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11 "^' 

riBtorica! Societj 






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1 '^^Hk^ 
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1 W\ 







INDEX 1869, Volume I 



jfi'R?5Sgnition of, and Appreciation for the Value of Their Efforts 
On Behalf of the University of Massachusetts Community, 
This 1969 MASSACHUSETTS INDEX is Dedicated To: ^V; 

Oswald Tippo, Provost; 

Dario Politella, Professor; 

Frank Pesando, Student; 


for the integrity and clarity of his vision of what great education 
should be; for his masterful coordination of high level activity 
during a period of this University's unparalled expansion; for 
his energetic fight to initiate and sustain better programs for 
the sake of our educational welfare. 

for his constructive guidance over the past few years on behalf 
of campus publications; for being a teacher with whom work- 
ing is at once comfortable yet stimulating and whose approach 
to subject matter results in his students' fuller preparedness 
for life beyond these ivory walls; for sharing with all his people 
a profound affection for his profession. 


for his materially and cognitively unrequited devotion to this 
yearbook which, for many years to come, will result in the 
satisfaction of thousands of his fellow students; for being like 
many other college people with whose association the univer- 
sity experience takes on significantly greater breadth; for the 
quality of his uniqueness. »-* . 

All of Them Truly Loved Our University, 
As Only Her Graduates Could. 




LOWELL H. FITCH 1™ So, a century had gone by; and. for the year ahead, September 1968 

187 1 

Editor-in-Chief '^ once again promised us more mud, obstacle courses, and aesthetic 

Photography Editor 

Managing Editor 

Campus Coordinator 

;»j; abuse. But much more than physical development, September s air 


f£' had a scintillating resonance of hope, of fear, of plans. September 


Ifj promised to bethestart of one very dynamic year. 

The job for INDEX people has always been to present a localized 
history of the year, a special kind of history. The intent has been to 
create for its special owner a catalyst which, to bridge the ever 
widening gap of time, works better and better with age. Too often, 
however, the INDEX-like yearbooks in general-has given a view to 
its readers as if it were a rose-colored looking glass. 


Chief of Personnel 

and Public Relations 

Business Manager 


While for most of us. college experience included some "roses," it 
certainly didn't lack moments of intense concern, belief, and action. 
But good or bad, university life belonged to us, profoundly affected 
us. It was us! Thus, for your pleasure and fulfillment, to more effec- 
tively recapture this, a coveted time, the 1 969 INDEX contains many 
different, sometimes extremely personal points of view in order to 
present the spirit of our year of college life poignantly enough to pro- 
vide a strong reference to interpretations and impressions with which 
you could really agree and disagree: something unequivocal enough 
to lighten the darkness born of years passing. 



. ^o^. 




MORNING Brought a Faint Haze, 
like a Film Before the Eyes, 
Softening the Lines and Shadows 
of the Land . . . 

And Amid a Line of Pale Buildings 
Silhouetted Against the Changing Sky , . 


v<\ .•^. 



^■4 -J 







t - 





>j» yfl « »f iiii n j| w ,i»«ii. 

> \ 


From its 




OilB ! 




'' ^^iiiiWi»'T%y * i n i V i)[< ;i ^ 

ifca ii n a j ai .rtwa ji u i iw i -yrjSwi ' ^iM ' awJj i i ii » ' » i! P»i*w» «' « ' '''^s»i^* i i'>«'f^ 

The Sun, 

Touching the Grass, 

Warmed it 

to a Golden Green, . 


I I 



**'» i II 




And there was a Newness about the Earth then, 

Which Lasted Only a Few 

Vital Moments 



Before the Brightness of Midday. 




The Afternoon 
Seemed Longer, 
Caught up with 
that Grew with 
the Day Itself, . 

..W!'.i-.W\t". ■», .' 

'f ^P 


f » » • 






^ 41 

•w . 


Much of 
the Warmth 
that was 
Before, , . . 

And of a Mood Which Changed 
with the Progressing Hours , . , 

^ .^^' 

Into a Sense of Despair— 





^ J 



And the Trials Seemed Perpetual. 


^^■^^^k, l^tt: ^liy^^vi 

^^^^^^^^HuuwHPh'il'^uC^^I^ "^^ ,/^^ ^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^P^^^H^H^ S^iifeM*!^^^. ''* J^^^^ 

^^^^^^^^B v''^<3^^^^^^BK' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I 

But the Day Ended Anyway, , . . 


-^T >- 





IT.* -* > 






./• ■ , .; .4,, vy!/;:j^f;^ 








With a 

of the Sky . . 


And a Soft Hush 

Falling over 

the Cooling EartK 

le f<Ki 


i i III j 

m i litis 

1 m 


w i/^^^ip/^ 

"■ . *W^ 

"^-.^ x.t 



4 %t ^ta^ 



t III I - 

n , , 

^ » I ail 

I" I i n 






1 » « . 1 

1 ■ ■ >l 


t I'WU 





^ UV" 



I »r& I II? 

IS I . 

And the Night Came. 

AV.M ,j 

f '/' .' 




1; . fffiFll^^^ :^^^iA^\ 1 

1: .^iEB 

In the Dark Air 
and Under 
the Half Light 
of Streetlamps . 






w .jMMnN 




^« '^i»-i: 











1 ■ 



I I vl> 

Beat . . . 

And a 







Lights, . . 

I .iTT 

fM^ "% 


Mocking the Calm 
of the World Outside, 

■ I « M I ■ 

t ^ 

And in the Flickering Lights Between the Darkness 

The Question Came 

*^ -^ 

Where Does the Darkness End? 

And Finally 


When the 

Old Chapel Bell 

Had Sent 

its Last 

Quavering Note 

into the 

Empty Night, . . . 




1 - 

t III 





1 HP 


~ snK' 

tmwKH' iifc. 1 1 

liilF— ■ 

And no 
to Break 
the Stillness 
of the 
Air . . . 


And no Foot Pressed its Mark 
Into the Water Soaked Earth* 









Sandra Sokolove 
Nancy Nickerson 
Linda Mostek 
Marilyn McNeil 
Marilyn McMaster 
Robert VanDeWater 
Frank Pesando 

Fraternities, dorms, apartments, sororities! At tfie 
time tfiey all seemed so different — but the years, 
and the change of perspective which they brought, 
narrowed the gap until the distance was imper- 
ceptible. For it was the people, the feelings of the 
young, that made the life what it was — not the 
rooms, nor the courses, nor the grounds. They 
were the days when responsibility and irrespon- 
sibility were linked in one, and were the same for 
all. And the final good-bye came, spoken in a soft 

►>■ <• 



^-^^^f¥ r ^1 

«=^ I 


The Quad: Just as the Old Chapel standing amid 
the polished walls of the new buildings served 
as a symbol of what the campus once was, so the 
Quad, with its isolated ring of houses, remained 
as a reminder of a time when the college was 
small, and buildings were separated by areas of 
grass instead of concrete. They said it was 
more conservative than the rest of the campus, 
and this was partly true. For it retained a 
tradition of dorm spirit and unity, which, 
in a period of expansion and disruption, was 
becoming ever more difficult to find. 


Orchard Hill: since its origin five years ago, the 
complex has been the sight of continual experimentation 
on the part of the University. It was here that the 
new building designs were first put to practice, here 
that the faculty fellows program, and the CCEBS became 
a reality. 


In the early days of fall, when the lazy warmth of the 
sun stretched across the grass; in the bleakness of 
winter when the light of morning first split through 
the black air, causing both buildings and trees to 
stand as shadows against the brilliant blue of the 
sky; and in the cool nights of spring when couples 
moved in the darkness amid the apple trees; the 
buildings remained, a community themselves, high above 
the rest of campus, and set apart from the dirt 
and commotion of the construction that 
worked at its core. 


a challenge. A challenge presented by the 
twenty-three year old mini-skirted house 
mother of Webster house to her residents. 
The goal: to present the wildest, most 
lewd performance on campus. The result: 
the number-one freak-out of the year. 

CENTRAL: older than most of the campus and deep in 

its history. It stands today as all of the campus 

once stood, buildings shadowed under trees, separated 

by sideroads and acres of grass. And if it lacked 

the convenience of Southwest's rooms, it lacked also 

the concrete earth. In the day there was grass to 

lie on, and at night there was shelter in the 




■'• s» 


I I I I, j i III! I III I . J--, jzr ^ *%. -^-- - -Oi - -^ ^ ^-^ ---■^>'' ^-^ 











, 10 -.00 ^ 








• ^ 


-, ffNT 10^> 

y ■aftlliS 















^^"■'"^ tes ca 






%OME OF tHEM house PEOPlH. 











^ S 

S ^ 




' ^HRPPPH^^^^^^^P^^^ 

4 ' r/JnMn ■ M 

^^V ■!£ 


'i; ; 

PROJECT 10 ... in its first year on campus consisted 
of approximately 260 men and women, housed in two 
low rise dorms - Moore and Pierpont. A Socio-academic 
experiment, the Project bases its founding upon the 
premise that students will derive far more benefits 
from their education if it is self-fostered and promoted 
by their won interests. Students initiative and creativity 
is encouraged, allowing more academic freedom, while 
concurrently demanding a sincere dedication from the 

'SO, MOM, THIS IS PROJECT 10 . . .' 

When I looked up at the old buildings of the campus 
and thought back to the time when the college was a 
small haven in the New England countryside and when, 
upon turning, I glanced at the piles of trees and 
earth ripped apart by the machines of the construction, 
the idea occurred to me that perhaps the change was 
not worthwhile. It was a foolish thought, not 
founded on any rational determinations; a sentimental 
thought, provoked by a mind seeking peace from 
endless frustration. But the idea had no sooner 
sprung than the challenge to it came. Change was 
the University. The people came and changed it, 
and it in turn changed them. And if ever 
either one stopped changing, there would be no 
more University. 


A Word From The Greeks . 

To the editor: 

The open attack on Greeks is 
an unfair generalization of the 
fraternity system. The flagrant 
attack on the Greek system hurts 
houses who have taken action on 
civic and social issues. We feel 
that open and candid editorials, 
with rebuttals possible, would pro- 
vide more constructive benefit than 
generalizations that make it im- 
possible to comment upon. 

The cartoons unfairly condemn- 
ed the whole system, which in- 
cludes all of the parts. We, as one 
of the parts seek to rectify this 
injustice. Other houses have: par- 
ticipated in a muscular distrofiiy 
drive on campus, sponsored a de- 
bate with Dow Chemical, brought 
Mayor Ryan of Springfield to cam- 
pus to speak, participated in the 
heart fund drive, taken part in the 
Lions Club charity drive, sponsor- 
ed the varsity - alumni football 
game, sponsored Christmas par- 
ties for underprivileged children, 
and have caroled at Christmas 
time at nursing homes. Our house 
has: sponsored a drive for Appa- 
lachia, sponored a Halloween 
party for children of the Meadow- 
brook School, aided Afro- Am in 
their Marion Williams concert, 
taken part in the Belchertown vol- 
unteer program, and are currently 
sponsoring (in the memory of Mar- 
tin Luther King and Robert Ken- 
nedy) with the sanction of the Mar- 
tin Luther King Council a drive 
for poor people in America. 

Expounding on one point within 
a system does not necessarily 
describe that system. We do not 
judge your newspaper by one car- 
toon, do not judge all Greeks by 
the actions of some. 

Gary Greenburg 

Howard Young 

Dan Tuclen 

Rocco Petitto 

Alpha Epsilon Pi 
Alpha Sigma Phi 
Beta Kappa Phi 
Delta Chi 
Zeta Nu 
Theta Chi 
Kappa Sigma 
Lambda Chi Alpha 
Pi Lambda Phi 

Sigma Alpha Mu 
Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Tau Epsilon Phi 
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Phi Mu Delta 
Phi Sigma Delta 
Phi Sigma Kappa 
Alpha Chi Omega 
Chi Omega 
Iota Gamma Upsilon 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Lambda Delta Phi 
Pi Beta Phi 
Sigma Delta Tau 
Sigma Kappa 
Sigma Sigma Sigma 


The Smile and Laughter, 
The closeness and the unity, 


All gathered under the name of 








0^Si$' \ g 



GREEK EXCHANGE: social grace acquired here. 


r '^ — 



- — -"" 


^ - — — ■■ 





"It is lucky that small things 
please women. And it is not 
silly of them to be thus 
pleased. It is in the small 
things that the deepest loyalty, 
that which they need most, the 
loyalty of the passing moment, 
is best expressed. " 




Sisters are funny things, and we love eacfi othier in 
a funny sort of way. IVIay basl<ets, and sings; mops 
and messes. But looking back I have learned things 
never written in books, and I will remember forever. 


At First, A Little Strange, 

But Gradually 


Little By Little, 



? - . 'W ^' 


Till The Golden 

Glow Of The Setting 

Sun's Rays On 

Our Own Little 

Patch Of Green Grass, 

And The Rays Shining 

Softly Through The 

Corner Lamp-post Showed 

Us That Our Apartment 

Had Finally Become Our Home. 





Love and life are simple things. 
Coffee with friends, good conversation, 
and little puppies. But, the simple 
things, no one will ever see. 

My own apartment! Free but not really. 
No more jello, but far fewer friends. 
A kitten, a book, and me. 


"I'm just a man who needs and wants, 
Mostly things he'll never have, 

Lookly for that thing that's hardest to find . 
Himself " 

Rod McKuen 





^,' « 






I PHILOSOPHY „.,,..,.^ 











rr : 


1 "*• . .-ft*'*^-**. 

— "• -"I!; '^ — .^ I^K' '" 




Jill Wolff, Editor. ,^ 

Sandi Stanek, Rick Cheney, 

Nancy Walker, Marilyn Wing, ''-■ - ■■^^=;-aia 

Mary Ann Paraskas, Ronnee Twombly 

Leslie Garson, llene Barder, 

Carole Tangney, Lorrey Bianchi, 

Frank Pesando 

The academic life at the University of Massa- 
chusetts was not left untouched by the student 
unrest that swept the nation with greater strength 
and magnitude this year than ever . before, in- 
volving students, professors, and administrators 
alike with its concerns. Evidence of more student 
concern about the existence of unnecessary re- 
quired courses, the selection of subject content for 
courses, and the areas of study for which courses 
should be developed was shown. Professors and 
administrators demonstrated a concern for a better 
working communication with students, and in 
many instances included students in the decision 
making processes that determined the corriplexion 
of the academic hfe. 



\ _ 

// ■ '>^' 

Registration Days: 

Lots of Little Cards; 

Lots of New Resolutions. 

The first day of Registration wasn't like it used 
to be. You were out within 15 minutes, perhaps minus 
a few courses you counted on talking, perhaps with 
a course you had already taken. At least you got 
your grades, and, appropriately, your Religious 
Preference Card. The second day was like it used 
to be — only worse. Sometimes it lasted two weeks. 

For Most, 

The Vacation Ended; 
For Some, 

A Vacation Started— 

Back from Summer School, Europe, the Cape, 
the Life Guard's Chair, or the Rubber Plant, 
we came, our mental batteries energized for 
ingesting the enlightenment proffered to us 
throughout the ensuing 15 weeks. 

"IBM" cards, "Add" cards, "Drop" cards, 
"Cume" cards, "Change of Major" cards, 
"Religious Preference" cards, 
"Housing" cards, "A thietic" cards, 
"INDEX" cards, and even 
"I.D. Card" cards 

set the mood for those wonderific goings on 
and frustrations during those four, 
hard-to-forget days at Boyden Gym. 

For many, whose "bag" wasn't a required 
foreign langauge, slide rule, sick people, 
white rats, or the Army, THEN was the time 
to change their major fields— and lives. 
Others faced their declining, numerically 
defined, academic prominence, the CUME, by 
stocking up on "gut" courses, such as 
"History of the Cowboy Movie" and the like. 
Still others just smirked: they had thwarted 
the lustful temptations of the Hatch, having 
studied instead. 

Anyway, the quest to become a certified 
thinker resumed twice again on those 
chaotic days of Registration. 

This is the College of Agriculture. Things were happening 
here, both within and without. On the horizon were changes, 
new developments, and even greater involvement with the 
world. With the Malawi, Africa exchange program, the unique 
Peace Corps Intern Program, and the whole exciting 
emphasis on International Agricultural Economics, the 
College added an international aspect to its already 
diversified programs. 


There were twenty-one major B.S. programs within the College, 
covering everything from Animal Science to Landscape 
Architecture, Restaurant and Hotel Management to Plant Pathology. 
The name "College of Agriculture" does not adequately 
describe the scope of the instructional program. After much 
research and planning, those working on the curriculum with Dean 
Spielman had recommended a new more appropriate name for the 
future: "College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource 





The College of Agriculture dealt 
with life — real, tangible, breathing, 
moving, growing life. Hold it in 
your hand. Help it grow strong. 
Milk it. Treat it with kindness. 
Wonder at it. Wonder about it. Learn 
what you can. Learn to relieve the 
suffering of a strangling root. 
With your own hands, draw the milk 
from a cow. Learn patience and force- 
fulness. Prepare for living and for 
earning a living. 





■ 1 

IS 1 



^1 ^^^^^L 

' •P B 

^^^K ttf *H 

r 1 


... a place to search for hours for the article you 
want, only to discover that it's written in Russian 
or out being bound. 

... a place to study when your dorm is too noisy 
and you need a change of scenery. 

... a place to live during finals time as the walls 
lined with books become your second home. 

This was Goodell Library. Too small for a school 
the size of UMass and often criticized for its 
inefficiency, it had nevertheless become symbolic 
of the academic side of campus hfe. 


Ah, the introductory sciences, with the great 

lecture halls and endless labs; the multiple 

choice exams and the practicals. For the arts 

majors, a prolonged endurance contest to fill a 

requirement. For the science majors, another 

gut to build up the cum. There were the girls 

with that dreaming look on their faces, and the 

guys leaning against the backs of their chairs, 

half asleep from the night before. There were 

those who took endless notes and those who never 

used their pens at all. And always, in every 

lab, there was one who knew his subject well, and 

always there was a group around him, borrowing 

notes and asking his advice and making him feel, 

for the moment at least, like the center of 

something important. 




In the heat of a cave-that-is-not-a-cave he 
worked, taking the earth in his hands, twisting 
it, breaking it, forming shapes and curves where 
before there was nothing. And when the hours 
were done, each line, each mark, each word, 
stood as a testimony to a moment when the man- 
beast had exceeded his state. 



Language Labs , . . 

a means to proficiency? 

Before they graduated, many students had to fulfill 

the iniquitous language requirement. To achieve 

this end, most language courses at the elementary 

level included a laboratory program as a means to 

bring about repeated associations of phrases 

as they are heard and read with how they are said. 

Although the hours spent in Language Labs are as 

fondly remembered as the mother courses, they at 

least precluded much of the embarrassment incurred 

when the Instructor, in the classroom with all 

your friends staring at you, would ask, "Wie geht 

es Ihnen?" and all you could conjure up was an 

anemic, "Gut??" 



Outstanding success in the field of music is 
dependent upon a long period of study and practice. 
However, the possession of a natural talent makes 
the difference between the mere performer and the 
true artist. 

Students enrolled in the music program were 
given special, individual training and attention 
to develop their natural talents. With this expert 
supervision, they could gain the mastery of their 
art in order to enter the teaching field or the 
performing arts. 



^^^^^^HV '^% ^ 





School of Education 
Experiments with 
New Approaches 

The tone of the activities of the year was 

experimental; the results were profitable and popular. 

Many new approaches to teacher education were 

instituted by Dean Dwight Allen, including the 

doubhng of the faculty and graduate doctoral 

candidates, which has enabled the number of courses 

serving undergraduates to triple. The feehng of 

oneness and openness existed, for faculty and students 

were considered to be on an equal level, with both 

involved in planning and voting through the new 

Education Assembly. The two Marathons were 

innovated this year, as was the plan for 

establishing eleven learning centers within the 

School of Education. Students will have their choice 

of signing up for aesthetics, model elementary 

education teacher program, urban, higher, vocational, 

distributive, or early childhood education. Pass-fail 

was used more extensively than before, and plans were 

formulated for all education courses beginning 

September 1969 to be pass-fail. At that time, the 

possibility of receiving credits for learning 

experiences such as weekend retreats will also become 

a reality under the credit module scheme. 


Student Teacher Training Emphasized 
The Individual. 

The emphasis in teacher training seems to have 
shifted away from the subject data learning to the 
phenomenological theory of learning, stressing the 
meaning of the experience and how it relates to the 
individual student. Make education relevant was the 
new cry. Student teachers gained knowledge of 
themselves and others by living through sensitivity 
training sessions, and learned how to utilize audio 
visual aids to a greater and more sophisticated 
extent in the class room. 

New, too, were the seven different kinds of student 
teaching, from the student interning to cluster 
programs with methods being taught right in the 
school system. The hope upon which these new 
approaches were based is that the actual experiments 
will give rise to— not the development of a final 
perfect plan but— a continuing search for the best 
methods of teaching teachers. 





Engineering at the University of Massachusetts was 
not confined to paper and pencil work with drafting 
equipment. Work was being done, below, on apparatus 
for Magnetohydrodynamics research, the study of 
higli temperature ionized gas, called plasma. At 
riglit is a Helium-Neon laser, built as a senior 
honors project. 



A senior project, in 

Creative Design, was 

the invention and 

construction of a 

vehicle for paraplegics. 

In this project, a thouglit 

has to be translated to 

full scale drawings, then 

to a full scale model, and 

finally to the finished 



An area of engineering recently coming to the 
forefront is Ocean Engineering. Here students learn 
how they must construct apparatus to withstand the 
currents, pressure and temperature found in a 
seemingly unnatural environment, the sea. 

In all these phases of engineering, the most 
important idea is the relevance of what is done 
to human needs. Engineering overlaps into 
communications, medicine, transportation, and 
environmental studies. In this overlapping, it adds 
its knowledge toward the betterment of all. 




For students wishing to pursue careers in radio, 
television, and films, courses were offered which taught 
the procedures and techniques of actual studios. 
Students were trained for jobs ranging from directing 
and producing to camera work and broadcasting. 

Television, the most modern and revolutionizing 
form of communication, had allowed man to see history 
in the making. The television industry, having the 
tremendous responsibility of providing entertainment 
as well as news coverage, was in need of creative and 
imaginative people. Through actual work with equipment, 
students were able to become expert in the fields of 
communication they wished to enter. 


The Home Economics Department offered a 
variety of majors. Besides the tradition- 
al cooking and sewing courses, students 
could study Family Management, Merchandising, 
and Interior Design. Course requirements 
were changing with the needs of the stu- 
dents and professional demands. 

Child Development majors observed and 
student tauglit in the Nursery School 
run by the department. Their pro- 
fessional training included courses 
in Human Development and Education 
as well as "Art for the Young Child." 




->. <' 



In the classroom and on the field, 

ROTC built confidence, 

ROTC built character, 

ROTC built men. 

Men of confidence and character 

were an asset to the campus. 

ROTC built soldiers. 

Were soldiers necessary on campus? 

Some said they were, 

but others said no. 


Learn how to become an Air Force officer. 

Read the books. 

Study the charts. 

Listen to the officers. 

Obey the orders. 

Know how to fly. 

If you fly high enough, 

you can see the world. 

The world is green. 

Air Force ROTC could help keep it this way. 



The School of Business continued to offer new 
channels of sophistication, so that the new graduate 
could more effectively function in the increasingly 
complex business world. In this spirit, the School 
continued to develope the quantification approach to 
business administration. 



Physical Education: Required? Yes, 
But What Variety! 




President, University of Massachusetts 



. . . When I came to the University of iVIassachusetts 
in 1960 I set for myself ten years as the outside 
limit of my tenure in presidential office. I have 
always felt that a president makes his major con- 
tributions within his first ten years. Although 
there are some tasks that remain to be done, after 
ten years it is better that a board of trustees 
select a new man, one who can bring new ideas and 
suggest different educational paths for a universi- 
ty as called for in a day of dynamic social change. 
. . . As I have said many times, "The University is 
people!" In the popular mind the President gets the 
credit, but the truth is that any success we have 
achieved is due to the backing of an outstanding 
faculty and of a dedicated group of administrators 
who have worked ably as my administrative team. If 
there is any discredit, as President I am glad to 
assume that alone. 
. . . I would be remiss if I did not express my grave 

concern for the thousands of qualified applicants 
we must turn away each year. Without greatly in- 
creased financial support for public higher 
education— community colleges, technical institutes, 
state colleges and the University— thousands of 
Massachusetts youth will find the door to college 
slammed shut in the years just ahead, and our 
greatest natural resource will be lost to us. 
. . . When I leave the presidency next year I should 
like to return to my professional field of political 
science in a faculty position where I can teach and 
do research. This will also permit closer contact 
with students which I have missed. I shall continue 
to promote the University's welfare, albeit in a 
different role. I look forward to the day when the 
University will truly be recognized as the "People's 
University," and I will continue to support the Board 
of Trustees in bringing this dream to fruition on 
behalf of the youth of the Commonwealth. 







Cff^ Ci/. .J'^J^^^c^ 





A really nice guy both in and out of iiis office, 
tfie Provost in 1968-1969 was somebody who more 
of us should have gotten to know. A lot of us— 
almost all of us, as a matter of fact— were 
affected in one way or another by the doings of 
his office. But it was kind of sad that we never 
really got to know him, the man, and even sadder 
that his as-yet-unaccepted resignation may for- 
ever take away our chance to make his acquaintance. 









— Sigmund Freud 



UVST jm ftm AlONE? 

-'3 LOOK AT TH£ H/^ST /?0U\)0- 


OVe^ $ 11000,000 (2D% CUT) 










* XOUHfD Z ^ROUhlt> 3 ^ROUhit^ 4 


PIU5 CHE Dou AR MF£K (^nv\mm)m muT w/a at mailep jo 

CSll6G£Sr£D fACVLTY, SWf M4II W« »»W Wff^ €V&f/m &CHOOL, jUmj^ 



Dean Field. They called him when some of us 
decided this Spring that enough was enough and 
D. O'Connell & Sons were too much. That tree 
stayed though others fell. They called Dean 
Field when some of us decided to spend the night 
in Whitmore. We're still not sure who won 
that one. But they called Dean Field when we 
wanted to abolish curfews, establish open 
houses, and whenever we needed a friend in Fort 
Lederle. It was nice to know he was there. 

—Richard Purdy Wilbur 





1 964- 1 969 

Mark Noff singer, if anybody did, typified what 
a lot of us tfiought an Administrator sfiould 
be. He was easy to get to, and easy to tall< 
to w/ien you got there. He had a lot to say, 
too — about curfews, parietals, booze, and 
student-teacher relationships in general. 
Most of what he said finally found its way 
to ears higher than his, and his work here 
at UMass seems done. He's leaving us now, 
and we'll miss him. Thanks, Dr. Noff singer. 
And Good Luck. 






—Edmund Haraucourt 


ROBERT McCartney 

University Secretary 

No' he's not THAT kind of secretary. He doesn't 
handle John Lederle's correspondence, or greet 
visitors in the President's outer office. He's 
the /<ind of Secretary who acts as liason between 
you and the Board of Trustees when you are trying 
to get something across to the Board. He handles 
University public relations, too, directing many 
of the programs for visitors and others. He 
also, by the way, likes YAHOO. 

Dean of Admissions 

Bill Tunis' office was the first contact you ever 
had with UMass. When you were a high school 
senior, you wrote and asked him for an application 
and a school catalogue. You filled it out, 
mailed it back, waited, and hoped. 
You were one out of twenty thousand who applied, 
and one of the three thousand who were accepted. 



When you wanted to get a car on campus, and 
you were a male freshman, you talked to Dean 
Hopkins. You also talked to him if you were 
naughty and broke a school rule. But you 
could go to him with your problems, too. 
And enjoy talking to him. 


If you were a TEP oraQTV in 1968-1969, 
chances were that you knew the path to Bill 
Richard's office. Chances also were that 
you weren 't very happy about it. 





\ -' 







mi"' '' 




Dean of Women 

From one end of Sorority Row to the other, from 
Theta to Chi 0, Dean Curtis has left and continues 
to leave her impression on the efforts of UMass girls 
to rise among the best systems in the country. Her 
efforts on behalf of Mortar Board (Senior Women's 
Honor Society) and numerous other groups on campus 
have left many of us glad to have known and worked 
with her. 



Dropping or adding? Trying to get out of P. E. ? 
Conning somebody into letting you out of a course 
two days before the Final? For these, and 1001 
other reasons, the Registrar's is one of the 
busiest places on campus. Grades, schedules, 
everything academic seems to originate or termi- 
nate in this corner of Whitmore. Sort of makes 
some of us wonder what we're doing with all these 
other buildings. 

University Relations 

Dan Melley's office did its best all year to keep 

the state aware of our existence. He put out 

publicity on everything from contemporary dance 

performances in Bowker to fraternity happenings 

on North Pleasant Street Oh - and HIS office 

is the source of all those little white bulletins 

that all you Student Leaders got in the mail 

every week. SOMEBOD Y had to keep you up on what's 

going on. 


*POS/TDNS available: 

" L State" CwMcatoR or HitiHW Edugkvon 

5. Rc'ovsosr 

4.PeANj OF AdminiSTR'^tion/ 

^AssocwTiE DfAM cF Students 

Low B^/ U)MQ Hot^iRs 

No Cooperation qR SuPPo/?r 
FfSDM t/^e: Commonw£Alth 

:^ Those Tnter^steo in Higher ^ 

toucAjiiO^J NBEi? hiOr APPl/ 

* CONTACT- State ' 


N '^Z ^. 


^7/ 1 ."^v/i , 







Sherry T. Levenson, Editor 
Karin Ruckhaus, Bonnie Law, 
Frank Pesando, Ellen Swack, 
Linda Bernstein, Joe Arena, 
Lorrey Bianchi, Dana Singer, 
Janice Plotkin, Steve Brass. 

To many, 1968-69 marked the beginning: the start of 
unimagined academic pressures, social whirls, and the 
chance to see the performer thought not to be real; to 
wade through pools of construction mud and mounds 
of snowi to flit from one mixer to another; or just to see 
what lived in the rear of the Hatch. But to a few less, 
it marked the end of a way of life: a freedom lost, yet 
evermore pursued. 


Freshman Convocation: 
An Introduction to an 
Often Baffling New Life 
and a World of Bigness. 

The spirit of starting tfie first year: 
total bewilderment . . . trying to find "Engineering 
East" . . . three thousand look-alike beanies . . . the 
panorama of Registration . . . white cards— green cards- 
drop cards— add cards . . . "Please affix validation 
sticker for current year behind identification 
photo" . . . dorm dues . . . the first new roommate . . . 
buying books . . . "Where's the Physical Plant?" 

President Lederle's speech at Freshman Convocation: 
"Welcome to the University . . . we hope you have a 

good four years here ..." 

The President's Reception: shaking hands with the 
brass . . . meeting the Deans from the Various Schools 

and Colleges. 

"Beanies or Biafra?" 

The first football game: the two remaining beanies 

were thrown away. 

"Freshman" was a beautiful place to be . . . unaware 
but happy . . . only a year, and then it was gone. 




Greeks Do Their Thing 

Greek Week. 



Leading the campus. 

Having a good time. 

The Happy Hour in Palmer. 

Marching together 

To cheer the Redmen on. 


The Concert. 

Soul, and so fine. 

Over now. 

Till next year. 

Greek Week, Fall 1968; 

Anthony § The Imperials, 

The Stone Soul, 

And Marching Greeks 

A lot of work for a few. 

But so many enjoyed; 

The faces in the audience; 

People dancing in the aisles; 

Applause at the end. 

A lot of work. 

And worth every bit of it. 


A float parade, bonfire rally, football game, and 

big concerts once again made Homecoming happen at 


And once again, floats were built the night before, 
by our famed, nocturnal architects, whose skills 
for building imaginative mobile structures, which 
dumped all over UConn, were matched only by their 
talent for engineering the annual toilet paper 
shortage crisis. It was even rumored that Satur- 
day's defeat resulted in part from Huskie wrath 
at not having had the appropriate hygienic 
supplies in the Visiting Team Locker Room. 

And once again, Webster House won first place for 
the best float: Big Vince was back in town. 







i.TT ' 


1 '-^ 4 

4 ' 


- ''>*<^^^^^ ^* 

.*»-.<| ■ 

The Friday night Homecoming Concert fulfilled 
its patrons with more than just "Cheap 
Thrills". It was JopHn tearing out a piece 
of her heart to the world, while Big Brother 
and Company grooved to the magnificence and 
strength of her truly individual voice. The 
Holding Company has achieved its status in 
the Rock and Blues field through a special 

quality inherent in only the best; they 
have true rapport when they shut their eyes 
and go into a ten-minute instrumental. 
Janis and the Holding Company had everyone 
deeply woven into their sound and mood, a 
rare and practically impossible happening in 
a place such as the cage. 

i'l'* t: <•%. ^ '^^ 

Hugh Masekela and the 

Rascals on Sat, night; 

The Boston Pops Closed 

Homecoming on a Quiet 

Sunday Afternoon, 


■^■'■i .-ivi 

A t the second Saturday nigh t concert, 
Hugh Masekela got kind of a raw reception; 
it was similar to the '68 Newport Folk Festival 
in that the folksingers, like Theodore Bikel, 
were ignored: acid-rock and only acid-rock 
seemed to be acceptable to an ill-mannered mob. 

It was somewhat ironical that the mob responded 
more respectably to a bunch of musicians who were 
noted for their unpredictable compliance with 
concert commitments. We almost didn't have the 
pleasure of their company. VIVA Rascals. 

A Wild 

Wintry Weekend 


Linda Tarlow 



IN ovember 

Ly ecember 


I or 



No one could remember what S. E.N.D. 0. F. F. stood 
for, but I thought that the 'S' stood for soul. 

Radiating from the center of the Cage was the 
soul of Martha and the Vandellas, Sam and Dave, 
the Unifies, and Blues by Paul Butterfield. 

The Day of Awareness: It Was a Chance to Become, 

On Thursday, September 26, roughly 300 of us saw fit 
to congregate by the Student Union to face a barrage 
of speeclies aimed at involving us with the popular- 
critical issues ranging in scope from Campus to 
National. From the MLK Social Action Council, Gil 
Salk told us to get on top of our world, and Rev. 
Hardy expressed of the inhumanity of waiting for the 
"establishment" to solve our problems. Afro-Am's 

Robert Henderson warned us of the "Tempest" of racial 
conflict which would come in apathy's wake. A French Prof. 
Jack Deaver apotheosized conscientious objectors. 
Fred Moore, New England Committee for Non Violent 
Action, exhorted us to destroy draft files and 
passively resist civil authorities, to thereby effect 
an overthrow of the government. And finally, Sam Ajiri 
beseeched us to act on the inhuman conditions in Africa. 

^1 I 


■ ■■,^. ^JMT 



^as jff 



V^'^'f^Sfe •* . 



Vot/ might have asked yourself the question, "Why 
don't more people show up at these affairs?" Or, 
if your bias ran the other way, "Why do that many 
people actually bother with the same old attempts 
to stop the war and feed the poor?" 

But venturing and marching to the Student Union 
lawn that day, we came: some out of a banal 
curiosity, and some to hear their political 
priests incant once again; yet others came for- 
ward out of a desire to further understand the 
nature of their own world by understanding that 
of others, to find out what really matters-and 
what to do about it, to realize their own 


d ?< 


is a beautt/al 





,. ,t'.4£j*'»*^ 




Ollff afaBBarl?u0Ptt8 






100 Black UMass Students Stage Whitmore Sit-in; 
Request Action on 22 Demands by Monday at 12 noon 

Protest Results 
Foliowiag Racial 


incident x^Thursday 




The Student Afro-Amorica; 
gaiiijation has '"'»<* t ' 
20 (iemaijtts a 
(he lioiveisu. 

OiK of the 
meetUig betifcteL «i*u,& ituaeaU 
and tbe Board of Trustees 
discuss tbe probtems of '■'"'■ 
students at the University. 

The actioo steuini'Ki froi; 
alleged tieatiBg ot a tilack yisit.;; 
!■ !.!-«: campus andSuswMtestnaea! 
coKipaiUOD Thursiiajr nigtit tx '■•■■■ 
ttiudeistified wiMe shides^s. 

TlK demands wsre forroi; 
at a m<>«{ij!g of biack stuoenit 
late Thursday nigftt toUowing the 
Incident, and presented to Pre- 
sident John W. Lederie and Dean 
of Students William F. Field in 
the lobby of Whitmore after a 
march by about 100 blacls students. 
,.A spokesman for the group, Robert 
Heaiersou, ctiairman of the Afro- 
American groaij, read the list to 
the administrators and the group 
and then announced, "We will ex- 
pect a yes decision on ait of these 
points by twelve o'clock Monday. 
If not, we will be back Tuesday 
with bigger and better things." 

The demands listed are: 
1.) A public apology from the 
administration. 2.) Police: amim- 
mum of 15 black policemen; take 
guns away from police; fire Chief 
Blasko, Lieut. Scwartz and Officer 
Shankard; sensitivity training for 
all police. 3.)Compulsorymeeting 
of all students to explain conse- 
quences of any racist behavior, 4.) 
Black curriculum with black tea- 
chers. 5.) Black doctors in In- 
firmary and in Metal Health. 6) 
Recruitment of out-of-state black 
students disregarding 5% rule. 1.) 


ABOL'T 100 UNIVERSITY Black students marched frum MilU house to the Whitmore Admmistralion Building this morning to p,u.^M a., 
incident Ust m::ht in which a black man was beaten by five white sUulcPts. The proteslmg students staged a brief sitin in ^^hitmore while 
'heir lead*-; r^:*d :. list of demand? to President John W Lcderle and Dean of Students William F Field (MIK photos by Mike Alpert) 

Sensitivity training for house of- 
ficers, I.F.C., frateroity and soro- 
rity officers; compulsary black- 
white encounters. 8.) More money 
for Student Afro-American Organi- 
zation. 9.) No black student to 
flunl, out this semester. Any 
black student who misses an exam 
or class because of participation 
in march is not to be penalized, 
10.) Afro-Am will remain in Mills 
House. Money from University 

for refurbishing of Mills House. 
11.) Money from University for 
black arts festival. 12.) More black 
administrators and staff (coun- 
selors, heads of residence, food 
services, student personnel, ath- 
letic staff). 13.) Sensitivity train- 
ing for professors. 14.) Re- 
presentative of Afro-Am to be on 
interviewing board for any black 
staff and facult>' and reviewing 
committee for any outline for 

black curriculum. 15.) Ropros in 
the new Campus Center to be 
named for black heroes. 16.) Any 
staff person who acts in an offen- 
sive manner toward any black stu- 
dent will t>e brought before a 
reviewing board. If found guilty, 
the person will be fired. This 
board will include represent- 
ation from black students. 17.) 
Within the area decided on for 
housing of C.C.E.N^. students in 
fail, each student will be required 
to attend sensitivity traimng and 
black-white encounter groups, 18.) 
Black students will be involved 
in fresliman orientation and black 
freshman will attend a black orien- 
tation. 19.) Meeting witti Board 
of Trustees and black students. 
20.) Clear explanation of sanc- 
tions to be taken against any dorm 
or fraternity which shows any form 
of racist behavior e.g., suspen- 
sion of open house privileges, cut- 
off of R-S.O. funds. 

ITie group also demanueu the 
apprehension and immediate ex- 
pulsion of the five attackers. 

FoUowiog the presentation of 
these demands, the group quietly 
left the administration building. 

Later Pres. Lederie told tlie 
Daily Collegian "We will sym- 
pathetically look at these, but some 
things are beyond our control." 

Kegarding the demand for the 
immediate explusion of the five 
white students when caught, be 
said, "I would assume it would 

be handled through regular Uni- 
versity channels" although the two 
victims can bring criminal com- 
plaints if they want. 

While be didn't want to comment 
on the whole list before studying 
it, Lederie did say that the 
"dognatism" of the black students 
"might destroy the climate in 
which we are trying to work things 
out., but I think they understand 

DERLE listened to the the de- 
mands made this morninR by the 
Negro students (MDC photo by 
Mike Alpcrl). 


On Friday, November 15, the M.L.K.S.A.C. sponsored a 
new type of educational experience at UMass: "Night 
of Inquiry - Student Power" was an all night teach-in, 
to bring out, by means of panel discussion and 
audience participation, as many different interpre- 
tations of Student Power as were possible. Members of 
such diverse organizations as the Student Senate, SDS, 
Inter-Fraternity Council, Student Afro American 
Organization, COLLEGIAN, M.L.K.S.A.C, and others 
were on panels together. 

Over the night, about 2,000 people attended, with as 
many as 900 at one time; an indication of the program's 
success was a 7 a.m. head count of roughly 200 
bleary-eyed but concerned students. 

The program was run on a plan providing for 1 Vi hours of 
discussion followed by 30 minutes of entertainment 
consisting of folk singing, blues, and jug bands. 
The King Council sold sandwiches, coffee and books to 
pay for the program but lost $450. They had no regrets. 


Unfortunately, as with most events 
of that type, too many people were there 
as spectators to watch the freaks perform 
their rites of anarchy, but many others 
spoke on relevant issues; they were heard. 


R.O.T.C? YES! "We're For the Right to Choose." 

To become an officer in the military of the 
United States, the male UMie had the choice of 
joining the Reserve Officer Training Corps (R.O.T.C.) 
or taking his chances with an in-service program. 
To many, the work and benefits of an officer was 
more desirable than that of an enhsted man; it was 
a matter for personal choice and discretion. 

However, in 1968, a certain small, but significant 
fringe on the campus figured out for themselves that 
they were better qualified to choose and evaluate the 
merits of R.O.T.C. They had it all figured out: IT 
was BAD. Nobody should be allowed to take IT. 


R.O.T.C.? NO! "We're For A Democratic Society. 


One good way to whittle enrollment was to abolish its 

academic credit, on grounds that the fruit of the 

course wasn't intellectually juicy enough: too much 

patriotic dogma. (Do some of you remember when the 

marking pens ran red whenever your writings were 

unsympathetic to the political ideologies of certain 

outspoken instructors who graded them: if you didn't 

agree, you must be stupid and graded accordingly.) 

It was tactically a good move, since widespread 

student disillusionment with a corrupt war helped 

to mold R.O. T.C. into a surrogate blob of evil, and 

something to pounce on. 




Flush Is 

Nancy Viall 






In the Ballroom of the Student Union the crowd moved 
about in a darkness broken only by the weak lights 
over the tables. The air was warm. They talked and 
sometimes shouted and pushed against one another as 
they passed from one table to the next, their hands 
filled with paper money, in the center of them, 
men wearing red and white striped jackets bent over 
roulette wheels, tossed dice, and dealt cards. This 
was Las Vegas Night. Set in the middle of November 
between Homecoming and Sendoff, it marked the third 
year in which the members of Alpha Phi Omega and 
Gamma Sigma Sigma had worked to raise money for the 
Heart Fund by imitating the activities of a gambling 
casino. As usual, it sponsored a queen; this 
year, Nancy Vial! gained the title. 


Before the Mud: 

This was the winter that was and was and was . . . 
a winter of the worst storm in a decade that 
forced even the University to cancel classes 
after 3 o'clock ... a winter of snowmen and slush 
and sleds contrived from dining commons trays . . . 
a winter of storms that always seemed to come 
on Monday ... a winter of the Hong Kong Flu and 
icy paths and 60 m.p.h. winds . . . This was the 
winter that was 1969. 



iW-'\ ■-■■ ■• 'i^'^jS?^*' 





Through the Snow 
Came the Music 

The excitement had been mounting all 
week. It was as if the whole campus were 
holding its breath and waiting. At last 
Friday arrived and with it the promise of the 
weekend, but this weekend was different. 
Winter Carni had been begun. The theme 
"From Both Sides Now" was evident throughout, 
especially in the contrast of performers. 
The gamut ran from the soul rock of the 
Chambers Brothers to the folk rock of Richie 
Havens and Jaime Brockett all the way to the 
Latin sound of Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66. 
Then before we knew it, the weekend was over. 
It had been rushed and frantic, but maybe 
that was half the fun. We all drudged off 
to classes with memories and hangovers a 
little more spectacular than usual, but at 
least we had the strains of "Time" and 
"Fool on a Hill" running through our heads 
to offset the Monday Morning blahs. 













U.Mass, turned Latin if only in spirit on Sunday after- 
noon as Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66 were warmly received 
at the cage. 







The Right 
to Dissent? 
It Begins , . 





. . . and ends. 

There Was 






There Was Even a Beginning After the End; 

made: hfre:^ 

you must be 





But In Between . . 



"Don Quixote, having lost his wits completely, 
stumbled upon the oddest fancy that ever entered 
a madman's brain. " 

. . was a bugbear in men's eye, 

but had the fortune in his age 

to live a fool and die a sage. " 

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 

Places Changed, 

But The Idea 

Stayed The Same 




**Have We Faced Up To 

The Hard Realities 

Of Achieving Social 

Justice In America?'' 


A year ago in April, Dr. Martin Luther King was 
assassinated. In honor of his memory, the Class 
of '70 and the Distinguished Visitors Program 
brought Hubert H. Humphrey to campus to deliver 
a memorial address. In addition to the lecture the 
former Vice President actually spoke to, and with 
the students, as he went from one end of campus to 
the other. He spent time speaking to the C.C.E.B.S. 
students and with the press, and shook hands with 
thousands at Memorial Hall. Shortly after 1 1 p.m., 
at a barn rented by Chi Omega, Mr. Humphrey 
made a surprise appearance, culminating a tiring 
if not hurculean day. 



4) I 


S'lrt^ i^»^ 

After Four Years, 

What Will You 



■ij-<:''^-. "*■'•," 

... . • ,-.^4'^-- 

''Each Generation Must 
Find Its Own Answers/* 

John Kenneth Galbraith 

These are the people who made news. 

This year the Distinguished Visitors Program 
brouglit to the cage faces, personalities, and 
philosophies from the front page of the news- 
paper. Among them were John Galbraith, 
noted economist and one of President 
Kennedy's advisors, Senator Edward Brook, 
and Southern Senator Strom Thurmond. 




"April. Come She Will 

When Streams are Ripe and . . . 

il, Ijv. Si'tM* I -W 



«# \ 

^ Sk 


Swelled With Rain 
May She Will Stay/^ 

Simon and Garfunkel 















It was a day when the sky was clear, and 
as the orange light of sunset slowly 
thickened across the grass by the pond, 
the two bands known as the Taj Mahal and 
Up Against the Wall, in playing before 
a thousand students, marked the beginning 
of Spring Weekend. It was a time for 
red balloons and laughter and voices 
shouting in the warm air, when pants were 
stained by grass and hair was twisted 
and moved in waves by the evening wind. 


# :i 











What a combination: Frosh Picnic with ORPHEUS 



. . . Soph Banquet 


For Whom The Bells Tolh 

Spring Day Had Come 

On To Atlantic City 

For Kathy Koumjian, 

Miss University 


4'^ ki 


Card For 
Nancy Nickerson 


When the 


Seemed Like 

There Was 



You Looked, 

You Found: 

Hello Friend Folk Society 

The New Folk 


Blood, Sweat, and Tears 


It began early in the afternoon when a lew 

undergraduates, tired of walking aimlessly about 

the campus and more than a little disturbed by 

their makeshift rooms in the Quad, settled down on 

the grass by the tent, some in anticipation of the 

show of legs and midriffs made inevitable by Summer 

Fashion, others — of being watched. A short while 

later the lines were formed: one for the usual 

chicken barbecue dinner, one for the mugs with the 

funny little "69" stenciled on them, one for coke, 

one for beer — and within an hour the place had an 

atmosphere of its own. Despite a nearly constant 

threat of rain, a peculiar warmth to the beer, and a 

tendency for the coke to go flat, the Seniors 

succeeded admirably in letting the struggle for 

existence pass for another day. 





It was good to sit in t/ie warmt/i again, with my legs 
stretcfied out across the grass and the sound of 
laughing still around me. Here at last was a 
momentary pause in which to feel the passing of 
friends, in a handshake or in a scribbled address 
shoved quickly into my grasp. I was grateful for 
this final day, coming after the last annoyance of 
final exams and set before the clamor of graduation, 
and without ever knowing it, or him, I said a quiet 
thank-you to Pete Lewenberg. 




««*. J**' 

"Though Nothing Can Bring Back 
the Hour of Splendor in the Grass, 
of Glory in the Flower; 

We Will Grieve Not, 

Rather Find Strength 

in What Remains Behind." 




Too Soon, 



y ♦»- 




' j^ . »iip 



^ '^ 


/ moved into a different world then, one without 

shouting voices and bands and clapping feet. 

Around me there was silence, broken only by the 

warm air of summer gently moving over the leaves 

and by the quiet sounds which tell that the night 

has just settled in. Of all the things which had 

happened, only rubble, tossed by the edge of the 

path, remained. For me, this was the last day. 

But the idea would go on. The idea that was here 

long before this generation first looked upon the 

college hidden in the New England countryside, or 

raised its empty faces to the blankness of her 

walls, or sounded its weak footsteps across her 

streets. A thought formed in the minds of a dozen 

men before the woods were cut or the water spoiled; 

of a free society of educated human beings, able 

both to use their power and maintain it. 




Gil Norton Sue Berger Lorrey Bianchi 
Brian Hawthorne Tom Atwater Jan Curley 
Peter Pascarelli Linda Gurwitz Joel Cohn 
Cathy Russb Alice Tognini Martha Curran 
Bruce Wood 


Sport is more than playing the game. Sport is 
the hours of practice, the discipline, the sore 
muscles, and the hours of preparation for 
maybe only a one minute race. Sport is giving 
your full effort, the pride that comes with 
winning, and for some reason still enjoying the 
game if you lose. Sport is the strength of a 
gymnast, the endurance of a runner, the speed 
of a swimmer, the timing of a pole-vaulter, the 
power of a tackle, the cleverness of a coach, 
the teamwork of crew: the skill of an athlete. 

A Hot, Humid Day, 

Marching Greeks, 

and Victory over Maine 

Started the 
*68 Football Season 






































The season started auspiciously on a 
putridly hot Saturday against traditional 
opener, the Maine Black Bears. The 
freshmen huddled hopefully in Section 10 
eager to rid themselves of the hated 
beanies, with the first UMass touchdown. 
Maine scored first. An evil omen? A 
portent? A preview of things to come? 
No, Maine was always tough against UMass. 
The Redmen would get them. 

Joy, shouting, and flying beanies 
prevailed as Tim Adams reared back and 
zinged a scoring strike to tight end, 
Alan Becker. Sure, that was it; just a 
slow start WE'RE ROLLING NOW. The 
Redmen returned to the field and beat the 
hapless Black Bears about the skull for 
the entire second half. 

We all left with pleasant thoughts of 
the coming season and went down to the 
Pub for a couple of coolies. 

The next Friday night, we sat around, 
horrified, as Glenn Brie re told of the 
shellacking administered under the 
lights of War Memorial Stadium in dear 
old Buffalo. The Redmen were smashed and 
trampled by a herd of hungry Bulls. 

The Season Went On . 

O.K. So we lost to Buffalo. They were a very 
tough team; maybe a little out of our league. 
A lot of the season remained. And we were 
still undefeated in the Yankee Conference. 

We were shocked by the loss to Buffalo. The next 
week we listened in disbelief at how we lost to 
Delaware. Blowing leads of 13-0 and 23-13, the 
Redmen seemed to give the game away, losing four 
fumbles and seeing three Adams passes stolen. 
It was the first Homecoming Game Vic Fusia had 
lost, home or away, since coming to UMass. 

It wasn't going to be the last. And we now 
looked forward to returning to the friendly 
confines of Alumni Stadium. 

Did we say "friendly"? Tfie Redmen dropped their 
ttiird straighit to t/ie Terriers of Boston University. 
A solid effort by a Randy Robinson— led defense 
was joined by continued offensive attacks of 
fumble— itis and the dropsies. The slow start 
that we had accepted as typical of UMass football 
teams had yet to be overcome. And the season 
was nearly half over. 

At Rhode Island the following week, we sat in 
silent agony as the Rams broke UMass' 15-game 
Conference winning streak. Memories of past 
Redmen last-minute victories were dredged up 
as they tried valiantly to pull it out at the end. 
But a 40-yard Adams-to-Warnock touchdown and 
another good defensive effort went for naught. 
We lost, and the Redmen were, for the first time 
in three years, no longer unbeaten in the 

And we went down to the Pub for a lot of coolies. 


And On . . 

A sad kind of season. 

Wet and muddy, like rainy Saturdays wfien 

you were a kid and iiad to stay inside. 

All you could do was remember other Saturdays 

when it was sunny and then think of Saturdays 

to come, when the sun would again be bright 

and warm. 

That kind of season. 

But the beginning was so good, so full of hope, 

so filled with promise. So many good backs, 

a fine new quarterback, returning lettermen, 

so many promising sophomores. 

The promise of sunny, happy Saturdays. But . . . 

Two wins. 

Eight losses. 

We asked "Why?". . . and "How?" 


To every backfield starter except Tim Adams. 

To A I Becker, Nick Warnock, Mike McArdle. 

To Randy Robinson, Tom York, Marty Scheralis. 

To Bill Sroka, Jim Nangle, Fred Hupprich. 

To so many that the Cheerleaders almost suited up. 


Not a good feeling. And almost unknown to the 

Fusiamen of recent years. 

The empty feeling and the sadness you never 

get used to. 

So hard to go to practice every day. New 

injuries every week, and so few return. 

The weeks grew longer. 

For so very long, the season never seemed 

to end. Would sunny Saturdays never come? 

The season ended. 

Two wins. 

Eight losses. 

But we'll be back. And we'll win. 

And Saturdays will be bright and sunny 



, , . And On . . . 

After Rhode Island, we returned to Alumni Stadium 
and Homecoming. Seventeen Thousand of us watched 
UConn extend the Redman Losing streak to five 
games. And Vic Fusia lost his second Homecoming 
Game of the season. The first at home. A 
brilliant passing display by Tim Adams just 
wasn't enough as another last minute UMass surge 

Only, a little late. 

Holy Cross. And a doomed coach who tastelessly 
ran up the score against a battered Redman squad. 
Our running attack floundered again, and UMass 
went down for the sixth time this season. 

By now, we began to despair of a winning season. 

For the Seniors, our first Homecoming loss. For 
Vic Fusia, his fifth loss. For UMass, the 
Yankee Conference cellar. 

But we could still win the Conference title. 
Just beat New Hampshire and hope that Rhode 
Island loses to UConn. 

But, ah, Vermont. Tim Adams passed for two and 
ran for two. Pat Scavone was named EC AC Soph 
of the Week for his great running game. Marty 
Scheralis booted seven consecutive extra-points. 
A game that finally saw the Redmen put it all 

But it only worked out part of that way. Rhode 
Island did lose to UConn. But we lost to 
New Hampshire. Three first downs. Sixty-two 
yards total offense. Only 8,000 showed up, 
the season low. We lose the Conference title. 
And the Eagles are next. 



Boston College and UMass. Action was 
resumed at Alumni Stadium for the last 
time in 1968. Throughout the game, the 
Massachusetts team had a remarkably 
brilliant defense. "It was a tough act 
to follow." 

But HEROICS, a seemingly lost word for 
the Redmen this season, could have been 
justifiably uttered as a little known, 
second string quarterback was able to 
extract something of the old pride, 
reviving the once held notion that UMass 
was a force to be reckoned with. 
Ken Hughes, substituting for Tim Adams, 
forwarded his way into the book of 
records with a touch-down hit to tight 
end Nick McGarry. 

See you next year. Ken. 

A determined team effort usually pays 

off. It did for UMass on the day they 

met Boston College, although the final 

score was to favor the visitors, 21 to 6. 

The Redmen held . . . and held . . . and held 

through three quarters of a stubbornly 

played game. Any fan could rightfully 

have said, "Never has a team looked so 

great in defeat." 





UConn goalie, Herbie Hind, soars to stop another great shot by the Redman. 

Massachusetts 2 

Massachusetts 8 

Massachusetts 1 

Massachusetts 1 



Massachusetts 1 


Massachusetts 1 

Massachusetts 2 

Massachusetts 4 


Boston College 

Connecticut 2 

Trinity 2 

Rhode Island 3 

Tufts 2 

Worcester Tech. 

Vermont 2 

Springfield 2 

Coast Guard 2 

New Hampshire 3 



Led by co-captains Wilkie Ward and Bob 
Dubiel, the Redmen Varsity Soccer Team 
completed its 1968 season with a 4-6-1 
record that included a 2-3 Yankee Conference 
mark. Individual performances during the 
trying season earned All Conference Honors 
on the second team for Redmen fullback 
Bill Sanborn, halftacks Dick Matusczak and 
Dick Meyer, and wing Steve Blanchette. 

The leading scorer for the Redmen was Duane 
Brown with ten goals. Senior goalie, Steve 
Kramer, was selected the team's most valuable 
player for 1968. He turned aside 1 15 shots 
for the season. 

After, defeating their first two opponents, 
Maine and Boston College, the Redmen lost 
a heartbreaking game to Connecticut. From 
that point on, the team's fortunes steadily 
declined: mental lapses, inconsistencies, and 
tough breaks contributed to the outcome. 
However, the team managed to pull together 
and win the last game of the season against 
New Hampshire. 



The 1968-69 Redman Basketball season opened 

with question marks concerning experience at 

several positions. However, under the firm 

direction of Coach Jack Leaman, UMass completed 

its most successful season ever while it chalked 

up a 17-7 record, tied the school record for 

most wins, and won its second consecutive 

Yankee Conference with a 9-1 conference mark. 

The team was rated as one of the top three 

teams in New England and narrowly missed a 

post-season National Invitational Tourney Bid. 


^^E. '^< f^^^H^^^H 






/ f 



















AIC 74 


URI 60 

UNH 57 















































Picking out the highlights of such a 

great season is no easy task. However, wins 

over Providence, Syracuse, and Navy away, and 

big home wins over Fordham and lona, have 

to be ranked as important victories. The 

Boston College game saw fans turned away from 

seeing their team narrowly miss defeating 

the favored Eagles. 


Many team members were honored including 
Peter Gayesiva (50), who was second team All- 
New England, All-Yankee Conference, and voted 
the Most Valuable UMass player. Joe DiScarcina (10), 
whose lengthly absences due to injury prevented 
an even greater season, set school assist records 
and was voted honorary captain of the 
All-Yankee Conference team. Ray Ellerbrook (12) 
was a third team All-New England pick, while 
also being on the All Yankee Conference team. 
Dennis Chapman (40), Jack Gallagher (24), Dick 
Samuelson (44), John Shockro (22), Bob Dempsy (32), 
John Dreyer (52), Bill Greely (20), and Dick 
Starsiak ( 1 4) did their part in making this 
the greatest basketball season in UMass history. 



' > -• ". ■.,■ aW 

A ^% 

s:'' *^ t*^- 



It was quite a year for Coach Jack Canniff's slick skating 
sextet as they tied a 38 year old record for the most wins 
in a season. The 1930 ice team had won 9, and that record 
stood until this year. 

Jeff Sanborn erased a 1956 record for most points by compiling 
a career total of 81 . He topped the old record by a hat trick 
in the next to last game of the season. Sanborn was named to 
the ECAC Division II team, the first UMass player to earn this 

Highlights of the season were defeating cross town rival 
Amherst College 4-0 and 1 2-3, crushing Holy Cross 13-2 and 





In a sport that combines the speed of track with the running of 
basketball, the contact of football, and the general mayhem of 
roller derby, the Redmen, coached by Dick Garber, were among the 
best in the country. An undefeated, 10-0, season led Garber's 
Guerillas to the Taylor Cup, symbol of supremacy in New England 
Lacrosse. A successful pre-season spring trip into the heart of 
Lacrosse country, New Jersey and Maryland, with scrimmages against 
national powerhoused Navy and Princeton, showed that UMass Lacrosse 
was as good as any in the nation. 



The team was exciting to watch at all times, with an 
offense that averaged 19.2 goals a game and a defense 
that wasn't afraid to knock people down anywhere, on 
or off the field. At the beginning of the season, we 
looked forward to watching the attack line of Kevin 
"the fox" O'Connor, a returning All-American, Tom 
Malone, a transfer from Long Island and the leading 
scorer in the country a year ago, and big Carl 
Schultheis, a transfer, and quickly rated a sure All- 
American selection and perhaps the greatest Lacrosse 
player UMass had ever seen. They didn't disappoint us. 

Schultheis, after dominating play in the pre-season 
trip and through the first 3 regular season games, 
suffered a knee injury that put him out for the season. 
For him, it was a long and sad year, sitting on the 
sidelines rooting for his team, wasting his last year 
of eligibility. Carl was, in the few games we saw 
him in, truly a great player. 

Gary Vassar ably filled the gap, scoring 26 goals and 
24 assists for 50 points. O'Connor ended the season 
with 79 points on 39 goals and 30 assists, and Malone 
led the team with 84 points, breaking school records 
with 40 goals and 44 assists. 

The defense was also something to see. Returning All- 
New England goalie Mark "the muffin" Schlossberg and 
sophomore Johnny Orr combined with hard-hitting junior 
Bill Devore and senior Tom Tufts to provide the kind 
of contact that left the often-crowded hillside behind 
Boyden roaring with applause and excitement. At times 
it seemed a shame that the rugged UMass defense was 
so overshadowed by the incredible attack. 

The season ended on happy notes for almost everyone, undefeated, 
Taylor Cup winners, coach Garber's 100th victory, and a 
congratulatory telegram from Senator Ted Kennedy, Little All- 
American selections for Kevin O'Connor and Tom Malone, and nomination 
to the North-South All Star game for O'Connor, Steve Connoly, 
Tufts, and "Muffin". 



After losing 6 our of 7 games on their early season 
southern trip, defeating only Wake Forest, the Redmen lost 
only 3 of their remaining 1 9 games. The team finished the 
regular season with an 1 8-8 record, losing only one Yankee 
Conference game to Maine while winning 9. As conference 
champions they entered a double elimination tournament with 
Boston University and Dartmouth for the New England Division 
One championship. B.U. beat Dartmouth 13-10 and then UMass 
beat Dartmouth 5-2 to eliminate them from the playoffs. The 
Redmen then defeated B.U. 8-6 and 6-1 to become the New 
England Division One representative to the College World 

The team posted a .300 batting average for the regular 
season with seven players over this mark. Bob Hansen again 
led the team with a .344 average, followed closely by next 
years captain Ray Ellerbrook at .343. Catcher Tony Chinappi 
batted .326, Short Stop Joe DiScarcina .316, and Second Baseman 
Tom Semino hit .307. Outfielders Mitch Salnick and Dick 
Pepin slugged .315 and .308 respectively. 

Add to this Don Anderson's 7 wins, 1 loss and John Kitchen's 
6 wins, 1 loss record, and Coach Bergquists efficient tactics. 
It is easy to see how they won the New England Championship. 




! ''A 



►3?.*:!^ *,'.■'. 

/^ --^ 



SPORT IS . . . Competition . . . 

sometimes winning . 

sometimes losing . 

but always trying. 

SPORT IS . . . 

. . Not only for men. 

SPORT IS . . . 

. . to enjoy. 


. . To watch 


SPORT IS . . . 

. . . Individual Effort 



an individual scoring points 
. . . for tiie team. 




SPORT IS . . . 

sst^ _,__« r^^ _ ''»'~^>*£ 

. Coordinating with a Team. 


. listening to ttie coacti. 





:ji-a»\-- -v.v^t 



SPORT IS . . . 

. . Being a Hero 

in one of the worlds most rugged sports . . . with no one watching. 

with 10,000 people watching. 

b r OK r IS going to the College World Series. 

Sport is going to the College World Series in 
Omaha, playing Southern Illinois, the number 
one rated team in the nation, and winning 2-0. 
The team was eliminated from the competition 
by N.Y.U. and Arizona, who went on to win the 
tourney. The Redmen finished the season number 
five in the nation. 

^^^AtYsi , 

so, THIS WAS SPORT, 1968-1969 


•- JJ* '■ ^ • 

%>> fi.;^-. 



Judith E. Lenzner, Editor 
James Bernat, Roger Bacon, Linda Laine, 
Christine Zinni, Frank Pesando, Diane 
Jacobsen, Susan Sills 

The formation of organizations in all phases 
of campus life was a collective expression of 
individual personalities. 

"The extra-curricular campus experience is 
often more memorable than the academic one. 

The Student Senate; Where It Was At , , . 

Senate meetings were often free-for-alls; Senate 

meetings were often very weighty; Senate meetings, 

were often idelible: those associated with 

the Senate will never forgets its people. 

It was: 

Rick Hartwell's platinum logic. 

Brad Johnson 's patient dignity, 

Charlie Guyotte's mysterious laugh, 

Peter Thif fault's dagger— sticky with the blood 

of media, 
Dick Kline's plugging onward and upward, 
Sharon O'Brien's watchfulness. 
Bob Kentfield's "practicality," 
Larry Woods' contributions to the bulletin board, 
Barbara Kamanitz's disgust with eclectics, 
Alan Gauthier's supply of decrepit but servicable 

Larry Marcus's apocalyptically sardonic wit, 
Jan is Kurkjian 's warmth, 
Jim Fox 's hangups. 
Sue Kinner's tenacity 
Bob Nim's antiaggrandizestablishmentarianism. 

Joel Fox's conflict of interests, 

John Dubois' aplomb, 

Sue Bacon's heartbreak at losing a quorum, 

Bruce Balboni's extreme moderation, 

Cindi 01 ken's cogent beauty and mind, 

Joe Ki I martin's diatribes against what he voted for, 

Dan Madden and Steve Walt's never ending cause, 

Jim Alpert's teleological loyalty to his committee. 

Bill Perkin 's consistency. 

Rick Staples' apocryphal accusations, 

Pat Beharry's persisting strength, 

Paul Silverman's Baseball Team, 

Staff Sheehan's ubiquity and golden oratory. 

Dawn Du dash's inconsistency 

Dave Stevens' continuing inspiration, 

Jim Moran's black Lear Jet, 

Rick Verrochi's mellifluous monologues, 

and, for Time Eternal, Wimpy's Ghost. 

And at the 3670th meeting of the Student Senate, 
it most likely will still be told— "In glancing 
back . . . "—of how the euphorinium logic of 
Fredrick P. Hartwell V helped to achieve it. 


The Student Senate was, without doubt, THE Organi- 
zation of organizations. Like the pubhcized minutes 
of their meetings, an objective description of its 
nature and function only scratches the surface of the 
Senate's significance on our social, academic, and 
personal lives, or, of how it was achieved. 

What then was this powerful body of fellow under- 
graduates? Structurally, the Senate was composed of 
90 or so students (a number which varied from 
month to month) who severally represented roughly 
140 other students. 

Election records indicated that almost one out of 
three Senators won their seats without opposition; 
whether as individuals their qualifications and plat- 
forms were overwhelming so as to discourage others 
from running against them, or, whether they were the 
only ones who bothered to run, was too risky to 
posit. The Records also suggested that of the Senators 
who faced competition at the polls, only a third of 
their constituents managed overcoming the obstacles 
to voting for anyone. But if the Student Body was 
afflicted with a bit of Apathy, you couldn't say that 
of the Student Senate: each Senator devoted on the 
average of not less than 1 hours weekly to the task 
of developing a better Recipe for the physical, 
spiritual, cultural, social, financial, and pleasurable 
environment of their peers. 

Each Senator belonged to at least one of nine stand- 
ing committees: Finance, a big brother when organi- 
zations sought guidance to fulfill their financial obli- 
gations; Budgets, the agency charged with prepara- 
tory work on budgets of organizations totally or 
partially supported by the Student Activities Tax 
Fund; Ways and Means, to discover the bad things 
done by any recognized group; Activities, a review 
board on all charters of residence halls, groups, and 
clubs; Services, the committee which dealt with food, 
housing, and student working conditions; Academic 
Affairs, ever endeavoring to improve our educational 
environment; Pubhc Relations, to further the under- 
standings between the Senate and other groups, and 
those among groups, and to help acquaint new 
students with what was happening; Student Govern- 
ment Affairs, charged with assuring the proper 
conduct of elections and the consideration of 
questions relating to the means and ends of student 
government; and Student Matters, addressed to 
review the rules of student conduct and the 
maintenance and improvement of judiciaries. Many 
non-Senators worked on those committees, having 
enjoyed full voting rights. 

The Senate could not, however, impose its will in the 
sense that their acts, resolves, and "binding clauses" 
automatically became law. The limit of their power 
was to recommend those pieces of legislation to the 
Dean of Students and ultimately to the Board of 
Trustees. Virtually all Senate recommendations 
relating to internal student affairs were rubber- 
stamped into Law by the Administration. 

Among the significant acts and resolves legislated by 
this year's Senate included: a new campus bus, to 
make the Ed. building closer and Orchard Hill lower; 
a new Picketing Code, which made occupying a 
building less restrictive and hazardous; changes in the 
size and composition of S.G.A. Judiciaries, to in- 
crease their effectiveness; the withdrawal of the 
Administration's proposed Room Rent Deposit; 
increased student wages; Academic Reform, including 
a study on R.O.T.C.'s academic merit; elimination of 
curfews for second semester Freshman Coeds; 
$30,000 for the Continuing Collegiate Education of 
Black Students program; and a $400,000-plus 
Student Activities Tax. The Senate also authored a 
new constitution binding on the Student Body, which 
provided a ten point Bill of Rights for Students, and 
rather sweeping powers for itself. 

Thus, vhe Student Senate existed, structurally, as a 
highly complex organism whose branches entwined 
virtually every facet of university life. The Senate was 
therefore firmly at the center of developing Student 
Self-Determination and Unification— STUDENT 
POWER— a position which was at once a charge and 
an opportunity. And for some Senators, it was a 
chance for personal magnitude .... 



a> (D 

a ■ 

a. "= f" 

=r a. 

" ""^ S" Da 

o "^ HL 

t-^ CD t-j 

f? _2 

£ c 3 m 2 "^ 
3 S"2 3 £ 
o- o St3 3 

■^ "^ <■ g, 3- P 

: 3^ '-i 

; CD o tfl 
> t l-J 

Ll *T, t> o m ■ 

^ 3 "^ ^' ^ 

2 K <!= W 

3 n ™ 

^ Q fD '"'■ 


■^ r^ 1— I ■ 


01 Pf o ' 
3 (D •□ 
r^ CD o 

3 mTO 

3 3 k: 

K- .-■ _ (U 3 

'(D P I' 












3- O CO 

P2 cr "- 

£ ° o o 

3 "" 

O "^ 3- 3- rt> < ' 

3 _ ID m p fe w C 

O £ O-^ tt> 

is, 3 CD 2, •-! 

K 5 CD O 

Jit c^ 

H CD " 

■< v: ^ en 


To say that the Student Senate was paranoid over 
charges of "power grabbing" was, by its inaccuracy, 
indicative of a big problem facing the students who 
were instrumental in developing student power: they 
suffered from pangs of hunger for the new plateful of 
authority and responsibility— with the accompanying, 
natural distrust in those co-developers who would 
share the bounty. For the interests of 12,630 co- 
existing undergraduates had to be coordinated. 
"How?", the question implicit among students in 
qualitatively different positions of influence, was 
throughout the year amplified by the Administra- 
tion's declining intervention into our own internal 

Student Organizations were of two basic types: those 
whose powers were determined by formal means, and 
those which achieved power by the fact of their 
actions; but these types weren't mutually exclusive. 
The means to those powers existed on a spectrum. 
Toward one end would be Area, Residence Hall, and 
Class Governments, Communications Media, 
Judiciaries, Honor Societies, and the Student Union 
Governing Board; on the other end of this spectrum 
were militant groups whose influence followed their 
actions; and uniquely in the middle was the Student 
Senate— with not only the means to exert forces then 
at its disposal, but to will into existence added Senate 
responsibility and requisite authority, which it 
attempted to do via the new constitution. 

This new constitution, if accepted by the students in 
the Fall of '69, would provide the Senate with powers 
which would have thereby made unequivocal the 
tools to build a comprehensive Senate control over 
the other elected groups already accountable directly 
to their respective electorates. The new constitution 
would also provide the Student Senate with firmer 
control over all other recognized organizations, by 
means of newly certified, unquestionable powers to 
reject or suspend their constitutions, thus recogni- 
tion, and to regulate their financial and constitutional 

Rarely, members of a recognized group would 
commit an act of a criminal nature, e.g., the misap- 
propriation of the Debating Team's funds, as found 
by the General Court in May of '68; and the Senate 
would be quick to catch the culprits. But the two 
most significant problems attributable to all organiza- 
tions, in various degrees, were INEFFICIENCY and 
AMBITION, structurally, financially. These problems 
were especially chronic, with acute flareups, with 
organizations whose prime function was to produce a 
service or a product for all students, with the aid of 
student tax money. Students expected a great deal 
from their various representative bodies, newspaper, 
yearbook, magazines, etc., whose structural and 
financial affairs had to be commensurately complex. 
The aim of the Senate was to assure maximum 
efficiency and sound development in those affairs. 

But, would the Senators be sophisticated and profes- 
sional enough— or even knowledgeable enough!— to 
best serve the students' welfare by giving itself even 
more perogatives in manipulating and determinating 
the affairs and policies of subordinate, often highly 
specialized organizations? Not if you used the 
Senate's own degree of efficiency and lack of excess 
ambitions as a yardstick. 

Yet, if the Student Senate has thus far been depicted 
by somewhat of a Devil's Advocate, it is also with the 
realization that the Senate acted strictly as a corpo- 
rate entity and thus could be evaluated only as such; 
because Senators themselves were, at the worst, guilty 
only of their heightened desires to make four years of 
university life much more fulfilling for everyone, and, 
of their pride in having played a determining role. But 
additionally guilty were some of the core members of 
the Senate who did not receive trustingly enough, nor 
in a spirit constructive enough, the plentiful student 
leaders in other branches of student involvement, 
who were possessed with a like quality of purpose 
and integrity, and vice versa, who might therefore 
have otherwise steered the concept of Student Self- 
Determination and Unification from harm's way, and 
into Eden. 


r^aws s» 

ouNCr^Ai NOitCES 




f i' 







■-' o. 


/V ZM/S 43^^/11^ A/ S^/i^!> 

i / 


% ^v/ ' 


9 .. nei^ 



Katie Shea, Lois Frey 

Bud Demers, Geny Scanlon 

The Office 






* i?H 




The Student Union Governing Board was charged with the rather 
encompassing task of regulating and providing for the proper 
functioning of the Student Union, and planning for the new Campus 
Center. The breadth of this responsibihty included the establishment 
of social, cultural, and educational programs within the Student 
Union and all poHcy for the Union's operation. 

SUG Board members were undergraduates elected from each class, a 
Senate representative, graduate students, faculty, and members of 
the Union's staff. However, any member of the Student Body was 
eligible to join the Student Union Program Council, a standing 
committee of the SUG Board, which administered the varied social 
programs sponsored by the Union. 

One of the Board's biggest headaches, this year, was the allocation 
of space and specification of the facilities in the Campus Center. 
Delays along these lines resulted with the protraction of the 
Center's completion date by almost a year. The greatest concern 
seemed to be the question of which parts of the Center would be 
directly and expressly reserved for student use and control. 

/n proportion to its significance on campus life, the SUG Board and 
its operation were too little exposed to the people whom it served. 
Because of that somewhat enigmatic existence, the SUG Board had 
been especially vulnerable to Student Senate plans aimed at 
reducing the Board to the status of a Senate committee. This 
vulnerability was due almost solely to the gross amount of 
inefficiency regarding the Board's efforts to set up the Campus 
Center's operation. But the inefficiency was not due to any lack 
of concern by the SUG Board members; rather, that many members of 
the campus community, who would have been better qualified to cope 
with the situation, were de facto deprived of the information 
necessary to sufficiently motivate their involvement with the 
Board; the deprivation was related to the inadequate exposure. 
So on went the vicious circle. 

The end product: a possible death of the concept which provided for 
the direct election of fellow students who would regulate-without 
Grace from Above— the policies and procedures in a very important 
focus of student activity. 





The University Discipline Board was the highest 
campus judiciary, appeal from which was subject 
only to the President and Board of Trustees. 
Composed of four students and four faculty, it 
functioned primarily in an appellate capacity with 
regard to Student Code and academic violations. 

Perhaps its greatest value is the protection it 
extended to students who might otherwise have been 
"victimized" by capricious faculty and administrators, 
since their actions were subject to the scrutiny and 
revocation of a board with students having had 
full voting power. 

R. Hartzler, L. Fitch, J. Dubois. 

S. Hawes; L. Beth, Chairman; J. Marcus; R. Staples. 



N. Dorfman; J. Gillan; A. Karcz; S. Albernaz, Chief Justice; E. Tirrell: R. Niccio, Clerk; T. Byron, C. O'Hare. 


The General Court was the highest all student 
judicial board on campus. This year, rather 
than being concerned with curfew violations, 
the General Court instead heard cases of 
more immediate importance to the university 
community, many in relation to the new open 
house policy. An important case this year 
was the Dwight House Decision, in which a 
precedent was established with respect to 
dorm autonomy. In this decision and in 
general, the Court had realized its primary 
responsibihty to the student body. 


M. Treadup; M. Stein; J. Sonn, Chief Justice; C. Larocque, Clerk. 

In its first year of operation, The Greek Judiciary 
existed to provide fraternity men and sorority women 

with protection of their rights as students, and to 

enforce, when called upon, University regulations. 

Jurisdiction existed over an area that ranged from 

Alpha Sigma Phi on Sunset Avenue, to Alpha Epsilon 

Pi on East Pleasant Street, excluding non Greek property. 


Clerk, J. Watson; J. Edwards, Chief Justice; A. Byer. 



The Area East Judiciary was composed of five residents 
selected from the Central Area, Orchard Hill, and 
the New Northeast. The Judiciary met as cases arose 
from infractions within the boundaries of North and 
South Dining Commons, and outside dorms east of N. 
Pleasant St. A chief justice elected by the board, 
Jim Sonn presided over all cases. 

J. Walsh, L. Bianchi, C. Winter, D. Veale, P. Cadets; at piano, S. Cannavo. 


The Area West Judiciary was organized through the 
Judicial Reforms of 1967, primarily as an appellate 
court for the Southwest Residential College. 
Concerns peculiar to the Area West Judiciary included 
its role as constitutional arbiter to the Southwest 
Assembly, and the special problems associated with 
the towers: an atmosphere more densely populated 
and more urban than that of the rest of campus. 





R. Speckman; L. Marcus; L. Fitch; S. Cohen; E. Johnston, Adviser; N. Whitman. 
(Not Pictured: R. Nuccio, F. Hartwell, M. Sullivan.) 



K. Carlson, C. McCormick, N. Haynes, L. Decort, B. Buinham, C. Cekanski, A. MacDonald, S. Ostrander, E. Marx. 
N. Fisher, R. Kelly, N. Broderick, M. Dellapaolera, H. Falkson, N. Unger, C. Neilson. 


Seated: K. Britt, D. Nadeau, N. Cooperman, C. Sawecki, B. Richardson, M. D'Angelo. 
Second row: J. Levine, C. Rhoades, J. Yorke, B. Cameron, J. Todaio, M. Stockwell, 
M. Lawler. Third row: K. Swain, J. Corbut, L. Gorecki, B. Rainforth, S. Ahonen, 
J. Umana. Fourth row: N. Goldsmith, D. Doherty, P. Hannigan, F. Fortin. 



Seated: P. Weisman, B. Greenburg, S. Fitzgerald, J. McGovern, P. MacMahon, 

M. Feller, M. Thomashow. Standing: P. MacErlain, R. Newhall, D. Donavon, J. Ausikitis, 

R. Metuczak, E. Berkowitz, F. Giroux, W. Cook, L. Bonfield, S. Cutler. 





With somewhat thicker stripes on their jackets, 
the Southwest Patriots came on stronger than ever 
to battle against apathy and city fatigue by 
initiating new activities and programs. One of 
these, the Glass Onion, made available a night 
club scene in which rock, folk, jazz, light shows, 
and good old fashioned social mixers provided 
respites from the pressures of routine living. And 
no small contribution was their work on the Freshman 
Week Program. 

The Revelers, with their red, pinstriped jackets, 
were like fixtures at rallies and games. They 
personified the kind of school spirit whose glory 
had been more regal with years past. However, their 
function as "helpers" at events like Freshman 
Convocation and the Adelphia sponsored dance had 
added a new meaning to their existence on campus; 
if they ever re-name themselves, "The Good Guys" 
might be appropriate, because they always made 
themselves available when those with a shortage of 
manpower looked for help. 

The Cheerleaders had a really rough year: at 
Football games, they (with the Revelers and Patriots) 
ended up making most of the noise; and at rallies, 
they accounted for a healthy percentage of the 

The tragedy, however, was not so much with the 
Cheerleaders, but with the students who couldn't 
displace the many thoughts concerning problems with 
the campus, country, and world, in favor of a few 
hours of superficial yet psychologically needed 
escape via the levitation provided by active school 
spirit. For, as time tells, the memory of these 
moments help sustain us when the pressures of living 
become too severe. 




p. Aspinwall, E. Beals, 

Sec. Advisor 

W.Thomas, R.Stoddard, 
President V. Pres. 

J. Wolff, 

L. Marcus (not pictured). 



D. Lendry, E. Pugh, J. Tabacco, M. O'Neill, B. Jackson (not pictured). 
Treas. V. Pres. President Senator Sec. 

As the University bulged to 12,600 undergrads, 
some people started to say that identification 
with one's class was no longer possible; 
whether talking about it was after the fact or 
helped establish the fact, identifying with a 
class, per se, became something only our 
parents could tell us about. The question then 
arose among certain elite student saviors as 
to the worthiness of Class Government: is it 
like a vermiform appendix — worthless to 
"vital functions" and capable of becoming 
inflamed and mortally painful? By their 
attempts, legislatively and fiscally, to 
emasculate Class Government, albeit not 
successfully, they must have thought so. 


B. Bly, 
V. Pres. 

L. Nevins, 

S. Weisman, 

I. Goldstein, 

B. Balboni. 



L. Deering, 

E. Lepore, 

L. Peruzzi, 

R. Nims, 

S. DriscoU. 
V. President 

But each Class Government, over 50 strong, no 

longer attempted to rule its constituents; 

rather, it served to establish or coordinate 

the social functions — of which UMass had no 

paucity. It was also responsible for selecting 

the recipient of the Metawampe Award, and 

hosting (with D VP) celebrities such as former 

Vice President Humphrey. 

In short, they were responsible for organized 

enjoyment and some cultural activities; and 

without their influence, life on this campus 

would have been exceedingly grim, 

however "relevant." 


293 r 


Over the past few years the influence of the Kappa 
Omicron Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega had increased 
steadily. Although the value of their work in 
running the Used Book Exchange, in organizing the 
University Blood Drive and in ushering at the 
performances of the University Theater was commonly 
recognized, the various projects in which the 
members of this service fraternity participated had 
grown in number to such an extent that it is 
difficult to list them in a single paragraph. 

One such project, begun a few years ago, met with 
so much success that it became estabhshed as one 
of the major social events of the college year: 
Las Vegas Night. 



Similar to Alpha Phi Omega in its goals and 
functions, this service sorority has also grown 
in importance in recent years. In addition to 
working for the Hampshire County Pubhc Health 
Department, the University Box Office, and the 
mentally retarded at the Belchertown State 
School, and to assisting the brothers of Alpha 
Phi Omega in many of tlieir projects, the sisters 
of Gamma Sigma Sigma have continued to increase 
their services to the campus and to the outside 


To a visitor on campus, the name ARCON is of 
particular significance, for it is the function 
of this organization to serve as his guide. 
Composed of members from various fraternities, 
ARCON has introduced thousands of guests to the 
University over the past few years. 

In all, the rise of its service fraternities and 
sororities speaks well for the University of 
Massachusetts, for membership in such an 
organization is an education within itself 
whereby an individual is taught that there is 
no greater satisfaction than that which comes 
from working with others for the benefit of all. 



Students gained practical experience in 

education, psychology, and nursing, while 

acquiring a deep satisfaction, by helping, 

the mentally retarded at Belchertown 

State School. The Volunteers encouraged the 

children to participate in sports, arts and 

crafts, and to become more aware of the 

complex world around them. In this way, the 

Volunteers hoped to prepare the children 

to meet the challenge of the "outside" 

when they leave the insitution; 

but most of all, to make them a little happier. 


6 million mentally retarded 
have enough problems 
ivitiiout you adding to them. 

Noiv, you're probably saying 
to yourself, "Why biame me? 
I didn't do anything," 

That's the proWem. 

fhe. ddy we- fly i>is}^e-f^,-^ 
V/3^ y^vy ss^j more 

Valvni~e.ej snail nr\_/ PM 

ANY liMpH StUD!NT MAV , _ / 




Arnold Air Society, a cadet military honor 
organization, continued to 

sponsor the Flying Redmen, an all-university drill 
team, and the Angel Flight, and organization of 
college women interested in the AFROTC and the Air 
Force. Other activities this past year included: 
work with the Civil Air Patrol, affliation with 
Boy Scout Troops in the area, a broadened High 
School Vistation Program; a volunteer program at 
Belchertown State School; and sponsorship of 
the NCO Academy. 



Angel Flight, an honorary organization of College 

women, was sponsored by Arnold Air Society. They 

served the community, the AFROTC, and the Air Force. 

This year they had a pcinic for retarded children, 

sponsored the Top Ten College Girl Contest, and 

ushered at football games and various ceremonies. 

During March, approximately twelve girls attended 

the National Conclave in New Orleans, at which their 

advisor Colonel Friedman, Professor of Air Science, 

was given the Outstanding Advisor's Award. 

A desire to serve along with sister/iood drew many. 



The military is more than just descipline, it is initiative. 

The Scabbard and Blade Honor Society was 
formed as L Company, 15th Regiment during the 
school year 1964-65. Since its inception, it 
has been active in the social affairs of the 
detachment. Social functions included three 
informal parties and a formal banquet held 
at Westover Air Force Base on May 1 . 



A military tiostess DOES fiave tier benefits. 

Then in its sixth year, this auxihary to the 
Scabbard and Blade, had been active in the 
Brigade social activites. The fourteen 
active members served as hostesses 
during the visits of distinguished guests 
and at various award ceremonies. In service 
to the community, the Colonel's Cadre and 
Scabbard and Blade had, for the past three 
years, conducted Christmas and Easter parties 
at the Cushman School for Retarded Children. 



The Precisionettes, a collegiate girls' drill team, 
was organized in 1 947 as a marching unit within the 
University Marcliing Band. While a part of the band 
they performed at various football games, rallies, 
and homecoming parades. This arragement continued 
until 1963, when they became an independent perform- 
ing unit under the sponsorship of the Army ROTC. 
The Precisionettes participated in the 1 968 Coed 
National Inter-Collegiate Drill Team championships 
in Washington, D.C., and captured second place in 
the competition. They repeated this performance 

this year on April 10. 



Once an AFROTC drill team, the all-University Flying 
Redmen Drill Team was composed of both men and 
women students. It served the University on campus, 
proudly represented it at drill competitions, and 
dazzled crowds at parades throughout New England 
and the East Coast. The Flying Redmen, specializing 
in precision trick drill, began a victorious season 
this year by taking the first place trick trophy at 
the Canisius College Invitational Drill Meet. This 
trophy was followed by the third place trophy for 
overall excellence in driU at Manhatten, New York, 
where the Flying Redmen dauntlessly faced the best 
teams in the country. 



J. Russel, M. Antonioli, J. Beebe, M. Baron, B. Sabulis, E. Wolpert. 


Seated: R. Moriarity, G. Kassoy; Standing: J. Rosen 
T. O'Connell, P. Rappo, J. Young, Dr. J. Cotanche 

The University of Massachusetts Pre-Medical 
Society was an organization enabUng the Pre- 
Medical, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Veterinary 
student to pursue his respective interests 
on a more encompassing level than that provided 
by classroom instruction. Members were 
exposed to current medical topics on a first- 
hand basis through films, lecturing physicians, 
noted speciahsts in the health fields, and 
staff members of the University Health 
Services. Deans representing various medical 
and dental schools came to the University and 
provided vital information pertaining to 
professional school admissions. Society 
members also had the opportunity to see 
medicine in the working tlirough the Society's 
Undergraduate Medical Experience, a program in 
which members followed physicians on their daily 
rounds at Wesson Memorial Hospital in 
Springfield. The Pre-Medical Society had 
much to offer, and the only requirement for 
membership was a desire to become involved. 

^ ^ 



M. Groffman, G. Soloman, E. Levine, D. Volk 


AIAA American Institute of Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineers 

AICHE American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers 

ASME American Society of Mechajiical Engineers 

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers 


The professional engineering societies provided 
students in the various fields of engineering with 
the opportunity to read and learn, of state-of-the- 
art changes and developments, within their discipline. 
As part of their service, tlie engineering societies 
maintained extensive hbraries, and provided literature 
searches which were world wide. 

Front: D. Klauzinski, J. Gajewski, J. Tringali, A. Infante. 

Middle: T. Roule, R. Bienvenue, J. Burzynski, D. Verdi. 

Back: J. Barnhart, B. Benwood, J. Brouillard, T. Walsh, D. Schlatka. 

(2II)f tkB^atlfUBtttB 


D. Epstein, J. Dean (Editor-in-Chief 68-69), 
Frank Bell 





p. PascarelU, Sports Editor 69-70 

If anything, it wasn't a dull year, for the 
MDC. The largest circulation in history, the 
inception of 8 a.m. deliveries to campus, and 
expanded campus and world wide news coverage, 
plus numerous special editions, would have 
been enough; still, there was more. 

Controversy arose with all night coverage of 
the Whitmore sit-in, the Afro-Am dispute, and 
the demonstration against Strom Thurmond. 
The paper sponsored a student referendum 
concerning on-campus recruiting. The MDC 
helped initiate the campaign for funds to 
purchase newspaper ads protesting legislative 
budget cuts. It also helped revoke the 
proposed $50 room desposit fee. 

The expansion led to improve quahty. The 
Associated Collegiate Press in giving a first 
class rating stated that the Daily Collegian, 
"falls just short of the top dailies in the 
country." That's quite an accomplishment for 
a paper in only its second year of daily 

R. Story, Educ. Editor 

F. Wandry, Business Manager 

E. Wright, Staff 


J. Curley, Assistant Managing Editor 68-69 

K. Bromery, Exec, Editor 69-70 

J. Fox, Managing Editor 69-70 

M. Silverman, News Editor 69-70 



S. Shamban, Sports Staff 

D. Epstein, Editor in Chief 69-70 

M. Alpert, Photography Editor 68-69; K. Emery, Photography 
Editor 69-70 




S. Goldman, disc jockey 


On the air more hours this year than ever, 
WMUA evolved an entirely new concept 
of service to the UMASS community. 

Concentrating on providing programs involving 
the University of Massachusetts, the station 
ran a specialized format of contemporary 
music for the students. Free from the 
restrictions placed on most commercial radio 
stations, WMUA introduced and explored the 
various aspects of today's music. The 
student was provided with a unique type of 
programming: Programming that would be 
educational and informational without being 

'We felt that we could best meet our 
objectives as an educational broadcaster if 
we concentrated our efforts on providing 
programs that involved the University of 
Massachusetts, rather than relying on the 
general packaged material that most 
educational radio stations used. " 

S. Lionetta, Ass't Station Manager 


D. Stadlen, Station Manager 

Jay Ballard, Chief Engineer 

J. Policow, Program Director 



The one and only humor magazine of the campus 

reappeared this year in a plain black wrapper 

after three years of scandal, investigation, 

and banishment. Published twice this year it 

carried the names of NO(if and Magazine, under 

an interdict not to use the name Yahoo. But 

the fight for christening ended in the spring 

when the magazine was allowed once more to 

call itself Yahoo. Filled with humor, satire 

and cartoons the magazine sought 

sophisticated humor in the feeling that the 

old style humor magazines no longer had a 

place on the day's campus. Nevertheless, the 

sick jokes were still there. 

"Blessings of Yushnik" 



Published four times yearly, the Journal 

sought to present the role of technology (and 

the engineer) in the day's society. 

Circulated among Engineering, math, and 

physical science majors the magazine has 

such regular features as editorials, student 

profiles, the Journal jokes, and the 

Engineer's girl. 

"Working for the Journal is li/<e eating a 
cream ctieese sandwicli, its not that well 
known and there's not that much to it, but 
if you like that sort of thing, it can be 
very satisfying. " 


"Our pride is invested in those who believe 
in our continuing success even before it is 

fully realized. " 

Covering a wide range of hterary and art 
possibilities. Spectrum was the general 
interest magazine of the campus. In its 
second year of publication, the magazine had 
grown in the search to stimulate critical 
thinking in all areas of artistic thought. 
With its contributions tripling, the magazine 
expanded its coverage to include critical 
essays on movie-making and vocal and 
instrumental music besides the regular store 
of articles, poems, art, and photography. 
Without a faculty advisor, the staff was 
responsible for the success of the magazine, 
a success based on the acceptance of a 
responsibility to the entire university 




%\ < 





Officially, it began on April 15, 1968, the direct 
result of a motion on the part of the Student Senate 
to sponsor a social action agency on campus, and the 
indirect result of the hfe and death of Rev. Dr. Martin 
Luther King Jr. It was given funds-$41 ,000 to 
be exact (of which three-fourths went towards the 
CCEBS program)— and, very importantly, it was 
given the leadership of Gil Salk. 

Gil did not remain alone. In addition to a Board of 
Directors staffed by such leaders as Ron Hardy and 
Roy Mansur, he quickly gathered the support of over 
five hundred students for what was to become the 
most active campaign on this campus ever begun by a 
non-political organization. N.E.S. Tutoring, dorm 
coffee hours, the Curriculum Reform Teach-in, the 
P.A.R. Conference, the Day of Awareness, the Campus 
Construction Project, the Night of Inquiry, the 
Biafra drive, the clothing and toy drives, and the 
program supporting the Cahfornia Grape strikers 
were all events which marked the plentiful success 
of that first year. 

But for an organization such as this, what had been 
done was never as important as what would be done. 
Like the man who inspired it, this group was aware 
of the incredible distance separating it from its 
final goals. 






The highest academic honor for 
students of Arts and Sciences. 

Nathaniel H. Akerman 
James L. Bernat 
Zelda B. Bilsey 
Janice L. Bouba 
Daniel P. Brown 
Barbara J. Burnham 
Brenda R. Condike 
Kathleen M. Condon 
Susan M. Curran 
Linda J. Decost 
Arthur F. Bembinski 
Wayne H. Duckworth 
Grace T. Durrance 
Andrea J. Fitt 
George W. Flavin 
Laurie S. Freeman 
Irene R. Frizado 
Barbara Gallenstein 
Gail R. Geiver 
Denise J. Gelinas 
Richard E. Glackenmeyer 
Ann T. Glassman 
Ruth Gleason 
Robert W. Goff 
Mark L. Goodman 
Mary E. Goodwin 
Linda M. Leibman 
Joyce A. Lemkin 
Jeffrey S. Livermore 
Roslyn R. Lofchie 
Nancy (Fisher) Lombardelli 
Robert C. Marcotte 
Carol J. Martin 
James A. Martin 
Charlotte M. Meier 
Ervin V. Meluleni 
Eleanor N. Moe 
Michael R. Nadler 
Aida A. Nawar 
Timothy D. Norwood 
Richard A. Nuccio 
Susan H. Ostrander 

Frank J . Pesando 
Maria K. Plaza 
Wilham D. Rhodes 
Samuel M. Richton 
Laurence Rodenstein 
Cynthia L. Rosenfield 
June E. ScuU 
Douglas G. Sena 
Susan M. Shiverick 
Michael P. Sissenwine 
John A. Gorecki 
Nancy C. Griffith 
Susan R. Griffith 
Jeanette B. Gunner 
William G. Harney 
George K. Hertz 
Thomas G. Hoffman 
Anne L. Johnson 
Carol J. Johnston 
Alan M. Katz 
Phillip S. Katz 
Patricia J. Kennedy 
WilUam G. Kopkind 
Victoria 1. Kucyn 
WilUam R. Lafleur 
Robert F. Spataro 
Sandra L. Spector 
Paul G. Stone 
Catherine A. Sullivan 
Ann Swanson 
Anne E. Twiss 
Richard S. Vail 
Carol E. Waldman 
Arnold R. Wallenstein 
Catherine M. Watts 
Harvey L. Waxman 
John E. Weir 
Paula M. Wliiteman 
Richard L. Willey 
Thomas L. Woods 
Howard A. Young 





Tau Beta Pi "smoker" 

Phil Renard, Dan Szostak 


Tau Beta Pi is a national society to 
honor distinguished scholarship and 
character as undergraduates in 
engineering. On this campus, Tau Beta 
Pi is also active in estabUshing 
projects to promote a better 
understanding among students, their 
courses, instructors, and professors, 
and the engineering community. 

The Council of Academic Honor Societies 
is composed of representatives from all 
University academic honor societies. 
The Council was estabhshed in 1968 for 
the purpose of working on matters of 
common concern to these societies, 
coordinating and stimulating interest 
in honor society activities, and 
expressing the feelings of this 
responsible sector of the student body. 

Prof. Wm. MeUen, Prof. S. Fletcher 

Bradford Mason, Richard Cetti. Bruce Benwood 





Chamber Singers with Dr. Du Bois. 



The Chamber Singers 

and Madrigals, smaller 

vocal ensembles from the 

Chorale and Chorus, 

have performed 

with each of the larger 

groups. They also 

performed with 

the Symphony Band's 

wind ensemble. 

IVIadrigal Singers \ 


The University had tliree large vocal groups, 
the Chorale, Chorus, and Women's Choir. 
Under the direction of Mr. Alan Harler, 
the Chorus and Women's Choir had come 
a long way in realizing their potential. 

The University Chorale was an acapella 
mixed choir, under the direction of 
Dr. Richard DuBois. It was the University's 
touring choral group, and had toured 
the United States. 









■ 1 VIH 





Wm ^ '^fll 




^ 9 !i?.~ him 

if fi' 


The Company way. 

Please, Cinderella. 

continuing effort to bring to tlie 
University the finest in Musical 
Theater entertainment, presented 
"Annie Get Your Gun" and 
"How to Succeed . . ." 

The Guild has made an 
important contribution to 
the University's theatrical 
experience for more than 22 years. 

A secretary is not a toy! 

Remembered from this year are 

. a dozen "cut-out" roses . . . 

. "So who needs a director?" . 

. A very wet Indian chief . . . 

. failing doors . . . 

. histrionic improvisations . . . 

. and a shy feeling girl. 
All in all, it's "been a long year". 

/ believe in you. 


Groundhiog, RAH! 

No Coffee?! 

New York Brass Quintet 

Julian Bream, lutenist and guitarist 


The Concert Association was a group of 

students interested in bringing 

the finest in artistic performances to 

the University community. The 1968-1969 

season saw eight different concerts 

in the field of classical and 

contemporary music. Included in the 

series were the Roger Wagner Chorale, 

the Boston Philharmonia, and 

Gina Bachauer. 



The MARCHING BAND overwhelmed this 

year's audience with its controversial 

PEACE show. Its final show featured 

music from Simon and Garfunkel. 

This year's SYMPHONY BAND presented 

its 1 8th annual tour with concerts in 

Connecticut and Massachusetts. 

The 1968-1969 CONCERT BAND is the 
largest instrumental group assembled 
at the University. Its 130 members 
performed two campus concerts- 
one outdoors in Southwest, 
and one in Bowker. 


* ->-2:-^^ 





The FL YING CL UB'S view of the campus 


Flying Club "drop-outs" . . . The Parachute Club 



4 w 








The Hello Friend Folk Society was conceived in 1968. 
It became a reality during summer sessions, and in 
September, a functioning and autonomous part of the 
campus. The Society was a valuable outlet for 
personal expression. Its members were dedicated 
artists; each to his or her own art, be it folk music, 
poetry, or just plain creativity. Coffeehouses and 
concerts have characterized their present activity. 


The International Club was a social and intercultural 
exchange society, open for membership to both Foreign 
and American students and faculty. In addition to 
the weekly Wednesday afternoon Coffee Hours, where 
each session was highlighted by a lecture or a 
nationality group presentation, the club held a food 
fiesta, a picnic, and an international talent show. 


T^T « ^^^^H 









^^ 1 

1 ^ 









r',V-yy^---".;^-; ■ ^.^ 




Heymakers, one of the only established coUegiate 
square dance clubs in New England, was open to, and 
consisted of members of the entire university 
community. During the weekly meetings, the 
professional caller, Henry Cosmini, called the dances 
for the experienced members, and instructed beginners 
on the basic movements. During the year, Heymakers 
visited other square dance clubs, attended New 
England square and folk dance conventions, and 
sponsored various on-campus activities. Heymakers 
attracts people from all groups, and provides an 
invigorating, yet relaxing evening of plain old- 
fashioned fun for those who chose to "square-em up." 

!--*^ >*,i^ .J c- *-»**, 

_jr-». *-i^ 

^•h - . ^-■- .,^" 

m % 

t 4 


Judith Skibo, Editor 
Kathleen McCaffrey, Nancy Operacz 
Frank Pesando, Carol Ann Rock 
Sandra Sadowski 

With the sound of the bell they begin to scatter, 
pouring out of Hasbrouck,, Morrill, Goessmann, 
Bartlett, squinting with the daylight, bunching up 
where the pathways have been washed out by 
mud, ducking cars across North Pleasant Street, 
shuffling down along the grass by the pond, bang- 
ing through the Psych. Building; dressed in mini- 
skirts, bell bottoms, blue jeans, culottes, V-necks, 
turtlenecks— a maze of shapes and colors. Look- 
ing closer, the" shapes separate. At the edge of 
the pond a couple stares down at the goldfish 
feeding in the shallowsj a small distance from 
them a man struggles with the wind for posses- 
sion of his papers; further still, under the shelter 
of a tree, a girl sits hunched up on the grass and 
reads her morning mail. These are the people 
who make up the mass; individuals gradually 
developing as they pass through each of the four 
stages of a college career. 




NEWNESS . . . 
quizzical . . . 
dazed . . . 

confused . . . 


The college route . . . 

Study . . . innumerable opportunities for knowledge 

Challenge . . . personal exchanges helping to 
overcome the shyness and timidity 
acquainted with new surroundings. 

Ideas . . . individuals grow from freshmen starting 
grounds. Each matures along his own lines. 

People . . . learning and expressing, taking all of 
life into his own workshop to help mold a 
new 'fresh' man into a well-attuned, sharply 
aware senior in living. 


..) 1 





«» ^ 


^^T jj|t_-jl,?^ 

V ■ - . it. -. .. 


z a>^- 





^t •^- 


SOPHOMORE - the year of self -discovery . . . joyful 
reunion with a roommate in September ... a little 
chuckle at the beanie walking by . . . sitting alone 
wondering if you can really afford to go to Mike's 
and forget that exam — and you wind up studying 
because you get shot down . . . It's standing, watching 
those people, too unsure of yourself to get 
involved yet: no, not just yet — but I wish . . . 
loving life, smiling, laughing, valuing the bad 
times for the strength they developed in you, and 
cherishing the good for the vibrant gleam you 
gained . . . open, alert, often in a quandry, but 
stumbling forward to your great adventure of the 


' ■ '' -.^■'^v^,, 

\ •. 

'fc "*»- .*■ j^.^' •'- 

*.>'»SJ lip, i^^.-' 


■ '■«qt^iv 





■ '^m^. 

JUNIOR: What is a junior? Perfiaps a face in a 

large crowd, knowing he belongs but yet secure in 

his individuality. He walks alone as if suspended 

in a bubble, realizing he can enter or leave at 

will. A junior marches with a different drum yet 

keeping in step with the entire parade. He is 

involved not for his own good or pleasure but to 

make the masses more meaningful to each other. Like 

a catalyst, he initiates action and calmly retreats, 

confident that the machines will run smoothly. 

He is a cynic but with every right. Having 

participated and helped for two years, he glories 

in anticipating his senior year, when he can leave 

with no regrets, because he is sure of his indelible 



^ jHte-^^ 



THE SENIOR: perhaps not loving the university so 
much as attached to it, as to a part of life that 
cannot be ignored or denied, to an influence, to 
a vast series of names, places, events and times 
that have changed him; caught between a desire to 
be free of the life and a fear of losing it. 

Despite claims to the contrary, ttie senior year is 
more than a period of sophistication and social 
prominence. It is a time of learning, of realizing 
that people are what they are and not what you 
would like them to be, that the great moral truths 
which we held as so unquestionable are indeed very 
questionable, that the only way to achieve in this 
life is to help others achieve. It is a time of 
remembering, of being haunted by memories of your 
own stupidity and of the pain which it has caused 
others, by the names and faces of those who have 
already passed from your life, by a sad disillusi- 
onment, the result of so many rigidly planted 
ideals. And it is a time of worry, of planning 
for an all too uncertain future, where plans for 
jobs, grad. school and marriage become intermixed 
with— perhaps even lost in— the events of our 
time. For the senior, having passed through four 
years of preparation, is faced with the problem of 
shaping the lifetime which follows. 






Margaret L. Franson 

LowtfU 11. t-itcli 

Steven J. Albemaz 

Susan H. Ostrander 


Jonathan C. Edwards 

Aline MacDonnell 

Glenn A. Briere 

Linda R. Waldman 

Jacqueline A. Wolff 

Susan M. Brady 

Bruce Benwood 

Frederic P. Hartwell 


Martha E. Curran 

Nancy M. Donovan 

Neal A. Whitman 

Richaid W. Story 

Charles W. Smith 


Susan R. Firmeran 

Laurence R. Marcus 

Christine L. O'Hare 

Wayne M. Thomas 


Susan J. Tracy 

Bradford H. Johnson 



—:.- -ACS 

Richard A. Nuccio 

Peter K. Lewenberg 


Raymond W. Taylor 




'Hit -^ 

Emanuel White 

Patti Aspinwall 

Rick Volpe 

Ralph Stoddard 

Joseph Disaicina 

Linda Shriber 


Paul Silverman 


Sue Wallace 
Mike McArdle 
Bill King 
Enid Salamoff 

Mike Garjian 

Lorrey Bianchi 



For the past three years, selected members of the 
faculty and administration had chosen a small 
group of seniors whom they felt liad demonstrated 
outstanding service to the University community. 

Eight individuals were selected this year. Each 
was asked to comment on their activities at 
the University and on their future goals. 

My four years at the University of Massacliusetts have been 
rewarding and frustrating ones. I have been active in my class 
and in the Student Union Governing Board - and have learned a lot 
through these activities. But 1 think the main reason that a 
student turns to extra-curricular activities that are unrelated 
to his field of studies is due to a lack of satisfaction in that 
field, lack of stimulation and motivation. The University should 
be a place for finding yourself and growing as a person - but not 
many people are concentrating on that in their classrooms. The 
oft repeated objective is left to happen as a by-product of your 
educational experience. The goal is clearly stated, but the focus 
is not aimed at achieving that goal. 

Everyone deals with finding themselves in their own way, my way 
happened to be one that was positively rewarded by the society we 
are all a part of. Perhaps I did make an outstanding contribution 
to the university community, perhaps 1 am a student leader. Or 
more likely 1 will be no more important to the future of this 
institution than any other single student who has done their own 
thing in their own way — whether their picture and story is in 
the INDEX or not. 

My four years here have been important ones and they will serve 
as a catalyst to whatever 1 will be. 

Susan M. Brady 

In my preliminary PSATs given in Newton in the second grade 1 
scored very highly. Assured of a place in college, 1 became a 
grade school dropout. Ten years later, at seventeen, I 
commenced my college education at Lake Forest CoUege. After one 
full year and two disciphnary probations I was given the choice 
of dropping out or being kicked out. At the tender age of eight- 
een, 1 left college and entered the Army. 1 lay dormant for three 
years until 1 came to Camp Umie where everyone lies dormant for 
four years. With three years sleeping experience behind me, 1 
was immediately singled out as a leader. 

My first political move was an attempt to estabhsh an apathy 

club. I felt assured that at UMASS 1 would have no trouble 

finding members. The club was a failure. I was late for the 

first meeting and no one else showed up. Having failed at apathy 

I tried the next best thing: the Student Senate. For those of you 

who have never heard of the Student Senate, it is a gregarious 

forensic society that lacks the good sense of a debating club to 

put a time limit on dialogue. The senators meet on Wednesday 

night and then forget what they have done until the next meeting 

at which time they reconsider their previous actions. "Everyone 

has a good time" at the meetings, which translated into Latin is 

the UMASS motto. 

As I leave I realize how little I have accomplished. President 

of the Student Senate is very little when I consider that 1 have 

never participated in a good sit-in or disrupted even one speaker. 

On a campus this size with so many racists and facist pigs on it, 

I could have done better. 

In the future I hope to be a writer with at least as much 
literary merit as Harold Robins. As I look forward and see myself 
tooled by the MiUtary-lndustrial Complex, hounded by tax collectors, 
nauseated by the old school Massachusetts politicians, and 
intimidated by the thought of growing up, I can only think of 
Peter Pan and the words of an anonymous Roman scholar: 

Paul J. Silverman 


As President of the student body at Newton South High School and 
a member of the varsity wrestling team, 1 gained experience both 
as a team leader and member which has carried over into my life at 
the University. 

I became active in class government in my Freshman year and ran 
for Vice President of the class of 1969 as a Sophomore. 1 placed 
a poor second in that election. However, undaunted, 1 continued 
to be active in class affairs. 1 have been a member of the Class 
Executive Council for four years and a member of the President's 
Council since its inception. 1 have been chairman of various 
committees ranging from Winter Carnival and Homecoming Concert 
Chairman to Senior Day 1969. 

I was Vice President of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity my Junior 
year and President my Senior year. As a Junior, 1 was awarded 
the 1968 T. G. Harrison Scholarship Foundation Award for my 
activities in the field of Agriculture and Food Economics. 
I look forward to a career in management of food products and 
plan to receive a Masters Degree in Business Administration. As 
I reflect on the events of the past four years and social upheaval 
of our country today, 1 am reminded of what Oliver Wendell Holmes 
said concerning the course of human events: 

"1 find the great thing in this world is not so 
much where we stand as in what direction we are 
moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and 
sometimes against it. But we must sail and not 
drift nor lie at anchor." 

Peter Lewenberg 

I was born in Salem, Massachusetts and have lived in North 
Beverly and in Salem. While attending Salem High School, 1 was 
active in the student council, the debating society, and the band, 
where I played the saxophone. I owe all that I am to my mother 
and father. 

1 came to the University in the autumn of 1965 and as 1 sought 
to become accustomed to college, I did not participate in anything 
until 1 rowed in the freshman boat in the UM Crew, a demanding but 
enjoyable sport. In the three years since then, I have been on the 
Southwest College Council, the Student Senate and some of its 
committees, the Student Affairs Committee, the Southwest 
Provisional Area Government, three house councils, and a 
constitutional commission. Also I have served on the Area West 
Judiciary, in which as Chairman for three semesters, 1 have 
worked closely and variously with both students and administrators, 
and on the Master Planning Committee, trying to help shape the 
physical development of the campus according to my understanding 
of the student's interests. During my senior year 1 have also been 
a counselor and have worked in the Planning Office. I believe 
that I have gained personally far more from my experience in these 
various activities than I have been able to contribute - these 
have been an important part of my collegiate education, for from 
them especially 1 have learned the value of reasonableness, of 
compromise and mutual exchange, of respect lor the validity of 
opinions other than my own, and of active participation in the 
diverse concerns of my environment. 

Although I have majored in history, my longstanding interest 
in cartography, graphic design, visual expression, and participa- 
tion in current affairs, has led me to choose a career in urban 
design and planning. 

Jonathan Edwards 


Perhaps it may sound rather banal, but my major eoneern both in 

high school and at the University has been to make my community 

a better place to hve for all who are there. I have tried to 

make my activities relevant to what is happening here and in the 

outside community as well. 1 hope that what 1 have contributed 

is of enough significance to balance all that I have gained 

through my experiences. I have seen many aspects of the University 

- some good, some not so good; 1 have worked in many varied 

situations with many different people - again some good, some 

not so good. Sometimes my involvement was beneficial, sometimes 

it was worthless. 

But there are many more situations yet to encounter and many more 

people yet to meet. 

It used to be that after a person had been graduated from college, 

his major concern was his golf score. Tragically, this sphere 

of importance has remained unchanged for many and, as a result, 

too many things have remained the same. 

What I have accomplished at the University is not nearly as 

important as how I make use of it in the future. As I began the 

first of my two summers working in institutions for youthful 

offenders, I was told, "You can't change the world." My future 

will depend upon how much I continue not to believe this. 

Laurence R. Marcus 

I am a "Distinguished Senior" but that term has little meaning 
and no relevance outside of the Student Union and Whitmore 
Administration Building. What it means is that instead of coping 
with the absurd institutional processing of human beings which we 
laughingly call "education," many other frustrated students and 1 
decided to harass the administration and faculty to implement the 
changes we thought essential for a viable educational community. 
Although we have directed many changes in the social aspects of 
the community - in curfew regulation, in student government, in 
visitation policy - in a sense we have won hollow victories, 
because a person's right to live where he wants and with whom 
he wants is not a privilege to be parceled out by a school 
administration, a board of trustees or a state legislature. 
Through my experiences in student government though, I come to 
realize that through logic, persuasion and reason, change is 
possible at the University. However, the real change, the 
significant change, in academics, must come if the Academy is to 
survive. I hope that the students remaining at the University will 
pursue the monumental task started by the Academic Affairs 
Committee in revamping the curriculum and the educational 
"process" itself. 

Of my own education in high school and college, 1 can only bow to 

Stephen Crane, when he declares; 

"When it occurs to a man that nature does 
not regard him as important and that she 
feels she would not maim the universe by 
disposing of him, he first wishes to throw 
bricks at the temples, and he hates deeply 
the fact there are no bricks and no temples." 
Susan J. Tracy 


Rising from an essentially undistinguished bactcground, 1 
occupied the days prior to my arrival at the University of 
Massachusetts with polishing and perfecting (and modestly masking, 
temporarily) those talents of razor-sharp mental abihty, 
lightening wit, and handsome school-boy looks which were to emerge 
and serve me in such good stead at the University. 

Upon arriving, 1 deployed my arsenal of attributes and commenced 
my attack upon all those aspects of darkness and evil which 
characterized the University in its early (c. Civil War) days. It 
required a few decades for the University to recognize that 
1 was on campus - coincident with their recognition of me, 1 came 
to see that the most serious problems requiring my attention were 
some relating to the education we were receiving. My task was 

Sallying forth to do battle with one of the largest units of the 
University, 1 found myself in the fortunate position of being on 
hand at the appropriate point at just the moment that the Daily 
Bugle began the review of the oft-cited but httle understood 
document of campus academic discussion. Winding up a comprehensive 
review of said document, my fame as a prominent critic of our 
educational practices was established. Students trickled to my 
cause; and suddenly, an academic concern was a fashionable one to 

Aided by an able corps of sturdy fellow-travelers, we were able 
to score the coup of the decade by writing our own version of 
where it should be. Undaunted by the overwhelming indifference 
to our efforts, we published The Difinitive Statement of our 
educational program for the ensuing years. 

Having become an unreconstructable addict of the academic 
issues, I immediately made plans to join the other side of the 
war effort, to assure myself the chance of seeing our magnum opus 
through the exceedingly fine mill of consideration and 
implementation. 1 will console myself in my rapidly-approaching 
declining years (following my baccalaureate discharge) with the 
thought that I shall be laboring in the fields of educational 
planning and administration forever. 

Richard W. Story 

Life at the university proved to be decidedly different from the 

one-building concept of high school. After one day on campus I 

knew that an adventure and a challenge lay ahead of me. 

My years at UMass were indeed both adventuresome and challenging, 

though not in the ways I had envisioned. It didn't take long for 

my love of the English language and its literature to be 

transformed into distaste, thereby ending my plans to teach 

English. At the same time I discovered a whole new educational 

realm in the world of "extra-curricular activities" - an area 

which could prepare me far better for the real world, I felt, 

than could the academic curriculum to which I was being subjected. 

Gradually 1 became involved in a variety of activities, among 

them INDEX, COLLEGIAN, class exec councU, and ROTC. By junior 

year, however, most of them had given way to the newspaper, which 

at that time advanced to daily publication. Inspired by my 

meager experience as a high school yearbook editor, 1 saw an 

opportunity to make the DAILY COLLEGIAN into an educational 

experience while helping the university at the same time. 

My outlook on college was partially expressed by a friend who left 

UMass in 1967 with less than a year to go till graduation. She 

said, "When school starts interfering with your education, it's 

time to quit." I modified this attitude and decided to stay, since 

the education I wanted was here though my curriculum was not 

really part of it. 

Right now the publishing field looks rather intriguing, as does 
advertising. But whatever I do, it will undoubtedly be in spite 
of, rather than because of, my academic experience. 
Jack Dean 












^KT ^^^u 






On Saturday, May 31,1 969, the University of 

Massachusetts officially certified the thinking 

of 1900 members of its undergraduate student 

body. Of that number, there were 6 Summa Cum 

Laudes, 73 Magna Cum Laudes, and 238 Cum Laudes. 

The Summa graduates were: Barbara Ann Bogdan, 

Accounting; Samuel J. Cohen, General Business 

and Finance; Richard Barlow Day, Psychology; 

Jonathan Edwards, //wfoo. Robert J. Murphy, 

Accounting; and Pieper Joe Toyana, English. 

Speaking at the commencement were: President 

John W. Lederle, Governor Francis W. Sargent, 

Senator Edward M. Kennedy and Senior Class 

President Wayne M. Thomas. Lederle bemoaned the 

loss of state funds and Governor Sargent passed 

this buck to the legislature, while Senator 

Kennedy concerned himself with a more universal 

problem, the war in Viet-Nam. Wayne Thomas, 

representing the Senior Class, gave a speech 

regarding student unrest. 

Honorary degrees were awarded to Spanish poet, 

Damaso Alonso; UMass alumnus, Ellsworth Barnard; 

League of Women Voters president, Mrs. Bruce 

Benson; National T.V. News Celebrity, Walter 

Cronkite; Senator Edward Kennedy; MIT president, 

Howard W. Johnson; poet, Archibald MacLeish; 

sociologist, David Riesman; UMass trustee 

emeritus. Dr. Harry C. Solomon; and Chief Justice 

G. Joseph Tauro. 

'\ . . As Graduates, 
We Go Out Today, 
Still Asking 
The Same Questions, 
But With the Added 
Of Providing Some of 
The New Answers/* 

Wayne M. Thomas, President, Class of 1969 

r •* 






It seems strangely paradoxical that the major 

events of a lifetime rarely impress us at the 

moment of their occurrence. For most of us, 

graduation marked the end of one way of life 

and the beginning of something quite different, 

but few were aware of the change at the time. 

We were too busy. At the beginning we fought 

with the wind, secured zippers, and struggled 

to keep caps straight. The tassel gave us a 

problem — which side was it on? did we toss it? 

what did the colors mean? — only to find that 

it didn't matter, and then there was the line 

which was never quite right, and somehow those 

we were with ended up several feet in front of 

us. And the long wait in the sun while prayers 

were said and speeches made. And finally the 

Alma Mater we had rarely heard — and then another 

line, less organized than the first. 

We were too busy. There was no time to think. 

And if we were to attach some special meaning 

to the events of that day, it would be at a 

later moment, and not then. 

ABRAHAM, MELANIE ANN; New Bedford; English; MusigaU; 
Class Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni. Comm.; 
Humor Magazine, Provisional Editor; Dorm Government; Dean's 

ABRAMS, BARBARA SHEILA; Worcester; Quinsigamond C.C; 
Sociology: Hillel; Belchertown Volunteer. 

ACKSEN, BARBARA ANN; Fairhaven; Psychology; University 
Chorus; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social Chrm.; Senior Honors; 
Dorm Cultural; Dorm Government. 

ADAM, DOUGLAS TORRANCE; Wellesley; General Business and 
Finance; Dorm Counselor; Faculty Fellow Advisor; Southwest 
Cultural Comm. 

ADAMS, L. STEVEN; Taunton; Math; Sigma Alpha Mu, Vice 
President; AFROTC. 

ADRIAN, NORMAN FRANCIS; Springfield; Chemistry: Dean's 
List; Intramurals. 

AHEARN, CANDICE HELENE; Lynnfieid; Fashion Merchandising: 
Exec. Council; Miss University Committee; Dean's List; Home 
Economics Club; Newman Club. 

AHEARN, DAVID GOREY; Greenfield; Mass Communications: 
WFCR; Action. 


AHERN, MAUREEN JEANNE; Salem; Painting: INDEX; Reform 
Comm.; Scuba Club; Dean's List; S.W. Academic Comm.; Dorm 
Gov't; Student Senate Acad. Aff. Comm.; Newman Club. 

AIKEN, KEVIN HOWARD; Athol; Mount Wachusett Community 
College; Financial Management; A and M Club. 

AKERMAN, NATHANIEL HOWARD; Springfield; Government: 
Phi Beta Kappa; Adelphia; Young Democrats, Pres., Treas.; Sigma 
Alpha Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha, V.P.; Dean's List; Who's 

ALBERNAZ, STEVEN J.; Somerset; //isfo/-j'; Adelphia; Gen. Court 
of Justice, Chief Justice; Theta Chi, Pres.; Arcon; Who's Who; 

ALDRICH, SUSAN JANE; Winchendon; Nursing; Nursing Club; 
Dorm Gov't; Dorm Counselor. 

ALEKEL, CYNTHIA E.; Msthuen; History. 

ALEX, ALBERT PAUL; North Weymouth; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club; N.E.S. Volunteer. 

ALFANO, FLORENCE REBECCA; Winthrop;/l/-f; Dorm Cultural 
Comm.; Belchertown Volunteers. 

ALLEN, JOHN JOSEPH, III; Visii^Vm; Anthropology: Intramurals; 
Dorm Judiciary; Men's Judiciary. 

ALPERT, MICHAEL JAY;MaibIehead; Pre-Dental; CoUegian; Dorm 
Gov't, Pres.; Student Senate; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Alpha 
Phi Gamma. 

ALTMAN, KENNETH NEIL; Brookline; Accounting; Acc't Assoc; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

ALVEZI, WALTER EUGENE; Sandwich; Tennessee Technological 
Univ.; Physical Education; Intramurals; Newman Club ; Soccer. 


AMBRA, GLENN PAUL; Randolph; Chemistry: Certification to 
American Chemical Society; Freshman Golf; Newman Club. 

AMBROSE, DAVID I.; Marlboro ;.«/sfo^.v; Newman Club. 

AMBROSE, ELAINE MARIA; Marlboro; Westfield State CoUege; 
English; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

AMICO, JOSEPH P.; Danvers; Restaurant and Hotel Management; 
Football; Intramurals; QTV, Pres. 

AMMENWERTH, CYNTHIA C; UtWeton; Nursing; Marching Band; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Nursing Club. 

ANAPOL, MICHAEL IRA; Maiden; Electrical Engineering; Dean's 
List; I.E.E.E.; Dorm Council; Intramurals. 

ANDERSON, ALVIN ROSS; North ^looUieXi; Hotel and Restau- 
rant Managem en t. 

ANDERSON, RICHARD ANDREW; Manchester; Mec/ia«!ca/ fngz'- 
neering; ASME; AIAA. 

ANDERSON, STEVEN; Burlington; Physical Education; Beta 
Kappa Phi; Varsity Lacrosse; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

ANDREOLA, ROBERT MATTHEW; Milford; Worcester Junior 
CoUege; //(Story; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

ANDREWS, ROBERT GEORGE; Northampton; Holyoke Com- 
munity Co\kgi; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. 

ANTINE, MARC E.; Taunton; Government; Sigma Alpha Mu, 
Treas., Rush Chrm.; Student Senate; Pre Law Club, E.\ec. Comm.; 
I.F.C. Athletics. 

ANTONIOLI, MARY-ELLEN; Fiamingham; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club, Publicity Chrm.; Newman Club; Dorm Charter Comm.; 
Dorm Exec. CouncU; Dean's List. 

APOSTOLOU, JAMES DIMITRIOS: Worcester; Quinsigamund 
Community College; Management; Student Union Rec. Activities 
Comm.; Table-Tennis Team; Intramurals. 

ARCHIBALD, JUNE MARIE; ArUngton; Mass Bay Community 
College; Elementary Education; Dorm Social Comm.; Dorm Stan- 
dards Comm. 

ARCOUETTE, SUSAN S.; Worthington; French; Dean's List; 
Honors Colloquium; Kappa Delta Pi; Educ. Club; Standards Com- 

ARENDS, WAYNE KENNETH; Ueiioii; Accounting; Choral; Stu- 
dent Government; Dorm Treas.; Acc't Assoc. 

ARGUIMBAU, DANIEL HOWARD; Sharon; Agricultural & Food 
Economics; Alpha Zeta, Treas., President; Forestry Club; Intra- 

Nursing Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Standards Comm. 

ARNOLD, PAMELA JEAN; Decatur, 111.; Management; Dorm 
Judiciary, Chrm.; Dorm Legislative Comm. 


ARNONE, MARY JO; Holbrook; English: Dorm Counselor; Dorm 
Gov't; Area Newspaper; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

ARONSON, RUTH ELLEN; Newton; Sociology: ScroUs, V.P.; 
Kappa Alpha Theta, V.P.; Dorm Counselor; Naiads. 

ARONSTEIN, MARCIA CAROL; ?HUV\e\i; Elementary Education: 
HiUel; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Publicity Co-chrm., Historian; Dean's 
List; Educ. Club; Standard's Comm. 

ARSENAULT, RONALD EDWARD; N. Attleboro; Management; 
Marching Band; Concert Band; House Council. 

ASOIAN, JUDITH ELIZABETH; Knio\ex; Russian; Russian Club; 
Dorm Treasurer; Dorm Counselor. 

ASPINWALL, PATTI S.; Belmont; Gen. Business & Finance; Class 
Sec; Chi Omega; Panhellenic Council; Exec. Council; Jr. Panhellenic 
CouncU; ScroUs; Who's Who. 

ATCHUE, KATHLEEN JOYCE; West Boylston; English; Naiads; 
Dorm Counselor; Undergraduate Ass't.; Dorm Standards Comm. 

ATKINSON, KATHLEEN; WeUesley; English; Roister Doisters; 
Dorm Pres.; Project 10 UTR, Counselor; Student Senate Comm.; 
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, English Department; Univ. 

AUGOT, BERNARD JOSEPH, JR.; Lawrence; Northern Essex 
Community College; £'«^/is/i; Yahoo; Intramurals. 

AUKSTIKALNIS, VIRGINIA; Brockton; Speech (Communication 
Disorders); Communication Disorders Club; Dean's List; Dorm 
Exec. Council, Treas.; Newman Club; Psychology Club. 

BABCOCK, STEPHEN J.; Fiamingham; Marketing. 

BABSON, THOMAS WILBON; Gloucester; St. Lawrence University; 
Theatre; Hockey; Tennis; ROTC. 

BACON, LINDA NELSON; Amherst; A^Mrsm^. 

BAKER, ANNE ELIZABETH; Arlington, Va.; Home Economics 
Education; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; House Judiciary Comm.; 
Dorm Sec; Educ. Club. 

BAKER, JOHN E., JR.; Norwood; Government; Freshman Track; 
Parachute Club; Dorm Pres. 

BAKER, LOIS ANN; West Roxbury; Lasell Junior College; Fas/i/on 
Merchandising; Hillel. 

BAKER, THOMAS WILLIAM; Cheshire; Berkshire Community 
College ; Electrical Engin eering. 

BALBONI, JOHN J.; Agawam; Food Science; Tau Epsilon Phi, V.P.; 
Revelers; Winter Carni Comm.; Greek Week Comm.; Dean's List; 
Food Sci. Club; Weight Lifting Club; 4H Advisor. 

BALCH, LORRAINE ELIZABETH; Upton; English; CoUegian; 
Colonel's Cadre. 

BALL, CAROLYN EDITH; West mVbmy; Elementary Education. 


BALL, MARLENE CAROLINE: No. Amherst; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

BALTAKIS, NANCY JOYCE; Gardner; Sociology; Dorm Sec; 
S.W.A.P., Dorm Rep. 

BALTIMORE, MAURINE C; Randolph; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club; Precisionettes; F.O.J. 

BALZANI, MARIA ASSUNTA; Easthampton; Communications Dis- 
orders; Marching Band; Concert Band; Pre-Med Society. 

BAND, ROBERT; BiookMe; Accounting; Phi Sigma Delta, Treas.; 
IPC Finance Comm. 

BANNISH, DIANE FRANCESCA; Westfield; English; Newman 
Club; Dorm Officer; Dorm Counselor. 

BARBAGLIA, OUIDA V.; Ca.nlon; Nursing 

BARBARO, JOHN A.; Wolhston; Psychology; Planning Committee 
for Humanistic Educ. 

BARBEAU, M. WENDY; Marshfield; Physical Education; WAA; 
Dorm Pres.; President's Forum; Southwest Patriots, Sec; Intra- 

BARBER, SUSAN MARIE; Greenfield; Elementary Education; 
Dorm Sec; Dorm Exec. Board; Woman's Ski Team. 

BARCLAY, DAVID LAURENCE; Lexington; Mathematics; Dorm 
Counselor; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

BARNARD, DEBORAH JANE; Worcester; English; Dorm Gov't; 
Ski Club. 

BARNAT, DANIEL SEAN; Methuen;Maf;!emaftcs; Zeta Nu; I.F.C.; 
Marching Band; Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm. 

BARNETT, BARBARA; Beverly; Elementary Education; Dean': 

BARNHART, JERAD H.; Hummelstown, Penn.; Electrical Engi- 
neering; I.E.E.E., Pres.; Intramurals. 

BARON, ALICE ANN; Sturbridge; Art; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Alumnae Sec, 2nd V.P. 


BARON, MARSHA LEE; West Roxbury; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club, Sec; Exec. Council; Dean's List; Hillel; Winter Caini 

BARR, LINDA J.; Lynn; Home Economics; Iota Gamma Upsilon. 

BARRON, CARL STEPHEN; MagnoUa; UMass/Boston;/lccounri>if,- 
Accounting Assoc; Veterans Organization. 

BARROW, LYNN; Dighton; Medical Technology; Alpha Delta 


BARTLETT, NORMAN FARWELL; Chatham; Plant and Soil Sci- 
ences: Alpha Zeta. 

BARTON, CARLOS LEE; Framingham; Harvard University; Chem- 
istry: Dorm Council; Intramurals; Dean's List; Freshman Track; 
Winter Carni Comm. 

BARTON, DONALD EDWARD; Lynn; Economics: Phi Mu Delta; 
Intramurals; Dean's List; Pre-Law Assoc. 

BATTEN, PETER GEORGE; Gloucester; Mathematics: Newman 

BATTISTA, LYDIA COLETTE; Worcester; Fashion Merchandising: 
Exec. Council; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; lota Gamma 
Upsilon; Winter Carni Comm. 

BAUDER, JAMES WARREN; Tewksbury; Forestry: Alpha Zeta; 
Sec, Xi Sigma Pi, Soc. Fiscal Agent; Dean's List; Senior Honors 

BAUR, ARMIN; Rafz-Zurich, Sv/itzeihnd; Mechanical Engineering: 
Univ. Flying Club, Treas.; A.S.M.E.; Instrument Society of America; 
International Club. 

BEATTIE, ANNE M.; Sheffield; English: Dean's List; Dorm Stan- 
dards Council. 

BEAUDET, BEVIN ANDRE; Medway; Chemical Engineering; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Newman Club; AICHE; Spring 
Review Comm., Chrm. 

BECK, ROBERT C; Scotia, N.Y.; Mechanical Engineering: ASME; 
AIAA; Intramurals. 

BECK, THOMAS W.; Braintree; Animal Science: Freshman Cross 
Country Track; Swimming. 

BECKER, ALAN JOSEPH; East Rutherford, N. J. ; Restaurant and 
Hotel Mgt.: Kappa Sigma; Varsity Football. 

BEDNARZ, CAROLYN HELEN; Easthampton; English: Dean's 
List; Senior Honors; Kappa Delta Pi; Spectrum; Reader - EngUsh 

BEEBE, JANET LORAINE; Holden; Elementary Education: Educ. 
Club; Ski Club; Doim Council; Dean's List. 

BEEKMAN, ROBERT ALLEN; Amherst; iVe-Med(Cfl/. Pre-Med Club, 
Northampton Volunteers. 

BEEMAN, SANDRA LOUISE; Brookfield; Elementary Education: 
Education Club. 

BEERS, JUDITH KELM; Great Barrington; £'conomics; W.A.A. Ski 
Team, Capt.; Women's Intercollegiate Ski Conference, Chrm.; 
Lutheran Student Assoc; Dorm Activities; Dean's List. 

BELBEN, CAROLE ANNE; North \ndo\ei\ English; Dean's List. 

BELIVEAU, THOMAS JOSEPH; Lee; Chemical Engineering; Tau 
Beta Pi; Eng. Journal, Asst. Mng. Editor; Amer. Institute Chemical 
Engineers; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List. 

BENSON, ELAINE M.; Lawrence; Northern Essex Community 
Co\^s%s; English. 


BENSON, ICAREN LOUISE; Lynn; French: Dean's List; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Alplia Chi Omega, Social Chim.; Exchange Program, Univ. 
of New Mexico; Exec. Council. 

BENWOOD, BRUCE ROBERT; Worcester; Electrical Engineering: 
Tau Beta Pi, Pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Who's Who; 
Council of Academic Honor Soc; I.E.E.E., V. Clirm.; Dean's List. 

BERARD, THOMAS NORMAN; Springfield; Forest'; Forestry 
Club; New Man Club. 

BERG, CYNTHIA GAIL; Medfield; University of Massachusetts, 
Boston; English; Hillel, Chrm. 


BERG, ELIZABETH ANN; Pittsfield; Child Development: Sigma 
Kappa; Arts and Music Comm. 

BERGLUND, WILSON SMITH; Duxbury; English: Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Maroon Key; Friends of Reading Society. 

BERGMANN, STEPHEN WILLIAM; Framingham Ctr.; Business 
Administration: Delta Chi, House Mgr., Publicity & House Chrm., 
Sergeant in Arms; IFC; Dean's List. 

BERGS, MAUA; Weymouth; Fashion Merchandising: 
Lambda Delta; Residential Living Board; Omicron Nu, Pres. 


BERKOWITZ, BARBARA IRENE; Quincy; English: HiUel; Chorus; 
Honors Colloquium; Southwest College Council, Ass't Moderator; 
E.D.U.C; Southwest Cultural Comm.; Dean's List. 

BERLINER, SUSAN LYNNE; Plainview, N.Y.; Nassau Community 
College; EngUsh: French Corridors; Biology Club; Collegian. 

BERMAN, LEONARD NORMAN; Lynn; Northeastern University; 
Mathematics: Dorm Council; Dorm V.P.; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

BERNAT, JAMES LAWRENCE; Cincinnati, Ohio; Pre-Medical: 
Delta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Honors Colloquium; INDEX; Hillel; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. 



BERRY, GAIL; Carlisle; Psychology: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dean's 
List; INDEX. 

BERRY, SUSAN LEE; Chelmsford; Zoolog}'; Dorm Counselor; 
Honor's Colloquium. 

BERTI, RONALD JOSEPH; Adams; Philosophv: Dorm Social 

BESSER, VIVIAN ALMA; CMton; Accounting: Chi Omega; Winter 
Carni; Yahoo; Acc't Assoc; Scrolls; Revelers; Dean's List. 

BIANCHI, GARY JOHN; Chelsea; History: Student Union Program 
Council; Recreational Activities Chrm.; Student Senate Activities 
Comm.; Tau Epsilon Phi; Joseph's Cloak Coffee House Chim. 

BIANCHI, LORREY JAMES; Virginia Beach, Va.; History: 
Adelphia; INDEX, Campus Coordinator; Greek Judiciary; Alpha Phi 
Gamma Honorary JournaUsm Society; Tau Epsilon Phi; Who's Who. 

BIANCHI, ROBERT ERNEST; Pittsfield; Civil Engineering: Dorm 
Gov't; Amer. Soc. Civil Eng.; Intramurals. 

BIELA, MICHAEL STEPHEN; Chicopee; /4ccoM«fm^,- Dean's List; 
Acc't Assoc; Intramurals. 


BILSBURY, KATHRYN; Milford; Chemistry: ScroUs; Dean's List. 

BILSEY, ZELDA BEATRICE: Worcester; Psychology; Spanish 
Club; Psychology Club; Heymakers; Plii Beta Kappa. 

BISHOP, BARBARA JEAN; Agawam; UMass Boston; Sociology. 

BISSELL, CAROLYN JEAN; West Groton; Mt. Wachusett Co. 
College; Sociology. 

BLAKE, MADALYN ANN; Springfield; Sociology: Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Chaplain; Dean's List; Exchange Student to New Mexico; 
Spectrum; Jr. Pan Hel. 

BLOOM, CAROL R.; Medfoid; Education. 

BLOOM, LOIS JANE; tiev/ton; English: CoUegian; Dean's List. 

BLOVIN, ANDRE E.; Lawrence; Northern Essex Community Col- 
lege; F(/!a/?ce. 

BJORKLUND, GAIL JOYCE; Malverne, N.Y.; Home Economics: 
Chi Omega; ScroUs; Junior Pan Hel, Pres.; Panhel Council, Sec; 
Dorm Counselor; Home Ec. Club; Dean's List. 

BLADES, DON LENNOX; Westboro; Wildlife Biology: WildUfe 
Society; Dean's List; House Council; IVCF. 

BLALSE, KENNETH S.; Melrose; Zoology. 

BLAKE, LARY ALAN; Merrimac; Russian: Dean's List. 

BOBBA, PATRICIA ANN; Spiinsneld; English: Italian Club. 

BODWELL, KAREN LOUISE; SterUng; Fashion Merchandising: 
Belchertown Volunteer. 

BOGDAN, BARBARA ANN; Easthampton; Accounting: Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Acc't Assoc; Dean's List. 

BOGUE, LESLIE JEAN; Boonton, N.J.; Gordon CoUege; Physical 
Education: Equestrian Drill Team; Dorm Standards Comm.; Swim- 
ming; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Field Hockey. 

BOHN, CHARLES FREDERICK; South Orange, N.J.; Marketing; 
Newman Club, Lector; Intramurals; Young Republicans. 

BOJARSKI, ANN MARIE JANE; Fairview; Zoology; Equestrian 

BOLDUC, MURIEL ANN; Shelburne Fahs; Nursing; Nursing Club; 
Newman Club; Dean's List; Honors Colloquium; Sigma Theta Tau. 

BONNEAU, ROBERT P.; FloT&nce: English: Commuters Club ; Univ. 


BONVOULOIR, DAVID ARTHUR; Westboro; Oceanographic 
Economics: Dean's List; Honors Colloquium; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Dorm Social Coordinator; Intramurals; Scuba Club. 

BORGE, DAVID B.; Gloucester; Anthropology; Freshman Exec. 
Council; Phi Sigma Kappa, Pledgemaster, Pres.; I.F.C. 

BORNSTEIN, RALPH EDWARD; Newton ; Economics, Tau Epsilon 
Phi; Economics Comm., Clum. 

BORNSTEIN, SANDRA BETH; BrookUne; University of 
Massachusetts, Boston; English: Collegian. 

BORONSKI, RUTH; V/hk; English: Newman Club. 

BORUCHOWSKI, MARILYN; Easthampton; Spanish: Spanish Club; 
NES Volunteer; Social Comm. Rep.; Dean's List; Young Democrats. 

BOTTA, CARLENE JANE; Springfield; Elementary Education: 
Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club. 

BOUBA, JANICE L.; Lawrence; Government: Young Democrats; 
Newman Club; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BOUCHER, J. RICHARD; Leominster; Worcester Junior College; 
History: CoUegian, Issue Ed.; Alpha Plii Gamma. 

BOURBONNAIS, JOAN CLAIRE; Seekonk; University of Rhode 
Island; Home Economics: Chi Omega, Social Clirm.; SWAP; 
Revelers; Exec. Council; Winter Caini Comm.; Dorm Pres.; Student 

BOURELL, JUDITH ANN; Worcester; Physical Education: Dorm 
Counselor; Dorm President; WAA; Dean's List. 

BOURGOIN, NANCY BERNADETTE; Lynn; Psychology; Five- 
College Student Coordinating Bd.; Collegian; Student Senate; J.F.K. 
Memorial Comm, Chrm.; D.V.P. 

BOURKE, PATRICIA ANN; Auburn; General Business and Finance; 
SWAP Comm.; SWAP Delegate; Dorm Pres.; ScroUs; Dean's List; 

BOUSQUET, CHRISTINE SABINA; Southbridge; Communication 
Disorders; Communication Disorders Club; Newman Club; Newman 
Choir; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

Engineering; ASCE; ASCE Newsletter, Editor; S.U. Dance Comm.; 
Dorm Athletic Chim.; Dean's List; Newman Club; Intramurals. 

BOUTIN, NORMAND GEORGE; Holyoke; Chemistry. 

BOYD, CHARLOTTE ANN; Longport, N.J.; Food and Nutrition; 
Home Ec. Club; INDEX; CoUegian; Dean's List; Dorm Judiciary. 

BOZEK, FRANCIS JOSEPH; Adams; Physical Education; BasebaU; 
Intramurals; Dorm Athletic Director. 

BRADBURY, CATHERINE ELLEN; Waltham; History; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Bologna Summer Session. 

BRADBURY, MARY MARGARET ^WMamstov/n; Elementary Ed- 


BRADY, JEAN MARIE; Melrose; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
House Chrm.; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Greek Week 
Comm.; Campus Chest Comm. 

BRADY, KATHLEEN MARIE; White Plains, N.Y.; Foods in Busi- 
ness: Dorm President; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

BRAND, STEVEN GERALD; Ua\den\ Management; HiUel. 

BRANLEY, ROBERT JOHN; Winchester; University of South 
Florida; Business; Intramurals. 

BRAZ, EILEEN C; Fall River; Education; Angel Flight; Newman 
Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean's List. 

BRAZAUSKAS, PETER JOHN; Athol; Accounting; Intramurals; 
Dorm Social Comm. 

BREDBERG, LOIS ANN; Winchendon; English; Kappa Delta Pi; 
NES Tutor; Dean's List; Honors Colloquium. 

BREED, DAVID BREWSTER; Boxford; General Business and 
Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Swimming; Intramurals; Dean's List; 
Revelers; I.F.C., V.P. 

BRENNER, JUDITH LAGASSE; Fitchburg; Government; Lambda 
Delta Phi; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Treas., Sec; Univ. Chorus; Newman 
Club; Dorm Gov't. 

BRESLAW, ELLEN STACH; Kew Gardens HiUs, N.Y.; Nutrition 
and Foods; Collegian; Dorm Counselor; Southwest Social Comm.; 
Colonel's Cadre; lAESTE Comm. 

BRESNAHAN, MAURICE WILLIAM; Sharon; Massachusetts Bay 
Community College; History; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; 
Scuba Club; Intramurals. 

BREZNIAK, THOMAS BERNARD; Webster ;£'nf/!s/i. 

BRIERE, GLENN ALLAN; Wayne, N.J.; English; WMUA, Business 
Mgr.; Collegian, Sports Ed.; Martin Luther King Social Action 
Council; Who's Who; Dean's List; Young Democrats. 

BRIGGS, MOLLY ANN; Westfield; Home Economics; Ski Club; 
Winter Carni Comm.; NES; Home Ec. Club; Martin Luther King 

BRIGHAM, DAVID W.; Wellesley; Northeastern University; Quanta- 
tive Methods; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

BRITHA, MARY LOUISE; Springfield; Elementary Education; 
Lambda Delta Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Honors Colloquium; University 
Chorus; Newman Club; N.E.S. Tutoring; Dean's List. 

BROD, TERRI LEE; V^esVoniy; Anthropology. 

BRODERICK, NANCY JEAN; Springfield; Maf/jemaf/cs; Marching 
Band; Symphony Band; Sigma Kappa; Scrolls; Mortarboard; Dean's 
List; Naiads. 

BROLUND, GREGORY V.; Chicopee Falls; Chemistry; Intramurals; 
Dorm Council. 

BRONSTEIN, SUSAN BETH; Newton; Communication Disorders; 
Northampton Volunteers; Communication Disorders Club, Pres. 


BROTHER, DAVID; LoweU; Pre-Dental; Pi Lambda Phi; Student 
Union Governing Board; Student Senate; Dean's List; University 
Theatre; Ski Club; Pre-Med Club. 

BROWN, JUDITH ANN; Stoneham; Nursing; Alpha Chi Omega, 
Warden; Nursing Club. 

BROWN, LINDA LUCILLE; Braintree; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Elementary Education: Educ. Club; Newman Club; 
Winter Cami Court. 

BROWN, MARY ALICE; UiidXston; Elementary Education: ScroUs; 
Revelers; Sigma Delta Tau, PanHel Rep., 1st V.P. 

BRUCKERT, EDWARD ARTHUR; Kingston, H.Y .; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Kappa Nu; IEEE. 

BRUNI, KAREN JANE; Rockport; Education: Educ. Club; New- 
man Club; CoUegian; N.E.S.; Univ. of Bologna Summer Session; 
Dorm Social Cultural Comm.; Dean's List. 

BRUNNING, WENDY; Peabody;A'u/-smg,Naiads;NursingClub; Pres. 
Nursing Class. 

BUCHMAN, ELLEN URLING; Hampstead, Maryland; Nursing: 
Lambda Delta Phi, Chaplain, Sec; Nursing Club; Nursing Class, Sec. 

BUCKNER, LINDA SUSAN; Maiden; Elementary Education: 
WMUA; N.E.S.; Educ. Club; Southwest Cultural Comm.; Concern. 

BUCUVALAS, VIRGINIA; Newton; Child Development: Dean's 
List; Program Council, Music Comm.; National Assoc, for Educ. of 
Young Children. 

BUND, BARBARA JUDITH; Winchester; History: Women's Ski 
Team; Dean's List. 

BUNICK, GERARD JOHN; Newton Centre; Chemistry; Marching 
Band; Symphony Band; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

BUNTING, SUSAN CAROL; Holden; Elementary Education: E.xec. 
Council; Chi Omega Sorority; Special Event Committee. 

BURGESS, JEFFREY MILTON; Greenfield; Psychology: Dorm 
Judiciary; Intramurals; Dorm Council; Summer Judiciary; Science 
Fiction Club; House Constitution Comm. 

BURKE, MAUREEN; Billerica; Human Development: Angel FUght; 
Dorm Comm.; Dean's List. 

BURKE, WILLIAM F.; Quincy; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dorm Gov't; 
Dean's List; M.A.L. 

BURNETT, ROBERT WILLIAM; Amherst; Plant Pathology: Ski 
Club; Dean's List; Chorus; Outing Club. 

BURNHAM, BARBARA JAN; Holyoke; French; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Scrolls; Winter Carni Comm.; Kappa Alpha Theta, Pres.; Mortar- 
board, Elec. Chrm.; Deans List; PanHel Council, Sec. 

BURNS, CHERYL DIANE; Faiihaven;Anthropology. 

BUTLER, KENNETH EUGENE; Middleboro; Mathematics: Rec. 
Activities Comm., Chrm.; Program Council; Math Club; Intramurals. 


BYBEE, JEAN AILEEN; Dalton; Berkshire Community CoUege; 
Animal Science: Dorm Judiciary. 

BYER, ALAN MICHAEL; Sharon; Massachusetts Bay Community 
CoUege; Business Administration: Area West Judiciary; Winter Carni- 
val; Exec. Council. 

BYRON, DENNIS MICHAEL; Milford; Worcester Junior College; 
Accounting: Acc't Assoc; Plii Theta Kappa; Dean's List; N.A.A. 
Award; Dorm Council; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Treas. 

BYRON, THOMAS WILLIAM; North Cape May, N.J.; Government: 
Maroon Keys; Theta Chi, V.P., Rush Clum.; Arcon; Dean's List; 
General Court of Justice. 

CABANA, RAYMOND ARNOLD; Worcester; Production Manage- 
ment; Southwest Assembly, Social Comm. 

CACCIAPUOTl, ANTHONY FRANCIS; Webster; Microbiology: 
Dean's List; Newman Club; Pre-Med Club; Equestrian Club; Science 
Fiction Club; Astronomy Club; Outing Club. 

CADIGAN, ROBERT THOMAS; Arhngt on ;Socio/o^', Dorm Coun- 
selor; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Senate Pub. Rel. Comm.; Newman 
Club; Dorm Soc. Comm. 

CALDON, NANCY JOAN: Brighton; Art: Dean's List; Bologna 

CALLAHAN, EUGENE H., JR.; Chelsea; English: Young Demo- 

CALVI, JOHN PHILIP; Athol; Food Science and Technology: 
Dean's List; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; Food Service Comm.; 
Marching Band. 

CAMERON, ROSALIE G.; Lowell; Home Economics. 

CAMPANA, CLAIRE; Lexington; English: Dorm Counselor; Dean's 
List; Newman Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Kappa Delta Pi. 

CAMPANILE, MARSHA R.; Hopedale; Quinsigamond Community 
College; Elementary Education: Univ. Childrens Theatre; Program 

CAMPBELL, MICHAEL HOWLAND; South Hadley; History; 
Dean's List. 

CANAVOSIO, CAROLYN THERESA; Springfield; Sociology; 
Dean's List; Alpha Chi Omega, Recording & Corresponding Sec; 
Newman Club; Educ. Club. 

CANDE, DONNA ELAINE; Dalton; Elementary Education: Dean's 
List; Dorm Social Chrm.; Roister Doisters; Operetta Guild; Educ. 
Club; Standards Council. 

CANNATA, WILLIAM JAMES; Watertown; Hotel and Restaurant 
Management: Freshman Basketball; Alpha Sigma Phi, Sec, Athletic 
Chrm.; Intramurals. 

CANNON, JAMES WESLEY; Hadley; Electrical Engineering: Col- 
legiate Flying Club; Scuba Club; I.E.E.E. 

CANNON, LARRY STEVEN; Wareham; Management: Freshman 
Rifle Team; Dorm Council; A.S.C.E.; Dorm Sec, Treas.; Dorm 
Social Comm. 

CANTY, LORRAINE MARIE; So. Weymouth; English; English 
Educ. Council; Standards Comm.; Dean's List. 

■'^Ss ^«cr 



CAPARELLO, DOMINIC MARK; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
College; Zoology: Xi Alpha; Phi Kappa Beta; Dean's List; Zoology 
Honor Roll. 

CAPITANIO, DENNIS ALBERT; Pittsfield; Chemistry; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

CARDOZA, DONNA M.; Grafton; Dietetics: Newman Club; New- 
man Choir; Dean's List. 

CAREY, SUSAN GAYLE; Greenfield; German: Kappa Delta Pi; 
Dean's List; Senior Honors Project. 

CARIVAN, FREDERICK ALLAN; Manchester; Civil Engineering: 
A.S.C.E.; Bridge Club; Dorm Gov't. 

CARLIN, AMANDA H.; Hadley; Zoo/ogv; Dance Group; Equestrian 

CARLSEN, KAREN; West Newbury; Public Health: NES Tutor; 
Dean's List; Senior Honor's Thesis; Student Pubhc Health Assoc; 
Student Health and Welfare Council. 

CARLSON, ALDEN EDWARD, JR.; Worcester; Quinsigamond 
Community Co]lege; Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu. 

CARLSON, CAROL E.; Quincy; Education. 

CARLSON, DAVID JON; West Hatfield; Pre- Veterinary: Phi Eta 
Sigma; Senior Honors. 

CARLSON, KATHRYN; Quincy; English: Alpha Clii Omega; 
Mortarboard; D.V.P.; Academic Affairs Comm. 

CARLSON, PAMELIA WHEELER; West Hatfield; Zoology: Senior 
Honor Project. 

CARLSON, ROBERT V.; Medway; Wildlife Biology: Rifle Team; 
Senate Activities Comm.; Dean's List. 

CARPENTER, JEAN; Hingham; Elementary Education: Kappa Del- 
ta Pi; Standards Comm.; Judo Club. 

CARROLL, JUDITH ANN; Hampton; Fashion Merchandising; 
Home Ec. Club. 

CARRON, EMILY RUTH; Worcester; Education: Dorm Gov't; 
Dean's List. 

CARSON, ROBERT KNOX; Boston; Astronomy: House Council; 
Chief Justice Dorm Judiciary; Astronomy Club. 

CARTY, KENNETH RICHARD; Brighton; English: Dean's List; 
Senior Honors; Literary Society; Dorm Representative Collegian. 

CARVOTTA, DONNA BARBARA; Danvers; Education; Med-Tech 
Club, V.P.; Newman Club; Angel Flight; Educ. Club. 

CASAGRANDl, ROBERTA MARIE; Stoneham; Government: E.\ec. 
Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Southwest Social Comm.; Campus 
Chest; Dean's List; Dorm Representative. 


CASSIDY, TERRENCE M.; Lincoln; Chemistry': Outing Club; Scuba 

CASSIN, JAMES MARTIN; Lowell; Mount Wachusetts Community 
College ;//isrc)/-v,- Theta Chi; House Manager; Intramurals. 

CATALETA, DENIS P.; Leominster; Fitchburg State College; Soc;- 
ology: Dorm Counselor; Barbell Club; Intramurals; D.V.P. Comm.; 
Roadrunner A.C. 

CATALUCCI, WARREN D.; Lynn; Psychology: Dean's List. 

CECKOWSKI, LINDA ANNE; Northampton; EngUsh: Dorm Stan- 
dards Comm. 

CEMBALISTY, EILEEN JOAN; Amherst; Greenfield Community 
CoMtge; Human Development; International Club. 

CHADIS, SAUL JAMES; Newton; General Management; Intra- 
murals; Dean's List. 

CHAMPIGNY, ROBERT WILLIAM, JR.; South Hadley; /«c?usma/ 
Engineering; Intramurals; Newman Club; A.I. I.E.; Dorm V.P. 



CHANEY, JAMES HUDSON; Keaiing,; Mathematics; Student Sen- 
ate Budgets Comm, Sec; Dean's List; Senior Honor Project. 

CHANEY, JANE ELIZABETH; Reading; General Business and 
Finance: Movie Committee. 

CHAPLE, GLENN FULLER, JR.; Littleton; /I sf/-o/!om;c; Phi Sigma 
Delta; Crew Team; Scabbard and Blade; Dorm Counselor. 

CHAPMAN, DAEL ANDREA; WeUesley HiUs; Centenary CoUege 
for Women; Spanish - Latin American Studies; Christian Science, 
V.P., Treas.; Iota Gamma Upsilon; Spanish Club; NES. 

CHARLIER, KATHLEEN MERLE; So. Hadley;5oc/o/ogj',- INDEX; 
Newman Club. 

CHARTIER, MONIQUE F.; Chicopee; Art History; Commuter's 
Club; Newman Club; Dean's List; Queen's Court, Military Ball. 

CHENEY, RICHARD WENTWORTH, JR.; Lowell; Biochemistry; 
Univ. Chorus, Mgr., Asst. Mgr., Librarian, Publicity; Alpha Phi 
Omega; INDEX; Honors Colloquium; Senior Honors; Dean's List. 

CHENOWETH, MARK STAPLETON; Hanson; Economics; Maroon 
Keys; Varsity Crew; Intramurals; IFC Athletic Chrm.; Economics 
Club; Honors; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Educator. 

Dean's List; Honor's Colloquia; Mathematics Club; Newman Club. 

CHIARELLI, ROBERT M.; Boylston; French; French Corridor; 
Dean's List. 

CHIASSON, KAREN ANN; Athol; Education; Educ. Club; Dean's 

CHINAPPI, ANTHONY LOUIS; Milfoid; Physical Education; Kappa 
Sigma, Pres.; Baseball, Co-Captain; Newman Club; Dean's List; IFC 
Judiciary Council. 


CHISHOLM, MEREDITH JOYCE; Quincy; Physical Education; 
W.A.A. Field Hockey Manager; Softball; Dorm Treas.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

CHORNYAK, PATRICIA DOROTHY; Greenfield; Psychology; 
Commuters Club; Scrolls; Dean's List. 

CHOW, MlMl TIWEN; Lexington; Chemistry; Univ. Chorus; Dorm 
Scholastic Chrm. 

CHRABASZCZ, RICHARD JOHN; Waie; Accounting; Intramurals. 

CHROBAK, MANUEL DODICH, Northboro; Zoology; Phi Mu 
Delta, Pledgemaster; Varsity Ski Team; Dean's List. 

CHUBBUCK, DONALD ALLAN; South Weymouth; Zoology; 
Outing Club; Dean's List; Campus Crusade for Christ. 

CIAK, ELAINE MARIE; Springfield; Chemistry and Mathematics; 
Pre-Med Society; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Newman Club; Dean's List; 
Belchertown Volunteers. 

CIGAL, GREGORY A.; Southwick;C/iem;ca/£'n^>i(?m>i^; A.I.C.E.; 
Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

CIMINI, MARION; PittsfiM; English; INDEX, Secrion Editor. 

CIULLO, JUDITH CAROLYN; Jefferson; Medical Technology; 
Judo Club; Dance Club; Newman Club. 

CLANCY, SUSAN M.; Newton Centre; Sociology; Gymnastics 
Team; Belchertown Volunteers. 

CLAPPROOD, JAMES L.; Springfield; General Business; Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Rush Chrm.; Intramurals. 

CLARK, ANN E.; Xiu\huiy;Med-Tech. 

CLARK, BETTY JEAN; 'Weymouih; Nursing; Nursing Club; Univer- 
sity Chorus; Wesleyaires; Dorm Standards Board; Dorm Standards of 
Living Comm. 

CLARK, GAYLE McDONALD; North Andover; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Educ. Club; Newman Club. 

CLARK, SANDRA S.; Glen Cove, N.Y.; State University of New 
York at Buffalo; //ome Economics. 

CLARK, STEWART FLOYD, JR.; Conway; Geology; Non Resident 
Student Assoc; Dean's List. 

CLARK, WINSTON CHURCHILL, JR.; Amesbury; Zoology; Dean's 
List; Campus Crusade for Christ, Pres.; Marching Band. 

CLARKE, MARCIA A.; West Roxbury; LaseU Junior College; Child 
Development; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Chrm. 

CLARKE, ROBIN D.; LakeviUe ; fducaf ;o«,- Dean's List. 


CLARKE, SALLY MARIE; DeetRe\d; Elementarv Education; Educ. 

CLEARY, ELLEN; Portland; English: CoUegian; Dorm Counselor; 
SWAP; Exec. Council. 

CLEARY, MARGARET MARIE; Agawam; Spanish; Spanish Club; 
Dean's List; Madrid Seminar; Senior Honors Program; INDEX. 

CLEM, CARL EDWARD; Medford; Marketing: Varsity Tennis, 

CLEMENT, PAULA MARIE; Newton Highlands; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Kappa Delta Pi, V.P.; Dean's List; Newman Club; Educ. 
Club; Dorm Coordinator; NES; Intramurals. 

CLEMONS, ROBERT BURKE; Northampton; Zoology; Intra- 
murals; Judo Club. 

CLOUSE, WILLIAM KENNETH; Agawam; Chemistry; Dorm Gov't; 
Intramurals; Scuba Club; Freshman Wrestling; Dorm Counselor. 

COBB, SHEILA JEAN; Worcester; Worcester Junior CoUege; 

COHEN, DENNIS NEAL; Chelsea; Chemistry; Dean's List; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Pre-Medical Club. 

COHEN, JANE N.; V/oicestei; Education: Educ. Club; HiUel, Sec, 
Membership Chrm.; Dorm Sec; N.E.S.; Dean's List. 

COHEN, PAUL DAVID; FaU River; Pre-Dental; Alpha Epsilon Pi; 
Senior Honors Research; Honors Colloquium. 

COHEN, STEPHEN MARK; Hull; Chemistry; Adelphia, Sec, Treas.; 
Arcon; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Rush Chrm.; Dean's List. 


COLANTUNO, JANIS KAREN; Marblehead; North Shore Com- 
munity College; /4n. 

COLE, JEFFREY RUDD; Swansea; Psychology; Marching Band; 
Pre-Med. Soc; Dorm Gov't; Varsity Band. 

COLEMAN, JANICE ELLEN; Abington; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Education; Educ. Club. 

COLLAMORE, JANIS ANNE; Wakefield; University of 
Massachusetts - Boston; French; Special Events Comm.; Ski CJub. 

COLLINS, KEVIN PAUL; Winchester; Management; Theta Chi; 
Intramurals; Lacrosse. 

COLLINS, NEIL JON; Stoneham; Wentworth Institute; Industrial 
Engineering; A.I.I.E., Pres.; Dorm Counselor; Phi Mu Delta; I.F.C.; 

COLLINS, ROBERT WILLIAM; North Adams; Agriculture and 
Food Economics; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

COLLINS, SHARYN KRONICK; North Mdsas; History. 


COLOSI, JOSEPH FRANCIS; Niagara Falls.N.Y.; English; Football; 
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pres., Sec; Dean's List; I.F.C. 

COLTIN, RONN L.; HaveriiiU; Sociology: Tlieta Chi; FootbaU; 

COLTRARA, MICHAEL FRANCIS; Pittsfield; Berksliire Commu- 
nity College; A merican History. 

COMACK, ELAINE L.; Middleton; Nursing: Equestrian Club; Pre- 

COMEAU, BARBARA MARION; Springfield; English: Dean's List. 

COMPAGNONE, WILLIAM ROBERT; North Adams; English: Intra- 
murals; Boss Tweeds; Dean's List. 

CONCANNON, JOHN JOSEPH; Randolph; Marketing: Sigma Phi 
Epsilon; Marketing Club, Pres., V.P.; Winter Carni, Publicity Chrm.; 
Montreal Trip, Pubhcity Chrm.; Class Executive Coun.; Track. 

CONDIKE, BRENDA ROSE; Fitchburg; English: Phi Beta Kappa; 
Alpha Chi Omega, Rush Chrm.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Oxford 
Summer Seminar; Honors Colloquium; Greek Week Comm. 

CONDON, KATHLEEN M.; Hingham;ffisforv; Phi Beta Kappa; Iota 
Gamma Upsilon; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquium; South- 
west Newsletter. 

CONLON, STEPHEN FRANCIS; Worcester; Accounting: Kappa 
Sigma, Athletic Chrm.; Acc't Assoc. 

CONNOLL'V, ELLEN LOUISE; Leominster; Fashion Merchan- 
dising: Newman Club; Dorm Residential Living Board; Dean's List. 

CONNOLLY, STEPHEN PAUL; Woburn; Physical Education: Beta 
Kappa Phi; Varsity Lacrosse, Capt.; Dean's List. 

CONTILLI, CAROL ANN; Everett; Elementary Education: Sigma 
Sigma Sigma; Student Senate, Pubhc Relations Comm.; Education 
Club; Newman Club. 

CONTRADA, JOAN C AROL:Medford; University of Massachusetts- 
Boston; £'/<;me«/ao' Education: Ski Club; Newman Club; Educ. Club. 

CONUEL, THOMAS R.; Pittsfield; f/j^/Zs/z. 

CONWAY, FREDERIC LEWIS, III; Maiden; History: Pre-Law 
Assoc; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Dorm Judicial Board. 

CONWAY, WILLIAM JAMES; Beveriy; Economics: Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Intramurals; Hockey; Dorm Counselor. 

COOK, GORDON M., JR.; Hadley; Stockbridge School of Agricul- 
ture; Animal Science: Intramurals; Dean's List; Dairy Cattle Judging 
Team; Soccer; Animal Science Club. 

COOK, NORMAN JOSEPH; Methuen; Wildlife Biology. 

COOL, CAROL; Manchester; Northshore Community College; His- 
tory; Belchertown Volunteers. 



COOMBS, BRUCE; Southampton; Paul Smiths Junior College; 
Forestry: Forestry Club; See. of American Foresters; Dean's List. 

COOPER, HELEN VINCENT; Faiihaven; Nursing; Equestrian Club, 

COOPER, RICHARD PAUL; VJohuin; English; Yahoo; Congress for 
Inter-American Student Projects; Northern Educ. Service; Alpha Phi 
Gamma; Free Press Committee; Hello Friends Folk Society. 

COPITHORNE, JUDY RUTH; Framingham; Home Economics: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Panhel Council; Precisionettes. 

CORKUM, JOAN F.; Lexington: UMass hoston;Art. 

CORMIER, RICHARD JOSEPH; Shrewsbury; Mathematics: Math 

CORNELL, DIANA LEE; Attleboro; Art: Collegian; Dean's List; 
Geology Club. 

COSMAN, JAMES HENRY; Wihnington; Northern Essex Commu- 
nity College; Marketing: American Mktg. Assoc; American Acc't 
Assoc; Ski Club; Beta Chi; Marketing Club. 

COTTON, PAMELA JANE; Pepperell; Zoology: Newman Club; 
Dorm Gov't. 

COUGHLIN, WILLIAM PAUL; Quincy; Physical Education: Tau 
Kappa Epsilon. 

COURCHESNE, FERNANDO R.; Holyoke; History. 

COWAN, DEBORAH ANN; Gloucester; History: Chi Omega; 
Revelers; Southwest Area Judiciary; Special Events Comm.; Pre- 
cisionettes; Winter Carni Comm. 

CRABB, PATRICK S.; Wareham; Art: Arnold Air Society; Flying 
Redmen; Intramurals; Men's Glee Club; Dean's List. 

CRANE, CANDILOU; Westminster; Mount Wachusett Community 
College; Anthropology. 

CRANE, GEORGE JOHN; Belmont; History: Kappa Sigma; Foot- 
ball; Dean's List. 


CRIST, LINDA BARBARA; Burhngton; Stockbridge School of 
Agriculture; Animal Science: Animal Science Club; Dorm Social 

CRONIN, RONALD BRIAN; Southbridge; Worcester Junior Col- 
lege; English: Theta Chi; IFC Sing; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

CROWE, LINDA FLYNN; Easthampton; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Dean's List; Newman Club; Dorm Gov't. 

CROWE, MEREDITH BARBARA; Littleton; English: Chi Omega; 


CROWELL, NANCY S.;Piiisippany, NJ.-.Business Finance Admini- 
stration; Sigma Delta Tau. 

CROWLEY, RICHARD PIERCE; Weston; KendaU CoUege; English; 
Intramurals; University Theatre. 

CRUZ, CAROL ANN; Cliicopee; Holyoke Community CoUege; 
English; Dean's List. 

CRUZ, CHERYL ANN; Dorcliester; Fashion Merchandising; Stu- 
dent Afro Amer. Organ.; Delta Sigma Theta. 

CUMMINGS, JOSEPH JAMES; Hyde Park; Government; Intra- 
murals; l.B.F.C. 

CUMMINS. GLENN GEORGE; North Bergen, N.J.; Physical Edu- 
cation; Dean's List; Varsity Football; Varsity Wrestling; Intramurals. 

CUMMINS, LINDA BOWMAN; West Biidgev/atei; Physical Educa- 
tion; Dean's List; Dorm Soc. Chrm.; Intramurals. 

CURLEY, DIANE L.; Pittsfield;£'H^//s;!. 

*. \ 1 

CURLEY, JAN; Middleboro; History - Journalism; Collegian, Asst. 
Managing Editor, Issue Editor, Sports Day Editor;Alpha Phi Gamma. 

CURRAN, DERMOTT; South Hadley; Government; Flying 

CURRAN, MARTHA EILEEN; Sudbury; English; Collegian; Who's 
Who; Student Senate; Oxford Summer Seminar; INDEX; Dean's 
List; Honors Colloquium; Alpha Phi Gamma; E.xec. Council; New- 
man Club. 

CURRAN, MICHAEL THOMAS; Sprmgfield; Sociology; CoUegian; 
Dean's List; Alpha Phi Gamma. 

CURRAN, PATRICIA EILEEN; Ipswich; French; Exec. Council; 
Dorm Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Judo Club; Educ. Club. 

CURRAN, SUSAN MARIE; Southwick; French; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Dorm Social Chrm.; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

CURRY, DAVID DENNEN; Lenox; HiUsdale College; Forestry; 
Forestry Club. 

CUTTING, PAULA LANCHANSKY; ^XiLckstone; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List; Iota Gamma Upsilon, Treas. 

CYR, BEVERLY ANN; Hingham; Elementary Education; N.E.S.; 
Univ. Band; Educ. Club. 

CZARNIECKI, FRANK J., JR.; Holyoke, Holyoke Community 
College ; Ps>'c/io/o^; Dorm Gov't; Intramurals. 

CZEKANSKI, CHRISTINE ELENA; Chicopee Falls; Sociology; 
Mortarboard; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Aid to 
Underprivileged Kids, Pres.; NES, Pres. 

DAHART, JANIE; Springfield; Fashion Merchandising; Dean's List; 
Omicron Nu, Sec, Ed.; Standard's Comm.; Ski Club. 


DAHLMAN, KIRSTEN LUCIA; Norton; Wheaton CoUege; English. 

DAHLQUIST, ELLEN; Acton; Buffalo State University; Mathe- 
matics; Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi. 

DALRYMPLE, CAROL ELIZABETH; Wintiirop; Sociology; Iota 
Gamma Upsilon; Modern Dance Club; Concert Band; Naiads; Inter- 
national College in Copenhagen. 

DALY, BARBARA JEAN; Upper Saddle River, N.L; Nursing: Dorm 
Counselor; Nursing Club; Nursing Honor Society. 

DALY, JOHN DAVID; Wellesley; Agricultural & Food Economics; 
Forestry Club, Treas.; Alpha Zeta, V.P.; Agricultural Economics 
Society, Treas.; Newman Club; Ski Club. 

D'AMARINIO, BETTY JANE; Brockton; Nursing; Newman Club; 
Equestrian Club; Exec. Council; Dorm Standards. 

DAMBROV, ROBERT LARRY; Springfield; Government; Pre-Law 
Assoc; Acc't Assoc; Area Judiciary; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

D'AMICO, ELAINE MARIE; Mansfield; Governmenf, Sigma Kappa; 
Homecoming Comm.; PanheUenic Council, Pres.; Dean's List; Stu- 
dent Affairs. 

DANIELIAN, ARTHUR; Saugus; Mass. Bay Community College; 


DARCY, JOHN L.; Marshfield; Massachusetts Bay Community 
College ; Financial Management. 

DASILVA, ROBERT F.; Norton; Soc/o/ogv. 

DAUPHINAIS, RICHARD DONALD; Braintree; General Manage- 
ment; Gymnastics. 

DAVIS, LAUREN EVE; Rehoboth;£'ng/is;i; Dean's List. 

DAVIS, LYNNE WOODMAN; Mansfield; Elementary Education; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Education Club. 

DAVIS, MICHAEL PAUL; Quincy; Government; Beta Kappa Phi; 
Exec Council; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Cami Comm.; Dean's 

DAY, RICHARD BARLOW; Foxboro; Psychology; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi, Class Scholar; Phi Eta Sigma. 

DEAN, DONNA M.; Holyoke;Mathematics. 

DEAN, J. HARRIS; Taunton; Journalistic Studies; Daily Collegian, 
Managing Ed., Editor-in-Chief; Who's Who; Student Communica- 
tions Board; Alpha Phi Gamma; Exec. Council; Distinguished 
Senior; Adelphia. 

DEANE, BETTY EILEEN; Bemardston; English; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; Dorm Cultural Chrm. 

DECOST, LINDA JANE; Brockton; English; Phi Beta Kappa; Dorm 
Counselor; Dorm Pres.; Operetta Guild; Roister Doisters; Mortar- 
board; Dean's List. 


DEDEKIAN, ARA ONIG; Watertown; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Business Administration: Orchestra; Operetta Guild; 
CoUegian; INDEX; Gun Club. 

DEGIORGIS, MARIA EUNICE; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
College; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; 
Dorm Treas. 

DEGRAZIA, CAMILLO THOMAS; Milton; Quincy Junior College; 
Veterinary & Animal Sciences: Animal Sciences Club; Equestrian 
Club; Square Dancing Club. 

DELLA PAOLERA, MARY JEAN; Watertown; Speech: Cheer- 
leader, Capt.; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mortarboard; Panhel, Rush 
Chrm.; Scrolls. 

v3^ T^ 

DELUGAR, MICHAEL ANTHONY; Adams; Industrial Engineering; 
Intramurals; AIEE. 

DEMERS, JANET A.; Taunton; Sociology: Sociology Club; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

DEMPSEY, LINDA-LOU; Maiden; English; Newman Club; Dorm 
Counselor; Engl. Undergraduate Ass't.; Dean's List; Women's Rifle 
Team, Capt.; WAA Exec. Board. 

DEMSKI, RICHARD EUGENE; Chicopse; Marketing; Exec. Coun- 
cil; Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Campus Chest 
Comm.; Sophomore Banquet Comm.; Marketing Club; Senior Week 

DENNISON, LARRY ROGER; Maiden; Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; 
Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Intramurals; Parachute Club; Scuba 
Club; Equestrian Club. 

DENNO, DENNIS MICHAEL; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
CoUege; Electrical Engineering; Dean's List. 

DENWOOD, CECELIA MAE; North Dartmouth; Child Develop- 
ment: Newman Club; Square Dance Club; Dean's List; N.A.E.Y.C.; 
MerriU-Palmer Institute. 

Student Reform Committee; Students for Political Action; Oxford 
England Summer Seminar Program; Dean's List; Martin Luther King 

DESMOND, JOHN BARRY; Wobum; Forestry; Scuba Club; Scab- 
bard & Blade, Pres.; Distinguished Military Student. 

DETERRA, RAYMOND JAMES; New Bsdfoid; Government; Dorm 
Gov't; Science Fiction Club. 

DEVANEY, JOSEPH LOUIS, JR.; Watertown; Personnel Manage- 
ment; Beta Kappa Phi, Athletic Chrm.; Track. 

DEVINE, THOMAS PAUL; Belmont; Management: Theta Chi; 
Maroon Key; Scuba Club. 

Dorm Pres.; Intramurals; Collegian; Area Judiciary. 

DICICCO, JOSEPH ANTHONY; Hyde Park; Quantitative Methods: 
Varsity Hockey; Recreational Skiing. 

DIETRICH, JON WILLARD; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community Col- 
lege; C/i'i7 Engineering: ASCE; ASTM; Tau Beta Pi. 

DIGENNARO, CONRAD MAWR; Amesbury; Northern Essex Com- 
munity College; Marketitig; Marketing Club; Intramurals. 


DIK, DIANE LOUISE; Townsend; //o/ne Economics: Iota Gamma 
Upsilon; Christian Science Organ., Pres.; Dean's List. 

DILLON, JAMES MICHAEL; Dedham; Government: Newman Club; 
Dorm Gov't; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. 

DIMOCK, BARBARA F.; Great Barrington; Psychology: Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; Belchertown Volunteers; NES; Operetta Guild; 
Roister Doisters. 

DINAPOLI. DIANE LEE; Revere; Nursing: Dean's List; Honors 
Colloquium; Nursing Club; Riding Club. 

D'INNOCENZO, JAMES JOSEPH; Needham; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College; Veterinary & Animal Sciences; Animal Science 
Club; Equestrian Club; Square Dancing Club. 

DION, RONALD ADRIEN; Webster; Worcester Junior CoUege; 
Psychology: Newman Club; Psychology Club; Intramurals. 

DIPANFILO, DIANE TERESA; Woburn; Regis CoUege; Fashion 
Merchandising: Home Ec. Club; Ski Club; Campus Chest Comm. 

DIPRIMA, SALVATORE ANDREW; Methuen; Personnel Manage- 
ment and Industrial Relation: Tau Epsilon Phi, House Mgr.; Acc't 
Club; Student Senate Public Rel. Comm. 


DISARCINA, JOSEPH ANTHONY, JR.; Burlington; Business Ad- 
ministration - Quantitative Methods: Basketball, Capt.; Baseball, 
Capt.; Acolyte Newman Club; Kappa Sigma, Grand Master of Cer. 

DITCH, HELENE; Charlton; Sociology: Martin Luther King, Jr. 

DIVEGLIA, JOSEPH LOUIS; Salem; Journalism: Univ. Orchestra; 
Amherst Jazz Orchestra; Dorm Cultural Act. Comm.; Yahoo; Col- 
legian; The Hobbit. 

DOBYNA, PATRICIA ANN; New Bedford; Education; Newman 
Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

DOGGART, LINDA LEE; Coventry, Conn.; Animal Science; Pre- 
cisionettes; Dairy Cattle Judging Team; Dorm Counselor. 

DOLAN, LEO CHARLES; West Roxhmy; Business Administration: 
Dorm Counselor; University Chorus; Equestrian Club; Newman 
Club; Pre-Law Assoc; Dean's List. 

D9LGIN, SALLY LYNN; Longmeadow; Elementary Education; 
Collegian; Educ. Club, V.P.; Kappa Delta Pi, Publicity Chrm.; Exec. 
Council in Educ. Dept.; Ed Hoc Comm., Chrm.; Tutor NEA. 

DONDERO, LISA; Haverhill; Entomology: Equestrian Club; 
Femald Entomological Club, Program Comm., Pres. 

DONNELLY, LINDA; West Harwich; Elementary Education: 
Honors Colloquium; Scrolls, Sec; Kappa Alpha Theta, Rush Chrm.; 
Dean's List. 

DONOGHUE, RICHARD GEORGE; Fairview; Civil Engineering; 
Swimming; ASCE; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Judiciary; Scabbard & Blade. 

DONOVAN, KATHLEEN RITA; Dedham; Physical Education; 
Exec Council; Dorm Counselor; Winter Carni Comm.; Newman 

DONOVAN, NANCY MARIE; Norwood; English; Revelers; Exec. 
Council; Chi Omega; Who's Who; Special Events Comm.; Women's 
Affairs; Winter Carni Comm.; Memorial Lectiure Series Comm. 


DONOVAN, PAUL REDDISH; Weymouth; Business Administra- 
tion; Alplia Sigma Theta; Intramurals; Arcon; Fraternity Pres. 

DORFMAN, BARRY ALAN; Swampscott;P/-e-De«fa/; Dorm Coun- 
cil; Pre-Med Club; Dean's List. 

DORUNDA, KAREN HOBBS; Easthampton; Elementarv Educa- 
tion; Educ. Club; INDEX; Newman Club; N.E.S. 

DOTON, GERALD RICHARD; Greenfield; Wentworth Institute; 
Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List; ASCE; Intramurals. 

DOUCETTE, JOHN DAVID; GraniteviUe; Restaurant and Hotel 
Management; Beta Kappa Phi, Steward; Fraternity Mgr's Assoc; 
Intramurals; Inkeepers; Exec. Comm. 

DOUCETTE, ROGER PIERRE; Brockton; Psychology; Marching 
Band; Dorm Counselor. 

DOYLE, JEAN CATHERINE; Pittsfield; Nursing; Lambda Delta 
Phi, Social Chrm.; Nursing Club, Pres.; Newman Club; Navy Nurse 
Corp Candidate; Dean's List. 

DOYLE, MARY JANE; Hyde Park; Communication Disorders; Iota 
Gamma Upsilon, Corres. Sec, Scholarship Clirm.; Angel Flight; 
Dean's List; Newman Club. 

DOYLE, NANCY JEAN; Hamilton; Elementary Education; Educ. 
Club; Newman Club; Dorm V.P.; Southwest Assembly, Treas.; 
Southwest Soc. Comm.; Southwest Fin. Comm. 

DOYLE, NIALL KELLEY; Boston; English Literature. 

DRISCOLL, F. TIMOTHY; Bni^e\^!itsi; Physical Education; Fresh- 
man Football; Varsity Football; Varsity Track & Field; Kappa 

DRISCOLL, JULIA MARY; MiUers FaUs; Education. 

1^ ^ 

DROUGEN, CYNTHIA JANE; Worcester; Elmira College; Sociol- 
ogy; Northern Educ. Service; Martin Luther King Social Action 

DRUCKER, JEFFREY IRA; Sharon; Dean Junior CoUege ; /"roduc- 
tion Management; Southwest Photography St., Treas.; Spectrum; 
WMUA Radio, Studio Engineer. 

DUBIEL, JONATHAN G.; Wareham; Marketing; Dean's List; Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Historian; Judiciary Council; Exec. Council; Science 
Fiction Club; Homecoming Flnat Chrm.; Campus Chest Chrm. 

DUBIEL, ROBERT F.; Easthampton; Quantative Methods; Soccer, 
Co-Capt.; Beta Kappa Phi; Newman Club. 

DUBIN, PAULA RENEE; Chicopee VaVL%\ French; Madrigal Singers; 
Chorus; French Corridor; Summer Study in Mexico. 

DUBY, PAUL BERNARD; Auburn; History; Intramurals; Judo 

DUCKWORTH, WAYNE HALLMAN; Hatfield, Pa.; Mathematics; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Senior Honors; 
Varsity Wrestling. 

DUDA, FRANCINE; Pittsfield ; Micro Wo/ogy. 



DUDLEY, PAMELA; Littleton; Government: Exec. Council; Winter 
Caini Comm.; Donn Gov't; Dorm Standards Comm.; SGA Comm.; 
INDEX; Newman Club; SWAP Comm. 

DUFFIELD, GEORGE H.; Lynniield;Mathematics. 

DUFRESNE, JOHN A.; North Andovei; Accounting: Acc't Assoc; 
Dorm Counselor. 

DUGGAN, EDWARD WAYNE; Watertown; Civil Engineering: 
A.S.C.E.; Newman Club. 

DUNN, PETER ARTHUR; CsLmhiidge; Anthropology': Ohio Archae- 
ological Program; Dorm Council; Southwest Council; Dorm Cultural 
Comm.; Educ. Comm.; Dean's List; Honors Colloquium. 

DUPUIS,PETER CRAIG; Chicopee; Animal Science: Symphony 
Band; Marching Band; Young Republicans. 

DUPUIS, JOSEPH ROLAND; Springfield; Chemical Engineering: 
AICE; Intramurals; Dorm Gov't. 

DWYER, MAURICE JOHN: Wakefield; Zoology: Newman Club. 

DUHAMEL, MICHAEL JOSEPH; Worcester; Afana^emenf. 

DULAK, WALTER BERNARD; Springfield; Chemical Engineering; 

DUMONT, RAYMOND A.; Sw^nsen: English. 

D'UNGER, GREGORY ROBERT; North Reading; Chemistry; 
Gymnastics; Parachute Club, Treas. 


DWYER, KATHLEEN MARY; North Scituate; English: Symphony 
Orchestra; Symphony Band; Concert Band; Marching Band; Band's 
Equipment Crew; Tau Beta Sigma, Pres.; Intramurals. 

DYER, RICHARD WAYNE; Methuen; Botany; Theta Chi; Intra- 

EARLY, MARILYN JEAN; Norwood ; £'/eme«/arj' Education; Exec. 
Counselor; Education Club; Dean's List; Dorm Social Comm. 

EASTMOND, CHERYL DEITRA; Boston; Elementary Education; 
Precisionettes; Dorm Counselor; Student Afro-American Org., Sec, 
V.P.; Dorm Gov't; NEW; Dean's List; Martin Luther King, Jr. 

EASTWOOD, MARTHA ANNE; New Bedford; £'/eme«fao' Educa- 
tion; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club; Univ. Chorus. 

EATON, JEFFREY H.; Sutton; Physical Education; Beta Kappa 
Phi, V.P. 

ECCHER, ROBERT JOHN; Lee; French: A.V.K.; N.E.S.; Intra- 

ECKSTORM, ELAINE ELIZABETH; Dover [Nursing; Honors CoUo- 
quium; Exec. Council; Sigma Kappa; Dean's List. 


EDWARDS, JONATHAN; Salem; History; Student Senate; Area 
West Judiciary, Chief Justice; Crew; Student Affairs Comm.; Master 
Planning Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Who's Wlio; Dean's List; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Distinguished Senior. 

EGAN, RICHARD DANIEL; HuU; Mass. Bay; Management: Dean's 

EGGERT, LINDA D.; Brighton; Sorio/o^; Dean's List. 

EK, DAVID JOHN; Miranda, Cal.; Wood Technology; Forestry 
Club; Forest Products Research Soc; Soc. of Amer. Foresters. 

ELDRIDGE, ROGER GILBERT, JR.; LakeviUe; Northland CoUege; 

ELGART, ALLEN N.; Springfield; Economics. 

ELGART, LAUREL JOAN; Newton; University of Massachusetts - 
Boston; Elementary Education; Operetta Guild; Educ. Club, Treas.; 
Dorm Counselor. 

ELIAS, FREDERIC J.; Methuen; Government; Dorm Pres., V.P.; 
Dorm Counselor; Frosh Baseball; Intramurals; Collegian. 

ELLIOTT, NORMAN ALBERT; Waltham; Marketing; Baseball; 
Intramurals; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec; Collegian; Dorm Counselor. 

ELLIS, BONNIE RAE; Westboro; Nursing; Sigma Kappa; Panhel 
Coun., V.P.; Arts & Music Comm., Chrm.; Nursing Class Treas.; 
Dean's List. 

ELLIS, KAREN SHEILA; Sharon; Psychology; Dean's List; Dorm 

ELMS, FRANCIS G.; Boston; Berkshire Community College; 
Systems Management; Dean's List; Mktg. Club; Newman Club. 

EMERSON, LINDA BROOKE; Beverly; Recreation; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, 2nd V.P.; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social Chrm. 

EMERY, BARRY PAUL; Athol; Systems Management; Symphony 
Orchestra; CoUegian; Intramurals. 

ENGEBRETSON, LOIS ANNE; Concord; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, V.P.; University Chorus; Educ. Club; Dean's 
List; Winter Cami Comm. 

ENGLANDER, FREDERICK JAY; Milton; General Business & 
Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Honors Program; Senior 
Honors Thesis; Phi Kappa Phi. 

ENI, GODWIN 0.; Nigeria, West Aincsi; Industrial Management. 

ENNANCO, ANDREW JOHN; Agawam; Mechanical Engineering; 

ENTES, ROBERTA MAE; LoweU; Psychology; Psychology Club; 
Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Math Club; HiOel; Dean's List. 

EPSTEIN, BARBARA LEE; Tairytown, N.Y.; Home Economics; 
Standards Comm.; SocialComm.; Home Ec Club; Dean's List. 


ERICKSON, DAVID LEE; Worcester; Marketing: Beta Kappa Phi, 
V.P., Pledgemaster; Cheerleader. 

ERKKILA, KATHLEEN LllSA; Gloucester; Socio/og.v; Dorm Social 
Chrm.; Southwest Social Comm. 

ERWIN, MARY BEVERLEE; Woburn; Elementary Education; 
Lambda Delta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, Sec; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club. 

ESTES, WILLIAM H.; Hanover; Zoology: Gymnastics Team; Para- 
chute Club; Dorm Gov't. 

EULIAN, CHRISTINE MARIE; Vittsdeld; Physical Education: Pre- 
cisionettes; Sigma Sigma Sigma; W.A.A.; S.W.A.P. Rep.; Dorm Sec. 

EWING, ALAN FULTON; Worcester; Restaurant and Hotel Manage- 
ment: Innkeepers Club; Dorm Pres., V.P. 

EWING, MARGARET DUNTON; Leominster; English: Symphony 
Band; Ski Club; Dorm Elections Comm. 

FABI, DEBORAH RUSS; Gloucester ; ///sforv. 

FAILLE, JANINE MARIE; Holyoke; Education: Dean's List; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi, membership co-chrm.; Newman Club; 
Educ. Club. 

FALKOF, ERIC ELIOT; Newton Center; Newton Junior College; 
Psychology: Alpha Phi Omega, Pledgemaster; Amateur Radio Club. 

FALKSON, HELEN JANICE; Belmont; History: Pi Beta Phi; 
Mortarboard; Dorm Counselor; Musigals; Pre-Law Assoc, Sec; 
Precisionettes; Univ. Chorus; Panhel. 

FARBERT, BETH ELLEN; Newton; Fashion Merchandising: Dorm 
Program Comm., Chrm.; Hillel; N.E.S.; Dean's List. 

FARRELL, ANNE ABIGAIL; Florence; Education. 

FAULKNER, JANET LLEWELLYN; Melrose; Government. 

FAULKNER, PETER MELLEN; West Sprir\gfie\d; Marketing: Alpha 
Sigma Phi; Intramurals. 

FAUSTINE, JACQUELINE MARY; Pittsfield; Education: Kappa 
Delta Pi; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dean's List; French Corridor. 

FAUSTINI, MARY ELLEN; No. Adams; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Newman Club, Sec Religious Co-Chrm.; Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

FEDORA, GAIL ELIZABETH; Westfield; Child Development: 
Dorm Counselor; Standards; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

FELLOWS, SHERRY B.; Orange; Child Development: Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; Merrill-Palmer Institute; Belchertown Volunteers. 

FENTON, SIDNEY CRAIG; Pittsfield; Civil Engineering: Lambda 
Chi Alpha; Freshmen Soccer; Ski Club; A.S.C.E.; Bridge Club, Treas. 


FERGUSON, LINDA S.; Charlton; State College at Worcester; 
Communicative Disorders; Disorders Club; Cultural Comm.; Com- 
municative Disorders Club; Program Comm., Chrm. 

FEYMAN, ARLENE ROBERTA; Swampscott; Nursing; Nursing 
Club; Hillel; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Historian. 

FIALKOW, JANICE MARION; Natick; English; Sigma Delta Tau, 
Panhel Rep.; Panhel Pub. Chrm.; Oxford Summer Seminar; Senior 
Honors Pro.; Kappa Delta Pi; Spectrum; Greek Week Comm.; Dean's 

FIEDLER, DAVID FRANK; Adams; Berkshire Community College; 
Physical Education; Intramurals; Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi. 

FINLAY, ROBERT WALLACE, JR.; Whitman; Forest Management; 
Forestry Club Exec. Board; Marching Band; Dean's List. 

FINNERAN, SUSAN R.; Wakefield; Government; Who's Who; 
Program Council, Pres.; S.U.G. Board, 2nd Vice Chrm.; Exec. 
Council; President's Coun.; Commencement Task Force; S.W.A.P. 
Scuba Club. 

FINSON, ROBERTA ANNE; Springfield; Elementary Education; 
Exchange Student at South Florida; Young Democrats; Educ. Club; 
University Theatre; INDEX; Winter Carni Comm. 

FISH, JILL ELAINE; Newburyport; Spanish; Spanish Club; Dean's 
List; Madrid Summer Seminar; N.E.S.; Belchertown Volunteers. 

FISHER, RICHARD E.; Boston; Government; Pohtical Science 
Club; Pre-Law Assoc. 

FITCH, LOWELL HAINES; E. Greenwich, R.I.; Psychology; IN- 
DEX, Editor-in-Chief; Univ. Discipline Board; Alelphia; Sen. Jucic. 
Affairs, Chrm.; Summer Gen. Court; Dorm Judic. Chief Justice; 
Wlio's Who; Pre-Law Assoc; Dean's List; Alpha Phi Gamma. 

FITT, ANDREA J.; Springfield; Psyc/zo/ogy; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Treas.; Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm Gov't ; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FITZGERALD, BRADLEY CHARLES; Ashfield; French; Univer- 
sity Chorus; Freshman Cross Country. 

FITZGERALD, JOHN IGNATIUS; Boston; Government; Arcon; 
Zeta Nu, Rush Chrm.; IFC; Newman Club; Pre-Law Club. 

FLAHERTY, NANCY ANN; Springfield; Education; Education 
Club; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

FLANAGAN, PATRICIA; Shrewsbury; English; CoUegian, Issue 
Editor; Oxford Summer Seminar; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

FLANDERS, MARJORIE GAIL; Biook]me; Fashion Merchandising; 
Collegian; Alpha Phi Gamma, Pres.; Hillel, Soc. Chrm.; N.E.S. 

FLAVIN, GEORGE WILLIAM; Northampton; 5oc(o/o£v; Forensic 
Soc; Belchertown Volunteers; Italian Club, V.P.; Newman Club; Phi 
Eta Sigma, Sec; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FLECKLES, ALEXANDRA; Amherst; Pacific Univ., Ore.; English; 
Dean's List; Chorus. 

FLINK, CHARLES LAWRENCE; Dorchester; Indiana University; 

FLYNN, JUDITH; Quincy; Speech Pathology' and Audiology. 


FOEHR, DONNA CAROL; Seekonk; Psychology; University 
Clioralc; Chamber Singers; Equestrian Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm 
Social Conim. 

FOGG, NANCY ELLEN; Sanford, Me.; Home Economics; Univ. 
Theatre; Home Ec. Club; Nursing Club; Collegian; Dean's List. 

POLAND, CAROLYN ANN; CalUcoon. N.Y.; Medical Technology; 
Dorm Counselor; N.E.S. Tutor; Alpha Delta Theta; Honors Collo- 
quium; Collegian. 

FOLEY, ROBERT VINCENT; Randolph; Government; Maroon 
Keys; Revelers; LF.C; Beta Kappa Phi, Treas. 


FONTAINE, LEWIS EDWARD, JR.; Bass River; Zoology; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Counselor; Scuba Club; Dean's List; AROTC Brigade 

FORD, JANE T.; MilUs; English; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

FORGIT, GERALD A.; Oxford; General Business and Finance; 
Varsity Lacrosse; Lambda Chi Alpha, Exec. Board; Dean's List. 

FORNAL, NANCY L.; Taunton; Government; Exec. Council; New- 
man Club; Dorm Officer. 

FOSTER, ROBIN GAY; Maiblehead; Elementary Education; Hillel; 
Dean's List; Educ. Club. 

FOUGSTEDT, SUSAN; Littleton; Soc/o/o^y; Marching Band; Con- 
cert Band; Tau Beta Sigma; Educ. Club; Newman Club; N.E.S. ; 
Dorm Soc. Activities Comm. 

FOX, JAMES HOUGHTON; Worcester; Sociology'; Beta Chi; Stu- 
dent Senate; Summer Exec. Council, V.P.; Finance Comm. 

FRAADE, AMY ELISABETH; Merrick, N.Y.; Food in Business; 
S.W.A.P.; Hillel; S.D.S.; WFCR. 

FRANGUS, NICHOLAS LOUIS; Springfield; History; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Orthodox Club, Pres.; Young Republicans; Chess Club; 
Intramiuals; N.E.S. 

FRANSON, MARGARET LEE; Westwood, N.J.; Speech; Who's 
Who; D.V.P., V. Chrm.; Concert Assoc, Chrm.; University Chorale; 
Madrigal Singers; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Martin Luther King, 
Jr. Memorial Lecture Series, Chrm. 

FREDETTE, JAMES EDWARD; BaldwinviUe; Industrial Engi- 
neering; Newman Club; AIIE, V.P.; Flying Redmen; Alpha Pi Mu; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Plii; Intramurals. 

FREEDMAN, IRENE ESTA; Newton; English; INDEX; Revelers; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Greek Week. 

FREEDMAN, KAREN; Worcester; English; INDEX; Photography 
Staff; Dean's List. 

FREEDMAN, MYRNA JOY; Dorchester; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Speed! Therapy; N.E.S. 

FREITAS, BEN M.; Lexington; Hotel Management; Kappa Sigma; 

FRENCH, JAMES COLLINS; Barnstable; Landscape Architecture; 
Landscape Arch. Club., Sec. 


FRENIERE, JOHN PAUL: Franklin; German; Sigma Alpha Mu, 
Sec; Intramurals; Dorm Sec; Scuba Club. 

FREW, DONNA JEAN; West Brookfield; Nutrition and Food; 
Omicron Nu; Dorm Standards; Alpha Lambda Delta; Young Demo- 

FRIBERG, JANE ETHEL; Minhmy; Elementary Education. 

FRID, CARLENE ANNE; Lynn; Elementary Education; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; WMUA, Chief Record Librarian, Ass't Station Mgr.; 
Dean's List. 

FRIZADO, IRENE ROSE; New Bsdioid; Mathematics; Math Club; 
Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; Young Democrats; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FRONCZEK, PETER JOSEPH; Dartmouth; Psychology; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

FROST, WENDELL ALBERT; Acushnet;A?af/!emancs; Crew; Math 

FULLER, PAMELA JOAN; Wenham; Salem State College; Fas/z/on 
Merchandising; Sigma Delta Tau; Dorm Program Chrm. 

GAFFNAY, MARY ELISABETH; Tewksbury ; Psyc/io/o^V Dorm 
Counselor; Dorm Soc. Comm.; Young Repubhcans; Psychology 

GAGNE, JEANINE MARIE; Chicopee; Wildlife Biology; Equestrian 
Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

GAGNON, CORINE EVA; South Hadley; Mathematics; Newman 

GAJEWSKI, JOHN LAWRENCE; Chicopee FaUs; Electrical Engi- 
neering; Eta Kappa Nu, Corr. Sec; Tau Beta Pi; IEEE, Sec; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

GALE, GREGORY WALTER; Danvsis; Psychology. 

GALLAGHER, ANDREW JACKSON; Chelsea; Psychology; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Pres.; Dean's List. 

GALLANT, SHAREN MARY; Beveily; Journalism - English; Dorm 
Pres.; Colonel's Cadre; Women's Inter-Dorm Council; Southwest 
Patriots; Dorm Counselor. 

GALLENSTEIN, BARBARA ANN; North Andover; Zoology; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Scrolls; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean's List; Newman 
Club; Phi Kappa Phi. 

GALLIGAN, ELLEN LOUISE; Sudbury; French; Newman Club; 
Southwest College Council, Sec; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; French 
Corridor; Dean's List. 

GALLUCCIO, RONALD LOUIS; Amherst; Hotel and Restaurant 
Management; Q.T.V., Social Chrm.; Football; Intramurals; Greek 
Week Comm. 

GALUSKA, JOANNE PAULINE; Chicopee; Elementary Education; 
Dean's List; Newman Club; CCD Teacher; Educ. Club; Dorm Exec. 

GALVIN, ANNE MARIE; Jamaica Plain; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Elementary Education; Newman Club; Educ. Club; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Dean's List; Dorm Standard's Comm. 


GANNETT, CHESTER ERNEST: Great Barringtoii; Marketing; 
Newman Club; Marketing Club. 

GARJIAN, MICHAEL; Sloughton: Business Management; Adelphia; 
Student Senate; Homecoming Comm., Gen. Chrm.; Metawampe 
Comm., Chrm.; Alcoholic Beverages Clum.; VVlio's Wlio. 

GARNER, RONALD NICHOLAS; Boston; Art: Alpha Sigma Phi; 
I'xec. Comm.; Dean's List; BFA Honors Program; N.B.A. Pistol 

GARRISON, CHERYL JANE; Palmyra, N.Y.; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Dorm Counselor; NES Tutor. 

GASKILL, ROBERT ERNEST:VJoicestsi:Pliysical Education. 

GATELEY, PAUL FRANCIS. JR.; West Roxbury; Frankhn In- 
stitute; Finance and General Business: Sigma Alplia Mu, Publ. 
Comm., Scholarship Chrm., Rush Chrm.; Parachute Club. 

GAULIN, DANIEL THOMAS; East Douglas; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College; ///storv. 

GAUNT, DONNA LOU; Agawam; Dietetics and Institutional Ad- 
ministration: Campus Crusade for Clirist, Sec; Dorm Counselor; 
Precisionettes; Dean's List; Dorm Exec. Comm. 

GAVIOLI, RALPH ANTHONY; Southwick; Production Manage- 
ment: Phi Mu Delta; Soccer; IFC; Intramurals. 

GAWRON, ELIZABETH B.; Chicopee; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege; Soc;o/og)'; The Woodbine; Newman Club. 

GAWRON, LEONORA FRANCES; West Spiingfield; Mathematics: 
Standards Comm.; Aide to Underprivileged Kids. 

GAYESKA, PETER RONALD; Somerville; Economics; BasketbaU, 
Capt.; Kappa Sigma. 

GELFMAN, RICHARD DAVID; Northampton; Ps>'c/!o/og->', Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Pres.; Campus Health Rel. Comm.; Fraternity Pres. 
Assoc; Flying Club; Hillel; Intramurals; Senior Honors; Dean's List; 

GEORGE, MARILYN JEANNE; Lexington; Child Development: 
Orthodox Club; Operetta Guild; Belchertown Volunteers; National 
Assoc, for the Education of Young Children; Omicron Nu; Dean's 

GERO, DENNIS CAMILLE; Windsor; Chemical Engineering: House 
Judiciary; AICHE, Treas.; Tau Beta Pi; Dorm Counselor. 

GERO, GEORGE HERMAN, JR.; Easthampton; Mathematics; 
Scabbard and Blade. 

GEROW, FLORENCE M.; New Fmfieid; Landscape Architecture. 

GERRY, MICHAEL DUDLEY; Gardner; Fitchburg State CoUege; 
History: Alpha Phi Omega, Historian; Intramurals. 

GIANNINO, HOLLY M.; Uiddleton; English. 

GIARD, MARJORIE CRAFTS; Shelburne; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Commuters Club. 


GIARRUSSO, JOHN MICHAEL; Lawrence: Management: Flying 
Club; Dorm Gov't. 

GILBERT, KATHLEEN ANN; West Springfield; Holyoke Com- 
munity College; English: Spectrum; Northeast Passage; INDEX; 

GILBERT, ROBERT ELLIS; Brighton; Fsyc/zo/o^'; Varsity Wrest- 
ling; Freshman Football. 

GILMAN, GEORGE TAYLOR; Framingham; Sociology: Belcher- 
town Volunteers. 

GIORDANO, ROSALIE ANN MARIE; Methuen; Fashion Mercnan- 
dising: Precisionettes; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Gov- 

GIUFFRIDA, FELIX SEBASTIAN; Leicester; Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chrm.; ASME; Newman 
Club; Intramurals. 

GLASSMAN, ANN TOBY; Holyoke; Physics: Phi Beta Kappa; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Hillel; Physics Club; Phi Kappa Phi. 

GLAZIER, LINDA MARILYN; Voxhoio; English: Dorm Sec; Dorm 
Counselor; Campus Chest. 

GLEASON, RUTH; Amherst; Anthropology; Phi Betta Kappa; 
Dean's List. 

GLICKSTEIN, NANCY DALE; Framingham; Home Economics: 
Southwest Social Comm. Chrm.; Hillel; Home Ec. Club. 

GLOWIK, CLAUDIA ANN; Lynn; Massachusetts Bay Community 
CoIlege;^mericfl« History. 

GNACEK, JOHN E.; Chicopee; English; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

GODDESS, SHEILA LYNNE; Lawrence; Elementary Education: 
Dorm Comm. 

GODEK, PATRICIA ANN; Newport, R.I. ;^om<; Economics: New- 
man Club; Home Ec. Club; Dean's List. 

GOLD, ELLEN B.; FaU River;. 4«. 

GOLDBERG, EILEEN; Savannah, Ga.; Elementary Education: Sig- 
ma Delta Tau. 

GOLDBERG, ELAINE R.; Lexington ;£'nj//j/!. 

GOLDFARB, CYNTHIA LEE; Maiden; Elementary Education; 
Lambda Delta Phi; Education Club; Hillel; Marching Band, Props 

GOLDIE, SANDRA JANE; Wakefield; Boston State CoUege; Art; 
Dean's List. 

GOLDRICK, MARTHA ANN; Taunton; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 


GOLOWKA, EDWARD ANTHONY; Lynn; Boston University; 
Speech - Mass Communications: Newman Club; Gamma Alpha 
Kappa, Treas.; Dorm Gov't; Dorm Soc. Comm. 

GOMES, GLENN; Fall River; Government: Dean's List; Exec. 
Council; Winter Carni Comm.; House Judiciary, Chief Justice; Dorm 
Council; Intramiirals. 

GOMES, LORRAINE DOROTHY; Onset; Physical Education: 
W.A.A. Intramurals; Swim Team, Mgr.; W.A.A. Varsity Athletics; 
Scholastic Comm.; W.A.A., Exec. Board. 

GONDWE, VINCENT CHANKURU; Rumpi, Malawi; Agricultural 
and Food Economics: AEE Club; International Club; African Stu- 
dent Club. 

GONZALEZ, DIEGO MIGUEL; Belmont; English: University 
Chorus; Track. 

GOODMAN, ALAN W.; Springfield; Food Science and Technology: 
Tau Epsilon Phi, Spring Formal Co-Chrm.; Food Science Club; 
Varsity Bokwada. 

GOODMAN, LARAINE EDITH; Springfield; Sociology: Modern 

GOODMAN, LYNNE ANNE; Quincy; Elementary Education: Exec. 
Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Graduation Comm. 

Lambda Phi; Operetta Guild; Winter Carni Comm. 

GOODWIN, MARY ELIZABETH; Chicopee; English: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Dean's List; Dorm Pres.; Colonel's Cadre, Commaiiding 

GORMAN, JEANNE K.; Beverly; ///iron'; Dean's List. 

GOUIN, CECILIA F.; So. Hadley; Albertus Magnus College; Math. 

GOULD, CHRISTINE BETH; Belchertown; Government: Roister 
Doisters; UMass Theatre. 

GOULD, RONALD ROSSITTER; Hudson; Aerospace Engineering: 
A.I.A.A., Chrm., Treas.; Mech. & Aero. Student Faculty Council, 
Sec; Intramurals. 

GRAHAM, JERILYN MAE; Lynn; Massachusetts Bay Community 
Co]lege; Elementary Education: Sigma Kappa. 

GRAICHEN, ALAN RONALD; Methuen; Chemistry: Pre-Med Club; 
Student-Faculty Comm. 

GRANT, CATHERINE JULIA; Aihngton; Education. 

GRANT, MARGARET MABEL; Framingham; History: Newman 
Club; Young Democrats; Johnson House, Social Comm., Standards 

GRANT, MARY CAROLINE; Arlington; f/jg/Zs/;, Dean's List; Ox- 
ford Summer Seminar. 

GRANT, ROBERT EDWARD, JR.; Oxford; History: Student 
Senate; Student and Faculty Comm. on Student Affairs; Young 
Repubhcan Club; Pre-Law Assoc. 


GRASSIE, LANIER; Cohasset; French: Dean's List; Newman Club; 
Educ. Club; Dorm Gov't. 

GRAVES, EARLE CARL; Canton; Dean Junior College; Forest 
Management; Forestry Club; Intramurals. 

GRAVIN, STEPHEN KARL; Acton; Massachusetts Bay Community 
College; /I mer/cfltt History: Intramurals. 

GREEN, DOUGLAS F.; n3.X\A\ Psychology: Theta Chi, Soc. Chrm.; 
Class Vice President; E.xec. Council; Greek Week Comm.; Dean's 

GREEN, ROBERT C; Dalton; Berkshire Community College; Xgn- 
culture and Food Economics: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship; 
Alpha Zeta; A & F Ex. Club; Intramurals. 

GREENBERG, CYNTHIA LANE; Springfield; Education: Dean's 
List; Collegian; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; Educ. Club. 

GREENBERG, GARY ROBERT; Brookhne; Government: Delta 
Chi, Soc. Chrm., Rush Chrm., Pledge Chrm.; Pre-Law Assoc; 
Honor's Colloquium, Senior Honor's Thesis; Dean's List. 

GREENBERG, JANIS S.; Hyde Park;£«^fc/!. 

GREENBLATT, MICHAEL BARRY; HuU; English: Spectrum, Ad. 
Mgr.; Mass. Review Staff; Intramurals; Exit; Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

GREENBURG, EDWARD M.; Revere; Mechanical and Aerospace 

GREENE, SUSAN SARA; Tenafly, ^.i.\ Home Economics: Home 
Ec. Club, State Rep.; INDEX; NES Tutoring Program; Homecoming 
Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. 

GREENOUGH, JANICE GRACE; Wakefield; German: University 
Chorus; Angel Flight; Wesleyaires; German Club. 


GREGOR, PALMA A.; Westfield; Fashion Merchandising: Class 
Exec. Council; Angel Flight; Winter Carni Comm.; Miss University 

GREGORITCH, MARGARET ROSE; Acton; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Pi Beta Phi, Treas., V.P.; Educ. Club; Newman Club; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

GRIFFITH, SUSAN ROWENA; Lancaster; Art History: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Swimming; Dorm Gov't; Dean's List; Ski Club; Hockey 
Club; Honors Colloquium. 

GRIFFITHS, PETER HAMILTON; Media, Pa.; Stockbridge School 
of Agriculture; Park Administration: Arboriculture and Park Ad- 
ministration Club, Pres.; Volunteer Fire Dept., Capt.; Dean's List. 

GRIMES, LAWRENCE EDWARD; Fitchburg; Marketing: Dorm 
Representative; Intramurals; Marketing Club. 

GROFFMAN, MARK DAVID; Springfield; Accounting: Phi Sigma 
Kappa; Accounting Association, V.P.; Winter Carnival Comm.; 
WMUA; Intramurals. 

GROMELSKI, RICHARD FRANCIS; Holyoke; Chemical Engi- 
neering: Beta Kappa Phi; Freshman Track Team. 


GROVER, SUSAN B.; Ha.veihi\l; Fashion Merchandising: Fraternity 
Park Comm.; Dean's List; Kappa Alpha Theta; Revelers. 

GRYZBERG, ELIZABETH LOUISE; West Springfield; Sociology: 
Dorm Pres.; Dorm Judiciary Comm., Chrm.; M.L.K.S.A.C; N.E.S.; 
Dean's List. 

GRZENDA, RAYMOND FRANK; VhinviUe; Marketing: Phi Sigma 
Delta; Drill Team; Scuba Club. 

GUILLETTE, KAREN ANN; Mansfield; Sociology. 

GUINAN, JOHN FRANCIS; Pittsfield; Stockbridge School of Agri- 
culture; Park Administration: U.Mass. Fire Dept., Deputy Chief; 
Arboriculture and Park Administration Assoc. 

GUNN, DEBORAH LOUISE; Groton; Home Economics: BasketbaU; 
Dean's List; Naiads. 

GUNN, PRISCILLA D.; West Groton; English. 

GUNNER, JERALD MICHAEL; Natick; English: Intramurals; 
Freshman Tennis; House Council; Float Comm.; Outing Club. 

GURNEY, MERTON BRADFORD; East Fisstown; Forestry: Univ. 
Chorale; Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi. 

GUSCIORA, KENNETH HENRY; Stoughton; Chemical Engi- 
neering: Tau Beta Pi; Lambda Chi Alpha, I.F.C., Treas., Pres.; 

GUZOWSKI, ROBERT VICTOR; Indian Orchard; Geology: House 
Council; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Counselor. 

HABICHT, JOHN V.; Springfield; Chemistry: Intramurals. 

HAGG, DIANE LINNEA; Westminstei; Mathematics: Honors Collo- 
quium; Dean's List. 

HALAINEN, WILLIAM JON; Danielson, Conn.; European History: 
Freshmen Crew; Flying Redmen Drill Team; Collegian. 

HALEY, MAUREEN CATHERINE; Framingham; Hotel and Res- 
taurant Management: Dean's List; Innkeeper's Club; Dorm Stan- 
dards Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. 

HALL, HENRY JOSEPH; Merrick, N.Y.; Paul Smith's CoUege; 
Wood Technology: Forestry Club; Alpha Zeta. 

HALL, MARK DURAN; E. Weymouth; Zoology: Amherst Railway 

HALVCH, PATRICIA ANN; Ludlow; Home Economics: Sigma 
Sigma Sigma; Ski Club; Home Ec. Club. 

HALVERSON, RICHARD RHEAD; Stoneham; Psychology: Alpha 
Phi Omega; House Counselor; Dean's List. 

HAMBIDGE, DONALD E.; Danbury, Conn.; Civil Engineering: Bay 
State Special Forces; A.S.C.E. 


HAMBURG, CHARLES EDWARD; Boston; Restaurant and Hotel 
Management: Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres.; IPC Exec. Council; Swim- 
ming, Mgr.; Varsity M Club; Intramurals; Innkeepers Club; Dean's 

HAMILTON, MICHAEL SAGE; Groton; English; Soccer; Exec. 
Council; Chim. Publicity Comm.; Intramurals; Float Comm. 

HANEGAN, JOSEPH EDWARD; Chelsea; English. 

HANFLIG, JAY IRA; BrookUne; History: Tau Epsilon Phi, V.P., 
Pres.; Fraternity Presidents Assoc. Council; Revelers. 

HANLON, JAMES FRANCIS; West Roxbury; Political Science: 
Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. 

HANLON, LESLEY COPP; Wenham; University of Maine; Govern- 
ment: Student Senate. 

HANNEY, GERALDINE ANN; V^Xmsx; Nursing: Dorm Counselor; 
Dean's List; Nursing Club, Pres.; Newman Club. 

HARDING, GEROULD BRUCE; Great Barrington; Berkshire Com- 
munity College; Forestry Management: Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; 
Forestry Club; Woodsman Team. 

HARRIGAN, JAMES FRANCIS; Boston; Marketing: Theta Chi, 
Soc. Chrm.; Football; Intramurals; Homecoming Comm.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Mkgt. Assoc. 

HARRINGTON, JANET EILEEN; Merrimac; Child Development: 
Dean's List; Newman Club. 

HARRINGTON, NANCY JEANNE; h&xmglon; Psychology; Dorm 
Counselor; Ski Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Dorm Exec. Council; 
Newman Club. 

HARRINGTON, SUSAN LINDA; Mebose; Elementary Education; 
Chi Omega, Standards Rep., V.P.; Cheerleader; Educ. Club; Dean's 

HARRIS, CLEO; Saugus; Elementary Education; Exec. Council; 
Honors Colloquium; Class Gift Comm.; Collegian; Senior Class Trip 
Comm.; Dean's List; Educ. Club. 

HARRIS, ELEANOR KATHRYN ERICA; Topsfield; University of 
Pittsburgh; Psychology: Volunteer Northampton State Hospital; 
Dean's List. 

HARRISON, JILL ANN; Columbus, \ni.; English: ScroUs; Naiads; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

HARRISON, KENTON TRUDEL; Worcester; Economics; Dorm 
Judiciary; Dorm Government; Amherst Railway Society; Dean's 

HART, RAYMOND G.; Fort Edward, ^.Y.\ Accounting 

HASTINGS, ELAINE; Athol; Elementary Education; Educ. Club; 
Dean's List. 

HATFIELD, PATRICIA C; Wenham; French; Dorm Counselor; 
French Corridor; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

HATHERLEY, JAMES ARTHUR; Brighton; Government: Phi Mu 
Delta, Pres.; Dean's List; Pre-Law Assoc. 


HAUCK, PATRICIA KATHLEEN; Edison, NY.; Physical Educa- 
tion: Lambda Delta Phi; WOPE Major Council; Intramurals; Dorm 
Counselor; Precisionettes; Newman Club. 

HAUGHEY, ROBERT LAWRENCE; Shutesbury; Greenfield Com- 
munity College; Sociology. 

HAVILAND, DONALD PETER; Weymouth; History. 

HAWKINS, ARTHUR ROBERT; Dorchester; Psychology: Dorm 
Counselor; Northampton Volunteers; Intramurals. 

HAYDEN, CANDIS CAMERON; Bradford; English: Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Spc. Chrm.; Dean's List; Fraternity Park Comm.; Revelers. 

HAYES, JAMES BRENDAN; Centerville; Cape Cod Community 
CoUege;Management: Student Senate; Beta Chi; Finance Comm. 

HAYNES, NANCY JEANNE; Chelmsford; Child Development: 
Northampton Volunteers; Mortarboard; Chi Omega; Discipline 
Board; Class Exec. Council; Dean's List. 

HEALY, RICHARD KERWIN; BeUows FaUs, \i.;Mechanical Engi- 
neering: Beta Kappa Plii, House Manager; ASME. 

HEDLUND, WILLIAM DAVID; Braintree; Dean Junior College; 
Physical Education: WMUA; Dean's List. 

HELLER, PHILIP ALLEN; Sharon ;//Kfoo'; Exec. Council; Student 
Exchange Program Florida State; Tennis; Intramurals. 

HELLYAR, KENNETH GEORGE; Wilbraham; Chemical Engi- 
neering: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; A.LCh.E.; Honors Colloquium; 
Dean's List; Newman Club. 

HELWEG, RANDALL WILLIAM; WeUesIey Hills; History: Dorm 
President; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals; WrestUng; Dean's List. 

HELY, JUDY ANN; Hyannis; Sociology: Hillel; Univ. Symphony; 
Dean's List. 

HENCH, HOLLY JUSTINE; Lexington; Recreation: Winter Cami; 
Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Council; Dean's List. 

HENDERSON, DANIEL MORGAN; Hyde Park; Government; 
Alpha Sigma Phi; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

Marching Band; Newman Club; Exec. Council. 

HENDRICKSON, BARBARA; ^oyXston; Mathematics. 

HENEBRY, CLARK WILLIAM; Biitoii; Management; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Intramurals; Freshman Baseball; Senior Honors Program. 

HERDMAN, CHERLY A.; New York, New York; Zoology. 

HERLING, I. BRADFORD; Baltimore, Md.; Psychology: Varsity 
Lacrosse; Marine Biology Club; Tau Epsilon Phi. 


HERR, DONALD EDWARD; Lexington; Food Science and Tech- 
nology; Winter Carni Concert Comm.; Intervarsity Christian FeUow- 
sliip; Food Technology Club, V.P.; Movie Comm., Treas.; Program 

HERTZ, GEORGE KENNETH; Holyoke; Government; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Law Assoc; Dorm 

HERTZEL, ROBERT L; Sharon; Psvc/io/ogr, Exec. Council; Senate 
Academic Affairs & Services Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Class Trip 
Chrm.; Winter Carni; Campus Chest Comm. 

HERZBERG, CAROL EMILY; Clinton; Zoo/ogy. HiUel; Sigma Zeta 
Omicron; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 



HIGINBOTHAM, BRENT PAUL; Chelmsford; £'«g/!s/!, Dorm Coun- 

HIGNEY, WAYNE RAYMOND; Ware; University of Connecticut; 
English; Dorm Gov't; Intramurals; Dorm Council; Freshman Foot- 

HINCKLEY, DIANE CAROLYN; PhiUipston; English; Dean's List. 

HINCKLEY, DOUGLAS JOHN; Springfield; Wittenberg University; 
English; Collegian. 

HINE, JANE TEMPLETON; Woodstock, Vt.; Recreation; Marching 
Band; Naiads, Pres.; Dorm Pres.; N.E. Quadrangel Pres. Council; 
Recreation Club. 

HITCHCOCK, DALE CLEMENT; Worthington; Berkshire Com- 
munity CoM^ge; Psychology; Intramurals. 

HODGDON, RONALD WILBUR; Milton; Restaurant and Hotel 

HODGKINS, DAVID CHARLES; Shrewsbury; Business Manage- 
ment: Beta Kappa Phi; Intramurals; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm 
Gov't; Dean's List. 

HOFFMAN, THOMAS GLENN; Schenectady, N.Y.; Mathematics; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Delta Chi; Ski Club; 
Dean's List. 

HOLCOMB, ALBERT JAY; East Falmouth; Physical Education; 
Kappa Sigma; Freshman Baseball; Dorm President. 

HOLDEN, CHERYL D.; Hubbardston; Botany. 

HOLIHAN, COLLEEN HOPE; Spencer; Sociology. 

HOLM, SANDRA LOU; Worcester; Elementary Education; Chi 
Omega, Pres., Pledge Trainer; Colonel's Cadre; Exec. Council; Greek 
Week Queen; Military Ball Queen; Special Events Comm. 

HOLMES, LINDA JEAN; Framingham; Framingham State College; 
Elementary Education; Newman Club; Educ. Club; Dorm Soc. 
Chrm.; Northeast Passage. 

HOLT, CAROLYN; Raynham;>lrf. 

HOOD, CORINNE ANNE; Pittsfield; Education: Sigma Sigma 
Sigma; Precisionettes, Exec. Officer, Squad Leader. 


HOOD, DEBORAH; Ipswich; Education: Dorm Gov't; Educ. Club. 

HOOPER, SUSAN JAMES; Centerville; Boston VinneiuXy; Physical 
Education: Iota Gamma Upsilon; Tennis. 

HORAHAN, JOHN R.; North Adams; Landscape Architecture. 

HORGAN, DAVID JOHN: Leominster; Mount Wachusett Com- 
munity College; //I'sforv.- Intramurals; Dean's List. 

HORTON, SUSAN BARCLAY, Eastham; Fashion Merchandising; 
Dean's List; Dorm Judiciary. 

HOUDE, GARY RICHARD; South Grafton; Civil Engineering: 
A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. 

HOUDELETTE, MARILYN ANN; Wareham; Communication Dis- 
orders: Intramurals; Swimming; Dorm Treas.; Communication Dis- 
orders Club. 

HOWARD, ANDREW JOSEPH; Norwood; ///sforv; Exec. Council; 
Winter Carni; Homecoming, Float Parade Chrm.; Dorm Soc. Chrm. 

HOWARD, SANDRA L.; Amherst; French: Commuters Club; 
Dean's List. 

HOWCROFT, ALBERT JACKS; Adams; Anthropology: Outing 

HUBBARD, BRIAN JOHN; Lynn; Sociology: Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Steward; Intramurals; N.O.A.H. 

HUNGERFORD, GEORGE M.; Quincy; English: WMUA Station 
Mgr.; WMUA Classical Dir. and Announcer; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; 
Intramurals; Collegian, Fine Arts Staff. 

Counselor; Dean's List; Oxford Summer Seminar; Undergrad. 
Teaching Ass't in English. 

HUNTER, PENNIE; Lee; History: Band; Dorm Soc. Chrm.; Dorm 

HUNTER, WILLIAM ROBERT; Newton; Colby Newton Jr. CoUege; 
Psychology: Dean's List; Dorm Representative. 

HURTEAU, ANTHONY EDMUND; Spencer; Qumsigamond Com- 
munity CoUege; Physical Education: Intramurals; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; Dean's List. 

HURWITZ, JUDITH LINDA; Brookline; Marietta College; French; 
INDEX; Dorm Governor; French Corridor; Dean's List. 

HUSTED, PAUL NORMAN; Chebnsford; Marietta CoUege; Govern- 
ment; Varsity Lacrosse; Young RepubUcans; Dorm Judiciary. 

HYDORN, SUSAN BRODA; Albuquerque, N.M.; Entomology; 
Fernald Club, Yearbook Ed.; Orchestra; Dean's List; Dorm Treas. 

HYNES, PAMELA ANN; Framingham; History: House Judiciary; 


IMMONEN, LEO ERIC; Noiv/ood; Mathematics: Dean's List; Intra- 
murals; Freshman Tennis. 

INFANTE, ANTHONY MICHAEL; Pittsfield; Aerospace Engi- 
neering; A.I.A.A., Pres.; Engineering Education Council. 

INFASCELLI, JOSEPH; Quincy; Quincy Junior CoUege; Geology; 
Beta Chi. 

INGALLS, JUNE; Nahant; University of Massachusetts Boston; 
Elementary Education; Educ. Club; Ski Club. 

INGRAM, ALMA ELIZABETH; Fitchburg; Home Economics Edu- 
cation; Exchange Program to New Mexico; Sigma Sigma Sigma; 

lOANILLI, LOUIS PAUL; Sharon; Physical Education; Kappa 
Sigma; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

IRONSIDE, JUDITH ANN; Holyoke; Holyoke Community CoUege; 
Medical Technology. 

ISABELLE, DONNA LEE; Oceanport, i< .L; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Kappa Sorority; Education Club; Recommendations Chair- 
man of Sigma Kappa. 

ISBERIAN, GERMAINE A.; Thessalomiki, Greece; Elementary 
Education; International Club, V.P.; Educ. Club; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Grad. Asst. at MelvLUe. 

IZATT, KATHRINE M.; South Hadley; English; Rifle Team; English 
Undergrad. Asst.; Dean's List. 

JAKMAUH, LAWRENCE MICHAEL; Dorchester; English; Univer- 
sity Theatre; Operetta Guild; Caesura; The Exit; Chorus; Roister 

JAKOBSEN, DIANE ALICE; Ashland; University of Massachusetts 
Boston; Education; Honors Colloquium; Educ. Club; Winter Cami 
Comm.; Ski Club; Spanish Club. 

JAMES, SUSAN ANNE; Dighton; English; Undergrad. Asst. English; 
Dean's List. 

JAMGOCHIAN, GEORGE MICHAEL; Lexington; Finance; Kappa 

JANDA, KEVIN ALAN; Chnton; Stockbridge School of Agricul- 
ture; Forest Management; Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Society of 
American Foresters; American Forestry Assoc; Intramurals. 

JAQUITH, PATRICIA EDITH; Wilmington; English; Homecoming 
Court; Sophomore Bunny; Dean's List. 

JARSKI, WILLIAM ANDREW; West Groton; Cape Cod Community 
College; Marketing; Marketing Club; Intramurals; Judiciary. 

JARVIS, ANNE; Wellesley; Mount Ida Junior College; Physical 
Education; WAA; Dorm Gov't; University Dance Group. 

JAWORSKI, NANCY SUE; Hatfield; Education; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; Young Democrats; Newman Club; Educ. Club; Dorm 
Cultural Comm., Chrm.; Dorm Standards Comm.; Bologna Program; 
Dean's List. 

JEKANOWSKI, LEONARD CARL; North Hadley; Pre-Dental; 
Dean's List; Intramurals; Newman Club. 


JENKINS, CHERYL JEAN; Dorchester; Sociology. 

JENKINS, LAURA CLARK; Greenfield; Sociology: Symphony 
Orchestra; Dean's List; Student Senate. 

JENNINGS, ERNEST ROLAND; Athol; American History: ROTC; 
Marching Band; Concert Band; Dean's List. 

JENNINGS, WILLIAM VINCENT, JR.; Braintiee; History: Dorm 
V.P.; Intramurals; Dean's List; Honor History Seminar. 

JOHNSON, ALAN C; Beverly; Accounting: Freshman Hockey; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Dorm Counselor. 

JOHNSON, BRADFORD HOWES; Attleboro; History: Student 
Senate; Budgets Comm. Chrm.; Who's Who; Dorm Judiciary, Chief 
Justice; Intramurals; Young Repubhcans. 

JOHNSON, CAREN; Ipswich; Sociology: Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Treas.; Sophomore Banquet Comm.; Winter Carnival Comm.; Home- 
coming Comm.; Colonel's Cadre. 

JOHNSON, DEBORAH ANN; Gieendeld; Elementary Education: 
Dean's List; Educ. Club; Honor's CoUoquia; Dorm Counselor; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Gamma Sigma Sigma; N.E.S. Tutor. 

JOHNSON, DONALD EDWARD; Rutland ;//«foo'. 

JOHNSON, DURRELL HENRY; Oxford; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, MICHAEL LEON, JR.; West SpnngTield; Management: 
WMUA; Bridge Club; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Gov't; 
Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, PAMELA LEE; Holden; Elementary Education: Edu- 
cation Club; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, PAUL EVERT, JR.; Livingston, N.J.; Quantitative 
Methods: Beta Kappa Phi; Soccer; Golf; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, THOMAS GEORGE; Worcester; Wood Technology; 
Tennis; Hockey; Scuba Club; Sierra Club. 

JOHNSTON, CAROL JEAN; Seekonk; Zoology Education; Phi Beta 

Kappa; N.E.S. ; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. 

JOHNSTON, GARY DAVID; Stockbridge; Agricultural and Food 
Economics: Dorm Government; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

JONES, LINDA MARY; Stoneham; Public Health; Pi Beta Phi; 
Exec. Council; Student PubUc Health Assoc, Sec. 

JOYAL, PAULA LINDA; Maynard; Education; N.E.S.; Dean's List. 

JOYCE, ROBERT JOSEPH; South Boston; Journalism - Govern- 
ment: Homecoming Comm., Co-Chrm.; Alpha Sigma Phi; Exec. 

JUSZCYK, ALAN JOSEPH; Passaic; Entomology: Dorm Gov't, 
Treas.; Dorm Counselor; Fernald Entomological Club; Newman 


KAM, PHILIP T.; Kowldon, Hong Kong: Physics: QTV; Soccer; 

KAMBERELIS, PETER J.; HaverhiU; Northern Essex Community 
College; Public Relations; Dorm Counselor; CoUegian; Judo Club; 

KAMIENSKI, PAUL W.; Wanen; Chemical Engineering: AICE;Tau 
Beta Pi; Intramurals; House Council. 

KANGAS, MIRIAM ALVINA; Worcester; Zoology. 

KAPITAO, REDSON WILLIAS; Mpusadala Village, Malawi, Africa; 
Animal Science: Soccer; Animal Science Club; Black Students 
Assoc; Alpha Zeta; Winner of 2nd Premium Baystate Class in 
Livestock, Fitting & Showmanship 1968. 

KAPLAN, ERIC PAUL; Lowell; Pre-Medical: Pre-Med Society; 
HiUel; Belchertown Volunteers; Pre-Med Handbook. 

KAPLAN, SUSAN ANDREA; Cincinnati, Ohio; Sociology: House 
Mgr.; Operetta Guild; Ski Club; Program Comm. 

KAPLAN, VICKI ILENE; Boston; Education: Gamma Sigma Sigma; 
Collegian; Dean's List; N.E.S.; Educ. Qub. 



KARAKULA, RONALD ANTONY; Northampton; Soil and Plant 
Life: Floriculture Club; Operetta Guild. 

KARYDIS, JEAN LOUISE; Marblehead; North Shore Community 
College; ///sroo'; Social Committee; Education Club. 

KASAVANA, TOBY STUART; Stamford, Conn.; Quantative 
Methods: Men's Affairs Comm.; Exec. Comm.; Gymnastics Team; 
Univ. Reform Comm.; School of Business Curriculum Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

KASMER, RHETA JOAN; East Longmeadow; History: Pi Beta Phi, 
Sec; Angel Flight, Commander; Kappa Delta Phi; Newman Club. 

KATZ, ALAN M.; Beverly; English: Phi Beta Kappa; Freshman 
Track; Track; Intramurals; Dorm Gov't; Dorm Judiciary; Honors 
Colloquium; Dean's List; Barbell Club. 

KATZ, JEFFREY S.; Hewlett, n.Y.; Economics: Ec. Assoc; Dorm 

KATZ, JULIUS; Natick; Worcester Junior College; Sociology: Sigma 
Alpha Mu; Symphony Band; Symphony Orchestra; Concert Band; 
Marching Band. 

KATZ, PHILLIP SIDNEY; Wellesley; Anthropology: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List; HiUel; Dorm 
Council; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Activities. 

KEATING, THOMAS P.; Worcester; Psychology. 

KEEGAN, JOANNE K.; Norwood; Fashion Merchandising: Alpha 
Chi Omega; Ski Club; S.W.A.P.; Home Ec. Club. 

KEELER, CAROLYN; Lexington; Plymouth State College ;£'teme«- 
tary Education: Education Club; Ski Club; lota Gamma Upsilon. 

KELEHER, JOHN JOSEPH, III; Springfield; Marketing: Alpha 
Sigma Phi; IFC Sports. 


KELLEY, PAUL JEROME; Soutli Hadley; Holyoke Junior CoUege; 

KELLEY, RITA C; Maiden; Government. 

KELLEY, ROBERTA JEAN; Lexington; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Kappa, Corr. Sec; Academic Affairs; Miss University Court; 
Dorm Judiciary Chrm.; Mortarboard, V.P.; Dean's List. 

KELLY, KATHLEEN MARIE; Wakefield; Fwic/z; Sigma Delta Tau; 
Dean's List; Flying Club; Educ. Club; Outing Club. 

KENDRICK, CYRUS ELROY, 111; Stow; Oiemical Engineering: 
Tau Beta Pi; Intramurals; Beta Gamma Nu. 

KENNEDY, EVELYN MARION; RsYeie; Marketing; Dorm Counse- 
lor; Class Exec. Council; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Marketing Club. 

KENNEDY, PATRICIA JOAN; West Springfield; Holyoke Com- 
munity CoUege; Sociology; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi. 

KENNEY, MARTIN MICHAEL; Framingham;/4/-f. Dorm Judiciary, 
Chief Justice; Hobbit; Dorm Council; Fine Arts Comm. 

KERTILES, ANNE FAITH; Westfield; Sociology; ScroUs; Cheer- 
leader; Dean's List; N.E.S. 

KETCHEN, BARBARA ANN; BiUerica; P/i;i^rica/ Education; Dorm 
Gov't; WAA; Dean's List. 

KETONEN, KATHERINE RUTH; Rutland; Art; Equestrian Club; 
Outing Club. 

KETTLE, COLETTE ELLEN; Shadow Lawn Manor, N.J.; Home 
Economics; Chi Omega, Pledge trainer. Stewardess; Greek Judiciary, 
Chief Justice; Dorm Counselor; Women's Affairs Comm.; Dean's 

KEURULAINEN, JAMES EMIL; Westminster; Accounting; Intra- 

KILLEEN, JOHN W.; Greenfield; Government. 

KILMARTIN, JOSEPH B., JR.; Framingham; Boston College; 
History; Student Senate; Five College Student Coordinating Board; 
Five College Student Life Comm. Chrm.; Dorm Council. 

KIMBALL, SANDRA JEAN; HaverhUl; Fashion Merchandising; 
N.E.S. ; Tutor; Exec. Council.; Winter Carni. 

KING, JOHN MARSHALL; Haverhill; Marketing; Beta Kappa Phi, 
Pres.; Maroon Keys; Arcon; Revelers, Pres.; Exec. Council. 

KING, WILLIAM RICHARD; Shaker Heights, Ohio; Government; 
Adelphia; Beta Kappa Phi; I.F.C., Treas., Rush Chrm.; Student Life 
Comm.; Exec. Coun. 

KINNALLY, GEORGE FRANCIS; Reveie; Marketing; Flying Red- 
men; Dorm Council; Intramurals; Dean's List; Marketing Club. 

KIRLEY, JENNY L.; Shutesbuiy; Education. 


KIRLEY, JOSEPH FRANCIS; Waltham; Hotel and Restaurant 
Management: Innkeepers; Intramurals; Karate Club. 

KISIEL, JOHN C; Holyoke; Holyoke Community CoUege ; ///sforv. 

KLEINNAN, ELLEN LYNN; Merrick, Long Island, N.Y.; Math- 
ematics; NES; Sigma Sigma Sigma. 

KLICKSTEIN, BARRY C; Marblehead; Psychology; Phi Sigma 
Delta; Dean's List; Pre-Law Assoc. 

KLUBOCK, MICHAEL; Beverly; Hotel Management; Sigma Phi 

KNAPP, STEPHEN J.; Framingham; Wildlife. 

KNOWLES, CYNTHIA CHRISTINE; Weston; Lasell Jr. College; 

KOCHANOWSKI, ROBERT JOHN; Sturbridge; Landscape Archi- 
tecture; Frosh Cross Country; Indoor and Outdoor Track. 

KOCSIS, JO ANN; LoweU; English; Dorm Counselor. 

KOITZ, DAVID S.; Springfield; Accounting; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 
Accounting Club; Ski Club. 

KOLTOV, BEVERLY R.; Randolph ;£■/£;?;<?« fc/r Education; Dean's 
List; Education Club. 

KONIECZNY, CHRISTINE; Ludlow; Physical Education; Naiads; 
Swim Team; Marching Band; WAA; Dorm Counselor, Head Counse- 

KONRAD, ELAINE MARIE; Holyoke; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege; Heme;! fcri' Education; Newman Club; Education Club. 

KOSKA, JOHN S.; New Bedford; Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

KOSKI, WALTER RAYMOND, JR.; Ashby; Mathematics; Math 
Club; Science Fiction Club; Intramurals. 

KOUMJIAN, KATHLEEN MARY; Watertown; St. Joseph's College; 
Fashion Merchandising; Kappa Kappa Gamma; The Woodbine; 
Home Ec. Club. 

KOVALESKI, STANLEY KENNETH; Worcester; Mechanical Engi- 
neering; ASME; Newman Club. 

KOZAK, AUDREY HELEN; Westport; Elementary Education; 
Marching Band; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dean's List. 

KRAMER, CLIFFORD DEGEN; Oceanside, N.Y.; Marketing; Tau 
Epsilon Phi; Freshman Swimming; Arcons. 

KRAMER, SHARON LEV.\Wm\.\\tox>; Elementary Education; Sigma 
Delta Tau, Rush Chrm.; Collegian, Advertising Mgr.; Women's 
Affairs; Hillel; Educ. Club; Area Judiciary; University Chorus. 


KRAMER, STEPHEN PAUL: Wollaston;i'Ays;ca/ Education; Maroon 
Keys; Revelers; Varsity Soccer; Alpha Sigma Phi, Pres.; I.F.C., Sec. 

KRASIN, BRUCE WILLIAM; Holyoke; Microbiology: Symphony 
Band; Symphony Orchestra; Amherst College Jazz Orchestra; Uni- 
versity Jazz Workshop; Operetta Guild. 

KREINICK, EMILY SUE; Brockton; Colby College; Sociology: 
Dean's List. 

KRESS, ANDREW OSCAR; Acton; Zoology; Intramurals; Ski Club. 

KRIMSKY, WILLIAM; Sunderland; Marketing. 

KRINSKY, STEVEN A.; Revere; Sociology: Students for Civil 
Rights; Young Independents; Students for Pohtical Action, Pres.; 
DVP, Program Chrm.; Student Senate; Academic Affairs; Dean's 

KROL, PATRICIA ANN; Greenfield; f/eme/jfon' Education; 
man Club; Educ. Club; Dorm Government; Dean's List. 


KRULA. KAREN ANN; Millbury; Elementary Education: Newmmi 
Club; Educ. Club; Dorm Government; Dean's List. 


KUCEFSKI, DIANE M.; Westfield; Mathematics: Dorm Counselor; 
Precisionettes; Iota Gamma Upsilon, V.P.; Newman Club; Dean's 

KUHN, JUDITH ALDEN; South Weymouth; English: Collegian; 
University Theatre. 

KUKUCKA, WILLIAM P.; Hatfield; Electrical Engineering: i.E.E.E. 

KURKJIAN, MARYANN JOAN; West Newbury; /1«. Dorm Coun- 
selor; E.S.O.; Dean's List; Univ. Chorus. 


KUZMESKI, LINDA MARIE; Amheist; Education; Dean's List. 

LABATO, THERESA SANTA; Northampton; French; Dean's List. 

LACHAPELLE, PAUL A.; Salem; Northern Essex Community Col- 
lege; Electrical Engineering; House Government; I.E.E.E.; House 

LACONTI, DONNA FRANCES; West Spnng,neld; English-Psychol- 
ogy; Student Senate; Class Exec. Council; Collegian; Winter Carni 

LAFLEUR, WILLIAM RICHARD; Fairview; Pre-Med; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Pre-Med Society; Phi Eta Sigma. 

LAFRANCE, MARGUERITE A.; Chelmsford; Phychology; Dean's 
List; Standards Comm.; Newman Club; Psychology Club. 

LAINE, LINDA MARIE: Dedham; Fisheries Biology: Marcliing 
Band; Concert Band; Band Librarian; INDEX. 

LAKNESS, JEAN ALLYSON; Cincinnati, Ohio; Dietitics; Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; S.U. Program Council, Sec; S.U. Movie Comm., 
Chrm. Student Senate; Ski Club; SWAP; Dean's List. 


LAMARCHE, RICHARD D.; Hudson Falls, N.Y.; Government. 

LAMOND, ELLEN VIRGINIA; Wyemouth; English: Exec. Council; 
Winter Carni Comm. 

LAMOUREAUX, GARY P.; Turners Falls; Greenfield Community 
College; ^ecreaf/o/).' Recreation Club; Outing Club; Ski Club. 

LAMPRON, KATHLEEN ANN; Dalton; Art: Chamber Singers; 
University Chorale. 



LANCASTER, SUSAN AMELIA; Lynnficld; Lebanon Valley Col- 
lege; French. 

LANDERS, PAUL EDWARD; Wakefield; Economics: Intramurals; 
Economics Club; Dorm Representative. 

LANDSMAN, JOANNA; Swampscott; Westbrook Junior College; 
Fashion Merc/iandising; Sigma Delta Tau. 

LANG, CHARLES MCNEIL, JR.; Uidd\eboro;Mathema[ics: Track, 
Co-Capt.; Cross Country, Co-Capt.; Dean's List. 

LANKIN, MICHAEL JOSEPH; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
Collsge; Electrical Engineering. 

LANPHER, KATHLEEN; Woburn; Massachusetts Bay Community 
College; ///sfon'. 

LAPOINTE, WILLIAM H.; Dartmouth; Cape Cod Community 
College; Park Administration: Alpha Zeta; Forestry Club; Arbori- 
culture and Park Admin. Society; Dean's List. 

LAPRADE, DAVID ALLEN; Easthampton; Psychology: Dorm 
Chief Justice; Pre-Law Club. 

LAROCQUE, CAROL MARIE; Willimansett; English: Dean's List; 
Area East Judiciary, Clerk; Dorm Counselor; Commuters Club; 
Newman Club. 

LARSON, ELIZABETH;{oid; Mathematics: Dorm Treas.; Math 
Club; House Judiciary; Dean's List. 

LARSON, ROBERT MERCHANT; Belmont; History: R.O.T.C. 

LAUER, MARJORIE ANN; Longmeadow; Physical Education: 
Scrolls; Dorm Counselor; Kappa Alpha Theta; Exec. Council. 

LAVALLEE, ARTHUR GEORGE; Ware; Entomology: Fernald 
Club; Student Comm. Department of Entomology. 

LAVERTY, JOHN F.; Quincy; Government: Track; Student Senate; 
Dorm V.P.; Southwest Representative; Dean's List. 

LAVOIE, SUSAN ANNE; North Dighton; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Government. 

LAYCOCK, BARRON TODD; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
College; Sociology: Pre-Med Club; Barbell Club; Dean's List. 


LEACH, ROBERT TYRRELL; Shrewsbury; Accounting: Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; Acc't Assoc. 

LEARY, JOANNE M.; Cliicopee Falls; American International Col- 
lege; Sociology: Las Vegas Night Queen Court; Homecoming Comni. 

LEBEAU, GARY DANIEL; Easthampton; Government: Admin- 
istrative Intern; President of Class; Dorm Judiciary; Student Senate; 

LEBLANC, CAROL ANNE M.; Shrewsbury; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College; Elementary Education. 


LECLAIR, ROBERT PAUL; New Bedford; Physical Education: 
Gymnastics, Capt. 

LEGG. DONALD BRUCE; Westboro; Physical Education: Dorm 
Gov't; Dorm Counselor; Scabbard & Blade, V.P.; Distinguished 
Mihtary Student; Intramurals; Army ROTC, Cadet Brigade Comm. 

LEGG, ROBERT KENNETH; Westboro; Stockbridge School of 
Agriculture; Park Administration: Volunteer Fire Dept.; Arborcul- 
ture and Park Adm. Assoc. 

LEHRBERG, RICHARD S. F.; Newton; Sociology: Sigma Alpha 
Mu, Rush Chrm.; l.F.C, Rush Comm.; Yahoo. 

LEHRER, LONNIE; Haworth, N. }.; Accounting: Basketball, Base- 
ball; Maroon Keys, Sec; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec; Acc't Assoc; Dean's 
List; Hillel. 

LEIBMAN, LINDA M.; Worcester; French: Phi Beta Kappa; Hillel; 
Educ. Club; Exec. Council; Class Social Comm.; Winter Carni. 
Comm.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

LEITCH, ROBERT RAYMOND; Adams; Pre-Medical: Marching 
Band; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

LEITH, ROBERTA JANE; Holliston; Goi-er/imenf; Colonel's Cadre; 
Dean's List. 

LEJA, RICHARD ANTHONY; kiiam%; Sociology: Pre-Law Club. 

LEKBERG, ERIC LEONARD; Westboro; Personnel Management: 
Varsity Golf Team, Capt.; Delta Chi; Dorm Counselor; Freshman 
Golf Team; Dean's List. 

LELAND, JOSEPH BERNARD; Worcester; Accounting: Intra- 

LEMIEUX, LOUISE THERESA; Leominster; Mt. Wachusett Com- 
munity College; Accounting. 

LEMKE, CAROL ANNE; So. Hadley Falls; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Dorm Counselor, Head Counselor; Dean's List; W.A.A. 

LEMKIN, JOYCE ALDA; Newton; Physics: Phi Beta Kappa; Pre- 
cisionettes; Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. 

LENDER, CAROLYN M.; Bloomfield, N. J.; Home Economics: 
Naiads; Dean's List. 

LENKOSKL PETER F.; Holyoke; General Business and Finance. 


LENON, ELIZABETH A.; Swansea; English: Dean's List; Newman 

LENTINE, FRANCIS CLYDE; North Adams; Chemical Engineer- 
ing: A.I.Ch.E.; Intramurals; Dorm Athletic Chim. 

LENTO WSKI, JAMES FRANCIS; Chicopee; Landscape Architec- 
ture: American Society of Landscape Architects; Precisionettes. DriU- 
master; R.O.T.C, Army. 

LENZNER, JUDITH ELAINE; Great Neck, L.I.. N.Y.; English: 
INDEX, Organizations Ed.; Univ. Chorale, Board Member; Hillel, 
Board Member; Dorm Academics Comm. Chrm.; Dean's List. 

LEONARD, GERALD THOMAS: Worcester; Worcester Junior Col- 
lege; Personnel Management: Intramurals. 

LEONARD, MARGARET ANN; Oak Bluffs; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Newman Club. 

LEPOER, DOREEN ANN; Pepperell; Clinical Recreation: Horse 

LESQUIER, LORNA ROSE; Springfield; Elementary Education; 
Naiads; Educ. Club; Exchange Student; Christian Science Org.; 
Dean's List. 

LESS, JOEL ALLAN; North hAa.m%\ Management: Intramurals. 

LEVER, DONNA LOUISE; Methuen; Northern Essex Community 
CoUege; Elementary Education. 

LEVINE, ELAINE ABBY; Brookline; Accounting: Accounting 
Assoc, Sec; Scrolls, Treas.; Exec. Council. 

LEVINE, JEFFREY A.; Beverly; Government: Football Manager; 
Dorm Gov't; Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Florida 
State Exchange Student; Pre-Law Assoc. 

LEVINE, JOEL THOMAS; Framingham; Boston University; Public 
Health: W.M.U.A., News Dir.; Student PubUc Health Association; 
Commuters Club ; Veterans Fraternity. 

LEVY, ELLEN M.; Newton CsnXex.Home Economics. 

LEVY, ERIC; Revere; Aerospace Engineering: A.I.A.A., Sec; Ski 
Club; Educ. Council for Mechanical-Aero Engineers. 

LEWENBERG, PETER K.; Newton; Agriculture & Food Econom- 
ics: Adelphia; Exec. Coun.; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pres., V.P.; SWAP; 
Who's Who; Commencement Task Force; Senior Week, Chrm. 

LEWIS, GLENN JEFFREY; Chelsea; Government: Alpha Epsilon 
Pi; Dean's List; Pre-Law Assoc; Intramurals. 

LIBERATORE, DAVID DONALD; Somerville; Boston University; 
Earth Science: Kappa Sigma; Varsity Hockey; Newman Club. 

LIDDY, KAREN LOUISE; Worcester; Nursing: Angel FUght, Exec 
Officer; Nursing Club; Dorm Counselor; Honors Colloquium; Dean's 

LILLARD, SUSAN; Sharon; Education: Alpha Chi Omega; Scrolls; 
NES Tutor; Educ Club. 


LIMERO, THOMAS FRANK: Springfield; Zoology: Intramurals; 
Young Republicans, Treas., Exec. Board Clirm. 

LINCOLN, CAROL Z.; Amherst; ///sforv. 

LINCOLN, DAVID APPEL; DMon; Electrical Engineering; Dean's 
List; Student Member IEEE. 

LINDAHL, CYNTHIA ELLEN; Squantum; Nursing: Dean's List; 
E.xec. Board; Winter C;uni, Publicity Comm.; Dorm Exec. Board; 
Dorm Program Clirm.; Nursing Affairs Comm.; Newman Club. 

LINNEMANN, RICHARD HENRY; Springfield; Civil Engineering; 
Gamma Alpha Kappa; A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. 

LIPMAN, DEBORAH RUTH; Lowell; Psychology; Exec. Council; 
Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm. 

LIS, CYNTHIA BARBARA; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community Col- 
lege; /T/i^fts/!. 

LISSBERGER, HEDDY N.; Springfield; German: Naiads; Kappa 
Alpha Theta. 

LITCOFSKY, RONA GAIL; Chelsea; English: Northampton 

LITTLE, THOMAS JOHN; Framingham; Accounting: Freshmen 
Hockey; Accounting Assoc. 

LITTLEFIELD, ROBERT WESTON; North Brookfield; Manage- 
ment; Dean's List; House Council. 

LIZOTTE, PAULA MARIE; Amesbury; Accouting; Dean's List; 
Acc't Assoc; Newman Club; Psychology Club. 


LODA, CAROLYN MARY; Worcester; French; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

LOFCHIE, ROSLYN RONA; Newton Centre; Mathematics; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Hillel. 

LOMBARDELLI, NANCY JEANNE; Braintree; English: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Scrolls; Alpha Lambda Delta; Alpha Chi Omega; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Tennis Team. 

LOMBARDO, PIO STEPHEN; Providence, R.I. Chemical Engineer- 
ing: Tau Beta Pi; A.I.Ch.E.; Intramurals; Northern Educational Ser- 
vice; Dorm Judiciary. 

LONGO, PAUL JOSEPH; KockXmi; Journalism: Intramurals. 

LONGPRE, MARGARET ANN; New Bedford; English; Interna- 
tional Club; Newman Club. 

LOOMIS, MARCIA JEAN; Easthampton; European History; S.U. 
Fine Arts Comm., Clirm.; Dean's List; Martin Luther King Social 
Action Comm.; Young Democrats; Exchange Student. 

LORD, DANIEL MCISSAC, JR.; Groveland; Northern Essex Com- 
munity College; ///s/on'; Ski Club; Tennis Club. 


LORENZ, CATHERINE M.; Augmn: Med-Tech. 

LORREY, ROBERT A.; West Hartford, Conn.; General Business 
and Finance: Lambda Chi Alpha; Intramurals; Ski Club. 

LOUFUS, MICHAEL ALAN; Lunenburg; Business Administration: 
Delta Chi; Intramurals. 

LOUGHNANE, JOSEPHINE; Weymouth; University of Massachu- 
setts Boston; Special Education; Newman Club, Sec; Education 
Club; Dean's List. 

LOUNSBURY, ELAINE DIANE; Us\iose\ English; Collegian; Dorm 
Standards Council. 

LUBARSKY, DAVID ALAN; Quincy; Government; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Chaplain; Pre-Law Soc; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

LUCAS, BRIAN R.; Wi\h\xiy;Physical Education; Intramurals;Dorm 
Athletic Clirm.; Dorm Council. 

LUND, BARBARA; Worcester; Education. 

LUPA, CAROL A.; Newburyport; English. 

LUSIGNAN, JEAN M.; Pittsfield; Psychology; Swim Team; Ski 
Team; Dorm Gov't; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

LUSSIER, ALBERT JOSEPH, JR.; Fitchburg; Mechanical Engi- 
neering; Newman Club; ASME. 

LYNCH, RICHARD GARDNER; Peabody; Business Quantitative 
Methods; Air Force R.O.T.C.; Dorm Judiciary; Intramurals. 

MABIE, MARY LEA; Waltham; £'«jfo/;; Program Council; S.U. Rec. 
Activities Comm., Chrm.; Dorm V.P.; Women's Affairs Comm. 

MacCUTCHEON, LINDA LEE; Mehose; English; Operetta Guild; 
Angel FUght; Dorm, Sec, Treas.; Dorm Soc. Comm.; SWAP; Dean's 

MacDONALD, JANNETTE; Holbrook; Accounting; Lambda Delta 
Phi; Acc't Assoc; Dean's List. 

MacDONNELL, ALINE; Burlington; TVurxm.g'; Exec. Council; Volun- 
teers for Retarded Children, Sec, Treas., Pres.; Dorm Counselor; 
Nursing Club; Lambda Delta Phi, Panhel Rep.; Who's Who. 

MACK, SUSAN JEAN; Greenfield; Child Development; Home Ec; 

MACKIE, EDWARD MERRILL; Walpole; Northeastern Univ.;£'/ec- 
tical Engineering; Freshman Honors Colloquium; Eta Kappa Nu. 

MacLEOD, ROBERT ANGUS; Braintree; Urban and Regional 

MADDOCKS, EMERY ARTHUR; Whitman; History; Judiciary; 
Dorm Counselor; Mihtary Ball Comm.; Scabbard & Blade; Distin- 
guished Military Student. 


MAGEE, JAMES J.; Winthrop; Government: Dean's List; Dorm 
Judiciary; Gold Team; Intramurals. 

MAGNANl, PAUL JOHN; Springfield; Government; Univ. Chorus; 
Madrigal Singers; Univ. Chorale, Mgr.; Chamber Singers; Young 
Republicans, Treas.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

MAGNUSON, STEPHEN PAUL; Rochdale; Worcester Junior Col- 
lege; Business Administration. 

MAGOVERN, MARTHA SHARRITT; Agawam; English; Sigma 
Sigma Sigma. 

MAGUIRE, JOHN THOMAS; Lynn; Palm Beach CoUege-Mass Com- 
munications: Dean's List; Acolyte Newman Center; WMUA; Karate 

MAHER, MAUREEN ANN; Paxton; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dorm 
Judiciary; Dean's List. 

MAHER, MICHAEL DANIEL; Haverhill; Marketing; A.S.C.E.; 
Market Club; Dean's List; Civil Engineering Studies. 

MAHONEY, BETH NEVILLE; Woburn; English; Exec. Council; 
Winter Carni Conim.; Southwest Patriots; Newman Club. 

MAHONEY, CATHERINE MARY; Holyoke; Holyoke Community 
College; Elementary Education. 

MAHONEY, JEAN CLARK; Needham; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Chorus; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. 

MAJCHROWSKI, THOMAS FRANCIS; Dalton; Chemistry: Flying 
Redmen Drill Team; Intramurals; Arnold Air Society. 

MAKAREWICZ, MARY LOUISE; Millers Falls; Medical Tech- 
nology: Northeast Passage, Bus. Mgr.; Med. Tech. Student Faculty 

MAKI, ALAN WALTER; Winchendon; Fisheries Biology: Beta 
Kappa Phi, House Manager. 

MALAVICH, ROBERT PAUL; Lowell; Wentworth Institute; Land- 
scape Architecture: Phi Sigma Delta; Collegian; Intramurals; Amer- 
ican Society of Landscape Architects; Dorm Council. 

MALCOLM, JANICE L.; Haverhill; Mathematics; Dorm Pres.; Math 
Club; Symphony Band; Winter Carni Comm. 

MALEC, BARBARA HELEN; South Hadley; Government: Ex- 
change Student to University of South Florida; Political Science 
Club; Italian Club; Dean's List. 

MALESKI, DAVID JOSEPH; Greenfield; Civil Engineering: Engi- 
neering Journal, Exec. Editor; A.S.C.E. 

MALLIS, SHEILA LEE; Mattapan; Sociology: Honors Colloquium; 
Dorm Cultural Comm., Chrm.; Univ. Discipline Board; Northern 
Educ. Service. 

MALLORY, RICHARD LLOYD; Leyden; Greenfield Community 
College; Sociology. 

MANDELL, SHIRLEY ANNE; Worcester; Recreation; Sigma Delta 
Tau, V.P.; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Community Chest 
Drive; Dean's List; Recreation Club. 


MANERO, DONNA LEE; Worcester; English: Sigma Kappa, V.P.; 
Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi; Newman Club; Winter Carni Publicity 

MANGAN, DEBORAH ELIZABETH; Lowell; Physical Education: 
Newman Club; W.A.A. Exec. Board; Swim Team; Field Hockey 
Team; Dean's List. 

MANGAN, KENNETH P.; Wakefield; Pre-MeAca/. 

MANIERO, LOIS ANN; Worcester; Mathematics; Sigma Kappa; 
Winter Carni Publicity Comm.; Dean's List. 

MANKOWSKY, DAVID CARL; Millers Falls; Industrial Engi- 
neering: Phi Mu Delta; Ski Club. 

MANNING, MARY ANN; Charmian, Pa.; Sociolog}': Equestrian 
Club; Judo Club; Outing Club. 

MANOS, GEORGE FRED; \Joicestir, Industrial Engineering: Intra- 
murals; Orthodox Club; Dorm Judiciary; National Honor Society of 

MANOUSH, JOHN R.; Watertown; Restaurant and Hotel Manage- 
ment: Q.T.V., Steward, Social Clirm. 

MARCINCYK, ROSE ANN; Pittsfield; Elementary Education: 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; Panhel, V.P.; Dean's List; Scrolls; Newman 
Club, Sec; Swap; Educ. Club; Dorm Counselor; Head Counselor. 

MARCUS, LAURENCE RICHARD; Bridgewater; Goi'erame;!f. Dis- 
tinguished Senior; Student Senate; Exec. Council; Adelphia; Home- 
coming Comm., Chrm.; Faculty Senate Comm. on Student Affairs, 
Who's Wlio. 

MARGE, KATHLEEN RAE; Westfield; Zoology: Winter Carni 
Comm.; Yahoo; Newman Club. 

MARONEY, JANICE MARIE; Lexington; English: Sigma Kappa; 
Colonel's Cadre; Dean's List; Collegian; S.U. Arts and Music Comm. 

MARSH, ERNEST F., JR.; Lynn-Mechanical Engineering: Dean's 
List; A.S.M.E.; Engineering Educ. Council. 

MARSH, RICHARD ALBERT; Westfield; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege; Zoology: Outing Club. 

MARTIN, ALICE NINA; Housatonic; Zoology: Dorm Counselor; 
Honors Colloquium; Alpha Lamdba Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta 
Kappa; Dean's List; Dorm Gov't. 

MARTIN, JAMES FRANCIS; Braintree; Stockbridge;P/fl«fa/!d5o(7 
Science: Student Senate: Horticulture Soc, V.P.; Phi Beta Kappa. 

MARTINDALE, ANNE; West Upton; Accounting: Precisionettes; 
Acc't Assoc; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Treasurer. 

MARTINDALE, HARVEY L., JR.; West Upton; Quinsigamond 
Community College; A ccou/U;>!^; Student Senate; House Judiciary; 
Acc't Association. 

MARTINO, SUSAN J., Wakefield; University of Massachusetts 
Boston; Education. 

MARTUCCI, RAYMOND WILLIAM; Wollaston; Quantatative 
Methods: Intramurals; Judiciary. 


MARX, ESTHER FAYE; Northampton; Elementary Education; 
Lambda Delta Phi, Pres.; Mortar Board, Historian; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Educ. Club; Academic Affairs Comm. 

MASON, V. BRADFORD; Newtonville; Newton Junior College; 
Electrical Engineering: Eta Kappa Nu, Pres.; Council of Academic 
Honor Societies, Chrm.; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; I.E.E.E. 

MASON, PAMELA; Pittsfield; Speech Patlwlogy and Audiology: 
Speech Majors Club, Treas.; Senate Activities Comm., Sec; Concert 
Assoc, Pubhcity Chim.;DormCounselor; Univ. Bands. 

MASON, THOMAS; Westboro; Zoo/o©'; Southwest Concert Chrm.; 
Homecoming Comm.; S.U. Dance Comm., Chrm.; Exec. Council; 
Dean's List. 

MASSEL PRISCILL MARY; Worcester; Zoology: Dance Club; 
Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

MATISOFF, ALAN; Boston; Government: Dorm Rep.; House Soc. 
Chrm.; Exec. Council; Collegian; Orchard Hill Literary Magazine, 

MATUSKO, JAMES MICHAEL; Kmhtx^W Entomology: Dean's List; 
Newman Club; Fernald Entomological Club, Program Chrm.; Year- 
book Editor for Fernald Club. 

MATUSON, RONALD ALAN; Plainview; L. L, N.Y .; Pre-Denistry: 
Dean's List; Pre-Med Society; Young Democrats; Hillel; Dorm 
Representative; Judiciary; Cultural Comm. 


MAUKE, MARTHA KELLEY; Barre; Berkshire Community Col- 
lege; History. 

MAUS, LYNN ELIZABETH; Fairfax; French: University Chorus; 
Dorm Social and Scholarship Comm.; Dean's List. 

MAY, ERIC E.; Lexington; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; 
Mechanical Engineering: Beta Chi; University Chorale; A.S.M.E. 

MAY, GERALD FRANCIS; Greenfield; Mathematics: Marching 
Band; Symphony Band; Dorm Counselor. 

MAY, PRISCILL A ANN; Amherst; Sociology. 

MAZUR, ALBERTA MARIA; Ware; Elementary Education: Dean's 
List; NES Tutor; Newman Club; Educ. Club. 

MAZUR, EDWINA KRYSTYNA; Ware; Elementary Education: 
Dean's List; Education Club; Newman Club. 

McALLAN, CHRISTINE ALICE; Svnn%iie\i\ English: Gymnastics, 
Mgr.; Dorm Social Comm.; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

McARDLE, MICHAEL MAYNARD; Millbury; History: Varsity 
Football; Kappa Sigma. 

McCARRON, MICHAEL E.; Belchertown; Mec/ia/i/ca/ & Aerospace 

McCARTER, BARRY JAMES; Amherst; Business Administration: 
Theta Chi; Intramurals; Flying Club; Dean's List. 

McCarthy, DOLORES ANN; Northampton; History: NRSA; 
Dean's List. 


McCarthy, marie THERESE; CWcopee Falls; English: Dean's 
List; Exchange Student to New Mexico; Sigma Kappa; Exec. 

McCarthy, SUSAN CAROL; Shrewsbury; English; Dean's List; 
Dorm Cultural Comm.; Newman Club. 

McCarthy, SUSAN LOUISE; Holyoke; Holyoke Community 
CoMsgi; English: Dean's List. 

McCOBB, DIANE E.; Orange: English: Northern Educational Service 
Tutor; Dean's List; Precisionettes. 

pology: Theta Chi, Pledge Marshal; Arcon, Selections Chrm.; Cross 
Country Track. 

McDEVlTT, LENORE ANNE; Du\hnxy; English: Dorm Counselor; 
Dorm Standards Member; Dorm Social Comm.; Literary Society. 

McDonald, DIANE MARGARET;Quincy;A'«ranf; Nursing Club: 
Dean's List; Dorm Judiciary; Nursing Honor Society; Newman Club; 

McDonnell, RICHARD THOMAS; Waysxhrn Economics: Sigma 
Plii Epsilon, Scholarship Clirm.; Accounting Assoc; Intramurals; 
Greek Week Comm. 

Mcdonough, Patricia JANE; Spencer; Framlngham State Col- 
lege; Elementarv Education: Kappa Delta Pi; Ski Club; Newman 

McENEANY, ROBERT NOEL; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
College; Agriculture and Food Economics: Alpha Zeta; Agriculture 
and Food Economics Society. 

McEVOY, BRENDA MARIE; Belmont; PsvcAo/o^; Newman Club; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's List. 

McGAHAN, CHRISTOPHER DAN; Greenfield; Government: Univ. 
Chorale; Univ. Chorus, Mgr.; Operetta Guild, Music Dir.; Student 
Senate, Academic Affairs Comm., Chrm.; D.V.P.; Collegian; Concert 

McGEARY, LINDA EILEEN; Webster; Nursing: Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; Nursing Club; Dorm Social Comm. 

McGINLEY, JAMES J.; Cambridge; Management: Beta Chi; Ski 
Club; Management Club. 

McGREEHAN, JAMES RICHARD, JR.; •&i\itnca\ Mathematics: Phi 
Eta Sigma; Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; Math Club; Dorm Sec; 
Newman Club; Dorm House Council. 

McHUGH, RICHARD D.; Leominster; Hotel and Restaurant Man- 
agement: Varsity Ski Team, Co-Capt.; Innkeepers Club, Pres. 


McKEEVER, RICHARD WARREN; Scituate; Government: Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Newman Club; Pre-Law Soc; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Freshman Hockey. 

McKENNA, KEVIN MICHAEL; Springfield; Accounting: Phi Sigma 

McLAIN, BARBARA RUTH; Wilmington; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Bridal Fair. 

McLaughlin, ANNE p.; CUnton; Communication Disorders: 
Young Democrats; Newman Club; Communication Disorders Club, 


McLEAN, DONALD EUGENE; Hyannis: Cape Cod Comiiuinity 
College; ///sf on'. Plii Mu Delta. 

McLEAN, MARK JOHN; MiHon: Marketing: Dorm Council; Alpha 
Sigma Phi. Pledge Trainer; Tomahawk, Assoc. Editor; Rugby. 

McMAHON. PATRICIA MARY; Agawam; English: Collegian; Inter- 
change Program with UMass Boston; Moder Dance Club; Cultural 
Events Comm. 

McPHEE, THOMAS CHARLES; West Aclon; Sociology: Ski Club. 

McSWIGGIN, FREDERICK JOHN, JR.; Lowell; History: Phi Mu 
Delta: Intramurals. 

McTERNAN, MYLES JAMES; Cambridge; Management: Intra- 
murals; Heymakers Club; Dean's List. 

McVARISH, ARTHUR F.; Stoneham; English: Caesura; Spectrum. 

McWlLLlAMS. FRANCIS ZAVIER; Milton; Government: Phi Mu 
Delta; Newman Club. 


MEACHAM, ELSBETH ANN; Westfield; Fashion Merchandising: 
Exec. Council; Dean's List; Winter Carni Comm.; Home Ec. Club. 

MEADOWS, PAMELA CAROL; Longmeadow; English: Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Membership Chrm.; Dean's List; INDEX. 

MEDEIROS, JAMES PAUL; New Bedford; Physical Education; 
Q.T.V.; Gymnastics. 

MEIER, CHARLOTTE MAE; Apple Creek, Ohio; Western Reserve 
University; .4 nrt/'opo/',- Phi Beta Kappa. 

MELLO, TERESA M.; Noxihrield; Education. 

MERIKANTO, JOYCE MARIE; Hubbardston; Mathematics: 
Chorus; Dorm Scholarship Comm., Chrm. 

MESSELAAR, DIRK; Ipswich; English. 

MESSENGER. EMERY JONATHAN; Marblehead; Electrical Engi- 
neering: Newman Club; Tau Beta Pi, Project Chrm.; Phi Eta Sigma. 

METRICK, CLAUDIA; Watertown; Elementary Education: Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, corresponding Sec; Orthodox Club. 

MICHAEL, MARY M.; Newton Center; Government. 

MICUTA, DONNA MARIE; Greenfield; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

MIDURA, PAUL STANLEY; Palmsi; Mathematics: Newman Club; 
Dean's List. 


MIELCARZ, CHESTER JOHN; Salem; Economics; Dorm Council; 
Intramurals; Economics Club. 

MILLER, DEBORAH ANN; Arlington; English: Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Ass't Rush Chrm. 

MILLER, EARL LEON; Swampscott; Psychology: Intramurals; 
Dorm Government; Dean's List. 

MILLER, JAMES WILLIAM; Biaintiee: Hotel Management: Fresh- 
man Wrestling; Maroon Keys; Theta Chi, Steward; Innkeepers Club. 

MILLER, ROBERT JAMES; Brookline; Zoology: Alpha Epsilon Pi; 
Intramurals; Pre-Med Club. 

MILLS, JOHN PATRICK; Worcester; History: Exec. Council; 

MILLS, WARREN THOMAS; Groveland; Quantitative Methods: Beta 
Kappa Phi; Dean's List. 

MINNOCK, JOANNE FRANCES; Brockton; Fraic/z. 

MIRLIANI, GERALD PAUL; Amherst; Music: Symphony Band; 
Symphony Orchestra; Marching Band; Operetta Guild; University 
Jazz Workshop; Dean's List. 

MISH, VERONICA IRENE; Agawam; Westfield State College; Ele- 
mentary Education: Educ. Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

MISTERKA, JOSEPH PAUL; Northampton; Business: Dean's List. 

MITCHELL, THOMAS EDWARD; Norwood; Management: Class 
V.P.; Pres. Council; Exec Council; Homecoming Comm., Chrm.; 
Winter Carni, Chrm.; Intramurals. 

MITCHELL, THOMAS MOORE: Amherst; Industrial Engineering: 
Alpha Pi Mu. Pres.; A.I.I.E.; A.S.C.E.; N.R.S.A. 

MOE, ELEANOR NANCY; West Springfield; Economics: Eco- 
nomics Student Faculty Laison Comm.; Orchard Hill Economics 
Assoc; Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

MOLAND,LARAINE CLAIRE; Acton; Government: Sigma Kappa, 
Activities Chrm., House Chrm.; Dorm Judiciary; Homecoming 
Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 

MOLITORIS, ROBERT KARL; Easthampton; Holyoke Community 
CoW&ge; Accounting. 

MOORE, ALISON; Falmouth; Elementary Education: Precision- 
ettes; Miss University Pageant; Homecoming Court; Exec. Council; 
Winter Carni Theme & Atomosphere Comm. 

MOORE, ROBERT BRIAN; Haverhill; Government: Pi Sigma 
Alpha; Young Democrats; Dean's List; Honors Colloquium; Pre-Law 
Assoc; Government Dept. Undergraduate Advisory Board. 

MOORHOUSE, RICHARD LEE; South Weymouth; Government: 
Sigma Phi Epsilon; Pre-Law Assoc; Great Decision Program; Young 
Repubhcans; Dean's List. 

MOREL, MADELYN ANNE; West Islip, L.I., N.Y.; Mathematics: 
Math Club, Equestrian Club. 


MORGAN. DEBORAH LYNN; WestdL-id; English. 

MORIN. DOUGLAS CLARK; Orange; Mount Wacluisetts Com- 
munity College; Accounting: Dean's List; Accounting Assoc; A & M 

MORLEY, DONALD ERNEST; Methuen; Economics: Outing Club. 

MORLEY, SUSAN ELIZABETH; PiUsrield; Elementary Education: 
Dorm Social Clirni.; Dorm Counselor; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pledge 
Class Pres.; Dean's List; Educ. Club. 

MORRIS, MARY E.; Taunton; Mathematics: Newman Club; Dorm 

MORRISON, MARY ELLEN; Belmont; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Dorm Counselor; Dorm Treas. 

MORRISSEY, CARLENE ANNE; Belmont; Mass. Bay Community 
College; English: Ski Club; Dorm E.xec. Council; Dorm Academic 

MORSE, KENNETH ROBERT; Beverly; Gordon College; 5pa«/s/!; 
Spanish Club; Karate Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Intra- 

MOSCARITOLO, ELLA M.; East Boston; Salem State College; 

MOSHER, MARTHA JEAN; Leominster; Sociology: Angel FUght; 
Dean's List. 

MOSKOWITZ, RONNIE ELLEN; New Milford, N.J.; Sociology: 


MOSKOWITZ, STEVEN P.; Fall Knei; Economics: Intramurals. 

MOSTEK, LINDA JOANNE; Bellingham; Elementary Education: 
Sigma Delta Tau; Educ. Club; INDEX; Dean's List. 

MOUREY, PATRICIA ANN; ¥ianV.]in; English. 

MOYLAN, ROBERT L.; Worcester; Civil Engineering: Lambda Chi 
Alpha, V.P., Sec; Intramurals; Varsity Crew; A.S.C.E. 

MOYNIHAN, JOHN TIMOTHY; Chicopee; Holyoke Community; 


MTIMUNI, JOSHUA PETER; Pemba Dowa, Malawi; Animal 
Science: Alpha Zeta; African Student Assoc. 

MUELLER, PATRICIA ANNE; Alfred, N.Y.; English: Madrigals; 
Women's Chorus; University Chorus; Heymakers. 

MULCAHY, DENNIS ALBERT; Salisbury; Salem State; Physical 
Education: Theta Chi. V.P.; Arcon; Maroon Keys; Dean's List; 
Freshman Baseball; Intramurals. 


MULDOON, PATRICIA A.; Newburypoit; Northern Essex Com- 
munity College; Mathematics: Dorm Standards Comm.; Ski Club; 
Movie Comm. 

MULLEN, JOHN CHARLES; Easthampton; Holyoke Community 
College; Geology: Dean's List; Geology Club, Moderator. 

MULLOY, MAUREEN CATHERINE; Wmcht%\ei\ Elementary Edu- 
cation: Newman Club; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

MULLOY, ROBERT FRANCIS; Braintree; Physical Education: 
Gymnastics; Dorm Counselor. 

MUNN, DAVID J.; Vineyard Haven; Electrical Engineering: 
I.E.E.E.; Flying Redmen; Dorm Counselor. 

MUNSON, PAMELA ANN; Pittsfield; Microbiology: Chi Omega; 
Colonels Cadre; Homecoming Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Student 
PubUc Health Assoc. 

MURLEY, DANIEL F.; Worcester; Management: Kappa Sigma, 
V.P., Rush Chrm.; Intramurals; Lacrosse. 

MURPHY, BERNADETTE MARIE; Taunton; Physical Education; 
Exec. Council; Physical Education Majors Council, Chrm.; 

MURPHY, ELAINE; Scituate; Elementary Education: Chi Omega; 
Spec. Events Comm.; Educ. Club; Bridal Fair. 

MURPHY, MARY LOUISE; feahody: Elementary Education: Educ. 
Club; S.U. Movie Comm.; Newman Club; Dorm Standards Comm. 

MURPHY, MARY LOUISE; East Boston; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Communication Disorders: Pi Beta Phi. 

MURPHY, MELISSA FRANCES; Fittsiield; Elementary Education: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Scholarship Chrm.; Newman Club; Colonel's 
Cadre; Dean's List. 

MURPHY, PATRICIA A.; Nabnasset; Hudson Valley Community 
CoUege;£'«^//s/2.Naiads; Belchertown Volunteers. 

MURPHY, TIMOTHY FRANCIS; Springfield; English. Journalism: 

MURRA, STEVEN EDWARD; Mattapan; Political Science: Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Sentinel, Alum. Sec., Rush Ciirm., Pledge Master; IFC; 
SWAP Delegate. 

MUSCO, THOMAS GUY; Massapequa, N.Y.; Fine Arts: Marching 
Band; University Reform Comm.; Concert Band; Undergrad 
Teaching Resident, Project 10; Band Honorary Fraternity. 

MUSHOVIC, PAUL SMITH; Greenfield; Geology; Freshman La- 
crosse; Varsity Lacrosse; Lambda Chi Alpha, Rush Chrm.; Geology 
Student Faculty Liasons Comm. 

MYSLIWY, LINDA MARY; WUbraham; French: Pi Beta Phi; New- 
man Club. 

NADLER, MICHAEL ROSS; New York City, n.Y.; Economics: Phi 
Beta Kappa; Football; Maroon Keys; Phi Mu Delta, Social Chrm.; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Distinguished Military Student. 

NARTOWT, JOAN M.; Holden; Physical Education; W.A.A.; Dorm 
Standards Comm. 



NASTASIA, THOMAS VICTOR; Lawrence; Pre-DentaU Phi Sigma 
Delta; Prc-Dental Club; Newman Club; Dorm Council; Intramurals. 

NAULT, STEPHEN PERRY; Framingham; Psychology: Student 
Matters; Men's Affairs; Student Life; Student Affairs; Dorm Presi- 

NAUMCHICK, GLORIA JEAN; Florence; English: Commuter's 
Club; Dean's List. 

Student Senate; INDEX; Young Democrats; Dorm Counselor. 

NAWROT, RICHARD EUGENE; Southbridge; Economics: Eco- 
nomics Club; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Officer; Intra- 

NEIGHER, WILLIAM DAVID; Springfield; Psychology: Exec. 
Council; \VMUA; Hillel; Special Events; Operetta Guild, Musical 
Director; Symphony Orch.; Symphony Band; Marching Band; Con- 
cert Band. 

NEILSON, CAROL JEAN; Springfield; Elementary Education: 
Lambda Delta Phi, Song Chrm., Historian; Mortar Board; Kappa 
Delta Pi, Co-Membership Chrm.; Wesleyaires; Precisionettes. 

NELSON, DONNA JEAN; Ashland; Home Economics; Alpha Chi 
Omega, Ass't Treas., Scholarship Chrm.; Ski Club; Home Ec. Club; 
Dean's List. 

NELSON. JOSEPH WILLIAM; RosUndale; Quantative Methods: 
Dorm Council. 

NELSON, KARIN MARIE; Shrewsbury; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Dean's List. 

NESVET, JEFFREY LESLIE; Worcester; Government; WMUA, 
Publicity Director; Pre-Law Assoc; Hillel; Dorm Judiciary ; Concern. 

NEUMAN, NANCY KAREN; Wrentham; Hillsdale College; f/eme/i- 
tary Education: Education Club. 

NEWMAN, BEVERLY ANN; Shrewsbury; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College; /l/-f Education: Bologna Program. 

NEWMAN, DONNA MAE; Dorchester; English Education; Sigma 
Delta Tau. 

NEWMAN, JUDITH KATHLEEN; Northampton; Monmouth Col- 
lege; Elementary Education; Dorm Exec. Coun.: Dorm Treas.; Educ. 

NEWTON, CONSTANCE E.; Pine Meadow Road; German; Marching 
Band; Lambda Delta Phi. 

NEYLON, NANCY LOUISE; Springfield; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Kappa; Scrolls; Univ. of New Mexico Exchange Student; 
Dean's List; Educ. Club. 

NIEDZWIEDZ, WILLIAM ROBERT; Millers Falls; University of 
Maine; Forestry; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

NIELSON, ANDREA LEE; Beverly; University of Massachusetts 
'Ro%ton; Botany; Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi. 

NIETUPSKI, ELIZABETH; Ludlow; ^e^f-rec/;. 


NISHANIAN, JOSEPH PETER; Natick; Hotel and Restaurant Man- 
agement: Dorm Gov't. Sec, Treas.; Southwest Patriots, Treas.; Zeta 
Nu; Intramurals. 

NODELMAN, ILENE S.; Worcester; ///sfoo'. 

NOEL, WAYNE J.; Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada; UMass. 
Boston; Physical Education: Rugby Club; AAHPER Representative; 

NOLAN. JUDITH FRANCES; Northampton; Sociology: Com- 
muter's Club; Newman Club; Dean's List. 


NOORIGIAN. BARRY EDSON; Stoneham; Marketing: Mktg.Club; 
Dorm Treas.; Intramurals. 

NORDER, DONNA LEE; Westfield, N.J.; Ohio University; f/emeH- 
tary Education: Dean's List. 

NORRIS, SALLY LOUISE; Beverly; Physical Education: Naiads; 

NORWOOD, TIMOTHY DWIGHT; Turners Falls; Greenfield Com- 
munity CoMt^e; English: Pre-Law Assoc; Phi Beta Kappa. 

NOVAK, ROBERT F.; Easthampton; Zoology: Bay State Special 
Forces; French Corridor; Dean's List; Pre-Med Club; Intramurals. 

NUCCIO, RICHARD ANTHONY; Paramus, N.J.; Government: 
Adelphia; General Court of Justice; Who's Who; Phi Beta Kappa. 

NUTTER, CATHY DENISE; Holden; Medical Technology: Dean's 
List; Florida State University Exchange Program; Dorm Counselor; 
Honors Colloquium; Dorm V.P., Soc. Comm.; Sailing Club. 

NUTTER, SUZANNE MARIE; Longmeadow; Education: Dorm 
Counselor; Dorm Social Clirm.; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; 
Newman Club; Dean's List. 

NYBERG, STANLEY ERIC; West Roxbury; Psychology: Crew 
Team; Belchertown Volunteers; Alpha Phi Omega; Dean's List; 
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Pres. 

NYER, LEONARD BARRY; Framingham; Accounting: Phi Sigma 
Delta; V.P.. Soc. Clum.; Dean's List; Marching Band. 

O'BRIEN, JEANNIE; Randolph; Elementary Education: S.W. Presi- 
dents Forum; Dorm Pres.; S.W. Constitution Comm.; Dorm Legis- 
lative Comm. 

O'CONNOR, CAROL ANN; Milford; Sociology: Dorm Counselor; 
Angel Flight, Exec. Officer; Dean's List; N.E.S. 


O'CONNOR, DANIEL MATTHEW; Northampton; Ge«era/Bwsmess 
and Finance. 

O'CONNOR, SUZANNE JANE; Northampton; A^i/rsiH^; Dean's List; 
Newman Club, Social Clirm.; Dorm Scholarship Chrm.; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma, Historian; Dorm Social, Judiciary Comm.; Outing 

O'CONNOR, THOMAS STEPHEN; Worcester; Liecester Jr. College; 
General Management. 

O'DONNELL, ANNE LOUISE; Worcester; ^h^/k/i; Newman Club; 
University Chorus; Dean's List. 


O'HARE, CHRISTINE LILES; Washington, D.C.; Home Economics: 
Sigma Delta Tau, Historian, Standards Clirm.; Newman Club; 
Scrolls; General Court; Dean's List; Who's Who; SWAP. 

OHMAN, CONRAD CARL; Dedham; Forestry: L'orestry Club. 

O'KEEFE, BRENDA MARY; Wakefield; University of Massachu- 
setts Boston; English: Judo; Sky Diving. 

OLIVEIRA, DEBORAH ANNE; Medical Technology: Scrolls; 
Kappa Alpha Theta, 2nd V.P.; Dean's List; E.xchange Student Univ. 
of New Me.xico. 

OLIVER, JAMES C; Kingston, N.H.; Landscape Architecture. 

OLIVO, STEPHEN ANTHONY; Agawam; English: Kappa Sigma; 
Newman Club; Barbell Club, Sec; Educ. Club. 

OLSEN, R.^NDI LEE; Peabody; Nursing: Sigma Kappa; Nursing 
Club; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 

OLSON, KAREN LOUISE; Erving; Greenfield Community College; 
Art Education. 

O'NEIL, EDWARD RICHARD; Attleboio; Management: Sigma Phi 

O'NEILL, MARTHA; Brookline; Home Economics: Dorm Coun- 
selor; Dean's List; Am. Home Econ. Assoc; Newman Club; Dorm 
Program Chrm. 

O'NELL, PATRICIA ANN; Svnr\^iie\A\ Interior Design: Dean's List. 

OPPENLANDER, PATRICIA A.; Long Branch, N. J. ; Mathematics: 
Dean's List. 

O'REILLY, KEVIN; Arlington; Sociology: Phi Sigma Delta, Pres.; 
Dean's List; Newman Club; Intramurals; Freshman Track. 

ORLICK, JOHN JOSEPH; Chicopee FaUs; Holyoke Community 
College; Mechanical Engineering: S.A.E.; A.S.M.E.; Judo Club. 

ORMOND, JOHN JOSEPH; Harwich; Management: Delta Chi; 
Flying Redmen Drill Team; Flying Club; Parachute Club; Intra- 

ORSINI, JEAN RUTH; Taunton; £'«,f/;s/;; Collegian. 

OSBORNE, GEORGE ERNEST, JR.; Peabody; Government: Dorm 
Judiciary; Intramurals; Dean's List; Educ. Club. 

OSTRANDER, SUSAN HELEN; Norwalk, Conn.; English: Phi Beta 
Kappa; University Chorale; Student Union Dance Comm.; Musigals; 
Scrolls; Mortar Board, Pres.; Who's Who. 

OSTROM, JUDD CURTIS; Norwood; Government: Dorm Gov't; 
Young RepubUcans Club; Newman Club; Dorm Counselor. 

OWERKA, CAROLYN J AON; Norwood; University of Oklahoma; 
Art History: Students for Pohtical Action; Honors Program; Dean's 


PACKARD, LINDA ANN; Norwood; FreHc/i; Dorm Social Comm. 

PACKET, RUTH; Brookline; English; Dorm Treas.; Undergraduate 
Advisor English Dept.; Cultural Comm. 

PALAZZO, SANDRA ANNE; Watertown; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Education: N.E.S.; Social Chrm. Dorm; Newman 
Club; Educ. Club. 

PALERMO, JAY MARIE; Revere; Sociology: Sigma Kappa, Regis- 
trar; Dean's List; Greek Relations Comm., Public Relations Comm.; 
Alpha Lambda Delta. 

PANNELL, RUTH ANNE; Carlisle; /?mssm/;; Operetta Guild; Roister 
Doisters; Russian Club; International Club; India Assoc. 

PAPALUCA, PAUL P.; Sommerville; Syracuse University; Urban 
and Regional Studies: BX, Treas., Pres.; Dorm Counselor; Student 
Senate; Intramurals; Univ. Master Planning Board. 

PAPP, STEVEN MICHAEL; Franklin; General Management: Inim- 
murals; Dorm Gov't. 

PAPPAS, ELINOR PATRICIA; Chelmsford; Northern Essex Com- 
munity College; Elementary Education. 

PALLEY, JOEL PHILIP; Worcester; Economics: Hillel; Economics 
Assoc; Undergrad. Ass't; Dean's List; Senior Honors; Intramural 
Cross Country. 

PALMER, ANDREW JONATHAN; Melrose; Government: Flying 

PALTRINERl, EUGENE CARL; Wellesley; Mec/wn/ca/ Engineering: 
Phi Mu Delta; Wrestling Capt.; Maroon Keys; A.S.M.E.; Dean's List. 

PANCHUCK, MICHAEL STEVEN; Paramus, N.J.; Physical Edu- 
cation: Freshman Football; Freshman Baseball; Phi Mu Delta; Intra- 

PAQUETTE, DONALD FRANCIS; Haverhill; Northern Essex Com- 
munity College; History: Educ. Club; Newman Club; Intramurals; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Judo Club. 

PAQUETTE, RONALD PAUL; Shrewsbury; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity CoMege; European History: Intramurals. 

PARADIS, LINDA MARY; Shrewsbury; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Newman Club ; International Club ; Corridor Treas. 

PARADY, ROBERT W.; Monument Beach; Government. 

PARENT, MICHAEL E.; WeUesley; Newton Junior College ;P/(vs/ca/ 
Education: Intramurals; Scuba Club; Judo Club. 

PARIS. SHARYN RENEE; Newton; Elementary Education: Educ. 
Club; Dean's List; Southwest Cultural Comm. 

PARK, JON THOMAS; Ware; Psychology: Dorm Treas.; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Activity Comm. 

PARKER, RICHARD ALLEN; Springfield; Government: Marching 
Band; Symphony Band; Concert Band, Ass't Mgr., University Bands, 
Asst. Mgr.; Intramurals. 


PARKER, RUBY BRASTOW; Dover: Education: Dorm Counselor: 
l.V.C.F. Missions Sec; Educ. Club; S.W.A.P.; Dorm Pres.; Dean's 
List; Chorus: Covenant Community; Honors Colloquium. 

PARKER, SANDR.A LOUISE; Bourne; Sociology: Sociology Club; 
Naiads; Dorm Counselor. 

PARKHURST, SUSAN D.; Cambridge; //wwn'. 

PARLIMENT, ROSEMARY; Pennington, N.J.; Hotel and Restau- 
rant Management; Innkeepers Club, Sec. 

PARSONS, HENRY M.; VVesthampton; .4tt;>?M/ Science: Delta Chi 
Phi Eta Sigma; .'\nimal Science Club; Intramurals; Intercollegiat( 
Dairy Cattle Judging. 

PARSONS, KENNETH WILLIAM; Revere: Massachusetts Bay Com 
munity College ;'v; Psychology Club; Intramurals. 

PATCH, SUSAN ELLEN; West Harwich; American History: Pi Bet; 
Phi, Recording Sec; Kappa Delta Pi; Lutheran Youth Group. 

PATTERSON, ROBERT A.; Amherst; Greenfield Community Col 
lege; Sociology. 


PAUL, JOANNE; West Medford; Child Development: Sigma Kappa, 
V.P.: Exec. Council; S.U. Music Comm., Co-Chrm.; S.U. Program 

PAWLEY, MARY ALICE; Peabody; Elementary Education: Sigma 
Kappa, Pres.; Music Comm.; Exec Council; Dean's List; INDEX; 
Educ. Club. 

PAYSAN, MICHAEL ANTHONY; Lenox; Accounting: Acc't 
Assoc; Dean's List; Intramurals; MiUtary Ball Chrm.; Arnold Air 

PAZURCHEK, ANNE; Wrentham; English; Dean's List. INDEX. 

PEAKES, ALLAN L.; Dedham; History; Sigma Alpha Mu, Soc 
Comm., Rush Comm., Ass't House Manager, Ass't Exchequer. 

PECK, RALPH BRIAN; Windsor; Berkshire Community College; 
Wildlife Biology: Student Wildlife Chapter. 

PELCZARSKI, SANDRA L.; Chicopee; Elementary Education; Chi 
Omega; Special Events; INDEX; Dean's List. 

PELKEY, LAWRENCE EDMUND, JR.; Hamilton; Economics; 
Dorm V.P.; Dorm Counselor. 

PELLEGRI, EDWARD ROBERT, JR.; Franking; Industrial Engi- 
neering; Alpha Pi Mu; A.I.I.E.; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

PELLETIER, ALICE IRENE; Chicopee; Education; Dean's List; 
University of South Florida Exchange Program; INDEX; Educ. 

munity College; English; INDEX; Dorm Standards Committee. 

PELTO, CHARLES H., JR.; Fitchburg; Mt. Wachusett Community 
College; American History. 


PENDLETON, ROBERT JORDAN; Luenburg; Accounting; Dorm 
Council Representative; Intramurals; Acc't Assoc. 

PERKINS, PAMELA; Weston; History: Dorm Counselor; lota 
Gamma Upsilon. 

PERRELL, PATRICIA ELLEN; Arlington; Fashion Merchandising: 
Sigma Kappa, Social Chrm.; Dean's List; Special Events Comm.; 
Winter Carnival Comm. 

PERRY, DAVID FREDERICK; Gloucester; Landscape Architec- 
ture: Land Arch. Club; Dorm Counselor; Phi Mu Delta; Dean's List; 


PERRY, JOANNE DENISE; Swansea; Sociology: Newman Club; 
Sociology Club. 

PERRY, STANLEY RICHARD; Berkley; Forest Management: Xi 
Sigma Pi; Forestry Club. 

PERULLO, FERMA JOAN: Maiden; Child Develepment: Alpha Chi 
Omega; Omicron Nu; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

PESANDO, FRANK JOSEPH; Andover; English: Phi Beta Kappa; 
f Phi Eta Sigma; INDEX; Counselor Selection Board; Phi Kappa Phi. 

PETELL, CHRISTINE MARIE; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
Coliege; English. 

PETERS, WARREN DALE; Greenfield; Civil Engineering; Engineer- 
ing Science Seminar; Tau Beta Pi, V.P.; Dean's List; Honor's Col- 
loquium; ASCE; Commuter's Club. 

PETERSON, CHRISTINE ANN; Holyoke; Holyoke Community 
Cotiege; Elementary Education; Belchertown Volunteers. 

PETERSON, DAVID CHARLES; Lexington; Wentworth Institute; 
Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Phi; A.S.C.E. 

PETERSON, JEAN R.; Winchester; Mass. Bay Community College; 
Sociology: Pi Beta Phi; Sociology Club. 

PETERSON, MARJORIE ANNE; South Hadley; Nursing; Nursing 
Club; Student Affairs Comm. 

PETERSON, ROBERT GREGORY; Dedham; Marketing: Marketing 
Club; Marching Band; Phi Sigma Kappa; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

PETROSKY, LINDA MARGARET; Athol; Chemistry; Colonel's 
Cadre, Treas.; Dorm Exec. Council; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

PEVZNER, SUSAN KAY; Springfield; Sociology; Dean's List; 
Summer Counselor. 

PEVZNER, TERRY DEE; Springfield; FrencA, Dean's List. 

PHELPS, BENTON R.; Lexington; Wildlife Biology; Social Chrm.; 
Intramurals; Wildlife Society. 

PICKERING, GARY TOLLE; Danvers; Nasson Cotiege; Psychology: 
Soccer; Rugby; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Social Chrm.; Exec. Coun. for 
"!ance Hall; Intramurals; Dean's List; Ski Club; Outing Club. 


PICKWICK, DAVID B.; Scituate;Afar/:erm^. 

PIELA. PAULA JUSTINE; Chicopee; Speech Education: Lambda 
Delta Phi; Student Senate; Academic Affairs; University Theatre. 

PIERCE, ALAN SAMUEL; Peabody; Government; Dorm Judiciary, 
Chrm.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

PIERCE, BRENDA FINN; West Medford; English: Dean's List; 
Oxford Summer Seminar; Dean's Book Award; Senior Honor Thesis. 

PIERCE, DAVID BARRY; mWhmy, Industrial Engineering; A.I.I.E. 

PIKUL, MARTIN WILLIS; Monson; /4ccounf;n^, Freshman Soccer. 

PINCISS, BARRY PHILIP; Newton; Accounting: Acc't Assoc; 
Alpha Phi Omega; Dean's List. 

PINCUS, ROBERTA ELLEN; Pittsfield; Elementary Education; 
Dean's List; Educ. Club; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Hillel. 


PINEO, CRAIG VINCENT; Agawam; Industrial Engineering: Alpha 
Sigma Phi; A.I.I.E.; Tennis Team. 

PIORUN, STANLEY STEPHEN; Everett; German Literature. 

PITKEWICZ, JANICE SUSAN; Lynn; Medical Technology: Alpha 
Delta Theta, Sec; Dean's List. 

PIWOWARSKI, PATRICIA; Raynham; Elementary Education; 

PLANTINGA, GEORGE BARRY; Melrose; Economics; Maroon 
Keys, Pres.; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush Chrm., Activities Chrm.; 
Arcon; Economics Undergrad Advisory Comm.; Administrative 

PLAZA, MARIA KATHRYN; Montague; Mathematics; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

PLEVA, ALBERT A.; Avenel, N.J.; Marine Fisheries Biology; 
Honors Colloquium; Dorm Government. 


PODGURSKI, CHERYL A.; Springfield; English: Equestrian Club; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Concert Assoc 

PODOLAK, JOSEPH WILLIAM; Northampton; Political Science: 
Parachute Club. 

PODOLSKI, CAROL ANN; Easthampton; Nursing: Nursing Club; 
Dean's List. 

POLIKOFF, AVIS L.; MatUpm; English; Dorm Judiciary Chrm. 


POLSON, ERIK EDVARD; Sandwich; Stockbridge School of Agri- 
culture ; ^ «//na/ SdeHce; Univ. Vol. Fire Dept.; Alpha Phi Omega. 

POMEROY, LINDA; North Reading; Geology; Tennis Club; Ski 
Club; W.A.A. Basketball; Sigma Delta Tau, Rush Chrm., Pres.; 
Geology Faculty-Student Liason Comm. 

POOLE, DAVID LAWRENCE; Orange; Sociology: Dorm Council, 
Pres.; Dorm Counselor; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

POOLE, RAYMOND LOUIS; W. Springfield; Accounting; Univer- 
sity Theatre; Opertta Guild; Accounting Association. 

POREMBA, RICHARD ALLEN; Ludlow; The Citadel; Civil Engi- 
neering; Alpha Sigma Phi; A.S.C.E.; Usher Newman Center; Foot- 
ball, Track; Dean's List; Homecoming Comm. 

PORETSKY, ARLENE R.; Randolph;Mathenmtics. 

PORTER, DONALD F.; Hanson; Physical Education; Kappa Sigma; 
Intramurals; Football. 

PORTER, JANICE ANN; Weymouth; Northeastern University; 
Sociology; Ski Club; Martin Luther King Social Action Comm. 

PORTNOI, REBECCA MAE; Newton; Sociology; Iota Gamma 

POST, WILLIS £.; Holbrook; Accounting; WMUA; Acc't Assoc; 

POWER, MARYELLEN; Hudson; Child Development; House 
Management, Sec; Western Mass Assoc, for Educ. of Young People. 

POWERS, MARILYN; Medford; Boston University; Microbiology. 

PRATT, DAVID III.; Hauppauge, N.Y.; Forestry; Forestry Club, 

PRESTON, PHYLLIS ANN; N. Easton.Mathematics; Marching Band; 
Concert Band; Symphony Band; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

PRICE, GLENN DAVID; Lake Monegan, N.Y.; Nichols College; 
Forest Management; Xi Sigma Pi; Woodsmens Team; Forestry Club. 

PRIESTMAN, ELIZABETH; Scituate; Elementary Education; 
N.E.S. Tutoring; Ski Club; Social Comm. 

PROCHASKA, MARGARET MARY; Randolph; Elementary Edu- 
cation; Educ. Club; Social Chrm.; Dorm Judiciary, Standards 
Council; House Management; Dorm Counselor. 

PRYOR, KATHLEEN MARY; Seekonk; Elementary Education; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Spanish Club; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

PRYOR, PAMELA; Atho\; Mathematics; ScroUs; Dean's List. 

PRZALA, CYNTHIA A.; Easthampton; Government; Dean's List; 
Newman Club; Southwest Social Comm.; Winter Carinval Comm. 



PRZYBYSZEWSKl, PHILIP JOHN; Leominster; Mount Wachusett 
Community College; Accounting; Delta Clii, Pres.; I.F.C.; Fraternity 
Pres. Assoc; Intramurals; Acc't Assoc; Delta Chi Reg. Conf. 

PUTNAM, SUSAN; Burlington; Sociology: Scuba Club; Dorm 
Comm.; S.U. Movie Comm, 

PYENSON, BETH ALINE; Otis; Elementary Educaton; Education 
Club; Counselor. 

PYTANOWSKl, GREGORY PETER; Easthampton; Engineering; 


QUEEN, PRISCILLA; VValtham;£'/emenfan' Education: Educ. Club; 
Angel Flight; Dean's List. 

QUINLAN, JUDITH TASK; Lynn\English: Dean's List. 

QUINN, EILEEN DOLORES; Medford; University of Mass- 
achusetts, ho^ioa; English: Dorm Judiciary. 

RABITOR, EDWARD THOMAS, JR.; North Uxbridge; fco^om/cs; 
Dorm Gov't.; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Undergraduate Laison 
Comm. Economics Dept.; Dean's List. 

RABOUIN, ALAN HARVEY; Taunton; Mathematics; Newman 
Club; Dorm Judiciary. 

RACE, CHRISTINE E.; ?in%iie.\&; English: Alpha Chi Omega. 

RACICOT, LORA THERESA; Y>\iA\&y; English. 

RADIN, LEONARD PETER; Springfield; Entomology: Senior 
Honors Thesis; Belchertown Volunteers, Pres.; Fernald Entomo- 
logical Club, Treas.; Hillel; Operetta Guild; Northampton Volun- 


RADLEY, JAMES WARREN; Leominster; Mt. Wachusetts 
Community Co\ie.%e\ Accounting; Acc't Assoc. 

RAE, JANE MARGARET; Hopedale ; fas/!/o« Merchandising; Alpha 
Chi Omega; Dean's List. 

RAINVILLE, NANCY JEAN; Lunenburg; General Business; Acc't 
Assoc; Dorm Exec. Council. 

RAMEY, BRUCE STEELE; East Longmeadow; General Manage- 
ment; Marching Band; Symphony Band; Operetta Guild. 

RANDOLPH, JANICE DIANE; Freeport, N.Y.; Chemistry: Naiads; 
Dorm Council; Honors Colloquium; Roister Doisters; Dean's List; 
Newman Club. 

RANEY, JAY ALAN; Orange; Geology; Outing Club; Ski Club; 
Corridor Representative. 

RASCHDORF, MARJORIE ANNE; Adams; ffisfory; Exec. Council; 
Senate Pubhc Relations Comm.; Exchange Program; Dorm Judicial 
Board; Dean's List. 

RASKIN, ROBERTA; Needham; Education. 



RATTA, JEFFREY L.; Pepperell; University of Massachusetts 
Boston; Fisheries Biology: Scuba Club. 

RAVANESI, WILLIAM EDWARD; Everett; University of Mass- 
achusetts Boston; Zootomy, Dorm Counselor. 

RAYMOND, ROBERT R.; Bernardston; Zoo/og-y. 

RECHNITZ, GIDEON A.; Framingham;71far^ef;Hf; Phi Sigma Delta, 
Pledgemaster, Steward; Intramurals. 

RECHTER, WILLIAM; New Bedford; General Business and 

REDDY, CATHERINE SUSAN; Marshfield; //wron'. 

REED, ALAN DAVID; South Hadley; Holyoke Community 
College;^ccou«f/ng'; Acc't Assoc, V.P., Pres. 

REESE, MERILYNN JAN; Hanover; Sodo/oji^. 

REFFELT, LINDA M.; Framingham; French; Marching Band; 
Symphony Band; S.U. Music Comm.; Dorm Standards Board. 

REFUSE, THOMAS W.; New Bedford; Wentworth Institute; 
Mechanical Engineering: AIAA; ASME, SAE. 

REICH, SUSAN SHERRY; Farmingdale, New \ox\^\ Nursing: Class 
Council; Nursing Club; Dean's List. 

REID, SUSAN BLAINE; Fall River; Mathematics: Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Pan Hellenic Council; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

REIDER, ROBERT HARTMAN; Weston; Fisheries Biology: Theta 
Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals; Rugby; ROTC. 

REILLY.PETER JOHN; Pittsfield; European History: Scabbard & 
Blade; ROTC. 

REINHERZ, JUDITH BETSY; Everett; Education: Modern Dance 
Group; Education Club. 

RENAUD, PHILIP A.; Amherst; Aerospace Engineering: Ski Club, 
Pres.; A.I.A.A., V.P.; Tau Beta Pi; Distinguished Air Force ROTC 

RENZl, LINDA MADALENA; Marlboro; Psychology': Redmen 
Marching Band; Concert Band; Newman Club; Alpha Chi Omega, 

RESNICK, MARILYN LOIS; Springfield; Socio/og^y. 

RHEAULT, ROLAND LAJOIE; Leominster; Speech: Alpha Sigma 

RHODES, WILLIAM DAVID; White Plains; Psychology. Pre- 
Medical: Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, Pres.; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Dean's Honors; Psych Seminar; Intramurals. 


RIAL, MARILYN ANN; Saugus; Salem State College; Zoology; 
Pre-Med Society. 

RICE, COREEN LOUISE; Amherst; Florida Presbyterian CoUege; 

RICE, ELLEN JOY; Winthrop;^'^^-//!/!, Iota Gamma Upsilon; Swim- 

RICHARD. FRANCES EVELYN; Worcester; Government: Dean's 
List; Senior Honors Program. 

Economics Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pres.; Home Ec. Club. 

RICHEY, MARSHA MARY; ^^eWilelt; Music Education: Symphony 
Band; Marching Band; Belchertown Volunteers. 

RIGNEY, RAYMOND I., JR.; Winchester; Personnel Management: 
Phi Mu Delta; Marketing Club; Accounting Assoc. 

RIODAN, KEVIN J.; Worcester; Government; Belchertown State 
School, Tutor. 

RIST, EDWARD B., JR.; Boston; A/arfce/m^, Freshman BasketbaU; 
Dorm President; Dean's List. 

ROARK, MARCIA ANN; Dracut; Elementary Education; Young 
Democrats; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Standards Comm. 

ROBBINS, KATHLEEN ELLEN; Natick; Elementary Education; 
Iota Gamma Upsilon; Dean's List; Educ. Club; Newman Club. 

ROBBINS, WILLIAM SHAW, JR.; Middleboro; Forestry; Alpha 
Zeta, Treas.; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry Club, Pres., Woodsman's Team,; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

ROBERTS, ANN LOUISE; SterUng; Elementary Education; New- 
man Club; N.E.S. Tutoring. 

ROBERTS, NANCY ELLEN; Quincy; Olivet CoUege, Michigan; 
English Literature; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. 

ROBERTSON, KAY; HoMtn; History. 

ROBINSON, RANDY JON; Belle Harbor, n.\ .; Physical Education; 
Varsity Football; Tau Epsilon Phi, Executive Board. 

ROBINSON, SANDRA J.; Hardwich; Education; Education Club. 

ROBRENO, ELIZABETH EARLS; Sturbridge; Westfield State 
College; Psychology. 

RODGERS, ELIZABETH EMILY; Amherst; Recreation; Ski Club. 

ROGERS, KAREN LEE; West Concord; Elementary Education; 
Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sec; Precisionettes, Squad Leader. 


ROGERS, PETER FRANCIS; Bemmdston; Mechanical Engineering. 

ROGOWSKI, KONRAD JULIAN; Chicopee ¥Ms; English; Newman 
Club; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

ROSE, DAVID MCLEAN; Amesbury; Northern Essex Community 
College; Sociology; Judo Club. 

ROSE, JAMES ALDEN; Wrentham; Massachusetts Bay Community 
College; Physical Education; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; Dorm 


ROSE, RONALD WILLIAM; Easthampton; 4ccoi«if/Hg-.- Freshman 
Golf; Dean's List. 

ROSEN, JEFFREY DAVID; Hillside, N.J. ;/'re-MeAca/,- Pre-Medical 
Society, Pres.; Area West Judiciary; Dean's List; Communications 
Disorders Club; Intramurals. 

ROSEN, ROBERT JAY; Scarsdale, N.Y.; Government; Sigma Phi 
Epsilon; Dean's List; Maroon Key; Arcon; Homecoming Comm., 
Exec. Comm., Great Decisions Program; Pre-Law Assoc. 

ROSENBLOOM, JANET KAY; Milton; Psychology; Northeast 
Educ. Service; Martin Luther King, Jr. Council. 

ROSENFIELD, CYNTHIA LEA; New Bedford; Psychology; Phi 
Beta Kappa; Hillel; Dean's List; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa 

ROSS, MICHAEL ALAN; BrookUne; Government; HiUel, Pres.; 
Southwest Master's Aide; Counselor. 

ROSS, ROBERT THOMAS, JR.; Hudson; Chemical Engineering; 
Intramurals; Student Chapter AIChE. 

ROSSETTI, PETER LAWRENCE; Worcester; Zoology; Sigma Phi 
Epsilon; Pre-Med Club; Crew Team. 

ROULE, THOMAS RICHARD; Wouth Hadley Falls; Holyoke 
Community College; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E., Treas. 

ROUSSEAU, JOHN CHARLES; Adams; General Business and 
Finance; Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec; Scuba Club; Freshman Baseball; 
Student Senate; Student Council Comm. 

ROURKE, CAROL J.; East Longmeadow; French; Angel FUght, 
Historian, Information Officer; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Standards 
Comm.; University Chorus; Dean's List; Dorm Social Comm. 

ROY, ANNE MARIE AGNES; Worcester; Government; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 

ROYCROFT, DEBORAH ANNE; Randolph; Child Development; 
N.A.E.Y.C; Newman Club; Dorm Exec. Council; Dorm Program 
Comm.; Dean's List. 

RUBIN, EDWARD ALLEN; Everett; Finance; Varsity Basketball 
Mgr.; Student Senate; Dorm Council; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

RUDER, FREDERIC G.; Hadley; Springfield College; Hotel and 
Restaurant Management; Innkeepers Club; Swimming. 

RUGGIERO, ROSEMARY ANNE; Milford; Jacksonville University; 
Education; D.V.P.; Sigma Tau Epsilon; Education Club; Ski Club; 


RUMERY, SHERRY IRENE; Taunton; fcfucaf/o;!. Education Club. 

RUNGE, PATRICIA CAROLYN; Wlieelwriglit; Education: 
Northern Educational Service Tutor; Education Club; House Pro- 
gram Comm. 

RUSH, MICHAEL; Longmeadow; University of Missouri; /"/-e-A/ed, 
Univ. Chorale; Operetta Guild; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. 

RUSSELL, EDWARD CECIL; Everett; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity College; Soao/o.g;v,' Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. 



RUSSELL. GAYLE SUSAN; Wenham; Sociology: Dean's List; 
Dorm Judiciary. 

RUTKOWSKL LINDA JEAN; Easthampton; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

RYAN, ALLAN MARTIN, JR.; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering: 
Eta Kappa Nu. Treas.; Tau Beta Pi; leee; Dorm Counselor. 

RYAN, CORNELIUS JAMES; West Ro.xbury; Accounting: Dean's 
List; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Chi; Crew; Acc't Assoc. 

RYAN, DOROTHY ELIZABETH; West Roxbury; State College 
Boston; Psychology : Ski Club. 

RYAN, JEANETTE L.; Groveland; Northern Esse,\ Community 
College; ir;2g//s/!; Student Council, Sec; Dean's List. 

RYAN, MICHAEL PATRICK; Rockport; Accounting; Intramurals; 
Ski Club; Acc't Assoc. 

RYAN, RITA MARGARET; Peabody; Zoology: Dean's List; New- 
man Club; Psychology Club. 

RYAN, ROBERT MICHAEL; West Newbury; Electrical Engineer- 
ing: Campus Gov't; Eng. Journal; Intramurals; Newman Club. 

RYAN, RONALD LEE; CUfton, N.J.; Forestry: Cross Country; 
Track; Swimming; Theta Chi. 

RYDER, SCOTT HAROLD; Westminster; Cii'il Engineering: Alpha 
Sigma Phi; ASCE. 

RYSZEWSKI, VINCENT ANTHONY; Framingham; Geology: Phi 
Sigma Delta; Scuba Club. 

SABETTI, STEPHEN COURTNEY; Newton Hishlands; Psychology; 
Free University; Dorm Government. 

SABLE, PAULA HELEN; Ameshmy; English: Educ. Club; Newman 
Club; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Treas. 

SABULIS, BARBARA ANN; Gardner; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club; Exec. Council; Dorm Counselor; Belchertown Volun- 
teers; Dean's List. 

SACKETT, DAVID PAUL; Northampton; English: Intramurals; 
Dorm Gov't Rep. 



SACUTO, MARY KATHLEEN; Clarendon Hills, m.\ Microbiology: 
Naiads: Scrolls; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean's List. 

SALAMOFF, ENID JOYCE; Newton; Home Economics; Sigma 
Delta Tau, Treas.; General Court; Scrolls; Class Comm.; Who's Who; 
Summer General Court, Chief Justice. 

SALINS, MILDRED F.; Rsindolph; English: Dorm Gov't. 

SALO, NANCY JOAN; Westminster; Art Education: Bologna 
Summer Session. 

SALOIO, LINDA MAE; Ludlow; Elementary Education: Pi Beta 
Phi, Rush Chrm.; Symphony Band; Marching Band; Exec. Council; 
Dean's List. 

SALUS, JOY ARLENE; Springfield; Education; Iota Gamma 
Upsilon; Angel Fhght; Educ. Club; Hillel. 

SAMUELS, JOAN E.; Bloomfield, Conn.; Elementary Education; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Hillel; Educ. Club; Dean's 

SAMUELSON, ROGER RUSSELL; Scituate; Accounting: Dorm 
Counselor; Operetta Guild, Music Dtr.; Miss University Pageant, 
Music Dir.; Dorm Treasurer; Parachute Club. 

SANDERS, ROBINA DAKERS; Leominster; ^H^fc/;, Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Cabinet, Alumnae & Recording Sec; Revelers; Exchange 
Student; Exchange Club Pres.; Homecoming Queen. 

SANDLER, ROBERT STEVEN; Magnoha; Marketing: Alpha 
Epsilon Pi; Intramurals; Marketing Club; Dean's List. 

SANTOS, SUSAN ELIZABETH; Rehoboth; Mathematics; Honors 
Colloquium; Precisionettes. 

SARCIA, PAUL ANTHONY; yitiioid; Mathematics. 

SARGENT, CAROL JEAN; Andover; English; Student Senate; 
Pubhc Relations Comm.; Dean's List; Dorm Standard's Comm.; Ski 

SARGENT, JAMES ROBERT; Hingham; Mass Communications; 
University Theater; Roister Doisters; Dorm Council; Dorm Counse- 

SAUER, EDWARD HENRY; West Brookfield; Stockbridge School 
oi A^ucmWuk; Plant and Soil Science; Horticultural Soc, Pres. 

SAVELL, CLIFFORD BARTON; Colonial Heights, Va.; Speech 
Education; University Theatre. 

SAWTELLE, JUDITH JOAN; Rehoboth; ^/-f Education; Art Club; 
Dorm Social and Cultural Comm; Dean's List. 

SAWYER, ROBERT KENDAL, JR.; Alexandria, Wsl.; History; Delta 
Chi, Sec. 'E'; Varsity Track & Cross Country, Mgr.; University T.V. 
Radio Office, Ass't Producer. 

SAYERS, ANN LOUISE; Merrimac; Government; Newman Club; 
Dorm Social Comm.; Dean's List. 

SCHABLIK, NOEL E.; Carlstadt, N.J.; History: Kappa Sigma; 
Varsity Football. 


SCHERBAN, THOMAS RONALD; Wmchester, Physical Education: 
Tail Kappa Epsilon, Rush Chrm.; Intramurals. 

SCHIFFMACHER, DIANE H.; Winchester: University of Mass- 
achusetts Boston; Elementary Education; Sigma Sigma Sigma; 
Concert Assoc, Treas. 

SCHISSEL, JEAN MARIE; Anesbury; Northern Essex Community 
College: Physical Education: WAA Exec. Board; WAA. 

SCHLOSSBERG, MARK SANDFORD; Pikesville, Md.; General 
Business and Finance Education; Varsity Lacrosse; Tau Epsilon Phi, 
Student Senate. Publicity Comm. 

^. ^ f^^ 

SCHMITCHEL, SYDNEY S.; Brockton; Accounting and Finance; 
Alpha Zeta; Undergrad Teaching Ass't. 

SCHOFIELD, WILLIAM A.; Rockland; FrankUn Institute of 
Boston; Mechanical Engineering; Dorm Counselor; ASME. 

SCHREIBER, CAROLE SUSAN; Warwick, R.I.; Art; Sigma Delta 

SCHULIEN, MARY JUSTINA; MontviUe, N.L; Physical Education; 
Dorm Pres.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dorm Counselor; Ass't Head of 
Residence; Naiads; WAA; Dean's List; Winter Carni Comm. 

SCHULTZ, CHARLES MARSHALL; Peabody; History; Track 
Team; Alpha Phi Omega; House Judiciary; University Activities 

SCHULTZ, ROBERT ALAN; Worcester; General Business and 
Finance: Zeta Nu, Treas.; HiUel; Arcon. 

SCHULZ, HELEN ANNA; Meliose; Quincy Junior CoUege; Educa- 
tion; Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

SCHWARTZ, MARTHA SUSAN; WoUaston, Virginia; Education; 
Dorm Counselor; Honor's Colloquium. 

SCIESZKA, GREGORY VINCENT, JR.; Adams; Mathematics; 
Exec. Coun.; Senate P.R. Comm.; Bologna Summer Program; Dean's 
List; Dorm Gov't Campus Chest Carnival, Chrm.; N.E.S. 

Dean's List; Pre-Medical Club; Intramurals. 

SCULLARY, DIANE MARIE; Pittsfield; Berkshire Community 
College; Elementary Education; Educ. Club. 

SEARS, LORRAINE FILES; Weymouth; Elementary Education; 
Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club, Historian; N.E.S. ; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Newman Club. 

SEARS, WILLIAM BRADLEY; North Reading; Accounting; Acc't 
Assoc, Dean's List. 

SECATORE, JANET ANN; Raynham; Nursing; Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Scholarship Clirm.; Newman Club; Dean's List; Nursing Club, Sec; 
Dorm Counselor; Ski Team. 

SEGEL, ALAN; Newton; Newton Junior College; Personnel Manage- 
ment and Industrial Relations: Intramurals. 

SEKOR, ROBERT ALLAN; Springfield; Holyoke Community 

^j^ College; Government; Northampton Volunteers. 


SELLARS, CAROL ELIZABETH; Reading; Elementary Education; 
Univ. Chorus; Women's Tennis Team; Intramurals; Dean's List; 
Student Senate. 

SENECAL, RAYMOND PAUL, JR.; East Longmeadow; Chemistry; 
Dorm Counselor; Intramurals; Marching Band; Equestrian Club; 
Newman Club; Dorm Athletic Clirm. 

SERAFINO, MARIAN; East Orange, N. J. \ Sociology. 

SHALLAH, WILLIAM MITCHELL; Somerville; Sociology; House 
Judiciary; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

SHANE, HOWARD CHARLES; Fitchburg; Sociology; Tau Epsilon 
Phi, Pres., Sec, Rush Chrm.; Arcon; Maroon Keys. 

SHANNIS, LYNDA STEVENS; Wilbraham; Home Economics, 
Gymnastics; Nursing Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Rush Chrm. 

SHAPIRO, THELMA FLORENCE; Mattapan; Psychology; HiUel, 
INDEX; Dean's List. 

SHARFF, BURTON GEORGE; Natick; Economics; Alpha Epsilon 

SHARPE, GARY PHILIP; Chicopee; Civil Engineering; Alpha Sigma 
Phi; ASCE. 

SHARRILLO, ROLAND THOMAS; Winchester; History; Student 
Senate; Dorm Council; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor. 

SHAUGHNESSY, JAMES MICHAEL; Fall River; Mathematics: 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treas.; Assoc. Computer Machinists; Math Club. 

SHAW, FRANK F.; kwhum; Management. 

SHEA, MARY ARLENE; Turners FaUs; Government; N.E.S. Tutor- 
ing; Arts Comm.; Young Democrats. 

SHEEHAN, NANCY WELBURN; Winchester; Child Development; 
Omicron Nu; Dean's List; National Association for the Education of 
Young Children; Newman Club. 

SHEEHAN, ROBERT JOHN; West Roxbury; University of Notre 
D^m&; Management; Theta Chi; Intramurals; Varsity Football. 

SHELLEY, CHARLES JAMES; Springfield; Operations Research. 

SHEPARD, REGINA ANN; Agawam; English; Newman Club; Pre- 
cisionettes. Commanding Officer; Dean's List. 

SHEPPARD, GLEN SCOTT; Reading; Psychology; Varsity Tennis; 
NES Tutoring; Phi Eta Sigma. 

SHIELDS, JANE LESLIE; Lunenburg; £'/eme«fan' Education; Univ. 
Chorus; Christian Science Organ., V.P., Sec, Treas., Exec Coun.; 
Panhel Council; Educ. Club; lota Gamma Upsilon, Pres. 

SHIRN, CLAUDIA VICTORIA; WilUamstown; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Dean's List; Senior Honors; Educ. Club; Angel Flight. 


SHIVERICK, SUSAN MAY; Kingston; Anthropology: Phi Beta 
Kappa; Outing Club; Dean's List; Senior Honors. 

SHMULSKY, CHERYL MARIE; Sheffield; Sociology; Under- 
graduate Ass't.; Dean's List; Dorm Social Clirm. 

SHRIBER, LINDA SHERRY; Newton; 5oc;o/oo',- Dorm Counselor; 
Student Senate; Who's Who; The Exit; Class Exec. Council. 

SHUMAKER, DONNA KAY; Creve Coeur, Missouri; /Irf Education; 
Scrolls; Dorm Pres.; Dorm Counselor. 

SHWOM, SUSAN SHEILA; Shjiion;Psy etiology : Dorm Gov't.; V.P., 
Sec, Charter Comm.; Hillel; Dorm Counselor. 

SIDEMAN, NANCY LEE; LoweU; History; Humphrey Campaign; 
Peabody Campaign. 

SIENKIEWICZ, MARIE THERESE; Willimansett; Mathematics; 
Symphony Band; Marching Band; Newman Club & Choir; Dorm 
Committees; Dorm Counselor; Kappa Delta Pi. 

SILLS, SUSAN LENORE; Chelmsford; f/i^/zj/i.- University Chorus; 
Naiads; Dean's List; INDEX. 

SILTON, ROBERT STEVEN; West Peabody; Psychology; Pi 
Lambda Phi, V.P.; Founding Father; Intramurals; Dorm Council; 
I.F.C., Publicity Chrm. 

SILVA, GAIL JEAN; Salem; Psychology; Sigma Sigma Sigma, 
Treas.; Dorm Counselor; Newman Club; Dorm Gov't. 

SILVIA, DOROTHY MARIE; New Bed(oid: English; Newman Club 
and Choir; Collegian, Advertising Mgr.; Dorm Standards Council. 

SIMANSKl. FRANCIS GENE; Turners Falls; Government; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 


SIMONDS, PARKER HOLLY; West Newbury; Northern Essex 
Community College; Physical Education; Sigma Delta Psi; Wrestling; 
Lacrosse; Officiating. 

SINGLETARY, ANNA BRADFORD; Wellesley; University of 
North Carolina; Sociology; Students for Ecumenical Action; Under- 
graduate Studies Committee of Sociology Department. 

SINGLETON, ROBERT G.; Chicago; Economics; UMass Marching 
Band, Drum Major; Scabbard & Blade; Statesmen; Amherst Jazz 
Orchestra; Symphony Band; K.K.Y. 

SIRONI, STEPHEN L.; Quincy; Business Finance Administration. 

SISSON, GARY NEWHALL; Lynn; Northern Essex Community 
Collsgs; Management. 

SITEMAN, LINDA JOANNE; Montague City; Greenfield 
Community College; Journalism; Collegian; Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Social Action Comm.; Dorm Cultural Comm. 

SKROK, ROBERT F.; Easthampton; Holyoke Community College; 
English; Intramurals; Summer Exec. Council, Chrm. Services 
Comm.; Student Senate, Clirm. Student Senate Services Comm.; 
Student Senate Exec. Comm.; Scuba Club. 

SLATTERY, KENNETH EDWARD; Greenfield; Plant Bio- 
chemistry; Dean's List. 


SLESINSKI, JANET E.; Northampton; Elementary Education: 
Dean's List; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Educ. Club; University Chorus; 
Dorm Exec. Council. 

SLOTNICK, CARL BRUCE; Randolph; Government; INDEX, 
Business Mgr., Ass't Business Mgr.; Varsity Track; Freshman Track; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

SMIALEK, PETER EDWARD; Gardner; Fisheries Biology: Arnold 
Air Society; Newman Club; Ski Club. 

SMITH, CHARLES NELSON; Quincy; Ovil Engineering: A.S.C.E.; 
Mass. Transit Newsletter; Phi Sigma Delta. 


SMITH, CHARLES WAYNE; Springfield; B.S.I.E.; AIEE; Who's 
Who; Alpha Phi Gamma; Collegian, Business Mgr., Adv. Mgr.; AIEE. 

SMITH, HOLLY JAY; West Harwich; Endicott Junior CoUege; 
Accounting: Dean's List; Acc't Assoc; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

SMITH, JAMES CRAIG; Clifton, N.J.; History: Theta Chi; Cross 
Country; Pre-Law Assoc; Dean's List; Arcon; Track. 

SMTIH, JEANNE PAMELA; Whitman; Fashion Merchandising: 
Dean's List. 

SMITH, JOYCE ANN; Rahway, n.].; Mathematics; Newman Club; 
Math Club, Sec 

SMITH, KAREN; Marshfield; Public Health; Chorale; Chamber 
Singers; Senate Academic Affairs Comm.; Student Public Health 

SMITH, LEWIS IRA; Sharon; History: Student Senate; Dorm 
Council; Exec. Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 

SMITH, MARILYN JEAN; Worcester; Sociology: N.E.S.; Winter 
Carni Comm., Publicity; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Educ. Club. 

SMITH, PAULA MARJEAN; Sayville, L.I., N.Y.; Physical Educa- 
tion; NES; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Comm.; Intramurals. 

SMITH, ROBERT FOSTER; Hadley; Economics: Student Senate; 
Student-Faculty Liason Comm. Econ. Dept.; Lambda Chi Alpha. 

SMITH, SANDRA ELIZABETH; Wakefield; /l«f/;ro/7o/o^v; Naiads; 
Senior Honors. 

SMITH, SANDRA JANE; Hatfield; £'/7^//s/!,- Commuters Club. 

SMITH, STEPHEN ALAN; Shelbume Falls; English; Dean's List; 
Southwest College Council; Southwest Soc Comm. Chrm.; South- 
west Newsletter. 

SMITH, WARREN KEITH; Hadley; Chapman College, Orange Cali- 
fornia; f'/fcf/'/ca/ Engineering: IEEE; 4H Electrical Club Leader. 

SNEADE, BRIAN PAUL; HoUiston; Arizona State Univ.; Worcester 
Jr. College; Mechanical Engineering: Barbell Club. 

SNOW, LESLIE HAMILTON; Mehose; Sociology; Collegian; Ski 
Club; Honors Colloquium; Exec. Council; Class Trip Comm. 


SYNDER, MARILYN ELLEN; Newton; Education; Scrolls; Educ. 
Club; Sigma Delta Tau; Dean's List. 

SOELDNER, CAROL ANN; Dedham; Veterinary & Animal Science; 
Tennis Team; Equestrian Club; Concert Band, Pub. Mgr.; Marching 
Band, Pub. Mgr.; Dean's List. 

SOFFER, ROBERT MICHAEL; Easton, Pa.; General Management; 
Intramurals; Dorm Council; Collegian; Hillel, treas., V.P.; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Dean's List. 

SOLOMON, GERALD DAVID; ^rook\ine\Accounting; Accounting 
Assoc. Pres.; Freshman Honor Society, Treas.; Intramurals. 

SOLOMON, JODY L.; Newton; Education; Educ. Club; N.E.S.; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Dean's List; Hillel. 

SOLOV, BESS S.; Brookline; Elementary Education; Honors Col- 
loquium; NES; Dorm Standards; Hillel. 

SOROKA, PATRICIA J.; Somerset; £'«^to/!. 

SOTIROPOULOS, MARILYN I.; Haverhill;/!/-? History. 

SOUCY, NANCY ANN; Georgetown; Physical Education; Dean's 
List; Newman Club; Dorm Judiciary Chrm.; Major Council, Wom- 
en's P.E.; Honors Thesis Candidate; W.A.A. 

SOUZA, ARTHUR PATRICK; Brockton; Massachusetts Bay Com- 
munity Co\\ege,Accounting; Intramurals. 

SOUZA, ELLEN JEAN; Lexington; Elementary Education; Pi Beta 
Phi; Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm.; Junior Panhel; Newman 
Club; Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

SOUZA, KATHERINE; Westport; /4/-f Education; Senate; Marching 
Band; Dean's List; Honors Colloquium; Newman Choir. 

SPATARO, ROBERT FRANCIS; Chelmsford; Zoology; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Freshmen Wrestling; Varsity Wrestling; Phi Kappa Phi. 

SPECTOR, SANDRA LEA; Springfield; Psychology; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Hillel; Orchestra; Operetta Guild; Lambda Delta Phi; Dean's 

SPEKMAN, ROBERT EDWARD; Natick; Pre-Med; Frosh Exec. 
Council; Revelers, V.P.; Adelphia; Tau Epsilon Phi. 

SPENCE, BRUCE G.; Acton; Economics; Economics Club; Dean's 
List; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

SPENCE, JANET ELAINE; So. Yarmouth; Socib/ogv; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma; Dean's List; Jr. Panhel; Best Dressed Finahst. 

SPENCER, LINDA MARY: Becket; English; S.U. Rec. Activities 
Comm.; Program Council; Dean's List. 

SPINELLI, JAMES P.; Springfield; MarAre/mj. 

STACHURA, WALTER JOHN; Chicopee; English; Collegian; Bowl- 



STAMAS, LOUIS NICHOLAS, JR.; Stoneham; Marketing: Market- 
ing Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

STANKIEWICZ, RICHARD JOHN; Lowell; Northeastern Univer- 
sity; iWfl«ajeme«r,- Veteran. 

STAVROS, ROBERTA GAIL; Winchester; Fine Arts; Sigma Delta 
Tau; Counselor; Activities Chairman, Dorm. 

STEELE, MARY CATHERINE; Reading; English; Dean's List. 

STEEVER, JOAN CAROL; Bloomfield, N.J.; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Education Club; Scrolls; Dean's 
List; Alpha Chi Omega. 

STEEVES, TIMOTHY L.; Wellesley; Springfield College; Soc/o/o^v,- 
Gymnastics; Sociology Club; Dean's List. 

STEFAN, EDWARD ANTHONY, JR.; Florence; ffistoo'. 

STEFANO, LINDA G.; Springfield; Elementary Education; Dorm 
Comm.; Dorm Gov't; Dancer for S.U. Dances. 

STEIN, JACK ALLAN; Holyoke; Holyoke Community College; 
Accounting; Acc't Assoc; Intramurals. 

STEIN, LINDA BETH; Milton; University of Pittsburgh; Mcto6/o/- 
ogy; Dean's List. 

STENVALL, NANCY J.; Gardner; A'l/rs/nj; Sigma Kappa. 

STEPHENSON, RONALD BRIAN; West Chester, Pa.; History; 
ROTC; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. 

STERBAKOV, CLARA RUTH; Sharon; Elementary Education; 
Educ. Club; N.E.S.; HiUel; INDEX. 

STERN, SARAH ELEANOR; '^evitonviXt; Education; NES Tutor- 
ing Service; Educ. Club. 

STERNI, MARION R.; North kdams; Elementary Education; Alpha 
Chi Omega, Panhel Rep., V.P.; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; 
Greek Week Comm.; Educ. Club ; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

STEVENS, DAVID EDWARD; Whitman; Wentworth Institute of 
Tsclmology; Mathematics; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Judo Club. 

STEVENS, GAIL DENISE; North Adams; Nursing; Sigma Kappa; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Nursing Class, Sec. 

STEWART, CARLTON EARL, JR.; Newton; Psychology; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Council; Dorm Council, V.P. 

STEWART, PRISCILLA L.; Ashbumham; Art Education; Swim 
Team; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Colloquium; Phi Kappa Phi. 

ST. HILL, ROBERTA ANN; East Longmeadovv;£/if//s/i; Collegian; 
INDEX; Winter Carni Comm.; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Social Chrm., 
Song Chrm. 


ST. HILAIRE, CONSTANCE; Fitchburg: English. 

STIMPSON, KATHLEEN THERESA; Worcester; Central Con- 
necticut State CoUcefi: Psychology: Psychology Club. 

STODDARD, RALPH E.; Brookline; Marketing; Adelphia; Class 
V.P.; Zeta Nu; Who's Who; Marketing Club. 

STONE, JOANNE HIBBERT; Brockton; Elementary Education: 
Educ. Club; Newman Club; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

STONE, JOEL LESLIE; Ashland; Wildlife Biology: Alpha Zeta; Xi 
Sigma Pi; Educ. Policies Comm.; Wildlife Soc, V.P.; Dean's List; 
Senior Honors. 

STORM, NANCY ELIZABETH; Braintree; Elementarv Education: 
N.E.S.; Educ. Club. 

STORY, RICHARD W.; Esse.x; Philosophy: Adelphia; Dist. Senior; 
Univ. Reform Comm., Chrm.; Young Independents; Students for 
Political Action; Astronomy Club, V.P.; WMUA; Senate Academic 
Affairs, Chrm. 

STOVOLD, SUSAN NATALIE; BidintKe; Home Economics: Dorm 
Program Comm.; Dean's List. 

ST. PIERRE, PAUL GERALD; Shrewsbury; Quinsigamond Com- 
munity College: Industrial Engineering: A. I. I.E.; Dorm Gov't. 

STRANDBERG, MARTHA ANNE; East Longmeadow; Home Eco- 
nomics: Sigma Sigma Sigma; Home Ec. Club. 

STRILLCHUK, ELAINE VIRGINIA; t^orv/ood; Accounting: New- 
man Club; Dorm Treas.; Acc't. Assoc. 

STRUM, ELIZABETH JANE; Monson; Physical Education. 

STULIN, DAVID EDWARD; Newton; University of Massachusetts 
Boston; Economics. 

STRUMPEK, RICHARD ANTHONY; Adams; A ccou?iting: Student 
Senate; Senate Finance Comm.; Summer School Exec. Council; 
Acc't Assoc; Beta Chi. 

STUMPF, NANCY ELIZABETH; Auburn; Home Economics: Pi 
Beta Phi; Newman Club; Collegian; Home Ec. Club. 

STUMPFELD, DIANE JULIANE; Worcester; English: Collegian; 
Operetta Guild. 

SUGARMAN, KENNETH ALAN; Newton; Newton Junior CoUege; 
A ccounting. 

SULLIVAN, CATHERINE ANN; Chicopee Falls; Elementary Edu- 
cation: Alpha Chi Omega; Angel FUght; Winter Carni Booklet 
Comm.; Revelers; Exec. Council; Panhel Delegate, Rush Co-Chair- 

«'i',LIVAN, DEBORAH ANNE; Newton; Zoology: Dean's List; 
Bologna Program; Educ. Club; Flying Club. 

SULLIVAN, ELAINE KATHLEEN; Everett; Journalism: Revelers; 
Kappa Alpha Theta. 



SULLIVAN, KATHLEEN ANNE; Fitchburg; Mount Wachusett; 
Fashion Merchandising: Kappa Kappa Gamma; Homecoming 
Comm.; AHEA Club; Greek Week Queen; Winter Carni Court. 

ment: Newman Club; Dean's List. 

SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE JOHN; Brookline; Mass. Bay Community 
College; Marketing; Theta Chi, Soc. Chrm.; Intramurals; Swimming 
Team; Dorm Pres., Sec; Marketing Club. 

SULLIVAN, MARK LEO; Hyannis; History: Alpha Phi Omega, 
Membership V.P.; Adelphia; Newman Club, Pres.; Arnold Air Soci- 
ety, Controller. 

SULLIVAN, PAUL JOSEPH, JR.; Dorchester; Civil Engineering: 
A.S.C.E.; WUMA; Newman Club; Dean's List: Dorm Social Comm.; 
Univ. Broadcasting Assoc; Scuba Club; Civil Engineering Club. 

SULLIVAN, SHARON ANN; Waltham; Massachusetts Bay Commu- 
nity College; English: Dean's List; Dorm Social Chrm. 

SULLIVAN, THOMAS E.; Amherst; Oberlin Conservatory of Music; 
Zoology: Phi Eta Sigma. 

SWANSON, ANN; Baltimore, Md.; English: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma 
Delta Tau. 

SWARDLICK, JOAN BEVERLY; Canton; Fashion Merchandising: 
Scrolls; Pi Beta Phi; Exec. Council; Omicron Nu, Treas.; Dean's List; 
Danforth Home Economics Award; Amer. Home Ed. Assoc. 

SWEENEY, JAMES STEPHEN; Charlestown; English: University 
Theatre; Intramurals; Oxford Summer Seminar; N.E.S. Tutor. 

SWEENEY, PATRICIA LOUISE; Norwood; Spanish: Alpha Chi 
Omega, 2nd V.P.; Spanish Club; Ski Club. 

SWENSON, SUSAN ATWOOD; Worcester; Elementary Education: 
Exec. Council; Chi Omega; Special Events Comm.; Winter Carni 

SWIERAD, BETTY ANN; West Springfield; Virginia Intermont 
College; Elementary Education: Miss University Court; Homecoming 
Court; Education Club. 

SWINIARSKI, MARY FRANCES; Salem; Chemistry; Newman 
Club; Dean's List. 

SWITZER. SANDRA OLIVIA; WiUingboro, N.J.; Physical Educa- 
tion; Newman Club; Naiads, Univ. Theater, Lambda Delta Phi. 

SWOL, JULIE NISKANEN; Hinsdale; Psychology: Marching Band; 
Concert Band; Ski Club; Dean's List; Naiads. 

SYMANCYK, DANIEL FRANCIS; Granby; Mathematics; Dean's 
List; Student Senate Budgets Comm.; Senior Honors Project. 

SZOSTAK, DANIEL JOHN; 'W estheld; Electrical Engineering: Tau 
Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. 

SZOSTEK, PAUL EDWARD; Bondsville; Wildlife Biology; Flying 
Club; Freshman Track; Varsity Track. 

TABASKY, MARTIN JAY; Hull; UMass. Boston; Microbiology; 
Alpha Phi Omega; Operetta Guild; Univ. Theatre; WMUA; Scuba 


TADDIA, PAULA ELIZABETH; P\ymoiith- Elemeiilary Educalion: 
Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi; Educ. Club; Bclcliertown Volunteers, 

TAGLIAFERRO, MARY ANITA; Pittsfield; Mathematics; Honors 
Colloquium; Dean's List; Judo Club; Outing Club. 

TALBOT. ALETA RAE; Somerville; Recreation: Exec. Council; 
Winter Cami Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Dorm 
Pres.; Campus Chest Comm.; Sophomore Banquet Comm.; Dean's 

TARKA, NANCY JOSEPHINE; Chicopee FaUs; English. 

TARR, NORMA EUNICE; Wenham; Nursing: Volunteers for Re- 
tarded Children; Nursing Club; Dorm Social Chrm. 

TAVOLACCI, FRANK JOSEPH; Yonkers N.Y.; Restaurant and 
Hotel: Football; Kappa Sigma; IFC; Intramurals. 

TAYLOR, DENNIS JAMES; Lowell; Psychology: Dean's List; 
Belchertown Volunteers; Northampton Volunteers; Newman Club; 
Dorm Judiciary; Dorm Council; Intramurals. 

TAYLOR, LINDA FAY; Wareham; Physical Education: W.A.A. 
E.xec. Board; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Tennis; Standards Comm. 

TAYLOR, MICHELE ANNE; Lowell; Child Development. Pi Beta 
Phi; Precisionettes; Newman Club; Dean's List; Amer Home Ec 

TAYLOR, PETER EUGENE; Dedham; Agricultural and Food Eco- 
nomics: Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Economics Soc. 

TAYLOR, RAYMOND WILLIAM; Finsfield; Mathematics: Univer- 
sity Fine Arts Council, Chrm.; Student Senate Activities Comm., 
Chim.; Collegian, Fine Arts Editor; Dean's List; Who's Who. 

TAYLOR, STEPHEN FORBES; Rochester, N.Y.; General Business 
and Finance: Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi. 


TEBBETTS, JANE ELIZABETH; V/ellesley; Elementary Education; 
Education Club; Dorm Standards Council. 

TEMKIN, NANCY BERGMAN; Newton Center; Elementary Educa- 
tion; Hillel; Education Club. 

TERBAN, ROSALYN; Newton; Elementary Education; Undergrad- 
uate Rep. Sch of Educ; Dorm Counselor; Iota Gamma Upsilon; 
Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

TESSIER, RAY HENRY; Willimansett;£'/ecfnca/£'/J^/jee/-!>!^; Engi- 
neering Journal; Scuba Club; I.E.E.E.; I.A.E.S.T.E. 


THAYER, GARY A.; Framingham; Education; Collegian; Education 
Club; Intramurals; Track. 

THAYER, GREGORY JOHNSON; Medford; Paul Smiths CoUege; 

THIBAULT, PAULETTE JEANNE; Somerset; Southeastern Massa- 
chusetts Technological Institute;F/-enc/!,French Corridor; Alpha Chi 

THOMAS, EDWIN LORMER; Attlebow; Mechanical Engineering; 
Tau Beta Pi; Rugby Club; Dorm Counselor. 


THOMAS, HELEN FRANCES; Holyoke; McMaster University; 

THOMAS, SUSAN C; Rutland, \t.\ Physical Education. 

THOMAS, NANCY LEE; Springfield; A'l/ran^,- Alpiia Chi Omega. 

THOMAS. WAYNE MELVIN; Worcester; Government: Class Presi- 
dent; Who's Who; Adelphia; Oxford Univ. Summer Seminar; Stu- 
dent Senator; Commencement Speaker; Winter Caini, Cliim.; SWAP; 
Dean's List. 

THORNE, BRUCE EDWARD; Lynn; Northern Essex Community 
College; General Management. 

THORNTON, EVERETT EARL, JR.; Womerset;/'si'c7!o/o^>'; Delta 
Chi, Sec, Founder; Symphony Band; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

THORNTON, GREGORY HENRY; Norwich, N.Y.; History: Wres- 
tling; Science Fiction Club; Dorm Counselor. 

THRASH, ERICKA MARIA; Chatham; Anthropology: Southwest 
College Cultural Comm.; Dean's List; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Oxford 
Summer Program. 

TICKLE, JAMES ROBERT; Marshfield; Psychology: Alpha Phi 
Omega, V.P.; Northern Educ. Service; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

TIRRELL, ANNE B.; Topsfield; Physical Education: Sigma Sigma 
Sigma; Junior Panhel; W.A.A. 

TKACZYK, JOANNE; Gardner; English: Parachute Club; Educ. 

TODRIN, DONALD WAYNE; Newton; Economics; Scuba Club, 
Treas., V.P., Pres. 

TOGNERI, DONALD JOSEPH; Holyoke; Sociology: Tau Epsilon 
Phi; I.F.C. Rep.; Parachute Club. 

TOMASAUCKAS, SANDRA ANN; Greenfield; Greenfield Commu- 
nity College; Child Development: Merrill Palmer Institute. 

TOMPKINS, DAVID ALONZO; Maynard; General Management. 

Theta; D.V.P. 

TOTH, EDWARD FRANCES; Torrington, Conn.; Wildlife Biology: 
Alpha Zeta; Xi Sigma Pi; Wildhfe Society. 

TOWER, JANICE LOUISE; Pittsfield; Child Development: NES 

TOWER, LINDA R.; Springfield; £'rfwcflf/o«. 

TOWER, SHARON ANN; Ludlow; Home Economics: Home Ec. 
Club; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 


TOWNER, BARBARA ELAINE; Weymouth; Syracuse University; 
Elementary Edueation: Education Club; INDEX. 

TOYAMA, PIEPER JOE; Paauilo, Hawaii; English; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Delta Pi, Dorm Counselor. 

TRABUCCO, CORINEE; Burlington; Theatre; University Theatre; 
Operetta Guild; Roister Doisters. 

TRACIIY, SHARON JULIA; Holyoke; Psychology: Dean's List; 
Dorm Government. 

TRACY, JANE GLADYS; Grandview-on YiwAson; Animal Seience: 
Cultural Comm.; Outing Club; Sigma Sigma Sigma; Winter Carni 

TRACY, SUSAN JEAN; Manchester; English: Distinguished Senior; 
Varsity Tennis; Univ. Reform Comm.; Student Senate; Student Life 
Comm.; SWAP; Who's Who; Dean's List. 

TRAHAN, PAUL EUGENE; ?ittsfie\d: Mathematics. 

TREADUP, JOHN MARK; New Bedford; English: Dorm Gov't; 
Intramurals; Collegian; English Dept. Undergraduate Council; Per- 
sonnel; Dean's List; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Judiciary; Area Judi- 

TREMENTOZZI, MIRIAM E.; Springfield; French; Exchange Stu- 
dent at Grenoble, France. 

TRINGALI, JOSEPH WILLIAM; Braintree; Electrical Engineering: 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Eta Kappa Nu, V.P.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; 
I.E.E.E., Program Chrm. 

TRUE, ELIZABETH ANN; Greenfield; Elementary Education: 
Scrolls; Judo Club; Chorus; Naiads; Dean's List. 

TRUSZ, ELEANOR; Ludlow; Holyoke Community College; Ele- 
mentary Education; N.E.S.; Ski Club. 

TUCKER, MARGARET MARY; Lee; Nursing: Newman Club; 
Dean's List; Dorm Gov't; Nursing Club. 

TUMINSKl, RONALD STEPHEN; Turners FaUs; C.W. Post CoUege; 
Government; Intramurals; Dean's List; Dorm Judiciary. 

TURLINSKI, CHARLES PAUL; Northfield; University of Miami; 
Finance; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Aerospace Officers MiUtary Honor 
See; Arnold Air Society; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramurals. 

TURNER, DEIRDRE ANNE; Scituate; English; Operetta Guild; 
Dorm Gov't; Legislative Comm.; University Chorus. 

TURNER, NANCY LEE; Windsor; Medical Technology; Student 
Faculty Comm. for Public Health; Dean's List; Corridor Treas. 

TUROMSHA, JANE A.; Northampton; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege ; Education. 

TUTTLE, LINDA AMBER; GUI; Greenfield Community CoUege; 
Elementary Education: Counselor; Educ. Club.; Ski Club; Belcher- 
town Volunteer; Engineering Journal, Sec. 

ULCHAK, LINDA NOELLE; Boston; English; Dorm Social Chrm., 
Standards Comm.; Charter Comm., Dorm Social Comm., Athl. 


UMANA, ANNE C; East Boston; English. 

UNDERWOOD, CHERYL SMITH; Holden; Russell Sage College; 

UNDERWOOD, ROBERT F.; Holden: Hotel Management. 

UNGER, NANCY LEE; Topsfield; Physical Education; Pi Beta Phi, 
Pres.; Physical Educ. for Women Major Council, Chrm.. Sec; Mortar 
Board; W.A.A., Sec; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Historian. 

USOWSKl, KATHLEEN ANN; Holyoke; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege ; Psyc/jotogy; Senior Honors. 

USSAILIS, JAMES S.; Haydenville; Physics. 

VAIL, RICHARD STANLEY; South Dennis; Geology: Adelphia; 
INDEX. Ass't Photo Ed.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Geology 
Club; Phi Eta Sigma; Scuba Club; Dean's List. 

VALASUNAS, SUZANNE; Saugus; Physical Education; Kappa 
Alpha Theta, Historian; Exec. Council; Dance Club; Dean's List; 
Miss University Pagent; Winter Carni Comm.; Colonel's Cadre. 

VALENTl, JEAN ELIZABETH; Springfield; Accounting; Dorm 
Treas.; Dean's List. 

VALENTINE, JANE ELIZABETH; Norfolk; Elementary Education; 
Dorm Counselor; Dorm, V.P.; Naiads; Educ. Club. 

VAN UMMERSEN, ANNE; Winchester; University of Massachusetts 
Boston; Elementarv Education; Ski Club; Newman Club; Educ 

VAN WORMER, JEAN ETHELYN; North Easton; Home Eco- 
nomics; Angel Flight; Home Ec Club; Wesleyaires, Wesley Founda- 
tion; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean's List. 

VASSAR, GARY LOUIS; Gill; Personnel Management; Lacrosse; 
Lambda Chi Alpha; Ski Club. 

VAUGHAN, WILLIAM HOWARD; Holliston; Zoology. 

VERCOLLONE, RICHARD WALTER; Arlington; ffisfo/-;'; Zeta Nu; 
Intramurals; Dorm Counselor; Dean's List; IFC. 

VERDI, DENNIS ARTHUR; Hadley; Civil Engineering; Orthodox 
Club; A.S.C.E.; University Chorus. 

VERENIS, NICHOLAS CHRIS; Quincy; Government; Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Pres., Rush Chrm.; Pledge Comm.; Orthodox Club; Exec. 
Council; Winter Carni Comm. 

VERNER, CHARLES EDWARD JR.; Millers FaUs; Zoolog^'; Intra- 

VERONESI, JUDITH MARIE; Chicopee; Holyoke Community Col- 
lege; fi.F./l. Education. 

VIEIRA, LINDA ANN; New Bedford; Communication Disorders; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Communication Disorders Club, V.P.; Iota 
Gamma Upsilon, Master of Ritual, Rush Chrm.; Dean's List. 


p fil ^ 

VIENS, LEO ERNEST, JR.; So. Attleboro; Chemical Engineering; 
Collegiate Flying Club; Engineering Journal; Dean's List. 

VOLPE, RICHARD JAMES, JR.; Wakefield; Animal Science: Stu- 
dent Union Program Council; Exec. Council; SUG Board; Winter 
Cami Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; 4-Collegc Co-Ordinating Board; 
Who's Who. 

VONBERG, JANET ETHEL; East Weymouth; Zoology: Dean's List; 
Head Residence Counselor; Honors Colloquium. 

VONCOLLN, FREDERICK W.; Northampton; UMass, Boston; 
Finance; Flying Club. 

WAGNER, NORMAN BRUCE; So. Hadley Falls; Franklin Pierge 
College; Sociology: College Coordinating Board; Student Matters 
Comm; Judicial Advocate; Police Sub-Comm. 

WAINSTEIN, RONNA ELLEN; Longmeadow; English; Dean's List; 

WALDMAN, LINDA RUTH; Hicksville, L.I., N.Y.; Psychology: 
INDEX, Managing Ed.; Psychology Club; Dorm Judiciary; Hillel; 
Who's Who; Alpha Phi Gamma. 

WALES, CHRISTINE SHEPARD; Acton; Public Health; Chi Omega; 
Dean's List; Student Public Health Assoc. 

WALES, THOMAS; Wellesley Hills; Restaurant and Hotel Manage- 
ment; Theta Chi; Football; Intramurals. 

WALL, SHERYL ANNE; Westwood; English: Dean's List; Exec. 
Coun.; Treasury Comm. 

WALL, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Georgetown; Northern Essex 
Community Co\iiige; Marketing; Dorm President; Mktg. Club. 

WALLACE, BARBARA SUSANNE; Ashbumham; Morehead State 
University; Sociology; Collegian, Exec. Ed.; INDEX; Who's Who. 

WALLENSTEIN, ARNOLD ROY; Mattapan; Government; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Delta Chi, Charter Member; Dorm Representative; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Senior Honors; Pre-Law 

WALSH, LANCE ERIC; Chicopee; Holyoke Community College; 

WALSH, RAYMOND JOHN; Hudson; Zoo/ogj', Alpha Phi Omega. 

WALSH, THOMAS K.; Natick; Civil Engineering: Theta Chi, House 
Mgr., Chaplain; Arcon; ASCE, V.P.; Dean's List. 

WALTERS, MICHAEL EDWARD; FaU River; Government: Flying 
Redmen, Commander; Young RepubUcan Club; Dorm Gov't. 

WALTON, CRAIG ADAMS; Dalton; New York State Ranger 
School; Forestry Management. 

WARD, ROBERT S.; Newton; Psychology: Northampton State 
Volunteers; Univ. Chorale; Operetta Guild; Folk Soc. 

WARE, MARY BETH; Holden; Quinsigamond Community College; 
English; Homecoming Comm. 


WARWICK, JOHN MARSHALL; Reno, Nev.; University of Colo- 
rado; Wildlife Biology; Beta Chi; Student Senate; Dean's List. 

WARYAS, THERESA M.; Turners Falls; Greenfield Community 
College; Elementary Education. 

WASSERMAN, GERALD ALAN; MansUeld; Psychology: Marching 
Band; Symphony Band; Southwest College Council, Treas. 

WATERFALL, EDWARD; Medford; Mechanical Engineering; 

WATERMAN, RAYMOND C. JR.; Bernardston; Greenfield Com- 
munity College; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. 

WATSON, ANDREA LOUISE; Kingston; Government; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; S.U. Program Council, Movie Comm.; Honors Collo- 
quium; Martin Luther King Social Action Council; Dean's List. 

WATTS, CATHERINE MARIE; Watertown; Communication Dis- 
orders; Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Newman Club; Young 
Democrats; Communication Disorders Club; Dean's List. 

WAUGH, DAN HOLBROOK; Storrs, Conn.; Chemistry; Dean's List; 
Senior Honors. 

"VEBBER, ROBERT ALAN; Brighton; Sociology; Alpha Epsilon Pi; 

WEBER, CAROL ANN; Braintree; University of Massachusetts, 
Boston; F/-e/!c/!,- Dorm Counselor; Dean's List. 

WEBSTER, CHARLES MICHAEL; Wsstv/ood; Accounting; Dorm 
Pres.; Central Area Pres. Council; Rugby Club; CACC. 

WEEKS, ROBERT RUSSELL; Ashburnham; Physical Education; 
Kappa Sigma; Freshman Basketball. 

WEHR, WOODROW W.; So. Hadley; Holyoke Community College; 

WEINER, MADALYN MERLE; Longmeadow; English; CoUegian; 
Dean's List. 

WEINER, SHERYL LYNNE; Winthrop; Marketing; Senate Aca- 
demic Affairs Comm.; Collegian; Marketing Club; Hillel; WMUA. 

WEIR, DANIEL SARGENT; Amherst; English; WMUA; Martin 
Luther King Jr. Soc. Action Council. 

WEISS, RICHARD STEPHEN; Swampscott; Business Admini- 

WELCH, CHARLES EDWARD III; WiUiamstown; Williams College; 
Psychology: Dean's List. 

WHALEN, NANCY ELLEN; VJoictstti; English. 

WHELAN, MARTHA LOUISE; Framingham; University of Bridge- 
port ;/'!(W!c//ea/;/!,- Exec. Council; Chi Omega. 


WHELAN, STEPHEN TILTON; Middletonii'/i^te/i. Pre-Law Assoc; 
Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. 

WHIDDEN. ROSEMARY ADRIEN; South Hadley; Education: 
Dorm Counselor: Social Chrm.; Dean's List; Collegian; NES Tutor. 

WHITE, CAROLYN J.; Seekonk; Child Development: Dean's List; 
Omicron Nu; Phi Kappa Phi; Merrill-Palmer Exchange Program; 
Gamma Sigma Sigma; House Council. 

WHITE, EDWARD MARSHAL; Holyoke; Holyoke Community 
Co}\&%s\ Marketing; Dean's List; Marketing Club. 

WHITE, SHEILA L.; Hopkinton; Zoology: Dorm Counselor; Dean's 

WHITEHEAD, JEAN ALISON; Holyoke; Holyoke Community 
College ; Socio/ogi'; Dean's List. 

WHITEHOUSE, RICHARD S.; SiunAtiUnd: Hotel Management. 

WHITEMAN, PAULA MARIE; Turners VaXW, English: Dean's List; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta 

WHITMAN, NEAL ALAN; Framingham; ///sron'.- SUG Board, Pres.; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Adelphia, V.P.; Exec. Council; Who's Who. 

ics: Precisionettes; Home Econ. Club; Belchertown Volunteers; 
Exec. Board; Winter Carni Comm. 

WHOLLY, DENNIS JAMES; Fall Riwer, Personnel Management: ?hi 
Mu Delta; Bay State Special Forces; Newman Club. 

WIATER, JANICE FAYE; Cheshire; North Adams State; Home 
Economics Education: Newman Club; Lambda Delta Phi; Outing 
Club; Home Ec. Club.; Dean's List. 

WILBUR, RONALD ARMSTRON; Taunton; Economics: Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, Controller; Exec. Council; Maroon Keys. 

WILKER, JOANNE PATRICA; Newton; Newton Junior College; 

WILLEY, RICHARD L.; Dalton; Economics; Dean's List; Intra- 
murals; Phi Beta Kappa. 

WILLIAMS, DONALD JAMES; Hingham; Finance: Phi Mu Delta; 
Flying Club; Dorm Treas.; Intramurals. 

WILLIAMS, ROBERT ANDREW; South Hadley; Physical Educa- 
tion: Intramurals. 

WILLS, DIANE LEIGHTON; Medfield; Nursing; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Sigma Theta Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Lambda Delta Phi, Jr. 
Panhel Rep., Social Chrm., Standards Comm.; Dean's List; Nursing 

WILLS, JOANNE MUNRO; Medfield; Nursing; Lambda Delta Phi, 
House-manager, parliamentarian, Jr. Panhel rep.; Sigma Theta Tau; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean's List; Nursing Club; Intramurals. 

WILSON, GARY ALLYN; E^sthampton; Physical Education; Track; 


WILSON, MONICA ELIZABETH; Chicopee ¥alh: Home Econom- 
ics: Home Ec. Club; Dorm Living Board; Dorm Cultural Comm.; 
Exec. Council; Winter Carni Comm. 

Boston; Elementary Education: Dorm Counselor; Dorm Social 
Comm.; Student Senate, Activities Comm.; Collegian; Dean's List. 

WINDEMILLER, DUANE A.; HnveThill; Accounting: Acc't Club. 

WINER, MURRAY JAY; HuU; Management: Alpha Epsilon Pi, 
Athletic Chrm.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

WINNIMAN, SUSAN GAIL; Springfield; Holyoke Community 
College; ///sfon'.- Dean's List. 

WINTTURI, WILLIAM OSCAR; Westminster; Wood Technology: 
Phi Sigma Kappa. 

WIRTONEN, EDWARD R.; West Barnstable; Government: Honors 
Colloquium; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

WISECARVER, DEAN BLAIR; Westfield; English: Student Senate. 

WISNOUCKAS, ROBERT JOHN; Gardner; Mount Wachusett 
Community College; Speech. 

WISSMAN, NANCY JEAN; Greenfield; ffisforv; Dean's List. 

WITKOSKI, DONALD E.; Springfield; Marketing: Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Pres.; Precisionettes, Drill Master; INDEX; Newman Club. 

WITOWSKI, ELIZABETH J.; Indian Orchard; Mathematics: Kappa 
Delta Pi; Dean's List; Newman Club. 

WOJCIAK, JOHN JOSEPH, JR.; Worcester; Quinsigamond 
Community College; Chemistry: INDEX; Dorm Council; Dorm 

WOJNAR, EDWARD JAMES; Easthampton; Quantitative Methods: 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

WOLFF, JACQUELINE ANNE; Delmont, Pa.; Recreation: Class 
Treas.; Homecoming Comm., Sec; INDEX, Public Relations, 
Academic Ed.; Who's Who; Dean's List; Winter Carni, Treas.; 
Women's Affairs. 

WOLPERT, ELLEN J.; Springfield; Socio/o^'. 

WOOD, BRUCE JEFFREY; Vxbridge; Management; INDEX. 

WOOD, GUNNAR; Chebeague Island, Me.; English. 

WOOD, LUCINDA M.; Hopkintori; Recreation: Dorm Gov't, Pres., 
V.P.; Ski Club; N.E.S.; S.U. Recreational Activities Comm.; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Dorm Charter Comm.; Orchard Hill Presidential 

WOOD, PAMELA JANE; Upton; Mathematics: Sports Parachute 
Club; Dorm Counselor. 


WOODLEY, LAWRENCE GORDON; Leominster; Mount Wacluisett 
Community Coilese; Accounting; Accounting Assoc. 

WOODS, THOMAS L.; North Brookfield; Zoology: Intramurals; 
Dorm Counselor; Plii Beta Kappa. 

WOREWODSKI, GERALDINE ANN; Eastliampton; University of 
Hawaii; Psycliolog)': Dean's List. 

WOTKOWICZ, P.ATRICIA FRANCES; Adams: Mathemalics: New- 
man Club; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Dorm 

WOZNIAK, JANICE IRENE; Chicopee Falls; Physical Education; 
Dorm Soc. Comm.; Dorm Cultural Comm.; Gymnastics. 

WRIGHT, ANN SHEPARD; Williamstown; Physical Education; 
Dorm Social Clirm.; Kappa Alpha Theta, House Mgr.; Dean's List. 

WRIGHT, JUNE DABROWSKI; New Bedioid; Elementary Educa- 
tion: Educ. Club; Dean's List. 

WRIGHT, PAUL FRANCIS; Dedham;//«fo/-.v,- Dean's List; Orienta- 
tion Counselor; Intramurals; Woodrow Wilson Nominee. 

WYSK, PATRICIA M., WilUmansett; Holyoke Community CoUege; 

YANKEE, CAROL ANN; Noithboio; Psychology: Dean's List; Ski 

YANKEE, JOAN GILLSTROM; Belchertown; Springfield College; 
Elementary Education. 

YONIKA, DONALD ALBERT; Brighton; Landscape Architecture. 


YOUNG, DRUSILLA ANN; Reading; Elementary Education: 
Dean's List; Symphony Orchestra; Educ. Club; Newman Club. 

YOUNG, HOWARD ALAN; Ossining, N.Y.; Microbiology; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Delta Chi; Academic Affairs Comm.; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Distinguished Teacher Comm. 

YOUNG, JOHN VINCENT; Pittsfield; Zoology': Pre-Med Society, 
V.P., Treas.; Scuba Club; Ski Club; Intramurals. 

YOUNGBERG, ELIN; New York, N.Y.; English; Dean's List; Univ. 
Readers Theatre. 

YUNIK, GLADYS; Sharon; Psychology; Dorm Counselor, Dorm 
Program Comm.; N.E.S.; Lambda Delta Phi, Rec. Sec; Dean's List; 

ZALLEN, SANDRA J.; Newton Center; English; Chi Omega, V.P.; 
Scrolls; Revelers; DVP; Special Events Program, Chrm. 

Dean's List. 

LINDA LEE; Westfield; Fashion Merchandising; 

ZEAF, ROBERT GEORGE; Stoughton; Government: ri.V.P.; Para- 
chute Club; Delta Chi; FUght Club; S.W.A.P. 


ZINK, DAVID EDWARD; Pittsfield; Electrical Engineering: Ski 
Club; IEEE. 

ZINK, SANDRA LEE; Pittsfield ; 7Wa;-fcef;>!^,- Marketing Club. 

ZINKOFSKY, LINDA JOY; Oceanside, L.I., N.Y.; Elementary 
Education: Class Exec. Coun.; Southwest Patriots, Treas.; Winter 
Carni; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Dorm Treas.; Ski Club; Gymnastics. 

ZIPETO, AUSTIN JAMES; WniXmm; Marketing: Phi Sigma Kappa; 
Judo Club; USAF. 

ZITO, ALPHONSE JOHN; KMshoio\Psychology: Theta Chi. 

Official Senior Portraits by Root Photographers 

A camera is a simple mac/iine, it records only the light reflected 
from an object. A snapshot is easy to produce, some modern cameras 
are completely automated. A true photograph, however, is not as easy. 
The camera cannot hear or feel, it can only see, and even then it 
can only see a narrow angle, and it can't follow action. 

Our photographers' job was to capture the dynamic functioning of the 
University: the atmosphere, the events, the living, and the people. 
In doing this, each photographer developed a style, like a painter 
or sculptor, only he must capture these feelings with what exists. 
A painter can ignore fences and buildings and mud. He can put green 
grass and happy faces in their place, but a photographer must include 
them in the picture, and a good photographer uses them to add to the 

The photographs on the next four pages are symbolic of the 
individual styles of some of the 1969 INDEX photographers. In 
looking back through the book, many of these styles are apparent. 

When Marcia Sobiech went out to 

take candid pictures, no one 

dared to guess what she would 

come back with. Some of her 

most outstanding photos were 

taken in and around Orchard 

Hill. A new-comer to photography, 

she showed a sharp eye for the 




%0 1 



Dick V ail's pictures are found 
t/irougfiout tiie boo/<. Alttiough 
as Assistant Plioto Editor lie 
consistantly produced excellent 
photos for Campus Life and the 
Queens section, his most outstanding 
work was in the atmosphere section. 
This picture is representative 
of how he manipulated light 
for a special effect. 

While she wasn't taking pictures for 
the INDEX, Nancy Viall made her own 
movies. Often she was seen walking 
around campus with two cameras, an 
INDEX Bronica and her own 8mm. Bolex, 
about 20 pounds of photo equipment. 
Perhaps her movie background explains 
why she always seemed to capture action 
in her pictures, as in this one of Humphrey. 


Roger Reid, next year's Photo 

Editor, has already demonstrated 

to us that he will fill the 

position well. This year he 

shot a wide variety of assignments 

from the first football game 

to graduation. Roger's outstanding 

ability is in capturing emotion 

as well as simple light on film. 

John Wojciak, with this picture, 

and all that he took for the 

INDEX, showed us that the 

Leicaflex hanging around his 

neck wasn't just an ornament. 

Scott Prior has the ability 

to turn a photograph into a 

collage. This picture was used 

as the divider page for the 

Class section because, like 

most of his pictures, it 

includes so much. 


Bill Doubleday took many 
different assignments during 
the year and always came back 
with good results. In this 
picture he demonstrates his 
versatility in making the most 
of any photographic situation. 

It is a difficult job, trying to capture the entire 
year in pictures. While doing this INDEX photographers 
have spent entire nights in Whitmore, flown 1500 feet 
over the campus, walked from Southwest to WoPE at 1 AM 
to take a five minute exposure, traveled 35 miles to 
shoot the parachute club, battled freezing cameras on 
ski slopes, taken pictures at 3 AM of the dawn, and 
spent many long niglits taking pictures, followed by 
long mornings to finish studying. The photographers 
on the preceeding pages were responsible for many of 
'the pictures, but the INDEX would be half empty 
without the help of Paul Chihocki, Dick Fleischer, Judy 
Hurwitz, Sue Kinner, Neil Rennie, Bill Simpson, George 
WiUiams, the editors who filled in when it was necessary, 
and the many others who helped during the year. As 
Photo Editor, I am grateful to all of these people for 
their help, and proud to have had so many talented 
people working with me. 

JA. /^ 




The INDEX is a venerable, yet very strange lady 
of the ages. To work in her shadow is pleasant, 
even though she may seem somewhat aloof; but 
if you get to see her, she reaches out, takes you, 
and holds you. She will clutch you to her bosom 
until the bounty of your mind's talent satiates 
her hungry soul. But, on her centennial pages, 
immortalized through the poigniency of man's 
past, as she is born of you, 
and about you, 
so shall she ever bear a part of you. 




■.^tl-LH. FITCH liu 

ejitoi- in -Chief ™ 

•i \r R. WALDMAN t» 

NUtwgmK tMiMi 1^ 


HnjtujjMphy tJitOif iw 


ClTTipUi Cuofdiiutoi '* 


Chicl ol K-(sonnci IS 

and PublK- RL■latl^>^> i^ 


Business Managct im 

What made the 1968-1969 Academic Year different? A few new 
courses? New people? New Buildings? These certainly meant academ- 
ic growth, new ideas, and more sheltered space within which to bring 
the two together for development. But that was happening before the 
first INDEX went to press a hundred years ago. The year, then, really 
wasn't different— in the qualitatively macroscopic sense.- we seem to 
have been traveling down the same road through time, only its size 
and scenery keeps changing. This year was a section of that road, our 

This book attempted to bear you over the road again and again. The 
assumption is that traveling this very little section of the road is, and 
will ever be a part of us. a part which we shall frequently yearn to re- 
view, and sometimes to relive. For even though the year wasn't that 
kind of different from a general point of view, it certainly was unique 
to each of us. 

As the editor, my hope will be realized if merely a few parts of this 
INDEX— different parts for different people— will be especially helpful 
in the remembrance of your big walk on that little section of the road, 


It was the year when, for a 
precious moment on the Moon, 
we were One.