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Full text of "Index to the catalogue of books in the Bates Hall of the Public Library of the city of Boston"

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No. 37 Congress Street. 

1 8 6 G . 






The Trustees of the Public Library have much satisfaction in offering to their fellow-citizens an 
important additional or supplementary Index of books contained in the Institution committed to their 

The Index published in July, 1861, comprised, — excluding duplicates, — about fifty-five thousand 
volumes, which had been placed in the Upper or Bates Hall previous to October, 1859 ; all received 
after that date not having come in season to find their appropriate positions under the aljihabetical 
arrangement adopted. Since that period there have, by the report of the officers of the Institution, been 
received in the Bates Hall forty-four thousand and seventy volumes, forty-one hundred and twenty 
of which again came to hand too late to be inserted in the present Index, although each 1% entered 
in ihe interleaved copy of the Index of 1861, open to all in the Library. Fifty-nine hundred and eighty- 
three more are duplicates, chiefly donations, — indeed almost entirely such, — many of which, though 
desirable and important, do not, of course, need to be a second time announced. There remain, 
therefore, thirty-three thousand nine hundred and sixty-six volumes, which are represented in the present 

Of the whole number above mentioned, — viz., forty-four thousand and seventy volumes,— eleven 
thousand one hundred and ninety were received under a bequest of the late Rev. Theodore Parker, 
besides twenty-five hundred pamphlets received under the same bequest which have since been bound, 
and are now accounted as books. 

Fourteen thousand six hundred and sixty-seven out of eighteen thousand one hundred and forty- 
nine volumes, purchased during this interval from the income of funds given to the Library at different 
times by its well-known benefactors, have been placed in the Bates Hall ; and three thousand four 
hundred and eighty-two volumes, purchased from the income of the same funds, have been placed in the 
Lower Hall. Of "those incorporated with the collection in the Bates Hall, all of which are included in 
the present Index, there were obtained from the Bates Fund, eight thousand one hundred and ninety- 
eight volumes ; from the Bigelow Fund, one hundred and eighty-four; from the Franklin Club Fund, 
fifty-four ; from the Lawrence Fund, two thousand three hundred and nineteen ; from the Phillips 
Fund, three thousand one hundred and fourteen ; and from the Townsend Fund, seven hundred and 
ninety-eight. The remainder of the books have come almost entirely from the multitude of generous 
individuals whose names may be found recorded in the published Reports of the Trustees between 1860 
and 186-5, and whose donations, ranging from above three thousand volumes, in one case, down in many 
cases to a single volume or a single pamphlet, have been gratefully acknowledged from time to time as 
they were presented. 

The Trustees are not aware that an account more honorable to the friends and benefactors of the 
Library could be asked, or one more full of promise for its continued progress and success. 

The Index itself, it is believed, needs no explanation. It has been prepared, as the last was, under 
the faithful care of Mr. Charles C. Jewett, the Superintendent of the Library, assisted by efficient 
collaborators, and especially by Mr. Frederic Vinton in the earlier part, and later by Mr. William E. 
Jillson. It is constructed whoUy for practical use, as was its predecessor, which has been accepted as 


excellent in its kind by the most competent judges at home and abroad, and which many thousands in 
our ovra community have found so well suited to their wants, that no change has on the present occasion 
seemed needful either in regard to principle or to detail. 

Xothing, therefore, now remains for the Trustees except to commend this Supplementary Index to 
all who are interested in the culture and advancement of om- city, and then leave it to do its proper work, 
that of making easily and pleasantly accessible to all, an excellent collection of books, large enough by 
itself to constitute a respectable library ; and which, added to the still ampler collections on our shelves, 
places the whole Institution in the front rank of the practical and beneficent class to which it belongs. 

Public Libbary, 24 July, 18GG. 


One ST.Ul denotes that the book so marked can be taken out only by special permission. 

Two STARS, prefixed to the shelf number, denote that the book was given on condition that it should not 
be taken from the library building. 

These stars are prefixed to the principal title only, — the title which Jias the imprint, — and not to 
other brief entries of the book called cross-references. 

Brackets, enclosing titles, indicate that the work was published anonymously ; brackets, within titles, 
denote that the words included are added to the title, or changed in form. 

AiiBREVlATloNS peculiar to certain long articles are explained in notes prefixed to the articles. Other 

• abbreviations used in the Index are indeed numerous and various, but they are thought to be so 

common or so obvious as not to require explanation. 8°, 12°, etc., indicate the apparent size of 

the book, not always the exact fold of the sheet. Pph. and M.Pph., i-espectively designate 

pamphlet.s and medical pamphlets. 

Learned societies and public institutions are catalogued under the names of the places where they 
are established. 

During the progress of the index, the titles of new books have been inserted whenever the title 
and cross-references came under letters not already printed, but in some cases, e. g. under the 
names of Boston authors, titles have been inserted wlien it was too late for the cross-references, 
and under the names of Mr. Everett and Pres. Lincoln the cross-references were inserted when 
the titles could not be. 

The Index to the City Documents, from 1834- to 1865, appended by permission to this Index, 
was prepared by Mr. James M. Bugbee, now Clerk of Committees of the City Council. 


Shelf. No. 

Aagaard, C. Lfliinis Ciinbrica, Manea Cimbrici, 
Thieni Hyperborei,et carmlna varia. [Rost- 
giinrd. Delidx poetarum Danorum] . . . 4229a. 19 

AB.ELAitnrs, F. Opera recensuit V. Cousin, aflju- 
vantibus C. JourdaUi et E. Despois. ParULis, 
1840-59. 2v. 4" *6(H2.3 

CofUcntt.— Vol. I. Epistolfc ; Heloissfe problemata cum 
Abwlanlt eolutionibus; Carmina; Sermoncs; Expositio 
orationia Dominica; ; Expositio symbol!; Expositio fitk-i 
In symbotum Atbannsti ; Epistoln ad dirum Bt-rnftrdum ; 
Exposilto in Hexaroeron; Epistola et fidei confessio ad 
Hcloiesam ; Epi^tula adversus eoB qui ox auotoritate 
Beds arpuere conantur Uiyuysiwni Areopagitam fuisso 
Dionysiuin Curintbiorum episcopum; Contra tiucmdara 
canonicum roguIarL-m, rjui monasticum ordincm deini- 
mebat qI suum ilH antefcrebat; luvectiva in quemdom 
ignarum dialccticcs qui ttim«n ejus studium rcpreben- 
debal, >;t omnia ejus do|fmatn putubat sopliismata ct 
duccptiont's; Appcudix. II. Introductio ad thcolotnnm; 
Commenlariorum Buper S. PauU epistobim ad Romanos 
libri V; Theulogia Obriatinna; Exct-rpta ex fpitome 
theologitD Christiana;; Ethica, seu liber dictus: Scito 
tcipsum; Dialogus inter pbiloeophum, Judoeum ct 
Chriatianum; Apologia, seu confessio fidei; Expositio 
super Pealtorium; E Hbro incerto; Tracffttus do iutcl- 
Icctibus; Glosaultc super I'orpbj-rium; Appt-ndix. 

— RitbmusdeS.trinitate. [Marteae. Vet. script., 

V. 0] 4150.1 

— and llcloise. Lettres. Tr.nouv.parlebiblioph. 

Jacob [P. Lacroix], pr^c. d'un travail par 

Villenave. Paris, 186'^. VZ" 4GG7.17 

ABAXnoNEiJ, The: a [poetical] sketch of life in 

Xew England. Boston, 1&4S. pp. 32. 12° . B.lOOb.48 
Abarbexel, or Abrabeuel, I. Dissertationes aliquot 

de quibusdam V. T. locis. See Uuxtorf, J. . G027.7 
Abarrategui y Figueroa, G. Vida. [Torres Vil- 

larroel. Obras, v. 14] .......... . 3105.10 

Abbadie, J. Treatise on the divinity of ^'hrist. 

New edition of the English translation, by 

A. Booth. Charlestown, 1817. 12' . . . . . 54C3.10 
Abbey of Wcyliill, a romance. From the London 

edition, n.p.,1832. 16= 4579a. 29 

Abbo, abbot o/Fleury. Qurestiones grammaticales. 

[3Iai. Class, auct., V.5] B. 172.3 

Abbo, of Xeustria. Libri tres metrici de bellis Pa- 

risiacs iirbis. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 2]. 4210.2 

— Sermoues selecti. [^U?hery. .Spicilegium, v. 9] . 4152.7 
Abbot, Abiel, of Beverly, Mass., b. 1770, d. 1828. 

Discourse before the annual convention of 
congregational ministers of Massachusetts, 
May 3i, 1&27. Boston, 1827. 8° 4.357.10 

— Permon on the death of. A'ec Flint, J 5440a. 1 

Abbot, Abiel, of Peierboro^, K. H. History of 

Andover, [Mass.], from its settlement to 1829. 
Andover, 1S29. 12° 2357.11 

— and Ephraim. Genealogical register of the 

descendants of (ieorge Abbot of Andover, 
George A. of Kowley, Thomas A. of An- 
dover, Arthur A. of Ipswich, Robert A. of 
Branlbrd, Ct., and George A. of Xonvalk, Ct. 
Boston, 1847. S" ^333. 21 

.Shelf. No. 

Abbot, C, lord Colchester. Diary and corre- 
spondence. Edited by his son. London, 1861, 
3v. 8" 2457.17 

Abbot, Ezra. Literature of the doctrine of a future 

life. See Alger, \V. K 3453.44 

Abbot, H. L. Physics and hydraulics of the Mis- 
sissippi river. See United States. War de- 
partment 3941.19 

Abbot, J. L., Addi-ess at the funeral of. See 

Everett, E 4300a.33 

Abbot, — Remarks on the cotton plant. See 

Dexter,— B.170.16 

Abbot family. 5^eeAbbot,A 2333.21 

Abbott, E. L. Notes on the Acts of the apostles, 

in Sgau Karen. Maulraain, 1853. 12" , . . . 5429.5 

— Notes on the epistle to the Hebrews, in Karen. 

Tavoy, 1851. 12^ 5429.13 

Abbott, Jacob. The teacher. Boston, ia33. 12*. 6080.19 

— The young Christian. Philadelphia, 1834. 12" . 5447.2 

— Evidences of Christianity. [Holbrook. Scien- 

tiCc tracts, y. 2] 3939.4 

Abbott, James. Book of the schools for British 

youth. 2d ed. London, 1857. 8" 3593.10 

Abbott, John S. C. Child at home. 2d ed. Bos- 
ton, 1834. 16'' 5447.31 

— History of the civil war in America. Vol. I. 

New York, 1803. 8" 4322.1 

— Mother at home. [Translated into Mahratta.] 

Bombay, 1852. 18° 5447.51 

— School-girl, or the principles of Christian duty. 

Boston, 1840. 10' 3588.31 

Abbreviations. Dictionnaire des abbreviations 

latines et fran^aises. Chassant, L. A. . . . 2115.31 
Abbt, T. Vermischte Werke. Fraulcfurt, 1783. 6 

Th.in2v. 16' " **2878.16 

Co/Uents.—Yol, I. Vom Verdienate; Vom Tode tun 
Vaterland; Fragment der portugieBischen Geschiehte; 
Frpundscbaftliche Coirespondenz ; Anmerkungcn zu 
A.'s Correspondenz von M. Mendelssohn. 11. Ueber 
die Freundschaften der Fraucnzimmer; Vom Einfluasa 
des SchOnen auf die streiigen Wissenschaften ; Von der 
Gemssheit in 8innlicben,theoretiscben, and moralischen 
Wabrhciten; Ueber die Vorurtheile; Von der Furcht 
bey Sonnen-und Mondtinsternisson ; Leben und Char- 
akter Alexander Gottlieb Baunigartens; Erfreuliche ^ 

Nachricht von einem evangelischlutberischen Auto 6fi. 
Fe; Geschichte der Gral'en vou Schaumburg und von 
dcFLippe; Einrichtung der ersten Studien cines jungen 
Herm vom Stande ; Briet'c: An" Blum, Gau6e, Gleim, 
Klotz, zwischen Abbt, Moaea und Nicolai, nebst den 
Antworten; Briefe; Fragmente. 

Abclag beder Konigen von Franckreych vnd En- 
gelandt. Auch Roniischer Kay, May. Ant- 
wort zu Burgos, 1528. n.p.,n.d. pp.32. 4°.*6055.10 

Abdy, M. An eligible match, a tale of a country 

house. [Smith, Weekly volume, v. 1] . . . 8030.3 

Abeille, L', pour les enfans,ou lemons fran(;aises. 

Philadelphia, 1835. 16° 4fi89.37 

Aberen, B. R. Goethe in den Jahren 1771-75. 

Hannover, 1861. 8' 2844.9 



Shelf. No. 

Abkl, Dtath of. See Gessncr, S Tph- v-335 

Abex, U. F. O. Die deutschen Personen-Xanicn. 

Berlin, 1853. S° 4129.43 

ASEL, H. I. Geopraplucal, peologicil and statistical 

chart of Wifi-oiisin aud Iowa. Philadelphia, 

IM.*. Folded -'4' 23"9-2S 

Abel.\, G. F. Descriptio Mclit."e atquc acUacentium 

insularom. [Gra;vius. Thcs. autiq. Ital., T. 10, 

V.15J. . . 4710-1 

Abeixy, L. La vie dc Vincent de Paul. 2e ed. 

Paris, IOCS. 2v. in 1. sm.S° 00/0.13 

Xass Sina. See Abu Ali Al Chasin Ihn Abdallah. 
ABERCICS. Msra^fiaais cif ror 0tcti «iii ra Saviiara 

AlicpKiaf. [Boissonade. Anecdota Gr.Tca, v.o].B.161.3 
Abekcon WAT, Abbey of, licgister and clirouiclc of. 2410.39 
ABEECRHMBlE, J. Harmony of Cliristian faith 

and character, and the culture of the mind. 

New yorli, 1S39. 1S° . 5417.37 

— JIunoffaith. M.Y., 1835. 18°. 6447.27 Antiquarian gleanings from Aber- 

deensliiie records. Tmretl', G 2477.22 

Abisgtox, ^^ass., lli.itorical slietch of. Hobart, A. 2:350.34 
Abipoxes. Geschichte der Abiponer in Paraguay. 

Dobrizholler, M 4307.12 

Abolitiux of slavery the right of the government 
under the war power. Boston, 1S62. pp. 24. 

12° 5572.50 

Abolitionism as viewed by a Georgia slave. Ber- 
ry, H 5572.10 

Abrau.\>i.son, W. H. F., Nyerup, K., and Ralibek, 
C. L. Udvalgte danske Viscr fra Middelal- 
deren, efter A. S. Vcdel og P. Syv. Kjiiben- 
havn, 1812-14. 5v. 12° •*2870.5 

Conlenu. — Vol. I. KJaorapPTiscr; Viser om Trvllori, 
ForvnncIIIii^r, GJL-ngnnpt-Te og nndro spldsomme 
Evcntyr. ]I. HisIorisVo Viser. lU, IV. KomautBcr og 
Bullittlcr. V. Muiiik; Beslutning. 

Abr^;g ('. de I'histoire romaine, ii Pusage de I't^cole 

niililnire. 8e ed. Paris, 1810. 12° ITSOa.l 

ABK^.oi; de inytliologie, ii I'usage de Pecole mili- 

taire. New York, 1820. pp. 88. 12° 7009.47 

AiiRiiX'Ei) history of tlie United States of jVjnerica. 

Boston, l&:il. 12° 4325.14 

Abridgkjiknt of the laws in force and use in her 
majesty's plantations; (viz.) of Virginia, Ja- 
maica, llarbadoes, fllaryland, New-F.ngland, 
New- York, Caroluia, etc. London, 1701. 12°. .30.15.19 

Aii.soLVixi; power of the clnnch. Lowe, T. H. . Ppli.v.34S 

ABSTK.Mir.s. 5''C Astemio, L. 

Auf Abtlallali M(»lianimed Ben Omar. 5eeMoliam- 
med Hen Omar. 

Abu Ali .\1 Cliasin Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina. Trnctatu- 
his de congelatione et conglulinatione laiiidis ; 
Deulchinila. .Sre Artis aurifernc vol. tres . . 5979.21 

Anu Ilafs Omar Men Mohuunned Eu-Nasefi. Creed 
of the ."Junuites. See Abu-'l-Berekat Abdallali 
Hen Ahmed .3022.19 

ABUJnufar Ebn Tnphnil. Improvement of human 
reason exhiliiled in the life of llai Ebn Yok- 
dhan ; from tlic Arnbick. Tr. by S. Ockley. 
London, 17(>s. 8° *.3480.22 

ABU-'L-ltT;iiKK.\T Abdullah Ben Ahmed, ct4/(?o IIo- 
lit/. i'.d-deu En-Nasell. Pillar of the creed of 
the .•<uunlii«. [With] a similar treatise by 
Abu IlarnOnmr AliuisnII. London, 1.M3. 1.8°. 
(Society for the puUlcalioit of oriental texts]. 3022.19 

AHf-'l.-F.\TII Jli.liannnid Ben AUIEI-Kerim, Esh- 
.sliahrestiini. Book of religious and iihilo- 
fophiial seels. I'art I. Ed. by W. Cureton. 
London, 1nI2. 1.8" [.Society for the jiublica- 
tlon <>r oriental texts] .3022.18 

— nell)flon»iiarlhelen und Philosophcnschulen. 

('btT-et/.t, ndt AnnuTkungen von T. Ilaai-- 

bnlcker. Halle, ls.'>i>..'il. ;;v. h° 0098. 

Am 'I. Fi.iiA, f»iiia<l Ibn All. Annates Muslenilel 
Ariiblreel Lnllne, o|.ernel stud. .I..I. Helske. 
Kd. .1. (i. C. Adier. Ilafhin-, IJMMH. 5v. 4°. ».VI11.6 

— I>p rebus India- loci. ,S'rc(;ildeniel«ler, J. . . . 3(m.21 

— lJ«>j(crlij|lon-glonuni NiRrltarum. Aic Makrizl. .3(125.20 

» Shelf. No. 

Abu-'l-Kasim Mabmud Ben Omar Ez Zamakh- 

shari. Anthologia sententiarum Arahicarum. 

Ed. vertit, etc., H. A. Schultens. Lugd. Bat., 

1772. sm.4° *4245.18 

Abh-'L-Welid Mohammed Ben Ahmed Ibn Roshd, 

known as Averroes. Averrofes et I'averro- 

isme. See Renan, J. E 3602.6 

Abo Mohammed El Kasim Ben Ah Hariri. Lexicon 

Arabicum in Consessus quinquaginta Hariril. 

SeeWillmet.J 6030.13 

Abu Temmam Habil Ben Aus Et Tayi. Hamasa, 

Oder die jiltcsten arabischen Volkslieder, 

iibers. u. erliiut. von F. RUckert. Stuttgart, 

184<;. 2v. 8° 4240.25 

Abu 'Tthayyib Ahmed Ben Hosain Almotenabbi. 

Extraits dn Diwan de, en arabe et en fran^ais. 

■See Gr.ingerct de Lagrange, J. B. A 4240.26 

Abu YOsuf Yakiib Ibn Isbak Ibn As Sabbah, called 

Alkindi. Al-Kindi genannt " der Philosoph 

derAraber." Sec Fliigel, G. L 5025.10 

AcciAiOLi, or Acciaiuoli, D. Vita Caroli Magni. 

[Mcncke. Script. Germ., v. 1] 4201.2 

Accius, L. Fragmenta cum vita, ex Lilio Giraldo. 

[Gottfried. Corpus vet. poet.] B.101.9 

— Reliquia;. See Ribbeck, O B.199.4 

ACCOLTI, B. De pra-stantia virorum sui .-evi. [Gr:c- 

rius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 9, p. 0] 4710.1 

Accordion. Cunnabell, J. S. Lessons for the 

French accordion 8052.48 

— Ditson, O. New method for tlie 8052.42 

— Howe, E. Preceptor for the 8052.49 

— .Tewett, J. P. Accordion teacher 8052. 13 

Accordion at home. Boston, n. d. pp.04. obl.4°. 8052.44 
Account of the trial of sLx witches, at Mividstone, 

1652. Added, the trial, etc., of three witches 

executed at Feversham, 1015. London, 1837. 

pp.28. 8° *4103.11 

Accuji, F. Analysis of minerals. 1st Am. from 

Lond. ed. Philadelphia, 1809. 12° 3869.28 

AcHARir.s, E. Lichenographia universalis. Got- 

ting.T!, 1810. 4° »3850. 12 

AciifeKY, ,1. L. d'. Veterum aliquot scrijitorum ipii 

in Gallia' bibliotliecis maxime Benedictorum 

latucraut spicilegium. Paris., 1055-77. 13v. 4°. *4152.7 

Content*. — Vol. I. .Tonm Aurollnncnsts cpiscopl libii 
trcs do hiiftuutionc Intcnll; Chrodogniigi sivo Crodo- 
(riiiidi Mi'tcnsium upiscoj)! roguhv ciiiiriiiicoriim ; Isldoii 
lliBptllwiisia ojiiscoiii do ordtnc crpatiinirum liber; E)>iB- 
toln: divcrsoruiii ; natrnmui Corholonsis monuclil de 
nativitato Cliri^ti ojmsculum ; lAitnet Linfronoiifis opia- 
co]>i opiatola prolixii do cnitoiio iiiisiitv ; Vptua chronlcon 
Dbhutito 3. Bonigui ljivioneiitil.4; JonnnU inuunchi 
chnjidoon Boeuoiiso. II. Rnlrniniil libi'i Iv contra 
Grrecos; Kflthoril VorononslB t-piscopi opiiNculn; Aruulll 
Loxovionsls opUcopI trActntus do Achlsmato orlo post 
Honoril II papiD dtfces-^um contru olrnvduni Eiigolie- 
nionsom ppiitcopiim; MiBcollnneu oplstoltirum ; Vnria 
Gnllirc concllin ; Vila 8. Itomttiiiw virg. et ninrt. nvcnoD 
Aiinlutio iibbetiio S. Qiiiiitini BclunconsiB ; Vitii Hllde- 
biirgis aomina> GRllitrdoiilH; Vltii S. Fclrl do Chnvnnou, 
fliiidiitoi'lH iibbatiiu do ripoi-tico ; Chroiiloon votun S. I'ctrl 
VIvi SononoiiKln aucloro Clnrio inonuoho; Chroiiicou 
6. MudnrdI ; Cbronicoii 8. DIonyHll in I'Vanola; Fmg- 
nicnttim obronici ocolCHln; HotomilgollBiti; Epiatola 
Iliiicmuri ItvnioDiiiN iirchiopiao. ; Kplslola I-'ulbortl 
CnniotoiiNlH. III. Trnotdlue NioottI opiacopl dc vlgftiiH 
itorvonim l)oi ; l^usdoin Irnot. do bono pnnjmodlic ; 8. 
Tbi'odorl SttidiKv Bonno do 8. BKriholonia'O; 8. Anaoliut 
traotntui) nitcotlcuB; roll"! ColIonNin Iniotatttn do dlnol- 
pliiin pInuHtnili; MlHOflhiiien opiHtolnriiiii ; Chronlcon 
I'ontnnolloiino ; Cliroiiicoii SonoiilonNo, nuotoro Itloborlo 
BfiK-dlodno; Ilinluriii VlKoliAconNiH iiioniiiitorii Itonod. 
nncloro Illifrinic I'iotiivlno. IV. 8tntiltn iinttiptn nb- 
biiMir Cnrbolrniilii n 8. Adnlnrdo nbbiito oi-diniH 8. Ilon- 
rdioti prnvBcrtptn ; Anllipiiorox cooMvcluitinon Clnni- 
noonHlH nniiinHtorU Itcn. cnllootoro 8. Vdiilriro nionncho 
llonoiliclino; bcnlontliu LinilVnnol nrchiopiHcopl Ciin- 
tiiuronBlii; MiBrolinnon opiHiolnnini, conrlllornnir|uo 
nllrluol, no di|iloiniitnni; CIn'oiiioun ooolottiiu ConOilon- 
hIn, bIvo 8. lUi'lmrlJ, o. It. nnrtoro lliirhiifo; Mnrl.vrolo- 
ginni vottiNllK.iniiini 8. lliiToiiyinl iifimlno inHigiiltuin. 
V. Smnrngdi iibbiUtH vin rogln; .lonio Anrolliinonnii 
oplacojd npnkoulum do liiMllluliono rcgin ; 'loatiiinontnin 
i'orpolui 'I'lniinciiiiiB o|ili,copl; ColliLlJo oplncoptirum 
coram rcge Gundcbaldo ndvor»UB ArlnnoB; TUoodulfl 
AvirellAnenBia epiacopl acmioneB aliquot; Conollla 



ACHltRY, J. L. d', continued, 

Scnonenaln iltio; Invcntlo Rftnctor. a Doodcrico Mctenai 
cpisoopo; Vita S. P.llfril npiscoiii Noviomaitri, ftuthorc S. 
Auiluiiio; I'uikIuDu iibbatiiu ItlicincensiH a Cloilovuo i 
Frnncorum rogo; VnmlalbiTti niartjTulop-ium! Chroni- 
— con CnsAiirifiitil!*, dive PliacurionHl? monaaturij (luctoro 

Johnnno Itcrnrd! ; Misctillnnoii opistolarum; Tcstnmcii- 
tum B. Jolmmin' ilHiv Lmlovld XI ducisam Ilitiirigum; 
Tcstamcntum MurtruroUi) tixoris ItonHtin diicis de Aleii- 
conio. VI. Vftriii couoUIh ; Synodi CnrthnpiiK'iisis si'Hsio 
scoiindn; Llttcmi ot nota noniiulln qiiii; ad schisinii (itiod 
Qonoilium rimiiDum pnt'CCAttit iilttiient; Concilium risn- 
num; Coiiollliim riMtviist!; Sintiitn auti(|iiioi-a acndcmia'' 
pHi-lHicDSiH; MlHci'llaiiva oplHtoInnim ac diplomatum; 
Tvatainentn comituin Cvrritjiiiunitiuui; Eructio acndu- 
tDlw Cadoiiit'tiHlM; Cliroiiii'iin Grmblncenslum; Clironi- 
con Lohlciiso auctoro Puloviino abbato ; Chronicon upis- 
eop. Helens. ; TcstAmuntuin Grcgotil papic XI; Capita- 
lam Ahytonis Unsilvcusiii opiscopl. VH. -ICuetc Paris- 
Icnsis I'pUcopi libor ndvorsua Grajcos; S. Petri Dninitmi 
cardinnlls scrmoncfi V du omtione Dominica; Kicdlni 
de Cliuncngii8 libor do studio tlicolo^co; MiseclliLnca 
epistolarum; Ebonis nrchicpiscopi Kcmensis apolopefi- 
oum; Chronicon episcoporum Albit^ensium, et abbatuiu 
Ca^trensium; Gcsta nbbatum I'rudoncnsium, auctore 
Rodutfo abbato; Chronicon Valciodoronso ; Genealog-in) 
Balduini do Avennis; Chronicon Mosomcnso. VIII. 
Attonts VercoIIonsis cplscopl cnpitulare; Attonis epis- 
copi Ijbolliia in trcs partes divisus do prossuris cedes!- 
asticiH, i. e. Do judiciis cpiscoporum, do ordinationibus 
eorundcm, et do facultatlbua ccclcsiarum; Ejusdt-m 
epistolfc ; Misoi^llniirn epistolarum, chartarum, diploma- 
turn, etc. ; Vila S. Mi-dardi Noviomcnsis cpiseopi, auctore 
Fortunato presbytoro ; Actus ejusdem sancti ab anon- 
j-mo monaclio; Chronicon Nicolai Trivuthi, ab anno 
JiCXXXVl ad Mcccvii. IX. Capitula Bclecta ex 
antiqua canonura collcetione facta in Uibemia; Alia 
capitula Theodori Cantuariensisarchiep. ; Stat^ita qua>- 
dam S. Bonifacii archiopiscopi Moguntini; Concilium 
Romanum praesidonto Gregorio papa V ; Statuta seu 
conetitutiones ccclcsin: Luf^dunensis; Ordlnatio facta 
per prpelatos pro clcricis eonjugatia et non conjugaiis; 
Sermoncs select! Abbonia monaclii; Miscellanea episto- 
larum, variaruinque chartarum; Chronicon Andrensia 
monu3lerii in difocesi Tarvunnonsi; Vita S. Lictberti 
Cameracensis cpiscopl. X. Consul tationum Zaccha;i 
Christian! et Ajiollunii philu»ophi liliri tres; Venerabilis 
Bednj martj'rologium horoico carmine; Ordo solaria 
nnni cum Httons a 8. liicrynymo superposilis, etc., sive 
vetiis calondiirium ; Miacellanca epistolarum ; Gcsta 
Guillclmi Miijoris cpiscopi Andegavensis ab ipsomet; 
Historta eccleslro Bcatai Mariic do Fontanis a Pere- 
grino abbato; Ilistoria comitum Andegavensium per 
Fulconem cnmitom ; Gcsta eousulura Andegavensium 
atictore monacho Bcoodictino; Liber de compositione 
caatri AmbasiiE, et ipsius dominoruni gesti^; Historite 
Afflegemensis tiber unua; Continuatio ejuadera'histo- 
ri(c ; Chronicon Barcinonense ; Addenda in luisceltaneis. 
XI. Collectio antiqua canonum pcenitentialium ; Statuta 
eynodalia Nicolai Gelant, et Guillclmi Majoris episcopo- 
mm Andegavensium ; Sermo vetuati auctoria do natali 
Domini contra Ncstorium; Miscellanea epistolarum ac 
diplomatum; Chronicon Guilleltni de Xangis; Continu- 
atio ^nsdem prima et altera, monachis 8. Dionysii in 
Francia auctoribua. XII. S. Paachasii Ratberti abbatia 
Corboiic opuaculum du partu rir^ois; Uaimonis lial- 
berstatena. epiacopi tractatus de corpore et snnguinu 
Domini ; Adrevaldus Floriacensis de cori^ore et saufirnine 
Domini contra inoptiiia Johannis Scoti ; Epistola ffiithcrii 
Veroncnais do corpore ut sanguine Domini ; Kesponsio 
cujuadam de coriioro et aan^ino Domini ; Responsa Ni- 
colai pnpn: I ad consulta Arduici archiepiac. Vesontio- 
notisis; i*Iori viri prudcntis collecta ex lege et canoue; 
Statuta Xoaocomij Ambianensla facta ab Gaufrido epis- 
copo; Historia Trerirensia; Bertarii presbyterii historia 
epUcoporum Virdunensium ; IllHtoria Virdun. episc. auc- 
ton- Lauren tio de Leodio; Nurrutio restaurationis abbatio) 
S.Martini Turn a censia auctore Herimanno abbato ; Ilisto- 
ria monaaterii Ciaonienais ; ilistoria Viconienais ccenobii ; 
Statuta antiqua rogni Anglio: ; Ordtnationes Johaniiis 
rviris Anglin; ; Historia de fundatione monaaterii S. Vili 
In Glad bach. XII I . Synodus Atrobatcnais a Gerardo epis- 
copo colcbrata ; Vita haireticorum sivehtcresea Cntbaro- 
nim; Anavlml Havolbergunsitt upiscopi dialogvrum ad- 
versua (Inccoa libri trcs; Miacellanca epiatolanini, etc. ; 
Murtyruloglura Gollonenee purvetuatum ; Ilistoria abha- 
tln; Condumen»H nunc episcopatus; Anmlfi Lexovieiisis 
«piNcopl Ncrmoin annuntiatione B.V. f^tcpiatolie V ; Hil- 
dBb«TtiCenomaneni»i«poMt archicpiscopiTuronenaiscpia- 
tol(D XV ; IndicvH trun omnium tomorum generalca. 

AOIIII.I.F.S Tatius. De ClUophontis et Lcucippes 
anioribus IH»ri viii. [MiUcherlich. Script. 

t'lot. (Jr., v.'l] 


Shelf. No. 

AciliLi.ES Tatius, contimied. 

— GH ainoi-i di Lcucippe e Clitofontc. [Collczionc 

dr-.di «'n>(u-i ijrp.'i, V. 1] B.162.3 

AcirrKiu-KLDT, J. II. v., Ilniun, J. W. J., and 
others. Zeitschrift tur IMiilosopliie u. katliol. 
Theologie. Hefte 1-L'n. Kiiln, 1KVJ-.1G. lOv. 8'. *00:9.1 

— - .Sanie. Hefte 77-'<4. Neue Folge 12r, i;Jr 

.Thrjr. Bonn, ISSl-S."!. 2v. 8' *6070.1 

ACKKKMANN, C. Die Beicbto, besonders die Privat- 

Beicbte. Hamburg, 1853. 12° B.160b.7 

— Die ( 'lii'istliche in Phito unrt in der platonischen 

Pbilosopbie. Hamburg, 1835. 8" B.1G2.12 

— Bibel-Atlas. See Wieland, C. F G021.10 

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— Memoir on tbe cbolera at Oxford, in^l}554. 

London, 1856. 4" *3800.10 

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Vaudois. See Arnaud, H 3528.11 

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V. 3] 4800.1 

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sary of its organization. Adams, Josiab . . 4163.13 

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Amazons, in 1639. See Slarkbam, C. U. . . 2264.23 

Ad.t:us, or Addjeus. Epigrammata. [Bruuck. 

Anal. vet. poet. Gr., v, 2] B.1G2.7 

Adagia, id est proverbiorum parccmiarum et para- 
bolarum omnium, qave apud Grgecos, Lat- 
inos, Hcbrjcos, xU-abas, etc., in usu fucrunt. 
[Ilauovia!],1629. f *415D.2 

Contents. — Dea. Erasmi Rotorodami chiliadea; Hadri- 
ani Junii medici adagia; Joiin. Alexandri Brassicani 
symmicta; Joannis Ulpii epitome; Petri Godofredi 
Carcasaonensis proverbia; Gulielrai Cantcri ada^a 
juridica; Victoria Giselini specimen adagionim ; Henrici 
Stephanianimadversionesin Erasmum ; Gilbert! Coguati 
Nozarcni syllogo ; M. Grunnii Corocotta; Porcelli teata- 
mcntum; Polydori Vergilii ada^a; Caroli Bovilli pro- 
verbia; Hadriani Tumebi et M. Antonii Mureti oxcerpta 
adngia; GuHelmi Gentii ada^a. juridica; Molchioria 
Neipei Brcdenani ada^a. 

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— Life and death of. See Klopstock, F. G. . . rph.v.335 
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pontificum usque ad 1072. [Fraukfurt. Socie- 
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— - Same. 2d ed. New Haven, 1825. 18^ . . • 4939a. 36 

— - Same. With exercises, by A. Flsk. 2d ed. 

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Adams, Charles F. Address before tlie schools and 
the citizen.'* of Quincy, July 4, 1856. Boston, 
lb5G. 'S" B.170a.53 



Shelf. No. 

Adams, Charles F.. continued. 

— Conservatism and reform. Speech in Xational 

hall, I'hiladelphia, Aug. 28, ISGO. [>'o title- 
page.] 8° 4390a. 2 

— Oration at Fall River, July 4, 18G0. Fail Kiver, 

1860. 8' 4390a. 2 

— Texas and the Massachusetts resolutions. Bos- 

ton, 1844. pp. 54. S° 4390a. 2 

— VThat makes slavery a question of national 

concern? A lecture. Boston, 1855. 8" . . . B.160.24 
AX)Aiis, Charles S. Poem on the use of tobacco. 

Boston, 1852. pp.:24. 8° 4390a.l 

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1824. 12' 7029.14 

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1825. 8° 7058.10 

Adams, Ediyin. Geography classilied ; a manual of 

physical and poUticul geography. London, 

18113. 12° 2283.10 

Adams, Edwin G. Discourse, lOCith anniversiiry of 
the first congregational church in Temple- 
ton. With a survey of the atfairs of the town. 
Boston, 1857. 8° 4390a. 3 

Ad^vsis, Ezra E. Government and rebellion. A 

sermon, April 28, 1861. Philadelphia, 1801. 8°. 5440a. 15 

— The pulpit a civllizer. [Oration in Tamworth, 

N. H.j Pliiladelphia, 1802. 8" 5440a.l3 

— Symbols of thouglit. Reprinted from the Presb. 

quart, review, vVpril, 1802. i)p.30. 8** . . .5440a. 12 

— The temple and the throne ; a sermon, Sept. 20, 

1801. Philadelphia, 1861. 8" 5440a. 14 

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the doctriue of the holy Trinity. Lomion, 

n.d. pp.34. 8'' *Pph.v.341 

ADA^^ts, G. Almanac and business directory of the 

environs of Boston for 1&48. Boston, 1848. 16°. 2389.33 

Note— Tor Directories published by G. A., see Albany, 
Bristol county, Chnrlo Blown, Fall River, Lowell, Lynn, 
Koxbury, Sulem ; and for Re^stcrs, see Maine, Massa- 
chusetts, Rliode Island, 

Adams, H. G. Nests and eggs of familiar British 
birds, described and illustrated. I..i)ndon, 
1801. i)p. 78. 12° 3905.13 

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the day of the total eclipse of the suu. 
Charleston, 18:J5. 8* 5440a. 2 

Adams, John. Correspondence, originally published 

in the Boston patriot. Boston, ls09. 8* • . 4327.3 

— Brackt-uridgt', H. M. Eulogy on 24O6;30 

— Colman, H, Sketch of his ciiaracter 4390a, 4 

— C ranch, W. Memoir of 4390a. 4 

— Spragire, J. E. Eulogy on B.i:0a.21 

— and Jefferson, T. Selection of eulogies in honor 

of A. and J. Hurt^wrd, 1820. b° 2312.27 

ContrHtti. — Eulfipicii by J. Tylor, C. C"sblng, C. C. 
Cambri-'linp, Smnut^'l Siiiitli, Sheldon Smith, J. Svr- 
grniit. W. A. DiitT, H. I'oiter, P. Sprnpuc, J. A. Shaw, 
8. L. Knnpp, D. Wob»tiT, J. K. Sprasnio, E. Turner, 1'. 
Grundy, W. Juhnaon, W. F. Tbonitiiii, W. Wilkins, 
W. Wirt. 

Adams, John Clark. Appeal to the Whig national 
convention in favor of the nomination of 
WehsttT. New York, ltvl8. jip. 50. h" . . B.170a.31 

— A norlhirrn No I Addi'essed to the di'h'gates 

from the free statef*. n.p., Isl8. pp. 10. 8" . . B. 100.01 
Adams, John Couch. Exphinulion <>f the observed 
irregularities of the motion of llraims, wilh 
the nm.'tt), orbit, etc., uf the ilisturbing body. 

Ix)ndon, IMrt. 8" 5910a.] 

Adams, John G. Our country, and itM claims upon 
us. <^ralh)n before the aulhorilleH of Provi- 
dence, July 4, IstW. Providence, 1S0;{. h* . . 4310a .47 
Adams, John Q. Address to bis constUueutH of the 
12th eoiigressloual district, at Braintrec. 
Boston, I^12. 8* *Pph.v,3S2 

— ArguiMi-nt in the oasi- nf the U. S. rfl. ('hi(|iie, 

and ollii-r.'«, Atrh-iuiH.etiptureil in I lie Aniihiud. 
With H review of tlie rawe of the AntcUipe. 
A'ew Vork, IMl. b* ♦Pph.v.382 

Sholf. No. 

AiiAMs, John Q., continued, 

— Address before the Massachusetts charitable fire 

society, May 28, 1802. Boston. 1S02. 8° . . 4390a. 5 

— Discourse on education, delivered at Braintree, 

Oct. 24, 1S30, Boston, 1840. 8° 4390a. 5 

— Letters on the masonic institution. Boston, 

1847. 8° 3507.35 

— New England confederacy of 1643. A discourse. 

Boston, 1843. 8° *Pph.v.334 

— Oration, Dec. 22, 1802, at the anniversary of the 

first landing at Pljinouth. Republished, 
Plymouth, 1820. 8° 6087.131 

— Social compact exemplified in the constitution 

of Massachusetts. A lecture. Providence, 

1.^2. 8° *l'ph.v.3S2 

— Speech in the House on the case of A. McLeod, 

Sept. 4, 1841. Washington, 1841. 8° . . . . 4390a.6 

— Substance of the speech in the House upon the 

bill to ensure the execution of the laws relat- 
ing to the collection of duties. Boston, 1840. 
S" 4390a, 5 

— [Letter to J. Q. A., occasioned by his letter to 

Mr. Otis, By Alfred. America [Boston], 

1808.] 8° 4390a.31 

— [Remarks and criticisms on J. Q. A.'s letter to 

H.G.Otis. Boston, 1808.] 8" 4390a. 32 

— 'Addi'esses in congress, etc., on the death of. 

See United States. Miscellaneous documents. 0087. 120 

— Allen, J. H. Discourse on the death' of . . . 4390a.6 

— Everett, E. Eulogy on 4390a.6 

— Farley, F, A. Discourse on the life and charac- 

ter of 4390a. 6 

— Hammond, J. D. Life and character of . . . 4278.19 

— Lunt . W. P. Discourse at the interment of . 4390a. G 

— ProcfL-dings on tlie occasion of the death of. 

See Wasiuugton, D. C 4390a. 

— Storrs, R, S. Discourse on occasion of the 

death of 4390a. 

— Walker, T. Oration ou the life and charac- 

ter of 4290a. 6 

— Waterston, R. C. Discourse on the life and 

chaiacterof 4390a.6 

Ada:ms, .John S. Boston temperance glee book. 

Boston, n.d. pp.48, 0^.8° 8043.51 

— Dictionary of 5,000 musical terms. Boston, 

n.d. 12* 4036.4 

— Letter to the Chestnut Street congregational 

churcli, Chelsea, Massachusetts. Boston, 

iN'Jl. pp. 50. 8* 0088.35 

— Narrative of the advancement of a spirit from 

darkness to light. Boston, 1854. pp. 72. 8° . 6088.47 

— Pt^alnis of life ; a compilation ol" hymns, an- 

thems, etc, Boston, n.d. 12° 6067.7 

— Same. 4th ed. Boston, [1857]. 12° 8046.24 

Adams, Josiah. Address at Acton, [on] the first . 

centennial anniversary of the organization of 

that town, Boston, 1835. 8° *4163,13 

Adams, N. JJertha and her baptism. Revised edi- 
tion. Boston, 1803. 12" 5440.23 

— Catharine. Revised edition. Boston, 1803. 12°. 0146.24 

— Church pastorals: hymns and tunes for public 

and social worslnp. Huston, 18(11. 1.8°. . . 5142.0 

— God is love. A .supplement to the author's dis- 

course on the reasonableness of future, end- 
less punishment. With a brief notice of Rev. 
T. S. King's two discourses. Boston, 1858. 
pp. 48. 12°. [Truths for the times. No. 4] . 5450a. 2 

— Injuries done to ('hrist. Sermon preached 

March 21, 1^41. Boston, 1811. 12" 5450a.3 

— Insliinlaneous conversion and its connection 

wilhpioty. Boston, iN'Ja. pp.24. 12". [Truths 

lor the times, No. 2] 5460a. 8 

— Jnslilicalion, and lis consequences. Boston, 

Ih.')S. pp. 'Zi. 12", [Truths for the times, 

No. 3] . C450a.2 

— Leiler to Rev. E. S. Gannett, occasioned by his 

tract on atoncuient. Fourth edition. Bos- 
ton, 1K.0. 12° fi460H.25 

— Our Bible. Boston, is5s. j)p. (VI. 12". [Truths 

for the times, No. 5J ^ 5450R.2 



Sheir. No. 

Adams, X., continued. 

— ReiisoimbUniess of future, endless punishment. 

[A scnnon.] Boston, 1858. 12". [Truths lor 

the times, No. 1] .M:)0a.2 

— Scripdinil iirjcument for future, endless punisti- 

ment. Itoston, 18;"iS. pp. 5S. 1^°. [Truths 

for the times. No. fl] . 5450a. 2 

— Sermon atYer the interment of his mother. 

Boston, ISI7. 8" 5-l40a.4 

— Sermon occiisioned by the death of Rev. W. J. 

Armstrong, D. D., delivered Dec. 9, 184(5. 
Bo.ston/ls-HK 8" 5440a, 4 

— Sermon preached to Rowdoin Street congrega- 

tioiiul sodeiy, Boston, on clOi^iug their house 

of worsliip. Boston, 18(V*. S" 5440a. 3 

— Sermon before the convention of congregational 

ministers in Slassachusctts, May 31, 1840. 
Boston, 1849. 8° 4357.12 

— Twenty-lifth anniversary of the installation of. 

5ee Boston, Essex Street church 2354.16 

Adams, S. F. Vivia Perpetua. A dramatic poem. 

Loudon, ISU. 12° 2575.39 

Adam* William, D. D. Christianity and civil 

government. A discourse, Nov. 10, 1850. 

Xeu- York, 1851. 8* 5440a,5 

— Life and services of Rev. J. C. Brigham. Dis- 

course by request of the managers of the Am. 

Bible society. New York, 1803. 8° 5A40a.43 

— Prayers for rulers : or duty of Christian pa- 

triots. A discourse, Jan. 4, 1861. New York, 

18iil. 12' 5450a.4 

— Biographical sketch of Isaac Taylor. See Tay- 

lor, 1 3425.4 

Adams, William, F.R.C.S. Reparative process in 

human tendons after subcutaneous division. 

Londun, 1800. 8° 3744.1 

Adams, W. B. Roads and rails and their sequences. 

London, 1S(V2. 12" 4014.10 

Adams, W. E. The slaveholdefs* war : an argument 

for the Nortii and the negro. London, 1863. 

pp.21. 8" 4322.24 

Adams, W. H. D. JVIemorable battles In English 

history. London, 1803. 8° 2528.25 

Adams, Z. Oui; lapse in Adam, and redemption by 

Christ; two sermons at Sterling. Boston, 

1791. 8' *4163.5 

— Sermon before J. Hancock, governor, etc.. May 

29, 1782, the day of general election. Boston, 

17S2. 8" 4356.1 

Adam SON, J. Bibli()theca Lusitana; Catalogue of 
-books relating to the liistory, literature, etc. 
of Portugal. Newcastle on Tyne, 1836. 8° . *3093.10 

— Selection of [Portuguese] sonnets, with sketches 

of the authors. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1842. 8".*3093.10 
Adax, J. R. Report on the memorials of the Seneca 
Indians and others [to] the council of Massi, 

Boston, 1840. pp.28. 8° *Pph.v.383 See Adams. 

Addisox, J. Poetical works, nitlx life. See Ander- 
son. Poets of Great Britain, V. 7 4604.1 

Contents. — Coto, u tragedy ; Rosamond, an opera ; The 
crnnpni^Ti; Odf»; Hjinns; Translations, etc. 

— Sec Bell, J. British theatre, v. 3, 22 4179a. 1 

CofUmu. — \o\. HI. Cato, a tragedy. XXII. The 
drummer, or the haunted house, u comedy. 

— H Catone, Iragedia, tradotta da A. M. Salviui. 

[Kng. and Ital.l Firenze, 1725. smA" . . . **2575.27 

— Travels ihrougb Italy and Switzerland. [Mavor. 

Voyages, v. 13] 6267.1 

Address concerning the more frequent dispensing 

of the Lord's supper. Clasgow, 1795. 12" . *Pph.v.214 

Addrkss of members of tlie House of Rep's of the 
United States on the war with Great Britain, 
1812. Boston, 1812. 8° »2327.10 

Address of the free constitutionalists to the people 

of the United States. Boston, ISGO. 8", . .4300a. 17 

Address on the past, present, and eventual rela- 
tions of the United States to France. New 
York, 1803. 8' *Pph.v,40 

Shelf. No. 

Address to Christians throughout the world. By 
theclergy of the Confederate States of Amer- 
ica. Loudon, 1803. 8° 4322.37 

— - Same. Philadelphia, ISG3. 8° 4390a. 2 1 

Addrkss to the dt'inocratie citizens of Pennsylvania. 

Philadi'lp)iia, [1812]. 8° '. . . *Pph.v.3G 

Address to the electors of Great Britain [on the 

choice of a new parliament]. London. 

1790. S" *Pph.v.348 

Address to the physicians of Philadelphia on the 

decline of the medical character, etc. n.p., 

n.d. 8' *JI.Pph.v.ll2 

Address to the reformers. By a Briton. Exeter. 

[No title-page] 10° •Pph.v.349 

Adei,, i>or; was er urspriioglich war, was er jetzt 

ist, und was er kiinftig soyn soil. Berlin, 1808. 

pp.79. 12° 2819.0 

Adelagus. Epistola consolatoria ad Flodoardum. 

[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr.,v. 17] B.1I0.2 

Adelman. Deveritate corporis et sanguinis Christi 

'in eucharistia, epistola ad Berengarium. 

[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., V. 18] B.U0.3 

Adelung, J. C. Geschichte der Schiffahrten nnd 

Versuche znr Entdeckung des nordostlichcn 

Wegesnach Japan nnd China, llalle, irns. 4". 4253.3 
AdemaR. Historic Francorum, a. d. 5os-]uii7. 

[Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 4] 4210.2 

Adijiari, L. Satira contra le donne. See Raccolta 

dl poesie satiriche 4808.9 

Adler, G. J. German reader, adapted to Ollen- 
dorff's grammar. New York, 1848. 12°. . . 4889.3 
Ado, archbishop of Vienna. Bre\iarium chronico- 

rum de sex mundi aitatibns ; Libellus de festiv- 

itatibus apostolorum, etc.; 3Iartyrologiiim. 

[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., V. 10] B.110.2 

— Excerpta ejus chronico, A. D.527-8G9. [Frank- 

furt. Societas, etc., v. 2] 4210.2 

— Martyrium S. Desiderii Viennensis in Gallia 

episcopi. [Canisius. Thes*iin'us, v. 2, p. .3] . 4140.3 
■ — Martyrologium. See Roman Catholic church . B. 110.4 
Adolphus, J. Biographical memoirs of the French 

revolution. Xondon, 1799. 2v. 8° 4043.14 

Contents. — Vol. I. Lnnis xvr, the quenn, and ttio 
dauphin ; 3. 8. BaiHy ; P. G. Benoit ; E. C. de Lomenie do 
Brienne; J. P. Brissot; Chabot; Anaohari^U Clootz; 
M. J. A. N. C. de Condorcet ; G. J. Danton ; C. Desmou- 
liiis; C. F. Dnmoiirioz; P. F. N. Fabre d'Eglantine; T. 
Mahe, marq. de Fo\tos ; Marquis de La Fayette ; Oobet ; 
J. R. Ilebert; F. Ilenriot. II. M. Lepelletier dc Saint 
Farg'eau; P. Manuel; J. P. Marat; G. H. de Mimbeau; 
J. Necker; L. P. J. dac d'Orleans; T. Paine; J. Pction; 
M. Robespierre. 

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Adrian VI, pope [Adrian Boyers]. Correspond- . 
ance de Charles-Quint et d'A. See Gachard, 
L. P •. . 2853.11 

— EpistoliE aliquot. [Matthiei. Analecta, v. G] . 4139a. 1 

— Leben. [Schrockh. Allgem.biogr., v. 2, 3] . . 4143.6 

— Vita. 5'ee Giovio, P 2800.7 

Adrianus de Veteri Busco, or A. von Odenbosch. 

Kemm Leodiensium sub Johanne Ileiu'^ber- 
gioet LudoyicoBorbonioepiscopis. [Martene. 
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his examination before the Inquisition. 
Dublin, 1821. 12° 2570.16 

N(ttc. '—Thongh this hook has been attributed to 
Bishop Berkeley, the authr)r of th« artiole, " Berkeley," 
in Chalnifrs'd biographical dictionary, saya it wan cer- 
tainly not hi*. 



Sholf. No. 

iEAKUS. Oder Fragmeute aus deu Gerichtsakten 
der Ilolle iiber die Xenieu, von J. A. Reben- 
stock. Deutscldand, 1797. ir.° »*2907.8 

Aery, C. Untor-^uclnm^en iiher ilie Fortpflanzunirs- 
geschwhuligkeit. der Keizuit^. Urauuschweig, 
1S«2. PI). r.S. S' • 3802.39 

J5GII11US AiireiE Vallis. See Gilles de Lii5ge. 

iEGiDius Viterbiensis. See Viterbo, E. da." 

JEgyitius, M. See Eglzio, M. 

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tis [variorum] et iuterpr. Lat. J. Vulteji. Cur. 
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JElianxts Tacticus. De instruendis aciebus. See 

Tcgetius Eenatus, F B.17S.1 

.^LRED, of Rievaulx. See Ailred. 

.^MiLics, Paulus. See Einili, P. 

.^NEAS, of Gaza. Theoplirastus, give de animarura 
immortalitate et corporuni resurrectione dia- 
logus. [Ma.vimabiblioth. vet.patr.jV. S] . . B.110.2 

.ffiNEAS, of Paris. Liber adversus Grajcos. [Ach^- 

ry. Spicilegium, V.7] 4152.7 

MSE\S Tacticus. De toleranda obsidione. See 

Vegetius Kenatus, F B.178.1 

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pp.13. 6m.4° 2S78.6 

Aerolites. Uber den Urspruug der Metecrsteine. 

Kcsselmeyer, P. A 5S03.14 

jEscniNES. CEuvres completes d'Eschine, See De- 
mosthenes ; . . 2974.19 

— Orationes tres; Epistolaj. [Dobson. Oratores 

Attici, V. 12, Ifi] B. 163.1 

.^SCHYLUS. Traganlia; qua: super.'^unt, ad lextum 
C. G. Schiitzii. Ace. vers. Lat. Londini, 

1823. 2v. sm.b" B.IOS.S 

Cnfttcnta. — Vol. I. Prometheus vinctu»;Scptcm contra 
Tliobas; Persx. II. Agamemnon; Choephorco; Euuio- 
nidOB ; Supplices. 

— Tragojdiffi. Recensuit et lexicon vEschyleum 

adjecit A. Wellauer. Lipsiae, 1823-31. 4v. 

in 2. 8° 'B. 108.4 

Contcnla. — Vol. I. Prometheus vinctus; Septem contra 
Thehiis; Suppliccs; Agiimomnon; Choephorcc; Eu- 
mcnulcs; Perso). II. Lexicon ^sohyloum. 

— Tragcrdiai septem, Gr. et Lat. [Lect. Poeta; 

Gr.Tci, v. 2] . . . . ■ 4200.7 

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— T/>a>(;'<J(a trra itri QiiPaif. Princeton, n.d. 

pp.i". 8' 2978.5 

— Blliinner, II. Teber die Idee des Scldcksals 

in den Tragiidien de* Aiscliylos 2978.6 

— ilermann, .I.G. .1. Observationes critica; iu 

■luo.'dum locos iEscliyli 4955.2 

— Wunderlich, C. F, Observaliones critical in 

yE^eliyli trag<rdia8 2979.23 

iBsoi'UH. Fabulo; GrKco-Latinic, verslone emeu- 

dntfi. Ed. correcdor. lOlonn-, 17S5. 12° . . 4gS9a.V 

— Fabuin? selec'tic. With an Englisli transhition 

by II. (JIarke. Rtli ed. London, n.d. 12°. 4989a. 7 

— - .«nme. Wulpole, N. II., IMrJ. 12° 4989U.2 

— - S:iiiie. 2d ed., with a coinjiend of Latin 

l,n.«<iily by .1. HoHH. Phllu., 1814. 12° ... -IllMla.! 

— I'ulmln; Iccecxxill). Mpslic, 1826. 32° . . . »«.l6lla.6 

— I'ubulic Gr.-Lat, ccxCTll. .SwNevftliTt, I.N. . . II.17W.I) 

— Fabulfe all'iuot. .Viy; Antoninus Liberalix . . . '12(*5.21 

Shelf. No. 

.^sopus, continued. 

— Fables. 5ce L'EsI range, R 4970.10 

— liinlley, It. Dissertations upon the fables of . 4175.11 

— auii others. Seleetiores fabuia-, et I.uciaiii ^n- 

mosatcnsis dialogi. Isocratis orationes dua;, 
Cebetis Tliebani tabula. Gr. et Lat. Edin- 

burgi, 1723. sm.S° 491K)a.20 

.^sopua, the historian. Kes gestre Alexaudri Jla- 
eedonis translatie a Julio Valerio. See Cur- 
tius Eufus, Q B.18S.4 

— Same. [Mai. Cla?s. auct., v. 7] B.172.3 

.Esthetics. Bouterwek, F. JEstlietik . .... .C09Ua.ll 

— Jeitteles, I. iEstlietisclies Lexikon 4085.1 

— ICrause, C. C. F. Abriss der ^stUetik .... 0095.7 

— .SchUier, .1. C. F. V. ^Esthetic letters 5008.6 

— Vischer, F. T. jEsthetik C101.2 

See also: Beauty, Taste. 

Afflisgiiem. Historia! Affligemensis. [Achery. 

Spicilegium, v. 10] 4152.7 

Afghanistan, Journal of a mission to. Bel- 
lew, H. W -. . . 3014.14 

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Africte Australis 2954.24 

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scenery of Southern 30,')0.7 

— Dapper, O. Besclireibung von 4200. 17 

— PetlK-rick, J. Central 3(155.19 

— Uitter, C. Erdkuudf von 2297.2 

— Scblicthorst, H. Geograpbia Africa: Herodotea. 2988.23 

Sec ajso: AlfcHit, linrbiiry states, Epyjjt, Ethiopia, 
Guinea, Natal, Negroes, Nile, Sahara, Soudan, Tchad 

African colonization. Facts in regard to. See 

Louisiana. State colbnization society . . . B. 160. 27 
African cruiser. Journal of an. Bridge, H. . . . 4290.24 
African race. Letters on the condition of the. 

Schoolcraft, il/r.«. H. K. . . . B.160.42 

African slave-trade in Jamaica, anti comparative 

treatment of slaves. [Baltimore], 1854. 

pp. 14. 8°. .'.... B. ICO. 70 

Africanus, S. J. 0\viiTTtn!i(tiv avaypaifui, recensuit 

etconuuentarioinstruxit I. Rutgers. Lugduui* 

Batavorum, 1802. 1.8° 2230.18 

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ellerFiiderneslandets Historia. 2a ITpplagan. 

Stockholm, 1842-57. 7v. in 2. 8° »4227.4 

— Volkssagen und Volkslicdcr aus Schwedens 

iiltei-er und neuerer Zeit. Uebersetzt von 

F. ll.Ungewitter. Leipzig, 1842. iiv. sm.8°. 4224.28 

— Schwedische Volkslieder. 5ec Geijer, E. G. . . 2875.27 

— Svenska Folk- Visor. iSce Geijer, E. G 4223.19 

Agapictus. Capita panenetica ad Justinianum 

Ca:sarem, (ir. et Lat. [Gryn.Tus. Mon. jjatr.]. B.141.3 

— Capita parteneticil ad Justinianum Ca'sarein. 

[Maxima biblicith. vet. pair., v. 9] B.110.2 

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tory of the United States. Second monograph. 
40 plates. Vols. 3, 4. Boston, 1800-02. 2v. 4°. •3850. 11,12 

Coiitatils. — Vol. III. Aealephs In general ; Ctenoplio- 
ra'. IV. iJlscopliorn: ; Hydruldu) i Honiologlui of thu 

Agatiiias. Eplgrammata. [Brunck. Anulcctn 

poet. Gr., V. 3J B.lfl2.7 

— L'histoire de I'empi' reur .Tusllnien. [Cousin, L. 

Illstoire deCunslanlinople, V.21 2901.2 

AOATlIoi'l.liS, Lll'e of. ,Sir I'errinchieie, K. ... 2741.20 
AUAZZAUI, G. Ohronleii clvltutls I'lncentiic ml an- 
num 1482. .Seel'iirniaiind I'laoenza. Societas 

motiumeutls piitrlieetlcnilis 4721.1 

Aoiua, or Mgberi ? \'ilii el ohiiiiH Ilathumodn:; De 
obltu llallnimoila; otirmen. [Frankllirt. So- 
cietas, etc., V. 4J 4210.2 

AGNELLI'S, bishop of Itatienna. De rntlone (idel uii 

Armenliini. [Ilerold. lla:reseologIa] .... It. 121). 3 

— - Same. [Maxima bibliuth, ^'ct. putr., v.8] . It. 110. 2 



Shelf. No. 

AOOBARD, bishop of Lyons. See ^Maxima biblioth. 

vet. patr., v. H B.U0.2 

Contents. — Liber advor^us dagrmn FcUcU Urpcllrnsis; 
De In^olentla Juclivurum; Do Juilnlcln Muporstitioiiibvis; 
D« bnptismo Jud. Maiiciiik'nini: Adv. Ii<^in Oiindn- 
bndi ; Do prlviU'pio t't jure s«coniotU; Do grnntUiio ^t 
tonitniis; Adv. l-VL'di'giBiun ; Ad pmcorfs palntll; Ad 
MatfVedum ; Do modo roplmlnln t>c<;toMlRAtici; Do imngl- 
uitius; Di< dlsppnitntiODO occl. n<rtim; Contra judicium 
Dei; Do ndoi voritnto; Do divisions imperii I-'miicorum; 
Apolo^cticus pro tlliia Ludovici I'ii; Ctirtuln; Epistoln; 
Libor do dtvhm psnlmodia ; Do corroctiono andphonorii ; 
Adv. Amnhirlinn ; Ciinmnu. 

AGOCCHi. G. B. I'^iudatio ot dominium antiquum ur- 
bis Bononia;. Ex Ital. Latin6 vertit B. Moret- 
tus. [Gni'viu-s. Thfs. antiii. Ital.. T. 7, p. 1]. 4710.1 
AGOSTiNif G. dcgH. Istoria dogli scrittori v-iiuziani. 

Venezia, 1752-54. 2v. 4" 4741,3 

AoosTiNO, L, Sicilia numismatica. See Paruta, F. 4710. 1 
AuKicrLTi'itE. Adams, D. Agricultural reader . 7029.14 
-7 Alamanni, L. La coltivazione : pocma . . . 4802.10 

— Barral, J. A. Aide-mcmoii*e du cviltivatcur . . .^092. 16 

— Bentz, L. Eleipeuts of .3992.29 

— Cresceuzi, r. de'. Trattato della agricoltura . 4801.8 

— Fletcher, T. C. Scientific farming made easy . 3992.21 

— Fyfe, W, \V. Agricultural science applied iu 

practice 4008.34 

— Gaudry, J. Machines agricoles, etc 3992.18 

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Latini B.178.6 

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Naturwissenschaften in ihrer Auwcudung auf 

die Landwirthschaft 3835.4 


— American agriculturist .3190.2 

— Birru, U. S. Year-book of agr.fVict.s, 1862 . . . 5999a. 1 

— Country gentleman, a journal for the farm . .3990.2 

— Fessenden, T. (i. New England farmer . . . 7991.1 

— Journal of agriculture 7983.1 

— Journal of the Royal agi-icultural society. See 

Loudon 3996.1 

— New England farmer 8001.1 

— Transactions of the llighlaud society of Scot- 

land. 5ee Edinburgh 798G.1 

See also: Botany, Domesticated animals, Farm, Far- 
mer, Gardeninp, llorliouUure, Hothouse, Uusbuudry, 
Manured, Rural economy, Veterinary art. 

See also: the names of countries and states of the 
union, the eoremracnts of which have published agri- 
eulturel documents. 

Agrippa Castor. Excerpta ex ejus tractatu contra 

Basilidem. [Grabe. Spicilegium] 0029.3 

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terior. Lugduni, 1500. 2 parts in Iv. sm.S" . *4229.11 

Contents. — De incertitudino et vanitate scientiarum; 
' In artem broveni Raymundi LuJlii commcntaria; Liber 
dc triplici rulionc cnt-Tio^ccndi Dcum; Dohortatio Gcn- 
tillstheologia- ; Espostulatio super exposilione sua in li- 
brum do vcrbo mirifico; Declamatio de pvfpcellrntia 
fceminei sexus ; De sacramento matrimonii ; De ori^nnli 
peccato ; De vita monnstica ; De inveotioue i-cliquiarum 
B. Antonii; Contra pt-stem antidota; Epistolaruni libri 
aoptem; Orationes decern; De dupUci coronntiune Ccv- 
snris apud Bononinm lilstoriola; Epigrrammata. 

— Eitelkeit aller menschlichen Weisheit ; Lob des 

Esels. See Francke, S 6064.22 

Gt'EssKAC, U. X^. d'. Sur la vie et la mort de M. 

d'.Vguesseau, suivi de lettres sur I'idee que les 

anciensonteuedelacrtl'ation. raris,1812. 12". 4629a. 3 
Condulte et idees politiques du chaucelier d' 

Aguessoau. ."^ee Mounier, F 2655.13 

AOUIRKK, L. de. Expedition of, in search of EI Do- 

raddandOniagua, 150(J-61. 5cc Simon, 1'. . . 2264.25 
Ahlwardt, i\ W. (.ialische Sprachlehre. [Vatcr. 

Vergleichungstafeln, u.s.w.] 4207.6 

AllMKD Ben Mohammed Ibn ^Vrabshah. Lexicon 

Arabicum in Ajabschabi vitam Timuri. See 

Willmet, J 5030.13 

Sholf. No. 

Anx, F. Concise grammar of the Dutch languiige, 
translated from tlie loth German edition by 
H.VanLaun. London, 1S02. 12' 48S9.M' 

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12*' 4688.31 

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1861. 12" 4889.12 

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— New method of learning the French language. 

London, 1861. 12° 4688.30 

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London, 1861. pr 4889.10 

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phic du droit. 2e<?d. rev. et augm. Bruxelles, 
1844. 8° . 4294.7 

Ahyto, Aito or Ayto. See Hatto. 

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Samuel Hubbard. Boston, 1848. 8° . . . . 5440a. ft 

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IstAm. ed. Boston, 1830. 18° 7029,30 

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09. 5v. 8° 5235.0 

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AlKMAN, J. Continuation of Buchanan's history of 

Scotland. See Buchanan, G. - 2474.14 

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ica. [From the I'resb. quart, review, July, 
1862.] New York, 1862. pp.35. 8° . ..* • 5572.7 
AiLEKAN. Interpretatio mystica progenitorum 
Domini Jesu Christi. [Maxima biblioth. 

vet. patr., v. 12] B.110.2 

AlLRED, or iEIred, of Riei'aulx. Opera. 5ee Max- 
ima biblioth, vet. patr., v. 23 B,110.« 

Contents. — Homiliai xxxi in Iceaiara do oneribua 
Babylonia, Pbilistiim ct Moab; Compendium spcculi 
charitati9; Speculum chnritatis, libri tres; Dc spirituali 
amicitiu, Ubri trea ; Homilia do Jcsu puero duodcnni, 

AiRD, T. Poetical works. Edinburgh, 1S4S. 8°. . 2565.13 
At/JECTEO)!/ aiaorao-fs, or, a new way of deciding 

old controversies. ByBasanistes. J^ondon, 

1805. 8° *41G3.1 

AiRY, G. B. Algebraical and numerical theory of 

errors of observations. Cambridge, ISO 1, 12°. 3929. 2G 
AiTKEN, W. Growth of the recruit and young 

soldier. Loudon, 1862. pp. 72. 10" .... 3953.33 
Akenside, M. Poems. London, 1772. 4° . . . . 2571.9 

— Poetical works, with life. 5ceAnderson. Poets 

of Great Britain, V. 9 4604.1 

Contents. — Pleasures of imagination; Odes, etc. 

— Inno alle Najadi, recato in verso italiano da 

Mathias. >See Mathias, T. J 4773.17 

— De' piaceri delP immaginazione,'!n verso sciolto 

italiano. [Mazza. Opere, v. 2] 4791.1 

Akekman, J. Y. Numismatic chronicle. Vols. 2-20. 

New series, vol. 1. Loudon, 1839-61. 21v. 

in 13. 8" 2223.3 

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Ginea. Uask, R. C. . ." 5034.28 

Akroyd, B. Improved dwellings for the working 

classes. London, 1862. pp.22. 10 pi. 8° . 5570.1 
" ALADAiiA," The. Statement of facts fi-om official 

documents, with the sections of the foieign 

enlistment act violated by her equipmeut. 

London, 1863. pp. 16. S° 5«18.22 

Alain, R. L'^preuve r^ciproque. [Theatre fran- 

^ais, V. 37] 4708.1 

Alamanni, A. Lji rapresentatione dolla con^c'r- 

siouc di S. ^Mariu Madaleua. Nuov. stam- 

pata. n.p., n.d. 62 pp. 1 2° 4798.47 

Alamanni, L. Novella di Bianca. [Raccolta di 

nov. ital., v. 1] 2773.14 

— - Same. [Raccolta di novelle, v. 2] 4e<»8.i2 



Shelf. No. 

Alamassi, L., continued. 

— Orazioae delle lodi di Filippo Sassetti. [Rac- 

colta di prose italiane, v. 1] 4S0S.10 

— Satire dodici. [Saiisonno. ^ettelibri di satii-ej. 47*.K».26 

— Sonetti. [Cironi. Raccolta di Urici italiani] . 4S0S.S 

— Satira ad Alessandra Seristora. [Raccolta di 

poesie satiriclie] 480S.9 

— and Rucellai, G. La coltivazione di L. A., e le 

api di G. R., con anuotazioni" del dottor G. 
Bianchini da Frato sopra la coltivazione, e di 
R. Titi sopra le api. Milano, 180i. [Classici 
iTal., v.o:i] **4S02.I0 

Alba, or Alva, F. A. dc Toledo d', Correspoudauce 
gur PinvaSion du comte Louis de Nassau en 
Frise, en loC8, publ. pai- M. Gachard. Briix- 
elles, 1S50. 8* 2813.16 

Albania, Tour in. Wingfield, W. F. . ...... 3083.10 

Albaxiax lan^agc. Grammatik der albauesische 

Spraclie. [Vater.Vergleichuugstafeln,u.s.w.]. 4207.6 

Albany. Dudley ohservatory. Address from a 
committee of citizens, on the recent proceed- 
ings of the ti-ustees. Albany, 185S. pp.32. 8^B.170a.l8 

— - Gould, B. X. GarbHng of letters by the 

majority of the trustees 4358.3 

_ - _ Keply to the "Statement of the trustees," 4357.1 

— - Letter to the majority of the trustees . . . 4358.2 

— - Thaclier, G. H. Letters to the trustees . . 42S9.53 
Albany directory for 1857-51*, compiled by G. 

Adams. Albany, 1^7-59. 3v. 8° 43S5.3 

Albarelli Vordoni, T. II pellegriuo dell' Adige. 

5eeScoIari, F 2773.15 

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landaise a 5es difl'erentes epoques. Amster- 
dam, 1S;H. 8- •*2S70.24 

ALBf-na,E.. Del papatoe dell' Italia. Firenze, 1S47. 

pp.71. p.S" . . . .■ 4718.10 

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pp. 56. 8° 4713.7 

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toscano. [Firenze], 1859. pp.23. 8°.. . . 4713.7 

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secolo decimosesto. Fij-enze, 18;!'J-G3. ISv-S"". 4722.1 

— Tesoro della prosa itaTiana. Ed. 2a. Fircuze, 

1841. l.S' 2771.20 

CofUcnta. — Dino CompngTil, Cojiiosi brniii di-Iln Rua 
rronacn; D. Cnvnlrn, Vit« HCclte; R, da Knn Concordio, 
Gli nmnii»e»tr«nifnti dffzM iiiitlflii; J. Prttisnvanii, Tnit- 
tnti dclln supcrbiu, dclla lunlltil (^ ddliv vnnnirldrla; G. 
Boccucclu, 11 iJccamcrono CHjmr^ato; A. PuiKloKliii, 
Pel Bovcmo di'Un fumlt?lla; N. Jlftchlftvi'lli, II grtveruo 
dl L. do' Mfdt<i In Kfrcnzc; B. CimfiRliono, lUvcrsl 
bninl di^l Corlvpiuno; F. GiilcriunUiiI, Carlo vill in 
Itnlla; A. I'ironsiiiolo, Oil npoloiarlii; P. Bombo, Lcttero 
(II vnrio nrKomi-'nto; P. F. Gianibulluri, Incursiunl dvgH 
I'npbi-ri In Gvrmnnla cd In Itnlln; G. dplln Cnin, II 
Gnlolco, Intturc dl viirio urf^omentu, ontzionc por la 
Icpn; A, Caro, I.cttoro dl varlo arf:oin<'nto; 8. Spi-roni, 
Dialof^o dcllc lln^tic; T. Tasho, Delia vlrtti del Itoinnnl, 
oraxlone; B. Bnldi, Dt-icrizionn dol ducal pnluxxo d'Ur- 
bino; E. C. Davlln, Hlbi'lIIonc c ttno del dtira df UuImx; 
D. Bnrtoll, Dcscrlzionl vuric; F. Hodi, I.t'ttcn- di vario 
or(Tomi-nto; L. Mn^lottl, DITcMa del iiiiraooll ; v. M. 
/niiMllI, Tro (irRxlonI KOpra In pidurn, Hcultiirn, cd 
nrclihi-tturn; G. GoxkI, Lvtlerc <li variu nr(CMini-nto: G. 
Unrrttl. Li^tlcro tii vario arBoiiiDnto; V. AllU-ri, I'n' 
nvvcnliira dt-lla cua vilnj A. W-rri, .Stpiarct bkhUI dalla 
Kolll rdiiianc; V. Murill, I'roNa dlo1oi;i<.'bf; C. Dottii, 
Termmolo dl Cnlnbria dol 1785; PucUlruxluno dtOla 
Calnbrlit nnl 17'.)it; P. GInrdanI, Di'tln pittiira u driln 
•rulliiM, dlM'onu in Uolofnia 11 ^ Oliifnio MUl; G. II. 
Mccolhil. I-:1(>kI<' dl I,, n. AUxTll, lotto In Tlrvuzu di<l 
lb\\); A. MatiKonl, La potito dl Mlliino dvi lUJU. 

— Lft Toscnna durante la giicrra delP hidipen- 

deiiza. Imlia, lh59. pp.15. H" 4713.7 

Alh^-HI, K. Diflieohii di ben ghidicare delle operl 

di pittui-a. Bolngiui, IK-^'t. pp. 24. 8°. . . . 4067.26 

AliikuoXI, (i. Life. ,SV*' Moore, (i 30W.7 

Albki:^,'<L F. n. llandbiirh der allgenieinen Arz- 

tHindltiltthre. Uuim, IsVl. h" 3701.12 

ALUKirr, A., aud (ourl, .(. K. tie. IMcliontiiilre por> 
liitlf lU-H preiliculeiirfi fruiii^iilN, dtiiU lett iter* 
iiioiift, prOnes, etc. nunt linprlmiifl. Lyon, 
1767. 16' •2183.11 

Sbelf. No. 

Albert, H. Auserlesene Gedichte. [Miiller. Bib- 

lioth. deutsch. Dichter 17 .lahrh., V. 5] . . . 2870.10 

Albert, J. ¥'. M. Principes foudamentaux de la 
classification bibliographique. Paris, 1847. 
pp.63. 8** 2124.13 

Albert Edward, prince of Wales. [Collection of 
London newspapers, datcfl March llth, 18(k3, 
containing notices of the marriage of the 
prince with Alexandi'a, princess of Den- 
mark.] f° 24.J.1 

Contents — Times; Morning post; Morning adver- 
tiflor; Daily news; Morning herald; Daily telegraph; 
Standard; Iron times; Express; Globe; Evening slur; 
Sun ; Nonconformist; Court journal, March 7, 11; Guar- 
dian; Record; Watchman ; and Weslcyan advertiser. 

— New England tour of tlie prince of Wales. 3d 

ed. Boston, 1800. pp. 48. 8" 4363. 4 

Albert, Franz August Carl Eraanuel, prince con- 
so7't. Speeclies and addresses, with some out- 
lines of his character. London, 1802. 8". . 2563.13 
Albert von Beham und Regesten Pabst Innocenz 
IV. Herausgeg. von C. Hofler. Stuttgart, 
1817. 8'., [Stuttgart. Bibliothek liter. Ver- 

eins] . .* **28r4,21, and v.l6of4226.1 

Alberti, L. B. Arcliitecture, painting and statuary. 
Tr. by J. Leoni. [Italian aud English.] Lou- 
don, 1726. 3v. f " M080.4 

— Delia pittura e della statna [trad, da C. Bartoli 

colla vita dal cav. llraboschi]. Blilano, 1804. 

8^ [Classici italiani, v. 34] **4S02.3 

Alberti di Vilhmova, F. d'. Grand dictionnaire 
fran^ais-italien [et italien-fran<jais]. Edition 
augineutee par J. Anselmi. Bassano, 1831. 
2v. 4' *411I.l 

Albertsen, it. U. J[us;ra adolescentiic Venus; 
Arnica mneme ; (^darum jjugillus ; Epigram- 
mata. [Kostgaard. Doliciic poet. Danoruni] .4229a. 19 

Albertus Magister. Anuales Studenses. [Frank- 
furt. Societas, etc., v. 16J .....'.... 4210.2 

Alber rus Magnus, or Albert von VollstUdt. Libel- 
lus aureus de adha?rendo Deo. Colonire, ISol. 
32°, [Bibliotheoa myst. et ascet., V. 7] . . . 6069a. 27 

— Secrctoinm tractatus. [Artis aurifcra; v. tres]. 5979.21 

— Sein Leben und seine Wisseuschaft. See Sig- 

hart, J 6000.3 

Alberti's Sarthiiinensis. See Sarziano, A. 
Albints, p. Geuealogia comituin Lcisniccnsium. 

[Mcncke. Script. Germ., v. 3] 4261.2 

ALBiNi's Sincenis, pseud. See Weise, J. P. 

Alijoizk. Nouvelles causes cclCibres. Sec Moquard. 3684.33 

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fiiphiihere Bildung. Leipzig, 1850. pp.32. 8^ 4129.25 
Albrecht, J.C. Dcarrliisemtionum, [Diss.acad.]. 

IlahT, 1702. pp.52. 4" *4304.22 

Albrici?s, Alhricius, Albericus, or Alfricus. De 

deorum imaginibus libelhis. .9cr.Alunckcr, T. 6072.11 
Albbo, .1. A. Sermon ocoasiinied by the death of 

Washington Allston. Boston, lM:t. 8' . . . 5440a.7 Atheniensis. OctocomaMUarumfragmenta. ' 

[:\Ieineke. Fragm. com. Gr., v.3] B. 162.8 

Alc-'EUS Messenius. Epigranunuta. [Brunck. Anal- 

ecta poet. Gr., v. 1] B. 102-7 

Alceus Mitylena?us, lyric ])oet. Curmina. [Lect. 

Poetic Gra'ci, v. 3] 4200.7 

— Fragmcns. [Falconnet. Los petits potmes • 

grecs] . . , . B.161.2 

AL(\\/ak, B. de. Poesias. [Quintana. Parnaso 

es]>anol, v. 1] 3104.19 AVc Artis aurlferne vol. tres. ■ 5970.21 

AL('Hi:itirs, or Arclierius, J. De dlversis colorlbua, 

[.Mcrrilh-jrl. Palnliug, v. 1] 4066.23 

Aloiati, a. I>t' magisi rati bus ei\ Mibusfjue el niili- 

taiihus ofllcils libellus. [Illstoriie Konmna: 

Hcriptores, V. 2] 4240.3 

— llenini palri:c, seu hlHtoriic Mcriiolanensls, llbrl 

iv. [(Jnevius. Thes. antltp Ital., T.2, p. I]. 4710.1 
Al* ii>AMAs. Dfchinialioiu'M duo. [Dobsou. <>ra- 

(ores Atllei, V. 4, 14] B. 103.1 

Ai.ciPHiioN. Kpistola; Gr. el Lat. ad editlonem S. 

Beiglcrl. TrHJectiad Rhenuin, 1791. am.**' . •B. 160.7 



Bholf. No. 

Alcmax. Frftjrmenta, roc. F. T. Welckcrua. 

rGiesscii], 1SI5. pp. '.10. sin.r **2978.2 

— Carnunii. fLcct. Tocto; Gra;ci, v.3] 4200.7 

— Fra^mens. [Falcoimet. Lea petits po^mes 

grecsl B.161.1 

AlCock, R. Capital of tho Tycoon: three years' 

rt'jiiijcnec in .lapnn. Loudon, IHiVl. "^v. K" . 3017.17 
Alcohol. I^allL-maud, L. Du role de ralcool Uaua 

rorgranismo 3977.10 

— Youmans, E. L. Alcohol and the constitution 

of man .* B.160b.72 

Alcott, W, a. Charles Uartland, tlie village mis- 
sionary. Boston, is;j'j. IS' 2397.41 

— Tlie house I live in. [Tranplatod into Burmese, 

by Mrs. S. K.Bcnm'tt.] Tiivoy, 11^3. 10". 3038.22 

— Advantages of early rising. [.Scientific tracts]. 3939.0 
Alcuin, F. A. Honiilie dnctornm ecclesinsticoru 

in evangeliu doniinicalia ac temporanea vna cu 
sermonibus ornatissimis in vuu rcdactacodice. 
Lupduni, 1625. 2v. in 1. 4^ [Black letter] . *5442.1 

— Annales Lindisfarnenses et Cantuaricnses. 

[Frank-furt. Societas, etc, v. 4] 4210.2 

— i^pistola-; Ilomiliain natalem S.Ayinibrordi,et 

liber metricus de vita S. Willibrordi ; Dialec- 
tica et grammatica ; De cteremoniis baptismi ; 
Epistola. [Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 2, p. 1] . 4140.3 

Aldbn, T. Account of the several religious socie- 
ties in Portsmouth, N. H., to Jan. 1, 1805. 
Boston, 1808. pp. 40. 8° 4390a.7 

ALDENBRik'K, A. Geschichte des Urspnings und 
der Religion der alien Llbier. Aus dem Lat. 
Ubers. von J. W. Brewer. Coin, 1819, 20. 2v. 
In 1. 8" 4228.2 

Alder, R. nie power of the Gospel. See Ser- 
mons on important subjects 5442.14 

Aldhel:m, bishop of Sherhurn. Carmina veterum 
Christianorum de septenario, el de re gram- 
matica ac metrica. [Mai. Class, auct., v. 5] . B. 172.3 

— De laude virginum et de octo principalibus vitiis. 

[Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 1] 4140.3 

— De laude virginum carmen ; De octo principali- 

bus vitiis carmen ; Poeticanonnulla; Delaudi- 
bus virginitatis liber. [Maxima bibliotb. vet. 
patr., V. 13] , . . B.110.2 

Aldbidge, W. Sermon at Jewry-Street chapel, Aid- 
gate, fast^ay, Feb. 4, 1780. London, n.d. 8'. 5440a. 8 

Alemanxi, N. De Lateranensibus parietiuis. 

[GraeWus. Tbes.antiq. Ital., T. 8, p. 4] . . . 4710.1 

Alembekt, J. le R. d'. Mi^-langes de litterature, 
d'histoire, et de philosopliie. Nouv. ^d. 
Amsterdam, 17GO-C8. 5v. 12° 4189.11 

Coiu^nts. — Vol. I. Discours prcliminairo do I'en'cy- 
clope<lie; Explication detaUlec du ByetOmo des connoia- 
snucca bumaines ; Observations hut la division des 
sciences du choacolier Bacon; Preface du troisiiimo 
volume de rencyclopedie ; Essal aur la socii-te do8 gens 
de lettreB et des grands, aur la reputation, snr loa 
Mecenes, et aur les rtcompensca litterairee. II. IJeflex- 
lOJ^a sur lesclogesacRdemiquea; ^ioges do J. Bcmoulti, 
Terra&son, Montesquieu, MaUct, Du Morsoifi; Miraoircs 
et reflexiona snr Christine, reiue do Su^e ; Discours do 
d'Alcmbert a I'acndcmic frnnt^oise; Reflexions aur 
I'flociition oratoire, et aur lo atylo en general ; Gou- 
vemcmcnt do Geneva; Bvclaration des pasteurs de 
Geneve; Lettre d M. Rousseau, citoycn de Geneve; 
Lettre d'nn professeur en theolo^o a d'Alcmbert. III. 
Sur I'art do trailuire ; Traduction do quolqucs morccaux 
do Tacito. IT. Essai but les elemens do philosopliie; 
Reflexions aur lo grout; De I'abua de la critique en 
inBti<>ro do religion; Do la liberie de la mnsique. V. 
feclairclssemens sur les Clemens de philosophie; Sur le 
calcal Ues prubnbiUtes ; Reflexions sur I'application du 
calcQl des probahilitrs a rinoculnticm, ou Ton montro 
I'insufflsanee des raisons en favour do cetto pratique; 
Bvfloxiona sur la poieio ; Sur I'odc ; Sur I'histoiro ; Apol- 
opio (Ic I'etude; Sur rtidrmonie des lanpucs et eur la 
Latlnili des modonit-H; D£claratIon des pasteurs do 
GenC'vc; Jastiflcation do rarttclti (ionvvo du I'oncyelg- 

— L' esprit de r encyclopedic. 5e€ Diderot, D. . . 4143.1 
Alick, r. (jradus ad rumassum, sive novus synony- 
moruiu, epithetorum, plirasium poeticai'um, 
ac veriiuum thesaurus. LondJui, 1700. 10". . 4933.10 

Shelf. No. 

Alessandri, or Alessandro, A. d'. Genialium 

dierum libri sex. Lugduni Bat., 1073. 2v. 8". *420i).(J 

Alessanuro, abbot of St. Sahmdore in Teleae. 
Rogerii, Siciliie regis, rerum gestarum libri 
fjuatuor. [Gra;vius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, 
V. 5] 4710.1 

NUe. — This chronicle is usually ascribed to Alesaan- 
dro abnto di Coplio, but Tirnboschi denies tho correct- 
ness of so doing, and gives tho name found above. 

Alessandro, p. d\ Monte Auburno, poemetto, 

Cambrigia, 1835. pp.22. 12° 4708.33 

ALETHKrs, Theophilus, pseud. See Lyser, J. 

Alex A n n f, r JEi olus . Epigrammata. [Brunck. 

AiiJiIirtapn.'t. Crr., V. 1]>2.7 

— Comnientatioms de. See Meineke, J. A. F. A. 4205.^ 
Alexander Atheniensis. Fabularum quinque per- 

ditarum reliquiic. [Jleineke. Fragm. com. 

Gr., V. 5] B.1C2.8 

Alexander Lycopnlita. Tractatus contra Mani- 
chrcorum errores, interp. Combetis. [Maxima 
bibliotb. vet. patr., V. 27] B.110.2 

Alexander the Great. Arrianus, F. Expedi- 
tion of 2978.30 

— Curtius Rufus, Q. Life and reigu of 2926.3 

— Droysen, J.G. Gesch. Alexanders des Grossen. 4252.7 

— Itiuerarium Alexandri iucerto auctore; Julii 

Valerii res gesta; Alexandri Macedonis trans- 

lat;e ex .Esopo Gr. [Mai. Class, auct., v. 7]. B.172.3 

— Lambert Li Tors. Li romans d'Alixaudre . . 2874.11 

— Lamprecht der PfaflTe. Alexander. EinGedicht 

derl2ten Jahrhunderts 2900. .35 

Alexander I, emperor of Russia. Reminiscences 
sur I'empereur Alexandre I. See Cboiseul- 

Gouflier, La comtesse tie 2641.5 

Alexander III, pope [Rolando Bandinelli]. Epis- 
tola de schismate illius temporis, [Maxima 
bibliotb. vet. patr., V. 2-i] B.110.2 

— Registrum epistolarum ccccxcv. [Martfene. Vet. 

script., V. 2] 4150.1 

— Renter, H. Geschichte Alexanders des Dritten. 3552.7 
Alen an der de Villa Dei, or A. Grammaticus. See 

Alexandre de Villedieu. 
Alexander, A. Counsels of the aged to the young. 

Philadelphia, 1833. 32° . . 3440.66 

— History of the Israelites, from the death of Jo- 

seph to the death of Moses. Phila., 1834. 18°. 3429. .30 

— Outlines of moral science. New York, 1858. 12°. 3588.12 

— The pastoral office. A sermon before the alumni 

of Princeton theol.sem. PhiJa., 1834. 8° . *Ppb.v.379 

— Selections of hymns. New York, la'Jl. 24° . 5449a. 31 
AleXvVnder, C. Grammatical system of the Eng- 
lish language. Boston, 1792. 6m.l2° . . . . 4589a. 25 

— Granimatical system of the Grecian language. 

Worcester, 1792. 12° 4989.18 

Alexander, James E. Sketches in Portugal, dur- 
ing the civil war of 1834. London, 1835. 8°. 3091.8 

— Travels to the seat of war in the East, through 

Russia and the Crimea, in 1829. London, 

1830. 2v. 8° 3065.18 

Alexander, James W., and J. A. Geography of 

the Bible. Philadelphia, 1830. 12° 3429.21 

Alexander, W. History of women, from the ear- 
liest antiquity to the present time. London, 
1779. 2v. 4° 2240.15 

Alexandra, steam vessel. Report of the trial of 
the case of. See Great Britain. Court of ex- 
chequer 3013.9 

ALf:xANDRE, N., or A. Natalis. Historiaecclesias- 
tica Veteris Novique Testamenti, ad annum 
1600. Ed. noviss. opera et studio C. Roncaglia. 
Parisiis, 1740-44. ISv. iu 9. 4°. *6052.1 

— Theologia dogmaticaet moralis. Parisiis, 1G94. 

lOv. S° . . .' *C028.1 

ConUrUs. — Vol. I. De fide et Bymbolo. II. Do aaora- 
meiilis in geuere, bnptismu et conflrmatione. III. De 
ouchariHtia, et eacrificio missa'. IV. De pa'iiitentia, V, 
De eensuria, indolgentiia, cxtrema unctione et ordine. 
VI. Do beiieficiia, de aimonln, de horis canonicts, et do 
matrimonio. VII, VIII. De peccatls. IX, X. De dcca- 
logo ; Ue oratluue domiuicR. 




Sliclf. No. 

Alexandre de Bernay. Li remans d'Alixandre. 

See Lambert Li Tors **28<4.11 

AXEX^VSDRE de yilledieii, or A. de Dole. Doctrinale 
[lingiite Latins'] nouellis clericulis. C)pus iii- 
interjiretatii a L. de Guascliis. Koiue, Stephen 
Planclj, 14S8. lis leaves. .8° »a934.4 

jV(*f. — Gothic type, no pagination, sipnatures, or 

Alexasdbi, V. Ballades et chants populaires de la 
Roiimanie. Avec une introd. par A. Ubicini. 
Paris, 1S55. 12° 4253.22 

Alexandria, school of. Matter, A. J. Histoire 

de Pecole de I'Alexandric «095.18 

— Simon, J. F. S. Histoire de I'^cole d'Alex- 

andrie 5003.20 

— Vaclierot, E. Histoire critique de IVcole 

d'Alexandrie 0095.10 

Alexis Tlmrius. Comocdiarum doperditarum frag- 

menta. [Meiuelce. Fragni. com. (jr., v.4] . B.102.8 
Alexis, or Alexius L [Comucnus]. De donariis et 

rebus sacris rescriptum. [Maxima biblioth. 

vet. patr., v. 19] B.110.2 

ALFAC.E5IE. O alfageme de .Sautarem ou a espada 

do Condestavel. Lisboa, \»K. >i° »3093.10 

Alfieri, V. M«rope, Kilippo, with translation. 

See Capuzzi, E 4196.5 

— Un' a\Tentura dclla sua vita. [Alberi. Tesoro 

della prosa italiana] 2771.20 

Alfonso, Alt'unsi, or Alphonsus, 1'. Dialogus 
contra Juda;os. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., 

T.2I] B-110.2 

j\V«e. — Before hia conversion this iiullior wns known 
as Rabbi Moses Scphurdi. 

Alford, II. Commeutaiy on the New Testament. 

See Bible 5422.10 

Alfred tha Great. Kiinig Aelfrcd und seine §telle 

in der tieschichte Englands. See Pauli, K. . 2418.16 

Alfred; an epic poem. Pye, J.H 4569a. 32 

Alg.e, Collection of. Durkee, .S 3iioi).24 

Algebra. Bailey E. Algebra in Hawaiian . . . SU.W.ll 

— Colbum, W. Introduction to 7019.30 

— Cossali, P. Primi progress! in Italia, dcH'A. . 5911.1 

— Pcirce, B. Elementary treatise on 3936.13 

— Sherwin, T. Elementary treatise on 3936.12 

Si"*; aUo : Eimatiuns. 

Ai.CiER, F. Claim of the hvtc Cyrus Alger for renm- 
neralion for the use, by tlie United Slates, of 
his inventions relative to fuzes and shells. 
Washington, 1802. pp. 69. h" 6910a. 3 

— Cry.«tallized gold from California. New Haven, 

18.10. pp. 7. 8° 5910a. 2 

Alger, I., jr. Elements of orthography. Boston, 

1821. pp. 72. sm.VJ" 45S9a.40 

Alger, W. K. An American voice on tlte late war 

in the East. Boston, 1856. pp. 47. 8° . . . B. 170. 30 

— Charities of Boston, or twenty years at the 

Warren St. chapel. Boston, 1850. pp. 28. 8°.B.170.33 

— Critical history of a future life. '\\'itli a com- 

ph-te bililiograjiliy of the sulyect [Ijy K. Ab- 
bot). Philiulelpll'ia, 18(i4. 8° 3453.44 

— Discourse delivered [tjefore .1. A. Andrew, gov- 

ernor, etc.] at the annual election, .Ian. 1, 

1862. Boston, 1862. 8° 1360.14 

— Facts of intemperance, and their clniuiH on the 

]>ui)lie action of the people. Boston, 1852. 
pp.37. S° 11.170.79 

— Genius and posture of America. Anoration be- 

fore the citizens of Boston, July 4, 1857. Bos- 
ton, 1857. 8° B.170a..37 

— Historic i)urchase of fre(!dom. An oration })c- 

fori' llie I'>at<^niity, Boaton, Dec. 22, 1809. 
BoKton, 1859. 8° 6440a. 9 

— Tiri'erenci-s from the ])estllence and the fa«t; a 

discourse preached in Koxbliry, Aug. 3, 1849. 
Boston, lH-19. 8° 

— Our civil warns seen from the pulpit: u sermon, 

April 2H, 1861. lio"lon, 1861. 8" filloa.9 

— Tribute to aioses (trant. From a discourse de- 

livered Jan. 21), ISIVi. n.p., n.d. 12° 

Shelf. No. 

Algeria. Carette, A. E. H. Commerce de I'Al- 

giSrie 3054.4 

— De regno Aigeriano commentarius. See Turcici 

imperii status 4249a. 10 

— Ditson, a. .L. Crescent and French crusaders. .30.)7.8 

— Nettement, A. F. Conquete d' Alger 36.i4.5 

— Produits de I'AlgiSrie. See France. Ministry 

of war 3054.7 

— Shaw, T. Vovage dans la rijgence d'Alger . . 3059.31 

— Voyage de Na'poWon in en Algt-rie, Sept., 1860. 3050.26 
Algerus. De sacramento corporis et sanguinis 

Domini, libri tres. [Maxima bibliotlt. vet. 

patr., v. 21] B.110.2 

Ali Ben Abi Taleb, caliph. Carmina, Arab. et. Lat., 
edidit et notis illustravit G. Kuypcrs. Lugd. 
Bat., 1745. 8° ♦4243.4 

Ali Bey, Revolt of. See Lusignan, S 3U52.8 

Ali Bey, El Abassi, psaid. See Badia y Leblich, D. 

Ali Pacha, Life and character of. See Guillaume 

de Vaudoncourt, F. F 3078.20 

Alison, Alexander. Pliilosophy and history of 

civilisation. London, ISOO. 8° ....'.. . 36(H.24 

Alison, Archibald, LL.T)., b. 1757, d. 18.39. Ser- 
mons, chiefly on particular occasions. Edin- 
burgh, 1814, 15. 2v. 8° 5443.7 

— See Dibdin. Sunday library, v. 2, 6, 

CeTirenfj*. — Vol. 11. The Lord's prayer: three sermons. 
V. Winter, as the seoson of social anlnsoniont, and as 
tlio season of religious thought: two sermons. 

Alison, Sir Archibald, 6. 1792. Political revolu- 
tions of 1860 and ISOl in Europe and Amer- 
ica. Loudon, 1861. pp. 'iS. 8° 4323.40 

Alison, S. S. Medication of the larynx and tracliea. 

London, 1853. pp.49. 12° 3795.38 

Alkindi. See Abu Yflsuf Yakllb. 

All the year round; a weekly journal. Dickens, C. 7312.1 

Allacci, L. Drammaturgia, accresciuta e contin- 

uata lino all' anno 1755. Venezia, 1756. 4° . *2175.21 

— De libris ecclesiasticis Gnecorum, dissertationes 

Ause. Ad ed. Cramoisianam, 1644, cura J. A. 
Fabricii. Hamlmrgi, 1712. sm.4° . . . v.5of 49.V1.1 

Allaixv.vl, L. J. C. S. d'. L'i5cole des bourgeois. 

[Th^itre fran^ais, V. 37] 4708.1 

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union. Sermon in Mai'blehead, on occasion 
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metrical develojuuent of the mental facilities. 
Bosttm, IKJl. pp. '25. 1'-'°. ....... . .B. 160b. 86 

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sketches of tlle early history of Maryland, to 
iraii. llaltimore, is'55. pp.61. s° 4129.65 

Allen, llcr. (ieorge. Tlie Aiulover fuss: or, Dr. 
Woiuls rcr.fus Dr. Dnua, on the imjiutatlon 
of heresy, against I'rof. I'liik, respect ing origi- 
nal sin. Boston, 1853. pp.31. 8° 6'!40a.44 

— Report tm American slavery, read to the Wor- 

eesti'r cent nil association, March 2, 1817. Bos- 

t(ui, 1817. pp.40. 8° :1573.41 

Al.I.F.N, /'ro/. George. Life of IMiilidor. With an 
essay on riiilldor as chess-iiiilhor iiml I'liess- 
pliiver by T. V. Ileyilehniiid u. liir l.asa. 
I'hiladelphla, 1863. 1.12° 4(101.12 




Hholf. No. 
ALMiN, .lost'pli. Addretis in LoominsttT, June 21, 
l^;^l4, on the '^oth annivcniry of tlu- Worct's- 
ter Sunday school society. Worcester, [1854]. 
12° 5450a. 5 

— Centennial discourse in commemoration of the 

orpiinization of tlie 1st congregational church 

in Xorthborough, etc. Hoston, 1S4G. S° . . 60SS.54 

— Sermon preached in Northborough, Oct. 31, 

1841, on tlie completion of the twenty-fifth 
year of his ministry in that place. Cam- 
bridge, 1842. S° *4163.0 

Allen, Joseph II. The account rendered. A sermon 
at .lanniica IMain, <ni resiguhig his pastoral 
odice. lioston, ls4r. 8" C0S8.74 

— The boy's deatti. fSormon on the death of 51. 

Arauguren, drowned in Jamaica pond, July 

7, 1845. No title page.] Hi' 4103.3 

— Discourse on the death of Hon. J. Fairfield, 

at Washington, Dec. 2(i, 1847. Washington, 

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— Elisha Kent Kane: discourse, March 1, 1857. 

[Xo title-page.] 8* 5440a.l0 

— The great controversy of states and people. 

T^vo discourses. Boston, 1851. 12° ... . B.170b.24 
■ — Manual of devotions for families and Sunday 

schools. lioston, 1852. 12° 6067.21 

— Proof of my ministry. A farewell sermon in 

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— A reign of terror. A sermon preached in Ban- 

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57. 12° 5S99a.lO 

Allen, W. Memoir [and sermons] of John Cod- 
man, D.D.: witli reminiscences by J. Bates. 
Boston, 1853. 8° 2347.34 

— Sermon before C. Strong, governor, etc.. May 

26, 1813, being the anniversary election. 

Boston, 1813. 8° 4356.9 

Allen, Z. PliUosophy of the mechanics of natui-e. 

New York, 1S52. 1.8° 3960.3 

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Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek. [Von C.F, Nico- 

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— Anhang und Register zu dem lsten-12ten Bde. 

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Berlin und Stettin, 1791. 5v. 8° *B.]49a^5 

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IWv. 8° *B.147.2 

Allgemeine deutsche Bibliothek, neue, continued. 
— Anhang zuni Isten-OSlen Bde nebst den Regis- 

tern. Kiel, 

, 1797-1803. 9v. 8°. 

. *B.134.2 

— Register zuni 69ten-104ten Bde. Berlin, 1806. 

3v. in 1. 8° *B.134.3 

— Die Mitarbeiter an Fr. Nicolai's AUgemeiner 

Deutscher Bibliothek nach ihren Naineu und 

Zeichen in zwei Registern. [Von G. I'arthey.] 

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Allgemeine EncyclopUdie llir Kauileute und Fabri- 

kanten. 3tc Aufl. Leipzig, 18;i8. 4° . , . . *3681.9 
Allgemeine Geschichte der Liinder und Volker 

von America. Nebst einer Vorrede S. J. 

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Allgemeine Historic der Beisen zu Wasser und 

Lande. Leipzig, 1747-74. 21v. 4° *4160.11 

Note. — The "Now and ppncral collection of vnyapea 
and travels," London, 1744-47, in 4 vols. 4°, (piencrally 
known by the namo of Aatloy, the booknionor, thouqih 
the compiler waa a Mr. Jolin Green,) formed the bnsis 
of this collection, and of that in French knou'n us the 
Abbe Prevost's. The German editors profeas to have 
translated directly tVom the Enfflinh, and then to havo 
followed in greneral the Abbe Prevost's continuation, 
varj-iug therefrom somelimeB, e. g. by inserting in Vol. 
IX, the travels of Juau and Ulloa in South America, 
and, in Vol. XIV, those of Charlevoix in North Amer- 
ica. They have added copious Indexes. 

The German version waa commenced by A. G. Kast- 
ner. Most of the vifork was, however, done by J. J. 
Schwabe. assisted by F. W. Beer, C. C. Woog, J. F. 
MuUer, J, F, Bierlin^, and others. 

The contents to Prevost'B collection, as printed in our 
Index of '61, may profitably be consulted for this edition. 

CojUciits. — Vol. I. Einleitung; Von dem Ursprungo 
und Fortganpe der Schiffahrt und Handlun^; Erste 
Keisen der Portugiesen nach Ostindien; Ersto Kcisen 
der Engliinder uach Guinea und Ostindien. II. Iteisea 
nach verschiedenon Theilcn vonAfi-ica und den angranz- 
tndun Eylanden. 11,111. Rcisen Idngst der westlichon 
Kiiste von Africa, von Capo Blanco bis Sierra Leona. 
III. Keisen nach Guinea und Benin. IV. Bcschr. von 
Guinea ; Bcschr. der Kilsteu von Hio da Volta bis Capo 
Lope Gonsalvo; Rcisen nach Guinea und Benin, Kongo 
und Angola. IV", V. Besehreibung von Loango, Kongo, 
Angola, Bcnguela und der augriinzeudcn Landem. V. 
Beschreibung der Lander liingst dor ostlichen KUsto 
von Africa; lieise nach doni Keicho China. VI. Beschr. 
von China. Vl, VII. Beschr. von Korea, wostlicho 
Tartiiroy und Tibet; Roisen durch die Tartarey, Tibet 
und Bucharey nach China. VIII. Roisen der Hollander 
nach Ostindieu; Reison derFranzosen nach Ostindien. 
LS. Don Gcorg' Juan und Don Antonio da Ulloa, Roiso 
nach Siid-Araerika. X, SI. Reisen der Franzosen und 
anderer nach Ostindien. XII. Roisen nach Ostindien 
durch Siidwest; Reisen nach don Siidlandeni; Iircndo 
Reisen, oder solche, die kein vorgesetztea Ziel habon. 
XIII. Erste Reieen,Entdeckungen und Kiederlassungea 
der Europaer in America. XIV. Nou-Fronkreich, i. e. 
Entdeckungen und Eroberungen der' Franzosen in dem 
nordlichen America, dui'ch P. Fr. X. do Charlevoix. 
XV-XVTI. Fortsetzung der Reisen, n.s. w. in America. 
XVIII. Zusatze zu dem \nil-xil Bde ana dem xten 
Bde der holl. Anag. XIX. Island; Insol Jean Mayen 
Oder dor Drey-einigketts-Insel ; Nova Semija; Reise 
nach Kamtschatka durch Sibirien; Auszug aus dem 
Tagebuche Graelius; Reisen, welche von den Russca 
vcrsuchet worden, durch die Lena in das Eismecr und 
durch Nordoeteu nach Kamtschatka zu gehen; Nach- 
richt von Samojedion, Ostiaken, u.s,>%'. ; Reise des 
Heixn dc Lisle nach Beresow, in 1740. XX. Griinland; 
Kamtschatka; Entdeckungen Idngst den Kiiaten des 
Eismeerea von dera Herm Miiller; P. Castclls Abhand- 
lung Ubcr die Lander Kamtschatka und Jesso i Beobach- 
tungcn iiber die Lago der nordlichen Liindor von Asien 
* u. America; Reise des Abtes Chappo d'Autorocho nach 

Sibirien ; Sch^vedi8Che3 Lappland von Petor HOgstrom ; 
Ehrenmalma Ileiae durch Weetnordland nach dor Lapp- 
mark Asele. XXI. Des Heirn von Kerguelon Tremarec 
Nachricht von seiner Reise in dioNordaee; Alphabot- 
isches Verzeichnias aller in dieser Sammlung enthal- 
tenen Rcisen und Beechreibungen; Geographiscbcs 
Verzeichniss der darinnen vorkommenden Liinder, 
luseln, Stiidte und anderer Oerter. 

Allgemeink Zeitung. .Tan.-Mar., 1854, July, 1856- 

Sept., 1863. Augsburg, 1854-03. 30v. 4". . *62I0.1 

Allge.meines deutsches Lieder-Lexikon. Leipzig, 

l&44-4fi. 4v. 16' *4219a.5 

Co«:e;iM.— Vol. I. A— E. II. F— M. HI. N— V. IV. 

w— z. 




Shelf. No. 

ALLGE5tEiNES evangelisclies Gcsang- und Gebet- 

buch. Hamburg, 1.V10. 8° 6067.12 

Allgemeixes historisch und geographisciies Lex- 
icon. .Sec Xeu-vermelirtes. 

Alliance, The : a weekly journal of moral and 
social reform. Manchester, 1851, 55. 2v. in 
1. f = *3130.2 

Allihx, r. II.T. Die Gnmdlehren der allgemeineu 

Ethilt. Leipzig, 1801. 8° 3588.5 

Allln, T. Jubilee of the Methodist new connexion. 

See Hidine, S 3517.28 

Allmax, G. J. Monograph of the fresh-water poly- 

zoa. London, 1856. i'. [Ray society] . . . *3SS0.13 

Allston, W. Sylphs of the seasons, with other 

poems. Is'tAm. cd. Boston, I8I3. 13° . . . 2.397.13 

— Sermon after the death of. iSee Albro, J. A.-. 5110a. 7 
Allyx, J. .Sermon preached in the autUence of C. 

Strong, governor, etc.. May 29, 1805, on the 
anniversary election. Boston, 1805. 8° . . . 4356.8 

— Memoir of. .Sec Francis, C 4163.10 

Almaxac [in Chinese, containing Biblical narra- 
tives, and fragments of European science. 

Pub. by Gutzlafl'.] Hong Kong, 1816. 1.8°. 3039.19 
Almanac. See Almanac in the i>riucipal Index, 

See alxt: Almauach, AIpcnroscD, Auuuairo, Calen- 
dar, Xftttonal almanac. 

Almanach de France, publie par la socicte nation- 
ale. 2Se annec. I'aris, ISOO. sq.Kj" .... 41S9a.32 

Alman.vch de Gotha. See Gothaischer genealogi- 
scher Hof-Kalender, 

Almanach des progres de Pindustrie et de I'agricul- 

ture. Laboulaye, C. P. L 8019a. 1 

AL5LANACH encyclopedique recreatif et populaire, 

pour 1860. Paris, 1860. sq.lO" 4189a. 33 

Almeida, J. C. d'. Cours (;lementaii-e de physirjue. 

See Boutan, A 3913.29 

Almon, J. Memoir of John Wilkes. AeeWilkes, J. 2148.26 

Alnwick, Xorihumherland. Ajipeal to the public 
on the grievances of the burgesses or free- 
men of the borough. Alnwick, 1819. pp. 27. 
12° *Pph.v.3C5 

Aloe, S. d'. Guide pour la galerie des tableaux 
du must^-e" Bourbon. le-2e partie. Naples, 
1842,13. 12° 6080.14 

— Guide pour la'precieuse collection des tableaux 

de S. A. IS. le prince de Salerne. Naples, 

1842. 'pp. 24. 12° 0086.14 

— Naples, i*es monumens, et ses curiosity's, avec un 

catalogue detaille du musee royal Bourbon. 

Naples, 185G. ,]6" 2735.23 

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Mit einem cinleitenden Vorwort v. L. Beuh- 

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Buch. Bern, n.d. 24° 4229a. 22 

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6v. 811.24° 2879.27 

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und occldentalischer Sprachen 4240.13 

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Alphabet 4202.2 

— MiiUcr, F. M. Proposals for a missionary 

alphabet 2955.21 

ALPIiyfius Mitylenjcus. Kpigrammata. [Brunck. 

Analecta poet. Gr„ v. 2] B.162.7 

Alpiien, I), van. Beschryving der Stad Lc^ydeu, 

,Sm Mlerls, F. V 4270.6 

Alphkn, H. van. De sacerdote castrensi veterum 

Ikbra?orum. |OelrIcli8. Coll. opusc, v. 2]. 60611.1 
Alpiionsi) a .Spina. .Sec Spina, A. de. 
ALPIIONHI'K, 1'. Scr Alfonso, P. 
Ai.PH. Ball, J. Guide lo the wwtern 2861. 82 

— Ucrlepsch, H. Life and iiulure Inihe 2763.U 

— Schlugliitwell, A. PhyHlcalische Geographic 

und Geoli>gled(T Alpei 2H6I.(I 

— TschudI, F. V. Da»Tlilerlebrnder Alpenwelt . 1276.6 

^ea aUo: P4-niilne Alpt, Rlintlnn Alpt. 

Shelf. No. 

Als.vce. Schoepflin, J. D. Alsatia illustrata . . . 4250.3 

— Stober, A. Die Sagen des Elsasses 2875.5 

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Berlin, 1862. 8° 4048.23 

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regidamm, et commentai"iorum. Herbornse 
Nassoriorum, 1630. f°. *A.140.2 

— Thesaurus clironologiffi. Editio quarta. Her- 

borna; Nassoviorum, 1650. 8° *2236.22 

ALSTEDT. AntiquitatesAlstcdenses. Leuckfeld, J.G. 4210.9 
Alston, A. H. Seamanship, and itJ5 associated 

duties in the royal navy. Loudon, 1860. 16°. 3952.38 
Alston Moor, Mining districts of. AVallace, W. 

.'5865.22, and 3867.9 

Alt, H. Theater und Kirche in ihrem gegenseitigen 

Verhiilfniss historisch dargestellt. Berlin, 

1840. 8° •»2173.19 

Altai. Ethnologische Vorlesuugeu iiber die Altai- 

echen Talker. Castren, 3I.A 4240.14 

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ausgegebeu von F. I'feirter. Stuttgart, 184-1. 

8°. [Stuttgart. Bibliothek liter. Vereius]. 

._ *«2S74.S, and v. 9of*4225.1 

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pp. 84. f°. [Anabaptisticum Pantheon]. . . »B.130.5 
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Galeatii Sforti^ et Isabella? Aragoniie. See 

Sannazaro, G. . 4199.8 

— Carmina. See Warning, P 4938.6 

Alting, J.,andOtho, G. Fundamenta punctationis 

linguai sanctJE. Accedit Synopsis i'nslitu- 

tiouuin Chald. et Syr. Ed. 7a. G. dthonis 

Synopsis institutionum Samarit., Kabbin., 

Arab., iEthi.etPers. Ed. 2a. Francolurti ad 

Moenuin, 1717. 8° *5037.16 

Alt^iakiv, Worterbuch der altniiii-kisch-platt- 

deutsclien Mundart. Danncil. .I.F 2884.2 

Altmeyek, il. J. Lne succursaU? du tribunal de 

sang. Bruxelles, 1853. 12° 2815.18 

Alton, ///., Narrative of riots at. Beecher, E. . . 2373.17 
Alton Towers, Stnjfitrdshirc, Catalogue of the 

contents of. Talbot, 11. A 4074.30 

Altorf. Uistoria Crypto-Socinismi Altorlina; aca- 

demix. Zeltner, G. G 0035.3 

Altswert. Meister Altswert, herausgegeben von 

W. Holland und A. Keller. Stuttgart, 1850. 

8°. [Stuttgart. Bibliothek liter. Vereins]. 

»*2,S74.16, and V. 21 of*4226.1 

Alva, or Alba, F. A. de Toledo d'. Notice sur le 

conseil des troubles institue par le due d'Albe. 

See Gachard, L. P 2817.26 

Alvarez, or Alvaro, E. I'rosody |of the Latin 

poets]. Translated by V. 11. Barber. Fred- 
erick, Md., 18;13. 32° ; . 4939a.34 

Alvaro, o/ Cordova. Eiiistola; ad S. Eulogium, 

[Maxima bibliolli. vet. patr., v. 25] B.110.2 

Alvino, F. Anilteulio canipaiio. 3a ed. NapoU, 

1842. pp.20. 16 pi. f° •27.J.4 

AmaDkis VII, comit of Siwoj/. Chronbiue du 

conile Uouge, par P. Du Pin. | Sanllnia. 

Hist, nionuni., V. I] 4800.1 

Amadis aus Kranckreich [or, A. de Gaule], 5ce 

Lobelra, V. de 42.35.1 

AMALARins VoHmniiwit^ bishop of Affts, Dedivinis 

ofllctis, librl IV ; De ordine antiplionarii. 

1 Maxima liiblloth. vet. patr., v. 14] B.110.2 

AMAl.ll, Delle antic-liiliid'. Volpicella, S 27.14.6 

Amai.ti:*!, C, Ctinnina. .See A'laming, r 49."t8.6 

Amai.tko, (ilambattisla. Carmina. .See Vlaming, P. 4938.6 
Amaltko, (ilrolamo. Carmina. ,S'ee Vlaniing, P! . 4938.6 
A.MALTico, hroihcrH. Memoirs of the Amalthel. 

,Scc Grcswell, W. P 2743.20 




Shelf. No. 

Amante, I/, del nacro cuoro di Geeii, occnpato in 

esorcizi di piotii. Konift, 1S4<>. Hi" . . . . *B.127.15 

AjlANTUrs, B. l*olyaiit!io:v-novissimis floribus 

sparsa;. See Nam, U 4160.3 

Amari, 51, BibHutt'ca Arabo-SiciUa ; raccolta di 

testiarnbici. [In Arabic] 1-ipsia, 1857. 8*.*3025.20 

Amaicu. Antholofiit' Orotique. Tcxte Sanscrit, tra- 
duction, notes ct gloses par A. L. Apudy. 
Taris. ls;n. pp.92. 8° 5024.4 

Amazon. Htrmlon, W. L. Exploration of the 

valley of the 2365.13 

— Slarkham, C. R. Explorations into the valley 

of the ; 2264.23 

Amazons. Chaiisipol, F. de. Histoirc des Ama- 

zones 428S).10 

— Guyon, Q. M. llistoiredes Aniazonesancieunes 

et moderues 2308. 9 

Ambassadoks. Juge competent des ambassadeiirs. 

Byukcrshoek, C. van 3616.15 

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et ipsius doniinonun gestis. [Achery. Spici- 
leglura, V. 10] 4152.7 

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gegeben von J. Bergmann. Stuttgart, 1S45. 
8°. [Stuttgart. Bibliotliek liter. Vcreiiis]. 
**2874.1, and V- 12of *4225.1 

AsiBRlsTEK, R. C, Trial and execution of. iSee Nar- 
rative of a voyage, etc 2365.19 

Ambrosius, St., bishop of Milan. Opera selecta 
emend. K. O. Gilbert. Lipsisp, is'iO, 40. 2v. 
in 1. p.S". [Gersdorf. liibliotheca patr., 
V.4] 6039.7 

Cotttenl«, — Vita 8, Aiiibrosii a PauUuo acripta; De 
officiis, clericonmi, libri tn-d; Ucxa-mcri, libri sex. 

A3IBROSIUS Autpertus, abbot of Benevento, Liber 
de cupiditate; Sormo in purificatione S. Ma- 
ria' ; lloniilia in trans figuratione Domini. 
[Marteiie. Vet. script., v. 9] 4150.1 

— In Apocaiypsim, libri x. [Maxima biblioth. vet. 

patr., V.13J ■ B.110.2 

— In S. Johannis Apocaiypsim, librix. See Bible. B. 110. 10 
Ajvibrosil'S Camalduleii.sis, or Ambrogio Camaldo- 

lese. See Traversari, A 4150.1 

Ambkun, p., pseud. See Simon, R. 

AMBf LANCE. Bowditch, H. I. Plea for an ambu- 
lance system 5790.12 

— Palfrey, F. G. Ambulance system 4310a, 47 

Ambulance surgeon. Appia, P. L 3749.5 

Amedecs, bishop of Lausanne. Homiliae octo de 

laudibus B. Virginis. •[Maxima biblioth. vet. 

patr., v.20] B.110.2 

Ameilhon, H. P. Histoire du Bas-empiie. SeeLe- 

beau, C .■ 5079.1 

A>rELGARr), o/Z/te^e. See Basin, T. 
Amelunxburn, Brunsicick. Autiquitates Ame- 

lunxbornenses. Leuckfeld, J. G 422S.7 

America. Description^ geography, travels, etc. 

— Herrera, A. de. Descriptiro Indise occidentalis. 4170.1 

— - llechos de los Castellanos en las islas i tierra 

firme 4161.2 

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graphischen Kenutnissevon der Neuen Welt. 4316.1 

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the Spaniards in 2316.6 

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— Winterbotham W. American atlas .,,... 23.J.4 


— Benzoni, G. History of the new world. . . . 22(M.18 
— . Engel, S. Quand et comment TAmerique a-t- 

elleete peupke 2369.20 

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— Holgate, J. B. Atlas of American history . • 23S0.7 

— Sainsbury, W. N. Calendar of state papers, 

colonial series 7062.11 






4 169a. 5 
4169a. 4 







Shelf. No. 

America, North. DescHptiSn, geography, travels, etc. 

— Abridgement of laws of the American colonies 

in 1704 

— Anburey, T. Voyages dans les parties lnt6- 

rieures de I'Amerique, 1770-Sl 

— Audree, C. Nord-Anierika in geograpbischen 

and geschichtliclKn I'nni^sen 

— Bernard, F, Select letters on the trade and 

government of the American colonies .... 

— Bromme, T. Hand-und Reisebuch fur Auswan- 

derer nach Nord-Amerika 

— Chappell, E. North-eastern coast of 

— Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. Voyage dans I'Ami^r- 

ique septentrionalo 

— Davenport, B. Gazetteer of 

— Frobel, J. Aus Anierika 

— - A travers I'Amerique 

— Gordon, J. B. Geographical memoir of. . . 

— Hall, B. Travels in, 1827, 28 

— Wagner, M. Reisen in Nord-Amerika in 1852, 53. 

Natural history. 

— Buird, S. F. Catalogue of N. American bii'ds . 

— - Catalogue of North American reptiles . . . 

— Godman, J. D. American natural history . . 

— Hagen, H. Synopsis of the neuroptera of. . . 

— Lea, i. Check lists of the shells of 

— Le Coute, J. L. Classification of the coleop- 

tera of 

— Maximilian Alexander PhiUpp. Verzeichnisa 

der Siiugetliiere in N. A. beobacliteten . . . 

— Jlorris, J. G. Catalogue of lepidoptera of . . . 

— Muhlenbm'g, H. Descriptio uberior gramiuum 

AmericBC Septentrionalis 

— Osten Sacken, R. Catalogue of diptera of . . 

— Plunder, C, Nova plantarum Aniericanamm 


— Revoil, B. H. Peches dans I'Amerique du Nord. 

See also: Baffin's bay, Barrow straits, Canada, Cape 
Breton, Central America, Greenland, Guatimala, Hud- 
Bou'a bay, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nova Scotia, Rocky 
mountains, Bufisian possossious, United States, West 

America, South. 

— Bosch Spencer, H. Commerce de la cflte occi- 

dentale _, . 2365.27 

— Brackenridge, H. M. Voyage to, in 1817, 18. . 2305.11 

— Chase, W, Voyage to, 1821-23 2305.12 

— Federmann, N. Reisen in Stidamerica, 1529-55. - 42:i5.1 

— Grimshaw, H. History of 2369.12 

— List of shells of. .SeeLondon. British museum. 5879.9 

— Maury, M. F. Amazon, and Atlantic slopes of. 6087.13 

— Voyages and travels in. ,9ee Stories 23(i9.l8 

— St. Clair, T. L. Residence in 23135.24 

See also: Abipones, Amazon, Boli\-ia, Brazil, Colom- 
bia, New Granada, Orinoco, Peru, Rio du la Plata, Suri- 
nam, Venezuela. 

American advertising directory for 1831. New 

York, 1831. V2° 2-379.19 

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eds. Vols. 12-20. New York, 1854-61. Sv. 4°. 3190.2 

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AaiERiCAN amials of the deaf and dumb. Hartford, 

1848,49. 2v, inl. 8' 3591.11 

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for 1861, 62. New York, 1802, 63. 2v. 1.8". *4313.1 

American anti-slavery society. Declaration of sen- 
timents adopted Dec. 4, 1S33. New York, n.d. 
pp. 4. 8" 5572.30 

— lst-7th, 22d-27t.h annual report, with speechee. 

New York, 1834-40, 55-61. 8° 5171.1 

— Letter to Louis Kossuth coin;erniiig freedom 

and slavery in the United States. Boston, 

1832. 8° 5572.3 

— Platform. New York, 1855. pp.35. 12° . . B. 160b. 26 

— Proceedings at its 2d, 3d decade, Philadelphia, 

1853-63. New York, 1854-04. 2v. 8°. . . B. 160. 116 




Shelf. No. 

A3IERICAS and foreign anti-slavery society. Ad- 
dj-ess to tlie non-slaveliolders of tlie South, 
on the evils of slavery. New York, 1S43. l.S°. 5572.2 

— Strictures on. A reply to certain charges 

against. Webb, K. D B.160.109 

AsiEKIc.iX association for the advancement of sci- 
ence. Proceedings Ist-Htb meeting. Phi- 
ladelphia, [etc.], 1849-00. llv. 8° .3935.1 

Amekic.vs Baptist missionary union. 32d-49th an- 
nual report, etc. Boston, IS-Hi-03. 2v. 8° . 5165.5 

— The missionarv magazine. Vol. 1-11, 14, 10-21, 

23-44. Boston, 1817-63. 40v. «° »5166.1 

Amekic^vn Bible society. Address of the managers 
in regard to the general supply of the United 
States with the sacred Scriptures. New York, 
1860. pp. 14. 8° 542.S.2 

— Ist-t7th annual report. New York, 1817-63. 8°. 3420.5 

— Eecord, containing correspondence, receipts, 

etc. Vols. 1-7. New York, 1856-62. 7v. 8°. 7441.1 

Eeport on the history and recent collation of 

the English version of the Bible, 1851. [New 
York], 1852. 8° 5428.2 

— Testimony of distinguished la>Tnen to the value 

of the Scriptures. New York, 1855. pp.64. 8°. 5428.2 
AmeriCjVjj board of commissioners for foreign mis- 
sions. SIcmoriiil volume of the first fifty 
years. 4th ed. Boston, 1861. 8° 3535.2 

— Missionary herald. Vols. 17-59. Boston, 1821- 

63. 42v. ff *5167.2 

JWc— Vol. XVII is the flret of the eories bearing tho 
title of "The Missionftry Herald." The work is a con- 
tiiiuntiOQ of the " Panoplist and MissionaiT.- Herald," of 
which 16 vols, were published. 5ee Panoplist. 

— Eeport of the special committee on the deputa- 

tion to India. 2d cd. N. Y., 1856. 1)13.61. 8°. 60.S8.32 

— Merrick, J. L. Appeal to the 0088.9 

Paxton, J. D. Appeal from the ui^ust meas- 
ures of the secretaries, etc 6088.55 

— 'Whipple, C. K. Relation of the, to slavery . . 3573.39 Chesterfield, The. By a member of the 

bar. PhUadelphia, 1833. 24° 3589.33 

American church. The, in the disruption. From the 
Christian remembrancer for Jan., 1863. Lou- 
don, 1863. pp. 32. 8" 4323.34 

Ameek-an coWniization society. Mdmoire relatif k 
['abolition de la traite africainc, par 0. F. 
Mercer. Traduit de I'Anglais, par II. Vutte- 

maro'. Paris, 1865. pp.20. 4° 3571.10 

Ajierican congregational union. Year-book for 

1854-59. New York, 1854-59. Ov. 8° . . . . 7516.1 
Set also: Coiipreffational iiuarlorly. 

Americas education society. Quarterly register 
and journal. Vols. 1-15. [Conducted by K. 
Corneliux, I!. B. Edwards, \V. Cogswell, and 
S, II. UiddilL] Andover and Boston, 1829- 

43. 15v. in K. 8° •5175.0 

— 3d-47th report of the directors. Andover and 

Boston, 1818-03. 5v. 8° *6175.3 

jVrtfl, — The first report was publfuhod only in connec- 
tion with a sermon by Itov. Samuel Worcester, D.D. ; 
the second only with a sennou of K«v. J. Chlckering, 
U.D., whltji is in the Library. 

American cphemerls for 1865, 50. See United States. 

Navy department 4270.17 

American first class book. Pierpont, J 45S9a.O 

American institute of hoinn'iipatliy. Tnijographi- 

ciil anatomy. Keport nuide at Albany, N. Y., 

June 12, IWiO. n.p., n.d. pp. 72. 16° .... 3769.26 
American jotirnul of dental science. Edited by C. 

A. Harris and A. S. I'iggot. New serleii, vols. 

4-10. I'liilailelpliiit, lN.5:i-«0. 7v. 8° ♦6776.1 

American jounial nf insanity. [ I'.dited by olllcers of 

the New York lunatic asylum.] Vols. 10-19. 

lltlca, N. y., 18.VI-<Vt. lov. 8' •6773.1 

American Journal of the medical sc.lencPH. Vols. 1- 

26. New Hiriis, vols. I, .'t-lN, 2;i, 27-3-1, .ItWl, 

44. PhlllKlilpbla, 1N27-62. 6il». 8" •:17I6.1 

Asierican legal ussoclution, Manual of the. New 

York, I860, pp. 31. 8° |;)m1.1;. 

Shelf. No. 

American literary gazette and publishers' circu- 
lar. Edited by G. W. Cliilds. I'lula., 1863. 8°. 2152.20 

American medical recorder. Conducted by J. Eb- 
erle, G. S. Pattison, H. \V. Ducachet, [etc.]. 
Vols. 1-5, 8-10, 12, 13. Phila., 1818-28. lOv. 8°.*5749a.l 

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American normal school association. Proceedings 
of the first annual convention, held at Tren- 
ton, N. J., Aug., 1869. New York, 1860. 8° . 3592.19 

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1-0, No. I. Boston, 1849-59. Ov. 8° . . . . *4244.7 

AaiERic.VN pharmaceutical association. Proceedings 
at the [arst]-tenth annual meeting. Pliila- 
delpliia, 1852-62. lOv. in 4. 8° *5763.1 

ya(e. — The association published its first proceedings 
as those of the National pharmacoutical association. 

American phrenological journal. Vols. 18-32. Now 

York, 1S53-60. 14v. in 7. 4° *3I90.1 

American publishers' circular and literary gazette. 
Conducted by Charles K. Rode. Vol. 1-6. 
New York, 1855-(i0. 6v. in 6. 4° *2150.2 

American quarterly reriew. Vols. 1-19, 21. Phil- 
adelphia, 1827-37. 20v. 8° *3174.1 

Amekic.uj question, The. Brighton, [Eng.], 1862. 

pp.73. 10° 4323.45 

American question. The, and how to settle it. 

London, 1863. 12° 4323.42 

American railroad journal. Edited by Henry V. 
Poor and John H. Schultz. New series, vol. 
5-18. New York, 1849-52. 15v. 4° •5141.5 

AmeriCjVN revolution, and preceding controversy. 

— Cowell, B. Spirit of '76 in Rhode Island . . . 2336.16 

— Dickinson J. Letters from a farmer in Penn- 

sylvania, in 1774 Pph.v.367 

— Galloway, J. Letter to lord rtscount Howe on 

his naval conduct In the American war . . . 4327.16 

— Lee, A. Appeal to the justice and interests of 

Great Britain Pph.v.367 

— Lind, J. Answer to the declaration of the 

American congress Pph.v.307 

— Magoon, E. L. Orators of the 4278.7 

— Raynal, G. T. F. Revolution of America . . . 432.'i.22 

— Taylor, G. Startyrsin the British prison-ships. 4325.5 

— Tyranny uniuasked. An answer to a late pani- 

phlet, entitled Taxation no tyranny .... I'ph.v.367 

— Williams, S. History of the 7039.26 

American sketches; by a native of the United 

States. Loudon, 1827. 12° 2368.20 

American slavery : a reprint of an article on " Uncle 

Tom's Cabin," and of ifr. Sumner's speech, 

May, 1866. London, 1850. 8° 3573.10 

American struggle. Appeal to the people of the 

North. London, 1802. pj). 32. 8° 4322.29 temperance union. Letters from Prof. 

Stuart, L. M. Sargent, Gen. Cocke, and J. 

Edwanls, on the IMaine 'litiuor law. New 

York, 1K51. pp.16. 8° B.170.71 thanksgiving dinner at St. .lames' Hall, 

London, Nov. 26, 1803. Lond., 1863. pp. 114. 8°. 4322.39 
Amekic.\n unitarian a^ociation. The mission to 

India. Boston, 1857. pp. 4-4. 12° B.170b.31 

— Monthly journal. Vols. 1-J. Boston, 1860-03. 

12° 7369.1 

— (Juartorly journal. Vols. 1-6. Bos., 1864-,W. 12°. 7380.1 

— Unitarian congregational register [or] year- 

book for 184IV-5K. Boston, 1846-68. 2v. 12°. 7387. 1 

Amicuican whims, nils at. Sawyer, F. W 2396.10 

Amkric-^nihms, Glossary of supposed. Elwyn, A. L. 2381.3 
Amerot, A. L)e Grajcorum uotis arlthmetlcis. See 

Scainila, J 4070.20 

Amettic, a. Premiers e.xercicesdenn'-molre. [Cours 

compleld'eilucullon pour les lilies] 3591.22 

Ami'./.ci'A. Si'c Mint de 3Iesctui, A. 
AMUKRs'r, AFanti, Amherst college. Addresses at 
the dedicatioil of lite new ctlbiuet iind ob- 
servatory, .lune 2K, 1848, by W. B. Callioun 
anil others. Amherst, ll+IH. 8° 4387.23 

— - Catalogue of the (ilhcers and students, 1862, 

63,66-64. Amherst, 18-'i2-64. 8' 4387.20 




Sli«lf. No. 
A>lHKRST, Maxa. Amherst collrirc, continvrd. 

— - C:itiilo£tus eorum qui nlicigiis frni^lus laurea 

douati sunt, 1857, 63. Amherstin', IKi/.m. 8^ 4.187.21 

— - Di!-coiirs<^s at tlio iniiujrunition of tlif Kev, W. 

A. Stearns as presidtMit. Amhefst, 1855. 8*. '1387.22 

ContfntJi.^ Scnnoii by J. LoQvitt ; Charge by R. IlUch- 
cock ; Atlilrosa on relirins iVom the prcsldi'iicy, by E. 
IlUtlieock; Inaui^uml ailtlrosit by W. A. Slt'nms. 

— - Ucminiscrnees of. See Hitchcock, E. . . . 2387.20 

— Ladies' collfjriatc institute, Circular of the. 

Amherst, 1854. pp.11. 12" B.170b.8;i 

Amhurst, N. Terrae-tilius : or, the secret history 
of the university of Oxford, 2d cd. London, 

1726. 2v.ini, 12" *2490.35 

Sfe also .■ Craftsraan. 

Ami, L', de I'enfance, journal dcs salles d'asilc. 3me 

.scr. T. 0, 7. Paris, 1859-61. 2v. 8" .5594.1 

Amico, a. di. De urbls Syracusamm antiqiio archi- 

episcopatu. [Graevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 

10, V. 2] 4710.1 

AxnPslAS. Sexcomoediarumfragmenta. [Meincke, 

Fragm. eom.Gr., V.3] B.162.8 

Amis et Amiles und Jourdains dc Blaivies. Zwci alt- 

franziisischc Heldeugedichte des kerlingi- 

schen Sagcnkreises, herausgegeben von C. 

Hofmann. Erlangen, 1852. 8" **2687.9 

AsnsTAD, scAooHcr. Adams, .T.Q. Argumentinthe 

supreme court of the United States in the case 

of the Africans captured in the Pph.v.382 

— Barber, J. W. History of the A. captives . . . 5572.14 
AMMi.VNfs. Epigrammata. [Brunck. Analecta 

poet. Gr., V. 2] B.162.7 

Ammianus Marcellinus. Quae supersunt, cum notis 
[variorum] quibus suas adjecit J. A. \Vagner. 
Ed. absolvit C. G. A. Erfurdt. Lipsise, 1808. 
3v. 8" *420G.7 

— Remm gcstarum qua; supersunt. [Historise 

Romanx scriptores, V. 2] 4240.3 

Ammon, C. F. v. Die Fortbildung des Christen- 
thums zur Welt religion. 2te Ausg. Leipzig, 
1835-40. 4v. 8* 6056.1 

— Gcschichte des Lebens Jesu. Leipzig, 1842-^7. 

3v. 8° 6037.3 

— Novaopusculatheologica. Gottingae, 1603. 16", 6060.7 

— Die wahre und falsche Orthodoxie. Leipzig, 

1840. 8° 6063.12,13 

AMMONirs Alexandrinus. EvangeUoi-umharmonia 
[Victore Capuano interprete]. [Maxima bib- 
liotli. vet. patr., V.3] B.110.2 

Amm*)XIIIs Atheniensis. VitaAristotelis. [Aristo- 

teles. Opera, v.l] B.164.13 

Ammonius Saccas, Sur la vie et la doctrine d'. See 

Dehaut, L.J 5601.5 

Amoretti, C. Memorie storiche su la vita, gli 
studj, e le opere di L, da Yinci. See Vinci, 
L.da 4802.2 

Amory, Thomas, 6. 1691, rf. 1789. Memoirs of eev- 
cral ladies of Great Britain. London, 1766- 
00. 2v. 12° ^ 2458.39 

Amory, Rev. Thomas, b. 1701, d. 1774. Sermons on 
various subjects. 2d ed., corrected. London, 
1758. 8" 5445.3 

— Twenty-two sermons. London, 1766. 8° . . . 5445.4 
Amos, A. Observations on the statutes of the refor- 
mation parliament in the reign of King Henry 
theEighth. lrf)ndon and Cambridge, 1859. 8°. 2515.8 

AMPfcBE J. J. A. Des castes et de la transmission 
her^ditaire des professions dans I'ancienne 
figypte. Paris, 1848. pp.21. 8" 4191.13 

— Cesar, sct^nes historiques [en forme dramat- 

ique]. Paris, 1859. a" 4703.7 

— L'histoire romainc ii Rome. Paris, 1862. 2v. 8*. 2758.5 
AMPiiiLOCUirs, St., bishop of Iconium, Orationes, 

Homili:e, Sententire, Epistola iambica. [Max- 
ima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 5] B.110.2 

Amphis. Comccdiarum viginti tres perditarumfrng- 

menta. [Meiueke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 4] . B.Ui2.8 

AMPnifiiE.\TREri, History oftheancicnt. Maflei, S. 4950.32 

Shcir. No. 

Amprima Icctnra par la ginvontogna da scola e 'gl 

cantun Griscimn. Cuera, 1834. 8* , . . . **2885.20 

Amputation. Des amputations partielles. Robert, 

C. A :\l.Pph.v.l.37 

Amru' Ikais Ben Hojr El Kindi. Mnnlliikah nun 
sclioliis Zuzenii. Ed. Latiiie vert, et illustr. 1-^ 
G. Uengstenberg. ISonnit, 1823. 4" . , . . 3023.13 

Amste^idam. Genootschap Natura ai-ys magistra. 
Gids voor de Bezoekers der zoologisclie Tui- 
nen. Amsterdam, 1843. pp. 68. 8"* B. 170. 17 

— Vereeniging ter bevordering van de bclangen 

des Boekhandels. Catalogus van de Biblio- 
tlieek, opgeraaakt door F, Muller. Amster- 
dam, 1855. -8° 2152.32 

Amthor, G. M. De apostasia liber singidaris. Co- 

burgi, 1833. 8° GOCyi.23 

Amulo, or Amolon. Epistola?; Opuscula duo de 
priedestinatlone, libero arbilrio, etc. [Max- 
ima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 14] B.110.2 

Amusements. Bellows, H. W. Relation of public 

amusements to public morality B.lOfib.OO 

— Thomason, D. R. Fashionable amusements . 3587.8 

Sec also: Games, Rccrefttivo arts, Sports, Stago. 

Amy Robsart, Particulars connected with the death 

of. See Pettigrew, T. J 2452.9 

Amyot, T. Life of Wiudliam. See Windham, W. 2572.3 
Anauaptisticum und enthusiasticum Pantheon 
nnd Geistliches Riist-Hauss, wider die alteu 
Quacker und neuen Frey-Geister. n.p., 1701, 
2. f" *B.130.5 

Contents. — ^Dcr rSmiachcn kayserlichcn MajostSt Edict 
an die Aebtisscn zu Hcrfordt, die Widcrtauffer, u.a.w., 
zuschaffenund nicht mehr zu dulden; Der alteu und 
neucn Schwarmer Widcrtaufferiacher Geiat, das ist, 
Glaubwiirdigrer Bericlit waa Jammer, Eleiid, Angst. 
Noth und Auffruhr, die altcn Schwarmer und Widcr- 
tauffer pestifftet und angcricbtet baben, verfertiget von 
Zacharia Theobaldo fsee Theobald]; Ilistoria fnnati- 
conim, oder eine vollkommeno Relation und Wissen- 
schafft von denen Schivarmern, als alton Annbaptisten 
und neuen Quakem[see HiatoriaFanaticorum]; Kiinig- 
licbo, Chur-und Furatlichc Edicto und Verordnungcn 
wider die neuen einachleichenden Sch^viinner [sec also 
Konigrliche, u.s.w.]; Alte und neue Scbwann-Geister- 
Brufh und Quackcr-Greuel [sec also Alte, u, 9. w.]; 
Tractaten: O. Cromwell, ncbenat Hugro Petersen und 
John Coocken samt Anhange von Joh. Labadie; Fvir- 
stcllung vier neuer Welt-Weiaen nabmentlich, Rena- 
ti Des-Cartea, Thomaj Hobbes, Benidicti Spinosa, Bal- 
thasar Beckers; Sabatai-Sevi, Oliger Paulli, novus in 
Belgio JudoBorum rex ; J.C. Hullem Greuel der faUchon 
Mcssicn, \Arie auch Schatz-Kammer dcs wabren Messitc 
Jeau Christi ; Erachrokliche Briiderschafft der alten und 
neuenWiedertauffer, Quacker, Schwarmer und Frey.Gei- 
etcr mit denen Juden [see Quackcr-Greuel]; Weile, or 
Weisse, (F. R. von), Die Herrlichkcit dea wahren Mea- 
BJffi, ubera. a. d. Holl. Johann Christoph Mullem. 

ANACREON. [Carmina, Gr. et Lat.] opera et studio 
J. Barnes. Ed. altera. Cantabrigire, 1721. 
sm.S* **2979.27 

— Carmina quae exstant, opera A. Brumek. Lon- 

don, 1820. i2° 

— First twenty-eight odes, in Greek and English ; 

with variorum notes and lexicon. By J. B. 
Roche. London, 1827. S° > . . . 2077. 2G 

— Odes, with a literal interlinear translation. 2d 

ed. London, 1830. pp.93. 12° 4909.2 

— Odes, trad, en vers languedociens, par M. Au- 

' banel. Nismes, 1814. 10° **i;979.2fi 

— Carmina lyrica. [Brunck. Analecta poet. Gr., 

V. 1] B.lfi2.7 

— Carmina, Grtecfe et Latin6. [Lect. Poeta; Grajci , 

V. 1] 4200.7 

— Odes; fragmens. See Falconnet, P< B.I01.2 

— Odes, translated from the Greek, by F. Fawkes. 

[Anderson. Poets of Great Britain, v. 13] . 4004.1 

— and others. Carmina. Accedunt selecta qufc- 

dam e lyricorum reliquiis. Lipsiae, 1811. 
8m.l6°. '. 49gna.26 

— - Anacreontis, quse feruntur, carmina, Sap- 

phus et Eriunje fragmenta, illustravit E. A. 
Moebius. Gothae et Erfordioe, 1820. 8^ . . . 4205,22 




Shelf. No. 

Ax-ESTHESIA. HajTvard, G. Comparative value 

of the different anaesthetic agents 60S7.S1 

— Lalleraand, L. Du role des anesthe^iqucs dans 

I'organisme 3977.10 

See also: Ether, Etherization. 

AXANirs. Frag7U»?nta. .See Hipponax 29SS.19 

Anastasius, abbot of St. E nth y mill m. Liber contra 
Jud.TOSjinterp. F. Turriano. [Canisius. ThCi 
saurus, v. 2, p. .3] 4H0.3 

— - Same. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 13] . B.110.2 
Anastasius, L. R. E., opocrisarius at Rome. Epis- 

tola de obltu S. Maximi, etc. [Maxima 

bibUoth. vet. patr,, v, 12] B.110.2 

Asastasics bibUothecarius. Collectanea de iis 

qax spectant ad lustoriam Monotlielitarum. 

[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 12] 

AnASTA'sil'S .Sinaita, monk. Oratio in sextum Psal- 

mum ; Oratio de sacra synaxi, Gr. et Lat. 

[Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 1] 4140.3 

— 'OJrjj'iJs, seuduxvijeadversusAcephaloSjinterp. 

J. Gretsero ; Anagogicanim contemplationura 
in liexameron, libri xi ; Quspstiones varise et 
respousiones ad casdem ; Sermones in trans- 
figiirationem, et in anuunciationem : Compen- 
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tiones de trinitate de incircumscripto, de 
incamatione, de passione et impassibilitate 
Christi, de resurrecdone. [Canisius. The- 
saurus, v. 1] 4140.3 

Kate. — Grent clisafrreement respecting the worhs ns- 
crilied to the persons kno^vn under the nurao of Anns- 
tasius Sinaita, exists amoug authorities. Wo have fol- 
lowed Fabricius. 

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We altft; Comimrutlvo nnutoniy, l\UU>\ti^y, Prttliol- 
ofty, I'liynloliigy, 8urircry. 

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nientJi, [Meintke. Fragm. com. (;r., v. 1] . B.102.8 

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fragineiita. [.Miimke. Fnigm.coni. (ir.,v.5]. B.IG2.8 

ANiitritKV.or Aiihiiry, T, VnyiigcM iliihs Ich jmrtleH 
lnt<*rteureKde rAnu'-riiiui-, |M-ndaiil le i-oiirT^de 
la dernicre guerre, Tr. de l*Anglols [par Le 
Bus]. Paris, l?90. 2v. s" 'I3(Vi.lO 

Shelf. No. 

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ContetUs. — Vol.1. Lovhiatorien. II. Afhondliiiper 
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gelscr og Afhandliuper Qf historisk-juridisk Indhold. 

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ties of monastic life. Ed. and tr. from a semi- 
Saxon MS., by J. Morton. London, 1853. 
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Note. — Attributed, conjectural ly, to Simon of Ghent, 
highop of Salisbury', and to Richard Poor, his predecos- 
Bor in the same eeo. The words "Ancron riwlo," uiooa 
Kule for nxais. 

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Kunst, die diinische Sprache in acht Tagen zu 
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a list of coins, weiglits and measures. 2d cd., 
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Loudon, n.d. f° 0200.1 

Coiitfnta. — Cook's three voynpes; Byron's voynpo; 
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voyage; Lord Anson's voyage; Sir I'raneiK Drake's 

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Brawno; P.Fletcher; G. Fietcber; 1). Jonson; Urum- 
mond; CrnHhaw; Davonant. V. MOton; Cowley; Wal- 
ler; Butler; Uunbain, VI. Dryden; Hoohester; Koii- 
coniniou; Otway; foinfret; Sti'jmey; rhlHps; Walsh; 
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Wi'st; Collins; Dyer; Slienstono; Mallet; Akonslilv; 
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Iltiyce; Thompson; Cnwthonio; Churcblll; Falc^onor; 
Lloyd; Cunninghiim; Green; Cooper; Ooldsniith; P. 
Whileht'ad; Drown; (Iraingur; Smollot; Annstsong. 
XI. Wllklo ; Dudotry: Hbaw ; Smart; I,anglK>rn* ; 
Jlnicej Chiitlertoii; (Jnemo; Olover; I.ovlhond ; l*mi- 
rose; MIrkle; .lagx; H.-ott ; .Tolinson j W'. W)>iti.dii'tid; 
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Od<-s of Pliitlitr, trans, by H. J. Vyo. .MM. Cook n Mr. 
flod ; I'awkes'fl TlieocHlUR, Anai-reon, Illon, Mori-Iiu", 
Hiipidio, Musn'us, Apiillonlus Hlioillus; Tlie Kni»' of 
lli'leti; Crooeh's Luorellus; (iniiitger's Tlhiillus. 




Shelf. No. 
AiTDERsbs, Robert, continued. 

— Memoirs of the life and writinp3 of John 

Moore. See Moore, .1 liCu-i.5 

Ander.sox, Rnfiis. ,^erinon on tlie promised advent 

of the Spirit, lioston, 1.S4I. IS° *rph.v.3S3 

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Andreas Cretensis. In salutationem angeli sermo, 

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— Orationes, selectique canones et triodia, inter- 

prete Combeflsio. [Maxima biblioth. vet. 

patr., V. 10] B.110.2 

— Vltpl Ttr; ayitov ctK0V<i]t' vpOffKVt'riuEd]^. [Bois- 

sonade. Anecdota Grasca, v. 4] B.161.3 

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Afrika nach den Entdeckungen von Burton, 
Speke, Krapf, Rebmann, Erhardtu. Anderen. 
Leipzig, 1861. 2v. 8° 3056 5 

Contents. — Vol. I. Burton's Reisen nach Medina und 
Mekkn und in das Soraaliland nach Hiirrtir in Ost-A frika. 
II. Die Expeditionen Burton's und Speke's von Zanzi- 
bar bis zuni Tanpanyika-und Nyanza-See ; llebmann's 
Wandorunp nach Dscha^fra und Krapf's Reisen im 
aquatorialen Oslafrika und Abessinien. 

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sachusetts, .Jan., 18(51-64. [With that of I8<H, 
are the accompanjiug documents.] Boston, 
18(>l-fi4. 8' 4.390a. IS 

— Addresses by [him and others] delivered jit the 

mass meeting in aid of recruiting, Aug. 27, 

1862. Boston, I8(>2. 8° 4.390a. 18 

— [Letter to S. F. Wetmore on the discharge of 

her duty, by Massachusetts, during the pres- 
ent war.] n.p., n.d. pp.8. 8° 4390a.l8 


Shelf. No. 

Andrew, J. A., continued. 

— Argument in behalf of T. Hyatt. See Sewall, 

S. E 4390a. 10 

— and Butler, B. F. Correspondence [on a con- 

tlicf of military authorities]. Boston, 1862. 

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Passion week. Three sermons. New York, 
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earth. New Tork, 1862. 8° 3475.14 

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New York, 1852. 12° 4306.28 

Contents. — Ti-ue constitution of government ; Cost the 
limit of price. 

— Discussion on love, marriage, divorce, etc. See 

James, H B.170b.66 

Andrews, W. S. Cnitarianism, or liberal Christi- 
anity, explained. Boston, 1854. pp. 29. 12°. B. 170b. 9 
Andronicus Callistus. Ht^oi TaBoiv. See Andro- 

nicus Rhodius B. 167. 18 

— Eis Tov KVpiov riiiifiytov IlaXato\oynp tov Stav- 

Ttarov. [Boissonade. Auecdota Gneca, v. 5]. B.161.3 
Andronicus Camaterus. Dialogus contra Judaeos. 

[Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 4] 4140.3 

— - Same. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 26] . B.110.2 
Andronicus Livius. See Livius Andronicus. 
Andronicus Rhodius. [Aristotelis] ethicorum 

Nichomacheorum paraphrasis. Interpret. D. 
Heinsius. C'antabrigis, 1079. 8° *B.167.18 

Koce. — Bulile and others confidently assert that this 
paraphrase is not the work of Andronicus Rhodius. 
Smith's dictionary of Greek and Roman bio^aphy, etc., 
Bupi^csts that it is to be ascribed to Andronicus Callis- 
tus, who tauf^ht Greek at Rome, Florence, Bologna, and 
Paris, and died in 1478. 

Andrt, F. Diagnostic des maladies du coeur. 

Paris, 1843. 12° 3803.32 

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— Boissonade, J. F B.161.3 

— Siebenkees, J. P B.162.5 

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concernant la Pologne, 1762-1862. Paris, 

1862. 8° 3064.3 

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liber. Kec. J. H. Lammertz. Colonije, 1851. 
32° [Bibliotheca myst. et ascet.] 6069a. 30 

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[Gra:vius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 7, p. 1] . . . 4710.1 

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Mosheim. [Grajvius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 7, 
p. -2] 4710.1 

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quatuor libros Kegum ; In Cantiea canticonim 
enarrationes. [Jlaxima biblioth. vet. patr., 
V. 15] B.110.2 

Angelotti, p. Descriptio et antiquitates urbis 
Reate. Lat. vertit S. Havercampus. [Graevlus. 
Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 8, p. 3] 4710.1 




Shelf. No. 

AxGELrs de Curribus Sabinis. De excidio civitatis 
Leodiensis, librisex metrici. [Martene. Vet. 
script., V. 4] 4150.1 

Augers. GestaconstilumAndegavensium. [Achf- 

ry. Spicilegium, v. 10] 4152.7 

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Normau conquest 4175.13 

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Anguillara, G. a. Le raetamorfosi d'Ovidio ri- 

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— Che gli uomini virtuosi oggi sono in poco pregio. 

[Raccolta di poesie satiriche] 4808.9 

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1831-41. 8° •3989.2 

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Annales d'hvgiine publiquc et de nuidecine legale. 

T. 49, 50; 2e sir. T. 1-19. Paris, 1853-03. 

21v. 8' »3715.2 

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Lyon,1827-«2. 3,1v. 8° *3538.1 

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— - Same. Zoologie. .3e s<t. T. 19, 20 ; 4e «(!r. 

T. 1-19. I'ariB, IWS-IB. 2v. 8° •6804.1 nu'dlco-psychologlqucs. 2c «('r. T. 6, 0; 
.le it-r. T. 1-8; 4c »<Sr. T. 1. Paris, 186.3-03. 

Uv. 8" •6700.1 

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!-•!»; 2rt ner. v. 1-20; 3d »er. v. 1-12. Lon- 
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Shelf. No. 

ANNALS of the army ol the Cumberland. By an 

oflBcer. Phila(ielphia, 18153. 8° 4322.4 

Annapolis, 3/rf. History of the United States na- 
val academy. Marshall, E. C 4328.6 

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d'Anne d'Autriche. SeeMotteville, F. B. de. 4090.1 

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de la librairie . 2118.1 

ANNr.viRE de I'^conomie politique pour 1859. 

Block, M 6C)49a.l 

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des divers 6tat«. [Fonde par F. Buloz.] 1851- 
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[publi(5 par H. Tramblav]. Paris, 1859-01. 
4v. In3. 24° •5049a. 1 

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Annuaire medical et pharmaceutique dela France. 

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— Index, 1758-1819. London, 1820. 8° *2258.a 

Annual retrospect of engineering and architecture. 

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Annuities. .Jones, J. Tables of 3923.33 

— Thoman, F. Theory of 3923.20 

— Yioleine. A. P. Guide du rentier 3048.10 

Sdo aUo: Anoiirniipe, Insurnnco. 

Anonimiana, ou nu'lang* de po(5sies, d'dloquence 

et d'Orudition. Pai'is, 1700. sm.8° **4095.6 

Anquetil-Duperron, a. H. Abhandlungen iiber 
wichtige Gegenstiinde der persischen Relig- 
ion, Philosophie und (Jeschichte. See Zend- 
Avesta 3014.30 

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lehadi. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 2] . . 4210.2 

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1771. pp. 4S. 12° 4099a. 4 

Anselm, or Anshelni, of Polanil. Descriptio Terr.T; 

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Anselm, S,, archbi.ihop of Canterbury. Cur Deus 
homo, Oder Warum ein Gott Slensch. Aus d. 
Lat.von B. Scliirlilz. (Juedlinburg, 1801. 12°. .1409.28 

— Liber medilntionum. ItecogUDvil A. Uuse. Co- 

loniae, 1851. 32°. [Hiblioth. myst. et Bscet.].0009a.27 

— Monologlum et proslogium : ou. Sur I'essence 

divine, tr. i>ar H.Bouchitlc''. Paris, 1842. 8°. 6066.3 

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— Select eouteiupliitious. St e August inns . . . 0050.13 
Anselm, bisho/i of IlnvcUicrg. Dialognruni ndversus 

Gra^coslihrl tres. (Acli(Ty.Spicilegiiim,v. 13], 4162.7 
Anselm, hinhop of Lurm. Contra (iuitbertum aut 
Wilicrlmn iiulipainini; Colleclanen. [Canis- 
ius. llicMinnis, V, :i, p. I| 4140.3 

— Sec Maxima bibllolh. vet. pair., V. 18,27 . . . B.110.2 

rffM/cTiM. — Vol. XVril. Cmitrft OiiUhertuin nntlpn- 
pnni. llbrl duo. -WVII. Meclllndoncr In orotloncm 
nfiliiln(<-nn1 ! T>«' •(lllltntlonf Mnrln-; Super 8«lv<» Hi'ljl- 
nn. *tr. ; Mprtltntlonen nietrlffw (1« gritli Domini noitrl. 




Shelf. No. 

Anselm, canon of Liege. Gesta pontilicum Traiec- 
tensium et Lrodiensium. [ChapeauviUe. 
Gestii pontif. Tiinpronsium; v. 1] 2813.5 

— Gesta t'piscoporuin Tungrensiiini, Tnijecten- 

siuin ft L('otlii'nsinin,juIauiuim lU-IS. [Frank- 
furt. SocU'tas, i'tc, V. ~] 4210.2 

A^SON, G., lord. Voyage round tlu' world. See 

Anderson, G. \V 6260.1 

— - Same. [Mavor. Voyapos, v. "^J 6267.1 

Ansted, D. T. Ionian islands in 1863, London, 

1863. 8" 3074.10 

Anstkutiier, J. Spevolics at tlie trial of Wai-ren 

Hastings. See Hond, E. A 2572.5 

Antremiits. Novellfficonstitutiones. .S'^eNovellx. 4300.6 
Anthems. Kreissmann, A. Anthems set to music. 8047.27 

— Taylor, A'. C. Choral anthems 8047.3 

— "Webb, G.J. Cantica ecclesiastica 8042.58 

Anthoixe, a. I. Essai histor. sur le commerce et la 

navigation do la Mer-Noire. Paris, 1805, 8*. 3082.9 
AntHOLOGIA. Ai'doXo) la Staipopdtv cni) pafiijartov, 
Florilcgium variorum epigrammatum, inter- 
prete E. Lubino. [Heidelberg, Commelin, 
1604.] 8m.4° *B.162.1 

— - Same. [With some addition.] [Lect. Poeta; 

Gripci, V. :i] 4200.7 

Antholoc.i.v Grieca, ex recensione Bninckii. Com- 
mentarium adjecit F. Jacobs. Lipsise, 1794- 
1814. 13v. in II, 8" *B.161,5 

Antholooia GriEca, cum versioneLatinan.Grotii. 
Edita ab H. de Bosch. Ultrajecti, 1795-98. 
3v. 4" *B.161.1 

Anthologia Gra;ca, ad Palatini codicts fidem ed- 
ita. Ed. stereot. Lipsia, 1829. 3v. 32° . *B.169a.l 

Anthologia veterum Latinorum epigrammatum 
etpoematuni. Ed. Bnrmannianam digessit et 
auxit A. Meyerus. Lipsi*^, 18.15, 2v, 8". . *B.162.2 

Anthon, C. Ancient and mediaeval geography. 

New York, 1855. S" *2283.8 

Anthracite, Use of, in the manufacture of iron. 

Johnson, W. R 3S67.5 

Anthropology. Baumer, G. F. Anthropologis- 

mus uud Kritieismus der Gegeuwart . . . . 6065.4 

— Kant, I. Anthropologic in pragmatiseher Hin- 

sicht abgefasst 5608.10 

— Suabedissen, D. T. A. Lehre von dem Men- 

schen 6105.17 

— Vollgraff, C. Anthropognosie oder zur Kunde 

des Menschen iiberhaupt 4146.7 

— "Waitz, T. Anthropologic der Naturvblker . . 2235.9 

— - Introduction to 2235.19 

Sec also: EHiiiology, Man, Pliysiology. 

Anti-GalliCvVN, The; or standard of British loy- 
alty, etc., including papers on the threatened 
invasion. Loudon, 1804, 8* 2548.14 

Auti-slavery society of Canada. First annual 
report, March 24, 1852. Toronto, 1852. 
pp.24. S" B. 160a. 7 

Antias, F. Fragmentacumvita,exP.Crinito. See 

Gottfried, D B,191.9 

Antichrist, Trial of, for high treason against the 

son of God. G»*egory, W 3464.-30 

Antidotus. Comocdiarum deperditarum duarum 

fragmenta. [Meineke.,v.4]. B.162.8 

Antigonus Carystius. Historiarum mirabilium 
collectanea [cum. interp. Lat. XylandriJ, rec. 
J. Meui'sius. Lugduni Batav., 1619. sm.4° . *4205.25 

— Historiarum mirabilium collectanea exphcata 

aJ. Beckmann. Lipsiae, 1791. sm.4° . . . *4205.11 
AntigI'edades arabes de Espana : los letreros ara- 

bigos,publicados por Pablo Lozano. Madrid, 

[1780]-18(H. 2 parts in Iv. Atlas f '. 25 pp. 

text, and .59 plates *3100.20 

Antilles. Derrotero de las islas Antillas. See 

Spain. Ministry of marine -. . . . 2365.22 

See aUo: Bftrhados, Cuba. Jamaica, Martinique, St. 
Domingo, Trinidad. 

Antimachus Colophonius. Reliquise, ed. ab I, A. 

Giles. Londini, 1838. 8° B. 177. 12 

Shelf. No. 

Antinori, V, ElogiostoricodiL.Nobili. Firenze, 

1836. pp.50. 8* 2745.16 

Antiochcs Monachus. Homilim centum triginta; 

Exoraologesis ; Ad Eustathium de cogitation- 

ibus, G. Tilmanno interprete. [Maxima bib- 

lioth. vet. patr., v. I.3J B.110.2 

Antipater Sidonius. Epigrammata. [Brunck. 

Analectapoet. Gr., v. 2] B.162.7 

Antipater Thossalonicensis. Kpigrammata. 

[Brunck. Analeeta poet, (ir., v. 2j B.162.7 

Antiphanes. Epigrammata. [Brunck. Analecta 

poet. Gr., v. 2] B.162.7 

Antiphanes Atheniensis, Fragmenta comoediarum 

centum triginta septcm deperditaiimi. 

[Meiueke. Fragm. com, Gr., v. 4] B.162.8 

Aj^tipiiihts. Epigrammata. [Brunck. Analecta 

poet. Gr., V. 2] B.162.7 

Antiphon. Orationes sex. [Dohson. Oratores 

Attici, V. 1, 13] B.163.1 

Antiphonaire et graduel de Paris. Paris, 1788. 

12^ 3447.18 

Antiquitates Christiana : or, life and death of 

the holy Jesus, by J. Taylor; also, Uves of 

his apostles, etc. [with introduction], by W. 

Cave. 7th edition. London, 1684. t'° . . . *B.130.3 
Antiquities. Chambers, R. Miscellany of popular. 2220.13 
— Fabricius, J. A. Introductio in notitiam scrip- 

toruni qui antiquitates Hebraicas, Graecas, 

Romanas, et Christianas illustrarimt .... 2195.17 

See also: Armour, Coins, Cotitiimo, Hieroglyphics, In- 
scriptions, Manners and customs, Sepulchral emtilems. 

Antisthenes Atlienieusis. Declamationes duo. 

[Dobson. Oratores Attici, V. 4] B.163.1 

Antommarchi, C. F. M^moires, ou les derniers 

momens de Napoleon, Paris, 1825. 2v. 8". 2042.9 

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totele in scriptis ethicis proposita. Berolini, 
1652. pp.39. 8" B.170a.lD5 

Antoniano, S. Dell' educazione cristiana e politi- 
co de' figliuoli. Firenze, 1852. 8° 3588.1 

Antonino, F. Descriptio antiquissima urbis Um- 
brorum veterum, Sassina olim, nunc Sarsina 
dictK. Latinitate donavit S. Havercampus. 
[Grjevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 7, p. 2] . . . 4710.1 

A-NTONINO [di Forciglioni], St. Summa theologi® 
moralis. Pars i, ii. Niirnberg, 1477, 78. 2v. 
l.f\ [Black letter] *5450.1 

Antoninus [Augustus]. Iter Britanniarum com- 
mentariis illustratum T. Gale. Accessit an- 
onymi Ravennatis Britannise chorograpliia. 
Londini, 1709. 4° 4175.15 

Antoninus, M. Aurelius. De rebus suis, libri xii. 
Vers. Lat. nova; opera T, Gatakeri. Pluic 2£e 
ed. ace. annotationes A. D'Acerii Lat. dona- 
tae, necnon M. Antonini vita, a G. Stanhope. 
Londini, 1697. 4° *B.172.4 

— Thoughts, trans, by G.Long. London,1862. 16°. 2979.34 

— - Same. Boston, 1864. 16" 4979.5 

Antoninus Honoratus, bishop of Constanfia. Epis- 

tola consolatoria ad Arcadium actum in ex- 
ilium. 5ee Herold, B. J B.I20.3 

— - Same. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 8] . B.110.2 
Antoninus Liberalis. Tran.sformationum conge- 
ries [GrseceJ, interp. G. Xylandro, rec. T. 
Muncker. Amstelodami, 167G. 24* .... *B.179.8 

— Transformationum congeries, cum notis [vari- 

orum]. Accesserunt Aesopi fabul« aliquot, et 
Babrii nonnullEe. Curavlt L. II. Teucherus, 
Lipsiae, 1796. 8"* *4205.24 

— Transformationum synagoge, Gr. et Lat., G. 

Xylandro interprete. 5ee Gale, T 6072.14 

— Epistola critica super A. L. See Bast, F. J. . . 4955.4 
Antonio, G. d'. Le opere. Napoli, 1788. 18°, See 

Coll. di tutti i poemi in lingua napoletana. 
v. 23 of 4799a. 1 

Contcjtts, — Lo Mandracchio alletterato ; Lo Mandrac- 
cbio asiliato; Lo Mandracchio repatriato; Lo Mandrac- 
chio nnemmorato ; Scola cavajola; Scola curialesca 
Qcantata; La vita « morte de lo Sciatamone mp«trato. 




Shelf. No. 

Antoxivs, St., of Egypt. Epistolceadfratres suos, 

[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 4] B. 110.2 

— Ad fratres suos epistolie; Ad Arsenoitas, etc. 

[Grynseus. Mon. patr.] B.H1.3 

Antrobi's, J. Wrongs of Poland, a poem. Witli 

historical notes. London, 1849. 12' .... 4178.5 
AxTS.TMiite, their manners and habits. Lardner,D. 5898.28 
ANT^VERP. Origines Antwerpianse. Becan, J. . . 4240.7 
Antwoord op de Vraag, door Het Zeeuwsche Ge- 

nootschap der Wetenschappen voorgest. de 

DeaBurorina. n.p., n.d. pp.24. 8°.. .B.160a.ll3 
Anus. Bodenhamer, ^y . Malformations of the . . 3790.36 

— Warren, J. M. Operation for artificial . . M.Pph.v.l34 
Anvar-i-Suhaili. See Bidpai- 

AxYTES. Epigrammata. [Brimck. Analecta poet. 

Gr., V. IJ B.162.7 

APHTHONirs. Fabulae Grseco-Latinie xd. Sec Ne- 

velet, I. N B.179.6 

ApJOHN, J. Manual of the metalloids. London, 

18&4. 18= 3869.17 

Apocrypha. The Apocrj-pha, with observations 

prefixed; also two introductory discourses. 

By C. Wilson, Edinburgh, 1801. 8° . . . . 3428.9 

— Commentary on the Apocrj-pha, with disserta- 

tions on Maccabees and Esdras, by R. Arnald. 

2ded. London, 1748-60. 3v.ini. f. , . . *5440.C 

Codex pseudepigraphus Veteris Testamenti, 

illustr. a J. A. Fabricio. Ed. 2a. Hamburgi, 
1722-41. 2v. 16" 6019a.l 

— Eichhorn, J. G. Einleitung in die apokryphi- 

scheu Schriften des Alten Testaments . . , 6037.11 

Fritzsche, O. F. llandbuch zu den Apokry- 

phendesA. T 6038-1 

— Hilgeiifeld, A. Die judische Apokalyptik in 

ihrer geschichtlichen Entwickelung 6018.4 

— Prophets. Prophetfe veteres pseudepigraphi, 

ed. A. F. Gfrcerer. Stuttgardire, 1840. 8°. .6018.5 

ContfnU. — Ascensio Isnite vntis, Esdrtc liber qunrtus, 
Enoehi liber, ab Lawrentio primum editi, jam recusi; 
Liber de vite et morte Mosis; Vaticinia Merlini vatis; 
Vaticinia Herman! nionaclii ab Lebuiii; Vaticinia Mak- 
achifc Hibenii dc Papia Romanin. 

_ Die Offenbamngen der Propheten Henoch, 

Esra, u. Jesaia im Jahrhunderte des Heils. 
Herausg. v. K. Clemens. 8tuttgart, 1850. 3v. 
in 1. 16° ri019a.l0 

Single hooks. Adam. Das christliche Adaiu- 

buch des Morgenlandfs [odcrDcr Kani])f des 
Adam and der Eva]. Aus dem .Ethiopischen, 
libers. V. A. Dilhnann. Giittingen, 1853. 8°. 6088.233 

- - Fragments du livre gnoslique iiifitult- : 

Apocalypse d'Adam. l*ublii; par E. IWuan. 

Paris, 1854. pp.47. 8° 6018,12 

- Book of Wisdom. Commcntar liber das Buch 

der Weishe^t, von C. L. W. Grimm. [Auch 
cincUebersetzung.] Leipzig, ISJ?. 8° . . . 6018.10 

— - Enoch. Liber Henoch, Aethiopice, edltus. 

Cura A.DiHmanu. Lipsire, 1851. 4' . . . . B.190.66 

— - - Das Buch Henocli in vollstandiger Ueber- 

setzungniitCommcntar, von A. G. Hoflniann. 

Jena, 18:13-38. 2v, 8" 6018.9 

— - - Das Huch Henoch. Uebcrsctzt und erk- 

liirt von A. Dillmann. Leipzig, 1853. 8°. . 6018.8 

— - Maccabees. Five books of .Maccabees in En- 

glish. With notes and illustrations by Henry 

Cotton. Cxford, 1KJ2. 8° 0018.1 

ApOCRVimiai- New Tewtament. Codex apocryphus 
K<tvl Testamenti, collectus, etc., a J. A. Fab- 
ricio. Ed. 2a. Hamburgi, 1719. ^v. in 1. 8".*0019.17 

CmU«nlt, — RvanKoUum nnllvllntln Marine, Latliu>; 
ProlrvntiKt'lluni Jiiculil, Urdicti «t LatttiA; Kvniif((.'lluiil 
Thuniir, Uricci «t LatlnA ; KvaiiRellura liiraiitln) ox 
Amlilru vrniiim, I.nllii(; CvRnRcHtitn Nleoilrtnl, l.attiu''; 
BpUl<>la< I'llnll (luir nil Tlberiiini lmp.,I<nllii(!!; K|)l*to1n 
Lnntiill mU •rnntiini Ilnni., Lntlnd; KpUloU ('lirlMtl nil 
Abf(*riilii, '•rn-cf^ et I.allut'; iJIrtA I'lirlitl quii- In innii- 
IfttllU mn'mli'la n'nt vilntit ; l'riitcirir<rilii el untlllii evriii- 
|[«llorum 'iiilnqunftiiilii nporr>'i>lii>nim; Untlniii'* nUi-- 
goric0 Teterum qunro non p1tir« ncc pnnolora qunm 
finstiior slnt evAnRella; Afxltv Ilnbylonll lilMoria enr- 
tMnluU •puitollol In dooem llbros dUlrihuts, Latint; 

Sbelf. No. 

Apocryphal New Testament, continued. 

Fi-agmenta et notitia Actuum npostoliconim sex et tri- 
ginta apoco'phorum ; S. Maria; Virpinis epistoisc tres, 
Latin^; Epistoltc S. Paul! ad Laodicenses, Latine et 
Gra?c6; Epistolaj S. Pauli ad Scnecam una cum huju3 
ad illas responsoriis ; S. Petri epistola ad .Tacobnra ; S. 
Jobnnnis epistola ad hydropicura qucndnm ; Dc aliis 
epistolis et upocryphis scriptis sub apostolorum nomine 
jactatis; Frngrmenta apostolorum a Stcph. IVffiterio vul- 
gata; Dodecas apocalypseon apocrj'phorum ; Liturgiaa 
apostolis Jaeobo, Petro. Joanni, Mnttbroo, et apostolicis 
viris Marco ac Lucfe tributtr, Grrece et Luting; Synod! 
apostolorum Antiochenn- canones novem ; Dc cvangelio 
Bamabffi quod MS, exstat Italice in bibliotheca Sabau- 
din; dueis £ug;enii; Dicta Jesu qua; ex Muhamedanis 
scriptoribus congessit Lerinus Wamcrus; De historia 
sub Claudia; Prociilfe, Pilati uxoris nomine edita; Par- 
alipomena, addenda iis qua' de evnngeliis npocr>'phi8i 
commcmorata sunt ; Do Aramo quinti effictore evnngelii ; 
Passio 8. Johannisevanpelistm.sub Mcllitinomino edita; 
Marcelli de mirifieis rebus et actibus Petri et Pauli ; Do 
epistolis S. Mariw tributis paraliporaena; De epistola 
S. PnuU tcrtia ad Corinthios, et Corinthiorum ad Pautum, 
quffi ipsro exhibcntur ex Armonico versa; ; Epistola com- 
posita a J. Camerario sub Pauli nomine ad Ephcsios, et 
Ephesiorum ad Panlum, Gr(cc6 et Latine; Dc epistola 
Pauli ad Laodicenses, et epistolis ad Scnecam; Prophe- 
tia Joliannis evangelistic do consummationo mundi; 
Catalogus apocrj'pborum scriptorum in cnveraia Grana- 
tensibus ut ajunt effossorum; S. Hormas, vixi apostolici, 

— Codex apocryphus Nov! Testamenti, opera et 

studio J. C.Thilo. T. 1. Lipsiae, 1832. 8°.*6018.11 

Coule-nti. — Prolegomena de codtcibus, editionibus et 
vcrsionibuB evangeliorum apocrjphorum ; Historia Jo- 
sephi, fabri lignarii, Arabic^, cum versione Latina ; 
Evangelium inl'antia) Sen-atoris, Arabic^, cum Latina 
versione ; Protevangelium Jacobi, sive De natalibuB 
Jesu Christ! et ipaius raatris, Grrecti et Latini ; Evange- 
lium Thoma; Israelite, sive liber do his, qua) adhucpuer 
patravit Dominus, Gra^ce et Latin(> ; Evangelium de nat- 
ivilate a. Maria-, Latinij Historia dc nntiviialo Marias 
ctde infantift Sftlvatoris,Latiu6; Evangelium Miircionis 
dcseripsit Aug. Habn, Graec6; Evangelium Kicodoml, 
Grwciict Latine; Ai'(i0oija, et lltipadufTi^ XliXaTOV, 
Codex Evangelii .loaimci, Latine ; Liber S. Joanois 
apocryphus, Latinfi. 

— Evangelia apocrypha, edidit C. Tischendorf. 

Lipsia;, 1853. 8" 6018.2 

Contt^nts. — Protevangelium Jacobi, Grnjci; Peeudo- 
Mtittha-i evangelium, Latlnt^; Evangelium dc nativitate 
Maria', Latine; Historia JosephI fabri lignarii, ex Ara- 
lilco, Latine ; Evangeliiuii Thoma*, GnKce, bis ; Evange- 
lium Tliomtc, Latinfi; Evangelium infantias, ex Arableo, 
Latini; Gesta Pilati, Gra-ce, bis; Deacensus Christi ad 
inferos, Grn>ci; Gcsta Pilati, Latine; Dcseensus Christi 
ad inferos, LatinO, bia; Epistola Pilati, Latino, bis; An- 
apbora Pilati, Grtect^, bis; Paradosis Pilati, Grn:ct; Mors 
Pilati, Latinfe; Narratio .losephl ArimathionBis, Grajofi; 
Vindicta Snlvatoris, Latind. 

— Gospel of Jesus, by Matthew, and those of Peter, 
Luke, Mark, and John; also, acts of the elev- 
en disciples; I'cter to the Chapelites ; Aels of 
Paul, etc. Edited by G.Smith. South Shafts- 
bury, Vt., 1858. 12" 6026.25 

— De evaugeliorum apocryphorum origine et usu. 
Tischendorf, L. F. C. 


— Acta apostolorum apocrypha, edidit C. Tischen- 

dorf. Lipsia-, 1851. 8" 

Co)i(c)i(«.— Acta Petri ot Pftiill; Acta Pauli ct Thoeleo; 
Aeta BamaltiK auetore Mnreo; Acta Plilllj'pi; Acta 
I'hitlpj)! In Hcllade; Aeta Andrea^ Acta Aiulrenj ot 
Maltbla!; Aeta ct martyrlum Mattlia'l; Aeta Thonino ; 
Con»umnia(io'rh<ima<; Martyrium Davlbolumivi ; Acta 
Tliaililtt'l; Acta Johannls. 

— Acta upostolorum Andrew et Matthia-, Griccfe 

prhmim edila a C. Thilo. Ualis, 1846. pp. 

:\'i, r B.190.30 

AroLMNAitii's Laodicensis. Motaphrasie psalmo- 
nmi linvidis, vcrsibuB heroicls. ' fAIaxima 
bihiinih. vet. pair.,] U. 110.2 

AiMn.i.oiMHtiis Atheuien.sis. Itibliollu'ca- libri (res. 
iteceiisiti aC. G. Heyue,cum noti»,comiuen- 
tntlmic, etc. Goettingae, 1782,83. 4v. 10" .♦«. 169.9 

— Bibliotheca. i^cc Gale, T 6072.14 




Shelf. No. 

APOLLODORrs Carystius. Fabulorum duodecim de- 

perdittirum fragmenta. [Meineke. Fragm. 

com. Or., V. .5] B.162.8 

Apollodoki^s Celous. Falnilnrum quatuor perdi- 

tanim IVagineuta. [Mciiu'ke. 

Gr., V. 5] B.lfi2.8 

Apolt,onidas. Kpigramnuita. [Bninck. Analecta 

poet. (Jr., V. 2j B.102.7 

Apollonius Alexandrinus Dyscolus. De prono- 

miiu' liber. AVe Wolf, F. A 4955.8 

Apollonu'S rollatinus, 1*. See Collatio, P.-A. 
Apollonius Rhodius. Argouautica. Lipsi®, 1819. 

16" B.lfi9a.l2 

— Argonautica, ciim interpretatione J. Hartung. 

[Lect. Foota Gra-ci, V. 1] 4200.7 

— Argonautics, transl. by F. Fawkes. [Anderson. 

Poets of Great Britain, V. 13] 4004.1 

— Falconuet, E. I/expedition des Argonautes, 

tr. par J. J. A, Caussin B.161.2 

— Weichert, J. A. Ueberdas Leben und Gedicht 

des A. von R 420G.11 

APOLLoNirsT>-anaus. EpistoL-c. S^cPhilostratus. 4190.5 

— ApoUouius von Tyaiui und Chrlstus. See Baur, 

F. C C037.18 

— Apollonius de Tyaue, sa vie et ses lettres. See 

Philostratus 2994.21 

Apollophanes Atlieniensis. Trium comoidiarum 

fragnienta. [Meineke. Fragm. com. Gr., v.3J. B.l(>2.8 

Apologie des Adels. Berlin, 1^07. 12° 2819.9 

Aponius. Expositionis in Cantica Canticorum libri 

sex. [Maxima bihlioth. vet, patr., V. 14] . . B. 110.2 
Apoplexy. Statistica delle morti per apoplessia 

nella cittade Milano, 1750-1834. Ferrario, G. 3806.21 
Apostacy. De apostasia liber siiigiUaris. Am- 

thor, G. M 60r>4.23 

Apostlks. Cave, W. Lives of the B.130.3 

— Weld, H. H. Scenes in the lives of the .... 5429.1 
Apostolic age, Baumgarten, M. History of the 

church in the 3427.7 

— Lechler, G. V. Das apo>;tolische Zeitalter . . 6040.3 

— Keander, J. A. W. Pflanzung und Leitung der 

christlichen Kirche 6043.10 

— Wieseler, C. Chronologic des apostolischen 

Zeitalters 6043.12 

Apostolic canons. Canones apostolici, Grsecfe et 

Latin^. [Cotelier. Patrumapost.opera, v.l]. 6020.2 

— Canones apostolorum per Clementem congesti, 

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Apostolic constitutions. See Constitutiones sanc- 
torum apostolorum. 
Apostolic fathers of the church. Cotelier, J. B. 
SS. patrum qui temporibus apostolicis florue- 
runt opera 6020.2 

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Polycarpi qua supersunt 6040.12 

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AnodriKn Thiv ui(pc\iii(ov yvMaci'W. Topio^ a — £, ^'. Rv 

Sm"/"'^, 1837-43. 6v. in5. 4° *7231.3 

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tory and explanation of 5609a. 5 

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busque facto 4163.24 

Appeal from the protestant association concerning 
the tendency of the late act in favour of the 
papists. Newed.' London, 1780. pp.67. 8'.*4163.15 

Appeal of the independent democrats in congress. 
Shall slavery be permitted in Nebraska ? 
[Washington, 1854. No title-page.] pp.S. 8°.B.160.73 

Appeal to philosophers, philanthropists, and leg- 
islators, ffin the laws of marriage, etc.]. n.p., 
1857. pp.8, h" *B.170.25 

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Gesammtabenteuer, v. 2] 2900.29 

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lique romaine. trad, du grec par J. J. Combes- 
Dounous. Paris, 1808. 3v. 8* 2977.2 

Shelf. No. 

Appleton, J. "Works, with memoir of his life and 
character [by A. S. Packard]. Andover, 18:J7. 
2v. 8° 5502.7 

Contrnts.—\o\.l. Memoir. I, II. Throlopical loc- 
tunis, 11. gprmons; A<lflrc,s8 on iiitotiipuroncu; Uan- 
giM-s of a rollcgo life, anO its security; L<>Pturo on the 
vnhie of time; Adrlvesscs; Dissertation on the quofition, 
" Wliiit coiifititutes good use of a word in tho English 
language ?" 

— Sermon preached at the annual election, before 

C. Strong, governor, etc., May 25, 1814. Bos- 
ton, 1H14. 8° 4356.9 

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and the trinity, discussed. Boston, 1859. 
pp. 50. 8° 3462.30 

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States compared. Boston, 1844. pp. 16. 8*.4390a.l>l 

— Letter to the Hon. W. C. Rives, of Virginia, 

on slavery and the union. Boston, 1860. 

pp. 17. 8" 4390a.ll 

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for the Massacliusetts historical society. Bos- 
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Bo.ston, 1841. pp.52. 8° 4390a.H 

— - Same. 3d edition, with an appendix. Bos- 

ton, 1857. pp.63. 8° 4390a.ll 

— "What is a revenue standard? and a Review of 

secretary Walker's report on the tariff. Bos- 
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to the early Iiistory of Lowell. Boston, 1848. 

pp. 19. 8° 4390a.ll 

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ment to P.'s pamphlet on the slave power. 
Boston, 1846. pp.20. 8" 4390a.ll 

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of M. Bridge in Framingham, Feb. 19, 1745, 6. 
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terment of. See Clarke, J 6440a. 35 

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and English. [Cockayne. Leechdoms, etc., 

V. 1] ) 2423.4 

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chapel of Lincoin's-Inn. Lond,,1786, 2v. 8". 3434.12 
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Oudendorpiana, cum notis et interp. in usum 
Delphini, etc. Cur. A. J. Valpy. Londini, 
1825. 7v. 8° B.175.1 

Contents. — Vol. I. Julian i Floridi epietola serenisfiimo 
Dclphino; Pi'icfntio Ruhnkenii; Apuleii vita pt scriptft, 
ex Wowerio. I, II. Metamorphoseon liber 1, 2. IL 
Floridorum liber 1-4; De Deo Socratis liber. III. De 
dopmute Platonia, Hber 1-3 ; Liber de mundo ; Apologia, 
sive de magia liber; Fragmenta. IV-VII. Notne vario- 
rum in Apuleii opera. VH. Notitia literaria de Apuleio, 
aucirire ,1. Bosscba ; Elenchus codicum MSS. ; Recensua 
editionum Apuleii; Recensus codicum MSS. Apuleii; 

— Asino d'oro traslatato in lingua Toscana. [Fi- 

> renzuola. Opere, v. 3] 4803.6 

Apuleius Platonicus. De remediis salutaribus 

fragmentum v. 5 of B. 175. 3 

Arabia. Geography, history, etc. 

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Ost-Afrika 3056.5 

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des Arabes en Espagne et en Portugal . . . , 3102.11 



Arabia, contimied. 


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siano 3030.9 

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— Fans El-Sludiac. Practical grammar of the . 3038.29 

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num, Haririimi, et \"itam Timuri ...... 5030.13 


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riim Arabicarum 4245.18 

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arabischen Volkslieder 4240.25 

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inter Arabes 4163.30 

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Indicis opuscula 3044.21 

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arabe 4240.26 

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der Arabcr 4241.4 

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arabi 2ir>4.14 

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Arabian nights' entertainments. New ed. Phila- 
delphia, 1842. 8° 3024.15 

Arabius Scholasticus. Epigrammata. [Bruuck. 

Analectapoct. Gr., V. 3j B. 102.7 

Arabshah. 5ec Ahmed Ben Mohamm,edIbn Arab- 

Arago, 1). F. J. Popidar on comets. 
Translated and edited by W. H. Smyth a^d 
R.Grant. London, 1861. 8" 3024.24 

— Tract on comets, particularly on the comet of 

1832. Translated by J. Farrar. Boston, 1832. 
pp.89. 12" . : 4163.3 

Abam.ean language. Synopsis institutlonum Chal- 

da:arum ct Syrarum. Alting, J 5037.16 

Abaros. Quinque como-'diarum fragmeuta. [Mei- 

neke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 1] B.162.8 

Abator. Historian apostolica; libri duo, heroico 
carmine; Ad Parthcnium epistola. [Maxi- 
ma biblioth. vet. patr., v. 10] B.110.2 

ARA>'GUKKN, M., Sermon on the death of. ^ec Al- 
len, J. H 416;{.3 

Aratus Solensis. Pliainomena et Diosemea, Gr. et 
Lat. Accedunt Theonis scholia, Leontiiis de 
Bphicra Aratea, et versionum Arati poctica- 
rum (piae Hupersunt. Cur. J. T. Buhle. Lip- 

8iff, 17a;-ls01. 2v. 8" • •*2977.3 

Apparcnthi, I.atinfea.T. Ceporlno. [Lect. Foe- 

taiGriPci, V. 1] 4200.7 

— Apparrntium pars. .9f(? Vorst,.! B.IOO.O 

Abbutiinot, A., Trial and execution of. See Nar- 

rotive of a voyage, etc 2365.19 

ARCf^RK, L. fe. Illstoirc de la ville de la Uochelle 

et du payn d'Aulnis, Uochelle, 1756, 57. 

2v. 4" 4621^.1 

Abchbold, J. F. Criminal procedure, pleading and 

evidence. Notes by .J. W. Waterman, 7th 

ed. New York, IKW). 2v. l.H" ♦afl3ft.l 

Abchedicus. FabiilarumduarumtVagmenta. Me!- 

nek«. Fragm. com. Gr., V.6] B.162.8 

Shelf. No. 

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Geschichte, 1788-96. Register von J. S.Ersch. 
Braunschweig und Tub., 1789-1800. 20v. 16°. 4519a. 5 

— Histoire de Gustave Wasa, roi de Su&de. Trad. 

de PAIlemand par J. F. G. Propiac. Paris, 

1803. 2v. 8° 2852.25 

— Histoire des flibustiers, trad, de I'AUemand 

[par J. F.Bourgoing]. Paris, 1804. 8° . . . 2312.13 
Archer. Memorials of families of the surname of 

Archer. Loudon, 1861. pp.75. 4" *2435.30 

Arches. La misura delle volte rette di Vincenzo 

Lamberti. Astolfi, G 3926.28 

Archiac, E. J. A. Desmier de Saint Simon d*. 

Fossils of the older deposits in the Rhenish 

provinces. .SVe Sedgwick, A 5863.13 

Archias. Epigrammata. [Brunck. Aualecta poet. 

Gr., V. 2] B.162.7 

ARCmLOCHUS. Carmina. [Lect.PoetaeGraeci,v.3]. 4200.7 

— Fragmenta. [Brunck. Analecta poet. Gr., v. 1] . B.162.7 
Akchiisiedes. Quae supersunt omnia cum Eutocii 

Ascalonitre commentariis ex recens. d. To- 
relli, cum nova versions Latina. Oxonii, 
1792. r 6910.6 

— Fragmenta, de corporibus aquie innatantibus. 

[Mai. Class, auct., v. 1] B.172.3 

Arciiinard, A. Les origines de I'eglise romaine. 

Paris, 1852. 2v. 8° 6074.10 

Archippus. Sex comoediarum fragmenta. [Mei- 

ueke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B.162.8 

Architects. Glen.W. C. Legalliabilities of . . 4095.11 

— Milizia, F. Lives of celebrated 4085.3 

— Vasari, G. Vite de' piu eccellenti arcbitetti . 4805.3 
Architects' and mechanics' journal. Vol.2. New 

York, 1860. 4" *8090.7 

Architecture. Alberti, L. B. Ten books on . . 4080.4 

— Bottari, G. Raccolti di lettere sulla arcliitet- 

tura .* 4089.43 

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— Donaldson, T. L. Architectural medals of 

classic antiquity 2960.32 

— Elmes,J. Lectures on 4103.10 

— Field, M. Designs for houses, stores, etc. . . 4100.3 

— Goddt*, J. Collection delivresrelatifs a I'artd*. 2138.4 

— Hirt, A. Die Lehre dt'r (iebiiude bei den Gric- 

cheu und Riinieru 4103.13 

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letztcn 30 Jahre 2172.13 

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Baukunst 8091.10 


— Architects' and mechanics' journal . . . 

— Burnell, G. K. Annual retrospect of . . , 

— Civil engineer and architect's journal . . 

Sfc also : Athenian, Cliurch. Domestic, Gothic and 
Monapitic iiroliitecturc ; atno : Anlion, A8|)hnlttini, 
Biilldintr, Ciir]>piitr.v, Chimney, Concrclc, Cunelruc- 
tlon, LimoH, Mid<llo n(tOB, Moi'Iilts, HooTs, Stulrn, Von- 
tllndon, VlllnH. 

Archiv ftir pathologische Anatomie und Physiolo- 
gic, n.s.w. Vircliow, R 7717.1 

Archives diplonmtiijues. Recueilde dfplomatieet 

d'hlstoire. Paris, 1861-()3. 12v. 8" ♦6215.1 

ARCHIVio storico italiauo. Nuovaeerle, Tome 7-14. 

Firenze, 1858-61. 8v. 8° *5255.1 

A'ofr. — For rnrllpr volumoR bco prcvioun Indnx. 

Contentf. — Vol. VII. IntniElonv ppr I« nunelnturn dl 
Vpni'xlo, CiluFcno, 1(121; DI Cviturc Sn)ur,>:o « dol luol 
trinpf ; DI Ali'HHnndrn I'riinyols c del huuI hcavI noUo 
rcirloni di'ir nntlon Klnirhi; Drl rorpim Innprlptlonum 
Lntlnnruni liilmprfiio prr cura dolln H, nccndcmla delte 
BclonRo fll PniMla; VII, VIII, IX. LcltPrc dl Olnvnnnl 
dr' M.^dl^l ilctloDnllo hnndp ncro. VII-XII. fioolr'tA 
Culombarla florontina, rnpporto ; I'n brnno d'UtorIa 
dtllft r«pubbllca florcntiua, ISAl-i^A ; Controvarala di 





Shelf. No. 

Archivio storico itallano, contimied, 

prectfdemsii tra i iJuchi dl Firi>nzp c iH Ferrara, 1562-78; 
Iiitomo aIIb vitn ill Knincfsco Orioli. VIII, Storia dl 
Re;;fno di Cnlitlirla; Storln di>ll« rlvoluzlonl cTItalla; 
Didln 1)Ih)iot«cn vntlcnnn ; Del duomo di Flrenzo o della 
Bun ftipcinr« ; L'opoidio di Oencna doll'unno 1377 ; Storia 
della lufrlslazlono Itnlinnn d! Fedoripo Sclopln: Storiii 
delltf rivtiltixioni d'ltnliii di (iluni'iipo l-'t'trnrl ; Le pubbli- 
cailoul dull' Istituto dl con'iH])oiidpnza nrcheolof^ica. 

IX. Dolle rclAKlonl deifll nm base! nt oil veneti o di nitre 
ptibbllcaxiiml rlctiardaiill la tttoria o la diploniazia ital- 
iana. IX-XII. DcrII ntiidl storicl nol ref-no di NapoH; 
Deir intrndiizlono del cbHittitincfdino in rrussia ; Di Gu- 
gllelmo Favro p dolla sna Win dl G. M. Filelfo ; 1 pioniaH 
prcssu g\l antlchi Runinnt : Lptttro d! L. A. Muratori a 
G. B. Tnfuri ; Delia vita, v dt-pll scrltti di Marailio Ficino. 

X. DocumeTttioriontnli risprnardiiiiti I'ltalia; Dellefalsi- 
flcKzInnl di docuiiiouti slorlt+ilnliani; IntomoaU'etadell' 
nnnalista Licinlano. X, \I. XIII. Bitltetirio de^li scavi 
della sacield Colombnrin ; Cutitinuaziono delle lettere sui 
Longobardi; Momorie della accadenila delle scienzc di 
Torino; Descrizionedi I'ircnzencll'anno 1598; Diunsis- 
tcma storica sullennticho marched'Italia. XI. InToroo 
di rerenti studi siilla lin^a otrusva ; Prigionia e morte 
di Dou Carlo di SpagTia; Dello spirito di associazione dl 
aloune citta lombnrdo ncl medio cvo; Studj sopra le 
letterc di Cicerone; Teodoro Fnnofka; Delia Corsica 
di Fasqualo do' I'aoli o M. Buttafuoco. XII. Di alcune 
falsidcazioni storich© e del signor Wuatonfeld; Moti 
fiorentini del 1378 e Caterinn da Siena ; Lb nntichita dell' 
iflola di Sardegna ; Osscr^-ar.ioni sopra i niimori chc nsa- 
rono gli Ktruschi ; Andrea Mustoxidi ; Socioia It^ure di 
storia patria; Carlo Troya, discorso del conto Tercnzio 
Mamiani; Statuti antiehi di Vertova, ec. ; Degli studi di 
Bartolommeo Borphcsi. XIII. Kclazioni dei Fiorentinl 
colla cittd di Danitica; Peiisieri suUa storia di Firenzo; 
Delia citta d'Oria; Lettera di Lazzaro Papi sulla fonda- 
sione di una ntiAva cittd ituliana; Do^li statuti rural! 
uel Vicentinoj Scrittori todeschi sulle storie italiano. 
XIV. Mtitazioni dei regRimenti politioi in Corsica; Sta- 
tute di societa Pia in Bergamo nel 1*2^; Lettera di Giulio 
Sax-orini«iio Rui eoutliii di^l Frittli, 1563; Ballettino degli 
scavi della societd Colombaria; Delle relazioni dei i-et- 
tori venezianl di VIcenra; Alcuni dociimenti di storia 
friulana pubblicati dn Vincenzo loppi; Delle relazioni 
diplomutiche tra la Toscana o la Fraucia. 

Arctic regions. Forster, J. R. ■Vo3'nges and dis- 
coveries in the North , . 2367.10 

— Hartwig, G. Der hohe Norden im Natur- uiid 

Meuschenlebeii 2265.15 

— Richardson, J. Arctic searcliing expedition. 2367.7 
Abctofolitanus, Gabriel, pseitd. Dissertatio his- 

torica de origine ac religione Feimcnum. 

Upsaliae, 17'28. pp.60, sm.4'' 4163.18 

Arexd, C. M. Larva legis Aquiliae detracta actioni 

de damno dato, recepta in foris Germano- 

rura. [Diss, acad.] Hala*, 1703. pp. 39. 4°.*4304.22 
Arexd, H. C. Lebens-Beschreibung des Dionysius 

Areopagita. Gosslar, 1725. pp.40. sm.4° . 4163.26 
Abend, J. F. AJgemeene Geschiedenis des Vadei*- 

lands. Veertiende Afievcring. Amsterdam, 

1840-59. llv. 4° *4211.2 

Arendt, J[. F. Strelitzisches Georgium nord-slaii- 

scherGottheiten. Minden, 1.S20. pp.7. 4°. B. 100a. 127 
Aretas, bishop of Cftsarea^ in Cappadocia. Ex- 

planationes in Apocal>'psin, Slaximo Floren- 

tinolnterp. [,v.9]. B.1I0.2 
Arethas, S. Miiprwpiof T"i} ayiov \piBii, [Boisson- 

ade. Anecdota Grseca, V. 5] B.161.3 

Aretixo,L. La vita di Dante Alighieri. 5eeDante. 2800.20 
Areti>"0, p. Capitolo al re di Francia ; Capitolo 

all'Albicante. SeeKaccoltadipoesiesatiriche. 4S08.9 
Arezzo, Lat. Aretitis, C. ^L Siciliae chorographia. 

[Graevius. Thes. antig. Ital., T. 10, v. 1] . . 4710.1 
Argelasder, F. W. A. DLX stellarum fixarum 

positiones mediae ineunte anno 1830, Hel- 

siugforsiffi, 18:i5. pp.85. 4° 3921.4 

— Observatioues astronomicae in specula univer- 

sitatis !itterari.i! Feiinica? facta?, Abos, 1824- 

28. Helsingforsiie, 1830-32. 3v. in 1. f , . *3920.59 
Argelati, F. II Decamerone. Bologna, 1751. 

2v. r 4773.18 

Argensola, B. de. Poesias. [Quintana. Pamaso 

espanol, v. 2] 3104.19 

Argexsola, L. L. de. Poesias. [Quintana. Par- 

naso espanoli V. 2] 3104.19 

Shelf. No. 
Argenson, B. L. de Voyer de Paulmy d'. Essays, 
interspersed with characters, portraits and 
anecdotes. IstAm.ed. Worcester, 1797. 12".4699a.l4 

— Journal et. memoires, publ. par E. J. B. Rath- 

ery. Tome 1. Paris, 1859. 8", [Society de 
I'histoire de France] 2636.7 

Argentariu.s, M. Epigrammata. [lininck. Ana- 

lectapoet. Gr., V. 2] B.162.7 

Argonauts. Commeutatio de geograpliia Argo- 

nautarum. Schoenemann, C. T. G 2987.12 

Arguijo, J. de. Poesias. [Quintana. Parnaso 

espaiiol, V. 2] 3104.19 

Argthus, I. See Isacius Argyrus. 

Arianism. Historia de Arriana haeresi. "Wiet- 

rowski, M 6041.4 

Aria.s Montano, B. David, i-irtvtisexercitatissimie 
probatum Deo' spectaculum, ajneis laminis 
ornatura a I. T. et I. I. de Bry. Noua ed. a 
C. Rittershvsio. [Francofurti], 1597. sm.4''.*4153.12 

Note. — Extracted from Uumana^ salutis monumenta. 

Arici, C. Poesie et prose inedite, [raccoglie da F. 

Cavalieri]. Brescia, 1838. 10° 4765.10 

Ariosto, L. Orhuido furioso, [colla vita d'autore 
daG.A. Barotti]. Milano, 1812-14. 5v. 8^ 
[Classic! italiaui, V. 40-44] **4802.6 

— Orlando furioso, with notes. Translated by J. 

Hoole. Philadelphia, 1816. 6v. 8m.l2° . . 4799.19 

— Orlando furioso. .See Boiardo, M. M 4208.10 

— Rasender Roland iibersetzt von J. D. Gries. 

Jena, 1807, 8. 4v. in 2. 8° . 2806.7 

— Satira. See Raccolta di poesie satlriche . . . 4808.9 

— Satire. See Sansovino, F 4799.26 

Arislaus, or Arisleus. Turba philosophorum, de 

occulta scientia; Enigma ex visione A. See 

Artis auriferje vol. tres 5979.21 

Arist.enetus. Lettere tradotte in Italiano da G. 

Ferini. [Collezione degli erot. Gr., v. 4] . . B.162.3 
Aristagoras. Comcedias fragmenta. [Meineke. 

Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B.162.8 

Aristeas, or Aristseus. De septuaginta duobus 

Scripture S. interpretibus historia. [Maxima 

biblioth. vet. pair., v. 2] B.110.2 

Aristides, M. Oratio adversus Demosthenem de 

inimunitate. [Mai. Class, auct., v. 4] . . . B.172.3 
Aristo Pellffus. Disputatlouis Jasonis et Papisci 

fragmenta. [Grai>e. Spicilegium, v. 2] . . . 6029.3 
Aristobulus Judceus. Diatribede A. J. SeeValck- 

enaer, L, C 6051.7 

Aristomenes. Trium comcedianun fragmenta. 

[Meineke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B.162.8 

Aristonymus. Duarum comcediarum fragmenta. 

[Meineke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B.162.8 

Aristoph^vnes. Comoe'diae. Ed. stcr. Lipsire, 1819. 

3v. 32" *B.160a.6 

CoMents. — Vol.1. Phitus; Nubea; Rnna;. II. Aves; 
Equitcs; Pax; Lysistrata. III. AehanicnBeB; Vespa;; 
Tliesmopboriazuste; Eccleaiazusa:. 

— ComoediJE cum scholiis, rec. I. Bekkerns. 

Acced. versio Latina et index. Loudini, 

1829. 5v. 8" *B.168.2 

Contents, — Vol. I. Comcedire ; Index. II. Versio La- 
tina; Fragmenta; Scholia. III. Notre in Achamenses, 
Equites, Nubea, Vespas. IV. Notte in Pacein. Avea, 
Tbesmophoriazusas, Lysistratani. V. Nota; in Plutuin, 
Banas, Ecclesiazusas. 

— Comoediie, Gr. et Lat. [Lect. Poeta; Graci, 

V. 2] 4200.7 

— Deperditarum trigintacomcEdiarum fragmenta. 

[Meineke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. .3] B.162.8 

— Comedies. Translated by T, Mitchell. Lon- 

don, 1820-22. 2v. 8" 2977.24 

Contents. — Vol. I. The Acbamians; The knights. II. 
Tbe clouds; The wasps; The dicast turned gentleman. 

— Comedies. Translated into familiar blank verse 

by C. A. Wheelwright, with a dissertation on 
the old Greek comedy from Wachsmuth. 
Oxford, 1837, 2v. 8° 2977.25 




Aeistoph^vxes, contimied. 

Single plays. 

— Birds, with notes by C. C. Felton. Cambridge, 

1840. 12" 2977.5 

— Clouds, with notes by C. C. Felton. Cambridge, 

1^1. 12= 2977.17 

— - Same. New ed. Cnmbridgre. 1S48. 12'.. 2977.7 

— Wolkcn griechisch und deiitsch [von F. A. 

Wolf]. Berlin, 1811. sm.4^ **2977.23 

— Knights. Translated by T.Mitchell. IstAm.ed. 

M'ashington, 1837. 8* 2977.22 

— Nubes [Gr. et Lat.] cum scholiis antiqiiis ex 

recens. L. Kusteri. Harderovici, 1744. 8°.**2977.15 

— Nubes cum scholiis. Recens. et adnot. J. A. 

Ernestii suasque addidit G. Hermannus. 
Lipsiffi, 1799. 8" **2977.16 

— Plutns et Nubes [Grsecfe cum interpretatione 

Latiua et] scholiis Graecis. [Cura J. Leng.] 
Londini, 1695. 12° 2979.25 

— Plutns, adjecta sunt scholia vetnsta. Recogn.T. 

Hemsterhuis. Harlingae, 1744. 8* **2977.8 

— Plutns. See Vorst, J B.1G9.C 

— and Coluthus. I*Iutus, et Coluthi raptus Helenje 

curavit T. C. Harles. Norimbergae, 177G. 8°.**2977.9 

— Terentius, and Persius. Comedies. Pliiladel- 

phia, 1822. 2v. 24° B.lG9.r2 

Contents. — Yol. T, II. Aristophanes, translated by T. 
Miti-hell. Vol.1. Achnmians; Tho knights, or the dem- 
a^pufs; The clouds. II. The wasps; Dit-nst timiotl 
gentleman; Terence, translnted by G. Colmnn; Life; 
The Andrian; The brothers; Phonnio; Persius; Intro- 
duction ; Prologue; SatireSjtransIated into English verso 
by W. Gifford. 

Aristopiion. Comoedianim novem deperditarum 
fragmenta. [Meineke. Fragm. com, Gr., 
V. 4] B.162.8 

ARISTOTELES. Opervm noua editio, Gr. et Lat. 

[Ex. variorum interp. per J. Pacium.] Au- 

reli?e Allobrogvm, 1606, 7. 2v. 8° *B.164.13 

Contetits. — Vol. I. Aristotclis vita anctore Ammonio; 
Porphj-rii introdnctio, N. Gnichio interp.; Cntegoria', 
eod. int. ; De interpretatione. eod. int. ; Analytien priora, 
eod. int. ; AnalyticB posteriora, cod. Int.; Topiea, eod. 
int.; Oe sophisticis rednrgutionibus, cod. int.; PhyBictv 
auBCulationin slve de niotu, J. ArgjTopylo interp. ; Do 
coelo, eod, int. ; De generatione ct corruptiono, F. Vata- 
blo int. ; Meteorologicorum, eod. int. ; Do liistorin anl- 
malium, Theod. Gnxa int.; Dt« partibuo nnlnrnllura ct 
enruni cnuvis. eod. int. ; Dp genorntionc nnim.-iliun), cod. 
int. ; De nnimnllum Inconsu et Dp anima, N, Lconico Int. ; 
De Hcnnu et nensili, J. Argyropylo int. ; De memoria ct 
reinlniscentln, cod. int. ; De Bomno ct vigllln, F. Vatablo 
int.; Dc insomniifl, eod. int. ; De divinatione per soni- 
num ; De comniunl anitnalium motionc, N. Leonico int. ; 
D« longitudlnc ct brovitate vitre, F. Vntablo int.; Do 
juventute et neneetuto, vita ct mortc. eod. Int. ; Do 
rcuplrntlone, cod. int. II. F.tblcurum Nicomuehcoruni 
llbri 10, J. neniardo Fcbriano Interpretc; Mugnonim 
momllum libri 2, 0. Vnlla Int.; Kudcmlorum libri 7; 
De vlrtutibun, S. Grynn^o Int.; Politlca, L. Aretino int.; 
Oecononiica, J. Cnmcrnrio int. ; Khotorien ad Tlieoder- 
ten, A. Riecobono int.; Rhotorica ail Alexiinilruni, F. 
Phllelpho int.; De poetica, A. Riecobono int. ; I'roblo- 
matiitn Bcctiunes 38, T. Gazn int. ; Du plantiit; De stntn 
vcl Hplritu; D« mlracnllii oudltis; Du phyNJogiioniia 
libri 1 ; Qun<«llonum mechanlcarum, N. Leonleo Inl. ; Do 
tia (pile Hiib Auditum cailiint, F. Fnlritlo int.; Do eolorjbus, 
C.CiUengnliin Int.; lie lineialnMecabllibUN ; G-PAchymero) 
parapbrruili) libri dc liiiciit innocubillbuH, .1. Sebegk int.; 
I»t! Xcnocrate, do Zerione, do Gorgia, et Venloniin regi- 
onei et nonilnn, J. nemardo Felieiuno Int. ; De nnmdo, 
U. Rudico Int.; MutAphyaicoruni libri 14, Ueiutnrionu 

— Opera omnia. Gr, et Lat. Ed. G. Du Val. 

Lutetlic I'ariHiorum, 1629. 2v, f° , , . . . *1I90.4 

Xoftf. — TbemntUT eoiifidncd in thin edition, and ll* 
Dirnngrnii-nt, iigr.-i- with the table of eonlmtti |irlnt.-d 
In INll, In ihu liidi'x, for the cnpy nmrkeil Lni70.:i. 

— Opera, ex rerenfiloni' I. Bi-kkerl. Acccdunt In- 

dices SJynnirgluiil. Oxonil, l«:t7. llv. 8'. . *^l.I 

C<narnta.-~Vo\. I. Orgnnitii; Cntegoriin ; Dfltntcrpre. 
Utlonn; Annlyllcji; Topics] Do ■opIilaHeta «lrnehU. 
U. N'aturalta auMiilMttoitIa llbri 8; D« ealo. llbri 4; 

Shelf. No. 
ARISTOTELES, Continued. 

De generatione et comiptione, libri 3; III. Moteorolo- 
giea; De mundo; De anima; De sensu ct sensili; De 
niemorio; Doaoinno; De insoniniis ; Dc divinotione per 
soninuni; De longitudine vit«; De juventtitc, etc. ; De 
respiratione; De spiritu. IV. Ilistoria animalium. V. 
De partibus animalium, libri 4; De mortu Animalium; 
Dc incessu animalium ; De generatione animalium, libri 
S. VI. Decoloribus; De audibilibus; I'hysiognomoniea; 
De plantis; De mirabitibus auseultntionibus; Mcchan- 
ica; De lineis insecabilibus ; Ventorum situs et nomina; 
De Xenophane, Zenone et Gorgia. VII. Prohlemota. 
VIII. Metapbysica. IX. Ethica Nicomachea: Ethica 
magna; Ethica Eudemia; De virtutibus et vitiis. X. 
Dcrepublica, libriS; CEconomica,accedunt rerumpubli- 
carum reliquiie ex editione C. F. Xetimann. XI. De 
rhetorica, libri 3; Do rhetorica ad Alexandrum; De 
poetica. % 

— Werkc. und deutsch, von C. 
Frantl [und Andercn]. Leipzig, 1854-00. 
Vol. 1-3. 12' *B.179.10 

Contents. — Vol. I. Acht Biicher Physilt mit Aniner- 
kungcn von Carl Prantl. II. Vier Biicher iiber daa 
Himmelsgebande und zwei Biicher iiber Eutsfehcn und 
Vergehenmit Aumerk,von C. Prantl. III. Fiinf Biicher 
von der Zeugung und Ent^vickclung derThiere libersetzt 
und crliiutert von Dr. H. Aubert und Dr. F. "Wir 

Beck, C. D. Varietas lectionis libellorum 
Ai-isitotelicorum 4162.18 

Bouruot. PIfttonica Aristoteli-s opuscula jam 
perdita B.190.52 

Fragmenta metrica. [Brunck. Analecta poet. 
Gr.,v. 1] B.162.7 

Single worlcs, with 7ioteSy etc., on the same. 

De anima libri tres [Grmct]. Recognovit com- 
mentariis illustraWt F. A. Trendelenburg. 

lenre, 1S33. 8" 
Ai'istotelis vovi. 

See Ribbentrop, F. H. C. 

. B.ir4.11 

De arte poetica liber [Grsect] cum commenta- 
riis G. Hermanni. LipsiiP, 1802. 8* . . . . B.163.7 

Commentary ilhistrnling the poetic, by exam- 
ples from modern poets. Prefixed, a new 
tran!i;lation, by 11. J. Pye. London, 1792. 4". 2971.5 

Raunier, F. L. G. v. Ucber die I'oetik ties A. 
und seiu Verbaltnlss zu den neuern Drama- 
tikern 2970. 15 

Salas, G. A. G. de. Illustracion al libvo de 
poetica de B, 107. 19 

Ethics and politics, translated [with] life, etc., 

by J. Gillies. 2ded. Londoit, 1804. 2v. 8'. 


La morale et la politique, trad, du Grec, par F. 

Tliiirot. i'aris, 182;t, 24. 2v. 8° B.104.8 

Andronicus Rhodiiis. Ethicorum Nichomach- 

eorum paraphrasis B. 107. 18 

Anton, il. S. Doctrina de natura hominis ab 

Aristotele in scriptis ethicis proposita . . B. 170a. 105 
Dclhrik'k, .L V. G. Ethicorum Nichomacheo- 

rum adumbratio U. 160b. 92 

Drosfe-Iliil-Jhoft', C. A. v. De ArlstoteHsjustltin 

universali et particular! 4289.42 

King, W. T. De Aristotele servilutis defen- 

sore 4162.27 

Krulil, H. Dc ratioue qua A. in sunimi boni 

notiuiic luvuuicnda ct describendu usns est . IL190.G4 

Die Kategorieen, ilhers. n. erlnulert von A. 

lleydi-mann. Herlin, ]s;il. pp- t2. -i" . . . 4103.41 
Kernten, A. F. C. Quo jure Kuntius Arl.stote- 

lis categorlas rejecerit H. 190. 17 

Metrtphy.Hica fGra>c^], recognovit fcumcomnien- 

tiiriUJ H. Itoiiltz. Honiia', 18IH, 19. 2v. 8". B.IO-l.Q 

Metiipliy.'-icH, tniiislati'd willi mttes. Added, a 
dlHsertation on nuIHtie.H and diverging seriet), 
by T.Taylor. London, 180l. 4* 2971.4 

Cousin, V. De la m^laphysitjue d'ArIi*t<»te, 
llvreoleret 12c trad B.lO:i.o 




SUelf. No. 

Aristotelks, conti/med. 

— Bicse, F. Die Philosophie des Aristoteles . . B.lfi3.o 

— Bonitz, H. (H)serviitiones critica; in Aiistote- 

lis libros metaphysicos B. 190. 56 

— Christ, W. Studia iu Aristotelis libros metft- 

physicos collata B. 170a. 101 

— Sibbern, F. ('. Hidraj; til at oplyso noffl*? onto- 

logisko Udtryk 1 AristotU's's Metaphysik . . 4162.15 

— Vater, .7.8. Thcologia; Aristotdere vindioi;e.B. 170a. 114 

— Waddington-Kastns, C. T. De la psycholggle 

d'Arislote B.163.8 

— Naturnlis auscultationis libri vin [Grrect;] J. 

Paciiis a lU-riga Latina interp. auxit, et com- 
nientariis illust. FrancoCurti, 150G. sm.8'*.*B.169a.l8 

Politique, trad, en fran^ais, par J. Barth^leray 
Saint-IIilaire. 2e td. Paris, 1848. 8" . . . B.lfl4.2 

Eichstadt, H. C. A. De Aristotelis politic, iir, 

1, 10 B. 190. 41 

Holm, A, De ethicis politicorum Ai-istotelis 

principUs B. 170a. 100 

— Rhetoric, poetic and Nichomachean ethics, 

translated by T. Taylor, London, 1818. 

2v. 8" 2976.6 

— Rhetorik an Alexandres. Poetik. Uebers.und 

eriiiut. von H. Knebel. Stuttgart, 1840. 8\B.164.3,4 

— Schmidt, M. De tempore, quo ab Aristotele 

libri de arte rhetorica conscripti sint .... 4163.35 

— Vater, J. S. Auimadvel-siones ad librum pri- 

mum rhetoricorum B. 170a. 90 

References to tvorks not separately printed. 

— Carrifere, M. Teleologise Aristotelicse linea- 

ments B. 107.11 

— Cunze, T. Qurestionum Aristotelearumfasc. 1. 4162.32 

— Francke, F. J. C. De sensu proprio quo Aris- 

toteles usus est iis ars^iini«-nt:iiidi modis, qui 
recedunt ab ejus periiM-tii sylln;:ismi forma . 4IC3.37 

— Fiilleborn, G. G. Liber tier Xeiiophane, Ze- 

none, Gorgia, Aristoteli vulgo tributus, com- 
mentatione ilhistratus 4102.17 

— Grote, G. Aristotle's comment upon Plato's 

doctrine respecting the rotation of the earth. 3934.16 

— Jourdain, A. L. 31. M. B. Sur les traductions 

latines d'Aristote B.1G4.10 

— Kontopulos, C. De physiologia plantarum se- 

cundum Aristotelem B. 170a. 91 

— Kuhn, C. D^ notionia definitione qualem 

Aristoteles copstituerit B.ir0a.ll3 

— Kuettner, F. Qnaestio necessitatis, quam defi- 

nitionem quem fontera ultimum Aristoteles 
statuerit B. 170a. 110 

— Steyer, J. B. De principiis A. in distributione 

animalium adtiibitis B. 170a. 115 

— Philippson, L. Doctrina de sensibus 4206.6 

— Rassow, II. Aristotelis de notionis definitione 

doctrina B. 170a. 104 

— Scahgero, G. C. In libros duos, qui inscribun- 

tur de plantis, Aristotele authore, libri2 . , B. 109a. 15 

— Schrader, W. H. C. De artis apud Aristotelem 

nptione ac vi B.170a.llG 

— Valles, F. Conniientarius in quartum librum 

meteorologicoriim B. 170. 118 

— Waitz, F. T. De Ubri Htpi epiinveias capite 

decimo B. 190. 15 

— Weichert, O.H. Theologumena Aristotelia . B.167.12 


— Engelbrecht, Lebensurastiinde des Aristoteles 

und sein VerhiUtniss zu Alexander dem 
Grossen 4162.24 

— Koch, CD, De Aristotele in nummoaureo.B.lfiOa. 123 

— Stabr, A.W. T. Aristotelia B.104.10 

Aristoxenus Tarentinus. PvOtiiKo orToixeia. See 

Westphal, R 2985.25 

Arithmetu'. Adams, D. New arithmetic .... 7019.39 

— - Scholar's arithmetic 7058.10 

— Byrne, O. Dual arithmetic 39.'i6.29 

Shelf. No. 

Arithmetic, continued. 

— Colburn, W. Intellectual arithmetic .... 7019.40.41 

— Cruttenden, D. H. Mental and primary . . . 7019.43 

— - Systematic arithmetic 7019.44 

— First stage of 7019.51 

— Fisher, G. Corfipendium of 7029.29 

— Fowle,\V.B. Child's A. iuPestalozzi's method. 7019.52 

— Gignoux, J. Treatise of 4689.40 

— ilutton, C. Complete treatise on 7019.47 

— Krancke, F. Lelirbuch des gemeinen Rechnens. 3936.26 

— Leonard, G. Practical treatise on 7019.48 

— Not"!,.!. N. Arithmetique dementaire . . . . 3036.25 

— Root, E. Introduction to 45s9a.9 

— Sonnet, M. L. J. H. Lemons d'arithmt-tique . .3591.26 

— WiUkingame, F. Tutor's assistant, a compen- 

dium of 7019.50 

See also: Annuities, Computation, Interest. 

ARLiiR-DuFOUR, J. B. Soieriesetnibans. [France. 

Commission sur I'industrie des nations, v. 4]. 4029.20 

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tives. London, 17S0. pp.78. 12" 4080.16 

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the insane, veith observations on the con- 
struction and organization of asylums. Lon- 
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doms: England, Scotland, Ireland. [Smith. 
Weekly volume, V. 1] 8030.3 

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bus] libri sex. [Greevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., 
T. 5, p. 4] 4710.1 

Armenia. Chamich Chamchean, M. History of. 3048.30 

— Morier, J. Journey through 42G0.15 

— Petermann, J. H. Grammatica linguie Arme- 

niacie 5032.11 

— Riggs, E. Words not found in ancient lexicons. 3034.38 
Armexian origin of the Etruscans. Ellis, R. . . 2740.20 
Arminian [and] Wesleyau methodist magazine. 

First published by J. Wesley. London, 1778- 

1856. 79v. 8° *74I5.1 

Arminianism, Remarks on. Jones, J 5443.6 

.Arminius, Hermansz, or Hermansen, J. Works. 

Translated by J. Nichols and W.R. Bagnall. 

Auburn, 1853. 3v. 1.8° 3477.1 

Contents. — Vol. I. Life of Arrainius ; Orations ; De- 
claration of sentiments; Apologrj' against thirty-one 
defamatorj' articles; Kine questions exhibited for the 
purpose of obtaining an answer from each of the pro- 
fessors of d'vinity, and the replieswhlch Aiininius gave 
to them; Remarks on the preceding questions; Twen- 
t\--five public disputations. II. Seventy-nine private 
disputations; Dissertation on the seventh chapter of 
the cpistte to the Romans; Letter to Hippolitus a Colli- 
bus; Certain articles to be diligently examined and 
weighed; Letter on the sin against the Holy Ghost. 
III. Epistolarj- discussion, concerning predestination, 
between J. Armiuius and F. Junius; Examination of a 
treatise concerning the order and mode of predestina- 
tion and the amplitude of divine grace, by W. Perkins; 
Analysis of the ninth chapter of the epistle to the 

— Epistolae. 5ee Limborch , P. van B. 140. 18 

Armorer, J. Jlaterials for thinking, addressed to 

the inquirer after sacred truth. Fort Smith, 

1852. pp.80. 8° B.1G0.120 

Armour. Ancient weapons in Europe. Hewitt, J. 2233.9 

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Estlin. Bristol, 1855. 8" B.160a.93 

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[An extravaganza.] N. Y., 1852. pp.72. 8°. 4129.81 

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works, with life. [Anderson. Poets of Great 
Britain, v. 10] 4604.1 

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New York, 1838. 18° 2348.57 

Armstrong, W. G., Bell, I. L., Taylor, J., and 
Richardson, T. Industrial resources of the 
district of the Tyne, Wear, and Tees. Lon- 
don, 18&t. 1.8" 2403.4 




Shvir No. 

Arnald, R. Commentary on the Apocrypha as 

read in churches. See Apocrypha 5440. C 

Arxaldus. See Arnoldo di Villanuova. 

AiiXAUD, D. Lanzelet lie Lac, ubersetzt voii Clrich 
von Zafzichoven. [Holstaeter. Altdeutsche 
Ciedichte, v. 1] 2900.38 

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raires. Paris, i:ti8, 69. 4v. 12° **4670.3 

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ft conjunctis, comment arius. [Poleni. Utri- 
usqiie thes. antiq. supp., v. 2J 2970.7 

ARXArn, H. Glorious recovery by the Vaudois of 
their valleys. With a compendious history of 
that people, by H.D.Acland. Lond.,1827. 8^.1528.11 

ArnAUld, a. Briefwechsel zwischen Leibnitz und 

Arnauld. See Grotefend, C. L 2844.16 

— and Nicole, P. Logica, sive ars cogitandi. E 

.ta apud Gallos editione recognita et aucta, in 
Latinum versa. Londini, 1(174. sm.s° . . , *6086.8 

— - Port-Uoyal logic, translated from the French ; 

with introduction, notes, etc., by T. S. Baynes. 

5th edition, enlarged. Edinburgh, ISOl. 12". 5609.18 
Arnauld de Chartres. De nltimis septem verbis 

Domini; Sernio de laudibus B. A'irginis; 

Tractatus tie operibus sex dierum. [Maxima 

biblioth. vet. patr., v. 22] B.110.2 

Arnault, L. Regulus, tragedie en ti'ois actes. 

Seed. Paris, 18^3. pp.75, b" 4703.18 

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d'Azyr. (Euvres, v. 2] 3720.11 

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den unwandelbaren Xaturgesetzen d. Volks- 

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Arnd, Carl, ofJTanan. Der Strasseu- und Wegebau. 

Darmstadt, 1827. 8° . ■ 4015.21 

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Hamburg, 18:t3. 16° 4229a. 7 

— GeschichtederfranzosischenNationallitteratur 

von der Renaissance bis zu der Revolution, 
Berlin, 1856. 2v. 8" 4188.14 

— Geschichte der franziJsischen Revolution. 

Braunscluveig, 1851. 6v. in 3. sq.H)" . . . 4189a. 6 

— Geschichte der letzten vicrzig Jahre. Berlin, 

1854,55. 2v. 8° 4146.10 

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schen Gcschiclite. Erster Theil. Leipzig, 
1814. 8° 2817.8 

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1814. 10" 2819.12 

— Geist der Zeit. [AltonaundJ Lond<m, 1806-13. 

3v. 16" 2819.10 

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gon iiher Luc. ix. 51-i>2. Jlagdehurg, 1840. 

pp. 67. 8" 6608.2 

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ewigen Worts. 5ec Hohurg, C B.117.8 

AiiNK, T. A. The cooper, tr. from Le tonneMer [of 

Audinot]. [Collcctiim of liirce-s, V. 6] , . . 2575.35 
Arnouius Afer. [Adversus natioues, Not;e, ob- 

8ervationes,anima(lversioneset castigationes 

[variorum] in A., edt-nte Tliysio. l^ugduni 

liatavonim, 1651. No title-page.] 4* . . . .♦6050.25 

(Jontf^nta. — Tlipodurl Cnnti-ri nrttno nd Arnol^him ; Go- 
cli-MCJilrl tttuwi-rhil llciittilnnt oIitII ; (ipbliiirll K1iiif>n- 
honlll obnorvfttfoiitN i-t variiinim lortloniim cullocta- 
ni-n. cum tliiiiHci hiiUr»t et olixorvHtloncn in AmoMuin; 
LcmUUtII Ileralill ni)iiiin<lvrniioiiL'« et castitrnlluiivM. 

— Adver.'^UH nnlioncs, llbrl Vll. Rerensnit G. F. 

IlUdebraud. Ilalis Saxotnim, 1S44. 8" . . . OMO.II 

— - .Same. Kecenwuit et ilhist. P.Oehler. Llpr»lie, 

18-16. p.H'. ((;erHd(irf. Hihjiolh. pair., v. 7]. 6039.9 

— AdverMiiH gentex, jjhri vii.cuiii coirinirnfarils. 

[Maxima bibliolh. vtl. pair., V. 3] B.110.2 

ARNftHlus Junior. ContlioluH Arnohii et Seraplonis, 
de Deo trino et uno ; Commentarium in 
PfialnioM ; Annolationef< in evangell><tanim 
locoR. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., V. H] . . IMlo.j 

Htfte, — ThvftUriiMlon flr'tfHven ihovrili prolmbly nnl 
Hir wurlt "f Arnol.lii*; |m rhHi'» nt VlrglMii* Tni.iicn«lo. 

.Shelf. No. 

Arnold, F. Icones nervorum capitis. Ueidel- 

bergie, 1834. pp. 50. 18 pi. f " *5800.5 

Arnold, Georg. Vita Mauritii ducis et elect. Sax. 

[Mencke. Script. Germ., v. 2] 4261.2 

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vum lumen; Flos tlurum, quo reperitnr verl 
compositio elixir; Kpislola suj>er alcheniia 
ad regem NeapoUtanuni; (Jiuxstiones de iirte 
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cessum contra Girardum EngoliHmeiisem 
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— - Same. [Grxvius. Thes. antlq. Ital., T. 4, 

p. 1] 4710.1 




Sholf. No. 

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Se£ also: Esthetics, ^tists, Beauty, Christian art. Fine arts, Taste. 

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Noif. — For remarks on the authorship of the " Whole 
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Ijholf. No. 

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AVi- alun: Cnnnon, Gunnery, Orilniincc, Itijk«I cannon. 

Artis avriferai qvnm chemiam vocant voluniina in. 

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Contents. — Propositiones ; Turbft phlloBophonim ; Tur- 
bo; philo^ophoruin BUirum exuuij)Inr; Allcgoria; nuper 
librum Tnrbic ; Aeni^nnatn px visione Aii.ilei; Excrcltft- 
tiones in Turbam ; Aurora consnrpri'n'i ; Itusinus nd Eu- 
thlclnni; Idem ad Saratnntam cpiscopum; LEber di^fliii- 
tionnm ujiisdem; Mariic prophutisste practica; Liber 
flt'cri'toruni C»lidir> lilii lazichi ; Liber triuni verborum; 
Ai-istotcb'B de Inpide philosnphonim; Avifpunn! do enn- 
prhitinationc Iopi".iiB; Expositio npltitnlo! Alexaudriregis; 
It^iiutus autor do secr<^tis lapidis; Morliiii allpRoria de 
arcano lapidis ; Rnchnidibi de materia lapidis ; Aviceiinte 
tractatulus de alchimia; Semita scniitu; ; Clangor huc:- 
cinic ; Corrwclio fatuoruin ; Inrortua antor de arte chyin- 
ica ; Morieiii Romani sermo ; Bernnrdi Trcviveiisfft 
re»pon&{d ad Thoniam de Bononia dv niineraHbus, ot 
elixiris conipositione, Robert! Vallensis tabulia illuetrata ; 
Liber de nj-to cliimia incerti authoris nunquani hactcnuft 
in lucem editus; Scala philosophorum ; Ludus purro- 
rum ; Kosariuraphilos. ; .4,rnaldi: tiosnriuin cum fi^uris, 
Novum lumen, Flos florum, Epistola super alchimia ad 
rcfrem Neapolitanum ; Rogerius Bacho Anglos de niira- 
bili potcstate artis et naturn:; Lullii ultinium testa- 
tnentum, Elucidatio testamc-nti totius nd R. Odoardum, 
PotCRtas diuitiarum, cum optima expositione testamooti 
Hermetis, Comiieudium artis ma^ncie, quoad composi- 
tioneni lapidi^^, De lapide et oleo philosophorum, Itlodus 
accipiendi aurura potabtle, Compendium alcliimio: et 
naturalis philosnpluffi, Lapidarium; Albert! Mapiii see- 
retorum tractatus; Abbreviatio quondam do secretii* 
sctretorum Joannis pauperum ; Arnaldi, quaestioues de 
arte Iransmutarionis; Testaraentuni. 

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See also: Teclinologj'. 

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See alto: Piety, Quietism. 

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Shelf. No. 

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See also : Afghatiistftn, AUai, Arabia, Asia Minor, 
Caucasus, Ceylon, China, Circassiu, East. Eastern nrclii- 
pelago, Hindustan, Japan, Lailak, Manchuria, Mongolia, 
Persia, Siberia, Tartarj", Tibet, Turkish empire, 

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vita. [Una cum dissertatione de Syris Ncsto- 
rlanis.J Roma;, 1719-28. 4v. f° ♦00-10. 1! 

C'wHtcnM. — Vol. I. Do srriptorlbus Syria orthodoxls. 
II. Ue scriptorlbus Hyrii Monophysltls. HI. Do scrlp- 
torihus Syris Nestorlanis. IV. Do Syrls Nestoriaiiis. 

— Kitlendaria eccleslrc universic, pricinissis nnius- 

ctiJUHque ecclesirc originibuti. Romro, 1755. 

Ov. 4° ♦OOll.O 

Kttt. — These voliimea were tho only ones pnbllsliod, 
yet they eonlflln only tho history and calendar of thu 
Eastern church. 

ASSEMANI, S. K. Acta [.Syronim] martyrum [auc- 
torlbug Syrls ttcripta, et Luting versa]. Ac- 
cediint acta S. Slmeonis Stylila'. Rttmcc, 
1748. 2v. f° 'IIOSO.S 

Shelf. No. 

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rate 3923.33 

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ranzen 3923.35 

Sec aUo: insurance. 

Assurance magazine. See London. Institute of 

actuaries 7(V44.1 

Assyria, History, geography, and antiquities of. 

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See aUo: Babylon, Chalda-a. Nineveh. 

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8° B. 105.0 

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trange, R 4970.10 

— Fabida; c.xcix. See Nevelet, I. N B.179.6 

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ejusdem nperum, iuterprete Combetisio. 

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di vurie autiche et moderne istorie. Venetia, 

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ni. Utriusque thcs. antiq. supp.,v, 2] . . . . 2970.7 
AsTR.\MI*SYCHUS. Oueirocriticou, sen somnicu-uui 

interpretatio. [Opsopunis. Oracula metrica]. 6071.18 
A.STUOLoGY. Gadbury, J. Doctrine of nativities. 6921.20 

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et all nioyen &ge 5608.4 

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— Sibly, E. Illustration of 6921.19 

ASTRONOiHKAi, observations. Argelander, F. W. 

A. Observatioues astronoinicic in specula 
universitatis litterariic Feunica-' factie . . . 3920.59 

— Brahe, T. Historia ctelestis 4271.2 

— See France. Bureau des longitudes 6910.1 

Astronomical tables, Brahe, T. Tabula; Eudol- 

lihiuiu 3920.60 

AsTKoNOMV. Bayer, J. Urimometria B.180f.4 

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rastronomiechinoise 3922.20 

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7029.43, and 39.M.6 

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— Gummere, S. R. Deliiiilions aud observations 

In 7029.40 

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oiulo «82.4 

— HerschelrJ. F. W. Treallae on 3929.3 

— Hind, J. H. Astronomical vocabulary . . . . 3929.28 

— La Place, P. S. Sys'teme du moudc 4276.18 




Shelf. No. 

Astronomy, co7itintied. 

— Lessons on 3929.8 

— Lewis, G. C. Astronomy of the ancients . . 3922.19 

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tes dt^niontri's 3929.35 

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Iiidos orifrincet naiti«iuitttte . ; 41f>2.23 

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— 8ftrya-ij;iddhantu ' .3024.18 

— Wilbur, U. Klemcntsof 7029.39 

— Wilkins, J. II. Elemeuta of 7029.38 

Sfff alto : Cometw, Eurth, Globes, Gravitation, Heavens, 
Moon, Parallax, Stare. 

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ish rights. London, 1808. S° 4326.5 

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seua, Ambrosio monacho, A. Politiano, J.Cap- 
nioue. Accessit Athanasii vita Erasmo auc- 
tore. Argentina;, Knobloch, 1522. f ° . . .*B.110.Ci 

ContciU^. — CommnntnHi in epistolas Paull, qui a ple- 
risriui" Vulgario [Thuophylacto Bulgaroriim episfi.] nd- 
eerjbuntur; Contra GciililcB liber unus; Dc incamutione 
Uerbi i-jusque ad nos per corpus aduentu; DisputHtio 
contra Arrium ; In uim Psuloiorum opusculum; Exhor- 
tatio ad nionachoB ; De pasiHione imagrinU Dni nostri 
lihellua; Epistolffi niinuIttD llomanoruni ponlificum ad 
Athnnasium, et Athanasii ad coadem; Ejusdem Atha- 
nasii dc uariis quaeslioiiibus liber. 

— . Sermo maj6r de fide; Commentarii in Mat- 

thffum, in Lucam, in Canticuni Canticorum, 
et in Psalmos quosdam ; Sermo de patientia. 
[Monttaucon. Collectio nova patnim et scrip- 
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Contrrtie. ~\'o}. VII. Schrift pe^en die Hellenen; 
Uber dio McnBchwerdung dcs Wortcs ; Darstellung 
dc8 Glanbens; ijbcr jene Worte ; Alio Diuge sind mil- 
von meiuem Vator iibergebeu wordcn ; Umlaufacbriften 
an die rcchtgljiubigcn Bischofe; Vertheidi^ungsschrift 
geg'en die Ariancr; (Jber die BeschlUsse dea Conoili- 
ums von Nicaa ; Vcrtheidigung der Lehre des heiligen 
Diouysius vou Alcxaiulrien; Brief an den Dracontius; 
Umlaufschreiben an die BiscbSfe Aegyptens und Liby- 
ens, gegen die Ariancr; Vertheidigrungan den KOnig Con- 
etanttus. VII, VIII. Rechtfertigung wegen seiner Ent- 
weichung:, als er von dcm dux Syrianus verfolgt wurde ; 
Bricfe; Geschichte der Ariancr; Briefedes Kaisers Con- 
stantinns an des Volk der Stadt Alexondrien; Vralauf- 
echreiben des Erzbi8i:hofes von Alexandrien ; Vier Reden 
gegen die Ariauer; Briefo an Serapion, gcgen diejeni- 
gen welchc lostem und sngen, der licilige Geist sey eia 
Geschbpf ; Abhandlnng iiber die Synoden zu Rimini 
und zu Selcucia; Scbrcibcn an die Antiochier; Briefe 
an den Kaiser Jonanus; Irfben des heiligen Antonius. 
VIII, IX. Brii?fe di-s heiligen Athana^ius an OrsisiuB, 
Ah t von Tabcnna; Atilmndtung von der Menschwer- 
dung des Wortes, und gegcn die Ariancr ; Brief der 
neunzig BiHclmfc von Aegypten und Libyen, so wie 
dea Athanasius, gegen die Ariancr; Brief an Epiktetus, 
gegen dio Horetiker ; Brief an Adelpliiiis gcgcn die 
Ariancr; Brief an den Philoaophcn Maximus; Zwei 
Bticher iiber dio Menschwerduug Jesu Christi, gegen 
Apollisarius ; Abhundlung iiber die Ankunft Jesu 
Christi, und gegen den Apollinarius; Briefe; Buch von 
der Dreieinigkelt und dera heiligen Geiste; Brief an den 
Harcellinus, zur Erklarung der Paalmen; Auslegungen 
der Psalmeu. 

— Athanasius der Grosse und die Kirehe seiner 

Zeit, im Kampfe mit dem Arianismus. See 

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tolaj VI I de necessaria episcoporum residentia. 

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JVrte. — Thia and the following entry represent the 
second volume of an edition published at Lyons, IfiI2- 
21, and the first volume of one printed at Lyons, iOTiT-M. 

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Shelf. Ko. 

Atlas, continued. 

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buug ubcr alle Tlieile der Erde B. 180b. 2 

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Atlas B.ISOb.l 

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tlcus B.lSOe.l 

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occasioned by his tract on 5450a. 25 

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Atrophy of the left hemisphere of the brain, 

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John, in their nuilual relation. Appendix 
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naire historique des mocurs, usages et cou- 
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conversion of a noble French huly. Manches- 
ter, [Eng.], 1814. 8° *J'ph.v.3.35 

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I'eau <lan8 les tuyaux de conduite. 2e <f'd. 
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nuterll S. Hnbertl. [Marline. Vet. script., 
v. 4J 4100.1 

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2Sc l-d. Paris, IWll. 12° 2034.3 

Satt. — Vnrioiift ndltlonit of tliU hook, n» well nn of 
otlior workii of tho niitlior, hnvn appcarvd unilrr Itio 
nmifiiar-t-B. Itlrlinril.oru. A.o. Itflcliiint.ninl of Mn- 
riaiin Htnrkf, 111" two liilOT Iiolnir iiiiim-^ of rclll |irr*<ili- 
■ IcrR wlionf* (viiiiiHialtlott* tin liii« iiioiIIII'mI iiml r<i])uli- 
Ii»liril iiiiitiT llioir iiiiiiip«, ItioiiRli niiiliily hU own. 

— Hlstolrc dc Cttlvln. Nouv. dd. Paris, 1813. 

21,. g" noun. 10 

_ Hli!tolredeI»8alntBarth(ileniy. Paris, l?2«. 8*. mfA.Vi 

Shelf. No. 

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[In German, English, Italian, and French.] 
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24° ' ■. . . 4249a.4 

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sive catechismus historialis. Colonic Agrip- 

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.Sanscriticoruin postvedicorum quotquot in 
bibliotheca Bodleiana adservantur. See Ox- 
ford. Bodleian library 2190.13 

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gustanaj S}Tnboluin proliteutium provocatio 
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tion of the erection of Fort AVestem. Wes- 
ton, N B.170a.84 

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christlichen Arcliiiologie. Leipzig, 1817-31. 

I2v. 8° ♦eoss.i 

Conlenls. — yo\. I-IIl. Dili Fosle ilcr altpn Chi-ifitcn. 
r\'-X. Bio hciliKoii lliindlungon der Christen. XI. Die 
pottosdienntlicbon Pcraoiieii imd Oertiir der christlichen 
Ivircho. XII. Die guttesdienetlichcn Sachon iler alien 

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zig, 18;)«, .37. 3v. 8° 0084.3 

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G. 1 6018.16 

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[ctintrapaganos]. Cura B.Sadler. Ingolstad, 
1737. 6v. sin.8° fl059a.l4 

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10° 0050.27 

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quies and manuid. Added, Conteniplutions 
from St. Anselm and St. Beruiird. Trans- 
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Augustus.] Boston, 18.18. pp.11. 8° . . .4390a. 10 
AUGU.STi's Fiederick, ihil;e nf Snssex. Bibliotheca 

Sussexlann. [Priced cnlnlogiic.] London, 

1814,15. Ov. In 1. 8° ■ •2138.12 

Ai'LK'.\LA>H'M. Aivij/i'irrt fffcri:. [Bolssoimde. 

Aneedola Gra'cn, v. 3| B.161.3 

Aui.Ms, II prortnccnf Friince. Illstoire du pays d'. 

AiTi'ie, L. fc. '. 4622.1 

AUJIALE, 11. E. P. L. d'Oi'li'nns due A'. Alesla. 

ttudc sur la scptI^mc campngne de Ciifnr en 

Gaule. Pails, 1M9. 8* •2041.9 




siK'ir. No- 
AuMAi.E, H. K. p. L., contiimetl. 

— Lettre siir riiistoire de France. R^ponsc au 

cUscours ptMuoncf nu sennt pur le prince Na- 
poltnn. LoiidiTs, isni. pp. U. 8" 4027.1 

— Les Zouaves et les chasseurs k pied. 2e 6d. 

Paris, 1855. Ifi" *2G41.7 

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ISlo. 2v. 10* 4224.29 

Cont^'itt. — Vol, I. Oi'Aohichto dos ewlpren Juden ; 
AUrrloi frhnullchr iind ergOtzlidio Historicn ; Abvii- 
tencr dfr alvbun Schwnhcii, II. Oeschlchte des Doctor 
Pnastun; Allerlfl erlitiiiUr)it> uml cr^tzlichv Historivn; 
Abcntciicr dea SpK'jrchchwabcn. 

AURELIA. Kin Roman, von dem Verfasser des Ki- 

naldini, u.s.w. Arnstadt, 1801. 12". . . . 2878.11 

AVRELirs Victor, S. Srr Victor, S. A. 

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tatis Ccphalfdis, iirbis placentissima; Sicilian, 
Lat.vciiit S. Havercanipus. [Gra-vius. Thes. 
antiq. Ital..T. 10, v. H] 4710.1 

Aurora [and] CJeneral advertiser. Published by 

W. Dunne. .luly-Dee., lSI:i. Phila., 1S12. f. *8070.7 

AuscuLTATKix. Abhandlung iiber Ausknltation. 

Skoda, J 3795.^9 

See aUo: Percuflsion. 

AusfChrlichk Historic derer aus dem Ertz-Biss- 
thum Saltzburg vertriebenen Lutheraner. 
Leipzig, 1732-34. 4 pts. iu Iv. 4° -^.0.5.5. 11 

Xcte. — Part 1 is imperfect at the be^iinin^. 

— - Same. [Erster Theil.] Leipzig, 1732. 4°.*6055.12 
AusONirs, D. Opera cum vita ex Petro Crinito. 

See Gottfried, D B.191.9 

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cal notice. Philadi-'lphia, 1S33. 2v. 12". . 4.576.28 
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repudiation : witli a review of the arguments 
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the missionary character. A discourse. Bos- 
ton, 1824. S" *Pph. V. 375 

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party across Australia 3047.18 

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— Threlkeld, L. E. Language spoken in the vi- 

cinity of Hunter river B. 170. 90 

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See also: Cape York peninBula, New South Wales. 

Austria. Description, traveh, etc. 

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schen Monarchie 2864.15 

— B«schreibung der oesterreichischen Landen. 

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liber die Xationalitiiten Oesterreichs .... 2827,7 

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t#rreichi?cheu Kaiserstaate 2834.26 

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Staaten • 2834.25 

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dem osterreichischen Kaiserstaate 2834.24 

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Hof:} uDd Adels, u.s.w 4819.3 

h;in-ll'. No. 

Austria, co)itiniie<f. 

Hi a for If. 

— Carte segrete e atti ufliciali della poUzia aus- 

tnaca in Italia, 1814-18 4718.8 

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Concordat vom 18 August 1855 6055.4 

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triacam 4217.4 

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Language and literature, 

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piiischen Volker. 1 Theil. Thunniaiin, J. . 4147.10 

Sve also: Bohemia, Camiola, Croatia, Dalmatin, Duu- 
ubc, Grisons, MoQteiiegro, Prague, liagusa, Salzburg, 
SiTvia, Tieiit, Trieste, Tyrol, Vienna. 

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anders of Jersey. London, 1771. 2v. -8°. . 2497-7 

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matiere de religion 0063.4 

— Nicolas, J . F. De I'autorite en matiere de 

philosophic 0099a. 8 

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en Madrid, 1080. Olmo, J. del 0074.22 

Autobiography of a female slave. New York, 

1857. 8" 4278.21 

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neke. Fragni. com. Gr., v. 3] B.102.8 

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graphes 4127.2 

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Autosiedon. Epigrammata. [Brunck. Analecta 

poet. Gr., v. 2] B.162.7 

AuTOPLASTY'. Autoplastie, ou restauration des par- 
ties du corps qui ont 6te dC'truites, a lafaveur 
d'un emprunt fait d'autres parties. Blandin, 

P. F 3745.34 

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Auvergne en 1665 4G19a.3 

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en Auvergne, pendant les IGe ot 17o siecles . 6054.13 

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Typis et figuris expressa moderante A. Tar- 
dieu. [Pictje tabulse cxx.] Parisiis, 1848-51. 
2v. r *37.G.l 

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tis. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 17] . . B.110.2 

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Averani, B. Lezioni, percht alia Dea Vesta si de- 

dicasse U fuoco. [Raccolta di prose ital., v. 3] . 4808. 10 

AVERROfcs, or Ibn Roshd. See Abu-'l-Welid Mo- 
hammed Ben Ahmed Ibn Roshd. 

Avesta. See Zend-Avesta. 

Avianus, F. FabulK, cum vita ex Lilio Giraldo. 

[Gottfried. Corpus vet. poet.] B.191.9 

— Fabula; XLii. [Nevelet. Fabulie variorum 

auctorum] B.179.6 

AviCENNA. Sec Abu Ali Al Chasin Ibn Abdallah 
Ibn Sina. 




Slielf. No. 

AviExrs, R. F. Arati PliEenomena et Prognostica 

ill Latinum conversa. .See Aratus Solensis . 29". 3 

— Descriptio orbis terra;, seu Metaphrasis Diony- 

sii. See Diony?ius Periegetes B.162.9 

AviTCS, Alphius. S'ita, a Petro Crinito. [Gott- 
fried. Corpus vet. poet.] B.191.9 

Avixrs, Alcimus E., St. De origine mundi, etc, 
libriv; De consoiatoria castitatis laude, ad 
Fuscinam sororem. [Gottfried. Corpus vet. 
poet.] B.191.9 

— Epistolie ; HoniUia de rogationibus ; Fragmen- 

ta; Poematum libri sex. [Jlaxima biblioth. 

vet. patr., v. 9] ••.... B.110.2 

Axioxicrs. Comoedianim iv deperditarum fragmen- 

ta. [Meineke. Fragra. com. Gr., v. 4] . . . B.162.8 

Aye d'Avignon. Chanson de geste. [Guessard. 

Les anciens pontes de la France, V. 0] . . . . 2679.18 

Ayer, R. H.. Discourse occasioned by the death of. 

.?ee Fuller, A. B 5440a. 16 

Aylmer, J., Life and acts of. See. Strype, J. . . B.132.4 

Ayloffe, J. Calendars of the ancient charters, 
and of the Welch and Scotish rolls, now in 
the tower of Loudon. London, 1774. 4". . 2410.17 

Ayrer, J. Der uberwunden Ti-ummelschlager; 
Engelendischen Jaun Posset; Tragedia, Von 
dem Griechischen Keyser zu Constautinopel, 
und seiner Tochter Pelimperia, niit dem ge- 
hengten Horatio; Comedia, Von der schouen 
Phoenicia uud Graf Tymbri von Golisou auss 
Arragonien, wie es ihuen in ihrer ohelichen 
Lieb gangen, biss sie ehelich zusammeukom- 
men; Comedia, Von der schouen Sidea, wie 
es ihr biss zu irer Verheiiratung ergangen. 
[Tieck. rteutsches Theater, V. 1] 287S.5 

AzANi. Narrative of a visit to. Keppel, G 3083.17 

Azeglio, M. Taparelli d'. La politica e il diritto 
cristiauo considerati riguardo alia questioue 
italiaua. TraduzioneitalianadiS.Bianciardi. 
Firenze, 18G0. p.8° 4718.12 

— Questioui urgenti. Firenze, 1861. pp. 64. 8°. 4713.8 
Azeglio, R. d'. The court of Rome and the Gos- 
pel. Translated from the Italian, with a 
preface by A. H. Layard. London, 1859. 

pp. 32. 8" 4744.5 

Aztec children. Account of two remarkable In- 
dian dwarfs. Warren, J. M 5796.13 

Azuxi, D. A. llistoire gi'ographifjuc, politique et na- 

turelledelaSardaigne. Paris, 1802. 2r. 8". 2765.15 
AzzARio, P. Chrouicon gestorum in Lombardia, 
1250-1362. [Gnevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 
9, p. 6] 4710.1 

Baader, F. X. V. Franz von Baader als Begriin- 
der der Philosophic der Zukunfl. See Hotf- 
mann, F 0105.0 

Baader, J. F. Sagen des Neckarthals, der Berg- 
strasse und des OdenwalUes. Mannheim, 
1M3. 12° 4224.14 

— and Jloris, L. Die Sagen der Pfalz. Stutt- 

gart, 1842. 16**. 422-1.22 

BABBA<iK, C. Addition to Menabreu's memoir on 
the analytical engine. [No title-page.] Lou- 
don, n. d. pp.4. 8° 4163.9 

— Method of expressing by signs the action of 

machinery, n. p., n. d. 4°. [Philosophical 
trausactioiis for 1826. Vol.116, pp. 2.)0-265.]. .3921.20 

— Ninth Jtridgfwater treatise. From 2d London 

ed. Pliiladelphia, l>m. 8" 0023.1 

Babcock, .laiiieH 8. Viwlous and voices. With a 
biographical sketch of the author. Hartford, 
iMUt. 12' 4278.8 

Baucuck, .lolm M. L. The spirit of peace: upoem. 

Boston, 1851. pp.15. 12° B. 160b. 47 

BadRU. H. H. MenuiirM of the life and writings of 

WIclif. Sec n\\>U'. New Testament. Knglinh, Mil. 2 

Baui^: d<- liercfnay, F.. and Iteuumout, L. (Jalerie 
mllltaire, ou, Noth-eM lii-itoririuc-* sur Ics gi'-ne- 
ratix qui ont cumiiniudt- Irs nrmi'-ett I'rau^uiNeH 
depuirt lo commencement de la r(^vo1ution. 
PariH, nnxiii [iso^il- Ov. 16" -16-10.18 

Shelf. No. 
Babinet, J. fetudes et lectures sur les sciences 
d'observation etieurs applications pratiques. 
Paris, 1855-60. Gv. 10° 3939.15 

CrmtoUs, — Vol.1. Mouvemcnts oxtraordinaires de la 
mer^ Les cometes nu xixe siecle; La telC-praphie &lec- 
trique; L'astronomie en 1852 et 1853; Astronomic de- 
scriptive; La perspective a&rienne; Le stereoscope et la 
vision binoculaire; Voyag:e dans le ciel. II. Les tables 
toumautes et les manifestations prcteudues sumatu- 
relles ; L'electricite ouiiTierc ; La Siberie et les climats du 
nord ; InflueDce des courants de la mer sur les climats ; 
Sur les trembtements (te terre et sur la constitution iu- 
terieure du globe ; Bulletin de l'astronomie et des sci- 
ences pour 1853 et 1854; De rarrosemcnt du globe; Des 
tabic toumnntes au point de vue de la mecanlque et de 
la physiologic ; La mcteorologie in 1854 et ses progrtfl 
futurs. HI. Du diamant et des pieires precieuses; Des 
phares et de la lumiere artifleielle ; Physique du globe ; 
Quilleboeuf ; La M&diterranee ; De la pluralite des 
mondes. IV. La terre avant les cpoques geologiques; 
De la constitution inierieure du globe terrestro et des 
tremblemeots de terre; De la pluio et des inondations; 
L'astronomie en 1855; Les snisous sur la terre et dana 
les autres plan^tes ; Sur les progres rccents de la galvn- 
noplastic; De I'appHcation dea mathematiques traus- 
cendantes ; La vie aux divers ages de la terre ; Des oaux 
minerales et de la rhaleur ceotrale dc la terre. V. Avia 
an lecteur ; Sur la siichevease, les irrigations, et les 
reboisements ; Astronomic et meteorologio. VI, Dc 
I'aimant et du magnetisme terrestre; L'occan islondais;' 
Astronomic et meteorologie ; Thfiorie physique des 

Bablngton, C. Influence of Christianity in pro- 
moting the abolition of slavery in Europe. 
Cambridge, [Eng.] 1846. S" 4'29(1.1 

Babo, J. M. Dagobert,king of the Franks; Otto of 
TVittelsbach, or the clioleric count. [Thomp- 
iron. Gt'nnau theatre, V. 4] 2875.31 

BABRirs. Fabulie lambicie cxxiii. J. F. Bois- 
sonade recensuit, couvertit, annotavit. Fari- 
sus. 1844. 8" 4205.1 

— Fabulie Gra;co Latinre LIV. See Nevelet, I. N. B.179.6 

— Fabuh-e nonuulKT. See Antoninus Liberalis . . 4205.24 
Babron, .1 . B. A. Precis des pratiques de I'art na- 
val, eu France, en E.^pague, et en Angleterre. 
Brest, 1817. 8° 3952.31 

Babson, J. J. History of the- town of (Gloucester, 

including Kockport. Gloucester, 1860. 8°. 2356.26 

BABST, D. G. AUerhand schnaksche Saken turn 

Tiedverdriew. Kostock, 1843. 8q.l6" .... 2870.22 

Babylon. Gumpach, J. v. Zeitrechnung der Ba- 

bylouier 4106.2 

— Maurice, T. Observations on the ruins of . . 3041.17 

— Miinter, F, C.H. Religion der Babylouier . . 0075.19 

— Rawliuson, G. History, geography, and anti- 

quities of 3028.1 

Baochk" mysteries. De renim Bncchicanim orig- 

inibus ct caussis. Cix-uzer, (J. F 2960.30 

BACCTlYLinES, C'armina. [Lect. I'oeta; Graeci,v.3]. 4200.7 

— Fragmcnta. [Brunck. Aualcctapoet. Gr., v. 1]. B.162.7 

— Poesies. See Falconuet, E B.161.2 

Bach, oi-Baccus, H. Descriptio regni Neapolitan!, 

aniplillcata per C. d'l^ugenio. Latfnam fecit 
S. ilavercampus. [Gnevius. Thes. antiq. 

Ital., T, 9, p. 1]. 4710.1 

Bach, .1 . S. Le clavecin bien temp(5r^, ou precludes et 

fugues. 2epartie. Vieune,n.d. pp.97. obI.4°. 4055.57 

— The uell-teiiipered clavichord. 48 preludes and 

fugues. Bnwion, n.d. 2v. 4" 8041.1 

Bach, ^f. le cnpitaive. Mi-moire sur I'artillerie do 

cauipague. [France. Ministry of war. Me- 

nuninl de I'arlilh-rie, v. 6] 3954.25 

Bache, a. I>. Ai)pIicji1iou of aualysis to reflexion 

and refract i.)U. .SVr Ilrewsti-r, D 4269.8 

— Reports In relation to tlu- surveys of Boston 

luirhor. See llostou 0356.2 

Set aUo: United Rtati-». Coa«t Hurvoy. 

Ba<'Hkm.kk, 8. Keniarks on the answer to Hen- 
sons of dissi-nt from the juiIkiui'uI of a coun- 
cil iu the allair «»f. *V('( liojilr, .1 B.IOOa.82 

— Articles of churgr against It., witli Clinate's 

Reasons of dissent from tlie judgment of a 
council respecting B. 5cc Hayues,.). . . . U. 160a. 06 




Sli.-lf. No. 

Baohi, p. Comparntivo view of the Italian and 

Spanish lan^ua^fB. Boston, isn-^, 12*. . . :J0;M.;i5 

— Conversazione ilnliana. Dialo.^m'S in Italian 

and Ensli^^b. Cainbridfie. 1S'15. 12°. . . . 4780.5 

— Grammar of the Italian language. Boston, 

1829. 12" 4789a. 2 

— - Same. New ed., with nddition». Boston, 

18.^8. 12° 4789a. 1 

BACHiAHirs, Ad .Tannnrium de recipiendis lapsts 

epistola. 5ree GrynaMis. J. J B.Hl.Il 

— - Same. [Maxinni liiblioth. vet. patr., v. 0] . B.i:0.2 
Bacumanx, G. L, K. .\necdota Gra:ca. Lipsiro, 

1828. 2v. 8° *B.1(12.G 

Bachofkx, .7. J. ^'ersnch iibor die Griiberaym- 

boltkder Alten. BasH, 1S.V.>. 8* 3467.5 

llACHOV, F. J. >Tonim rum jure scripto contentio. 

[Diss, acad.l Halte, 1701. j)p. 90. 4° . . . "4304.22 
Back, A. Gedachtuisrede auf Carl von T>inn('', 
' ans dem Scliwedischen. Stockholm, 1779. 

18" 2847.35 

B.VCKOAMMox. Le jeu dii trictrac. Fallavel,.T. M. 4001.15 
Backstkom, r. O. Svenska Folkbocker. Stock- 
holm, 1843-48. 2v. 8° M220.14 

Bacon. K., lord, opera omnia, cum aujrniento trac- 
tatuum ineditorum, ex Anglicanoin Latinum 
translatorum. Opera S.J. Aruoldi. Hafnia*, 
IGW. f° . . ♦4170.5 

Content*. — Dp dlenitnte et aiiprmentis ficientiftrutn; 
Novum orpRnum Bcientinrmn, cum Farftsceve ni! histo- 
riiun nntiirnlein et cxTiPrhnentnlcm ; Hifitorin vcntorutn ; 
Htstoriii \itfc et mortis; ii<? nnturali et universal! plii- 
losojthin ; Sylva «ylvnrnm, sive Historiti natunilis; Nova 
Atlniitis; Ilistoria miimil Henrici VII. opus vcro politl- 
cum; Sermones fldeli-'s; De eapiciitia vetcnim; Dinlt^ 
fniH <te bftio sacro; Opus illustro in m>-moriam Elisa- 
bt'thiv repinro Anfrlin' ; Imajro civilis Julii Un^aaria; 
Imauo civtlln Atipistl CiL-saris ; Trnctatua bistoricu- 
pulitivi av niuratL-B aiitea nunquain ediii. 

— Work:*. [Gauibold's edition reprinted.] Lon- 

don, 1778. 5v. 4* *4171.1 

Contetttt. — Vol.1. Liffi of Bacon; Advancement of 
Icaniin^; Sylva sylvnrum, or n natural history; New 
Atlantis, a work unfinislied; Praisi- uf knowledge ; In- 
terpr.-tation of nature, a few frafrnients of the first book ; 
Filum Inbyrinthi; Pe calnre et fri^ore [in Enpligh]; 
PhysirtlopHoal remains; Medical remains ; Colours of 
pood and evil ; Essays or counst^ls, civil and moral ; 
Apiipblhogms ; Omameula ration.iHa ; Collection of 
aentcnces; Notes for conversation; Essay on death ; 
General distribution of human knowledge. II. The 
state of Europe; Discourse in praise of Queen Eliza- 
beth : Observations upon a libel, 151)2; Iteport of 
trsinblc trcaaon intended by Lopez; Papers relating to 
the Earl of Essex; Apolopy touching* the Earl of Essex; 
Speenhi'»i. reports, etc., in jjarliunient ; True |rrcatnes9 
of Mritain; .\dviee to Sir Georpe Villiere; Advertlso- 
miMit touchinfT an holy war; Of a war with Spain; 
Law Iraris. III. History of the reign of King Henry 
VI! ; History of King Ilenn,- VITI ; The beginning 
of the history of Great Britain; Theologieal works; 
Tranclation of certain psalms: Letters in ihe reign of 
Queen Elizabeth ; Letters in the reign of King .James; 
Li'ttem, speeches, charges, ad\-lces. etc. IV. Auctorii 
vita. G liawley auctore; Instauratio magna : Parsl, De 
diiniitnte et augmentis sclentiarum: Pars 2. Novum 
organum, Hive indicia vera de interpretaliune naturae; 
Pars ''•. Pamseeve ad liistortam naturalem et experimen- 
tal cm ; Aphori-imi de contlcienda hi^toria prima; Cat- 
alitfrnB hisloriaruni partlculariura ; Kraginenta ; Pars 4. 
HIstr.rin ventorum ; IHsloria vita- et mortis. V. Hislorla 
denhi et rarl ; Htxtoria gravis et levts; Ilistoria sympa- 
thiN? rt antipaihio! reriim ; Ulstorla sulphuris, mercurii, 
et sails; HlatoHa suni et audltus; Articult questlonuni 
dren minemlia; Inqulnitio de magnete; Inqui.^iiio de 
renrionibui, tranntrntationibai), muUiplicationibuH, et 
*ff'-ctionlbu« corponim; TopJca inquisilionis de luce et 
lumlne ; FlUim labyrinlhi. sive Inquisitlo legitime de 
mutu ; Cogllatloneii de natura rerum ; Inntaurntlo mag- 
na, pan .%a; CoKilala et vli^ de Interjiretatione natura? ; 
Epi'iola Thomrr Rodlei ad F. Baconum. qua candide 
expi-ndll CJHS eotrilata et visa. Latln^ versa ex Angltco 
ob Ijina^o Orulero : Ilescriptio globl iiiteUeetualU ; The- 
ma cooti : PartU tustnurailonia wcundie delincotio et 
arirumentum; Tenipuris partus masculus; Aphorisml 
fi eoioilln: l>c interprctatione naturir sentenlia- ; Da 
Inirrpr^inthme naiunc proicmiam ; De prindplis otque 
ortgiiitbua, etc. 


SlK'lf. No. 

Bacon, F., lord, coiilimtPd. 

— AVorks. Collected and edited bv J. Spedding, 
R. L. Kllis, and D. 0. Heath. Vol. 1-9, 13-15. 
Boston, 1801-04. 12v. 8' 2590.22 

Voninit».—\o\. I. Life nf Bncon. by W. llawloy ; Oen- 
enil pri-faco to the philosophical works, by H, L. Ellis; 
I'art I. Instauratio magna: Novum orpiinum. 11, Par- 
as'ceve ad bisroriam naturalem ct experiiiientalem, II, 
III. De augmoniis srienrianmi. 111. Hiatoria vento- 
rum ; Hisrori'i vitro ct mortis. IV. Hi>>tona densi et 
rarl; Inquisltiodemagnete; Topica inquisitionis de Inco 
ot lumino. IV, V. Sylva sylvarum. V. ScalaintolIeetuB 
eivc filum labyrinthi ; Prodromi sive anlicipationes pht- 
losopbio) 8ecunda>; Cogitalioues de natnra rerum; Do 
fluxu et reflu]!u mnria. with preface by U. L. Ellis; Do 
prineipiis atqne originibus, etc.. with%>reface by U. L. 
Ellis ; New Atlantis : Magnalia natura- ; Cogitntiones do 
scientia humana. VI. Valerius Temdnus of the inter- 
pretation of nature, with preface by K. L. Ellis; Ad- 
vancement of learning; Filum bibyriuthi; Dc inter- 
prctaliono natunc pvottmium. VII. Tcmporis partua 
masculns; Partis inslaiirationis secundiP delincatio et 
argumentum; Redargulio philosophiarnm; Cogitata ftt 
visa de intcrpretationc naturtc ; Inquisilio legitima de 
niiitu ; Calor ettVigns; Ilistoria soul et auditus; Phn-- 
nomena universi; Dcscriptio globi uUellectualis, with 
preface by R. L. Ellis ; Thema eroti ; Dc interpretutiono 
naturn" sententifT Xll; Aphorismi et consilia; Physio- 
logical and medical remains. VIII. Translations: The 
great instauralion ; The new organou ; Preparative 
towards a natural and experimental history. VIII, IX. 
Dignity and advancement of learning. IX. Natural and 
experimental history: History of the winds; Fragment 
of Abecedarium naturre. XIII. De saplentia vetenim ; 
Same, in English ; Advertisement touching a holy war ; 
True greatness of Britain; Colours of good and evil; 
Letter and discourse to Sir Henry Sa\-ill, touching helps 
for the Intclleclnal powers; Short notes for civil con- 
versation; Apophthegms. XIV. Promus of formularies 
and elegancies; Heligious writings; Christian para- 
doxes; Maxims of the law ; Reading on the statute of 
nscs; Use of Ihe law. XV. Discourse upon the commis- 
sion of Bridewell ; Arguments of law ; Preparation for 
the union of laws; Answers to questions touching the 
office of constables; Ordinances In chancery; Appendix. 

— - Same. Vol. 1-9. Loudon, 1S57-62. 9v. 8°. 2600.13 

CoJt/e;i/->r. — Vol. VIII, IX. Letters, and life. 
Note. — For contents of the other volunn^s of this edi- 
tion, see preceding index. 

— Essays, and Colours of good and evil, with notes 

and index by "\V. A. Wright. Cambridge, 

lS(i;i. 10" 2009.2 

— Letters during the reign of James I; with au 

historical introduction [by R. Stephens]. 
Loudon. 1702. sm.i" *4177.5 

— Dixon, W. H. Personal history of 2455.22 

— Fischer, 0. Franz Baco von Verulam. Die 

Realphilosophie und ihrZeitalter 6108.16 

— Maistre, J. de. Examen de la philosophic de 

Bacon 6107.4 

— Mallet, D. Life of 2550,2 

Bacon, L. Christian doctrine of stewardship. A 

sermon at the request of the young men's be- 
nevolent society. New Haven, 1S32. 8". .5440a. 17 

- Christianity and learning. A discourse in 
Troy,Oct. 20. 1847. New Haven, 1848. 8''.v.l of5.590.1 

- Christianity in history. A discourse to the alum- 
ni of Yale college, Aug. 16, 1848. New Haven, 
1848. 8° 5440a.l7 

- Commemorative discourse on the completion 
of fifty years from the founding of the theol. 
seminary at Andover. Audover, 1858. 8". .5440a. 17 

- Discourse in behalf of the American home 
missionary society. May, 1852. New York, 
1852. 8* 5440a. 17 

- Discourse on the death of AV. H. Harrison, de- 
livered before the citizens of New Haven, 
April 17, 1841. New Haven. 1841. 8°. - .5440a. 17 

- Goodly heritage of Connecticut. A discourse 
on thanksgiving day, Nov. 19, 1840. New 
Haven, 1810. 8" 5440a.l7 

- Reply to Prof. [.Toel] Parker's letters in the 
Boston post. From the '* New Englander" 
tor AprU, 1S63, pp. 191-258. 8" 4310a. 1 




Shelf. No. 

Bacox, L., contittned. 

— Sermon at the funeral of Rev. L. Beecher, 

D.D., Brooklyn, Jan. 14, lSi53. Kew York, 

186.f. S° . . 5440a. 17 

— .Sermon before the A. B. C. F. Jf. at their forty- 

third annual meeting, .Sept. 7, 1852. Boston, 

1852. 8° 5440a. 17 

— Thirteen discourses, on the completion of 200 

years, from the beginning of the First church 

in Xew Haven. New Haven, 18.39. 8° . . . 2.'?36.15 

— Tivo sermons, preached on Good Friday, April 

10, 1837. New Haven, iK'tJ. 8° ...... . •5440a. 17 

Bacon, O. W. .Sermon on crime, and the power of 

moral suasion, in the reform of tke criminal. 

Greenlield, IS^O. 8° »4163.9 

BACON, R. Opera quiedam hactenus inedita. Vol. 

1. Edited by .T. S. Brewer. London, 1S50. 8°. 

[Great Britain. Rolls chronicles] *2424.3 

Contents. — Opus tertium ; Opus minns ; Compcndiuni 

— De mirabili potestate artis et naturse. See Ar- 

tis auriferse vol. trfs 5979.21 

Bacon, W. T. Poem at the second centennial cel- 
ebration at Woodbury, Conn. Sec Woodbury. 4.336.1 

Bacon's guide to American politics. 2d ed. Lou- 
don, ISfiS. pp. 94. 12° 4323.48 

[Badcock, S.] Letter to Dr. Priestley,. otcasioned 
by his late pamphlet, addressed to Rev. S. 
■Badcock. Exeter, n.d. pp.37. 8° *41C3.1 

Baden,.!. Latinsk-Danske Lexicon. Andet Op- 
lag besorget ved T. Baden. Kidbenliavn, 
1815. 2v. in 1. 8° *2S85.4 

Baden. Schoepflin, J. D. Historia Zaringo-Ba- 

densis 42(>0.9 

— Vehse, C. E. Geschichte der Hofe der Hjiuser 

Baden 4S19.5 

Badh.VM, D. Insect life. Edinburgh, 1845. lO"" . 5899a. 4 
Badi.\ y Leblirh, D. Travels in Morocco, Tripoli, 
Cyprus. Egypt, Arabia, Syria, and Turkey, 
1803 and 1807. London, I.SIO. 2v. 4° . . . *.3040. 13 
Baeckf.r, L. de. Chants historiques de la Flaudre, 

400-1050. Lille, 1855. 8° 42.32.2 

Baedeker, ('. Handbook for travellers on the 
Rhine, from .Switzerland to Holland. Cob- 
lenz, n.d. 10° 2864.26 

— Switzerland, with the lakes of Northern Italy, 

Savoy, and Tyrol. Coblenz, 1863. 16° . . . 2864.24 

Baehrixo, li. iiun.sen's Bibehverk nach seiner 
Bedeutnng fiir die Gegenwart. Leipzig, 
1861. 1.8° 6421.8 

Baer, W. Die Cliemie des praktischen Lebens. 

Leipzig, 18.59, 60. 2v. 8° 5978.10 

Baffin's bay. Voyage in 1850,51. Sutherland, P.C. 2263.7 

Baoatki.i.10, La; intended to introduce very young 
children to some knowledge of the Frencli 
language. Boston, 1832. 16° 4689.18 

Baggesen, J. I. Digten'andringer, eller Reiser 

1 Europa. Kiobeuhavn, 1807. Vol. 1. 12° . ••2870.33 

Baolione, G. Vltc de' pittori, scultori, architetti, 
ed intaglialori, 1572-1612, con la vita di Salva- 
tor Rosa scritta da G. B. Passari, [Passeril. 
Napuli, 1733. 4° 4061.13 

BAGOT, R. Introduction to the journal and corre* 

Hpondenee of lord Auckland. See Eden, ^V. 2457.18 

BAGSTKR, .'■aniuel. The Bible of every laud. A 
history of translation.'^, illustrated by speci- 
men i)ortloUH. Kewed. London, [1860]. 4°. *5411.8 

BAOSTKit, Samuel, ,;>, Management of bees. Lon- 
don, 1834. 10° 5899a. 1 

B'XiiH, ('. C. W. I". Der Salomonische Tempel mlt 
BerilckHichtlgung zur heillgen Architectur 
Uberhaupt. Karlsruhe, 1H13. H' 0073.11 

BXhk,<).C. F. GeHcliiclite der rilmlscheu Litcratur, 
(and) Supplement. 2le Ausg. CnrlBruhc, 
18.32-10. 4v.ln3. H° 4'202.n 

Bahkdt, C F. (Ie«c!dchte seiner Lebenn, seiner 
Aleinungen und Schlcksale. Berlin, 17tK», 91. 
4v. 10° 42.30a. 1 

BAIiK. Aranzl culalonti a BiOn. Paoll, P. A. . . . D..3.r.2 

Shelf. No. 

B.\iley. a mother's request answered in letters 
of a father to his daughters. Philadelphia, 
18.37. 16° 6447.28 

Bailey, E. Key to the first lessons in algebra. 

Boston, 1841. 12° 3936.16 

— Na Haawina mua ka Hoailona helu. [Alge- 

bra in Hawaiian.] I unuhiia e A. Bihopa. 
Bosetona. 1S5S. 8° 3936.11 

— Triumphs of liberty ; a prize ode, at the Boston 

theatre, Feb. 22. 'l825. Boston, 1825. 8° . . 4394.11 

— [Sketch of his life and educational labors.] 

Hartford, 1861. pp.43. 8° 6592.10 

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to the Book of common prayer. London, 

1847. 8° .3448.4 

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ed. London. 17.S6. 16° 4939a.28 

— Universal etymological English dictionary. 

3d ed. Loudon, 1737. 8" *4115.3 

— - Same. Hth ed. London, 1751. 8° . . . . •4115.2 

— - Same. 22d ed. London, 1770. 8° 4586.16 

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powers. London, 1861. 16° 2308.8 

Bailey, S. Letters on the philosophy of the hu- 
man mind. .3d series. London, 1863. 8°. . 5C07.4 

— Received text of Shakespeare's dramatic writ- 

ings and its improvement. London, 1862. 8°. 2594.5 
Bailleul, J. C. Kxameu critique de I'ouvrage 
posthume de Mme. de Staiil : Consid(*rations 
sur les principaux ev^nemens de la revolution 

fran(;aise. Paris, 1818. 2v. S° 4663.5 

B.\ILI.IE, Joanna. Complete poetical works. 1st 

Am. ed. Philadelphia, 1832. 8° 2664.5 

— Dr«matic and poetical works. 2d ed. London, 

1853. sm.4° 25M.9 

B.\ILLIE, John. Digest of 3Iohummudan law. 

Calcutta, 1805. 4° .3610.02 

Baillie, M. Sketch, in the Gold-headed cane. See 

Macmichael, W 2546.15 

Bailly, J. S. Histoire de I'astronomie ancienne. 

Paris, 1775. ■ 4° •4275.2 

— Mcmoires. SceMouiteur 4640.4 

Bain, A. The emotions and the will. London, 

1859. 8° 5603.7 

— The senses and the intellect. London, 1855. 8°. 56a3.6 

— The study of character, including an estimate 

of phrenology. London, 1861, 8° 5603.9 

BAlunRllXiE, J. Vita. See Smith, T 4177.12 

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land, Westmoreland, and Lancashire. .3d ed. 

Loudon, 1834. rj° . . 2493.33 

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da Palestrina. Roma, 1828. 2v. 4° . . . . 4741.5 
Baird, R. Memoirs of .Mrs. Rumpfl", and the duch* 

esBde Broglie. New York, 1.M9. 12° . . . . 2.397.10 
B.viltn, .'■^anniel .L Southern rights and mu-thern 

<lutii-^ in the ]ir<'siiit crisis. Letter to Htm. 

W. I'enninglon. Philadelphia, 1S61. ,s° . . 4310a. 2 
BAiKii, Spencer F. Catalogue of North American 

birds : Catalogue of Xortli American reptiles. 

[A\'nsliing(on. Smithsonian miscellanecais 

eollecli.)lis, v. 2] 3H50.2 

Bake-I'AN, .\, for the dougli-faces. By one of them. 

Burlington, Vt., 18.)4. pp.64. 8° B.160.74 

BAKfci.Ks, Otiboon river, Grnmnmr of the UnkCfle 

linignagc .3038.2 

liAKKii, 1!. F. Church music. Boston, [1856]. 

obi. 8° 8047.22 

— Elementary music book. Boston, n.d. 8° . , 8046.20 

— School music book. Boston, [1864]. old. 12° . 6047.37 

— Boston melodetm. .See White, E. L 8047.6 

— The burning ship: a cantula. 5ec TIcknor, H. 

M 80-11.44 

Baker, J. L. Slavery. Plilladelphia, 1800. 8°. . 5672.0 
Uaker, K. Chronicle ol the kings of England 

[•'(Uilinued to 1673 by I''.. Phillips ami Sir 'J'. 

('Iargr-s|. 7lh impre.-sion. Limdon, 16:9. (■".•4170.10 
BAKER, T. UeJlectlons upon learning: lo (■\iuce 

the necesflltyof re\'el(itii)n. 7tli e<i. Lnndon, 

1738. 8° 2518.12 




Shelf. No. 

Bakewell, F. C, PliilosophJcal conversations 
[on] natural phi-nonn-nii. With notes by 
K.Bailey. Stt-r. cd. Huston, IttW. Vi" . . 3907.25 

Balance of trade. Newdegatc, C. N 3G57.10 

Balard. or Ballard, A. .1. Maticres v^gdtales ap- 
prnprit-es ii Vindii^trit'. [France. Commis- 
sion STir Pindnstrie des nations, v. 7] . . . • 4020.20 

Balbi, a. Das nissischc Ueich verglirlien niit den 
vornehmsten Stftaten der Erde. A\<iniur, 
1830. f* R.l'.lO.O 

— Essai surles bihliothiMines de Vienne: prt'codo 

de la statisitiiiuc foniparik' de la hibliotheque 

impf-riale. Vit-une, 18:J5. s" *2126.0 

Balbiani, v. DcUn Incertez-za della medicina. 

Pisa, 1823. 8° 3721.27 

BAr.BiNi's. A. B. Diva AVnrtensis. sen oriEnnes et 

niirucnla matrix Mari.T, (jure Warta? colitur. 

rragae, 1055. 4° *6075.11 

Balbo, C. Des esp( ranees de Tltalie. Trad, de 

ritalien par r.S.Li'opardi. Paris, 1S44. 12°. 2729.9 
Balboa, V. X. de. Viaj;p;io raoeontato da F. L. di 

Gomarn. [Mannoechi. Viapgi, v. 3] . . . . 2275.1 
Balbuena, B. de. Poesias. [Quintaua. Parnaso 

espaiiol, V. 1] 3104.19 

Balcan, Narrative of a journey across the. Kep- 

pel, G 3083.17 

Balch, T. Sermon at the ordiniition of Rev. J. 

Newman, at Edi^artown. Boston, 1747. 8". *4163.5 
Balderic. Gesta AJberonis archiepiscoj)! Treve- 

rorura, 11.32-52. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., 

V. 8] 4210.2 

Baldi, B. Tersi e prose scelfe annotate di F. Ugo- 

lini e F. L. Polidori. Fircnze, 1859. 12".. 4764.12 

— Imietitori; Licofa; La madre di famiglia; Ti- 

brina; Melibea; I pesci ; Celeo, o I'Orto. 
[Ferrario. Poesie pastoral!] ". . 4808.11 

— La nautica, poema. [Raccolta di poemi didas- 

calici] 4808.13 

— Descrizionc del ducal palazzo d'Frbino. [Al- 

b&ri. Tesoro della prosa italiana] 2771.20 

Baldinucci, F. Opere. Milaiio, 1808-12. 14v. 8°. 

[Classic! italiani, V. 189-202] **4807.2 

Contents. — Vol, I, Coininciameuto e projrreaso delT 
arte dpir intflpliare ia rumc colle vitp di molti de' piEi 
eccellenti maestri delta slessa profcssioue, con anno- 
tazioni del Sip- D. M. Manni. II, III. Vocabolario 
toscano dell' arte del disppno. III. Lezione detta ncll' 
accademia Della Cnisca in due recite. IV-SIV. Notizie 
de' professori del diaegno con note* od aggiunte. 

Baldovtxi, F. Lamento di Cecco da Varlungo. 

[Ferrario. Poesie rusticali] 4808.11 

Baldcix, F. Opnscnla omnia juridica. [Heinec- 

cius. Jurisprudentia Romana et Attica, v. 1]. 4291.1 

CorUeiU3. — De jure civili ; Ad leges Ronmli ; De legi- 
bus XII tabulnmm ; Ad quasdam leges Romanas singu- 
latim; De pignorihus et hypothecis; Oe couditionibus; 
De divisione stipulQlionum; De caut|,one; De ovlc- 
tione ; Ad regulam Catoniiinam ; Dii jurisprudentia 
Muciana; De Constantini legibun; Catecliesis juris civ- 
ilis ; De rebus creditis; Dc ^dilitio edicto; De vita 
Papiniani ; De jure oiviU ex Papiuiano; Ad leges per- 
dueUionia libri dtio ; De partia ; Dc jure novo ; In novel- • 
las; In leges de re rustica ; In novcllnni de hirredibua; 
In pnecipuaa novellns; Ad edieta dc Chriatianis; De 
fkmosis libellis; De inatitulione bistorii1> universie, et 
csjua cum juriapnidentia conjunctione ; Ad H. Andium; 
Latlnl Pacati panegj'ricua; Eumenii oratio de acholis 
toataurandia ; Schola juris ciWIis Argentlnenaia; De 
legatione Polonlca. 

Baldwin, Ebenezer. Physical, intellectual, and 
moral qualities of our colored population : 
with remarks on emancipation and coloniza- 
tion. New Haven, 1834. pp. .52. 8" . . . . 5572.15 

Baldwin, Elihu W. Address on occasion of his 
inauguration as president of Wabash college. 
Cincinnati, 1836. 8° *Pph, v. 381 

Baldwin, T. Discourse in the Second Baptist 
meeting house in Boston, on the tirst Lord's 
day in January, 1824. With historical sketch- 
es. 2ded. Boston, 1841. 8" 3454.21 

Shcir. No. 

Baldwin, T., continued. 

— Sermon before C. Sirong, governor, etc., May 

20, 1802, the day of general election. Boston, 

1802. 8" 4356.8 

— Sermon on the decease of Lieut.-Gov. Phillips, 

Feb. 10, 1802. Boston, 1802. 8" 3454.21 

Balfour, J. Ballads, and other poetical pieces, 

chieHy Scotish. Edinb., 1834. pp. 52. sm.4'' 2536.31 
Ball, B. L. Tln-ec days on the White mountains, 

Oct. 25-27, 1855. Boston, 1856. pp.72. 12^ 4278.14 
B.VLL, C. Slavery in the United .States: the life 

and adventures of Cliarles Ball, a black man. 

New Y4)rk, 1837. 12" 2408.29 

Ball, J. Guide to the Western Alps. With the 

geology of the Alps, by E. Desor. London, 

1803. 10" ' 2864,22 

Ballads. Balfour, J. Ballads and other pieces, 

chietly Scotish 2536.31 

— Chappell, W. Collection of ancient ballads. 4044.10 

— Gerhard, W. Minstrelklange aus Schottlanfl. 45G0a.40 

— Wilkins, W. W. Political ballads of the 17th 

and ISth centuries 2530.4 

Ballagi. M. See Block, M. 

Ballantvnk, J. Ornamental art as applicable to 
trade and manufactures. London, 1S47. pp. 
36. 4° 4080.15 

Ballard, A. .1. See Balard, A. J. 

Ballard, E. Memorial volume of the l*opham cele- 
bration, August 29, 1862. Portland, 1863. 8*. 4324.3 

Ballekov, .1. B. Tarif beige. .9et; Belgium . . . 5640.20 

Ballhoun, F. Alphabete orientalischer und occi- 
dentalischer Sprachen. 5te Aufl. Leipzig, 
1852. pp.40. 1.8° *4240.13 

— - Same. 8te Aufl. Leipzig, 1859. pp.76. 1.8". 2111.8 

Ballot, Reasons against the Pph. v. 350 

Ballou, H. Defence of divine revelation against 

A. Kneeland, [and] correspondence [with] 
Rev. J. Buckrainster and Rev. J. Walton, 
Boston, 1820. 12" 5463.5 

— Biography of. See Ballou, M. M 2.344.19 

Ballou, M. M. Biography of Rev. H. Ballou. 

Bpston, 1852. 12' 2344.19 

Ballston, iV. Y,, Mineral waters of. Steel, J. H. 3809.39,47 
Balmes, J. L. Cartas a un esceptico en materia de 

religion. Barcelona, 1S62. p.S" 3434.24 

— Elcriterio. 5a ed. Barcelona, 1862. 12". . . 5607-17 

— El protestantismo comparado con el catolicismo, 

en sus relaciones con la civilizacion europea. 

4a ed. Barcelona, 1857, 58. 4v. 12° ... . 3463,38 

— Filosolia fundamental. 3a ed. Barcelona, 1860. 

4v. p.S" 5607.18 

Baltic. Burgoyne, J. F. War in the, in 1854 . . .3953.26 
- — Carr, J. Travels round tlie, in 1804 2861.11 

— Earp, G. B. Baltic campaign of 1854 2528.4 

Baltimore. Communiciuiou of the mayor [on the 

destruction of bridges, April, 1861], Fred- 
erick, 1861. pp.8. 8" 4310a.75 

— Mobs in 1812. 5'ee Maryland 6375.5 

— Peabody institute. Alphabetical catalogue of 

books proposed to be purchased. By J. G. 

Morris. Baltimore, 1861. 8" 2133.7 

Baluze, fe. Miscellaneorum libri septem, hoc est 
collectio veterum monumentorum qua; haote- 
nus latuerunt. Parisiis, 1078-1715. 7v. 8". *4166.7 

— Nova collectio conciliorum, seu supplemeiitum 

ad collectionem P. Labbei. Parisiis, 1707. f. 5510.4 
Bambara. Dictionnaire fran^ais-bambara. Dard, 

J 5032.6 

Bancroft, A. Discourse before the convention of 

congregational ministers of Massachusetts, 

June 1, 1820, Boston, 1820. 8" 4357.9 

— Discourse on conversion. Worcester, 1818. 8". 6088.245 

— Discourse, the Lord's day following the ordina- 

tion of Rev. A. Hill. Worcester, 1827. 8° . 5440a.l8 

— Discourse upon the education of cliildren. [No 

title-page.] 12" *Pph. v. 362 

— Doctrine of immortality. A Christmas sermon, 

deUvered in 1818. Worcester, 1819. 8 . . . 5440a. 18 

— Duties enjoined by the fourth commandment : 

ft discourse. 2ded. Worcester, 1817. 8* .6088.197 




Shelf. No. 

Bancroft. A., co-ittinued. 

— Life of G. AVashington. Worcester, 1S07. 8°. 43«.7 

— Nature and worth of Christian liberty: a ser- 

mon. 2ded. Worcester, ISIO. S° . . . . B. 160a. 96 

— Sermon at the dedication of the Second con- 

gregational church in Worcester, Aug. 20, 

1829. Worcester, 1829. 8° SMOa.lS 

— Sermon at the installation of Rev. Andrew 

Bigelon-, in Jledford. Boston, 1S23. 8° . . 5«0a.l8 

— Sermon before C. Strong, governor, etc., Jfay 

"7 ISOl, the day of general election. Boston, 

ISOl. S° . . . . .■ 4356.8 

Sermon before the Christian monitor society. 

fChristian monitor, v. 17] 5459.5 

Sermon before the Second Cliiistian church and 

society, Jan. 0, 1811. Worcester, 1811. 8° . .5-HOa.lS 

— Sermon, Jan. 31, 1836, at the termination of 

flfty years of bis ministry. Worcester, 1836. 

s°.' 5«0a.l8 

— Sermon, Nov. 22, 1818, the Sunday following 

the interment of Mrs. Mary Thomas. Wor- 
cester, 1818. 8° 5-14na.l8 

— Discourse at his interment. 5ee Hill, A. . . .5440a. 18 
Bancroft, G. Address at Hartford, before the 

delegates of the Connecticut democratic con- 
vention, Feb. 18, 1840. [No title-page.] 8°. 4355.3 

— Eulogy on Andrew Jackson. See Duseubery, 

B. M 2347.25 

— O. H. I'erry and the battle of Lake Erie. See 

Cleveland, Ohio 4323.14 

Oration delivered at the request of the common 
council of New York, Feb. 22, 1S02. New 
York, 1862. 12° 4324.20 

— Oration [on] the progress of the human race, 

before the New York liistoric.ll society, Nov. 

211, 1854. New York. 1851. 8° 4355.3 

BANDEI-LO, M. Novelle. F'irenze, 18-32. [Raceolta 

di novellieri italiani, V. 1] 2773.14 

BANDiKR.t, A. M. Novelle. [Raceolta dinovelli'eri 

it.iliani, v. 2] 2773.14 

BANGS, N. Life of Rev. Freeborn Garrettson. 5th 

ed. New York, n.d. 8° 5558.17 

— Life and times of. .See Stevens, A .■ 5558.15 

Bangs, S. B. Memoirs and remains. By W.H.N. 

Magruder. With preface, by E. O. Haven. 

New York, m"i3. 16° 5558.19 

BaniaN.S, Histoirc de la religion des. Lord, H. . .6fl69a.l4 
BANJO. Briggs, T. F. Banjo instructor 8051.60 

— Howe, E. Complete ])reori)tor fur tlie .... 8051.65 

— Rice, r. Correct nuthod for the 8051.5:) 

Baniiek's magazine, and journal of tlie money 

market, etc. Vols. 1-22. London, 1844-62. 

22v. 8° *5345.1 

Bankkr's magazine, and statistical register. Edited 

bv.l. S. Ilemuius. Vols.5, 6, 9-15, 17. Boston ■ 

aiid .New York, IWO-m. lOv. 8° *6.34l).l 

Banks, John, f/rrtm«r(*.«i o/thriTth century. The 
Albion queens ; or, the death of Mary queen 
of Scots. Trag. [Hell. British theatre, v. 22]. 4179a. 1 

Banks, John. h. 1709, d. 1751. Review ol'tlie politi- 
cal! ife of Oliver Cromwell. 4(h ed. London, 
1700. 12° 2468.40 

Banks, N. P. Address before the merchants of New 
York on political questions affecting commer- 
cial interests, Sept. 25, 1856. [No title-page.] 
8° (1087.24 

— Address to the legislature of Massachusetts, 

Jan., lS.'>8-fiO. Boston, l8.')8-no. 8° 4.300a.35 

— I>etler to .S. B. l{uggles in defence of his Wall 

street speech of Sept. 25, 1856. [Nolltle-page.] 

pp. H. 8° nOS7.20 

— Sjtei-ch in the house of representatives of llie 

I'niti'd .'^tates on tlie Nebraska and Kansas 

bill, May 2.1. 18.VI. Washlnglon, 18.VI. 8° . B.100.69 

— Review of U.'s vt'to ol' tile revised coile of Maa- 

sacliusi'ltH. .Sec Bird, I'. VV 5872.10 

BANK.H and banking. Bell, G. M. I'hllosophy of 

Jolllt-stoek liailkln^ 36-16.32 

— Courcelle .Seneuil, .L G. TraitiWIeH opi'-rntiona 

(le bBn<|Uc 3010.20 

Slielf- No. 

B.ANKS and banking, continued. 

— Degraud, P. P. F. Outlines of a plan for a 

national bank rph.v.383 

— Homans, J. S. Bankers' almanac, tor 1864 . . 5613.1 

— Hooper, S. Theory and effect of laws regulat- 

ing the amount of specie in banks 5646.6 

— Macleod, H. D. Theory and practice of bank- 

ing • •3645.30 

— Maze of banking 3046.40 

— Remarks on banking Pph.v.383 

— Stanr-teld, H. Fluctuations in the bank rate 

of discount, etc 3646.39 

— Street, N. General principles and present prac- 

tice of hanking 3570.7 

— Willis, H. Bank-note list 5641.1 

Sfe aUo: Currency, Money, Paper money. 

Banos de Velasco, J. Sexta parte de la historia 

pontifical y catholiea. 5Ve Illescas, G. de. , 6051.1 

BvVPTiSM. Emmons, N. Sprinkling the proper mode 

of Christian baiitism 5440a. 67 

— Frey, J.S. C. F. Essays on Christian baptism. ,5455.1 

— Henderson, D. P. Discourse on Christian bap- 

tism 6088.110 

— Hofling, J. W. F. Das Sakrament der Taufe . 0066.27 

— Ogden, D. L. Discourses on 5455.5 

— Stich,J.G. Baptisraavicarium^rurciouitarum. 6rK)6.25 

See <dso: Infant baptism. 

Bar, The. Arrivabene, F. Delia lingua forense . 3626.9 

— Smith, P. A. Education for the English bar . 3025.14 
Bar-vnte, .\. G. P. Brugiere de. Des communes 

et d^l'aristocratie. 2e ed. Paris, 1821. 8°. 5568.13 

— Histoirc des dues de Bourgogne, de la mai- 

son de Valois. Oe ed. Paris, 18.35, 30. 

lOv. 8° *4fif>4.2 

— La vie politique de M. Royer-Collard, ses dis- 

cours et ses ecrits. Paris, 1861. 2v. 8° . . 2655.19 
Barbados. Abridgement of laws in force in, 1704. 3635.10 

— Desultory sketches of 4307.19 

Barbarians. Origine de' barbari che distmssero 

riniperio di Roma 4199.2 

— Roth, F. Ueber den Sinn und Gebraucli des 

Worles Barbar 3001.6 

Barbako, ¥.. EpistoI;v loauni l*ico Alirinidul.T. 
[Iternays. Florilegiuin renascentis I.atiuita- 
tis] B.190.37 

Barbaro, N. tlionuile deir assedio di Costantino- 
jHili 14.13, corredato di note e docuinenti per 
E. Cornet. Vienna. ISjW. ]ip. 82. 8°. . . *»3082.12 

Barbarossa. See Ilariaden, or Kair.ed-dill. 

B.\RBARY slates. Noah, M. 31. Travels in the, 

1813-15 2273.28 

— Sumner, C. White slavery in the B.160.2 

See also: Cartliupe, Moi-oceo. Tripoli. Tunis. 

B-\RBAU1.D, A. L. Address to the opposers of the 
repeal of the corporation and test acts. 2d 
ed. London, 1790. 8° *Pph.v.355 

— Lessons for children. London, l,s:iO. 21° . . 7009.34 
BARUli-MARniils, F. de. History of l.(llM^iuna. 

Translated lV<mi the Frencli. Philiulelpliia, 

18.30. 8° 2376.20 

BARijKR, J. W. Historical scenes in the linited 

States. New Haven, IS."?- 18° 4329a. 17 

— History of the Aniistad C!i])li\'es: also, an ac- 

count of the trials had on their case. New 

Haven, 1840. pp. :i2. 8° '. . . . 6572.14 

Barbkrk'I". Lemons d'iilstoire du moyen fige et 

d'liistoire de France. Paris, 1S:18. 1.8°. 

[Cour.s complet d'education pour les filles.] 

V. 2 of 3391.20 

Barbici: Dubonrg, .T. B., liloge de. [Vicq-d'Azyr. 

Oeuvres, V. 2] ,3720.2 

BARBi;vRAr, .1. Traite de la morale des jiiTes de 

I'cglise. Amsterdam, IfJS. 4° 6081.5 

— Oralio inaiiguralis [ I-imsiiutur] ; lie ilignitiite 

et ulilitiite juris ac histnrinrum ; I)e studio 
juris recti* insfituendo; Oratio de niagistnitu, 
fol-le pecciinte, e pulpitis siicris llou Iiadiiren- 
du. Sec Pullcudorf, S 3013.5 




Shelf. No. 

BARBIERI, L. Cliroiiica Purmcnsia a sec. xi ad 
Pt'c. XIV. [rarnia nml I'iaconza. Societas 
nionunicnti^ piitria- I'dt'iulis, v. 7] 4721.1 

BARUIKKI, N. L'iniiviM'tito, overo .Scappino distur- 
bato e Mozzettino traiiagliato. A>«c'tia, 1030. 
sm.i;;" **4r.05.i5 

Barbo,P. OralioadLudovicunixi. .SVcValiero, A. 4791.20 

Bakbosa, a. Kpmi.-^sioiu's in vnria coiicilii Tridt-n- 

tiniloca. .SVr Mttlfrnich, F 0020.13 

BaubL'cam.vs, Arbiuallus, or Arbacaliensis, J, 
Kpipranimata. [lirnnck. Anali'cta pool. Gr., 
V. :i] B.162.7 

Barcelona. Codipo i\v las o(i!»tunil)ri-s maritinias 
df Burcelona. vnlfiarnu'iite Ihnnndo Hbrodel 
consulado. Tradiu'iihi nl rastclliuiu, con t'l 
toxto Leuiosin, por A. deCapniany. Madrid, 
iri>l. 4° ". 4301.10 

Barclay, H. A^rricultural tour in tbol'iiited States 

and Upper Canada. New York, 1M3. 4° . *rph.v.327 

Barclay, J. Sequel to the diversions of Parley. 

London, 1820. 8* 2585.4 

Barclay, R. Apology for the true Christian divin- 
ity, n.p., 1078. sm.4* *G061.12 

Bardo. Vita Anselmi episcopi Lucensis. [Frank- 
furt. Societas, etc., v. 12] 4210.2 

Bar£:re de Vieuzac, B. La liherte dcs mers, ou 
le gouvernement aiighus dcvoile. France 
[Paris], 179S. 3v. 12* 2529.9 

Baretti, G. Dictionary of the Englii^Ii and Italian 
languages. Added, an Italian and English 
grammar. London, 1700. 2v. 4° *4111.9 

— Dictionary, Spanish and English, and English 

and Spanish. New ed. Lend., 1809. 2v. 8°. *3033.8 

— Dictionary of the Spanish and English lan- 

guages. Sec Neuman, H 4112.7 

— Lettere di vario argomento. [Albiiri. Tesuro 

della prosa italianaj 2771.20 

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Shelf. No. 

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Contents. — Ez.ekicl Chccver ; S. Johnson ; Caleb Rinp- 
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T. H.Gnllnndet; Denison Olmsted; Mrs. Emma Willnrd, 
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Contents. — Vol. 1. lotellectual education, by W, Hiis- 
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young teacher, by G. F, Thayor; Methods of tearhing, 
from the German of Diesterweg, Hononmp, Hintz, Ab- 
benrode ; Religious instruction in public schools, by Rt. 
Rev. G. Burgees; Unconscious tuition, by F. D. Hunting- 
ton; Questions for examinatiob, II. School-housoeiind 
their eciuipment; Oral lessons on real objects, by Thos. 
Morrison ; Specimen notes of lessons, selected from va- 
rious authors; Lessons on natural science nnd common 
-things, by David Slow; Encouragement of a knowl- 
edge of common things among teachers, by Prof, fiul- 
livftu and Lord Ashburton ; Instruction in economical 
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by Edw.ird Campbell Tainish; Progress of elementary 
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infant school, Dublin, by Thomas Urry Young; Organ- 
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Progress of elementary education in Scotland ; Subjects 
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IV. Educational aphorisms and suggestions, ancient 
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as developed by the report of Maj.-Gen. G. B. 
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Shelf. No. 

Barnard, Jonathan G., coiitimied. 

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ations of the army of the Potomac, to the 
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ism. l.S° 3955.3 

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•See Episcopacy examined .3547.19 

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pp.70. 8°. [Pieces choisle«, V. 3] *2664.12 

L'homme it bonne fortune ; La coquette et la 

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sm.8* 4809a. 14 

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ic« dlssertationlH Antonini de Anileo, de an- 
tlquo urhls Syracusarum iirehleplscopatu, ac 
dc ejusflem In unlversa .SIcilia metropolitico 
Jure judicium. [GrnivhiB. Thes. antlq. Ital., 

T. 10, V.2) 4710.1 

_ De Panorroltana majestatc llbri iv. [Grasvlm. 

Thes. antlq. Itol., T. 10, V. 13] 4710.1 

• Shelf. No- 
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— Exercitationes ad Prolegomena in Annales. 

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olic church B.110.4 

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pp. 20. 1.8° 4003.15 

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Taconic system. With notes by J. Marcou. 

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auctorem, qui sub falsa inscriptione Berosi 

Chaldaicircumfertur. [Maxima biblioth. vet. 

patr., v. 2] B.110.2 

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Babreswii,, C. L.,.and Davanne. Chimie photo- 

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See Clowes, J 4163.16 

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New York, 1863. pp.60. 8° 3965.13 

— Temporary fortifications : prepared for the 

naval service. New York, 186.3. pp.14. 12°. 3955.30 
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cicnt and honorable artillery company, June 
0,1,831. Cambridge, 1831. 8° 5440a.l9 

— Discourse delivered in the Twelfth congrega- 

tional church on fast day. Boston, 1851. 8°. 0088. 192 

— Sermon in consequence of the late duel in 

Washiuglon. [Boston], 1838. 8° 5440a. 19 

— Sermon preached the day of fasting on account 

of the cholera. Boston, 1S;H. 8° 6440al9 

— Wliat tliinkest thou* a sermon. Boston, 1813. 

8° *Pph.v.334 

— Youths void of understanding : a discourse. 

Bo.ston, 1857. 8° 6440a. 19 

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vius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 9, p. 6] 4710.1 

Xote. — Mn7.7.iiehelU end TiraboacllI both aBglirii this 
Irnet to Bnrrl, hut the former guys: Allrl crertemloiio 
nutoro 11 cardinal Slrluto, altrl II cnrdlnal Suntorio. 

— De laudihus Italia;. [Gricvius. Tlics. antiq. 

Ital., T. I,p. 1] 4710.1 

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I'enfance. 2eed.augin. Paris, 1815. 2v. 8°. 3777.88 
Barrington, a. Familiar introduction to herald. 

ry. [12 colored plales.] London, 1,84>. 12°. 2220.21 
BARItlNcroN, I>. ( Hi>ei-\ jilious (ui the more an- 
cient statutes IVoni IVIagua Chartn to James 
I. 4th ed. London, 1775. 4° 4.301.7 

— Possibility of appronehing the North Pole. Ap- 

jiendix by Col. Heaufoy. New York, 1818. 8°. 2307.8 
Barrois, .1. It. J. Dactylologie et hiiigage primltif 
restitucs d'apri;8 les monuments. Paris, 1860. 
4°. 61 plates 2110.19 

— fcli^mentft carlovinglens llngtilstiques et lltt<5- 

raires. Paris, 1846. 4° 2110.18 

— Lecturt* littc^rale des hlc^roglyphes et dcs cunbl- 

formes. Paris, 1863. pp.80. 4°. 17 plates. «2110. 21 




Shelf. No. 

Barrow, I. Works. Published by J. TUlotson. 

Vol. 1. London, 1883. f° •6021.5 

A*o(*. — Tlio «iillr« Bi't hiLs 4 voluiuos, l(j&}-S7. 

Vonleiitf. — Tliirty-two sermons prcaclioil upon sev- 
eral occasions; Kxposition of tho Lord's prayer, etc.; 
Treatise of the pope's supn>mncy, 

— Duty and reward of bounty to the poor : a ser- 

mon. .Id ed. London, lOSO. 6m.8° .... 5447.29 

— Mathematical works. Edited by W. ■Whewell. 

Cambridge, ISOO. 8° 3913.11 

Content*, — Lrctioncs tntithcmntlcir XXtll, in quibua 
principla mathcseos frencrnUn exponnntnr; Lectionea 
opUca- will; I.i'cttoncs gcoinetricn; Xlll.inquibusgen- 
cntlia ciirvariiMi llneanim synijitomata ilcclanlutur. 

Barrow, .John, innthfmnticnl teacher in the luivy. 
Histoire noiivelle et impartiale d'Anpleterre. 
Traduite de I'Anglois [\mr J. B. Tavge). Ta- 
ris, ir"l-r3. lOv. 12° 2439.12 

Katt. — Tills book is entered under Barro*v, in defer- 
ence to the uultiorily of t^ufraril, who cl8e\Yhere asserts 
that it was translated by J. B. Targe, the translator 
of other works of Barrow. 

BARROW, Sir .John, h. 17(A, <J. 1818. Life, voyages, 
and exploits of .Sir Francis Drake. [I^ondon], 
1843. 8° 2465.19 

— Travels in the interior of Southern --Vfrica. 

[Mnvor. Voyages, V. 21] 02137.1 

Barrow straits. "Voyage in 1850-51. Sutherland, 

P. C 2263.7 

Barrows, W. Our war and our religion : and tlieir 
harmony. Discourse delivered in Keading, 

JIarcli ',', 1.S62. Boston, 1862. 8° 4310a. 4 

. — The high school policy of Massachusetts. New 
Haven, 1858. pp. 22. 8°. [From the New 
Euglaader for November, 1S58] 5596.3 

— The war and slavery: and their relations to 

each other. Discourse delivered in Reading, 

Dee. 28, 1862. ad ed. Boston, 1863. 8° . . 4310a.4 
Barruel, a. History of .Jacobinism. Trans, from 

the French. liartford, 1799. 2v. in 1. 8° . 4650.29 
Barry, W. F. Artillery operations of the army of 

the Potomac, dee Barnard, J. G 3955.3 

Barsch, G. F. v. Schill's Zng und Tod im Jahre 

1809. Leipzig, 1860. sm.S".. 2817.16 

B ARSOCCHINI, D. Delle viccnde della zecca lucchese 

sotto Carlo Slagno e sua stirpe. [Memorie per 

senire alia storia di Lucca, v. II] 2711.4 

Bartels, p. Johannes a Lasco. [Biographie.] 

Elberfeld, 1860. pp. "6. 8° *6045.11 

Bartenova, O. Coramentarlum in Misehnam. See 

Mischna 5460.3 

Barter, W. G. T. Homer and English metre. An 

essay, with tlie first book of the Odyssey, and 

specimens of the Iliad in the Spenserian 

stanza. London, 1S62. 8° 2998.17 

Barth, Carl, and Schmid, A. Bienen-Zeitung. 

Organ des Vereins deutscher Bienenwirthe. 

Nordlillgon, 1856, .59-61. 4v. 4° 7891.1 

B.VBTH, Caspar v. Adversariorum commentariorum 

libri T.x. Friincofurti, 1624. f° *4170.11 

— Anialiilium libri iv. Hanovi.T, 1612. sm. 8° . 4'229a.6 

— .Juvenilia. Witeberga;, 1607. sm. 8° *42'29a.l5 

Barth, Christian C. Teutschlands Urgeschichte. 

2te Autl. Erlangen, l.'iJiMe. 5v. 8°. ... 4215.3 
Barth, H. Reisen und Entdeckungen in Nord-und 
Central-Afrika in den .lahren 1849-55. Gotha, 

1857, .M. .5v. 


— Ueber H. Barth undOverwegs Reiseexpedition 

in das innere Africa. Sfe Ritter, C 4245.1 

Bartiir, .V. T. Le.s fausses infidelites; La mfere 
jalouse ; L'homme personnel. [Theatre fran- 
'!«'■•'■''•:"] 4708.1 

BARTHftI.EMV,.J. J. Oeuvres diverses. Paris, 1798. 


Cnn/cfU*. — Vol. I. Preface do I'e-diteur; feloge hia- 
torique ; I' ieces Jnetiflcativea ; Vers de Fontanes ; Cata- 
loifnc des ouvragca de J. J. Barthelemy ; Tralte de 
morale: Carite ct Polydorc, roman; La chanteloupee, 
on la guerre dea paces ; Lea niioea de I'alniyre ; Lea 

Bhelf. No. 

BartuSlkjiy, .J. J., continued. 

ruines do Balbec; Les antiqult^s d'Herenlanum ; Lea 
tables d'llernel6e; Des medailles de Murc-Antolnc. 11. 
I>n lintin ehea les ancicns ; Fragmens d'un voyage Ut- 
teralre en Italic ; Reflexions sur quelques peintures mex- 
icuines; Instructions ponr M. Donibey sur son voyage au 
rirrou ; Rlf'nioire lu d la commission des nionumens ; 
Essui d'une nouvelle histoire romainc; Science numis- 
niatiqne, leltres, etc. 

— Voyage du jeuiie Anacharsis en Grt'ce. [Avec 

un] recueil de cartes, plans, etc., par M. 
Barbie du Bocage, etc. 3e ed. Paris, 1790. 
7v. 8°. Iv.. 4° plates 4960.25 

— Voyage d'Anacharsis en Grice. Paris, 18'22. . 

7v. 8° 4207.11 

BARTiifiLEMYde Beauregard, J. Histoire de Jeanne 

D'.\rc, [avec nne bibliographie de] cette hi'-ro- 

ine. I'aiis, 1,847. 2v. 8° 4615.7 

Barthez, a. c. E. de, and liilliet, F. Traite cli- 

nique et pratique des maladies des enfants. 

2e M. 2d ti rage. Paris, 1861. 3v. 8° . . . 3777.29- 
Barthold, F. W. Geschichte des grossen deut- 

schen Krieges vom Tode Gustav Adolfs ab. 

Stuttgart, 1.S42, 43. 2v. in 1. 8° 2823.23 

— Geschiclite von Riigen und Pommern. Vol. 1- 

4. IJanibui'g, 18:j9-45. 4v. in 5. 8° . . . . 2823.26 

Bartholin, E. l*rincipia matheseos'universalis. 

[Descartes. Opera, v. 8] 3926.5 

Bartholom.kcis. Vita sancti Nili confcssoris ; Vita 
et conversatio S. BathoIonia?i. [Mart^ne. 
Vet. script., v. 6] 4150.1 

BARTnoi.oM.Eiis de Glanville. . .STeeGlanville, 

Bartholomew, J. G. The hour of peril. .Sermon 
delivered in Roxbury, April 21, 1861. Bos- 
ton, IS6I. 8° 4310a. 5 

Babtlet, W., Sermon in commemoration of. See 

Dana, D Pph. v. 378 

Bartlett, J. Discourse on animation, delivered 
before the Humane society, June 11, 1792. 
Boston, 1792. sm. 4° 5796.70 

Bartlett, W. H. Pictures from Sicily. London, 

1863. 8° 2765.17 

Bartol, C. a. Address before the alumni of the 
divinity school in Harvard university. Bos- 
ton, 1858. 12° B.I60a.77 

— Address before the ministerial couference in 

Bedford street. Boston, 1859. 8° 5410a. 20 

— Address in Groton, at the funeral of Rev. G. W. 

Wells, March 21, 1843. Boston, 1843. 8°. . . 5440a.20 

— Character of the Rev. Eplir.aim Peabody : a 

sermon, Dec. 7, 1856. Boston, 1S57. 8°. . . B. 160b. 3 

— Christ tlie way. Sermon at the ordination of 

G. M. Bartol, in Lancaster, -Aug. 4, 1847. 
Lancaster, 1847. 8° 5440a. 20 

— The cure : a serinoa on fast-day, April 10, 1851. 

Boston, 1851. 8° 5440a.20 

— Discourse in the West church in Boston, March 

3, 1839. Boston, 1839. 8° *4163.7 

— Discourse in the West church, March 1, 1857, 

the 20th anniversary of his ordination. Bos- 
ton, 1857. 8° 6088.34 

— Discourse on the life and character of Samuel 

I'utnam, LL.D. Boston, 1853. 8° .')440a.20 

— Discourse on Theodore Parker. Boston, 1860, 8°..5440a. 20 

— Discourses on the Christian spirit and life. Bos- 

ton, 1850. 12° 6062.25 

— The duty of the time. A discourse in the West 

church, April 28, 1861. Boston, 1801. 8°. . 4310a. 6 

— Immediate vision of God. A sermon. Boston, 

1*00. 8° 5440a. 20 

— Individual and public reform. A discourse on 

fast day, April 2, 1840. Boston, 1840. 8° . . 5440a. 20 

— Jesus and Jerusalem : or Christ the Saviour and 

civilizer of tlie world. A discourse. Cam- 
bridge, 1857. 12° B.170b.23 

— Motive-powers : a sermon. Boston, 1853. 8°. 5440a. 20 

— The nation's hour: a tribute to Major Sidney 

Willard,. Dec. 21, forefathers' day. [With 

an appendix.] Boston, 1862. 8° 4310a. 6 

— The new planet. A sermon. Boston, 1847. 

»° B. 170a. .30 




Sholf. No. 

Bartol, C. a., covtimi^d. 

— Our sacrifices. A sermon preached Nov. 3, 1861, 

the Sunday after the funeral of Lieut. W. L. 
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l,<o5. 12° 2273.24 

— - .Same, ad ed. Boston, 1856. 12° 22r3.2S 

— Pulilic causes for gratitude. A sermon on 

thank.<jrtving day, Nov. 25, 1847. Boston, 

IfHs. S» 5440a. 20 

— Relation of the medical profession to the min- 

istry ; a discourse on occasion of the death of 
Dr."G. C. Sliattuclv. Boston, 1854. 8" . . . 5H0a.20 

— "Religion in our public schools. A discourse. 

Boston, 1859. 12° 5440a. 20 

— The traveller's report ; or, abroad and at home : 

a sermon in the West church, Boston. Bos- 
ton, 1854. 8° fi088.147 

— Address, and discourse after the funeral of 

Charles Lowell, D.D. See Boston. Ecclesi- 
astical organizations. West church . . . .5440a. 20 
Bartoi.i, I). Histoire de St. Ignace de Loyola et 
de la conipagnie de Jesus. Trad, de I'italien, 
Paris, 1844. 2v. S° 6000.18 

— History of the life and institute of St. Ignatius 

de Loyola. Translated by [Mad. C'alderon 
deLaHarca]. New York, 1855. 2v. 12°. . 3557.18 

— Descrizioni varie. [Alberi. Tesoro della prosa 

italiana] 2771.20 

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del Friuli nel secolo XV. Udine, 1798. 4° . 2200.15 
Bartoi.ixi. H. Kesponsio principum tiermania: 
legatis Leonis X, dccirnas pro hello contra 
Turcos suscipiendo petentihus in Au.eusta 
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Bartoi.dmmki, G. Tragedie. Impressione 2a. Fi- 

reuze, 1055. 2v. 4° 4774.15 

Con/rnw.— Vol.1. Eugenia; Isiibella ; Polictto ; Aglne; 
Gior(.-io;TcO(lora. II. Clodoveo trionfanto ; Eustachio ; 
Altaini-ne; Crcso. 

Bartolommeo, cancelliere. Annales Janucnses, 

1235-18. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 18) . 4210.1 

Bartoi.»»mmk<> di Bonifacio, or Bonifacio, B. di. 
Annales Januenses, 1270-79. [Frankfurt. 
Societas, etc., V. 18] 4310.1 

Bartox, W. 1*. C. Compendium flor.t rhiladol- 
jihica". Plants found within ten miles ariiuiul 
Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1818. 2v. 8° . 3849.4 

Bai'.tox, W. S. Epitaphs from the cemetery on 
Worcester common, with notes, etc. Wor- 
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teratur. Stuttgart, 1850. 8°. [Stuttgart. Bib- 

liothek liter. Vereins, v. 311] •4235.1 

— Mittehlenl.srlie C.edichte. Stuttgart, 1860. 8°. 

[Stuttgart. ItibliiPthek liter. Vereins, v. 53]. *42.35.1 

BARL'fl'.vl^ln, G., npiiiore. Dejiru'tis Ferrariensibus. 

[Grtevius. Thes. antirj. Ital., T. 9, p. 8J . . . 4710.1 

Barwei.!., H- Treatise on diseases of the joints. 

London, IHfil. .s° 3745.25 

BASA spelling book, with dettnitions. 2d ed. Mon- 
rovia, I8:i8. pp. 24. 12° 1$. 170b. 99 

BasiLK, 1-). II pastor lido [di (lUarini] in lingua 
napoletana. [Collezione di tutti i poemi in 
lingua na]i(iletana, v. ]'.'] 

BASII'K, G. It. II penlamerone, overo IjO cunto de 
11 cunte, Tratteuiiuiento de 11 Peccerille, e 
Le muse napolitane. NapoM, 1788. 2v. 18°. 
[Collezione di tutti i poemi In linglui luipole- 
tana, v. 20, 21] 

BASII.K^ArKTIlI, ('. De metropoli MedlolanensI 
llbellus. [Grrcvius. Thes. nntiq. Itnl., T. 2, 


nA8IMr>KS. SontontliT ex HIppoIytl llhro Kira ti- 

(7'.ii< mfuna.'v llliiHtratir. SVr .liicolil.j. L. U. 

— Frndnu'iitu. .SVr (JiiiIm-, .1. K'H, hinhop of Sih-tirhi. Di'tiiniiHtnitio mlvcr 
nm .liirlrroH flf> iidvcntii CltriHtl. [CiiiiiKiiH 
ThetinuruH, v. 1] 



170a. 117 

Shelf. No. 

Basilu'S, bishop of Seleuria, ronthmed. 
— Orationes XLiv, interpretibus Dausqueio et 

Combetit<io ; llemonstratio adversus .Tudreos 

de adventu (.'liristi ex interpret at lone F. 

Turriani. [Maxima biblioth. vet. pair., v.s].B.lI0.2 
Basilius, emperor. Exhortntiones ad Leonem ti- 

lium. [Maxima bibliotb. vet. patr., V. Hi] . B.110.2 
Basilius, the maul-. Ascetica; vitie descriptio. 

[Maxima bibliotb. vet. patr., V. 22] B.110.2 

Basilius Magnus, .S7.. bishop of Ctesarea. Omnia 

opera, ab Jano Cornario interpretata. Ba- 

sjlece, 1552. f ' *B.120.7 

Contents. — In rtpificiiira sex dienim, lioini1it>> Xl; In 
Psalmos, hotnilin; XVII ; HoiniMie variorum arffumeiito- 
rum xxviil; Do vireiiiitatc liber; Dc i)uniriiso liber; 
Contra apologeticum Eunoniii ; Contra Snbellinnos et 
Ariiiin eosque qui dissirailitudinem ac ina'( 
doccnt; De Spiritu Sancto; De Hbero arbitrio; De liap- 
tisiiiate ; ExercitHmcntA pietatis per aliquot Bermoues; 
De judicio Dei ; Dp fidei coiifcssione ; Moralium sumuia' ; 
Quivstionos 'ditfuse explicataj; Qunistiones conipendio 
explicatip. ; Constitutiones exercitatorln', nd eos qui 
conimunem in coentibio vitam, itemquo solitarium de- 
gunt; Epistolfle, itemque GrL-eoril Theologri; Oratio ad- 
vevsus eos qui calumninntur nosquod trcsdeos dieinms; 
GiTprorii Nazianzeni Monodin. sive funebris oratio, per 
BapLaclem Volaterranum oonversa. 

— See Sammtliche Werke der Kirclienviiter, v. 

lO-l.-i G024.1 

ConlentB.—'VoX. X. Honillien ; BiiHn>T (regren den 
Eunumius. X. XI. Horailien. XL Ascetisrhe Schrifton. 
XII. Erkliiruiig: des I'roplieten Isaiaa; IIQcliervon der 
Taufe; Homilieu; BuoU vondein liciligcntieiste. XIII. 

— Epistola ad Gregoriura fratrem sunm de dis- 

crimine inter essentiam et snbt^tautiam. 
[Grynrcus. Ecclesiastica historia] B. 1.10. 7 

— Rationes syllogistica; contra Arianos, Latins : 

Expositiodeortbodoxafide. [Canisius. Tbe- 

saitnis, V. 1] 4140.3 

BASlLli'sMegalomytes. Xivty^ara awTtQcvTa. [Bois- 

soniide. Anecdota Gneca, v. .1] B.161.3 

Basin, or Ba/.in, T. De pestis Ludoviei xi Fran- 

corum regis. [Marteiie. Vet. script., v. 4] . 4150.1 

— - Same. Res grstie in IloUandia, etc., ann. 

14Sl-s:t. [Mattba-i. Analcctn. v. 2] .... 4130a. 1 
Baslk. Acta variu ad concilium Basib-ense perti- 

lu-ntia. [Marteiie. ^'et, script., v. s] . . . . 4150.1 

— lIagi*nbacb,C. F. Tentamen fiora- Basileensis. 3840.5 

— IMiis II. He concilio Basiliensi libri III . . . . 6074.5 
BahnA(;k de Beauval, .1. Annales des Trovinces- 

Unies, [1040-78]. La Haye, 172C.. 2v, V., *42fil.l 

Cftntfntf. — Vol.1. I.ea chnses Ics pliiB remarqunblos 
an'ivC'f^H en Europe, l>t dans lea nutrrs parlies du uiondn, 
di-puiei IcH ntgoinatlons pour la paix de Mimwter, jutiqu'd 
la palx de Breda, avec la description liistorlquc de leur 
pnuvernomeiit. II. Les I'lioBes les pUiR reniarquables 
nrrivL'os en Europe, et danx les luitrea parties du monde, 
depuU la paix d'Alx-lu-CbapcIlc, juequ'A cclle de Kl- 

— Ilistnire de IVglise depuis .Tt^sii 8 'Christ jusqu'i\ 

l)n-sent. Uotterdnm, H'.'.H). 2v. f *6070.5 

Basquk liingiijige. Langue basi|ue et langues lln- 

iKiiscs. Bonaparte, L.L 21*51, 6 

Bassano. De' Bassanesi ilbisiri, con nn cntnlogo 

degli wcrittori B. del wee. xvill. (iamba, B. 2102.10 
Basskt, N. (Jnide pratique du iabricnnt dc sucre. 

Paris, ISGl. s" 4005.29 

Basskti'. <;. W. Slavery examined by tbe ligbt of 

iiutiire. Sermon. 'Wiisbingtnii, isr.s. H" . . B.IC0,7 

— ^Vitrnlug for tbe crisis: or popular errors In- 

vohetl in tbe present war. An iidilrt^ss. Ot- 
tawa. III., lso:t. 12" •I310a.43 

BASsiNi.r. Art of .singing. Edited by R. Storrs 

Wfllls. Boston, n.d. 4° 8011.9 

BARSirs, r. Fnignientum. [GottlVIed. <'(n-pUH uui- 

ntuni \etrruni pocliirinn] Il.lUl.O 

Bast, !■". .1. I'.pisldlji critica super Antoniim I.ibe- 
rnli. Aiista-nelo,!- liugini ( InlHca 
til (.atiuam versa a <'. A. WIedeburg, |et ] ap- 
pendix, ed. G. ILSducller. Liimlie, 180U. H''.*M05G.4 




Shelf. No. 
Bastiat, F. Hurnionk's of political t'oonomy. 
TranshitiM, with !i notice of tliu iiuthor, by 
r..I.Stirlinfi. London. 1800. 8" 3(H0.37 

— Vit'de. SeeKeylmud. M. R. T 3054. 2 

Bastidk, r. De antiqmi onlinis S. lioncciioti intra 

CJallias propa^iitione: 5t'e MalnUoii, J . . . B.131.2, Historical rt-*niarks and aiiecdoli-s on the. 5575.1 
Batcheli»f.ii, S. Introduction and early progress 

of the cotton manufacture iutheUuitcd States. 

• Boston, 1863. 12' 3650.25 

Bate, C S. Catalo^yue of tlie specimens of amphi- 

podous rrust;icea in the British nuiseuiu. See 

London. British nuiseum 3873.5 

Bate, H. See Dudley, 11. Bate. 

Bates, E. Rural phih)sophy. 1st American from 

4th London ed. I'luladelphia, 1807. 12° . . 2558.10 
Bates, K. T. Comic songs. ,'?ee Turner, J. W. . 8043.12 
B.\tes, L C. Speech on the Indian bill, in U. S. 

house of representatives, n.p., 18.30. 8" . *Fph.v.382 
Bates, Joseph. Vindication of the seventh-day 

Sabbath, and the commandments of God, etc. 

New Bedford, 1848. 12" B.lG0b.30 

Bates, Joshua, D.D. Influence of Christian truth. 

A sermon in Northampton, Sept. 21, 1825, 

[before] the A. B.C.F.M. Boston, 1825. 8°.*Pph.v,375 

— Reminiscences of J. Codman. 5ee Allen, W.. 2347.34 
Bates, Joshua, jr. The model teacher. Lecture 

on Dr. T. Arnold. Boston, 1853. 12* . . . B.lOOb.105 

Bates, T. Letter to the lord bishop of Durham, 
relative to the sale of Ridley Hall estate, 
Northumberland. Newcastle upon Tyne, 
1S30. 8' *rph,v.350 

Bath, England, Topographical notes respecting. 

Milles, J 4586.20 

Bathing, On warm, cold, and vapour. Clarke, A. 3809.35 

Bathukst, H., third earl. Observations on Lord 
Bathurst's speech, 3Iarch 18, 1817. New York, 
1818. 12'* 4652.17 

BathI'rst, T. JEglogfE duodecim Latino carmine 

donate. See Spenser, E 2608.16 

Batille, D. L. Emblemata a L I. Boissardo de- 
lineata et a T. de Bry sculpta. Francofurti, 
1506. sm.4° M153.12 

Batines, C. de. Supplementi allabibliografia dan- 

tescadiB. i'ee Witte, C 4194.5 

Bato. Fabularum quatuor perditarum reliquise. 

[Meinekc. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 5] B.162.8 

Batrachia. Batrachia gradientia, etc., in the Brit- 
ish museum. .S'ee London. British museum. 5909.5 

Batrachomyomachy. FroschmUuszler. Rolleu- « 

hagen, G 2903.20 

BATSCH, a. J. G. C. Eleuchus fungorum. [Germ, 
et Lat. continuatio la, 2a- Fig. col.] HalEe 
Magdeburgicae, 1783-89. 3v. in 1. 4° . . . . *3855.20 

Battle of Lake Erie monument association. Organ- 
ization and proceedings, and celebration of the 
45th anniversary. Sandusky, 1858. pp.49. 8°.*4323.14 

BArDENS, J. B. L. La guerre de CrinK-e, les campe- 
ments, les abris, les ambulances, les hopi- 
taux, etc. Paris, 1858. 8' 3724.15 

Baudi di Vesme, C. Edicta reguni Langobardo- 

nim. [Sardinia. Hist, monum., v. 3] . . . 4800.1 

Bacdoin d'Avesnes. Aenealogis ex chronicis Hai- 
noniensibus collectffi. [Ach^ry. Spicilegium, 
V. 7] 4152.7 

Bauer, B. Kritik der evangelischen Geschichte 

des Johannes. Bremen, 1840. 8' 6025.18 

— Kritik der evangelischen Geschichte der Sy- 

noptiker. Leipzig, 1841, 42. 3v. 8" . . , , 6025.9 

— Die Religion des Alten Testamentes in der ge- 

echichtlichen Entwickelung ihrer Principien 
dargestellt. Berlin, 1838. 2v. 8° 6027.14 

— [Gutachten der evangelisch-theologischeu Fa- 

cultaten der Koniglich Preussischen Univer- 
sitaten iiber B. Bauer. Berlin, 1842. 8"] . B.160a.ll8 
Bauer, G. L. Critics sacra Veteris Testamenti. 

Lipsiie, 1795. 8° *6017.14 

— Theolog}' ofthe Old Testament. Lend., 1&38. 8°. 6063.6 
BAU3I, J.W. Capito und Butzer, Strassburgs Refor- 

matoren. Elberfeld, 1860. 8" *6045.7 


Shelf. No. 

Baumgarten, G. Sechzig Jahre des kaukasi- 
schen Ivrieges mit besonderer Beriickwichti- 
gung des Feldzuges im nordlichen Daghe- 
stan im Jalire 1839. Leipzig, 1861. 8" . . . 3063.8 

BAUi'^iGARTKN, M. Die Apostelgeschichte, oder 
der Entwickelungsgang der Kirche von Je- 
rusalem bis Rom. 2te Aufl. Braunschweig, 
1859. 2v. 8° .... 351(1.6 

— History of the church in the apostolic age. 

Translated by Morrison and Meyer. Edin- 
burgh, 1S54. 3v. 8° 3427.7 

Baumoarten, S. J. Nftchrichten von einer hal- 

lischen Bibliothek. Halle, 174.8-51. 8v. sm.S°.*B.144.1 

— Nachrichten von merkwiirdigen BUchern. 

Halle, 1752-58. 12v. in 8, sm.S" *4139.3 

— - Same. 12v. in fl. sm.S" **5149.2 

— Untersuchung theologiscber Streitigkeiten. 

Herausgegeben von J. S. Sender. Halle, 
1762-64, 3v. 4" 6063.9 

— Heimleuchtung der Baumgartischen Beschul- 

digungen. .See Weise, J. P 6069a. 5 

Baumgarten-Crusius, L.F.O. Compendium der 
christliclien Dogmeugescbichte. Zweiter 
Theil, herausgegeben von C. Hase. Leip- 
zig, 1840-46. 2v.ini. 8' 6022.11 

Baur, F. C. An Dr. Carl Hase, Beantwortung des 
Sendschreibens, Die tiibinger Schule. Tiibin- 
gen, 1855. 8° . . . B,170b.l 

— ApoUonius von Tyana und Christus, oder das 

Verhaltniss des Pythagoreismus zum Chris- 
tenthum. Tiibingen, 1832. 8° 6037.18 

— Das Cliristenthum und die christliche Kirche 

derdreierstenJahrhunderte. Tubing., 1853. 8". 6046.1 

— Die christliche Gnosis. Tiibingen, 1835. 8° , 6059. -^ 

— Die christliche Kirche des Mittelalters. He- 

rausg. von F.F. Baur. Tiibingen, 1861. 8'. 3516.7 

— Die christliche Lehre von der Dreieinigkeit und 

Menschwerdung Gottes» Tiibingen, 1841-43, 

3v. 8° 3461.23, and6036. 11 

— Die christliche Lehre von der Versohnung. Tii- 

bingen, 1838. 8" 6063.23 

— Das Christliche des Platonismus, oder Sokrates 

und Christus. Tiibingen, 18-37- 8^ B.162.11 

— Die Epochen der kirchlichen Geschichtschreib- 

ung. Tiibingen, 1852. 8" 6045.2 

— Kritische Untersuchungen iiber die kanoni- 

schen Evangelicn. Tiibingen, 1847. 8" , . . 6025.3 

— Lehrbuch der christlicheu Dograengeschichte. 

Stuttgart, 1847- 8" 6022.4 

— Das manichatsche Religionssystem. Tiibingen, 

1831. 8° 6059.1 

— Das Markusevangelium nach seiuem Ursprung 

und Charakter. Nebst einem Anhang iiber 
Evangelium Marcion's. Tiibingen, 1851. 8°. C025.2 

— Paulus, der Apostel Jesu Christi. Sein Leben 

und Wirken, seine Briefe und seine Lehi*e. 
Stuttgart, 1845. 8° 6060.4 

— Svmbolik und Mj-thologie oder die Naturreii- 

'gion des Altertimms. Stuttgart, 1824, 25. 3v, 
8" 6071,12 

— Ueber den Ursprung des Episcopats in der 

christhchen Kirche- Tiibingen, 1&38. 8^ . . 6064-7 

— Theologische Jahrbiicher. See Zeller, E. . . . 6078.3 
Baur, H, Des frictions dMmile comme nif^thode 

hygi^nique et curative, Tubingue, 1837. pp. 

37. 8° 3791.14 

Bauk, W. Leben des Freiherrn vom Stein. Nach 

Pertz erzahlt. Gotha, 1860. sm.8 2848.15 

Bautain, L. E. M. Le Chretien de nos jours : Let- 

tres spirituelles. Paris, 1861, 62. 2v. 12^ . . 5458.18 

— La morale de I'^vangile compar^e aux divers 

systfemes de morale. Paris, 1855. 8" . . . . 6068.5 

— Quelques reflexions sur un 6crit de B. intitule : 

De I'enseignement de la pbilosophie en France 
aulQe^iecle. 5'ee Nicolas, J. F 6099a. 8 

Bava di San Paolo, G. E. Vicende e progressi 
delle scienze, arti, e costumi dal secolo xi fino 
al secolo xviil- Torino, 1816. 5v- 8° . . . 2192.5 

Bavaria. Monumenta Boica. See Munich. Ko- 

nigl.bayerische AkademiederWlspenchaften. 2855.2 




Shelf. No. 

Bav.\ki-\, ronttnued. 

— Quitzmann, A. Die heidnische Eeligion der 

Baiwaren .3487.4 

— Vehse, C. E. Geschichte der Hofe der Hauscr 

Baiern 4819.5 

— Zeuss, J. C. Die Herknnft der Baiern von den 

Markoraannen 4129.46 

See also : Alipsburg. Munich, Swftbia. 

Batia, L. de. C'ontimiacion de la historia pontili- 

cal T catolica. See IIlescas.G. de 6051.1 

Bax, C. De natiirw simplicitate in EuripidisOreste. 

Disp. inaug. Trajecti, 1816. 8° 2972.25 

Baxter, R. Abridprnent of tlie Christian direc- 
tory, Cliap. 1, by N. Bouton. Portsmouth, N. 
H.,'lSiO. pp.47. 18° 5447.44 

— Call to the unconverted. Middletown, Conn., 

1819. 18° 5447.65 

— Divine appointment of the Lord's day proved. 

Loudon, 1071. 8° 5454.14 

— Life and times of. SeeOrme,W 5553.1 

Baxter, W. E. Social condition of the southern 

states of America. London, 1862. pp.28. 12°. 4322.60 
Bay, C. F. Dansk og Engelsk Haand-Lexicon. 

Tredie Udpave. Kiubenliavn, 1824. 10° . . *4119.9 

— Dansk og Engelsk Haand-Ordbog. Eftcr T. 

Arnold. FierdeOplag. Kiobenhavn, 1820. 16°.*4119.10 
Bat state collection of churcli music. Johnson, A.N. 8017.26 
B.VYER, F. P. .^chrift und Sprache der Phonizier, 

.See Gesenius, W 5034.21 

Bayer, J. V. Uranometria. Ulmse, lf)61. 51 sheets, 

obl.f° »B.180f.4 

Bayecx, (ontes populaires, prcjuges, patois, pro- 

verbes de. Plu(|Uot, F 2955.9 

Bayle, p. Dictionaire historique et critique. 4e 

cd. Avec la vie de I'auteur par M. Des Mai- 

zeaux. Amsterdam, 1730. 4v. f ° *6240.2 

— SuppK-mcnt au dictionnaire historique et cri- 

tique de. ^Ve Cliaiifeiiii', ,1. G. de 6240.1 

Baylev, W. H. Hand-book of the slide rule. Lon- 
don, 1861. 12° 5684.2 

Baylies, F. Eulogy on Lafayette, delivered in the 

Masonic tenipie, Oct. 9, 1834. Boston, 1834. 8°. 4394.1 

— Eulogv on tlie Hon. Benjamin Kussell. Boston, 

184.5. 8° 4394.1 

BazancoI'rt, C. de. Ln campagne d'ltalie de 

1869. Paris, IS59, IK). 2v. 8° 2716.3 

— Le Mexique contcmporain. Paris, 1862. 12' . 4314.27 

— Lcs expeditions dc Cliine et de Cochinchine, 

[1857-01). I'aris, 1801,62. 2v. 8° 3017.18 

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from the French. London, 1744. 8° . . . . 5898.10 

Beacon hill. A local poem, liistoric and descrip- 
tive. Hook 1. Boston, 1797. pp.54. 4°.. 4391.3 

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G. H 2368.5 

Beale, L. S. The microscope, in its application to 

practical medicine. 2ded. London, LKW. 8°. 3780.9 

— On urine, urinary deposits, and cah'uli : micro- 

scopical and chemical examiuulion. London, 

1861. 12° 3740.58 

Beamish, K. llcmolr of tlie life of Sir Marc Isom- 

bard Bniuel. London, 1862. 8° 2543.8 

Beard, C. Port Itoyal. A coutrihulion to the liis- 
tory of religion and literature in France. 
London, 1861. 2v. p.S° 3528.14 

Beatiti'DKS, The. [Conversations between a 

mother and child.] Boston, 1828. 18° . . . 6447.52 

Beattii:, .1. Elements of moral science. Philadel- 
phia, 1792-94. 2v. 12' 3587.11 

— Poetical works: and Tlie grave, by K. Blair. 

London, im7. pp. 61. 8" 4176.0 

Beattik.W. Life of Thomas Campbell. SccCanip- 

bell, T 2516.9 

BEATir.s. De ndoptlone Christ! Fllll Del. [Maxi- 
ma blWIoih. vet. piitr., v. 13] 

• Beau, F,, I>cj«lo^«e/, ll.,('nf-arie,aiid Dehette, S. P. 
Alius dii ijiiueiir et du inc'-tallurgiste. lre-6e 
annee. 146 ptanclies iive.c des expli(;atlons. 
ParU, 1837-42. pp. ,10. Atlaa f° ♦38.C.1 

Shelf. No. 

Beauci.erk, T. Bibliotheca Beauclerkiana. Lon- 
don, 1781. 2v. in 1. 8° »»2137.16 

Beaufoy, M., F. p. S. Papers on approaching the 
Kortli Pole and on a northwest passage. See 
BaiTington, D 2367.8 

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spondance politique et militaire. Pulilies par 
A. Du Casse. Paris, 1858-60. lOv. 8° . . . 2652.11 

Beaulieu, Limousin, Cartulaire de I'abbaye de. 

See Deloche, M ' . . . *2040.2 

BEAUM.VRCiiAis.P.A.Caronde. Eugenie; Lesdeux 
amis, ou Le ncgociant de Lyon ; Le barbier 
de Seville; Le mariage de Figaro; La mi-re 
coupable, ou L'autre Tartufe. [Theatre fran- 
(;ais, v. 20] 4708.1 

— Beaumarchais et son temps. See Lomenie, 

L. de 4703.11 

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Contents. — Mad lover; Spanish curate; Little French 
law^'cr; Custome of the countrey; Noble gentleman: 
The captaine ; Beggar's bush; The coxconibe; False 
one; The chances; Loyal subject; Lawes of Candy; 
Lover's profrressc; Island princcsse; Humorous lieu- 
tenant; Nice valour, or the passionate mad-man ; Maid 
in the mill; Prophetesse; Bonduca ; Sea voyage; Dou- 
ble marriapo; The pilgrim; Knight of Malta; Woman's 
prize, or the tamer tamed: Love's cure, or the martial 
maid ; Honest man's fortune ; tjiieeuc of Corinth ; 
Women pleas'd; A wife for a moneth; Wit at severall 
weapons; Tragedy of Valentinian; Fairc maidc of the 
innc; I.ove's pilpi-imnge; Maske of the gentlemen of 
Grayes-Innc, and the Inner Temple, at the marriage of 
the prince and princesse Palatine of Rhene ; Four playea, 
or morall representations, in one. 

— .See Bell. British theatre, v. 8, 11, 18, 33 . . . 4179a. 1 

Contents. —Vo\. VIII. Rule a wife and have a wife, a 
comedy. XI. The chances, a comedy, altered by the 
duke of Buckingham. XVIII. I'hilaster, a tragedy. 
XXXllI. Bonduca, a tragedy, altered by C. Colman. 

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Uerum Siievieiiriim scriptores] 4260.12 

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rara, 1687. 8m.l2° *4800a.35 




Slivlf. No. 

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Contfiita. — Vol, I. Ulysses von Ittiaka. II. Achilles. 
III. Die Zersl&run^ Troja's; Der Arponautcnzug; Pro- 
metheus; Ariadne; Medi-a's Itache; Kastor und PoUux; 
Orpheus; Atalaato; lo; Hercules; Orestes; Iphigeuia; 
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Shelf. No. 

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Shelf. No. 

Bees, continued. 

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8ur I'emploi de la lauipe de aurete de M. 
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— Tarlf beige, mis en rapport avec let* tariis dea 

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torre vt des fclats-UnU, pai- •). B. Balleroy. 
BruxelU'M, 1844. C C(V40.20 

Dcscrlpiioiit traveiHj etc. 

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parlMof 2274.16 

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Belgium, continued. 


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XaH', legislation^ etc. 

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See also: Brabant, Bruges, BnisseU.Flnndcra, Ghent, 
Hainault, Li&ge, Liixi'mbourg, Tougres, Tournoy. 

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Portsmouth, N. H., 1785. 8° *4103.5 

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Edinburgh, 1788. 2v. 8° 3018,6 

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Bell, John, jniblisher^ 6. 1746, d. 1831. [ 
tlieatre; comedies, operas, tragedies.] Lon- 
don, 1791-99. :*4v. 18" *4170a.l 

Contents, — Vol. I. Coiiiux, a mnBk, hy ,T. Miltou; Tlio 
H)cliyn)liil,com. nllurod from Hon JnnKuii ; Lovn for lovo, 
com. Iiy W. Conprcvp; Tli" rival niii-ciin, or Ilu' flcatli 
or Alc-xiuxlcr llx' f9ri>nt, (nitc. by N.\ IL Tlio S|ian- 
Uh frj-iir, or tlio dnublf! »U»rovpry, com. by .1. Drydon; 
ItondU'on, triiR. by R. (ilovrr; Tl»> minor, com, by 8. 
l-'oo(o; Tbo rvTuitit), or Mu< ln<lfi'H' ])hnunH]>hy, com. b^ 
C. Cllibcr. in. Till' ftilr pi-ultcnt, trng. by N. Uowo; 
DnuRlnH, trng. liy .!, Home; mto, trnR, by J. AddlHOn( 
Jann Rliorp, truK. by N. lUnvi*; TIu» Hoiiian fiitlicr, Iraff. 
altered from W. Whlfohcad. IV. Every man In hti hu- 
mour, com. by Bon .TonHon, n* nUi-rt'd by 1>. Onrrlckt 
Tbr nuNpUdoUH hintbnnd, rum. by 11. Ilondly; Tho Ur«- 
clan dauitlilcr, IrnK- by A. Mnrjdiy ; Tbo cbolcrlc man, 
com. by H. Cumberland. V. Clconc, trajf. by II. I)od«- 
lnl*<1 by A. 1'hlHiiJt, from the Andromnqu* nf Itaclnv; 



Shelf. No. 

Bell, John, publisher , continued. 

The mrl of Emox, trat;. by H. Jon<>.«; Motlea, trag. by 
R. Glover ; Tho gnmr^tcm, com. alU-rrd by Gurrick from 
Shirley niul JolniBon; Th<.' bnttU- of lltinting*. trng. by 
K. CumbcrlniKl. VI[. I.ovo mnkca n mnn, or tlio fop'a 
fortune, com, by C. Hbber; Al/.ii-o, Imp. Irnnshiti-d from 
VoUaIro by A. Hill; Tho school for wives, com. by U. 
Kelly; The school for lovers, com. by W. Whitohcad. 
VIII. The mnid of tho mill, comlo opt'rn by I. Dicker- 
staff; Rule a wife ntul have a wife, cam. by Ucaiimont 
and Flelvhrr; The ciiretcsB liusbnnd, com. by C. 
Cibbcr; Thw revenge, trng. by E. Young. IX. The 
orpbHii, or (he uiihii)>py mHrriHge, trnp. by T. Otwny; 
Tho country tn&itvii, or the eustom of the mnnor, com. 
bj C. Johnson; 6be 8tu<ips to eonquoFi or (he mUtakes 
of a night, com. by fi. GoUUmith; Edwonl the black 
prince, or the buttle of Poleliem, hist, triig. by W. Shir- 
ley; Isab«lln, or the faliil ninrringe, tmg. altered from 
T. Southern ; She wouM nnil she wou'd not, or the kind 
impostor, com. by C. Cilihor; Tho dlncovery, com. by 
Mrs. F. Sheridan. VI. The diatrettt mother, trng. trnna- 
ley. X. Tho beaux strninpcm, com. by 0. Fnrqubnr; 
Tho giimeater. trug. by K. Moore ; Tho double gullnnt, 
or the sick Itidy's cure, com. by C. Clbber; Theodosius, 
or the force of love, trng. by N. Lee. XL The bcggnv's 
opera, comic opera by J. Cay; Tho chances, com. as 
nlicred fi-om Bctiunuml und Fletcher by tho duke of 
Buckingham; The miser, com. by H. Fielding; The 
foundling, com. by E. fliooi-e. XII. A bold stroke for a 
wife, com. by .S. Cenllirro; All In the wrong, com. by 
A. Murphy; The brothers, com. by R. Cumberlnnd; 
The siege of D«ran9cu8,trBg, by J, Hughes. Xlll. Love 
in a village, comic opera by .1. Bickerstatl'; The country 
^rl, com. altered from Wycherly hy D. Garrick; The 
conscious lovers, com. by H. Steele ; The recruiting of- 
ficer, com. by G. Farquhar. XIV. Tho fair qvmkor of 
Deal, or the humours of the navy, com. by C. Shadwell ; 
Tancred and Sigismundn, trng. by J. Thomson ; George 
Bamwetl, trag. by G. Ltllo; The clandeaiine marriage, 
com. by G, Colmnn and D. Ganick. XV. Venice pre- 
scrrcd, or n plot discovered, trng. by T. Otway; Lady 
Jane Gray. trng. by N. Rowc ; Oedipus, trag. by Dryden 
and Leo; Ximena, or the heroic daughter, trog. by C. 
Clbber. XVI. The busy body, com. by S. Centlivre; All 
for love, or the world well lost, irwg. by .1. Dryden ; The 
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« , , „ Shelf. No. 

13ELL, John, puhhshery continued. 

com, as written by George, late duke of Buckingham, 
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— New pantheon ; or, historical dictionary of the 

gods, demi-gods, and heroes of antiquity. 

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l&io. &° *rpli.v.3S2 

— Speech on the sub-treasury bill, in the house of 

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Contmts. — Vol.1. The Howdy and the I'pgetting: 
two tales of sixty years &in seync, in the Tyne Side dia- 
lect, by Thomas Bewick ; Great newes from Newcastle, 
giving an account of the Scots army befiire that fowne, 
from the 27th of August to Jth September, IC40; The 
queone's majcstie's entertayneraenie in Suflolke and 
Norffblke, by Thomas Churchyurde; Commission spe- 
cialey directed to the carle of Huntingdon, for the cayre 
and defens of the borders of Cn;^land for and against 
Scotland; The taking of Gateshead Hill and block- 
ing of Newcastle, alao, the defeat of the Oxford forces 
near Abingdon and particulars of the victory at Bur- 
ton ; Glossary of provincial words used in the county 
of Essex; Glossary of provincial words used in Glou- 
cestershire ; Glossary of proviflcial words used Id 
Dorset; Trial of Jennet Preston, July, IBl^, for prac- 
tising witchcraft ; The praise of St. David's day, 
shewing the reason why tho Welchmen honour the 
leeke on that day: A briefe description of the tri- 
umphiint show made by Aulgemon Percie at hia in- 
stallation and initiation into the princely fraternitie 
of the garter, 13lh of May. 16.35; A little di^ssertation 
on the antiquities of the two ancient ports of Richbo- 
rouph and Sandwich, by Rev. John Lewis; Glossary of 
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Topographical notes respecting Bath, Wells. Glaston- 
bury, Taunton, etc., by Jeremiah Milles; Glossary of 
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England, or the county palatine of Chester illustrated, 
abridged and revised with notes, by Thomas Hughes, 
II. Pedigree of the family of Scott, of Stokoe; Rustic 
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illustrative of rural life, etc., in the dialect of the west 
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of Westmoreland made in the year 1615, by Sir Richard 
St. George; The true use of arms, by William Wyrley, 
reprinted from the original edition, 1592; A reply to .Sir 
Peter Leicester's answer to Sir Thomas Mainwaring's 
admonition to the reader of Sir Peter Leicester's books ; 
Glossary of terms used in the coal trade of Northumber- 
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Belcher, E 






. fiOBOa.Sl 

Shelf. No. 

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p. 7] • 

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[Bibliothecaniyst. et ascet.] 

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Con/CTitt.— Vol. L De verbo Dei scripto et non scripto ; 
De Christo oapite totios eoelesisi De sumino pontiflce 
opilcraililantis eccleMie. H. De ecclesia militante, tilm 
in conciliis conEresntn. tiim spnrsa tolo orlie lerrarum ; 
De membris ecclesiic milimtltis, clericis, monachii, lai- 
cis; De ecclesia quoi est in purealorio; De ecclesia quie 
triumphal in coeli.. III. De sacramentis in generc; De 
baptismo. et confimiatione ; De Eueharistia. et sacriCcio 
missie; De pcenitentia; De sacramentis cirteris. IV. 
De pratia primi homiuis, et statu innoceotire ; De iratiffi 
amisslune, et statu peccnH : De gratia! rcparatione, et 
statu justiflcatorum per Chiistum. 

_ Variorum operum ad fldei controversias spec- 
tantiumcollectio. Adj. Vindicia Bellat^mini- 
ance V. Erbermanni. 

Venetiis, 1721. f ° . . *0050.2 

Contmtt. — Epitome vita;, sive Elofium Hoberti Bel- 
l.rminl, aactoribus Phllippo .ilegambe. el Nathanaelc 
fiotuello; Kecognitio librorum omnium It. B., ob ipso 
auctore edits; Tractatus de poteslatc suiumi pootificiB 
in rebu. temporalibus, adversus Gulielmum Borclaium ; 
Apolccia U B. pro rcsponsione sua ad librum Jacobi 
Magna! Britannia! regis, cujus tllulus est, Triplici nodo 
triplex cuneus ; Accessit eadem ipsa responsio iterum 

rolitenessof man- 

3589. 1 



BelleoaRDi:, .1. B. Morvan dc 

ners and behaviour in fashionable society. 

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dfutsche Gcspriiche. 2c Aull. verbessert von 

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■ '.Vl^ghanistan, in 18.57. Loudon, 1802. 8°.. 3044.14 
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npon'the anlii|uitics of the town of Hercu- 

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CTon/eiK«.— Vol. 11. Cicnlaln, per aervir di proemio 
alia Duothcrcido. III. Dlscorsi di modiclna. 


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_ La Sonnambula. With Italian and English 

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_ - Same. Boston, n. d. pp. 24. 8° 

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UKLLor de« MinlfTfs, K. La (lucstion omt^rlcalnc. 

2eicl. l'arl«, IKOl. PP' "<■ 1-8° 

BelU>w». I'-^^'- The <'hri«lian liliiral. A nernion 

bef<iri! llie western unlliiriun coiilereuce, ut 

Budnlo, .lunc 3, 18.55. Hudalo, 18.55. 8° . . 6440a.23 
_ Importance of a pnaltlve and distinct theology ; 

* dUcourw. CUiolunatl, 1869. 8° OMOh.23 


8042. B 




Sbeir. Mo. 
Bellows, H. W., cmitinued. 

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— Kelation of public amusements to public mo- 

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Y'ork, 1801. 8° 4310a. 8 

— Unconditional loyalty. [A sermon.l New 

York, 1803. 8° 4310a. 8 

Same. [New York, 1803.] 12° 4324.33 

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Gaston et Bayard ; Pierre le cruel ; Gabrlelle 
de Vei-gy. [Theatre frauc;ais, v. 23] ... . 4708.1 
Belou, p. Reise von Cairo durch den siunitischeii 
Strich vom petriiischen Arabicn nach PaUi.s'- 
tina, 154i'i-19; Eeise durch .Syrien; Keise von 
Rhodus nach Cairo. [Paulus. Rcisen in 

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[Classic! italiani, v. 55-00.] »4192.2, and ■••4802.12 

AWe. — For contents ace index of 18C1. Tlie history of 
Venice is fVom Morelli's edition. 

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reply to the speech of Sir Uoundell Palmer. 

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^. 6064.14 

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imo. 8° •♦2000.27 

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— Exiiosition of St. Paul's epistle to the Romans. 

See Bible 6423.8 

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Benedlcll It. 131.1 

— - Pr.Tlaliiuies hi acta Snnctoium ordinls Benc- 

didini I'-is'-a 

— Tassin, H. P. Ilislolre lltteriilie de In congrt? 

gallon de SaintMaur 4691.1 




Shoir. No. 

Benepictus, monk of St. Andreio. Chronicon 
usque ad nnnum Of)?. [Frankfurt. Societas, 
etc., v.a] 4210.2 

Benedicti-s, si. Repila mnnachorum ; Episfola 
ad S. Kenii^'hnn : Sernio in niorte .S. I'lncidi ; 
Sermo habitue in det'ossu S. Mauri ct socio- 
nim; Epistola ad S. Mauruni ; Ordo qualiter 
in monasferii) conversart oportct ; Ordo pro- 
IKendi sub regula S. Beucdicti. [Maxima 
biblioth. vet. pair., V. II] B.110.2 

BENEDicTrs Crispus, arrhhhhop of Milnn. Poe- 

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beneficiaries. Tbnmassin, 1 6080.1 tendency of the unitarian doctrine. 

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— Historical account of Guinea, with an inquiry 

into the rise and progress of the slave trade, 

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Bexg.\ language. Halhed, N. B. Grammar of 50.33.12 

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Tr. by C. T. Lewis and M. K. Vincent. Vol. 1. 
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Societas, etc., v. 7] 4210.2 

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book for England. The hymns translated by 

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ConitnU. — VoX. I. Scripturi- dimcalties vindicated: 
• • BemoD. V. God templing Abraham, and Abraham's 
obedienco and faith: two aermons. 

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New York, 1851. 12° 5558.22 

— Commentary on the Scriptures. See Bible . . 5422.2 
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of a letter to a young gentleman of Oxford. 

London, 1749, pp. 72. 8° *Pph.v.347 

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Bentbam. Loudon, 1862, p. 8° 2547.25 

Shelf. No. 

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Capoa.] Parigi, 1719. 12° 2789.9 

Contents. — Le rime ; II sogiio amoroso ; Ef^Ioghe ; Sa- 
tire ; Del fnminppio ; Delia lingua toBca ; 11 gcloao, corn- 
media; I fantasnii. 

— I fantasmi. Comedia. Vinegia, G. Giolito, 

1547. sm.8° •4809a.l2 

— II geloso. Comedia. Vinegia, G. Giolito, 1647. 

6m.8° *4809a.l2 

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Contents. — Vol. I, II. Dissertation upon the eiiisllcs 
of Phalarin. 11. Dissirtotiona upon the epistles of 
TheinistocU'B. Socrates, Euripides, nnd upon tho fables 
ofj*;sop; Epi:itoln ad Joannem Minium. III. Sermons 
preached at Boyle's lecture; Remarks upon a discourse 
of freethiitltine; Proposals for an edition of the Greek 
Testament, etc. etc. 

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Missouri and California : discourse before the 

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tween llylas nnd rhfloiioiin, in opposition to scpptics 
and nthei»tfl; Eniny townrds « new theory of vision; 
Alclphron. or Iho minute )iliilot>ophvr; PaKBlve obedi- 
ence; Arithmeticn nbRi(UO nigebrn nut Euclide demon- 
BlratA ; De tnotu, slve de molus principlo et uuturn ; Tho 
BnnlyBt, or a dlncoume addressed to an Infldel mathema- 
tician ; Defence of freethinking In mntliematics; Ap- 
pendix concerning Mr. Walton's vindication of 81r Ibbdo 
Newton'n principles of fluxions ; Reasons for not replylnfr 
to Mr. Walton's full answpr. In n letter to P. T. P. ; Ei- 
aay towards preventing (hr ruin of Great Ilritain; Dla- 
cotirsc addressed to nin print riitin nnd men in authority; 
A woril to the wise, or an exhortation to the Itotnan 
cithollc cleriT)' of Ireland ; Letter to the Itoman cnth- 
ollcs In the diocose of Cloyne,l^^.'»; Maxims eoneemluff 
patriotism ; The (|uerist, containing seveml ciueries pro- 
posed to the consideration of the public; Proposal for 
the better supplying of ehtirclicn In our forelpm ]>lanta- 
tions, and for converting the savage Anicrionns to Chris- 
tianity ; Verses on Iho prospect of planting arts and 
learning In America; Bermon before the inrorporatcd 
aocieiy for the propagation of the goKpi'l In foreign 
parts, Feb. IH. 1751 ; MIris. nr a chnXn of phllosopblenl 
raflectlons and Intjulrlos eoncrrnlng the virtues of tar 

— Treatfgo concerning tin- principles of Inimnn 

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Shelf. No. 

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See alsv: Taconic STStem, Williamstown. 

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Sbolf. No. 

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chiu ml Nlcolnum I.Ruventluro (Cola HI Rlonxi) c1t>cA|wa- 
Bi'udn libvrtato; F. rutrnrchiw Ciirolo IV, imp. i\v t'liUi- 
tnlvprivlli>{;UAiislrinninbimpi>rlooxlmcnti!i; llcnnolnus 
llorbiinis Joniini Picu Mimndulnt ; Juimurs I'icus Miriin- 
dtilit H. Barbaro ; Aupclus Politlaniis Jncolio Anliqtinrlo. 

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zusW'ich niit der grieciiischen und roniisclnMi. 
B<nin, \S':-i. S" *41I0.4 

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Koise durch Nord-Ainerika In don Jahreu 
1835 uud 1820. llerausgegeben von 11- Ludcu. 
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See also: Berthold, of Ctmetance. 

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Philadelphia, 1838. 18" 4689. .35 

Contents, — Dialog'ues entre un preceptcur et son fleve ; 
La Icvrettc ct la bagiie ; Le eiege de Colchester; L'edu- 
catloQ; Charles second; Les jeunes offlciers d la gami- 
■on ; Lo pnge, 

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Shelf. No. 

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Soci^ti^ chimique 3977.8 

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Note. — The names Beruald, Bernold, and Berthold, of 
Constance, are confoundijd by the ecclesiastical histori- 
ans uf the last ccnlurj'. But Dr. Pertz, in the Rerum Gcr- 
manicarum monumenta, appears to distinguish them. 

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Contents. — Vol.1. Fa vole ; Epigramm!. IL Poeslo 
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Edinburgh, 1813. p. 8° 2758.12 




shelf. No. 

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CMent,.-yo>. I. A, IS. 11. C-F. III. G_M. 
TV. N— Z. 

Bessarios, J., cardinal. E^icroU ArVi-it'" "■' 

Ki\.\ii77(.>. [Boissonade. AnecdotaGr.,v. 6].B.ll) 
. Epistola de educandis fllils loannis Falaeologi. 

Scf He.sychius Jlilesius 4205.4 

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St. Paul. Oiation before the Porter rhetori- 
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_ Lavs of love and faith, witll other poems. 

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- Lectures on the Heidelberg catechism. Vol. 1. 

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— Discourse on the death of Andrew Jackson. 

See Dusenbery, B. 5[ 2.347.25 

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With notes by C. L. Coles. [Followed by 
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Boston, 1814. 8° 2553.21 

Xtite. — RespectinB this book, Bohn snys, in hia edi- 
tion of Lowndes, b. V. Betterton, [b.v Wm. Oldyfi]. 

— Barnaby Brittle, or a wife at her wit's end, 

altered from the Wanton wife. [Collection 

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* Bettosi C, Memorie intorno alia vita di. See 

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xixly years sin seyne. In the Tyne side dialect. 
Loud., 1K')0. pp.18. 12". [Hell. Tracts, V. 1]. 4580.20 

— [Twenty-four prints, purporting to be engraved 

by Hewlck and his pu|iils.) 12° 4000.30 

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ungewlsscn Itelcbthums und .Scliiit/en, Ile- 

werb und Geliruurh. Leipzig, n.d. sin.8°. •OOSOn. 16 
Beyer, Curl, (iott kunn wider in drel Pirsonen 

gelheilt, noch ais ilrelelnlger verehrl werden. 

Kcde, am 2ad Sept. In Leipzig. Goiha, 1801. 

pp. 24. 8* 3401.22 

Shelf. No. 

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See JIUller, J. E. J 4290.17 

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CoiKenM. — Vol. I. A. B. 11. C, D. III. E— G. IV. 
11— L. V. M— O. VI. P— It. VU. S— Z. 

— - Same. Venetiis, 1707. Sv. f° »A.140.1 

ConlraM. — Vol. I. A, B. IL C. D. III. E— G, IV. 
n— L, v. M— O. VI. P— U. VII. S— Z. VUI. Indes. 

A'ote. — "Conrad Lyeosthtnes a%-ait laisse lc9 materi- 
aux de eel ou\Tage ; Theodore Swinger les riinEeo. y 
joi^it ce que ses lectures lui fournirent, et en donna 
troia editions. Jacques Swinger flls y fit dcs additions 
et des changemcnts. Beyerlinck y fit enfin des addi- 
tions et des corrections considerables; mais son tra- 
vail ne fut imprime qu'apres sa mort. C'est un fatraa de 
theologie, d'histoire, de politique et de pbilosophie, oil 
Ton ne rencontre que des chosestriviales." — Siographie 

Bey'TrXge zur Geschichte des Kelchs in Bohmen, 

vonT. D. Prag, 1817. pp.27. 8° . . . . B. 160a. 83 

Beza, T. de. Poemata varia sib ipso auctore in 
unum corpus collects. [Geneva-, per H. Ste- 
phiiuum], 1597. 4° *4231.6 

— De Gerninna pronuntiatione Gr.TCa? linguae 

liber. [Havercamp. fiylloge scriptorum de 
lingu.'e Graecw pronuntiatione, v. 1] 2985.20 

— Leben und ausgewiihIteSchriften. See Heppe, 

H 0045.10 

— Leben des. Sec Schlosser, F. C OOJO.II 

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rische Erregung der Nerven uud Muskcln. 

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Bhagvat-Geeta. BhilgvSt-Geeta, or dialogues of 
Krei^shmt and Arjoon ; in eighteen lectures ; 
with notes. Translated from the SilnskreGt, 
by C. Wilkins. London, 1785. 4° *»3011.28 

— Le Bhaguat-Geeta, ou dialogues de Kreeshna 

et d'Arjoon. Traduit du hamscrit, en Au- 
glois, par C. Wilkins, ct en F'ran^ois, par M. 

Parraud. Londres, 1787. 8° 3025.22 

Elucidation and analysis of. Searle, J 4177.8 

Bhowanipore. 'lite Brahmo .Suiuaj. Its posi- 
tion and prospects. A lecture, Dec. 23, 1854. 
Bhowanipore, 1855. 8° B.lC0a.2O 

— - Lecture on the theism of the B. S. and forms 

of Indian inlidelity, delivered Jan. 13, 1855. 

Bhowanipore, 1855. 8° B.ie0a.2a 

- The positive theology of li. S. A lecture, 

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— - Utility of public worship. A lecture. Cal- 

cutta, 1857. pp. y. 8° B.100a.20 

BlANi^iiKTTi, G. Elogi. Nuovaed. Treviso, 1820. 

8° 2743.18 

CoiitetiM. — Eloffio a Onetano Fllaniferl, a Crisloforo 
Colombo, n I'nincoaco Benojzo ; Illscorso all' ocrnaiono 
clie I'Ateneo di Treviso dedic6 11 bnsto dl Antonio Cnno- 
va; Annonnianlone doUa niortc di Paolo Uernardi; Au- 
nonzlar.lono delln mono dl Vittoro Uriizon. 

— Deilettorledeiparlatori. Treviso. 1842. p. 8°. 2807.23 
UiANciii, C. La comiwgnia della miseiicoidia dl 

Ji'lrenze, cenni storlcl. [Segulta d'alcune] 
terzine k Firenze percossa ilal morho, di E, 
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— Politii-a imstrlaca risjielto ai sovrani ed ai gov- 

ern! itullaul, 1791-1857. .Suvnna, L'S?. 1.8°. 4713.12 
BlANOK. Epigrammata. [llrunrk. Analecta poet. 

Gr, v.2] B.102.7 

BlBACi', M. F. Fraginentn, cum vita, ex P. 

Crlnito. [Gottfried. Corpus vet. poet] . . H.lOl.d 




Shelf. No. 

BiBAUD. F. 51. M. IJiofrrnphie des sagamos illus- 
tresde I'Anu'rique jn'iiU'iitrionale. Montreal, 
1848. 8° 4306.9 

Bible. Polyglotts. 

— [Biblia rolyglotta] imilliplici Hngiia Hebraic^, 

Clmliiaici'', (Jrivci*, rt I.alim'', iimu' priiuoim- 
pressa. l>t' mamlato ac sum]»til)ud Fraiicisci 
Xlmenez de Cisueros, cur. D. Cretensis, JE. A. 
Nebrissensis, otc. In academia Complutensi 
Impr, AiG.deBroeario, 1S14-17. Ov. t'° . . . *o4J0.1 

Content*. — Vo\. I. Goin-si», Exodus. I.tviticus, Nu- 
m«ri, DcuU'ronomiuni, [iIot>., Lnt. vulpr., LXX, Lat., 
Clm). Onkriotil, cum inl'Tp. Lnt.]- H. Josua. Jlidiroa, 
Ruth, Kt'Ki'tn 1-4, Paraliiionionon 1, '2, [Heb., Lnt. 
vulp., LXX, cum inter[). Lut.]. III. Esdrus, Nfonilne, 
Tobias, Judith, Ilcsttr, Job, rsnltnrluin, Proverbia, Ec- 
eleslastr9,CAnliouni cim(ii-uruni, [Hub., Lat. vulp.,LXX, 
cum hitvrp. Lut.], .Snptcntia Salomoiiis, Eccloaiasllcua, 
Cuxx, Lat. vulff., pum nlti-ra inti-rp-Lat.]- IV. Esiiias, 
iluTcmins, ThrenI, Ezeohiel, DnnloT i-xH, Osee, Joel, 
Amoa, Abdin«, Jonus, Michi-ns, Nnum, Abucuc, Sopho- 
niati, A(;gou8, Zachiirins, Mulnchiiis, [Hob., Lat. vulg., 
I,\X, cum iutcrp. Lat.], Buruch, Daniul xiii, xiv, Mac- 
eabcorum 1,2, [l.X\, cum lut. Lat.], Maccnb, 3, [LXX, 
cum Lftt,]. V. Novum Tcstnmontum Grojcu fum Lat. 
iotcrp. Hloronymi; Interprclntioties nomhiuni proprio- 
rum N. T. ; Introductio qtiam brovisBima ad Gra-cas lito- 
ro8. VL Vocnbuturium Hcbiaicum totius Veteris Tes- 
tament! ; Introductiouvs artis gramatice hcbi-nico, 

iVof*'.— Cardinal Ximenos commenced this -work as early 
ns Li02. lie called to hia aid Demetrius Uucas of Crete, 
vEIio .\ntoino di Lcbrija, Jacopo Lopez dc Stunica, and 
Hernando Nunez Oe Guzman, with whom he joined 
Alfonso Medteo, Pablo Coronullo, Juan de Vergara, and 
Alfonso dr^Zamora. He collcrled seven FIebrewMss.,and 
some Grfck. Thoso which hud been borrowed from 
Romo by ihc favor of Leo X, were returned. Those 
which Ximenus had bought were preserved at Alcala, 
where It i» believed they still are. They have been de- 
■cribed oa modern and worthless. Only six hundred 
eoptea wer<i printed. 

— Biblia sacra Hebraitt', Cbaldaioi', Gra?ce, et 

LatinJ:. IMiilippi ii pietate. [Curavit B. A. 
Montanus.] Antverpia;, [C. Plautinus excu- 
debat 1569-72]. 8v. f *5420.3 

Jfote, — 600 copies priutcd, and the neater part lost 
at sea. 

CofUftttti. — Vol. I. Qulnque Mosiii Hbri, Hebraic^, 
Gnece, ct Lntini [Hieronymi] cum paraphraei Chal- 
daiea [Onkelosi] et Latinia verstonibus. II. Josua, 
Judices, Uuth, Samuel 1, 2, Kepum 1, 2, [Hcb., Lat., 
LXX, Chald., Lat. versio.], Paralipemenon 1, 2, [Hcb., 
Lat , LXX, Lat. vers.]. III. Esdras 1, 2, Neemias, 
[H.b.. Lat., LXX, Lat.], Esdras 3, 4, [Lat.], Tobias, 
Judith, [LXX, Lat.], Esther i-it, [Hcb.. Lat., LXX, Lat., 
Chald., Lot.], Esther x-xvi, [lxX. Lat.], Job, Peal- 
t«rium, Prtfverhia, Ecclesiastes, Cantica canticomm, 
[lleb.. Lat., LXX, Lat., Chald., Lat.], Snpientia, Sopi- 
enlia Jesu, [LXX, Lat.]. IV. Prophctre posteriorcs, 
[Heb., I^t., LXX, Lat., Chald., Lat.], Machahceorum 
1-3. [LXX. Lnt.]. V. Guidonis Fabritii in N. T. Syrlaci 
Latinam inicriiretationem prajfatio, Mattha^us, Mar- 
cus, Lucas, Joannes, [Gra-ce, Lat., Hieron., Syriace, 
cum eodem Hebraicia in littcria, Latin^], Acta aposto- 
lorum, epistolic ct apocalypsis. VI. Benediotl Ante 
Moutani opera ad sacrorum Bibliorum apparatus: Com- 
munes et fnmiliares Hebraicoe Iin(>uie idiotlsmi; Liber 
Joseph, 5ive, dc areano scrmone ; Liber Jeremife, slve, de 
ttctlonc ; Thubal-Cain, slve, de mcnsuris sacHs liber; 
Phaleg, sivc, dc gentium sedibuti primie, cum tabula or- 
biA; Exemplar, sacris fabrlcls liber, cum tabulls 
decern ; Aaron, si vv, sanctorum vest imentorum ornamen- 
torumque dcscrlptio; Nebemioa, sire, de antiquie Jeru- 
wlrm. ultu ; Chaleb, slve. de terra; promlHsa; partitlone, 
cum (abola terrae I tract ; Chanaan, sive, de duodecim 
^nilhus, cum tabula terrte Canaan ; Daniel, sive, de 
•vculi* codex Iniefcer ; Index Biblicus ; Catalogiis libro- 
rom canoniconjni Vcleris et Novl Testamcnti; Hebraea, 
Chaldvfl. Grtrcn ct Latina nomina virorum, etc.; De 
varia in lli-braicla llbris lectlojio F. Itaphelengio auc- 
torc; Chaldaiea' pnniphroseos Inflnltls in locis illustra- 
tio m G. Caniero conclnnata; Variarum in Gnccis Bib- 
IIU lecllonum ltbellu»; Birlell annutatlones variarum 
lectlonum In Psalmoa; Variic lectioncs in Lalinis BibliU 
editionis Vul^t«, opera et industria aliquot tbeologo- 
mm Lovanlensium. VII. Lexicon Grscum, et instita- 
tlonea linguae Gr«c«; 8yrorum peculium. Hoc est, vo- 
eabnla apud Bjrom tcrlptorea paasim usurpata targu.. 

Shelf. No' 
BiBLK, Poh/f/lotts, continued. 

mistis vero incognita, A. Maslo auctoro; Grammatica 
linguru Syricu}, inventoro atq. aucliiro Andrea Masio; 
Oietiunarium Syro-Cbaldaicum, Guidnno I-'abriclD Bo- 
deriano collectoro et auctore ; TIk^suuH llebialciB lin- 
guiK, olim u Saneto Pagnino conacripti, epitome, cul 
acceaslt prammatices libclluB ex optiuiia quibusque 
granimaticis collectus. VII t. Novum Testnmentum 
Gritcfi, cum vulgnta interpretatione Latina Gripci con- 
toxtus Hnois in.serta, atque cum alia interpretatione e 
verbo reddiin B. Aria) Montanl opei-d; Bibliu Hebraica 
Veteria Testameuti, cum interpretatione Latina ad ver- 
buni interlineari. opera olim Xontis Pag.iinI, nunc vero 
Monrani. Kaphelengii et Boderianorum fratrum studio 
ad Heb. dictioncm cxpcnsa. 

— Ht'xaplorum Origenis qua; supersnnt, emit et 

illust. B. de Montfaucon. Ace. lexicon Heb. 
itemque Grsc. [ad Hexap.]. Parisiis, 1713, 
2v. r *5450.3 

Whole liibles. 

— Bengalee. Old and Ne\vTestamont.'^. Calcutta, 

1801. 1.8°. [Calcutta auxiliary Bible society]. 5411.9 

— Bohemian. Biblia sacra, To gest Biblj Swata. 

L^'ta Pane, 1831." 8° 6013.4 

— Canuresc, or Kurnata. [Tr. by Rev. J. Hands,] 

1832-37. 4v. 8°. [British and foreign Bible 
society] 3415.21 

— Datiisk. Bibelen eller den hellige Skritt. 

Christiania, 1844. 8". [British and foreign 

Bible society] 6012.4 

— Dutch. De gautsche H. Schriftuure, van nieuws 

u>'t D. M. Lutbers Bybel overgezet. Konst- 
Platen door R. de Hooge. Amsterdam, 1702, 
J703. r 6010.2 

— - Biblia, dat is de gansche H.ScIiriilure. Am- 

sterdam, 1822. 8" 6013.2 

— English. Holy Bible, an exact reprint of the 

version published in 1611. Oxford, 18.33. 4° . *5440.1O 

— - Holy Bible, arranged in historical and chro- 

nological order. New edition. London, 

1834. H** 5414.25 

— - Comprehen.'^ive commentary ; containing the 

text, and nearly all that is valuable in Henry, 
Scott, and Doddridge. Ed. by Rev. W. Jenks. 
Brattleboro', 1834-38. 5v. 1.8° *542H 

Coii(cn/s.— Vol. I. Genesis — Judges. II, Ruth — Psalm 
Ixiii. 111. Psalm Ixiv— MoIactU. IV. Matthew— John. 
V. Acts — Revelation. 

— - Holy Bible, arranged in paragraphs, by J. 

Nour'se. Boston. 1835. 12° 6019.20 

— - [Bible] arranged in historical and chronolog- 

ical order, by G. Townsend. Revised by T. W. 

Coit. Boston, 1837, 38. 2v. I.8°.5421.9, 10, and *60n.4 

— - Holy Bible, with critical, explanatory, and 

practical notes, by J. Benson. New York, 
1839-43. 5V. 1.8" *5422.2 

ContcTits. — Vol. I. Genesis to 2d Samuel. II. First 
Kin^s to Proverbs. III. EccieBiaates to Mahichi, IV', 
Matthew to the Acts of the Apostles. V. Romaos to 
the Revelation. 

— - Holy Bible, with amendments of the lan- 

guage, by N. Webster. New Haven, 1841. 

24* 3419.3.3 

— - Holy Bible, translated from the Latin vul- 

gate. The Old Testament at Douay, A. D. 
1009 ; the New Testament at Rheinis, a. d. 

15s2. Dublin, 18Hfi. 8° 5415.4 

_ - Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 
Testaments. AVith a commentary and criti- 
cal notes, by A. Clarke. New York, 1847,48. 
6v. 1.8" ^ . . . *5422.J 

Contents. —Vol. I. Genesis to Deuteronomy, II. 
Joshua to Esther. III. Job to Solomon's Song. IV. 
Isaiah to Malachi. V. Matthew to the Acts. VI. Ro- 
mans to the Uevclutton. 

— - Old and New Testaments, under an entirely 

new arrangement, by J. Finch. London, 1853. 

16° 6019. IS 




Shelf. No. 

Bible, English, continued. 

— - Commentary wholly biblical, in the very 
' words of Scripture. Loudon, n,d. 3v. -i" . 3421.13 

Contcixte. — Vol. I. Genesis to J»ib. 
Maluchi. III. Matthew to Revclatiou. 

H. rsalras to 

— - History Of the English Bible 3429.34 

— - History of the English Bible. See American 

Bible society 5428.2 

— Gemmn. Biblia, das ist, Die gantze heilige 

SchriiTt, verteiitscht durch Martin Luther. 
Mit Kupffer-StUcken von Merian, Franck- 
fiirt, irw. 3v. in], f *C010.C 

— - - Same. Mit eiuer Harmonie dcs N. T. 

Unter der Aufsicht C. M. Pfaffen and J. C. 
KJemmen. Tiibingen, 1730. 3v. f" . . . . *001O.l 

— - Die Bibel, nach Luther's Ucbersetzung. 12e 

Aufl. Philadelphia, 1831. 8° 5410.12 

— - - Same. Carlsi-uhe, 1837. 2v.ini. 1.8°. C011.6 

— - Die Heilige Schrift, uebersetzt von "W.M. L. 

De Wette. 3er Ausgabe. Heidelberg, 1S3'J. 

3v. 8° *G011.I() 

— Die Schriften des altcn und neuen Bundcs iiber- 

setzt und erkliirt von C. C. J. Bunsen. B. II. 
2. m. 1. IV. 1, 2. V. 2. Bibelatlas. Leipzig, 
1860-63. 4t. 1.8' 5421.7 

Contents. — Vol. II. Proplieten : .Iprcmia — Malcnehi. 
III. Die fiinf Iluchercler Psaliiu-n. IV. Mattliaus— Gn- 
later. V. BibclurkuntlcD; Das Gesctz und die iicltcni 
Proplieten. Bibelatlas ; Zchn Kartcn vou IJeiiiy Langc. 

— Greek. Vetus et No\'um Testamentum [Grx- 

cum] ex antiquissinio codice Vaticano ed. A. 
Jlaius. Romae, 1K57. .5v. f 'f^iion.l 

— - Notitia editionis codicis BibliorumSinaitici. 

Tischendoi-f, L. F. C 5421.4 

— Irish of Connau(jht. Leabhuir an Tsean Tiom- 

na an Dr. T'. IShedel. Tiomua Nuadh an U. 
O'Dlionihmiill. Dublin, 1830. 18' 0019a. 

— Italian. La sacra Bibbia, trad, da G. Diodnti. 

Riv. daG. B. Kolandi. Loudra, 1S19. 8". . *00H.7 

— - - Same. Loudra, 1802. 8'. [British and 

foreign Bible KcicietyJ 5418.2 

— KarcM. Holy Bible, in Sgau Karen. Trans- 

lated by F. Mason. 3d od. Tavoy, 1853. 2v. 

in 1. 1.8" 5411.0 

— Lappojiese. Sire<lish dialect. Tat ajles XJJilog. 

Hernusaudesne, isil. 2v.ini. 4° 5411.4 

— Latin. Biblia Latina. [Proverbia-Machaba-o- 

rum II, Novum Testamentum.] Argentine, 
[1470]. f* • . . -■ *0010.4 

A'o/c— Colli, ch. 2col. 49 UnOB, 423 leaves, no tltle- 
pngn or colojihon, no pagination, glgnntureii or catch 
wurdu; 4 loaves wanttnK- 

— - Biblia cum summariorfi apparatu i»leno qua- 

drujilicique repertorio insignita. I^ugduui, 

1019 [lolU?]. sln.4^ [Bhick-h-tter] .... 5110,20 

— - IJiblia sacrosaucta rcligiusissinie translata 

[a Leone .Tudaio, T. Bibliundro, C. Pellicano 

et I', ("holiuo]. Tiguri, 1.550. 2v, sm.4* . . *(;oI2.3 

— - Biblia sacra vulgata; cditlonts, Sixtl v jussu 

recognita, et Cleiuciilis viii auctoriJafc edrta 
cx.\xx figurlH flhistrata ii De Bry. Mogun- 
tlue, 1009. 3v.ini. 4" *0012.2 

— - - Same. Ed. nova. Rhotomagl, 1700. 8". 0OH.12 

— - Biblia Lutina. [London, 1028. No title- 

page.] 12" ooina.2 

-T - Concordanilic inaiores, vtrivdqve Instrv- 

mentl. 5eeConcor(Ian(in* •iV130.4 

— - Luoofl, F. Concorilanliie Uiblioninifacronim 

vulgata? edillonlH 5130.3 

— Afnhratta,or AFarAthi, Tbe llolv Bible. Rotn- 

biiy, IM57. K°. [Brlli>-li and 'foreign liible 
dorlel^l 5114.10 

— ffamonn^/ttrthf' XaiHf/ntnrti* inlrrndH, (» le IukI 

pnin, o U> Ferigntgn tiial nia lt> Ketigatga Ion 
ifii. Inndon, i.-(t2. K*. [Krltl<4li and foreign 
Biblo -M(l«>ty| 5115.3 

Slielf. No. 

Bible, continued. 

— Sanscrit. The Holy Bible. Vol. 1-3. [Genesis 

to Canticles.] Translated by the Calcutta 
Baptist missionaries. Calcutta, 1848-58. 3v. 
8°. [British and foreign Bible society] . . . 5414.13 

— S2?ninsh. La sagrada Biblia, trad, de la vul- 

gala Latina al Espanol, por F. T. Amat. 
[Con la trad. lat. de S. Geronimo.] Madrid, 
1823-25. 8v. 8" *5417.1 

Contents. —Vol. I. Genesis, Exodo, Loritico, Nnineros. 
n. Dcntoronomio, JosuC-, Juects, Itulli, Itoyps 1-3. III. 
Reyes 4. rural iiiomenos, Esdras, Tobias, .luditb, Estht-r, 
Job. IV. Sninios, Proverbios, Eelesiastes, Cantar de 
cantares. SHbidurfa, Eelesiistico. V. Isaias, Jeremias, 
Threnos, Biinic, Ezef|uicl. \^. Daniel, Profetas me- 
nores. Maeabeos. VII. Santos Evangelios. Hecboa do 
los ap6stoKp. Vin. Epistolas de S. Pablo, de Santi- 
ago, de S. Pedro, dc S. .luan, de S. Judas, y cl Apoea- 
lipsi; Xotasgenernlcs puestas on forma de diccionnrio. 

— - La Biblia sa^kda, trad, por F. Sclo de S. 

Miguel. Nneva ed. Nueva-York, 1820. 8". 

[American Bible society] 0012.9 

- - Same. Viejo y Nuevo Testamento, por C. 

de Valera. Londres, 1801. S". [British and 

foreign Bible society] 5418.10 

and Latin. La Biblia vulgata latina, trad, en 

espanol per P. Scio de San Miguel. 3a ed. 

Madi-id, 1807-10. 15v, 8' *5417.2 

Contnim. — Vol. I. Disertaciones ; Genrsis. II. fexCdo, 
LcvUieo y lo Nfimeros. III. EI Dcutoronomio, Josue, 
Juccps y Rutli. IV. Libros 1-4. de los rcycs. V. Lo» 
dos libi'os de lo9 rarnllponipnos. los dos de Esdrns, el do 
Tobias, y el deJniiith. VI. Esther, Job con su jxirtpbrn- 
sia, y la jirima parte do los Psalmos. VU. Pavto 2a de 
lof PsalmoB, la versiono de S. Goronymo y la pariiphra- 
sifl de todos ellos. VIII. Los Proverbios, El EelesiaiitCB, 
El Cantar do cantares. La Sabiduria y cl Ecleeiastico. 
IX. La prophecia de Isaias y la de Jeremlus. X. Los 
Threnos de .loremias, con la par&phraais; La prophccla 
de BarGrh, y las dc Ezechicl y Daniel. XI. Los doce pro- 
pbutas nifnores, .t Iop libros 1-2 de los MnehnbeoB. XII. 
San Matlieo. San Marcos, y San Lucas. XIU. S. Juan, 
y Hcclios dc los apt'tstnlcs. XIV. Las epistolas do Sun 
Publo. XV. Laa epistolas cutholicas, y cl ApocallpsiB 
de Sun .Tuan. 

- Swedish. Bihelen eller den heliga SkCifl. 
Stockholm, 1S50. 8°. [British and foreign 
Bible society] ♦0012.11 

- Tojnil. Holy" Bible. Madras, 1850. 8*. [Brit- 
ish and fiueign Bible society] 5411.7 

- Tovf/an, for the Frinidly inlands. Koe Tohi 
Tabu Katoa. Lon it on i, 1800-02. 2v. in 1. 8°. 
[British and foreign Bible society] 5415.2 

- Tm-Jdsh. Greco- Tiirld.'ih. UaXma MadriKii- 

1838. 2v. 1.8" *6012.1 

- Welsh. Y ]libl Cyssegr-Lan. Caer Grawnt, 
1S4H. 12'. [Uritishaud foreign Bible society].*0019.l3 

Selections from the whole Bible. 

- I^nf/lish. Collecliou of the promises of Scrip- 
ture, by S. Clarke, D.D. New York, 1823. 24*. 3429.38 

- - - Same. New ed. London, 18:H. 24" . . .3429.36 

- - Common place. book to tlic Holy Bible. 3d 
ed. London, 1725. 4° \ . . . On'>7.13 

AWc — Ascribed by nomo to John LocUo. 

- - CoMipeudium of the doctrine.«,precei ts, and 
bcaulies of the Uible, by R. Dickinson. .3d 
ed. (ireenlleld, 1S:5. 10" ". ; . 3420.32 

- - Complete nnnlysiH of the Holy Bible, by N. 
West. 2dod. is'ew Y(ul(, 1853. I.S" . . . , 5421.3 

- - History of the Old and New Testaments hi 
verse, by S. AYesIey. London, 1813. 3v. 32". 5429a. 35 

- - Heading Icssouh'IVoui llie Scriptures, by AV. 
B. Kowle. Bo.slou, l.s:(9. 12" 0019.7 

- - Sacred history, \\U\\ nnnotnllons and rellec- 
tiouH, by Mrs. Trimmer. 7lh ed. Jiondoii, 
1H17. .'iv. 12" . . . 5129.9 

- - Selections from the Scriptures, for liindlies 
nnd schools, by D. <r. Haskius, Uoston, IhOI. 
U" 3129.11 




Shelf. No. 

Bible, Enpliah, continuett. 

— - Soldier's pocket IliMo. Reprint of the edi- 

tion of IfW^J. I'lH'fiitury note hy O. Livermore. 
Ciunbridge. isiil. pp. IC. 32" a417.52 

— German. Zulin's Bibltsche Historien nach 

dein Kircheujjilire peorduet. Leipzig, 18-11. 

TJ" 3429.9 

— Greek and JJvhrew. Passages cite<i from the 

O. T. by tlie w riters of the N. T. coiniiared 
witli the original Hebrew and tl:e Septua- 
gint version. l*ublished under the super- 
intendence of M. .Stuart. Andover, 1827. 
pp.21), r 5421.5 


— Barr, J. Index and dictionary of the 3429.15 

— Smith, >V. Dictionary of the' 3484.2 

Winer, G. B. Biblisches liealwiirterbuch . . C0S4.1 

Geography and natural hifitori/, 

Alexander, J. W. Geography of the . , . .' . 3429.21 

— Altlian:*, H. Scripture natural history .... 3429.31 

— Carpenter, W. Scripture natural history . . . fiO'27.1(j 

— Catecliisni of sacred geography 70'}9.45 

— Coleman, L. Historical geography of th(? . . 0027.17 

— Eusebiiis Fanipliilus. Onomasticon urbiiim et 

locoriim sacnt Scripturx 5432.8 

— Coodricli, S. G. Geography of the 3429.33 

— Jenks, W. Explanatory Bible atlas 34S0.9 

— Scheuchzer,.]. J. Physica sacra 54.50.5 

— Weiland, C.F. Bibel'-Atlas fi021.10 


— Bertholdt, L. Einleitung in die Schriften des 

alten und neuen Testaments fiOlG.lG 

— Credner, C. A. Kiuleitung in die biblischen 

Scliriflen • 6025.21 

— De Wette, W. M. L, Einleitung in die Biicher 

des alten und neuen Testaments 0017.15 

— Hertwig, O. R. Einleitung ins alten und neue 

Testament B. 190. 22 

— Homo, T. H. Introduction to the critical study 

of the 6011.5 

Sacred criticism. 

— Cappel,L. Critica sacra G039.2 

— Gerard, G. Institutesof Biblical criticism , . 3425.14 

— King, E. Morsels of criticism, illustrating 

some passages in the 3425.13 

— Roponmiiller, E. F, C. Literatur der biblischen 

XvntUc und Exegese 41S3.5 

Scripture narrative. 

— Buddeus, J. F. Historia ecclesiastica Veteris 

Testamenti r)052.3 

— Coqueiel, A. L. C. Histoire sainte de laBible. C075.14 

— De Wette, W.M.L. Biblische Geschichte. . . 6017.22 

— Emerson, J. Catechism upon Scripture history 5453.31 

— IIert>et, E. Le<;ons d'histoire sainte 3591.29 

— Hiibner, J. Biblische Historien 3429.10 

— .lones. J. Chronological view of the 5433.1 

— Kimpton,E. Universal history of the .... 342S.12 

— L'Homond,C. F. Abridgment of sacred history. 4929a. 35 

— - Epitome historian sacra* 4929a. 36 

— Mthier, J. History and doctrine of the . , . . .3419.14 

— 3Iorris, J. P. Genealogies according to every 

family and tribe 5^0.9 

— Rawlinson, G. Trntli of the Scripture records. 3426.6 

— I'sher, J. Aunnles Veteris et Xovi Testamenti. 4140.1 

— Whiston, W. Sacred history of the 3427.8 

Miscellaneous works on the Bible, 

— Bagsler, S. Bible of every land: a history of 

translations 5411.8 

— Pi-di-Il, G. T. Bible studies 5119a. 23 

— I'.ungener, L. F. Rome et la Bible 3429.12 

— Bush, G. Illustrations of the 5123.2 

— Conant, H.C. History of the translation into 

the English tongue 5429.3 

Hlidf. No. 

Bible, cnntimied. 

— Darling, J. Manual of theological literature . 2181,12 

— Dickinson, R. l?cligious doctrines, etc. of the. 3429.32 

— Douce, F. Xinety Scripture cuts by Holbein . 40f)9.25 

— Dunn, H. Study of the 5428.18 

— Eiclihorn. J. G. Allgemeine Bibliothek der 

biblischen Lilteratiir 6020a. 1 

— - Repertorium fiir biblische Litteratui- . . . . 4243.10 

— EwaUl, G. H. A. v. Jahrbiicher der biblischen 

Wissenschaft 0078.2 

— Fairhairn, P. Typology of Scripture ^125.3 

— Field, il. Scripture illustrated 5429a. 29 

— Glass, S. Philoh>gia sacra 6021.9 

— Goode, W. Divine rule of fjiith and practice . 3451.8 ' 

— Greg, W. R. Creed of Christendom 6036.4 

— Grimke, T. S. The Bible as a class book . . Pph.v.381 

— Hiller, 31. Erkliirung aller Nahmen in der 

Bibel 6013.5 

— Hutcliiuson, E. Music of the 3184.4 

— Jalin, J. Biljlische Archiiologie ....... 601821 

— - .Telf, W. E. Supremacy of Scripture 3424.9 

— Kalisch, L Guide for inquiries into the . . . .3120.5 
— • Kitto, .T. I'ictorial Sunday hook 5H0.7 

— K(U'n, F. Slythologie des alien und neuen Tes- 

tamentes 6071.25 

— Slartianay, J. Canon des livres de la Saiute- 

t^criture 6027.18 

— (Eh-ichs, J. Collectlo opusculorum historico- 

philogico-theologicorum 6006.1 

— Parens, D, Comnieutarii in Biblia sacra om- 

nia 6040.4 

— Fauhis, H. E. G. tJber die alt- und neutesta- 

mentliclieil Religiousurkunden 0028.6 

— Pillshury, P. Bible, its history and inspiration. B.170b.39 

— lianyard, L. N. The Book and its missions . 7415.1 

— Roscnmiiller, E. F. C. Haudbuch der bibli- 

sclu'u Alterthumskund?? 6027.8 

— - Schidia in Vetus Testamentum 6026.1 

— Sawyer, L. A. Elements of Biblical interpre- 

tation 3429.16 

— Senden, G. 11. van. Vertheidigung von Bibel 

und Uffenbarung 6025.23 

— Shea, J. G. Bibles printed in the U. S. . . . 2181.11 

— Sisto da Siena. Bibliotheca sancta 6040.3 

^- Starke, H. B. Notie selectie in loca dubia V. 

et X. Te-stamenti 6027.10 

— Snpernaturalisms of the. See Concise exami- 

nations, etc B. 100b. 5 

— Titringa,C. Observationum sacrarum librivi. 6027.12 

— Walter, H. Independence of the authorized 

version of the 3425.12 

— Words^vorth, C. Shakspeare's knowledge and 

use of the 2596.23 

Old Testament. 

Armeno-TurMsh. [Old Testament in the Tui-k- 
ish language and in the Armenian character. 
Smyrna], 1841,42. 2v. 12° 3418.20 

Burmese. Old Testament in Burmese. [By 
Rev.A. Judson.] Maulmein, 1S;J5. 3v. b° . 5414.5 

C?'ep, or Knisiinaux. [Gld Testament, in the 
syllabic character.] London, 1861. 8°. [Brit- 
ish and foreign Bible society] 5419.1 

English. Exposition of the Old Testament, 
with reflections. By J. Orton. 1st Am. from 
2d London ed. Charlestown, 1805, 6. 6v. 
in .3. 8" 3426.12 

- Synopsis of criticisms upon passages of the 
Old Testament, by R. A. F. Barrett. [Genesis 
to Esther.] London, 1847. 3v. In 5. 8' . . 5425.1 

Gaelic. Leabhraichean an t-seann Tiomnaidh. 
Edinburgh, 1S07. 12°. [Society in Scotland 
for propagating Christian knowledge] . . . *0019.9 

German. Genesis-Psalter. Niirnberg, 1483. f°.*G010.10 

Xote. — Ko titlo-page or colophon, 2 col. 50 lines, no 
initinla, pnginatioti, CAtchwordH. Many colored prints. 
Mnny leaves lost. Some of the prints appear nearly thf 
name an in the Nuremberg chronicle. 




Shelf. No. 

Bible, Germati, continued, 

— - Bibliapcntapla, das ist, DieBucher derhei- 

ligeu SchriftjUach liinf-facher deutscher Ver- 
dolmetscUung. Hamburg, 1711, 12. 2v. i'. *C013.5 

A'ore. — The five translations are : Die R6misch-Cath- 
olische. durch Caspar Vlenberg ; Die Evanpelisch- 
Lolherische, dnrch Martin Luther ; iJie Evanpelisch- 
Eefomiine, durch Johann Piscator; Die Jiidische, inl 
A. T. des Joseph Atliia', und die neue, in N.T., durch 
Joh. Hcnrlch Keitzen ; Die Holliindische auf Verord- 
nung der Uerren General-Stanlen, 

_ Altes Testament, in berichtigter Uebersetz- 

ung. Fraukfurt, 1S19. 2v. H° 5416.1 

— - Die Bibel : alte Testament. Berlin, 1831. 

8° 5416.11 

— Goqinrattee,or Gujaraii. The Holy .Scriptures. 

Vol. 1, 2. [The Old Testament, translated 
by Eev. Mr. F>Tie.] Sural, ISCO. 2v. S°. 
[Bombay auxiliary Bible society] 5414.10 

— Greek. Vistus Testamentum ex versione sep- . 

tuaginta interprelum, ed. J. J. Breitingerus. 
Tiguri Helvetiorum, 17:10-32. 4v. 4° . . . **5413.4 

_ Yetus Testamentum Gra?cum. Juxta exem- 
plar orig. Vaticanura, Kom. edit. Cura Le- 
anth-i van Ess. Ed. ster. Lipsia', 1824. 8". 0012.12 

- Codex Friderico-Augustanus sive fragmenta 

Teteris Testament!, edidit C. Tischendorf. 
Xipsiic, 1840. obl.4° »5420.4 

— - Yetus Testamentum Gra?ce juxta Lxx intei'- 

preles. Ed. C. Tischendorf. Ed. iii. Lip- 

sia;, 1800. 2v. 8° 3421.27 

Behreia. Biblia Hebraica [et] Lat. interpret. X. 

Pagnihi Lucensis, studio B. Ariie Montani 
expensa. Antverpia;, 1584. 4v. in I. f° . *0010.9 

- Biblia Hebraica. item Masora tain ed. quam 

Ms., cura J. H. Jlichiclis et sociorum. Halos 
Magdeburgic.-c, 1720.' Iv. in 5. 8°. [Inter- 
leaved and annotated by T. Parker] .... *6012.8 

ConfenW. — Vol. L Pentateuchus. 11. Prophetae prio- 
rc9. Ill, IV- Prophetae posteriorcs. V. Ua^ographa. 

— - Biblia Hebraica, digessit et graviores lectio- 

nuin varietates adjccit J. Jahn. Yienna, 

18011. 4v. in 2. h° *6013.15 

_ Biblia Hebraica manualia ad prwstantiorea 

editiones accurata. Cura J. Simonis. Ed. 
IV. [studio E. F. C. Rosenmiilleri.] Hals, 
1828. 8° *00I3.12 

_ Itibha Hebraica nd optima.^ editiones impri- 
mis E. van der Ilooght recensa. Curavit C. 
G.G. Theile. Lipsia?, 1840. 8° 0014. .1 

_ Biixtoi-f, J. Concordantia; Biblioruiii He- 
braica; et ChaldaiciB 64.30.1 

_ Fiirst, J. A'eteris Testameuti concordautiaa 

Hebraica; ali|Ue Clialdaica; 0010.8 

- Ilutter, E. Uictiouarium barmonicum Bib- 

licuin, Ebra;um, Grtecum, Latiuum, Germa- 
uicum 5430.5 

- Simonis, J. Analysis ct explicatio lectio- 

num Masorethicarum 6013.12 

- Wigram, G. V. Hebrew concordance of the. 3484.23 

— - and French. L'ancien Testament [trad.] 

fHir .!. !■. Ostervald. Londres, I85!l. 2v. 8°. 

[I'.rillsh and foreign Bible ."oclety.] 3418.28 

- {lutl Germiin. Old Testament. Loud., n. d. 

2v.. 8°. [Itritish and foreign Bible society] . .3418.27 

— - and Hebrew 'German. [Old Testament.] 

Wieii, \KK 2v. 1° . . 6411.20 

— J.titin. (ItibUa Latiiia. CJenesis-rsalmi. Ar- 

gentine, Eggcsteyn, 140S) f° •0010.3 

J{olt. — This volurao correspnnds preeUcly with tho 
flrtt volume of tvhnt I'anxer calls Henry KRiieslelii'i Aral 
lllblp. Ills n'lle u|Hm it rends tlius: Clinr. golh. niiO. 
cod. quo ilenrlcus KftirrBleyn CoiiRlllut. t.'lviiienl. 1471 
imlirusslt. Hlue eusl. alien, i-t |iii|rf[. num. cul. '2, lln. 41. 

Bibliu Hiicrii: Vetv» Ten(anienlvm tijiera S. 

Mvnvlerl euulgutum, nuvvm nero ojiera D. 
ErAH. Uot. ultimo feditiiin, Tiguri, C FroH- 
chover, 1539. 8" 0417.4 

Shelf. No. 

Bible, Latin, continued. 

— - Yetus Testamentum ex translatione J. Cler- 

ici, cum ejusdem paraphrasi, etc. Amstelce- 

dami, 1708-31. 4v. t° *B.I20.4 

Contents. — Vol. I. Mosis propheta; libri quiuque ; 
Genesis, Ei^odus, Levilicus, Numeri, et Deuterouomium. 
II. Libri historici: Josua, Judices, Kutha, Samuel, Ke- 
ges, Paralipomena, Esdras, Nehemias, et Esthera. III. 
Libri Ilngiographi : Jobus, Davidis Psaltni. Salonionis 
Proverbia, Concionatrix, Cauticum canticorum. IV. 
Prophetie, ab Esaia ad Malachiam usque ; Dissertatio 
Joh. Smith de propbetia et poesi IIebra;ortun. 

Selections from the Old Testament. 

— English. Abridgment of Scripture history, 

selected from the Old Testament, by Mrs. 
Trimmer. New York, 1804. 10° 5419a. 15 

— - Authorised version of the O. T. Scriptures ; 

revised, condensed, corrected, and reformed. 
London, 1858. sm.8° 6014.14 

— - Selections from the Old Testament, by Sarah 

Austin. London, ia33. 12' 3429.19 

— Flemish. Eymbybel. See Maerlant,' J. v. . . 5424.5 

— Latin. SelcctEE e Yeteri Testamento historia;. 

Novaed. Londini, 1797. 12° 5419a. U 

— - - Same. Added, Yocabulary by Hardie. 

New York, 1811. 12° 4929a. 12 

— Ketiro-Diitch of Surinam. Selections from the 

6. T. narrative. Tori vo Ouroe Testament. 
Stuttgart, 1842. 8° *G014.5 

Geofjraphjl and hlitort/, 

— Bocluirt, S. Geographia sacra 0027.6 

— Buxtorf, J. Exercitationes ad historian! V. T. 0027.7 

— Movers, F. C. Loci quidam historic canonis 

V. T. illustrati 6088.83 

— Simonis, J. Onomasticum Veteris Testament!. 6073.0 


— Bergcr, J. G.I. PraktischcEinleitnng ins Alte 

Testament 6018.16 

— Bleek, F. Einleitung in das Alte Testament . 3423.7 

— Caipzov, J.G. Introductioadlibroscauonicos. 6017.16 

— Eichhorn, J. G. Einleitung in das Alte Testa- 

ment 0015.4 

— Hengstenberg, E. W. Einleitung ins Alte Tes- 

tament • . 0020.2 

— Jnhn, J. Einleitung in die Gottlichen Bilcher 

des alien Bundes 6025.17 

Sacred criticism, 

— Bauer, G.L. Critica sacra Veteris Testament!. 6017.14 

— Hezel, W. T. Biblischen Kritik des A. T. . . B.160b.8 

— Hitzig, F. Kritik am A. T. praktisch erBrtert. 6019.1 

Miscellaneotts worlcs on the Old Testament. 

— Bauer, B. Die lieligion des A. T. in der ge- 

schiohtlichen Entwickolung dnrgestellt . . . 0027.14 

— Bauer, G. L. Theology of the O. T 0003.6 

— Coqncrel, A. L. C. Esquisses poetiiiucs do 

I'Ancien Testament OulS.19 

— Gcseuius, F. H. \V. Hebriiisches und Chal- 

diiisches HandwUrterbuch liber das A. T. . . 4110.7 

— Gramberg, V. P. W. Kritische Geschichte der 

Iteligionsidcen ties A. T 00.36.3 

— Hingsleubcrg, E. W. Christology t>f the O. T. 6124.9 

— Henler, .1. G.v. Aelteste Urkuntle des Men- 

.silicngeschlfchts 6424.1 

— Jlaiiier, F. .1. V. D. Comnientarlus in V. T. . 6017.12 

— Molitor, F. .1. Tradition in ileni alien Bunde. 4115. 10 

— Kdsenmiiller, E. F. C. .Scholia In V. T. . . . 0020.1 

— Seltleii, .1. De numinibus in Veteri Instrumento 

memoratis -.B. 127. 10 

— Yalke, .). C, W. Die liellglon des nlteu Tes- 

lamenles 0019.3 

— Weiilmaiin and Hirzel. Kurzgefusstes exe- 

getlbches Haiulbuch zum A. T 6017.1 

— Well, G. Biblical legenils of the Jlussulninnii. 3020.31 

— - Blbllsche Legpiiden der Muselmiinner . . . 3026.30 




Shelf. No. 

Bible, continued. 


— Bulgarian, [rcntjitciu'li.] Tj=nrcgrn<lp, ISi'iO. 

W. [British ami foreign liible society] . . 5416.18 

— English. Tiirginiis of (►nkelos ami .loimtlmn 

Ben Uzzit'l. W"\X\\ IVHfjnu-nts of thf .It'ru>u- 
eal-'in Targum : fnun tlu- Clialiice. IJy J. AV. 
Etheredge. Gcnci»is unci Kxodus. Luudon, 
lSti2. 12" 5H7.ti 

— German. Die gottlichen Schriften vor den 

Zeitpn des Messie Jesus, nach eiiier freyen 
Uebersctzuiig nut Anmerkungen [von J. L. 
Schmidt). Wertheim, iraS. Iv. in 2. sm.4*.*C018.13 

— - Die fiinf Biiclicr miosis. Verstiindiget von 

S. 1*. Paulus. Cassel, 1830. b° 3425.11 

— Ilebrcic and Greek, reiitateuchus, Hebraic^ et 

Grffc^, cum annolatione perpetua ed. G. A. 
Schumann. Vol.]. Genesis. Lipsiic, IS20. 8''.*0OI3.16 

— Genesis, etc. Mirnvgice. Genesis, part of Ex- 

odus, i*roverbs, and Acts. Translated into 
HJpongAve. New York, 1659. 12°. [American 
Bible society] 3417.43 

— Exodus mid Xumhcrs. Greek and Latin. Com- 

menlaire gc ograpliique snr PExode et les 
Nombres, par L. de Laborde. Paris, 1841. i". *C010.5 

— Fischer,.!. Coninienlarius in Leviticuni,Nume- 

ros, et Deuteronomium 3429.22 

— Hartmann, A. T. Forschuugen Ubcr die liinf 

BUcher Mo.^e'3 G017.18 

— Havernick, H. A. C. Historico-critical intro- 

duction to the 3425.17 

— Historic character of the P. vindicated . . . . 542S.1 

— Mosaic origin of tlie Pentateuch considered . . 5428.3 

— Patrick, S. Commentary upon the 5440.2 

— Bankc, F. H. Untersuchnngen iiber den Pen- 

tateuch 6014.13 

Collections of later historical bools. 

— Joshua to Job. Bfdgarian. lesuca Nabina do 

Joba. Tsaregrade, 1862. 12°. [British and 
foreign Bible society] 5416.15' 

— Joshua., Judges, and livth. Choriaw. The 

books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. New 

York, 1852. 12°. [American Bible society]. 3417.40 

— Judges and Ruth. Das Buch der Richter und 

Rut erkliirt. Bertheau, E 6017.4 

— Sarnuelandjirst Kings. Choctaw. The first and 

second books of Samuel, and the first book of 
Kings. New Y'ork, 1852. 12". [American 
Bible society] 3417,40 

— Ezra, Kehemiah, and Esther. I^atin. Com- 

mentarius in tres libros sacros historicos Es- 
drw, Nehemi:e,et Esther^-e. Authore J.Pisca- 
tore. Herboruae Nassoviorum, 1616. sm-S". 3429.26 


— English. Bible, translated and arranged, with 

notes, by L. A. Sawyer. Vol. 2. Later 
prophets. Boston, 1861. 12° C014.9 

— - IVelve minor prophets, translated, with a 

commentary, by E. Uenderson, D. D. An- 
dover, 18(V4. 8° 3425.2 

— German. Die Propheten des alten Bundes 

erklart von H. Ewald. Stuttgart, 1840, 41. 1. 8' *6017.13 

— Latin. Secunda pars Nicolai de Lira tractas 

super [Esaiam — Machabeorum libros]. r° . *5440.8 

A'ore. — Btack-letlrr. Without date or place of im- 
prvBslon, or printer's name, ll has two columns on 
each page, with OC lines in each. 

— Hitzig, F. Die zwulfkleinen Propheten erklart. 6053.20 

— Lowth, VT. Commentary upon the 5440.4 

— Tholuck, F. A. D. Die Propheten und ihre 

Weissagungen 3420.11 

Collections cf other books. 

— English. Books of Job, Psalms. Proverbs, 

Kcclesiai^tes, and the Song of Solomon, para- 
phrased, by S- Patrick. London, 1759. f*. . •5440,3 

Shelf. Ko. 

Bible, continued. 

— German. Die poetischen Biicher des alten 

Bundes erklart von H. Ewald. Vol. 2. 2d 

ed. Gottingen, 1830-40. 4v. in 2. 8' . . . . 6017.19 

Contents. — Vol. I. Allgemeinea iiber die hebrHische 
PoP!>U» und UbtT dos Psalmenbucli ; Die Psalinen. II. 
Dbb Uucli .Tub ; Spriiclie Salome's; Kohulvt; Zusiitite 
zu den fi'UhGrn Thcilen und Schlusa. 

— Latin. [Paralyponiena — Ecclesiasticus, cum 

apostillis Nicolai Lyrani, s. a. 1. 1. n.] f * . . *60I0.7 

Xote. — Without litlc-page or colophon, in Gothic let- 
ter, without pagination or signatures, has 2 cols, of 77 
lines earh, nnJ cundsts of 289 Ifaves. 

— Daniel, Puth, and Esther. Tnhitan. Te Buka 

a te Peropheta Daniela ; e te Buka hoi a Kuta 
eaEseta. Tahaa, 1824. 12" 3417.44 

Single books of the Old Testament. 

— Genesis. German. Die Genesis historisch- 

kritisch erlautert von P. von Bohlen. Kd- 
nigsberg, 1835. 8° 6013.9 

— - Greho tongue. Genesis, translated by J. 

Payne. New Y'ork, 1850. lb'. [American 

Bible society] 6CI9.22 

— - nnxtsalanguage. LetSiin MusanafSri. First 

book of Moses, translated by J. F. Schdn. 
London, 185S. 16°. [British and foreign 
Bible society] • 3417.29 

— - Karen. Book of Genesis, translated by F. 

Mason. 1st ed. Tavoy, I84S. 12° 5419a. 2 

— - Telugu, or Tdivga. Book of Genesis. Bel- 

lary, 1841. 8°. [Br. and foreign Bible soc.]. 3417.22 

— - Bohlen, P. v. Introduction to ...... 6027.1 

— - Buhme, J. Exposition of 6080.7 

— - Turner, S. H. Companion to 0027.3 

— Exodus. Chinese. Exodus, \Mth notes. [Trans- 

lated" into Chinese by] W. Dean. Hongkong, 

1S51. 1.6° 5413.2 

— - Karen. Book of Exodus, translated by F. 

Mason. 1st ed. Tavoy, 1849. 12° 54n)a.4 

— - Questions and notes upon. Bush, G. . . . 3429.28 

— Leviticus, Questions and notes upon. Bush, G. 3449.15 

— Joshua. Commentar iiber das Buch Josua. 

Maurer, F. J. V. D 6017.12 

— - Disputatio de libro Josua;. Herwerden, C. 

H. V 6017.24 

— Puth, Lectures upon the booke of. Topsell, E. 5429.8 

See also above: Collections of later historical books. 

— Chronicles. Chnldee and Latin. Paraphrasis 

Chaldaica in libros Chrouicorum auciore R. 
Josepho, cum versione Latina a D. Wilkins. 
Amstela?dami, 1715. 4° *5417.5 

— - Die lUicherderChron. erklart. Bertheau, E. 6017.10 

— - Untersuchungen iiber die biblischeChronik. 

aiovers, F. C 6026.3 

— Job. Hioberkliirt. Hirzel, L. . . *6017. 1, and 0053.20 

— Psalms. Ihtlgarian. [Psalms in Bulgarian, 

superintended by Dr.Riggs.] London, !ho7. 

12°. [British and foreign liible society] . . 3417.36 

— - Dutch. Het Boek der Psalmen, nevens 

Christelyke Gezangen, u.s.w. Amsteldam, 

n.d. 12* eoiOa.S 

— - English. Booke of Psalmes collected into 

English meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins, 
andothers, Cambiidge, [Eng.], 162S. 1::° . COIfta.2 

— - - - Same. London, i74b. h" * 6014.4 

— - - New version of the Psalms, by N. Brady 

and N. Tate. London, 1746. &" 6014.4 

— - - P;-aInis applied to worship; by I. Watts. 

Kewed.,byT. Dwjght. N. Haven, 1832. :iii°. 3440.38 

— - - Psalms in metre : allowed by tlie General 

assembly of the kirk of Scotland. Philadel- 

pliia, 18:J3. 32° 3440.34 

— - - - Same. With notes by J. Brown. 

Philadelphia, 18.33. 18° a440a.I8 

— - - Commentary on the I'salms, by E. W. 

Hengstenberg, translated by J. Thomson 
and P. Fairbairn. Vol. 1, 2, 4th ed. Vol. 3, 
2<ied. E<Unburgh, 1800. 3v. 8° 3426.16 




Sholf. Ko. 

Bible, Psalm-'^, Frtglish, continued. 

— - - Poetical version of certain Psalms, by R. 

Cumberland. Tunbridge Wells, ISOl. 12° . 5419a. 9 

— - - Commentary, by Martin Luther, on the 

Psalms of degrees ; [with] an account of the 
monastic life, particularly of England. Lon- 
don, 1819. S° 3425.6 

— _ _ Specimens of an improved metrical trans- 

lation of the Psalms, by J. D. Lang. Phila- 
delphia, 1840. 18° . . 5449a. 19 

— _ _ .Select Psalms, in the order of the events 

to which they relate. With introduction and 
notes, by T. Bulfinch. Boston, lSo.3. l•^° . 6029a. 4 

— - French. Les Pseatimes de David en vers 

fran^ois. [Racan. CEuvres, v. 2] 4695.9 

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nebst Uebersetzung von W. M. L. De Wette. 

4e Aufl. Heidelberg, 18.36. 8° 6017.2.3 

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und Verdeutscluing von C. von Lengerke. 
Kiinigsberg, 1847. 2v. in 1. 8° 6013.8 

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braic^, cum versione Latina Pantis Pagnini], 

ed. a J. Leusrten. Lonriini, 1758. sm.l2°. . 6019a. 9 

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argiimentis et notis. Lonilini, 1741. sm.8.**3417.45 

— - - Georgii Buchanani parajihrasis Psulmo- 

rum Bavidis poetica. Ad ed. T. Huddiman. 

Edinburgi, 1815. 18° 5419a. 21 

^ - - Enucleata Lutlieri enarratio Psalmi Li. 

Helmstadii, 1703. sm.S° 6059a. 17 

— - Secuana. Buka ea Lipesalem tsa Davida. 

[Translated by R. Jlolfat] London, 1841. 12°. 
[British and foreign Bible society] .3417.37 

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the Syriac Peshito, with notes, by A. Oliver. 
Boston, 1861. 12° 3417.20 

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glot edition. Jaffna, 1860. 12°. [Jaffim Bible 
■ ■ society] 3417.35 

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spriiche Salonio's, von W. C. L. Zieglcr. 
Leipzig, 1791. 8° '6013.11 

— _ Jlehrcic, etc. Proverbia Solomonis. Cum 

trauslationibus Chaldaica, Gr.Tca, Lntina, 
Germanira, etc., [cd.] J. Draconites. Vite- 
berga;, 15fi4. f° »50,30.4 

— - Illustrations of the book of. Arnot, W. . 5443.10 
_ Die .Spriiche Salomo's erkliirt. Berthenu, E. 6017.0 

— Solomonis Sonfi. Entilish. Song of Solomon 

compared with other parts of Scrijjture. 2d 

ed. London, 1852. 16° 5429a. 5 

— - Italian and Ltttin. La Cantica trad, in latino 

c in ilaliano, ec. da F. Kicardi. Geuova, 1818. 

12° '♦E.219.15 

— - Spanish. Dedaraciou mystica de los Can- 

tares de .Salomon. .See Frau(;ois de .Sales . . 6065.24 

— Ecclesiasies. E.xposition with observations up- 

on. Sw Cotton,. J 3458.100 

— Jaaiah. French. Los visions d'Esaie et la nou- 

velle terre.par Ellakim. Rotterdam, IKVI. 8°. 6024.6 

— - Muhnwk. Ne kaghyadonghsera ne royada- 

dokenghdy ne Isaiah. New York, 1839. 18°. 
[American Bible society] ,....'...• . »6010a.4 
_ - Sanscrit. Book of Isaiah. Calcutta, n.d. 

10°. (British and foreign Bible society] . . .' 6419.30 

— - Clemens, R. Die (.JlVenharungen des Prophe- 

len.lesaitt C019a.10 

— - (iesenlus, W. Commentar Uber ilen .Jesaia. 6017.20 

— - ilorsley.S. DIs<iuislIiouH on the eighteenth 

chapter of 3434.26 

— - Klelnerl, A. V. Echthcit siiinnitllcher In 

.lesala enthallenen Weissagungen 6028.4 

— Jeremiah, llllzig, K. Der Prophet J. erkliirt. 0070.20 
- Movers, V. <". De utrlusque recenslonis 

vaticlnlomm .lereniia-, Grrecffi Alexandrinic 

et Ucbraic(C Mosorethlca Indole «t orlglne . 4191.10 

6belf. Ko. 

Bible, continued. 

— Ezel-ifl. Latin. In viginti prima Ezechielis 

capita J. Calviui praelectiones, cum praf. T. 
Bez.-fi. Geneva;, 1505. 8° *6429.14 

— Daniel. Second Wsion of Daniel. A paraphrase 

in verse. 3d ed. London, 1859. pp. 23. sq.l6°. 3429.18 

— - Auberlen,C. A. Daniel and the Revelation 

viewed in their mutual relation 5428.15 

— - Hiivernick, H. A. C. Commentar iiber das 

Buch Daniel 6018.18 

— - Newton, W. Lectures on the first two vi- 

sions of the hook of . 3429.17 

— Joel. Der Prophet Joel. L^ebersetzt und er- 

kliirt von C. A. Credner. Halle, 1831. 8°. 6013.10 

— Habaliktilc. Der Prophet Habakuk, auf^s neue 

Ubersetzt und erkliirt von J; vt)n Gumpach. 
Miinchen, 1800. 8° 3426.8 

Kew Testament. 

— Asamese. New Testament, translated into the 

Asamese, by N. Brown. 3d ed. Sibsagor, 

1850. 8° 5414.4 

— Bulgarian. New Testament, in Bulgarian. 

[Slavonian character.] 3d ed. London, 1859. 
• 8°. [British and foreign Bible society] . . . 3416. :j7 

— Clioctaio. Testament Himona. [Translated 

by A. Wright, etc.] New York, 1848. 12°. 
[American Bible society] 6019.18 

— Concan. New Testament, translated into the 

Kunkuua language, by the Seraiupore mis- 
sionaries. Serampore, 1S18. 8° 3415.19 

— Cree, or Knistinaux. [New Testament, in the 

syllabic character.] Loudon, 1859. [British 

and foreign Bible society] 5419.20 

— Vanifih Creole. Nywe Testament, ka set over 

in die Crcols Tael. 2a ed. Copenhagen, 1818. 

8°. [Danish Bible society] 3416.24 

— Dutch. Hct Nicuwe Testament in de Nedcr- 

duitsche Taal overgezet door A. Visseher, 
en uu op nieuw gei-iviileerd, onder ojizicht 
van E. K. Alberti en J. Klap. Amstcldam, 
n.d. 12° 6019a. 5 

— F.nrilish. New Testament. London, 1747. 8°. 6014.4 

— - Paraphrase and commentary on the New 

Testament, with a discourse, of the millen- 
nium, etc., by D. Whitby. :ihed. London, 
1760. 2v. f ' •5440 5 

— - New Test.iment, tr. fVom the Latin, in 1380, 

by .1. Wirlif; [with] memoirs «»f Wirlif, and 
an account of the i^axou and ICnglish versions 
of the Scriptures, previous to the ITith century. 
By Rev. II. H. Baber. Londcm, 1810. 1.4°'. 5411.2 

— - Exposition of the historical writings of the 

New Testament, by T. Kenrick. From the 
second London ed. Boston, ls28. 3v. 8° . 3425.7 

— - Family expositor ; oi', a paraphrase and ver- 

sion of the New Testament, with notes. By 
P.Doddridge. London, 1829. 1.8° 6421.2 

— - NewTestamenl from the Syri:ic Peshito ver- 

sion. ByJ.Murdock. New York, 1851. 8°. 6012.10 

— - New Testament. New Yolk, 1861. 16°. 

[American Bible society] 54U)a.l2 

- New Testament, translateil, with chrono- 
logical arrangement, and imju-oved divisions. 
By I, .A.Sawyer. Boston, IS.'iH. 12° . . . 0014.8 

— - New Testament, with a commentary by H. 

Alford. London, 1863. 2v. 8° 6422.10 

— Esthonian o/ Dnrpat. Wastnc Testament. 

Mitau, Dor'pal, 1,8;|6. 8" ; . . .3410.23 

— Feejec. Ai voliiul velynhiyalnti vou. Lodoni, 

IMS. 8°. [British anil foreign Bible society]. 6419.21 

— J^nnish. I'usi Testiimcnti. Porwossa, 1850. 

8°. [British anil forei;;!! Bible society] . . . 6018.20 

— Ga'lic. Th>mnililh Nuiidh. Kiilnhurgll, 181.3. 

12°. [Brilish and fonijjn llililo society) . . 6010.9 

— German. Nene Testament, nach Luthers 

Uebersetzung. Berlin, 1820. 12° 6410.10 

— - - Saitio. Basel, 1822. 8° OD13.'3 

— - - Same. London, 1825. 10°. [British 

and foreign Bible BOcloty] 6419a. 17 




Shelf. No. 
Bible, Neto Testament^ German^ continued. 

— - Heilipre Schrift des Npm'n Bundca, misse- 

legt, erliiutert iind ontwickL-lt, [von W. M. L. 

Dc Wcttp]. BiTlin, IS-.'.I-'.'S. -Jv.inl. 8°. . GOlO.ll 

— Greek. Ntiviiin Testameutuni, iMtorprut. nd- 

scripsit 11. Stephnnus. [I-utcliffi rarisio- 

rum], 1587. 2v.ini. 6m.lG° •fi010a.l2 

— - - S«me. Ciijiis Graeco contextui respon- 

dent Intcrprotationes duae : unn vctns, nltera 

T. BoziC. -hied. Gi-ncv.T, l.'.SvS. Uv. in 1. f°.**5420.8 

— - - Same. Accednnt variantcs lect. ae crisis 

perpctua, qua variautos c.xaminat G. D. T. M. 

D. Amstela-dami, 1711. sm.8° 3417.46 

— - - Same. Cum lect. var. rr.Tmittitur diss. 

delibrisN.T.,(*anoni8ron.stitutinnp, etc. Stu- 
dio J. Millii, reoens. et locuplet. L. Kusterus. 
Ed. 2a. Lipsiie, 173:!. t' »*5420.0 

— _ _ Same. Cum commentarioJ..I.Wetstenii. 

AmstelKdami, 1751, 52. 2v. f° •6011.2 

— - - Same. Textum emendavit J. J. Gries- 

bach. Hala-, 1774,75. 3v. in 2. 8' . . . . 6013.14 

— _ _ Same. Textum recensuit et leetionis 

varietatem adjecit .T. J. Grieslmch. Kd. 2a. 

Hala; Saxonum, 1706, 1806. 2v. 8° 6012.7 

— - - Same. [Xo title-paKc] 18° 601'.la..3 

— - - Same. Juxta exemplar . I. Millii impres- 

Bum. Kd. prima Americana. Wi^oruiff*, 

Mass., I80O. 12° 3417.30, and 6019.15 

_ _ - Same. Editio nova. Edinburofi, 1804. 10°.5419a. 13 

— _ _ Same. Ferpetua annotatione iUustr. Ed. 

Koppian.-E, Vol. 3, P. 1.— Vol. 10, P. 2. Con- 
tinuavit .1. H. Heinrichs et D.J. Pott. Ed. 
la-3a. Gottiii<;a!, 1809-28. 8v. 8° *6014.11 

— - - Same. Kecognovit G.C. Knappius. Ed. 

III. llalis Saxonum, 1824. 2v. 16°. [Inter- 
leaved and annotated by T. Parlcer] . . .*6019.12 

— - - Same. Kec. apparatum criticum appo- 

suit, etc., A. F. C. Tiscliendorf. Ed. VII. 
Lipsia, 1859 2v. ,S° 3421.26 

- - Same. Griesbach's text, witU tlie vari- 
ous readings of Mill and Scliolz. 3d ed.. 
Loudon, 1859. p,8° 5419.19 

- - Same. Codex Vaticanus. Ed. A. Maius. 

Londini, 1859. 8° 6012.5 

_ - Same. Ex codice Alexandrine a C. G. 

Woide deseriptura accuratiiis. Ed. B. H. 
Cowpcr. Londiui, 1860. S° 3421.21 

Greek and English. New Testament, with a 

[Greek] concordance. Edited by E. Card- 
well. Oxford, 1837. 2v. 12° 5417.3 

— Greek and German. Das Neiie Test, griech., 

mit einer neuen deutsehen Ubersetzung von 

H. A.W.Meyer. Guttingen, 1829. 2v. 8°. 642S.17 

— Greek and liomaic. 'llKaivrjiiadriKi 6i) Sutto^, 

TO BciQV apx^rvi:oi'^ Kai n avrov fttTiippaati cii 
Koiviiv Sia^EKTttu. Kv Anvipn, n'oicd' ,[lS'i9]. 8°. 
[BritiBli and foreign Bible society] *6014.10 

- Bloomfield, S. T. Greek and English lexi- 
con to the 3484.26 

- Griesbacli, .J. J. Symbolae criticie ad sup- 

plendas et corrigendas N. T. lectionum col- 
lectiones 6029a. 6 

— - Robinson, E. Greek and English lexicon 

to the .3484.21 

— - Schmid, E. Concordantia; omnium vocum 

Novi Testamenti Gra-ci 6011.3 

— - - N. T. Gra?ci concordantia?, ex opera E. 

Schmidti, depromtum a G. Greenfield . . . 3420.40 

— - Scrivener, F. H. Collection of fifty manu- 

scripts of portions of the Greek N. T. . . . 3421.25 

— - - Criticism of the Greek N. T 3421.24 

— - Wigram, G. V. Greek concordance of the. 3484.24 

— - Winer, G. B. Greek Grammar of the N. T. 4121.4 
_ - - Idioms of the Greek N. T 4121.2 

— - Wolf, J. C. Curae philologicoB et critical in 

N. T. totum • 5124.4 

— Hthreic. [Novum Testamentum Hrbraice, 

curanle J. C. Krey.] Londini, 1817. 8°. [Lon- 
don Society for promoting Christiauity 
among the Jews] 6013.13 


Sliclf. No. 

Bible, New Testament^ continited. 

— Hindustani. New Testament, fin the Ara- 

bic character.] London, 1S60. 8°. [British 

and foreign lUble society] 3415.20 

— Lappanese. Adda Testament tate ailes 

tinlogest, Same kiiilei puoktetum. Herno- 
sandcsne, 1811, 12°. [British and foreign 
Bible society) *G014. 17, and 6019.11 

— Latin. Novum Testamentum, cum paraphra- 

ei et adnotiitionibus II. Uammoudi. Ex 
Anglieji lingua transtulit, etc., J. ClericuB. 
Ed. 2a. Frnncofurti, 1714. 2v. f° . . . . *B.120.5 

— - Novum Testamentum, interprete T. Beza. 

Londini, 1781. 6m.I2° 3417.51 

— Mtilintlla. New Testament, translated into 

Mariithi. [Bombay], 1850. 12°. {American 
mission press] 3416.22 

— Mantchou. [Mantchou Testament. St. Pe- 

tersburg, l.s:jj.] 4°. [British and foreign 

Bible society] 5411.5 

— OJibwa. Otosliki-kiklndiuin an kitogimaminan 

gaie bemajiinung .Tesus Krist. New York, 

1844. 12°. (American P.iblc society] . . . 6014.15 

— Pepuan. New Testament, tl'anslatcd into 

Peguan, [by J. H. Ilaswell]. Maulmain, 

1847. 8° 5414.1 

— Polish. Nowy pana naszego Jezusa Chryst- 

usa Testament, przez x Jakuba Wuyka. 
Lipsku, 1832. sm.l6° 6019.25 

— Portuguese^ Indo-Porttigucse. O Novo Tes- 

tamento, traduzido em Indo Portugueza. 
Londres, 1826. 16°. [British and foreign 
Bible society] 3416.21 

— Eomanese, or Romansh. II Nouf Test.imaint, 

tradiit in Eumansch d'Engadina Bassa. 
Basel, 1812. 8°. [Bible societies of London 
and Basle] **3416.26 

— Russian. [New Testamontiu Russian.] St. Pe- 

tersburg, 1822. 18°. [HussianBiblesociety]. 3416.28 
_ - - Same. St. Petersburg, 1823. 12°. [Rus- 
sian Bible society] 3416.25 

— - - Same. Leipzig, 1850. 8° 0014.16 

— Samoan. O le Feagaiga fou a lo tatou alii o 

lesu Keriso. London, 1849. 12°. [British 

and foreign Bible society] 3417.38 

Sanscrit. New Testament, translated by the 

Calcutta Baptist missionaries. Calcutta, 
1851. 2d ed. 8°. [British and foreign Bible 
society] 5414.14 

Spanish. EI Nuevo Testamento, trad, de la 

Vulgata latina, por el Rrao. P. Phelipe 

Scio de S. Miguel. Paris, 1822. 8° 0019.8 

— - - Same. Nueva York, 1823. 12° 6419a. 10 

— Syriac. Novum Testamentum Syriacfe. Cum 

versione Latina. Recens. a M. Trostio. 

Cothenis Auhaltinorum, 1022. 4° 6011.8 

_ Novum Testamentum Syricum, cum Icxico 

et institutionibus lingua: Syricae. Autore ^. 
Gutbirio. Hamburgi, 1663. 8° »6019.19 

— Wallachian. NooulTectament. Smirna, 1846. 

8°. [British and foreign Bible society] . . *6013.6 

— W'ndish of Upper Lusntia. Nowy Tes- 

tament, prcdy wot Mcrtena Luthera do 
Njemskeje, potom wot Michala Freuzela. 
\V Budeschini [Bautzen], 1835. 8°. [Brit- 
ish and foreign Bible society] *0013.7 


— BengeI,J. A. Gnomon of the N. T 3427.6 

_ De Wette, W. M. L. Handbuch zum N. T. . 6010.17 

— Kvinoel, C. G. Commentarius in libros N. T. 6015.2 

— Meyer, H. A. W. Kommeutar iiber das N. T. 6016.3 

— KosenmUller, J. G. Scholia in N. T 6016. 2 

— Tlwodorae, of Afopsuestia. In N. T. commen- 
tariorum quse reperiri potuerunt 0026. 13 


- Credner, C. A. Einleitung in das N. T. . . . 6016.15 

- Eichhorn, J. G. Einleitung in das N. T. . . . 0015.5 

- Hug, J. L. Einleitung in N. T 6016.3 




Sheir. Vo. 

Bible, Xew Testament, Introductions, continued. 

— Slichielis, .1. D. Einleitung in die Scliriften 

des Neuen Bundes G029a.7 

— - Introduction to the N. T fiOlS.l 

— Nendecker, C. G. Einleitnns: in das N. T. . . 6025.7 

— Schott, H. A. Tsagoge historico-eritica in 

libros Novi Fcederis sacros G025.22 

Jifiscelianeous icorks relating to the K, T. 
Bautain, L. E, M. La morale de I'evangile . 
Bladiwall, A. Sacred classics defended . . . 
Carpenter, L, Geography of the N. T. . . . 
CcUerier, J. E. Authenticity of the N. T. . . 
Guericke, H. E. F. Gcsanuntgeschichte des 

Neuen Testaments 

Kirchhofer, J. Geschichte des Neutestament- 

lichen Canons bis auf Hieronymus .... 
Meuschen, J. G. Novum Testamentum ex 

Talmude et antiquitatibus Hebraeorum illus- 


Olshausen, H. Genuinenese of the N. T. . . 
Reuss, E. Geschichte der heiligen Schriften 

des Neuen Testaments 

Simon, R. Observations sur le texte et les 

versions du Nouveau Testament 

Simonis, J. Onomasticum Novi Testanienti . 
Watts, I. Rational defence of the gospel . , 








; Asliantee,orOtji,(W.AfrJcn). Yen avvurade n6 
agyeiikwa lesu Kristo. [London], 1859. 16°. 
[British and foreig:n Bible societyj 3417.50 

Assamese. Life and gospel of Christ, from 
the evangelists. By N. Brown. Sibsagor, 
Asam, 1854. 1.8° 5424.2 

German. Die drei ersten Evangelien iibersetzt 
u.erklartvonH.Ewald. GUttingen, 1850. 8°. 6016.13 

Gothic and Latin. Ultilas gothische Bibel- 
iibersetzung, mit lat. Uebersetz. zwisehen 
den Zeilen, samt einer .Sprachlehre und einem 
GlOHsar, von F. K. Fulda. Herausgegeben 
von I. C. Zahn. AVeissenfels, 1805. sm.4° . **5413.6 

Khasi, or Khassee, {north of Burmnh). Gos- 
pels with the Acts [in the Roman character]. 
Calcutta, 1856. 8°. [Calcutta Bible society]. 3417.27 

Piedmontese and French. 'L sant c\'angeli 
secound San Luca e san Giouan. Londra, 
183S. 8°. [British and foreign Bible society]. 3417.26 

Vaudois and French. Scut Luc et sent Gi- 
ann : rendil en lengua Valdesa, par I*. Bert. 
Londres, 1832. 8°. [British and foreign Bible 
society] 3417.24 

- Die .lohanneischen Schriften iibersezt und 
crklart von H. Ewald. Gottingcn, 1861, 62. 

2v. 8° 3426.9 

and Acts. Sclavonianand Russian. [Versions 
in parallel columns.] Saint Petersburg, 1820, 
1.8°. [Russian Bible socit'ty] *6012.6 

- Siamese. Gospels and Acts, translated from 
the Greek by Rev. J. T. .Jones. Ed. by Rev. 

S. .1. .Smith. 3d ed. Bangkok, 1858. 1.8° . 6414.2 

- .ToannisCulvini commentarii integri in Evan- 
gellu et in Acta Apostolorum. Gi-uevsc, \'ig- 
non,15(3. 2v.ini. f° 'B. 140. 13 

Gospels, narmoniis. 
English. Harmony of the four gospels ; 
wherein the dillerent manner of rcliitiiig (he 
facts by each is cxemplilied, etc. [liy E, 
Uarley.] London, 17:i.'l. 8° ,3427.0 

- An apostolical harmony of the gospels, by 

L. Carpenter. 2d ed. LnndoM, INW 8°.. 0010.1(1 

- Treasury harmony of tin; four evangelists. 
Compiled by R. .Mlmprlss. J.ondun, n. d. 

2v. In 1. 10° 612ga.a 

Oreek. 1 larmony of tho four gospels In Greek. 

By K. Robinson. Boston, 1815. 8° . . . . 0010.13 
Ilnnnonia evangellca, eui siibjecta est lilstoria 

CbrJHtl. Aeress. tres (IISMcrfntioneM,auelore 

.L Clerleo. Amstelodaml, I70(i. f° . . . . 'B.r.'O.O 

Shelf. No. 

Bible, Gospels, Harmonies, Greek, contimted. 

— - Synopsis evangeliorum Mattbsei, Marci et 

Luck. Textumemend.,etc., J. J.Griesbach. 

Hala;, 1776. 8° 6019.4 

— - - Same. Cum parallelis Joannispericopis. 

Ex rec. Griesbachii. Cum Lachmanniana lec- 
tione. Concinnaverunt G. M. L. De 'Wette 
etF. LUcke. Ed. 2a. Berolini, I.s4a. 8°. . 6010.18 

— - - Same. Ad Griesbachii ordinem concin- 

navit, prolegomena, etc., adjecit R. Anger. 
Lipsia;, 1852. 1.8°. . ." 6011.9 

— German. Heliand. Altsachsische Evangelien- 

Harmonie 3414.19 

— - Harmonie. [Paulus. Leben Jesu, v. 2] . . 6037.2 

Gospels. Commentaries. 

— Grotius, H. Annotationes in libros Evangeli- 

orum B.130.9 

— Paulus, H. E. G. Exegetisches Handbuch Uber 

die drei ersten Evangelien 6010.11 

Gospels. Miscellaneous works. 

Bauer, B. Kritik der evangelischen Geschichte 

der Synoptiker 

Baur, F. C. Untersuchungen iiber die kanon- 

ischen Evangelien 

Bleek, F. Beitriige zur Evangelien-Kritik . . 
Die Evangelien, ihr Geist, ihre Vei-fasser und 

ihr Verhiiltuiss zu einander 

ITilgenfeld, A. Das Evangelium und die Briefe 

Johannis nach ihrem Lein-begrifl'dargestellt. 
- Die Evangelien, nach ihrer Entstehung und 

geschichtlicben Bedeutung 

Huet, P. D. Demonstratio evangelica .... 
Hunt, L. The evangelists, from the liistorical 

point of view 

Jobst, ,T. G. Kurzer Inbegriff des ewigen Evan- 


Kleuker, ,T. F. Aecbtlieit und Glaubwiirdigkeit 

der schrifllichen Urkunden des Christen- 


Kiistlin, C. R. ITrspnmg und Komposition der 

synoptischen Evangelien 

Lightfoot, J. Uoraj Hebraica) in quatuor evan- 


Roberts, A. Discussions on the gospels 

Smith, (i. Gosijel of .Jesus, etc 

Tholuck, V. A. G. Die Glaubwiirdigkeit der 

evangelischen Geschichte 

Weisse, C. H. Die evnngelischc Geschichte 

kritisch und philosophisch bearbeitet .... 













Collections of other books. 
Acts, Epistles, and Hevclation. Actus ot epis- 
tohc ajiostolorum, »iuibus accessit Apocaiyp- 
sis B. .Joannis. Ed. ad exemplar A^aticanum 

emendata. A Ulle, 1817. 21° 6419a. 30 

Epistles in general. Kngliiih. New literal 
translation of the apostolical epistles. M'ith 
a commentary by .J. Mackuigbt. New ed. 
Philadelphia, 1841. 1.8°.. 6423.1 

- Faj-rn. Ejiistles, in Pwo Karen. Trajislated 
from Sgau, by Karens. RcAised by D. L. 
Braylon. 1st ed. Tavoy, INK. 12° .... 6419a. 8 

Epistles of Paul. English. Paniphraso an<l 
notes on the epistles to the Galiltians, 1st 
and 2d Corinthians, K'onuins, and K))hesiiins, 
by J. Locke. Canil)ridg(>, ls32. S° . . . . 3-120.7 

- - Ei)istles to the 'J'bessahuiians, Galatiaus, 
Romans, [Cr. and ICng.] : with notes, by B. 
•lowetl. Li>ndi)ii, l.\",.'). 2v. s° 6010.15 

- Gernuiv. I>ie Sendschreiben des Apostels 
Paulus Iibersezt und erkliirt von H. Ewald. 
Giittingen, 18,')?. 8° . 0016.12 

- Greek and Latin. Codex Auglensis, a 
Gricco-T.atiu ninnnserlpt of .S. raid's epis- 
tles. Added, a enltatlon of titty nuiuu- 
scripts of the Greek Testament. Cambridge, 

1869. 8° ♦3421.26 




SlK'lf. No. 
Btble, Epistles of Paul, continued. 

— - Petjuan. Kpistlos from (iahitinns to Titus, 

inclusive. Transhitcd into I'eguiin. hst ed. 
Maulmaiu, 184.1. 12° M19a.7 

— - Yoruba. Corinthians, Galatinns, and Eplie- 

siaus, trans, by Kev. T. Kiuf;. London, ISGl. 

12'. fBritisli and i'oreiKii Hihlu society] .. .1417. .31 

— - - Epistles of Paul, .loliu and Judo, and the 

Kovehition. 'I'ranshiled by S. Crowther and 
Kev. T. King. Loudon, 1802. 10°. [British 
and foifign Bible society] 3417.^2 

— - Conybf!ire,W.J. LUenndepistlesof.St.Puul. 0010.14 

— - Do Wetto, \y. M. L. ErUarung dor Briel'e 

an Tilus,11mothous und die riebriier . . . . 
Epistles of John. Delaware and English. The 
three epistles of ttie apostle .Tohn, translated 
into Delaware [with the English] by C. F. . 
Dencke. New York, 1818. pp.42. 24". [Amer- 
ican Bible society] 5410a. 22 

Single books of the yeio Testament. 

— Matthew. Arabic and French. £vangile de 

notru seigneur Jesus-Christ selou Saint Mat- 
tliieu. [London], n.d. lO**. [British and 
foreign Bible society] 3417.48 

— - Chitiese. Matthew, with explanatory notes, 

by W. Dean. Hongkong, 1848. hH" . . . . 5411.3 

— - Cutchce^ in the Balboreh character. [Mat- 

thew, tr. by J. Gray^] Bombay, 1835. sm.4''. 3417.21 

— - English. !>[atthew, and part of the first 

chapter of Mark, translated by Sir John 
Cheke. Also, vii original letters of Sir J. 
Cheke. London, 1K43. 8' 3417.28 

— - JJindustani and English. [Mati ki Ingil.] 

Translated by H. Blartyn, and transferi-ed 
into the Koniau chai'acter by J. Thomas. 
Calcutta, 1834. 8* .^ 6014.1 

— - Ibo, or lebu, ( W. Africa). Oku 6mma nke 

own Matia, By J. C. Taylor. London, 1800. 
pp.88. 12°. [British and foreign Bible soc.]. 3417.41 

— - Karen. Matthew, in Pglio Karen. Tr. by 

D.L.Brayton. 1st ed. Maulmain, 1845. 12°. 5419a. 

— - - Questions on Matthew, with notes, in 

Pwo Karen. By D. L. Bray^ton. 1st ed. 

Tavoy, 1852. 12° 5429.10 

^ - - Matthew, in Pwo Karen. Translated by 

Rev. F. Mason. Tavoy, 1851. 12° 5419a. 3 

— - yupe J (_W. Africa). First seven chapters. 

Trans, by S. Crowther. London, 1800. pp.20. 

10". [British and foreign Bible society] . . 5419.25 

— - Siamese. Matthew, translated by J. T. 

Jones. 2ded. Bangkok, 1839. 8° 6014.2 

— - Turldsh and French, jfcvangile selon St. 

Matthieu. n. p., [1S50]. 16°. [British and 
foreign Bible society] 3417.47 

— - Turldsh and Italian. Evangelic di San 

Matteo. n. p., [1856]. 16°. [British and for- 
eign Bible society] 3417.49 

— - Kalisch, I. Critical exposition of the book 

of Matthew 3420.5 

— - Anonymi scholia in Matthaeum. [Mai. 

Class, auct., v. 6] B.172.3 

— Mark. Chitiese and Mantchou. [Chinese and 

Mandchou St. Mark. Interlined.] n.p., n.d. 

1.8°. [British and foreign Bible society] . . 5411.1 

— - English. First gospel, being the gospel ac- 

cording to Mark : tr., with a critical examina- 
tion, by L. A. Sawyer. Boston, 1804. 12° . 5419.5 

— - Syriac and Latin. S. Marci evangelium 

Syriac^. Literis et punctis Hebraicia, appo- 
site e regione versione Latina. Cothenis An- 
haltinorum, 1622. pp.56. 4° *6011.8 

— - Yoruba, ( W. Africa). Gospel according to 

St. Mark, translated into Yoruba by Rev. T. 
King. London, I8(H. 12°. [British and for- 
eign Bible society] 3417.42 

— - Baur, F. C. Das Markusevangelium nach 

seinem I'rsprung und Charakter 6ft25.2 

— - Hilgenfeld, A. Das Markus-Evangelium, 

nacb seiner Composition, Stellung, u, b. w. . 6016.9 


Sholf. No. 

BiBLK, Single books of the Neio Test, continued. 

— Luke. Aniteum, [New Hebridea). Gospel ac- 

cording to Luke. Translated by J. Inglis, 
London, 1857. 8°. [British and foreign Bible 
society] ' 3417.23 

— - Cliinese and Japanese. St. Luke, [trans- 

lated by Dr. Bettelhein\]. Hongkong, n.d. 

4°. [British and foreign Bible society] . . . 5411.19 

— - Greek. ^ Codex Zacynthius. Greek palimp- 

sest fragments. Edited by S. P. Tregelles. 
London, 1801. f° *5420.10 

— - Grebo, ( ir. Africa). Hanh tibosa ne Luke 

kinena. New York, 184S. 16° *0019.24 

— - Ojibwa. Minuajiniouin Gainajimot au St. 

Luke, au S. Hall, gaie au G. Copway. Bos- 
ton, 1837. 12° 5419a. 1 

— - Seneca. Ne Hoiwiyosdosheh noyohdado- 

gehdih. [English and Seneca]. By T. S. 
Harris. New York, 1829. 24°. [American 

Bible society] 0019a. 7 

-= - Coramentarius in evangelium Luceb ex Cy- 
rillo Alexandrino, Severo Antiocheno, Ori- 
gene aliisque confectus. [Mai. Class, auct., 
• v. 10] B.172.3 

— John. Italian. Gospel of John, in Italian, 

adapted to the Hamiltonian system. 3d ed. 
London, 1S30. 12° 3417.33 

— - Karen. Gospel of John in Sho Karen. 

Translated by E. B. Bullard. 1st ed. Maul- 
main, 1840. pp. 88. 12° 5419a. 5 

— - Provencal lioTnaunt, or lingua Romana. Ro- 

mauut St. John. Introduction by W. S. GiUy. 
London, 1847. 8° 3417.26 

— - Siamese. Gospel by John, translated by J. 

T. Jones. Bangkok, 1842. pp. 94. 8° . . . 

— - Yorubay ( W. Africa). Ihin rere nipati St. 

Johanni. Translated by Rev. T. King. Lon- 
don, 1801. pp.83, 16°. [British and foreign 
Bible society] 3417.30 

— - Bauer, B. Kritik der evangelischen Ge- 

schichte des Johannes 6025.18 

— - Tholuck, F. A- G. Commentar zu dem Evan- 

gelio Johannis 6025.19 

— - - Commentary on the gospel of St. John . 5428. 19 

— Acts. Arraioack, {British Guiana). Act apos- 

telnu, translated by Rev. T. Shultz. New Y^ork, 

1850. 16°. [American Bible society] .... 6019.23 

— - Chinese. Acts, with marigiual references. 

Translated by W. Dean. Hongkong, 1&47. 1.8°. 

— Grebo, ( IF. Africa), Acts of the apostles, trans- 

lated by Rev. J. Payne. New York, 1851. 
pp. 98. 16°. [American Bible society] . . . 

— - Baumgarten, M. Die Apostelgeschiclite . 

— - Judson, S. B. Questions on the Acts . . . 

— - Lekebusch, E. Composition und Entste- 

hung der Apostelgescliichte 6025.5 

— - Schneckenburger, M. Ueber den Zweck der 

Apostelgeschichte 6016.14 

— - Zeller, E. Die Apostelgescliichte kritlsch 

untersucht 6025.1 

— Romans. English. Epistle to the Romans. 

Tr. by W. A. Whitwell. Boston, 1838. 12°. 3417.34 

— - - Exposition of St. Paul's epistle to the 

Romans, by W.Benecke. London, 1854. 8°. 5423.8 

— - - Epistle to the Romans, after the author- 

ized version, revised by five clergymen. 2d ed. 
London, 1858. pp. 54. 8° .3414.20 

— - - Lectures on the epistle to the Romans, 

by T. Chahners. New York, 1844. 8° . . . 5423.6 

— - German. Der Brief Pauli an die Romer, 

erliiut. v.W. Benecke. Heidelberg, 1831. 8°.**3424.12 

— - Gothic. UlphilEB versionem Gothicam non- 

nvllorvm capit^Tn epistolae Pavli ad Romanes, 
commentatvs est F. A. Knittel, Brvnovici, 
n.d. 4° **5413.7 

— - Ferme, C. Analysis of the epistle to the . 6493.4 

— - Turner, S. H. Notes on the epistle to the. 5422.8 

— Galatians. Der Galaterbrief iibersezt, unter- 

sucht imd erklart, von A. Hilgenfeld. Leip- 
zig, 1852. if 6016.10 






Shelf. No. 

Bible, Galatians, continmd. 

— - Commentary on the epistle to the Galatians 

[Greek text], with arev. tr. by C.J. Ellicott. 
[From the 2d Englished] Andover, 1800. 8°. 6422.5 

— - Conmientarius in epistolani Pauli ad Gala- 

tas. CreU, J 5458.3? 

— Ephesians. Commentfiry on the epistle to the 

Ephesians [Greek text], with a rev. tr. by 
C. J. Ellicott. [From the 2d English ed.] 
Andover, 1863. 8° 5422.6 

— Corinthians. Commentar liber den ersten 

Brief Pauli an die Korintliier. Osiauder, 

J. E 6025.20 

Thessatonians. Commentary on tlie epistles to 

the Thessalonians [Greek text], with a rev. 
tr. by C. J. Ellicott. [From the 2d English ed.] 
Andover, 1SC4. 8° ■ 6422.7 

JJebreics. Commentary on tlie epistle to thij 

Hebrews. By M. Stuart. 2d ed. Andover, 

1S33. 8° 5423.7 

— - Paraplxrase and notes upon the epistle to the 

Hebrews. By .\. A. .*ykes. London, 1755. 4°. 5421.6 

— - Eine Untersuchung Uber den Hebriierbrief. 

AVieseler, C 3425.8 

— James. Comoientary on the epistle of St. 

James. Stier, R. ■ 6500.2 

Episths of John, .fijriac. Johaunis epistola 

catholica prima Syriace, adjuncto characterc 
Hebrseo et versione Latina. Opera 31. Trostii. 
Cothenis Anhaltinorum, 1621. pp.22. 4°. *6011.8 

— Jtide. Epistol!B Judx Grajci comnientario crit- 

ico et annot. illustr. a H. C. A. Uaenlein. 
Erlangae, 1804. 8° 5416.7 

Eevelalion. Commentary on the Revelation of 

St. John, by E. W. Whitaker. London, 

180-2. 8° 3424.11 

- Anihrosii An.sberti in s..TohannisApocalyp- 
slm libri decern. Colonia?, 1536. f° . . . *B.110.10 

— - In Apocalypsim Johannis S.Meyercommen- 

tarius. Tiguri, Froschover, n.d. f° . . . ♦B.110.10 

— - Eichhorn, J.G. Commentarius in Apocalyp- 

sin Joannis 6029a. 5 

— - Fox, J. MeditAtiones in sacram Apocalj-p- 

6im 0020.18 

— - Ralston, S. S. New theory of the Apoca- 

lypse 6088.232 

Stt aUo: Apoci^-phft, Evidences, InsjjinUiuii, Tlic- 
Bible, The, stands corrected by the trinitarian dic- 
tionary. Lawrence, Ma,ss., 1854. pp. 8. 8°.6088.203 

Bible cla.sses, Sermon on. Edwards, J Pph.v.375 

BiBLK'AL repertory and Princeton review. Edited 
by C. Hodge. Vols. 20-34. Philadelphia, 

1854-02. 9v. 8° •5412.1 

Biblical review, [and Vol. 1-3 of the Congrega- 
tional magazine], London, 18-16-50. Ov. h'^. *7424.2 
BiBLKKlRAKIA Italhuia, Uioriialc generalc della. 

Moliui.G 2161.2 

BlBLio(;KArnis('Hi:s .lalirbuch fiir den deutsclien 
llucti-, Kuust- unci Landkurteii-Haiidel. 4er 
•lahrgang. 1H50. ler Band. Leipzig, 1850. b°. •2151.8 
BinLKiiiiiAriiY. Elementarii. 

Albert, J. F. M. I'rincipes fondamentaux de 

la claAsilicatiiin blbliograpliique 2124.13 

Jlira, G. M. JIauiiale teorico-pratico di blb- 

liognilla 2128.18 

, Pelgnot, ^j. G. Manuel biblIographir]ue . . . 2121.0 

Sclileiermacber, A. A. E. Hibliographisclies 

Sy8t*!m der gesumniten Wissenschaflskuude. 2128.17 

Baumgnrten, .S. J. Nuchrlchten von merkwUr- 

digeli ItUcliern 4130.3 

GeorgI, T. AIlgi-nieineH europiiischeN BUchcr- 

Lexlcon 2110. 5 

Grai'Kse, J. G. T. Tresor do« lIvrcB raren et 

prlScleux 2153.3 

— Inilex llbrorum prohlbltonim. l^re Roman 

catholic church 4183.7 

Sheif. No. 

BiBLiOGKAPHY, Continued. 

— Livres Imprimes sur velin de la bibliothfeque du 

roi. 5ee Paris. Biblioth^que imperiale . . . 2142.6 

— Pelgnot, £.G. Repertoire blbliograpliique unl- 

versel 2143.6 

— Vogt, J. Catalogus libronim rariorum .... 2145.3 

5« aUo: Architecture, Bcl^rium, CntHlogties, Cicero, 
Classienl Icnrninp, Commerce, Diphtheriu, Drama, 
EgJ-pt, Engineering, Entomology, Fine orla, I'runcG, 
Friuli, Future life, Gardening, Germany (hist.), Great 
Britain (hist.), Ital.v, Jews, Libraries, Literary history. 
Medicine, Names, Netherlands, Oriental literature, Phi- 
lology- (comparative), Portugal, Printing, Proverbs, 
rsendon^-mous authors, Itnvcnna, Scandinavia, Silesia, 
Theology, United States, Venice. 

BiBLioLOfiY. Dictionnaire de bibliologie catho- 

liqtie. Brunei, P. G. . 2180.4 

BlEHOflllLE beige, Le. Bulletin. Fonde par M. 
de Reifl'enberg, public sous la direction de 
A. Scheler. [le ser.] T. 1-9; 2e ser. T. 1-8. 
Table, 1845-54. Bruxelles, 1S45-02. 18v. 8°. *2157.1 

BlBLIOTHECA fratrum Polononim quos Unitarios 
vocant. Ireuopolis [Amsterdam], post 1656. 
9v. f ° •B.141.1 

Con/ents. — Vol, I,TI. Faiisti Socini opera omnia. III- 
VI, .loannis Crellii opera omnia. V'lI.VIII, .1, Ludorici 
Wolzogenii opera orauia, IX, SamuelisPrzipcovii opera, 

BlBLIOTHECA juridica. Verzeichniss der vorzil- 
glichslen Werke aus alien Zweigen der Staats- 
und Rechtswissenschalteu. 3te AuH. \Vien, 
1S61. 8° 2185.25 

BlBLIOTHECA maxima vetertun patrum. See Jla-x- 
inia bibliotheea. 

BiBLiOTHEi-A mystica et ascetica, continens prteci- 
pu^ auctorum medii sevi opuscula. Coloni.T, 
Bonna; et Bruxellis, 1849-57. 7v. 32". yaiiwlifi 

— Albertus Magnus. Libellus aureus de adha;- 

rendo Deo 6009a. 27 

— Angela de Fulgluio, B. Tisionum et iustruc- 

tionum liber 6060a. 30 

— Anselm, St. Liber meilitationum 6069a. 27 

— Bellarmiuo, R. Be asceusioiie mentis in Beum 

per scalas reruin creatarum, liber singularis. 6069a. ,'U 

— Brigitta, St. Revelatioues selecta; 6O09a.29 

— Gerlac Petersen. Ignitum cum Deo solilo- 


— Luigi,or AIoysius,Gonzaga, .■?(. Opcraomnia.0009a.23 

— Mechthildls, St. Revelatioues selects .... 6069a. 28 

— Tuuler, J. De vita et passioue ,Jesu Christi 

piissima exercitia 6069a. 20 

— Thonuis A<iuinas, ,S7. De duobus prajceptis 

charitatis, etdecem legis praiceptis; De vene- 

rabili saeraniento alturis 0069a. 28 

— Willein II. Agalnia religiosorum, sivemedita- 

tiones circa mysteria passlonis Domiuicn." . . 6069a. 23 
BiBLiOTM i*:c.\ probata. Catalogue arranged under 
the heails of bibles, family library, etc. 2d 

ed. New York, 18.57. 1-2° 2183.10 

BlBLIOTHECA sacra and Biblical repository. Edited 
by B. li. Edwards, K. A. Park, and S. H. Tay- 
lor. Vols. 1-20. Andover, 1844-63. 20v. 8°. *5310.2 

— Index to Vol. 1-13. By W. F. Draper. An- 

dover, 1857. H° •5310.2 

BiBLioTiiiccA Sussexiiina. Sec Augustus Freder- 
ick, (lul:c of .s'M.?se.r. 
BiBLioTHiCK der redenden und btldendcn Kiinste. 

Leipzig, 1806-10. 7v. in 4. 8° ■'•6179a. 2 

Bini.ioTiiEK der schiinen Wissenschaften und der 
fi-eyen IvUnste, [llerausg.v. F. NicoialnndC. 
F.'Weisse.] Leipzig, 17.57-05. 12v. in 0. 8°.^«61I4.2 

— Allgemeines Register, [ilber die 12 ersten 

lliinde|. Leipzig, 1767. 8° ••5114.1 

Bllil.lnl-)!]':!^, Neue.dei-seln'ilieuWissenscliaflennnd 
der lieyen Kiinste. Leipzig, 1765-1810. 72v. 
in 31. 8" ••5114.4 

— Allgemeines Register zum Band 1-36. Leipzig, 

177-2-89. 1. 8° ••6114.3 

— Allgemeines Register zum Band 37-48. I,,elpzlg, 

1703. «° ••5113.1 

Jfotc. — Uyuud with Vols. 47, 48. 




Shelf. No. 
BiBLiOTHKK, Neue, continued. 

— Allgemeines Kegister zum Band 49-00. Leipzig, 

ir»JS. 8° **5114.4 

\otf. — noiiml with Vols. .'>8-60. 

BiBLioTHKK der ulttn UtttTiitur und Kunst. Tych- 

8eu, T. C 4959a. 2 

BiBLiOTHKt^rKdes sciences etdcs beaux arts. [K6- 
digi'f jHir r. riiais, E. de .loncourt, J. D. de 
La Kite, V. G. F. Duniiis, IL Hop, J. Guiot, 
L'lleritier, etautifs.] La llaye, ITjI-SO. 50v. 
10' *B. 118.1 

Jfett. — Vols. 25 and AO cuiituiu Tables tie mntli-reH. 

BlBLloTHi:QUE universoUe des sciences, belles let- 
tres et arts. Agriculture. Genirve, 1810-29. 
Hv. 8° *r217.1 

— Littemture. Geneve, l«I0-:?5. GOv. 8' . . . *7218.1 

— Scieuces el arts. Geneve, 18U»-;Jo. 60v. 8" . *7219.I 

— Nouvelle serie. [Litterature et sciences.] 

Gen^ve, 18:i(M5. 69v. in 30. b** *7229.2 

— Quatrieme serie. [Litterature, sciences mor- 

ales et politiques.] T. 1-15, 22-30. Nouv. 
p^riode. T. 1-17. Geneve, 1840-03. 47v. 8' . *7238.1 

— Supplement. Electricity. T. 1-5; Archives des 

sciences physiijues et naturelles. T. 1-15, 22- 
36. Nouv. per. T, 1-17. Geneve, 1841-63. 

52v. in 44. 8° *7249. 1 

BiCHAT, M. F. X. Anatomic descriptive. Nouv. 

^d., rev. et corr. I'aris, 1829, 5v. 8" . . . 5744.1 

— Anatomie generate appliqiiee. Nouv. ed. par 

Beclard, augm. par F. Blaudin. Fans, 1830. 

4v. 8" 5744.2 

— Anatomie pathologique. Dernier cours. Avec 

une notice de B. par F. G. Boisseau. Paris, 

1825. 8" 3792.21 

— Reclierclies physiologiques sur la vie et la 

mort. 5e dd., rev. et augm. par F. Magendie. 
Paris, 1829, 8" 5744.3 

— Traite des membranes. Nuuv. ed., revTie et 

augm. de notes par 31. Blagendie. Paris, 
[1827J, 8= 3705.31 

BiCHENo, J. E. Inquiry into the nature of benev- 
olence, with a view to elucidate the poor 
laws. London, 1817. 8° 3570.7 

BiCKELL, K. The West Indies as they are; or a 
real picture of slavery : but more particularly 
as it exists in Jamaica. Loudon, 1825. 8°. 5572.25 

BiCKERSTAFF, I. See Bell. British theatre, v. 8, 

13, 21, 23 4170a. 1 

Cori/enM.— VoI.\TII. The maid ofthe mill, comic opera. 
XIII. Love in a villape, comic opvra. XXI. The school 
for falhers, or Lionel und Cluriasa, comic opera ; The 
hypocrite, com. altered from C. Cihber. XXIII. The 
plain dcaker, com. altered from W. Wycherly. 

— 5ee Collection of farces, V. 1, 2, 5, 2575.35 

Contents. — Vol. I. The sultan, or a peep into the 
seraglio. II. Thomas and Rally, or the sailor's return. 
V. Dr. Last in his chariot, translated from Moliere's 
Halade imaginaire ; He wou'd if he cou'd, or an old fool 
worsyhan any ; Daphne and Amintor, altered from the 
Oracle of Mons. St. Foix and Mrs. Cibber. VI. The 
Epheeian matron ; The absent mau ; The romp, altered 
from Love in the city ; The recruiting aerjeaut. 

— 5ec Jones. British theatre, v. I 4575.20 

Content*. — Love in a village ; The maid of the mill ; 
Lilonel and Clarissa. 

BiCKERSTETH, E. Chief concerns of man for time 

and eternity. Philadelphia, 1831. 8° . . . . 5447.1 

— The Christian hearer. 1st Am. from 2d. Lond. 

ed. Brooklield, Mass., 1829, 12° 5447.12 

— Memoir of. .S^'« liirks, T. R 2540.12 

BICK.EKSTETH, E. U. Kock of ages. Introduction 

by F. I). Uuutingtun. Boston, 1800. 12° . 5447.5 
BiCKERSTETH, 11., lord Laiif/dalt;, Memoirs of. 

See Hardy, T. D 2543.12 

BiCKHAM, \V. D. Rosecrans' campaign with the 
14th army corps, or the army of the Cumber- 
land. Cincinnati, 1863. 12'* 4328.8 

Shelf. No. 

BiDDlTLPii, T. T. Sermons on fiinerals of the prin- 
cess Charlotte of Wales, queen Cliarlotte, 
and George in. Bristol, IH'jn. 8° . . . . *Pph.v,332 

BiDPAl, or Pili)ay. Anvar-i Sulmili, tiv the lights of 
('anopus; the*' KalihUiniul l):iiiiiuili." Trans- 
lated by E. It. Eastwick. Maitrurd, 1855. 1.8'. 3022.17 

— - Same-. [Persian Ms. J sm.f° B.131.4 

BiEDERMANN, C. Geschiclite des ersten preussis- 

chen Reichstags. Leipzig, 1847. 8° . . . . 4210.7 

— Vorlesungen iiber Sozialisnius und soziale Fra- 

gen. Leipzig, 1847. 10" 35G8.26 

BiENER, F. A. Abhandlungen auf demGebieteder 
Rechtsgescliiclite. Leiiazig, 1840-48. 2v. in 
1. H" 4280.6 

— Das englische Geschworuengericht. Leipzig, 

1852-55. 3v. in 1. 8° 4304.7 

BiERNvVTSKi, J. C. The halHg : or, sheepfold in the 

waters. A tale of tSchleswig. Translated by 

Mrs. G. P. Marsh. Boston, 1857. 12' . . . 2878.9 
BiESE, F. Die Pliilosophie des Aristoteh'S. Berlin, 

1835-42. 2v. 8" B. 103.5 

BifeVRE, M. de. Le sdducteur, com^die. [Thiiutre 

fran9ai8,v.42J 4708.1 

BiGELOW, A. Ceremonies at the dedication of 

the Bigelow monument, Worcester, Mass., 

April 19, 1801. Boston, 1861, pp. 37, 8° . . 4355.6 

— Sermon before S. T. Armstrong, lieut. govern- 

or, etc., at the annual election, Jan. 6, 183G, 

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shelf. No. 

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Shelf. No. 

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See al^o: America. Apostles, Architects," Artists, Aus- 
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Shelf. No. 

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.Sholf. No. 
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plan of pacification. Baltimore, 1864. 8°.. 4310a. 01 




Shelf. No. 
Bl.\ir, M., continue/i. 

— Speech at Rockville. Bid., on the revohitionary 

schemes: of the ultra abolitionists, etc. New 

York, 18f.Vt. S" -iSlOa-Gl 

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Xote. — One of a series "prepared for S. R.Gooilrieh," 
but not properly attributiible to Julin Blair, the cliro- 
nolo^st, as was probably iutendetl in tlic title above. 

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30. 12° B.170b.n 

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LHlHi. H' 3745.3-1 

_ l)esd«-nt». Paris, 18.30. 4" 3804.2b 

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luiids. V. 1. Situg<-lhiere. Brauuschweig, 

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Shelf. No. 

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tian jiurity. 

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Blol'nt. \V., Bi'port ot etuuuiitlee of the Urmse, 

appointed to prepare arllcles of impeachment 
aguIiiHt. See United States, 6th CougrcsH, 2d 
fteaslon •C.128.12 




siu-lf. So. 

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AVost AYasliinrrton market, City of Now 
York rs. Taylor and Un-nnau. \Vitli the 
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Conferas. — Vol. I. Prefnzinne ; Til« di Boconccio scritta 
dff FilippoViUttni; Vita di B.scritta dal cav.Tirabo»chi. 
I-IV. Deonmeron. IV. VitadiUanteAligrhieripernics- 
sur O. Boccaccio; Lettere. 

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iniL 8int, etc. Ueidelbergs, 1808. S^ . . . . **4955.3 

Shelf. No. 

BocKH, A., continued. 

— In Platonis qui vulgo fertur !Minoem ojusdom- 

que libros priores de legibus comni<'nt. llalis 

Saxonum, 1806. 8° **300S.7 

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Ein litterarisches Magazin der deutsehen und 
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nuperreperti. CeUis,1834. 2v. S°.**291 1.0, and 0072.8 

Contents. — Vol. 1. Uypnus, Lnctantius PlACidus, Le- 
oiilius; Commentarii in niytliopini'hos; II. Juiiloria 
pUitosophi descriptio totius orbis. 

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Milano, 1818. 8° 3800.28 

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1580. 4' *0090.12 

— De magorum dxmonomania, sen detestando 

cum ff atana commercio. Ace. J. Viei-i opinio- 

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tanique, et physiologic de Scaudinavie. 

[France. Commission scientiiique du»Nord. 

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brauche, Weisen und Gewohnheiten. Mit 

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[v. 1,2]. Gottiugse, 1741-45. 7v. 16° . . . *5719a.l 

CotUents. — Vol. 1. Chylificatio. II. Arttria, cor, pul- 
mo, aanguia, glandula, cerebrum. III. Lien, liepar, 
renos, musculi, cutis, nutritio. IV. Scnsus extend, 
scnsus interni, somnus. V. Rcspirntio, loquela, Bcmen 
niascalinum. VI. Menstrua, conceptus. VII. Patho- 
lo^a, semeiotice, hygiene, therapeutico ; Index. 

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ralis. Berolini, 1854. pp.66. 8" B.170a.l00 

BoETHius, A. M. T. S. Delia consolazione volgariz- 
zato da maestro Alberto, co' motti de' tilosoti 
ed un'orazione di Tullio, volgarizzamento di 
Brunetto Latini. Firenze, 1735. 8' . . , . 2807.17 

— King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon vei-sion of De con- 

solatione philosophia; : with English trans- 
lation, etc., by S. Fox. [And the Anglo- 
Saxon version of the metres of Boetliius, 
with translation, by M. F. Tupper.] London, 
1804. 8' 2927.0 

— La consolacion de la filosofia. See Villegas, 

E. M. de 3105.3 

— Consolation de la philosophic. [Buchon. Choix 

d'ouvrages mystiques] C080.8 




Sbelf. No. 
BoETHirs, A. ir. T. S., continued. 

— Communis speculatio de rhctoricie cogimtiono ; 

Locorum rhetoricorum distinctlo. [Mai. 

Class, auct, V.3] B.172.3 

— Intorno al luogo del suppUzio di. See Bosi- 

sio, G 4750.15 

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1S34. 12° 4G89.23 

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Koiis, F 4900.50 

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and English.] Boston, 1851. IS' 2379.33 

— - Same. 2d cd. Boston, 1851. 12° . . ,' . . 2379.32 

— Beport of lahors among German emigrants, 

1n53, 54. Kew York, n. d. pp. 8. [No title- 
page.] 8° B.170.2e 

BoGGio, P. C. Avanti o indietro? xii anni d^asso- 

lutismo, X auui di Ubertii. Torino, 1858. 8°. 4713.8 

— Fra un mese. 4a ed. con giunte. Torino, 1859. 

pp. W. p.S' 471S.11 

BoHEM I A . Hisiori/. 

— Dalimil. Chronic von Boh men v. 48 of 4235.1 

— Dobrowskj', J. Versuche die iiltere bohmiselie 

Geschichte von spiitern Erdiclitungon zu rei- 

nigcn 4254.7 

— GescMchte des Kelcbs in Bohmen. See Bey- 

triige B.lfiOa.83 

— GUlett, E, H. Bohemian reformation of the 

15th century 3555.11 

— Goldast, M. De rcgui Bohemia; juribus ac 

privilegiis 4250.7 


— Dobrowsky, J. Deutsclibohmisches Worter- 

buch 4113.9 

— - Lehrgebiiude der bijhmischen Sprache . . .4124.3,4 

— - Yergleichung der biihmischen und russi- 

schen Sprache 4125-7 

— Friihlich, R. A. I.eitfaden die bohmische 

S])rache eigen zu machen 3034.37 

— Jordan, J. P. Taschenwtirterbuch der bohmi- 

schen und demschen Sprache 4119.19,20 

— Konei^nJ, J. N. Vollstiindiges Taschen-Wiir- 

terbuch der cechoslawischen uud dentschcn 
Spr.iclic 2884.19 

— Palkowitsch, G. Bohmisch-deutsch-lateini- 

schetJ ■\Torterbuch 4114.4 

— Schafnrik, P. J. Elemcnte der altbijhmischen 

Grammatik 4123.4 

— Tham, C. I. Bohmi^ch-deutsches Nazional- 

Ifxikon 4114.12 

— - Bohmisch-deutselies Taschenwortcrbuch . . 2884.21 

— Tomsa, F. J. Worterbuch derbOlimisch-dcutsch- 

uiid lateiuischen Sjiraclie 488G.1 

— AVcijtiHek, V. A. .Scliliissel zur Erlernung der 

bohmischen Sprache 2889.14 


— Dobrowsky, J. Geschiclite der biihmischon 

Sprache und Lileratur 4119.15 

— Maly Vj^bor /, Veskere literatury Ceski^ . . . . 4'^*:1.15 

— Woltniann.C.v. NeueVolkssageu der Bohmen. 4224. 2(i 
Bi'iHLiIe Fiiber, J, N. Floresta de rhnas antiguas 

cai^teUanuH. Hamburgo, 1821-25. 3v. 8° . M24C.10 

— Teatro efpanol anterior A L(»pe de Vega. 

Ilomburgo, 1832. 8° 4240.10 

Conttnu. — V.n<i\nn., J. ilcl, EgloRft di* In noclio do 
NnvldnrI; I,n pnikloii y nmertr il<r ni]f>Nfro ItorlnntLr; I.« 
nurlM- jioBlrnm do Ciininl! KI i-«ru»lortt torniirlo imnlor; 
\.n% iiiutoroi vurllos Tmlnrl.|fo«. Im» (rrandod lluvln* j 
Vkuiihi, fill, Auto <li-l Nui'ltniiTtito; Loh ri.'yr» mnifofl ; 
CB«nnilriii I.w riintro II>iii|ion: Kbcvihi do Rulionn; 
Compdla del vliidoj t'li \\a»o dri triumf.i dol Invlonio; 
I>t> Ion fliitv'iii; Ton-M Nnhnirn, B., Inionnn; .Inrtnlni 
CalARtllA; A)|IiMbiia: lluodn, I., do, KiHVinlu ; Aniio- 
Hfin; I.'»« •■ntfiifiit"; Midi.rn; Atjnniun i)ii»o«di:loolo(|nlo 
it«i Tliiiljrlit; tuliKjulu do Cninlla, 

BOIIMCN, V. V. I 111 roducl Ion to the book of GcneolH, 
with ft commentary. From tlie German. 
I<kli(edby.l. JleywuuU. Ix>ndon, lH/i5. 2v. b*. 0027.1 

sin- If. No. 
BoiiLEy, 1*. v., continued. 

— Die Genesis erlaiitert. Sec Bible. Single books 

of the Old Testament OOiS.O 

BoHME, Bohm, or Behmen, Jakob. Sammtliche 
■\Verke, herausgegeben von K. ^V". Schieblcr. 
Leipzig, 1831-47. 7v.inO. 8* *0097.5 

Conicnts. — Vol. I. DerWep zuClirieto in soclis Bilch- 
Icin; AurorA oder Morgcnrothc im Aufgang. 11. Do 
tribus priucipiis, oder BcscUrcibung der drci Princi])ieii 
giillHcIieii Wosene. III. Vera dreifnclien Lobcii dc9 
Mcnsclien ; Von der Geburt und Bezciclinung ftHcr 
Wesen; Vender Gnadcnwahl. IV. Mystcriuin lun^r- 
num, Oder Erkliiruiig iibcr das erste Bticti MosU. V. 
Psychologin VL*ra ; rsycholo^rc suppl omentum, da» 
umgcwaudte Augc; De incamatioDe verbi; Sex puncta 
ilieosopliicn; Sex puncta mysticn ; Mysterium pnnso- 
pbiciim; Dc qnatuor complcxionibus; Tlieoscopin; Do 
Tcstanicntis Christi; Gespriich cincr crleucliteten und 
unerlu'uclitotcn Socle; Tlieosophisclie l^agon; Tafeln 
von den drei Principicn gottlicher Oflenburunp : SchlUs- 
Bcl. VI, Libri apologetic!; Apulu^ia l contra Ballh. 
Tilken, Oder die ersto Scbutzsclirift, ec.; Apologia II 
contra Ballli. Tilken, oder die zweilc Schutzscbrift, ce. ; 
Auli-Stiefelius t, Bedenken tibcr Esaia Stiefel'e Bucb- 
Icin; Anti-Stiefeliua Ii, vom Irrtbum der Sectcn Esui& 
Stiefel's ; Apologia contra Gregoriuni Rielitcr ; JmUcium 
Grrgorii Kit-btcri, etc. ; Siitor Antiebristus; rropcmpti- 
cums. concomitati\'um; Ad judicantcui judicem Prima- 
rinni ;T.ibellusapolopeticus, schrifllieheVernnUvortung, 
CO. wider des Primarii Liisterung, Liigcn uiid Verfol- 
giing, ec. ; Infonnatorium I, novissimonim, Infonnato- 
riuni II, iiiivihsimururo ; Epistobi' IbcosopbictB. 

— Four tables of DiHne revelation. London, 

1(154. pp.22. f° *00S0.7 

— Mystenum magnum, or an exposition of the " 

tirst book of Jloses, called Genesis. London, 

105(5. f" *0OS0.7 

— The way to Christ discovered and described. 

Also, The lour complexions. Bath, 1775. 12°. 5440.31 

— Extracts frum The way to Christ. See Impor- 

tJiiit truths 5440.34 

— Life. See Ilotham, D * 0080.7 

BdHiME,orBoehme, Johann. Suevia. [Goldast. Re- 
rum Suevicarum scriptores aljqui>t veleres] . 4250.12 

BbioiE, J. G. De commerciorum ai»ud Germanos 

initiis. [Diss.acftd.] Lipsia>, 1751. pp.22. 4°. 41(52.14 

BbiiJiKit, F. l)e ivre episcoporvm innovandi fvnda- 
tionesecclesiasticas. [Diss.acad.j Gottingie, 
1784. pp.38. 4* 4295.22 

BoiiMKK, G. L. Principia ivris cauonici qvod per 
Germnninm obtiuct. Ed, septimara cvr. C. T. 
* G. Schociu'inann. Gottiugae, 1KI2. 8" . . . 4293.17 

BoHMER, G. ^V■ Grundriss des protestantischen 

Kircheurechts. Goltingen, 1780. sm.8* . , 4292.5 

BoiiMKK, .!. II. Entwurf des Kirchen-Staats derer 
dreyersten Jahr-hunderl. Beygcfiiget cines 
anonymi Tractat [an (U'luselbeii Subjccl] aiis 
dem Englischen iiberf^etzet. Halle, 1733. 
sm.S* 0059a. 10 

A'otc. — Perhaps tho KngliBh trrnticn in tbnt of I-'rnnois 
Broktfsby: HUtor>' of tlio fcovornnicnt uf tbo prhnitivo 
cliiirch for the flrat throe CDnturlen. London, 1712. 8". 

— Inatitvtlones ivris canonic!. ITala; Mngdebvr- 

gica\ 1700. 8° 4293.14 

— Ivs ecclesiosticum jirotestantivm ivxlii scrieni 

dccretalium. [Etj Indices generules red. 
C. A.Bohmer. V. 1-3. f.a ed. Ilahc Mag- 
deljurgiea-. 17.'iO-71. Ov. 4" *4302.5 

— Ivsi)arufliiMle. I[:ila' i\lMgdel).,i:21. 4". 4295.23 

— Dissertatio de legiiinmfioue ex danmato coitv 

nalorvm. [Heinecuius. Ut>citatione8, etc., 

v. 1] 4292.0 

BdiiN, H. (J. lUhllographical jurounl of the -works 
of Shnkcspeare. n.p., ii.d. 12*. [From bis 
erJiliou of Lowndes, with additioiiMj .... 2153. S 

— Standard library atlas of elasi^lcal geography. 

With [an] index giviiig the hitilude and longi- 
tude. London, isOl. l.H° *22S1.4 

— On the artists of the prewent day. S're Jack- 

son, .7 40(i3.2fi 

itoilN, J. G. Waarenlnger, welcher die I'rodukten- 

U. Waurenkundeenlhalt. liambnrg, 17N^. 8". 6083.5 




Shelf. No. 

BoiARDo, M. 31. Oilamlo inmimopnto, rifnttn da 
F. Berni, [cnlln vita <Ii ISitiu ilu (J, M. Maz- 
zuchelli]. .Miliiiiu, IHH".. -iv. s". [Clawsici 
italiani, V. 4.V4S] 'MSOa.? 

— T-'Orhimlo iniuum)rnto, ritutto dii F. IJt'rni. 

Fii-ojize, lS',*r. '..'•1'' 2809.23 

— Ciinzone. [(.iiroiii. Kaa-oltiidi liiici italiani]. 480tf.8 

— and Ariosto, L. Orlaiulo iniuiinomto [and] 

Orlrtiido furiusn ; with an essay, incnioirs 
and notes by A. Panizzi. London, 18:h>-:jK 
yv. 8° *420S.10 

fo}itfnta. — Vol. I. EcMtiT on tlio ntniiintic nnmitiv© 
poctpy of tho ItnliiW!!. II. Lif<-of Hojnr.Io. II-V. Or- 
lamlo innaniornto. IV. Lifv of AHosto; Uililiutn^phicnl 
notices of vditioiiH ortlio Urlando ftirioso ]irlntcd boforo 
UULI. VI-IX. Orlttiiilo ftirioso. 

BoiLEAlT-DESpnftAiTx, N, Bolffianft. See Moii- 

cliesnay, J. de L de 4695.7 

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V. 3} 4261.2 

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icnine ct dos natioiialitt'S en Europe. Paris, 
18C2. 8" 4323.11 

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ou la Constance oprouv^e, tragl-comedie. See 
Fournel, l-\ V 469G.13 

BoissARi), J. .1. Kmbleniata ab auctore delineata, 

aT. deBry ynilpta. Frnncofurti, 1593. sm.4°.*4153.I2 

— Theatrum vitie Imniana? a Tlieodoro Bryioillus- 

tratum. Brediomatrici, [ISW]. sm.4° . . .*4153.12 

— Beschreibunft dt-r Stadt Kora. [Blerian. Topo- 

graphla, v. in) 4261.3 

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regiis. Parisiis, 1821J-33. 5v. 8° ♦B.161.3 

A'ote. — For contents in Greek, see Engflninnn : " Bib- 
liothcca clrutsiconim Acrijjtorum." Fur l1i(.< same in 
French, see vo!. 1 of BoiESonadv's critique Uttvvftire^ etc. 

— Critique litteraire aous le premier empire. Pub. 

par F. Colincanip. Notice sur B. par Naudet. 

Paris, 18G3. 2v. S" 4703.13 

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en deux aetos. Nouv. ed. Bordeaux, 1799. 
pp.47, b". [I*i(ices choisies, V, 2] *26C4.12 

— Le babiUard ; Le rran9ais a Londrea; Les 

dehors trompeurn, ou L'homme du jour; 
L'^poux par supercherie; Le sage ^tourdi. 

[Theatre frangais, v. 31] 4708.1 

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man Inntjuage. Philadelphia, 1832. 12". , 4889.5 

— Stranger's gift. Boston, 1836. 12" 2397.20 

Bolivia. Voyage dans I'Amerique du Sud. Gran- 

didier, E 2365.18 

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public affairs, considered. London, 1700. 4°. 3561,18 

— [Importance and advantage of Cape Breton.] 

London, 1740. 8^ [Imperfect.] 4362.22 

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Dusenbery, B. M 2.347.25 

BOLLES, L. Discourse before the members of the 

Salem female charitable society, Sept. 27, 

1810. Salem, 1810. b' 6088.151 

— Discourse at the funeral of. .See Sharp, D. . . 5440a. 52 
BoLLEA'iLLE, Li' jjrirur fit', pseud. See Simon, K. 
BoLLEY, P. A. Handbnch der technisch-clieni- 

ischeu Untersucbungen. tite AuH. Leipzig, 

1861. 8' 5972,3 

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Philadelphia, 1S31. 18' 4689.19 

— Genders of French nouns. Philadelphia, 1831. 

pp.15. 12' 4689.9 

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Messico. [Marniocchl. Viaggi, v. 5j . . . . 2275.1 
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essays. London, 1750. 12" *Pph.v.371 

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etc. SeeJudd, S 2356.33 

Shelf. No. 

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Berlin, 1K'>2. 2v. inJ. sulS** *4124.6 

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[Poleui. Utrinsque tlies. aiiliq. snpp., v. :.]. 2*.)70.7 

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iibersetzt nebst einer Cieschichte dor schwe- 
dischen I'oesie. Biickeburg, 1853. !S° . . . **2S75.9 

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Draguignan, 1857. pp.23, S" 4003.13 

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Chemiu dii ciel. [Buchon. Choixd'ouvrages 
niystu]ues] 60S0.8 

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[Vicq-d'Azyr. (Euvres, v. 3] 3720.11 

BoNANNi e Colonna, G. Syracusarum antiquaiiim 
illustratarum libri duo. Latin6 vertit S. 
Havercanipus. [Graevius. Thes. antiq, Ital., 
T. 10, V. 11] 4710.1 

Bonaparte, J. N., and JIfme. E. Patterson, vs. 
ihejyrince Napoleon, (N.J. C. P. Bonaparte). 
Appel du tribunal de Ire instance de la Seine. 
Expose des fails. Succession de S. A. I. le 
prince Jerome. [Baltimore, 1861.] 8" . . . 2641.6 

Bonaparte, L. L. Langue basque et laugues fin- 
noises. Londres, 1802. pp. 54. 4° 2951.6 

Bonaparte family, Geuealogia della famiglia Bon- 
aparte, ^ee Sanfrauco, L, Capello di ... 2642.21 

— Sur les origines des Bonaparte. Stefani, 2642.19 

See also: Buonnparto, J. 

BONAVENTURA, St., G. di Fidanza. Opuscnla theo- 

logica. ■ Venetiis, 161*1. 2v. in 1. t" . , . , *6(H0.8 

Conte)ils. — Isagoge in Sacras .Scripturns; Ecclesio 
luniinnria in Genv-iim; In quntuor lihron Hentcntiarum, 
nvetrice; De reduclione artJuin ad tlivolu^am; Brenilo- 
quium; Centiloquitun; Do tribuB ternarijs peccatomm; 
De gradiljus %-irtutura; Confeestoiiale; Do irregularita- 
titjuit et dispcnsationibUB; Do rationo conflteudi peccata 
ct de piiritato conacientiai; Phnrctrfr, libri quatuor; Do 
aeptcni donls Spiritus Sancti; In regulam Fratmm SIl- 
norum ; In dnbia qtutdam ciusdem rc^uloi j Quaro Fra^ 
trcs MinoreB pra^dicent, et confo^utonoe audiant; Do 
paupertate ChrisU; Quod Christus ct apostoli nudis 
pcdibus iucosscrint; Apologia cvangclicrc panportatis; 
Do Don frequcntAndis quiestuhus, canendisqne discur- 
eibus; De refomiandis fratribus; De contcmptu ssccuU; 
Excrcitiorum spiritualinm libutluii; S. Bonauentuno 
canonizatio ; Speculum discijilinfC ; De triplici stata 
rcligiosorum; In regulam nouitiorum; DercformatioDo 
rnciitia; Do processu religiouis; Dc pcrfectiono vitsc; 
Stimulns amoris; Speculum animie ; DIeta salutis; Do 
resurrectiono a peccato ; De iiiBtitutiooe vitffi Chnstionce j 
Dc reglmlne aiiimic ; Contra Franciscana; rcgula; calum- 
niatorciu quondam ionominatum; InoratioiifrnDouiini- 
cam libellus ; De laudibuB Virgiiii3,3ivo epoculo Virginia ; 
Do prfeparatione ad missam; In raalterlum beatai Vir- 
ginis; Dc corona beatce Marire Virpiuis; Oflicinm depaa- 
Blonc Dominica ; De compasslone beatic Virginis; In Sa- 
Idc Reglna carmioa ; In sacrie missn; myetcria ; Laudea 
cruois; Dc qimtuor meutalibus e^Lercifii^; Itinerarium 
mentis in Deum; Incendium amoris; Do scptcui itine- 
ribua fcternitatia; De quatuor virtutibua cardinalibus ; 
Collutiones nionastlcie ad fratrcs ; In cos qui oi'dini Mi- 
Tiurum uduersantur; Alphabetum aplritualu reUgioso-. 
mm ; Mystiea theologia ; Fascicularius do cxcrcitiis spir-. 
itUfvUbu»; Do eroendatiouo passioiiis Christj; Do pugna 
spiiituali contra scptem vitia capilalia; De septem gra- 
dlbus euntemplationis; De quinque festluitalibua pueri 
leAu; Ue ecclesiastica bicrarchla; De mcditatiunc vitae 
Domini; Opii^i contemplationis, metncus libellus; Do 
Scptcm verbis Domini in cruce, nielrice; Philomena, 
traotatofi ni'-tricus de passione Domini ; Dc laudibus 
bcntm Mnriir Vir^nis in salutationem angelicam car- 
nicn; PHRlterium niintts beateo J^Iariic Virginis; De 
decIaraLionibus tenniuorum thcologicorum ; Amatorium 
doChristi amore; De decern prn;cei)ti8 Doininicis; Lig- 
num vitffi ; De sex ali.s Chcrubin ; De sex alis Scrnphio. 

— Speculum bcate Marie virginLs. August^e, 

Anthony Sorg, 147G. 48 leaves, f - . . . *5451.8 

Note. — This volorao la in Gothic type, having 39 and 
40 lines on a pnge. It hna no pagioation, signalurcfl, or 

— Vita. See Francis^, o/ 4ssiai, St. 








■1799a. 2 

Bond, E. A. Speeches of tlie nmnagpis iiurt counsel 
In the trial of Waireu U.isliugs. London, 
1859, 60. 3t. 8° 

Conlents. — yol. I. E. Burke. C. J. Fox, C. Gruy, J. 
Ansmilher, W. Adam, T. Pelham, R. B. Shcridnn. II. 
E. Burke. J. Anstruther, C. .1. Fox, A. St. Johu, Sir 
J. Etskinc St. Clair. W. Hii»tiii|r8, E. L«iv, T. Plumcr. 
UI. R. Dnllns, E. Law. T. Plumcr. 

Bond, G. P. Account of Donatl's comet of 18i5S. 
Cambridse, l.<.i.S. pp. 33. Froni the mathe- 
matical monthly, Nov., 1858. 8° 

— Account of the great comet of 1858. See Cam- 

bridge, Mass. Harvard College. AnnaJs of 

the astronomical observatory, v. 3 E.114.G 

Bond, Thomas. Pedigree of the family of Bond, of 

the isle of Pnrbeck. London, 1S5.S. pp. 12. f °.*24.M.2 
Bond, Thomas E. Medical science as connected 

with the study of dental surgery. 3d ed. 

Philadeljihia, l.SliS. 8° 

Bondi, C. Poesie. Firenze, ISOS. 2v. 18°. [Par- 

naso degl' Ital. viventi, v. 11, 12] . . . 

Cttnlcnls. — Vol.1. La Giomata villereccia ; Sonetti 
dtvemi ; Anucreonlichc ; Canzoni ; I.e conversazioni. U. 
La folicita; La moda; Descrizlono d'uu breve viappio 
da Padova u Milano ; La tcmpi-ratura di penna ; La- 
mento pastorale ; La grotta di Vado ; L'nmbusciata in 
occasione d'lnfreddaturn ; L'inccndio; Al sic- Manin, 
dopo il suo Re^pimcnto di Padova ; 11 sepolcro. in 
morte dclla principessn della Rocella ; Nell' aboUziono 
dei Gosuiti; Cantute; Congedo alia giovcntiit. 

Bones. Flourens, M. .J. P. ThtSorie e.xp(!rimentale 

de hi formation des os 3763.1 

— Gluge, G. Sur la structure anormnlc des os . 3700.31 
'Wagner, A. Kcpnir after the extirpation of . 

BoNFADIO, J. Aunaliuni Genuensiuin, ab anno 
MDXXVIII usque ad luinum mdl libri V. 
[Gravius. Tlies. antiii. Ital., T. 1, p. 2] . . 

BcjNGHi, R. Camillo Benso di Cavoiir. 2a ed. 
Torino, 1861. 16° 

BONI, F. de. La congiura di Koma e Pio IX. Ed 
2a. Losanna, 1818. 12° 

BoNiKAi-ii), ISaldassare. Historia ludicra, jucuiida 
erudilione referta. Ed. nova. Bru.xellac, 
1056. 4° •4152.0 

— De archivis liber singnlaris. [Poleui. L'tri- 

usque tiles, antiij. supp., v. 1] 2970.7 

— De majorihus comitiis et judiciis capitalibus 

Venetonim. [Graivlus. Tlies. aiitiq. Ital., 

T.5,p. 1] 4710.1 

Bonifacio, Bertolino,or Bartolommco di Bonifacio. 

Sec Bartolommco. 
I!o.viF.\ciL's, St., arcMdshop of MnUz. Ars gram-. 

niatica. [Mai. Class, auct., v. 7] B.172.3 

EpistolaiCLI. [,v.l3].B.110.2 

— Legenda libris duobus. [Mencke. .Script. 

Germ., v. 11 4201.2 

— Sermoiies quiiidecim, [Martene. Vet. script., 

V. 9] 

— Statuta qua'dam. [Acht'Ty. Spicileglum, v. 9] 

— Olhloni libri duo de vila .<. Bonifacii. [Canis- 

iuH. Thesaurus, V. 3, p. 1] 

— Saucti Willibuldi lilur de vita S. Bonifacii 

[Cauisius. 'I'hesaurua, v. 2, p. 1] 








Kou. — The original name of St. Boniface was Win- 
frld. llo belonged to Devonshire. 

BoNiFACH'S VIII, pope, [Benedetto Gaetano]. 
[Liber] eextus decretalium una cum iippn- 
rutu dfil Joiiuls undree. n. p., u. d. f°. . *42'.H).5 

Nolt. — Oolhlc eliaractcr, 1! columns, (W lines, M»i 
leaves, without Indlcaliotl of place, year, or printer. 

— GiKChlclili' lionifoclus des aclitcn. Sec Dru- 

munn, C. W 0000.7 

BONITZ, H. Obsen'atloneH crilic.T in Arl«toteH« 
llbroK nietai)hyflcoH. jl)i»s. ncnd.] Berlin, 

IM2. pp. 24. V n.lOfl..'iO 

Bonn, liaMHkademlMclifKundtiiiiiBeinnzu.'Wclckcr, 

■K.G 4077.27 

BoNNAiiiK de ProiivtIh\ Pduvolr Ii'glttlatlf nous 

CharlemngMc. Brunnwlck, I8<J0. 2v. 8" . . 4187.10 

BoXNEi'iloSK, F. P. fe. Boisnorniaud de. Geogra- 
phie iihysiqne, liisttnique et politique de la 
France. I'aris, 1847. 8° 4180.5 

— Eefurniers before the reformation, — Huss and 

the council of Constance. Translated by C. 

JIackenzie. New York, 1844. 8° 6088.175 

BoNXEFOux, P. M. ,T. de. Nouvelles sOances nau- 

tiques, on traite f^lementaii'e du vaisseau dans 

le port. I'aris, 1827. 8° 3952.32 ' 

BoNNELL, .J., Life of. .S't'c Uamilton, W 2547.31 

BONNEU, J. Bee-master's companiua and assistant. 

Berwick, 1789. 16° 4004.21 

— New plan for increasing the number of bee- 

hives in Scotland. Edinburgh, 1795. 8° . . 3895.12 
Bonnet, C. Interesting views of Christianity. 

London, 1787. 12° 3434.28 

— - Same. Sec Boston, Benevolent associations. 

Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 

etc. Religious tracts, v. 4 5459.0 

BoNNEVAL, C. A. de. Memoires [supposes]. Nouv. 
cMition, avec des notes historitiues par il. 
Guyot Desherbiers. Paris, 1806. 2v. 8°,. 2056.11 

Bonneville, B. L. E. Adventures in the Rocky 

mountains. See Irving, W 2306.19 

BONNISEL, J. Plan de la ville et faubourgs dc Pa- 
ris. Paris, 1S15. Folded 12° 2634.25 

BoNOjii, J. Antiquities from the British museum, 

,9ee Arundale, F 3051.31 

BoNORA, G. ilonumeuta historica ad provincias 
Parmensem et Placentiain pertiuentia. [Par- 
ma and Placenza. Societas luouumeutis 
patriae edendis, V, 6] 4721,1 

BoNTit's, J. Uistorije natnralis et niedicse ludiie 

Oricntalis libri sex. See Hso, W 5820.4 

Book, The, and its missions. Ranyard, L. N. , , 7418,1 

Book, The, of costume; or, aimals of fashion. By 

a lady of rank. New ed. Loudon, 1847. .8°. 2230.10 

Book, The, of famiharqiiotations. 2d ed. London, 

1860. 10° 4586,26 

Book, The, of indictments, informations, appeals, 

and inquisitions. Loudon, 1080. sm.8° . . . *4292.8 

Book, The, of the inspired British prophet of the 
seventeenth century. [First published in 
1649.] Part 1. Li\t"rpool, 1S42. pp. 28. 12°. MIflS.S 

Bookbinding. Lareliuredeslivres. IVignot, fe.G. 2115.17 

UooK-F.\iR. .Sul desiderio di una fiera librarja in 
Italia. Pomba, G 

BooK-HUNTER, Tlie. liurlon, .!. IT 

BooK-KEEriNG. Dilworth, T. Young book-keep- 
er's assistant 

— Hutton, C. Complete treatise on 

— Leonard, tJ. Two methods of 

— Mair, .1. Book-keeping methodiz'd 

— - Book-keeping inodeniisetl 

— Turner, R. Introduction to 

Books. Lacour, L. Annuaire du bibliophile , , 

— Sahleu, W. De libris, varioqne etu'um usu , , 

— Simeon,.!. Lecture on 

— Valiero, A, De cautione adliibenda in edendis 


Books and reading: a lecture. Alkinson, W. P, . 
Booth. A. Rt-igu of grace. With a memoir of his 

hfe, etc. Philadelphia, n. d. 12° 

Booth, 11. Account of the Liverpool and Mnnclii'S- 

ter railwtiy. Liverpool, IKIO. 8° 

Booth, .lolin. ICpignnns, ancient and modern. 

Londiin, 180:1. 16° 

Booth, .John ('., and lliilliert, E. .1. Blap of the 

mineral district of Lake Superior, 51 Ichigan. 

New York, INiS. [Size, 4.1x6,5 feet; scale, 2 

miles to 1 Inch.) Fi>ldeil 1.1° 

Borf, !•'. .\usfillirlicln's LelirgehiiudederSanskrita- 

.spraclu'. llerlin, 1827. 4° 

— Vergleichentle (iraniiuatik der Sanskrit, Send, 

Armeuisclien,(irleclilschen, Lateinischen, Li- 
taiiischeii, Altslavlschen, (iolliischen und 
Di'Ulschen. 2leAusg. Berlin, IWir-61. :iv. 8°. 
Boil, nr liiirri, I". C. 1 itnspiongk, Begin, en Ver- 
volgh tier nederlandsche Oorlngen. Amster- 
dam, 1079-84. 4v. f°. [lUack-letter] . , , 













Shelf. Ko. 

BoKCit, or Uorrii'hius, O. Aninpria vindieata, Arc- 
t08 piillafa, Art-tns respiratis, Carniina vnria. 
[Uosfgaurd. lU-Hcia' jioctaruni Danoruni] . 4','2'.hi.ll) 

BouiiAs-Di:M()rT.ix,.1. 11., and lluot, F. Essais sur 

la rOlbriru' oatluilii|iii'. I'llris, 1.%!). K' . . (11(18. '.ia 

— Lfs ]>i>a\'oirs cimsIitiilitV dc l\!. I'aris, 

ISM. 8° 6(]( 

B0RDK1.0N, L. MoIR-re comi'diiu mix Chaivips 

]feli.sO('s. Nolivflk- alU''goriij[(e, i?te. Ainslcr- 

doiii, l(lil7. sin.r.;'' •»4695.20 

BoKDKN, N. U. AddiisB lit the last regalar meet- 
ing of tlio lioard of aUU-viin'U of Fall Uiver, 

April, 1X58. Fall Kivcr, 1858. 8° 6087.47 

BoRDKK riifliaii code In Kniisaji; Toombs' Kansas 

bill ilissfolcd.i-lc. [New York, 1*5(;.] pp. 111. 

(No lillc-paKi'.l 8° 

B(>Ri)ONi, A. Delle divisc di'i campi e delle cam- 

pngnc. Milano, IJCM. 8° 392(3.27 

Boitr.iiESK, (;. C. Talbot. Life of the princess 

liorghese. ,s'e<' .Scherer, T 2546.20 

BoRc.iiKKl, U. Lettere. I'adova, 1578. sm.4° . .Haou.ll 
BoUGHiNi, U. 11 rijioso [Trattato della pittnra, ec.]. 

Stilauo, 1807. 3y. 8°. [Classiei italiaui, v. 

145-147] *»4S05.5 

BoBGHiNi, V. Discorsi eon le annotazioni di I). M. 

3Ianni. Milano, 1808, 9. 4v. 8°. [Classic! 

italiaui, v. 148-151] **4805.(i 

BoRGi.v, C. Vita. See Leti, G 2749.31 

BORGSET, C. J. A. IMiilippe ll et la Belgiijue. 

Resumt' politiijue de la rt^-volutiou beige 1555- 

98. [No title-page.] 4° B.I90.4 

BoRGOXZoxi Martelli, M. 11 ritorno di Ulisse in 

Itaca. Componimento drammatico. Lisbona, 

1774. pp.31. sm.S°. [Dr.iumii varie, V. 1] .♦4799.17 
BoRlE.s, J. Texte e.xplicatif au rompfji. See 

Koux, H 2751. (i 

BoRJA y Esquilache, F. Romances. [Quintana. 

Paruaso cspanol, v. 4] 3104.19 

BoRXE, L. Gesatnnielte .Scbrifteu. Neue Aus- 

gabe. Hamburg, 18(12. 12v. 10° 2867.9 

— ijber L. Borne, [lleiue. iSJimmtliche Werke, 

V. 12] 2867.10 

BoRNEMANN, J. W. J. Plattdeutsche Gediehte. 

ate Ausg. Berlin, 1816. .sm.8° 2875.16 

Borneo, Travels in northern. .St. John, S 3040.10 

BoRK.v, or Borri, L. Ij'jiuiorose rime. Milano, 

1543. 66 leaves. 8" *4798. 12 

BoRRO, C. Historie van eene nieuvve Seyndinghe 
tn't Ryck van Cocincina. Verduytscht door J. 
Susius. Loveu, 1632. sm.8° • *4249a.8 

BoRROMico, V. Vita, auctore Bartliolomao Scala. 

[(irxvius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 8, p. 1]. . 4710.1 

BosAU, in Prussia. Chronologia abbattim Bosau- 

gieusium. Leuckfeld, J. G 4228.5 

BOSC, L. A. G. Histoire natureile des crastaces. 
2d M., par M. A. G. Desmarest. Paris, ia30. 
8v. 24° 3879.31 

BoscH Spencer, H. Commerce de la cote occiden- 
tale de I'Am^rique du Sud. Statistique com- 
mercialo. [Avcc atlas in f °.] Bruxelles, 
1848. 8° 2365.27, and 23.M. 3 

BOSCHA, P. P. De origine et statu bibliothecse 
Ambrosiana:. [Gr.Tvius. Thes. antiq. Ital., 
T. 9, p. 6] 4710.1 

BOSCHKE, A. Map of Washington city. Washing- 
ton, 1857. [Size, 4.3x4.2 feet; scale, 500 feet 
to 1 inch.] Folded f° *23.J.3 

Bosisio, G. Intorno al luogo del supplizio di Severi- 

no Boezio. Pavia, 185.1. pp. 68. 4° . . . . 4750.15 

BOSMAN, or Bos.smann, W. BesclirjTing van de 
Guinesp Goud-Tand-en Slave-Kust. Utrecht, 
1704. 2v. in 1. 4" 4253.4 

BosoNE, or Busonc da Gubblo ; rml name Raflaelll, 
B. L'avventuroso Ciciliano, romanzo storko 
nel 1311. Pubblicato da G. F. Nott. Firenze, 
1832- 8° "2773.13 

Bo.sSjV>'ge, H. Catalogue gi'n(^Tal, avec suppK- 
ments, ler-3e, 6e. Saivi de prix courants. 
Paris, 1845-53. 3v. 8° *4162.2 

— - Same. Exirait. Paris, 1845. S° 4162.3 

Sholf. No. 

BossAN<ilc, H., continued. 

— Catalogue de livres greca, latins, allcmands, 

anglais, etc.. Paris, 1846. 8° *4162.4 

— Catalogue de livres [ornemens d'eglise, instru- 

niilils il'oplii|iie, etc.]. I'aris, 1.S47. 8° . . *2139.8 
r.ossciiAi'iur.s, or lioscliart, W. De ])rimis veterls 

Frisia; apcstolis. Mcehlinia!, 1660. 4°. . .*6066.16 
Bo.ssUKT, J. B. CEuvres. Paris, 1841. 4v. 1.8°. *6061.1 

Vvmeida. — Vol. I. 6logo do Bossuot ; Ouvro(508 com- 
poHt'K liour r6(lueiitioii du DuU]i)iiti, AIh do LouiH XTV, 
Lilt, ft I-'r. ; ConniliHsiiiico do Diou et do Bol-m^mo ; 
Triiitt ilu Ilhro iirljitni; Discours stir riiistoiro univor- 
sollo; rolltlqoo tirfo dcs proproB pnndoa do I'^criture 
.'^HiiitOi DofoIiBO do la trudijlon et dCB enintB p6reB; Uc 
III trndltiiin, ou do la porolo non C'crito; Exposition do 
III doelriiio de regllHo eotholiiiuo Bur lea miitlurtiB do 
fuiitrovcrfle ; Discours; Miixiiiios et K'llexloiiB our la 
comodle. 11. Ornlsoils funefires; Seruigos. III. Ser- 
mons; ran6|ryriquc8; Meditations snr ri^;viiiipllo. ■ IV. 
llistiilre diiB variations des et^llBcs protestiiiiteH ; Avcr- 
ti'.seinents ear lea Icttres de M. Jurieu; Defense do 
riiistoiro des variations; Instruction imstornlu sur les 
promesses de reglise ; fili-vations a Diou sur toufl loB 
niysteros do la religion chretietino ; PeneOes ohretloiiui's 
et luoroles. 

— Cliefs-d'ccuvres. Paris, 1839. 8° 4188.12 

Cotiieiit^. — Sur Vbistoire univcrselle ; OraiaoUB fUnfi- 
bres; Sermons choisis; Exlraits divers. 

— Histoire des variations des t^glises protestantes, 

etc. Versailles, 1817. 4v. 8° 6023.5 

— iCtudes sur la vie de. See Floquet, P. A 2655.14 

BosTox, T. Memoirs of [his] life, time, and writ- 
ings, by himself. Edinburgh, 1776. 8° . . . 5559.5 

BosTOX, Mass. Municipal government. 

— Auditor's 20th-51st annual report of receipts 

and expenditures, 1831-63. Boston, 1860-63. 

lOv. 8° *63S8.11 

— Charter and Ordinances. Boston, 1804. 8° . *6350a.33 

— City documents [containing miscellaneous re- 

ports made to the city council] for 1868-63. 
Boston, 1859-63. 12v. 8° *6.354.1 

— List of persons, etc. taxed on $10,000 and up- 

wards, 1859. Boston, 1800. 8° *6368.18 

— Municipal register for the years 1841-50. Bos- 

ton, 1841-60. lOv. 8° 6359.44 

— - Same. 1851-04. Boston, 1852-64. 14v. 8°. 6357.19 

— Report to the committee appointed to obtain 

the census for the year 1845. By L. Shaftuck. 
Boston, 1846. 8° 6368.7 

— Report of the committee of internal health on 

the Asiatic cholera, with report of [H. G. 
Clark] on the cholera hospital. Boston, 
1»19- S° 3806.22 

— Report on the relation of Mystic pond and river 

to Boston harbor. Boston, ISOl. pp. 95. S°.*6357.21 

— Report on the burial of Massachusetts dead 

at Gettysburg; mth the oration of Edward 
Everett. Boston, 1863. pp. 93. 8° 4355.30 

— Reports and communications in relation to the 

survey of Boston harbor by the United States 
commissioners. Boston, 1802, 63. 2v. 8° . 6353.2,3 

Public schools. 

— Associatinn of masters of public schools. Re- 

marks on the seventh annual report of Hon. 

11. Mann. Bo.ston, 1844. 8° *S596.2 

— - Rejoinder to the "Reply" of the Hon. H. 

Mann to the "Remarks" of the Boston 
[school] masters. Boston, 1.S4S. 8° . . . . *5596.2 

— Primary schools. Report of the special com- 

mittee of the primary school bt)ard, on a 
portion of the remarks of the [31] grammar 
masters. Boston, 1844. pp. 13. 8° *5396.2 

— - Annals of the primary school committee, 
' 1818-55. CompUed by J. M. Wightman. 

Boston, 1860. S° *6357.6 

— - Report to the primary school committee, 

June 15, 1840, on petition of sundry coIore(i 
persons for the abolition of schools for colored 
children, etc. Boston, 1846. pp.38. 8° . . . •4163.9 




Boston, Pritnan/ schools, coiifinued. 

— - Report of the minority of the committee on 

thecasic schoolgof tbecity. Jackson, E.. . 4Ui3.9 

— School committee. Report for 1820. Boston, 

i^G. pp. 14. h" ( 

— - - Same. 1857. Boston, 1*!58. 8* 4354.2 

— - - Same. 185S, fiO-02. Boston, 1859-03. 

5v. S' *0357.4 

— - Rules of the school committee, and regnla- 

tions of the public scliools. Boston, 1S5S. S". CIS?. 5 

Ve.^cription, etc. 

— Beacon hill: a local poem 4W1.3 

— Bowen, A. Picture of 2.15:i.l9 

— Holbrook, G. R. Description of the Boston 

waterworks 2353.18 

— Mclntyre, II. Map of the city of B. 180.2 

— rinney, C. Plan of the city of • 0351.30 

— .Shattuck, L. Vital statistics of 5700. :.'0 

— Walling, H. F. Map of Boston and the coun- 

try adjacent 2353.21 

— Whiting, W. Destniction of Boston harbor. 

Argument against filling up the flats .... 4354.5 

— Wines, E.G. Xrip to 2353.22 

History y etc, 

— Bowditch, N.I. Suflblk surnames 2333.24 

— Cliipp, O. Present conthtion and future growth 



Gamage, "W. Fever during the autumn of ISt" 
pud 1S18 jr.Pph.v.l38 

Hancock, J. Oration to commemorate the 
tragedy of the 5th of March, 1770 4354.1 

Lovell, J. Oration to commemorate the trag- 
edy of the 5th of March, 1770 4354.1 

Noble, O. Discourse in commemoration of tlio 
Boston massacre, March 5, 1770 0088.119 

Poole, A. Boston tea party Pph.v.384 

Rogers, W. Report of the case of Ezra A. 
Bourne, etc. rs. the city 4280.34 

Tuckerman, J. Ministry in 3570.85 

M'arren, J. Oration to commemorate the trag- 
edy of the 5th of March, 1770 . 4354.1 

BtisineJts and commercial cnrpornttons. 

Board of trade. Ist-lOlh annual report. 1st- 
3d by I. V. Bates ; 4th-10th by L. Sabine. 
Boston, l8.^5-(VI. 9v. S' ....'. . 035,^.21-23,25-29 

Mill jjond wharf cori)oration. Catalogue of 
278 lots of land to be sold at auction. Boston, 
\m). pp. 20. 8" *Pph.v.280 

South cove corporation. lst-15th annual re- 
port. Boston, 18.35-14. S° *G357.22 

- Catalogue of 128 lots of land to be sold 
March4, IHH. Boston, 1844. pp.8. 8° . . *6357.22 

- Catalogue of 132 lots of land to be sold Feb. 

18, 1845. Boston, 1K45. pp. 8. 8* *0357.22 

United States land company. Articles of agree- 
ment and association, July 1, 1830. pp. Vi. 
[No title-page.] 12" *rph.v.281 

Benevolent asmciattoTiS, 
AH8ociation for the support of Warren Street 
chapel. Proeeedings of the Ist-Iilh annual 

meeting. Boston, 1K17-51. 12'. . 
■ (Catalogue of the up])cr library. 





- (harftieft of Boston* or twenty years at the 

Wiirren Street chapel. Alger, W. IC. . . . B.170.33 

A^snchitlon of flelegatentVdm the henevoleutso- 
cietles of Boston. Kirwt annual report, [with I 
IhiM'fiiiKtltution. lloHlun, 1K!5. pp. 48. 12". 3570.81 

AHyluiii for indigent boys. Art nf Incorpora- 
tiiiii, by-lawt*, rules and regulations, etc. Bos- 
ton, 1810. pp. 32. 12" It. 100b. 57 

Benevolent fralemltv of churches. Foiirlh 
<|inirlerly reporl of the exi-rutlve conimillee. 
BoKton, IH-I.'i. pp. ja. 12' •4103.12 

CUlldrenN misfdon to Ihe children of the demtl- 
lule. iHl-Kttli annual reportoMhu executive 
committee. Boston, I)s50-rt:j. 12* 3570. H3 

Boston, Benevolent associations ^ continued. 

— Educational commissiou for freedmen. First 

annual report. Boston, 1803. pp. 22. 8" . 4354. G 

— Female anti-slavery society. Annual report in 

1837, with a sketch of obstacles thrown in the 

way of emancipation. Boston, 1837. 10° . 3573. .37 

— Homoeopathic medical dispensary. Address of 

the trustees to the public. Boston, 1857. pp. 

10. 8° . . 0087.99 

— Prison discipline society. Constitution and 

records. [In manuscript.} Boston, u. d. 

2v. f **A— 

— Kei)ort on a union of churches for benevolent 

purposes, April 27, 1834. Boston, 1834. pp. 

19. 12* B.100b.8S 

— Sailors' snug harbor. Proceedings on the oc- 

casion of laying the corner-stone, July 14, 

1850. Boston, 1857. pp. 30. 8° B.170.37 

— Society for employing the poor. Views of the 

society, i\ith the constitution and by-laws, 

etc. Boston, 1820. pp.12. 8° B. 170.56 

— Society for promoting Christian knowledge, 

piety, and charity. Tlie Christian monitt>r. 
A religious periodical work. Boston, I8(t9- 

11. lOv. in20. 12° 5459.5 

Contents. — Vol.1, rrnyers (inrt dcvotionul excrciBPs, 
dcsijrncd for iTie uso of vorio»i3 cJassi-s of nersons. nnd 
particularly young hcnds of ftimOios. II. Ohsen-ntionH 
on tile life and rharaOer of J<;sub Christ, by W. Now- 
combo. III. Eight Bcmions on tbc inonns of rcligrion. 
IV. Nine discouruus on ri-tative duties, and reasons for 
belicx-ing the truth of divine ri'volotion. V. A serious 
call to a devout and huly life, by W. Law. VI. A trea- 
tise on self-knowledpo, by J. Mason. VII. The truth of 
the Christian religion, by Tl, Hartley. VIII, Sevi>n ser- 
mons addressed to yoang: persons. IX- An earnest i-x- 
hortatioD to a holy life ; Loiter to a younp Iniiy on pre- 
paration for death, by W.Wake. X. Moral and religious 
coutcnipUitious, seleotcd and abridged ftom the M'ritings 
of J. Hall, XI. Semtons on the ediicalion of children, 
from the Genmiu of Kcv. George .Toachim Zoltikol^r; 
to which is prefixed a sermon on parental example, by 
Itev. G. War Iter. XII, A key to the New Testament, 
giving an .Tocount of Ihu eevernl books, Iheir contents, 
tlu^ir author!), and of the times, places, an<l occasions, 
on which they were respocOvrly written, by T. I'crcy. 

XIII. Adviee from farmer Tnicman to his daughter 
Mary, intended for the useof domeolies, by J. Hanway. 

XIV. Causes and mischievous effects of unchnrilAble- 
iie>s, and also the nature and obligations of charity, es- 
pecially with respect to matters of religion, by I. Wolts. 

XV. Letters written for comfnrting tbone bereaved of 
childreu and fViends, collceted by J. Erskine. XVI. 
ObKrrvAtions on the convertiion and npustlesbip of St. 
I'aul, by George, lord Lyttoltun; and president Rnmuot 
Locke's convention sermon. X^'I1. Dr. Hancrofta ser- 
mon, delivered before the Christian monitor society, and 
five sermons by J. Iluehul and N. Lardner. XVIII. 
Seven dUeoursesonmiscelhineoussubJects. XIX. 8hort 
observations and roHertlons ujion select ]ia»snges of 
Scripture, for every Sunday in the year, wllli ap|iroprl- 
ate hymns, by Itev. J, Tremlett, of Ilaptun. XX. Ae- 
cunntof Ihe life nnd death of John Wilmot.eavl of Hoch- 
ester, by C. llurnet, lord bishnp of Sarum; to >vhich la 
prortxed, on account of the author's life. 

— - Religious tracts. Nos. 1,2, 4. Boston, 1812, 

la. av. 12° 5451».6 

Contents. — Vol. 1,11. Sermons. IV. Interesting \-icws 
of ChrlstlanUy : being n translation of jtart of a work of 
M. Ilonnet, entitled, Iteeherehes TthnomipIiUpir » wur lus 
preuyes du ChrlnMnnlnnie ; Sermon on thuCliristlan doc- 
trine, l>y HIehiiid I'riee. 

— Trustees of the publishing fund. [Tracts.] Bos- 

ton, 1821-24. 12' *l»ph.v.302 

Contenlt. — Advleo to a young woman at service ; Ab- 
fitra< t of jinereil history; lite lifu of Eleanor Mmeland, 
In a teller tn iier nleee ; Somu aceount of Thomns Ditr- 
nier.wllh blnlM ku early rining; Riluinml ami Margaret, 
or nohrli'ly and liillbfniness rewarded ; Advantages and 
dliadvnntages of dninkenneMit; The siiH|iee(ed boy. 

— Young men's temperance society. AddresB to 

thi- young men of Boston : annexed, the uon- 
slltiition o{ the society. Itoston, I,'sJ2. pp. 
16. 8" it. 170. Ill 





Boston, continued. 

Ecclesiastical ortjanizations. 

— Association of coiigi-fpitiounl nihnsters. Let- 

ter to Hcv. J. riiTpotit, with his reply. Bos- 
ton, is+r.. pp. ir.. b" Mltvt.i), and fiOS8.Sfi 

— Chi-isl clmrtrh. Historicitl account of. Eiitoii, A. 4.355.2" 

— Kssex S^trt-et uliurcli and society, memorial 

volimio to coninR-niorale the twenty-litlh 
anniviTsary of tin- installation of X. Ad- 
ams. Boston, ISCO. r,*"* 2354. Ifi 

— Federal Street conpre^atiDnal society. Keport 

of the committee appointed for erecting? a 
monument to (lie memory of Ucv. Dr. Chan- 
ninjr. [Boston, Itftl.j pp.10. lU." 4.354.30 

— Hawes IMace conjrrejrational society. Kejily to 

a pamphlet, entitled, ** Administration of t!ie 
ilawes cimrity, by L. Capeu." Boston, 1844. 
pp. 20. 8° . . . 5440a.29 

— - Administration of the Hawes charity, at 

South Boston. Capen, L 5440a. 29 

— IloUis Street society. Correspondence between 

a committee and the pastor upon the subject 
of a second ecclesiastical council. Boston, 
1840. pp. 2.3. 8" *41G3.y 

— - Correspondence between the proprietors of 

the nuelinj; house and the Bev. J. Pierpont. 
Boston, 184->. pp.16. 8" . . . . 4129.79, and *4163. 9 

— - Reply of the friends of Rev. J. Pierpont, to 

a proposal for dissolvingthe pastoral connex- 
ion between him and the society, n.p., n. d. 
pp. 8. 8" *41G3.9 

— - Special meeting of the proprietors, llarch 9, 

1840. [Boston, 1840.] pp. 15. 8" *4103.9 

— - X-othrop, S. K. Proceedings of an ecclesi- 

astical council in the case of Rev. J, Pierpont. 4103.9 

— - May, S. Remarks on a letter from the 

Hollis Street society to their unitarian 
brethren 6088.163 

— New North religious society, Historical notices 

of the. Eliot, E 4355. S 

— Old South church and society. Exercises at a 

consecration of the flag of the union. Bos- 
ton, 1801. pp. III.. 8° 4310a.l2 

— - Pastor's memorial. Twenty-tifth anniver- 

sary of the installation of G. W. Blagden. 
Boston, 1SG2. 12° 2354.17 

— Park Street church and society. Semi-centen- 

nial celebration, Feb. 27, 1859. Boston, 

1861. 12' 2354.14 

Contejas. — Momine discourse by Ucv. S. Aikou ; 
Aftvmoon discourse by Rev. J. H. Linsley; Evening 
discourse by Rev. E, Deecher; Hymns; The festival; 
Historic sketch. 

— Second Baptist church, Historical sketches of 

the. Baldwin, T 3454.21 

— Twelfth congregational society. Historical 

sketch of the. Pray, L. G 2354.18,19 

— West church and society. Catalogue of books 

in the parish library. Boston, 1859. pp. 28. 

12" 2136.29 

— - Proceedings on occasion of the decease of 

Charles Lowell, D.D. Boston, 1861. pp. 

48. 8° 5440a. 20 

Literary and scientific institutions. 

— American academy of arts and sciences. Me- 

moirs. Vol. 1-4; new series, v. 1-8. Boston 

and Cambridge, 1785-18)i3. 12v. 4° *33r0.7 

— - Proceedings. Boston, 1S4?m;2. 5v. 8° . . *3370.0 

— - Keport upon phonotypy. Cambridge, 1847. 

pp. 16. S' ." B. 170. 38 

— American statistical association. Collections. 

Vol. 1. Boston, 1847. 8° 2.352.1 

Cfmtfnt*. — Stffllistica of towns in Musaachusctta, pre- 
pared by Jtiiteph U. Fell. 

— Bums club. Celebration of the hundredth an- 

niversary of the birtli of Robert Burns, Jan. 

25, 1859. Boston, 1859. pp. 84. 1*^'. . . . 4394.36 

Shelf. No. 

Boston, JAternry and scientific institutions, confd. 

— Krankiin typographical society. Proceedings 

at the printers' festival, .Ian. 15, 1848. Boston, 

IMS. 8° B. 170a. 70 

— Lilnnry society. Supiilemental catalogue [of 

books]. Boston. 1855. pp. 03. 8". [Inter- 
leaved, with additions] *2135.13 

— Society for medical improvement. Constitution 

and by-laws, with alist of members. Boston, 

1853. pp. 19. 8" 3756.2 

— - Extracts from the records. Vol.1. Boston, 

1853. 8° 3756.2 

— Society of natural Instory. Catalogue of the 

library, Boston, 1837. pp. 27. sm.8'' . . . *4129.38 

Boston academy's collection of choruses : a selec- 
tion. Boston, n.d. obl.4'' 8041.47 

Boston ahnanacfor 1837-47,49-54, 5S-riO, 64. Boston, 

18.3(WH. 21v. 24° .... 2389.-30, 31 

Boston business directory. Compiled by D. Dud- 
ley. Boston, 1862. 16° 4389a. 40 

Boston business and copartuershipdirectory. Com- 
piled by D. Dudley. Boston, 1803, 4. ■ 12° . 4.389a. 42 

Boston courier, daily. Jan., 1824— Dec. ,18:12; Aug., 
1833— Dec, 1852; Jan. — June, 1854; July, 
1855 — June, 1800. Boston, 1824-60. 67v. f *7710.1 

Boston courier report of the union meeting in 
Fnueuil hall, Dec. 8, 1859. pp. .32. [Ko title- 
page.] 8° 4310a. 13 

Boston daily advertiser. Jan., 1849 — June, 1859; 

Jan.— June, 1860. Boston, 1841t-G0. 20v. f °. *7S80.1 

Boston daily bee, April 25, 1845— May 15, 1858; 
Atlas and daily bee, May 17, 1858— May 16, 
1800; DaUy atlas and bee, May 17, 1860— June 
24, 1861. Boston, 1842-01. .37v. f° . . . . *63I0.1 

Boston daily evening transcript. Vol. 1-33. Bos- 
ton, 18.30-02. 05v. f° *7810.1 

Boston daily evening traveller. April, 1845^March, 

1864. Boston, 1845-64. 38v. f° *7910.2 

Boston [daily morning] traveller, Apiil 14, 1857- 

Sept. 15, 1857. Iv. 1,4' ■*7920.1 

See also: American traveller. 

Boston daily post. Jan., 1852 — June, 1854; July, 

1855— Dec, 1860. Boston, 1852-60. lOv. f°. *7780.1 

Boston directory [for 1805]. Illustrated by a plan, 

from actual survey. Boston, 1805. 12°. . . *2.359.2 

Boston directory for 1846-64. Bost., 1846-64. 19v. 8^ 2388.1 

Boston. EastBoston directory for 1849. By George 

Adams. Boston, 1849. pp. 80. 18° ... . 2359.4 

— South Boston directory. By George Adams. 

Vol. 1. South Boston, 1652. pp. 96. 18* . 2359.5 
Boston flute instruction book. Keitli, C. 11. . . . 8052.70 
[Boston] harbor excursion, and intemperance in 

Boston, pp. 12. [No title-page.] 12" . . B. 160b, 83 
Boston medical and surgical journal. Vols. 1-68. 

Edited by F. E. Oliver and S. L. Abbot. 

Boston, 1828-03. 68v. 8° *5746.1 

Boston monthly magazine. Edited by S. L. Knapp. 

Vol. 1, 2 (no. 1, 2). Boston, 1825, 26. 8* . . 5146.2 
Boston quarterly review. Vol. 1,2,5. Boston, 1838- 

42. 3v. 6° *3201.5 

Boston review. The. Devoted to theology and 

literature. Boston, 1861, 62. 2v. 8* . . . . *7514.1 
Boston slave riot, The, aild trial of Anthony Burns. 

Boston, 1854. pp. 86. 8° B. 160.119 

Boston weekly messenger. Vol. 1-32. Oct. 25, 

1811— Oct. 13, 1815; June 22, 1820— June 21, 

1843. Boston, 1811-43. 12v. f° *7S60.1 

— - Same*. Vols. 5-9. Boston, 1815-20. 5v. 8^ 3203.1 
BoswELL, J. Life of Samuel Johnson. Dublin, 

1792. 3v. 8° 2540.3 

BoswoRTH, J. Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon 
language, with a pref. [essay] on the origin 
and connexion of the Germanic tongues, 
London, 1838. 8° *2585.12 

— Elements of Anglo-Saxon grammar, with notes, 

grammatical praxis, and an introduction. 
London, 1823. 8° *• 2585.13 

— Latin construing; or easy lessons from classitr.l 

authors. 3d ed. London, 1829. 12° . . . . 4939.13 




Shc-lf. No. 

BoTASic garden : a poem. Darwiji, E 25iiG.15 

Botany. Candolle, A. L. r. r. de. Giiographie 

botanique raisonnte 427G.3 

— Cooke, JI. C. Jramial of botanic terras . . . 38.34.17 

— CoiUtas, H. rrincipk's of 4277.16 

— Eaton, A. 3[anual of 3t^9.S2 

— Eberle, J. Botanical terminology 3859.30 

— Gerard, J. Herbal, or liistory of plants . . . 5840.7 

— Haller, A. V. Bibliotbeca botanica 2173.25 

— Harrison, J. Floriculturnl cabinet 5846.1 

— Hoefer, J. C. F. Dictionnalre de botanique 

pratique 4282.6 

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— - Lectures on 3852.22 

— Presl, C. B. Botanische Bcmerkiingen . . . . 3851.11 

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cupletissimus 5831.6 

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licben Botanik 3855.16 

— Smith, J. E. Grammar of 3854.6 

— Sprengel, C. Geschicbte der Botanik. . . . 4270.18 

— - Historia rei herbaria? 4277.13 

— Transactions of the Linno^an society. See Lon- 

don 6861.1 

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— Willdenow, 0. L. Grundriss der Kriiuterkunde. 3859.27 

— WinckJcr, E. Geschichte der Botanik . . . . 4277.19 

— Wood, A. Class-book of "... 3854.5 

Sec aUo: Cotfce, Coaifcrie, CrjT)top:nniiit, Fenis, Flow- 
ers, Forest, Funpology, 1-icbeiis. Mediiral hotniiy, Mul- 
berry", MusliroomB, Olive, Orchids. Pftlms, Purasites, 
Peftr, PJaDU, Tea, Trees, Vegetation, Vine. 

See aUo: The names of the following countries nnit 
localities whose i>otany lias hecn dcscrilied, viz. Amer- 
ica, Australia, Basic, Belgium, Brazil, £gyl)t, Franco, 
Germany, Spain, United Statoa. 

P.OTFiF,T.r>, B. Prajfationes et epistolx editionibus 
principibus auctorum veterum praiposita;. 
raiitabrigia», IHiU. 4" 2080.7 

— fllcniiirials of the families of De Boteville, 

Thyniie,andBotrield. Westminster. 1858. 4°.*2521.18 
BoTTA, C. G. G. Histoire de la guerre de Tinde- 
pendance des fetats-IJnis d'Amerique. Trad- 
uite et preci^dee d'une introduction, par L. de 
Sevelinges. Paris, 1S12, 13. 4v. 8° . . . . 4325.10 

— Storia d'ltalia continuata da quella del (Juicci- 

ardini al 1789. Lugano, is;!2. lOv. lli° . . 4199.22 

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della Calabria nel 1799. [Albirri. Tesoro 

della prosa italiana] 2771.20 

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di Hotta. 5ee Luccbeslni, C. or G 2729.8 

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veh; consisting of 49 plates. AVith descrip- 

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— Pubblico insegnamento in Gorniania, See Pa- 

rohi, L 3596.4 

noTTAiti;i.i.i, !•". Exercises upon the rtilTercnt jiarls 
uf Italian speech. 8th ed. By G. B. Kolandl, 

Liindon, Wii, 12° 4789a. (I 

Bo'lTARi:!.!.!, G. (J. Sophonisha: an opera, per- 
formed at tlie King's theatre in the llay- 
Market. Music by .llaltia Vento. [Italian 
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Itullltnl.v. 1) 2773.14 

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Shelf. No. 

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son der Griechen u)id RGmer; Antiquarisclie Schcrze. 
U. Zur Goseliichto, Theorie und Technilc dor Kunst bei 
den Alten; MuSfOgraphie; Kritik und Auslegung ein- 
zelner Kunst^verlic des Altertliums. III. Beitriige zur 
Kenntniss der Sitten und des Lcbens der Alton ; Auf- 
siitze vormisclkten Inlialts. 

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SeeAdagIa 4150.2_ 

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V. 2] .3720.11 




Sh.-lf. No. 

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iniiiulc, Diinoisf, Sucdui^o, ct llt-braiquc. 
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Contents. — Vol. I. Anntoniie descriptive ou phypiolo- 
irifiuc. Appnrt-il ile ri'lnti»ti, urgiinos dp locomotion; 
O»tfol'>(-ie ; S.vinK'sniolopie. 11. M vologie ; Ajionorol- 
ogit.*. III. Mocllfl vpinitrro; Enccphnlo; N<>rf8 rnchidi- 
vas el onc&phuliquvd; Orgnnes ilos scii^s; Larynx. IV. 
Appiireil dc nutrition, orpunes do la circulation ct de la 
rcspinition, ou nnKeiologric; Coiur, poumons, nrteres, 
vctuos, lymphatlqucs. V. Orpranes do In dipiistion, dc la 
depuration urinuiro ct de la grf-ueration; Eni1ir>'Otomie. 
VI.Vll. MedeciiiPopE'ratoire. VIII. Embryopcnic, an- 
atomic pbilueophiquc et anntoiuie niicroBcopique. 

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Conli'ntf. — Vol. I. VojaKo aux liciix flninti, Inttre du 
pcre Scrct; Voyngi! iiii nioiit Libim, par W pc*ri- I'clit- 
qiieux; Voyn;re a Alcp. I, II. Voyage a Unmns. II. 
Voyage a Baiwora; Voyage dans I' Asic Mincurc; V'oyapo 
duHB rArchijK.'! v( au mont Atho»; Voyage en Crimce. 
III. Voyage au Japon; Voyage projctu poiv la thine 
par St. Frauiuis Xavicr. 


Hhclf. No. 

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Boston. 5ee Jackson, E 416.1.9 




Shelf. No. 

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BoxiIoKN, M. /,. Orlglnuin Gallicaruni liber. An 

tiiiua" lingua' Uritannica! lexicon Britaunico- 
Latlnum, cum adugiis Britannicis. Aniste- 

lodaml, Ift.'rt. «m.4° ♦4180.12 

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c»q., lBt« of I^indon. |lioslon, 1810. | pp. 

10. r 4,1M.32 

Sheir. No. 

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T. l,p. 1], 4710.1 

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IKfll. obl.4° .' •4000.28 

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China. London, 1801. sq.lO" 30:15.8 




SlKlf. No. 

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men. See Becclior, II. >V SSri.OT 

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Brahe, T.. lllstoi-iii cadestis [cnin ponnnrntilriis 
L. BftrrettI, i. e. A. Cnrtii] . .\ugust:c VnuUdi- 
oorum, lOCi). 2v. In 1. f ° *42n.2 

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niic, KV-T. f ♦.•5020.60 

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— Parsons, U. Connexion between the brain and 

stomach Jl.Pph.v.l3:i 

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,lackson,preaclied in rtiiladi'lphia. [Ameri- 
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— - Same. See Dusenbery, B. M 2347.25 

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— - Same. Autoren- und Sach-Register zu den 

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Sb«lr. No. 

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kathol. Theologie. See Achterfeldt, J. H. v. 0079.1 
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nen politischen Lebens der Yijlker im Alter- 

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C"H(en(s. — Vol. VII. Astronomio et hydrograpliie. 
\TII-X. MC'teorologie. XI, XII. Mngnetismc terreBtre. 
XIV. AiiroreaborealeB. XVI, XVII. Gtopraphie phys- 
iijue, gcogiaplito botaniquo, botauiquo ot phygiologle. 

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succeeding the death of Hon. B. Pickman. 
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— Duty and privilege of an active benevolence. 

Address, on Christmas evening, 1835. Salem, 

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Shelf. Ko. 

Brazil, continued. 

— Payns, A. K. M. Residence in 2309.14 

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— - Tractatus topographious et meteorologicus 

BrasQia; 5820.4 

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era et species nova?. Filices 5840.4 

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dans le district dcs djamans et sur le littoral 

du BnsU 43S7.2 

See at90: Minas Geraes, Fomiirabuco, Rio de Janeiro. 

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See also: Cancer. 

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moval of the senate of the L'nited States 
from the old to tlie new chamber, Jan. 4, 
1859. Wasliington, 1800. 8° 4394.8 

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its deliverance. From advance slieets of the 
Danville quarterly review, for March, 1861. 
[Four articles.] Cincinnati, ISCl. 8° . . . 4323.10 

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God. A fast day sermon. [Death of Har- 
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die. Paris, 1081. pp. 30. sm.l2° »*4097.14 

— Le jaloux invisible, comcdie ; L'ombre de Mo- 

liere, coniedie. 5e(,' Fournel, F. V 4<)90.13 

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nesinger. Sec Bodmer, J.J 4219a. 8 

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eines breniiscli-uiedersUchsischen AA'orter- 
buchs. Bremen, 1707-71. 3v. in 5. 8° . . . **28.S5.3 

Con/enw.— Vol.1. A— F. II. O-K. III. L— K. IV. 
8. V. T— Z. 

Bremer llandelsblatt in Verbiudung mit O, Hiib- 
ners Nachrichten und Mittlieiluugeu aus der 
•Staats- und Volkswirtlischaft und desseu \'er- 
sicherungs-Zeltung. No. 117, 2 Jan., 1854 — 
No. 220, 29 Dec, 1855. 2v. f° »4340.0 

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Anudplii a risauis direptu. [Gra-vlus, Thes. 
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Deutschlaud und Fraukreicli. 3te AuU. Leip- 
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phora. [Diss, inaug.] Ualic Magdeburgicii, 
1095. pp. OO. 4° ♦43M.22 

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IMOO. 12° 2199.5 

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ar» at Wyke Houhc, .Slon-llill, 1827, 28. n. p., 
n.d. (No title page.) 8° »Ppli.v."2,77 

BRK8CIA. Leclil, L. Della tipografla bresclana 

nelHicoloXV 2200.14 

— Ruscelll, G. Rime dl <IlvcTSl cccellcnti autorl 

breschinl 4799.14 

nitivSI.Ai!, /usiand der kalh.theul. FacultUt an der 

L'nivemitUt zu. Movers, F. C 0088.103 

Shelf. No. 

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pagnie de Jesus dans la Nouvell(^France. 
Traduit de I'ltalien, par P. F. Martin. Mon- 
treal, 1852. 8° 4302.1 

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<;ais, V. .33] 4708.1 

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d'aprts les relations r<^-centcs de Kniseustern, 
Langsdoi-f, Titzing, etc. Paris, 1818. 4v. 18°. 3019.15 

Bretoxneau, p. Treatise on diphtherite. See 

Semple, R. H 5714.3 

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der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche. 4te 
Aufl. Leipzig, ISiS. 2v. 8° 0022.8 

Brett, S. Proceedings of a great council of Jews 
in Hungary, assembled to examine the Scrip- 
tures concerning Christ, 1050. [Phenix,v. 1]. 4157.1 

Brett, T. CoUection of liturgies used in the cele- 
bration of the eucharist, with a dissertation 
upon them. London, 1838. 8° 3448.2 

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Sternberg, A ■ 2895.5 

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mestic, of the reign of Henry viii. Underthe 
direction of the master of the rolls. Vol. 1,2. 
[150i>-18.] London, 1802-tVl. 2v. in 3. 1.8°. . *7052.1 

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York, 1850. 12° 2378.23 

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Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler. 4th cd. 
London, I'sSS. 10° 3939.18 

— Treatise on optics. New ed. By A. D. Bache. 

"With appendix. Philadelphia, 1837. 12° . . 4209.8 

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Both sides of the question. Philadelphia, 
1850. pp.24. 8° B. 100. 10 

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what women may do. 2d ed. Kdinbui'gh, 
1854. 10° 4576.27 

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ciation. Translated by F. G. Shaw. New 
York, 1847. 12° B.170b.0S 

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[John] Porter, from Isaiah 04; 0. Boston, 
1750. pp. 31. ,8° »4103.4 

— More friendly remarks on Mr. Porter and Co. 

Bo.ston, 1751. pp. 35. 8° •4103.4 

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of. .SV(! Daly, C. P 4371.10 

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liiughat, F 4010.14 

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ted by N. Hawthorne. N<-w York, 184S. 12°. 4290.24 

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lOxiiosition of the 91st Psalm, by Rev. bishop 
(i. Howe. New York, l.s:i2. .32° 3440.09 

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interior decorations. London, 1822. 31 \tl. 
pp. 2. f° 4080.9 

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don, 1801. 8° 3437.14 

BRinoES. Cullum, G. \V, Systems of military 

° bridges 3955.6 

— Ilaiqil, H. Mllllary bridges 3955.11 

— Ilund)er, W. Treatise on cast and wrowght 

iron bridg4' eonslruclion 39. C. 2 

— LongjS.H. Description ofCol, Long's bridges. 1018. .'10 

See also: Vleturln brlilKO. 

Bridget, St. Sec lirlgitta, St. 

BRiixiMAN, T. Nature ami neci'ssily of a revival 

of vital godliness : a sermon, June 7, 1820. 

Montrose, 182(1. 8° •Pph.v.350 

Bi{lKl'' illuslratlon and conllrnnition of the divine 

right of Infant baptism. Boston, 1793. jip. 

40. 8° »1I0:).13 




Shelf. No. 

Bktkf reply to (in important qiu'stion; boinjf ii h-ttt-r 
Ur I'lttf. Gohlwin Smith. London, ISlvt. pp. 
2K 8" 307:i.29 

Bkikf statomonts imd arpunifnts. Ily riiristiivnus 

ami otlicrs. No. 4. N.Y..1KV. i>p.Mt. 1^ .li.l70b.04 

Brikki-: cim's VcrstovlH-ncn. Kin t'rajrnif ntarisches 
Tajrcbncli aus Kuiilaml. Irl:imi, Deutsdiland, 
[ii. «. w.], lKJ(V-"..*y. MiinclH-n and Stuttgart, 
ISSO. 31. 4v. 16° '£i77.H 

Brikl. .1. H. I>. Ta' danger d'unt' p^t'mi^rt' faute, 

histoiro angloiso. Londres, 17S4. 1'2' . . . 401H»u.8 

lEiUKUitK de Boismont, A. J. V. On lialliicinaiions : 
history and explanation of apparitions, vi- 
sions, etc. Translated by R. T. Hnlme. 
London, 1859. 10" 560ya.5 

BRiFAtrr, C. Oeuvrcs, pnbliees par M. Rives et M. 

A. Bignan. Paris, 1858. Ov. ff 2G04.7 

Content*. — Vol. I. Notice sur Ilrlfaut, pnr Bipnftu; 
DIacoiirs do rdcO|>tton & racniltniu- ; Ittpuiistc du niarcj. 
de Pastorct; Ktiionao de Brlfnut, nu discoure de recep- 
tion de M. Aiirolot, ot au discoiirs df M. Ic coiuto da 
Fullous ; Du rellfrionisnio modcme ; Nolice sur Fentlon ; 
Notice sur Luuis xvi ; De In rl'urgftnisation sociale, ser- 
vant d'nppcndiccnu Rolifrionisme niudi-rnp; Recitsd'un 
vicux pun-niii a son jcuiiv fiUoul, II, III. riisse-teiiipa 
d'un reclus. 111. Ln flUe du repicide; Lc due do Mon- 
mouth; Left nmours d'un BexogCnBiro. IV. Ninus n, 
triiRudiC; Aurt-liL-n, trapedio; Cyrus et Artaxcrco, trng- 
edie; Aloxis IV, wmperuur do Constantinople, trug- 
6dle; Lamcch, ou lea descendants do Cain, tragrt'dio; 
ThOodoao, tragedie ; I\'ar, ou les Scandinnvus, tragtdie ; 
Sigismond, roi d'Austrasle, trngfdio. V. Frnn(,'oi9 Icra 
Madrid, drame heroique; Francois ler en Frnuco, epi- 
logue; Lo protecteur, comudie ; L'amour et ropinion, 
comidiei Potmos. VI. Varietts; Contes; Souvenirs 
du cocur; Dialogues. 

BriQGS, C. W. Reign of terror in Kauzas. Bos- 
ton, iSofi. pp. :14. 8° B.1G0.88 

Bkigg.';, G. W. Address at the funeral ofW. 1'. 

Ripley, riynumth, 1S42. S" *UO:i.G 

— Applir^tion of the prineiples of religious free- 

ilom to the practical problems of the passing 

time. A sermon. I'lymouth, 1845. 8° . . . *4I(j;j.r2 

— Couditions of ministerial power: address be- 

fore the graduating class in the tlieological 
school at Meadville, Tenu.^ June liO, 1851). 
Boston, 1859. 8°. 544na.*.i6 

— Discourse delivered before the autumnal uni- 

tarian convention, held at Salem, Oct. 20, 1847. 
Boston, 1847. 6" 54-10a.20 

— The living ministry : address before the gradu- 

ating class in the theological school at Cam- 
bridge, .luly 15, 1855. Cambridge, 1855. 8" .5440a. 20 

— Sermon at the funeral of Rev. J. Kendall, in 

riymoutli, March 20, 1859. Boston, 1859. 8°.5440a.2G 

— Two sermons [on slavery and war] in Plym- 

outh, Mass., July 4, 1847. Plymouth, 1847. 8°. B.lOa.3 

— The unchanging CIirLstian message. A sermon 

at the ordination of Rev. A. P. Putnam, in 
Roxbury, Dec. 19, 1855. Boston, 1850. 8" . 5440a. 20 

Bkiogs, II. De vita et studils H. B. commentario* 

lus. -See Smith, T 4177.12 

Briggs, T. F. Banjo instructor: containing over 
fifty popuhir dances, melodies, etc. Boston, 
n. d. obl.4' 8051.60 

Bkigha:^!, John C, Life and services of. See Ad- 
ams, W 5440a.43 

Bkioham, Josiah. Twelve messages from tlie spirit 

J.Q.Adams. Boston, 1.-59. 8° 0090.7 

BiUGiiAM, W. Address before the inhabitants of 
Grafton, Mass., April 29, 18-35, the tirst centen- 
nial anniversary of that town. Boston, 18.15. 8*". 4355.9 

Briguam family, Genealogical register of the. See 

Morse, A 2333.23 

Bright, James. Diseases of the heart, lungs, and 

air-passages. :id ed. Loudon, 1800. 8° . . 3803.33 

— Ueber die Bright'sche JJierenkrankheit. See 

Malmsten, P. II 5790.10 

Bright, John. Speech at Rochdale. Dec. 4, 1801, 

on the American crisis. New York, 1802. 8''.4310a.l7 

— Speech [on American alfnirs] in Birmingham, 

Dec. 18, 1802. Birmingham, IbO"^. 8* . . . . 4322.40 

Shelf. No. 

Bkigmt, R. Abdominal tumours and intumescence. 
Kd.byti. U. Barlow. London, J8(Hi. 8". [Lon- 
don. New Sydi'iiliam society, V. r»] *57I4.0 

liKU;i[Tt)N, Mass. Annual reports of llie receipts 
and expenditures of Ihe town, for 1840,42- 
40, 48-0;i. Cambridge, 1841-04. 8" *4358.0 

— Report, [first]-tweuty-sixth, of the school com- 

mittee of the town, Cambridge, l840-fr4. H". *4358.5 
Brightwkll, C. L. Lil'e of Liunaius. London, 

1S58. 10" 3839.7 

Brigitta, or Birgitta, St., of Sweden. Revela- 
tiones cieU'stes, a C. Dvranto traclatu de vis- 
ionibus, etc. illustratie. Nvnc demvm men- 
dis purgata; opera S. Hormanu. Monachii, 
IfWO. f *B.110.7 

Contents. — C. nuranti tractatus do visiouibug, rovola- 
ItoiiihuH, dt>P(irittonibus, ecstasl, ot rnptu ; liovel.iticjnum 
oa-Iestium libri octo; KegulaSalvatoris, revelata 8. bir- 
gltttc; Sermo sngelicus, do excellentia B. Marifu vir- 
ginis; Orationesqiiatuor; Orationosdepussione Domini; 
Itevelationes exn-avagantes ; Vita et mirncula Birgiltd- ; 
Vita Bive legeuda cum niiraculis Catharinte flUuc S. 

— Revelationes selecta;. Textum cognovit A. 

Heuser. Colonic, 1851. 32°. [Bibliotheca 

myst. et ascet.] 0000a. 29 

— Prayers of St. Bridget. See Parviller, A. . . 5448.45 
BkinoivMeier, E. Die Nationalliteratnr der Spa- 

nierseit dem Anfange des xix Jalirhuuderts. 
Gottingen, 1850. 8° 4143.8 

— Die provenzalischen Troubadours. Halle, 1844. 

8° 4187.13 

Brindley, J., Life of. S'ce Smiles, S 2447.24 

Bkuie, L. Tae-ping rebellion in China, London, 

1802, 12° 3018.11 

Brinkmann, F. Studien und Bilder aus Suddeut- 

schen Land uml Volk. Leipzig, 1802. 2v. 8". 2803.24 
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See also : Cannda, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova 
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ShtU'. No. 

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a sketch of his chariujter. Philadelphia, 1841. 

2v. 12° 4108.3 

C'futtftnln. — Vol. I. Ororpo tlie fourdi mil] Quroil Cnr- 
ollno; Tlio qitoeii'ii IpttiT to tlio klnK J rolltlnil ctinr- 
ncfiTii; Public clinrilotorB ; Coiiirreiis of % rroim. 11. 
I'libliu olinrnclorn; (.I'orin? tliu tliiril iiini tin- nilliollti 
<)Uviitlon ; llUtorlcal nolo on tlio lUm-oviTj- of till' tliuiiry 
oi* llio comimnlUon of wilti'i-; Ui«vli>\v of " l(Iiu-k'« loc- 
tiirca on tlio olpmi'iiln of olioniUtr.v ; " Lonilon nnlvpriilty 
mill Klnir'H colli'irc ; .liinlnii lili-ntlfloil ; Nuutrnl citioa- 
tlon ; Uovolittlon In i'rnnco. 

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rights, duties, and interests; with lilslorleiil 
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phia, iN'il. 2v. 12" 4178.3 




Shelf. Ko. 

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. Sv. f ° »4250.6 

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Dartmouth college, July 25, 1855. With pro- 
ceedings of tlie society. Concord, 1856. 8°. 4394.9 

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1801. Windsor, Vt., 1861. 8° 4394.9 

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poem] ; with miscellaneous pieces. New 

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the relation of cause and effect. Andover, 
1822. b' 6602.3 

Sholf. No. 

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gine. See Main, T.J 4015.22,28 

— The indicator and d\namometer. Sec Main, 

T. J ■. 4015.31 

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London, 1845. 8° 4245.15 

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infinite power, wisdom, and goodness. 2d ed. 

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anti-slavery society of Salem. Boston, 1847. 

12° B.I00a.l7 

— Narr.ative of a fugitive slave, written by him- 

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indigenous to the United States. Boston, 
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12° 2347.22 

Contents. — Memoir of J. W. B., by J. A. Andrew ; 
.Sermon, by Rev. C. C. Shaekford ; Extract from a BOr- 
mon preached by Rev. E. B. Willaon ; RcBOlution adopted 
by the New England anti-slavery convention, May 31, 
ISfiO, «itli an extract from the speech of Wendell 
rhillips ; Remarks by J. Dana, at a meeting of the clasa 
oflStO; Remarks of C. Snmner; Selections from news- 
paper notices of the life and character of J. W. B. 

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Boston, 1.S02. 12° 2009.5 

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.Sliepherd's pipe, the Inner-temple masque, 
etc. London, 1772. 3v.ini. 16° 4569a. 28 

— Poetical works, with life. [Anderson. Poets of 

Great Britain, V.4J 4004.1 

Contents. — Britannia's pastorals ; Shepherd's pipe ; 
Inner temple masque; Miscellanies, etc. 

Brownei.l, T. C. Review of The errors of the 
times ; a charge, by bishop Brownell. See 
Bushnell, H Pph.v.379 

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See Beckwith, C . 3684.22 

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irreligious character of the rebellion. [Two 
addresses.] With a sketch, by T. Tilton. 
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From the Boston quarterly review. Boston, 
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— Discourse on tlie wants of the times, delivered 

in Boston, May 29, 18.36. Boston, 18.36. 8°. 4394.10 




Shelf. No. 

Bko\%'>'SON, O. a., coiitiimed. 

— Mediatorial life of Jesus. A letter to "U". E. 

Channing. Boston, 1842. pp.44. 8° . . . . *41G3.11 

— Oration before the United brothers society of 

Brown university, [on American literature]. 
Cambridge, 18.19. s° 43iH.10 

— Oration on liberal studies, before the Philo- 

mathian society of Mount St. Mary's college, 

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— The policy to be pursued hereafter by the friends 

of the constitution, and of ecjual rights. Bos- 
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quarterly review for Jan., 1841] 4304.10 

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sient and permanent in Christianity. Boston, 

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catholic press of the Unit^id States.] Boston, 

18M, pp. 88. 8° 43W.10 

— BrowTison's four lectures on ciN-ilization and 

Roman Catholicism: a review, 5*66 Thomas, 

A. C 0088.45 

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Brownstown, Aug. 9, 1812. Dalliba,J. . . . 4347.17 

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A'oyages, V. ir.] 0207.1 

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series, of the reign of Charles l. 1627-29, 
31-35. Under the direction of the master 
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J.G 2420.27 

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by the Rev. Robert Wodrow. indited by 

Rev. W. Cunningliam. Etlinburgh, ls43. 8*. 

[Wodrow society] 5493.2 

BBUCiiSTlfcK iiber den Kreuzzng Friederich's i, 

[I.atinej. Hcrausgegeben von Freiherrn v. 

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[Stuttgart. Bibliothek des liter, Vereins]. 


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Erster Theil. Gitttingen, ]N'>2. 8" B. 177-2 

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T. Gr»ci. iSVe Schmid, E f)011.3 

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But'tJKs, Soclete dVnudation pour I'ctudc de I'his- 

tnlre et det* Hntt'iuiti-s de la Flandre. Chroni- 

con abbalia- WaniestonlensiR 2821.20 

— - (hninicon iiionanterii KvershamonaiB. Mec- 

8terf, 2821.21 

nuur.Hrii, II De nntura el indole lingun* pn|iuluris 
Aegyplinruin. Fa.'^ciculus prior. Jterolini, 

IKXl! PI). 39. 8" 3030. H 

BuUilNH, C. Die aHtritUi>inir<<-he Strahleidirechung 
in ihrer liiHioriitchen l-^iitwickehing. Leipzig, 

IhlM. H" 31»20.:iH 

l;ui>>K>v. I*. Thiiitre <len GrecH. Nuuv. i'A. I'arls, 

J7b5-8U. 13V. 8° 2004.1 

Conlfttl: — Vol, I. Prmntthffl ll^, IrnRffllc (I'lCurtiyln j 
|.ca M>|>| oh«rii, trnir- <l'Ka<'1iylfi; l.r* I'orx^R, lnifr> trK"- 
chxl'- II Air«fni-iniiiin, Irnfi. iI'KkcIij'Io; \.v* Onvi'l'- 
orc», li«it. <riiMiliyl«t (•<'* Kutiiviil<l<-», lr>K. il'C»cli>'li>; 

Shelf. No. 

Brumoy, p., continued. 

Les BUppliantes, trap. d'Eschyle j Ajax furieux, trag. do 
Sophocle. Ill, lilectro, trng, de Sophocle ; tEdipe, tnig. 
do Sopliocle; Qidipp, trwgr. do SC-ncque; (Edipe, trng. 
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Sophocle; Reflexions sur ccttc pii-ce et Bur tEdipc chi'Z 
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phanc; Les pufpes, com. d'Aristophauc. Xll. La paix, 
com. d'Ariatophano; Les oiacaux, com. d'Aristoplnmc; 
Les Thosmophories, com, d'Aristni>hanc; Lysistrain, 
com. d'Aristophane. XIII. Les greuoulllea, com. d'Aria- 
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AlcaMis MesseniuB, Alexander, Anacreon, Antaporas, 
Antimachus, Anyto, Aratus, Archilochua, Ariphron, 
Arislotclee, Artemldorus, Aaclepiadee, Bacchyli<le», 
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Ablablun, Accratus. Addieus, Admetus, ./EmiMnnus, 
.^iHchyluB, Alpbeua, Amndanufl. Ammoniue, Aiidront- 
ruH, AntigonUH, Anliorhua, Antlpater Sidonlus, Anti- 
pater ThessuloniceiiaiM, A riliphanes.Antiphllus, A ntlstl- 
ua, Aulonliifl, ApolHnarius, Apolkiuidan, Apollonlus, Ar- 
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SlnlllhiB Maeeun, Fronto, Cn. Lontulus OuUulleUH, AiWuH 
(inlliiM, (innnidan, TuIHuh (.temtnuB. CurmankuH, (.ihiu- 
eUN, (ilyeo, Iliidrlanus, lledylUB. lleliodonis, lli'lladliis, 
llrra.'lldi'K, llcrmncremi, Ilerodi'H Alllnin, llcrodlruB, 
lllppliiB, latdoruB A^pi'nleB, loldoniH (toliolnNllruN, .hill- 
nutiH inip.,.IunHnna ,1-;pyptiiiN, rnlliuii Liinn-n, Li'itnUtn* 
Al< \audriuuH, l.ibnnlu-, C.iru. Lnuglniin, Luetaniix, Ln- 
tlllliiN.g.MaM'luH.MaKiiux, Maivrlluh, Mill ItiiiuH, Minimis, 
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Dui'hIc'b, ralladaH, Panlelous, Paniinnlon, PnrrhaxliiH, 
IVrm-B, I'lialii'CUB, I'lmriiKS, Fhllxinoii. Fhlh'tus, Flii- 
llppim TheB»», Fhllu, I'lillodt'UiUB, FtilUiBtra- 




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tun, rhUoxmns, Phoeylides, Pimlnnia, rinytus, risan- 
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PyihvaK. Qutii(u4 Smynmnis, IthlnmiR, Ituflnua, Ituflis, 
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pio. Siiiiniina Tht'bnnaa, Simmlos Rhodlun, Strnto, 
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ftchu«, Uauiii|i;utaa, Duinochnris, Dujiliitas, Dioclorut 
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Mii'i-'itiM, Mluliiu'l, Nilus, Orpheus, I'lilladua, Punynsia, 
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Bo6co: Consolations do la philosopbio ; Saint Bornnrd; 
Traite do la consideration ; Gorson : Imitation do J(>SU8 
Chi-ist; Cardinal Bona: rrincipos do la vio obroUonne, 
Cheniin du oiol; Tauler: Institutions; Louis da Blois: 
Le diroctour des aiucs religieuses. 

BUCK, C. Works. IstAm.ed. Philadelphia, 1822. 

Ov. 10° 3499.25 

ConfcnM. — Vol. I. Memoirs, by J. Styles. II. Ser- 
mons; Serious onnoirios; Rofioctions occasioned by the 
death of Rov. Tliomus Spencer. Ml. Trentiso on rolip- 
iotis experieoco; Young Christian's truido. IV. I'rac- 
tlcal expositor for every day in the year. V, VI. 

— Theological dictionary. New Am. cd., by G. 

Bush. Philadelphia, 1833. 8° 0032.4 

Buckhi;rst, lord. Sec Sackville, T. 
BuCKiNtiiiAM, James S. Public proceedings on 

the East India monopoly tluring the pjist year. 

London, 18311. 8° »Pph.v.339 

Buckingham, Joseph T. The ordeal : a critical 

journal of politicks and literature. Boston, 

1809. 8° 2408.41 

— Speech at the free democratic meeting in Fan- 

euU hall, Oct. 13, 1862. Sec Speeches . . . 6087.12 

Sec atso: Polynnthos. 

Buckingham, Uh duke of. See Villiers, G. 
Buckingham, Mh duke of. See Sheffield, J. 
Bucklani), F.T. Fish hatching. London, 1803. 8°. 3900.11 
Buckle, H. T. History of civilization in England. 

Loudon, 1857-01. 2v. 8° 3565.17 

BUOKMINSTER, J. S. Sermon ot the interment of 

Kev. W. ICmerson. Boston, 1811. 8° . . . .6088.199 

— Sermons, with ;i memoir [by l{ev. S. C. Thach- 

er). 2d ed. Boston, 1S15. 8° 6002.5 

— Sermims [a ftirtherseleclion]. Bost., 1.829. 8°. 5413.5 

— Keview of memoirs of. Sec Ticknor, G. 

**2313.2.3, and 4347.11 

BUCKMIN.STER, W. Cultivator's almanac, and cab- 
inet of agricultural knowledge for ISHO. Bos- 
ton, 1810. 12° »Pph.v..374 

BUOKNILL, .1. C. Asylum journal of mental science. 

London, 1853-^iO. Ov. 8° . . . ♦3800.20 

roo<«.,l<. — Vol. I. No. 1, Nov., IWKl— No. (I, Nov. Vi, 
IRM; No. 11, Feb., l(W5-Nov. H, WM. II. 1850. HI. 
IWi?. IV. 1857,(18. v. 185a VI. IHfill. 

— and Take, D. H. Manual of psychological med- 

icine: containing the histcuy, treatmeni, etc. 

of Insanity. With an appeuiiix of cases. 

Lontlon, 1858. 8° 3800.01 

BUOQUKT, J. B. M., lilogc do. [ Vic<i-<l'Azyr. CEu- 

vies, V. 1] .3720.11 

BUDDKIS, J. V. Illstorhi ecclesiastica Vetells Tes- 

tanieiili. Ed. II. llahe Miigdehuiglea-, 17MI- 

21. 2v.ln I. 1° •0052.3 

— Dlssertiilio tie jure Zclotnrnui lii gente l-'.brjL-u. 

[Uelrichs, CoUectio opuuculoruin, v. IJ . . (KIOO.l 




Sholf. No. 

RunniiA. IliuUllia's Todt'sjahr. Wostergaard, N. L. 301O.i3 
lUnMUMsM. IJurniiuf, K. Introduction ii Phistoire 

du ISuddliismc indirn 4241.2 

— Koi'ppfn, (\ F. Du' Rcli^on dfs Ituddlin . . 3040.24 

— Schliiftintweit, K. Ruddhism in 'Hbet .... 3020.11 

— Scha'lx'l, C. Le Roudilha et If Uouddhismc . 4187.9 

— Schott, \V. Uher di'n Huddhiii.smus in Mocha- 

sien undiuCIiina . . . . .• 0071.1 

BuniK, P. A. Urspninff, Aui^bildnn^, Abnalime und 

Verfall des TiirnitTS. Uion, I8:J6. 8* . . , , **2234.4 

— Vorschule fiir hibliotliekarisches Gcschiiftsle- 

Ix'n. Miinchfn. ISIS. 8* 2128.4 

BumNGTON, W.T. Address before the Am. educa- 
tion society.May 28, 18fil. Itoston,18rtI. 8°.v.5of5175.3 

— History of the Mrst church, Churlest<»wn. Boa- 

ton, 1K45. 8" 2355.3 

— Sermon in commemoration of tlie two hundred 

and twentieth anniversary of the founding of 
the Mrst church in Clmrlestown, Nov, 14, 

1852. Cbarlestown, 1852. 8^ 4355.10 

BUDRIOLI, P. A. Kime di poeti illustri viventi. 

Faeuzft, 1723, 24. 2v. sni.l2^ 278i>.8 

Content*. — Vol.1. Ginliano S. Aj-aln; Niccoldfloell 
Albizi; Francesco Arrisij Iliufpo cI'Avitubilo Majoli ; 
Giuseppe A>-\'cuti; l^nnccsco Maria Bariocchi; Oian- 
TommaHO Baciocrhi ; Gtrulamo Baruttaliii ; CV'saro 
Beimxsnt ; Bernardo Bernard!; Ccsurc Kigglolli ; Alos- 
flandro Botta-Adonio ; Bcmurtti Uucci ; FrnDcesco Maria 
Cn^iiui ; Gionibartolommco Cnsurc^i ; Ginnibatista 
Cotta; GianimarioCri'sdmbuni; Emiliod'Emilii ; Carlo 
EmanucUo d'Esto; Filipiio Ortonsio Fiibbri ; l-'raut-esco 
Prosiiii; Gianibatista Gambi; Antonio Gatti ; GiuUo 
Ccsare Grazhii; Giniu-Bcocdctto Grit la ; AU-ssiindro 
Giilni^; Ubertino Landi; Giuseppe Latizoni; FiIi|tpo 
Leers; Sclpiono Mullui ; Michclc MapRi ; Eusfnchio 
Manft-eili; Anffelo Marcbetli; Fctrouilla Massiiiii Pao- 
llnl; GiarabatistA Mcrvu; Fubrizio Ant. Monsignnni; 
Pompco Montevecchio ; Miebel-Gluscppc Morei; Gian- 
GIURoppo Felice Orsi; Fordinnndo rassarinl; Gaotana 
PBwarini; Alesnandro Pegolotti; Foderico rolloprini ; 
Giuseppe Maria Pcssagni ; Marcantonio Pindemonto; 
Atifrolo Poggvsi; Cian-Agosttuo Poilinari; Giambatista 
Itccanati; Puolo Antouio Rolli; Pier-Maria dena Rosa; 
Angido Antonio Sacco; Alcssandro Sanscbastiani ; Ja- 
copo Snrdini ; Augcio Antonio Somai; Gian-Lorenzo 
Stecchi; Francesco del Teprlia ; Antonio Tumniasi ; 
Michelo Tom; Sdpiono Vajo; Erandali^o Vcnerosi ; 
Giacinto Vincioli; Francesco Marin dclla Voipe; Giam- 
Pietro Zanotti ; Lorenzo Zauotti ; Canimillo Ranicri Zuc- 
chettl. II. Floriano Maria Amig:oni ; Ananimo autoro ; 
llnccnzio Anila ; Bonaventura Anropio; Marcantonio 
Aiezalli ; Michcle Balduliii; Lodovico Balducci; Niccold 
Bellani; Pier-Marino Beruabo ; Ippolito Bevilactiua ; 
Fabbrizio NiccoldBczzi; Giuseppe liini; Oinmljatiifita 
Boccolini ; Apol tmiio Boiicompa^i ; Alcssandro Borphl ; 
Kiccola Borghi; CammillnBninori; SantiBueclii; ICug:- 
pero Calbi ; Pier-Tommaso Canipana ; Marcantonio 
Cnrlt; Pior-Paolo Carrara; Giovanni Casliplioui; Giu- 
Beppe Child; Abbondio Collina; Bonifazlo CoIHna ; 
Gian-Carlo Crocchiaulc ; Curzio Doni ; Alcssandro Fag- 
noli; Giftinbacista Fcliei ; Giuseppe Ferrari; Pio Ajito- 
nio Fochi ; Francesco Niccola T>ossoni ; Giuseppe Gabbi ; 
Vincenzio Marin Gnbcllotti ; Francesco Maria Gasparri ; 
Oioreio Fllippo Giorgi ; Picr-Mattia Gruther; Mario 
Gunmacci; Antonio Gucci; Pompeo Lonfranchi; Gas- 
pare Lapi ; Giandomenico Lararinj ; Girolamo Lioni; 
FraDccBcantonio Livcrani; Ippolito Lovatelli ; Maria 
KIcna Lui^ig-nniii ; ifoniualdo Maria Ma^^nani; AJessan- 
dro Marazzani ; .Tacopo Mazzoni; Ccsare Meremli; Gi- 
am1>Ati«tn Monti; Stcfano Montorselli; Gian-A^ostino 
Morando ; MarRherita Ottini ; Douieuico Marccllo Pado- 
vani ; Giustiniano Pngliarini; Filippo Paradiwi; Leo- 
nardo Pellegrini ; Otlaviano Pcllcffrini ; Carlo Maria 
Pepoli; Iliccnrdo Petroni; Domenico Ottn\'io Petrosel- 
Uni ; Lodovico Piazza ; Vincenzio Piazza : Giuseppe Pin- 
demonte ; Maria Simonc Poppi ; Carlo Rabbi ; Francesco 
It«di;GiampictroItiva; Romano Apostino Rohcrti; Ip- 
polito Rofisi ; Anton-Maria Salvini ; Salvino Sah-ini; 
Pionigio Andrea SancassAni Magnti ; Paolo Autnnio 
Saoi; Giuseppe Antonio Sassi ; Flamminio 8cni-sclli ; 
Pler-Fmnce*co Scotii; Carlo Sevctoli; Bernardo Spa- 
da ; Lconido Maria Spada; Girolamo Spolvcrini; Carlo 
Taroni; Giuseppe Maria Tommasi; Francesco Trezio; 
Giovan-Ccsurc Trczio ; Valerio TmnJ ; Maria Batista 
Vilelteiicb) ; Vitlore \ ittori ; Fraocvsco Maria della 
Volpe ; CiaDl'rancesco dclla Voipe ; CarlotVaocesco Zam- 
piccoli; Antoniu Zauipiuri; Canimilto Zampieri; Ippo- 
lito Zanelli; Antonio Zanlboni; Francesco Maria Za- 
DOlli; Glamhati«la Zappata ; Giammatt«o Zappata ; 
Giovanni Zucchetti. 

Shelf. No. 
BuELL, ^Y, B. Scripture names in Siamese. See 

.Tones, .T. T 3030.16 

BtJKFON, (i. Jj. L. de. Correspondance, recueillie et 

annotec par H. Nadault de BulTou. Paris, 

1860. 2v. S' 4703.10 

— Biscours sur la vie et les ouvrages de. [\'icq- 

d'Azyr. (Euvres, v. Ij 3720.11 

BuGARD, B. F. French and English questions on 

French grammar. Boston, 1833. 8q.32'' . .'40S9a.3d 
BUGENiiAGEN, J. Von beiden Sacramenten nem- 

licli dei- Taufle vnd dcs leibs vfi hints Jhcsu 

Christi. Wittemberg, 1531. snt4' *0064.22 

— Predigt iiber der Leich Martini Xutheri, See 

Mohnike, U. C. F 4237.11 

— Symboire ad illustrandam Bugenhagii in Danla 

commorationem. See flrUnter, B fi098.21 

RUGLK, Complete preceptor for the. Bnrditt, B. A. 8052.59 
BuHLE, .1. G. G«scluchtc derPhllosopliieundeiner 

kritischen Llteratur derselbeu. Gtittingen, 

1796-1804. 8v. in 9. sm.H' 5607.20 

Builder, The. An ilhistrated magazine for the 

architect, etc. Loudon, 1S43-G:J. 21v. f " . *3110.2 
Builder's and contractor's price-book for 1^01. Glh 

ed. Revised by G. II. Burnell. Loudon, 

1861. 12° 4034.19 

BuiLDixci. Donaldson, T. L. Handbook of speci- 
fications 4096.11 

— Morris, T. House for the suburbs 4102.21 

— Skillings, D. N. Illustrated catalogue Of por- 

table sectional buildings 4102.33 

BuiST, R. American flower garden directory. See 

Ilibbert, E. R 3834.13 

BUlau, F. Geheime Gescliicliten und riithselhafte 

Menschen. Leipzig, ISSO-fiO. 12v. 12" . . *2246.3 

— Geschichte Deiitschlauds von 1806-30. Ham- 

burg, 1842. 8* 4216.2 

BuLFixni, S. G. Poems. Charleston, 18:i4. 18'' . 2397.36 

BuLFiNCii, Thomas, M. J). Extracts and observa- 
tions [on Jolm HoUiday's] origin, etc. of the 
yellow fever. Boston, 1790. 8° . . . . *SLPpb.v.l.'19 

BULFINCH, Thomas. Select Psalms, with introduc- 

tions-aud notes. See Bible fi029a.4 

BULGAUiAN language, Notes on tiio grammar of 

the. Riggs, E 3034.36 

BULKLEY, C. H. A. Causes and consequences of 
slavery extension. A discourse, March 5, 
1854. Hartford, 1854. 8° B. 100.29 

BuLKLEY, E. A. Wars and rumors of wars. Ser- 
mon in Groton, April 21,- 1S61. Cambridge, 
1861. 8° 4310a.20 

Bullahd, Gen, Temperance and popery: an ad- 
dress at Ballstou Spa, Oct. 10, 1854. Albany, 
1854. 8' B.170.78 

Bullet, J. B. Recherches historiques sur les cartes 
k jouer, avec des notes critiques et interes- 
santes. Lyon, 1757. 16" 4001.21 

Bulletin des lois. See France. 

Bulletin gt^neral de therapeutique mddicale et 
chirurgicale. T. 1-03, 65. P:uis, 1832-63. 
40v. 8' *32fl5.1 

— - Same. Table des matieres contenues dans 

les vols. 49e-6rie. Paris, 18G2. 8" *3305.2 

Bulletin medical beige, publie sous la direction de 

J.R, Marinus. ler-7me livraison. Bruxelles, 

1836. 7v. in 3. 8" V. 1-7, Ser. 2e, of *5712.1 

Bullinger, H. Leben und ausgewahlte Schriften. 

Se«Pestalo22i,C 6045.9 

— De omnibus Sanctae Scriptural libris, eornnique 

pr3Est4intia et dignitate. See Bible 5417.4 

Bullitt, J. C. Review of Mr. Binney's pamphlet 
on '* The privilege of the writ of habeas cor- 
pus under the constitution." Pliiladelphia, 

1862. pp. 56. 8° *3635.I0 

Bullock, A. H. Address before the alumni, at 
Amherst college, .July 8, 1863. Boston, 1863. 
8" 4394.13 

— Relations of the educated man with American 

nationality. Address before the literary so- 
cieties of Williams college, Aug. 1, 1864. 
Boston, 1864. 8° 4390a.48 




Shelf. No. 

Bullock, A. H., contimied. 

Massachusetts and the war tax. .Speech in the 
Massachusetts house of representatives, 
April 10, 1S02. Boston, 1802. 8° 4310a.21, J. The Englisli expositor : being a com- 
plete dictionary of the English tongue. Re- 
vised and corrected by K. Browne, 14th ed. 
Dublin, 1731. 12° 45S0.27 

BULSTRODE, Sir K. Memoirs and reflections upon 
the reign of Charles i and Charles ii. Lon- 
don, 1721. 8° 2437.5 

BULWER, .Sir H. L. E. An autumn in Greece. 2d 

ed. London, 1820. 12° 3078.8 

— France, social, literary, political. New York, 

ia34. 2t. 8° 2600.28 

— - Same. 2d series. Monarchy of the middle 

classes. London, laSG. 2v. 12° 2600.29 

— The lords, the government, and the country. A 

letter to a constituent. 4th ed. London, 

IS30. 8° 2515.0 

BuMSTEAii, F. J. Pathology and treatment of ve- 
nereal diseases. Philadelphia, 1861. 8° . , *37"0.44 

BUNBURY, Sir H. Narratives of the great war with 

France, from 1709 to 1810. London, 1834. 8°. 4053.12 

BUNGENEB, L. F. Rome et la Bible. Manuel du 

controversiste evangelique. Paris, 1800. 12°. 3429.12 

— L'histoire,di8cour8aGenfeve, 1853. See Conf(?r- 

euces sur les principes de la foi rt'form<5e . . B. 117.0 
BUNINA, A. V. [Collection of poems. In Russian.] 

Saint Petersburgh, 1819-21. 3v.ini. 1.8° . 3036.2 
BUSKEK hiU, Battle of. Dearborn, II. Account of 

the 4355.26 

— Ellis, G. E. Orationincommemorationof the. 4355.20 

— Emmons, W. An historic poem 2397.15 

— Frothiiigham, K., jr. Command in the , . . 4.355.24 
Bunker hill monument, History of the. Packard, 

A. S 4355.21 

Busses, C.C.J. Geistlicher Liederschatz. Berlin, 

1832. 8° 6007.1 

— Die heiligc Leidensgeschichte und die stillo 

Woche. [With] LiturgielnMusikgesetzt,von 
S.Neukomm. Hamburg, 1841. 2v.ini. 8°. 0007.4 

— Hippolytusandhisage. London, 1852. 4v. 12°. 0040.8 

— Law of slavery in the United States. Boston, 

lSfi:l. pp. 12. 12° 5572.51 

— Bibelwerk rur die Cenieinde. , See Bible. 

Whole Bibles. German 6421.7 

— Bunsen's Bibelwerk nach seiner Bedcutung fUr 

die Gegenwart. 'Sre Haehring, B 5421.8 

BUNTINC, T. P. Life of .labez Bunting. Vol. 1. 

New York, 18.59. 12° 6558.8 

BuNYAN, J. I'ilgrim's progress. New ed., with a 

memoir, by J. M. llnre. London, 1800. 10°. 6447.9 

— Pilgrim's progress. CUimbridge, [ftlass.], 1804. 

16° y 5440.35 

— - Same. Part 1. Translated into Burmese. 

Istcd. Maulmain, 1810. 12° 6444.10 

— - Same. In modern Armenian. New York, 

1858. 10° 5447.38 

— - Same. In the Dakota hmguage. 'i'ranslated 

by S. R. Riggs. New York, n. d. 10° . . . 5447.30 
BUOMMATTEI, B. Delhi lingua tuscana [colla vita 
d'autorc scritta da (,. B. Ciisotti]. I\IiIano, 
1807. 2v. 8°. [Classic! ilaliani, v. 219, 22O].»*|808.3 

— DeclinnzionI de' verbi. [I'arenti. Opuscoll con- 

cernentl n lingua, ecc] 2785.23 

BuONACc; ^'ita hsreticorum. [Ach(5ry. Spioi- 

leglum, V. 13] 4152.7 

BuONAMici, or Buonainlco, L. Carmen de vita rus- 

tlca. [Knpiii. Ilortorum librl 4| 4008.28 

BUONAI-AliTK,.L Sacde Knme.i'crlten 1627. Trad. 

do Pltallen par N. L. B[onapartc]. Florence, 

1830. «° 2717.10 

JifK aUo : DonAparto. 

BuosAUROTi,rtr Ruonarniotl, F. Ossen-azlonl so- 
pra ulcuni frammentl dl vobI antlcht dl velro. 
Flrenze, 1710. 4° 40«1.2B 

BuoNAUKoTi, M. A.,ii vrcrhin. Rhnn raccolte da 

Mlchelagnolo »uo nipote. Flrenze, 102.1. 4", •4208.8 

Sbclf. No. 

Buonarroti, M. A,, i7 vecchio, continned. 

— Poesies, pr^ctJde^sd'une^tude, sur M. Vit- 

toria Colonna. See Lannau-Rolland, A. . . 2789.14 

— Michel-Ange. See Clement, C 4067.31 

Buonarroti, 51. A., it giornne. La tiera, e La tan- 

cia; con annotazioui di P. Fanfani. Firenze, 

ISi'O. p.8° 4764.11 

— II giudizio di Paride: favola. Flrenze, 1608. 

pp. 70 4°. [In cursive text] *4208.8 

BuoNFiGLi, G. C. Messana; descriptio. Ex Italico 
Latini; vertit J. L. Mosheim. [Grajvius. 
Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, V. 9] 4710.1 

BURAT, A. Le materiel des houillferes en France 
et en Belgique, [avec] vVtlas. Paris, 1860, 01. 
lv.S°. Iv. f° »3S.A.2 

BURCH, I. H. i-s. Mary W. Burch. See Beckwith, C. 3684.22 

BURCHARD, or Burckard, bishop of Wvrzburg. 
Vita S. Burchardi Herbipolensis episcopi, auc- 
tore anonymo. [Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 3, 
p. 1] 4140.3 

BUKCH.VRD, S. D. Providence in the w.or ; a thanks- 
giving discourse. New York, 1801. 8° . . . 4324.23 

BURCHiELLO, real name Domenico di Nanni." So- 

netti. [Gironi. Uaccolta di Uriel italiani] . 4808. S 

BuRCKii.\RDT, Jacob. Der Cicerone. Eine Anlei- 
tung zum Genuss der Kunstwerke Italieus. 
Basel, 1800. 3v. st|.10° 4099.24 

BURCKiiARDT, Joliann Ludnig. Viaggi in Arabia, 
Tr. da L. Vannelti. [Jlannocchi. Viaggi, 
V. 7] 2275.1 

BURDACII, C. F. Blickc ins Lcben. Leipzig, 1842- 

48. 4v. in 2. 8° 0105.4 

— Traite de physiologic. Traduit de I'Allemand, 

Bur la 2e ed., par A. J. L. .lourdan. Paris, 

18.37-41. 9v. 8° 3764.14 

BUKOER, 11. F. Memoir of the Rev. George Burder. 

New York, 1833. 8° 2447.18 

BURDER, W. Religious ceremonies. See Picart, B. 3632.7 
BuRDiTT, B. A. Complete preceptor for the bugle. 

lioston, n. d. pp. 24. obI.s° 8052.59 

— Comi)Iele preceptor for the cornopeon. Boston, 

n. d. pp. 24. obI.S° 8062.57 

— Complete preceptor for the sax-horn. Boston, 

n. d. pp. 24. obl.8° S052.53 

— The new (iermania; a collection of operatic 

airs, inarches, polkas, waltzes, etc. Boston, 

n. d. obl.4° 8043.25 

— Modern school for the drum, .^ec Reach, O.W. 8052.86 
BURDSALL, .J. The Christian not subject to the law 

of sin and death : a sermon. See Sermons on 
important subjects 6442.14 

Buret, A. E. Misere des classes laborieuses en 

Angleterre et en France. Paris, 1840. 2v. 8°. 4306.26 

Burger, P. De diis chivigeris. Diss, inaug. Altor- 

lii Noricorum, 1728. pp. 38. sm.4° 4103.40 

BUrgekkrkunp, Der. See Seidensticker, G. . . . 7231.1 

BUUGKSS, A. Questions for liible classes and Sun- 
day schools. lioston, IN'iS. 18° 6429a. 30 

Burgess, T. The Arabick alphabet; or, an intro- 
duction to the reading of Arabick. New 
Castle, 1WI9. ]ip.2n. 12° 3034.33 

— Remarks on the general tenourof the New Tes- 

tament, regarding the nature and dignity of 

.lesus Christ. .Salisbury, Is:il. pi>. 79. 8°. 3475.27 

I1i:rgks.s, W. p. Secret things and tilings re- 
vealed : a sermon. See Sermons on impor- 
tant subjects 6442.14 

BURGU, J. Dignity of human nature. Newcditlon, 
to which Is prefixed the life of the author. 
London, iro.'i. s° 3686.29 

IU"RGON, .1. W. Insi>lratiun and interpretation: 
seven sermons, being an answer to " Essays 
and reviews." London, 1861. 8° 3424.10 

— Letters from Home lofriends In England. Lon- 

don, 1802. 8° 2737.10 

Burgos, A. Deserl|illo ti'nw mollis Slcull, qui con- 

tlglt MIX xciu. Lai. vertit S. llavercanipus. 

[GrievluH. Thos. antlq. Itul., T. 10, v. U] . . 4710.1 
Burooyne, Gen. John. Dranialic obseivallons. 

SeeHnyley, W 2676.42 




Shoir. No. 

BURQOYNE, Gen. Jolin, continued. 

— The lord of the mnnor, a comic oporn; The 

heiress, a comedy; The mnid of the oaks, a 
dramatic cnterhiinim-Tit ; Itichard Cmir dc 
lion, transhitcd from the Kri-nch of Sedaine. 
[Jones. British theatre, v. s] 4575.20 

— The maid of ttii' oaks, altered into an after-piece. 

[Collection of farces, v. ft] 2575.36 

BuRGOYNK, Gen. John F. Military opinions; col- 
lected and edited by G. Wroltesley. London, 
1S59. 8' 3953.26 

Contents. — "Sational <lcf«fuce9; 
and Crimvn; Mllltttry maxiuiB, pi 

Tlio «ar in tho Baltio 

BuRGrv, G. F. fJranimaire de la langue d' OH, ou 
grammaire des dialrctes fran^ais aux xiie ct 
Xllle sitcles. Jierlin, 18o:t-50. 3v. 8" . . . 2085,7 

Burke, E. Works. Boston, 1839. 9v. 8* , . . . *2572.6 

CoH/cnM. — Vr.1. I, Viiulication of nnttiral society; 
I'tiiloHophicnl iii<)iiiryiiito the oripin of our ideas of tho 
sublime and boitutlfiil, with an introductory diacourso 
concerning tasto ; Short account of a lato short adniin- 
istrution; Observations on a lato publication, entitled. 
The present Btato of tho nation ; Thoughts on the causo 
of the present diseontente ; Speech on Americou taxa- 
tion. II. Speech at Bristol, 1774; Speech on moving 
resolutions for eonciliulion with America ; Letter to 
the shcritTs of Bristol, ou tho affairs of America ; Letters 
on tho bill relative to tho trade of Ireland; Speech on 
presenting to the house of commons a plan for the bet- 
tor security of the indei)cn<lonce of parliament, and tho 
oconomtcnl refonnatioaof the civil and other establish- 
ments; Speech at Bristol previous to tho election, 1780; 
Speech at Bristol on declining the poll; Speech on tho 
East India bill ; A representation to his majesty, moved 
In the house of commons, June 14, 17H4 ; Speech ou tho 
nabob of Arcot's debts ; Appendix to the precedlnff 
speech. III. Substancn of tho Speech on the army esti- 
mates, 1790; Reflections on the revolution in France, and 
on the proceedings of certain societies in London rela- 
tive to that event ; Letter to a member of the national 
ussembly ; Appeal from the new to the old whigs ; Let- 
ter to n peer of Ireland, on tho penal laws against Irish 
catholiea; Letter on the Roman catholics of Ireland, and 
tho propriety of admitting them to tho elective fran- 
chise. IV. Hints for a memorial to bo delivered to 
Monsieur de SI. M.; Thoughts on French affairs; lie- 
murks ou the policy of tho allies with respect to Franco; 
Heads for consideration on the present state of affairs; 
Appendix ; Observations on the conduct of the minority, 
in a letter addressed to the duke of Portland and lord 
Fitzwilliam; Preface to the address of M. Brissot to his 
constituents ; Appendix ; Letter to W. Elliot, occasioned 
by a speech made in the house of lords; Thoughts and 
details ou scarcity ; Letter to a noble lord, on the attacks 
made upon him and his pension ; Three letters addressed 
to a member of the present parliament on tho proposals 
forpcace with the regicide directory of France. V. Letter 
to W. Elliot ; Letters on a regicide peace ; Letter to tho 
empress of Russia; Letter on the Irish Sljsentee tax; 
Letter on the American war; Letter on a proposed se- 
cession from parliament of members who had opposed 
the American war; lYoposcd address to the king, on tho 
same subject; Address to the British colonists in North 
America ; Letter on a bill for the relief of his majesty's 
Roman catholic ijubjects in Ireland; Letters in vindica- 
tion of the author's parliamentary conduct, relative to 
the hffairs of Ireland; Letters, with reflections on the 
executions of the rioters in 1780; Letter, ivJth a sketch 
of a negro code; Letter on the duration of parliaments, 
and a more equal representation of tho people ; Tracts, 
relative to the laws against popery in Ireland; Letters, 
on the same subject ; Letter on the affairs of Ireland, 
1737; Fragments and notes of speeches in parliament; 
Hints for an essay on the drama; An abridgment of 
English history. VI. Ninth report from the select com- 
mittee appointed to take into consideration the state of 
the administration of Justice in the provinces of Bengal, 
Bahar, and Orissa; Internal trade of Bengal; British 
government in India; Eleventh report ou the state of 
the administration of justice in the provinces of Bengal, 
Bahar, and Oriua; Articles of charge of high crimes 
and misdemeanors against Warren Hastings. VII, VIII. 
Speeches on the imprschment of Warren Hastings. IX. 
Account of tho European settlements in America; 
Epistolary correspondence of Burke and Dr. French 

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Shelf. No. 

Burke, E., continued'. 

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Xt'-tc. — No title-page, colophon, pagination, or signa- 
turLs. In Gothic type, having 89 leaves, each of 31 
lines. If full. 

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See aUo: Karen. 

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Contents. — Vol. I, II. Justi Lipsii, et ad oum virorum 
eruditorum, epistola;; Clarissimorum et docti^simorum 
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I. Vossii, J. Ulitii, A. Slichteuhorstii, V. Fabricii, E. 
Spanhemii, ot H. Wallil epistolo: maxlmam partem 
mutUKj. IV. N. Heinsii, J. G. Grtcvii, et J. Perizonii 
epistolfe. V. N. Heinsii et virorum eruditorum, in 
Suecia, Germania, Belgio, Italia, et Guttia epistolte 
mutuo) et N. Heinsii ad Christinam augustam regi- 
nam Suecin;. 

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— Builder's and contractor's price book for 1861. 

See Builder's, etc 4034.19 




Sholf. No. 

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(7ow«««. — Vol. in. Via^o dalla foce dell' Indo a 
Lahora, Inwl. da D. Agostini. IV. Viapgno da Uollii a 
Lahora, Cabul, Khanduz, Dalkh c Bukhara, e uella 
Turcoiuania nel Khorasan ed in Persia ; Rvlazionc sttlla 
geografia, ecc. dell'Asia Ccnlnilo; Mcmoria suU' Indo, 
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History of the rights of princes in the disposing 

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*4241.2, and42f«.4 

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Trial of. See Boston slave riot B.liiO.llO 

Weiss,.!. Sermon after tlie rendilion of . . .6088.180 

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centenary of the birlhday of Robert Burns, 
Jan. 25, 1859. With an luldress by J. Wil- 
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_ Celebration of the hundredth anniversary of 

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7mnp.H. 4° .39.M.0 

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byT. Dl'ck. New Ynrk, Kll. 12" 7029.43 

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York, 1863. 12° ;i02fl.30 

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(Jeorge Washington, Feb. 22, 1832. I'orls- 
ninnlll, N. H., I8:i2. 8' •rph.v.380 

Sholf. No. 

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1817. 8° 0088.212 

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by lit. Rev. T. ('. Urownell. From the New 

I'.nglandi-r.] Ilurtlord, 1814. 8° •rph.v.379 

Society and religion: a sermon for Ciililornia, 

di'liveri'il .luly (1, 1856, at San Fratu'isco. llart- 

foi-d, 18.V.. 8° 54ll)a.28 

— Speech for Connecticut. An historical estimate 

of the state, delivereil In New lirituiii, June 

4, 1851. Ilartfiu-d, 1851. 8° 43S5.1I 

— [" God in CInlst." What does Dr. llusbndl 

nienii 1 From the New York evangelist.] 
Iliolliinl, 1849. 8° 5140a.2S 




„ Sholf. No. 

BUSHNKLI,, H., continued. 

— Kevii'w of Biislini'll's thcorips of tlio inciiniiition 

ami ntoiu'iiu'iit. Sn riirnlnill, 1! 5450a. 8 

— [Keview of " Christian liiirtuif." From tllc 

New KiiglamiiT, V. 0.] ii.p., ii.d. 8°. 60S8."0 
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[Fironze], l.vj'.). iip. 19. 8° 471.1.7 

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Firuuzf, 1801. pp. m. 8° 4713.7 

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BusoNK dadulibio. SeeBosoue. 

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Iv. in 2. 8° 6075.2 

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Bonliours.] Nouv. ed. Paris, 1700. 4v. 12° .4709a. 4 

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Ixtlilxochitl sidla crudelta dei conquistatori 

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and results of the war. Speech, New York, 
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— How to prosecute and how to end the war. 

Speecli, New York, April 2, 1803. [No title- 
page.] 8° 4310a. 22 

— Correspondence on a conflict of military author- 

rities. 5ee Andrew, J. A 4390a.l9 

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delphia, KfA. 12° 4347.45 

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monarchic or the histori of bee's. Oxford. 

1634. sm.4° 3896.25 

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Catliolic church," against the Kev. G. Town- 
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— Sermon, .Tuly 1, 1852, at the funeral of Hon. 

Henry Clay. See United States. Miscella- 
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Hartford, 1821. 3v. 8° 4325.4 

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before the Second congregational church and 
society in Danvcrs, Mass., July 18, 1852. Sa- 
lem,' 1852. 8° 4390a.54 

— Incentives to mental culture among teachers. 

Boston, 1852. pp. 33. 12° 4390a.54 

— Make known what you know, or teaching pro- 

motive of self culture. [From an uupublished 
' oration.) n. p., iKTiO. pp.4. 8" 4390a. 54 

— Kemarks at the dinner of the semi-centennial 

celebration of Jliddlebury college. n.p.,n.d. 

pp. 8. h° 4390a. 54 

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during the obsequies of T. B. Ransom, p'eb. 22, 

1848. Hanover and Windsor, 1848. 8°. . . 4.390a. 54 

^ . Sholf. No. 

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stilntion and course of nature, [with] two 
dissertations. 3d ed. London, 1740. 8°. . 6025.27 

— - Same. And select sermons. Edinburgh, 

l'^'"- l*!' 34«6.24 

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London inlinnary, March 31, 1748. Newcas- 
tle-upon-Tyne, 1751. 8° . . *Pph.v.346 

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ccllanU-H, etc. 

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don ed., mth additions, by B. B. Edwards. 
Philadelphia, 1838. 12° 2236.23 

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See Cole, G 4289.43 

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See Cass, L li.lOOb.lOO 

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From 11th London ed. Philadelphia,l.S30. 18°. 7009.38 

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der Schmetterlinge 3895.10 

— Schott,J..J. Verzeichnessaller Schmetterlinge 

welche in Deutscliland bekaunt sind .... 3896.23 

See also: LycnMAdrc. 

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[Vicq-d'Azyr. O^uvres, v. 3] 3720.11 

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Ai'aypa(pri'EX\a6os. [Diss. acad.] Numburgi, 
ISia. pp. 60. 4° B.190.53 

— Nachtrag zur Abhandlung iiber die unter dem 

Namen des Diciiarch iiberlieferte Avnypatpij 
Ti)5 'EXiitSoi. [Diss, acad.] Prenzlau, 1835. 

pp. 16- 4° 4163.29 

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— - Same. Translated, with additions, by E. 

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506. 8° B.170a.92 

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pp. 48. sm.8° **2988.7 

— Museum antiquitatisstudiorum. SeeWolf,F.A. 4955.8 

— Museum der Alterthums-Wissenschaft. See 

Wolf, F. A 4955.9 

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be produced or prevented, by our present sys- 
tem of prison discipline. London, 1818. 8°. 3575.31 

— Binney, T. Sketch of 2546.17 

— Garwood, ,T. Funeral sermon for 5440a. 53 

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Bibliorum Hebraicae. Ace. nov.x concordau- 

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— Lexicon Hebraicura et Chaldaicum, cum brevi 

lexico Rabbinlco. Basileas, 1807. [No title- 
page.] sm.8° *4119.]1 

— Lexicon Chaldaicum, Talmudicum et Rabbini- 

cum. Ba.silea;, 1640. f° *4120.1 

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philologico-theologicK. Access. I. Abarben- 
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Cnnteiif-*. — D« lingua- Hfbrtejr origine ct antiquitato ; 
Do ejus confuaione et pluriura lineunrum orifdne ; De 
llliua con.servatione ct propagatiouc; Do litcranim He- 




Sheir. No. 

BuxTORF, Johnnn, continued. 

braicanun gcnuina antiquitstc; De nominibas Do! Ho- 
bralcis; De ooeiiic Dominica; prima- ritiljus et fonaa; 
Vindicifc prffccdentis disseHatiom»; Do lolione ma- 
nuum JudaicA nnto ot post cibum; Acccsserunt I, 
* Abarbanelis, aliquot clogritiitvs ct cniditaj disserta- 
tiones; De longic^'itntG primorum patruni; Dc statu 
et jure regio ; De Judicum et Regum in V. T. convonien- 
tiis ct differontiis; De tniraculosa stationc solis tempore 
Josa^e; De peocato Davidis numernDtis populum; Do 
nomine Mosis; De idololatriip speciobus, (luamm in SS. 
Uteris mentio; De librorom Bit)licorum divisioae. 

— Exercitationes ad historian! Veteris Testamenti. 

BasUeiB, ]C59. 4" *6027.7 

ConUnia. — Aica fcedcris ; Ignis sacer et ctslestia; 
Urim ct Thnmmim ; Hanna ; Petra in deserto ; Ser- 
pens teneus. 

BUXTORFF, A. J. Supplement. See Ncu-vermehr- 
tes liistoricb- uuti geographisches allgemeiues 
Lexicon 41G0.2 

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gaise. Precedes d'un precis de sa vie et de 
rt'chorches historiques sur les Giroudins, pur 
M. Guadet. Paris, 1823. 8° 4G42.24 

Btnkeksuoek, C. van. Opera omnia [jus Ronia- 
num spectantia]. Lugduni Batavomm, 1707. 
2v. V *4291.8 

Contenis. — Vol. I. Observation urn juris Romaut libri 
viii ; De rebus mancipi et nee mancipi ; De jure occi- 
dendi, vendeudi, et cxponeudi libcroe apud veteres Ro- 
manos; GerardiNoodt amica responsiu, cum notis Bya- 
kcTshock; De cuitu religionis peregrino: apud vcterca 
Ronianos; Do captatoriis institution! bus ; De legatis 
poena; nomine. II. De rcbu;* ereditis si cert, pet.; Dis- 
sertatio de pactis juris strict!, contructibus incoutiuentl 
a^j^ctis; De auctore nuctoribusque authenlicarum (quaa 
rocant) diatribn; Conteiilio Hternria cum A. A. Pagon- 
■tocher, de nuctoro auctoribusque authenticarum; Do 
Icgrc Rhodta de jautu, liber siugularis ; Dc doniinio maris, 
disaertatio ; Dc foro Icgaloruiu, tam in causa civili, qunm 
criminal!, liber singiiliiris; Qua<stionum juris publiui, 
libri duo ; Qufcstionum juris privati, libri quatuor. 

— Opera minora. Ed. 2a. Lugd. Biitav., 1752. 4°. 4303.4 

Contents. — De rebue crcditis ei cert, pet., libor singu- 
laris; Diasortatio de pactis, juris strict! contractibus in- 
continent! ndJectis; De auctore auctoribusvo authenti- 
carum (quaa vocant) dtatriba; Contentio litoraria cuni 
AU-xanilru A nioldo ragen-stecbcr, nnteccsRoro Juris Gro- 
nlngiano, do auctoro aiictoribusvo Butlu'nttcarum; Do 
lege Hhodia de jnctii, liber singularis; Dlaserlatlo do 
Qomlnio maris; T>v foro Icgntorum, tam In causa civlll, 
qunm erlminaU, libcr slngulnris. 

— OpuRcula varii argumcnti. Ed. 3a, Lugduni 

Batavorum, 1752. 4° 4303.3 

CotuetiU. — I'rirtermissa ail L. y. D. do orlgino juris; 
Do rcbua mancipi et nuc mancipi; Do Jura orcidcndl, 
vendendl, ot exponcndt llbvroH apud votcren Ilunianon; 
Do cuItu religtonln pon-grlna- apud veteres Koniitnos; 
DocaptutoriiiilnHtitutionlbue; Dulc^utittpiL-uii'uonilne. 

— Cura; gecundai dc jure oceidendi et expouondi 

liberos apud veteres Itomanos. [Cum G. 
Noodt andca responsione.] Lugduni Bata- 
vorum, 174U. 4* 4303.3 

— ObtJcrviitiouuiii juris Romani libri iv, i|Uiituor 

prioribu!) udditi. Ed. 2a. Lugd. Batuv., 

1762. 4" 4303.2 

— - Samo. Ed. 3a. Lugd. Rntav., 1752. 4". . 4303.1 

— Qua-Mtionuni juris privati libri iv. Lugduni Ba- 

tuvoruMi, 17.VJ. 4' 4303. « 

— (2u.'i'>»ti()uuui jurlf* jmbtiui libri II, Ed. 2a. Lug- 

duui Batavorum, 1752. 4° 4303.5 

— Trnitt' du juge compr'teiit des anibiiRsadeurs. 

Trad, pur .1. Barbejrac. A la Ilaye. 1723. 8°. .3010.15 
Byhnk, M. Meiiioir.'<. IvHted liy bis widiiw. Turls, 

1S03. 3v, 8" 25M.4 

Byrnk, (). Dual uritlimetfc. A new art. London, 

JWW. 8^ 3930.29 

— rractical nietul-workerV aHwif^lnnt. New ami 

ri-v.<Ml.,wltbiMl<lifiuiiH. l'bilMd<-l|)bia,I^<'rt. 8". 5H00a.1 
Byron, G.G.N., /on/. I'oeiuH. N. York, 1817. 10''.45(iWa.27 

e7onl^*i/'. — Chlldn llnniM'* pllgrlmiige, canto 111 i 
I'litonfr of Cblllon t Honiiol ] HiAnr.nii ; liarkncKH ; 
Chiirchlir* Rrave; 1'lic dream; Tliu Incaiitotlun ; i'ru- 

Shelf. No. 

Byron, G. G. N., lord, continued, 

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See also: Constantinople, Greek empire. 

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ct Lusitaiuim. In hac ;ta ed., corrcctuin a 
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I'Ancien Testament. Paris, 1732. Gv. 16". B. 117. 11 

Note. — Smvant quolquos personnes, lo fond do eet 
ouvra^ est du celobro abbo Loi^rroB, ou pluttJi do l'abb& 
Rogic r .—Querard. 

CACARifc. Alias du mineur et du met-aHurgiste. 

5(vBeau, F 38.C.1 

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na. Parnaso espanol, V. 4] 3104.19 

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Grynants, S 4160.8 

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der engliseben UUeu Ausgabe Ubersetzt. 

Frankfurt, 1772. 18" 3799,19 

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the same causes. Phihi., 1772. pp.50. 8°.*i'\l.Pi)h.v.l39 
C-KC'iMi'S, L., sujipost'd (tiithor. I^ibcr de niortibus 

perserutorum. .S'cc Lactanlius, L. C. F. . . 00.39.8 
C.iiCii.ii'.s ytatius. Fraginentii, eum vita, ex P. 

Crinito. [(iotlfried. Corpus oiun, vet. poet.] B.191.9 
C.KDMON. Biblische Itichtungeu, [and] <'iu augel- 

siicli^^ischcs (Jlossar von C. W. Bouterwek. 

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Caen, Fontaines publiques de la vlJle de. Tra* 

vers,.! lOdo. lu 




• Sboir. No. 

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]5'.»5. sm.2r *B. 179a. 25 

— - Same. Accesscrunt annotationes S. Clarke. 

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Xoee.~Tho ciphth hoi)k Dp hello Onlllco, ond Iho 
lliiitf^ry of ihe Alfxnmlrini', Afric-an, ami Spanish w«rB, 
ore »h(tIIh>i1 to Aulun Hirthis. — .SwiaA'a dictionary of 
Grtfk and Latin hiot/raphy, elf. 

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F. Oiidendorpil. Notis Aufrlic^ illust. studio 

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C-KSAR Strabo Vopiscus.C.J. Keliquia. [Uibbeck. 

Tragicorum Latinorum reliquia?] B.199.4 

C.£SARIUS, St. Dialog! iv, quibus continentur ex- 
plicAtiones quarundam quastionum de rebus 
gravibus. [Ma.ximabibliotb. vet. patr., v. 5]. B.110.2 

A'otr. — fiood authorities deny that these dialo^cs ars 
tho writioga of Ctcsarius. 

C-3ESARIITS, bishop Of Artes. Ad populum in Qua- 
dragesima homiliie XLVi; Exhortatio ad te- 
nendam vel custodiendam charitatem; Epis- 
tola ad quosdara Germanos; De decern virgi- 
nibus; Regula sanctimonialium. [Maxima 
btblioth. vet. patr., V. s] B.110.2 

— Honiiliac xiv ; Sermo de decern virginibus ; Ad- 

monitio, ad eos qui uxores habentes, adulte- 
ria committere non erubescunt; Epistola ad 
C^esariam; Epistola ad virginem Deo dedica- 
tam. [Maxima biblioth. vet. pair., V. 27] . . B.110.2 

A'o(«- — Upwards of a hundrod sermons once attribated 
to Augustin, are now ascribed to Cteaariua. 

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8holf. No. 

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Joannis Galeacii cum Isabella Aragona, Fer- 
dinandi Neapolitanorum regis nepte; Nuptise 
Maximiliani, imperatoris jam designati, cum 
Blanca, Joannis Galeacii Mediolanensium 
ducis sorore; Nuptia? Ludovici Marife cum 
Beatrice, Alpbonsi Estensis sorore, vicissim- 
que Alphonsi cum Anna, Ludovici nepte. 
[Graevius. Tbes. antiq. Ital., T. 2, p. 1] . , 4710.1 

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dadas a hiz por J. J. Keil. Leipsique, 1837- 
30. 4v. 1.8° *4250.15 

Contents. — Vol. 1. Vida de Calderon, por J- de Vera 
Towa y Vinarroel ; Comedias: La vida ea aucfio; Casa 
con doB puertas mala es de guurdar; E) purgatorio da 
Snii Potricio ; La gmn Ccnobia ; La devocion du la cruz ; 
Lo puente de Mantibie ; Saber dc-l mal y del bien ; Lan- 
ces de amor y fortune ; La dama duende; Pcorestaque 
CBlaba; El siiio de firedd; El prliicipe constante; El 
mayor cncanto amor; El galau fantasma; .ludaa Mac- 
abeo; £1 medico de eu honra; Argenis y Pollarco; La 
Virgen del sacrario; El mayor monstruo loa zetoa; 
Hombre pobre todo estrazas; A secreto apravio eecreta 
vcnpanza; El aatrologo fingido; Amor, honor y poder; 
Los trcs mftyores prodigios, con loa; En cBta vida todo 
es verdad y todo mentira; El maestro de danzar; Ma- 
fianas dc Abril y Alayo. IL Loa hijos de la fortuna ; 
Afectofl do odio y amor; La hija did aire, p. 1 and 2; Nl 
amor se libra de amor; El laurel de Ajiulo ; La purpura 
de )a rosa, con loa; La flero, el rayo y la piodra; Tam- 
bien hay dm-lo en las damas; El postrcr duelo de Es- 
paua; Eco y Nareiso; El monstruo de los jardinca; EI 
gran principe de Fez ; El encanto sin cncanto ; La niua 
de Gomez Arias; El hijo de sol Facton ; La aurora en 
Copacabana; EI conde Lucanor; Apolo y Ciimcne; EI 
golfo dc Ins sirenas ; Finezn contra fineza ; Uado y divi- 
sa ; Los doa amantea del cielo ; Mugcr, llora, y venceraa. 
III. Agradecer y no amar; De una causa doa efectos; 
/.Cual es mayor perfeccion? El jardin de Falerina; No 
hay burlas con el amor; Gustos y disgiistos sod no maa 
que imaginacion ; Aniigo, amante y leal ; Basta caller; 
La Sibila del Oriente; Fortunaa de Andromeda y Per- 
seo ; El .Tuscf dc las mugeres ; Los empef^oa dc un acaso ; 
Primero soy yo; La estatua de Prometco; El secreto & 
Tocea; Dar tiempo al tiempo ; El mfigico prodigioao; 
Mejor estd que estaba; Fieras ofcmina amor, con loa; 
I>lchB y desdicha del nombre ; Para veneer a amor, que- 
rervencerlo; Auristela yLisidante; Fuego de Dios en 
el querer bicn; El segundo Bcipion; La exaltaeion do 
la cruz; No hay cosa como callar; Zelos aun del aim 




Sbflf. Ko. 

Calderon de la Barca, P., coniimied. 

matan ; Mnnafin seraotro dia. IV. Darlo todo, v no dar 
nada ; La desdictia de la voz ; El pintor de su dc&honra ; 
El alcalde de Zulamoa : El eecondido y la tapnda; La 
cUtna de Inglalerra; Las mnnos blancns no oft-nden; 
Los cabellos de Absalon; No siomprc lo pcores cierto; 
Lae cadvnas del denionio ; Los trcs afoctos de amor ; La 
bandn y la flor; Con quien vengo vvngo; Guurdate de 
la n^nia tnansa; £1 alcaide de d mismo; Luis Terex el 
Gallcfo; Antes que todo cs mi dnnia ; Liis amias do In 
faermosura ; Amado y nboircrido ; La sefiora y la criada ; 
Kadie fie su serrcto; Las tres juslioias en una; Amur 
despues de la muerte ; Vn castipo en trcs; 
Duelos dc amor yl«altad; Cefalo y Poeiis; El castillo 
de Lindabridis; Bien vengas, mal, si vienes solo; Cuda 
uno para si. 

— Love the greatest enchantment; The sorceries 

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sm.4*' 3093.11 

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Caled filius Jazichi. See Khalid Ben Yezid. 

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and services of 4390a. 23 

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1833. 8' 4390a.2 

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new cabinet and observatory of Amherst col- 
lege. ,SVe Amherst 4387.23 

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SeeaUo: Color-printini^. 

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2d, 3d, fith-Uth session. [With appendix of 
documents,] yacrameuto, 1851, C2, 54-60. 
I5v, h" *fi408,l 

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Sacrnmento, 1851, 52, 54-60. 14v. h" . . . . *frl0r.l 

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Sacramento, [lNi2], 03. 2v. 8' *(V409.1 

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■ theyearlN'iH,.'.!!. Sacramento, 1859,00. 2 v. 8°. *6409.6 

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SeeaUo: Han Fraiicliico. 

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— Voarlno. Treatise on .'U»91,9 

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HioneH IV in S. .laeidtnm iipoMlulum. [Max- 
ima biblioth. vet. patr., V. 2Uj II. 110.2 

Shelf. No. 

Callan, J. F. Military laws of the United States. 

[2d ed.] rhiladelpliia, 1803. 8° 3635.12 

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agcF to the southern hemisphere, during the 
sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centu- 
ries. Edinburgh, 170IV-68. 3v. 8" 6203.10 

Callao. Earthquake at Callao, on the 2Sth of Oc- 
tober, 1740. Se^ True and particular relation. 4308. 1 

Callcott, J, "W. Musical grammar. Boston, n.d. 

12° 4049,63 

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or, abuses in the government, from 10.hs to 
the present time. Fart 1. 3d ed. riiiladel- 
phia, 1795. 8° . . 4326.39 

— Sketches of the history of America, Fhiladel- 

phia, 1798. 8° . • 4327.1 

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Chine depuis son origine jusqu'ii la prise de 

Nankin. Paris, 1853. 12° 4245.24 

Calliaciii, N. See Poleui, G. Utriusque thes. 

autiq. supp., v, 3-5 2970.7 

Contents. — Vol. III. Dissertatio de gladiatoribus; 
Eisserlatio de stippliciis aen-orum. IV. DIsscrtatio de 
Osiridc; Dissortntio de sacris Eleu^lnU et eorumdem 
niyateriis. V. Diesertatio de ludis acenicis niimuruin ot 
pautomimorum ; Dissertatio de Circensibus ludis. 

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neke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B. 162.8 

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1761 [da P. GaggiaJ. Brescia, 1820. 8" . . *4205.19 

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iecta poet. Gr., v, 1] B.162,7 

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N. Frischliuo. [Lect. Poetie Gra;ci, v. IJ . 4200,7 

— Hymui et epigrammata, Gra!c6. See Orpheus. B. 169a. 3 

— Hymnus in Jovem, Gr. et Lat. See Vorst, J. . B.109,6 

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Les i)etits pofcmes Grecs.] B.161.2 

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Gr.. V, 1] B. 162.7 

Callippus. Paunychidis fragmentum. [Meineke. 

Fragm. com. Gr., v. 5] B. 102.8 

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tischeu Grunde ruhenden Religionsphiloso- 
phie. Schleswig, 1850. pp.07. 8° 0OS8.104 

Callisthenics. Pseudo-Kallisthenes, aus dem 
Griechist^hen iibersetzt. See Lamprccht der 
PfatVe. Alexander, v. 2 2900.35 

CALHSTkatus Sophista. Uescriptio statuarum, 

Gra;c6 et Latint. Kee Philostratus 4190,5 

Calm and dispassionate enquiry into the (luestion 
of the Chesapeake, and the ncrc.-isity and ex- 
pediency of war. By a Yankee farmer. Bos- 
ton, 1807. pp. 43, 8' 4355.34 

Calmicil, J. L. F. Trait(5 dea maladies inflarama- 

toires du cerveau. Paris, 1859. 2v. 8° . . . 3801.10 

— I>or Wahnsinn in den ^icr lei/len .lahrhunder- 

ten. Kaeh dem Fraii/.usisehen, von R. Leu- 

bnscher, lialle, 1848. 8' 4205.9 

Calmpck language. VocabulariumCalnuicko-Mun- 

galicum. Strahlenherg, P. J. v 4253.0 

CALokk;. Cooper, C. C. Identity of caloric and 

electricity 3960.19 

— Metcalf, S. L. Caloric in the i»henoniena of 

nature 390O.fl 

See alno: Host. 

CALPCRNiifS Flaccus. Sec Flaccus, C. 
CALri;nNirsSiculus,T. Bncolicon carmen, onmvitn 

aP.Crlnlto. [GotllVied. Corpus vet. poet. J . B.191.9 
Cah'so, or Valperpa di Ciduso, T. Delia poesfa 

llbrMre. Torino, IHOO. 4° **2I96.11 

— De Thoma Vali)erga Calusio. See Boucheron, 

C. K. M 2745.11 

Calvahy: n poem. Cnmberland, R 2567.0 

Calvkut, (i. II. Count Jullau; a Irngedy. Balll- 

more, IHIO. i>p. 00. 12" ... *4163.3 

— IHustratloiiH of phrenology ; a selection. Bal- 

timore, 1832. 12'. . . 3000.29 




6hulf. No. 

Calvert, G. n., continued. 

— Oration on the fortieth anniversary of the bat- 

tle of J. nkc Erie. i.'ii ed. I'rovitience, lh54. H". io'22Ai 

— Scenes and tliou^hts in Europe, [ItviiMiJ, 60, 

5lJ. New ed. Boston, IWU, '^v. lli' . . . 2277.17 
Calvin, J. [Geneva catechism, transhited into He- 
brew, by Treniellius. Reprinted.] London, 
u.d. S' .■ *6Q05.22 

Jfott. — "This catccIjUm wan first tlrftnn up in Fri'nch 
and Latin. It wus Ht^fovnnU ]>u1ilislit'<l in ttiv<.;vnnnn, 
Bdirlc, Spanish, and SL-otch lan^niuiTt^'H. Trcmi'llio tmns- 
lnt*>i) It hilo llvl)r«w, anil Hi-nry btvphcua into Grevk." 
— Tounff. rateario, v. 1, p. SUA. 

— - Same. [Uebriiisch und Hebraisch-Drutsch] 

von I. Treinellins!. London^ IHIH. 12° . . . 3452.21 
^ Instituzion relijiosu, tr«(hizi<hi a Caslillano por Valera. 8egunda vez inipresa, en el nds- 
mo nuniero de piijiiias. Madrid, iSo-S. 6" . 550.1.30 

— Common prayer-book. [IMu-iiix, v. 2]. . . . 4157.1 

— Commentarii in Evangella et Acta Apostolo- 

rum. 5et Bible. (Jospels B. 140. 13 

— In vigiuti prima Ezecbieiis capita prielec- 

tiones. See Bible. Single books of the Old 
Testament 5420.14 

— Reponse a. Jacques Sadolet. SeeCbarpenne, P. 3527.14 

— Ungedruckte Briefe. See Schlosser, F, C. . . 0000.11 

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— Henry, I*. Life and times of 3555.12 

— Tischer, J. F. W. Leben, MeiDungen und 

Tluiten V. 3of6050a.2 

Calvinism, Remarks on. Jones, J 5443.6 

Calvixi.'^m of the Frotestant dissenters asserted. 

Palmer, S 4163.15 

Calvor, C. Saxonia inferior antitjva gentilis et 

cbi-istiana, das ist Das alte heydnische und 

christiicheXiederSachsen. GosIar,1714. f°. *4240.2 
Calvus, C. L. M. Fragmenta, cum vita, ex P. 

Crinito. fGottfried. Corpus vet. poet.]- . B.101.9 
Casiara, or Camurra, L. De Teate antique, Mar- 

rucinonini in Italia metropoli. [Graevius. 

Thes. autiq. Ital., T. », p. 5J 4710.1 

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dell' autore da C. Jlinntoii. Lucca, 1855. 8°, 2773.16 
Cambiano di Ituffia, G. Historico discorso al ser. 

Filippo Emanuele tli Savoia. [Sardinia. 

Hist, mouura., V. 7] 4800.1 

CAMBOmA, Travels in, 1858-60. Mouhot, A.H. . . 5046.1 
Cambkay Digny, L. G. de. Mouuraenti sepolcrali 

della Toscana. See Benvenuti, P 2740.9 

CAMBRIDoe, Eng. Universify. Astronomical ob- 
servations made at the observatory, by G. B. 

Airy and J. Challis, for 1828-54. Cambridge, 

182lMil. lOv. 4° **E.150.1 

— Calendar for 1818, 29, Cambridge, 1818, 29. 2v. 

lb' 2490.31,32 

— Essays, by members of the university. 1855, 

5S. London, [1856,59]. 2v. 8" 2555.16 

— Cooper, C. H. Athenae Cantabrigienses . , , 2490.15 

— Gilbert, R. Fellowships, etc., at 2400.34 

— Guide through the university 2490.29 

— Letters from Cambridge, illustrative of the 

studies, etc., of the nuiversity 2490.21 

— Potts, R. Liber Cantabrigiensis 2490.38 

— White, W. Year-book and university almanack 

for 1863 2487.21 

CAMBRinr.E, Mass. Almanac and business direc- 
tory for 1H47, by George Adams. Boston, 
1847. pp. &s. 18° 2389.32 

— Directory and almanac for 1848, 52, 51, 57,59, by 

J. Ford [and others]. Cambridge, 184S-59. 

5v. sra.lO' 4389.1 

— Mayor's address at the organization of the city 

government, and reports, for 1847-49, 51-55. 
Cambridge, 1847-<V3. 2v. 8* 4358.8 

— Hai*rard coUeffe. Addresses at the inaugura- 

tion of E. Everett, as president, April 30, 

1846. Boston, 1846. 8° 4387.4 

— - Addresses at the inauguration of J. Sparks, 

as president, Juue 20, 1849, Camb., 1849. b°. 4129.7 

Shelf. No, 

Cambridge, Mass.., Harvard collcfie^ continued. 

— - Addresses at the inauguration of J. Walker, 

as president, 3Iay 24, 1853. Cambridge, 

1853. 8' H129.14 

— - Addresses at the inauguration of (-.('. Fel- 

ton, as president, July 19, 1860. Cambriilge, 

1860. 8* 4387.3 

— - Addresses at the inauguration of T. Hill, as 

president, March4, 1863. Cambridge, 1H63. 8°. 4387.2 

— - Annual report of the president to the over- 

seers, tor l8:;5-39, 41-63. Cambridge, 1827-64. 

3v. 8° *4388.1 

— - Catalogue of the officers and students, 1826- 

63. Cambridge, lf26-63. 4v. 12" *4388.26 

— - Catalogus enrum qui alicujus gradOs laurefi, 

donati sunt, 1642-1791. Bostonia*, 1701. pp. 

40. 8* *4163.4 

— - - Same. 1642-[I81.3]. Ed. 2a. Bostonia, 

1813. pp. 58. 8° *4387.}6 

— - - Same. Cantabrigian, 1821-63. 15v.in2. S°. *4388.2 

— - Laws. Cambridge, 1820. pp. 56. 8" . . *Pph.v.368 

— - Letter to the president of I4arvard college. 

Boston, 1840. pp. 53. 8'' 4129.95 

— - Memorial concerning the recent history of 

the constitutional rights and privileges of 
Harvard college, presented to the legislature, 
Jan. 17, I85I. Cambridge, 1851. pp.56. 8". *4387.8 

— - Proceedings of the overseers, the report ac- 

cepted and the resolutions adopted, Aug. 25, 
1834, relative to the late disturbance in that 
semLnary. Boston, 1834. pp.47. 8° . . . . ♦4387.8 

— - Report of a committee of the overseers [on 

the division of time for recitations, etc. J . Bos- 
ton, 1845. pp. 10. 8° *43S7.8 

— - Report of the committee for examining the 

undergraduates in intellectual and moral phi- 
losophy. Boston, 1860. pp. VZ. v," *4387.8 

— - Report of the committee [of the faculty] on 

the college studies. n.p.,n.d. pp.12. 8'. *43S7.8 

— - Report of the committee [of the overseers] 

respecting the introduction of the voluntary 
system in the studies of the mathematics, Lat- 
in and Greek. Cambridge, 1841. pp. 8. 8'. *4387.8 

— - Report of the committee of the overseers ap- 

pointed to confer with a like committee of the 
president aud fellows, and agree upon certain 
joint rules. Boston, 1857. pp.28. 8° . . . *4387.8 

— - Keportof the president submitting a plan for 

studies. Cambridge, 1830. pp. 19. 8" . . . *4387.8 

— - Report of the visiting committee, made to the 

overseers, IS48, 49, 52. Boston, 1849-52. 8°. 4388.13 

— - Report on the relations between the theo- 

logical school and the college. Boston, 1852. 

pp. 30. 8' 4129.4 

— - lleport on the relative powers, duties and 

responsibilities of the corporation and over- 
seers. With the proceedings of the overseers 
thereon. Boston, 1856. pp.28. 8° *4387.8 

— - Report on the rights and duties of the presi- 

dent and fellows in relation to the board of 
overseers. Cambridge, 1856. 8° 4129.97 

— - Report on the rules and statutes of the office 

of '* Preacher to the university and Plummer 
professor of Christian morals," with the pro- 
ceedings of the overseers thereon. [By R. 
C. mnthrop.] Boston. 1855. pp.24. 8°. . 4387.6 

— - Rules and by-laws of tlie overseers. Ap- 

pended, the charter, constitution, etc. Bos- 
ton, 1851,52. 2v. 16" 4388.30 

— - Rules and statutes of the professorships. 

Cambridge, 1846. pp. 64. 8* *4387.8 

— - Stjitutes and laws of the university. Cam- 

bridge, 1825, 26. 8' 4388.9 

— - Statutes and laws of the university as adopted 

by the corporation and concurred in by the 
overseers, 1848. 3d ed. Cambridge, 1860. 
pp.46. 8" 4.388.11 

— - Statutes and laws of the university, with the 

orders and regulations of the faculty. Cam- 
bridge, 1848. pp.00, b" 4388.10 




Shelf. No- 
Cambridge, ATass., Bnrvard college, continued. 

— - Statutes and laws relative to undergraduates. 

Cambridge, 1832, 37. 12° 4388.28 

- Statutes relating to flic degree of doctor of 

medicine. Cambridge, 1831, 34. 8° 4388.12 

— - Votes of tlie overseers and corporation re- 

lating to articles 60 and 28 of the statutes. 
li.p.,n.d. pp.11. [No title-page.) 8° . . •4387.8 

— - Everett, E. Remarks at a hearing before the 

joint committee of education in aid of . . . 4390a. 40 

— - Palmer, J. Necrology of alumni, lSSl-52 

to 1802-03 2346.5 

_ rriuce.N. Constitution and government of. 4387.7 

— - Quincy, J. Plea for Harvard : " The univer- 

sity at Cambridge " not the name established 
by the constitution of Massachusetts .... 4129.9 
_ _ - Probable effects of the voluntary system 

in Latin and Greek 43S7.1 

• _ - Speech on the minority report of the 

committee of visitation, presented by G. Ban- 
croft,, 1815 4163.13 

— - Webster, D. Report upon the constitutional 

rights of Pph.v.308 

- Astronomical observatory. Annals. Vol. 3. 

Cambridge, 18r,2. 4° **E.144.6 

Conlenls. — Account of the Sfreat comet of 1858, by 
G. P. Bond. 

— - - Report of the committee of the overseers 

appointed to visit the observatory, 185iM)3. 
With the report of the director. Boston, 
18(»-M. 8° 4388.14 

— - Divinity school. Catalogue of the alumni. 

Cambridge, 1844. 8" *Pph.v.334 

_ _ Keport of the committee of the overseers 

appointed to visit the school, 1849. Boston, 
1850. pp. 14. 8° 

_ _ - Report of the committee of the overseera 
in relation to the theological department. 
Boston, 184l>. pp. 14. 8° 

_ _ Channing, W.E. Discourse at the dedica- 
tion of Divinity hall, 1820 

_ _ - - Observations on a plan for increasing 
the means of theological education at . . . 

_ _ _ Codman, J. Speech on establishing a 

theological faculty 5440a. 30 

_ _ _ Dewey, ('. A. Opinion of the supreme 
judicial court on separating the divinity school 
from Harvard college 4289.54 

— - irasli/ puildiiigclub. Catalogueof the mem- 

bers, [with a catalogue of books in the library]. 

Cambridge, 1820, 38. 8° *4388.7 

_ - - Catalogue of the members and library. 

Cambridge, 1841. s" 'Pph.v.SS? 

_ - - Catalogue of the officers and members. 

Cambridge, imO-50. 12° 4388.29 

— - Institute of \~10. Catalogue of the members, 

[with a catalogue of the library). Cambridge, 

1832, 40. 8° 4388.8 

_ - Law school. Catalogue of the students from 
the establishment lo the year 1867, 68. Cam- 
bridge, livlO-.',7. 12° *4388.27 

_ _ Keport of the committee of the overseers 

eppolnled to visit the school, 18411. Boston, 

185U. pp. 10. 8° 4388.19 

_ - - Address at the dedication of Dane law 

college, (iuiiicy, .) 4387.1 

_ - Lawrence, scinitiflc school. Report of the 

committee of the overseers appoint<*d to visit 

the school. Cambridge, IB-OO-Ol. 8° . . . . 4388.15 

— - LUirary. Report ol the conimltlee of the 

overseers a|i|iointed to visit the library in 1850, 

68-(VI. liiisKiu, 1851-01. 8' 4388.17 

_ _ - Report ortheciininiitleeoriheaasoeialion 
of the ulumjil, appointed lo take Into consid- 
eration the slate of the college library. Cam- 

brldgi', 18.-.H. pp.44. 8° 4:i88.18 

_ . - CDiislderatluiis rehillvi! to the library. 

Quincy,.) i'iiS!.\ 

_ - Medlad school. Cnlalogueof students, 1818, 

24-43, 45-ei,66,00,0o-«l. Uo»lon, IbltMil. ti°. •43H8.3 





Shelf. No. 

Cambridge, ilass., liar, col., Med. school, coniin'd. 

— - - Catalogus eorum qui alicujus gradus lau- 

rea donati sunt in facultate medicinae. Can- 
tabrigian, 1827. 8° *Pph.v.387 

_ _ _ Report of the committee of the overseers 
appointed to visit the school. Boston, 1850. 
pp. 7. 8° 4388.3 

— - - Benefactors of. Holmes, O. W 4387.5 

— - Museum of comparatire zoology. Report of 

the trustees, with the report of the director, 
[presented to the legislature, 1861, 62). Bos- 
ton, 1861, 02. 8° 4388.10 

— - Phi Beta Kappa society. Catalogue of the 

fraternity, Alpha of Massachusetts, 1814, 23, 
20, 29, 33, 36, 39, 42, 46, 48, 53, 56. Cambridge, 
1814-55. 8° - • • 4388.4 

— - Porcellian club. Catalogue of the members 

and of the library, 183',), 50, 54. Boston and 

Cambridge, lK)i.»-54. S° •4388.6 

Camden, W. Britannia. Translated [by E. Gibson, 
and others] ; enlarged by R. Gough. 2d ed. 
London, 1800. 4v. l.f° '. . . . •4230.1 

— Grancae grammatices rudimenta in usum scholae 

Westmonasteriensis. Londiui, 1()S3. 12°. . 4989a. 9 

— - Same. Ed. prima Americana, cura M.Camp- 

bell. Novi Eboraci, 1804. 18° 4989.25 

— - Same. Ed. 2a. Am. Phila., 1817. 12° . . 7099.12 

— - Same. Grammar of the Greek language, 

originally composed for the school at G louces- 

ter. IstAm.ed. Boston, 1800. 12° .4989. 4, and 4989a. 10 

— - Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1805. 12° 7099.0 

Camden, il/c., History of the town of. Locke,J.L. 2339.11 
Camden society. [Publications.] Namely: 

— - No. LVIl. Ancren riwle : a treatise on the 

rules and duties of monastic life. Edited and 
translated from a semi-Saxon MS. of the thir- 
teenth century, by J. Morton 2426.1 

— - I.VIII. Harley, lady B. Letters, with in- 

troduction and notes by T. T. Lewis .... 2426.2 

— - LIX. Swintield, R. de. Household ex- 

penses. Edited by J. Webb 2426.3 

— - LX. Edward V. Grants from the crown, 

and two speeches by bishop J . Russell. Intro- 
duction by J. G. Nichols 

— - LXl. The Camden miscellany, vol. 3. Con- 

taining: Papers relating to proceedings in 
the county of Kent, livrj-lii ; 1 1 istcu-ical poems 
of the sixteenth century, from the Norfolk 
MSS. in the Bodleian library ; A relation of 
abuses committed against the common- 
wealth, 1029; Inventory of the wardrobe, 
plate, etc., of Henry Fitzroy, duke of Rich- 
mond and Somerset ; and an inventory of the 
wardrobe, etc., of Katharine of Arragon, at 
Bayiiard's castle 

- L.MI. Swinlield, R. de. Uou.sehold ex- 
penses. Abstract, illustrations, glossary, and 
index. Edited by J. Webb. . ; 

- L.XIII. Charles I. Letters to queen Hen- 
rietta Maria. Edited by .1. Bruce 

- LXIV. English chronicle of the reigns of 
Riclnvid 11, Henry iv, Henry V, and Henry 
VI, wrillen lieloie 1171, with an appendix. 
Edited by .). S. llavies 

- LXV. Thame, P. de. The knights hospi- 
tallers in Knglund. Edited hy L. It, Larking, 
with an Inlroduclion by J. M. Keinble . . . 2120.9 

- L.WI. Rous, .1. Diary fl-oin 1025-12. Edl- 
U'd hy M. A, K, Green 

- XLVll. Trevelyan papers prior to 1558. 
Kditedby J. P. Collier 

- LXVIII. Davies, R. .Journal fioni March 
8, 1I18.S-9, to Sept. 29, 1000. Edited by R. 
(■aullield 2126.12 

- LXI.V. Robert of Watlord. Domesday of 
St. Paul's, 1222; or, Registruin di- visilationo 
maneriornm, and other docnnieniB relating to 
St, Paul's. I..ln.ducllnn,elc.,by \V,H,Hide, 2426.13 

- LXA. Whlleloi'ke, .sii-.l. Liber famellcus, 
now liisl pnblislied. Edited by J. Bruce . . 2126. U 











Shelf. No. 
Camden society, continued. 

— - LXXI. 8aviU', H. Letters to nnd from TT. 

Sttvile, iiieludiii^ letters from tlio mariiuess of 
Halifax. Edited by W. I). Cooper 2428.15 

— - I.XXII. Keiine.^, r. de. The romance of 

Itloiide of Oxford and Jelian of Dammartlu. 
Edited by Le Uoux de Lincy 242(5.10 

— - LXXIII. The Camden miscellany, vol. 4, 

Containing: A London chronicle dnrinK the 
reigns of Henry VII and Elenry vm; The 
e.xpenses of the judges of assize riding the 
western and Oxford circuits, l.^iltii-Kiol ; The 
incredulity of St. Thomas, the scrivener's 
play at York; The diilde of Uristow, a poem 
by .lolin Lydgate; Sir Edward Lake's inter- 
views with Charles l; Letters of I'opc to At- 
terbury wlieu in the Tower of London ; Sup- 
plementary note to the discovery of tlie .les- 
uils' college at Clerkenwell in March, 1(127-8. 2436.17 

— - L.X.MV. Symonds, K. Diary of the marches 

of the royal army during the great civil war. 
Edited by C. E. Long 2426.18 

— - LXXV. Hamilton, W. D. Original papers 

illustrative of the life and writings of J. Mil- 
ton 2426.19 

— - LXXXI. rarliamentary debates in 1610. 

Edited by S. R. Gardiner 2426.25 

— - LXXXII. Cooper, W. C. Lists of foreign 

Protestants and aliens, resident in England, 
161,-i-fiS 2426.26 

— - LXXXIII. Nichols, J. G., and Bruce, J. 

Wills from Doctors' commons, 1495-16U5 . . 2420.27 

— - LXXXIV. Trcvelyan papers. I'art II. 1440- 

16i:!. Edited by J. V. Collier 2420.28 

— - L.XXXV. Rawdon, M. Life, now first print- 

ed. Edited by U. Davies 2426.29 

— - LXXXVI. Margaret of Anjou, and otliers. 

Letters. Edited by C. Monro 2426.30 

CxVMERARll's, L. Apologia contra Fabii Hercyniani 

et aliorum in se public^ sparsas calumuias. 

n.p., 1021. pp. 38. sm.4° *0052.4 

Camerakius, or Liebhard, J. De vita Philippi Me- 

lanchthonis narratio. Recensuit G. T. Strobe- 

lius. HaliE, 1777. 8° 3555.13 

— Vita Melanclithonis. See Melanchthon, F. . . 6059.25 

— Orationes x funebres (1553-69) in Slauritium d. 

et el. Saxonia;. [Mencke. Script. Germ.,v.2]. 4261.2 
Camerino, J. Novelas amorosas. Segunda im- 
pression, por Don Nobeti Tonchi y Oya Mar- 
sac. Madrid, 1736. sm.4° 3095.23 

Cameron, P. Variation and deviation of the com- 
pass rectitied. Likewise a treatise on mag- 
netism. Glasgow, [1869]. 8° 3952.25 

Camoens, L. de. Poems, with notes by Lord 

Strangford. Boston, 1809. 16° 3105.15 

— Os Lusiadas, poema epico. Nova ed. por J. M. 

de Souza-Botelho. Paris, 1819. 8" 4246.15 

— Les Lusiades; trad, de J. B. J. Millie, annotee 

par M. Dnbeux. Precedees d'une notice sur 
la vie et les ouvrages de Camoens, par C. 
Magnin. Paris, 1862. sm.8° 3093.13 

— Books relating to the Lusiad and its' author. 

[Adamson. Bibliotheca Lusitana] 3093.10 

CAMOZZI, fi. Cenni e documenti della guerra d'in- 

Burrezione lorabarda del 1849. [Documenti 

della guerra santa d'ltalia, v. 2] 4718.9 

CVMP-FlKE songster. New York, 1802. pp.70. 10". 4324.40 
C/VMPAGNOLI, B. Mechanism of violin playing. 

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geology of Canada, serving to exi»laiu tlio geological 
map and the collection of economic mincrais sent to tho 
universal exhibition at Paris, IS^. 




170a. 89 


Shelf. Ko. 

Canada, continued. 

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Description, geography^ etc. 

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History, etc. 

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slnictlon of the deaf and dumb. Albany, 

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_ List of the shells of the. See London. Brit- 
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Dcscrizione de' tre iionlilieali che si celebrano 

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dl Vnsquaedl S. I'lelro. Uomu, 1788. Ifl" . 2737.14 

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racrolte ed nrricchlle con note. Konni, 1807. 
pp.88. 8° •4208.3 

I^cttera sojira II (urantisnio, I'arla dl Konia, o 

della Hua CHtnpagua, ed I piila/./.i pontlllcall, 
Koran, 1817. 12' 2737.12 

Shi'lf. No. 

Cancellikri, F. G., continned. 

— Notizie delle stagioni e de' siti diversi in cui 

sonostatitenuti iconclavi nellacittadi Uoraa. 
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3. f *1300.3 

Conlenl^.—Vo]. I. TCiHcta rppiim OHtropothorum, IegC8 
Loopobnriiica-.capitularia principuni Uein' con- 
Btitutionee repiii SicuU ; Puotus lepis SaUcir ; Antlquio- 
res leges pojiulorum rcpii Austnlsim ; AssUiic regni 
Hierosolyniitaiii Btl iiifeiiorera curiam perliuentes, in 
Italicam liiiFiiam translata-. II. Leges Frisioiiuin, An- 
glionjm et Werinonim. et Saxonum ; Libri caiiitularium 
repniin Frnneomni ; Liber coneuetmiinuin imperii Ro- 
liianiaN lioffua Italiea. III. Lepea Burguiiiliinuim et 
Wieigothorura ; Lcgea in Anglia comlitre regnantibll» 
Jutia, Anglis, Saxoiiibiis, nania; Leges Goliolnii con- 
questoria et Henriei I ; Leges RomanR! bnrbaria rcgnantl- 
biis observata-, facilt^ in Italia ; Monumenta legalia legeB 
Langobardicaa et llaliir rcgniim pressius atneientin ; 
Assisiie regni Hierosolyniilani ad euperiorem curiam 
perliuentes in Italicjim liuguain transiata? ; SelectM 
constitiitiones Arabum in usum insula; Sieilia- lingua 
Italica ; Vetus cajlitulare nauticuni pro cmporio Veueto 
auni MCCI.V ; Auti<|uiori8 legis Salicie oxemplaria duo 
ab Hcroldino in pluribus diverse. 

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See al«o: Crete. 

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— - Same. Atlas. 3v. f° •4000.10 

EsposizionetopograficatliRomaauticu. Roma, 

1842. pp.20. 4 plates. f° *D.3.0.2 

— La parte media dl Homa anliru dimostiiita nella 

disposizione delle prlneipali vie e dei pubblici 
editizl. Knnui, 1812. 1111.2O. 15 phites. f ° . •D.3.0.2 
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nd historiam media- a'liitis lUvstraniiain. In- 
golstadii, 1601-4. Ov. 4° •6070.21 

JVottf. — Vol. fi la Impcrfocl. 

Cmttr}*ti. — Vol. I. Alculnl opiatolit, ad rarolum Mflif- 
nuni el albia; TIronta rrosperl cliroiilcon ailcllua vul- 
gato et I'ttlio-ano, ipia- eliaiii ble adlaneta; t?liroiilcoD 
Weingarleiisia iiionaebi de (Iweltlls ItHuch'iluiB; Wclu- 
gai-lense elironienn ad annum lly"; Ileinrlel Kteronit 
annates ; Rberbanit Ailntiensis, annates ll Itlidojpho 
llabspnfglo ad antnim l.'fllT,; Monacltl Sangnlleiials do 
g,M,tis Caroli .Mugnl lll>rl duo ; Uuniiantii Contracll 
comills \ iiringeiiKis, rbrunleun ; Concilia «»IUliurgensl» 
Iria et Vlennensc unum; Cannllia : Hanetl CtiliimbanI, 
Balomonla epise. Conslantlensia et Waidrammi; MelplII 
TeKemsernalsearminat^uIrinalia. II. Megliifredl Mag- 
delmrKensU iln vita el vlrtntibnH aancti Kinineratninl 
llbur ; Arnoinia cornea li Ciiani et Vocliburg lie iiilracMlIt 
H. Rinmeramnil, etc.; lie samto Lam bet-to martyr, eplsc. ( 
I'aiK'gyrleus Wipunis carndne aurlptus ad lleiiiicum III 




CANISIUS, H., continued. 

Impcr. ; V(liil9i.-iik'i luirrntlo do controvorsils IlormannI ot 
Eg-inonls, itbl ot ojiittulto ['iiiti-hiilis, Amoldi, Kf;i- 
Donis; S. Khorhnrdi dUciputtia \lv ujiUcopis Salzliuv- 
g«iulbus, ubivt viuv 3. Uuiicrtl, S. Virpilii, S.EborhardI, 
8. Hnrtmci, S, (U'bchurdi ; Do 8. Otlono vt ruiinnorntio- 
rum convcrsiono liliH 3, auctoro nuotiyiiio, ubl eptatolio 
8. Ottuuia, riisi-buHs, CaUxti, iDnoi-oii'tll, I'ollzlni duels 
Folonia', ot IiiibrlcoiiU oratio; Aniu uroblopiMo. Salz- 
burg, sub ChtuIu MMgtio, lit* duiiia ducuin Uuvimic Salz- 
burg, ecclcsliu dniis; Privilcftiuni Plilllpjil TegU pro 
8nlxburg ; Do vitu ct miracuUn S. KmilnolUI ; Dc S. Gun- 
thero, S. Stvpliaiii roi^is Ungar. coffiinto; Collt^etto hU- 
tori(^aox ani>iiymo,qiilsub Alexaiiiiro Si-voro.Iinp.vixit, 
Idaclu, Tdruiiiacho, uliU, collorloro Callo quudnin ttub 
Cmrolo Mn^no ; Accossit luonulugium Oru'conim ox 
blblloth. ot intorprelalioQO Guliolml SIrlotI Cardliinlls. 
III. S-CrofTorii TliaiimalurgJ aiintIicinnttsmi,f:rn?co-Lat.; 
Geniinnl piilHarohn; Constantlnop. fVagiiiontum ox ora- 
tionc do hirri'sibua, Gneco-Lat. ; S. Zachnrliu pont. scp- 
tom CRpitn. ex Ilbro 3 ilialo^orum S. Groporii M. Gnixa 
bactonus dosidonita; llippolytiThobnni cliroiiicon Onn- 
co-Lnt. ; S. Anastnall Siiiaitio patriarcbit- Aiitluclionl ora- 
tlonos dua-, Cnt'oo-Lat. I. do 8. xyiiaxi, II iu Psaliiium 
soxtum ; Altcriua Anastasii abbatU liber contra .Tudtcoa; 
Francicoruin aiinaliuin fyngmcntiim ab anno 741 usqtie 
ad annum 7!Vj quos Ro^no Pruniu-nsis sc fntetur sccu- 
tum; Jonnnis Kiigusiui oratio, qua in concilio BuiitleensI 
reapondit |)or ucto dies ad arliculum primum Bobomo- 
rum, do communiuno sub utraque §pcci(r, propositum a 
magistro Joanne Kockyzana llussita; JEi;idii Carlerit 
decani ocolcsia; Cuinoraconsis, qua hi concilio Basileensi 
reaponilit per quntuor dio», ad ai-ticulum secundum 
Bobemoruni, do corrigendis peccatis publicis, quera 
propOBUit Nicolnus Taborita ; DUputatio capituli ecclo- 
Bin PragcnsU cum Hockyzann, de Uu&siticis contro- 
vcrsiis, liubitu por dios qutnque, anno 14G5, coram Gyr- 
clkonoBouGeorgio rcge Bolieniia!. IV. Leonlii Byzan- 
lini in Eutych. ot Nostorianua libri 3 ; Ejusdem in 
fVandoa ApolliuuriHtarum; Ejusdem solutiones argum. 
Soueri ; Kjusdoin tUibitationos hypolheticic ; Auctori- 
tatea SS. PI*, a Timolhoo; 8. Juannvs Damascenus in 
Acophalus; Idem in NL-storianoa; Collectanea auonymi 
in Scvenanos; Opposltio Savcrinnorum cum responito; 
Cap. xiii de unione in Christo; S. Nice[iliori in Icono- 
machoa llbri 4 : 1, in prfncipos apostosiio de incomationo, 
2. do (UlTiToiitia inuiginis Christi ut cruci!i, 3, dc Cberu- 
binisaMoyso factls, 4, ex libro, do imugiuibua; Theodori 
Uagiopolitnno Uisp. 3; Ilenricus KaltoiKCti in concil. 
Basil, de libora praidicatione vcrbi Dei ; Joannes Polemar 
inconcil. Basil, do dominioclericorum; S. W'illibaldusdc 
B. Bonifacio; Othlonus Fuldcnsis de eodom ; De funda- 
tione Illminensi ; Fragment, chron. Thadda-i Scoti; Ho- 
dooporica S. Willibaldi, «t ejus vita; Heidenheimenso 
sauctimoiiiale de S. Wunibaldo ; Ermenoldus dc S. Sola ; 
Philippua ep, Aichslad. de S. Walpurga; Wolfbardus 
Hasenriolanus dc eadcm ; Anonyroi dc S. Kiliaoo et S. 
Burchardo; Dc S. Tyemonc arch. Saltzpurg. martyre 
lequicuuM nuctor; Vita. S. Willibaldi, auctore anonymo. 
V. Serapton episcopus Thmueos contra Alanicho^os ; 
Didymus Alexandrinus contra ManicliKos; Titi Bos- 
trensis cpiscopi libri 3, contra Manicbccos; Zacharim 
epiecopi Mitylononeis syntagma contra Maniclin-os; Ex- 
cerplft ex Hbro S. Ilippolyti cpiscopi Porluensis do 
thcologia ot incnrnatione ; Epistola Gregorii Nyaseni 
contra Apollinnrium ; Scholium Eunomii, et dirnputatio 
orthodox! contra euro ; S. Basil ii magni ratiooes syllo- 
giatica: contra Ariunos; Ex)>o«itio de sancta et cutbolica 
fide S. Basilii et H. Greg. Nazianz. ; Eptslola Photii ad 
Ulchaclcm Bulgarorutn rcgem; Ejusdem Photii disscr- 
tatibnes sex de diWnitate et incamatione; Fra^racntum 
ex Leonlio Cyprio contra Judo^os ; Engclbardus abbas de 
vita Meclitildis Virginia ; Friderici Bnrbaroasn; expeditio 
Asiatica; Gulielmi de Baldenael equitisaurati hodoepo- 
licon In Tcrpani Sanelum; Theodorici Turingi libri 8, 
de 8. Elizabeth ; Halitgarii epiNcopi Canieracensis dc 
ritilhet virtutibufl ot ordinc pocnitentium libri A; laldo- 
ruB du convorsis, nive ad monaebos; Epistola Alcuini do 
confcasione ; Anonymus de S. Adalberto Pragt^nfii epie- 
copo ; Guntheri monaclii liistoria de capta u Latinia 
Conatnnltnopoli ; Anonymus dc Adalhaido tmpera- 
trica; Fousti Rbfgion.sia adnioiiitio; Ejusdem epislolic. 
\T. Bnrlaaml cpiscopi Oyraccnnifl cpistolic ad Gra;co9 
de unione cum Uomana eeclesia ; Ejusdem Barlaami 
ethica; Epiktuln Dcmclril 'Xlicasa Ionic cnsls ad Barlaa- 
mum do procession*" SplrituH sanctl; Humberll Sylvfe 
Candida; opl*copi advcrsua Micbaclem Conslantinopo- 
lilanum, ct Lcunem Achridanum, cpiacopOH, liber unus; 
KicctfF ]»n'sbytorl llbullua contra Latinos editus; llum- 
borli liber aliua contra NicRtam Pectomtunt; Bro^-is re- 
latioremm Constant! nopoli ab Apostolicie evdli* Icgatia 
geatarum; S. AnKolmi episcopi Lucennis libri 2, contra 
Guibertum anripapam ; Ejusdem collectanea; Epitome 
beUorum sacrorum in Pala-stiaa; Burchardi de monto 
SiOD descriplio Terrso Sancta; Itinerarium In Terraui 

bhclf. No* 

CANISIUS, H., continued. 

Hauclnm Itudulpbl de Frnmelnsporg; Tvaetatus WnlaMdl 
abbatis de subvorsiono Hieroaolymto; lluniilla Alculiil 
in nntalcni S. Wilibrordi; Vita S. Wililnordi carmine 
scriptn ab Alcuino; Elegia ejusdem Alcuini in S. Wilgi- 
nuin ; lUiai epiittoliu Alcuini; Vita et res giifltas S. Hen- 
riei iniperatnrin hoc nomine prim!; liolutiu do origino 
mounsterii Wiudbergensia ; Epitome sacrorum eanonum 
ab Adriano primo pontiflceconfecta; Offlciumdu Carolo 
Uagno; Martyriuni S. Desiderli ab Adono cnlleotnm; 
Epiatola Eugippil abbatis iu vitani S. Severinl; Vita U. 
Gregorii Mngui incorto auctoro; Da S. Gobhardo episo. 
ConatHutlensi llhri 2; Caruiina Theodulphi opiac. ot 
allorum ; Inccrti auctoris carmina do Carolo Magiio ct 
Leone poiitifico mnximo ; Poomata Walafridi Slrobi ; 
Strabi Kuldensia hortu!ua ; Martyrologium Rhahani; 
Martyrologlum Notkcri Balbull ; Eckorhardus do vita 8. 
Notkeri; Proeoasua canonizationlit ejusdem S. Notkeri; 
liistoria do miraculia 8. Vitalis; liistoria de S. Kudberto 
■ cplsc. Salisburgcnsi; Vita 8. Erenlrudis Virginia; Vita 
S. Itudberti episc. Salisburgensls; Notitia donationum 
facta ecclesifD SaliaburgensI ; Vita S. VIrgilii episc. 8a- 
lisburgcnaia; Vita S. Kberhurdi cpiacopi Salisburgenaia; 
Do 8. Haitwico cpisc. Salisburgeiiai ; Catalogua pra-su- 
lum Salisburgensium; Vita S. Gebehardi archiepiscopi 
SaliHburgensia ; Chrouicon Saltaburgense ; Deseriptio 
Tcrrre Sanctie auetore Anaelmo, ordinis minorum; Ja- 
cob! de Vitriaco priefatio in historiam orientalem. 

— - Same. With additions. Thesaurus monu- 
meiitorum ecclesiasticorum et historicorum ; 
praefationes historicas, aiiimadversiwnes crlt- 
icas, adjecit J. Basnage. Amsteladami, 1725. 
Iv.iiiG. f *4140.3 

CotUenta. — Vol. I. Basnagi: praifatio gcneralia; Ex- 
ccrpta ex lihro Hippolyti episcopi Portuensis de thco- 
logia et iucamatione, Gr. et Lat, ; Gregorii Tbaumaturgi 
xii capita de fide et anatbcmattami, Gr. ct Lat,; Sera- 
pionis liber advcrsus Manichieoa, Gr. ct Lat, ; Titi Bo- 
etrensis contra Manicha;os, libri 3, Gr. et Lat. ; Orcaii 
abbatis dc sex cogitationibua sanctorum libellus; S. 
BtiHilii Magni rationea syllogislico: contra Arianos, La- 
tino ; Eunomii confeaaio fidoi, apologia et diepututio cum 
ortliodoxo, Gr. et Lat.; Exposilio SS. patrum magni 
Basilii et Gregorii thcologi do orthodoxa fide; S. Gre- 
giirii Nyaseni cpiatola contra ApolHuorium ; Didymi 
Alcxandrini libor contra Manicha:os, Gf. ct Lat. ; Chry- 
sostomi brevia inlerp'retatio in S, Evangelium accundum 
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monachum; Basilii Seleucienais dcmonetrutio adversus 
Juda!OS de adventu Christi, Gr. et La:.; Prosperi Aqui- 
tani chrouicon integrum ab Adamo ad Homam captam 
aGeneerico; Victoria Tunnunousis chronicon ; Joannia 
abbatis Biclariensia chronicon ; Fausti Rhegicnsis cpis- 
toliB ; Ruricii Lemoviceni cpistolic; Eugi)ipii abbatis 
epistola in vitam 8. Severini ; Cogitosus de 8. Brigida ; 
Zachnria* Milylcnensis syntagma adversus Manichtcoa, 
Latin^; Anastasit Antiocbeni orationesde SS.Triuitate, 
de incircumscripto, de incamatione, de paasionc, ot de 
resurrcctione ; Anastasii Sinaita: oratio de sacra synaxi, 
Gr. et Lat. ; Auastasii Sinaita; oratio iu sextum Paalm- 
um, Gr. et Lat. ; Evanti abbatis epistola contra eos qui 
sanguincm animatium immundum et carnem mundara 
judicant; Leontii Byzantini libri tres contra Eutychia- 
noa et Nestorianos; Leontii Byzantini liber adversus eos 
qui jiroferunt nobis qua^dam Apollinarii falso inscripta 
nomine patrum; Leontii Byzantini solutioneaargumen- 
tutionum Severi; Leontii Byzantini dubitatioue^ bypo- 
thetica? contra Eutychianos; Desiderii epiacopi Cadurceni 
cpistoiwi; Epistolfc diveraorum ad Dosiderium; Vila 8. 
Magni authore Theodore; S. Adnmanoi Scoti libri tres 
<ie 8. Columba Scoto; S. Althelmi Sbirebumensis libri 
dno carmine deacripti de laudo virginuni et de octo 
principalibus vitiis; Carmen monostichon beati Colum- 
bani abbatis et ejusdem epistola; Serroo S. Galli con- 
fessona dictus Conatantite in cousecratione Joannis cpis- 
copi Constant, ; Fragmentura Leontii Cy])rii contra Ho- 
braroa. II, p- 1- Acta s'ancti Cuthberti Lindisfamensis 
episcopi carmine hcroico a vencrabili Beda conscripla; 
S. Johannia Damasceoi liber contra Acephalos et Mono- 
pbysitaa, Gr, et Lat. ; 8. Johannis Damasceni dissertatio 
adversus Neatorianos, Gr. et Lat,; Sex cum dimidio capita 
ex libro tcrtio, dialogorum S. Gregorii M.,Gr. et Lat, quos 
Zacbarias in Graicum tranatulit ; Vita aive polius Iiodoo- 
poricon 8. Willibaldi; Vita aancti^Vunebaldi j Vita S. 
Lamberii martyris cpiscopi Trajectensis, auctore anony- 
mo, item revelalio 9. Lambcrti ; Collcclio historica chro- 
nographica ex anonymo qui sub Alcxandro 8evero imi»o- 
ratoro vixit ; S. Willibaldi liber do vita 8. Bonifacii 
martyria, Gcnuanonim apostoli ; Collectanea Incerli auc- 
toris contra 8everianoB, Latine ; Epitortie eanonum quam 
Adrianua i summus pontlfex Carolo M. Itomo: obtulit; 
Etherii ct Beati advcr'^us Elipnn.lum arcliiep, Toleta- 
num llbri duo de adoptione Christi Filli Del; Flacci 




Canisiits, H., continued. 

Alcoini cpi^loln- 60, homilia in natalem 
Jiber de vita S. 'Willibrorili, etc. ; Carmina incerti aiicto- 
ris de Cnrolo M. ; Flacci Albini seu Alcuini d'lalectica et 
graniinalica, cum epUtota de illo Cauiicorum loco : Sex- 
a^nta sunt reglusp t?t octoginta concubiuo;. ut et cjusdpm 
epbtola de cieroraoniis baplismi ad Caroluni Hagrtum. 
IF, p. 2. S. Nicephori pntriarchie Constant inopolitftni 
opuscula 4, contra Iconomachos, Lalinc ; Bcnedictio Dei, 
boc est, coramentariolus quomodo Beus benedicendus 
sit, ex Cas&Iodoro et Isidoro, ab anonymo cootcxtus; 
Fragrraentum annalium Francicorum ab anno 741 usriue 
ad 793; Theodulpbi abbatis Florinceneis elegia? episto- 
laresdesuorxilio; Theodulpbi et aliorum poemata; ila- 
litgarii episcopi Cameracensis de vitiis et virtutibus et de 
ordine pcpnitentium libri V ; Liber poenitentialis; Anti- 
quus p<Enitentiali8 Itomanus ab Halitgario exscriptus ; 
Pcenitentiale Halitgarii; Excerptum ex libro Prosperi, 
quantum remedii habvat confessiopeecatorum; Kpi^tola 
Hregorii M. ad Secundiaum ; S. Hisidori epistola ad Ma- 
Bonem cpiso. de rcstauratione sacerdotis; S. Isidori do 
convcrsis ; Vita sancti Sola? Angli scripta ab Erraenoldo ; 
Focmata Walafridi Sirabi ; Ejusdera sermo dc subvorsi- 
onelliiTusalem; Pcenitentiale Khalinniarchiep.Mogunt.; 
MartjTologium Rbabani ; SynodusregiaTicina : Conven- 
tu8 Ticinensis; GenealogiaCaroH M., auctorc anonymo; 
Photii patriarcbie Constantinop. epistola ad Michaclem 
Bulgarorum rogem, Gr. ct Lat. ; EJusdem dissertationea 
sex dedivinitate,incamatione,etc.,Gr. et Lat. ; Ejusdem 
liber de voluntatibus gnomicis in Cbristo ; TheodoH 
Ha^opolitani disputationes tres Latine : 1. De nomine 
Dei. 2. Dm Deo et Deilate. 3. Cum Nestoriano, Theo- 
dori Abticnriv trnctatus dc unione ct incarnalione, Gr. ot 
Lat. II, p. 3. Martyrium S. De»derii Vienntinsis in Gal- 
lia episcopi.abAdonecollectiim; Anastaiiii abbatis liber 
contra .Tudncos; CoHectaneacontra Jnda'os; Collectanea 
de quibusdam ha.'rosibufl ; Do grestis Caroli M. libri duo 
Bcripti a quodam monacho S. Galli; Martyrologium S. 
Notkcri ; Epi^rammata aeu lirmni sacri illuslrium vtro- 
runi monnsterii S. Ualli ; Carmina Salomonis epiitcopi ad 
Dadonero Constantiensis; Vita S. Gre^^oiii M. ab incerto 
auctorc conscripta; Vita S. Walpurgis viginis scripta a 
Wolfhnrdo. Ill, p. 1. Vita S. Burchurdi HerbipolcnsiB 
episcopi; SynoduB Engilenhemensis; Synodua Augus- 
tnna ; Vita S. Willibatdi epiecopi A ichstadiani ; ChrAni- 
con Hippolyti Thcboni, Gr. et Lat.; De S. Adalbei-to 
Pragwnsi epiacopo, Prussorum, Bocniorum, Polonorum 
et llungaronim apostoIo,auctora'qua:vuacura friigmen- 
to triplicicx cbronicoMagdcburgcusi.chninico Adamari 
et ex libcllo de trnnslalione sanctorum A bundii et Abun- 
dantiani; De Adnlhaido coitjugo Uttonla i, libri duo, 
auctorefainlliariejus; Moginfredi MuFfdoburfren&ia prac- 
positi dc vita ct virtutibus II. Emincramini liber unua; 
Amolfl ex comitibua de Cliam ct Vochbiirg, motiaclii S. 
EmtncrHmm! Oc miraculis beati Emmerummi libri duo; 
Pane^ricuB Wtpunitt carmine BcriptiiH ad lleinrlcum III 
Imperatorem, Conradi impenitoris flliuni ; Vitu Rannto- 
rum Kiliaui, Kolotniinni et Totnani, auctorc anonymo; 
Vita S. Guntlicri, Tliuringii monachl AltalienBts; H«r- 
inanni Cuntrncli coinitis clironicun; lluniboi-ti Sylvto 
Candida- episcopi advcrmus cnlumiilns Miciiaells putri- 
archK Constantinop. liber unus ; EJusdemquc liber alius 
contra Nicetam I'ectoratum, cum relatione brevi rcruni 
Constentinopoll ab apoNtollca; sedis Icgatin gustaruni; 
Vita nobillB vlri Menrlci ft Zwifaltnch, scripta a mona- 
cboOctiwi'nshausnno; Otiiloni Fnldensis jiroBbyterl libri 
duo de vita 8. Honifnril; 8. Anshclmi Luconsis episcopi 
libri duo contra Guipertum aut Wibertum antlpapam 
pro dcrvnsione Grcgorii V[l ; l-;jufiden) colluctAnua; Sto- 
tuta canonum do ofllrio sAcerdotum ; Menologinm Gra>- 
corum. Ill, p. 2. UdaUcalri nnrrarlo de confrovprallt 
Inlor llormannnm rplscopum Auguslanum et Eglnoncm 
abbatcin 8. Udnlrlcl; Vita ot res gcstro 8. llonrlcl r im- 
ponitiirls; Libri tres de vita bynll OttonU, cplsc. Ilnmb., 
I'omernnnrum apostoll; Vila et puwHlo S. TyemonlB atvo 
Tlieodamnri. archi.-p, Hiillab.; MptdUTcBersoenHlsQiil- 
rinallu In laudem rt, (JuirinI martyrls; Fratruieutum ox 
Ilbro contra I'oimanini; ()IH(;iuni do H. t^arolo; Ilrevla 
rolallodo orl(tiiH'. fiindallone et pntgreBau nionaaterll 
WlndbergenulM in Kuvaria ; Chronieun inccrti aucloriH & 
natlvltntfl Domini usque ad annum llti7; Monumenta, 
AallBbiirKcntiia : 1. Uciwrliitlc. urblsot mona*terll Hallsb. 
2. DncpUcopUHalinb. auctorc Kberiinrdo; 3. llUloHaS. 
Itudbortl, etc. 4. Illiilorin de mirncullN 8. Vlinlis. ft. Vita 
8. Vlrgllll, *lc. fl. All'ina do oumino tiMnpIo HolUb. 7. 
Amoni* Inrlri dnnallununi erclcs. HallMb. H. DonatloncB 
foct« cccloNln- Halint^O. CbronUa 8alUbur(rr-nala ; Fred- 
crirl I,«ntollarbnromiirexpc<lHlo ABlatIca; 
Vila 8. MrcbllldU abbaiU«a> In i)lr««rn, nuclnm Kngel- 
ll«r<lo ; Kkrrlinrdl decani M. (Inlll de vlia It. Notkcri cojf- 
nomenloHnllMill,<Jus(|(ie<(in<.nl/.atloniBpri>eciiriUB; His. 
toria dp Uueins prlnrlplbus; Climnleon Welnirnrlenm- a 
Chrislo natu.adan IIU7. IV. Ounllit-ri mnnnclil lil>luria 
ConBtanllnop. inb Ilaldulno; Dc«crlpllo Terra' Hnncla), 
i Jacob! do Vltriaco 

•nctorc UuroIiATdu dn niunlo ISIu 

CANisiua, H., continued. 

pricfatio in bistoriam Orientnlcm ot Occidentalem ; Trac- 
tatus contra Grtccorum errorcs de processiono Spiritus 
S., de aniraabus defunctorum. de azymie et fermentato, 
dc obcdientia Kom. ccclesio); Constitutioncs concilii 
Viennensis; Constituttonca concilii Salisburgensis; De 
vita et miraculia 8. Erminol,di libri duo ; Tbeodorici 
Turingi, libri orto de S. Elizabeth ; Acta S. Albaiii mar- 
tyris, incerto auctore; AnnalesHeinrici Sterouis; Anna- 
les Eberhardi Altahensis ; Vita S. Walpurgis virginis et 
abbatisss, scripta d Philippo priesule Aichstadiano ; Con- 
cilia bina Salisburgensia; Andronici Constnntinopoli- 
tani dialogue contra Judieos; Guilielmi de Baldenael 
hodoeporicon ad Terram Sanctam anno I33G; Itinera- 
rium Kudolphi de Fraraeynsperg in Pala^stinani ; Barla- 
ami de Seminaria, episcopi Gyracensis epistolm ad Graa- 
cos de unione cum Rom. ecclesia, et proccssione Spiritiu 
Sancti; Ethica secnndum Stoicos, auctore eodein Uar- 
laamo; Epitome bellorum a Clmstianis principibua pro 
recuperatione Terra; Sonctre susccptorura, ab iuccrto 
anclore conscripta ; Hussitica : Oratio Johannis Ragusini, 
quainconsilio Ilasileensirespondit pcrocto dicsadartic- 
ulum primum Bobemorum de communione sub utraquo 
specie; Oratio ^gldii Carlerii, qua respondtt per dies 
quatuor, in concil. Bas. ad artic. ii, Boliemorum. de cor- 
rigendis pcccatis publici^; Oratio Hcnrici Kalteisen,quA 
in concil io Basileensi per dies tres reflitavit tertium artio. libera prrcdicationo vcrbi Dei; Oratio 
Jobannis de Polemar, qua in concilio Basilrcnsi, per 
dies tres refutavit arlic. iv Bohemorum, dt civili domi- 
nio clericorum; De fundationc ccclesire Ilniinonsia et 
Tegernseonsis et do translalione sancti Ar.sacii; Item 
frngmentum chronicon Thodda'i Scotorum abbatis Ra- 
tisboniB dc S, Kiliano, S. Virgilio et S.Lullo; Disipnlatio 
capituli ecclesiic Pragensis cum Rokyzana dc llussiiicis 
controvcrsiis; Descriptio Terra^ Sancta', auctore Anshol- 
nio; Actus sive processus canonizattonis B. Notkeri ; 
Catalogue scriptorura contra Judrcos ex bibliotheca Jo- 
annis Molaui; Dcvita S. Gebebardi ConstanticnBia epis- 
copi per Fcliccm Manilium ; Edmundi Campluni do re- 
ditu ad Romanam ecL-lesinni epistola ; Index. 

— Posthvma de sponsalibus et matrimonio. Nunc 

qvintoinlvcemeditjp. Ing<>Istatlii,10",*9. sm.8*'.*C066.H 

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tiis, et oblationibus ; De usuris. Ingolstadii, 

1629. eni.S" *60G6.14 

— Refvtatio trivm tractatvvm a qvodam lleidel- 

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Ste also: Rilled cannon. 

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droni(]U<>s, ct I'.histoiri' tics empcreurH .lean 
I'aleologne, et .Iran ("antacnzene. [Cousin, 
Ilistoire dcConstuntinople, V. 7, 8j 2961.2 




Skolf. No. 

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letterati e gVx artisti dolla cittii di Ascoli. As- 
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Sulla guvrm. V. Delia Icltpriitura. VI. Deimonumoiiti 
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Content*. — Vol, I. II bnon fanclullo, raccontl d'un 
maestro elementarc. II. II f;io\-tiietto drizzato alia 
bontii, al sapcro, all' itiduntrin. III. II galantuomo, libro 
di morale popotnre. IV. Carlanibrogio de Uontevec- 
chia con vahazioiii cd appondk-i. 

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Shelf. No. 

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at South lioston. Boston, isll. jip. ;i5. 8". 5440a. 29 

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Worcester, 1819. 8' 6440a. 29 

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n. p., n. d. pp.6, 8° 5440a.29 

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[No title-page. From the Liberal preacher, 

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mci-ting-bouse in Dorchester. .S'ee Dorchester, 

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ity,'' by a committee of the Hawes I'lace 
congregational society. See Boston. Eccle- 
siastical organizations 5440a. 29 

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union, considered in connection with the as- 
sumed right of secession. Boston, 1862. pp. 
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Capreole, J. ■ Defensiones theologie diui doctoris 
Thome de Aquino in primo sententiarum, 
Veneffls, O. Scoto, 1483. f 5451.7 

Jfote. — Black letter, 2 columns each of 58 lincg, 
without pagination. Imperfect, b«:iug one volume out 
of four. 

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Shelf. No. 

Capuzzi, E. Literal prose translation [with the 
text] of fire pieces from Tasso, Metastasio 
and AJfieri. 1st ed. Leghorn, 1826. 2v. 8°. 419ri.5 

Contents. — Vol. I. The Artaxenes of Mdastasio; The 
Philip [11 of Spain], of Alfieri; Part of the 7th cauto of 
the Jerusalem delivered of Tasso. II. Themistocles, by 
Metastasio; Merope, by Alfieri. 

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per Gabrielem Naudieum ; Do vita propria liber ; Ephe- 
merus, seu de libris propriia ; De libris propriis eorumque 
UBu, ex edit. Kovillii; De libris propriia et eonim usu, 
ex edit. Henricpotr. ; De Socratia studio ; Oratio ad car- 
dioalem Alciatum, sive Tricipitis Gerjonis, aut canls 
Cerberi; In Thessalicum mediouni, actfo secunda; En- 
comium NeroniN; Encomium podagric; MucmoBynon ; 
De orthopraphia liber; Do ludo alere liber; Liber do 
two; Ilypcrchen; Dialectica; Contradictioues logicfp; 
Norma vita; consarcinata, sacra vocata; rroxonetn, sen 
de prndenlia ci\ili ; De pnccoptis ad fHios; De Optimo 
vit« penere ; Do sapicntia ; De summo bono ; De con- 
Bolatione ; Dialopus Hleron. Cardaoi et Fucil Cardani 
Ipsias patris ; Dialogiis Antigorg^as, seu de recta vivendi 
ratione ; Dialogus qui dicitur Tetim, seu dv humauis 
consiliia; Dialopus de morte, sen Guglielmus; De min- 
imis et propinquis; Hymnus, seu canticum ad Deum. 

II. De utililate ex adverais capienda; De natura libor; 
Do tranquillitato ; Dialogs de vita producenda ; Do 
animi inimortalitatc; De contcmplatiooe ; De %-ita ct 
felicitato animorura post obitum ; Do immortalitato 
animorum ; De secrctia, libor unicus ; Do gemmis et 
co!oribu8; De aqua; Do viliiH aqua, sou rethere ; De 
acetl -natura ; I'roblomatum scrltuncs eoptem ; Dla- 
corso dfl vacua; 9i> la qualila puo trnpassaro di sub- 
bietto in aubbielto ; Discorso del vacua ; Dn fulpure. 

III. Do renim varictate; De Bubtililate, libri 21 ; Actio 
prima in calumniatorcm llbrorum dc subttlitate, libri 
17. IV. De numororum proprietatibus, liber unicus; 
Computua minor; Ars magna, sive do regulis algebrai- 
cia; Ars magna arlthmetlcie; Do Aliza rcpiln ; Ser- 
mo ric plus et minus; Exn-reton mathcmaticonim ; En- 
roniiiira gcomotritc; Divinioue dclla llnea; De propor- 
tloiilbus numeronim, motuunt, pondenim, sonorum ; 
Delia natura do' prinoipii, e rcgolo musicali. V. Do 
rcstitullono tomporum et motuura erraticorum ctrlosti- 
iini; De providt-ntia ox annl C'lnstituliiiiie; AphnriBmo- 
rum aotronumicornra ftogmi-nta septcm ; Commentarii 
In Ptolcmirum, dn aslronim judicllH; De septcm crratl- 
risnti-llis; Dn tnterrogationlbun; Do judlciin gcnitura- 
rum ; Do oxorapHs centum e^niturarum ; Liber duodccim 
g<-nllurarum; Do revolutlonibus annorum, mcmtlum et 
dk-rum; Do supplcmcnto nlmanach ; Somniorum Syno- 
sloruni libri. VI. Encomium aetroln^iic; Encomium 
medlciniK ; Do Kanitato tucndn, llbri 4 ; ContratUcentlum 
roedlcorum, libri 12. VII. Do usu clborum; Do cauois, 
slfrnlBf Bc locia raoiboruiu ; De urltibt liber; Ars curandl 
parva; Do methodo, aectionen treit; Do radico Cina, seu 
de decoct^ mAtrnfn; Do Nar/.a parllla; De oxyniolltls unu 
In plaiiritlde, epUtola; De vencnia, llbrl 8; Comniun- 
tarll in llbrum lllppocratli dc alimvnto; Commentarii 
In llbnim Ilippocratla do a^ro, aquU et loci*; Commen- 
IaHI In njihorlnmoM IllppocralU; Commentarii In lib. 
protrnoNtlcomm Illppucralla. VIII. Commentarii In lib. 
lllppocmtia da septlm«'*(rl partu; Kxamen xxil n>gro- 
rum lilpporratlR; Coniillla varla mcdlca pnrttm odlln, 
parlim liactonun anecdota; OpuHcula mrdlca aenllia ; 
Kloridurum llbri, alvo eommnit. In prinrlpem Ilaiten, 
■ ivi< Ailin»rn, »fu Aviccnnam ; Vita I.udovlcl Foiraril; 
Vila Andr<im Aklatt; De nraanis mtoniltatU; PolltU 
rei, ii«u moralhim, liber unu>; Elomenta tlnirua! (ira'Cte ; 
Do Inmillnnn; Dn iintiirallbua vlriliuii ; Do muslca i Du 
Integrtt, IraelAlim nrillimnllr'ua ; Kxpooltlo anatomlw 
Hundliil; Cnmincnlarll In lllirofi Illppu'Tatla de victii 
In acullji; TommenUril In diioR llbrt>i prlurfii rpldemU 
onim IllppoenilU ; De epllejisln ; Do apoplrxln; Du 
hainanit clvllibu* nurrvsalonlbiii; D" hiimnna porfeo. 
tlonoi tlcpi Onvftanrtitv^ ■on'teadmlrnnilU; DodnbllH 

Shelf. No. 

Cardano, G., continued. 

naturaiibus; De rebus factis raris et nrtiflciia; De hu- 
maua compovitionc naturalium ; De mirabilibus morbie 
et eymptomatibuB; De astrortim ct tcmporuni ratione et 
divisionibus; De mnthematicis quo-silis; Historiie lapi- 
dum.metallicorum et metallorum ; Historin- animal iiim; 
Historife plantarum; De animn; De dubiis ex historils; 
De claronim virorum vita et libris; De hominum anti- 
quorum illuBtrium judieio; De usu hominum et diguo- 
tlone corum, turn cura et errori' ; Dc sajiiente. 

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Italia. Kaccolta in ottaua rima. Firenze, 
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ject's inlieritance. With additions by MV. Nel- 
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Contents. — Poema on several occasions ; Songs ; Son- 
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currency? What are the causes of unsteadi- 
ness of the currency ? and What is the reme- 
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— Vindicise Hibernica?; or, Irehind vindicated. 

3ded. Phihulelphia, 1837. 8° 2476,13 

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tution for the promotiou of the fine ai'ts. 
Newcastle, 1829. 8" *Pph.v.350 

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llriiiU'r auf (ien caraiblschen Iiiseln. Ohleu- 
doop, ('. G.A 6059.11 

Caul Ludwig von \.ov\i\m,nrch dnl-f of AusiHa. 
(irundsiitze der hiiht'in Kricgskunst ftir die 
(Jenerule der osterreicliischen Annee. Wien, 
1808. f° •39.E.3 

— (irundsiitze der Strafegie erliiutert durch die 

Ojn-j^lcIlungdcH Kehizugsvon ITUOiuDeutBCh- 

liind. Wien, ISM. 3v.ini. 8" •3953.39 

— - Kauic. Alla.s vein 12 Kiirlrn. f" *39.E.4 

— Prlncipt's dc lit MtrutOgir : rrluliitn de la ealn- 

pagnedc ITln'i, Irad.derAlleiiuind ; avec cartes 

et plans. Paris, 181K. 3v. in 2. b° •3953.38 

— - Same. Atlas of 12 plates. 4" •39.E.1 

CAULKiiiUS, M. See Cliarller, G. 




Shelf. No. 

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manners.] FhiliuU-Iphiu, 1835. 18° 2397.40 

CARU (la IMacenzn, I>. II moro trasportato nolla 
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rica, America, ec. Bassano, IikS?. 4" . . . . *415'*.5 

\t)te. — Mi'I/l snys M. A. Ciualtlui took piirt in llio 
comitositlon of ttila work. 

Carlier, a. De I'esclnvagc dans ses rapporis avec 

I'linion nmiTicaine. Taris, 1SG2. 8°.. . . 3573.11 

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2v. 8" 4324.4 

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spect., V. 1, 4 fi055.15 

Contents. — Vol. I. Descriptio vitae usque ad annum 1522, 
Gerdpsio nuctorc ; IV. Epistolne nd Gcorprium Spalatinum. 

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nommllis M. A. Flaminii libellis. Floren- 
ti^, 1552. sm.lO" **4938.29 

Contents. — Petri Bembi liber 1 ; Andrees Naugerii 
liber 1; Balthasaris Castilioni liber 1 ; Joannis Cottte 
liber 1 ; M. Antonii FlamiDii libri 4, ad Franciscum Tur- 
rianuin ; Ejusdem liber quintus ad Alexandrum Farnest- 
um.nuncprimumedltua^ Ejusdem parapbrasisln tripnta 
Fsalmos, ad eundem ; EJusdem sacrorum carniiiiuin li- 
bellu9 Ivn^^e copiosior quam antea, ad Margaritam Hen- 
rici Gallorum regis Bororera. 

Carnarvon, earl of. See Herbert, H. H. M. 

Carniola, Journey in, in 1817, 18. CadeUjW. A. . 2764.0 

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goire. 5ee GrC'goire, H 4650.31 

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sic! italiani, v. 74-81] **4S03.5 

ContenU. — Vol. I. Vita dell' eutore scritta da Antou 
Federigo Seghezzi. I-III. Lettere familiari, con aggi- 
UDtA della lettera a Bernardo Spira, e di quelle pubbli- 
cate in Venezia nel 1791. IV-VI. Lettere scritte a nome 
del cardinale Alessandro Famese. Vll. Gli amori pas- 
torali di Dafni e Cloe di Longo Sofista tradotti in Ital- 
Inno col Bupplimento tradotto da Sebastiano Ciampi a 
da Ale»«Bndro Verri ; Due orazioni di Gregorio Nazien- 
zeno tcologo. In una delle quali si trntta quel che sia 
*escovado e quali debbano essere i vescovi, nell'altra 
deH'ainor verso i poveri, ed il primo scrmone di S. Cicilio 
Cipriano sopra TelcmoBlna fntte in lingua toscana dal 
com. A. Caro. VIII. L'Eneidc tradotta. 

— Lettere di vario argomento. [Alb^ri. Tesoro 

della prosa italiana] 

— Sonetti. .SVe Raccolta di poesie satiriche . . . 

— Sonetti e canzoni. [Gironi. Raccolta di lirici 


Caroline, steamer. De la question de juridiction 
qui s*est presentve dans I'alfaire de Mac-Leod. 
Sre Mar-L*o.l, A v. 2 of 



Sholf, No. 

Caroline Matilda, qiteen of Denmark and Noncay, 

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An address to Christians. ■Wortley,1846. 12°.B.170b.43 

— Check list of the shells of North America. 

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See also: Building, Domestic architecture, Joinerj-. 

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in 1. f° *4290.3 

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3v. in 1. r *6017.16 

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Tour through Holland. [Mavor. Voyages, 

V.27] 6267.1 

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rumque pontificum, usque ad Julium iii. F. 

Sylvii additionibus aucta. Matriti, 1766. 4°.*6p20.14 
Carrel, N. A. (Euvres politiques et litteraires, 

annot^es et precc^'d^es d'une notice biograph- 

ique sur I'auteur par M. Uttr^ et M. Paulin. 

Paris, 1857-59. 5v. 8° 2675.6 

Carrer, L. Brevi stone di varli autori. Venezia, 

1840. 16* 2773.24 

ConteTits. — Scisma d'Inghilterra, dl Bernardo Davan- 
zflti ; Congiura de' baroni del n-guo di Napoli contra il ro 
Ft'rdinaudn I, raccolta da Camillo Porzio; Congiura del 
conte Gio. Luigi de' Fieschi, descrilta da A. Moscardi. 

Carrrra, P. Descriptio ^tnfE ; Poesie pertinent! 
alle materie di Mongibello ; ^tuaea castanea ; 
Grympa, carmen. [Grcevius. Thes. antiq. 
Ital., T. 10, V. 9] 4710.1 




Carrera, p., continued. 

— Disqulsitio de vero sigrnificatu numismattim 

quonimdam Messanensium, seti ^lamertino- 
rum, Catanensium, etc. Lat. vcrtit .S. Haver- 
campus; Monumentonim historicorum urbis 
Catanse libri quatuor. Lat. vertit A. Frei- 
gerus. [GrsE\ius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, 

V. 10] 4710.1 

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Breckinridge, delivered in the United States 
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pp. 15. 8" 4310a. 27 

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8m.8° 4718.8 

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CAKTER05IAC0, S. See Fortiguerri, N. 

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D. de 2319. M 

Cabtilha com estampas, para uso da mocidade. 
Kova York, n. d. pp. 64. 18°. [American 
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[with] certtlicates of the i)ower of his steam 
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— Sermon, March 14, 1802, after the interment of 

Francis, duke of Bedford. Loiiduii, lh(i2. 8'*.*l'ph.v.353 
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Holl^nanns. I.(! marcjuis dc- Pombal et I'An- 
ghfterre v. 2 of 4295.26 

— Moure, (i. Life 3n9'j.7 

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Shelf. No. 

Gary, J. New itinerary : or, the great roads through- 
out England and Wales. 11th ed. London, 
1828. 8" 2487.29 

Cary, S. Sermon before the Ancient and honour- 
able artillery company, June 6, 1814. Boston, 
1814. 8' 5440a. 30 

' — Sermon at his ordination at King's chapel, Jan. 

1,1809. Boston, 180<>. 8" 5440a. 30 

— Sermon at King's chapel, Sept. 9, 1813, the day 

of the national fast. Boston, 1813. 8° . . . . 5440a. 30 
Cary, S. F., and others. Address to the people of 
Ohio in behalf of a law to prohibit the liquor- 
manufacture. [No title-page.] pp. 8. 8° . B.170.74 
Cary, Hev. Thomas. Letters to his parish. jS'ee 

Tucker, J 4163.5 

— Sermon after the interment of. .S'c*' Andrews, J. 5450a. 1 
Cary, Thomas G. Gold from California, and its 

effects on prices. A lecture, delivered March 
25,1856. New York, 1856. '8° 5646.2 

— Letter to a lady in France on the supposed fail- 

ure of a national bank, repudiation, etc. Bos- 
ton, 1843. pp.56. 8'' ■ *4163.13 

— Profits on manufactures at Lowell. A letter 

from the treasurer of a corporation. Boston, 

1845. pp. 23. 8° 6646.2 

Casa, G. della. Opere [raccolte per cura di G. B. 
Casotti ed A. F. Seghezzi]. Milano, 1806, 
4v. 8°. [Classic! italiani, v. 70-7.3], , . . **4803.4 

Conttnts. — Vol.1. Notizio intomo nlla vitn ed nllo 
opcrti di G. deUn Cnsa scrittc dal sii?. nbate G. B. 
dollft Cttsotti ; Rnfrionamento di F. Bocchi sopni Ip proso 
vuipnri di G. della Cnea; Gnlnlco ov\'cro de'costumi; 
Tmitato depli ulficj coniiini tr« gli nmici superior! o 
inferiori. IL Orazionc scritia a Carlo V, intomo aUft 
restituKione della cittd di Piacciixa ; Oniztuno dello 
lodi della ropiibblica venpzia; OraKione prr muovcrc I 
Vcneziani alia Icpa; Iiislruzionc at cnrdinalo CarafTa 
Bopra il ncgozio dolla pace tra Enrico li, re di Foincia e 
Filippo ir, re di Spajma ; Letterc. Ill, ParalpHo del 
Bigmor Orazio Marta ira Pptrarca o della Casa; Rime; 
Aiinotazioni de! sigr. abate Eg^tdio Menapo nllo rime dl 
G. dolla Casa; Annotazioni dv] sig, abate A. M. Sal- 
vin! soprn alcime rime di R. della Casa ; Lezionc del sig. 
Torqunto Tasso sojira il sonetto LIX di O. della Cawi; 
Cnpitolo Bopra il foriio ; Cajiitolo del bncio; Capitolo 
Bopra il nomc suo ; Cnpitolo del martollo ; Cnpif olo della 
Btizza. IV. Instnixioni e Icttere a nonie del cardinal 
Caraflft intomo nllu gnierra Ira Paolo tv e Carlo v ; Dis- 
corso al cardinal CarafTa per inipetrnro loslatocdominlo 
di Siena ; rruniincnto d'lin trattiito dolle tro linguo Gro- 
ca, Lntina c Toscann; Lettere. 

— IlGalateo; Lettere di vario argoniento; Ora- 

zionepcr lalega. [Albert. Tesoni della prosa 
italiiuia] 2771.20 

— Sonetli. [Cironi. Kaccolta di lirici italiani] . 4808. 8 
Casalis, (J. Di/.ionario geogi-alico storico-statisti- 

co-commereiale degli stati del re di Sardcgiia. 
Torino, 183;t-50. 28v. in 32. S" M725.1 

Con/enffl.— Vol. I. A— Azz. II. B—But. HI. C— Cm. 
IV. Can— Chi. V. Chi— Ciiz. VI. 1>— I-lir. VII, p. 1. 
G— Gen ; p. 2, Genova. VIU. Gen— Ker. IX. I^Lot. 
X. H— Mon. XI. M.Mi— NS/. XII. Noa— Nnr. XIII. 
O— Ozi. XIV. P— Pie. XV. Pie— Pnt. XVI. (^Hut. 
XVII. 8— 8apr. XVIII.p.l. Sal- Sar; p. 2-4,Snrde(mn. 
XIX. Sar— aer. XX. Ser— Tor. XXI. XXH- Torino. 
XXIII. Toi— Ver. XXIV. Vereellt. XXV. Vet^Vln. 
XXVI. Vlii— Znr. XXVII, XXVIII. Appeodlee. 

Casano, a. Del sotterraneo della chieMa catte- 

drale di Palermo. I'alermo, ISIO. pp. 84. 

7 plates. 4' 2760.28 

Casarotti, \, Lettere da Innocente Natauaelt 

scritto a un RUG nfpote, Kd.3H. Milano, 1825. 

24* 2809.25 

Casatbon, I. De rebvs sacris et eccleslasticls ex- 

ercitatloneM xvi ad Barontl prolegomena. 

(iencva'. 1651. -r , , . •0074.1 

— De satyrlea (Jra'cornm poesl et Uomanoriim 

oatlni, libri duo. Kd. J.J. Itambiirli. Ace. 
Siiaiibnuil df r<id. nrg. di^s. n<'c non vfta 
<*ii«iiu)miii. Ihiin', 1774. 8" **2063.1fl 

— AiiiiiMulvfrsinncs in dcipnosojihistas Athena-. 

AVc Allu'iia'u,-^ 4200.6 




Shplf. No. 

Casaubon, I., rontimied. 

— ami M. Kpistola*, vita, rtedimtionrs, prn'fa- 

tiones, pocrnata, irnj;mcnnim tW lilicrtate 
ecelesiasticu, etc. (.'uraiite T. Janson, Ed. ;ia. 
Koterodami, 170«t. i^ **-I020.1 

Cask of the seizure ot'tlio southern envoys, London, 

1S61. pp. •.»(>. s"* 4'S'2:i.-i6 

Case of the slave-child, Med. Keport of the argu- 
ments of counsel, and of the opinion of the 
court, in the case of Commonwealth vs. Aves. 
Boston, 183(',. pp. 40. 8°. 4103.16 

Case of the Trent examined. I.ond.,18fi2. pp.34. 8°. 5018.37 

Ca.'*kli,a, I*. L. De primis Italia' colonis. [(Ir^evius. 

Thcs. anti*j. Ital., T- 1. p. 1] 4710.1 

CaseLM, G. Elofrio funebre di L. Nubili. 3a ed. 

Firenze, 1841. pp 3(k 8" 274.'».15 

Cashmkhe. Knifrht,W. H. lHaryofapedt-strianin. 5o45.G 

— Torrens, II. 1>. Travels in Ka.ehmir 3043.14 

Casimik, J. Litera; de libro com-ordia;. [Gerdes. 

Scrinium antiij. ad hist, reform, gpcct., v. 4]. 6055.15 
Casotti, G. B. Notizie intorno alia vita ed alle 

opere di G. dellaCasa. [('asa. Opere, v. 1] . 4803.4 

— Vita di Benedetto Buommattei. [Buomniattei. 

Opere, v. Ij 4808.3 

Caspar von der Hiin. Heldenbnch. [Hagen. Deut- 
sche Gediclite des Mittelalters, v. 2] .... 2901.4 

— - Same. [Hageu, lleldcnbuch in der Ur- 

sprache] 2301.5 

Caspaki, C. System des chirurpischen Verbandes 

philosopbisch bearbeitet. Leipzig, 1832. 8". 3754.14 
Casper, J. L. Handbook of the practice of foren- 
sic medicini'. Vol. 1, 2. Translated from the 
3d ed. by G. W. Balfour. London, 1801, 62. 
2v. 8°. [London. New Sydenham society]. 5714.10 
Cass, L. Address before the Kalamazoo county 
agricultural society, Oct. 11, 1850. Washing- 
ton, n.d. [No title-page. J 8" 4390a. 24 

— Discourse pronounced before the American his- 

torical society, Jan. 30, 1S36. Washington, 

1836. 8' . . '. 4390a. 24 

— Speech in the senate, on European interference 

in American afialrs, Jan. 26, 1846. Washing- 
ton, 1846. 8° V. 3 of 4295.26 

^ Speech in the senate, on our relations with 
Great Britain, Jan. 28, 1856. Washington, 
n.d. [No title-page.] 8' 6087.121 

— Speech in the senate, on the Clayton-Bulwer 

treaty, Jan. 11, 1854. Washington, 1854. 8^.6087.121 

— Speech in the senate, on the religious rights of 

American citizens residing or traveling in 
foreign countries. Washington, 1854. 8° . . 6087.121 

— [The Cass platform.] 1848. [No title-page.] 

pp. 8. 8° 4390a. 24 

— Facts and arguments against the election of. 

See Jarvis, K 6087.48 

— Life, with his letters and speeches. See Hick- 

man, G. H 4129.83 

— and Butler, W. O. Life and services of Gen. 

Lewis Cass, with a sketch of the history of 
Maj.-Gen. W. O. Butler. Phila., 1848. 12°. B. 160b. 100 

— and Taylor, Z. [Opinions] on the slavery ques- 

tion. Boston, 1848. pp.33. 12" B. 160a. 16 

Cassander, G. Dearticulis religionis inter catho- 
licos et protestantes controversis consuUatio, 
[Grotius. Opera omnia theologica, v. 4] . . 5490.1 

— De uiris illustribus qui ante Procam in Latio 

fuere. See Vita? virorum illustrium .... 4160.3 
Cassani,A.C. Kaggiodiproverbitriestini. Trieste, 

1860. 12' 4798.30 

Cassebohm, J. F. De aure humana. Hala; Magde- 

burgicie, 17.34, 35. 4° 3806.27 

Cassels, W. U. Cotton: an account of its culture 

in the Bombay presidency. Bombay, 1862. 8". 3651.28 

— Eidolon, or the course of a soul; and other 

poems. London, is50. 13" 4179.20 

CasSIANUs, J. De cfrnobiorum institutis, libri 12; 
De incamatione Christi, libri"; C'ollationes 
patrum in Scythica erenio commoVantium. 
[Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 7] B.110.2 

— - Same. Sec Joannes Dumasccnus B. 140. 10 

Sholf. No. 
Cassino, M. da. Annales Januenses, 1270-79. 

[Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. IS] 4220.1 

Cassiodorus, M. a. Chronicon. [Historia; Ko- 

mana* scriptores, v. 1] 4240.3 

— Clausula inedita operis De artibus ac discipli- 

nis lilieralium litterarum. [Mai. Class, auct., 

V.3J » B.172.3 

— Variarum libri duodecim ; De auima Hber; De 

institutiono divinarum scripturarum ; De 

ecbematihus et tropis coltoctio; In orthogra- 

pblam; De arte grammatica, sive rlictorica; 

Dc dialectica; Matbeniatica; De amicitia; 

Chronicon, [Maxima hibliotli. vet. patr., 

v. U] B.110.2 

Cassola, C. Insurrezione di Brescia. [Documenti 

dellaguerra santa d'ltalia, V. 2] 4718.9 

Castel de Saint rierre, C. \. L'abbe de St. Pierre, 

sa vie et ses ceuvrea, avec des notes et des 

(■claircissements, par G. de 3Iolinari. Paris, 

1857. 12° '. . 3577.16 

Castelletti, B. La trionfatrice Cecilia vergine, e 

martire romana : [poema]. Fiorcnza, 15m. 

pp. 78. 4" **2795.12 

Castelletti, C. II furbo: comedia. Venetia, 1584. 

sm.l2° *4809a.56 

Cast^rA, J. H. History of Catharine ii, empress 

of Russia. Translated from the French by H. 

Hunter. London, 1800. 8° 3066.7 

Casti, G. B. l^rose e rime inedite nella lingua ital- 

ianaelatina. Firenze, 1834. 16° 4765.13 

Castiglioxe, Baldessare, conte dL II libro del Cor- 

tegiano. CoUa vita di lui, dal P. A. Serassi. 

Padova, 17(Ui. 4° 4791.18 

— - Same. Milano, 1803. 2v. 8°. [Classici ital- 

iani, V. 67, 68] *M803.2 

— The couriier, deuided into foure bookes. Done 

into English by T. Hobby. [Italian, French, 

and English.] London, 1588. sm.4° .... 2799.13 

— Diversi brani del Cortegiano. [Albtri. Tesoro 

dellaprosaitaliana] 2771.20 

— Carmina. See Carmina quinque illustrium po- 

etarum 4938.29 

— Egloga: Iola,Tirsi, eDameta. [Ferrario. Poesi 

pastorali] 4808.11 

Castiglione, Bonaventura. De Gallorum Insu- 

brum antiquis sedibus. [Grsevius. Tlies.antiq. 

Ital., T. l,p. 1] 4710.1 

Castiolione, G. A. Mediolanenses antiquitates. 

[Grffivius. Thes. antiq. Ital.,T. 3,p. 1] . . . 4710.1 

— I Ivoghi difficili del Petrarcha nvovamente di- 

chiaraH. Vinezia, 1.533. sm.S" *4809a.8 

Castile, The uniting of Portugal to. Conestaggio, 

G. F. di 3091.10 

Castle, A. Phrenologie spiritualiste. Paris, 1862. 

8° . . 3600.24 

CASTRfiN, M. A. Grammatik der samojedischen 

Sprachen. Herausgegeben von A. Schiefner. 

St. Petersburg, 1854. 8' 3060.20 

— Vorlesungen iiber die altaischen Volker nebst 

samojedischen Marcben nnd tatarisclien Hel- 
densagen. Herausgegeben von A. Schiefner. 
St. Petersburg, 1857. 8° 4240.14 

— Worterverzeichnisse aus den samojedischen 

Sprachen. Bearbeitet von A. Schiefner. St. 

Petersburg, 1855. 1.8° . 3060.17 

Castro, Adolfo de. Cadiz en la guerra de la inde- 

pendencia. Cadiz, 1863. pp.72. 4" 3100.11 

— History of religious intolerance in Spain. Trans- 

lated by T. Parker. London, 1853. 8° . . . 6054.10 

— The Spanish protestants, and their persecution 

by Philip ii. Translated by T. Parker. Lon- 
don, 1851. 16° . .6059a. 11 

Castro, Alfonso de. Adversus omnes hiereses libri 

14. Colonic, 1539. f *B.130.10 

Castro, J. de. Sinus Arabici, sen Maris Rubri de- 

scriptio. [Matthffii. Analccta, v. 3] .... 4139a. 1 

Caswell, A. Address at the funeral of J. N. Gran- 
ger. SeeWaylaud, F 4347.4 

Caswell, J. Scripture names in Siamese. See 

Jones, J. T 3030.16 




Shelf. No. 

Catalogue des ouvrages condamn^s, 1814-43. 

Paris, IMS. pp. 80. 16° *2183.I2 

C.4T.\LOGUK of a curious collection of original maps 

and plans of military positions in the old 

French andrevolutionarywars. Boston, 1862. 

pp. 13. 8° 4355.13 

CATALOGfES. Tufcotti, A, Idea di un catalogo 

universale 2124.12 

— Tituoni, F. Sul modo di compilare il catalogo 

di una biblioteca 2122.18 

Kcte. — For catBlopues of public libraries additional 
to those previously noted, see the following names of 
places: Amsterdam, Baltimore, Charlestoivn, Edin- 
burgh, Florence, Lowell, Milwaukee, Nen-port, North- 
ampton, Paris, Philadelphia, Sienna, Troy, Tiibingen, 
Washington, Worcester. 

For catalogues of private libraries, see the following 
names of proprietors: Augustus Frederick, Beauclerk, 
T., Fabricius, .L, Heber, R,, Hermann, G., Heyse, C. W. 
L., Julius, X. H.. Lachmnnn, C, Libri-Cnrrucci, G. B. 
I. T., 9elvaggi, G., Tiedemann, F. 

For booksellers' catalogues, see the follow log names : 
Asher, A., Bossange, H., Dawson, W., (Juaritch, B., Scl- 
vaggi, G., Silvestri, G., Voigt, B. F. 

Cataract. Parall^le des divers modes operatoires 

employt^s dans la cataracte. Nt^laton, A. l\r.Pph.v.l37 

Catechis>i for children and youth : or a brief formu- 
lary of the principles and duties of the Chris- 
tian religion. Sherborne, 1794. pp. .34. 8°. 4163.1 

Catechism of British biography. 9th ed. London, 

1828. pp. 72. 24° . . . ' 7039.40 

Catechism of chronology. Newed. London, 1830. 

pp. 72. 24° . . . .' 7039.41 

Catechism of classical biography. 6th ed. London, 

1829. pp. 72. 24° 7039.42 

CATEcniS3i of electricity. 3d ed. London, n. d. 

pp. 72. 24° 7039.43 

Catechism of entomology. .3d ed. Lond., n.d. 24°. 70.39.44 

Catechism of heraldry. 8th ed. London, n.d. 24°. 7039.46 

Catechism of Latin grammar, containing the Eton 

accidence. 9th ed. London, 1S28. pp. 72. 24°. 70.39.58 

Catechissi of phrenology. From the 6th Glasgow 

ed. Philadelphia, 18.35. pp.91. 12° 3600.37 

Catechism of poetry. 4th ed. London, 1827. pp. 

71. 24° 7039.51 

Catechism of sacred geography. London, n.d. pp. 

79. 24° 70.39.55 

Catechism of the geography of the British empire. 

London, 1830. 5v. 24° •. 7039.52 

Catechism of the history of America. Part 1, 3d 

cd. Part 2, 1th ed. London, 182.3-27. 2v. 24°. 7039.47 

Catechism of the history and antiquities of the 

Jews. London, 1822, pp. 72. 24° 7039.48 

Catechism of the history of St;otlaiuI, from its in- 
vasion by Agricoln. Lond., 1829. pp.72. 24°, 7039.49 

Catechism of universal history. New ed. Lon- 
don, n.d. pp. 72. 24° 7039.60 

CATf-:cnisMK et prieres, on al)rt^gd de la doctrine 
chrtHlenne. 5e t-d., rtjv. et corr. et aug. Bal- 
timore, 1818. 8m.l2° 5453.41 

Catechisms. Eccard, J. G. v. Monumenta cate- 

chelica varla Theotisca B.117.9 

— Overhcrg, B. Katechismus der christkatholi- 

sclien Lehre 6453.30 

— Perkins, N. Sabbath school catechism .... 6451.37 

— Hacovian catechism 6065.21 

— We-stininster assembly's shorter catechism. See 

New England primer 6453.40 

Cateni, C. rlcalnta, in lode del bue. Flrenzc, 

1808. pp.31. 8° 2808.7 

— CIcalata, in lode del inaccheronl. Flrenzc, 1808. 

pp. 31. 8° 2808.7 

Caterpillaiis. Sff Germany. Natural history. 
Catiiaiiine, St., o/ ricnon, [AdornI, or Adorno], 

Life of Calharhie Adoriia. See Uphnm, T. <:.6469a.3l 
CATIIAUINK, St.,of Stenna\ f Bentiicii'^u]. Processus 

coiiteMtatlnuuni super siiiictidiie (-1 doctrliia 

beala; Catharlnie de .Senls. [.Miirlene. Vet. 

script., V. 6] 4160.1 

CATiIAiiiNK, St., of Sweden. Vita slve legcndn cum 

inlrBciills. See llrlgltta, St n.110.7 

Shelf. No. 

Catharine de' Medici. Catherine de Medicis, etude 
historique sur les relations de la France et de 
rfecosse dans la seconde moitit} du xvie sife- 
cle. SeeChi?ruel, P. A 2526.5 

— Epistola ad Pium IV de colloquio Possiaceno. 

[Gerdes. Scriuium antiq. ad hist, reform. 
spect.,v. 3] 6055.15 

Catharine, of Aragon. Wardrobe stuff of Katha- 
rine, princess dowager. See Fitzroy, H. . . 2426.6 

Catharine II, empress o/ifiMSio. History of. See 

Casti?ra, J. H 3066.7 

Catherwood, F. Description of a view of the city 
of Jerusalem and the surrounding country. 
Boston, 1S37. pp. 12. 8° 4289.25 

Catholic music. Collection of. Werner, A. . . . 4055.56 

Catholic religion. See Roman catfiolic church. 

Catilina, L. S. Eine historische Uutersuchung. 

5eeHagen, E 2757.12 

Cato, D. Disticha de moribus ad filium. [Opitz. 

Werke, v. 1] 2879.11 

Cato, M. P. Censorius. De re rustica. [Gessner. 

Scriptores rei rusticEe, v. 1] B.178.6 

Cato, M. P. Uticensis. Leben. [Schrockh. AU- 

gemeine Biographic, v. 1] 4143.6 

Cato, V. Carmina. Editio Putschiana repetita cum 
notis Wernsdorfii omnibus. Cura J. A. Giles. 
Londini, 1838. 8° B. 177. 15 

Cats, Catz, or Caets, J. 's Werelts Begin, mid- 
den, eynde, beslooten in Trou-Ringh, met 
den Proef-steen van den selven. Amsterdam, 
1601. sm.8° 4229a. 13 

— Zinne- en Minne-I!eeUkn : ,?i'lfstryd ; Tooneel 

der mannelyke Agtl);uirhoi<lt : Oalathea, Kla- 
gende Maegtien, etc. Loiclen, 174S. sm.8°. 4229a. 14 
Cattaneo,C. L'ltaliaarmata. Milano,1861.pp.l5.8°. 4713.8 
Cattanio, p. a. Rudiments of the German lan- 
guage. Philadelphia, 1844. pp.96. 12° . B.170b.l01 
Cattenburgh, a. van. Leven des Heeren Huig 

de Groot. See Brandt, C 4270.7 

Cattle, Fattening of. Thomson, E. D 3766.23 

Catullo, T. a. Considerazioni intorno ad alcune 
recenti meraorie di geognosia paleozoica. Pa- 
dova, 1856. pp. 8. 1.4° 6800.25 

— Prodrome di geognosia paleozoica delle AIpe 

venete. Modena, 1847. 4° 6860.30 

— Dei terreni di sedimento superiore delle Vene- 

zie. Monaco, 1857. pp. 88. 19 plates. 1.4° . 6860.25 
Catdllus, C. V. Epithalaniium Pelei ao Thetidis. 

[Reichard. Sylloge opusc. vet. poet.] . . . B. 179a. 5 

— Liber ad Cornelium Nepotem. [Gottfried. Cor- 

pus vet. poet.] B.191.9 

— Tihullus, A., and rropertius,S. A. [Carmina.] 

Lipsiie, 1812. sm.l6° 4919a. 25 

Catulus, Q. Fragmeuta. [Gottfried. Corpus vet. 

poet.] B.191.9 

Caucasus. Der Kaukasus, seine Viilkerschaften, 

deren Kiimpfe, ec, nebst einer Charakteristik 

Schamil's. Wien, 1854. pp. 88. 8° 4245.8 

— Baunigarten, G. .Sechzig jahre des kaukasl- 

scheii Kriegcs 3063.8 

— Klaproth, J. H. V. Kaukasische Sprachen . . 4110.11 
Caumont, a. Jitude sur la vie et les travaux de 

Grotius, ou le droit naturel et le droit interna- 
tional. Paris, 1862. 8° 3613.16 

Cause anil effect. Brown, T. Inquiry into the re- 
lation of 5602.3 

— Davis, II. Treatise on B. 170.6 

Causes c<:•l^b^es. Mejan, M. Recueil des causes 

ct^'liibres 3698.2 

— Moquard. Nouvelles causes ct-lt'-hres 3684.33 

.See aUo: Celebrated trials. Criminal trials, Trials. 

Causes of the discontents in relation to the plague, 

cousldereil. Ltmdon, 1721. sm.4° .... •l'i)h.v.333 
Cau.ssa Italica. Pro ciiussa ifalica ad eplscopos cath- 

olicoH, FlorentiiT, IH()1. pj). 8.^). 8° . . . . 1714.23 
Caussin, N. De eloquenthi sacra et luinnina librl 

XVI. Ed. 8a. ('oloniic Agrippinie, 1(181. 4°. ♦6086.3 
Cauhsin de Perceval, A. P. Esaai sur I'histolre des 

Ariibes. Paris, 1817, 4S. 3v. 8° 4243.1 




Shelf. No. 
CAVALCA, D. Frutti della lin^a. Ridotti alia sua 

vera lezioiif [da G. Uottari]. Roma, 1754. 8". 3473.11 

— Mcdiciua del cuorc, ovvcro trattuto dclln pazi- 

enza. Kidotto alia sua vera U-zione [da (.J. 
Bottari]. Uitnui, U.')!-. H" 3473.9 

— Specchio di crocf. Kidotto alia sua vera Iczione 

[daG. iJottunJ. Koina, 173s. S" 3473.10 

— Vite sct'Ite. [Albi?ri. Tesoro della prosa itali- 

ana] 2771.20 

CaValcanti, H. Trattati sopra gli ottimi reggi- 
inenti dellc reiJubbUctu' antielic e moderue. 
Milauo, mi5. .s^ [Chussici italiaiii, v. 101] . **4806.3 

— Orazione alia milizia tiorcutiua, persuadcndola 

adifendersi. [Uaccolta di prose ituliuni, v.l]. 4808.10 
CAVALCANTI, G. Souftto. [Giroui. Ruccolta di 

lirici italiani] 4808.8 

Cavalia), T. Kssay on medical electricity. 2d ed. 

Ix)ndou, 1781. 8" 3802.32 

Cavanilles, A.J. Icones et descriptiones plauta- 

rum, qua aut spoute in Hispaniu creycuiit, 

aut in hortis liospitautur. Matriti, 1791-1801. 

Cv. f *5840.8 

Nolf. — 100 plates In each volume. 

— Observaciones sobre la historia natural, geogra- 

fia, agricultura, poblacion y frutos del reyno 
de Valencia. Madrid, 1795-97. 2v. f ° . . . *3100.5 
CAVfe, M. E. B. Dessin sans niaitre. 2e partie. La 

couleur. Paris, u. d. 8' 8075.1 

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of the church in the fourth century. With [an 
appendLx]. London, 1682, 83. 2v.ini. f . *6021.3 

Cinttmt». — Lives of Euat-bius. AtbanaBius, Hilary of 
Poicticrs, Brtail of CtPsareo, Gregory of Nazianzum, 
Cyrlt of JcruBUtcm, AmbroBo, Epiphanius, Chr>'«09toin, 
Amobius, LactuDtius, Paul of Constantinople, JuItuB of 
Home, Eusehius of Emesa. Ephraiiu the Syrian, Dama- 
sua, Amphilochius, Gregory of Nyssa. 

— Lives of the apostles. Added, lives of 3Iark 

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— Biographical notices of St. Clement, St. Poly- 

carp, St. Ignatius, aud St. Barnabas. See 
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See Grove, .1 2546.4 

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ten by herself]. With a critical preface, by 
Sir E. Brydges. Kent, Lee Priory press, 1814. 
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Rattazzi, traduites et prect5d^es d'une etude 
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I. Artom et A. Blanc. Paris, 1862. 8° . . . 4713.20 

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libri quatuordecim. [Grsevius. Thes. antiq. 

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Manchester, 1823. 8' *Pph.v.335 

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hun, done in verse. Canto 1-3. Loudon, 

lfS4y, 50. sm.4'' 2567.10 

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des accouchemeuts. 3e 6d. Paria, 1850. 8°.*3774.25 

Hhelf. No. 

Cazexave, p. L. a. Lemons sur lea maladies de 
la peau. [Avec 60 pL colorizes.] Paris, 
1856. f" *3750.13 

— and Schedel, H. E. Abrt^'gi'- pratique des mala- 

dies de la peau. 4e (-d. Paris, 1847. 8° . . 3790.41 
Cebp:s. Tabula, Gr. et Lat. See ^sopus .... 4999a. 20 

— Tabula, Graicfe. See Theophrastus B. 169a. 7 

Cecchi, G. M. Le maschere, e II Samaritano, com- 

mcdie, pubbl. per cura [di G. Pagani. Prec. 
dalla vita di C. da L. Fiacchi]. Firenze, 
1818. 8° 4774.21 

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1820. 8" 2785.30 

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Celebrated trials of all countries, and remarkable 
cases of criminal jurisprudence. Philadel- 
phia, 1847. 8° 4305.2 

See also: Causes celiibrua. 

Celestina. Tragicoraedia de Calisto et Melibea. 

Cota, R 3105.13 

Celibacy. Dittersdorf, C. v. Vertheidigung des 
Werkes: Die Einfuhrung der Ehelosigkeit, 
u.s.w. . . . * B. 170b. 50 

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en France, particulitrementdepuis 1789 . . . 6066.11 

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katholischen Geistlichen 6066.12 

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conditione B.190.4i 

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Priester- Ehelosigkeit und ihre Folgen . . . 6066.10 
Celius, M. Predigt iiber der Leich Jlartini Luther. 

See Mohnike, G. C. F 4237.11 

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Ed. alteram auxit L. I. C. Schwartz. Vol. 1. 

Cautabrigiffi, 1703. Vol. 2. Lipsiae, 1732. 2v. 

sm.4° 6281.5 

— Rabbinismvs, siue institutio grammatica Rabbi- 

norum scriptis legendis et intelligendis ac- 
commodata. Cizje, 1684. pp.52. 4" . , . . *5037.12 

— Porta Syriiepatentior. Ed, 3a. Cizre, 1682. 4''.B.170.119 

— Dissertatio qua F. Josephi de Herodibus his- 

toria a vu^itas suspicione contra J. Harduinum 
adseritur. [Josephus. Opera, v. 2] ... , 6040.2 

Cellakius, J. A, Aantekeningen over de Spraak, 
Weetenschappen en Kunsten der Mallabaa- 
reu. [No title-page.] 8°. [Vol. 3, pp. 299- 
338, of some unknown work] B. 170. 89 

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ment. Boston, 1838. 16" 3429.20 

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.[Classici italiani, v. 142-144] **4805.4 

Content*. — Vol. I, II. Vita di Benvenuto Cellini, da 
lui modcsimo scritta, con note da G. P. Carpani. IIL 
Due Irattati, uno dell' oreflceria, I'altro della scultura, 
coir apgiunta di nitre operettc del mcdesimo; Sopra 1 
principj c '1 modo d'imparare I'arte del disegno ; Letters, 
discorsi e poesie. 

Celtic antiquities. Brandes, H. B. C. Das ethno- 
graphische Verhaltniss der Kelten und Ger- 
manen 4213.9 

— Contzen, L. Die Wanderungen der Kelten , . 2825.16 

— Diefenbach, L. Geschichte der Kelten . . . . 4213.8 

— Holtzmann, A. Kelten und Geriiianen, eine 

historische Untersuchung 2825.13 

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Alterthumer 42-30.7 

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schichte Mitteleuropas 4233.4 

— Pelloutier, S. Histoire des Celtes 4228.11 

— Schcepfiin, J. D. Vindicise Celticae 4210.3 




Shelf. No. 

Celtic Ian.sniage. .Chapin, A. B. Study of the. . 4957.1 
.— Diefeubach, L. Lexikon der Ton den Alten 

auf bewahrten Sprachreste der Kelten . . . 2235.10 

— Maclean, L. History of the 45S0.1S 

CfeNAC-MoNCAVT, J. Histoire des Pyrenees et des 

rapports iuternatiouaux de la France avec 
I'Espague. Paris, 1S53-55. 5v. 8" 419G.1 

Cendrillox. Tresor des families. Journal ency- 
clopedique de tous les travaux de danies, avec 
la collaboration spi'ciale de M. Siyoii. Tomes 
11-16. [Avec] musique. Paris, l{>5l'i-5il. 4v. 
12". 2v. 8% Iv. 4" •8071.1 

Centlivre, S. The busy body: a comedy. New- 
York, 1817. pp.84. 24* 4575.33 

See Ben, J. British theatre, v. 12, 16, 21 . . . 4179a. 1 

CotUeiUs. — Vol, XII. A bold stroke for a wife, a com- 
edy. X^^. The busy body, a comedy. XXI. The won- 
der, a woman keeps a secret! a comedy. 

— The, ghost, altered from The man bewitched, 

or, the devil to do about her. [Collection of 
farces, v. 6] 

— The wonder, a woman keeps a secret I % com- 

edy. [Jones. British theatre, v. 9] ... . 
Central America, Antiquities of. Davis, A.. . . 
Centr.vl-Blatt. See Chemisches Central-Blatt . 
Centuri.e Magdeburgenses [tredecim]. Historia 

ecclesiastica, denuo per L. Lucium recensita. 

Basilea?, 1624. 3v. f 






A'olf. — The original projector of these "Centoriea" 
was Slaithias Flacius, He was assiste^ by John Wigund, 
Matthias Judex, Ba&il Faber, Andreas Corvinus, and 
Thomas Holzhuter. 

— - Same. [Et] supplementa,ilIuBtrationum,etc. 

Priefationes add. S.J. Baumgarten et J. S, 
SemJer. Norimberga;, 1757-<)5. 4v. in 3. 4**, *G051.6 

Ifote, — These volumes contain only four centuries and 
a half. The edition was never completed, and this copy 
wants the second part of vol. 4. 

Cephisodokus. Triura comoediarum fragmenta. 

[Meintke. Fragm. com. Gr., v. 3] B.1C2.8 

Ceratinus, or Teyng, J., of noorn. De sono 

literarum, prajsertim Gra'carum, libellus. 

[HavercamiJ. Sylloge scriptorum de liugua? 

Grajea; jirouuiitiatioiH', v. 1] 2985.20 

Cebealis. Contra Maximinum Arianum de fide 

sanctse Trlnitatis. [Maxima biblioth. vet. 

putr.,v. H] B. 110.2 

— - Same. [Herold. Ha;reseoIogia] B. 120.3 

Ceremonies, Moule, T. Analytical catalogue of 

books on 2153.9 

Picart, B. Ueligious ceremonies and customs. 3532.7 

See alto: Holy week. 

Cereto, D. Salix: poema. 5ec Vlaming, P. . . 4938.0 

CeRMENATK, G. da. De situ, origiuc, et cultoribu.s 
Ambrosianaiurbis.acde Mfdiolaiu'nsiumges- 
tis sub iniperio ilenrici Vll, 1307-13. [(ira.*- 
vlus. Thes. antiq. Hal,, T. 4,p. 1] 4710.1 

CERNt'scni, K. Kispusta alia accusa fattami dal 

minlstro Ciivdur. Milaiio, IfSfU. pp, 27. 8*. 4713.7 

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[pHrna.'40 dcgl' ituliani vivt-nti, v. 13, liO, 2K] . 47y9a.2 

Poesie fcelti' raccolte dall' abate l*edroni. Ml- 

hmo, 1H12. 2v. in 1. 8° 4774.12 

— Sopra la vita letterarla e civile di. See Dall'- 

Olio, G. B 2749.20 

Certainty, (iirbet, P. Doctrines pliilosophiqucs 

fliir la certitude 0105.25 

Macrtent*, *', A. Dber die Wahrhcit unsrer 

Krkeuntnifis 0105.20 

CERVANTKH Saavi'dra, y\. de. Histciriii dd fiimoso 

cuvallero, Dun <^uixi>ti' de la Miiiiclia. Ano- 

tncloni-H, etc. pur J. Buwle. I-ondres, 1781. 

3v. 4* 3093.21 

__ Noveliw exemplarcB. Madrid, 1799. 2v, 8*. 4259.7 

C7<ml<fnl«. — Vnl. I. LaOIUnllUi Kl amanto liberal; 
lUncnnKttt y CurlAdtMu. 11. Ln K«|infl'>1n hittb'oa; Kl 
llrenclAdo Vlilrlura ; Kl tclo«o Katrvuieno ; dot 

Bhtilf. No. 

Cervantes Saavedra, M. de., continued. 

— - Same. Nueva impresion. Paris, 1825. 2v. 

24" 3100.22 

Confcnts. — Vol. T. I,a (ritnnilla ; El amnnle HbtTal; 
Rinconete y Cortudillo ; I,a Espnfiola Inplosn ; El liccn- 
ctado Vidriem; La fuerza dc la sanprc. II. El zfloso 
extromeno; Lailu&trc Frepona; Lus doa donccllus; La 
scnora Cornelia; £1 casamiento eng^fiofio; Coloiiuio de 
lo3 perros. 

— Calderon, J, Cervantes vindicado en pasajes 

delD. Quijote 3104.13 

— Meli, G. D. Chisciotti e Sanciu Panza . . • . 4799.6 
Cesalpini, a. Caesalpini dogmata discussa et 

excussa. 5^ec Taurellus, N 4279.1 

Cesari, a. Vita breve di S. Luigi Gonzaga. Ve- 
rona, lS-.;3. 16° 2749.9 

Cesarotti, M. Dissertation respecting the au- 
thenticity of Ossian's poems. [Ossian, 
Poems, v. 3] 2574.6 

Cesena, a. G. de. La papautt^ et I'addresse. Paris, 

1862. pp.31. 8" ■ 4714.5 

CfesPEDES, P. de. Poesias. [Quiutana. Paruaso 

espanol.v. 1] 3104.19 

Cetixa, G. de. Madrigal. [Quintana. Paruaso 

espai'iol.v. 2] 3104.19 

Cevallos, Pedro. Exposition of the machinations 
which led to the usurpation of the crown of 
Spain, iioston, [1814]. pp.4u. 8° 3101.10 

Cevallos, Descriptio Indian occiden- 

talis. S-eeHerrera, 4170.1 

Ceylon, Antiquities, institutions, and capabilities 

of. Sirr, H. C 4245.17 

Chadwick, E. Inquiry into the practice of inter- 
ment in towns. See Great Britain. Board 
of health 7063.9 

CiiAFrERS, W. Hall marks on gold and silver plate, 

[etc.]. London, 1863. pp.71. 1.8* 2533,2 

— Marks and monograms on pottery and porce- 

lain, with an essay on the A'asa lictilia of 
England. London, 1863. 8* 4025.25 

Chaix, N. Repertoire de la iL'gislation des chemins 

de fer. Paris, 1855. p.S" 3676.25 

Chald.ea. Jamblichus. Mysteries of the Chal- 
deans 3487.2 

— Uawlinson, G. History, geography, and arnti- 

quitiesof 3028.1 

CiiALDiCK language. Dessaucr, J. H. Arainaiscb- 

chaUUiisch-deutsches Handwiirterbucb . . . 4110.12 

— Gest-nius, F. 11. W. Thesaurus lingua' Chalda'a5 

Veteris Testamenti 4341.0 

— Peterniann, J. H. Brevis lingua? Clialdaicn? 

graniniatioa, litteratura, chrestomathia . . . 5037.30 

— Kiggs, E. Manual of the 4110.6 

— Seixas, J. Key to the 4122.9 

— Winer, <;.B. Grammar of the 5032.3 

CliAi.LKToN de Brugliat, F. L'art du briquetier. 

Paris, 1861. 2v. 8° 4016.14 

CUALLONiCR, U. Memoirs of missionary priests, 
and other catholics, that have snfTered death 
in England on religious accounts, 1577-1684. 
I'hiladelphia, 1840. 2v. in 1. 8° 6070.8 

Chalmers, A. Life of Shakspearc. See Shakes- 
peare, W 4692.2 

Chalmers, G. Life of Daniel De Foe. [Do Foe. 

Works, V. 20] 4009a. 1 

Chalmers, J. England's danger. The admiralty 

pollcyofnavalconstniction. Lond., 18(i4. 8°. 3952.27 

ChAlmeRS* T. Works. Philadelphia, 18;J3. 8' . 0002.7 

Oontrtit*. — Evldoiieea of ChrUtlanity ; Ulacourami on 
the CUHatlan rttvolatton, viewed tn connexion with tho 
inodKm nittrotioniy ; Hnnnonii on the depravity or hntnan 
rmturo; PiNcournen on t))i< appllrAtlon oCCIiriiitlanlty to 
thu roniMicrelal and onlinnry nirulrn oT lll'o; Herraoua 
Itffaoliml In Ht. JuIid'h church, 01u»kuw ; OccohIouuI 
ai>rniuua, cic. 

— Application of ChriHtiimity to the aflairB of 

life. Boston, IK.M. l'.:" 5144.12 

— I<M(li-iici-s of ( 'hrlr^tianjly. Added, Ui-marks on 

(he nulure of tcwliniony, etc., by J. Aber- 
crombie. Pliilailclphlu, 1835. 24* 3439,40 




Slii-lf. No. 

CiiALMF.Rs, T., continued. 

— Sufficiency of the parochial system, without.a 

poor nlto. Gliissow, 1S4I. Vi' 3570.80 

— Loctures on tlic cjiistlc to the Itomans. See 

Bihlc. Sin{,'li' hooks of llic New Tcslanient. 

— Neecssitj' ofa nicilijitor between God and man; 

Kmptiupss of natural viitnc. Two sermons. 
IDibdin. .Sunday lil)rai-y, V. 6] 5«4.a3 

Chaluz de Veruovil, F. T. A. Jlusical grammar. 

.See Virnes y Spinola, .1. .1. de 4053.4 

CHAt,vl!Al'S, II. M. Speculative philosophy from 
K#nt to Hegel. Translated from the 4tll 
ed. of the German by A. Tulk. Andover, 
l.'w4. Vi' 5007.12 

CiiAsinAUD, L. Exercises to the rules of construc- 
tion of French speech. 10th ed. London, 
1781, 12° 4689.10 

— - -Same. Improved by J, Nicolson. London, 

.1782. 12° i6m.22 

— - Same. [Ed.] by A. Uridel. London.ISlO. 12°.4(iS9a.2G 

— Fables choisies. IMiiladelphia, 1790. 12° . . . 40S9.43 

— - Same. Nouv. ed. lio.ston, 1823. 18° . . . 4089.42 

— Idioms of the French and English languages. 

New ed. London, 1793. 12° 4689.12 

Chambf.ri.ain, 11. History and survey of the cities 
of Loudon and Westminster, the borough of 
Sonthwark, and parts a<^acent. Loudon, 

1709. f° *4490.5 

Chambkrlain, J., Early life of. See Yates, W. . 4549a. 31 
CSAMBK.^:s. It. Book of days; a miscellany of pop- 
ular antiquities in connection with the calen- 
dar. Lonilon, LSO:!, IH. 2v. 1.8° *2220. 13 

— .Songs of Scotland prior to Burns. Edinburgh, 

1802. sq.lO° 25.38.19 

SeealMi: Cbambcn, W. nitd R. 

Chambkrs, T. W. Life and character of the late 
Hon. T. Freiinghuysen. N. York, 1803. 12°. 

Chambkrs, W. and U. Edinburgh journal. Tol. 
I-I2. Edinburgh and I/Ondon, 1833-H." 12v. 
in 6. f° 

— - Same, [or] Journal of popular literature, 

science and arts. New series, v, 1-20, and 1-18. 
Edinburgh and London, 1844-03. 3Sv. 8° . . 

— Instructive and eutertaiuing library. London 

and Kdiuburgh. 23v. 10°. Xamety : 

— British nuiseum. See London 

— Burns, K. Life and works. 4v 

— Burton, J. H. Politic^il and social economy . 

— Butler, J. Analogy of religion ; and select 


— Foster, A. F. Spanish literature 

— Foster, 51. E. Hand-book of French literature. 

— - Hand-book of Italian literature 

— Gostick,J. Hand-book of Americanliterature. 

— - Hand-book of (ierman literature 

— Guizot, F. P. G. Civilisation in Europe, with 

treatise on death punishments, and memoir , 

— Hall, A. M. .Stories of the Irish peasantry . . 

— Horner, L. Slenioir of Francis Horner . . . 

— Lamartine, M. L. A. Prat de. Travels in the 

East. 2v 

— Paley, W. 3Ioral philosophy 

— - Natural theology 

— Redhead, T. W. French revolutions, 1789-1849. 


— Sanitary econ()my 

Chambohant, C. (;. de. Du paupf-risme, ce qu'il 

etaitdans I'antiquite, ce qu'il est de nos jours. 

Paris, 1842. 8" 

Chamfokt, or Champfort, S. K. N. filoge de Mo- 
litre. [Molii^re. (Euvres completes, v. 1] , 

— La jeune Indienne; Le murchand de Smyrne; 

Mustapha et Zeangir. [Theatre fran^ais, 
T. 28] 

Chajiich C'hamchean, JI. History of Armenia, B. 
c. 2247 to A. r>. 17.'«). Translated by.r. Avdall. 
Continuation to the present time. Calcutta, 

1827. ■•iv. 8° 













Chamisso, L. C. a. v. Werke. 4te Aufl. Berlin, 

185(1. Ov. 10° 2877.9 

Contents, — \o\. I, II. Rpiso um din Wdt mit dor Ro- 
mnnzrilliachcn Entcleckungs-Exiieciltion in d^'tl .Iiilirun 
1S1.'>-1H. HI. Dor Dicliterj Liedcr und lyriBch-opischo 
Gidiclito. IV. Soiiette und Tcrziiieli ; Gelcgwnlicita- 
Cicdiehto ; In drnmatischur Form ; U<?bcrsotzung(-n ; 
Adtdbort'a Fabel ; Poter SchlcmihI. \', VI. Lvbcn uud 
Briefe, hcrausgcgeben durcb J. E. llitzig. 

Chamois, Les chasseurs de. Michiels, A 4709.17 

CiiAMPAGNAc, G. de. £tude sur la propriete litte- 

ruire. Paris, ISpO. 12° 3666.36 

Champagne, P. de, Notice sur la vie et les ouvrages 

de. See Bouchitte, L. F. U 4005.26 

CiiA^ip.\GNE, Histoire du langage et des patois de. 

Tarbe, P 4124.1 

CiiAMPioNY, J. de. Memoir on the present state 
of Louisiana. [French. Historicalcollections 
of Louisiana, v. 5] 2376.21 

CHAMPION, It. Present situation of Great Britain 
and the United States, with a view to their 
future commercial connexions. 2d ed., with 
additions. London, 1784. S° 

Chajipi.ain, S. Voyage to the West Indies and 
Mexico, 1599-1002. Translated by A. Wil- 
mere. Edited by N. Shaw. London, 1859. 
8°. [Hakluyt society] 2204.20 

Champn'ey family. Genealogical notice of the. See 

Whitney, F. A 4347.0 

Champoli.iox-Figeac, A. itat actuel des cata- 
logues des manuscrits de la bibliotheque roy- 
ale,ler Mars, 1847. [No title-page.] pp.27. 8°. 2128. S 

Champollion-Fioeac, J. J. Fourier et Napoleon : 

L'ligypte et les cent jours. Paris, 1844. 8°. 4187.5 

Ciiaxcellor, E. Voyage to northern Kussia. See 

Hamel, J 3007.6 

Chajjdlee, a.. Discourse commemorative of. See 

Lord, N 4347.2 

Chandler, G. Influence of Christianity upon so- 
ciety. A sermon. [Dibdin. Sunday library, 
V- 6] 6444.23 

CiiANLAiiiE, P. G. Atlas national de la F"rance, en 

departemens. Paris, 1806. Ill sheets. Atl.f°. »4030. 1 

Channel islands. Dally, F. F. Guide to the . . 2497.28 

— Dendy, W. C. Islets of the channel 2497.23 

See also: Jersey. 

Channing, E. T. Inaugural discourse, delivered in 
the chapel of the university in Cambridge, 
Dec. 8, 1819. Cambridge, 1819. 8° 4390a.25 

Channing, Walter. Address before the Jlassachu- 
setts temperance society. May 29, 1830. 5th 
ed. Boston, 1836. 8° 5571.1 

— Address on peace and war, before the Ameri- 

can peace society. May 27, 1844. Boston, 1844. 

8° B.170..35,and*Pph.v.334 

— Address on the prevention of pauperism. Bos- 

ton, 1843. 12° B. 170b. 58 

— Bed case : its history and treatment. Boston, 

18(10. pp. 52. 8° 3800.62 

— Cases of inhalation of ether in labor. 2d ed. 

Boston, 1.847. pp. +4. 12° 5796.11 

— Review of Elwell's medico-legal treatise on mal- 

practice and medical evidence. [No title- 
page.] pp. 26. 8°. [From the Boston med- 
ical and surgical journal] 5790.8 

— Si.K cases of inhalation of ether in labor. Bos- 

ton, 1847. pp. 33. 8° 5796.50 

— Some of the diseases of the female urethra. 

[Boston, 1850.] 8°. [From the Boston med- 
ical .and surgical journal] 5796.8 

— Thoughts on the origin, nature, principles and 

prospects of the temperance reform. Boston, 

1S.)4. pp. 27. 8° 5571.1 

— Two cases of inhalation of ether iu instrumen- 

tal labor. [Boston, 1847.] pp.11, 8°. [From 

the liostou medical and surgical jourruU] . , 5796.8 

— Two cases of poisoning. Kepublished from the 

Boston medical and surgical journal, [yo 
title-page.] pp. 8. 8° 5796.8 




Shelf. Xo. 

CHA?i>'iyc, William. Discourse on the reformation 

of medical science. Xew York, 1839. 8". , 5796.7 

Channing, William Ellery, 6. 1780, d. 1S42. CEuvres 
eociales, prt'cedt'es d'lin essai sur la vie et les 
doctrines de Channing et d'une introduction, 
par E. Laboulaye. Paris, 1854. 12° ... . 3570.87 

ConttTtts. — E»9ai ; Introdoction ; L'educRtlonperson- 
nelle; L'elevation des classes laborieuscs; Discours sur 
la temperance ; Ministure pour les pauvres; L'obligation 
pour les municipalitea de veiller a la sante morale de 
leurs membres ; Vie de J. Tutkemian, 

— Address delivered before the mercantile library 

company, of Philadelphia. Phila., 1841. 8°. 5440a. 32 

— Annexation of Texas to the United States. 

Letter to H. Clay. Boston, IS-T. pp. 72. 12^ *4163.3 

— - Same. From the 4th Boston ed. Glasgow, 

1837. 12° 3570.48 

— C'hristelijk Geloof en Leven. Uit het engelsch 

door J. J. Swiers. Groning;en, 1857. 10*" . . G075.15 

— The church. A discourse delivered in Philadel- 

phia, May 30, 1841. Philadelphia, 1841. 8* . ♦4163.8 

— Discourse at the dedication of Divinity hall, 

Cambridge, LS-i-G. Boston, 18:i0. 8° . . . . *4I63.8 

— Discourse at the dedication of the Unitarian 

congregational church in Newport, K. I., 
July?:, 1836. Boston, 183G. 8° 5440a. 32 

— Discourse on the evidences of revealed relig- 

ion. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1824. 12°, [Uni- 
tarian tract society] *Pph.v.365 

— Discourse on the life and character of the Rev. 

J.Tuckerman. Boston, 1841. 16' 2348.50 

— Duties of children. A sermon delivered April 

12, 1807. 5th ed. Boston, 1822. 12° ... . 3570.48 

— Duty of the free states, or remarks on the case 

of the Creole. Boston, 1842. pp.54. 12°. .,*4163.3 

— - Same. London, 1842. pp^ 40. 8° . . v. 2 of 4295.26 

— Emancipation. Boston, 1840. 12° *4163.3 

— The future life. A sermon on Easter Sunday, 

1834. Boston, 1S:J5. 8° 5440a. 32 

— Lectures on the elevation of the labouring por- 

tion of the community. Boston, 1840. 12° . 3570.48 

— [Observations on the proposition for increas- 

ing the means of theological education at the 
university in Cambridge.] Cambridge, 1816. 
pp.22. 8° 4387.8 

— Heniarks on Dr. Worcester's second letter to 

Channing on American unitarianism. Bos- 
ton, 1815. pp.48. 8° 3461.25 

Sermon at the ordination of J. E. Abbot. Sa- 
lem, 1815. 8° *41C3.8 

Sermon at the ordination of J. Sparks, in Bal- 
timore, May .'», I8I1). Boston, 18)0. 8°. . . 6440a. 32 

— Sermon «u war: delivered before the conven- 

tion of congregational ministers of Massachu- 
setts, .May .30, 1816. Boston, 1816. 12° . . . *4357.D 

— Sermon preached at the annual election. May 

20, is:m, before L. Lincoln, governor, etc. 
Boston, 18.30. 8° *435G.10 

— Sermon preached in Boston, April 5, 1810, the 

day of the public fast. lioston, ISIO. 8". . *4163.8 

— Superior tendency of unitarianism to form an 

elevated religious character. A discourse. 
Keprintcd from the New York ed. New- 
castle upon Tyne, 1827. 12". [Unitarian tract 
Bociety] 3409.27 

— Tribute to the American abolitionists, for their 

vindication of fn-t-domof Mjieech. Ni*w York, 
iHftl. pp. 24. 8°. [ICxtracts from his ]ettcr« 
to BiniL-y, to Phillips, etc.] 3570.48 

— TrUnile to the memory of Itev. N. Worccater: 

ftdlscourHe. Boston, 1K37. K° G088.210 

— Two Hermons on infidelity, delivered Oct. 24, 

1813. UoHton, 1813. 8" 5140a. 32 

— Clarke, J. V. Sermon the Sunday succeeding 

the dentil of ' 514Ua.34 

— Dewey, O. DlMCourHe on the charucter and 

writings of 5410U.54 

— Hall, E. B. Diifcourse occasioned by the death 

of l'ph.v.378 

Shelf. No. 
CuAXNixo, William Ellery, continued. 

— Linwood, W. Lecture occasioned by the death 

of 41G3.3 

— Pierpont, J. Discourse occasioned by the 

death of 4163.3 

— Report of the committee appointed for erecting 

a monument to the memory of. See Boston. 

Ecclesiastical organizations 4354.30 

Changing, AVilliam Ellery, nepheic of the preceding. 
Conversations in Kome : between an artist, a 
catholic, and a critic. Boston, 1847. 12°. . 2737.11 

— The woodman, and other poems. Boston, 1849. 

pp.92. 12° 2397.31 

Channing, William F. American fire-alarm tele- 
graph : a lecture before the Smithsonian insti- 
tution. Boston, 1855. 8° B.170.4 

— Communication respecting a system of fire 

alarms. [Boston, 1851.] pp.29. 8° . . . . B.170.6 

— Medical application of electricity. 5th and en- . 

larged ed. Boston, 1^59. 12° 4265.17 

— Municipal electric telegraph; especially in its 

application to fire alarms. New Haven, 1852. 

pp.28. 8° B.170.7 

Channing, William H. The Christian church and 

social reform. A discourse. Boston, 1848. S°.5440a.31 

— Gospel of to-day. A discourse at the ordination 

ot T. W. lligginson. Boston, 1847. 8° . . . G0S8.16 

— Lessons from the life of Theodore Parker. A 

discourse in Liverpool, June 10, 18U0. Lon- 
don, 18G0. IG" 5450a. 26 

— Letter to the Unitarian society of Cincinnati. 

Cincinnati, 1842. pp.23. 8° *4163.11 

Chants. A collection of cathedral chants. Tuck- 

erman, S. P 60il.40 

Chapeavville, J. Qui gesta pontificvm Tvngren- 
sivm, Traiectensivm, et Leodiensivm scripse- 
rvnt, avctores pra?cipvi. Accessit JE. liucherij 
historica disputatio, itemque chronologia pos- 
teriorum. Leodii, 1612-lC. 3v. sm.4° . . . *2813.-6 

Contents. — Vol. 1. Oesta a beato Matprno usqiio ad bot\. 
turn Ucninclum HnrigcroLobicnsi auctore; Gesta a beato 
Thcodardo S. Kemacli successore. usque ad Wasonem 
AnselmoLcofliensinucture; ^gnUiiaLeodioAureivVallls 
religioei ad utniinque nuctori-m addiliiincs; Appendix 
quatuor auotoruni qui greRta S. LuinbrrtI, vig'osimi nonl 
eplBCO]>l ticripsnrunt : GodesctialcuB dlaconun et cAuonl- 
cus LeodlcnsiB; Steplianus cpiscopus Lrodlensfi; Nico- 
1hu9 canonicufl Lcodiensin ; lC*.-nerl inonaehi ; Dispu- 
tatio hiBlorioa dc primis TuiiKroruni, sen Leodiensium 
epUcopis; Chronolofr^a postcrlorum. 11. .C(;ldll AurcOD 
Vallis rcll)?Iosi gesta a Thcoduhio, "Waeoiiis aucceiisoro, 
usque ad Hviiricum terllum; Jonnnls Hocscmll LcodU 
ctisls gesta ab Henrico GuelrciisI, usque ad Adulphum 
a Marcka ; Auctor triumphi S. Reniauli de Malmunda- 
rionHi Cieiiobio aiionimua; Nieolaut) canunlcus Leodi- 
eiisis auctor triuniphi S. Lnmbcrll iiuirtyria do (.'astro 
Bulloiiio; Aiu't6r triuniphi S. I.nmbertl nuoulnius; Jo- 
annta ChapfauiUus caiiontcun Leudlonsis nuclor tracta- 
tus do prima et vera ori|riiie feslfvilatin corporis et aan- 
guliiin Ponilnl. III. ItHduli>lil de Kluo doranl Tunpren- 
sls g:eNta nil anno terlio Knf^clbertl U Marckn, usque ad 
Joannvm & Bavaria; Sull'ridl I'ctrl jn'ota a Jonnne do 
Davarla usr^ue nd Eronluui li Mtirfka; .IoauniH(.'lnipeau- 
vllli eaiionls Luodicnai*, (featu ab Erardu i\ Marka usqua 
ad rerdlnaiidun) Ilavaruni. 

Chapin, A.B. English spelling book. New Haven, 

1841. 12° 4589a. 10 

— Study of the Celtic languages. From the New 

York review for April, 1840. New York, 1840. 

pp.32. 8° 4967.1 

CiiAPiN, K. H. Discourse on the evils of gaming. 

New York, 1859. 12" 3670.47 

— Discourse on shamefhl life. New Y'ork, 165U. 

12" .3670.47 

— Might and right. An oration delivered [ul] 

Watorvillr college. Boslou, lM(i. 8". . . B.I70rt.3G 

— IMcM'Ut exigencies of the temperance cause. 

An address, Nov. 23, 1845. Boston, 1846. 12". 3670.47 

— Sermon before M. Morton, governor, etc., nt 

thi' uniuiul election, Jan. 3, 1844. Itoston, 

1S14. 8" •4350.12 

— True patriotism. A discourse, delivered on last 

day. Boston, 1847. 8* ■. . . 0088.76 




Shelf. No. 

Chapun, D. Sermon before the convention of con- 
gregational ministers of Massactiusetts, May 
Zfi, 1808. lio.^lon, l.SOS. 8° »435r.8 

Chaplin, J. Causes of religious declension. Hart- 
ford, i8ar. rr our. 22 

CHAP5IAN, G. W. A trilmte to Kane : and other 

poems. New Yorlj, ISOn. 12° 2.19r.l!) 

Chapman, J. Brief outlines and review of a work 
entitled, " Tlie principles of nature, her divine 
revelations," etc., by A. J. Davis. London, 
1847. pp. :i(l. 8° 0088.25 

— Human nature: reward and punishment, in the 

constitution of man. London, ls-11. pi).<ll. S°. 000.1. 33 
Chapman, T. Essay on tiie Uouian senate. Cam- 
bridge, 1750. 8° 2950.35 

Chapjian, W. Ueport [first]-third, on the proposed 
navigation between the east and west seas, 
Newcastle, 17U5. 8° •Pph.v.:i01 

— Report ou the survey of a line of navigation 

from Newcastle upon Tyne to the Irish chan- 
nel. Newcastle upon 'I'yne, 1705. S° . . *Pph,v.341 

— Estimates of tlie line of navigation between 

Newcastle and Maryport. .Sef .lessop, W. Ppb.v.3Gl 
Chapone, H.- AVorlcs ; now first collected. Pre- 
fixed, an account of her life and character. 
London, 1807. 4v. 18° 2507.19 

Coiuenta. — Vol. I, II. Life and corrospondcnce. III. 
Letters on the improvement of the niiijd. IV. Miocclla- 
Dies ; Essnys ; Story of Fidelia ; Letter to a new married 
lady; Poems. 

— - Same. New York, 1818. 4v. in 2. 18° . . 4509.10 

Contents. — Vol. I, Life and rorrespondenee ; Letters 
on filial obedience ; Matrimonial creed; Prayer; Mis- 
cellaneous letters. II. Letters on the improvement of 
the mind; Miscellaneous essjiys; Story of Fidelia; Let- 
ter to a new married lady; Poems. 

— and Gregory,.!. Improvement of the mind, 

and A father's legacy to his daughters. Lon- 
don, 18-.'0. 1S° 3599.25 

Chappe d'.\uteroche, .7. Reise naeh Sibirien, 1701. 

[Allgemeine Historieder Reisen, V. 20] . . . 4100.11 

Chappell, E. Narrative of a voyage to Hudson's 

bay. London, 1S17. 8° 2367.9 

Ch.\ppell, W. ro]>ular music of the olden time; 
a collection of ancient songs, ballads, and 
dance tunes. London, [1800]. 2v. 1.8° . . 4044.10 

CHAPtJZEAU, .S. Le dame d'intrigue, ou le riche 

vilain, com^die. ,?€« Fournel, F. V 4090.13 

Character. Bain, A. Study of 5003.9 

— Clark, T.M. Formation of 6080.18 

Charcoal, animal. Manufacture and revivification 

of. Leon, J. A 39.D.1 

Chakco.vl, vegetable. Medicinal and economic 

properties of. Bird, J 3785.23 

Chardon de la Rochette, S. Slelanges de critique 

et de philologie. Paris, 1812. 3v. 8° . . . . 2955.27 
Ch.\riclides. Halysidos fragmentum. [Meineke. 

Fragm. com. Gr., v. 5] B.102.8 

Chariton. DeChaereaetCalliiThoe,Gr.etLat. J. P. 

D'Or\'ille pubiicavit. J. J.Reiske Latinever- 

tit. Ed. altera. Lipsia:, 1783. 8°.**2975.9,and4204.1 

— Gli amori di Cherea e Caliirroe. tr. di M. A. Gia- 

comelli. [Collezione degli erotici greci,v.3]. B.162.3 
Charity and the clergy : being a review, by a pro- 

testant clergyman, of the " New themes " 

controversy. Philadelphia, 1853. 12° ... . 0008.15 
Ch.uilemagne. Bonnaire de Pronville. Pouvoir 

legisiatif sous Charlemagne 4187.10 

— SeeCanisius. Thesaurus, v. 2, p. 1-3 4140.3 

Content*. — Vol. II, p. 1. Epitome eanonum quam 
Adriaous I summos pontifex Carolo M. Romte ohtulit; 
Carmina ineerti auctoris de Carolo Ma^o. 2. Genea- 
logia Caroli M.. auctore anonymo. 3. De testis Carol! 
H.. libri duo, script! a quodam monacho S. Galli, 

— Eginhard. Lebenu. Wandel KarlsdesGrossen. 4168.3 

— Gli gran fatti die fece re Carlo Magno nelle 

parti delia .Spagna. See Spain 4799.25 

— Poet« Saxonis anonymi libri annalium de ges- 

tisCaroliM. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 1], 4210.2 

8*« aUo: Rarl Meioet. 

.Shelf. No. 

Charlemagne; an Anglo-Norman poem of the 
twelfth century. Introduction and glossa- 
rial index by F. 5Iichel. London, 1S30. 10°. 
4077-22, and 4099a. 16 

Charles I, of Enfjland. Declar.ition concerning 
lawful sports to be used on Sundays. 1033. 
London, 1800. pp. 17. sm.4° 5454.3 

— Letters to queen Henrietta Mari:i. Edited by 

J.Bruce. [London], 1850. sm.4°. [Camden 
society. No. 03] 2426.7 

— Bruce, J. Calendar of state papers, domestic 

series, of the reign of, 1028-35 7002.8 

— Bulslrode,R. Reign and government of . . . 2437.5 

— Harris, W. Life and writings of 2437.4 

— Morrin, J. Rolls of chancery in Ireland, of the 

reign of, 1025-33 7052.5 

— Saumuise, C. T>efensio regia pro Carolo I . . 4179.26 
Charles II, of EnqlamJ. Bulstrode, R. Reign 

and government of 2437.5 

— Green, M. A. E. Calendar of state papers, do- 

mestic series, of the reign of, 1005, 60 , . . . 7052.9 

— Harris, \V. Life and writings of 2437.4 

— Letters evidencing his stedfastness in the pro- 

testant religion ; True relation of the king's 
death, witli papers found in the strong box. 

[Pheuix, V. 1] 4157. 

Charles V, of Germany. Autobiography. Tr. by 

L. F. Simpson. London, 1802. p.8° .... 2852. 2 

— Disc der Grauen herren gemayuer Ritterschalft 

unnd anderer beschwerden. NUrnberg, 1528. . 
pp.34. sm.4° *6055.10 

— Droysen, .1. G. Verzeichnisse seiner grossen 

Einkunfte betrefleud 2841.5 

— Gachard, L. P. L'abdication de Charles-Quint. 2817.21 

— - Correspondance de Charles-Quint et d'Adri- 

cnvi 2853.11 

— Henne,A. Histoiredu rfegnede Charles-Quint. 2814.2 

— Lanz, C. Staatspapiere zur Geschichte des 

Kaisers Karl v 2874.12 

— Sandoval, P. de. Historia del emperador Car- 

los v 4260.12 

— Sleidan, J. Commentaries concerning the 

raigne of.. 4221.2 

Charles I, of Naples. Descriptio victoria? per 
Carolum, regem Siciiiie, contra JIanfredum, 
Siciliae regem anno MCCLXV obteutfe. [Gra:- 

vius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, V. 5] 4710.1 

Charles III, of Spain. Gobierno. o instruccion 
reservada para direccion de la junta de estado 
[escrita por el conde Fiorida-Blanca] dada a 
luz por A. Maricl. Madrid, ia39. p.8° . . . 3094.9 

— Ferrer del Rio, A. Historia del reinado de Car- 

los III 3092.18 

— Torres, A. Oracion en las exgquias del Car- 

los iil 3101.15 

Charles X, of Sweden. Carl x, Gustav's Kriegs- 
zug Uber das Els gegen Kopenhagen, See 
Riese,A 2823.20 

Charles XII, 0/ Sweden. Histoirede. A'eeNord- 

berg,J.A 4212.3 

Charles XIV, of Sweden. Histoire de [Jean Ber- 

nadotte]. Sec Touchard-Lafosse, G. . . . . 2852.28 

Charles Augustus, granrfrfMteo/ Weimar. Goethe 
und Karl August wiihrend der ersten fuufzehn 
Jahre ihrer Verbindung. See Diintzer, H. . 2S44.6 

Charles Frederick, of Prussia. Memoirs of. See 

Johnson, S 2852.6 

Charles the Bold, duke of Burgundij. History of. 

See Kirk, J. F 4603.25 

Charleston, S. C. Census for 1848. Prepared by J. 
L. Dawson and H. W. De Saussure. Charles- 
ton, S. C, 1849. 8° 6374.18 

— Proceedings of tire meeting of delegates from 

the southern rights association of South Car- 
olina, May, 1S51. Columbia, 1851. pp. 31. 8° . 4310a.79 
CHARLESTOWN, Mass. Address of the mayor at tlie 
laying of the corner stone of the High school 
building. Chariestown, 1847. 8° .... ♦Pph.v.332 

— Catalogue of the public library. Chariestown, 

1802. 8' 2134.18 




Slielf. Xo. 

Charlestowjj, Maxs., contimted. 

— Expenses of the town, from March, 1S31 to 

March, 1S35. [No title-page.] 8° *rph.v.332 

— List of persons taxed for 1847, with the trea- 

surer's statement. Charlestown, ISi.'. S°.*Pph.v.332 

— Beceipts, expenditures, etc. for 1851; with a 

list of persons assessed. Boston, 1851. .S°. *rph.v.332 

— Bunier hill monument association. Ceremo- 

nies on displaving the national Hag, June 17, 

1861. Boston', 18C1. pp. 43. 8° 2355.2 

_ Inauguration of the statue of Warren, June 

17,1857. Boston, 1858. 8° 2355.1 

— Firstchurch. Hudington, W.I. History of the. 2355.3, 
- - Sermon in commemoration of the two 

hundred and twentieth anniversary of the . 4355.10 

— Ursuline convent. Documents relating to the 

Ursuline convent. Boston, 1842. 8° . . . . 4355.12 

— - True issue of the convent question, Cm-tis, 

G. T 4390a.62 

Charlestown directory, for 1854. By G, Adams. 

Charlestown, 1854. 16° 4389a.7 

— - Same. 185(;, 58, 00. Charlestown, 1850, 58, 

60. 3v. 16° 2369.23 

Charlevoix, P. F. X. de. llistoire de S. Domin- 
gue, (icrite sur les mt^moires de J. B. Le Pers. 
Amsterdam, 1733. 4v. 12° *4169a.l2 

— Histoire et description gonerale du Japon. 

Paris, 1736. 2v. 4° *4250.16 

— Kouvellc France, avec Ic journal historique d'un 

voyage fait dans I'Am^rique septentrionnale. 
Paris, 1744. 3v. 4° 4311.6 

— Gesehichte und Beschrcibung von Neu-Frank- 

reich. [AllgemeineHistoried.Reisen,v.l4]. 4100.11 

— Journal of a voyage from Kaskaskias to the 

Gulf of Mexico, 1721. [French. Historical 
collections of Louisiana, v. 2] 2376.21 

Charlier, G. Oratio concilio Basilcensi hablta, 
de corrigendis peccatis publicis. [Cauisius, 
Thesaurus, v. 4] 4140.3 

Charlier, P. Des indigestions gazeuses du che- 

val. Paris, 1859. pp.16. 1.8° 4002.27 

Charlotte Augusta, princess of Wales. Denk- 
wUrdigkeiten aus dcm olfentlichen und privat- 
Lehen dcr verewigten Prinzessin von Wales 
und Sachsen-Coburg. Hamburg, 1818. 8° . 2448.14 

— Sermon on the death of. See Hiddulph, T. T. rph.T.332 
Chabnock, ,J. Biographical memoirs of lord Nel- 
son. 2d Am. ed. Newburyport, Isoil. 8° . . 2523.6 

Chaknock, E. S. Local etymology : a derivative 

dictionary of geographical names, London, 

1859. 8° 2283.0 

Charon Lampsacenus. Fragmenta. See Creuzer, 

(;. F 49.')2.12 

Charpennk, p. Histoire de la reforme ct des r6- 

formateurs de Geneve. Paris, 1801. 8° . . 3527.14 
CnARrE.vTiER, F. Charpentariana. [Publ, par 

Boscheron.] Amsterdam, 1741. 12° .... *»4C97.S 
CHARRIl'.itl'., E. Negociatifuis de la France dans 

Ic Levant. Paris, I8I8-O11. 4v. 4°. [France. 

Collection de documents iniiditsj 2050.21 

Charvaz, a. Origine dei Valdcsi e carattere delle 

primKive loro dottrine. Versione del prof. 

G. V. Muratori. Torino, 1838. K° 3.528.24 

Chase, G. W. Digest of masonic law. 4tli ed. 

Boston, 186-(. 12° 0569.20 

— Illsloryof Haverhill, from 1640 to 1860. Haver- 

hill, 1861. 8° 2366.28. 

— The nnisonic harp. Boston, n.d. 12° ... . 8046.25 

— Masonic monitor; conlainlug prayers, charges, 

etc. Boston, n.d. pp. 45. 12" 8040.25 

CRASR, I. Value of the soul. A sermon, Deo. 28, 

1825, ul the ordliuition of Mr. J. D. Knowles. 

Boston, 1820. h' 5140ft.33 

Chask, p. a plea for the West. Boston, 1827. pp. 

16. 8° 0088.109 

Ciiahk, Salmon P. Inaugural addre»8 M governor 

of Ohio, .Ian 14, lM,>rt. Columbus, isflfi. 8°. H. 170a. 14 

— Inaugural adclnns ai goveriuir of Ohio, Jan. 

11,1808. Columbun, 1808. 8° B, 170a. 4 

Chase, Salmon P., continued. 

— Maintain plighted faith. Speech in the senate, 

Feb. 3, 1854, against the repeal of the 51 is- 
souri prohibition of slavery north of 30° 30'. 
Washington, 1S54. 8° . 6087.119 

— Radical democracy of New York and the inde- 

pendent democracy. Letter to B. F. Butler. 
Washington, 1852. [No title-page.] 8° . . . 0087.32 

— Reclamation of fugitives from service. An ar- 

gument in the case of W. Jones vs. J. Van- 
zandt. Cincinnati, 1847. 8° B.160a.44 

— Remarks upon the Pacific railroad, in the sen- 

ate, Feb. 17, 1853. [No title-page.] 8° . . . 0087.119 

— Speech at the republican mass meeting, in 

Cincinnati, Aug. 21, 1855, etc. Columbus, 

1855. 8° 6087.19 

— Speech at Toledo, May 30, 1851, before the de- 

mocracy of north-western Ohio. [No title- 
page.] 8° 6087.9 

— Termination of federal ownership in Ohio. 

Remarks in the senate, April 14, 1852. [No 
title-page.] 8° 6087.119 

— Union and freedom without compromise. 

Speech in the senate, March 20, 1850, on Mr. 
Clay's compromise resolutions. [No title- 
page.] 8° 0087.119 

— Review of his report on the finances, 1802. See 

Walker, R.J 6040.7 

Chase, Samuel. Trial for high crimes and misde- 
meanors. See Smith, S.H 5685.2 

Chase, Stephen, Discourse on the character of. 

ftcLord, N 4347.14 

Chase, W. Voyage from the United .States to South 

America, 1821-23. 2ded. Newbiu-yport, 182.3. 

pp. SO. 8° . .^ 2365.12 

Chasles, V. E. P. fitudes sur I'Allemagne au 19e 

siecle. Paris, 1801. 12° 2863.29 

Chassaignac, E. Des opi'-ratious applicables aux 

fractures compliquees. I'aris, 1850. 8° . »M.Pph.v,137 

— Traite pratique de la suppuration et du drain- 

age cbirurgical. Paris, 1859. 2v. 1.8° . . . 3754.10 

Ciiassant, L. a. Dictionnaire des abreviations 
latines et fran^^nises, usitees dans les inscrip- 
tions du moyen age. 2e ed. Paris, 1862. 12°. 2115.31 

Chassipol, or Chassepol, F. de. Histoire des Am- 

azones. Paris, 107s. 2v. 12° »4289.10 

Chastel, ^.. Histoire de la destruction du pagan- 

isme dans I'empire d'orient. Paris, 1850. 8°. 6075.20 

ClIATEAtniKUN, J. li. V. de. Les Troyenues : trag- 

t''die. [Theatre frani^ais, V. 44] 4708.1 

Chatel, F. T. F. Ueber den Abfall vom Glauben. 

.SecSchoIl,C 6453.14 

CiiATswORTii, lli.story of. Glover, S 2494.0 

ClIATTKRToN, T. I'oetical Works, with life. [An- 
derson. Poets of Great Britain, v. 11] . . . 4004.1 

Conlrnla. — Ji'.Wa ; Goildwyn ; Dattlo of lla&tinga ; 
BriRlowo tniReclii'. etc. 

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oHNcmbXe of foiili-N ; 'I'lie lloiiro of riirtctdc, oinrle liy 
John 4Jtl|fnto ; Howe pitio In dend ; l.ii l)eno diilrlo 
KBiiM nien-lo ; Of (pieov Aimelhin nnd fnUo Arcllo ; 
Tlio AiiHOInldlc of Indlen ; 'file eonolllHlonn of Ilic liMtro- 
labio; Tlio eoniptiibit of (he bbicko knlKlUt A prnlHo iit 
women; Tlio lioiiNe of fiiiiie; Tlie teittnment of tovej 
Tlio Innieiitulion of Mnry MnKdnlehie; 'I'lio roniedle of 
love; TUe conipliiint of MnrM nnd VetiiiH; Tlie letter of 
Cupldo ; A bnlnde In eoinnietidntlon of onrlndle; A 
bntndo to king Henry tlio fourtb ; Of llio onekuiv nnd tlio 




Sholf. No. 

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iiif;htftii;al<> ; Tn tho l.mlcfi nnd (rfniitnicii of tli'- ki)i)r«* 
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court of lovi*; Climicci'n tlrfniiio; The lUmrt' nixl Iho 
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Sholf. No. 

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See also: Alchemy, Blencbinp, BIo\vpipe, Distillery, 
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I — Z. V. Soprag^unta. 

11. D— L. III. M— Q. IV. 

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tyr of the reformation. Loudon, 1861, 8' . 



1223. 15 


4001.32 . 





Shelf. No. 

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Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 14, 1850. [Nashville], 
1S50. 8° .... i B.l/Oa.lO 

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Contents. — DcU' arte pocticn; Elogi a S. Speroni, T. 
Taeeo, G. Galilei, O. Kinucciiil, G.-B. .Siroz;;!, G. Cinm- 
I>oH, D. V. Ceanrini, G. B. Marino, A. Fumesc; Delia 
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Chlaramonti, S. Ca-sena^ urbis historiarom, ad 

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getica de Ciesena triuniphante, adversus Ftjr- 

tunii Licet! oppositiones. [Gr^vius. Thes. 

aniiq. Ital., T. 7, p. 2] 4710.1 

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Sicilian, antiqua, nova, sacra et nohilis. Lat- 

in^ vertit .L It. Mosheiin. [Gricvius. Thes. 

antiq. Ital., T. 10, v. 12] 4710.1 

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of the independence of the I'liited States, 

July 4, 1862. Chicago, 1802. pp.31. 8° .. 4310a. 29 
Board of trade. Second annual .^tutement of 

tlie trade and commerce of Chicago for 1859. 

Chicago, INK). 8° 4370.1 

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album.] New York, 1K<H. 4° 2390.1 

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Thacher. T 5440a. 47 

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Hist, monum., V. 9] 4800.1 

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StatcH relative to KJuvery under the hiwa of 

war. BoHinn, isOl. pii. 4k. vz" 4324.27 

. _ Cane of the ConinionwfuKli t^i. I>. L. Child, for 

d libel on J. KeycH. Sep Whllnum, J. W. rph.v.386 
CHILD, F. J. [INx'Mii* of religlouH H(iri«iw, comfort, 

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Shelf. No. 

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the high offices of the Chinese empire, 1854. 
6v. 8° 301 .13 

DcscrijHion, geography, irar'els, etc. 

Arbeiten iiber China, sein Volk, seine Institu- 
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Russia. Imperial mission at Pekin 

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Ljungstedt, A. Portuguese settlements in . . 

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Mongoley, 1820, 21 

- Travels through Mongolia to China, 1820,21. 

White, J. Voyage to the Cliina Sea 

Williams, S. W. The Chinese empire, and its 













— Blakiston, T. W. Present rebellions in . . . 3016.10 

— Brine, L. Taeping rebellion in 3018 11 

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la prise de Nankin 4245.24 

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— Endlicher, S. Anfangsgriiude der chinesis- 

chcn Grnnilnntik 3030.14 

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— Myers, T. Nature and structure of the . . . . 6034.10 

— Staunton, G. T. Proper mode of rendering 

"God" into Chinese 3018.10 

— True meaning of the word Shin 6034.17 

Literature, etc. 

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Ilandschriften der K. Bibllothek zu Berlin . 2164.10 
Chinese repository, The. Vol. 1-10, no. 6. Can- 
ton, 1833-17. 16v. 8° •5010. r 

Chinese revolution, Tlie. London, 1863. 12** . . 3018.20 




Shelf. No. 

CniNESK traveller, The. Prefixed, the life of Con- 

luciiis. ■,'d od., with addttiona. London, 1775. 

2v. 10' 3019.3 

Chiocco, a. l)e eolh'pii Vcronensis illustritnis 

medicis vi pliilusopliis. [Grwvius. Thes. 

antiij. Itnl., T. 1), p.s) 4710.1 

CmOGGiA, or Cliin/za. Hartholomiti Facn,de bello 

Veneto Clodiaiio Hbur. [(ira?vius. Thes. 

antiq. Ital.. T. 5, p. 4] 4710.1 

CiiiONiDKs. Diiarum comnpdiarum fragmenta. 

[Mcineke. Fragm. com. lir., v. 2] B.1C2.8 

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Hartford, ISOn. 8= 2330.21 

Chippeway dialect, Analysis of the. Howse, J. 2:i()0.34 
Cmrsi. Ktrusco niiiseo chiusino. Valeriani, D. . 2750.15 (tiustiniani, li. Originc degl' ordini 

niilitari 6220a. 2 

— Weber, C.J. Das Ritterwcsen 6075.9 

See alto: Crusades, Knighlhootl, Middle ngcs, Tuiir- 

Chlamypiiora. BFonographia chlamvdum. Kol- 

lar, V ' 38. D. 2 

Chloroform, Effects of. Warren, J. C 5796.21 

CuilEL, J. Urkunden, Briefe und ActenstUcke zur 
Geschichte Maximilians i und seiner Zeit. 
Stuttgart, 18H5. 8'. [Stuttgart. UiMiothek 
liter. Vereins] **2Sr4.9, and v. 10 of 4225.1 

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sons of dissent from the judgment of a coun- 
cil, in the aflair of the Rev. Mr. BachcIIer, of 
Haverhill. Boston, 1761. pp. 4:J. 8°. . . B. 160a. 82 

— Reasons of dissent from the judgment of a 

council, respecting Rev. Mr. Bacheller. See 

Haynes, J B.160a.66 

Choate, R. Works. With a memoir of his life, by 

S.G.Brown. Boston, 1862. 2v. 8" . . . . 2393.12 

Contents. — Vol, I. Memoir; Lectures and addrcaeeH. 
II. Speeches In llio srniit*.- ufthe United States; Uisccl- 
laneous speeches; Appendix. 

— Argument before the supreme court of Massa- 

chusetts in the case of O. Earle et al. vs. W. 
Wood et al. lioston, 1854. 8° 5686.2 

— Speech before a legishitive committee [on an] 

application for a railroad between South Ded- 

ham and Boston. Boston, 1850. 8° . . . *rph. v.384 

— Speech before the legislative committee on 

towns, April 4, 1851, [on an] application to 
set off wards six, seven and eight, of Rox- 
bury, as a separate town. Boston, 1851. 8°. 5686.2 

— Speecli on the case of Alexander McLeod, in 

the senate of the United States. Washing- 
ton, 1841. 8° *rph.v.382 

— Address commemorative of. See Parsons, T. . 5686.2 

— andNortheud.W.D. Argumentsforthe petition- 

ers, before a committee of the Massachusetts 
legislature, on petitions for a railroad from 
Danvers to Maiden. Boston, 1847. pp.70. 8°. 5686.2 

— and Russell, C.T. Arguments for the petition- 

ers, before a committee of the Slassachusetts 
legislature, on petitions for a railroad from 
Salem to Maiden. Boston, 1846. pp. 75. 8°. 5686.2 

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18'. [American board for foreign missions]. 2369.30 

Choctaw spelling book. 6tlied.,rev. Boston, 1852. 

18°. [American board for foreign missions]. 2369.29 

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traits of the national assembly. See Luchet, 
J. r. L. de 4652.22 

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A. F. Naekius. Inest de Sardanapalicpigram- 
matis di.-iputatio. Lipsia, 1817. 8° 2975.8 

lllotSEUL-Goui-FlElt, mafiftmela cnmtesse. R^rai- ' 
niscences sur I'empereur Alexandre i et sur 
Tempereur N'apoluon i. Paris, 1862. 8° . . 2641.5 

Cuoiseul-.Mel'.se, F., comiesse de. Recreations 

amusantes. .Sfe Girault, A. N 4689.31 

CHolSY, F. T. de. Mi'-moires pour servir a I'histoire 
de Louis XIV, [avcc preface par I>. F. Camu- 
sat]. Utrecht, 1727. 2v.ini. 12" 4695.10 

Shelf. No. 

Cholkra. Acland, II. W. C. at Oxford, in 1854 . 3800.10 

— Brauser, II. Vcrlauf der Cholera-Epidemieen 

in Preussen 3806.25 

— Fechner, G. T. SchUtzmittel fiir die Cholera .B. 127. 19 

— Grauville, A. B. Nature, etc. of the 3809.34 

— Greenhow, T. M. Cholera as it appeared in 

Newcastle and Gateshead 3806.18 

— Tardieu.A.A. Du choK-ra epidemique . . . 3805.41 

— Vanoni, B. Abhandlung iiber die Cholera . . 3808.32 

— Wesselhoeft, R. Causes and hydropathic treat- 

ment of the ". f)087.80 

— White, T. True cause of the 6087. 105 

CiiOLEitA infantum. Essay on. Knapp, M. L. . . 5796.14 
Cmol.monpelev, C. Protestant doctrine of justifi- 
cation and scheme of salvation, philosophi- 
cally confuted. London, 1854. h" 6063.8 

Cholmondeley, T. Ultima Thule; or, thoughts 
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Shelf. No. 

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r«tio repin et monachi; I»e compnnctione ; Ad Stnpiri- 
nm ft dtemonc rexatuDi; Adver^us eoe qui apud ne ha* 
bent Wrgrin'^B sublntruductos; Quod rc^larcs femiofle 
Tiria eobabitare Don debeant; Llher de vir^nitate; Ad 
▼Iduam juniorero ; De non iterando conjupio ; De sarer- 
dotiui tivnno, cum presbyter fuit ordiuatua. I, II. Do 


CnRYsosTo:«rs, St. J., continued. 

ineomprehensiMH Del nnturn, contra Anomiroa. II. 
Contra Judiros et GentiloB, quod Christus sit Dcuh; Ad- 
versiiH Judteos, orutioiics ; De nou anatlioniatizandit 
viviH VL-I defunctia; In kaleiidas, homllia; De LaKiiro, 
liotnilia: ; Spuria : TlieoduH lapiii rcsponnio nd Ctiry- 
Bostomum ; Liber sept imusde sacerdotio; Aseotam face- 
IIU u(l non debere; Cbristi discipulum benipnum cssa 
dobore ; Do fu^enda simulata specie; Do Jejuuio ot 
cliH'mosyna; Contra Judicoa, Gentiles, et batrelicos; Da 
flde etlegenaturiv; De sanetalrinitate; .S electa ex notU 
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Da.'moncB non ^ubemare mundum, et de diabolo teritn- 
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In diem natuleni CliristI; De baptismo Cbriati ; In pro- 
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J. C; In ascenslonein Domini; Do sancta pentocoste, 
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^atiain concionandum ; In martyre.t; In S. inarlyrem 
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Ilomiliw in qua:dam loca Novi Testamenti. V, VI. 
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■ensis; Homilia in Pascba; Uomilia in aacensioucm; 
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6: 1; Ilomilid in illud, Eg:o Dominus Deua feci lumea, 
etc.; Uomilia in illud, Doniine, non eat in Iiomino \ia 
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Contra ludoa et theatra; Homilia in illud, Hoc autem 
scitote, 2 Tim. 3:1; Homilia de perfecta caritatc; Da 
continentia; De consolationc mortis; Synopsis Scrip- 
turn; sacra>; Homilia in nativitalem Christi. XII. Da 
lepialatorc, homilia incerti ; In illud. In qua potestate. 
Matt. 21:23; Severiani. Gabalorum cpiseopi, in mundi 
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Epistola; Spuria: In Genesim, honiilia; tres; In Abra- 
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tuam. Gen. 24 : 2; In Jubum, homiliic; In Heliam 
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XV, XVI, Homilife in 8. Joannem evangelistum. XVI, 
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XVIII. Homilias in epistoiam ad Itonianoa ; Spuria. 

XIX. In epistoiam lad Corinthios, homiliie. XX. In 
epist. 2 ad Corinthios, homilia?; Conimentarius in epis- 
toiam ad Galatas ; Spuria. XXI. In epistoiam ad Ephe- 
Bos, homiliie; In epist. ad Philippenses, homiliie; In 
epiat. ad Coloasenaes, homilia;. XXII. In epist. 1 ad 
Theaaaloniccnaes, homilise; In epist. 2 ad Theas. homi- 
1ia>; In epiat. 1 ad Tiniotheuni, homilia;; In epi^t. 2 ad 
Timotheuni, homilite; In epist. ad Titum, homilite ; In 
epiat. ad Philemoncm, homilia; ; Spuria. XXIII. In 
cpiatotam ad Hebra;os, homilia;, supernddita Mulianl 
Bcliotastici inter|lretatione Latina. XXIV. [lomilifl}; 
De aigillis librorum ; Homilia in illud. In principio 
erat verbum, Joan. 1:1; Sermo do mansuctudlne ; Ec- 
logBP aeu florile^a ex Savilio aucta; Liturpia 8. Chry- 
Bostami, et orationes ; Spuria. XXV. Do libria HoB. 
Chryaostomi ; De scriptoribua vitae Chr>-8ostomi, H, Sa- 
vilii diasertatio, etc.; Palladii dialopus de vita Chrysos- 
tomi; Epitome vita- Chrj-sostomi ; J. Chrj-aoatnmi vit» 
ex ejus operibna aliisque scriptoribua coneinuata; 87- 
nopsia eurum, qua; per Chryaostomi opera obaervautur; 




Sholf. No. 

Chrtsostomus, 5/. J., contimied. 

Tredeclm sermonps spurii. scro ex Anplia ad Montfauco- 
num missl; Testlmonia velerum de S. J, Chn-soitorao; 
Voces aliquot sermonls Chrysostomi expTlcatip ; Index 
■IphabeticDs sermonum et homiliarum omnlam. etc.; 
Catalofnisoppnim sinpuIorumClirj'so****"^' ^'^ ortUne ed. 
Uorvllii ; CatalogTia operum singulorum Clirj'sostomi ex 
online ed. Savilii ; Catalogus AnfTuslantis. XXVI. Index 
locorum Scripturte sacrse, quoe In Chrysostomi toniia ex- 
plicantur; Index renim; Epilogus novrc edittoois. 

— Opera omnia, castigata opera et, studio mona- 

Chorum Benedicti e coiigregatione S. Mauri. 
Parisiis, 1S42, 43. 13v. iu 9. l.S". [Migne. 
Patrologiae series 3aJ *B. 126.1 

Contents. — Vol.1. B. do Montfaacon pnrt'atio ; H. 
fiavilii admonitio do scriptoribus rcrum Clirj'sostoml; 
pBlladii diulogus de vita S. Chrvsostom) ; S. Chrysosto- 
mi vita nunc priinum adornata; Conpendluin chrono- 
lo|;icuiii pcMuruni et scrlptorum S, J. Chrysostomi ; Pa- 
rfpoesia ad Ttieodoniin Itipsum; Adversusoppngnatores 
Tit« monaflticffi ; De coinparationo regis et monaclii 
opusculum ; De componctione ; Ad Sta^riuni a dfemono 
Texatuin; Contra cos qui subintroductfls babcnt vlr^ncs ; 
Dc tirginitate liber unus; Ad viduam Juninrem; De non 
iteraudo conjug:io; De sacerdotio; Honiilia cum prua- 
byter fuit ordinntus; De ineomprehensibili Dei natura, 
etc. ; Contra .Tuda^oa et GentileB quod Cliristus sit Deus; 
Oraliones oeto adversus Judieos; Homilia de nnnthemate; 
Homiliu in kalendos ; Conciones septem de Lazaro ; Spn- 
lia. II. Homilia^ vigintiet una de Stat iiisTheodosiiet Fla- 
cilhr I'jutuxoriiiad populum AiillocbenumhabittciCate- 
chescs duo ad illuniinandos; Hoinilin? Ires do imbecilli- 
tste diaUoli; Horalliic uovem de poenltonlin ; Semiones 
p«neg>'rici in solemn States i Dubia opera; Spuria; ^electa 
exnolis llenricl Savilii etFrontonisDucici, III. Honiilin) 
tri^ntaquattuorinqufcdamloca NoviTe9tamenti;i>pufl- 
cuitt quindt-^cini de inotibus Constanlinopulltauis, deque 
lis quip ad ulmmque ejus exsilium spectont; Eptstolin 
8. Joannis Chrysostomi ct aliquot alio:; Spuria. IV. 
HomiliH* Bcxnpinta si/ptoni in Gcneslm ; Semioncs no- 
rrin in Genesim; Sermones quinque de Anna; Homiliie 
treade Davideet Saulc; Expositiones in Paaliuos; Dubia 
OpUficula. in I'salmum L; Spuria, in P^almoa. V. In- 
terpretntio in Inniam prophetam ; Homilim sex in Oziam, 
•eu dc aeraphinis; Homilia in locum ilium Isaiie, Ego 
Dominua feci lumen ; lltmilia in locum ilium Jcremio*, 
Domine, non est in homine vin ejus; Honiilito duo do 
propbetiarum obscuritate; liiterpretutio in Dtiniclem ; 
lIomiliiL in illud Joannis, Filius ex se nihil fiicit ; Homi- 
lia de Melebiaedcco; Homilia contra ludos et thcatra ; 
Homilia In illud. Hoc autem scitote, etc.; Homilia do 
porfeetH cnrilnte; Homilia do conllncntia; Hormonca 
duu de cot) sol at tone mortis; Synopats Scri|iiurft> Kacnc ; 
llomillain natulemCliristidiem ; Homilia de legislatorc ; 
Uomiliu in Illud Mattha'l, in qua ]>otcstnte ha.-c fuels; 
IlumilifT sex in miindi cr<'ationi-ni ; Homilia do si-rpente; 
Kpistola ad Thi'odurum MoiiHuoatoDum ; Spuria. VI. 
llomiliic nonnpntn in Mntthiruni ; Fnifrmentum in quo 
explienntur illiv quatuordecim gcnerullones quin unto 
captivIiBteiu numcrantur, necuon quattiordoccm nlltn 
quie post captivltatem reconaentur; llumiliii! octoglnta 
octo III Joiinnem ; Spuria. VII. lIuniDiui quinqunt^Inta 
quinque in Acta npostolonmi ; Homilia' Irlprinta duo In 
vplMtuluni ail Komnnoa; Spuria. VIM. Huinilitu <|ua- 
draglnta qtiatuar In epUlolam primnm ad Corlulhioa; 
Ilumllitf trit^lnla In eplstulnm Rccundnm ad CorinihioH; 
Commeutarius in epiatolunt ad Ualntus; Spuria; Hund- 
lln vlfTiuti quntuor In epiMtoliim nd Ephcsioa; Ilonillla] 
qulndt-rlm in eplMtobim ad rhlllppunHex; Homitiii' dno- 
dccliii in epiitolnm ad ColoMaonaes; Ilomllim undeclm 
In cpUtoIam primam ad ThraHaloiiicennon ; Homilio] 
quindi'clin In vplatolam aecutulMni ad 'rhoHMlonlcenaea; 
llonilliu- sepleliidecim In ejiiatulum primam ad Tinio- 
thciim ; nomllhr. decern In epiatolam secundnm nd Tl- 
mothrum ; lli'mlllio aox In •'plalolam ad 'lilum ; llumU 
liiB treii In i-pi«lulnm ad I'hllemnnom ; Spuriii. l.\. 
IlunilllR; triiiliXH' quatuur In cpUlolnm ad Hi'briroa, 
■uperiiddlla .MiitlanI acboIaNllci inti-rprutatlone I.atliin ; 
Iloinlllo! unduclm hactviiua non edltir ot ad hiHtorliim 
llliu* n-vl inultum conriTcntes : nomllla SeveriunI dn 
■l|[lllla librorum ; llomttla In Illud, In princlpln orat 
Vrrbum; Senno dn mnnaueludini- ; Eelofrn anu (lortln- 
fla, llumlllju quadraKlnta orto ; Mtul-itla S. Joannia 
Chryaoatoml; Oralloiiva duo tt. Joannfa ChryauilomI ; 

— BrcvlH Intrrprclatfo In S. Kvangellum scnin- 

dum .lohuiini-ni, l.ntini'; I-^piKtoIn ail ('o^^url- 

uni motiachntii. f ('imiMluH. 'i'hrsaiiniK, v. I j. 4 HO. 3 
ClIUDD, T. A colli'clion of traclH on vaiiuUB Hub- 

jocte. Loudon, 17;iU. 4' Mftl.4 

shelf. Ktf. 

Church, B. Oration, March 5, 1773, to commemo- 
rate the bloody tragedy of the 5th of Mnrcli, 
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Church, M. B. Ucasons for being an infidel. Tip- 
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Church architecture. Bourasst;, J. J, Archeologie 

chretienne 4103.0 

— Dexter, H.M. Meeting-houses 43U4.12 

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See also: Gothic architecture. 

Church floral decorations, Practical hints on . . 4105.30 
Church furniture. Ornemens d'eglise, bronzes et 

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Church members. Advice to. luncs, AV 5458.31 

Church music. Bennett, W. S. Chorale book for 

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Church of Christ in the middle ages. London, 

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Church of England. See England, Church of. 
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Coji/fHts. — Rosclad; Apolopy; Nlpht ; Tho phost ; 
Prophecy of famine ; Epistle to Hopailb ; The conlV-r- 
enco; The duellist; The outhor; Gotham; The candi- 
date; Farewell to Europe ; The times; Independenco; 
The journey, etc. 

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V. 3] 4150.1 

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ridotto sul lessico del Mcniuski. Milano, 

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('lAMPl, S. Delia sagrestla pistoiese, de' belli arredi 
del canipo Santo pisaiio e di altre opere di 
disegno dal sec(do xn al XV. [ Appt'udice par 
G. Briinchi.] Kirenze, 1810. 4° 4001.25 

— EsamtM-ritico con documenti inediti della ato- 

ria di Demetrio di Iwan Wasilicwitch. Fi- 

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8° 2807.8 

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rato del secolo XV. IMsa, I8I0. pp. 5s. 8*' . 2807.8 

— Uines8ioni sulhi nccessltii dl stmliure H anti- 

chi scrlltori, cc, con alcuue o.sscrvazioni in- 
turnoall' lliade. Veiiezhi. 1800. 8° . . . . 20.'i9.1l 
CinnicH, C. Sec Bell. British theatre, v. 2, 5, 7, 8, 

10, 16, 18, 21,24 4169a. 1 ' 

Vonttnt*. — Vol. II. TIio rofuaiil, or the Indlen' phlloa- 
ophy, com. V. Hho w.iu'd nml Hhti hmuM not, or Iho 
kind 1m]>oalor, com. VII. I.uve ninkca a ninii, or lh« 
fup'a fiirluiie, com. Vlll. The enri'lran huHbnud, com. 
X. The double (tnllnnt. or Iho -lek lady'» cure, com. 
XV. Xlrnttna,or (he hemic dnuKbter.truK. XVIII. Jlia 
pvovok'd huabnnd, or a Journey to London, mm. XXI. 
'1 hn hypucrKc, hnllaled rrniu Mollure, altered liy I, 
IllekerHtair. XXIV. 'I ho lady'a lait alaka, or tho wlfu'i 
roa«Dtmout, com. 




Sh«lf. No. 
ClBBBR, C, contimted. 
— 5« CoUectiou of farces, V, 4, 5 2575.35 

Contents. ^Vo]. IV. 
DAmou and riiJlliilu. 

Flom, or Hob In i 

— 5'ce Jones. British theatre, v,7, 10 . 


Contents. — Vol. VII. Lovo makps n man, com.; The 
earcleas hiisliand, com. X. Tlir provok'd husband, 
com., altered from .<lr Joliii Vniiliru^h. 

CiCAL.VTK d'autori tiorontini dei nostri tempi. Fi- 

renze, 1809. 6" 2808.7 

Confeit/ji. — Cicalata d! CnmmMIo CntenI In Io(1<> del 
mnechoroni; Ticalata di Ottavio Canovui in \odv dot 
nafti schiacciati; Lcttora in vc-nl martclllanidl L. C]. in 
lode d«ir ombrc-llo: Cii-nlnta dl C. Battislu Zannont in 
lodf dcir asino ; Cicalnta dl T.uijri Cliisio In lodo dcJ 
gubbl ; Cirnlain di CaiinuiUo Cntcnl in lodo del buo ; 
CIcalata di Ottavio Canovai in lodu del tlnocchio. 

CiccARKi.LT, A. De Clitumiio, Umbrite flumine 
cfclrberrimo. [Gricvius. Thes. antiq. Ital., 
T.D, p.s] 4710.1 

— Vita* pontificum Romanomm a Gregorio xiii 

usque ad Cleraeiitem viii. See Platiua de' 

Saechi, H 6081.2 

Cicero, M. T. Opera onmia qvje exstant, D. I-am- 
biiii ct P. (Jothofrodi annotatiouibus. Colo- 
nia: AUobrogvm, 1616. 4v. in 2. f" .... *4H)0.6 

Contents. — Vol. I. Ciceronis vita a D. Lambino col- 
lecta ; Khetoricorum ad C. Herennium libri 4, Cnmtficu, 
sou tnccrti aiicloria; De inventione rheloriiia libri 2; De 
oratore nd V- fratrem libri 3; De clans oratoribus liber, 
qui Brutus inticriptus est; Orator. ad Brulum; Topicft,ad 
C. Trcbatium ; rurtiliones orntoria- ; Dc optimo genere 
oratonim; Orationen omnt-s qtite exstant. II. Kpistola- 
rum libri 15, nd faniiliarcis, ex quibus octa%-ufl solas M. 
Coilii epistulas ad Civeronem continet ; Libri 16, ad T. 
Fomponium Atticum ; Libri 3, ad y. Ciccroncm fratrem ; 
Llbcrnd Marcum Brutum ; Epistulaad Ootnvianum,siv« 
ait Ciceronis, sive ineerti auctoris ; Liber Cornelii Nepo- 
tis, de vita T. Pomponii Attici ; Acadi-mii-anim qtia-sti- 
onum ad Varronem Hher; Aeademicarum quiestionum 
liber 4, qui inscribitur Lucullus; De finibua bonorum et 
malorum libri 5; Tusculanarum qua^stionum libri 5; De 
Datura d«;orura libri 3; De diviuatiouc libri 2; De fato 
librr; Dv b-fribus libri .3 ; Do offleiis libri .I; Cato mojor, 
seu de senectute, Hber smgularis; La.-liiiB, sen de ami- 
citia, liber sinpularis; I'aradoxa stoicorum sex; Frag- 
menta oratiouum, epistolarum, et librorum philosophico- 
rum,qua;ex8tant,BDionyeio Lambino aurta ct emendata; 
AecflAsit consolutio M. T. Ciceronis, nuniquam antehac 
operibus ejus in&erta; Pccmatum fragTiieulu. 

— Opera omnia, emendataindustria J. GuHeimii et 

J. Gruteri, denuo recognita ab J. Gronovio. 
Lugduni liatavoruni, lilU'J. 4° *B.171.3 

— Opera omnia, cum Asconio et scholiaste veteri, 

ac uotis integris [variorum] I. Verburgius 
coUegit, disposuit, receusuit, etc. Amstelse- 
dami, 1724. 11 v. in 6. b" *B.178.9 

CoiUfnls. — Vol. I. M. TuUii Ciceronis historia, per 
consules deMcrijita. et in.annos distincta per F. Kabrici- 
um Marcoduranum ; Cicero a calumniis vindicatus, auc- 
tore Andrea Schotto; Bhetoricorum, ad V. Merenntum 
libri 4 ; De iuvcntionc rhetorica libri 2 ; De oratore, ad Q. 
fratrem Itbri 3; De clans oratoribus liber, qui dicitur 
Brulus; Orator, ad Brutum; Topica, ad C. Trcbatium; 
Partitionesoratoria? ; De optimo Rcnere oratorura ; Ora- 
tio pro P. Quintio, Sex, Roscio Amerino, Q. Itoscio com- 
oedo; Divioatio in C.'Verrcm; I'rocEm. aciionia t, in 0. 
Verrem ; Accuiuitionis in C. Verrem lib. 1-5 ; Pro M, Fon- 
tejo, uratioinutilata et truncata; Pro A. Cn?cina. 11. Pro 
lege Manilla ad pop- lEoni. ; Pro A. Clm-nlio Avito ; Pro 
C. Comelio majestalis rco ; In tuga Candida, contra com- 
. pctitores; De legp_aprarla, contra P. Scrvilium Itullum 
in aenatu; De lege agraria, contra P. Servilium Uullum 
ad populnm; {"ru C. lUibirio perdueUionia reo, ad Qui- 
riles; In L. Catilinam prima, in senatu; In L. Catilinam 
■<>cundB, ad Quir. ; In L. Catilinam tertia, ud popul. ; la 
1>. Catalinam Hen.; Pro L.Murena, L. Flaccoi 
P. Sulla, A. LIcinio, Arrbia |toela ; Ad (^uiriles post redi- 
tum suum; Post rediium in senatu, pro domo sua ad 
pontiSc. ; Dc hamspieum responsiH in si-natu; Pro Cn. 
riancio ; Pro P. Sextio ; In P. Vatiniuni ; Pro M. C<eIio ; 
Dc provinciia consul. ; Pro L. ComcHo Balbo ; In L. Cal- 
puniium Pisonem; Pro M. Scauro, T. Annio Mitone, C. 
Rabirio I'ostumo, M. Marcello, if. Ligiiriu,regcDejoeoro; 
In U. Antouium, Phil. 1-14; Hallustil, svu potius incerti 

Bbclf. Ko. 

Cicero, M. T., continued. 

BUctoiHs, in Cicoronem oratio; Ciceronis, scu potius In- 
certi auetoris, responsio; Ad po[)ulutn et equites Itora. 
antcquam iret in oxlUum. III. Epistolnruin Ubri Kiquee 
vulgo dieuntur nd faniilinres. IV. Kpistolarum ad T. 
Pumpunium Atticum libri IG; E|>istolnrtim ad l^uintum 
fratrem libri 3; Epistolanim nd Brutum liber singulnria; 
Epistolir ad Brutum, & Germnnis olim repert«3 et cditm; 
Ad Octavium epistota una inccrta; T. Pomponii Atlicl 
vita, per Cumelium Nepotem. V. Acadeniicarum quais- 
tlonnm ad Vnrronein liber 1 ; Academicarum quiestionum 
liber 4. qui inscribitur Lucullus ; De flnibus bonorum 
et malorum libri 5; Tusculanarum dispntationum libri 
6; De natura Deorum libri 3; De divinatione libri 2; De 
fato liber 1 ; Do legibus libri 3. VI. Do ofHciis libri 3; 
Cato major, seu do sencctute, liber singularis; Lailiua, 
aeu do amicilia, liber singularis; Pnradoxa stoicorum 
aex; Q. Cicero de petitiono conBulntus; M. Tullii Cico- 
ronls scriplorum fragmentu in quibus est somnlum Scipl- 
onis; I'barnomeua ex Arato; Consolatio M. T. Ciceroni 
adscripts; Indices so ptem. 

— Opera omnia ex recensione J. A. Ernesti, cum 

ejusdem notis. Ed. la Am. Bo8toui;e, 1815, 

16. 20v. 12" M917.2 

Contents. — Vol. I. Incerti auetoris, seu ut doctis qui- 
busdam vidctur, Cornificii, rhetoricomm ad Herennium 
libri quatuor,ctCiceroni8rhctoricorum,8cude inventione 
rhetorica libri duo. II. Dc oratore ad Quintum fratrem. 
III. Brutus, seu de claris oratoribus; Orator; Topica; 
Partitiones oratorio; ; De optimo genere oratorum. IV. 
Orationes, pro P. Quintio, ti. Roscio Amerino, Q. Rosoio 
comoedo ; Divinatio in Ca;cilium ; Prooemium prima; acti- 
onis in Verrem; Actionis secundie liber primus et se- 
cundus. V. Actionis in Verrem liber tertius, quartus ct 
quintus. Vl. Orationes, pro Fontejo, Caicina, lege Ma- 
nilla, Clucntio, de lege agraria, contra Rullura. VII. 
I Orationes, pro Kabirio perduellionis reo, in Catilinam 
quatuor, pro Murenn, Flacco, Sulla, Archia poeta, ad 
Quirites post redUum, post reditum In senatu, pro domo 
6ua ad pontifiees. VIII. Orationes, do baruspicum re- 
sponsis, pro Pluncio, pro P. Sextio, in Vatiniuni, pro M. 
Ctulio, de provineils consulnribus, pro C. Balbo, in L. 
Pisonem, pro Milone, IX. Orationes, pro Rabirio Poa- 
tumo, pro M. Marcello, pro Q, Ligario, pro rege Dejotaro, 
orationes Pbilippica; quatuordcctm in M. Antonium, H. 
Sallustif Crifipi in Ciceronem oratio, in C. Sallustium 
responsio. ad populum ct cquites Bomanos antequam * 

iret in exilium, X, XI. Epistola- [ad diveraos], XII, 
XIII. Epistolw ad Atticum. XIII. Epist. ad Quintura 
fratrem; Epist. ad Brutum. XIV. Academicic quces- 
tionee, do flnibus bonorum et malorum ad Brutum [lib. 
6]. XV. Tusculanarum quiestionum ad Brutum [lib. 5] ; 
De natura Deorum ad Brutum. XVI. Dc divinatione 
[lib. 2]; De fato, liber singulnris; De legibus [lib. 3]; 
De ofliciis [lib. 3]. XVII, Cato major, seu do sencetute j 
La^lius, de amicitia; Paradoxa; De petitiono con&ula- 
tuB ; Fragmenta ; Consolatio. XVIII, Index legum qua- 
nim mentio fit; Index geographicua; Index liistoricus. 
XIX, XX. Index Lntinitatis. XX. Index Gra;co-Latinus. 

— Delectus commentariorum in opera omnia, ad 

editionem J. A. Ernesti accommodatus. Ex 

ed. J.Oliveti. Londini, 18J9. 1.8°. *2921.1 

— De officiis libri tres, Cato maior, Lielivs, Para- 

doxa, Somnivm Scipionis. Ex recensione J. 
G. Graevii. Cum Aldi Mauutii commentario. 
Lvgd. Batavorvm, 1710. 2v. 8' *B.176,4 

Philosophical works, etc. 

— De philosophia volumen primum. Lvgdvni, 

1570. 16° *B.179a.24 

Contents. — Lucullus; Acadcmicarum qu«?stionum ad 
Varronem liber primus; Do flnibua bonorum et malo- 
rum; Tusculana; qu«stionc9- 

— De Hnibus libri v, De officiis libri ill, et ex oper- 

ibus philopophicis quacdam excerpta. Edin- 

burgi, 1S12. 16° 4919a. 15 

— Academica. Recensuit, variorum notis suas 

immiscuit, et Turnebi, Fabrique commen- 
tarios adjunxit 'J. Davisius. Cantabrigiae, 
1725. S" 4917.8 

— - Same. Ed. 2a. Cantabrigiie, 1736. 8° .. *B. 176.10 

— De finibus bonorum et malorum libri quinque. 

Ex recensione J. Davisii. Cantabrigian, 1728. 

S" 4917.5, and *B.17fl.S 




Cicero, M. T., continued. 

Entretiens sur les vrais biens et sur Ics vrais 

maux, par I'abbe Eegiiier Des Marais. Paris, 


,.,• »*4918.5 

— De legibus libri tres. Recensuit J. Davisius. 

Aocedit H. Turnebi commentarius. (.'anta- 
brigria-, 17-.'7. 8° "B.irn.O 

— Traitt des lois [avec le texte], trad, par 31. JIo- 

rabia. Paris, 1777. sm.l3» **«18.0 


Libri de divinatione et de fato. Recensuit J. 
Davisius. Cum H. 'I'uruebi commentario in 
librum de fato. Cautabrigi.T, 1731. S° . . . *B.iro.; 

Les deux livres de la divination, trad, par I'abbe 
Ecgnier [Ues Jlarais]. Paris, 1710. 1 

De natiira Deorum libri tres. Recensuit J. Da- 
visius. Ed. 4a. Cantabrigi:^, 1744. 8° . . •B.176.9 

- Same. Accedunt uotae Anglica;. Curat". K. 
Dillaway. Philadelplii.-e, 1816. 2v. sm.24°.B.179a.7 

_ Deofflciislibritres. Notisillustravit Z. Pearce. 

Oxonii, 1811. 12° 4919a.O 

_ Same. Ex editionibus Olivet! et Ernesti. 

Cantabrigia-, [Nov. Ang.], 1833. 18° . . . .4919a. 13 

— Three hookes of duties tourned out of Latine 

into English, by N. Grimald. Latine adio- 

yned. London, 1583. sm.8° 2929.18 

— The republic, translated by G. W. Featherston- 

haugh. New York, 1829. 12° 4919.1 

_ De re pnblica qua; supersunt. [Mai. Class, 
auct., V. 1] 

. B.17 

Tusculanarum disputationum libri V. Ex recen- 
eione .T. Davisii. Accednnt emendationes R. 
Bentleii. Cautabrigix, 1709. 8° *B. 170.8 

Rhetorical works. 
Dialo"! tres dp oratore. Illustravit Z. Pearce. 
Ed.t'a. Cantabrigi;c, 1732. 8° ♦B.177.I 

- Same. With English notes. Boston, 1823. 

j2» 4919a. 7 

- Same. [Edente J. L. Kingsley.] Novi- 
Portua, IKi2. 12° 4919a. 8 

EntrctiiMis, sur les orateurs illustres, avec des 
notes par M. de Villefore. Paris, 172ii. 12° . »M918.3 

Dc-s partitions oratoires, avec la harangue de 
Ciciron de la divination contre Q. Cecilius. 
Paris, 17.W. 12° *M918.4 

Rhetoriconiin ad Ilerennium libri i|ualuor et 
de invenlione libri duo. Curante P. liurman- 
uo. Lugduni Batavorum, 1701. 8° . . . .•IS.170.12 

Orationes ex recensione .!.(!. Grajvii cum notis 
F. llottnninnni, 1). I.anibini, F. Ureini, P. 
Manutii,eti:. Am.stelodami, 1IW5-U9. lOv. 8°. "B. 170.1 

t'oFi/rM/*. — Vol, I. Pro PuliUo yulntln. Si-x. ItooHo 
Amrriiio, <J. ltn«l'i rnmii-ilo, ill (j. Ciri-Mliiiii ilivliiiitli>, 
In Vt-rrcni nrrlo prima, nccmutlonU in Vpironi lliiir pri- 
muii. Birnuiiii". II. InVfrn-m lli>or .l-'i. pro M. Fiinli-io, 
A. Cn-rinii. IH. I'ro ii'trP Mftnilin, A. Cluunlic, ilfl l.-(fo 
• frrnrin, cinitrii ItiiUum, pro C. Koliiriu, in 1., Cnlilliinnj, 
1-4. IV. rpi I.. Mnrif ni», I.. Fliifro. I*. SiiUn. Arcliln 
iMH'tA, ml (Juiritcn po*t nolituin, pu>I mlituni In Hcnutu, 
pro ilonin ouA a<t puntiatritii, ||9 liiiruftpicnm rmpmiHiit, 
prt, Cn. rian, lo. V. Tfi I'. Hcstia, in VnllniilHi, pro M. 
Cnliii.rlc provini'liiirDnNularlijnK, pru L. Cuniclli, Unll)0. 

VI. In (.'nliniminin, pro T. Annio MiUmc, C. 
|{nl>ir1i> I'oatninn, H. Mltrt-cliu. (^. I.lKorlo, ri'icii Dclotiiro. 

VII. Ill .M. Aiilonium I'lii1i|i|ilcnnim 1-14. Onitiuniim 
frairmriila. Vlll-X. .larobi Miiiiiirdi vt I'aulll Manulii 
coniiiii'iilarll in orntl'.niia. 

Ix?» oralKons, fraihilles en ft-an^ols, J)ftr M. de 
Villefore. I'lirls, 1732. 8v. sni.U' ••1918.2 

fJonienU. — Vol.1. Pour I'. yuinlUiR, Saxt. Itnarlui, 
Bait. Kow-lim irAmi-rla, (^. ltci«,'iiii la onmf-<il''n; I'ra- 
mlrr—trolali-niriliM-oiira contra Varrva. II. (^ualrtrino— 
•laiamailiAaoiira annlra Varr^a. III. Haptiama itlaconra 
coiitra Van^a, loualianl laaanppilaaa; PonrM. Fonlalua, 
A. C. Cacliui, A. CiiiGnliua Avitua, C. Curuviluii Pour la 

tibclf. No. 

Cicero, M. T., c(mti7iu€d. 

robe bianche des candidat9. IV. Pour la loi Mnniiia ; 
Troia discoura eonlre Kulliis ; Pour C. Ilabirius ; Premier 
— .quatrieme discoura cootre Cfltilina; Pour L. Murena. 
V. Pour L. Klnocua. P. .Sylla; Pour le poela Areliiaa; 
Prononcee devant le peuple, par CiciTon apres son re- 
tonr : Prononcee dans le senaf par Ciceron apres son re- 
tour ; Prononcee devant le college des pontifes par Cic6- 
ron, pour sa maison. VI. Touchant les reponses dea 
auspices ; Pour C. Plancius, P. Sestius ; Contre Vatinius ; 
Pour M. Crt-lius. VII. Pour les provinces consulaires, I.. 
Cornelius Bnlbus; Contre 1,. Caipuruius ISson; Pour M. 
Scaurus, T. AimiusMilon, C. Kabirius Posthumus, Mar- 
cellus, Q. I.iparius, Dcjotarus. Vlll. Contre Marc-Au- 
toine ler-Hme phiUppJque. 

Ciceronis antiquus interpres, item Ciceronis 
oratiouuin fragmenta. [Mai. Class, auct., 


Orazione per Quinto Ligario. iSec Boetluus, A. 
M. T. s: 2807.17 


Lettere disposte per ordine del tempi, tradottc 
dal cav. L. Mnbil, col testo a fronte. Pado- 
va, 1819-21. Wv. 8° •4910.1 

Epistolarum libri XVI ad familiares, ex recen- 
sione J. G. Gr.Tvii [cum P. Maimtii commen- 
tario]. AmsteloiLimi, 1093. •4v. 8° . . . . B.170.3 

Xettres familiires ; trad, en Franijois, sur les ed. 
de Gr^vius et d'Olivct, par M. I'abbi' Prevost. 
[Avec le texte latin. 1 Paris, 1745-47. 6v. 12°.»*4918.10 

Letters ; with remarks by W. Melmoth. 2d ed. 

London, 1772. .3v. 8° ••4917.1 

Siimmtliche Briefe iibersetzt nnrt erliiutert von 
C. M. Wieland. Ziirich, 1808-12. 5v. 8°..**4918.1 

Epistolarum libri XVI ad T. P. Atticum, ex re- 
censione ,1. G. Grwvii [cum P. Manutii com- 
mentario]. Amstehedami, U1S4. 3r. 8°. . *B.176.2 

Lettres il Atticus, avec des remaniues et le texte 
latin deGraivius.parl'abbL' Jlongault. Nouv. 
ed. Paris, 1773. 4v. sm.l2° »*4918.8 

Epi.stolarum ad Qniutuin fratreni libri ties, et ad 
Brutuin liber nnns. Ailjectus est De pelitione 
consulalus liber. Unpaj Comifum, 1725. 8°. B. 170. 11 

Lettres ii JI. .T. Brutus [F-at. et Fr.], avec des 
remarqut^s, histori<iues et critiiiues, par M. de 

Laval. Paris, 1731. 2v. 12° . 

. ••4918.0 

— Bouhier, J. Remarques sur 4918.11 

— Briickner, C. A. F. Leben des B.177.2 

Deschamps, P. Kssai bibliographiqnc sur . . 2174.15 

— For.svth, W. Life of 4910.8 

— Middlet(m, C. Life of 2755.12 

CicoGXARA, L. Catalogo dei libri d'arte e d'nn- 

tichitil. Pisa, 1821. 2v. 8° 2171.20 

CICOGXMNI, G. A. La Mariene, ouero il magglor 

mostni ilel mondo. Venetia, 1059. sm.l2° . *4809a.40 

— Saiila Miiria Egiz/.iaca. [Uappresenlazioue.] 

Venetia, 1000. Bm.l2° •4S09a.48 

Cicor.NiNi, .1. I'iiipo lavoratorc da legniya alls 
dame tlorentine; Allegrez/a di Pippo per la 
nnscitiidelprimongliuolo. [Ferrnrio. Poesio 
rusticali] 4808.11 

CioAi.A, .1. M., or Maliomed Bei. llistoria. See 

Evelyn, J 0Q59a.l8 

CuiAl.lNi, P. DeC. Plinii Secundi vera pnlrin, ejus- 
(letiiqiie lide el auctoritate. [Gra'vius. Thes. 
mitiq. Ilul., T. 9, p. 8] 4710.1 

ClMliIilAX dialed, in iiortlnm /Inly. Cimbllsclles . 

Wiiiteibuch. Schmeller, .I.A 2884.4 

Cincinnati, Society of the. Institution, proceed- 
ings, etc. .Vc'c Society, etc 2.383.8 

CiNriNNATl, Oftio. CIst.C. Cincinnati in 1851 . . 4374.2 

— Foote, .I.P. Schools of 4374.1 

ClNfiDM, n. da. Sonctto. [Gironl. Raccolt4i dl 

llrici italiani] 4808.8 

riNNA.I'.ll. I'l-ngmeiitnin cum vita. [Gottfried. 

Ciirpiis vet. poet.l B.19I.0 

CiNTiiA, Proceedings on the enquiry Into the con- 

ventlmi of. Slockdale, ,L .J 4«inB.l 

Circas.sia; or a tour to the Caucasus. Ditsou.G. L.4245.7,12 




4:100. G 




Sh.-lf. No. 
ClsT, C. Cim-intintiin IS.'il. rincinnati, 1851. 12°. 4374.2 

City life, Tempfaiioiis of. {'ushnuni, U. W 35t>i).o5 

ClVl.VLK, .1. TraitL- pmti'iue et liistoriqiie df hi 

lUliotritie. rnritt, 1M7. s" 5703.5 

Civil eii^iiu'tT aiui nrcliitect's journal. Vols. 1-^2, 

24-'J(i. Lomlon, IKts-C):!. V5v. 4° *3i;00,l 

Civil, or Kitmaii law. Brisson, U. Do vorlxirum 

qua* a*l jus civilo piTtincut signilicatione . 3030.4 

— Byiikt'i'slioek, C v. Obi^ervationum juris Ro- 

numilibrjiv 4303.1,2 

— - Opi'raoainia jus Koinamiin sjifctaiitiu . . . 4ii'J1.8 

— Fer«'(»l Kiviere, II. Ltj^islatiuu criminelle des 

Roinains 4.303.14 

— (.lajiis. Iitstitiitidimin comnifiifarit quuttuor . 4303.9 

— Gaiis. K. SyMvtu des roiniscln'U ( ivili-edits . 4305.0 

— God»friiy, D. Corpus juris civilis lloniani . . 4300.7 

— GruiK'r, t'. G. A. Df [khmus Uomauoruui pri- 

vntls fHrumtiue usu hodiuruu li. 170. 117 

— Hauhold, ('. G. MonuntLMita legalia extra li- 

bn>s juris Hoiiuini sparsa 4304.9 

— Ueiuei'cius, J. (i, Antiipntatuiu Komauarum 

juris])rudt'iitiani illustrautiuni syntagnut . . 4304.19 

— - Jurisprutit-ntia lioniaua 4291. 1 

— - Recitatioues iu elementa juris civilis . . . . 4292.6 

— Hugo, G. Histoiredu droit roniaiu 4303.12 

— Justiiiiaiuis I. Corpus juris eivilis 4300.2 

— - Pandectie 4300. 1 

— Laboulaye, t^. K. L. l.ois criminelles des Ro- 

mains concernant la responsabilite des magis- 

trat8 4305.3 

— Leyscr, A. v. Meditationes ad pandectas . . 4302.4 

— Mackenzie, T. Studies in Uonian law .... 3012.12 

— Noveihe constitutiones 

— Uein, \y. Criminalreeht dor Kiimer . . .^ . . 

— Rlioer, C. W. v. De elVeetu reltgionis Cbris- 

tianie in jurisprudentiani Konianani . 

— Savii:ny, F. C v. llistoire du droit roiuain au 


— - Traite de droit romain 4303.8 

— Thibaut, A. F. J. .System des Fandekten- 

Rechts 3G2C.20 

— Troplong, R. T. Influence du Christianisme sur 

le droit civil des Roinaius 4303.15 

— Voigt, M. Untersuebuug iiber die Verfassung 

der Fagi und Vici des roniischeu Reiches . . 3012. 10 

— - Die Lehre vom jus naturnle, .Tiiuum et bo- 

nuni und jus gentium dt-r Ruimr 4294.10 

— Walter, F. Gescbichte des roniisclicn Uecbts. 4303.17 

— Westonberg, J. O. Frincipia juris secundum 

ordiuem digesta 5023.3 

— Zimmem, S. W. Gescbichte des roraischen 

Privatrechta 4293.12 

See aUo: Julia lex. 

Civilization. Alison, A. Philosophy and his- 
tory of 

— "Goguet, A. Y. De I'origine des loLx et de leurs 


— Guizot, F. G. P. Histoire generale de la civi- 


— Harris, G. Civilization considered as a sci- 


«— Kocnigswarter, L. J. Sur le dcveloppenient de 
la societe humaine 

— MackiiHion, W. A. History of 

— Meadows, T. T. Essay on 

— Ozanam, A. F. La civilisation au cinqui6me 


— Roux-Ferrand, H. Progrcs de la civilisation 

en Europe 

— Vericour, I^. R. de. Historical analysis of Chris- 

tian civiliijatioa 

— "WacbsHmth, E. W. G. Allgemeine Cultur- 


— 'N\'arreu, J. True civilization an immediate 


— Wilson, D. Researches into the origin of , . 
Clairac, L. A.dclaMamiede. liefest igungskunst 

ira Felde. [Aus dem Franziisicheu.] Rreslau 
und Leipzig, 1755. 4° 










3500.. 35 


Shelf. No. 

Clamenof.s, or rirniangis. M. N. de. Liber de stu- 
dio tbeulogico. [Aclu-ry. Sjiicih'giuni, v. 7]. 4152,7 

Cl-Ai'r, A. II. (iod's purpose iu the war. A ser- 
mon in Providence, May 12, 1801. Provi- 
dence, 1801. 8" 4310a. 30 

CLAPr, D. Discourse occasioned by the death of 
Rev. J. Flint, with au address on the day of 
his burial, ^aiem, 185.). 8" 00S8.14B 

Clapf, O, Letter on the present condition and 
future growth of Boston. Boston, 1853. pp. 
KV. h° 0087.05,09 

Clai'P, T. Christian sympathy, angelic: a discourse. 

.S'f'e Ferguson, J. B B. 100a. Ill 

CLAPP, W. W. Address at the 19th triennial festi- 
val of the Massachusetts charitable mechanic 
association. ,S'ce Massachusetts . . . . v. 9of2.J5K25 

Clarac, CO. F. J. B. de. Description du musve 
royal des antiques du Louvre. Paris, IKJO. 
12" 4189.M) 

Clare, T. G., Sermon on the death of. See Cole- 
ridge, W. H Pph.v.349 

Clargkw, Sir T. History of the restoration. See 

Baker, R 4170.10 

Clarinkt instruction book. Kendall 8i>.'>2.55 

Ci.ARioNKTT, School for the. Howe, E.,jr 8052.51 

Clakk, a. R. Sermon before the auxiliary educa- 
tion society of Norfolk county. Boston, 
1832. 8" *l'ph.v.371> 

Clark, B. C. [Geographical sketcli of St. Domingo, 
Cuba, and Nicaragua, with renuii-ks on the 
policyof Great Britain, liy a traveller]. Bos- 
ton, 1850. pp. 35. 8" 4314. a 

— Remarks upon United States intervention in 

Haytl. Boston, 185.3. pp.30. 8° B.160.33 

Clark, C. *' Principles that ought naturally to gov- 
ern the conduct of neutrals and belligerents." 
London, 1804. pp.42. 8" 5018.20 

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ding. Introduction by E. S. Janes. New 
York, 1855. 8" 5558.5 

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tions. Egypt illustrated. Boston, 1804. 8°. 3052.16 

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don. British nuiseum 3890.14 

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Hubbardton, Vt., on the 82d anniversary of 
the battle of Hubbardton, July 7, 1859. Rut- 
land, 1859. S° 4355.14 

Clark, Henry G. Outlines of a plan for a free city 

hospital. Boston, 1800. pp. IS. 8° 5706.9 

— Report on the cholera hospital. See Boston. 

Municipal government 3.800.22 

Clark, Hugh. Introduction to heraldr)', with looo 

illustrations. 10th ed. London, 1859. 10°. 2220.20 

Clark, John, b. 1745. Remarks on the character of. 

See Jay, W 4129.72 

Clark, John, ft. 175S. The pioneer preacher. Sketch- 
es and incidents of Rev. J. Clark. New York, 
1855. 10° 5558.29 

Clark, Joseph. History and theory of revolutions. 
From the I'rinceton review for April, 1802. 
Philadelphia, 1802. pp. 35. 8° 4310a. 32 

Clark, Joseph S. Discourse preached before tlie 
Barnstable conference, Dec. 19, 1855. Jtoston, 
1850. 8° 4355.10 

— Historical discourse preached at the 25th anni- 

versary of the Pilgrim conference of churches. 

May 10, 1^55. Boston, 1855. S" 4.355.10 

— Historical sketch of Sturbridge, Mass. Brook- 

field, 18.38. pp.48. 8" 4355.16 

— 11 istorical sketch of the congregational churches 

in Massachusetts, 1020-185M. Boston, 1858. 12^ 2.352.20 
Cl.\rk, p. Sermon preached before the ministers 

of the province, May 30, 1745. Boston, 1745. 

8m.4" 4357.2 

Clark, R. W. Review of the Rev. M. Stuart's pam^ 

phlet on slavery, entitled Conscience and the 

constitution. Boston, 1850. 8° B. 100.110 

Clark, Thomas'. Naval history of the United 

States. Philadelphia, 1813, 12° 4325.13 






shelf. Ko. 

Clark, Thomas M. Annual address before the 
Massachusetts temperance society. May 27, 
I83S. Boston, 1S38. 8° B.170.113 

— Immortality of man. A discourse, Easter, 1852. 

Hartford, lSo2. 8° 60SS.f4 

— Lectures on tlie formation of cliaracter. Hart- 

ford, 1SS2. 12- 6080.18 

Clark, William R. Discourse on the formation 
and progress of the First methodist episco- 
pal church in Lynn, Nov. 14, 1858. Boston, 
1S59. 8- «S5.15 

Cl.irk, Willis G. Literary remains, including the 
Ollapodiana papers, etc. Edited by L. G. 
(■lark. New York, 1844. 8° 

Clarkk, Adiim. Commentary on tlie Holy Bible 
See Bible. Wliole Bibles 

CL.iRKK, Sir Arthur. Essay on diseases of the skin. 

London, 1821. 12° 3799.37 

— Essay on warm, cold, and vapour bathing. 5th 

ed. London, 1N20. Vi' 3809.35 

Clarkk, C. C. Shakespearecliaracters ; cliietiy 

those subordinate. London, 1803. 8* . . . 2593.11 

CLARKK, Edward D., Life and remains of. See 

Otter, W 2455.27 

Cl.\RKE, Edward G. Practice of physic. Transla- 
ted from the Latin, by R. W. Worthington. 
Philadelphia, 1818. 18° 3728.12 

Cl^vrkk, Edward H. Relation of drugs to treat- 
ment. Introductory lecture before the medi- 
cal class of 185ii-57 of Harvard university. 
Boston, 1850. 8° C087.82 

Clarkk, G. W. Letterconcerninghisworkcutitled 

" Christ crucified." See Stebbins, K. P. . .5450a. 13 

Clarkk, II. G. The British museum ; a handbook 
for visiters. Div. !, Gallery of antiquities. 
London, 1843. pp. 48. 12° B. 160b. 54 

Clarke, .lames F. Annexation of Texas. Sermon 
in the Masonic temple on fast day. Boston, 

1844. 18° 5579a. 50 

Causes and consequences of the affair at Har- 
per's Ferry. A sermon, Nov. 6, 1859. Boston, 

1859. 8° 6440a.34 

_ A church and its methods. [A tract.] Albany, 
1K59. pp.9. 12°. [Ladies' religious publica- 
tion society] 5450a. 20 

Xhe church, as it was, as it is, as it ought to be. 

Discourse delivered at the dedication of the 
chapel, built by the Church of the disciples. 

Boston, 1848. 8° 5440a. 34 

_ Discourse rimceming Theodore Parker, in the 
Indiana-Place chapel, .lune 3, 180O. Boston, 



_ Discourse on the aspects of the war, fast day, 

. 4310a. 95 


, lS.'i4. 

. S440a.34 

April 2, 1803. Boston, 18i53. 8° . . . 

.Icsus < hrist himself the true corner-stone, 
mon at the Montreal convention, Oct, 
Boston, 18.'>4. 8° 

Natural and artificial methods in education. A 
lecture before the American institute of in- 
struction, Aug. 27, IMH. Boston, 18IVt. I2°.5450a.20 

Peculiar doctrine of Christianity, or reconcilia- 
tion by .Jesus Christ. Boston, 18.55. pp. 24. 
12°. [American unitarian association] . . . 0450a. 20 

Pilgrim fullHTS ; a poem recited in the Church 
of the disci|il<'S, Dec. 22, 1812. Boston, 1M3. 
pp. II. 8°. [From the Christian examiner 
forMav, 1W31 4390n.r.2 

Po<-m, delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa 
society. Alpha of MnsssachuseftB, Aug. 27, 
IMO. 'Boston, IKlfi. 8° B. 170.98 

Polemics and irenics. An address on theology. 
May 31. 18.V1. Boston, 1854. 8"^ 

Rendition of Anthony Burns 
Clirlstlan politic), .Ian 

A discourse on 
IWI. Boston, INVl. 

[Secession, concession, or self-possession: 
which*] Boston, 1801. pji. 4M. h" 43ina.!i0 

Sermon, Oct. 9, 1M2, the Sunday succeeding 
the death of W. E. Chunning. Boston, 1812. 



. 5ll(lu.:i4 

shi'ir. Ho, 
Clarke, James F., continued, 

— Sermon on the principles and methods of the 

Church of the disciples, Dec. 7, 1845. Boston , 

1840. 8° ; »«<53.8 

— Sermon preached at the installation of Rev. G. 

r, Simmons, and Rev. S. Ripley, atWaltham, 
Mass., Oct. 27, 1841. Boston, 1841. )>° . . . 5440a. .''.4 

— Sermon preached at the ordination of W. 

Brown, Sherborn, Mass., Nov. 5, 180:!. Bos- 
ton, 1803. 8° 5440a. 34 

— Sermons preached in Indiana-Place chapel, 

Boston. Boston, 1804. 8° 

— Sketch of the history of the doctrine of atone- 

ment. Boston, 1845. pp.34. 12°. [Ameri- 
can unitarian association] 5450a. 20 

— Slavery in the I'nited States. A sermon. Bos- 

ton, 1843. 12° *4103.3 

— Story of a converted skeptic. Boston, 1.S40. 

pp. 14. 12°. [American unitarian associa- 
tion] 5450a.2O 

— Theodore Parker, and his theology : a discourse 

in the Music haU, Sept. 25, 1859. Boston, 

1859. 8° 5440a.34 

— The unitarian reform. Boston, 1855. pp. 15. 

12°. [American unitarian association] . . . 5450a. 20 
Clarke, John, schoolmaster at Hull, Enylmul. 
Introduction to the making of Latin. Tren- 
ton. i8o<i. 12° ; • • • • f •■"•,■' 

— Essay upon study. London, 1731. 24° .... 3599. ;i5 
Clakke, liev. John, of Boston, h. 1755, (I. 1798. An- 
swer to the question. Why are you a Chris- 
tian? Boston, 17115. pp.43. 8° 5440a. 35 

— - Same. 0th ed. Boston, 1797. pp. 80. 12°. 5440.30 

— Discourse before the Humane society of Massa- 

chusetts, June 11, 1793. Boston, 1793. 8° . 5440a. 35 

— Discourse delivered in Boston after the inter- 

ment of N. W. Appleton, April 19, 1795. 
Boston, 179(>. 8° 5440a. 35 

— Sermon at the interment of the Rev. Sam- 

uel Cooper, D. D., Jan. 2, 1784. Boston, 

]7^, j(» .• 5440a. 35 

Clarkk, John B.B. Life of Adam Clarke. Vol.1. 

New York, 1.8:!3. 12° 2548.8 

Clarkk, M. S., Discourse on the character of. See 

Huntington, F. D 5440a. 49 

Clarke, Samuel, 6. 1075, rf. 1729. Remarques snr 
un livre intitule Recherches .sur la liberte de 
I'lionnne, etc. .See Des Maizeaux, P 4189a. 8 

— Remarks on Dr. t'.'s exposition of the church- 

catechism. Sec Waterland, D 6453.19 

Clarke, Samuel, of St. Allmns, gnndmn of the 
preceiliiiii. Christian's inheritance ; or, a 
collection of the i)roniises of Scripture. See 
Bible. Selections from the whole Bible . . 3429.38 

Clarke, Samuel, d. 1859. Commemorative dis- 
course on. See Hill, A 5440a.51 

Clarke, Stephen R. Conversations on the history 

of England. Londcni, 18:)0. 2v. 8° . . . . 2527.0 

CLAKKK, W. " The state of the country." Oration 
delivered at BulIiUo, July 4, 1862. Bulialo, 
1802. 12° ; «'-''-28 

CLARKson, D. a. Ancient iron work. From the 

13lh century. London, n. d. f° 39.1''. 3 

— Monuments. Vol.1. I.cmihni, n. d. pp. 48. 8°. 4080.13 
Cl.ARKSdN, T. Abolition of the African slave-trade. 

Al)ridged. Augusta, 18;i0. 2v. 18° ... . 3579.35 

— Essai sur la Iruite di-s nigres. Precede rie I'ex- 

trait He 1,'essul sur le commirce de I'espece' 
hunniiue. Tradult par M. Grunnignac. Neuf- 

chatel, i;8U. 8° 3573.23 

CI.ASIO, L., i>»eud. .fee. Flaccbl, 1>. 

CLASaii- glee book, The. Boslou, n. d. obl.8°. . . 8047.32 
CLA,ssi(AL auliiiuities. Biif f iger, ( '. A. Schriflen 
archiiologischen unii aiiliquarischen Inhatts. 

— Dale, A. V. Disserfafiones ant l<|uitalll>us, cum 

Ronnmls, tum Gracis, illusfrandis Inservi- 

— Hollinann, S. F. \V. Alferlhumswlssenschaft. 

— Jli langes grico-ronniins, Sec St. PeliTshurg. 

Acudcude impOriale des sciences . . . 



B. 160.9 




Hhilf. No. 

Cf.ASSiOAi.biltliojiriiphy. Fuhrmnnn.W. D. Hand- 

biicli (U'rrlnssisrlH'ii I.ltcrmiir 2174.13 

— HoHiiuum. s. K. W. Ihuuihurh zur HUclier- 

kiiiiiie fiir l.clirt' (Ut ktn^sii-lifii Spmche. . . 4n5.5 

Ci.A.ssit'Ai, biajirnphy, liitt'cliism of 7o;JU.4:^ 

Classical (Hcltoimry. Ancient classical proper 

names. I,fiiipri6re, J 4937.5 

" Classical " instruction : its use nnd nlmse. Kc* 

priiiteil frmii tliu Westniiuster revit-w, Oct. 

Itioit. i.ondon, 1864. pp.71. 12* . , . .H.iriOb.in4 
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paroe puiir Ics langiR'S c)ns!'ii(ues 29S^).18 

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See aU0: Greece (literature), Latin liternturc. 

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Slu'ir. No. 

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tral union of New York, Oct. 24, 1860. [New 

York, 1^5l>.] &^ [No title-page] B. 100a. 10 




Shelf. No. 

Clay, C. M., eontinued. 

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tucliv, upon " I'rohibiting tlie importation of 
slaves into this state." Frankfort, 1841. 6' . 4310a. 42 
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ditional duties on public officers. Boston, 


. 4390a. 20 

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Whether the Logos supplied the place of 
an human soul in the person of Jesus 
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bellion. Fast-day sermon, April 3, 1863. 
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I'.VI. SIroiiiata. VI. tJuUdivL'S sftlveliir 

; rraBiiii'iitft. 

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Homilia'. Textum recognovit, vensioncmCote- 

lerii repetivil,uunotalione8 addidit A. Schwe- 

gler. Stullgarlia-, 1S47. 8° 0050.12 

- Same. Notaa seleclas suasfjue suhjuuxit A. 

U. M. Pressel. Gotlingw, 1853. 1.8° .... 0010.11 

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[(ier.Hdorf. Hibliolheca patrum, v. 1] . . . . 6039.4 

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ejus pra'fatione de verls falsisrjue Clementis 
Bcriptis. [Maxima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 2]. B.110.2 

A'rte. — Tlip Uccoin>itronr«. thr liomnion. nn<l tl»! npoii- 
loUcill conitlmllt.iiB or<- fnlm-ly (iicrlln'il ti» rluiiiriit. — 
SmUh't biclionary o/ Gretk and lioman btui/raph]/. 

— Qua; Rupersunt. ,Sec .lacobson, W 0040.12 

— Briefeaudie Kirche zn Korinlh. [S'ammtllche 

WiTkeiler Kirchenviiter,v. 1| 0024.1 

— Clemenlina- homilia-, «■! ■•pitonie de gestls S. 

I'etrl; Kplstola? a>l Corinlhlus, cum ejuadem 
murtyrlo; Kecognillones Clemenlinif a Ku- 
flno Lalinfc versl. IColeller. S». patrum 

opera, v. 1) 0020.2 

_ Kpialolw 2a' lul Corinlhlos fraginenia; Frng- 
inenliini Iteciignltlonuin I'»eudo-(;lcnienll«. 
((Jrabe. Hplcllegium] 6029.3 

— KplKtU'H to the t'orlnthlnnH, with liln life. See 

Wake, W 0W0.23 

Shc-lf. No. 

Clemens Romanus, continved, 

— Die clenientini.^chen Recognitionon und Homi- 

lien. See Ililgenfeld, A 60.50.18 

— Untersuchungenderclemeutinischen Ilomilien. 

Sec Ililgenfeld, .V 0025.10 

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icneo ejusque sensu mystico. [Oelrichs. Col- 

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Henoch, Ksra, und Jesaia. See Apocry- 
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stitutiones vua cu apparatu johannis andree. 
n.p., n.d. 69 leaves. f° *4290.5 

Kote. — Blnck letter, 2 columns, 69 lines in ench, with 
slpiatiires and enumeration of leaves. Aplieniled arc 
the Deerelales extravuBantes of John XXII, tilling leaves 
70-77. First published by John KXII, in 1317. 

Clement, VII, po/)e, [Giuliode Medici]. Capitoha- 
zione tra Clemente VII e gli agenti di Carlo 
V. .Sec Gnicciardini, L 2719.12 

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tolre et brevia selectiora ac nonnnlla alia acta. 
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v. 12 4092.1 

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tli(?iitre, avee les noms des anteurs. I'aris, 
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pardese-xercices, Leipzig, n.d. 2v. in 1. pp. 
81 and so. obl.4° 4055.55 

— Prt'ludes et exercices doio^tt-'S dans tous lea 

tons majeures et niineures pourle pianoforte. 
[(Serinan and French.] Leipzig, n.d. pp.31 
and 35. obl.4° •4055.52 

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libri duo. Recensuit, interpretatione Latina 
instruxit, commentarium U. Ballbrei adiiidit 
•J. Bake. Lugrtuni Itatavorum, 1820. 8° . . 4205.9 

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matiques et consulaires. Snivi du lextc des 
principales lois, rclatifs aux consulats. 3e ed. 
I'aris, 1801. 2v. 8° 3010.6 

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— - Same, for 1802. Lontlon, 1802. 8° •2487.28 

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charlarum generibus dissertatio. [l*oleni. 
Utriusque thes. antii|. sujip., v. 3] 2970.7 

Cli-;rmont, iord. Sec I\)rt^scne, T. 

C'LEltv, .1. B. C. II. .Imirnal ile ce ipil s'est passe i» 
la timr du temple piiiilant la caplivite do 
Louis XVI. I'receth- trmie iutroiiiu'tion par 
II. tie Riuucey, aiigmentee de la suite du jour- 
nal, et de la vie de rauteur. i'aris, 1801. 8°. 4043.15 

CLEVEl.ANP, C. I>. Compendium of American lite- 

ralure. Illuslraleil iililion. i'hiln., 1859. 8°.**2.196.6 

— First lessons in Greek, li.iston, 183;i. 12°.. 4'.I8«.2 

— l''lrst lessons in Latin. Boston, 18211. 12° . . 4lttya.53 
Cleveland, II. I{. liemarks on the classical edu- 

callim of boys. Boston, ls:il. 18° 4959a. 15 

(.'levicland, Ohio. Imiuguratiou of the Perry 

statue, Sept. 10, 1800, including a history of 

the bntHe of Lake Erie, by G. Bancroft. 

Clevelaml, 1801. 8° . . . . 4323.14, und •»I.Pi)h.T.1.33 
Clii'EouI), M. Treatise of human reason. [I"hu- 

nlx,v.2] 4167.1 

Clii'Ton, near llrlftnl, ling. Ancient and modern 

history of. Malhew,.! 2499.8 

Climate. Uistnnnll, .1. Inlliience of .3901.20 

— Stoeckhanit, De cudi In generis humanl 

QUltum vl ac potcatatc B. 190. 56 




Shelf. No. 

Cline, A.J. Secession unmasked, or an appeal from 
the mailness tilMismiion to the sobriety of the 
constitution. Wa-shin^'ton, is(il. pp. 10. S'. 4310a. 34, T. L. Address on the political condition 
and prospects of the country. [Washington, 
I85ii.] l.s". [Xo title-page] 0087. y.'i 

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found in Ohio. [Worcester. American anti- 
quarian society. Collections, V. 2] 2.311.1 

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Greece tVom the earliest acc(units to the death 
of Au^justus. lid and 3d editions. O.xford, 
18.14-41. 3v. 8' *4200.12 

Clocks. Clock and watch-maker's complete guide. 

Partington, C. F 4018.30 

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gart, IS42. 6". [Stuttgart, liibliothek liter. 
Vereins] v. 1 of *-12,'o. I 

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borg; with a sketch of the author's life by B. 
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generate des pieds-bots congenitaux , v. 1 of 3801.27 

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Klumprusse • . . . 3755.20 

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dia. 12th ed. Philadelphia, 18(10. 8° . . . . 23S:i.7 

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12° 7039. .3fi 

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ires. Adjectae sunt Vindelicia et Noricum. 
Lugduni Bntavorum, 1016. f° *4240.6 

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\'i. Accessit P. liertij breviariura orbis terra- 
rum. Lugduni Batavorum, 1041. sm.l6° . . 4149.17 

— Italia antiqua, contracta opera J. Bunonis. 

Guelferbyti. lGi>4. 4* **4735.4 

— Sicilia, Sardinia et Corsica antiqua. Guelfer- 

byti, 1659. 4° **4735.5 

— Sicilia antiqua. et insula? ei ailjacentes. [Grae- 

vius. Thes. antiq. ltal.,T. 10, V. 1] . . . . . 4710.1 

— Sardinia et Corsica antiqufe. [Graevius. Thes. 

antiq. Ital., T. 10, r. 15] 4710.1 

Cnidus, Discoveries at. Newton, C. T 3071.10 

Coal. Burat, A. Le materiel des houillieres en 

• France et en lielgique 3'<.A.2 

— Fordyce, W. History of 3800.33 

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mines de houille 3807.12 

— Siliiman, B.,jr. Fuelfor locomotive steam use. 5953.27 

— Taylor, K. C. Information in regard to , . . 3805.26 

Se«aUo: Anthracite, Charcoal. 

Coal-gas, Clegg, S. Manufacture and distribution 

of 3971.20 

— Schilling, N. H. Uandbuch fiir Steinkohlengas- 

Beleuchtung 3971.27 

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ralischer Oele 5978.20 

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ton, 18G2. pp.72. 8° 5700.10 

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ence to the abolition of slavery in the United 
States. Phila^lclphia, 1.S5S. pp. 52. 8° . . . 5046.5 
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rections for the culture of silk. 4th ed. Bos- 
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Also, a paper on female education, London, 
18 i3. 8' .1574.18 

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Italy, in 18r4. London, lS(i4. 12° 2765.14 

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pp. 24. 16* 4322.72 


Shelf. No. 
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don, 1821. 12° 3992.14 

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1833. 8m.l2" 4179a. 2 

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tions on Mr. Randolph's resignation. Phila- 
delphia, 1790. pp.71. 8" 4.326.-37 

— Paper against gold, and glory against prosper- 

ity ; an account of the funds and paper-money 

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late war. New ed. Philadelphia, 1815. 12". 4329.6 

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act," in the houseof commons, April 24, 1803. 
London, 1803. 8° 4322.43 

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COBHAM, lord. See Oldcastle, J. 

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Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, V. 14] 4710.1 

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CocHiv , a province of Malabar. Cochin, its past and 

its present. Day, F ', 5045.9 

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Codex Theodosianus. Annotatione critica instruxit 

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Contents- — Gaii institutionuin coinmentarii quattuor; 
Domitii Ulpiani frngmeiita ut videtur libri Bingulurin 
regnlanira quce dicuntur tituli ex corpore Ulpiani, cura 
E. Docking; Fragmcnta Julii Paulli dcjureflsci ; Frag- 
menta duo, unum Sexti PomponiJ, alterum HerenuU 
Modegtini ; Graduiim agnatiouis vctus descriptio, sive 
fltemma lege quemadmodum hereditates redeaiit ; L. 
Volusii Mfcciani assis diatributio et Balbi Mensoris de 
asse libellus, emend, et annot. E. Vlncti et J. F. Gro- 
novii turn sua ipsitts tabiilisque instruxit E. Bcicking; 
D. Adriaai sententia; et epistolse Gr. et Lat. emend. E. 
BUcking; Disputatio forengis maximc de msnumisaion- 
ibu8 ; Locorum ex jure Romano antejustiniano ab tncerto 
flcriptore coUcctonim fragmcnta qu(e dicuntur Vaticana, 
edidit A. Majus, recogmovit A. Betbmaiin-Hollweg ; Lex 
Dei, sive incerti scriptoris Mosaicarum et Komanarum 
legura cotlatio, onni I-'. Blume; Cousultatio sive cunxul-. 
tationes veteriH L-uJuedani jurisconsult!, cura E. Fugg^; 
Cail instltutlonum libri duo, et fragmentum FaploianJ, 
ex lego Romana Visigotthorum, cura £. Bdcking; Julli 
Paulli receptarum aententianim ad fllium libri quinque, 
cura L. Amdti. 




Shelf. No. 

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governor, etc., at the annual election, Jan. 1, 
IS41). Boston, 1S40. 8° *4356.11 

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CcELESTlxrs V, pope, [I'etrus de Murrhone]. Con- 
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tutibus ; De vitiis et peccatis ; De vita honi- 
inum; De exemplis, ac similibus moralibus; 
De sententiis patrum eremitarum ; De mira- 
culis B. Virgiiiis: De censuris; De saeramen- 
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de .Ti'suM-Chrlst au point de viie du .luda'isnie. 

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CulNAtii:. rtilily of an niiif'niin Kjsleni for llie 

Nlnndard coinage of commercial nations. (;il)- 

bon, J. If 6087.72 

Shelf. No. 

Coins. Faulkner, T. Catalogue of Roman and 

Greek coins 2960.21 

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See also: Medals, Numismatics. 

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Colbeht, .T. B., marquis de Torey. Memoirespour 

servir a*l'lustoire des nt^gociations depuis le 
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See also: Caucasus. 

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COLKimxiK, I>. Memoir of "W. M. Praed, See 

I'raed, W. M 2504.28 

CoLERllHii'-,, lli'iiry N. Carmen Gra'cvm et carmen 
Latin\-m nvmisiinite iinnvo dignatvm, et In 
cvriiiCanlabrigieusirecitatvm. [Cambridge, 
182U.] p|). 10. h" •Pph.v.S49 

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ed ICiiglish iiteralure of the tlurteenth cen. 

tnry. London, l.s.'.ll. 8° 2688.9,10 

— Progress and prospects of the ilictioiinry of the 

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COLi;uii>(iK, ,S'ir .L T. I'ublic school education: a 

lecture. 3d cd. Londou, 1801. 18* .... 3699.19 




Sholf. No. 
COLKRIDGK, S. T. Aids to roflection. I'lvliminary 
essay by .lanu'S Marsh. From the 4th Lou- 
don od. Kdited by U. N. Coleridge. Bur- 
lington, 1S4I). 8' , . 3504.4 

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[on ■.; Tim. 4: 2]. Kxeter, n.d. *>" . . . *l'ph.v.349 

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London, 1745. sm.S" 4939a. 30 

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pp. 70. IS' 4939a. 31 

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Paris, 1819. 24" 4699a. 33 

ContejUs. — Notice Snr Colle; DupuiB ct Des Ronaifl, 
comcdle ; La partie de chassc de Henri IV, comedie -, 

— Dupuiset Des Ronais, comedie. Nouv.^d. Par- 

is, 17S9. pp.44. 8° V. I of 2664. 12 

— Dupuis et Des Konais; La partie de chasse de 

Henri IV. [Theatre franijais, v. 39] .... 4708.1 
Colle, G. de. De idea, et theatro imitatricivra, et 
imitabilivm ad omnes intellectvs, facvltatcs, 
scientias, et artes. IMsavri, 1618. f * , . . . 4050,16 
COLLEt-'riox of farces and entertainments, per- 
formed on the British stage. Supplement to 
the British theatre. Edinburgh, 1792. Gv. I2°.*2575.35 

ConteiUa. — Vol. L Tho guardian, by D. Gorrick ; Tho 
Apprentice, by A. Murpby; The anatoniifit, or the shum 
doctor, by E. Ravenscrofl ; Florizel and Perdita, or tbo 
sheep-sbenrinp, altered from Shakespeare, by D. Gar- 
Hck ; High life below stairs, by D. Garriok ; The mock 
doctor, or tho dumb lady cur'd, by H. Fioldinp:; Taste, 
by S. Foote; The upholsterer, or what nt-ws'.' by A. 
Murphy ; Lethe, or .iisop in the shades, by L>. Garrick ; 
The knights, by S. Footer Tho deuce is in him, by G. 
Coleman; The nultan, or a peep into the seraglio, by L 
Biekcrstaff; The chaplct, a musical entertainment, by 
M. Mender; Miss in her teens, or the medley of lovera, 
by D. Garrirk. II. The mayor of Garratt, by S. Foote; 
The reprisal, or the tars of Old England, by T. Smollet ; 
The devil to pay, or the wives metamorphos'd, by C. 
Coffey; The lying* valet, by D. Garrick; The \-irgin un- 
maek'd, by H. Fielding: The liar, by S. Foote; The 
cunning man, a musical entertainment, by C. Bumey; 
The old maid, by A. Murphy ; Thomas and Sally, or the 
boilor's return, by I. Bickerstatf ; Crononhotonthologos, 
by H. Carey; Neck or nothing, by D. Garrick; The lot- 
tcrj-, by H. Fieldintc ; The musical lady, by G. Coleman ; 
Midas, a burletta, by K. O'Uara. III. The citizen, by 
A- Murphy; The toy-shop, by H. Dodslcy; The golden 
pippin, by K. O'llara; Tho Englishman in Paris, by S. 
Foote ; The Englishman retum'd from Paris, by S. 
Foole; The intriguing chnraber-maid, by H. Fielding; 
Polly Honeycombe, by G, Coleman; Captain O'Blunder, 
or the brave Irishman, by T. Sheridan ; The author, by 
9. Foote ; The miller of Mansfield, by R. Dodsley ; The 
padlock, by 1. BickerBtatT; Catharine and Pelruchio, by 
D. Garrick; The register office, by J. Reed; Cymon, 
altered from D. Garrick. IV. The tvvini*, or which Is 
which? altered from the comedy of errors, by W. Woods ; 
The deserter, by C. Uibdin; The commissary, by 8. 
Foote ; Edgar and Emmeline, by J. HawkesAvorth ; The 
rival candidates, by H. Bate [Dudley]; Three weeks 
after marriage, or what we must all come to, by A. 
Murphy; Bon ton, or high life above stairs, by D. Gar- 
rick ; ComuB, altered from Milton, by G. Coleman, sen- ; 
The orators, by S. Foote ; All the world"* a stage, by I. 
Jackman : The contrivances, by H. Carey ; Flora, or Hob 
in the well, by C. Cibher; The spirit of contradiction, 
by [Mr. Uich], a gentleman of Cambridge ; The patron. 

Collection of farces, etc., contimted. 

by S. Foole ; IJuoks have at ye nil, by b. Garrick. V. 
The Irish widow, by 1>. Garrick ; Tho what d'ye call It, 
by J. Gtiy ; Dragon of Wontley, by H. Cnrt^y ; Tho minor, 
by S. Foole; Trick ujion trick, or the vintner in the suds, 
[by J. Yarrow]; Dr. Last fu his ohnviot, tronslnled from 
Moliiro's Malade imaginairc, by I. Bickerstali". ui^ somo 
ni'w scenes by 8. Foote; The boarding scii<iol. or tho 
sham captain, by C. Colfey ; Duke and no duke, or IVa- 
polin's vagaries, by N. Tato; Damon and I'liillUla, by C. 
Cibbor ; The desert island, by A. Murphy ; He wou'd if 
be cou'd, or an old fool worse than any, by I. Bicker- 
stafl"; The romance of an hour, Ijy II Kelly; Bar- 
imby Brittle, or a wife at her wits' end, nltercd from 
Moli^rc and Ilctterton's Wanton wife ; Daphne and 
Aniintor, altered from the oracle of Moniiieur 8t. Foix 
and Mrs. Cibbor, by I. Bickerstali'. VI. Tiie lame lover, 
by S. Foote; The Ephesian matron, by I. Bickerstatr; 
Cros,^ purposes, by W. O'Brien; The waterman, or tlie 
first of August, by C. Dibdin; A trip to Scotland, by W. 
Whitehead; May-day, or tho little gipsy, by D. Gar- 
rick; The theatrical candidates, by U. Garrick; The 
ghost, from Mrs. Centlivre's Man bewitch'd, or the devil 
to do about her ; The absent man, by I. Bickorstafl"; Tho 
cooper, by T. A, Ame; Tbo romp, altered from Love in 
the city, l>y 1. Biekerstatf ; The maid of tlie oaks [by J. 
Burgoync], altered into an after- piece of two acta, by a 
gentlenuin of the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh; Amintas, 
[an alteration from Roll's Itoyal shepherd, by Tenducci] ; 
Lilliput, by D. Garrick ; The recruiting Serjeant, by I. 
Bickerstaff; The rehearsal, by G. VilHers, the duke of 
BuckiTi(:ham, altered into an after-pieco of three acts, 
by U. Wilson. 

Collection of letters on freemasonry. Boston, 

1849. 8* B.170.27 

College. Atkinson, W. P. Letter to a young man 

who ha.s just entered college. 3599. .3, and U. 170b. 100 

— Pycroft, J. Collegian's guide 2490.33 

— Verplanek, G. C Right moral influence and 

use of liberal studies 3587.7 

Colleges. See Society for the promotion of colle- 
giate and theological education at the TVest. 
Collet, P. La vie de St. Viuceut de Paul. Nancy, 

1748. 2v. 4' *6051.10 

CoLLEZiONE degli erotici greci tradotti in volgare. 

CrisopoU [Flreuze], 1814-17. 6v. 8" . . . *B.162.3 

Contents. — Vol. I. Gli amori di Lencippe e Clitofonte 
di Acbille Tazio volgarizzati da Angel o Coccio. illustrat! 
e correttidal prof. S. Ciampi. II. Gli^mori pastoral! di 
Dafni eCloe d! Longo SoSsta, tradotti in italiano dal A. ^ 

Curo, col supplement© tradotto dal prof. S. Ciampi; Gil 
amori di Abrocome e d' Anzia [opera di Senofonte Efe- 
sio], volgarizzati da A. M. Salvini, emendaH da E. Q.Vis- 
conti. III. Gli amori di CbereaeCalHrroe di Cnritone Af- 
rodisieo, volgarizzati da GiacoraelH. IV. Gli amori d' Is- 
menio e d" Ismine di Eustazio, libri xi ridotti in Italiano 
da L- Carani ; Lettere dl Ariatcneto, tradotte da un acca- 
demico florentino, [Giulio Periut]. V, y\. Gli nraori di 
Teagene o di Carichia di Eliodoro, tradotti da L. Ghini. 

Collezioxe di tutti i poemi in lingua napoletana. 

Napoli, 1783-89. 28v. 18* *4799a.l 

CoiUents. — Vol. I. La tiorba a taccone de F. Sgmt- 
tcndio. Il-rv. Opere di G. C. Corteee. V. Laciucceide, 
poemma di N. Lombardi. VI, VII. Opere di B. Valenti- 
no. VIII-XI L'Eneide di Virgilio Marone, traaportato 
in ottava rima napoletana da G. C. Sitillo. XII. II pas- 
tor fldo di Guarini, trad, 'n lengua napoletana da D. 
Bastle. XIII, XIV. La Glerosalemme Hbberata de lo 
(do T. Tasso, votata a llengua napoleUina da G. Fasano. 
XV. Poesie napoletane, maccaroniche et safiriche di N. 
Capasso. XVI. L'Agnano ZetTonnato poemma aroico, 
e la malatia d' Apollo, idillio d'A. Ferniccio; La epor- 
chia de lo bbene, o sia 1' Aosanza posta ncanzona da S. 
Nova, XVII. Le Bbinte rotola de lo Valanzone do 
N. Fagano ; Batracomiomachia d'Omero, trad, da N. 
Pagano. XVIIl. Mortella d'Orzolone, poemma arrojeco 
de K. Pagano ; Canzone ; La Fenizia, chelleta tragecom- 
mcca de N. Pagano. XIX, La mezacanna co lo vascicllo 
de I'Arbascia; La cecala napoHtana, e nnapolo scontra- 
fatto de T.Valentino. XX, XXI. II pontamL»rone del cav. 
G. B. Basile ; XXI. Le muse napoletane del mcJesimo. 
XXJI. La violejeda ; Lo ppoveaie de J. A. Parmiero ; La 
posillechejata do M. Reppone. XXJII. Le opere di G. 
d'Antonio. XXIV. Opere inedite di varj autori; La ba- 
tracomraiomachia, trad, da F. Mazzarella Farao ; La 
boccoleca de Vergilio. XXV. La Georgeco de Vergilio. 
XXVI, XXVII. Vijcabolario napotetano, opera postuma 
del conslg. F. Galiani. XXVIll. Del dialetto napoletauo 
del medesimo Galiani, edlzlone seconda. 




Shelf. Ko. 

Collie, D. The Chinese classical work, commonly 
called the Four Books. Translated and illus- 
trated with notes, n.p., 1S3S. 8° 4244.2 

ContenU. — Ta Heo. compilecl by T&an^ Tsze, from 
Con Aicius and others ; Chung Yuup, or Golden medium, 
compijfd by Runfr Keih; Lun Tu, dialogrues between 
Confucius and his disci pies; Sbang Mungand UeaMung 
of Mung Tsze, or Mei 

Collier, A. Claris universalis; or, a demonstra- 
tion of the impossibility of an external world; 
True philosophy: a discourse on Genesis 1: 1. 
[Parr. Metaphysical tracts] 6092.2 

COLLiKK, John. The works of Tim Bobbin, with a 
memoir of the author, by J. Corry ; and Tum- 
mus and Meary in simple Englisli, by E. Rid- 
ings. Manchester, 1S62. 8" 45Sr>.l 

Collier, John F. Military law. See Pipon, J. K. 3635. .32 

Collier, John P. Ancient biographical poems, on 
the duke of Norfolk, viscount Hereford, the 
earls of Essex, and queen Elizabeth. [Lon- 
don], 1855. pp. 2r>. 8m.4''. [Camden society, 
No. 61] *2426.5 

— Reply to Mr. Hamilton's "inquiry" into the 

imputed Shakespeare forgeries. London, 

1660. pp. 72. 8° 2593.6 

— Inquiry into Collier's annotated Shakspere. 

AVe Hamilton, N. E. S. A 2593.4,5 

— MS. notes of the Perkins folio shown to be re- 

cent. 5ee Ingleby, C. M 2598.27 

~~ Review of the iShakspearian controversy. See 

Hardy, T. D 2593.7 

Collin, H. S.,and Schlyter, C. J. Codex juris Ves- 

trogotici, cum glossariis. Stockholm, 1827. 4". 4301.9 

Collin de Plancy, J. A. S. D. Dictionnaire infer- 
nal des etres, des Hvres, etc., qui tiennent aux 
apparitions, etc. 4eid. Bmxelles, 1845. 1.8°. *G032.1 

Collin-HaklevilCe, J. F. Le vieux et*Iibataire, 
comedle en cinq actes et en vers. Paris, 1801. 
.pp.92. 8° v.3of2fi64.12 

— L'inconstant ; L'optimiste; Les chateaux en 

Espagne ; Mons. de Crac dans sou petit cas- 
tel ; Le vieux celibataire ; Malice pour malice. 
[Tlieatre fran9ais. V. 17] 4708.1 

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olitionists of the United States. With an 
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3v. 12' 4065.25 

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of his writings, and the jireface to his history. 
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CoLLiNSON, v., Memoirs of. See Lettsom, J. C. . 3735.7 

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Hirst. v\dd('i], »n <-xtract from the jtrivato 
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edy. New York, 1816. pp. 94. 24' ... . 4575.33 

— - tjamc. [Jones. British theatre, v. 10] . . 4576.20 

— 5m Bell. British theatre, V. 14, 20, 33 .... 4179ft. 1 

ContrntM. — Vol. XIV. Th*« clnndeBtlnfl marrtafroi^om. 
XX. Till Jraloiii wlfi*, com. XXXIIL Donduca, trag., 
allcrrd from llmumunl nnd Ftclclicr. 

— .?« Collection of farcoD, V. 1, 2, 4 2575.36 

Contend. — Vol. I, Tho drucr !• In lilm. IL THcinu- 
■Ical lady. IV, Cuiim*, nKfnd from MIKon. 

— and Gurrick, 1). 'i'he clandestine nnirrlngo : a 

comedy. New York, 1817. 24° 4575.33 

— - Same. rJones. BrUlxh theatre, v. 0] . . . 4676.20 

Shelf. No. 
CoLMAN, H. Agriculture of the United States : an 
address, April 14, 1S41, before the American 
institute in New York. New York, 1S41. 8"'.B.t70.13 

— Consolatory views of death: to which are ad- 

ded, some prayers in atfiiction. Boston, 1844. 

pp. 53. 12" 6069a.6 

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folk Bible society, Sept. 11, 1816. Boston, 

1816. 8° 5440a. 37 

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chusetts, June 9, 1812. Boston, 1812. 8*. . 5H0a.37 

— Discourse on the proper character of religious 

institution.^. Salem, 1825. 8" 5440a. 37 

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lem, 1S26. .S' 5440a. 37 

— Proper test of Christian character : a discourse, 

March 21, 1824. Boston, IbXH. 8° 5440a. 37 

— - Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1824. 8° 5440a. 37 

— Sentiments which should accompany the bap- 

tism of children. Asermon. n.p.,n.d. I2''.*l'ph.v.302 

— Sermon, Aug. 20, 1812, the day of the national 

fast, on account of the war with Great Britain. 
Boston, 1812. 8" 5H0a.37 

— Sermon before the Ancient and honourable artil- 

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— Sermon in Hingham, Dec. 17, 1817, at the ordi- 

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— Sketch of the character of John Adams, with 

notices of Mrs. Adams. [A sermon.] Salemj 

1826. 8° 4390a.4 

— The times. A discourse, delivered in the Hollis 

Street church. Boston, 18.37. s" 6088.243 

— Tribute to the memory of. 5ep Thompson, J. W. 5440a. 38 
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— - Travels in, 1S22. 23 2366.17 

Colombo, C. First — fourth voyage to America. 

[Mavor. Voyages, v. 1] 6267.1 

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teuus incognitas 4160.8 

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Contents — Vol. I. Lezloni suUe doH di una eolta fa- 
vellu ; Li'7,ion(' BO])rn ci6 cho conipcto nil' liiU-llvKu ed 
airinimapiInHtlva nullc diverse ])ruduxl<ini di'll'lufrcpno; 
Lpxionp inlorno nl fiivi-llnrc p BiTlvt-ro con )iro|irtotA; 
Dclln difllcoltddi tnuhirro,(tdc>l mododndovun-|»l tvncre 
plil clio si pu6; CoiiHidenizlonl hitorno nlln condutia 
jioco itIiiii(iU)iU' tcnuin dii nnul, UncU-r nt*l suo Illiro drUt 
cnfflunl dvllii corrur.lonv del (TiiaIo; Dilln ii'imclii't not 
sonlriicn' U> liroprii- optnfiiiil ; IllHcorna liilomo nil' 
ninniiii'Ntninu-nto I'lio |ii<l cunvlcne n fiinitiilll ; Lcttrra 
ud nil lunico liiturno at rogrolanu'nto dt'tiM muOil dun 
ir1nvnnot(o df buunn niiKt-liA; Itafrlonunintio liitarno uU' 
vlDqiicnT'.a del prutintorl ItnllnnI ; KnuUinaiiiiMito aopra 
ini luopo dcir Anlnod'orodl N. Macliluvclll ilmniinK'nte 
vizltiio ; Arllcolo iHTlinonio nllt; varlv vdUlont dulla 
Toatinn dclli> opt>r« dl N. Mnctiinvflll ; ltolur.Uiiui dvlla 
roUtinln rnminlniia, dclla rlntnniim dvltn n)cdoi>lM)a; 
Itafrliinnnicnto noprn In xv Atnnra del cniilo acHto di'lla 
Ocru«nlomnio lltj<>n)ln di>l Thnho; i'tncrvRr-tonl Inturno 
air eiiUodIo ill Horriinln ed Olliido, ohu U'fDrcsl iioIIr 
Geniiinlcmnio liluTnta did Tannu ; Connidirraxlonff toprft 
una tli'llu i-onHiirc fnlto dol (.iiiMlcl nl auddt-ttu poemai 
Ilttlnzluni^ di'lla ropiibbllni di-l Cadniltl ; l(iiarli>iinmcnto 
tntorno nllu dlHronllv Ivttcrniio d'otrirldl; VlapK' dl P. 
rorctvjuolo. IL 'rraltntolll tradotli iliilln llniriin miila- 
bnrka nell' ha I lit nn fiivolla ; Tro novt'llt* dl A. ritcliiiioi 
UlofTlo dl K. Porta; Xotlzic dl C. A. di'll' AnitulHnra ; 
Lolli-ra hiluriin ud nicunv Hpcflo dl anlmiiMnl at|iiiit1cl 
OMkurvniI out iiik-voiii'DpIo; 1)ih< IvUith i>u|ji'n itui> hiu|rlil 
di-l Ili-fanmrono dol lluccncflo; Lcltcin millii cdlzlono 
coMilnliina di'tfll Avvcroarli uiiuloiidrl del Morgatrnl ; 
Lcttora Intonio ftlla prima edlzlono dallo ooao %-olgurl dl 




Sholf. Ko. 

Colombo, JI., continued. 

A. I'olizirtnrt; Pri'ritlione til cntnlopo dl nlcnno opor« 
itltiiienti nUt> flcii-n)!o, nlle art], e ni) nitrl biso^i dell' 
uonirt. f fc. ; St'l itoiu'tii til vnrio arpomento; Di nlnini 
fulij di Bliiinpa ohc i\ trovano in edizfoni riputallsslmr ; 
Catalogo di ati-uiif ypi-ro altinpnti alle sciciizr, atle 
■rti, e ad allri blsof^iil d^-U' uumu, Iv quali, (iiiuntunc|iie 
non dtatp nol vocabolario dclla Cniaca, incritano qual- 
ch© coniiidurntluiie; Niita dl alcunv opcre Nclentitlcbe 
cc. atre ad airicciiirL' il vocabolario: Letturn Bcritta In- 
torno alia Grnisalomme Uberata diTasso; Lettera ad 
un (Hovaiie ; Frnnimonto coiist-rvatoci di G-. Zambeccarl 
deli' iGtorla delle aiipwHlc icritta da F. Redi ; Diccria In 
difoBa dvllo acrlvcre con purezsa ; 11 ^uoco dpRlI scac- 
chl, trad, dair Ingleae. 

Coi-ONXA, A. Judicium de eis qua? Baronius de mo- 
narchia Sicilijc seripsit. [Gra;vius. Thes. 

antiq. Ital., T. 10, V. .■!] 4710.1 

COI.OXNA, P. Vita. See (iiovio, P 2800.7 

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medesimadaP. E. Visconti. Roma. 1S40. l.«°. 2771.18 

— Sonetti. [Gironi. Kaccolta di lirici italiaui] . 4808.8 

— £tude 8ur. .^ee Lannau-KoIIand, A 2789.14 

COLOR-FiiI.NTIXG. Kurrer, W. H. V. Entdeckuiifrcn 

in dem Gebietc dcr Uruck- und Fiirbekunst . 4016.10 

— Melloni, M. La thermochrose ou la coloration 

calorifique 396.'). 22 

Colors. Portal, P. P.P. Descouleurssymboliques. 4060.23 

— Wilkinson, J. G. On colour . 40C6.26 

CoLOSSKtM. Dcir anfitcatro liavio di Roma. Ma- 

rangoni, G 4950.23 

CoLOUR-BUNDNES-s, Researches on. Wilson, G.. 4006.25 
COLI'OHTAGE. Histoipe de la littcrature du ciilpor- 

tage dcpuis le xve siicle. Nisard, M. E. C. 2195.11 
COLQUIloux, p. Treatise on indigence ; with propo- 
sitions for ameliorating the condition of the 

poor. London, 1806. 8** 3570.49 

COLTON, A. S. Missions conducted bj" the London 

missionary society, in tlie .Society, Georgian, 

and Friendiy Islands. Philadelphia, 18.30. 16°.5439a.20 

COLTOS, C. Religious slate of the country; with 

reasons for preferring episcopacy. 2d ed. 

New York, IKiC. 12° 3547.18 

COLU.MBANLS. Carmen nionostichon et epistola. 

[Canisius. Thesaurus, v. 1] 4140.3 

— Regula monastica.sermones, cpistolre, poemata. 

[.Ma.xima bibliotli. vet. patr., V. 12) B.110.2 

COLUMBU, Haps of the district of. See United 


Columbian centinel. See Massachusetts centinel. 
C'lLUMBUS, psf-Mrf. Letters of. Sfc Orne, H. . . Pph.v.78 
Columbus, Ohio. Lathrop's directory, containing 

a history of the city, [by W. T. CoggeshallJ. 

Columbus, [1S(12J. 8' 4385.5 

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liber de arboribus. [Gessner. Scriptores rei 

rustica;, v. 2] B.178.6 

COLUTHUS. '.KfTniyn 'EAu'tjs. See Aristophanes . 2977.9 

— - Same, .^ee Quintus .Smyrnjeus B. 169a. 4 

— De raptu Helenae, Gr. et Lat. interp. .S. Urbe- 

lio. [Lect. PoetEC Grieci, v. 1] 4200.7 

— L'enlfevement d'Hclfene. (Falconnet. Petits 

poemes grecs] B.161.2 

— Rape of Helen. [Anderson. Poets of Great 

Britain, v. 13] i&H.l 

CoLVER, N. The fugitive slave bill : a sermon, Oct. 

20, 1850. Boston, 1850. 8° B.lflOa.43 

COMBEB, T. Companion to the temple; or, a help 

to devotion in the use of the Common prayer. 

Oxford, 1S41. 7v. 8° 3448.20 

Contenlt. — Vol, I. Morning and evening prayer. II. 
Of the litan.v, with the occasional prayere and thanks- 
glvinga. III. Of the communion office, with the offices 
of baptism, catechism, and confirmation. IV. Of tlia 
occasional offices. V. History of liturgies; Discourse on 
the offlcea for Nov. 5. Jan. .-JO, and May 29. VI. The or- 
dination and consecration servicea. VII. Exposition of 
the Lord's prayer ; discourse of excommunication ; 
Dialogue about tithes. 

Combes, C. P. SI. Geniecivil, architecture, etc. re- 
latifs au.x constructions. [France. Commis- 
sion snr Tindustrie des nations, v. 3, p. 1] . . 4029.20 

Shelf. No. 

COMEDiA del sacrificio de gli intronati. Eistampata. 

Venetia, 15li7. sin. 12° 4809a.37 

COMEDiA intitolata .Sine nomine. Fiorenza, 1574. 

8™-*>° 4809a.24 

Co.MEDY. Cailhava d'Estendoux, J. F. Do Part 

de la comt-die 4706.10 

— Conti, A. de Bourbon de. Traits de la conrfdie, 

selon la tradition de I'eglise 4706.8 

— Riccoboiii, L. Observations sur la comidie . 4695.26 
COMKS Natalis. See Conti, N. 

COMET of 1744, Description of the. Ilcinsius, G. . E. 106. 15 

Comet of 1858, Account of the, by G. P. Bond. See 
Cambridge, JIass. Harvard college. Annals 
of the observatory v. 3of E.144.8 

Cometa.s. Epigrammata. [Bruuck. Analecta 

poet. Gr., v. .3] B.lfi2.7 

COMET.s. Arago, D. F. J. Popular treatise on . '. 39'24'24 

— Description of the nature and motions of . . Pph.v..364 

— Kepler, J. De cometis libelli tres 3922.21 

— Marchetti, A. Dclla natura delle comete . . . 3921 6 
CoMETTANT, O. Musique et musiciens. Paris, 

1862. 1'2° ' 4046.40 

Comic songs. Turner, J. W ggjj ,2 

COMIC writers. Lectures on English. Hazlitt, W. 2556 18 
C0.MING contraband. The; a reason against the 

emancipation proclamation not given by Mr. 

Justice Curtis. New 'i'ork, 1862. pp. 21. 12°!-4.324.30 
CoMiNO.G. Lastamperiacominiana. See 'Volpl.c! 2114.27 
CoMLY, J. English grammar made easy. 2d ed' 

Philadelphia, 1,8(15. 24° ' yjgg j, 

COMMENDONE, G.P\,cn;-rf. Orazione in difesa d'al- 

cuni scolari dello studio di Padova. [Raccol- 

ta di prose italiane, v. 21 


CoMMENTAiiiu.s capta? vrbis [Roma?], dvctore Ca- 
rolo Borbonio, authoris innominati. Poijm- 
atiaduo [J. Camerarii] : Carolus, sive '^''ien- 
na, Carolus, sive Tunete. Anastasij [tic] 
De origine Tvrcarvm, J. B. Egnatij libel- 
lus. Parisiis, 1639. pp. 32. sra.8° »3085 28 

Commerce. Ahn, F. French commercial letter- 

7"" .- • 4688..31 

— - German commercial letter-writer 4ggj) ,3 

— Encyclopadie fur Kaufleute. See Allgeme'in'e 

Encyclopadie, etc ~^, „ 

— Guillaumin, U. G. Dictionnaire universel du C. 5682 1 

— Hoftmann, F. L. Katolog der Commerz-Biblio- 

tl»"k 2170 16 

— Hoffmann, W. Die Gesehichte des Handels . 429o!28 

— Rottner, A. LehrbuchderContorwissenschaft. 368-3 9 

— .Schedel, J. C. Allgemeines Waaren-Lexicon.' 5683 3 

— Ustariz, G. de. Theory and practice of . . . .' 30559 

— Wiichter, O. Wechsellehre '_ 3^52 io 

Set also: Business. 

CojiMERCiAL law. Code of. Beawes, TV ^^2 10 

Commercial tables. Hartshorn, J '.'.'. 35112 

CoM.MODiANUS. Instructiones, adversus gentium 
deos, pro Christiana disciplina. [Maxima 
biblioth. vet. patr., v. 27] B 110 2 

— - .Same. [Gersdorf. Bibliothcca patr., v. 7] i 60399 

CojisiON-PLACE book. . See Lounger 2246'9 

Common prayer. Book of *<; England, Church'of. 
Common school controversy; three letters of Th' 

Mann ] in reply to the Christian witness, [and] 
extracts from the daily press. Boston, 1844. 

PP- 55. 8° ■ jjgg J 

Coinioxs (Common fields). Essay on divided . . . 3992.12 

— Homer, H. Method of ascertaining the shares 

of proprietors upon the inclosure of ... . 3992 j2 
CoMNENA, A. L'histoire de I'empereur Alexi,s. 

[Cousin. Histoire de Constantinople, v. 4] . 2961.2 
COM.NENU.S, J. 'Lnxm AuuKpcovTiioi. [Boissonade. 

AnecdotaGrzeca, V. 3] B 161 3 

COMPAGNI, D. Copiosi brani dclla sua cronaca. 

[Albi^ri. Tesoro della prosa italiana] . . .'2771.20 
Co5ii>ANiON to the altar: shewing the nature and' 

necessity of a sacramental preparation. 19th 

ed. London, 1747. pp. 66. 8° '•6014.4 

Co.Mi'ANiON to the Edinburgh museum. 2d ed. 

Glasgow, 1808. pp. 78. 12° *Pph.T 364 




Shelf. No. 

Co5iPAR.\Tr\'E anatoTny and physiology. Berard, 

1'. H. Cours de physiologie .1765.30 

— Blumenbach,.I.F. Elements of physiology . 3763.16 

— Kurdaeh, C. F. Physiologie conime science 

d'observation 3764.14 

— Catalogue of the osteological series in the mu- 

seum of the college of surgeons. See London. 3812.1 

Catalogue of the physiological series in the 

museum of the college of surgeons. See 

London 3812.3 

Pay, G.E. Chemistry in relation to physiology. 3977.6 

Ebie, B. Versucli einer Geschichte der Physio- 
logic, 1800-35 3753.2 

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Hunter,.!. Essays on anatomy 3903.24 

Lawrence, AY. Introduction to 5887.1 

— Jlolescliott, J. Naturlehre des Menschen und 

derThicre 4267.15 

_ Physiologic des Stoffwechsels 4276.5 

Osteological specimens in the British museum. 

5cc London. British museum 5899.14 

Thomson,'!. Chemistry of animal bodies . . 3977.12 

— Vogt, C. Physiologische Briefe 3761.5 

— Wagner, R. Handworterbuch der Physiologic. 3761.7 

— - Icoues physiologicae 3740.-30 

— - Lelirbuch der verglcichenden Anatomic . . 38t<5.22 

— - Lehrbuch der speziellen Physiologic . . . . 3761.8 

See aUo: Embryology, Generation, Histology, Mons- 
trosities, Organic ehemistry. 

Compass. Barker, M.H. The mariner's compass. .3951.24 

Cameron,!*. Variationsof thecompassrectitied. 3952.25 

CoMPLETli list of the American navy for 1813; and 
Steel's list of the navy of Great Britain for 

1813. Boston, 1S13. 10° 4329a. 40 

CoMPLTATios. Layton, F. A. Instant reckoner. 5683.7 

Mariage, A.' Numeration par huit ancienne- 

ment en usage par toute la terre 3936.30 

See aleo: Recbimer. 

COMSTOCK, F. G. Culture of silk. Hartford, 1836. 

12° 4003.38 

CoMSTOCK, John L. Introduction to the study of 

botany. 13th ed. New York, 1830. 12° . . 3859.23 

Introduction to mineralogy. 3d ed.. Improved. 

New York, 1S37. 8° 3869.26 

CoiisTOfK, Joshua. Life, written by himself. 

Providence, 1822. pp. 8. 8° 4129.85 

CoJlTE, F. C. L. Traitc de legislation. 3e ed. Bru.x- 

clles, 18.37. 1.8° 4285.2 

Traite de la propriete. Paris, 1834. 2v. S° . 4280.5 

•COMTi;, I. A. M. F. S.. Calcndrier positiviste, on 
systcme general de commemoration publiquc. 
3c ed. Paris, 1851. pp. .39. 8° 4306.11 

— Cours de philosophic positive. Paris, 1830-42. 

Cv. 8° *0I04.7 

Content*. — Vol. I. Les pr61imlnairos (K'n&mux ot la 
]>tll1osophie matlienintiquo. II. La phllosoplilt, ostro- 
uonilquo et la pliilniioiiliic d« la ph}-Hl(|uu. III. l,u phi- 
loaophie cliimlquo ct la philosophie blologiqne. IV. 
Ln phllosolihtc soclalo et lea conchislona (renerulra. V. 
La partie liUtori(j»io do la phlloaophio soelule, on tout 
CO qui eonccmo I'ttal tlitoloiylque ot I'tlat mitapliy- 
■tque. VI. Le complement de la pblloaophio suclale, et 
Icn conclunlona generulea. 

Discours prononcti aux funt^'railles de Blain- 

ville. [No title-page] n.p., [IB-W). pp.11. 4°. 0091.4 

— Systtme de poHtiiiue positive, ou traltti de socl- 

ologic. Paris, IMSI-.Vl. 4v. «° 4285.10 

— Tralti'-(-lemcntalredegcomitrle. Pari.i.lM.I. «°. 427S.17 
KeUKons for dis-ieuting from tlie philOHO]iliy of. 

Six Spencer, li 2121.7 

COXAHT, II. C. The English Bible. UUtoryoftlie 
tr»ii»lBtlon of the Holy Scriptures Into the 
EiiKllsh tongue. New York, llv'ir. 12° . . . S420.3 
CONANT, I'. J. Kxereiscs in Hebrew grammar, and 

ochreBtomathy. lloMon, 18:19. pp. On. h° . •4120.3 
COIfOANKN, M. Letter to W. tiarrow, on the sub- 
ject of his illiberal behaviour to the author, 
n.p., (17UI1]. b° •Pph.v.348 

Shelf. No. 

CONCEKTIXA, Instructions for the German. Wil- 
liams, W 8052.41 

Concertina without a master. Ditson.0 8052.40 

CONCESSIONS and compromises. Philadelphia, l^iO. 

pp- 14. 8° 4310a.36 

CONCHOLOGY. Catalogue of the bivalve shells in 
the British museum. See London. British 
museum 5879. S 

— Gualtieri, N. Index testarum conchyliornm . 38.D.1 

— Keeve, L. Elements of 3872.3 

See also: America, Fomminifera, Mollnsea. 

Concise examinations of certain supernaturalisms 
of the Bible, as commonly understood. By 
Christianus. New York, 1856. pp. .33. 12° . B. 160b. 5 

Concord, ^fasx. Discourse on the second centen- 
nial anniversary. Emerson, R. W 2.357.28 

Concord pocket almanack, for 1811 : and register of 
New Hampshire from June 1810 to June 1811. 
Concord, n.d. 12° 4389a.22 

Concordance to the Scriptures. See Bible. Old Tes- 
tament, (Hebrew); New Testament, (Greek). 

CONCORDANTI.E maiores \'trivsqTe Instrvmenti. 
Apvd inclytam Basileam, 1521. f°. [Black 
letter] »5430.4 

CoNCORDio, B. da S. Ammaestramenti degli an- 
tielii, raccolti e volgarizzati. BlUano, 1808. 
8°. [Classici itali.ini, V. 21] **4801.7 

— Gli ammaestramenti degli anticbi, [estratti]. 

[Albt'l-i. Tesoro delta prosn italiann] . . . 2771.20 
Concrete. L'art de batiren biton. Lebiun.F. M. 4102.12 
COND!-;, Henri II de Bourbon, i^n'nre fte. Discours 
de la naissance et vie de. 5t'c Fiefbi-un, R. 4619.8 

CONDft, J. A. Histoire de la domination des Ara- 
bes et des Maures en Espagne et en 
Ki^digcie par M. [Lacroix] de Marlfes. Paris, 

1825. .3v. 8° > . . . . 4243.2 

CoNDET, or Condi-, J. de. Gedichte, herausgegeben 
von A. Tobler. Stuttgart, IWiO. h°. [Stutt- 
gart.. Bibliothek liter. Vereins, V. 54] . . . *42.35.1 
CoNDiLLAC, E. B. de. (Euvres. [Publics par Ar- 

noux ct Mousnier.] Paris, 1798. 23v. S° . ♦4198.1 

Contetai. — Vol. I. Essai sur I'origine des eonnois- 
oances humalnes. II- Trailfe des systfmes. III. Trait6 
des sensations; Dissertation Bnr la liberie; Tmlte doa 
animaux- IV- Commerce et pouvernenient- V- La 
grammitire- VI- An do nenser- VII. Art d'f'criro. 
VIII. Art de vaisonner- IX-XIV. lUstoiro ancionne. 
XV-XX. Ilistoirc niodcrne. X.\I. I^tudo de I'histoire. 
XXII- Logique- XXUl- Langne des calculs. 

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on the church. A discourse betore the Soci- 
etv for collegiate and theological education 
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— Delia vita, degli sludi, e delle opere dl Vermig- 

lioli. See Vermiglioli, G. B 2740.11 di Franchi, (J. Historic of tlie vnit- 
iiig of the kingilom of I'ortvgall to the crowne 
ofCastill. [Translated by E. Blount.] Lon- 
don, 1000. sm.f •3091.10 

Xde. — Spanish outhon claim tids 
Sllva, count of Portaie^o. 

ivork for Juan do 

CONFEKENCEon missions held in 1860 at Liverpool, 
Papers read, conclusions reached, etc. Lon- 
don, I860. s° 3636.6 

CONFlCRENCKS sur Ics prlncipos de la foi reformiie 
prgohtjes k Geutivc en Stars et Avril, 1853. 2e 
<Sd. Gcnive, 184.3. 12° B. 117.0 

Conlfiiln. — L'lilstolro, dlscoura par Hungonrr; I.a lU- 
ble, dUcours par Tounder; Le llbro oxamen, dlseoura 
par Cougnard ; Le saint, par Ollniinaro ; bienl'alts, 
par Viuilier; Lvs devoira, discours par.luqnet- 

CoNi'EssiON. Die Beichtc, bcsondcrs die Prlvat- 

Ucichtc. Ackcrmann, V B.I60b.7 

CONFESSIONAL. Coufessionale. Savonarola, ti. . D. 127. 12 




Shoir. No. 
CoNFKSSioNS of laitli. Mommienta luloi etrlcshi; 

orientalis. Kimmcl, E. J 00i' 

^dgslmrs couCumIoii. 

Delimi, T. LSormons on . 




Sfe also: 

— Meade, \Y, 8ernum on 

— Tyng, 8. H. Guide to 

CoNFUOii's, or Koiig-Ku-Tse, Life and morals of. 

[Tela. Philosophical library, v. 1] 

— Cont'uciitn analects. [fA'jfge. Chiuese classics, 

V. 1] 

— and others. Ta Heo; Chung Yung; Lun Yu. 

Sec Collie, D 

CoNGESTivK fever in Newbern, 1802, 63. Upham, 

.1. H 

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instructor, or congregational magazine. Tol, 

1-7; new series, V. 1-12, and [3d series], v. 1-9. 

London, 1818-45. 28v. 8' ♦7414.1 

Seo aUo: Biblical review. 

Congregational quarterly. Vol. Ml. Boston, 

1859-04. 6v. 8° *7516.2 

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Congregationalism. Punchard, G. Principles 

and doctrines of 3544.10 

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— See Bell, J. British theatre, v. 1, 1-9, 28, 33 . . 4197a. 1 

ConttnU. — Vol. I. Love for love, com. XIX, The 
tnouminp bride, trag, XXVllL The double dealer, 
com.; The old bachelor, com. XXXIII. The way of 
the nurld, com. 

— The mourning bride, trag. [Jones. British 

theatre, v. '-;] • 4575.20 

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1591. Edited by J. G. Nichols. [Loudon], 

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CoNNAUGirr. Chorographical description of West 

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Connected view of the whole internal navigation 

of the United States. IMiiladelpIiia, isjtl. 8°. 4363.7 
Connecticut. Acts and laws. [Digested by R. 

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Published by R. Law.] Hartford, 1786. 8° .*0336.]0 

— - Same. [Revised by C. Goodrich, J. Brace, 

and others.] Hartford, 1790. 8° * 

— - Same. Public statute laws. [Edition super- 

intended by J. Treadwell, E. Perkins, and 
T.Day.] Book l.. Hartford, 1808. 8' . . *0336.18 

— - Same. As revised by the general assembly 

in May, 1821. [Published by 8. P. Beers, T. 

Day, and L. Whitman.] Hartford, 1824- S°.*6336.19 

— - Same. 3Iay session, 1822-24, 20-32. Hart- 

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— Annual report of the adjutant-general, for 1861. 

Hartford, 18<i2. >" v. 1 of 0330. 7 

— - Same, for 1803. New Haven, 1803. 8° . v. 3 of 0330.7 

— Catalogue of the Ist-llth regiments Connecticut 

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— - Same. 14th-28th regiments. Hartford, 

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See aUo: East Haven, Farmin^on, Fatrfleld, tlnrt- 
ford, Harwinloii, Miildtesex Co., New Uaveu, Norwicb, 
SImsbury', Wiudvor. 

SlM^lf. No. 

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ams. Boston, 1850. 1.8" 4385.2 

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Hartford, 18:18,39. 4' 7591.1 

CoNNictTicuT general association. Contributions 
to the ecclesiastical history of [the state]. 
New Haven, iNil, 8" 3543.4 

— Psalms and hymns, for Christian use and wor- 

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24" 4389a.l5 

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ciles para pronunciar, y apreuder la lengua 
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Connexion between industry and property. Exe- 
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[With his] anecdotes of the ancients. Lou- 
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Gra;c^ et Latinfe. [Gale. Historiie poeticse 
scriptOres anti<iui] 6072.14 

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[Gedicht]. [Miiller. Sanimlung deutscher 
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Marburg, 1815. 8" 2186.10 

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Ziirich, 1820. 8" **2885.15 

— Tascheuworterbnch der romaniscli-deutschen 

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ica. [Gerdes. Scriuiura antiq. ad hist, re- 
form, spect., v.3j 0055.15 

— Be bibliotheca Augusta quae est in arce Wolf- 

enbiittelensi, epistola. 5ceMader, J. J. . , 2128.15 
Conscience. La Uberte de conscience. Simon, 

J. F. S. S 0068.19 

See also: Toleration. 

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a rindepeudance beige. Bruxelles, 1802. 12". 2804.21 
Considerations on the ellectsof protecting duties. 

Dublin, 1783. pp.45. 8° v. 4of*2478.3 

Considerations on the revenue that may arise on 

the proposed canal between Newcastle and 

Maryport. Newcastle, 1790. 8" *l'ph.v,.361 

Considerations on the woollen manufactory of 

Ireland. Dublin, 1785. pp. 26. 8" , . v. 4 of *2478.3 
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[Ed.daG.B.Pedrezzano.] Venetia, 1612. 4^ 4305.5 
Constance, Correspondence on the nomination of 

H. V. "Wessenberg to the see of. See Wes- 

senberg, I. H. C 6055.3 

Constancy. L'art de corriger et de rendre les 

hommes constans. Vasse, C. W. de .... 4G99a.7 
Conhtant-Rebecque, H. B. de. Melanges de 

liti'-rature et de politique. Paris, 1829. 8" . 4187.8 

— Memoires sur les cent jours, en forme de lettres. 

Paris, 1820-22. 2v. in L 8" 4653.4 

— Du polyth<:isme remain ; preci/de .d'une intro- 

tiou de il. J. Matter. Paris, 1833. 2v. 8°. 6076.11 




Shelf. No. 

COXSTVXTIXE I, C. F. V. A. C, emperor. Drei 
epigraphische Coustitutionen Constantin's des 
Grossen. ^Cf Voight, JI 3612. IC 

— Oratio, quam ad sanctorum coetum perscripsit. 

SeeGryniEus, J..T B. 130.7 

— Oration to the convention of the saints. See 

Eusebius Pamphilus B. 140.2 

— Leben des Constantin der Grossc. [Schrockh. 

Allgemeine Biograptiie, V. 2] 4143.6 

— Life of. See Eusebius Tamphilus 3556.5 

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sedio di Costantinopoli Ho3 3082.12 

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torise ultimis scriptoribus ex historia Osnia- 

nica elucidandis et corrigendis 4102.22 

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tii laudem. See Julianus, F. C 2996.11 

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CONSTITL'TION of the United States and of the 
Confederate States of America. [In parallel 
columns.] n. p., n. d. pp. 20. 8°. [No title- 
page] 4310a. 39 

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body. Translated from the original. Lon- 
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can party. By a northern man, with Ameri- 
can principles. Providence, 1856. pp. 30. 8°. 0087.34 

CoNSTiTUTioNKS legitime ecclesie totiusq. regiois 
Anglicaue ab legatis a latere summor. potilicii 
collecte; et a do. Johjinede Aton explanate. 
Kccnon et Dstitutiones provinciales cantuar. 
[Ed.J.Badio.] Parisiis, 1504. srn.f". [Black 
letter] _■ ■ ; *C071.2 

CONSTiTUTioNES sanctorum apostolorum. Consti- 
tvtiones sanctorvm apostolorvm i Cleniente 
Romano scnpta>, [et] F. Tvrriani prolego- 
mena et explanutiones. [Omnia Gra!co.] 
Veuetiis, 1563. sni.4°. [Uncommon Greek 
character] 3463.41 

— - Same. Textum Gr.-ecum recognovlt, etc. G. 

ijltzen. 8uerini, 18.53. 8' 6040.24 

_ .Same. Constitutions or decrees of the holy 

apostles. London, ls51. p.h° 6075.16 

Constitutioncs apostolorum, Gr. et Lat. (Co- 

teller. Ss. patrum apostol. opera, v. 1] . . . 0020.2 

— DailK', J. Ue libris octo constitutionuni apos- 

tolicanun apocryphis ," ' ' •^•127.6 

Fragnienta constitutionuni apostolicarum. 

[Grabc. Spicilegiuin .Ss. patruni] 0029.3 

— .Wedgwood, It. Essay on the constitutions or 

decrees of I he apostles 6075.16 

Construction, Mechanics of. Fenwick, S. . . . 4095.0 
Construction of the Latin versegrainmar. For 
the use of Westiniuster-school. London, 

1779. pp. 78. 8m.I2° 4939a. 15 

CONSCi.Aii system of the United StnteB. See United 

States. Dipartment of slate C. 162.20 

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lerlcs cousulalres 361(1.6 

Mlltltz, A. de. iMnnuel des consuls 5618.6 

CoNSUMl'TioN. liowditch, U. I. Consumption in 

New England •>'^<^-- 

Howe, .I.M. Consumption curable . . . .B.170b,106 

_ Consumption cured by inlmhition .... B. 100b. 34 

Jackson, .). C. Consumption ; how to prevent 

it, and how to cure It 379-1.38 

— La Forme, F.J. Treullse on iiulmonnry C. . B.inob.58 

— Smith, E. CoiiHumptlon,iI« remediable singes. 3794.13 

«.« alto: riilliM". T.|I» n ulo.ln. 

CONTAJJINA, I.u, In corlc-, drumnm glocoso per mu- 
•Ica. [Itulliin and Portuguese.] Llaboua, 
1764. »m.(i°. (UrBmml varle, V. 2) •■f7»9.17 

Sfaeir. No. 

Contagion. Bodei, A. SuU' influenza contagioso- 

epidemica 3806.28 

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de rebus in Hetruria a Senensibus gestis, 

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p. 2] 4710.1 

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sm.S" •JSOga.SS 

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Ed. 2a. Ludg. Batavorvm, lO.'S. sm.Ili" . . *4199a.9 

— - Same. [Gravius. Thes. antiq. Hal., T. 5, 

p. 1] 4710.1 

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menti della guerra santa d'ltalia, V. 3] . . . 471S.9 
Contemporaries. Cantii, I. L'ltalia scientifica 

contemporanea 2743.6 

— Dictionary of contemporary biography .... 2242.5 

Contentment, Essay on I'ph.v.371 

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la comedie et des spectacles, selon la tradi- 
tion de I'eglise. [Fr. et Lat.] Paris, 1667. 
2v. in 1. 8° **4706.8 

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ilaliani] 4808.8 

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Linocerii mvsarvm mythologin, et Erndi- 
tissimiE mvlhologi.-e A. Tritonii. Patavii, 
1037. sm.4° *0072.: 

— Vnlversa; historia? svi temporis libri XXX, [1545 

-81]. Venetiis, 1581. f° »4160.4 

CONTINENTAL harmony, designed for "Old folks' 

concerts." Boston, [1857]. obl.8° 8047.20 

CONTINENTAL monthly. Devoted to literature and 

national policy. New York, 1802, 63. 4v. 8°. *7317.1 
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C. AV 8047.9 

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kronte Priesschrift. Leipzig, 1861. 8° . . . 2825.10 
Conversations of Emily. See Epiuay, L. F. P. 

T. d' 4690a. 34 

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Keal-Encyklopiidie. 8le Aufl. Leipzig, Brock- 

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Con/(^n/». — Vol. I. A— lil. II. Bo— Cz. 111. D— Eji. 
IV. F—Gz. V. H— Iz. VI.K-Lz. Vll. M— Nz. VIII. 
O— Q. IX. R— Schu. X. Schw— Sz. XI. T— V. XII. 
W— Z. Naclitriigo. 


lOte Aufl. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 
16v. In 10. 8" M132.1 

CoiKcius.— Vol. I. A— Atlas. II. Atm— Blutffof. III. 
Blulirold— Covnl. IV. Cpvon— Deiitm-Iild. V. I>oulBch 
— Fi'iiii-rn. VI. IVniKiT— Ooihvln. VII. TioeA— lluf- 
gvT. Vlll. llJJfk— Kirvlu-nbonn. IX. KlrclH-nbilch— 
LiinJ. X. I.tlncb— MyuB. XI. N— Perth. XII. rortlicn 
— Rhr. XIII. Rlira— Koolo. .\IV. ficolen— Thtfhi. XV. 
Thuhicr— Vullilu.. XVI. W— Zwollo. 

— Conversallons-Lexikon der neuesten Zolt und 

LIteratur. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1832-34. 4v. 

8' •1137.2 

CoiiMnU. — Vol. I. A-i:. II. I--1.. III. M-R. IV. 

— ,?(•(• Damen Conversations l.exikon A. 124. 3 

CoNVEVANCINO. Lewis, II. Principles of . . . . 3636.17 

— Smith, E. PrHCtieeof .3630.20 

CONVICT reform, Transporlatlou as the only means 

of. Howltl, W 3570.82 

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huuv, IH.'iO. pp. 12. 12°. [Tracts for the 

tiints, No. 6) 6100a. 16 

Conway, Martin F. The war; a slave union or a 

(Vce? Speeoh.Dco. 12, 1861. N.Y.,n.d. I2°.4310a.40 




Shelf. No. 

Conway. Moncure D. The old and the new: a 
sermon contiiininK tlu* history of tlic First 
unitnrum churcli in Washington. Wushing- 
ton, 1855. 8' C0S8.217 

— The one path : or, the duties of the North and 

j^outh. A discourse. Wasliington, 185*5. 8°. 

[N"o tith'-pnp^e.] B.100.9'.) 

— Spiritual liberty. A discourse, Feb. 17, 1856. 

[Washinjrton, 185fi.] 8°. [No title-page] . B.lf.0.48 

— Testimonies concerning slavery. London, 

1864. Hi'. G5r',».31 

— The theater: a discourse delivered in Cincin- 

nati, June 7, 1857. Cincinnati, 1857. 8' , . G0vS8.50 

— Thomas I'alne : a celebration. Cincinnati, 1800. 

pp. 15. 8" 5440a. 57 

— The true and the false in prevalent theories of 

Divine dispensations. A discourse, Sept. 10, 

1855. Washington, 1855. 8' 6088.33 

— Virtue rs. defeat. A discourse, first Sunday after 

the presidential election. Cincinnati, 1856. ^''.B. 100. 92 
CONYBEARE, J. Discourses on miracles, scripture 
mysteries, subscription to articles of religion, 
expediency of a divine revelation, and scrip- 
ture dilficulties. [Randolph. Enchiridion 

theologicum, v. 2] 3451.14 

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cial. Reprinted from the Edinburgh review. 
London, 1855. 8° 5172.9 

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No. l.llconderoga. Keeseville, N.Y.,1858. 8". 2371.25 
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derson, G. W O'JOO.l 

— - Same. [Mavor. Voyages, v. 4-10] .... 6207.1 
Cooke, Josiah P. Elements of chemical physics. 

Boston, 1860. 8" 3972.13 

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n.d. 26 plates. 16° 3834.17 

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Newcastle, 1702. 8" *Pph.v.347 

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1756. Life of Terentius Afer, and translation 
of his comedies. See Terentius Afer, P. . . 2946.8 

— Works and days, with the Theogony of Hesiod. 

[Anderson. Poets of Great Britain, v. 13] . 4C04.1 
CooKE, W. Jubilee of the Methodist new con- 
nexion. See Hulme, S 3547.28 

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Boston, 1853. S" 5440a. 39 

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1858. Boston, 1858. 8*" 5440a. 39 

— Discourse preached after the decease of I. Wil- 

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— Farewell discourse to the Purchase Street con- 

gregation, on occasion of leaving their old 
church. Boston, 1848. 8" 544Ga.39 

— Farewell discourse, July 4, 1848, at the Thir- 

teenth congregational church, on resigning 

his charge. 2d ed. Boston, 1858. 8° . . . . 5440a. -39 

— Power of Christianity. A discourse at the ded- 

ication of the Thirteenth congregational 
church. May 3, 1848. Boston, 1848. 8°. . . 5440a. 39 

CoOLlDGE, R.'H. Medical statistics of the array of 

the United States, 1855-60. See Lawson, T. 3791.20 

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Memoirs, letters, and speeches, from his birth 
to the restoration. Edited by W. D. Christie. 
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Cooper, Anthony Ashley, 3rf earl of Shaftealniry. 
Characteristicks of men, manners, opinions, 
times. New ed. [London], 1758. 4v. 16". *41GS.C 

Nole. — The contents and their arr&n^cnient in this 
edition, are like those in the copy marked 2557.12, eat«- 
loffued In the index of 1661. 

8 he If. No. 

COOPKR, Charles C. Identities of light and heat, of 

caloricand electricity. Phila., 1848. pp.96. 8°. 3966.19 

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Defauconpret. Tome 1-9, 11-23, 25-27. Par- 
is, 1839-47. 25v. 8"' 2395.1 

Contents. — Vol.1, T'vfcnulion. II. L'eaplon. III. Lo 
lillote. IV. Lionel Lincoln, on le siOge de Bostnn. V. 
Le doniicr des Mohicana. VI. Les piunnii-'is. VII. La 
prairie. Vlll. Lo i;ors.iire rouge. IX. Los Puritnna d' 
Anu-riqne. XI. Le bravo. XII. L'Heidenninucr. XIII. 
Le boun-cnu de Berne. XIV. Lea Moniklus. XV. Le 
paqtiebot Americnin. XVI. Eve Efflnpham. XVII. Le 
lac Ontario. XVIIL Merctdes de Cnstille. XIX. Deer- 
sluycr, ou le tucur de daims. XX. Lea deux amiraux. 
XXI. Lo feu-loHet. XXII. A hord et n torre. XXIIL 
Luiie Hiirdinpe. XXV. Satanatoo. XXVI. Le portc- 
ehaine. XXVII. Ravensnest, ou les peaux-rouQ:L'S. 

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Note. — J. L, Le Conte reported on the insects, and W. 
Cooper on the mollusca collected in the survey. 

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Contente. — yo\. I-III. Kong Olaf Tryggveei&ns Sa^e, 
ovcrsat af Cnrl Christian Kafn, med tilhiirende Forttel- 
linger. IV. V. KongOlaf den Helliges Saga, ined tilhS- 
rende Forts'llinger. VI. Magnus den Godee, Harald 
Uasrdraades og hans Siinners Sogaer. Vll, Norgea 
Kouge-Sngaer fra Itlugnus Borfod til Magnus Krlingson. 
VIII. .Sverres Saga. IX. Hakon Sverresons.Gut- 
tomi Si^urdsiiiis og Inge Baardeijiis Sagaer, aamt Hakon 
HakoDsiJns Sugaindttl Hertug Skulea Fald. X. SIut> 
ning af Kakon Hakoneons og Brudetykke af Magnuj 
Lagabieters Saga ; Furta;llinger om Halfdan Svarte, 
Hu-ftld Uaarfager, Haok Hoabrog og Olaf GIsriUdealf, 




Shelf. No. 

Copenhagen, continued. 

Olaf Trypgresons Sapi af Odd Munk, kort Omrids af 
Norges-koo^-Sagaer, og >"orpes Kongera;kke paa Vers. 
XI. Jomsrikinga Saga 0(r Kii.vtlinga Saga tilligcraed 
Sagabrudslykkcr og Forta^Ilingcr vedkonimende Dan- 
mark, oversatte af Carl Christian Rafn. XII. Udsigt 
over Tidsreguingen og geographisk Kegister. 

— Koniingliga norrsna fornfra-da Fi'lag. Forn- 
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hofn, 1825-37. 12t. 8° *a826.11 

Contents. — yoi. I-in. Saga Olafa konfings Tryggva- 
sonar. IV, V. Saga Olafa konunga hius helga. VI. 
Sogur Maguusar konings goda, Haralds konfings Har- 
drada ok sona bans. Vll. Sogur Soregs kontiiiga fra 
Magniisi berfaitta til Magnfiss Erlingssonar. VIII. 
Saga Sverris konfings. IX. Siigur Hukonor Sverris- 
fiouar, Guttorms Sigurdursonar, iuga Bardarsonar ok 
Udkonar Hakonarsonar til falls Skfila hertoga. S. 
Kidrlageogu Hakonar Hiikonarsonarok brotsOguMag- 
Haralds b&rfagra, Hauks h&brokar, ok Olafs geirstada- 
alfs; Saga Olafs konfings Try ggvasonar, ritud af Oddi 
Snorrasyni ; Stutt agrip af Noregs konunga Sogum ok 
Kor«gs konfingatal 1 Ijodnm. XJ. J6m8%-ikingasaga ok 
Knytlingasagtl nied tilheyrandi Thiittum. XII. lUkisar 
Noregs og Dana-konfinga ; .4ratal markverdustu vid- 
burda ; Visur faTdar til retts mals ; Kt-gistr. 

— - islendinga Sogur. Kaupinaimahofn, 1829-30. 

2t. 8° »4220.18 

Contents. — Vol. I. lalendingabok ara prests ens Froda 
Thorgiissonar; islands Landnamabok ; llPidarvSgasogu 
Brot, ok figrip vigastjVa- ok Heidarvlga-SOgu. II. 
Ljosvetninga Saga; 8varfda;la Saga; Valla-ljots Saga ; 
Vemundar Saga, ok VIgaskfitu, Vigaglfims Saga. 

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Copenhague, 1845. 1.4" *4ir0.3 

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Haunia;, 1811-50. 8° *4127.3 

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Ueber das Verhiiltniss des (.•operniciia zum Al- 

tcrtlmm. .Vce Ideler, I. Il.l-0b.l02 

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designing men. Authorized by Fernando the 

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CorPERIIEADS under the heel of an Illinois farmer 

[Mr. Funkl. New Vork, 183«. pp.3. 8° . 4310a. 40 
COPPEUi'LATE engraving. Cominciameiito e pro- 

gresso dill' arte dell' intagliare iu rame. 

[Baldiniicci. Opero, v. 1] 4807.2 

COPPET et Weimar. Madaiiie de .Stael ot Itt graiule- 

duchesse Louise. I'aris, 1802. 8° 2050.1.') 

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italiani] 4808.8 

— Nilla perdlta di una gatta. See llaccolta di poc- 

siesatiriche 4808.9 

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e Flrenze, 1H18-02. Tiv. in 9. H" •4716.4 

Coptic language. See. Kgypt. 

CoPYiiiuilT. Kraser, .1. Handy-book of copyright 

law, Kngllsh and foreign 3000. ,34 

— l.iibcr, !•'. Iiiternallonal copyright . . . v. 2 of 4296. 20 

— Uuniberg, K. rravaiix tin coiigres de la pro- 

prlite llttt-ralrc et artisllqiic 3080.19 

— Schmld, C. K. l>er Itlkhernachdruck aiis dem 

UvMclitspunkte des Keclits, tier Moral iind 
I'olltik .3000.33 

e*» aUo: Lhirnry pro|H.rly. 

CoqUKiiEiiT de Moiitbrcl, K. Milaugon siir Ics 

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Sbolf. No. 

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testantisme et de la philosophie en France. 
Paris, 1838. pp.41. 8° 0088.123 

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copat, et sur les CoUationes practice, etc. 4e 

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glement d'administration pour les eglises r^- 
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].2» 0056.11 

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C. G 38"-3 

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traditionum Corbeiensium 4250.10 



— AVigand, P. Traditioues Corbeienses . , 
Cord, W, H. Legal and equitable rights of mar- 
ried women. With .\merican statutes and 
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— - Same. With a translation of the first forty. 

Added, a vocabulary, liy J. Hardic. 2d ed. 

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— \\'iudele, J . Notices of ( 'ork and its vicinity . 2470.26 
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Sec Sobriuo, F 

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1823, 2v. 24° 

— anil Manni, V, Dizionario portatile, e di pro- 


'2a ed. Lione, 1807. 2v. 8° 

COKN-TiiADE and coru-laws. Tracts ou the. Smith, 


CORNAZZANI, A- IJe vita et gestis Bartholomiel 

("olei [Colleone]. [Gricvius. Thc8, antiq. 

Ital„T,9, p,7] 

CoBNiJii.i.E, P. Sfc Thtiatre ftantjais, v. 7, 8 . . . 

Coa(cii/jt. — Vol. VlI. Lo Cld; Horace; China; Poly- 
auoto; I'ontpf-o; Hodogune. VIII. IK-nielius, I'oinpo- 
raur d'Orlont; Sortorlus; Nlcoini-de ; Le inenleur, 

— 1,0 grand Cornellle, Src De.'.jardins, E. . . . 
CoitNEii.LK, T. Le baron d'Albikrac; Arhiiic; Le 

feslln de Pierre; Le comte d'Essex. [ThiSft- 
Ire iVaii^iiis, v, 18] 

— Don .luiui, on le feslln de Pierre, comildle, 

(Jlolli're, (Euvres, V, 4] 

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Sec (iriilefVoy, F. . . . 

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Die Tiieorie ties Nelicns iiiitl riiunilichen Vor- 

stcllens. Halle, 1861. 8° 3920,39 










Sholf. No. 

CORNELirs, E. Ood's wnys, not ns our ways. Ser- 
mon occasionfil by tlie licath of Rev. S. Wor- 
cester, D, D. Salem, IS-.M. S" 5440a. 40 

— Sermon on the doctrine of the Trinity. Antlo- 

ver, ISifi. 8' *rph.v.375 

— - Same. New York, ii. d. 12". [American 

tract society] 5440a. 40 

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tative exercises. By T. K. Arnold. Re- 
vised by E. A. Johnson. New ed. New 
York, 1857. 12" 4919.5 

— De vita \iginti et trinm illustrium imperatonim. 

See Vitse virorum illustrium 4ir)0.3 

— T.Ifeof Atticus. See Herwick, E 275S.12 

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7v, 8" *73I3.1 

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nazaro, J 4803.7 

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reformation to the revolution. London, 1797. 

ir." 3525.15 

CORNortx)N, Preceptor for the. Burditt, B. A. . . 8052.57 
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antiq. Ital.,T. 0, p.:] ,. . 4710.1 

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profanum. Roma;, 1701-45. lOv. in 11. 4° . *4193.5 

Content)'. — yol. 1,11. Latium gentile. Ill, IV. De 
Autiutibtis ef Norbanis; De VoUtemis ct Coruiiis. V. 
De LanuWnia et Ardentibus. VI. De Laurentibus et 
0*tten8ibu9- VTI. De Albania et Ariciiiis. VIII. De " 

TuscuJauis et AlgidensibuB. IX. De rrajiiostinis et Ga- 
biiiis. X, XI. De Tiburttbus ecu TiburtiniH. 

CORRE9POND.VNCE litteraire, La. Critique, beaux- 
arts, erudition. [Publi^e parLalanne.] 5e, Oe 
annee. Paris, 1800-62. 2v. S'' *5115.1 

Correspondence between her majesty's govern- 
ment and Messrs. Laird brothers, respecting 
the Birkenhead iron-clads. Loudon, [18(j4]. 
pp. 09. 8° 4322.54 

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furt and Leipzig, 1781-83. 4v. in 3. sm.S" . .6003.34 

CORRY, J. Memoir of J. Collier. See Collier, J. . 4580. 1 

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the inauguration of Rev. J. W. Hall, as presi- 
dent of Miami university, June 28, 1855. Cin- 
cinnati, 1855. 8' B. 170a. 10 

— and others. Speeches at the inauguration of 

ReV. J. W. Hall, as president of Miami uni- 
versity. Cincinnati, 1855. pp.53. 8°. . .'B. 170a. 9 

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lish poetry. Part 1, 2. A, B. [Manchesterl, 
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— - Same. [Gr^vius. Thes. antiq. Ital., T. 10, 

V. 15] 4710.1 

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tro ore del 27 Aprile, 1859. Firenze, 1859. pp. 

10. p.8* 4718.11 

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[Avec atlas par P. Bineteau.] Paris, ia37. 

2v. 8*. [Cours complet d'liducation, v. 4, 5]. 3591.25 

— Entretiens sur la geographic. [Cours complet 

d'uducation, v. I] 3591.22 

Shelf. No. 

CORTKS, H. Cortez; or, the conquest of Mexico. 

-S-eet^ampe, J.H 2319.13 

— Relazione a Carlo v, intorno aifatti nella Nu- 

ova Spagna. [Marmocchi. Viaggi, v. 5] . . 2275,1 
CORTESE, G. C. Opere. Napoli, 1783. 3v. 18\ 
[Collezioue di tutti i poemi in lingua napo- 
letana, V. 2-4] *4799a.l 

Contents. — Vol. I. Mlcco Passaro nnmnmornto ; Lo 
cerriglio ncaiitato; ViiigrRio tli Paniasii. II. La vojna- 
Rcido, poeiim eroico. III. La Rosa.trng. ; Li travagU- 
use ammuru de ciullo o puma; Lettere, 

CORTlCELLi, S. Regole della lingua toscana, accres- 
ciute per opera di P. dal Rio. 2a ed. Firenze, 
1S40. 12" 2786.11 

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et Lombardise, 1250-1304; Supplementum ad 
Cortusiorum historiam. [Graevius. Thes. 
antiq. Ital., T.O, p. 1] 4710.1 

CORUNNA, Account of the battle of. Milburne, H.Pph.v.3G6 

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mazione di un uuovo dizionario italiauo. 
Capolago, 1841. pp.59. 8° 2785.28 

CoRViN-WiERSBiTZKY, O. J. B. V. Historische 
Denkmale des christlichen Fanatisraus. 
Leipzig, 1845-47. 2v. 16° 6007.19 

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Cory, I. P. Method, objects and result of ancient 

and modern philosophy. London, 18-33. 10". 6099a. 2 
Cosby, major. Kevin's bed, a descriptive poem of 
scenery in the county of Wicklow. Dublin, 

1835. pp. 07. 8° 2476.31 

CosiN, J. Vita, -yce Smith, T 4177.12 

COSMAS Hierosolymitanus. Hymni, Latinfe. [Max- 
ima biblioth. vet. patr., v. 12] B.110.2 

CosMAS Indicopleustes. Christianomm opinio de 
mundo, sive topographia Christiana, Gr. et 
Lat. [Montfaucon. Collectiopatr. Gr., v. 1], 6020.3 
CosiMAS Pragensis. Chronica Boemorum, A. d. 

1038-1125. [Frankfurt. Societas, etc., v. 9], 4210.2 

— - Same. [Mencke. Script. Germ., v. 1] . . . 4261.2 
Cosmography. Burnet, T. Doctrina antiqua de 

rerura origiuibus 0108.14 

— Heylyn, P. Cosmograpliie 6270.1 

Cosmopolitan art journal. New York, 1857-59. 

2v. 4" *8091.1 

Cossacks. Die Kosaken in ihrer geschichtlichen 

p;;ntwickelungundgegenwartigen Zustiinden. 3066.8 
CossALi, P. Origine, trasporto in Italia, prlmi pro- 
gress! in essa dell' algebra. Parma, 1797-99. 
2v, 4° *5911.1 

— Scritti inediti, pubblicati da B. Boncompagni. 

Roma, 1857. 4° *5910.10 

COSTANZO, A. di. Istoria del regno di Napoli [colla 
vita d'autore dal sig. G. B. Tafuri]. Milano, 
1805. 3v. 8^ [Classici italiani, v. 119, 120].**4804.5 

— Sonetti. [Gironi. Raccolta di lirici italiani] , 4808.8 

— and Tarsia, G. di. Rime. Edizione novissima 

[da A. F. Seghezzi e G. A. Volpi]. Venezia, 

1759. sm.8" **4799.5 

COSTE, J. J. M. C V. Histoire du d^veloppement 
des corps organises. Tome 1, [et] explication 
des planches. Paris, 1847-49. 2v. in 1. 4". 3822.3 

— Instructions pratiques sur la pisciculture. Par- 

is, 1853. 12* 3906.8 

Costume. Book of 2236.10 

— Lens, A. Das Kostum der meisten Volker des 

Alterthums 4153.2 

— Vecellio, C. Costumes anciens et modernes . 2203.11 
CoTA, R., and Rojas, F. de. Celestina. Tragicome- 

dia de Calisto et Melibea nvovamente tra- 
dotta de lingua castigliana in italiano idioma. 

[Venetia], 1541. sm.S" *3105.13 

Cotelier, J. B. Ss. Patrum qui temporibus apos- 
tolicifl floruerunt, opera. Recensuit et notulaa 
adspersit J.Clericus. AntverpijE,1098. 2v. V. *6020.2 

Contents.— \'<:)\. I. S. Bamabo; epistola catholira, Grec- 
co-Latina ; Eadcm Latin^ : 8. Hermre pastor, Lat. ; de- 
mentis epistolwnd Corintbios (luse, Gr. et Lat. cum ejui- 
dera mftrtyrio ; Constitutiones apOBtolorum, Gr. et Lat. ; 
Cotelerii et Beveregii judiciu de canonibus apoBtolicia 




Shelf. No. 
COTELIER, J. B., cmttimied. 

cum annotationibus in eos; Canones apostolici, Gr. et 
Lai.; Beverefrii adnotatinnes aii eosdero canones; Ke- 
cognitionesClemcnlisaKufino Latinc versi:ClenientniR, 
Gr. ct Lat. ; Clementina epitome tie pestis Sancti Telri ; 
aiart>-rium Cleraentis, Gr. et Lat. ; Elihratmi opusculum" 
deminicnloinpneroaS.CIemente facie. II. Testimoaia 
vetenim de l^atii epistolis; Prfcfationes L*t»serii, Vossii 
et Coteletii in l^atium; Ignatii epistolie gonuinfle, Gr. 
' el Lat. ; Ejusdem epist. iuterpolatic e< supposilicift; ; Ig- 
natii epistolanira verarnm et suppositiciamra vetus 
versio. Lat.; Jlortyrium Ipnalii. Or. etLat. ; Tibcriani, 
PliniietTrajaiii epistoliB deCIiristianis; Polycarpi epis- 
tola, Gr. et Lat.; Ejusdem MartJTium; Indices; Beve- 
regii coilex canonnm ecclesia" universalis vindicatus ; 
I'aserii dissertationes de epistolis SS. Ignatii et Poly- 
carpi; Pearsouii viodicire epistolamni Ignntii. 

CiiTES, R. Le9ons de physique experimentale, sur 
I'c-quilibie de? liqueurs. Traduites de I'Anglois 
[parL.G.Le Monnier]. Paris, 1742. 8° . . 3967.12 

COTHREX, W. Address at the 2d centennial cele- 
bration at Woodbury. See Woodbury, Conn. 4336.1 

COTILLIONS. Musician's companion. Howe, E., jr. 8047.15 

CoTT.\, B. Deutsclilands Eoden, sein geologischer 
Bau und dessen Eiuwirkung aut' das Leben 
des Menschen. Ste Auft. Leipzig, 1868. 2v. 
in 1. 8° 2862.15 

— and Schaller, J. Briefe Uber Humboldt's Kos- 

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Necnon ejusdem liber de cpiscopis Angliffi. 
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[Uolls chronicles] *2414.17 

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bloudy tenent washed, and made white in the 
bloud of tlie Lambe. Added, a reply to Mr. 
Williams' answer to Cotton's letter. Lon- 
don, 1047. sm.4° *6068.20 

— Brieie exposition, with practicall observations 

upon the book of Ecclesiastes. Second im- 
pression. London, 1667. 8m.8° 3458.100 

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dren of tlie I'ailhfvll. London, 1IH7. sin.4° . *5465.2 

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to reconcile dillerences about discipline. Bos- 
ton, 1862. 12° 3458.97 

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liglit, by J. Howell. London, 1679. 8m.8° . •2619.19 

Content*. — Proccodlnft* afrninst anibanMadora who have 
mUcarrletl thcinaclves, and exceeded their comndsNlun ; 
That the kintta of Enslunil have been pleased to consult 
with their peers In parliament for marrlaife of their 
chililrcn, etc. ; That the suveraifen's person is required 
in parliament In ail consultations and eonelusiuns; Lo- 
frallty of combats, duels, or ratnp-tlKtit ; (Question of 
precedency between Enftland anil Hpaln; Alllaiieos and 
amity which have Intervened betwixt the bouses of 
Austria and Enftland ; Popish recusants, Jesuits and 
•<,inliinrlcs; Manner antl means how the Itinffs of EliK- 
lantl have supported and iiiiproveii their states; Answer 
to ( ertiiln arBuinents to prove tliat ecclesiastical lawa 
ouirbt to he enaeteil by ti.mporal men; ArKumunts by 
the house lit commons concemlnir ttiu prIvlleKO of ovvrj 
frev-born subject ; Mpoccli In house of cemmons ; Hpeech 
touebln([ the alteration of coin ; Valour anatomlxed In a 
fancy, by l*lr I'lilllp Hlilney ; Power .tf llie peers and 
commons of parliament, In point of Judlealure ; llotiesly, 
ambition and fortitude, anatomlEed by Blr F. Walslng- 
bami LIfa and rslgn of lUury III. 

Shelf. No. 

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CoUGNARi), J. L. S. Le libre examen : discours iv 

Geneve le 13 et le 23 Mars, 1853. See Conftjr- 

ences sur les principes de la foi rt'form^c . . B.117.6 
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cu ties 15ten unci lljtcn Juhrhunderts .... 6020.12 

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concilia 5510.1 

.Tee also; Busle, Mexico, Nice, Pisa, Trent. 

Counterfeit detector. Willis, H 6041.1 

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Courier de ,Mi';Rfc, P. L. Collection compli'te dea 

paitiphlets politiques et opuscules litteraires. 

Bruxcllos, 1826. 8° 4097.1 

C'oM/ems.— ftloKo d'lleleno; Lottro A M. Renonard; 
Pt'tltion aux deux cliambres; I.etlres d MM. de Taeadfe- 
nde des Inscriptions et belles-lettres; IVoeis de Pierre 
Clavier dit lllondeau ; Leilres an rl'dacleur du Censeur; 
A MM. les Jnges du tribunal civil. iV Tours; A M.M. du 
eonsell do prOfeeture, it Tours ; Lettres parlleuliiTes j 
Biinplo discours; Aux 4mos iK'votes de la piirolss,. do 
Viretx; Proci's du P. L. Courier; Pijtltlon pour des vll- 
lageols que I'on empfteho do danser; Prospectus d'une 




Shelf. No. 

Courier de MfcRfe, P. L., continued. 

traduction nouvplle d'HiTodote; Prfefttce dels traduc- 
tion dv In I.ucindi'; ItOponscR nux nnonytncd; Livrrt, 
no. 3; ProcJnmfttlon ; Giizottc dn vllliiRn, no, 4; Piece 
diploma tin no, nu. 5; Coltfctlon di> li'ttrvs ct nrtlrles In- 
»i*K'a dftna ditrtT<*nt5 jonrnnnx ; I.etlre h M. Uolotrorftuo 
do Rony, ]inr Lf-on de Ctiaulitlre; P«nn»hlct dcs p«in- 

COURNOT, A. A. T.'enchainomcnt des idees fonda- 
mentales dans les sciences et dans riiistoirc. 
Paris, l.^fll. yv. S° 5fi03.5 

COURRIER des fctats Vnis. Vols, l-ll, 13-16, lS-22, 

L»4. New York, IS-il-O-l. *Jlv. 4° *3130.3 

COUBS complct dVducation pour le.< filles. [TubUe 
par L. HacliL'tte et C'ie. nirigu par C, L. Dcz- 
obry.] Paris, 1837-50. lov. 1.8". Namely: 

— Vol. I. Cours coniplet d'educatlou ])our Ics 

flllcs de quatre ans ii dix ans 3591.22 

Content*. — Promiers consi-ils aux mart's sur les 
moycns t\v. dirigcr et d'inatriiiro letirs flUes, par A. F. 
Thtrv; Lemons do lecture dnns U-s imprimes et duns les 
ninnuscrits ; >[i'lhode ratlonnolle pour rensei^tnement de 
recrilnre, contenant les precuptcs ct les modules des 
einq genres de rferiturc, par E. Werdet ; Premiers ex- 
ercices de mi'nioire, on choix de morcenux on prose et 
en vers, fuciles a oomprondro cl li retenir ponr de jeunos 
onfants, par A, Ametie; Premieres notions de gram- 
mulrc frnnCBi'^c.parM. S«rdou; Premieres connaissances, 
ou simpli' notions sur les ph^nomenes les plus interes- 
Hants de la nature et sur les fails les plus curieux dans 
les sciences, les arts, et I'industrie, par MM. Cortambert, 
Sainte-Preave, Delafosse et Sonnet. 

— II. Conseils aux meres sur les moyens de diri- 

ger et d'instriiire elles-memes leurs filles, par 

A. F. Tht-ry 3591.23 

— ni. Exercices de memoire et de lecture, par 

A. F. Thery et C. L. Dezobry 3591.24 

— r\', V. Lemons de geographic, par p. E. F. Cor- 

tambert. 2v 3591.25 

— VI. Lemons d'arithmetique, par M. L. J. H. 

.Sonnet 3591.26 

— VH. Le9ons de grammaire fran<;aise et exer- 

cices de style, par M. Sardou 3591.27 

— VIII. Notions de physique et de chimie, par 

M. L. .J. H. Sonnet; Lemons d'histoire natu- 
relle, par G. Delafosse; Principes raisonnes 
do la musique, par L. M. Quicherat 3591.28 

— IX, X. Lemons d'histoire, par Gerusez, Bar- 

beret, Bouchitt(^ et Herbet 3591.29 

— XI. Conseils auxjeunespersonnes sur les moy- 

ens de completer leiir education, par A. F. 

Thery 3591.30 

— XII. Revue de I'histoire universelle, par L. A. 

Prevost-Paradol 3591.31 

— XIII. *otionsdepbilosop!iie,par A.F.Th^ry; 

Notions de droit general et de legislation fran- 
9aise, par M. A. Griin : Notions d'hygiene pra- 
tique, par Isidore Bourdon 3591.32 

— XIV. Cours superieurdegrammaire, par 31. B. 

Jullien 3591.32 

— XV. Cours de litterature gen^rale, par A. F. 

Thery 3591.34 

Course of calisthenics for young ladies. Hartford, 

18:il. pp. 87. 12' 3599.33 

Course of lectures for Sunday evenings. Boston, 

1826. pp.95. 12' 5447.19 

Coi;KT, Dictiounairedes predicateurs fran- 

Qois. See Albert. A 21S3.11 

COURTENAY, W. Address to the grand jury at tx- 
eter, on the dissemination of seditious and 
blasphemous doctrines. Exeter, 1819. 12'. *Pph.v.349 

COURTENEK, T. Abecedaire du precepteur fran^ais. 

Moscou, 1827. )2° 4689.41 

COURTOis, E. B. Hupport fait an nom de la com- 
mission charges de Texamen des papiers 
trouves chez Uobespierre et sea complices. 
Paris, 1795. p.b' 4652.23 

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maraichere. ;Jc ed. Paris, 1856. 24'. . . . 4008.32 

Courts-martial, Practice of. Benet, S. V. . . , 3tj35.l5 

Cuusix, G. Adagiorum sylloge. 5eeAdagia. . . 4160.2 

Shelf. No. 

Cousin, L. Histoire de Constantinople depuis le 
rt'gne de Pancien .Tustin. Traduite snr les 
originaux Grecs. Paris, 1672-74. 8v. 4°. . 2961.2 

Contents. — Vol. T. Procope do CE'snreo: Los gucrrrB 
eontrtt los Persos, les Vandnlea, et les Goths. 1 1, Proeopo : 
L'histolre mfilte, I'histoire secrete, et les six livres des 
tdiflces ; L'histoiro de I'empereur Justinicn.par Apathias. 
III. Les nmbassades des empcrcursJustinten, Justin le 
jeune, ct Tiberc, feriten par Mfiiandro; L'histoire do 1' 
emporeiir Mnurlee, fui'ito par Theophylacte .Simocatta; 
L'histoire abrf'KL'o, par Niceplioro le patriarche ; Les vies 
flea eniiicreura. par Lton, lo erammarien ; L'histoire de 
Constantin Duchb, de Itoninin Diogine, do Michel Ducas, 
et de Nicephorc Botnnitite. ecrite par Nicephore Br^-enne 
C6Bar. IV. L'histoire do I'empereur Alexis, ecrite par 
Anne Comtieno. V. L'histoire des empcrours les Com- 
nenes, Jean, Manuel, Alexis, AndroniQue, Isaac I'Ange, 
d' Alexis Ducas Murtzuphle, do In prise do Constantino- 
ple, et do rempcreiir Baudouin, ecrito parNicOte. VI. 
L'histoire des omperwurs Michel et Andronique, eerito 
par Parhymere. VII, VIII. L'histoire des empereurs 
Androuii|uee, et rhislnire des empereurs Jean Paleo- 
loEue, et Jean CivntaeuzOne, ferites par Cantacuz6ne. 
VIH. L'histoire dc* empereurs .loan, Manuel, Jean et 
Constantin Paleologues, ficrites por Ducas; Table chro- 

Cousin, V. Elements of psychology : examination 
of Locke on the understanding, with addi- 
tions and introduction. Translated by C. S. 
Henry. 2d ed. New York, 1838. 12' . . . 5608.22 

— Fragments ]itt(5raires. Paris, 1843. 8° - . . . 4188.2 

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Paris, 1861. 8" 5603.14 

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1838. 8' . ! B.163.6 

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1844. 8° 6103.7 

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— Philosophie de Locke. 4e ed. Paris, 1861. fe'. 5603.15 

— Rapport a Pacadeniie des sciences, morales et 

politiques, sur les memoires envoy^s pour 
concourir an prix de philosophie, sur la mct- 
aphysique d'Aristote. [No title-page.] pp. 
96. 4' 4191.8 

— Report on public instruction in Prussia. Trans- 

lated by S. Austin. New York, 18.35. 18' . . 3598.24 

— [Notice snr ai. Cousin: Extrait du Biographe, 

Journal mensuel, No. 333. No title-page,] 

pp. 8. 8° 4163.13 

Cousin de Saint-Denceux, A. Essai sur I'histoire 

de la theologie scolastique, du droit-canon et 

de la liturgie. Tome 1. Paris, 1845. 8° . , 6063.11 
CousiNERY, B. E. Tables k I'usage des ingenieups,