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INDEX 464 




The University is a complex 
experience comprised of many. 
Many form the substructure produc- 
ing the basis of such a complex. 
Many are a part of a school year 
marked with fluctuations; the high 
points and the low. Many feel sor- 
row, defeat, exhiliration — emotions 
common to all. 

Within the complex of many how- 
ever, exists the single entity. He is a 
part of the underlying substructure, 
a unique part — known more to 
himself than others. He is the crea- 
tor of the fluctuating highs and lows 
and he too feels the sorrow, the ex- 
hiliration. But as much as the indi- 
vidual is a part of the complex ex- 
perience, it is his uniqueness, his 
individuality which rises above the 
complex and becomes each indi- 
vidual's character. 

For though he as a person may par- 
take in the "ups and downs"; it is his 
"ups and downs" that become im- 
portant. Though he may feel sorrow 
and defeat with the many, it is a 
feeling unique to him alone. 

It is this individual, the one within 
the many, that makes up the Uni- 
versity's complex. 









































Summer was over — the lazy days of lying endlessly in the sun and the long nights of parties stretching into 
the wee hours of the morn, we placed behind us. The last long weekend of the season. Labor Day, was past 
and Amherst once again prepared for the return of its 18,000 students. They came in cars, VW buses, and 
U-Hauls as the generation on the "go" was moving, moving in to school. Lots and driveways became impene- 
trable as people milled about aimlessly, unloading suitcases, boxes, and bags of every shape and size; their 
contents containing each individual's life style for the next nine months. Dorms, apartments, and houses were 
crowded with the influx of former residents and new people establishing themselves. The campus was alive 
again, as each of us envisioned the year's traumas and ecstasies unfolding before us. 



"Adjusting to the University, its bigness, its 
massive numbers of people is initially hor- 
rifying. Your individuality becomes stifled as 
your quest "to fit in" overrides yourself. Just 
as your niche seems to be found, the on- 
slaught of academics buries your quest and 
overrides your fear. It seemed to me to be a 
frustrating cycle — then you reach for your- 
self and somehow, adjustment is there." 


"I've been here for awhile, and it seems to me 
that the University consists of two worlds. Each 
is different and separate but they occupy the 
same place. One is demanding, filled with core 
requirements, IBM cards, and reading lists. 
The other is challenging, containing hectic 
social life, people, friends and even some 
genuinely concerned profs. 

Sometimes I need the demand, but I prefer 
the challenge." 

The student number — the University's means to faciUtate the procedure of registering a student population in 
one day. Lines — the deterrence to upset the means and frustrate the population. 

Registration day? Defined — a student's attempt to take courses in fulfillment of University and major re- 
quirements; satiate his curiosity with an exciting elective. 

Futility? Defined — a student's attempt to substitute required courses, filled through upperclass preference 
ind seek out dull electives, the interesting ones flagged months before. 

Solution? Defined — ? 

The University complex is designed to be the center of academic learning. Unfortunately, there exist those 
individuals who ignore the design and provide their own intent; unfortunate in the sense that the individual's 
intent overrides the educational environment others desire. Such was the instance in the case of the bomb 
scares this past fall. 

As students poured out of classrooms and dormitories in the middle of the night, emotions were mixed. At 
first it seemed amusing that classes were dismissed half way through the period, but as the number of threats | 
increased, amusement turned to exasperation. The student did not appreciate his film history course being 
halted in the middle of a movie for the third week in a row, and the individual did not enjoy dragging his 
body out from the warmth of snug beds to face the cold outside. 


■^- -^^0f*^^. 








I am one; with a thought, an idea, I become myself. 

I am one; with another in expressive soUtude, we become two. 

I am one; with the shared emotions of others, we become many. 

". . . Certainly you have to be a moron to think that the taxpayers of this state will continue to ap- 
propriate large sums of money, money which is desperately needed for other purposes, if the University 
does not stay open to provide the education for which the money is voted. It is my sober judgement 
that this University cannot long survive unless we take immediate steps to put our house in order ..." 

The University Convocation for 
1970-71 was Chancellor Tippo's 
opportunity to inform the students 
and faculty of his views and in- 
tentions concerning issues crucial 
to this campus. He spoke out at 
length on vandalism, theft, security, 
strike policy and apathy. Although 
the Convocation was held during 
classes, the Student Union ball- 
room was filled to capacity. At- 
tendance and attention fell off a 
bit, however, as the Chancellor's 
lengthy speech taxed the endurance 
of his audience. 

". . . Surely any thinking person 
must realize that if we do not 
bring in the police in the event 
of a serious disturbance, the mat- 
ter will be taken out of our hands. 
This may lead to tragedy as it 
has on other campuses ...""... 
We must give greater emphasis 
to our responsibilities of teaching. 
Students demand it, taxpayers 
and legislators demand it, the 
logic of the times demand it. We 
must put our house in order, lest 
we have imposed on us from out- 
side severe, rigid and education- 
ally unsound restrictions . . ." 


The basketball team lost only one at the cage, but, that fact only made the defeat more poignant. 


On a fall afternoon, flying frisbees compete with falling A table with a friend at Mike's made the weekends more enjoyable, 

leaves for air space. 

Dorm phones were always ringing. It was frustrating to chase down the hall only to find the call was for 
someone else. When the connection was finally made, a sort of magic occurred as two people forgot their 
concrete cubicles and were together. 

Unless you declared yourself a misanthrope, quiet nioments alone in your room were difficult to obtain. But 
at least it was your room — or at least you and your roommates. 

A change of life style. A break from the chaos of dormitory living. A group of people unified in a house 
through common interest, desire, and purpose. 

The Greek system encompasses a fairly large number of students and serves the campus in both a social 
and cultural context. The in years past the system has attracted many more students, presently it seems 
to be waning. 

The advantages in living the Greek system offered (freedom from the restraints of curfews and open houses 
and the liberal and relaxing atmosphere of the house) are now being boldly challenged by the leniency 
of coed dorm life and apartment living. 

Despite its apparent "slackening off", many people still find security and warm friendships within the 
system of Greeks. Friendships prove lasting, experiences unlimited, and good times infinite as people 
partake of but one of several modes of University life. 









































For the Redmen, the crowning of Queen Penny Falconer, '73, a nursing major from Waltham, was a high- 
Ught of the Homecoming game. Our luckless squad outplayed the Huskies, only to watch UConn turn breaks 
into points and manage a 20-20 tie. 


Homecoming, 1970 was a sad and desperate attempt at continuing tradition. Something intangible was miss- 
ing, and people seemed to realize it. Of course, there was still the bonfire and float parade, the concerts and 
the football game, the Homecoming Queen and her Court. But, with the addition of vandalism and gate- 
crashing, a tension was created which laid a pall over the University community. 


The traditional float parade: tons of crepe paper and chicken wire fashioned into a hurried work of confi- 
dence. Beat 'em! All greek houses enter floats each year, as do some dorms. This year, Sigma Delta Tau and 
Tau Epsilon Phi decided that their float money could be put to better use by contributing it to a non-profit 
group dedicated to bringing war-injured Vietnamese children to this country for medical treatment. These two 
houses collected from spectators the night of the parade, and Lambda Delta Phi and Butterfield Dorm also 




Halloween provided an oppor- 
tunity for some welcome frivolity. 
One campus sorority proved you 
could have fun while serving 
others, by sponsoring a Halloween 
party for area orphans. The mutual 
fun was made more satisfying by 
the knowledge that you had made 
someone else's load just a little 


The annual pumpkin bash at Webster was well received, with everyone indulging in 
a costume "put-on". 

The middle of a semester can seem as lonely as the night-long vigil of a lamppost. In a strange place, sur- 
vival requires friends, resourcefulness, and humor. Sometimes a paper hat and feather are all that's needed 
to break the monotony. 

The days went on — they always managed to, they seemed to need no reason for beginning and end. 
The people contained within such days found themselves not so easily contented. Each required that 
reason and consequently, each sought his own. 

Some chose to content themselves in reflective learning on the union steps, while others opted to stage 
a comedy outside Whitman, starring "Me." There were those who found their individual reason attached 
to the reasons of the crowd, at the campus center. While others tried to find reason within themselves. 


WILLIAM J. WILSON Distinguished Professor 

"Although some blacks have argued that increased 
racism has also accompanied the enlarged enroll- 
ment of black students, my feeling is that the 
opposite has occurred." 

". . . individual race prejudices, though not 
significantly reduced, do not seem to be as in- 
tense or as widespread as they were when I first 
came to the University in 1965" 

". . . as people become exposed to a structure that 
allows minority group participation on an equal 
basis with the majority group, race prejudice 
tends to decline" 

". . . we have one of the largest contingent of 
black faculty, one of the better programs 
(CCEBS) and one of the finest black studies de- 
partments in the country." 


The increased enrollment of black students at the University of 
Massachusetts has changed the complexion of the institution, en- 
riched the cultural environment of the living and social areas, 
created a more cosmopolitan atmosphere on campus, and enhanced 
the intellectual climate of the classrooms. 

Although some blacks have argued that increased racism has also 
accompanied the enlarged enrollment of black students, my feeling 
is that the opposite has occurred. On the one hand, institutional ra- 
cism has declined in the sense that black students are, at least for 
the time being, no longer excluded from the University because of 
failure to meet conventional, white middle class standards of admis- 
sion (In the past few years Admission officials have invoked criteria 
which gauge more accurately the potential and intellect of black stu- 
dents). On the other hand, individual race prejudices, though not 
significantly reduced, do not seem to be as intense or as widespread 
as they were when 1 first came to the University in 1965. 
My impressions are not based on controlled empirical research, but 1 
am of the opinion that the structural changes reflected in the racial 
distribution of the University (i.e., increased numbers of black stu- 
dents and faculty and, to a lesser extent, professional and nonprofes- 
sional staff) have had the effect of changing attitudes. These struc- 
tural changes, I maintain, have helped to erase the provincial, rural, 
culturally deprived atmosphere that once characterized the Univer- 
sity. This observation is consistent with the sociological proposition 
that as people become exposed to a structure that allows minority 
group participation on an equal basis with the majority group, race 
prejudice tends to decline. 

I would argue therefore that the cries of increased racism on campus 
are more of a reflection of heightened awareness or growing sensi- 
bilities to problems of racial inequity than to any absolute increase 
in the distribution and content of racist feelings. 

Although the situation for blacks on this campus is far from being a 
panacea, it is healthier than that found at most large state universi- 
ties in the northern United States. I make this assertion because we 
have one of the largest contingent of black faculty, one of the better 
programs (CCEBS) for the higher education of black students, and 
one of the finest black studies departments in the country. 

Whether this situation will continue to improve will depend largely 
on the Commonwealth's and the University's commitment to enroll 
and financially support denied black students. Failure to sustain this 
commitment not only will destroy the thrust already made to in- 
crease the higher educational opportunities for blacks, but also will 
rob the University of a very vital part of its recent development. 


CALDWELL RAY Distinguished Professor 

". . . calm and order are not ends in themselves, 
and we can only hope that we are not experiencing 
cynicism and resignation on the part of those who 
would lead in the continual improvement of the 

"I think we found last year that we were not in- 
tellectually prepared to deal with issues of war, 
racism, pollution, poverty and alienation." 

"The task before us now is to learn what we need 
to know to be effective in bringing the necessary 
changes in ourselves and our institutions to make 
this a better world." 

"Opportunity, help, and encouragement are avail- 
able, but education is not something given to us, it 
is something we must stubbornly pursue indivi- 

Following last year's turmoil on this campus and on campuses 
around the nation, this year has appeared calm and orderly. But 
calm and order are not ends in themselves, and we can only hope 
that we are not experiencing cynicism and resignation on the part of 
those who would lead in the continual improvement of the university. 

Perhaps we learned a lot last year about the role of a university in 
modern society. Perhaps we learned a lot about our individual situa- 
tions in shaping the university and the society. Hopefully those les- 
sons from last year are being implemented and acted upon during 
the apparent calm of this year. 

I think we found last year that we were not intellectually prepared 
to deal with issues of war, racism, pollution, poverty and alienation. 
We did not have the depth or breadth of knowledge necessary to 
fully understand the causes, much less the cures, of all of those 
problems we raised as issues so loudly and forcefully on campus last 
year. We had not done our homework! 

The task before us now is to learn what we need to know to be 
effective in bringing the necessary changes in ourselves and our in- 
stitutions to make this a better world. Though no one can say just 
how any individual should prepare himself, it is clear that everyone 
must work toward something. Opportunity, help, and encourage- 
ment are available, but education is not something given to us, it is 
something we must stubbornly pursue individually. If the world is 
changed, it will be changed by those who take the responsibility of 
pursuing their individual education, not by those who float dilato- 
rily through life waiting for divine inspiration. 

RICHARD CAREER Distinguished Professor 

"Personally, I see Physical Education as an integral 
part of the total University program and commu- 
nity, serving a large number of students through a 
variety of programs." 

"Thomas Cureton has said that people exist at a 
baseboard level but have a ceiling potential. We 
try to have students explore that kind of potential." 

"... I believe sport is to the athlete what creating 
a painting or piece of sculputre to the artist or 
what writing or performing a piece of music is to 
the musician. It is a very real part of the person." 

"I don't see winning as the most important thing 
in athletics, but see it as worthy goal and one of 
the possible outcomes of competition." 

As varsity lacross coach I have the opportunity to deal with a 
rather select group of highly skilled and highly motivated students 
who see participation not just as a release or change of pace from 
daily life but rather as a very integral part of their life. To the athlete, 
sport is not just a pleasant sideline or diversion, it is life. Some 
people find this difficult to understand, but I believe sport is to the 
athlete what creating a painting or piece of sculpture is to the artist, 
or what writing or performing a piece of music is to the musician. 
It is a very real part of the person. 

This being so, 1 see coaching not primarily a matter of the number 
of games "won or lost", but rather a tremendous opportunity to 
help students explore their potential, to explore their "outer limits", 
to be involved intensely in something that is meaningful to them. 
I don't see "winning" as the most "important thing" in athletics but 
see it as a worthy goal and one of the possible outcomes of com- 
petition. This "means" or striving for this outcome is what helps 
develop a man. It may sound "corny" but the rigors of athletics are 
very much like the rigors of life, the progression from the simple 
to the complex, the preparation and striving, the successes and fail- 
ures, the joys of victory and the sorrows of defeat, the comradeship 
of being a team member, the social ideal of accepting and cooperat- 
ing with a teammate on the basis of what he does, not the color of 
his skin, his religious faith or national background. All of these 
characteristics of athletics are very "lifelike." 

I am proud to have been able to coach these past 16 years. I am 
sure we share the pride of our "won, lost" record and enjoy reflect- 
ing on past accomplishments, but the real pride or satisfaction is to 
see these men leading useful lives as citizens in our society in a 
wide variety of occupations. I would like to think that I have con- 
tributed to these men becoming healthy, happy, proud MEN. 

The educational environment at a university is that part of the surrounding structure which deals with a stu- 
dent's formal education. On this campus that structure took many forms, ranging from the traditional course 
(lectures, tests, and a final) to modular credits. Instructors held classes in their own homes in an effort to es- 
cape the often stifling atmosphere of the classroom. Off-campus excursions to museums and factories, as well 
as off-campus seminars were commonplace. Students assumed roles and acted out plays while trying to facili- 
tate their own learning. 

On the following pages we present these forms, issues and structures of the educational environment through 
the eyes and words of the individual students. 

The new Campus Center contributed to the educational environment by provid- 
ing a haven for strung-out students to read the Collegian, study, and/or sleep. 

i*f - ' 

, * 

"My entire approach to teaching, even in the large lecture 
situation, consists in making something happen concerning 
literature between me and the mind of every individual stu- 
dent" — Jack Deaver 

The experience of learning something real by playing the part. 
In Mr. Deaver's comparative literature class the students perform 
San Manuel the Good Martyr and in Mr. Kaplan's oral interpre- 
tation class the students act out a tea party from The Mad Hatter. 













You stand apart, yet close enough 

For sharing common bonds. 


There are moments when you drift apart 

Then come together — with a friend. 



Concerned with the rampant construction on campus, 
students took it on themselves to check the amount of 
pollutants being washed into the campus pond. 

Free University City, struggling to avoid extinction, established micro-teaching classrooms 
in inflatable tents. Subjects covered a wide range of areas not found in the traditional 
University curriculum. 

The academic environment also sho«fed signs of improvement. Students 
and Faculty found that many beneficial exchanges can occur outside of 
the classroom. 

"That there should one man die 
ignorant who had capacity for 
knowledge, this I call tragedy." 

Sartor Resartus, BKI 

As friends drifted off to the Pub 
for a beer or sat noisily about their 
rooms with the stereo blaring, we 
sought out the silent places. A 
corner of the world set aside for us 
alone, devoid of chaotic activity; a 
private niche reserved in our at- 
tempt to achieve self knowledge. 
A place to be alone and cram, a 
place to be near people, but know 
you don't have to talk to them. 

The study hour — a time to load 
our minds with statistics, theories, 
and formulas to be explored into 
regurgitation at some later testing 
date. Perhaps it is the one time 
that all the facts and ideas fall 
into their logical order and we 
discover creation. 

They say you can understand 
something if you can teach it to 
someone else — but what if you 
can't? Is this really what education 
is all about? 

Life in the dorms isn't all parties, togetherness, and fun. Moving all of your things into a room and making it 
livable is a chore faced by all dorm residents. The hours spent hitting the books are made to seem longer by 
the constant opportunities to procrastinate. 

Many promises of another "party" (WOW) turn out to be something only vaguely resembling a "good time". 
Alone, you must again resort to that final resource — yourself. Or perhaps another lost soul will drift by, and 
together you can guard the T.V. lounge. 

N T H 

"The educational environment is oriented 

towards the masses. I am not a mass. I am an 

artist. This school is much too crowded." 

"My history lecture is overcrowded — my seat is 

on the floor." 

"The University is a stimulating 
intellectual environment. There 
is a tremendous cross section of 
all types of individuals. For its 
size, the university carries out 
academic functions 

"On the whole the classes are too large and impersonal to 
stimulate participation. Discussion sections and other smaller 
classes seem to accomplish a minimum of what is intended in a 
college education." 

"Introductory courses are absurd and there's not enough individual help for even the motivated 
student. Professors who earn their 20x10 ^ dollars a year and teach six hours of classes a week are gen- 
erally snobbish and don't care whether the student gains from the course or doesn't." 

"For my major the university is exactly what I want. The sizes of my classes are good, there is a lot of 
freedom of choice as far as courses go and the faculty is good. Outside of my major department I find the 
university requirements tedious and mostly unnecessary and irrelevant to my educational experience." 


What is in a face? 

A whimsical dream, a reflection on that dream. 

A dream come true. 

What is in a face? A quiet serenity 



Something Else '70; one of the school of Educations efforts to keep teachers informed of current innovations 
and creative methods. Through seminars and workshops, teachers and future teachers were introduced to 
such things as Sesame Street productions and the oriental art of oragami. 

Some math teachers may have doubts about the relevancy of oragami to algebra but being dedicated, they grit their teeth and saw the project through. 



"Classes too large — discussion difficult. Attitude of 
instructors too impersonal. Requirements suck — I think an 
all pass-fail system would encourage students to take 
courses they are interested in but feel it would, ruin their cum 
because of difficulty of course — Other schools have 
instituted this system and are finding it gratifying." 

"Why can't people Just talk to people without structured 


"I can't go to the Hatch, I have a paper due tomorrow at 8:00! Have to study . 

We all met the problems of academics in our individual ways. Some of us slept through the onslaught. Others 
attacked the situation at the source, while some of us even seemed to enjoy the studying stint. The research 
seemed endless, from the microfilm machine to the card file. Somehow, someway, the paper got done, the 
exam got taken, and the problems of academics were solved by most. 


"A most friendly atmosphere — 

/ have always found understanding when I looked for it. 


clutching the campus in its icy grip 

and covering the construction debris with a white blanket. 


Amidst the blistering cold and snow, we learned to reroute ourselves to avoid the construction and reach 
our destination in the quickest possible way. The sidewalks were scattered with people grimacing against 
the wind — as others passed us, secure in the warmth of their cars. Feet, man's most useful accessory, 
carried us along hurriedly to our next class or back to our "homes." The immediate feeling of physical 
cold overshadowed our special thoughts. Getting around campus became a time when a smile or holding 
hands expressed all. 




Unlike the musical group of the same name, "traffic" on this campus meant frustration and headaches. Unpre- 
cedented University growth created the vehicular volume of a small city, while campus street planning re- 
mained in the horse and buggy era. Winter's snow and ice added more misery to the burdens of the motor- 
ist. It should be noted that 1971 was the year the administration allowed all students to have cars on campus. 

The campus canines are about the only ones who had no trouble weaving 
their way between the parking restrictions and ever-vigilant campus 

At first the snow was a welcome change from the barren trees and dry leaves. It was fresh, clean, and fun; pro- 
viding raw material for snowmen, snowball fights, and weekend skiing. But as fall semester changed to "spring" 
semester with no apparent end to the cold white stuff, the novelty soon wore off. Outside activity was reduced 
to a minimum. An empty wine bottle or a required reading list were about the only reasons for a hurried trek 
through the cold. Most people stayed inside and drank, studied or made love. 


■■ iEHHi HMP 



''X»W '■■-'* 

"On campus social life is very disap- 
pointing. Parties, both dorm and frater- 
nity, are sheer madness, who can pick- 
up who and how many is the name of 
the game. There doesn't seem to be any- 
place where people can meet people Just 
for the sake of meeting new individuals." 




". . . the social life is what you 
want to make of it. Perhaps if 
you feel the fraternity system is 
the answer, then it may be to 
your advantage to join. As for 
myself, I find the social life to be 
suitable at present because you 
will generally find a diversified 
type of social life around." 

"The university does not fulfill the needs of the student or supply the means to this fulfillment. Drastic changes 
ire needed in regard to requirements, content and kinds of courses "grading" policies, and living accom- 
modations. Students should be allowed to pursue their own interests without threat of grades, failure to ob- 
tain diploma, or the hindrance of requirements." 


"For the most part my scheduling has been pretty 
decent. I enjoy large lecture classes because the re- 
sponsibility of making the classes and doing the work 
is placed on the student — impersonality has its good 
points, too." 




DR. ROBERT GAGE Director; Univ. Health Services 

"Physically, there has been an almost instant 
transformation of the campus from a relatively 
quiet, bucolic atmosphere to that of a bustling 
and crowded city, marked with physically mas- 
sive, if not always architecturally distinguished 

"Far more important, however, than the physical 
growth are the changes in the educational pro- 
gram, relationships between faculty and staff, 
and in the life styles of students which have oc- 
curred during the past four years." 

"The ghastly Indo-China War is a prime example 
of distrust run rampart which is tearing our na- 
tion apart. Almost daily we see the support for it 
is based upon blind defense of false values and 
an incredible inability to share information and 
aspirations openly, honestly, and without distor- 

"Growth in mutual trust and understanding is 
perhaps the greatest opportunity and the most 
compelling message of higher education." 


Members of the class of 1971 have had the 
opportunity of taking part in one of the most 
exciting periods in the history of the University 
of Massachusetts. During the past four years 
there probably have been more startling and 
significant developments than in any compara- 
ble period since the University was founded in 

Physically, there has been an almost instant 
transformation of the campus from a relatively 
quiet, bucolic atmosphere to that of a bustling 
and crowded city, marked with physically mas- 
sive, if not always architecturally distinguished, 
buildings. The Southwest complex, first occu- 
pied partially in 1966, has been finished and 
occupied completely for three years. Whitmore, 
the symbol of a stolid administration, was occu- 
pied in 1967 — few here now recall the old ath- 
letic field which it replaced. Thompson and 
Herter Halls, markedly different in architecture, 
have contributed valuable class and office space. 
The Campus Center has provided not only addi- 
tional space for student and conference activi- 
ties but also a memorial to the difficulty of 
planning physical structures in a mobile, human 
society. Tobin Hall and the Library tower now 
under construction are reminders that we are 
still in the midst of change. 

Far more important, however, than the physical 
growth are the changes in educational program, 
relationships between faculty and staff and in 
the life styles of students which have occurred 
during the past four years. One of the most 
significant of these was the introduction of the 
CCEBS program through which the University 
first recognized its obligation to extend itself 
with extra effort to meet the needs of minority 
youth from limited social and economic back- 
grounds. Although modest in size and not with- 
out problems, this program has been one of the 
most successful of its kind in the entire country. 
In addition, there has been a rising tide of con- 
cern on the part of students for more participa- 
tion in the governance of University affairs. In 
one area, this tide has brought increasing insis- 
tence for participation in curriculum determina- 
tion, course selection, and evaluation of both 
courses and instructors. In another area, living 

styles have undergone profound change with 
the spread of open-house policies and the in- 
troduction of co-educational living. Finally, and 
perhaps of greatest significance, was the dem- 
onstration by a large number of students in the 
spring of 1970 of a tremendous current of con- 
cern and determination for finding a way of 
addressing the major social concerns of our 
time. The student "strike" of 1970 brought into 
direct focus one of the central issues facing us; 
namely, whether the university is to be an insti- 
tution which remains relatively isolated and 
protected from the storms of critical social pro- 
test, or is to become an active participant in the 
rebirth and development of a more humanistic 
society, sensitive to needs of people it serves, 
both on and off campus. 

The common denominator which has made 
possible such astonishing progress in so short a 
time is, I suggest, the ability of various mem- 
bers of the University community to work 
within a framework of trust and mutual respect. 
It hasn't been perfect but, in my judgment, it 
has been so notably different from many 
schools as to constitute a real phenomenon. The 
negotiation which led to open-house residence 
halls is a good example. There was determina- 
tion on both sides. Students were determined to 
introduce a new way of life in which they could 
be accepted as young adults responsible for 
their actions; the administration was determined 
to support patterns of residence hall living 
which would provide a situation consistent with 
academic life, protect the interests of minorities 
of student opinion, and maintain an image of 
student life which reflected accurately the will 
of students to lead responsible lives. 

It is my conviction that it is this ability to de- 
velop relationships of trust and respect which 
make any semblance of human life possible. 
Without it we would wallow in a jungle of sus- 
picion, fear, and anger. The ghastly Indo-China 
War is a prime example of distrust run rampant 
which is tearing our nation apart. Almost daily 
we see that support for it is based upon blind 
defense of false values and an incredible inabil- 
ity to share information and aspirations openly, 
honestly, and without distortion. 

GERRY SCANLON Asst. Dean of Students 

". . . it is hardly appropriate to think of the Class 
of 1971 in terms of epitaphs, epithets perhaps, but 
certainly not epitaphs." 

"1967 freshmen — scared, awed, apprehensive, 
cocky, excited — and the class begins to be 
known — Tabacco, Jackson, Landry, Wilson, Joe 
Pic, and a guy named Marty Shapiro." 

". . . buildings, dust, mud and Anderson's - 
maturation, savvy, conning, hustling, leveling - 
Pascarelli, Silverman, Trageser . . ." 

". . . graduation, it's all over, or is it, not really it's 
only another beginning, another phase — better 
equipped now — older, smarter, cooler — real 
cool - right on "71", right on!" 

1967-1971 — It looks like an exerpt from a gravestone. One expects 
to read an epitaph following it — but it is hardly appropriate to 
think of the Class of 1971 in terms of epitaphs, epithets perhaps, but 
certainly not epitaphs. The Class of '71 has a long way to go before 
it and its members end up as a one-liner on a memorial stone. One 
wonders what's in store for them, and at the same time hopes for 
nothing but the best. 

1967 freshmen — scared, awed, apprehensive, cocky, excited — and 
the class begins to be known — Tobacco, Jackson, Landry, Wilson, 
Joe Pic and a guy named Marty Shapiro. Freshmen curfew and open 
house once a month — the end of an era as the strains of the Victo- 
rian leit motif became fainter and fainter and are finally drowned by 
the tune of a different drummer — student rights, no curfews, 
self-expression, parietals with one foot on the floor at all times as in 
shooting pool, sit-ins, take-overs — Elters, Beharry, Pugh, Palomba — 
buildings, dust, mud and Anderson's, maturation, savvy, conning, 
hustling, leveling — Pascarelli, Silverman, Tregaser — Dean Field, 
Mark Noffsinger, Seymour Shapiro, Doc Gage, Jim West — football, 
basketball. Homecoming, Winter Carnival, S.E.N.D.O.F.F. and Cam- 
pus Chest — Bill Cosby, Joplin, Poco Seco, Glenn Campbell, Johnny 
Carson, 3 Dog Night, Playboy Club, Paul Muriat, Unifies and Fabu- 
lous Faquhar — R.O.T.C., DuPont, Dow and Demonstrations — John 
Lederle and Oz Tippo — term papers, quizzes and finals; guts, sur- 
prises and W.P. or W.F. — crack the books, crack the brain, cram, 
think, probe, analyse, bull, angle, think, think, think — Mike's, the 
Drake, parties — Burke, Patch, O'Conner, Andrews, Flynn, B.P., 
Accamondo — 24 hour open house, coed living, visiting lecturers — 
Wayne Morse, Saltonstall, Galbraith, Humphrey — the march on 
Washington and the Strike — The Campus Center and dust rising 
for the Library and the Fine Arts Building — Perkins, Ellison, 
Woods, Ackerstein, Cullman, Belitsky, Bly, Kravitz — N.I.T. two 
years in a row, D.V.P., Fine Arts Council, the Senate, Area Govern- 
ments — McNutt, Filmore, Davis, Rockford, Orloff, Bowin, Cann — 
Free University, N.E.S., S.D.S., S.W.A.P., A.RO., G.S.S., C.C.E.B.S., 
and the S.U.G. Board — Burrell, Horseman, McCourt, Bonito, Bal- 
lard, Lempart, Moore, Colella, Dorfman — four years gone by — zip, 
all of a sudden it's here — graduation, — it's all over, or is it, — not 
really, it's only another beginning, another step, another phase — 
better equipped now — older, smarter, more tolerant, smoother, 
cooler — real cool — right on "71", right on! 

ROBERT WOOD President Univ. Of Mass. 

". . . the day-to-day operations of the Amherst 
campus, like the Worcester and Boston campuses, 
are the province of the chancellors and the deans 
and the faculties and the students who are there." 

'The President's job, is not so much to direct 
immediate activities as it is to ensure that the 
resources are available for an education of excel- 
lence and that they are used for the right pro- 
grams at the right time." 

"I take the future of the University — that is, its 
public and governmental support, to be relatively 

". . . we have also asked each campus to give top 
priority to responding to those in industry and 
government who want to shift their carriers to 
peace-time teaching and peace-time research," 

The Class of 1971, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the 
Class of 1971, University of Massachusetts at Boston, and the medi- 
cal students at Worcester who enter their second graduate year, are 
the first to graduate under the new University-wide system. The 
Class of 1971 was not immediately affected by this transition, but if 
the University-wide system works as it should, the education of 
classes that follow will be even more responsive to the needs of 
these students and the Commonwealth. In any case, the day-to-day 
operations of the Amherst campus, like the Worcester and Boston 
campuses, are the province of the chancellors and the deans and the 
faculties and the students who are there. 

The President's job, is not so much to direct immediate activities as 
it is to ensure that the resources are available for an education of 
excellence and that they are used for the right programs at the right 
time. In particular, we want to make sure that under the pressure of 
expanding demands for admission and commitments for construc- 
tion, we do not build a large but obsolete University. A design for 
the 1950s will not do in the 1970s 

The lead-time for restructuring education stretches beyond the span 
of a single class. The foundations for the right decisions turn on the 
University calling upon skillful men and women in planning, 
finance, government, business as well as education. They turn as 
well on effective communication and a spirit of talk and trust among 
all parts of the University community. 

That is why last December, the Trustees and I established the Presi- 
dent's Committee on the Future University. I take the future of the 
University — that is, its public and governmental support, to be rela- 
tively secure. I am very concerned that its shape and spirit fit the 
1970's and not be left behind. 

That is also why the Trustees and I established the Institute for 
Governmental Service to help make sure that knowledge generated 
on campus, possibly useful for public affairs, would be absorbed as 
quickly as possible. That is why we have also asked each campus to 
give top priority to responding to those in industry and government 
who want to shift their careers to peace-time teaching and 
peace-time research. 

But no long-range plans or general policies make sense unless those 
charged with the responsibility of University leadership keep in 
close touch with those who trust their future careers to their direc- 
tion. So this year, I have taught in Amherst and in Boston in the 
area that most concerns me professionally — the present crisis of the 
American City and the possibilities for a brighter urban future. I 
have also had the privilege of presiding over the faculty meetings of 
the Medical School at Worcester. 









Some members of the "establish- 
ment" sought to bring about posi- 
tive change by working with the 
students. Participation in raUies, 
seminars, etc., and the creation of 
"open-door" pohcies by profes- 
sors, administrators, and even 
some poUticians demonstrated to 
most students that not all their 
pleas fell on deaf ears. 

Others, like the marine recruiter, 
chose to merely stand their 
ground while under fire from 
"unfriendly forces" (students). 
Whatever their issues on campus 
may have been, the administra- 
tion's reaction had a great deal to do 
with the course of future events. 









^8 Meat 

flC«?fS AT NOOH 






'^.^ J 



The number of social action groups, 
especially those with political moti- 
vation, reached a new high during 
1971, while active student participa- 
tion fell proportionately. Coalitions, 
committees, and associations materi- 
alized overnight and assumed their 
positions in the ranks of tables 
around the S.U. and Campus Cen- 

Generally, there seemed to be two 
courses open to those desiring in- 
volvement; political activism or so- 
cial work. You could struggle 
against oppressive, unresponsive 
elements in our leadership, or try to 
help the underprivileged help them- 
selves. There didn't seem to be 
many alternatives in between the 
divergent approaches. 

On November 19th, Dow Chemical Company made its annual recruiting visit to the UMass campus. The 
Guerilla Theatre, in an attempt to properly welcome the recruiters, staged a mock Dow kidnapping outside of 
the administration building. A cold, light rain deterred a great amount of activity on the part of the demon- 
strators, but the meaning of their presence could not be ignored - it clearly indicated that the interviewers 

were far from wanted in the University area. The recruiters interviewed several people during the morning, 
but had "commitments" during the afternoon. Unfortunately, they missed the production set up for their 
own enjoyment. Maybe they will "catch the show" next year. 

Kevm O'Toole, co-chairman of the MOBE, addresses the marchers at Amherst Commons. 

■" ^^H.|^; 

^^W m * *» » Mitt -'''W'^ ^^2i ^B 

Braving the cold, students 
marched from the Union to gain 
support for an anti-war rally at 
Amherst Commons. The rally was 
called by MOBE in order to pro- 
test the Laotian invasion in Febru- 

Once the group, which included a 
Women's contingent, reached the 
Commons, they listened to 
speeches protesting the war esca- 

At the end of the rally, it was de- 
cided to send a telegram to Presi- 
dent Nixon expressing their oppo- 
sition to his latest escalation of 
the war, and all those present 
were encouraged to sign. 

Student marchers approach the Amherst Commons. 





"Too many people fail to take 
proper advantage of the deferment 
possibilities offered by the SS5. 
There is a tremendous range of 
physical disabilities which could 
gain you an opportunity to not kill 
people in Vietnam." 

"It seems that the new depression 
is putting some pressure on the S55. 
They foresee a problem in being 
able to place Conscientious Ob- 
jectors in alternative service jobs." 

"The worst effect of the draft, of 
course, is on those who go in and 
come back missing limbs or par- 
alyzed, or psychologically destroy- 

The single most important function of Draft Counseling Services is to provide information 
and counseling on the alternatives to the draft to members of the University community. All 
its other functions are supportive of this role. 

DCS maintains a full-time office staffed by a counselor coordinator and trained volunteers. 
This is located in Room 418E on the second floor of the Student Union. There are various 
other drop-in areas on campus which are constantly on call. 

Outreach is achieved through a twice-weekly column in The Collegian called Draft Counselor's 
Corner and written by Gil Salk, the DCS coordinator. An information and literature table is 
set up in the SU at irregular intervals, and the DCS coordinator has been invited to several 
dorms to discuss the draft and alternatives. 

There have been two counselor training programs, and more are planned. To date, a total of 
about 65 people have been trained. Approximately one-third of these are known to be coun- 
seling regularly. At least two more programs are planned for this semester. 

We have counseled about 2000 people since July. About 750 have received extensive coun- 
seling requiring at least one appointment. The rest have received casual counseling either by 
stopping by the table, coming into the office with a specific question, or otherwise consulting 
one of our counselors on campus. The figure does not include the unknown number who read 
Draft Counselor's Corner or get information second-hand. - Gil Salk 

'I can't give my best unless I got Room To Move" (John Mayall) 

"I'm gonna sit down on the land and set n-iy soul free 
(Joni Mitchell) 

And we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden" 

"The above two quotes show the goal that we are working towards, if we really have a goal. We hope that 
someday a place like this will not be necessary and people will be together enough to help each other. Then, 
people will be able to 'feel' and will be able to respond to each other; a desire that is sometimes difficult to 
achieve here because Room to Move is a place and the idea of it is confined to this one room. What is 
necessary is for this idea to exist everywhere naturally." 

i leMies 

Room to Move deals with other problems such as runaways and personal emotional 

Here George Peters from the LSD Rescue Service speaks on his work 
and some of his techniques. 

These are some of the people involved in film production and the "body awareness" techniques. 

In space allocated to them by Free University, members of Women's Liberation, Free University, and some 
parents set up a cooperative child care program. People gave their time one morning or afternoon a week and 
supervised children of members of the group. The space was embellished with painted figures of The Cat in 
the Hat, Winnie-the-Pooh, and the children's own art work. The children had the opportunity to be with 
more children and different adults. 

Student Homophile League 

Organized in the Fall of 1970 the Student Ho- 
mophile League serves the needs of the homosex- 
ual community of the five-college area; under- 
graduates, faculty, and non-students. 

SHL's primary function is to offer a supportive 
atmosphere in which gay people can meet to 
discuss mutual problems, receive legal and 
medical advice, and participate in encounter 
groups, consciousness raising sessions, as well 
as social events. 

Its secondary function is to educate the commu- 
nity about homosexuality as a life style and re- 
fute the myths about gay life. This has been 
done in the past year by rapping with over a 
thousand undergraduates in University classes 
and local organizations. An information center, 
archives and a library on homosexuality are in 
the process of being enlarged and are available 
for use by the entire community. 

The Student Homophile League is working to 
free the person with a homosexual orientation 
from the oppression of the heterosexual society 
and to help realize the revolution within our 
society that will allow every individual to ex- 
press all the facets of his personality and reach 
his full potential as a human being. 

Gay Liberation Front 

Gay Liberation Front was formed as a much 
more politically oriented group by gay people 
having an awareness that their oppression as 
homosexuals is basic to straight society and that 
complete freedom for gays can only result from 
radical change. From its beginnings in December 
the GLF has used the tactics of visibility and 
confrontation to make it difficult for the straight 
university and community to continue to ignore 
the issue of gay oppression. GLF has been con- 
cerned with relating gay liberation to the 
anti-war movement and liberation of other op- 
pressed people and has tried to raise conscious- 
ness among gays and straights alike as to how 
all these issues are interconnected. 

GLF members started the Gay Liberation Center 
in the Student Union to serve as a dispensary 
for information as well as a meeting place. The 
Gay Liberation Festival in May climaxed a very 
active year for people at UMASS. Gay women 
and men came from all over the northeast for a 
weekend of fun, communication, and most of 
all, love. For love is what gay liberation is all 




,E»rrtffi>»G THIS AREA »6S« TO * SfASCW 
Of TMElR PE«tSO«i AS3/5S Vt»Xli if 
0(«£CTEO BT THE *aOV£ CO«t«**»?« 


Veterans for Peace was formed during the 70-71 academic year by UMASS students who had served in the 
armed forces and were opposed to the war in Southeast Asia. The group's two major activities were the march 
on Westover A.F.B. and the march on Washington D.C. 


November 2nd has been designated "Black Solidarity Day" by a national committee of black leaders repre- 
senting a broad spectrum of social, civic, religious, and political organizations active in the black community. 
Black Solidarity Day is conceived as a national day of unity and awareness among black people in the United 
States and is not related to the program or ideology of any single organization. 

The purpose of Black Solidarity Day is both symbolic and practical. The black community needs a day on 
which it can demonstrate its essential unity of purpose, stage programs celebrating its history and culture, and 
undertake serious internal discussions of its priorities and goals. It's a day we can honor our heroes and re- 
member our martyrs. The observance of this day takes place in twenty-one cities in the nation as well as on 
the campuses of predominantly black colleges and universities. 


^%>' % B Mij» 












* ■• V 

* ' 1 












' ^i- 





■tiWIW^^ . ii - f I d ii i i»i> n i iW » l l * l| 






One. Art, shorn of its hype'^ its aura, its image, is one, an 
individual exposing his soul to the realities of others. 
With some, it becomes an obsession, to paint the perfect 
picture or build an island Utopia. Another individual 
uses art to show the world his ecstasy of life and the 
dance he creates communicates the same joy to his audi- 
ence. The arts provide a theatre of solace, where the in- 
dividual retreats to think of the pain and ponder the 
questions that only the fates will resolve. All of the hu- 
man condition is art; all of art is One perceiving One. 

man conainon is art; an or art is i^ne perceiving une. ^imi^i^^^i^^m^^mki,,£J^^^^^^^^mm 





She said that art is an ego trip. This isn't a moral judgement. It's a recognition of the importance of the individual. 


"his evening the Comedy, called. The Country Wife, 
vas acted in Drury Lane, for the benefit of Mrs. Pignell. 
rhe Part which gives nan\e to the Play was performed by 
lerself . Through the whole action she made a very pretty 
•igure, and exactly entered into the Nature of the Part, 
ier husband, in the Drama, is represented to be one of 
hose defauchees who run through the vices of the 
rown, and believe, when they think fit, they can marry 
nd settle at their ease. 



Music, theatre, painting, sculpture, orchestra, composing, modeling, ceramics, writing, reading, seeing, think- 
ing, dreaming, believing, loving. Art. 


For a minute he didn't speak, but his eyes looked up at me with the lights still flickering in them. Then he 
spoke: "Why did he do it to n\e?" 

"Oh, God damn it/' I burst out, very loud, "I don't know." 




Criticism is the guess that takes note of those individuals whose art is consciously or unconsciously 


"I'm insulted/' said an artist, "I'm insulted if my art can only be appreciated through drugs. It shows either a 
failing on my part or a failing of the responding individual." 

It's not so much a matter of fine art as it is a matter of creation. Building a brick wall, seeing it rise block by 
block, the power of building something, anything, of saying, ."I have done this." 

Collars are itchy and tight, and if an individual is thinking 
about how uncomfortable he is, he won't pay attention to the 
performer. Tails and gowns are still seen, but the proper eve- 
ning attire for a concert, a debut, or an opening is now dun- 
garees, a workshirt and boots. 

Blues, Bach, abstraction. The individual 
takes his reflections, churns them up in- 
side, and releases them. The results are 

My mother's salvation came through music. She had a mezzosoprano voice of extraordinary purity of tone; 
and to cultivate it she took lessons from George John Vandaleur Lee, already well estabhshed in Dublin, as 
an orchestral conductor, an organizer of concerts, and a teacher of singing so heterodox and original that he 
depended for his performances on amateurs trained by himself and was detested by his professional rivals, 
whom he disparaged as voice wreckers, as indeed they mostly were. 


The playbills and posters, guttered ticket stubs of spectrum colors, the news clippings chalky and yellow are 
gone by the middle of June. Ignored broadsides remain on the antiseptic walls of remote buildings. 

This thing. Art, destroyed but alive, blasphemed yet worshipped. 



The ghetto is shit. All forgotten people are shit. Not their art, of course. The masters rape the art and call the 
bastard son its own. The mother who suffered, who created the art, cries in vain, "He's mine." 


Roister Doister's 

As long liveth the merry man, they say. 

As doth the sorry man, and longer by a day. 


YOUR OWN THING Operetta Guild 

When you love a girl be very gentle. 



Oh, how gladly I behold thy pasty face, that 
negative and disputatious look! And see there, 
how there blossoms on his lips our national re- 
joinder, "Huh? G'wan!" 




A stroke of absolute genius. First he melted some wax. Then he caught the flea, dipped its tiny feet in the 
melted wax, let it cool, and lo little little Persian bootees. 







Artists move men. Great artists inspire. 




She came back to the dorm every night for the last two weeks 
at 1 am. Utterly exhausted, she bitched about the director, the 
actors, and stage hands. "Never again", she proclaimed. 
But a month after the performance she was back at rehearsal 
Art is addictive. 

Motion. Motion with music, light, and people. 
Motion with meaning. Dance. Beauty. 

As Nature controlled the universe, so did she control the university's celebrative weekends. Seasons and cele- 
brations changed together. The beginning of the academic year brought Frosh-Soph Picnic. As the year mel- 
lowed into fall, Soph-5r. Weekend became a more sombre occasion focusing on the blues of Steve Miller and 
B. B. King. Homecoming arrived with the first chill of winter. Greeted with optimism. Homecoming's dismal 
conclusion proved to be the last of the major Cage concerts. The Cage was condemned and even Peace Parade 
failed to revive it. With winter's barreness, the campus was silenced by the loss of music but rallied with a 
festival; Winter Carni - new, unique, and promising. With Spring, a new hope for free concerts appeared. 










The panel board in the elevator read "12th 
floor — Top of the Campus" — no sooner had its but- 
ton been pushed and we were part of the frivolous, 
Hefnerish world of the notorious Playboy Bunny. 




^^HHH \ nli^wlB^^I 

^^^ ^ 



i^l^^Sk^^JI * 

^^^^IsSKk fr^ '^^^^Hi 




"Bunny Night" at the Campus Center allowed us all to become a part of another man's philosophy of life. 
The view outside provided us with a night-time glimpse of our campus at play or work, while the atmosphere 
inside was one of softly dimmed lights. Palatable delights from the chef's cuisine, and liquid concoctions from 
the convertible bar. Bunny waitresses "peddled their wares" and while the "hands off policy" still held, an 
enjoyable time was had by all. 


The blues of B. B. King was well received by the Cage audience. The re- 
sponse of the crowd confirmed King's ability to share his feelings with oth- 
ers. This timeless appeal manifests him as one of our greatest living per- 



"Dreams" brought their own special kind of music with them, 
adding more good sounds to the evening. During a perfor- 
mance which was predominantly blues, "Dreams" provided a 
welcomed change. 






<. \ 



Many people who had never heard of Steve Miller before that Saturday night, left the Cage with a new 
name to add to their list of favorites. Those who were already fans of Steve Miller, left with a new aware- 
ness of his versatility as a performer. 


Buffy St. Marie, David Frye, "Traffic", "Blues Image", 
"Rare Earth", and Peace Parade — a fantastic billing of 
performers was assembled for the Homecoming 
Weekend. The concert planners attempted to provide 
a full range of entertainment, only to have their plans 
end in disaster. Gate crashers threatened to start a 
stampede and break down doors. To avoid possible 
injury to innocent people, the concert planners and 
administration decided to open the Cage doors early 
and declare a free concert for the second performance 
Saturday night. Although this incident led to the 
indefinite suspension of major concerts on this cam- 
pus, the performers held up well under the stress and 
Homecoming Weekend ended with a good show by 
Peace Parade on Sunday. 


^HH^^ ^M 


^H^^^^^^H / 'jH 


^H^^^^^^^^^H^K' '' '^\fliH 


H^flfHs'' "^'^ Wr 


wKSUSBf jwL 


'^ v,-t '\jHH^w^iHi^^^B 








a'%^* ' "^"^jP^F-^JM 


^HM. cH 

■Bk^i&fl pHMl||^^9|MBflH 























'\ i 



f j 







Like most big-name groups that come to U-Mass., "Traffic" spent a long time tuning their equipment and not 
enough time living up to the expectations of the people that came to hear them. By the time they really got 
rolling with a solid rendition of their hit "John Barleycorn", their performance was nearly over. Those that 
really like "Traffic" probably were satisfied by the closeness of a live performance. 




■K'^« hI^^^^^^HH^^^H^HH^H 





*«««^' iifl^HH^HH^^^H^^B^^^H^^H 

L >1^B 

HHk^' i\ InnHH^^HH^HHi^HHHI^^BI^^H 


^■■^ I^Hh^^^^^^I^bHh^^I 


The show by "Rare Earth" and "Blues Image" was another per- 
formance which was satisfying for those who had a preference 
for the groups, but probably disappointing to those who antici- 
pated something special. 







The tradition of Winter Carnival was carried on in an untraditional manner of the 
far-out freedom of '71. Bottles of booze and a cloud of smoke with the unlikely 
combination of cotton candy, ten cent records, and a greaser sock hop, merged 
into a freaky Winter Carni. It was a student happening from the start. No big 
names to draw a crowd. It was a four day carnival. A peoples' party — and the 
people dug it. 



A few sculptures made the scene for Carni '71. A carrot munching rabbit was scraped together by a few fe- 
male hands while others held the Carni Queen Bowl. Brought to court by a male liberationist, Sandy Clark 
had to be crowned in a private ceremony late one night after Winter Carnival had officially closed. The 
NIT-bound Redmen played their traditional festival game and played as high as their spectators felt. 



The white socks, greasy hair and leather jackets of the 1970's became the cool, hip rags of the Carni sock 
hoppers. While nothing returns in the same form as its original. Little Latin Larry provided the best of the 
early rock tunes for the denimclad, chain-carrying fifties freaks. 


China was brought to the Student Union by the University's Chinese students on Winter Carni Weekend. 
Exhibitions of classical Chinese theatre contrasted sharply with exhibitions of the violent arts of self defense; 
Judo and Karate. Visions of Chop Suey, egg rolls, and Chow Mein were eliminated from the minds of those 
in the audience as a bit of the real China came through. 


The spontaneity of the people was what made Winter Carni the first real carnival for most of the university 
community. The most important part of any carnival is the enjoyment of doing and being involved in your 
own thing. Sitting peacefully with a flower in your lap, grooving on a pair of clackers, pushing posters, read- 
ing tea leaves, concocting a chile delight, or working at whatever art you may know, brought everyone to- 
gether for Carni '71. 


^..aes; ^!'i:-iyM?^ti»^, 

You don't get many chances to get rid of your frustraHons by flipping a friendly pie in someone's friendly face 





%'<«>« «4MlM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 



SPRING CONCERTS southwest area 





■■tip ~i V ^ ' ii'- " ' " '-!-';!£ V iM* .V-: .>*' ^ ''^ 5^ ml ; 


i_v Villi /^'/ 


li' 11 A /ill 



Spring Weekend, a Rock Concert Happening — call it what you will, it was a Mini- Woodstock that got 
almost too large too handle. It was good, bad, wild, freaky, impressive, frightening, and it happened here May 
1 and 2, 1971. 

Big name groups; Seatrain, Brewer and Shipley, Boz Scaggs, Curtis Mayfield, Al Kooper, shared the stages 
with local groups like The Jones and Bloodstone. The audience was made up of high school kids, freaks, revo- 
lutionaries, townies, beeries, and those who happened to be there by accident or out of curiosity. It was a 
mixed bag for the mixed democracy of the New Nation. 

After the big ceremony was completed, most participants seemed happy with it. All that remained was to 
find a place to crash. 










MRS. w. E. B. Dubois 

^ mmmmmm ^ 




^0 or/ 















:^" 3-^ 

\jey\ '- 


u> ovY\\:>Gct" 
































The burgeoning UMass campus is raising many implications concerning emphasis and involvement in sport. 
The size of the university has grown to such an extent that we now have the capability to produce a nation- 
ally competent team in any sport. To produce such teams, however, requires a larger recruiting program and 
better facilities. It seems hardly worthwhile to stand in line at four o'clock for an eight o'clock varsity basket- 
ball game. Considering that most of our teams have by now established a dominance in the Yankee Confer- 
ence, it seems that a good idea is "to pull out now". Obviously, we are now faced with a decision between 
going big-time or remaining the way we are. We could not go big-time with the facilities that we have, so we 
are faced with a financial and philosophical dilemma which is very basic to the existence of the university it- 
self. This dilemma will be decided by the emphasis that the Board of Trustees, or the people in charge of 
such a decision, will place on the importance of sport here. As an alternative to going big-time, we can ex- 
pand the intramural program to emphasize the participation aspect over the spectator aspect, but as yet there 
has not been an inclination in any direction. 

Regardless of the direction we take in sports, it is obvious that we definitely must do something concrete in 
the near future. Even if we don't go big-time, new facilities are in order. In a time when sports are one of the 
few diversions in a sometimes drab existence, we cannot afford to jeopardize the little which still excites and 
inspires us. 

It was the best of times; 
It was the worst of times — 

Opening on September 19th, the UMass football season was to prove to be exhilarating at times and excru- 
ciating at others. The exhilaration more frequently provided by the defense and much of the excruciating pain 
being felt by a determined offense which found its duel with the gridiron quite frustrating throughout the sea- 

After a somewhat spectacular 

1969 season, the 4-5-1 record of 

1970 has to be regarded as a let 
down from a statistical point of 
view. There were lapses when the 
1970 Redmen played like cham- 
pions of old; such as the game 
against Dartmouth College when 
the score was 0-0 through most of 
three quarters, or the tough battle 
that was lost to Boston College 
21-10. Nonetheless, a team with 
such inconsistency loses. 

Coach Fusia gives Mike Marchev some advice. 


Ill 111 

l' {If I 

I ' I 


I II' 


I iirilili i II 

iii ii I 

' mr 

'• , war:. .^ 

*\ *■*' 

Vic Fusia was head coach of the 
UMass football team for ten 
years: from 1960-1970. During 
this time his teams won 59 games, 
lost 31, and tied 2. He only 
coached two losing seasons; in '68 
and '70. The '70 season was one 
of those years when the ball 
bounced the wrong way, and the 
big play continually missed by an 
inch or two. This has to be con- 
sidered untrue of the great Fusia 


Soccer blossomed in popularity and significance on campus during 
the 1970-71 academic year. It was an exciting blend of natural talent 
and basic desire which brought the UMass soccer team from its 
annual doldrum of mediocrity to a pinnacle of success. An overall 
record of 7-2-2, which included a 3-0-2 Yankee Conference slate, 
was good enough to win the Yan-Con and finish fourth in New Eng- 



- 5 

Maine — 


UMass - 

- 5 

Tufts - 



- 3 

Boston College — 

UMass - 

- 2 

Wore. Tech. — 




- 5 

UConn — 


UMass - 

- 1 

Vermont — 




- 2 

Trinity — 

UMass - 


Springfield — 





Rhode Island — 

UMass - 5 

Coast Guard 

UMass - 
- 1 

- 4 

U. N. H. - 

Lindo Alves leads Tony Nunziante, Joe Cerniawski, and Dave Ouellette down the field. 

Coach Peter Broaca's hooters were quick to strike and slow to yield. Scoring honors were awarded to Lindo 
Alves (10 goals — 7 assists), Duane Brown (7 goals — 3 assists), and Marc Cantor (5 assists). Meanwhile, 
stalwart on defense were Rick Matusczcak, Bill Leary, and Dave Ouellette. Needless to say, the fine perfor- 
mances turned in by the members of the soccer team created quite a fan following, the highlight of which 
was the Springfield College match when an estimated 3,000 fans attended. 


Joe Cerniawski, Tony Nunziante, and Abdu Thraya. 

Paul Slack (1) and Rick Matusczcak (R) move in on goal. 

Undo Alves (L) steals from his opponent. 


Coach Broaca shepherds his boys. 

Joe Cerniawski (L) controls the ball while Tony Nunziante (R) starts down the field. 

Undo Alves shoots while Tony Nunziante (behind) and Paul Slack (far left) look on. 


Coach Ken O'Brien's Harriers posted one of the most successful cross country seasons ever at UMass. Pacesetter 
on the team was outstanding senior Ron Wayne who won nine out of nine races in New England, captured his 
second Yankee Conference Championship, and won the New England title, on way to helping the Harriers to a 
7-2-1 year. 

Larry Paulson, Doug O'Connell, Tom Swain, and Leo Duart coming to finish. 


The university's athletic field lights burned long into the fall and early winter night as fall intramurals again 

proved to be a large and popular program. 

The Pied Pipers of Hamlin House (pictured above) took the football championship and received an invitation 

to a "Touch Football World Series" where they finished fourth. 

The annual intramural tug-of-war (opposite page) drew the same fierce competition that it does every year. 





^^m wSt^ ' ' .^^^^^^^^^^^H 

^^^^^^Vt' Jf, ^^^H^^^^^^^H 



Under the direction of Ted Schmitt and Peter Graham the intramural program continued to be one of 
the most comprehensive activities on campus. It also was one of the few activities which drew 
enthusiastic student participation. 



^W ^ 


^4 %... ^,-:^^M 

Led by outstanding performances by Jerry Curran and Chuck Walker, Coach MacConnell's skiers compiled 
UMass' first undefeated season in the Osbourne division, and went on to win the New England Champion- 
ship at Wildcat and Cranmore in New Hampshire. The graduation of co-captains John Gray and Jim Latimer, 
along with Walker, Curran, and Ted Martin will mean a loss to the UMass Ski Team of five of the most capa- 
ble senior skiers in New England. 


ff - // 

Ted Martin (Varsity) 

Jim Latimer (Varsity) 

I Z 



As a culmination to coach Homer Barr's three year plan to develop the team, the 1971 wrestlers finished with 
a 15-3-1 dual meet record, and snatched the New England Championship from the Springfield College Chiefs 
for the first time in many years. Sheldon Goldberg contributed another outstanding season, giving himself two 
New England Championships in as many varsity seasons. Ed Carlsson, Phil Davis, Carl Dambman, George 
Zguris, and Clay Jesyer also had excellent years. 

Clay Jester (UMass) struggles beneath Steve Gaydosh of Springfield. 




• ^^^1 



M ml 



The 1970-71 Umass Basketball season . . . what can anyone say now? It had 20,000 people following 15 
players, three coaches, a trainer, a manager, to places like Burlington, Worcester, and New York. It gave 
a blase campus the opportunity to get excited. It gave the same campus the opportunity to cry a little 
when it was all over. 

It was a great team. The record shows 23 wins and 4 losses, a school record. The record shows an 
undefeated Yankee Conference mark, the championship of the first Springfield Hall of Fame Tournament, 
mention in national polls, wins over Boston College, Syracuse, Holy Cross, and George Washington. A 
second consecutive National Invitational Tournament berth. 

Dribbling are John (Bingo) Betancourt (top left), Tom 
McGlaughlin (bottom left), and Bill Greeley (above). 






to m i|pi 

■ ; ~' ., vp' f 







And there were the players. People like John Betancourt, who always seemed to save his best game for 
the most important times. People like Ken Mathias, who was overpowering in the tournament and a 
tower of strength against B.C. when the team never needed it more. There was Mike Pagliara, who saved 
the season from early oblivion in Burlington, Vermont, with a clutch overtime, and who was always the 
steady floor general. There was Chris Coffin, who always was the first player on the floor in any scramble 
and who was immense against the taller fioly Cross Crusaders. 

There was Tom McGlaughlin, who came to the team in mid-season and in his first game, forced into the 
starting lineup because of team illness, came up with a big 14 points against tough Northeastern. There 
was Rick Vogely, who was at his sharpshooting best in the Springfield tournament. There were the senior 
guards Bill Greeley and Bob Dempsey, who always seemed to come with something in the clutch when 
they were needed. There was all the rest. 


Rick Vogeley (above right) shows his fade-away jump shot, JuUus Erving 
warms up (bottom right), and another boisterous crowd at the Cage comes 
to its feet. 

And then there was a guy named Erving. He'll be in the American Basketball Association next year, 
although he had one more year of college eligibility. But he was the focus of three years of basketball 
excellence. It's not enough to say he broke virtually every school record in two varsity seasons or that 
he was the school's first basketball Ail-American. He was the kind of player that got out of a sick bed 
in the Springfield Tournament to score over thirty points, and the next night break his school rebound 
record. He was the kind of player who played on a broken toe, that no one knew about, against two of 
the finest teams anywhere. Providence and Fordham, and nearly pulled both games out. 

But when the season was over, all the memories seemed bad. There was the rout in the N.I.T. as every- 
thing that could go wrong in a basketball game went wrong for the Redmen. Then there was Julius' 
signing. Then Coach Jack Leaman's invaluable assistant Peter Broaca left to take a head coaching job. 

Bob Dempsey drives around a Northeastern defender. 

All that can't cancel what this team did and what Julius did. And if there is one memory to keep from 
the season, it might be the win over Syracuse, an emotional last home game, when Julius had 36 points, 
32 rebounds, blocked shots, and led a superb team performance to its biggest win. 

Or just remember a team that gave us an awful lot of excitement when we probably needed it the most. 

Floor general Mike Pagliara (top left) goes to work. Jack Leaman (bottom left) gives a pep talk, while 
Chris Coffin (24), Ken Mathias, and Julius Erving move in for a rebound against Connecticut. 

The best game of the season for the Redmen . . . Umass over Syracuse 

Julius Erving shoots over Syracuse center Bill Smith. 

Jubilant fans cut down the winning net. 

John Betancourt pops another one of his clutch shots. 

Rick Vogeley passes to John Betancourt. 

Ken Mathias with a pass. 

NIT ... NIT ... NIT ... NIT ... NIT .. . NIT ... NIT ... NIT ... NIT .. . NIT!! 

John Betancourt shows his process of defense. 

Mike Pagliara setting up the offense. 


Lee Dedmon of North Carolina and Julius Erving of UMass get the 
NIT underway with the opening center jump, while later in the game 
Jack Leaman's pose tells the story, as Julius has fouled out of the game 
to join his teammates on the bench. 


Ken Mathias Defends (top left), Tom Austin pulls down a rebound (top right), Ricky Vogeley passes in-bound (left), and Coach Leaman watches his troops in 
pre-NlT warm-up (above). 

In only two varsity seasons Julius 
Erving set new UMass career rec- 
ords in scoring with 1370 points 
and rebounding with 1049. To say 
that the two most successful 
UMass basketball seasons ever 
were the sole result of Mr. Erv- 
ing's performance would be an 
understatement. Although Julius 
was joined on the court by a tal- 
ented group of individuals, his 
teammate's talents only served to 
compliment and accent his own. 
From his first regular season var- 
sity game to the early exit he 
made in the NIT loss against 
North Carolina, the announce- 
ment of Julius Erving into the 
UMass lineup drew an electri- 
fying response from the home- 
crowd fans as well as a great deal 
of dissenting cheers from the fans 
of those he opposed. Somehow it 
seemed that seeing the big man 
make the great play was worth 
standing in line at the Cage at 
4:00 for the 8:00 varsity game. 
The day the Collegian ran the 
headline "Erving Signs ABA Pact" 
the UMass basketball program 
died a little. However, it would be 
selfish for us to expect Julius to 
remain at UMass when such a 
lucrative alternative presented it- 

1970-71 Basketball 


St. Anselm's 






Rhode Island 



New Hampshire 















St. Michael's 






Boston U. 












Holy Cross 









Boston College 









Rhode Island 









Geo. Washington 



New Hampshire 






No. Carolina 



Whether it was a face-off or a power play closing in on the goal 
the UMass hockey team displayed a near professional zest which 
made this season an outstanding one. 

As was the case with so many varsity teams during the 1970-71 season. Hockey rose to prominence as a 
sport on campus. The Umass hockey team set a new season record in wins with a 12-4-1 record (14-6-1 
overall), and a new team seasonal scoring record with 129 goals, 188 assists, and a total 317 points. Fore- 
most among the scorers was sophomore Pat Keenan who had 28 goals and 28 assists for a new individual 
scoring record. In spite of the fact that coach Canniff's pucksters lost their Division I play-off against 
Vermont by a mere 2-1 margin, it was a season of optimism. Junior goalie P. J. Flaherty, who turned in 
many fine performances over the course of the season, will be returning next year, along with Bob Bar- 
tholomew, Brian Sullivan, Dennis Grabowski, Mike Waldron, Al Nickerson, Eric Scrafield Jack Edwards, 
and Dan Reidy. Sophomores who will be returning are Pat Keenan, Don Reily, Bob Shea, Don Lowe, Bob 
Shilalie, and Lonnie Avery. The only two players who will be lost to graduation are Paul Riley and Fran 


UM ■ 



., 6 



































^ 10 



1970-71 Hockey : 

Lo^vell Tech 

Penn -4 

Vermont 2 

Wiliiams ' 3 

Middlebiiry 2 

A.iX. ■ ^ " 5 



Merrimack 2 

Bowdoin 2 

XrOT-eM"'' 2 

BoeU>n btcte 2 

Providence S 

Northeastern 5 
New Hampshire 10 

Hamilton 3 

Holy Cross 

Merrimack I 


:vi=- v'3& 




In a year when there was surprising excellence in so many other 
varsity squads, the excellence of the UMass lacrosse team was no 
surprise. En route to winning the Taylor Division Title the Red- 
men compiled a 10-2 record, resulting in a final rank of third in 
New England and thirteenth in the nation. The excellence of the 
1970-71 lacrosse team is not considered a surprise, of course, in 
light of coach Garber's consistently excellent teams of the past. 
For the past four years his teams have compiled a 37-4 record, and 
overall the "Guerrillas" are 120-59-2. 

Outstanding on defense in the 1971 season were goalie Bruce 
Crawford, and defensemen Al Ruggiano and Joe Smith. Outstand- 
ing on offense were Charlie Hardy with 10 goals and 51 assists, 
Paul Ritch with 33 goals and 10 assists, John Nagle 28-2, Lou Mar- 
inacci 7-12, and Phil Sheridan 15-3. Phil Sheridan was voted the 
Team's most valuable player, and Lou Marinacci was elected for 
the annual North-South All Star Game. 

1971 Lacrosse 

Middlebury 5 

■:i3%j»^ «**v-; v;> '-"."•,, '^-t Tufts ] 

^^B?-' ^M ' "^^ ' Wesleyan ■■ . 2 

Adelphi 9 

Farieigh .Dickinson , , 7 

UComi '■ ■■■' ■ ^ 4 

, A.mherst ■ 7. 

■; ,-: New Hampshire ... ':, 3 

Holy Cross [ 

,MIT ^ "7 

■■ ;,; :Harvai-d; ■■■',•: '•■ ■ ■•■' • ■.,'7;'. 

Brown ' ■ ' Q 




. 24 

UM' ' 


UM . 


UM ■ 


UM ■ 



. 12 


; :12 

UM- ; 









Whether softball, soccer, or horseshoes was your thing, when the 
athletic field lights were turned on for the spring intramurals many 
students were turned on as well. With the coming of warmer 
weather any excuse for a break from study was welcome, and be- 
sides, it was fun. 

. rpij. ■■-, .•;"a*-«i«::a>ii 


■"-'*" •..■^.- 

The 1971 Umass baseball team was one of the youngest and finest that this school has produced in recent 
years. Their 21-10 (12-3 Yan-Con) record says it all. They won the Yankee Conference outright and earned 
the right to an NCAA divisional play-off series with Harvard, only to lose by scores of 2-1 and 4-2. Outstand- 
ing seasons were turned in by Charlie Manley (.382, 5 doubles, 8 triples, and 27 stolen bases), Mark Palau 
.330, Dan Esposito (.324, 6 home runs, 30 rbi's), Ed McMahon .321, Jack Conroy .313, Tom McDermott .311, 
and just about everyone else on the roster. If their hitting, fielding, and running weren't enough, a veritable 
bevy of strong armed young pitchers including sophomore lefty Tom White (5-2, 4 saves, 2.19 ERA), Junior 
lefty Tom King (5-1, 1.80 ERA) and freshman righty Chip Baye (2-2, 2.10 ERA) were on hand to stifle the 

JO"I u d I fc 

hi t. M \1 
V\ il- 
\ r ini I 

1. I 


' UM 











Boston U 





Hol\ Cross 



Boston Col'ect 






^ - <^ 

The 1971 spring track season came to a climax with the 24th annual Yankee Conference Championship Track 
and Field Meet, which was won by a great UMass team effort. The team finished sixth in only one event: the 
pole vault. Ron Wayne ended a great running career at UMass by finishing third in the two mile run and first 
in the one mile event. Ron Harris and Tony Pendleton, took the first two positions in the 100 yard dash, and 
Ed Arcaro won the shot put while finishing second in the discus throw. 



Margie Combs (left), and senior Captain Linda Seikunas (above) perform during a 
meet between Springfield College, UMass, and Towson State. 

The women varsity gymnasts posted a 6-2 record for the 1971 season, finishing second in the east behind 
Springfield College. Stand-out performances in the tri-team meet between Springfield College (1), UMass (2), 
and Towson State (3) were given by senior captain Linda Seikunas and Anne Burmeister who finished fourth 
in the country in floor exercise. 


Opposite page, left, is Margie Combs. 
Opposite page, right, is Judy Cordozo. 
While pictured here is Anne Burmeister, 
fourth in the United States in floor exercise. 



Gretchen Witman, homerun hitter, at bat. 

•'CMfflf'^ -^t 

Seated on the bench are Vicki Pogel, Jane Marsalais, Asst. coach Valerie Knowles, Linda Sniezek, Coach Kathy Clark, and Janice Morin. Judy Prescott makes the 
play at second (bottom), while asst. coach Valerie lOiowles shouts encouragement. 

The highlight of the 1971 girl's softball season, which featured a 5-2 record, was the defeat of Springfield Col- 
lege for the first time ever. It was during this game that Gretchen Witman, pictured on the opposite page, hit 
the solo homerun of the season. 


Above, Beth Fay (25), Alice Cool (22), and 
Joanne McGowan (13) are set for a jump. Right, 
Lois Campanella (7) goes up for a rebound. 

Joyce Knappe (7), Cindy Richards (23), and Sue Chapman (20) watch Dolly Lambdin (21) fight tor the ball 




Organizations at the University 
suffered during 1970. With the 
advent of the "new student" — 
socially involved, but not to the 
point of inconvenience — there 
was a drop in participation. It was 
as if the students were sacrificing 
their abilities to create and organ- 
ize to the overworked premise 
that they should reject anything 
resembling a bureaucracy. Apathy 
was rampant. 

At the same time, some students 
expressed their dissatisfaction 
with the student leaders who were 
running things. It was difficult for 
these leaders to remedy the situa- 
tion when those who complained 
were too exhausted from bitching 
to expound their complaints. 

The times they were a changin'. 

























Rich Verrochi, Treasurer Pat Beharry, V.P. 

Under the leadership of President Glenn Elters, Vice President Pat Beharry, and Treasurer Rick Verrochi, the 
Student Senate acted as the "official" voice of the student body last year, and found itself at times at war with 
the students it claimed to represent. 

The biggest issue for the Senate last year was its decision to pay its own officers — a decision which, it 
argued, was in line with the policy of paying officers of other major student activities, such as the Collegian. 
Several disgruntled senators, however, forced a student-wide referendum on the pay issue, and the student 
body reversed the Senate's decision, thereby stripping the Senate officers of their pay. 

In a long overdue gesture, the Student Senate hired 
an exclusive "Attorney for Students" for 1970-71. 
Richard M. Howland, a graduate of the Columbia 
School of Law, was given the job, and found it to be 
of quite a variegated nature. 

Students consulted with Mr. Howland on virtually 
every problem — real, imagined, or anticipated. 
From criminal matters to motor vehicle accidents, 
from divorces to landlord-tenant problems, from 
consumer-complaint cases to wills — A wide spec- 
trum of students and their problems paraded 
through Mr. Howland's office constantly. 

The aspect of this service which sparked many stu- 
dents into consultation was the fact that it was done 
without charge. Because of the large number of stu- 
dents involved, however, Mr. Howland could not 
represent any individuals in court. Instead, he re- 
ferred them to competent local lawyers. 

The fact that the students finally had their own law- 
yer resulted in the saving of a lot of money and a lot 
of reputations. In a society where the law is King, 
the students found someone who could reason with 
it on its own terms. 

Richard Howland, Attorney for Students 

In his role as Senate President, Glenn Elters also served as a University Trustee last year, providing the Board 
with immediate access to student opinion, and giving the student body at least one small voice on the Board. 
As the year drew to a close, the Senate was working on a proposal which would unite the tri-Senate Univer- 
sity government (Student, Faculty, and Graduate senates) into a University wide senate. This new governance 
proposal, if enacted, would unite all decision making procedures on campus, provide for better representation 
of all campus groups, and form a united power base from which to approach the Board of Trustees. 


Glenn Elters, Senate President 

So the Student Senate, often called self-righteous, often resented as a group of elitists, often charged with 
being out of touch with the students it represents, the Senate, much maligned and not infrequently laughed 
at, ended the year planning to sacrifice its very existence for its belief in a University-wide Senate and a better 
campus governance system. 

L ... 



p- ^m^^ '/ wall , 


The cheerleaders once again provided a spark for enthusiasm at the football and basketball games. In 1971 
they built a more sophisticated squad, and initiated new dance routines to occupy the fans during half time 
and time outs. 

Although the cheerleaders did not summon up as much spirit as they once did, they continued to put every- 
thing into their performances. 



The UMass Marching Bands once again provided the half-time entertainment during the 1970-71 football 
games. Their rousing renditions of popular songs, however, did not help in rousing the spirits of the fans. The 
band was merely accepted, rather than eagerly anticipated. This was not the fault of the band, itself. The 
audience seemed to have outgrown the tradition of listening to music and watching choreographed drummers 
marching around during half time. 


The University Chorale, under the direction of Dr. Richard du 
Bois, provided experienced singers with an outlet for their tal- 
ents in the performance of high quality choral literature. 
During 1970, aside from numerous concerts in the Five-College 
area, the Chorale undertook a three week singing tour of Eu- 
rope. In the spring of 1971, they made a week long tour of the 
Midwestern United States. 

In all of its concerts, the Chorale proved their reputation as one 
of the finest choral ensembles in New England. 




During 1971, the University Orchestra continued in its tradition 
of providing the University area with stimulating renditions of 
the classics of musical history. Under the direction of Ronald 
Steele, the Orchestra proved itself capable of competing with 
orchestras of much larger institutions. 

^£ShM^^^^ ? ^.>~ ;• 

Yahoo, the UMass humor magazine, once again shook the world. PubHshing three times during 1971, the 
magazine met with a general nod of approval both by the students and the administration. For the first time, 
Yahoo used a two-color process, thereby adding a little more life to the satirical copy. 

The State Legislature was not heard from during the year, but the past Yahoo-Legislature conflicts remained 
fresh in the memories of the seniors. 

Dave Stevens, Consultant-at-large 

Jack Koch, Editor 

Al Jagoda 

Shelley Karp, Art Editor 



The COLLEGIAN, New Englands largest daily college newspaper, continued to provide excellent 
service to the University community. 

The staff wasn't exactly Pulitzer Prize material, but everyone did his best, and the result was a six- 
teen page rag made to be read over breakfast, over that 9:05 German class, or during those little 
breaks in the afternoon. 

If you were after cartoons, there was B.C., PEANUTS, and THE WIZARD OF ID. If it was crossword 
puzzles that turned you on, you could try to decipher the daily square on the second to the last page 
(What's a six-letter word for "extinct woodchuck"?). Your future was amazingly predetermined by 
the Daily Personal Horoscope. If you wanted to complain or to praise, the Letters to the Editor page 
was available to you. 

Filling up all the other blank spaces was something called "news". National and International news 
was provided by Associated Press. Local and University news was provided by the news staff. It was 
an experience to be a staff member. Whether it was a Student Senate meeting or the Southwest 
bomb scares, the coverage was exciting. 

The Collegian Staff, for all its informality behind the scenes, produced an excellent product over the 
course of the year. 

Rich Hanson, Editor-in-Chief Dave Williams, Managing Editor 

Al Oickle, Managing Editor of the GREENFIELD RECORDER, played an important but relatively 
unheralded part in the daily production of the COLLEGIAN. As Publications Advisor, Oickle was 
responsible for adding that professional touch to the COLLEGIAN. Whether it was in the weekly 
staff rap sessions, or working individually with staff members, he pointed out the deficiencies in arti- 
cles and tried to explain more desirable alternatives. Changing a word, switching a sentence, his help 
did not seem to be of immediately great magnitude, but without it the COLLEGIAN would not have 
been quite so readable or entertaining. 



Steve Schmidt, Photo Editor Anne Stadnicki, News Editor 

Earle Barroll, Sports Editor Robert Nesti, Fine Arts Editor 

f Wlif'ff' """' "'"' """ """"" 


John Mullen, Business Mgr. Kathy Edmund, Secretary 


SPECTRUM, the undergraduate literary magazine had the most successful year of its relatively short existence 
in 1970-71. The February 1971 issue won the much coveted Printing Industry of America's North American 
Graphic Arts Award for graphic excellence in the highly competitive one- and four-color category. It is rare 
for a collegiate publication to win this award, since it is basically a competition for professional designers and 
advertising agencies. 

Roger Bacon 

Suzanne Belanger Ron Slate 

Peter Siegel 

Articles from the magazine also appeared in such publications as CHELSEA, THE TRANSATLANTIC RE- 
VIEW, and THE NATIONAL LAMPOON, along with a Harper and Row anthology of fine young writers. 
It was, in all, a very gratifying year for the SPECTRUM staff, and the SPECTRUM audience. 


WMUA, at 91.1 FM, provided the students 
with a diverse program of music, news and 
discussion. If you wanted Led Zeppelin, the 
Supremes, or Firesign Theater, WMUA was 
the station to Usten to. They also took cuts 
from obscure albums which were never 
heard from before and, most often, would 
never be heard from again. WMUA was run 
by students, and as a result it lacked that 
professional polish found in most radio 
broadcasts. That was fortunate. 



INDEX 1971 

Thomas O. Leavitt, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Brecher, Managing Editor 

George Williams, Consulting Editor 


Index photographers help the band warm the bench. 

Alan Marcus, Business Manager Valerie Semensi, Senior Editor 

The 1971 INDEX, while it ran into 
such problems as a lack of sufficient 
student involvement and academic 
conflicts, managed to turn out this 
MAGNIFICENT volume. Whether 
you were a photographer or a layout 
artist, an editor or a copy writer, 
there was a kind of rapport between 
everyone. There were a lot of en- 
joyable moments along the path to 
our final printing deadline. 

Special thanks to: 

Steven Schmidt 

R.S.O. Staff 

Gilbert Fullerton 
Layout Staff: 

Gail Taylor 

Beth Hoffman 

Roger Reid, Co-Photo Editor 

John Goldsmith, Co-Photo Editor 

Jeff Shelkey, Asst. Photo Editor 

Charlie Minott, Asst. Photo Editor 

Mack Lee 

Art Lash 

George Williams 

Harriet Lipnick 

Larry Gold 

George Bernier 

John Goldsmith; Co-Photo Editor 


Anita Karcz, Co-Editor University Section 

Michael Wasilauski, Sports Editor; Walt Sobzak, Organizations Editor 

Karin Ruckhaus, Production Manager 

Yearbook Rep. Don Lendry, and Editor Tom Leavitt, go over pages. 

Dario Politella, Advisor. 

Priscilla Perkins, Co-Editor University Section. 

Don Lendry applies final check to pages. 

Walt Sobzak, 1972 Index Editor-in-Chief, confers with Don. 


The Student Senate set the budget for all of the 
Recognized Student Organizations, but it was 
the administrative staff of the R.S.O. office that 
saw that all the bills were paid and that all ac- 
counts were correct. 

Not many undergrads are aware that the R.S.O. 
office exists, let alone the significance of its vital 
functions. Performing the thankless busy work 
without which the whole student activities pro- 
gram would probably collapse, the people of 
the R.S.O. office have done, and continue to do 
a commendable job. 

Mrs. Edna Zucker, Secretary 
Miss Judy Diemond, Secretary 

Mrs. Betsy Chmura, Secretary 

Artnand Demers, Business Manager 


APO, — the national nien's service fraterni- 
ty, and GSS — the national women's soror- 
ity sponsored diverse functions during 
1970-71. Among Apo's activities were the 
annual Las Vegas Nite, and participation in 
the Amherst Fair. Along with this, the 
brothers of Apo donated their time to play 
basketball at the Bechertown State School, 
and to be "foster big brothers" for orphans 
being prepared for adoption. 

GSS, too, provided their services in social 
functions. These included working on the 
Bloodmobile, sponsoring the book ex- 
change and ushering at University Theatre 

It was a relief to know that social action 
wasn't limited to such groups as Mobe and 


Maroon Keys, the Sophomore Men's Honor Society, continued in its tradition of giving aid to the incoming 
freshman class during 1970-71. Working closely with the Scrolls, the Keys sponsored the Freshman Queen 
Contest and the 11th Hour Lecture Series. They also assisted in Freshman Orientation, Convocation, and Reg- 



The Scrolls, the Sophomore Women's Honor Society, in addition to co-sponsoring the Freshman Dance with 
the Maroon Keys, also had a very successful penny candy sale. They ushered for the DVP lectures and held 
two Whist tournies. 

Together, the Maroon Keys and the Scrolls reached out a hand for the lost freshmen to grasp in the first few 
months of their college experience. 


As the University's synchronized swimming 
group. Naiads Aquatic Art Group aimed for the 
development of specific themes through creative 
aquatic movement. 

In 1971 Naiads presented their annual show of 
water acrobatics. In addition to this, they also trav- 
elled to the Convention of the Association of 
Synchronized Swimming for College Women and 
to the lAAA Eastern Symposium. 

All in all, they made a pretty big splash. 


Precissionettes, the women's drill team at the 
University, were most appreciated for their rou- 
tines during half-time at the football games. Their 
male counterpart, the Flying Redmen, were forced 
to terminate their activities on campus, due to the 
ban placed upon firearms by the Board of Trustees. 

The Student Senate, in drawing up the 1971-72 
SATF budget, refused to finance the Precissi- 
onettes, thereby casting a heavy shadow over their 


ARCON, the honorary men's guide service, provided campus tours for understandably confused freshmen, 
and many other visiting groups over the course of the year. The ever increasing size of the University was 
brought to terms by the ARCON's for the lost visitors. 



With the opening of the new Murray D. 
Lincoln Campus Center, the Board grew in 
scope as well as in name: Student 
Union/Campus Center Governing Board. 
The Board insured that the S.U./C.C. 
Complex was responsive to the needs of 
the University community by providing 
appropriate facilities, activities and services. 
The Board consisted of undergraduates, 
graduates students, Stockbridge students, 
faculty and alumni, with guidance from the 
staff of the complex. 


University Activities Night, a new name for Student Leaders Night, seemed to be the same product in a 
different package. Class officers. Student Senate officers, publications editors, organization heads, droned on 
. . . justifying their actions, inactions, and even their existence during the past year. The high point of the 
evening was the presentation of the Metawampe Award to Professor Lawrence Johnson. 

People who give outstanding service to the University community should receive acknowledgement from their 
peers. The points in question are: Who are the best people to make the selections, and what criteria should be 
used. The concept is sound, but the actual event has left something to be desired. 


The 1971 Metwampe Award recipient cho- 
sen by students for outstanding service to 
the University community, was Prof. Law- 
rence Johnson, Asst. Dean of the School of 
Business. Professor Johnson was chosen 
because of his selfless contributions to the 
CCEBS program, outstanding performance 
as an eductor, and service to the university 
in general. 







William Field; Dean of Students 

Thomas O. Leavitt 


Ken Horseman Ed Dempsey 

John Long 



David Poisson Norman Patch 

Gerry Burke 

The scene is a dorm room decorated in the relevant, colorful 
$2.00 posters found in the Bookstore. The room is filled 
with a blue haze, and Zappa is destroying the Woofers 
and Tweeters in the background. Enter: The Students, 
wearing their bell-bottomed jeans which have been careful- 
ly washed several times before use (to give that Freaky, 
worn-out-been-through-a-hell-of-a-lot-believe-me Look). 
Their tie-dye shirts display an originality not often 
found in todays habillements (Wouldn't that automatic 
tie-dye machine over in Tokyo be proud!) 

The first Student speaks through his beard: 

". . . Yeah, that's cool. Far out! Well . . ." (carefully 
portraying the role of Stoned Student Who Is With It that 
he has so carefully practiced)," . . . anyways, ma-a-an, watcha 
wanna do today ?" 

The second Student ponders for a well-timed moment. 
Rubs his stubble. 

"There's a Student Senate meeting we . . ." 

"What's a Student Senate"? 

"Nevermind. There's a recruitment meeting for the Collegian 

"What's a Collegian"? 

"It's that paper we spread on the floor for the cat". 

"Who'd wanna work for something like that"? 

"Well, we could always . . ." 

"Let's get stoned". 



"Then we can go see that play at Bartlett". 


"Or pick up a coupla chicks". 


"Wow!" (holding his breath) "What a rush"! 

"Hey, let's not go anywhere. It's too much of a hassle." 


It's Cool. It's Sad. 







r i 





























, fi, .^- .. 'fe». 







What can you say about a commencement cere- 
mony held in the rain? It wasn't very stirring 
except perhaps to the proud parents of the grad- 

It was anticlimactic, especially to the current 
breed of college graduates, who are more aware 
of the harsh realities of the world beyond the 
campus than were their predecessors. 
Senator Brooke, to his credit, was aware of this 
and made no atempt at rousing rhetoric in his 
keynote address. Instead, he offered a method 
for improving communications between people 
which would hopefully alleviate some of our 
nation's problems. His message, a variation of 
Love Story's central theme, was "love is being 
able to say you are sorry." 

As the rain continued and the ceremony ground 
toward its conclusion, a democratic voice vote 
was taken in favor of a shortened degree con- 
ferring ritual. President Wood conferred "the 
appropriate degrees from the appropriate de- 
partments on the appropriate graduates," and 
everyone went home. 



. . . you have seen too much to be persuaded as easily as my generation was that the world is wait- 
ing to welcome you. — that your dreams all will come true, that your idealism will be rewarded. 

To say such things in the spring of your senior year, would mock the memories of your freshmen spring 
— scarred as it was by gunshots in Memphis and Los Angeles and by rioting in the Nation's ghettoes. 
It would deny the experience of your sophomore year — when turmoil raged on so many of our cam- 
puses. And it would ignore what you learned in your Junior year — the year of Kent State and Jack- 
son State and Cambodia. 

But while this may not be a time for sweeping, confident rhetoric, neither is it a time for stopping the 
world or for trying to get off. What this is, as I see it, is a time for going on. 
What prevents us from coming together, is our own self-containment, our sense of pride of being right. 

Whether we are talking about individuals, about social and political groups, or about nations them- 
selves, the unreadiness to say: 7 am wrong. I'm sorry,' underlies many of our most difficult problems. 
— Senator Edward Brooke. 







'W^^W\ E^^' 

Joseph P. Abate Richard A. Abraham Jane E. Abrams Edward A. Accomando Joseph S. Ackerstein Chester S. Adamczyk 

WilUam M. Adamczyk John Q. Adams Mildred F. Adams 

Priscilla K. Adams Theodore D. Adams 

Geralyn E. Adie 

Paula M. Adie Albert A. Agresti 

Sheila M. Ahearn Sharon E. Ahonen William B. Aitkenhead, III Karen E. Akeroyd 

Brenda J. Alakel Patricia A. Albert 

John D. Alberti Peter R. Albrecht Mary 8. Alen Souren Alexanian 

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Helen Allen William E. Amanti Tullio Amicone 


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£\ ; 



^K - y,^B 



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^P ^A 

i: i 

■^ //. 


David E. Craig David L. Cravedi Margot E. Crawford Joseph C Cremone Mary R. Croce Andrea N. Cromie 

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Wr nil 

i^t .^ ' t'.HlH 


H^ ^, "] 






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Edward Martin 


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Patricia A. McNeil Helene R. McNerney Joel E. McPhee 

Linda J. McShane Susan M. McSweeney William H. Medeiros 

Martha Medill Mary Ellen L. Meeker William C. Meixner Robert L. Melchiorri Jeanne A. Mele Deborah D. Melnick 

Leo S. Melnicki Samuel A. Melnik, Jr. George P. Mendes Robert A. Mcndes Beverly Menovich Linda M. Mercadante 

Bernadette S. Mercier Stephen H. Merlin Deborah A. Merriam Robert C Merrill Christine N. Messana Luke M. Metaxas 

Francis D. Metthe Linda Metz Lucille M. Michael James J. Michael James W. Michaelson Lucille C. Michaud 

Michael J. Michaud Rita M. Micherone 


Sylvia J. Micka 

Linda Mickna Barbara J. Miczek Judith A. Midgley 

Peter P. Migliaccio Kent H. Mignocchi Laurel A. Milch 

Charles S. Miles Sharon C. Miles Karen M. Milkey 


Jeanne M. Miller Rose L. Miller Barbara L. Minkley Michael A. Minkos Steven A. Minkwitz 

Vanlis J. Minto Charlene A. Mitchell James E. Mitchell Timothy Mitchell Thomas D. Modena Lawrence R. Mogue 

Louise C. Molander Christine Molitor Thomas J. Mone Richard D. Mongeau Gary E. Mongeon Paul A. Moniz 

Robert F. Monteiro Thomas D. Mooney Charlene A. Mooradian Ann E. Moran 

Karen G. Morely Warren H. Morgan 

Roswitha W. Mott Anthony B. Motta Holly E. Moulthrop 

David T. Mulhearn Stephen R. Mullen Rodney W. J. MuUineaux, Jr. Elaine C. Mulrean Kathryn R. Miilroy Virginia L. Murdock 

Darrel L. Murphy Marie E. Murphy Patricia A. Murphy Thomas F. Murphy 

William B. Murphy Lois P. Murray 


Patricia A. Musgrove Alice J. Nacorchuk Deborah J. Nadeau Frank D. Nadel Allen P. Nadler Lesley A. Nair 

Peter W. Nalbandian George A. NardaccI Stephen C. Nazzaro George A. Neale Michael E. Neckes Patricia M. Neeley 

Jerome L. Nehemiah Coral D. Neissel David M. Nellis Joseph A. Nerden, Jr. Edna M. Neuwirth Michael D. Neville 

Kathy A. Newborg Richard S. Newhall Denise E. Newhouse Jonathan E. Newman Terrance B. Neylon Daniel L. Nietupski 

Jean A. Niejadlik Christine H. Niemyski George Nigro 

Russell D. Noble 

Henry J. Noonan Bonnie S. Norder 




William H. Norris Richard S. Novak Cynthia A. Nowick David A. Nylund Philip B. Oates Ann Marie O'Brien 

Maureen O'Brien Maureen O'Brien Nancy B. O'Brien Rita M. O'Brien Michael F. O'Connell Eileen M. O'Connor 

^Hl j|._,V^^fl 

Wea^ <t-f 

Kathleen T. O'Connor Keigh K. O'Connor Rosellen M. O'Connor Thomas M. O'Connor 

1 F"" 

Kevin Oday Jacqueline S. O'Dell 

Daniel M. O'Donnell Kathleen O'Donnell John F. O'Donoghue Maryann O. Ogden Anthony F. Ogonis John B. Ohanesian 

Mary P. O'Neill Sandra A. O'Neill 

Donna J. Opacki David D. Opatka Susan J. Oremland James C. Orenstein Ronald J. Ouellette Janice L Overton 

Ralph E. Owen Alan J. Owseichik Gail V. Packard Donna R. Padelford Karen I. Padget Norman L. Page 




•sr '^i 



Jaiuce L. Palmbach Richard J. Palomba Mona F. Palter Jeanne A. Papa Charles P. Papagni Stephanie K. Pappas 

Cynthia J. Paquette Jean Paratore Jayne L. Pare Rebecca C. Parfitt Antonio L. Parisi Janis M. Parker 

Jill D. Parker Robert G. Parker Susan Parker Susan Parker Theodore Parker Calvin T. Parsons, Jr. 

Nancy Parsons Maria T. Passe 

Paul S. Pelton 

Gerard A. Pastner Norman E. Patch, Jr. 

Kenneth J. Paul Laurence W. Paulson 

Linda J. Pauly H. Bradford Peach James P. Peck Donna M. Pederzani Joanne M. Pedi Ralph A. Pellegrini 

Francis K. Peluso Bruce M. Penniman Valerie J. Penniman 

Agustin Penon Marie E. Pereira 

Candida R. Perez-Gonzalez Cheryl L. Perkins Joseph B. Perkins, Jr. Kenneth E. Perkins William A. Perkins, Jr. Susan E. Pema 

Linda A. Perreault Joyce E. Perry Robert R. Perry Ronnie A. Perry Angela Peruzzi John A. Retell 


Edmund A. Peterson Joanne Peterson 

John M. Peterson Patsy C. Peterson Rocco C. Petitto, 3rd Joan M. Petrowsky Dorothy L. Pettey Peter M. Pezza 

Laura J. PhiUips Linda J. Phillips Susan L. Phillips Wayne J. Picard Joseph A. Piccolo Sandra T. Piccolomin 

David L Piccus Richard B. Pickett Lawrence A. Pidgeon, Jr. Thomas S. Piecuch Robert V. Pieri Donna M. Pietkiewicz 





> ' 

' i 

David T. Pikkarainen 

John A. Pitroff Lissa R. Piuze Francis W. Plankey, Jr. Dorothy D. Plante 

Gary A. Plante 

Daniel G. Plunkett Ann M. Polchlopek Michael R. Polczwartek Joanne H. Pollack Elizabeth M. Polopek 

Pamela C. Pomeroy James J. Pomfret Linda L. Pomfret Beatrice A. Poore Nancy Porcino Marsha R. Postemak 

Stephen Poulos 

E. Jeanne Pound 

M. Powers Robert M. Powers Alan S. Pr,in^kv Anne M. Premerlani 

Qifford G. Prescott, Jr. Richard M. Presti E. J. Priftakis Paul C. Probolus Michael R. Pronovost Elaine J. Prostak 

Donald T. Proulx Stephen P. Proverb Lorna J. Pninier Linda J. Pruska Larry C. Pueschel Elizabeth A. Pugh 

Gina M. Puleio Jane M. Pulverenti Donna J. Purcell J- Edward Puzas Robert S. Pyatt, Jr. Elaine J. Quaglieri 

Albert Rahmanim 

Mary C Quinlan Sandor I. Rabkin Edward Racz Elizabeth A. Radcliff Janis M. Radzik 

I >! \ mi I 

Frank J. Raffaldi 

Joel L. Rain David H. Rainaud Stanley A. Rainka Janet E. Rainville Jacqueline M. Ralys 

Deborah M. Rand Leslie S. Randall Joyce A, Ranere Jane E. Rauh 

Dorothy B. Ray Wayne T. Raymond 

Judith A. Reade Judith M. Rebecchi Alan B. Reckard Kenneth J. Reddich Peter C. Redding Allan R. Redfern 

James E. Reid Kenneth P. Reisman Robert S. Reisman William W. Remaly, Jr. Gerald B. Resnick Gail E. Resnikoff 



John D. Retallick Judith C Reulbach Linda C. Reznikiewicz Robert A. Rheaume Cynthia J. Rhoades Ronald C. Ricd 

William Rice William Rice 

Irvin J. Rich David A. Richard Gerard J. Richard Beverley J. Richardson 

Linda J. Richardson Maryann C Rinsma Mark B. Riordan Sandra R. Rispler Alan R. Rissmiller Susanne Rivoire 


Anne M. Robichaud Charles N. Robinson 

Robert E. Rochford Bemadette Rodrigues Marcia D. Roffman Denise C Rogers Colleen C Rohan Harry J. Rohlfs 

Andrew V. Rose 

Carolyn M. Rose Kathleen M. Rose Stephanie A. Rosen David G. Rosenfeld Ann S. Rosenthal 

James N. Ross Ronald G. Rossetti William C. Rest Joan M. Roumeles Susan E. Roviaro Alan Rubin 

Les C. Rubin Diane E. Rubinoff Jeffrey S. Rudsten Albert A. Ruggiano Frank M. Ruggiero Jonathan D. Runaldue 

Robert E. Ruscetti Helene V. Russell Lucille A. Russell Christopher J. Ryder Joanne A. Ryder Michael C Sabacinski 

James E. Saber Philip J. Sabra Karen F. Sacks Amir A. Sader Irith Sadovski Warren F. Sadow 

Susan L. Safer 

Arlene R. Saltzberg Sharon K. Samuels Donald P. Sanders Joyce A. Santagate Pasco Santangelo, Jr. Peter M. Santaw 

Paula L. Saporito Mary-Ellen Saracco Brenda M. Saraceno Stephen M. Samo Sarah A. Satterthwaite John R. Scanlon 

Paul W. Scannell Patrick F. Scavone Joseph G. Scavuzzo Frank J. Schaffeld Rainer L. Scheer Paul Scherer 

Marjorie B. Schertzer Stephen M. Schiller Judith C Schirmer Linda M. Schlager Susan L. Schmehl Sheila K. Schmeling 

Sally M. Schmidt Christopher J. Schmitt Timothy P. Schmitt Sandra E. Schnaper Steven L. Schneid Anita M. Schneider 


Stuart Schneiderman Paul C. Schofield Gretchen J. Scholten Lynn P. Schooley Stephen F. Schreurs Alan N. Schuler 

Edward B. Schuler William W. Schultz Gerald C. Schwartz Martin A. Schwarz Carol Scott Jacqueline L. Scott 

Martha E. Seed 

Sue E. Segal Edward W. Segeberg Kenneth M. Seidman Linda J. Seikunas Manning A. Semiatin Linda J. Senecal 

Kathleen M. Serine Alvin J. Seronick Frank J. Sersanti Roger A. Seward Neil Shainwald Thomas R. Shaker 

Christine L. Shane Susan C. Shane Deborah R. Shapiro Harold Shapiro Sandra D. Shapiro Jonathan Sharkey 




Mathew L. Sharp Uura S. Shatz Donald P. Shea, Jr. Federick J. Shea John J. Shea, Jr. Linda B. Shear 

Ik ^-^^ 

Tamar L. Shelkan Colin Y. Shen Lynn S. Shepard Urry S. Sher Ann M. Sherlock Kathleen T. Sherlock 

Howard M. Sherman Susan G. Sherman Jo-ellen R. Shiels Frederic H. Siegal Stephen B. Sigel Patricia M. Sigonwitch 

Dorothy C. Silver Mark A Silvernun Rebecca Silverman Sheryll. Silverman Stephanie Sii 

Bonnie 1. Simes 

Karen R. Simes Vicki A. Simmons Peter H. Simpson William P. Simpson Daryl W. Sinclair Jessica A. Singer 

Judith A. Singer Christina A. Sivonen Judith L. Skibo Richard S. Skryness Victor M. Slaiciunas Jay C Slater 

Jay N. Slobodkin Faith E. Small 

Karyl L. Small Beverly B. Smith Carol S, Smith Charles D. Smith 

Gregory A. Smith Helen M. Smith Janice R, Smith Joseph M. Smith Kathleen Smith Leslie J. Smith 

Lorraine L. Smith Mark C. Smith Mary E. Snuth Lawrence E. Smolarz Lisa A. Snell Phyllis A. Snow 

Deborah B. Snyder Susan L. Snyder Sheldon L. Sobel Margaret M. Sokop Maureen M. Soluy John T. Solomon 

Betty A. Solovei Judith A. Sommers Alice P. Soraghan Merle S. Soroco Katherine S. Spargo Barry H. Sparkes 

! Iti 

Susan C. Spear Stephen J, Spector Gerald C Spellman Nancy E. Spilman Steve Spinney Robert G. Spratt 

William J. Sroka Charlene D. Stacey Linda C. Stadtman Sandra Stanek Sergei Starosielski Richard J. Starsiak 


Kathy Jo Stefanik Deborah A. Stern Joanne Stern Helene C. Sterrett Deborah L. Stevens Paula A. Stevens 

Valerie S. Stevens Craig W. Stewart, Jr. Mark A. Stewart Denice A. St. Germain Patricia N. St. Jean Joan McRae Stoia 

Priscilla B. Storesund Cory L. Stout 


Scott A. Stover Carolyn M. Strain Regina M. Stratford Bernard B. Straub Beverly A. Strazzulla George W. Streeter 

Raymond K. Streeter Katherine J. Stroh Pamela M. Strombom Neil A. Stroul Frank C. Staurt Bruce G. Sturgeon 

Paul J. Sturgis Frank A. Sullivan Gary D. Sullivan John M. Sullivan Karen E. Sullivan Maryann J. Sullivan 

Patricia A. Sullivan Paul F. Sullivan Thomas M. Sullivan Paul J. Sulzicki Arnold E. Sumner Karen L. Swain 

Sherry L. Suanson Anthony E. Swiercz George C. Sykes, Jr. Marjorie L. Sylver Alice M. Symonovit Gail A. Syrjanen 

Kenneth J. Szczypien Joseph J. Tabacco Linda A. Taber Arlene J. Tajcove Judith Tanchum Linda A. Tarlow 

Patricia A. Tartaglia Paul S. Tashjian W.iync R. Tavares Carl F. Taylor N. James Taylor Paul H. Taylor, Jr. 

William R. Taylor Constance V. Teahan Susan M. Teissiero Toni A. Teixeira Dennis M. Terasconi David A. Terp 

Judith L. Terpo Douglass P. Teschner Albert G, Tessier John J. Thibodeau Richard D. Thomas Sharon R. Thomas 

Susan A. Thomas Irwin 1. Thomashow Mark H. Ihomashow 



George T. Ting Mary E. Tobia Helen I Tobin 

Joyce A. Todd 

Jacquelyn Tom 

David J. Tomassetti Gloria M. Tomaszewski 

Philip Tomposki Charles A. Torre 

Diana G. Tower 

Jon A. Towne Ronald B. Townsend Robert F. Tracy Lorene D. Trailer Andrea A. Travers 

Nancy A. Tucker Daniel D. Tuden 

Barbara A. Tully Keh H. Tung Lois 5. Tushman Edward G. Twohig John R. Tyma Linda A. Urbalonis 

Brian A, Urquhart Ann M. Valenski Albert F. Valente Robert S. Valentine Vincent P. Valentini Susan Van Ahnen 

V / 

Kevin J. Van Cott Kay E. Vandervliet Jeffrey S. Vengrow Michael I. Vengrow Carlmichael Ventura Roy L. VercoUone 

Stephen Verenis Christine D. Ver Ploeg 

James R. Vezina George J. Viamari, Jr. Elaine A. Vieraitis William J. Vigneux 


Joyce P. Vincelette Ronald E. Violet Gloria J. Vitale Richard A. Vogel Helen C. Volante Michele A. Vonkelsch 

Martin G. Voshell Noemy Wachtel Donna M. Wadsworth Joyce B. Wagner Ronald L. Wagner P. Snow Wainshil 

Carole M. Waldo Charles C. Walker David E. Walker Janet L. Walker Linda J. Walker Richard J. Walker, Jr. 

Stanley G. Walker, Jr. Robert M. Wall Penne A. Wallace Jill D. Wallach Helen V. Walsh James T. Walsh 

John J. Walsh Lawrence F. Walsh Michael D. Walters Robert F. Walton John A. Warchol Margaret J. Ware 

John J. Watson Steven G. Wax 

Helen M. Way 

Lynn Wayne Ronald A. Wayne James H. Wazlaw Melinda B. Wein Sharon Stein Weinberger 

Herbert B. Weiner Deborah E. Weinstock Bennett A. Weintraub Adela H. Weiss David L. Welsh Deborah Wendell 

Cynthia R. Whalen Cheryl A. Wheelwright 

Sheila C White Timothy J. White George F. Whitmore Douglas S. Whitney James S. Whittaker Barbara A. Whittle 

Paul T. Wickman Barbara J. Wilk 

Walter J. Wilke Linda M. Wilkinson Donald C Williams Hugh E. Williams 

James L. Williams John E. Williams Robert S. Willman Janice E, Wilson Joel H. Wilson 

John G. Wilson 


Gil C. Winder Leslie A. Winn 


Gerald S. Winniman Linda A. Wisniowski 

Edwin R. Witherell Lothrop Withington, 3rd Timothy Wogan Joan 5. Wolfe Marlene S. Wolrich Pamela L. Wonsek 

Beverly D. Wood Russell S. Wood William C. Woodcock Lawrence M. Woods Timothy J. Woods Carolyn J. Woolsey 

James F. Wooten James A. Worden Joan 5. Worsnop Elizabeth J. WrigJit Mary N. Wright Warren T. Wright 

John C. Yagodzinski Ruth V. Yanka Ruth A. Yaselunas Deborah A. Young Jan M. Young Thomas A. Young 

Joseph R. Zadroga Stanley J. Zafchowski John D. Zaleski Tracey A. A. Zalis 

Deane J. Zarvis Celina Zebrowski 




Rostislaw M. Zerchykov Ginette R. Zewinski Sandra A. Ziebma Joyce A. Zilinski Linda M. Zimlicki Christine M. Zinni 

Robert A. Zito Michael V. Zlogar John A, Zona Henry J. Zucchi Barbara A. Zych 

ABATE, Joseph P.; Tevvksbury; Gov- 
ernment; Pi Sigma Alpha; Dean's List; 
Suifolk Univ. 

ABRAHAM, Richard A.; Weymouth; 
Mass Communications; WMUA. 

ABRAMS, Jane E.; Milton; English; 
Hillel; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

ACCOMANDO, Edward A.; Somer- 
ville; Economics; SW Patriots; Class 
Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Soph-Senior Weekend; Playboy Club 
Comm.; Homecoming Comm., Treas.; 
Special & Alumni Comm., Chrm.; 
Dorm Pres., Athletic Chrm.; Social 
Comm., Chrm.; SW Weekend, Chrm. 

ACKERSTEIN, Joseph S.; Chestnut 
Hill; Government; Sigma Alpha Mu, 
Pledge-master; Adelphia; Who's Who; 
Student Senate; Student Services 
Comm., Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Dean's List. 

ADAMCZYK, Chester S.; Peabody; 
Marketing; House Judiciary; Social 
Chrm., Chief Justice; Collegian; In- 

ADAMCZYK, William M., Jr.; Pitts- 
field; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; 

ADAMS, John Q.; Andover; History; 
Marching, Concert Bands. 

ADAMS, Mildred F.; Sandwich; So- 
ciology; Index; Dean's List. 

ADAMS, Priscilla K.; West Bridge- 
water; Fashion Merchandising. 

ADAMS, Theodore D.; Hobbs, New 
Mexico; General Business and Finance. 

ADIE, Geralyn E.; Dracut; Sociology; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; NES; New- 
man Club; Dean's List; Dorm Legis- 
lative Comm., Couns.; Phi Beta Kappa. 

ADIE, Paula M.; Lowell; English; 
Exec. Comm.; Dean's List. 

AGRESTL Albert A.; Weymouth; 
History; Newman Club, Pres.; Hist. 
Dept. Student-Fac. Liaison Comm. 

AHEARN, Sheila M.; Abington; Ele- 
mentary Education; Homecoming 
Comm.; Dorm Treas. 

AHONEN, Sharon E.; Rockport; 
Communication Disorders; Pi Beta 
Phi, Membership Chrm.; Scrolls; 
Sigma Alpha Eta; Dean's List. 

AITKENHEAD, William B., Ill; So. 
Hadley; Fisheries Biology; Dorm 
Couns.; House Judiciary, 

AKEROYD, Karen E.; Lunenburg; 
English; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Ski 
Qub; Bologna Summer Program; 
Dorm Judiciary, Exec. Coun.; Dean's 

ALAKEL, Brenda J.; Lawrence; Ele- 
mentary Education; UMass Baha'i 

ALBERT, Patricia A.; Avon; Elemen- 
tary Education; Ed. Club; Newman 
Club; Dorm Couns. 

ALBERTI, John D.; Greenfield; Aero- 
space Engineering; Theta Sigma Phi, 
Founding Brother; Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
long, Treas.; A. LA. A.; Intramurals. 

ALBRECHT, Peter R.; Montauge; 
Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta 
Phi; A.S.M.E.; A.I.A.A. 

ALEN, Mary B.; Sunderland; Elemen- 
tary Education. 

ALEXANL^N, Souren; Milford; Psy- 
chology; Arnold Air Soc; Track and 
Field; Cross Country. 

ALLAN, Diane N.; Chappaqua, N.Y.; 
Home Economics Education; Dean's 
List; Swim Team; Precisionettes. 

ALLBERRY, Dale E.; Canton; Wood 
Technology; Intramural Softball. 

ALLEN, Deborah A.; Leominster; 

ALLEN, Helen; Revere; Nursing; Nurs. 
Club; Hillel. 

AMANTL William E.; Westfield; 
Marketing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Schol- 
arship Chrm., House Mngr.; Dorm 
Couns,; Floor Rep.; Intramurals; Dean's 

AMICONE, Tullio; Torrington, Conn.; 
Recreation; Craftsman Guild; Environ- 
mental Comm.; Recreation Soc; Art 
Club; Intramural Soccer. 

ANDELMAN, Lois R.; Lexington; 

ANDERSON, Gail A.; Lexington; Art 
Education; Chi Omega. 

ANDERSON, Linda K.; Hopewell 
Jet., N.Y.; Education; Tri Sigma; Chi 
Delphia, Vice-Pres.; Dorm Standards. 

ANDERSON, Myrna D.; Southbridge; 
Elementary Education; Ed. Club; Dorm 
Program; Social Comms., Exec. Coun. 

ANDRADE, Marlene R.; Springfield; 
Elementary Education; Lamba Delta 
Phi; Dean's List. 

ANDREWS, Carol L.; LincoJn, R.I.; 
Physical Education; President's Coun.; 
Exec. Coun.; P.E. Major Coun.; Theme 
and Atmosphere Chrm. 

ANDREWS, Ruth E.; Revere; Ele- 
mentary Education; Sigma Kappa, 
Pres,; Activities Chrm,; Greek Week, 
Publicity Chrm,; Music and Arts 
Comm.; Greek Coun. 

ANDROS, Linda A.; Lynn; English; 
Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's List. 

ANDRUCHOW, Maryanne; Stough- 
ton; Elementary Education. 

ANGERMEIER, Barbara; Huntingdon 
VY, Pa.; English; House Coun. 

ANGLIN, Linda F.; Braintree; Elemen- 
tary Education; Ski Club; Strike Comm.; 
Intramurals; Colby Jr. College. 

ANSTEY, Roger J.; Avon, Conn.; Ele- 
mentary Education; National Honorary 
Band; Service Frat., Pres.; Marching, 
Concert, Symphony Bands. 

ANTRIM, Sean A.; Nahant; Manage- 
ment; House Coun.; Intramurals. 

APPEL, Gary J.; Chicopee Falls; Busi- 
ness Management. 

AUGUST, Mitchel J.; Newton; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Tau Kappa 

AUSIKAITIS, Joseph P.; Chicopee; 
Chemical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
A.I.Ch.E.; Frosh Baseball; Maroon 

AUSTIN, Abbie D.; Vineyard Haven; 
History; Ski Club. 

AUSTIN, M. Maureen; Belchertown; 
Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi 
Panhellenic Rep.; Kappa Delta Pi, 
Scrolls; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

AVERY, Virginia; Turners Falls; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

AVITABILE, Albert J.; Braintree; 
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer- 
ing; Intramurals. 

ARCANTI, Steven J.; Arlington; His- AXFORD, Ruth L.; Plymouth; Physi- 

tory; Dorm Couns.; Student-Fac. cal Education; Dorm Standards 

Liaison Comm.; Dean's List; Intra- Comm.; Outing Club; Modern Dance 

murals. Club, Pres. 

ARCARO, Edwin A.; Medford; Gen- 
eral Business; Phi Mu Delta; Track 
Team, Capt. 

ARCHAMBEAULT, Robert J., Jr.; 
Easthampton; Accounting; Barbell 
Club, Pres. 

ARMATA, Bernard M.; Adams; Ani- 
mal Science; Intramurals; Vars. Rifle 

ARMSTRONG, Gail M.; Plymouth, 
Michigan; Elementary Education; Tri 

ARNOLD, Frederick W,; Maiden; 
Psychology; N,E.S. 

ARNOTT, Jane E.; Brockton; So- 
ciology; Action Lab. 

ARON, Lois R.; Newton Ctr.; His- 
tory; Hist. Dept. Student-Fac. Liaison 
Comm.; Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

ASCH, Clara; Amherst; Art. 

ASCHER, Robert L; Springfield; Ac- 
counting; Accoun. Assoc. 

ASCI, Thoms W.; Stoneham; Man- 
agement; Newman Club; Intramurals; 
Frosh Hockey Team; Univ. Theatre; 
Dean's List; Zoomen, coach. 

ASSAD, Gerald A.; Westport; Man- 

ATTAYA, Jeanne M.; Gloucester; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Panhellenic Rep.; Greek Coun.; Greek 
Week Comm.; Revelers. 

ATWOOD, Brenda; Northampton; 
English; WMUA. 

BABCOCK, Carole R.; Everett; Ele- 
mentary Education; Ed. Club; W.A.A. 

BACHELLER, Dariene E,; Tewks- 
bury; Education; NES; Dorm Gov't.; 
Dean's List. 

BACHOFNER, Gail C; Westwood; 
English; Dorm Cultural Comm., 
Chrm.; M.L.K. Social Action Comm.; 
Oxford Summer Seminar. 

BACKER, Richard S.; Newton Ctr.; 
History; Collegian; House Judiciary; 
Intramurals, Athletic Chrm.; Future 
Teachers of America club, 

BACKMAN, Sherril J,; Glen Cove, 
N,Y,; English, 

BADESSA, Lillian A,; Belmont; Art 
Education; Dean's List; Mass, Bay 
Community College, 

BAER, Ellen ],; Sharon; Marketing; 
Mktg, club, 

BAGDON, Mary Ann; Sunderland; 

BAGUSKAS, Roger A.; Boylston; 

BAILEY, Douglas A,; Westfield; 
Electrical Engineering; I,E,E,E,: Dorm 
Couns,; Swim Team, 

BAILEY, James K,; Woodbury, N.J.; 
Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Forestry club. 

BAILLIEUL, Tom; Southwick; Ge- 
ology; Kappa Kappa Psi, Sec; Univ, 
Bands, Manag,; Concert Assoc, House 
Mngr,; Spanish club; Univ. Special 
Serv,, Coord,; Pep Band, 

BAK, Linda E.; Chicopee; Medical 
Technology; Dorm Cultural and 
Scholarship Comm.; Holyoke Com- 
munity College. 

BAK, Mary Jane; Northampton; Nurs- 

BAKER, Deborah J.; Quincy; Account- 
ing; Accoun. Assoc, Sec; Dean's 
List; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

BAKER, Gerald R; Billenca; General 
Business and Finance; Sigma Phi 

BAKER, Jane K.; Newton; Elemen- 
tary Education; Dean's List; Dorm 

BAKER, John E.; Cromwell Conn.; 
Elementary Education. 

BALCOM, Cynthia L.; Bedford Hills, 
N.Y.; Foods in Business; Pi Beta Phi; 
Home Ec. Student-Fac. Comm.; Dorm 
Treas.; Dorm Couns. 

BALDYGA, Janet M.; Ware; Child 
Development; Ski club; Women's 
Choir; Counselor Selection Board. 

BANKS, William A., Jr.; Bass River; 
Elementary Education. 

BANNICK, Bruce R.; Pittsfield; Eco- 
nomics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

BANVILLE, Thomas E.; Cheshire; 
Physical Education; Tau Kappa Epsi- 
lon; Intramurals. 

BARATZ, Paul L; Chelesa; Account- 
ing; Accoun. Assoc, Treas.; Dorm 
Couns.; House Coun.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

BARBELL, Beverly J.; Hyde Park; So- 
ciology; Dorm Sec, Couns.; Class 
Exec. Coun.; Commencement Day 
Task Force. 

BARBER, Richard A.; Greenfield; 
Civil Engineering; Sigma Alpha Ep- 
silon; A.S.C.E.; Vars. Golf. 

BARBINL Richard J.; Lee; Civil Engi- 
neering; A.S.C.E., Pres.; Tau Beta Pi. 

BARDER, Ilene M.; Washington D.C.; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Delta 
Pi; Dean's List; Exchange Prog.; Exec. 

BARENBOIM, Andrea S.; Andover; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Exec. Coun.; Scrolls. 

BARISH, Ellen B.; New York, N.Y.; 
Speech Education; Hillel; Dorm 
Gov't. Social Chrm. 

BARKER, Charles S.; Amherst; Man- 
agement; Beta Chi; Dean's List; In- 

BARNARD, Robert A., Jr.; Waltham; 
Management; Student Senate. 

BARNEY, Ann E.; Hamilton; Recre- 

BARNEY, Harry I.; Amherst; Physi- 
cal Education; Tubes; Dean's List; 

BARNOSKI, John J.; Blandford; 
Aerospace Engineering; A. LA. A.; 
Treas.; A.S.M.E.; Ski Club; Ski Pa- 

BARR, David R; Boxford; Education 
Media; Media Specialist for the Deaf 
Prog.; Dorm Float Comm.; Chrm.; 
Dorm Cultural Chrm. 

BARR, James M., Jr.; Lunenburg; 
English; Track and Field; Dorm Couns. 

BARR, Saul Z.; Marblehead; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Sigma 
Alpha Mu; Maroon Keys; "Bounce 
for Beats", Chrm. 

BARRETT, Terrence M.; N. Dart- 
mouth; Animal Science; SW Patriots; 
Equestrian Club, Pres., Vice-Pres.; 

BARRY, Brenda K.; Wollaston; 
Education; Dean's List. 

BARTLETT, Robert P.; Upton; Mar- 
keting; Flying Redmen; Newman 
club; Mktg. club; Mass. Medic team; 

BARTLEY, Sharon A.; Wilbraham; 
Psychology; Dorm Gov't.; Class Exec. 

BARTOLOMEI, Donna M.; Frank- 
lin; English; Newman, Chrm. 

BARTOLOMEO, Richard J.; West 
Concord; Elementary Education; 
Kappa Kappa Psi; M.E.N.C; Op- 
eretta Guild; Univ. Bands. 

BARTZ, Kristine A.; Chicopee; Fash- 
ion Merchandising; Marching Band; 
Symphony Band; Dorm Exec Coun.; 
Dean's List. 

BASHOUR, Irene V.; Hartford, Conn.; 
Child Development; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma; Dorm couns.; Scrolls. 

BATEMAN, Bruce W.; Winchendon; 
Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Soc of Ameri- 
can Foresters; Intramural Swimming; 
Dean's List. 

BEAL, Virginia G.; Northampton; 

BEATTIE, Ronald H.; Harwich Port; 
Geology; Marching, Concert Bands. 

BEAUREGARD, Cosette A.; Spring- 
field; French; Counselor; Dean's List; 
Univ. of Caen. 

BECKWITH, Karen M.; Gardner; 
Marketing; American Mktg. Assoc, 
Sec; Dean's List; Honor's Thesis; 
Independent Senior Study. 

BEHARRY, Patricia A.; Canonsburg, 
Pa.; Urban and Regional Studies; 
Student Senate, Sec, Vice-Pres.; Class 
Exec. Coun.; Dorm Pres., Vice-Pres.; 
Flying Redmen; Newman club; Stu- 
dent Life; National Student Register; 
Who's Who. 

BEHLERT, D. Lynne; Dover, N.J.; 
German; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Treas.; Ski club; Freiburg Summer 
Program; Dean's List. 

BELBEN, Jeannette E.; Charlotte, 
N.C; History; Dean's List. 

BELITSKY, Dagmar R; Groton; 
Anthropology; SU Movie Comm., 
Chrm.; Program Coun., Treas.; DVP; 
SGA Comm.; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Homecoming comm.; Astronomy 
Club; Who's Who. 

BELFVEAU, Suzanne C; Woburn; 
Sociology; Collegian; Dorm couns. 

BELKNAP, Peter M.; Amherst; Rec- 
reation; Student Senate Transit Ser- 
vice; Golf and Bowling. 

BELLNIER, John G.; Springfield; 
Physics; Ski club. 

BELLOWS, William M.; Lexington; 
Instrumental Education; Kappa Kappa 
Psi, Treas.; Univ. Band; Symphony 
Orchestra; Statesmen; Operetta 
Guild; Belchertown Volunteers; Col- 
legium Musicum. 

BELT, Stephen G.; Newton; Soci- 
ology; Dean's List; Chorale; Chorus; 
Madrigals; Statesmen; Univ. Theatre; 
Operetta Guild; Dance Group. 

BENNETT, Ellen M.; So. Yarmouth; 
Education; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's 
List; Dorm Social Comm. 

BENSON, Albert M.; Brockton; En- 
glish; E.D.Y.C.; Summer Statesmen. 

BERG, Marilyn E.; Worcester; So- 
ciology; Homecoming Comm.; Class 
Exec. Coun., Soph. Weekend Comm.; 
Dorm Exec. Coun. 

BERGER, Marilyn ].; Everett; Psy- 
chology; Sigma Alpha Eta; Northamp- 
ton Volunteers. 

BERKOWITZ, Anne L.; Peabody; 
Education; Marching Band; Concert 
Band; Symphony Band; Belcher- 
town Volunteers; Angel Flight. 

BERKOWITZ, Edward L.; W. Orange, 
N.J.; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta 
Pi; Engineering Journal; Eta Kappa 
Nu, Vice-Pres.; Amateur Radio 
Assoc, Pres. 

BERKOWITZ, Eric N.; Brighton; 
Classics; Phi Sigma Kappa, Pres.; 
Inter-Frat. Coun.; ARCON; Maroon 
Keys; Student Senate; Fine Arts 
Coun.; S.W.A.P. Comm.; Greek Week, 
Chrm; Class Exec. Coun. 

BERKOWITZ, Murray L.; Valley 
Stream, N.Y.; Mathematics; Sigma 
Alpha Mu, Athletic Chrm., Ass't. 
Treas.; Program Coun.; Movie Comm.; 
Homecoming Comm. 

BERKOWITZ, Naomi J.; Newton; 
Art; Writer's Theatre, Pres.; Roister 
Doisters; Belchertown Volunteers; 
Children's Theatre. 

BERLIN, Ilene M.; Sharon; Psy- 
chology; Belchertown Volunteers; 
Ed. club; N.E.S. 

BERMAN, Gail S.; Brockton; Music; 
Music Educators National Conf., 
Pres.; Music Dept. Fac-liaison Comm.; 
Mass. Menc State Exec. Board., Rep. 

BERMAN, Sharon B.; W. Roxbury; 
Elementary Education. 

BERNARDI, Robert D.; Haddon 
Heights, N.J.; Government; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Dorm Coun.; Exec. 
Coun.; Intramurals. 

BERNARDO, Jack; Ludlow; Hotel 
Administration; Baseball, Co-capt.; 
Outstanding College Athletes of 

BERNSTEIN, David J.; W. Roxbury; 
Mass Communications; Collegian, 
photographer; Hillel. 

BERNSTEIN, Harold D.; Economics; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

BATES, Ann M.; Holbrook; English. BENSON, Barbara A.; Waltham; BERNSTEIN, Janice; Quincy; Ele- 
Marketing; Marching Band; Concert mentary Education; Dorm couns., 
BATTEN, John R.; Highlands, N.Y.; Band; Mktg. Club. Treas.; N.E.S. 
Wood Technology; Ski patrol; In- 
tramurals. BERENSON, Gary S.; Framingham; BERNSTEIN, Steven L.; Sharon; 

Psychology. *^'V'' Engineering; ASCE, Treas. 
BAUDER, Darlene D.; Longmeadow; 

Education BERRETT, Bonnie L.; No. Amherst; 


BERRY, Brenda A.; Hopedale; Edu- 
cation; Dorm Lhang Comm.; N.E.S.; 
Dean's List; SNEA; Ski club. 

BERRY, Ellen ].; No. Adams; Physi- 
cal Education; Dean's List; Preci- 
sionettes; Intramurals. 

BIAGINI, Maria G.; Marshfield; So- 

BIAS, Mary Ellen; Leverett; Speech; 
Zeta Mu Chapter, Sigma Alpha Eta. 

BIBEAU, Thomas C; Amherst; Food 
Science; Fd. Sci. club. 

BIELUNIS, James P.; Sunderland; 

BIGLIN, Kathleen F.; Holyoke; Com- 
munication Disorders; Tri Sigma; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Scrolls; Dean's 
List; Comm. Dis. Club; Panhellenic 
Sing, Declamation. 

BILLIS, Stephen E.; Southbridge; Eco- 
nomics; Orthodox Club, Pres.; Mktg. 
Club; Ski Club; Concert, Marching 
Bands; Intramurals; Head of Resid. 
Selection Comm. 

BINKOSKI, Irene D.; Amherst; Edu- 
cation; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Dean's 

BISBEE, Kethleen E.; Chesterfield; 

BISHOP, Stuart A.; Solon, Ohio; 
Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. 

BITTERS, Frederick D.; Greenfield; 

BJORKLUND, David F.; West Boyls- 
ton; Psychology. 

BLACKMER, Alfred M.; West Spring- 
field; Animal Science. 

BLACOW, Glenn F.; New Bedford; 
History; Librarian and Sci. Fiction 
Soc; Senior Honors Prog.; Bologna 
Summer Prog.; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BLANCHETTE, Annebelle L,; Leo- 
minster; Theatre; Dean's List; Miss 
Univ. Pageant. 

BLOCK, Pamela H.; Passaic, N.J.; 
Sociology; Pi Beta Phi, Vice-Pres.; 
Panhellenic Delegate; NES; Northamp- 
ton State Vol.; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BLOOM, Frederick A.; Quincy; Medi- 
cal Technology; Sigma Alpha Mu; 
Marching, Concert, Symphony Bands, 

BLOOM, Jonathan M.; Newton Ctr,; 
Economics; Econ. Liaison Comm,; 
Frosh, Vars. Tennis; Intramurals. 

BLOOM, Steven M.; Swampscott; 
Government; Sigma Alpha Mu; Pi 
Sigma Alpha; Concerned Citizen. 

BLOOMROSE, Wayne F.; Southwick; 
Physical Education; Dean's List; Se- 
nior Honors Prog.; Intramurals. 

BLUFER, Barbara J.; Amherst; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

BLY, Belden G.; Saugus; Animal 
Science; School of Ed. Administrative 
Intern Prog.; Western Mass. College 
Coord.; Ripon Soc; Homecoming 
Comm., Treas.; Program Coun.; Assoc, 
of Amer. Geogr.; Soc. for Geographic 

BOGDAN, David N.; Westfield; 
Microbiology; Photography Club; 
Flying Club, 

BOGERT, Susan J.; Ridgewood, N.J.; 
English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Treas., 
Personnel Comm,; Dean's List, 

BOGGIO, Juan C; Danvers; Spanish; 
Italian Club, Pres.; Soccer. 

BOHMER, Sally E.; Cohasset; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

BOKOWSKY, Carol D.; Rohoboth; 
Elementary Education; Belchertown 

BOLKO, Mary Ann; Chicopee; Ele- 
mentary Education; Chi Omega; 
Special Events; Univ. Theatre, 

BOMBARDIER, Douglas A,; Adams; 
Physical Education; Army Scabbard & 
Blade; Intramural Football Mngr,; 
ROTC Colorguard, 

BONFIELD, Lloyd J,; Clifton, N,J,; 
Tau Epsilon Phi; Maroon Keys, 

BONHAM, Jan C; New York, N,Y,; 
Child Development; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Asst. House Chrm,, Mar- 
shall; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Ski Club. 

BONITO, Richard C; Ashland; So- 
ciology; Student Senate, Finance 
Comm. Chrm.; Exec. Comm.; Social 
Action Comm.; Intramurals. 

BOOS, Paula L; Pittsfield; English. 

BORGE, Nancy A.; Gloucester; Fashion 
Merchandising; Alpha Chi Omega; 
Class Exec. Coun. 

BOSCH, Jack; Amherst; Management. 

BOTELHO, Frances E.; Rockland; 
Education; Uni. Theatre; Operetta 
guild; Women's Choir, Mngr.; Cho- 
rus; Chorale, Asst. Mngr.; Dorm 

BOTSCH, Lynne T.; Monument 
Beach; Sociology; Newman Club; 
Dorm Gov't; NES; Dean's List, 

BOUDREAU, Kathleen M,; Marl- 
boro; Elementary Education; Tri 
Sigma; Activ. Chrm.; Dean's List; 
Ed, Club; Homecoming Float Comm,; 
Dorm Social Comm, 

BOUDREAU, Marilyn M,; Wilming- 
ton; Elementary Education; Angel 
Flight; Dean's List, 

BOUVIER, Michael N,; Haverhill; 
English; Dorm Gov't,, Judiciary; 
Mass, Rivew; Collegian; Dean's List, 

BOWLBY, Janice A,; Lynn; Educa- 
tion; Kappa Alpha Theta; Salem 
State College, 

BOYAJIAN, Kenneth G,; Watertown; 

BOYER, Brian R.; Northampton; 

BOYER, Michael H.; West Spring- 
field; Accounting; Intramurals; Ac- 
coun. Club. 

BOYLE, Denise A.; Lawrence; Medi- 
cal Technology, 

BOYLE, Thomas P„ Jr,; Boston; Gen- 
eral Management, 

BOZZELLl, Mary C; Spring Lake, 
N.J.; Philosophy; Dean's List, 

BRADLEY, Stephen J.; Brighton; 
History; Zeta Nu, Sec; ARGON, 

BRADY, Richard D,; Dorchester; 
Psychology; Gamma Alpha Kappa, 
Athletic Chrm., Vice-Pres., Rush 
Chrm.; Exec. Coun.; Dorm Judiciary; 
Intramurals; Central Area Coun,; 
Dean's List, 

BRAGDON, Cynthia A,; Augusta, 
Maine; Nursing; Counselor; Marching 
Band; Dean's List. 

BRAMS, Deborah A.; Newton; Psy- 

BRASS, Stephen M.; Amherst; Busi- 
ness; Alpha Epsilon Pi, House Mngr.; 
Univ. Theatre; Reader's Theatre; 
Index; Intramurals; Dean's List, 

BRAVERMAN, Marlene J.; Hyde Park; 
Education; Hillel; Dorm Social Comm, 

BREAU, Janet H,; East Longmeadow; 

BREAZEALE, Marilyn L,; Mayaquez, 
Puerto Rico; Zoology; Tennis Team; 
Pre-Med Soc; Operetta Guild, 

BRECHER, Barbara D,; Brookline; 
Art; Index, Managing Editor; Class 
of '72; AL, 

BRENNAN, Thomas E,; Worcester; 
Pre-Med Soc; Dorm Judiciary; Bel- 
chertown Vol,; Northampton State 
Hosp, Vol,; Intramurals; Phi Beta 

BRENNER, Mark B,; Medford; Gov- 
ernment; Sigma Alpha Mu, Pres.; 
Student Senate, Services Comm. 
(Chrm.); Adelphia; Pi Sigma Alpha; 
S,W,A,P, Comm,; Dean's List; Who's 

BRENNER, Philip A,; Amherst; Wild- 
life Biology; Beta Chi; Wildlife Soc, 
Sec, Vice-Pres. 

BREWER, Stephen M.; Barre; His- 
tory; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

BRIAND, Annette M.; Holbrook; 
Elementary Education; SW Patriots; 
Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm couns.; Ski 
club; Ed. club; Dorm Social Comm. 

BRIGGS, Elaine S,; Raynham; Zo- 
ology; Iota Gamma Upsilon, House 
Mngr,, 2d, Vice-Pres.; Concert Band; 
Pre-Med. Soc; Intramurals; Dean's 

BRITA, Sally A.; Milford; Sociology. 

BRITTINGHAM, Richmond A.; Paoli, 
Pa.; Hotel and Restaurant; Kappa 
Sigma; Intramurals; Wrestling. 

BRODERICK, Stephen A.; W. Med- 
ford; Financial Management, 

BRODEUR, Susan D.; W. Boylston; 
Speech Education; Dorm couns.; In- 
dex, Academics Editor, Copy Editor. 

BROOKMAN, Kathleen F.; Williams- 
town; Animal Science. 

BROOSLIN, Linda G,; Springfield; 
Elementary Educahon; Lambda Delta 
Phi; Hillel; Dorm Prog, Comm,; 
Dean's List, 

BROSNIHAN, Kevin P.; Amherst; 
Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, 

BROSSMAN, Cynthia A.; Auburn; 

BROUILLETTE, Paul C; Indian 
Orchard; History; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Newman club; Pre-law Soc; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

BROUSSEAU, Diane J.; Methuen; 
Zoology; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Phi Beta Kappa. 

BROUSSEAU, Edward C; South- 
bridge; History; Intramurals. 

BROUSSEAU, Monique B.; Gillette, 
N.J.; English. 

BROW, Jeanine M.; Holyoke; Nurs- 

BROWN, Alan C; Millington, N.J.; 
Chemical Engineering; Dorm couns.; 
Rugby, Intramurals, Athletic Chrm. 

BROWN, Alan E.; Brighton; Sociology; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-Pres.; Col- 
legian; Intramurals. 

BROWN, Brenda E.; Middleboro; 
English; Dean's List. 

BROWN, Donald M.; Scituate; Mar- 
keting; Kappa Sigma; Hockey; Rugby; 
Mktg. Club. 

BROWN, George; Orange; Physical 

BROWN, Lewis I.; Brooklyn, N.Y.; 

BROWN, Stephen D.; Halifax; 
Recreation; SW Assembly; Dorm 
Rep., Judge; Rec. Club, Publicity 
Chrm.; LD. Office; Master Plan for 
SW, Rec. Chrm. 

BROWN, Steven R.; Chicopee; Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

BROWN, Wayne E.; So. Weymouth; 
Urban and Regional Studies. 

BRUCE, David A.; Medford; Euro- 
pean History; Spanish Club; Chorus; 
Honors Colloquium; Swimming. 

BRUNO, Dawn R.; Medford; Psy- 
chology; Alpha Chi Omega; Italian 
Club; Exec. Coun.; Psych Club; Psych 
Teaching Asst.; Dean's List. 

BRZOSTECKL Rebecca A.; Holyoke; 
American History; Ski Club; NES; 
Dorm Judiciary Comm., Social Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

BUBROU5KI, Julian P.; Northamp- 
ton; Electrical Engineering; LE.E.E. 

BUCKLEY, Dale P.; Hamilton; His- 
tory; Dorm Gov't.; Intramurals. 

BUCKLEY, Edward J.; Maiden; 
Microbiology; Flying Redmen. 

BUGDEN, Stephen F.; Framingham; 
Economics; Chorus; Intramurals; 
Dean's List; NES; Dorm Couns.; 
Exchange Prog. — Florida State U. 

BULIKOWSKL Casimir R.; Worces- 
ter; Chemical Engineering; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; 
A.I.Ch.E.; Ski Club. 

BUONO, Anthony F.; Jamaica Plain; 
English; Italian Club, Pres.; Intramural 
Soccer; Dean's List; Exchange Prog. 
— U. of Alabama; House Coun. Rep.; 
Dean's List; Honors Colloquia Prog. 

BURKE, Gerard F.; So. Boston; Gov- 
ernment; Alpha Sigma Phi; Home- 
coming Comm., Chrm.; Class Vice- 
Pres.; Revelers, Pres.; Index, Pho- 
tography; Frosh Hockey. 

BURKE, James; Salisbury; Marketing; 
Alpha Sigma Phi; Mktg. club; Dean's 
List; Intramurals; Floor Rep. 

BURKE, John E., Jr.; Waltham; So- 

BURMAN, Steven A.; Newton; Ger- 
man; Alpha Phi Omega; Intramurals; 
Dorm Gov't.; Floor Rep. 

BURNABY, Priscilla A.; Marblehead; 
Accounting; Beta Gamma Sigma; 
Accoun. club; Dean's List. 

BURNS, Kathleen M.; Hyannis; 
Economics; Student Gov't. Affairs 
Comm.; Student Senate, Academic 
Affairs Comm. 

BURR, Douglas H.; E. Longmeadow; 
Finance; Golf Team; Intramurals. 

BURRELL, Joseph M.; Boston; So- 
ciology; Afro-Am, Treas.; D.V.P.; 
S.U.G. Board; Black Studies Comm. 

BURROUGHS, Stephen M.; No. Am- 
herst; Physics; Physics club. 

BURSEY, Bruce A.; Arlington; Physi- 
cal Education; Varsity Track. 

BURSTIN, Kenneth J.; White Plains, 
N.Y.; Psychology; Tau Epsilon Phi; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

BURSTYN, Judith; Sharon; English. 

BUTTON, Ronald E.; Whately; 
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer- 
ing; ALAA, Sec; Beta Chi. 

BUYUKAS, Charles J.; Glen Rock, 
N.J.; Art. 

BYRON, Bill; Decatur, Georgia; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Kappa 
Sigma; Football. 

BYRT, Eileen W.; Framingham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Musigals; Dorm 
Sec; Dorm Social Comm.; Newman 

CABLE, Irving; Sharon; Marketing. 

CABRAL, Stephen L.; Fairhaven; 
Anthropology; Student Mobilization 

CAFARELLL Joan E.; Lexington; 

CAHILL, Ingeborg V.; Amherst; 

CAIN, Paul C; Braintree; Manage- 
ment; Delta Chi. 

CAIN, Sandra J.; Holbrook; Psy- 
chology; Dorm Gov't. 

CALABRESE, Joseph J.; Springfield; 
English; Pi Lambda Phi, Treas.; Stu- 
dent Senate; Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm 
Social Chrm., Central Area Voice 

CALDWELL, Dorothy L.; Silver 
Spring, Md.; Sociology; Dorm couns.; 
Senate Comm. on Environment. 

CALDWELL, Lucie H.; Sunderland; 

CAMERON, Jean M.; Haverhill; 
Anthropology; C.E.Q.; Dean's List; 

CAMPAGNA, Valerie A.; Needham 
Heights; Elementary Education; La- 
sell Junior College. 

CAMPBELL, Brenda J.; Amherst; 
Elementary Education. 

CAMPBELL, Diana L.; Amherst; 
Elementary Education. 

CAMPBELL, Linda; Belmont; Di- 
etetics; Butterfield Kitchen Board; 
Ski Team; Dorm Pres. 

CAMPBELL, Roy J.; Lowell; Govern- 
ment; Dorm Coun., coun.; Dean's 
List; Intramural Basketball. 

CAMPBELL, Stephen W.; AUston; 
Chemistry; Dean's List. 

CANHAM, Paul E.; 

Dedham; His- 

CANTARANO, Janine E.; Lynn; 
French; Kappa Alpha Theta, Schol- 
arship Chrm.; Homecoming Comm., 
Dean's List. 

CANTONI, Diane T.; No. Adams; 
Elementary Education; Newman club; 
Ed. club; SENDOFF Comm.; Scholar- 
ship Comm.; Tutoring; Dean's List. 

CANTY, Kenneth P.; Dudley; History; 

CAPEN, Sally J.; Belchertown; Physi- 
cal Education; Ski club; Dean's List; 
Belchertown Volunteers. 

CAPLICE, Byron D.; Harwich Port; 
English; Delta Chi, Regional Deleg.; 
Moratorium; Student Strike; Intra- 

CAPPIELLO, Susan F.; Amherst; 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean's List; 
Exec. Coun.; DSEP. 

CAPPS, Judith A.; Everett; Elemen- 
tary Education; Exec. Coun.; Social 
Comm.; Judiciary, Rep.; Winter Carni 
Queen Comm.; Ed. club. 

CARD, Nancy J.; Needham; Animal 
Science; Dorm Exec. Coun.; Poy Fy 
Soy; Equestrian Club; Intercollegiate 
Riding Team. 

CARDRAN; Cheryl M.; Haverhill; 
English; Alpha Lambda Delta; Oper- 
etta Guild; Ski Club; Newman Club; 
Counselor; Univ. Theatre; Phi Beta 

CAREY, Patrick J.; South Hadley; 
Zoology; Pre-Med Soc; Science Fic- 
tion Soc, Pres.; Astronomy Club; 
Grok Mag., Editor; Honor's Col- 
loquia; Judo; Fencing; Dean's List. 

CARON, Mark R.; Fall River; Mass 
Communications; Crew Team; Com- 
muter Assem.; Floor Rep. 

CARPENTER, Calvin L.; Medford; 
History; Fresh, and Vars. Track and 
Field; Scuba Club, Treas. 

CARPENTER, Kenneth A.; Amherst; 
Accounting; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Accoun. Club; Dean's 

CARR, Catherine A.; Wollaston; 

CARRIGAN, Philip F.; Westwood 
Psychology; SW Assembly, Pres 
Vice-Pres.; Provost's Security Comm, 
Flying Redmen. 

CARROLL, Barry L.; Hampton, Vir- 
ginia; Sociology; Beta Kappa Phi; 
Librarian, Reporter; Tennis, Fresh. 

CARROLL, Mary L.; Charlton; Speech; 
Newman Club; Sigma Alpha Eta, 

CARROLL, Robert J.; Birmingham; 
Wood Technology; Kappa Sigma, 

CARROLL, William J.; Winchester; 
Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; Dorm 
Gov't.; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

CARTER, John T.; Longmeadow; 
Forestry; Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec; 
Chorale; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

CASHMAN, William F.; Braintree; 

Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, 

Pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; LE.E.E.; Eng. 

CASSIDY, James E., Jr.; Haverhill; 
Elementary Education; Intramurals. 

CA5SOLL Diane M.; Wellesley; 
Marketing; Kappa Alpha Theta, 
Treas.; Dean's List. 

CENTAURO, Eugene A.; Watertown; 

CERNL^WSKI, Sylvia A.; Granby; 
English; Newman Club; Angel Flight, 

CESARY, Paul T.; Worcester; Psy- 
chology; Zeta Nu, Pres.; ARCON. 

CHAFFEE, John M.; Westboro; Psy- 

CHAFTMAN, Cheryl B.; Sharon; 
Elementary Education; Ed. Club; 
Dorm Couns.; Hillel. 

CHAM, John C; Brockton; Gov- 
ernment; Alpha Phi Omega; Chorus; 
Ski Qub. 

CHAPPELL, Nancy J.; Kingston, 
N.Y.; Elementary Education; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; SNEA; Dean's List. 

Adams; Communication Disorders; 
Sigma Alpha Eta, Vice-Pres.; Dorm 
Cultural Comm. 

CHARBONNEAU, Ronald P.; North- 
boro; Anthropology; Bridge Club; 
Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 

CHASE, Frank J.; Oakham; Hotel 

CHASE, Judith A.; Chelmsford; Edu- 
cation; Newman Club; Ed. Club. 

CHASE, Linda L.; Palmer; Elemen- 
tary Education; Dorm Gov't., Social 
Chrm.; Resid. Living Board; Couns. 
Selection Board; Dean's List; l.D. 
Office; Intramurals. 

CHASKELSON, Marsha I.; Matta- 
pan; Psychology. 

CHAUDHURI, Minu; Worcester; 
Biochemistry; Dorm Exec. Coun.; 
Scholastic Comm.; Dean's List; In- 
tramurals; Bolo Qub. 

CHEN, Jennifer H.; West Orange, 
N.J.; Mathematics; Mortar Board, 
Treas.; Dorm Cultural Chrm.; Chinese 
Qub; Intern. Club; Do»-m Couns.; 
Honors Colloquium; Free Univ. 

CHENARD, Michelle J.; Danvers; 
Medical Technology; Exec. Coun.; 
Chi Omega; Jr. Panhellenic Coun., 
Treas., Advisor; Dean's List. 

CHL^NG, Patricia A.; Glen Cove, 
N.Y.; Music Education; Chorus; 

CHIN, Donna L.; Framingham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Angel Flight. 

CHIN, Herbert; Brookline; Manage- 
ment; Dorm Delegate; Intramurals. 

CHOW, Judy J.; Seekonk; Fashion 
Merchandising; Dorm Judiciary, 
Social Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

CHRETIEN, Suzanne M.; South Had- 
ley; English; Dean's List; Astronomy 
Qub; Science Fiction Club, Sec; 
E.D.U.C; Awful Waffle Queen; In- 
tramurals; Fire Marshall; Honors 
Colloquia; Fencing; Karate; Bolo 

CHRISTIAN, Karen E.; West Spring- 
field; English; Dorm Standards Comm., 
Exec. Coun.; N.E.S.; Belchertown 
Vol.; Dean's List. 

CHRISTMANN, Robert H.; Groton, 
Vermont; Wildlife Biology; Collegian, 
Photography; Campus Crusade for 
Christ; Dean's List. 

CHUDY, Marc C; Plainfield; Ac- 
counting; Accoun. Club. 

CHUDY, Tadeusz L.; Plainfield; Ac- 

CHULUDA, Philip A.; Middleton; 
Chemical Engineering; Intramurals 
A.l.Ch.E.; Dorm Judiciary. 

CHUNGLO, Elizabeth A.; North- 
hampton; Art; Commuters Qub; 
Dean's List; Dorm Activities Comm. 

CIARDELLO, Geraldine M.; Lawrence; 
Elementary Education; Newman Club; 
Dorm Comm.; Dean's List; Ed. Club. 

CICCONI, Arthur; Watertown; Mar- 
kefing; Golf Team. 

CIESLUK, Alexander F.; Deerfield; 
Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma, Sec. 

CIRRITO, Angela; Grafton; English; 
French Corridor, Vice-Pres.; Eques- 
trian Club. 

CLANCY, Patricia A.; Needham; 
Education; Lasell Jr. College. 

CLAPFIAM, Nancy L.; Fitchburg; 
Sociology; Karate Club; Ski Club; 
Belchertown Vol.; Northampton Vol. 

CLAPP, Margaret A.; North Grafton; 
Zoology; Index; Dorm Couns. 

CLARK, Cynthia H.; Leominster; 

CLARK, Richard J.; Braintree; Mech- 
anical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; A. LA. A.; 
S.A.E.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

CLARKE, Virginia W.; Ware; Elemen- 
tary Education. 

CLAY, Deborah A.; Salem; English; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Dean's List. 

CLOUGH, Lynn F.; Amherst; Mathe- 

CLOUGH, Ronald M.; Waltham; 
Park A.dministration; UMass. Vol. 
Fire Dept. 

C'MIEL, George J.; Westfield; Manage- 
ment; Phi Sigma Kappa, Vice-Pres., 
Social Chrm.; Intramurals. 

COBLEIGH, Paul R.; Sunderland; 

COCHRAN, Jeanne M.; East Long- 
meadow; Dance; Pi Beta Phi; Scrolls; 
Concert Dance Group; Chorus. 

COCKCROFT, Herbert J.; Naugatuck, 
Conn.; Enviromental Design; Sigma 
Alpha MU; Envir. Design Club; 
Undergraduate Curriculum Comm.; 
Golf Team. 

COELHO, Albert; Fall River; English; 
Mandala (N.E. Area Journal). 

COHEN, Larry J.; Beverly; Govern- 
ment; usee, Chrm,; Contemporary 
Univ.; Flying Redmen. 

COHN, Susan N.; Springfield; Educa- 
tion; Alpha Lambda Delta, Treas.; 
Kappa Delta Phi; Mortar Board; 
Collegian; B'nai B'rith-Hillel Found., 
Sec; Homecoming Comm. 

COLABELLO, Louis P.; Milford; 
Physical Education; Varsity Baseball. 

COLOSl, Robert A.; Niagara Falls, 
N.Y.; Government; Tau Kappa 
Epsilon, Sec; ARCON; Phi Beta 

COMPARONE, Michael J.; Salisbury; 
English; Univ. Theatre. 

CONDIKE, Brian J.; Fitchburg; Chemi- 

CONDON, Roy A.; Watertown; 
Physical Education; Tau Kappa 
Epsilon; Frosh. Football; Varsity 
Lacrosse; Newman Club; Dean's List. 

CONNELL, June A.; Somerville; 

CONNOR, Jeffrey P.; Pittsfield; 
Sociology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice- 
Pres., House Mngr.; Intramurals. 

CONNOR, Thomas R.; Braintree; 
Economics; Intramurals; Dorm Rep.; 
Dean's List; P.U.B. Club. 

CONROY, John C; Hempstead, N.Y.; 
Physical Education; Baseball, Capt. 

CONSOLINI, Paul J.; West Stock- 
bridge; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; 
Flying Club; Judo Club. 

CONTE, Michelle M.; Pittsfield; 
Elementary Education. 

CONTE, Sylvia; Pittsfield; Art. 

CONVOY, Kenneth R.; Valley Stream, 
N.Y.; Marketing; Homecoming Comm.; 
Mktg. Club; Program Comm;; 

CONWAY, Marguerite K.; Gill; 
English; Newman Club. 

COOK, Loring A.; Magnolia; Govern- 
ment; Phi Mu Delta, Pres.; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Maroon Keys; ARCON; Pi 
Sigma Alpha; Class Commencement 
Task Force; Hockey Team; Phi Beta 

COOK, Mary E.; Buzzards Bay; 

COOK, Richard E.; Hadley; Agricul- 
tural Resource Economics; Phi Sigma 
Delta; Soccer; Intramurals. 

COOK, Roberta L.; Maiden; Sociology; 
International Club; Phi Beta Kappa. 

COOMBS, Sandra L; Amherst; 
Elementary Education; Qass Exec. 
Coun.; Winter Carni Comm. 

COOPER, Linda A.; Glendale; English; 
Dean's List; Berkshire Community 

COOPERMAN, Naomi B.; Queens 
Village, N.Y.; Communication Dis- 
orders; Sigma Delta Tau, Pres.; Gen. 
Court; Scrolls; N.E.S.; Alpha Lambda 

COPPOLA, Thomas W.; Amherst; 
Mathematics; Frosh Golf. 

CORBUT, Joyce M.; Holyoke; Nurs- 
ing; Scrolls; Counselor. 

CORBY, Barbara A.; Leominster; 
Psychology; French; Pi Beta Phi; 
Dean's List; Scrolls; Belchertown 
Vol.; Parkway Project. 

CORBY, Cynthia A.; Sagamore; 
Fashion Merchandising; Alpha Chi 
Omega; Dean's List. 

N.J.; Chemistry; Phi Beta Kappa. 

CORDELLA, Richard J.; Framingham; 
Management; Intramurals. 

CORMIER, Donna M.; Watertown; 
Child Development; Newman Club; 
Residential Living Board. 

CORRENTI, Anthony J.; Medford; 
Management; Intramurals; House 
Coun.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Sport 
Chrm., Counselor 

COULTER, Jean M.; Dalton; Psy- 
chology; Newman Club; Bologna 
Summer Prog. 

COURNOYER, Robert F.; Brockton; 
Chemsitry; Phi Beta Kappa. 

COWDREY, Evelyn F,; Athol; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration. 

CRAIG, David E.; Acton; Wildlife 
Biology; Campus Crusade for Christ; 
Rifle Team; Collegian, photographer; 
Wildlife Soc, Student Chapter. 

CRAVEDI, David L.; Worcester; 
Sociology; Dean's List; D.V.P.; 
M.L.K. Tutorial Prog.; Northampton 
Vol.; Intramurals. 

CRAWFORD, Margot E.; Chelms- 
ford; Child Development; Kappa 
Alpha Theta; Marrill-Palmer In- 

CREMONE, Joseph C; Maiden; 
Art History; Pre-Med Club; House 
Judiciary; Program Coun.; Zool. 
Dept. Student-Fac. Liaison Comm.; 
PJii Beta Kappa. 

CROCE, Mary R.; Marlboro; Fashion 

CROMIE, Andrea N.; Fairhaven; 
Physical Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Dean's List; Exec. Coun. 

CRONIN, Georganne E.; Norwell; 
Elementary Education; Chi Omega; 
Angel Flight; Dorm Pres. 

CRONIN, James C; Haverhill; His- 
tory; Intramurals. 

CRONIN, Kevin T.; Maiden; History; 
Forensic Soc; SW Patroits. 

CROUCH, Willard H.; Dover; 
History; Pioneer Valley Nature Soc, 

CRUZ, Margaret A.; Taunton; 
Sociology; Dean's List; Pi Beta Phi. 

CULLEN, Joan M.; Lexington; Elem- 
entary Education; Iota Gamma 
Upsilon; Dean's List; Dorm Couns.; 
Ski Club. 

CULLMAN, Reynold A.; Stoughton; 
Government; Dean's List; OH Area 
Gov't., Pres.; Program Coun.; Exec. 
Coun.; Intramurals; Senior Day 
Chrm.; Pi Sigma Alpha. 

CUMMINGS, Jean M.; Leominster; 

CUMMINGS, Richard F.; Barre; 
Economics; Operetta Guild. 

CUNNINGHAM, Kathryn J.; Lunen- 
burg; Elementary Education; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma, Pres.; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Dean's List; Ed. Club. 

CUOCO, Robert J.; Wilmington; 

CURLEY, Catherine D.; Belmont; 
English; Ski Club. 

CURLEY, Judith A.; Middleboro; 
English; Dorm Couns.; USCC; Dean's 

CURRAN, Mary M.; Northbridge; 
Art; Pi Beta Phi (Hist.); Dorm Exec. 
Coun., Social Chrm.; Exec. Coun.; 
Homecoming Comm. 

CURRAN, Susan T.; Essex Fells, 
N.J.; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Recording Sec, Vice-Pres.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Special Events Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

CURRIE, Patricia L; Leominster; 
Elementary Education; M.L.K. Coun.; 
Moratorium Comm.; New Mexico 
Exchange Prog. 

CURTIN, Mary K.; Leominster; 
History; Scrolls; Dorm Exec. Coun., 
Judiciary (Chrm.); Phi Beta Kappa. 

CURTIS, Marilyn M.; New City, 
N.Y.; History; Chi Omega; Dean's 
List; Bridal Fair Publicity; Children's 

CURTISS, Cynthia E.; Shelton, Conn.; 
English; United Christian Foundation. 

CUTLER, Steven C; Paterson, N.J.; 
Government; Tau Epsilon Phi; 
Maroon Keys. 

CYR, John P.; Sunderland; Electrical 
Engineering; Amateur Radio Club. 

CYR, Paul R.; Lowell; Government. 

CZAJKOWSKI, Joanne M.; Hadley; 
English; Newman Club, 1st Vice- 

CZARNECKI, Robert M.; Shrews- 
biry; Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E., 
Vice-Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta 
Pi, Sec. 

CZIFRIK, Miklos F.; Woburn; Socio- 
logy; Beta Chi; Intramurals; Dorm 

D'ADDARIO, Mary A.; East Boston; 
Communication Disorders; Comm. 
Dis. Club; Sigma Alpha Eta; Dorm 
Social Chrm.; Dean's List. 

DAHLBY, Kathryn S.; Peabody; 
Child Development; Omicron Nu. 

DAHLSTROM, Susan C; Worcester; 
Psychology; N.E.5.; Dean's List; 
Worcester Jr. College. 

DALEY, Paul R.; Worcester; Psy- 
chology; Psych Club; Intramurals. 

DALTON, Leslie; Middletown, N.J.; 
English; Sigma Delta Tau; Pan- 
hellenic Coun., Treas. 

DAMORE, David R.; Worcester; 
Management; Intramural Basketball. 

D'ANDREA, Rosario S.; Belmont; 
French; Operetta Guild; EDUC; 
French Corridor. 

D'ANGELO, Maria C; Milton; 
Psychology; Scrolls' Operetta Guild; 
Univ, and State Comm. Coun.; Dorm 
Couns., Cultural Comm. 

DANIELS, George F.; N. Grafton; 
Electrical Engineering; Delta Chi, 
Treas.; Dorm Judiciary. 

DANIELS, Renee A.; Webster; Socio- 

DARGELIS, Patricia A.; Athol; 
Elementary Education. 

DARMAN, Michael; Mattapan; 
History; Intramurals; Collegian; 
Draft Couns.; Contemporary Univ. 

DAVIN, Carolyn N.; Newton HIds.; 
Sociology; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Registrar; Belchertown Vol.; Ski 
Club; Dorm Social Comm.; Vermont 

DAVIS, Cynthia J.; Maiden; Elem- 
entary Education; Campus Center 
Prog. Coun., (Chrm.), Governing 
Board; Class Exec. Coun. 

DAVIS, Julie P.; Wellesley; Child 

DAVIS, Phillip L.; Wilmington, N.C 
Hotel and Restaurant Administration, 
Kappa Sigma, Pledge Trainer, 
Wrestling; Intramurals. 

DAVIS, Susan J.; New Bedford; His- 

DAYS, Deborah L.; N. Truro; Fash- 
ion Merchandising; AHEA; Dean's 

DEACON, Thomas H.; Advisor; 
Psychology; Concert, Marching 
Bands; Intramurals. 

DEASY, Linus D.; Manchester, Conn; 
Hotel Administration; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Alumni Sec; Manchester 
Community College; Florida State 
U.; Student Senate; Inkeepers' Club. 

DEAY, Donald A.; So. Yarmouth; 
Management; Intramurals. 

DEBENEDETTO, Diane M.; Law- 
rence; Pre-Med.; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Marching, Symphony, Concert 
Bands; Phi Beta Kappa. 

DEBETTENCOURT, Paul L.; Sunder- 
land; Fisheries Biology; Dean's List. 

DEC, Beverly A.; Fairview; Psy- 
chology; Dean's List. 

DEC, David P.; Hadley; Accounting; 
Phi Sigma Delta; Soccer; Intramurals. 

DEC, Doreen A.; Hadley; Art; 
Marching Nand; Newman Club; 
Collegian; Dean's List. 

DEFALCO, Dolores; Medford; Educa- 

DEFORT, Dale K.; Gloucester; 

DEFURL^, John D.; Cambridge; 
Government; Counselor. 

DEITCH, Debora B.; Port Chester, 
N.Y.; Physical Education; Tri Sigma; 
Naiads, Publicity Mngr. 

DELANEY, Stephen; Hingham; 
Marketing; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

DELEO, Paul G.; Cambridge; Econo- 
mics; Econ. Liaison Comm.; Student 

DELGAUDIO, Mary Alice; West 
Medford; Psychology; Chi Omega; 

DELIBERO, Susan R.; Whitinsville; 
Child Development; Dorm Couns.; 
NAEYE member. 

DELISLE, Elaine C; Fairview; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

DELUCCA, Carol M.; Methuen; 

DEMEO, William J.; Amherst; 

DEMPSEY, Linda H.; Bedford; Rus- 

DEMPSEY, Robert D.; Somerset; 
Hotel and Restaurant Administration; 
Theta Chi; Maroon Keys; Varsity 

DENEAULT, Nancy J.; Greenfield; 
History; Tau Beta Sigam; Marching 
Band; Symphony Band, Tour Asst.; 
Dean's List; Dorm Prog. Comm. 

DERENZO, Lynda M.; Needham; 
Nursing; Winter Carni, Theme & 

DESANTIS, Carol A.; Quincy; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Dorm Social Chrm.; Class EXec 
Coun.; SW Patriots; Flying Redmen; 
Dean's List; Kappa Delta Pi. 

DESCHAMPS, Pamela J.; East Orleans; 
Government; Vermont College. 

DESJARDINS, Cynthia J.; Sunder- 
land; Child Development; Hey- 
makers; Flying Redmen. 

DESMARAIS, Rene A.; Aldenville; 

DESMOND, Daniel F.; Hatfield; 
Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Tau Beta Pi; I.E.E.E. 

DESROCHERS, Roland G.; Chicopee; 

DESROSIER, Philip G.; Rockland; 
Electrical Engineering. 

DEVERGILIO, Richard J.; Pittsfield; 
Plant and Soil Science. 

DEVINCENT, Paul D.; Waltham; 
Psychology; Phi Sigma Delta; In- 
tramurals; Muscular Drive; Discus- 
sion Leader. 

DEVINE, Linda D.; Framingham; 
Elementary Education. 

DEVITO, Lee C; Portland, Maine; 
Aerospace Engineering; Phi Mu Delta; 
ALAA; ASME; SAE; Dorm Coun. 


DEVOE, Judith A.; Sudbun'; Socio- 
logy; N.E.S.; Dean's List. 

DEWHURST, Helen F.; Weymouth; 
Physical Education; Tennis; Field 
Hockey; Judo; Women's Choir. 

DICKSON, Nancy M.; Richmond; 
Education; Scrolls; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Dean's List; Dorm Activities Comm. 

DIMAIO, James N.; Brighton; 
Forestry; Forestry Club. 

DION, Charlotte A.; Mt. Holly, N.J.; 
English; Phi Beta Kappa. 

DIPERRl, Paul J.; Fitchburg; Wood 
Technology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Fresh. 
Track and Cross Country; Ski Club; 
Ski Patrol; Intramurals. 

DIRECTOR, Susan C; Amherst; 
Mathematics; Dean's List. 

DIRUSSO, Corinne R.; Somerville; 
Elementary Education. 

DI5ANT1, Anne T.; Holyoke; Sociol- 

DITCH, Urry E. 

Charlton; Anthro- 

DIVERDI, Michael A.; Shrewsbury; 

DOBROWLSKl, Robert T.; Irvington, 
N.J.; Zoology; Dean's List; Pre-Med 
See; Scuba Club; Fresh. Soccer; 
Intramural Soccer. 

DODD, Alan F.; Westboro; Govern- 
ment; Phi Sigma Kappa, Treas.; Stu- 
dent Senate; Class Exec. Coun.; 
ASPIRE, Coord.; Dorm Pres., Couns.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Pi Sigma Alpha, 

DODGE, Mildred M.; Brockton; 
Textiles, Qothing and Enviromental 
Arts; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; Dorm 
Judiciary, Chief Justice; House Mngr.; 
Area Newspapers Staff; Dorm Athletic 
Comm., Co-Chrm, 

DOHERTY, Diane M.; Saugus; Phys- 
ical Education; Sigma Kappa, Social 
Chrm.; Exchange Prog. — U. of New 
Mexico; Homecoming Comm.; 
Program Coun. 

DOLE, James K.; Falmouth; Finance; 
Intramurals; Newman Club. 

DOLLOFF, Eugene D.; Melrose; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; Alpha 
Sigma Phi. 

DONAHUE, Peter D.; Weymouth; 

DONNELLY, Margaret; Weymouth; 
Home Economics Education; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Newman Club; AHEA. 

DENNIS, William M.; Hatfield; An- 

DONOHUE, Sr. Mary of Fatima S.P.; 
Holyoke; Nursing. 

DONOVAN, Dennis M.; West- 
minster; Management; Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Social Chrm., Vice-Pres.; 
Maroon Keys; Revelers. 

DONOVAN, Philip E.; 
Art; Heymakers. 


DOONAN, Pauline M.; Hamilton Sq., 
N.J.; Nursing; Nurs. Class, Sec. 

DORFMAN, Neil G.; Swampscott; 
Government; Dorm Judiciary; Gen- 
eral Court, Chief Justice; Adelphia, 
Vice-Pres.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honors 
Prog.; Dean's List. 

DORN, Lynne D.; Holbrook; Psy- 
chology; Dean's List. 

DOTTIN, James W., II; Boston; 
Marketing; African-Amer. Soc; 
Mktg. Club; Amer. Mktg. Assoc. 

DOW, Burton R., Jr.; Salisbury; 
Physical Education; Dean's List; 
Phys. Ed. Majors Club; House Coun., 
Judiciary; Inter. Game Fish Seminar, 
Capt., Intramurals. 

DRABEK, Constance A.; Ware; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

DREEZER, Sheila M.; Maiden; En- 
glish; Dorm Judiciary. 

DRISCOLL, Martha C; Swampscott; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Revelers; Dorm Couns.; Exec. 


Marjarita; Wollaston; DROZDAL, Patricia T.; Hadley; 
Sociology; Dean's List. 

DOLAN, Barbara E.; Andover; Nur- DRYER, Kathleen M.; Quincy; Ele- 
sing; Sigma Kappa; Scrolls; Greek mentary Education; Tri Sigma; Dean's 
Week Comm.; Exec. Coun. List. 

DOLAN, Daniel J.; E. Walpole; Sys- 
tems Management; Tau Kappa 
Epsilon; International Student Assoc; 
Intramurals Tennis Club; Dean's 

DOLAN, Meredith A.; Marlboro; 
Sociology; House Gov't.; Exec. Coun.; 
Winter Carni Comm. 

DUBILO, Ned A.; Holyoke; History; 
Dorm Couns.; Intramurals; Phi Beta 

DUCLOS, Jo-Ann; Dalton; Home 
Economics Education; NES. 

DUFAULT, Richard A.; Holyoke; 
General Business and Finance. 

DUKE, Leslie J.; Amherst; Elementary 
Education; Pi Beta Phi; Kappa Delta 
Phi; NES; Dean's List; Ed. Club; Ski 

DUMAS, Richard F.; Springfield; 

DUMONT, Roger G.; Dunstable; 
English; NES; Mt. Wachusett Com- 
munity College. 

DUNCAN, Kathleen A.; Walpole; 
Speech Education; Dorm Gov't. Rep.; 
Speech Dept. Student Advisory 
Board; Mass Bay Community College. 

DUNLOP, Bruce A.; Chicopee; Plant 
and Soil Science; Q.T.V.; Dean's List; 

DUNN, Bonnie; Warren, N.J.; Human 

DUNN, Mary Ellen; Leeds; Elemen- 
tary Education. 

DUNNE, Margaret K.; Holbrook; 
Sociology; Dorm Pres., Couns.; 
Dean's List; Newman Club. 

DUREJ, Daniel J.; Chicopee; Business 

DURFEE, Lawrence A.; Natick; Elec- 
trical Engineering; IEEE; Dorm Pres.; 
Sigma Alpha Mu. 

DURRIN, Brenda S.; Fitchburg; En- 
glish; Kappa Alpha Theta; Exchange 
student — U. of New Mexico; Bold- 
wood Project; Dean's List. 

DUSSIK, Karl T.; Lexington; Zoology; 
Phi Eta Sigma; Pre-Med Club; Ski 
Club; Intramurals. 

DUXBURY, Ann E.; Glen Rock, N.J.; 
Government; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
2d. Vice-Pres.; Panhellenic Coun.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming 
Comm.; Dean's List. 

DWYER, Barbara M.; Pittsfield; Ele- 
mentary Education; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Dorm Treas. 

DWYER, M. Kathy; Concord; Psy- 

DWYER, Paul R.; Hamden, Conn.; 
General Business and Finance. 

DWYER, Philip E.; Amherst; Hotel 
Administration; Crew Team. 

DWORKIN, Judith M.; Worcester; 

DYER, Richard A.; Winthrop; Physical 
Education; Counselor; Dean's List; 
Track, indoor, outdoor (capt.); Intra- 

DZICZEK, Alfred S.; Holyoke; Eco- 

EASTLAND, Linda A.; Pittsfield; 
Elementary Education; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, 2d. Vice-Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Dorm Living Comm., Social Comm., 
Cultural Comm. (Chrm.), Vice-Pres.; 
Community Relations Bd. 

EBIN, Joseph M.; Framingham; Psy- 
chology; Class Exec. Coun.; Ski Club; 

ECONOMOV, Lynda M.; Lowell; Pre- 
Med; Women's Ski Team; Pre-Med 

EDGAR, John H.; Ludlow; General 
Business and Economics; Beta Kappa 
Phi; Dean's List; Intralurals. 

EDWARDS, Charles D.; Newton Ctr.; 
Psychology; Psych Club; Ski Club. 

EDWARDS, Glenn T.; Sunderland; 
Marketing; Concert Band; Jazz En- 
semble; Judo Club; Mktg. Qub; 
Accoun. Club. 

EDWARDS, Sharon A.; Framingham; 

EGAN, Gail M.; Stoneham; French; 
Alpha Chi Omega, Activ. Chrm.; 
Dean's List; Revelers; Sorority Sing; 
Exec. Counc; Homecoming Comm.; 
Exchange Student. 

EHLY, Priscilla M.; Holyoke; Spanish. 

EHLY, Stewart; Holyoke; Psychology; 
Phi Kappa Phi; SW Assem.; Honors 
Colloquia; Phi Beta Kappa. 

ElBEN, David B.; Amherst; Geology; 
Cross-Country and Track. 

EIDENT, Cristopher J.; Falmouth; 
Zoology; Intramurals; Dean's List; 
Dorm Vice-Pres.; Newman Club. 

EIDLIN, Rose H.; Brockton; History; 
Dean's List; Chorale. 

EISMAN, Wayne B.; Amherst; Chem- 
istry; D.V.P.; Moratorium Peace Mail 
Comm.; Phi Eta Sigma. 

ELIAS, Katherine M.; Methuen; Com- 
munication Disorders; Sigma Kappa, 
Rush Chrm., Sec; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Comm. Dis. Club; Dorm Judiciary; 
Index; Greek Week Comm,, Chrm. 

ELKIN, Maeve D,; Middleboro; Eng- 
lish; Dean's List. 

ELLIOTT, Neal; West Newton; An- 

ELLIS, Jane E.; Foxboro; Elementary 
Education; Form Pres,, Counselor. 

ELLIS, Michael E.; Fall River; Mathe- 
mafics; Intramurals, 

ELLISON, Harry P.; Chestnut Hill; 
Mathematics; Adelphia; Tau Epsilon 
Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa 
Phi; D.V.P., Chrm. 

EMBREE, James A.; Braintree; Micro- 

EMMINGER, William R.; Brandon, 
Florida; Management; ROTC. 

ENGDAHL, Charles F., Jr.; Worcester; 
Sociology; Dean's List; Dorm Couns.; 
Belchertown Vol.; Intramurals. 

ENGLE, Susan B.; Youngstown, Ohio; 
Medical Technology; Alpha Delta 
Theta, Pres.; Mortar Board. 

ENGEL, Suzanne J.; Athol; Sociology; 
Dean's List; Northampton Vol. 

ENGLANDER, Laurence H.; Milton; 
Government; Collegiate Flying Club. 

ENTRIKIN, Thomas C; Yorktown 
Heights, N.Y.; Government; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; WMUA; 

EPSTEIN, Gail S.; Holyoke; Psychol- 
ogy; Ski Club. 

ERDMANN, Carl D.; Fall River; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; Phi 
Mu Delta, Exec. Vice-Pres., House 
Mngr.; Intramurals; Forestry Club; 
Newman Club. 

ERIKSON, Erik W.; Palmer; Civil 

ERICKSON, Judith A.; Worcester, 
History; Sigma Kappa, Historian, 
Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm, 
Winter Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 

ERICKSON, Robert A.; Gardner; His- 
tory; Outing Club; Dean's List. 

ESSLER, Glenn R.; Danvers; Market- 
ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Sec, Vice-Pres., 
Pres.; Revelers; Greek Coun.; IFC; 
FPA; Dean's List; Adelphians, Pres.; 
Mktg. Club; SBA Forum; Intramurals. 

ESTERMAN, Ralph A.; Newton Ctr.; 
Psychology; Cheerleaders; Intramurals; 
Bridge Club; Heymakers. 

ETTER, Richard A.; Hardwick; Edu- 

EVANS, David T.; West Boxford; 
History; Theta Chi; Vars. Track Team, 
Co-capt.; Vars. Cross Country Team; 
Collegian; Dean's List. 

EVERETT, Linda L.; Sunderland; Eng- 
lish; Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's List; 
Homecoming Comm.; Exec. Coun. 

EY, Bruce L.; Sudbury; Civil Engineer- 
ing; A.S.C.E.; Dorm Judiciary, Couns. 

FADEN, Andrew D.; Framingham; 
Electrical Engineering; A.M.F., Pres. 

FAGG, Joseph A.; Danvers; English; 

FARLEY, David R.; Framingham; 
Zoology; Marching, Symphony Bands; 
Symphony Orchestra. 

FARRELL, Karen L.; Scituate; Ele- 
mentary Education; SW Patriots; Class 
Exec. Coun. 

FARRELL, Katherine B.; Florence; 
Fashion Merchandising; Student 
Senate; Dorm Social Chrm., Exec. 
Coun., Standards Comm.; Operetta 
Guild; Dean's List; Public Rel. Comm., 

FARRELL, Margaret A.; Hingham; An- 

FAUCHER, Bernard F.; Worcester; 
Governemtn; Alpha Phi Omega; 
French Corridor, Pres. 

FAY, Michael D.; Wellesley; Sociol- 
ogy; Lt. Univ. Fire Dept.; Dean's List. 

FEELEY, Kathleen K.; Franklin; Child 

FELDMAN, Roberta L; Springfield; 

FELDMAN, Ruth L.; New Bedford; 

FELLER, Marc A.; Yonkers, N.Y.; 
Economics; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Maroon Keys, Chrm.; 
Econ. Liaison Comm.; Intramurals; 
Index, photo.; Holyoke Legal Assist; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

FENTON, James D.; Methuen; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; Tau 
Epsilon Phi; Class Exec. Coun.; SEND- 
OFF Comm. 

FERRARI, Mary K.; Holyoke; Medical 
Technology; Ski Club; Holyoke Comm. 
College; HCC Sigma Rho Honor 
Soc; Who's Who (Junior Colleges). 

FERRITER, John M.; Amherst; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Phi Mu Delta, Pres.; 
Scabbard & Blade; AIChE; Intramu- 

FERRITER, Sandra M.; Mystic, Conn.; 
Fashion Merchandising; Iota Gamma 
Upsilon, Pledge Trn.; SW Patriots; 
Exec. Coun.; Dean's List. 

FERWERDA, Loralie H.; Amherst; 
Education; Chorus, Sec, Treas.; 
Chorale, Asst. Mngr. 

FICHERA, Caryl A.; No. Andover; 

FICHTEL, Michael W.; Ashbuenham; 
Wood Technology; Soccer; Intramu- 

FICO, Cynthia M.; Watertown; Ele- 
mentary Education; Exec. Coun.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Ski Club. 

FIELD, Moonyean M.; Agawam; Com- 
munication Disorders; Dean's List; 
Operetta Guild, Business Mngr., 
Personnel Mngr.; Newman Choir. 

FIFE, Howard A., Jr.; West Spring- 
field; Park Administration; Arbor- 
culture and Park Adm. Assoc. 

FILMORE, Thomas H.; Sunderland; 
Psychology; Psych Club, Pres.; Stu- 
dent Senate, Academic Affairs 
(Chrm.); Course Eval. Prog.; Who's 
Who; National Register of Student; 
National Science Foun. Summer Grant. 

RNKELSTEIN, Steven M.; Sprmg- 
field; Psychology. 

FISCHER, Leslie A.; Falmouth; Sociol- 
ogy; Dorm Pres.; NES; Naiads; Home- 
coming Comm.; Exec. Coun. 

FISHER, Shirley A.; Amherst; Ele- 
mentary Education; Ed. Club; Chorus. 

FITTS, Judith H.; Oakdale; Mathe- 
matics; Gamma Sigma Sigma, Record- 
ing Sec; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean's 
List; Chorus; Dorm Comms.; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

FITZBACK, Elaine M.; Webster; Rus- 
shan; Angel Flight, Admin. Officer, 
Area A-1 Comman.; Fac-Student 
Comm. for Dept. Slavic Lang. &, Lit.; 
Russian Club; Mortar Board; Coun- 
selor; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FITZGERALD, Janet L.; Natick; 
Mathematics; Dorm Judiciary; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

FITZGERALD, Kathleen M.; Duxbury; 
Human Development; Chi Omega; 
Dorm Gov't., Couns., Exec. Coun. 

FITZGERALD, Shawn; No. Easton; 
Mathematics; Phi Mu Delta, Social 
Chrm., Rush Chrm.; Maroon Keys, 
Treas.; ARGON, Chrm.; S.U.G. 
Board, Special Allocation Chrm. 

FITZPATRICK, Bernard F., Jr.; Wor- 
cester; Government; Dorm Vice-Pres., 
Social Chrm.; House Coun.; Deputy to 
OH Area Gov't. 

FITZPATRICK, Elizabeth B.; Cohasset; 
French; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dean's 
List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FITZPATRICK, Marion E.; Lexington; 
Sociology; Tri Sigma, Treas.; Sym- 
phony Orchestra; Dorm Counselor. 

FLAGG, Paul W.; Barre; Psychology; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FLAHERTY, Barbara J.; Amherst, 
N.H.; Home Economics Education; 
Amer. Home Ec Assoc; Equestrian 
Club; Student Training Prog. 

FLAHIVE, Anne B.; Westfield; Edu- 
cation; Alpha Chi Omega, Vice-Pres.; 
Exec. Coun.; Dean's List; Exchange 
Club Part.; Belchertown Vol. 

FLAIM, Edward A.; Fort Lee, N.].; 
History; Kappa Sigma, Pres.; Frosh, 
Vars. Football; Flying Club. 

FLANDERS, Dennis R.; Northampton; 

FLITCROFT, Jeanne M.; Chelmsford; 
History; Tri Sigma, Scholastic Chrm. 

FLUMERE, Bette A.; Framingham; 
Elementary Education; Class Exec 
Coun.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Exchange 
Student — U. of New Mexico; Dean's 

FLYNN, Donna L.; Methuen; Fashion 
Merchandising; Sigma Kappa, 2d. 
Vice-Pres.; Ski Club; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Homecoming Comm. 

FLYNN, MaryElIen; North Brookfield; 
Nursing; Sigma Theta Tau; Nurs. 
Club; Sr. Nurs. Class, Vice-Pres.; 
Dorm Couns. 

RYNN, Patricia A.; Lawrence; Sociol- 
ogy; Class Exec. Coun.; Homecoming 
Comm., Sec; USCC; NES; Winter 
Carni Comm., Chrm.; Dean's List; 
Soph. Banquet Comm.; SWAP; C.C 
Governing Board. 

FOLEY, Cheryl J.; Jeffersonville, 
Indiana; Nursing; Newman Club; Nurs. 

FOLEY, Judith A.; Arlington; Ele- 
mentary Education; Chi Omega; 
Bridal Fair; Dean's List. 

FOLEY, Patricia A.; Swansea; Eng- 
lish; Women's Lib; English Dept. 
Undergrad Coun.; NES; Debating; 

FOLEY, Sheila E.; Waltham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Pi Beta Phi, 
Record. Sec; Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's 
List; Dorm Officer. 

FONTES, Donald R.; Kingston; 
Microbiology; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Arnold Air Soc. 

FORBES, Lynda; Hooksett, N.H.; 
History; Dean's List; Dorm Gov't. 

FORCE, Christine; Holbrook; Anthro- 
pology; Dorm Judiciary; Ski Club. 

FORD, Maria J.; So. Deerfield; Public 

FORMAN, Floyd A.; Milton; Govern- 
ment; Student Senate. 

FORMATO, Barbara A.; Worcester; 
English; Gamma Sigma Sigma. 

FORREST, Beverly A.; New York, 
N.Y.; Fashion Merchandising; Dean's 

FORTIER, Judith A.; So. Hadley; 
Elementary Education. 

FORTIN, Francine J.; Fitchburg; 
Physical Education; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Naiads; Panhellenic Coun., 
Vice-Pres.; Scrolls; Greek. Coun. 

FOSTER, Nancy E.; Tewksbury; 
Physical Education. 

FOSTER, Rona A.; Holden; Art Edu- 

FOURNIER, Lawrence H.; Hunting- 
ton; Chemistry; Marching Band. 

FOX, Joel D.; Randolph; Govern- 
ment; Adelphia, Vice-Pres.; Collegian, 
Managing Ed.; Student Senate; Who's 
Who; Cross-country and Track Team. 

FOX, William R.; Chicopee; U.S. His- 
tory; Program Coun.; Exec. Coun.; 
Outing Club; Ski Club; Pre-Law Soc; 
Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi 
Kappa Phi. 

FRADKOFF, Lester H.; Newton Ctr.; 
Management; S.B.A. Forum. 

FRANQS, Karen A.; Salem; French. 

FREDERICKSON, Robert E.; Lisbon, 
N.H.; Industrial Engineering; AIIE; 
Tau Beta Pi. 

FREEDMAN, Barbara F.; Sharon; 
Anthropology; Univ. Theatre; N.E.S. 

FREEDMAN, Lesli L.; Brookline; 

FRICCHIONE, Diana J.; Longmeadow; 
Education; Kappa Alpha Theta, 1st. 
Vice-Pres.; Belchertown Vol.; Dorm 

FRIEDGEN, Dale E.; Worcester; 
Philosophy; Ski Qub; Karate Qub 
Soc. for the Preservation of Self; 
Corridor Rep. 

FRIEDMAN, Nancy D.; Wakefield; 
French; N.E.S.; Phi Beta Kappa. 

FRIEDMAN, Sharon L.; Newton; 

FRKDMAN, Steven R.; Framingham; 
Government; Student Senate. 

FRIEND, Paul R.; Worcester; Ele- 
mentary Education; Hist. — Kappa 
Delta Pi; Dean's List; N.E.S. 

FRISBIE, John E.; Westfield; Mathe- 

FRUGOLI, Sandra M,; Marshfield; 

FUCILLO, Raymond J,; Rockland; 
Hotel Management; Dean's List. 

FUGARAZZO, Patricia A.; Somer- 
ville; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi, Treas.; 
Nursing Class, Pres.; Nurs. Honor 
Soc, Vice-Pres.; Mortar Board. 

FULTON, Bruce A.; Canton; Physi- 
cal Education; Football, Lacrosse, 
Swimming, Wrestling. 

FULTON, Gary W.; Cleveland, Ohio; 
Wildlife; Wildlife Soc, (Student 
Ch.), Treas., Pres.; Vars. Rifle Team. 

GAGE, George E.; Concord; Man- 

GAJEWSKI, Dorothy M.; Lincoln; 
English; Student Gov't. Marching 

GALLAGfiER, Katherine M.; Mai- 
den; History; Musigals; Chorale. 

GALLAGHER, Richard T.; Tewks- 
bury; Marketing; Zeta Nu; Mktg. 
Club; Intramurals. 

GALLERANI, David F.; Haverhill; 
Psychology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Social Chrm.; Intramurals. 

GALLO, Linda G.; Methuen; Ele- 
mentary Education; Ski Club. 

GALUS, Susan A.; West Spring- 
field; English. 

GALUSKA, Marilyn F.; New Bed- 
ford; Mathematics; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Dean's List; Women's Choir; 
Dorm Gov't Officer; Phi Beta Kappa. 

GANLEY, Robert B.; Burlington; 
Journalism — Government; Greek 
Coun., Pres.; Beta Kappa Phi, Pres., 
Vice-Pres.; Interfrat, Coun., Exec. 
Vice-Pres., Chief Justice; Collegian. 

GARHNKEL, Phillip H.; Hyde Park; 

GARNETT, Joan M.; State Line; Art. 

GARRO, Maria J.; Revere; Child 

GARVIN, James M.; Boston; So- 
ciology; Zeta Nu, Standards Comm., 
(Chrm.), Exec. Coun., Sec, Hist.; 
Fresh. Hockey; Exec. Coun.; Intra- 
murals; Undergrad Sociol. Comm. 

GASSETT, Linda; Hanson; Zoology; 
Dean's List; St. Lawrence Univ. 

GASTONE, Geraldine S.; Springfield; 
Child Development. 

GATES, Charles L.; Stoneham; In- 
dustrial Engineering; A.I.I. E.; Intra- 

GAUDETTE, Raymond E.; No. 
Adams; Psychology; Chess Club, 

GAUDREAU, Robert E.; Haverhill; 
Psychology; Intramurals. 

GAUGHEN, Paul L; Weymouth; 
American History; Pre-Law Assoc; 
Dorm Gov't.; Dean's List; Phi Beta 

GAULIN, Richard E.; Amherst; Gov- 

GAUMOND, Mary Jean L.; So. Had- 
ley; Sociology. 

GAUMOND, William L.; So. Hadley; 

GAUNT, Helen S.; Andover; Ele- 
mentary Education; Dean's List; 
Class Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni 

GAURON, Vincent R.; Haverhill; 
English; Yahoo. 

GAVELIS, Jonas R.; Westboro; Pre- 
Dental; Newman Club; Pre-Med 
Soc; Dean's List; Phi Kappa Phi; 
House Counc, Counselor; Phi Beta 

GEARY, Steven B.; Westwood; Man- 

GEDYMIN, R. Diane; Worcester; 
English; Undergrad Teaching Asst.; 
Worcester Jr. College. 

GELINA, Ronald H.; Monson; His- 
tory; Beta Kappa Phi; Exec. Coun.; 
Dean's List. 

GENNARL John M.; West Stock- 
bridge; Marketing; Phi Mu Delta; 
Ski Team; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

GENS, Judith; Livingston, N.J.; Com- 
munication Disorders; Poy Fyu Soy; 
Dorm Judiciary; Dean's List; Comm. 
Dis. Club; Sigma Alpha Eta. 

GENTRY, Robert A.; Braintree; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; In- 
keepers Club. 

GEORGANTAS, Dianne; West 
Springfield; Home Economics Edu- 
cation; Iota Gamma Upsilon; Jr. 
Panhellenic Rep.; AHEA; Dean's 
List; Summer Dorm Couns.; Ortho- 
dox Club. 

GEORGE, Evelyn M,; Natick; Fashion 
Merchandising; Amer. Home Ec. 
Assoc; Dean's List. 

GERMAN, Stephen E.; Great Bar- 
rington; Finance; Students Intern. 
Rep.; Call Firefighter, Amherst Fire 
Dept.; Intramurals. 

GIARRUSSO, Peter A.; Lawrence; 
History; Res. Hall Vice-Pres., Couns. 

GLATAS, Theodore S.; Mendon; 
Bachelor of Music; Fine Arts Coun.; 
Concert Assoc, Mngr.; M.E.N.C., 

GIBBONS, Edward A.; Worcester; 
Elementary Education. 

GIBLIN, James T.; Dorchester; Phys- 
ics; Alpha Phi Omega, Pres., Vice- 
Pres., Treas.; House Coun.; Con- 
cert, Marching Bands. 

GIBSON, William D.; Wareham; 
Accounting; House Judiciary, Coun. 
(Pres.); Co-head of Resid.; Central 
Voice, Co-Ed.; Central Area Coun., 

GIFFEE, Carol A.; Wellesley Hills; 
Elementary Education. 

GILBERG, Katherine S.; Worcester; 
Elementary Education. 

GILBERT, Alan R.; Kingston; Agri- 
culture and Food Economics; Ski 
Club; Dorm gov't. 

GILBERT, Judith C; Gardner; So- 

GILDERSLEEVE, Stephen R.; Sun- 
derland; Personnel Management; 
Intramurals; Tae Kwon Doe Club. 

GILES, Aubert S., Jr.; Danvers; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Holyoke 
Community College; Sigma Rho; 
Dean's List. 

GILLIS, Roderick C; Weymouth; 
Zoology; C.E.Q.; Dorm Couns. 

GIOVANNI, Cynthia A.; Lawrence; 
Education; Sigma Delta Tau, Asst. 
House Mngr., Alumni Chrm.; Exec. 

GIROUX, Caroline M.; Springfield; 

GIUFFRIDA, Rosalind M.; Lawrence; 
Art; Spectrum; Senior Honors Prog. 

GLAZER, Bruce R.; Hyde Park; 
Speech; WMUA, Sports Dept.; Dorm 
Social Chrm., Resident Asst. Couns. 

GLEASON, Stephen H.; Pittsfield; 
Sociology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; In- 

GLEW, Jeffrey D.; Amherst; History. 

GLOSS, Adrienne H.; Wintrop; So- 
ciology; Dean's List; Hillel. 

CODES, Harlan S.; Randolph; En- 
vironmental Design; Zeta Beta Tau, 
Phi Sigma Delta, Corresponding Sec. 
Shadent Exchange Club, Pres.; Hillel 
Master Planning Comm. 

GOGGIA, Thomas C; Pittsfield; 
Mass Communications. 

GOODWIN, Marcia A.; Walpole; GRADY, Linda R.; Woburn; Mar- 
English; Tennis Team. keting. 

GUARINO, Vincent J.; Revere; Mathe- 

GOLDBERG, Alan J.; Mattapan; 
Operations Research; Who's Who; 
AIIE, Pres., Vice-Pres.; Region I 
Student Conf. Coord.; Paper Cont.; 
HFS, Pres.; ORSA; JETS; Eng. Coun., 
Chrm.; Eng. Journ.; Dean's List; 
Belchertown Vol; Ski Club; CEQ; 
Chess Club; SW Assem.; House 
Coun.; Undergrad Curriculum Comm. 

GOLDEN, Jane A.; Everett; Govern- 
ment; Alpha Chi Omega, Asst. Pledge 
Trn.; Scrolls; Revelers; Homecoming 
Comm.; Greek Week Comm.; Pan- 
hellenic Coun.; Greek Coun.; Pi 
Sigma Alpha; Dean's List. 

GOLDEN, Judith A.; Everett; Edu- 
cation; Alpha Chi Omega. 

GOLDENBERG, Susan L; Pittsfield; 
Education; Sigma Lambda Kappa, 
Treas.; Hillel; Writer's Theatre 
Repert., "NJG". 

GOLDMAN, Alan D.; Amherst; 
Animal Science; Sigma Alpha Mu; 
Track Team. 

GOLDMAN, Bruce G.; Chelsea; 
Government; Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice- 
Pres.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Sigma Alpha; 
Phi Kappa Phi; R.A.F.I., Co-chrm.; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

GOLDMAN, Judith A.; Springfield; 
Education; Revelers; U. of New Mexi- 
co Exchange; School of Ed. MAC 

GOLDSMITH, John P.; Saugus; 
Education; Index, Photo Ed.; In- 
tramurals; Dorm Gov't.; Alpha Phi 

GOLDSMITH, Nancy S.; Everett; 
Nursing; Scrolls; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Winter Garni Comm., Theme and 

GOLDSTEIN, Arlene; Chelsea; Edu- 
cation; Hillel. 

GOLDSTEIN, Nancy A.; Bingham- 
ton, N.Y.; Spanish; Sp. Club; Dean's 

GOLUBISKY, Mary L.; N. Chelms- 
ford; English; Newman Club; Write 
for Peace Comm.; Dean's List. 

GOMES, Karen L.; Onset; Educa- 
tion; Lambda Delta Phi, Scholarship 
Chrm., Sec, 1st. Vice-Pres., Exec. 
Board; Dean's List. 

GONZALEZ, George; Clinton; Span- 
ish; Spanish Club; Intramurals. 

GOODNO, Ralph H., Jr.; N. Am- 
herst; Landscape Arquitecture; Envir. 
Dex. Club, Pres; 

GOORVICH, Roberta L.; Newton 
Ctr.; Sociology; Gamma Sigma Sigma 
Sec, Alumnae Sec; Dorm Treas., 
Judiciary Comm., (Chrm.). 

GORANSON, David A.; Concord; 
Park and Open Space Administra- 
tion; Park Adm. Club, Sec; House 
Coun.; Couns.; Univ. Theatre; Dean's 
List; Intramurals. 

GORDON, Arthur M.; West Rox- 
bury; Industrial Engineering; A. I. I.E. 

GORDON, Kathleen E.; Dorchester; 
Nursing; Dorm Couns.; Dean's List. 

GORDON, Kendra J.; Rowley; En- 
glish; Dorm Couns.; N.E.S.; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Ski Club; Engl. Un- 
dergrad Coun. 

GORDON, Nancy G.; Mattapan; So- 
ciology; Iota Gamma Upsilon; M.L.K. 
Coun.; N.E.S.; Belchertown Vol.; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

GORDON, Stuart H.; Medford; 
Chemistry; Dorm Vice-Pres.; Prog. 
Coun.; SW Social Comm. 

GORECKI, Linda A.; Holyoke; Art; 
Sigma Kappa, Treas.; Scrolls; Class 
Exec. Coun. 

GOSHGARIAN, Harry G.; Shrews- 
bury; Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma; Ar- 
menian Club, Chrm.; Dorm Judiciary; 
Zool. Student-Fac. Liaison Comm.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Senior Honor's 
Project; Dean's List; Magna Cum 

GOSTANIAN, Gregory M.; Haver- 
hill; Psychology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 
Armenian Club; Intramurals. 

GOUDREAU, Dianne E.; Woods. 
Hole; Elementary Education; UMass 
Baha'i Assoc. 

GOUIN, Robert L.; Fairview; Mar- 

GOULD, Mary Ellen; Belmont; Ani- 
mal Science; Equestrian Club, Sec; 
Newman Club; Equestrian Drill Tm., 
Capt.; Horse Judging Tm. 

GOUNARIS, Maria C; Haverhill; 
English; Univ. Theatre; Roister Dois- 
ters; Orthodox Club; Dorm Gov't.; 
Psych Club, Vice-Pres.; Teacher — 
course Eval.; M.L.K. Coun. 

GRABOWSKI, Nancy E.; West- 
field. Psychology; Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Northampton Vol.; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma; Spectrum; Dean's List; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi. 

GRACEY, John P.; Newport, R.I.; 
Hotel Administration; Dean's List; 

GRANT, Katherine I.; Great Barring- 
ton; Elementary Education; Gamma 
Sigma Sigma. 

GRAVELINE, Anne M.; Millbury; 

GRAY, Janice; New Bedford; Eco- 
nomics; Newman Club. 

GRAY, Jonathan V.; Amherst; En- 
vironmental Design; Phi Mu Delta, 
Sec; Vars. Skiing, Co-capt.; Alpha 
Zeta; Intramurals; Envir. Des. Club; 
Scuba Club; Dean Jr. College. 

GUERTIN, Susan M.; Longmeadow; 
Nursing; Nurs. Club, Treas.; Nurs. 
Honor Soc; Senior Nurs. Class, Sec; 
Dean's List. 

GUILBAULT, Kenneth E.; Spring- 
field; Zoology; Pre-Med Soc; Dean's 
List; Police-Campus Relations Inst. 

GULOTTA, Janet E.; New York, N.Y.; 

CURIES, Raymond P.; Amherst; 
Forestry; Phi Kappa Phi; Xi Sigma 
Pi; Forester. 

GREEN, Patrick D.; Arlington; Hor- GUSTAFSON, Emelda L.; Palmer; 

ticulutre; Alpha Tau Gamma; Hortic Child Development; Naiads; Newman 

Club. Club. 

GREENBERG, Benjamin; Natick; HAFFNER, Karen; So. Braintree; 

Marketing; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Social Physical Education; Women's Ath- 

Chrm.; Mktg. Club; Ski Club; Class letic Asso. Exec. Bd.; Gymnastics 

Treas., Exec. Coun. Tm., Naiads. 

GREENBERG, Robert D.; Newton; HAGEN, Deborah W.; Granby; 

Sociology. Nursing. 

GREENBERG, Susan K.; Springfield; HAILE, George K.; Amherst; Psy- 

Home Economics Education; Hillel; chology; Heymakers, Caller; House 

Dorm Couns.; Student-Fac Comm. Asst. Hd. of Resid.; Operetta Guild; 

(Home Ec); D.S.E.P. Stadent. Chorus; Ski Club. 

GREENE, Edna M.; Watertown; Ele- HAINES, David F.; Easthampton; 

mentary Education; Ski Club; Intern. Park Administration; Arborculture 

Club; Modern Dance Club. and Park Adm. Club; Dean's List. 

GREENE, Sandra J.; Greenfield; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

GREGORY, Judith A.; Brockton; 
Elementary Education; Northampton 
Vol.; Dean's List. 

GRENEVISH, Joseph F.; Spencer; 
Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu. 

GRICE, Alison L.; Marlboro; English. 

GRIFFEE, Charles R.; Amherst; Hotel 

GRIFHN, Donald J.; Needham; Psy- 
chology; House Coun. Rep., Treas.; 

GRIFHN, Pamela G.; Needham; Child 
Development; Dean's List. 

GRffHN, Robert P.; Hanover; Man- 
agement; I.E.E.E.; Dean's List; In- 
tramurals; House Coun. Rep. 

GRUNWALD, Corinne S.; Franklin 
Lakes, N.J.; English; Chi Omega; Ski 
Team; Ski Club; Exec. Coun. 

GRYNKIEWICZ, Nancy I.; Jamaica 
Plain; Sociology; Alpha Chi Omega, 
Vice-Pres., Asst. Treas.; Exec. Coun.; 

HAITSMA, Susan G.; Northboro; 
Interior Design; Ski Patrol; Dean's 

HAJJAR, Pamela J.; Methuen; Psy- 
chology; Newman Club; Dorm Social 

HAKIMI, Farokh S.; Amherst; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; AIChE. 

HALKS, Alexander J.; Haverhill; 
General Business and Economics; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Treas., Exec. 
Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Intra- 
murals; Winter Garni Comm. 

HALKS, Peter N.; Haverhill; Eco- 
nomics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

HALL, Mari H.; Cummington; Physi- 
cal Education; Lambda Delta Phi, 
2d. Vice-Pres., Exec. Bd.; Major 
Coun.; WAA Bd.; Basketball; Volley- 

HALLOCK, Peter E.; Gardner; For- 
estry; Xi Sigma Pi. 

FiALPERN, Alan M.; Haverhill; Mar- 
keting; Class Exec. Coun.; Intramurals, 
Athletic Chrm.; Dorm Judic, Treas.; 
Concerts Comm.; Mktg. Club; Track 


HAMBERG, Qaudia K.; South^vick; 
Accounting; Accou. Assoc; Collegian, 
News Editor; S.W.A.P. 

HAMDY, Mona H.; Amherst; Chemi- 
cal Engineering. 

I-L\MILTON, Susan L.; New Salem; 

Nursing; Dorm Vice-Pres.; Nurs. 

Class, Pres.; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Collegian, Staff Reprt. 

HAMUN, Carol E.; E. Longmeadow; 

HAMMAR, Joanne A.; Paxton; Psy- 
chology; Dorm Couns.; Phi Beta 

HAMOND, Robert T.; Marblehead; 
Park Administration; Dorm Couns.; 
Dean's List; Undergrad Asst. 

HAMPTON, Janet L.; Falmouth; 
American History. 

HAMSON, Ellen L; Lynn; Educa- 
tion; Kappa Delta Pi; N.E.S.; Women's 
Choir; Chorus. 

HANKINS, John P.; Maiden; Gen- 
eral Business; Revelers; Speakers 
Comm.; Fresh. Orientation; Intra- 
mural Baseball. 

HANKOW5KI, Alan; Northampton; 

HANLON, Nancy A.; Mattapan; So- 
ciology; Dorm Gov't. 

HANNIGAN, Joan K.; Randolph 
AFB, Texas; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi, 
Pledge Tr., Pres.; Nurs. Honor Soc. 

HANNIGAN, Patricia C; Brockton; 
Political Science; Scrolls; Sigma Delta 
Tau; Panhellenic Coun.; Operetta 
Guild; Chorus. 

HARDER, Paul R.; Ware; Plant and 
Soil Science. 

HARDISON, George L.; Salem; Park 
Administration; A. P.O.; Univ. Vol. 
Fire Dept. 

HARDY, Dale A.; Peabody; Systems 
Management; Beta Chi; Commuter 
Qub; Student Senate; Intramurals. 

HARPER, Vincent P.; Hampden; 
Physics; Dean's List; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

HARRIGAN, Patrick J.; Johnstown, 
Pa.; Marketing; Mktg. Club. 

HARRINGTON, Margaret M.; Wey- 
mouth; Elementary Education; N.E.S. 

HARRINGTON, Robert A.; Merri- 
mac; Economics; Univ. and State 
Commun. Coun., Legisl. Coord.; 
Phi Sigma Kappa; SWAP Comm.; 
Mass. Intercollegiate Gov't., Bills 
Comm.; Intramurals. 

HARRIS, Karen; Pittsfield; Art Edu- 

HARRIS, Lawrence B., Jr.; Montague; 
Electrical Engineering; IEEE. 

HART, Norberta E.; Holyoke; Edu- 
cation; Omicron Nu, Sec; AHEA; 
Dean's List; Main Study Comm. for 
School of Home Ec, Student Rep. 

HARTLEY, George R.; Springfield; 
History; Phi Beta Kappa; Student- 
Fac Liaison Comm.; Concert Assoc; 
Honors CoUoquia; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Bridge Club, Sec; Intramurals; Fresh. 
Swimming Tm.; Inter-Vars. Christian 

HARTLEY, Jonathan F.; Rochester; 
Accounting; Marching Band; Cheer- 
leaders, Capt.; Accou. Club; Intra- 

HARTSHORN, Nancy L.; Gardner; 
Mathematics; Precisionettes; Eques- 
trian Club; Co-Rec Bowling Trnm.; 
Field Hockey. 

HARTSTONE, Eliot C; Chestnut 
Hill; Sociology; N.E.S. ; Intramurals; 
Undergrad Teaching Asst. 

HARTWICH, Judith A.; Newton; 

HARVEY, Lorrie J.; Bedford; Psy- 
chology; N.E.S.; Baldwin-Wallace 

HARWOOD, MaryLou; Amherst; 

HASKELL, Malcolm N.; Sunderland; 
Plant and Soils. 

HASS, Christy; Rehoboth; Recre- 
ation; Rec. Soc, Pres.; Rec. Retreat 
Comm., Chrm.; Heymakers; Intra- 

HASSELBAUM, Richard A.; Wo- 
burn; Psychology; Beta Kappa Phi, 
Rush Chrm., Exec. Bd.; Queens 
Comm., (Chrm.); Ski Club. 

HATT, Juanita M.; Salem; Distribu- 
tive Education. 

HAUSER, Richard C; Braintree; His- 
tory; Dean's List. 

HAYES, Joseph F.; Mattapan; Gov- 
ernment; Theta Chi, Treas.; ARCON; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

HAZLETT, Mary A.; Heath; Mathe- 
matics; Newman Club; Math Club; Re- 
search Asst.; Honors Prog.; Phi Beta 

HEALY, Jean-Ellen; Dudley; English; 
Dorm Judiciary. 

HEAVEY, Richard; Chestnut Hill; 
History; Kappa Sigma; Football. 

HEDLUND, Susan E.; Needham; 
Education; Ed. Club; Lasell Jr. Col- 

HENDRICKSON, William R.; Pro- 
vincetown; Management; Ski Club; 
Newman Club; Vars. Tennis; Dean's 
List; House Judiciary. 

HENNESSEY, Carol A.; Chelmsford; 
Nursing; Dean's List; Nurs. Club; 
Ski Club; Angel Flight; Dorm Stan- 
dards Comm. 

HENNESSEY, Helene M.; So. Had- 
ley; English; Gamma Sigma Sigma; 
Dean's List; Dorm Couns.; Dorm 

HENNESSEY, Mary M.; Peabody; 
Home Economics; Iota Gamma Upsi- 

HENNESSEY, Peter B.; Norwood; 
Electrical Engineering; Soccer. 

HENRY, Winsome A.; Boston; Gov- 
ernment; Gamma Sigma Sigma; Stu- 
dent Senate. 

HERMAN, Mary Alice; Wilbraham, 
Dietetics and Inst. Administration, 
Kappa Alpha Theta; Phi Kappa Ph: 
Omicron Nu; 1st. Honor Roll. 

HERTZ, Richard L.; Miami, Fla.; 
General Business and Finance; Beta 
Gamma Sigma; Dean's List; AFIT 
Student; Phi Kappa Phi. 

HEYMAN, Joan T.; Wilbraham; 
Psychology; Chi Omega, Song Chrm.; 
Musigals, Direc; Chorale; Chamber 

HIGGINS, James W.; Harwichport; 
History; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chap- 
Iain; Maroon Keys, Sec; ARCON; 

HIGGINS, Janis L.; West Medford; 
Animal Science; Dorm Exec Coun., 
Rep.; Chorus. 

HIGGINS, Pauls S.; Medway; So- 
ciology; Dorm Social Comm.; Colonel 
Cadre; Northampton Vol. 

HILDEBRANT, Marc S.; Westwood; 
Electrical Engineering; Delta Chi. 

HILL, Janice M.; Worcester; Child 
Development; Couns. Selection 
Comm.; House Mngr.; Head Couns.; 
Student Senate, Public Affairs; Dorm 
Exec. Coun. 

HILLER, Emerson H., Jr.; Fairhaven; 
Environmental Design; Beta Kappa 
Phi; Track. 

HINMAN, Michael H.; Jamaica 
Plain; Speech; Q.T.V.; Lacrosse; 
C.E.Q., Treas. 

HIRBOUR, Peter A.; North Brook- 
field; Physical Education; Intramurals; 
Dorm Coun.; Newman Club. 

HIRD, Graham C, Jr.; Milton; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; Alpha 

HIRSCH, Peter D.; Southboro; Fish- 
eries Biology; Revelers; Dorm Vice- 
Pres.; Intramurals. 

HOBART, A. James; Amherst; Mar- 
keting; Phi Sigma Delta; Mktg. Club; 
Math Club; Intramurals. 

HOBBS, Charles F., Jr.; Medford; 
Quantitative Methods; Marching, 
Concert Bands; Ski Club; Dean's 


HOFFMAN, Susan B.; Belmont; 
French; Phi Beta Kappa. 

HOLCOMB, Richard S.; Westfield; 
Mechanical Engineering. 

HOLDER, Betty E.; Revere; Classics; 
Judo Club; Young Democrats; Dean's 
List; Bolo Club. 

HOLLINGER, Gary; Cohoes, N.Y.; 
Recreation; Intramural Swimming. 

phis, Tenn.; General Business and 
Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma. 

HOLLOHAN, Hugh; Maynard; Park 
Administration; Univ. Vol. Fire Dept. 

HOLMES, M. Susan; Worcester; 
Theatre; concert Assoc, Exec. Board; 
Dorm Judiciary, Couns.; Univ. 

HOLST, Linda L.; Albany, Oregon; 
Art; Phi Beta Kappa. 

HOLT, Barbara; Raynham; Medical 
Technology; Tri Sigma, House 
Mngr.; Women's Vars. Gymnastics 

HOPPING, Janice G.; Boxford; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

HORAN, John F.; No. Adams; Bio- 
chemistry; Dorm Judiciary, Perma- 
nent Member; Ski Club; Chem. Club. 

HOROWITZ, Susan C; Toms River, 
N.J.; Psychology; Scrolls; Mortar 
Board; Five College Student Coord. 
Board; Who's Who; Class Gov't., 
Vice-Pres.; CUSP; Phi Beta Kappa. 

HORSEMAN, Kenneth L.; Spencer; 
Mass Communication; WMUA, Sta- 
tion Mngr., Sports Direc, Policy 
Board, Management Board; Adelphia; 
Univ. Broadcasting Coun.; Intramurals; 
Alpha Phi Gamma. 

HORSMAN, Marcia A.; Brockton; 
Education; Kappa Alpha Theta. 

HOWARD, Carol A.; Norwood; 
Elementary Education; Dornn Couns.; 
NES; "California". 

HOWARD, Harry E.; Chocopee; 

HOWARD, Kevin J.; Burlington; 
Economics; Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

HOWARD, Nelson 3d.; Wellesley; 
Sociology; Chorale, Treas.; N.Y.U., 
Jr. Year. 

HOWATT, Barbara; Jacksonville, 
Vermont; Speech; Sigma Alpha Eta, 

HOWE, Elizabeth W.; Melrose; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Corresp. Sec; Exec. Coun. 

HOWE, Gary M.; West Springfield; 
Alpha Sigma Phi; English; Spectrum; 
Yahoo; Collegian. 

HUGHES, Kenneth E.; Denville, 
N.J.; Restaurant and Hotel Admin- 
istration; Kappa Sigma; Football. 

ffUGHES, Stephen V.; Lawrence; 
Economics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Stu- 
dent Coun.; Intramurals. 

HUGO, Dorothy F.; Wakefield; Edu- 
cation; Symphony Orchestra. 

HULL, Alan L.; Melrose; Zoology. 

HYLAND, Virginia A.; Taunton; So- 
ciology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Vice- 
Pres.; Dean's List. 

HYMAN, Carole L.; Roslindale; Ele- 
mentary Education; Exec. Coun.; 
Ed. Club; Dorm Pres. 

INDRISANO, Gerard S.; West 
Springfield; Physical Education; House 
Judiciary; Intramurals. 

INSERO, Donna M.; Bradford; En- 

ISAACSON, Shelley R.; Framing- 
ham; Sociology; Dorm Social Comm.; 
Homecoming Comm. 

JABLONSKI, Ann M.; Worcester; 
English; Dorm Gov't., Pres.; Newman 
Qub, 2d.i Vice-Pres., Chrm of Relig. 
Activ.; Area West Judic; Senate 
Subcomm., Food Serv.; Oxford Sum- 
mer Sem. 

JACKSON, Harold C; Wakefield; 
Forestry; Forestry Club; Amateur 
Radio Club. 

JACKSON, Richard M.; Bloomsbury, 
N.J.; General Business and Finance; 

JACOBS, Gwenddyn F.; Springfield; 
Child Development; Afro-Am mem- 
ber; Student-Fac Comm., School of 
Home Ec; Dorm Couns.; Semester 
at Merrill-Palmer. 

JACOBS, Joyce A.; Natick; Nursing; 
Nurs. Honor Soc, Exec, member; 
Open Door, Staff Member; Dorm 
Academic Chrm. 

JACOBSON, Marc F.; White Plains, 
N.Y.; History; Tau Epsilon Phi; 
Dean's List; Fresh. Wrestling, La- 
crosse; Intramurals. 

JAMES, George R.; Natick; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Pi Lambda Phi, 
Vice-Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu; Arnold Air Soc; Chorale; Ski 
Club; Radio Club; I.E.E.E. 

JAMESON, Everett R.; Maiden; In- 
dustrial Engineering; A.I.LE. 

JAMROG, Thomas C; Somerset; En- 
glish; Outing Club. 

JANDRIS, Ellen F.; So. Hadley; Art. 

JANKAVICH, Robert R; Southamp- 
ton; Mechanical and Aerospace En- 
gineering; ALAA; ASME; Dean's List. 

JANTON, Nancy L; Whitinsville; 
Economics; Dorm Exec. Coun.; 
Worcester Jr. College. 

JAROSZ, James M.; Leominster; 
Psychology; Newman Club; Student 
Gov't.; Intramurals; Bridge Club. 

JARVL Erik C; Fitchburg; Govern- 
ment; N.E.S.; Chess Club. 

JARVIS, Daniel A.; Chicopee; Zo- 
ology; House Coun. Rep.; Intramurals. 

JAZAB, Edmond A.; Chicopee; 
Physical Education; Vars. Swimming, 
Capt.; Fresh., Vars. Lacrosse; In- 

JEDREY, Christopher M.; Rowley; 
History; Dean's List; Dorm Gov't., 
Judiciary; Crew Team, Coxswain; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

JENKINS, Martha E.; Greenfield; 
Sociology; Newman Club; Social 
Action, Co-chrm. 

JERVEY, Barbara J.; Northampton; 
Physical Education; Dean's List; WAA 

JEW, Anne; Pittsfield; Spanish; Span. 
Club; Madrid Summer Sem.; Berk- 
shire Community College. 

JEZ, Kathleen A.; Chicopee; Ele- 
mentary Education; Dorm Gov't., 
Couns.; Dean's List. 

JOHN, James P., Jr.; Lawrence; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Intramurals. 

JOHNSON, Byron T.; Danbury; His- 
tory; House Judic, Chief Justice; In- 

JOHNSON, Clifford W.; New Bed- 
ford; Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. 

JOHNSON, Danna L.; Temple Hills, 
Maryland; Education and Extension; 
Alpha Chi Omega. 

JOHNSON, David M.; Worcester; 
Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Ski Club. 

JOHNSON, Leonard E.; No. And- 
over; Zoology; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Dorm Gov't.; Dean's List. 

JOHNSON, Linda J.; Lynnfield; Nurs- 
ing; Dean's List. 

JOSEPH, Louis P.; Springfield; Ac- 

JOSKOWICZ, Neil D.; Lynn; Ac- 
counting; Accou. Club; Intramurals, 
Athletic Chrm., mngr. 

JOY, Richard P.; Rockland; Market- 
ing; Mktg. Club. 

JUWA, Gregory D.; Scotia, N.Y.; 
General Business; Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

KACHADORL\N, Glen; Methuen; 
Microbiology; Sport Parachute Club; 
Dean's List; Intramurals; Dorm Couns. 

KAMINSKY, Susan R.; Brookline; 

KAMITIAN, Gerald P.; Methuen; 
Mathematics; Dorm Pres., Vice-Pres., 
Judic, Athletic Chrm. 

JOHNSON, Marilyn J.; Norwood; KANE, Priscilla E.; Melrose; So- 
English; Kappa Alpha Theta; Class ciology; Sigma Delta Tau; Ski Club; 
Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Outing Club; Belchertown Vol.; 
Dean's List. Dean's List; Haven Club. 

JOHNSON, Mark; Indian Orchard; 
English History; Arnold Air Soc; 
Dorm Pres.; House Coun.; Dean's 
List; Intramurals; S.W.F.O. 

JOHNSON, Richard E.; Oxford; 
Psychology; House Coun.; Psych 
Club; Intramurals; Dean's List; Index 
Staff; A & P Gypsies. 

JOHNSTON, Betty S.; Belmont; 
Zoology; Horse Judging Team; Eques- 
trian Club; Pre-Med Soc; Intramural 
Basketball; Phi Beta Kappa. 

JOHNSTON, Frank; Burlington; Gov- 
ernment; Lambda Chi Alpha, House 
Mngr., Pledge Trn., Rush Chrm., 
Social Chrm.; Rugby Club; Intra- 

JOHNSTON, Joy N.; Milford; En- 
glish; Kappa Alpha Theta, ed. 

JONES, Patricia Ann; Badford; Foods 
in Business; Chi Omega, Social Chrm.; 
Omicron Nu. 

JONES, Robert B.; Beverly; Forestry; 
Xi Sigma Phi; Undergrad Head of 
Resid.; House Pres., Couns. 

JONES, Shirley L.; Bridgewater; Psy- 

JORCZAK, Robert F.; Chicopee; 
Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. 

JORDAN, Brian R.; Dedham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Intramurals. 

JORDAN, Mary Ann P.; Springfield; 

KANELL05, Maria; Haverhill; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

KANSERSTEIN, Frank W.; Barre; 
Psychology; Flying Redmen; Ski 

KAPLAN, Joyce; Beverly; French; 
Iota Gamma Upsilon, 2d. Vice-Pres.; 
Standards Comm.; Dean's List. 

KAPLAN, Marsha; Quincy; Elemen- 
tary Education; Dean's List. 

KAPLAN, Norman J.; Newton; Gov- 
ernment; Intramural Football, Wres- 

KAPLAN, Paula P.; Lawrence; Ele- 
mentary Education; Alpha Chi 
Omega; Belchertown Vol.; Student 
Nat. Ed. Assoc; "Quad's Angle". 

KARAMPALAS, Stephen N.; Brad- 
ford; Pre-Dental; Dorm Couns.; Col- 
legian photographer. 

KARAS, Michael; Chelsea; Elec- 
trical Engineering; I.E.E.E.; E.K.N.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

KARCHER, Margaret Jane; Rock- 
port; Education; Project 10. 

KARCZ, Anita M.; Fairview; Chem- 
istry; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice-Pres., 
Sec; DVP; Index, Section Editor; 
Amer. Chem. Soc. Student Affiliates; 
Who's Who; Dean's List; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Honors 
CoUoquia; Honors Thesis; General 
Court Clerk; Revelers. 

KARLING, Valerie A.; Whitman; 
Fashion Merchandising Exec, Coun.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming 
Comm.; Student-Fac Comm. of 
TCEA Dept.; Dean's List. 

KARLSON, Jean C; So. Dartmouth; 
French; French Corridor; Phi Beta 

KATZ, David A.; Haverhill; Market- 
ing; Hillel; Mktg. Club; Index; Class 
Exec. Comm.; Intramurals; Vars. 
Termis; Dean's List. 

KATZ, Michael B.; New Bedford; 
Government; Sigma Alpha Mu, 
Vice-Pres.; C.C. Gov. Board; Pre- 
Law Soc; Qass Exec. Coun.; Dean's 

KATZ, Richard C; Milton; Psy- 

KAUFFMAN, Joyce E.; N. Falmouth; 
Child Development; Semester at 
Merrill-Palmer Inst; Summer Couns.; 
Human Dev. Dept., Senior Advisor. 

KAUFMANN, David M.; Somerset; 
Psychology; Intramurals; Psych Re- 
search Asst.; Dean's List. 

KAVENEY, James; Chicopee; Physi- 
cal Education; Kappa Sigma; In- 

KEATING, James F.; Marblehead; 
Hotel Administration; Kappa Sigma, 
Vice-Pres.; Vars. Football; Rugby 
Club; Greek Week Chrm. 

KEEDY, Thomas; Amherst; Theatre. 

KEEFE, Janet H.; Cohasset; Physi- 
cal Education; Vars. Tennis; Intra- 

KEEFE, Paul S.; Nahant; Govern- 
ment; Dean's List; Dorm Couns., 
Gov't.; Intramurals; Undergrad Asst.; 
Newman Club. 

KEHLENBECK, Janna; Nantucket; 

KELLEY, Kevin O.; Charlestown; 

KELLY, Doryn M.; Holyoke; En- 
glish; Ski Club; Newman Club; 
N.E.S.; Dean's List. 

KELLY, Margaret S.; Hyannis; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

KELLY, Mary E.; Holyoke; English; 
Tri Sigma, Social Chrm.; Student 
Senate; Dean's List; Reader's Theatre; 
Newman Club; Panhellenic Sing. 

KENDALL, Jeffrey W.; Sunderland 
Sociology; Army, Rifle Team; Chorus; 
N,E.S.; R,E. Couns.; Dean's List; 
Bates College. 

KENDRICK, Paul J.; Shelburne Falls; 
Wood Technology; Dorm Sec; In- 

KENNEDY, Fred W., Ill; Sterling 
Jet.; Hotel Administration; Innkeepers 

KENNEDY, Joan T.; Nahant; So- 
ciology; Dorm Couns.; N.E.S.; Dean's 
List; Homecoming Comm. 

KENNEDY, Kathleen A.; Perry, N.Y.; 
Accounting; Lambda Delta Phi, Par- 
liament.; Student Senate, Budgets 
Comm.; Accoun. Club, Vice-Pres.; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma 
Sigma, Vice-Pres. 

KENNEDY, Michael G.; Worcester; 
Civil Engineering; House Gov't., 
Pres., Vice-Pres.; Couns.; A.S.C.E., 
Sec; Intramurals. 

KENNEDY, Roselie Joyce; Holyoke; 
Elementary Education. 

KENNERY, Colleen A.; Somerville; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Delta 
Phi; Dean's List; Ed. Club; Drake 
for Lunch Bunch. 

KENRICK, Robert H.; Canton; Ani- 
mal Science; Intramurals. 

KESSLER, John B.; Hopkinton; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
Ski Club; Intramurals. 

KIMBLE, Lawrence C; Northamp- 
ton; Finance; Newman Club. 

KINCAID, Eileen A.; Cambridge; 
Nursing; Dorm Treas. 

KING, Denise A.; Worcester; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

KING, Geraldine C; Danvers; Fashion 
Merchandising; Omicron Nu, Alpha 
Pi Chapter. 

KING, Kathryn R.; Brockton; Recre- 
ation; Rec Club, Sec; Dorm Couns.; 
Ski Club. 

KING, Richard C; Weymouth; Mar- 
keting; Golf Team; Mktg. Club; Dorm 
Gov't.; Intramurals. 

KIPPER, Linda M.; West Bridge- 
water; History; Collegian Staff; Dorm. 
Area Gov'ts.; Dorm Pres. 

KIREJCZYK, Harry J.; Greenfield; 
Industrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
Alpha Pi Mu, Sec; AIIE. 

KIRSHEN, Marc D.; Newton Ctr,; 

KISSAM, Linda E.; South Plainfield, 
N.J,; Sociology; Sigma Kappa. 

KLANE, Marc S,; North Miami, 
Florida; Psychology; Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon; Fresh. Soccer. 

KLEEBERG, Karen E.; Granby; Ac- 
counting; Angel Flight; Newman 
Club; Young Democrats. 

KLEIBER, James N.; N. Syracuse, 
N.Y.; Personnel Management; Theta 
Chi, Soph. Rep., House Mngr.; New- 
man Club, Acolyte; AFROTC; Foot- 
ball; Intramurals. 

KLEIN, Carol L.; Longmeadow; Edu- 

KLOSEK, Kathleen A.; Southbridge; 
History; W.A.A.; Dorm Gov't. Treas. 

KNEELAND, Harold W.; Stough- 
ton; Elementary Education. 

KNIGHT, William A.; Fall River; 
History; Delta Chi, Rep. at Large, 
Initiation Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun.; 
House Coun.; Greek Week Comm. 

KOCHAPSKl, Ronald J.; Northamp- 
ton; Sociology; Program Coun. 

KOLTIN, Harold R.; Fall River; Mass 
Communication; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Collegian Editorialist. 

KOMINSKl, Joseph P.; No. Amherst; 
Physical Education; Intramurals; 
Baseball; Lacrosse; Dean's List; Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

KONOWSKI, Bernard W.; Dart- 
mouth; Accounting; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Beta Gamma Sigma; Dorm 
Vice-Pres., Treas.; Belchertown Vol.; 
Accoun. Club; Newman Club; Vice- 
Pres., Treas. 

KOOKEN, Susan M.; So. Hadley; 

KOSAKOWSKl, Anne E.; Amherst; 
Art; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

KOZAK, Robert C; West Spring- 
field; Zoology; Dean's List. 

KOZIOL, Tony ].; Springfield; Gen- 
eral Business. 

KRAMER, Cheryl L.; Groton, Conn,; 
Nursing; Tau Beta Sigma; Sym- 
phony, Marching Bands; Nurs. Honor 
Soc; Phi Kappa Phi. 

KRANE, Rhoda P.; Everett; History. 

KRASIEWICH, David M.; Pittsfield; 
Chemical Engineering; A.l.Ch.E.; 
Dean's List; Ski Club; Intramurals. 

KRAVITZ, Larry J.; Medford; Zo- 
ology; Who's Who; Concert, March- 
ing Bands, SW Assem., Pres.; SU 
Prog. Coun.; Scuba Club; Area 
Gov't. Advis. Bd,; Dorm Gov't. 

KREEMER, Constance; Wynnewood, 
Pa.; Psychology. 

KRENTZMAN, Ellen A.; Brookline; 
Speech Education; Fine Arts Coun.; 
Operetta Guild; Univ. Theatre; Dean's 

KROCK, Lisa A.; Leominster; En- 

KROK, Thomas B.; Westfield; So- 
ciology; Lambda Chi Alpha; Intra- 

KRUGER, Diane L.; Hull; Elemen- 
tary Education; Chi Omega; Exec. 
Coun.; Judic Comm.; Ed. Club; Dean's 
List; Special Events Comm.; Index; 
Bridal Fair., Chrm. 

KRUPKA, Michael S.; Pittsfield; 
Chemical Engineering; A.l.Ch.E. 

KTORIDES, Stanley J.; Springfield; 
Chemical Engineering, Economics; 
A.l.Ch.E.; Orthodox Club; Dorm 
Gov't.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

KUBICKI, Diane C; Webster; Psy- 
chology; Dorm Treas.; Newman 
Club; Ed. Club; Dean's List; Theatre 

KUCEFSKI, Linda A.; Westfield; 
Fashion Merchandising; lota Gamma 
Upsilon, Sec; Greek Comm.; Col- 
legian; Homecoming Comm. 

KULPA, Walter S.; Hadley; Mechani- 
cal Engineering; A.S.M.E. 

KUNKEL, Donna; Wellesley; Ele- 
mentary Education; Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Marshall. 

KURKJIAN, Janis C; West New- 
bury; Sociology; Student Senate; 
Dean's List. 

KURKJIAN, John M.; West New- 
bury; Psychology; NES; Dorm 
Couns.; House Coun.; Dean's List. 

KURPASKA, Kathleen A.; Spring- 
field; Economics; Drake for Lunch 
Bunch; Dean's List. 

KUZDZAL, Jo A. R.; Williamstown, 
N.J.; English; Dorm Cultural, Aca- 
demic, Social Comms. 

KUZDZAL, Thomas; Webster; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; A.LCh.E.; Sec; So- 
cial Chrm.; Intramurals. 

KUZMICKL Bonnie M.; Easthamp- 
ton; Home Economics Education; 
Omicron Nu, Treas., Vice-Pres.; 
Dean's List; Student-Fac. Comm. For 
Home Ec, Ed. 

KUZONTKOSKl, Carolyn M.; Hat- 
field; Public Health; Fitchburg State 

KWAJEWSKl, Kenneth A.; Spring- 
field; Chemistry; Chem. Club; Intra- 

KZCOWSKI, Susan M.; Amherst; 
Elementary Education; Ski Club; Ed. 
Club; Dean's List. 

LABELLE, Janice M.; Westfield; Ele- 
mentary Education; Dean's List. 

LABONTE, Joyce M.; South Hadley; 
Physical Education; W.A.A.; Varsity 
Field Hockey, capt; Softball; Major 
Council Rep. 

LAFRENIERE, Richard H.; Hamil- 
ton; Marketing; Marketing Club; 
American Marketing Association. 

LAINO, Diane M.; Springfield; En- 
glish; Kappa Alpha Theta; Execu- 
tive Council, Treas.; Winter Carni 

LAIRD, Donald 1.; North Adams; 

LAJZER, Karen M.; So. Hadley; 
Nursing; Lambda Delta Phi. 

LAMBERT, Roger E.; Kennebunk, 
Maine; English. 

LANATA, John C; Quincy; Psy- 
chology; Zeta Nu, Pres., Vice Pres, 
Inter-Fraternity Coun., Vice Pres, 
Judiciary; ARCON; Greek Coun. 
Dorm Sec. Rep.; Fresh. Football 
Varsity Lacrosse. 

LANDING, John P.; Northampton; 

LANDOLT, William M.; Amherst; 
Marketing; Marketing Club, Pres.; 
Univ. Chorale. 

LANDRY, Douglas C. Holden; Mar- 
keting; Tau Epsilon Phi; Treasurer; 
Exec. Coun.; SBA Forum; SBA Cur- 
riculum Reform Comm.; P.U.B. 

LANE, Elizabeth C; Whitman; 
History; Newman Club; Young Rep. 
Club; Intramurals; Dorm Gov't.; 
Honorary APO Pledge. 

LANE, Susan M.; Boxford; French 
Dorm Social Chrm.; French Play; 
Study Abroad, U. of Grenoble 
Dean's List. 

LANE, William D., Jr.; Marblehead; 
Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

LANFAIR, David D.; Pittsfield; En- 

LANG, John E.; Lowell; Economics; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

LANGEVIN, Donald G.; Northamp- 
ton; Marketing; Varsity Golf. 

LANGONE, Elaine L.; Springfield, 
Elementary Education; Exec. Coun 
Judiciary; Winter Carnival Comm 
Ed. Club; Dean's List. 

LANIGAN, Patricia A.; Winchester; 
Government; Kappa Alpha Theta; 
Revelers; Greek Week; Westbrook 
Jr. College. 

LAPLANTE, Michael F.; Holyoke; 
Mechanical Engineering; Dorm So- 
cial Chrm.; Area Gov't.; Social Comm. 

LAPOINTE, Brian D.; Winchester; 
Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon; 

LARSON, David M.; West Spring- 
field; Animal Science; Young Rep.; 
Varsity Basketball, Mngr.; Student 
Bus Driver. 

LATER, Paula; Springfield; Educa- 
hon; Dorm Counselor; Social Comm. 

LAU, Portia; Wollaston; Psychology, 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

LAURIA, Anthony M.; East Boston; 
Marketing; Phi Sigma Delta; Intra- 
mural Athlete of Year 1969-1970. 

LAVERTY, Paul P.; Weymouth; En- 
glish; QTV; Homecoming Comm.; 
Dean's List; Intramurals. 

LAVIGNE, Elaine L.; Lawrence; 
Elementary Education; Scrolls; Dean's 


LAVOIE, Margaret A.; Chicopee; 
Sociology; Angel Flight; New En- 
gland Area, Administrative Officer; 
Dorm judiciary; Scholarship Comm.; 
Newman Club. 

LAVOIE, Suzanne M.; Worcester; 
Education; Dean's List; Dorm Gov't. 

LAW, James M.; North Adams; 

LAWLER, Cory D.; Holyoke; Man- 
agement; Intramurals; Ski Club; Bay 
State Special Forces; Bowling Club. 

LAWLER, Mary E.; Bloomfield Hills, 
Michigan; Physical Education; Dorm 
Gov't, Counselor; Scrolls; Naiads; 
Tennis Team; Mortar Board, Pres. 

LAWRENCE, Joan M.; Woburn; 

LAWSON, Scott H; Chelmsford; 
Zoology; Intramurals; Dorm Gov't., 
Vice-Pres.; Intramural Campus All- 
star, Basketball. 

LAYZER, James B.; Chicopee; Fish- 
eries Biology. 

LAZAR, H. Judith; Needham, Psy- 
chology; Alpha Chi Omega; Dean's 
List; Operetta Guild, Phi Beta Kappa. 

LEAHY, Ellen A.; Holyoke; English; 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

LEANDRO, Bruce E.; Swansea; 
American History; Greenough Lib- 
eration Front. 

LEARY, Linda L; Holyoke; Speech 
Pathology and Audiology; Sigma 
Alpha Eta. 

LEAVFTT, Thomas O.; South Deer- 
field; Art Education; 1971 INDEX 
Editor-in-Chief; Adelphia; Alpha Phi 
Gamma; Yahoo; Cum Laude. 

LEBELL, Stephanie A.; Peabody 
Geology; New Mexico Exchange, 
Dorm Counselor; Class Exec. Coun 
Dean's List; N.E.S. Tutor. 

LEBLANC, Daniel R.; Garner; Fish- 
eries Biology. 

LEBLANC, Don L.; Milton; Sociology; 
Collegian; WMUA; U.Mass Vol. 
Fire Dept.; Amherst Fire Dept.; Para- 
chute Club; Scuba Club. 

LECLAIR, Thomas E.; Methuen; 
Government; Dorm Counselor; Dorm 
Treasurer; Pre-Law Society. 

LEDOUX, Jean M.; Marlboro; Nurs- 

LEGRAND, Linda L.; Woburn; Child 
Development; Omicron Nu; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Dean's List; Phi Kappa 

LEMAY, Gerald J.; Fall River; Physics; 
Delta Chi; Amateur Radio Club; 
Physics Club. 

LEMIRE, Priscilla R.; Chelmsford; 
Sociology; Dorm Gov't., Pres., Vice 
Pres.; Class Exec. Coun. 

LEMPART, Patricia A.; North Wil- 
braham; English; Collegian, Photo 
Editor; Index; Yahoo; Distinguished 
Visitors Prog. 

LENART, David M.; Palmer; Civil 

LENDRUM, Shelley J.; Worcester; 
History; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Jr. 
Panhellenic Rep., Pres.; Cheerlead- 
ing; Scrolls; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Dean's List. 

LEONARD, Patricia A.; 
Elementary Education. 


LERNER, Vicki L; Chelsea; Com- 
munications Disorders; Sigma Alpha 
Eta; Belchertown Vol.; Hillel; Senior 
Task Force Subcomm.; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Dorm Cultural and Stan- 
dards Comm. 

LETARTE, Philip A.; Leominster; 

LETOURNEAU, Kathrine C; Lynn- 
field; Psychology; Dean's List. 

LETOURNEAU, Suzanne; Ware; Zo- 

LETTENEY, John A.; Lancaster; Man- 
agement; Varsity M Club; Parachut- 
ing Club; Yahoo; Intramurals. 

LEVENSON, Sherry T.; Valley Stream, 
N.Y.; Child Development; New En- 
gland Assoc, of Ed. of Young Chil- 
dren; Index, Editor; Exec. Coun.; 
Dorm Exec. Coun.; Patriot; Senior 
Class Advisor; Dean's List. 

LEVENTHAL, Sandra L., Chelsea; 
Elementary Education; Hillel. 

LEVIN, Amy S.; Chestnut Hill; 
Government; Dorm Gov't, Pres. 

LEVIN, Clifford A.; Newton; Psy- 

LEVINE, Fred M.; Newton; Zoology; 
Intramurals; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dean's 

LEVINE, Ilene R.; Leominster; Rus- 
sian, Phi Beta Kappa. 

LEVINE, Judith M.; Revere; Com- 
munications Disorders; Pi Beta Phi, 
Sigma Alpha Eta, Pres.; Scrolls, 
Dorm Standards comm.; Dorm Treas 
SENDOFF; Winter Carni Comm, 
Homecoming Comm.; Speech Under 
grad. Advisor Comm.; Exec. Coun. 

LEWIS, Bonnie J.; Osterville; En- 

LEWIS, Joyce P.; Hadley; History; 
Dean's List. 

LEWIS, Martin L.; Sharon; Hotel 
and Restaurant Management; Students 
International Meditation Soc; Craft- 
man's Guild. 

LIESE, Stephen F.; Wilbraham; Man- 
agement; Alpha Phi Omega; Intra- 
murals; Dean's List. 

LILYESTROM, Janet S.; Paxton; 

LINCOLN, Mark D.; Taunton; Me- 
chanical Engineering; ASME. 

LINDEN, Catherine E.; Beverly; 
Elementary Education; Chi Delphia. 

LINDQUIST, Karen I.; Paxton; Ele- 
mentary Education; Inter-Varsity 
Christian Fellowship, Pres., Sec; 


LIONETTA, Sandra L.; Winchester; 
Elementary Education; WMUA, 
Ass't Station Mangr., Chief Record 
Libr.; Summer Senate. 

LISENO, Elizabeth M.; Worcester; 
Sociology; Dorm Standards and So- 
cial Comms.; Karate Club; Spanish 
Club; Bologna Prog.; Belchertown 
Vol.; Northampton Vol. 

LISS, Francine E.; Hyde Park; Nurs- 
ing; Dorm Gov't. 

LITTLE, Diane M.; Newburyport; 
Psychology; Ski Club; Collegian; 
PsN'chology Club. 

LITTLE, Priscilla N.; Framingham; 

UTTLETON, Robert F.; Plainville; 
History; Student Gov't Assoc; Exec. 
Coun.; Pre-Law Club; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Finance Comm.; Strike 
Comm.; Zeta Beta Tau; Legislator's 
Day Rep.; Intramurals. 

UZEWSKI, Elizabeth A.; Sterling; 
Physical Education; Dorm Counse- 
lor; Dorm Treas. 

LOCKE, Harold W.; Reading; Fi- 
nance; Ski Qub; Scuba Qub; Dorm 

LOCKHART, Carolyn A.; West- 
minster; Sociology; Dorm Pres.; Dorm 
Counselor; Area Gov't.; Ski Club. 

LODGE, Kimberly J.; Methuen; Edu- 
cation; Ed. Club; Counselor; Dorm 

LODL Walter J.; Worcester; Gov- 

LONARDO, Elaine M.; Methuen; 
Psychology; Collegian; NES; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Dean's List; Honors 
Prog.; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa 

LONDON, Paul A.; Randolph; Ma- 
rine Fisheries Biology; Dorm Ju- 
diciary; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

LONG, Ann L; Pittsfield; Zoology; 
Chi Omega Alumni Chrm., Sec, 
Steward; Intramurals. 

LONG, John G.; Alexandria, Vir- 
ginia; Zoology; Counselpr; Intra- 
murals; Area Gov't, Vice Pres.; Rugby 
Team, Capt., Phi Beta Kappa. 

LONG, Kathleen A.; Waban; His- 
tory; Newman Club; NES; Art Club; 
Dorm Cultural Comm. 

LONG, Virginia; Winchester; Mathe- 

LOONEY, Richard G.; No. Amherst; 
History; Beta Chi; Student Senate; 

LOPARDO, Susan V.; Worcester; 
Fashion Merchandising; Amer. Home 
Ec. Assoc; Dean's List. 

LOPER, Wesley A.; Norwood; 
Mathematics; NES; Phi Eta Sigma; 

LORD, James M.; Fitchburg; Civil 
Engineering; ASCE. 

LOSTY, James M.; Holyoke; Gov- 

LOTHROP, Deborah P.; Framing- 
ham; Elementary Education; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Counselor. 

LOVELESS, H. Michael; Pittsfield; 
Marketing; SBA Newsletter, Editor. 

LOVELESS, Peter N.; Pittsfield; 
Marketing; Marketing Club; SBA 

LOVERING, Marjorie; Medford; Ele- 
mentary Education; Alpha Chi Omega. 

LUCrVERO, John B.; Worcester; 
History; Kappa Sigma, Treas.; In- 
tramurals; Dean's List. 

LUCY, Michael S.; Newburyport; 
Economics; Collegian; Economics 
Liaison Comm.; Counselor; House 
Council; Dean's List. 

LUCZYNSKI, Edwin A.; Adams; 
Accounting; Marching Band; Ac- 
counting Assoc, Pres.; Intramurals, 
Dean's List. 

LUKASIK, John A.; Chicopee; En- 
glish Journalism. 

LUMADUE, Robert L.; Clearfield, 
Pa.; Wildlife Biology; Dean's List; 
ROTC; Counselor; DMS. 

LUSSIER, Paul R.; Easthampton; 
Civil Engineering. 

LUZ, Linda M.; Peabody; Sociology; 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice Pres.; 
Exec Coun.; Revelers; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Homecoming Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

LYDEN, Margaret E.; Adams; Art 

LYMAN, Annie D.; East Longmead- 
ow; Elementary Education; Ed. Club. 

LYNCH, Maurice M.; Charlestown; 
History; Swim Team. 

MacCOLLOM, Andrew W.; Ster- 
ling; Agricultural and Food Eco- 
nomics; U.Mass. Vol. Fire Dept., 
Deputy Chief. 

MacGREGOR, Nancy L.; East 
Meadow, N.Y.; Spanish; Outing 
Club; Spanish Club; Univ. Chorus; 
Five College Latin Amer. Studies 
Coordinating Comm.; Dean's List. 

MacISAAC, Donald B.; Quincy; 
Marine Fisheries Biology; Scuba 
Club, Sec; Lacrosse. 

MACKAY, Barbara L; Peabody; 
English; Dorm Coun.; Ski Club. 

MACKINTOSH, Alan S.; Franklin; 
Wood Technology; Dean's List. 

MACKLER, Lynn F.; Springfield; 
Communications Disorders; Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, Sec; Hillel; Dorm 
Judiciary; SWAP. 

MACKOS, Anthony T.; Easthamp- 
ton; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. 

MacLEAN, Franklyn L; Wallas- 
ton; Elementary Education; Counse- 
lor; Quincy Jr. College. 

MacLEOD, Joan Kosinski; Lan- 
caster; Nursing; Sigma Theta Tau; 
Newman Club, Exec. Coun. 

MacNElL, Candice B.; Danvers; 
Elementary Education; Dean's List; 
Westbrook Jr. College. 

MacNElL, Richard G.; Danvers; 
Environmental Design; Patriots; 
Judo Club; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

MacNUTT, Karen L.; Dorchester; 
History; Student Senate, Exec. Comm., 
Social Action Comm., Chrm. Ways 
and Means Comm.; Women's Rifle 
Team, Capt.; Pre-Law Soc; Dean's 

MADDEN, Jane K.; Hingham; Gov- 
ernment; Kappa Alpha Theta, Sec; 
Revelers; Homecoming Comm.; Exec. 
Coun.; Dorm Coun. 

MAFFEl, A. Michael; Clinton; Plant 
and Soil Science; Dean's List. 

MAGUIRE, Mary A.; Hull; Psy- 
chology; Judiciary Comm., Chrm.; 
Exec. Coun.; SWAP. 

MAHLO, Angelika I.; East Long- 
meadow; Psychology; Pi Beta Phi, 
Hist.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Counse- 
lor; Northampton Vol.; Phi Beta 

MAKER, William A.; Haverhill; 
Philosophy; Freiburg Prog.; Frei- 
burg Comm.; Univ. Theatre; Phi Beta 

MAKL Betty A.; Winchendon; Edu- 
cation; Dean's List. 

MAKINDE, Michael; Lagos, Nigeria; 
Animal Science; African Student 
Organization; Soccer; Florida Agr. 

MALESKA, Susan M.; Yonkers, 
N.Y.; Fashion Merchandising; New- 
man Club; Dorm Social Chrm.; 
Dean's List. 

MALLETT, Joy C; Holden; English; 
Dean's List; Undergrad. Assist. 
Engl. Dept.; Univ. Chorus, Sec; 
Dorm Cultural Comm.; WMUA: 
Honors Colloquia; Campus Crusade 
for Christ. 

MALLOY, Daniel B.; Norton; Soci- 
ology; A. P.O.; Dean's List. 

MALMBORG, Cheryl A.; Sunder- 
land; Nursing; Nursing Club; Dean's 

MALONEY, Linda L., 
Elementary Education; 
NES; Dean's List. 

Ed. Club; 

MALONEY, Paul F.; Boston; Mar- 

MALONEY, Richard J.; Peabody; 
Accounting; Dorm Pres.; Intramurals; 
Accounting Club. 

MANGAN, Judith M.; Wakefield; 
Child Development; Counselor; 
Dorm Exec, coun.. Social Chrm. 

MANGIAPANE, Margaret A.; Bur- 
lington, Mathematics; Dean's List. 

MANGIARATTI, Robert S.; West- 
field; Government; D.V.P.; Dorm 
Gov't; Intramurals; Collegian; Index. 

MANIN, Doreen J.; Newton; Edu- 
cation; Hillel; Dorm Gov't.; Dean's 

MANLEY, Dwight P.; Huntington; 
Mathematics; Dean's List. 

MANNING, William J.; Glenside, 
Pa.; Hotel and Restaurant Manage- 
ment; Delta Chi; Ed. Policies Comm. 
for College of Agr.; Dean's List. 

MANTYLA, Edith M.; Holyoke; Art 
Education; Pi Lambda Theta. 

MARCHANDO, Pierre L.; Cam- 
bridge; Hotel and Restaurant Man- 
agement; Varsity Football; Sigma 
Alpha Mu. 

MARCUS, Barbara J.; West Har- 
wich; Physical Education; Lambda 
Delta Phi; Varsity Field Hockey; Var- 
sity Volleyball. 

MARCUS, Irving S.; Mattapan; Ac- 
counting; Accounting Assoc; In- 
tramurals; Dean's List. 

MARCUS, Robert D.; Pittsfield; 

MARCUS, Susan B.; Gt. Barrington; 

MARCY, Kristine A.; West Seneca, 
N.Y.; Home Economics Education; 
Inter- Varsity Christian Fellowship, 
Treas.; Dorm Gov't. 

MARFAN, Susan C; Hubbardston; 
History; Counselor. 

MARINO, Nancy I.; Haverhill; Ele- 
mentary Education; Dean's List. 

MARKIEWICZ, Gloria A.; Worces- 
ter; Art Education; Sigma Kappa, 
Historian, Housemanager; Home- 
coming Comm.; D.V.P.; Mortar 
Board; Editor; Dean's List. 

MARK05, Michael G.; Mattapan; 
Economics; Dorm Rep.; House Ju- 
diciary, Chief Justice; Counselor; In- 

MARREWA, LiUian L; Springfield; 
Accounting; Exec. Coun.; SW As- 
sembly; Winter Carni Comm.; Dean's 

MARTELL, Susan F.; 
Fashion Merchandising; Dorm Ju- 
diciary; Res. Living Board. 

MARTI, Jeffrey S.; Norwood; An- 

MARTIN, Daniel J.; Greenfield; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

MARTIN, Edward; Natick; Market- 
ing; Exec. Coun.; Homecoming Comm., 
Chrm.; Ski Team, Co-Capt.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Intramurals. 

MARTIN, Elise J.; Sharon; Educa- 
tion; Contempory Univ.; SASSI 

MARTIN, Mary A.; Dalton; Botany. 

MARTIN, William S.; Cranford, 
N.J.; Park Administration; Counselor; 
Arbor And Park Club; U.Mass. Vol. 
Fire Dept; Soccer; Intramurals. 

MARZILLl, Nancy M.; Worcester; 
Sociology; Exec. Coun.; NES; Ski 

MASCL^NICA, Francis S., Jr.; Sau- 
gus; Business and Finance; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Maroon Keys; Cheer- 
leading; Intramurals. 

MASKIE, Judith A.; Worcester; 
Elementary Education; Standards 
Rep.; Ed. Club; Dean's List. 

MASLANKA, Linda M.; Hatfield; 
Nursing; Nursing Honors Society. 

MASON, Leslie J.; Waltham; So- 
ciology; Sigma Delta Tau; Patriots; 
Belchertown Vol.; NES; Dean's List. 

MATHESON, Elizabeth G.; Haver- 
ford, Pa.; Geology; Geology Fac.-Stud. 
Liaison Comm.; French Cor., Treas.; 
Geology Lunch Club. 

MATHIAS, Kenneth A.; Clifton, 
N.J.; Management; Tau Kappa Ep- 
silon; Arcon; Varsity Basketball, 

MATTERN, Jeanne C; Scituate; 
Nursing; Nursing Hon. Soc; Coun- 
selor; Dorm Vice-Pres.; Nursing 
Class Treas. 

MATTHEWS, Edmund J., Jr.; Sun- 
derland; Industrial Egineering; AIIE. 

MATUSZCZAK, Richard J.; Chico- 
pee; Physical Education; Maroon 
Keys; Soccer; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

MAXWELL, Earl S.; Hopkinton; 
Chemical Engineering; A.I.CH.E.; 
Pre-Med Soc; Ski Club; Nat. Ski 
Patrol; Parachute Club; Counselor. 

MAY, Sandra L.; Greenfield; Music 
Education; Univ. Chorale; Univ. 
Chorus; Univ. Women's Choir; Univ. 
Symphony Band. 

MAYERS, Marcia L.; Raynham; 
Home Economics. 

MAYNARD, Mary D.; Chelmsford; 
Education; Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Counselor. 

MAYO, Walter R.; Roxbury; His- 
tory; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Arcon; Var- 
sity Track Team; Student Gov't; 
Afro-Am Soc; Intramural Wres- 
tling, Football. 

MAZUR, Blanche E.; Bellingham; 
Elementary Education; Ski Club. 

McANIFF, Richard J.; Verona, N.J.; 
Economics; Exec. Coun.; New Mexico 

McAULIFFE, John E.; Medford; En- 
glish; Counselor; Who's Who; King 
of Campus Center. 

McAVEY, Mora F.; Worcester; En- 

McBRIDE, Neal G.; Sunderland; 

McCABE, Katherine A.; Oakland; 
N.J.; Fashion Merchandising. 

McCaffrey, Cheryl a.; East Taun- 
ton; Botany, 

McCarthy, Lynne; Wakefield 
Elementary Education; Angel Flight; 
Orchestra; Outing Club; Counselor; 

McCarthy, Patrick J.; Newton; 
Business Administration; Delta Chi. 

McCarthy, Susan F.; West Spring- 
field; Chemistry; Dorm Soc. Comm.; 
Shident Affiliate Amer. Chem. Soc. 

McCartney, Lauren G.; Amherst; 
English; Counselor; Equest. Club; 
Oxford Prog.; Dean's List. 

McCAULEY, William D.; Wakefield; 
Civil Engineering; Varsity Gymnastics 

McCONNELL, Thomas J.; Reading; 
Business and Economics; Alpha Phi 
Omega, Treas.; Arnold Air Soc; 
Dorm Treas. 

McCOURT, Joan A.; Watertown; 
Sociology; Class Sec; Student Sena- 
tor; Dorm Soc. Chrm.; D.V.P.; Se- 
nior Speakers Prog., Chrm. 

McCOURT, Joyce E.; NaHck; Psy- 
chology; Exec. Coun.; Phi Sigma 
Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. 

McCULLOUGH, Lawrence N.; Wil- 
mette. 111.; Education. 

McDONALD, Gertrude M.; West 
Springfield; English; Exec. Coun.; 
Dean's List. 

McDONOUGH, Ellen B.; Spencer; 
Elementary Education. 

McFARLAND, Harry D.; Green- 
field; System Management; Fifty- 
Five Club. 

McGAFFlGAN, Nancy M.; Burling- 
ton; English; NES. 

McNAMARA, Kevin F.; West Rox- 
bury; Civil Engineering; ASCE; 
Marching Band; Concert Band; In- 
tramurals; Dorm Vice Pres. 

McNAMARA, Martin D.; Fitch- 
burg; Sociology; Tau Kappa Epsi- 
lon; Intramurals; Homecoming Comm.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Escort Assoc; 
Newton-Davis Art Org.; New Hamil- 
ton Club; Dean's List. 

McNeil, Dwight N.; Peabody; 
Zoology; Pre-Med Soc; Sierra Club; 

McNEIL, Patricia A.; Nashua, N.J 
Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Ski Club, 
Precisionettes; Newman Club; NES, 
Dean's List. 

McGANN, Jean A.; Brimfield; His- McNERNEY, Helene R., 
tory; Dean's List. Seneca, N.Y.; Nursing. 


McGOVERN, Joseph P., Jr.; Pitts- McPHEE, Joel E.; South Lancaster; 

field; Sociology; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Finance. 

Pres; Maroon Keys, Pres.; Arcon; 

Development Coun.; Intra-Frat. McSHANE, Linda J.; Greenfield; 

Coun., Treas. English; Exec. Coun.; Dean's List. 

McGOWAN, Elaine M.; Billerica; 

McGRORY, Edward P.; West Rox- 
bury; Marketing; Intramurals; House 
Jud. Comm.; Dean's List. 

McGUIRE, Nancy A.; Waltham 
History; Alpha Chi Omega, Pres 
Mortar Board, Sec; Exec. Comm 
Winter Carni Comm.; Greek Coun. 

McHUGH, Maureen E.; Leominster; 
Government; Phi Sigma Alpha, Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

MclNTYRE, Richard T.; Framing- 
ham; Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Col- 
legian; Camp. Crus. For Christ; Dorm 
Gov't, Vice Pres. 

McKANE, Caron P.; North Adams 
Art Education; NES; Bologna Prog, 
Dorm House Coun.; Dean's List; 
Berkshire Community College. 

McSWEENEY, Susan M.; Needham; 
Art; S.W.A.P.; Dorm Comm.; D.V.P.; 
Dean's List. 

MEDEIROS, William H.; Amherst; 
Marine Fisheries Biology; Sigma 
Alpha Mu. 

MEDILL, Martha; Marlboro; French; 
Latin Amer. Tutoring; Social Comm. 

MEEKER, Mary Ellen L.; Norwood; 
Civil Engineering; ASCE, Sec. 

MEIXNER, William C; Raynham; 

MELCHIORRI, Robert L.; Natick; 
Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu. 

MELE, Jeanne A.; Roslindale; Span- 
ish; Spanish Club, Pres.; Precision- 
ettes, Exec. Officer; Span. Dept. Cur- 
riculum Comm.; Varsity Softball; 
Italian Club. 

McLaughlin, Barbara A.; Attle- MELNICK, Deborah D.; Amherst; 
boro; Elementary Education; Dorm Elementary Education; Iota Gamma 

Sec; S.U. Spec. Events Comm.; 
U.S.C.C; Senate Public Relations 

McLaughlin, Patricia P.; Haver- 
hill; European History. 

McLAY, Ann-Brooke; Westboro; 
Zoology; Chi Omega; Intramurals; 
Dorm Gov't; Exec. Coun.; Dean's 

McMAHON, Sheila A,; Springfield; 

McMASTER, Marilyn G.; Sterling; 
Spanish; Dorm Exec. Coun.; NES; 
Spanish Club; Index; Phi Beta Kappa. 

Upsilon, Treas.; Ski Club; Dorm Exec. 
Coun.; Dean's List. 

MELNICKL Leo S.; Lowell; Chemis- 
try; Counselor, Chem, Club; Intra- 

MELNIK, Samuel A., Jr.; Old Deer- 
field; Civil Engineering; Fresh. Soc- 
cer; Varsity Soccer; Dorm Counselor. 

MENDES, George P.; Sagamore; 
Elementary Education; Afro-Amer. 
Org. Intramurals; Dorm Judiciary; 
Dean's List. 

MENDES, Robert A.; Sagamore; 
Philosophy; Dean's List. 

MENOVICH, Beverly; Maiden; Com- 
munications Disorders; Poy Fy Soy; 
Dorm Treas.; Dean's List. 

N1ERCADANTE, Linda M.; Worces- 
ter; Psychology; Ski Club; Psych. 
Student Coun. 

MERCIER, Bemadette S.; Stockbridge; 
Physical Education; Field Hockey. 

MERLIN, Stephen H.; Brockton; 
Government; Dorm Coun.; U.S.C.C. 
Gov't Dept; Undergrad. Coun.; In- 

MERRIAM, Deborah A.; Needham; 
Elementary Education; Dorm Pres.; 
R.L.B.; Dean's List. 

MERRILL, Robert C; Southampton; 
Chemical Engineering; A.l.CH.E. 

MESSANA, Christine N.; Lenox; His- 

METAXAS, Luke M.; Greenfield; 

METTHE, Francis D.; New Bedford; 
Government; House Judiciary; In- 

METZ, Linda; Granby; Education; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Dean's List. 

MICHAEL, Lucille M.; Marshfield; 
Home Economics; Kappa Alpha Theta, 
Social Chrm., Activities Chrm.; 

MICHAEL, James J.; Middleboro; 
Russian; Russian Club, Phi Beta Kappa. 

MICH'ELSON, James W.; Andover; 
Psychology; R.A. F.L., Pres.; HiUel; 

MICHAUD, Lucille C; Salem; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

MICHAUD, Michael J.; Amherst; 
Marketing; Intramurals. 

MICHERONE, Rita M.; Dorchester; 
English; Sigma Kappa; Dorm Vice 
Pres.; Revelers. 

MICKA, Sylvia J.; Easthampton; 
Education; Amer. Home Ec. Assoc; 
Dean's List. 

MICKNA, Linda; Holyoke; Govern- 
ment; Amateur Radio Assoc, Treas.; 
Flying Club. 

MICZEK, Barbara J.; Braintree; Art; 
Sigma Delta Tau; Ski Qub, Outing 
aub; NES; Haven Club; Dean's List. 

MIDGLEY, Judith A.; Raynham; 
Child Development; Iota Gamma Up- 
silon; Dorm Security; Ski Club; Nat. 
Ed. Service; Nat. Ed. Assoc 


MIGLIACCIO, Peter P.; Salem; Span- 
ish and Italian; Phi Mu Delta; Ital. 
Club, Pres.; Intramurals. 

MIGNOCCHL Kent H.; New York, 
N.Y.; Industrial Management; Var- 
sity Wrestling; Dean's List; Senior 
Hon.; Mktg. Qub; Grad. 3 Yrs. 

MILCH, Laurel A.; Braintree; En- 
glish; Varsity gymnastics Team; 
Counselor; Publicity Comm.; Prog. 
Comm.; Cult. Comm.; Movie Comm. 

MILES, Charles 5.; Amherst; Ele- 
mentary Education; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Amherst Fair, Co-Chrm.; Karate 
Club; Outing Club. 

MILES, Sharon C; Saugus; English; 
Collegian; Varsity Softball; Intra- 
murals; Dorm Athletic Chrm. 

MILKEY, Karen M.; Turners Falls; 
Elementary Education; Counselor; 
Dean's List. 

MILLER, Ira H.; Newton; Psy- 
chology; Res. Hall Assist.; Activities 

MILLER, Jeanne M.; Haverhill; Nurs- 
ing; Nursing Club; Newman Club; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Dorm Cult. Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

MILLER, Rose L.; Milford; JournaHsm 
Sociology Interdeptmental; Dorm 
Coun.; Hillel; Collegian; Northamp- 
ton Vol.; Stud. Senate Services Comm.; 
NES; Dean's List. 

MINKLEY, Barbara L; So. Hadley; 
Elementary EducaHon; Pi Beta Phi; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Karate Club; Dean's 

MINKOS, Michael A.; Chicopee; 
Electrical Engineering; Lambda Chi 

MINKWITZ, Steven A.; Canton; 
Civil Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi. 

MINTO, Vanlis J.; Springfield; Psy- 
chology; Afro-Amer. Comm.; Coun- 

MITCHELL, Charlene A.; Fall River; 
English; lota Gamma Upsilon, Cult. 
Chrm.; Ski Club; Dean's List. 

MITCHELL, James E.; Ballston Spa, 
N.Y.; Civil Engineering. 

MITCHELL, Timothy; Ballston Spa, 
N.Y.; Civil Engineering. 

MODENA, Thomas D.; Westfield; 
Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Oper- 
etta Guild; Scuba Qub. 

MOGUL, Lawrence R.; West Spring- 
field; Government. 

MOLANDER, Louise C; Dedham; 
General Business; Dorm Exec. Coun- 
cil; Dean Jr. College. 

MOLITOR, Christine; Newburyport; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, 
Philanthropy Chrm.; Dorm Vice Pres.; 
Greek Week; Dean's List. 

MONE, Thomas J.; Mashpee; Pre- 
Dentistry; Crew Club, Co-Capt. 

MONGEAU, Richard D.; So. Graf- 
ton; Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha, 
Scuba Club; Intramurals, Crew Club; 
Dean's List. 

MONGEON, Gary E.; Northampton; 
Medical Technology. 

MONIZ, Paul A.; Fall River; Psy- 
chology; Phi Mu Delta; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

MONTEIRO, Robert F.; Dartanouth; 
Sociology; Intramurals. 

MOONEY, Thomas D.; Amherst; 
Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; 
Vice Pres.; Tau Beta Pi; Dean's List. 

MOORADL«iN, Charlene A.; Salem; 
English; Armenian Club. 

MORAN, Ann E.; Westport; Psy- 
chology; Angel Flight; Dean's List. 

MOULTHROP, Holly E.; Becket; 
Nursing; Inter- Varsity Christian 
Fellowship, Treas. 

MRAZK, Brian R.; Wolcott, Forestry; 
Xi Sigma Pi. 

MUCHA, Robert M.; Ashland; Ac- 
counting; Lambda Chi Alpha, Pres, 
Treas.; IFC; Dean's List. 

MULDOON, Donna M.; Lawrence; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa, 
Rush Chrm.; Exec. Coun.; Greek Coun.; 
Think Tank; Homecoming Comm.; 
Belchertown Vol. 

MULHEARN, David T.; Quincy; 
Wildlife Biology; Forestry Club; 
Wildlife Soc. 

MULLEN, Stephen R.; West New- 
bury; History; Beta Kappa Phi; 
Frat. Senator; Cheerleader; Patriots, 
Co-Chrm.; Exec. Coun.; Winter 
Carni Comm. 

MULLINEAUX, Rodney W.J., Jr.; 
Santa Monica, Calif.; General Busi- 
ness and Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma; 
AFIT; Dean's List; Magna Cum 

MULREAN, Elaine C; Amherst; 
Physical Education; NES; Intramural 

MORELY, Karen G.; Sudbury; His- MULROY, Kathryn R.; Sunderland; 
tory; House Coun.; Dean's List. Education. 

MORGAN, Warren H.; Springfield; 

MORRIS, Donna L.; New Bedford; 
English; Pi Beta Phi; Karate Club; 
Dean's List. 

MORSE, Mark E.; Wareham; 
Government; Alpha Phi Omega; 
Dorm Judiciary, Chrm.; Stud. 
Housing Comm. 

MORSE, Richard A.; Attleboro; 
Psychology; Dorm Stud. Coun.; 
Counselor; Intramural Swimming. 

MORSE, Sherry J.; Lynn; Fashion 
Merchandising; Gamnna Sigma Sigma; 
Collegian, Span. Club. 

MOSELEY, William C; Dudley; 
Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; 
Tau Beta Pi; Soc. of Automotive 
Engineers; Dean's List 

MOSHER, Stephen D.; Melrose; 
English Journalism; Collegian, New- 
man Club; Intramurals; Journalistic 
Studies Comm. 

MOTT, Roswitha W.; West Hatfield; 
Art Education. 

MOTTA, Anthony B.; Lawrence; 
Sociology; Phi Sigma Kappa, Sec. 

MURDOCK, Virginia L.; Milton; 
Government; Flying Club; Newman 
Club; Young Rep. Soc. 

MURPHY, Darrel L.; Xenia, Ohio; 
General Business and Finance; Beta 
Gamma Signa. 

MURPHY, Marie E.; Reading; 
History; New Mexico Exchange; 
Oxford Prog.; Dean's List, Phi Beta 

MURPHY, Patricia A.; Newburyport; 
Elementary Education; lota Gamma 
Upsilon, Pledge Trainer; Belchertown 
Vol.; Ed. Club; Dorm Cult. Comm. 

MURPHY, Thomas F.; Fairhaven; 
Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

MURPHY, William B.; Auburn; 
American History; Alpha Sigma Phi; 
Fresh. Crew. 

MURRAY, LOIS P.; Natick; Child 
Development; NAEYC; Dean's List. 

MUSGROVE, Patricia A.; Newport 
News, Va.; Elementary Education; 
Dorm Co-Ordinator Chrm.; Social 
Chrm.; Modern Dance Club. 

NACORCHUK, Alice J.; Pittsfield; 
Food Science and Technology; Food 
Science Club, Vice Pres.; Social 

NADEAU, Deborah J.; No. Reading; 
Botany; Scrolls; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Chorale, Chamber Singers; Operetta 
Guild; Dorm Social Comm., Dean's 

NADEL, Frank D.; Chestnut Hill 
Marketing; Hillel; SW Social Comm 
Dorm Social Comm.; Marketing Club, 
Dean's List. 

NADLER, Allen P.; Waban; Manage- 
ment; Tau Epsilon Phi; Intramurals; 
Exec. Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; 
Soph. Banquet Comm. 

NAIR, Lesley A.; Beaver, Pa.; 
Sociology; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
Cheerleading; Exec. Coun. 

NALBANDIAN, Peter W.; Worcester; 
Government; Exec. Coun.; Dorm 
Coun.; Dorm Social Chrm.; Intra- 

NARDACCI, George A.; Greenfield; 
Fisheries Biology. 

NAZZARO, Stephen C; Roslindale; 
Education; NES, Co-Chrm.; Com- 
munity Action Foundation, Treas.; 
Gamma Alpha Kappa, Co-Founder, 
Pres.; Intramurals. 

NEALE, George A.; Needham; Mech- 
anical Engineering; Tau Beta PI; 
Fresh. Lacrosse; Intramurals. 

NECKES, Michael E.; Brookline; 

NEELEY, Patricia M.; Weymouth; 

NEHEMIAH, Jerome L.; New Ro- 
chelle, N.Y.; Pre-Med; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Monsanto Award; Dean's List, Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

NEISSEL, Coral D.; Wheeler AFB, 
Hawaii; Physical Education; Hey- 
makers; Intramurals. 

NELLIS, David M.; Washington, 
D.C; History; Young Democrats; 
Stud. Gov't; Patriots; Children's 
Theatre Prod. 

NERDEN, Joseph A., Jr.; Amherst; 
U.S. History 

NEUWIRTH, Edna M.; River Edge, 
N.J.; Nutrition; Gamma Sigma Sigma, 
Hist., Sec; Omicron Nu, Pres.; 
Hillel; Collegian. 

NEVILLE, Michael D.; Amherst; 

NEWBORG, Kathy A.; Hamilton; 
History; Inter- Varsity, Pres.; Coun- 
selor; French Corridor; Academic 

NEWHALL, Richard S.; Wellesley; 
Restaurant and Hotel Management; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Recorder; Maroon 
Keys; Revelers, Vice Pres. 

NEWHOUSE, Denise E.; Schenectady, 
N.Y.; Texiles, Clothing, and En- 
vironmental Arts; Marching Band, 
Concert Band. 

NEWMAN, Jonathan E.; Katonah, 
N.Y.; Computer Systems Engineering; 
Pi Lambda Phi, Exec. Board; Ski 
Club, Pres, Treas.; Amateur Radio 
Assn., Pres., Vice Pres., Treas.; 
I.A.E.S.T.E., Chrm. 

NEYLON, Terrance B.; So. Peabody; 

NIETUPSKI, Danile L; Ludlow; 
Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi, 
Vice Pres.; Eta Kappa Nu; Phi 
Kappa Phi; Newman Club; Ski Club; 
Intramurals, I.E.E.E.; 135 Rivalry. 

NIEJADLIK, Jean A.; Whitinsville; 
Sociology; Northampton Vol; Home- 
coming Comm.; Prog. Coun.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Counselor; House Gov't. 

NIEMYSKI, Christine H.; West 
Roxbury; Nursing; Exec. Coun.; 
Operetta Guild; Counselor; Area 
East Judiciary & Nursing Club. 

NIGRO, George; Amherst; Quanti- 
tative Methods; Dean's List. 

NOBLE, Russell D., Swansea; Market- 
ing; Intramurals; Dorm Rep.; Dean's 
List; P.U.B. Club; Marketing Club. 

NOONAN, Henry J.; Jamaica Plains; 
Government; Dorm Gov't. Counselor; 
Student Senate. 

NORDER, Bonnie S.; Creve Coeur, 
Missouri; Education and Extension; 
Alpha Chi Omega; SNEA; AHEA; 
Counselor; Dean's List. 

NORRIS, William H.; Belmont; Ele- 
mentary Education; Environmental 
Qualities Comm.; Who's Who in 
Amer. Jr. Colleges; Silver Key; 
Mass. Bay Community College; 
House Coun. 

NOVAK, Richard S.; Revere; Mathe- 
matics; Phi Eta Sigma; Patriots; 

NOWICK, Cynthia A.; HoUiston; 
Physical Education; Dorm Treas.; 

NYLUND, David A.; Worcester; 
Landscape Architecture; Environ- 
mental Design Club; Intramurals. 

OATES, Philip B.; Turners Falls; 
Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. 

O'BRIEN, Ann Marie; Holyoke; 
Government; Undergrad. Council of 
Gov't Majors; Ski Club. 

O'BRIEN, Maureen; Maiden; English. 

O'BRIEN, Maureen; West Newton; 
Sociology; Dorm Pres.; Field Hockey 
Team; Dean's List. 

O'BRIEN, Nancy B.; Northboro; 
Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Chorus; 
Dorm Treas. 

O'BRIEN, Rita M.; West Roxbury; 
French; French Corridor; Spanish 

O'CONNELL, Michael F.; Amherst; 
Marketing; Phi Sigma Kappa; Dorm 
Coun.; Exec. Coun. 

O'CONNOR, Eileen M.; Lynnfield; 
Government; Student Senate; Student 
Union Governing Board; Exec. 
Coun.; Homecoming Comm.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Campus Chest Comm.; 
Metawampe Selection Comm.; Fresh. 
Queen Court; Soph. Queen Court; 
Winter Carni Queen Court; Dean's 

OHANESIAN, John B.; Belmont; 
Hotel and Restaurant Administration; 
Innkeepers Club; Dean's List. 

OHLSON, Michael W.; South Action; 
Physical Education; Fresh. Basketball; 
Intramurals; Counselor; Dorm Athle- 
tic Chrm.; Dorm Gov't; Dean's List. 

OHMAN, John W.; So. Grafton; 
Marketing; Marketing Club; Mike 
Hunt Fan Club, Pres.; Scuba Club; 
Bridge Club; Bowling Club; Intra- 

O'KEEFE, Edmond L, Jr.; Lowell; 
Elementary Education; Ed. Assembly; 
Undergrad. Rep. to Ed. Council. 

O'MALLEY, Anthony T.; Worcester; 
Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. 

O'NEILL, Mary P.; Bangor, Maine; 
French; Precisionetts; Dean's List. 

O'NEILL, Sandra A.; Sherborn; 
English; Naiads; Dean's List. 

OPACKI, Donna J.; Melrose; Elemen- 
tary Education; Alpha Chi Omega, 
Treas.; Exec. Coun.; Newman Club. 

O'CONNOR, Kathleen T.; West OPATKA, David D.; South Grafton; 
Boylston; Elementary Education; Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi, Psi Chapt.; 
Dorm Pres.; Ski Club; N.E.5. Flying Redmen Drill Team. 

O'CONNOR, Keigh K.; West 
Springfield; English; Counselor; 

O'CONNOR, Rosellen M.; Needham 
Heights; Nursing. 

O'CONNOR, Thomas M.; Dor- 
chester; Economics; Phi Beta Kappa; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Dean's List. 

ODAY, Kevin M.; Quincy; Sociology; 

O'DELL, Jacqueline S.; Springfield; 
French; Finalist Las Vegas Night; 
Dorm Cult. Comm.; NES; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Dean's List; Univ. of Caen, 

O'DONNELL, Daniel M.; Springfield; 

O'Donnell, Kathleen; Quincy; Govern- 
ment; Pi Sigma Alpha; Exec. Coun.; 
NES; Dean's List. 

O'DONOGHUE, John F.; Swansea; 
Anthropology; Dorm Gov't; Varsity 
Rifle Team; Dorm Judiciary. 

OGDEN, Maryann O.; Worcester; 
Sociology and Elementary Education. 

OGONIS, Anthony F.; Greenfield; 
History; House Coun.; Dorm Judiciary; 

OREMLAND, Susan J.; Medford; 
Fashion Merchandising. 

ORENSTEIN, James C; Longmeadow; 
History; Counselor; Ass't. Head of 

OUELLETTE, Ronald J.; Worcester; 

OVERTON, Janice I.; Ayer; Elemen- 
tary Education; Angel Flight. 

OWEN, Ralph E.; North Dighton; 
History; Arnold Air Soc, Chaplain, 
Operations Officer; AFROTC, t^det 
Com.; Flying Redmen Drill Team, 
Drill Instr.; Intramurals. 

OWSEICHIK, Alan J.; Greenfield 
Industrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi 
Alpha Pi Mu, Sec; Phi Eta Sigma 

PACKARD, Gail V.; Blechertown; 
Elementary Education; Lambda Delta 

PADELFORD, Donna R.; Raynham; 
General Business; Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, Sec; Workshop for Mass. 
Red Cross, Chrm. 

PADGET, Karen I.; Pittsfield, Elemen- 
tary Education; Sigma Kappa, Vice 
Pres.; Kappa Delta Pi, Membership 
Chrm.; Junior Exec. Coun.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Dean's List. 


PAGE, Norman L.; Amherst; Electrical 

PALMBACH, Janice L.; Simsbury; 
History; Collegian, Adv. Mgr., 
Business Mgr.; Women's Choir. 

PALOMBA, Richard J.; Arlington; 
Education; S.W.A.P., Co-Chrm.; 
Chancellor's Visitation and Security 
Com.; Senior Day, Chrm.; Campus 
Drive, Chrm.; 4 Class Trip, Chrm.; 
Exec, Coun.; Pres. Coun.; Who's Who; 
Dorm Pres.; Bologna Prog. 

PALTER, Mona F.; Mattapan; History; 
Dorm Pres.; Dean's List. 

PAPA, Jeanne A.; Revere; Elementary 

PAPAGM, Charles P.; Cambridge; 
Management; Intramurals; Dean's 

PAPPA5, Stephanie K.; Arlington; 
Education; Dorm Soc. Comm.; Exec. 

PAQUETTE, Cynthia J.; Springfield; 
Economics; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board. 

PARATORE, Jean; Lexington; Phy- 
sical Education; Lambda Delta Phi, 
Exec, Board, Parliamentarian; Pan- 
hellenic Rep., Coun.; Greek Council 
Major Coun.; W.A.A., Exec. Board, 
Varsity Field Hockey; Basketba 
Softball; Intramural Basketball, Mgi 
Director of Women's Intramurals. 

PARE, Jayne L; Haverhill; Com- 
munications Disorders; Exec. Council; 
Winter Carni Comm,; Sigma Alpha 

PARHTT, REbecca C; Holyoke; 
Elementary Education; NE5; 

Northampton Vol; Belchertown Vol; 
Amherst Jr. High Tutor. 

PARIS!, Antonio L.; Easthampton; 

PARKER, Janis M.; Melrose; Child 
Development; Pi Beta Phi, Prog. 
Chrm.; NES. 

PARKER, Jill D.; Groveland; Elemen- 
tary Education; Westbrook Jr. College. 

PARKER, Robert G.; Natick; Mathe- 
matics; Dorm Gov't; Intramurals. 

PARKER, Susan; Concord; History; 
Chi Omega; N.E.A.C; Dorm Soc. 
Comm.; Intramurals; Belchetown 
Vol.; A.R.J.H.S, Tutor; CC Build- 
ing Comm. 

PARKER, Susan; Plymouth; Educa- 

PARKER, Theodore; Springfield; Gov- 
ernment; Phi Alpha Sigma; Concert 
Band; "West Side Story"; Afro-Amer 
Soc, Budget Comm.; Amherst Jazz 
Orchestra; Academic Advisor; Coun- 

PARSONS, Calvin T., Jr.; Easthamp- 
ton; Agricultural and Food Economics. 

PARSONS, Nancy; Lynnfield; Edu- 
cation; Kappa Alpha Theta; Exec. 
Coun.; Dean's List. 

PASSE, Maria T.; Williamsburg; 

PASTNER, Gerard A.; Worcester; 
Physical Education; Faculty Group 
for Academic Freedom; Holy Apostles 

PATCH, Norman E., Jr.; Fitchburg; 
Government; Sigma Alpha Mu; Class 
Pres.; Adelphia; D.V.P.; Boston Prog. 

PAUL, Kenneth J.; Fitchburg; Ac- 
counting; Tau Kappa Epsilon; In- 
tramurals; Dean's List. 

PAULSON, Laurence W.; Topsfield; 
Aerospace Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
Cross Country, Co-Capt.; Track. 

PAULY, Linda J.; Stoneham; Ele- 
mentary Education; Equestrian Club. 

PEACH, H. Bradford; Attleboro; 
Economics; Dorm Gov't; Collegian; 
Ski Club; Intramurals. 

PECK, James P.; Leominster; Gov- 

PEDERZANI, Donna M.; Kingston; 
Physical Education. 

PEDI, Joanne M.; Saugus; Govern- 
ment; Iota Gamma Upsilon; Greek 
Coun.; Student Senator, Activities 
Subcomm.; Project Ten, Apple Corp.; 
S.W.A.P.; Class Exec. Coun. 

PELLEGRINI, Ralph A.; East Boston; 
History; Theta Chi; Intramurals. 

PELTON, Paul S.; Fall River; For- 
estry; Kappa Kappa Psi; Dorm Pres.; 
Marching Band; Concert Band. 

PELUSO, Francis K.; Brockton; Rus- 
sian; Arnold Air Society; Children's 
Theatre; "Hello Friend" Folk Society; 
Russian Choir. 

PENNIMAN, Bruce M.; Amherst; 
English. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta 

PENNIMAN, Valerie J,; Amherst; 
Education; Chi Omega; Executive 
Coun.; OH Prog. Comm.; Counselor. 

PENON, Agustin; San Jose, Costa 
Rica; Wood Technology; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Tennis; 
Dean's List. 

PEREIRA, Marie E.; Chelsea; Ele- PETERSON, Joanne; Greenfield; 

mentary Education; lota Gamma Up- 
silon, Master of Ritual; Newman 
Club; Span. Club; Ed. Club. 

Plymouth; Sociology. 

Candida R.; 

PERKINS, Cheryl L.; Haverhill; So- 
ciology; Precisionettes, Commanding 

PERKINS, Joseph B., Jr.; Pompano 
Beach, Fla.; Management; Dorm Rep.; 
Dorm Moderator; Intramurals. 

PERKINS, Kenneth E.; Arlington; 
Sociology; Varsity Gymnastics. 

PERKINS, William A., Jr.; East Doug- 
las; Government; Beta Chi, Treas.; 
Student Senate, Chrm. Ways and 
Means Comm.; Young Rep., Pres.; 
Commuter Assembly, Treas.; Stu- 
dent Sen. Transit Service, Mngr.; 
Who's Who. 

PERNA, Susan E.; Waltham; Speech 
Education; Univ. Theatre; L L, Treas. 

PERREAULT, Linda A.; Chelmsford; 
History; Kappa Alpha Theta, Treas.; 
Class Exec. Council; Dorm Judiciary 
Chief, Dean's List. 

PERRY, Joyce E.; Everett; Elemen- 
tary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; 

PERRY, Robert R.; South Dartmouth; 
History; Intramurals. 

PERRY, Ronnie A.; Fall River; Gen- 
eral Business and Finance; Intra- 

PERUZZI, Angela; Quincy; Elemen- 
tary Education; NES; Dorm Cultural 
Comm.; Head Start Vol.; Dean's List. 

RETELL, John A.; Pittsfield; Market- 
ing; Collegiate Chapt. of Amer. Mkty. 
Assoc; Accounting Club; Market- 
ing Club; Intramurals. 

PETERS, Kenneth R.; Amherst; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu, Sec. 

PETERS, Michael A.; Billerica; Gen- 
eral Business; Ski Club. 

PETERS, Thomas G.; Arlington; 
General Business and Finance; Hockey. 

PETERSON, Ann-Marie E.; Worces- 
ter; Sociology; NE Area Congress; 
Northampton Vol.; Dunkin Donuts 
"12" Club. 

PETERSON, Edmund A.; White 
Plains, N.Y.; Counseling Education; 
Alpha Epsilon Pi. 

Geology; Tau Beta Sigma, Vice 
Pres.; Univ. Band and Orchestra. 

PETERSON, John M.; Worcester; 
Zoology; Pre-Med. Society; Crew, 
Dean's List. 

PETERSON, Patsy C; Boxford; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

PETITTO, Rocco C, 3rd.; Leomin- 
ster; Physics; Delta Chi; Fresh. Track; 
Varsity Track. 

PETROWSKY, Joan M.; Waltham; 
Elementary Education; Student Sen- 
ate Services, Standards Coun., Chrm. 

PETTEY, Dorothy L.; Brookfield; 
Theatre; Univ. Theatre, Operetta 
Guild; Oregon Univ. Exchange; 
Dean's List. 

PEZZA, Peter M.; Natick; Manage- 

PHILLIPS, Laura J.; Braintree; En- 
glish; Engl. Dept. Undergrad Coun.; 
Engl. Grievance Comm.; Undergrad 
T.A.; Dean's List; Cardinal Gushing 

PHILLIPS, Linda J.; Framingham; 
Mathematics; Ski Club; Amateur 
Radio Assoc; House Council. 

PHILLIPS, Susan L.; Natick; Market- 
ing; Class Exec. Coun.; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Dorm Soc. Chrm. 

PICARD, Wayne J.; Chelmsford; 
Hotel and Restaurant Management; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice Pres.; Pledge 
Class, Vice Pres.; Revelers; Innkeep- 
ers Club; Intramurals. 

PICCOLO, Joseph A.; Haverhill; 
Marketing; Q.T.V., Soc. Chrm., Sec; 
Social Brother of SPE; Intramurals; 
Class Pres.; Winter Carni Comm., 
Chrm.; Soph. Weekend, Pub. Comm., 
Chrm.; Senior Weekend, Pub. Comm., 

PICCOLOMINI, Sandra T.; Somer- 
ville; Education. 

PICCUS, David L.; Amherst; Govern- 
ment; Varsity Soccer; Varsity La- 

PICKETT, Richard B.; Belchertown; 
Environmental Design; Alpha Sigma 

PIDGEON, Lawrence A., Jr.; Spring- 
field; Electrical Engineering; Flying 
Redmen Drill Team; Eta Kappa Nu; 
Chess Club. 

PIECUCH, Thomas S.; Newburyport; 
Industrial Engineering; Alpha Phi 
Omega, Alumni Sec; A. I. I.E.; Scab- 
bard and Blade. 

FIERI, Robert V.; Fall River; Engi- 
neering; Alpha Phi Omega. 

PIETKIEWICZ, Donna M.; New Bed- 
ford; Elementary Education; Dorm 
Social Comm.; Dean's List. 

PIKKARAINEN, David T. West- 
minster; Physical Education; Kappa 
Sigma; Football; Intramurals. 

PITEO, Rick L; Armonk, N.Y.; Elec- 
trical Engineering. 

PITROFF, John A.; North Adams; 
Personnel Management; Intramurals. 

PIUZE, Lissa R.; Worcester; Zoology. 

PLANKEY, Francis W., Jr.; Sunder- 
land; Chemistry; A.C.S. Student 
Affiliates, Pres. 

PLANTE, Dorothy D.; Granby; 
Elementary Education. 

PLANTE, Gary A.; No. Amherst; 
Chemical Engineering; A.I.Ch.E., 
Vice Pres., Pres.; A.C.S.; Engineer- 
ing Journal; Intramural Handball. 

PLUNKETT, Daniel G.; Mineola, 
N.Y.; Food Science and Technology. 

POLCHLOPEK, Ann M.; Granby; 

POLCZWARTEK, Michael R.; Wil- 
liamsburg; Nursing; Nursing Honor 

POLLACK, Joanne H.; Sharon; Art 
Education; Sigma Delta Tau. 

POLOPEK, Elizabeth M.; Agawam; 
Education; Kappa Delta Pi, Pres.; 
House Management Comm.; Trans- 
fer's Comm. 

POMEROY, Pamela C; Hayden- 
ville; Art-Sculpture. 

POMFRET, James J.; Quincy; Mar- 
keting; Marketing Club; Intramurals. 

POMFRET, Linda L.; Somerset; Physi- 
cal Education; Alpha Chi Omega, 
Rush Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

POORE, Beatrice A.; Shrewsbury; 
Psychology; Area Gov't, Treasurer. 

PORCINO, Nancy; Gloucester; En- 

POSTERNAK, Marsha R.; Lawrence; 
English; Sigma Delta Tau, House- 
manager, Rush Chrm.; NES; Class 
Exec. Coun.; Index; Ski Club. 

POULOS, Stephen; New Bedford; 
Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Dean's 

POUND, E. Jeanne; Suffern, N.Y.; 
English; Northern Ed. Service Tutor; 
Homecoming Comm.; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Alpha Chi Omega, Lyre Edi- 
tor; Dean's List. 

POWERS, James M.; Swansea; Plant 
And Soil Science; Newman Club. 

POWERS, Robert M.; Northfield; 
Finance; Flying Club. 

PRANSKY, Alan S.; Brookline; En- 
glish; Hillel, Treas.; Engl. Dept. 
Undergrad. Coun.; Dorm Counselor. 

PREMERLANl, Anne M.; Pittsfield; 
Physical Education; Alpha Lambda 
Delta; Cheerleading, Capt; Univ. 
Concert Dance Group. 

PRESCOTT, Clifford G., Jr.; Lowell; 
Fisheries Biology; Amer. Fisheries 
Society; House Coun.; Scuba Club; 
Food Services Comm. 

PRESTL Richard M.; Belmont; Gen- 
eral Business; Kappa Sigma, Steward, 
Pledge Trainer; Intramurals. 

PRIFTAKIS, E. J.; Lynn; Government. 

PROBOLUS, Paul C; Worcester; Edu- 

PRONOVOST, Michael R.; Holyoke; 
Government; Student Senate; Dorm 
Counselor; Area Judiciary. 

PROSTAK, Elaine J.; Worcester; 
Enghsh; Debate Union, Sec; DSR- 
TKA Forensics Honor Society. 

PROULX, Donald T.; Holyoke; 

PROVERB, Stephen P.; Tewksbury; 

PRUNIER, Lorna J.; Taunton; Psy- 
chology; Kappa Alpha Theta, Chap., 
Standards Chrm.; Boltwood Project, 
Belchertown Vol. 

PRUSKA, Linda J.; Maspeth, N.Y.; 
Therapeutic Recreation; Belchertown 
Vol., Treas.; Naiads, Sec; Newman 
Club, Social Chrm.; Outing Club. 

PUESCHEL, Urry C; Holyoke; 

PUGH, Elizabeth A.; Elmont, N.Y.; 
Sociology; Student Union Govern- 
ing Board, Pres.; S.W.A.P., Co- 
Chrm.; Who's Who; Scrolls; Class 
Vice Pres.; Miss Freshman; Chi 
Omega, Pledge Trainer; Adv. Dev. 
Comm. on External Affairs, Pres.; 
U.S.CC; Student Sen. Public Rel. 
Comm.; Dorm Counselor; Dean's 

PULEIO, Gina M.; Gloucester; En- 

PULVERENTl, Jane M.; North And- 
over; Elementary Education; Dean's 

PURCELL, Donna J.; Granby; So- 
ciology; Alpha Lambda Delta; Dorm 
Gov't.; Dorm Counselor; Ass't. Head 
of Res.; Undergrad. Ass't.; Dean's 

PUZAS, J. Edward; Westwood; Pre- 
Med; Pre-Med Club; Pre-Med. So- 
ciety; Varsity Golf Team; Fresh. 
Golf; NES Tutor; Dorm Gov't; Senior 
Honors Research; Dean's List. 

PYATT, Robert S., Jr.; Somerset; 
Biochemistry; Senior Honors Proj.; 
Adelphia; Phi Kappa Phi; Pre-Med. 
Soc, Pres., Treas.; Dorm Vice Pres.; 
Counselor Swing Shift Prog.; Dorm 
Counselor; House Coun. Rep.; Area 
Gov't Rep., Student Activities, Cul- 
tural Comm.; Intramurals; Dean's 

QUAGLIERL Elaine J.; Westwood; 
English; Spectrum; Dorm Committees. 

QUINLAN, Mary C; Greenfield; 

RABKIN, Sandor 1.; Marblehead; 
Government; Dorm Gov't; Intra- 

RACZ, Edward; Shelburne Falls; 
English Literature. 

RADCLIFF, Elizabeth A.; Northamp- 
ton; Elementary Education; Alpha 
Chi Oirxega. 

RADZIK, Janis M.; South Grafton; 
French; Ass't. Head Of Residence. 

RAFFALDL Frank J.; West Hurley, 
N.Y.; Geology. 

RAHMANIM, Albert; Amherst; Me- 
chanical Engineering; A.S.M.E.; Dorm 

RAIN, Joel L.; Lynn; Agriculture And 
Food Economics; Dorm Gov't; Dorm 
Athletics Chrm.; Food Marketing 
Club; C.S.Q.; Intramurals; Dean's 

RAINAUD, David H.; Belchertown; 
Sociology; Intramurals; Homecoming 
Comm.; Winter Carni Comm.; Class 
Exec. Coun. 

RAINKA, Stanley A.; Pittsfield; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta 
Kappa Nu, Treas.; Intramurals; Dorm 
Counselor; House Judiciary. 

RAINVILLE, Janet E.; West Spring- 
field; Education; Kappa Delta Pi; 
Modular Credit Activities; Dean's 

RALYS, Jacqueline M.; Orange; Ele- 
mentary Education; Sigma Kappa; Ski 
Club, Pub. Comm.; Dean's List. 

RAND, Deborah M.; Brookline; 
Psychology; Dorm Gov't; Psych. 
Club; Pre-Med. Club; Hillel; Dean's 

RANDALL, Leslie S.; Newton; Art; 
Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm Sec. 

RANERE, Joyce A.; Medical Tech- 
nology; Sigma Kappa; Dance Comm.; 
Dean's List. 

RAUH, Jane E.; Springfield; Art. 

RAY, Dorothy B.; New York, N.Y.; 
Fashion Merchandising; Alpha Delta 
Pi; Exchange Student; Amer. Home 
Ec. Assoc. 

RAYMOND, Wayne T.; Marshfield 
Hillls; Music Education; Kappa Kappa 
Psi, Marching Band, Symphony Band; 
Concert Band; Operetta Guild; Brass 
Ensemble; Pioneer Sym. Orchestra. 

READE, Judith A.; Marshfield; Rus- 
sian; Angel Flight; Russian Qub; 
Class Exec. Coun. 

REBECCHL Judith M.; Agawam; Ele- 
mentary Education; Ed. Club. 

RECKARD, Alan B.; Taunton; Physi- 
cal Education; Dorm Vice Pres.; 
Dorm Athletic Mngr.; Intramurals 
Official; Intramurals. 

REDDICH, Kenneth J.; Northampton; 
History; Varsity Hockey. 

REDDING, Peter C; Hopkinton; 
Marketing; Marketing Club; Ski 
Club; Scabbard and Blade; Parachute 
Club; Intramurals. 

REDFERN, Allan R.; Craston, R.L; 
Distributive Education. 

REID, James E.; Salisbury; Market- 
ing; Phi Sigma Kappa; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Class Finance Comm.; Dean's 

REISMAN, Kenneth P.; Newton 
Centre; Economics; Alpha Epsilon 
Pi, Exec. Board, Activities Chrm.; 
Hillel; Class Exec. Coun.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

REISMAN, Robert S.; Newton Centre; 
Economics; House Council; Intra- 
mural Softball. 

REMALY, William W., Jr.; Granby; 
Hotel Administration. 

RESNICK, Gerald B.; Lynnfield; 
History; Soccer Team; Dorm Social 

RESNIKOFF, Gail E.; VValtham; 
Mathematics; Honors Colloquium; 
Dean's List. 

RETALLICK, John D.; Pittsfield; 
General Business and Finance; Alpha 
Epsilon Pi, Social Chrm.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

REULBACH, Judith C.; Needham; 
Physical Education; Sigma Kappa, 
Vice Pres.; Newman Club; Naiads; 
Dean's List. 

REZN1KIEVV1C2, Linda C; Holyoke; 
Psychology; Choir; Botany Em- 
ployee; Chorus. 

RHEAUME, Robert A.; Amherst; 
Personnel Management; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Chi; 
S.B.A. Dean's Advisory Coun., Sec; 

RHOADES, Cynthia J.; Cleveland 
Heights, Ohio; Music; Pi Beta Phi, 
Music Chrm.; Scrolls; Mortar Board 
Music Curriculum Rev. Comm. Rep 
Chorale, Sec; Collegium Musicum, 
Chamber Singers. 

RICCI, Ronald C; Westwood; Physi- 
cal Education; Naiads; Intramurals. 

RICE, William; Wrentham; History; 
Zeta Nu. 

RICE, William; Williamstown; Psy- 
chology; Beta Chi; Dean's List. 

RICH, lr\'in J.; Lynn; Government. 

RICHARD, David A.; Southbridge; 
Wildlife Management; Crew Team, 
Co-Capt.; Intramurals. 

RICHARD, Gerard J.; Northampton; 

RICHARDSON, Beverley J.; James- 
town, R.I.; Elementary Education; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Sigma 
Sigma; Scrolls; Jr. Panhellenic Coun.; 
Panhellenic Coun., Treas., Pres.; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Class 
Exec. Coun. 

RICHARDSON, Linda J.; Somerville; 
English; Collegian; Dorm Women's 
Judiciary; Modem Dance Club; 
Project 10 Constitution Comm.; Ass't. 
to Japanese Summer Institute; Ass't. 
to Master of SW. 

RINSMA, Maryann C; Stockbridge; 
Art; Equestrian Club, Chrm. Ap- 
prentice Prog.; Riding Instr.; Dean's 


Mark B.; Worcester; 

RISPLER, Sandra R.; Pittsfield; The- 
atre; Operetta Guild; Univ. Theatre. 

RISSMILLER, Alan R.; Clifton, N.J.; 
Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; Intra- 
murals; Freshman Baseball Mngr. 

RIVOIRE, Susanne; Braintree; Gov- 
ernment; Dorm Sec; Dorm Counselor. 

ROBBINS, Christine E.; Springfield; 

ROBBINS, Jane Townsend; Middle- 
boro; Education. 

ROBERTS, Mary J.; Needham; Edu- 

ROBERTSON, Dana; Newbury; Park 
Administration; Park Adm. Club, 
Pres.; Varsity Track. 

ROBICHAUD, Anne M.; Waltham; 
Elementary Education; Chi Omega, 
Vice Pres.; Scrolls; Homecoming 
Court; Jr. Panhellenic Coun.; Dean's 

ROBINSON, Charles N.; South Yar- 
rnouth; Finance; Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
Social Chrm. 

ROCHFORD, Robert E.; Springfield, 
Government; Collegian; Bridge Club; 
Ad Hoc Comm., Sec; General Court, 
Chief Justice; Intramurals; Student 
Matters Comm., Phi Beta Kappa. 

RODRIGUES, Bernadette; Fall River; 
Education; Iota Gamma Upsilon; 
Univ. Southern Fla. Exchange Prog. 

ROFFMAN, Marcia D.; Woodmere, 
N.Y.; Psychology; Sigma Delta Tau; 
Semester in London. 

ROGERS, Denise C; Chicopee; 
Music Education; Tau Beta Sigma; 
Band; Orchestra; Publicity Mngr. 
of the Bands. 

ROHAN, Colleen C; Sandwich; So- 
ciology; Newman Choir; Univ. Chorus. 

ROHLFS, Harry J.; Pittsfield; Eco- 

ROSE, Andrew V.; Avon; Manage- 
ment; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

ROSE, Carolyn M.; East Walpole; 
English; NES Tutor; Newman Club; 
Anthropology Club. 

ROSE, Kathleen M.; East Taunton; 
Sociology; Newman Club; Collegian; 
NES tutoring; Dean's List. 

ROSEN, Stephanie A.; Randolph; 

ROSENFELD, David G.; Falmouth; 
Agricultural and Food Economics. 

ROSENTHAL, Ann S.; Natick; So- 
ciology; Dorm Judiciary; Dean's List. 

ROSS, James N.; Northampton; 
Finance; Beta Chi; Fifty-Five Club. 

ROSSETTL Ronald G.; Worcester; 
Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha, 
Sec; Revelers. 

ROST, William C; Westfield; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

ROUMELES, Joan M.; Weymouth; 
Elementary Education; Pi Beta Psi; 
SW Assembly; Kappa Delta Pi; Ed. 

ROVIARO, Susan E.; West Stock- 
bridge; Psychology. 

RUBIN, Alan; Maiden; Psychology. 

RUBIN, Les C; Sharon; Psychology; 
Zeta Nu; Intramurals. 

RUBINOFF, Diane E.; Waban; Child 
Development; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Dorm Counselor. 

RUDSTEN, Jeffrey S.; Beverly; So- 
ciology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Maroon 
Keys; Class Exec. Board. 

RUGGL\NO, Albert A.; Elmont, 
N.Y.; Physical Education; Varsity 
Lacrosse Team, Capt.; Freshman La- 
crosse Team. 

RUGGIERO, Frank M.; Plattekill, 
N.Y.; Elementary Education. 

RUNALDUE, Jonathan D.; Dalton; 

Management; S.B.A. Dean's Student 

Advisory Coun.; Amherst Record, 
Sports Editor; Intramurals. 

RUSCETTI, Robert E.; Roslindale; 

RUSSELL, Helen V.; Lewiston, Maine; 
Fashion Merchandising; Dorm Soc 
Comm.; Dorm Floor Treas.; Dean's 

RUSSELL, Lucille A.; Chesterfield; 

RYDER, Christopher J.; No. Amherst; 

RYDER, Joanne A.; Hadley; Nursing; 
Dean's List. 

SABACINSKl, Michael C; Worcester; 
Management; Intramurals. 

SABER, James E.; Brockton; Mathe- 
matics; Assoc, for Computer Ma- 
chinery; Hillel, Vice Pres., Pres.; 
Math. Dept. Grader; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

SABRA, Philip J; Fall River; Pre- 
Med, Phi Beta Kappa. 

SACKS, Karen F.; Newton; Art; 
Sigma Delta Tau, Treas.; Craples 
Craft Co-Op.; Semester in Amster- 
dam, Holland. 

SADER, Amir A.; Cairo, Egypt; 
Hotel Management. 

SADOVSKI, Irith; Amherst; Edu- 

SADOW, Warren F.; Newton; So- 
ciology; Area Gov't; Urban Affairs 
Comm.; Undergrad. Soc. Liaison 

SAFER, Susan L.; Worcester; Educa- 
tion; Hillel, Sec; Dorm Gov't.; Dean's 

SAGE, John D.; Wakefield; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Theta Chi, Pres.; 
Athletic Chrm.; Intramurals; Varsity 
Basketball; U.S. Naval Academy. 

SAKELAKOS, Deborah L.; Lowell; 
Zoology; Ski Club; Chemistry Club. 

SALEMI, Donna R.; Jamaica Plains; 
Art; Kappa Alpha Theta; Dean's List. 

SALISBURY, Peter E.; Groton; Indus- 
trial Engineering; A. I. I.E. 

SALMON, Clare P.; Worcester; En- 
glish; Dean's List. 

SALTZBERG, Arlene R.; Randolph; 
Psychology; Dean's List, Massasoit 
Community College. 

SAMUELS, Sharon K.; Saugus; En- 
glish; Collegian, Issue Editor, Reporter. 

SANDERS, Donald P.; Chelmsford; 
Management; Intramurals. 

SANTAGATE, Joyce A.; Framing- 
ham; Sociology. 

SANTANGELO, Pasco Jr.; Johnston, 
R.I.; Secondary Education; Distribu- 
tive Education Club. 

SANTAW, Peter M.; Upton; Me- 
chanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. 

SAPORITO, Paula L; Lynnfield; 
Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha 
Theta; Revelers, Sec; Homecoming 
Comm.; Class Exec. Coun.; Winter 
Carni Comm. 

5ARACCO, Mary-Ellen; Raynham; 
Psychology; House Gov't.; NES Tutor. 

SARACENO, Brenda M.; Ashland; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm Coun. 

SARNO, Stephen M.; Swampscott; 
Marketing; Zeta Nu; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Marketing Club; Intramurals. 


SATTERTHWAITE, Sarah A.; Welles- 
ley; Education; Tau Beta Epsilon; 
Band; Orchestra. 

SCANLON, John R.; Sandia Base, 
New Mexico; History. 

SCANNELL, Paul W.; Ware; Man- 

SCAVONE, Patrick F.; Worcester; 
General Business and Finance; M.R.F. 
Chrm.; Varsity Football; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

SCAVUZZO, Joseph G.; Braintree; 
Sociology; Beta Kappa Phi; Ski Club; 
Italian Club; Dean's List. 

SCHAFFELD, Frank J,; Oradell, N.J.; 
General Management; Basketball. 

SCHEER, Rainer L.; Westwood; Eco- 

SCHERER, Paul; Phillipsburg, N.J.; 
Mechanical Engineering; Intramurals. 

SCHERTZER, Marjorie B.; Newton; 
Sociology; Scrolls; Sigma Delta Tau, 
Treas.; NES Tutoring; Dean's List. 

SCHILLER, Stephen M.; Methuen; 
Park Administration; Alpha Tau 
Gamma; Parachute Club; Park Adm. 

SCHIRMER, Judith C; Wellesley 
Hills, Education. 

SCHLAGER, Linda M.; Braintree; 
Sociology; Class Exec. Coun.; Intra- 
mural Basketball. 

SCHMEHL, Susan L.; Boxford; Art 
Education; Outing Club, Collegian, 
Fine Arts Staff; Fine Arts Coun.; 
Oxford Seminar; Dean's List. 

SCHMELING, Sheila K.; Colorado 
Springs, Colorado; Pre-Veterinary. 

SCHMIDT, Sally M.; Holyoke; Span- 
ish; Span. Club; NES Tutoring; Comm. 
on Poverty; Comm. on Nutrition. 

SCHMITT, Christopher J.; Dumont, 
N.J.; Fisheries Biology; Sigma Alpha 
Mu; Seniors Honors Prog.; Dean's 

SCHMITT, Timothy P.; Sunderland; 

Agricultural and Food Economics; 

Kappa Sigma; Newman Club; Intra- 
murals; Dean's List. 

5CHNAPER, Sandra E.; Milton; 
Psychology; Hillel; NES; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

SCHNEID, Steven L.; New Milford; 
Zoology; Phi Sigma Delta. 

SCHNEIDER, Anita M.; Hallandale, 
Fla.; English. 

SCHNEIDERMAN, Stuart; Milton; 
Pre-Medicine; Sigma Alpha Mu, 
Treas.; Class Exec. Coun.; Student 
Senate; Winter Carni Comm.; Frat. 
Intramurals; Marching Band. 

SCHOHELD, Paul C; N. Attleboro; 
Physical Education; Beta Kappa Phi; 
Freshman Lacrosse; Intramurals. 

SCHOLTEN, Gretchen J.; Wellesley 
Hills; Elementary Education; Chi 
Omega; Ski Club; Dean's List; Buck- 
nell University. 

SCHOOLEY, Lynn P.; Robbinsville, 
N.J.; Physical Education; Chi Omega; 
Mortar Board, Elections Chrm.; 
Naiads, Pres. 

SCHREURS, Stephen F.; Andover; 
Chemical Engineering. 

SCHULER, Alan N.; Lexington; Chem- 
istry; Dorm Social Chrm.; Dorm Coun.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List; Phi Beta 

SCHULER, Edward B.; Burlington; 
Industrial Engineering; Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Treas.; A.I.I.E.; Intramurals. 

SCHULTZ, William W.; Amherst; 
Environmental Design. 

SCHWARTZ, Gerald C; Swamp- 
scott; Sociology. 

SCHWARZ, Martin A.; Brockton; 
Pre-Medicine; Phi Eta Sigma, Pre- 
Med. Society; Intramurals; Dean's 
List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

SCOTT, Carol; Andover; Elementary 

SCOTT, Jacqueline L.; Agawam; 
Elementary Education; Ed. Club; 
Dean's List. 

SCOTT, Sandra L.; Weymouth; Psy- 
chology; Ski Club; Outdoor Club; 

SCOVILLE, Peter P.; Deerfield; Plant 
and Soil Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; 
Varsity Lacrosse; Varsity Hockey; 
Freshman Soccer; Freshman Lacrosse, 
Dean's List. 

SEALE, Donald C; Pelham; Man- 

SEARLES, Hans J.; Hudson, N.H.; 

SEED, Martha E.; New Bedford; Ele- 
mentary Education; Lambda Delta 
Phi, Pres.; Women's Choir; Madrigal 
Singers; Kapfia Delta Pi. 

SEGAL, Daniel M.; Brighton; Psy- 
chology; Class Exec. Coun.; Pre-Med. 
Society; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. 

SEGAL, Sue E.; Newton; Art; Col- 
legian; Yoga Club; International Club; 
Univ. Ulster, No. Ireland Exchange. 

SEGEBERG, Edward W.; Shutesbury; 

SEIDMAN, Kenneth M.; Beechhurst, 
N.Y.; Physics. 

SEIKUNAS, Linda J., Andover; Physi- 
cal Education; Girls Gymnastic Team, 

SEMIATIN, Manning A.; White 
Plains, N.Y.; History; House Judiciary; 
Intramurals, Mngr. 

SENEGAL, Linda J.; Ashland; So- 
ciology; Students International Medi- 
tation Society. 

SERINO, Kathleen M.; Belmont; 

SERONICK, Alvin J.; Framingham; 
Marketing; Mktg. Club; Dean's List. 

SERSANTl, Frank J.; Brockton; En- 
glish; Dorm Gov't., Pres.; Area Coun.; 

SEWARD, Roger A.; Greenfield; 

SHAINWALD, Neil; Holbrook; His- 
tory; Pi Lambda Phi; Undergrad. 
Ass't.; Intramurals; Hillel; Collegian; 
Dorm Gov't.; Dean's List. 

SHAKER, Thomas R.; Agawam; Mar- 
keting; Marketing Club; Intramural 

SHANE, Christine L.; Pelham; Edu- 
cation; Kappa Alpha Theta; Revelers; 
SNEA; Belchertown Vol. 

SHANE, Susan C; So. Yarmouth; 
Government; Student Senate. 

SHAPIRO, Deborah R.; Newton 
Highlands; Education, Sigma Delta 
Tau, House Mngr. 

SHAPIRO, Harold; Worcester; Ac- 
counting; Accounting Assoc; Intra- 
murals; House Coun.; Dorm Athletic 

SHAPIRO, Sandra D.; Brookline; 

SHARKEY, Jonathan; So. Yarmouth; 
Mass Communication; Class Exec. 

SHARP, Mathew L.; Yarmouth, 
Maine; Environmental Design; Zeta 


SHATZ, Laura S.; Longmeadow; Art 
Education; Sigma Delta Tau, Vice 
Pres.; Class Exec. Coun.; Dean's List. 

SHEA, Donald P., Jr.; Hingham; Hotel 
and Restaurant Administration; Zeta 
Nu; Football. 

SHEA, Federick J.; Northampton; 

SHEA, John J., Jr.; Shelburne Falls; 
Art; Ski Club; Art Dept. Evaluation 
Comm.; Newman Club. 

SHEAR, Linda B.; Medford; Soci- 
ology; Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm 
Social Chrm.; Dean's List. 

SHELKAN, Tamar L; Newton Cen- 
tre; English. 

SHEN, Colin Y.; Reading; Physics 
and Mathematics; Phi Kappa Sigma; 
Dorm Counselor. 

SHEPARD, Lynn S.; Alford; English; 
NES Tutor; Dean's List. 

SHER, Larry S.; New Bedford; Psy- 
chology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Heart 
Fund Drive, Chrm.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

SHERLOCK, Ann M.; Westfield; 
Human Development. 

SHERLOCK, Kathleen T.; No. And- 
over; Education; Dean's List. 

SHERMAN, Howard M.; Brookline; 
Recreation; Student Senate; WMUA, 
Bus. Mngr.; Hillel; Student MOBE. 

SHERMAN, Susan G.; Springfield; 

SHIELS, Jo-ellen R.; Pompton Lakes, 
N.J.; Communications Disorders. 

SIEGAL, Frederic H.; Brookline; 
Zoology; Dean's List; Long Island 

SIGEL, Stephen B.; Milton; Market- 
ing; S.B.A. Forum, Pres.; Marketing 
Club, Treas.; House Coun.; M.C.P.W. 

SIGONWITCH, Patricia M.; New- 
buryport; Education; Ed. Club; 
Dorm Social Comm.; Dean's List. 

SILVER, Dorothy C; Newton; Nu- 

SILVERMAN, Mark A.; Chestnut 
Hill; History; Collegian, Managing 

SILVERMAN, Rebecca; So. Dart- 
mouth; English; Pi Beta Phi; NES 
Tutor; House Judiciary. 

SILVERMAN, Sheryl J.; Framing- 
ham; Elementary Education; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Dean's List; Cum Laude. 

SIM, Stephanie; Saugus; Sociology; 
Sigma Delta Tau; Class Exec. Coun.; 
Bologna Prog. 

SIMES, Bonnie J.; Sunderland; Edu- 
cation; Dorm Pres.; Dean's List. 

SIMES, Karen R.; WoUaston; Ele- 
mentar>' Education. 

SIMMONS, Vicki A.; Westport; 

SIMPSON, Peter H.; Light House 
Point, Fla.; Marketing; Intramurals; 
House Gov't. 

SIMPSON, William P.; Groverland; 
Sociology; Phi Sigma Kappa. 

SINCLAIR, Daryl W.; Leicester; 
Aerospace Engineering; S.A.E.; AIAA 
Vice Chrm.; Intramural; Dean's List. 

SINGER, Jessica A.; Framingham; 
Nursing; N.E.S.; Ski Qub; Hillel; 
Nursing Club; Orchestra. 

SINGER, Judith A.; Milton; Physical 
Education; Tennis Team; Hillel; , 
Lambda Delta Phi; W.A.A.; Intra- 

SrVONEN, Christina A.; Fitchburg; 
Nursing; Inter-Varsity Christian Fel- 
lowship, Sec; Nursing Qub; Univ. 

SKIBO, Judith L.; Bethlehem, Pa.; 
Education; Sigma Kappa, Treas., 
Yearbook, Senior Ed., Managing Ed.; 
Alpha Phi Gamma; Dean's List; 
Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi. 

SKRYNESS, Richard S.; Pelham; 
Geology; Student Faculty Liaison 
Comm.; Intramurals. 

SLAiaUNAS, Victor M.; Haverhill; 
Accounting; Phi Sigma Delta; Ac- 
counting Club; Newman Club; In- 

SLATER, Jay C; Winthrop; Marketing; 
Sigma Alpha Mu; Patriots; Dorm Sec; 
Dorm Pres.; Intramurals, Campus 
Softball Champ.; Dean's List. 

SLOBODKIN, Jay N.; Brookline; Mar- 
keting; Marketing Club; Intramurals. 

SMALL, Faith E.; Sagamore, FAshion 
Merchandising; Univ. Chorale; Madri- 
gals, Chorus; Concert Assoc; Oper- 
etta Guild. 

SMALL, Karyj L; Townsend; En- 
glish; Engi. Dept. Undergrad. Coun., 
Sec; Concert Band; Dean's List, Phi 
Beta Kappa. 

SMITH, BeveHy B.; Groton; Soci- 
ology; Angel Flight, Operations 
Officer; Ski Qub. 

SMITH, Carol S.; N. Scituate; Psy- 
chology; Dean's List. 

SMITH, Charles D.; So. Peabody; 
General Business; Dorm Gov't. 

SMITH, Gregory A.; Haverhill; Po- 
litical Science; Ski Qub, Treas., 
Sec; Dorm Gov't.; Dean's List. 

SMITH, Helen M.; Framingham; 
Elementary Education; Educ. As- 
sembly; Dorm Judiciary, Chief Jus- 

SMITH, Janice R.; Braintree; Physi- 
cal Education; Dorm Counselor; 
Gymnastics Team; Intramurals; 
Dorm Treas.; Social Comm. 

SMITH, Joseph M.; Norwood; Physi- 
cal Education; Freshmen Lacrosse; 
Varsity Lacrosse; Intramurals. 

SMITH, Kathleen; Methuen; Ele- 
mentary Education; Educ. Club; 
International Club; Kappa Delta Pi. 

SMITH, Leslie J.; Needham; Eco- 
nomics; Phi Mu Delta; Fresh. Hockey; 

SMITH, Lorraine L.; Waltham; So- 
ciology; NES Tutor; Ski Club; USCC 

SMITH, Mark C; Easthampton; His- 
tory; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Student Senate, Academic Affairs 
Chrm.; Dorm Counselor. 

SMITH, Mary E.; Pittsfield; Quan- 
htative Methods; Lambda Delta Phi, 
Activities Chrm., Treas.; Accounting 
Club; Student Faculty Ad Hoc Comm. 
in Business; Dorm Treas.; Women's 

SMOLARZ, Lawrence E.; Spring- 
field; Sociology; Dorm Social Comm., 

SNELL, Lisa A.; Natick; Botany; 
Dean's List. 

SNOW, Phyllis A.; Maiden; Clas- 
sics; Dorm Scholastic Comm.; Dorm 
Legislative Comm.; Bolo Club; Dean's 

SNYDER, Deborah B.; Newton; His- 
tory; SW Assembly; House Gov't.; 
Dean's List. 

SNYDER, Susan L.; Mendham, N.J.; 
Food Science; Pi Beta Phi. 

SOBEL, Sheldon L.; No. Amherst; 
Systems Management; Dean's List. 

SOKOP, Margaret M.; Pittsfield; 

50LEY, Maureen M.; Stoneham; 
Elementary Education; Newman Club; 
Women's Choir. 

SOLOMON, John T.; Norwood; 
Physical Education; Dorm Officer; 
Qass Exec. Coun,; Intramurals. 

SOLOVEl, Betty A.; Lunenburg; 
Education; Pi Beta Phi, Sec; Who's 
Who; D.V.P., Treas.; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Homecoming Comm. 

SOMMERS, Judith A.; 
Louisiana; Sociology. 


SORAGHAN, Alice P.; Braintree; 
Education; Kappa Delta Pi. 

SOROCO, Merle S.; Braintree; Ele- 
mentary Education; Kappa Delta 
Pi; Dean's List; SW Assembly; Educ. 
Club; Hillel; Dorm Gov't.; Winter 
Carni Comm.; Homecoming Comm. 

SPARGO, Katherine S.; No. Wey- 
mouth; Elementary Education; Alpha 
Lambda Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Dorm 
Gov't, Social Chrm.; Educ. Qub; 
Dean's List. 

SPARKES, Barry H.; Holyoke; His- 

SPEAR, Susan C; Scituate; Sociology. 

SPECTOR, Stephen J.; Winthrop; 

SPELLMAN, Gerald C; Randolph; 
Physical Education; Varsity Track. 

SPILMAN, Nancy E.; Wellesley; Ele- 
mentary Education; NES Tutor; Educ. 
Club; Dorm Social Comm. 

SPINNEY, Steve; Easton; History; 
Dorm Social Comm.; Intramurals. 

SPRATT, Robert G.; Whitinsville; 
Psychology; Marching Band; Ski 
Club; Northampton Vol., Pres.; 
Dorm Counselor; House Coun.; Dorm 
Social Chrm. 

SROKA, William J.; Auburn, N.Y.; 
History; Varsity Football. 

STAGEY, Chariene D.; Wareham; 
Elementary Education; Lambda Delta 
Phi, Chap., Exec. Board, Standards 
Comm.; Kappa Delta Pi, Sec. 

STADTMAN, Linda C; West New- 
ton; Education. 

STANEK, Sandra; Indian Orchard; 
Elementary Education; NES Tutor; 
Index; Dean's List. 

STAROSIELSKI, Sergei; Springfield; 

STARSL\K, Richard J.; Quincy; His- 
tory; Dorm Social Chrm.; Varsity 
Basketball; Varsity Golf; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

STEFANIK, Kathy Jo; West Spring- 
field; English. 

STERN, Deborah A.; Brookline; Ele- 
mentary Education. 

STERN, Joanne; Stoughton; Elemen- 
tary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; 
Exec. Coun.; NES Tutor. 

STERRETT, Helene C; Wayland; 
English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sec; 

NSTA Tutor. 

STEVENS, Deborah L.; Medway; 
Fashion Merchandising; Univ. Bands; 
Operetta Guild. 

STEVENS, Paula A.; No. Dartmouth; 
Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Revelers; Kappa Delta Pi; Home- 
coming Comm. 

STEVENS, Valerie S.; So. Miami, 
Fla.; French; Dean's List; Precision- 

STEWARD, Craig W., Jr.; Long- 
meadow; Marketing; Alpha Sigma 
Phi; Marketing Club; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

STEWART, Mark A.; Holbrook; 
English; Lambda Chi Alpha, House 
Mngr., Alumni Sec; Revelers. 

ST. GERMAIN, Denice A.; Andover; 
French; Floor Rep.; Dorm Gov't.; 
Newman Club; Dorm Rep.; As- 
tronomy Club, Phi Beta Kappa. 

ST. JEAN, Patricia N; Worcester; 

STOLA, Joan McRae; Framingham; 

STOIA, Stephen J.; Hyde Park; En- 

STOLTZ, James A.; Chesterfield; 

STONE, Rochelle; Sharon; Psy- 
chology; Ski Club; Pre-Med. Club. 

STORESUND, S. Lee; Amherst; 
Finance; Flying Club, Safety Officer, 
Vice Pres,, Pres.; SBA Forum, Vice 
Pres; Tau Delta. 

STORESUND, Priscilla B.; Amherst; 
Accounting; Flying Club, Treas.; 
SBA Forum, Sec. 

STOUT, Cory L.; Chesterfield; His- 

STOVER, Scott A.; Needham; Plant 
and Soil Science; Gymnastics Team, 

STRAIN, Carolyn M.; Melrose; His- 
tory; Alpha Chi Omega, Sec, Ass't. 
Scholarship Chrm.; Educ. Club; 
S.N.E.A.; Newman Qub; Ski Qub. 

STRATFORD, Regina M.; Lexington; 
English; Chi Omega; Counselor. 

STRAUB, Bernard B.; Northampton; 

STRAZZULLA, Beverly A.; Newton; 
Interior Design. 

STREETER, George W.; Bernardston; 
Freshman Baseball; Dean's List. 

STREETER, Raymond K.; Dalton; 
Aerospace Engineering; A.S.M.E.; 
A.I.A.A., Pres. 

5TROH, Katherine ].; Dennis; Man- 

STROMBOM, Pamela M.; Worces- 
ter; Education; Alpha Lambda Delta. 

STROUL, Neil A.; Randolph; Psy- 

STUART, Frank C; Northampton; 
General Business; Campus Center — 
Student Union Governing Board. 

STURGEON, Bruce G.; Framingham; 
Public Health; Sigma Alpha Mu; 
Parachute Club. 

STURGI5, Paul J.; Pittsfield; Me- 
chanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; 
A.S.M.E., Pres.; Mech. Eng. Under- 
grad. Coun.; Dorm Counselor. 

SULLIVAN, Frank A.; West Roxbury; 
Finance; Kappa Sigma. 

SULLPk'AN, Gary D.; No. Dartmouth; 
Zoology; Dorm Counselor; Zoology 
Fac.-Stu. Liaison Club; Freshman 
Orientation Counseling; House Ju- 
diciary; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

SULLIVAN, John M.; Fall River; 
History; Dean's List. 

SULLIVAN, Karen E.; Chelmsford; 
Elementary Education; Alpha Chi 
Omega; Newman Club; NES Tutor. 

SULLIVAN, Maryann J.; Worcester; 
Psychology; Chi Omega, Pres.; 
Class Exec. Coun.; Special Events 
Comm.; Intramurals; U.S.C.C.; Greek 

SULLIVAN, Patricia A.; Maiden; 
Physical Education; Colonel's Cadre, 
Pres., Vice Pres.; Co-Ed Intramurals. 

SULLIVAN, Paul F.; Springfield; 
Accounting; Alpha Sigma Phi; 
S.W.A.P.; Acctg. Club; D.V.P.; Dorm 
Pres.; Dean's List, 

SULLIVAN, Thomas M.; West 
Springfield; English. 

SULZICKI, Paul J.; Stratford; His- 
tory; Varsity Baseball. 

SUMNER, Arnold E.; Fitchburg; 
Agricultural and Food Economics. 

SWAIN, Karen L.; Rochester, N.Y.; 
Nursing; Scrolls; Nursing Honor 
Soc, Sec; Dorm Counselor; Univ. 

SWANSON, Sherry L.; Nabnasset; 
Nursing; Dorm Social Comm.; Dean's 

SWIERCZ, Anthony E.; Easthamp- 
ton; Music. 

SYKES, George C, Jr.; Canton; Fi- 
nance Management; Student Senate, 
Activities Comm., Budget Comm.; 

SYLVER, Marjorie L.; Dennis; Edu- 
cation; Dorm Judiciary, Sec; Educ. 
Club; Head Start Prog. 

SYMONOVIT, Alice M.; Lawrence; 
Physical Education; Tennis Team; 
Ski Club; Dean's List. 

SYRJANEN, Gail A.; Fitchburg; Ele- 
mentary Education; Iota Gamma Up- 
silon. Rush Chrm.; Debating Team; 
Ski Club; Chorus; NES Tutor; South 
City Tutorial Service. 

SZCZYPIEN, Kenneth J.; South- 
bridge; Physical Education; Lambda 
Chi Alpha, Vice Pres.; Moratorium 
Peace Mail Comm.; Coordinator 
Belchertown Boltwood Prog.; Dorm 
Counselor; Freshman Gymnastics; 
Dean's List. 

TABACCO, Joseph J.; Andover; 
Government; Sigma Alpha Mu; Class 
Pres.; Gov. Intern Prog.; Senior Day 

TABER, Linda A.; Acushnet; Geology; 
Equestrian Club; Equestrian Drill 
Team; Dorm Social Comm. 

TAJCOVE, Arlene J.; Pittsfield; En- 
glish; Hillel; NES Tutor; S.N.E.A. 

TANCHUM, Judith; Port Chester; 
N.Y.; Physical Education; Sigma 
Sigma Sigma, Vice Pres. 

TARLOW, Linda A.; Brockton; 
Fashion Merchandising; Class Exec. 
Coun.; Winter Carni Comm.; Sopho- 
more Queen; Dean's List. 

TARTAGLIA, Patricia A.; Orleans; 
Education; Cape Cod Community 

TASHJIAN, Paul S.; Worcester; 
Psychology; House Judiciary. 

TAVARES, Wayne R.; East Fal- 
mouth; Environmental Design; Zeta 

TAYLOR, Carl F.; Marblehead; Mar- 
keting; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Rush 
Chrm.; Intramurals. 

TAYLOR, N. James; Rutland; Ge- 
ology; Alpha Phi Omega; Dorm 
Gov't.; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

TAYLOR, Paul H., Jr.; Longmeadow; 
Management; Beta Chi, Social Chrm.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

TAYLOR, William R.; Seekonk; 
Physical Education; Dorm Gov't.; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

TEAHAN, Constance V.; Northamp- 
ton; Elementary Education; Dean's 

TEISSIERO, Susan M.; Bedford; Ele- 
mentary Education; Sigma Kappa; 
Univ. Symphony Band; Marching 
Band; Newman Club. 

TEIXEIRA, Toni A.; New Bedford; 
Sociology; Collegian. 

TERASCONL Dennis M.; Milford; 
Management; Intramural Football 
and Soccer. 

TERP, David A.; Allston; Zoology; 
Dorm Government; Area Govern- 
ment; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

TERPO, Judith L.; Worcester; Fashion 
Merchandising; Dorm Social Comm., 
Cultural Comm.; Dean's List. 

TESCHNER, Douglass P.; Westboro; 
Forestry; Phi Sigma Kappa; Xi Sigma 
Pi; Alpha Zeta; Outing Club; U. Mass 
Students for McGovern. 

TESSIER, Albert G.; Springfield; 
Systems Management; Beta Chi; 
Patriots; Chess Club. 

THIBODEAU, John J.; Willimansett; 
Zoology; Newman Club; Pre-Med. 
Club; Strike Activihes; MOBE Comm. 

THOMAS, Richard D.; Needham; 
History; Pre-Law Assoc; MLK Coun- 

THOMAS, Sharon R.; Morris Plains, 
N.J.; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
Pledge Trainer, Sec; Dean's List. 

THOMAS, Susan A.; Amherst; 
Physical Education; Mngr. of Men's 
Varsity Swim Team. 

THOMASHOW, Irwin I.; Worces- 
ter; Accounting; Dorm Counselor, 
Sports Chrm.; Accounting Assoc 
AICPA; Bridge Club; Intramurals 
House Council. 

THOMASHOW, Mark H.; Worces- 
ter; History; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Maroon 
Keys; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi, 
Phi Beta Kappa. 

THOMASON, Jimmie D.; Ocala, 
Fla.; General Business and Finance; 
Beta Gamma Sigma; Intramural 

THOMPSON, Glenn A.; Sharon; 

THOMPSON, Lloyd W.; Braintree; 
Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E.; House 

THOMSON, Peter J.; Amherst; Wood 

THORNTON, Gail F.; Amherst; 
Education; Belchertown Vol.; Dean's 

TILLINGER, Harry; Maiden; History; 
Hillel, Cultural Chrm.; Intramural 

TINE, David C; Northampton; Psy- 

TING, George T.; Lexington; Elec- 
trical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu, 
Pres.; Tau Beta Pi, Sec; I.E.E.E.; 
Ski Club. 

TOBIA, Mary E.; Methuen; Elementary 
Education; Dean's List; Bologna Pro- 
gram; Cheerleading. 

TOBIN, Helen J.; North Amherst; 
Child Development. 

TODD, Joyce A.; So. Yarmouth; 
Animal Science; Equestrian Club; 
Equestrian Drill Team; Animal Science 

TOM, Jacquelyn; Auburndale; Fine 
Arts Education. 

TOMAS5ETTL David J.; Springfield; 
Philosophy, Philosophy Club. 

TOMASZEWSKI, Gloria M.; East- 
hampton; Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa. 

TOMPOSKL Philip; Brockton; Music; 
Symphony Band; Orchestra. 

TOREE, Charles A.; West Springfield; 
Elementary Education; Spanish Club; 
Kappa Delta Pi; Modular Credit Office 
Worker; Bill Cosby Comm., Chrm.; 
Education Assembly; Dean's List. 

TOWER, DianaG.; Wrentham; Botany; 
Dorm Social Comm.; Botany Club; 
Miss Univ. Pageant; Dean's List. 

TOWNE, Jon A.; Athol; English. 

TOWNSEND, Ronald B.; Taunton; 
Food Science; Food Science Club; 

TRACY, Robert F.; Plymouth; Man- 
agement; Management Club; Dorm 
Council; Intramurals. 

TRAILER, Lorene D.; West Dennis; 

TRAVERS, Andrea A.; East Taunton; 
Physical Education; Dorm Social 
Comm.; Residential Living Board; 
Judiciary Board, Vice Pres,; Coun- 
selor; Varsity Softball; Intramurals; 
Bristol Comm. College. 

TRAVIS, Craig A.; Marlboro; Medi- 
cal Technology; C.E.Q. 

TRINQUE, Helen L.; Westminster; 

TRONIC, Sidney A.; Madrid, Spain; 
■Philosophy; Philosophy Qub; Dean's 

TRYBA, Christine; Chicopee; Speech; 
Chi Omega, Vice Pres., Sec; Sigma 
Alpha Eta, Special Events Comm. 

TUCKER, Nancy A.; Marblehead; 
Elementary Education. 

TUDEN, Daniel D.; Medford; As- 
tronomy; Delta Chi, Pres.; Inter-Frat. 
Coun., Vice Pres.; Greek Coun., Vice 
Pres., Sec; Senior Honors. 

TULLY, Barbara A.; Holyoke; Elemen- 
tary Education; Tutorer. 

TUNG, Keh H.; Taipei, Taiwan, 
China; Civil Engineering; Interna- 
tional Qub, Pres.; Chinese Student 
Assoc, Pres. 

TUSHMAN, Lois S.; Belmont; Span- 
ish; N.E.S. Tutor; Year at Univ. of 

TWOHIG, Edward G.; Easthampton; 
Accounting; Golf Team. 

TYMA, John R.; Levittown, Pa.; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Lambda Chi 
Alpha; A.LLE., Treas.; Winter Carni 
Comm.; Greek Week; Swim Team; 
Wrestling Team; Intramurals. 

URBALONI5, Linda A.; Haverhill; 
Elementary Education; Executive Coun- 
cil; Winter Carni Comm. 

URQUHART, Brian A.; Hingham; 
Physical Education; Wrestling Team, 

VALENSKl, Ann M.; Manchester; 
Marketing; Dean's List. 

VALENTE, Albert F.; Shrewsbury; 
Economics; Tau Epsilon Phi; Varsity 
Track, Strike Comm, 

VALENTINE, Robert 5.; Wethers- 
field; Wood Technology; House Coun- 
cil; House Judiciary; Area Security 
Comm.; Index; Ski Patrol. 

VALENTINI, Vincent P.; Springfield; 
Marketing; Phi Mu Delta; Intra- 
murals; Dean's List. 

VAN AHNEN, Susan; Seekonk; Child 
Development; Dean's List. 

VAN COTT, Kevin J.; Everett; His- 
tory; Strike Steering Comm.; History 
Dept. Stu-Fac. Liaison Comm. 

VANDERVLIET, Kay E.; Mt. Her- 
man; Nursing. 

VENGROW, Jeffrey S.; Milton; En- 
glish; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Dorm Ju- 
diciary, Scribe; Floor Rep.; Intra- 
mural; Vol. Neighborhood Law Office. 

VENGROW, Michael I.; Newton; 
Chemistry; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Varsity Lacrosse; Freshman 
Lacrosse; Strike Steering Comm.; 
Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa. 

VENTURA, Carlmichael; So. Dart- 
mouth; Government, 

VERCOLLONE, Roy L.; Arlington; 
Mechanical Engineering; Beta Kappa 

VERENIS, Stephen; Quincy; Physi- 
cal Education; Lambda Chi Alplja; 
Freshmen Baseball; J.V, Baseball; 
Intramurals; Dean's List. 

VER PLOEG, Christine D.; West Des 
Moines, Iowa; Government; Dean's 

VEZINA, James R.; Fitchburg; Mathe- 

VIAMARI, George J., Jr.; Holyoke; 
Elementary Education; Alpha Phi 
Omega; Holyoke Comm. College. 

VIERAITIS, Elaine A.; Worcester; 
Elementary Education; Educ. Club; 
Dean's List. 

VIGNEUX, William J,; Holyoke; 
Zoology; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice 
Pres.; Intramurals; Dean's List. 

VINCELETTE, Joyce P.; Southbridge; 
Interior Design. 

VIOLET, Ronald E,; Marblehead; 
Marketing; Kappa Kappa Psi; Jazz 
Orchestra; Marching Band; Concert 
Band; Ass't, Equipment And Repair- 
man for Band, 

VITALE, Gloria J,; Burlington; Edu- 
cation; Lowell State College, 

VOGEL, Richard A,; Mount Vernon, 
N,Y.; Zoology; Tau Epsilon Phi; 
Varsity Lacrosse; Varsity Swimming, 

VOLANTE, Helen C; Neadham; 
Plant and Soil Science; Karate Club; 
Spanish Corridor, 

VONKELSCH, Michele A.; Welles- 
ley; Government; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Pi Sigma Alpha, Sec; Forensic So- 
ciety; Dorm Gov't.; Honor Thesis; 
Pre-Law Assoc; Intramural Tennis; 
Dean's List; Phi Beta Kappa, 

VOSHELL, Martin G,; No, Billerica; 

WACHTEL, Noemy; Jamaica, N.Y.; 
Economics; Economics Honor So- 
ciety; Political Sci. Club; Magna 
Cum Laude. 

WADSWORTH, Donna M,; Bel- 
chertown; English; Newman Club; 
Roister Doisters; M.L,K, Coun.; Col- 
legian; Dorm Gov't,; Dean's List. 

WAGNER, Joyce B,; Canton; Latin, 

WAGNER, Ronald L.; Manomet; 
Management; Intramurals; Dean's 
List; Monroe Community College. 

rance, California; Philosophy; Index; 
Collegian; Philosophy Club; Dean's 

WALDO, Carole M.; Longmeadow; 
Art, Dean's List 3, 4. 

WALKER, Charies C; Wayland; For- 
estry; Ski Team. 

WALKER, David E.; Natick; History, 

WALKER, Janet L,; Plymouth; So- 
ciology; Program Coun,; Action Lab; 
N,E,S, Tutor; Northampton Vol,; 
Dorm Gov't; Lasell Jr, College, 

WALKER, Linda J,; Westminster; 
Elementary Education. 

WALKER, Richard J., Jr.; Northamp- 
ton; Finance. 

WALKER, Stanley G„ Jr,; North- 
borough; Government, 

WALL, Robert M,; Holden; History; 
Pre-Law Assoc; Ski Club; Intramurals; 
Dean's List, 

WALLACE, Penne A,; Canton; Gov- 
ernment; Vermont College. 

WALLACH, Jill D.; Leominster; 
Journalism and English; Univ. and 
State Communications Coun,, Media 
Chrm,; Ski Club; Collegian; Hillel, 

WALSH, Helen V,; Hadley; Elemen- 
tary Education, 

WALSH, James T.; Roslindale; Edu- 
cation; Delta Chi, Sec; Student Gov't,; 
Ski Club; Dorm Gov't,; Dorm Ju- 
diciary; ARCON, Sec; Dean's List; 
Honors Collequium; Index; Intra- 
murals; Boston State College, 

WALSH, John J,; Salem; Psychology; 
Gymnastics Team, 

WALSH, Lawrence F,; Brockton; Mass 
Communications; WMUA; Freshman 
Hockey; Varsity Hockey; Counselor; 
Ass't, Res, Director; House Council, 

WALTERS, Michael D.; Rockland; 
Chemical Engineering; Dorm Coun- 
selor; Dorm Government. 

WALTON, Robert F,; East Sand- 
wich; Mechanical Engineering; 
A,S,M.E,; A.I.A.A.; S,A.E.; Flying 
Club; Dean's List. 

WARCHOL, John A.; So, Deerfield; 
Theatre; Univ. Theatre; Children's 
Theatre; Operetta Guild. 

WARE, Margaret J.; West Spring- 
field; Mathematics; Dorm Judiciary; 
Dean's List, 

WARNER, Karen E,; Stoneham; 
French; Class Exec, Coun,; Dorm 
Vice Pres, 

WARNER, Martin J.; Leominster; 
Physical Education; Kappa Sigma, 
Athletic Chrm. 

WASSERMAN, Richard A.; Chest- 
nut Hill; Psychology; Dorm Gov't.; 
Academic Affairs Comm,, Psych, 

WATERS, Kathleen J,; Newbury; 
Nursing; Nursing Class Sec; Nursing 
Honor Society, 

WATSON, John J,; Uwrence; Gov- 
ernment; Phi Sigma Kappa, Social 
Chrm,; Dorm Council; Area Judici- 
ary, Chief Justice; General Court; Ex- 
ecutive Council; U,S,C.C,, Legislative 
Coordinator; M.l.G,, State Chrm., 
Pres,; Board of Directors; State House 
Intern; Dean's List, 

WAX, Steven G.; Framingham; Chemi- 
cal Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; A,LCh,E.; 
Arnold Air Society; Intramurals, 

WAY, Helen M.; Attleboro; Recre- 
ation; Recreation Society; S.W.A.P. 

WAYNE, Lynn; Hingham; Psychology. 

WAYNE, Ronald A.; Brockton; 
Physical Education; Cross Country, 
Co-Capt.; Indoor and Outdoor Track; 
House Government; Intramurals. 

WAZLAW, James H.; Lawrence; 
Geology; House Government, Treas.; 


WEIN, Melinda B.; Belmont; Dance; 
Sigma Delta Tau; W.A.A,, Exec, 
Board; Concert Dance Group; Dance 
Club; Dean's List, 

WEINBERGER, Sharon Stein; Fram- 
ingham; Elementary Education; North- 
ern Educational Service; Hillel; Dorm 
Academic Chrm,; Residence Director. 

WEINER, Herbert B.; Waban; Eco- 
nomics; Alpha Phi Omega, Vice 
Pres,; Dorm Vice Pres,; Young Demo- 
crats; Chrm, U, Mass Student Coali- 
tion for Humphrey-Muskie, 

WE1N5TOCK, Deborah E,; Albany, 
N,Y,; Child Development; Dorm Exec. 
Comm,; Dorm Program Comm,; Human 
Development Senior Advisor; Hillel; 
Dean's List. 

WEINTRAUB, Bennett A,; Worces- 
ter; Elementary Education; I,E,E,E,; 
Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Intra- 

WEISS, Adela H.; Valatie, N.Y.; 
Zoology; Marching Band; Concert 
Band; Dorm Counselor; Intramurals. 

WELSH, David L; Millis; Electrical 
Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega; 
I.E.E.E.; Intramurals. 

WENDELL, Deborah; Canton; Ele- 
mentary Education; Marching Band; 
Dorm Social Comm.; Concert Band; 
M.B. Publicity Staff; Dean's List. 

WESTLUND, Suzanne E.; Belmont; 
Elementary Education; Northampton 
Vol.; Belchertown Vol.; Ski Club; 
Kappa Delta Pi. 

WETHERBEE, Dona L; Wakefield; 

WHALEN, Cynthia R.; Newbury- 
port; Elementary Education; Pi Beta 
Phi; Scholarship Chrm.; Educ. Club; 
N.E.S. Tutor; Northampton Vol.; 
Legislators Day Comm. 

WHEELWRIGHT, Cheryl A.; Cohas- 
set; General Business and Finance; 
Sigma Kappa, Cor. Sec; Exec. Coun- 
cil; Dean's List. 

WHITE, Cheryl A.; Westboro; His- 
tory; History Student-Faculty Liaison 
Comm.; Dorm Counselor. 

WHITE, David B.; East Longmeadow; 
Quantitative Methods; Dorm Gov't., 
Floor Rep.; Q.T.V.; Athletic Chrm. 

WHITE, Sheila G.; Worcester; Art; 
Dean's List. 

WHFTE, Timothy J.; Beverly; Recre- 
ation; Recreation Club. 

WHITMORE, George F.; Middleton; 

WHITNEY, Douglas S.; Nashua, 
N.H.; Environmental Design; Alpha 
Zeta; University and State Communi- 
cations Coun.; Band. 

WHFTTAKER, James S.; Maiden; 
Physical Education; Lambda Chi 
Alpha, Pres.; Dorm Rep.; Ski-Doo 
Club, Pres. 

WHITTLE, Barbara A.; Somerville; 
English; W.A.A. Basketball; Intramural 
Basketball; Educ. Club; The Drake 
for Lunch Bunch; Dean's List. 

WICKMAN, Paul T.; Plainville; In- 
dustrial Engineering; Varsity Lacrosse; 
Drake, Vice Pres. 

WILK, Barbara J.; Adams; Sociology; 
N.E.S. Tutor; Ski Club; Belchertown 

WILKE, Walter J.; Woburn; Fisheries 
Biology; Intramurals; Peace Corps 
Intern Program. 

WILKINSON, Linda M.; Lynn; Psy- 

WILLL\MS, Donald C; Avon; Eco- 
nomics; Sigma Phi Epsilon. 

W1LLL\MS, Hugh E.; Danvers; His- 
tory; Dorm Counselor; Dorm Gov- 

WILLL^MS, James L.; Westminster; 
Management; Dorm Judiciary; 
A.S.C.E.; Intramurals. 

WILLL^MS, John E.; Taunton; Pre- 
Med.; Dean's List; Intramurals. 

WILLMAN, Robert S.; Teaneck, 
N.J.; Management; Kappa Sigma; 
Freshmen Baseball; Freshmen Wres- 
tling; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Wres- 

WILSON, Janice E.; Winchester; 
Psychology; Patriots, Sec; Dorm 
Rep.; Free Concert Comm.; Dean's 

WILSON, Joel H.; Chelmsford; Mar- 
keting; Class Vice Pres.; Winter Carni 
Comm., Chrm.; Homecoming Comm., 
Chrm.; A.C.V.I., Region Chrm.; Pro- 
gram Coun.; Class Exec. Coun.; Who's 

WILSON, John G.; Weymouth; His- 
tory; Dorm Coun.; Dorm Vice Pres.; 
Dorm Pres.; Intramurals Athletic 

WILSON, John S.; Athol; Anthro- 

WINCHENBACH, Lynne F.; Ash- 
land; Dietetics; Ski Club; Newman 
Club; A.H.E.A. 

WINDER, Gil C; Brookline; Eco- 
nomics; Tau Epsilon Phi, Pres.; Dorm 
Vice Pres.; SW Coun.; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

WINN, Leslie A.; Newton; Elemen- 
tary Education; flass Exec. Coun.; 
Winter Carni Comm.; Homecoming 
Comm.; Dorm Gov't.; Dean's List. 

WINNIMAN, Gerald S.; Springfield; 
Marketing; Marketing Club. 

WISNIOWSKI, Linda A.; Chicopee; 
Spanish; Precisionettes, Command- 
ing Officer; Mortar Board, Hist.; 
Hispanic Club, Pres. 

WITHERELL, Edwin R.; Warwick; 

WITHINGTON, Lothrop, 3rd; Ply- 
mouth; Management; Beta Gamma 

WOGAN, Timothy; Manchester; Ho- 
tel and Restaurant Administration; 
Kappa Sigma; Intramurals; Dean's 

WILFE, Joan S.; Watertown; So- 

WOLRICH, Marlene S.; Mattapan; 
Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; SW 
Social and Concert Comm. 

WONSEK, Pamela L.; HaydenviUe; 
Theatre; Class Exec Coun.; Roister 
Doisters, Pres. 

WOOD, Beverly D.; Woodcliff Lake, 
N.J.; Environmental Design. 

WOOD, Russell S.; Berkeley Heights, 
N.J.; Physical Education; Kappa Sigma, 
Sec; Varsity Football; Varsity Wres- 

WOODCOCK, William C; Orange; 
Environmental Design; Dorm Coun- 
selor; House Coun.; Environmental 
Design Club; Dean's List. 

WOODS, Lawrence M.; Readville; 
History; Collegian; WMUA; Yahoo, 
Assoc. Ed.; Student Senate; Student 
Gov't. Affairs Coun.; Parking Com- 
mission; Who's Who; Fac. Senate 
Spacer Calendar Commission. 

WOODS, Timothy J.; North Brook- 
field; Sociology; M.L.K. Social Action 
Coun.; Biafran Relief Comm.; 135 
Rivalry; Intramurals. 

WOOLSEY, Carolyn J.; Ridgewood, 
N.J.; Nursing; Pi Beta Phi; Phi Kappa 
Phi; Nursing Honor Society; Pres. 

WOOTEN, James F.; Northampton; 

WORDEN, James A.; Greenfield; 

WORSNOP, Joan S.; Westwood; 
Communication Disorders. 

WRIGffT, Elizabeth J.; Agawam; En- 
glish; Chorale; Dean's List. 

WRIGHT, Mary N.; Williamstown; 
Nursing; Nursing Class Treas.; Dean's 

WRIGHT, Warren T.; South Hadley; 

YAGODZINSKI, John C; South Deer- 
field; Mathematics; Intramurals, Co- 
Capt.; Math, and Stat. Grader; Dean's 

YANKA, Ruth v.; Southbridge; En- 

YASELUNAS, Ruth A,; Spencer; 
French; Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice 
Pres.; House Mngr.; N.E.S. Tutor; 
Dean's List. 

YOUNG, Deborah A.; Walpole; 
Fashion Merchandising; Kappa Kappa 

YOUNG, Jan M.; So. Weymouth; 
Communications Disorders; Women's 
Choir; Dean's List. 

YOUNG, Thomas A.; Woodland, 
Pa.; Marketing; Varsity Wrestling 
Team, Capt., New England Champ. 

ZADROGA, Joseph R.; Deerfield; 
Education; Newman Club, Vice Pres. 

ZAJCHOWSKL Stanley J.; Easthamp- 
ton; Finance. 

ZALESKL John D.; Worcester; Psy- 
chology; A.P.O. 

ZALIS, Tracey A. A.; Warren; Psy- 

ZARVIS, Deane J.; Pittsfield; English. 

ZEBROWSKL Celina; Palmer; Physi- 
cal Education; Alpha Chi Omega, 
2nd V.P. 

ZERCfiYKOV, Rostislaw M.; May- 
nard; Government; House Judiciary; 
Administrative Interns. 

ZEWINSKI, Ginette R.; Turners Falls; 

ZIEMBA, Sandra A.; Charlton Depot- 
Physical Education; Chi Omega, 
Rush Chrm.; Class Exec. Coun.; Dorm 
Gov't.; W.A.A.; Women's Basketball 
and Softball Teams; Intramurals; 
Dean's List. 

ZILINSKL Joyce A.; Rochester, N.Y.; 
Textiles, Clothing and Environmental 
Arts. Student Senate. 

ZIMLICKI, Linda M.; Norwood; 
French; SW Coun., Sec; Student Sen- 
ave; U.S.C.C.; New England Student 
Coalition; Social Action Comm.; 
N.E.S. Tutor; Alpha Chi Omega, Ways 
and Means Comm.; High School 

ZINNL Christine M.; Seekonk; Di- 
etetics; Angel Flight, Area A-1 Comp- 
troller; Index; Young Democrats; 
Univ. Women's Choir. 

ZITO, Robert A.; Westfield; Mathe- 

ZLOGAR, Michael V.; Buzzards 
Bay; Wild Life Biology; Student 
Chapt. Nat'l. Wildlife Society, Sec; 
UM Vol. Fire Dept., Capt. 

ZONA, John A.; Shrewsbury; Journa- 
lism; Intramurals; Dorm Gov't. 

ZUCCHL Henry J.; Manomet; His- 

ZYCH, Barbara A.; Ludlow; Nursing. 





The 1971 INDEX represents the efforts of the editors and staff to give the student 
body a yearbook more in line with their changing values and lifestyle. 

We have tried to record as many events as possible in an objective manner. 
Campus groups with different views were given the opportunity to tell their 
own story if they so desired. 

However, in these turbulent times there are some things that we could not let 
pass without critical comment. These areas, in which we editorialized, should be 

Quality was the prime criteria when selecting photographs, writing copy, and 
creating a dynamic design for the book. If we have fallen short of our goal, it 
is not for lack of effort. Many people put many selfless hours into this publication. 

As in most group efforts, some people give more of themselves and deserve 
special recognition. Barbara Brecher, Managing Editor, did a lot of work, chased 
loose ends and pointed out my unsound decisions (which were rarely final). 
George Williams, Consulting Editor, was the cool head when things got hectic 
and lent much sound advice. Alan Marcus, Business Manager, handled the finances 
single-handed; and without Al there just wouldn't have been a yearbook. Roger 
Reid and John Goldsmith, Co-Photo Editors, got those photo assignments covered 
no matter how bizarre and kept the equipment together with paper clips and 
rubber bands. 

As for myself, I enjoyed it. There were frustrating moments, but that's true of 
all worthwhile ventures. I think yearbooks are worthwhile; I hope you enjoy this 
one. If you don't, you have the power to change it or eliminate it. 

IJit^riAd U/^^4mkM 

Thomas O. Leavitt 
1971 INDEX 

Acknowledgements: Special thanks for their help and advice to Arthur Hoener, Art Instructor, Hamp- 
shire College; James Hendricks, Art Instructor, University Of Massachusetts; Don Lendry, sales rep- 
resentative, American Yearbook Co.; and Mark Stewart, graphic designer, American Yearbook Co. 

Specifications: Three paper stocks were utilized; 80 lb. Warren's Cameo Falmouth, 80 lb. Adobe, and 
80 lb. Warren's Dull Enamel. Printing by the American Yearbook Company. Cover by S. K. Smith Co. 
Photographic prints by Berkey K&L Custom Labs in N.Y.C. Senior portraits by Root Photographers Inc.