Finance. 66 Vesta 
Rd., Natick. Born in 1930 at Natick. Transfer from Newton Junior 
College. Activities: Business Administration Club 4; Carnival Ball 
Committee 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

KRIKOR ERMONIAN. Civil Engineering. 76 Cleveland St., Arling- 
ton. Born in 1921 at W'orcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Civil Engineering Club 2, 3, 4; A.S.C.E. 2, 3, 4. 

FAITH BARTHOLOMEW FAIRMAN. English. 83 North Cedar Pk., 
Melrose. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Melrose High 
School. Actirities: Dean's List 3; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; Burnham Dec- 
lamation 2; Roister Doisters 1, 2, 3, 4: Campus Varieties 2, 3, 4; Stu- 
dent Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 4; Women's Athletic 
.Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Naiads 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 2; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Recording Secretary 4). 

CLIFFORD WILLIAM FALBY. "Cliff." Sociology. Derby Rd., 
West Berlin. Born in 1929 at Clinton. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4: Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; 
LTniversity Chorus 1; Chorale 2, 3, 4; German Club 1. 

JAMES FRANCIS FALCONE. "Jim." Mechamcal Engineering. 
120 Kensington Ave., Springfield. Born in 1926 at Springfield. Trans- 
fer from Fort Devens. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Mechanical 
ETigineering Club 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

bandry. 30 Perry Rd., Braintree. Born in 1930 at Chelsea. Entered 
from Thayer Academy. Activities: Judging Team 4: Carnival Com- 
mittee 3; Animal Husbandry Club 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 2; Kappa 
Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BETTEJAYNE FARR. "B.J." Zoology. 1 Cottage St., New Bedford. 
Born in 1930 at Newburgh, N. Y. Entered from Ware High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Band 3: Student Christian Association 
1, 2, 4; S. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2; College Pilgrim Fellowship 1, 4; Wom- 
en's Athletic Association 1, 3, 4: Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4: Phi Delta Nu 3, 4 
(Historian 4). 

JOHN FRANCIS FARRELL. "Jack." Animal Husbandry. 16 Pen- 
hallow St., Dorchester. Born in 1928 at Dorchester. Transfer from 
Boston College. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; .\nimal Husbandry 
Club 2. 3, 4. 

MlRIKl. DOKIS F.VUTEUX. Zoology. Cliampioi, Ternuo, Norlli 
Dartmuiith. Bom in 1931 at Acushnet. Kntered from Dartiiioutli 
High Sfliool. Aclirii !€.■<: Dean's List 1, '>. 3. 4; Honors AVork 4, Si-rolls 
•2 (Sccrotary-Troasnri'r '2); Isogon 4: Pl\i Kappa Plu -t; Collegian :!; 
I'niversity Cliorus -ii Operetta Guild 1, -2; Phillips Brooks Chil> 1, '2, 
3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 3; Sophomore- Senior Hop Connnittee 
-2; Radio Club 1, '2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association ■■2: Conne<li(iil 
Valley Scientific Conference 3, 4 (ChairmaTi 4); Kappa Kappa Ciannna 
1. i, 3, 4 (President 4). 

LEONARD WILLIAM FEDDEMA. "Lcn." Olericulture. Westview 
Pk., Amherst. Born in 19^3 at Whitinsville. Entered from North- 
bridge High School. Artinties: Olericulture Club 1, '2, 3, 4 (President 

ANDREW FRANCIS FENTON. "Andy." Electrical Engineering. 
17 Wilber St., Sprhigfield. Born in 19'-25 at Springfield. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. ActmU^s: Newman Club 1, i, 3, 4; Radio Club 1; 
Electrical Engineering Club -2. 3, 4. 

MAURICE P.VPRICK FENTON. 'Moe." Civil Engineering. 5 
Algonquin PI., Springfield. Born in 19'28 at Springfield. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Civil Engineering Club 1, i; American Society of 
Civil Engineers 3, 4. 

JEAN EMERY PERSON. Engli-sh. Old Centre St., Middleboro. Born in 
1931 at Waltham. Entered from Memorial High School. Aiiiviliex: 
Dean's List 1, '2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Collegian 3; 
French Clul) "2. 

EDNA MARY FILA. Home Economics. 19 Muzzy St., Chicopee Falls 
Transfer from Springfield Junior College. 

IRENE ELEANOR FINAN. "Finnigan." Recreational Leadership. 
W'est St., Barre. Born in 1930 at Barre. Entered from Barre High 
School. Actiritiex: Dean's List 3: Isogon 3, 4; W. S. G. A. Council 3 
(Finance Committee, Student Health Committee); Handbook 
Board 2, 3 (Editor 3); Roister Doisters 3, 4; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; 
Carnival Committee 3 (Co-chairman of Kiddies' Party); Nature 
Guide Association 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, i, 3, 4 
(Manager of Volleyball 3); Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Athletic Chairman 
3, President 4). 

MELWYN BENJAMIN FINE. "My-T." Pre-Med. 34 Greendale 
Rd., Mattapan. Born in 19'29 at Boston. Entered from Boston Eng- 
lish High School. Actii'ities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; 
Rod and Gun Club 1: Phi Kappa Phi 4; Chemistry Club 2, 3, 4; 
German Club 3; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 2, 4. 

JOSEPH CHARLES FIORELLI, JR., Wildlife Management. 16 Mer- 
riam Ave., Shrewsbury. Born in 1927 at Buffalo, N. Y. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Actirilie«: Ice Hockev 1; Rod and Gun Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Skeet Club 1. 

NTilL ORRIN FITCH. Forestry. 351 W'eston Rd., Wellesley. Born in 
1927 at Stamford, Comi. Transfer from Fort Devens. Actirities: 
Roister Doisters 4; University Chorus 4; Operetta Guild 3, 4; Men's 
Glee Club 1, 2; Photographv Club 1, 2; Militarv Ball Committee 2; 
Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Pre.sident 4). 


BARBARA JOAN FLAHERTY. "Barb." French. Vn Chestnut St., 
Southbridge. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Charlton High 
School. Acth'itie.':: Dean's List 1, i, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Isogon 4 
(President); Phi K'ai)|)a Phi 4; Collegian i, 3, 4 (Copy Editor 3, 
Campus Editor 1); Ilandliodk Board i, 3; Index 4; Campus Varieties 
4; Newman Club 1, 'i, 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 3); Spring Day Com- 
mittee 4; French Club 2, 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 3, Vice-President 
4); Pre-Med Club ^2; Spanish Club 4; International Relations Club 2 
(Publicity Chairman 2); French House 2, 3, 4 (President 3, 4); Cal- 
endar Committee 4. 

BKN.L'iMIX WALKER FLINT. "Ben." Animal Husbandry. 34 
Mill SI , F.asI Miiiislield. Born in 1931 at Mansfield. Entered from 
Mansfield High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Judging 
Teams 3; Student Christian Association 1; .\nimal Husbandry Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; -Alpha Gamma Rho 3, 4. 

JOHN FRANCIS FOLEY. ".Jake." Political Science. 127 Franklin 

St., Northampton. Born in 1928 at Northampton. Transfer from 
Boston College. Activities: Lambda Chi Alpha 3, 4. 

ARTHIR HECTOR FORTIER. Electrical Engineering. 12 Belmont 
.Ave., Xiirlliaiiipton. Born in 1925 at Northampton. Entered from 
Norfharnplon Iligli School. Actityities: Dean's List 1; Electrical 
Engineering Club 4; American Institute of Electrical Engineers 3, 4. 

WILLIAM BtRNHAM FOSTER. "Bill." Zoology. 11 Wildwood Ave., 
Greenfield. Born in 1930 at Greenfield. Entered from Greenfield High 
School. Actifities: Tlieta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN RUSSELL FOX. "Fo.Ky." Business .\dministration. 35 Lower 
Beverly Hills, WVsf Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. 
Entered from Springlitld Technical High School. Activities: Maroon 
Key 2; XatioTial Shideiif Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 2, 3, 4, Re- 
gional Treasurer 3, 4, National Executive Committee 3, 4) ; Senate 1 ; 
Collegian 1; Concert Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing Club 1; Student 
Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Administration Club 4; 
Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHARLES ANTHONY FRANGOS. "Charlie." Public Health. 

94 Esse.x St., Lynn. Born in 1930 at Lynn. Transfer from Norwich 
L^niversity. Activities: Dean's List 2; Distinguished Military Student 
4; Student Christian Association 4; Orthodox Club 4; Military Ball 
Committee 4; Bacteriology Club 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4). 

RICHARD ROBINSON FR.\SER. "Dick. " Landscape Architecture. 
505 Sumner St., Norwood. Born in 1930 at Norwood. Entered from 
Norwood High School. A<-lirities: Dean's List 3; Collegian 2, 3, 4 
(.\rt Statf); Student Christian .\ssociation 3: Wesley Foundation 1; 
Land.scape Architecture Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Kappa Sigma 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Grand Master of Ceremonies 4). 

NORBERT JOSEPH FREDETTE. "Nobby." Civil Engineering. 94 
Princeton St., New Bedford. Born in 1927 at Fairhaven. Transfer from 
Fort Devens, 

ROLAND HERVEY GAGNON. "Rolo." Bacteriology. Sawdy Pond. 
Fall River. Born in 1930 at New Bedford. Entered from B.M.C. Dur- 
fee High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Statesmen 1; tiniversity 
Chorus 2; Chorale 1, 2; Operetta ("mild 1, 2; Campus Varieties 3; New- 
man Club 4; Bacteriologv Chib 3, 4 (President 4); Record Club 3; 
Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

[ 224 , 

NANCY ANN CALAS. Fivmli. 14 llaiupiioii Ave., >roii.s<,i,. Born 
ii\ l!l*l ;il Mmis.Mi. KiitiTcil from Moiisoii llit;li Sriuiol. Acliritifs: 
Aia.lciiiic Ailivitios Board 4; Oean's List 3: Uoistor Dciistcrs *>, 3, + 
iBnsiiioss Maiia';cr4); Operetta Guild 4; Campus Varieties 4: Student 
Cliristiaii Ass.ieiation 1, ^, 3; Freneli Clul) 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Kduea- 
ti..ii Chill 4; Women's Athletic Association 3, 4; Drill Team 3, 4; Chi 
Onieffli i. 3. 4 (Rush Chairman 4). 

KArilUYN CAl.BUArni. Main St.. Montaiiue. 

ALICE LKONA GALE. "Lee." Home Economics. 15 Endicott St., 
Pittsfield. Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Entered From Pittsfield High 
School. Actirities: Dean's List 1, 3; House Counselor 3; House Chair- 
man 4; rni\crsity Chorus "i; Student Christian Association 4; Judson 
Fellowship i, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, "i, 3, 4. 

ARTHUR EDWARD GALLANT. "Art." Electrical Engineering. North 
St., North Reading. Born in 19'27 at I/ynn. Transfer from Fort Dev- 
ens. Actiritiex: Newman Club 4; .\merican Institute of Electrical 
Engineers ■i, 3, 4. 

BARBARA ELLEN G.\LLETLY. "Barbie." Heme Economics. '265 
Spring-^ide Ave., Pittsfield. Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Entered from 
Pittsfield High School. Actii'ilie.i: Dean's List 1, -I. 3: Drill Team 3, 4: 
University Chorus i; Campus Varieties 1; Student Christian Asso- 
ciation 4; Carnival Committee 4; Home Economics Club 1, '•2, 3, 4; 
Women's Athletic Association 3, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Chaplain 3). 

HOWARD EVANS GALLEY, JR. "Howie." English. 10 Yale Rd., 
Andover. Born in 19'29 at Lawrence. Transfer from Fort Devens. Ac- 
tivities: Roister Doisters 4 (Executive Board 4); University Chorus i; 
Chorale i, 3, 4; Operetta Guild '2, 3, 4 (Production and Stage Manager 
■2, 3, 4); Savoyards -2, 4; Canterbury Club 3, 4 (.\dvisory Board 4); 
Student Christian Association 4 (Policy Committee). 

MYRON MICHAEL GALUSZA. "Mike." Business Administration. 
33 Northern Northampton. Born in 19'28 at Northampton. 
Transfer from Marlboro College. 

SELMA RHEA GARBOWIT. "Sel." Education. 144 Elizabeth St.. 
Pittsfield. Born in 1931 at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfield Higli 
School. Activities: Dean's List '2, 3; Collegian 3, 4 (Exchange Editor 
4) ; Handbook Board 3; Index 4; Roister Doisters 3, 4; Hillel 1, '2, 3, 4 
(Vice-President 3); French House '2; Education Club 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association '2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Tau '2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 

MICHAEL FRANCIS G.VRVEY. "Mike." Business .\dministration. 
46^2 Main St., Amherst. Born in 1929 at Holyoke. Enterefl from Gush- 
ing .\cademy. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

THOM.\S DAVID G.\TELY. "Tom." Zoology. 119 Edinboro St., 
Marlboro. Born in 1931 at Marlboro. Entered from Marlboro High 
School. Activities: Uni\"ersity Chorus 2; Newman Clubl, '2, 3, 4; Inter- 
Greek Ball Committee 3 (Co-Chairman of Greek Week); Sigma Phi 
Epsilon 1, '2, 3, 4 (Interfraternity Council Representative 3, 4). 


CARL PUTNAM GATES, JR. Civil Engineering. 65 Adams St., Dan- 
vers. Born in 1930 at Danvers. Entered from Danvers High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Campus Varieties 1; Wesley Foundation 
3, 4 (Treasurer 3); Military Ball Committee 4; American Society of 
Civil Engineers 2, 3, 4. 

JULIEN PAUL GAUDREAU. "Lou." Pre-Med. 264 Main St., Indian 
Orchard. Born in 1927 at Ludlow. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activi- 
ties: Outing Club 1; Interfraternity Council 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Military Ball Committee 4; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3; International Rela- 
tions Club 1;Q.T.V. 3, 4. 

DONALD CAMERON GAY. "Don." Animal Husbandry. 7 Robbins 
Rd., Lexington. Born in 1931 at Arlington. Entered from Lexington 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Judging Teams 4; Outing 
Club 1; Animal Husbandry Club 1, 2, 4; Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4. 

STEPHEN ALBERT GENDALL. "Sam." Wildlife Management. 
148 Dothan St., Arhngton. Born in 1918 at Cambridge. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Rod and Gun Club 2, 3, 4. 

ALBERT GEORGE GHIZ. "Al." Civil Engineering. 7 Wall St., 
Worcester. Born in 1927 at Worcester. Entered from North High 
School. Activities: Civil Engineering Club 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN LAWRENCE GIBBONS, JH. "Gib." Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. 238 Walnut St., Holyoke. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered 
from Holyoke High School. Activities: American Society of Mechan- 
ical Engineers 3, 4. 

MARVIN ELIHU GILBERT. Chemistry. 222}^^ Crescent St., Brock- 
ton. Born in 1930 at Brockton. Entered from Brockton High School. 

JEAN ELIZABETH GIMALOWSKI. English. 33 Alger St., Adams. 
Born in 1930 at Adams. Entered from Adams High School. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Index 2, 3, 4; Roister Doisters 
2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 4; Women's Athletic 
Association 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Chapter Correspondent 4). 

STANLEY SUMNER CLICK. "Stan." Psychology. 41 Almont St., 
Maiden. Born in 1930 at Maiden. Entered from Maiden High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Honors Work 4; Collegian 3; Handbook 
Board 2, 3; Index 3; Roister Doisters 3; Operetta Guild 2; Hillel 1; 
Psychology Club 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, 4); Tau Epsilon Phi 2, 3, 4. 

SUMNER HAROLD GOCHBERG. "Sonny." Pn-Med. 100 Algon- 
quin lid,, Newton. Born in 1931 at Boston. Enlind Inrni Newton 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi K;>]>\>:t Phi 4; Quar- 
terlv 2, .-i, 4 (IJlerary Editor 4); Hillel 2. 3, 4 (President ;i); Carnival 
Bali ConunilliM. 2, ;i; Mililarv Ball ConMnilleo 1, 2; Pre-Med Club 
2, 3, 4 (President 4); Football Team I; WMIA 2, 3; Inter-Class Play 
3; Tau Epsilon Phi ], 2,3, 4. 


ELlSAHK/ni VVMOL CODING. "Hots.v." I'.nslish. rhiinlivf Liuio. 
Aiiihcrsl. Rcirii in 1!);K) at Nortlianipton. KnttTod Iruin Amherst Higl\ 
Si'liciol. .l./,>,7„'x: Dran's List 1, ■>, 3, -t; Marcliiiifj Haml 3; Concert 
Band :!; llanaiuu.k Board '>: Concert Association 1, ■-'. ii. 4; Campus 
Varieties S: Ski Cluh '>, 3, 4; French FoUies 1. ,'; Pi Beta I'lii 1, i, 3, -t 
(Social Chairman 4). 

RICHARD LOWELL GOLAN. "Dick." Lidustrial Engineering. 
91 Lakeside Dr., Shrewsbury. Born in 1930 at Worcester. Transfer 
from Worcester Junior College. Actinlicx: Mechanical Engineering 
Club 3, 4. 

STEPHEN JOSEPH GOLAS. "Steve." Civil Engineering. 90 Glen- 
dale St., Eastliampton. Bora in 19'26 at Easthampton. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Aclii'ities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Statesmen '2; 
Operetta Guild 3; Rifle Club '2; Varsity Track 2; Newman Club 1; 
Civil Engineering Club i. 

PAUL GOLDBERG. Modern Languages. 12 Fenelon St., Dorchester. 
Born in 1931 at Mattapan. Entered from Boston Latin. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Handbook Board 2, 3; Roister Doisters 3, 4 
(Executive Board 4, Stage Manager 4); Campus Varieties 3; Hillel 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Chairman of Social Committee 3); French Club 3, 4; Psy- 
chology Club 3: German Club 3, 4; Tau Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (As- 
sistant Scribe 3, Historian 4). 

ENID JOAN GOLDMAN. Psychology. 56 Hillsboro Rd., Mattapan. 
Born in 1932 at Boston. Entered from Dorchester High School for 
Girls. Aclivilies: Dean's List 3; Collegian 3; Handbook Board 1, 2; 
Roister Doisters 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4 (President 
4) ; Women's Athletic Association 2, 4 ; Drill Team 1 ; Index 4 ; Sigma 
Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ALBERT FRANCIS GOODE. "Red." History. 300 Fellsway West, 
Medford. Born in 1928 at Medford. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi-Ed Club 3, 4; Dormitory 
Athletic Chairman 4; Soccer 1; Track 1; Education Club 3, 4. 

JUDITH CHARLOTTE GORDON. "Judy." Mathematics. 40 Haw- 
thorne St., Maiden. Born in 1928 at Somerville. Entered from Maiden 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; LTniversity Orchestra 1, 2 
(Publicity Chairman); Roister Doisters 1, 2; Concert Association 

1, 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 1, 2) ; Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4 (Sec- 
retary-Treasurer 4) ; Naiads 1, 2; Sigma Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (Assistant 
Treasurer 1, Treasurer 2). 

RENEE GORDON. Home Economics. 56 Alsace St., Springfield 
Born in 1931 at Springfield. Transfer from American International 
College. Activities: Dean's List 3; Collegian 3, 4 (Assistant Subscrip- 
tion Manager 4); Quarterly 4; Roister Doisters 4; Hillel 2, 3, 4; 
Carnival Committee 3, 4; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; House Counsellor 4; Sigma Delta Tau 

2, 3, 4. 

ALBERT KELLETT GRAHAM. "Crip." Civil Engineering. 52 Brown 
St., Methuen. Born in 1929 at Methuen. Entered from Methuen 
High School. Activities: Baseball 1; Soccer 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Engineering Club 1, 2; Band 1; Ski Club 2, 4; Varsity M Club 2, 3, 4; 
American Society of Civil Engineers 3, 4; Alumni Varsity M Club 4; 
Carnival Committee 3. 

MARY ELIZABETH GRANTFIELD. Home Economics. 43 Malcolm 
Ave., Pittsfield. Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfield 
High School. Activities: Class Officer 1 (Secretary); Dean's List 1, 2, 3; 
Scrolls 2; Senate 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Operetta Guild 1; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mother's Day Committee 1; Home Economics Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 3; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 
(President 4). 


HADLEY WETHERED GRAY. Finance. 91 Lyndale St., Springfield. 
Born in 19'38 at Springfield. Transfer from St. Michaels College. 
Actipities: Ka])])a Sigma 3, 4. 

MARK .lOEl, CKEKNUKIU;. Arcmnting. '20(1 St. Paul St.. Brookline. 
Horn in li).'((lal Boslon. ImiUtciI from Ho.stuii Latin Soliool. Artii'ilie.i: 
Dean's List -,', :i; Hillc-I 1; Mililarv Ball ( onunittee '2, 3; Tau Ep.silon 
Phi 1, '2, 3,-1 (Scribe 3, 4). 

ALFRED MATHIAS GREER, JR. -'Al." Forestry. Federal St., 
Belchertown. Born in 1918 at Maiden. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Forestry Club 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 

ALLEN KRONVALL GRIGGS. "Al." Civil Engineering. 17 Belvidere 
St., Springfield. Born in 1928 at Springfield. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Actimlien: American Society of Civil Engineers 2, 3, 4. 

ERNEST LEO GROLIMUND. "Tunney. " Business Administration. 
17 Higliland Ave., Northampton. Born in 1927 at Northampton. 
Entered from Northampton High School. 

,\LBION HENRY GROSS. "Al." Landscape Architecture. 96 Hock- 
anum Rd., Northampton. Born in 1928 at Northampton. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Dean's List 3; Landscape Architecture 
Club 2, 3, 4. 

:MARY PATRICLA. GUILTINAN. "Mary Pat." Home Economics. 
14 Hollister St., Pittsfield. Born in 1931 at Pittsfield. Entered from 
St. Josepli's High School. Activitie.i: Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Index 4; 
Women's Glee Club 3; Campus Varieties 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Corresponding Secretary 1, 2, Recording Secretary 3); Carnival 
Ball Committee 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 1; 
Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 
3, 4 (Marshal 3, Scholarship Chairman 4). 

R.VY MARTIN GUNN. Chemistry. Post Office Box 409, Stockbridge. 
Born in 1930 at Atlanta, Ga. Entered from Williams High School, 
Stockbridge. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4; 
Varsity Baseball 2, 3, 4; Varsity M Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); 
.\delphia 4; Maroon Key 2 (Vice-President); Chemistry Club 3, 4 
(Treasurer 4); Class Officer 4 (Vice-President). 

RICHARD LAWRENCE HADFIELD. "Dick." Public Health. 411 
N. Franklin St., Holbrook. Born in 1926 at Brockton. Entered from 
Sunnier High School. Activities: Bacteriology Club 3, 4. 

RK'IIARI) .lOlIN HAEEY. "Dick " History. 29 Belmont Ave., North- 
ampton. Born in li)29 at \ortliani]>l('n. Entered from Northampton 
High School. Activities: Collegian 2, 3, 4 (Executive Editor 4); Theta 
Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 


( I.IKFORl) I.. IIAGBEHG. '•Cliti." Business AdministnUiuii. l:U 
Beverly K<1., Woreestor. Born in 1!)'2!) at Woreester. Transfer 
Xorwieli I'niversity. Arlirilics: Phi SiijMia Kn|)])a ;i, 4. 

UOBKUT MKRI.K IIAMILTON. "Boh." Dairy Industry. ^\Vslvie^ 
I'arlv No. •>, Vniversitv of Mass., Auilierst. Born in l!)'>(i at Los An 
geles, Calif. Kntered ' from State Collefje High School. ArlU'Uie.^ 
Dean's List 4; .tudging Teams 4; Dairy dul. '2. 8. 4 (President a) 

ASTRID ^L\UL\ HANSON. "Sandy." English -26 St. 
Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Classical High 
School. Actirlticx: Dean's List 1, -2. 3; Scrolls '2, Opiiitfa Guild 2 
Dormitory Social Chairman 3; Student Christian V^soc i.ifion f. 
Women's Athletic -Association 1, '2, 3, 4 (Manager 3), K.ippi \lpli.i 
Theta 1, % 3, 4 (Social Chairman 3, President 4) 

PAULINE HARCOVITZ. "Polly." Home Economics 21 Orchaid st 
Millis. Born in 1930 at Brookline. Entered from Mdlis High School 
Activities: Pauhellenic Council 3, 4; Women's Judiciarj Board '2, 3, 1 
(Chief Justice 4); Roister Doisters 3; Outing Club 1, i. Orthodox 
Club 1, -2, 3, 4; Phillips Brooks Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Christian 
Association 4; Mother's Day Committee 1; Home Economirs Club 
1, '2, 3, 4 (\'ice- President 4); Student Faculty Planning Board 1, i, 3, 
4 (Secretary): State Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Publicity 
Chairman 3); Women's .\thletic Association 1, i, 3, 4, House Coun- 
cillors: House Chairman 4; Pi Beta Phi 1, '2, 3, 4 (Evecutive Board H 

WILLIAM BRENDON HARRINGTON. "Bill." Electrical Engineer- 
ing. 162 Northampton Ave., Springfield. Born in 1921 at Springheld 
Entered from Technical High School. AclivHie.i: Dean's List 3, New- 
man Club -2, 3, 4; Radio Club 4; A.I.E.E. i, 3, 4. 

EVERETT BRYANT HATCH. "Ev." Animal Husbandry. 20 Draper 
Ave., Arlington. Born in 1931 at Arlington. Entered from Arlington 
High School. Aftiritie-s: Dean's List 1, 3; .Indging Teams 4. .ludson 
Fellowship 3, 4: Animal Husbandrv Club 1, '2, 3, 4: Alpha Gamma Rho 
1. 2, 3, 4. 

RICHMOND WILLIAM H.\THAWAY. "Dick." Mechanical Engi- 
neering. 2() East St., Warren. Born in 192H at Warren. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Arliiifiex: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Cluli 1: Me- 
chanical Engineering Club 3, 4. 

SHIRLEY :\IAE HATHAWAY. "Sliirl." English. Williamsburg. 
Born in 19'29 at Westfield. Entered from Helen E. James High School. 
Actii'ifies: Dean's List 3; Writer's Club 4; Outing Club '2: Student 
Christian Association 1; S.C.A. Cabinet 1: Sigma Kappa '2, 3, 4. 

JEAN HAZELTON. Recreation. Main St., Dennisport. Born in 1930 
at Hyannis. Entered from Pembroke High School. Activities: Class 
Officer (Secretary '2); Isogon 4: Pauhellenic Council 3, 4; Campus 
Chest Drive 1, 2, 3 (Events Chairman 2): Social Chairman, Lewis 
Hall 1; House Chairman, Lewis Hall 3; Operetta Guild 1; Student 
Christian Association 1, '2, 3 (Co-Chairman Embassy •2); Carnival Ball 
Committee 1, 4 (Co-Chairman 4) ; Sophomore- Senior Hop Committee 
■2; Spring Day Committee 3; Education Club 4; Nature Club 4; Wom- 
en's Athletic Association 3, 4; Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4: Kappa Kappa Gamma 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Pauhellenic Representative 4, Memliership Chairman 4). 

HENRY ROBERT HEALY. English. 77 Forris St., W^est Springfield. 
Born in 1928 at Springfield. Transfer from Fort Devens. 


JOANI ELIZABETH HEATH. "Cherrie." Recreational Leadership. 
S(i Aid™ St., Lynn. Born in 1930 at Lynn. Entered from Lynn Eng- 
lish HIkIi School Actirities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Scrolls 2; Isogon 4; 
I'anhcllciiic Council 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, President 4); Carnival Ball 
ConuniHce 3 (Events Chairman); Mother's Day Committee 1; Wom- 
(m'.s .Mlili'tic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sports Manager 2, President 3); 
l<n)>iin Alpha Theta 1, 2, 3, 4. 

VERNA MAY HEATH. Home Economics. Main St., Huntington. 
Born in 1930 at Huntington. Entered from Huntington High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, i, 3; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association 2. 

FREDERICK LEE HELENE. "Fred." Electrical Engineering. 
316 HoUis St., Framingham. Born in 1929 at Springfield. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Mills House officer (Secretary-Treas- 
urer 4); American Institute of Electrical Engineers 3, 4. 

JOHN JOSEPH HEMMINGS. ".lack." Ornamental Horticulture. 
34 North Ave., Rockland. Bom in 1927 at Rockland. Entered from 
Rockland High School. Actimlies: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Newman Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Landscape Architecture Club 2, 3, 4. 

LAURENCE JOHN HIGGINS. "Laurie." Political Science. 186 
Summit Ave., Wollaston. Born in 1929 at Chelsea. Entered from 
Boston College High School. Activities: Military Ball Committee 1; 
Radio Station 2, 3, 4 (Chief Announcer 3, 4, Production Director 3, 
Sports Director 4); Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BARBARA AMES HILL. "Bobby." English. 71 Hubbard St., Ludlow. 
Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from Ludlow High School. 
Activities: Collegian 1; Handbook Board 1, 2; Sinfonietta 1, 2; Chorale 
3, 4; Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4; Campus Varieties 2; Kappa Alpha Theta 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Editor 3, Vice-President 4). 

WARREN FAMES HILL, JR. Landscape Architecture. H-3, Hamp- 
shire House, Amherst. Born in 1928 at Adams. Transfer from Marl- 
boro College. Activities: Dean's List 3; Landscape Architecture Club 
2,3,4 (President 4). 

CAROI, MAK IIIXDS. "Toddy" Sociology. 83 Castle St., Great 
Barriiigtiin. Horn in 1!)30 at PittsHeld. Entered from Searles High 
Sc-hool. Actirities: .\cademic .\ctivities Board 3; Dean's List 1, 2, 3; 
Chorale 1, 2, 3, 4 (Manager 3); Operetta Guild 1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta 
Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3, Music Chairman 4). 

\I.I,EN WENTWORTH IIIXON, JR. "Al." Landscape Architecture. 
17 Montague St., Worcester. Born in 1928 at Worcester. Entered from 
(nsliing .\<a(leniy. Activities: Academic Activities Board 2; Dean's 
List 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2; Campus Varieties 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2; 
Dance Band 1, 2; Landscape Architecture Club 2, 3, 4; Theta Chi 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

THOMAS VICTOR HOGAN, JR. "Hogie." Electrical Engineering, 
5 Cotuit St., West Roxbury. Born in 1928 at Cambridge. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Orchestra 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Electrical Engineering Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, Secretary 4); 
Varsity Rifle Team 2, 3, 4. 


ARTIUU KPWARD HOLMES. "Art." Landscape Architecture. 40 
l'r»j,'ross St , Ilopedale. Born in 1930 at Hopedale. Entered from 
llopedale High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Student Cliristian As- 
sociatiou 1, ^, 3, 4: DeMohiy Chil> -2, 3, 4; l-andscape Arcliitecture 
Club !2, 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 4. 

RAYMOND DEAN HOLMES. "Uay." Civil Engineering. 387 Grove 
St., Fall River. Born in 19^8 at New York City, N. Y. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Activities: Class Officer 1, 4 (President): Civil Engineer- 
ing Club ^, 3, 4. 

RUTH BRETTLE HOLTON. Psychology. Northfield. Born in 1930 
at Greenfield. Transfer from Vermont Junior College. Activities: 
Dean's List 3: Honors \York 4; Psychology Club 3, 4, 

DAVID REID HORSEFIELD. "Dave." Civil Engineering. 21 Prince 
St., Needham. Born in 1931 at Oak Park, 111. Entered from Needham 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Outing Club 3, 4 (Social 
Chairman 4); Canterbury Club 3, 4: DeMolay Club 1; Military Ball 
Committee 1; Radio Station 1, -2, 3: American Association of Civil 
Engineers -2, 3, 4; Engineer's Council 4 (Chairman). 

field. Born in 19'28 at East Northfield. Transfer from Piedmont Col- 
lege. Activities: Class Officer 1, 2; Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Psychology Club 
3, 4. 

FRANCIS XAVIER HURLEY. "Fran." Business Administration. 
12 Pierview Ave., Revere. Born in 1927 at Boston. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. 

RUTH G. HURWTTZ. Psychology. 277 Pine St., Lowell. Born in 1931 
at Boston. Entered from Lowell High School. Activities: Dean's List 
1, 2, 3: Roister Doisters 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2); Psychology 
Club 3, 4; LTniversitv Symphony 1, 2 (Publicity Chairman): Sigma 
Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, 4). 

DUDLEY FRANCIS IRWIN. "Dud." Electrical Engineering. 27 
Memorial Drive, Amherst. Born in 1919 at Northampton. Entered 
from Amherst High School. Activities: Electrical Engineering Club 

MARIE THERESA .JACOB. Recreational Leadership. 49 Cole Ave., 
Williamstown. Born in 1930 at Williamstown. Entered from Williams- 
town High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Roister Doisters 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Executive Board 4); Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Carnival Committee 3: 
Nature Guide Association 3, 4 (President 4); Psychology Club 2: 
Women's .\thletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4. 

bandry. 569 South Pleasant St., Amherst. Born in 1929 at Amherst. 
Entered from Amherst High School. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; 
Animal Husbandry Club 2, 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Rho 4. 


WnXIAM OCEANIC .lAHN, JR. "Bill." Floriculture. Ut-t6 Central 
St., East Bridgewater. Born iu 1931 at Brockton. Entered from East 
Bridgewater High Scoool. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Band 1, 2, 3; 
Chimes 3, 4; University Chorus 2; Chorale -t; Operetta Guild 3, i; 
Horticulture Show Committee 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 3, 4; 
Floriculture Club 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Rho 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 

EDWARD JOSEPH JAXKOWSKI. "Bull." Finance. 12 Irving St., 
Easthampton. Born in 1927 at Easthampton. Entered from East- 
hampton High School. 

2(1-2 Sclioi]l St., ('Iii(u])cc Falls. Born in 1926 at Springfield. Transfer 
from Ohio University. Adiiities: Class Officer 2 (Treasurer); Ju- 
diciary Committee 3; Band 1; Roister Doi.sters 2, 3, 4; Concert 
.Vssiii'iation 2; Campus Varieties 1, 2, 3, 4 (Director 1, 2); Outing 
('lull 2; Ski Clnb 1, 2 (Vice-President); Veteran's Club 2, 3; Newman 
Chil. '2; Carnival Ball Committee 2; Dad's Day Committee 1, 2; 
Ciniival (■(Mnriiillcc 3; Mother's Day Committee 2; Sophomore- 
Scniur Hop Counnittee 3; Inter-Greek Ball Committee 3; Football 
2, 3; Basketball 2; Varsity M Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4 
(Vice-President 4, Social Chairman 4). 

MAE-LOUISE JEZYK. "Lou." Zoology. 46 Franklin St., Northamp- 
ton. Born in 1929 at Barre. Entered from Barre High School. .4c(iu- 
ilies: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Honors W'ork 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; Pre-Med Club 1, 2; Pi Beta Phi 
1, 2, 3, 4 (House Manager 3). 

BETTY-LOU JOHNSON. "B-Lou." Romance Languages. 363 Broad- 
way St., North Attleboro. Born in 1930 at Attleboro. Entered from 
No'rtli .\ttlcboro High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Student Chris- 
liaii .\vM,.iation 1, 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Club 1, 2 (Secretary 1); Mother's 
Dav ('(.nnnittee 1; French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Associa- 
tion 1, 2, 3, 4: Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 3, 4: Kappa Alpha Theta 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 4). 

JARL ORVILLE JOHNSON. "J. J." Electrical Engineering. 491 N. 
West St., Feeding Hills. Born in 1928 at New Britain, Conn. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Outing Club 2, 4; Radio Club 2; Ski Club 
1; Electrical Engineering Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Camera Club 1; 
Television Club 1. 

PHILIP MARSH JOHNSON. "Phil." English. 21 Larchmont Lane, 
Lexington. Born in 1930 at Putnam, Conn. Entered from Arlington 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4: Collegian 2, 3, 4; Roister 
Doi^tcrs 2, 3, 4; Campus Varieties 3, 4; Carnival Committee 4; 
Iiitcrclass Plays 3: Hospital Touring Group 3; Phi Sigma Kappa 
2,3,4 (Secretary 3, 4). 

RICHARD EDWARD JOHNSON. "Dick." Electrical Engineering. 
53 Beach St., W'ollaston. Born in 1928 at Medford. Entered from 
North Quincy High School. Activities: American Institute of Elec- 
tricaljingineering 3, 4 (Secretary 3, Chairman 4); Engineering Coun- 
cil 3 (Secretary); Q. T. V. 3, 4. 

WILLAUI) MARSHALL JOHNSON. "Bill." Accounting. 24 Bates St., 
Westficld. Entered from Westfidd High School. Born in l!);!(l at West- 
Held- .lr/i>(//o-.- Dean's List 3. 4; Indf.x t (Assistant BvisiTicss Man- 
ager); Roister Doisters 3, 4; National Student Association 2, 3 (Treas- 
urer 3). 

DAVID ROBERT JOHNSTON. "Dave." Agronomy. 89 Shute St., 
Everett. Born in 1930 at Everett. Entered from Everett High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Outing Club 1; Phillips Brooks Club 1; 
Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. 


KDITH C'AIU)L1NF, JONES. "Kaio." Ihnnv Ecmimnics. -.H Salisluiiy 
St., Reholioth. Bom in 1931 at Cleveland, Ohio. Entered Irom Digli- 
ton Higli School. Actirities: Summer School Social Committee 3; 
Roister Doisters 1, -i, 3; Student Christian Association 1, '2, 3; 
S.C.A. Cabinet 3: Home Economics Clul) 1, '2. 3: Naiads 1: K:\p\y.\ 
Alpha Theta 1,^.3. 

STEPHEN FRANCIS JOYCE. Public Health. 11 St. Margarets St., 
Dorchester. Born in 19'2T at Boston. Transfer From Eort Devens. 
Activities: Bacteriology Cluli 3, +. 

EVELYN MARIAN KACINSKl. "Ev." Home Economics. R.F.I). 
Bradstreet, South Deerfield. Born in 1931 at Northampton. Tran^i■cr 
from Framingham State Teachers College. Activities: Newman Chib 
1, '2, 3, i; Home Economics Club 1, '2, 3, 4. 

LORRAINE ADELE KEANE. "Larrie." English. -201 Federal St , 
Greenfield. Born in 19'29 at Milwaukee, Wis. Transfer from Syracuse 
University. Activities: Index i; Dean's List 3; Chi Omega 3, 4. 

FRANK EDWARD KEEGAN. Marketing. -2 Maple St., Three Rivers. 
Bom in 19-27 at New London, Conn. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Newman Club i; Lambda Chi Alpha 3, 4. 

ROGER WESTON KELLEY, JR. "Wes." Entomology. 1.51 North 
Main St., Middleboro. Born in 1930 at Middleboro. Entered from 
Memorial High School. Activities: Band 1, '2, 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 
1, 2, 3, 4; Military Ball Committee i, 3, 4 (Chairman 4); Fernald 
Entomclogy Club -2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ROBERT FREDERICK KEMPF. "Bob." Electrical Engineering. 
Memorial St., Deerfield. Bom in 1928 at Greenfield. Entered from 
Deerfield Academy. Activities: Electrical Engineering Club 3, 4. 

JOAN MARIE KENNEDY. "Jodie." Psychologj'. 97 Daviston St., 
Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Technical 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 2; Collegian 4; Index 3, 4; 
Roister Doisters 1, 2, 3; University Chorus 2; Campus Varieties 3; 
Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Picnic Committee 1; Bacteriology 
Club 2; Psychology Club 3, 4; W' omen's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Fencing Club 3; Chi Omega 1,2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, Treasurer 4). 

MICHAEL KESTIGIAN. "Mike." Chemistry. Apt. C-7 Federal Circle, 
Amherst. Born in 1928 at Charlton Depot. Transfer from Fort Dev- 
ens. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Honors Work 4; Chemistry Club 1, 
2, 3, 4 (President 4); International Relations Club 1. 

23 Cohasset St., Boston. Born in 1926 at Boston. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: American Society of Mechanical Engineers 3, 4; 
Football 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 1, 2. 

[ 233 ] 

LEO FRANCIS KILCOYNE. "Lee." 62 Paine St., Worcester. Born 
in 1927 at Worcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: Newman 
Club 1, i, S, i (President 4); Mathematics Club i. 

GLADYS MAK KIMBAM,. "Cl.uMie." Animal Husbandrj'. 791 East 
Broadway, llavi-rliill. Bum in l!i:!(l at Haverhill. Transfer from Stock- 
bridge Schciiil. Activifies: Animal Husbandry Club 1, 2, 4; 4-H Club 
1, 2, 3, i. 

burne. Born in 1930 at Greenfield. Entered from Arms Academy. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegian 1, 2; Quarterly 3; Mother's 
Bay Committee 1; French Club 1; Women's Athletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Volleyball Manager 4); Writer's Cliib 4; Education Club 
3, 4; Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 (Registrar 3, Secretary 4). 

ROBERT WILLIAM KITTLE. "Bob." Accounting. 64 East Housa- 
tonic St., Dalton. Born in 1929 at Pittsfield. Entered from Dalton 
High School. Activities: Junior Class Executive Committee; Dean's 
List 2, 3; Handbook Board 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Weslev Foundation 1, 2. 

i;. JANE KLEIN. "Janie." Home Economics. 205 East Pleasant St., 
Amherst. Born in 1931 at Manhatten, Kansas. Entered from Amherst 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1: Collegian 1; Carnival Com- 
mittee 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Alpha Theta 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

JOSEPH ANTHONY KMIEC. Mechanical Engineering. Route No. 1, 
Salem Depot, N. H. Born in 1926 in Poland. Transfer from Fort 

BARBARA ANN KONOPKA. "Bobbie." Bacteriology. 284 Main St., 
Easthampton. Born in 1931 at Northampton. Entered from East- 
lianiptdu High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Executive Board 
2, 3; Scrolls 2 (Vice-President); Drill Team 2, 3, 4; House Counselor 3; 
Collegian 3; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Flower Fashion Show 2, 3; 
Carnival Ball Committee 2; Bacteriology Club 2, 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. 

AARON KORNETSKY. Food Technology. 744 Broadway, Chelsea. 
Born in 1930 at Chelsea. Entered from Chelsea High School. Activ- 
ities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Collegian 1; Handbook Board 2; Food 
Technology Club 4; Tan Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Steward 4). 

HARRY JOSEPH KORSLUND. "Slim." Poultry Husbandry. 87 Gay 
St., Norwood. Born in 1928 at Norwood. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Lutheran Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Art Club 1; Military 
Ball Committee 4; Poultry Club 2, 4. 

PHILIP EDWIN KOSKI. "Phil." Chemistry. R.F.D. No. 3. Amherst. 
Born in 1930 at Hadley. Entered from Hopkins Academy. Activities: 
Chemistry Club 4; Prc-Med Club 4; Soccer 1, 2. 


RTCHAUn ALAN KOSKI. "Dick." Poultry, (i Allston St., West 
Mtilfinil. Born in 1930 at Medford. Entered from Medford High 
Scliool. Activities: Band 1; Judgin" Teams 3; Poultry Club 3, 4. 

EILEEN SELMA KOVEY. "Kov." Sociology. i>5 Washington St., 
Stougliton. Born in 1930 at Boston. Entered from Stoughton High 
School. Aclirilies: House Counselor 4; Index '2, 3; Roister Doisters 
2, 3, 4; Hillel 1, •3, 3, 4; LZ.F.A. 1, '2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Associa- 
tion 1, '2. 3. 4; Pi Beta Phi 3, 4. 

EUGENE FRANCIS KOWALIK. "Geno." Mechanical Engineermg 
43 Commercial St., Thorndike. Born in 19'28 at Thonidike. Entered 
from Palmer High School. Activities: Radio Club 1; Mechanical 
Engineering Club 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Track 1. 

LEO COLTON KRANEFl'SS. "Lee." Chemistry. 7^2 Manor Rd., 
Springfield. Born in 19'28 at Quincy. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1; Newman Club 1, '2, 3; Chemistry Club 2, 4; 
Pre-Med Club 1 (Secretary). 

ROBERT HOLMSTROM KROECK. "Bob." Sociology. 28 Hartshorn 
St., Reading. Born in 1930 at Waltham. Entered from Reading High 
School. Activities: Class Officer 2, 3 (Vice-President 2, President 3), 
Adelphia 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 2; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Vice-President 4) . 

ALFRED ALEXANDER KROL. "Al." Marketing. Amherst Rd., 
Sunderland. Born in 1930 at Sunderland. Entered from Amherst 
High School. Activities: Index 4; Track 1; Business .\dministration 
Club 4; Military Ball Committee 1, 4, 

ANITA BARBARA KRIKLEY. "Nita." Home Economics. Benjamm 
Rd., Shirley. Born in 1930 at Nashua, N. H. Entered from Fitchburg 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Women's Glee Club 2, New- 
man Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; Pi Beta Phi 2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM LYONS LAMBERT. "Bill." Business Administration. 
136 Lake St., Brighton. Transfer from Fort Devens. Born in 1922 at 
Brighton. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa. 

DONALD C0RNT:LIUS LANCTO. "Don." Mathematics. A-5 Federal 
Circle, Amherst. Born in 1928 at North Adams. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Newman Club 1; Mathematics Club 3, 4. 

GERALDINE MAYNARD LANCTO. "Gerry." Home Economics. 
2380 Massachusetts Ave., Lexington. Born in 1930 at Lowell. Entered 
from Winthrop High School. Activities: Band 1, 2, 3; Collegian 1, 2, 3, 
4' (Exchange Editor 3, Feature Editor 3, Associate Editor 4) ; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3; Carnival Ball Committee 3; Home Economics Club 1, 2; 
Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 2, 3, 4 
(Key Correspondent 4). 


IIEXRY JAMES LANK. ICUctiical Engineering. Essex. Born in IQ-ZS 
iit Essex. Entered from llnntington Preparatory Scliool. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Elei-trieal Engineering Club 2, 3; A.I.E.E. 3, i. 

MARLENE LANES. Home Economics. 13 Beacon Hill Ave., Lynn. 
Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Lynn Englisli High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, i, 3, 4; Collegian 3; Roister Doisters 1; 
Hillel 1, 2, 3, i: Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Sigma Delta Tau 2, 3, 
4 (Corresponding Secretary 4). 

ROLAND THEODORE LaPLANTE. "Roily." Animal Husbandry. 
P.O. Box 2(t7, Man.sfield. Born in 1931 at St. Louis, Mo. Entered 
from ^L^lsti(■ld Higli School. Artinlies: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Judging 
Teams 4; Newman Club 4; Animal Husbandry Club 3, 4; Agronomy 
Club 3; Alpha Ganmia Rho 1, 2, 3, 4. 

.ILDrni R. LAPPIN. "Judy." Mathematics. 109 Homestead St., 
Roxlinrv. Born in 1932 at Boston. Entered from Girls' Latin School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Panhellenic Council 3, 4; Collegian 4 
(Co-Subscripticn Manager); Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Mathematics Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; University Committee on Student Life 3, 4; Sigma Delta 
Tau 1, 2, 3, 4. 

\1 \R\ 1 I 1/ S-Bl- TH L V\^ Marybeth." Heme Economics. 33 Green- 
li it Sf Sprmj,hild Born m 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Tech- 
iiK d Ihf,h S( hool iilnitits Dean's List 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 3; 
I ni\er il\ ( h<iru ' 4 ( oncert Association 3, 4; Home Economics 
( lull 1 ' J 4 Si^,nu Ki))pi3, 4. 

\R I III R 1 !)( \1{ 1 ^ m \NC "Art." Geology. 30 Winslow St., Cam- 
liiid,.! Biiiii 111 1')'! it Moncton, N. B., Canada. Transfer from 
B(i ton I m\( rsit\ litutttes Geology Club 3, 4 (Treasurer 4) . 

EARL ROBERT LENOIS. Agricultural Engineering. 1 K St., Turners 
Falls. Born in 1930 at Turners Falls. Entered from Turners Falls 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 2; Agricultural Engineering Club 
2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3,4). 

RICHARD LINCOLN LETTIS. "Dick." English. 16 Samuel St., 
.\ga\viiui. Born in 1928 at Springfield. Transfer from Fort Dcvens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; 
Quarterly 3, 4 (Poetry Editor 4); Index 4; Quarterly Club 2; Radio 
Club 4. 

.\L1CE MI'RIEL LEVENTHAL. "Al." Textiles and Applied Arts. 
7.5 Van Grei-nbv Rd., Lowell. Born in 1931 at Lowell. Entered from 

Lowell High Sci I. Activities: Roister Doisters 1, 2, 4:Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 

(Representative 1, 3); Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 2, 3, 
4: Sigma Delta Tau 2, 3, 4 (Rush Chairman 4). 

CHARLOTTE .ILDITH LEVINE. Sociology. 36 Hillside Ave., Law- 
rence. Born in 1930 at Boston. Entered from Lawrence High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Index 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball Com- 
mittee 3 (Publicity Committee); Sigma Delta Tau 1, 2, 3, 4. 


GRACK M.VRIl.VX I.KVINK. CliiUI IVvt^lopnuMit. +ll Ihinvod.l St.. 
Lynn. Born in loaci :it Wintlirup. Kntorod from l.ynn Classical lligli 
Sohool. Aclirilirs: Roistt-r Dcistcrs ■,', 3; Hillel 1, -i, 3, i: Home Kco- 
nomics Cluh -2, 3, 4; Si.'nia Di-lta Tau 1. ■-', 3, i. 

BRICK NICHOLSON LKVIS. I'onltiy Ihisliandry. 1(U ClaHin St., 
Belmont. Born in UH9 at Camhridfio. Knterod Ironi Belmont Hill 
Sehool. Actirilie.'.-: Dean's List 3: Stuilont Christian Assoeiation 1, -i, 
3, 4; Poultry Clnh '>, 3, 4; Football 1, -i: Hockey '2, 3, 4; Varsity >[ 
CInl. ■>. 3, 4;' Kapi)a Simna 1. -2, 3. 4. 

I'.S'l'ELLF, LTF,BER^LVN, Economics. 510 Pawtiicket St., Lowell. 
Born in l!)3(l at New York. \. Y. Entered from Lowell High School. 
Arlirilifs: Dean's List 1. -2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Collegian 3; Hillel 
1, -2, 3, 4; Radio Cluh -2; Sigma Delta Tau 1, -2, 3, 4 (Rush Chairniau 
3, President 4). 

HERBERT ERNEST LINDNER. "Herb." Mechanical Engineering. 
4!) Vernon St., Holyoke. Born in 1927 at Holyoke. Entered Irom 
Holvoke High Sehoo'l. Actiriticx: Basketball 1, Var-sity D and M 1, -2. 
3, 4; Baseball 1, -2; A.S.M.E. 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

LAWRENCE LITWACK. "Larry." English. 61 Porter St., Maiden. 
Born in 19-29 at Chelsea. Entered from Maiden High Sehool. Activities 
Adelphia 4; Baud '2, 3: Collegian '2, 3, 4 (News Editor -2, 3); Campus 
Chest 3, 4; Roister Doisters 4 (Executive Board); Index 2, 3, 4 (Man- 
aging Editor 4); Operetta Guild 3, 4 (Publicity Chairman 3, 4), 
Campus Varieties 4; Hillel 2, 3, 4; Varsity Tennis (Manager 2, 4); 
WMl'A 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Member-at-large 4). 

ROBERT LIVINGSTON. "Ro<ky." Political Science. 59 Main St, 
Haverhill. Born in 1930 at Haverhill. Entered from New Y'ork Mil- 
itary .\cademy. Activities: Collegian 2, 3 (Advertising Manager 3), 
Interfraternitv Council 2, 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Presi- 
dent 4). 

JEREMIAH ANTHONY LoCONTE. "Jerry." Mechanical Engmeer- 
ing. 85 Readville St., Hyde Park. Born in 1928 at Boston. Transfer 
from Fort Devens. Activities: Newman Club 4; Track 1: Soccer 1, 
A.S.M.E. Club 3, 4; Mechanical Engineering Club 2, 3. 

GILBERT SOARES LOPES. "Gil." Zoology. 44 Parker St., New 
Bedford. Born in 1924 at New Bedford. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Newman Club 4; Education Club 4. 

MARY ALICE LOWRY. English. 10 Camelia Ave., Cambridge. Borii in 
1930 at Cambridge. Entered from Cambridge High and Latin. Activi- 
ties: Dean's List 3; Scrolls 2; Burnham Declamation 2; Roister Dois- 
ters 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, General Manager 4); Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4 
Inter-Sorority Declamation 2, 4; L'niversitv Plavers 3, 4; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOAN LUNDBERG. History. 747 Pleasant St., Framingham Centre 
Born in 1930 at Framingham. Entered from Framingham High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Roister Doisters 1; University 
Chorus 1: Chorale 3; Operetta Guild 3; Student Christian Association 
1; Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. 


HUGO MIKAEL LUOTO, JR. Business Administration. 14 Albertina 
St., Quincy. Born in 1929 at Centerville. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Business Administration Club 3, 4 (President 4); Q.T.V. 
(Housing Officer 3, 4). 

DEXTER BURT LYMAN. "Dec." Sociology. -23 Mechanic St., Shel- 
burne Falls. Born in 1927 at Greenfield. Entered from Arms Academy. 
Activities: Phi Sigma Kappa 3, 4. 

.IA((^rKl,IXK MAHIK LYNCH. "Jackie." Home Economics. 
■_',' licyniiliis Am., Mdnscjn. Born in 1931 at Palmer. Entered from 
MiinsoTi liigli Sclindl. Actii'ilies: Newman Club 3, 4; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 4); Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Social Chairman 4). 

HARRY DAVID LYONS, JR. English. 193 Highland Ave., Lowell. 
Born in 1927 at Lowell. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: New- 
man Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4 (Vice-President); Campus 
Chest 3. 

RICHARD WILKINS M.^cCALLUM. "Mac." Marketing. 122 West 
Elm Ave., Wollaston. Born in 1927 at Boston. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Outing Club 1 ; Devens College Association 2, 3, 4 
(Treasurer 3, 4); Business Administration Club 4; Q.T.V. 2, 3, 4 
(Steward 3, 4). 

CECILIA GENEVIEVE MACHAIEK. 'Xeil." English. 101 Chapman 
St., Greenfield. Born in 1931 at Greenfield. Entered from Greenfield 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Index 
3, 4; University Chorus 2; Outing Club 1: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
French Club 1, 3, 4; International Relations Club 4; Kappa Alpha 
Theta 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EDWARD JOSEPH MACHNO. "Mack." Olericulture. 22 High St., 
Holyoke. Born in 1928 at Hadley. Transfer from Hopkins Academy. 
Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Roister Doisters 3; Operetta Guild 3; 
Outing Club 2, 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Horticul- 
ture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Poultry Club 1, 2: Future Farmers of America 
(Reporter 2, 3); Olericulture Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Reporter 3). 

PAUL STANLEY MACIOI.EK. "Mack." Industrial Psychology. 
40 Lowell St., Wcsl Sprin^'lield. Born in 1930 at Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Entered from West Springfield High School. Activities: Newman 
Club 1; Military Ball Committee 3, 4; Psychology Club 4; Radio 
Club 3; Horticulture Show 3; Alpha Gamma Rho 4 (Librarian 4, 
Social Chairman 4). 

STANLEY JULIAN MACIOLEK, JR. "Stash." Mathematics. 19 
Genesee St., Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Transfer from 
Springfield Junior College. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; Mathe- 
matics Club 2, 3, 4; Student Senate 4. 

FRANCIS GARRETT MAIIER. "Fran." Business Administration. 
G-3 Federal Circle, Amherst. Born in 1928 at Northampton. Transfer 
from Boston LTniversity. Activities: Military Ball Committee 4. 


NIINZI JOHN MAK). "Kiip." C"li<Miiistiy. S Kir St., Soutli Bairo. Hen 
in 19'J9 at South Barrc. Kntcrcd from Barre High School. Adifilic.-: 
Dean's List 'J, 3; Newman Clnb 3, 4; Chemi.strv Club 4. 

ALAN TAYLOR MANCHKSTER. "Al." FUtriculture. Old Harh.n- 
Rd., Westport Harbor. Born in lO'iS at Fall River. Transfer from 
Brown University. Acliritie.':: Deans List 3; Flower Fashion Show 
3 (Co-chairman V, Carnival Ball Committee 3, i (Ticket Chairman 
3, -i): Horticulture Sliow 3, i (Committee Chairman 3, 4); Floricul- 
ture Club 3, 4; Theta Chi -2, 3. 4 (Secretary 4). 

ERNEST JOSEPH MANDEVILLE. "Ernie." Food Technology. 
53 Howard Ave., New Bedford. Born in 19'21 at New Bedford. 
Entered from New Bedford High School. Activities: Interfraternitx 
Judiciary 3, 4 (Secretary 4); Outing Club 1, 2; French Club 4; FcmhI 
Technology Club 3, 4;" Fencing Club i, 3, 4 (President '2, 3, 41: 
Devens Fencing League 1 (President): International Relations Chili 
1; Square Dance Club '2; Q.T.V. i, 3, 4. 

ANDREW NELSON MANGUM. "Andy." Agricultural Engineering. 
55 AUyn St., Holyoke. Born in 19'29 at Holyoke. Entered from 
Holyoke High School. Activities: Newman Club 1,2,3,4; Agricultural 
Engineering Club '2, 3, 4 (President 4); Engineering Council 3, 4; 
Phi Sigma Kappa 1, ■2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, President 4). 

WILLL\M EDWARD MANLEY. "Bill." Floriculture. 23 Bower St., 
West Medford. Born in 1927 at Medford. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Deans List 3; Senate 1; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Inter- 
Greek Ball Committee 3; Floriculture Club 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3); 
Flower Fashion Show 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4 (President 4). 

RONALD KAY MANSBACH. "Ronnie." Sociology. 26 Leyden St., 
Brockton. Born in 1928 at Brockton. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Outing Club 1; Lutheran Club 2; Alpha Phi 
Omega 4. 

LORETO PAUL M.\RINELLI. "Lalo." Chemistry. 714 Pleasant St.. 
Norwood. Born in 1930 at Norwood. Entered from Norfolk County 
Agricultural School. Activities: Military Ball Committee 4; Chemistr\ 
Club 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; F.F.A. 1, 2, 3 (Secretary 2); Q.T.V. 1, 2, 3, ^ 
(Sergeant at Arms 2, Chaplain 3, 4). 

ELIZABETH ANNE MARSHMAN. "Betsy." Child Development 
31 Milton St., Brockton. Born in 1930 at AVhite Plains, N. Y'. En- 
tered from Brockton High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Isogon 4 
(Vice-President); Student Christian Association 1; Edwards Fellow- 
ship 1, 2; Carnival Committee 3, 4 (Queen's Committee Chairman 
3); Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3); Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4; Senate 2 (Chairman 
of Activities Committee); House Counselor 3; Kappa Kappa Gamma 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOHN ALOYSIUS MARTIN. "Jack." ludvistrial Administration. 
37 Stone St., Walpole. Born in 1927 at Walpole. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 3; Newman Club 3, 4; Business Admin- 
istration 4. 

RICHARD ARTHUR MARTINEZ. "Marty." History. 20 Chester 
St., Maiden. Born in 1928 at Maiden. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Roister Doisters 3; Outing Club 1,2; MeryMount Masquers 
1; Newman Club 3; International Relations Club 4; Education Club 
3, 4 (President 4); Devens Chorus 1; Devens College Alumni Associa- 
tion 2, 3, 4; Q.T.V. 3, 4 (Worthy Recorder 3, 4). 


t ^ 

.lOANNE MARIE MARTINSEN. English. 25 Nelson St., Webster. 
Bern in 1!)30 at East Douglas. Entered from Bartlett High School. 
Arllrlties: Dean's List 1, 3; Student Christian Association 1, i: Wom- 
en's .\tlilotic Association 2, 3; Sigma Kappa 2, 3, i (Recording Sec- 
retary 3, President 4). 

WILLIAM RONALD MASSIDDA. "Bill." Econcmics. 78 Pine St., 
Swarapscott. Born in 1931 at Lynn. Entered from Swampscott High 
School. Actimties: Roister Dcisters 2, 3; Statesmen 4: Operetta 
Gviikl 3; Campus Varieties 1, 2; Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 2; 
International Relations Club 4; Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

TONY MASUCK. Civil Engineering. 128 Prospect St., Spring 
Born in 1926 at Springfield. Transfer from Fort Devens. 

HERBERT KENNEY MAXFIELD. "Max." Wildhfe Management. 
8 M( nntain Terrace, Peabody. Born in 1928 at Lynn. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. AriiviUes: Dean's List 2, 3. 

.JANE LIIELLA McBRIEN. 8 Maple Ave., Nahant. Born in 1930 at 
Lynn. Activilies: Dean's List 3; Phillips Brooks Club 1; Carnival Ball 
Committee 3: French Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Basketball Manager 3, 3); Naiads 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Alpha 
Theta 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EDWIN KIERNAN McCAFFREY. "Ed." Civil Engineering. 118 
Winter St., Leominster. Born in 1929 at Leominster. Transfer from 
Worcester Junior College. Activities: Dean's List 3; Newman Club 
2, 3, 4; Mathematics Club 2, 3; Civil Engineering Club 3, 4. 

LORRAINE ELLA McGAHEY. English. 85 West Main St., Westboro. 
Bom in 1931 at Westboro. Entered from Westboro Higli School. 
Acflrlties: Dean's List 2, 3; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2; 
French House 2; W.M.U.A. 4; Education Club 3, 4. 

CHARLES RYERSON MrGEOCH, JR. "Chick." Mathematics. 
155 Hawthorne St., Maiden. Bern in 1928 at Pelham. Entered from 
Maiden High School. Acllnties: Dean's List 3; Carnival Ball Com- 
mittee 4 (Program Committee); Mathematics Club 2, 3, 4 (President 
4) ; Hockey 2, 3. 

THOMAS PA'PRICK McCR.ATH. "Tuck." Chemical Engineering. 
12 Mnnroe St., Xorthamptnii. Born in 1930 at Hadlcy. Entered from 
Hopkins Academy. Actiritics: Dean's List 1, 3; Chemistry Club 2; 
Chemical I'>ngineering Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mathematics Cki'o 1. 

WILLIAM ERNEST McGRATH. "Bill." English. 43 Beach St., 
Woburii. Born in 1926 at Sonierville. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Quarterly 2, 3, 4; (Juarterly Ckil) 3, 4; Statesman (Dev- 
ens); Conuncnwealth (Devens). 


ALLAX ROBERT McKINNOX. ■■Miic" Mechanical Engiueeiint; 
1 Ferguson Place, Holyoke. Born in 1!)'28 at Holyoke. Transfc 
from Holvoke Junior College. Actintic.':: A.S.M.E. 

JOHN KOWARD INLoLAlTGHLAN. "Jatk." Chemistry. 73 Emerson 
Ave., Pittstiekl. Born in 1930 at PittsfieW. Entered from Pittsfield 
High School. Actiritic.i: Newman Club 1; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, '2, 3, 4 
(House Manager 3). 

JACQUELINE ANNETTE MESSIER. "Jack." French. 296 Chestnut 
St., Holyoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Holyoke High 
School. Actwitieit: Dean's List '2, 3, i; Band 1, 3 (Majorette): Carnival 
Committee 3; French Club 3, 4; Phi Delta Nu 3, 4. 

PATRICIA YVETTE MESSIER, "Pat." French. 296 Chestnut St„ 
Holyoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Holyoke High 
School. Actimtien: Dean's liist 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 3 (Majorette); Carnival 
Committee 3; French Club 3, 4; Phi Delta Nu 3, 4 (Social Chairman 
3, Corresponding Secretary 4). 

GEORGE OSCAR MEURIN. Poultry. . 1700 South St., Bridgewater. 
Transfer from Fort Devens. Actiiities: Dean's List 3; Newman Club 
1; Poultry Club 3, 4. 

EDWARD STEPHEN MICKA. "Ed." General Agriculture. Park 
Hill Rd., Easthampton. Born in 1931 at Easthampton. Entered from 
Easthampton. Activities: Animal Husbandry Club 3, 4; Student Chris- 
tian Association 1 . 

]\L4,CEY IRWIN MILLER. "Mace." Marketing. 177 Union St., 
Everett. Born in 1931 at Everett. Entered from Everett Senior Higli 

_ School. Actimtie.i: Dean's List 1: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert 
Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Symphony Orchestra 1; Business Administration 
Club 4: Cross Country 1, 2; Winter Track 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2, 3 
(Manager 3); Tau Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Bursar 4). 

ORSON KNAPP MILLER, JR. "Son." Forestry. 234 Concord Ave., 
Lexington. Born in 1930 at Cambridge. Entered from Acton High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Forestry Club 4; Theta Chi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

CHARLES MAITLAND MILNE. "Chuckles." Agricultural Engi- 
neering. 168 Bridge Rd., Florence. Born in 1930 at Great Barrington. 
Entered from Pittsfield High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Phil- 
lips Brooks Club 1; Animal Husbandry Club 3, 4; American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 2, 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer 4): DeMolav 
Club 1 : Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4. " 

ARTHUR LEE MINTZ. "Art." Industrial Administration. 1175 Mor- 
ton St., Mattapan. Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Boston 
English High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Roister Doisters 
1, 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Adoiinistration Club 3, 4; Varsity M 
Club 3, 4; Varsity Manager of the Year 3; Varsity Baseball 2, 3; Di- 
rector of Student Intramural Sports 4; Assistant Coach of Stock- 
bridge School of Agriculture 4: Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4. 


■ ##^■■1 


]'rGi;\r. JOIIN MISUSZEK. "Gene." Food Teohnology. 461 East 
SI , Ludlow Hon; 111 1930 at Ludlow. Entered from Ludlow High 
N liodl lifnilii s < huiiistry Club 3; Food Technology Club 4 (Presi- 
<leut), btudent Senate 1; Basketball 1; Football 1, 2; Kappa Sigma 
1, '2, 3, 4 

EARL STUART MITCHELL. "Mitch." Animal Husbandry. Box 88, 
Botbtord Born in 1929 at Springfield. Entered from Lenox School. 
Activities- Judging Teams 3, 4; Pliillips Brooks Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student 
Christian Association 1; ^Mililary Hall Committee 4; Animal Hus- 
bandry Club 1 , Sigma Alpha Kpsihjii 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Steward 3, President 4). 

SIDNEY ARTHUR MONTAGUE. "Sid." Animal Husbandry. West- 
hampton. Born in 1930 at Westhampton. Transfer from Cornell 
University. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Animal Husbandry 
Club 3, 4. 

CHARLES MERRIMAN MOSHIER. "Chuck." Marketing. 22 
Hayden Rowe St., Hopkinton. Born in 1930 at Framingham. Entered 
from Hopkinton High Sriiool. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Judging 
Teams 4; Newman Cliili 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; Business Administration 
Club 3, 4; International Relations Club 4. 

EMILIE ELIZABETH MOXON. Home Economics. 986 Concord St., 
Framingham. Born in 1930 at Framingham. Entered from Framing- 
ham High Sc\\oo\.Aclimties: Dean's List 3; Handbook Board 1, 2; 
Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 3. 

CLIFTON HOLMES MUDGE. "Clif." Animal Husbandry. Whiting 
St., North Hanover. Born in 1930 at Providence, R. I. Entered from 
Hanover High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Judging Teams 3, 4; 
Carnival Ball Committee 4; Animal Husbandry Club 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council 3; Student Life Committee 3; Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3). 

DAVID JOSEPH XADKL. English. 387 North Pleasant St., Amherst. 
Horn in l',)2."> .'it Mostini. 'I'rausfiT from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Statesman 1, 2; Collegian 3; ( )nting Club 3, 4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; I.Z.F.A. 
1, 2, 3, 4; Fernald Entomology Club 4. 

i:RXi:sr I.DOR nelson, jr. "Ed." Poultry Science. 3 Woodland 
lid., Wcllcsley. Born in 1930 at Newton. Entered from Cushing 
Academy. Activities: Dean's List 3; University Chorus 2; Chorale 4; 
Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4; Animal Husbandry Club 2. 3; Poultry Club 
2, 3; Alpha Gamma Rho 1, 2, 3, 4. 

LOIS MAE NELSON. Home Economies. 33 Nelson St., East Braintree. 
Born ill 192!) at Braintree. JMitercd tiiini Tliaver .Vcadeniv. Activities: 
Dean's List 3; Drill Team 2, 3, 1; Handbook Board 3; Flint Oratorical 
Contest 4; Outing Club 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; Home E< (inomic s Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta Phi 1 , 2, 3, 4 (House Manager 3). 

DOUGLAS NICHOLAS. "Nick." Civil Engineering. 25 Thompson 
St., Concord, N. H. Born in 1924 at Concord, N. H. Transfer from 
University of New Hampshire. Activities: Dean's List 4; Phillips 
Brooks Club 4; Civil Engineering Club 4. 

SHIRLEY MAY NUIIOI.S. "" H.civnti.niiil lA;ulorslu,). Chnv 
Rcl.. Williainshiirg. Born in 1!)30 at Niirtlmnipton. Kntoml 
AVillianisl.nrs; Ilisli School. Arfiriliex: Oean's List 1; StuiliMit Cliristian 
Assoi-iation ■.', :i. t (Sooretary 31: S.C.A. Caliinet i, 3, i; S.C.A. Choir 
•i, 3, -t; College Pilgrim Fellowship \, i. 3, 4; Square Dance Cluh ^, i, 
3; Folk Festival Committee 3; Nature Guide Association 4. 

GEORGK ASA NICKLESS. "Xick." Sociology. Trd.le Coxc IM.. 
Xorth Billerica. Born in li)3a at Lowell. Entered from llowc High 
School. Avtiviticx: Academic Activities Board 3, 4; Band I, -2, 3, 4 
(Manager Band Organization 3. Business Manager 4): Military Ball 
Committee '2: Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, -2, 3, 4 (Historian 4). 

HARRIE RALPH XIMS. Electrical Engine 
Concord. Born in li)'27 at Monmouth, Mail 
Devens. Arllnlien: A.LE.E. 4. 

ing. Briardale Farm, 
. 'Pransfer from Fori 

EVGEXE ,I(1HX XOWAK. -Breezy." Poultry Husbandry. 45 Weston 
St., Indian Orchard. Born in 19^5 at Wlbraliam. Transfer from 
Duquesne thiiversitv. Actifities: Judging Teams 1; Newman CInli 
1; Poultrv Club 1. 

PER HAROLD XYLEX. "Pep." Landscape Architecture. 57-i Bedford 
St., East Bridgewater. Born in 19'28 at Abington. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Aclivilies: Dean's List 3: Chowder and Marching Society '2, 3; 
Landscape Architecture Club i, 3, 4. 

RALPH HAWLEY O'BRIEX. "Obie." Business Administration. 75 
Fayerweather St., Cambridge. Born in I9'29 at Cambridge. Transfer 
from Northeastern L'niversity. Activities: Hockey 1, '2, 3; Phi Sigma 
Kappa 3, 4. 

GERALDIXE O'COXXOR. Food Technology. 339 Hampden St.. 
Holyoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Holyoke High 
School. Acfiiifies: Food Technology Club 4; Sigma Delta Tavi 3, 4. 

LAWREXCE VIXCEXT OFLAHAVAN. "Larry." Economics. 6-2 
Colonial Ave., Lowell. Born in 19'2'2 at Lowell. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Actifities: Radio Club 1, i. 

ELLEN RUTH ORLEN. "Ellie." Enghsh. 46 Bangor St., Springfield. 
Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Classical High School. Actiri- 
ties: Deans List 1, -2, 3; Band 2; Quarterlv 3, 4 (Prose Editor 4); 
Hillel 1, '2, 3, 4 (Choir Director 4); Sigma Delta Tau 1, -2, 3, 4 (Vice- 
President 2, 4). 

C.\ROL MAE ORRELL. Bacteriology. R.F.D. No. i, Amherst. Born 
in 1930 in XTorth Amherst. Entered frcm Amherst High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Drill Team 3; Bacteriology 2, 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; X'aiads 1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Omega. 


STANLFA" RAYMOND PADUCH. "Stan." Mechanical Engineering. 
3'29 June St., ^Vorceste^. Born in 19'27 at Worcester. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Adicilies: Dean's 1, 3; American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers 3, 4; American Society of Engineers 4. 

HENRY FRANCIS I'.Vl.l.ATRONI. "Hank. " Industrial Administra- 
tion. Randall IM, Mat tapoisett. Born in 1!>2<) at Mattapoisett. En- 
tered fr(ini Fairha\eTL High School. Adirities: Phi Sigma Kappa 
1, 3, 3, 4. 

CHARLEEN PALMER. "Chuck." Business Administration. 231 
Broad St., Weymouth. Born in 1930 at Braintree. Entered from 
Weymoutii High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Isogon 3, 4; 
Business Administration Club 3, 4; National Student Association 
2, 3 (Treasurer 3); Roister Doisters 1; Outing Club 1; Student Chris- 
tian Association 1, 3; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Manager 3, 4); Sigma 
Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3). 

HARRY CHARLES PAPPAS. Pul:ilic Health. 74 Oxford St., Law- 
rence. Born in 1929 at Lawrence. Entered from Lawrence High 
School. Actimties: Bacteriology Club 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

EDWARD LEWIS PARSONS. "Ted." Pre-Medical — Zoology. 37 
Farview W'ay, Amherst. Born in 1930 at Northampton. Entered from 
Amherst High School. Acfitifies: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 
4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; Chorale 1. 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 
3, 4 (Treasurer 2, 3); Student Christian Association Cabinet 2, 3; Col- 
lege Pilgrim Fellowship 1; Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); 
Q.T.V. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 2, 3, Master of Ceremonies 

JAMES HOWARD PATTERSON. "Jim." Floriculture. 123 Blake 
Rd., Lexington. Born in 1931 at Canton, Ohio. Entered from Lexing- 
ton High School. Actirilicx: Academic Activities Board 4; Dean's List 
3; Maroon Key 2; Intcrfraternity Ccnnicil 3; Statesmen 2; Chorale 1, 
2, 3, 4 (Manager 4); Operetta Guild 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Asso- 
ciation 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 3 (Co-Chairman); Carni- 
val Committee 3, 4 (Chairman 4, Information Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, 
Chairman Dance Committee 4); Floriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Kappa 
Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4). 

GEORGE ANCELL PEARSE, JR. Chemistry. 158 W. Wyoming Ave., 
Melrose. Born in 1930 at Stoneham. Entered from Melrose High 
School. Activities: Band 1, 2; Newman Club 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Club 
3, 4 (Treasurer 4); Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2, 3, 4. 

ALAN ROBERT PEHRSON. "Bob." Government. 41 Garfield St., 
Greenfield. Born in 1929 at New Bedford. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; 
Student Senate (Finance Committee 3, President 4); Adelphia 4; 
Operetta Guild 1; Outing Club 1; Devens Glee Club 1; Chowder and 
Alarching Society 2; Military Ball Committee (Chairman of Honor- 
ary Colonel Committee 3): International Relations Club 1, 2; Armor 
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (Cadet Colonel 4); Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon 2, 3, 4. 

ARTHUR FRANCIS PELLETIER. "Art." Wildlife Management. 
Room 12, Lambs Block, Orange. Born in 1923 at Millers Falls. Trans- 
fer from Fort Devens. Activities: Rod and Gun Club 3, 4; Fencing 
Club (Secretary 3); Q.T.V. 3, 4. 

WARREN PENDERGAST. 79 Northampton St., Easthampton, 

[ 244 

ANN I'KTKHSON. ••IVtie." Gc.vim-uuum.I. l-.'ii I'oxmts Si., Xit.IIku.i. 
Born in 198(1 :il Boston. KiiU-ml Iroiii Ni-cilli:uii lligli Scliool. Arlir- 
itief: Doan'.s List -2, 3; Piiuliellouic- (^.lllu•il ;i, I; Colloguin -i, 3. -t (Scc- 
retiiryV. IxoEX 3. + (Secretaryl; Dpcrotln (iuilil -2; Woinon's AtliU-tic 
Association 1, -2, 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, -2, 3, 4 (House Maiiagor 4). 

G.AJL .lOAX PETERSON. Psychology. 85 Deuton St., Brooklon. 
Born in 193(1 at Brockton. Entered from Brockton High School. 
Actintie.t: Dean's List 3; Lutheran Chili 1, '2; Student Christian .\ 
ciafion 4; Psychology Club 3, 4: Women's .\thletie Association 1, '2, 
3, 4; Kappa Alpha theta 1, 2, 3, 4. 

RICHARD G. PETTINGELL. Civil Engineering. R.F.D. No. . 
Concord. Born in 19'27 at Arlington. Entered from Culver Mi 
itarv Academy. 

NORMAN JISTIN PETTIPA-\V. Agricultural Economics. 5 Co- 
lumbia PI., Dorchester. Born in 19'25 at Brookline. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Activities: Dean's List 1, '2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Phi 
Kappa Phi 4: Outing Club 1, 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 4; 
Agricultural Economics Club '2, 3; International Club '2, 4. 

JOSEPH BERNARD PHILLIPS. "Joe." Economics. 18 Day St.. 
West Springfield. Born in 1931 at West Springfield. Transfer from 
Westfield State Teachers College. Activities: W.M.LT.A. 4; Interna- 
tional Relations Club 1, '2, 3, 4. 

ALBERT LOUIS PIEROPAN. Poultry Husbandry. W'est Stock- 
bridge. Born ill 1931 at West Stockbridge. Entered from Williams 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Rod and Gun Club 2, 3; Track 
1, '2, 3; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

VICTOR JOSEPH PIETKIEWICZ. "Pete." Electrical Engineering. 
113 Beacon St., Chelsea. Born in 1927 at Chelsea. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers 3, 4 (Representative at Large 4); Engineering 
Council 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 4. 

SANDRA FOLEY. "Sandy." Home Economics — Child Develcp- 
ment. 40 Wallis Rd., Chestnut Hill. Born in 1931 at Brooklyn, N. ^ 
Entered from Brookline High School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; 
Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Senior Representa- 
tive) ; Sigma Delta Tau 2, 3, 4. 

EDMUNT) BOLESLAW POLIKS. "Ed." Finance. 413 Pleasant St., 
Gardner. Born in 1928 at Bellingham. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 3, 4 (Treas- 
urer 4). 

JAMES DANFORD POMEROY. "Jim. " Botany. 35 Deming St., 
Dalton. Born in 1930 at Dalton. Entered from Dalton High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 2, 3. 


HARVEY BENSON PORD. Government. 26 Pratt St., Maiden. 
Born in \'Xii) at Boston. Entered from Cambridge Academy. Activities: 
Dean's List ri; Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, i, 3, i. 

ARNOLD BERNARD FORGES. "Porgie." Bacteriology. 1'285 Central 
St., Stoughton. Born in 1932 at New Brunswick, N. J. Entered from 
Hillside High School (Hillside, N. J.). Activities: Student Senate 2 
(Treasurer); Track 1; Hillel 1, 2; Military Ball Committee 2; Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, President 4). 

DANIEL REED PORTER IH. "Dan." History. Main St., AVorth- 
ington. Born in 1930 at Worthington. Entered from Huntington 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Con- 
cert Association 3, 4 (Manager 4); Military Ball Committee 1; In- 
ternational Relations Club 1, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, Treasurer 3, Presi- 
dent 4); W.M.U.A. 3, 4 (Classical Music Director 4). 

EVI'LYN POSTM.\N. "Ev." Home Economics — Merchandising. 
2.5 Plympton St., Waltham. Born in 1931 at Brooklyn, N. Y. Entered 
from Walthain High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Collegian 
3, 4 (Co-Subscription Manager); Quarterly 4 (Assistant Business 
Manager); Handbook Board 1, 2, 3, 4; Index 3; Roister Doisters 2; 
Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Committee 3 (Fashion Show); Home 
Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; W.M.U..\. 3; Women's .\thletic .Associa- 
tion 3, 4; Phi Delta Nu 3, 4 (President 4). 

WILLIAM CHARLES PREVEY. "Bill." Physical Education. 98 
Cleveland .\ve.. North Adams. Born in 1929 at North .\dams. En- 
tered from Drury High School. Activities: Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4 
(Captain 4); Newman Club 4; Physical Education Club 2, 3, 4; Var- 
sity M Club; Kappa Sigma 2, 3, 4. 

ALEXANDER HADE PREW. "Sandy." History. Main St., Hatfield. 
Born in 1922 at Hatfield. Transfer from Holyoke Junior College. 

.lOYCE ANN PRICE. English. 474 CoUidge Ave., Manchester, N. H. 
Born in 1932 al Wcstfield. Transfer from Concordia Junior College. 
Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Student Christian A.ssociation 4; Lutheran 
Club 4; Education Club 4; Square Dance Club 4. 

•lOHN STEWART PY'NE. "Jack." Dairy Industry. 45 Damon Ave., 
Melrose. Born in 1930 at Stoneham. Entered from Melrose High 
School. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dairy Club 4; 
Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ANGELO JOHN RAFFIN. "Ang." English. 528 Main St., Medford. 
Born in 1930 at Udine, Italy. Transfer from Norwich I'niversity. 
Aciicities: Quarterly 4; Newman Club 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Social Chairman 2, 3). 

JOHN JOSEPH RAPALUS. "Jack." Marketing. 7 Gaugh St., East- 
hampton. Born in 1931 at Northampton. Entered from St. Michael's 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Newman Club 4; Business 
.Administration Club 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Theta Chi 3, 4. 


EAKI, WAUUKX UAVMONl). F,m-.stiy. '>5 Wmu.iil Ave, Dnuul. 
Born in TO'.'!) at Lowell. Transfer from Fort Devens. Artiritiex: Dean's 
List 1, ;i; Honors ^Vork 4; luterfraternity Council 3, 4; Forestry 
CMnli ;i. 4; I'lii Sigma Kappa. 

RICHARD CWI'KRTON REEVES. "Diek." Industrial .Vdministra- 
tiou. S Holton St., East Northfield. Born at New Bedford. Transfer 
from University of Kentucky. Avlirilies: Business Administration 
Club 1, i, 3, 4: Kappa Sigma '2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 3). 

DOLORES BERXICE REOO. "Dee." Psychology. i-> Richfield St. 
North Dartnionth. Horn in l!)3(l at New Bedford. Entered from New 
Bedford High Siluiol. Jilirillcs: Cheer Leader '2; Newman Clul) t: 
Psychology Clnh 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta Phi J, 3, 4. 

DAVID DAVENPORT REID. "Dave." Accounting. 30 Thorndike 
St., Beverly. Born in 1!)'28 at Beverly. Transfer from Fort Devens 
Activitie.i: Tennis 1, 4; Intramural Softball 1; Intramural Golf 4 
Deans List 4; Student Christian Association 4; DeMolay Club 3, 4 
Business Administration Club 4; Ski Club 1, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 
3, 4 (Treasurer). 

RHODA BARBARA RICHMOND. Food Technology. 48 Selden St., 
Dorchester. Born in 1930 at Dorchester. Entered from Dorchester 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 2; Food Technology Club 4 (Secretary); International 
Club 2. 

LOUIS ANTHONY RIGALI. "Lou." Pre-Medical— Chemistry. 250 
Linden St., Holyoke. Born in 1926 at Holyoke. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Concert Band 1, 2, 
3, 4; Newman Club 4; Chemistry Club 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4. 

ALAN DAVIS ROBERTS. "Al." Physics. 3 Holmes Terrace, Ply- 
mouth. Born in 1928 at Plymouth. Entered from Plymouth High 
School. Activities: Channing Club 2, 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 1 
(Conductor, Assistant Grand Scribe 3). 

CURTIS BROWN ROBIE. Sociology. 40 Elmwood Ave., Fishervillc 
Born in 1928 at Northbridge. Transfer from Worcester Junior College 

OWEN jM.\T;RICE ROGERS. Floriculture. 2 Pine St., Paxton. Born 
in 1930 at Worcester. Entered from North High School. Activities: 
Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; Military Ball Committee 4; 
Floriculture Club 3, 4; Alpha Gamma Rho 2, 3, 4 (Reporter 4). 

EDWARD ROBERT ROGOWSKI. Chemistry. 60 Saratoga Ave., 
Chieopee. Born in 1919 at Chicopee. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Chemistry Club 4; Golf 'Team 1, 2, 3, 4. 


PAUL EMIL ROLANDER. "Kip." Entomology. 40 Boyd St., Worces- 
ter. Born in lO'JT at Worcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activi- 
lies: Dean's List 2, 3; Sinfonietta i; Fernald Entomology Club 3, 4. 

IL\RRY BALLARD ROLFS. "Skipper." History-Education. 36 
Revere St., Milton. Born in 1924 at Boston. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Dean's List 2. 

LEROY BERNARD ROLLAND. "Bucky." Mechanical Engineering. 
115 Spring St., Leeds. Born in 1923 at Northampton. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Activities: Society of Automotive Engineers 4; American 
Association of Mechanical Engineers 3, 4. 

CATHERINE ANN ROMANO. "Kay." Mathematics. 360 AVater 
St., Fitchburg. Born in 1930 at Fitchburg. Entered from St. Bernard 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Student-Faculty Ri-lalicms 4; 
Student LTnion 3; Isogon 4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Ilaiiclliook Board 
3, 4; Campus Varieties 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Day Com- 
mittee 3; Mathematics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Chest 3 (Cliairman 
of Solicitations); House Counselor 3; House Chairman 4; Women's 
Leaders' Conference (Chairman 4); Pi Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice- 
President 3). 

.VUDREY FRANCES ROSE. English. Jeffreys" Neck Road, Ipswich. 
Born in 1930 at Boston. Entered from Ipswich High School. Activities: 
Cheerleader 2; Index 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; 
Women's Athletic Association 2, 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Historian 


RUTH EVANS ROUNSEVELL. "Ruthie." Home Economics. Mason 
Rd., East Freetown. Born in 1930 at New Bedford. Entered from 
Dighton High School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Women's Glee Club 
3; Edwards Fellowship 1, 2; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta 
Phi 2, 3, 4 (Historian 3). 

BARBARA JOAN ROWELL. English. 1039 Plymouth Ave., Fall 
River. Born in 1930 at Fall River. Entered from B.M.C. Durfee 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Index 
3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2; Judson Fellowship 1; Edu- 
cation Club 4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Chi Omega 2, 3, 4. ' 

JUDITH MARILYN RUBINOFF. "Judy." Dietetics. 122 Park St., 
Brookline. Born in 1930 at Portland, Maine. Entered from Brookline 
High School. Actimties: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; House Council 4; 
Student Life Committee 3, 4; Calendar Committee 3; Roister Doisters 
1; Campus Chest 2: W.M.U.A. 2; Hillel 1, 2, 3; Home Economics 
Club 1, 2, 3. 

LAWRENCE ALLEN RUTTMAN. "Larry." English. 26 Gibbs St., 
Brookline. Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Brookline High 
School. A<iiritics: .Vradeniic .V.-livitios Board 4; Dcan'.s List 1, 2; Col- 
legian .'i; (juarlcrly 3, \ (Bnsiiu-ss Maii,if;er M; lioister Dcii.sters 2, 3; 
Cam])\is \aricties 3 (I'nblii-itv Chairman): Carnival Connnittee 4; 
Inter-Class Plays 3; Hillel 1," 2, 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 3; 
Mother's Day Committee 3; Inter-Greek Ball Committee 3; Radio 
Club 2; Tau Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EUGENE JOSEPH RYAN. "Gene." English. 50 Talcott Ave., West 
Springfield. Born in 1930 at West Springfield. Entered from West 
Springfield High School. Artiiilics: Dean's List 3; W.M.U.A. 2, 3, 4 
(Techiiiral Direilor 3, Station Manager 4): Radio Policy Board 
2, 3, 4 (Chairman 3); Sigma Phi Epsih)n 1, 2, 3, 4. 


GEOHCK SAl.AME. Kloctikal Eugiiiemng. J4SU Main St., Spriiig 
tielil. Born in 19^3 at Easthanipton. Entered from Springfield Tech 
nieal Higli Seliool. Artlrilies: Dean's 1-ist ;): Rndici CInli ;i; Anieriivn 
Institute of Electrical Engineers 3, 4. 

.lEAN SANBOHX. "Sanily." Ai.inuil llnsl«u.(lry. W llargrcavcs Ave. 
Somerset Centre. Bom in 1930 at Soniertict. Entered from Somerset 
High School. .Uliiltics: Dean's List 1, i, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi 4; .Judg- 
ing Teams 4: Student Christian .\ssociation 1, '2; .\nimal Husbandry 
Club i, 3, 4 (.Publicity Chairman 4); Pre- Vet Club 1, '2, 3, 4 (Secre- 
tary-Treasurer 1, '2, 3, President 4): Women's Athletic .Association 
'2, 3, 4 (Playday Manager 4); Kappa Alpha Theta 1, i, 3, 4 (Scholar- 
ship Chairman 3, .Vctivities Chairman 4). 

PHILIP J.\MES SARDO. "Phil." English. 15 Maple St., Melrose 
Born in 19'25 at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. Aclii'itte.i: Col 
legian 3, 4 (Reporter, News Editor, Managing Editor); Press Club t 

LIONEL SCHENSNOL. Business .Administration. 16-2 North Main 
St., Sharon. Born in 10'25 at Kaunas, Lithuania. Transfer from Fort 

P.VTRICIA LOUISE SCHINDLER. "Putsy." Sociology. Monpousett 
St., Monpousett. Born in 1931 at Brockton. Entered from AVhitman 
High Scliool. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Index i, 3, 4 (Literary 
Editor 4); Roister Doisters 3, 4; Campus Varieties 3; Newman Club 
1, '2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 3; Women's Athletic Association 
'2, 3, 4: Chi Omega '2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 4). 

THOMAS G.\ET.\NO SCUDERI. "Tom." Pre-Medical. 73A High St., 
Lawrence. Born in 1930 at Lawrence. Entered from Lawrence High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, '2, 3, 4; Pre-Med Club 3, 4. 

JOHN WILLIAM SE.WER. "Jack." Floriculture. 661 Concord St., 
Framiugham. Born in 19'28 at Natick. Transfer from Boston College. 
Activities: Dean's List 4; Newman Club 3, 4; Floriculture Club 3, 4; 
Hockey 4; Horticulture Show 3, 4; Flower Fashion Show 4 (Chairman 
Stage Decoration). 

MILDRED SEHER. "Millie." Home Economics. Southampton Rd., 
Westfield. Born in 1930 at Westfield. Entered from Westtield High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, '2, 3, 4; Home Eco- 
nomics Club 1, '2, 3, 4; W'omen's Glee Club '2, 3; Outing Club 1; Pi 
Beta Phi 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GEORGE FREDERICK SEIFERTH, JR. "Fred." Psychology. 79 
Withington Rd., Newtonville. Born in 1930 at Newtonville. Entered 
from Newton High Scliool. Activities: Campus Varieties 3; Cheerleader 
1; Varsity Soccer -2, 3; Psychology Clulj '2, 3, 4; Theta Chi 1, -2, 3, 4. 

DAVID ANDREW SENA. "Dave." Animal Husbandry. Park Hill 
Orchards, Easthampton. Born in 193'2 at Easthampton. Entered 
from Easthampton High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, i, 3; Judg- 
ing Teams 4; Slilitarv Ball Committee '2, 4; Animal Husbandry Club 
3, 4; Lutheran Club 1; Pre- Vet Club 3, 4. 


(lEORGE EMMANUEL SERPIS. Wildlife Management. 36 Falmouth 
St., Boston. Born in 1924 at Somerville. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Varsity Pistol Team i, 3, 4 (Manager 3, 4); Outing Club 2; 
Hellenic Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 2, 3); Rod and Gun Club 2, 
3, 4; Joint Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics 3, 4; Devens Rifle 
Team 1; Germanic Society 1. 

LAWRENCE HAYDEN SHAW. "Larry." Mathematics. 158 Cornish 
St., Weymouth. Born in 1930 at Weymouth. Entered from Wey- 
mouth High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Student Christian 
Association 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 3, 4; Sigma Phi Epsilon 
2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 4). 

ROBERT BENJAMIN SHEIBER. "Buddy." Political Science. 153 
Bryant St., Maiden. Born in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Maiden 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3: Track; Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 
3, 4. 

CLARENCE HENRY SHEPARD. "Shep." Economics. 15 Sauille 
Ave., Quincy. Born in 1927 at Quincy. Transfer from Fort Devens. 

CONSTANCE RITA SHIFF. "Connie." Sociology. 44 Dexter St., 
Maiden. Born in 1&31 at Maiden. Transfer from Westbrook Junior 
College. Activities: Dean's List 3; Hillel 2, 3; Sigma Delta Tau 2, 3, 4. 

ARISTOTLE NICHOLAS SIAKOTOS. "Sy." Chemistry. 60 Emmett 
Ave., Dedham. Born in 1928 at Dedham. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Hellenic Club 3, 4 (President 3); Animal Husbandry Club 
2, 3, 4; Fernald Entomology Club 4. 

HERBERT HANS SIEVERS. "Herb." Accounting. 12 Paul Gore St., 
Jamaica Plain. Born in 1928 at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 3; Business Administration Club 4; Auto 
Club 1; German Club 1, 2, 3; Rod and Gun Club 1 (Secretary); 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 2, 3, 4. 

GEORGE JAMES SIMPSON. English. 85 Belmont Ave., Springfield. 
Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from Classical High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Index 4; Operetta Guild 1; Phillips 
Brooks Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Eminent 
Treasurer 2, 3, 4). 

ROBERT JOHN SINKIEWICZ. "Sink." Bacteriology and Public 
Health. 7 Vermont Ave., Brockton. Born in 1927 at Brockton. Trans- 
fer from Fort Devens. Activities: Newman Club 3, 4; Bacteriology 
Club 4. 

ROBER r MVEK SIRULL. "Bob." Industrial Engineering. 16 Abbot 
St., Donhcstir. Born in 1927 at Chelsea. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; American Association of 
Mechanical Engineers 3, 4. 


KENNKTll (U'STAF SKANTZ. "Sinder." General Business. S7 
Wessoii Ave., Quiucv. Born in ID'iS at Quiney. Transfer from Fori 
Devens. Acliritivs: QT.V. '2, ;i, 4 ^So(■ial ("liairniau 3. i. Pledge Master 

LEOX ROBERT SLARSKKY. "Lee." Eeonomies. 188 West Main 
Aver. Born in li)'2S at .\ver. Transfer from Fort Devens. 

JACK LAWRENCE SLATOFF. ".laek." Psyoliology. 186 Wood- 
lawn St., Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from 
Classical High School. Actirilies: Dean's List '2, 3: HiUel i, 3, t; 
Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 3; Inter-Greek Ball Committee 
3: Psychology Club 3, +; Tau Epsilon Phi i, 3, 4 (President 4). 

ROBERT LANE SMILEY. "Smiley." Forestry. 67 Plea.sant St.. 
Plymouth. Born in IS'JS at New London, N. H. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Activities: Forestry Club 4. 

CRAWFORD FREDERIC SMITH, JR. "Smitty." Business Adminis- 
tration. 17 Montague Rd., Turners Falls. Born in 19-28 at Orange. 
Entered from Turners Falls High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; 
Business Administration Club 3, 4. 

DONALD CHARLES SMITH. Physical Education. 13 Quiney St., 
Greenfield. Born in 19'29 at Greenfield. Transfer from Syracuse Uni- 
ver.sitv. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Baseball i, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Foot- 
ball 3,' 4; Varsity M Club '2, 3, 4; Phi-Ed Club ->, 3, 4 (Treasurer 4); 
Kappa Sigma '2, 3, 4. 

ELAINE SYLVIA SMITH. Historv. 185 Cross St., Maiden. Born in 
1930 at Norwood. Entered from Maiden High School. Activities: 
Dean's List 1, '2, 3; Hamibook Board 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Relations Club 4: Education Club 3, 4 (Program Chairman 4); 
Sigma Delta Tau 3, 4. 

GEORGE GILBERT SMITH. "Smitty." Physics. 830 Lancaster St.. 
Leominster. Born in 1928 at Leominster. Transfer from Worcester 
Junior College. Activities: Dean's List 3; Ski Club 3, 4. 

HARRY ADDISON SMITH. Chemistry. 1342 Main St., Leominster. 
Born in 1930 at Leominster. Transfer from Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Institute. Activities: Dean's List 3; Chemistry Club 3, 4 (Program Co- 
Chairman 4); German Club 3, 4. 

ROBERT ALLAN SMITH. "Bob." Forestry. 33 Washington Ave., 
Needham. Born in 1927 at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activ- 
ities: Forestry Club 2, 3, 4; Pistol Team 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 3, 4. 


ROBERT BAXTER SMITH. "Smitty." English. West St., Barre. 
Born in 1930 at Portland, Me. Entered from Barre High Schooh 
Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Adelphia 3, i; Interfraternity Council 3, 
4 (Secretary 4); Drill Team 3, 4 (Drill Master); Flint Oratorical Con- 
test 3; Roister Doisters 3, 4; Campus Varieties 3, 3, 4 (Co-Director 3) ; 
Military Ball Committee 'i; Theta Chi 1, i, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, 4). 

JAMES LOREX SNIFFEN. "Snif." Pre-Dental. Clinton Ave., West- 
port, Conn. Born in 1930 at Westport, Conn. Entered from Staples 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Outing Club 1; Cross 
Countrj' 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon 2, 3, 4. 

MYROX SOT,BERG. "Mike." Food Technology. 5 Keane Rd., West 
Riixlinrv. Horn in 1931 at Boston. Entered from Boston Public Latin 
S(li(,ol.'.l(7(;7V(>.v; Dean's List 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4; Food Technology 
Clul) 3, 4; Alpha Epsilon Pi 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 3, Steward 4). 

STEPHEX JACKMAX SORROW. "Steve." Industrial Engineering. 
152 Beech St., Wrcniliani. Born in 1928 at Xew Britain, Conn. 
Entered from Wrcntham High School. Activities: Engineering Coun- 
cil 4 (Secretary 4); Alpha Phi Omega 4 (Secretary 4); American So- 
ciety of Mechanical Engineers 3, 4 (President); Lambda Chi Alpha 
1, 2, 3, 4. 

FRAXK SAMl^'EL SOTTILE. "Frankie." Business Administration. 
Box 119, 10 Fir St., South Barre. Born in 1929 at South Barre. En- 
tered from Barre High School. Activities: Winter Track 1, 2, 3; Foot- 
ball 1; Basketball V: Baseball 1; Band 1, 2; Handbook Board 3; Rois- 
ter Doisters 2, 3, 4; Operetta Guild 2, 3; Campus Varieties 1, 2, 3, 4: 
Newman Club 3, 4: Carnival Ball Committee 3, 4; Military Ball Com- 
mittee 2, 3; Theta Chi 2, 3, 4. 

H. ALAN SPEAK. "Al." Lamlscape Architecture. 398 Lincoln Ave., 
Saugus. Born in 1930 at Mcdfnrd. Entered from Saugus High School. 
Activities: Dean's List 3; Military Ball Committee 3; Landscape Arch- 
itecture Club 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Hockey 1; Horticultural Show 
2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM HERBERT SPEXCER. "Bill." English. 490 Front St., 
Weymouth. Born in 1931 at Braintree. Entered from Weymouth High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Quarterly 3; University Chorus 
2; Chorale 3, 4; Operetta Guild 1, 3; Judson Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4 
(President 3, 4) ; French Club 3; Q.T.V. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Treasurer 3, 4). 

ROBERT JAMES SPILLER. "Bob." Business Administration. 110 
Woodland Rd., Auburndale. Born in 1930 at Rochester, N. Y. 
Entered from Needham High School. Activities: Freshman Soccer 1 
(Captain); Varsity Soccer 2, 3, 4; Junior Class Executive Committee 
3; Carnival Ball Committee 4; Military Ball Committee 4; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 2, 3, President 4). 

ROSCOE OTIS SPOONER. "Rocky." Industrial Engineering. 
Charlestown. Born in 1922 at Boston. Transfer from Fort Devens. 

WILLIAM JOHX STAXLEY. "Bill." Alechanical Engineering. 
Becket. Born in 1923 at Pittsfield. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activ- 
ities: Dean's List 1, 4; Dance Band 1, 2; Statesman (Devens) 1; Rifle 
Club 1 (President); Rifle Team 1, 2, 3 (Captain 3); Xewman Club 3, 
4; Mechanical Engineering Club 3, 4; A.S.M.E. 4; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon 4. 


GKORGl'; ROBERT STEPHENS, JR. Forestry. 608 South IM.msmhI 
St., .\iuhcrst. Born in 10'20 at Springfield. Entered from .\{,';i\v:ni 
High Soliool. ActifHies: Dean's List 1, -2, 3, 4; Honors AVorli 4; Tlr 
Kappa Phi 4; Forestry Club ■>. 3, 4 (President 4). 

BARBARA SILVITICK STEVENS. "Barl.." lUoroational Leader- 
ship. 7 Al)bott Rd., Lexington. Born in 1!)3U at Boston. Entered from 
Arlington High School. Aclirities: Drill Team 3; Student Cliristian 
Association \, '2, 3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 4 (Chairman, Queen's 
Committee); Mother's Day Committee '2: Home Economics Club 1, '2; 
Education Club 4; Nature Club 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 
3, 4 iBoard 3, Vice-President 4); Naiads 1, '2. 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Gam- 
ma 1, '2, 3, 4 (.\clivities Chairman 4). 

DONALD CHESTER STEXENS. "Don." English. 100 Frankli; 
St., Reading. Born in l!l;iu at -lamaica Plain. Entered from Heading 
High School. Adintifs: Operetta Guild 4; Floriculture Club 1; E(hi 
cation Club 4; Alpha Gamma Rho 1, '2, 3, 4 (.Junior .Vlmnni Secretar\ 
3, .\lumni Secretary 4). 

DOROTHY HAMMONT) STILES. "Dot." Home Economics. Stowe. 
Born in 1931 at Concord. Entered from Hale High School. Activitiex: 
Drill Team -2, 3, 4 (Student Leader 4): Roister Doisters 4; Operetta 
Guild 4; Fashion Show '2, 3; Home Economics Club '2, 3, 4; Pi Beta 
Phi 1, !2, 3, 4. 

BERNICE LOUISE STOHLMANN. "Bernie." Home Economics. 
E^ast Housaac St., Adams. Born in 1931 at Adams. Entered from 
Adams High School. Activities: 4-H Club 1, 2, 3; Home Economics 
Club '2, 3. 

EMERY TYLER STOKES. "Em." Mathematics. 14'2 Kenoza St., 
Haverhill. Born in 19'26 at Haverhill. Transfer from Boston Univer- 
sity. Actlnfies: Dean's List '2, 3; DeMolay Club 2, 3, 4 (President 4); 
Mathematics Club '2, 3, 4. 

BERYL STONE. Bacteriology. 11 Pleasant St., West Brookfield. 
Born in 1931 at Ware. Entered from Warren High School. Activ- 
ities: Dean's List 1, 2, 4; Bacteriology Club '2, 3, 4; Operetta Guild 
4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; College Pilgrim Fel- 
lowship 1, 2; Pre-Med Club 1, 2 (Secretary 2). 

LAURA STOSKIN. Education. Pittsfield-Lenox Rd., Lenox. Born 
in 1931 at Great Barrington. Entered from Pittsfield High School. 
Aclipilies: Dean's List 3, 4; Collegian 2, 3, 4 (Copy Editor); Index 4; 
Roister Doisters 3, 4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 (Representative); I.Z.F.A. 1, 2, 
French House 2; Education Club 3, 4; Radio Club 3; Sigma Delta 
Tau 2, 3, 4. 

EDWARD CHARLES STOTZ. "Eddie." Electrical Engineering. 
Riverside, RED, Turners Falls. Born in 1928 at Montague City. 
Transfer from Syracuse LTniversity. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Elec- 
trical Engineering Club 2; A.I.EE. 3, 4. 

PAULINE ELIZABETH STRONG. "Polly." Foods and Nutrition. 
71 Mill St.. Wcstlield. Born in 1931 at Holyoke. Entered from Hol- 
yukc High Srhocl. Arlirifies: Dean's List 3; Collegian 2; Handbook 
Board 1; \sdek 2, 3; Roister Doisters 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorale 2; Outing 
Clul) 1. 2; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 3, 4; .ludson Fellowship 
4; Mother's Day Committee 1; Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 2; 
French Club 1; Home Economics Club 2, 3, 4; Food Technology Club 
3; Mathematics Club 1; Radio Club 2, 3; International Relations 
Club 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; Modern Dance Club 
1, 2, 3; Phi Delta Nu 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 


1-;ARL CARLYLE SIUTOR, .jr. "Pete." Bacteriology. Maple St., 
Hinsdale. Bom in 1930 at New Bedford. Entered from Pittsfield 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Academic Activities Silver Pin 
3; Marching Band 1, -i, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, '2, 3, 4; Jazz Band 3, 4; 
Fencing Club i, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, 4). 

CAROL FRANCES SULLIVAN. Dietetics. 110 Washington Rd., 
Springfield. Born in 1931 at Springfield. Entered from Classical High 
School. Actiuities: Dean's List 1, i, 3; French House 2; Scrolls 2; 
Drill Team 2, 3; Collegian 3; Concert Association 3; Newman Club 
1, 2, 3, 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. 

VIRGINL\ KATHERINE SULLIVAN. "Ginny." English. 6 Pom- 
eroy Ct., Easlhaniptoi;. Born in 1931 at Northampton. Entered 
from Easthaiiiptiin Ilifih School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Collegian 
3; Handbook Board 2, 3; Roister Doisters 1, 2, 3, 4; Campus Varieties 
2, 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Education Club 4; Inter-Class Plays 
3; Sponsor, Phi Delta Nu; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pledge President 1). 

WALTER STANLEY SZOSTAK. "Red." Chemistry. 152 Russell 
St., Hadley. Born in 1929 at Hadley. Entered from Wilbraham 
Academy. Activities: Dean's List 3; Newman Club 4; Chemistry 
Club 4; Freshman Soccer 1. 

ROBERT TANOFSKY. "Bob." Pre-Medical. 27 Wolcott St., Dor- 
chester. Born in 1930 at Boston. Entered from Boston Public Latin 
School. Acfimties: Dean's List 3; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4 (Social Chairman 3); 
I're-Med Chib 1, 2, 3, 4; Psychology Club 2, 3, 4; Tau Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 

:!, 4 (Warden 4). 

I'ASQUALE A. TARANTINO. "Pat." Chemistry. 215 Endicott St., 
Boston. Born in 1924 at Foggia, Italy. Entered from Boston English 
llif>h ScIhxjI. Activities: Newman Club 1, 2, 3; Chemistry Club 1,^2, 
3, 4;(;ermanClubl, 2. 

MABEL FRANCES TARAPATA. "Maxi." English. North "^Main 
St., South Deerfield. Born in 1930 at South Deerfield. Entered from 
Dcertield High School. Activities: Dean's List 4; Drill Team 2, 3; 
(juarlcrly 4; Index 2, 3, 4 (Literary Editor 3, Associate Editor 4); 
Roister Doisters 3, 4: Operetta Guild 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Writers' Group 3, 4; Carnival Ball Committee 2, 3, 4; Chemistry 
Club 1; Education Club 4; W'omen's Athletic Association 2,^3, 4; 
Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Alumnae Chairman 4). 

EDWARD MICHAEL TATARZYCKI. "Ed." Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. 67 Main St., Florence. Born in 1930 at Northampton. Entered 
from Northampton High School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; A.S.M.E. 
3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 

CHARLES FRANCIS TAYLOR. "Charlie." Electrical Engineering. 
Tileston Rd., Randolph. Born in 1930 at Randolph. Entered from 
Stetson High School. Activities: Dean's List 3; Band 1, 2; Ski Club 
1,2; Rifle Team 1, 2; Theta Chi 2. 

GORDON ELLIOT TAYLOR. "Bud." Mathematics. R.F.D. No. 2, 
Shelburne Falls. Born in 1930 at Greenfield. Entered from Arms 
Academy. Activities: Academic Activities Board 3; Dean's List 1; 
InterfratcrTiitv Council 2, 3, 4; .\delphia 3, 4: Handbook Board 2, 3 
(Business Manager 4); Chorale 3; Operetta Guild 1, 2, 3, 4; Outing 
Club 1 ; Student ( 'hristian Association 4; United Religious Council 4; 
College Pilgrim Fellowship 1 ; Education Club 4; Mathematics Club 4; 
Inter-Class Plays 1; Inter-Class Athletic Board 2; Alpha Gamma 
Rho 1, 2, 3, 4 (President 4). 


EDWARD .lOlIX TEXCZAR. "Eil." liuhislruil Achuiiiistnitidii. 
li PU-asniit St., Three Rivers. Bom in 1!K'7 iit Palmer. Tron-sler IVoiii 
Fort Deveus. Avtiritie.i: Collegian '2, 3; Index '2, 3; Xewman (liili ■2. 
'3, i: Business Administration Club 4; Camera Cluli 1: Lamliila Clii 
Alpha 3, 4. 

RICHARD EORBES TIBKRT. "Moe." AVildlife Management. 
Bartletl St.. Xnrtlilioro. Born in 1930 at Cambridge. Entered from 
Xortliboro lligli Soliool. Aclirilies: Carnival Committee 3; Rod and 
Gun Club 3, i (President 4); Lambda Cln Alpha 1. -2, 3, 4 (Librarian 
^, 3, Seoretarv 3, 4). 

PENELOPE TICKELIS. "Ponni." Marketing. 115 Cedar St., Haver- 
hill. Born in l!)3(l at Haverhill. Entered from Haverhill High School. 
Acliritie.i: Collegian 1, '2, 3: Handbook Board 1; Index '2, 3, 4 (Bus- Manager 4); Student Christian Association 1, '2, 3, 4; Carnival 
Ball Committee '2; Mother's Day (^t>nimittee 1; Sophomore-Senior 
Hop Committee '2; Spring Dav Connuittce 3; Business .Vdministra- 
tiou Club 5, 3, 4 (Secretary i)'. Hellenic Club -2, 3; Orthodox Club 4; 
Drill Team '2, 3, 4: Class Executive Connuittce -2, 3; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma 1, '2, 3, 4 (House Chairman 4). 

RICHARD EDWARD TORREY. "Dick." Marketing. 11-2 Dunmore- 
land St., Springfield. Born in lO'JO at Springfield. Transfer from Fort 

JOHN BRIAN TOUHER. "Lou." Electrical Engineering. 9 Holly Ave., 
Greenfield. Born in 19-29 at Greenfield. Entered from Deerfield Acad- 
emy. Aclivities: Dean's List •2; Index 4; Electrical Engineering Club 
2, 3, 4: Sigma .\lpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

JOSEPH CYR TOWLER, JR. English. -28 Ayrshire Rd., Worcester. 
Born in 19-25 at Worcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Dean's List '2, 3; Collegian '2; Quarterly '2, 3, 4; Statesman (Devens) 
1; Commonwealth (Devens) 1. 

JEAN CAROLYN TRAVERS. "Jim." Home Economics. 56 Renter 
Ave., Pittsfield. Born in 1930 at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfiehl 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1; House Counselor 4; LTniversity 
Chorus -2; Home Economics Student-Faculty Planning Board -2, 4; 
Student Christian Association 1, -2, 3, 4; Home Economics Club 1, -2, 
3, 4 (President 3); Women's Athletic Association '2, 3; Sigma Kappa 
1, -2, 3, 4 (House Manager 3, 1st Vice-President 4). 

GORDON ROLANT) TROTT. "Gus." Animal Husbandry. Summer 
St., Rehoboth. Born in 19-27 at Providence, R. I. Transfer from Fort 
Devens. Actiinties: Dairv Products Judging Team 4; Animal Hus- 
bandry Club -2, 3, 4. 

JOHN CALDER TRUMBULL. "Jack." History. 93 Lincoln Ave., 
Haverhill. Born in 19-29 at Haverhill. Transfer from Denison Univer- 
sity, Granville, O. Actii-ities: Dean's List 1, -2, 3; Student Senate 1; 
Fraternity Auto Representative 1; International Relations Club 3, 4; 
The Chorus 1 ; Psi Chi, Freshman Honorary Society; DeMolay Club 4; 
Education Club 4; French Club 1 ; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, -2, 3, 4. 

PAUL DENMORE TUCK. Government. 31 Woodbridge St., South 
Hadley. Born in 1919 at Logan County, Ky. Transfer from Western 
Kentucky State College and Sacramento State College (Calif.). 

[ 255 ] 

HELEN EDNA TURNER. Sociology. 89 Charlemont St., Newton 
Highlands. Born in 1929 at Weymouth. Entered from Newton High 
School. Actii'ifies: Collegian 2, 3, i; Handbook Board 1, 2; Women's 
Glee Club i; Operetta Guild 2; Student Christian Association 2; Wom- 
en's Atliletic Association 1, 2; French House 2, 3 (Treasurer 3). 

EDWARD VALENTINE T\V.\R1)IS. "Eddie." Chemical Engineer- 
ing. 227 Ashley Ave, West S]iriTigficld. Born in 1930 at West Spring- 
field. Entered from West S[)riTigtield High School. Acikities: Dean's 
List 1, 2, 3; Chemical Engineering Club 3, i (Treasurer 3); Sigma 
Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

.lAMES ARTHt^R T'BERTALLI. "Jim." Entomology. 101 Pinehurst 
Rd., Ilolyoke. Born in 1928 at Holyoke. Entered from Williston 
.Vcailemy. Activities: Dean's List 3; Military Ball Committee 3; 
Fernald Entomology Club 3, i (Secretary 3). 

VIRGINIA MAY UBERTALLI. "Virg." Bacteriology. 15 Beacon 
Ave., Holyoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered from Holyoke 
High School. Activities: Index 4; Roister Doisters 2, 4; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 4; Chemistry Club 2; Women's Athletic Association 1; 
Bacteriology Club 2, 3, 4'; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4. 

GERALD ARNOLD VANASSE. "Gerry." French. 36 Lincoln Ave., 
New Bedford. Born in 1925 at New Bedford. Transfer from Stonehill 
College. Actiinties: French Club 3, 4 (President 4); Spanish Club 4; 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

RICHARD JAMES VANASSE. "Van." Chemistry. 35 Washington 
Ave., Northampton. Born in 1927 at Northampton. Entered from 
Northampton High School. Activities: Newman Club 2; Chemistry 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 1, 2, 3, 4. 

BURT MICHAEL VITALI. History and Government. 74 Hawley 
St., Northampton. Born in 1931 at Holyoke. Entered from St. 
Michael's High School. Activities: Flint Oratorical Contest 3, 4; 
Roister Doisters 4: Military Ball Committee 1, 2; International Club 
1, 2 (Secretary 1). 

ISADORE LOUIS VIVALDI. "Izzy." Civil Engineering. 102 Furnace 
St., North Adams. Born in 1929 at North Adams. Transfer from 
I'niversity of Cincinnati. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Newman 
Club 4; Civil Engineering Club 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

RICHARD MERHI.VM VOXHELL. "Rit." Poultry. 80 Fearing St., 
Amherst. Born in l!l:ill at .Viiihcrsl. Knicrcd from Amherst High 
School. Actiritics: .Vnimal Husbandry Club 1, 2; Poultry Club 3, 4; 
.\lpha Ganuiia Rho 3, 4. 

WINTHROP BURNH AM WADE. " Wimpy." Government. 82 County 
Rd., Ipswich. Born in l!)3(l at Ipswich. Entered from Ipswich High 
School. Activities: Freshman Class Picnic Committee 1; Sigma Alpha 
Epsilon 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4). 


THOMAS GRANT WAI.KIXSllAW. "Toin." Eloitiical F.MKino.-iinK. 
;!(!? North ricnsniil St., Ainlu-rsl, Burn in 1!H4. at Suutlil)ri.lf.v. 
Tniiist'or rniiii Worc.'stcr .liiiiior Culli-ijf. Artirillcs: Drill's l,i^t .'!. 

ELIOT LEWIS WALLACE. "El." Eoo.l Tichiu.logy. (i Toimis Hil., 
Mattapau. Bom in U)'2S at Boston. Entered from New Preparatory 
SchooL Adu'iiieii: Dean's List 3; Food Technology Club J.. 

WILLLVM HENRY WARREN. "Bill." Poultry. !)H Walnut St.. 
North BrooklieUI. Born in 1!W() at North Brooktield. Entered from 
St. John's Prep Sehool. Artiritifs: Judging Teams 3; Newman Cluli 
J. 3, 4: P(niltry Cluh 3, i: Sigma Alpha Epsilon L 'i. 3, 4. 

FRANKLIN DANIEL WATERS. "Dan." Business Administration 
103 Lincoln St., Holvoke. Born in 1930 at Holyoke. Entered fron 
Holyoke High School. Acllritie.-!: Newman Club 4; ^Military Bal 
Committee 4; Business .\dministration Club 4. 

PHILLIP SMITH WEBBER. "Phil." Floriculture. King St., Littleton. 
Born in 19'28 at -Ayer. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: Dean's 
List i, 3; University Chorus '2; Floriculture Club '2, 3, 4 (President 4). 

ROBERT CASHMAN WEBSTER. 'Web." Food Technology. 19 
Hillside Ave., Bedford. Born in 192S at Buffalo, N. Y. Entered from 
Lexington High Scliool. Actiriliex: Campus Varieties 3; Student 
Christian Association 2, 3; Sophomore-Senior Hop Committee 2; 
Chemistrv Club 3, 4; Food Technology Club 2, 3, 4; Phi Sigma 
1,"'2, 3, 4. 

JAMES HUBBARD W'EEKS. "Jim." Pre-Medical. 20 Day St., 
Pittsfield. Born in 1929 at Pittsfield. Entered from Pittsfield High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Weslev Foundation 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Pre-Med Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 

ANNE WESTCOTT. "Wes." Home Economics. 952 Newman Ave.. 
Seekonk. Born in 1930 at Seekonk. Entered from East Senior High, 
Pawtucket, R. I. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3; Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4; 
Index 3, 4; Operetta Guild 2, 3, 4; Student Christian Association 1, 2, 
3, 4; Carnival Committee 4; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Educa- 
tion Club 4; Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

GUSTAF EDWARD WEST. "Gus." Business .\drainistration. 34 
Raleigh Rd., Belmont. Born in 1929 at Cambridge. Entered from 
Hmitington Prep School. Activities: Military Ball Committee 3; Ma- 
roon Key 2; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1; Business Administration Club 
2, 3, 4; Kappa Sigma 1, 2, 3, 4. 

EMILY BOND W'HEELER. "Emmy." Recreational Leadership. 
115 Montague Rd., North Amherst. Born in 1930 at Geneva, N. \. 
Entered from Geneva High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; 
Marching Band 3, 4 (Librarian 3, Secretary 4); Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 
4 (Librarian 2, 3, Secretary 4); Orchestra 1, 2; Student Christian 
Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Worship Chairman 2, Executive Member 3); 
S.C..\. Cabinet; College Pilgrim Fellowship 1, 3; Nature Guide Asso- 
ciation 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Women's Athletic Association 3, 4. 

EDWARD GRAHAM WHITE. "Big Ed." Psychology. 34 Prospect 
St., North Quincy. Born in 1929 at Long Island, N. Y. Entered from 
Xorth Quincy High School. Actimties: Varsity Basketball '2, 3; Psy- 
chology Club 4; Phi Sigma Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4. 

JOY RALPHINE W'HITE. Home Economics. 41 Central St., Auburn. 
Born in 1930 at Philadelphia, Penn. Entered from Auburn High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 3, 4; Outing Club 1; Phillips Brooks 
Club 1, 2; Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Pi Beta 
Phi 2, 3, 4. 

RICHARD ANTHONY W'HITE. "Dick." English. 17 High St., 
Hudson. Born in 1929 at Waltham. Entered from Hudson High 
School. Actimties: Dean's List 3; Football 1; Air Force Award (Out- 
standing Student); Collegian 2, 3, 4; Military Ball Committee 4; 
Lt. Colonel, R.O.T.C. 4; Student Senate 2. 

ALLISON HOWES WHORF. "Al." Electrical Engineering. Benjamin 
Rd., Shirley. Born in 1927 at LTtica, N. Y. Entered from Arlington 
High School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2, 3; Index 4: Electrical Engi- 
neering Club 2, 3, 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3, 4. 

]RA FRANCIS WICKES, JR. "Skip." Landscape Architecture. Spook 
Kock Rd., Sulfcrn, N. Y. Born in 1926 at Suft'ern, N. Y. Transfer 
from Stockbridge School. Activities: Landscape Architecture Club 
3, 4; Phi Sigma Kappa. 

KENNETH PAUL WICKMAN. "Ken." Business Administration. 
173 West St., Gardner. Born in 1930 at Gardner. Entered from Gard- 
ner High School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Lutheran Club 1, 2, 
3, 4 (Treasurer 2, 3); Index 4; Student Christian Association 2, 3, 4; 
Business Administration Club 4; International Relations Club 1, 3, 4. 

WILLIAM ELMER W'lLCOX. "Bill." Zoology. 57 Harrison Ave., 
Braintree. Born in 1930 at Boston. Transfer from Oberlin College. 
Activities: Burnham Declamation 3, 4; Wesley Foundation 2; Student 
Christian Association 2, 3, 4. 

HERBERT THOMAS WILD, JR. "Herb." Wildlife Management. 
72 Ilerrick Rd., North Andover. Born in 1929 at North Andover. 
Entered from Bridgton Academy. Actimties: Dean's List 3, 4; Roister 
Doisters 3; Forestry Club 4; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice- 
President 4). 

EDWARD FRANCIS WILK. "Ed." Mechanical Engineering. Fairview 
St., Palmer. Born in 1930 at Palmer. Entered from Palmer High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Newman Club 1, 4; Mechanical 
Engineering Club 2, 3, 4. 

NORMAN ERIC WILLARD. "Will." Mechanical Engineering. 6 
Weden Lane, Worcester. Born in 1927 at Worcester. Transfer from 
Fort Devens. Activities: American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
4: Sigma Alpha Epsilon 4. 


RALPH Kl.MKU WU.LAUl). Koivstry. I!)!) Codar St., Fitilil.iii). 
Born in 1930 at Fitcliburg. Transfer from Spriug(ii-ld Collogo. Arlii 
ities: Forestry Club 3, i (Program Committee 4); Sigma Plii F,))sili) 
i, 3, 4. 

DAVID MORSK WIl.I.KY. "D.M."" Agrieultural Kconomics. li I.auivl 
Court, Marblehead. Born in 19^9 at Salem. Entered from Marble- 
head High Sehool. Activities: Statesmen '2, 3, 4: Ski Club 1; Tlieta Clii 
1, -2, 3, 4 (Pledge Marshal 3). 

ED\YARD IIAWLEY WILLIAMS. '•Ted." Mechanical Engineerinir. 
SO Union St., Bridgewater. Born in 1930 at Weymouth. Entered 
from Bridgewater High School. Aclirilicx: Dean's List '2: Rifle Team 
•2, 3, 4; Society of .Vutomotiye Engineers 4; A.S.M.E. 4; Footliall 1. 

FRED W.\LDEX WILLIAMS. "Fred." Floriculture. 43 S,(.tlai 
Rd., Reading. Born in 19^29 at Portland, Me. Entered from Readii 
High School. Activities: Dairy Judging Team 4; Dairy Clnb 
Floriculture Club 4: Horticulture Show 4; Theta Chi 1, '2, 3, 4. 

RICHARD WOODROW WILLSON. "Rick." Political Science. 18 
Greenhalge Aye.. Eyerett. Born in 19'25 at Roxbury. Transfer from 
Fort Deyens. Activities: Roister Doisters 3; Statesmen 3, 4; Student 
Christian Association 3, 4; International Relations Club 3, 4; Inter- 
fraternity Council 3, 4; Lambda Chi Alpha 2, 3, 4. 

ROBERT FREDERICK WILSON. "Bob." Mechanical Engineering. 
9 Lee St., East Longmeadow. Born in 19'26 at Springfield. Transfer 
from North Park College, Chicago, 111. Activities: Mechanical Engi- 
neering Club 1, '2, 3, 4. 

HELMI RACHEL WIINIKAINEN. Mathematics. Maple Stre.t. 
West Barnstable. Born in 1930 at West Barnstable. Entered frcjni 
Barnstable High School. Activities: Outing Club 1; Lutheran Cluli 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary 4); 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Publicity Manager 4); 
Mathematics Club'l, 2, 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief of "Integrator" 3, 4i; 
Womens Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4 (Archery Manager 4); Kapp:i 
Alpha Theta 2, 3, 4. 

HELEN ELAINE WOLOSHYN. "Lennie." Home Economics. 2 
Kendall Lane, Walpole. Born in 1931 at Walpole. Entered from 
Walpole High School. Activities: Class Secretary 3, 4; House Coun- 
selor 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 (Captain 4); Operetta Guild 4; Square 
Dance Club 1, 2; College Pilgrim Fellowship 1, 2; Ring Committee 3; 
Spring Day Committee 3; Home Economics Club 3, 4; Women's 
Athletic Association 1, 2, 3; Modern Dance Club 1, 2; Pi Beta Phi 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Rush Captain 3, Program Chairman 4). 

WILLIAM LAWRENCE WORDEN. "Bill." Political Science. 48 
Church St., Ware. Born in 1930 at Ware. Entered from Ware High 
School. Activities: Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

NORMA MERLE WYLIE. "Pinky." Zoology. 13 Pierce St., Feeding 
Hills. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from Agawam High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1; Scrolls 2; Concert Band 1, 4; Operetta 
Guild 4; Sayoyards 4; Women's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, 4; All- 
State Softball 1; All-State Basketball 2; Sigma Kappa 2, 3, 4 (Rush 
Chairman 3). 


EVEL-S \ AN\ YEI TTKR. "Evie." Home Economics. 25 High St., 
East I'cpiHicll. Bcjrii in l!«(l nt Nashua, N. H. Entered from Pep- 
perell High School. Artiviticx: Dean's List 1, 2, 3, 4; Honors Work 4; 
Collegian 3, 4; Flint Oratorical Contest 4; University Chorus 1, 2; 
Outing Club 1; Student Christian Association 3, 4; College Pilgrim 
Fellowship 1; Carnival Committee 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Home 
Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Fencing Club 3 (Vice-President 3): Pi Beta 
Phil,2, 3, 4(Treasurer3). 

JOAN YOUNG. "Jo." Mathematics. Main St., West Dennis. Born in 
1930 at Hyannis. Entered from Yarmouth High School. Activities: 
Dean's List 3; Cheerleader 3; Drill Team 2, 4: Collegian 4; Mathe- 
matics Club 3, 4 (Vice-President 4); Women's Athletic Association 
1, 2, 3, 4 (Archery Manager 2); Kappa Kappa Gamma 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Pledge Chairman 4). 

ELEANOR IRENE ZAMARCHL Modern Languages. 3 Le Blanc, 
Haverhill. Born in 1930 at Haverhill. Entered from Haverhill High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 1, 2; Collegian 1, 2, 3; Handbook 
Board 1, 2, 3; Operetta Guild 4; Campus Varieties 2, 3; Newman 
Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Carnival Committee 3, 4 (Refreshments Chairman 4); 
French Club 2, 4; Women's Athletic Association 2, 3; Drill Team 

1, 2, 3, 4; Chi Omega 1, 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 4). 

ROBERT LOUIS ZING. "Zing." Chemical Engineering. 58 Silver 
St., West Springfield. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from West 
SpringHcId High School. Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; 
('JKMnistry Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Radio Club 4; Chemical Engineering Club 

2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3, President 4); Sigma Phi Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4. 

70 Patton St., Springfield. Born in 1930 at Springfield. Entered from 
Springfield Technical High School. Activities: Maroon Key 2; Index 
4; Roister Doister.s- 1, 2; Univcrsitv Chorus 2; Orthodox Club 2, 3, 4 
(Treasurer 4); Carnival Ball Committee 4; Military Ball Committee 
1. 4; Business Administration Chilj 4; Junior Executive Committee 3; 
Freshman Picnic Conunittee 1; Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4 (Cor- 
responding Secretary 3, 4, Publicity Chairman 3, 4). 

I,()1S B.VKKR. History. 344 Ras.sett Rd., Chestnut Hill. Born in 1932 
at Bi.sloii. Entered from Brookline High Sc'hool. Activities: Hillel 
!, 2, 3; Index 2; Collegian 2; InternatioTial Relations Club 3. 

JOHN BEAN HUSSEY. Poultry Husbandry. River Rd., Mattapoisett. 
Born in 1923 at Topsfield. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activities: 
Dean's List 3, 4; Poultry Club 3, 4; Senate 1; F.F.A. 3. 

S. JASON LEBOWITZ. "Y'uki." Mathematics. 9 Avon Ave., Methuen. 
Born in 1930 at Methuen. Entered from Edward F. Searles High 
School. Activities: Operetta Guild 4; Hillel 1, 2, 3, 4: Math Club 4; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 1, 2, 3, 4 (House Manager 3). 

MRS. JOANNE NEWM.VN KOHN. "Jo." Sociology. 8 Fairmont St., 
Maiden. Born in 1930 at Stnneham. Entered from Maiden High 
School. Activities: Dean's List 2, 3, 4; Roister Doisters 1, 2; Hillel 1, 
2, 3; French Club 1; P.-iychology Club 1. 


Also Graduating 

VAIJMM .1. ABBOT!'. Stnv IJouto, M.i.itiifjiu-. 

JAMES P. BARTLEY. 38 West Glon St., lUilyckc-. 

FRANK BUNKER. Depot St., Soutli 

.JOHN B. CREEDEN. 168 MiddUs.x Avo., Wil- 

.JOHN W. DAVENPORT. 336 Noitli Pleasant St.! 

PHILLIP A. DI CIHARO. 15 Cawiield St., Dor- 

Health, ii Main St., Thorndike. Born in 1930 at 
Palmer. Entered from Palmer High School. 
Activities: Newman Club 3; Bacteriology Clul) 3. 

HERBERT L. EMANTIEL. 17 North St., North 



FITZGERALD, -ill Orai 

FERNALD FITZPATRICK. Sawyer St., Methuen. 

WALTER SPEAR FOSTER. "W'alt." Sociology. 
■2-tO Pine St., Wollaston. Born in 1920 at Boston. 
Entered from Quincy High School and Mass. Ma- 
ritime Academy. Aciiinlies: Dean's List 1, i, 3; 
Adelphia 3; Campus Chest Committee i, 3 (Cliair- 
man of Solicitations 2, General Chairman 3); Sen- 
ate 1 (Election Committee Chairman, Chairman 
Committee on Student Activities): Student 
Christian Association 1, 2, 3 (Embassy Chairman 
3); University Committee on Student Life 3. 

WILLIAM R. GOSS. 132 Oak St., Natick. 

RICHARD L. HAMES. Wildlife Management. 692 
t Lenox St., Athol. Born in 1926 at Orange. Trans- 
fer from Fort Devens. 

JOHN W'. HANDFORTH. 406 Main St., West 

DENTON HARRIS. Federal Circle, Amherst. 

PHILLIP KAPLAN. 49 Draper St., Springfield. 

VIXCF.XT B. KKA\V. Gr.icral Business. .'!3 North 
SI., llyaniiis. Bcni in 19,'S at Hyannis. Transfer 
fn.iii l''orl Drsciis. Arllnllrx: Business Admini.s- 
Iration Clul. 1; (^T.V. 2, 3, 4 (Vice-Pre.sidcnt 

EDWARD J. KERSWIG. 9 Poplan St., Montague 

JAMES KIRBY. Hampshire Honso, Amherst. 

ISIDORE KICZEWSKI. 4i)(i Oliver St., New 

STACY LOGAN. 172 Claflin St., Belmont. 

DONALD MacGREGOR. East Brewster. 

MURAD D. MARKARIAN. "Mark." Mathe- 
matics. 135 Church St., Whitinsville. Born in 1927 
at Worcester. Transfer from Fort Devens. Activi- 
ties: Dean's List 2, 3; Honors Work 4; Mathe- 
matics Club 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President 3). 

ROBERT S. McCAIG. 76 Barnum St., Taunton. 

BRIAN F. MILNE. 11 High St., Shelbume Falls. 

JAMES WESLY MOLLER. "Jim." Food Tech- 
nology. 40 Moore St., Springfield. Born in 1926 
at Union City, N. J. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Track 1: German Club 1 (Secretary); 
Food Technology Club 3, 4. 

Engineering. 35 Walnut St., Hudson. Born in 
1925 at Hudson. Transfer from Fort Devens. 
Activities: Dean's List 3, 4: Newman Club 1, 2, 
3, 4; A.S.C.E. 3, 4. 

ROBERT C. NELLIGAN. 17 Burtt St., Lowell. 

DANIEL H. PALKOWSKI. Federal Circle, Am- 

DEBORA TAYLOR. Utter Rd., Amherst. 

EDWARD TYLER, JR. 563 School St., Athol. 

ELLIS VANDERPYL. 12 Watt Rd., Worcester. 

NORMAN WAKS. 92 Fountain St., Haverhill. 

HAROLD W'ESTON. 14 Bradford Rd., Hingham. 




October 28, 1930 
September 9, 19Jt9 


December 3, 1929 
April 7, 19i9 



Hakey, Nolan, Neiisiier, K.-gi. 



Aaron, Norman E. 

(ifl Haywood St., Greenfield 
Adams, Verne A. 

Old BiUerica Rd., Bedford 
Addis, Edwin C. 

40 Howes St., Florence 
Adlerz, Warren C. 

7 Birmingham Rd., Worcestf 
.■Vkerson, Robert L. 

.58 SummerhiU Ave., WorcesI 
Alden, Marjorie E. 

Aucoot Rd., Mattapoisett 
Alden, Raymond E. 

1 Kenalr.iy Rd., Auburn 
Allen, Doris L. 

10 Beacon Ter., Somerville 



S7 Summer St., Fitchburg 
Alvcs, Kenneth J. 

Bradford Ext., Provincetown 
Anasoulis, Robert F. 

77A We.stern Ave., Lynn 
Anderson, Alan C. 

1.52 Overlook Rd., Arlington 
Anderson, Carole 

43 Pine Ridge Rd., Arlington 
Anderson, Janice 

72 Reed St., Agawam 
Anderson, Jean M. 

Vining Hill Rd., Southwick 
Anderson, Norman E. 

29 Wabash Ave., Worcester 
Anderson, Sonya 

42 King St., Orange 
Arceci, Richard £. 

34 Emerald St., Winchendon 
Arsenault, Raymond J. 

183 Fifth St., Leominster 
Ashe, Barbara A. 

294 Elm St., Holyoke 
Atsalis, Russell 

302 Ocean St., Hyannis 
Audette, Don G. 

3.5 Silver St., West Springfield 
Augusta, Lorraine M. 

27 Grayson Rd., Winchester 
Avery. Ruth E. 

219 Lincoln Ave., Amherst 
Bacchieri, Leo R. 

Tyler Ave., E. Wareham 
Bachman, Nancy J. 

9 Pine St., Manchester 
BalTo, Sam P. 

129 So. Union St., Lawrence 
Baginski, Irene A. 

.51 Norwood Ter., Holyoke 
Baker, David B. 

Ifli^ Granite St., Methuen 
Bakey, William E. 

22 Tatt St., North Adams 
Balicki, .Julie A. 

.5 Miller Ave., Holyoke 
Barber, Glenn X. 

22 Brantwood Rd., Arlington 
Barnes, James S. 

1.5 Oak St., Marblehead 
Barou)^, Francis A. 

08. Central St.. Andover 

Barthello, Marc S. 

13(i Lincoln St., Holvoke 
Bartlctt, David C. 

1 1 Warren Ave., Leicester 
Bartlctt, Frederick R. 

120 Tha.ver Rd., Manhasset, N. Y. 
Bartlett. Jane 

1 1 Park Lane, East Walpole 
Bcekwith, Edward P. 

13 Freeman Ave., North Adams 
Beddow. Richard H., Jr. 

si; Manor Rd., Springfield 
Bclanger, Arthur E. 

13 Cleveland St., Greenfield 
Belding, John C. 

B3 Washington Ave., Northampton 
Bellows, Richard S. 

49 Florentine Gardens, Springfield 
Bclval, Loretta J. 

(1 Maple St., Whitinsville 
Belval. Louise M. 

478 Church St.. Whitinsville 
Benson, Gordon V. 

402 Wallingford Ave., Athol 
Bcrnier. Rene H. 

10 Knight Ave., Easthamplon 
Bcrnier, William E. 

77 Milk St., Fitchburg 
Bcvivino, Thomas R. 

77 Alarvlnnd St.. Springfield 
Bickii. II. George H.. Jr. 

L'Ns Middle SI., East Wevmouth 
Iti.'kncll. lialidi J. 

I'leasuLil SI., Groton 
Bicber. Edward C. 

44 Wostficld Rd., Holyoke 
Billings, Carolyn N. , 

8 Andover St., Georgetown 
Black, Donald M. 

94 Silver St., Greenfield 
Blake, Vance G. 

23 Carey Rd., Needham 
Blank, Frances 

70 Esmond St., Dorchester 
Boisvert, Louise E. 

96 Rivers Ave., Willimansett 
Botacchi, Allen C. 

RED 3, Great Barrington 
Bott, Thomas H. 

6 Columbia Rd., Beverly 
Boutilier, Richard J. 

70 Warwick St., Longmeadow 
Boyle, Sara T. 

15 Myrtle St., Clinton 
Brchaut, Ruth G. 

County Road, Lakeville 
Bresnahan, John 

078 Ivi^l Sl. Holyoke 


, Mil 



<k. Si.h 

\V;,.|,nii;l..n Ave., Chelsea 
Bri.rc. Kwss.ll O. 

307 Lebanon Hill, Southbridge 
Briggs, Ralph S. 

Cornet Stetson Rd., Greenbush 
Bristol, James E., Jr. 

12 Blave Ave., West Boylston 
Broude, Joseph 

181 Harvard St., Brookline 
Bruni, Donald J. 

5 Acacia St., Gloucester 
Bruni, Mario J. 

27 Springside Ave., Pittsfield 
Buck, Janet 

IS Hersam St., Stoneham 
Bullock, Heaton 

73 Stratford Ave., Pittsfield 
Bulman, Philip W. 

10 Exchange St., Athol 
Burns, Beverly A. 

13N4 Commonwealth .\ve.', Brighton 
Burns, Paul E. 

18 Emerson St., Belmont 
Burstein, Norman I. 

103 Melba Ave., Springfield 
Call, Douglas 



Call, Willi! 

Candc, Sally A. 

FliiilsloTii- Farm, Dalton 
<:ar<l. W.iuliiKn R. 

Soiilli M;,|'I.-'SI., Brookfield 
Carlson. Joan E. 

49 OLis St., Mcdford 
Carlson, Margaret E. R. 

RED 1, Sheffield 

91 Wood Si., Woodv 
Carpino. Ili.liard E. 

48 Wrsl riiioH SI.. Pittsfield 
Carroll. John P.. Jr. 

.54 Main St., Millers Falls 
Carter, James A. 

Main St., Sheffield 
Carty, John J. 

328 Eastern Ave., Springfield 
Carver, Sherwood E. 

Scantic Rd., Hampden 
Casavecchia, Elinor M. 

125 78th St., North Bergen, New 

Casey, Richard J. 

48 West Broadway, Gardner 
Casper, Daniel 

.53 Sammett St., Maiden 
Cassady, Carole 

67 Gillette Ave., Springfield 
Gate, Audrey J. 

33 Park St., Shrewsbury 
Cauley, Thomas E. 

152 Jackson Pkwy., Holyoke 
Cave, David B. 

Chalk, Nina G. 

327 St. James St., Springfield 
Chapman, James W. 

3 East Broadway, Haverhill 
Chappell, Raymond R. 

French King Highway, Gill 
Charles, Donald W. 

984 Boston Rd., Haverhill 
Chase, Marjorie A. 

62 Calumet Rd., Holyoke 
Chaves, Janet R. 

290 Sawyer St., New Bedford 
Chick, Frederick W. 

135 Suffolk St., Springfield 
Chucka, Donald G. 

81 Craiwell Ave., W. Springfield 
Cirillo, Anthony N. 

7 Hearn St., Waterlown 
Clark, Joan A. 

307 Main St., Suffield. Conn. 
Clifford, Barbara A. 

120 Great fid., Bedford 
Cody, William 

33 Woods Ave., Holyoke 
Cohen, Claire 

56 East St., Sharon 
Cohen, Goldie 

51 Park St., Turners Falls 
Cole, David A. 

R.F.D. No. 1, Easthampton 
Conway, Richard A. 

498 WiUard St., Quincy 
Coppola, Joseph A. 

1272 Boston Rd., Haverhill 
Corkum, Robert L. 

41 Washington St., Stoneham 
Cornfoot, Richard K. 

Oakland Ave., Wollaston 
Corr, Hugh A., Jr. 

12 Cediir Ave., W. Springfield 
Corser, Robert D. 

R.F.D. No. 2, Great B.arrington 
Cotton, Elizabeth A. 

Elm St., Boxford 
Courville, Edward F. 

63 Providence St., Worcester 
Cousineau, Carl E. 

357 Lr. Westfield Rd., Holyoke 
Cozzens, Donald E. 

Foster St., Littleton 
Cronin, William J., Jr. 

371 Kipp St., Teaneck, N. J. 
Cross, Joan S. 

115 Cedar St., Maiden 
Cross, Robert J. 

II North St., Haverhill 
Crowell, William H. 

45 Sesuit Ave., East Dennis 
Curran, David J. 

299 Church St., Marlboro 
Curran, Dorothy J. 

III Nevins Ave., Longmeadow 
Czaja, Joan E. 

438 Carew St., Springfield 
Dagata, Barbara A. 

37.5 President Ave., Fall River 


l)alv. Jos<M>li M. 

10 Franklin HI., \V,>lKc.l,l 
Darli.iB. .I.i.n.vs S. 

l:il N.irlli Si.. McllU-i.l 
Uavoiiporl. Maria C. 

111.-.,. SI,. SlullMin 
Uaviis. Itaiii.l M..,lr. 

Ill l\nk Diiv,.. H..>l.>n 1,-1 
Davis. C.liarlotl.' K. 



lU- li.l, Chathani 
l)a>i>. .I.a...utu-G. 

UiMTvalinn lid.. Ka.-^lliamplon 
Deacon, US illiam II. ..Jr. 

41,1 Th,irn,lik.- SL, Lawr.-ncc 
Dean, Barbara M. 

30 Shores SI., ■raiinliill 
Deo. Stanley iM. 

,-,2 \V,-sl SI,, Hadlov 
Del)enr«aer<ier. Charles A. 

:ill, Si,. Spring-field 
Dei!:nan.Nanc> J. 

S:> Chapin Si.. Sonthbridge 
DclGrosso, Horace A. 

17 Zeller St., Ro.slindale 
Deiners, C.liarles O. 

-V2 K,.r,sl SL. Williman.selt 
Dent. .lohn ,1. 

-Hi:; Maple SI.. Holvoke 
DcrGiragossian, Herbert H. 

IG Belmont .\ve.. Northampton 
Deros, Constantinc 

991 Main St., Haverhill 
DeSimonc, Robert A. 

43 Clifton .\ve., Springfield 
Dewing, Donald R. 

The Landing, Kingston 
Dickinson, Frank N. 

44 Albert Ave.. Belmont 
Dodge, Arthur G. 

Doe, Allen P. 

44 Central St., West Boylston 
Dole, Fredrica H. 

R.F.D. No. 2, Shelburne Falls 
DonneUy, 'William M. 

18 Thomas Ave., Hol.voke 
Donovan. Francis V. 

23 Elgin St., West Roxbury 
Drapeau, Mary-Louise 

3 Pinehurst Rd., Hol.voke 
Dresser, Grace A. 

42 Lawrenee St., Rockville, Conr 
Drew, Leonard M. 

43 Morton St., Framingham 
DriscoU, Richard E. 

43 Nonotuck St., Northampton 
DriscoU, Robert J. 

34 Harris St., Maiden 
Dugas, Jocelyn A. 

17 Waverly St.. Springfield 
Durkee, Paul E. 

Bo.x 6.0, Topsfiefd 
Dusza, John P. 

153 Main St., Bondsville 
Dwyer, Stephen J. 

15 Avalon Rd., West Roxburv 
Egan. Maureen C. 

43 McKinley Terrace, Westfield 
Egan, William E. 

69 Court St.. Westfield 
Elliott, Duncan H. 

12 Mechanic St., Winchendon 
Englund. Randolph W. 

47 .\irlie St., Worcester 
Erickson. Karl L. 

Center St., Segreganset 
Evans, Robert E. 

620 S. Summer St.. Holvoke 
Facktoroff, Robert S. 

6 Cleaves St.. Roxburv 
Farin, Walter E. 

4.5 Ellen St., New Bedford 
Feigenson, Z. Gale 

16 Tahanto Rd., Worcester 
Ferguson, Charles G. 

63 Forbes Hill Rd.. Quincv 
Figlcr. Paul J. 

93 Queen St.. Holvoke 
Filar, Joanne P. 

17 Linda Ave., Willimansett 
Findlay, Mary G. 

106 Lewis Ave., W. Springfield 

Fish, Uun L. 

39 Sch.a.l SI.. Aulnirn 
Fisher. John C. 

I 12 liani;ir.l IM,. \V..rccslcr 
Fisler, Kliy.iilMlli A. 

111.-. I'iiik Si,, \„rth Atllcl.or,. 
Fla>i.i. .Inscpl. It.. Jr. 

L',-. l-..,r.l SI . Cn.enlichl 
Fleiirv. ll.rnar<l J., Jr. 

91; \V.-,~I Si,. K:,,llianii>l..n 
Flint. t)livcr S., Jr. 

.57 Farvicw Way, Amherst 
Flood, David J. 

15 Highland St., Norwood 
Foley, John M. 

lU'l.anil. St.. S.Hith Hadlev 
Forkev. Kavniond D. 

101 Dors.-I SI. S|)ringfieM 
Fox. Harriet N. 

Iirj l!,.sM.lrr SI,. Dorchester 
Francis. Kliyal.clh A. 

■2-2 U,.r,i.n SI,, Now Bedford 
Frankel. Phillip H. 

l.-)0 .Mass. Ave., Arlington 
Frcsia, Elmo J 

l.s Harvard St., Pittsfield 
Friend, Edward L. 
^ 34 Pickwick Rd., Hamden, Conn. 
Fuccillo, David \. 

170 Pauline St., Winthrop 
Furcolo, Michael P. 

R.F.D. Northfield 
Gabcrman, Harvey S. 

33 Coit St.. Holvoke 
Gaffney, PrisciUa N. 

43 Potter St.. Hyannis 
Galasso, Francis S. 

25 Flynt Ave., Monson 
Galli, Vincent A, 

10 Phillips St., Lawrence 
Ganley, Richard E. 

72 Maple Ave., North Andover 
Gannon, Elinor M. 

394 Main St., Clinton 
Garner, .\llan T. 

00 Florence .\ve., Norwood 
Garnett, Robert K. 

664 Burncoat St., Worcester 
Gattinella. Concetto J. 

51 Essex St., Lawrence 
Geller, Morton A. 

121 Melba Ave., Springfield 
Gelotte, Robert A. 

54 Prentiss Lane, Belmont 
Geoffrion, Walter J. 

06 Hamden St., West Springfield 
Georgantas, Alice 

7 Skinner St., Brockton 
Gibbons, Ann E. 

23 Sunapee St., Springfield 
Gilley, Nancy J. 

7 Porter Rd., Scituate 
Glaser, Marvin H. 

37 Earl St.. Maiden 
Gleason, Charles P. 

95 Washington St., Northampton 
Glusgol, Melvin M. 

49 Hancock St., Chelsea 
Glynn, Marv-Lou 

3S Summer St., Fitchburg 
Goding, George .4. 

Box 5S, Stow 
Goldberg, Rosalyn 

77 Homestead St., Roxbury 
Goodfader, Doris 

53 Locust St., Winthrop 
Goodnow, Stanley R. 

IS JLarshfield St.. Gloucester 
G€>odridge, George A, 

Prospect St., Topsfield 
Gove, Warren R. 

R.F.D. Mechanic St., Leominster 
Graham, Duncan M. 

47 Newfield St., West Roxbury 
Graham, Raymond D. 

64 Lyie St.,' Maiden 
Graham, WiUiam G. 

II Burlington St., Lexington 
Granger, Helen M. 

103 Warren Ave., Marlboro 
Grant, Anna P. 

285 Main St., Wilmington 
Granville, John P. 

1 Parkman St., WoUaston 
Grayson, Robert W. 

Bank St., Harwich Port 

6 DeVcrenx SI.. Ma 
Greer, Phillip \V. 






GuettUr. Virginia I. 

75 N. S.nninc- SI,. Adams 
Gunter. Itolurl E. 

3S3 PIfasanI St.. ,\lli,.I 
Gurwita.,, Arnold 

151 Providence St. Worcester 
Haasc, Muriel M. 

273 Milk St., Fitchburg 
llaesclcr, Carl W. 

51 Arlington St., Northampton 
Hale, Coric E., Jr. 

270 Main St., Athol 
Hall, Henry L., Jr. 

State Highway. E. Sandwich 
Halvorson, Doris A. 

75 Pleasant St.. Dalton 
Hamilton. Richard P. 

41 C..I,- ,\v,. , PilKlici.l 
Hampsitii. Frank H. 

y. Ki. 

96 Keitii St., Wevmoiith 
Handy. Wallace H. 

Box 57, Cataumet 
Harlow, Thomas I. 

6S Watcrston Ave., Quincy 
Harvey, H. Janet 

Rutland Heights 
Harvey, Williamina F. 

50 So. Shelburne Rd., Greenfield 
Hawkins, Janet B. 

15 Kimberly St., Springfield 
Haworth, Layvrence D. 

22 Hamilton St., Braintrce 
Hayes, Clarence A. 

53 Sunset Ave., Amherst 
Hayn, Ernest M., Jr, 

384 Main St., Wilbraham 
Headle, Herbert W., Jr. 

764 Riverdale St., W. Springfield 
Hebert, Jeanne O. 

57 Franklin St., Holyoke 
Heintz, Kathryn E. 

25 Desmond St., Manchester 
Heisig, Fred W. 

39 Portland St., Holyoke 
Henley, Marion 

92 Prospect St., Shrewsbury 
Henrickson, Robert W. 

5 Berkmans St., Worcester 
Hergenrother, Rudolf M. 

14 Holden Rd., West Newton 
Heywood, Donald T. 

186 South Main St., Cohas.set 
Hickey, Catherine M. 

7 Gilman St., Holvoke 
Hicks, William H, 

134 Independence Ave., Quincy 
Higgins, Jeanne A. 

3 Lockland Ave., Framingham 
Hobart, Joan H. 



229 Corinth St.. North Adams 
Hogan, George V. 

45 View St., Holyoke 
Hogg, Lorna 

613 Auburn St., Whitman 
Holda. Edward A. 

28 Hampden Rd., Monson 
HoUinger, Reinhold H. 

989 Hampden St., Holyoke 
HoUis, Bettina M. 

Foundry St., South Easton 
Holmberg, Dorya M. 

2 Omena Place, Fitchburg 
Hoiiney. Thoinas F. 

9 Fairview Ave., Northampton 
Hopkins, Joyce M. 

25 Webster St., Middleboro 
Houle, Helen A. 

20 Ludlow St., Worcester 
Howard, John C. 

264 Sumner Ave., Springfield 
Howes, Nancy M. 

64 Clairmont St., Longmeadow 
Howland, George H. 

I.i08 Turnpike. Stoughton 
Huber, Philip E. 

Suffolk E-3. Amherst 
Huber, Richard G. 

Huff, Betty J. 

E.F.D. No. 1, Fitchburg 
Hultgren, David H. 

165 Auburn St., Auburn 
Humphriss, W. Dale 

26 High St., Easthampton 
Hunter, David H. 

R.F.D. No. 1, North Rd., Mui 
ville, Pa. 
Hyman, Robert I. 

239 Wells St., Gr 
Jagiello. Alice B. 

72 Dartmouth St., : 
Jeonette, Joseph S. 

24 Hilltop Ave., Jefferson 
Johansson, Walter H. 

Washington St.. Sherborn 
Johnson, Ernest A. 

Johnson, Eunice M. 

107 Wickham St., Garden City, N. Y. 
Johnson, Roger F. 

651 Tinkham Rd.. Wilbraham 
Johnson, Theodore C. 

461 Granbv Rd., South Hadley Falls 
Johnson, Victor E. 

741 Aspen Rd., Littleton 
Johnson, Willard M. 

24 Bates St., Westfield 
Jones, Lawrence L., Jr. 

286 Dodge St., Beverly 
Junkins, Donald A. 

82 Cleveland Ave., Saugus 
Kallgren, Donald W. 

125 West Alvord St., Springfield 
Kaufman, Marjorie 

22 Crowell St., Dorchester 


Kazalski, Joseph E. 

15 Greenwood Ave., Hol.voke 
Keaney, Ann M. 

1088 Essex St., Lawrence 
Kearney, WiUiam F. 

29 Wales Ave., Randolph 
Keating, Paula E. 

6 Squanto Rd., Quincy 
Kee, Henry G. 

37 Dover St., Boston 
Kelley, Frances M. 

21 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield 
Kennan, Roy A. 

4 Locke Rd., West Medtord 
Kennedy, Joan L. 

13 Edgemoor Rd., Belmont 
Kenney, Peter W. 

36 Hillsdale St., Arlington 
Kilbourn, Walton G., Jr. 

Sterling St., South Lancaster 
Kiley, Frederick T. 

39 Pope Rd., Concord 
Kimball, Prescott A. 

530 Main St., Gardner 
Kingsbury, Robert S. 

47 Lothrop St., Milton 
Kinnear, Elizabeth M. 

277 Greeley St., Clinton 
Kirkitelos, Andrew A. 

67 Cass St., Springfield 
Klaus, Suszanne J. 

78 Wheatland St., Chicopee Falls 
Kobak, Joseph A. 

50 Adams St., Fairhaven 
Koehler, F. Theodore 

62 Lathrop St., So. Hadley Fails 
Kramer, Stanley R. 

144 Arlington St., Haverhill 
Kreiger, Albert J., Jr. ^ 

34 Winter St., Pittsfield 
Kronick, Rhoda 

65 Chestnut St., North Adams 
Kuhn, Donald E. 

183 Ellsworth St., Springfield 
Kutolowski, John F. 

86 High Rock St., Lynn 
Kuzeja, Edward J. 

Old Stage Rd., Holyoke 
Kwasnik, Andrew F. 

Hampden Rd., Monson 
Lajoie, John L. 

161 Morton St., West Springfield 
Lally, Vincent F. 

271 N. Pleasant St., Holyoke 
Lambert, Donald R. 

R.F.D. No. 2, Monson 
Lambert, William A. 

83 Fox St., Worcester 
Lapton, Stephen T. 

65 Sterling St., Springfield 
Larsen, Charles M. 

12 Capron St., Attleboro 
Lattimore, Ernest E. 

54 Lathrop St., South Hadley 
Lawrance, Leonice N. 

94 Summer St., Kingston 
Lawrence, Paul H. 

37 Norwood Terr., Holyoke 
Lawrence, T. Albert 

10 Crescent St., Millers Falls 
Leavitt, Alan V. 

4 Thurber St., Framingham 
Lebowitz, Jason 

9 Avon Ave., Methuen 
Leitzen, Dolores R. 

43 Brookline Ave., Holyoke 
Lester, Mary G. 

New Marlboro 
Levine, Richard A. 

77 Bloomingdale St., Chelsea 
Levitt, Ralph 

23 Floyd St., Dorchester 
Lewis, Thomas D. 

26 Glen wood Circle, Longmeadow 
Libbev, Leonard M. 

60 Townsend Rd., Belmont 
Libby, John E. 

Main St., Cummaquid 
Lincoln, Nicholas D. 

2109 Glenwood Drive, Kalamazi 

rt. Jr. 

■ Falls 

Littlefield, Robert L. 

15 Sunset Rd., Gardner 
Litz, Vera B. 

38 State St., Monson 
Lojko, Matthew S. 

13 Warfield PI., Northampton 
Lucier, Rene G. 

415 Sumner Ave., Springfield 
Lund, WiUiam A., Jr. 

43 Denmark St., Worcester 
MacDonald, Basil H. 

100 Beech St., Holyoke 
MacDonald, John K. 

960 Beacon St., Newton 
Maclachlan, Bruce A. 

37 Morrow St., Mansfield 
MacLean, Donald A. 

24 Chestnut St., Westfield 
MacLeod, Joan M. 

1151 Main St., Leicester 
MacManus, Donald 

322 High St., Holyoke 
MacNiven, Malcolm W. 

82 Wilkinson St., Worcester 
Magee, Claire L. 

25 Fern St., Brockton 
Maglott, Sylvester R. 

1126 West St., Wrentham 
Makrides, Christopher 

10 Linwood PI., SomerviUe 
Malin, Jeanne L. 

11 Summer St., Northampton 
Maloney, Robert J. 

45 Rand St., Lynn 
Mangum, Jeanne E. 

55 Allyn St., Holvoke 
Manninen, Ellen S. 

Ashby West Rd., Fitchburg 
Marcinkowski, Michael F. 

73 Walnut St., Chelsea 
Marcotte, Victor H. 

Moss Hill Rd., Russell 
Marder. Everett J. 

398 Hawthorn St., New Bedford 
Maroni, Mary K. 

1273 Main St., Athol 
Marshall, David I. 

30 Cleveland St., Gloucester 
Marshall, Joyce E. 

353 Mass. Ave., Cambridge 
Marshall, Lawrence A. 

31 Winter St., Arhngton 
Martin, Douglas W. 

10 George St., Greenfield 


, EHi 

65 Simonds Rd., Williamstown 
Mason, Howard M. 

22 Waushakum St., Framingham 
Mathews, Archie 

Box 13, Southfield 
Mathias, Gretchen 

60 Churchill Rd., W, Springfield 
Matuszek, Francis A. 
. 213 Lyman St., Holyoke 
Maynard, Nelson A. 

Suffolk F-1, Amherst 
McBane, WiUiam J. 

15 Rock St., Middleboro 
McGrath, Cornelius B. 

60 Clark Ave., Northampton 
Mclntirc, Helen E. 

792 Plymouth St., Bridgewater 
McKnight, Robert J. 

38 Breck Ave., Brighton 
Meader, Nancy J. 

9 Summit St., Whitinsville 
Medrek, Theodore F. 

336 Chestnut St., Springfield 
Mendelsohn, Howard D. 

63 Brookledge St., Roxbury 
Menzies, Patricia S. 

10 School St., Adams 
Merrigan, Ann C. 

25 Glendell Terr., Springfield 
Merritt, Barbara A. 

71 Athol St., Boston 34 
Meserve, Jacqueline 

19 Peter St., North Andover 
Mctlic, Marcclla A. 

195 Oak St., Holyoke 
Michclson. Rachel 

Littleton Rd., Westford 
Miklas, Joan L. 

17 CroLlcau St., Adams 
MiUer, Ardcth R. 

461 Washington Ave., Chelsea 


Miller, Lau 

.-.(■. F.llicoll St., NlH-.llliUll 

MiU-li.ll. Kolurl n. 

IL'l M.a.l.n,. N„rlh Amlu-r.- 
Mis^.m. \ 1>. 

Hi.Iku-.I- 1M., l^ilni.Milli 
Mollill. William J. 

I'liuiklin SI . NorllKuiipton 
M.m r.ri.ana.. L. 

II, llrn,.UIi,l,l SI.. l.iKliovv 
Mnnlisnv. Norman .1. 

M;nii Si , Norlh Oxford 


Wiiiloii Si.. Sprinciicld 
oo. \Mr.-.ll'.. Jr. 

lliKihi St.. Pitlstii-ld 


SI , I'ittsficld 
Morgan, .l.romc E.. Jr. 

liiTs NiMl\iiiinptoii St., Hol.vokc 

Morrill. Vnn 

.-.I.-. Cnifls SI.. West Newton 
Morton. F. Joan 

Treasure Cove, Wellflect 
Moser, Kenneth A. 

7n Sunset Ave., -\mherst 
Mottolo. Paul J. 

4111 WashiuKlon St.. Winchester 
Moulton, r.arolvn A. 

14 Pulnaiii Ave.. Br.aintree 
Mnlarz.. VS alter M. 

Ill Morri. SI., Lynn 
M.ilk.rn. Marsaret E. 

I..-, Crai.liii.l Ave.. AVest Roxbur.v 
Miillins. K.lsar J., Jr. 

'IJ Hi^.li SI.. Turners Falls 


\V,.1,..1I SI.. Maiden 
Mur,.li>. I), iinis F.. Jr. 

1,1 i;im«...Ml Ave., Hol.voke 
Mu^pl.^. riiomas W. 

I -'7 <"lu~lniit St., Holyoke 
Musiynski, Mildred E. 

Glendale Village, Easthampton 
Myrick, Jeanne 

410 Main St., Amesbury 
Naviekas, Edward J. 

14 Cherrv St.. Easthampton 
Nelson, Maleolm B. 

23 Pe.ace St., Hopedale 
Nelson, Marjorie L. 

til Howard St., Brockton 
Neumann, Barbara R. 

76 Elmwood St., Holvoke 
Neusner, Milton M. 

.50 Sheridan St.. Haverhill 
Newman, Abraham S. 

.58 Ellsworth St., Brockton 
Newman, Natalie E. 

1714 Commonwealth .\ve., Brighton 
Nickles, Riehard L. 

Treble Cove, North Billerica 
Nolan, Robert F. 

1 1 Emerson St., Winthrop 
Norcross, G. Elaine 

Parkerville Hd., Southville 
CBrien, David G. 

44 Butler PI., Northampton 
O-Brien, John F., Jr. 

35 Belvidere St., Holyoke 
O'ConneU, Thomas B. 

7 Pittsmore St., Roslindale 
Ofstrock, Sondra L. 

Pleasant St., Woods Hole 
O'Hara, George J. 

561 South Canal St., Holyoke 
O'Keefe, Florence K. 

132 Greene St., North Andover 
OIney, Charles E. 

Reservoir Ave., Rehoboth 
O-Neill, Mary M. 

20 Woods Ave., Holyoke 
Ordway, Priscilla A. 

15 Circuit St., Worcester 
Packard, Beverly A. 

16 Park, Wakefield 
Paleologopoulos, Paul V. 

33 Elizabeth St., Northampton 
Panzica, Mary C 

10 Parsons St., Northampton 
Parisien, Joan H. 

1001 Mohawk Trail, North .\dams 
Parker, Jeanne M. 

S Goodale Rd., Mattapan 
Parks, Thomas R. 

292 Sumner Ave., Springfield 

Perlv, Thomas A. 

22 West St., Georgetown 
Perrv, Helen T. 

10.5 Cireenwood 1-anc. Wallham 
Peterson. Jon II. 

Ill Clitlon Rd.. Milton 
IVlerM.n. Kennelli B. 

!.-> l.niiiM'. \Von.,■^lcr 
I'elrillo. Koe.o it. 

]\-2 All.ll, l.,VMM 
Pl.aii.iil. Mariiarel E. 

lllSprior. rnlnin- 
Phillips. Na.uN I,. 

l,s Dnv, W.-^l Springfield 
PiBnali.ll... J.>-.|.h L. 

7 KIImimtc Si.. \\ orcester 
Pike. Pri-.-illa 1.. 

32 Deiiii SI.. Clieshire 
PillinB. Jean M. 

(is Mount Ave,. Worcester 
Pina. Eduardo I. 

2 Margin St.. New Bedford 
Poirier. Richard 

200 Charles, Fitchburg 
Powers. Joseph 

113 l.apham St.. Fall River 
Pratt, Bethel E. 

21S Pleasant St., Whitman 
Prcvv, John L. 

9S Clcavland Ave., North Adar 
Price, .\Iex G. 

■Tngaldsby." Georgetown 
Priest, Robert J. 

29 Concord St., Maynard 
Prokopowich, Lucien R. 

320 Millbury St., Worcester 
Provost, Frank, Jr. 

356 New Ludlow Rd., Fairview 
Quinn, Rosemary K. 

5 Morknd Terr.,' New Bedford 
Rabaioli, Alfred N. 

.531 Village St., Medway 
Radiilski. n.>rolliv F. 

4 0l.MrMil.irv A ve., Haverhill 
RafTiii. Vn^elo J. 

52.S Main St., Medford 
Rhanasto. Helen S. 

16 Hazel St.. Fitchburg 
Reeben acker, Noel J. 

Apt. E-1 Hampshire, .\mherst 
Reeber, Marvin J. 

121 Center St., Holyoke 
Regis, Norma E. 

47 Eddy St., Fall River 
Reid, Carolyn P. 
_ 216 Village Ave., Dedham 
, Louise E. 

N-6 Federal Cir., Amherst 
ice, Thomas E. 

N-6 Federal Circle, Amherst 

Riehter, Wilburt J. 

S Hillside Ave., Bedford 
Rikert, Paul E. 

9 Winchester Rd., East Northfield 
Rimbaud, Gilbert J. 

30 Tirrell St., Worcester 
Ritter, John H. 

Greenwich Rd., Hardwick 
Ritzi, Charles F. 

30 Hooper, Worcester 
Robbins, Lincoln A. 

140 Adams St., Braintree 
Robbins, Paul H. 

34 South Ave., Melrose 
Rock, Howard F. L. 

31 Talcott St., Springfield 
Rockwood, Margaret 

10 Ossipee St., Walpole 
Rogers, Frances L. 

2 Pine St., Paxton 
Romasco. Albert U. 

352 Fenn St., Pittsfield 
Romer. Bernard R. 

44 Wilmington Ave., Dorchester 
Rosenfield, Daniel 

183 Callender St., Dorchester 
Rothstein, Sanford S. 

9 Jones St., W'orcester 
Rouillard, Catherine L. 

5 Grandview St., Chicopee 
RouiUard, Marcia C. 

407 Prospect St., Norwood 
Rubin, Robert J. 

41 Hosmer St., Boston 


Rudman, Arlene D. 

Stratton Rd., Williamstown 
Rudy,. Walter L. 

75 Pine St., Florence 
Russell, William M. 

South St., Belchertown 
Rutcho, George 

31 Green Ave., Southbridge 
Ryder, Jean C. 

.54 Olive Street, Methuen 
St. Pierre, John N. 

132 Beaudrv Ave., Fairview 
Saltman, Adele D. 

52 Babcock, Brookline 
Saltman, Sheldon A. 

12 Winchester Rd., Newton 
Sanders, Judith 

SO Maiden St., Everett 
Sanford, Beverly C. 

645 Laurel St., Longmeadow 
Santamour, Frank S., Jr. 

42 Joffre St., Lowell 
Sargent, Walter H. 

1 Arbutus Rd., Swampseott 
Saunders, Herbert F. 

2 Pauline St., Randolph 
Savino S Victor 

48 Walnut St., Northampton 
Schanberg, Bailey R. 

60 Hammond St., Clinton 
Schindler, Marvin S. 

108 Maple St., Roxbury 
Schnctzer, Joan M. 

71 Daviston St., Springfield 
Scholfield, Donald F. 

2 Crown St., Clinton 
Schutzberg. Arnold S. 

54 Fa.vette St., Cambridge 
Seaman, Elmer E. 

Washington St., Sherborn 
Sears, John F. 

35 Carlton St., Holyoke 
Segal, Robert M. 

56 Park Vale Ave., Allston 
Selfridge, Fred F. 

Brookside Rd., Nabnasset 
Sencabaugh, Phyllis E. 

6 Melvin Ave., Shrewsbury 
Servais, Robert A. 

88 Jewel, Mansfield 
Sexton, Edward V. 

39 Prospect St., Greenfield 
Shapiro, Barbara D. 

11 Ta,vlor St., Saugus 
Sharron, Arnold H. 

11 Clark Ave., Chelsea 
Shaughnessy, John H. 

15 Columbus Ave., Ashland 
Shaw, Donald G. 

133 Maiden St., Worcester 
Shaw. Roland B. 

43 Florence St., New Bedlorc 
Sheehan, Hoan 

358 Cedar St., New Bedford 
Shields, Charles A. 

68 Arthur St., Methuen 
Shore, Sumner A. 

57 Norwood Ave., Newton 

Shorey, Harry H. 

420 Furnace Brk. Pkv., Wollastt 
Shrader. William W. 

SI Holden Rd., West Newton 
Shuman, Alan L. 

32 Hosmer St., Mattapan 
Sikora, Victoria J. 

37 Brownsville Ave., Ipswich 
Silcox, Norman W. 

510 Varnum ,\ve., Lowell 
Skolnick. Robert 

SI HiKhlaii.l SI.. Revere 
Slein. Kicliar.l K. 

73 West Mill. .11 St.. Readville 
Small. Maroia C. 

17 Twinehurst St., Southbridge 
Smith, Carol 

22 Brookline Kve., Springfield 
Sniilli. riiri>tophcr G. 

i;c, Noiih SI . (Grafton 
Smilli. l.i.lli.r W. 

.. Orange 



20 Woodside Park. Winthrop 
Smitli. Ronald H. 

22S Pleasant St.. East Longnieadow 
Smith, Rov C. 

Waxhusett St.. Holden 
Sniado, John L, 

Piirk Hill Rd., Easthampton 
Sobala, Paul J. 

2SS Newton St., South Hadley Falls 
Sokol, David L. 

96 Wellington Hill, Maltapan 
Soltys, John J. 

13 Union St., Holyoke 
Sondrini, Nate F. 

21 W ApremonI St., Adams 
Sostrk. H.-rli.rl \. 

193 I'leii.aiil SI.. Brookline 
Soutliworlli. Itoh.-rt W. 

30 Pill.sK.ld .\ie.. Pittsfield 
Spencer, Richard P. 

30 Wellington St., Springfield 
Stack, Joan T. 
. 70 Chapel St.. Northampton 
Steisl'd.r. \rlliiir F.. 

4 Kirliv M . --nulh Dartmouth 
Stei)li.M~. William <;. 

67 N,.. V .iH.n SI.. Arlington 
Stetson, Harvey L. 

37 Wiltshire Rd., Brighton 
Stiles, Elizabeth J. 

Ferry St., Granby 
Stohlmann, Bernice L. 

East Hoosac St., Adams 
Stronach, M. Joan 

IS Dickinson.St., Northampton 
Stuart, John D. C, 

Box 25, Still River 
Sturtevant, Richard M. 

Box 194, Wellfleet 
Suchocki, John M. 

Palmer Rd., Monson 

Sullivan, Betty 

:,4 California Ave., Springfield 
Sullivan, Philip J. 

BixbyiHill, West Gruton 

Sullivan, Kuth E. 

South St.. Belehertown 
Summers, Barbara J, 

34 Adams St., Braintree 
Swana, John J. 

Perrvville Rd.. Dudley 
Swieskowski, Henry P. 

30 W..,.,lniont St., Springfield 
Swifi. Dorothy G. 

9S FIoniK-e St., Springfield 
Szurek, Anthony J. 

East Rd., Adams 
Tanner, Harris M. 

304 Hillside Ave.. Holvoke 
Tarr, David W. 

SO W. Emerson St., Melrose 
Tenney, Raymond F, 

3S4 Davis St.. Greenfield 
Tetreault, Andre R. 

Blaire Rd., W.arren 
Theroux, Edward J, 

9 Clinton Ave., Holyoke 
Thibault. Norman G. 

225 Gillette Ave., Springfield 
Thimot, George W. 

117 Manning, Hudson 
Thimot, Robert P. 

117 Manning, Hudson 
Thomas, Bruce L. 

^ 13 Cosby Ave., Amherst 
Thorndike, Raymond S. 

23 East Highland Ave., Melros 
Tikkanen, Werner 

149 Siuinii Rd. Quincv 
TilUhauni. Mark D. 

M Miipl.- Si.. Roxbury Itarl.ara L. 

.■> \V..1,,.|| Rd., Lvnn , 
Tomlinsoii, Albert R. 

Box 41 (Main St.) Wales 

_ 27 Broad St., Nantucket 
Tooker, Charles T. 

Robinson Rd., Littleton 
Torres, Marie E. 

62 Coolev Ave., East Longmeai 
Tucker. John B. 


luek.r. Vl.Uin J. 

,sc, San.l.TM.nSl..(:reenfi<.ld 
Tyler, Georgic M. 

113 High St., Pittsfield 
Umina. .\nthony P, 

Hampshire E-3. Amherst 
Upham, Edward F. 

Hampshire A-1, Amherst 
Urbanck, Barbara A. 

23 Second St., Adams 
Vanderl'ol. Mildred 

7.'.7 \V;,.hini:l..i, SI.. Fairhavcn 

'II Arliiifl..!! SI. Walertown 
Viera. Ilel.n C. 

M.uii SI,. Miievard Haven 
Vilie~i~. \ilie<;. 

King SI,. West Hanover 
Vinzi, Angelo 

100 Elliott St., Worcester 
Vitali, Richard J. 

10 Silverwood Terr., South Hadle 
Volk, Charlotte W. 

1340 River St., Hyde Park 

Vrendenburg, Charles E, 

22.5 Oak Grove Ave., Springfield 
Vreeland, James B. 

215 Skyline Trail, Middlefield 

24 Grape St., Maiden 
Wakstein, Allen M, 

1.1 K..II-.I Park Ave., Springfield 
Walclron. Itohert J. 

SlalV,,r,l SI.. l{,,,-hdalc 
Walsh, Kendall J. 

117 Sargent SI., Holvoke 
Waller, Henry J. 

High St.. Norwell 
Waltermire, Joan T. 

99 W. Wyoming Ave., Melrose 
Ware, Donald M. 

32 Irving St., Worcester 
Warren, Blanchard D., Jr, 

High St., Medfield 
Watroba, Raymond 

"L" St., Turners Falls 
Weeden. Robert B. 

19LM Head SI .Swansea 
Weiner. lleniaminj. 

Ill Fav Ave.. IVatmdv 
Weinslcin, Bernard M. 

29 Seafoam Ave., Winthrop 
Weinstein, Lewis E. 

24 Concord Ave., Cambridge 
Wekstein, Walter D. 

19 Columbia Park, Haverhill 
Wells. Clinton C. 

31 Homer St.. Newton Center 
Wells. Robert F... Jr. 

Ill Pilgrim R.I,. Waban 
Whe.l.r. Kalpli N., Jr. 

11. ■> M<.ihIo si.. Hopedale 
White, Annette T. 

977 North Pleasant St., Amherst 
Whitmore, WiUiam R. 

N. Sunderland Rd. Sunderland 

N23 Huntington Rd.. E. Lansii 
Willard, Gwencth D, 

12 Dale Ave., Quincv 
Williams. Huntington 

Sunset Drive, Glastonbury, Conn. 


, Wa 

G Colony Rd., Lexington 
Winterhalter, Allen R. 

Rri St., Ashland 
Wishnet, Lester K. 

52 Cove Rd., South Dartmouth 

Woodworth, Philip R. 

King St.. Groveland 
Wvman. Lester M., Jr. 

.34 Prospect St., Rockland 
Yeghoian, Isquhi 

29 Grove St., Haverhill 
Young. Eli M. 

S40 Humphrey St., Swampscott 
Zellan, Robert L. 

05 Calumet Rd., Holyoke 




(;o<m1. K.llioll. (onri.;. Miulltll 



Last spring at the convocation 
which brought Parents' Weekend 
to a close, the outstanding women 
of the campus were recognized for 
their achievements. It was at this 
convocation that fifteen members 
of the freshman class were tapped 
for Scrolls, the sophomore women's 
honorary society. These girls are 
chosen annually on the basis of 
ability shown in leadership, schol- 
arship, personality, and service. 
Scrolls are well known on campus 
by their maroon crew-hats adorned 
with a white scroll emblem. 

Preceding their initiation into 
Scrolls, elections were held at 
which President Nancy Allen, 
Vice-President Frances Jones, and 

Secretary -Treasurer Marcia Viale 
were chosen to lead the group. 

Formal duties were assumed in 
the fall of 1951. The first and 
biggest duty of the Scrolls was the 
welcoming of freshman women. 
This consisted of such activities as 
the Freshman Picnic and Square 
Dance sponsored jointly with the 
^laroon Key, help at registration, 
and guidance of frosh women 
through their first weeks of college 

Additionally, the group ushered 
at various campus functions, aided 
their parent organization Isogon, 
he'lped to bring Dr. Vera Dean to 
the University, and worked at 

Back Row: Baird. Motte, Robinson, Stephen, Alger, Moriarty, Woodman, Harlr 
Front Row: Montsomrrv. Murdock. Viale. Allen, Jones, Katz, Seidman 


[ '274 ] Ho» I laluTM. ltMrliii!.-.inii. M. Mulliii. OiMxl 
Front K..« IJm r. IVnii. Picar.l. VI attaiia>aKorii. lack 
Missing: M. Taft, J. Bucklcj , 1*. Burn», J. CasLj, K. Collagan, t. ConcLison, M. Jennings, \. konigsbcrg, R. Lcmay, 

D. Segal, C. Tilton 

The Maroon Key was founded at the University of Massachusetts 
in 1926 and members are elected each year to the organization in 
their Freshman year. 

Maroon Key members cover inany phases of student activity 
with emphasis placed on the furthering of good-will in athletics. The 
]Maroon Key acts as host to all visiting athletic teams, helps with 
football rallies, and organizes and carries out the annual rope pull. 

Among Maroon Key activities are their participation in Fresh- 
man orientation. They act as helpers and general information agents 
at Registration and during High School Weekend. Early in first 
semester ^Maroon Key members instruct Freshman men in traditions 
and customs of the University. Working jointly with the Scrolls, the 
Maroon Key organizes and carries out the annual Frosh picnic. 

The main objective of the 1951-5'2 Key-men was to rewrite the 
constitvition in order to make the organization more meaningful than 
the present one. Through its new constitution, the ^Maroon Key 
hopes to make itself self -perpetuating. 

The ]Maroon Key has as its advisor Warren P. [NIcGuirk, Director 
of Athletics. It is thus possible for the organization to work closely 
in conjunction with the athletic department. 


Barro^vs, Ralph £. 

Winchester Rd., Northfield 
Barry, Shirley A. 

45 Harrison Ave., Greenwood 
Bartels, Roger J. 

IS Wilson St., Baldwin, N. Y. 
Bartholomew, Barbara .J. 

King St., Norfolk 
Bartlett, Frank D., Jr. 

23 Pond St., Sharon 

Bass, Ma 


Adams, Phyllis D. 

► 94 Bay State Rd., Methuen 
Adams, Ruth S. 

71 Grove St., Plainville 
Adams, Shirley J. 

261 High St., Dalton 
Adshead, Richard K. 

76 Chestnut St., Fairhaven 
Alger, Carolyn C. 

10 Southwick St., Middleboro 
Allaire, Ruth A. 

13 Pleasant St., Onset 
Allen, Nancy J. 

327 Middle St., Braintree 
Altsher, Miu-iel H. 

52 Ormond St., Mattapan 
Anderson, Donald E. 

18 Hall St., Williamstown 
Anderson, John G. 

110 Carson Ave., Dalton 
Anderson, Walter A. 

39 Marland Rd., Woreester 
Androvs, Richard C. 
. Wire Village, Spencer 
Angelini, Pio 

212 Topsfield Rd., Wenham 
Antiles, Leonard 

21 Ma.vo St., Springfield 
Appel, Gerald R. 

47 Almont St., Mattapan 
Arnold, Joyce A. 

25 Larkspur St., Springfield 
Arsenault, Robert D. 

213 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands 
Arthur, Joan L. 

16 Constant Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 
Ash, Lawrence R. 

19 Hancock St., Northampton 
Ashe, Thomas J. Jr. 

2585 Boston Rd., Williraham 
Atwell, Gerry C. 

124 Edmands Rd., Framingham 
Atwood, William M. 

Tihonet Rd., Wareham 
Aversano, Philip M. 

R.F.D. 412, Foxboro 
Avery, Edward P. 

219 Lincoln Ave., Amherst 
Ayers, Andrew A. 

1704 Main St., Athol 
Ayers, Paul L. 

56 Hazelwood Ave., Longmcadow 
Baer, Arlene F. 

65 Pleasant St.. Wolnirn 
Bailey, Francis B. 

.59 Boardman St., Ncwtiuryporl 
Baird, Mary-Judith 

182 North St., Ludlow 
Baldw-n, Helen J. 

39 Talcott Ave., Springfield 
Bamel, Herbert R. 

144 Geneva Ave., Dorchester 
Barker, Elizabeth 

49A Charlesbank Rd., Newton 
Barnard, .Toyce 

47 Holton St., Medford 
Barr, Donald W. 

37 .A.scadilla Rd., Worcester 

295 Linden St., Pittsfield 
Batchcldcr, Arthur R. 

39 Cedar St., Haverhill 
Bates, .Janet E. 

50 Otis St., Medford 
Bates, Mary E. 

5 Shellton Rd., Quincv 
Bavineau, Willard F. " 

Gardner Rd., Templeton 
Bayon, Barbara L. 

45 Pleasant St., Holyoke 
Beals, Richard W. 

67 Weston St., Brockton 
Bean, Barbara E. 

Rte. 5, Box 628, Dartmouth 
Bean, Marilyn S. 

195 Spring St., Florence 
Becker, Sylvia M. 

17 Wilson Ave., Watertown 
Bedrosian, Narakian 

31 Lawrence St., Milford 
Beiman, Elaine G. 

90 Cl.ipp St.. Milton 
Belkin. Herl.en E. 

12-1 M..r,iK,i,l Ave., Winlhrop 
Rill. Donald \1. , 

Fust Pleasant St., Amherst 
Bell, Donald W. 

244 Oak St.. Indian Orchard 
Bemis, Dorothy B. 

Beniis Farms. Spencer 
Benet, Lorenzo P. 

1() Maple Circle, Marblehead 
Bennett. Edmund T. 

1 Germiiin St.. Worcester 
Bersi.r. \rlliiir A. 

2 1). (,,ri Si , Itoxbury 
Bers.roii. Hol..rt H. 

31 Elizabeth St., Northampton 
Berlin, Laurence 

37 Park Vale Ave., Allston 
Berretta, Robert E. 

56 Lafa,vette St., Randolph 
Berube, Loretta M. 

9 Knight Ave., Easthampton 
Bestgen, John G., .Jr. 

Sea St., Dennisport 
Bevilaqua, John J., Jr. 

154 East St., No. Attleboro 
Bianchi, Regina V. 

11 Goodrich Ct., Milford 
Bilmon, Joseph 

East St., Northfield 
Binder, Pearl E. 

35 William St.. Pittsfield 
Binskv, Barbara 

21 Olmsted Drive, Springfield 
Birch, Mary- Alice 

52 Mavo Ave., Needham 
Blackmer, Raymond F. 

11 Union St., No. Brookfield 
Blaekwell. Jane E. 

109 Linden St.. Pittsfield 
Blais, Donald F. 

7S0 Providence St., W. Warwick, R.I. 
Blanchard, David E. 

Thompson St., Middleboro 
Bliznak, John B. 

89 William St.. Northampton 
Boeske, Sara A. 

47 Taylor Rd., Mayn.lrd 
Bogni, Joseph A. 

5 Wayland St., Dorchester 
Boisselle, Joseph F. 

22 Artisan St., Willimansett 
Bonney, Richard E. 

268 Lexington St., Auburndale 
Bovarnick, David S. 

SO Hutchings St., Roxbury 
Bovciizi, Frank G. 

14 Hale St., Leominster 
Bowler, Thomas J. 

522 Liberty St., Springfield 
Boyd, Raymond G. 

145 So. Boulevard. West Springfield 

f 276 1 

Bradley, Raymond E., Jr. 

King St., Littleton 
Brandt, Herbert J. 

35 24th Ave., Flushing, N. Y. 
Brasells, George O. 

207 Gulf Rd., So. Dartmouth 
Breault, Helen 

16 Elm St., Milford 
Breene, Victor M. 

299 Bay St., Taunton 
Bresnick, Allan J. 

143 Lucerne St., Boston 
Bridges, Colton H. 

32 South St., Grafton 
Brophy, Edward R. 

15 Perkins St., Peabody 
Brothers, Jeannot L. 

4 Francis Ave., Gt. Barrington 
Broude, Lila 

181 Harvard St., Brookline 
Brown, Charles A. 

687 Stony Hill Rd., Wilbraham 
Brown, Gordon T. 

45 Kirtland St., Lynn 
Brown, Marguerite A. 

143 Bradford St., Pittsfield 
Brox, Janet K. 

49 Hillside Ave.. Lawrence 
Brunetti, Dante T. 

43-08 25 Ave., Long Island Citv, N.Y. 
Buckley, James F. 

317 Tremont St., Newton 
Buczala, George S. 

West Farms. Northampton 
Burlingame, Clement L. 

16 Vassar St., Worcester 
Burne, Philip J. 

208 Main St.. West Chelmsford 
Burns. Charles J. 

27 Alderman St.. Holyoke 
Burns, Howard A. 

86 Lincoln St., Greenfield 
Burns, Ruth E. 

IS Emerson St., Belmont 
Burrell, -\nn-Marie 

41 Washington St., Medford 
Bushey, Margot L. 

259 Osborne Terr., Springfield 
Buteau. Robert J. 

5 Tower St.. Hudson 
Butler, Barbara L. 

185 Washington Ave.. Chelsea 
Butler, Richard W. 

146 School St., Whitman 
Byer, Michael D. 

1 1 Main, Millers Falls 
Caffery, Elizabeth A. 

124 Puhrman Ave., Ramsey. N. J. 
Campbell, Constance 

Milk St., Westboro 
Campbell, Edmond C. 

221 North St., North .Adams 
Campbell, Leonard S. 

R.F.D. No. 2, Ware 
Cantor, Richard A. 

20 Hewins St., Boston 
Carey, Janice E. 

171 No. Elm St., Northampton 
Carey, Raelene S. 

208 Montague Rd.. North Amherst 
Carev, Richard D. 

208 Montague Rd., North Amherst 
Carignan, Richard D. 

386 Union St., New Bedford 
Carlson, Thomas H. 

Whitney St., Northboro 
Carney, David G. 

Green Hill Park, Woreester 
Carroll, William A. 

57 Willow St., Wollaston 
Casey, John M. 

79 Gr.niilvi.w .\^, .. Woreester 
Cavanufli. \iiii M. 

44 Hii.l SI., riiuli.-hl 
Chamb.-r-.. Viillioiiv G. 

17(iO SI,, \hnisfield 
Chandler. (;ia.h„ \. 

Ro.klan.l ll.lgliU. Northampton 
Chapla. David T. 

1182 Montgomery St.. Willimansett 
Chapman, Ann 

Main St., Vineyard Haven 
Cheater, Donald J. 

7 Brown's Ave., Lynn 
Cliilds, Harry E. 

26 Norfolk Ave., Norlh.unplon 

<'liivoiicv. Jol.ii .1. 

l;! Maltsoii Ave. Wurci-sl.T 
Choatc. Bruce 1". 

30 Bordi-n Rd., HoUl.u 
Chun. EdiBOH 

29 Wiggins St., Priuc.-l.>n. N. .1. 
Chua. Jonathan 

29 Wiggins St., Princfloii. N. .1. 
Clanccy, Etiicl M. 

(iO.\l)botl SI., Springfield 
Chirk. Marv B. 

SC. .\von SI.. Lawn-nci' 
Chird. !SancY A. 

T At«,H.d Ud.. Wi.nvsliT 
Clark. Owon S. 

SI Ciiss St., Springfiidd 
Clarke. Ahui R. 

72 C,vpn-ss Ave. Hogolii. N. .1. 
Clayton. Martin J, 

ISO Enst Dwight, Hol.vnice 
Cogan. Harold L. 

7 Hillside St., Friiminghani 
Cohen. Jane E. 

37 University Rd.. Brookline 
Cohen, Joseph W. 

4S Biibcocli St.. Brooliline 
Colby. Arthur L. 

10 Trcmont St.. Mcthuon 
Cole. Evelyn M. 

2 Lvnian St.. Northlioro 
CoUagan. Robert B. 

til Glover Ave.. No. Qninev 
Comalli. Joseph P, 

3 Housatonie St.. Lee 
Conceison. Edward E. 

2.5 Meehanie St.. N. Easton 
Conlev. Edward F. 

16 Narragansett St., Springfield 
Conroy, Frances M. 

Division St., Great Barrington 
Copeland. .\verv C. 

07 Pine St., Le"icester 
Corcoran, Martin F. 

2 Woodward Park. Dorchester 
Cormier. Donald R. 

63 Willard Ave.. Springfield 
Cormier. Roliorl II. 

1944 Main SI,. Al liol 
Corporon. Norman S. 

116 Higli SI.. Xeivlmrvport 
Costello, Philip D. 

44 Edwards Rd., Watertown 
Costello. Richard J. 

29 Pembroke St., Springfield 
Coughlin. John P. 

1.5 Narragansett St., Springfield 
Craig. Edward. Jr. 

Circuit, Box S4, West Hanover 
Crepeau. Jane A. 

Federal St.. Greenfield 
Crooks. George C. 

Sturbridge Rd.. Brookfield 
Crooks, Shirley M. 

Lake St., Bellingham 
Crowell. Natalie .\. 

7S Greenwood St., Marlboro 
Crudden. Mary J. 

15 Westbourne St., West Roxburv 
Cullinan. Kevin F. 

S.54 Xo. Union St.. Rockland 
Curran. Robert G. 

136 Crescent St.. Northampton 
Daignault. Patricia E. 

977 North St., Pittsfield 
Dalrymple. Donald .\. 

16 Pine Ridge Rd., Arlington 
Calv. Francis J. 

19 Massasoit PI., Springfield 
Danitis, Janet 

Gilbert ville 
Darling, Daniel D. 

121 North St., Medfield 
Davenport, Ruth S. 

105 Mechanic St., Shelburne Falls 
Davis, Frank E.. Jr. 

61 Harding St.. West Newton 
Davis, Milford E. 

1790 Farm Inc., R.F.D., Judson 
Davis, Richard A. 

Elm St., Franklin 
Davis, Stephen 

1185 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Daykins, Barbara .\. 

245 Lincoln Ave., Amherst 
Deans, Robert H. 

124 .\rmandine St., Dorchester 

Det.elle. Paul A, 

IS Seh.>nl SI., Ware 
Dehiliiinl. John K. 

li'J Kiiklniid lid.. Wevniniilli 
D.i.iiii.l. I{.,l.,rl W, 

.-.L' I'l.iNli Dr.. Lake •|'h,>nip.snn, 
DeM.'llo. George 

1..! I'r.siilential Hgts., New Bedford 
Kii.nis. Howard A. 

71 Mid.ll.s.x Ave.. Swamp.scolt 
D.Sa.i.l.., Iti.luirdJ. 

lil I'illnig SI.. Haverhill 
l>e<a,M,, Janus J, 

.'.L' Mdl SI . Worceslcr 



iii; i..fl I'ark, Hopedale 
Itiekinsoii, Mian W, 

17 Bristol SI.. Springfield 


c-liooi St.. W. 
, Chi 

40 Pearl St., Webster 
Mike. Charlotte A. 

f Cedar Ave., Stoneham 
Dill. Robert A. 

17 Cedar SI.. Springfield 
Dillon, John J, 

71 Wal.ln SI.. Holvoke 
Dinioek. Marfierv I. 

Cliaill,,,! SI.. (Ixtord 
l)i\ar.l«. \nllu.ny J. 

1.-. Su„n,„r SI.. Milford 
Din.rnian. Elaine P. 

121 I'.himc.d Rd., Swampscott 
DiVineeny... Paul P. 

■ Ill II.. HI. SI,. Meverlv 
l)oiie^-a, Helen M. 

114 Richmond Ave., North Adams 
Donovan, Louise K. 

560 Andover St., Lawrence 
Downic, Jerome R. 

5 Cordes Ct., South Hadley Falls 
Drago. Ronald J. 

72 Avenue A, Turners Falls 
Drcwcs. Gerald C. 

■■V.'. I'.vkskill .\ve. Springfield 
l»res. I, Nanev li. 

nil. \\.,l SI,. Kasthampton 
Dnd.'k. William E. 

SI.-' ffill, Southbridge 

Du.l.'.oir. VrtluirE. 

.'..'.:: C..L'g.>liall St., North Bedford 

Kngas. Jo>,cph L, 

111.50 Main St., Athol 
Dimphv. Glenn R. 

It Canal St., So. Hadley Falls 
DuVernois, Francis A. 

50 East St., Dalton 
Dzialo, Fred J. 

37 Jackson St., Chicopec Falls 
Early. Annette M. 

102 Beacon Ave., Holvoke 
Eglev. Faith 

41 Day St.. West Springfield 
Eliopnlos, George 

l.s,-« SI . Salem 
Ellinl. Ionise I!. 

\Va.liinf;l..n Ml. Rd.. Washington 
Elliott. Barbara J. 

24 Leicester Rd.. Belmont 
Elliott, Susan H. 

1016 No. Country Club Dr., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 
Ellsworth, Samuel M. 

S2 Harrison St., Northampton 
English. Ann C. 

94 Allerton St., Plymouth 
Ennis. Theresa M. 

308 North Pleasant St., .\mherst 
Equi, Robert J. 

115 Chapin St., Springfield 
Erickson, Donald S. 

Center St., Segreganset 
Evensen, .Tanet M. 

Hubb.ardston St., Templeton 
Faberman, Paul F. 

36 Spencer St., Dorchester 
Falconieri. Louis 

44 Vine St., Middleboro 
Farrell. Francis J. 

238 Second St., Pittsfield 
Feingold. Said F. 

332 Main St., Worcester 
Feldberg. Charles 

1 1 Abbot St., Dorchester 

Fellers, John C. 

32 Fearing St., Amhersl 
Felton. Marion J. 

17 Third St.. Pillsfield 
Ferguson. Donald D. 

37 Swan Ave., So. Wevmnnlh 
Ferry. Ahigale J. 

527 Main St., Agawan. 
Field. Janet M. 

236 Webster SI., Worceslcr 
Field. Robert G. 

Walnut St., Berlin 
Figgie, Peter 

I 1 Victoria Pk., Chicopec I'-alls 
Filiault, Edward A. 

21 Meadow St., North Adams 
Finan. Richard M. 

25 Everett St., Concord 
Finer, Mark J. 

73 Longwood Ave., Brooklinc 
Fink. Leon G. 

73 Wyeth St., Maiden 
Finkelstein, Ruth P. 

in Walnut Ave., Revere 
Finnick. Lois F. 

127 Cross St., Belmont 
Fishboin, Elliott B. 

128 Brockton Ave., Haverhill 
Fiske, Carolyn C. 

43 Hailes Hill Rd., Swansea 
Flaherty. Edmund D. 

7 Norfolk Rd., Randolph 
Flaherty, Jean F. 

7 Norfolk Rd.. Randolph 
Flanagan. John K. 

46 Ringgold St., Springfield 
Fleming. James J. 

47 Vernon St., Holyoke 
Fleming. Patricia M. 

133 Maringo Pk., Springfield 
Flynn. John C. 

9 Brae Hnrn Rd.. South Deerfield 
Fogclgren. \rllinr R. 

78 Bov.l SI,. N.uh.n 
Fortanas. John E, 

2402 GlcfH,. Ave., Bronx, N. Y, 
Fox, Bruce R. 

6 Shailer St., Brooklinc 
Francis, Donald S. 

48 Worcester St., Taunton 
Franklin, Stuart R. 

278 North West St., Feeding Hills 

14 Jama'ica' Way" Court, .Jama 
Freeman, Anne M. 

26 Madison Ave., Wakefield 
French, Lois M. 

36 Munroe St., Belmont 
French, Patricia 

9S Derry Rd.. Hudson, N. H. 
Frenettc. Ilenrv N.. Jr. 

II Cal.iin.l I!.'!,. Holvoke 
Friedman, Itnrlon S." 

207 Cli.-,lnnl Si , Chelsea 
Gaetz. Charles J, 

28 .South St., Leominster 


Galat. Edmund J. 

23S Lvman Si., Holvoke 
Galbruilli. William N. 



Galil.aiill. <;.rniaiiieG. 

W. Miiural KiL, Millers Foils 
Gallowav, Fred W. 

36 Parmelee Ave., Fairlnwn 
Garnett, Raymond L. 

064 Burncoat St,, Worcester 
Garvey, Margaret .\. 

260 Northampton Rd., Amherst 
Gates, Barbara J. 

22 Elm St., AbinRton 
Gates. Gertrude E. 

Hill Rd.. Roxborough, P.O.W. Ac 
Gay, Patricia A. 

34 Pocahontas St., Walpole 
Geisslcr. Arlliur. .Jr. 

50 SI \-;.vha li.l . Miilon 
Gendron. l"il^lli~ K. 

Soul III. ndj;c'i!.l'' I). N'o. 1 
Georsc i>oniil<l II.. ,Ir. 

64 Mill SI,. Sl.linj;licid 
l»^.rotll^ .1. 

39 : 


Gibbons. Hoberl It. 

23.S Walinil Si.. Il,.lv..k,> 
Gibbs. Kalherine K. 

2,5 \V,-,1 (..icn Si., Holvoke 
Gifford, Walter S. 

11.50 Phoenix Ave., Schenectad.v.N.Y. 
Gilman, Constance 

Grolon Shiriev Rd., Groton 
Gilman. I.enore .1. 

S Cross St.. Maiden 
Glidden. Marion .1. 


^1., ISa 

Glinka. Louis K. 

30 Orchard Pi., Chicopee 
Globus, Laurel L. 

S7 Mason St., Rchobolh 
Goddard. Georj...- B. 

541 i'.iu.l <l . Mill. .11 
Goldberg. M..r II. 

27 l>a«..,n SI.. Springfield 
Goldman. Gerald S. 

3S Kirkwood Rd., Brighton 
Gomez. Janet G. 

19 Grove St,, Spencer 
Good, Allen H. 

43 Lcdgelawn Ave., Lexington 
Goretskv, .\nita L. 

20 Cas'ticgale Rd., Dorchester 
Gorsliel, Sherman P. 

415 Sal.-n, SI . Maiden 
Gotte~niail. Ronald 

49 :\l;.ivhl,aii.l SI.. Haverhill 
Govelle. Francis II. 

34 i„.k,«...i.l SI.. Worcester 
Graleiiskl. Nieli.ilas M. 

65 N..TlliH.i.l ii.l.. Millers Fails 
Grandehamp. Norberta E. 

201 Franklin Si.. Hoi.voke 
Grandone, F'rank F. 

164 South St., Sonthbridge 
Green, Paul F. 

33 Eil^eron Ave., Pittsficid 

Greenberg, Sheldon 

7 Conz St,, Northampton 
Grentzenherg. Mary-Louise 

2M; Ccnlral St., Anburndaie 

7110 C.iTcn SI., Springfield 
<;rimahli. Marino J. 

is CliciTv SI., Northampton 

II RaiiK.lcv Rii, .\riington 
(Miillinaii. (laire M. 

I 1 11. .Midler St., Pittsfieid 
(iulski. Marv L. 

.'.1 Park. North Attieboro 
Gurwitz, iNorma 

llo Providence St., "Worcester 
Gustafson, Joan E. 

,S5 Sheridan St., North Easton 
Guver. Patricia A. 

5s I!,„.klan.l St., Springfield 
(Mivetle. Kandolph B. 

li. Hallirl.l SI., Northampton 
lladl.^. Frank R. 

'.Ill \V. 


lla^ge^t^. Uoherl L. 

I,;s \V,.I SI.. Northampt<. 
Hall, Donald G. 

34 Searic Rd., So, Hadiey 
lilton, Oayle G., Jr. 


Hancock, Joseph C. 

17 McKinley Terr,, Westfieid 
Hanna, George D. 

37 Isabella St., Melrose 
Hanralian. Richard B. 

.'I, F|-u«lrlh Av,-., Feeding Hills 




■. Theodore L. 

70 Grai 

id View Ave,, Worcester 

Harper, Virginia 

4 Schoc 

.1 St„ Westboro 


on. Charles T. 

:;7i:; li 

iv, Ave. Soi 




on. Kvelvn G. 

SI,. Whitman 

'i L' I'l';'." 

. Hope C. 

L.,11. Gardner 
,. Mary J. 

.^ Ave, Amherst 


, Robert E. 


. ('harl..n.ont 


. Shirley A. 

l:;s (I,'. 

ol, Wes 



Hatch. William M. 

101 Bir 

chwood, Longme 




Randall B. 

43 Hcd 

gc, Fairhaven 

Haves. R 

ila K. 

U M„- 

hii;aTi Ave.. Lynn 
. Iiilins H. 

1711 Uri 

.li;,- St.. East Bri 




:;2 l.vd. 

. Dorolhv M. 

..n St.. N.u-ivood 


. Robert A. 


o. Judith 

15 ll.TI.I 

al. St., Springfield 


-. Hasilio, Jr. 

101 W... 

..Ilaun Ave,, Pittsfiehl 


Ih.r. KarlM. 

1 1 II. .1.1. 

■11 Rd.. W, Newton 



rly J. 

Walter Reed Dr,, Arlington 

llihh hrandt, Robert L. 

15 Dana St., Amherst 
-,. William G. 


Hig|i Sl._, Greenfield 

Hopkins, Stephen A 

Hopkins Lane, Orle 

Horne, Roberta S. 

.SI 4 Chestnut St., Waban 
Houston, David R. 

Flanders Rd„ Westboro 
Howe, Betty L. 

Lowell Rd„ Concord 
Hughes, John P. 

53 Exeter St., Lawrence 
Hulsman, Robert B. 

284 Woburn St., Reading 
Hutchins. Richard M. 

,3411 \.il..LTn.lal.. Ave,, Aubnrndale 
HunllcN. \lMi.r M,. Jr. 

Glcn.fal.- 11. 1., Faslhampton 
Hurst. Samuel E., Jr. 

27 Hampden St., Holyoke 
Ireland, Janet S. 

16 Raymond Ave, Shrewsbury 
Jack, James A. 

78 Lebanon St„ Melrose 
Jacobson, Nancy .\. 

Sturbridge Rd., Brook6eld 
Jacques, Frank L. 

16 White Lane, Weston 
Jamrok, Dorothy A. 

98 Beech St.. Holyoke 
Janiszewski, Edward J. 

12 Irving St., Easthampton 
Jasinski, Richard A. 

207 Bridge St,. Northampton 
Jeffreys, Joanne M. 

Maple St,, Brookfield 
Jennings, Lendon R. 

19 Taft Ave., Haverhill 
Jennings, Morgan E., Jr, 

105 High St., Needham Heights 
JeweU, Norma L. 

22 Crosliv St,, Webster 
Johnson. Frank W., Jr. 

IS Ea^ll■^n St.. Wakefield 
Johnson. William C. 

32 Martin St.. Boston 
Jones, Frances L. 

269 North Main St., Middlel)oro 
Jones, Philip N. 

108 Commonwealth Ave., Springfield 
Jones, Rosalie F. 

S3 Cedar Park, Melrose 
Jordan, David M. 

30 Harvard St., Springfield 
Judson, Gwendolyn H. 

36 Harvard St.. Springfield 
Kagan, Herbert M. 

30 Gleason St.. Dorchester 
Kamine. Diane K. 

5 Vi'^ji.T SI,, \N"orcester 
Kamiii-ki. Ilernard J. 

160 St.. Salem 
Karis, Slephen 

941 Carcw St., Springfield 
Karlofskv, Alvin 

149 Providence St., Worcester 
Karlvn. William M. 

60 Orchard St., Swampscott 
Katz, A. Rita 

34 Edgcwood St,, Roxbury 
Katz, Jane C. 

13 Walnut St.. Glen Gove, Long 
Isian.l. N. V. 

Kaufman. Norman B. 

301 Mason. Brookline 
Kearns, Jean A. 

806 Broadway St„ Fall River 
Keavy, Paul S, 

33 N..rlh SI., llyannis 
Keith, (;ar.lh 

m;; Hill, I,, I SI , Needham 
Kelleh.r. Dorothy A. 

12 Swan St.. S.>. Weymouth 
Kellv. Ann M. 

9li' Went worth Ave,, Lowell 
Kellv. Ronald E. 

3irM,-.ill...r.. SI.. Waltham 

■;; I) 


Ketlell. .loan F. 

62 Tildcn Ril.. Siituatc 
Kimball, Martha R. 

New 'Pown Rd., Littleton 
King. Reynold T. 

57 H.ischcl SI,. Lynn 


Ave, Piltsficld 


Knuptoii. John I). 

74 t;i,-ndnle Rd., (Juiiu-y 
Kne|>|»*-r. Ooiiald Y. 

44 SonuTsit St.. Worw.'iliT 
kooliltr. Ciirlton S. 

CIL' l.nllir..,, SI., So. Ha.iU-y Kails 
Koni^slitT^, Vrthiir 

l.s CU'nsou St.. Dorchrslcr 
Kraiiit-r. L. 

1 I Ui.xtoii St., DorrhcsliT 
Krois.T. Join. .v. 

:i4 WintiT St., Pills(ii4il 
krikorian. Uiaiia 

lis Hampshire U,l., Mellinen 
Lanikiii. Abraham I). 

rt.-. Vpham St„ Maia.-n 
Lansewav. Hosca W. 

VorKOiiTH-s, Vt, 
LaMBhold, I'nul H. 

1174 St, .lames Sl„ Sprillt;Hi.-lil 
LaPiii^ikv, Joan V. 

Park St„ Housatoni.- 
LaiKiintf, Kupene J. 

:U1 Montcalm Sl„ Kairvicw 
Lappin, Mvron E. 

44 Sinrbind St.. Jlaldi-n 
Latour. Uobort N. 

3 Montrosi- St.. \V..ri-i-st.T 
Leaver. Kohert 11. 

l<l:i Corinth St.. North .\daiiis 
LeBlanc. Henrv P. 

17S Main St., 'Gardner 
LeClarire, HiUarv M., Jr. 

12!1 Miles St., Ifarniehport 
LeMav. Kayniond J. 

3.i .\ll.ioTi"St.. Sal.-m 
Leni. Howard (J. Ill 

41) Creenvv.od .\v,>.. 
Lesko. Ed^ar J, 

371 Bridge St., Northampton 
L'Esperance, Robert W. 

U Grant St.. So. Hadle.v Falls 
l.etourncau. Raymond \. 

10 Robeson St., New Bedford 
XeVangie, Joyce M. 

40 Weston .\ve.. Braintree 
Liberty. Harold J.. Jr. 

R.F.D. No. 1. Wakefield 
Liebman, Burton R. 

li Lane Park. Brighton 
Lincoln, Arthur C. 

11 Hill St., Thorndike 
Lindahl. Roland E. 

4 Northern Rd.. Maiden 
Lindergreen. .Ann C. 

10 Glendale Rd.. Needham 
Liner. Rose 

904 High St.. Fall River 
Livelv, Lorraine R. 

Lloyd, Nancy H. 

Interlaken. N. Y. 
Lodge. Mary Jane 

Woodstown, \. J. 
Lombard, William D. 

262 Kings Hwy., West Springfield 
Lovejoy, Alfred P., Jr. 

32 Fair6eld St., Pittsfield 
Lucier, Joseph L. 

25 Munroe St.. Northampton 
Lugwig. Ilarrv >!.. Jr. 

305 SarL'eiit St.. Holyoke 
Luippold. Henrv E. 

27 Averton St..' Roslindale 
Lupien, Elizabeth A. 

1S2 Prospect St., Gardner 


, Mil 

22 Kingsdale St., Dorehester 
Lynch, -Ann M. 

124 Massachusetts .Ave., Springfield 
Lynch, William D. 

22 West Center St., Florence 
MacCarthv. Jacqueline D. 

40 Hillside .\ve., Wollaston 
Macdonald. Claire M. 

32 Park Road, Belmont 
TVIacKenzie. Hugh R. 

(i4 Carlisle St.. Springfield 
MacLauchlin, Robert R. 

14 Pilgrim .\ve., Fairhaven 
MacLeod. John M. 

46 Independence .\ve.. Quincv 
Mahonev, WilUam E. 

423 .\llen St., Springfield 

Manning, John E. 

l.s Norman Rd.. Quinev 
Mansfi.l.l, Patricia M. 

M South High St., Bond: 
Ma,..~. Maria 






Ih lladhv Falls 
-li. llirli.rl v.. Jr. 

^h■^ lid . North Hallield 

II 1.1 

riald VI . 



Martin. Jndilh A. 

626 tirove St.. Framingham 
Marx, John V. 

61 Easthampton Rd., Holyoke 
Maxcv. Howard G. 

P. O. Box 63. East Foxboro 
Mc.\llistcr. Lawrence E. 

12 Center St., Turners Falls 
McCarthy. Charles D. 

l.-|4 Main St.. Hudson 
McCanlo. Marv J. 

I'.l Main SI.. Hudson 
Mc<:arlh^. Philip R., Jr. 

103 Ma.ssasoit St., Springfield 
McGowan, WiUiam W. 

160 Chicomansett Village, WilHmai 
Mc<;i.ire. Thomas S. 

I'.l llav,. IM., Holvoke 
McLanjililin. Edward R. 

Il'l WaM.h,.kum St., Framingham 
McLaughlin. John J. 

24 Sinnm.r St.. Easthampton 
McLcllan. E. Jean 

1S33 Hvde Park Ave., Readvillc 
McMahon, Robert P. 

53 -\lbert St., Agawam 
McMullin. George L. 

52 Gannett Road. Quincv 
McMIT. Frank. |r. 

R.F.U Nn I. Amhersl 
McNnll>. Kohert I. 

511 .Mid.llrscx Ave., Reading 
Melamed, Ina 

70 Addison St., Chelsea 
Mello, David G. 

North Summer St., Edgartonn 
Mellor, Reed T. 

53 Liberty St., South Acton 
Mennard, Barbara A. 

7 Church St., South Barre 
Merrill. Virginia W. 

Box H5. Falmouth 
Merrltt. Ruth E. 

Lithia, Goshen 
Meyer. David P. 

5 Mountain Ave., West Springfield 
Michelson, Shirley E. 

2 Marsh Ave., Newbury 
Miller, Ellen M. 

176 Seaver St.. Roxburv 
Miller, John P. 

101 King St.. Reading 
Miller. Richard L. 

Calkins Rd.. Palmer 
Miner. Malcolm R. 

Chapel St., East Lee 
Mitchell. Roberta A. 

4S Edison St., Quincv 
Mitchell, Shirley B. 

121 Meadow St., North Amherst 
Mokrzecki, Peter P. 

272 River Dr.. North Hadley 
Montague, Ruth E. 

Chesterfield Rd., Westhampton 
Montgomery, Nancy J. 

53 Waverly St., Pittsfield 
Morgan. Vance N. 

315 Broadway St., Methuen 
Morgenstein, Merna M. 

273 Dewey Ave.. Pittsfield 
Moriartv, Daniel F. 

313 Pleasant St., Holyoke 
Moriarty, Mary-Lou 

304 Summer St., New Bedford 
Morse, Cynthia M. 

17 Lloyd St., Winchester 
Morton. F. Joan 

Treasure Cove, Wellfleet 

[279 1 


Mosher, Jay M.. Jr. 

Saw Mill River Rd., Elmsford. N. 
Mosyehuk. Henry 

36 Whiting St.. Lynn 
Motte, Nancy J. 

156 O.akdale Ave., Dedham 
Moynihan, Francis M. 

132 Sargeant St., Hol.vokc 
MuUins, Barbara A. 

(12 High St., Turners Falls 
Munch, Betty M. 

132 Bridge St., Shelburne Falls 
Murdock. Jean M. 

3 Morcland Rd., Quincy 
Murphy, Joyce A. 

420 High St.. Lawrence 
Murray. Bernard A. 

37 Marietta St., North Adams 
Murray, John W. 

60 Warwick Rd., Melrose 
Napolitan, Richard V. 

72 Parkerview St., Springfield 
Nason, Benjamin W. 

leS Main St.. Foxboro 
Nava, Bessiemae 

11 Beach St., Westboro 
Nelson, Joan C. 

307 Main St.. Fairhaven 
Newberg, Beverly J. 

6 Foster St., Lynn 
Nord, Jane E. 

577 Country Way, Scituate 
Norman, Richard H. 

404 Washington St., Fairhaven 
Norris, Elizabeth A. 

46 Ocean St., Nahant 
Nyberg, Mildred I. 

16 Volusia St., East Weymouth 
O'Day, Edward J. 

IS North Main St., West Brookfiel 
O'Donnell. John J. 

169 Allyn St., Holvoke 
O'Hare, Joseph P. 

154 Walnut St., Holvoke 
Okun, Martha 

849 Dickinson St., Springfield 
Oldsman, Rosalind I. 

103 Columbia Rd., Dorchester 
Oleson.Edith A. 

62 North Prospect St., Amherst 
Olszoivy, Edivard 

4 Richmond St., Adams 
O'Neil, Owen R. 

3 Corser St.. Holyoke 
Orff, Kenneth R. 

153 Essex St., Saugus 
Ormrod, Donald R. 

162 Millbniok St.. Worcester 

Oskar. Ro^emarv M. 

60 Bradford St.; Lawrence 
Pacheoo. Anihonv L. 

9 Cleveland St.. So. Dartmouth 
Packard, Lawrence E. 

Padden, Barbara S. 

342 Sargeant St., Holyoke 
Palczynski, Albin R. 

12S Grovcr St., Springfield 

Papalia, Marilea A. 

Stonehouse, Olean, Worcester 
Papp, John E. 

Main Rd., North Falmouth 
Pappas, Anthony J. 

eOil North Main St., Palmer 
Parks, Joseph D. 

4 Hillside Ter., Lexington 
Parmelee, Julia M. 

ISo Elm St., Woodstown, N. J. 
Parry, Edward J., Jr. 

3.5 South Prospect St., Lee 
Parsons, Virginia A. 

R.F.D., Northampton 
Pasteris, John J. 

124 Melville St., Springfield 
Patch, Kathleen _ ,, 

11 Masonic Ave., Shelburne Falls 
Patterson, John R. 

123 Blake Rd., Lexington 
Patterson, Richard S. 

23 Van Vechton St., Waltham 
Pearse, Donald A. 

158 West Wyoming Ave., Melro,se 
Pearson, Irving T. 

3 Ockway St., Worcester 
Peck, Joyce A. 

Winter St., Barre 
Pedigree, Robert D. 

136 High St., Greenfield 
Penn, John G. 

12 Van Nida Ave., Pittsfield 
Perkins, David F. 

476 Cherry St., Bridgewater 
Perkins, Richard R. 

174 School St., Winchcndon 
Perils, Arlene 

44 Marlboro. Chelsea 
Perrin, Frank S. 

63 Water St.. Westboro 
Pcrrino, Joan M. 

Bruce Rd., Littleton 
PerrOKzi, Joseph R. 

10 Observatory Ave., Haverhill 
Petersen, Joanne M. 

159 Sohier St., Cohasset 
Petersen, John T, 

80 Brow Ave., South Braintree 
Peterson, Constance L. 

46 Park Vale Ave., Allston 
Petruzella, James 

123 Danforth Ave., Pittsfield 
Phelan, Joseph L. 

143 Brayton Ave.. Fall River 
Phelps, Abbie I. 

South St., Bernardston 
Phillips. Raymond E. 

1472 Somerset Ave., Taunton 
Phillips, Robert A. 

6 Granite Rd., Saugus 
Picard, Eugene D. 

25 Church St., Spencer 
Pierce, Marion S. 

Hollis St., Groton 
Platsis, Christine 

50 Franklin St., Haverhill 
Podlesney, Francis A. 

412 Main St., South Deerfield 
Pollack, Robert 

32 Columbus Ave.,'Holyoke 
Pond, Nancy G. 

15 Leonard St., Agawam 
Potts, William M. 

71 South Park Ave., Longmeadow 
Powers, Joe A. 

156 Benedict Rd.,|.PittsfieId 
PraetJ!, Helen M. 

101 Knox St., Lawrence 
Pride, Louise A. 

Dudley Rd,. South Sudbury 
Proctor, Barbara A. 

7 Orchard St., Northampton 
Promisel, Martin S. 

231 Walnut St., Chelsea 
Puddington, Paul I. 

604 High St., Hanson 
Pywcll, Robert E. 

126 Burget Ave., Medtord 
Quinn, Ellen P. 

22 Wilson Ave., Maiden 
Quinzani, Richard W. 

41 Wood Terr., Framingham 
Ouist, Richard W. 

329 Bridle Path, Worcester 
Raymond, Paul R. 

■2o Vermont Ave., Dracut 

Reardon, Joan P. 

50 Winter St., Fall River 
Redman, Charles E. 

49 Oak St., Mansfield 
Reeves, Charles F. 

7 Morton St., Framingham 
Resnick, Herman R. 

102 Watts St., Chelsea 
Rex. WiUiam J. 

260 Central St., Foxboro 
Rice, Robert P. 

146 Allerton Rd., Newton Highlands 
Richards, Elbert L. 

91 Lyman St., South H.adley 
Riley, Joseph R. 

88 School St., Middleboro 
Ripley, WilUam III 

17 Summer St., Cohasset 
Roberts, Jane C. 

King St., Groveland 
Robinson, Janet M. 

Pleasant St., Mendon 
Robinson, PhyUis 

8 Starkey Ave., Attlcboro 
Rodman, Morris R. 

200 Mountain St., Sharon 
Rogers, Joseph R. 

Strong St., Amherst 
Root, Stephen L. 

51 North Main St., West Hartford, 

Rosa, Robert E. 

45 Pond St., Westwood 
Rose, Joseph P. 

793 Washington St., Canton 
Roseman, Jack 

16 Summer Circle, Lynn 
Rosen, Marvin l 

235 Freeman St., Brookline 
Ross, Beverly 

7 Richmond Rd., Natick 
Ross, James D. 

15 Millbury St., Grafton 
Ruder, Priscilla C. 

,54 Snell St., Amherst 
Rugani, Barbara R. 

37 Girard Ave., Springfield 
Russell, Robert H. 

659 Southbridge St., Worcester 
Ryan, Barbara A. 

22 Curtis Terr., Pittsfield 
St. Germain, Albert R. 

19 Colburn St., Waltham 
Salvini, PhyUis A. 

Prospect Terr., Chester 
Sargent, Joyce 

Old Ayer Rd., Groton 
Saulnier, John R. 

Main St., West Brookfield 
Saunders, Marie E. 

Saydlowski, Bernard K. 

North St., Hatfield 
Sazama, Dorthy A. 

North Rd., Hampden 
Seuderi, Carmelo J. 

189 Hancock St., Springfield 
Seagal, David P. 

298 Waltham St., West Newton 
Seidman, Hermia I. 

128 Commonwealth Ave., Springfield 
Shannon, John D. 

141 Massachusetts Ave., Springfield 
Shaw, Nathan R. 

130 Hillside Rd., Franklin 
Sherman, Robert L. 

31 Orne St., Worcester 
Shlifer, Cecile J. 

32 Bicknell St., Dorchester 
Shor, Norma 

37 Warner St.. Dorchester 
Shores, Richard C. 

Brattleboro, Rd., Bernardston 
Short, Barbara P. 

18 Wcllesley Rd., Scituate 
Shrader, WiUiam K. 

15 Douse Rd., Wollaston 
Shumway, AUen L., Jr. 

The Bars, Deerfield 
Silva, Joyce A. 

46 Edwards St., Springfield 
Silverman, Richard D. 

86 Aubudon Dr., Newton 
Simpkins, ,Ioan A. 

46 Park Circle, Great Neck, N. Y. 


Skibiski, John F., Jr. 

Elizabeth Rock, Northampton 
SkiUing, Dorothy L. 

261 South Franklin St., Holbrook 
Slovin, Gilbert M. 

29 Bridgeport St., Worcester 
Smith, Carleton 

52 Fletcher Rd., Bedford 
Smith, Joy A. 

16 Pilgrim Rd., Marblehead 
Smith, Joyce C. 

24 Worthv Ave., West Springfield 
Smith, Peter W. 

Goodale, West Boylston 
Smith, Richard I. 

South St.. East Bridgewater 
Smith, Robert D. 

379 High St., Hanson 
Smith, Shirley H. 

1.53 Carew St., Springfield 
Smola, Chester L. 

75 North St., Three Rivers 
Soutier, Harold R. 

72 Renter Ave., Pittsfield 
Sowyrada, Sophia 

68 West Grove St., Middleboro 
Spat, WiUiam C. 

Millers Falls Rd., Millers Falls 
Spear, Frank E. 

32 Common St., Walpole 
Spitz, Charlene A. 

533 Blue Hills Parkway, Milton 
Spooner, Sheila 

93 Oak St., Natick 
Stamatopulos, James T. 
109 Wells St., Greenfield 
Stebbins, Roland F. 

4 Anderson Ave., Holyoke 
Steeve, Robert E., Jr. 

Chepacket, R. I. 
SteUuto, Michael R. 

lOS Central St., Leominster 
Stephan, Pauline H. 

52 Prescott St., Reading 
Sterman, Diane M. 

9 Seward Ave., Beverly 
Stevens, Herbert C. 
Main St., Charlton 
Stewart, Virginia M. 

86 Walnut St., Natick 
Stiles, Edwin H. 

Nutter Rd., North Reading 
Stiles, Ruth B. 

Box 230, Bolton 
Stocki, Robert E. 

4 Prospect Ave., Greenfield 
Stone, Evelyn A. 

38 Oakwood Ave., Auburn 
Storey, David A. 

Adams St., Westboro 
Stotz, John C. 

132 L St., Turners Falls 
StoweU, Sylvia C. 

South Main St., New Salem 
Stratos, Anthony 

143 Cloran St., Springfield 
Stratton, Dorothy A. 

274 Water St., Newburyport 
Street, Oswald C. 

114 Fenway, Apt. 3, Boston 
Stromgren, Richard L. 

College Highway, Southwick 
Strothcr, Margaret J. 

45 Prospect St., Windsor, Conn. 
Stutzman, Guy G. 

17 Cosby Ave., Amherst 
Sukackas, Ruth J. 

43-A Bennington St., Lawrence 
SuUivan, Edward D. 

75 Hillside Ave., Lawrence 
Sutcliffe, Lynwood W. 
205 Main Ave., Onset 
Suvallo. Audrey F. 

Irt 0«ri, SL. MMlapan 
Swe.M.>. William A. 

62 ClKilliinii lid.. Longmeadow 
Swciison.K<l«ar,l A. 

HI A.l;i[.i~ SL. Wilmington 
Swiil.CMillila K. 

36 I'iiiOak Way. Falmouth 
TadgcU, Henry A., Jr. 

West Main St., Shutesbury 
Taft, MUton C. 

Oak St., Uxbridge 
Tappen, Peter C. 
8 Conanl St., Beverly 


SI Pi 

, .l.iok 


kIuII It. 

s SI., WnlpoK- 
'rutllebaiiiii. TanUi 

10 WiliuiliRlon Ave, Uorclu 
Taubncr, Janice K. 

1-2 Birch St.. Clinton 
Tavlor. Sylvia E. 

l"23 Quinapoxol Lane, Wore 
T.rrv, Vincent G. 

l.i'Princeton Ave., Beverly 
Tetc, Elinor M. 

4 Darling St., Nantucket 
Tibbetts, Havdcn B.. Jr. 

120 Union St., Holliston 
Tilly. Sven E. 

14tJ0 Main St., Walthani 
Tilton, Charles W. 

03 Elm St., South Darluuni 
Tobcr, Gerald II. 

Sto Warren Terr., Longmead 
'Tompkins, Frederick W. 

Pleasant St.. South Natick 
Tonks, Jean A. 

3 Copeland Ave., Reading 
Towers, Herbert G. 

24 Warcland Rd., Wellcsle.v 
Trevor, Frederick A., Jr. 

214 Porter St.. Melrose 
, Jeffrey E. 

ST School St., Bell 

Trull, June B. 

50 Ruggles St., Westboro 
Turner, Pauline E. 

040 Prospect St., Methucn 
Tuttle, Robert B. 

309 Southbridge St., Warren 
Ucella. .\nthony A., Jr. 

59 Palmer Ave., Springfield 
Underbill, Barbara A. 

03 Washington Ave., Nccdham 
Valeri, Kicliard P. 

20 Middle St., Leominster 
Venning. Robert A. 

144 Broadway St., Gardner 
Viale, Marcia A. 

19 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield 
Waddington, Barbara A. 

15 Summer St., North Amherst 

\\ akeficld, Marcia E. 

7S Wvola Rd., Swansea 
VI aldbauer. Gilbert 1*. 

:!:17 ll.nlMri, ,Vvc., Bridgepor 
Walker. M, rrill it., Jr 



Walker. Holirrl W. 



W allsl.n, Jean ('.. 

.-, K.lg.-iiure Itlvd., 
WalA. Ko.ln.v J. 

ii'i:; F.liH ^l,. Wes 



I S|)ringli 
II (>. 

I.. Ilavdenville 
.eis W ., Jr. 

N,.rlh' Brookliel. 

. Walinil. 
Warren. Mu 

lligli SI.. M.-.lfield 
Walerhoiisc. Jean S. 

-W,-, S,lio,.l SI.. Webster 
W alson, <:iinloil E. 

73 Central Ave., Medford 
Watson. John M. 

Maple St., Housatonic 
Wattanavasorn, Mongkol 

159 Pirom Rd., Pattani, T 
Walls. James R. 

Cottage St., .\mherst 
Webber. Peter J. 



. ( '.a 

r..«.i SL. Methucn 
Wciner. Nathaniel S. 

IS Byron Ave., Lawrence 
Weissbrod. Elinor J. 

1 Brightwood Ave, Holyoke 
Weis'^infrer. Marjoric A. 

7:1 Hdlirnfl \ve., Worcester 
Wellell,-. William E. 

21, _■ ILunoi k Si., Springfield 
W.rbner. Marcia L. 

.-.:! (, ice. I wood St., Dorchester 
We^.lon. Kenneth G. 


, l>ii 

le E. 


Rocky Meadow. Middlebo 
Whltcomb, Oliver A., Jr. 

Newtown Rd., Littleton 
White, Edyvin F. 

Box 475, Mount Hermon 

White, Margaret A. 

The Knoll, Main St., Slockbridgc 
While. Marjoric E. 

3SS Pierce St., Leominster 
Wliilteinore. Joel T. 

1 East St., Sloneham 
Whitten. Jean K. 

10 Mt. Vernon St., Reading 
Wich, Kenneth F., Jr. 

2S7 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield 
Wilkinson, Jane A. 

ISS Men!.. SI., Itrceklon 
Wilson, lulwaril S. 

17 Ha.. 



1.1 C... Jr 

1 St., West To 


42 Emerson Rd., Winthrop 
Winston, John H. 

33 Perkins St., Stoneham 
Wofford, John W., Jr. 

10 Everett St., Fitchburg 
Wolf, Martin P. 

1447 Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan 
Wolpert, Lionel 

SOO Sumner Ave., Springfield 
Wood, Alaync J. 

Church St., Stockbridge 
Wood. Elizabeth M. 

90 Kings Highway, West Spring6eld 
Woodman. Elisabeth A. 

North Main St., Oxford 
Woodward, Gladys 

63 Whiting St., Dedham 
Woolf, Richard C. 

S02 Pleasant St., Worcester 
Yarrows. Leonard A. 

24 West St.. Hadlcy 
Yesair, David W. 

S4 Main St., Byfield 
Young, Barbara K. 

Cottage St., Belchertown 
Zarrella. Rita J. M. 

41 Forest Ave., Brockton 
Zulalian, Bernard L. 

15 Templeton Pkwy,, Watcrtown 


Little Indians work on the Little Indii 




Abdalla, Corct-n C. 

Great Barrii.Rtoi. 
Adams, Claire S. 

4S Imiiun St.. Hopodiilc 
.\danis, Lcia K. 

SO.V Granite St.. Rockport 
Adelctti, Uonald F. 

\M MaRHolia Terr.. Springtiolil 
Adi-lson. Until F. 

l:i Marllioro Drive. Pittsfiel.l 
V.lolph. l>ovid 

:it Serjeant Ave., Chieopee Vall> 
Alieani, .loliii S. 

1 1 Hueliiuuham Rd.. Milton 
Ahcarn, Michael J. 

225 Main St.. Leeds 
Ahem, Hugh F. 

:iOO Thicket St.. So. Woymoutli 
AUuTts. Irwin N. 

1(1 C.lla,;.- St.. Chelsea 
Mtlrich. Uicliard E. 

Vmh,r-I ltd.. Pelhani 
Vll.ii. tieorcf B. 

■2-2 Oakland St.. W. SpringHeld 
Alien. Jane 

111 Meflellan St.. Amherst 
Allen, Jo Ann 

2700 N. Powhatan St., Arlington, Va. 
Alien, Norman B. 

47 Beacon St.. North Adams 
M\cn, Richard C. 

2S3 Commonwealth Springfield. Box 

Allen, Ronald C, Jr. 

32 Holmes Rd.. Pitlsficld 
.\mbrose. Richard A. 

321) Providence Rd.. Farnumsville 
Anderholni, Spencer F. 

43 Temple St., Gardner 
Anderson, Marv S. 

42 Meetinghouse Lane, Scituate 
Anflrea, Robert K. 

390 No. Franklin St., Holbrook 
.\ndrews, Nancy J. 

9 Olney St., Gardner 
AngeU, David L. 

7 Howard St.. Westfield 
.\nti, Raymond L. 

Center "Hill Rd., Kingston 
-\picella, Frank L. 

47 Webster St., Maiden 
Arms, Mary I. 

Aronson, Charles D. 

206 Washington Ave.. Winthrop 
Aronson, EUiot N. 

50 Bellevue .\ve.. Springfield 
Arthur, Beverly 

249 Pine St.. Wollaslon 
Ashe, Joan E. 

294 Elm St., Holyoke 
.\udet, Irene M. 

74 School St., Northbridge 
Babineau, Ronald E. 

Lakeshore Drive, N. Wilbraham 
Badertscher, Barbara L. 

S47 Bernardston Rd., Greenfield 
Bageant, Susan F. 

106 Connecticut .\ve., Freeport, N,V. 
Bagley, Raymond O., Jr. 

1 West St., Amherst 
Baglione, Joseph P. 

36 Draper St., Dorchester 
Balkin, Rachel J. 

12 CoUiston Rd., Brooklinc 
BaU, Bernice. Townsend Harbor 
Bangs, Emily L. 

32S Sargeant St., Holyoke 
Hangs, Lawrence B. 

125 Laurel St., Fairhaven 
Barber. Leonard I. 

19 Evelvn Rd., Wahan 
Barlow. Mario J. 

oSFniil St. F,xt..Milford 
Barnard. Marshall L.. Jr. 

42 Park St.. Lee 
Barnett, Barbara M. 

306 Newhill Ave., Somerset 
Barnett. Eleanor M. 

9 Coral Ave., Winthrop 
Barnev, C. David 

51 Green St., Stoneham 
Baron, John 

47S Osborn St., Fall River 
Barrv, Margaret K. 

169 Church St., Whitinsville 

Itarlholoniew. Andrew R. 

Main Si,. Asldev Falls 
llarllell, Don <;. 

l.iCliMlanika Ave.. Worcester 
Barlletl. Jinlilh 

1(111 lliUcrofl Ave. Worcester 
BatrlK-Uhr. \llen F. 

.-.9 liKiih.r SI,. North Altleburo 
Bales. Jaiiel K. 

-l:i,-. H,'e,lnv,,,„l SI., Coha.s.scl 
Baiini. K.d^-ar K. 

mill licTnuiifloTi SI.. East Boston 
BealHl^^. l'..l»ard F. 

211 .\daiM. SI,. Kaslhamplon 



Bedell. Barlinra J. 

P. (I. 11.. X l.-.II.So. Wellfleel 
Belangcr, I'hilipG. 

II Hillcrest St., Arlington 
Bell, Robert B. 

27 Intervale Terr., Reading 
Bclval, Carol P. 

47S Church St., Whitinsville 
Bcncks, Rodnev N. 

20 Homccrest St.. Longmead.iw 
Bennett, Bette 

25 Harwich Rd., Longmeadow 
Bennett, Neil I. 

2,S Clearway St.. Boston 
Benson. <.harles O. 

411 Willi, Ave, Revere 
BerestUa. Steplun J. 

117 (.aili.l.l Avr,. Easthampton 
Beniardini. <;al>riella M. 

2,-.s llrdharn SI,. Wrentham 
Bernal.>«ie/.. \nthonv W. 

92 Maker SI., (iardner 
Bertschv, James C. 

Center St.. Dover 
Betz, Joseph C. 

71 Worcester St., Taunton 
Biggar, Betsv L. 

46 Wayside St.. Springfield 
Bilodeau, Robert D. 

Route 9, Windsor 
Binlcv, Rhoda J. 

II Flagstaff Hill. Canton 
Bissonnette. Victor J., Jr. 

Beach Bluff Rd.. East Freetown 
Blair. (Morge II. 

1.-. |-.,.rx SI,. Ilolvok.' 
Blaixl.'ll. (;eor;:e II. 

!I5 l'..ll..,.k Axe., I'illsHi-l.l 
Blakcnev, Lois -\. 

11 Mofris Ave., Manasquan, N. .J. 
Blanchard. Barbara L. 

1 Hammond PI.. W. Medford 
Blanchard. Robert H. 

45 Howe Ave. :Millbury 
Blanchon. John S. 

21(1 Hull St.. Hingham 
Blomstrom. George H. 

9 School St., Mansfield 
'Bloomberg, Burton 

26 Royal Rd.. Brookline 
Blumcnthal, Victor 

71 Union St., Natick 
Bobrick, Daniel S. 

3S Lawton St.. Brookline 
Boisseau. Richard A. 

M\ I'cirl SI,, ,\ver 
Bolles. (Iiarl.s l>. 

Ilcarlblctik Rd.. Ipswich 
Bolt. Richard A. 

52 High St., Haverhill 
Bolton, Richard A. 

439 Arnold St.. New Bedford 
Bonnallic. Andrew M. 

Sui.iiv Hill Rd.. Lunenburg 


e. Jo 

493 Pearl Hill Rd., Fitchburg 
Bottomlev, James 

124 Locust St.. New Bedford 
Bourgault. Dorothy J. 

52 Holvoke St.. Easthampton 
Bowman. Brcnda 

117 Pin Oak Way, Falmouth 
Bovce. Donald E. 

114 Denver SI.. Springfield 
Boyle. VCilliam A. 

1-12 -IiiiLr SI , Worcester 
Bradford, Judith 

47 Summit Ave, Sharon 
Bradley, Lawrence M. 

42 Forest St., Methuen 

Bradley, Robert L. 

12 Clifton Ave, Beverly 
Bradshaw, Miriam E. 

6 Richmond St., Cheshire 
Brady, John F. 

22,S Parker St., Lowell 
Brainard, Burnett F. 

S5 Lyman St., South Hadle; 
Brainard, James E. 

48 .lames St.. Gardner 
Bra/.il,John W. 

4 .lennie Dee Terr., No. Ra 
Brcady, Donald F. 

2995 Boston Rd.. No. Wilbr 
Bresetle. Norman C. 

120 Parker SI , Pillstiehl 




Briggs. Jca„ 

423 Smilh Si,. North Attleboro 
Brigham, Sheila A. 

85 Kirsl Parish R,l., Scituate 
Bronstein. Sara F. 

30 Irving SI., Medford 
Brooks. Robert A.. Jr. 

38 .Jasper St.. Haverhill 
Brosseau. Susanno E. 

200 S, Apple!.. 11 ,\ve. PiUsficld 
Brousseaii. Paul I.. 

960 T.iiipl,- SI.. Whilmaii 
Brovernian. Lester J. 

49 Commonwealth Ave. 

Brown. Barbara A. 

9 Wright St.. Arlington 
Brown. Donald L. 

37 Newhall Si,. Springfield 
Brown. Nathaniel K, 

230 Concord Rd.. Bedford 
Brown, Robert G. 

23 Rice St., Middleboro 
Brown. Robert R. 

38 Buttcrfield Terr., Amherst 
Bruneau, Vernon J. 

1 Mitchell St.. Fitchburg 
Bruno, George S. 

41 Tappan St.. Everett 
Bruno. Michael F. 

130 Bloomfield St., Springfield 
Brvaul. Lois II. 

26 Ilar.liug Av,-.. Bradford 
Bunshol't. Harrv L. 

" U.I., Brookline 


ik. Ro 



B.iston R.I., Westford 

™. Barbara \. 

590 Cabot St., Beverly 
Burrows, Janet C. 

College Highway, Southwick 
Bushey. Ronald A. 

59 Ralph St.. Springfield 
Butler. James P. 

13 Marshall St., Oxford 
Butler. John J. 

153 Raymond St., Cambridge 
Buzicll, F. Gilmore, Jr. 

93 Pleasantview, Amherst 


Byrd, Nell E. 

5 Haven Rd., Wellesley 
Cahn, Lois E. 

16 Stonehenge Rd., Great Neck, N. Y, 
Cairns, Richard P. 

22 Mt. Vernon St., Haverhill 
Call, Lois E. 

CaUaghan, Daniel R. 

126 Warren Ave., Dalton 
Cameron. Donald W. 

10 Eaton St., Winchester 
Campbell. Brenda A, 

270 Blue Hills Pkwy., Milton 
Campbell, Margaret G. 

10 Massasoit St., Northampton 
Cann, Margaret J. 

"Endean," East Walpole 
Carew, Lyndon B. 

42,5 Eastern Ave., Lynn 
Carone, Fred W. 

49 Windsor Ave, Swampscott 
Carr. Earl E. 

217 North Elm St., W. Bridgen-ater 
Carr. Peter E. 

I Circuit Rd., Braintree 
Carr, William F. 

37 Wallingford Ave., Athol 
Carroll, Anne D. 

School St., Hardwick 
Carson, David L. 

79 Birch St., Greenfield 
Carter, Virginia M. 

Box 26, North Hatfield (Whately) 
Catoggio, Joseph A. 

11 Church St. Ct., Lynn 
Cauger, James W. 

II Summer St., No. Attleboro 
Center, Arthur E. 

65 E. Greenwich St., Longmeadow 
Chalue, Robert E. 

12 Hampden Ct.,Monson 
Chandler. George F., Jr. 

Rockland Hgts., Northampton 
Chandler, Maybelle J. 

East St., Lenox 
Chapin, Sydney G. 

1 East St., Northfield 
Chaplin, PrisciUa G. 

.53 Brook Rd., Sharon 
Charette. Harry J. 

966 Main St., Holyoke 
Charlwood. Ralph H. 

224 So. Walker St., Taunton 
Chase, Riehard W. 

Dudley Rd., Sutton 
Chaskes. Janice A. 

31 Park Rd., Brockton 
Chellis, Elizabeth A. 

3 Gleason St., Medford 
Childs, Shirley 

70 Hamlin Ave., Falmouth 
Childs, Virginia A. 

26 Norfolk Ave., Northampton 
Christenson, Janet M. 

66 Brook Rd., Milton 
Christiansen. Donald W. 

312 High St., Whitman 


Christianson. John A. 

21 Elm St., No. Billerica 
Chucka, Robert J. 

SI Craiwell Ave., W. Springfiel 
Clark, Robert J. 

729 High St., Holyoke 
Clement, Anne M. 

10 Martin St., Cambridge 
Cobbett, Nancy 

86 Belcher Circle, Milton 
Cobbett, Waiiam K., Jr. 

41 Thomas Rd., Swampscott 
Cocco, Thomas A. 

3.5 River St., Maynard 
Cochran, Nancy A. 

Greenwood Drive 4, Auburn 
Cogen, Marilyn B. 

S Westbrook St., Milford 
Cohen, Arden R. 

910 Lakewood Ave., Schene 
N. Y. 
Cohen, Donna E. 

9 Downing Ave., Haverhill 
Cohen, Edward D. 

24 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield 
Cohen, Edward H. 

IS Wabash Ave., Worcester 
Cohen, Gerald M. 

109 Shore Drive, Winthrop 
Cohen, Jane C. 

IS Revere St., Brockton 
Cohen, Robert S. 

24 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield 
Cole, Loraine 

17 Hamilton St., Saxonville 
Cole, Nancy A. 

226 Cottage Park Rd., Winthrt 
Coleman, Flora S. , 

Woodstown, N. J. 
Coleman, James P. 

32S Huron Ave., Cambridge 
Coletta, Theodore J. 

152 Prospect St., Lawrence 
Collins, Christopher C. 

392 Swamp Rd., Greenfield 
Comfort, John H, 

7 Howe Rd., Nahant 
Conlin, William P. 

75 Lvnde St.. Gardner 
Connolly, WiUiam A. 

21 Cottage St., Peabody 
Connor, Hugh F. 

4 Mansfield St., Framingham 
Connor, James P. 

24 Bay State Rd., Pittsfield 
Conroy, Ellen 

Division, Great Barrington 
Cook, Emily M. 

249 Lakeside Ave., Marlboro 
Cooke, Nancy R. 

3S7 Lowell St., Methuen 
Cooley, Louise M. 

15 Sunrise Ave., Amherst 
Cooney. Martha A. 

R.F.D. No. 1, Box 122B, Lowe 
Cooper, James B. 

40 Ocean Ave., Lynn 
Cooper, Myron 

13S Fairmount St., Dorchester 
Cormier, Janet M. 

3 Clif? St., Marblehead 
Cornelius, H. Thomas 

38 Pine St., No. Amherst 
Cornell. Lawrence E. 

Drift Rd., Westport 

>rnroot. Douglas C. 

'.1.5 (Itikland Ave., Quincy 

>llon, Alan G. 

202 Washington St., .Arlington 

>ueli. Mary L. 

1 Allen St., Palmer 

>urlnev. Katheriac D. 

I'S Ili,;fi SI.. Everett 

.>i„., J. 

(;i;\ ( 'hill lin 111 IM., Everett 

)w.rn. IJicliardT. 

S(i Main St., .\shland 
Coylc, Margaret M. 

13.5 Florence Rd., Waltham 
Cozzens, Charles S. 

10 Nelson St., Webster 
Cramer, Stanley H. 

86 Porter St., North Adams 
Cronin, Paul F. 

29 Franklin St., Arlington 

Crory, Frederick E. 

Old Pickard Rd., Littleton 
Cross, Richard A., Jr. 

Main St., Osterville 
Crouch, Eleanor N. 

113 Main St., Lancaster, N. H. 
Crowley, Barbara T. 

254 Davis St., Greenfield 
Crowley, Paul J. 

14 Haywood St., Greenfield 
Crowson, Lesley G. 

Cedar Rd., So. Lincoln 
CuUen, Barbara J. 

South Great Rd., Lincoln 
Cuneo, John C. 

South St., Tewksbury 
Curtis, Barbara E. 

31 Leyden Rd., Greenfield 
Curtis, Fred P. 

49 Van Ness Rd., Belmont 
Curtis, James R. 

55 Fairview Ave., Belmont 
Cusson, Ronnie J. 

15 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield 
Cutler, Robert S. 

79 Eckington St., Springfield 
Daley, James R. 

285 Main St., Amherst 
Damon. David G. 

75 So. Prospect St., Amherst 
Damon, Vernon C. 

4 Glenwood Ave., Northampton 
Darras, Constantina 

14 Amity St., Lynn 
David, James H. 

Woronoake Hts.. Woronoco 
Davidson, Elaine N. 

26 Montmorenci St., Springfield 
Davidson. Marion F. 

195 Bonad Rd., Brookline 
Davidson, Roberta 

423 W. 120, New York, N.Y. 
Davis, Lawrence L. 

90 High St., Greenfield 
Day, Sylvia M. 

Belmont St., Northboro 
Dean, Charles F. 

22 Edison Green, Dorchester 
Dean.WilUam J., Jr. 

7 Corser St., Holyoke 
DeBoer, Erma E. (Mrs.) 

Box 213, Towaco, N. J. 
Delivorias, Peter 

S14 Mt. Vernon St., Peabody 
Demski, Edward F. 

139 South St., Chicopee 
Derby, Barbara J. 

928 Winter St., Hanson 
DeRosas. Richard C. 

21 Burch St., Arlington 
Desjarlais, Donald P. 

68 Ducbamie St., Willimansett 
DesRochers, Euclide C. 

603 Grattan St., Chicopee Falls 
Devine, John E. 

56 Knightly St., Hadley 
DeWolf, James S. 

Federal St., Montague 
DiBiaso, John C. 

e9A Floyd St., Everett 
Dickcrman, David H. 

13 Lee St., Marblehead 
DiFederico, Frank R. 

1S9 Marcy St., Southbridge 
Dixon, James G. 

El 1 Pond Rd., Monument Beach 
Dixon, Robert E. 

71 Washington St., Stoneham 
Dolan, Marv A. 

391 Ledyard St., Springfield 
Donachie, Anne L. 

15 Norwood Terr., Holyoke 
Donahue. Eli^alulh A. 

23 E.-isI A^diiTi.l SI., Brockton 
Donahii.. li.niia <i. 

64 Phillips SI.. Wnlertown 
Donnelly. .John P. 

18 Thomas Ave., Holyoke 
Donovan, Ann T. 

961 Edgell Rd., Framingham 
Donovan, Marjorie A. 

Bedford St., Lakevillc 
Douglas. Joel P. 

47.5 Washington St., Haverhill 
Dowd. Frances E. 

109 State St., Amherst 

Drashctti. I'otor M. 

41 Piirk SI., Fi-oilins Hills 
Dub,-, lliirl.ara \. 

:.^ Km, •[•>.. H Avo.. Pillslk-lil 
lliil.c-. Krii.-.l ,1. 

:.S KnuTsoM Ave, Piltsiiol,! 
UufTv, Patricia C. 

3S7 Kindcrkiimack St,, Wfslwn 
N. J, 
Dukakis. Stratos G. 

4-: HiimplirovSt,. Lowell 
Duuluiin. Uarbara G. 

rr.Milv Si,, lirookfii-ld 
Duuu. Kli/aluth F. 

24 Ridsjc R.I., :VIillon 
Dunn. Jav %V. 

:m Holniall St.. Sllrowsliuiv 
Dunn. .ludilli 

LM Ml. \V,';,l.l. Fi-odini; Hills 


tl K. 

vr . l-'airli; 
D'l r>o. Suphcn F. 

15!) C.iirdcn St.. L.nvrcncc 
Duval. Donald K. 

41 East St., Chicopec 
Duval. HobiTt L. 

s4 M.:ulo« St., North Adams 
Du>,. Uobcrt C. 

.-.ll East St.. Ualton 
Ebcrlc. Ann M. 

120 Elm St., Pittsfield 
Edesess. Ann F. 

lOS Southern .\ve.. Dorchester 
Edmunds, Robert A. Rd.. West Harwich 
Egan. William E. 

10 ilagnolia St., Frilminghnm 
Eisler, Gertrude M. 

151S Commonwealth Ave,. Brighton 
EUiot, June M. 

14 Lasell Ave,, Northampton 
Emberlev. Joan W. 
^ 22 Pine" Circle, South We.vmouth 
Emmonds, Louis G. 

Gates Pond Rd„ Hudson 
Ensber, Beverly C. 

11.5 Lincoln St",. West Bridgewater 
Entwistle, Thomas W., Jr. 

2.5 Wood St„ Woodville 

42 Tha.ver St., South Deerfield 
Erickson, M. Diane 

19 Clarence St., South Dartmouth 
Everson, Theresa A. 

1063 No, Pleasant St., .\mherst 
Fairbanks, -4nn V. 

63 Francis Ave,, Shrewsbury 
Falvey, Russell E. 

64 West Ave., Seekonk 
Fardig, Warren W. 

16S Roosevelt St., Weymouth 
Farnham. .John R. 

197 North Main St.. Northampton 
Farwell. Norman D. 

30 Main St.. Montague City 
Faucette, Joseph M. 

19 Wheeler Ave.. Medford 
Fedorvsh^-n, Nadia 

9,9 Wilso"n St., Pittsfield 
Feener, .\rnold D. 

7 Belvoir Rd., Milton 
FeUers, Paul J. 

.52 Fearing St.. Amherst 
Ferber. Norman 

17 Custer St.. Rockland 
Ferrier, Bruce W. 

24 Benton St.. Springfield 
Fertel, Esther 

I20HazeltonSt.. Mattapan 
Fessenden, Richard W. 

105 Montague Rd.. .\mherst 
Finer, Mitchell J. 

379 Central Ave., Milton 
Fisher, Helen R. 

105 Winchester St.. Brookline 

100 May St.. W'orcester 
Fitzgerald, Donald A. 

100 Lyman St.. South Hadley 
Fitzgerald, Ronald J. 

3 Spring St., Bondsviile 
Fleming, NeU S. 

335 Ames St., La 


Ivnn, Eugenia L. 

3S St. .lames St., Chico|)cc Falls 
Ivnii. John M. 

■N,.rlh lid,. Ilaiiiiideu 

ill T. 

E. Braintn 

M7 llavward 
FoUv. Ariel E. 

l,-i4 Hull St.. Hingham 
Foley, WillianiG. 

l.s'Biirt St., Ooridu-ster 
Folloll. ■MarsuiriloL. 

2(i K,\[.,^.4 \^,■.. Amherst 
Fonlaiia. Mario II. 

41 Hoswiil St.. W. Springfield 
Fonlana. Victor J. 

Foran, Robert T. 

2114 Franklin St.. Holyokc 
Forlunalo. \iinctlcM. 

:!,-.2 li.iiil.nd SI,, Beverly 
Foshaj. C; 

toil I.I 




Gedera, Israel 
Fox. Thomas E. 

37 Draper St.. Springfield 
Frawl.v. Eileen 

.53 C, filial SI., lurners Falls 
Frcdniaii. Barbara 

79 \V,tlniL'l..r. Hill. Mattapan 
Freedmai.. Elinor D. 

3i; Maniii;,! Tank, Springfield 
Frcedniaii. Koberla L. 

20 Duke St.. .Mattapan 
Freeman, Ruth P. 

S Somerset Terr.. Winthrop 
French, Clarence F. 

63 Mavhall Rd,, Waltham 
French. C. McC.ulehen 

111 H.iiik SI., Ilarwichport 
Frogann-iii. VnllionyD. 

82 .V.shle\ .St.. Springfield 
Frost, Ronald W. 

Federal St.. Belchertown 
Fulton, Norman A. 

SI Hawthorne St., E. Weymouth 
Fusini, Carlo 

R. F. D.. Northfield 
Gaffin, .Man H. 

30 Marwood Rd.. Worcester 
Gallagher, Robert J. 

317 Reed St., New Bedford 
Gallo, Rocco J. 

31 Croyden St., Springfield 
Ganz, David 

48 Old Colony Rd., Newton 
Gass, Eugene F. 

93 Graves St., So. Deerfield 
Gatchell, Charles J. 

233 Florence Ave., Arlington 
Gaudette, Helene R. 

24 South St.. Granbv 
Gelinas, Albert W. 

122 Pine St.. Chicopee Falls 
Genuario, Maria C. 

40 Myrtle St., E. Norwalk, Conn. 
George, John F. 

7 Le.vland St., Boston 
Ghareeb, Ernest V. 

85,8 Armory St., Springfield 
Gibbons, Francis D. 

R. D., Stoneland 42 
Giebel, Frederic B. 

River Rd., Deerfield 
Gilboard, Charles M. 

128 Sanders Ave., Lowell 
GUdea, Robert B. 

16 High St., Everett 
Giles, Beverly A. 

Church St., So. Sudbury 
Gillespie, Barbara A. 

2001 Commonwealth Ave., Brighto 
Gilmore, Albert F., Jr. 

14 Calvert Rd., E. Walpole 
Ginsberg, Harry J. 

551 Norfolk St., Mattapan 
Giza, Chester A. 

Calkins Rd.. Palmer 
Gleckman, Richard A. 

96 Reed St., New Bedford 
Glennon, Patricia A. 

68 Green St., Jamaica Plain 
Glovsky, SherriU A. 

525 Church St.. North Adams 
Gmyrek, John 

13 Lester St., Millers Falls 

Gobbi, Elaine R. 

74 Lebanon St., Springfield 
Goclowski, John G. 

15 Prospect St., Hatfield 
Godleski, Edward T. 

42 Graves Ave., Northampton 
Goguen, Raymond L. 

73 Marquette St., Gardner 
Gold, Bernard A. 

78.5 Dickinson St., Springfield 
Goldberg, Cecille B. 

32 Stanton St., Brookline 
Goldberg, Myron L. 

13 Gardner St., Chelsea 
Golden, John S. 

3 Leahaven Rd., Mattapan 
Goldman, Claire E. 

50 Southern St., Dorchester 
Goldman, Natalie 

147 Washington Ave., Chelsea 
Goldman, Patricia L. 

52 East Ave,, Whitman 
Goldstein, Zelda F. 

45 Arlington St„ Lynn 
Goldstone, Joyce N. 

22 Ellsworth St„ Yonkers, N, Y, 
Gonski, Donald W. 

116A Hawley St,. Northampton 
Goodell, Frances L. 

Matthews Rd., Conway 
Goodwin, Dorothy J. 

14 North Westfield St., Feeding Hills 
Gordon, Louise D. 

33 Draper St., Springfield 
Gorfinkle, Judith A. 

45 Stratton St., Boston 
Gorman, Donald W. 

5 Hillside Ave,, Marblehead 
Gorman, Joan S. 

413 BelmontAve,, Springfield 
Gormley, David F. 

6 Map'le Ave,, Swampscott 
Goslee, Clara K. 

Jewetl St., N. Y.. 
Gottsche, Gordon N. 

676 Main St., Agawam 
Gould, Charles H. 

6 Hartshorn Rd„ Walpole 
Graham, Barbara 

9 Lux Ave,, Easthampton 
Gralenski, Laura J. 

65 Northfield Rd., Millers Falls 
Grasso, Ralph 

51 Colbourn St., Needham 
Gravalese, Joanne E. 

135 Stratford St., West Roxbury 
Graves, Richard H. 

Union St.. Montiigue 
Greenbaum, Marlene 11. 

2 Webster St., Maiden 
Greene, Marilyn C. 

173 Maple Rd., Longraeadow 
Greene, Richard F. 

234 South St.. Brookline 
Grinspoon, Barbara 

94 Reservoir St., Needham 
Grunbaum, Henry W. 

295 Walden St.. Cambridge 


Oustavsen, Judith 

17 Pembroke St., Medtord 
Oustavsen, Karin C. 

32 Summit St., Roslindale 
Hackett, Clarissa A. 

37 Starrett Ave., Athol 
Haenisch, Ruth E. 

14 Hall St., Leominster 
Hagberg, Clifford L. 

134 Beverly Rd., Worcester 
Hale, Jean R. 

107 Wareham St., Middleboro 
Hall, Bernard T. 

34 Weston Ave., Dalton 
Hall. Elizabeth M. 

269 Waverlv St., Belmont 
Hall, Henry B. 

,58.5 Tremont St., Taunton 
Hall. Ralph H., Jr. 

Old Wale.s Rd., Brimfield 
Halloran. Donald W. 

44 Walter St.. Newton Center 
Hamelin. Robert L. 

82 Rivers Rd., Willimansett 
Hamilton, Charles L. 

130 Sycamore St., Somerville 
Handman. Stanley L. 

36 Bangor St. Springfield 
Hanlon, Marie L. 

69 Centre St., Quincy 
Hanor, Elisabeth M. 

3.5 Trafton Rd., Springfield 
Hanson. Edward D. 

197 Church St., North Adams 
Hardy, Frederick J. 

153 Boxford St., Lawrence 
Harrington. Patricia R. 

274 Weetamoe St., Fall River 
Harris, Nelson R. 

Orchard St., Adams 
Harris, Sandra J. 

30 Surfside Rd., Lvnn 
Harrison. Ames 

35 Arlington St., Chicopee Falls 
Hart, Deborah 

34 Meadow St., North Quincy 
Hart, Ernest I. 

Norfolk Rd., Southfield 
Hart, Francis D. 

474 Maple St., Holyoke 
Hartford, Janet 

71 Walnut Ave., Andover 
Hartley. Carol A. P. 

143 Bridge St., Great Barrington 
Haslam, William A. 

12 Seaview St., Fairhaven 
Hatch, Ralph E. 

20 Draper St., Arlington 
Hatton, Robert B. 

125 Stratford Rd., Andover 
Hawkes. Elizabeth A. 

231 White St., Belmont 
Haworth, Robert B. 

22 Hamilton St., Braintree 
Hayes, Virginia M. 

43 Juliette St., Dorchester 
Haynes, Martha A. 

5 Weymouth St., Springfield 
Hayward, Priscilla A. 

99 Maywood St., Worcester 
Heath. Robert L. 

275 Riverside Drive, Northampto 
Heokman. Melvin D. 

149 Middle St., Fall River 
Henderson, Warren D. 

335 No. Main St., Wharton, N. J. 
Hennesev, Richard E. 

14 Worcester St.. Bridgewsiter 
HcnniKiii, K.lward F. 

.5n l)r<-iMI«ol,l Rd., Egvpt 
Hcnr\. Hi.liar.l F. 

47ll"l-'un.-r SI.. Ludlow 
Herlxrii. i:<lw:ir.l N. 

41 I'lilT.^.iii .\x..,, Pittsfield 
HessclloM, Koris F. 

39 WrvliiiiiivliT St., Worcester 
Hellini-MT. In;i A. 

5.S K..iri(TKcl SI.. Springfield 
Hevw.ioil. UoImtI W. 

ISt; So. Miuri SI.. Cohasset <;i,a 

Higgii.s. <;,. 


Hodecker, Janet E. 

42 Taylor St., Pittsfield 
Hoff, Lawrence M. 

34 Sheridan Rd., Swampscott 
Hohenberger. Carol A. 

89 Norwood Terr., Holyoke 
Holbrook. Barbara J. 

Pine Hill Rd., Boxborough 
Holdrovd. Ruth J. 

4 Summit St., Spencer 
Holm. Richard H. 

Meadow St., Falmouth 
Holmer. John K. 

130 Elm St., Milton 
Holzman, Herbert S. 

2S Larned St., Framingham 
Hooker, John L,. Jr. 

19 Linden St., Whitman 
Hopkins, Warren L. 

137 E. Foster St., Melrose 
Horvitz, Barbara A. 

372 Maple St., New Bedford 
Hosea. Carolyn B. 

.50 Norwood St., Everett 
Howard, John R. 

21 Centennial St., Foxboro 
Hoxsie. Joan 

9 Kilsyth Terr., Brookline 
Hubley. Bert A., Jr. 

331 Waverley Oaks Rd., Waltham 
Hudson, Nancy L. 

55 So. Prospect St., Amherst 
Huebner, Dorothy E. 

140 East St., Methuen 
Hughes, Edward W. 

88 L, Turners Falls 
Hughes, Ronald L. 

SO West St., Braintree 1 
Hurwitz. Carol T. 

23 Brinsley St., Dorchester 
Hurwitz, Wilma S. 

102 Rosseter St., Dorchester 
Hussey, Stewart C. 

25 Winslow Rd., Belmont 
Hutchinson, Kent C. 

18 Pershing Terr., Springfield 
Ingham, Marcia R. 

234 Davis St., Greenfield 
Innis. Richard G. 

7 High St., Milford 
Isenberg. Martin I. 

50 Tudor St., Chelsea 
Isenstein, Robert 

714 Blue Hill Ave., Dorchester 
Jablonka, Martin P. 

80 Saint James Ave., Holyoke 
Jacintho. Joseph V. 

892 Center, Middleboro 
Jackson, Elizabeth B. 

133 Manchester Terr., Springfield 
Jaeobson, Ralph E, 

8 Gav Rd., Watertown 
Jeffords, Lola E. 

23 Huntington Ave., Sharon 
Jennison, WiUiam N. 

7 Dorothy Ave., Worcester 
,Tepson, Anne L, 

202 So. Washington St., No. Attle 
Jerahian. Gabe C. 

224 St., Watertown 
Johnson. Arlliur E. 

51 Rol)crl,s St., Mahlen 
.Johnson, Clifton B. 

14 Falmouth St., Longmeadow 
Johnson. Martha A. 

774 Washington St., Fairhaven 
Jones. George W. 

Whiting St., Hanover 
Jones, Marilyn A. 

30 Francis St., Shrewsbury 
Jones, Miles H. 

204 Lincoln Ave., Amherst 
Jones. Richard L. 

301 Pond St., South Braintree 
Jones. Thomas A., Jr. 

2S4 Main St., Winthrop 
Judge, Thomas R. 

2 Walnut St., Methuen 
Judson, Ruth N. 

2.5 Heath Rd., Shrewsbury 
Kakitis. Leon H, 

26 Maple St., Athol 
Kallgrcn, ,|anet 

12.5 West Alvord St., Springfield 

Kangas, Walter W. 

652 Huntington Ave., Boston 
Kasper, James E. 

195 Heywood St., Fitchburg 
Katz, Edward M. 

37 Kerwin St., Dorchester 
Keaney. Walter L. 

1008 Essex St., Lawrence 
Keenan, Madeline A. 

1 Main St., Falmouth 
Kehew, Marcia L. 

62 Waban Ave., Waban 
Keley, Bernard R. 

98 Lower Beverly Hills, W. Spring- 
Kelly, Gretchen D. 

103 Lake St., Webster 
Kelsey. Joseph R. 

Kelsey Rd., East Boxford 
Kemp, Walter F. 

Fox Rd., Dalton 
Kennedy, Bernardine A. 

431 Howard St., Lawrence 
Kennedy, Thomas E. 

532 Pleasant St., Holyoke 
Kennedy, William F. 

32 Perry Ave., Lawrence 
Kenney, Joseph J. 

Maple St., Hopkinton 
Kenney, Margaret A. 

36 Highland St., Northampton 
Kerr, Edwin F. 

61 Rangelcv Rd„ Arlington 
Kerr, Henry F.. Jr. 

112 Lewis St., Belmont 
Keaulenas. Virginia M. 

17 Acton St., Worcester 
Kidd. James L. 

27 Monument Sq., Boston 
Kijanowski. Edwin J. 

12 Saunders Rd., Norwood 
Kilbourn, William A. 

Sterling St., S. Lancaster 
KiUam, Paul C. 

Killam Hill Rd., East Boxford 
Kimball, Barbara J. 

Kimball Farm, Westlord 
King, Lora A. 

74 Vermont St., Springfield 
Kinney. Orvis F. 

509 North Elm St.. W. Bridgewater 
Kinney, Terry B.. Jr. 

1022 Warren St., Brockton 
Kirsch, Louis J. 

59 Cherry St., Waltham 
Kissling, Erwin J. 
_ 3 Lynn St.,_Salem 
Klee, Ernestine J. 

637 Britton St., Fairview 
Kleimola, Ethel 

314 Elm St., Fitchburg 
Kline. Robert G. 

3(1 rhi.niik Rd.. Brighton 
Kliii;.-l.r. Itl.liard D. 

Shn 11. ml,-. Ifrimfield 
Knapp. .liidill, M. 

15 Eldcrt St.. Springfield 
Koch, William C, Jr. 

67 Valley St., Adams 
Kochinskas, Robert R. 

14 Jenks St., Springfield 
Kofos. Helen 

2 Hayden St„ Marlborough 
Korzan, Alfons J. 

78 Sugarloaf St., So. Deerfield 
Koss, Sylvia F. 

38 Dana St., Revere 
Kowaleski, Stephen J. 

44 Massasoit St., Northampton 
Kreutel. Randall W,, Jr. 

3() tnand St., Canton 
Kreuz. Margaret J. 

1311 CliilloTi St., Belmont 
KroiiicK. \i.ila C. 

'.1 liinT St., North Adams 
KruUI. V. \ir(;i..ia P. 

liiiijaiiiiii lid.. Shirley 
KruvAMUi. >:il.rle A. 

lilKyiinirx St., Mcdford 
KuUkula. Mary E. 

11 Middle St. Lane, Fitchburg 

12 Holyoke St„ Northampton 
Kushncr, Barbara ,|. 

7 Susquehanna St., Great Neck, N.Y. 


Kvroiiz. Kiclinrtl \( . 

'S (\Hiinlis SI.. 
Lal>l>. William 

.-.TSS... \\\-sl SL, Fc-cliiiK Hills 
Larrc-i.iorr. Gill.ort F. 

WiiilliinKli.ii SI., riio.sUTKoUl 
Uiioi.-. KaMiioiul A. 

ilY, M:i,,l,. SI., Holvokc 
Lakiii. .loan H. 

i;,s Fairhixvii .\vo.. Soullibridsc 
Lancaster, llarrv B., Jr. 

!1 Tuttle St.. Siu.gus 
Laiidv. Morton 

l.M'Devon St.. Boston 
Laiisor. Joan F. 

101 South Park Ave. Longmon Doris B. 

4 Fifth Av,... Weli.ster 
l.anKli.l.l. K.nnoth J. 

II Av 

Lapliani. l.lovd E. 

M Tiomoiit SI.. Now Bodford 
Larson. Joseph S. 

1 1 Beltran Terr., Maiden 
Larson. Richard E. 

2N0 Creenwood St.. Worcester 
Larwood. Joan K. 

■.r.i North Clinton. Albion. X. Y. 
Laskv. Charles M. 

."lOS Ridgo St.. Fall River 
Law. Frederick H. 

Split Rock Rd., Svosset. N. Y. 
Lawrence. William C. 

74 Spring St.. Melrose 
Law-son. Margaret S. 

!1 Earl St.. Taunton 
Lawton. Ralph W. 

2!17 Garden St.. Fall River 
LcBlanc. Donald G. 

1.) Plvmpton St.. New Bedford 
Lebowitz. Ruth M. 

70 Mooreland St.. Springfield 
L-Ecuver, Francis R. 

7 Dover St.. F'itchburg 
Lecznar, Dorothv A. 

1,S Ro.val Ave.. Holvoke 
Lee, Alice D. 

206 Church St., Newton 
Legare. Roger J. 

94 North St., Ware 


. Joa 

461 Cold Spring .\ve., W. Springfield 
Lemack. Alvin G. 

17 Wardman Rd., Boston 
Less, Irwin L. 

4.5 Porter St., North Adams 
Levenbaum, Norman L. 

32 Wellington Hill, Mattapan 
Levenson, Paul H. 

.561 Ward St., Newton 
Levesque, Robert L. 

3094 Main St., Springfield 
Levine, Edward 

36 Hillside Ave., Lawrence 
Lewis, Evelyn E. 

14 Pierce St.. Greenfield 
Lewis, Robin B. 

Upper Church St., Ware 
Lewis. Sheila J. 

Boston Post Rd., Sudbur.v 
Lezberg. Lois 

619 Morton St., Mattapan 
Lilja. Gladys L. 

3 Pigeon Hill. Pigeon Cove 
Lillv. John R. 

li Dav St.. Melrose 
Lincoln. Richard T. 

o Barton St.. Taunton 
Liner, Jordan A. 

44 Griggs Terr., Brookline 
Ling, Joan E. 

Goodman Hill Rd., Sudbur.v 
Littlewood. Robert W. 

10 Perkins St., Wakefield 
Livas. Roger T. 

26 West Water St., Wakefield 
Lizotte, Louis P. 

440 Pleasant St„ Holyoke 
London, Abram J. 

95 Stedman St., Brookline 
Longmore, Carol A. 

Randall Rd., Mattapoisett 

Love, Di: 

• P. 

230 Asbury St., South Hamilton 
Lovejoy, Earl D., Jr. 

218 Wren St., West Ro.ibury 

Lukasik, Joseph E. 

S7 Tavlor St.. Chlcopec Falls 
Lyie. \N . 

3li4 l.nucll SL. U,-a,llng 
Lyons. Viilliuni 11. 

"20 Ri(ig,«ood Ave. Holvoke 
MacDonald. < laire E. 

357 High SI.. Hanson 
Mac<;illirav. Kohert S. 

11 Aiad.iiiv IM.. Leominster 
Maelniiis. Paul M. 

iiii; .Ml.-.i SI,, Mh..l 

Maclnl^rc. l{..l>,rl E. 

49 Slo;ilo,'k SI.. Greenfield 
Maekev. William J. 

434 llolll, SI.. Franiingham 
MacLanghlin. Thomas F. 

67 L.vnian Rd.. Milton 
MaePhee, Donald 

11 Bnrninn Ave., Worcester 
Madru, Thomas S. 

Prospect St., Chester 
Mahar, John H. 

77 Dnnmoreland St., Springfield 
Mahoney, Arthur J. 

59 Cross St., Lawrence 
Mahoney, Richard J. 

423 Allen St., Springfield 
Maitland, Elaine M. 

40 Prescott St.. Clinton 
Malin. Richard A. 

II Summer St.. Northampton 
Mallon. Richard T. 

1 Stadium Rd.. Maiden 
Maltz, Edward J. 

34 Hazelmere Rd., Roslindale 
Mankowsky. Ralph A. 

50 Mountain Rd„ Northfield 
Manlev. Joan H. 

150 Pleasant St,, Newton Centre 
Mantel, Elizabeth E. 

37 Y'ellowstone Blvd,, Forest Hills, 
N, Y, 
Marcotte, Leonard P. 

31 Franklin St., Holvoke 
Marcus, Helaine 

17 Olmstead Drive Springfield 
Marcus. Myles J. 

33 Blake St.. Newtonville 
Marland, Judith M. 

.S George St., Andover 
Marnell, Paul 

1052 Sheridan Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Maroni, Robert V, . 

1237 Main St.. .\thol 
Marr, Marshall I. 

Main St., Bolton 
Marsden. Elizabeth M. 

32 Wachusett Ave., Lawrence 
Martin, John J, 

710 West Housatonic St„ Pittsfield 
Martin, Sally-Ann 

III Everett St„ Southbridge 
Masaschi, John E. 

Main St., Chatham 
Masiello, John P. 

241 Conway St., Greenfield 
Mayer, Barbara J. 

23 Western Ave., West Springfield 
Mazzaglia. Vincent .1. 

360 East Haverhill St., Lawrence 
McAuslan, Linda S. 

.\mherst St„ Granby 
McCambridge. Sally E. 

2S7 Tvler St.. Pittsfield 
McClure, Thomas J. 

30 WiUard PI., Pittsfield 
McCriUis. George R. 

108 Oak St., Middleboro 
McDan=el, Joseph B. 

49 Kilton, Taunton 
MeDermott, Francis X. 

37 Fowler St., Randolph 
McDonald, Phyllis A. 

144 North Main St., Sharon 
McEvoy, Arthur B. 

204 Washington St., Leominster 
McGrath, Joseph F. 

S2 Summer St„ Kingston 
Mcintosh, James O. 

76 Plymouth Rd,, Needham 
Mcintosh, Mariorie 

62 Front St,, Weymouth 
McKean, David R. 

94 Hawthorne Ave,, Needham 

McKcnna, Dorothy J. 

16 Harding Rd„ Walpole 
Mekinsir, . Mice E. 

l-^l' < 'lairlidnn .V\c,. Chicopee 
M<ko«ii, Richard E., Jr. 

Jli .\,)i.ii l,v IM.. W.lleslev 

Mcl.auelilaii. Itoherl R. 

L'l (innhi Ave. Ka^l Walpolc 
McMahon. Edward J. 

l.-.'l ( rcM-.iil St.. Northampton 
M.Neil. Joseph F. 

9_' Cii.ilou lid.. West Roxhury 
Mclaclirino. William 

67 SI. llnl,,lph St., Boston 
Mrll>>. Dani.l M. 

Ill I'lvMH.ulh SI., Milton 
M.lln. UoImtI J. 

7s:i llak (o-ove Ave. Fall River 
Menilclsolin. I.enore B. 

I Gr.-.-nwiiv Crt., Brookline 
Mercer. Albert S. 

Slate Rd.. Edgartown 
Merriam, Stephen H. 

Belknap Rd., Framingham 
Merrill. Ben B. 

153 High St., Mansfield 
Methot, Richard D. 

246 Worcester St., Indian Orchard 
Meyers, Theodore J. 

478 Carew St., Springfield 
Miehelson, Richard 

132 Columbia St., Brookline 
Mikenas, Mary A. 

SO Harbor View, Dorchester 
Miller, Charles A. 

East Rd„ Clarksburg 
Miller, Marilyn C, 

190 Walpole St„ Norwood 
Milne, Bruce L. 

22 Worthington St., Pittsfield 
Minasian, George 

Newton St., Lawrence 
Miranda, Ursula C. 

liO Neptune Rd., East Boston 
Mirkin, Gordon S. 

II D.ver St., Boston 
Mishkin, Marilyn 

71 Harrison Ave., Fitchburg 
Mitchell, Mary A. 

39 Ledyard St., Springfield 
Mitchell, Mary E. 

71 Central Ave., Medford 
Moeko, Suzanne L. 

Sherbourne Ave., Swansea 
Moehle, Corinne M. 

720 Park St., Attleboro 
Moiselle. Edward D. 

256 Beacon St., Boston 
Monaghan, Henry P. 

272 Elm St., Holvoke 
Monroe, Robert W. 

39 Summer St., Kingston 
Moon, Janet 

44 Inman St., Hopedale 
Mooney, David S. 

25 Longfellow Rd., Watertown 
Morgan, Thomas L. 

2S0 Pleasant St., Holyoke 
Moriarty, Alita M. 

6 Perkins .\ve., Northampton 
Morrill, Jane C. 

518 West Main St., North Adams 
Morrison, Thomas A. 

178 Morgan St„ Holvoke 
Morse, Glenn C. 

29 Dilla St., Milford 
Morse, Rosemarie 

472 Boston Post Rd., Weston 
Morton, Carolyn R. 

165 North Whitney St., Amherst 
Moynahan, Suzanne 

96 Glenwood St., Lowell 
Muleahy, Frances E. 

64 Arlington St.. Hyde Park 
Munroe, E. Lorraine 

526 Talbot Ave., Dorchester 
Murphy, Carol A. 

11 Iliad St., Leominster 
Murphy, Carol A. 

48 Main St., Millbury 
Murphy, Patricia M. 

31 Hanover St., Fall River 
Murray, Mary E. 

280 Revere St., Winthrop 
Mutrux, Grace A. 

325 Lynnfield St., Lynn 


Myers, Gretchen C. 

17 Hall St., Feeding Hills 
Myers, Janet E. 

73 Cross St.. Hingham 
Naida, Walter E. 

40 Eleventh St., Turners Falls 
Napolitano, Joseph P. 

270 Maiden St., Revere 
Naylor, Paula G. 

97 Althea St., West Springfield 
TVeidleman, Leonard 

165 Columbia St., Dorchester 
Nelson, Eleanor G. 

174 Spring St., Foxboro 
Nelson, Paul R., Jr. 

35 King St., Holyoke 
Neusoer, Jacob 

50 Sheridan St., Haverhill 
Neville, Robert P. 

25 Dexter St., Holyoke 
Nichols, Robert M. 

33 Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill 
Nieuwetaar, Arnhild E. 

Main St.. North Orange 
Niezgoda, Frederick T. 

86 Prospect St., Holyoke 
Nilsson, Bruce R. 

532 West Main St., Avon 
Nixon, Henry C. 

7 Bryant St., Methuen 
Nixon, Theodore C. 

39S Central St., Auburndale 
Nolan, James J. 

172 North King St., Northampton 
Nolan, James P. 

IS Morgan St., Holyoke 
Nottonson, Ira N. 

96 Buchanan St., Roslindale 
O'Brien, Kathleen M. 

24 Sutcliffe St., Lynn 
O'Connell, John J. 

11 Washington St.. Milton 
O'Connor, Geraldine M. 

555 Essex St., Lynn 
Odams, Robert S. 

25 Canal St., West Medtord 
O'Dea, John F. 

40 Main St., Hatfield 
O'Donnell, Ceil M. 

169 Allyn St., Holyoke 
O'Donnell, John W. 

20 Blake St.. Springfield 
O'Hare, Janet M. 

36 Cedarwood Rd., Jamaica Plain 
Olaussen, Constance 

New Bedford Rd., Rochester 
O'Leary, Edward F. 

1271 Highland St., Holliston 
Ondras, Maralyn J. 

36 Ridgewood Terr., Northampton 
Osborne, Laurence C. 

28 Courtland St., Middleboro 
Ott, Thomas M. 

1 Esmond PL, Tenafly. N. J. 
Owczarski, William A. 

16 Hoosac St., Adams 
Owen, Stephen F., Jr. 

39 Seventh St.. Springfield 
Falano, Santina C. 

353 Tyler St., Pittsfield 
Pannes, Virginia H. 

4 Flint St., Lynn 
Pappas, William H. 

74 Oxford St., Lawrence 
Paris. Donald A. 

161 Mayfiower Rd., Springfield 
Parker, Edgar H. 

Beers Plain Rd.. Northfield 
Parnin, Anne M. 

38 Garrison Rd., Wellesley 
Paro, Allen K. 

65 Bellevue Ave., Winthrop 
Pares, Lawrence 

69 Belvidere St., Springfield 
Parsons, Lilla A. 

50 Harrison Ave., Northampton 
Par.,,oiis, Margaret A. 

I 1 1'1,-asant St., Milton 
Palri. . James H. 

50 Chapel St., Aldenville 
Patten, John L. 

109 Vernon St.. Newton 
Patton, Mary E. 

399 West St., Walpole 
Pavlovich, John J. 

32 Cleveland St., Westfield 

Peirce, Kenneth N. 

30 Brookfield Rd., Waltham 
Pelosky, Robert J. 

Lower Rd., W. Deerfield 
Pelton, Louise E. 

55 Maynard Rd.', Northampton 
Perkins, Pamela M. 

23 Winchester Rd., Newton 
Perley, Arthur E. 

Amesbury Rd.. Haverhill 
Perrone, Francis S. 

Washington, No. Easton 
Perry, Joanne 

26 Benjamin Rd., Belmont 
Perry, Kathleen O. 

300 Read St., Somerset 
Pescosolido, Richard M. 

140 Chauncy St., Mansfield 
Peterson, .Janet E. 

256 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield 
Peterson, Janet M. , 

51 Meadowbrook Ave., W. Spring- 
Petrin, Rollin E. 

32 Vernon St.. Greenfield 
Phillips, Donald F. 

42 Dickinson St., Springfield 
Phipps, June F. 

261 Union St., Ashland 
Piers, Theodore L. 

17 Glen St., So. Natick 
Pike, Janice N. A. 

286 South St., Agawam 
Pike, Nancy L. 

114 Piirk St., Easthampton 
Pittman, Priscilla A. 

King Philip Rd., Sudbury 
Poikonen, Richard C.^ 
6 Halford St., Gardner 
Pohks, David M. 

431 Pleasant St., Gardner 
Pollock John H. 

15 High St., So. Barre 
Pollock, Robert J. 

61 Bowditch St., Braintrce 
Porter, John P. 

27 Franklin St., Wakefield 
Porter, Nancy C. 

72 Mercer St., So. Boston 
Potter, James S. 

161 Callender St., Dorchester 
Poulin, Claire A. 

2 Belanger PI., Northampton 
Pow, John F. 

25 Addington Rd., W. Roxbury 
Pozzo, Ronald E. 

727 Pleasant St., Canton 
Prager, Barbara L. 

12 Pleasant Ct., Amherst 
Premo, Alberta M-L. 

Union Rd., Wales 
Prentice, Ronald S. 

Ballon Lane, Williamstown 
Presler, Arline 

2185 Bolton St., New York, N. Y. 
Pributsky, Phyllis L. 

376 Ridge St., Fall River 
Proctor, Raymond S. 

11 Carter Rd., Gardner 
Promisel, Arnold A. 

123 Cottage St., Chelsea 
Pruyne, Jean E. 

137 Egremont Ave., Pittsfield 
Putnam, Richard D. 

24 Upland Rd.. Leeds 

Pychewiez, Eugene V. 

81 High St., Holyoke 

Pychewiez, Francis S. 

Old Warren Rd., Palmer 
Pyper, Ann D. 

Box 394, Mount Hcrmon 
Ouigley, Richard F. 

908 Plymouth Ave., Fall River 
Quimby. Lcc W. 

78 Colton PI., Longmeadow 
Ouinlan, Roland E. 

161 Pelham St., Methuen 
Quirk, Marie F. 

4S Paleologos St., Peabody 
Ouirk, Roberta A. 

55 Stark Rd., Worcester 
Ralston. Ann L. 

UIS Schermerhorn Park, Lenox 

Rastallis, Andrew H. 

M St., Turners Falls 
Rattigan, Frederick C. 

9S Hancock St., Cambridge 
Rattman, William J. 

176 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield 
Raymond, Sara R. 

85 Meriam St., Lexington 
Reagan, Robert F. 

47 Strong Ave., Pittsfield 
Redden, Joan A. 

11 Magnolia Terr., Springfield 
Reed, Donald D. 

432 Main St., West Concord 
Reed, Janet W. 

Cross St., Boylston 
Reny, Edward A. 

14 Bookings St. Medford 
Rhodes, Maxine E. W. 

2 Spruce St.. Great Neck, L. I., N. Y. 
Rice, David B. 

247-A Concord Rd., Bedford 
Rice, Richard W. 

Oft Maple St., North Agawam 
Rich, Roger W. 

10 Ethel Ct., Maiden 
Riley, Gail A. 

1 Meadow Lane, Shrewsbury 
Rioux, Charles J. . 

53 Dartmouth St.. Springfield 
Rioux, Roger V. 

15 Buchholz St., Springfield 
Rischitelli, Barbara A. 

43 Franklin Terr., Southbridge 
Risman, Edith M. 

S9 Cliff Ave.. Winthrop 
Robbins. .\rnold P. 

53 Northumberland Rd.. Pittsfield 
Robbins. Richard B. 

140 Adams St., Braintree 
Roberts, Marion C. 

201 Westford Circle, Springfield 
Roberts, Sally A. 

King St., Groveland 
Robertson, Riu-ic R., Jr. 

93 Toxteth St., Brookline 
Robinson, Betsy 

Converse Rd., Marion 
Robinson, Peter 

363 Springfield St., Chicopee 
Roche, Herman J. 

42 East St., Whitinsville 
Rodenhizer, Donald K. 

747 Stony Hill Rd., Wilbraham 
Rodman, Diane 

78 Badger Rd., Medford 
Rogers, Ellen N. 

225 Adams St., Fairhaven 
Rogosin, Rhoda G. 

19 Tahanto Rd., Worcester 
Roncarati, Louis E. 

21 Eloise St., Springfield 
Rose, Edward F. 

21 Pleasant St., Digblon 
Rosen, Richard 

15 Evelvn Rd.. Everett 
Ro,.c-nl>i-rs. Arthur 

IJ Wliillicr SI.. Springfield 


rK. \ i 

Raphel, Jo 

225 River 

Rd., Winthrop 

.,_ St., Springfield 

Rosenlield, Ethel D. 

96 Ormond St., Mattapan 
Rosnick, Judith S. 

52 Eldridge St., Springfield 
Rubinstein, Norbert 

125 University Rd., Brookline 
Rudman, Harold L. 

91 Carver, Springfield 
Rudnick. Joan L. 

(■.,'> ^prini; SI., North Adams 
Kill. ItolMTl 11., Jr. 

1 n«, II .hiiiclion Rd., Ballardvale , 
H, Itouald 

I'll l,,„.|,sl,.i ltd., Newton 
Uii-liford. James L. 

-■> Itrifjht SI.. Northampton 
Russell, Edward E. 

274 Park Ave., Manhasset, N. Y. 
Russell, Elizabeth J. 

North Ashburnham Rd., Winchendon 
lt„-s,ll. Mary F. 

.-, ' \\:n.l \v... Easthampton 
Kulliibl. KIchard E. 

L>:; I'asa.lnia Rd., Dorchester 
Ryan, Sheila 

408 School St., Webster 

Sabaiitv, Posidon G. 

HT Federal St.. Ljiin 
Sachar, Bruce N. 

."il Shcppard St.. L.vnn 
St. Martin, LtK* I.. Jr. 

1340 Main St., Leicester 
Salloom. Rita J. 

IW Plantation St., Worcester 
Saiitori, Luis .4. 

IJuadalupe No. 17. Ponce, Puerto 
Santucci, Joseph C. 

7-4 Hill St., Thorndike 
Sarfatv. Stanley J. 

■:\ Gre.vslone Hd., Maiden 
Sarpent. Sallv .V. 

1 West St., Worcester 
Savaee, Edward C. 

1 Marsh Rd., Newbur.v 
Savaee, John C. 

1 Marsh Rd., Newbur.v 
Savcl, William I. 

29 Whitman St., Dorchester 
Savov, David R. D. 

1015 W.ashington St.. Newtonville 
Sax, Lawrence J. 

41 V.aleSt., Chelsea 
Seanlan, Lee M. 

Birnam Rd.. Northfield 
Scarafoni. Richard D. 

(IN Whit Her Ave.. Pittsfield 
Scliiieider. Kthel 

10.') llsnego St., Springfield 
Schoenberg, Muriel S. 

610 W. Jackson Ave., Bridgeport, 

Schonback, Elizabeth A. 

aiS9 Boston Rd., North Wilbraham 
Sehwarz, Edith C; 

.574 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 
Schwimmer, Walter B. 

2354-Sl St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Seola, Nancy J. 

96 Commodore Rd., Worcester 
Scott, Corrine A. 

9 Park Ave., Monson 
Sears, Fred A. 

339 High St., Dalton 
Sears, Gilbert E. 

Sears Rd., Goshen 
Sedgwick, Thomas O. 

East St., Lenox 
Seifer. Joel M. 

.51 High St.. Hudson 
Sembroski, Florentine C. 

East State St., Granby 
Serafini, Barbara A. 

363 Main St., Everett 
Seymour, David E. 

iS4 Marion St., Springfield 
Shaievitz, Gerald M. 

60 Harvard St., Maiden 
Shank, June E. 

22 Brandon Rd., Milton 
Sliannahan, Robert J. 

S99 Worthington St., Springfield 
Shapiro, Harian J. 

37 Canton St., Lowell 
Sharpies, Edward 

AdamsviUe Rd., Central Village 
Shea, Mary X. 

6 Taylor St., Holyoke 
Sheahan, MariljTi X. 

7S Downing St., W'orcester 
Sheehan, John F. 

SO Walnut St., Natick 
Sheinberg, Cynthia L. 

.563 Norfolk St., Mattapan 
Shenk, William D. 

IS Norcross Terr., Lynn 
Sherbrook, Charlotte N. 

Mendon St., Upton 
Sherman, Jerry B. 

69 Main St., Greenfield 
Shores, David L. 

olS North Ave., Rockland 
Shtrumpfman, Sylvia H. 

Lowell St., Andover 
Shuman, Faith D. 

173 B.ainbridge St., Maiden 
Shurtleff, Richard A. 

15 Lincoln St., Stoneham 
Shuster, EsteUe D. 

686 Rockdale Ave., New Bedford 
Shute. William F. 

6S Chester St., Arlington 

Siddall, George T., Jr. 

6 Washington Ave., HyaTinis 
Siegmund, Emil G. 

37 Granite St.. Webster 
Silke, Owen D. 

7S Bvron Ave.. Lawrence 
Simmon,.. Ilerhert W., Jr. 

260 WaUr SI.. Newburvport 
Simon. Slu'ldon K. 

_1100 East St., Mansfield 
Simpson, Clarence L. 

115 Englewood Ave., Englewood, N. J. 
Skinner, Lois A. 

243 Pleasant St.. Marblehead 
Slafskv. Jerrold <;. 

IS Nionnlain SI.. Sharon 
Slatterv. Kruncis M. 

9 Mckinley Ave.. Easthamplon 
Sleeper, Norma L. 

110 South Pleasant St., Haverhill 
Sluekis. Hilda E. 

Hardwick Rd., Barre Plains 
Small, Theodore 

5S6 Main St., Harwichport 
Smelins, Silvija 

33 Philips St., Greenfield 
Smilev, Robert 

Kendall Hill Rd., Sterling 
Smith, Alice 

22 Locust St.. New Bedford 
Smith. Barbara J. 

lOS Middle St.. Braintree 
Smith. Dorothy D. 

South St., Upton 
Smith, George A. 

North Wiishington St., Belchertown 
Smith, James D. 

176 Laurel Rd., West Springfield 
Smith. Janet G. 

61 Taylor St., Holyoke 
Smith. Richard E. 

112 Ellington St.. Longmeadow 
Smithwa, Richard L. 

S6 Cranch St., Quiney 
Snow, Joline F. 

43S Main St., Hanson 
Solomon, Harold W. 

7 Davis St., Turners Falls 
Sotrines, Frank A. 

21 Parker St., Maynard 
Sottung, Donald H. 

33 Harding St., Pittsfield 
Soule, Kenneth D. 

212 Quiney Ave., Quiney 
Sowerby, Robert W. 

2 Stow Rd., Marlboro 
Spencer, Frederick A. 
^ 490 Front St., Weymouth 
Sproat, Marilyn J. 

43 High St., Monson 
Stahl, John E. 

12 Tyndale St., Roslindale 
Stahl, Nessa S. 

63 Richmond Ave., W^orcester 
Stearns, Elgie L. 

1005 North Maine St., Palmer 
Stedman, Carolyn M- 

92 Central Ave.. Dalton 
Steeves, Norman A. 

32 Wason St., Medford 
Stein, Barbara 

100 Carver St., Springfield 
Stengle, Charles E. 

105 Falmouth Rd., Arlington 
Steplar, Barbara A. 

17 Lincoln St., Westfield 
Sterling, John C. 

15 Moreland Rd., Quiney 
Stevens, Shirley A. 

124 Highland Ave., Fitehburg 
Stewart, James R., Jr. 

137 Green St., Melrose 
Stinson, Barry F. 

412 Main St., Wareham 
Stockbridge, Edward O. 

19 McKinley Terr., Westfield 
Stone, Herbert 

34 Crawford St., Boston 
Stone, Richard C. 

I Park St., Northboro 
Stoney, Janet 

II Fern St., Lexington 
Stringer, Jean L. 

^ Parker Rd., Osterville 
Stuart, Lincoln F. 

11 Bertran St., Beverly 

Mmim. Donald J. 

Churchill St., jMoore Apts.. Arling- 


., Ja 


i F. 

While St., Springfield 
Sullivan. Joseph T. 

.i.-. Howe St.. Milton 
Sullivan. IMivllis A. 

Kill WMk.rSI.. Falmouth 
Sullivan. Richard M. 

HI Virginia Rd.. Andover 
Swain, Richard C. 

97 Farragut Rd., Swampscott 
Swanson, Donald A., Jr. 

74 Varnam St., Arlington 
Swartz, Edward M. 

156 Chester Ave., Chelsea 
Swartz, Janice C. 

37 Derby St., Worcester 
Switzer, Nancy B. 

324 Locust St., F'all River 
Szlachetka, Francis L. 

27 Ducharme Ave., Willimansctt 
Tarpey, Philip J. 

374 Elm St., Gardner 
Tashjian, Robert C. 

S6 Lexington Ave., Cambridge 
Tateosian, Edward 

916 Warren Ave.. Brockton 
Taylor, Carol L. 

.S5 F'almouth Rd., West Springfield 
Taylor, Cynthia A. 

Gerrish Rd., Salisburv 
Taylor, John L. 

330 North Main St., Deerfield 
Taylor, Norma L. 

21 Anawan Ave., Saugus 
Taylor, Robert I. 

S Harvard St.. Melrose 
Taylor, Russell C. 

.S4 Belmont St., Whitman 
Tela, S. Paul 

47 Osgood St., Lawrence 
Temple, Suzanne M. 

38 Broad St., Salem 
Tenney, Robert E. 

102 Otis St., Medford 
Tessicini, Maralyn A. 

54 Bancroft Ave., Milford 
Tessier, Norbert A. 

Main St., West Townsend 
Thagard, Alfred D. 

74 Dawes St., Springfield 
Thorn, Eugene 

11 Ahwaga Ave., Northampton 
Thomas, Joan M. 

166 Aquidneek St., New Bedford 
Thompson, Donald R. 

Sudbury Rd., Gleasondale 
Tibbals, Lucy A. 

Mill Rd., Eastham 
Tierney, David J. 

715 West St., Pittsfield 
Tiley, David C. 

Main St., Williamsburg 
Tilson, John T. 

Wareham St., South Carver 
Tobiason, Kenneth F. 

191 Newport St., Arlington 
Todt, William E. 

482 Granby Rd., South Hadley Falls 
Tompkins, Earle A. 

5 Glend.ale St., Easthamplon 
Tompkins. Marcia 

Pleasant St., South Natick 
Toomev, Robert M. 

21 Oakland St.. West Springfield 
Torehia, Richard R. 

Box 644, Pine St., Swansea 
Tourvillc, Elizabeth A. 

124 Highland Ave., Ludlow 
Tripp, Peter D. 

Westport Harbor Rd., Westport 
Tripp, Raymond P., Jr. 

167 South Main St., Middleboro. 
Trocchi, Robert F. 

42 Austin St., Bridgewater 
Tubman, Jefferson L. 

Tucker, Gordon L. 

2133 Tremont Lane, Falls Chu 
Tucker, Susan F, 

2133 Tremont Lane, Falls Chu 
Turner, Allan H. 

71 Madison Ave., WakefieM 
Tuttle, Aldcn P.. Jr. 

15 Cosbv Ave.. Amherst 
Tuttle, Marilyn R. 

132 Bainbridge St., Maiden 
Tuttle, Shirley A. 

Southbridge Hd,, Warren 
Tynan, Thomas G, 

140 Allen Ave., Newton 
Urquhart. Audrey L. 

205 Pleasant St., East Walpol 
Urton, Maureen E. 

94 Dean St., Taunton 
Utman, Howard W. 

White Oaks Rd.. Willianislo» 
Vafides, Robert W. 

65 P.ark Aye., Hull 
Vanasse, Norma M, 

259 Bridge St., Northampton 
Van Wagner, Priscilla 

281 Green River Rd.. Greenfii 
Varnam. Marion F. 

320 South St., Southbridge 
Vaughan, Marjorie J. 

Crawford, Northboro 
VeilleuK, Eugene D. 

22 Perry Ave., Lawrenee 
VeUeman, Mildred B. 

2S Beaconsfield Rd., Brooklim 
Vickerson, James J. 

24 Lincoln Terr., Winthrop 
Vivier, Ernestine V. 

East Brookfield Rd., North 

Vogel, WiUiam C. 

22St. Jerome Ave., Holyoke 
Waechter, Nancy R. 

270 Main St., Walpole 
Wallace, Conrad H. 

Rd., Boston 

Weinberg, Jordan 

;h, Va 

5 Dowing Ave.. H, 
Weiner, Edward E. 



IS Byron Ave., La 


Weintraub. Robert 


114 Walls SI,, Dor 



,.ki. Marily 

51 M:nii Si , Millers Fall 
Waslll.urii. Mar% <:. 

Sprinj; SI., Marion 
Waterman. Chandler H. 

703 Pleasant St.. Athol 
Waxman. Edward E. 

102 Lawton St.. Brooklir 
Webster, Ann E. 

40 Stone St., Beverly 


rlis It. 

9 Tupeh. IM , W. 
WeUette. Kicliurd E. , 

21)2 Hanrock St.. Springfield 
Wellington, Joan 

3S Summer St., Fitehburg 
Wentworth, Lyle D. 

14 Cottage St., Spenecr 
Wesslen, Barbara J. 

Cottage St., West Brookfield 
Wetterberg, David A. 

53 Summer St.. Andover 
Wheaton, Warren A. 

.58 .\bbott .\ve., Leominster 
White, Barbara J. 

Ludlow Country Club, Ludlow 
White, Cynthia M. 

977 North Pleasant St., Amherst 
White, Janet A. 

12 Warwi.k St., Worcester 
While. Je 


■d Ha 


977 North Pleasant St., Amhe 
White, Philip S. 

249 Shore St., Fiilmouth 
White, Robert F. 

Box 475, Mount Hermon 
White, Ronald F. 

43 Manning St., Hudson 
Whittemore, Joan M. * 

R.F.D. No. 3. Amherst 
Wilde. Kenneth K. 

U Chickering St.. Fittsfield 
Wiley, Edward S. 

25 Ruby Ave., Marblehead 
Williams, George V. 

16 Riverview Ave.. Saugus 

Wirth, Peter C. 

10 East Leland St., Chevy, 
Wisniewski, Felix S. 

79 Lamb St., South Hadley Falls 
Wolfe, Richard H. 

North Longyard Rd,, Soulhwick 

Wolff, Richard G. 

202 East 93rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Wolper, Elaine T. 

93 St. Paul St., Brookline 
Wood, Dean C. 

92 Bromfield St., Newburvport 
Wood, Judith P. 

143 Main St., Shclburne Falls 
Wood, Shirley I. 

1.53 Veazie St., North Adams 
Woodbury, Paul W. 

155 High St.. Southbridge 
Woodger. Ronald R, 

Yokun .\ve., Lenox 
Woodrow, Philip W. 

199 South Main St., Orange 
Woodworth. Clyde A., Jr. 

34 James Ave., Northampton 
WooUey, David B. 

166 Converse St., Longmeadow 
Wooster, Helene L. 

16 Watson Ave., Worcester 
Worton, Richard F. 

137 Washing St., Somerset 
Wright, Fred E. 

64 Hamlet St., Arlington 
Wroblcski, Edward W. 

27 Knipler Ave., Easthampton 
Wykes, Donald H. 

42 Butler St., Medford 
Wykes, Raymond P. 

42 Butler St., Medtord 
Wylie, Charles H. 

240 Ashmont St.. Dorchester 
Wvman, Nancy B. 

493 Auburn St.. Auburndale 
Yesu, Frank 

.54 Clement St.. Springfield 
Zaborowski. Bernard S. 

28 Manahan St., Northampton 
Zaft, Cynthia 

134 Dawes St., Lawrence 
Zais. Joel F. 

1570 Robeson St., Fall River 
Zak. .\ndrew P. 

88 High St., Turners Falls 
Zalkind, Clinton S. 

81 Warburton St., Fad Ri%'er 
Zelickman, Martin S. 

68 Oakland St., Lowell 
Zervas, Phyllis 

29 Belcher Ave., Brockton 
Zink, Robert W. 

35 Flansburg Ave., Dalton 

Standing: Conroy, Hosen. Good, Powers, Sargent, McKenii 
Sitting: Gaudette. Boyle, George, Pannes. Larsen. Connors 


Ralj)!) A. Van [Meter, President 

Professor Lawrence S. Dickinson, Business Advisor 

Professor Frank Prentice Rand, Dean of Liberal Arts 

Mr. John H. Mitchell, Literary Advisor 

Mr. John Cole. Andover Press 

Mr. Ralph Doane, Folsom Engraving Company 

Mr. Charles lannello. Harvard Studio 

Mr. Robert McCartney, L'niversity News Service 

Mr. George E. Emery, Executive Secretary, Associate Alumni 

Mrs. Amelia A. Sirum, Ahunni Office 

Mrs. Marion G. Lemay, Alumni Ofhce 

Miss Affie M. Cook. Secretary to the President 

Miss Emily INI. Larkin, Secretary to the Dean 

Mrs. Alice Kennedy 

Dr. Helen S. Mitchell, Dean of Home Economics 

Miss Mildred Pierpont, Schedule Supervisor 

Mr. Robie ^laynard 

Mr. Arthur B. Musgrave 

Mr. Robert Hume 

Mr. William Tague 

Mr. Walter Feldman 

Bachrach Studios of New York, for use of the picture of Professor Gordon 




The University store 





Congratulations to the Graduating Class oj 1952 







(Guaranteed Regulation) 

Traditionally correct for half a century! Every detail in strict accordance with latest 
regulations. Rosenfield Uniforms are unconditionally guaranteed to please you — as 
they have pleased one and a quarter million military personnel during the past 50 
years ! 

Send for our FREE 50th Anniversary catalogue. Please specify Army or Air Force. 
You'll save money when you order from these ne^v fully illustrated catalogues. 




Charge or Budget Accounts Invited! 

College & Fraternity 

Printers for the 

tMoAfUltan 9. A/eiueU 

534 Main Street 
Telephone 610 


A Casual Country Store in a 
College Town, featuring Mer- 
chandise of the highest class, 
both imports and domestic. 

Thomas F. Walsh 

Exclusive agent for 

Hickey Freeman Clothes 

Burberry Coats Knox Hats 

Spalding .4thletic Goods 



Dry and Fancy Goods 

Ready to Wear 

Compliments of 

"Dalton's T>iner 

(Opposite Faculty Apartments) 

Dedicated to 


for the 

University of Massachusetts 


Next to Town Hall 
]fhere You Cashed Your Check' 

Telephone 890 

University Motors, Inc. 

Sales and Service 

213 ColleseSt. 
Amherst - Massachusetts 

Compliments- of 


University of Massachusetts 
Amherst, Mass. 



F.J. Powers, Jr., Manager 


Attractive Rooms 

Colonial Dining Room 

Coffee Shop 

New Modern Cocktail Lounge 

Your Official Photographer 



Harvard Studio 


669 Boylston Street 
Boston 16, Mass. 

Copley Square - CO 7-0036 

University Banners and Pennants 


Outline Books 

Fountain Pens 




Amherst, Mass. 


Photographic Headquarters 



42 Main Street 

Acros.i from the Town Hall 

The Best in Drug Store Merchandise 
The Best in Drug Store Service 

1 — ♦ — 


The %exall Store 

Complimenf.t of 

^RIGGS, Inc. 

Home Puri/ishers 



Telephone 16 






New Formal Wear for Hire 

Gibson Chevrolet Company 

Sales and Service 

40 Dickinson St., Amherst, Mass. 
Tel. 749 


Quality — Dependability — Service 

Excellence Without Extravagance 

Free Delivery 


Tel. 477-8-9 



"College Life dt its Best" 


Sales and Service 



Service for the Students 


by the Students 

Range Oil - Fuel Oil - Gasoline 


Your host, 

78 Sunderland Road 
Tel. 1265 

North Amherst, Mass. 

Conversion "Delco," "Masterkraft" 
and "Silent Glow" oil burners 


G. E. and Delco boilers 

Packase Store 

and Furnaces 

35 So. Pleasant Street 

Franchised dealers for G. E. and Kel- 

vinator refriserators, electric stoves and 
deep freeze units 

Certified S. S. Pierce 

Amherst Oil Company 

321 Main Street 

More than a store 
A tradition for many 

Tel. 999 or 975 

long years 









Route 5 


July 7 - Ausust 15 

Intensive training in shorthand 
and typing is given in our sum- 
mer school. Sessions from 9 to 1, 
' Monday through Friday. 


"Tlie School of Thoroughness" 

KjKUmS' ' Interiors 

55 So. Pleasant Street 


Tel. 270 

157 Main Street 


Tel. 1270 

J. S. Westcott & Son 




127 Sunderland Road 
North Amherst, Mass. 

For your Dinner Date 
Banquet or Party . . . 

Wiggin's Old Tavern 


Hotel Northampton 

Coi/ii)limeni.'< of 



Northampton's Largest 
Dept. Store 

''98'' Classic 



160 H. P. ENGINE 

Phone 1310 Free Delivery 


TH[ m SUPER " r 



of a 


Childs Motor Co., Inc. 

57 King Street - Northampton 

Oldsmobile Dealers 



Compliments of 


Potato Chip Company 


Northampton, Mass. 

Bh4^ . . . 

M. J. Walsh & Sons, Inc. 


General Contractors 


Holyoke, Mass. 

Compliments of 

Compliments of 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Compliments of 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Lambda Chi Alpha 


Class of 1952 

Compliments of 

Compliments of 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Zeta Zeta Zeta 

Compliments of 

Compliments of 

Theta Chi 

Tau Epsilon Phi 


Coiiiplii)ieiils of 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Compliments of 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Compliments of 

Kappa Sigma 

Complimetits of 

Chi Omega 

Compliments of 

Q. T. V. 

Compliments of 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Compliments of 

Pi Beta Phi 

Complimetits of 

Sigma Kappa 

U. of M. 

MdHUIS Mai.oney I , , , , ^ ■ c 1 1 
llENEfV .1. lESSIEIi ) -16 

Construction Company 

50 Appleton Street 


Tel. 8297 

P. O. Box No. 515 


Tel. Milford 1130 


Qe4^e/uU Go4€t^uicionA. 


of a 

Compliments of 
Shumway's Dairy Bar 

Compliments of 
Central Restaurant 

Complimejits of 
E. M. Switzer, Jr., Inc. 


363 Main Street, Amherst 

Tel. 1010 

Compliments of 


Collese Town Service Station 
Mobilsas - Mobilubrication 

161 No. Pleasant St. 
Tel. 791 



of a 

A Book To Be Treasured . . . 

This amiual is a permanent record^ in picture and prose, 
of the academic year 1951-1952 at University of Massachusetts. 
Its value will increase as the years pass, and the quality of 
the printing will contribute in great measure to its lasting 

The Andover Press, Ltd., takes pride in its well-known 
craftsmanship which, combined with the long hours of careful 
planning and painstaking editorial work by the INDEX 
Staff, makes this a book to be treasured. 









^ J 

(1 ^ ' I