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*PAM 108-1 

No. 108-1 ) 




Purpose and Scope _. 1 

Restrictions on Release of this Publication 2 

Arrangement of this Pamphlet 3 

Historical Films 4 

Transparencies, GTA Charts, and Slides (TGS) ....... 5 

Conditions of Loan __ 6 

Tips for the Instructor 7 

Classified Films 8 

References 9 

Submission of Comments 10 


FB, MF, FS and SFS, TGS) 

3-series; Chemical - . 11 

5-series ; Engineers _ . 12 

6-series ; Field Artillery 13 

7-series ; Infantry _ 14 

8-series ; Medical . . . - - 15 

9-series; Ordnance (See also 25-series) 16 

10-series; Quartermaster . _. 17 

11-series; Communication-Electronics . . 18 

12-series ; Adjutant General 19 

14-series ; Finance - - . . 20 

15-series; Judge Advocate General (See also 27-series) - 21 

16-series, Chaplain . . .... 22 

17-series, Armor . . . 23 

19-series, Military Police .. . . - - 24 

20-series ; General Safety, Countries, Miscellaneous 25 

21-series ; Individual Soldier . . . . - 26 

22-series ; Leadership and Instructing 27 

25-series; Machine Shop Practice (See also 9-series) 28 

27-series; Military Law (See also 15-series) 29 

30-series; Military Intelligence 30 

31-series; Special Operations _ - 31 

32-series : Security 32 

33-series ; Psychological Operations 33 

35-series; Women's Army Corps - 34 

38-series; Supply, Shipping and Logistics Management (See also 54-series) . 35 

39-series; Nuclear - - 36 

41-series ; Civil Affairs/Military Government - - 37 

44-series ; Air Defense _ _ . _ . - 38 

45-series ; Public Information - 39 

46-series; Army Aviation 40 

64-series; Logistical Operation (See also 38-series) 41 

55-series ; Transportation - 42 

57-series ; Airborne (See also 7-series) . . . . . . 43 

*Thi$ pamphlet supersedes DA Pam 108-1, 15 May 1969, including all changes. 

Pam 108-1 




60-series ; Amphibious Operations . 44 

61-series ; Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 45 

101-series; Staff Officers Field Manual (Includes New Weapons Employment) .. 46 

140-series ; Reserves 47 

145-series; ROTC 48 


AFIF : Armed Forces Information Films 49 

AFMR (Also includes AFSM) ; Armed Forces Military Reports 50 

AIF : Army Information Films 51 

Combat Films, World War II and Korea : 52 

CB ; Combat Bulletins 

CHR ; Combat Historical Reports 

CMF ; Combat Miscellaneous Films 

CR; Campaign Reports 

DDCP (formerly DOD-CD and DDCD) : Defense Civil Preparedness Films 53 

DDIS (formerly DOD-IS) ; DOD Industrial Security 54 

GS; The Green Scene 55 

IESR (formerly AFIF and I&ESR) ; Information and Education Sports Reels . . 56 

PMF; Professional Medical Films 57 

RD (formerly R&D) ; Research and Development Films 58 

RDPR (formerly R&DPR) ; R&D Progress Reports 59 

RF; Recruiting Films 60 

SB; Special Bulletins . 61 

SFR; Staff Film Reports 62 

TAR; The Army Reports 63 

TV; Television Big Picture Films 64 

VTR ; Vietnam Training Reports 65 


SL; Slides 66 

AVK; Audio-Visual Kits 67 

R ; Recordings 68 


Pom 108-1 


1. Purpose and Scope 

This pamphlet is a catalog of official DA motion 
picture films and related Audio- Visual mate- 
rials, primarily intended for use by instructors, 
information officers, and other film users of 
the active Army and Civilian Reserves. It lists 
both classified and unclassified film materials 
which have been given a general distribution 
throughout the Audio-Visual Support Center 
System in CONUS and overseas. Included are: 

16mm motion picture films 
35mm filmstrips, sound and silent 
35mm slides in 2 x 2 inch mounts 
Transparencies, 8 x 10 inch 

Sound Recordings; 33Vs RPM Phono discs, 
j and !/4 inch tape 

GTA Charts, 44 x 33 inch, available from 
Training Aids Centers only. 

2. Restrictions on Release of This Publication 

This catalog, film bulletins, and other consol- 
idated DA film listings are authorized for re- 
lease only to US Armed Forces, including 
reserve organizations. These listings should 
not be released to individuals, or to foreign 
nationals, military or civilian (para 2-5e, AR 

3. Arrangement of This Pamphlet 



(1) The material in this section is ar- 
ranged according to prefix number, and within 
prefix numbers as follows: 
(3- series) TF 3-; FB 3-; MF 3-; FS and SFS 
3-; TGS 3-; 

(5- series) TF 5-; FB 5-; MF 5-; FS and SFS 

5-; TGS 5-; 
(6- series) TF 6-; etc. 

(2) The abbreviations indicate the follow- 
ing material: 

(a) TF: Training Films doctrine. 

(b) FB: Film Bulletins information 
and guidance (not generally doctrine). 

(c) MF: Miscellaneous Films infor- 
mation and guidance (not generally doctrine). 

(cO FS and SFS : Filmstrips and Sound 
Filmstrips doctrine, except adopted commer- 
cial filmstrips, which are informational. 

(e) TGS: Transparencies, GTA Charts, 
and Slides doctrine, except adopted commer- 
cial transparency subjects, which are informa- 

PICTURE FILM SERIES are listed alphabet- 
ically, then numerically within each film series 
(AFIF, AFMR, AIF, etc.). 

d. Section IV SL, SLIDE KITS; AVK, 
INGS are listed in the order shown. 


(1) This section lists all material in sec- 
tions II and III, except filmstrips and trans- 
parencies, alphabetically by title. In alphabet- 
izing, the following principles are followed: 

(a) Articles (a, an, the) at the begin- 
ning of a title or subtitle are ignored. (Exam- 
ple : THE EYE OF THE STORM is filed under 

(b) All punctuation marks are ignored. 
(Example: GUNNER'S QUADRANT is filed 

(c) Numerals are filed before letters, 

Pom 108-1 

i.e. 1-9 are before A; numbers spelled out in 
the title are filed as if they were numerals 
(ONE is filed as 1, FIRST is filed as 1st.) 

4. Historical Films (Hist) 

Films designated "Historical" do not reflect 
current National or DA policies or programs, 
but do have historical significance. Before all 
showings, the audience should be advised that 
these films are historical documents, and are 
not intended to reflect current doctrine, poli- 
cies, or plans. 

5. Transparencies, GTA Charts, and Slides 

GTA charts (G) are 44 x 33 inches and may be 
obtained only from Training Aids Centers; 
they are not distributed through AVSC's. The 
prefix "TG" indicates that both 8 x 10 inch 
transparencies and GTA charts are available. 
"TGS" indicates that the subject is available 
as transparencies, charts and as 35mm slides 
in 2 x 2 inch mounts. Transparencies and slides 
are available through AVSC's. 

6. Conditions of Loan 

Film users agree to the following conditions 
when borrowing films from the Audio-Visual 
Support Center (AVSC) : 

a. Films will be returned to the AVSC on 
or before the "Due In" date shown on the 
Audio- Visual Loan Order, DA Form 11-44 
(item 9, Fig. 1). 

b. Films will be shown only by a qualified 

c. Films will be returned to the AVSC tails 
out (NOT rewound). 

d. Films will be shown to authorized person- 
nel only. 

(1) This pamphlet lists films which are 
available for US Armed Forces audiences, in- 
cluding Reserves, National Guard and ROTC 
for official meetings, and DOD Civilians. 

(2) Some of the films are cleared for pub- 
lic exhibition. Lists of films cleared for public 
nonprofit exhibition, nonsponsored television, 

or professionallv interested groups, are avail- 
able at Audio-Visual Support Centers (AVSC). 
The film user must check with his AVSC to 
determine the clearance of a film if he intends 
to show it to an audience other than those listed 
in (1) above. 

e. Film users will furnish exact number of 
showings and total audience count for each 
film borrowed (items 11 and 12, fig 1) on the 
copy of DA Form 11-44 which is to be re- 
turned with the film. 

7. Tips for the Instructor 

a. Get to know your AVSC and the films 
available for your use. Be cooperative 

(1) Order films early on DA Form 11-44 
(Audio-Visual Loan Order) (fig 1). 

(2) Return films promptly in the proper 
film cans after use-date, so that the next film 
user's program will not be disrupted. 

(3) Be sure to report your "Showings" 
and "Attendance" on copy of DA Form 11-44 
which must be returned in film shipment. 

b. Audio-Visual Support Centers (AVSC) 
are the only organizations authorized to stock 
and loan official DA films including motion 
pictures, filmstrips and slides, transparencies 
and recordings (phono and tape). AVSC's also 
furnish the following services: 

(1) Advisory services in film program- 
ming, film selection, and proper use of films 
for instruction. 

(2) Loan of projection equipment. 

(3) Training and licensing projectionists 
for using units. 

c. Films are excellent instructional media 
use them properly. Films are produced by qual- 
ified and recognized authorities in the field, 
and are high quality instructional material for 
standardized Army-wide training. 

d. Requests for production of new Army 
motion picture film subjects should be sub- 
mitted through appropriate command or tech- 
nical channels following procedures outlined 
in AR 108-6. Recommendations for revision 

Pom 108-1 


For use of this form, see AR 108-5; the proponent agency is Office 
of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communications-Electronics. 




J//s ts/tt 

. 30330 
















Instructor is responsible /or insuring that licensed pro/ecfioniste only 
(DA Form 11-78) will operate l/.S. Army Projection Equipment. 


INSTRUCTIONS: List item numbers and titles in space provided above. Indicate 
method oi delivery and actual showing dates. Shipping time will be allowed by 
copy of this form to AVSC with items indicating showing and attendance infor- 
mation as required by DA Forms 11-174, 11-174-1 and 11-174-2 (fleports Control 
Symbol Sig-12 (R3)) and AR 108-30. 

Damaged items should be returned immediately to the AVSC with full report of 
circumstances on reverse of this form. Items MUST BE RETURNED AT AGREED 

REQUE^TINGJDFFICfR {Signature, Grade and Title) 




RECEIVED (Signature or Authorized Representative) 

NOTE: Showing* and attendance information and projectionist's report will be completed. 

DA ,25*. 11-44 


Figure 1. DA Form 11-44; Audio-Visual Loan Order. 

Pom 108-1 

or obsolescence of an existing film should be 
forwarded through the same channels. 

8. Classified Films 

The handling and control of classified films and 
other materials will be in accordance with the 
provisions of AR 380-5, other pertinent AR's, 
and local security regulations. The screening 
room to be used must be secure, and the follow- 
ing certificate should be included on the face 
of DA Form 11-44, (Audio-Visual Loan Order) 
and signed by appropriate authority: 

In accepting the loan of the film(s) listed here- 
on, which are classified, I will comply with the 
provisions of AR 380-5 to insure its (their) 
safeguarding. Personnel to view the film(s) 
are cleared to have access to 

insert classification 

and have a "need-to-know" regarding the in- 
formation contained therein. 

9. References 

a. Instructor's Film References (FR TF) are 
available from Audio- Visual Support Centers 
for most films in the TF series. They contain 
information useful to the instructor in prepar- 
ing for the film presentation. Normally, this 
information includes a detailed synopsis of 
the film, its usage and audience, suggested in- 
troductory and closing remarks, a quiz, and 
other pertinent film utilization data. 

b. AR 108-5, Army Photography and Army 
Film Distribution. 

c. AR 108-6, Department of the Army Mo- 
tion Picture/Television Production. 

d. FM 21-6, "Techniques of Military In- 
struction" covers the advantages of films, and 
the proper preparation and presentation of 
film programs as well as followup activities. 

e. Training Film TF 21-2305, "Military In- 
struction, Part III, Training Aids." 

/. FM 11-41, "Audio-Visual Support Center 


10. "Submission of Comments 

Users of this publication are encouraged to 
submit recommended changes and comments 
to improve the publication. Comments should 
be keyed to the specific page, paragraph, and 
line of the text in which the change is recom- 
mended. Reasons will be provided for each com- 
ment to insure understanding and complete 
evaluation. Comments should be prepared using 
DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to 
Publications) and forwarded direct to the Com- 
mander, US Army Audio-Visual Agency, 
ATTN: CEPA-POD-F, Tobyhanna, Pennsyl- 
vania 18466. 

TF 3 Chemical 


Section I. 


11. 3-Series; Chemical 

TF 3-2245 Mixing and Evaluation of Flam* Fuel* 

(Color 22 Min 1956) 

Feature and use of thickened 
and unthickened fuel rule of thumb 
and weight formula for mixing 
safety factors testing of fuel. 

TF 3-2653 Protective Mask Fitting 

(B&W 5 Min 1959) 

Donning the M9A1 protective 
mask, adjusting and tightening the 
straps, and testing for proper fit 
stress on masking in nine seconds. 

TF 3-2654 Protective Mask Inspection 

(B&W 8 Min 1959) 

Disassembly of the M9A1 into 
its three major components canis- 
ter, facepiece and carrier inspec- 
tion of each component for leaks 
and damage. 

TF 3-2661 Use of Field Impregnation Set 

(B&W 9 Min 1958) 

Composition of M3 impregna- 
tion set preparation of chemical 
mix and impregnation of clothing 
composition of Ml test kit testing 
impregnated clothing and restoring 
its protective quality. 

TF 32663 Handling and Storage of Equipment for 

Chemical Agents 

(B&W 8 Min 1958) 

Three types of one-ton storage 
containers equipment for trans- 
ferring agents from one container 
to another equipment to transport 
agents from one area to another. 

TF 3-2664 Chemical Agents, Storage Methods and 


(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

Layout and operation of storage 
site for bulk toxic agents require- 
ments of site methods used to de- 

tect and correct leakage safe stor- 
age practices. 

TF 3-2809 CBR Protective Shelters-Part l-Field 

(B&W 14 Min 1961) 

Construction and protection af- 
forded by unventilated and venti- 
lated shelters requirements for 
CBR detection equipment and de- 
contaminants conduct within shel- 

TF 3-2977 CBR Protective Shelters-Port Il-S.mi- 

Permanent and Permanent Shelters 

(B&W 18 Min 1961) 

Construction locations, and con- 
ditions for ventilated semiperma- 
nent, and permanent shelters de- 
contamination procedures before 
and after entering shelter. 

TF 3-3018 Mechanical Smoke Generator, M3A3, 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 

Assembly and installation of 
the three major components en- 
gine head assembly, float bowl as- 
sembly, and fog oil pump assembly. 

TF 3-3019 Mechanical Smoke Generator M3A3- 


(B&W 10 Min 1960) 

Disassembly of major compo- 
nents for inspection and repair 
engine head assembly, float bowl as- 
sembly, and valves of fog oil pump 

TF 3-3036 CBR Permeable Protective Outfit Part I 

Donning Procedure 
(B&W 8 Min 1961) 

Protection afforded against 
toxics, predressing inspection appli- 
cation of protective ointment to 
worn areas and skin donning pro- 
cedure final inspection of outfit. 

TF 3 Chemical 

TF 3-3037 

TF 3-3038 

TF 3-3039 

TF 3-3173 

TF 3-3203 

TF 3-3204 

TF 3-3247 

CBR Permeable Protective Outfit Part II 
Removal Procedure 
(B&W 7 Min 1961) 

Removal of individual equip- 
ment and decontamination of mask 
and boots removal of each item of 
outfit decontamination and moni- 
toring of personnel provision of 
first aid and new clothing to per- 

CBR Impermeable Protective Outfit Part I 

Donning Procedure 

(B&W 10 Min 1961) 

Protection afforded against 
toxics predressing inspection an^ 
preparation of hood and mask 
donning of each item of outfit 
stress on airtight fit for maximum 

CBR Impermeable Protective Outfit Part II 
Removal Procedure 

(B&W 8 Min 1961) 

Preliminary decontamination 
of outfit in field undressing proce- 
dure and disposition of each item 
at personnel decontamination sta- 
tion decontamination and monitor- 
ing of personnel provision of first 
aid and new clothes. 

The Chemical Biological and Radiological 

(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Role of CBR element in tac- 
tical situation involving infantry 
division in offense how CBR in- 
formation is collected, evaluated and 
transmitted to commander for use 
in executing mission. 

Protective Mask Fitting and Drill 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

How to select mask proce- 
dures for fitting, testing, and ad- 
justing mask steps in executing 
mask drill importance of drill for 
quick masking for survival. 

Protective Mask Inspection (Ml 7) 

(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

Components in M17 mask as- 
sembly four steps in first echelon 
maintenance of mask procedure 
for inspecting, removing, cleaning 
and replacing the M17 components. 

The Effects of Weather and Terrain on the 
Field Behavior of Chemical Agents 
(B&W 22 Min 1963) 
Effects of wind, temperature, 

humidity, cloud, rain and micro- 
weather elements on chemical 
agents effects of terrain on mete- 
orological elements. 

TF 33338 Basic Principles of Radiac Instruments 

(Color 16 Min 1963) 

Functions and principles of 
measure of radiac instruments de- 
vices to measure dose rates and 
total doses application and con- 
cepts of various instruments now in 
use in army. 

TF 3-3371 Introduction to CBR Operations 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

Hazards of CBR attack how 
agents enter and effect body pro- 
tective measures and equipment 
available to soldier how agents 
are delivered and detected prepar- 
ation for CBR operation stressed. 

TF 3-3372 Masking Procedures in Combat (M17 

Protective Mask) 
(B&W 7 Min 1963) 

Importance of mask in chemical 
or biological operation steps in 
masking procedure circumstances 
under which automatic masking is 

TF 3-3432 Nerve Agents 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

Features and tactical use of 
GA, GB, and V nerve agents how 
agents enter body and symptoms of 
poisoning protective and first-aki 
measures against them. 

TF 3-3463 Accessories for Use With ABC Ml 7 Field 

Protective Mask 

(B&W 15 Min 1964) 

Methods for attaching to M17 
mask and use of: M6 Hood, winter- 
ization kit, waterproofing bag, and 
protective mask spectacle inserts. 

TF 3-3464 Removal and Replacement of the Filter 

Elements for the ABC Ml 7 Field 
Protective Mask 

(B&W 19 Min 1964) 

Design and protection provided 
by filter elements removal proce- 
dure and method for inserting new 
elements final checkout procedure 
for testing the mask. 

TF 3-3569 Radiological Surveys Ground and Air 

(B&W 32 Min 1965) 

Shows how ground and air ra- 
diological surveys are carried out 

TF 3 Chemical 

to furnish unit commander with ra- 
diological intelligence upon which to 
base tactical decisions. Sources and 
equipment also shown. 

TF 3-3592 Characteristics of Biological Agents 

(B&W 17 Min 1965) 

Characteristics of agents, meth- 
ods of dissemination (aerosol, vec- 
tor, and sabotage), effects on body, 
and defense measures for individual 

TF 3-3658 CB and Nuclear Defense Training-CBR 

Standards of Proficiency 

(B&W 19 Min 1966) 

Standard of proficiency for in- 
dividual soldier and field units for 
CBE readiness protective meas- 
ures and how to cope with effects of 
GBR attack. 

TF 3-3699 Servicing the Portable Flamethrower and 

the M-3 Riot Control Agent Disperser 

(B&W 22 Min 1966) 

Procedures and equipment used 
in filling and pressuring the flame- 
thrower and M-3 disperser safety 
measures in handling flammables 
and agents. 

TF 3-3700 Mechanized Flamethrower M10-8-Part 1- 

Nomenclature and Functioning 
(Color 18 Min 1966) 

Components and functioning of 
the 3 elements of the M10-8: M8 
flame gun cupola group, M10 fuel 
and pressure group and pressure 
control unit and C02 assembly. 

TF 3-3701 Mechanized Flamethrower M10-8-Part II- 

Ser vicing and Firing Procedures 
(Color 16 Min 1966) 

Preservice and prefiring gunner 
checks, recharging procedure, firing 
procedure, and post-firing gunner 

TF 3-3737 Alpha Monitoring Procedures 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Techniques and equipment used 
by EOD and alpha teams to secure 
and monitor contaminated area re- 
sulting from accidental detonation 
of nuclear weapon in transit. 

TF 3-3753 Unit CBR Decontamination 

(Color 22 Min 1967) 

Describes the requirement and 
fundamentals of unit CBR decon- 
tamination, focusing on: use of 
NATO contamination markers, the 
four methods of decontamination 
use of standard decontaminants, 

burning of liquid agents, and use of 
the radiac meter and detection kit 
to be sure contamination hazards- 
are reduced sufficiently. 

TF 33773 Use of CS and Smoke in Counterguerrilla 

Operations Pt I General Operations 
(Color 21 Min 1967) 

Tactical use of CS and smoke 
in taking a fortified village use of 
agents for reconnaissance, ambush, 
and patrols; to protect landing 
force and convoy of trucks; to 
route enemy from village; and in 
extraction operations. 

TF 3-3774 Use of CS and Smoke in Counterguerrilla 

Operations Pt II Tunnel Clearing and 

(Color 11 Min 1967) 

Use of smoke to locate tunnel 
entrances; techniques and safety 
measures used to explore the tun- 
nel; and use of smoke and powdered 
CS agent to restrict the tunnel. 

TF 3-3831 Meeting the CBR Threat 

(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Teaches unit commanders their 
responsibilities for CBR prepared- 
ness of troops, underscoring the re- 
quirement for incorporating CBP 
training into field exercises. 

TF 3-3854 M4A2 Flamethrower Service Unit-Part I- 

Nomenclature and Functioning 

(B&W 15 Min 1968) 

Features and functioning of the 
5 major groups of the M4A2; pro- 
cedure for filling the fuel tank from 
an outside source; procedures frr 
filling mixing tank, mixing thick- 
ened fuel, and discharging fuel to 
the flame thrower. 

TF 3-3855 M4A2 Flamethrower Service Unit-Part II- 

Operation and Operator Maintenance 

(B&W 10 Min 1967) 

Pre-operation services ; proce- 
dure for filling mixing tank from 
an outside source and attaining 
proper consistency of fuel; trans- 
fer of thickened fuel to flame 
thrower and pressurizing proce- 
dure; shut-down procedure. 

TF 3-3858 Use of Chemical Agent Detector Kit 


(Color 20 Min 1968) 

Features and capabilities of 
kit, and methods of use at the pla- 
toon level. Test procedures and their 
results liquid contamination, nerve 

TF 3 Chemical 

TF 3-3966 

TF 3-3996 

TF 3-4060 

TF 3-4061 

TF 3-4071 

TF 3-4084 

TF 3-4085 

agents, mustard agents. Precautions 
in employing the kit in cold 
weather, at night, and testing for 
mustard gas. 
Individual Protection Against Chemical and 

Biological Operations and Nuclear 


(Color 28 Min 1969) 

Illustrates importance of sur- 
face and underground cover to sur- 
vive effects of blast, heat, and radi- 
ation; measures to protect person- 
nel, food, and water during biolog- 
ical attack; and measures to protect 
personnel exposed to a nerve agent 
spray attack. 

Storags and Handling of Chemical Agents 
and Munitions 

(Color 22 Min 1969) 

Illustrates the required sur- 
veillance to prevent disaster during 
transportation, handling, and stor- 
age of the 4 main groups of chem- 
ical munitions: A, B, C, and D. 

Components of the M17A1 Field Protective 


(B&W 10 Min 1969) 

Features, functions, and proper 
use of the facepiece assembly, eye- 
lens outsorts, canteen cap, water- 
proofing bag, and mask carrier. 

Accessories for the M17A1 Field Protective 
(B&W 11 Min 1969) 

Features, functions, and proper 
use of the protective mask hood, 
winterization kit, resuscitation tube, 
and spectacle inserts. 

Combat Flame Operations 
(Color 28 Min 1969) 

Depicts the characteristics and 
employment of flame weapons in de- 
fensive and offensive tactical situa- 
tions : portable flamethrowers, 
mechanized flamethrowers, and 
flame field expedients. 

Radiac Instruments Part I Tactical 

(B&W 13 Min 1969) 

Describes the characteristics, 
functioning, use, and maintenance 
of the army's standard dosimeters, 
IM-93/UD and IM-147/DP, and the 
dosimeter charger PP-1578A/PD. 

Radiac Instruments-Part ll-lon Chamber 



TF 3-4193 

TF 3-4226 

TF 3-4227 

TF 3-4238 

(B&W 19 Min-1970) 

Describes the characteristics, 
use, functioning, and maintenance 
of the army's standard dose-rate 
radiacmeters IM-174A/PD and IM- 

Radiac Instruments Part III G-M 

(B&W 16 Min 1970) 

Describes the characteristics, 
use, functioning, and maintenance 
of the army's standard personnel 
and equipment monitoring radiac 
set, the AN/PDR-27. 

Nuclear Burst Reporting 

(Color 16 Min 1970) 

Demonstrates the steps in gath- 
ering information for the NBC 1 
nuclear report used to determine 
nuclear yield and to make fallout 
predictions. Stress is placed on ob- 
server's location, flash-to-bang time, 
cloud width, and azimuth to attack 
to determine location of ground zero 
and nuclear yield. 

M13 Individual Decontaminating and 
Reimpregnating Kit 

(B&W 8 Min 1970) 

A patrol in the field demon- 
strates masking procedures and the 
use of the M13 kit. The four parts 
of the kit skin decontaminating 
pad, chloramide powder bag, dye 
capsule, and cutter are shown and 

M12A1 Decontaminating Apparatus Part 
I Major Components; Nomenclature and 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 

Describes controls and fittings 
on the major components; pump 
unit, M2 water heater, and tank 
unit. Also demonstrates the various 
uses of the apparatus. 

M12A1 Decontamination Apparatus Part 
II Operation and Operator Maintenance 

(Color 23 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
operation of the M12A1 decontam- 
ination apparatus, including pre- 
operation service, setup, operation, 
cleaning and lubrication. 

The Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warning 
and Reporting System 

(Color 24 Min 1972) 
Demonstrates the NBC report- 

TF 3 Chemicals 

TF 3-4242 

ing system in use in a military ex- 
ercise, showing the flow of informa- 
tion, and key steps in preparation 
of NBC reports 1 through 5. 
Smoke Operations Part I Employment of 

Smoke in Combat Operations 

(Color 14 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates uses and methods 
of placement of smoke in field com- 
bat operations. 

Smoke Operations Part II The Chemical 
Smoke Generator Company 

(Color 13 Min 1972) 

Illustrates the makeup and 
functions of a chemical smoke gen- 
erator company, and shows the 
planning and conduct of a smoke 

TF 3-4268 Use of CS in Training 

(B&W 26 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates methods of using 
riot control agent CS to add realism 
to combat training situations; 
shows dispersal methods and inte- 
gration in training exercises. 

TF 3-4269 Individual Protection Against Nuclear 

(B&W 22 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates what an individ- 
ual soldier should do before, dur- 
ing, and after a nuclear attack. 
Shows components of explosion, 
marking contaminated areas, and 


MF 3 Chemical 

MF 3-9121 Report of Field Tests With a Psychochemical 


(Color 30 Min 1959) (Film is 

MF 3-9286 Smoke and Flame in Warfare 

(Color 15 Min 1961) 

Chemical corps research and 
development report features and 
tactical use of new smoke producing 
devices and flame weapons. 

MF 3-9322 The Assessment of Vesicant Injuries 

(Color 32 Min 1961) 
(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Australian Film) 

A study of vesicant injuries re- 
sulting from mustard gas exposure 
using a test group composed of vol- 

MF 3-9345 Quality Assurance in the US Army Chemical 


(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Purpose and concept of quality 
assurance in research and develop- 
ment, engineering, production and 
acceptance, storage and mainte- 
nance, and command maintenance 
inspection in field. 


TGS 3 Chemical 

TG 3-1-3 

TG 3-1-4 

TG 3-1-5 

TG 3-1-6 

TG 3-1-7 

TG 3-2-1 

TG 3-3-1 

TG 3-4-1 

M9 Truck Mounted Decontaminating 

(B&W 18 FR 1967) 

These transparencies illustrate 
the construction, use, operation and 
care of the M9 truck mounted de- 
contaminating apparatus. 

ABC-M1 1 Decontaminating Apparatus 
(B&W 6 FR 1967) 

This series illustrates the con- 
struction, use, and operation of the 
ABC-Mil decontaminating appara- 

M13 Individual Decontaminating and 

Reimoregnating Kit 

(B&W 5 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the characteristics 
and functions of the M13 kit, with 
focus on its contents, and proce- 
dures for decontaminating skin, 
clothing and equipment, and reim- 
pregnation of chemical protective 

M12A1 Decontaminating Apparatus 
(B&W 15 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the nomenclature, 
functions, and operation of the 
M12AL decontaminating apparatus. 

CBR Decontamination 

(B&W& 11 FR 1971) 

Illustrates three general types 
of CBR decontaminants available 
for use in the field, together with 
their characteristics, uses, and ap- 
plicable safety precautions. 

Smoke Pots-ABC-M5, AN-M7A1 

(Color 10 FR 1965) 

These 10 transparencies cover 
effects, handling and characteristics 
of smoke pots ABC-M5 (HC filled) 
and AN-M7A1 (floating). 

Automatic Atropine Injector 

(Color 4 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the design and func- 
tioning of the automatic atropine 
injector, how it is stored in the pro- 
tective mask carrier, and its proper 
use to counteract the effects of nerve 

M17 Protective Mask 

(B&W 33 FR 1962) 

This series of 33 transparen- 
cies covers the construction, use, 
handling and maintenance of the 
Ml 7 protective mask. 

TG 3-4-2 

TG 3-4-3 

TG 3-4-4 

TG 3-5-3 

TG 3-5-4 

G 3-5-5 

TG 3-5-6 

TG 3-5-7 

TG 3-6 

Individual Protection From Fallout 
(B&W 14 FR 1962) 

This series of 14 B&W trans- 
parencies describes the nature and 
dangers of radioactive fallout. 

Defense Against CBR Attack 

(Color 34 FR 1965) 

These 34 transparencies pre- 
sent views and charts on the dan- 
gers and defense against CBR at- 

M17A1 Fi Id Protective Mask 
(B&W 28 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the major compo- 
nents, accessory items, fitting, use, 
and maintenance of the M17A1 
field protective mask. 

E8 CS Cartridge Launcher 
(B&W 19 FR 1967) 

These transparencies illustrate 
the construction, characteristics, 
functioning, tactical use, and trou- 
bleshooting of the E8 CS cartridge 

El 59/1 58 CS Canister Munition 
(B&W 7 FR 1967) 

This series illustrates the char- 
acteristics, functioning, and em- 
ployment of the E159/158 CS can- 
ister munition. 

CB Munitions Disposal Guide 


Flame Field Expedients 

(B&W 13 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the characteristics, 
tactical uses, and safety precau- 
tions, applicable to various flame 

Markings of US Chemical Filled Munitions 

(Color 8 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the markings and 
standard color coding system for 
US chemical filled munitions, in- 
cluding bombs, rockets, projectiles, 
and grenades. 

Markings of US Chemical Munitions 

(Color 8 FR 1954) 

Illustrates the markings on US 
chemical grenades, mortar and ar- 
tillery shells, candles and smoke 
pots, gas and smoke bombs, incen- 
diary bombs and rockets, and safe 
destroying equipment and mines. 


T6S 3 Chemical 

G 3-7-2 Things To Do Under Chemical, Biological TG 3-8-6 

or Nuclear Attack 
(Card) 1966 

T 3-8-1 M4 Helicopter or Vehicle-Mounted Riot 

Control Agent Disperser 
(B&W 18 FR 1964) 

These 18 transparencies pre- 
sent views and instructions for the 
construction, operation and handl- 
ing of the M4 riot control agent 
dispenser mounted in a helicopter 
and in a vehicle. 

TG 3-8-2 M3 Portable Riot Control Agent 

Disperser (B&W 14 FR 1965) 
These 14 transparencies pre- 
sent views illustrating the charac- 
teristics, components, and handling 
of the M3 portable riot control 
agent disperser. 

TG 3-12 
TG 3-13 

TG 3-20 

TG 3-8-3 Ml 06 Riot Control Agent Disperser (Mity 

(B&W 17 FR 1966) 

These 17 transparencies cover iG 3-21 
the characteristics, use, operation, 
and maintenance of the Ml 06 riot 
control agent disperser. 

TG 3-8-4 AN-M4/C Air Compressor 

(For portable flame thrower and 
riot control a^ent dispersers) 
(B&W 1967 FR 8) 

This series illustrates the 
components, use, functioning, and 
maintenance of the AN-M4/C air 

G 3-25 
TG 3-28-1 

TG 3-8-5 MS Helicopter or Vehicle-Mounted Riot 

Control Disperser 

(Color 13 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the following aspects 
of the M5 disperser: nomenclature TG 3-32 
of basic groups, accessories, func- 
tioning from charging pressure to 
operating pressure, servicing proce- 
dure, air charging procedure, oper- 
ating procedure, decontamination, 
and installation on helicopter or ve- 

M2A1-7 Portable Flamethrower 
(B&W 22 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the following as- 
pects of the M2A1-7: major groups 
and components, needle valve ad- 
justment, valve safety link adjust- 
ment, functioning from charging 
pressure to operating pressure, ad- 
justing pressure regulator, servic- 
ing before firing, firing procedures, 
and servicing after firing. 

Airplane Smoke Tank M 10 

Parts: Airplane Smoke Tank M10 
(B&W 1944) 

Illustrates the components of 
the air inlet assembly and the dis- 
charge line assembly. 

M9A1 Protective Mask 

(B&W 31 FR 1959) 

This series of 31 transparen- 
cies covers the construction, use, 
handling and maintenance of the 
M9A1 protective mask. 

M3A3 Smoke Generator 
(B&W 19 FR 1966) 

These 19 transparencies pre- 
sent charts and diagrams covering 
the components, operation, mainte- 
nance, and troubleshooting cf the 
M3A3 smoke generator. 

Decontaminating Apparatus M3A3 
(20 FR-1954) 

Assembly and Disassembly Mat, Portable 

Flamethrower M2A1-7 

(B&W 1961) 

Illustrates the components of 
the fuel hose, valve grip assembly, 
barrel and inlet body assembly, an(1 
ignition section. 

MBA2 GAS-Particulate Filter Unit With 
Combat Vehicle Protective Mask 
(B&W 13 FR 1961) 

Illustrates the characteristics, 
use, operation, and preventive main- 
tenance of the M8A2 gas filter unit 
provided with the combat vehicle 
protective mask M14A1. 


TF 5 Engineers 

12. 5-Series; Engineers 

TF 5-1193 Military Roads-Part l-Road Expedients 

(B&W 21 Min 1943) 

Expedient methods for road 
construction in swampy and sandy 
ground. Use of corduroy mats, wire 
mesh and steel landing mats. 

TF 5-1198 Military Roads-Part VI-Gravel and Rock 

(B&W 8 Min 1943) 

Complete process of gravel and 
rock surfacing; composition of good 
gravel and principles of gradation; 
emphasis on maintenance of gravel 

TF 5-1549 Multiplex Mapping-Part I 

(Color 26 Min 1949) 

Multiplex method of producing 
accurate topographical maps from 
aerial photographs. 

TF 5-1784 Asphalt Mixing Plant Set (Barber-Greene 

Model 848) 
(Color 38 Min 1952) 

Design, mechanical operation, 
and high capacity production of 
model 848 suitable for mixing all 
types of bituminous mixtures. 

TF 5-1785 Model 879A Finisher 

(Color 15 Min 1952) 

Function, characteristics and 
mechanical operation treatment 
points up characteristics of compo- 
nent part. 

TF 5-1817 Construction of 10,000 Barrel Bolted Steel 

Tanks Part I Foundation, Bottom and 
(B&W 16 Min 1954) 

Prescribed procedures and ma- 
terials used in erecting the founda- 
tion, bottom and sidewalls empha- 
sis on proper location of gaskets. 

TF 5-1822 Beach Obstacles 

(B&W 22 Min 1953) 

Teaches the purpose, types, em- 
ployment and construction of beach 
obstacles, stressing factors in plan- 
ning, selection and construction. 

TF 5-1862 Military Pipeline Operations-Part I- 

Laying Pipelines 
(B&W 19 Min 1953) 

Demonstrates the laying of typ- 
ical military pipeline; stovepipe and 
grasshopper methods of laying 
pipe; cold and hot bending pipe 

TF 5-1863 Military Pipelina Operations-Part II- 

Installation of Pumping Stations 
(B&W 17 Min 1953) 

Illlustrates how to erect a 
pumping station using pipeline sta- 
tion manifold set No. 2. 

TF 5-1864 Military Pipeline Operations-Part Ill- 

Operation and Maintenance of 
Pipeline Systems 

(B&W 10 Min 1953) 

Organization of system into dis- 
tricts; control by pipeline service 
headquarters; duties of chief dis- 
patcher; supply of fuel to stations. 

TF 5-1898 Construction of 10,000 Barrel Bolted Steel 

Tanks Part II Center Support, Deck, 
Valves and Vents 

(B&W 9 Min 1954) 

Methods and procedures for 
erecting the center support and in- 
stalling a water draw-off valve, a 
20-foot relief vent and vacuum 

TF 05-1980 Land Mine Warfare-Part Il-Siting and 

(B&W 11 Min 1955) 

How siting party lays bound- 
ary tape, safety, vehicle and patrol 
lane tapes; how marking party in- 
stalls 2-strand fence around mine- 

TF 05-1982 Land Mine Warfare-Part IV-Recording 

and Reporting 
(B&W 13 Min 1955) 

Report of intention; report of 
initiation; report of completion; re- 
port of change; report of transfer; 
minimum record; maximum record. 

TF 05-1985 Land Mine Warfare-Part VI (-Protective 


(B&W 11 Min 1955) 

Siting; laying; marking; re- 
cording and reporting; placing of 
covering fire; other uses of mine- 
field; final disposition after service. 

TF 05-1987 Land Mine Warfare-Part IX-Assault 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 

Deliberate and hasty breach of 
enemy minefield duties of recon- 
naissance and breach parties, meth- 
ods of opening lanes, assault and 
passage of forces. 

TF 05-1989 Land Mine Warfare-Part XI-Behavior In 

a Minefield 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 


TF 5 Engineers 

Aimed at individual soldier TF 5-2280 
moving safely through a minefield, 
planning way out, probing for 
mines, marking safety lane, moving 
injured man out. 

TF 5-2282 

TF 5-2294 

TF 5-1996 Bridge Panel Bailey Type M-2 Part I 

Site Preparation and Layout 
(B&W 17 Min 1955) 

Clearing site area; staking out 
centerline of bridge; placement of 
grillage; positioning, spacing and 
leveling rollers. 

TF 5-1997 Bridge-Panel Bailey Type M-2-Part II- 

Basic Construction 
(B&W 37 Min 1955) 

Construction of 90-foot double 
truss bridge assembly, launching 
and seating; preparation of ap- 
proach to bridge; laying ramps; 
care and maintenance when bridge 
is in operation. TF 5-2333 

TF 5-1998 Bridge-Panel Bailey Type M-2-Part Ill- 

Multistory Construction 

(B&W 25 Min 1955) 

Erection of partial-story rein- 
forcement, triple-truss double story, 
and three-story bridge. 

TF 5-2334 

TF 5-2105 Aluminum Floating Footbridge 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 

Features uses in combat 
step-by-step construction of 400-foot 
long bridge. 

TF 5-2276 Water Purification-Part I-PH and Chloride 

Residual Test 

(Color 7 Min 1957) TF 5-2349 

Proper addition of indicator sol- 
utions; final matching of colors 
through comparator eyepiece; eval- 
uating test results. 

TF 5-2278 Water Purification Part III Coagulation 


(Color 8 Min 1957) TF 5-2350 

Testing equipment and chem- 
icals; preparation of standard sol- 
utions; testing raw water with 
standard solutions; optimum PH 

TF 5-2279 Water Purification-Part IV-Turbidity, 

Color, Taste and Odor Tests 

(Color 4 Min 1957) TF 5-2351 

Obtaining and analyzing tur- 
bidity reading; difference between 
apparent and true color; testing for 
odor; taste test. 

Water Purification Part V Chlorides and 
Sulfates Tests 

(Color 7 Min 1957) 

Chlorides use of potassium 
chromate and analysis of test sam- 
ple; sulfates use of barium solu- 
tion and analysis of test sample. 

Demolitions, M-10 Universal Destructor 
(B&W 7 Min 1956) 

Features and components of 
the M 10; how it is used with 
adapter, M-l and M-3 firing de- 
vices, 16-mm mortar shell, and 105- 
mm and 155-mm projectiles. 

Construction of General Cargo Aerial 
Tramway (Ship-to-Shore) 

(B&W 37 Min 1956) 

Use of tramway in logistical op- 
erations; assembly and emplace- 
ment of major components. 

Major Bridge Construction 
(B&W 13 Min 1956) 

Construction of pier founda- 
tions, piers and superstructures 
assembly, lifting and launching of 
heavy girders and trusses safety 

Emplacements, Intrenchments and Shelters- 
Part I Introduction 
(B&W 17 Min 1957) 

Construction and use of caves, 
surface type work and those built 
by cut-and-cover technique re- 
quirements for effective field forti- 

Fixed Bridges Jacking Down Heavy Girders 
(B&W 7 Min 1956) 

Launching and positioning 
double girder on cribbing; lowering 
girder to beam seats to permit re- 
moval of cribbing; final seating of 

Military Fixed Bridges Nomenclature- 
Timber Trestle Bridges 
(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Nomenclature, features, and 
function of components of super- 
structure and substructure curb 
and handrail assembly flooring, 
stringer systems and support. 

Crane Shovel Unit, Bucyrus Erie, Crawler 
Mounted, Adjustment of Main Operating 
Clutches and Brakes 
(B&W 6 Min 1957) 
Adjustment of 'slipping' clut- 


TP 5 Engineers 

TF 5-2461 

ches, and the hoist and crowd TF 5-2458 

TF 5-2357 Tractor, Caterpillar D-8-Starting and 

Stopping Procedures 
(B&W 3 Min 1957) 

Starting and stopping the 
starting engine; starting and stop- 
ping the diesel engine. TF 5-2459 

TF 5-2371 Field Engineering in the Subarctic-Part I- 

Winter Roads 
(B&W 27 Min 1958) 

Methods, materials and tech- 
niques for building, reinforcing and 
protecting roads for winter combat 
in the subarctic. TF 5-2460 

TF 5-2372 Field Engineering in the Subarctic-Part II- 

Winter Field Fortifications 
(B&W 22 Min 1957) 

Digging and blasting foxholes 
into snow, ice and frozen earth 
construction of built up timber and 
semipermanent fortifications cam- 

TF 5-2373 Field Engineering in the Subarctic-Part Ill- 

Ice Mines, Ice Mine Fields, at and AP 
Mines and Obstacles 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

Construction of snow road 
blocks, ice concrete barriers, timber 
abatis, and barbed wire barriers; 
laying mines, and detecting and re- 
moving mines. 

TF 5-2449 Explosives in Combat 

(B&W 10 Min 1957) 

Techniques and devices used 
for cratering; clearing road blocks, 
trees, frozen and weeded terrain; 
bridge demolition; clearing tank 
barriers, etc. 

TF 5-2453 Land Mine Warfare, Pull-Release Firing 

Device, M-3 
(B&W 8 Min 1957) 

Nomenclature and functioning 
of components testing, arming and 
disarming procedure use with gre- 
nades, explosive charges and uni- 
versal destructor M10. TF 5-2464 

TF 5-2457 Crane-Shovel Unit, Detaching the Shovel 


(B&W 8 Min 1957) 

Nomenclature of components 
removal of shovel front, as an en- 
tire assembly safety precautions TF 5-2465 
Inspection and lubrication of ca- 
bles after removal. 

TF 5-2462 

TF 5-2463 

Crane-Shovel Unit, Attaching the Piledriver 
(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Procedure to attach piledriver 
leads-reeving and anchoring ham- 
mer hoist cable and pile cable 
lubrication of equipment prior to 

Crane-Shovel Unit, Attaching the Backhoe 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure attach- 
ing A-frame rigging suspension 
hoist and drag cables; anchoring 
boom and A-frame; lubrication of 
equipment prior to operation. 

Crane-Shovel Unit, Attaching Clamshell and 
Dragline Buckets 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Installation of lattice type 
boom; details in attaching the buck- 
ets stress on proper installing and 
reeving of cables. 

Crane-Shovel Unit, Attaching the Crane 
Front End 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Use of lattice-type boom ; instal- 
lation of suspension cable and crane 
hoist line reeving and anchoring 
two- and three-part crane hoist 

Guided Missile Equipment Nike Elevator 
Locking Bar Cylinder, Replacement 
and Adjustment 
(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure for re- 
placing and adjusting the elevator 
locking bar cylinder stress on 
cleaning all parts and connectors of 

Guided Missile Equipment-Nike-Flow 

Control and Door Cushioning 


(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure in ad- 
justing flow control and door cush- 
ioning to permit synchronous and 
smooth operation of Nike pit doors. 

Guided Missile Equipment Nike Elevator 
Locking Bar Cylinder, Removal 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Procedure for removing eleva- 
tor locking bar cylinder for repairs 
or replacement. 

Guided Missile Equipment Nike Door 
Cylinders, Removal 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 


TF 5 Engineers 

TF 05-2801 


Disassembly of unions leading 
to door cylinders, draining oil from 
cylinders, lowering cylinders to ele- TF 5-2683 
vator platform. 

TF 5-2466 Guided Missile Equipment-Nike-Part I- 

Four-Way Valves, Disassembly 
(B&W 9 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure in dis- 
assembly of four-way valves in TF 5-2734 
Nike elevator hydraulic system 
stress on care to avoid damage or 
loss of O ring. 

TF 5-2467 Guided Missile Equipment-Nike-Power Unit 

Belt Replacement 
(B&W 9 Min 1957) 

Removal of old set of belts 
installing new set determining belt 
tension adjusting motor and pump 
pulleys checking proper belt posi- 
tion and tension. 

TF 5-2468 Guided Missile Equipment-Nike-Two Way 

Valve, Disassembly and Assembly 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure for dis- 
assembly and assembly of the two- 
way valves in the hydraulic system 
of the Nike elevator. 

TF 5-2469 Guided Missile Equipment-Nike-Bleeding 

Door Cylinders 

(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Procedure for bleeding a single 
cylinder or four cylinders simul- 
taneously to assure complete re- TF 05-2803 
moval of air from hydraulic system. 

TF 5-2506 Guidd Missile Equipment-Nike-Part II- 

Four-way Valves, Assembly 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedure for as- 
sembly of four-way valves in Nike 
elevator hydraulic system stress 
on cleaning and protecting all 

TF 05-2596 Soviet and Satellite Employment of Mines 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

Features and tactical employ- 
ment in defensive and offensive op- 
erations of Soviet anti-tank, anti- 
personnel, and improvised models. 

TF 05-2597 Soviet and Satellite Employment of Booby 


(B&W 18 Min 1958) 

Booby trap devices and tech- 
niques used; recommended precau- 
tions and procedures to check and TF 5-3066 

TF 5-2973 


eliminate the danger of booby 

The M4T6 Floating Bridge 
(B&W 33 Min 1959) 

Features, components and as- 
sembly of the M4T6 bridge capable 
of carrying a 55-ton load in strong 

Panel Bridge Bailey Type M-2-Part IV 
Multispan Bridges and Panel Crib Piers 
(B&W 38 Min 1959) 

Consists of a 180 degree, class 
50, two-span bailey, as a broken and 
as a continuous span bridge stress 
on planning, proper position of 
piers, and maintenance. 

land Mine Warfare Part III Laying the 
(B&W 21 Min 1959) 

Laying mines by hand and by 
vehicle M15, M16 and M14; clus- 
ter patterns; fuzing; arming, in- 
stallation and camouflaging; booby 
trapping and trip wiring; laying 
M49 trip flare. 

Land Mine Warfare Part V Arming, 
Disarming, and Camouflage 
(B&W 29 Min 1959) 

Procedures and safety precau- 
tions involved in handling the M15 
and M19 antitank mines, M14 and 
M16 antipersonnel mines and M49 
trip flare. 

Land Mine Warfare-Part VI 1 1 -Nuisance 


(B&W 17 Min 1959) 

Features, tactical use, and lay- 
ing of the 4 types: area mining, 
route mining, installation mining, 
and mining behind enemy lines. 

Basic Engineer Reconnaissance 
(B&W 16 Min 1960) 

Purpose, scope, and conduct of 
general and special engineer recon- 
naissance; action of reconnaissance 
team in making ground, air and 
special reconnaissance; tactical val- 
ue of engineer reconnaissance. 

Construction of Wire Entanglements 

(B&W 28 Min 1961) 

Materials and tools used, and 
methods of constructing single, dou- 
ble, and triple standard concertina 
fences; and the four- and two-pace 
double-apron fence. 

Military Topographic Surveying Part I 


TF 5 Engineers 


(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

Preparation of topographic 
maps based on aerial photography 
and field surveys; map making ac- 
tivities, techniques, equipment at the 
Army Map Service, Washington, TF 6-3379 

TF 5-3111 Water Purification-Part Il-Chlorine 

Demand, Arsenic and Nitrogen 

Mustard Tests 

(Color 11 Min 1962) 

Objectives, equipment, and proce- 
dures for making these tests to 
assure safe drinking water for TF 5-3454 
troops in the field. 

TF 53157 Engineer Pneumatic Assault Boat 

(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Features and use of 15-man 
pneumatic assault boat for river 
crossing technique of inflating, op- 
erating, repairing, and deflating the 
boat. TF 5-3471 

TF 5-3158 Light Tactical Raft and Bridge 

(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Assembly and operation of 
four-ponton, five-ponton and six- 
ponton rafts; use of same compo- 
nents to construct a floating bridge 
and a fixed bridge. 

TF 5-3159 Military Topographic Surveying Part II 

Triangulation TF 53486 

(B&W 25 Min 1962) 

Principles and use of triangula- 
tion methods to establish horizontal 
and vertical controls; procedures 
and techniques used in survey by 

TF 5-3160 Military Topographic Surveying-Part III- TF 5-3548 


(B&W 34 Min 1962) 

Principles, techniques, and ap- 
plication of traverse survey to ex- 
tend horizontal control; action of 
traverse party in making third or- 
der traverse in field survey mission. 

TF 5-3161 Military Topographic Surveying-Part IV TF 5-3549 

Direct Leveling 

(B&W 24 Min 1962) 

Principles, methods and field 
application of direct leveling; pro- 
cedures and equipment used in di- 
rect leveling to extend third order 
vertical control along a road. 

TF 5-3288 Rotary Compressors TF 5-3550 

(Color 15 Min 1963) 
Construction, working, capabil- 

ity and application of rotary air 
compressors; single-stage and two- 
stage operation; before, during and 
after operation checks and proce- 

Scoop Type Loader 21/2 Cubic Yards 
(B&W 23 Min 1964) 

Design, versatility, and opera- 
tion of machine, first echelon op- 
erator maintenance; quarterly pre- 
ventive maintenance services of 
second, third, and fourth echelon 

Water Purification Unit 1500 GPH 

(Color 20 Min 1964) 

Capability, nomenclature and 
operation of unit: energizing equip- 
ment, mixing chemicals, coagulation 
and filtering processes, testing pur- 
ified water, and shut-down proce- 

Mine Detecting Set: Portable, Metallic, 

Transistorized (AN/PRS-3) 

(B&W 20 min 1964) 

Components, use, operation and 
care of equipment focus on tuning 
and testing for correct phasing, 
search techniques and procedures, 
maintenance servicing, packing and 
stowing equipment. 

Bridge Demolition Procedures 
(B&W 31 Min 1964) 

Channels of command and plan- 
ning in demolition mission; proce- 
dures in demolition of T-beam, 
truss, cantilever, plate girder, arch 
and suspension bridges. 

Carpentry Part I Measuring, Marking and 
Leveling Tools 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Use and care of 6-foot multiple 
folding rule, 50-foot steel tape, 
chalk and chalk line, sliding T- 
bevel, carpenter's framing square, 
combination square and level. 

Carpentry Part II Chopping and Driving 

(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

Use and care of carpenter's claw 
and plastic-faced hammers, half- 
hatchet wooden maul, sledge, screw- 
drivers and pneumatic and electric 

Carpentry Part III Sawing and Boring 

(B&W 33 Min 1965) 


TF 5 Engineers 

Use and care of ratchet brace, 
woodboring drill; and crosscut 
hand, rip, nested, overhead arm, cir- 
cular table, portable circular, and 
electric saws. 

TF 5-3551 Carpentry Part IV Planing and Chiseling 


(B&W 11 Min 1965) 

Features and use of bench 
plane and framing chisel; and dem- 
onstration of cleaning, sharpening, 
smoothing, oiling and proper stor- 

TF 5-3566 Engineer Road Graders 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Features, use and maintenance 
of equipment; construction and fin- 
ishing of V-type and flat bottom 
ditches; maintenance of ditches and 
roads; reshaping and refinishing 

TF 5-3583 Demolitions, Detonating Cord Priming 

(B&W 9 Min 1965) 

Use of detonating cord to prime : 
single and multiple charges, Ml and 
M2 blocks, dynamite, plastic explo- 
sives and 40 lb cratering charges. 

TF 5-3604 Engineer Pioneer Tools 

(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Features, proper use, care and 
maintenance of ten engineer hand 
tools commonly used throughout the 
army for chopping, clearing and 
cutting operations. 

TF 5-3631 Operation of Pneumatic Tools 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Principles of air compressors 
pneumatic tools; and proper opera- 
tion and operator maintenance of 

TF 5-3683 The 830M Wheeled Tractor, Organizational 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Features, capability and use of 
tractor; services performed during 
operator maintenance, quarterly 
maintenance and organizational 

TF 5-3704 Operation of Rafts 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 

Capability and use of raft fer- 
ries, preparation of rafting sites; 
assembly, loading and operation of 
the light tactical raft, class 60 raft, 
M4T6, and the ALVB. 

TF 5-3718 Basic Map Reading Part I Map Symbols 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Black symbols of cultural de- 
tail, boundary lines, blue symbols 
for water, green symbols for vege- 
tation, and brown symbols for con- 
tour lines. 

TF 5-3719 Basic Map Reading-Part Il-Grid, Distance, 

and Elevation 

(Color 29 Min 1967) 

Use of military grid system to 
locate positions; use of graphic 
scales to measure distance; use of 
contour lines to identify topo- 
graphic detail. 

TF 5-3720 Basic Map Reading-Part Ill-Direction, 

Orientation, and Location Without a 

(Color 30 Min 1967) 

Direction finding by watch, 
'shadow tip method,' and stars; 
map orientation by direction and in- 
spection, finding location by sight- 
ing, resection and intersection. 

TF 5-3721 Basic Map Raading Part IV Direction, 

Orientation, and Location With a 

(Color 30 Min 1967) 

Features and use of lensatic 
compass in map orientation, in find- 
ing direction and location, and in 
land navigation, by day and night. 

TF 5-3722 Basic Map Reading-Part V-Photos and 


(B&W 31 Min 1967) 

How aerial photo is oriented 
for study; characteristics used to 
interpret photo; techniques for de- 
termining direction on aerial photo. 

TF 5-3728 Utilization of Crawler Tractors 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Use in construction work land 
clearing, stripping, cutting, slope 
dressing, ditching, back filling, and 
cleanup; before, during and after 
operator maintenance. 

TF 5-3738 Operator Preventive Maintenance Services 

for Generator Sets 

(B&W 14 Min 1967) 

Daily services required before, 
during, and after operation; and 
use of appropriate technical man- 
uals and DA Form 2404. 

TF 5-3739 Safety Procedures During Installation, 

Operation and Maintenance of 
Generator Sets 


TF 5 Engineers 

(B&W 14 Min 1967) 

Safety measures in preparing 
generator site, and during installa- 
tion, operation and maintenance; 
shut-down procedures in case of 
fire, and procedure to fight elec- 
trical fire. 

TF 5-3786 Demolition-Part l-Non-Eleetrie Priming 

(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Components of system; proce- 
dure in nonelectric priming and fir- 
ing of commonly used charges and 
explosives; handling of misfires. 

TF 5-3787 Demolition-Part Il-Electric Priming 

(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Components of electric priming 
system with focus on new M6 blast- 
ing cap; procedure in electric prim- 
ing and firing of commonly used 
demolitions ; handling of misfires. 

TF 5-3803 Introduction to Atomic Demolition 

Munitions (U) 

(Color 19 Min 1967) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL Restricted Data. 

TF 5-3847 Military Roads and Airfields-Part I- 

Clearing, Grubbing, and Earthwork 

(B&W 26 Min 1967) 

Basic preparations for con- 
struction project; techniques and 
equipment employed in clearing, 
grubbing, and earthwork opera- 
tions; soil testing and finishing op- 

TF 5-3859 Military Roads and Airfields-Part II- 


(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Construction, application, and 
maintenance of drainage devices: 
crown or grade of road and airfield 
surfaces; side, intercepting, and di- 
version ditches; check dams and 

TF 5-3860 Military Roads and Airfields-Part Ill-Soil 


(B&W 20 Min 1969) 

Soil analysis procedures and 
construction of the four major 
types of soil stabilization mechan- 
ical, bituminous, soil cement, and 
chemical stabilization. 

TF 5-3881 Individual Camouflage 

(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Factors by which the soldier 
can be seen and recognized; tech- 

niques of camouflage deceiving, 
hiding, and blending; camouflage of 
soldier's uniform, helmet, face and 
hands, equipment, and weapons. 

TF 5-3882 Small Unit Camouflage 

(Color 24 Min 1968) 

Application of the principles of 
camouflage to a company size unit 
in the planning, occupation, main- 
tenance, and evacuation of a biv- 
ouac area; role of unit commander 
in enforcing camouflage discipline 
under all conditions. 

TF 5-3929 Stream Crossing Expedients Crossing of 

(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Preparation and use of river 
crossing expedients: open-type and 
closed-type shelter half floats, Aus- 
tralian poncho raft, air mattress, 
loose brush and brush bundle rafts, 
rafts of truck bows and tarpaulins, 
rafts of logs, empty cans, etc. 

TF 5-3941 Principles of Anchoring Floating Bridge 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

Factors considered in selecting 
and planning anchorage; character- 
istics and use of the 4 types of 
anchorage systems guy line, kedge 
anchors, combination buy lines and 
kedge anchors, and tower supported 
anchor cable and bridle lines; de- 
tails in constructing 2 of the an- 
chorage systems. 

TF 5-4049 Demolition Part III Charge Placement 

(B&W 29 Min 1969) 

Demonstrates the placement of 
demolition charges on steel, wooden 
piers, trees, concrete piers, walls, 
and pavement; and in stumping, 
ditching, secondary blasting, and 
cratering operations. 

TF 5-4122 Road Obstacles 

(B&W 27 Min 1970) 

Shows the methods and mate- 
rials used in preparing road cra- 
ters, hedgehogs and tetrahedrons, 
antitank ditches, log cribs and hur- 
dles, abatis, wood and steel posts, 
mines and barbed wire, and demol- 
ished bridges. 

TF 5-4131 Tunnel Destruction 

(B&W 30 Min 1970) 

Shows how tunnel teams de- 
stroy enemy earthen tunnels em- 
ploying CS, grenades, conventional 
military explosives, special purpose 


TF 5 Engineers 

TF 5-4150 

TF 5-4200 

TF 5-4202 

charges, and the XM242 liquid ex- 
plosive demolition kit. 
Mobile Floating Assault Bridge/ Ferry (MAB) 
(B&W 19 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the capabilities, 
advantages, and operation of the 
mobile assault bridge, and shows 
the duties of each crew member. 

Demolition-Part IV-Calculatton of Charges 

(B&W 24 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates and explains the 
formulas and tables used in the cal- 
culation of demolition charges for 
different construction materials and 
different explosives. 

Timber Trestle Bridge Construction 

(B&W 31 Min 1971) 

TF 5-4206 

TF 5-4256 

Shows advantages, planning, 
and design of a timber trestle 

Multiplex Mapping Part II 

(Color 40 Min 1971) 

Describes and shows operation 
of aerial camera, reduction printer, 
multiplex projector, and tracing ta- 
ble. Details setup of projector and 
tracing process. 

Mine and Boobytrap Training 

(Color 33 Min 1971) 

Shows precautions to prevent 
the soldier from being a casualty of 
a boobytrap; how and where to look 
for a mine or boobytrap, and what 
to do if one is found. 


FB 5-37 

FB 5-85 

FB 5-133 

Highway to Alaska 

(B&W 9 Min 1942) 

Vital artery for flow of mili- 
tary supplies to Alaska. 

Camouflage Dummies and Decoys 

(Color 14 Min 1944) 

Camouflage in desert warfare; 
use of wire, cloth, paper, foliage, 
mud, and soil in preparation and 
construction of dummies and de- 

Hand Placed Charges Against Beach and 
Underwater Obstacles 

(B&W 19 Min 1944) 

Placing demolition blocks M2, 
M3, M4, and Bangalore torpedo by 

FB S Engineers 

hand; types of beach and under- 
water obstacles. 

FB 5-185 The Bailey Bridge in Combat 

(B&W 13 Min 1945) 

Construction of Bailey bridges 
under combat conditions ingenious 
use of available material to over- 
come obstacles encountered. 

FB 5-192 Fixed Bridge Construction and Repair in 

the CBI 

(B&W 12 Min 1945) 

Materials and techniques used 
to build many types of fixed bridges 
in CBI most popular types were 
timber trestle and pile bent bridges. 


MF 5 Engineers 

MF 5-111 Transportation of the PM-2A Nuclear Power 


(Color 14 Min 1963) 

Story of the delivery and em- 
placement of the PM-2A portable 
nuclear power plant at Camp Cen- 
tury of the Greenland icecap, June- 
October 1960. 

MF 5-959 Alaska Highway 

(Color 36 (Min 1944) 

Construction of the 1,500 miles 
of the Alaskan highway. 

MF 5-1229 Grass and Brush Fire Fighting 

(Color 29 Min 1946) 

Effective methods of fire fight- 
ing with common tools. 

MF 5-1235 The Atom Strikes 

(B&W 31 Min 1946) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

First experimental blast set off 
in New Mexico; bombing and devas- 
tation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

MF 05-1240 Oil Fires 

(B&W 46 Min 1946) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Fire fighting methods involved 
in the control of oil fires. 

MF 5-1322 Chemistry of Fire 

(B&W 44 Min 1947) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Elements necessary to cause 
fire; difference between flash point 
and ignition point; methods to ex- 
tinguish fire. 

MF 5-5424 Ths Operational Anti-Vehicular Mine 

Environment (U) 

(Color 23 Min 1969) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

MF 5-8275 Maps for the Army 

(Color 38 Min 1954) 

Depicts methods used by Royal 
Canadian engineers to produce top- 
ographic maps shows mapping of 
4,500-square-mile area in the Yu- 

MF 5-8279 Engineer Mission 

(B&W 26 Min 1954) 

Past and present accomplish- 
ments of army engineers in peace 
and war activities during World 
War II up to present. 

MF 5-8567 Before They Happen (Fire Prevention) 

(B&W 14 Min 1955) 

MF 5-8658 

MF 5-8772 

MF 5-8839 

MF 5-8854 

MF 5-8986 

MF 5-9285 

Dramatizes the services of fire 
prevention inspectors. 

Core and Maintenance of Fire Hose 

(B&W 21 Min 1956) 

Types and features of hose; 
mechanical and chemical injuries; 
how to clean, inspect and store; 
how to load on fire trucks; care dur- 
ing and after fires. 

Before the Blast (Blasting Safety) 
(Color 12 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Safety measures before, during 
and after blasting operation, prep- 
aration for blast, blasting tech- 
niques handling explosives, care of 
life and property. 

Flood Control 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Flood control activities of U.S. 
Army engineers, with focus on stud- 
ies and testing of proposed devices 
at the Waterways Control Station, 

Engineers in Combat World War II 

(B&W 24 Min 1957) 

Engineer mission in combat 
training at Engineer School, Ft 
Belvoir, Va. Engineering activities 
during WW II in the European and 
Pacific theaters of operation. 

The Army Package Power Reactor 

(Color 26 Min 1958) 

Development, construction and 
operation of first army nuclear 
power plant designed to support 
vital OS (oversea) bases with nu- 
clear powered fuel. 

Know Your Fire Hazards 

(Color 20 Min 1961) 

Theory of combustibility haz- 
ards of open flame, sparks, electri- 
city, and spontaneous ignition 
safety precautions to prevent fire in 
the home. 


(Color 25 Min 1958) 

Report on research and devel- 
opment program conducted by corps 
of engineers in Greenland since 
summer of 1956 for the purpose of 
finding a port area and route to the 


FS 5-156 Wire Entanglements 

(B&W 39 FR 1959) 

Features, tactical employment 
and installation of: barbed wire ob- 

FS 5 Engineers 

structions and fences; four-strand, 
apron, and concertina fences; low 
wire and expedient type wire ob- 


SFS 5 Engineers 

SFS 5-116 

SFS 6-117 

SFS 5-119 

SFS 5-120 

SFS 5-121 

SFS 5-122 

SFS 5-147 

SFS 5-151 

Loading Heavy Equipment in Aircraft 

(B&W 51 FR 28 Min 1958) 

Features and capabilities of C- 
119, C-123 and C-124 cargo air- 
craft steps and calculations for 
proper placement of loads stress 
on weight and balance factors. 

Soil Identification and Testhia.-Part II- 

Laboratory Testing 

(B&W 61 FR 24 Min 1956) 

How soil samples are obtained, 
identified and laboratory tested for 
use in road and airfield construc- 

US Heavy Antitank Min* Ml 5 

(Color 45 FR 10 Min 1958) 

Features, use and operation of 
the M15 procedures for installing, 
arming, activating and neutralizing 
the mine safety precautions. 

Soviet TM-41 Antitank Mine 

(Color 42 FR 6 Min 1957) 

Features, functioning and em- 
ployment of the TM-41 procedures 
for arming and neutralizing 
safety precautions stressed. 

Soviet TMD-B Wooden lex Mine 
(Color 42 FR 10 Min 1959) 

Features, components and use 
in combat; procedures for arming, 
activating, laying and camouflaging, 
and neutralizing; safety measures 
in handling and detecting. 

Soviet POMZ-2 Antipersonnel Mine 
(Color 47 FR 8 Min 1959) 

Features, functioning and use; 
provision for arming and detona- 
ting; laying singly and with other 
mines; camouflage; neutralizing by 
hand; mine clearance using grap- 

Air Compressor 210 CFM 

(B&W 47 FR 13 Min 1958) 

Features, use and operation; 
single and two-stage air compres- 
sion; before and after operation 
services; operation with pneumatic 
tools; use and operation of major 
pneumatic tools. 

Culvert Construction 

(B&W 37 FR 12 Min 1959) 

Function of culverts in road 
drainage; features, use, construc- 
tion and installation of common 
types of culverts stress on proper 

culvert requirements and mainte- 

SFS 5154 Fixed Bridge Maintenance Part I 

Nonstandard Bridges 

(B&W 40 FR 10 Min 1958) 

Causes and types of bridge de- 
terioration, methods, material and 
procedures for maintaining timber, 
steel, concrete and masonry-arch 

SFS 5-155 Fixed Bridge Maintenance Part II 

Prefabricated Bridges 

(B&W 46 FR 10 Min 1958) 

Inspection and care of bridge 
before and after use; repair of 
worn and damaged areas; rein- 
forcement of single, double-truss 
and triple-truss bridges. 

SFS 5-157 Soviet PMD-6 Wooden Antipersonnel Mine 

(Color 40 FR 10 Min 1959) 

Features, use and operation in 
combat arming; installation and 
camouflage; activation; detection, 
neutralization, and removal; stress 
on safety measures. 

SFS 5-158 Road Construction 

(B&W 38 FR 12 Min 1959) 

Requirements of one- and two- 
lane roads; safety factors consid- 
ered in road construction; steps in 
road construction; features and use 
of the five types of roads used in 
combat areas. 

SFS 5-159 Theory of Elsctricity-Part l-Magnets 

(Color 48 FR 15 Min 1960) 

Nature of natural and man 
made magnets; relation between 
magnetism and electricity; mag- 
netic molecular theory; magnet 
strength factors. 

SFS 5-160 Theory of Electricity-Part Il-Current Flow 

(Color 50 FR 18 Min 1960) 

Theory of the electron; Ohm's 
law relation of current with re- 
sistance and voltage; laws of series 
and parallel circuits; ac and dc cur- 

SFS 5-163 Use of Roads and Airdrome Construction 

Equipment Part II Truck Mounted 
Cranes, Capabilities and Utilization 

(Color 34 FR 11 Min 1960) 

Design, capabilities, use and 
operation of mounted crane; fea- 
tures and operation of basic crane, 
boom, clamshell, drag lines, pile 


SFS 5 Engineers 

driver, and shovel 
safety measures. 


SFS 5-165 Camouflage Drape Net Sets 

(Color 34 FR 13 Min 1962) 

Features and tactical use; erec- 
tion, camouflage and manipulation 
to permit ready fire of field artillery 
and air-defense weapons; accordion 
method of folding net sets. 

SFS 5-166 Concrete Construction 

(B&W 50 FR 15 Min 1961) 

Properties, use, and versatility 
of concrete; manual and mechanical 
methods and equipment used in the 
five operations of the concrete pro- 
ducing process. 

SFS 5167 Introduction to Rotary Air Compressors 

(Color 48 FR 19 Min 1962) 

Features, capability, operation 
and maintenance of the 210 CFM 
truck-mounted and 600 CFM trailer- 
mounted compressors. 

SFS 5-173 Ths Metascope, Image, Infrared Detector 

(Color 33 FR 11 Min 1963) 

Construction capability and ap- 
plication of metascope in combat; 
how device functions to permit night 
vision and enemy detection; proper 
handling and maintenance of equip- 

SFS 5-178 Operation of Engineer Equipment Part I 

Motorized Graders 

(B&W 43 FR 11 Min 1968) 

Types and characteristics of 
motorized graders, their functions 
and capabilities in road construc- 
tion; operation of the grader in 
ditching, grading, mixing, and final 
road finishing. 

SFS 5-180 Operation of Engineer Equipment Part II 

Crane Shovel Unit and Attachments, 
Truck and Crawler Mounted 

(B&W 88 FR 18 Min 1968) 

Characteristics, capabilities, 
and operation of the crane shovel 
unit and its six attachments the 
shovel, crane, clamshell, dragline, 
backhoe, and piledriver. 

SFS 5-182 Safety Precautions in Handling Explosives 

and Demolitions 
(B&W 95 FR 22 Min 1967) 

Applicable safety measures for: 
storage and permanent ammunition 
dump and field storage area, trans- 
portation, priming, placement, fir- 
ing, misfires, and destination of un- 
serviceable items. 

SFS 5-183 Bangalore Torpedo M1A2 

(B&W 60 FR 16 Min 1967) 

Components, priming, and use 
of the M1A2 for breaching and 
clearing, and as an antipersonnel 
weapon; and construction of im- 
provised torpedoes from pipe, metal 
and wood. 


TGS 5 Engineers 
TG 5-1 

G 5-2-1 
TG 5-2-2 

G 5-2-3 

G 5-2-4 
T 5-3-11 

TG 5-3-12 

TG 5-3-13 

T 5-3-14 

TG 5-3-15 

TG 5-4-1 


(Color 44 FR 1959) 

These 44 transparencies pre- 
sent the principles and methods of 
camouflage used in day and night 

Engineer Reconnaissance Card 

(14 FR 1966) 

Elementary Map Reading 

(Color 25 FR 1966) 

This series of 25 transparencies 
presents the fundamentals of map 

Map Reading Coordinate Scale and 


Consists of a plastic coordinate 
scale and protractor. 

Dummy Training Compass 


Engineer Military Pipeline System 

(Color 36 FR 1961) 

This series pictures the corps 
of engineers responsibilities in con- 
nection with the designing, construc- 
tion and maintenance of pipelines. 

Plumbing and Pipefitting 
(B&W 44 FR 1965) 

These 44 transparencies show 
the design, handling and installa- 
tion of plumbing and pipefitting. 


(B&W 28 FR 1965) 

These 28 transparencies present 
charts, diagrams, and views illus- 
trating the characteristics, use and 
handling of concrete. 


(B&W 31 FR 1965) 

Thirty-one transparencies pre- 
sent chart and diagrams which show 
the details of good workmanship 
necessary to construct neat, eco- 
nomical and durable buildings. 

Basic Carpentry 

(B&W 49 FR 1965) 

These 49 transparencies present 
charts, diagrams, and views on ma- 
terials, tools, and construction in- 
volved in basic carpentry. 

Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 
Equipment Part I General 
(B&W 8 FR 1963) 
This series of 8 transparencies 

covers the purpose, technical man- 
uals, and fundamentals of opera- 
tor's preventive maintenance as re- 
lated to heavy engineer equipment. 

TG 54-2 Prevantive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part II Crawler Tractors 
(B&W 10 FR 1963) 

This series of 10 transparencies 
presents views of the caterpillar 
crawler and international harvester 

TG 5-4-3 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part III Graders 

(B&W 10 FR 1963) 

This series of 10 transparencies 
presents schematic diagrams of the 
Caterpillar grader and the Huber- 
Warco grader. 

TG 5-4-7 Preventive Maintenanca of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part VII Air Compressors 

(B&W 10 FR 1964) 

These 10 transparencies present 
views and instructions on the main- 
tenance of various air compressor 

TG 5-4-8 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part VIM Loader Scoop Type 
(B&W 5 FR 1963) 

This series of 5 transparencies 
presents schematic diagrams of 
the loader, scoop type. 

TG 5-4-10 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part X Wheeled Tractor 
(B&W 7 FR 1965) 

These 7 transparencies present 
views and instructions pertaining to 
the bef ore-operation, during-opera- 
tion, and after-operation services 
required for the wheeled tractor. 

TG 5-4-11 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part XI Intrenching Machine, 
Gasoline Engine, Crawbr Mounted 
(B&W 7 FR 1965) 

Illustrates the before-operation, 
during-operation and after-opera- 
tion services required for intrench- 
ing machine. 

TG 5-4-12 Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 

Equipment Part XII Rotary Air 

(B&W 5 FR 1967) 

This series covers the daily pre- 
ventive maintenance performed on 
the rotary air compressor 250 


T6S 5 Engineers 

Mine Detectors 

(B&W 26 FR 1963) 

This series of 26 transparencies 
presents exterior and interior views 
as well as pertinent data related to 
design and handling of portable 
mine detectors. 

Explosives and Demolitions Part I 
Military Explosives 
(B&W 12 FR 1956) 

Illustrates the packaging and 
characteristics of: TNT, demolition 
blocks (Ml, M2, M3, and M5A1), 
cratering explosive, military dyna- 
mite (Ml, M2, and M3), shaped 
charges M2A3 and M3, and Banga- 
lore Torpedo M1A1. 

Explosives and Demolitions Part II 
Methods of Priming 

(B&W 35 FR 1961) 

Illustrates the characteristics of 
priming equipment, and the 3 meth- 
ods of priming explosives and de- 
molitions : non-electric priming, 
electric priming, and detonating 
cord priming. 

Explosives and Demolitions Part III Firing 

(B&W 18 FR 1956) 

Illustrates the equipment and 
procedures used for non-electric, 
electric, and detonating cord firing 
of single and multiple charges. 

Road and Airfield Construction 

(B&W 45 FR 1963) 

This series of 45 transparencies 
presents views, charts and schematic 
diagrams pertaining to the methods 
of constructing roads and airfields. 

Pit and Quarry Operations 

(B&W 43 FR 1964) 

This series of 43 B&W trans- 
parencies presents views, diagrams, 
and charts pertaining to the layout 
of various types of quarries and 

Common Field Fortifications 

(B&W 41 FR 1964) 

These 41 transparencies present 
views and instruction on construc- 
tion, uses, tactical requirements, and 
firing position of common field forti- 

Advanced Rigging 

(B&W 17 FR 1965) 

These 17 transparencies pre- 
sent diagrams illustrating the no- 
menclature, features, and uses of 
various devices used in rigging 

TG 5-6-3 Advanced Rigging II 

(B&W 34 FR 1965) 

These 34 transparencies pre- 
sent diagrams illustrating the con- 
struction and use of various devices 
used in rigging operations. 

TG 5-6-4 Knots 

(B&W 45 FR 1965) 

These 45 transparencies present 
views on the construction and uses 
of fiber rope and wire rope knots. 

TG 5-7-1 Fixed and Floating Bridges, Part I 

Prefabricated Tactical Bridges 
(B&W 32 FR 1964) 

These 32 transparencies pre- 
sent views and pertinent data re- 
lated to the construction, capacity 
and use of the various types of 
prefabricated military bridges. 

TG 5-7-2 Timbsr Trestle Bridge 

(B&W 14 FR 1965) 

These 14 transparencies pre- 
sent views, diagrams, and charts 
on the features, and construction 
of the timber trestle bridge. 

TG 5-7-3 Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge 

(B&W 43 FR 1965) 

These 43 transparencies pre- 
sent diagrams illustrating the use, 
capacity, design, emplacement and 
recovery of the armored vehicle 
launched bridge. 

G 5-7-4 Prefabricated Military Bridges 

(Card 1965) 

G 575 Bridge Design and Classification 

(Card 1965) 

G 577 Bridge Classification Card 

(Card 1969) 

T 5-8-1 Water Supply 

(Color 20 FR 1964) 

These 20 transparencies cover 
the procedures, equipment, facilities, 
quality testing, and purification 
methods involved in the engineer 
water supply mission in the field. 

TG 5-9-2 Barbed Wira Obstacles 

(B&W 37 FR 1954) 

Illustrates the uses of barbed 
wire obstacles in combat, and the 


T6S 3 Engineers 

T 5-9-3 

TG 5-9-4 

TG 5-9-5 

T 5-10-2 

T 5-10-3 

T 5-10-4 

TG 5-10-8 

procedures for constructing: picket 
fence, 4-strand fence, double-apron 
fence, low wire entanglement, Smith 
fence, triple standard concertina 
fence, and knife rest. 

Military Railroad Construction 

(B&W 47 FR 1960) 

These 47 transparencies illus- 
trate the fundamentals, equipment, 
and procedures involved in military 
railroad construction. 

Near Infrared Night Vision and Detection 
(B&W 28 FR 1965) 

These 28 transparencies pre- 
sent views and instructions on the 
maintenance, functioning, design 
and use of near infrared night 
vision and detection equipment. 

Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment 
(B&W 21 FR 1967) 

These transparencies illustrate 
the characteristics, capability, set- 
up and operation of electronic dis- 
tance measuring equipment MC-8. 

Mine Warfare Training NATO Mines 
(Color 34 FR 1961) 

Diagrams illustrating the de- 
sign, components, and pertinent 
structural and operational elements 
characteristic of representative 
types of British and French mines 
and fuzes. 

Mine Warfare Training Soviet and Soviet 
Satellite Mines 
(Color 34 FR 1961) 

This series of 34 transparencies 
consists of diagrams illustrating the 
construction, components and char- 
acteristic features of various types 
of Soviet and Soviet satellite mines 
and fuzes. 

Demolition of Bridges and Tunnels 
(B&W 42 FR 1963) 

This series of 42 transparencies 
consists of views, diagrams and 
charts which delineate the methods 
and other pertinent aspects related 
to the proper demolition of bridges, 
piers and tunnels. 

Calculation and Replacement of Charges 
(B&W 29 FR 1964) 

These 29 transparencies present 
views and charts explaining the cal- 

culation and placement of demoli- 
tion charges. 

G 5-10-9 Demolition Card 

(18) (1965) 

G 5-10-10 Mine Card 

(18) (1965) 

TG 5-10-11 Minefield Installation 

(B&W 20 FR 1965) 

These 20 transparencies illus- 
trate pertinent aspects of minefield 
installation, and the organization 
and responsibilities of minelaying 

TG 5-10-12 British Mine Warfare Equipment 

(B&W 42 FR 1966) 

These 42 transparencies illus- 
trate the features, functioning, in- 
stallation, arming, and neutralizing 
of British mine warfare equipment. 

TG 5-10-13 US Firing Devices, Boobytraps and 

(B&W 42 FR 1965) 

These 42 transparencies illus- 
trate the construction, functioning, 
installation, arming and disarming 
of US firing devices, boobytraps and 

TG 5-10-14 US Land Mines 

(B&W 62 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the major steps for 
the preparation and installation of 
the M24 off-route mine. 

TG 5-10-15 Minefield firs-aching and Clearing 

(B&W 37 FR 1966) 

These 37 transparencies pre- 
sent the fundamentals and techni- 
ques of minefield breaching and 
clearing operations. 

TG 5-10-16 Minefield Record Form 

(B&W 18 FR 1968) 

Covers detailed instruction for 
recording tabular data and mine- 
field sketches; computation of mine- 
field requirements; nuisance mine- 
field; stream minefield; protective 
minefield ; and hasty protective mine- 

TG 5114 Preventive Maintenance of Haavy Engineer 

Equipment Crane Shovel and 
(B&W 17 FR 1961) 

These 17 transparencies cover 
before operation, during operation, 


TGS 3 Engineers 

and after operation maintenance of 
the crane shovel and its attachments. 

Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 
Equipmant Part V Generators 

(1965) TG 5-29 

Preventive Maintenance of Heavy Engineer 
Equipment Air Compressor, 100 PSI 

(B&W 11 FR 1961) 

Illustrates the before operation, 
during operation, and after opera- T 5_30 
tion services performed on the 210- 
CFM gasoline driven air compressor 
and the 060-CFM diesel driven 
rotary air compressor. 

Advanced Rigging Part III Cableways and 


(B&W 32 FR 1960) TG 5-30 

Demonstrates the methods and 
equipment used to rig the following: 
casualty evacuation monocable, med- 
ium cableway, pioneer light aerial 
tramway and cableway, light aerial 
tramway, light aerial tramway ex- 
tension set, and expedient cableways 
and tramways. TG 5-31 

Advanced Rigging Part IV Suspension 
(B&W 33 FR 1960) 

Diagrams illustrating the 
design factors and construction of 
standard, nonstandard and expedi- >J,Q {j_g3 
ent suspension bridges. 

North Korean, Chinese Communist, and 
Soviet Satellite Land Mines, Fuzes, and 
Booby Traps 
(B&W 20 FR 1965) 

These 20 transparencies present 
diagrams illustrating various land 
mines, fuzes, and booby traps. 

Timber and LOC Bridges 

(B&W 35 FR 1957) TG 5-34 

These 35 transparencies illus- 
trate the construction and capability 
of various types of bridges used in 
military tactical and logistical oper- 

Introduction to Bituminous Construction 

(B&W 38 FR 1958) 

These 38 transparencies illus- 
trate the principles, materials, pro- 
cedures, and advantages in laying 
bituminous surfaces. 

Water Quality Control Set 
(Color 43 FR 1958) 

Design, contents, and use of set 
for making routine control tests, 
salinity tests, and poison tests. 

Bridge Construction Launching Heavy 

(B&W 22 FR 1959) 

These 22 transparencies illus- 
trate methods and equipment used 
to launch and seat beams in bridge 

Bridge Erection Boats 

(B&W 49 FR 1958) 

These 49 transparencies present 
photos, diagrams and charts which 
illustrate the construction, use, hand- 
ling and care of the 19 foot and 
27 foot bridge erection boats. 

Basic Aerial Photo Reading 
(B&W 34 FR 1958) 

These transparencies illustrate 
the purpose, types, and interpreta- 
tion of aerial photographs for ap- 
plication in military operations. 

Vehicle and Bridge Classification 
(B&W 20 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the relation of ve- 
hicle weight, load distribution, and 
speed to bridge carrying capacity: 
classes and markings of military 
vehicles; class markings of single 
and multilane bridges; speical mark- 
ings and damaged bridges; and 
signs and rules for safe crossings. 

Anchorages and Protective Measures 
For Floating Bridges 

(B&W 18 FR 1959) 

These 18 transparencies present 
photos, diagrams and charts which 
illustrate the anchorages and pro- 
tective measures used for floating 


TF 6 Field Artillery 

13. 6-Series; Field Artillery 

TF 6-1533 Countermortar 

(B&W 25 Min 1949) 

Latest countermortar methods 
of locating enemy mortar forward 
observers, air observation and photo- 
graphs, analysis of craters, radar 

TF 6-1686 Crater Analysis 

(B&W 21 Min 1952) 

Operation of crater analysis 
teams illustrating various techniques 
used importance of information 
gleaned in neutralizing enemy posi- 

TF 6-1757 Field Artillery Radar 

(B&W 22 Min 1953) 

Illustrates the various missions 
which can be accomplished by radar 
units organic to field artillery. 

TF-6-1775 Field Artillery Sound Ranging 

(B&W 23 Min 1953) 

Discusses the mission, capabil- 
ities, limitations and operation of 
the sound ranging platoons of the 
field artillery observation battalion. 

TF 6-2258 Introduction to Flash Ranging 

(B&W 18 Min 1956) 

How flash ranging platoon spots 
and reports targets and battlefield 
information to artillery units 
capabilities and limitations of flash 

TF 6-2374 The 762-MM Rocket-Port (-Introduction to 

the System (M38) 
(B&W 16 Min 1957) 

Characteristics, assembly, and 
loading of rocket on launcher level- 
ing and laying of launcher final 
checks and adjustments, and firing 
of rocket. 

TF 6-2375 The 762-MM Rocket-Part Il-Mechanical 

Assembly (M38) 
(B&W 14 Min 1957) 

Transfer of components from 
cargo truck to rocket trailer me- 
chanical assembly of components on 
trailer safety precautions. 

TF 6-2376 The 762-MM Rocket-Part Ill-Electrical 

Testing (M38) 
(B&W 16 Min 1957) 

Checks on rocket motor, flight 
cap, motor igniter continuity and 
ground, spin-rocket continuity and 
ground safety precautions. 

TF 6-2377 The 762-MM Rocket-Part IV-Loading (M38) 

(B&W 13 Min 1957) 

Removal of assembled rocket 
from trailer and loading on rocket 
launcher use of wrecker boom and 
handling beam duties of crewmen. 

TF 6-2378 The 762-MM Rocket-Part V-Preparation 

for Action (M38) 
(B&W 19 Min 1957) 

Laying and leveling launcher 
emplacing and leveling wind meas- 
uring set placing aiming posts 
recording deflection. 

TF 6-2379 The 762-MM Rocket-Part VI-Firing and 

March Order (M38) 
(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

Electrical checkouts, applica- 
tion of firing data and wind correc- 
tions, firing of rocket, equipment set 
in traveling position, march order 

TF 6-2424 Artillery Orientation by Sun and Star- 

Part ll-the Hour-Angle Method 
(B&W 12 Min 1957) 

Computing the true azimuth of 
polaris, converting true azimuth to 
grid azimuth, use of corps grid co- 
ordinates for effective fire. 

TF 6-2800 Artillery Battalion Survey-Part l-Methods 

(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Purpose and methods of sur- 
vey astronomic observation, tra- 
verse, triangulation, intersection, 
and 3-, 2-, and Ib-point resection. 

TF 6-2850 Artillery Orientation by Sun and Star Part 

I the Altitude method 

(B&W 15 Min 1960) 

Principles applied in computing 
the true azimuth by means of the 
altitude method of solar observation 
to give accuracy to artillery fire. 

TF 6-2875 Artillery Battalion Survey-Part Il-Planning 

and Execution 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Value of survey for artillery 
fire formulation of survey plan 
methods used to establish survey 
control, and determine positions for 
various battalion elements. 

TF 6-3096 Countermortar Radar AN/MPQ-4A 

(B&W 22 Min 1961) 

Capabilities, components, and 
operation of the Q-4 performance 
of complete mission in field from 

initial intercept to transmission of 
map location of enemy position. 

Extension of Direction by Simultaneous 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Principles, procedures and ad- 
vantages of simultaneous observa- 
tion for rapid and accurate artil- 
lery survey application of techni- 
ques during day and at night. 

The AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance Radar, 
Moving Target Detection 
(B&W 21 Min 1962) 

Audio returns picked up by AN/ 
TPS-25 from: walking personnel, 
light and heavy wheeled vehicle, 
vehicle dispersion maneuver, tracked 
vehicle, and tanks. 

Countermortar Radar AN/MPQ-4A. 

Preparation and Performance Checks 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

Preliminary adjustments, starting 
procedures, range calibration, ring- 
time checks, azimuth and elevation 
orientation, computer checks, in- 
troduction of radar location data in- 
to computer. 

The AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 

Features and surveillance capa- 
bility modes of operation and ap- 
plication in target identification 
automatic search, automatic range, 
manual search, manual track audio, 
and manual track video. 

Laying th Field Artillery Battery 
(B&W 15 Min 1963) 

Techniques and equipment used 
in basic methods of laying battery 
in direction of fire: (1) by azimuth, 
(2) by orienting angle, and (3) by 
aiming point and deflection. 

The 762-MM Rocket XMSO-Part I- 
Introduction to the System (Honest 
(B&W 21 Min 1963) 

Features and capabilities 
measures employed by crew in pre- 
paring and firing the weapon in a 
tactical mission preparing for 
march order. 

The 762-MM Rocket XMSO-Part II- 
Mechanical Assembly and Electrical 
Checkout (Honest John) 
(B&W 30 Min 1963) 

TF 6 Field Artillery 

Equipment and procedure em- 
ployed during: initial assembly and 
transfer to handling unit calibra- 
tion and electrical checkout final 
assembly at firing position trans- 
fer to loading position. 

TF 6-3300 The 762-MM Rocket XMSO-Part Ill-loading, 

Preparation for Action, Firing and March 
Order (Honest John) 
(B&W 37 Min 1963) 

Organization and action of fir- 
ing section and equipment used to 
load rocket onto launcher, employ- 
ment and laying launcher, prepara- 
tion for firing, firing, and march 

TF 6-3306 RSOP, R?eonnaissance, Selection and 

Occupation of Position Part I 
(B&W 22 Min 1963) 

Technique used by 105-mm 
howitzer battery for day recon- 
naissance, and selection and night 
occupation of position teamwork at 
battery level and coordination with 
other units and higher command. 

TF 6-3307 RSOP, Reconnaissance, Selection and 

Occupation of Position Part II 
Limited Reconnaissance 
(B&W 14 Min 1963) 

Principles and techniques em- 
ployed by artillery battery in con- 
ducting an occupation of position 
from march column formation. 

TF 6-3385 Artillery Forward Observer-Part l-ln the 

(B&W 18 Min 1964) 

Film covers assignment and ac- 
tions of a forward observer support- 
ing a rifle company under enemy 

TF 6-3386 Artillery Forward Observer-Part ll-ln the 

(B&W 12 Min 1964) 

Preparation and action of for- 
ward observer to provide close fir- 
ing support to mechanical rifle com- 
pany in the offense focus on ac- 
tion before and during the attack. 

TF 6-3436 The Honest John Battalion-Part I- 

Organization and Operations (XM 50) 
(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

Organization, layout, tactical 
capabilities and deployment of di- 
vision Honest John battalion, with 
focus on function of headquarters 
and headquarters battery and firing 


TF 6 Field Artillery 

TF 6-3558 

TF 6-3609 

battery, deployment of launchers, 
and role of battalion fire direction 

TF 6-3448 Fire Direction Procedure Part I Precision 


(B&W 37 Min 1964) 

Methods and procedures used by 
fire direction center in precision re- TF 6-3517 
gistration of 105-mm howitzer bat- 
talion action from initial fire re- 
quest to subsequent fire commands. 

TF 6-3449 Fire Direction Procedure-Part Il-Area Fire 

(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

How fire direction center of 105- 
mm howitzer battalion conducts area 
fire for an observed fire mission 
and a fuze variable time mission 
without observation. 

TF 6-3450 Fire Direction Procedure-Part Ill-The 

Observed Firing Chart 

(B&W 29 Min 1964) 

How fire direction center of 
105-mm howitzer battalion con- 
structs observed firing chart: (1) 
when time fuze is available and 
site unknown, and (2) based on re- 
gister and position area survey. 

TF 6-3451 The Honest John Battalion-Port II- 

Reconnaissance, Selection and 

Occupation of Position (XM 50) 

(B&W 22 Min 1964) 

How battalion commander im- TF 6-3646 
plements reconnaissance, selection, 
and occupation of position to carry 
out fire mission reconnaissance, se- 
lection and occupation of firing 
position, firing, and displacement 

for movement to new position. 

TF 6-3666 

TF 63456 Operation of the Surveying Instrument, 

Azimuth Gyro Artillery 

(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

Procedures, visual indications, 
and computations required to oper- 
ate the instrument for determination 
of true azimuth. 

TF 6-3499 Field Artillery Target Acquisition Battalion 

(B&W 26 Min 1964) TF 6-3725 

Tactical missions and organiza- 
tion of field artillery target acquisi- 
tion battalion how it is employed 
to support corps and division artil- 
lery target acquisition by means of 
flash, sound, and radar. 

TF 6-3515 Active and Passive Defense of the Field 

Artillery Battery 
(B&W 29 Min 1965) 

Reconnaissance selection and oc- 
cupation of position of a field artil- 
lery battery position for providing 
close fire support, with focus on 
the measures taken for active de- 
fense and passive defense of posi- 

The Psrshing Missile System Track 
Mounted and Aircraft Operations 
(B&W 33 Min 1965) 

How Pershing, transported in 
tracked carrier, performs fire mis- 
sion how Pershing, transported in 
fixed wing and helicopter aircraft, 
performs fire mission. 

The Sergeant Missile System 
(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Organization of sergeant batta- 
lion features and capabilities of 
sergeant system displacement to 
firing position, emplacements of com- 
ponents, preparation for firing, and 
actual firing. 

Pershing Missile Azimuth Laying Procedures 

(B&W 19 Min 1966) 

Emplacement of orienting 
station, and horizontal laying and 
vertical laying theodolites recipro- 
cal collimation and autocollimation 
monitoring phases. 

Weapons of the Field Artillery 

(Color 39 Min 1966) 

Features, use and capabilities 
of field artillery weaponry in the 
cannon type artillery category and 
rocket and missile category. 

Measuring Distance With DME, MC-8 
(B&W 29 Min 1966) 

Design, capability and applica- 
tion of DME, the new measuring 
equipment for artillery surveys at 
division artillery level DME opera- 
tion is demonstrated in a field sur- 

The FA Digital Automatic Computer 
MIS(FADAC) Introduction and 
General Characteristics 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Capability of FADAC how it 
is set up and prepared for opera- 
tion how information is fed into 
it mechanics of the FADA com- 
putation process FADAC checks 
and maintenance. 

TF 6 Field Artillery 

Operation of the FA Digital Automatic 
Computer M18(FADAC)-Cannon 
(B&W 19 Min 1966) 

Applicability of FADAC: to 
solve fire problem for 105-mm 
howitzer unit at new location; to 
correct fire solution during area mis- 
sion to correct registration. 

Operation of the FA Digital Automatic 
Computer M18( FAD AC) -Rocket 

(B&W 22 Min 1966) 

Capability of FADAC for Hon- 
est John and Little John programs; 
applicability of FADAC in an Hon- 
est John fire mission. 

On-Carriage Fire Control Equipment 
(B&W 21 Min 1968) 

Application of the testing tar- 
get and distant aiming point meth- 
ods of boresighting to achieve ac- 
curate artillery fire. 

Air Induction and Diesal Fuel System, 
8V7TT Engine (Full-Tracked* Vehicles) 
(Color 28 Min 1969) 

Features, functioning, and 
maintenance of the air induction 
and diesel fuel systems of the 8V- 
71T engine used in the M108, M109, 
M107, MHO, and M578 self-pro- 
pelled, full-tracked vehicles. 

Field Artillery Ammunition and Fuzes 
(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Characteristics, functioning, 
and effects of the semi-fixed and 
separate loading ammunition used 
by the four field artillery weapons: 
105-mm howitzer, 155-mm howitzer, 
8-inch howitzer, and 175-mm gun. 

TF 6-4055 Turret Hydraulic Systems M107 and M110- 

Part I Introduction 

(B&W 20 Min 1969) 

Characteristics, main compo- 
nents, and operation of the turret 
hydraulic systems used by the M- 
107 SP 175-mm gun and MHO 
SP 8-inch howitzer to operate the 
tubes, recoil spades, and loader- 
rammer systems. 

TF 6-4056 Turret Hydraulic Systems Ml 07 and Ml 10- 

Part II Traversing and Elevating 
(Color 19 Min 1969) 

Describes the hydraulic flow 
principles and patterns of the tur- 
ret high pressure system and the 
traversing and elevating systems in 
the M107 and MHO SP artillery 

TF 6-4057 Turrett Hydraulic Systems M107 and Ml 10- 

Part III Loader-Rammer and Recoil 
Spade Systems 
(B&W 18 Min 1969) 

Examines components and op- 
eration of the loader-rammer and 
recoil spade systems used in M107 
and MHO vehicles, with particular 
attention given to the hydraulic 
flow circuits. 

TF 6-4144 Service of the Piace; 105-MM Howitzer 

(B&W 18 Min 1970) 

Shows how a section of the 
105mm howitzer battery emplaces 
and prepares the weapon for action, 
performs the pre-firing, firing, and 
post-firing checks, and prepares the 
weapon for travel. 


MF 6 Field Artillery 

MF 6-5246 Field Artillery Observation MF 6-7900 Fire-Artillery Action in Korea 

(B&W 19 Min 1967) (B&W 14 Min 1952) | 

New terms, phrases and format Depicts the important role of ' 

effected by US Army, 1 Sep 66, artillery fire in modern warfare, 
in FO communications and proce- 
dures for improved direction of FA 


FS 6 Field Artillery 

FS 6-84 Observed Fire Procedure Trainer Part I in adjusting artillery fire-fuze quick 

(Color 147 FR 1959) mission, fuze delay mission, fuze 

Forward observation procedure time mission, and fuze variable 

in adjusting artillery fire prepar- time mission, 
ation of data for initial rounds, 

sensings and subsequent fire re- Observed Fir. Procedure Trainer-Part III 
quests, precision, fuze and time reg- (Color 95 FR 1959) 

istration Forward observation procedure 

in adjusting artillery fire fuze 

FS 6-85 Observed Fire Procedure Trainer Part II time mission, destruction mission, 

(Color 106 FR 1959) fuze variable time mission, and fuze 

Forward observation procedure quick mission. 


TGS 6 Field Artillery 

T 6-1 

Observed Indirect Fir* Transparency Kit 

Consists of instruction sheet, 
10 standard 8' x 10' transpar- 

encies in mounts on terrain, and 
24 overlay transparencies on ar- 
tillery bursts. 


14. 7-Series; Infantry 

TF 7-2188 

TF 7-2189 

TF 7-680 Ski Safety 

(B&W 21 Min 1942) TF 7-2186 

Ski safety precautions in con- 
nection with excessive speed and 
faulty adjustments remedies for 
over-heating, sunburn and snow- 

TF 7-681 Ski Safety-First Aid and Emergency Repair 

of Equipment TF 7-2187 

(B&W 41 Min 1942) 

Diagnosis and first aid for var- 
ious types of ski accidents emer- 
gency repair of equipment. 

TF 7-1475 Military Rock Climbing-Technique of 

(B&W 32 Min 1948) 

Movement of trained recon- 
naissance teams in mountainous ter- 
rain climbing equipment and cor- 
rect use. 

TF 7-1480 Military Rock Climbing-Movement of 

Combat Units 

(B&W 31 Min 1948) 

Organization of installation 
teams their equipment and opera- 
tion details of construction; evac- 
uation of injured. 

TF 71518 Summer Mountain Movements and Bivouacs 

(B&W 26 Min 1949) 

Techniques used to overcome 
special problems of troops and ma- 
teriel terrain hazards, water pur- 
ification, food preparation, personal 

TF 7-1550 Combat in Deep Snow and Extreme Cold 

(B&W 21 Min 1950) TF 7-2215 

Infantry rifle company illus- 
trates combat technique and sur- 
vival methods applicable to arctic 

TF 7-1642 The Reinforced Rifle Platoon in the Attack 

of a Built-up Area-Part Il-The Attack TF 7-2232 

(B&W 35 Min 1954) 

Tactical planning the at- 
tack each building offers a differ- 
ent complexity of fighting empha- 
sis on surprise, firepower and team- 

TF 7-2185 Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 TF 7-2395 

Machinegun Part I Faeding 

(B&W 7 Min 1955) 

Shows the action that takes 
place within the receiver posi- 

TF 7-2190 

TF 7 Infantry 

tioning of cartridge by extractor 
for chambering. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 
Machinegun Part II Chambering 
(B&W 4 Min 1955) 

Forcing cartridge into cham- 
ber forcing ejector away from 
cartridge positioning extractor to 
grasp another cartridge. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 
Machinegun Part III Locking 

(B&W 5 Min 1955) 

Action to permit recoiling 
group to move forward seating of 
breechlock into breech recess and 
locking of recoiling parts together. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 
Machinegun Part IV Firing 
(B&W 6 Min 1955) 

Shows action from time trigger 
is raised until striker of firing pin 
ignites the primer in the cartridge. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 

Ma chin 2gun Part V Unlocking 

(B&W 6 Min 1955) 

Shows the rearward movement 
of the recoiling parts and the sep- 
aration of the bolt from the barrel 
and barrel extension. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 
Machinegun Part VI Extraction 
and Ejection 

(B&W 4 Min 1955) 
Shows how empty cartridge 

case is pulled from chamber and 

how cartridge case is forced out of 

the receiver. 

Cycle of Operation Caliber .30 
Machinegun Part VII Cocking 
(B&W 7 Min 1955) 

Shows how the firing pin 
spring is compressed by the cocking 
lever as the bolt moves to the rear. 

Technique of Machinegun Fire Part X 

Zeroing the Light Machinegun 

M1919A6 on Tripod M2 

(B&W 5 Min 1956) 

How gunner adjusts line of aim 
so that weapon delivers accurate 
fire on target. 

Basic Military Skiing Part I Selection and 
Care of Equipment 

(B&W 17 Min 1956) 

Selecting skis and poles ad- 
justing skis for proper fit clean- 


TF 7 Infantry 

ing, tarring & waxing, skis fitting 
and care of ski climbers care of 
equipment in field. 

TF 7-2396 Basic Military Skiing-Parf Il-Skiing 


(B&W 29 Min 1956) 

Cross-country skiing with and 
without poles single and double 
poling changing direcion ski- 

ing uphill climbing on skis. 

TF 7-2397 Individual Fighting Techniques en Snow 

(B&W 23 Min 1956) 

Advancing on skis handling 
ski equipment firing techniques 
rifle and automatic weapons cam- 
ouflage construction of fighting 
positions protection of weapons. 

TF 7-2438 The 106-MM Rifle M40A-1-Part VI -The 

Stadia Sight 
(B&W 12 Min 1958) 

Components, stadia principle, 
plotting stadia lines, use of stadia 
lines to determine range of targets 
of known and unknown dimension. 

TF 7-2550 Reporting Enemy Information 

(B&W 23 Min 1958) 

Methods of gathering and re- 
porting enemy information by in- 
dividual soldier stress on observa- 
tion and search techniques and com- 
plete and accurate reporting. 

TF 72636 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Assumption of Command, Problem 1 
(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

A second lieutenant reporting 
for duty for the first time admits 
his lack of confidence to his unit 

TF 7-2637 leadership-Precommissioned Series- 

Assumption of Command, Problem 2 
(B&W 6 Min^ 1958) 

A young inexperienced ser- 
geant about to 'takeover' command 
of a squad overhears the men in 
the squad discuss him unfavorably. 

TF 72638 Leadership Precommissioned Series 

Assumption of Command, Problem 3 

(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

An acting squad leader, un- 
popular with the men, recommends 
stern action by the new leader to 
show how 'we're gonna run the 

TF 7-2639 Leadership Precommissioned Series 

Senior Subordinate Relations 
Problem 1 

(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

A lieutenant who had relied on 
his master sergeant when he as- 
sumed command, assumes control of 
the unit as he gains experience to 
the displeasure of the sergeant. 

TF 72641 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Senior Subordinate Relations, 
Problem 3 

(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

Three sergeants expecting con- 
sideration for a Master Sergeant 
vacancy close ranks against the 
newly appointed Master Sergeant 
and the work of the section suffers. 

TF 7-2642 Leadership-Precommissioned Series- 

Physical Leadership, Problem 1 

(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

The men of an ammunition con- 
voy, frightened by mortar and ar- 
tillery fire, refuse to comply with 
the lieutenant's order to continue on 
the route. 

TF 7-2643 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Physical Leadership, Problem 2 

(B&W 8 Min 1958) 

A squad detailed to clear a 
road of mines refuse to go back 
to work after one of the men is 
killed and another wounded by an 
exploded mine. 

TF 7-2644 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Physical Leadership, Problem 3 

(B&W 8 Min 1958) 

A gunner and assistant gunner 
replacing three men of the squad 
that were killed or injured during 
firing practice are afraid to remove 
a misfire. 

TF 7-2645 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Instructional Techniques for Small 
Unit Leaders' Problem 1 
(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

A sergeant assigned to in- 
structing trainees violates every 
rule pertaining to military instruc- 

TF 7-2646 Leadership-Precommissioned Series- 

Instructional Technique for Small 
Unit Leaders, Problem 2 

(B&W 7 Min 1958) 

A lieutenant, totally unprepar- 
ed, conducts a class in leadership 


TF 7 Infantry 

for the noncommissioned officers in 
the company very poorly and the 
men fall asleep. 

TF 7-2647 Leadership-Precommissioned Series- 

Chain of Command, Problem 1 

(B&W 4 Min 1958) TF 7-2707 

A train commander, a lieuten- 
ant, overrides a car commander's 
(Master Sergeant) order the car 
commander unaware of this, re- 
proves a sergeant for disobeying 
his order. 

TF 7-2648 Leadership-Precommissioned Series- 

Chain of Command, Problem 2 

(B&W 5 Min 1958) TF 7-2708 

A private, ordered by his lieu- 
tenant to dig up a heater for his 
jeep somewhere, cannibalizes a 
heater from a deadlined jeep and 
is discovered. 

TF 7-2649 Leadership Precommissioned Series- 

Chain of Command, Problem 3 

(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

A private is ordered off a mess TF 7-2709 
detail by the company commander, 
unknown to the mess sergeant and 
the mess and supply officer. 

TF 7-2700 Leadership-Post Commissioned Series- 

Staff and Subordinate Commander 
Relationship, Problem 1 
(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

A Company commander refuses rjrp 7_2760 
to comply with the request of the 
S3 to give his men additional in- 
struction in military courtesy. 

TF 72701 Leadership Post Commissioned Series- 

Staff and Subordinate Commander 
Relationship, Problem 2 
(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

The S3 and S4, both majors, 
have words over a changed assign- 
ment and decide to bring the matter 
to the attention of the group com- 

TF 7-2702 leadership-Post Commissioned Series- 

Staff and Subordinate Commander 
Relationship, Problem 3 
(B&W 7 Min 1958) 

A company commander unable TF 7-3022 
to check the training of his men 
because of excessive paper work 
explains his problem to the group 

TF 7-2706 Leadership-Post Commissioned Series- 

Handling of Subordinate Leaders 
in Combat, Problem 1 

TF 7-2868 

(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

A platoon leader committed to 
a critical mission confesses his lack 
of confidence to the company com- 

Leadership Post Commissioned Series- 
Handling of Subordinate Leaders 
in Combat, Probbm 2 

(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

A group commander, consider- 
ing a company commander's pro- 
motion, invites the opinions of his 
staff on the officer's leadership qual- 

Leadership Post Commissioned Series- 
Handling of Subordinate Leaders 
in Combat, Problem 3 

(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

A sergeant, formerly in combat, 
is assigned to a rear area supply 
unit. He shows his contempt for 
rear area men by driving his men 

Leadership Post Commissioned Series 
Utilization of Personnel, Problem 1 
(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

A company commander is re- 
luctant to give up one of his good 
men to his group commander al- 
though it means a better job for 
the man at headquarters. 

Range Management 

(B&W 17 Min 1959) 

Features, origin and operation 
of known distance and 1,000-inch 
ranges layout, duties of personnel, 
equipment and targets used, and 
spotting, disking and scoring tar- 

Rifle Squad and Platoon in Defense 
(B&W 27 Min 1960) 

Planning, preparation, and tac- 
tics for defense responsibilities of 
squad and platoon leaders conduct 
of defense against night attack 
reorganization of platoon after at- 

Combat Formations and Battle Drill, Rifle 
Squad Part I Combat Formations 
(B&W 12 Min 1961) 

Organizations, important var- 
iations, primary uses, and tactical 
advantages of squad column with 
fire teams in column, and abreast, 
squad file, and squad line. 


TF 7 Infantry 
TF 7-3024 

TF 7-3025 

TF 7-3040 

TF 7-3042 

TF 7-3075 

TF 7-3094 

TF 7-3120 

TF 7-3191 

Combat Formations and Battle Drill, Rifle TF 7-3130 

Platoon Part I Combat Formations 

(B&W 15 Min 1961) 

Purpose, structure, and tactical 
use of platoon column, wedge, vee, 
echelon, and line manner in which 
platoon moves from one formation 
to another. 

Combat Formations and Battle Drill, Rifle TF 7-3137 

Platoon Part II Battle Drill 

(B&W 13 Min 1961) 

Purpose and execution of battle 
drill maneuvers maneuver right, 
maneuver left, and frontal attack 
how battle drill is used by platoon 
in the attack. 

Drop Zon TP 7-3190 

(B&W 24 Min 1961) 

Military requirements, plan- 
ning and execution of airborne op- 
erations concepts, steps, and tech- 
nique applied in the tactical plan, 
landing plan, air-movement plan, 
and marshaling plan. 

Rifle Platoon in the Attack 
(B&W 33 Min 1961) 

Troop leading procedures fol- 
lowing platoon leader position pla- 
toon moves from assembly area to 
assault position conduct of as- 
sault seizure of objective contin- TF 7-3192 
uation of advance on withdrawing 
enemy troops. 

Infantry Training 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Planning, supervision, cycles in 
training, and testing conducted un- 
der army training program to de- TF 7-3193 
velop skilled soldiers and fighting 

Combat Flame Operations Part III The Use 
of Flame Field Expedients and Flame 
Throwers in the Defense 

(Color 21 Min 1962) 

Features and tactical use of: 
Exploding and fragmentation flame TF 7-3194 
devices, the fougasse, flame illumin- 
ants and portable and mechanized 
flame throwers. 

Rifle Company in Defense 
(B&W 28 Min 1962) 

How commander applies fac- 
tors of mission, enemy, terrain, and 
troops to plan defense how com- TF 7-3195 
pany prepares the position con- 
duct of defense. 

81-MM Mortar M-29-Part l-Mechanical 

(B&W 15 Min 1961) 

Features, components and tac- 
tical use of weapon how mortar 
is mounted how the sight M-34A2 
is used to place the mortar on tar- 


(B&W 52 Min 1962) 

Tactical requirements for pa- 
trol missions principles and tech- 
niques used in planning, preparing 
and executing patrols role of com- 
mander, patrol leader, and patrol 

Leadership in Combat Chain of Command, 
Film No. 1 

(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Battalion S3 overrides com- 
pany commander's order to weapons 
platoon for emplacement of mortars 
and guns. 

Leadership in Combat Chain of Command, 
Film No. 2 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Company commander overrides 
order issued by weapons platoon 
leader to mortar section leader. 

Leadership in Combat Keeping 
Subordinates Informed Film No. 1 

(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

A platoon leader neglects to 
tell his men of a tank section move 
to the platoon position directed by 
the company commander. 

Leadership in Combat Physical Leadership, 
Film No. 1 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Combat discipline breaks down 
in a platoon on its first combat 
mission platoon leader cannot con- 
tact 3D squad leader to advise on 
enemy approach. 

Leadership in Combat Developing a 
Positive Attitude in Junior Leaders, 
Film No. 2 
(B&W 4 Min 1962) 

A rifle platoon is bogged down 
in the attack apprehensive platoon 
leader refuses to move forward on 
company commander's order. 

Leadership in Combat Developing a 
Positive Attitude in Junior Leaders, 
Film No. 1 


TF 7 Infantry 

TF 7-3238 

(B&W 6 Min 1962) TF 7-3235 

A platoon leader of a unit on 
its first combat mission overhears 
a squad leader as he briefs his men 
in a negative way the men panic 
and begin to bolt. 

TF 7-3196 Leadership in Combat-Basic 

Responsibilities Film No. 3 
(B&W 7 Min 1962) 

A platoon, covering the com- TF 7-3236 
pany's daylight withdrawal, must 
retreat or face annihilation the 
platoon leader cannot contact the 

TF 7-3197 Leadership in Combat Controlling Fear and 

Panic-Film No. 1 

(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Men of the 1st squad of a TF 7-3237 
platoon in an assault panic the 
squad leader is unable to control 
them the platoon leader becomes 
aware of the dilemma. 

TF 7-3198 Leadership in Combat Maintaining Combat 

Effectiveness Film No. 1 

(B&W 7 Min 1962) 

A group commander faces di- 
lemma of chaotic situation in Char- 
lie company area where personnel 
and equipment are seriously dam- 
aged by enemy nuclear detonation. 

TF 7-3199 Leadership in Combat-Controlling Fear and 

Panic Film No. 2 

(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Platoon leader alerts his unit 
to move into a contaminated area 
the squad leaders report the men 
are fearful and are balking at the 

TF 7-3233 Leadership in Combat-Functional 

Organization Film No. 1 
(B&W 7 Min 1962) 

Failure to carry out vehicle 
maintenance plan blocks battalion 
barrier plan S4 orders commun- 
ications platoon leader to move ve- 
hicle S3 states leader is under his 
operation control. 

TF 7-3234 Leadership in Combat-Basic Responsibilities 

of the Commander Film No. 1 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Battalion commander consults TF 7-3319 
with surgeon on effect on troops if 
they move through contaminated 
area to objective surgeon estimates 
10 to 20 percent casualties and num- 
ber of deaths. 

TF 7-3253 

TF 7-3254 

Leadership in Combat Training in Combat- 
Film No. 1 

(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

New company commander de- 
cides on training plan for his unit 
company executive officer disagrees 
with plan upon inquiry, company 
commander finds all his subordin- 
ates agree with executive officer. 

Leadership in Combat Psychological 
Adjustment Film No. 1 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

A newly arrived machinegun- 
ner fails to 'shape up' because of 
misassignment platoon leader fail- 
ed to inform weapon squad leader 
of man's background. 

Leadership in Combat Basic Responsibilities 
of th Commander Film No. 2 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Battalion commander reports to 
his staff on destruction of Bravo 
company by nuclear weapons S2 
and S3 recommended moving re- 
serve company into the position SI 
and S4 disagree. 

Leadership Post Commission Series: 
Selection of Subordinate Leaders- 
Film No. 1 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

A platoon leader vacillates in 
reaching a decision in the appoint- 
ment of a man to fill a vacancy 
for platoon sergeant. 

81 -mm Mortar M-29-Part Il-Sight 
Calibration and Laying the Section 
(B&W 23 Min 1963) 

Calibrating sight for elevation 
and deflection how aiming circle 
is used to lay mortars for accurate 
fire loading and firing mortar at 

Weapons System Alinement, 106-mm Rifle 
(B&W 12 Min 1963) 

Procedure for boresighting the 
106-mm rifle and zeroing the cal- 
iber .50 spotting rifle importance 
of weapon system alinement for ac- 
curate fire. 

RifH Marksmanship Target Detection 
(Color 31 Min 1963) 

Value and implementation of 
target detection training how 
class learns to locate and mark var- 
ious targets at different ranges. 


TF 7 Infantry 

TF 7-3337 

TF 7-3339 

TF 7-3461 

TF 7-3462 

TF 7-3647 

TF 7-3661 

TF 7-3662 

TF 7-3674 

Stream Crossing Expedients Part II 
Floating of Weapons, Equipment 
and Vehicles 
(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Preparation and use of am- 
phibious 1/4-ton trailer, canvas 
wrap rafts, 3- and 4-brush rafts, 
2-ponton raft, and 55-gallon drum 
raft for stream crossings. 

Installation and Removal of the M21 
Antitank Mine 

(B&W 15 Min 1964) 

Construction and operation of 
M21 assembly of mine component 
and procedure for installation, arm- 
ing, and camouflaging the mine 
disarming and removal of mine 
disassembly and repacking for 

Assembly for an Airborne Unit 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Tactical requirements for rapid 
assembly methods and aids used 
by small units for day and night 
assembly after a parachute landing. 

Personnel Parachute Malfunctions and 
Activation of Reserve Parachute 

(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

Causes, prevention, and hand- 
ling of partial and complete mal- 
functions Mae West, cigarette roll, 
tears, twists, etc timely use of re- 
serve parachute stressed. 

Rifle Platoon in Night Attack 
(B&W 21 Min 1966) 

Troop leading procedures in 
planning and executing a night at- 
tack; conduct of platoon in sur- 
prise assault to seize assigned ob- 

Rifle Company in Operations Part I 

Retrograde Operations 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 

Troop leading procedures to 
plan, prepare for, and execute retro- 
grade operations under varying tac- 
tical conditions. 

Rifle Company Operations Part II 

Offensive Operations 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Troop leading procedures to 
plan, prepare for, and execute an 

Role of the Light Weapons Infantryman- 
Part I Rifle Squad in Attack 

(B&W 27 Min 1966) 

Action of a well-trained rifle 
squad in executing an attack mis- 
sion, highlighting the reactions to 
the orders of the squad leader. 

TF 7-3675 Rob of the Light Weapons Infantryman- 

Part II Rifle Squad in Defense 
(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

How squad leader plans and 
organizes defense position, how the 
position is constructed, and how the 
squad achieves victory over a larger 

TF 7-3734 Drill and Ceremonies-Part l-Squad Drill 

(B&W 21 Min 1966) 

Preparatory commands and 
commands of execution; squad for- 
mations and movements; count ca- 
dence and count off; stack arms 
and take arms. 

TF 7-3764 Survival 

(Color 34 Min 1967) 

Describes the basic principles 
and techniques that should be em- 
ployed by prisoner of war camp 
escapees to evade detection and sur- 
vive in a hostile environment until 
they reach friendly lines. 

TF 7-3804 Automatic Rifle Marksmanship (M14A2 Rifle) 

(B&W 15 Min 1967) 

Features and use of the M14A2 
rifle for semi-automatic and auto- 
matic fire, highlighting: pre-firing 
checks, aiming, firing positions, 
semi-automatic and automatic fire 
techniques, changing magazines, 
and using the weapon against small 
point, large point, and linear target. 

TF 7-3841 Military Courtesy 

(Color 30 Min 1968) 

Rules and customs of military 
courtesy which the soldier is ex- 
pected to observe throughout his 
career in the army. 

TF 7-3851 Wearing of the Uniform 

(Color 22 Min 1968) 

Explains to new trainees what 
is expected of them with regard 
to the proper care and wearing of 
the military uniform: green class 
A uniform for winter wear, tan 
class A uniform for summer wear, 
and the field uniform or fatigues. 

TF 7-3856 Physical Fitness-US Army 

(Color 30 Min 1968) 

Physical fitness programs dur- 
ing basic and advanced individual 

TF 7 Infantry 

TF 7-4118 

TF 7-4119 

training (AIT), at the unit level, 
and in special courses for paratroop- 
ers, rangers, and special forces. 

TF 7-3867 90MM Recoilless Rifle, M67-Technique of 

Fir* TF 7-4083 

(B&W 24 Min 1967) 

Components and mechanical ac- 
tion of weapon; characteristics of 
M371E1 anti-tank ammunition used 
with rifle; the 4 basic positions 
from which the weapon is fired; 
boresighting procedure; use of rifle 
against stationary and moving tar- 
gets; burst-on-target adjustment of 

TF 7-3893 Weapons of the Infantry 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Characteristics, employment, 
capabilities, and limitations of: 
M14, M14A1, M16A1 rifles, M79 
grenade launcher, M60 and .50 cal- 
iber machine guns, M72 rocket, 3.5' 
rocket launcher, 90MM and 106mm 
recoilless rifles, .50 caliber spotting 
gun, 81mm and 4.2' inch mortars. 

TF 7-3956 Ranger-the Ultimate Soldier 

(Color 32 Min 1968) 

Describes the objectives and na- 
ture of training offered in the US 
Army ranger course: 1) Physical 
conditioning at the infantry school, 
Ft Benning, Ga, 2) military moun- .pp 7-4121 
taineering at the ranger camp in 
Dahlonega, Ga, and 3) guerrilla 
warfare at the ranger camp at 
Eglin AFB, FLA. 

TF 7-3959 Squad Combat Formations and Battle Drill 

(B&W 22 Min 1968) 

Principles and application of pp 7-4146 
the 3 basic maneuvers of battle 
drill maneuvers right, left, and 
front; composition and correct em- 
ployment of the 3 combat forma- 
tions column, file, and line. 

TF 7-3978 Rifl* Platoon in the Attack of a Fortified 


(B&W 33 Min 1969) TF 7-4147 

Portrays the action of a rifle 
platoon as it carries out a mission 
to break through an enemy bunker, 
covering the planning, preparation, 
attack, and consolidation phases. 

TF 7-4082 Military Operations in Jungle Terrain- 

Part I Reconnaissance in Force 

(Color 33 Min 1969) TF 7-4196 

Portrays the tactics and tech- 

niques employed by an infantry 
company committed to an airmobile 
strike operation, prior to and during 
a two-day reconnaissance in force. 

Military Operations in Jungle Terrain- 
Part II Action on Contact 

(Color 17 Min 1969) 

Portrays the tactics and tech- 
niques employed by an infantry 
company, engaged in an airmobile 
strike operation in jungle terrain, 
after making contact with the en- 

The Infantry Noncommissioned Officer 
Candidate Course 

(Color 27 Min 1970) 

An orientation on the entrance 
qualifications, nature and scope of 
the three programs of instruction 
offered in the course, and the pro- 
motions awarded upon successful 
completion of the course. 

Hand Grenades and M-79 Grenade 

(Color 33 Min 1970) 

Describes the characteristics, 
capabilities, and use of: M26A1, 
M56, M33, M57, M59, MK3A2, M34, 
MSHC, M18, M7A3, M25A2, and 
M14 grenades, pyrotechnic signal 
device, and M79 grenade launcher. 

Night Vision Techniques and the Use of the 
Metascope and Starlight Scope 

(Color 26 Min 1970) 

Techniques of using night vis- 
ion scopes; adaptation to darkness, 
scanning, off-center vision, and 
quick-kill firing. 

Basic Airborne Training 

(Color 40 Min 1970) 

Shows students going through 
the three-week basic paratroop 
course at the airborne school, Fort 
Benning, Ga. Follows a class from 
entry to graduation wing-pinning 

The Army Pathfinder 

(Color 19 Min 1970) 

Describes the objectives and 
scope of the army pathfinder and 
delineates the training they receive 
in map reading, land navigation, 
and in the use of pathfinder equip- 

Techniques of Employment, M28A1 APERS 
Mine, Claymore 


TF 7 Infantry 

TF 7-4214 

(B&W 22 Min 1971) 

Shows capabilities, methods of 
using, placements, aiming, testing 
firing circuit, and disarming the 
Claymore directional anti-personnel 

Forward Observer Procedures: Infantry 
Mortars Call for Fire, Bracketing, 
(B&W 23 Min 1972) 

Examines 'call for fire' format, 
element by element; diagrams and 
demonstrates bracketing and creep- 
ing methods of adjusting for range. 

Land Navigation by Terrain Features 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 
Demonstrates how to use con- 

tour maps for finding position and 
planning marches. Shows how the 
five basic terrain features look on 
the ground, on a model, and on a 
contour map. 

TF 7-4320 Fundamentals of Rifle Marksmanship 

(B&W 27 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates the elements of 
the integrated act of shooting in 
a burlesque of an instruction period 
on the 25-meter rifle range. 

TF 7-4339 Raid Patrol Actions at the Objective 

(B&W 26 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the purpose and 
conduct of a raid patrol; explains 
the key factors of surprise, fire- 
power, and violence of action. 

FB 7-16 

FB 7-78 

FB 7-263 

FB 7-264 

Invasion of Crete by the German Army FB 7-265 

(B&W 11 Min 1942) 

Preparations for invasions by 
air; strafing and precision bomb- 
ing; men and equipment dropped 
by parachute; capture of roads and 

Avalanche FB 7-266 

(B&W 10 Min 1943) 

Snow avalanches in mountain 
operations: 'wind slab' and 'flow 
snow'; procedure for soldier separ- 
ated from main party. 

FB 7-269 

Fighting in Built Up Areas Use of Special 


(B&W 5 Min 1953) 

Illustrates proper techniques 
and equipment used to scale walls, 
to enter buildings, and in house-to- 
house fighting. 

Fighting in Built Up Areas Methods of jrp 7-273 

Entering Buildings 

(B&W 4 Min 1953) 

Teaches infantrymen the cor- 
rect methods of entering buildings 
in enemy held territory. 

FB 7 Infantry 

Fighting in Built Up Areas Methods of 
Searching and Clearing Buildings 
(B&W 3 Min 1953) 
Teaches approved methods used 

by rifle squads in searching and 

clearing buildings in enemy held 


Fighting in Built Up Areas Selection of 

Positions for Firing 

(B&W 5 Min 1953) 

Discusses factors to be consid- 
ered in choosing firing positions, 
underscoring use of common sense, 
and tricks of cover and concealment. 

Fighting in Built Up Areas Mutual Support 
and Methods of Advance 
(B&W 5 Min 1953) 

Foot soldier is supported by 
tank fire as he advances into enemy 
territory illustrates proper meth- 
ods of advance by infantryman. 

Infantry Weapons and Their Effects: US 
Pistol Caliber .45, Submachinegun 
Caliber .45, US Carbine, Caliber .30 
(Color 8 Min 1954) 

Mechanical characteristics, op- 
eration, and use in combat. 


MF 7 Infantry 

MF 7-5669 

MF 7-7977 

MF 7-7978 

MF 7-8319 

Introduction to the 40-MM XM203 Grenad* 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Describes components, installa- 
tion, and operation of the launcher, 
used on the M16 rifle. Stresses the 
grenadier's ability to fire either 
weapon at will. 

Winter Movement on Skis 
(B&W 18 Min 1953) 

Illustrates bending, crouching, 
and upright movement techniques 
used by the combat soldier on skis. 

Firing Positions in the Winter 

(B&W 13 Min 1953) 

Shows how the combat soldier 
on skis assumes the prone, kneel- 
ing and standing ready positions for 

Position and Grip, Machinegun M1919A6 on 
M2 Tripod 

(B&W 3 Min 1955) 

Correct position of head, elbows, 
arms, hands, fingers, body, and 

legs when firing proper grip for 

MF 07-8781 Ski Tips 

(Color 23 Min 1958) 
(Adopted commercial film) 

Lowell Thomas discusses the 
rules for safe skiing, covering choice 
and handling of equipment, control- 
led skiing techniques, and rules on 
the ski trail. 

MF 7-9726 Electronic Warfare (U) 

(Color 39 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

MF 7-9727 Keeping the Peace-Part III 

(Counterinsurgency and Ambush) 

(B&W 65 Min 2 Reels 1966) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted British Film) 

Fundamentals and techniques 
for fighting a guerrilla war in jungle 
terrain with focus on troop organi- 
zation and movement, ambush and 
counterambush, search and intelli- 


T6S 7 Infantry 

TG 7-1-2 US Rifle 7.62MM MM and MM (Modified) 

Mechanical Training 

(Color 22 FR 1971) 

Covers the design, nomencla- 
ture and general characteristics of 
the rifle, 7.62mm M14 and M14 

TG 7-1-5 Target Grid Method of Fire Control 

(B&W 32 FR 1966) 

These 32 transparencies pre- 
sent diagrams and instructions ex- 
plaining the principles of the grid 
method of fire control and the re- 
sponsibilities of the indirect fire 

TG 7-1-6 Mine, Antitank, M21 (Tank Killer) 

(B&W 9 FR 1964) 

These 9 transparencies present 
views and diagrams of the construc- 
tion, packing and marking, arming, 
disarming, and installation of the 
M21 antitank mine, with fuze M607. 

TG 7-1-8 90MM Recoilless Rifle, M67, Mechanical 


(Color 10 FR 1968) 

These 10 transparencies present 
views illustrating the characteristics, 
nomenclature, design and function- 
ing of the 90mm recoilless rifie, 

TG 7-1-9 Rifle Marksmanship 

(B&W 30 FR 1965) 

These 30 transparencies consist 
of charts, diagrams, and views deal- 
ing with the fundamentals of rifle 

TG 7-1-13 M60 Machina Gun Technique of Fire 

(B&W 27 FR 1965) 

These 27 transparencies present 
charts and diagrams covering the 
principles and procedures for firing 
the M60 machine gun. 

TG 7-1-15 Antipersonnel Mine, M18A1 (Claymore) 

(B&W 10 FR 1966) 

Views and diagrams of construc- 
tion, employment and functioning 
of the antipersonnel mine, M18A1 

TG 7-1-17 Mortar Fire Without a Fire Direction Center 

(B&W 11 FR 1968) 

Portrays the principles and 
techniques for employing mortar 
without a fire direction center, focus- 
ing on: forward observation, direct- 
ing fire, distributed fires for effect, 
searching fire, and adjusting fire. 

TG 7-1-19 106MM Recoilless Rifle, M40A1, Organisation 

and Crew Drill 
(B&W 7 FR 1968) 

Portrays organization, equip- 
ment, and action of squad perform- 
ing crew drill: placing rifle into 
action on carrier, and dismounting 
and mounting the rifle on its carrier. 

TG 7-1-20 106MM Recoilless Rifle, M40A1, Technique 

of Fire 
(B&W 8 FR 1968) 

Analyzes the technique of fire 
used with the 106mm rifle, M40A1, 
focusing on: bracketing, observa- 
tion of tracer method, and applica- 
tion of gunner's rule. 

TG 7-1-21 106MM Recoilless Rifle, M40A1, 

(B&W 9 FR 1968) 

Portrays fundamentals of: 
sighting stationary and moving tar- 
gets, use of stadia lines, boresight- 
ing, and weapons system alinement. 

TG 7-1-22 Rifle, 5.56MM, M16A1 Mechanical Training 

(B&W 1971) 

Presents the sights, cycle of 
operation and functioning field strip- 
ping, stoppages and immediate ac- 
tion of the rifle, 5.56mm, M16AL. 

TG 7-1-23 66MM Heat Rocket M72A1, M72A1E1, and 


(B&W 17 FR 1971) 

Illustrates features of the M72 
launcher, components of the 66mm 
heat rocket, cocking and firing the 
launcher, and design and operation 
of the sights. 

TG 7-4 Automatic Rifle Marksmanship 

(B&W 50 FR 1953) 

Illustrates the important facets 
of the automatic rifle marksman- 
ship course: 1) sighting and aiming 
exercises, 2) position exercises, 3) 
sight setting and trigger manipula- 
tion exercises, 4) automatic fire ex- 
ercises, 5) sight changes, effect of 
the wind, and use of the score card, 
and 6) examination. 

TG 7-9-2 Care and Fitting of Personnel Parachutes 

(B&W 12 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the checks, proper 
fitting, and recovery of the troop 
back T-10 and the troop-chest re- 
serve parachutes. 


TF 8 Medical 

15. 8-Series; Medical 

TF 8-3 Embryology of the Liver, Gallbladder and 


(Color 18 Min 1952) 

A simple visualization of the 
embryology of these organs with 
particular focus on anomalies and 
variations most commonly discover- 
ed by the surgeon. 

TF 8-1366 Hypodermic Needles and Syringes-Their 

Care and Functions 

(B&W 16 Min 1944) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Details the manufacture of hy- 
podermic syringes proper techni- 
ques of use (intradermal, subcu- 
taneous, intramuscular and vena- 

TF 8-1378 Clinical Malaria 

(B&W 26 Min 1944) 

Symptoms, signs and patho- 
logical body changes associated with 
the three common types of infection. 

TF 81388 The Heart and Circulation 

(B&W 10 Min 1944) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Instruction in anatomy and phy- 
siology of the heart covering re- 
lationship of heart action, nerve 
stimuli, and blood circulation. 

TF 8-1390 Digestion of Foods 

(B&W 10 Min 1944) 

Animated diagrams and photo- 
graphs of laboratory experiments 
show how food is taken into the 
body, digested and absorbed. 

TF 8-1392 The Work of the Kidneys 

(B&W 11 Min 1944) 

Illustrates how the kidneys 
function to maintain correct salt and 
water balance in the body. 

TF 8-1394 The Eyes and Their Care 

(B&W 11 Min 1944) 

Structure and function of the 
eye different visual defects prin- 
ciples of lens correction practical 
vision maintenance. 

TF 8-1395 Endocrine Glands 

(B&W 11 Min 1944) 

Exposition on how the endo- 
crine glands affect a living being 
including a few simple experiments 

on thyroid, parathyroid and pitui 
tary glands. 

TF 8-1461 Care of the Sick and Injured-Enemy 


(Color 29 Min 1946) 

Characteristics of bacteria 
entry into bloodstream and resulting 
effects on patient emphasis or 
cleanliness in surgery. 

TF 8-1467 Control of Louss-Borne Diseases 

(B&W 15 Min 1946) 

Control of louse-borne diseases 
through personal and barracks sani- 
tation use of DDT and other in- 

TF 8-1476 Our Food and Our Health 

(Color 15 Min 1948) 

Importance of proper eating 
habits as a factor in maintaining 
individual soldier's health and well- 

TF 8-1536 The Medical Examination-Part I- 


(B&W 19 Min 1949) 

Importance to the doctor, the 
administrator and individual pre- 
vents improper assignment and un- 
just claims against the Government. 

TF 8-1537 The Medical Examination-Part Il-History 

(B&W 17 Min 1950) 

Importance of reviewing the 
report of medical history' (Form 
89) prior to examination form dis- 
cussed in detail. 

TF 8-1538 The Medical Examination-Part Ill- 

(B&W 17 Min 1950) 

Covers each specific step in the 
examination to coincide with the 
item-by-item format of 'report of 
medical examination' (Form 88). 

TF 81586 Fractures an Introduction 

(Color 27 Min 1949) 

Fundamental principles of frac- 
tures various types physiology of 

TF 8-1670 Habits and Characteristics of the Rat- 

Part I The Norway Rat 
(B&W 28 Min 1950) 

Habits, characteristics, and 
abilities of the Norway rat which 
enable it to live with man, and 
which, in turn, enable man to con- 
trol it. 


TF 8 Medical 

TF 8-1671 Habits and Characteristics of the Rat Part 

1 1 -The Reef Rat 
(B&W 13 Min 1950) 

Habits, characteristics, and 
abilities of the roof rat comparison 
between the Norway and roof rat. 

TF 8-1673 Practical Rat Control-Ratproofing 

(B&W 18 Min 1951) 

Method and basic materials for 
ratproofing buildings the 'island 
theory' of rat control in urban 

TF 8-1761 Medical Planning for a Task Force Operation 

(B&W 32 Min 1952) 

Responsibilities of Army, Navy 
and Air Force defense against bio- 
logical, atomic and chemical war- 
fare immunization against endemic 
disease, etc. 

TF 8-1786 Human Production 

(B&W 22 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of human reproduction, 
with emphasis on the biological nor- 
malcy of reproduction and import- 
ance of clear familiarity with the 

TF 8-2083 Swinging Into Step 

(B&W 33 Min 1945) 

Rehabilitation and morale film 
for amputees, showing how artificial 
limbs enable them to return to nor- 
mal living. 

TF 8-2198 Resuscitative Care of the Severely Wounded 

(Color 24 Min 1957) 

Arresting hemorrhage splint- 
ing fractures plasma infusion 
alleviation of pain and anxiety 
preoperative, surgical and postopera- 
tive care. 

TF 8-2295 Mess Sanitation 

(B&W 25 Min 1956) 

Mess sanitation principles in 
storing foods, preparing meals, 
serving meals, care of leftovers, 
garbage disposal, and control of 

TF 8-2582 Clinical Shock 

(B&W 28 Min 1959) 

Causes, symptoms, and treat- 
ment of primary and secondary 
types of shock management of 
burn and cardiac patients and those 
with spinal cord injuries. 

TF 8-2675 Management of Mass Casualties-Part VI- 

(Color 13 Min 1959) 

Doctrine and concepts in sorting 
casualties after nuclear attack 
major categories minimal, immed- 
iate, delayed and expectant treat- 

TF 8-2676 Management of Mass Casualties-Part VIII- 

Management of Mechanical Injuries 
(Color 20 Min 1959) 

Medical and surgical treatment 
of casualties after nuclear attack 
first aid, and professional care of 
wounds, hemorrhage, fractures and 

TF 8-2712 Management of Mass Casualties Part X- 

Management of Psychological Casualties 

(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Sorting psychological casualties 
following nuclear attack symptoms 
and treatment of normal disaster 
reactions, mild incapacity, moderate 
reactions and severe cases. 

TF 8-2713 Management of Mass Casualties Part IX 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 

Symptoms of first, second, and 
third degree burns application of 
rule of nines to establish size of 
burn area treatment for mild, 
moderate, and severe burn cases. 

TF 8-2762 Heat Disorders-General Effects of Heat on 

(B&W 22 Min 1960) 

Causes, symptoms, treatment 
and prevention of heat disorders en- 
countered by troops in hot climate: 
heat cramps, exhaustion, and stroke. 

TF 8-2881 Management of Mass Casualties-Medical 

Aspects of Nuclear Weapons 
(Color 16 Min 1962) 

Physiological injuries that may 
occur from thermal, blast, and radia- 
tion effects of nuclear detonation, 
and methods of minimizing casual- 

TF 8-3021 First Aid-Part IV-Resuscitatien, Mouth-to- 

Mouth, Mouth-to-Nose 
(Color 23 Min 1961) 

Application of this preferred 
method of resuscitation to victims 
of drowning, poison fumes, electric 
shock, drug poison, and critical head 
and chest injury. 


TF 8 Medical 

TF 8-3057 

TF 8-3121 

TF 8-3143 

TF 8-3215 

TF 8-3224 

TF 8-3225 

TF 8-3226 

TF 3-3228 

Steps to Recovery Rehabilitation of the 
Patient With Pulmonary Tuberculosis 

(B&W 30 Min 1961) 

Rehabilitation of tuberculosis 
patients (surgery and nonsurgery 
cases) at Fitzsimons Army Hospital 
through communicable, noncommu- 
nicable, and final stages of treat- 

Catherization Technique 

(Color 18 Min 1961) 

Anatomy and physiology of 
urinary tract clinical indications 
for, and methods of catheterization 
(use of standard red rubber and 
Foley catheters). 

Management of Mass Casualties Food and 
Water, Detection of Radiation and 

(Color 13 Min 1962) 

Effects of nuclear f alllout tech- 
niques and equipment to monitor 
and decontaminate food and water 
for safe consumption by troops in 
the field. 

Occupational Health Program US Army 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Objectives and scope of pro- 
gram role of occupational health 
officer, and the services rendered 
to the Army Civilian Labor Force. 

Emergency Airway A Plan of Action 
(Emergency Restoration of Breathing) 
(Color 25 Min 1964) 

Emergency management of 
partial and complete upper airway 
obstruction removal of foreign bod- 
ies, artificial respiration, and crico- 
thyroid puncture. 


(Color 20 Min 1963) 

Procedures for performing tho- 
racentesis for relief of hemothorax 
pneumothorax and hemopneumotho- 
rax cause by injury to chest or 

Intercostal Nerve Block 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 

Technique of performing in- 
tercostal nerve block for treatment 
of painful conditions of chest which 
interfere with normal breathing. 

Suturing Technique 

(Color 29 Min 1964) 
Techniques and materials used 

to suture operative and accidental 

TF 8-3229 Gastric Intubation 

(Color 25 Min 1963) 

Clinical requirement for intuba- 
tion procedure for introducing and 
maintaining Levin tube technique 
and tubing used in gavage, lavage, 
and for diagnostic purposes. 

TF 8-3230 Intravenous Infusion Technique 

(Color 27 Min 1963) 

Procedure and equipment used 
in intravenous infusion for treat- 
ment of shock and other conditions 
stress on venipuncture technique 
and surgical cutdown of vein. 

TF 8-3231 Care of the Closed Thoracotomy Tube 

(Color 23 Min 1963) 

Mechanics and proper use of 
closed thoracotomy tube for drain- 
age of blood and air from thorax 
to enable patient to breathe nor- 

TF 8-3350 Mental Hygiene-The Man in the Mirror 

(B&W 35 Min 1963) 

Need for mental hygiene assist- 
ance in the Army objectives, 
principles, and activates of the men- 
tal hygiene consultation service. 

TF 8-3595 The Importance of Field Sanitation to 


(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Duties and sources of assist- 
ance available to unit commander 
to maintain sanitation discipline, 
with focus on training and func- 
tion of unit field sanitation team. 

TF 8-3596 Field Sanitation 

(B&W 38 Min 1965) 

Techniques and field expedients 
used by troops in field to solve 
sanitary problems related to water, 
garbage and trash, and human 

Army Medical Service Aeromedical 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Mission, organization and ac- 
tivities of Army Medical Service, 
with focus on organization, aircraft, 
and skills of air ambulance com- 
pany; and how typical air ambu- 
lance missions are performed. 

TF 8-3632 Army Hospitals in the Field 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 


TF 8 Medical 

TF 8-3835 

Location, missions, organiza- 
tion, facilities, and medical services 
of the surgical hospital, evacuation 
hospital and field hospital. 

TF 8-3686 Principles of Field Medical Service 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 

Medical facility and facility in TF 8-3802 
field litter team, aid station, di- 
vision clearing station emergency 
surgical hospital, evacuation hospi- 
tal, general hospital and large medi- 
cal center in CONUS. 

TF 8-3692 Emergency Medical Care-Control of 


(Color 20 Min 1966) 

Techniques and supplies used in 
controlling bleeding of arm, leg, 
abdomen, and neck, and in trau- 
matic amputation. 

TF 8-3693 Emergency Medical Care Shock 

(Color 17 Min 1966) 

Symptoms of hemorrhagic and 
neurogenic shock; treatment for 
shock in wound, burn, and spinal 
cord injury cases. 

TF 8-3694 Emergency Medical Care-Chemical TF 8-3849A 


(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Symptoms and treatment of 
nerve agent, blood agent, and blister 
agent exposure, with focus on care 
provided by company medic and 
higher level medical care during 
evacuation, at the aid station, and 
at the clearing station. 

TF 83695 Use of Turning Frames 

(B&W 35 Min 1966) 

Clinical requirement for and use 
of improvised turning frames in 
field, and use of Stryker, Foster, and 
circoelectric frames in military hos- 

TF 8-3777 Safety in Army Hospitals 

(B&W 27 Min 1967) TF 8-3873 

An orientation film on the com- 
mon causes of accidents in hospi- 
tals, and the precautions necessary 
to maintain hospital safety at a 
high level, for the benefit of the 
patient and hospital personnel. 

TF 8-3801 Medical Supply System, US Army-Part I- 

Organization and Administration 
(B&W 24 Min 1967) 

Missions and operational rela- TF 8-3875 
tionship of the major organization 
within the medical supply system: 

TF 8-3872 

defense supply agency, defense per- 
sonnel support center, directorate 
of medical materiel supply division, 
OTSG, AMEDS materiel technical 
committee, defense medical materiel 
board, and USAMMA. 

Medical Supply System, US Army Part II 
Operations at CONUS and Overseas 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

Medical supply operations are 
demonstrated at a typical depot in 
CONUS (Ft Knox), at an installa- 
tion under command of the Surgeon 
General (Walter Reed Army Hos- 
pital), and at an overseas installa- 
tion (Far East). 

The Uncommitted Man' (The Sociopath) 
(B&W 34 Min 1968) 

Presents the sociopath in sev- 
eral typical army situations, point- 
ing up the clues for identifying 
such individuals and suggestions for 
their proper handling and disposi- 

Malaria Prevention (Short Version) 

(Color 14 Min 1968) 

Role of the anopheles mosquito 
in malaria transmission; anti- 
malaria measures to be taken by 
soldier in the field; and supportive 
activities of the unit field sanita- 
tion team. 

Use of Inhalation Therapy Equipment- 
Part I Simple Applications 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 

Procedures in the use of in- 
halation therapy equipment for pat- 
ients who can breathe without as- 
sistance: nasal cannula, nasal cath- 
eter, orygen mask, oxygen tent, 
oxygen analyzer, croupette, and iso- 

Use of Inhalation Therapy Equipment- 
Part II Intermittent Positive Pressure 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 

Procedures to set up and oper- 
ate the Bennett respirator, the Bird 
respirator, and the Morch respirator 
used in the treatment of patients 
who are unable to breathe without 

Prevention and Control of Upper Respiratory 
Disease in US Army Training Centers 
(B&W 41 Min 1967) 


TF 8 Medical 

TF 8-3977 

TF 8-4145 

Measures necessary for an ef- TF 8-3968 
fective program to prevent and con- 
trol acute respiratory diseases, in- 
cluding meningitis, among new re- 
cruits during basic training, with 
special focus on responsibilities of 
officer and enlisted training cadre 
at company level. 

TF 8-3917 Preventive Maintenance of Medical Service TF 8-3976 


(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Fundamentals of operator, 
hospital, organizational, and depot 
maintenance of diverse types of 
medical equipment emphasis on 
training and activities of medical 
maintenance specialists. 

TF 8-3920 Space Charge Compensation for X-Ray 

(B&W 34 Min 1968) 

Two manual methods of space 
charge compensation to attain prop- 
er and constant x-ray tube current: 
1) calibration through the use of 
a simple bucking voltage system, 
and 2) calibration through the use 
of a bucking and boosting voltage 

TF 8-3921 KVP Indicating Systems for X-Ray 

Equipmjnt Part I Introduction 

(B&W 25 Min 1968) 

Problem of line loss and unit 
loss during exposure of the KVP 
across the x-ray tube; and use of 
the load-on meter and multi-scale 
meter to compensate for line and 
unit losses on portable or mobile TF 8-4233 
x-ray equipment. 

TF 8-3922 KVP Indicating Systems for X-Ray 

Equipment Part II Load-On 

Indicating Systems 

(B&W 17 Min 1968) 

Procedure to calibrate the load- 
on KVP meter used with portable 
and mobile x-ray equipment to TF 8-4234 
compensate for unit loss how ad- 
justments are made with assistance 
of a load line chart. 

TF 8-3923 KVP Indicating Systems for X-Ray 

Equipment Part III Pre-Reading 
Indicating Systems 
(B&W 31 Min 1968) 

Use of an aluminum ladder to TF 8-4235 
calibrate a 3-setting KVP meter 
reading; and calibration of dial or 
push button systems to compensate 
for line and unit losses. 

TF 8-4186 

Suicide The Unheard Cry 
(B&W-^5 Min 1969) 

Presents an analysis of suicidal 
personalities and their behavior pat- 
terns as may be encountered in 
military life, emphasizing the assist- 
ance that can be offered to prevent 
suicide attempts. 

Personal Hygiene in a Hot Climate 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Describes measures the soldier 
should take for maximum self-pro- 
tection against intense heat, con- 
taminated food and water, exces- 
sive exposure to moisture, and 
infection and disease. 

Personal Hygiene in a Cold Climate 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 

Describes hazards of extreme 
cold to the soldier in the field, and 
protective measures to ward off 
sickness and injury. 

Operating Room Procedures 

(Color 41 Min 1970) 

Illustrates the duties of the cir- 
culating and scrub specialists, cov- 
ering : pre-operative preparations, 
activities during surgery, and post- 
operative procedures. 

Control of Hemorrhage 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates basic procedures 
for quick control of hemorrhage, 
and shows a medical corpsman in 
a simulated battle situation. 

Operation of the Hypodermic Jet Injection 

(Color 43 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates the functioning 
and operation of the injector; shows 
cocking, firing, dosage adjustment, 
disassembly, sterilization, assembly, 
and safety precautions. 

Routine Maintenance of the Hypodermic 
Jat Injection Apparatus 

(Color 27 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates operator mainte- 
nance procedures, including cleaning 
a clogged nozzle and replacing seals 
and rings. Reviews components and 
functioning of the injector. 

Operation of the Circolectric Bed Part I 

(Color 18 Min 1971) 

Shows details of construction 
of the circolectric bed, and demon- 
strates its operation. 


TF 8 Medical 

TF 8-4236 Car* of the Burn Patient in the Circolectric 

Bed-Part II 
(Color 27 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates special procedures 
required for caring for a burn pat- 
ient using the circolectric bed. 

TF 8-4246 Female Catherization and Related 


(Color 27 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the proper technique for 
catheterizing the female patient 
using a regular Foley or indwelling 
catheter ; demonstrates application 
of the leg bag and bladder installa- 
tion and irrigation. 


FB 8 Medical 

FB 8-147 Medical Service in the Jungle FB 8-203 General Hospital 

(B&W 20 Min 1944) (B&W 12 Min 1945) 

Difficulties of jungle medical Shows the organization and 

service assembling medical sup- functioning of the numbered general 

plies operation of collecting and hospitals overseas, 
clearing stations. 


MF 8 Medical 

MF 8-1230 Schislosomiasis 

(B&W 10 Min 1945) 

Causes of schistosomiasis 
(snail fever) preventive measures. MF 8 ~ 5 236B 

MF 8-1248 Plague Control 

(Color 22 Min 1946) 

Problems created by plague 

identification of types, carriers and 
characteristics control and preven- 
tive measures. 

MF 8-5123 Maternity Care-Medical Examination 

During Pregnancy 

(Color 29 Min 1965) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Use restricted to prenatal educa- MF 8-5236C 
tion under direction of army medi- 
cal personnel physical and labora- 
tory tests given during first prenatal 
visit and at other subsequent in- 

MF 8-5124 Maternity Care-Personal Care During 


(Color 40 Min 1965) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Use restricted to prenatal edu- MF 8-5253 
cation under direction of army 
medical personnel emphasis on 
rest, diet, exercise and personal 
cleanliness for optimum comfort 
and health. 

MF 85125 Maternity Car? Labor and Delivery 

(Color 37 Min 1965) 

(Film is FOUO) MF 8-5254 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Use restricted to prenatal edu- 
cation under direction of army 
medical personnel false and true 
labor, patient care in hospital labor 
and delivery rooms, delivery proce- 
dure and effects of anaesthesias on 

mother and child. 

MF 8-5268 

MF 85175 The Safe Handling of Diving Injuries 

(B&W 12 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Danger of broken neck injur- 
ies safe rescue techniques in and 
out of water proper use and value 
of spine board and other expedient 

MF 8-5236A Hygiene for Women-Personal Health 

(Color 19 Min 1967) MF 8-5348 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Instructs female members of 
the armed forces the fundamentals 

for personal health cleanliness, diet, 
exercise, posture, and grooming. 

Hygiene for Women Reproduction and 

(Color 18 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Explains the anatomy and phy- 
siology of the male and female re- 
productive organs, the reproduction 
process, the normal menstruation 
pattern, and reasons for variations 
in the menstruation cycle. Emphasis 
is placed on regimen for health 
and cleanliness during menstrua- 

Hygiene for Women Protecting Health 

(Color 26 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Examines the principles and 
values of self-control in social con- 
duct, drinking, and sex relation- 
ships. Emphasis is placed on the 
social disadvantages of illegitimate 
pregnancy, and the clinical damage 
caused by alcoholism and venereal 

Cholera Epidemic in South Vietnam 

(B&W 9 Min 1967) 

(Adopted USPHS Film) 

Story of the 1964 cholera epi- 
demic in South Vietnam and how it 
was checked through the combined 
efforts of USAID, US armed forces 
and the Vietnamese people. 

Cholera Today Bedside Evaluation and 

(Color 18 Min 1967) 

(Adopted USPHS Film) 

Describes the work of the East 
Pakistan Cholera Research Labora- 
tory in the study and treatment 
of the disease. 

VD? See Your Doctor 

(Color 22 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents the case history of a 
teenager who contracts a venereal 
disease from a casual contact, and 
transmits it to her boyfriend. Film 
explains etiology, symptoms, effects, 
and treatment of gonorrhea and 

Th Emergency Treatment of Head Injuries 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Shows the immediate measures 


MF 8 Medical 

to be taken by paramedical per- 
sonnel at the scene of the accident 
and during transportation to hospi- 
tal ; and how moderately and serious- 
ly injured patients are given emer- 
gency medical treatment at the 

MF 8-5523 Understanding Diabetes (Diabetes Control) 

(Color 35 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the etiology, diagno- 
sis, manifestations, treatment and 
control of juvenile, and adult on- 
set diabetes. Emphasis is placed on 
the nurse's role in patient education 
and guidance for diabetes control. 

MF 8-5524 Quiet Victory (Diabetes Control) 

(Color 32 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how the nurse in the 
hospital, physician's office, and 
public health service can implement 
the treatment plan through patient 
education and guidance. Emphasis is 
placed on instruction related to 
clinical aspects of the disease, and 
the self-care regimen. 

MF 8-5539 You in OPD (Outpatient Department) 

(Color 23 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Typical situations encountered 
in outpatient clinics are dramatized 
to show hospital personnel how to 
maintain a cheerful clinic atmos- 
phere and harmonious relations with 

MF 8-5630 Mrs. Reynolds Needs a Nurse 

(B&W 38 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the value of per- 
sonalized nursing, based on a case 
study of a patient considered dif- 

MF 8-5632 Intradermal Injection Technique 

(Color 8 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows procedure for intrader- 
mal, or intracutaneous, injection, 
reasons for use, injection sites, pre- 
paration, keeping records, and pre- 

MF 8-5717 Mission: Nutrition 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the four basic nutri- 
tional food groups and shows how to 

save money at the supermarket with- 
out sacrificing nutritional value. 

MF 8-7897 The Medical Effects of Nuclear Radiation 

(Color 21 Min 1951) 

Demonstrates effects of nuclear 
radiation upon the human body, 
emphasizing fact that body resis- 
tance varies with individuals. 

MF 8-8149 Fire-And Your Hospital 

(B&W 23 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents fire safety problems in 
a hospital fire hazards and safety 
precautions to be taken how to 
develop efficient fire safety plan. 

MF 8-8379 Prenatal Care 

HIST (B&W 23 Min 1958) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Restricted to prenatal educa- 
tion portrays three women in nor- 
mal pregnancy through the 9-month 
period recommended exercise, cloth- 
ing, diet, and reportable symptoms. 

MF 8-8380 Postnatal Care 

HIST (B&W 12 Min 1958) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Restricted to prenatal educa- 
tion shows the mother in her hospi- 
tal room exercising, caring for and 
nursing her baby shows how 
mother's body returns to normal. 

MF 8-8381 A Normal Birth 

HIST (B&W 12 Min 1958) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Restricted to prenatal educa- 
tion film shows the birth of a child, 
from the time the mother enters 
the delivery room until she leaves it. 

MF 88564 Nurses in the Army 

HIST (B&W 27 Min 1955) 

Pictorial report of service per- 
formed by Army nurse in war and 
peace World War II, Korea, and 
at the present time. 

MF 8-8675 Organized Mosquito Control 

(Color 15 Min 1956) (Adopted 


Control measures used for ma- 
jor breeding areas, in urban areas 
and in individual homes stress on 
value in prevention of disease. 

MF 8-8791 Behavior of Wild Norway Rats 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 
Manual abilities and modifica- 


MF 8 Medical 

MP 8-9741 

tion of surroundings, maturation MF 8-9284 
into adult society, territorial defense 
and sexual behavior. 

MF 8-8932 Rabies Control in the Community 

(B&W 12 Min 1958) 

How rabies is spread, how it 
affects animals and humans, and 
how it can be eliminated from com- 
munity requirements for rabies 
control program. MF 8-9399 

MF 8-9073 One Day's Poison 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dangers of accidental poison- 
ing in the home symptoms, treat- 
ment and effects of various types 
of poisoning. 

MF 8-9202 Expecting (Diet in Pregnancy) 

(Color 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Relation of proper diet to preg- 
nancy recommended plan for diet 
and exercise beneficial to the ex- 
pectant mother. 

MF 8-9203 Babies Like To Eat MF 8-9758 

(Color 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Food requirements necessary for 
child health and development how 
new foods and eating habits should 
be introduced to the child at each 
stage of growth. MF 8_ 98 04 

MF 8-9215 Fire and Explosion Hazards From 

Flammable Anesthetics 

(Color 30 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the fire and explosion 
hazards present in flammable anes- 
thetics used in the operating room, MF 8-9863A 
and enunciates the safeguards a- 
gainst these hazards when applying 

MF 8-9239 From Generation to Generation 

(Color 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Physiology and genetics of em- MF 8-9863B 
bryo development and birth of the 

MF 8-9244 Hospital Sepsis-A Communicable Disease 

(Color 28 Min 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Causes, effects, and prevention 
of hospital sepsis work of Lister in 
field of antisepsis steps to control MF 8-9863C 
hospital environment to prevent sep- 

The Biology and Control of Domestic Mos- 

(Color 12 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Film) 

Life cycle of mosquito, how it 
transmits disease control of mos- 
quito in the home and community 
environs draining filling, ditching, 
and larviciding. 

Poison in the House 

(Color 11 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Hazards of poisons carelessly 
left within a child's reach import- 
ance of labeling and safe storage 
of poisonous items used in home 
and garage. 

The Innocent Party 

(Color 18 Min 1962) 
(Restricted to WAG only) 
(Adopted Film) 

Story of a girl who contracts 
venereal disease and wisely decides 
to seek medical treatment. Innocent 

First Aid Fractures, Basic Principles 
(B&W 25 Min 1962) 

Symptoms and first aid treat- 
ment of open and closed limb frac- 
tures; and fractures involving skull 
and brain damage, neck, spine, and 
pelvic area. 

Oxygen Therapy Theory and Procedure 

(Color 23 Min 1963) 

Symptoms and effects of hypox- 
ia methods, equipment and proced- 
ures used in treatment by oxygen 
therapy stress on safe and effective 
administration of oxygen. 

The Human Body: Circulatory System 
(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and action of heart, 
lungs and kidneys network of ar- 
teries and veins, and key processes 
of the circulatory system. 

The Human Body: Digestive System 
(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and function of sys- 
tem roles of salivary glands, 
esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, 
gall bladder, and small and large 

The Human Body: Excretory SystMn 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


MF 8 Medical 

Structure and functions of sys- 
tem role of kidneys processes of 
filtration of waste and absorption 
of nutrients role of skin. 

MF 8-9863D The Human Body: Muscular System 

Color 14 Min 1963) MF 8-98631 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and functions of the 
three types of muscle tissue role 
of nerve impulse in muscular con- 
traction role of Army training 
program in chemical process of mus- 
cle movement. 

MF 8-9863E The Human Body: Nervous System MF 08-9931 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and functions of main 
organs of system views of neurons 
and human brain tissue how ner- 
vous system controls body processes. 

MF 8-9863F The Human Body: Skeleton 

(Color 11 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 8-9945 

Skeletal structure, and how the 
skeleton protects, moves and sup- 
ports the body. 

MF 8-9863G Human Body: Nutrition and Metabolism 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Basal and active metabolism MF 8-9960 
energy requirements of metabolism 
how carbohydrates, fats, proteins, 
vitamins, and minerals provide for 
body growth and repair. 

MF 8-9863H The Human Body: Reproductive System 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and function of male 
and female reproductive organs 
how they relate in the creation of a 
new life. 

The Human Body: Respiratory System 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Structure and functions of or- 
gans of system mechanics of venti- 
lation action of alveoli and capil- 
laries how system supplies oxygen 
and eliminates carbon dioxide. 

Pole-Top Rescue Breathing With Closed 
Chest Heart Massage 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Rescue and resuscitation tech- 
niques for saving the life of a vic- 
tim of electrical shock hung up atop 
a pole. Stress on teamwork and 
safety measures. 

Social Work Interview Techniques 

(Color 41 Min 1964) 

Purpose, techniques and proced- 
ures of the Army social work inter- 
view how to establish rapport with 
client and help him to come to grips 
with his problem. 

Pulse of Lifa (Artificial Resuscitation) 

(Color 27 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Value and principles of latest 
life saving methods : mouth-to-mouth 
breathing and external heart com- 
pression steps and techniques are 


SFS 8 Medical 

SFS 8-106 Smallpox Vaccination 

(B&W 83 FR 18 Min 1947) 

Etiology and clinical aspects 
of the disease Storing of vaccine, 
techniques of vaccination, and con- SFS 8-131 
trol measures. 

SFS 8111 Spread and Prevention of Trichinosis 

(B&W 66 FR 13 Min 1948) 
(Adopted HEW Film) 

Life cycle of trichinella spiral- 
is Prevalence and spread of trich- 
inosis Symptoms of the disease SFS 8-132 
Control measures Consumer obliga- 

SFS 8-116 Dermatology and Syphilology Part IV 

Dermatitis and Allergy 

(Color 45 FR 18 Min 1957) 

Causative agents, symptoms, 
treatment and prevention of nonal- 
lergic and allergic contact derma- SFS 8-133 
titis; and dermal and epidermal sen- 

SFS 8-122 Clinical Ophthalmoscopy Normal Fundus, 

Development and Senile Changes Anemia 
(Color 68 FR 1951) 

SFS 8-123 Clinical Ophthalmoseopy-Thrombosis Em- SFS 8-134 

bolism, Arteriosclerosis, and Hypartension 

(Color 77 RF 1951) 

SFS 8-124 Clinical Ophthalmoscopy Nephritis, Dia- 

betes, and Macular Degeneration 

(Color 67 FR 1951) 

SFS 8-125 Clinical Ophthalmoscopy Retinachorodities, SFS 8-136 

and Tumor 

(Color 75 FR 1951) 

SFS 8-126 Clinical Ophthalmoscopy Primary Retinal 

Degeneration, Angioid Streaks, Diseases 
of the Optic Nerve 
(Color 69 FR 1951) 

SFS 8-127 Clinical Ophthalmoscopy Glaucoma and 


(Color 77 FR 1951) 

SFS 8-129 Anatomy and Physiology The Muscular 


(Color 48 FR 11 Min 1954) SFS 8-185 

Structure and functioning of 
muscular system Three types of 
muscles found in body Contractil- 
ity, irritability and tonus of muscles. 

SFS 8-130 Anatomy and Physiology The Endocrine 

System SFS 8-195 

(Color 66 FR 15 Min 1953) 
Structure and function of the 

SFS 8-154 

system covering the pituitary, thy- 
roid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas 
and gonads. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Skeletal Sys- 

(Color 58 FR 21 Min 1955) 
Characteristics and functions of 

various types of bone Structure and 

functions of the axial skeleton, and 

the appendicular skeleton. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Lymphatic 

(Color 35 FR 8 Min 1953) 

Structure and functioning of 
lymphatic system How lymph is 
formed, how lymphatic vessels serve 
as drainage system, and role of 
lymph nodes. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Urinary Sys- 
(Color 28 FR 9 Min 1956) 

Structure and functioning of 
urinary system, with focus on role 
of each organ How system makes, 
stores and discharges urine. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Digestive Sys- 
(B&W 50 FR 13 Min 1952) 

Covers the functions of the pri- 
mary and accessory organs in the 
digestive tract and the part they 
play in breaking down food. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Male Repro- 
ductive System 

(Color 34 FR 9 Min 1953) 
Anatomy and functions of the 

male reproduction glands and tubes. 

Anatomy and Physiology The Respiratory 


(Color 46 FR 12 Min 1953) 

Structure and functioning of 
system Exchange of oxygen for 
carbon dioxide, internal and exter- 
nal respiration and various types of 

Dental Kit, Emergency Field 

(B&W 23 FR 6 Min 1954) 

Proper use of instruments, drug 
and supplies in kit; and scope of 
emergency treatment Anaesthesia, 
extractions and jaw injuries. 

Shell Egg Grading 

(Color 52 FR 22 Min 1956) 
Grading factors and identifying 


SFS 8 Medical 

SFS 8-253 

SFS 8-257 

features of the eight grades of shell 

To Smoke or Not to Smoke? 

(Color 86 FR 12 Min 1960) 
(With four accompanying bro- 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Scientific relation between cigar- 
ette smoking and lung cancer Deci- 
sion is left to individual as to giving 
up the smoking habit. 

Grading of Butter 

(Color 72 FR 13 Min 1968) 

"Quality" factors considered in 
grading butter; the four rating 
groups for acceptable butter; and 
procedures followed by US Army 
Food Inspection Specialist in grad- 
ing butter. 

SFS 8-258 Grading of Cheddar Cheese 

(Color 68 FR 13 Min 1968) 

"Quality" factors considered in 
grading cheddar cheese; the four 
rating groups for acceptable ched- 
dar cheese; and procedures followed 
by US Army Food Inspection Speci- 
alist in grading cheddar cheese. 


TGS 8 Medical 

TG 8-4 

T 8-1-2 Immunization Certificate Parts I and II 

(DD Form 737) 
(B&W 2 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the purpose and pro- 
per completion of medical record 
Form 737. 

T 8-1-3 Immunization Record Parts I-IV (SF 601) 

(B&W 4 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the purpose and pro- 
per completion of medical record 
Form SF 601. 

T 8-2-3 Emergency Medical Care Program 

(B&W 18 FR 1960) 

Illustrate scope of treatment 
and supplies provided in phases 1, 
2, 3, and 4 of the emergency medical 
care program. 

Aviation Physiology 

(B&W 48 FR-1960) 

Illustrates relation and effects 
of altitude, noise vibrations, and 
acceleration on human physiology. 

Mosquito-Borne Diseases 

(Color 39 FR 1944) 

Covers the causes, symptoms, 
and control of the important mos- 
quito-borne diseases: 1) malaria, 
2) yellow fever, 3) dengue, 4) en- 
cephalitis, and 5) filariasis. 

T 841 Fundamental Nursing Principles Parts I thru 


(Color 191 FR 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Trans- 
parency kit) 

TG 8-5 This is Shock 

(Color 1 FR 1944) 

Shows symptoms of shock and 
immediate treatment. 

T 8-5-1 thru 30 Military Sanitation 

(B&W 30 FR 1960) 

Illustrates sanitation measures 
and devices for drinking, bathing, 
mess equipment, latrines, and waste 

TG 8-5-31 Military Sanitation-Part II 

(Color 39 FR 1964) 

Present diagrams of insect life, 
vegetation, and climatic conditions 
that are health hazards. Measures 
employed to ward off disease and 
injury are explained. 

TG 8-5-32 Poisonous Snakes-Continental US 

(Color 10 FR 1964) 
Present views of various species 

of poisonous snakes found in the 
continental United States. 

T 8-5-33 Venereal Disease 

(Color 42 FR 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Transpar- 

Includes instructor's guide. 

T 8-6-1 H&mocytometer 

(B&W 3 FR 1958) 

Illustrate the use of AO Spencer 
Bright-Line Hemocytometer. 

T 8-6-3 Emergency War Surgery 

(Color 304 FR 1963) 

Includes instructor's guide wich 
lists descriptive titles of the individ- 
ual transparencies. 

T 8-6-4 Emergency Birth in Disaster 

(Color 51 FR 1964) 
(With Accompanying Illustrated 

Conditions relating to emergency 
birth: aspects of anatomy and nor- 
mal delivery; after birth care; 
unusual birth situations and first 
aid requirements. 

T 8-9-1 Preventive Dentistry 

(Color 24 FR 1964) 

These 24 transparencies with 
illustrated discussion guide are de- 
signed to teach the soldier the 
every day proper care of his teeth. 

TG 8-11-1 First Aid 

(Color 42 FR 1964) 

These 42 transparencies pre- 
sent views and charts on the prin- 
ciples, equipment, and techniques 
of administering first aid. 

TG 8-11-2 Bandaging and Splinting 

(Color 103 FR 1964) 

These 103 transparencies pre- 
sent views and diagrams illustrat- 
ing preparation and application of 
various types of bandaging and 
splinting for different parts of the 
body as outlined in FM 8-50 (under 

T 8-11-3 Medical Aid in Disaster 

(Color 160 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Transpar- 
ency Series) 

Basic lifesaving steps, preven- 
tion and treatment of shock, arti- 
ficial respiration and closed cardiac 
massage, first aid for special wounds, 


MF 8 Medical 

TG 8-15 

burns, and fractures, transportation 
of sick and wounded, everyday em- 
ergencies, and psychological first 

Beware, Drink Only Approved Water 

(B&W 1944) 

This illustration cautions the 
soldier to beware of germs and to 
drink only approved water. 

G 8-17 

Personal Health 
(36 FR 1952) 

Presents the guidelines to safe- 
guard the soldier's health against 
infection and disease in the field, 
covering: personal hygiene, field 
sanitation, water purification, foot 
care, diet and clothing, and defense 
against germs and insects. 

16. 9-Series; Ordnance 

.30, Ml -Principles of 

TF 9-1172 US Rifle, Caliber 

(B&W 15 Min 1943) 

Illustrates complete cycle of 
operation, establishing relationship 
of the component parts to each 

TF 9-1286 Elementary Principles of Torque 

(B&W 16 Min 1944) 

Basic principles of torque in- 
cluding application to motor car 
from cranking to the final driving 
relation of torque on metals. 

TF 9-1318 Beware- Butterfly Bomb 

(B&W 29 Min 1944) 
(Adopted British Film) 

An exposition on the danger 
and operation of the butterfly bomb. 

TF 9-1376 The Oilgear Hydraulic Traversing Mechan- 

ismPrinciples of Operation 

(B&W 21 Min 1944) 

Technicalities of hydraulic prin- 
ciples operation of traversing tur- 
rets emphasizing their importance 
in the modern tank. 

TF 9-1445 The M2 Carbine 

(B&W 15 Min 1945) 

Principle components, operation 
and vahie of M2 carbine compari- 
son of Ml, M2, and Japanese sub- 
machine gun, model 100. 

TF 9-1447 Fuel Pumo, Principles of Operation 

(B&W 12 Min 1945) 

Operational theory, mechanical 
functioning and use of the fuel 

TF 9-1448 Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons- 

Part I The Cycle of Operation 

(B&W 19 Min 1945) 

Processes of chambering, lock- 
ing, firing, and cocking explained 
in detail functional model built 
up to illustrate each step. 

TF 9-1449 Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons- 

Part II Principles of Automatic Operation 

(B&W 13 Min 1946) 

Explains four basic types of 
operation; manual, gas, blowback 
and recoil application of operating 
principles to weapons. 

TF 9-1450 Fundamentals of Small Arms Weapons- 

Part III Semiautomatic and Automatic 

TF 9 Ordnance 

(B&W 10 Min 1945) 

Typical firing mechanisms con- 
structed with models and basic prin- 
ciples of the two firing methods are 

TF 9-1469 Field Evaluation of Erosion in Cannon Bores 

(B&W 11 Min 1947) 

Causes and effects of erosion 
in cannon bores general procedure 
for field evaluation, featuring use 
of pullover gage. 

TF 9-1512 Fundamentals of Ballistics 

(B&W 19 Min 1949) 

Principles of physics involved 
in design and functioning of weapons 
and ammunition, with particular re- 
ference to their artillery application. 

TF 9-1652 Guided Missiles-Theory of Operation 

(B&W 16 Min 1950) 

Theory of operation and com- 
ponent parts of various types: solid 
fuel, liquid fuel, turbo-jet, pulse- 
jet and ram- jet rocket engines. 

TF 91810 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Access and 

(B&W 21 Min 1952) 

Approved procedures and ma- 
terials used in locating and dispos- 
ing unexploded missiles. 

TF 9-1855 Planetary Gears, Principles of Operation- 

Part I Singh Sets 

(B&W 18 Min 1953) 

Defines use and mechanical oper- 
ation characteristics of basic com- 
ponents analysis of the five laws 
of mechanical operation. 

TF 9-1856 Planetary Gears, Principles of Operation- 

Part II Multiple Sets 

(B&W 15 Min 1953) 

Demonstrates principles of oper- 
ation governing multiple sets short 
review of the three planet carrier 

TF 9-1869 Recoil Mechanisms, Principles of Operation, 

Hydrospring Type 

(B&W 13 Min 1954) 

Use in tank guns features of 
variations separate cylinder and 
concentric performance of recoil 
braking, counter-recoil and buffing. 

TF 9-1881 Explosive Ordnance Disposal-Range Clear, 

a nee 

(B&W 17 Min 1953) 
Depicts each step in the range 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-1948 

TF 9-1949 

TF 9-1952 

TF 9-1953 

TF 9-1992 

TF 9-2026 

TF 9-2027 


clearance procedure with emphasis TF 9-2028 
on importance of stringent safety 

Recoil Mechanisms, Principles of Operation, 
Hydropneumatic Type Part I Dependent 

(B&W 12 Min 1954) 

Relationship of recoil mechan- 
isms and firepower use of hydro- TF 9-2029 
pneumatic type in field artillery 
performance of recoil braking, 
counter-recoil and buffing. 

Recoil Mechanisms, Principles of Operation, 
Hydropneumatic Type Part II Independ- 
ent System 
(B&W 16 Min 1954) TF 9-2030 

Review of features of depen- 
dent and independent systems how 
the independent system performs 
recoil braking, counter-recoil and 

Guided Missile Propellents Basic Character- 


(Color 25 Min 1954) 

Theory of propulsion chemical 
and physical properties of propel- 
lants characteristics, hazardous 
nature and safe use of fuels and 

The Fluid Coupling Principles of Operation 

(B&W 13 Min 1954) 

Component parts demonstra- 
tion of fluid coupling with the use 
of a plastic model in operation and 
a truck in action. 

Hydraulic Controls in the Hydramaric Trans- 

(B&W 26 Min 1955) 

Basic shifting patterns neu- 
tral, first, second, third and fourth 
gears, reverse up-shifting and 
down-shifting procedures. 

Care and Use of Hand Tools Part I 

(B&W 20 Min 1943) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) TF 9-2059 

Do's and don'ts in correct use 
of wrenches advantages and special 
uses of various types of wrenches. 

Core and Use of Hand Tools Part II Pliers 

and Screwdrivers 

(B&W 14 Min 1943) TF 9-2193 

(Adopted Comercial Film) 

Do's and don'ts for using pliers 
and screwdrivers emphasizing safety 
and protective measures. 

TF 9-2050 

TF 9-2058 

Care and Use of Hand Tools Part Ill- 

(B&W 12 Min 1943) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Do's and don'ts in proper use 
of various types of cold chisels cover- 
ing techniques of grinding and bevel- 
ing safety precautions. 

Care and Use of Hand Tools Part IV 

(B&W 11 Min 1943) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Do's and don'ts in correct use 
of various types of hammers with 
emphasis on safety precautions. 

Core and Use of Hand Tools Part V Bars, 
Punches and Drifts 
(B&W 14 Min 1943) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Do's and don'ts in the proper 
use of bars, punches and drifts 
specific purpose for which each is 

Field Repair of Howitzer, 105MM, M2A1, 
and Carriage, Howitzer, 105MM, M2 

(B&W 25 Min 1944) 

How repairs are made under 
typical field conditions with the 
equipment and personnel of the 
maintenance companies. 

Howitzer, 105MM, M2A1, and Carriage, 
M2 Principles of Operation 

(B&W 21 Min 1944) 

Step-by-step description of the 
purposes and functioning of the 
major components employment and 
adaptibility in the field. 

Fundamentals of Artillery Weapons Part 
I Types and Components of Cannon 
(B&W 28 Min 1944) 
Definition and classification of 

artillery weapons characteristics 

of main types operating principles 

of component parts. 

Fundamentals of Artillery Weapons Part 
II Types and Components of Carriages 

(B&W 22 Min 1944) 

Definition of fixed and mobile 
types identification and operating 
principles of component parts. 

Automotive Trouble Shooting Part IV 

Sealed Electrical Systems 

(B&W 28 Min 1955) 

Techniques and test equipment 
for pinpointing typical malfunctions 


TF 9 Ordnance 

in the 24-volt sealed electrical sys- TF 9-2330 
tern used in army vehicles. 

TF 9-2194 Automotive Trouble Shooting-Port Il-En- 

gine Tuneup 
(B&W 33 Min 1956) 

Manifold vacuum and compres- 
sion tests checks on battery and 
ignition cable, distribution and igni- 
tion timing, battery clearance, fuel 
system and carbureter. TF 9-2331 

TF 9-2218 Recovery Equipment-Part I-M62 Medium 

Wrecker, Operation of Powered Equip- 
ment Controls 
(B&W 14 Min 1956) 

Procedures for setting and oper- 
ating the boom, front winch and rear 

Winch " TF 9-2380 

TF 9-2222 Guided Missile Propellants-Fire Hazards 

and Extinguishment 

(Color 21 Min 1957) 

Elements and fire hazards of 
oxidizers and fuels first aid fire- 
fighting methods methods of fight- 
ing large fires with fire trucks and 
installed equipment. TF 9-2500 

TF 9-2240 Supercharging and Fuel Injection 

(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

Use to provide increased horse- 
power for engines component parts 
of both systems how systems func- 
tion to distribute air-fuel mixture. 

TF 9-2253 Carbureter-PrincipUs of Operation TF 9-2507 

(B&W 25 Min 1956) 

How air-fuel mixture is sup- 
plied to engine functioning of com- 
ponents, air pressure differential, 
Venturi principle, and operation of 

TF 9-2254 Hydraulic Steering Principles of Operation 

(B&W 14 Min 1956) 

Functioning of major compon- 
ents principle of pressure differ- 
ential, ability of system to resist 
road shock and kickback of steering 

TF 9-2329 Automotive Electricity for Military Vehicles- 

Part I Principles of Automotive Electrical TF 9-2510 


(B&W 15 Min 1957) 

Accessory, starting motor, igni- 
tion, and generator-charging cir- 
cuits two-wire and single wire 
electrical systems open, ground and 
short circuits. 

TF 9-2508 


Automotive Electricity for Military Vehicles- 
Part II Principle of Operation of the 
(B&W 13 Min 1957) 

Design and operation of gen- 
erator how it converts mechanical 
energy into electrical energy rela- 
tionship between electricity and 

Automotive Electricity for Military Vehicles- 
Part III Principles of the Starting Motor 

(B&W 12 Min 1957) 

Electrical and magnetic prin- 
ciples involved in the operation of 
the starting motor how electrical 
energy is converted to mechanical 

Automotive Trouble Shooting Part III The 

Fuel System 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

Function, major components, 
and operation causes and symptoms 
of system failure procedures for 
determining and correcting malfunc- 

Automotive Troublsshooting Part XI 
Springs and Shock Absorbers 

(B&W 19 Min 1957) 

Features and operation of 
springs and shock absorbers in 
trucks M-38 and M-135 causes and 
effects of malfunctions detecting 
and correcting malfunctions. 

Transportation of Ammunition Part I By 

Motor Vehicle 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

Inspection, certification and 
placarding of vehicles loading and 
securing various types of ammuni- 
tion stress on lot integrity and com- 

Transportation of Ammunition Part II By 

(B&W 13 Min 1957) 

Inspection, certification and 
placarding of cars loading and 
securing various types of ammuni- 
tion stress on lot integrity and 

Fundamentals of Ammunition Renovation 
(B&W 32 Min 1957) 

Preparation and paper work 
organization of site safety measures 
methods used with 105-mm, 90- 
mm, and 155-mm ammunition, ba- 
zooka rocket, hand grenades and 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-2532 

TF 9-2533 

TF 9-2534 

TF 9-2535 

TF 9-2536 

TF 9-2537 

TF 9-2541 

TF 9-2543 

TF 9-2572 

Field Artillery Recoil Mechanisms Part II TF 9-2542 

Direct Method of Checking Nitrogen 


(B&W 29 Min 1957) 

Conditions requiring direct 
method application of method to 
105-mm howitzer recoil mechanism 
preparation of weapon, proper 
use of tools and test equipment, 
and safety practices. 

Front Band Adjustment of Hydramatic 
Transmission 302M 

(B&W 7 Min 1958) 

Procedures for diagnosing and 
correcting a malfunctioning hydra- 
matic transmission due to worn or 
improperly adjusted front band. 

Fuel Pump, Carter Electric Characteristics 
and Checks, CMC M135 Truck 

(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

Location, features and compon- 
ents of pump use of vacuum pres- 
sure gage to check pump pressure 
check on electric circuits with cir- 
cuit tester. 

Operation of Winch, Ml 35 Truck TF 9-2586 

(B&W 6 Min 1958) 

Operation for self-recovery and 
recovery of another vehicle from 
mired positions preoperative ad- 
justment, powering, use of winch 
controls, winch operation procedure. 

Idle Mixture and Idle Speed Adjustment of 

Holley Carburetor 885 FFG TF 9-2603 

(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Use and installation of electric 
tachometer and idle speed adjust- 
ment procedure use and installa- 
tion of vacuum gauge and idle mix- 
ture adjustment procedure. 

Ignition Timing CMC Engine 

(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Checking timing marks, adjust- TF 9-2684 
ing distributor for correct timing, 
correct use of power timing light, 
road test to check ignition timing 

Preparation of Vehicles for Deep Water 
Fording-Part l-Wheel Vehicles 

(B&W 24 Min 1957) 

Application of pressurized and TF 9-2685 
nonpressurized fording systems 
preliminary preparation of vehicle, 
installation of fording equipment, 
sealing and venting units, precau- 

Preparation of Vehicles for Deep Water 
Fording Part II Track Vehicles 

(B&W 32 Min 1957) 

Components of fording kit 
installation of fording equipment 
and sealing and venting of units 
on the interior and exterior of a 
tank with 90-mm gun. 

Field Artillery Recoil Mechanisms Part I 
Indirect Method of Checking Nitrogen 

(B&W 24 Min 1958) 

Conditions that require use of 
indirect method instead of direct 
method demonstration of test as 
performed on 105-mm howitzer. 

Transportation of Ammunition Part IV By 


(B&W 16 Min 1958) 

Loading boxed ammunition, pal- 
letized 155-mm high explosive pro- 
jectiles, and crated 762-mm rocket 
motor in C-124 loading ammuni- 
tion in helicopter unloading safe- 
ty measures. 

Automotive Troubleshooting Part XVII 
Hydraulic and Air-Hydraulic Brakes 
(B&W 29 Min 1958) 

Common operation troubles 
caused by faulty brakes how to 
detect and correct trouble in un- 
controlled swerving, laboring vehicle 
or failure to stop. 

Automotive Troubleshooting Part XIX Air 
Hydraulic Brake System, Principles of 

(B&W 17 Min 1958) 

Location, construction, function 
and operation of each component 
operation of entire system, show- 
ing complete and partial braking 
advantages of system. 

Packing and Adjustment, Ml 35 Truck Wheel 

(B&W 7 Min 1959) 

Disassembly and cleaning wheel 
bearing components application of 
lubricant hand and power methods 
of packing reassembly and installa- 
tion of wheel bearing components. 

Throttle and Governor Linkage Adjustment, 

90-MM Gun, Tank M48A2 

(B&W 7 Min 1959) 

Adjusting throttle and gover- 
nor control rods use of vacuum 
gages to balance left and right 



TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-2688 

TF 9-2689 

TF 9-2691 

TF 9-2692 

TF 9-2699 

TF 9-2723 

TF 9-2777 

banks use of tachometer for en- TF 9-2788 
gine idle and governor speed. 

Transmission Band Adjustment of the CD 

850, 90-MM Gun Tank M48 

(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

Step-by-step procedure for ad- 
justing the low and reverse range 
bands in a vehicle showing effect 
of transmission band failure. TF 9-2807 

Transmission Brake Adjustment, 90-MM Gun 
Tank M48A2 

(B&W 4 Min 1958) 

Adjustment with power pack 
installed in tank disconnecting 
brake linkage from transmission, 
making required adjustment, final 

TF 9-2808 
Steering Gear Adjustment, Ml 35 Truck 

(B&W 7 Min 1958) 

Effects of faulty steering sys- 
tem adjustment procedure checks 
and adjustment of worm bearing 
and pitman arm lash. 

Manual Shift Control and Throttle Linkage 
Adjustment, 21/2-Ton, M21 1 Truck 

(B&W 10 Min 1958) TF 9-2811 

Adjustment of shift control rod, 
transfer reverse shift rod, throttle 
linkage and carburetor stop road 
test to insure proper operation of 

Automotive Trouble Shooting Part VIII 
Carbon Pile Voltage Regulation 

(B&W 30 Min 1958) TF 9-2814 

Features, function and opera- 
tion of carbon pile voltage regula- 
tor used in heavy duty generators 
designed to supply high amperage 
to electrical systems in vehicles. 

Surveillance of Ammunition 

(Color 19 Min 1959) 

Methods of sampling ammuni- TF 9-2831 
tioh surveillance procedures ob- 
servation, visual inspection, gag- 
ing and measuring, function test- 
ing, and disposition of ammunition. 

Road Test Procedures for Tactical Wheeled 
Vehicles Equipped With Hydramatic 

Transmission TF 9-2844 

(B&W 28 Min 1959) 

Before operation inspection of 
fuel, oil, water and tire pressure 
preliminary road test inspection of 
operating elements road test final 
check of operating elements. 

Transportation of Ammunition Part III By 

(B&W 14 Min 1959) 

Cargo stowage plan loading 
ammunition ship stateside loading, 
bracing and stowing off-shore and 
combat loading unloading opera- 
tions stress on safety. 

Power and Oil Flow in the CD 850 Part I 
(Transmission for Medium Track Vehicles) 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Nomenclature and operations of 
compressor in power transmission 
system, flow of power and driving 
torque to engine flow of power in 
relation to vehicular operation in 
various ranges. 

Power and Oil Flow in the CD 850 Part II 
(Transmission for Medium Track Vehicles) 
(B&W 14 Min 1959) 

Function, composition and op- 
eration of the four-oil system in 
the transmission system: mail oil 
supply system, hydraulic control 
system, converter hydraulic system, 
and lubricating system. 

The Operation of the Phantastron Delay 

(B&W 26 Min 1959) 

Function, principles and opera- 
tion of circuit in fire-control radars 
and missile guidance systems how 
the phantastron action is started 
and modified for variable delay. 

The Simmonds SU Fuel Injector, Principles 
of Operation 

(B&W 30 Min 1960) 

Features, use and operation of 
equipment how system functions 
with normal and supercharged en- 
gines to supply even distribution 
of fuel to all cylinders of engine. 

Destruction of Ammunition by Burning 
(B&W 26 Min 1959) 

Types of ammunition destroyed 
disposal by burning black pow- 
der, propellant charges, explosives, 
small arms, grenades, pyrotechnics 
and artillery rounds. 

Guided Missile Liquid Propellant, Storage, 
Handling and Transportation in a Theater 
of Operations 

(Color 27 Min 1960) 

Requirements and types of stor- 
age areas, storage provisions, and 
disposition of deteriorated liquid 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-2845 

TF 9-2970 

TF 9-2971 

TF 9-2979 

TF 9-2994 

TF 9-2995 

TF 9-3006 


handling equipment and procedure 
to fill premetered container stack- 
ing and bracing container for trans- 

Liquid Guided Missile Propellant Sampling, 
Surveillance and Deterioration 

(Color 18 Min 1960) 

Procedure, equipment and safe- 
ty measures used in sampling 
color, density and sedimentation 
checks tests to determine deterior- 
ation in oxidizers and fuels. 

US Rifle, Caliber 7.62MM, Mil-Operation 
and Cycle of Functioning 

(B&W 28 Min 1960) 

Design and capabilities field 
stripping provisions cycle of func- 
tioning feeding, chambering, lock- 
ing, firing, etc. semiautomatic and 
automatic operation. 

Machinegun, 7.62MM, M60, Operation and 
Cycle of Functioning 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Design and capabilities opera- 
tion loading, aiming, cocking, fir- 
ing, unloading functioning feed- 
ing, chambering, locking, firing, ex- 
traction, ejecting, cocking. 

Ordnance Direct Support Company Opera- 
tionsPart II Production Planning and 

(B&W 16 Min 1960) 

Value and application of pro- 
duction planning and control de- 
vices for third echelon maintenance 
and repair density chart, shop con- 
trol board, tube file and related 
forms production control in action. 

Compressed Gases 

(Color 21 Min 1961) 

Vital uses, potential danger, 
and methods for safe and positive 
identification, handling, and stor- 
age of compressed gases bottled in 
steel cylinders. 

Principles of Hydraulic Systems 

(Color 19 Min 1961) 

Basic properties of liquid 
construction and operation of hy- 
draulic systems relation between 
mechanical force and liquid pres- 
sure application of hydraulic sys- 
tems in military equipment. 

Ordnance Shop Procedures for the Nike- 
Hercules Missile System Part I Missiles 


(B&W 21 Min 1961) 
Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 9-3007 Ordnance Shop Procedures for the Nike- 

Hercules Missile System Part II Ground 

(B&W 15 Min 1961) 

Procedures and test equipment 
used in maintenance of radar course 
directing central and ground hand- 
ling equipment on site and at di- 
rect support shop steps in chassis 
exchange detailed. 

TF 9-3008 Field Maintenance of the Nike-Hercules Ac- 

quisition Radar Antenna Part I Disas- 

(B&W 12 Min 1961) 

Tools and equipment for dis- 
assembly, use of TM, and safety 
precautions during disassembly 
steps in actual disassembly of an- 
tenna procedure is reversed for 

TF 9-3009 Field Maintenance of the Nike-HercuUs Ac- 

quisition Radar Antenna Part II Adjust- 
ment of the Elevation Scanning Mechan- 

(B&W 9 Min 1961) 

Tools, preliminary steps, and 
procedures for position check of re-/ 
fleeter assemblies control check of' 
electromechanical control box aline- 
ment of reflector plates. 

TF 9-3063 Hydraulic Controls in the Hydramatic Trans- 

missionPart II Hydramatic Transmis- 
sion, Hydramatic Flow 

(B&W 16 Min 1962) 

How movement of oil controls 
shifting how hydraulic system re- 
sponds to vehicle speed and throttle 
pressure how transmission system 
responds to control valves. 

TF 9-3070 Turret Operation, 90MM Gun, Tank M482A2, 

105MM Gun, Tank M60 Part I Introduc- 

(B&W 15 Min 1962) 

Features and operation of hy- 
draulic powered gun turret used 
on M48A2 and M60 tanks advan- 
tages of turret for faster and more 
accurate gun laying. 

TF 9-3072 Normal Starting Procedures, Light, Medium, 

and Heavy Tanks 

(B&W 8 Min 1961) 

Prestarting checks starting 
auxiliary engine starting and 

TF 9 Ordnance 

warming up main engine check of 
transmission oil pressure at vari- 
ous engine speeds. 

TF 9-3077 Guided Missile Safety-Part l-Shop Safety 

(B&W 13 Min 1961) 

Safety procedures when work- 
ing with electronic equipment, chem- 
ical materials, missiles, and mech- 
anical equipment stress on broad 
principles for shop safety. 

TF 9-3078 Guided Missile Safety-Part Il-Nike-Ajax- 

Hercules Guided Missile System 
(B&W 18 Min 1961) 

Maintenance safety measures 
in field and shop during decanning, 
disassembly, and checkout of mis- 
siles maintenance of ground guid- 
ance equipment, launchers, and pro- 

TF 9-3100 Ml 51 Engine Four Cylinder OHV 

Part I 

(B&W 7 Min 1962) 

Part II 

(B&W 17 Min 1962) 

Part I removal of power pack 
for repairs for organizational main- 
tenance of engine. Part II remov- 
al and replacement of individual 
components for organizational main- 
tenance of engine. 

TF 9-3102 Nuclear Weapons Adaption Kits 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL Restricted Data. 

TF 9-3106 Motors and Generators Part I DC Motors 

and Generators 
(B&W 35 Min 1961) 

Design, application, and opera- 
tion of basic, series, shunt, and 
compound wound type dc genera- 
tors and motors. 

TF 9-3107 Motors and Generators-Part II-AC 

Motors and Generators 
(B&W 25 Min 1961) 

Design, operation, and use of 
single and multiphase ac genera- 
tors and motors operation of gen- 
erator with stationary armature 
operation of synchronous motor. 

TF 9-3109 Cold Weather Starting Procedures-Light, 

Medium, and Heavy Tanks 

(B&W 8 Min 1961) 

Starting tank auxiliary engine 
electrically and manually, and start- 
ing main engine starting a 'dead 

tank' with external sources of elec- 
trical power. 

TF 9-3117 Hawk Missile System Safety-Part l-Firing 

Battery Equipment Safety 
(B&W 21 Min 1962) 

Safe procedures when working 
on the four radars, the battery con- 
trol central, launcher, and launcher 
control unit. 

TF 9-3118 Hawk Missile System Safety-Part II- 

Ordnance Equipment and Missile Handling 

(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Safe procedures for handling 
and testing the Hawk missile sys- 
tem, and when using the four ord- 
nance transportable shops as main- 
tenance facilities for the missile 

TF 9-3128 Daily Crew Maintenance M-113 Personnel 


(B&W 22 Min 1963) 

Systematic checks and services 
performed during the three phases 
of daily maintenance: bef ore-op- 
eration, during-operation, and after- 

TF 9-3129 Organizational Maintenance of the A710B 

Engine (Ml 13 Armored Personnel Carrier) 

(B&W 27 Min 1961) 

Components of M113 power 
plant procedures and safety mea- 
sures in the removal, repair and 
installation of power plant adjust- 
ments before operation. 

TF 9-3146 Armored Personnel Carrier M113-Part I 

Steering Brake Band Adjustments 

(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Adjustment technique through 
the differential housing adjust- 
ment technique on a dismounted 
band and drum assembly. 

TF 9-3147 Armored Personnel Carrier M113-Part II- 

Shift, Steer and Throttle Control Linkage 

(B&W 11 Min 1962) 

Requirements and procedures 
for adjusting of: steering linkage 
and brake bands, accelerator and 
throttle linkage, and transmission 
shift linkage. 

TF 9-3155 Generator Control Box, 400 Amperes 

(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Functions of box in heavy duty 
vehicle design, operation and main- 
tenance of component assemblies 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-3285 

TF 9-3335 

box and wiring, voltage regulator 
and relay assemblies. 

TF 9-3216 Machinegun, 7.62MM, Tank M73-Part I- 

Operation and Disassembly and Assembly 
(B&W 19 Min 1962) TF 9-3316 

Features and capabilities 
techniques for clearing, loading, fir- 
ing and unloading weapons meth- 
ods and procedures for disassembly 
and assembly of the six main com- 
ponent groups of weapons. 

TF 9-3276 Truck, Cargo, 21/2 Ton, 6X6, M35A1 (Mul- 

ti-fuel Engine) Introduction and Opera- 
tion TF 9-3334 
(B&W 13 Min 1963) 

Components of LDS 427-2 mul- 
tifuel engine superiority of LDS 
427-2 over spark ignition engine 
operating procedures used W/M35A1 

TF 9-3277 Truck, Cargo, 2 1/2 Ton, 6X6, M35A1 (Mul- 

ti-fuel Engine) Organizational Mainte- 
nance and Trouble Shooting 

(B&W 11 Min 1963) 

Checks performed in vital 
areas symptoms of engine failures 
and methods of correcting faulty 
conditions and malfunctions. 

TF 9-3278 Compression Ignition Engine AVDS 1790 

2 Introduction and Description 

(B&W 31 Min 1963) 

Features, capabilities and op- 
eration of AVDS-1790-2 and ad- 
vantages over AVI-1790-8 engine 
location, design and functioning 
of components and systems of 

TF 9-3284 Military Vehicles-Part l-Wheeled Vehicles 

(B&W 22 Min 1963) 

Improved design and capability 
of current wheeled vehicle in 1/4 
ton, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 21/2 ton, 5 
ton, and 10 ton weight classes. 

Military Vehicles Part II Tracked Vehicles 

(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Improved design and capability 
of current tracked vehicle in fol- TF 9-3370 
lowing groups: tanks, armored per- 
sonnel carrier, self-propelled weap- 
ons, and recovery vehicle. 

TF 9-3292 Grenade Launcher, M79, Operation, Dis- TF 9-3381 

assembly and Assembly 

(B&W 15 Min 1963) 

Design and capability disas- 
sembly into four main component 

TF 9-3358 

TF 9-3359 

groups for cleaning and mainten- 
ance reassembly, loading and fir- 
ing of weapon working mechan- 
ism shown in detail. 

Quarterly Maintenance of Combat Vehicles 


(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Using M48A2 tank for demon- 
stration, organization, mechanic per- 
forms before-operation checks, road 
test, maintenance operations, tests 
and service of dismounted power 
plant, and vehicle lubrication. 

Machinegun, Caliber .50 M85 Part I 
Operation, Disassembly and Assembly 

(B&W 21 and Min 1964) 

Features, firing capability and 
operation of M85 used in M60 tank 
and other armored vehicles dis- 
assembly and assembly of gun to 
assure proper operation. 

Machinegun Caliber .50, MBS Part II Cych 
of Functioning 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 

Demonstration of feeding, 
chambering, locking, firing, unlock- 
ing, extracting, ejecting and cock- 
ing review of features and opera- 
tion of M85. 

Transmission, XTG-411 Series Principles of 
Operation (Power Flow Tracked Vehicles) 

(B&W 22 Min 1964) 

Identification and operation of 
components of 411 type automo- 
tive transmission system how ac- 
tion of gears affect transmission 
effects of turns and stops on steer- 
ing assembly. 

Howitzer, Self Propelled, Ml 08, Ml 09; Op- 
eration and Organizational Maintenance 
(B&W 21 Min 1964) 

Land and amphibious capabili- 
ties as well as air transportability 
of the M108 and M109 are re- 
viewed new features of each are 
also shown. 

Technical Proficiency Inspection (U) 

(Color 24 Min 1964) 

Film is classified SECRET Re- 
stricted Data. 

Recovery Vehicle M88 Powered Equipment- 
Part I Spade Operation 
(B&W 7 Min 1964) 
Use and operation of spade 

as an anchor during winching op- 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-3382 

TF 9-3383 

TF 9-3384 

TF 9-3407 

TF 9-3422 

TF 9-3423 

TF 9-3465 

erations, and as a platform during TF 9-3466 
lifting operations. 

Recovery Vehicle M88 Powered Equipment- 
Part II Winch Operation 

(B&W 8 Min 1964) 

Use and operation of main 
winch in heavy recovery operations 
steps in retrieval of bogged down 
M60 tank. 

TF 9-3467 

TF 9-3468 

TF 9-3490 

Recovery Vehicle M88 Powered Equipment- 
Part III Boom Operation 

(B&W 9 Min 1964) 

Use and operation of boom for 
lifting, removing and installing 
power pack in tank lifting, remov- 
ing and installing tank turret. 

Recovery Vehicle M88 Powered Equipment- 
Part IV Auxiliary Equipment 

(B&W 10 Min 1964) 

Use and operation of hydraulic 
impact wrench, mobile emergency 
refueling system, and auxiliary en- 

Rifle, Recoilless, 90MM, M67 Operation, 

Disassembly and Assembly 

(B&W 24 Min 1964) 

Design and firing capability of 
M67 reviewed and firing cycle 
shown disassembly as well as as- 
sembly of the three major groups 
are detailed. 

Compression Ignition Engine AVDS 1790-2 
Fuel Injection Pump, PSB-12 BT 
Metering and Distributing 

(B&W 21 Min 1964) 

Construction and operation of 
pump, with focus on complete pump- 
ing cycle and adjustment points on 

Sergeant Missile System Organizational 

Maint?nance of the Launching Station rpp 9.3492 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 

Shows how checks and serv- 
ices are performed when launching 
station is in (1) travel position, 
(2) emplaced position, and (3) ex- 
tended position. 

Sergeant Missile System, Operation and TF 9-3503 

Maintenance of the Firing Set 

(B&W 28 Min 1965) 

Duties of firing set operator in 
preparation for countdown, count- 
down procedure, firing missile, and 
after firing action to locate and 
correct failures. 

TF 9-3491 

Engine Tuneup, 8V71T CMC Diesel (Heavy 


(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

Adjustment of exhaust valve 
clearance, timing of fuel injectors, 
adjustment of governor gap, injec- 
tor rack control, maximum no-load 
and idle speed, and buffer screw. 

Carrier Cargo Amphibious, Tracked, Ml 16, 
Organizational Maintenance Part I 
Removal and Installation of Power 
Plant and Geared Steer Unit 
(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

Steps and safety measures in 
removal of Ml 16 power plant and 
geared steer unit, installation and 
alinement procedures for replace- 
ment of units. 

Carrier, Cargo, Amphibious, Tracked, Ml 16, 
Organizational Maintenance Part II 
Linkage Adjustments and Pressure 
(B&W 17 Min 1965) 

Steps in making adjustments 
on the M116 linkage systems pres- 
sure checks performed on the geared 
steer unit. 

Military Optical Instruments Part I Optical 

(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

Theory and application of the 
four optical principles: reflection, 
refraction, total internal reflection, 
and inversion. 

M-'litary Optical Instruments Part II 
Sighting Instruments 

(B&W 13 Min 1965) 

Design, capability, and opera- 
tion of straight-tube telescope, el- 
bow telescope, periscope, and pano- 
ramic telescope. 

Military Optical Instruments Part Ill- 
Observation and Measuring Equipment 

(B&W 11 Min 1965) 

Design, use, capability and op- 
eration of binoculars, battery com- 
mander's telescope, and aiming cir- 
cle various rangefinder models. 

Sergeant Missile System, Field Maintenance 
Test Station March Order, Emplacement 
and Operation 
(B&W 26 Min 1965) 

Preparation of station for 
movement emplacement braking 
grounding, fueling, and starting 
three modes of operation au- 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-3504 

TF 9-3505 

TF 9-3506 

TF 9-3507 

TF 9-3508 

TF 9-3536 

tomatic self-test, unit test, and test- 
ing of missile sections. 

Gun, SP, Ml 07, Howitzer, SP, MHO, 
Organizational Maintenance, Daily 
Crew Maintenance 

(B&W 20 Min 1964) 

Before-operation, during-opera- 
tion, and after-operation services 
required for M107 and MHO for 
optimum performance. 

Sergeant Missile System, Field Maintenance 
of the Launching Station Part I 
El ctrical System 

(B&W 15 Min 1965) 

Relation and functioning of com- 
ponents of electrical system on trail- 
er and superstructure in develop- 
ment flow of ac and dc power 
troubleshooting problems and pro- 

Sergeant Missile System, Field Maintenance 
of the Launching Station Part II 
Hydraulic System 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Components and operation of 
trailer hydraulic system and super- 
structure hydraulic system com- 
mon causes of malfunctions, and 
how to locate and correct malfunc- 

Gun, Self-Propelled, Ml 07, Howitzer, Self- 
Propelled, MHO, Organizational 
Maintenance, Transmission, and Engine 
Linkage Adjustment (175MM Gun and 
Eight-Inch Howitzer Carriers) 
(B&W 15 Min 1965) 
Adjustment of service brake, 

parking brake, steering, shift, and 

throttle linkage systems road test 

to check on adjustments. 

Gun, Self-propelled, Ml 07, Howitzer, Serf- 
Propelled, MHO, Organizational 
Maintenance, Power Plant Removal 
and Replacement (175MM Gun and 
Eight-Inch Howitzer Carriers) 
(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

Steps in gaining access to and 
lifting power plant out of its hous- 
ing steps in positioning and rein- 
stalling power plant in its com- 

The Low Voltage Circuit Tester 

(B&W 25 Min 1965) 

Features and function of com- 
ponents use of tester to analyze 
and check direct current electrical 
circuits of a military vehicle. 

TF 9-3538 Howitzers, Self-Propelled, Ml 08 and Ml 09- 

Power Plant Removal and Installation j 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Demonstrating the correct way 
to remove and install the power 
plant of the self-propelled M108 
and Ml 09 howitzers bef ore-opera- 
tion checks are also described. 

TF 9-3539 The M-3 Helicopter Armament Subsystem 

Basic Operations and Adjustments 
(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Components and capability of 
M-3, installation alignment, adjust- 
ments, and operational readiness 
test loading and unloading main- 
tenance of M-3. 

TF 93585 Fundamental Principles of Fuzes 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Features, functions and opera- 
tion of fuzes, with focus on fuzes 
used in artillery projectiles, bombs, 
and rockets. 

TF 93598 Sergeant Missile System, Field Maintenance 

of the Launching Station Part III 
R-moval of the Main Boom 
(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Preparatory steps, removal of 
jack support beam and boom ele- 
vation actuator, disconnecting of 
hydraulic hoses and missile cable, I 
and hoisting of boom from launcher. ' 

TF 9-3603 Proximity Artillery Fuzes 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Use and capability of proxi- 
mity fuzes basic components of 
VT and CVT types fuze opera- 
tion from firing to detonation 
safety measures during handling. 

TF 9-3612 AC Charging System-Part Il-On-Vehicle 

Checks and Adjustments 
(B&W 27 Min 1965) 

Visual inspection and adjust- 
ment of ac charging system output 
in M37 truck electrical trouble- 
shooting of system in search of de- 
fective components maintenance of 
test equipment. 

TF 93622 Alternating Current Charging System Part 

III Testing Components With the 150 
Ampere Test Stand 

(B&W 31 Min 1965) 

Features and function of test 
stand, and how it is used to test 
and adjust electrical output of ac 
charging system generator and gen- 
erator regulator. 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-3650 Tank, M60 and M60A1 -Adjustment of 

Steering, Shifting and Accelerator 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Location, components and op- 
eration of linkages on M60 tank 
requirements for sequence of in- 
spection, and necessary adjustments 
of linkages for optimum operation 
of tank. 

TF 9-3651 Carrier, Personnel, Ml 14, Control Linkage 

Adjustment Procedures 
(B&W 25 Min 1966) 

Adjustment of linkages of 
brake control and parking brake, 
steering control, steering selector, 
transmission shift, accelerator 
and throttle control. 

TF 9-3652 Geared Steering Unit GS-100, Principles of 

Operation Part I Mechanical Power 
(Light Weight Tracked Vehicle) 

(Color 16 Min 1966) 

Components and controls of 
GS-100; mechanical power flows 
for neutral, land, and water opera- 

TF 9-3653 Geared Steering Unit GS-100, Principles of 

Operation Part II Hydraulic Control 
System (Light Weight Tracked Vehicle) 

(Color 17 Min 1966) 

External and internal hydrau- 
lic components; hydraulic pressure 
floats for neutral land and water 
operation; howitzer hydraulic sys- 
tem activates the clutches and 

TF 93654 Controlled Pressure System for Weapons on 

Combat Vehicles Principles of Operation 

(Color 26 Min 1966) 

Components and operation 
pressure oil flow traversing, ele- 
vating and depressing action op- 
eration of override, deck clearance, 
superelevation actuator, and man- 
ual elevation systems. 

TF 9-3655 Suspension Lockout System for the SP Ml 07 

(175MM Gun) and the SP M110 (8 Inch 
Howitzer) Principles of Operation 

(B&W 27 Min 1966) 

Purpose, components and op- 
eration of system how it pro- 
vides the SP M107 and SP MHO 
the resistance to withstand the 
shock of recoil during firing. 

TF 9-3663 Rifle, 5.56MM XM16E1 -Operation and 

Cycle of Functioning 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Features, capability, and op- 
eration of weapon loading, firing, 
and unloading cycle of function- 
ing for semiautomatic and fully 
automatic fire. 

TF 9-3670 Fuel Injection Pump Test Stand-Part I- 

Introduction and Description 

(B&W 14 Min 1966) 

Exterior and interior construc- 
tion location and function of 
each element, controls and gages 
preparation for testing PSB-12BT 
fuel injection pump. 

TF 9-3671 Fuel Injection Pump Test Stand Part II 

Timing, Delivery and Fuel Leakage Tests, 
Fuel Injection Pump, PSB-12BT 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Procedures for making the tim- 
ing, delivery valve, and fuel leak- 
age tests on hydraulic head No. 1 
and hydraulic head No. 2. 

TF 9-3672 Fuel Injection Pump Test Stand Part III 

PSB 12BT Pump Balancing, Fuel Delivery 
and Other Tests and Adjustments 
(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Preparation of test stand for 
testing the PSB 12BT injection 
pump, and the calibrating proced- 
ures for testing and adjusting fuel 

TF 9-3691 Front End Alinement 

(B&W 19 Min 1967) 

Factors that determine front 
wheel alinement of army wheeled 
vehicles equipment used and steps 
in the front wheel alinement pro- 

TF 9-3698 Metallurgy (Basic)-Part Il-Heat Treatment 

of Mrtals (Plain Carbon Steel) 
(Color 24 Min 1967) 

Principles and procedures for 
heat treatment of plain carbon steel 
as applied for the army in the 
field, including the steps for the 
various heat treatment processes: 
hardening carbon steel, case hard- 
ening, pack case hardening, temp- 
ering, normalizing, and annealing. 

TF 9-3713 Aircraft Armament Subsystem Wire Guided 

Missile, M-22 on the UH-1B 
(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Components and operation of 
missile; preflight checks; proced- 
ures for unpacking and mounting 
missile on the helicopter. 


TF 9 Ordnance 
TF 9-3741 

TF 9-3742 

TF 9-3743 

TF 9-3745 

TF 9-3762 

TF 9-3783 

TF 9-3788 

Truck, Cargo, 6x6, M35A-2, Operation ot TF 9-3789 

the Double Sprag and Transfer Assembly 

(B&W 7 Min 1967) 

Construction, function, and op- 
eration of the unit how it per- 
mits equal distribution of power 
between front and rear wheels, re- 
sulting in greater traction. 

Truck, Cargo, 6x6, M35A-2, Linkage 
Adjustment, Transfer Case 
(B&W 8 Min 1967) 

Adjustment of low, neutral and TF 9-3790 
high gears, shift lever linkage, and 
forward and reverse speed. 

The Automotive Transmission Principles of 
the Five-Speed Synchromesh Transmission 
(B&W 15 Min 1967) 

Characteristics, operation, and rpp 9.3791 
advantages of the five-speed syn- 
chromesh transmission used to de- 
liver torque in army wheeled ve- 

Automotive Gears Principles of Operation 
(B&W 17 Min 1967) 

Basic gear configurations and 
their use in automotive power 
trains; method of computing gear 
ratios; design, use, and mechanical 
action of idler, spur, helical, her- 
ringbone, planetary, bevel, spiral- 
bevel, hypoid, and worm gears. 

Internal Combustion Engines, Principles of 


(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Shows how four-stroke and 
two-stroke spark ignition and com- 
pression ignition engines operate 
to produce power. 

TF 9-3792 

TF 9-3793 

Recovery Vehicle M578 

(B&W 25 Min 1967) 

Describes the characteristics 
and capabilities of the M578, and 
illustrates the operation of its pow- 
ered equipment used for repair and 
recovery of tracked equipment in 
the 15 to 30 tone range. TF 9-3794 

Automotive Electricity for Military Vehicles- 
Part VI Principles of Operation of the 
Automotive Magneto 

(B&W 16 Min 1968) 

Application, design, and oper- 
ation of the automotive magneto; 
and fundamentals pertinent to op- 
eration of the 2-pole and 6-poIe 
magnet rotors and soft-iron rotor TF 9-3809 
magneto types. 

Controlled Differential Principles of 
Operation (Tracked Vehicles) 
(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

Design, function, and opera- 
tion of the steering controlled dif- 
ferential used in fast tracked ve- 
hicles, showing how the device con- 
trols the relative speed of the ve- 
hicle's two tracks when making a 
turn, and bringing the vehicle to a 

Shop Safety 

(Color 22 Min 1968) 

Describes the common hazards 
in a vehicle maintenance shop, and 
the precautions necessary to pre- 
vent accidents. 

Recovery Vehicle MSB Part V Recovery 

(B&W 27 Min 1968) 

Principles and procedures ap- 
plied by the M88 commander and 
his crew in three recovery situa- 
tions: 1) uprighting an overturned 
tank, 2) towing a disabled tank, and 
3) recovery of a mired tank. 

Transmission, TX-100 Series, Automatic- 
Part I Mechanical Power Flows 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Characteristics and capability 
of the TX-100 automatic trans- 
mission used in light weight track 
vehicles; mechanical power flows 
in transmission operation for the 
four forward and one reverse driv- 
ing ranges. 

Transmission, TX-100 Series, Automatic- 
Part II Hydraulic Power Flows 

(Color 20 Min 1968) 

Characteristics and function- 
ing of the TX-100 hydraulic net- 
work; hydraulic power flows for 
the four forward and one reverse 
driving ranges. 

Lubrication of Military Vehicles Principles 
of Engine Lubrication 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Design and operation of the 3 
types of engine lubrication systems; 
functions and principles of engine 
lubrication for optimum vehicle per- 
formance; maintenance of the en- 
gine lubrication system. 

Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance 

(Color 28 Min 1967) 


TF 9 Ordnance 

Techniques and procedures for 
investigating, locating, and report- 
ing an unexploded bomb; precau- 
tions to protect people and pro- 
perty in critical area, and proced- 
ures in removing bomb for detona- 

TF 9-3816 Metallurgy (Basic) Part I Properties and 

Identification of Metals 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Introduces metal workers to the 
basic properties of commonly used 
metals; and illustrates the methods 
of identifying them by means of 
chemical tests, color, weight, tex- 
ture, SAE numbering system, and 
the spark test. 

TF 9-3823 Ammunition Logistics-Part l-Stock Record 

(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Describes stock record keeping 
requirements relative to ammuni- 
tion supply from APSA through 
TAICC, FASCOM ICC, battalion 
ammunition section, ASP, to using 
units in a theater of operation. 

TF 9-3824 Ammunition Logistics Part II Stock Control 


(B&W 18 min 1967) 

Describes how ammunition sup- 
ply requirements are determined and 
filled, and stock levels replenished, 
tracing the stock control activities 
from APSA through TAICC, 
FASCOM ICC, battalion stock con- 
trol center, ASP, to using units in a 
theater of operation. 

TF 9-3825 Transporters Loading and Unloading 

(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Procedures for loading and un- 
loading the two transporters used 
to recover combat vehicles and 
heavy equipment: tank transporter 
(M123 truck-tractor with 15A2 
semitrailer), and heavy equipment 
transporter (M523 truck-tractor 
with M524E2 semitrailer). 

TF 9-3826 Aircraft and Automotive Gsnerators 

Principles and Construction 
(B&W 26 Min 1967) 
(Same as TF 46-3826) 

Shows how basic principles of 
magnetism and electromagnetism 
apply in generator operation; var- 
iations in design and current flow 
in ac and dc generators; features 

and mechanical action of generator 

TF 9-3845 Air Brakes-Principles of Operation 

(B&W 25 Min 1968) 

Design and function of com- 
ponents of air brakes system used 
in large military vehicles opera- 
tion of system when brake pedal is 
depressed and released. 

TF 9-3846 Hydraulic Brakes Principles of Operation 

(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Principles of hydraulic power 
as it relates to operation of hy- 
draulic brake system used in small 
automotive vehicles action of hy- 
draulic power demonstrated on 
brake system of the army 1/4 ton 

TF 9-3848 Grinders and Small Tool Grinding Safety 

and Operating Techniques 

(Color 31 Min 1968) 

A straight-type wheel on a 
bench grinder is used to illustrate 
preparations, safety measures, and 
operating techniques applied in 
grinding the chisel, prick punch, 
screwdriver, and twist drill. Use of 
the grinder for cleaning and polish- 
ing is also shown. 

TF 9-3852 Maintenance Procedure, M151 Series, 1/4 

Ton Truck 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 

Concept, key elements, and ad- 
vantages of the new maintenance 
system applicable to the M151 ser- 
ies 1/4 ton vehicle, as prescribed 
in TM 9-2320-218-34. 

TF 9-3894 Machine Gun, Cal. 7.62MM, M-73-Part II- 

Cycle of Functioning 

(Color 20 Min 1968) 

Inner workings and component 
relationship in each step of the cycle 
of functioning: feeding, chamber- 
ing, locking, firing, unlocking, ex- 
tracting, ejecting, and cocking. 

TF 9-3916 Aircraft Armament Subsystem Part II 


(B&W 14 Min 1968) 

Components of the XM-21 used 
on the UH-1B/C helicopters, am- 
munition and rocket loading pro- 
cedures, boresighting and firing 
procedures; and test equipment 
used to check and calibrate com- 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-3939 

TF 9-3940 

TF 9-3946 

TF 9-3957 

TF 9-3958 

TF 9-3969 

TF 9-3970 

Ammunition Safety Part I Handling, 

Storage, and Maintenance 

(Color 18 Min 1968) 

Discusses the requirements for 
planning and enforcing safety at 
ammunition installations relative to 
the handling, storage, and mainten- 
ance of ammunition. 

Ammunition Safety Port II Fire Prevention 
and Protection 

(Color 18 Min 1968) 

Demonstrates the measures to 
prevent the outbreak of fires in an 
ammunition storage area, and pro- 
per fire fighting techniques. 

Hand Grenade Fuze, M217 (Impact) 

(Color 8 Min 1969) 

Components and functioning of 
the M217 fuze installed in hand 
grenades, and proper use against 
enemy hillside, cave, and bunker 

Vehicle Operation Under Weather 
Extremes Part I Cold Weather 
(B&W 17 Min 1968) 

Maintenance and processing of 
wheeled and tracked vehicles for 
cold weather, highlighting: effects 
of cold on vehicle components and 
compounds, use of winterization 
kits, care of cooling, electrical, 
and lubricating systems, and pre- 
cautions regarding fueling, park- 
ing, and starting. 

Vehicle Operation Under Weather 

Extremes Part II Desert and Tropics 
(B&W 15 Min 1969) 

Describes the major problems 
in operating wheeled and tracked 
vehicles under extreme hot weather 
conditions, and shows what can be 
done by the operator to keep his 
vehicle operational. 

Service Section Shop Sets Part I 
(B&W 23 Min 1969) 

An introduction to the func- 
tions, installation, components, and 
operations performed by the four 
mobile ordnance service section shop 
sets used in field support mainten- 

Service Section Shop Sets Part II (Engineer 
(B&W 21 Min 1969) 

Equipment, use, and operation 
of the 3 corps of engineer shop 
sets found within maintenance sup- 

port units: 1) shop equipment, con- 
tact maintenance, truck mounted, 
set 3, 2) shop equipment, organiza- 
tional repair, light truck mounted, 
set 2, and 3) shop equipment, gen- 
eral purpose repair, semitrailer 
mounted, set 1. 

TF 9-3973 Metal Inert Gas Welding 

(B&W 26 Min 1969) 

Describes the components of 
the metal inert gas welding set, 
welding technique used to repair 
immobilized combat vehicles and 
equipment in the field, and how 
welding equipment is closed down 
when repair is completed. 

TF 9-3975 Brake Adjustment, M-60 Serias Tank-M-60 

With Mechanical Brakes 
(B&W 12 Min 1969) 

Step-by-step procedure for 
checking the brake alignment, and 
adjusting the M-60 tank mechan- 
ical brakes in released position and 
in applied position. 

TF 9-3989 Gun, Ml 34 (The Minigun)-Disassembly, 

Assembly, and Functioning 
(B&W 26 Min 1969) 

Components of the M134 mini- 
gun used on army aircraft, disas- 
sembly and assembly of the weapon, 
the 8 steps in the cycle of func- 
tioning, and loading, safing, and 
unloading procedures. 

TF 9-3990 Transmission Linkage Adjustment Mil 3A1 

Personnel Carrier 

(B&W 15 Min 1969) 
Step-by-step procedures for mak- 
ing transmission linkage adjust- 
ments to insure optimum perform- 
ance of the Ml 13 personnel carrier. 

TF 9-3991 Artillery Recoil Mechanisms Principles of 


(Color 19 Min 1969) 

Describes the characteristics 
and workings of the hydro-pneu- 
matic recoil mechanism, including 
its two designs (dependent and 
independent recoil systems), and 
the concentric hydrospring recoil 

TF 9-3992 Engine, Diesel, AVDS 1790 Series-Timing 

Valves and Injection Pump 

(B&W 24 Min 1969) 

Purpose and procedures for 
timing the valves and injection 
pump of the AVDS 1790 diesel en- 
gine; and testing the cylinder com- 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-4053 

TF 9-4092 

TF 9-4111 

TF 9-4112 

TF 9-4123 

TF 9-4130 

pression, injector nozzle, and en- 
gine operation. 

Combat Engineer Vehicle M728-Operation 
of Bulldoxer, Winch and Boom 
(Modified M60A1 Tank) 

(B&W 22 Min 1969) 

Introduces the M728 engineer 
vehicle used in support of armor 
and ground troops, with particu- 
lar focus on the characteristics, use 
and operation of its engineer work- 
ing equipment the bulldozer, winch 
and boom. 

Multifuel Engine LD and IDS 465 Series- 
Injection System (21/2 and 5-Ton 

(Color 30 Min 1970) 

Features and capabilities of 
the LD and LDS multifuel engine 
models; and the principal units, 
functioning, and maintenance of 
the fuel injection system used in 
the multifuel engines of the 2 1/2 
and 5-ton trucks. 

Fire Control Tank, MoOAI-Part I- 
Introduction to the Computer 

(Color 11 Min 1970) 

Shows how the individual com- 
ponents of the M16 ballistic com- 
puter work together to analyze the 
five factors in gun control, and 
make the necessary adjustments for 
firing accuracy range, supereleva- 
tion, type of ammunition used, gun 
tube wear, and vehicle cant. 

Fire Control Tank, M6OA1-M16 Computer 
System Checkout 

(Color 11 Min 1970) 

Demonstrates the prefire check- 
out of the M16 computer, including 
the preliminary steps and the checks 
performed on the ballistic drive and 
head mirror, zeroing knob, bore- 
sight, elevation channel, and deflec- 
tion channel. 

Helicopter Armament Introduction to 
Subsystem XM27E1 
(B&W 21 Min 1969) 

Depicts the major components, 
installation, operation, and mainte- 
nance of the XM27E1 armament 
subsystem as used on the OH-6A 

Mount, Multi-Armament, Hslicopter XM 156 

(B&W 16 Min 1971) 

Shows function, construction, 
and installation of the XM 156 

mount, used on the UH1B and C 

TF 9-4162 Gun, 20MM, XM163, Vulcan Air Defense 

(Color 22 Min 1970) 

Physical description of the gun, 
and demonstration of its operation, 
using slow motion, cutaway models, 
and diagrams. Points stressed are 
the declutching feeder and the fir- 
ing sequence. 

TF 9-4163 Land Combat Support System 

(Color 20 Min 1970) 

Depicts field emplacement of 
LCSS, physical layout of the test 
stations and shop equipment coor- 
dinated with a functional block di- 

TF 9-4164 Pershing 1A Field Artillery Missile System 

Systems Component Test Section 

(Color 20 Min 1970) 

Describes the component tester 
and shows how to operate it to test 
both missile components and its 
own components. 

TF 9-4180 Field Ammunition Supply Points 

(Color 29 Min 1971) 

Shows procedure for setting up 
a field ammunition supply point. 
Discussed are planning, loca- 
tion, layout, stocking and safety. 

TF 9-4181 Class V Support (Ammunition) 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Outlines the production, move- 
ment, storage, inspection, handling, 
and supply of all ammunition for 
the support of combat troops. 

TF 9-4182 Sheridan M551 Turret Drive Control Test Set 

(Color 24 Min 1970) 

Describes physical characteris- 
tics of test set, and demonstrates 
step-by-step test procedures. 

TF 9-4187 Wheeled Vehicles, Scheduled Maintenance 

Services Part II 

(B&W 32 Min 1972) 

Shows inspection procedures, 
checks, and services to be per- 
formed by the organizational main- 
tenance mechanic after the road 

TF 9-4192 Maintenance Service Road Test-Part I 

(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates steps in before- 
operation inspection, road test, and 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-4324 

TF 9-4325 

after-road-test check of an array TF 9-4323 

TF 9-4194 Huey Cobra-Part I-XM28 Armament 

(B&W 30 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates components, in- 
stallation, loading, firing, and clear- 
ing of weapons in the front turret 
of the AH-1G Huey Cobra. 

TF 9-4210 Helicopter (AH-1G) Armament-Part II- 

Aircraft Armament POD XM18E1 

(B&W 20 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates battery and con- 
trol checkouts, mounting the M134 
'minigun', loading the ammunition 
drum, and operation of the gun. 

TF 9-4211 Huey Cobra (AH-1G) Armament-Part Ill- 

Helicopter Armament Subsystem XM35 

(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates installation and 
loading of the XM195 20mm auto- 
matic gun; traces the ammunition 
feed system. Outlines safety pre- 
cautions while loading. TF 9-4326 

TF 9-4215 Steering Geometry (Wheel Alinement) 

(B&W 14 Min 1972) 

Describes and explains factors 
of automotive wheel alinement, and 
shows procedure for adjustment of 

TF 9-4314 M551 Sheridan Vehicle, Operation and 

Maintenance Part III Power Pack 
Removal, Replacement, and Adjustment 
(B&W 22 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
removing and replacing the engine 
and transmission of the M551; 
shows inspections and services, tor- 
que specifications, and adjustments. 

TF 9-4321 M60/M60A1 and M48A3 Tank Fire Control TF 9-4330 

With Infrared Part II Power Supplies 
and Periscopes 

(B&W 18 Min 1971) 

Describes characteristics, func- 
tion, assemblies, and care of the 
infrared vision devices on combat 

TF 9-4322 M60/M60A1 and M48A3 Tank Fire Control 

With Infrared-Part Ill-Care and TF 9-4336 

Handling of Periscopes 

(B&W 14 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates care and opera- 
tion of the infrared periscopes on 
the combat tank; driver's periscope 
M24, commander's sight M36, and 
gunner's sight M32. 

M203 Grenade Launcher Part I Operation, 

Care, and Cleaning 

(B&W 20 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates loading, aiming, 
firing, operator care, removal from 
M16 rifle, organizational mainten- 
ance, and assembly and installation. 

M203 Grenade Launcher Part II 
(B&W 10 Min 1971) 

Shows function of each part 
in a cutaway model of the launcher 
during cocking, chambering, lock- 
ing, firing, extraction, ejection, and 

Milling, Grinding, Drilling, Slotting 
(B&W 37 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates nomenclature, 
setup, operation, and capabilities of 
the series 31 milling attachment 
used on the ten-inch lathe. 

Brake System Troubleshooting 
(B&W 29 Min 1971) 

Shows common brake problems 
and how to find their cause. Shows 
that these procedures can be used 
to find cause of less common prob- 

M551 Sheridan Vehicle Operation and 
Maintenance Part II Organizational 
Maintenance, Automotive 
(B&W 21 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates oil change, 
breather tank and air cleaner 
cleaning, and adjustment of link- 
ages and voltage regulator. Points 
out locations of engine components. 

M551 Sharidan Vehicle Operation and 
Maintenance Part IV Turret Operation 
(B&W 13 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates manual opera- 
tions, power operation in normal 
and stabilization modes, operation 
by the commander's override handle, 
and outlines preventive maintenance 

Categories of Maintenance 
(B&W 14 Min 1971) 

Outlines the workings and goals 
of the army maintenance system, 
to keep equipment ready for its in- 
tended use and to maximize econo- 
mic service life; explains acronym 


TF 9 Ordnance 

TF 9-4340 Test Fuel Pump Using Test Stand Injection 

Fuel Pump 

(B&W 25 Min 1971) 

Shows procedures for testing "^ 9-4347 
fuel pump of Cummins diesel en- 
gine; setup and connection of fuel 
lines, step-by-step procedures for 

TF 9-4353 

TF 9-4343 Automotive Applications of Solid State 

(B&W 20 Min 1972) 

Explains functions and advan- 
tages of solid state components such 
as regulators, ignitions, and relays; 
shows how they work and why they 
are better than mechanical compon- 

TF 9-4344 40MM Grenade Launcher XM129 

(B&W 36 Min 1972) 

Describes characteristics, com- TF 9-4355 
ponents, functioning, and assembly 
of the XM129 grenade launcher, 
used on helicopter gunships with 
the XM128 turret. 

TF 9-4345 Turbo Super Charger 

(B&W 10 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates purpose, opera- 
tion, and construction of the turbo- TF 9-4444 
charger, used on army trucks, in 
animation. Also describes service 
and operator precautions. 

TF 94346 Springs and Shock Absorbers (Automotive) 

(B&W 10 Min 1971) 

Describes purpose, construc- 
tion, and function of leaf and coil 

springs and shock absorbers in au- 
tomotive suspensions. 

M60/M60A1 and M48A3 Tank Fire Control 
With Infrared Part IV Adjustment and 
Synchronization Procedure 
(B&W 28 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
alining the elements of the fire con- 
trol system with the armament of 
the tank. 

M551 Sheridan Vehicle Operation and 
Maintenance Part V Organizational 
Maintenance of the Turret 

(B&W 25 Min 1972) 

Outlines responsibilities of or- 
ganizational mechanic in mainten- 
ance of the M551's turret; shows 
use of test set and demonstrates 
several procedures. 

M60/M60A1 and M48A3 Tank Fire Control 
With Infrared Part I Introduction to 
Infrared Fire Control System 
(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Shows characteristics, func- 
tion, installation, and operation of 
each component of the infrared and 
visible searchlight kit for combat 

M551 Sheridan Vehicle, Operation and 
Maintenance Part I General and 
Water Operation of Vehicle 

(Color 17 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates characteristics 
of the M551 General Sheridan ar- 
mored vehicle; its armor, arma- 
ment, and mobility. Shows the ve- 
hicle being rigged for swimming. 


FB 9 Ordnance 

FB 9-117 Torsion Bar Suspension 

(B&W 8 Min 1944) 

Basic principles advantages 
over the old type volute (coil) 
spring type suspension system. 

FB 9-170 Concrete Piercing Nose Fuze M78 

(B&W 16 Min 1945) 

Demonstration and evaluation 
of penetrating ability of concrete 
piercing nose fuze M78. 

FB 9-197 Variable Time Bomb and Rocket Fuzes 

(B&W 25 Min 1945) 

Details of the VT and standard 
bomb fuzes, pointing up differen- 

ces details of precautions to be ex- 
ercised in handling. 

FB 9-221 Arctic Engine Oil 

(B&W 7 Min 1948) 

A special arctic engine oil is 
used in vehicles operating in ex- 
tremely low temperatures import- 
ance of proper oil levels. 

FB 9-238 Aberdeen Proving Ground 

(B&W 27 Min 1951) 

Functions and operations of 
the various research laboratories, 
school and boards in the develop- 
ment of weapons for the U.S. 


MF 9 Ordnance 

MF 9-1089 The Diesel Engine 

(B&W 29 Min 1944) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Basic diesel engine types forms 
of air heaters and fuel injectors. 

MF 9-1090 Construction of the Diesel Engines 

(B&W 17 Min 1945) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

General structure of several 
types; cylinder parts, piston, con- 
necting rods, bearing, rocker assem- 
blies, etc. 

MF 9-1132 Behind the Shop Drawing 

(B&W 16 Min 1945) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Use, dimensions and specifica- 
tions for industrial production iso- 
metric, perspective, orthographic 
projection and cross sectional draw- 

MF 09-5132 Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) 

(Color 27 Min 1965) 

Training of EOD at Navy Ord- 
nance Disposal School, Maryland; 
organization and work of EOD field 
detachment; challenge and import- 
ance of EOD mission stressed. 

MF 9-5345 New Munitions for the Armed Forces 

(Color 11 Min 1968) 

(Film is FOUO) 

Describes the effects and em- 
ployment techniques of selected 
ammunition, the classification of 
which has been recently down- 

MF 9-5371 Railroad Carloading and Bracing of 


(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Illustrates procedures and 
techniques for blocking and bracing 
ammunition in: conventional box- 
car, DOD boxcar with mechanical 
dunnage system, commercial box- 
car with mechanical dunnage sys- 
tem, flatcar, and gondola car. 

MF 9-5522 Blocking and Bracing Ammunition for 

Semitrailer on Highway, Semitrailer 
on Flat Car, and Container on 
Flat Car 

(Color 27 Min 1970) 

Correct methods for loading 
ammunition to prevent personal in- 
jury and damage to the load. Vans, 
flat bed trailers, and containers are 
shown being loaded with palletized 
loads, boxes, and bombs. 

MF 9-5629 Ammunition for the General Sheridan 

Weapons System 
(Color 12 Min 1971) 

Describes characteristics of 
the conventional rounds with com- 
bustible casings used in the 152mm 
gun on the Sheridan tank. 

MF 9-5707 Bomb Threat: Plan, Don't Panic 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes a bomb threat case 
to show the effectiveness of a care- 
fully-made plan in preventing un- 
necessary fear, damage, or loss of 

MF 9-7501 Machine Shop Work-Bench Work-Scraping 

Flat Surfaces 

(B&W 14 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Office of Education 


Shows five common forms of 

hand scrapers hand scraping of a 

fuel pump body to produce a liquid 

tight joint. 

MF 9-7891 Materials Control 

(B&W 11 Min 1951) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Covers three materials con- 
trol functions of management: pro- 
curement, inventory control, and 
control of handling and transpor- 
tation of materials. 

MF 9-8335 Machine Shop Work Operations on the 

Lathe Turning a Taper With the 
Tailstock Set Over 

(B&W 18 Min 1954) 

(Adopted Office of Education 


How to calculate tailstock offset 

for cutting tapers how to offset the 

tailstock how to turn a taper with 

the tailstock set over. 

MF 9-8336 Machine Shop Work Basic Machines The 


(B&W 15 Min 1954) 

(Adopted Office of Education 


How the shaper produces 

smooth surface on metal length of 

stroke, depth of stroke and feed 

of the work. 

MF 9-8337 How to Run a Lathe The Metal Working 


(B&W 19 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Office of Education 


MF 9 Ordnance 

Purpose and function of com- 
ponent parts of standard back- 
geared type operation for turning, 
facing and thread-cutting care and 

MF 9-8338 Machine Shop Work-Bench Work-Cutting 

Threads With Taps and Dies 
(B&W 19 Min 1954) 

Methods for cutting external 
threads with dies and cutting in- 
ternal threads with taps. 

MF 9-8339 Machine Shop Work-Bench Work-Reaming 

With Straight Hand Reamers 
(B&W 20 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Office of Education 

Shows four standard types 
hand reaming of two bearings to 

exact alinement and reaming a steel 
timing gear. 

MF 9-8428 Motor Mania 

(Color 8 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Animated film showing how a 
driver can forget how he acts as a 
pedestrian when he is behind the 

MF 09-9024 Giving a Shop Demonstration 

(B&W 17 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How a shop teacher prepares 
and conducts demonstration : 
stretching metal around bending 
blocks to form flanged tray; stress 
on proper procedures, tools, and 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9-1-13 Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, M135 

(B&W 11 FR 1958) 

These 11 transparencies illus- 
trate the construction, functioning 
and maintenance of the operating 
components of the M135 truck. 

T 9-1-23 Truck, 5-Ton, 6x6, Dump, M51 With Winch 

(B&W 1958) 

This transparency illustrates a 
side view of the M51 truck, with 

T 9-1-24 Truck, Wrecker, 6x6, M62 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustrates a side view of truck, 
with boom fully extended and out- 
riggers in position. 

T 9-1-37 Carter Electric Fuel Pump Fuel Circulation 


(Color 1957) 

Diagram of equipment show- 
ing fuel intake and circulation. 

T 9-1-45 Motor, Starting (Waterproof)-Truck 21/2- 

Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, M36 
(Color 1956) 

Illustrates an interior view of 
starting motor used in M34, M35 
and M36 trucks, with focus on no- 
menclature and location of compon- 

T 9-1-69 Fluid Friction: Friction Within Oil Film 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing path of moving 
body and zones of greatest disturb- 
ance in lubricant. 

T 9-1-77 Double Reduction, Final Drive, M34 

(Color 1956) 

Cutaway diagram of mechan- 
ism pointing out major component 

T 9183 A41-1 Auxiliary Generator, Cooling System 

(Color 1956) 

Pictures the equipment with 
outer housing cutaway to show com- 
ponent parts and airflow. 

T 9-1-85 Light Switch, Standard (Military Vehicles) 

(Color 1956) 

View of mechanism showing 
main switch lever, auxiliary switch 
lever and mechanical switch lever, 
on, off, and part positions; black- 
out drive operations. 

T 9-1-88 Fuel Pump, Series BF and BM 

(Color 1956) 

Cutaway view of mechanism 
showing path of fuel flow. 

T 9-1-92 Wrecker, M62 

(B&W 10 FR 1960) 

These 10 transparencies illus- 
trate the construction, individual 
components, use and operation of 
the M62 wrecker. 

T 9-1-122 Oil Pump, Valves and Connecting Lines 

(Color 1961) 

A schematic diagram of equip- 

T 9-1-125 Vehicles, T195E1-T196E1 

(Color 19 FR 1963) 

This series covers the general 
data, capabilities, design, and op- 
eration of the howitzer, self-pro- 
pelled vehicles T195E1 and T196E1. 

T 9-1-127 Recovery Vehicle-MSB 

(Color 45 FR 1963) 

Presents exterior and interior 
views, cutaway views and sche- 
matic diagrams of the M88 recov- 
ery vehicle. 

T 9-1-128 Vehicle M-116 (Amphibious Cargo Carrier) 

(Color 48 FR 1963) 

Presents views, cutaways and 
schematic diagrams of the design 
and operational aspects of the am- 
phibious, cargo carrier, M-116. 

T-9-1-129 Tank, M60-Combat, Full Tracked 

(Color 61 FR 1963) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
charts pertaining to design, com- 
ponents and operation of the tank, 
combat, full-tracked: 105mm gun. 

T 9-1-130 Multifuel Engine for Truck, Cargo, M35A1 

(Color 26 FR 1963) 

Views, cutaways and diagrams 
covering the construction and oper- 
ation of multifuel engine LDS 

TG 9-1-131 Truck, Cargo, M35A1 

(Color 16 FR 1963) 

Presents views and schematic 
diagrams of the exterior and in- 
terior design, individual compon- 
ents, operational system, and cir- 
cuits of the truck, cargo, 2 1/2 ton, 
6x6, M35A1. 

TG 9-1-132 Vehieh Ml 13 

(Color 47 FR 1964) 

Views and schematic diagrams 
of construction and operation of 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

the personnel carrier, full tracked, 
armored vehicle Ml 13. 

T 9-1-133 Vehicles, Ml 07 and MHO 

(Color 40 FR 1964) 

Presents views of the overall 
design, components, and operating 
mechanisms of the gun, self-propel- 
led, full tracked, 175mm, M107 and 
the howitzer, self-propelled, full 
tracked, 8-inch MHO. 

TG 9-1-134 Recovery Vehicle M578 

(B&W 13 FR 1966) 

Illustrates the characteristics, 
components and controls, and basic 
checks and adjustments of the re- 
covery vehicle, M578. 

TG 9-1-135 Preventive Maintenance-Wheeled Vehicles 

(B&W 24 FR 1966) 

Presents photos and charts 
which illustrate the daily preven- 
tive maintenance performed on 
wheeled vehicles bef ore-operation, 
at halt and after-operation. 

TG 9-1-136 Pjrsonnel Heater Model 1060 (Vehicle) 

(B&W 4 FR 1966) 

Schematic diagrams of the fuel 
control valve pressure regulator, 
starting phase, running phase, and 
purging phase. 

TG 9-1-137 300 Amp Generator-Jock and Heintz 

(Color 1966) 
Diagram of the circuit. 

TG 9-1-138 400 Amp Generator Control Box 

(Color 1966) 
Diagram of the circuit. 

TG 9-1-139 Auxiliary Generator Control Box 

(Color 1966) 
Diagram of the circuit. 

TG 9-1-140 Booster Coil Vibrating Point 

(B&W 1966) 
Diagram of mechanical action. 

TG 9-1-141 Paralleling System-Track Vehicle 

(Color 1966) 
Diagram of system. 

TG 9-1-142 Velocity or Vacuum Governor 

(Color 1966) 

Illustrates the construction and 
nomenclature of the velocity or vac- 
uum governor. 

TG 9-1-143 Vacuum Pump Circuit Carburetor 

(Color 1966) 

Illustrates the construction, 
nomenclature and operational fea- 

tures of the vacuum pump circuit 

TG 9-1-144 Spring Loaded Poppet Valve in Choke 


(Color 1966) 

Illustrates the nomenclature, 
mechanical and operational features 
of the spring loaded poppet valve 
in choke valve. 

TG 9-1-145 Automotive 8V71 Diesel Engine 

(Color 9 FR 1966) 

Presents diagrams, cross sec- 
tional and cutaway views, of the 
automotive 8V71 diesel engine. 

TG 9-1-146 CD-850-5, 6, 6A Transmissions-Power 


(Color 7 FR 1967) 

Illustrates the transmission 
power flow in the neutral range, 
low range, high range and reverse 

TG 9-1-147 CD 850-5, 6, 6A Transmission-Oil Flow 

(Color 5 FR 1967) 

Illustrates the structural and 
functional aspects of the oil flow 
in the CD 850-5, 6, 6A transmission. 

TG 9-1-148 Viking Gear Type Fuel Pump 

(Color 2 FR 1966) 

Two transparencies which il- 
lustrate the nomenclature and loca- 
tion of the components of the Viking 
gear type fuel pump. 

TG 9-1-149 AC Charging Systems 

(Color 3 FR 1966) 

Schematic diagrams which il- 
lustrate the flow of AC current 
during rectification phases 1, 2 
and 3. 

TG 9-1-150 Carter Carburetor 

(Color 3 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of the Carter carburetor, 
with special focus on the float cir- 
cuit and high speed circuit. 

TG 91151 Torque Converter Principles of Operation 

(Color 5 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the design and func- 
tioning of the torque converter. 

TG 9-1-152 Fluid Coupling 

(Color 3 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of the fluid coupling used 
in automative engines. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-1-153 Liquid Cooling System 

(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the purpose, con- 
struction, and operation of the liquid 
cooling system used in automotive 

TG 9-1-154 60 Amp Alternator (M715 Truck) 

(Color 6 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction 
and functioning of the 60 AMP 
alternator used on the M715 truck. 

TG 91-155 Lubrication System 

(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of the lubrication system 
in automotive engines used in such 
vehicles as the M38 and M151 trucks. 

TG 9-1-156 M551 Airborne Assault Vehicle 

(Color 7 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the principles of 
operation and maintenance of the 
assault vehicle. 

TG 9-1-157 Hydraulic Steering Gear 

(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the principles of 
operation and maintenance of the 
hydraulic steering gear. 

TG 9-1-158 AVDS 1790 Engine (M48 and M60 Series 

(Color 3 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the construction and 
functioning of the AVDS 1790 en- 
gine used in the M48 and M60 
series tanks. 

TG 9-1-159 Vehicle Combat Engineer, Full Tracked 

(Color 72 FR 1971) 

Illustrates various views of the 
vehicle, vehicle components and/or 
maintenance operations and adjust- 
ments to be performed by the crew 
or maintenance personnel. 

TG 9-1-166 Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 105MM Gun, 

M60A1, Organizational 
Maintenance Introduction 
(B&W 12 FR 1971) 

Depicts various views of the 
vehicle, and shows locations of the 
controls used to operate the vehicle 
and its systems. 

TG 9-1-167 Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 105MM Gun, 

M60A1, Organizational Maintenance- 
Hull (Automotive) 
(Color 16 FR 1971) 
Illustrates major electrical cir- 

cuits, removal and replacement of 
engine and track, and inspection 
points for track and suspension. 

TG 9-1-168 Tank, Combat, Full Tracked, 105MM Gun, 

M60A1, Organizational Maintenance- 

(Color 6 FR 1971) 

Shows the specific positions of 
the major components in the turret. 
Illustrates the hydraulic flows to the 
various valves and actuating me- 
chanisms of the turret. 

T 9-2-14 Obturator 

(B&W 1956) 

Two cutaway diagrams of the 
obturator under (A) normal con- 
ditions and (B) under powder pres- 

T 9-2-15 Breech Bore Sight in Position (General 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustrates breech bore sight in 

T 9-2-16 Muzzle Bor 9 Sight in Position (General 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of muzzle bore sight 
in position. 

T 9-2-28 Breechlock, Welin Stepped Thread (Field 


(B&W 1958) 
Diagram of the mechanism. 

T 9230 Mechanism, Percussion Hammer Firing 

(B&W 1957) 

Schematic diagrams showing: 
(a) system at rest, system cocked, 
system fired; (b) system at rest 
block removed, system fired block 

T 9-2-32 Howitzer T55MM Ml Top Carriage and 

Bottom Carriage 
(B&W 1958) 

Cutaway view showing pintle, 
pintle bearing and connection. 

T 9-2-36 Howitzer, 105MM Recoil Mechanism, M2A1 

(Color 1956) 

T 9-2-37 Carriage, Howitzer, 105MM M2A2-Recoil 


(Color 1956) 

Illustrates regulator and float- 
ing piston assemblies. 

T 9-2-38 Recoil Mechanism M2A1 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams front and rear as- 
semblies of mechanism. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9241 Mechanism, Spring, Counterrecoil 

(B&W 1956) 

Cutaway diagrams of mechan- 
ism in (a) firing position (in bat- 
tery), and (b) at end of recoil. 

T 9-2-48 Howitzer, 155MM, Ml Elevating Mecha- 

nismAssembled and Phantom Views 
(B&W 1958) 

Diagram indicating components 
of mechanism. 

T 9-2-50 Howitzer, 155MM MI Traversing 

Mechanism Assembled and 
Phantom Views 
(B&W 1958) 
Diagram of mechanism. 

T 9 2 (52 55) Valve, Emergency Relay for Prime Mover 
and Trailer 155MM Howitzer, 155MM 
Gun, and 8" Howitzer 

(B&W 4 PR 1958) 

Applications of the emergency 
relay valve. 

T 92-56 Types of Equalizers 

(B&W 1956) 

Line drawings of three equali- 

T 9-2-59 Finder, Range, M12 T41 and T41E3-Optical 


(B&W 1957) 

Schematic diagram of system 
showing relation between compon- 
ents, range scale, gun laying reticle 
and ammunition scale. 

T 9-2-128 106MM Rifle 

(Color 31 FR 1961) 

Covers data and general char- 
acteristics, construction and opera- 
tion of 106mm rifle, M40A1, truck- 
mounted; and the spotting rifle, cal. 
50 mbc. 

T 9-2-131 Multiple Rocket Launcher-M91 

(Color 11 FR 1963) 

Presents schematic diagrams of 
the overall design and major com- 
ponents of the M91 multiple rocket 

TG 9-2-132 Howitzer 105MM M108 

(Color 7 FR 1965) 

Diagrams and cutaways illus- 
trating the design and major com- 
ponents of the 105mm howitzer, M- 

TG 9-2-133 Howitzer 155MM, 109 

(Color 16 FR 1965) 
Diagrams and cutaways illus- 

TG 9-2-134 

TG 9-2-135 

TG 9-2-136 

T 9-3-37 

T 9-3-43 

T 9-3-45 

T 9-3-46 

T 9-3-47 

T 9-3-49 

trating the general construction in- 
dividual components and circuitry 
of the 155mm howitzer, M109. 

Howitzer, Light, Towed, 105MM, M102 
(Color 13 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the design and op- 
eration of the major components of 
the M102 howitzer. 

Ml 07 Gun and MHO Howitzer 
(Color 4 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the design and oper- 
ation of the hydraulic system, ram- 
mer mechanism, turret electrical 
system, and traversing gear train. 

M81 Gun Launcher, Breech and Recoil 
Mechanism (Shillelagh on Sheridan Tank) 

(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the operation of the 
breech and recoil mechanism of the 
M81 gun launcher (Shillelagh) used 
on the M551 airborne assault vehicle 
(Sheridan tank). 

Compass, M2 (Cover Open) 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of mechanism with 
components and nomenclature. 

Porro Prism System 
(B&W 1958) 
prism system. 

depicting porro 

T 9-3-55 

Dove (Rotating) Prism 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram indicating the rotating 

Penta Prism 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram shows same effect ob- 
tained with mirrors. 

Lens Erecting Systems 
(B&W 1958) 

Diagram indicating major com- 
ponent parts. 

Binocular, M13, With Carrying Case and 


(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of binoculars, car- 
rying case and straps with nomen- 

Telescope, Observation, M48 With Tripod 
(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of equipment fea- 
turing major components. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9-3-56 Representative Types of Reticle Patterns 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustrates nine types of reticle 

T 9-3-58 Light, Aiming Post, Ml 4 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of mechanism. 

T 9-3-66 Quadrant, Range M4A1 

(Color 1956) 

View of equipment and major 

T 9-3-68 Sight Unit, M34 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram of equipment depicting 
various component parts. 

T 9_3_71 M60, Tank, Fire Control System 

(Color 7 FR 1963) 

Presents views of the complete 
fire control system of the M60 tank. 

TG 9-3-72 Mount, Telescope M79 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a view of the M79 
telescope mount with location and 
nomenclature of major components. 

TG 9-3-73 Adapter, Telescope M9A1 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a view of the M34A2 
adapter, component of the M9A1 

TG 9-3-74 BC Telescopj M65 

(Color 1964) 

Presents left and right views 
of the BC telescope M65. 

TG 9-3-75 Telescope Ml 01 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a view and schematic 
diagram of the telescope M101 for 
observation post use. 

TG 9-3-76 Range Finder M17C (M60 Tank) 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a schematic diagram 
of the optical system of the range 
finder M17C. 

TG 9-3-77 Periscope M31 (M60 Tank) 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a schematic diagram 
of the optical system of the peri- 
scope M31. 

TG 9-3-78 Telescope M105C (M60 Tank) 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a schematic diagram 
of the optical system of the tele- 

TG 9-3-79 

TG 9-3-80 

TG 9-3-81 

TG 9-3-82 

TG 9-3-83 

TG 9-3-84 

TG 9-3-85 

TG 9-3-86 

TG 9-3-88 

TG 9-3-89 

scope M105C, secondary sighting de- 
vice of the M60 tank. 

Range Quadrant M4A1 (M60 Tank) 
(Color 1964) 

Presents exterior and interior 
views of the range quadrant M4A1. 

Telescope Mount M21A1 
(Color 2 FR 1966) 

Views of the exterior and in- 
terior construction of the telescope 
mount M21A1. 

Observation Telescope M49 

(Color 1966) 

Illustrates functional relation- 
ship between eyelens, field lens, and 
porro prism assembly of the ob- 
servation telescope M49. 

Binocular M13A1 

(Color 1967) 

Illustrates the construction 
the binocular M13A1. 


Computer Ballistic Ml 3 

(Color 1967) 

Illustrates the nomenclature 
and location of the components that 
comprise the mechanical system to 
the M13 computer. 

Fire Control Quadrant, Ml 5 
(Color 4 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
functioning of the M15 fire control 

M34 Periscope (M60 Tank) 

(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of the M34 periscope used 
in the M60 and M60A1 tanks. 

M36 Periscope (M60 Tank) 
(Color 4 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of the M36 periscope used 
in the M60 and M60A1 tanks. 

Panoramic Telescope, Ml 15 (For M107 and 
Ml 10 SP Howitzers) 
(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operational aspects of the M115 
panoramic telescope used on the M- 
107 and MHO SP howitzers. 

XM119 Telescope (M60 Tank) 
(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the construction and 
functioning of the XM119 telescope 
used in the M60 and M60A1 tanks. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-3-90 

TG 9-3-91 

TG 9-3-92 

TG 9-3-93 

T 9-4-1 

T 9-4-2 

T 9-4-3 

T 9-4-5 

T 9-4-6 

T 9-4-8 

T 9-4-10 


XM48 Periscope (M60 Tank) 

(Color 1969) 

Illustrates the construction, op- 
eration, and maintenance of the 
XM48 periscope used on the M60 
and M60A1 tanks. 

Binocular, M18 

(Color 2 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the principles and 
maintenance of the M18 binocular. 

Collimator Ml 

(Color 2 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the operation of col- 
limator Ml used with artillery and 

Tel: scope, Ml 17, .30 Col 

(B&W 3 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the assembly, disas- 
sembly, and operation of the M117 
telescope used with the howitzer SP 
M108 and 109. 

Reaction Principle Pressure in Closed Tube 
(B&W 1958) 

Diagram indicating location of 
pressure points. 

Reaction Principle Movement of Tube Due 
to Opening 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram depicting reaction 

Artillery Ammunition Explosive Trains 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram showing inter-rela- 
tionship of major components of 

Projectiles Typical Armor-Piercing 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrations of various types 
of shells with major components 

Projectiles High Explosive Antitank and 

(Color 1956) 

Views of various types of shells 
with location of components indi- 

Corroded Cartridge Cases 

(B&W 1958) 

This diagram depicts the cart- 
ridge case in corroded condition. 

Damaged Cartridge Cases 
(B&W 1958) 

Illustration of cartridge cases 
with slightly damaged flange, heav- 

ily damaged flange, fine draw 
scratch and deep draw scratches. 

T 9-4-11 Dented Cartridge Cass, Top View 

(B&W 1958) 

Top view of dented cases show- 
ing cases that can be renovated and 
cases that should be rejected. 

T 9412 Cartridge Terminology 

(B&W 1958) 

Various types of cartridges with 
basic nomenclature. 

T 9-4-13 Flare, Aircraft, Parachute, M8A1 

(B&W 1958) 
Diagram of equipment. 

T 9414 Ammunition Nomenclature 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram of equipment with 
basic nomenclature and components 

T 9416 Comparison of Semifixed Rounds 

(B&W 1958) 

View of shells for howitzers 
M2A1 and M4. 

T 9-4-18 Fuze, VT- Artillery 

(Color 1956) 

Exploded view of shell with 
major components indicated. 

T 9-4-19 VT Fuze 

(A&W 1958) 

Illustration of equipment indi- 
cating location of various compo- 

T 9-4-20 Method of Packing (Interim Type) Prinm, 

Percussion MK 2A4 With Propelling 

(B&W 1956) 

Diagram and chart showing 
type of materials and method of 

T 9-4-22 Shell, HE, M3A2, 4.2 Inch Mortar 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram of shell and ignition 
cartridge, pressure plate and rotat- 
ing DISC also indicated. 

T 9-4-23 Mortar Shells, 60-MM and 81 -MM 

(Color 1956) 

Illustration of the various 
shells and nomenclatures. 

T 9-4-27 Fuze, Point Detonating, M8 and M9 

(Color 1956) 

Exploded view of mechanism 
with safety balls, detonator slider, 
set-back pin, and lock pin listed as 
major component parts. 

TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9-4-29 Rocket, HE, AT, 3.5 Inch, M28 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram depicting various com- 
ponents of rocket. 

T 9-4-31 JATO, O.l-ES-2500, M2, (T28)-Cross 

(B&W 1956) 

Lateral and longitudinal cross 
section diagrams. 

T 9-4-33 Typical JATO Propellent Grains 

(B&M 1956) 

Diagrams of multiple grain, 
single-perforate gain, slotted grain, 
multiperforate grain and solid 

T 9435 Fuze, Time, Mechanical and Superquick, 


(C.lor 1956) 

Illustration of mechanism with 
location of firing pin, slide detona- 
tor, timing disc, and firing pin 
(time) indicated. 

T 9-4-37 Fuxe, Bomb, V.T. Bar-Type 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram showing components 
as antenna, transmitter-receiver, 
van, generator, firing unit and boos- 

T 9-4-38 Fuze, Bomb, V.T., AN-M168-Rin9 Type 

(Color 1956) 
Exploded view of mechanism. 

T 9-4-39 Fuze, Bomb, AN-M103A1 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram of equipment with in- 
struction^ for operation of mechan- 

T 94-40 Fragmentation Bomb* Trimmed and 


(Color 1956) 
Illustration of each bomb. 

T 9-4-41 Military Pyrotechnics Type* and 

Comparative Sizes 
(B&,W 1956) 

Drawings of five types of 
ground and nine aircraft pyrotech- 
nics showing comparative size. 

T 9-4-43 Representative Ignition Train for 

(B&W 1957) 

Chart showing relation of ini- 
tiator, propelling charge, delay ele- 
ment, expelling charge, and pyro- 
technic composition. 

T 9-4-44 Representative Types of Demolition 

(B&W 1957) 

Diagrams of demolition explo- 
sives and blasting machine, various 
types of firing devices, explosive ini- 
tiating and mine-field cleaning de- 

T 9-4-45 Mine, Antitank, HE, Heavy, Ml 5 (T27)- 

Cross-Section With Fuze, M603, Installed 
(B&W 1958) 

Cutaway view of equipment 
with position of fuze and major 
component parts depicted. 

T 94-46 Safety Devices, Antitank Mine Fuze 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams of various safety de- 
vices and nomenclature. 

T 9-4-47 Mine, NM, Antipersonnel, Ml 4 Integral 

Fuze External and One-Third 
Section Detonator Assembled 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams showing dimension 
and component parts of equipment. 

T 9-4-47A Arming Wrench, M22, for Mine, NM, 

(B&W 1956) 

Diagram showing dimension of 
wrench and portion used in remov- 
ing shipping plug or detonator hold- 
er for turning pressure plate. 

T 9-4-48 Explosive, Cratering, 40-lb, Ammonium 


(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams of front and reverse 
of explosive container, and positions 
of cap well, ring for lowering charge 
into bore hole, and detonating cord 

T 9-4-51 Installation of Antitank Mine 

(B&W 1957) 
Diagram of mine installed. 

T 94-52 Types of Antipersonnel Mines 

(B&W 1958) 

Illustrations of various types 
of antipersonnel mines and nomen- 

T 9-4-53 Packing Box for Antipersonnel Mine, M2A4 

(B&W 1957) 
Diagram of box, and of mine. 

T 9-4-79 Mine, Antitank, HE, Light, M7A2-Cross 

Section With Fuze, M603, Installed 
(B&W 1956) 

Diagram showing location of 
pressure plate, fuze M603, movable 
pressure plate, booster Ml 20, tetry- 
tol, and cap well for carrying plug 
and activating firing devices. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9-4-80 Main and Secondary Explosive Trains of 

Mine, Antitank, HE, Heavy, M6 Series, 
With Fuze, M603 and Booster, Ml 20 
(B&W 1956) 

Diagram showing location of 
components of the main and sec- 
ondary explosive trains. 

T 9-4-81 Mine, AP, Ml 8 

(Color 1958) 
Diagram of mine, front view. 

T 9-4-82 Cartridge, HEP-T, M345 for 106MM Rifle 


(Color 1958) 

Diagrams of cartridge for 106- 
mm rifle, M40. 

T 9-4-83 Mine, AT, Non-Metallic, Ml 9 

(Color 1959) 

Diagram showing interim con- 
struction of mine. 

T 9-4-84 Rocket, HE, AT, 3.5 Inch, M35A1 

(Color 1959) 

Diagrams of external side view, 
external front view, and cutaway 
side view. 

T 9-4- (85 89) 3.5 Inch Rocket Launcher, M20A1B1 
(B&W 5 FR 1960) 

Illustrates components, electri- 
cal firing mechanism, sighting 
equipment, and general character- 

T 9-4-90 Fuze, Rocket, BD, M404A2 

(B&W 1960) 

Depicts body of mechanism in- 
dicating internal components. 

T 9-4-91 Rocket Propellant Grains 

(B&W 1960) 

Diagrams of cruciform, single 
perforated and single perforated 
ribbed, the three types of rocket 
propellent grains. 

T 9-4-92 Cartridge, HE, M329 With Fuze, PD M51A5 

(B&W 1960) 

Diagram of mechanism indicat- 
ing components. 

T 9-4-94 Fuze, PIBD, M408 

(B&W 1960) 

Illustrates major parts of the 
fuze: base assembly, conduit, and 
nose assembly contain piezo-electric 

T 9-4-95 4.5 Inch Rocket in Expendable Launcher 

(B&W 1960) 
Diagram of equipment. 

T 9-4-97 4.2 Inch Mortar Cartridge Showing 

Propelling Charges 

(Color 1960) 

Cartridge components indicate 
structural variations when using 
following propelling charges: M6 
charge 25 1/2 increments, and M36 
charge 41 increments. 

T 9-4-98 Rocket Launcher M386 

(Color 13 FR 1961) 

Presents schematic diagrams of 
major components. 

TG 9-4-100 Booster, Ml 24 

(Color 1964) 

Presents exterior and cutaway 

TG 9-4-101 Fuz-, M525 

(Color 1964) 
Presents exterior and cutaway 

TG 9-4-102 Fuze, M535 

(Color 1964) 

Presents exterior and cutaway 

TG 9-4-103 Warhead Assembly, T39E4 

(Color 1964) 

Illustrates the exterior and cut- 
away views of the design and com- 
ponents of the warhead assembly, 
762mm rocket, HE, M1A2 with war- 
head, rocket, 762mm M57 (T39E4). 

TG 9-4-105 Rocket Motor Assembly, (XM31E3) 

(B&W 2 FR 1964) 

Illustrates the exterior and cut- 
away views of the design and com- 
ponents of the rocket motor assem- 
bly, 762mm, (XM31E3). 

TG 9-4-106 Rocket, 115MM, M55 

(Color 3 FR 1968) 

Portrays the complete round 
(Gas NPGB and NP), rear end 
cap, and the container and crate. 

TG 9-4-107 Ammunition Color Code 

(Color 5 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the markings on the 
various types of ammunition in the 
following categories: 1) armor de- 
feating, 2) non-combat, 3) smoke- 
incendiary, and 4) illuminating- 

TG 9-4-108 Fuze Setter, M26 

(B&W 1970) 

Illustrates the proper use of 
the M26 fuze setter and fuze set- 
ting for rounds of ammunition. 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-4-109 

T 9-5-1 

T 9-5-2 

T 9-5-3 

T 9-5-4 

T 9-5-5 

T 9-5-6 

T 9-5-7 

T 9-5-8 

T 9-5-9 

T 9-5-10 

T 9-5-11 


Simulator, Projectile, Airburst, M74A1 and T 9-6-23 

105MM HE RA Projectile 

(Color 1970) 

Illustrates cutaway side views 
of all components. 

Welding Torch Equal Pressure Type 

(B&W 1958) 

Exploded diagram with com- 
ponent parts and nomenclature in- 

Welding Torch Cutting Attachment f g_6_26 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram of welding torch with 
cutting attachment and position of 
component parts illustrated. 

Blaclcsmithing Tools 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams of swage block, bot- 
tom swage, bottom fuller, top swage 
and top fuller. 

Blacksmithing Anvil 

(B&W 1958) 

Diagram showing dimensions 
and position of component parts of 

Compressor, Air, 4, 5 and 6 Ton Head 
and Valve Assembly 

(B&W 1956) 

A cutaway line drawing of the 
head and valve assembly. 

Drill, Shanks TG 9-6-29 

(B&W 1958) 
Diagram of equipment. 


(B&W 1958) 

Diagrams of two types of vises. 

T 9-6-27 

TG 9-6-28 

TG 9-6-32 

TG 9-6-34 

Vises Machinist and Utility 

(B&W 1958) 

Machinist and utility vises de- 

Oxygen Cylinder 
(B&W 1960) 

Diagram identifying compon- 
ent parts of oxygen cylinder. 

Oxygen Cylinder Valve 
(B&W 1960) 

Diagram illustrating construc- 
tion of the oxygen cylinder valve. 

Acetylene Cylinder and Valve 
(B&W 1960) 

Diagram showing various char- TG 9-6-35 
acteristics of the acetylene cylinder 
and valve. 

Principles of Small Arms 
(B&W 13 FR 1958) 

Present diagrams illustrating 
the operation, and components of 
the basic weapon. 

Rifle, 90MM, M67 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

This series presents views of 
the overall design, and individual 
components of the 90mm rifle, M67. 

Helicopter Armament System 
(B&W 7 FR 1963) 

This series consists of schema- 
tic diagrams which illustrate the 
design and operational mechanics 
of the principal components of the 
helicopter armament system. 

Rocket Grenade XM72 
(Color 6 FR 1963) 

Presents views, cutaways, and 
instructions pertaining to design, 
components, and operation of the 
rocket grenade, HE, 66mm, XM 72. 

Machine Gun, M73 

(Color 11 FR 1964) 

This series presents views and 
cutaways of the basic nomencla- 
ture and functioning, major com- 
ponents, and field stripping of 
machine gun, M73. 

Machine Gun, M85 

(Color 12 FR 1964) 

This series presents views and 
cutaways of the basic nomencla- 
ture and functioning, major assem- 
blies, and field stripping of mach- 
ine gun, M85. 

Fixed 7.62MM Machine Gun, M60C 
(B&W 5 FR 1966) 

Illustrates the design and field 
stripping of the M60C; and ex- 
ploded views of barrel assembly, 
actuator assembly, and solenoid ca- 
ble assembly. 

Rifl?, 5.56MM, Ml 6E1 -Nomenclature and 

Cycle of Operation 

(Color 15 FR 1966) 

Presents basic nomenclature, 
functioning components, and cycle 
of operation of the army's new 
rifle, 5.56mm, M16E1. 

M79 Grenade Launcher 
(Color 8 FR 1968) 
Delineates the data and general 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

characteristics, design, and opera- 
tion of the M79 grenade launcher. 

TG 9-6-36 Machine Gun, M60 

(Color 17 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the assembly, disas- 
sembly, and functioning of the M60 
machine gun. 

TG 9-6-37 Caliber .45 Automatic Pistol M1911A1 

(Color 4 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the caliber .45 auto- 
matic pistol M1911A1, showing gen- 
eral assembly, major groups, and 

TG 9-6-38 Browning Machine Gun, .50 Caliber, M2 

(Color 17 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the assembly, disas- 
sembly, and operation of the weapon. 

TG 9-6-39 Machine Gun, Cal. 30 

(Color 12 FR 1971) 

These charts illustrate assembly 
and disassembly of the 30 caliber 
machine gun and its operation. 

TG 9-6-40 106MM Rifle, M40A1 

(Color 16 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the assembly, disas- 
sembly, and operation of the 106mm 
rifle, M40A1. 

T 9-7-1 45 Pipe Template 

(B&W 1960) 

Diagram with six overlays de- 
picting the "blueprint" of construc- 
tion of equipment. 

T 9-7-2 MIG Torch 

(Color 1964) 

Presents two schematic dia- 
grams which identify the location 
and nomenclature of major compon- 
ents of the metal inert gas torch. 

T 9-7-3 Connection Diagram, MIG 

(Color 1964) 

Presents a schematic diagram 
which illustrates the cable connec- 
tions and power circuit of the metal 
inert gas torch. 

TG 9-7-4 Pressure Flushing 

(Color 1969) 

Shows the procedure for flush- 
ing a radiator and engine block. 

TG 9-7-5 Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Torch 

(Color 1969) 

A cutaway view of the tig torch 
illustrates its construction and op- 
erational aspects. 

TG 9-7-6 

TG 9-8-1 
TG 9-8-2 

TG 9-8-3 
TG 9-9-1 

T 9-10-11 

T 9-10-11A 

T 9-10-12 

T 9-10-12A 

T 9-10-30 

T 9-10-32A 

T 9-10-35 

Ml 13 Idler Arm Plate 

(B&W 1969) 

Illustrates automotive repair 
procedure for replacing the idler 
arm plate on the M113 personnel 

40MM Grenade Launcher M75 

(Color 12 FR 1967) 

Illustrates construction 


M5 Armament Subsystem 
(Color 9 FR 1968) 

Portrays the major components 
of the M5 armament subsystem, 
M75 grenade, and 40mm grenade. 

XM21 Armament Subsystem 
(Color 16 FR 1968) 

Gun, 20MM, M139 

(Color 23 FR 1971) 

Shows exploded views of assem- 
blies, and cutaway drawings of the 
gun during each stage in the cycle 
of operation. 

Report of Survey 

(B&W 1957) 

DD Form 200 "Report of Sur- 
vey" front side with sample data 

R.port of Survey I 

(B&W 1957) 

DD Form 200 "Report of Sur- 
vey" front side, blank form. 

Report of Survey 
(B&W 1959) 

DD Form 200 "Report of Sur- 
vey" reverse side with sample data 

R port of Survey 
(B&W 1959) 

DD Form 200 "Report of Sur- 
vey" reverse side, blank form. 

Ammunition Stores Slip (FM 9-6) 
(B&W 1957) 

DA AGO Form 9-8, 1 June 

Ammunition Inspection and Lot Number 

Report, RCS ORD-1 (Rl) 

(B&W 1957) 

DA AGO Form 9-5, 1 Feb 

Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment 
(B&W 1957) 

DD Form 6 front side, blank 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

T 9-1 0-35 A Report of Damaged or Improper Shipment 

(B&W 1957) 

DD Form 6 reverse side with 
instructions listed. 

T 9-10-42 Packing Assembly-Honest John Rocket 

(B&W 2 FR 1963) 

Presents views of construction 
of plywood shipping container for 
Honest John rocket warheads and 
plywood shipping container for 
XM50 rocket motor, XM66. 

TG 9-10-43 Request for Issue and Turn-in of Ammu- 

nition DA Form 581 
(B&W 1968) 

A replica of a blank DA Form 

TG 9-1044 Ammunition Condition Report DA Form 


(B&W 1968) 

A replica of a blank DA Form 

T 9-11-13 Passive Homing 

(Color 1956) 

Diagram showing how missile 
homes through non-directional rad- 
iated energy on target; types of 
radiated energy are indicated. 

T 9-11-14 Command Control System 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing the flow of com- 
munication between the missile and 
the radio transmitter and control 
box on ground. 

T 9-11-15 Radio Navigation 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing how course of 
missile from launcher to target is 
guided in terms of lines of time- 
distance from transmitter. 

T 9-11-16 Command System 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing paths of mis- 
sile: target tracking radars on a 
moving target and course of missile 
from the launching point to col- 
lision point. 

T 9-11-17 Types of Guidance Terrestrial Navigation, 

Preset Guidance, Inertia! Guidance 

(Color 1956) 

Chart illustrating course of 
missile from launcher to target, 
with the note that course cannot 
be altered externally after launch- 

T 9-11-18 Celestial Navigation 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing how course of 
missile from the launcher to target 
is guided by means of continuous 
celestial observation. 

T 9-11-19 Beam Rider Guidance 

(Color 1956) 

Chart showing the paths of the 
target tracking and beam radar on 
a moving target, and the course 
of missile from launching point to 
collision point. 

T 9-11-21 Modified Beam Rider 

(Color 1956) 

Chart on paths of beam and 
target tracking radar on moving 
target, and course of missile from 
launching point onto beam radar 
path to collision point. 

TG 9-29 155MM Shell, HE, Ml 07 


G 9-30 8-Inch Shell, HE, M106 


TG 9-41 Shell Semifixed, HE, Ml With Supplemen- 

tary Charge 105MM Howitzer 


TG 9-44 Fuze, Time and Superquick, M54 

(Not made by APC) 

TG 9-45 Booster, M21A2 and M21A4 

(Color 1960) 

Illustrates the boosters in safe 
and armed positions. 

TG 9-50 Flare Trip, M49 


TG 9-67 Reflex Sight Ml 8 (Cal. 50MG) 

(B&W 1954) 

Illustrates the major compon- 
ents and reticle pattern of the reflex 
sight M18. 

TG 9-101-2 Types of Cylinder Heads Used in Engines 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrates the L-type and I- 
type cylinder heads. 

TG 9-101-3 Piston Nomenclature 


TG 9-101-4 Piston Group 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrates the nomenclature 
and location of the components of 
the piston group. 

TG 9-101-5 Valve Group 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 


T6S 9 Ordnance 

Shows cutaway view of equip- 

TG 9-101-7 Engine Tune-up Cycls 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrates the sequence and op- 
erations in the engine tune-up cycle. 

TG 9101-9 Diesel Engine Combustion Chambers Typical 


(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Precombustion chamber, and 
turbulence chamber designs cross- 
section views of open combustion 

TG 910110 Compression Ratio Difference 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Demonstrates difference be- 
tween diesel and gasoline engines. 

TG 9-101-11 Engine, Four-Stroke Otto Cycle 

(Color 1964) 

TG 9-101-13 Relay Valve and Relay Emergency Valve 

(Color 1966) 

TG 9-101-20 Operation of Intake Manifold Hot Spot 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-101-21 Throttle and Governor Linkage Adjustment 

AN 1790 Series Engine 
(Color 1 FR 1971) 

TG 9-101-22 Setting Valve Rocker Clearance AOS 895 


TG 9-101-24 Two-Stroke Otto Cycle 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

G 9-101-25 Ignition Wiring Diagram AOS 895-3 and 

895-4 Engines 

TG 910126 Control Diagram and Governor Valve 

Assembly-M62 Wrecker 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

TG 9-101-27 Valve Rocker Arm Assembly, AV 1790 and 

AOS 895 Engines 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Shows components and nomen- 

TG 9-101-28 L and I Head Valve Operating Mechanism 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Shows parts nomenclature in 
cross-section views. 

TG 9-101-29 Cylinder Assembly, Engine AV 1790-5 A 

and B 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 
Shows parts in cutaway view. 

TG 9-101-30 Auxiliary Engine Removal (Disconnect 

Points) Model A-41-1 and 2 
(Color 1 FR 1971) 
Enumerates disconnect points. 

TG 9-101-32 Crankcase Ventilation System AVSI 1790 

(B&W 1 FR 1971) 
Illustrates two views of system. 

T 9-102-11 Carburetor Speed Circuits (Carter) 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrates the high speed cir- 
cuit and the low speed circuit in 
the Carter carburetor. 

TG 9-102-41 Holley Carburetor, Model 885-FG Float 


(Color 1 FR 1971) 

TG 9-102-43 Titan Fuel Pump 

(Color 1958) 

TG 9-103-4 Diagram of Hydraulic Brake System 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-103-5 Master Hydraulic Brake Cylinder 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-103-6 Operation of Master Cylinder 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-103-7 Sectional View of Wheel Cylinder 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-103-14 Air Brake System 

(Color 1951) 

Illustrates the inter-relation- 
ship between the components of the 
air brake system. 

TG 9-103-15 Air Brake System Typical Truck-Tractor 

(Color 1951) 

Illustrates the inter-relation- 
ships between the components of the 
air brake system in a typical truck- 

TG 9-103-16 Typical Semitrailer-Air Brake System 

(Color 1951) 

Schematic diagram of system 
indicating the major components 
hose to tractor, hose coupling, emer- 
gency line tag, air filter check valve. 

TG 9-103-23 Air-Hydraulic Cylinder (M-135) (Bendix) 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-103-24 Rear Brake Assembly 

(Color 1958) 

TG 9-103-25 Air Compressor Governor 21/2 Ton Truck, 


(Color 1958) 

TG 9-104-2 Distributor-Vacuum Advance 

(Color 1952) 


TOS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-104-4 

TG 9-104-6 
TG 9-104-7 

TG 9-104-8 

TG 9-104-9 

TG 9-104-10 
I T 9-104-12 


TG 9-104-15 
TG 9-104-16 

TG 9-104-28 

TG 9-104-29 

TG 9-104-30 

TG 9-104-31 

Diagram of equipment illus- 
trating flow of current through the 
distributor, distributor diaphragm 
advance, and engine intake mani- 
fold and carburetor intake. 

Distributor-Action of Centrifugal Governor 

(Color 1951) 

Illustrates the action of the 
centrifugal governor. 

Sectional View of Typical Spark Plug 

(Color 1951) 

Path of Heat Conduction in Spark Plugs 
of Different Heat Ranges 

(Color 1952) 

Induction Coil With Secondary Winding 
Next to Core 

(Color 1951) 

Illustrates primary and second- 
ing winding of induction coil in 
magnetic circuit. 

SimpU Direct Current Generator 
(Color 1951) 

Diagrams illustrating the flow 
of current through the external cir- 
cuitry of the dc generator. 

Determining Polarity of an Electromagnet 

(Color 1951) 

Cranking Motor, Delco-Remy, Model 

(Color 1957) 
Diagram of equipment. 

Starting Switch Solenoid Circuit 

(Color 1952) 

(Rev) Typical Charging and Starting System 

(Color 1966) 

Presents a diagram of the ma- 
jor components and current flow of 
a typical charging and starting sys- 

Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, 
M36 Starter Assembly Waterproof 
(Color 1953) 

Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, 
M36 Regulator Gjnerator Assembly- 
Waterproof System 
(Color 1953) 

Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, 
M36 Distributor, Waterproof 

(Color 1952) 

Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, 
M36 Wiring Diagram Electrical System 
(B&W 1953) 

TG 9-104-32 Truck, 21/2 Ton, 6x6, Cargo, M34, M35, 

M36 Distributor, Waterproof, Venting 
(Color 1953) 

TG 9 104 34 Generator Control Box Schematic 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 
Schematic view of equipment. 

TG 9-104-37 Magneto, Bendix Scintilla (Exploded View) 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-104-39 Generating System, 24 Volt 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-104-41 Magnetic Circuit of Four Pob Generator 

and Magnetic Circuit of Four Pole Motor 
(Color 1954) 

TG 9-104-42 Standard Light Switch 


TG 9-104-43 Internal Wiring, VBC-4002VT Control Box- 

24V System 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-10444 Waterproof Generators Commutator End 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-104-45 Genera tor-Delco Remy Type Two- 

Internally Grounded Field Circuit 
(Color 1957) 

TG 9-104-47 Star or 'Y' Connection Circuit Diagram- 


(Color 1956) 

TG 9-104-54 Internal Wiring Diagram Auxiliary 

Generator, A-41-1 (300 A) 

TG 9-104-55 Internal Wiring Diagram Model D-30- 

Jack and Heintz Starter 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-105-2 Gear, Steering Worm and Nut 

(Color 1952) 

Illustrates the components of 
the mechanism front view. 

TG 9-105-3 Gear, Steering Worm and Nut 

(Color 1951) 

Illustrates the components of 
the mechanism side view. 

G 91054 Gear, Steering, Worm and Sector 


TG 9-105-5 Gear Steering Cam and Lsver 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Illustrates cutaway view of 

TG 9-105-6 Ross Steering Mechanism 

(Color 1952) 

TG 91057 Improved Ackerman Steering Linkage 

(Color 1952) 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-105-8 Front Wheel Alignment 

(Color 1952) 

Illustrates the mechanical ac- 
tions in front wheel alignment. 

TG 9-105-9 Absorber, Shock Direct-Acting-Truck, 1/4 

Ton 4 x 4 

(Color 1961) 

TG 9-105-12 Torsion Bar Suspension 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-105-13 Double Action Shock Absorber 


TG 9-105-14 Steering Assist Mechanism and Hydraulic 

Control Valve-Model HP 70 

(Color 2 FR 1957) 

TG 9-106-2 Slip Joint and Universal Joint 

(Color 1953) 

TG 9-106-3 Steering Knuckle and Constant Velocity 

Universal Joint (Bendix-Weiss Type) 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-1064 Constant-Velocity Universal Joint (Rzeppa 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-106-6 Axle Differential 

(Color 1952) 

TG 9-106-7 Gears Ussd in Final Drives 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-106-8 Type of Differentials 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-106-9 Full-Floating Rear Axle 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-106-10 Three-Quarter Floating Rear Axle 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-106-11 Semifloating Rear Axle 

(Color 1950) 

TG 9-106-19 Power Flow Cross Drive Transmission 

CD850-4, Reverse Range, Right Steer 
(Color 1954) 

TG 9-106-21 Power Flow Cross Drive Transmission 

CD850-4, Low Range, Left Steer 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-106-23 Power Flow Cross Drive Transmission 

CD850-4, Low Range, Right Steer 

(Color 1954) 

TG 9-106-29 M34 Transfsr Case 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-106-30 Double Reduction Final Drive M34 


TG 9-106-31 Differential, Controlled-Tracked Vehicles 


TG 9-106-32 Planetary Gears 

(Color 1957 FR 5) 

Illustrates the construction and 
operation of planetary gears sin- 
gle input and double input. 

TG 9-106-33 Hooke S Coupling, Yoke Alinement, Pro- 

peller Shaft and Universal Joint 
(B&W 2 FR 1958) 

TG 9-106-34 CD-500 Transmission 

(Color 19 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the power and oil 
flow in the CD-500 transmission. 

TG 9-106-38 Hydramatic Transmissions, Truck, 2V 2 Ton, 

M135 and M211 

(B&W 6 FR 1959) 

TG 9-106-39 Oil Pressurs Check Points CD-850-4B 

(B&W 1959) 

TG 9-106-40 End Cover CD-850 Transmission 

(Color 1959) 

TG 9-106-41 End Cover CD-500 Transmission 

(Color 1959) 

TG 9-106-42 5-Ton Differential and Carrier Assembly 

(Color 1959) 

TG 9-106-44 Brake Lubrication Oil Flow, CD-850 

(Color 1959) 

TG 9-106-45 Brake Apply Ring and Cam Assembly 

(Color 1960) 

TG 9-106-46 Oil Pressure Check Points CD-500-3 and 4 

(B&W 1959) 

TG 9-106-49 Torus Members and Front Planetary Unit 

(GMC Model 302M) 
(Color 1960) 

TG 9-106-50 Accessory Drive Unit W/Tank Truck M217 

(Color 1961) 

TG 9-106-51 Power Train M48A2 Tank 

(Color 4 FR 1966) 

Illustrates the construction of 
the various parts of the power 
train, M48A2 tank. 

TG 9-107-12 Clutch Linkage 

(Color 4 FR 1966) 

Illustrates the components and 
mechanics of the clutch linkage in 
various vehicles. 

TG 9-108-1 Engine Cylinder Cooling of Block and 


(Color 1967) 

TG 9-108-3 Cooling System, L-Head Engine (Circulation 

(Color 1967) 


TOS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-108-4 Engine Cooling System Thermostat-Bellows 


(Color 1967) 

TG 9-108-9 Pressure Radiator Cap 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-108-10 Typical Water Pump 

(B&W 1967) 

TG 9-108-11 Aircooling System AVSI 1790 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-1 Four Functions of oil in Automotive Engin* 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-3 Automotive Engine Full Force Feed 

Lubrication System 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-4 Automotive Engine-Combination Splash 

and Force Feed Lubrication System 
(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-5 Filter, Oil, Automotive Engine (Removable 

Cartridge Typa) 
(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-6 Pump, Oil, Automotive Engine (Gear Type) 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-7 Bearings, Engine, Automotive (Friction Type 

for Lubrication Systems) 
(Color 1967) 

TG 9-109-8 Conditions Under Which Greases are 

Commonly Used (for Automotiva 
Engine Bearings) 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-109-10 Why Different Grades of Oil are Necessary 

for Different Bearing Conditions 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-109-11 Lubrication, Standard Equipment (for 

(B&W 1967) 

G 9-109-12 Standard Lubrication Fittings 


TG 9-200 Relation of Tube Length and Bore Diameter 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-201 Interior of Cannon Bore 

(Color 1956) 

Illustrates the location of com- 
ponents in the cannon bore. 

TG 9-207 Firing Lock 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Illustrates four positions of 
firing lock in cutaway view. 

TG 9-208 Firing Lock Ml 3 Continuous-Pull Mechanism 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Shows cutaway view of mech- 

TG 9-231 Howitzer, 155MM M1A1 With Carriaga, 

Howitzer, 155MM M1A1 or M1A2 
(Color 9 FR 1955) 

Depicts the general character- 
istics, components, and function of 
the 155mm Howitzer, M1A1 and 

TG 9-234 105MM Howitzer M2A1 

(Color 11 FR 1956) 

Illustrates the general charac- 
teristics, components, and func- 
tioning of the 105mm howitzer 

TG 9-235 Gun, Dual Automatic 40MM, M2A1 

(Color 23 FR 1956) 

Presents the general charac- 
teristics, nomenclature, components, 
and firing action of the gun dual 
automatic 40mm, M2A1. 

TG 9-245 Firing Mechanism Ml 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Shows cutaway view of mech- 

TG 9-248 Elevating Pinion and Worm Wheel Carriage, 

Howitzer, 115MM M1A1 or M1A2 

TG 9-250 Main and Auxiliary Engine Relays- 

Schematic Diagram (Tank, 90MM 
Gun, M48 Tank, 120MM Gun, T43) 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-267 Trunion Bearing Cap-155MM Gun and 8- 

Inch Howitzer 
(B&W 1958) 

TG 9-269 Turret Components, 90MM Gun Tanks, 

M48A1 and M48A2 
(Color 7 FR 1959) 

Illustrates the design of the 
turret components of the 90mm gun 
tanks, M48A1 and M48A2. 

TG 9-271 90MM Gun, Tank, M48A2 

(Color 6 FR 1960) 

Presents a view of the driver's 
compartment and designs of the 
various components of the M48A2 

TG 9-300 Quadrant, Gunner's, Ml 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-301 Sight M4 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-304 Telescope, Panoramic M12 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-305 Telescope Mount M23 

(Color 1957) 

T6S 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-306 Telescope, Elbow, M16A1 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-307 Optical System, Telescope M97 W/Mount 


(Color 1957) 

TG 9-312 Telescope, B.C., M65 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-313 Infra-Red System-Periscope M19 

(Color 1967) 

TG 9-314 Principles of Stereoscopic Sights 

(Color 14 FR 1957) 

Illustrates the general charac- 
teristics, controls and systems of 
basic range finders M12 for M47 
tanks, M13 for M48 tanks and M14 
for Ml 03 heavy tanks. 

TG 9-318 Telescope M84-Opticol System 

(Color 1960) 

TG 9-319-1 Aiming Circle M2 

(Color 1960) 

TG 9-319-2 Aiming Circle M2-Opticol System 

(Color 1960) 

TG 9400 Propelling Charges Types of Grains 

(Color 1957) 

Diagrams of strip, cord and sin- 
gle perforated types: diagrams of 
multi-perforated type before burn- 
ing and during burning. 

TG 9401 Small Arms Ammunition 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-409 Shell, Fixed, HE, M71, Smokeless 

(Color 1952) 

G 9-410 She!', HE, 75MM, M48, W/Fuze, PD, 


(Color 1951) 

T 9-414 Fuze, Time and Superquick, M77 

(Color 1957) 

Diagram of M77 indicating its 
components: diagrams of the M77 
in the unarmed position, setback 
position, and action during flight. 

TG 9414 Primers, Percussion 

(Color 1952) 

TG 9416 Fuz-, Time, Mechanical, Timing Mechanism 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-419 Fuze, PD, M48A3 M51A5 

(Color 1952) 

TG 9-420 Booster, M24B1 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-422 Fuze Point Detonating MS and M9 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Cutaway view of unarmed pos- 

TG 9-423 Fuze Point Detonating M8 and M9 (Armed) 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 

Cutaway view of armed pos- 

TG 9-426 Family of Fuzes 

(Color 7 FR 1955) 

Illustrates the characteristics, 
nomenclature, arming, and action 
of the various types of fuzes. 

TG 9-427 Family of Shells 

(Color 11 FR 1955) 

Illustrates the Nomenclature, 
characteristics of design, function- 
ing, and marking or propelling and 
bursting charges, and projectiles. 

TG 9-429 Fuze, Bomb Tail, M123A1 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-437 Grenade, Rifle, Heat M31 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-439 Bomb, Practice, 100 Ibs, M38A2 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-442 Fuze, Rocket, V.T., M403 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-443 Fuze, Bomb, Tail, Ml 32 (Series) 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-445 Bomb, Demolition, 4000 Ib AN-56A2 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-448 Fuze, V.T., T226 (M513) and T227 (M514) 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-449 Fuze, Bomb, V.T. Bar Type 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-450 Fuze, Bomb, Nose, V.T., AN-M168 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-452 Fuze, Bomb, Nose, M120A1 (AN-M120A1)- 

Gear Train 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 
Exploded view of mechanism. 

TG 9-454 Compl-te Round Chart for 8' Howitzer M2 

and T89 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-455 Cartridge, 90MM: Canister, M336 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-456 Reducer, Flash, Ml 

(Color 1957) 


TGS 9 Ordnance 

TG 9-457 Signal, Illumination, Aircraft: Green Tracer, 

Red-Red Star, AN-M54A1 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-458 Signal, Illumination, Ground: Green Star, 

Cluster, Ml 25 (T71) 
(Color 1957) 

TG 9-459 Signal Illumination Ground: White Star, 

Parachute, Ml 27 (T7-3) 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-464-1 Cartridgs, 76MM, HVAP-DS-T, M331A2 

(Exterior View) 

(Color 1958) 

TG 9-464-2 Projectile HVAP-DS-T (Exploded View) 

(B&W 1958) 

TG 9-466 Cartridge, 106MM: HE, AT, M344A1 W/Fuze, 

PIBD, M509 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-467 Ammunition Shipping, Handling and 


(B&W 11 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the methods of pack- 
ing, handling, and storage of var- 
ious types of ammunition. 

TG 9468 Standardized Grenades 

(Color 17 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the characteristics 
and representative packaging of 
standardized grenades. 

TG 9-469 Types of Ammunition Stacks 

(Color 4 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the characteristics 
of different types of ammunition 

TG 9-500 Temper Colors 

(Color 1952) 

TG 9-501 Butt and Fillet Weld Nomenclature 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-502 Polarity-Direction of Current Flow 

(Color 1952) 

TG 9-505 Single-stage Regulator 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9506 Oxygen Regulator 

(Color 1951) 

TG 9-507 Arc Welding-Action of Heavy Coated 


(Color 1956) 

TG 9-508 Welding-Regulator, Single-Stage 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9-509 Bevel Gear Adjustment 

(Color 1956) 

TG 9511 Vacuum and Pressure Gauge 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-513 Effects of Overloading a Hook 

(B&W 1957) 

TG 9-514 Welding Torches, Injector-Type Mixing Heads 


TG 9-515 Welding Torches, Equal Pressure Type 


TG 9-516 Welding Regulator, Two Stage 


TG 9-518 Welding Torch, Cutting Attachment 


TG 9-519 Twist Drill 

(Color 1957) 

TG 9-521 Preparation of Ordnance Material for Deep 

Water Fording 

(Color 5 FR 1958) 

Illustrates the sealing, venting, 
and other preparations for deep 
water fording. 

TG 9-524 Bearings 

(Color 4 FR 1958) 

G 9525 Pneumatic Tires 

(6 FR 1958) 

TG 9-526 Fuel Injection 

(Color 3 FR 1959) 

Illustrates the functional 
aspects of fuel injection. 

TG 9-527 Typical Air Compressor 

(Color 1959) 

TG 9-528 Magneto Bjndix-Scintilla 

(Color 1 FR 1971) 
Cross-section view of magneto. 

TG 9-529 Types of Rims for Vehicles 

(B&W 1960) 

TG 9-602 Submachine Gun, Cal. .45, M3A1 

(Color 4 FR 1955) 

Illustrates the nomenclature, 
functioning, field stripping, and de- 
tail stripping of the submachine 
gun, cal. .45, M3A1. 

T 9-605 Browning Machine Gun, Cal. .50, M2 

(Color 11 FR 1966) 

Presents the characteristics, 
nomenclature and functioning of the 
Browning machine gun cal. .50, M2. 

TG 9-608 Rifle, 7.62MM, M14 

(Color 12 FR 1960) 
Illustrates the general charac- 


T6S 9 Ordnance 

teristics, basic nomenclature, ma- 
jor components, and functioning of 
the rifle, 7.62mm, M14. 

TG 9-618 Gun, Submachine, Cal. .45, M3A1 

TG 9-625 SIMM Mortar M29 

(Color 7 PR 1971) 

Illustrates components and no- 

TG 9-629 3.5 Rocket Launcher 

TG 9-631 Mortar, 4.2 Inch, M30 and Mortar Mount, 


(B&W 13 FR 1960) 

Presents the general data, char- 
acteristics and major components of 
the mortar, 4.2 inch, M30, and mor- 
tar mount, M24A1. 

TG 9-665 Turret Traversing and Gun Elevating System 

M48A2 and M60 Tanks (Controlled 
Pressure System) 

(Color 7 FR 1967) 

TG 9-800 Truck, Utility Ml 51 and M408 

(B&W 14 FR 1960) 

Illustrates the exterior and in- 
terior construction of the M151 and 
M408 utility trucks, with particular 
focus on: engine compartment, pow- 
er plant, driver compartment, steer- 
ing gear and linkage, accelerator 
and choke control, brake, clutch 
pedal and master cylinder, rear sus- 
pension, and differential carrier. 


17. 10-Series; Quartermaster 

TF 10-21 

TF 10-33 

TF 10-35 

TF 10-36 

TF 10-37 

TF 10-38 

TF 10-44 

TF 10-46 

How to Us3 Cold Weather Clothing 

(Color 14 Min 1952) 

Discusses the importance and 
'Know-Hows' of using cold weather 
clothing properly. 

Unit Messing in the Field-Part l-The Mobile 


(B&W 9 Min 1957) 

Features, use and assembly of 
kitchen conversion of truck into 
kitchen, installation of kitchen 
equipment, readying and serving 
meals safety precautions. 

Cooking Methods and Terms 

(B&W 28 Min 1958) 

Terms, procedures and recipes 
outlined in army cooking manuals 
procedure for using a recipe 
methods of cutting, mixing, prepar- 
ing and cooking. 

Warehousing Series Part I Storage 


(B&W 21 Min 1958) 

Objectives, resources and oper- 
ation of a military depot special 
and all-purpose facilities capacity 
and commodity factors in storage 
of supplies. 

Warehousing Series Part II Aisle 


(B&W 9 Min 1958) 

Features and purpose of main, 
cross, personnel, service, bin and 
fire aisles stress on proper aisle 
arrangement for efficient operations. 

Warehousing Series Part III Bins, Racks 

and Box Pallets 

(B&W 11 Min 1958) 

Construction, purpose and types 
of items stored in each storage aid 
organization and operation of a 
retail bin area. 

Warehousing Series Part IV Palletized 
Unit Loads 

(B&W 17 Min 1958) 

Construction and use of stand- 
ard 40 by 48 inch 4-way doubled 
faced flat palet, and metal and 
wooden type box pallets stowing 
and securing containers on pallets. 

Warehousing Series Part VI Fire Protection 
of Supplies 

(B&W 28 Min 1960) 
Need and implementation of 

TF 10 Quartermaster 

fire prevention training program 
proper warehouse construction and 
storage of supplies safety rules 
to prevent fire proper action in 
case of fire. 

TF 10-47 Inspection and Handling of Food at Mess 

(Color 24 Min 1959) 

Inspection and storage of per- 
ishable and nonperishable foods 
from time of arrival at military 
installations to time it is served 
at mess level. 

TF 10-50 General Purpose Tents 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Features, use, pitching, strik- 
ing, folding, and care of medium 
and large general purpose tents. 

TF 10-51 Field Kitchen Tent M1948-Pitehing, Care 

and Maintenance 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

Features and use of M1948 tent 
in field procedures for pitching, 
closing for blackout, striking, care 
and maintenance of tent. 

TF 10-52 Warehousing Series-Part Vll-ltems of 

Materials Handling Equipment 

(B&W 16 Min 1963) 

Design and function of powered 
equipment: forklift trucks, ware- 
house tractors, saddle trucks and 
cranes features and use of auxil- 
iary handling equipment. 

TF 10-929 Hand Measuring and Power Tools- 

Operation and Care of Portable 
and Bench Grinders 
(B&W 18 Min 1942) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Use and proper employment of 
portable and bench grinders 
proper care and maintenance safe- 
ty precautions to be observed. 

TF 10-930 Hand Measuring and Power Tools-Portable 

Electric Drills 

(B&W 19 Min 1942) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Uses of portable electric drill, 
including reaming, counter-sinking, 
cleaning valve guides inspection 
and maintenance procedures. 

TF 10932 Hand M;asuring and Power Tools Care 

and Use of Files 

(B&W 24 Min 1942) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Instruction on how to hold and 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

TF 10-2855 

use files factors associated with 
proper care. 

TF 10-933 The Use and Abuses of Twist Drills TF 10-2799 

(B&W 27 Min 1942) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Function of each part, with em- 
phasis on point of drill use of cor- 
rect size, cooling and lubricating 
oils, speed and feed with different 

TF 10-1932 Operation of the 50 Gallon Per Minute TF 10-2843 

Petroleum Dispenser 

(B&W 21 Min 1954) 

Identifies component parts 
demonstrates starting, lubrication 
for stopping procedures lubrica- 
tion for various climates evacua- 

TF 10-1960 Ml 937 Field Range Fire Unit-Part I- 

Principles of Operation-Part II- TF 10-2846 


(B&W 36 Min 1954) 

Part I Component parts be- 
f ore-operation, during-operation and 
after-operation service part II 
disassembly cleaning of parts re- 
assembly of unit. 

TF 10-2426 Fitting Army Uniforms and Footwear- 

Fitting of the Army Green Uniform 

(B&W 35 Min 1957) 
Technique of fitting each gar- 
ment of army green uniform to 
conform to 'Approved Concept of TF jo-2965 
Fit' authorized alterations. 

TF 10-2430 Fitting Army Uniforms and Footwear- 

Fining of Footwear 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

Try-on procedure for fitting low 
quarter shoes, rubber, insulated com- 
bat boots, and mukluks ordering 
special measurement or orthopedic 

TF 10-2454 Unit Messing In the Field-Part Il-Field 

(B&W 14 Min 1957) 

Steps to establish field kitchen 
facilities under combat conditions 
cooking and serving methods pro- 
per sanitation night discipline. 

TF 10-2731 Gauging and Sampling Petroleum 


(B&W 18 Min 1958) 

Gauging amount of product and 

water in storage tank determin- TF 10-3119 
ing and correcting temperature of 

TF 10-3073 

TF 10-3092 

product securing samples from 
tank and 55-gallon drum. 

Petroleum Safety Precautions 
(B&W 18 Min 1960) 

Preliminary check of petroleum 
equipment, area, and firefighting 
equipment bonding and grounding 
guarding against vapors atten- 
tion to leaks prompt first aid 
when necessary. 

Heatar Duct-Type, Portable, 250,000 Btu's 

Operation and Maintenance 

(B&W 20 Min 1960) 

Design, construction and use 
bef ore-operation checks starting 
engine during-operation checks 
shutoff provisions after-operation 
maintenance safety measures 


Disaster Feeding 

(B&W 27 Min 1960) 

Purpose, preparation and execu- 
tion of disaster feed-plan facilities 
provided under construction phases 
I, II, and III of the plan. 

POL Pier Discharge Operations 

(B&W 18 Min 1960) 

Procedure in off-loading petro- 
leum products from a tanker at a 
dock duties of Navy and QM 
personnel in transfer operation 
stress on safety precatuions. 

Protective Gear for Handling Guided 
Missile Liquid Propellents 

(Color 22 Min 1961) 

Need for, features, and proper 
use of the green ensemble, and black 
full and limited protection ensembles 
and their associated equipment. 

Care and Use of Pneumatic Dunnage 

(B&W 15 Min 1961) 

Features and components of 
dunnage installation and inflation 
of units to stay cargo removal of 
units when cargo is unloaded re- 
pair and testing for reuse. 

Individual Load Carrying Equipment 

(B&W 20 Min 1961) 

Components of combat load and 
field load how existence-type and 
battle-type items are assembled, 
worn, and secured in their proper 

Cooking Outfit for Small Detachments 

(B&W 22 Min 1961) 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

TF 10-3141 

TF 10-3142 

TF 10-3151 

TF 10-3205 

TF 10-3273 


Features, transport, installation 
and use of unit proper cooking 
and serving procedures disassem- 
bly and packing of unit for move 
to new area. 

Rough Terrain Forklift 6,000-Pound 
Capacity Part I Characteristics, 
Operation, and Operator Maintenance 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

Features and functioning of 
major components operation of 
forklift on terrain and ship-to- 
shore daily and weekly preventive 

Rough Terrain Forklift 6,000-Pound 
Capacity Part II Organization 
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance 
(B&W 28 Min 1962) 

Before operation inspection 
work test engine check chassis 
and body inspection fire extinguish- 
er check final work test proper 
completion of DA Form 465. 

Gasoline Dispenser Tank and Pump Unit- 
Operation and Maintenance 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 

Features, installation, filling, 
dispensing and decanting, and daily 
preventive maintenance of tank and 
pump unit stress on safety meas- 

Portable Class III Supply Point 
(B&W 25 Min 1962) 

Selection and preparation of 
operating site, setting up compon- 
ents of fuel system, procedure for 
receiving fuel, fuel delivery opera- 
tions, maintenance of supply point 

Rough Terrain Forklift Truck, 10,000-Pound 
Capacity Part I Characteristics, 
Operation, and Operator Maintenance 
(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Capabilities and use as a fork- 
lift truck, for surfing operation, 
and as a crane. Operator preven- 
tive maintenance procedures peculiar 
to forklift vehicles. 

Materiel Handling Methods The 

Forklift Truck 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Features of standard forklift 
models theory of balanced opera- 
tion use of forklift in loading and 
unloading, miscellaneous warehouse 

operation, and open storage opera- 

TF 10-3318 Forklift Truck, Rough Terrain, 10,000- 

Pound Capacity, With Crane 
Attachment Part II Organizational 

(B&W 32 Mm 1963) 

Two hundred fifty hours or 
quarterly inspection and mainten- 
ance of vehicles with and without 
crane attachment before-operation 
checks, work test, servicing of oper- 
ation components and special equip- 
ment, final work test. 

TF 10-3403 Rigging of Supplies and Equipment for 

Airdrop From the Caribou Airplane- 
Techniques, Procedures, and 
(B&W 26 Min 1964) 

Extraction method of air de- 
livery technique for loading, tie- 
down, and airdrop of cargo con- 
cept of gravity release and manual 
ejection air delivery. 

TF 10-3411 Petroleum Tank Vehicle Operations 

(B&W 24 Min 1964) 

Features and operation of pe- 
troleum tank vehicle used for re- 
fueling ground vehicle and aircraft 
stress on safety precautions and 
quality survival of fuels. 

TF 10-3435 Fitting Army Uniforms and Footwear- 

Fitting General Duty Uniforms 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

Approved concept of fit and 
steps in fitting summer uniform, 
and marking of uniform for author- 
ized alterations provisions for re- 
quisitioning made to order uniforms. 

TF 10-3510 Cargo Parachute Release and Load 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Components, operation, inspec- 
tion, maintenance and use of release 
mechanism w/GLLA cargo para- 
chute design and use of 8- and 12- 
spool load couplers. 

TF 10-3543 Combat Service Support Operations in 

the Division Part I Introduction 
(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

Organization, missions, and cap- 
abilities of division support command 
and its relation to reorganization 
objective Army divisions supplies 
and services provided reorganization 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

TF 10-3772 

TF 10-3868 

objective Army divisions under var- TF 10-3754 
ious types of combat situations. 

TF 10-3544 Combat Service Support Operations 

In the Division Part II The Division 
Support Command 

(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Mission, organization, and cap- 
ability of HQ and HQ Company and 
Band, administrative company, med- 
ical battalion, supply and transport 
company, and maintenance battal- 

TF 10-3593 Individual Load Carrying System- 

Variations of Use 

(B&W 10 Min 1965) 

Component and use of fighting, 
existence and mission-type loads 
use of universal load carrying sling, 
pack adapter strap, and the pack- 

TF 10-3645 Air Supported Tentage (For Missiles) 

(B&W 27 Min 1965) 

Use, erection and striking of 
Nike Hercules dual-wall tent, Persh- 
ing missile tent, and ground and 
tower-mounted radome tent. TF 10-3874 

TF 10-3656 Inspection and Maintenance of Airdrop 


(B&W 15 Min 1966) 

Rigger, pack-in-process, routine 
and in-storage methods of inspec- 
tion stitching and patching para- 
chute equipment cleaning and dry- 
ing soiled equipment. 

TF 10-3660 Bread and Dinner Rolls 

(Color 20 Min 1966) 

Principles, ingredients, and pro- 
cedure in making loaves of bread 
and various types of rolls plain, 
parkerhouse, hamburger, frankfurt- 
er, etc. 

TF 10-3702 Valves, Traffic Controllers in the Pipeline 

(B&W 17 Min 1967) 

Features and action of the ris- 
ing stem gate, nonrising stem gate, 
plug, swing check, globe, and pres- 
sure relief valves of pipeline sys- 

TF 10-3752 Lightweight Rucksack TF 10-3981 

(B&W 16 Min 1966) 

Components; loading and pack- 
ing combat pack; use as combina- 
tion combat pack and cargo carrier; 
attachment of rifle and adjustment 
during firing; emergency removal; 

TF 10-3889 

TF 10-3952 

Airdropped Supplies and Equipment 

Derigging Recovery of Airdrop Equip- 

(B&W 16 Min 1966) 

Planning, priority, and meth- 
ods of recovery of personnel, car- 
go, parachute, and airdrop equip- 
ment; storage and evacuation of 
airdrop equipment; derigging of A- 
22 container. 

Sweet Doughs 

(Color 19 Min 1967) 

How basic sweet dough is pre- 
pared and used in making sweet 
rolls and coffee cakes. 

Collapsible Drum, 500 Gal. (Use and Care) 
(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Principal components and re- 
lated items of equipment; proced- 
ures for filling the drum; methods 
of loading filled drums for trans- 
portation by ground vehicles and 
aircraft; pick-up procedures at air 
delivery points; protective measures 
to prevent damage and prolong life 
of drum. 

The Parachute Rigger 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Training and duties of U.S. 
army parachute rigger, with focus 
on basic airborne training, para- 
chute rigger course, and rigger 
skills related to packing parachutes, 
rigging supplies, and air drop tech- 

Quick Breads 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Principles and procedures in 
the preparation and baking of the 
four basic mixes for making pow- 
der biscuits, corn bread, plain muf- 
fins, and quick coffee cake. 

Joint Inspection of Air Drop Loads 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

Shows how an army rigger and 
an Air Force loadmaster check out 
a rigged 105mm howitzer mounted 
on a modular platform for air drop 
from a C-130 space aircraft equip- 
ped with a dual rail system. 

M59 Field Range and Accessory Outfit 
(B&W 61 Min 3 Reels 1969) 
Discusses the components and 
types of cooking accomplished by 
the M59 field range and M2 burner 
unit; depicts the step-by-step pro- 
cedures to operate and maintain 
the equipment. 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

TF 10-3999 Breakfast Meal 

(Color 26 Min 1969) 

Describes the principles and 
procedures for preparing and serv- 
ing items on the a la carte break- 
fast menu: fruits, juices, cereal, 
eggs, meats, french toast, and grid- 
dle cakes. 

TF 10-4000 Repair Parts Identification 

(Color 24 Min 1969) 

Defines the problems in repair 
parts identification and illustrates 
the procedures for identifying items 
that have lost their identity as a 
result of prevailing combat condi- 
tions or careless handling and stor- 
age practices. 

TF 10-4051 Air Crewman Protective Armor 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates effectiveness of 
the protective vest worn by heli- 
copter crewmen. Shows correct way 
to don and wear the vest, and how 
to determine correct size. 

TF 10-4052 Memorial Activities-Part ll-ldentification 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 

Depicts the procedures for es- 
tablishing positive identification of 
deceased members of the armed 
forces from the initial recovery of 
the body in the field on through its 
evacuation to the graves registra- 
tion collection point and the army 

TF 10-4079 Operation and Care of Garrison Mess 

Equipment Part II Ranges, Ovens, 
Griddles, Deep-Fat Fryers and Conveyer 

(B&W 45 Min 2 Reels 1969) 
Depicts the features, use, and 
care of: hot-top and grill-top heavy 
duty gas fired ranges, sectional type 
ovens, table-mounted griddles, deep- 
fat fryers, and conveyer toasters. 

TF 10-4030 Operation and Care of Garrison Mess 

Equipment Part IV Vertical Mixer With 
Attachments, Slicing Machine and 
Vegetable Peeling Machin 
(B&W 33 Min 1969) 

Describes the features, func- 
tions, operation, and care of the 
named equipment. 

TF 10-4081 Hand Operated Honeycomb Expander 

(B&W 23 Min 1969) 

Shows how a two-man team 
and a four-man team operate the 

honeycomb expander to produce ex- 
panded honeycomb pads used as an 
impact absorbing material in aerial 
delivery of supplies and equipment. 

TF 10-4087 The Army Cook Part I Meat Identification 

Use and Care of Meat Cutting Hand Tools 
(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Identifies and shows proper 
care of boning knife, steak knife, 
butcher's steel, meat hook, safety 
glove, baker's scraper, multiple oil 
stone, block brush, and flat file. 

TF 10-4090 The Army Cook-Part IV-Processing 


(B&W 25 Min 1971) 

Shows procedure for cutting up 
chickens, using a boning knife, into 
quarters or ten pieces. Covers dif- 
ference between broiler-fryers, 
roasters, and stewing chickens. 

TF 10-4124 FASCOM Supply Units 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 

Describes operation and ad- 
vantages of the new single source 
supply system for direct and gen- 
eral support in the combat zone. 

TF 10-4126 Operation and Care of Garrison Mess 

Equipment: Part I Coffee Urns 
(B&W 26 Min 1971) 

Describes the 10- and 15-gal- 
lon coffee urn, its use and care, 
and gives rules for good coffee mak- 

TF 10-4127 Operation and Care of Garrison Mess 

Equipment Part III Steam-Jacketed 
Kettle, Bain-Marie, Steam Table, and 
Steam Cooker 
(B&W 26 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates construction, op- 
eration, after-operation servicing, 
cleaning, and safety precautions for 
each equipment. 

TF 10-4128 Operation and Care of Garrison Mess 

Equipment: Part V Refrigerators and 
Frozen Food Cabinets 
(B&W 14 Min 1971) 

Describes cleaning of reach-in 
refrigerators and frozen food cab- 
inets; proper methods of storing 
foods; defrosting the frozen food 

TF 10-4158 Memorial Activities Part Ill-Concurrent 

Return Program 
(Color 22 Min 1970) 

Illustrates the principles and 
techniques of establishing positive 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

identification of deceased members 
of the armed forces. 

TF 10-4159 Memorial Activities Part V-Disposition of 

Personal Effects 
(Color 17 Min 1971) 

Shows the procedure for the 
collection, securing, inventory, proc- 
essing, and delivery of personel ef- 
fects of military deceased. 

TF 10-4161 Memorial Activities Part IV Escorting 

Deceased Personnel 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 

Explains duties of the escort, 
and procedures for transporting re- 
mains, meeting the family, and at- 
tending the viewing and funeral. 

TF 10-4170 Site Selection By Combat Service Support, 

Supply and Service Units 

(Color 14 Min 1970) 

This film highlights the concept 
that success or failure of an op- 
eration can depend upon getting 
needed supplies to where and when 
it is needed. 

TF 10-4191 Parachute-Success or Failure? 

(Color 24 Min 1970) 

Describes the importance of 
care in handling prachutes. Shows 
excellence of parachute design and 
maintenance. Examples of careless 
handling, and their consequences, 
are demonstrated. 

TF 10-4216 Classes of Supply 

(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Defines the ten supply categor- 
ies and their subclasses, and out- 
lines the use of this system. 

TF 10-4217 The Army Commissary 

(B&W 22 Min 1972) 

Describes the history, policies, 
and objectives of the army commis- 
sary and food system; stresses the 
value of this food service as part 
of the serviceman's pay. 

TF 10-4218 Self Service Supply Centar 

(B&W 19 Min 1971) 

Shows the normal operation of 
the supply center. Describes the 
charge plate, customer's ledger ac- 
count card, want slip, the monthly 
statement, and procedures for re- 
plenishing supplies. 

TF 10-4223 Hot Weather Clothing and Equipment 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 
Shows methods of protection 

against heat, wetness, and insects. 
Demonstrates features and proper 
use of hot weather equipment and 

TF 10-4263 Single Trailer Laundry Unit Part I Road 

Movement and Setup 
(B&W 23 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
hooking and unhooking the unit 
to a truck, and setting the unit up 
for operation in the field. 

TF 10-4264 Single Trailer Laundry Unit-Part II- 

Operation and Shutdown 
(B&W 29 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
startup, automatic and manual op- 
eration, shutdown, and stowage of 
parts for road movement. 

TF 10-4265 The 8-Showerhead Portable Bath Unit 

(B&W 23 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates site selection, set- 
up, startup and operation, preven- 
tive maintenance during operation, 
shutdown procedure, and disassem- 

TF 10-4299 Fuel System Supply Point 

(B&W 29 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates components, set- 
up, operation, and maintenance pro- 
cedures and checks of a field fuel 
supply point. 

TF 10-4300 Care and Storage of Tentage 

(B&W 19 Min 1972) 

Gives rules for care and hand- 
ling of tents; site selection and 
preparation, pitching, inspecting, 
striking and storage, tenching, and 
prevention of mildew. 

TF 10-4310 Warehousing Series Part I Receiving 


(B&W 16 Min 1972) 

Shows basic principles and pro- 
cedures used in receiving opera- 
tions at warehouses; breaks each 
procedure into steps. Shows meth- 
ods of loading trucks and railroad 

TF 10-4311 Warehousing Series Part II Shipping 


(B&W 17 Min 1972) 

Shows shipping procedures 
used in a military storage facility; 
planning, item selection, replenish- 
ment, discrepancies, handling equip- 
ment, and loading. 


TF 10 Quartermaster 

TF 10-4422 Warehousing Series-Part Vlll-Operator's 

Inspection and Maintenance of 
Materials Handling Equipment 

(B&W 34 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates preventive main- 
tenance operations and safety rec- 
ommendations for keeping handling 
equipment in operating condition. 


FB 10 Quartermaster 

FB 10-220 Construction of Arctic Igloo 

(B&W 10 Min 1948) 
A three-man igloo is construct- 

ed in 3 hours by three men; ad- 
vantages of igloo over tent under- 


MF 10 Quartermaster 

MF 10-7941 

MF 10-5022 Quality Control of the US Army Green 


(Color 21 Min 1966) 

Activities of army uniform MF 10 ~5297 
quality control office to assure qual- 
ity and fit of military dress in ac- 
cordance with army regulations. 

MF 10-5291 Preparing Ration-Dense Foods 

(Color 15 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Navy Film) MF 10-5298 

Techniques in preparing re- 
cipes from ration-dense foods: to- 
mato juice, beef pattties jardiniere, 
mashed potatoes, green beans, and 

MF 10-5292 Basic Meat Cookery MF 10-7527 

(Color 35 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Application of moist heat cook- 
ing method to tougher cuts of meat 
such as swiss steaks, pot roast, and 
beef stew; and application of dry 
heat cooking method for roast beef, 
grilled steaks, and veal cutlets. 

MF 10-5293 Poultry Cookery 

(Color 23 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Cooking methods applied in pre- 
paring various poultry entrees: 
deep-fat fried chicken, oven fried 
chicken, chicken cacciatori, chicken 
pot pie, fricassee, roast turkey, and 
turkey a-la-king. 

MF 10-5294 Seafood Cookery 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Cooking methods applied in pre- 
paring fresh and canned fish en- 
trees: fried fillets and steaks, baked 
fillets with and without stuffing, 
shrimp creole, fried shrimp, sal- 
mon casserole, baked tuna and 
noodles, and baked salmon loaf. 

MF 10-5295 Preparation of Salads 

(Color 10 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Techniques for preparing: j^p iQ-8722 
tossed green salad, mixed fruit 
salad, gelatin salad, potato salad, 
and marinated green bean and on- 
ion salad. 

MF 10-5296 The Sandwich Meal 

(Color 17 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Air Force Film) MF 10-9021 

Techniques for making, wrap- 
ping, and boxing meat and cheese 

MF 10-7942 

MF 10-7943 

sandwiches; and preparation of hot 
sandwiches to order. 

Pastry and Pies 

(Color 35 Min 1969) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Illustrates the principles and 
procedures for making pies and 

Vegetable Preparation 

(Color 17 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Illustrates the principles and 
procedures in planning, preparing, 
and serving vegetable menus. 

Mechanical Refrigeration and How It 

(B&W 23 Min 1948) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Mechanical operation of refri- 
geration plants including descrip- 
tion of law of heat flow, evapora- 
tion, condensation and use of refrig- 

Battlefield Evacuation of Deceased 

(B&W 8 Min 1953) 

Instructs graves registration 
personnel in the techniques of hand- 
ling remains through the various 
stages of evacuation to burial. 

Processing of Remains and Interment in 
Temporary Military Cemeteries 

(B&W 9 Min 1953) 

Depicts procedures followed by 
graves registration personnel in 
processing of remains and inter- 
ment in temporary military ceme- 

Search and Recovery of Deceased 


(B&W 7 Min 1953) 

Instructs graves registration 
personnel on the techniques of 
search, recovery and identification 
of battlefield dead. 

Site Selection and Movement of 
Quartermaster Nondivisional Units 
(B&W 24 Min 1957) 

Elements considered in site 
selection, timely movement, and ef- 
ficient supply operations overall 
operational and defense plans. 

Quartermaster Quality Control for 
Clothing and Textile Items 
(B&W 17 Min 1959) 


MF 10 Quartermaster 

Analysis and benefits of new spection requirements and neces- 

quality control system as applied sary records before, during and af- 

to clothing manufacturing inspec- ter production, 
tion requirements and necessary 

records before, during and after MF 10 - 9023 Quartermaster Quality Control for 

production. Subsistence Items 

(B&W 18 Min 1959) 

MF 109022 Quartermaster Quality Control for Analysis and benefits of new 

General Supplies, and Parts quality control system as applied 

(B&W 17 Min 1959) to cake baking inspection require- 

Analysis and benefits of new ments and necessary records be- 

quality control system as applied fore, during and after baking op- 

to tableware manufacturing in- eration. 


TGS 10 Quartermaster 


TG 1011 Kitchen Equipment 

(B&W 2 FR 1962) 

Illustrates the functioning of 
the dish pre-flushing machine and 
dishwashing machine, single tank. 

TG 10-2-1 Pipeline and Tank Farm Equipment 

(B&W 16 FR 1963) 

Outlines the quartermaster and 
engineer division of responsibility 
in the maintenance of pipeline and 
tank farm equipment. 

TG 10-2-2 Fuel System Supply Point 

(B&W 12 FR 1963) 

This series consists of diagrams 
which illustrate the layout of the 
fuel system supply point. 

TG 1023 Measurement of Petroleum Products 

(B&W 22 FR 1963) 

This series presents diagrams 
and charts that describe the funda- 
mentals and equipment related to 
the measurement of petroleum pro- 

T 102-4 Installation and Operation of Tank and 

Pump Unit (Petroleum) 
(B&W 15 FR 1963) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
charts pertaining to design, in- 
spection, installation and operation 
of tank and pump unit normally 
used in petroleum supply opera- 

TG 10-2-5 Basic Petroleum Pipeline Operations 

(B&W 19 FR 1963) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
charts related to the layout, com- 
ponents, and operation of a typical 
military pipeline system. 

TG 10-2-6 Fual Test Engine-Motor and Research 

Methods Cot (Petroleum Supply) 
(B&W 18 FR 1963) 
Presents views, schematic dia- 
grams and charts pertaining to the 
design, operation and maintenance 
of the cot engine used in petroleum 
supply operations. 

T 10-2-8 500 Gallon Non-Vented Collapsible Drum 

(B&W 18 FR 1964) 

This series presents views, cut- 
aways, diagrams and charts cover- 
ing design, operation and mainten- 
ance of the 500 gallon non-vented 
collapsible drum. 


TG 10-2-10 

TG 10-2-11 

TG 10-2-12 

TG 10-2-13 

TG 10-3-2 

TG 10-4-1 

TG 10-4-3 

T 10-4-4 

Fire Prevention in Petroleum Operations 
(B&W 16 FR 1964) 

Presents views, charts and dia- 
grams on the causes and preven- 
tion of fire in petroleum operations. 

Safety Precautions in Bulk Terminals 


(B&W 27 FR 1964) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
instructions on safety precautions 
to be observed in bulk petroleum 

Waterfront Operations (Petroleum) 
(B&W 29 FR 1965) 

This series presents views and 
instructions related to the various 
phases of waterfront fuel opera- 

Petrol um Tank Vehicle Operations 
(B&W 36 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the operation and 
operator services of the petroleum 
tank vehicle. Focus is placed on: 
maintenance checks, bonding and 
grounding the vehicle; inspection, 
loading, and dispensing of fuel. 

Liquid Fuel Filters/ Separators 
(B&W 24 FR 1971) 

Explains the construction prin- 
ciples, operation, and organization- 
al maintenance of filter/separators. 

Trailed-Mounted Laundry Unit Single 
Trailer Type M532 

(B&W 46 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the operation and 
operator services of the laundry 
unit. Salient teaching points cover: 
set up for operation, starting pro- 
cedure, automatic and manual op- 
eration, shutdown procedure, and 
daily preventive maintenance. 

Combat Vehicle Crewman's Helmet 
(B&W 12 FR 1963) 

This series covers the features 
and use of the combat vehicle crew- 
man's helmet. 

Care of Quartermaster Clothing and 

(B&W 21 FR 1963) 

This series presents views, dia- 
grams and instructions pertaining 
to the care of Quartermaster cloth- 
ing and equipment. 

Hot and Cool Weather Sleeping System 
(B&W 29 FR 1964) 


TGS 10 Quartermaster 

These transparencies illustrate 
the features, use and care of the 
poncho sleeping gear and the jungle 

TG 10-45 Tent, General Purpose Large and Medium 

(B&W 39 FR 1966) 

These 39 transparencies pre- 
sent the features, uses, erection, 
striking a.'nd preventive mainten- 
ance of the large and medium gen- 
eral purpose tents. 

TG 1046 Fragmentation Protective Body Armor 

(Composite Vest) 
(B&W 16 FR 1966) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
charts on the composition, fitting, 
wearing and care of the composite 
armor vest. 

TG 10-4-8 Fitting of Clothing 

(B&W 13 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the proper concept 
of fit of the following items of 
clothing: army green uniform, army 
khaki uniform, army green over- 
coat, army green raincoat, caps, 
footwear, and field coat. 

TG 10-4-9 Field Footwear for all Climates 

(B&W 21 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the care and use of 
field footwear in temperate, trop- 
ical, cold-wet, and cold-dry climates. 
Focus is placed on the effects of 
internal and external moisture on 
field footwear, and how the soldier 
should care for and use his boots 
to protect the health of his feet. 

TG 10-4-10 Cold Weather Clothing 

(B&W 34 FR 1971) 

Explains the need for cold 
weather clothing; and the care and 
use of cold-wet and cold-dry cloth- 
ing, handwear, and insulated boots. 

TG 1051 Aerial Delivery Energy Dissipating Pad 

Expander Assembly 
(B&W 14 FR 1964) 

These 14 transparencies pre- 
sent views and diagrams illustra- 
ting the operation and maintenance 
of the aerial delivery energy dis- 
sipating pad expander assembly. 

T 10-5-2 Modular Air Drop Platform With 

Extraction Sequence 

(B&W 10 FR 1964) 

These 10 transparencies pre- 
sent illustrations of the assembly, 

components and operation of the 
modular air drop platform. 

TG 1053 Recovery of Airdrop Equipment 

(B&W 15 FR 1967) 

This series defines the military 
requirement for recovery of air- 
drop equipment, and illustrates the 
priority and procedures observed in 
the recovery of different types of 

T 10-6-1 Operation of the 6,000 Pound Forklift 


(B&W 9 FR 1962) 

This series illustrates the con- 
struction and operation of the 6,000 
pound forklift truck. 

TG 10-6-2 Operation of the 10,000-Pound Rough 

Terrain Forklift Truck 

(B&W 24 FR 1962) 

This series illustrated the con- 
struction and operational features 
of the 10,000-pound forklift truck. 

T 10-63 The Conex Container 

(B&W 8 FR 1964) 

These 8 transparencies present 
views of unloaded and loaded 
CONEX containers. 

T 1064 Depot Operations Part IV, Packaging and 


(B&W 32 FR 1965) 

These transparencies present 
principles, methods and materials 
related to packaging procedures. 

TG 10-6-6 Depot Operations Part II, Materials 

Handling Equipment 
(B&W 27 FR 1966) 

These transparencies present 
charts and diagrams on the basic 
principles of materials handling, 
safety factors and materials hand- 
ling equipment. 

TG 10-6-7 Classes of Supply 

(B&W 19 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the ten categories 
of supply including subclassifica- 
tion, symbols and colors. 

TG 10-6-8 Unit Supply 

(B&W 21 FR 1971) 

Shows procedure and respon- 
sibilities of supply at the unit level. 

TG 10-7-1 Operator Maintenance 10,000-Pound 

Rough Terrain Forklift Truck 

(B&W 7 FR 1963) 
This series of 7 transparencies 


describes operator responsibility in 
maintaining the 10,000-pound rough 
terrain forklift truck. 

TG 10-7-2 Operator Maintenance-6,000-Pound 

Rough Terrain Forklift Truck 
(B&W 6 FR 1963) 

This series describes operator 
responsibility in maintaining the 
6,000-pound rough terrain forklift 

T 10-7-3 Operation of Bath Unit, Portable, 

8-Showerhead M-1958 

(B&W 17 FR 1964) 

Presents views, diagrams and 
instructions pertaining to the con- 
struction, installation, operation, 
and shutdown of the 8-showerhead 
bath unit. 

TG 10-7-4 Repair Parts Record* 

(B&W 34 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the establishment 
and maintenance of repair parts 

TGS 10 Quartermaster 

records for all types of equipment 
by using units and organization 
supply units; and defines the codes 
used with DA Form 2765, and pur- 
pose of each record and file. 

G 10-15 Coleman Lantern 

(5 FR 1955) 

TG 10-20 One Burner Gasoline Stove 

(B&W 9 FR 1957) 

Illustrates the design, acces- 
sory equipment, use, and mainten- 
ance of the one burner gasoline 
stove M-1950. 

G 10-28 Care and Use of Sleeping Bag 

(9 FR 1959) 

TG 10-34 Rocket Fuel Handler's Protective Clothing 

(B&W 20 FR 1971) 

Describes donning of suit, in- 
spection, decontamination, and stor- 
age of full-and limited-protection 
clothing for rocket fuel handlers. 


TF 11 Signal 

TF 11-1793 

18. 11 -Series; Communication-Electronics TF n-1674 

TF 11-39 Manual Telephone Central Office 

(B&W 18 Min 1958) 

Capabilities and operation of TF 1 1-1632 
entire system; nomenclature, func- 
tions and operation of major com- 
ponents; procedures for placing 
and completing 1 various types of 

TF 11-40 The AN/TCC-7 System-Part I- 

Introduction to the System TF 11-1667 

(B&W 15 Min 1959) 

Components and operation of 
12-channel telephone system using 
telephone terminal AN/TCC-7, tele- 
phone repeater AN/TCC-8 and un- 
attended telephone repeater AN/ 

TF 11-41 Introduction to Telephone Terminal TF 11-1752 

AN/TCC-3 and Telephone Repeater 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 

Features, functions, compon- 
ents and operation of AN/TCC-3 
and AN/TCC-5 used in field tele- 
phone networks; use of spiral 4 
cable and radio links with AN/TCC- 
3 system. 

TF 1142 Introduction to Telegraph Terminals 

AN/TCC-70 and AN/TCC-4 
(B&W 16 Min 1959) 

Nomenclature, components, use 
and operation functioning of AN/ 
TCC-20 on voice frequency oper- 
ation of AN/TCC-4 between LF 
and HF terminals. 

TF 11-1069 Pole Line Construction-Part IV- 

Fundamentals of Guying 

(B&W 10 Min 1943) 

Principles of guying; two gen- TF 11-1838 
eral types the side and head guy; 
methods of determining need for 

TF 11-1384 Loading and Unloading Poles 

(B&W 21 Min 1944) 

Procedure for loading poles on TF 11-1900 
and unloading from a flatcar or 
trailer; safety precautions stressed. 

TF 11-1572 Film Tactics 

(B&W 23 Min 1949) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Proper use of a motion picture 

as a training aid desirable class- TF 11-1959 
room technique of presentation, dis- 
cussion, and follow-up. 

TF 11-1831 

The Technique of Good Projection 
(B&W 36 Min 1950) 

Dramatizes the 'do's' and 
'don'ts' of good 16mm motion pic- 
ture projection. 

The Effects of the Ionosphere and Radio 
Wave Propagation 
(B&W 29 Min 1950) 

Characteristics of propagated 
radio waves at various frequen- 
cies effects of ionosphere on radio 

Circuit Testing With Meters and 
Multimeters Practical Application 
(B&W 33 Min 1951) 

Basic principles of various 
types of meters their use in the 
operation, maintenance, and repair 
of electronic equipment safety 

How to Operate the Army 16MM Sound 
Projector Set 

(B&W 31 Min 1952) 

Setting-up, threading, and op- 
erating the jan projector (AN/ 
PFP-1) including steps in first 
echelon maintenance. 

Radio Sets AN/GRC-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 

(B&W 15 Min 1952) 

Characteristics, components, 
and mechanical operations, illustrat- 
ing in detail the 'building block' 
technique to arrive at combinations. 

Tuned Circuits 

(B&W 28 Min 1954) 

Theory and application of: re- 
sistive, capacitive and inductive cir- 
cuits with dc and ac; series, ser- 
ies resonant and parallel resonant 
tuned circuits. 

Line-up Procedure for Tactical Telephone 
Carrier Equipment 

(B&W 11 Min 1953) 

Covers the techniques and pro- 
cedures for lining up the telephone 
carrier terminal CF-l-A. 

The Single Sideband Multichannel Radio 


(B&W 39 Min 1954) 

Explains and illustrates how 
the single sideband multichannel 
radio system operates. Its use in 
army communications is stressed. 

Open Wire Transposition Systems 

(B&W 17 Min 1954) 

Cause for 'crosstalk' how 



TF 11 Signal 

(is remedied; types and construc- 
tion of single-point transposition; 
use of army simplified scheme. 

TF 11-2062 Theory of Simplex and Phantom Circuits- 

Part I Balanced Conditions 

(B&W 14 Min 1944) 

Introduction to set up and 
principles of operation emphasis 
on battle importance. 

TF 11-2063 Theory of Simplex and Phantom Circuits- 

Part I! Unbalanced Conditions 

(B&W 19 Min 1944) 

Principles of operation how to 
detect and localize malfunctions. 

TF 11-2091 Tuning Transmitters Part II Amplifier and 

Antenna Tuning 

(B&W 20 Min 1945) 

Principles by which the am- 
plifier and antenna circuits on ra- 
dio transmitters are adjusted to get 
the maximum performance. 

TF 11-2180 Radio Sets AN/PRC 8, 9, and 10 

(B&W 26 Min 1955) 

Frequency ; operating chan- 
nels; tuning; operation; mainten- 
ance; typical installations; tactical 
employment; use of auxiliary equip- 

TF 11-2181 Calibrating and Tuning Radio Set 


(B&W 9 Min 1955) 

Unlocking dial; placing oper- 
ating frequency number in dial 
window; adjusting volume and tun- 
ing control knobs; releasing power 
switch ; locking dial. 

TF 11-2234 Fundamentals of Radiac Instruments 

(B&W 25 Min 1955) 

Basic atomic theory; charac- 
teristics and uses of accumulation 
and intensity devices emphasis on 
accurate calibration for efficient op- 

TF 11-2235 Servo Systems and Data Transmission- 

Part I Fundamentals of Servo 
(B&W 17 Min 1956) 

Functioning of servo compon- 
ents input, sensing device, con- 
troller, output torque, feedback; 
use of servo system in fire control. 

TF 11-2236 Servo Systems and Data Transmission- 

Part II Basic Principles of Positioning 

(B&W 33 Min 1956) 

Servo function in radar how 

antennas are positioned error sig- 
nal, antenna hunting, derivative 
control, error-rate anti-hunt meth- 

TF 11-2237 Servo Systems and Data Transmissions- 

Part III Automatic Tracking and Data 

(B&W 33 Min 1958) 

Features and operation of com- 
ponents of high and low power au- 
tomatic servo systems; features and 
operation of components of fine and 
coarse data transmission systems. 

TF 11-2238 Principles of Multivibrators 

(B&W 26 Min 1956) 

Use as electronic timing de- 
vice; action within circuits of free- 
running plate-coupled, one-shot and 
synchronized multivibrators. 

TF 11-2281 Metallic Detector, AN/PRS-3, Internal 

Tuning, Field Expedient Method 

(B&W 4 Min 1956) 

Preparatory steps for align- 
ment; setting switches and meter; 
adjusting sensitivity control R36, 
course R & X control, and ampli- 
tude control. 

TF 11-2298 Calibration Procedure, Set NR-2, RT 70 

(B&W 9 Min 1956) 

Setting controls and assigned 
frequency of 52.2; calibrating to 
52.0 megacycles; outer ring adjust- 
ment; adjustment control. 

TF 11-2391 Pr?set Procedure Radio Receiver 


(B&W 5 Min 1956) 

Adjusting preset tuning con- 
trol, detent, fine tuning, antenna 
trimmer control for maximum sig- 
nal; reselecting preset frequency. 

TF 11-2399 Uss of Cable Lashing Machine LC-231/FT 

(B&W 10 Min 1956) 

Features of LC-231/FT; step- 
by-step procedures in lashing lead 
covered cable to the suspension 

TF 11-2441 Use of Signal Generator AN/URM-25D 

(B&W 7 Min 1956) 

Methods for obtaining various 
outputs audio frequency (AF) 
signal, radio frequencies (RF), 
and modulated RF signal. 

TF 11-2487 Radio Interference Part I 

(B&W 23 Min 1958) 
Nature and theory of radio in- 


TF 1 1 Signal 

TF 11-2717 

TF 11-2718 

terference how it is generated and 2F 11-2715 
propagated how it can be recog- 

TF 11-2488 Radio Interference-Part II 

(B&W 37 Min 1958) 

Techniques for tracking and 
suppressing interferences caused by 
radiation, conduction, atmosphere, TF H-2716 
mechanical and electrical devices, 
and radar. 

TF 11-2525 Installation of Teletypewriter AN/PGC-11 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

Equipment required for TT sta- 
tion how it is installed synchron- 
izing TT at forward station with/ 
TT at headquarters station testing 
for legible transmission. 

TF 11-2527 Training Generator AN/URA T1 

(B&W 25 Min 1957) 

Components, capabilities, in- 
stallation and operation; setting up 
for 110 v operation; use in field 
training; importance of jamming 
and copying through jamming in 

TF 11-2529 Operation of the TSEC/Kl-7 (U) 

(B&W- 38 Min 1957) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-2696 The AN/TCC-7 System-Part ll-lnitial 

Adjustments of Carrier Telephone 

(B&W 23 Min 1958) 

Adjustments of terminal plate 
voltage, test circuit, transmit cir- 
cuit, signal path of message chan- 
nels, lineup frequencies, and power TF 11-2747 

TF 11-2697 The AN/TCC-7 System-Part Ill-Lineup 

Procedures of Carrier Telephone 

(B&W 18 Min 1958) 

Lineup of receive circuit of or- 
der wire panel, message channel 
receive circuits, and demodulator 
gain controls for group amplifiers 
and channel modems. 

TF 11-2714 Pole Line Construction Part I Laying 

Out a Pole Line 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Locking pole stakes; spacing TF 11-2764 
between poles; extending and 
changing line of direction; require- 
ments for crossarm installations. 

TF 11-2719 

TF 11-2763 

Pole Line Construction Part II Preparing 
to Erect the Pole 
(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Framing pole; transporting 
pole to pole hole location; digging 
holes for poles and guy anchors by 
hand and by earth-borer truck. 

Pole Line Construction Part III Erecting 
Poles and attaching Crossarms 
(B&W 26 Min 1958) 

Erecting poles using earthbor- 
er and by manual method; facing 
and aligning pcles; installing sin- 
gle, double, sidearm, buck, and 'H' 
type crossarms. 

Pole Line Construction Part V Installation 
of Anchors 

(B&W 12 Min 1959) 

Features and use of patent and 
non-patent anchors; methods of in- 
stalling expanding-plate, cone and 
rock guy anchors. 

Pole Line Construction Part VI 

Installation of Guys 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Installation of guys by eye 
bolt and wrap methods; special in- 
stallations push brace, push-pull 
brace seating, ground braces and 
sidewalk guy. 

Pole Line Construction Part VII Stringing 
the Wire 

(B&W 35 Min 1959) 

Methods of stringing, dead- 
ending, sagging, splicing, and tying 
wires to insulators on an open wire 

Operation of Field Telephones 
(B&W 29 Min 1959) 

Function, features, installation 
and operation of sound-powered tel- 
ephone TA-l/PT and battery-pow- 
ered telephone TA-312/PT. 

Radio Relay Equipment AN/TRC 35 and 
36 Part I Introduction to Equipment 

(B&W 26 Min 1959) 

Features, composition, and use 
of equipment; fundamentals of bas- 
ic operation unit of both sets, rad 
set AN/TRC-24, and other operat- 
ing elements; installation and op- 
eration of radar relay equipment. 

Radio R lay Equipment AN/TRC-35 and 
36 Part II Tuning of the Transmitter 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 
Preliminary adjustments; pre- 


TF 11 Signal 

sets to a desired channel and band; 
initial tuning; final tuning; chang- 
ing to another transmission channel 
and band. TF 11-2825 

TF 11-2765 Radio Relay Equipment AN/TRC-35 and 

36 Part III Tuning of the Receiver 

(B&W 15 Min 1959) 

Preliminary adjustments; pre- 
sets to a desired channel and band; 
initial tuning; final tuning; chang- 
ing to another receiving channel 
and band. TF 11-2827 

TF 11-2766 Radio Relay Equipment AN/TRC 35 and 

36 Part IV System Line Up Procedures 

(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Features and function of AN/ 
TRC 35 and 36 procedure for radio 
system line up; and overall system 
line up when radio relay equipment TF 11-2851 
is used with telephone carrier 

TF 11-2767 Radio Relay Equipment AN/TRC 35 and 

36 Part V Installation of Antenna 
(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Siting and location require- 
ment, installation of base plate, guy TF 11-2852 
stakes and mast, attachment of an- 
tenna to reflectors, orientation for 
reception and transmission, instal- 
lation of cables, etc. 

TF 11-2805 Fundamentals of Carriar Telephony Part 

I Operation of a Carrier System 

(B&W 12 Min 1959) 

Features, operation and advan- 
tages of system. Using AN/TCC TF 11-2853 
24, shows how several channels op- 
erate simultaneously transmission 
of messages from A to B and B to A 

TF 11-2806 Fundamentals of Carrier Telephony- 

Part II Terminals and Repeaters 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Operation of terminal equip- 
ment (AN/TCC 24) electrical cir- TF 11-2854 
cuits and transmission process; op- 
eration of repeater equipment (AN/ 
TCC 5) how signal strength is 
boosted in transmitter. 

TF 11-2820 Installation and Operation of the 

TT-4A/TG and the AN/TCC-14 
(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

Features, capabilities, compon- 
ents, installation and operation of 
equipment; procedure for setting TF 11-2861 
up TT stations in a point-to-point 

system; station service for TT only, 
and for speed plus half duplex. 

Line-up Procedure for Telephone Terminal 
AN/TCC-3 Carrier Systems 
(B&W 21 Min 1959) 

Preliminary step prior to line- 
up; line-up of terminals A and B, 
and repeater station; system line-up 
in A-B and B-A direction; ad- 
justment of channels. 

Climbing and Working on Poles 
(B&W 25 Min 1960) 

Testing and supporting poles; 
climbing, leveling off, circling, as- 
suming work position, descending; 
hoisting, use and lowering tools 
while working. 

Fundamentals of Radio Trouble Shooting- 

Part I Principal Technique 

(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

Procedure for detecting and 
correcting a malfunctioning radio 
receiver on transmitter proper use 
of technical manuals and test equip- 

Fundamentals of Radio Trouble Shooting- 
Part II Trouble Shooting a Radio 

(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

Preliminary inspection; B plus 
and filament circuit check; localiz- 
ing trouble from section to one 
stage, to defective part; repair; 
circuit alinement; and final testing. 

Fundamentals of Radio Trouble Shooting- 
Part III Trouble Shooting a Radio 
(B&W 25 Min 1960) 

Preliminary inspection; B plus 
and filament circuit check; local- 
izing trouble from section to one 
stage, to defective part; repair; 
circuit alinement; and final testing. 

Fundamentals of Radio Troubh Shooting- 
Part IV Additional Devices and 
(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

Procedures and equipment used 
in application of: operation test; 
trouble shooting charts; stage gain 
charts; sources of intermittent 
trouble; repaired equipment stand- 

The AN/TCC-7 System-Part IV-lnitial 
Adjustment and Lineup of the 


TF 1 1 Signal 

AN/TCC-8 Attended Repeater 

(B&W 27 Min 1960) 

Steps in the initial adjustment 
of the AN/TCC-8 in the A-B and 
B-A directions; steps in lining up TF 1 1-3050 
the equipment in the A-B and B-A 

TF 11-2862 The AN/TCC-7 System-Part V- 

Adjustment and Operational Test of 
the AN/TCC-n Unattended Repeater 
(B&W 27 Min 1960) 

Pre-installation adjustments and 
checks; installation of the AN/TCC- 
11; post installation adjustments; TF 11-3051 
operational test of the AN/TCC-11. 

TF 11-2863 The AN/TCC-7 System-Part VI-Lineup 

of the Complete System 

(B&W 19 Min 1961) 

Procedure for lining up com- 
ponents system order wire, AN/ 
TCC-8 repeater, receiving circuit, 
and demodulator gain controls; TF 11-3052 
talk-listen test; post lineup adjust- 

TF 11-2867 Erecting Large Poles 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Procedures and equipment used 
in A-frame method, gin pole method, 
and engineer crane method of erect- 
ing poles; advantages of each meth- TF 11-3053 
od ; stress on safety rules. 

TF 11-3046 Transistors-Part l-lntroduetion 

(B&W 17 Min 1961) 

Elements and operation of 
'NPN' and 'PNP' transistor types; 
application and operation of high, 
medium, and low powered transis- 
tors; advantages over vacuum 
tubes. TF n _ 3087 

TF 11-3047 Transistors Part II Semiconductors and 

Semiconductor Diodes 
(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Composition and properties of 
crystal diodes and semi-conductor 
materials used in their manufacture. 

TF 11-3048 Transistors-Part III-NPN Transistors 

(B&W 23 Min 1963) 

Construction, symbol and prop- 
erties of NPN transistor; how it TF H-3089 
functions in basic transistor cir- 
cuits how current flow and ampli- 
fication are achieved. 

TF 11-3049 Transistors Part IV PNP Transistors 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

Identification of PNP symbol; 
current flow in PNP transistors 

comparison of features, capabilities 
and functioning of NPN and PNP 

Transistors Part V Transistor Amplifier 
and Oscillator Circuits 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 

Types, features, and variations 
of operations of class A, class B, 
and tuned amplifier circuits; fea- 
tures and operations of oscillator 
circuits Armstrong and Hartley 

Transistors Part VI Transistors in Pulse 

(B&W 39 Min 1963) 

Features and application of 
square, saw tooth and spiked pulses : 
how transistors form various types 
of multivibrators; features of and, 
NAND and NOR gates. 

Transistors Part VII Troubleshooting 
Transistor Circuits 

(B&W 31 Min 1962) 

Problems of transistor cir- 
cuits; safety measures, methods and 
procedure for checking, searching, 
localizing and isolating malfunc- 

Transistors Part VIII Repairing Transistor 

(B&W 28 Min 1962) 

Equipment and techniques for 
repairing soldered joints, cracks 
and delaminated conductors; testing 
circuits; removal and replacement 
of lead and flush mounted circuit 

Central Office TT AN/FGC-30-Part IV- 
Procedures at Intercept, Manual 
Forwarding and Outgoing Line 
Monitor Reel Units 
(B&W 10 Min 1961) 

Alarm conditions and clear- 
ance procedures at each unit 
transmission of same-precedence 
messages, handling faulty messages 
pull-back and re-run transmission. 

Automatic Tel -phone Central Offices Part 
I Strowger Type Switching Systems 

(B&W 26 Min 1961) 

Construction, capabilities, and 
operation of the 100, 1,000, and 
10,000 line systems basic call pat- 
tern and line and equipment-busy 
situations; associated dial office 


TF 11 Signal 

TF 11-3296 

TF 11-3305 

TF 11-3090 Automatic Telephone Central Offices- 

Part II-XY Switching Systems 

(B&W 30 Min 1961) 

Organization, components, and 
operation of 1,000 and 10,000 line 
XY switching systems call com- TF n - 3163 
pletion, line-busy, connectors-busy, 
and linefinders-busy shown. 

TF 11-3091 Automatic Telephone Central Offices- 

Part III All-Relay Type Switching 
(B&W 29 Min 1961) 

Features of relay circuitry and 
equipment; organization and oper- 
ation of 100, 1,000, 10,000 and 
100,000 line system; expansion of 
200 line system to 600, 1,000, and 
1,400 lines. 

TF 11-3108 Traveling Wave Tubes-Types, Principles 

of Operation, and Applications 

(B&W 36 Min 1961) 

Structure, operation, and mil- 
itary applications of forward wave 
amplifier, backward wave amplifier, 
and backward wave self-excited os- 

TF 11-3116 Basic Telephony 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Electro-magnetic theory as ap- 
plied to telephony; components, op- 
eration and transmission range of 
sound powered, local battery, and 
common battery telephonic system. 

TF 11-3125 Collection and Processing of Signal 

Technical Intelligence (II) 
(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- TF 11-3309 

TF 11-3131 Magnetic Cores-Part l-Properties 

(B&W 29 Min 1962) 

Properties of magnetic cores 
and their application in data pro- 
cessing system; how information is 
stored and transferred from one 
core to another. 

TF 11-3310 

TF 11-3132 Magnetic Cores-Part Il-Basic Circuits 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 

Features and functioning of 
single-diode, split-winding, and in- 
hibit transfer loops; application of 
these loops, singly or in combina- 
tion, in ADPS. 

TF 11-3156 Radar and Its Applications TF 11-3311 

(B&W 41 Min 1963) 
Development of radar since 

TF 11-3308 

1930's; theory of pulse, CW, and 
FM radar; use during WW II, post- 
war advances, and present day ap- 

Waveguides: Part I Basic Theory of 


(B&W 19 Min 1962) 

Features of rectangular and 
circular waveguides ; rectangular 
type used to demonstrate propaga- 
tion of waveguide energy; function 
of probes and loops. 

Uss of Switchboard SB-22A/PT for 
Switching Teletypewriter Circuits 
(B&W 26 Min 1963) 

Installation and use of SB- 
22A/PT for switching TT circuits 
adapting and installation of SB- 
22A/PT for alternate telephone-tele- 
typewriter service. 

Radio Set AN/VRC-12 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

Features, capabilities, installa- 
tion, operation, and maintenance of 
the AN/VRC-12; construction and 
features of AN/VRC-43 49 radio 

Ground Surveillance Radar AN/PPS-4 

(Silent Sentry) 

(B&W 28 Min 1963) 

Components; tactical uses in de- 
fensive, retrograde, and offensive 
operations; employment, orientation, 
and operation to detect moving tar- 
gets; operator maintenance proce- 

Ground Surveillance Radar Set 
(B&W 24 Min 1963) 

Components and tactical uses in 
offensive, retrograde, and defensive 
operations; employment, orientation, 
and operation to detect moving tar- 
gets; operator maintenance proce- 

Automatic Pilot AN/ASN-23 Part I 


(B&W 30 Min 1963) 

Location and functions of major 
components; how autopilot controls 
pitch, roll, altitude and yaw; pre- 
flight and during flight operating 

Automatic Pilot AN/ASN-23-Part II- 
System Operation 
(B&W 20 Min 1963) 


TF 1 1 Signal 

Value of system in flying H-34 
HEL how system operates to con- 
trol main deviations of flight: alti- 
tude, pitch, roll, and yaw. 

TF 11-3312 Avionic Equipment in Army Aircraft Port 

l-Fixed Wing 

(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Items of avionic equipment 
identified and shown in 3 represen- 
tative aircraft 0-1 Bird Dog, U- 
1A Otter, and CV-2 Caribou; com- 
ponents and functions of each major 

TF 113313 Avionic Equipment in Army Aircraft Part 

II Rotary Wing 

(B&W 14 Min 1963) 

Items of avionic equipment iden- 
tified and shown in representative 
aircraft CH-34 Choctaw and HU-1 
Iroquois; features, components and 
functions of each major piece. 

TF 11-3314 Radio Teletypswriter AN/GRC-46 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

Design, capabilities and opera- 
tion for CW, voice and teletype- 
writer communications ; operator 
maintenance; various models of set 
and related teletypewriter sets and 

TF 11-3353 Rawinsonde System Part I Description 

and Operation 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

Characteristics, use and compo- 
nents of system; preparation and 
launching of a radiosonde flight; 
operation of the system and track- 
ing of the flight. 

TF 11-3388 Rawinsonde System Part II Electronic 

(B&W 19 Min 1964) 

Construction and electronic ac- 
tion of system components-modula- 
tor, transmitter, receiver, MET re- 
corder, antenna tracking system, and 
CON recorder; path of MET data 
through components of system. 

TF 11-3396 Ohm's Law 

(B&W 21 Min 1964) 

Principles of basic electronics; 
theory and application of Ohm's 
law in electronic circuits; value of 
Ohm's law in repair of electronic 

TF 11-3401 Radio Set Control Group AN/GRA-39 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

Construction, capabilities, in- 

stallation, and operation of set with i 
focus on : installation of local and ' 
remote control units; and proce- 
dure for direct radio operation and 
operation through 2-wire telephone 

TF 11-3410 Vacuum Tubes, Triodes, Tetrodes and 

Pentodes Description and Operation 

(B&W 24 Min 1964) 

Form, elements, and function- 
ing of diode, triode, tetrode, and 
pentode vacuum tube circuits; ap- 
plications, advantages, and limita- 
tions of each type. 

TF 11-3419 Basic Amplifiers 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 

Theory, construction and opera- 
tion of basic amplifiers is explained. 
Four general methods of coupling 
are also discussed. 

TF 11-3444 Troposphrric Scatter Communication: Basic 

Theory and Operating Principles 
(B&W 30 Min 1964) 

Features, capabilities and tacti- 
cal advantages of tropospheric 
scatter systems; factors affecting 
system performance and ways of 
overcoming propagation losses. 

TF 11-3445 Radio Terminal Set AN/TRC-80-Part I- 

Characteristics, Use, and Rapid On-the- 
Air Procedure 

(B&W 30 Min 1965) 

Features and use of AN/TRC- 
80 for communication in Pershing 
missile battalion; employment and 
procedures for non-diversity and 
diversity operation ; demonstration 
of simultaneous telephone and tele- 
typewriter communication. 

TF 11-3446 Radar Principles Pulse Doppler Radar 

(B&W 20 Min 1964) 

How coherent and noncoherent 
pulse dappler radar systems provide 
precise battlefield vision to detect 
moving men and vehicles. 

TF 11-3447 Radar Principles Pulse Modulated Radar 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Describes capability, theory of 
operation and military applications 
of pulse modulated radar. 

TF 11-3457 Radar Indicators Part I A-Scope, Error- 

Baseline Scope and J-Scope 
(B&W 29 Min 1964) 

Features and action of electro- 
static cathode ray tubes in radar 
systems; how typical radar systems 


TF 11 Signal 

TF 11-3458 

TF 11-3480 

TF 11-3482 

TF 11-3483 

TF 11-3484 

TF 11-3493 

TF 11-3494 

TF 11-3495 

create and employ the different 

Radar Indicators-Part II-PPI, B, Beta TF 11-3509 

and RHI Scopes 

(B&W 27 Min 1965) 

How electromagnetic cathode 
ray tube creates scope displays in 
typical radar systems; character- 
istics and application of the various 

AN/PRC-25, Operation and Operator 

Maintenance TF 11-3511 

(B&W 26 Min 1965) 

Major components; installation 
of battery; 4 methods of presetting 
controls; installation of antennas 
and handset; operation and preven- 
tive maintenance of complete unit. 

Frequency Modulation Part I Basic TF H-3512 


(B&W 26 Min 1964) 

Fundamentals of AM and FM 
radio communication, how FM elimi- 
nates problem of electrical inter- 
ference, functioning of FM radio 
examined in detail. 

Frequency Modulation Part II Methods 

of Modulation, Reactance Tube 


(B&W 10 Min 1965) TF 11-3513 

Action of reactance tub? com- 
ponents, the tube, and phase-shift 
network; and how reactance tube 
modulator acts to achieve FM sig- 

Frequency Modulation Part III Foster- 

Seeley Discriminator 

(B&W 19 Min 1965) TF 11-3533 

Function and operation of Fos- 
ter-Seeley discriminator circuit in 
FM receiver how voltages are in- 
duced and how applied voltages re- 
late to output audio frequency sig- 

Cipher Machine TSEC/KY-8-Part I- 

Introduction (U) TF 11-3534 

(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Cipher Machine TSEC KY-8-Part II- 

Installation and Operation (U) 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Cipher Machine TSEC/KY-8-Part III- TF 11-3546 

Maintenance (U) 
(B&W 24 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Antenna Towers Safety in Erection and 

(B&W 29 Min 1965) 

Safety equipment and proce- 
dures during preparation of an- 
tenna site, construction of tower 
base, erection of antenna supports 
and tower, antenna maintenance and 
lowering of antenna. 

Communication Patching Panel 
SB-oil /MRC-Part (-Introduction 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Design, concept and function of 
SB-611/MRC; how connections are 
made to allow normal through, 
patching, and monitoring operation. 

Communication Patching Panel 

SB-611/MRC-Part ll-lnstallation and 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Functions of SB-611; installa- 
tion of organization equipment in 
signal center; preparation of SB- 
611 shelter for operation; patching 
procedure for telephone and tele- 
typewriter circuits, and carrier sys- 

Manual Telephone Central Office 


(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Characteristics and basic com- 
ponents of AN/TCC-7 operation of 
switchboard procedure for battery 
and trunk calls; features and use 
of mobile AN/MTC-1. 

Meteorological Instruments Part I 

Potentiometer Type Recorders 

(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Technical characteristics, uses, 
and capabilities of single pen, two 
pen, and multiprint recorders; pro- 
cedures followed to insure optimum 

Meteorological Instruments Part II 
Calibration Check of Potentiometer 
Type Recorders 
(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Purpose and capabilities of 
standardizing potentiometer; stand- 
ardization, calibration check, and 
preventive maintenance of Rubicon 
type potentiometer. 

Microwave Oscillators Part I Reflex 
(B&W 20 Min 1965) 


TF 11 Signal 

Common types, features and ap- 
plication of klystron tubes; func- 
tioning of components; modes of 
klystron operation; coarse and fine 
tuning procedures. 

TF 11-3547 Microwave Oscillator Part II Magnetrons 

(B&W 25 Min 1966) 

Characteristics, function, theory 
of operation, and operator mainte- 
nance of magnetrons. 

TF 11-3553 Communication Central AN/USC-3 

(B&W 32 Min 1965) 

Describes components, capabil- 
ities, characteristics, tuning and op- 
erating procedures of the communi- 
cation central AN/USC-3. Compo- 
nents of the communications central 
AN/MSC-37 and radio subscriber 
station AN/URC 40 also explained. 

TF 11-3587 KS-61 Camera Systam-Part I- 


(B&W 18 Min 1965) 

Features, use and operation of 
KS-61 camera system, with focus 
on components and functioning of 
the KA-30A camera and the camera 
control system. 

TF 11-3588 KS-61 Camera System-Part Il-Night 

Operation and Flare Handling 
(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Preparation and functioning of 
KA-30A camera, camera control 
system, and flare ejection subsys- 
tem for night photo missions. 

TF 11-3600 Tactical Cable Construction 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Planning and techniques in 
tactical cable construction between 
two signal centers, with focus on 
surface, aerial, and underground in- 

TF 11-3601 Wire and Cable Laying Equipment 

(B&W 17 Min 1965) 

Features and tactical use of 
field wire and cable laying equip- 
ment: CE-11, MX-306, RL-27, RL- 
31, RI^172, RL-26, RL-200, RL- 
207, LC-236, and AN/ATE-1. 

TF 11-3619 SB-22/PT-Part l-Characteristics and 


(B&W 20 Min 19C5) 

Major components and acces- 
sory equipment; capabilities of unit 
in field; installation of unit testing 

of components, circuit wiring, and 
radio-wire integration. 

TF 11-3620 SB-22/PT-Part Il-Operation and 

Preventive Maintenance 
(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Pre-operation checks; handling 
of line-to-line, line-to-calling party 
emergency, conference and trunk 
calls; and preventive maintenance 

TF 11-3623 Switchboard SB-86/P-Part I- 

Characteristics and Installation 
(B&W 21 Min 1966) 

Tactical use for field units and 
capabilities for providing teletype- 
writer and radio communication ; 
construction and installation of the 
3 major components; and headset 
adjustment and pre-operation checks 

TF 11-3624 Switchboard SB-86/P-Part Il-Operation 

and Preventive Maintenance 

(B&W 21 Min 1966) 

Handling of line-to-line, recalls, 
line-to-calling party, emergency, con- 
ference, line-to-trunk, and trunk-to- 
trunk calls; and operator mainte- 

TF 11-3627 Capacitance-Part l-Physical and 

Electrical Characteristics and Factors 
Affecting Capacitance , 

(B&W 29 Min 1965) 

Characteristics, applications, 
functioning and effects of capaci- 
tance on electronic circuits. 

TF 11-3648 Tactical Facsimile Equipment 

(B&W 21 Min 1966) 

Construction of AN/TXC-1 and 
capabilities of set for transmission 
of graphic material for tactical de- 
cisions; principles of direct and 
photographic methods of recording. 

TF 11-3657 Ground Surveillance Radar Set, AN/TPS- 

33 Emplacement, Pre-Operational and 
Post Operational Checks 
(B&W 25 Min 1966) 

Action of an AN/TPS-33 team 
as it prepares for and executes a 
surveillance mission-employment, 
pre-operation checks, and operation 
of set; and post-operation dismant- 
ling and packing of equipment. 

TF 11-3665 Forward Area Signal Cent?r, 

Emplacement and Installation 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 

Nomenclature, location and 
function of basic equipment; instal- 


TF 11-3751 

TF 11-3755 

lation of major shelters; analysis TF 11-3749 
of the 4 circuits in signal center, 
and scope of communication services. 

TF 11-3682 Amplitron-Theory of Operation 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Major elements, capability and 

operation of amplitron tube used to TF 11-3750 
boost power in air defense radars; 
and types of amplitron installations. 

TF 11-3697 International Morse Code, Hand Sending 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Principles and basic technique 
for good, rhythmic sending of morse 
code by operating the hand key. 

TF 11-3711 AN/APS-94A (SLAR)-PT l-Charaeteristics 


(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-3712 AN/APS94A (SLAR)-PT Il-Operations (U) 

(B&W 18 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 113714 Maintenance Logic for Communications 

Equipment the SLI Approach to 

(B&W 27 Min 1966) 

Application of the SLI ap- 
proach to troubleshoot signal equip- 
ment (AN/TCC-7) at organiza- 
tional, direct support and general 
support levels of maintenance. 

TF 11-3746 Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part I- 


(B&W 27 Min 1967) 

Major components and capa- >pp 11-3785 
bility of set; operation in UHF, 
multichannel, 2-way communication 
and with carrier telephone and tele- 
typewriter sets and with multiplex 

TF 11-3747 Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part Il-Rsceiver 

Controls and Tuning 
(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

How radio operator performs TF 11-3805 
the preliminary starting procedure 
and receiver tuning procedure. 

TF 11-3748 Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part Ill- 

Transmitter Controls and Tuning 
(B&W 28 Min 1967) 

Preliminary tuning procedure; 
tuning procedure for high band op- 
eration, pointing up the differences 
between tuning for high and low 
band operation. 

TF 11-3784 

TF 11 Signal 

Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part IV- 
Installation of Antenna Group 

(B&W 32 Min 1967) 

Step-by-step procedure in the 
installation and erection of the mast 
and antenna. 

Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part V-Radio 

and Carrier System Line-up 

(B&W 32 Min 1967) 

Line-up of a 3-station radio 
system. All procedures are shown 
for frequency division multiplex 
(FDM) operation, with the AN/ 
TCC-7 in each terminal station. 

Radio Set AN/GRC-50-Part Vl-Sub- 
Assembly Maintenance Practices 
(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Maintenance logic applied to 
malfunctioning transmitter-proce- 
dures to isolate trouble in automatic 
frequency control (AFC) circuits 
and repair defects in amplifier/os- 
cillator and AFC sub-assembly. 

Infrared Surveillance System (Aerial), 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

Gives overall introduction to 

Radar Set AN/TPS-33 Part I Operating 


(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Engineer-generator operation 
and output antenna positioning sys- 
tem, frequency-converter transmitter 
tuning, amplifier-detector power sup- 
ply and range indicator adjustments. 

Radar Set AN/TPS-33 Operator 

Procedures Part II Location, Orientation 
and Collimation 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Preferred and alternate meth- 
ods of location, orientation, and col- 
limation of the AN/TPS-33 to pro- 
vide good ground surveillance after 
it is emplaced and checked. 

Doppler Navigation System AN/ASN-64 

(B&W 31 Min 1967) 

Teaches pilots the features, 
capabilities, and operation of the 
AN/ASN-64. Explains how the 
overall system and the individual 
components work to receive, process, 
and display information. Use of the 
AN/ASN-64 is demonstrated in an 
infrared reconnaissance flight at 


TF 11 Signal 

TF 11-3808 

TF 11-3811 

TF 11-3815 

TF 11-3820 

TF 11-3821 

TF 11-3857 

TF 11-3869 

TF 11-3870 

MQM-33 Light Target Missile Launch 

(B&W 17 Min 1967) 

Procedures used in the rotary 
and catapult launch methods as ap- 
plied to launching a single target 
and to launching a target missile 
with a tow target. 

Monopulse Tracking 

(B&W 29 Min 1967) 

Fundamentals of monopulse 
tracking of a rapidly moving target, 
using an antenna four-horn mono- 
pulse system with a cassigrain sub- 
reflector for demonstration several 
other monopulse system configura- 
tions are also described. 

Cathode Ray Tub^s Electrostatic 

(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

Characteristics, typical appli- 
cations, principles of operation, and 
safe handling of electrostatic cath- 
ode ray tubes. 

Central Office, Telephone, Manual 
(B&W 27 Min 1967) 

Components, installation, and 
operation of the AN/MTC-11 used 
at corps and army level. 

Central Office, Telephone, Manual 
(B&W 19 Min 1967) 

Components, installation, and 
operation of the AN/MTC-3 used at 
division and higher headquarters. 

Army Weapons Systems in EMR 
Environments (U) 
(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Transmission Security for Communications 


(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Presents the 'do's' and 'don'ts' 
for transmission security in com- 
bat, emphasizing: radio silence, dis- 
criminate use of radio equipment, 
proper transmission of messages, 
message authentication, listening 
silence, and discreet tuning and test- 

De fens,- Against Radio Jamming 
(B&W 28 Min 1968) 

Identification and anti-jamming 
measures against enemy interfer- 
ence by: random noise, stepped 

tones (bagpipes), spark, sweep- 
through, random keyed CW, and 
keyed CW. 

TF 11-3871 Antenna Field Expedients 

(B&W 28 Min 1968) 

Shows how radio operators can 
maintain communications under em- 
ergency conditions through the prop- 
er use of antenna field expedients, 
focusing on repair and/or extend- 
ing range of ineffective antennas 
and testing improvised installations. 

TF 11-3930 Infrared Surveillance System AN/UAS-4A- 

Part I Characteristics 
(B&W 21 Min 1968) 

Describes characteristics of sys- 

TF 11-3931 Infrared Surveillance System 

AN/UAS-4A-Part 1 1 -Operation 

(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Demonstrates operation of sys- 

TF 11-3932 Radar Set AN/PPS-5-Operation and 

Ma npa eking 

(Color 25 Min 1968) 

Components, assembly, and em- 
placement of the set: how it is 
operated to detect, locate, and iden- 
tify moving targets through visual 
and aural radar signals; disassem- 
bly and manpacking the equipment 
to next surveillance site. 

TF 11-3933 Radar Set AN/FPS-71-Part l-R-ceiver, 

Theory of Operation (U) 
(B&W 24 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-3934 Radar Set AN/FPS-71-Part II-MTI 

Receiver, Theory for Troubleshooting (U) 
(B&W 28 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-3935 Radar Set AN/FPS-71-Part Ill- 

Maintenance and Trouble-shooting (U) 
(B&W 27 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-3936 Digital Computer Programming Part I 

Program Loops 
(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Describes the function and con- 
struction of program loops used to 
shorten and simplify computer pro- 
grams involving repeated opera- 


TF 11-3937 

TF 11-3938 

TF 11-3963 

TF 11-3964 

TF 11-3965 

TF 11-3967 

TF 11-3982 

Digital Computer Programming Part II 
Coding Program Loops 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

Illustrates the coding of a pro- 
gram which uses two program loops. 

ECCM Consoles AN/FPA-15 and 16- 

Maintenance Self-tests (U) 

(B&W 19 Min 1968) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Preserving Communications Electronic 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Describes the problem of tropic 
contamination of communications 
electronic equipment, measures to 
keep equipment dry and clean during 
tactical operations, components and 
use of MK-2/GSM KIT, and proce- 
dures for cleaning and MCFP treat- 
ing a typical piece of electronic 

Radio Set AN/GRC-106-Part I- 
Characteristics and Preliminary 
(B&W 16 Min 1968) 

Decribes the capability of the 
AN/GRC-106 for long range tacti- 
cal communications, the major com- 
ponents, its various configurations, 
and the nine preliminary adjust- 
ments to prepare the set for opera- 

Radio Set AN/GRC-106-Part Il-Tuning 
and Operating Procedure 

(B&W 25 Min 1969) 

Demonstrates the steps in tun- 
ing the set, receiving and transmit- 
ting with the AN/GRC-106 in voice 
mode, and standby and shutdown 

Pulse Code Modulation Principles 

(Color 23 Min 1969) 

Theory, functioning, and ad- 
vantages of the army's new method 
of multiplex communication used at 
brigade and higher levels: pulse 
code modulation, time division 
multiplex (PCM-TDM). Shows how 
PCM-TDM systems handle traffic 
loads in 3 classes: low capacity, 
medium capacity and high capacity. 

Radar Chronograph Set M 36 

(B&W 28 Min 1968) 

Characteristics, capability, and 
operation of the M-36 to obtain 

TF 11 Signal 

accurate muzzle velocity data for 
calibration of field artillery tube- 
type weapons without interruption 
of fire missions. 

TF 11-4064 KA-60 Camera Operation 

(B&W 19 Min 1969) 

Describes the capability and 
components of the KA-60 Panaramic 
camera, how it is loaded and mount- 
ed in the Mohawk, and how it is 
operated on an aerial surveillance 

TF 11-4070 Radar Surveillance System AN/UPD (U) 

(Color 26 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 11-4075 Introduction to Tempest (U) 

(Color 24 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL Group 3. 

TF 11-4099 Introduction to Generator Sets SF-5-MD 

and SF-10-MD 

(B&W 29 Min 1969) 

Describes the characteristics, 
capability, installation, operation, 
and maintenance of generator sets 
SF-5-MD and SF-10-MD which 
power communications equipment at 
corps and division levels. 

TF 11-4101 The AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance and 

Target Acquisition Radar Tactical 

(B&W 25 Min 1969) 

Discribes the characteristics, 
capabilities, and tactical operation 
of the AN/TPS-25 to detect, locate, 
identify, and track enemy targets. 

TF 11-4102 The AN/TPS-25 Ground Surveillance and 

Target Acquisition Radar Moving 
Targets and Their Audio Signals 

(B&W 23 Min 1969) 

Presents the audio signals of 
different moving targets at various 
speeds and angles as heard over 
the loudspeaker or headphones of the 
AN/TPS-25 ground surveillance 

TF 11-4107 Puls; Code Modulation Communications- 

Part I Introduction to Equipment and 

(Color 22 Min 1969) 

Discusses characteristics and 
capabilities of: TD-352, TD-660, 
TD-754, TD-204, TD-202, TD-206, 
and CV-1548. Shows how these com- 


TF 1 1 Signal 

ponents are used in some low and 
medium capacity systems: AN/ 
MRC-115, AN/TCC-61, AN/TRC- 
110, and AN/TRC-117. 

TF 11-4108 Pulse Code Modulation Communications- 

Part II Low Capacity System Operation 
(Color 23 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates typical system ; 
physical setup, preliminary settings, 
tuning, channel and system lineup, 
and attendant troubleshooting. 

TF 11-4109 Pulse Code Modulation Communications- 

Part III Medium Capacity Radio 

(Color 27 Min 1970) 

The AN/TRC-117 radio termi- 
nal is used to demonstrate the char- 
acteristics, installation, and opera- 
tion of medium capacity PCM radio 
terminal facilities used at corps and 
army levels. 

TF 114110 Pulse Code Modulation Communications 

(Part IV Medium Capacity Cable 

(Color 21 Min 1970) 

This film continues the explana- 
tion begun in Part III of the fa- 
cilities provided by the AN/TRC-117 

TF 114117 Satellite Communications Terminal 


(Color 30 Min 1970) 

This film provides an introduc- 
tion to the equipment and operation 
of the AN/MSC-46 which is used 
as an earth station in satellite relays 
links within the defense communica- 
tions system. 

TF 11-4129 Satellite Communications Terminal 


(Color 29 Min 1970) 

This film describes the opera- 
tion and characteristics and physi- 
cal installation of the transportable 
satellite communications terminal 

TF 11-4221 Introduction to Manual Telephone Central 

Office AN/MTC-9 
(B&W 18 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates setup of the vans, 
grounding, cable connecting of the 
vans; shows layout. Also shows pro- 
cedures for completion of a call. 

TF 11-4224 The KA76A Camera-Characteristics and 


(Color 18 Min 1971) 

Discribes elements and compo- 
nents of camera; demonstrates load- 
ing of film. 

TF 11-4225 The KS104 Photographic System- 

Operation and Employment 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 

Explains components and oper- 
ation of system; describes function 
of each switch on the control panel. 
Shows system in operation. 

TF 11-4272 The Photographic Aircraft Flasher 

System Characteristics and Operation 

(Color 16 Min 1972) 

Describes physical and illumi- 
nating characteristics, operation, 
and operator maintenance of the 
electronic xenon flash unit used on 
the Mohawk C and D aircraft. 

TF 11-4327 Introduction of Radio R:lay Set 


(B&W 32 Min 1971) 

Shows components and controls 
of set; demonstrates setup, aline- 
ment, operator maintenance, and 

TF 11-4331 Army Mechanized Stock Control System 

With the NCR-500 
(B&W 18 Min 1971) 

A fictional sports event, the 
Army supply and maintenance speed 
trials, shows the advantages of the 
mechanized stock control system 
over the old manual system. 

TF 114332 Introduction to Digital Subscriber 

Terminals An FYA-(V)1 Through 
(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Explains the functions of these 
AUTODIN terminals, and the com- 
ponents of each designation. 

TF 11-4333 Introduction to the Mode V Subscriber 

Terminal System 
(B&W 13 Min 1971) 

Describes the elements of the 
mode V terminal, used in the AU- 
TODIN system, and shows how each 

TF 11-4334 ADMSC Traffic Flow Analysis (AUTODIN) 

(B&W 26 Min 1971) 

Analyzes the flow of messages 
through the automatic digital mes- 
sage switching center; follows a 
message through the systehi from 
preparation through the routing at 
the ADMSC. 


TF 11-4335 Binary Counters and Shift Registers 

(B&W 24 Min 1972) 

Basic computer components ; 
binary counters, flip-flops, gates, and 
shift registers, are described, ex- 
plaining how they work and what 
they do. 

TF 11-4337 Tandem Switch Center (TSC) 

Communication System 
(B&W 16 Min 1971) 

Describes the function and 
capabilities of the TSC; shows how 
it works by tracing a telephone 
call through the system. 

TF 11-4338 Introduction to the AUTODIN Systjm 

(B&W 19 Min 1971) 

Outlines the function of the 
AUTODIN system, and tours and 
automatic switching center, follow- 
ing a message though each functional 

TF 1 1 Signal 

TF 11-4356 Data Transfer in the Page Printer 

(B&W 25 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates the mechanical 
and electronic functioning of the 
page printer used in the AUTODIN 
system, and relates its utility to the 
whole system. 

TF 11-4359 Single-Side Radio Communications- 

Part I Principles 
(B&W 16 Min 1972) 

Describes with diagrams the 
principles of single side band radio 

TF 11-4406 Ampex 7100 Video Tape Recorder- 

(B&W 27 Min 1972) 

Describes the one-inch video 
tape equipment, and shows connec- 
tions, playback and record proce- 
dures, and maintenance. 



FB 11 Signal 

FB 1169 Newfoundland Communications 

(Color 21 Min 1943) 
Signal Corps lays long-line 

cable with laterals to all military 
installations on Newfoundland. 


MF 1 1 Signal 

MF 11103 The Defense Communications Agency 

(Color 21 Min 1962) 

Organization, scope and objec- 
tives of DCA and DCS, how they 
operate, and how they are linked. 

MF 11-145 Installation of AN/VRC-12 Series Radios 

in Wheeled Vehicles-Parts I and II 

(Color 30 Min 1964) 

Step-by-step procedures for in- 
stalling AN/VRC-47 radio in M- 
151 1/4-ton truck and M-37 3/4-ton 

MF 11-146 Installation of AN/VRC-12 Series Radios in 

M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier 

(Color-21 Min 1964) 

Step-by-step procedures for in- 
stalling AN/VRC-49 radio in M-113 
armored personnel carrier. 

MF 11-147 Installation of AN/VRC-12 Series Radios 

in M 60 Tank 

(Color 21 Min 1964) 

Step-by-step procedures for in- 
stalling AN/VRC-12 radio in M-60 

MF 11-154 Newsre;! Planning Pays Off 

(B&W 17 Min 1958) 

Planning and shooting techni- 
ques for covering news events-stress 
on initial preparations prior to 

' MF 11-155 Signal Corps Research and Development 

Film Report 1 
(Color 29 Min 1960) 

New development in: Ampli- 
fiers, VT fuze jammer, cable, mobi- 
dic, combat radios, miniature cir- 
cuits, tropospheric communication, 
missile operation system, and solar 

MF 11-1032 Photo Flash Photography-How It Works 

(B&W 27 Min 1944) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Between-the-lens and focal 
plane shutters; flash lamps; syn- 
chronizer; reflector; care and main- 
tenance of equipment. 

MF 11-1088 Radio Technician Training Series- 

Inductance Parts I and II 

(B&W 34 Min 1944) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Reaction of magnetic force 

around a coil; evaluation of self 


MF 11-5115 Digital Computer Techniques-Computer 

Logic Part I Binary Numbers 

(B&W& 13 Min 1965) 

MF 11-5131 

MF 11-5177 

MF 11-5203 

MF 11-5237 


(Adopted Navy Film) 

Computer logic operation; con- 
cept of binary number system and 
its application in computers, how 
'words' are formed and transmitted. 

Laser-Miracles With Light 
(Color 24 Min 1965) 

Properties and action of laser 
beam, military applications, use 
in medicine and scientific research, 
and future potential of the laser. 

Automatic Voio Net work- AUTO VON 

(B&W^20 Min 1964) 

Features and operation of AU- 
TOVON how system's general pur- 
pose and 'hot line' capabilities pro- 
vide direct telephone service in nor- 
mal and emergency situations. 

Computer Systems in Personnel Accounting 

(Color 23 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Film) 

Story of acquisition and appli- 
cation of ADPS in the 4th US 
Army in the area of personnel ac- 

The Achilles' Heel of Modern Weapons 

(EMR) (U) 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Prepositioned Communications Equipment 
for Civil Disturbances 

(Color 16 Min 1968) 

Depicts the prepositioning of 
communications-electronic equip- 
ment at a conus depot, and a test 
exercise involving deployment of a 
battalion communications-electron- 
ic equipment packet. 

Tactical Employment of Line Sensors 
(Color 17 Min 1970) 

This film illustrates the various 
uses of an infrared intrusion de- 
tector (IID) and its installation. 
Several enemy attempts at pene- 
tration are halted because of pro- 
per employment of the system. 

Unattended Ground S:nsor Devices 

(Don't Touch It) 

(Color 17 Min 1970) 

This film shows a defensive 
combat perimeter, pointing out ob- 
jects of defense and other devices 
used to contribute to the destruc- 
tion of an enemy infiltration 


MF 11 Signal 

MF 11-5562 

MF 11-5563 

MF 11-5656 

MF 11-5670 

MF 11-7754 

MF 11-7883 

MF 11-7889 

MF 11-7915 

MF 11-8208 

Unattended Ground Sensor Devices Air MF 11-8054 

Emplacement Techniques 

(Color 18 Min 1971) 

Describes the entire procedure 
for the emplacement of ground sen- 
sors from the air; shows the re- 
connaissance flight, briefing, load- 
ing the sensors, and the drop mis- 

Unattended Ground Sensor Devices- 
Tactical Employment Techniques 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 

Describes case histories in which 
ground sensors are used to provide 
security, economy of force, extended 
surveillance, and all-weather sur- 

MF 11-8209 

Th3 First 3000 (Meteorology) 

(Color 28 Min 1972) 

Shows the physical processes 

at work in the first 3,000 feet of MF 11-8210 
the atmosphere; describes the 
army's research in this area and 
its practical uses. 

TACSATCOM: Tactical Satellite 

(Color 12 Min 1972) 

Describes the capabilities of jyjjr n_8634 
tactical communications via satel- 
lite, and shows the current hard- 
ware used in the system. 

Facts About Film 

(B&W 10 Min 1950) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Physical make-up of motion 

picture film and the mechanics of MF n_8842 
the projector. 

Operation Inchon 

(B&W 18 Min 1952) 

A documentary on the activi- 
ties of the UN forces in Korea 
during August and September 1950. MF 11-8923 

Basic Portraiture Lighting 

(B&W 13 Min 1951) 

The four fundamental lighting 
positions: front lighting 45 degree 
(Rembrandt) lighting; side light- 
ing and back lighting. 

Preventive Maintenance of Signal 

Equipment for Commanders 

(B&W 15 Min 1952) MF 11-9213 

Value, methods, and procedures 
of standard Army practice of pre- 
ventive maintenance known as fit- 

The Step By Step Switch 197-Type 
Selectors (Parts 1, 2 and 3) 

(B&W 69 Min 1952) 

Illustrates the path of a call; 
mechanical functioning of 197-type 
selector under various conditions of 

Drop Wire Runs Part I 

(B&W 16 Min 1953) 

Use of wire to provide telephone 
service; causes for drop wire fail- 
ure; suggestions for avoiding pre- 
ventable troubles. 

Drop Wire Runs Part II 

(B&W 30 Min 1953) 

A step-by-step account of the 
installation of drop wires on four 
different jobs representing types 
most frequently encountered. 

'T' Zon: Inspection 

(Color 18 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common causes of cable fail- 
ure; how to detect the trouble; im- 
portance of reporting damage; prac- 
tical means of preventing damage. 

Origins of the Motion Picture 

(B&W 21 Min 1956) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Traces development of motion 
picture photography and projec- 
tions from cave drawings to Edi- 
son's recording and projection 

Security and You 

(Color 18 Min 1957) 

Aimed at personnel concerned 
with classified projects stresses 
importance of human reliability for 
national security. 

Missile Master AN / FSG Antiaircraft 
Defense System Engineering Report 
No. 9627 

(Color 13 Min 1958) 

Function and operation of the 
army's missile master system 
NIKE practice alert with and with- 
out the AN/FSG-1 role, equip- 
ment, and operation of major ele- 
ments of system. 

The Mechanization of Crystal Units 

(B&W 42 Min 1960) 

Techniques, procedures, and 
equipment used in the semiauto- 


MF 11 Signal 

matic system of producing crystal 
units developed by the Bulova Re- 
search and Development Laboratory 
for the US Army Signal Corps. 

MF 11-9342 Breaking the Bottleneck A New Concept 

of MMitary Switching 

(Color 17 Min 1962) 

Components, capabilities, oper- 
ation and maintenance of new 4- 
wire automatic electronic switching 
system used in military communi- 
cation; advantages of new system 

MF 11-9385 Iron on the Target A Film Report of 

White Plan II (Electronic Computer for 
Artillery Fire Control) 

(Color 23 Min 1962) 

Report on White Plan II exer- 
cises conducted at Ft. Huachuca 22 
March 1961, to demonstrate combat 
effectiveness of artillery fire support 
systems using electronic computers. 

MF 11-9401 The Eye in the Sky 

(Color 16 Min 1962) 

Features, capabilities, opera- 
tion and tactical application of SD- 
1 drone surveillance system; train- 
ing of drone units at Fort Hua- 
chuca; operation of units in field. 

MF 11-9416 The Invisible Battleground 

(Color 31 Min 1962) 

Efforts and facilities at elec- 
tronic environmental test facility, 
Ft. Huachuca, to solve radio inter- 
ference problem of the field army. 

MF 11-9618 OCSIGO Reports Th? New International 

Radio Treaty 

(Color 20 Min 1960) 

Frequency allocation for : 
army's radio service, peacetime ra- 
dar, high frequency requirement, 
amateur service, space research, 
communication satellites, radio astro- 
nomic service. 

MF 11-9620 OCSIGO Reports-East Coast Relay Station 

(B&W 13 Min 1961) 

Advanced automatic communi- 
cations equipment, and operation 
concepts of the relay station at Ft. 
Dietrick, Md. present communica- 
tions capabilities and potential for 
future development. 

MF 11-9626 OCSIGO Reports: Mobile Land Command 

Post Army Communications System 

(Color 10 Min 1962) 
Features, capabilities and op- 

eration of MLCP; joint exercise 
conducted by signal corps and 
transportation corps to test reli- 
ability of MLCP communication 
services at random mobility. 

MF 11-9629 Frontiers of Trade 

(Color 7 Min 1962) 

Importance of international 
trade to United States and other 
participating nations of the free 
world for better living standards 
and national progress. 

MF 11-9662 Mobidic Joins the Field Army 

(Color 16 Min 1962) 

Development and application of 
mobidic for army field use; instal- 
lation and operation at US 7th 
Army stock control center; capa- 
bilities and future potential. 

MF 11-9666 Signals in Space 

(Color 27 Min 1962) 

Achievements of US satellite 
communications program; Project 
Diana, Vanguard I, Project Score, 
Tiros, Project Courier and Project 

MF 11-9675 Reliability Fundamental Concepts Part I 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Reliability engineering concepts 
of reliability function, exponential 
reliability function, failure rate and 
mean-time-between failures. 

MF 11-9676 Reliability Fundamental Concepts Part II 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Reliability functions of parts 
are compared with reliabilit func- 
tion of complete item to derive a 
system reliability function. 

MF 11-9691 Reliability Statistical Concepts 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

CX Nalytical methods used in 
reliability engineering : probabil- 
ity theory as it is applied to reli- 
ability prediction. 

MF 11-9703 Reliability Reliability Analysis 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Methods of reliability analy- 
sis regression techniques, design 
'improvement' analysis, and the 
Monte Carlo technique. 


MF 1 1 Signal 

MF 11-9704 

MF 11-9705 

MF 11-9706 

MF 11-9707 

MF 11-9708 

MF 11-9709 

MF 11-9735 

Reliability Testing 

(Color 29 Min 1964) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Fundamentals of test design; 
factors which influence test design; 
use of sequential test techniques 
when sample sizes are limited. 

Specifications and Reliability Assurance 

(Color 25 Min 1965) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Process vs performance speci- 
fication; application of performance 
specification to a military part; ap- 
praisal of inspection plans, test 
plans, and life test design. 

Elements of Reliability Prediction 

(Color 27 Min 1965) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Application of reliability tech- 
niques design-stage predictions at 
drawing board; bench test and pro- 
type test to refine design-stage pre- 

Reliability Monitoring 

(Color 20 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Objectives and functional as- 
pects of monitoring how it is per- 
formed at design, development, pro- 
duction, and use phases of the 
weapon system program. 

The Application of Reliability Data 

(Color 22 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Application of reliability data 
to solve problems arising during the 
life cycle of a weapons system 
design, development, production 
and use phase. 

Reliability Economic Considerations in 

(Color 19 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Initial and support cost factors 
considered in establishment of reli- 
ability goals from design to field 
maintenance of weapons system. 

Agrej in Action (Reliability of Electronic 

(Color 43 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 
Science and methodology devel- 

oped by air force advisory group 
on reliability of electronic equip- 
ment (Agree) for reliability in 
manned aircraft. 

MF 11-9828 Your Radio Frequency 

(Color 26 Min 1963) 

Problems of radio frequency 
engineering; how army manages its 
frequencies; importance of good ra- 
dio discipline to conserve spectrum 
space and preserve command con- 

MF 11-9948 Digital Computer Techniques Introduction 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Development, design, capabili- 
ties, and operation of digital com- 
puter, with focus on factors in com- 
puter process-problem, program, in- 
put medium, computer, output med- 
ium, and solution. 

MF 119949 Digital Computer Techniques Computer 

Logic Part II Logic Elements 
(B&W 15 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Structure, symbols and func- 
tioning of following elements: and, 
or, or (exclusive) nor, flip-flop, in- 
verter, and delay. 

MF 119950 Digital Computer Techniques Computer 


(B&W 24 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Structure, functions and oper- 
ation of the 5 units: input, stor- 
age, control, output, and arithme- 

MF 11-9951 Digital Computer Techniques Logic 

Element Unit 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How diode and transistor op- 
erated circuits function as com- 
puter logic elements: and, or, in- 
verter, nor, and flip-flop. 

MF 119952 Digital Computer Techniques Programming 

(B&W 14 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

What is involved in program- 
ming process: analyzing the prob- 
lem, building program flow chart, 
and coding the instructions. 


TGS 11 Signal 

TG 11-1-39 Single Stroke Military Lettering 

(B&W 2 FR 1963) 

These 2 transparencies demon- 
strate the start-to-finish direction 
of the single strokes and curves 
for drawing the 26 capital letters 
of the alphabet, and numerals. 

TG 11-1-40 Basic Signal Communications 

(B&W 39 FR 1964) 

These 39 transparencies present 
views and diagrams illustrating 
the basic types of signal communi- 
cations including messenger, mail, 
telecommunications, radio, wire, vis- 
ual, and sound. 

TG 11-2-1 Resonance 

(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the principles of 
parallel and series resonance 
in electronic circuits. 

TG 1131 Radio Communications Equipment 

(B&W 14 FR 1963) 

These 14 transparencies con- 
sist of schematic diagrams illus- 
trating the overall design, location 
and features of major components 
of certain radio communications 

T 1132 Applied Radio Communications 

(B&W 8 FR 1964) 

These 8 transparencies present 
diagrams with explanatory notes on 
the layout, equipment, and opera- 
tional channels of typical infantry 
division radio nets. 

TG 11-3-3 Radio Set AN/GRC-50 

(B&W 10 FR 1965) 

These 10 transparencies pre- 
sent diagrams illustrating the 
structural and functional features 
of radio set AN/GRC-50. 

TG 11-3-4 Radio Set AN/PRC-6 

(B&W 23 FR 1966) 

These 23 transparencies illus- 
trate the components and use of 
radio set AN/PRC-6. 

TG 11-3-6 Radio Set AN/PRC-25 

(B&W 13 FR 1968) 

Graphically portrays the de- 
sign, installation, and use of the 
major components and groups. 

TG 11-3-7 Radio Tel .typewriter Sets AN/GRC-46 

and AN/VRC-29 
(B&W 10 FR 1968) 
Nomenclature and arrangement 

TG 11-3-8 

TG 11-4-1 

T 11-4-2 

TG 11-4-3 

TG 11-4-4 

TG 11-4-5 

TG 11-4-6 

TG 11-4-7 

of components in shelter and mount- 
ed on vehicle, electrical equipment 
shelters for sets, operating and heat- 
er controls, power and signal cables, 
and running spares. 

Radio Set AN/GRC-106 

(B&W 14 FR 1968) 

Graphically portrays the 
sign, installation, and use of 
major components and groups. 


Wire Communication Equipment 

(B&W 20 FR 1964) 

Presents exterior and interior 
views of wire communication equip- 

Applied Wire Communication Procedure 
(B&W 10 FR 1964) 

Presents schematic diagrams 
and charts on the wire communica- 
tion systems and procedures em- 
ployed by infantry division compon- 

Power Pack PP-990/G 
(B&W 3 FR 1965) 

Presents diagrams illustrating 
the construction and operational 
features of power pack PP-990/G. 

Tefeohone Set TA-312/PT 

(B&W 2 FR 1965) 

This series consists of a view 
and diagram illustrating the com- 
ponents of the TA-312/PT and the 
pertinent features of the control 

Mobile Telephone Communications 
(B&W 8 FR 1965) 

Presents views illustrating the 
construction of mobile telephone 
communications equipment AN/ 
MTC-7, AN/MTC-3 and AN/MTC- 

Teletyp: writer Set AN/PGC-11 
(B&W 20 FR 1966) 

This series illustrates the com- 
ponents, associated equipment, op- 
eration, and handling of the tele- 
typewriter set AN/PGC-1. 

Terminal, Telegraph TH 5/TG 

(B&W 10 FR 1968) 

Graphically portrays major 
components, typical terminal ar- 
rangements, typical system appli- 
cation, and circuits for different 
types of transmissions. 


T6S 1 1 Signal 

TG 11-4-8 

TG 11-4-9 

TG 11-4-10 

TG 11-5-1 

TG 11-5-2 

TG 11-10-1 

Switchboards, Telephone, Manual 

SB-22/PT and SB-22A/PT 

(B&W 23 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the major compon- 
ents, accessory kits, installation, 
and operation of telephone switch- 
boards SB-22/PT and SB-22A/PT. 

Manual Telephone Switchboard SB-86/P 
(B&W 45 FR 1968) 

Illustrates major components, 
installation for normal and emer- 
gency use, single and multiple call 
operations, battery replacement, 
and packing for storage. 

Manual Telephone Central Office 


(B&W 39 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the main compon- 
ents and circuits of the manual 
telephone central office AN/TCC-7. 

Communications Center Procedure 
(B&W 8 FR 1965) 

These transparencies show the 
forms and transmission procedures 
applied to military messages. 

Message Writing 

(B&W 8 FR 1967) 

This series presents the funda- 
mentals of military message writ- 
ing for transmission by various 

Telephone Terminal AN/TCC-7 
(B&W 26 FR 1967) 

This series illustrates the com- 
ponents and associated equipment 
of the telephone terminal AN/TCC- 


TG 11-10-2 Telegraph Terminals AN/TCC-4 and 


(B&W 27 FR 1968) 

Nomenclature and arrange- 
ment of components, typical system 
applications, terminal arrange- 
ments, telegraph modems, power 
supply test sets, and running 

TG 11-11-1 Radar Set AN/PPS-5 

(B&W 21 FR 1969) 
Illustrates the preliminary 
checks and adjustments, turn-on 
procedures, and orientation and col- 
limation of equipment. 

TG 11-11-2 Radar Sets AN/TPS-33 and 33A 

Maintenance Indicators 
(B&W 11 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the checks for gen- 
eral operational condition and com- 
pleteness of the AN/TPS-33 and 
AN/TPS-33A maintenance indica- 

TG 11-11-3 Radar Set AN/PPS-4A-Operating 


(B&W 16 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the step-by-step op- 
eration of the radar set AN/PPS- 


19. 12-Series; Adjutant General 

TF 12-1808 

Recreation Leadership 

(B&W 23 Min 1953) 

TF 12 Adjutant General 

Shows the steps taken by a cap- 
tain of a newly formed company to 
set up a recreation program. 


MF 12 Adjutant General 

MF 12-5044 Basic Reproduction Processes in the 

Graphics Arts 

(Color 25 Min 1964) 

Techniques, material, and ap- 
plication of basic processes used 
in printing letterpress, gravure, 
lithography, and silk screen meth- 

MF 12-5317 Army Effective Writing Part I Shortness 

(Color 24 Min 1968) 

Explains and illustrates the 
five rules for achieving shortness 
in army writing. 

MF 12-5318 Army Effective Writing-Part Il-Simplicity 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Explains and illustrates the 
four rules for achieving simplicity 
in army writing. 

MF 12-5319 Army Effective Writing-Part Ill-Strength 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Explains and illustrates the 
four rules for achieving strength 
in army writing. 

MF 12-5320 Army Effective Writing-Part IV-Sincerity 

(Color 25 Min 1968) 

Explains how the writer can 
convey to the reader an attitude of 
sincere interest, and illustrates the 
four rules for achieving sincerity 
in army writing. 

MF 12-5663 EES: The Key to Your Future (Enlisted 

Evaluation System) 
(Color 33 Min 1971) 

Describes the enlisted evalua- 
tion system used to test the skill 
level of each soldier in the Army; 
shows how the tests are formulated 
and the importance of their results. 

MF 12-7841 Recreation Center Operation 

(B&W 13 Min 1951) 

Operation of recreational cen- 
ters by special services personnel, 
with the aim of developing a state 
of high-morale. 

MF 12-7936 The Soldier at Leisure 

(B&W 14 Min 1952) 

Discusses the non-athletic lei- 
sure program designed by army 
service clubs to stimulate the in- 
terest of servicemen. 


SFS 12-106 The Army Crafts Program 

(Color 58 FR 11 Min 1966) 
Scope and facilities of army 

SFS 12 Adjutant General 

crafts program stress on service 
personnel participation to preserve 
old skills and develop new ones. 


TGS 12 Adjutant General 

T 12-101 United States Army Code of Conduct- 

Articles I through VI 
(Color 12 FR 1958) 
Posters state and illustrate sa- 

lient precepts in articles I through 
VI of the US soldier's code of con- 
duct while in the service of his 


TF 14 Finance 

20. 14-Series; Finance troop payroll for personnel not be- 

ing paid under JUMPS Army. 

TF 14-3420 The Class A Agent Finance Officer TF 14-3708 Your Army Pay 

(B&W 37 Min 1964) (B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Outlines duties of class A Pay and allowances accrued to 

agent to finance and accounting of- members of armed forces, and the 

ficer at military post. Shows pro- authorized deductions made from 

cedures for drawing and issuing items of entitlement. 


MF 14 Finance 

MF 14-5628 

MF 14-8635 DoHar, and Sen,.-The Anny Financia. 

Management Plan 
D P f ,, ,. (B&W-34 Min-1956) 


internal audit. 


k 21. 15-Series; Judge Advocate General 

TF 151961 The Summary Court-Martial 

(B&W 45 Min 1954) 

Four typical cases depict feasi- 
bility of Summary Court-Martial ; 
rights of accused; relationship of 
Summary Court-Martial officer to 
accused; trial; mitigation; convic- 
tion and sentence. 

TF 15-2999 Investigation of a Claim 

(B&W 35 Min 1961) 

Statutes and conditions for 
claims against government; duties 
of claims officer and jag in claim 
investigation; value of good claims 
administration to army and general 

TF 15-3178 Evidentiary Problems and Trial Techniques 

(B&W 67 Min 2 Reels 1962) 
Portrays trial procedures for 
a court-martial case, with focus on 
techniques and procedures to be 
used by both trial and defense coun- 
sel in general and special court- 
martial cases. 

TF 15-3286 Your Legal Assistance Officers 

(B&W 28 Min 1963) 

TF 15 Judge Advocate General 

How legal assistance officer 
renders important counseling serv- 
ice to servicemen and their families 
on civil legal matters. 

TF 15-3404 Nonjudicial Punishment 

(B&W 24 Min 1965) 

Aims, concept, and procedure 
according ,to amended article 15 
uniform code of military justice 
types of punishment; administra- 
tion, suspension and mitigation of 
punishment; appeal procedures. 

TF 15-3611 The High Cost of Negligence 

(B&W 25 Min 1965) 

Cases of injuries incurred 'not 
in line of duty' emphasize unfavor- 
able consequences of NLOD findings 
in terms of time, cost, and health 

TF 15-4237 General Court Martial 

(B&W 2 Reels 73 Min 1971) 
Demonstrates method od con- 
vening trial, conduct of trial, ar- 
ticle 39 (A) sessions, duties of the 
participants, marking of exhibits, 
and the side bar conference. 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5388 

MF 15-5390 

MF 15-5375 Types of Contracts-Part I MF 15-5385 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5376 Types of Contracts-Part II MF 15-5386 

(B&W 51 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Re- 
serve Judge Advocate training) . 

MF 15-5377 General Principles of Government Contract MF 15-5387 

Law Part I 

(B&W 48 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155378 General Principles of Government Contract 

Law Part II 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). MF 15-5389 

MF 15-5379 General Principles of Government Contract 

Law-Part III 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5380 Modification of Contracts Part I 

(B&W 46 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate Training). 

MF 15-5381 Modification of Contracts-Part II 

(B&W 48 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). MF 15-5392 

MF 15-5382 Appropriations Part I 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5393 
MF 15-5383 Appropriations Part II 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5384 Termination for Default-Part I MF 15-5394 

(B&W 47 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate Training). 

MF 15-5391 

Termination for Default Part II 

(B&W 37 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Formal Advertising Part I 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Formal Advertising Part II 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Negotiation Part I 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Negotiation Part II 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Introduction to Claims and Litigation 

(B&W 54 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Military Personnel Claims Act: 


(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

M-litary Personnel Claims Act: 

(B&W 52 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Federal Tort Claims Act: Analysis of ths 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

Federal Tort Claims Act: Claimants 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5395 Federal Tort Claims Act: Cognizable 


(B&W 54 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen a-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5396 Federal Tort Claims Act: Limitations and 


(B&W 54 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5397 Foreign Claims Act 

(B&W 54 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5398 International Claims Agreements 

(B&W 38 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for the US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15 5399 Military Claims Act and National Guard 

Claims Act: Analysis of the Act 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5400 Military Claims Act and National Guard 

Claims Act: Administration 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5401 Nonscope Claims and Article 139 Claims 

(B&W 54 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5402 Property Damage Claims in Favor of 

th? Government 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5403 Medical Care Recovery Act: Cognizable 


(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5404 Medical Care Recovery Act: Administration 

(B&W 35 Min 1968) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5407 Introduction to Military Justice 

(B&W 16 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5408 Article 15 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5409 Jurisdiction 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5410 Elements of Offense 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155411 Initiation and Investigation of Charges 

(B&W 46 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5412 Evidence-Part I 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5413 An mpts 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5414 Evidence-Part II 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5415 Parties to a Crime 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5416 Evidence-Port III 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5417 Conspiracy 

(B&W 49 Min 2 Reels 1969) 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5418 Disposition of Charges 

(B&W 46 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5419 Evidence-Part IV 

(B&W 51 Min 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5420 Members of the Court 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5421 Military Offenses 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5427 Motions-Part I 

(B&W 39 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training) . 

MF 15-5428 EvWence-PT V 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training) . 

MF 15-5429 Affirmative Defenses Procedural Aspects 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 

primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training) . 

MF 15-5430 M'litary Judge 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5431 Counsel 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training) . 

MF 15-5432 Evidence-Part VI 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5433 Evidence-Part VII 

(B&W 40 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5434 Affirmative Defenses Substantive Aspects 

(B&W 1 Reel 1969) 
(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

16 4071 Evidence-Part VIM 

(B&W 37 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5436 Evidence-Part IX 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5437 Motions-Part II 

(B&W 36 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5438 On -Officer Court Demonstration Part I 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5439 One-Officer Court Demonstration Part II 

(B&W 40 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5440 Initial Appellate Review-Record of Trial 

(B&W 42 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5441 Appellate Review-Actions of the 

Convening Authority and th; Staff Judge 
Advocate and Oth:r Appellate 

(B&W 38 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5442 Military Reservations I: Federal Owner- 

ship and Jurisdiction 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 
(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 

primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5454 

MF 15-5455 

MF 15-5456 

MF 15-5443 Military Reservations II: The Federal 

Enclave and Substantive Law 
(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 

primarily for US Army Reserve M F 15-5453 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5444 Military Reservations III: Command of 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5445 Military Legal Bibliography 

(B&W 29 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5446 Military Reservations IV: Law Enforcement 

and Installation Legal Problems 
(B&W 39 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5447 SoHiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act: 

Persons Protected and Tribunals Affected 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5448 SSCRA: The 'Stay' Sections 

(B&W 40 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5449 SSCRA: Default Judgments 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5450 SSCRA: Lease Terminations and Evictions 

(B&W 38 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5451 SSCRA: Efhct on the States' Power to 

Tax Servicemen 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5452 legal Assistance: Establishment and MF 15-5461 

Supervision of the Office, Eligible 
CFents, and Persons Eligible to Act as 
legal Assistance Officers 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

MF 15-5457 

MF 15-5458 

MF 15-5459 

MF 15-5460 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Legal Assistance: The Preventive Law 
Program, Limitations on Activities of 
the LAO, Referral of Clients Under 
the Legal Assistance Program 
(B&W 47 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 

primarily for US Army Reserve 

Judge Advocate training). 

Legal Aspects of Civil Disturbances I 

(B&W 50 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Legal Aspects of Civil Disturbances II 
(B&W 47 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Legal Asp-cts of Civil Disturbances III 

(B&W 51 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Introduction to the Geneva Conventions 
of 1949, Part I 
(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

The Geneva Prisoner of War Convention 

of 1949 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Introduction to Comparative Law 
(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Use of Force I: Basic Principles 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Hostilities I: Basic Principles: Weapons 

(B&W 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5462 The Geneva Wounded and Sick MF 15-5473 

Conventions of 1949 
(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5463 The Geneva Civilian Convention of 1949 MF-15-5474 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155464 Insurgencies 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) MF 15-5475 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155465 Legal Aspects of Internal Defense/ Internal 

Development Operations MF 15-5476 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5466 Status of Forces I: Jurisdiction Principles MF 15-5477 

and Types of Agreements 
(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5467 Comparative Criminal Law 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5468 Hostilities II: Targets, Ruses and 


(B&W 41 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155469 Status of Forces II: Criminal Jurisdiction 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5470 Status of Forces III: Problems of MF 15-5481 


(B&W 42 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5471 Status of Foreas IV: Non-Criminal Aspects MF 15-5482 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5478 

MF 15-5479 

MF 15-5480 

War Crimes I: Historical Background and 

Basic Principles 

(B&W 41 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

War Crimes II: Jurisdiction, Procedure 
and Defenses 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Nonhostile Relations of Belligerents 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Settlement of Disputes 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Bolligerant Occupation 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Introduction to the International Law 
of War 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Legal Aspects of Civil Affairs 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 


(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Criminal Law and Procedure in the 
Communist Legal System 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

Use of Force II: Case Studies 

(B&W 42 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5484 Nature and Sources of International Law 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army Re- 
serve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5485 United Nations 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army Re- 
serve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155486 Regional International Organizations 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army Re- 
serve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5487 International Agreements 

(B&W 2 Reels 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in CON- 
US primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5488 Impossibility of Performance Part I 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5489 Impossibility of Performance Part II 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5490 Socic-Economic Policies-Part I 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5491 Socio-Economic Policies Part II 

(B&W 43 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5492 Socio-Economic Policies Part III 

(B&W 41 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5493 Contract Claims and Litigation-Part I 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5494 Contract Claims and Litigation Part II 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5495 Contract Claims and Litigation Part III 

(B&W 45 Min 1969) 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 
CONUS primarily for US Army 
Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5496 Subcontracts-Part I 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5497 Subcontracts-Part II 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5498 Termination for Convenience Part I 

(B&W 47 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5499 Termination for Convenience Part II 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155500 Small Purchases and Personal Services 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 155501 Suspension of Work and Acceleration of 

Performance Part I 

(B&W 44 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5502 Suspension of Work and Acceleration of 

Performance Part II 

(B&W 28 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5503 Boards of Officers: Nature and Jurisdiction 

(B&W 48 Min 1969) 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 

MF 15-5504 Boards of Officers: Procedures and Reviow 

(B&W 46 Min 1969) 

Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS 
primarily for US Army Reserve 
Judge Advocate training). 


MF 15 Judge Advocate General 

MF 15-5505 Nonappropriated Fund. MF 15-5595 Civilian Personnel Law Part Il-Adv.rse 

(B&W-45 Min-1969) AeHon s, Grievances, and Appeal, 

(Distr to CAVSC's in CONUS (B&W 1971) 

primarily for US Army Reserve (Distr to Cen A-VSC's in 

Judge Advocate training). CONUS primarily for US Army 

MF 15-5594 Civilian Personnel Law Part l-lntroduction Reserve Judge Advocate training). 

and types of Employees MF 15-5596 Civilian Personnel Law Part Ill-Labor 

(B&W 1971) Mana 9 ament Relation, 

(Distr to Cen A-VSC's in (B&W 1971) 

CONUS primarily for US Army (Distr to Cen A -VSC's in 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). CONUS primarily for US Army 

Reserve Judge Advocate training). 


TF 16 Chaplain 

22. 16-Series; Chaplain 

TF 16-2791 

TF 16-3294 

TF 16-3376 

TF 16-3413 

TF 16-3414 

TF 16-3415 

TF 16-3416 

TF 16-3417 

TF 16-3418 

TF 16-3610 

Moral Responsibility of Safety 

Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 6 Min 1959) TF 16-3659 

(See TF 16-3761 for summary 
and conclusion film). 

Justice and the Soldier 

(B&W 17 Min 1963) 

Stresses idea that justice is a 

two-way street, and that army rules TF 16-3659A 
and regulations are designed to in- 
sure justice for the soldier. 

The Hospital Chaplain 

(B&W 22 Min 1964) 

A young army chaplain, as- 
signed to a hospital, develops the TF 16-3735 
attitudes and skills necessary for 
successful accomplishment of his 

Maturity and the Military Lady 

Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 12 Min 1964) TF 16-3736 

(See TF 16-3778 for summary 
conclusion film). 

The Hazards of Military Service (WAC) 

Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

(See TF 16-3779 for summary 
and conclusion film). pF 16-3759 

The Lady and the Military 

Op n End Discussion Film 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 

(See TF 16-3780 for summary 
and conclusion film). 

Women's Service to the Nation 
Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 10 Min 1964) 

(See TF 16-3781 for summary 
and conclusion film). 

Thanksgiving Thanks for What 
Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 12 Min 1964) 

(See TF 16-3759 for summary 
and conclusion film). 

Communism and Freedom 

Open End Discussion Film 

(B&W 15 Min 1964) 

(See TF 16-3760 for summary 
and conclusion film). 

The Post Chaplain as Administrator 

(B&W 35 Min 1966) 

Relation of post chaplain to 
post commander, staff officers and 

TF 16-3760 

TF 16-3761 

TF 16-3778 

TF 16-3779 

junior chaplains; and administra- 
tive duties in developing religious 
program for his installation. 

Marriage and the Soldier 

(B&W 27 Min 1967) 

Delineates the problems young 
soldiers face in early or hasty mar- 
riages, and the considerations for 
successful marriages. 

Marriage and the Soldier Summary and 


(Color 6 Min 1969) 

This is the summary and con- 
clusion film to be used after TF 
16-3659 'Marriage and the Soldier.' 

The Post Chaplain as Pastor 

(B&W 32 Min 1967) 

Aims, duties and activities of 
the post chaplain as pastor for 
military personnel and their depend- 
ents, and unit chaplains. 

The Post Chaplain as Educator 
(B&W 29 Min 1966) 

Role in creating religious educa- 
tion climate, establishing a religious 
advisory board, and in operational 
control of religious education pro- 

Thanksgiving Thanks for What? 
Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 7 Min 1968) 

(See TF 16-3417 for open end 
discussion film). 

Communism and Freedom 

Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 12 Min 1967) 

(See TF 16-3418 for open end 
discussion film). 

Moral Responsibility of Safety 
Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 

(See TF 16-2791 for open end 
discussion film). 

Maturity and the Military Lady 
Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 7 Min 1968) 

(See TF 16-3413 for open end 
discussion film). 

Hazards of Military Service 
Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 6 Min 1968) 

(See TF 16-3414 for open end 
discussion film). 


TF 16 Chaplain 
TF 16-3780 

TF 16-3781 

TF 16-3853 

TF 16-3943 

TF 16-4001 

TF 16-4002 

TF 16-4003 

TF 16-4004 

TF 16-4005 

The Lady in the Military 

Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 6 Min 1968) 

(See TF 16-3415 for open end 
discussion film). 

Women's Service to the Nation 
Summary and Conclusion Film 

(Color 8 Min 1968) 

(See TF 16-3416 for open end 
discussion film). 

The Chaplain's Assistant This is My Place 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

Delineates the wide variety of 
duties of a chaplain's assistant; and 
the training, traits, and skills re- 
quired to fulfill them. 

The Chaplain in Combat 

(Color 43 Min 1968) 

The chaplain's personal pre- 
paration for assignment in combat; 
and his contributions as a member 
of the army team before, during, 
and after battle. 

Authority and the Soldier 

(Color 15 Min 1970) 

Explains that military author- 
ity is not based on rank alone, but 
implies special skills and training; 
and that the soldier, though under 
authority, still has freedom. 

Group Living and the Soldier 

(Color 18 Min 1970) 

Explains the value of group 
living in military life, adjustments 
expected of the soldier, and the 
ways he is able to make a vital 
contribution to the effectiveness of 
the combat team. 

Honor and the Soldier 

(Color 16 Min 1970) 

Defines the meaning of person- 
al honor, and shows how the soldier's 
sense of honor relates to his duty 
and country. 

Heritage and the Soldier 

(Color 19 Min 1970) 

Delineates the important con- 
cepts and essential spirit of the 
American heritage as it is sym- 
bolized on American military in- 

Duty and the Soldier 

(Color 15 Min 1970) 

Explains the meaning of a sense 
of duty as it applies to the American 

citizen, and in particular, to the 
young soldier who contributes his 
part to the success of the army 
mission and the welfare of his 

TF 16-4006 My Country 

(Color 13 Min 1970) 

Delineates the diversity and 
ideals, that is America, as well as 
her problems and potential, to evoke 
an awareness within the individual 
of his relationship and responsi- 
bility to his country. 

TF 16-4007 The Real Person 

(Color 10 Min 1970) 

Portrays the problem of Private 
Johnny Cool, a man desperately in 
search of his own identity. Con- 
veys the essence of what is involved 
in being a genuine personality. 

TF 16-4008 Responsibility 

(Color 8 Min 1970) 

Delineates the meaning and im- 
portance of responsible adult be- 
havior for the good of the individ- 
ual soldier and for the country. 

TF 16-4009 Happy New Year-Harry and Al 

(Color 15 Min 1970) 

Flashbacks into the lives of two 
old friends point up the importance 
of perserverance and endurance in 
making personal and professional 
progress. Al's lack of these traits 
results in a steadily deteriorating 
image, whereas hardworking Harry 
achieves success. 

TF 16-4010 My Birthright 

(Color 8 Min 1970) 

Delineates the importance of the 
individual in our democracy, and 
stresses the fact that the freedoms 
of the individual are protected by 
the bill of rights. 

TF 16-4011 Fair Play 

(Color 8 Min 1970) 

Explores the various aspects of 
fair play in business, games, and 
sports, emphasizing the importance 
of daily attitudes of 'fair play' for 
making sound judgments. 

TF 16-4012 Ambition 

(Color 9 Min 1970) 

This film delineates ambition 
as the motivating force in life. It 
demonstrates that one must set 


TF 16 Chaplain 

TF 16-4018 Esprit 

(Color 8 Min 1971) 

Shows that people and flow- 
ers need encouragement and nour- 
ishment to perform well in any 

TF 16-4022 

reasonable goals, otherwise ambi- TF 16-4020 
tion could be a destructive force. 

TF 16-4013 Social Concern 

(Color 9 Min 1970) 

This film describes the various 

types of individual involvement TF 16-4021 
ranging from passive involvement 
or 'going along with the crowd,' 
to excessive or violent involvement. 

TF 16-4014 Personal Freedom 

(Color 10 Min 1970) 

Discusses the high degree of 
free expression allowed in the US 
today, comparing with the denial of 
Galileo's freedom of expression. Pro- 
tests and non-conformity are explor- 

TF 16-4015 Common Sense 

(Color 8 Min 1970) 

This film, using animation, 
describes the building of two robots 
correlating the use of pure logic 
without emotion versus the use of 
pure emotion without logic, showing 
the outcome in each instance, which 
was disaster. TF 16-4024 

TF 16-4016 Self-Discipline 

(Color 13 Min 1970) 

A contrast between two skiers, 
one who is a natural athlete, lax 
about his training, and the other 
who has less talent, but a great 
deal of self-discipline. 


TF 16-4025 

TF 16-4017 Marriage Go Round 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates through the ex- 
perience of a newly married couple 
that marriage is not a solo, like TF 16-4026 
dancing in a discotheque, but a 
partnership that requires a great 
deal of care. 

TF 16-4027 

TF 16-4019 My Job 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 

Investigates several attitudes 
toward work and motivations for a 
man to get a job. Satirizes some TF 16-4028 
methods used to determine vocational 

Respect for Others 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 

Dramatizes the idea that a man 
must respect others in order to gain 
respect for himself. 


(Color 10 Min 1971) 

Dramatizes through the theme 
of student dissent the way that 
integrity helps a person cope with 
social pressures and personal con- 

The Good Life 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

Shows that only through re- 
lease of our deepest creative powers 
and involvement with meaningful 
acts can we really achieve the 'good 


(Color 19 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the value of mod- 
erate and rational human behavior 
by showing the irrationality of im- 
moderate behavior. 

20-20 Hindsight 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

A time traveler from the year 
2020 tries to show a young man the 
importance of planning to be able 
to survive in the changing world 
of the future. 

Living With Conflict 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

Shows various aspects of con- 
flict through several humorous vig- 
nettes dealing with common and un- 
common problems. 

The World's Champion Hater 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 

A TV talk show guest is Mike 
Gribble, the world's champion hater. 
This caricature exposes the roots 
of prejudice in childhood training, 
fear, and sterotyping. 

The Test 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

A student in a computer school 
sees a faraway tragedy on TV, and 
wants to quit school to do something 
'important.' His counselor helps him 
learn how to come to terms with 
contemporary problems. 

Communicating With Others 
(Color 10 Min 1971) 
A political candidate, 



TF 16 Chaplain 

TF 16-4062 

TF 16-4245 

TF 16-4280 

ground in his campaign, finds that 
he is unable to communicate with 
the voters because he does not con- 
sider the other person's position in 

Th? Confinement Facility Chaplain 

(Color 41 Min 1969) 

Describes the chaplain's role in 
meeting the spiritual needs of men 
in the stockade environment, focus- 
ing on: interviews with prisoners, 
religious services, religious educa- 
tion, pastoral care, and character 

Something of Value 

(Color 22 Min 1972) 

Discusses the modernized ap- 
proach to character guidance in the 
army today, made necessary by the 
changed attitude of the young men 
of today toward society's moral 

To Be A Woman 

(Color 13 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discusses the role of women in 
today's society, using a combination 
of psychedelic art and special photo- 
graphic effects. 

TF 16-4281 To Be A Person 

(Color 20 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explores many facets of being 
a person; being an individual, re- 
lating to other people, and sensing 
oneself as a person. 

TF 16-4282 To Be Married 

(Color 13 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Gives several views on mar- 
riage, what it is and what it should 
be, with a visual accompaniment of 
film and art effects. 

TF 16-4283 To Be In Love 

(Color 13 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents opinions of several 
people about the nature of love, with 
a semi-psychedelic visual accom- 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5012 Now We Are Parents 

(Color 30 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problems young couples en- 
counter when they become parents, 
and suggestions on how new par- 
ents can maintain proper perspec- 

MF 16-5013 In Time of Trouble 

(B&W 14 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays important role of 
church minister as a marriage coun- 
selor for troubled members of the 

MF 16-5014 Jealousy 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the reasons for jeal- 
ousy, and stresses importance of 
faith and trust in oneself and 
spouse for a successful marriage. 

MF 16-5016 Who's Boss 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the danger of competing 
marriage partners, and stresses the 
value of mutual cooperation and 
understanding for marriage. 

MF 16-5025 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary- 

The Descent of the Holy Spirit 

(Color 31 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Events preceding and after the 
descent of the Holy Spirit upon the 
Apostles. Sermon by Father Pat- 
rick Peyton on the power of prayer 
in the home. 

MF 16-5032 Behold The Lamb of God 

(Color S Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' boyhood in Nazareth and 
His activities after Joseph's death; 
Jesus' spiritual development and 
association with John the Baptist. 

MF 16-5107 Stewardship of Abilities 

(B&W 13 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Poses stewardship problems : 
How can one best serve the Lord? 
What is the wisest and best use of 
life and talents? 

MF 16-5108 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary- 

the Coronation 
(Color 35 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


MF 16-5119 

MF 16-5120 

MF 16-5128 

MF 16-5129 

MF 16-5130 

MF 16-5167 

Portrays life of Mary to ex- 
plain Catholic belief in Mary's spir- 
itual role as 'Queen' and 'Blessed 
Mother.' Sermon on power of prayer 
in home. 

Kora of New Guinea (Evangelism) 

(Color 36 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of life and work of a 
native evangelist missionary in New 
Guinea stresses need for more evan- 
gelist workers in this part of the 

The Search for Truth (Religious Faith 
and Science) 

(Color 27 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Observations of renowned sci- 
entists establish a logical founda- 
tion for the validity of religious 
faith in a world of science. 

If You Are The Son of God 

(Color 7 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of Jesus' spiri- 
tual development after His baptism 
by John His retreat to the wilder- 
ness and meditations on how to 

Of Soldiers and Altars 

(Color 28 Min 1966) 

Facilities and activities pro- 
vided by US Army chaplaincy pro- 
grams for all faiths, both within 
the US and oversea theaters of op- 

The Bridge (A History of the Army 


(Color 30 Min 1968) 

A graphic record of the role 
played by the army chaplaincy in 
keeping the 'bridge' open between 
God and the men and women of the 
Armed Forces throughout the his- 
tory of our nation. 

White As Snow (Religion and the Modern 

(Color 29 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Young student, unable to rec- 
oncile faith with the modern world, 
accepts his pastor's advice and 
turns to the Bible for some of the 
answers he is seeking. 

Israel The Story of the Jewish People 
(Color 32 Min 1966) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5168 

MF 16-5169 

MF 16-5170 

MF 16-5180 

MF 16-5181 

MF 16-5200 

MF 16-5213 


(Adopted Commercial Film) 

History of the Jews from time 
of Abraham to present day, with 
particular focus on events related 
to establishment of the state of 

The Moral Choice 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatization concerns two 
teenagers in love who are faced 
with the problem of choosing pro- 
per standards of sex morality. 

I Was Ashamed 

(Color 29 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the growing-up prob- 
lems of a young teenager, and the 
concern of her parents regarding 
her spiritual growth. 

Dawn of Victory 

(Color 28 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A portrayal of the resurrec- 
tion message, beginning with events 
of the crucifixion, Easter Sunday, 
and ending with Jesus' last appear- 

Psalm 112 'Praise the Lord' 

(B&W 5 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 
TV film, presented on the Fam- 
ily Theater 'Prayer of the Ages' 
program, based on Psalm 112 of the 
Bible Fides translation. 

Psalm 8 'Wonder' 

(B&W 4 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

TV film, presented on the fami- 
ly theater 'Prayer of the Ages' pro- 
gram, based on Psalm 8 of the Bible 
Fides translation. 

Through Gates of Splendor 

(Color 37 Min) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

This is the factual story of 
the death of five American mis- 
sionaries at the hands of the Auca 
Indians in Ecuador, January 1956; 
and the subsequent missionary ef- 
forts of the widows of two of the 
slain men. 

How Do I Love Thee 

(Color 29 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Dilemma of college students 

in choosing premarital sex code of 
conduct stress on value of sex j 
standards based on respect prior 
to marriage. 

MF 16-5214 Face the Music 

(Color 76 Min 2 Reels 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Message of faith in Jesus pre- 
sented in the song and music of 
Thurlow Spurr and the Spurrlows; 
and story of a nonbeliever who 
finally turns to faith. 

MF 16-5215 The Paul Carlson Story 

(Color 54 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Life, work and death of Dr. 
Carlson, American Medical Mission- 
ary, who was killed by Congolese 
rebels, 24 November 1964. 

MF 16-5219 We Call Them Chaplain 

(B&W 11 Min 1967) 

Explains to new recruits the 
role of the army chaplain as friend, 
advisor, and spiritual guide. 

MF 16-5230 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary 

The Assumption 
(Color 35 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A portrayal of Mary's life af- A 
ter the death of Jesus, and the I 
events surrounding her death, bur- 
ial and assumption. 

MF 16-5231 Big Steve (Compulsive Gambling) 

(Color 8 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a compulsive gambler 
who finally realizes he needs help 
to overcome his weakness, and joins 
a 'Gambling Anonymous' group. 

MF 16-5247 Three Wise Boys 

(Color 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of three boys who be- 
come caught up in the deeper mean- 
ing of Christmas. 

MF 16-5248A The Old Testament Background 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 1 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5248B Problems of Old Testa m ant Study 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 2 of 13 in series titled 

MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5248C 

MF 16-5248D 

MF 16-5248E 

MF 16-5248F 

MF 16-5248G 

MF 16-5248H 

MF 16-52481 

MF 16-5248J 

MF 16-5248M 

MF 16-5248N 

MF 16-52480 

'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Pentateuch An Introduction Book of MF 16-5248L 


(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 3 of 13 in series " titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Pentateuch Book of Exodus 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 4 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Pentateuch Literary Problems 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 5 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Pentatauch Religious Value 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 6 of 1.3 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Promised Land 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 7 of 13 in series titled 
"An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The United Kingdom 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 8 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Divided Kingdom 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 9 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

The Rise of Prophecy 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 10 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

Amos MF 16-5248T 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 11 of 13 in series titled 

MF 16-5248P 

MF 16-5248Q 

MF 16-5248R 

MF 16-5248S 

'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 

Ho sea 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 12 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 


(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 13 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (First Semester). 


(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 1 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 


(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 2 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 


(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lessson 3 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

Ezra, Nehemiah 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 4 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

Tha Pentateuch, the Priestly Code 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 5 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

Deutero Isaiah 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 6 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

Ruth and Jonah 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 7 of 13 in series titled 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5261 

'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5248U Wisdom: Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) Mp 16-5259 

Lesson 8 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5248V Wisdom: The Book of Job 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 9 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5248W Apocalypticism: The Book of Daniel 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-5260 

Lesson 10 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5248X The Book of Psalms 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 11 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 1 6-5248 Y The Old Testament and the Dead Sea 


(B&W 30 Min 1969) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 12 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5248Z Beyond the Old Testament 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 13 of 13 in series titled 
'An Introduction to the Old Testa- 
ment' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5251 Parobb 

(Color 22 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of a man who dared 
to be different epitomizes the his- 
tory of mankind and of an indi- 

MF 16-5258 Least of My Brothers 

(B&W 28 Min 1967) MF 16-5264 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns the dilemma of a pre- 
med college student who begins to 
doubt his faith as he is exposed to 
the intellectual and social experi- 
ence of the school environment. 
While on a Peace Corps job in 

MF 16-5262 

South America, he learns that by 
loving and serving his fellowmen 
he is in the presence of God and 
true happiness. 

The Lovers 

(B&W 25 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Gerry and Bob, 
engaged to be married, shows how 
a girl in love can be pressured into 
a pre-marital affair. As Bob begins 
to resist the idea of marriage, 
Gerry realizes her mistake and 
discontinues the relationship, vow- 
ing never again to compromise her 
spiritual values. 

David, A Young Hero 

(Color 16 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A dramatization of the David 
and Goliath episode as recounted 
in the Old Testament David's an- 
ointment by Samuel, his friendship 
with King Saul and Jonathan, the 
encounter with Goliath, and King 
Saul's subsequent rejection of David. 

Ruth, A Faithful Woman 

(Color 15 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A dramatization of the Ruth 
and Naomi episode as recounted in 
the Old Testament Ruth's pledge 
of loyalty to Naomi, her mother- 
in-law; their return from Moab to 
Judea, Ruth's Marriage to Boaz, 
and the birth of a son who was 
destined to be the ancestor of King 
David and the Messiah. 

Ycur Last Chance 

(Color 30 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a boy's involvement 
in a store robbery points up the 
theme that the crime was the con- 
sequence of the failure of the 
church and individuals to share the 
spiritual truths with their fellow- 

Sinners, Inc. 

(B&W 29 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The stories of 3 sinners, a trav- 
eling salesman, Lady MacBeth, and 
Dr. Faustus, delineate the real na- 
ture of sin, and the social reper- 
cussions of sin. 

MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5271 The Scrolls of Leeuwarden 

(Color 28 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Factual story of the scrolls 
of the Leeuwarden Synagogue in 
the Netherlands during the Nazi MF 16-5285H 
Holacaust and how they came to 
the Synagogue in the children's vil- 
lage of Kfar Batya in Israel. 

MF 16-5276 The Search 

(Color 29 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-52851 

Delineates man's search to find 
himself and his God throughout the 
ages the words of the Psalmists 
written 2,000 years ago attest to 
this search. 

MF 16-5285A New Life in the New Testament MF 16-5285J 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 1 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285B Th 2 Predicament of Modern Man MF 16-5285K 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 2 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285C God's Good News MF 16-5285L 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 3 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285D Luke: The Source of Life MF 16-5285M 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 4 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285E Mark: The Acceptance of life MF 16-5285N 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 5 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285F Matthew: The Cost of Life MF 16-5285O 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 6 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

MF 16-5285G John: The Incarnation of Life MF 16-5285P 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 7 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (First Semester). 

John: The Dimension of Life 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 8 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

First John: The Strength of Love 
(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 9 of 13 in series titled 

"The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

Hebrews: The Mystery of Sacrifice 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 10 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

Acts: What in the World Is the Church 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 11 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

Acts: Who in the World is the Church 
(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 12 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

Acts: Where in the World is the Church 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 13 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (First Semester). 

Paul and the Light From Heaven 
(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 1 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (Second Semester). 

Romans: A Symphony of Faith 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Lesson 2 of 13 in series titled 

'The New Testament and Modern 

Man' (Second Semester). 

James: Faith Without Work Is Dead 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 3 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285Q Galatians: Faith and Freedom 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 4 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285R First Corinthians: The Life of Love 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 5 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285S Second Corinthians: The Thorn in the Flesh 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 6 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 1 5-5285 T Colossians: The Cosmic Christ 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 7 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285U Philippions: Surprised by Joy 
(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 8 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285V Thessalonions: The End of the World 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 9 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285W Revelation: God has the Last Word 
(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 10 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285X Pastoral Letters: Faith Beyond Belief 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 11 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285Y Ephesians: Uniting the Broken World 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 12 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5285Z The Unfinished New Testament 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lesson 13 of 13 in series titled 
'The New Testament and Modern 
Man' (Second Semester). 

MF 16-5286 Look Up and Live-Part I 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A panel of Catholic educators 
defines the objectives and concepts 
of the new approach to religious 
education of children. 

MF 16-5287 Look Up and Live-Part II 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The new approach to religious 
education is applied to a class of 
pre-schoolers at a Catholic convent. 

MF 16-5288 Vatican Council 1 1 -Part l-The Peaceful 


(Color 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Documents the events during the 
first and second sessions, 1962 
1963, of the 21st General Ecumen- 
ical Council. 

MF 16-5289 Vatican Council Il-Part II-A New 


(Color 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Documents the events during 
the third and fourth sessions, 1964 
1965, of the 21st General Ecu- 
menical Council. 

MF 16-5307 The Reverend Turner's Night Out 

(The Reserve Chaplain) 
(Color 19 Min 1968) 

Describes the training and ac- 
tivities of the chaplains in the US 
Army Reserve. 

MF 16-5328 I Don't Want to Get Involved 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Examines the problem of pub- 
lic apathy in modern urban society, 
and the role of the individual and 
the church in bringing about 
social involvement. 

MF 16-5329 Michael has Company for Coffee 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Michael O'Shea, 
a lonely and bitter old cobbler, 


who finds peace of soul by turn- 
ing to God. 

MF 16-5330 The Well-Rounded Square 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A lecture addressed to 20th 
century youth on how to achieve 
a proper balance in life for per- 
sonal happiness and for the strength 
of a free society. 

MF 16-5331 David, King of Israel 

(Color 16 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of David, from the 
time of his disfavor with King Saul 
to his reign as King of Israel, as 
recounted in the Old Testament. 

MF 16-5333 A Mitzvah to Serve 

(Color 26 Min 1969) 

An orientation on the mean- 
ing, responsibilities, and value of 
Jewish lay leadership in the US 
Armed Forces. 

MF 16-5334 Signposts Aloft 

(Color 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A sermon on the theme of 
faith as applied to man in his ela- 
tion with God. 

MF 16-5335 Road Signs on a Merry-Go-Round 

(Color 1 Hr 2 Reels 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The philosophies of Dietrich 
Bonhoeffer- Teilhard de Chardin, 
and Martin Buber provide some of 
the answers to man's search to un- 
derstand the meaning of his exper- 
ience and his relationship with God. 

MF 16-5337 The Gift 

(Color 23 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Develops the theme that Jesus' 
life and teaching is a gift from God 
and the core of the Christian faith; 
and that responsible stewardship on 
the part of each Christian will help 
the church to fulfill its mission for 
God's purpose. 

MF 16-5339 Anyone Around My Base is it (The Search 

for God) 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A man's search for a better 
understanding of the nature and ex- 
istence of God reveals the concept 

MF 16 Chaplain 

that God is where people look for 
Him and find Him. 

MF 16-5340 Inscape 

(Color 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Delineates the struggle of 
young people in modern society in 
the search for self-identity and for 
an understanding of the purpose of 
life and their relationship with 

MF 16-5343 One Reach One-The American Cannibals 

(Color 26 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns the moral choices 
made under the pressures of today's 
affluent society, pointing up the idea 
that material gain alone does not 
bring happiness, but that a belief 
in God and moral integrity are the 
key to the enriched life. 

MF 16-5344 One Reach One Marriage, A Simple Glory 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a close look at the 
many faces of marriage in con- 
temporary life, pointing up the 
idea that people must relate to each 
other with heart, mind, and soul to 
achieve a true 'oneness.' 

MF 16-5346 Something More 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Illustrates the psychological 
and spiritual value of chapel in- 
volvement for military personnel 
of all faiths. 

MF 16-5351 Look Who's Living Next Door 

(Color 30 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the social and spiritual 
disillusionment that underlies the 
new morality practiced by young 
people who are rebelling against 
the lack of moral standards in to- 
day's world, developing the theme 
that love and faith in God are the 
key to a better world and meaning- 
ful life. 

MF 16-5352 He is Risen 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of the passion and 
resurrection of Jesus is recounted 
against a background of famous 
religious paintings. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5353 One Reach One-The Search 

(Color 26 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A portrayal of a man's search 
to assuage the pain of loneliness 
and find meaning to his life. He 
realizes that the key to personal 
fulfillment is through faith in God 
and community with fellowmen. 

MF 16-5372 The Antkeeper 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An allegorical tale illustrates 
the impact of the forces of good 
and evil on human conduct and ex- 
perience, developing the theme that 
love and faith in God bring truth, 
beauty, and order into the world. 

MF 16-5373 Insight (Late Great God) 

(Color 29 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Delineates the spiritual strug- 
gle in modern society to under- 
stand the nature of God and affirm 
man's need for God. Develops the 
theme that faith in the existence 
of God is the bridge to self-reali- 
zation and meaningful community 
in the world of mankind. 

MF 16-5374 The Now Crowd 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A portrayal of the pangs of 
conscience suffered by two college 
sweethearts in trying to conform to 
the 'new morality' of today's youth. 

MF 16-5422 One Reach One-The Endless Thread 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Assesses the role of the Amer- 
ican family in contemporary life, 
and underscores the importance of 
pertuating the traditional values of 
family life to develop a more 'hu- 
manized' society. 

MF 16-5507 Don't Blame Me 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Delineates man's need for hon- 
est soul-searching to find the mean- 
ing of his life and understand his 
relationship to God and fellow man. 

MF 16-5508 A Place in the Sun 

(Color 7 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An animated portrayal of man 
in his world, and how he controls 

the quality of his life through his 
own basic nature. 

MF 16-5510 One Reach One-The Shadow of the Turtle 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A woman is tortured by self- 
inflicted guilt feelings when her 
small daughter is diagnosed as re- 
tarded. She finds peace when she 
realizes that tragedy can guide to 
a meaningful life. 

MF 16-5511 Trap of Hate 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A dramatic portrayal of a boy's 
reaction to the social difficulties he 
encounters as a result of his broth- 
er's prison record. 

MF 16-5518 Psychological Differences Between the Sexes 

(Color 13 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays the ways in which a 
young girl and boy react to similar 
situations their diverse reactions 
exemplify some of the typical psy- 
chological differences between males 
and females. 

MF 16-5530 One Reach One-The Late Liz 

(Color 27 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of a woman whose 
spiritual rebirth emancipates her 
from a life of alcoholism. 

MF 16-5531 One Reach One-Face of the Pharisee 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns the danger of self- 
righteousness and intolerance in 
modern day society. 

MF 16-5532 Insight-He Lived With Us, He Ate With 

Us, What Else, Dear? 

(Color 26 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays the struggle of young 
people in today's affluent society to 
understand and balance the power 
and responsibility of freedom. 

MF 16-5533 Workout 

(Color 16 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays the struggle in mod- 
ern society to bridge the communi- 
cations gap between the genera- 

MF 16-5536 Insight-Watts Made Out of Thread 

(Color 28 Min 1970) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-5553 

An enactment of the spiritual 
conflict engendered by racial pre- 
judice and social injustice in the 
20th century. 

MF 16-5537 Engagement: Romance and Reality 

(Color 15 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Episodes in the life of a young 

couple who plans to marry point MF 16-5554 
up the importance of taking time 
during the engagement period to 
arrive at a realistic appraisal of 
one's potential mate. 

MF 16-5538 Handling Marital Conflicts 

(Color 14 Min 1070) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The development of arguments MF 16-5555 
between two couples points up the 
differences between constructive and 
destructive conflict and the means 
of coping with marital disagree- 

MF 16-5540 Land of the Book 

(Color 28 Min 1970) MF 16-5556 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of the land, litera- 
ture, and people of ancient Israel, 
from Abraham to the fall of Mas- 

MF 16-5541 Mirror, Mirror 

(Color 25 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-5557 

A young high school student, 
unhappy and uncomfortable with 
his peers because of a poor self 
image, realizes he must try to find 
himself. He makes a positive effort 
to join in school activities, and soon 
experiences a sense of worth. 

MF 16-5551 Insight-Daath of Simon Jackson MF 16-5580 

(Color 30 Min) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of the life and death 
of a young black poet as he tells 
the story of his people through his 

MF 16-5552 The Youth Drug Scene MF 16-5581 

(Color 29 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the reasons a 20-year- 
old drug addict turned to drugs, 
the reactions of his family, friends, 
and himself, and how turning to 
God helped him get rid of the habit. 

Insight The Sandalmaker 

(Color 26 Min) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Mike, a young 
drug addict who is accused of mur- 
der, and the problems encountered 
between he and his father, an at- 
torney, as they plan for his de- 

Contact (The Christian Encounter Series) 

(Color 11 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the goals of the 
catholic church today its aspira- 
tions to reach out to all segments 
of the church and raise the level of 
human dignity. 

Encounter (The Christian Encounter Series) 
(Color 9 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Compares the lives of people 

who share life and interests, with 

those who are indifferent to others 

and the needs of others. 

Search (The Christian Encounter Series) 

(Color 10 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Develops the theme that in 
searching for God, we will find Him 
in our fellow man; 'the mystery 
of Christ is among you,' (Colos- 
sians 1:27). 

Witness (The Christian Encounter Series) 

(Color 8 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Develops the theme that we 
should count our blessings and 
share them; 'the only witness is a 
life of integrity,' (II Corinthians 

Crossing* Point 

(Color 31 Min 1970) 
Adopted Commercial Film) 

Develops the theme that pro- 
blems and crises are a part of life, 
and that Christian beliefs are vital 
to the decisions we make. 

Little Drummer Boy 

(Color 23 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The little drummer boy, after 
playing his drum at the cradle of 
the Christ Child, experiences a 
change in his attitude and think- 


MF 16 Chaplain 
MF 16-5582 

MF 16-5583 

MF 16-5584 

MF 16-5585 

MF 16-5593 

MF 16-5597 

MF 16-5598 


(Color 13 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of the Passover, 
the Feast of Spring. Describes the 
Feast of Seder, and the way Passover 
is celebrated in Palestine today. 

Religion in Russia 

(Color 20 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Follows the history of religion 
in Russia from spirit worship in 
the eighth century through the in- 
fluences of Buddhism, Jewish, Is- 
lamis, and Mongol cultures to the 
adoption of the Greek Orthodox 
faith, and present suppression of 

The Gossamer Theard (Jewish History) 

(Color 28 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of the Jewish 
religion from the Babylonian in- 
fluence to the rise of Judaism in 
Jerusalem, Judea, Galilee, China, 
Spain, and France. 

Tuesday Night is the Loneliest Night of the 

(Color 36 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays the affair between an 
unmarried girl and a married man, 
and the unhappiness that results 
because of the affair. 

Charlie, You Made the Night Too Long 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows that even people who 
deny that they are prejudiced 
against another race may really 
have some prejudice they don't re- 

Consider fh? Zebra 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatize the reactions of 
church members to a program to 
use church facilities to teach and 
retrain negroes in the community. 

The Other Wise Man 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells of Artaban, the fourth 
wise man, who spent his life and 
his fortune looking for Christ. 

MF 16-5599 Charlie Churchman and the Youth Quake 

(Color 27 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows that today's youth do 
not respond to the traditional meth- 
of of teaching Sunday school; moral 
lessons are best taught in the con- 
text of real life. 

MF 16-5600 Charlie Churchman and the Church Week 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Contrasts the self-centered bus- 
iness of church week with scenes 
of the pressing needs of the world. 

MF 165603 Holy Communion Sacrament of Life 

(Color 9 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Gives a contemporary meaning 
to the Holy Communion ; shows that 
communion represents not only the 
life of Christ, but all life on earth. 

MF 16-5604 Come Back 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A man accidentally hits a little 
girl with his car; as a result, she 
is paralyzed. He is haunted by an 
uneasy feeling until he goes to see 
her in the hospital. 

MF 16-5605 Confirmation Sacrament of Witness 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Bobby Anderson daydreams 
about daring and exciting exploits, 
doing good in the world. He finds, 
though, that it is much harder to 
do good than it is to dream about 

MF 16-5606 Baptism Sacrament of Belonging 

(Color 8 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Alfredo, a small Mexican boy, 
is accepted by the children in an 
orphanage despite the horrible 
scars in his face from the fire that 
killed his family. 

MF 16-5607 Let th& Rain Settle It 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of the friend- 
ship that develops between a negro 
boy and a white boy who stays 
with the negro family while his 
father goes to get their car re- 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-5608 The Brotherhood of Man 

((Color 11 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows that, with our shrinking 
world, we must learn to live with 
and understand people of all races, 
and to see that our similarities are 
greater than our differences. 

MF 16-5609 Patterns of Prejudice 

(Color 4 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Using dramatic portrayal this 
film connotes that we do not have 
to look further than the face of 
our fellow man to find God. 

MF 16-5610 The Man in the Middle 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the dilemma of a 
small-town mayor who attempts to 
stop a violent demonstration when 
a white woman refuses to sell her 
house to a black family. 

MF 16-5611 Some Talk About Pool Rooms and Gin Mills 

(Color 27 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A white criminal, hunted by 
police, takes refuge in the apart- 
ment of a black family, holding 
them hostage. Their conversation 
reveals each of their racial pre- 

MF 16-5618 Joshua 

(B&W 17 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the story of Joshua, 
a young negro boy who finds 
through personal experience that 
in life each individual has some- 
thing to offer another. 

MF 16-5619 Exchanges 1 

(B&W 10 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Depicts a fantasy encounter be- 
tween a negro man and a white 
girl on a train. Returning to reality, 
they are still isolated from each 

MF 16-5623 Stalked 

(Color 30 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows, through the dream-like 
experiences of a carnival owner, that 
there is some good and beauty in 
all people. 

MF 16-5624 Beyond LSD 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Demonstrates that the youth 
drug problem is only a symptom 
of the 'communication gap' between 
young people and the 'establish- 
ment.' Shows how the gap can be 

MF 16-5637 Story Line-The Good Neighbor 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of the good 

MF 16-5638 Story Line-Stick by Your Friend 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the friendship be- 
tween David and Jonathan as 
young boys. 

MF 16-5639 Story Lin-Listen to God 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Says that God's message must 
fall on receptive ears to be effective, 
just as seeds must fall on fertile 
ground to grow. 

MF 16-5640 Story Line-Show Off 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the parable of the widow's 
mite in a contemporary setting. 

MF 16-5641 Story Line-Happy Man 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Relates the story of Jesus heal- 
ing a man who was paralyzed. 

MF 16-5642 Story Line-A Baby Named Jesus 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Recounts the story of the birth 
of Jesus 

MF 16-5643 Story Line Runaway Comes Home 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Tells the story of the prodigal 

MF 16-5644 Story Line Hosanna Day 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells of the crowd greeting 
Jesus at the gates of Jerusalem. 

MF 16-5645 Story Line Conversation 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Illustrates the idea that we 
must be humble when we speak 
with God. 

MF 16-5646 Story Line-God Loves Us 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Compares God's love with that 

of a shepherd taking care of his 


MF 16-5647 Story Line-It is Written 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the crucifixion and 
the resurrection 

MF 16-5648 Story Line-God Protects 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells the story of David and 

MF 16-5649 Story Line-Afraid of the Storm 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells how Jesus, in a boat tos- 
sed by a storm, stilled the wind 
and waves. 

MF 16-5653 Th> Breaking of the Bread 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the history of the 
Christian Liturgy, following its de- 
velopment from its origin in the 
Feast of the Passover to the present. 

MF 16-5655 The Circus 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a 'parable about you, 
Christ, and his Church.' Children 
are encouraged to play in a circus 
closed for the morning; then their 
parents stop them and take them 

MF 16-5657 Film Chronicles From The Book of Psalms' - 

(Color 9 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

This film is a reading of ex- 
cerpts from 'The Book of Psalms' 
with a visual accompaniment show- 
ing beautiful scenes of nature and 
man to illustrate the passages. 

MF 16-5658 The Summer We Moved to Elm Street 


(Color 28 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


Demonstrates through a dra- 
matic presentation the friction and 
sadness in a family that results 
from the father's alcoholism. 

MF 16-5661 Up Pill, Down Pill 

(Color 23 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Contrasts the life styles of two 
men, one young and using drugs, 
and the other in an old folks home 
who meet when the old man begins 
to rebuild a boat. 

MF 16-5672 Leo Beuerman 

(Color 13 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Leo Beuerman, extremely crip- 
pled from birth, is shown as he 
makes a living and 'enjoys life very 
much' despite his great handicap, 
without accepting any charity. 

MF 16-5673 The Stray 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A boy strays away from a 
group of children visiting a zoo. 
He gets lost at closing time, but 
the bus driver finally finds him. 

MF 16-5674 Amblin' 

(Color 26 Min 1971) , 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a lyrical portrait of 
a teenage boy and girl who meet 
while hitchhiking in the California 
desert, become close, and then part 
when they reach the ocean. 

MF 16-5675 Face to Face 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows sculptor Gilbert Neil 
Amelio, USAF, describing his feel- 
ings about Christ as he sculpts, 
and then destroys, the face of Christ 
in clay. 

MF 16-5676 Insight-No Tears for Kelsey 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The confrontation between a 
runaway daughter and her parents 
shows that each of them is to blame 
for the absence of real love in the 

MF 16-5677 Guidance-Working With Others 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents several vignettes of 
primary-grade children in situa- 


MF 16 Chaplain 

tions that raise problems, with cues 
to stop the film for discussion of 
each case. 

MF 16-5678 No Reason to Stay (High School Dropout) MF 16-5709 

(B&W 28 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how 'A Dropout Looks 
at Education; a bright boy who 
drops out of high school because 
of boredom. 

MF 16-5691 Why Man Creates MF 16-5710 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a series of explora- 
tions, episodes, and comments on 
creativity; the edifice, fooling 
around, the process, the judgement, 
a parable, a digression, and the 

MF 16-5699 TV and Thee MF 16-5744 

(Color 21 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a Christian perspec- 
tive of television; discusses vio- 
lence and sex on TV, the positive 
values of TV, and church involve- 
ment in the media. 

MF 16-7542 
MF 16-5700 Holy Smoke 

(Color 8 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows in animation how two 
children, seeing problems caused by 
drugs and warnings against them, 
create a 'dream' world where there MF 16-7543 
are no drug problems. 

MF 16-5701 Dancing Prophet 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a film portrait of 
Douglas Crotchfield, a dancer who 
teaches handicapped children and MF 16-7544 
adults; his work is compared with 
Jesus' healing the sick and crip- 

MF 16-5702 To be a Man 

(Color 13 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Short scenes, still pictures, 

psychedelic art effects, and songs MF 16-7679 
accompany several people's off- 
screen comments on what it really 
means to be a man. 

MF 16-5703 The Ultimate Adventure 

(Color 29 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents a documentary about MF 16-7681 
five men who crossed the Sahara 

Desert on motorcycles; shows how 
their experiences helped them ac- 
cept Christ as their personal Savior. 

Remember Eden 

(Color 10 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Makes a lyrical exploration of 

love and sex, and their place in 

the emotions and actions of a true 

human being. 

Like a Mighty Army 

(Color 2 Reels 56 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the story of how 
Rev. James Kennedy revived his 
dying church in Coral Ridge, Fla., 
through learning and teaching the 
principles of New Testament evan- 

The Hangman 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents an animated film ver- 
sion of Maurice Ogden's 'Hangman,' 
a poem about tolerance and social 

God of Creation 

(Color 41 Min 1949) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Sermon from science vividly 

demonstrates the hand of God in 


God of the Atom 

(Color 38 Min 1949) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Sermon on present day appli- 
cation of atomic energy in military 
and scientific world, stressing im- 
portance of man's faith in God. 

Voice of the Deep 

(Color 30 Min 1949) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Scientific film illustrating 
startling revelations of underwater 
sound; challenges present day ag- 
nosticism and confirms the word 
of God. 

Creation, According to Genesis 

(Color 10 Min 1950) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A pictorial narration, with 
symphonic and choral music, of the 
first chapter of Genesis, King James 

Stephen, the First Christian Martyr 

(B&W 25 Min 1950) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Trial of Stephen, instigated by 
Saul of Tarsus effect of Stephen's 
forgiving attitude on Saul. 

MF 16-7686 Dust or Destiny 

(Color 43 Min 1950) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The amazing wonders concern- 
ing the human body, the animal 
kingdom and plant life are revealed 
as part of the master plan of 
God, the Creator. 

MF 16-7961 The Lord's Ascension 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus is resurrected on the 3d 
day following his death He ap- 
pears to Mary Magdalene and His 
disciples He ascends to heaven 40 
days later. 

MF 16-7962 Jesus and the Lepers 

(B&W 13 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Enroute from Capernaum to 
Jerusalem Jesus heals 10 lepers. 
Only 1 of the lepers, a Samaritan, 
expresses his gratitude for his cure. 

MF 16-8189 I Beheld His Glory 

(Color 56 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' last days on earth the 
last supper, his betrayal and arrest, 
the trial before Pilate, the crucifix- 
ion, and the resurrection. 

MF 16-8190 Holy Night-Th? Beginning of the Life of 


(B&W 31 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Prophesies of Isaiah; story of 
Mary and Joseph annunciation and 
birth of Christ; story of the shep- 
herds and their arrival to behold 
the babe. 

MF 16-8192 Hidden Treasures 

(Color 43 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Reveals wonders of creation 
under the microscope. On the 
ocean's floor, the desert, and the 
planets as seen through the tele- 

MF 16-8194 Woman at the Well 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus speaks with the woman 
of Sychar at Jacob's well the wo- 

man tells the people of her village 
that she has found the Christ. 

MF 16-8195 The Lord is Risen 

(B&W 15 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Jesus' burial and 
the resurrection. 

MF 16-8206 The Prior Claim 

(Color 43 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Affirms nature's 'prior claim' 
to the existence and infinite super- 
iority of natural phenomena over 
man-made inventions. 

MF 16-8490 The Conversion of Saul 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Persecution of followers of 
Christ by Saul account of his con- 
version based on the gospel story 
in Acts IX. 

MF 16-8491 Years of Apprenticeship 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Saul's stay in Damascus with 
Ananias his stay in the desert 
his return to Damascus and escape 
to Jerusalem. 

MF 16-8492 Return to Jerusalem 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Saul joins the disciples of 
Christ in Jerusalem and proves his 
faith in word and deed. 

MF 16-8493 Ambassador for Christ 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tells of the great famine of 
Judea and how the Antioch Church 
helped to send relief portrays a 
powerful message of stewardship 
and evangelism. 

MF 16-8494 First Missionary Journey 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Saul's visit to the island of 
Cyprus his triumph for the Chris- 
tian cause he chooses to be known 
as Paul of Tarsus. 

MF 16-8495 Stoning at Lystra (Lif: of St. Paul) 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Journey of Paul and Barnabas 
from Perga to Lystra the mir- 
acle at Lystra stoning of Paul by 


MF 16 Chaplain 

populace Paul continues his min- MF 16-8671 

MF 168496 Second Missionary Journey 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dissension on acceptance of 
Gentile converts settled Paul jour- 
neys to Phillippi on 2d ministry MF 16-8676 
runs into opposition and held for 

MF 16-8497 Visit to Corinth 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Paul and Silvanus freed in MF 16-8677 
Phillippi journey on to Thessalon- 
ica Paul goes on to Athens re- 
turns to Corinth and is rejoined 
by Silvanus. 

MF 16-8498 Third Missionary Journey 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Paul revisits the churches in MF 16-8685 
Galatia runs into trouble at Ephe- 
sus with Dimetrius, leader of idol 
profiteers returns to Jerusalem. 

MF 16-8499 Trial at Jerusalem 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Paul's presence creates distur- MF 16-8686 
bance at temple he is taken into 
protective custody by Romans 
makes final plea to be heard before 

MF 16-8500 Voyage to Rome 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) MF 16-8691 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Paul makes the voyage to 
Rome presents his case to Nero 
held in protective custody for 2 
years taken to emperor for final 

MF 16-8632 Time and Eternity MF 16-8700 

(Color 43 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Man's search for knowledge of 
the mystery of time, space and 
matter, developing theme that man's 
salvation depends on love for God. 

MF 16-8661 Escape to Egypt MF 16-8701 

(B&W 30 Min 1956) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Joseph and Mary's stay in 
Bethlehem after the birth of Jesus 
order for the slaughter of the in- 
nocents escape of the holy family. 


(B&W 9 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Animated film affirming that 
civil rights and laws are predicated 
on human rights, fundamental for 
human progress, and freedom. 

Boyhood and Baptism 

(B&W 30 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Life of Jesus Christ from the 

time his family leaves Egypt until 

he is baptized. 

Men of the Wilderness 

(B&W 30 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Testimony of John the Bap- 
tist conflict between Herod and 
Herodias over John healing of 
madman at Capernaum and curing 
of sick by Jesus. 

The Challenge of Faith 

(B&W 29 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus spreads his teachings in 
Galilee imprisoned John the Bap- 
tist is told of Jesus' wonders 
Jesus meets Matthew, the publican. 


(B&W 28 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Jesus chooses his 12 disciples 

and teaches them how to pray. He 

cures a leper in Galilee. 

Return to Nazareth 

(B&W 29 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus journeys back to Nazar- 
eth His wonders in Capernaum, 
Cana and Samaria episode in Naz- 
areth He journeys on to Galilee. 

Government is Your Business 
(B&W^27 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a young man who shows 
that corrupt government is due to 
the weakness of good people more 
than to the strength of evildoers. 

Jerusalem, The Holy City 
(Color 10 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Relation of Jerusalem to the 

Christian, Jewish, and Islamic 

faiths origin, history, and creed of 

each faith. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-8730 

MF 16-8786 

MF 16-8794 

MF 16-8805 

MF 16-8806 

MF 16-8807 

MF 16-8808 

Conflict MF 16-8840 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus comes to the home of 
Lazarus in Bethany goes on to 
Jerusalem where He preaches and 
makes known his healing powers 
goes on to Galilee. 

In the Face of Jeopardy 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A Chinese houseboy in South 
East Asia, motivated by love of 
God, saves his employer from com- 
munist terrorists at the risk of his 
own life. 

MF 16-8884 

MF 16-8885 

Film Chronicles From the Book of Psalms- 

(Color 10 Min 1957) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A pictorial reflection of the 
Lord's creation of the universe ac- 
companied by dramatic narration of MF 16-8886 
excerpts from the book of Psalms. 

Fate of John the Baptist 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Princess Salome dances for 
Herod's guests and requests the 
head of John the Baptist as a 'gift' 
after John's death, his followers 
join Jesus. 

R 3 treat and Decision 

(B&W 30 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus tells his disciples he is 
returning to Jerusalem and predicts 
his death and resurrection Jesus 
resurrects Lazarus from the grave. 

MF 16-8887 

MF 16-8888 

Triumph and Defeat 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

At the Passover feast, Jesus 
predicts his betrayal by Judas 
Jesus is arrested at Gethsemane, 
and judged guilty by the Sanhed- MF 16-8889 
rin of blasphemy. 

Crucifixion and Resurrection 

(B&W 28 Min 1957) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus is crucified on Pilate's 
order Joseph claims the body 
Jesus' body disappears from tomb 
and he appears to Mary and the MF 16-8890 

Birth of the Savior 

(B&W 15 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the birth from the 
time the angel appears before Mary 
and Joseph in Nazareth to the sub- 
sequent events in Bethlehem. 

Birth of John the Baptist 
(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The birth and naming of John 
by his parents Zechariah and Eli- 
zabeth John as a wilderness pro- 
phet proclaiming the coming of the 

Childhood of Jesus 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The wise men bring their gifts 
to the infant Jesus Joseph flees 
with the Child to Egypt after Her- 
od's death they return to Galilee. 

Ministry of John the Baptist 
(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus comes to John to be bap- 
tized John is imprisoned by Herod 
and asks whether Jesus is the 
Christ John is beheaded at re- 
quest of Herodias. 

First Disciples 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus approaches John the Bap- 
tist's group Andrew, John and 
Simeon go with Jesus, and are 
joined by Philip and Nathaniel 
Jesus begins to teach. 

Jesus at Nazareth and Capernaum 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

At the temple in Nazareth, Je- 
sus arouses the congregation and is 
forced out of the synagogue He 
journeys on to Capernaum to heal 
the sick. 

Jesus and the Fishermen 
(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus meets 4 fishermen 
Peter, Andrew, James and John 
they go to Capernaum where Jesus 
heals the sick they go on to Gali- 

Thy Sins Are Forgiven 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

((Adopted Commercial Film) 
Jesus cures a sick man in Ca- 
pernaum Jesus commands Matthew 
to follow Him the Pharisees ques- 
tion Jesus about fasting, and he 
replies with three parables. 

MF 16-8891 Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus and His disciples are cri- 
ticized for husking a few kernels 
on the Sabbath He declares that 
son of man is Lord of the Sab- 

MF 16-8892 The Transfiguration 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Peter confesses Jesus is Christ 
Jesus is transfigured before 
James, Peter and John Moses and 
Elijah appear and talk with Jesus. 

MF 16-8893 Jesus Teaches Forgiveness 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus forgives a sinful woman 
He sets forth the rules for treat- 
ing a brother who has sinned 
against one, and exhorts that all 
should forgive. 

MF 16-8894 Before Abraham Was, I Am 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus teaches in the temple at 
Jerusalem the Sanhedrin sends sol- 
diers to arrest Him Nicodemus de- 
fends Jesus Jesus proclaims His 

MF 16-8895 Jesus Heals the Man Born Blind 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus restores a blind man's 
sight at the Pool of Siloam the 
man believes in Jesus as the Son 
of God. 

MF 16-8896 I Am the Resurrection 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus reores a man to life in 
the city of Nain later, He raises 
Jairus' daughter back to life He 
then resurrects Lazarus. 

MF 16-8917 Jesus Before the High Priest 

(B&W 13 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus is arrested at Gethsemane 
and taken to Annas He is tried 

before Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin 
He is charged with blasphemy and 
sent to Pilate. 

MF 16-8918 Trial Before Pilate 

(B&W 13 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus is tried before Pilate and 
is turned over to Herod for senten- 
cing Herod sends Him back to Pi- 
late, who turns Him over to be 

MF 16-8919 The Crucifixion 

(B&W 18 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus carries His cross to Gol- 
gotha where He will be crucified 
en route Simon of Gyrene carries 
Jesus' cross Jesus is crucified and 

MF 16-8920 Nicodemus 

(B&W 18 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Joseph of Arimathea and Nico- 
demus make arrangements for Je- 
sus' burial Nicodemus reflects up- 
on the teachings of Jesus. 

MF 16-8921 Younger Brother A Story of Japan 

(B&W 28 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of a young Japanese 
who breaks with the family Shinto 
tradition and embarks on a new 
life as a Christian. 

MF 16-8922 Baragoi-An Outpost of Faith 

(Color 13 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the work of the first 
Christian mission established by the 
Consolata fathers in Baragoi in 
Kenya on the East African coast. 

MF 16-8945 Last Journey to Jerusalem 

(B&W 17 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

En route to Jerusalem for Pass- 
over, Jesus tells His Disciples of 
His death and resurrection at the 
temple He is welcomed by the 

MF 16-8946 Thirty Pieces of Silver 

(B&W 13 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus is anointed by Mary, 
Lazarus' sister Judas indignant at 
the waste of oil, goes to the priests 
and bargains for Jesus' betrayal. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9047 

MF 16-9056 

MF 16-8947 The Upper Room Mp 16-9037 

(B&W 14 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus and His Disciples partake 
of the Last Paschal Meal Jesus 
predicts His betrayal, institutes the 
Lord's Supper and pronounces His 
blessing. MF 16-9046 

MF 16-9014 Thj Christmas Spirit 

(Color 32 Min 1958) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a man who learns the 
true meaning of 'brotherly love,' 
from a small child. 

MF 16-9015 Betrayal in Gethsemane 

(B&W 15 Min 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus, betrayed by Judas, is 
taken by the temple guards; the 
repentant Judas returns the 30 
pieces of silver to priests and hangs 

MF 16-9032 The Catholic Hour-Rome Eternal-The City 

of Peter 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

History and culture of ancient 
Rome how Christianity began 
and flourished in spite of existing 
paganism historic landmarks of 
ancient Rome. 

MF 16-9033 The Catholic Hour-Rome Eternal-The City 

of Faith 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How Christianity took hold in 
Rome under Constantino the Great 
contributions of the early mis- 
sionaries, and history of the early 

MF 16-9034 The Catholic Hour-Rome Eternal- 

Renaissance Rome 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) MF 16-9077 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Statuary, architecture, sculp- 
ture and art that testified to the 
strong religious belief in Renais- 
sance Rome Raphael, Michelange- 
lo, and others. 

MF 16-9036 The Mystery of Three Clocks 

(Color 29 Min 1959) MF 16-9078 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A sermon from science on the 
mysteries of the 'time-keeping' de- 
vices found in the universe, testi- 
mony to the rule of God's laws of 

MF 16-9057 

MF 16-9065 

No Vacant Chairs 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Defines the rule of good teach- 
ing and the factors, that influence 
the learning process. 

The Power of the Resurrection 

(Color 62 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Jesus from the 
time of His betrayal by Judas, to 
the Pentecost when the Holy Spirit 
descended on the Apostles. 

Amos, Shepherd of Tekoa 
(B&W 16 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A dramatic interpretation of 
Amos, the herdsman, who preached 
justice and mercy, and denounced 
those who oppressed the poor. 

The Candlemaker 

(Color 13 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a candlemaker's son 
who learns the meaning of Chris- 
tian stewardship. 

The Pilgrims 

(B&W 23 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the Pilgrims voyage 
on the Mayflower founding of New 
Plymouth colony the first Thanks- 
giving the Mayflower Compact. 

I Don't Want to Win (For Parents) 
(Color 13 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A boy shows his parents the 
importance of following the rules in 
a church competitive project in or- 
der to win fairly and honestly. 

Flying Straight 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of young Bobby 
whose sense of fair play and hon- 
esty prevents him from accepting 
a coveted prize in a church contest 

King of the Block 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of young Stevie who 
learns that selfishness leads to un- 
happiness his bossiness and selfish 
attitude loses him his playmates. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9079 A Bigger Reward 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Young Carl learns that 
thoughtfulness for others with a 
higher motive than personal gain 
results in the greater reward of 
doing what is right. 

MF 16-9080 Love Thy Neighbor 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lem, the postman, shows how 
the application of the golden rule 
of neighborly kindness can help 
make life peaceful and happy. 

MF 16-9081 Moses, Called By God 

(Color 17 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Moses' escape from death as 
a child, his flight from Egypt and 
appointment by God to lead the 
Israelites from Egypt, crossing of 
the Red Sea. 

MF 16-9082 Moses, Leader of God's People 

(Color 17 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Journey to Canaan God's giv- 
ing of the Ten Commandments, 
building of the Tabernacle, the 
golden calf, the 40 years of wan- 
dering in the wilderness. 

MF 16-9083 Samuel, A Dedicated Man 

(Color 17 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Samuel's boyhood in the Tab- 
ernacle, his leadership of the Is- 
raelites, his life as teacher of God's 
word, his choice of Saul as King of 

MF 16-9084 A Story of Two Men 

(B&W 29 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Mentor Graham, 
the teacher who had such a pro- 
found influence on the life of Presi- 
dent Abraham Lincoln. 

MF 16-9092 Joshua, The Conqueror 

(Color 16 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of Joshua, Moses' 
successor the Battle of Jericho and 
the campaign to win all Canaan 
for the Israelites. 

MF 16-9139 Lourdes-The Shrins of Our Lady 

(Color 18 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A visit to the Shrine, show- 
ing the main points of interest, the 
religious services and processions, 
and the blessing of the sick and 

MF 16-9149 Missionary to Walker's Garage 

(B&W 27 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a boy who decides on 
an engineering career instead of 
ministry, stressing idea that each 
man should serve God as his tal- 
ents direct him. 

MF 16-9150 Immortal Love (Religious Concept of Life, 

Love and Death) 

(B&W 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Expounds idea that faith in 
God is necessary for true acceptance 
of life and death, and that love ex- 
perienced in life cannot be destroyed 
by death. 

MF 16-9151 Forget Richards (Ethics in Business 

Relationships at Management Level) 

(B&W 12 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns patterns of behavior 
and questionable ethics encountered 
in business relationships at the 
management level. 

MF 16-9152 A Better World Begins With Me 

(Color 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Develops the theme that to love 
God is to love one's fellowmen and 
that each person should try to make 
the world a better place to live in. 

MF 16-9153 Johnny Appleseed A Legend of Frontier 


(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of Jonathan Chapman, 
hero of early 19th century America, 
who established more than 30 nur- 
series and helped over 500 settlers 
plant apple orchards. 

MF 16-9154 A Time for Valor (Chanukah, Jewish 

Festival of Lights) 

(B&W 14 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story and meaning of 
Chanukah, history's first episode of 
man's struggle for religious free- 
dom as it occurred in Judea 2100 
years ago. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9224 

MF 16-9155 With All Thy Heart (Jewish High Holy Days) 

(B&W 15 Min 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The significance, prayer and 
ritual of the Jewish religious New 
Year (Rosh Hashanah) and the Day 
of Atonement (Yom Kippur). MF 16-9223 

MF 16-9156 Freedom Rings (Passover Festival) 

(B&W 14 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Meaning and ritual of the Pass- 
over Festival commemorating the 
Exodus from Egypt to freedom 
the ritual and prayer at the Seder. 

MF 16-9157 Red Rivsr of life-Part I 

(Color 29 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Sermon on mystery of life as 
reflected in complex structure and 
functioning of human bloodstream 
part I covers the heart and circula- 
tory system. 

MF 16-9158 Red River of Life-Part II 

(Color 32 Min 1960) MF 16-9225 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Sermon on mystery of life con- 
tinued part II considers the nature 
and chemistry of red and white 
blood cells, and functioning of the 
blood cell. 

MF 16-9159 A Careless Word 

(B&W 27 Min 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-9226 

Concerns the evil wrought by 
gossip, developing the theme that 
gossip is contrary to all religious 
and moral precepts. 

MF 16-9160 Our Bible-How It Came to Us-Part I 

(B&W 25 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Origin and text of the Hebrew 
Old Testament, the Greek Apocry- 
pha, and the New Testament. 

MF 16-9161 Our Bible-How It came to Us-Part II 

(B&W 25 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Origin, text and use of the La- 
tin Vulgate; translations of Bible 
in European languages in the 12th 
and 13th centuries; English trans- MF 16-9228 
lation by John Wycliff in the 14th 

MF 16-9162 Our Bible-How It Came to Us-Part III 

(B&W 35 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

MF 16-9227 

Translations by Erasmus, 
Luther and Tyndale (16C) ; The 
King James Version (1611); The 
American Standard Edition (1901) ; 
Revised American Standard Edition. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 
Agony' (Catholic) 

(Color 32 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays the agony of betrayal 
suffered by Jesus; sermon on the 
power of the rosary in the family 
stress on the importance of daily 

Thr- Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 
Scourging' (Catholic) 

(Color 34 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' trial before Pontius Pi- 
late and the scourging by the sol- 
diers; sermon on the power of the 
rosary for the atonement of sin. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 
Crowning' (Catholic) 

(Color 29 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' final trial before Pilate 
after the scourging; sermon on the 
power of the rosary to wipeout the 
sin of pride and bring joy to the 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 
Carrying' (Catholic) 

(Color 31 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The sentencing of Jesus and 
the carrying of the cross to Cal- 
vary; sermon on the power of the 
rosary in the home as aprotection 
against evil. 

Faith of Our Families 

(B&W 36 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Stresses the merits of family 
worship for spiritual growth; shows 
how prayer can be incorporated in- 
to the daily life of a family. 

What is a Christian 

(B&W 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Defines the fundamental creed 

of the Christian faith, i.e., man is 

a sinner, but is forgiven of his 

sins through faith in Christ. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9229 Abraham, Man of Faith 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The life of Abraham his call 
and journey to Canaan, Lot's deliv- 
erance, the Abrahamic covenant, 
birth of Isaac, and the test of faith 
in Moriah. 

MF 16-9230 Jacob, Bearer of the Promise 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jacob's early life how he re- 
ceived Isaac's blessing, the visit from 
the Lord, the service for Rachel 
and marriage to Leah, the return 
to Canaan. 

MF 16-9231 Empty Shoes 

(Color 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of William Carey, 
18th century Christian missionary 
to India his dedicated service and 
translation of the New Testament. 

MF 16-9232 The Choice 

(B&W 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The problem of social drinking 
and how it affects the averge fam- 
ily, stressing that it is for the par- 
ents to set the standards for child- 

MF 16-9234 Tokens of Love 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Teaches the idea that messages 
of love are always 'in season' and 
that consideration and cooperation 
in the family are the true tokens 
of love. 

MF 16-9235 Half Inch of Selfishness 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Teaches the idea that unselfish- 
ness in human relations is the best 
assurance for getting along with 

MF 16-9236 Sharing is Fun 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Teaches the idea that there is 

joy in sharing possessions with 


MF 16-9275 The Fifteen Mystries of the Rosary-'The 

Crucifixion' (Catholic) 
(Color 33 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' crucifixion and last con- 
versation with Mary; sermon on the 
power of the rosary, and Mary's 
spiritual love for those who love 
her son. 

MF 16-9305 A Handful of Ashes 

(B&W 14 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of a doctor who feels 
guilty about accepting honors for a 
medical achievement resulting from 
the compromise of proper ethics. 

MF 16-9306 The Forge 

(B&W 14 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows hardships endured by 
continental army at Valley Forge 
in the cause of freedom stress on 
our obligation to preserve this heri- 

MF 16-9307 The Land of the Bible Series-The Dead 

Sea Scrolls 

(Color 14 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discovery and contents of 
scrolls; importance of these reli- 
gious writings to understanding the 
Bible and present-day religious con- 

MF 16-9326 David Livingstone 

(B&W 16 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the life and work of 
David Livingstone, English mission- 
ary, explorer, and humanitarian. 

MF 16-9327 The Land of the Bible Series A Pictorial 


(Color 15 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Covers the terrain, rivers, 

mountain ranges, rural, and urban 

areas of Palestine. 

MF 16-9328 The Land of the Bible Series Exploring 

Ancient Cities 
(Color 15 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how the archeologists 
work to unearth buried cities and 
treasures of ancient civilizations in 
the Palestine area. 

MF 16-9329 I Do 

(Color 25 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes work of the World 
Council of Protestant Churches in 
helping the prepared for marriage. 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9332 Windows of the Soul 

(Color 30 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Sermon on the human sensory 
system develops theme that growth 
of scientific knowledge is further 
testimony to existence of spiritual 

MF 16-9334 The Land of the Bible Series-Where Jesus 


(Color 10 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows areas where Jesus lived 
and traveled as they appear today 
Bethlehem, Nazareth, Capernaum, 
Cana, Jerusalem, and Bethany. 

MF 16-9335 Th 9 Land of the Bible Series-Shepherd Life 

(Color 11 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the Palestinian shepherd 
as he guides his flock, his nomadic 
home life, the work of the women, 
and the children at play. 

MF 16-9336 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary-The 


(Color 32 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of events auguring the 
birth of John the Baptist and Je- 
sus; sermon on the power of prayer 
in the family. 

MF 16-9337 The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary-The 


(Color 33 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the birth of John, 
and the revelation to Joseph that 
he is to marry Mary, who will 
bear Jesus; sermon on power of 
prayer in family. 

MF 16-9365 Christmas in Hong Kong 

(Color 20 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A little Chinese refugee boy 
in Hong Kong learns the true mean- 
ing of Christmas. 

MF 16-9366 Three Mothers and Four Fathers 

(Color 20 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A little orphaned boy strug- 
gling for survival in Hong Kong 
finds comfort and security in the 
knowledge that God wants and loves 

MF 16-9367 Household of Faith 

(Color 28 Min 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Report by National Council of I 
the Churches of Christ on objec- 
tives and accomplishments of 
church in foreign lands, e.g., India 
and Thailand. 

MF 16-9368 B-fore They Say 'I Do' 

(Color 27 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Aimed at ministers and phy- 
sicians involved in pre-marital 
counseling pertinent facts and 
proper methods of pre-marital coun- 

MF 16-9369 Barabbas the Robber 

(B&W 38 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of Barabbas, the outlaw, 
who unexpectedly regained his free- 
dom during Jesus' trial before Pi- 

MF 16-9702 'Question T 

(B&W 107 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Cmmercial Film) 

Methods and techniques applied 
by government of East Germany to 
control and pressure its citizens into 
submission, as based on actual case 

MF 16-9716 Beyond a Doubt 

(Color 29 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of Thomas, Jesus' dis- 
ciple, who doubted the divinity of 
his Master until Jesus appeared 
before him. 

MF 16-9717 The High Room 

(Color 19 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Story of a boy who discovers the 

spiritual comfort gained through 

the love of God. 

MF 16-9718 Teenage Christmas 

(Color 29 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A church youth group learns 
the true meaning of Christmas by 
helping a needy family to learn 
and enjoy the spiritual symbolism 
of the holiday. 

MF 16-9719 Buyers' Choice 

(Color 27 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a couple who are faced 
with the problem of buying a house 
issues are raised as to standards 


MF 16 Chaplain 

of value and 'keepin up with the MF 16-9736 

MF 16-9720 Teenage Romance 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Appraises the problem of teen- 
age dating, pointing up the true 
meaning of love and how young MF 16-9763 
people should face life to gain 

MF 16-9721 The Third Devil 

(Color 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of three devils charged 
by Satan to bring him souls, de- 
veloping the theme that people 
should 'do right' each day of their 

MF 16-9810 

MF 16-9722 Brother Juniper'* Christmas 

(Color 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 16-9868 

The story of St. Francis of 
Assisi and Brother Juniper, the 
monk who performed great acts of 

MF 16-9723 Crossroads Our First Christmas Tree 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of the introduction MF 16-9869 
of the Christmas tree in America 
in 1851 by Rev. Henry Schwan, 
Pastor of Zion Church in Celeve- 
land, Ohio. 

MF 16-9724 A Day in the Night of Jonathan Mole 

(B&W 34 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Causes and effects of prejudice, 
with particular focus on discrimina- 
tory employment practices; stress 
on the senselessness of this attitude. 

MF 16-9725 Crossroads-ln Ood We Trust 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The story of how the phrase, MF i6_9871 
'In God We Trust,' became the of- 
ficial motto of the country. 

MF 16-9733 Africa and Schweitzer 

(B&W 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the early life, aca- 
demic background, and work of Dr. 
'Schweitzer in French Equatorial MF 16-9875 
Africa. Narrated by Lowell Tho- 

MF 16-9870 

The Coming of Christ 

(Color 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of Jesus is recounted 
against a background of famous 
religious paintings the life and 
teachings of Jesus are covered. 

God's Christmas Gift 

(Color 14 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A little girl learns the true 
meaning of Christmas as she real- 
izes that love is the true gift of 

The Challenge of the Army Chaplaincy 
(Color 33 Min 1965) 

Role of Army chaplain in de- 
veloping spiritual strength of 
armed forces. His responsibilities 
at military posts and in combat are 


(Color 24 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Designed to inspire young men 
to enter Christian ministry train- 
ing requisites and varying roles 
assumed by Minister in Service of 
God and Society. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presentation of infant Jesus at 
the Temple by Mary and Joseph, 
and the meeting with Simeon. Ser- 
mon on value of family prayer. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 
Finding in the Temple 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Jesus' visit to the Temple at 
the age of 12, and His discussions 
with the Elders and Priests. Ser- 
mon on value of family prayer. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Omens heralding the birth, 
birth of Jesus in manger, and vis- 
its of wise men and shepherds. Ser- 
mon on the value of family prayer. 

Faith of Yuan Tai 

(B&W 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


MF 16 Chaplain 

MF 16-9877 

Story of a young Christian MF 16-9964 
convert in Southeast Asia, who re- 
fused to reject his faith in face of 
death at the hands of Communist 

MF 16-9876 Teenage Marriage 

(Color 28 Min 1963) MF 16-9965 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of high school students 
who plan an early marriage. Upon 
advice from elders, they realize 
they must prepare themselves for 

MF 16-9966 

Problems of the Young Married 

(B&W 29 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problem of financial difficulties 
encountered after first year of mar- 
riagestress on love and faith to 
make marriage adjustments. MF 16-9972 

MF 16-9892 City of the Be., 

(Color 45 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The controlled order of bee life 
is contrasted with free-choice status 
of man to point up the spiritual 
force of God-man relationship. 

MF 16-9893 On the Rim of Tomorrow MF 

(B&W 29 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Appraises challenge of Protes- 
tant Church to implant the precepts 
of Christianity in South East Asia 
South Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan 
and Hong Kong. 

Christian Faith in a Confused World 

(Color 29 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a young man who 
learns the value of faith in a world 
beset by complexities and dangers. 
Born to Witness 

(Color 29 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of a 19-year old boy, 
whose attitude and behavior are ex- 
emplary of a true Christian witness. 

Just a Stranger 

(Color 36 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story revolves about the theme 
of personal evangelism church 
members should share their spiri- 
tual experiences with others. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary The 

(Color 34 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Events from time of Jesus' 
death to the resurrection. Sermon 
by Father Patrick Peyton on power 
of family Rosary and prayer in 
the home. 

The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary-The 

(Color 27 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Events from time of the resur- 
rection to Jesus' ascension to 
Heaven. Sermon by Father Peyton 
on power of family Rosary and 
prayer in the home. 


FS 16 Chaplain 

S 16166 Hanning and Conducting th? Vacation 

Church School 

(for church administrative staff) 
(with leaders guide and script) 
B&W 66 FR 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Advantages of the Vacation 
Church School How it is implement- 
ed and the elements pertinent to its 

FS 16167 Some Learning Experiences 

(For church school teachers) 
(includes leaders guide and script) 
(B&W 67 FR 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Learning exercises of kinder- 
garten primary, junior, intermediate 
pupils are presented as a basis for 
group discussion. 

FS 16-211 The Story of Sabbath 

(B&W 59 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the Biblical origin, 
traditional observance, and spiritual 
symbolism of the Sabbath. 

FS 16-212 The Story of Rosh Hashanah 

(B&W 50 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the meaning and tradi- 
tional observance of Rosh Hashanah, 
the High Holy Day of the Jewish 
New Year. 

FS 16-213 The Story of Yom Kip pur 

(B&W 45 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the meaning, tradi- 
tional observance and spiritual sym- 
bolism of Yom Kippur, the Jewish 
High Holy Day of Atonement. 

FS 16-214 The Story of Succot and Simhat Torah 

(B&W 60 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Meaning and traditional obser- 
vance of Succot, the 8-day Jewish 
Festival of Thanksgiving; and Sim- 
hat Torah, the Festival of the 
Torah Scrolls. 

FS 16-215 The Story of Hamishah Asar Bishevat 

(B&W 74 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the meaning and tra- 
ditional observance of the Jewish 
New Year of Trees, and the holiday 
of planting. 

FS 16-216 The Story of Hanukkah 

(B&W 42 FR 1962) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Historical background, tradition- 
al observance, and symbolism of Ha- 
nukkah, the Jewish Festival of 
Lights, commemorating the Macabee 

FS 16-217 The Story of Purim 

(B&W 49 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Historical background and tradi- 
tional observance of Purim, com- 
memorating the downfall of the 
wicked Haman, enemy of the Jews 
in ancient Persia. 

FS 16-218 The Story of Passover 

(B&W 52 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Historical background, tradi- 
tional observance and symbolism of 
Passover, commemorating the Exo- 
dus of the Jews from Egypt and 
freedom from bondage. 

FS 16-219 The Story of Shavuoth 

(B&W 59 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of the unified concept and 
traditional observance of the Jew- 
ish Festival of the First Fruit and 
The Giving of the Ten Command- 

FS 16-221 Torah in Jewish Life 

(Color 49 FR 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Covers three topics: (1) values 
taught by the Torah, (2) what 
constitutes the Torah, (3) role of 
the Torah in Jewish life. 

FS 16-222 The Book of Books (Jewish) 

(Color 35 FR 1962) 
(With Study Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Introduction to Bible: religious 
and ethical teachings; applicability 
to modern life; importance of regu- 
lar reading for true appreciation. 

FS 16-223 Hillel, Teacher of Love (Jewish) 

(Color 35 FR 1962) 
(With Study Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Life and teachings of the great- 
est and most beloved of the early 
rabbis, Hillel How he influenced 
the faith of the Jewish people. 

FS 16-236 Sacraments 

(a thru 1) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 


FS 16 Chaplain 

Set of 12 film strips with man- 
ual entitled "A Catechism for 

FS 16-253 Ceremonial Objects of Judaism 

(Color 47 FR 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Symbols and ceremonial objects 
of Judaism used in the synagogue 
and in the home. 

FS 16-254 The Jewish Home 

(Color 44 FR 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Customs observed on the Sab- 
bath and Jewish festivals, rituals 
of the Bar Mitzvah, Yahrzeity, and 
daily family prayer. 

300 Years-Memorable Events in American 
Jewish History 
(Color 45 FR 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Early Jewish settlement in 
1654, Revolutionary Era, westward 
movement, Civil War, immigration 
in the late 19th Century, activities 
of American Jewry in 20th Century. 

FS 16-256 Th* Jew, in America-Parts I and II 

(Color 39 FR each 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Part I covers Jewish settlements 
and activity during period 1654 
1860. Part II covers Jewish immi- 
gartion and activity during period 

FS 16-255 

FS 16-257 Judoh the Prince-Teacher of Law 

(Color 37 FR 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Life and work of Yehudah 
Ha-Nasi, Judah the Prince, 135 
220 C.E., who authored the Jewish 
code of law called the Mishnah. 

FS 16-258 The Jewish Military Chaplain 

(B&W 55 FR 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Role of Jewish Chaplain in 
the Civil War, World Wars I and 
II, and Korean War; and with U.S. 
Occupation Forces in foreign lands. 

FS 16-275 Passover Art of the Middle Ages 

(Color 54 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

FF 16-276 Menasseh Ben Israel-Man of Dreams and 


(Color 39 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

FS 16-277 Sukos and Simchas Torah Festival of 

Harvest and Joy 

(Color 42 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

FS 16-278 Chanukah-Festival of Lights 

(Color 43 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

FS 16-279 Passover for Little Children 

(Color 37 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

FS 16-280 Around the World With Hebrew 

(Color 43 FR 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

SFS 16-161 Living Right at Our Work 

(a thru e) (Color 1956) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 5 film strips; 3 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 5 Leader's Guides; Chap- 
lain's Guide; and "Suggestions for 
Holding Good Meetings." 

SFS 16162 Leadership Education Audio-Visual Kit 

(athruj) (For Church Leaders and Teach- 


(With leaders guides and scripts) 

(B&W 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How to develop leadership skills 
to carry out Church work properly, 
and to teach effectively for optimum 

SFS 16-163 Family Life Audio-Visual Series Kit 

(a thru d) (For Parents) 

(With leaders guides and scripts) 

(B&W 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Responsibilities of Christian 
parents How family life can be 
enriched by applying Christian 
principles in the home. 

SFS 16-164 Church School Administration Audio-Visual 

(a thru c) Kit 

(For Church School Administra- 
tive Staff and Teachers) 

(With guides and scripts) 

(B&W 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How leadership and teaching 
skills can be developed to improve 
the quality of Christian education 
in the church school. 

SFS 16-168 Successful Teaching Sound Film Strip Kit 

(a thru h) (For Church School Teachers) 

(With leaders guide and lesson 

(Color 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the five basic prin- 
ciples for successful teaching; how 
they should be applied; the five 
steps in the learning process. 

SFS 16-169 Training Kit for Using Audio-Visuals in a 

(a thru d) Church 

(Color 1959) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consists of 4 film strips with 
records and Leaders Guide and 
Scripts; and a 4-minute sound film 
entitled "The Rich Fool." 

SFS 16-187 The Living Lord 

(Color 167 FR 49 min 1961) 

(With Study and Projectionist's 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A dramatic account of the life 
and ministry of Jesus according to 
the Gospel of St. John, underscoring 
the central Christian doctrine. 

SFS 16170 Parables From Nature Series One 

(a thru f ) (Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consists of 6 film strips; 3 
records (double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM) ; 
6 study guides (one for each FS sub- 

SFS 16-171 Parables From Nature-Series Two 

(a thru f ) (Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consists of 6 film strips; 3 
records (double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM) : 
6 study guides (one for each FS 

SFS 16-172 The Story of the Prophets-Series One 

(athruf) (Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consists of 6 film strips; 3 
records (double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM) ; 
6 study guides (one for each FS 

SFS 16-173 The Story of the Prophets-Series Two 

(a thru d) (Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consists of 4 film strips; 2 
records (double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM) ; 
4 study guides (one for each FS 

SFS 16-174 The Bible and the Presidents 

(a thru d) (Color 1960) 

(Adpoted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 teacher study guides (one 
for each FS subject). 

SFS 16-175 Tales of Jiminy Cricket 

(a thru f ) (Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 3 
records 2 sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 7 study guides One Master 
Guide and 6 guides for the film 

SFS 176 Sermons for Young People 

(a thru p) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 16 film strips; 8 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
16 study guides. 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

SFS 16-177 Lefs Talk About Vocation SFS 16-186 

(a thru h) (Color 1961) (a thru j) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 8 film strips; 4 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM; 
9 study guides. 

SFS 16-178 The Saints Are Real SFS 16-125 

(athruj) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 10 film strips; 10 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
Lyrics for the "Calendar of Saints." 

SFS 16-179 Older Teens and Dating 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) SFS 16-188 

(Adopted Commercial Film) (a thru f ) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-180 Young Teens and Dating 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-181 Older Teens and Popularity Problems 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(AdopteH Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-182 Christian Home and Family Life 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 4 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-183 Young Tesns and Popularity Problems 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) SFg 16-192 

(Adopted Commercial Film) ( a ^j^, c ) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 4 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-184 Older Teens and Their Families 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) SFS 16-193 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 4 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-185 Young Teens and Their Families 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

( Adopt jd Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 4 SFS 16-195 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; (a thru d) 

4 study guides. 

SFS 16-189 
(a thru f) 

SFS 16-190 
(a thru f ) 

SFS 16-191 
(a thru e) 

St. John University Sound Film Strip 
Catechism Kit 

(Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 10 film strips; 10 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM. 

How to Conduct a Military Funeral 
(Color 40 FR 13 min 1964) 

Each phase and appropriate 
procedures of the Simple Honors 
Ceremony; duties of personnel in- 
volved in funeral from time of sold- 
iers' death to interment. 

The Story of Jesus Part I 

(Color 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 6 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
7 study guides (1 Master Guide and 

6 individual study guides). 

The Story of Jesus Part II 

(Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 6 
records 2-sided; 7 study guides. 

The Story of Jesus Part III 

(Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 6 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 

7 study guides. 

The Passion Story 

(Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 5 film strips; 5 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; 5 
study guides. 

Christmas Series 

(Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 3 film strips; 3 
records (33 1/3 RPM, 2 double- 
sided and 1 single sided) ; 3 study 

Stewart ttn Steward and the Magic Offering 

(Color 74 FR 17 min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Teaches children the idea that 

by helping others, the individual 

helps God. 

Stories About Jesus for the Kindergarten 
(Color 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; 4 
study guides. 

SFS 16-196 Stories Jesus Told 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 4 
study guides. 

SFS 16-197 Stories About Church 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; 4 
study guides. 

SFS 16-198 Teenage Topics for Christian Youth Older 

(a thru d) Teens and Life Problems 

(Color 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 4 
study guides. 

SFS 16-199 Teenage Topics for Christian Youth-Young 

(a thru d) Teens and Life Probbms 

(Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; 4 
study guides. 

SFS 16-200 Heroes for God 

(a thru f ) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 3 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 6 
teachers' study guides and manuals. 

SFS 16-201 Stories From the Old Testament 

(a thru f ) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 3 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 6 teachers' study guides 
and manuals. 

SFS 16-202 Martin Luther-The Story of the 


(B&W 73 FR 22 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Covers his early life, work as 
a Monk and later as Professor at 
University of Wittenberg, the 95 
Theses, trial at Worms, and the 
signing of the Augsburg Confes- 

SFS 16-203 How We Got Our Bible 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 

records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 teachers' study guides and man- 

SFS 16-204 Great Christian Missionaries 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 teachers' study guides and man- 

SFS 16-205 Christian Teenager's Spiritual Life Kit 

(a thru d) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-206 Daily Christian Living Series for Boys and 

(a thru d) Girls (Kit No. 1) 

(Color 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-207 Daily Christian Living Series for Boys and 

(a thru d) Girls (Kit No. 2) 

(Color 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 study guides. 

SFS 16-208 The St. John's Catechism (Catholic) 

(athruj) (Color 1961) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 
(SP SFS 16208 is Spanish Ver- 

Set contains: 10 film strips; 10 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM. 

SFS 16-209 Learning Church Manners 

(Color 53 FR 12 Min 1961) 
(With Leader's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Teaches children what the 
church is and means to people; and 
leads them to a better understanding 
of how to act in church. 

SFS 16-210 St. John's University Catechism 

(k thru t) (Color 1962) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 11 film strips; 11 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM. 

SFS 16-224 Marriage Counseling Kit 

(a thru d) (Color 1962) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM. 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

SFS 16-226 Stories About Jesus 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-227 Stories About the Seasons 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-228 Stories About Home and Family 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-229 Daily Life in Bible Lands 

(a and b) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 2 film strips; 1 
record 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 2 leader's guides. 

FS 16-230 Christian Friends in Other Lands 

(athrud) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-231 Protestant Missions at Work in Latin America 

(a and d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 2 film strips; 1 
record 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 2 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-232 Children and ths Church in Latin America 

(Color 71 FR 15 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 1 film strip; 1 
record 1-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 1 
leader's guide. 

SFS 16-233 Donny Stories About Growing Up 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, micro- 
groove; 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-234 The Story of Jesus-Part IV 

(a thru f) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 6 film strips; 6 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, 
microgroove; 7 study guides (one 

master and 6 individual study 

SFS 16-235 Bible Backgrounds 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-237 Molly Stories About Growing Up 

(a thru d) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-238 Where Jesus Lived 

(aandb) (Color 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 2 film strips; 1 
record double-sided, 331/3 RPM; 
2 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-239 Ths Atom Speaks 

(athrud) (Color 1964) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 4 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM. 

SFS 16-240 Facing Problems of Modern Marriage 

(athrud) (Color 1964) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-241 It Began in Bethlehem 

(Color 55 FR 14 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Recounts the story or the nativ- 
ity and explains the real meaning 
of Christmas. 

SFS 16-242 Effective Christian Communication 

(a thru d) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; in- 
structor's guide and 4 projectionist's 

SFS 16-243 Evangelism 

(a thru d) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 331/3 RPM; 4 
leader's guides and manuals. 

SFS 16-244 Becoming a Christian 

(Color 53 FR 11 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Shows how two young people 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

go about learning for themselves 
what it means to be a Christian. 

SFS 16-245 Teach Us to Pray 

(Color 48 FR 10 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Leads viewers into new insights 
regarding when and where to pray, 
what and whom to pray for, how to 
pray, and the results of prayer. 

SFS 16-246 God's Easter Plan 

(Color 47 FR 10 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Underscores idea that Jesus' 
crucifixion and resurrection was 
necessary for completion of God's 
plan to join life with the purpose 
of God. 

SFS 16-247 Visitation Evangelism 

(a and b) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 2 film strips; 1 
record double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
2 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-248 Great Christian Beliefs 

(a thru d) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
and 4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-249 Old Testament Life and Times 

(a thru d) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-250 Getting to Know God Better 

(a thru d) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-251 Thus Saith the Lord 

(Color 41 FR 20 Min 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Basic concepts of Jewish faith 
as expressed by Moses and the 
Prophets Jeremiah, Amos, Isaiah, 
and Elijah. 

SFS 16-252 Baal Shem Tov-the Teachings of Hasidim 

(Color 70 FR 28 Min 1965) 
(With Teacher's Guide) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Origin and development of 
Hasidic movement; teachings of the 

Baal Shem Tov, founder of move- 
ment; Hasidic influence on Jewish 
religious life. 

SFS 16-259 The Good News of Christ 

(a thru x) (Color 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 24 film strips; 12 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM, 24 
teacher's study guides. 

SFS 16-260 In Our Stead (Lentan-Easter Season) 

(Color 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 7 film strips on 
Passion of Christ; 4 records 2- 
sided, 331/3 RPM; leader's guides 
and sermon outlines. 

SFS 16-261 Face to Face 

(Color 93 FR 17 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Human concern for self-dis- 
covery and avenues by which people 
move towards fulfillment and ma- 

SFS 16-262 The Sunday School Teacher 

(a thru d) (Color 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records 2-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 4 
leader's guides. 

SFS 16-263 God Cares for You 

(a thru d) (Color 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-264 Learning About Our Bible 

(a thru d) (Color 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 4 film strips; 2 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
4 leader's guides. 

SFS 16-265 Kree Finds the Way (Catholic) 

(a thru t) (Color 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 20 film strips; 5 
records double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 
20 teacher notes and study plans. 

SFS 16266 Royal Commission Teacher Training Series 

(a thru d) Part I V Principles and Techniques for 

Successful Sunday School Instruction) 

(Color 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Set contains: 5 parts which in- 
clude 9 film strips; 5 records 
double-sided, 33 1/3 RPM ; 9 Discus- 
sion Guides. 


SFS 16 Chaplain 

SFS 16-272 

SFS 16-267 Religions of Our World Neighbors SFS 16-271d 

(a thru d) (4 Color Film Strips; 2 Records, 

331/3 RPM, 2-sided; and 4 Lead- 
er's Guides) 

Presents the basic beliefs of 
Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, and 
Islamism, to develop an understand- 
ing of these religions and how they 
influence the lives of the people who 
live by these faiths. 

SFS 16-268 Bible Stories for Children-Series I 

(a thru f ) This series consists of 6 color 

film strips, 3 Microgroove, 2-sided 
records, 33 1/3 RPM, and 6 Teacher's 

SFS 16-269 Bible Stories for Children-Series II SFS 16-273 

(a thru f ) This series consists of 6 color 

film strips, 3 Microgroove, 2-sided 
records, 33 1/3 RPM, and 6 Teacher's 

SFS 16-270a Christian Women in Today's World-What 

is a Woman? 

(Color 50 FR 11 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Delineates the nature and quali- 
ties of "womanliness" to help women SFS 16-274 
better understand themselves and 
their role in today's world. 

SFS 16-270b Christian Women in Today's World-Women 

in the Church 

(Color 53 FR 12 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Describes how women can dis- 
cover ways to find fulfillment 
through the fellowship of the church. SFS 16-281a 

SFS 16-271a Faiths People Live By Judaism 

(Color 69 FR 12 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
The basic beliefs and practices 
of Judaism, and how they influence 
the lives of the people who live by 
this faith. SFS 16-281b 

SFS 16-271b Faiths People Live By Roman Catholicism 

(Color 75 FR 12 Min 1968) 
(Adtoped Commercial Film Strip) 
The basic beliefs and practices 

of Roman Catholicism, and how they SFS 16-281c 
influence the lives of the people who 
live by this faith. 

SFS 16-271c Faiths People Live By-Greek Orthodoxy 

(Color 77 FR 12 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 

The basic beliefs and practices SFS 16-281d 
of Greek Orthodoxy, and how they 
influence the lives of the people who 
live by this faith. 

Faiths People Live By Protestantism 

(Color 72 FR 12 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
The basis beliefs and practices 
of Protestantism, and how they in- 
fluence the lives of the people who 
live by this faith. 

"Thanks Be to God" 

(Color 47 FR 15 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Provides a better understanding 
of our dependence on God and his 
love, and how we respond to the 
Giver of every good and perfect 
gift in love and thankfulness. 

Martin Buber The Life in Dialogue 
(Color 47 FR 20 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A profile of the life and phil- 
osophy of Martin Buber, who chal- 
lenged the despairing spirit of our 
time by pointing the way for man to 
find himself through dialogue with 
God and community with his fellow 

Grant Us Peace The Lifework of Arthur J. 

(Color 51 FR 21 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A profile of the life and career 
of Arthur J. Goldberg, focusing on 
his efforts in the cause of human 
rights and social justice, and for a 
world of order and peace. 

Social Problems and the Church An 

(Color 60 FR 10 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Defines the role of the modern 

church in the face of some of the 

prevailing social problems. 

Social Problems and the Church Alcohol 

(Color 62 FR 10 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
The role of the church in coping 
with the drinking problem. 

Social Problems and the Church Leisure 

(Color 65 FR 13 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
The role of the church in help- 
ing people to use their leisure for 
greater enrichment of their lives. 

Social Problems and the Church 

(Color 64 FR 15 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 


The role of the church in com- 
batting' delinquency. 

SFS 16-281e Social Problems and ihe Church- 


(Color 66 FR 10 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
The role of the church in 
thwarting the infiltration of Com- 
munist propaganda. 

SFS 16-281f Social Problems and the Church- 


(Color 61 FR 11 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The role of the church in 
fighting the evils of prejudice. 

SFS 16-282 Lord, Come! 

(Color 50 FR 27 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the meaining of Ad- 
vent: the nativity of Jesus symbol- 
izes the concept that God comes 
into man's situation at every mo- 
ment, and the encounter leads to an 
enriched life. 

SFS 16-283a About Sex and Growing Up Maturing Boys 

and Girls 

(Color 56 FR 7 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Prepares pubescent and pre- 
pubescent boys and girls for the 
physical and personality changes 
they can expect in their develop- 
ment towards maturity. 

SFS 16 283b About Sex and Growing Up Becoming a 


(Color 57 FR 7 Min 1969) 

SFS 16 Chaplain 

(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Describes the anatomical and 
physiological changes that occur in 
girls during puberty, giving partic- 
ular attention to menstruation and 
personal hygiene. 

SFS 16-283C About Sex and Growing Up-Becoming a 


(Color 48 FR 7 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Describes the anatomical and 
physiological changes that occur in 
boys during puberty, and emphasizes 
the importance of personal hygiene 
and a balanced diet to combat skin 

SFS 16-283d About Sex and Growing Up-Where Babies 

Come From 

(Color 62 FR 10 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Explains the male and female 
roles in human procreation, ferti- 
lization and development of the fetus, 
full term and premature babies, 
single and multiple births. 

SFS 16-2836 About Sex and Growing Up-Creation, Sex, 

and Faith 

(Color 47 FR 7 Min 1969) 
(Adopted Commercial Film Strip) 
Develops the theme that the 
whole process of creation and human 
sexuality are part of God's plan, 
and that human beings have been 
blessed with the opportunity to share 
God's creation through love and mar- 


TGS 16 Chaplain 

TGS 16 S 1 Thanksgiving 

(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TGS 16 S-2 Communism and Freedom 

(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TGS 16-S-3 Maturity and the Military Lady 

(Impact Topic) 
(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TGS 16-S-4 Hazards of Military Service 

(Impact Topic) 
(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TGS 16-S-5 The Lady in the Military Service 

(Impact Topic) 
(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TGS 16-S-6 Women's Service to the Nation 

(Impact Topic) 
(Color 5 FR 1964) 

TG 16-3-42 Honor and the Soldier 

(Color 8 FR 1970) 

Defines the meaning and im- 
portance of honor as it relates to 
the soldier in terms of respect for 
self, respect for others, and respect 
for the common mission. 

TG 16-3-43 Authority and the Soldier 

(Color 7 FR 1970) 

Defines the meaning and pur- 
pose of authority as it relates to 
the soldier. 

TG 16-3-44 Group Living and the Soldier 

(Color 6 FR 1970) 

Defines man's need for group 
living and how it relates to the 

TG 16-3-45 Marriage and the Soldier 

(Color 6 FR 1970) 

Defines the realistic objectives 
of marriage, and presents some of 
the considerations that should be 
weighed by the soldier before en- 
tering into a marriage. 

TG 16-3-46 Heritage and the Soldier 

(Color 8 FR 1970) 

Defines the conceptual founda- 
tions of the American heritage of 
freedom and democracy, and enun- 
ciates the soldier's role in preserv- 
ing and perpetuating this great tra- 
dition for the future. 

TG 16-3-47 Duty and the Soldier 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Defines the meaning of duty, 
why it is important, and what it 
demands of the soldier. 

TGS 16-4-9 Chastity 

(Color 5 FR 1961) 

TGS 16-4-26 Marks of Greatness 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-29 Honesty 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-30 Truth 

(Color 1963 FR 5) 

TGS 16-4-31 Sacrifice 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-32 Life a Trust 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-33 Worship 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-34 Example 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-35 Practical Wisdom 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TGS 16-4-36 Reputation 

(Color 5 FR 1963) 

TG 16-4-37 My Country 

(Color 12 FR 1970) 

Describes the sources of Amer- 
ica's strength and several of her 
major problems; and underscores 
the patriotic duty of mature per- 
sons to participate in the life of the 
community and seek ways to solve 
the country's difficulties. 

TG 16-4-38 The Real Person 

(Color 9 FR 1970) 

Describes the common facades 
used to avoid meaningful relation- 
ships with people, and underscores 
the steps toward being an authentic 
person capable of mature responses 
to the reality of life. 

TG 16-4-39 Responsibility 

(Color 7 FR 1970) 

Shows how a person's sense of 
responsibility not only touches his 
personal life, but also links him 
to the community and the world. 

TG 16-4-40 Endurance 

(Color 7 FR 1970) 

Delineates the theme that suc- 
cess in life comes as a result of 
holding fast to one's ideas and the 
will to overcome the difficulties en- 
countered along the way. 

TG 16-4-41 My Birthright 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 


TGS 16 Chaplain 

Reviews the historical, scien- TG 16-4-50 
tific, and transcendental sources of 
America's moral and democratic 
values, and delineates the individ- 
ual's right to liberty, justice, and 
national decision making. 

TG 16-4-42 Fair Play 

(Color 13 FR 1970) 

Shows that fair play is a skill 

to be learned and practiced in all TG 16-4-51 
aspects of life. Attitudes and be- 
havioral patterns essential for fair 
play are delineated. 

TG 16-4-43 Ambition 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Illustrates understanding the TG 16-4-52 
basic needs of life, determining our 
real interests, believing in one's 
goals, involvement in family life, 
social life, work, and community 

TG 16-4-44 Social Concern 

(Color 11 FR 1970) TG 16-4-53 

Illustrates an attitude of social 
interest in improving our society 
as a whole. 

TG 16445 Personal Freedom 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Defines personal freedom in a 

democratic society and underscores TG 16-4-54 
America's obligation to ensure that 
every person in the country can 
live free from want and fear. 

TG 16-4-46 Common Sense 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the need for com- 
mon sense in facing the problems 

of today and tomorrow. 

TG 16-4-55 
TG 16-4-47 Self Discipline 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Depicts the need for self-dis- 
cipline in every phase of life, and 
the struggle encountered while try- 
ing to exercise self-discipline. 

TG 16-4-48 Marriage-Go-Round TG 16-4-56 

(Color 12 FR 1970) 

Describes the need for serious 
thought about problems before and 
after marriage. 

TG 16-4-49 Esprit 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Illustrates five groups of peo- TG 16-4-57 
pie labeled 'Moderates', 'Militants', 
'Radicals', 'Conservatives', and 'Lib- 

My Job 

(Color 9 FR 1971) 

Describes man's need to inten- 
sify his interests and the necessity 
to build on his present knowledge. 
Also, points out that we must make 
the best of our abilities and inter- 
ests if we are to find a sense of 
fulfillment in life. 

Respect for Others 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the point that shared 
experiences and greater under- 
standing helps melt barriers be- 
tween people. 


(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Delineates the idea that jus- 
tice, equality, freedom of speech and 
assembly, and the right to parti- 
cipate in the decision making pro- 
cess are the great values of life. 

Good Life 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Outlines achievements, social 
responsibilities, realism, under- 
standing the past, preparing for the 
future, and an attitude of trust 
toward other people. 


(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Describes the need for a bal- 
ance between extremes of behavior 
in a person's life. It supports the 
idea that moderation is a way of 
accepting realistic limitations on 
some of our basic drives and com- 

You and Your Future 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Points out that education is 
one of the keys to help us set goals 
in keeping with our ability and 
interests, and to get along in today's 
complex society. 

Living With Conflict 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Describes some basic reasons 
for conflict; lack of communication, 
segregation, and conformity to the 
status quo. Presents some possible 
resolutions of conflict. 


(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Despicts people from many cul- 
tures and backgrounds at work and 


TGS 16 Chaplain 

TG 16-4-58 

recreation; illustrates many forms 
of prejudice by individuals and by 

Coping With Contemporary Problems 

(Color 10 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the risks of exper- 
imentation, reasons for drug abuse, 
reality, race relations, poverty, en- 1 
vironmental pollution, social re- 
sponsibilities, and moral commit- 


TF 17 Armor 

23. 17-Series; Armor 

TF 17-1516 The Tank Armored Infantry Team 

(B&W 26 Min 1949) 

Organization and employment 
of tank company reinforced by ar- 
mored infantry platoon in offensive 
operations emphasis on flexibility 
and teamwork. 

TF 17-1968 Tank, 76MM Gun, M41 and M41A1, Crew 

Firing Duties Part I Preparing for Action 

(B&W 17 Min 1955) 

Positions and firing duties of 
crew; handling and stowage of 
rounds; prepare to fire procedure; 
variations in M41 and M41A1 

TF 17-1969 Tank, 76MM Gun, M41 and M41A1, Crew 

Firing Duties Part II Firing Duties 

(B&W 13 Min 1955) 

Firing duties of crew as they 
carry out fire command; detecting 
and correcting causes for misfires; 
clear and secure guns procedure. 

TF 17-1970 Tank, 90MM Gun, M47, Crew Firing Duties- 

Part I Preparing for Action 

(B&W 17 Min 1955) 

Positions and firing duties of 
crewmen; handling and stowage of 
rounds; prepare to fire procedure 
cleaning and checking of equipment 
and loading of guns. 

TF 17-1971 Tank, 90MM Gun, M47, Crew Firing Duties- 

Part II Firing Duties 

(B&W 15 Min 1955) 

Duties of crewmen as they 
carry out fire command; detecting 
and correcting causes for misfires; 
clear and secure guns procedure. 

TF 17-1974 Fundamentals of Tank Turrets-Part I- 

Introduction and Turret Controls 

(B&W 17 Min 1954) 

History and effectiveness of 
tank; tank turret components lo- 
cation and use; operation of tra- 
versing, elevating and firing con- 

TF 17-1975 Fundamentals of Tank Turrets Part II 

Vision Devices, Direct Fire Sights and 
Auxiliary Fire Control Equipment 

(B&W 17 Min 1954) 

Characteristics, function and 
operation of the various types of 
equipment in each group emphasis 
on 'Know How' for efficient oper- 

TF 17-1978 Pioneering by Armor 

(B&W 23 Min 1955) 

Shows how reconnaissance pla- 
toon and reinforcement tank pla- 
toon overcome road blocks, obsta- 
cles to cross-country movement, 
stream crossings and minefields. 

TF 17-2288 Elevation Quadrant, M13-Part l-Use of the 

Ml 3 Quadrant 

(B&W 6 Min 1956) 

How the M13 is used to lay 
the gun at plus 132 mils, and then 
at minus 49 mils elevation. 

TF 17-2289 Elevation Quadrant, M13-Part Il-Test and 

(B&W 5 Min 1956) 

How the M13 is tested for ac- 
curacy, how the required adjust- 
ment is determined, and how the 
adjustment is made. 

TF 17-2290 Gunner's Quadrant, Ml -Part l-End for 

End Test, Plus Corrections 
(B&W 6 Min 1956) 

How the Ml is tested for ac- 
curacy, using the 'End for End 
Test' for a plus .3 mil correction. 

TF 17-2291 Gunner's Quadrant, Mi-Part Il-End for 

End Test, Minus Corrections 

(B&W 4 Min 1956) 

How to determine the amount 
of a minus correction, and how to 
make the correction 'End for End 
Test' for a minus .2 mil correction. 

TF 17-2385 Safe Loading Procedures 90MM Tank Gun 

(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Inserting and balancing ammu- 
nition round in loading notch 
chambering clearing path of re- 
coil use of extracting and ram- 
ming tool safety pointers. 

TF 17-2390 Track Tension Adjustment Part II M48 and 

M48A1 Tank 

(B&W 5 Min 1957) 

Correct procedures for check- 
ing track tension, measuring sag, 
correcting track tension, and re- 
checking initial adjustment. 

TF 17-2494 Medium Wrecker Truck M-62-Part I- 

Prepa ration for Lifting 
(B&W 10 Min 1957) 

Adjusting boom to lift loads 
at various radii, use of safe load 
chart, increasing weight lifting cap- 
ability for maximum load, safety 


TF 17 Armor 

TF 17-2495 

TF 17-2504 

TF 17-2587 

TF 17-2600 

TF 17-2693 

TF 17-2726 

TF 17-2727 

Medium Wrecker Truck M-42 Part II Power 
Plant Removal 

(B&W 7 Min 1957) 

Removal of power plant from 
tank M-48 in first method, the 
M-62 is positioned to right of tank; 
in second method the M-62 is pos- 
itioned to rear of tank. 

Armor Combat Power 

(B&W 24 Min 1958) 

Features and fire capability of 
vehicle and weapon organic to ar- 
mor; mission, organization and fire 
potential of tank platoon and ar- 
mored infantry platoon. 

Armor Team Security 

(B&W 24 Min 1958) 

Security measures taken in 
combat : selection, reconnaisance 
and organization of assembly area; 
security measures for day, night, 
'Stand To', and on the march. 

Communication in an Armor Battalion Task 
Force Command Post 
(B&W 26 Min 1958) 

Communication requirements 
of task force for attack; action of 
communication officer in establish- 
ing adequate sections and elements 
of task force and their employment. 

Armor Marches 

(B&W 26 Min 1959) 

Actions of armor unit in plan- 
ning and executing a march from 
a bivouac area to assembly area 
and on to attack position day and 
night march procedures. 

Commander's Cupola Ml, Machine Gun- 
Part I Assembly, Installation and 

(B&W 18 Min 1960) 

Operation and action of wea- 
pon and cupola in combat; prepara- 
tion of weapon and installation in 
cupola; loading and firing weapon; 
removal of gun and accessories 
from cupola and disassembly pro- 

Commander's Cupola Ml, Machine Gun- 
Part II Operation and Corrective Actions 
(B&W 12 Min 1960) 

Procedures for loading, firing, 
clearing, boresighting and zeroing; 
common malfunctions and correc- 
tive actions; safety precautions dur- 
ing operation. 

TF 17-2778 Road Test Procedures for Tactical Tracked 


(B&W 29 Min 1959) 

Second echelon procedures: be- 
fore operation inspection services 
adjustment of deficiencies in major 
operation elements road test 
after road test inspection and ser- 

TF 17-2780 Magnate Ignition Timing A V- 1790 Engine 

(B&W 27 Min 1959) 

Relation of timing to vehicle 
operation, preparation of engine for 
ignition timing; timing flywheel and 
accessory magnetos of engine; use 
of power timing light. 

TF 17-2826 The Armor Soldier on the Nuclear 

(B&W 30 Min 1959) 

Effects of nuclear bursts; pro- 
tective measures in combat for 
armor units cover, concealment, 
and dispersion; stress on readiness 
for attack. 

TF 17-2942 Range Finder M13Al-Part (-Characteristics 

and Controls 

(B&W 22 Min 1960) 

Functions of range scale, and 
ranging and gun laying reticles; 
stereoscopic ranging; use of diop- 
ter, interpupillary, halving and ICS 

TF 17-2943 Range Finder M13Al-Part Il-Preparation 

For Ranging 

(B&W 20 Min 1960) 

Diopter and interpupillary ad- 
justments checks on range scale 
and reticle lights; halving adjust- 
ment of stereo patterns; ICS ad- 

TF 17-2944 Range Finder M13A1-Part Ill-Boresighting 

and Zeroing 
(B&W 17 Min 1960) 

Boresighting adjustments of 
periscope, telescope, and range find- 
er; zeroing gun, telescope, periscope, 
and range finder. 

TF 17-2945 The 4.2 Inch Armor Mortar Platoon, Armor 


(B&W 26 Min 1960) 

Mission, capabilities, organiza- 
tion, and tactical employment of 
armor mortar platoon; action of 
platoon in support of advancing 
task force planning and conduct 
of attack. 


TF 17 Armor 

TF 17-2946 Tank Company Team in the Delaying Action 

(B&W 25 Min 1961) 

Planning and preparation ; 
movement into initial, intermediate 
and final position; stress on cen- 
tralized control, decentralized ac- 
tion, and use of mines and obstacles. 

TF 17-2964 Tank Company Team as Part of a Mobile 

Defense in a Fixing Force Mission 

(B&W 24 Min 1961) 

Planning, preparation, and ex- 
ecution of mission selection, pre- 
paration and movement into pri- 
mary and supplementary position; 
relation of fixing force to other 
elements in mobile defense. 

TF 17-3015 The Tank Company in the Offense 


(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

Principles and techniques ap- 
plied by team in preparing for and 
conducting exploitation mission to 
penetrate deep into the enemy rear. 

TF 17-3016 Crew Drill and Service of the Piece, 4.2 

Inch Mortar Squad (Armor) 
(B&W 29 Min 1961) 

Dismounted drill, mount &"<' 
dismount the squad, prepar 
action, fire, command, and aar. r 
order drill ; inspection ano har .- 
ling ammunition; hundr 1 mis- 

TF 17-3054 The Armored Cavalry Troop Security 


(B&W 29 Min 1962) 

Principles and techniques ap- 
plied in flank security mission 
operation order, movement and ac- 
tion of each element of troop, con- 
trol measures and communications. 

TF 17-3074 Crew Maintenance Services (Automotive) 

Medium Tank M48A2 
(B&W 28 Min 1961) 

Daily first echelon mainten- 
ance before, during and after op- 
eration checks and services; first 
echelon adjustments; reporting of 
damages for second echelon repair 

TF 17-3076 The 4.2 Inch Mortar Platoon (Armor) 


(B&W 28 Min 1962) 

Elements of fire adjustment 
team; techniques and procedures 
used by team to locate targets and 
construct fire commands issued to 
4.2 inch mortar platoon. 

TF 173088 Assault Bridging in Offensive Operations 

(B&W 19 Min 1961) 

Construction, capabilities, and 
tactical use of various types of 
assault bridges to assist armor 
movement A VLB, mobile floating, 
M4T6 fixed span, and M4 balk 

TF 17-3140 The Tank Heavy Task Force in Delaying 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

Principles and techniques ap- 
plied in planning and conduct of de- 
laying action to cover withdrawal 
of elements of an armored division. 

TF 17-3170 Tank Company Team in Night Attack 

(B&W 23 Min 1962) 

Tactical requirement and vital 
measures for a night attack; fun- 
damentals and techniques used by 
tank company team in the planning 
and conduct of a night attack. 

TF 17-3239 105MM Gun, M68-Part l-Crew and 

Quarterly Maintenance 
(B&W 31 Min 1962) 

Crew maintenance of breech- 
block mechanism and add quarterly 
maintenance of breechblock oper- 
ating mechanism cleaning, inspec- 
ting and lubricating of components, 
and functional checks. 

TF 17-3240 105MM Gun, M68-Part I (-Functioning 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

Component and action of breech 
mechanism: man opening, firing pin 
retraction, automatic closing, firing, 
automatic opening, extraction and 

TF 17-3287 Recovery Expedients for Tank Platoon 

(B&W 24 Min 1963) 

Techniques, precautions, and 
equipment used to recover mired 
tanks, nosed and overturned tanks, 
and disabled tanks with defective 
or frozen part 

TF 17-34'29 Crew Maintenance Services (Automotive), 

Main Battle Tank, M60 and M60A1 
(B&W 32 Min 1964) 

Daily maintenance performed 
on M60A1 in 3 phases before, dur- 
ing and after operation; minor dif- 
ference in the M60 pointed out dur- 
ing demonstration. 

TF 173459 Coincidence Range Finder, M17C 

Characteristics and Operation (M60 TK) 

(B&W 19 Min 1964) 


TF 17 Armor 

Design, and primary and sec- 
ondary fire control functions of the 
M17C; how it is placed into oper- 
ation, and how it contributes to 
M60's firing capabilities. 

TF 17-3496 Crew Maintenance Services (Automotive) 

Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle 
M114 and M114A1 
(B&W 22 Min 1964) 

Features and capabilities of 
Ml 14; bef ore-operation, during-op- 
eration, and after-operation serv- 

TF 17-3497 Range Determination 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Range determination methods : 
binoculars and military relation, in- 
tersection, registration maps and 
friendly troops, and estimation by 
eye, hand and eye, flash and sound. 

TF 17-3572 The Tank-Heavy Task Force in Offense 

(B&W 24 Min 1966) 

Principles and techniques used 
in planning and executing offense 
action, with focus on aggressive- 
ness, mobility, fire and movement, 
and shock effect. 

TF 17-3578 Commander's Cupola, Ml 9 

(B&W 32 Min 1965) 

Design and operation of M19 
cupola on M60 tank, and M85 mach- 
ine gun mounted at the front of 
the cupola. 

TF 17-3618 The Tank-Heavy Company Team in Offense 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Principles and techniques used 
in preparing for and executing an 
attack mission stress on planning, 
coordinating team activities, fire- 
power, mobility and shock effect. 

TF 17-3630 Water Crossings by Armored Personnel 

(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Reconnaissance of crossing site, 
calculation of drift and current 
flow, preparation and loading of 
carrier, water-crossing techniques, 
after-operation maintenance. 

TF 17-3676 The Tank Platoon, Techniques of Employ- 

ment in Offense 
(Color 26 Min 1966) 

Troop leading procedure and 
conduct of the platoon in attack 
stress on planning, operational 
readiness, infantry tank coordin- 

ation firepower, shock effect and A 
mobility. I 

TF 17-3680 Infra Red and Visible Searchlight Kit for 

the M60 and M60A1 Series Tank 

(B&W 28 Min 1966) 

Capability, components, instal- 
lation, operation and maintenance 
of xenon searchlight and associated 
fire control equipment. 

TF 17-3706 The Armor Battalion Maintenance Platoon- 

Field Operations 

(B&W 24 Min 1966) 

Organization, equipment and 
operations of platoon facilities and 
layout of assembly and work ar- 
eas procedures followed in recov- 
ery and repair of disabled tank. 

TF 17-3710 Water Fording Kit-M60 Series Tank 

(B&W 33 Min 1966) 

Base and shore installation 
components, installation procedure, 
use and maintenance of water ford- 
ing kit which permits M60 tank 
to ford water up to 15 inch depth. 

TF 17-3740 Armor Mobile Forces Firepower 


(Color 22 Min 1967) 

Demonstration of firepower 
capabilities of armor task force as 
presented by the armor school at | 
Ft Knox, Ky. 

TF 17-3830 Infrared Driving Main Bottle Tank M-60 


(B&W 18 Min 1967) 

Demonstrates installation and 
use of M24 infrared periscope by 
tank drivers for night operations; 
and procedure for dismounting the 
M24 periscope and replacing the 
M27 periscope at end of mission. 

TF 17-3842 The Scout Platoon Reconnaissance and 

Security Operations 
(Color 37 Min 1968) 

Portrays a scout platoon of a 
task force tank battalion conducting 
a reconnaissance and security oper- 
ation to assist its parent unit in 
an offense mission. 

TF 17-3843 Scout Squad Operations 

(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Portrays scout squad activity 
as it prepares for and conducts 
patrols, and occupies an observa- 
tion post. This is accomplished 
while the parent platoon performs 
reconnaissance and security oper- 


TF 17 Armor 

ations in support of a task force 
tank battalion in the offense. 

TF 17-3902 Individual Tank and Tank Units-Technique 

of Employment 
(Color 25 Min 1968) 

Shows how a tank platoon pre- 
pares for and executes an attack 
mission, highlighting the tactical 
duties of crew members, and the 
techniques of control, movement, 
fire and security. 

TF 17-3905 Orientation on Armor 

(Color 18 Min 1968) 

Role and weaponry of modern 
armor; employment of armor units 
in Europe, Alaska, and Southeast 
Asia; potential use of armor in a 
nuclear environment. 

TF 173911 The Armored Cavalry Troop Reconnais- 

sance Missions 

(Color 24 Min 1968) 

Shows how an armored cavalry 
troop moves and conducts a zone 
reconnaissance, route reconnais- 
sance, and area reconnaissance. 

TF 17-3912 The Armored Cavalry Troop-Retrograde 


(Color 31 Min 1969) 

Portrays the planning and ex- 
ecution of a delaying action con- 
ducted by an armored cavalry troop 
as part of a rear covering force 
consisting of a reinforced armored 
cavalry squadron of an armored 

TF 174054 Armored Reconnaissance and Airborne 

Assault Vehicle M551-Crew Mainte- 
nance Services (Automotive) 
(B&W 26 Min 1969) 

Daily checks and services per- 
formed before, during, and after 
land and amphibious operation. 

TF 17-4093 Tank Platoon in the Conduct of a Road 

March and Occupation of an Assembly 

(B&W 27 Min 1969) 

Techniques and procedures em- 
ployed by a tank platoon in plan- 
ning and conducting day and night 
road marches, and in occupying an 
assembly area. 

TF 17-4137 Armored Reconnaissance/ Airborne Assault 

Vehicle M551 -Conduct of Fire 
(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the method of 
firing each of the weapons on the 
general Sheridan tank, including the 
50 cal and 7.62mm machine guns, 
152mm gun/launcher, and grenade 

TF 17-4157 Tank Platoon in a Night Attack and Night 

(B&W 25 Min 1971) 

Shows procedures for attack- 
ing, securing, and defending a tar- 
get at night; covers planning, re- 
connaissance, covering and illum- 
inating artillery fire, and 'Flicker' 
search light technique. 

TF 17-4271 The Tank Platoon Technique of Employment 

in Defense and Delaying Action 

(Color 27 Min 1972) 

Shows tactical plans used to 
defend a position, and to perform 
a delaying action against an enemy 
armor force. Shows integration of 
platoon's actions into the whole 


TGS 17 Armor 
TG 17-2-1 

TG 17-2-2 

TG 17-3-1 

TG 17-3-2 

TG 17-3-3 

Visual Signals, Armor 

(B&W 32 FR 1965) 

Presents the various visual 
signals used to direct armor during 
day and night operations. 

Armored Vehicle Recognition 
(B&W 20 FR 1969) 

Identifies the armored vehicles 
currently employed by the US 

Movement by Alternate Bounds 
(B&W 34 FR 1967) 

Illustrates the fundamentals of 
armor movement by alternate 

Movement by Successive Bounds 
(B&W 39 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the fundamentals of 
armor movement by successive 

Methods of Attack (Armor) 
(B&W 23 FR 1968) 

Principles, techniques, and ap- 
plications of 3 methods of attack 
used by armor: 1) maneuver force 
attacks in a single position, 2) man- 
euver force attacks in two or more 
converging directions, 3) tanks of 
maneuver force support by fire only. 

TG 1734 Armored Cavalry Platoon Formations and 

Battle Drill 
(B&W 43 FR 1968) 

Factors governing combat for- 
mations; commands, composition, 
and use of normal column, T and 
Y formations, and their variants; 
and battle drill for different attack 
and defense formations. 

TG 1735 Armored Cavalry Platoon: Screening Mission 

and Delaying Action 

(B&W 57 FR 1968) 

Delineates the considerations 
for a screening mission and delay- 
ing action, and graphically por- 
trays the procedures and control 
measures utilized by the armored 
cavalry platoon in executing the 

TG 17-3-6 Armor Combat Formations 

(B&W 37 FR 1968) 

Portrays employment of armor- 
ed combat formations, and graph- 
ically portrays the execution of 
tank platoon and tank company 
combat formations. Action of in- 
dividual tanks during change of 
formations on the march is also 


TF 19 Military Police 

24. 19-Series; Military Police 

TF 19-49 Military Police Observation and Description 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

How to observe and describe 
persons, places, objects, and events; 
how to search for the Who, What, 
When, Where, How, and Why of a 

TF 19-1634 Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part (-Basic 


(B&W 6 Min 1951) 

Defense against attack and 
launching counterattack balance, 
stahara, maximum versus minimum, 
momentum, major and minor oper- 
ations, and leverage. 

TF 19-1634A Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part Il-Falling 

(B&W 4 Min 1951) 
Technique of falling correctly. 

TF 19-1634B Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part Ill-Throw- 


(B&W 7 Min 1951) 

Three basic throws hip, 
shoulder, and leg hook throws. 

TF 19-1634C Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part IV-Follow 


(B&W 2 Min 1951) 

j Judo blow used as follow 


TF 19-1634D Personal Encounter (Judo) Part V Defense 

Against Body Holds 
(B&W 8 Min 1951) 

Defense techniques leg smash 
and kick to groin. 

TF 19-1634E Personal Encounter (Judo) Part VI Defense 

Against Choke Holds 

(B&W 6 Min 1951) 

Windmill defense, wedge, elbow 
smash, wrist takedown, reverse 
windmill, and bent-arm choke. 

TF 19-1634F Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part VM-Taking 


(B&W 7 Min 1951) 

Finger, wrist, and hammer- 
locking come-alongs. 

TF 19-1634G Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part VIII- 

Defense Against Wrestling Holds 
(B&W 4 Min 1951) 

Full nelson, side headlock, 
front headlock, and hammerlock. 

TF 19-1634H Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part IX- 

Defenss Against Knife or Club 
(B&W 9 Min 1951) 

Blocking knife thrust or club 
blow and following with judo throw. 

TF 19-16341 Personal Encounter (Judo)-Part X- 

Offensives Use of the Police Riot Club 

(B&W 7 Min 1951) 

Use of police club in crisscross 
stranglehold, Japanese rear choke, 
and riot club come-along. 

TF 19-1701 Support in Emergencies Riot Control 

(B&W 29 Min 1951) 

Four types of action demon- 
strated: (A) show of force; (B) 
riot control formations; (C) chem- 
ical agents; (D) fire against sni- 

TF 19-1740 Guarding Against Sabotage 

(B&W 32 Min 1952) 

Various methods of sabotage 
by use of fire, explosives and me- 
chanical means emphasizing precau- 
tionary measures. 

TF 19-1806 Military Police Support in Amphibious 

(B&W 14 Min 1953) 

Depicts the duties and func- 
tions of the military police in sup- 
port of a combined amphibious as- 

TF 19-1807 Straggler Control 

(B&W 18 Min 1953) 

Techniques used by the mili- 
tary police to control movements 
of individuals into or out of the 
combat area. 

TF 19-2111 Military Police Town Patrol Part I Foot 


(B&W 36 Min 1956) 

Planning and organization of 
patrols; preparation for mission; 
familiarization with patrol route; 
how to advise and assist soldiers; 
how to enforce regulations. 

TF 19-2112 Military Police Town Patrol Part II Motor 


(B&W 16 Min 1955) 

Cruising in patrol area; vis- 
iting off-limits nite-clubs; handling 
intoxicated soldier; quelling brawl; 
apprehending intoxicated driver. 

TF 19-2137 Point Control of Traffic 

(B&W 32 Min 1955) 

Hand and arm signals; traffic 
flow through 1-way and 4-way in- 
tersections; flow cycle; pedestrian 
traffic; right-of-way vehicles; traf- 
fic at defiles. 


TF 19 Military Police 

TF 19-2271 The Traffic Accident Spot Map 

(B&W 4 Min 1956) 

Use and preparation of map 
symbols for plotting information, 
required scale of map, features of 
a suitable legend. 

TF 19-2272 The Collision Diagram 

(B&W 5 Min 1956) 

Use and preparation of dia- 
gram plotting information, legend, 
right angle, rear end and side swipe 
collision patterns. 

TF 19-2273 The Search 

(B&W 7 Min 1959) 

Search procedures to prevent 
contraband from being taken in or 
out of a military stockage techni- 
ques to search prisoner and vehicles, 
and dispose of unauthorized items. 

TF 19-2275 Motor Vehicle Spot Speed Studies Setting 

Up Mirror Boxes 
(B&W 6 Min 1956) 

Positioning boxes ; positioning 
of observer and recorder; clocking 
passing vehicles; recording data; 
how studies aid in enforcement. 

TF 19-2287 Apprehension and Search of Persons 

(B&W 27 Min 1956) 

Technique of taking persons in- 
to custody; conducting frisk, wall 
and complete searches; use of hand- 
cuffs; disposition of female offend- 

TF 19-2442 Suspects and Witnesses-Part l-Basic 

(B&W 16 Min 1957) 

Interviews of two typical wit- 
nesses by a military policeman after 
an accident interviewing techni- 
ques, effects of emotion and pre- 
judice on observations. 

TF 19-2443 Suspects and Witnesses-Part II- 

Complainants and Hostile Witnesses 
(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

Interviews of two typical wit- 
nesses by military police criminal 
investigators stress on questioning 
technique and careful evaluation of 

TF 19-2540 Investigation of Narcotics Offenses 

(B&W 40 Min 1958) 

Symptoms of addiction techni- 
ques and procedures related to dis- 
covery, apprehension, and search of 
offenders apprehension of source of 
supply stressed. 

TF 19-2749 Geneva Conventions Rights and Obligation 

of Prisoners of War 
(B&W 28 Min 1960) 

Provisions of 1949 convention: 
rights of prisoners of war regard- 
ing interrogation, search, personal 
items, medical care, shelter, food, 
clothing, religious worship, work, 
and mail. 

TF 19-2751 Military Prisoners Part I Duties of Guards 

Within a Confinement Facility 

(B&W 23 Min 1959) 

Functions of tower, compound, 
main gate, sally port and visiting 
room guards basic principles gov- 
erning proper guard performance. 

TF 19-2772 Civilian Guard Services 

(B&W 29 Min 1959) 

Security procedures and devices 
used within and outside military 
installation and industrial plants; 
duties of static, foot or vehicle 
patrol, escort and riot guards. 

TF 19-2966 Processing of Evidence Part I Preservation 

and Collection 

(B&W 36 Min 1960) 

How military police establish 
control at scene of crime; duties of 
military police investigator; types 
of evidence considered; collecting, I 
identifying and preserving evidence; 
chain of custody. 

TF 19-2967 Processing of Evidence Part II Handling, 

Evaluating, and Identifying 

(B&W 18 Min 1960) 

How military police investiga- 
tor checks autopsy findings, vehicle 
registration, witnesses and suspects; 
duties of evidence custodian; value 
of evidence in court. 

TF 19-3004 Military Prisoners-Part IV-Stockade 

Admission Procedures 
(B&W 26 Min 1960) 

Prisoner identification, personal 
property search, medical examina- 
tion, issuance of uniform, briefing 
on stockade rules, and assignment 
of custody grade. 

TF 19-3005 Military Prisoners Part V Correctional 

(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

Aims and principles of treat- 
ment proper custody classification, 
evaluation of motive behind offense, 
and appropriate handling of pri- 
soner ; action of clemency board. 


TF 19 Military Police 

TF 19-3013 Dividends of Discipline 

(B&W 27 Min 1961) 

Importance of good discipline 
for optimum performance in battle 
examples drawn from WW I and 
II, and Korea; vital role in nuclear 

TF 19-3149 Introduction to Disaster Planning 

(B&W 18 Min 1962) 

Requirements for planning by 
Government and industry to counter 
natural or man-made disasters; 
principal areas considered in de- 
veloping a disaster plan. 

TF 19-3331 Planning for Riot Control 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 

Aims and preparation for riot 
control duty special task force or- 
ganization, training and indoctrina- 
tion of troops, tactical plan, logisti- 
cal support, security, communica- 
tion, management of rioters, and 
documentary evidence. 

TF 19-3365 Physical Security Surveys 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 

Principles and procedures used 
in a physical security survey of a 
military installation to uncover and 
correct security weaknesses. 

TF 19-3426 Crime Prevention Part I Commander's 

Crime Prevention Program 
(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

Formulation and various as- 
pects of program; important role of 
proper leadership, high morale, and 
discipline in crime prevention. 

TF 19-3427 Crime Prevention Part II Military Police 


(B&W 15 Min 1964) 

Factors contributing to crime; 
how military police patrols and spe- 
cial details can keep criminal ten- 
dencies and opportunities under con- 

TF 19-3428 Crims Prevention Part III Crime Prevention 

(B&W 29 Min 1964) 

Shows how provost marshal 
and criminal investigation detach- 
ment plan and execute an initial 
crime prevention survey of an army 

TF 19-3541 Military Police Traffic Control-Part I- 

Trafftc Control Plan 
(B&W 21 Min 1965) 
Objectives and development of 

plan on-post and off-post assistance 
available to PMG to incorporate 
engineering, education, and enforce- 
ment provisions. 

TF 19-3542 Military Police Traffic Control-Part II- 

Traffic Supervision, Policies and 
(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

Application of policies and pro- 
cedures of MP traffic control plan; 
and role of traffic-officer and traffic 
supervisory team in implementing 
the plan properly. 

TF 19-3559 Suspects and Witnesses Part IV Use of 

the Polygraph in Investigations 
(B&W 26 Min 1967) 

Pre-test interview with suspect, 
test examination procedure, analy- 
sis of polygraph indications, and 
post-test interrogation of suspect. 

TF 19-3582 Military Police Photography 

(Color 26 Min 1965) 

Types of cameras used, photo- 
graphic techniques, and effective 
coverage for arson and homicide 
cases, surveillance work, riots, dis- 
asters and accidents. 

TF 19-3678 The Ganeva Convention-Part l-Handling 

of Prisoners of War 
(B&W 37 Min 1966) 

Rules and procedures in hand- 
ling PW's from time of capture to 
confinement in PW camp; stress on 
role of MP, rights of PW's and 
judicial actions. 

TF 19-3679 The Geneva Convention Part II Handling 

of Civilian Internees 
(B&W 22 Min 1966) 

Rules and procedures in hand- 
ling civilian internees from time of 
capture to confinement in CI camp 
stress on camp discipline and secu- 

TF 19-3715 Industrial Defense Surveys Part I 


(B&W 8 Min 1967) 

Aims and criteria of surveys; 
technical and administrative pre- 
paration made by survey officer; 
entrance interview between survey 
officer and plant representative. 

TF 19-3716 Industrial Defense Surveys Part II 

Conducting the Survey 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

How survey officer checks on: 
industrial defense organizational 


TF 19 Military Police 

TF 19-3717 

TF 19-3723 

TF 19-3732 

TF 19-3799 

TF 19-3836 

TF 19-3878 

TF 19-3880 

TF 19-3950 

measures, physical security, fire 
protection, and emergency prepared- 
ness measures. 

Industrial Dafense Surveys Part III The 
Exit Survey 

(B&W 9 Min 1967) 

Purpose, preparations, and pro- 
cedures of the exit interview upon 
completion of the industrial defense TF 19-3904 

Military Police Operations-Part l-The 
Military Police Station 

(B&W 28 Min 1967) 

Layout, organization and mis- 
sion of station, with focus on per- TF 19-3925 
sonnel duties, operation of desk, 
MP reports and records, handling 
military offenders and civilian com- 

Prisoner Counseling 

(B&W 32 Min 1967) 

Counseling techniques and pro- 
cedures used by noncommissioned 
military police counselors at mili- 
tary stockades value to prisoner, 
army, and society. 

Riot Control Formations 

(B&W 24 Min 1967) 

Composition and application of 
basic wedge, line, and echelon for- 
mations in riot control operations 

commands, hand signals and steps 
in executing these formations and 
their variants at the squad, platoon, 
and company levels. 

Riot Control Munitions Part I Use and 
Employment of Grenades 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Physical characteristics, field 
behavior, and use of the two types 
of grenades employed to deliver riot TF 19 ~ 3993 
control agents to quelll a civil dis- 
turbance: 1) baseball grenade, M25 
series, and 2) burning-type grenade, 
M7 series. 

Military Police Traffic Control Part Ill- 
Traffic Accident Investigation 

(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

A two-member investigation 
team carry out the principles and TF 19-4072 
steps in traffic accident investiga- 
tion careful and complete investi- 
gation is stressed for proper de- 
cision in case. 

Guard Duty (Interior and Exterior) 
(B&W 26 Min 1968) 

TF 19-3951 

Basic structure and employ- 
ment of interior guard at a fixed 
installation general and special 
orders imposed on the main and spe- 
cial guard; basic structure and em- 
ployment of exterior guard in sup- 
port of guerrilla and conventional 
combat operations. 

Military Police in the Field Army 

(B&W 31 Min 1968) 

Mission, organization, services 
of the military police brigade in 
support of a combat-committed field 

Honors (Ceremony Procedures) 

(Color 33 Min 1968) 

Describes the origin and tradi- 
tion of the honor guard, and its 
role today in the honor guard cere- 
mony and military funeral. 

Civil Disturbances-Principles of Control 

(Color 35 Min 1968) 

Principles and techniques of 
control applicable to staged demon- 
strations, professional agitators, 
full force riots, looting, arson, and 
snipers; and preventive measures to 
restore law and order during and 
after large scale disturbances. 

Civil Disturbances-Part Il-Planning for 

(Color 1970) 

An overalll view of the advance 
planning necessary for control of 
civil disturbances by local, state, 
and federal authorities. Focus is 
placed on the four major planning 
areas: intelligence, personnel, logis- 
tics, and operations. 

Physical Security at Nike-Hercules Sites 

(B&W 34 Min 1969) 

This film is unclassified. 

Special handing required. 

Not releasable to foreign na- 

No exceptions. 

By Authority of Commanding 
General, ARADCOM, October 1968. 

Physical Security Part II Intrusion Detec- 
tion Devices 

(Color 31 Min 1969) 

Describes the purpose, princi- 
ples of activation, applications, cap- 
abilities, and limitations of the vari- 
ous intrusion detection devices used 
in establishing physical security. 

TF 19 Military Police 

TF 19-4207 

TF 19-4073 Military Police Communications TF 19-4198 

(B&W 26 Min 1969) 

Describes the importance of 
communication in accomplishing the 
MP mission, types of equipment 
used, and techniques employed in 
military operations. 

TF 19-4074 Military Police Operations Part II 

Division Operations 

(Color 29 Min 1969) 

Describes the organization and 
services of a military police com- 
pany in support of an US Army 
infantry division engaged in com- 
bat operations in Southeast Asia. 
General and special MP support TF 19-4261 
functions are covered. 

TF 19-4091 Military Police Traffic Control Part IV 

Traffic Control Reconnaissance 
(Color 27 Min 1970) 

This film depicts various as- 
pects of traffic control reconnnais- 
sance under safe and occasional 
enemy action conditions. TF 19-4318 

TF 19-4183 Physical Security-Part X-ldentification and 


(Color 22 Min 1971) 

Discusses purpose and techni- 
ques of ID and control procedures. 
Includes badges, access lists, duress 
codes, and new equipment. TF 19 _ 4361 

TF 19-4184 Military Police Operations-Part Ill-Military 

Police Patrol Investigations 
(B&W 28 Min 1971) 

Outlines the mission of the in- 
dividual military policeman in pp 
trol investigations; shows a patroi 
in action investigating an assault. 

TF 19-4197 Physical Security-Part VI-Railways TF 19-4443 


(B&W 25 Min 1971) 

Describes responsibilities and 
capabilities of railway security op- 
erations during a mobilization situa- 
tion in CONUS and in a theater of 

Physical Security Part VIII Cargo Security 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Describes the duties of security 
patrols in port and harbor facilities 
in CONUS and overseas. Also de- 
scribes harbor patrols. 

US Army Criminal Investigation Labora- 

(Color 33 Min 1971) 

Describes the services provid- 
ed by the criminal investigation 
laboratories and shows how their 
analysis of evidence can aid in se- 
curing convictions. 

Military Police Relationships With Civilian 

Law Enforcement Authorities 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Shows the importance of co- 
operation between military police 
and local civilian police depart- 
ments, and some of the ways this 
cooperation is implemented. 

Correctional Training Facility 

(B&W 18 Min 1972) 

Depicts the objectives of the 
facility, located at Ft. Riley, Kansas; 
its mission to return military pri- 
soners to duty through motivational 
and military training. 

Corr?ctional Treatment Program 
(B&W 16 Min 1972) 

Gives an overview of the US 
Army correctional treatment pro- 
gram, to show how it is aimed to- 
ward helping the prisoner to adopt 
a positive attitude toward military 

The United States Disciplinary Barracks: 
Our Mission Your Future 

(Color 37 Min 1972) 

Shows the facilities and opera- 
tion of the US discriplinary bar- 
racks in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, 
including training, rehabilitation 
programs, and levels of confinement. 


FB 19 Military Police 

FB 19-152 Combat Firing With Hand Guns 

(B&W 17 Min 1944) 

Correct grips; three basic fir- 
ing positions; firing quickly and in- 

FB 19-157 Allied Military Government in Italy 

(B&W 18 Min 1944) 

Purpose of AMG in occupied 
countries; situation in Italy when 
American forces invaded; recon- 
struction and rehabilitation by 

FB 19-167 Traffic Control in the Normandy Invasion 

(B&W 13 Min 1945) 

Work of military police in main- 
taining steady flow of military ve- 
hicles to front line; traffic problems 
for troops and supplies in England 
and France. 

FB 19-193 Evacuation of Civilians 

(B&W 15 Min 1945) 

Handling of refugees at collec- 
tion points, at evacuation centers, 
and in evacuation areas; action 
taken by military personnel and re- 

lief organizations during evacua- 

FB 19-202 Traffic Control in the CBI 

(B&W 19 Min 1945) 

Depicts the excellent system in- 
augurated by the military police in 
Calcutta for the main artery of the 
Stilwell Road. 

FB 19-246 Hasty Sign Making 

(B&W 19 Min 1952) 

Explains and demonstrates the 
use of the sign reproduction kit, 
No. 1, silk screen process. 

FB 19-256 MP Highway Patrol in Germany 

(B&W 10 Min 1953) 

Employment of military police 
in traffic control operations on the 
autobahn in Germany. 

FB 19-287 The Military Police Story 

(B&W 33 Min 1954) 

Depicts the training, duties, 
and responsibilities of the military 
police corps. Shows MP activities 
in Germany and Korea today. 


MF 19-5202 Routine Stops (Highway Patrol Officer 


(Color 15 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How highway patrol officers 
should protect themselves when ap- 
proaching, interrogating, and ar- 
resting traffic violators. 

ILF 19-7546 Your Army in Disaster Relief 

(B&W 17 Min 1949) 

Role of the Army in recent 
disasters: Texas city disaster, snow- 
bound areas in the winter 1948- 
1949 and flood areas along the Mis- 

MF 19-8027 Security Control You Never Can Tell 

(B&W 36 Min 1952) 

Proper security in plants 
stresses responsibility of every per- 
son engaged in work of classified 
nature to maintain effective security. 

MF 19-8509 The Traffic Officer in Court 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
A police officer loses a case in 

MF 19 Military Police 

court how good appearance, pre- 
paration and presentation can help 
an officer win a case in traffic court. 

MF 19-8510 Hit and Run Investigation 

(B&W 10 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Basic techniques to be used by 
police officers in hit-run accident 

MF 19-8511 Detecting and Recording Skidmarks 

(B&W 8 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How to detect and record skid- 
marks their importance in fixing 
responsibility in traffic accidents and 
getting convictions for violations. 

MF 19-8699 Prisoners of War 

(B&W 22 Min 1957) 

Processing, treatment and care 
of prisoners of war in Korea by 
military police in accordance with 
Geneva convention 1949 from cap- 
ture to internment in prisoner of 
war camps. 


SFS 19 Military Police 

SFS 19-11 Glass Fractures , 

I-BS w KC T^D ,, materials, methods involved, 

(B&W-55 FR-14 Mm-1955) marking and conditions for stori 
Fractures caused by bullets, 

Other objects and Car accidents SFS 19-14 Packaging of Evidence for Transmitted 

radial and concentric patterns ex- o the Military Police Criminal 

amining, marking and packing frag- Investigation Laboratories 

ments. (B&W 52 FR 10 Min 1956) 

10 10 r , Categories of evidence; packing 

ly 12 Costs and Mods ,*^- i j j 

(E&W fil PR 14 M- io^ materials and procedures; marking 
(B&W-61 FR-14 Mm-1955) items; lettters of transmittal; wrap- 
Techniques of casting and mold- ping) sealing and marki shippin 
ing impressions for use as evidence containers. 


TG 19-2-1 

TG 19-3 

Military Route (Itineraire) Signing-NATO TG 19-3-1 

(Color 30 FR 1966) 

Illustrates the military route 
signing- system designed to facili- 
tate the movement of NATO armed 
forces. TG 19-4 

Personal Encounters, Basic Come-Alongs, 
Throws and Defenses 
(B&W 45 FR 1959) 

Illustrates the techniques for 
executing basic judo holds, throws, G 19-5 
and defenses. These include: front 
and rear hammer-locks, gooseneck, 
and finger come-along; hip and G 19-6-1 
shoulder throws and defenses 
against chokes and headlocks. 

TGS 19 Military Police 
Basic Fingerprint Patterns 

(B&W 29 FR 1963) 

Explains the focal points and 
technical terms related to finger- 
print patterns. 

Manual of Arms Shotgun 
(B&W 13 FR 1971) 

Illustrates positions which pro- 
vide a safe, efficient and uniform 
manner of carrrying and inspecting 

Route Signs Classification, Application, 
and Design 

Procedure for Informing Accused or Suspect 
Person of His Rights 



TF 20 General 

25. 20-Series; General-Safety, Countries, 

TF 20-1684 One. Too Often 

(B&W 25 Min 1951) 

This safety film depicts the pre- 
carious daily adventures of a soldier 
on leave, who loses his life by taking 
a chance 'once too often.' 

TF 20-3317 How to Prevent Privote Vehicle Accident. 

(B&W 25 Min 1963) 
How the 3 elements of a post 

safety program are implemented: 
driver education, engineering meth- 
ods, and effective law enforcement 

TF 20-4220 Prevention of Drowning 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 

Describes how to keep from 
getting into a drowning situation, 
and what to do if in one, in both 
recreational and military tactical 
situations. The 'drown proofing' 
method is demonstrated. 


FB 20 General 

FB 20-56 Western Battle Front, May-June 1940 FB 20-66 The Battle of Buna 

(B&W-40 Min-1943) (B&W-9 Min-1943) 

Victorious Nazi drive through The Campaign at Buna. 

Holland and Belgium into France. 


MF 20 General 

MF 20-12 

MF 20-19 

MF 20-156 

MF 20-5023 

MF 20-5028 

MF 20-5033A 

MF 20-5033B 

MF 20-5033C 

Decide to Be Safe (Job Safety) MF 20-5033D 

(B&W 12 Min 1952) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How personal safety is possible 
through interest in safety programs 
and observance of normal safety 

Looking for Trouble (Vehicle Maintenance MF 20-5033E 

for Safety) 

(B&W 11 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Preventive maintenance is 
stressed as a vital factor to prevent 
truck breakdowns and automotive 

Army Explorers in Space MF 20-5033F 

(Color 14 Min 1958) 

Development and launching of 
explorer contributions made by Dr. 
Von Braun, ABMA ; Dr. Pickering, 
JPL; and Dr. Van Allen, University 
of Iowa. 

MF 20-5033G 

The Real Security 

(Color 24 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A lecture by Joe Powell, Man- 
agement Consultant, on the present 
day challenges facing management. 

Reduce Costs Suggest 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 

Aimed at all DOD personnel j^p 20-5033H 
stresses support of DOD cost re- 
duction program by submitting ideas 
through local suggestion channels. 

Safety Management Run the Team 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Examines the problem of ac- 
cidents as related to workers and 
management, and describes the ac- 
tion that should be taken by sup- 
ervisors to insure safety in the work 

Safety Management Plan for Prevention 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discusses the reasons for ac- 
cidents, how to prevent them, and 
accident reporting procedures. 

MF 20-5109 

MF 20-5116 

Safety Management Let Them Know 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) MF 20-5133 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the importance and 
techniques of safety training for 
new employees. 

Safety Management Mind Over Matter 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Reviews the causes of materials 
handling acccidents, and underscores 
the recommended practices for ma- 
terials handling safety. 

Safety Management Safety is in Order 
(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Defines the importance of good 
housekeeping for efficiency and safe- 
ty, and shows how good housekeep- 
ing can be achieved in the work 

Safety Management Bare Minimum 
(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Enunciates the essentials for 
safety in the work situation, and 
explains how supervisors can deter- 
mine the bare minimum for safety 
in specific jobs. 

Safety Management Guard Duty 

(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the dangers of shop 
equipment and tools, and shows how 
supervisors can insure safety 
through the installation of opera- 
tional guard mechanism. 

Safety Management Sell Safety 
(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Emphasizes the responsibility 
of supervisors to sell safety to work- 
ers by means of merchandising and 
promotion programs. 

Zero Defects 

(Color 47 Min 1967) 

Seminar with high level execu- 
tives from industry and government 
held at headquarters, US Army Mis- 
sile Command, 23 June 64, to spear- 
head DOD zero defects program. 

The David Hall Story (Driving Safety) 
(B&W 23 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Tragic car accident suffered by 
David Hall, 'America's Handicap- 
ped Man of 1963,' stresses value of 
seat belts and defensive driving. 

The President's War on Waste 

(B&W 15 Min 1965) 

President Johnson's address at 
National Economy Achievement 
Award Ceremony in Washington, 


MF 20 General 

MF 20-5173 

MF 20-5179 

DC, marking 10th year of incentive 
awards program. 

MF 20-5135 Southeast Asia Story: The Land and the MF 20-5160 


(Color 30 Min 2 Reels 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Story of land and people of 
South East Asia which includes: -, on 
Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, 
Cambodia, Philippines, Malaya, In- 
donesia, and Singapore. 

MF 20-5141 Slips and Falls (Safety) 

(Color 11 Min 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common hazards that cause 
slips and falls in the everyday 
situations stress on common sense 
and alertness for safety. 

MF 20-5142 What'll You Do If . . .? (Driving Safety) 

(B&W 12 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Potential dangers that might 
occur while driving during the day 
and at night, and how the driver 
can foresee and cope with these 

MF 20-5143 Gun Mayhem-Firearm Safety 

(Color 18 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Firearm accident cases from Air 
Force files show common situations 
in which human carelessness and 
misjudgment result in injury or 

MF 20-5152 The National Drivers Test 

(B&W 49 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

'The National Drivers Test' 
presented on CBS-TV for Nation- 
wide audience participation for dri- 
ver self-evaluation and improve- 

MF 20-5156 The World Is One (1964 Olympics) 

(Color 29 Min 1965) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Origin and goals of Olympic 

games; highlights of 1964 Olym- j^F 20-5192 
pics, with focus on achievements of 
U.S. athletes; and an appeal for 
funds for U.S. Olympic program. 

MF 20-5157 Something to Build On (Army Reenlistment) 

(Color 25 Min 1965) 

Dramatization underscores MF 20-5194 

benefits of Army reenlistment for 
further job training and self-de- 

MF 20-5186 

MF 20-5191 

velopment of value for future in 
service or civilian life. 

The Changed Face of Europe 
(B&W 29 Min 1965) 

Story of the aftermath of 
World War II in Europe, and West- 
ern Europe's dramatic recovery. 

The Company We Keep (Army Resnlist- 
(B&W 23 Min 1965) 

Fundamentals and techniques 
for use by commanders and reenlist- 
ment personnel to promote reenlist- 
ment among first term soldiers. 

Man and His Culture 
(B&W 15 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How cultures are studied, simi- 
larities and differences between cul- 
tures, how they are handed down, 
and how they change. 

They Called It 'Fireproof (Fire Safety in 

(B&W 29 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Causes of hospital fires, rec- 
ommendations for greater hospital 
safety, emergency procedures in case 
of fire, and value of hospital safety 

Cost Reduction is a Money Splendid Thing 

(Color 25 Min 1967) 

Purpose, implementation and 
success of the AMC cost reduction 
program. General F. S. Besson, Jr., 
Commanding General, USAMC, 
urges continued support of program. 

The Land We Love 

(Color 21 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Treasury Department 

A picture story of the vistas and 
shrines of America and her heritage 
of freedom, with a US savings bond 
message by Vice-President H. H. 

The Five Cities of June 1963 

(Color 27 Min 1966) 

(Adopted USIA Film) 

Major happenings in Rome, city 
in USSR, city in South Vietnam, 
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and in Berlin. 

Blueprint for Terror 

(B&W 28 Min 1966) 
(Adopted USIA Film) 


MF 20 General 

MP 20-5195 

MF 20-5196 

MF 20-5198 

MF 20-5207 

MF 20-5208 

MF 20-5209A 

MF 20-5209B 

Story of Venezuela's search for 
proof of Cuba's aggression in 1963 
for presentation to the OAS. 

The School at Rincon Santo 

(B&W 11 Min 1966) 

(Adopted USIA Film) MF 20-5210 

Story of how the first school 
was built in the remote Colombian 
village of Rincon Santo through the 
spirit of the alliance for progress. 

Viet Cong Diary 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

(Adopted USIA Film) MF 20-5220 

A VC soldier describes his unit's 
terrorist activities, and his disil- 
lusionment with VC ideology and 

Your Year of Opportunity MF 20-5221 

(Color 57 Min 2 Reels 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Study of the land and people of 
South Vietnam, with focus of poli- 
tical and military aspects; and pur- 
pose and scope of the US Army 
mission in South Vietnam. 

MF 20-5232 
Suddenly, Upon the Waters 

(Color 27 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Causes of water accidents, and 
factors contributing to water pol- 
lution; measures to keep waterways 
safe and beautiful. M F 20-5235 

Vacation Safety 

(B&W 10 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How parents can promote safety 
on family vacations prevention of 
sunburn, overexertion, and water, 
picnic, driving accidents. 

MF 20-5245 

You're the Key Man 

(B&W 10 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Emphasizes supervisor respon- 
sibility to assure safe equipment 
and train personnel in safe use of 
machines. MF 20-5249 

It's the Little Things That Count 
(B&W 10 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Emphasizes importance of 
safety engineered equipment, safe 
shop environment, and safe opera- 
tional procedures. 

MF 20-5256 

MF 20-5209C 

People Are the Puzzle 

(B&W 10 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Emphasizes importance of 
knowing how to handle different 
personalities to avoid the threats to 

Everywhere . . . All the Time (Safety for 

(Color 24 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Safe practices for all members 

of family in the home, on the road, 

at play, and on the job. 

Bicycle Rules of the Road 

(Color 11 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Teaches children the traffic 
safety rules of the road. 

ALCO Beat (Alcohol-Driver Tests) 

(Color 12 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Results of Nevada alcohol- 
driver tests conducted in city of 
Reno to evaluate the effects of al- 
cohol on driver performance. 

Freeway Driving Tactics (Driving Safety) 
(Color 16 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common causes for freeway ac- 
cidents, and rules and practices for 
fast, safe driving. 

Zero Defects Right the First Time 

(Color 23 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Application of the zero defects 
concept by the individual worker 
in the performance of daily tasks 
stress on favorable results. 

Poised for Action (Physical Fitness) 

(Color 28 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Film) 

Promotes physical fitness for 
health and skill NFL demonstrates 
the skills and physical stamina re- 
quired in the intricacies of football. 

Reckless Driving 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Film) 

Dangers of reckless driving and 
precautions for traffic safety. 

Why Drown? 

(Color 25 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Five-step drownproof proced- 
ure for swimmers and non-swim- 
mers; how to use clothing to stay 


MF 20 General 

MF 20-5265 

MF 20-5270 

MF 20-5273 

MF 20-5274 

MF 20-5280A 

MF 20-5280B 

afloat; how an injured person can 
survive in water. 

Automobil? Tire Hydroplaning . . . What 

(Color 12 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Illustrates the relationship be- 
tween driving speed on wet pave- 
ment and tire hydroplaning with 
the resulting critical loss of trac- 
tion; safety rules for driving on 
wet pavement. 

Licensing Operators for Two-Wheeled Motor 

(Color 15 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Examines the theoretical and 
practical approaches to problem of 
licensing drivers of two-wheeled mo- 
tor vehicles, presents criteria and 
recommended test procedure for ex- 
amining license applicants. 


(Color 14 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns the danger of the side 
effects of commonly used drugs as 
related to driving safety. Dramati- 
zation shows how ordinary cold pills 
can bring on blurred vision and 
dizziness while driving, and cause a 
fatal accident. 

Space Driving Tactics (Leave Enough 

(Color 15 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discusses the space require- 
ments between cars for driving 
safety in normal and unusual road 

Techniques of Defensive Driving Who'* 

to Blama 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the concept of defen- 
sive driving, and shows how it will 
avoid accidents regardless of the 
infractions of other drivers. 

NOTE: This film series is part 
of Defensive Driving Kit AVK 20- 

Techniques of Defensive Driving The Car 

(Color 10 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Describes the situations that 

may cause the car ahead to stop 
suddenly, and underscores the driv- 
ing principles and procedures to 
maintain a safe distance and avoid 

MF 20-5280C Techniques of Defensive Driving The Car 


(Color 7 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes how to cope with 
the 'tailgater' to avoid accidents, 
emphasizing the importance of sig- 
nalling and planned driving mane- 

MF 20-5280D Techniques of Defensive Driving The 


(Color 9 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes how to avoid an on- 
coming vehicle in your lane, at in- 
tersections, and on curves. 

MF 20-5280E Techniques of Defensive Driving-The 

Crossroads Crash 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Presents seven different acci- 
dents that can occur at crossroads, 
and the special safeguards that 
must be practiced to avoid them. 

MF 20-5280F Techniques of Defensive Driving Passing 

and Being Passed 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the ways of fore- 
warning the other driver when pas- 
sing, and cooperating with him 
when being passed. 

MF 20-5280G Trchniques of Defensive Driving Driving 

the Expressways 

(Color 11 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Describes the problems encoun- 
tered in driving the new higher 
speed highways, and presents the 
special practices related to passing, 
using acceleration lanes, selecting 
proper lane, and stopping distance 

MF 20-5280H Techniques of Defensive Driving The 

Mystery Crash 
(Color 6 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Deals with the accident in 
which only one vehicle is involved, 
and there is no apparent reason 
for the crash. Describes the reasons 


MF 20 General 

MF 20-5620 

for such crashes, and the ways to 
avoid them. 

MF 20-5280A Who's to Blame 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 20-5586 

Explains the concept of defen- 
sive driving, and shows how it will 
avoid accidents regardless of the in- 
fractions of others. MF 20-5280A- 
H are part of AVK 20-2, Defensive 
Driving Course. 

MF 20-5299 Meet the Critic 

(B&W 60 Min 2 Reels 1968) MF 20-5590 

(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Mr. Charles Vetter, Jr., US 
Information Agency, discusses the 
problems in conducting a meaning- 
ful dialogue with foreigners and 
presents the guidelines to effective 
inter-personal relations and a sound 
approach to answering questions on 
US domestic and foreign affairs. 

MF 20-5316 Battle of Ideas-A Challenge to Excellence 

(B&W 60 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Mr. Charles Vetter, Jr., US 
Information Agency, lectures on the 
challenge of ideas that confronts 
Americans when conducting a dia- 
logue with an avowed Communist. 

MF 20-5509 The Final Factor (The Human Factor in 

Driving Safety) 

(Color 15 Min 1969) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Several driving situations show 
common driver-caused and natural 
factors that contribute to traffic 
emergencies. In all cases, the hu- 
man factor plays a critical role in 
causing accidents. Rules for safe 
driving are stressed. 

MF 20-5512 Drive Right 

(B&W 27 Min 1969) 

Describes the common causes MF 20-5666 
of driving accidents involving mili- 
tary personnel, and the recom- 
mended safety practices to reduce 
the toll of traffic injuries and 

MF 20-5525 Dangerous War Trophies 

(B&W 12 Min 1969) 

Shows how dangerous war tro- MF 20-5667 
phies cai. cause accidents and how 
they often get into the hands of 
criminals. Holders of war trophies 
are reminded to have weapons 

MF 20-5621 

MF 20-5665 

cleared by the proper authority to 
insure personal and public safety. 1 
NOTE : This is a re-release of " 
AFIF 23, same title. 

The Greater Adventure (Driving Safety) 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

An attractive girl on a beach 
tells about driving safety. Prin- 
ciples of driving safety are illus- 
trated, showing safe drivers and 
'hot rodders.' 

Heritags in Black 

(Color 27 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

History of the Negro in Amer- 
ica emphasizing significant minor- 
ity group contributions in science, 
arts, government and politics. 

The Black Soldier 

(B&W 26 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Surveys the history of the 
black American's participation in 
the armed forces of the United 
States, from the Revolutionary War 
to the war in Vietnam. 

Equal Employment Opportunity 

(Color 17 Min 1971) 

The Hon. Stanley Resor, Secre- 
tary of the Army, speaks to super- 
visors and equal opportunity of- 
ficers about the progress of the 
equal employment opportunity pro- 
gram in the Army. 

A New Way to Lift 

(Color 9 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows a new method for lift- 
ing heavy objects without back 
strain or injury, showing how to 
control important parts of the body 
when in lifting position. 

Zero In On Safety 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how managers can study 
the pattern of accidents at work to 
determine how to cut down on ac- 
cidents. Describes how to use acci- 
dent reports for this purpose. 

Reaction, Brakes, Time and Space 

(Color 9 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the danger of tailgating, 
and graphically demonstrates the 


MF 20 Generol 

MF 20-8322 

MF 20-8331 

MF 20-8357 

distance travelled by a car in the 
time it takes for the driver to react 
to an emergency. 

MF 20-5695 On Every Hand (Safety) MF 20-8282 

(Color 10 Min 1971) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Demonstrates and classifies ha- 
zards to hands found in offices and 
shops; warns the viewer to watch 
for these dangers and to know his 

MF 20-5746 Protect Your Hearing 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Illustrates the danger of hear- 
ing loss due to noise; shows mech- 
anics of hearing, noise abatement 
programs, and protective devices. 

MF 20-7725 Arctic Indoctrination School Winter 1950 

(B&W 15 Min 1950) 

Highlights of the Army train- 
ing program on technique of arc- 
tic warfare, conducted at Big Delta, 
Alaska, during winter of 1950. 

MF 20-7855 And Then There Were Four 

(B&W 26 Min 1951) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatized incidents illustrate 
the importance of safe driving. 

MF 20-7949 KMAG and the ROK Soldier 

(B&W 27 Min 1954) 

How the ROK Army developed 

into a fighting machine under guid- jyfjr 20-8668 
ance of US KMAG 8 week basic 
training period and the OCS course. 

MF 20-8169 Military Participation on Tumbler/ Snapper 


(Color 47 Min 1953) 

(Adopted DASA Film) jyjp 20-8773 

Film is classified SECRET 
Restricted Data. 

MF 20-8215 The Champ Becomes Deaf and Blind 

(B&W 9 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Wilbur Shaw points out that 
the concentration required of a golf 
profession is similar to that re- 
quired of a driver. 

MF 20-8217 Take a Look at the Odds 

(B&W 11 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains why the right safety 
attitude is so vital in the preven- 
tion of accidents. 

MF 20-8267 Operation Upshot-Knothole 1953 (U) MF 20-8775 

(Color 43 Min 1954) 

MF 20-8774 

(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is classified SECRET 
Restricted Data. 

The Gamblers (Safe Tractor Operation) 
(B&W 21 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Common operational hazards 

and the precautions to be taken to 

avoid accidents to the operator and 


Tims to Go (Selective Service) 
(B&W 28 Min 1955) 

General Lewis B. Hershey de- 
fines need for selective service; film 
covers organization and function- 
ing of service, draft classification, 
benefits of army training on draft- 


(B&W 93 Min 3 Reels 1955) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Dramatizes the techniques of 
evasion for use by airmen who may 
find themselves deep in enemy ter- 

To Live in Darkness (Eye Safety) 
(B&W 14 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Three cases of men who have 
lost their sight as a result of ac- 
cidents on the job emphasis on 
wearing proper goggles for specific 

Traditions and Achievements of the Army 

(Color 26 Min 1957) 

Reviews the role of the Army 
throughout the history of the na- 
tion stress on the role of the mod- 
ern soldier. 

Ladders, Scaffolds, and Floor Openings 
(Construction Safety) 
(Color 9 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Safety requirements of materi- 
als, tools, equipment and procedures 
with regard to construction jobs 
stress on safe habits on the job. 

Good Housekeeping for Men Only 
(Construction Safety 

(Color 13 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Defines hazards of poor house- 
keeping on construction jobs, and 
outlines the good housekeeping rules 
for safety. 

Don't Drop Your Guard (Industrial Safety) 

(Color 10 Min 1957) 


MF 20 General 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Concerns industrial safety pri- 
marily with regard to proper use 
of machine guards stresses safety 
on the job as a personal responsi- 

MF 20-8776 Stay Alert Stay Alive (Safsty) 

(B&W 13 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Narrated by Lowell Thomas. 
Depicts a series of on-the-job ac- 
cidents in a manufacturing plant 
stress on need for a good safety 

MF 20-8777 One to a Customer (Safety) 

(B&W 10 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Stresses the need and proper 
use of personal protective equip- 
ment for safety of workers in in- 

MF 20-8778 Stop Them Before They Start (Fire 


(B&W 15 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A fire prevention demonstra- 
tion how fires are started by gaso- 
line vapors, electricity, dust, chemi- 
cal and Christmas-tree decorations. 

MF 20-8779 Live and Let Live (Driving Safety) 

(B&W 11 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common causes for car acci- 
dents rules for safety on the 
road emphasis on care, courtesy, 
common sense, and alertness for 

MF 20-8780 Look Who's Driving (Driving Safety) 

(Color 8 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How emotional immaturities 
cause driving hazards on the road 
stress on mature attitudes for safe 

MF 20-8783 Paddle a Safe Canos 

(Color 15 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Boarding, disembarking, pad- 
dling position and strokes, what to 
do when canoe capsizes, life pre- 
server and standard equipment re- 
quirements, handling canoe. 

MF 20-8784 Aim for Safety (Hunting Safety) 

(Color 16 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Protective clothing safe move- 

ment in wooded areas safe hand- 
ling of gun and ammunition cor- 
rect hunting and shooting techni- 
ques carrying game. 

MF 20-8844 Knowing's Not Enough (Safety) 

(Color 28 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A test car accident portrays 
the hazards of impatience, impul- 
siveness, impunity and improvising 
stresses safety awareness in job 

MF 20-8898 Flammable Liquid Fire Safety 

(Color 20 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Hazards, precautions, and 
methods of extinguishing flammable 
liquid fires using hand and auto- 
matic extinguishing devices. 

MF 20-8900 Safe Driving In Europe 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 

Driving rules applicable to En- 
gland, France and Germany pro- 
cedure for obtaining driving licenses 
in Europe. 

MF 20-8948 Defensive Driving Series How to Follow 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Six traffic situations in which 
collisions occur how to prevent an 
accident with a car ahead stress 
on safe stopping distance. 

MF 20-8949 Defensive Driving Series Don't Be a Sitting 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How to prevent an accident 
with a vehicle behind: make smooth 
gradual stops, give advance signals, 
keep driver behind from riding 
your tail. 

MF 20-8950 Defensive Driving Series Stay Right Stay 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How to prevent accidents with 
approaching vehicle: stay to right, 
of center lines, proper entry and 
rounding of curves, give right-of- 
way as necessary. 

MF 20-8951 Defensive Driving Series What Right- 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
How to prevent accidents with 


MF 20 General 

vehicles approaching at an angle: 
proper approach to intersections, 
check traffic and assure right-of- 
way when safe. 

MF 20-8952 Defensive Driving Series-The Art of Being 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How to prevent an accident 
when a vehicle passes you slow 
down and let him pass; how to 
change lanes, make turns and pull 
out from parking zone. 

MF 20-8953 Defensive Driving SeriesHow to Pass 


(B&W 10 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Make sure you have a clear 
passing distance; warn driver 
ahead; pass quickly; know when 
to pull back to right lane after 
your vehicle has passed. 

MF 20-9221 CBS Reports: Biography of a Missile 

(B&W 60 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An account of project 16 nar- 
rated by Edward R. Murrow de- 
velopment, construction, capability, 
launching, and firing of Juno II 
missile, October 1959. 

MF 20-9246 The Challenge-A Story About Crimes of 


(Color 11 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dangers, causes, and preven- 
tion of fires in the home, on the 
road, and in industrial plants. 

MF 20-9262 A Let's Talk About Safety 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the importance of talk- 
ing in supervision; and how safety 
can be built into every day conver- 
sations with workers. 

MF 20-9262B Take a Talkie-Break 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how the supervisor can 
discuss safety informally, but ef- 
fectively, with small groups of 

MF 20-9262C Setting 'em Straight 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Shows how the supervisor can 

call attention to and correct un- 
safe acts. 

MF 20-9262D Lot Everybody Help 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows how the supervisor can 
get his people to participate in the 
safety program. 

MF 20-9276 The Rival World (Insect Control) 

(Color 27 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How insects attack humans and 
crops; modern techniques and equip- 
ment used for insect control; work 
of World Health Organization in 
warding off enemy insects. 

MF 20-9349 Public Works and Public UtHitios-Port IV- 

'Work Improvement for Maintenance' 

(B&W 19 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Aimed at supervisors. De- 
scribes the objectives and step-by- 
step procedure to arrive at better 
methods for performing mainten- 
ance tasks. 

MF 20-9364 Opsration Solidarity 

(Color 28 Min 1961) 

1961 Joint Military Training 
Maneuver held in Panama; how 
the Americas train, study, and work 
together for mutual hemispheric de- 

MF 20-9378 US Joint Chiefs of Staff Weapons 

Demonstration Caribbean 19 February 
1 March 1961 

(Color 38 Min 1961) 

Military leaders of 17 nations 
in western hemisphere witness 1961 
Caribbean demonstration of new 
weapons and military techniques 
within US military structure. 

Safety Through Seat Belts 

(B&W 13 Min 1961) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Research on car collisions con- 
ducted by UCLA; safety benefits 
afforded by seat belts when auto- 
mobile accidents occur. 

MF 20-9774 Emergencies in the Making 

(B&W 14 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Aimed at motor vehicle driv- 
ers concerns the unexpected ha- 
zards on the road stress on 'think- 
ing ahead' to prevent accidents. 


MF 20 General 

MF 20-9775 

MF 20-9778 

MF 20-9783 

MF 20-9791 

MF 20-9811 

MF 20-9910 

Mechanized Death 

(Color 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Aimed at motor vehicle driv- 
ers tragic scenes of car accidents 
point up common driving hazards 
stress on 'take time to think' for 


(B&W 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Data and visual patterns of the 
moon, sun, planets, comets, stars, 
constellations, and galaxies. 

Power Mower Safety 

(B&W 6 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Hazards and precautionary 
measures for safe operation of elec- 
trical and gasoline powered mow- 

The New Girl 

(B&W 31 Min 1962) 

Concerns implementation of 
government non-discriminatory em- 
ployment policy as it relates to in- 
dustrial organizations engaged in 
contract work. 

ivy Flats Film Report (U) 

(Color 18 Min 1964) 

Film is Classified SECRET 

Restricted Data. 

Anatomy of an Account 

(Color 27 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Psychological climate and driv- 
ing hazards that cause accidents; 
requirements for defensive driving 
on and off job; essential elements 
for safety. 

MF 20-9975 Wheels of Tragedy 

(Color 28 Min 1964) 

Analyses of actual accidents 
underscore the high price of care- 
lessness and poor judgment in the 
use of automobiles. 

MF 20-9981 Children at Play With Poison 

(Color 10 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How accidental poisoning of 
children occur in the home pre- 
cautionary measures to poisonproof 
the home emergency action when 
child is poisoned. 

MF 20-9982 Interrupted Morning (Automobile Seat B 2 lts) 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common causes and effects of 
auto accidents merits of seat belts 
in reducing incidence of serious in- 
jury and fatalities. 

MF 20-9983 Why Daddy? (Fire Safety in the Horn*) 

(B&W 15 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common causes of fire in the 
home emergency action in case of 
fire precautions against fire and 
value of family fire escape plan 


SFS 20 General 

SFS 20-305 West Point 

(Color 102 FRr 17 Min 1964) 

History, purpose, and aims of 

US Military Academy; military, 

physical and academic programs; 
social and extra curricular activi- 
ties available to cadets. 


T 20 General 

T 20-1-1 Drivar Education T 20-1-2 Drown Prevention-Techniques and Water 

(Color 91 FR 1966) Safety 

(Adopted Transparencies) (Color 30 FR 1967) 

Covers the various aspects of Illustrates the fundamentals of 

power driving, emphasizing safety. correct swimming and safety mea- 
sures to prevent drowning. 


TF 21 Individual Soldier 

26. 21 -Series; Individual Soldier 

TF 21-1018 Keep It Clean 

(B&W 14 Min 1943) 

A forceful reminder to ad- 
here to instructions regarding the 
proper care of the rifle. 

TF 21-1121 Elementary Tactics of Life Saving 

(B&W 11 Min 1944) 

Various methods of approach- 
ing, breaking holds, and carrying 
men in danger of drowning. 

TF 21-1244 Abandon Ship 

(B&W 29 Min 1943) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Technique for abandoning ship 
covering advance preparation, selec- 
tion and care of equipment, emer- 
gency flotation tactics. 

TF 21-1921 Troop Indoctrination for an Atomic 


(Color 33 Min 1954) 

Planning for atomic maneuver; 
nature and effect of atomic explo- 
sion; protective measures against 
effects; typical atomic exercise. 

TF 21-2301 Military Instruction-Part (-Principles of 


(B&W 23 Min 1956) 

Covers motivation, objective, 
doing, realism, background and ap- 
preciation; importance of appeal to 
senses to stimulate student inter- 

TF 21-2302 Military Instruction-Part Il-The Stages of 

Instruction Preparation 

(B&W 12 Min 1956) 

Estimating teaching situation ; 
selecting and organizing material; 
checking availability of training 
aids; preparation of lesson plan; 
rehearsing lesson and final check. 

TF 21-2303 Military Instruction-Part Il-Ths Stages of 

Instruction Presentation 

(B&W 12 Min 1956) 

Covers elements and advan- 
tages of introduction, explanation 
and summary. 

TF 21-2304 Military Instruction-Part Il-The Stages of 

Instruction Application, Examination and 
Review or Critique 

(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

Covers elements and advan- 
tages of application, examination, 
and review or critique. 

TF 21-305 Military Instruction-Part Ill-Training Aids 

(B&W 23 Min 1956) 

Features and use of GTA's, 
chalkboards, film strips, slides, 
transparencies, working models and 
motion pictures. 

TF 21-2306 Military Instruction-Part IV-Speech 


(B&W 11 Min 1956) 

Gaining attention of students; 
diction; mannerisms; stance, de- 

TF 21-2720 Code of the Fighting Man 

(B&W 55 Min 1959) 

Portrays the six articles of the 
code of conduct prescribed for the 
American soldier while in the serv- 
ice of his country. 

TF 21-3144 Battle Glory 

(Color 17 Min 1962) 

Recounts the army's historic 
past as represented by the 145 
battle streamers on the army flag 
from Revolutionary War to Ko- 
rean War. 

TF 21-3183 Maintenance of Vehicles in Northern 


(B&W 24 Min 1962) 

Preoperation checks ; starting 
procedures ; use of M40 kit and slave 
cable for starting vehicle; main- 
tenance and repair to prevent fail- 
ure; handling accidents. 

TF 21-3279 Introduction to Northern Operations- 

Part I 

(Color 29 Min 1963) 

Climate, terrain, and plant and 
animal life in northern latitudes; 
challenge of successful combat op- 
erations in this environment. 

TF 21-3297 Introduction to Northern Operations Part 

I' Summer Operations 

(Color 25 Min 1964) 

Tactical situation presented to 
show how a unit prepares for and 
conducts an offense operation. Spe- 
cial factors are discussed. 

TF 21-3301 Preparation for NCO Leadership- 

Introduction to the Program 
(B&W 9 Min 1963) 

Objectives and concepts of 
army's new system of developing 
basic training recruits who show 
potential for NCO leadership. 


TF 21 Individual Soldier 

TF 21-3398 

TF 21-3478 

TF 21-3479 

TF 21-3302 Preparation for NCO Leadership-The Role TF 21-3366 

of the Trainee Leader 

(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Classroom and practical train- 
ing provided in 2-week NCO leader 
prep course; curriculum and exer- 
cises given in the 8 weeks of ad- 
vanced individual training (AIT). 

TF 213303 Preparation for NCO Leadership The Role 

of the AIT Cadreman 
(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Duties of AIT Cadreman in de- 
veloping trainee leaders per key 
word brocas, i.e., brief, release, 
observe, critique, advise and sup- 

TF 21-3321 Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces 

Operations Part I Preparation 
(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Preparations of special forces 
group for deployment on mission 
to infiltrate foreign land for pur- 
pose of organization and training 
indigenous forces in guerrilla war- 

TF 21-3322 Guerrilla Warfare and Special Forces 

Operations Part II Conduct 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

How an operation detachment 
with special forces group links up 
with forces of foreign country, and 
organizes, equips, trains and di- 
rects them in guerrilla operation 
vs communists. 

TF 21-3341 Introduction to Northern Operations Part 

III Winter Operations 

(Color 30 Min 1964) 

Problems of military operation 
in the north ; how unit prepares 
for and executes offense mission 
techniques and equipment used for 
moving, security, communication, 
logistics, and fire. 

TF 21-3347 Leadership in Accident Prevention TF 21-3907 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

How safety officer can imple- 
ment principles of safety to reduce 
accidents suffered by unit person- 
nel on and off duty. 

TF 21-3351 The Techniques of Army News 


(B&W 27 Min 1963) TF 21-3908 

Experts in photo-journalism 
field define and illustrate essentials 
of superior news photography, cov- 
ering still and motion picture tech- 

TF 21-3498 

TF 21-3906 

Fundamentals of Pistol Marksmanship 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Demonstration of training at 
Ft. Benning pistol range: body posi- 
tion and stance, grip, sight align- 
ment, trigger control, breath con- 
trol and mental conditioning. 

Cold Weather Uniform 

(B&W 37 Min 1964) 

Various items of cold weather 
uniform ; layer principle of wear- 
ing clothing in wet and dry cold 
weather; ways to keep warm are 

Avalanch? Hazards Part I 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Forces that cause snow avalan- 
ches; characteristics of various types 
of snow avalanches ; and how to cope 
with potential hazards. 

Avalanche Hazards Part II 
(B&W 28 Min 1966) 

Troop operation on snow cov- 
ered mountain terrain how to 
avoid or traverse critical areas, how 
to cope with sudden avalanche, and 
rescue operations. 

Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise 
(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

A combined arms live-fire exer- 
cise conducted by platoon and com- 
pany size units of Armor, Artil- 
lery, and Infantry. 

Raid Planning and Target Analysis 

(Color 24 Min 1968) 

Demonstrates the techniques 
and complexities in raid planning 
and target analysis for interdiction 
operations, as applied by a special 
forces detachment commander in an 
assigned unconventional warfare 
operations area. 

Rifle, M16A1 Part I Care, Cleaning and 

(B&W 33 Min 1968) 

Teaches riflemen how to clean, 
lubricate, and care for the M16A1 
rifle in the field to prevent weapon 
failure and keep it in optimum con- 
dition ready for use. 

Rifle, M16A1 Part II Field Expedients 
(B&W 17 Min 1968) 

Field care and cleaning of wet 
and dirty rifle and ammunition; use 
of cleaning expedients on loss of 
rifle cleaning equipment; use of 


TF 21 Individual Soldier 

TF 21-4156 

I SLA to prevent weapon failure; and TF 21-4155 

emergency action when weapon 
fails to fire. 

TF 21-3947 Take the Smart Way Out It's Honorable 

(Color 37 Min 1968) 

The dramatized case of two 
soldiers shows the importance of 
personal conduct while in the serv- 
ice, pointing up the social and eco- 
nomic benefits of an 'honorable 
discharge' over the frustrating con- 
sequences of a 'less than honor- 
able' separation. 

TF 21-4152 Jungle Survival 

(Color 36 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Describes the characteristics of 
savannas, rain and cloud forests, 
and mangrove swamps; and shows 
how four airmen maintain personal 
health and implement the proced- 
ures for promoting rescue. TF 21-4228 

TF 21-4153 Rescue Survivor's Responsibilities 

(Color 37 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Shows downed pilots how to 
help rescuers achieve a successful 
recovery on land or sea, highlight- 
ing use of MA-1 survival kit, Ful- 
ton recovery system of boarding 
ships or seaplanes, contact with 
pararescue personnel, and use of 
rescue devices. 

TF 21-4154 Here There are Tigers Escape and Evasion 


(Color 55 Min 1970) 

(Film is FOUO) TF 21-4249 

(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Depicts the escape and evasion 
of an Air Force officer from a 
North Vietnam jungle, focusing on: 
dangers of the jungle, interroga- 
tion by the enemy, and planning 
and execution of the escape. 

TF 21-4229 

Mountain and Desert Survival Mountain 

(Color 28 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Describes the principles and 
procedures for promoting rescue and 
maintaining personal health and 
comfort, focusing on : sources of 
food and water, shelter construc- 
tion, and signal devices. 

Mountain and Desert Survival Desert 

(Color 31 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Describes the principles and 
procedures for promoting rescue 
and maintaining personal health 
and comfort, focusing on: sources 
of food and water, shelter con- 
struction, and signal devices. 

The Geneva Conventions and the Soldier 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 

Dramatizes the impact of the 
Geneva conventions, and their im- 
portance to the conduct of the in- 
dividual soldier. 

When the Enemy is my Prisoner 

(Color 30 Min 1971) 

Dramatizes a patrol operation, 
showing the right and wrong ways 
to handle prisoners of war; gives 
examples of how to handle illegal 
or unclear orders, and how to re- 
port criminal orders and actions. 

The Geneva Conventions and the Military 

(Color 29 Min 1971) 

Outlines the proper operation 
of a brigade or division detainee 
collection point, and gives examples 
of the correct methods of treatment 
of prisoners of war. 


FB 21 Individual Soldier 

FB 21-213 Reduction of Japanese Cave Type 


(B&W 35 Min 1945) 

Teaches the best methods for* 
destroying the Japanese cave for-| 

MF 21 Individual Soldier 

MF 21-5150 Dafeetion Rough Road to Nowher* spections in ranks with arms or- 

(B&W 35 Min 1966) ders of direction and inspection of 

Three dramatized case histories men and arms, 
show the common reasons and tragic 

results of the defection of the Amer- MF 21-5267 Basic Combat Training 

ican soldier to the Communist side. (Color 30 Min 1967) 

A young soldier in advanced 

MF 21-5172 Inspections (Company Formations) training recounts his experiences 

(USCONARC TV Experimental Production) during the army basic combat train- 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) i ng course from time of initial proc- 

Preliminary preparation and essing to graduation, 
procedures for the conduct of in- 


TGS 21 Individual Soldier 

G 21-1 Code of Conduct (Wall Chart) 


(See T12-101(l-12) for trans- 

G 21-1-1 Rifle Shot Group Analysis Card 


G 21-1-2 Automatic Rifle Shot Group Analysis Card 


G 21-1-3 Ml 6 Maintenance Card 


G 2121 Incidents of Discharge Chart 


G 21-2-2 Patrol Leader's Card 


G 21-2-3 Full Field Inspection Layout Guide 


G 12-2-4 Individual Equipment and Clothing Display 

Guide for Inspection 

G 21-2-5 Small Unit Leaders' Card 


G 212-6 Guard Duty and Military Courtesy and 


G 212-7 Special Orders for Civil Disturbance 



T 2161 Advanced Land Navigation 

(Color 48 FR 1963) 

Covers compass and field direc- 
tion in relation to map, map symbols, 
grid lines and contour lines. 

G 2171 Survival Cards 


G 21-39 Components of Physical Fitness 


G 2145 Artificial Respiration (Mouth-to-Mouth, 

(Card) (1961) 

G 21-50 Code of Conduct 

(Card) (1958) 

G 21-51-1 Trainer Code 

(Card) (1962) 

G 21-51-2 Trainer Code (Wall Chart) 



27. 22-Series; Leadership and Instructing TF 22-3329 

TF 22-2834 The Case Method of Instruction-Part I 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Principles, application and value 
of method, role of instructor; how 
issues of case in point and plaus- 
ible solutions grow out of discus- TF 2-3330 
sion process. 

TF 22-2835 The Case Method of Instruction-Part II 

(B&W 23 Min 1959) 

Shows how one instructor han- 
dles a case discussion. 

TF 22-2836 Th> Case of Method Instruction-Part III TF 22-4317 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Shows how another instructor 
handles a second case discussion. 
The value of the case method in 
training executives and logistics 
managers is reiterated. 

TF 22 Leadership 

New Cadet Barracks 

(Color 36 Min 1963) 

Story of the first 8 weeks in the 
life of the plebes undergoing sum- 
mer training at the US Military 
Academy, West Point. 

West Point Summer Training 

(Color 32 Min 1963) 

Seven week field training pro- 
gram conducted each summer at 
Camp Buckner, N.Y., for West Point 
cadets who have completed 'plebe' 

Leadership for Professionals 

(B&W 2 Reels 43 Min 1971) 
Contains 28 sketches portray- 
ing selected leadership techniques 
and leadership problems confront- 
ing army leaders. Covers all levels 
of leadership. 


MF 22 Leadership 

MF 22-5284 West Point-The Army Challenge MF 22-5515 Stepping Stone to West Point (USMA 

(Color 30 Min 1968) Preparatory School) 

Entrance requirements for ad- (B&W 15 Min 1969) 

mission to the academy, its mission Describes the entrance require- 

and traditions, and present day ments, curriculum, and life at the 

course of study and extra-curricular US Military Academy Preparatory 

activities emphasis on the value of School, Ft. Belvoir, Va. 
a West Point education for character 
and vocational development. 


T 22-2-1 United States Military Academy Prep 

School Route to West Point and an 
Army Career 

T6S 22 Leadership 

(Color 23 FR 1967) 

(With 5 copies of instructor's 


TF 25 Machine Shop Practice 

28. 25-Series; Machine Shop Practice 

TF 25-152 Ignition and the Spark Plug 

(B&W 12 Min 1941) 

Fundamentals of construction, 
operation and maintenance of spark 
plugs and ignition systems used in 
motor vehicles. 

TF 25-333 The Engine Lathe-Rough Turning Between 


(B&W 15 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Method of operation ; safety pre- 
cautions in dress work; use of 
various controls on lathe. 

TF 25-334 The Engine Lathe-Turning Work of two 


(B&W 14 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Sequence of operations whan 
turning a gear blank with its shaft 
from a solid piece of round stock; 
precaution when turning to close 

TF 25-335 The Engine Lathe Cutting a Taper With the 

Compound Rest and With the Taper 

(B&W 10 Min 1941) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Sequence of operations when 
turning a sharp taper on a bevel 
gear blank with compound rest and 
slight taper on a shaft with taper 

TF 25-336 The Engine Lathe Drilling, Boring, and 

Reaming Work Held in Chuck 

(B&W 10 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Sequence of operations in cut- 
ting a tapered hole in a solid forged 
steel gear blank. 

TF 25-337 The Engine Lathe-Cutting an External 

National Fine Thread 

(B&W 12 Min 1941) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Illustration of various shapes 
of thread, giving characteristics of 
the national fine thread; method of 
cutting fine thread on a lathe. 

TF 25-338 The Milling Machine 

(B&W 7 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

An introduction to the early 
standard plain milling machine. 

TF 25-339 The Milling Machine-Cutting Keyways 

(B&W 15 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Sequence of operations involved 
in cutting keyways. 

TF 25-340 The Milling Machine-Straddle and Surface 

Milling to Close Tolerances 
(B&W 27 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Methods and procedure in rough 
milling a solid bar of stock into a 
given shape and size; emphasis on 
care necessary for precision work. 

TF 25-341 The Milling Machine-Straddle Milling 

(B&W 17 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Method and procedures in strad- 
dle milling a pair of connecting 
rods held in a fixture. 

TF 25-342 The Milling Machine-Plain Indexing and 

Cutting a Spur Gear 
(B&W 25 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Setup of a milling machine ; use 
of dividing head; method of cutting 
on an 8-pitch spur gear with 36 

TF 25-343 The Vertical Boring Mill-Rough Facing, 

Turning and Drilling on a Vertical 
Turret Lathe 

(B&W 31 Min 1941) 
(Adopte^l OE Film) 

Method used in rough facing, 
turning and drilling an aluminum 
casting held in the chuck jaws of a 
vertical turret lathe. 

TF 25-344 The Vertical Boring Mill-Rough Facing, 

Boring and Turning a Shoulder on a 
Vertical Turret Lathe 

(B&W 22 Min 1941) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Procedures in tooling up a ver- 
tical turret lathe for production 
work requiring the independent use 
of the vertical and side heads. 

TF 25-345 The Vertical Boring Mill Facing, Turning, 

Boring, Grooving, Chamfering on a 
Vertical Turret Lathe, etc. 
(B&W 31 Min 1941) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Procedures followed when 'tool- 
ing up' a vertical turret lathe for 
operations requiring simultaneous 
use of both vertical and side heads. 

TF 25-346 Steel Rule 

(B&W 14 Min 1942) 
(Adopted OE Film) 


TF 25 Machine Shop Practice 

Discussion of various forms and TF 25-624 
their general use; fractional scales 
and their use. 


(B&W 15 Min 1942) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Various forms of micrometer; 
correct use and care. 

TF 25-626 

Vernier Scale 

(B&W 19 Min 1942) 

(Adopted OE Film) TF 25-627 

An animated study of the prin- 
ciples of the vernier scale and its 
application to precision measure- 

Height Gages and Standard Indicators TF 25-628 

(B&W 12 Min 1941) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Principles and use of vernier 
height gage, together with various 
forms of standard indicators. 

Cutting a Keyway on a Finished Shaft 

(B&W 13 Min 1942) 

Operation of a shaper in cut- 
ting a keyway in a steel shaft, with 
emphasis on safety precautions. 

Drilling and Tapping a Cast Steel Valve 

(B&W 19 Min 1942) 

Technique used when drilling 
and tapping blind holes in cast 
steel on a radial drill. 

Drilling to a Layout and Spotfacing a Cast- 
Iron Valve Body 

(B&W 14 Min 1942) 

Technique used when drilling 
to a layout and spotfacing the under 
side of a flange. 

Machining a Tool Steel V Block 

(B&W 20 Min 1942) 

Technique used when machin- 
ing a V block from a solid piece 
of tool steel which is held in a 
shaper vise. 


TF 27 Military Law 

29. 27-SerieS; Military LOW TF 27-3616 Geneva Conventions and Counterinsurgency , 

(B&W 15 Min 1965) I 

TF 27-3552 Prevention of Maneuver Damage Provisions and applicability of* 

(B&W 16 min 1965) article 3 of Geneva conventions of 

Soldier's duty to avoid property 1949 as related to treatment of 

damage and personal injury in civil- military and civilian victims of pres- 

ian community during maneuvers to ent dav insurgencies, 

reduce claims against the Govern- r- vr 1 < 

G 27-1 Army Rubs for Imposing Nonjudicial 

Punishment for Minor Offenses 



TF 30 Military Intelligence 

30. 30-Series; Military Intelligence 

TF 30-1735 On Post Safety 

(B&W 22 Min 1952) 

Analysis of causes of accidents 
occurring on Army posts how they 
can be prevented emphasis on in- 
dividual safety consciousness. 

TF 30-1890 Security-Part l-Guarding Against Espion- 

age in Military Installations 
(B&W 23 Min 1958) 

Cardinal rules for good secur- 
ity methods used by enemy agents 
danger of lack of alertness and 
amateur investigations to uncover 

TF 30-2562 Resist 

(B&W 29 Min 1959) 

Methods used by the enemy to 
indoctrinate POW's; ways in which 
the captured soldier can resist com- 
munist collaboration. 

TF 30-2972 Strategic Intelligence School-Area Film 

Studies Number One Union of Soviet 
Socialist Republics USSR 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

History of USSR from 1917 to 
present; progress under present re- 
gime political, military, technologi- 
cal and economic strategic potential. 

TF 30-2988 Strategic Intelligence School Area Film 

Studies Number 5 Middle East 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Strategic importance and poten- 
tial of the Middle East changes and 
problems wrought by modernization 
since World War I significance 
of area to the US. 

TF 30-2989 Strategic Intelligence School, Area Film 

Studies, Number 7 South Asia 

(B&W 35 Min 1961) 

Economic, socio-religious, and 
political problems of India, Paki- 
stan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Tibet, 
Ceylon, Nepal, Sikkim, and Bhutan. 

TF 30-2990 Strategic Intelligence School-Area Film 

Studies Number 4 Africa 
(B&W 28 Min 1960) 

Strategic potential of Africa 
the trend towards self-government 
and economic progress the chal- 
lenge of 'Pan-Africanism' to the 
free world. 

TF 30-2992 Strategic Intelligence School Area Film 

Studies Number 6 Southeast Asia 

(B&W 29 Min 1962) 

An appraisal of the Philippines, 
Indonesia, Burma, Indochina, Ma- 
laya, Singapore and Thailand 
relation to world power struggle. 

TF 30-2993 Strategic Intelligence School Area Film 

Studies Number 3 Communist Ruled 
Countries of East Central Europe 
(B&W 29 Min 1961) 

A study of the satellite nations 
their individual characters, status, 
progress and dilemmas; and political 
significance to the USSR and the 

TF 30-3029 Information (U) 

(B&W 40 Min 1962) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 30-3030 Military Intelligence Specialists 

(B&W 22 Min 1961) 

Work of military specialists in 
collecting and processing informa- 
tion needed by ACSI to formulate 
intelligence estimate for tactical 
commander in a combat situation. 

TF 30-3342 Counterintelligence Survey Part I 

(B&W 23 Min 1964) 

How INTC agents conduct pre- 
liminary phase of survey of military 
installation, at request of comman- 
der planning, logistical prepara- 
tion, initial checks, and tour of in- 

TF 30-3343 Counterintelligence Survey Part II 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 

How INTC agents conduct de- 
tailed inspection of installation to 
assess physical, personnel, and in- 
formation security; and make re- 
commendations to commander for 
tighter security. 

TF 30-3346 Counterintelligence Tactical Operations 

(B&W 36 Min 1964) 

How CI section supports a 
division in attack: CI inspection of 
evacuated area; CI planning in next 
occupied area, and target reduction 
to secure new objective. 

TF 30-3402 Defense Intelligence School Area Film 

Studies No. 9 Latin America 

(B&W 49 Min 1964) 

Geography, transportation and 
telecommunication, sociology, poli- 
tics, economics, science and technol- 
ogy, and military capability; in- 
ternal problems, and strategic im- 
portance to US. 


TF 30 Military Intelligence 

TF 30-3621 Surveillance 

(B&W 45 Min 1966) 

US Army counterintelligence 
in the surveillance of persons who 
seek to conduct espionage against 
military installations and personnel. 

TF 30-3705 Undercover (U) 

(B&W 40 Min 1966) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 30-3782 Counterintelligence Technical Support (U) 

(B&W 45 Min 1967 Mounted 
on 2 Reels). 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 303864 Counterintelligence in Internal Defense 

Part I 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Shows the first two phases of 
the insurgent war process used by 
revolutionary forces to take over a 
democratic country when it lacks a 
strong counterintelligence structure: 
subversive activity and organized 
guerrilla warfare. 

TF 30-3865 Counterintelligence in Internal Defense- 

Part II (U) 
(B&W 22 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 30-3927 TIIF: Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility 

(AN/TSQ-43) Part I Components and 
(B&W 32 Min 1968) 

Unit's dimensions, standard 
equipment, and special items of in- 
terpretation equipment; and how 
it is readied for operation and used 
in a typical tactical mission. 

TF 30-3928 TIIF: Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility 

(AN/TSQ-43)-Part Il-Maintenance and 
Preparation for Travel 

(B&W 28 Min 1968) 

Daily preventive maintenance 
practices applied to the TIIF van 
and its equipment; and preparation 
of facility for travel removal and 
packing of optical elements, protec- 
tion of special equipment, etc. 

TF 30-3983 Tactical Interrogation 

(B&W 29 Min 1969) 
Depicts the techniques and tools 

used by members of the intelligence 
team to interrogate individual pris- 
oners of war to support tactical 

TF 303986 Interrogation Techniques Part I 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 

Shows how an interrogation 
team plans, conducts, and terminates 
interviews with guerrilla prisoners 
to extract information vital to mili- 
tary planning, focusing on following 
approach techniques: direct, threat 
and rescue, and monotony and repe- 

TF 30-3987 Interrogation Techniques Part II 

(B&W 18 Min 1969) 

Illustrates the following ap- 
proach techniques used by an inter- 
rogation team to extract informa- 
tion from guerrilla prisoners : direct, 
silent, monotony and repetition, 
sympathy, we know all, file and 
dossier, futility, and Mutt and Jeff. 

TF 30-3997 Employment of Interpreters in Interrogation 

(B&W 23 Min 1969) 
Acquaints the interrogator with 
the basic practices in the use of 
interpreters, and how to avoid the 
pitfalls that weaken interrogation, 
emphasizing planning, application 
of appropriate method of interpre- 
tation, and completing the interroga- 
tion report. 

TF 30-4065 Strategic Interrogation 

(B&W 54 Min 1969) 

Shows the facilities and pro- 
cedures used at the Army level to 
interrogate prisoners of war and 
defectors to meet a strategic in- 
telligence requirement. 

TF 30-4069 Counterintelligence Special Operations- 

Raids and Searches 
(B&W 37 Min 1969) 

Shows how a US Military in- 
telligence unit, in cooperation with 
a West German intelligence unit, 
plans and executes a successful raid 
and search operation to apprehend 
three espionage suspects. 

TF 30-4125 Handling and Exploitation of Captured 

Enemy Documents 
(B&W 31 Min 1969) 

Shows how documents found on 
the battleground, on bodies, and on 


TF 30 Military Intelligence 

prisoners of war are collected, tag- cal operations. It illustrates the 
ged, processed for transmittal to various sources and agencies avail- 
higher echelon, and evaluated for able for collection of information. 

strategic and tactical intelligence. 

TF 30-4143 Safeguarding Defense Information 

TF 30-4142 Intelligence for Tactical Operations (B&W 15 Min 1971) 

(B&W 30 Min 1970) Outlines the special procedures 

This film depicts the relation- involved in handling, storing, and 

ship between intelligence and tacti- destruction of classified documents. 


MF 30 Military Intelligence 

MF 30-5332 Espionage Warfare 

(Color 47 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Dramatized case histories from 
Air Force files illustrate the methods 
used by a foreign power to select 
and develop targets for recruitment 
as espionage agents. The urgency 
for reporting suspicious persons to 
prevent breaches of security is 

MF 30-7966 Title Classified 

(B&W 9 Min 1953) 

Film is classified confidential. 

MF 30-8407 Intelligence in Amphibious Operations (U) 

(B&W 25 Min 1955) 
Film is classified confidential. 

MF 30-8670 Eyes of the Services 

(B&W 23 Min 1957) 

Use and capabilities of photo- 
graphic intelligence in combat from 
civil war days to the present 
advanced methods and equipment 
in use today. 

MF 30-8865 Free Europe-Part I -The Lands and the 


(B&W 31 Min 1959) 

Study of Great Britain, France 
and West Germany since WW II 
National temperment, Government, 

economy, internal problems, and 
future prospects. 

MF 30-8866 Free Europe-Part Il-The Lands and the 


(B&W 30 Min 1959) 

Study of Belgium, the Nether- 
lands, Luxembourg, Norway, Den- 
mark, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, 
Spain, Italy, Greece, Switzerland and 

MF 30-8993 Free Europe Part III Steps Toward Unity 

(B&W 33 Min 1959) 

Steps toward European unity 
since WW II objectives of the dif- 
ferent pacts evaluation of progress 
made difficulties still remaining. 

MF 30-9209 Security Risk 

(B&W 60 Min 1960) 

TV drama on role of counter 
intelligence corps in providing pro- 
tection against espionage and sub- 
version in matters of national secur- 

MF 30-9324 Army Language School 

(B&W 29 Min 1961) 

Objectives, curriculum, and 
operation of the School at the Pre- 
sidio of Monterey importance in 
building international understand- 


SFS 30 Military Intelligence 

SFS 30-10 Radio Direction Finding-Part l-Theory and SFS 30-11 Radio Position Direction Finding Part II 

Equipment Installation and Operation (U) 

(B&W 62 FR 25 Min 1956) (B&W 60 FR 37 Min 1957) 

Theory of radio wave propaga- This Sound Film Strip is classi- 

tion; capabilities; limitations, and fied CONFIDENTIAL, 
major elements of equipment in re- 
lation to radio direction finding. 


TG 30 Military Intelligence 

TG 30-1-5 Artillery Intelligence 

(B&W 4FR 1962) 

Covers the artillery intelligence 
mission, organization, agencies and 
target recording aids. 

TG 30-1-9 Production of Intelligence 

(B&W 16 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the primary areas 
in the production of intelligence: 
planning, collection, processing eval- 
uation, dissemination and use. 

TG 30-1-10 EEI and the Collection Plan 

(Color 9 FR 1968) 

Delineates purpose and format 
of the intelligence collection plan, 
covering: process of planning col- 
lection effort, identifying EEI and 
OIR, and determining collection 
agencies and time requirements. 
TG 30-1-11 Intelligence Cycle 

Color 2 FR 1969) 

Graphically portrays the four 
principal portions of the intelligence 
cycle which contribute to successful 
mission accomplishment: 1) plan- 
ning 2) collection, 3) processing, 
and 4) dissemination and use of 

TG 30-1-12 Combat Intelligence 

(Color 19 FR 1969) 

Depicts information concerning 
enemy, weather, and terrain re- 
quired by a commander in the plan- 
ning and conduct of tactical opera- 
tions. The MI organization and sup- 
port at brigage, division, corps, and 
Army levels are also illustrated. 

TG 30-1-13 Journal, Workbook, and Situation Map 

(Color 12 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the basic records 
used by the intelligence section to 
record information: the intelligence 
journal, intelligence workbook, and 
the enemy situation map. 

TG 30-1-14 Introduction of Intelligence Reports 

(B&W 18 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the different types 
and various uses of basic intelli- 
gence reports. 

TG 30-1-16 Military Intelligence Responsibilities in the 

Field of Weather 
(B&W 18 FR 1971) 

Describes the qualifications and 
responsibilities of the military in- 
telligence officer in the field of 

TG 30-1-17 The Intelligence Officer's 

Responsibility for Surveillance and 

(B&W 14 FR 1971) 

Covers combat surveillance re- 
sponsibilities, surveillance means, 
and principles of reconnaissance and 
counter- reconnaissance. 

T 30-3-3 Soviet Army Uniforms 

(Color 1 FR 1963) 

Illustrates semi-dress and dress 
uniforms for: enlisted men, career 
NCO's, officers, and marshal of the 
Soviet Union. 

TG 30-3-5 Vietnam 

(Color 15 FR 1968) 

Graphically portrays Viet Cong 
organization, Army insignia, tunnel 
systems, booby traps, and RVNAF 
insignia of rank. 

TG 30-3-6 Soviet Motorized Rifle Division (U) 

(B&W 14 FR 1968) 

This transparency series is 
classified confidential. 

TG 30-3-7 Historical Development of Soviet Intelligence 


(B&W 16 FR 1968) 

Indentifies Soviet intelligence 
organizations from the 1917 Cheka 
to the 1966 KGB, and shows the 
relationship of the intelligence or- 
ganizations to the Soviet ministries. 

TG 3038 Soviet Ordnance 

(Color 47 FR 1969) 

Illustrates Soviet ordnance in- 
cluding small arms, infantry anti- 
tank weapons, mortars, conventional 
artillery, mobile rocket launchers, 
armored and tracked self-propelled 
artillery, armored personnel car- 
riers, amphibious vehicles, transport 
vehicles, and tracked prime movers. 

TG 30-3-9 USSR Aircraft 

(Color 42 FR 1971) 

Explains USSR aircraft and 
comparable US aircraft in the fol- 
lowing categories: bombers, cargo 
and transports, fighters, helicopters, 
trainers, and seacraft. 

TG 30310 Warsaw Treaty Organization 

(Color 30 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the military strength, 
uniforms, branch colors, ranks, and 
insignia of member countries of the 
Warsaw Treaty organization. 


G 30 Military Intelligence 

G 30-4-1 US NATO and Soviet Armored Fighting telligence. Also portrays captured 

Vehicles, Helicopter and Aircraft equipment marking tags, and 

(1964) identifies technical intelligence in- 
formation desired on ammunition. 

TG 30-5-1 Technical Intelligence 

(B&W 14 FR 1968) G 30-16 Soviet Anti-Tank Guns 

Depicts the organization, mis- (1959) 
sion, and objectives of technical in- 


TF 31 Special Operations 

31. 3 1-Series; Special Operations TF 31-2297 ^, rai , c,^.^ _, ,,_ 

TF 31-2138 Subarctic Winter Bivouacking Summer Operations 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) (B&W 11 Min 1956) 

Planning; security and defense Nature and character of tundra, 

measures; consists of shelter, water muskeg, permafrost and frozen sub- 

and cooking facilities; protection soil how the various areas are 

against cold and proper use of sleep- traversed by military units, 
ing equipment. TF ., 

Special Forces Destructive Techniques (U) 
(B&W 37 Min 1967) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 


MF 31 Special Operations 

MF 31-5043 Survival on Arctic Tundra a fictitious friendly country which 
(Color 63 Min 1959) has appealed to the US for aid in 
Survival techniques used by air formulating plans and programs to 
crew until rescued use of survival combat a growing insurgent move- 
kit, clothing and shelter, foraging ment. 
for food and firewood, and signal- 

,- MF 31-8290 Exercise Ski Jump 

(B&W 25 Min 1954) 

MF 31-5161 Internal Defense and Development Cold weather operations of tacti- 

Program-Consolidation Operation cal unit equipment and techniques 

(B&W 24 Min 1967) for personal and tactical survival; 

How the 4 stages of a consoli- survival in mountain operations, 
dation operation are conducted in 


TF 32 Security 

32. 32-Series; Security 

TF 32-3003 Machine Processing-An Aid to Analysis (U) 

(B&W 23 Min 1960) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 323352 Army Security Agency Operation Company 

(A) in Action (U) 

(B&W 33 Min 1965) 
(Primarily for use by USASA 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Not releasable to foreign 
nationals except: none, by authority 
of CG, US Army Security Agency 

TF 32-3579 The US Army Security Agency Divisional 

Support Company (U) 

(B&W 28 Min 1966) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Except: United Kingdom, Canada, 
Australia and New Zealand. By 
authority of CG, US Army Security 
Agency, 25 August 1967 

TF 32-3589 Communications Security 

(B&W 39 Min 1966) 

Vulnerability of radio and wire 
communications responsibility of 
COMSEC as applied to unit com- 
manders, ASA sections and the in- 
dividual soldier. 

TF 32-3591 Electronic Security (U) 

(B&W 42 Min 1967) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 32-3995 Electronic Intelligence Research Techniques 


(Color 27 Min 1971) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 32-4059 Airborne Radio Direction Finding System 


(Color 29 Min 1969) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 32-4104 Electronic Warfare Environment (U) 

(Color 27 Min 1971) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 32-4105 SIG SEC (Signal Security) Advance Plan- 

(B&W 28 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the proper pro- 
cedures for devising and operat- 
ing an effective signal security plan, 
and shows the consequences of a 
poorly executed plan. 

TF 32-4106 Direction Finder Set AN/TRD-15/23: 

Pattern Interpretation 

(Color 18 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates setup and opera- 
tion of the set ; shows patterns made 
on the scope by different types of 
signals, how to fix them, and how 
to reduce interference. 

TF 32-4231 The Quiet War (Telephone Security) 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Demonstrates the dangers of 
discussing classified subjects over 
the telephone; even though the con- 
versation contains no classified in- 
formation, it still can be valuable 
to a spy. 


MF 32 Security 

MF 32-5171 Keep Talking (The USASA Language 

Maintanance Program) 

(Color 12 Min 1967) 

How the USASA language 
maintenance program functions, and 
how it benefits those who participate 
in the program. 

MF 32-5178 Petrov's Mirror (U) 

(Color 42 Min 1966) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
No exceptions. By authority of CG, 
US Army Security Agency, 10 
November 1965. 

MF 32-5190 Our Secret Weapon in Vietnam (USASA) 


(Color 20 Min 1967) 
Film is classified SECRET. 

MF 32-5652 Viet Cong Imitative Communications 


(Color 5 Minfil872) 

A case in Vietnam is document- 
ed of a Viet Cong radio operator 
claiming his unit to be Australian, 
in an attempt to stage a surprise 
attack on US forces. 

MF 32-5660 Countermeasures Set AN/TLQ-17 (U) 

(Color 18 Min 1972) 

This film is classsified CONFI 


TF 33 Psychological Operations 

33. 33-Series; Psychological Operations 

TF 33-27 Introduction to Psychological Warfare 

(Color 16 Min 1956) 

Methods and techniques employ- 
ed in psychological warfare sup- 
port of military operations tactical, 
strategic and consolidation. 

TF 33-2509 Guerrilla Warfare 

(B&W 22 Min 1957) 

Nature and impact of Guerrilla 
Forces in past, present and future 
role in nuclear warfare role of 
US army special forces operational 

TF 33-3844 Psychological Operations Troop Units and 

(B&W 29 Min 1967) 

Missions, organization, and em- 
ployment of the 4 major PSYOP 
elements: 1) strategic battalion 
(theater), 2) tactical battalion 
(field army), 3) PSYOP company 
advisory & support), and 4) PSYOP 
company (consolidation). 

TF 333913 Loudspeakers in Psychological Operations 

(B&W 17 Min 1968) 

Tactical uses of loudspeakers 
in support of military operations 
to reduce enemy morale, and induce 
surrender; use of loudspeakers in 
consolidation activities, and in sup- 
port of civil affairs. 

TF 33-3914 Leaflet Dissemination 

(B&W 22 Min 1968) 

Discusses purpose and princi- 
ples of leafletting, contents and use 
of different types of leaflets, and 
methods of delivery surface, 
ground-to-ground and air-to-ground. 

TF 33-3972 Psychological Operations in Support of 

Internal Defense and Development 
Assistance Programs 

(B&W 27 Min 1968) 

Depicts the planning, develop- 
ment, and implementation of psy- 
chological operations to counteract 
insurgency in a fictional host 

TF 33-3985 Psychological Operations in Support of 

Unconventional Warfare 

(B&W 24 Min 1969) 

Portrays the role of a special 
forces detachment in launching a 
PSYOP program to support a guer- 
rilla campaign to restore a friendly 
government, which had been over- 
thrown by the aggression of a hostile 

TF 33-4148 Special Forces Air Operations, Part I 

Drop Zom Operations 
(Color 25 Min 1970) 

Illustrates drop zone techniques 
for low altitude and halo drops of 
special forces troops. Collection of 
information discussed and the meth- 
ods used to obtain that information. 

TF 33-4149 Special Forces Air Operations, Part II 

Landing Zone Operations 

(Color 29 Min 1970) 

Illustrates landing zone techni- 
ques for medium aircraft night and 
day operations on land; light air- 
craft night operations on water; 
and rotary wing aircraft night 
operations on land. 

TF 33-4177 Face to Face Persuasion 

(Color 22 Min 1970) 

Discusses techniques of persua- 
sion in personal contact with in- 
dividuals and with groups. 


MF 33-5174 

MF 33-5589 

MF 33-7914 

A rJew Concept in Popular Forces 

(B&W 11 Min 1966) 

(Adopted USIA Film) 

Organization, training and mis- 
sion of popular forces in South 
Vietnam how they serve as a link 
of pacification and goodwill between 
the government and the people. 

The 6th PSYOP Battalion 

(Color 21 Min 1971) 

Documents the many functions 
of a psychological operations bat- 
talion in Vietnam. Shows loud- 
speaker and audio-visual teams, and 
leaflet and poster programs. 

Psychological Warfare A Combat Weapon 
in Korea 

(B&W 17 Min 1953) 

MF 33 Psychological Operations 

Techniques and objectives of 
psychological warfare illustrating 
its role in Korea today. 

MF 33-8204 Photolithography I How to Make a Good 


(Color 25 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lithography, letterpress and 
gravure printing; details of direct 
and photo lithography process and 
its advantages over the other two 

MF 33-8205 Photolithography II A Better Run For Your 


(Color 20 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Function of 'printed salesman- 
ship' in advertising advantages 
and effectiveness of offset litho- 
graphy over other forms of printing. 


TF 35 Women's Army Corps 

34. 35-Series; Women's Army Corps 

TF 35-3065 Lead to Serve-Part l-Traits of Leadership 

(Women's Army Corps) 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

WAG basic training and ex- 
amples of career Assignments 
stress on the development of the 14 
traits necessary for good leadership. 

TF 35-3136 Courtesy Standards 

(B&W 19 Min 1962) 

Military and personal conduct 
of WAC's on and off-duty; saluting, 
wearing of uniform, other courtesies 
toward rank, duties of officers and 
noncommissioned officers. 

TF 35-3165 Lead to Serve-Part Il-Problem 1: the Case 

of the Delinquent Debtor 
(B&W 7 Min 1962) 

A WAC commander is faced 
with coping with one of her en- 
listed women who is irresponsible 
in money dealings she owes mili- 
tary personnel and civilian dealers. 

TF 35-3166 Lead to Serve-Part Il-Problem 2: tin Case 

of the Unwise Friendship 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Captain Cochran, WAC, is 
faced with the problem of dissuad- 
ing one of her typists from seeing 
a man of intemperate personal 

TF 35-3167 Lead to Serve-Part Il-Problem 3: the Case 

of the Disgruntled Worker 

(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Lieutenant Regan, WAC, is 
faced with dealing with one of her 
typists who is about to go AWOL 
because she is unhappy with her 

TF 35-3168 Lead to Serve-Part Il-Problem 4: the Case 

of the Unwilling Typist 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Lieutenant Gant is confronted 
by the insubordination of one of her 
typists, SP4 Parker. Parker neglect- 
ed to do a task assigned by another 

TF 35-3169 Lead to Serve-Part Il-Problm 5: the Case 

of the Overdue Leave 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

WAC officer is faced with the 
problem of cancelling the long over- 
due leave of a conscientious worker 
in her office. 

TF 35-3255 A Debt and a Date (History of WAC) 

(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Documentary on history of WAC 
from 1942-1963; expanded training 
and service in last decade; present 
role in strengthening the peace. 

TF 35-3389 With Pride and Dignity 

(Color 14 min 1963) 

Satisfying life and vital role 
of the American woman in today's 
Women's Army Corps career op- 
portunities and personal benefits 
of service life. 

TF 35-3400 Strictly Personal 

(B&W 29 Min 1964) 

Indoctrination for new WAC 
trainees. High standards of personal 
hygiene, good grooming, good health 
and proper conduct are emphasized. 

TF 35-3617 The WAC Officer Candidate 

(Color 16 Min 1966) 

Prerequisites, objectives, and 
scope of WAC officer candidate 
course at Ft McClellan, Ala; re- 
wards of being an officer in Women's 
Army Corps. 

TF 35-3685 Army Minimum Physical Fitness Test Female 

(B&W 16 Min 1966) 

Test for all WAC personnel 
under 40 years demonstration of 
5 main and 5 alternate exercises of 
test; and conditioning exercises for 

TF 35-3756 The WAC Leader 

(B&W 26 Min 1967) 

Purpose, scope and benefits of 
the leader orientation course given 
to selected WAC trainees to develop 
leadership skills. 

TF 35-3757 The WAC Non-Commissioned Officer 

(B&W 32 Min 1967) 

Leadership traits and principles 
of good leadership to be an effective 
WAC NCO. Importance of WAC 
NCO for the success of the Army. 

TF 35-3838 No Greater Heritage 

(B&W 31 Min 1968) 

Delineates the tradition of cour- 
age and dedication that is the heri- 
tage of each member of the Women's 
Army Corps, documenting the de- 
velopment of the corps and the 
variety of ways WACs served the 
country during World War II, the 
Korean War, and now in Vietnam. 


TF 35 Women's Army Corps 

TF 35-3850 A Future In Your Hands (WAC Clerical 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Explains to students taking the 
WAC typing and clerical proce- 
dures course the value of these skills 
as a gateway to successful careers 
both in the military service and 
civilian life. 

TF 35-3979 On Parade 

(Color 18 Min 1969) 

A young WAC reflects on her 
growth as a result of her military 
training and group living experi- 
ences since she joined the Women's 
Army Corps 18 months before. 

TF 35-4174 Look Like a Winner: Military Etiquette and 

Grooming (WAC) 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 

Explains important points of 

good grooming. Covers cleanliness, 
health habits, hair styling, cosme- 
tics, and tailoring. 

TF 35-4175 Mind Your Military Manners Military 

Etiquette and Grooming (WAC) 
(Color 15 Min 1971) 

Shows how manners and man- 
nerisms; the all-around image pre- 
sented, affects the decision of which 
of three WAC's to select for a 
choice overseas assignment. 

TF 35-4176 The Pleasure of Your Company: Military 

Etiquette and Grooming (WAC) 

(Color 13 Min 1970) 

Describes proper selection of 
clothes, table manners, ordering in 
a restaurant, introductions, dating 
etiquette, and etiquette at a formal 


MF 35 Women's Army Corp 

MF 35-5282 The Women's Army Corps 1942-1967 

(B&W 40 Min 1967) 

The present director and former 
directors of the Women's Army 

Corps reminisce on the history, de- 
velopment, and contribution of the 
Corps at it marks its 25th Anni- 


TF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 


38-Series; Supply, Shipping, and 
Logistics Management 

TF 38-2840 Financial Inventory Accounting 

(B&W 24 Min 1960) 

Management role of FIA ; au- 
thorized report forms, and operating 
procedures and techniques; how FIA 
scales the chain of command from 
post level to DCSLOG; FIA in 

TF 32-2841 The Industry Army Quality Assurance 


(Color 23 Min 1960) 

Purpose, concepts, benefits, and 
practical application of quality con- 
trol of all items purchased by army; 
working agreement between army 
and industry. 

TF 38-2864 Defense Procurement Formal Advertising 

(B&W 43 Min 1960) 

Principles, regulations, general 
requirements and procedures related 
to procurement by formal advertis- 
ing preparation, distribution, open- 
ing and evaluation of bids; and 
award of contract. 

TF 38-2865 Defense Procurement Competitive 

(B&W 40 Min 1960) 

Principles, regulations, require- 
ments and provisions related to pro- 
curement by negotiation process- 
ing of procurement directive, re- 
quirements for proposal, conduct of 
negotiation, and contract award. 

TF 38-2866 Defense Procurement Contract 


(B&W 26 Min 1960) 

Scope and provision of contract 
administration in defense procure- 
ment; duties of contracting officer 
and his staff during preproduction, 
production, engineering changes, 
and final price determination stage. 

TF 38-2968 The Army Field Stock Control System Part 

I Stock Accounting Operations 
(B&W 22 Min 1960) 

Logistical mission, elements and 
functioning of army field stock 
control system; organization and 
operation of stock accounting con- 
trol system procedures followed 
for authorized and fringe items. 

TF 38-2974 The Army Fisld Stock Control System Part 

II Supply Liaison 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Mission, organization, and ac- 
tivities of army supply liaison 
teams how joint teams from army 
headquarters and supply depots 
conduct supply surveys at field in- 

TF 38-3460 Army Equipment Record Procedures 

(B&W 19 Min 1964) 

Advantages of new system of 
equipment inspection with adequate 
records; forms and procedures used 
in compilation of records and re- 
ports of available Army equipment. 

TF 38-3535 Combat Ready Materiel 

(B&W 15 Min 1965) 

How commanders can maintain 
and improve materiel readiness of 
units by traffic light concept of 
grading equipment and Army equip- 
ment record system. 

TF 38-3767 The Army Maintenance System 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

Missions, organization, facili- 
ties, and activities of the major 
categories in the Army maintenance 
system : organizational maintenance, 
direct support maintenance, general 
support maintenance, and depot 

TF 38-3807 Packing Cost Reduction 

(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

Case histories of actual packag- 
ing cost reduction achievements 
point up methods and areas of re- 
ducing costs with good packaging of 
military supplies: container substi- 
tution, avoidance of packaging where 
possible, reduction of cubage and 
weight, reusing containers, and crea- 
tive administration. 

TF 38-3832 Preservation of Helicopters 

(Color 17 Min 1968) 

Illustrates methods and mate- 
rials used to prepare the craft (UH- 
1 helicopter) and its components to 
weather a sea voyage to a con- 
signed destination. 

TF 38-3837 Cargo Unitization 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

How unitized loads are packed 
and marked for shipment when us- 
ing CONEX containers, fiberboard 
and wooden containers, pallet, wire 
bound, and fiberboard boxes; pal- 
letized unit loads and bundle loads; 
and one-lift concept of moving 
unitized loads. 


TF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

TF 38-4290 

TF 38-4291 

TF 38-3890 The Importance of Military Packaging TF 38-4212 

(Color 18 Min 1969) 

Decribes problem conditions and 
packaging solutions for military 
shipments in transit and storage. 
Details the packaging of military 
items for survival under a variety 
of tactical and environmental con- 
ditions, particularly in SE Asia. 

TF 383891 Packaging and Packing of Dangerous 

Materials for Airlift 

(Color 18 Min 1969) 

Discusses the properties of 
items or substances classified as 
dangerous materials, and the special 
packaging, packing, and marking 
requirements for air shipment. 

TF 38-3892 Packaging for Parcel Post 

(Color 21 Min 1970) TF 38-4292 

Describes the advantages of 
shipping by parcel post, the pack- 
aging and marking requirements 
for parcel post surface and air ship- 
ments, and how various types of 
military items are prepared for 
parcel post shipment to CONUS 
and oversea destinations. 

TF 38-4132 Packaging for Return of Repairables 

(Color 20 Min 1970) 

Shows the methods and mate- 
rials that can be used in the field 
to protect and package repairable 
items destined for shipment to a 
repair facility. 

TF 38-4293 

TF 38-4294 

TF 38-4136 Blocking, Bracing and Cushioning Materials 

in Military Packaging 

(Color 17 Min 1970) TF 33.4295 

Describes the characteristics, se- 
lection considerations, and methods 
of applying the various materials 
to prevent damage to military sup- 
plies during shipment. 

TF 384160 Packaging Line Equipment and Operation rpp 3g_4296 

(Color 25 Min 1971) 

Describes and shows several 
types of equipment used on pack- 
aging lines. Discusses reasons for 
and objectives of good packaging. 

TF 38-4185 Shipping Container Selection 

(B&W 28 Min 1971) TF 38-4297 

Outlines factors in the selection 
of shipping containers, shows com- 
monly used containers, and presents 
practical problems in container se- 

Military Packaging: Preservatives Applica- 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 

Describes various types of tem- 
porary contact metal preservatives, 
particularly the P-series. 

Method MA Floating Bag 

(B&W 17 Min 1971) 

Shows method for packing items 
having provisions for mounting 
bolts, described in MIL-P-116. 

Fabrication of Nailed Wood Box 

(B&W 20 Min 1971) 

Shows characteristics and con- 
struction of nailed wood boxes; gives 
considerations for choosing style of 
box, type of wood, and type and 
size of nails. 

Closure and Strapping of Containers 

(B&W 24 Min 1972) 

Shows methods, materials, and 
equipment for closing and strapping 
shipping containers. Techniques are 
shown, and questions test the view- 
er's retention. 

Fibarboard Boxes Fabrication and Closure 

(B&W 14 Min 1971) 

Shows the equipment and pro- 
cedure used in making the regular 
slotted fiberboard box. 

Cleated Panel Boxes 

(B&W 17 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the uses and fab- 
rication of cleated panel boxes 
made with plywood, paper overlaid 
veneer, or fiberboard. 

Heat Sealing 

(B&W 14 Min 1971) 

Outlines proper methods of 
closing and sealing heat sealed bar- 
riers; shows types of equipment, 
their operation and maintenance. 

Cleaning: C-l Process 

(B&W 7 Min 1971) 

Shows air vacuum, barrel tumb- 
ling, impact tool, ultrasonic and 
wire bursh cleaning methods; also 
'acid cleaning, alkaline derusting, 
and detergent cleaning. 

Petroleum Solvent Cleaning 

(B&W 10 Min 1971) 

Shows cleaning procedures us- 
ing dry cleaning solvent, paint thin- 
ner and corrosion preventive finger- 
paint removal compound. Describes 


TF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistic* 

TF 38-4298 

TF 38-4301 

TF 38-4302 

TF 3-4305 

TF 38-4306 

TF 38-4307 

TF 38-4308 

cleaning tanks and safety precau- 

Vapor Degreasing 

(B&W 11 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates process C-7, 
cleaning metal items with a cleaning 
fluid vapor; components and opera- 
tion of equipment, and safety pre- 
cautions are shown. 

Materials Testing 

(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates tests for packag- 
ing materials; burst strength, punc- 
ture, crush, heat, tensils, grease 
proof, waterproof, and water vapor- 
proof tests. 

Barrier Size and Dessicant Formulas 

(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Shows the formulas to use to 
determine barrier size and amount 
of dessicant for use in water vapor- 
proof packaging, and demonstrates 
their use. 

Preservation, Packaging and Packing Policy 
(B&W 19 Min 1972) 

Defines the three levels of pro- 
tection for equipment; shows why 
they are needed and how to apply 
the criteria for deciding the level of 
protection to be used. 

Strapping Equipment and Operation 
(B&W 17 Min 1971) 

Describes strapping tools and 
equipment and demonstrates their 

Slotted Angle Crates 

(B&W 13 Min 1971) 

Shows construction of several 
types and styles of crates fabricated 
of slotted angle steel or aluminum. 

Wirebound Wood Boxes: Setup and Closure 

(B&W 11 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
setup and closure of three types of 
wirebound wood boxes; shows opera- 
tion of wire twisters, the salee 
closer, and the Bon ender. 

TF 38-4309 

Packaging Tests 

(B&W 18 Min 1972) 
Demonstrates acceptance 


for military packages; includes 
cleanliness, preservative, leakage, 
heat seal, and cyclic exposure tests. 

TF 38-4328 Certifying Dangerous Materials on DD 

Form 1387-2 

(B&W 12 Min 1971) 

Describes procedure for filling 
out the form that accompanies ship- 
ments by military aircraft of ex- 
plosives and other dangerous mate- 

TF 38-4341 Crates PPP-C-650 

(B&W 11 Min 1971) 

Describes types and styles, com- 
ponents and construction of crates 
described in Federal specification 

TF 38-4342 Weather-Proofing the Pack (Packaging) 

(B&W 13 Min 1971) 

Outlines standards and techni- 
ques for construction of watersheds 
and waterproof enclosures. 

TF 38-4349 Introduction to the Army Supply System- 

Part I Supply Operations in a Theater 
of Operations 
(B&W 21 Min 1971) 

Puts operations in perspective 
geographically and logistically. De- 
scribes duties and services of each 
command and battalion; shows pro- 
cedures for routing requisitions. 

TF 38-4350 Introduction to the Army Supply System- 

Part II Unit and Organization Supply 
(B&W 33 Min 1971) 

Describes supply procedures for 
battalion, unit, or company level by 
looking at a typical battalion opera- 

TF 38-4351 Introduction to the Army Supply System- 

Part Ill-Field Supply 

(B&W 37 Min 1971) 

Describes in detail the proce- 
dures for field supply by the direct 
support unit; gives a short outline 
on the use of ADP equipment in the 
supply system. 

TF 38-4363 Method of Strippable Compound 

(B&W 8 Min 1971) 

Shows two methods of applying 
a tough plastic coating to mate- 
rials; direct and indirect methods. 


MF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

MF 38-5110 

MF 38-5154 

MF 38-5155 

MF 38-5158 

MF 38-5263 

MF 38-5301 

MF 38-5302 

MF 38-5303 


Project Definition Phase (POP) (Management) 
(B&W 32 Min 1964) 

Concept, aims, requirements, 
and procedures of PDF, a new man- 
agement system applicable to de- 
velopmental engineering projects. 

Procurement Source Selection 
(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Factors considered and critical 
steps in awarding contracts to in- 
dustry to insure DOD procurement 
of best product at best possible price. 

What, Where, and When-The Story of the 
US Army Supply and Maintenance 

(Color 27 Min 1966) 

Dual mission of SMC SMC 
shown in action in CONUS depots, 
with focus on skills, methods and 
equipment employed; and support 
provided forces in Vietnam. 

The Case of John Erroneous (Zero 


(Color 6 Min 1966) 

Requirements for zero defects 
in defense work, and how employees 
can attain zero defects in perform- 
ance through proper attitudes and 

No Margin for Error (Combat Materiel 

(Color 15 Min 1968) 

A report on how HQ, Army 
materiel command and its field com- 
mands assure the suitability and re- 
liability of combat equipment and 
supplies required by the soldier in 
the field. 

Zero Defects Work Shop for Supervisors- 
Part I The Concept 

(Color 11 Min 1968) 

Defines the Army's zero defects 
policy. This series includes MF 38- 
5301 thru 5305, a coordinator's 
guide, leader's manual, and super- 
visors manual. 

Ziro Defects Work Shop for Supervisors- 
Part II The Supervisor's Role 

(Color 9 Min 1968) 

Explains the supervisors' role 
in implementing the zero defects 

Zero Defects Work Shop for Supervisors- 
Part III Goal Setting and Planning 

(Color 8 Min 1968) 

Explains how the supervisor 

can set goals and initiate the zero 
defects program. 

MF 38-5304 Zero Defects-Work Shop for Supervisors- 

Part IV Error Case Removal 

(Colors 5 Min 1968) 

Explains how the supervisor 
can motivate employees to partici- 
pate in the zero defects program. 

MF 38-5305 Zero Defects-Work Shop for Supervisors 

Part V Recognition 

(Color 7 Min 1968) 

Explains how employees are re- 
warded for their effective participa- 
tion in the zero defects program. 

MF 38-5534 Research nd Development Annual Progress 

Report 1969-Give Him What He Needs 

(Color 32 Min 1970) 

A progress report on the ac- 
hievements of the AMC R&D effort 
during FY 1969, as well as a pro- 
jected look at future developments 
in areas of combat gear, mobility, 
communications, and firepower. 

MF 38-5545 ENSURE Items for Vietnam-Port I 

(Color 19 Min 1971) 

Shows the following items de- 
veloped by the expedited non-stand- 
ard urgent required equipment pro- 
ject for Vietnam; airmobile firing 
platform, XM6, 300-watt hydrazine- 
air fuel cell, projectiles for M79 
launcher, marginal terrain assault 
bridge, commando armored car XM 

MF 38-5550 ENSURE Items for Vietnam-Part II 

(Color 22 Min 1971) 

Shows the following items de- 
veloped by the ensure project; port- 
able flame thrower M9E1-T; ex- 
pendable mine clearing device; de- 
molition firing device XM63; smoke 
generator subsystem, helicopter, 
XM52; emergency personnel rescue 
radio AN/URC-68; 40mm smoke 
cartridge, canopy, XM676 and XM- 
679 to 682; STABO extraction 
harness; multishot portable flame 
weapon system XM191. 

MF 38-5558 ENSURE Items for Vietnam-Part III 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 

Shows following items develop- 
ed by ensure project: YO-3A recon- 
naissance/surveillance aircraft, 50- 
line semi-automatic switchboard SB 
3082, riot control CS agent dispen- 
sers, light armored full-tracked re- 
covery vehicle XM806 series, bull- 

MF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

MF 38-7951 

MF 38-8007 

MF 38-8008 

dozer kit for M113 APC series, D9G MF 38-5671 
tractor with Rome clearing blade, 
and air cushion vehicle SK5. 

MF 38-5579 Blueprint for Tomorrow 

(Color 20 Min 1971) 

Outlines the plans and pro- 
grams that allow US industry to MF 38-5696 
be responsive to vital military needs 
in times of emergency. 

MF 38-5601 US Army Integrated Logistic Support- 

Part I Management Overview 

(Color 17 Min 1971) 

Shows how integrated logistic 
support combines management and 
technical efforts to produce the best 
possible defense at the lowest pos- 
sible cost. 

MF 38-5602 US Army Integra t-d Logistic Support- 

Part II Maintenance Engineering Analysis 

(Color 20 Min 1971) 

Shows the technical side of the 
ILS system. Describes function 
analysis, requirements analysis, re- 
placement unit analysis, and main- 
tenance and supply analysis. 

MF 38-5622 The Repairman and Quality Control of Work 

(B&W 28 Min 1971) 

Reviews causes and results of 
improper maintenance; carelessness, 
sloppy work, lack of know-how, over- 
confidence, and safety hazards. 

MF 38-5650 Kirby (Quality Control) 

(Color 29 Min 1972) MF 3 8 _ 8 4 4 i 

Illustrates the results of care- 
lessness; a platoon is wiped out be- 
cause of preventable errors in the 
manufacture and maintenance of 
their equipment. 

MF 38-5654 DDC: Your Partner in R&D 

(Defense Documentation Center) MF 388512 

(Color 25 Min 1972) 

Illustrates the services of the 
Defense Documentaton Center as a 
source of R&D information for 
scientists and engineers in the Fed- 
eral community. 

MF 385662 The Army Authorization Documents System 

(TAADS) MF 38-8935 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 

Details the TAADS system, 
which is an integrated documenta- 
tion system for the management of 
programs, equipment, and human 
resources in the Army. 

Direct Support System 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 

Shows advantages, operation, 
and flow of paperwork in this sys- 
tem that eliminates the middleman 
from routine supply operations. 

Inventory in Motion Log Lift 

(Color 14 Min 1972) 

Describes project log lift, which 
is exploring the uses of heavy lift 
helicopters in loading and unload- 
ing ships, in construction, and other 

Design for Survival 

(B&W 23 Min 1953) 

Deals with the army conserva- 
tion program, defining its purpose 
and conservation methods now in 

Quality Control Through Statistical 
Methods Process Control 

(B&W 13 Min 1951) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Illustrates the typical steps 
used in statistical methods to de- 
termine quality standards. 

Quality Control Through Statistical 
Methods Acceptance Sampling 

(B&W 17 Min 1951) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes statistical quality 
sampling methods, such as, accept- 
ance sampling, sequential sampling, 
and limited sampling. 

Peelable Plastic Packaging 

(B&W 15 Mm 1955) 

Characteristics and uses of bu- 
tyrate peelable plastic in packaging 
and storage of critical parts man- 
ual and mechanical methods of ap- 

The Engineered Performance Standards 

(B&W 16 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How work analysts are trained; 
how work operations are studied; 
specific illustrations of improved 
work methods. 

Dehumidified Storage 

(B&W 15 Min 1958) 

Fundamentals and advantages 
as applied to storage of material 
for national security installation 
and maintenance of dehumidified 
storage system. 


MF 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

MF 38-9313 MIL-D-70327-Engin..ring Documentation MF 38-9690 Val. Engin..ring-Mor. Ship, for Loss 

for Uniform Requirements Money 

(Color-25 Min-1961) (Color-13 Min-1962) 

Need for, fundamentals, and (Adopted Navy Film) 
benefits of new system of engineer- Purpose, techniques, and ap- 
ing documentation for materiel pro- plication of the Navy's value en- 

^?u- 0r JrV r C ^ red by D D SS S6t gineering program to attain im- 

forth in MIL-D-70327. proved item reliability at reduced 



SFS 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors SFS 38-80 

(B&W 58 FR 11 Min 1959) 
Features, use and application 
of Type I and II materials to pro- 
tect metal items application w/Ml 
rifle, M61 gun, fire control items, 
and other special items. 

Methods of Preservation Submethod IA 8 

Water- Vaporproof Bag, Sealed SFS 38-81 

(B&W 38 FR 7 Min 1959) 

Packaging aircraft repair part 
by 1A-8 method: application of con- 
tact preservative, greaseproof bar- 
rier, cushioning, and water-vapor- 
proof bag. 

Packaging and Packing Vehicle and 
Equipment Processing Part I 
Preservation of Engines 
(B&W 59 FR 16 Min 1963) SFS 38-91 

Preservation of vehicle cooling 
and fuel systems; and gasoline, 4- 
cycle gasoline starting diesel, 4- 
cycle straight diesel, and 2-cycle 
diesel engines. 

Packaging and Packing Vehicle and 
Equipment Processing Part II 
Preservation of Power 

(B&W 48 FR 13 Min 1963) 
Materials and procedures used 
to preserve components of power 
train, batteries and tires in accord- 
ance with Military Standard 281A. 

Packaging and Packing Vehicle and 
Equipment Processing Part Ill- 
Preservation of Bodies and Cabs 

(B&W 52 FR 13 Min 1963) 

Procedures and materials ap- 
plicable in preserving chassis, cab 
and body of 2 1/2 ton, 6x6, cargo 
truck; special preservation proced- 
ures applied to bodies of other ve- 

Military Packaging and Packing Inspection 
of Packaged and Packed Household 

(B&W 57 FR 18 Min 1965) 
Functions of Government in- 
spector to assure safe moving and 
storage of household goods, and 
duties of inspector when items 
arrive at destination. 


TG 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

TG 38-1-2 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment General Packaging 
(Color 16 FR 1971) 

Delineates the following as- 
pects: climatic and mechanical haz- 
ards to military supplies, basic steps 
in military preservation, criteria 
for selecting the 3 levels of protec- 
tion required in packaging and 
shipping supplies, and federal and 
military specifications. 

TG 38-13 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Cleaning and Drying 

(Color 15 FR 1969) 

Delineates the basic require- 
ments for cleaning supplies, and 
the principles and procedures of 
the various cleaning processes. 
These include: petroleum solvent, 
micron, ultrasonic, cold solvent, al- 
kaline, steam, barrel tumbling, ab- 
rasive blast, and vapor degreas- 
ing cleaning techniques. 

TG 3814 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipmant Methods of Preservation, 
Requirements and Selection 
(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Delineates the criteria for unit 
packaging and protection, and the 
criteria for selecting a preservative. 

TG 3815 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method I Preservation 
and Application 
(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the identification 
and application of method I pre- 

TG 3816 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method IA Preservation 
(Color 8 FR 1969) 

Describes the method IA pre- 
servation concept and the varia- 
tions in its submethods: IA-5, IA-6, 
IA-8, IA-13, IA-14, IA-15, and 

TG 3817 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method and 
Submethod IB 
(Color 3 FR 1969) 

Describes the principles of 
method IB preservation, and sub- 
methods IB-1 and IB-2. 

TG 3818 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method and 
Submethod 1C 
(Color 7 FR 1969) 

Describes the principles of 
method 1C preservation, and itsj 
various submethods: IC-1, IC-2, 
IC-3, IC-4, IC-7, and IC-8. 

TG 381-9 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method and 
Submethod II 

(Color 9 FR 1969) 

Describes the principles of 
method II preservation and its sub- 
methods: HA, IIB, IIC, IID, HE, 
and IIF. 

TG 381-10 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Method III Preservation 
and Application 
(Color 2 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the principles and 
application of method III preserva- 

TG 38111 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Plastics in Packaging 

(Color 5 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the many new ap- 
plications of plastics in military 
packaging, and the techniques used 
in making plastic packages. 

TG 38112 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Blocking and Bracing 
(Color 7 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the basic principles 
of blocking and bracing, and the 
materials that may be used to pre- 
vent movement of an item within 
a container. 

TG 38-1-13 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Cushioning, General 

(Color 8 FR 1969) 

Describes the purposes and 
types of cushioning, and applica- 
tion of the various cushioning pro- 

TG 38114 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Cushioning Design 

(Color 12 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the step-by-step pro- 
cedures which are necessary in the 
design of cushioning for the inter- 
ior of the package so that adequate 
and economical protection will be 
given to the item. 

TG 38115 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Cushioning 
(Color 16 FR 1968) 
Illustrates the various charac- 


TG 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

teristics of cushioning used in pack- 
aging to adequately protect items 
at minimum cost. 

TG 38-1-16 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment General Packing 

(Color-^4 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the elements in 
packing supplies, and the three bas- 
ic types of loads encountered in 
packing operations. 

TG 38-1-17 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Shipping Containers 

(Color 10 FR 1969) 

Describes the factors consid- 
ered in container selection, con- 
struction and use of various types 
of cases and crates, strapping re- 
quirements, and special measures 
applied to missile containers. 

TG 38-1-18 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Marking 

(Color 4 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the standard and 
special markings to be placed on 
shipping containers in accordance 
with MIL-STD-129. 

TG 38-1-20 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Unitization and 
(Color 15 FR 1969) 

Illustrates the types of con- 
solidation containers used for ship- 
ment of military supplies overseas, 
and how these containers are packed 
strapped, marked, transported and 

TG 38-1-21 Packaging and Packing General Supplies 

and Equipment Loading of Railcars 

(Color 9 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the approved AAR 
loading, blocking, bracing, snub- 
bing, and anchoring techniques used 
to insure the safe movement of mil- 
itary supplies by rail. 

T 38-2-1 Guided Missiles Preserving and Packaging 

(Color 6 FR 1963) 

Presents views and data rela- 
tive to pertinent aspects of missile 
preservation and packaging. 

TG 38-2-2 Dangerous Materials, General 

(Color 34 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the various classi- 
fications of dangerous materials; 
and the labeling, placarding, and 

packaging of these materials for 
safe storage and shipment. 

TG 38-3-1 Military Packaging Vehicle and Equipment 

Processing (Multi-Fuel Engine) 
(Color 27 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the approved tech- 
niques of preserving the multi-fuel 
engine for storage and shipment. 

TG 38-4-1 Packaging and Packing Inspection of 

Household Goods 

(B&W 19 FR 1970) 

Illustrates the packing and 
crating requirements for shipment 
of specific household good items. 

TG 38-4-2 Packaging and Packing Inspection of 

Household Goods Servicing and 

(B&W 7 FR 1970) 

Illlustrates the various proced- 
ures used to service household ap- 
pliances prior to packing for ship- 
ment and the processing of these 
items at the destination. 

TG 38-4-3 Packaging and Packing Inspection of 

Crated Household Goods, Requirements 
for Packing Dishes 

(Color 4 FR 1971) 

Covers the procedures used to 
service household appliances prior 
to packing for shipment and illus- 
trates requirement for packing 

TG 38-5-1 Packaging and Packing-Preparation of 

Freight for Air Shipment 

(Color 18 FR 1970) 

They illustrate the principles 
and equipment used in preparing 
military cargo for shipment by air. 

TG 38-5-2 Packaging and Packing Preparation of 

Freight for Air Shipment Marking 
and Certification 

(Color 13 FR 1970) 

Illustrates examples of mark- 
ing high priority freight and dan- 
gerous cargo for air shipment. 

T 38-11-1 U"' and Organization Supply Procedures 

(B&W 51 FR 1970) 

Covers unit and organization 
supply procedures. 

T 38-11-2 Stock Control and Supply Accounting 

Procedures for Direct Support Unit (DSU) 

(B&W 10 FR 1970) 

Covers stock control and sup- 
ply accounting procedures for direct 
support units. 


TG 38 Supply, Shipping and Logistics 

T 38-11-3 Commanders' Course en Moint.nonc. preventive maintenance services 

(B&W-28 FR-1970) (Supports DA Pamphlet 350-26-1). 

Covers the present organization 
of the US Army materiel command. 

T 38-11-5 Operator Training Course on Truck, M151 

Organizational Mechanic/ Repairman (8 X 10 in B&W vellum master 5 

Course on Truck, M151 pp 1QR8) 

(8 x 10 in B&W vellum master Criteria for safe operation of 

7 FR 1968) truck; US of AR 750 _ 5 and TM 

Use of pertinent DA publica- 38-750; operator maintenance re- 

tions; repair parts supply; organ- sponsibility; operator responsibil- 

izational mechanic's training re- ity for forms and records. (Sup- 

sponsibilities ; troubleshooting and ports DA Pam 350-32-1.) 


MF 39 Nucleor 

36. 39-Series; Nuclear 

MF 39-1428 Atomic Physics 

(B&W 100 Min 1948) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An historical treatment of the 
development of all atomic thinking 
from the time of Dalton, Mandelieff, 
the Curies, up to the present. 

MF 39-5103 Atomic Weapons Orientation Part V 

Effects of Atomic Weapons 

(Color 15 Min 1964) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Explains blast phenomena and 
effects from air, ground and water 
blasts of 20 to 500 kt detonations. 

MF 39-5216 Project Long Shot 

(Color 13 Min 1966) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Aims, events and results of 
ARPA experiment of the VELA 
uniform series executed October 
1965 to detect and locate under- 
ground nuclear detonations. 

MF 39-5223 Electromagnetic Interference From Nuclear 

Explosions Phenomenology 
(Color 32 Min 1966) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Findings of 1958 DOD high 
altitude studies to evaluate effects 
of nuclear explosions on ionosphere 
and associated electromagnetic phe- 

MF 39-5225 The XM 454 Projectile (U) 

(Color 8 Min 1966) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-5513 Nuclear Accident Response and Team 


(Color 25 Min 1970) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Shows how a nuclear detona- 
tion resulting from an air crash 
is handled by local civil and mili- 
tary authorities, focusing on the 
action of the Nuclear Emergency 
Team (NET) in coping with the 
hazards of such accidents. 

MF 39-5706 Explosives and Fire (U) 

(Color 14 Min 1972) 
(Adopted DNA Film) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

MF 39-7500 Atomic Energy 

(B&W 11 Min 1948) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Basic principles of atomic en- 
ergy including explanation of: elec- 
tron, proton, neutron, radiation, and 
chain reaction. 

MF 39-7896 Basic Physics of an Atomic Bomb 

(Color 19 Min 1951) 

Explains in nontechnical man- 
ner the basic principles of atomic 
energy and atom bomb. 

MF 39-7956 Atomic Support for the Soldier 

(B&W 21 Min 1953) 

A pictorial review of 'Exercise 
Desert Rock' tests reveal the rela- 
tive destructiveness and defense 
against the atomic bomb. 

MF 39-8148 Radioactive Contamination 

(B&W 20 Min 1953) 

Atomic tests conducted in 1946 
on aircraft carrier 'Independence' 
clarified the hazard of radioactive 

MF 39-8508 Atomic Tests-1952-1953 (U) 

(Color 30 Min 1956) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-8911 Operation Teapot Military Effects Studies 


(Color 31 Min 1958) 

(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-9311 Atomic Weapons and Fire 

(Color 31 Min 1961) 

Department of the Army policy 
on fighting high-explosive fires; 
dangers of high-explosive fires; 
fire fighting techniques and equip- 
ment; control of accident site; de- 
contamination of men and equip- 

MF 39-9347 Atomic Weapons Orientation (U) 

(Color 17 Min 1961) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

MF 39-9657 Atomic Weapons Support Operations (U) 

(Color 12 Min 1962) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 


MF 39 Nuclear 

MF 39-9740 The Army Nuclear Power Program 

(Color 23 Min 1963) 

Design, capabilities and oper- 
ation of mobile nuclear power plant, 
ML-1 ; features and application of 
other existing reactors plans for 
future development 

MF 39-9830 Effects of Nuclear Weapons-Part I- 

Introduction (U) 

(Color 14 Min 1963) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

MF 39-9842 World-Wide Fallout From Nuclear Weapons 

(Color 42 Min 1963) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Nature of radioactivity; dan- 
ger of exploded nuclear weapons 
meteorological and biological as- 
pects; somatic and genetic effects of 

MF 39-9844 Operation Dominic Part I (U) 

(Color 21 Min 1963) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-9897 Operation Dominic-Part II (U) 

(Color 22 Min 1963) 

(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-9919 The Mark 54 Mod Bomb (SADM) (U) 

(Color 27 Min 1963) 
(Adopted DNA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 
STRICTED DATA. Critical Nu- 
clear Weapon Design Information 

MF 39-9959 Operation Fish Bowl, 1962 -High Altitude 

Weapons Effects (U) 
(Color 39 Min 1964) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 

MF 39-9971 Employment Aspects of ADM 

(Color 23 Min 1964) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

MF 39-9989 Atomic Weapons Vulnerability Program- 

Effects of Imports and Fire (U) 

(Color 17 Min 1964) 
(Adopted DASA Film) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 


37. 41 -Series; Civil Affairs/Military 

TF 41-2589 

TF 41-2590 

Military Government in an Enemy City- 
Part I Initial Entry 
(B&W 16 Min 1958) 

Objectives and operation of 
CAMG Plan for Government 
laws of occupation survey of dam- 
age and needs of people functions 
and operations of specialist teams. 

Military Government in an Enemy City- 
Part II Public Safety 

(B&W 17 Min 1958) 

Measures taken by CAMG pub- 
lic safety team to control civilian 
population in an occupied enemy 
city to prevent interference with 
military operations. 

TF 41 Civil Affairs/ Military Government 

TF 412591 Military Government in an Enemy City- 

Part Ill-Public Health 
(B&W 16 Min 1958) 

Measures taken by CAMG pub- 
lic health team in an occupied enemy 
city to safeguard health of our 
troops and protect civilian persons. 

TF 41-2592 Military Government in an Enemy City- 

Part IV Civilian Evacuation 

(B&W 25 Min 1958) 

Methods used by CAMG staffs 
in effecting a mass evacuation of 
40,000 persons from an occupied 
enemy city within 72 hours. 

TF 41-3443 Military Civic Action 

(Color 31 Min 1964) 

Past and present role of US 
Army in military civic action, both 
in CONUS and in assisting armed 
forces of underdeveloped nations 


TG 41 Civil Affairs/ Military Government 

TG 41-1-1 Definition of Civil Affairs TG 41-2-1 Military Civic Action 

(Color 5 FR 1967) (Color 5 FR 1967) 

Shows the organizational struc- Outlines the criteria and or- 
ture and functions of the civil af- ganizational setup for implement- 
fairs group. ing civic action projects. 


TF 44 Air Defense 

38. 44-Series; Air Defense 

TF 44-2617 

TF 44-2618 

TF 44-1858 The Computing Sight M19 Series (M19A1 fp 44-2616 

and M38) Nomenclature and Operation 
(B&W 27 Min 1954) 

How sight is oriented, leveled 
and set at proper super-elevation; 
how to engage targets flying cross 
level, overhead incoming and out- 
going, etc. 

TF 44-2605 Nike Hercules SAM Battery, Orientation and 

Synchronization Part I leveling 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Procedure for leveling target 
and missile tracking antennas 
coarse leveling and fine leveling of 
antenna assembly. 

TF 44-2606 Nike Hercules SAM Battery, Orientation and 

Synchronization Part II Optical 
(B&W 25 Min 1959) 

Collimating telescope reticle 
check, perpendicularity check, re- 
ticle level adjustment, and spirit 
level check and adjustment. 

TF 44-2607 Nike Hercules SAM Battery, Orientation and TF 44-2619 

Synchronization Part III Collimation 

(B&W 17 Min 1959) 

A demonstration by two men 
of radar collimation utilizing the 
data-dial method. 

TF 44-2608 Nike Hercules SAM Battery, Orientation and 

Synchronization Part IV Orientation 
(B&W 22 Min 1959) 

Orientation of missile and tar- 
get tracking radars, the orient 
check, synchronization check of 
data-dials, and orientation of ac- 
quisition radar. 

TF 44-2609 Nike Hercules SAM Battery, Orientation and 

Synchronization Part V Parallax 
Corrections and Launcher Position 
Unit Adjustments (U) 
(B&W 17 Min 1959) 

Explains the need for parallax 
corrections, and demonstrates the 
procedures for adjusting the launch- 
er position control unit settings. 

TF 44-2613 Nike Hercules SAM Battalion, Battery 

Control Area, Emplacement and 

Morch Order of the Nike Hercules TF 44-2761 

(B&W 38 Min 1959) 

Selection of employment site, 
employment of components forming 
barbette, employment of antenna, 
installation of wave guides; march 

TF 44-2620 

TF 44-2622 

TF 44-2623 

order reverse of employment pro- 

The Stabilotron 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Design and operation of mag- 
netron and stabilotron; shows how 
increased capability of stabilotron 
affords greater output of RF energy 
for radar operation. 

Introduction to IFF Mark X (SIF) System 
(B&W 20 Min 1961) 

Features and functions of 
ground and airborne IFF compon- 
ents; electronic details of IFF oper- 
ation; how system operates in radar 
network to identify friendly planes. 

The Nike Hercules Multi-Channel Data 
Recorder Part I Operations 

(B&W 32 Min 1962) 

Describes the functions, oper- 
ations, and effects of the data re- 
corder; demonstrates the actions of 
the operator to prepare and load the 
equipment, and record and process 

The Nike Hercules Multi-Channel Data 
Recorder Part II Tape Analysis (U) 

(B&W 31 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

The Nike Hercules Multi-Channel Data 
Recorder Part III Tape Analysis (U) 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

The Hawk Battery: Defense Against 
Electronic Countermeasures Pulse 
Acquisition Radar: Operation Against 
Reflective and Transmitted Deception (U) 
(B&W 23 Min 1964) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

The Hawk Battery: Defense Against 
Electronic Countermeasures Pulse 
Acquisition Radar: Operation Against 
Transmitted Deception (U) 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

Defense Acquisition Radar Performance 

(B&W 35 Min 1966) 

Preliminary adjustments, trans- 
mitter frequency and power checks, 
receiver minute signal check, mea- 


TF 44 Air Defense 

sured radar performance and check 
of overall efficiency of acquisition 

TF 44-2859 Theory of Moving Target Indicator TF 44-2904 


(B&W 20 Min 1960) 

How acquisition radars track 
stationary targets; how moving tar- 
get indicator (MTI) tracks moving 
target signals; importance of MTI 

operation in air defense. 

TF 44-2906 

TF 44-2892 Nike Hercules System Radar Coder Set, 

Checks and Adjustments (U) 
(B&W 29 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2898 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Countermeasures, Evaluation TF 442908 

and Reporting of Electronic Counter- 
measures Part I Acquisition Radar (U) 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2899 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Countermeasures, Evaluation TF 44-2924 

and Reporting of Electronic Counter- 
measures Part II Target Track Radar 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2900 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Count3rmeasures, Operation TF 442925 

Against Transmitted Deception Devices- 
Part I Acquisition Radar (U) 
(B&W 6 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2926 

TF 44-2901 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Countermeasures, Operation 
Against Transmitted Deception Devices- 
Part II Target Track Radar (U) 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2902 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Countermeasures, Operation TF 442927 

Against Chaff Part I Acquisition 

Radar (U) 

(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-2903 Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 

Electronic Countermeasures, Operation 
Against Chaff-Part Il-Target Track (U) 

(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 
Electronic Countermeasures, Operation 
Against Lock-on Jamming Part II 
Target Track Radar (U) 
(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 
Electronic Countermeasures, Operation 
Against Spot Jamming Part II 
Target Track Radar (U) 

(B&W 5 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

Nike Hercules Battery, Defense Against 
Electronic Countermeasures, Operation 
Against Swept and Barrage Jamming- 
Part II Target Track Radar (U) 
(B&W 9 Min 1962) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

The Hawk Battery: Orientation and 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

Composition of hawk battery; 
principles and procedures for or- 
ienting and alining major compon- 
ents battery control center radars, 
illuminators and launchers. 

The Improved Nike Hercules System With 
Hipar Introduction to the System (U) 
(B&W 24 Min 1963) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part I Introduction 

(B&W 22 Min 1963) 

Features, functions, and oper- 
ation of components of AN/MSQ-18 
system; how AN/MSQ-18 is used 
to coordinate tactical air defense 
activities at battalion and battery 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part II Data Flow in the Operations 
(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Nomenclature and functions of 
components of OC; origin and pro- 
cessing of signals from acquisition 
radar, command signals, and in- 
coming signals from batteries and 


TF 44 Air Defense 

TF 44-2928 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- TF 44-2935 

Part III Data Flow in the Coder-Decoder 

(B&W 16 Min 1963) 

Functions of the nine compon- 
ents in coder-decoder group incom- 
ing and outgoing data flow through 
the components are examined in de- 

TF 44-2929 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 

Part IV Function of the Ground-to-Slant 
(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Construction of G/S converter; 
nature of G/S problem; theory and 
method of solving problem; func- 
tioning of converter in solving G/S 
problem. TF 44-2937 

TF 44-2930 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 

Part V Solution of the Ground-to-Slant 
(B&W 32 Min 1964) 

Formulas and major operations 
used by G/S converter to change 
ground coordinate data into slant 


TF 44-2938 

TF 44-2931 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 

Part VI Operation of Subsequencer in 
Normal Method 
(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Operation of subsequencer at 
OC in routing message from ADCP, 
OC, and individual batteries; bat- 
talion cycle of message transmis- TJT 44-2939 
sion and flow of the various types 
of signals. 

TF 44-2932 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 

Part VII Operation of Subsequencer in 
Sector Method 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Sequence of automatic data 
link (ADL) message exchange in 
sector method of operation, with 
emphasis on role and functioning 
of subsequencer. 

TF 44-2933 US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 

Part VIII Operation of Subsequencer in 
Independent Method 

(B&W 14 Min 1963) 

How self-sufficient battalions TF 44-2948 
transmit messages; how battalion 
OC generates remote start signals 
and commands for batteries; how 
subsequencer routes all ADL mes- 

TF 44-2947 

US Army Tactical Firs Distribution Systems- 
Part X Operations Central, Display 

(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Nomenclature and functions of 
display synchronizer sections; how 
synchronizer operates to create and 
program the appearance of tactical 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part XI Explanation of Grid System 

(B&W 18 Min 1964) 

Explains single-scale, double- 
scale and double-double scale local 
grid and master grid system used 
with the AN/MSQ-18 and AN/ 
TSQ-38 AD fire distribution system. 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part XII Explanation of Parallax 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 

Shows master grid parallax in 
AN/MSQ-18 and AN/TSQ-38 AD 
fire distribution system and how 
parallax factors and complements 
are set on data set transmitter and 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part XIII Operations Central, Crossbar 

(B&W 26 Min 1963) 

How the crossbar switch and 
its associate decoder control circuits 
receive, decode and lock up auxili- 
ary data. 

US Army Tactical Fire Distribution Systems- 
Part XIV Operations Central, Electronic 
Focus Control 

(B&W 16 Min 1963) 

Components and functions of 
electronic focus control how it op- 
erates to keep displays sharply fo- 
cused on PPI scopes in OC of AN/ 
MSQ-18 or AN/TSQ-38 system. 

Nike Hercules Radar Test Set Part I 

Preliminary Procedure 

(B&W 3 Min 1960) 

Preliminary calibration of test 
set: energizing the test set; ad- 
justment of controls on power me- 
ter associated with calibration of 
the power supply. 

Nike Hercules Radar Test Set Part II 
Measurement and Adjustment of 
Transmitter Frequency (U) 
(B&W 5 Min 1960) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 


TF 44 Air Defense 

TF 44-2949 Nike Hercules Radar Test Set-Part Ill- 

Measurement and Adjustment of 
Oscillator Power and Frequency 

(B&W 7 Min 1960) 

Calibration of power DB me- 
ter; adjustment of measure fre- 
quency counter; calibration of power 
output of missile oscillator; final 
setting- of switches. 

TF 44-2950 Nike Hercules Acquisition Radar Removal 

and Replacement of Magnetron 

(B&W 7 Min 1960) 

Removal of hot box from RF 
power control panel, connections, 
and magnetron; replacement of 
magnetron, connections, hot box, 
and access covers to transmitter- 
receiver group. 

TF 44-2951 Nike Hercules Acquisition Radar Removal 

and Replacement of Traveling Wave 
Tube and Noise Generators 

(B&W 7 Min 1960) 

Removal and reentry of wave 
tube into magnetic housing; re- 
moval and replacement of noise gen- 
erator tubes; closing of access door 
to receiver transmitter group. 

TF 44-2956 Nike Hercules Tracking Radars Range 

Modulator Balance Adjustments 
(B&W 5 Min 1960) 

Energizing the radar; adjust- 
ment of switches, knobs, dials and 
meters in proper sequence; adjust- 
ment of range balance and trans- 
mitter balance variable resistors. 

TF 44-3058 Introduction to Tri-Slot Operation Port I 

Conical Scanning (U) 
(B&W 11 Min 1961) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3059 Introduction to Tri-Slot Operation Part II 

Tri-Slot Operation (U) 
(B&W 20 Min 1961) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3060 Nike Hercules System, Cabling 

(Color 10 Min 1961) 

Methods for emplacing, identi- 
fying and making cable connections 
in fire control and launcher con- 
trol areas; stress on electrical and 
mechanical security. 

TF 44-3067 The Nike Hercules in the Surface Role (U) 

(B&W 34 Min 1961) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL Restricted Data. 

TF 44-3164 The Hawk Battery Fire Control Platoon, 

Battery Control Central Part It- 
Weekly Checks and Adjustments (U) 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 

Film is classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3290 The Improved Hercules System: Target 

Tracking Radar Target Ranging 
Radar, Parallax Principles, Checks 
and Adjustments 
(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

Effects of horizontal and ver- 
tical displacement; application of 
range parallax correction prin- 
ciples; procedure in making re- 
quired parallax checks and adjust- 

TF 44-3325 Coordinate Data Set AN/TSQ-36-Part I- 

Introduction to Equipment 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Features and capability of AN/ 
TSQ-36; location and functions of 
the nine major components, remote 
start operation and continuous op- 
eration of the set. 

TF 44-3326 Coordinate Data Set AN/TSQ-36-Part II- 

Application and Use 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

How AN/TSQ-36 transmits 
and receives messages mes- 
sage transmission at battery level; 
processing of incoming message 
from ADL, origin and transmission 
of OC command message. 

TF 44-3327 Coordinate Data Set AN/TSQ-36-Part Ill- 

Data Flow in the Transmitter 
(B&W 17 Min 1963) 

Coordinate and auxiliary data 
flow through component of the 5 
section of transmitter unit of AN/ 
TSQ-36; coordinate multiplex, en- 
coder, data processing output, and 
program generator. 

TF 44-3328 Coordinate Data Set AN/TSQ-36-Part IV- 

Data Flow in the Receiver 

(B&W 17 Min 1963) 

Processing of data from record 
ADL message through 5 section of 
receiver unit of AN/TSQ-36; input, 
data processing, decoder, distribu- 
tion and storage, and programmer. 

TF 44-3344 Electronic Fire Distribution Systems. Birdie 

Battery Integration and Radar Display 
Equipment, AN/GSG-5 (V) and 
AN/GSG-6 (U) 
(B&W 23 Min 1963) 


TF 44 Air Defense 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3357 The Improved Nike Hercules System TF 44-3528 

Countermea sores Control Indicator 
Group Checks and Adjustments (U) 
(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3361 Nike Hercules Battsry, Use of Anti-Jamming TF 44-3554 

Display Receiver in an Electronics 
Countermeasure Environment: Lopar (U) 

(B&W 10 Min 1963) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3362 Improved Nike Hercules Battery, Use of 

Anti-Jamming Display Receiver in an 

Electronics Countermeasure TF 44-3567 

Environment: Hipar (U) 
(B&W 11 Min 1964) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3367 Nike Hercules in the Field Army- 

Reconnaissance, Selection and TF 443590 

Occupation of Position (RSOP) 
(B&W 30 Min 1964) 

Action of HERC Battery in 
RSOP for defense of field army: 
inspection and organization of new 
area, moving to new position and 
occupation by battery units, and 
preparation for operation. 

TF 44-3378 Integration of the AN/TSQ-38 Army Fire 

Distribution System 

(B&W 21 Min 1964) 

Physical connections and cab- 
ling at battery and battalion levels 
required for installation and -inte- 
gration of AN/TSQ-38; prelimin- 
ary checks and adjustments for sys- 
tem integration. 

TF 44-3502 The Nike Hercules Electronic Frequency 

Selection High Power Acquisition 
Radar: Rem'oval and Replacement 

of the Klystron TF 44-3628 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

Removal of defective klystron 
tube; preparation of new klystron 
for installation and replacement 
procedure; readying of another tube 
to stand as spare. 

TF 44-3527 Introduction to an Army Air Defense 

(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Organizations and missions of TF 44-3687 
air defense complex from NORAD 
through CONAD to ARADCOM, 

TF 44-3602 

TF 44-3613 

with its AADCP's, fire distribu- 
tion systems and fire units. 

Introduction to an Army Air Defense 
Complex Operating in an Electronic 
Countermeasure Environment (U) 
(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

The Mobile Nike Hercules Launcher 

(B&W 30 Min 1965) 

Components of M94 launcher; 
procedures and safety measures for 
emplacing and loading launcher, 
loading and unloading transporter, 
and march order of launcher and 

Principles of Capacitive Parametric 
(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Discusses the theory and use 
of parametric amplification for ex- 
tending target detection range. 

Improved Nike Hercubs Tracking Station, 
Operation in an Electric Countermeasure 
Environment (U) 

(B&W 16 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Hawk Engagement Simulator AN/TPQ-21 
Part I Introduction 

(B&W 25 Min 1966) 

How the AN/TPQ-21 is set up 
and used by HAWK Batteries for 
for systematic training of control 
central operators. 

Introduction to the Hawk System 

(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

Features and capability; loca- 
tion and functions of basic compon- 
ents of HAWK Battery; missile 
loading and launcher preparation 
for operation; deployment of 
HAWK Battery. 

Traveling Wave Tube Pulse Amplifier (Nike 
Hsreules Hipar) Function, Removal, 
Replacement and Initial Adjustment 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Design, use and operation of 
tube; removal of tube from hous- 
ing, and installation of replacement 
tube; return of defective tube to 
factory; preoperation checks and 

Introduction to Army Air Defense Systems 

(Color 23 Min 1966) 
Nike Hercules, Hawk, Redeye, 


TF 44 Air Defense 

the M42 Duster; and Nike X anti- 
missile system, including Nike Zeus 
and Sprint used with Nike X. 

TF 44-3688 Nike Hercules Missile-Part l-Unpacking, 

Inspection and Final Installation 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Unpacking and inspection of 
forward and rear body sections; 
installation of main fins and ele- 
vens; mating of forward and real- 
body sections. 

TF 44-3689 Nike Hercules Missile-Part IV-Preparation 

of Warhead and Forward Body Sections 
(B&W 31 Min 1966) 

Unpacking, inspection, prepar- 
ation and mating of the warhead 
body section to the rear and for- 
ward body sections, with emphasis 
on safety regulations. 

TF 44-3696 The Nike Hercules Engagement Simulator 

AN/MPQ-T1 Part I Introduction 

(B&W 29 Min 1966) 

Features, capability and use 
in training how it serves as source 
for simulated targets, and how it 
simulates an ECM environment. 

TF 44-3758 Redeye Air Defense Guided Missile System- 

Part I Introduction 

(Color 16 Min 1967) 

Launcher and missile compon- 
ents, firing sequence, associated 
equipment used with the Redeye, 
and use in a tactical situation 
emplacement on firing position, and 
identification and firing on target. 

TF 44-3766 Nike Hercules Guided Missile System- 

General Safety 

(Color 32 Min 1967) 

A tour of typical Nike Her- 
cules site in CONUS points up haz- 
ards (aside from missiles) and re- 
quired precautions to protect life 
and equipment, with focus on safety 
considerations in administration 
area, battery control area, assembly 
area, and launching area. 

TF 44-3800 The Hawk System Engagement Simulator 

AN/TPQ-21-Part Il-Programming (U) 
(B&W 28 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3829 Operation of Improved Radar Set 

AN/FPS-71 and Associated ECCM 
Console (U) 
(Color 22 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3833 Nike Hercules Missile-Part Il-Hydraulic 

Pumping Unit, Air and Oil Servicing 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

Equipment and supplies re- 
quired, and step-by-step procedure 
in the air and oil servicing of the 
hydraulic pumping unit, performed 
during the second phase of assem- 
bly of the Nike Hercules missile. 

TF 44-3834 Nike Hercules Missile-Part Ill-Missile 

Rocket-Motor Installation 

(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Step-by-step procedure for in- 
stalling the Nike Hercules rocket- 
motor subassembly in missile rear 
body section. 

TF 44-3879 The Nike Hercules Engagement Simulator 

AN/MPQ-Tl-Part Il-Programming (U) 
(B&W 29 Min 1968) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3884 Introduction to the Nike Hercules System 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Organization, mobility, and 
equipment of a Nike Hercules Bat- 
tery; characteristics, capability, 
and operation of the Nike Hercules 

TF 44-3909 Nike Hercubs Missile and Launching Area 

Daily Checks and Adjustments Part I 
Missile and Launcher Checks 
(B&W 20 Min 1968) 

Daily missile checks and ad- 
justments on safe-and-arming de- 
vices and major components; and 
daily launcher checks and adjust- 
ments to insure proper perform- 

TF 44-3910 Nike Hercules Missile and Launching Area 

Daily Checks and Adjustments Part II 
Power, LCS and Communication Checks 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Daily power, launching con- 
trol station, and communication 
checks and adjustments. 

TF 44-3960 Air Defense Artillsry Fire Distribution System 

AN/TSQ-51-Part l-lntroduetion (U) 
(B&W 24 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-3961 Air Defense Artillery Fire Distribution System 

AN/TSQ-51-PART Il-System Description 
(AADCP) (U) 
(B&W 21 Min 1969) 


TF 44 Air Defense 

TF 44-3962 

TF 44-3971 

TF 44-3980 

TF 44-4058 

TF 44-4063 

TF 44-4078 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Air Defense Artillery Fire Distribution System 
AN/TSQ-51 Part III System Description 
(B&W 23 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Infrared Radiation and Detection 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

Principles of infrared radia- 
tion and detection, and how they 
apply to military weapons systems, 
with particular focus on IR radia- 
tion and detection theory as applied 
to aircraft detection. 

The Hawk Battery Operation in an ECM 
Environment (U) 

(Color 28 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Redeye Ranging Techniques 
(B&W 26 Min 1969) 

Explains how the MIL formula 
is applied with the Redeye to solve 
range problems, and how ranges 
can be established in advance 
through the use of a range card; 
and shows how the various ranging 
techniques are used on actual tar- 

Air Defense Artillery Weapons System, 
Vulcan Self-PropelledPart I 
Introduction: The Vulcan Squad 
in Action 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 

Portrays deployment of 4 vul- 
can squads of a chaparral/vulcan 
battalion assigned a dual mission : 
1) to defend a new forward-area 
helicopter landing zone, 2) to pro- 
tect a convoy enroute to a new em- 

Introduction to Air Defense Artillery Radar 

(B&W 16 Min 1969) 

Introduces the general prin- 
ciples of radar and their applica- 
tion to air defense artillery radar; 
describes the purpose, components, 
and operation of surveillance type 
radars and radars for guiding mis- 
siles to their targets. 

Air Defense Artillery Weapons System, 
Vulcan, Self-PropelledPart II Target 
Engagement Techniques 

(B&W 29 Min 1969) 

Characteristics, capability, and 
operation of the vulcan. A vulcan 
squad shows how the weapon is 
employed in the four modes of tar- 
get engagement: radar, manual, ex- 
ternal, and ground. 

TF 44-4095 Air Defense Artillery Weapons System, 

Vulcan, Self-Propelled -Part Ill- 
Ammunition Handling and Loading 
(B&W 21 Min 1969) 

Shows how the vulcan crew 
performs ammunition handling and 
loading procedures to fulfill an air 
defense mission against low-flying 
hostile aircraft. 

TF 44-4120 The Hawk Engagement Simulator 

Programming (U) 
(Color 23 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4133 Air Defense Artillery Weapon System, 

Chaparral, SP Part I Introduction: 
The Chaparral Squad in Action 

(B&W 28 Min 1970) 

A chaparral squad moves into 
a new position and organizes to 
provide area defense. The squad en- 
gages hostile enemy aircraft in de- 
fense of a convoy. The squad is 
then deployed against an enemy 

TF 44-4134 Air Defense Artillery Weapon System, 

Chaparral, SP Part III Target 
Engagement Techniques 

(B&W 20 Min 1970) 

A chaparral squad emplaces 
where fields of view are clear, em- 
ploys the FAAR, TADDS, and vis- 
ual surveillance to detect and iden- 
tify enemy aircraft, and engages 
single and multiple hostile targets. 

TF 44-4135 Air Defense Artillery Weapon System, 

Chaparral, SP Part II Emplacement 
and Preparation for Action 

(B&W 24 Min 1970) 

Shows how the chaparral squad 
occupies the weapon position, sets 
up command and observation posts, 
energizes and sets the weapon for 
operation, and establishes commu- 

TF 44-4138 ECM Against Air Defense Artillery Radar- 

Part I Introduction (U) 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 


TF 44 Air Defense 

TF 44-4139 ECM Against Air Defense Artillery Radar- 

Part II Jamming (U) 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4140 ECM Against Air Defense Artillery Radar- 

Part III Deception (U) 
(Color 10 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4141 ECM Against Air Defense Artillery Radar- 

Part IV ECM Tactics (U) 

(Color 8 MIN 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4166 Introduction to Radar ECCM (U) 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4173 The Dirsct View Storage Tube 

(Color 13 Min 1970) 

Characteristics, construction, 
and theory of operation of this ad- 
vanced cathode-ray tube for radar 

TF 44-4203 High-Power Acquisition Radar (HIPAR) 

Anti-Jam Improvements (AJI) Part I 
Automatic Jamming Avoidance 
Circuitry (AJAC) (U) 

(Color 15 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4204 High-Power Acquisition Radar (HIPAR) 

Anti-Jam Improvements (AJI) Part II 
Automatic Cancellation of Extended 
Targets (ACE) (U) 
(Color 8 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4205 High-Power Acquisition Radar (HIPAR) Anti- 

Jam Improvements (AJI) Part IV 
Higher Transmitter Power (U) 

(Color 9 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 44-4209 Air Defense Artillery Weapons System 

Chaparral Sp: Part IV Missile 
Loading and Unloading 

(B&W 17 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
loading, testing, and unloading mis- 
siles in chaparral launcher; reviews 
safety precautions. 

TF 444255 Target Engagement Procedures for Hawk 

Assault Fire Units and Self Propelled 
Firing Sections 

(Color 27 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates components, util- 
ization, and operation of the three 
configurations of the Hawk missile 
assault firing unit, in block dia- 
grams and in a simulated mission. 

TF 44-4360 Air Defense Artillery Weapon System 

Vulcan Towsd Part I Emplacement 
and Preparation for Action 
(B&W 26 Min 1971) 

Shows duties of each crew 
member while emplacing the gun, 
preparing for firing, and engaging 
and defeating a hostile aircraft. 

TF 44-4367 Chaparral/Vulcan Air Defense Artillery 

Battalion: Organization and Employment 

(B&W 29 Min 1972) 

Explains the missions, roles, and 
organization of the Chaparral and 
Vulcan fire units, using block dia- 
grams and illustrating typical de- 
fensive and offensive operations. 

TF 44-4378 Hawk Battery Reconnaissance, Selection, 

and Occupation of Position Part I 
Reconnaissance and Selection 

(Color 22 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates planning and 
procedures by the commander and 
platoon leaders for the movement 
of a Hawk missile battery to a new 

TF 44-4379 Hawk Battery Reconnaissance, Selection, 

and Occupation of Position Part II 
Movement and Occupation 

(Color 21 Min 1972) 

Describes procedures for move- 
ment of Hawk missile battery and 
its setup at the new location. 


MF 44 Air Defense 

MF 44-159 Th. ARADCOM Story MF 44-9936 Mark 31 Nike Hercules Rendering Safe and 

(Color 10 Min 1963) Disarming Procedures (U) 

Mission and operation of US (Color 11 Min 1963) 

Army Air Defense Command; and (Adopted DAS A Film) 

demonstration of nuclear capabil- Film is Classified SECRET RE- 

ity of Nike Ajax and Hercules as STRICTED DATA, 
effective defense against air attack. 


TG 44 Air Defense 

TG 44-1-1 Elements of Electronic Warfare 

(B&W 8 FR 1968) 

Breakdown of electronic war- 
fare, radar countermeasures for 
transmitted and reflected methods, 
RADCM signal entry into the an- 
tenna lobes, and jamming techni- 

TG 441-2 Unintentional Interference Presentation 

(B&W 8 FB 1968) 

Displays as seen on the PPI, 
PI or B-Scope and A-scope as a 
result of ground clutter, storms, 
and adjacent radars. 

TG 44-1-3 Transmitted ECM Presentations 

(B&W 19 FR 1968) 

Effects of various types of 
modulation, such as CW, AM, FM, 
and noise, as seen on the PPI 
and A-scope. 

TG 44-1-4 Reflected ECM Presentations 

(B&W 9 FR 1968) 

Appearance of chaff on a PPI 
at the completion of the chaff drop, 
and 20 minutes, 45 minutes, and 90 
minutes after the drop. 

TG 44-1-5 Effects of Log Receiver Against Jamming 

(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of a log receiver when 
used against CW, sine wave, pulse, 
noise, and FM jamming. 

TG 44-16 Effects of IAGC Receiver Against Jamming 

(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of the IAGC receiver 
when used against CW, sine wave, 
pulse, noise, and FM jamming. 

TG 44-17 Effects of DF Receiver Against Jamming 

(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of the DF re- 
ceiver when used against CW, sine 
wave, pulse, noise and FM jam- 

TG 44-1-8 Effects of IVCD Against Jamming 

(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of the LVCD circuit 
when used against CW, sine wave, 
pulse, noise, and FM jamming. 

TG 44-1-9 Effects of VI Against Jamming 

(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of the VI circuit when 
used against CW, sine wave, pulse, 
noise, and FM jamming. 

TG 44-1-10 Effects of FTC Against Transmitted and 

Reflected Jamming 

(B&W 8 FR 1968) 

Effects of the FTC circuit 
when used against chaff, CW, sine 
wave, pulse, noise, and FM jam- 

TG 44-1-11 Effects of FAGC, MTI, and SLB Against 

Transmitted and Reflected Jamming 
(B&W 6 FR 1968) 

Effects of FAGC when used 
against CW, sine wave, and noise 
jamming; effects of MTI when used 
against chaff, and effects of SLB 
when used against saturation jam- 

TG 44-1-12 Effects of Combined Fixes Against Noise 

(B&W 4 FR 1968) 

Effects of following receiver 
and circuit fixes against noise jam- 
ming: LOG and FTC, IAGC and 
VI, and IAGC and FTC. 

TG 44-1-13 Effects of Combined Fixes Against Pulse 

(B&W 10 FR 1968) 

Effects of following receiver 
and circuit fixes against pulse jam- 
ming: LOG and VI, LOG and FTC, 
DF and VI, IAGC and VI, IAGC 
and FTC, IAGC and LVCD, LOG 
and LVCD, DF and LVCD, and DF 
and FTC. 

TG 44-1-14 Effects of Combined Fixes Against FM 


(B&W 8 FR 1968) 

Effects of following receiver 
and circuit fixes against FM jam- 
ming: LOG and VI, LOG and FTC, 
DF and VI, IAGC and VI, IAGC 
and FTC, IAGC and LVCD, and 
LOG and LVCD. 

TG 44-1-15 Effects of Combined Fixes Against CW 


(B&W 9 FR 1968) 

Effects of following receiver 
and circuit fixes against CW jam- 
ming: LOG and VI, DF and VI, 
IAGC and VI, IAGC and FTC, 
LOG and FTC, LOG and LVCD, 
and DF and LVCD. 

TG 44-1-16 Effects of Combined Fixes Against Sine 

Wave Jamming 
(B&W 9 FR 1968) 

Effects of following receiver 
and circuit fixes against sine wave 
jamming: LOG and VI, LOG and 
FTC, IAGC and VI, IAGC and 
FTC, IAGC and LVCD, LOG and 


TO 44 Air Defense 
LVCD, DF and LVCD, and DF G 44-2-1 Visual Aircraft Recognition Study Cardt 

and FTC. 


MF 45 Public Information 

39. 45-Series; Public Information 

MF 45-104 W;st Point-Education for Leadership 

(B&W 26 Min 1963) 

Scope and high standards of 
academic, military, and physical 
education provided for cadets at 
West Point. 

MF 45-5054 This is the United States Army Electronic 

Proving Ground 

(Color 24 Min 1968) 

An orientation on the mission 
and facilities of the US Army Elec- 
tronic Proving Ground, Fort Hua- 
chuca, Arizona. 

MF 45-5057 Testing at Aberdeen 

(Color 31 Min 1967) 

Test procedures and facilities 
of the Development and Professional 
Services at Aberdeen Proving 
Ground, MD., to evaluate the struc- 
tural integrity and performance of 
Army vehicles and weaponry. 

MF 45-5062 Help Yourself 

(Color 21 Min 1969) 

Describes the purpose and 
scope of the Army-wide quarters 
self-help program designed for oc- 
cupants of homes on military posts. 

MF 45-7596 Nuremberg 

(B&W 76 Min 1949) 

War crime trials conducted by 
allies at Nuremberg flashbacks to 
various crimes against humanity 
committed by German High Com- 
mand during WW II. 

MF 45-7805 Hail Alma Mater 

(B&W 6 Min 1951) 

Views of the US Military Aca- 
demy campus, with choral accom- 
paniment by the West Point choir 
and glee club. 

MF 45-7945 Helicopter Special Delivery 

(B&W 11 Min 1953) 

Illustrates how a river cros- 
sing is effected through the use of 
a helicopter company. 

MF 45-7947 Operation Blu; Jay 

(B&W 25 Min 1953) 

The story of the construction 
of the giant air base at Thule, 
Greenland, in the fall of 1952 em- 
phasis on its strategic significance. 

MF 45-8288 Adjustment to Military Life 

(B&W 18 Min 1954) 

A veteran sergeant reminisces 
about his development from a new 
recruit into a well trained soldier 
stress on physical and moral stand- 

MF 45-8438 Letter From a Mother 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 

An American mother expresses 
her love for her paratrooper son 
showing fine understanding of role 
he must play in defense of his 

MF 45-8440 The Soldier's Mission and Responsibilities 

(B&W 13 Min 1955) 

His role in defense of the na- 
tion the training and equipment 
afforded him to meet the highest 
physical, moral and mental stand- 

MF 45-8615 Operation Noah 

(B&W 29 Min 1955) 

Work of engineers and other 
services in rehabilitation of N.E. 
US region hit by flash floods in 
the summer, 1955. 

MF 45-9025 Fitness for Leadership 

(Color 15 Min 1959) 

Physical education at West 
Point conditioning exercises, man- 
ual of arms, marching, close order 
drill, athletics, and maneuvers, 
leadership training. 

MF 45-9089 World War I-A Documentary of the Role 

of the U.S.A. 

(B&W 28 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Major events which brought 
the US into WW I, and the role 
played by the US in gaining the 
victory and shaping the peace. 

MF 45-9090 World War Il-Prologue, U.S.A. 

(B&W 28 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Kaleidoscopic events of the 
strirring period between the end 
of WW I, in america, Europe and 
Asia, to the attack on Pearl Harbor 
on 7 December 1941. 

MF 45-9317 No Easy Way 

(B&W 30 Min 1961) 

Aims, activities, and accom- 
plishments of association of the 
US Army stress on need for in- 
creased membership to further the 
work of A US A. 


MF 45 Public Information 

MF 45 9509 They Major in Missiles (Students in Missile 

(Color 15 Min 1960) 

Study and work experience of- 
fered by cooperative training pro- 
gram conducted at WSPG to en- 
gineer students majoring in missile 
technology at New Mexico U. and 
Texas Western College. 

MF 45-9510 Countdown at White Sands 

(Color 25 Min 1960) 

Organization, function, and 
facilities of the integrated range 
mission (IRM) ; IRM equipment 
and activities involved in missile 
testing and developing for the three 

MF 45-9519 Frequency Coordination at White Sands 

(Color 17 Min 1962) 

Activities, facilities and equip- 
ment used to insure interference- 
free missile testing operation; role 
of area frequency coordinator and 
US Army Signal Support Agency. 

MF 45-9520 Accuracy Plus-The AN/FPS-16 

Instrumentation Radar at 
White Sands 

(Color 11 Min 1961) 

Features, capability, use, and 
operation of AN/FPS-16 chain 
radar system for missile tracking; 
future potential and use of equip- 
ment in space research. 

MF 45-9521 Photo Optics at White Sands 

(Color 11 Min 1961) 

Development of photo-optics 
since 1945 value as a research 
tool features and use of mobile 
tracking telescopes, and high and 
low speed cameras. 

Environmental Testing at White Sands 
Missile Range 

(Color 21 Min 1961) 

Variety of tests performed un- 
der simulated climatic conditions to 
determine operation capability of 
missile systems in different environ- 

MF 45-9523 The Range Goes Green 

(Color 8 Min 1964) 

Test of a Nike-Zeus intercept 
of a Nike-Hercules missile at White 
Sands missile range is shown. Each 
phase of the test is explained. 

MF 45-9524 Presidential Visit-5 June 1963 (President 

Kennedy at WSMR) 

(Color 14 Min 1964) 

President Kennedy's visit to 
WSMR to view demonstration of 
missiles might Honest John, Lit- 
tle John, Hawk, Sergeant, Nike 
Hercules, Pershing Talos, and Nike 

MF 45-9525 Aerial Tour of White Sands Missile Range 

(Color 9 Min 1964) 

Tour of Army, Navy and Air 
Force launching areas, small mis- 
sile range, and the complex of in- 
strumentation and signal facilities. 

MF 45-9529 Milestones in Missilry 

(Color 10 Min 1961) 

Missile progress since 1945 
test firings of Nike Ajax, Hercules, 
and Zeus; Hawk, Corporal, Honest 
John, Little John, Lacrosse, Ser- 
geant and Redstone. 

MF 45-9533 The AN/FPS-16 Instrumentation Radar at 

White Sands 
(Color 12 Min 1962) 

Concept, design, capability, and 
operation of the AN/FPS-16 used 
at White Sands for missile track- 

MF 45-9535 Nike Zeus at White Sands 

(Color 8 Min 1962) 

Features and functioning of 
Nike Zeus; progress being made at 
White Sands in developing and test- 
ing this first US anti-missile mis- 
sile system. 

MF 45-9536 Pershing Joins the Ranks 

(Color 28 Min 1964) 

Plan, preparation, and execu- 
tion of final test series conducted 
in 1963 by the 2d battalion, 44th 
Artillery for field and engineer 
evaluation of Pershing Missile. 

MF 45-9538 Missilery on the March 

(Color 12 Min 1965) 

Current projects of the three 
services and NASA at WSMR un- 
derscore the continuing progress in 

MF 45-9540 White Sands MissiU Range 

(Color 20 Min 1964) 

History, mission, and ground 
and flight test facilities and instru- 
mentation; major phases of WSMR 
operation on a typical test day. 

MF 45-9542 Rocket Vehicle Testing at White Sands 

(Color 11 Min 1965) 
Tests conducted by rocket ve- 


MF 45 Public Information 

hicle laboratory for engineer evalu- 
ations of structural and dynamic 
aspects of guided missiles and rocket 
propulsion systems. 

MF 45-9547 Nuclear Effects Testing at White Sands 

(Color 21 Min 1966) 

Missions, facilities and capa- 
bilities of nuclear effects branch 
at White Sands studies conducted 
on weapons systems in the three 
major radiation environments. 

MF 45-9552 Missile Meterology at White Sands Missile 


(Color 24 Min 1964) 

Requirement, scope and appli- 
cation of missile meterology at 
WSMR technique and equipment 
used for direct meterology support 
of missile firings, and for research 
in lower and upper air studies. 

MF 45-9553 Investment in Tomorrow {President's Youth 

Opportunity Program) 
(Color 23 Min 1966) 

Report on the President's 
Youth Opportunity Program at 
White Sands Missile Range in the 
summer 1965. Introduction features 
Vice-President Humphrey. 

MF 45-9554 Pershing Missile 

(Color 11 Min 1966) 

Features and capability of 
Pershing; schooling, training, and 
drill required of crewmen in pre- 
paration for test firing at White 
Sands; test firing of Pershing. 

MF 45-9557 Real-Time Predictions of Rocket Impact 

Points at White Sands 

(Color 14 Min 1967) 

Features, capability, and op- 
eration of system devised by US 
Army Atmospheric Sciences Labor- 
atory at WSMR to determine 

launcher settings and to predict 
impact points of multistaged un- 
guided high performance rockets. 

MF 45-9562 Missile Flight Safety for Off-Range Firings 

Into White Sands Missile Range 

(Color 16 Min 1967) 

Three overland missions of the 
Pershing missile from Gilson Butte 
area, Utah, to WSMR illustrate 
the safety operations at both sta- 
tions for a normal missile flight, 
and for missile flight failures re- 
quiring flight safety action. 

MF 45-9566 The Big Green Laboratory (Army Tropic 

T;st Center) 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 

Mission and facilities of the 
US Army Tropic Test Center in 
the Canal Zone test activities and 
research underway on the effects of 
the tropical environment on men, 
materials, and equipment. 

MF 45-9567 Mountain Les Waves at WSMR 

(Color 12 Min 1968) 

Studies of Mountain Lee Waves 
conducted by the Atmospheric Sci- 
ences Laboratory at White Sands 
Missile Range for application to 
missile and rocket flight, and air- 
craft flight. 

MF 45-9569 Engineering Flight Tests of Army Aircraft 

(Color 16 Min 1969) 

Describes the mission and facil- 
ities of the US Army Aviation Sys- 
tems Test Activity, Edwards Air 
Force Base, Cal. 

MF 45-9967 The Search for Fuel Cell Power 

(Color 37 Min 1964) 

Theory and achievements in 
hydrogen-oxygen, hydro-carbon, and 
methanol fuel cell research, poten- 
tial as source for electric power. 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

40. 46-Series; Army Aviation 

TF 46-2209 Basic Helicopter Flight Principles 

(B&W 15 Min 1956) TF 46-2382 

Helicopter flight elements; ac- 
tion of rotor blades; gyroscopic pre- 
cession laws ; torque. 

TF 46-2210 Advanced Helicopter Flight Principles- 

Part I 
(B&W 10 Min 1956) 

Movements of rotor blades at 

various speeds, and in fully arti- TF 46-2418 
culated and semirigid types of rotor 
heads; stabilizing and dampening 

TF 46-2211 Advanced Helicopter Flight Principles- 

Part II 
(B&W 11 Min 1956) 

Movements of air in relation TF 46-2419 
to helicopter rotor systems effects 
on flight; airflow patterns from 
takeoff through flight and landing. 

TF 46-2336 Helicopter Post Flight Inspection The H-19 

(B&W 26 Min 1957) 

Cockpit inspection with power 
off and power on; aircraft interior 
and exterior inspection; upper deck TF 46-2420 
inspection; use of standard forms. 

TF 46-2337 Helicopter Post Flight Inspection The H-21 

(B&W 27 Min 1956) 

Standard procedures of inter- 
ior and exterior phases of inspec- 
tion duties of each man of 4-man 
team use of inspection work 
sheets. TF 46-2421 

TF 46-2338 Helicopter Post Flight Inspection-The H-34 

(B&W 26 Min 1957) 

Procedures and sequence of in- 
terior and exterior phases of in- 
spection duties of each man on 
inspection team use of worksheets 
and DD Form 781-1. 

TF 46-2339 Helicopter Weight and Balance TF 46-2422 

(B&W 25 Min 1957) 

Calculation of center of grav- 
ity limits, and weight balance re- 
quirement; problems of balance 
during flight, liter loading and bal- 
ance ; use of ballast. 

TF 46-2381 Basic Helicopter Flight Training Part I 

Pilot's Preflight Inspection TF 46-2423 

(B&W 27 Min 1957) 

Features and components of 
H-13E checks on exterior and in- 
terior, controls, instruments, engine 

and rotors, starting and warmup, 
use of forms. 

Primary Helicopter Flight Training Part II 
Primary Flight Maneuvers 

(B&W 22 Min 1957) 

Taxiing, takeoff to hover, hov- 
ering flight, hovering autorotations, 
normal takeoff and approach, no- 
flare autorotation, and shutdown of 

Intermediate Helicopter Flight Training- 
Part I Takeoff and Flight Procedures 

(B&W 17 Min 1957) 

Crabbing, slipping, crosswind 
takeoff, maximum performance 
takeoff, running takeoff, and rapid 
deceleration maneuver. 

Intermediate Helicopter Flight Training- 
Part II Autorotations 

(B&W 12 Min 1957) 

Hovering, no-flare autorota- 
tions, power recoveries, autorota- 
tion turns, flare autorotation, and 
autorotation with an antitorque 

Intermediate Helicopter Flight Training- 
Part III Approach Procedures 

(B&W 8 Min 1957) 

Normal approach, crosswind 
approach, crabbing, slipping and 
hovering; steep approach, shallow 
approach, and running landing 

Advanced Helicopter Flight Training Part 
I Confined Area Operations 
(B&W 27 Min 1957) 

Landing and takeoff with rela- 
tion to wind and turbulence, high 
and low reconnaissance, ground re- 
connaissance, pinnacle operation, 
contour approach, and road and 
slope operation. 

Advanced Helicopter Flight Training Part 
II Emergencies and Critical Conditions 

(B&W 17 Min 1957) 

How to handle engine and an- 
titorque failure, ditching, fire ex- 
cessive forward and AFT CG, car- 
buretor icing flight and landing 
with heavy loads, etc. 

Transitional Helicopter Flight Training Part 
I Transition to the H-19 

(B&W 26 Min 1957) 

Features of H-19 preflight in- 
spection, taxiing, normal takeoff, 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

hovering, autorotations, normal and 
steep approach, and engine shut- 

TF 46-2554 Helicopter Orientation Introduction to 


(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

Development from 15th cen- 
tury; types used by military service 
today; experimental models; basic 
helicopter flight principles; civil 
and military uses. 

TF 46-2665 H-34 (Choctaw) Flight Maneuvers Part I 


(B&W 22 Min 1959) 

Taxiing; hovering; making 
turns; takeoff s normal, from hov- 
er, running, maximum perform- 
ance, with internal load, and with 
sling load ; landing. 

TF 46-2666 H-34 (Choctaw) Flight Maneuvers-Part II- 

(B&W 01 Min 1959) 

Straight and level flight; cross- 
wind flying; cruising; climbing and 
descending turns; autorotations; de- 
celeration in flight; approaches; 

TF 46-2667 H-34 (Choctb*) Flight Maneuvers-Part Ill- 

(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Confined area maneuver; max- 
imum and modified maximum take- 
off over barrier; pinnacle landing 
and takeoff in mountain terrain ; 
landing and takeoff on slopes. 

TF 46-2669 Helicopter Basic Instrument Flight-Part I 

(B&W 22 Min 1959) 

Preflight instrument check 
various instrument flight maneu- 
vers how instrument readings re- 
late to helicopter attitude checks 
for flight safety. 

TF 46-2670 Helicopter Aerodynamics Rotor Blade 


(B&W 12 Min 1959) 

Factors which produce lift; 
how lift depends primarily on angle 
of attack; how changes in the angle 
produces changes in altitude and 
direction of flight. 

TF 46-2671 Helicopter Aerodynamics Part I Dissymetry 

of Lift 

(B&W- -9 Min 1959) 

How dissymetry of lift is 
caused; how it affects flight; how 
it is overcome by flapping, use of 

cyclic control and change in angle 
of attack. 

TF 46-2672 Helicopter Aerodynamics Part II Rotor 

Blade Actions 

(B&W 13 Min 1959) 

How the four characteristic 
blade actions contribute to flight 
rotation, feathering, flapping and 

TF 46-2673 Helicopter Aerodynamics The Stabilizer Bar 

(B&W 11 Min 1959) 

How gyroscopic properties of 
bar affect helicopter operation; af- 
fect of rigidity in space on rotor 
and fuselage; function of damper 

TF 46-2674 Helicopter Aerodynamics Part III Rotor 

Blade Stalls 
(B&W 15 Min 1959) 

Causes, effects, prevention and 
recovery from; settling with power, 
rough handling, and retreating 
blade tip stalls. 

TF 46-2818 H-13 (Sioux) Flight Control Linkage 

(B&W 25 Min 1959) 

Features and operation of col- 
lective pitch, cyclic pitch and anti- 
torque controls; application of these 
controls to their linkage system and 
rotary wing flight. 

TF 46-2821 Crosswind Technique for a Conventional 

Geared Fixed Wing Aircraft 

(B&W 25 Min 1960) 

Taxiing on ground; turning 
and taxiing into quartering head 
and tail winds; takeoff, banking, 
crabbing and climbout; descent, ap- 
proach and touchdown. 

TF 46-2832 What Caused the Crash Part I The Pre- 

Accident Plan (Army Aircraft) 
(B&W 15 Min 1959) 

Use and elements of plan for 
crash rescue and investigation 
accident priority list; crash alarm 
system, vehicle and equipment; air- 
craft investigation board, and crash 
investigation kit. 

TF 46-2833 What Caused the Crash-Part Il-Crash 

Rescue and Investigation (Army Aircraft) 
(B&W 33 Min 1959) 

Preliminary accident report, 
rescue of victims, work of aircraft 
investigation board to determine 
reason for accident, and prepara- 
tion and purpose of crash survi- 
val report. 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

JTF 46-2842 

TF 46-2847 

TF 46-2848 

TF 46-2849 

TF 46-2985 

TF 46-2986 

TF 46-2987 

Helicopter Basic Instrument Flight Part II 
(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Instruments and technique used 
in : climbs and descents, autorota- 
tions, power recovery, and ground 
control approach (GCA) to an air- 

Short Field Procedure L-19 (Bird Dog) 
Part I Power Approach and Maximum 
Performance Takeoff 

(B&W 16 Min 1960) 

Start and control of power ap- 
proach effects of wind and tem- 
perature landing technique ; pre- 
paration, start and climb in effect- 
ing maximum performance takeoff. 

Short Field Procedure L-19 (Bird Dog) 
Part II Barrier Landing and Barrier 

(B&W 10 Min 1960) 

Directional control, power ap- 
proach and line of descent in bar- 
rier landing; maximum perform- 
ance takeoff and climb, and normal 
climb in barrier takeoff. 

Short Field Procedure L-19 (Bird Dog) 
Part III Short Field and Road Strip 
(B&W 19 Min 1960) 

Air reconnaissance, parking 
and landing on field strip, ground 
reconnaissance, and takeoff; select- 
ing and evaluating road sites, power 
approach, and maximum perfrm- 
ance takeoff. 

Army Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine 
Operation Part I Principles of 

(B&W 13 Min 1960) 

Features and functions of bas- 
ic components of turbines; how com- 
ponents operate as the air and fuel 
flows pass through the engine. 

Army Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine 
Operation Part II Controls and 

(B&W 14 Min 1960) 

Features and function of: gas 
compressor tachometer, exhaust gas 
temperature indicator, torque meter, 
fuel supply controls and engine con- 

Army Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine 
Operation Part III Construction 
and Operation of the T-53 

(B&W 15 Min 1960) 
Use and capability of turbines; 

construction, function, and opera- 
tion of the four component sections 
of the T-53 engine, and the four 
major accessory systems; sequence 
of operation of T-53. 

TF 46-2997 Helicopter Flight With External Loads 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Types of sling loads and carry- 
ing capacity of various helicopters; 
packing and pickup procedure; in- 
flight procedure; dropoff procedure; 
stowing of sling and hook. 

TF 46-3105 Flight Line Safety 

(Color 20 Min 1962) 

Teaches army aircraft mech- 
anics the rules and procedures to 
prevent accidents when performing 
maintenance tasks, in the service 

TF 46-3171 Basic Cross Country Helicopter Flights 

(B&W 19 Min 1962) 

Fundamentals, techniques, and 
calculations used to prepare a flight 
plan for point-to-point low-level hel- 
icopter flights. 

TF 46-3179 VHP Omnidirectional Range (VOR)-Part I- 

Principles of Operation 

(B&W 21 Min 1962) 

Features, use and operation of 
VOR as a navigational aid in avia- 
tion; how pilot uses VOR equipment 
to determine his position on the 

TF 46-3186 Iroquois Maintenance Part I Main Rotor 


(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Procedure followed by organ- 
izational mechanics to remove main 
rotor assembly, remove damaged 
blade, install new blade, replace 
main rotor assembly, and track the 

TF 463187 Iroquois Maintenance Part II Transmission 

Removal and Replacement 
(B&W 26 Min 1963) 

Procedure followed by organ- 
izational mechanics to remove tran- 
smission, rebuild pylon mounts, 
clean and replace parts, reinstall 
transmission and perform final 

TF 46-3188 Maintenance and Inspection of the Float 

and Pressure Type Carburetors 

(B&W 28 Min 1963) 

Visual inspection, adjustment, 
removal and replacement of float 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

and pressure type carburetors in- TF 46-3267 
stalled in army aircraft; use of 
maintenance manual and records. 

TF 46-3200 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 

Design, capability, operation, 
and use of ADF for flight naviga- 
tion and instrument approaches. TF 46-3268 

TF 46-3218 Primary Helicopter Pilot Training-Night 

(B&W 16 Min 1962) 

Preflight inspection, takeoff, 
hovering, scanning and keeping 
course, turns, approach and land- 
ing, and autorotations. 

TF 46-3223 VHF Omnidirectional Range (VOR)-Part II- TF 46-3269 

Flight Utilization 

(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Use of VOR for: orientation 
and interception of predetermined 
track; station passage and track- 
ing; established position over in- 
tersection on airways; holding and 
approach. TF 46 _ 3270 

TF 46-3258 The H-23d Raven Helicopter-Part l-Main 

Rotor Head 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Design, operation, static bal- 
ancing and alignment of main rotor 
head; balancing procedure linked 
with main rotor blade tracking to 
eliminate vibrations. TF 46-3271 

TF 46-3259 The H-23d Raven Hslieopter-Part Il-Blade 


(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Tracking main rotor blades at 
hover, in forward flight, and at 
maximum allowable airspeed; auto- 
rotation RPM adjustment; tail rotor 
blade tracking. 

TF 46-3265 Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 

I Introduction to Flight 
(B&W 19 Min 1962) 

Nomenclature and functions of 
parts of aircraft action of con- 
trols, wing flaps etc; securing air- 
craft on ground; manual moving 
of aircraft and taxiing. 

TF 46-3266 Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training-Part 

II The Four Basic Fundamentals of Flight 
(B&W 17 Min 1962) 

Technique of checking attitude; 

and manipulation of controls; per- TF 46-3293 
formance of straight flight, climbs, 
glides and turns. 

TF 46-3272 

TF 46-3274 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part. 
Ill Basic Ground Track Maneuvers 

(B&W 18 Min 1962) 

Effects of wind on ground 
speed and course; crabbing; flight 
based on wind circle rectangular 
course, 'S' turns. 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 
IV Confidence Maneuvers Steep Turns, 
Stalls and Spins 

(B&W 12 Min 1962) 

Aerodynamics and technique 
for executing and recovering from: 
steep turns, climbing, gliding, land- 
ing attitude stalls, and spins with 
power off and on. 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 
V TakeofFs, Landings and Traffic Pattern 
(B&W 15 Min 1962) 

Techniques for takeoff and exit 
from traffic pattern, entry to the 
pattern and landing; and technique 
for go-around from any point in 
180 degree pattern. 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 
VI Forced Landings 

(B&W 13 Min 1962) 

Selection of emergency landing 
site; use of familiar landing pat- 
terns; 'S' turn approach in forced 
landings; safe execution of forced 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 
VII Directional Control 

(B&W 14 Min 1963) 

Use of rudder, brakes, ailerons, 
and throttle, as well as elevators, 
in controlling direction in the roll 

Fixed Wing Primary Flight Training Part 
VIII Night Operations 

(B&W 15 Min 1963) 

Preflight checks; takeoff; safe- 
ty practices during night flight; 
abandoning aircraft in emergency; 
entering and flying a pattern; land- 

Pressure Systems and Wind 

(Color 19 Min 1963) 

Phenomena of pressure systems 
and wind flow, and how they affect 
weather and flight conditions; stress 
on proper use of altimeter for safe 

Servicing Army Aircraft in Extreme 

Climatic Conditions Part II Desert Areas 

(B&W 16 Min 1963) 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

Hazards of heat and abrasive 
sand on aircraft; measures em- 
ployed in servicing aircraft in des- 
ert areas. 

TF 46-3315 Iroquois Maintenance-Part IV-Flight 

Control Systems 
(B&W 21 Min 1963) 

Design, operation, inspection 
and rigging of: cyclic control sys- 
tem, synchronized elevators, collec- 
tive pitch system, and antitorque 

TF 46-3320 The Mohawk Landing Gear 

(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Design and operation of major 
parts of main and nose gears, and 
emergency landing gear system. 

TF 46-3324 Servicing Army Aircraft in Extreme Climatic 

Conditions Part III Tropical Areas 

(B&W 18 Min 1963) 

Damaging effects and measures 
for prevention of condensation, cor- 
rosion, electrolysis and fungus; 
storage of supplies and care of 
special equipment. 

TF 46-3332 Constant Speed Propelbr Operation 

(B&W 19 Min 1963) 

Operation, mechanics, main- 
tenance and value of hamilton 
standard, variable pitch, constant 
speed, counterweight propeller used 
on U6 Beaver aircraft. 

TF 46-3340 Iroquois Maintenance-Part Ill-The Tail 

Rotor System 

(B&W 28 Min 1963) 

Design and operation of major 
components of tail rotor system; 
inspection, removal, cleaning, serv- 
icing and replacing of parts; track- 
ing of tail rotor. 

TF 46-3348 Mohawk Propeller Operation 

(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Location, construction and 
function of major components of 
OV-1 Mohawk propeller; capability 
and operation of propeller; propel- 
ler maintenance procedures. 

TF 46-3354 Rotary Wing Nomenclature 

(B&W 10 Min 1963) 

Nomenclature and functions of 
basic components typical of all ro- 
tary wing aircraft OH-13 Sioux 
helicopter used to show location and 
features of key parts. 

TF 463364 Helicopter Formation Flying 

(B&W 20 Min 1963) 

Methods and signals used by 
two-helicopter section and four-hel- 
icopter division to execute various 
formation maneuvers; technique of 
night formation flying. 

TF 46-3368 Servicing Army Aircraft in Extreme Climatic 

Conditions Part I Cold Weather Areas 
(Fixed and Rotary Wing) 

(B&W 25 Min 1963) 

Taxiing and landing, engine 
shutdown, oil dilution, towing and 
parking, aircraft antifreeze care, 
fueling, preflight preparation, pre- 
heating and engine starting tech- 

TF 46-3374 And He Filed VFR (Aviation Safety) 

(B&W 21 Min 1964) 

Details of an aircraft accident; 
stresses need for proficiency in in- 
strument flight through practice 
and study. 

TF 46-3377 Army Air Traffic Regulation and 

Identification in the Combat Zone 

(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

Shows operation of system and 
need for frequent accurate position 
report by aviators and skillful 
handling of traffic by traffic control 

TF 46-3393 Mohawk Flight Controls 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

Location, features and opera- 
tion of the primary and auxiliary 
controls are described. Importance 
of proper maintenance emphasized. 

TF 46-3399 Safety Lessons Learned From Aircraft 

Accidents A Form, a Red X and You 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

How failure of two aviation 
mechanics to Red X repaired air- 
craft for proper inspection prior 
to return to service resulted in ac- 

TF 463405 Introduction to Aircraft Flight Instruments 

(B&W 28 Min 1964) 

The three instruments in the 
pitot-static instrument category as 
well as those in the gyro-vacuum 
instrument category are discussed. 

TF 46-3406 Introduction to Aircraft Engine Instruments 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

The features and operation of 
pressure, temperature and tacho- 
meter instruments are explained. 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

TF 46-3488 

TF 46-3408 Usa of the Martin-Baker Ejection Seat (for TF 46-3455 

Mohawk Aircraft) 
(B&W 12 Min 1964) 

How seat is used in an emer- 
gency; precautions against acciden- 
tal firing; steps in ejection sequence 
and parachute deployment. 

TF 46-3409 Maintenance of the J5 Martin-Baker Ejection TF 46-3470 

Seat (for Mohawk Aircraft) 
(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

Normal and emergency oper- 
ation of seat and parachute; errors 
to be avoided in rigging and in- 
spection; details of correct rigging, 
and their impact for operation of 
seat and parachute. TF 46-3481 

TF 46-3437 OH-23d Flight Control Linkage 

(B&W 18 Min 1964) 

Construction and action of link- 
age systems attached to collective 
pitch, cyclic control, and directional 
control systems. 

TF 46-3438 OH-23d Transmission 

(B&W 9 Min 1964) 

Design and operation of trans- 
mission how individual parts of 
major components are assembled 
and function to permit proper en- ipp 46-3516 
gine starting and reduction of en- 
gine RPM. 

TF 46-3439 The Iroquois Helicopter Part I 

Characteristics and Basic Maneuvers 
(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Design and capability; pre- 

flight inspection procedure; oper- TF 46-3530 
ating principles; techniques for 
takeoffs, hover, turns, flight, ap- 
proaches, and landing. 

TF 46-3440 The Iroquois Helicopter Part II Advanced 

Maneuvers and Field Operations 

(B&W 24 Min 1964) 

Basic and precision autorota- 
tion, maximum performance take- 
off, and steep approach; confined 
area operation, and pinnacle and 
ridgeline operations. 

TF 46-3441 The Iroquois Helicopter Part III Critical 

Flight Conditions and Emergency 
Procedures TF 46-3532 

(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Symptoms and correction of 
mechanical failures of engine, tail 
rotor, fuel system, hydraulic power, 
torsion, engine fire, and high sink 

TF 46-3531 

Lessons Learned From Aircraft Accidents | 
Fuel Exhaustion 
(B&W 15 Min 1964) 

Danger of inadequate fuel mon- 
itoring and flying with a low fuel 
level ; how aviators can avoid fuel 
exhaustion accidents. 

Lessons Learned From Aircraft Accidents- 
Post Crash Survival 

(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

How urgency of mission, hy- 
poxia, and stress contribute to ac- 
cidents, and how aviators can re- 
cognize and cope with these factors 
to avoid accidents. 

Introduction to the Chinook Helicopter 
(B&W 23 Min 1964) 

Design features and operating 
systems of the Chinook, and its su- 
perior capability for transporting 
large payloads of troops and cargo. 

Lessons Learned From Aircraft Accidents- 
(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

How emotional problems may 
interfere with efficiency, how to re- 
cognize them, and what to do about 
them to prevent aircraft accidents. 

Mohawk Ground Handling Procedures 

(B&W 30 Min 1965) 

Parking, installation of safety 
devices, tie down for all weather 
conditions, taxiing, towing, service 
of fuel and engine oil systems, and 
preflight checks. 

Aerial Observation Part I Conduct of the 

(Color 27 Min 1965) 

How aerial observation of en- 
emy held territory is conducted 
through the four steps of briefing, 
planning, execution, and debriefing. 

Aerial Observation Part II Techniques of 
Visual Observation 

(Color 24 Min 1965) 

Objectives, influencing factors, 
and procedures related to techniques 
of: visual search, target recogni- 
tion, geographic orientation, and 
target location. 

Mohawk Utility System 

(B&W 26 Min 1965) 

Functions, construction, and 
operation of the eight Mohawk util- 
ity systems designed to control en- 
vironment in which crew must 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

TF 46-3729 

TF 46-3730 

TF 46-3570 Principles of Air to Ground Machinegun TF 46-3724 

Fire Part I Optical Sight 
(B&W 14 Min 1965) 

Components of optical sight 
used with M-6 MG kit mounted 
on UH-1 helicopter; technique of 
harmonization of optical sight for 
rapid accurate fire with M-6 guns. 

TF 46-3571 Principles of Air to Ground Machinegun 

Fire Part II Fir* Control 

(B&W 17 Min 1965) 

Sight picture problems and ad- 
justments required to compensate 
for each ballistic factor affecting 
aerial machinegun fire. 

TF 46-3584 Gas Turbine Power Plant-Installation and 

Rigging Procedures 

(B&,W 22 Min 1965) 

Steps in hoisting and installing 
T53 power plant on Mohawk air- 
craft; rigging fuel and propeller 
control system; adjustments of fuel TF 46-3731 
control assembly. 

TF 46-3599 Introduction to Fixed Wing Formation Flying 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Role of lead and wing men; 
procedure for executing 'V, eche- 
lon, free cruise and trail forma- 
tions; safety measures, emergency TF 46-3765 
procedure, and standard signals. 

TF 463606 Low Level Navigation 

(Color 20 Min 1966) 

Advantages and problems of 
low level flight; principles and 
techniques used to navigate air- 
craft at low levels. TF 46-3768 

TF 46-3615 The M-22 Guided Missile Subsystem 

(B&W 25 Min 1965) 

Components, capability, em- 
ployment, and operation of M-22, 
with focus on: problems and meth- 
ods of range estimate, and factors 
involved in mission planning. 

TF 46-3673 Helicopter Icing TF 46-3795 

(B&W 28 Min 1966) 

How and when ice forms on 
aircraft, how to deal with potential 
icing situations, and how ice affects 
helicopter components and helicop- 
ter flight. 

TF 46-3681 Safety Procedures in Refueling Army TF 46-3796 


(Color 23 Min 1966) 

Conditions that cause refueling 
hazards of contamination and fire; 
and safety measures to avoid these 

Know Your Clouds 

(Color 16 Min 1967) 

Development of the ten basic 
types of clouds, their principal char- 
acteristics, their relative positions 
and average altitudes, and their 
flight hazards. 

Principles of Air-to-Ground Rocket Fire 
(B&W 23 Min 1967) 

Construction of aerial rocket 
(XM-3); rocket flight factors; 
sighting techniques; target range 
estimation ; rocket firing artillery 
and small arms approaches. 

Airmobile Operations Part I Planning 
(B&W 26 Min 1967) 

Factors considered in the 
ground tactical plan, landing plan, 
air movement plan, and loading 

Airmobile Operations Port II Execution 

(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Execution of a large airmobile 
operation from point where plan- 
ning is complete to point where 
aircraft return after landing troops 
near object 

Basic Aircraft Electrical Trouble Shooting 

(B&W 26 Min 1967) 

Use of voltmeter, ohmmeter, 
jumper wire and continuity test 
light to locate electrical troubles: 
open and short circuits, and low 

Lessons Learned From Aircraft Accidents- 
Know Your Aircraft 

(B&W 21 Min 1967) 

Actual cases point up the aero- 
dynamic and psychological factors 
which contribute to 'over gross high 
altitude' accidents and those due 
to unreported mechanical overstress. 

Principles of Target Attack Part I Planning 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

Purpose and principles of plan- 
ning for an armed helicopter attack 
on target, covering the factors con- 
sidered in pre-mission and on-target 

Principles of Target Attack Part II 

(B&;W 19 Min 1967) 

Illustrates how plans for a 
major airmobile operation are for- 
mulated and carried out. Pre-mis- 
sion planning is covered briefly; 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

and on-target planning is shown 
in detail as applied to a situation 
in which an armed escort is faced 
with a threat from an enemy auto- 
matic weapon. 

TF 46-3797 The Minute Saved (Aircraft Safety) 

(B&W 29 Min 1967) 

Three actual army aircraft ac- 
cidents selected from the files of 
USABAAR point out to aviators how 
each accident was basically caused 
by hasty action mixed with thought- 
lessness under the pressure of cir- 

TF 46-3822 Foreign Objects Damage to Army Aircraft 

(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

How foreign object damage is 
caused in army rotary and fixed 
wing aircraft, and how it can be 
prevented before, during and after 
flight particular emphasis on good 
housekeeeping at air bases and prop- 
er flight techniques at sandy and 
rural areas. 

TF 46-3826 Aircraft and Automotive Generators- 

Principles and Construction 

(B&W 26 Min 1967) 
(Same as TF 9-3826) 

Shows how basic principles of 
magnetism and electromagnetism 
apply in generator operation; var- 
iations in design and current flow 
in ac and dc generators; features 
and mechanical action of generator 

TF 46-3827 Aircraft Electrical Accessories Part I 

Aircraft Storage Batteries 
(B&W 26 Min 1968) 

Use, design, functioning, and 
maintenance of the lead-acid and 
nickel-cadmium type batteries. 

TF 46-3828 Aircraft Electrical Accessories-Part II- 

Aircraft Voltage Regulator and 
Reverse Current Relay 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

Design, function, and operation 
of the carbon pile voltage regula- 
tor and reverse current relay used 
in aircraft generators to control 
voltage output. 

TF 46-3839 Aircraft Electrical Accessories Part Ill- 

Aircraft Starters 
(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Teaches aircraft maintenance 
personnel the function, design, and 
operation of inertia and direct 
drive starters; precautions to pre- 

vent damage to aircraft starters; 
and safe removal and replacement | 
of the starter. 

TF 46-3840 The Aviation Aerial Surveillance Company 


(Color 33 Min 1968) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

TF 46-3885 The OH-6 Helicopter Part I Characteristics 

and Basic Maneuvers 
(B&W 25 Min 1968) 

Teaches aviators the charac- 
teristics and capabilities of the 
OH-6 light observation helicopter; 
and the techniques employed in 
takeoff to hover, hover flight, nor- 
mal takeoff and landing. 

TF 46-3886 The OH-6 Helicopter-Part Il-Advanced 

Maneuvers and Field Operations 
(B&W 24 Min 1968) 

Shows performance of OH-6 
in confined area operations, focus- 
ing on techniques employed for 
maximum performance takeoff and 
steep approach; and flight maneu- 
vers involved in pinnacle and ridge- 
line operations. 

TF 46-3887 The OH-6 Helicopter-Part Ill-Critical 

Flight Conditions 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

How aviators can avoid and 
deal with critical flight conditions 
by applying proper loading prin- 
ciples and flight techniques to- 
gether with a knowledge of the 
operational limitations of the craft. 

TF 46-3888 The OH-6 Helicopter-Part IV Emergency 


(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

How aviators can deal with 
engine failure, tail rotor failure, 
fire, cyclic system one-way lock fail- 
ure, and runaway cyclic trim ac- 
tuator; emergency landing in trees, 
and ditching. 

TF 46-3919 MS Helicopter Armament Subsystem- 

Principles of Operation 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Characteristics and capability 
of the M5 armament subsystem de- 
signed for the UH-1 aircraft; and 
fundamentals of the 2 modes of 
M5 operation 1) flexible mode, and 
2) stow or fixed mode. 

TF 46-3926 Aircraft Recovery Operations by Medium 

Transport Helicopters 

(B&W 25 Min 1968) 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

TF 46-3944 

TF 46-3945 

TF 46-3953 

TF 46-3954 

TF 46-3974 

TF 46-3988 

Procedures and techniques de- 
veloped in Vietnam to recover down- 
ed aircraft: planning a recovery 
mission, organization and duties of 
crews in the recovery ship and lift 
ship, and methods of rigging and 
pickup of disabled plane. 

Helicopter instrument Flying Port I 
Instruments and Basic Principle* 

(B&W 23 Min 1968) 

Introduces the flight instru- 
ments and principles of instrument 
flying that will enable a helicopter 
pilot to fly through clouds, fog, 
haze, or darkness. 

Helicopter Instrument Flying Part II Basic 
(BftW 26 Min 1968) 

Illustrates instrument flying 
techniques for executing: standard 
rate level turns, steep turns, 
straight climbs and descents, climb- 
ing or descending turns, unusual 
attitude recovery, and autorotation 
and power recovery. 

Cardinal Rules for Attack Helicopters 

(Color 42 Min 1968) 

Teaches army aviators the im- 
portance and meaning of the twelve 
combat-proven rules for safety and 
survival when flying attack hel- 

Ground Control Approaches (6CA) 
(B&W 29 Min 1968) 

Portrays the sequence of events 
and procedures to be observed by 
army pilots during a precision ap- 
proach, surveillance approach, and 
no-gyro approach under IFR oper- 
ating conditions. 

Introduction to Weather 

(Color 23 Min 1969) 

Explains the basic natural pro- 
cesses behind weather development 
and changes to enable aviators to 
evaluate weather conditions and 
avoid possible hazards. 

An IFR Flight 

(Color 36 Min 1969) 

Shows how two aviators of a 
T-42 aircraft accomplish an IFR 
flight in VFR weather, covering: 
preflight planning, preflight checks 
and takeoff, use of instruments for 
navigation and aid received from 
FAA controllers along the route, 

use of radar vectoring for IFR 
positioning and heading, and execu- 
tion of ILS approach at destination. 

TF 46-3994 Visual Omni Range (VOR) Helicopter 

(B&W 27 Min 1969) 

Shows how a helicopter pilot 
and copilot prepare for an IFR 
flight and use the VHF omnidirec- 
tional radio range system (VOR) to 
navigate their craft to and from 
an OMNI station. 

TF 46-4068 Target Marking With the O-l Birddog 

(Color 24 Min 1969) 

Shows how the pilot of an 0-1 
Birddog carries out a visual re- 
connaissance mission to mark the 
location of an enemy platoon in 
heavy contact with a friendly unit. 

TF 46-4076 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) Helicopter 

(Color 32 Min 1969) 

Describes the characteristics, 
capability, and operation of ADF 
used in army helicopters for aerial 
'navigation, with particular focus 
on the five basic procedures in ADF 
use: position fixing, track intercep- 
tion, tracking, holding, and ap- 

TF 46-4077 Instrument Landing System (ILS) 

(Color 31 Min 1969) 

Explains how an instrument 
landing system (ILS) functions, 
and shows how it is used by avia- 
tors in making a precision instru- 
ment approach and landing. 

TF 46-4096 The AH-1 Huey Cobra In-Flight Emergency 


(Color 21 Min 1969) 

Depicts in-flight emergency 
procedures applicable to: 1) engine 
failure during high speed dive, 2) 
engine failure during low level, 
high speed flight, 3) emergency 
governor operation (low side), 4) 
emergency governor operation 
(high side), and 5) anti-torque 

TF 46-4115 The CH-54 Torhe (Flying Crane) Emergency 


(Color 24 Min 1970) 

Illustrates emergency proced- 
ures required to meet common mal- 
functions in the four main categor- 
ies of aircraft emergencies: fires, 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

TF 46-4116 

TF 46-4151 

TF 46-4166 

TF 46-4169 

TF 46-4188 

TF 46-4189 

TF 46-4190 

TF 46-4348 

electrical failures, hydraulic fail- TF 46-4250 
ures, and engine failures. 

The CH-47 Chinook Emergency Procedures 

(Color 29 Min 1970) 

Explains how aviators can eli- 
minate or control the various types 
of flight control emergencies and 
engine and power train failures that TF 46-4315 
may be encountered in flying the 

The AH-1 Huey Cobra-Port IV-Tacticol 

(Color 25 Min 1970) 

Day and night tactical situa- 
tions are shown. Outstanding fea- 
tures of the Cobra are described. 

The CH-54 Tarhe (Flying Crane)-Baic TF 46-4316 


(B&W 29 Min 1970) 

Describes the features and op- 
eration of the basic components and 
systems of the CG-54A and CH- 
54B, the unique flying controls 
and procedures used in both models, 
and the capabilities of each helicop- 

The AH-1 Huey Cobra Flight Characteristics 

and Basic Maneuvers 

(B&W 22 Min 1971) 

Shows the differences of the 
AH-1 from other helicopters; 
stresses its high speed and poor 
visibility for the pilot. 

Introduction to the T41B 

(B&W 31 Min 1970) 

Physical description of the 
T41B trainer, and demonstration of 
pre-flight inspection. 

The AH-1G Huey Cobra Advanced 

(B&W 29 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates shallow ap- 
proach and running landing, run- 
ning takeoff, steep approach and 
landing, maximum performance 
takeoff, 180-degree autorotation, 
hovering autorotation and high 
speed maneuvers. TF 46-4366 

The AH-1 Huey Cobra Aerodynamic 
Flight Characteristics 
(B&W 23 Min 1971) 

Describes these characteristics 
of high-speed operation of the 
AH-1: retreating blade stall, pitch 
cone coupling, transient torque, G- TF 46-4369 
loading, and high speed dives and 

TF 46-4365 

Tracking the OH-13 Rotor Systems t 

(Helicopter Maintenance) 

(B&W 27 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the procedure for 
trimming the rotors on the OH-13 
observation helicopter to reduce vi- 

CH-47 Advanced Maneuvers and Field 


(B&W 24 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates procedures for 
reconnaissance in confined areas, 
pinnacle and ridgeline operations, 
slope operations, external load op- 
erations, high vertical and low level 

The OH58A Kiowa Normal and Emergency 

(B&W 32 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates preflight check 
and operation of the Kiowa observa- 
tion helicopter; also shows proced- 
ures to be followed in emergencies. 

CH54 Tarhe Flight Operations 

(B&W 25 Min 1972) 

Outlines actions of flight crew 
of the 'flying crane' helicopter when 
operating with all types of loads: 
shows key calculations by pilot and 
his communication with engineer] 

OH-58A Velocity Curve 
(B&W 10 Min 1972) 

Explains the height- velocity 
curve of a helicopter, which is used 
in determining procedures for emer- 
gency autoration when the engine 

The Quarter Million Dollar Tip (Aircraft 

(Color 8 Min 1971) 

Points up the importance of 
careful aircraft maintenance by 
showing the helicopter crash caused 
by the broken tip of a screwdriver 
left in a gear by a careless mech- 

Why Fly High 

(Color 3 Min 1971) 

Describes the dangers of un- 
necessary low-level flying, such 
power lines, large birds, and the 
difficulty of finding emergency land- 
ing places. 

Introduction to the U-21 lite' 

(B&W 18 Min 1972) 
Shows basic information, cargo, 


TF 46 Army Aviation 

troop, staff, and medical evacuation TF 46-4418 Ussons Learned From Aircraft Accidents 

configurations, emergency exits, ox- Drt* to Liv 

ygen equipment, and instrument (Color 17 Min 1971) 

panels. Graphically demonstrates the 

importance of wearing proper cloth- 
ing while flying. Describes purpose 
and usefulness of each item of cloth- 
ing required. 


MF 46 Army Aviation 

MF 46-5144 Air Traffic Control Radar-Part l-Precition MF 46-5310 

and Surveillance Approaches 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

(Adopted FA A Film) 

Features and uses of surveil- 
lance and precision radar scopes; 
principles and procedure for direct- 
ing surveillance and precision ap- 
proaches under VFR conditions. 

MF 46-5145 Air Traffic Control Radar-Part II Tormina! MF 46-5311 


(B&W 20 Min 1965) 
(Adopted FAA Film) 

Use of radar for air traffic 
control; principles and procedures 
for directing approaches and de- 
partures under various traffic con- 

MF 46-5146 What's My Traffic? (Aircraft) 

(Color 26 Min 1965) MF 46-5312 

Methods and procedures used 
by air traffic controllers to direct 
IFR aircraft aircraft separations, 
incoming and outgoing traffic, ra- 
dar handoff. 

MF 46-5290 A Night on Jock rabbit MESA (Aircraft 

Accident Rescue Procedures) 

(Color 23 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Air Force Film) MF 46-5313 

Describes the role of civil au- 
thorities at the scene of a military 
aircraft accident, showing how the 
coordinated efforts of local law en- 
forcement, fire, and medical agen- 
cies are required in disaster rescue 


MF 46-5314 

MF 46-5306 The Will to Live (Aviation Safety) 

(B&W 50 Min 2 Reels 1968) 
A lecture by Brigadier Gen- 
eral W. W. Spruance, Assistant 
Adjutant Delaware Air National 
Guard, on aviation safety. 

MF 46-5308 AH-1G Huy Cobro- Introduction 

(Color 14 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) MF 46-5315 

Evolution, components, aerody- 
namics, and capability of the AH- 
1G Huey Cobra. 

MF 46-5309 AH-1G Huey Cobra-Pilot Familiarisation 

(Color 23 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Characteristics of the AH-1G 

Huey Cobra, preflight checks and MF 46-5527 
procedures, autorotation and nor- 
mal flight procedures, and opera- 
tional limitations. 

AH- 1C Huey Cobra Airframe Maintenance 

(Color 22 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Features and servicing of the 
fuselage, main and tail rotor as- 
semblies, engine and transmission, 
hydraulic system, power supply sys- 
tem, flight control system, and ar- 
mament system. 

Introduction to the Huey Universal 

(Color 18 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Characteristics, application, 
and logistical and maintenance ad- 
vantages of the universal transmis- 
sion configurations used in the four 
Huey models UH-1B, UH-1C, 
UH-1D, and AH-1G. 

AH 1G Huey Cobra Stability Augmenta- 
tion System 

(Color 19 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Film) 

Capability, components, opera- 
tion, and troubleshooting of the sta- 
bility augmentation system used on 
the AH-1G for accurate delivery 
of fire under all flying conditions. 

AH-1G Huey Cobra Main Rotor System 

(Color 13 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Maintenance requirements : in- 
spection, disassembly, adjustment, 
and reassembly of the rotor blades 
and hub; and tracking of blades. 

AH-1G Huey Cobra Armament System and 
Fire Control 

(Color 16 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Components of the TAT-102 
weapons system, preventive main- 
tenance procedures, and function- 
ing of the armament system in ac- 

T 53-1-1 3 Gas Turbine Engine 

(Color 33 Min 1968) 

(Adopted Film) 

Design, operation and mainten- 
ance of the T53-L-13, highlighting 
the similarities and differences as 
compared to the forerunners in 
the T53 series. 

Foreign Object Damage Prevention 
Turbin Engines 
(Color 23 Min 1969) 
Explains the FOD turbine en- 


MF 46 Army Aviation 

MF 46-5625 

MF 46-5626 

MF 46-8147 

MF 46-8574 

MF 46-8748 

MF 46-8749 

MF 46-8902 

gine problem, and delineates the 
maintenance measures to prevent 
aircraft FOD. Concept, organization, 
and functioning of FOD teams fn 
Vietnam are described to emphasize 
the need for unit participation in the 
FOD prevention program. 

Evolution of Attack Helicopter Concepts of 

(Color 20 Min 1971) 

Describes the development of 
the attack helicopter and its tactics. 
Includes films of early experimen- 
tal models. 

Employment of Attack Helicopter* to Defeat 
Armor Threat in Europe in the Mid-1 970' 


(Color 29 Min 1971) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Eyet of Flight 

(Color 30 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Care and maintenance of acry- 
lic plastic material used in aircraft; 
and value of acrylic plastic for pi- 
lot safety and efficiency. 

Army Helicopter* 

(B&W 15 Min 1955) 

History and use of helicopters 
in army aviation; training of heli- 
copter pilots at the Army Aviation 
School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

Approach to Land OCA 

(B&W 23 Min 1957) 

(Adopted FAA Film) 

Components of GCA ground in- 
stallation use of equipment by ra- 
dar controllers: operation of radar 
scopes and standard phraseology 
used in a typical GCA approach. 

Approach to Land ILS 

(B&W 25 Min 1957) 

(Adopted FAA Film) 

Operation of ground installa- 
tion and aircraft instrumentation 
for short range final approach and 
landing aid ILS how ILS is used 
during a typical approach. 

Helicopter Mountain Operation* 
(B&W 25 Min 1958) 

Preflight plans and safety 
measures; cargo loading; takeoffs; 
flight procedure through winds, tur- 
bulence, and other obstacles; ap- 
proaches and landings. 

MF 46-8903 Helicopter-Vibration* and Resonance-Part 

l-Vibrations in the H-13 
(B&W 10 Min 1958) 

Causes, symptoms and correc- 
tion of low, medium and high fre- 
quency vibrations; blades out-of- 
track and lateral vibrations. 

MF 46-8906 Helicopter-Vibrations and Resonance- 

Part IV Ground Resonance 

(B&W 7 Min 1958) 

Causes, symptoms and preven- 
tion of ground resonance; proper 
recovery and landing techniques. 

MF 46-8907 Helicopter Emergency Procedures Part I 

Blade Stalls 
(B&W 12 Min 1958) 

Causes, symptoms and recovery 
blade stalls; recovery from settling 
with power. 

MF 46-8908 Helicopter-Emergency Procedures-Part It- 

Emergency Procedures in the H-13 (HTl) 
(B&W 11 Min 1958) 

Symptoms and recovery from 
mechanical failures, broken tail ro- 
tor control cable, loss of direction 
control and fan belt, blade stall 
turbulence, and settling with power. 

MF 46-8909 Helicopter-Emergency Procedures-Part Ill- 

Emergency Procedures in the H 19 

(B&W 8 Min 1958) 

Symptoms and recovery from 
blade stalls, settling with power, 
and servo failure; ditching from 
autorotation, ditching with power, 
and with passengers. 

MF 46-8910 Helicopters-Emergency Procedures-Port 

IV Emergency Procedures in the H-21 

(B&W 5 Min 1958) 

Recovery from stalls; settling 
with power; recovery from servo 
system failure; procedures employed 
in case of fire; ditching with pas- 

MF 46-8998 Flying Soldiers 

(B&W 30 Min 1958) 

Purpose and application of the 
new concept of Army tactical mo- 
bility through Army aviation ad- 
vantages of new fighting technique. 

MF 46-9029 Helicopter Arctic Operations 

(Color 29 Min 1959) 

Planning, technique and pro- 
cedure for safe helicopter opera- 
tion preflight inspection; takeoff, 
flight landing in normal and emer- 
gency operation; shutodwn, unload- 
ing and fueling procedure. 


MF 46 Army Aviation 

MF 46-9932 Army W.artrar Support MF 46-9944 Know Your Iroquoi* 

(Color 35 Min 1963) (Color 32 Min 1964) 

How USAF weather service Design, capability, and opera 

supplies weather data to army com- tional features of UH-1A, UH-1B 

manders in fields how data is ap- and UH-1D; preflight inspection 

plied in planning, tactical and log- starting procedures and rules foi 

istical operations. maximum utility of aircraft; rotoi 



41. 54-Series; Logistical Operation 

TF 54-3219 Milstrip-Part I Introduction 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

Fundamentals, documentation, 
and advantages of new military 
standard requisition and issue pro- 
cedures used in DOD single man- 
ager supply system. 

TF 54-3220 Milstrip-Part Il-Materiel Issue Priority 

(B&W 22 Min 1962) 

Elements that determine issue 
priority, applicable coded data, and 
how this data is shown in requisi- 
tions; transportation aspects of pri- 
ority system. 

TF 54 Logistical Operation 

TF 54-3221 MiUtrip Part III Preparation of 

(B&W 33 Min 1962) 

Format, use, and preparation 
of coded manual and mechanical 
requisition forms (DD 1348 and 
DD 1348M); noncoded and coded 
entries in domestic and oversea re- 

TF 54-3222 MiUtrip Part IV Form* and Format* 

Related to Requisitions 

(B&W 41 Min 1962) 

Format, use and preparation 
of documents relative to DD 1348 
and DD 1348M: DD 1348-1, ship- 
ment detail card, supply status card, 
cancellations and followups. 


TF 55 Transportation 

42. 55-Series; Transportation 

TF 55-43 Highway Regulation, Us* of Circulation Map 

(Color 18 Min 1959) 

Use of map in military mov- 
ing; sources and scope of data re- 
quired ; plotting data symbols used ; 
rerouting of traffic in an emergency. 

TF 55-1731 Railroad Safety 

(B&W 34 Min 1952) 

Stresses importance of safety 
in all phases of railroad work: in 
the yards, aboard trains, along the 
right-of-way and in the mainten- 
ance shops. 

TF 55-1758 Beach and Port Clearance By Highway 


(B&W 17 Min 1954) 

Planning and execution of typi- 
cal beach traffic circulation plan 
and port clearance plan empha- 
sis on efficient traffic control. 

TF 55-1918 Loads and Loading of General Transport 

(B&W 18 Min 1954) 

Characteristics of the five types 
of military cargo and prescribed 
loading for each stress on maxi- 
mum authorized load and safety 

TF 55-2183 Why Battery Should Always Be Clean 

(B&W 6 Min 1955) 

How to clean battery to pre- 
vent engine failure washing with 
solution, wiping dry, checking elec- 
trolyte level, greasing terminals. 

TF 55-2184 Why Engines Are Governed 

(B&W 5 Min 1955) 

Relationship between horse- 
power and speed how governor on 
engine limits speed of engine at 
point where it develops maximum 

TF 55-2296 Subarctic Inland Waterways Navigation 

(B&W 24 Min 1956) 

Journey to carry out a combat 
mission defining arctic river char- 
acteristics, handling river craft, 
safety factors. 

TF 55-2314 Helicopter Maintenance-Part VII-Hydraulic 

Flight Control Systems 
(B&W 13 Min 1957) 

Function and operation of each 
hydraulic component in the H-21 
variations in the H-19 and H-25 
models maintenance instructions. 

TF 55-2316 Helicopter Maintenance Port IX Generator 

Systems Troubleshooting 
(B&W 22 Min 1958) 

Operation of generator system 
common causes of malfunctions 
test meter readings symptomatic 
of each trouble test procedure and 
use of tech order. 

TF 55-2341 Characteristics and Check of Diving Helmet 

Valves and Attachments 
(B&W 4 Min 1957) 

Checks and adjustment of ex- 
haust valve, nonreturn valve, and 
air control value of the Mark V 
standard diving helmet. 

TF 55-2342 Dressing the Diver 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Duties of diver's helpers lay- 
ing out gear, helping diver into 
dress, securing gear, valves and 
attachments, attaching air hose and 
life line. 

TF 55-2343 Assisting the Diver 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Duties of diver's attendants be- 
fore and during descent, when di- 
ver reaches bottom, and during and 
after ascent. 

TF 55-2344 Diving Dress Patches 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Step-by-step procedures for 
patching a tear in the diving dress, 
and attaching cuffs to the sleeves. 

TF 55-2345 Diving Procedures 

(B&W 6 Min 1957) 

Entrance into water, descend- 
ing technique, coping with danger 
signs, checks and adjustment with 
equipment, moving and working on 
hard bottom, and searching techni- 

TF 55-2348 The Motor Vehicle Driver-Traction Aids and 

the Winch 
(B&W 29 Min 1957) 

Methods and expedients to ob- 
tain traction in driving across 
sandy and muddy terrain use of 
winch to extricate trucks mired in 

TF 55-2364 Nomenclature of the Sextant 

(B&W 4 Min 1956) 

Components frame, limb, in- 
dex arm, index mark, micrometer 
drum, vernier, endless tangent 
screw, index mirror, horizon glass, 
and telescope. 


TF 55 Transportation 

TF 55-2365 Sextant Adjustment TF 55-2721 

(B&W 8 Min 1957) 

Steps for making the four ne- 
cessary adjustments to assure ac- 
curate reading of the instrument. 

TF 55-2366 Use of Loran 

(B&W 7 Min 1956) 

How Loran is operate3 to ob- TF 55-2773 
tain time difference reading; how 
reading is used to plot ship position 
on the Loran chart. 

TF 55-2368 Injector Timing for GM Diesel, Series 71, 

Using 70MM, 80MM and 90MM Injectors 
(B&W 5 Min 1956) 

Conditions that necessitate in- 
jector timing; timing procedure, 
with particular attention given to 
proper use of timing tool J-1853. TF 55-2786 

TF 55-2369 Injector Rack Setting for GM Diesel Series 

71 Engine 
(B&W 4 Min 1956) 

Procedure for each cylinder to 
insure adequate fuel adjusting buf- 
fer screw, placing injector on rack 
and adjusting, securing locking 
screws. TF 55 _ 2 7 87 

TF 55-2370 Use of Marlinspike 

(B&W 3 Min 1956) 

How it is used to splice wire 
rope how it is held during splic- 
ing, how it is inserted and twisted 
to open each strand of wire safety 

TF 55-2503 Ground Handling of Aircraft-Part l-Fixed 

Wing Aircraft TF 55-3095 

(B&W 23 Min 1957) 

Manhandling, servicing, taxi- 
ing and mooring, using the L-19 
and L-23 for demonstration in- 
cludes high wind procedure, and 
safety precautions. 

TF 55-2505 Ground Handling of Aircraft-Part II- 

Rotary Wing Aircraft TF 55-3174 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

Procedures for manhandling, 
servicing, towing, mooring, high- 
wind procedure, safety precautions, 
and hand signals to direct move- 

TF 55-2556 Cleaning and Testing the K Brake (Railway) 

(B&W 8 Min 1958) 

Removal, disassembly, cleaning 

and inspection of components of TF 55-3176 
the K-triple valve-reassembly of 
parts testing according with ap- 
proved code of tests. 

LCM-8 Refueling at Sea 

(B&W 17 Min 1959) 

Five angles of approach to 
tanker; refueling procedure; safety 
precautions while approaching 
tanker and during and after refuel- 
ing operations. 

Command Maintenance Inspection 

Procedures (Aircraft) 

(B&W 23 Min 1959) 

Organization and action of 
command inspection team inspec- 
tion of a unit's aircraft, mainten- 
ance and supply records and stor- 
age facilities report of faulty 
mechanism and administrative con- 

Army Aircraft Methods of Detecting Flaws 
in Aircraft Parts 

(B&W 27 Min 1959) 

Theory and application of dye- 
penetrant inspection used with non- 
ferrous, nonmagnetic items; and 
magnetic particle inspection used 
with ferrous type metals. 

Ignition Analyzer Utilization for Army 

Aircraft Engines 

(B&W 24 Min 1959) 

Features and use of equipment 
to determine ignition trouble in 
army aircraft engine; portable air- 
borne installation H-21 ; portable 
installation H-19; identification of 

Equipment Processing and Loading for Rail 
(B&W 25 Min 1961) 

Approved methods of proces- 
sing, loading, and securing unit 
equipment onto rail cars trucks, 
trailers, tanks, tracked vehicles, and 
conex containers. 

CONEX Transporters Use of Inserts and 
CONEX Transporters Loading TOE 
Equipment and Personal Effects for 
Unit Movement 
(B&W 10 Min 1962) 

Assembly, filling, blocking, 
bracing and closing inserts; load- 
ing inserts into CONEX trans- 
porter; advantages of inserts for 
shipment of TOE items. 

CONEX Transporters Loading, Blocking, and 
Bracing CONEX Transporters on 
Transportation Equipment 

(B&W 10 Min 1962) 


TF 55 Transportation 

Methods and equipment used in 
loading transporters onto trucks, 
railcards, and ships; technique for 
blocking and bracing to insure 
safety during travel. 

TF 563430 Loading and Unloading Cargo Vessels- 

Part II Ship's Gear and Cargo 
Handling Gear 
(B&W 18 Min 1964) 

Nomenclature, functions and 
capabilities described. Three main 
ship's gear categories outlined; car- 
go handling gear and uses reviewed. 

TF 55-3452 Aircraft Maintenance Shop Sets and Tool 

Kits Direct Support Companies 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

Shop sets and tools used by TC 
aircraft maintenance unit in keep- 
ing army aircraft in optimum fly- 
ing condition focus on use and care 
of special purpose tools. 

TF 55-3580 Loading and Unloading Cargo Vessels- 

Part III Winches and Booms 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Components, capabilities and 
operation of steam and electric 
winches are shown. The three main 
rigging techniques also described. 

TF 553586 Troop Movement by Rail 

(B&W 26 Min 1965) 

How transportation company 
(TS) prepares for and carries out 
movement by rail, with focus on 
duties of company and post per- 
sonnel, and action during training, 
alert, and moving phases. 

TF 55-3608 Movement of Special Freight-Part I- 


(B&W 16 Min 1966) 

Transportability considerations 
and regulations and procedures for 
routing special freight, with focus 
on role of ITO, MTMTS, and ICC. 

TF 553614 Marine Cargo Planning 

(B&W 22 Min 1965) 

Principles and procedures for 
development of prestowage plan 
for use by personnel of water ter- 
minal command for loading a ves- 
sel 'full and down.' 

TF 55-3667 Unit Movement by Air-Part l-Preparation 

and Planning 

(B&W 17 Min 1968) 

General principles applied to 
all air loading plans; details which 
apply to the unit loading plan; 

type-load method of planning and 
procedure for drawing up an ac- 
tual air loading plan. 

TF 55-3668 Unit Movement by Air-Part Il-Loading 


(B&W 15 Min 1966) 

Principles, standard and expe- 
dient loading aids, and basic techni- 
ques of loading unit equipment for 
air transport. 

TF 55-3669 Unit Movement by Air Part Ill-Lashing 

(B&W 18 Min 1966) 

Five principle factors of lash- 
ing techniques used to lash unit 
vehicles and equipment into USAF 
transport vehicles. 

TF 55-3707 Operation of the M-151 Series 'A-Ton Utility 


(Color 15 Min 1966) 

Correct and safe procedures for 
operating M-151 trucks, with focus 
on how to prevent oversteering and 
abrupt turns, and proper steering 
in a skid. 

TF 55-3769 Aircraft Bearing* 

(B&W 19 Min 1967) 

Construction, use and mainten- 
ance of: friction bearings solid 
and split; and anti-friction bear- 
ings plain roller, tapered roller, 
ball, and needle roller. 

TF 55-3770 Aircraft Lubricants 

(Color 24 Min 1967) 

Functions, types, characteris- 
tics, and use of aircraft lubricants: 
solids, semi-solids, and oils. 

TF 55-3771 Aircraft Hardware 

(B&W 17 Min 1967) 

Characteristics and application 
of: standard hex-head, clevis, in- 
ternal-wrenching, drilled-head, and 
close tolerance bolts; self -locking 
and non self -locking nuts; plain, 
lock, and countersunk nuts; and 
cotter pins. 

TF 55-3775 The LARC LX on Land and Water 

(B&W 15 Min 1967) 

Construction and capabilities of 
the LARC 60; techniques of driv- 
ing on land and water; loading 
and unloading procedures; and re- 
covery of a disabled LARC. 

TF 55-3776 The LARC LX-Operational Maintenance 

(B&W 14 Min 1967) 
Before-operation checks and 


TF 55 Transportation 

warm-up ; during-operation checks 
and adjustments; and after-opera- 
tion checks, lubrication, and shut- 

TF 55-3812 The LA&C V-Part l-Land Characteristics 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

Before land operation services 
and warm-up; techniques and safety 
measures in operating the LARC 
on various types of terrain; before 
marine operation checks; use of 
LARC in cargo transfer; and after 
land operation services. 

TF 55-3813 The LARC V-Part Il-Water Characteristics 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Before marine operation checks 
and preparations; steering and driv- 
ing through surf, and mooring 
alongside a ship; loading cargoes, 
leaving ship and approach to beach; 
night navigation; emergency oper- 
ation; and after marine operation 

TF 55-3814 The LARC V-Part Ill-Maintenance 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

Preventive maintenance pro- 
cedures applied to the hull, engine 
compartment, cargo deck, transfer 
transmission area, operator and 
cab area, and forward hatch area. 

TF 55-3817 Stevedoring-Part VII-Heavy Lifts 

(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

Methods and equipment used in 
hoisting, swinging, and stowing mil- 
itary cargo weighing five tons or 
more crated diesel engine, wheeled 
vehicle, tanker, tractor-trailer, tank, 
and locomotive. 

TF 55-3818 Water Terminal Safety Part I Stevedoring 

Safety in Shipboard Cargo Operations 

(B&W 17 Min 1967) 

Proper stevedore dress, before- 
operation checks, during-operation 
safety measures, and correct techni- 
ques for handling cargo. 

TF 55-3819 Wat?r Terminal Safety-Part Il-Safety in 

Beach and Holding Operations 

(B&W 14 Min 1967) 

Safety practices related to: 1) 
lighterage operations at shipside, 
2) movement over the beach, 3) op- 
erations in transit holding area, 
and 4) warehouse storage activi- 

TF 55-3895 External Cargo Loading for Helicopters 

(B&W 31 Min 1968) 

Procedures and equipment used 
in preparing, rigging, and hooking 
up typical cargo loads for external 
lift by helicopters; and derigging 
and recovery of slings, nets, and 

TF 55-3918 Unit Movement by Air-Part IV- 


(B&W 15 Min 1968) 

How a unit goes through the 
marshalling process activities at 
the base camp, marshalling camp, 
alert holding area, call forward 
area, and the loading ramp area. 

TF 55-3942 Motor Transport Service Line Haul 


(B&W 27 Min 1968) 

Describes the basic concepts of 
planning and operating a motor 
transport line haul service in a the- 
ater of operation, focusing on the 
semitrailer relay method of mov- 
ing supplies and functioning of a 
truck terminal and a trailer trans- 
fer point. 

TF 55-3948 Military Railways 

(B&W 20 Min 1968) 

Depicts the diverse activities 
performed by the military railway 
service of the US Army Transpor- 
tation Corps during World War II 
in Iran, CBI, Alaska, and Europe. 

TF 55-3949 Mohawlc Crash Rescue Procedures 

(Color 19 Min 1968) 

Safety procedures related to 
gaining access to cockpit, proper 
removal of occupants, and special 
handling of injured victims. 

TF 55-3955 Logistics Over the Shore 

(B&W 30 Min 1968) 

Shows how a transportation 
service company (TTSC) recon- 
noiters, plans, organizes, and op- 
erates a lots beach terminal under 
typical conditions, employing stand- 
ard concepts and doctrine for lots 
resupply operations. 

TF 55-3998 Winch Characteristics Electric, Hydraulic 

and Steam 
(B&W 25 Min 1969) 

Characteristics, preoperation 
checks and preparations, and op- 
eration of the two-speed steam 
winch, unit-type electric winch, and 
hydraulic winch used in military 
stevedoring. Advantages and limi- 


TF 55 Transportation 

tations of each type are pointed 

TF 55-4046 The LARC XV -Part l-Land Characteriitics 

(B&W 30 Min 1969) 

Characteristics, cargo capacity, 
and operation on various types of 
terrain; methods used for unload- 
ing cargo, ramp operation, and pre- 
operational checks and prepara- 

TF 55-4047 The LARC XV-Port II Water Characteristics 

(B&W 21 Min 1969) 

Construction features related 
to water operation, preparations for 
marine drive, water operations, 
and changeover from marine drive 
to land operation. 

TF 55-4048 The LARC XV-Part Ill-Maintenance 

(B&W 32 Min 1969) 

Preventive maintenance per- 
formed by the operator and crew- 
man: preoperational checks in the 
parking area, at halt checks in the 
cargo area, and after operation 
checks in the parking area. 

TF 55-4066 Unit Movement by Air-Part VII- 

Dangerous Cargo 

(Color 23 Min 1969) 

Introduces the basic principles 
and practices for the safe hand- 
ling of dangerous cargo belonging 
to a unit preparing for airlift. 

TF 55-4067 Unit Movement by Air-Part VIII-Aeriol 

Port Operations 
(B&W 16 Min 1969) 

Describes activities of the 
Army and Air Force Task Force 
elements as they affect a unit un- 
dergoing an air move: departure 
airfield control group, arrival 
airfield control group, air lift con- 
trol element, and the aerial port 

TF 55-4097 Aircraft Maintenance Units in the Field 

(B&W 22 Min 1969) 

Describes the organization and 
functions of the transportation air- 
craft maintenance company, trans- 
portation aircraft direct support 
company, and transportation air- 
craft general support company. 

TF 55-4098 Ocean Terminal Operations and 


(Color 42 Min 1971) 
Describes functions of military 

traffic management and terminal 
service and the military sea trans- 
port service. Shows movement of 
cargo and flow of paperwork. 

TF 55-4167 The Safe Military Vehicle Operator- 

Part I Pre-Operation Maintenance 
and Loading 

(B&W 17 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates pre-operative in- 
spection of military vehicles; cov- 
ers forms and publications needed 
and the physical inspection. 

TF 55-4168 The Safe Military Vehicle Operator- 

Part II Normal Driving 

(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Presents guidelines for safe 
driving; covers pulling out, back- 
ing up, following, passing, brak- 
ing, stopping, taking curves, safe 
speeds, and hazards of secondary 

TF 55-4171 Military Stevedoring-Part Il-Slings 

and Bridles 

(B&W 20 Min 1971) 

Shows several types of slings 
and bridles and their uses; em- 
phasizes the importance of using 
the right equipment for the job. 

TF 55-4172 Military Stevedoring-Part VIII-Rigging 

Expedients for Heavy Lifts 

(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Shows several methods for 
doubling up standard riggings in 
such a way that they have a capa- 
bility for lifting heavier loads than 
one set alone. 

TF 55-4178 Organized Military Motor Movements- 

Part II Convoy Planning 

(Color 13 Min 1970) 

Describes aids to planning a 
successful road convoy, including 
map reconnaissance, strip maps, 
and road movement graphs and 

TF 55-4179 Organized Military Motor Movements- 

Part III Highway Regulation 

(B&W 11 Min 1971) 

Shows methods of regulating a 
motor movement. Describes highway 
traffic headquarters, highway regu- 
lation points, and critical time and 
point graph. 

TF 55-4219 Helicopter Ground Signals 

(B&W 15 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates hand signals for 
use by ground crews in guiding 
helicopters, both day and night. 


TF 55 Transportation 

TF 55-4239 U21 (UTE) Wing Removal and Replacement 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates proper method of 
removing and installing the out- 
board wings on the U21 aircraft. 

TF 55-4240 U21 (UTE) Landing Gear Removal and Re- 


(Color 24 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates proper method of 
removing, inspecting, installing and 
servicing the landing gear of the 
U21 aircraft. 

TF 55-4247 Truck, Utility, 1/4 Ton M151A2- 

Characteristics and Handling 
(Color 18 Min 1971) 

Gives important points in the 
operation of the M151A2 utility 
truck, and demonstrates the differ- 
ent uses of the truck. 

TF 55-4251 Aircraft Engine Diagnostic Equipment- 

Part I Vibration Meter 
(B&W 31 Min 1971) 

Describes components and con- 
trols of the kit, and demonstrates 
the operation of the meter. 

TF 55-4252 CH54 TARHE (Flying Crane)-Load 


(B&W 24 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates preparation of 
loads for single- and four-point hook- 
ups, and internal loading using the 
aircraft's removable pod. 

TF 55-4253 CH47 Chinook Load Operation 

(B&W 18 Min 1972) 

Demonstrated methods for pre- 
paring loads for the CH47 heli- 
copter; troop boarding, loading and 
lashing supplies inside the craft, 
and preparing external loads. 

TF 55-4254 Strobex Blade Tracking-CH-47 Chinook 

(B&W 16 Min 1971) 

Shows the components, instal- 
lation, and operation of the strobex 
unit for measuring, recording, and 
adjusting the blade tip path plane 
of the Chinook helicopter. 

TF 55-4257 Fiberglass Repairs 

(B&W 22 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates methods of re- 
pairing damage to fiberglass com- 
ponents of any equipment; shows 
how to patch solid and honeycomb 
sandwich panels, and illustrates 
safety precautions. 

TF 55-4259 

TF 55-4262 

TF 55-4267 

TF 55-4273 

TF 55-4274 

TF 55-4275 

Automotive Preventive Maintenance- 
Part I Before Operation 

(B&W 10 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates checks and ser- 
vices which should be made before 
any automotive vehicle is operated. 

Automotive Preventive Maintenance- 
Port II During Operation (HALT) 

(B&W 6 Min 1972) 

Shows the walkaround inspec- 
tion of an automobile while halted 
during a trip; also describes sights, 
smells, and sounds of trouble during 

Unit Movement by Air Part IX Shoring 

(B&W 10 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates purposes and 
methods of shoring in aircraft; in- 
cludes sleeper, rolling, parking, and 
bridge shoring. 

Ships Cargo Handling Gear: Nomenclature 

(B&W 12 Min 1972) 

Describes the common items of 
standing rigging, running rigging, 
and deck fitting, used to handle 
cargo aboard cargo ships. 

Transportation Cargo Documentation 
(B&W 23 Min 1972) 

Describes the forms which pro- 
vide control and accountability for 
cargo while en route from its source 
to its final destination; outlines 

T53-L-11 Gas Turbine Engine Storage 
and Preservation 

(B&W 23 Min 1971) 

Shows procedures for a heli- 
copter engine mechanic to put the 
engine in storage when the aircraft 
will not be flown for a period of 

Roll On/ Roll Off 

(B&W 25 Min 1972) 

Describes the concept of the 
'Ocean Ferry' and demonstrates 
some procedures used in loading, 
off-loading, and transporting ve- 
hicles aboard these ships. 

Transportation Motor Pool 

(B&W 15 Min 1972) 

Describes the organization and 
functions of the transportation 
motor pool in providing services 
concerned with commercial vehicles 
for on-highway use. 


TF 55 Transportation 

TF 55-4286 Stevedoring-Hatchcovors TF 55-4303 

(B&W 19 Min 1972) 

Shows procedures for opening 
and closing cargo ship hatchcovers, 
including boards and beams, pon- 
toon, quick opening, and hydraulic 

TF 55-4287 Rigging of the Seattle Hatch Tont 

(B&W 15 Min 1972) TF 55-4354 

Shows procedure for putting 
up and using the Seattle hatch 
tent, which protects a ship's cargo 
from inclement weather during 
loading and unloading from an open 

The Hardened Vehicle Concept in Convoy 

(Color 29 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates preparation of 
gun trucks and jeeps for defense 
against ambush, and shows planning 
and actions used to deter or counter 
an ambush. 

Containerize tion 

(B&W 16 16 Min 1972) 

Presents an overall view of the 
containerization concept ; advant- 
ages, types of containers, stuffing, 
loading, management, storage, and 
requirements for a terminal facility. 


FB 55 Transportation 

FB 55-232 Summer Movements in the Arctic 

(B&W 15 Min 1950) 

Terrain features of arctic and 
subarctic regions; problems of 
movement camping, and survival; 
use of various vehicles. 

FB 55-236 Cycloidal and Hydraulic Jet Propulsion 

(B&W 11 Min 1950) 

Principles and use of cycloidal 
and hydraulic propelled vessels; cy- 
cloidal propelled vessel contrasted 
with conventional type. 

FB 55-270 Steam Locomotive Firing 

(B&W 12 Min 1953) 
Illustrates the procedure for 

dropping old fire and putting on 
new fire in a steam locomotive. 

FB 55-271 The Locomotive Air Brake System 

(B&W 14 Min 1953) 

Discusses the location and func- 
tion of each component part, em- 
phasizing importance of keeping the 
air brake system in good operating 

FB 55-286 Icecap I 

(B&W 30 Min 1953) 

The story of the army trans- 
portation corps expendition across 
the greenland icecap in the spring 
and summer 1952. 


MF 55 Transportation 

MF 55-1135 Rolling the Rhine 

(B&W 10 Min 1945) 

The important role of trucks 
in maintaining supply lines in ETO 
during World War II. 

MF 55-5266 Ifs Your Move 

(Color 46 Min on 2 Reels 1967) 
Teaches army personnel and 
their dependents their rights and 
responsibilities when making a move 
of household goods from one mili- 
tary station to another. 

MF 55-7948 The Army Transportation Corps 

(B&W 27 Min 1953) 

Story of the Army TC, covering 
its history, responsibilities, train- 
ing program, and current operations 
at POE's, Korea and Europe. 

MF 55-7952 Transportation Corps Operations SUNAC 

(B&W 27 Min 1953) 

Depicts activities of 373d trans- 
portation unit during its mission 
in the arctic area to deliver cargoes 
in support of North Atlantic com- 

MF 55-8044 Navigation-Charts 

(B&W 15 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Meaning, advantages, and limi- 
tations of Mercator, Gnomonic, and 
Lambert conformal projections. 

MF 55-8045 Dead Reckoning 

(B&W 40 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Develops basic plan of mark 
3 board; plots in geographic posi- 
tion and solution of wind problem. 

MF 55-8046 Navigation Piloting (Surface) 

(B&W 18 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Stresses importance of accurate 
piloting; use of the bearing circle, 
compass repeater, and alidade in 
securing bearings. 

MF 55-8047 Navigation Fog Piloting (Surface) 

(B&W 23 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Illustrates the charting of 
courses with positions judged by 
fathometers, radio directional bear- 
ings, and the diaphone. 

MF 55-8048 Rules of the Nautical Road-The 'Halifax' 


(B&W 26 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how the 'Halifax Dis- 
aster' was caused by misinterpreta- 
tion of a ship's whistle signal. 

MF 55-8049 Rules of the Nautical Road-Meeting 

Steam Vessels 
(B&W 17 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Gives five examples of steam 
vessels meeting on high seas proper 
whistle signals for each situation 
how to figure turn of vessel. 

MF 55-8050 Rules of the Nautical Road-Overtaking 


(B&W 15 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Use of whistle signals on high 
seas and inland waters when over- 
taking application of the rules for 
overtaking vessels. 

MF 55-8051 Rules of the Nautical Road-Crossing 

Steam Vessels 
(B&W 15 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Definition of crossing general 
rules for international and inland 
waters; use of whistle signals in 

MF 55-8150 A Day in Court 

(B&W 32 Min 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the problem of traffic 
safety as a matter of the gravest 
national importance and the individ- 
ual driver's responsiblity. 

MF 558158 Helicopter Orientation Introduction to 

Rotary Wing Flight 

(B&W 28 Min 1953) 

Aerodynamic principles govern- 
ing rotary wing flight; primary 
functions of machine vertical flight, 
horizontal flight and directional 

MF 55-8243 Tractor Sled Operations (Icecap II) 

(Color 10 Min 1954) 

Tests conducted by TC in sum- 
mer, 1953, to determine practicality 
of hauling heavy tonnages over 
Greenland Icecap. 

MF 55-8245 Icecap II 

(B&W 28 Min 1954) 

Story of the Army Transporta- 
tion Corps expedition across the 
Greenland Icecap in 1953. 

MF 55-8458 Amphibious Warfare, the LCVP-Part II- 

Boat Handling 


MF 55 Transportation 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Demonstration of equipment 
checks, before starting engine checks, 
and gear checks are demonstrated. 
All phases of boat handling and 
securing are explained. 

MF 558460 Lookout Training Your Importance 

(B&W 4 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Explanation of lookout's duties, 
stressing importance of constant 
vigilance and immediate report (con- 
tact first, then f ollowup) . 

MF 558461 Lookout Training Bearings 

(B&W 4 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Procedure for determining re- 
lative bearings from line of ships 
course is discussed and demonstrat- 
ed with models. Explain correct 

MF 55-8462 Lookout Training Lookout 

(B&W 23 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Sky, horizon and surface search ; 
estimation of relative bearing and 
position angle; care of binoculars. 

MF 55-8463 Navigation The Earth 

(B&W 20 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Poles, great circles, parallels, 
meridians, longitude, latitude, nau- 
tical mile and departure. 

MF 55-8464 Navigation Nautical Astronomy 

(B&W 18 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

By animation shows how the 
celestial coordinates are placed in 
relation to earth. Describes use of 
declination, zenith point, NADIR 
line, etc. 

MF 55-8465 The Gyro Compass Principles of the 


(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Principles of gyroscope; shows 
three degrees of freedom of gyro- 
scope; further study of precession, 
rigidity, and apparent rotation. 

MF 55-8466 The Gyro Compass The Gryoscope and 

the Earth's Rotation 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How a simple gyroscope be- 
comes a gyro compass; principles 

of rigidity and precession, and ap- 
parent rotation and gravity. 

MF 55-8467 The Gyro Compass The Gyroscope and 


(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Theory and operation of pendu- 
lous and mercury ballistic type 
compasses; effect of gravity upon 

MF 558468 The Gyro Compass The Gyro Becomes a 


(B&W 15 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Why gyro turns toward meri- 
dian; how its motion is damped; 
how it is kept on meridian. 

MF 558469 The Gyro Compass The Compass Systems 

(B&W 16 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Five major assemblies of a 
Sperry Mark 14 gyro compass; op- 
eration of followup and repeater 

MF 55-8470 Officer of the Deck at Sea Part I 

(B&W 26 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

For officer indoctrinees and 
midshipmen information. Routine 
and unusual incidents, e.g., man 
overboard and near collision. 

MF 55-8471 Officer of the Deck in Port Part II 

(B&W 29 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

General survey of the duties 
of the O.D., J.O.D. and members of 
the watch while anchored in port. 

MF 55-8473 Handling, Stowing and Transportation of 

Explosives as Cargo on Board 
Merchant Vessels 
(B&W 63 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Loading capacity and stowage 
facilities of vessel; equipment used 
to load unload explosives. 

MF 55-8474 Damage Control Investigation to Damage 

(Color 18 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows damage control organiza- 
tion and emphasizes importance of 
careful investigation and reporting. 

MF 55-8475 Damage Control Elements of Stability 

in Ships 

(B&W 37 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 


MF 55 Transportation 

Employs miniature hull in glass 
tank filled with water to explain 
principle of buoyancy and gravity; 
effects of loading on stability; period 
of roll of ship. 

MF 55-8478 Painting Ships Bottoms Sandblasting 

(Color 10 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Continuous or intermittent sand- 
blast equipment, how it is set up 
and used; and how operator is cloth- 
ed during operation. 

MF 55-8479 Painting Ships Bottoms Hot and Cold 

Plastic Antifouling Paint 

(Color 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Discusses and illustrates: paint- 
ing ships bottoms with hot and cold 
plastic antifouling paints; good con- 
ditions for painting; preparation of 
paint, safety. 

MF 55-8481 Handling a Lifeboat Under Oars- 

RowingPart I 

(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows proper wrist and body 
movements in rowing; points out 
four phases of a complete stroke. 

MF 55-8482 Handling a Lifeboat Under Oars- 

CommandsPart II 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Explains commands pertinent 
to handling lifeboat under oars 
shows proper stance for coxswain 
and men. 

MF 55-8483 Shipbuilding Skills-Nomenclature of 

Ships Fundamentals 
(B&W 20 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows elementary ship's direc- 
tory; explains base, center, water, 
buttock and frame lines. Study of 
ship's structure. 

MF 55-8484 Shipbuilding Skills-Ship's Blueprints Basic 

(B&W 21 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Explains and illustrates steel 
structural elements used in ship- 
building; shows how they are de- 
picted on a blueprint. 

MF 55-8485 Shipbuilding Skills-The Shipfitter-Lifting 

Templates for a Foundation 
(B&W 23 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 
How to lift a template within 

ship's hull ; how to transfer shape 
of hull by use of measurements and * 

MF 55-8486 Shipbuilding Skills-Shipfttter-Simple 

Foundation Part II 

(B&W 16 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how layout man develops 
job from the templates; use of 
shears, burning torch, cold press 
and punch. 

MF 55-8487 Shipbuilding Skills Coppersmith Flaring 

and Reducing 

(B&W 18 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Flaring and reducing tubing; 
annealing, bumping, cleaning and 
finishing; shaping of copper pipes 
(by hand methods). 

MF 55-8488 Shipbuilding Skills-Blacksmith-Calculating 

and Bending Rings and Links 

(B&W 21 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Linear calculation of stock; 
forming of rings and links; forge 
welding; use of hand tools. 

MF 55-8489 Safety in Navy Yards 

(B&W 16 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Danger in not wearing safety 
apparel, safety rules for traffic, 
lifting, welding, etc. 

MF 55-8522 Shrinking and Stretching Angles 

(B&W 15 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Use of V-block; crimping pliers; 
crimping hammer, and special forms 
to stretch and shrink metal to desir- 
ed shape. 

MF 55-8523 Sheet Metal Hand Method of Forming 

(B&W 20 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Metal bumping on stakes, dol- 
lies, sand bag, bumping mold, and 
bending block. 

MF 55-8524 Rotary Machines 

(B&W 20 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Operation and care; how to 
bead, flange and crimp sheet metals. 

MF 55-8525 Machine Methods of Forming Sheet Metal 

(B&W 20 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How to curve sheet metal and 
shape curved parts. 


MF 55 Transportation 

MF 55-8535 

MF 55-8536 

MF 55-8538 

MF 55-8526 Bar Folder MF 55-8534 

(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Adjustments and parts; use in 
making flanges and hems. 

MF 55-8527 Ths Diesel Engine Scavenging and Super 


(B&W 16 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Operation of 2-stroke cycle, 
single and double acting engines 
and opposed engine; scavenging 
and super charging air. 

MF 55-8528 Diesel Engine Governors GM Series 71 

(B&W 12 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Operation of main governor as- 
semblies; action through low, inter- 
mediate, and high speed ranges. 

MF 55-8529 Diesel Lubrication and Cooling Systems 

GM 71 Series MF 55-8537 

(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

How oil courses through and 
lubricates each component part; ac- 
tion of ventilation system. 

MF 55-8530 Diesel Engine Fuel Systems 

(B&W 39 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Basic structure; operation of 
injectors and fuel pumps; examina- 
tion of air injector, Bosch, GM and 
Excello equipment. 

MF 55-8531 Cooper Bessmer Diesel Engine Fuel 

Injection Systems 
(B&W 14 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Operation of fuel injection sys- 
tem; examination of fuel pump; fuel j^p 55-8540 
delivery and pressure. 

MF 55-8532 Progressive Maintenance Diesel Propulsion 


(B&W 17 Min 1956) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Disassembly of main bearing, 
inspection and cleaning of bearing 
shells, reassembly of bearing. MF 55-8541 

MF 55-8533 Gray Marine Diesel Goes to War 

(B&W 14 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Twenty-two step procedure for 
starting new engine or after and 
inactive period of a week. 

MF 55-8539 

Gray Marine Diesel Go-s to War Service 

and Maintenance 

(B&W 25 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Service and maintenance after 
10, 20, 50, 150, 250 and 1,000 
hours of continuous running. 

Gray Marine Diesel GM Unit Injector- 
Removal and Replacement 
(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 
Removal of defective injector; 

replacement with spare; timing and 


Gray Marine Diesel GM Unit Injector- 
Cleaning and Repairing 
(B&W 25 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Disassembly, cleaning, inspect- 
ing and repair of injector and check 
valve popping injector test. 

Making a Wire Template 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Full scale drawing and proced- 
ures for bending template. 

Making a Hot Bend 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Complete process, from select- 
ing pipe and packing with sand, to 
heating and bending. 

General Motors Diesel Engine Unit 

Injector Maintenance 

(B&W 18 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Disassembly, cleaning and in- 
spection of parts; lapping of check 

General Motors Diesel Engine Unit 
Injectors Disassembly and Assembly 
Model 778 

(B&W 18 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Disassembly and reassembly pro- 
cedures: timing of rack; testing 
assembled injector. 

General Motors 16-278 A Diesel Engine- 

(B&W 35 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Inspection of blower rotors and 
pistons; removal of heads of wear 
ridge, connecting rod bearing; pull- 
ing of one piston. 


MF 55 Transportation 

MF 55-8542 General Motors 16-278 A Diesel Engine- 


(B&W 10 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Removal of main bearing; in- 
spection, 'miking' and installation 
of bearing shells. 

MF 55-8543 General Motors 16-278 A Diesel Engine- 

Part I Reassembly 
(B&W 22 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Installation of liner, piston as- 
sembly, cylinder head and rocker 
level assembly. 

MF 55-8544 General Motors 16-278 A Diesel Engine- 

Part II Reassembly Head 
(B&W 26 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Installation of injector and con- 
trols, valve bridges and rocker 
shaft; assembly and timing of in- 
jector and exhaust. 

MF 55-8545 General Motors 16-278A Diesel Engine- 

Part (-Bench Work 

(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 
Removal of valves, over speed 

trip assembly, transfer block and 

check valve. 

MF 55-8546 General Motors 16-278A Diesel Engine- 

Part Il-Bench Work 

(B&W 19 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Cleaning and inspecting head; 
'miking' guides and valves; resur- 
facing and lapping valves. 

MF 55-8547 General Motors 16-278A Diesel Engine- 

Part Ill-Bench Work 
(B&W 12 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 
Installation of valves, over 

speed trip transfer block; testing 
valve and relief valve assembly; 
starting air check valve. 

MF 55-8548 General Motors 16-278 A Diesel Engine- 

Part IV-Bench Work 

(B&W 26 Min 1956) 
(Adpoted Navy Film) 

Disassembly of piston assembly 
inspection and miking of piston 
components, checking ring clear- 
ance, reassembly of piston and rod, 
and inspection: miking of liner. 

MF 55-8549 Servicing the Zero Lash Valve Adjusters 

in Diesel Engines 
(B&W 37 Min 1955) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Operation, maintenance and re- 
pair of valve. 

MF 55-8631 Motor March Discipline 

(B&W 43 Min 1956) 

Normal column, dispersed col- 
umn and packet methods of motor 
march in day light; types of move- 
ment at night; details of move us- 
ing packet method. 

MF 55-8769 Safe Driving in Bad Weather-Part I- 

Light Vehicles 

(B&W 17 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Rules and proper techniques 
for driving in rain, snow and ice, 
on level, curved and sloping roads 
winter driving aids and precautions. 

MF 55-8770 Safe Driving in Bad Weather-Part II- 

Trucks and Tractor-Trailer 
(B&W 15 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Rules and proper techniques 
for driving in bad weather, on level 
and inclined terrain winter driv- 
ing equipment prevention and cor- 
rection of skids. 


FS 55 Transportation 

FS 55-30 Aircraft Carburetors 

(Color 92 FR 1956) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 
Classifications ; operating prin- 

ciples of various types; idling mix- 
ture and idling speed adjustment; 
inspection procedures; preparation 
for storage and installation. 


TG 55 Transportation 

TG 55-1 Truck Loading Right and Wrong TG 55-3-2 

(B&W 6 FR 1956) 

Illustrates the right and wrong 
ways of lashing a load and distribut- 
ing the payload on trucks and 

TG 55-3-3 

TG 55-4-1 

TG 5521 Loading, Blocking, and Bracing Military 

Vehicles on Railroad Cars 

(Color 12 FR 1971) 

Illustrates the proper methods 
of loading, clocking and bracing sev- 
eral types of military vehicles on 
wooden deck railway flatcars. 

G 55-3-1 Speedometer Decal With Kilometers for 

Overseas Use 

T 55-3-1 Drivers' Traffic Safety Education 

(Color 35 Fr 1965) 

Course material consists of (A) TG 55-4-2 
program of instruction, (B) in- 
structor's guide book, (C) set of 35 
color transparencies showing num- 
erous traffic safety situations and 
proper driving techniques for each. 

Transportation Driving Tips 

(Color 15 FR 1971) 

Use situation illustrations to 
show good and bad driving habits. 
Includes curves, hills, intersections, 
lane driving, convoy procedures, 
passing techniques, and night 

Loading and Lashing Cargo on Military 

(B&W 8 FR 1971) 

Crash-Rescue Procedures OV-1 Mohawk 

(Color 13 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the procedures for 
cockpit access, safetying seat cock- 
pit deactivation, proper removal of 
occupant, and handling the fire ex- 
tinguisher access areas of a crashed 

Helicopter External Lift and Signals 
(B&W 27 FR 1968) 

Illustrates the helicopter exter- 
nal lift hand signals during hookup, 
takeoff, hover, approach, and land- 


43. 57-Series; Airborne 

MF 57-5201 

Free Fall Safety Procedures 

(Color 19 Min 1966) 

MF 57 Airborne 

Packing and wearing parachute 
equipment; proper parachute tech- 
niques landing on land and water, 
jumping with a static line, and ex- 
ecuting free fall jumps. 


MF 60 Amphibious Operations 

44. 60-Series; Amphibious Operations 

MF 60-5238 Amphibious Operations Planning and 

Command Relationships 

(Color 37 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how the amphibious task 
force commander and landing force 
commander carry out concurrent 
and parallel planning, organize staff 
work, and coordinate all elements 
for an amphibious assault operation. 

MF 60-5239 Amphibious Operations Intelligence 

(Color 31 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how intelligence informa- 
tion is gathered and disseminated 
during the planning and execution 
of an amphibious landing. 

MF 605240 Amphibious Operations Logistics: 

Preparing for the Assault 
(Color 25 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows what planning is requir- 
ed by task force and landing force 
commanders' staffs in computing 
logistic requirements to support am- 
phibious operations covering the 4 
categories: supply, medical support, 
transportation, and service support. 

MF 60-5241 Amphibious Operations Logistics: The 


(Color 22 Min 1967) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how equipment and sup- 
plies are transferred from ships to 
landing beach during an assault; 
how logistical facilities are establish- 
ed inland to support ground troops; 
and how logistical support is provid- 
ed by shore and helicopter support 

MF 60-5242 Amphibious Operations The Ship-to-Shore 


(Color 26 Min 1967) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how a ship-to-shore 
movement of a landing force is plan- 
ned and executed. Focus is placed 
on basic organization, sequence of 
movement, and logistical problems 
involved in waterborne and heliborne 
ship-to-shore movements. 

MF 605243 Amphibious Operations Communications: 

Preparing for ths Assault 
(Color 16 Min 1967) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the dual planning re- 
sponsibilities of the communications 
officers of the amphibious task force 
and the landing force in preparing 
for an assault, pointing up the com- 
munications problems considered 
during planning, embarkation, re- 
hearsal and movement phases up to 

MF 605244 Amphibious Operations Communications: 

The Assault 

(Color 22 Min 1967) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how communications are 
established, utilized, and expanded 
during an assault, focusing on com- 
munications for: ship-to-shore move- 
ment, coordination of close air and 
naval fire support, and troop logis- 
tical support. 

MF 605354 Amphibious Operations Ship-to-Shore 

Boat Group Tactics 

(Color 21 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the organization, 
planning, and tactics used by the 
boat group in executing a ship-to- 
shore movement of men and equip- 
ment in enemy territory as part of 
a division wing strength landing 

MF 60-5355 Amphibious Operations Supporting Arms 


(Color 27 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes how naval, air, and 
artillery fire support is coordinated 
during the planning and execution 
of an amphibious assault. Organiza- 
tion and missions of SACC, FSCC, 
are discussed. 

MF 60-5356 Amphibious Operations The Battalion 

Landing Team in the Surface Assault 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Depicts the planning and execu- 
tion of a surface assault at the 
battalion landing team level, as part 


MF 60 Amphibious Operations 

MF 60-5357 

MF 60-5358 

MF 60-5359 

MF 60-5360 

MF 60-5361 

MF 60-5363 

MF 60-5364 

of a division wing strength landing 

Amphibious Operations the Shore Party 

(Color 25 Min 1969) MF 60-5362 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the organization, plan- 
ning, and tactics used by a task 
organized shore party to facilitate 
movement of men. equipment, and 
supplies across the beach in enemy 
territory, as part of a division wing 
strength landing force. 

Amphibious Operations the Ship-to-Shore 
Surface Assault 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the planning and 
execution of the ship-to-shore sur- 
face assault by a marine landing 
force of division wing strength, high- 
lighting the coordinated action of 
the naval transport team and bat- 
talion landing team. 

Amphibious Operations the Ship-to-Shore 
Helicopterborne Assault 

(Color 29 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the organization, plan- 
ning, and execution of the ship-to- 
shore helicopterborne assault at the 
battalion landing team level, with 
particular focus on how communica- 
tion nets are used during lift, land- 
ing, and combat phases. 

Amphibious Operations Artillery Planning MF 60-5365 

and Employment 

(Color 15 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the formulation and 
elements of the artillery support 
plan, organization for embarkation 
and ship-to-shore movement of artil- 
lery units and equipment, establish- 
ment of artillery position and mass- 
ing of fire on targets. 

Amphibious Operations Air and Naval 

Gunfire Liaison Company, Organization MF 605366 

and Functions 

(Color 20 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the organization and 
functions of a USMC air and naval 

gunfire liaison company in support 
of a US Army or allied division 
in an amphibious assault. 

Amphibious Operations Embarkation- 
Combat Loading Planning 

(Color 20 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how a combat loading 
plan in support of an amphibious 
assault is developed at the ship 
and embarkation team level. 

Amphibious Operations Embarkation, 
Combat Loading of Amphibious Ships 

(Color 16 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Depicts the plans, equipment, 
and techniques used by the embarka- 
tion team to load men, equipment, 
and supplies of a marine division 
and marine air wing embarked for 
an amphibious assault on enemy 

Amphibious Operations the LST 1173 
Class Description, Beaching and 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the characteristics, 
capability, and operation of the LST 
1173 used to land troops and sup- 
plies on enemy held beaches. High- 
lighted are the planning and execu- 
tion of beaching, retraction, and 
causeway operations. 

Amphibious Operations the Landing Craft 
Vehicle-Personnel (LCVP)-Description 
and Operation 
(Color 22 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Describes the characteristics, 
capability, and operation of the 
LCVP, the smallest of the general 
purpose landing craft. Highlighted 
are: casting off and approaching a 
pier, ship-to-shore movement, beach- 
ing and retracting. 

Amphibious Operations the Landing Craft 
Mechanized MK-6 (LCM-o), Description 
and Operation 

(Color 25 Min 1969) 
(Film is FOUO) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 
Describes the characteristics, 


MF 60 Amphibious Operations 

MF 60-5367 

capabilities, and techniques of oper- 
ating- the multipurpose landing 
craft, LCM-6. Highlighted are the 
procedures for clearing, maneuver- 
ing, and beaching the craft. 

Amphibious Operations Waterproofing 
Landing Force Communications 

(Color 22 Min 1969) 

(Film is FOUO) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Shows how landing force radios 
and associated test equipment, tools, 
and spare parts are waterproofed 
to withstand the hazards of mois- 
ture and shock during amphibious 


45. 61 -Series; Supervision, Office 
Operations, Management, ADP 

TF 61-1771 Production Control Part I 

(B&W 11 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How management regulates pro- 
duction output to meet fluctuating 
product requirements routing, 

scheduling, dispatching, and follow- 

TF 61-1772 Production Control Part II 

TF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

(B&W 11 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Emphasizes scheduling, dis- 
patching, and followup; use of 
master and shop schedules; dis- 
patching in centralized and decen- 
tralized forms. 

TF 61-3291 Performance Counseling (Commissioned 

(B&W 21 Min 1963) 

Aimed at senior officers value 
and helpful guidelines for effective 
performance counseling benefits of 
non-directive method of counseling. 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

MF 61-5233E 

MF 61-1093 For Safety's Sake 

(B&W 15 Min-^1944) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Safe handling of portable power 

MF 61-1165 Another Snowball Conference MF 61-5233B 

(B&W 10 Min 1945) 

Elimination of unnecessary con- 
ferences results in constructive ac- 

MF 61-1432 Maintaining Good Working Conditions 

(B&W 9 Min 1948) MF 61-5233C 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Increased production and better 
satisfied workers result from im- 
proved working conditions. 

MF 61-5006 The Managerial Grid 

(B&W 34 Min 1964) MF 61-5233D 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture by Dr. R. Blake on the 
different approaches to management, 
and how they relate to creativity, 
commitment and conflict. 

MF 61-5024 Manager Wanted 

(B&W 27 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Points out to managers to qual- 
ities necessary for effective handling 
of subordinates so that they can 
grow in the company. 

MF 61-5139 The Way I See It (Supervision) 

(B&W 23 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Portrays a conflict between a 
supervisor and employee to point up 
the problem of human perception in 
evaluating situations and other 
peoples' views. 

MF 61-5211 The New Truck Dilemma (Supervision) 

(Color 21 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture by Dr. Norman R. F. 
Maier, University of Michigan, on 
decision making process, and its im- 
portance for effective supervision. 

MF 61-5217 Something to Work For (Supervision) 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Role of managers as motivators 
of people principles and problems 
of motivation good supervision as 
key to effective motivation. 

MF 61-5233A Avoiding Communication Breakdown MF 615279 

(Color 24 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

MF 61-5269 

MF 61-5278 

Lecture by Dr. David K. Berlo, 
Chairman, Department of Communi- 
cations, Michigan State University, 
on principal causes for and how to 
avoid communication breakdown. 

Meanings Are in People 
(Color 22 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Fundamentals of communication 

and how to get the message through 

to subordinates. 

Communication Feedback 

(Color 22 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How communication feedback is 
provided, and how it can be used 
for successful management. 

Changing Attitudes Through 
(Color 23 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How people resist change, and 
how the manager can recognize and 
cope with employee resistance. 

Communicating Management's Point 
of View 

(Color 23 Min 1966) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
How the manager can develop 

and apply the art of persuasive 


The Extra Step 

(Color 32 Min 1967) 

(Adopted CSC Film) 

Film is addressed to govern- 
ment employees serving the public, 
particularly via the telephone 
media. Undesirable and desirable 
telephone service is portrayed to 
show how it affects government ef- 
ficiency and creates impressions on 
the public. Professional, courteous 
service is stressed. 

Everybody's Prejudiced (Equal 

(B&W 20 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Examines the different forms 
of prejudice and their impact on 
society: prejudice based on past 
experience, on 'good authority,' on 
assumption, and on emotion. 

Who Can Help Harry? 

(Army's Position Management 
Program ) 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

(Color 20 Min 1968) 

The story of Harry, a represen- 
tative manager, who is faced with 
the inevitable consequence of un- 
planned organizational growth, 
points up the need to apply the 
army's position management pro- 
gram to assure sound management 
of civilian positions. 

MF 61-5326 The Rating of Time Studies 

(Silent B&W 8 Reels, 84 Min 
Total 1964) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Depicts 24 typical manufactur- 
ing and clerical operations. Each 
reel presents 3 operations perform- 
ed at 5 different speeds for evalua- 
tion purposes. 

MF 61-5327 The Rating of Time Studiss-Offlce Work 


(Silent B&W 4 Reels, 35 Min 
Total 1967) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Depicts 12 typical office work 
operations. Each reel presents 3 
operations performed at 5 different 
speeds for evaluation purposes. 

MF 61-5338 "You're Coming Along Fine." 

(Performance Appraisal) 
(Color 23 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A performance appraisal case 
study illustrates the appraisal pro- 
cess and the human interaction be- 
tween employees and managers, and 
underscores the need for honest and 
effective evaluation. 

MF 61-5341 The Anatomy of a Presentation 

(Color 36 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Techniques for planning, pre- 
paring, and delivering an effective 
presentation at a committee, staff, 
or board meeting. 

MF 61-5342 The Heritage of the Uncommon Man 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A lecture by J. Lewis Powell, 
management consultant, on the qual- 
ities of 'the uncommon man,' The 
potentially successful individual 
who turns opportunity into achieve- 

MF 61-5349 Work Measurement Works 

(B&W 23 Min 1969) 
Work measurement in action il- 

lustrates the value of the program 
in four areas : improving work meth- 
ods, scheduling and controlling 
work, determining productivity, 
and forecasting resource require- 

MF 61-5516 What a Wonderful World it Would Be 

(Zero Defects) 

(Color 25 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the story of an au- 
tomobile factory worker who awak- 
ens to the value of a zero defects 
attitude on the job as a result of a 
personal tragedy. 

MF 61-5517 Sauce for the Gander (Zero Defects) 

(Color 25 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

A supervisor, who expects per- 
fection from others, examines his 
own attitudes towards his work and 
realizes that the zero defects con- 
cept also applies to him. 

MF 61-5519 The Necessary Worker (Work 


(Color 11 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

This film illustrates the applica- 
tion and results of the work simpli- 
fication process in an inventory rec- 
ords office. 

MF 61-5520 Perceptive Management (Work 


(Color 11 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Reviews the history and prin- 
ciples of the work simplification pro- 
cess; and presents examples of in- 
dustrial work simplification improve- 
ments as they occurred in a large 

MF 61-5521 The Work Distribution Chart (Work 


(Color 16 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

This film describes the prepara- 
tion and application of the work dis- 
tribution chart in the work sim- 
plification program. 

MF 61-5526 There is No End to Improvement 

(Work Simplification) 

(Color 19 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

This film shows how an aircraft 
company applied the principles of 
work simplification to achieve pro- 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

MF 61-5592 

duction improvements in rocket tube 

MF 61-5529A The Effective Executive Series- 

Managing Time 

(Color 23 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 61-5588 

Mr. Peter F. Drucker, manage- 
ment consultant, lectures on the im- 
portance of knowing where the time 
goes, and using the time for the 
things that really matter, to achieve 
effective executive performance. 

MF 61-55298 The Effective Executive Seriss-What MF 61-5591 

Can I Contribute? 

(Color 23 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture on the responsibility of 
the new executive to gain the under- 
standing of his subordinates, and 
contribute to the performance and 
results of the company. 

MF 61-5529C The Effective Executive Series Focus on 


(Color 21 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture on the problem of al- 
locating resources and the import- 
ance of investing resources for fu- 
ture company growth. 

MF 61-5529D The Effective Executive Saries-Effectiv* 


(Color 23 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture on the considerations 
and procedure that should be ap- 
plied by executives for effective de- 

MF 61-5529E The Effective Executive Series-Staffing MF 61-5613 

for Strength 

(Color 26 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture on how the executive 
should utilize manpower to make 
strength productive and weakness 

MF 61-5535 A Case of Insubordination? 

(Color 20 Min 1970) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Three versions of a typical MF 61-5614 
grievance-arbitration case are enact- 
ed to show the influence of per- 
ceptual factors on supervisory-sub- 
ordinate relations. 

MF 61-5587 Executive Order 11491 (Labor Relations 

in US Government) 
(Color 25 Min 1971) 

MF 61-5612 

Describes the history and pre- t 
sent state of labor-management re- \ 
lations in the Federal Government; 
stresses the contribution of execu- 
tive order 11491. 

Opportunity for a Lifetime 

(Color 29 Min 1971) 

Describes the army's civilian 
career management program through 
the viewpoint of a career employee 
who has become a top manager 
through the program. 

Charles Babbage the Magnificient Failure 


(B&W 23 Min 1971) 

Outlines the attempt of Charles 
Babbage to design and produce a 
computation machine in the nine- 
teenth century. 

Those Magnificent Men and Their 
Punchcard Machines 
(B&W 20 Min 1971) 

Traces the history of data pro- 
cessing machines from the invention 
of the punchcard in the 1880's 
through the early punchcard com- 
puters, such as Eniac and Univac. 

Meeting in Progress (Conference 

(Color 40 Min 1970) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Shows a typical conference 

meeting, stopping the leadership. 

Shows a conference, asks questions 

at critical points, and then answers 

the questions. 

Motivation to Work the Modern Meaning 
of Efficiency 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dr. Frederick Herzberg, Profes- 
sor of Psychology, Case Western Re- 
serve University, discusses the im- 
portance of being human as well 
as efficient; balancing the need for 
control with the need for individual 

Motivation to Work KITA (or What Have 
You Done for Me Lately) 
(Color 22 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dr. Herzberg explains the dif- 
ference between the way employees 
are treated and the way they are 
used ; the effects of changes in either 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

MF 61-5615 Motivation to Work-Job Enrichment 

in Action 

(Color 20 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dr. Herzberg explains how to 
change a job so that it means more 
to the employee; distinguishing be- 
tween valuable changes, or 'motiva- 
tion,' and valueless changes, or 'job 

MF 61-5616 Motivation to Work-Building a Climate 

for Individual Growth 

(Color 27 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An employee who does not grow 
in his job becomes less useful to the 
company. This film stresses how to 
allow the person to grow in his job. 

MF 61-5617 Motivation to Work-the ABC Man: the 

Manager in Mid-Career 

(Color 20 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A manager who does not keep 
up with changes in his field will 
find himself becoming obsolescent. 
The film stresses the need for keep- 
ing up to date. 

MF 615659 Power of Suggestion 

(Color 24 Min 1972) 

Gives examples of how the 
army's suggestion program is valu- 
able both to the suggestor and to the 

MF 61-5664 Second Effort 

(Color 26 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Likens the fundamentals of a 
successful football player to those 
of a successful salesman. Vince 
Lombard! stresses the qualities of 
dedication, determination, mental 
toughness, and control. 

MF 61-5679 The Union Steward and You 

(Color 15 Min 1971) 


(Adopted Navy Film) 

Gives guidelines to the first- 
line supervisor on how to establish 
a successful working relationship 
with the union steward. 

MF 61-5683 That Job Interview 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Gives the separating service- 
man a few leads on how to prepare 
himself for job interviews. Several 

examples show the right and wrong 
ways for him to handle himself 
during the interview. 

MF 61-5685 The Rise of Labor 

(Color 30 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows the history of the Ameri- 
can labor movement; focuses on the 
events that led to the granting of 
bargaining powers to labor unions. 

MF 61-5687 A Time for Decision (Alcoholism) 

(Color 30 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A woman whose husband is an 
alcoholic gets information about the 
problem from several sources. She 
presents this information to him 
and tells him that the decision on 
what course to follow is now his. 

MF 61-5688 The Way Out (Minority Employment) 

(Color 41 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discusses the problem of the 
'hard core unemployable' from sev- 
eral points of view. 

MF 61-5690 To Your Health (Alcoholism) 

(Color 9 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Using animation, some of the 
affects of alcohol in the body are 
described. Also, some reasons why 
people drink and become alcoholics 
are explored. 

MF 61-5692 Need for Decision (Alcoholism) 

(B&W 9 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes a typical case of 
the problem of alcoholism in in- 

MF 61-5693 Sick Leave-Use and Abuse (Civilian) 

(Color 30 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Dramatizes several cases of sick 
leave abuse, showing the reasons 
behind some excuses for taking sick 
leave; shows how the supervisor 
should handle each case. 

MF 61-5694 A Measure of Understanding 

(Color 27 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the importance of un- 
derstanding what a person means 
as well as what he says. Explains 
how to bridge this communication 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operation*, Management, ADP 

MF 61-5697 The Bill of Rights in Action-Equal 


(Color 22 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Dramatizes the case of a white 
worker who charges discrimination 
when a black worker with less sen- 
iority is given a promotion they 
both applied for. 

MF 61-7619 Working With Other Supervisors 

(B&W 8 Min 1950) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Several supervisors discuss one 
of their colleagues who has been 
unable to work harmoniously with 

MF 61-7620 Every Minute Counts 

(B&W 10 Min 1950) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Causes and remedies for ex- 
cessive absenteeism and tardiness. 

MF 61-7621 The Supervisor as a Leader Part I 

(B&W 14 Min 1950) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Several workmen discuss the 
qualification of a good supervisor. 

MF 61-7622 The Supervisor as a Leader Part II 

(B&W 12 Min 1950) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Four supervisors discuss the 
qualities of leadership; dramatized 
incidents illustrate the points made. 

MF 61-7765 Instructing the Worker on the Job 

(B&W 14 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

A dramatized incident illustrates 
the difference between telling, show- 
ing and instructing. 

MF 61-7766 Supervising Workers on the Job 

(B&W 10 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

By dramatized incidents, the 
poor results of various kinds of im- 
proper supervision are made ap- 
parent and the better methods in- 

MF 61-7767 Supervising Women Workers 

(B&W 11 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

A line supervisor and foremen 
discuss the factors to be considered 
in supervising women workers. 

MF 61-7768 Improving the Job 

(B&W 10 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

A workman suggests methods A 
of improving the job so as to prevent I 

tiro o4-A 

MF 61-7769 Maintaining Quality Standards 

(B&W 11 Min 1951) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

By dramatized incidents, the 
nature of quality standards and the 
role of the supervisor in maintain- 
ing them are illustrated. 

MF 61-7771 Safety in the Shop 

(B&W 12 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Emphasizes the supervisor's re- 
sponsibility in teaching and main- 
taining safe practices in the shop. 

MF 61-7772 Introducing the New Worker to His Job 

(B&W 16 Min 1951) 

(Adopted OE Film) 

Dramatization of proper and 
improper methods of orienting a new 
employee on his job. 

MF 61-7775 Maintaining Workers' Interest 

(B&W 13 Min 1951) 
(Adopted OE Film) 

Supervisors are shown how to 
detect and remedy situations of wan- 
ing interest for the job. 

MF 61-8057 The Inner Man Steps Out 

(B&W 33 Min 1952) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Defines the importance and de- 
velopment of effective human rela- 
tions in the shop, office and com- 

MF 61-8264 The Story of a Main Street Merchant 

(B&W 44 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

The manager of a J. C. Penney 
Co. store lives up to the principles 
of honor, integrity, loyalty and serv- 

MF 618403 Personnel Management Supervisory 


(B&W 14 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Dramatized, attitude-forming 

film on the purpose and value of 

training programs. 

MF 618404 Personnel Management Communications 

(B&W 13 Min 1954) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows need for effective com- 
munication in industry, not only in 
sales and production operations, but 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operation*, Management, ADP 

MF 61-8867F 

MF 61-8989 

also in matters concerning the whole 

MF 61-8413 All I Need is a Conference MF 61-8867D 

(B&W 30 Min 1955) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An industrial problem is solved 
by a conference of supervisors 
dramatization depicts 'conference 
leader' functions and suggested tech- 

MF 61-8659 Commencement MF 61-8867E 

(B&W 26 Min 1956) 
(Adopted Film) 

Promotes the theme of nondis- 
crimination in employment and how 
to carry out this policy in connection 
with Executive Order 10590, 18 Jan 

MF 61-8687 Production 5118 

(Color 30 Min 1957) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Narrative revolving about a 
business executive stresses the gold- 
en rule to achieve best business and 
personal relations. 

MF 61-8810 Working for the U.S.A. 

(B&W 14 Min 1957) 

(Adopted Film) 

Aimed to attract high school 
graduates into federal civil service 
covers scope, requirements, and 
benefits of government employment. 

MF 61-8867A Just What is General Semantics? 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Factors in communication that j^p 61-8991 
lead to misunderstanding; import- 
ance of analyzing speech patterns 
to understand and prevent unrealis- 
tic behavior. 

MF 61-8867B Do You Know a Statement of Fact? 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Difference between statement of MF 61-9006 
fact and inference; importance and 
consequence of an awareness of this 
difference as related to human be- 

MF 61-8867C Who Do People Misunderstand Each 


(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) MF 61-9045A 

How words may lead to mis- 
understanding between people; im- 
portance of open-minded listener 

and sincere speaker for effective 

What Is a Good Observer? 
(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Difference between a good and 

bad observer; how our habits of 

observing affect the way we talk; 

relation of good observation to 

mental maturity. 

On the Difference Between Words and 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How attention to words alone 
leads to distorted descriptions or 
judgment of a person or thing, and 
how this relates to human behavior. 

The Man Who Knows It All 
(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Consequences of the 'disease of 
allness' when speaking how this 
attitude hinders learning, creates 
ill will, and leads to bigotry. 

The Time is Now (Supervisor 

Development) (With Five Related Film 

Clips One for Each Requisite for 


(B&W 30 Min 1960) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Defines the five requisites nec- 
essary for high level supervision 
respect for craftsmanship, team- 
work, integrity, planning, and 

The Eye of the Beholder 
(B&W 30 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows that no two people can 
observe the same situation the same 
way, and the errors in judgment 
likely to occur in perceiving of 

This is Automation 

(Color 30 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Application and advantages of 
automation in industry progressive 
steps to automation equipment and 
principles of automotion applied to 
various manufacturing operations. 

The Follow-Through (Supervision) 

(B&W 9 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Story of a supervisor who fail- 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operation*, Management, ADP 

ed to follow-through on a job he 
assigned. This results in a missed 
deadline and poor office morale. 

MF 61-9045B How Much Cooperation (Supervision) 

(B&W 7 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A supervisor encounters diffi- 
culty in getting a volunteer to work 
on Saturday due to poor morale 
resulting from a previous overtime 

MF 61-9045C Bright Young Newcomer (Supervision) 

(B&W 7 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A senior clerk resists the ideas 
of a new girl for a better filing 
system and asks the office manager 
to pull the reins on the newcomer. 

MF 61-9045D In the Middle (Supervision) 

(B&W 7 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A supervisor, attempting to hold 
on to new help in a slack period, in- 
curs the anger of an older employee 
and the criticism of his boss. 

MF 61-9045E Promotion By-Pass (Supervision) 

(B&W 8 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A younger employee is picked 
for a promotion over an older em- 
ployee. The older employee decides 
to quit. 

MF 61-9045F The Grapevine (Supervision) 

(B&W 8 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An entire organization suffers 
from confusion and loss of efficiency 
due to erroneous information passed 
into the rumor-mill by the boss' 

MF 61-9087A The Clerk 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problems of office clerk, dis- 
satisfied with routine and sameness 
of job, who aspires to a more di- 
versified type position with more 

MF 61-9087B The Man on the Assembly Lin. 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problems of assembly line 
worker, who feels his work is me- 
chanical and management does not 
recognize him as a human being with 
a brain and emotions. 

MF 61-9087C The Skilled Worker 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) * 

(Adopted Commercial Film) ' 

Problem of skilled worker, who 
loses his position because the com- 
pany is replacing his operation with 
a new machine. 

MF 61-9087D The General Foreman 


(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A man who has advanced from 
the assembly line to position of gen- 
eral foreman finds himself beset by 
conflicts in his role as foreman, 
father, and friend. 

MF 61-9087E The Department Manager (Supervision) 

(B&W 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

An automotive design engineer, 
promoted to department manager, 
makes a poor administrator both 
from the standpoint of subordinates 
and management. 

MF 61-9087F The Vice President 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problem of a new vice-president 
who enjoys the challenges of the 
new job and life, but feels the alone- 
ness that is inevitable to high posi- I 

MF 61-9119 More Than Words 

(Color 14 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Common communication prob- 
lems related to management; how 
the what, why, how, when, and who 
method provides a planned approach 
to communication; importance of 
'unspoken' communication. 

MF 61-9245 B The Hidden Grievance (Supervision) 

(B&W 7 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How sensitivity in recognizing 
and understanding underlying 
causes of employee grievance helps 
to handle it satisfactorily. 

MF 61-9245C Personality Conflict 

(B&W 6 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Shows what happens when two 
conflicting personalities must work 
together to stimulate discussion on 
adjustments supervisors must make. 

MF 61-9245D The Personal Problem 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

MF 61-9245E 

MF 61-9245F 

MF 61-9321 

MF 61-9359 

MF 61-9674 

MF 61-9715 

MF 61-9751 

(B&W 6 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Nature and extent of help su- 
pervisor should give employee with 
a personal problem which affects 
job efficiency. 

Enforcing Rules and Procedures 

(B&W 9 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problems encountered in set- 
ting up reasonable shop rules; pro- 
cedures and methods for effective 

Delegating Work (Supervision) 

(B&W 8 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Problem of supervisor's failure 
to delegate work properly effects 
on supervisor and workers so far 
as efficiency and personal well-being. 

What Emotional Health Looks Like 

(B&W 55 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Film) 

Lecture by Drs. H. and B. 
Overstreet on human behavior pat- 
terns to assist managers and execu- 
tives in personnel management. 

How Good is a 'Good Guy' 
(B&W 21 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Attitudes and actions that de- 
termine quality of supervision de- 
monstration of ineffectual and ef- 
fective practices in human relations 
and supervision. 

Breaking the Delegation Barrier 

(Color 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How delegation of authority can 
increase efficiency and promote per- 
sonal growth at all levels of man- 

Pattern for Instruction 

(B&W 22 Min 1964) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Principles of learning, and tech- 
nique used in four-step methods of 
training people to do new jobs ; bene- 
fits of good training for worker and 

Let's Arbitrate Seniority vs Ability 
(B&W 37 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Procedural aspects of arbitra- 
tion and role of impartial arbitrator 

in resolving disputes between labor 
and management over employee 

MF 61-9752 The Grievance 

(B&W 30 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

What constitutes a legitimate 
employee grievance and how a 
typical grievance is processed to ob- 
tain a fair solution to the problem. 

MF 61-9753 The Shop Steward 

(B&W 22 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Duties in labor-management 
relations: checks on shop safety, 
personnel actions, labor contract 
violations, grievances and meetings 
with his men. 

MF 61-9809 Pert Milestone System Introduction 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

Objectives, fundamentals, im- 
plementation and potential of Navy's 
pert milestone system used in man- 
agement of the missile research and 
development program (management 
system for research and develop- 
ment programs). 

MF 61-9858 Effeetiva Naval Leadership The Case of 

the Early Leave 
(B&W 13 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Navy Film) 

An officer refuses to permit his 
men to start their leave prior to 
official starting time factors affect- 
ing his decision are discussed. 

MF 61-9859 Performance Evaluation 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Air Force Film) 

Traits and duties of good super- 
visor; value and techniques of per- 
formance appraisal orienting a 
new employee and evaluating an old- 
er employee. 

MF 61-9894 Problem Solving in Groups 

(B&W 25 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Advantages of problem solving 
in groups; difficulties encountered 
and recommendations for effective 
problem solving in groups. 

MF 61-9895 Emotional Styles in Human Behavior 

(B&W 29 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Appraisal of virtues and prob- 


MF 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

lems of the helper, the achiever, 
and the thinker in human relations, 
with focus on developing potential 
of managers. 

MF 61-9896 A Theory of Management Development 

(B&W 30 Min 1965) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Nature of individual manager 
and management development pro- 
cess approaches to management de- 
velopment by external and internal 
motivation steps in executing man- 
agement development programs. 

MF 61-9907 Styles in Leadership 

MF 61-9912 

(B&W 26 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Commercial Film) A 

Appraises effects of four types I 
of management leadership on mor- 
ale, efficiency and teamwork; rela- 
tion of style to individual nature 
and best interests of organization. 

It's Your Money 

(B&W 27 Min 1963) 

(Adopted Navy Film) 

Pitfalls leading to indebtedness, 
guidelines to avoid high cost of 
credit buying, and requisites for 
good personal financial management. 


FS 61 Supervision, Office Operation!, Management, ADP 

FS 61-21 Getting Results Through People 

(B&W 11 FR 1953) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


SFS 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

SFS 61-29 A Partnership in Progress 

(Color 75 FR 30 Min 1958) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Purpose and features of the 
Federal Incentive Awards Program 
how it benefits the supervisor, 
worker, management and taxpayer. 

SFS 61-30 Examining the Will to Work 

(Color 73 FR 14 Min 1960) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

How incentives motivate better 
work performance; how the super- 
visor can build proper employee at- 
titudes to obtain optimum produc- 

SFS(T) 61-31 The Federol Incentive Awards Program 

(Color 35 FR 16 Min 1959) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

A review of the accomplish^ 
ments of the Program since its in- 
ception, covering the period 1955- 
1958; contributions in 1958 de- 

SFS 61-32 Introduction to Work Planning and Control 

(Work Planning and Control) 
(Color 67 FR 22 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Requirement for scope, methods 
and goals of work planning and 
control systems; first three steps 
in the System Study Approach to 
work planning and control. 

SFS 61-33 Functions of Work Planning and Control 

and Activity Forecasting (Work 
Planning and Control) 

(Color 67 FR 28 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Functions in planning, action, 
and followup phases of work plan- 
ning and control; goals, use and 
methods of short and long range 

SFS 61-34 Initial Planning (Work Planning and 


(Color 66 FR 20 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Types, techniques and handling 
of work authorized control; goals 
and techniques of product planning; 
value analysis; goals and proced- 
ures of process planning. 

SFS 61-35 Materials and Tools (Work Planning and 


(Color 66 FR 23 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 


Requirement for, goals, func- 
tion, and methods of material con- A 
trol, material management, and tool \ 
control used in work planning sys- 

SFS 6136 Developing the Plan, Scheduling and 

Loading (Work Planning and Control) 

(Color 66 FR 20 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Principles, methods, and appli- 
cation of scheduling, loading, and 
work measurement in developing a 
work plan. 

SFS 61-37 Dispatching and Progress Reporting (Work 

Planning and Control) 
(Color 66 FR 22 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commmercial Film) 

Objectives, methods and use of 
dispatching and progress reporting 
as related to work planning and 
control systems. 

SFS 61-38 Corrective Action (Work Planning and 


(Color 64 FR 21 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Requirement for scope and tech- 
niques of corrective action as a con- 
trol element in work planning sys- 

SFS 61-39 Analysis and Evaluation of Work 

Planning and Control Systems (Work 
Planning and Control) 

(Color 66 FR 21 Min 1962) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Objectives, procedures, and ad- 
vantages of the scientific method of 
analyzing and evaluating work 
planning and control systems. 

SFS(T) 61-40 Report of Federal Incentive Awards 

Program Fiscal Pear 1959 

(Color 118 FR 27 Min 1960) 
(Narration Tape 7.5 IPS) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Behind-the-scenes account of 
employee suggestions and superior 
job performance in Government 
agencies in 1959 merits of program 
for progress and national defense. 

SFS 6151 Increasing Productivity Through Better 


(Color 71 FR 30 Min 1963) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Lecture by Mr. William 
Oncken, Jr., on requirement and 
techniques for attaining a "com- 

SFS 61-214 

mon language" between manage- 
ment and employees. 

The Assistant Supervisor 

(B&W 72 FIU-12 Min 1959) 

SFS 61 Supervision, Office Operations, Management, ADP 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explains the benefits of the 
Employee Suggestion Program: em- 
ployee morale, increased productiv- 
ity, and savings of time and money. 


TG 61 Supervision, Office Operations Management, ADP 

TG 61-1-1 Work Simplification Introduction 

(Color 32 FR 1969) 

Presents work simplification as 
an organized approach to methods 
improvement, highlights the five 
basic work simplification techni- 
ques, and describes the method of 
instruction of the work simplifica- 
tion training course. 

TG 61-1-2 Work Simplification- Work Distribution 

(Color 16 FR 1969) 

Describes the work distribution 
technique and the process for com- 
pleting and analyzing the work dis- 
tribution chart. 

TG 61-1-3 Work Simplification-Flow Process Chart 

(Color 17 FR 1969) 

Presents the method for com- 
pleting and analyzing the flow pro- 
cess chart. 

TG 61-1-4 Work Simplification- Work Count 

(Color 12 FR 1969) 

Defines work count together 
with where and how it can be used. 

TG 61-1-5 Work Simplification Motion Economy 

(Color 10 FR 1970) 

Presents the concept and basic 
rules of motion economy. 

TG 6116 Work Simplification Layout Studies 

(Color 11 FR 1970) 

Describes the layout studies 
technique together with the meth- 
ods and application of this techni- 

TG 61-1-7 Work Simplification Application 

(Color 1971) 

Summarizes the work simpli- 
fication concept and method, and 
shows the interrelationship of work 
simplification to other army pro- 


46. 101 -Series; Staff Officers Field Manual 

TF 101-3709 Command and Staff Planning in a 

Tactical Nuclear Environment 
(Color 36 Min 1968) 

TF 101 Staff Officers Field Manual 

A hypothetical tactical situa- 
tion is presented to show how the 
commander and principal staff of- 
ficers of a mechanized division ap- 
ply the basic concepts in planning 
for a nuclear counterattack. 



MF 140 USAR 

47. 140-Series; Reserves MF 140-5633 Citizen Soldi.r-Community L.od.r (Army 


MF 140-5542 AH Around You (USAR) (Color 29 Min 1971) 

(Color 16 Min 1970) Takes a look at the US Army 

Describes the importance and Reserve's varied community rela- 

advantages of continued service in tions/domestic action activities, 

the US Army reserve to the in- showing that the army reservist is 

dividual, community, and nation. a man active in community affairs. 


MF 145 ROTC 

48. 145-Series; ROTC boy, as he learns about junior 

ROTC at his high school, gathers 

MF 145-5668 Th. Way ., ., (ROTC) information about the program, and 

(Color-28Min-1971) decides to join. 

Shows the value Of ROTC train- MF 145-5689 Paul Harvey Comments on ROTC 

ing in college from the viewpoint (Color 4 Min 1972) 

of a television reporter. (Adopted Commercial Film) 

News commentator Paul 

MF 145-5680 A Decision for Danny (Junior ROTC) Harvey presents some of the rea- 

(Color 14 Min 1972) sons why ROTC is valuable both 

Follows Danny, a 15-year-old to the military and to civilian life. 


Armed Form Info Films 


49. AFIF; Armed Forces Information Films 

AFIF films cover major emphasis topics for 
the information and orientation of all person- 
nel of the Armed Forces, including Reserves 
and ROTC. These films also have application 
in the Command Information Program, to- 
gether with the AIF, GS, TAR, and TV series. 

AFIF 73 Tom Schuler-Cobbler Statesman 

(Color 29 Min 1958) 

Story of Tom Schuler, a cob- 
bler of the revolutionary era, who 
played a small but vital role in the 
history of our nation. 

AFIF 77 In Honor of Liberty 

(B&W 19 Min 1957) 

A documentary on the Statue 
of Liberty stress on the greatness 
of its symbolism that men shall 
be free. 

AFIF 79 The Man on the Hill (Mission of a 

(Color 20 Min 1956) 

Responsibilities of a 'typical' 
member of congress relation of 
Department of Defense to Congress 
importance of voting intelli- 

AFIF 83 The Bottle of Gettysburg 

(Color 30 Min 1957) 

Historical events and strategy 
of the Battle of Gettysburg pre- 
sented against background of scenes 
at Gettysburg National Military 

AFIF 85 A Motion Picture History of tho Korean 

(B&W 58 Min 1958) 

Fighting and problems en- 
countered by American and United 
Nations Forces during the major 
phases of the war, tracing events 
from 1950 to 1953. 

AFIF 96 Korean Armistice 

(B&W 27 Min 1961) 

Organization and responsibili- 
ties of UN Command Military Ar- 
mistice Commission role of each 
component (CINCUNC, UNCMAC, 
the Secretariat, JOT, and NNSC). 

AFIF 98 The Challenge of Ideas 

(B&W 31 Min 1961) 
An appraisal of the great con- 

test of our times between the Demo- 
cratic and Communist way of life, 
and the challenge it presents to us. 

AFIF 99 Old Glory 

(Color 28 Min 1960) 

The story of the evolution of 
the American flag from 1607 till 
1960 when the new 50-star flag be- 
came a reality. 

AFIF 101 Williamsburg-The Story of a Patriot 

(Color 36 Min 1960) 

Documents the historic events 
in Williamsburg, Virginia, during 
period 1769-1776 people, issues, 
and episodes of times are re- 

AFIF 103 Taiwan-Island of Freedom 

(Color 23 Min 1960) 

Story of the land and people 
government, economy, and military 
potential relation with Red China 
and the free world. 

AFIF 109 Architects of Peace 

(B&W 23 Min 1961) 

Role of State Department in 
international diplomacy organiza- 
tion, scope and operations in im- 
plementing foreign policy and 
peaceful settlements of issues. 

AFIF 110 Top of the World 

(B&W 26 Min 1962) 

An appraisal of the strategic 
potential of Alaska, Canada, and 
Greenland for the defense of the 
northern hemisphere. 

AFIF 112 Keeping Informed 

(B&W 20 Min 1962) 

Origin, development, and use 
of communications media for keep- 
ing our armed forces informed on 
their role in attaining the nation's 

AFIF 117 Military Medicine 

(B&W 19 Min 1962) 

Contributions of all services to 
medical progress in the past cen- 
tury, and future research goals 
benefits to all humanity stressed. 

AFIF 118 The Blood Brothers-A Philippine Story 

(Color 52 Min 1963) 

How American servicemen and 
their families can strengthen the 
bonds of friendship between two 


Armed Fore** Info Film* 

democratic allies, the Philippines 
and United States. 

AFIF 120 Freedom and You 

(Color 55 Min 1962) 

Affirmation of American pre- 
cepts of liberty, stressing idea that 
the protection of freedom is the 
duty of the individual citizen. 

AFIF 123 The Third Challenge Unconventional 

(Color 45 Min 1963) 

United States capability to 
fight communist challenge of un- 
conventional warfare United 
States military and civilian aid to 
foreign lands to develop counter- 
insurgency capabilities. 

AFIF 124 Heritage of Freedom 

(B&W 38 Min 1963) 

Four portrayals delineate the 
beginning and background in the 
growth of liberty as enunciated in 
our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

AFIF 126 The Soviet Fighting Man 

(B&W 29 Min 1963) 

Character, training and politi- 
cal indoctrination of Soviet sold- 
ier strength and weakness of So- 
viet system role of American sold- 
ier in blocking Soviet Objective. 

AFIF 127 The Con Men 

(B&W 29 Min1964) 

Promises made by Hitler, 
Mussolini, and Tojo, and how they 
duped the people similar techni- 
ques used by Communism to abol- 
ish personal freedom. 

AFIF 128 The Vote 

(B&W 11 Min1964) 

Origin of absentee voting sys- 
tem how eligible military person- 
nel and their dependents can cast 
their votes in the forthcoming elec- 

AFIF 129 Ballots That Fly 

(B&W 9 Min 1965) 

How service personnel can ap- 
ply for an absentee ballot, proces- 
sing of application, and marking 
and mailing of absentee ballot. 

AFIF 131 John F. Kennedy-1917-1963 

(B&W 21 Min1964) 

Life and death of President 
Kennedy his career as senator, the 
inaugural, domestic and interna- 

tional aspects of his administration, 
and his death and burial. 

AFIF 132 The MacArthur Story 

(B&W 20 Min1964) 

Story of General Douglas Mac- 
Arthur from his birth at an army 
post to his death and burial at the 
Norfolk, Virginia Memorial. 

AFIF 134 Espionage Target- You 

(B&W 30 Min1964) 

Actual cases used to show serv- 
ice personnel different facets of 
Communist espionage techniques, 
and explains what to do when ap- 
proached by agents. 

AFIF 136 One Force 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Shows how the men and 
women of the United States mili- 
tary services of different ethnic ori- 
gins and religions are welded into 
one force dedicated to the defense 
of the nation. 

AFIF 137 America's Critics Abroad 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

A series of vignettes shows 
some of the criticism United States 
personnel may encounter abroad, 
and how they should counter cri- 
ticism of the United States. 

AFIF 138 Nome, Rank and Service Number 

(B&W 21 Min 1965) 

Two incidents based on fact 
portray the reservoir of strength 
offered by the fighting man's code 
of conduct in the area of resis- 

AFIF 139 You and Your Banking Facility 

(Color 15 Min 1965) 

How the oversea American 
banking service operates for the 
benefit of United States military 
personnel stationed in all parts of 
the world. 

AFIF 141 Easy Credit 

(B&W 10 Min 1965) 

Aimed at service personnel 
some of the pitfalls of buying on 
credit and problems that arise from 
inability to meet payments. 

AFIF 143 A Free People 

(Color 20 Min 1965) 

A cavalcade of America set to 
song, forming a stirring salute to 
the American spirit from the pil- 
grims to the quest for outer space. 


Armed Fere** Info Films 

AFIF 144 Our Heritage 

(Color 30 Min 1966) 

Concepts of freedom passed on 
by the founding fathers, and the 
military efforts of the nation to 
keep these concepts and the United 
States alive. 

AFIF 146 A Personal Affair 

(Color 25 Min 1966) 

Reminds United States service- 
men to review their affairs, plan 
their estates, and make provisions 
for their families in the event of 
their death. 

AFIF 147 Confidentially Yours-The Zenith 

Document (Safeguarding Military 

(B&W 30 Min 1966) 

Dramatized case illustrates fac- 
tors that contribute to compromise 
of classified military information 
and techniques used by enemy to 
gain security information. 

AFIF 150 The Middle East 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

Report on Egypt, Syria, Jor- 
dan, Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, 
Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Muscat and 
Aden United States interest in 
these countries. 

AFIF 151 Southwest Asia and India Today 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 

A study of Iran, India, Pakis- 
tan and Afghanistan, with a close 
look at India's relations with Red 
China and with Pakistan. 

AFIF 152 Their Choice Was Freedom 

(B&W 26 Min 1966) 

True stories of 3 communist 
defectors who chose American free- 
dom a member of Chinese em- 
bassy in Sweden, a Russian sea- 
man, and Russian security officer. 

AFIF 153 The Unique War 

(Color 25 Min 1966) 

Mission of the Armed Forces 
in South Vietnam the search for 
the enemy on the battlefield and 
the effort to win the minds and 
favor of the people. 

AFIF 155 An Alliance of Neighbors the Story of 

the US Southern Command 
(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

Mission and activities of the 
US military forces in Latin Amer- 
ica how they help the countries 

in this area to thwart the threat 
of Communism. 

AFIF 157 The Congress 

(B&W 31 Min 1967) 

Presents a tour of the build- 
ings that house the Congress of the 
United States; and describes the or- 
ganization, functions, and workings 
of the legislative branch of the Fed- 
eral Government. 

AFIF 159 Gold and You 

(B&W 9 Min 1966) 

Facts about the balance of pay- 
ments problem confronting the US 
and how this problem relates to the 
US serviceman and his family 

AFIF 162 Thailand-Where M-n Are Free 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

An orientation on the geo- 
graphy, modern history, economy, 
military posture, and treaty agree- 
ments of Thailand, with focus on 
the friendship between Thailand 
and the US and the joint effort 
toward the goal of growth and free- 
dom in that country. 

AFIF 163 The Presidency 

(B&W 28 Min 1967) 

Describes the historical evolu- 
tion of the constitutional powers 
and day-to-day duties of the office 
of the presidency; how presidential 
decisions have shaped the charac- 
ter of the nation; and the checks 
and balances on the presidential 

AFIF 164 The United States Strike Command 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

Mission, organization, and cap- 
ability of USSTRICOM, with focus 
on the combat-readiness of its 
army and air force components. 

AFIF 165 Communism 

(B&W 30 Min 1967) 

A review of 50 years of Com- 
munism points up the aims, con- 
cepts, strengths and weaknesses of 
this ideology. 

AFIF 166 PW Your Rights and Obligations Under 

the Geneva Conventions 
(B&W 39 Min 1968) 

An on-screen instructor pre- 
sents a series of 12 questions deal- 
ing with rights and obligations of 
prisoners of war under the Geneva 


Armed Forces Info Films 

Conventions. Correct answers are 
given to provide basis for test scor- 
ing and group discussion. 

AFIF 168 We the People (The Story of Our Federal 

(B&W 28 Min 1967) 

Portrays the organization, 
functions, and operation of the leg- 
islative, executive, and judicial 
branches of the Federal Govern- 
ment. Special attention is given to 
the relationship between the De- 
partment of Defense and other 
governmental agencies. 

AFIF 169 Outlook Southeast Asia 

(B&W 20 Min 1968) 

A study of 9 emerging na- 
tions: Philippines, Indonesia, Ma- 
laysia, Singapore, Republic of Viet- 
nam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand 
and Burma. 

AFIF 170 This is U.S. EUCOM 

(Color 22 Min 1969) 

Describes the historical back- 
ground, organization, and mission 
of the United States European 
Command (US EUCOM) which op- 
erates under the US Joint Chiefs 
of Staff. 

AFIF 171 The First Tuesday After the First Monday 


(B&,W 20 Min 1968) 

Delineates the evolution of the 
electoral process in America to mo- 
tivate the armed forces to vote in 
the national election of president. 

AFIF 172 Know Your Enemy The Viet Cong 

(B&W 20 Min 1968) 

Captured propaganda news- 
reel coverage of the Viet Cong and 
their operations in South Vietnam: 
combat operations, logistics and de- 
molitions, and propaganda and non- 
military activities. 

AFIF 173 The Supreme Court 

(Color 23 Min 1970) 

Delineates the role of the Su- 
preme Court in guaranteeing jus- 
tice, highlighting cases and deci- 
sions dealing with : f reeedom of re- 
ligion, rights of the accused. A pre- 
sident is overruled, and an act of 
Congress is declared unconstitu- 

AFIF 174 Pacific Command 

(Color 30 Min 1969) 

Describes the mission and or- 
ganization of PACOM, and shows 
how the armed forces accomplish 
the mission in Hawaii, Korea, Ja- 
pan, The Philippines, Thailand, 
and Vietnam. 

AFIF 175 Which Way America 

(Color 34 Min 1969) 

A stirring delineation of the 
American credo and dream set to 
song, with emphasis on America's 
responsibility to guard her heritage 
of liberty, and share the truths 
of freedom with all men everywhere 

AFIF 178 Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin 

(B&W 38 Min 1968) 

Jesse Owens, the triple gold 
medal winner for the United States 
in the 1936 Olympics held in Ber- 
lin, recounts his experiences before 
the Nazi hierarchy, and points out 
the equal opportunity principle 
that applies in both the Olympic 
games and in the Armed Forces. 

AFIF 179 Shield of NATO 

(B&W 20 Min 1969) 

Traces the history of NATO 
and its role in helping preserve the 
peace for member nations, conclud- 
ing with an excerpt of President 
Nixon's speech before the NATO 
council and a quick look at what 
the future holds. 

AFIF 180 Korea Re-visited 

(Color 20 Min 1969) 

Relates the story of the devas- 
tation wrought by the Korean War, 
and the remarkable revitalization 
of the country since the signing 
of the Armistice 15 years ago. 

AFIF 181 Your Tour in Vietnam 

(Color 30 Min 1970) 

Acquaints armed forces per- 
sonnel assigned to Vietnam with 
the nature of the country and its 
people, and the kinds of missions 
they will perform in areas of com- 
bat, logistics, communications, med- 
ical, pacification and Vietnamiza- 

AFIF 182 Counterinsurgency 

(Color 30 Min 1969) 

Defines the multi-faceted effort 
of 'counterinsurgency' taken by 
troublde nations to combat the 
world-wide problem of subversive 
insurgency which includes political, 


Armed Forces Info Films 

economic, psychological, civic, mili- 
tary, and para-military actions. 

AFIF 186 Making Contact Abroad 

(Color 30 Min 1969) 

Reviews some of the common AFIF 201 
difficulties encountered by American 
servicemen abroad, and delineates 
helpful techniques to gain reward- 
ing experiences and make people 
respond favorably to representatives 
of the US Armed Forces. 

AFIF 187 A Day In America AFIF 203 

(Color 29 Min 1969) 

This is the story of one day in 
the life of America, underscoring 
the theme that it is the people who 
have shaped and given character 
to the country. 

AFIF 192 The Changing Face of Communism AFIF 204 

Eastern Europe 
(B&W 25 Min 1969) 

Documents the relationship be- 
tween the Soviet Union and the 
satellite countries since the end of 
World War II, pointing out ex- 
amples of contemporary 'liberaliza- 
tion' in Communist attitudes and 
behavior. AFIF 205 

AFIF 193 Soviet Armed Forces 

(Color 31 Min 1970) 

Covers Operation Dnieper, 
the military maneuvers conducted 
by the Soviet Armed Forces in 
honor of the 50th anniversary of 
the Bolshevik Revolution. (This is 
an adaption of Soviet film titled 'I 
serve the Soviet Union') . 

AFIF 196 Marijuana (Drug Abuse) 

(Color 34 Min 1970) 

Examines the facts about phy- 
sical changes, emotional depend- 
ency and the legal implications of 

AFIF 199 Drug Abuse: Everybody's Hangup 

(Color 13 Min 1971) AFIF 211 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Takes a look at the drug scene, 
with the purposes of heightening 
awareness of and concern with the 
problem of drug abuse. 

AFIF 200 Forged in Flame (Vietnamese Armed 

(Color 27 Min 1971) AFIF 212 

Shows the story of the develop- 
ment of the armed forces of South 

AFIF 207 

Vietnam, from the 1950's to the 
present; shows their present organ- 
ization and visits their military 

In the Name of Peace 

(Color 28 Min 1970) 

Dissent in this country is an- 
alyzed, particularly that of the 
new student moblization committee 
and its demonstration in Washing- 
ton, DC in November 1969. 

Black and White: Uptight 

(Color 35 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Explores the myths of prejud- 
ice and the subtle ways that hate 
is learned. Encourages the viewer 
to look closely at his own attitudes. 

The Black Soldier 

(B&W 26 Min 1971) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Surveys the history of the black 
American's participation in the 
armed forces of the United States, 
from the revolutionary war to the 
war in Vietnam. 

11:59 Last Minute to Choose 
(Drug Abuse) 

(Color 28 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Several young drug abusers are 
shown talking about what drugs 
have done to their lives; also shows 
scenes of overdose cases being 
treated in a hospital emergency 

The Eye of the Storm (Race Relations) 

(Color 26 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Documents an experiment by a 
third grade teacher in which the 
children are induced to discrimin- 
ate against each other for two days 
on the basis of eye color. 

About Addiction 

(Color 10 Min 1972) 
(Adopted Commercial Film) 

Discusses abuse of all kinds 
of chemicals, including drug and 
alcohol addiction, smoking, and 
overeating. Shows that there are 
non-chemical ways of getting 'high.' 

Speedscene: The Problem of Amphetamine 

(Color 17 Min 1972) 


Armed Forces Info Film* 

(Adopted Commercial Film) 
Doctors and users describe the 

effects and dangers of amphet- 
amines, or 'speed.' 


Armed Forces Military Reports 

50. AFMR (Also Includes AFSM); Armed 
Forces Military Reports 

AFMR films contain portraits of famous per- 
sonalities and sequences of varied topics on 
interesting military activities, to enlarge the 
soldier's perspective. 

AFSM 549 Woodrow Wilson Centennial 

(B&W 22 Min 1956) 

Depicts President Wilson's ef- 
forts to build a lasting peace after 
World War I 'New medical care 
act for dependents.' 

AFSM 550 Old Ironsides 

(B&W 15 Min 1957) 

A visit to Old Ironsides riding 
again at anchor in the Boston Navy 

AFSM 552 Mathew Brady 

(B&W 13 Min 1957) 

A documentary on the work of 
Mathew Brady, the country's first 
combat photographer his pictures 
of people, places, and events. 

AFSM 555 Theodore Roosevelt American 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

Highlights of Roosevelt's life, 
describing his experiences as a boy, 
out west, and later in national and 
international affairs. 

AFSM 559 Shipment to Saratoga 

(B&W 14 Min 1958) 

Describes how foreign aid con- 
tributed to the success of the Bat- 
tle of Saratoga in 1777 and helped 
to win our independence from 

AFSM 567 The History of the US Army Uniform 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Depicts the soldier's uniform 
from the revolutionary era to the 
modern army green uniform and 
special duty garb for warm and 
cold weather operations. 

AFSM 579 John J. Pershing 

(B&W 21 Min 1960) 

Film biography of General 
John Pershing from his birth in 
1860 to his death in 1948, with 
focus on his military career and 
his contributions to the Army. 

AFMR 620 Men With Wings 

(B&W 14 Min 1964) 
A report on the 50 years of 

military aviation from the first 
flights of the Wright brothers to 
the modern supersonic jets of to- 
day's armaments. 

AFMR 624 War and Advice (Vietnam) 

(B&W 20 Min 1964) 

Shows the role of special US 
forces engaged as observers and in 
military training duties with the 
Vietnamese troops. 

AFMR 625 East German Military Forces 

(B&W 10 Min 1964) 

The role and mission of East 
German military troops in rela- 
tion to Soviet arms is examined. 

AFMR 631 Berlin Duty 

(B&W 12 Min 1964) 

How American troops train 
and carry out duties to protect the 
security of West Berlin. 

AFMR 638 Montagnard 

(B&W 10 Min 1965) 

Role of the mountain tribes- 
man in the struggle for Vietnam 
is shown efforts of American ad- 
visors to enlist them as fighters in 
this cause is depicted. 

AFMR 642 The Line is Drawn (Vietnam) 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 
(This Film Will Not Be Used In 

Letters written by the late 
Captain James P. Spruill, Ameri- 
can advisor in Vietnam, projects 
the spirit of the struggle in this far 
off land. 

AFMR 647 World in Review-Volume II 

World affairs during April, 
May and June 1965, with focus on 
the crisis in Dominican Republic, 
flight of Gemini 4, and War in Viet- 

AFMR 648 World War 11-20 Years Later 

(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

World War II just prior to 
America's entry on 7 December 
1941, and chronological events of 
conflict up to VE and VJ days in 

AFMR 649 Service Academies 

(B&W 19 Min 1965) 

An appraisal of the goals, ad- 
mission procedures, and curriculum 
of the four service academies, and 
their relevance to the strength of 
our armed forces. 


AFMR 651 World in R.view-Volume III 

I (B&W 22 Min 1966) 

Events of July, August and 
September 1965 Voting Rights 
Act, Pakistan and India conflict 
over Kashmir, and activity in Viet- 

AFMR 658 World in Re view- Volume V 

(B&W 20 Min 1966) 
Chronicle of major na- 

Armed Fore** Military Report* 

tional and international events of 
the period January, February, and 
March 1966. 

AFMR 663 Alaskan Heritage 

(B&W 20 Min 1967) 

History and development of 
Alaska, with focus on role of US 
Armed Forces; present day status 
and strategic importance as she 
celebrates her centennial. 


Army Information Films 

51. AIF; Army Information Films 

AIF films are for the information of all Army 
personnel, including Reserves, National Guard, 
and ROTC. They have particular application 
in the Command Information Program, to- 
gether with the films in the AFIF, GS, TAR, 
and TV series. 

AIF 2 

AIF 4 

AIF 5 

AIF 6 

AIF 7 

Sweden-Modern Land of th Vikings 

(Color 30 Min 1958) 

Study of the land and 
the people geogrraphy, history, 
government, industry, culture, cus- 
toms and mode of life. 

Netherlands Land Below the Sea 

(Color 34 Min 1958) 

Study of the Netherlands na- 
ture of the land methods used to 
control the sea major industries, 
life in urban and rural centers. 

Code of Conduct Article 1 Our Heritage 
(B&W 5 Min 1960) 

Presents the precepts of Ar- 
ticle 1 which sets forth the tradi- 
tional spirit of the American sold- 
ier in the call of duty to defend 
his land. 

Code of Conduct Article II Never 


(B^W 10 Min 1961) 

Sets forth the principle that 
the American soldier should 'never 
surrender' to the enemy even in 
the face of imminent death or cap- 

Code of Conduct Article III to Resist 
(B&W S Min 1959) 

Explains the purpose and ap- 
plication of principle of 'resistance' 
when captured by the enemy dan- 

AIF 8 

AIF 9 

AIF 10 

AIF 11 


AIF 14 

AIF 15 


gers of accepting favors in enemy 

Code of Conduct Article IV Keep Faith 
(B&W 9 Min 1959) 

Explains the principle of Tceep- 
ing faith' with fellow prisoners 
whe captured by the enemy. 

Code of Conduct Article V My 

(B&W 10 Min 1959) 

Explains the precept which sets 
forth the 'responsibilities of the 
soldier' to evade enemy interroga- 
tion harmful to his country. 

Code of Conduct Article VI Stand Firm 

(B&W 9 Min 1959) 

Explains the principle of 
'standing firm' in the trust of God 
and country. 

The American Soldier in Combat 

(B&W 29 Min 1960) 

An inspiring account of the 
combat history of the American 
soldier from the era of the Ameri- 
can Revolution through the Korean 

Army Missions Unlimited 

(Color 28 Min 1966) 

Army's role and capability in 
combat and security missions, mili- 
tary and technical advisory mis- 
sions, and disaster relief army 
training and support activities for 
these missions. 

The Airmobile Division 

(B&W 29 Min 1966) 

History, organization and cap- 
ability of the 1st Cavalry Division 
(air mobile) with focus on deploy- 
ment in South Vietnam. 


Combat Films 

52. Combat Films World War II and Korea 

The following four combat documentary film 
series (CB, CHR, CMF, and CR) cover World 
War II and the Korean conflict. 

a. CB; Combat Bulletins. These are news- 
reel-type films: CB 1 through 66 deal with 
World War II; 101 through 113 deal with the 
Korean conflict. 

b. CHR; Combat Historical Reports. CHR 
cover combat operations during World War 
II. These films are arranged chronologically, 
by theater of operations. 

c. CMF; Combat Miscellaneous Films. CMF 
films are combat documentary-type films on 
World War II and the Korean conflict; some 
cover campaigns and others cover combat 

d. CR; Campaign Reports. These films pre- 
sent World War II chronological developments 
of entire campaigns. 

e. For combat in Vietnam, see SFR, VTR, 
TAR, and some AFIF. 

/. For later films covering divisions and 
other military units, see the TV Big Picture 

CB l 

CB 2 

CB 3 

Combat Bulletin No. 1 

(B&W 13 Min 1944) 

Combat shots, Pacific and Ital- 
ian theaters. 

Combat Bulletin No. 2 

(B&W 14 Min 1944) 

Bridging the Volturno River, 
Italy landing in South Pacific 
area Hawaiian training branch 
invasion of Cape Gloucester. 

Combat Bulletin No. 3 

(B&W 20 Min 1944) 

Building pillbox in Italy bat- 
tlefield concealment operations at 
Los Negros embarkation for An- 
Capadichine airfield in Italy. 

CB 4 

CB 5 

Combat Bulbtin No. 4 

(B&W 19 Min 1944) 

The battle for cassino Jap- 
anese and jungle tanks and infan- 
try face enemy fire. 

Combat Bulletin No. 5 

(B&W 16 Min 1944) 

CB 6 

CB 17 

CB 18 

CB 19 

CB 21 

CB 22 

CB 23 

Stop that tank, rear area in 
India something new has been add- 
ed various special devices, South 
Pacific bazooka quadruple power, 

Combat Bulletin No. 6 

(B&W 23 Min 1944) 

Beachhead operations a day 
on a European beachhead. 

Combat Bulletin No. 17 

(B&W 38 Min 1944) 

Invasion of Southern France 
operations in Northern France 
operations in Burma Japanese at- 
tack US task force. 

Combat Bulletin No. 18 

(B&W 38 Min 1944) 

Progress in Southern France 
activities in Italy seized German 
film invasion of Sansapor battle 
of France. 

Combat Bulletin No. 19 

(B&W 21 Min 1944) 

Expansion of beachhead in 
Southern France activities on 
Ledo and Burma roads activities 
at Leghorn operations in Northern 

Combat Bulletin No. 20 

(B&W 24 Min 1944) 

Flying bomb sites capture of 
Toulon and Marseilles US airmen 
freed in Rumania operations in 
France and Belgium, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 21 

(B&W 20 Min 1944) 

Progress in Southern France 
activities in Italy bridge over Sal- 
ween River cleanup Aitape, New 
Guinea North France and Bel- 
gium, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 22 

(B&W 26 Min 1944) 

Yanks in Germany Third and 
Seventh Armies meet British take 
Antwerp buzz bombs halted 
Nazis give up airborne army take- 

Combat Bulletin No. 23 

(B&W 26 Min 1944) 

Boring into Siegfried line 
Rhine bridge seized battle for 
Lorraine Gothic line cracked 
Pacific war steps up, etc. 


Combat Films 
CB 24 

CB 25 

CB 26 

CB 27 

CB 28 

CB 29 

CB 30 

CB 31 

CB 32 

Combat Bulletin No. 24 
(B&W 20 Min 1944) 

Channel coast activities ord- 
nance repairs German frontier op- 
erations airborne operations 
Toulon Harbor installations, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 25 
(B&W 25 Min 1944) 

Evacuation of Kweilin supply 
for American First Army Allies 
near Po Valley Americans rebuild 
Japanese base, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 26 

(B&W 31 Min 1944) 

Capture of Tengyueh, Burma 
road barrier Fifth Army on road 
to Bologna seized film on Ploesti 
oil field artificial harbor in Nor- 
mandy, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 27 

(B&W 28 Min 1944) 

Cleanup on Peleliu and An- 
guar activities in Eto more Bra- 
zilian troops reach Italian front 
Preparations for Phillipine inva- 
sion, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 28 

(B&W 19 Min 1944) 

Activities in ETO Battle of 
the Netherlands glider pickup at 
Eindhoven air force fighter kills 
Liberation of Greece, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 29 
(B&W 22 Min 1944) 

Activities in ETO Battle of 
the Netherlands testing German 
ammunition utilization of local in- 
dustries winter shoes for tanks, 

Combat Bulletin No. 30 
(B&W 21 Min 1944) 

Activities in ETO RAF sinks 
Tirpitz front line steel produc- 
tion bombed Belgian rail net- 
work allied armies face rain and 
snow, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 31 

(B&W 15 Min 1944) 

Personnel pickup tests at 
Wright Field wine barrel revent- 
ments eighth air force fighter 
kills remote control tank, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 32 

(B&W 21 Min 1945) 

Activities in ETO American 

CB 33 

CB 34 

CB 35 

CB 36 

CB 37 

CB 38 

CB 39 

CB 40 

First and Ninth Armies drive closer 
to Roer River on Holland front 
British introduce a new mine de- 
tector, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 33 

(B&W 18 Min 1945) 

School for jungle life activ- 
ities in ETO American First and 
Ninth Armies drive forward on 
Aachen front advance toward Or- 
moc road, etc. 

Combat Bulbtin No. 34 

(B&W 16 Min 1945) 

Activities in ETO Ninth Army 
front Port of Antwerp Malaria 
control in Corsica B-29 crash in 
China Japanese phosphorous, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 35 

(B&W 20 Min 1945) 

Japanese raid Saipan B-29 

base GI's get whole blood from 

home front 'Black Widow' and 

'Jato' activities in Burma, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 36 

(B&W 23 Min 1945) 

Operations in the Philippine 
Islands Ormoc landing troops 
land on Mindoro Mediterranean 
German work mobilization ETO, 

Combat Bulletin No. 37 

(B&W 24 Min 1945) 

Activities on Leyte and Min- 
doro air ferry route to Siberia 
advance in Burma Nazi version 
of action in east activities in ETO. 

Combat Bulletin No. 38 

(B&W 21 Min 1945) 

Admiral Nimitz speaks on 
Pearl Harbor anniversary 'Mars 
task force' at Tonkwa XC-97 car- 
go transport Allies Counter in bat- 
tle of Bulge. 

Combat Bulletin No. 39 

(B&W 15 Min 1945) 

Island airport in axis water- 
experimental activities of AAF 
Ledo-Burma road field problems 
on Western Front M24 light tank, 

Combat Bulletin No. 40 

(B&W 20 Min 1945) 

Attack on Manila Harbor 
first landing on Luzon action on 
Western Front Alsace front. 


Combat Films 

CB 41 

CB 42 

CB 43 

CB 44 

CB 45 

CBV 46 

CB 47 

CB 48 

CB 49 

Combat Bulletin No. 41 

(B&W 26 Min 1945) 

Bombing of Manila airfields 
British take Akyab opening of 
Ledo Road carrier force strikes 
Formosa Italian front activities 
in ETO. 

Combat Bulletin No. 42 

(B&W 31 Min 1945) 

Meeting of allied leaders Nazi 
shipping attacked along Norwegian 
coast new aircrew oxygen battle 
activities in Burma, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 43 

(B&W 23 Min 1945) 

Capture of Ramree activities 
in ETO Stillwell road convoy 
reaches Kunming Luzon opera- 
tions modern plant services allied 
aircraft, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 44 

(B&W 25 Min 1945) 

Invasion of Iwo Jima Jet-pro 
pelled P-59 activities in ETO 
General Marshall inspects Italian 
front Manila. 

Combat Bulletin No. 45 

(B&W 30 Min 1945) 

Action on Iwo Jima radio Lux- 
embourg activities in ETO 
Roosevelt meeting activities in Phil- 
ippines Manila Corregidor and 

Combat Bulletin No. 46 

(B&W 29 Min 1945) 

Allied air attack on Germany 
Rhine offensive A-26 invader- 
Manila cleanup air rescue on Jap- 
anese held island Iwo Jima. 

Combat Bulletin No. 47 
(B&W 27 Min 1945) 

Tokyo strikes activities on 
Iwo Jima cleanup on corregidor 
China supply problems jungle 
shelters T26 tank Rhine offen- 

Combat Bulletin No. 48 
(B&W 31 Min 1945) 

Air support on Western Front 
Shangri-La activities in ETO 
British jet plane M69 incendiary 
bomb capture of Lashio and Man- 
dalay, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 49 

(B&W 25 Min 1945) 
Additional film on Iwo Jima 

CB 50 

CB 51 

CB 52 

CB 53 

CB 54 

CB 55 

CB 56 

CB 57 

invasion of Panay Island in Phil- 
ippines aerial supply on Leyte 
B-32 dominator war dogs defen- 
ders of bastogne. 

Combat Bulletin No. 50 

(B&W 29 Min 1945) 

Ryukyus operations activi- 
ties in Burma P-80 shooting 
star Fifth Army ordnance pool 
US forces drive deeper into Ger- 

Combat Bulletin No. 51 

(B&W 28 in 1945) 

Story of Remagen Bridge cap- 
ture Navy moves inland Philip- 
pine operations advance on Oki- 
nawa activities in Burma Nazi 

Combat Bulletin No. 52 
(B&W 26 Min 1945) 

Advance in Italy activities in 
ETO transportation methods in 
China Luzon activities Tokyo 
strikes additional Okinawa films, 

Combat Bulletin No. 53 
(B&W -33 Min 1945) 

Secretary Stimson and General 
Marshall activities on Okinawa 
mopup in Manila harbor activities 
in ETO atrocity films surrender, 

Combat Bulletin No. 54 
(B&W 32 Min 1945) 

Action on Okinawa Iwo Jap- 
anese in dawn sortie activities in 
Philippines expedients overcome 
tank obstacles V-l over Antwerp, 

Combat Bulletin No. 55 
(B&W 29 Min 1945) 

Additional surrender films 
General Richardson makes VE-day 
statement fall of rangoon Iwo 
Jima base for Tokyo attacks USS 
Franklin, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 56 

(B&W 29 Min 1945) 

Activities in ETO paper 
war 57-mm recoilles rifle inva- 
sion of Tarakan Japanese suicide 
bomb capture of Banguio. 

Combat Bulletin No. 57 

(B&W 28 Min 1945) 
Activities in ETO Disney 


Combat Films 

CB 58 

CB 59 

CB 60 

CB 61 

CB 62 

swish enemy fortifications mine 
menace in conquered areas T66 
rocket launcher jungle rescue, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 58 

(B&W 26 Min 1945) 

Activities in ETO floating 
bridge M4 activities in Philip- 
pines Sopac University post-war 
jeep allied prisoners freed in Ran- 
goon, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 59 
(B&W 26 Min 1945) 

Operation 'Pluto' allied con- 
trol council for Germany new hel- 
icopters carbine M2 activities in 
Philippines Ledo road supply base. 

Combat Bulletin No. 60 

(B&W 20 Min 1945) 

Activities in ETO LVT's for 
beachhead operations wirelaying 
by airplane activities of Sixth 
Army group service schools in Pa- 
cific, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 61 

(B&W 27 Min 1945) 

Operation 'Fido' activities in 
ETO-Russian one-man carry M40 
and T89 motor carriages Borneo 
invasions action on Northern Lu- 
zon, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 62 

(B&W 21 Min 1945) 

Redeployment operations ac- 
tivities in ETO cavitizing shells 
for V-T fuzes Okinawa Japan- 
ese attacks on fleet. 

Combat Bulletin No. 63 

(B&W 21 Min 1945) 

British flame defenses revolt in 
Prague redeployment new quar- 
termaster units use leaded gas 
suicide atttack on destroyer, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 64 

(B&W 19 Min 1945) 

President Truman arrives at 
Berlin conference demonstration 
of latest signal corps equipment 
recapture of Liuchow Aguni inva- 
sion, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 65 
(B&W 17 Min 1945) 

Big three conference in ses- 
sion additional films of Balik- 
papan invasion activities on Ok- 

mm Mortar. 

on Okinawa 914- 

CB 66 

CB 101 

CB 102 

CB 103 

CB 104 

CB 105 

CB 106 

CB 107 

Combat Bulletin No. 66 

(B&W 13 Min 1945) 

Activities in China-service 
troops arrive in Manila Japanese 
antisubmarine mortar third fleet 
shells Japan sinking of HMS Bar- 
ham, etc. 

Combat Bulletin No. 101 Korea 

Battles for Time 

(B&W 29 Min 1950) 

Logistics and combat operations 
of air, sea, and ground forces of 
United Nations in Korea from 10 
July through 10 August 1950. 

Combat Bulletin No. 102 Korea 

Turning the Tide 

(B&W 22 Min 1950) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing period 10 August through 20 
September 1952 covering landing on 
Wolmi Island and capture of Inchon. 

Combat Bulletin No. 103 Korea 

U.N. Offensive 

(B&W 21 Min 1950) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing period 20 September through 20 
October 1952 including recapture of 
Seoul and capture of Pyongyang. 

Combat Bulletin No. 104 Chinese 
Reds Enter War 

(B&W 21 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 October through 20 Novem- 
ber 1950 Chinese Communists enter 
war treatment and evacuation of 
wounded by air. 

Combat Bulletin No. 105 U.N. 
Forces Escape Trap 

(B&W 16 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 November through 20 Decem- 
ber 1950 largest amphibious eva- 
cuation in military history. 

Combat Bulletin No. 106 U.N. 

Forces Consolidate Below 38th Parallel 

(B&W 20 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 December 1950 through 20 
January 1951 U.N. Forces evacuat- 
ed from Hungnam flight of civilian 

Combat Bulletin No. 107 U.N. 
Forces Move North 
(B&W 17 Min 1951) 

Combat Films 

CB 108 

CB 109 

CB 110 

CB 111 

CB 112 

CB 113 

CHR A-l 

CHR A-5 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 January through 20 February 
1051 Suwon captured red resist- 
ance stiffens on central front. 

Combat Bulletin No. 108 

(B&W 18 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 February through 20 March 
1951 U.N. offensive continues op- 
eration killer hampered by weather. 

Combat Bulletin No. 109 U.N. 

Forces Cross 38th Parallel 

(B&W 19 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea, 20 
March through 20 April 1151 U.N. 
Forces cross 38th parallel official 
activation of shape headquarters. 

Combat Bulletin No. 110 Reds 
Launch Spring Offensive 

(B&W 15 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea, 2p 
April through 20 May 1951 red 
spring offensive is stalled before it 

Combat Bulletin No. Ill U.N. 


(B&W 16 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea, 20 
May through 20 June 1951 allied 
units push north as tide of battle 
turns airlift delivery of supplies 
to front. 

Combat Bulletin No. 112 Korean 

Cease-Fire Talks 

(B&W 18 Min 1951) 

Activities in Korea during 20 
June through 20 July 1951 with 
emphasis on the cease-fire talks at 

Combat Bulletin No. 113 Stalemate 
in Korea 

(B&W 18 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Korea dur- 
ing 20 July through 20 August 1951 
ground action continues return 
of refugees to Seoul cease fire 
talks continue. 

The Gilbert Islands 

(B&W 11 Min 1949) 

The Gilbert campaign strategic 
importance of the island success 
of campaign, and how it brought 
us one step closer to Tokyo. 


(B&W 9 Min 1948) 
Landing operation and subse- 

quent capture of Bougainville in 
1943 by American forces of the 
37th Division, 14th Corps, and 3d 
Marine division. 

CHR A-8 The Admiralty Islands 

(B&W 16 Min 1949) 

Landing in February 1944 and 
subsequent capture of Admiralty Is- 
lands north of New Guinea by 1st 
Cavalry Division. 

CHR A-10 The Marianas Part I Saipan 

(B&W 22 Min 1949) 

Invasion of Saipan in Marianas 
group in June 1944 by 2d and 4th 
Divisions and 27th Army Division. 

CHR A-10A The Marianas Part II Guam 

(B&W 13 Min 1949) 

Landing and recapture of 
Guam Island in the Marianas in 
1944 operation is a joint Army- 
Navy-Marine Victory. 

CHR A-ll The Battle of Leyte 

(B&W 26 Min 1951) 

Initial phases of invasion by 
US 10th and 24th Corps and the 
6th Army in October 1944 Japanese 
resistance overcome and Island cap- 
tured by December 1944. 

CHR B-15 D-Day Convoy 

(B&W 19 Min 1948) 

Activities just prior to and in- 
cluding D-day movements of 
American troops from all parts to 
POE's prior to the Normandy. 

CHR B-29 American Ninth Army Aachen to the 

Roer River 
(B&W 31 Min 1948) 

Activities of the 9th Army from 
Aachen to the Roer River. 

CHR B-30 American First Army Aachen to the 

Roer River 
(B&W 29 Min 1948) 

Advance by the 1st Army: 1st, 
9th, 28th, 83d, 104th Divisions, and 
3d Armored Division. 

CHR C-l Campaign in Sicily 

(B&W 20 Min 1948) 

Invasion of Sicily by the 15th 
Army Group, consisting of the 
American 7th Army and the British 
8th Army. 

CHR C-2 Sicily to Naples 

(B&W 13 Min 1948) 

American and British forces 
set sail for the invasion of Italy 


Combat Films 

captured German footage is included 
to show action on both S DBS. 

CHR C 3 Naples to Cassino 

(B&W 26 Min 1948) 

The drive from Naples to Cas- 
sino Battle of San Pietro and the 
subsequent storming of Cassino. 

CHR C 8 Invasion of Southern France 

(B&W 22 Min 1950) 

Invasion of Southern France by 
the 7th Army and subsequent junc- 
tion with the American 3d Army in 
Northwest part of France. 

CHR E-7 Military Pipeline System (CBI Theater) 

(B&W 23 Min 1948) 

Achievements of American 
troops who built a desperately need- 
ed pipeline under hazardous condi- 

CMF 7-1297 Sixth Infantry Division (WW Il-Pacific) 

(B&W 20 Min 1948) 

Historical record of activities of 
the Sixth Infantry Division in the 
Pacific during World War II. 

CMF 9-1286 Defense of Antwerp Against the V-1 

(B&W 21 Min 1947) 

The story of the city of Antwerp 
during World War II. 

CMF 11-1001 At the Front in North Africa (WW II) 

(Color 43 Min 1943) 

A tank convoy in North Africa 
engages the Nazis in battle. 

CMF 11-1006 Report From the Aleutians (WW II) 

(Color 40 Min 1943) 

American soldiers fight in the 
battle of the Aleutians, struggling 
against almost impossible odds. 

CMF 17-7864 H 3 \\ on Wheels (2d Armored Division 

WW II Europe) 
(B&W 17 Min 1951) 

Historical record of the combat 
activities of the 2d Armored Division 
during World War II. 

CMF 40-1002 Desert Victory (Britain-WW II) 

(B&W 63 Min 1943) 

Combat action by British Troops 
in the Middle East. 

CMF 40-1041 Attaclc-The Battle for New Britain 

(WW II Pacific) 
(B&W 47 Min 1944) 

Attacks on Arawae and Cape 
Gloucester on New Britain from plan 
of attack of final victory. 

CMF 40-1128 Action at Anguar (81st Infantry Division 

WW Il-Pacific) 
(B&W 27 Min 1945) 

Combat activities of the 81st 
Infantry Division in crushing Vet- 
eran Japanese Troops on Anguar 

CMF 40-1211 The True Glory (History of WW II 

(B&W 83 Min 1945) 

A documentary film covering 
virtually every phase of the invasion 
of Europe and the eventual victory 
over the Nazis. 

CMF 40-1212 Fury in the Pacific (WW II Peleliu 

and Anguar) 

(B&W 20 Min 1945) 

A record of a typical amphibious 
assault as the camera follows Ameri- 
can troops in the battles of Peleliu 
and Anguar. 

CMF 40-7884 United Nations Campaign in Northeast 


(B&W 25 Min 1952) 

Tactical phases of attack on 
Pyongyang ultimate amphibious 
evacuation from Hungnam (com- 
pleted Christmas Eve 1950). 

CMF 45-1278 Hell for Leather (1st Cavalry Division 

WW Il-Pacific) 
(B&W 9 Min 1946) 

The History of the First 
Cavalry Division and its combat ac- 
tivities in World War II. 

CMF 45-1279 Fighting First (1st Division WW II 

(B&W 13 Min 1947) 

Combat activities of the First 
Infantry Division during World War 

CMF 45-1426 Th? 82d Airborne Division (WW II 

(B&W 21 Min 1948) 

History of the 82d Airborne 
Division with sequences devoted to 
activities during World War I and 
World War II. 

CMF 45-7533 Seventh Infantry Division (WW Il- 

(B&W 22 Min 1949) 

Combat activities in the four 
major campaigns: ATTU, Leyte, 
Kwajalein and Okinawa occupation 
duties in Korea. 


Combat Films 

CMF 45-7705 The Famous Third Army (WW II- 

| Europe) 

(B&W 21 Min 1950) 

Historical record of the 281 days 
of the 3d Army offensive through 
France, Belgium and Germany, with 
air support from the 19th Tactical 
Air Command. 

CMF 45-7761 The First Forty Days (Korea) 

(B&W 26 Min 1950) 

Combat footage taken during the 
first forty days of operation in Korea 
following the communist invasion 
from the north. 

CMF 45-7814 The 83d Infantry Division in Europe 

(WW II) 

(B&W 20 Min 1951) 

Combat activities in Europe dur- 
ing World War II. 

CMF 54-1114 C.O.D. Saipan (WW II) 

(B&W 23 Min 1945) 

Flow of vital supplies to our 
fighting forces during the beachhead 
invasion of the island. 

CMF 130-7553 Winged Victory on Foot-43d Infantry 
Division (WW Il-Pacific) 
(B&W 14 Min 1950) 

Activities of the division in the 
Pacific during World War II and 
as occupation troops in Japan after 

CMF 130-7554 29-Let's Go-29th Infantry Division 
(WW Il-Europe) 
(B&W 20 Min 1950) 

Combat activities in European 
command during World War II : 
Normandy, St. Lo, Brest and Ger- 

CMF 130-7555 The Red Bull Attaeks-34th Infantry 
Division (WW Il-Europe) 

(B&W 21 Min 1950) 

Historical background and ac- 
tivities in World War II Casa- 
blanca, Tunis, Kasserine Pass, Sal- 
erno, Cassino, Anzio, Liri and Po 
Valley Campaigns. 

CMF 130-7585 Work Horse of ths Western Front-the 30th 
Infantry Division (WW Il-Europe) 

(B&W 18 Min 1950) 

Combat activities of 'Old 
Hickory* during World War I and 
II in the ETO victorious campaigns 
in Normandy, St. Lo, Belgium, Hol- 
land, and Germany. 

CMF 130-7722 

CMF 130-7723 

CMF 130-7730 

CMF 130-7872 

CMF 130-7929 

CMF 130-7930 

CMF 130-7931 

CR 1 

CR 2 

The Victory Division 24th Infantry 

Division (WW Il-Pacific) 

(B&W 19 Min 1950) 

Historical record of combat ac- 
tivities in the pacific during World 
War II and later as occupation forces 
in Japan. 

The Big Wheel 35th Infantry Division 
(WW Il-Europe) 
(B&W 16 Min 1950) 

Historical account of campaigns 
from 1846 through World War I 
fighting activities in Europe during 
World War II. 

The Sunset Division (41st Infantry 

Division) (WW Il-Pacific) 

(B&W 13 Min 1951) 

History and documentary cover- 
age of its activities in the pacific 
during World War II. 

The Twenty-Sixth Infantry Division 

(WW Il-Europe) 

(B&W 15 Min 1952) 

Detailed account of the 'Yankee 
Division' from August 1944 through 
the end of the European Campaign. 

27th Infantry Division (WW Il-Pacific) 

(B&W 20 Min 1953) 

History of the 27th, highlighting 
its World War II battle record 
Makin, Eniwetok, Saipan and Oki- 

32d Infantry Division (WW Il-Pacific) 

(B&W 18 Min 1953) 

Traces the 32d's history, through 
the Civil War, Spanish-American 
War, World Wars I and II events 
in World War II are highlighted. 

36th Infantry Division (WW Il-Europe) 

(B&W 21 Min 1953) 

Recounts activities of the 36th 
during World Wars I and II un- 
derscores major battles at Salerno, 
San Pietro, Cassino, Anzio, Rome, 
and Germany. 

Liberation of Rome 

(B&W 20 Min 1944) 

Documentary film on the capi- 
tulation of Rome in World War II. 

Battle of San Pietro 

(B&W 35 Min 1945) 

Documentary on Great Battle 
leading to allied capture of San 
Pietro during World War II Italian 
campaign introduction by General 
Mark Clark. 


Combat Films 

CR 3 

Stillwel! Road 

(B&W 53 Min 1945) 

Construction of 
through extreme natural 
under enemy fire. 

CR 4 


Appointment in Tokyo 

(B&W 56 Min 1945) 

History of World War II opera- 
tions in the Pacific, from the fall of 
Corregidor to Japanese surrender 
ceremonies in Tokyo Bay. 


DoO Civil Preparedness Films 

53. DDCP; Department of Defense Civil 
Preparedness Films 

DDCP films have two different applications, as 
indicated in the listings: 

a. For Nationwide exhibition to the public 
at large, as well as military use. 

b. Restricted to Defense Civil Preparedness 
(formerly Office of Civil Defense) training and 
military use only (not available to the public 
at large). 

DDCP 3-120 Mission Fallout-Operation Plumbob 

(Radiological Defense) 
(Color 45 Min 1962) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Radiation defense training and 
field exercises held with Federal 
Civil Defense personnel at the Nev- 
ada test site. 

DDCP 3-206 Radioactive Fallout 

(B&W 7 Min 1964) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Formation, effects, and dispersal 
of radioactive fallout from a nuclear 

DDCP 3-210 Nuclear Weapons Effects for Monitor 


(B&W 10 Min 1964) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Blast and thermal effects of 
nuclear explosions features of Ra- 
dioactive fallout effects of radia- 
tion exposure on people. 

DDCP 3-211 Nuclear Detonations-the First Sixty 


(B&W 11 Min 1964) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Effects of nuclear detonations 
in first 60 seconds characteristics 
and damage caused by blast and 
shock, thermal radiation, and initial 
nuclear radiation. 

DDCP 3-220 About Fallout 

(Color 24 Min 1963) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Physics of Nuclear Radiation 
effects on body, food, and water 
importance of adequate shelter and 
decontamination measures stressed. 

DDCP 3-246 Protection Against Nuclear Radiation 

(Color 8 Min 1968) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Use of time, distance, and 
shielding factors to reduce the haz- 
ards of nuclear radiation, with em- 

phasis on the value of fallout shel- 
ters in a nuclear emergency. 

DDCP 3-256 About Fallout (Short Version) 

(Color 8 Min 1967) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Characteristics, dissemination, 
and effects of nuclear fallout on the 
body, food, and water; and import- 
ance of adequate shelters and pre- 
scribed decontamination measures in 
defense against nuclear fallout. 

DDCP 5-214 Fallout Shelter-What is It? 

(B&W 13 Min 1963) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Requirements for selecting and 
marking shelter space how various 
types of buildings and structures 
can be used as fallout shelters. 

DDCP 5-235 The Protected School 

(B&W 6 Min 1965) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Views of the United High 
School, Webb County, Texas, show 
how the protected school also serves 
a community shelter. 

DDCP 5-242 The A Plus School 

(Color 7 Min 1966) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

'Slanting technique' used in the 
New South Salem Elementary School 
in Salem, Va., to construct above 
ground fallout shelter. 

DDCP 5-253 Manual Damage Assessment 

(B&W 16 Min 1967) 

Application, essentials and tech- 
niques of manual damage assess- 
ment to define remaining human and 
material resources after a nuclear 

DDCP 5-258 Once to Make Ready 

(Color 9 Min 1967) 

A public information film on 
the goals and fundamentals of com- 
munity shelter planning to provide 
protection in urban and suburban 
areas in case of nuclear attack. 

DDCP 5-259 Slanting 

(Color 9 Min 1967) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Shows how 'slanting' techniques 
are employed in new building de- 
sign to achieve radiation shielding 
with little or no additional cost. 

DDCP 5-271 Architecture and the Atom 

(Color 25 Min 1970) 
Features the eight prize win- 


DoD Civil Preparednejj Films 

ning entries in a recent nation-wide 
honor awards program for buildings 
combining excellence of architectual 
design with the protection of built- 
in fallout shelter. 

DDCP 8-216 Three Reactions to Shelter Life 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 
(For Civil Defense Training Only) 
Psychological reactions of ag- 
gression, regression, and depression 
are portrayed to show how some 
people may react to stress of shelter 

DDCP 11-215 Information Program Within Public 


(B&W 13 Min 1963) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Communication facilities and 
techniques used by information 
team to inform, divert and orient 
occupants value of information 
program for shelter morale and 

DDCP 20-104 Trapped (Rescue Work) 

(B&W 20 min 1962) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Need for rescue workers and 
rewards of rescue techniques to 
rescue trapped victims in collapsed 
structures digging, searching, wall- 

DDCP 20-209 Safety Measures in Public Shelters 

(B&W 10 Min 1963) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Safety plan, regular inspec- 
tions, supervised entry into shelt- 
ers, ventilation, first aid, fire pre- 
vention, decontamination of person- 
nel, etc. 

DDCP 20-217 Public Shelter Living-The Story of 

Shelter 104 

(B&W 30 Min 1964) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Portrayal of life in a public 
shelter during emergency shows 
how shelter manager and trained 
staff maintain good morale among 

DDCP 20-222 Town of the Times 

(Color 26 Min 1963) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Story of a typical American 
town which came to realize that it 

had not faced the vital issue of the 
times Civil Defense. 

DDCP 20-223 One Week in October 

HIST (B&W 29 Min 1964) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Story of the Cuban crisis 
aerial photos of missile bases 
United States action to halt missile 
buildup and United Nations reac- 
tion removal of missiles from 

DDCP 20-224 Local Civil Defense 

(B&W 16 Min 1965) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Objectives and factors involved 
in local CD planning and opera- 
tions 'stress on adequate shelter 
space and emergency skills for sur- 

DDCP 20-225 Day Without End-Duties of a Civil 

Defense Director 

(B&W 18 Min 1965) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Day in life of civil defense di- 
rector dramatizing variety of duties 
that must be performed to plan 
and manage civil defense effec- 

DDCP 20-227 Individual and Family Action on Warning 

(Color 18 Min 1965) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Need for survival plans and 
safety action in daily living situa- 
tions stress on value of public and 
private shelters for survival. 

DDCP 20-232 Operation CUE (Revision 1964) 

(Color 14 Min 1965) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Report on operation CUE exer- 
cise of 1955, pointing up contrast 
between this Nevada test in 1955 
and present nuclear devices. 

DDCP 20-237 Mutual Aid-The 'US' in Industry 

(Color 26 Min 1965) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Aims and work of Linden In- 
dustrial Mutual Aid Council (LI- 
MAC) in emergency training pro- 
grams and mutual aid for com- 
munity welfare during disaster. 

DDCP 20-238 Though the Earth Be Moved 

(B&W 46 Min 1965) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 


DoD Civil Preparedness Films 

DDCP 20-269 

Story of Alaska's earthquake, DDCP 20-252 
27 March 1964, and the three days 
of crisis that followed emergency 
action of federal, state, and local 

DDCP 20-239 The Face of Disaster 

(B&W 10 Min 1965) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Highlights of Alaskan earth- DDCP 20-268 
quake in 1964, and floods and tor- 
nadoes in midwest in 1965 
stresses role of community services 
in face of disaster. 

DDCP 20-240 Civil Defense Public Information 

(Color 15 Min 1966) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Formula and devices for plan- 
ning, developing, and implementing 
an effective CD public information 

DDCP 20-243 Memorandum to Industry 

(Color 34 Min 1966) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Shows how industry, with the 
support of the community and state 
and local CD agencies, can achieve 
a well-developed civil defense plan 
for nuclear and other types of 

DDCP 20-248 Emergency Operating Centers the Basic 


(Color 23 Min 1968) 

(For Civil Defense Training 
Only) DDCP 20-272 

Teaches local government and 
civil defense officials the fundamen- 
tals for setting up and operating 
an emergency operating center 
where decisions can be made, and 
control exercised, during a nuclear 

DDCP 20-250 The Five Days of Betsy 

(B&W 12 Min 1966) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) DDCP 20-274 

Story of Hurricane Betsy in 
late summer 65, and joint efforts of 
CD, military services, and welfare 
agencies during the great disaster. 

DDCP 20-251 A Hurricane Called Betsy 

(B&W 29 Min 1966) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) DDCP 22-207 

Story of Hurricane Betsy in 
late summer 65, and joint efforts 
of CD, military services, and wel- 
fare agencies during the great dis- 

DDCP 20-270 

Introduction to a RADEF Exercise 

(B&W 6 Min 1968) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

Portrays the actions of a RA- 
DEF officer upon notification of an 
impending national peril and a pos- 
sible state of emergency. 

It Happened in Texas (Hurricane 
Beulah '67) 

(Color 9 Min 1968) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Documents the September 1967 
disaster in Southern Texas brought 
on by Hurricane Beulah; and the 
massive rescue-and-relief effort 
mounted by government, civil de- 
fense. armed forces, and other 
agencies to help the victims. 

A Day in September 

(Color 28 Min 1968) 
(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Shows the civil defense pre- 
parations made in typical federal 
facilities in Iowa, Maryland, Mon- 
tana, New York, Tennessee, Texas, 
and Washington, DC. 

A Briefing on Civil Defense 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Presents significant facts about 
radiological fallout, the fallout 
shelter program, and the national 
civil defense program. 

In Time of Emergency 

(Color 26 Min 1970) 

Highlights the basic lifesaving 
information every American needs 
to prepare for a nuclear emergency: 
facts about fallout, types of public 
and private shelters, how to con- 
struct a shelter, emergency supplies, 
sanitation measures, and action to 
be taken if caught in the open. 

A Lady Called Camille 
(Color 29 Min 1971) 

Depicts the warning and eva- 
cuation efforts by civil defense be- 
fore Hurricane Camille in 1969, and 
the rescue and cleanup operations 

Operations in Public Shelters 

(B&W 16 Min 1964) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

How deputy manager imple- 
ments initial phases of operation 


DoD Civil Preparedness Films 

DDCP 38-213 

DDCP 38-273 

plan in an emergency, and together DDCP 38-204 
with team leaders draws up daily 
schedules for shelter living. 

DDCP 22-208 Public Shelter Organization and Staff 

(B&W 16 Min 1963) 
(For Civil Defense Training 

Role of shelter manager and 
his deputies in organizing staff and 
directing operation plan duties of 
staff teams importance of staff re- 
placement when necessary. 

DDCP 2-218 Planning for Public Shelter Entry 

(B&W 17 Min 1964) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

How shelter manager and staff 
prepare for entry of occupants: 
security and safety measures, sup- 
plies and equipment, communica- 
tions media, and proper orientation 
of occupants. 

DDCP 22-219 Planning for Emergence From Public 


(B&W 10 Min 1964) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

How shelter manager plans and 
controls emergence of occupants 
inshelter and outside factors con- 
sidered steps taken in first and 
second stages of emergence. 

DDCP 30-255 Display of Operational Data 

(Color 20 Min 1967) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

An exercise at an emergency 
operating center following a simu- 
lated nuclear attack shows how op- 
erational data is collected, recorded, DDCP 55-275 
and displayed to aid officials in 
making command decisions. 

DDCP 38-203 Community Protection Through Civil 


(B&W 16 Min 1963) 

(For Civil Defense Training 
Only) DDCP 55-276 

How Jacksonville, Fla., carried 
out first stage of civil defense shel- 
ter program allocation of shelter 
areas, and provisioning operation 
test conducted 9 October 1962. 

DDCP 55-257 

Public Shelter Supplies What Additional 
Supplies Are Desirable? 

(B&W 13 Min 1963) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

Items supplied by community 
to supplement federal government 
supplies: sitting and sleeping equip- 
ment, firefighting equipment, spe- 
cial medicines, extra food, communi- 
cations equipment, etc. 

Public Shelter Supplies What Does the 

Government Supply? 

(B&W 13 Min 1963) 

(For Civil Defense Training 

Item allowances, use and stor- 
age of supplies furnished by fed- 
eral government: food, water con- 
tainers, sanitation kit, medical kit, 
and shelter radiation kit. 

Quality Crock Program Shelter Supplies 

(Color 11 Min 1970) 

Describes how veterinary serv- 
ices personnel, working in close co- 
ordination with local civil defense 
authorities, perform periodic in- 
spections to evaluate the quality of 
the five classes of shelter supplies. 

Port Preparedness 

(Color 23 Min 1967) 

Defines the requirement for 
port preparedness in the event of 
a natural or man made disaster, 
and describes how various Ameri- 
can seaports are preparing for 
survival and emergency opera- 
tions. Participation of every US 
port is urged in emergency plan- 

Transportation's Role in Disaster 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 

Describes the contribution of 
the National Defense Transporta- 
tion Association in providing trans- 
portation services during major dis- 
asters over the last two decades. 

Trouble at Tonti Station 

(Color 26 Min 1972) 

(For Nationwide Exhibition) 

Shows the planning and train- 
ing that allowed civil defense au- 
thorities to efficiently handle rescue 
efforts at a train wreck near Salem, 


DOD Industrial Security Films 

54. DDIS; Department of Defense Industrial 
Security Films 

For use by industrial and business concerns 
handling Defense contract work, and by DOD 
personnel concerned with industrial security 
programs. All films in this series are cleared 
for this purpose. 

DDIS 1 The Cos* of Comrade T 

(Color 23 Min 1956) 

Experiences of a communist 
agent in several industrial plants 
stress on awareness of security by 
individual worker. 






Memorandum on Security 
(Color 9 Min 1959) 

Donald A. Quarles, Deputy 
Secretary of Defense, explains the 
importance of security in defense 
research work to scientific and en- 
gineering personnel involved. 

The Hollow Coin (Industrial Security) 
(B&W 15 Min 1960) 

Documents captured and trial 
of Soviet spy, Colonel Rudolf I. 
Abel objectives of DOD security 
program, and role of individual 
worker to effect security. 

The Daily Enemy (Industrial Security) 
(Color 14 Min 1960) 

Shows how loyal personnel 
working on classified defense con- 
tracts can jeopardize security by 
playing into the hands of 'the daily 
enemy,' i.e., carelessness. 

Security Man (Industrial Security) 
(B&W 17 Min 1961) 

Shows how industrial security 
can be compromised through ignor- 
ance and carelessness stress on ad- 
herence to security regulations for 
national defense. 

The Secret Underworld (Industrial Security) 
(B&W 25 Min 1963) 
Delineates the serious threat 




DDIS 10 

DDIS 11 

of the Soviet espionage network 
based on facts revealed at the public 
spy trial in London, England, 
March 1961. 

The Enemy Agent and You 
(B&W 25 Min 1965) 

Techniques and devices used by 
professional enemy agents to ob- 
tain security information rules to 
be observed by United States per- 
sonnel engaged in defense work for 

Unauthorized Disclosure 
(B&W 13 Min 1965) 

Definition of 'unauthorized dis- 
closure' or classified security in- 
formation human and procedural 
safeguards to avoid compromises 
of security information. 

The Smile and the Sword 

(B&W 22 Min 1967) 

This industrial security film is 
aimed at defense contractor em- 
ployees who have access to classi- 
fied information. 

An actual case taken from US 
Government files illustrates guises 
used by a Communist espionage 
agent to gather vital information 
from unsuspecting persons. 

Defense Against the Spy 
(B&W 20 Min 1968) 

A portrayal of espionage il- 
lustrates the techniques and sophis- 
ticated tools used by enemy agents 
to obtain classified information. 
Countermeasures against these de- 
vices are shown. 

Combination for Security 

(Color 32 Min 1971) 

Presents information about 
management of security classified 
materials for defense contractors; 
describes DD 254, personnel clear- 
ances, and storage, transmission 
and other handling of classified 


The Green Scene 

55. GS; The Green Scene 

The Green Scene is a film magazine to augment 
Commanders Call presentations. Each issue 
consists of several short reports on topics of 
significance to soldiers. 

GS 3 

GS 1 

GS 2 

The Green Scene Number 1 

(Color 18 Min 1971) 

The US Army drill team per- 
forms ; educational opportunities 
in the Army; flood relief efforts 
by the US Army in East Pakistan 
in 1970. 

The Green Scene Number 2 (Helicopter 
School, Berlin Wall) 

(Color 12 Min 1971) 

1. Helicopter flight school is 
discussed by instructors. 

2. A young soldier is followed 
on his first day on the Berlin Wall 

GS 5 

The Green Scene Number 3 (Parachute 
Team, Ecology, Freedom) j 

(Color 15 Min 1972) 

The Golden Knights Parachute 
Team performs; the army's work 
in ecology is discussed; a US sold- 
ier born in Hungary talks about 
'Freedom; Privilege or Obligation'. 

The Green Scene Number 5 (Voting) 
(Color 19 Min 1972) 

1. A band and choral tribute 
to Thomas Jefferson. 

2. A warning against loan 

3. The importance of the vote, 
and how to get and use an absentee 

4. Drug abuse and death. 

5. A look at today's modern 


Info and Education Sports Rl 

56. IESR; Information and Education Sports 

IESR films are newsreel-type films of miscel- 
laneous sports events. They were formerly in 
the AFIF series, 200 through 240. 

IESR 200 

IESR 201 

IESR 202 

IESR 203 


IESR 204 

IESR 205 

IESR 206 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 34 Min 1955) 

Sports events of 1955 'Base- 
ball World Series' 'Tennis Thrills' 
'Battling the Bulls' 'AAU Div- 
ing and Swimming' 'Women 
Wrestlers,' etc. 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 35 Min 1956) 

'Football Upset of the Season' 
'Modern Pentathlon' 'Irish Up- 
set in Last Game' 'Iron Curtain 
Thriller' 'Canine Caddy' 'Army 
vs Navy' etc. 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 33 Min 1956) 

'Golden Gloves' 'Winter 
Sports on Snow and Ice' 'Basket- 
ball' 'Slightly Fishy' 'The Big 
Streaks' 'Fishing in Panama' 
'Winter Olympics 1956.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 30 Min 1956) 

'Ski Jumping' 'Speed Bike 
Classic' 'Golf 'Children's Boxing 
Tournament' .'Track Meets' 'Soc- 
cer' 'Deep Sea Fishing' 'Bowling' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 31 Min 1956) 

'Landy Loses and Wins' 'In- 
dianapolis 500' 'Modern Atlas Sets 
Records' 'Olympic Acrobats' 'Bike 
Jockeys Go All Out' 'Little Leag- 
uers' etc. 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1956) 

'Olympic Trials' 'The Lighter 
Side' 'US Open' 'Ride 'em Cow- 
boy' 'All-Star Game.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1956) 

'Army Runners Smash Records' 
'Boats Fly-No Kidding' 'Model 
Planes' 'Antique Cars Still Roll' 
'AAU Swimming and Diving' 
'Hambletonian' etc. 

IESR 207 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1956) 
Includes 'National 


' Olympic Women' 'King Football 
Takes Over' 'Sport Flashes' 'Gold 
Cup Powerboats.' 

IESR 208 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

'Air Force Grid Debut' 'Inter- 
Service Boxing' 'World Series.' 

IESR 209 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

'Football' Highlights of seven 
games 'Sport Flashes' tandem 
motorbike, roller ski and speedboat 
races 'Olympic Preview' 16th 

IESR 210 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1956) 

'Giants vs Redskins' 'Olympi- 
ans All Set' 'Army-Navy Stale- 

IESR 211 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

'Football Bowls' 'A Dog's Life' 
'Barrel Jump' 'Handball' 'Cow- 
boys Buffaloed' 'Lady (?) Wrest- 

IESR 212 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

'Court Kings' 'Crack-Up' 
'Hot Heads on Ice' 'Golden Gloves' 
'4 Minute Man?' 'Handball' 
'Winter Sports.' 

IESR 213 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

'Winter Sports on Snow and 
Ice' 'Service Sluggers' 'Soldiers 
on Skis' 'Winter Perils' 'Ladies 
of the Courts.' 

IESR 214 A Special Edition of I&E Sportsreel- 

The 1956 Olympics 

(B&W 31 Min 1957) 

A pictorial review of the 16th 
Olympiad held in Melbourne, Aus- 
tralia opening ceremonies, major 
events, and closing of the Olympics. 

IESR 215 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

'Court Kings' 'Masters' Golf 
'Moppet Maulers' 'Six-Day 
Bikes' 'College Acrobats' 'Stan- 
ley Cup Hockey.' 

IESR 216 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 24 Min 1957) 

'Modern Pentathlon' 'Ken- 
tucky Derby' 'Soccer Cup Final' 
'Boston Marathon' 'Diamond Dust.' 


Info and Education Sports Reels 

IESR 217 I&E Sportsreel IESR 225 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

'World Record Pole Vault' 'A 
Dog's Life' 'Wimbledon Tennis' 
'Heel and Toe' 'US Open' 'Pen- 
nant Fever' 'All-Star Games'. 

IESR 218 I&E Sportsreel IESR 226 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

'Mile Record Falls Again' 
'Tennis Thrills' 'Army Star Wins 
Diving' 'Trumping Theodore' 
'Baseball Old Timers' 'Modern 
Pentathlon.' IEgR ^ 

IESR 219 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1957) 

'National Tennis' 'Boys' Base- 
ball' 'Inter-Service Golf 'All- 
Navy Softball' 'National Shoot' 
'Hambletonian' 'Manhattan Mara- IESR 228 
thon' 'AAU Divers.' 

IESR 220 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1957) 

Football Army vs Notre 
Dame, Navy vs Boston College, Air 
Force Academy vs George Washing- 
ton Farewell to Giants World IESR 22 9 
Series 1957. 

IESR 221 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'Campbell Sets Speed Record* 
'Japan's Big Sport Week' 'Japan's 
World Series' 'Climax on the 
Turf 'Football Highlights.' 

IESR 222 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 22 Min 1958) 

Highlights of Army-Navy foot- 
ball game (1957) played in Phila- 
delphia pre-season training and 
earlier games played by both 

IESR 223 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'Lions Win Pro Title' 'Mat 
Mugs' 'Tar Heels Halted' 'Brown 
KO's Lopes' 'Football Bowls- 
Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton 

IESR 230 

IESR 231 

IESR 232 

IESR 224 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'Golden Gloves' 'All- American IESR 233 
Basketeers' 'Wrong Way King 
Pins' 'Bad Break for Campy' 
'Winter Sports' 'New Pay- 
raise Bill.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) f 

'Baseball in the Air Major * 
League Ball Clubs in Spring Train- 
ing' 'The Boys from Planet 0' 
'Meet Silky Sullivan.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1958) 

'Last Ski Jump' 'Bowling' 
'Moppet Maulers' 'Masters' Golf 
'The Boys from Planet O' 'In- 
door Sports' 'Baseball.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

Includes 'Kentucky Derby' 
'Service Sports' 'Russian Strong 
Men' 'Penn Relays' 'Buzz Bikes 
Run Wild' 'Stan The Man.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 21 Min 1958) 

'Qrack Up In 500' 'Meeting 
of Milers' 'Heavy Seas for Yachts' 
'The Boys from Planet 0' 'Tim 
Tarn Beaten' 'Baseball' 'Bike 
Racing' 'Open Golf.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'All-Star Game' 'AAU Track' 
'The Boys from Planet 0' 'Ten- 
nis Thrills' 'Racing, Town and ( 
Country' 'Cut'n Shoot Fighting 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 22 Min 1958) 

'Mile Record Falls Again' 
'PGA Golf 'Battling the Bulls' 
'Old Timers Baseball' 'Service 
Sports' 'The Boys from Planet O.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'National Tennis' 'Little Lea- 
gue' 'Tale of a Trotter' 'Pole 
Grounds' 'What a Change' 'Serv- 
ice Sports.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1958) 

'1958 World Series' Tale of a 
Horse' (re-enlistment spot an- 
nouncement) , 'Globetrottters' 'Serv- 
ice Football.' 

I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

'The International Horse Race 
in Maryland' 'College and Pro 
Football' 'Army vs Texas' 'Navy 


Info and Education Sport* Rl* 

vs Notre Dame' 'Cleveland Browns 
vs Chicago Cardinals' etc. 

IESR 234 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

'Service Football Air Force 
Academy vs Colorado' 'Sport Spec- 
tacular Army Navy Football Clas- 
sic' 'In and Out of Orbit' Spot 
on Safe Driving. 

IESR 235 I&E Sporfsreel 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Football bowls 'Rose, Sugar, 
Cotton, and Orange* pro title play- 
off football Davis Cup tennis 
grid thrills of 1958. 

IESR 236 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Winter Sports 'Bowling Bas- 
ketball All-Stars Indoor Track' 
spot announcement on observance 
of safety rules to prevent accidents. 

IESR 237 I&E Sporfsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Goodbye, winter wind up of 
winter sports season 'Track, Box- 
ing, and Ice-Skating' Hello, Spring 
'Major League Baseball Teams in 

IESR 238 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

Basketball finals (NCAA and 
professional), Stanley Cup Hockey 
Grand National table tennis 
boxing spot on benefits of USAFI 

IESR 239 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 19 Min 1959) 

Horse racing Wood Memorial 
Kentucky Derby and Preakness 
Alex Olmedo bike racing mara- 
thon track Killebrew. 

IESR 240 I&E Sportsreel 

(B&W 20 Min 1959) 

The '500 surfing boatnik 
The Boys From Planet pent- 
athlon horse racing open golf. 


Professional Medical Films 

57. PMF; Professional Medical Films 

PMF films are medical subjects of interest to 
military medical doctors, dentists, and allied 
medical personnel of the Armed Forces. Most 
films are also cleared for use by civilian pro- 
fessional medical personnel and allied scientific 
workers, including medical students. 

PMF 5018 Thoracic Surgery-Part III: Foreign Bodies 

in the Pericardium and Heart 

(Color 50 Min 1946) 

Diagnostic planning, surgical, 
and post operative techniques for 
handling patients with foreign body 
within the heart or pericardium. 

PMF 5027 Schistosomiasis (Professional Technical 

(Color 27 Min 1947) 

Epidemiology and symptoms of 
three types of schistosomiasis- 
technical, clinical and laboratory 
procedures for diagnosis and treat- 
ment of schistosomiasis japonica. 

PMF 5028 Sandfly Control 

(Color 33 Min 1947) 

Symptoms and treatment of di- 
seases of skin transmitted by sand- 
fly environmental sanitation prin- 
ciples essential to control. 

PMF 5037 Abnormal Involuntary Movements 

(B&W Silent 24 Min 1947) 

Activating and inhibitory in- 
fluences on motor centers of nerv- 
ous system how lesions at various 
levels may cause involuntary move- 

PMF 5044 Facial Palsy 

(B&W Silent 22 Min 1947) 

Anatomy of facial nerve-results 
of lesions in characteristic sites 
treatment of facial palsy spasms 
occurring during regeneration. 

PMF 5048 Arthropod-Borne Virus Encephalitis 

(B&W 34 Min 1947) 

Diagnosis, treatment, and con- 
trol of Japanese B. encephalitis 
stress on proper approach to in- 
vestigation of problem. 

PMF 5058 The Medical Effects of the Atomic Bomb- 

Part I Physics, Physical Destruction, and 
Casualty Effect 

(Color 32 Min 1950) 

Nuclear fission and general re- 
action thermal energy and mech- 
anical force nuclear radiation and 

ionizing effect physical destruc- A 
tion casualty effects. I 

PMF 5061 Peripheral Nerve Surgery-Part I Nerve 


(Color 33 Min 1948) 
Management of typical periphe- 
ral nerve injury case of World 
War II period follow up treatment 
at neurosurgical centers of the 
Veterans Administration. 

PMF 5063 Anterior Acrylic Bridgework 

(Color 39 Min 1946) 

Procedures and techniques used 
in fitting different types of dental 
bridges in which acrylic is used 
to replace porcelain. 

PMF 5071 Pinta 

(Color 18 Min 1948) 

Stages of chronic, disfiguring 
skin disease diagnosis spiroche- 
tal etiology results obtained from 
arsenical and penicillin therapy. 

PMF 5073 Construction of the Screw Lock Sectional 


(Color 17 Min 1948) 

Fixation, grafting and replace- 
ment performed on case of facial 
injury including mandible fracture 
requiring additional bone to restore I 

PMF 5075 Reconstruction of the Lower Lip and Chin 

(Color 20 Min 1948) 

Method and phases of restora- 
tion as performed on case of de- 
struction of two-thirds of lower lip, 
chin, and mandible. 

PMF 5076 Lumbar Sympathectomy Gang! Tonectomy 

(Color 31 Min 1948) 

Various applications procain- 
ization of structure to be removed 
operative procedure details of re- 
moval of sympathetic chain. 

PMF 5077A Inside the Cell Part I Enzymes in 

Intracellular Chemistry 
(Color 40 Min 1949) 

Concept of intracellular enzy- 
matic action biochemical pheno- 
mena demonstration laboratory 
techniques of several Nobel Prize 
winning scientists. 

PMF 5077B Inside the Cell-Part Il-Regulation of 

(Color 43 Min 1952) 

Factors regulating enzyme ac- 
tion: location in individual cells, 


Professional Medical Films 

PMF 5145C 

PMF 5145D 

quantity in tissue, chemical environ- 
ment, drugs, and antimetabolites. 

PMF 5097 Technique of Tantalum Cranioplasty PMF 5145A 

(Color 40 Min 1949) 

Problems in cosmetic correction 
of skull defects by tantalum cran- 
ioplasty technique of formation 
and insertion of tantalum plates. 

PMF 5110 Radioactivity Laboratory Demonstrations 

(Color 17 Min 1949) PMF 5145B 

Elementary principles of radi- 
oactivity instruments used in the 
laboratory for detection and meas- 
uring, and protection devices. 

PMF 5111 Cushing's Experiment in the Dog 

(Color 14 Min 1949) 

Respiratory and circulatory ef- 
fects of pressure on the brain, such 
as that resulting from brain tumors. 

PMF 5114 Rickettsiae Laboratory Procedure for Their 

Isolation and Identification 

(Color 47 Min 1949) 

Laboratory procedure for diag- 
nosis of rickettsiae disease gross 
pathology compared with normal- 
fundamentals of sterile technique. 

PMF 5118 The Diagnosis of Peripheral Nerve Injuries 

HIST (Color 16 JM in 1949) 

Significant clinical findings of 
12 cases of various nerve injuries. 

PMF 5124 Ascariasis (Infestation With Ascarids) 

(B&W 12 Min 1949) 

Details of life cycle of ascarids 
in swine reference to many other 

PMF 5140 Hereditary Ataxia 

(Color 31 Min 1950) 

Hereditary and clinical charac- 
teristics of disease early symptoms 
and later disease development signs 
of late stages diagnosis. 

PMF 5143 Atomic Medical Cases Japan- 

World War II 

(B&W 37 Min 1949) 

Medical problems resulting PMF 5147B 
from atomic explosions at Hiro- 
shima and Nagasaki pathological 
studies first aid and medical serv- 
ice to victims. 

PMF 5144 Nursing in the Tropics 

(B&W 29 Min 1952) 

Preventive medicine and asep- PMF 5147C 
tic techniques in military hospital 
nursing procedures in treating gas- 

PMF 5145E 

PMF 5145F 

trointestinal disorders, fungus in- 
fection, malaria and dengue fever. 

The Radioisotope Part I Fundamentals 
of Radioactivity 

(B&W 59 Min 1951) 

Basic concepts in the field of 
nuclear physics that are pertinent 
to an understanding of radioiso- 

The Radioisotope Part II Properties 
of Radiation 

(B&W 68 Min 1952) 

Properties of primary and 
secondary nuclear radiation in terms 
of their ionizing effect concepts on 
effect of matter on radiation. 

The Radioisotope Part III Practical 
Procedures of Measurement 
(B&W 48 Min 1951) 

Various measurement appara- 
tus and techniques absolute and 
comparative measurement. 

The Radioisotope Part IV Methodology 

(B&W 40 Min 1951) 

Factors governing tracer us- 
age and design of tracer experi- 
ments seven criteria of tracer 
methodology are established by illus- 
trative experiments. 

The Radioisotope Part V The Physical 
Principles of Radiological Safety- 
Sections I and II 

(B&W 51 Min 1953) 

Alpha, beta and gamma radi- 
ation roentgen measurement 
principles and problems of exposure 
effect of physical decay biological 
and effective half -life. 

The Radioisotope Part VI The Practice 

of Radiological Safety 

(B&W 33 Min 1952) 

Safe handling of radioisotopes 
protective clothing and metering 
equipment control of exposure, de- 
contamination, monitoring, and 
shielding techniques. 

The Radioisotope Part XII Agricultural 

(B&W 40 Min 1952) 

Use of phosphorous 32 in field 
tests of fertilizers use of cobalt 60 
in micronutrient studies use of cal- 
cium 45 in nutrient problems. 

The Radioisotope Part XIII General 
(B&W 46 Min 1952) 


Professional Medical Films 

Use of radioisotope tracers in PMF 5218 
scientific problem solving in fields 
of metallurgy, chemistry, bio- 
chemistry and plant physiology. 

PMF 5148 The Medical Effects of the Atomic Bomb- 

Part II Pathology and the Clinical 
(Color 37 Min 1950) PMF 5219 

Mechanism of thermal, trau- 
matic and radiation effects clin- 
ical observation diagnosis and prog- 
nosis, along with pathological ma- 
terial for illustrations. 

PMF 5166 Electrocardiography 

(Color 10 Min 1949) PMF 5220 

Use of cathode-ray oscilloscope 
to show magnitude and direction of 
galvonometer deflection relation of 
human electrocardiogram to Eintho- 
ven's theory. 

PMF 5167 Heat Disorders: Heat Exhaustion, Heat PMF 5221 

Stroke and Heat Cramps 

(B&W 25 Min 1952) 

Causes, symptoms, treatment 
and prevention of heat disorders 
analysis of physiological aspects of 
balance of heat gain and heat loss 
in body. 

PMF 5188 Intramaxillary Multiple Loop Wiring in 

Treatment of Jam Fractures 

(Color 28 Min 1951) 

Technique of applying intra- 
maxillary multiple loop demonstrat- 
ed on 20-year-old male patient with 
fractuce of right mandible. 

PMF 5203 Caesarean Section Extraperitoneal 

Pfannenstiel Incision 

(Color 23 Min 1952) 

Actual case history surgical 
procedures, with anatomical land- 
marks clearly indicated throughout 

PMF 5212 The Heart Cardiovascular Pressure Pulses 

and Electrocardiography 

(Color 34 Min 1952) 

Basic physiology principles in- 
volved in cardiac function estab- PMF 5299 
lished diagnostic theories of electro- 

PMF 5217 D-ntoalveolar Surgery Alveolectomy 

After Multiple Extraction of Teeth 

(Color 6 Min 1952) 

Surgical procedures for estab- 
lishing a ridge of uniform height PMF 5300 
with smooth even contour after mul- 
tiple extraction of teeth. 

PMF 5227 

PMF 5229 

PMF 5230 

Djntoalveolar Surgery Alveolectomy in 
Extraction of Isolated Teeth 

(Color 11 Min 1952) 

Surgical removal of bone re- 
taining isolated teeth, and proced- 
ure for proper contouring of soft 

Dentoalveolar Surgery Alveolectomy and 
Multiple Pathology 
(Color 18 Min 1952) 

Problems in removal of teeth 
from pathological bone and the 
proper repair of the ridge tissues 
are demonstrated. 

Dentoalveolar Surgery Excision of 
Mandibular Tori 

(Color 12 Min 1952) 

Preferred procedures for reduc- 
tion of lingual tuberosity and for 
proper retention of dentures. 

Dentoalveolar Surgery Excision of 
Gingival Hypertrophy 

(Color 6 Min 1952) 

Surgical procedures to correct 
a dental ridge hypertrophied and 
flabby due to ill-fitting dentures. 

Introduction to Occupational Therapy 
(B&W 20 Min 1954) 

"Various cases are cited to il- 
lustrate value and principles of oc- 
cupational therapy. 

Dental Activities, Walter Reed Army 
Medical Center 

(Color 18 Min 1953) 

Discusses dental activities of 
the Walter Reed Army Hospital, 
The Central Dental Laboratory and 
The Army Medical Service Gradu- 
ate School. 

Uterine Cancer: The Problem of Early 

(Color 21 Min 1952) 

Stresses value of the routine 
pelvic examination of all adult 
women illustrating its practicabil- 
ity in reducing deaths from cancer. 

Combat Psychiatry The Battalion Medical 

(B&W 37 Min 1954) 

Role of battalion psychiatrist 
how to recognize combat fatigue 
cases their treatment stress on 
prevention of manpower losses. 

Combat Psychiatry The Division 
(B&W 33 Min 1955) 


Professional Medical Films 

How he supervises treatment 
and reassignment of NP patients 
how he maintains continued liaison 
with other medical personnel at di- 
vision and battalion level. 

PMF 5301 Hemorrhagic Fever-Clinical Features 

(Color 45 Min 1955) 

Clinical and pathological find- 
ings of epidemic hemorrhagic fever 
current opinion on spread, cause, 
and control of the disease. 

PMF 5304 Dabridement-Part (-Multiple Soft Tissue 


(Color 12 Min 1957) 

Adequate and minimal skin in- 
cision, incision of fascia, excision 
of devitalized tissue, complete hem- 
ostatis, primary closures and dress- 

PMF 5305 Oebridement-Part Il-Wounds of the 

(Color 33 Min 1956) 

Eight different wound cases 
shown to demonstrate the techniques 
of cleaning wounds and removing 
devitalized tissue and other foci of 

PMF 5315 Radical Retroperitoneal Node Dissection 

in the Treatment of Testicular Tumors 

(Color 20 Min 1957) 

Dissection of germinal tu- 
mors seminoma, embryonal car- 
cinoma, teratocarcinoma, and chori- 
ocarcinoma clinical and microsco- 
pical analysis. 

PMF 5316 The Effect of loniiing Radiation on 

Domestic Animals 

(B&W 22 Min 1956) 
Development of symptoms in 
burros radiation and physiological 
changes in biochemistry, hematol- 
ogy, histopathology, and radiome- 
tric laboratory. 

PMF 5318 Management of Burns Part I Supportive 

HIST Care 

(Color 18 Min 1958) 

Rule of nines method of diag- 
nosing burns minor, moderate and 
critical injuries initial hospital 
procedures for treating burns. 

PMF 5319 Management of Burns-Part Il-Local Care 

HIST (Color 15 Min 1958) 

Care of burned patients in 
dressing and operating rooms 
cleaning wound, debridement of 

skin, occlusive dressing, air treat- 
ment and skin grafting. 

PMF 5320 Management of Burns-Part Ill-Skin 

HIST Grafting 

(Color 21 Min 1959) 
Skin grafting of limbs, hands, 
and body areas autografting and 
homografting techniques sheet 

method and postage stamp method 
of grafting. 

PMF 5322 Animals for Research 

(Color 28 Min 1958) 

Factors involved in maintain- 
ing a disease free colony techni- 
ques and equipment used in breed- 
ing transportation of animals to 
research laboratories. 

PMF 5324 A Method of Teaching Combat Surgery 

(Color 16 Min 1958) 

The new method is demon- 
strated as applied to debridement 
actual combat conditions are simu- 
lated in the laboratory. 

PMF 5325 Electromyograph Procedures 

(B&W 18 Min 1958) 

Operation and clinical appli- 
cation of the electromyograph ma- 
chine in the diagnosis, treatment, 
and prognosis of neuromuscular 

PMF 5326 Hearing Evaluation and Rehabilitation 

(B&W 24 Min 1960) 

Physical and emotional rehab- 
ilitation at audiology and speech 
center, Walter Reed Hospital hear- 
ing loss and speech evaluation tests 
hearing aid evaluation and train- 
ing speech training. 

PMF 5327 Nephrouretarectomy 

(Color 26 Min 1960) 

Clinical diagnosis of ureter in- 
fection surgical procedure used in 
a nephroureterectomy removal of 
left kidney with infected ureters 

PMF 5330 Correction of Mandibular Prognathism 

by Vertical Sliding Osteotomy 
(Color 29 Min 1960) 

Clinical manifestations and 
surgical techniques and procedures 
used to correct the condition. 

PMF 5331 Technique of Biceps Cineplosty 

(Color 26 Min 1960) 

Clinical diagnosis surgical 
technique physical therapy, fitting 


Professional Medical Films 

of the prosthesis, and prosthesis 
training after surgery. 

PMF 5333 Shirodlcar Operation 

HIST (Color 18 Min 1961) 

Principles and surgical techni- 
que of the Shirodkar operation de- 
signed to correct cervical incom- 
petency during pregnancy. 

PMF 5335 Closure of Antral-Oral Fistula 

(Color 16 Min 1961) 

Surgical principles and pro- 
cedures technique of the 'buckle- 
envelope type of flap' demonstrated. 

PMF 5336 Total Body Measurement of Natural and 

Acquired Radioactivity in Man 

(Color 11 Min 1961) 

Methods and facilities devised 
at Walter Reed Army Medical Cen- 
ter features, operation, and use of 
the human counter, iron room, and 
medical fiuoroscopy stand. 

PMF 5337 The Intestinal Biopsy Capsule 

(Color 6 Min 1961) 

Features, use, and operation of 
capsule devised by Walter Reed 
Army Medical Center how capsule 
swallowed by patient makes possible 
biopsies of small intestine. 

PMF 5338 Surgical Excision of Oral Leukoplakia 

(Color 18 Min 1961) 

Clinical symptoms, histologic, 
criteria, prognosis, and surgical 
techniques applied in oral leuko- 

PMF 5339 Basic Autopsy Procedure 

(Color 51 Min 1961) 

Preliminary requirements ex- 
ternal examination of body, dis- 
section techniques, internal exam- 
ination, evisceration, and examina- 
tion of organs medical board re- 
view of autopsy findings. 

PMF 5340 Rigid Medullary Fixation of Forearm 


(Color 16 Min 1961) 

Surgical procedure demon- 
strated on patient with forearm 
fractures of the radius and ulna 
bones post surgical program to de- 
velop use of extremity. 

PMF 5341 Simple Method for Trachea! Suction and 


(Color 11 Min 1961) 

Clinical requirements for, and 
techniques used with and without 

anesthesia on patients who have 
undergone pulmonary surgery. 

PMF 5342 Enzyme Assisted Cataract Surgery 

(Color 10 Min 1961) 

Surgical demonstration of use 
of enzyme, alpholcymotrypsin (act) 
in cataract surgery as performed 
at Walter Reed Army Medical Cen- 

PMF 5346 Subiuxation 

(Color 10 Min 1962) 

Clinical symptoms of hypermo- 
bility of temporal mandibular joint 
equipment, technique and treat- 
ment used in subluxation method 
of correcting this condition. 

PMF 5347 Physical Therapy in the Treatment of the 

Adult rfamiplegic Patient 

(Color 26 Min 1962) 

Bobath treatment techniques 
applied to patient in following po- 
sitions: supine, prone, sitting, 
kneeling, standing and walking. 

PMF 5351 Prophylactic Hemodialysis in Acute 

HIST Rsnal Failures 

(Color 26 Min 1963) 

Tests conducted by United 
States Army Research Institute to 
evaluate effect of prophylactic hem- 
odialysis on patients suffering from 
acute renal failures. 

PMF 5355 Vaginal Construction 

(Color 18 Min 1963) 

Approved surgical technique 
and procedures in vaginal construc- 
tion involving a congenital lack of 
vagina and uterus. 

PMF 5356 Buffering of Carbon Dioxide During 

HIST Hypercapnia 

(Color 24 Min 1963) 

Tests performed on an un- 
treated and treated dog prepara- 
tion of animal, denitrogenation of 
lungs, apneic oxygenation, effects 
on animals. 

PMF 5357 Forceps Deliveries Part I Prerequisites 

for Forceps Deliveries 

(Color 18 Min 1963) 

Factors concerned in use of 
forces: position and engagement of 
baby's head, type and dilation of 
cervix, knowledge of all types of 


Professional Medical Films 

PMF 5358 Forceps Delivery-Part Il-Classical 

Instruments and Techniques of Forceps 

(Color 38 Min 1963) 

Features of forceps with shanks 
overlapping and separated-bi-par- 
ietal, posterior blade application in 
varying delivery position use of 
Simpson and Elliot forceps. 

PMF 5359 Forceps Deliveries-Part Ill-Traction 

(Color 25 Min 1963) 

Manual and instrumental meth- 
ods of accomplishing axis-traction 
proper application of classical and 
special forceps used in the instru- 
mental method. 

PMF 5360 Forceps Deliveries-Part IV-Transverse 


(Color 40 Min 1963) 

Forceps delivery techniques for 
transverse positions of the occiput, 
and posterior positions of the occi- 

PMF 5361 Forceps Deliveries-Part V-Keilland 


(Color 47 Min 1963) 

Uses and applications of the 
Keilland forceps for deliveries in- 
volving transverse and posterior po- 

PMF 5362 Forceps Deliveries-Part VI-Forceps 

Management of Face Presentations 

(Color 10 Min 1963) 

Application of Keilland forceps 
for management of face presenta- 
tions in delivery advantages of in- 
strumental management over manual 
management underscored. 

PMF 5363 Forceps Deliveries Part VII Barton 


(Color 19 Min 1963) 

Application and use for trans- 
verse arrest and face presentation 
deliveries advantages for patients 
with deformed sacrum or flat pelvis. 

PMF 5364 Forceps Deliveries-Part Vlll-Piper 

Forceps (For aftercoming head) 

(Color 12 Min 1963) 

Application and use of Piper 
forceps for deliveries involving 
breech presentation. 

PMF 5369 Lymphangiography 

(Color 18 Min 1963) 

Demonstration of lymphangio- 
graphy technique used at Walter 
Reed Hospital preparation of pa- 

tient, surgical isolation and cannula- 
tion of lymphatic vessel. 

PMF 5371 Surgical Excision of Epidermoid Cyst 

From Floor of Mouth 

(Color 20 Min 1964) 

Causes and diagnosis of cyst 
demonstration of surgical exci- 
sion of cyst from floor of mouth of 
an 18-year-old girl pathological 
analysis of specimen. 

PMF 5375 Mouth Preparation for Removable Partial 


(Color 35 Min 1964) 

Principles and procedures for 
diagnosing and treating patient's 
mouth prior to receiving prosthesis. 

PMF 5376 The Preventive Dentistry Officer 

(Color 25 Min 1964) 

Scope of Army Dental Corps 
preventive dentistry program and 
role of post preventive dentistry of- 
ficers and dentists in implementing 

PMF 5377 Impressions for Removable Partial 


(Color 37 Min 1964) 

Materials and procedures in 
making mandibular and maxillary 
impressions secondary impression 
technique for altering distal ex- 
tension of original cast. 

PMF 5378 Jaw Relation Records for Removable 

Partial Dsntures 

(Color 30 Min 1964) 

Procedures and materials for 
making accurate maxillomandibular 
record technique of assembling 
casts in centric occlusion with aid 
of maxillo-mandibular record. 

PMF 5381 Temporary Plastic Bridges 

(Color 19 Min 1964) 

Clinical demonstration of the 
construction of a temporary plas- 
tic bridge of four teeth. 

PMF 5382 Physical Therapy Management of a 

Bilateral Amputee 

(Color 33 Min 1964) 

Early management of above- 
and below-knee unilateral amputees 
rehabilitation of bilateral am- 
putee exercises fitting of and 
training with prostheses. 

PMF 5383 A Simplified Technic of Operative 


(Color 12 Min 1965) 


Professional Medical Films 

Use and advantages of x-ray cas- 
sette for operative cholangiography 
design and handling features are 
shown interpretation of cholang- 
iograms is also discussed. 

PMF 5384 Bladder Outlet Obstruction in Children- 

Diagnosis and Management 
(Color 32 Min 1965) 

Types, symptoms and diagnos- 
tic techniques nonsurgical antire- 
flux treatment surgical techniques 
for bladder neck revision and ure- 
teral reimplantation. 

PMF 5385 Facial Trauma-Part Ill-Extra Oral 

Fixation of Maxillofacial Fractures 

(Color 18 Min 1966) 

Surgical procedures for open 
reduction of fractures fitting of 
plastic head cap, Minerva jacket, 
and extra-oral fixation use and 
value of head frame. 

PMF 5387 Pollicization of the Ring Finger 

(Color 23 Min 1965) 

Three-stage surgical procedure 
for policization of ring finger as 
performed on male patient who suf- 
fered amputation of thumb on right 

PMF 5388 Popliteal Artery Entrapment Syndrome 

(Color 21 Min 1966) 

Symptoms and surgical treat- 
ment of three cases of popliteal 
artery entrapment syndrome due to 
congenital anomaly. 

PMF 5390 Physical Therapy in the Army Medical 

(Color 22 Min 1966) 

Physical therapy practices in 
care and rehabilitation of patients 
with nerve and muscle injuries, and 

PMF 5391 Biopsy Procedures in Oral Diagnosis 

(Color 25 Min 1966) 

Indications for biopsy and bi- 
opsy techniques for diagnosis of 
soft tissue lesions demonstration 
of excisional and incisional biop- 
sies on three cases. 

PMF 5392 The Surgical Treatment of Chronic 

Lymphedema of the Leg 
(Color 16 Min 1968) 

Describes the etiology of pri- 
mary and secondary lymph edema, 
and presents a clinical demonstra- 
tion of the 2-stage surgical treat- 
ment performed on a female patient 

with massive chronic lymphedema 
of the left leg. 

PMF 5393 Magnetic vs Nonmagnetic Intraocular 

Foreign Bodies an Ultrasonic 

(Color 14 Min 1966) 

Demonstration of ultrasonic 
determination and surgical manage- 
ment of patient with eye injury, 
and post-operative ultrasonic test- 

PMF 5394 Life and Death Relationship: The Heart 

and its Blood Supply Part I Physiology 

(Color 28 Min 1966) 

Laboratory demonstration of 
functioning of normal heart and 
heart with various types of path- 
ology prescribed management for 
different heart conditions. 

PMF 5395 Management of Facial Trauma Part I 

Initial Treatment and Methods of 

(Color 25 Min 1966) 

Patient care prior to manage- 
ment of facial trauma; initial treat- 
ment of bone, soft tissue and frac- 
tures; use and evaluation of bar, 
splint, and pin fixations. 

PMF 5396 Management of Facial Trauma Part II 

Open Reduction of Maxillofacial 
(Color 28 Min 1966) 

Reduction of mandibular, con- 
dyle, maxillary, zygomatic and mid- 
face fractures (patients with and 
without dentures) ; extra -oral fixa- 

PMF 5397 Mammaplasty: The Strombeck Technique 

(Color 27 Min 1966) 

Demonstration of reduction of 
mammaplasty using Strombeck sur- 
gical technique as performed on 23 
year old patient. 

PMF 5398 Hand Injuries-Principles of Early 


(Color 24 Min 1967) 

Evaluation of damage; pre- 
vention of infection; treatment of 
open, crush, and gunshot wounds, 
fractures, nerve and tendon injur- 
ies; rehabilitation exercises. 

PMF 5399 Oculomotor Apraxia (Acquired) 

(Color 20 Min 1966) 

Clinical testing and character- 
istics displayed by 24 year old male 
patient who acquired the disease in 
adult life. 


Professional Medical Films 

PMF 5400 Insect-Borne Diseases PMF 5410 

(Color 17 Min 1966) 

Sources, effects, and control of 
insect-borne diseases stress on re- 
sponsibility of unit commander for 
preventive discipline in field. 

PMF 5401 Meningococcal Disease Early Diagnosis, PMF 5411 

Intensive Treatment 

(Color 26 Min 1966) 

Symptoms of disease and ac- 
tion required of unit leaders and 
medical team for timely and proper 
therapy diagnostic techniques and 
treatment at post hospital. 

PMF 5402 Massive Crush Injury 

(Color 12 Min 1967) 

Demonstration of treatment on 
injured soldier, technique of debride- PMF 5412 
ment of necrotic tissue, homograph 
applications, autographing, physi- 
cal and hydrotherapy. 

PMF 5403 Control of Pseudomonas Burn Wound 


(Color 17 Min 1967) 

Laboratory tests and clinical 
use of Sulfamylon burn cream de- 
veloped at the Brooke General Hos- 
pital to control pseudomonas burn PMF 5413 
wound sepsis. 

PMF 5406 Intraocular Foreign Body Ultrasound and 

Cryosurgical Management 

(Color 9M 1967) 

A clinical demonstration of ul- 
trasound and cryosurgical man- 
agement of a traumatized eye as 
performed on a patient with an in- 
traocular injury from a brass for- 
eign body. 

PMF 5408 Abnormal Spatial Projection in Retrolental 


(Color 6 Min 1967) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
process of abnormal spatial projec- 
tions in retrolental fibroplasia as 
manifested on a 16 year old fe- 
male patient, who had been a pre- 
mature infant with a birth weight 
of 2 Ibs. 

PMF 5409 Peritoneoscopy An Aid to Diagnosis 

(Color 20 Min 1968) 

Describes the value of perito- 
neoscopy as an aid to diagnose dis- 
ease of intra-abdominal structures, 
and presents a clinical demonstra- PMF 5416 
tion of a peritoneoscopy performed 
on a male patient for a liver bi- 

PMF 5414 

PMF 5415 


(Color 33 Min 1968) 

Differential clinical and labora- 
tory diagnosis of smallpox and 
chickenpox; and procedures for 
treatment and prophylaxis. 

Management of Combat Wounds 
Debridement and Delayed Primary 
Closure of Low Velocity Fragment 

(Color 13 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of de- 
bridement and delayed primary 
closure of low velocity fragment 
wounds as performed on a soldier 
with multiple wounds on left arm, 
thigh, hips, and flank. 

Management of Combat Wounds 
Debridement and Delayed Primary 
Closure of High Velocity Missile 

(Color 7 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of de- 
bridement of a single high velocity 
wound of the right thigh and early 
management of a severely commin- 
uted fracture of the femur. 

Enucleation of the Traumatized Eye 

(Color 11 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
enucleation surgical procedure as 
performed on a soldier with severe 
injury to the eye and orbit. 

Orbital Foreign Body Localization and 

(Color 9 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
localization and extraction of an 
orbital foreign body as performed 
on a soldier with a grenade frag- 
ment lodged in the right orbit, 
which grossly limited the up and 
down movement of the eye. 

Army Medicine in Vietnam 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 

Shows all phases of army med- 
icine: air evacuation of battle cas- 
ualties; facilities and services of 
field hospitals; convalescent care; 
medical research; medical services 
to raise health of civilian popula- 


(Color 25 Min 1968) 

Characteristics of microfilaria 
found in blood of diseased patients; 

Professional Medical Films 

how infective parasite is transmit- 
ted by mosquito to humans, and 
the effects on the body; clinical 
manifestations and management of 
filariasis cases. 

PMF 5417 Management of Combat Wounds Massive 

Trauma to the Eye and Orbit 

(Color 6 Min 1968) 

Describes the clinical problems 
that confront the surgeon in the 
management of massive wounds to 
the eye and orbital areas; and 
presents two demonstrations of the 
primary enucleation surgical pro- 

PMF 5418 Control of Blood Loss in Extensive 


(Color 10 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
hemostatic technique used success- 
fully by the US Army Research 
Unit to control blood loss in ex- 
tensive autografting. 

PMF 5420 Surgical Positioning 

(Color 25 Min 1968) 

Correct positioning of the pa- 
tient for surgery involving the thy- 
roid, gall bladder, hysterectomy, 
splenectomy, kidney or adrenal sys- 
tem, genitourinary tract, rectum, 
back and extremities. 

PMF 5421 Tricuspid Valve Replacement Following 

Blunt Trauma 

(Color 21 Min 1968) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
diagnostic evaluation and surgical 
correction of tricuspid insufficiency 
as performed on a 30 year old male 
patient at the Walter Reed Army 

PMF 5422 Mission Dustoff (Helicopter Evacuation) 

(Color 12 Min 1969) 

Depicts the role of the heli- 
copter ambulance and its crew in 
evacuating battlefield casualties in 

PMF 5423 Management of Third Degree Burns in a 


(Color 8 Min 1969) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
management of third degree burns 
of the genitalia and lower extremi- 
ties suffered by a male infant with- 
in an hour after birth. 

PMF 5424 Special Eya Care (For Burns) A 

(Color 11 Min 1969) I 

Demonstrates the special eye 
care of patients suffering second 
and third degree burns of the face 
to prevent eye infection and cor- 
neal ulceration. 

PMF 5425 Temporomandibular Menisectomy 

(Color 6 Min 1969) 

A clinical demonstration of a 
temporomandibular menisectomy per- 
formed on a 22 year old male pa- 
tient with a deranged meniscus of 
the left mandibular joint. 

PMF 5426 Correction of Unilateral Prognathism by 

Oblique Osteotomy of the Mandibular 

(Color 10 Min 1969) 

A clinical demonstration of the 
correction of unilateral prognathism 
by oblique osteotomy of the man- 
dibular ramus as performed on a 
23 year old female patient. 

PMF 5427 Correction of Prognathic Malocclusion by 

Bilateral Mandibular Ostectomy 
(Color 16 Min 1969) 

A clinical demonstration of a 
bilateral mandibular osteotomy to 
correct a prognathic malocclusion 
on a 20 year old male. Postopera- | 
tive views of the patient illustrate 
the successful results in achieving 
a proper and stable relation be- 
tween the maxillae and mandibles. 

PMF 5428 Peripheral Nerve Repair With Silastic 


(Color 13 Min 1969) 

A clinical demonstration of 
the surgical procedure for the re- 
pair of a man's tibial nerve using 
silastic cuffing. 

PMF 5431 Immediate Homography of Second Degree 


(Color 15 Min 1970) 

Burn cases at Brooke Army 
Medical Center illustrate the cos- 
metic and physiologic benefits of 
immediate debridement and homo- 
grafting of involved areas. 

PMF 5432 Anterior Communicating Artery 

Aneurysms: The Gyrus Rectus Approach 

(Color 22 Min 1971) 

Describes the procedures for op- 
erating on an aneurysm of the an- 
terior communicating artery by way 
of an incision in the gyrus rectus. 


Professional Medical Films 

PMF 5433 Ocular Paracentesis 

(Color 5 Min 1971) 

Describes the microparacente- 
sis needle and demonstrates its use 
in removing aqueous fluid from the 

PMF 5435 Reading the Blood Pressure Manometer 

(Color 6 Min 1971) 

Shows six different blood pres- 
sure readings; the viewer records 
his readings, and compares them 
to the correct readings given at the 
end of the film. 

PMF 5436 Incision and Irrigation of Traumatic 


(Color 6 Min 1971) 

Shows the detailed procedure 
for the treatment of traumatic cat- 
aract by irrigation of the lens from 
the posterior chamber through a 
small corneal incision. 

PMF 5437 C-Osteotomy of the Mandible: Correction 

of A Class II Malocclusion 

(Color 14 Min 1971) 

Demonstrates the operation to 
correct a class II malocclusion by 
making a C-shaped cut in the man- 

dible to bring the teeth forward. 
Shows surgical technique and re- 
sult after healing. 

PMF 5438 Ansurysm of the Basilar Bifurcation 

(Color 11 Min 1971) 

The technique for obliterating 
a posterior projecting aneurysm of 
the basilar bifurcation by direct 
surgical approach is demonstrated. 

PMF 5439 Supperative Thrombophlebitis: A 

Complication of Intravenous Therapy 

(Color 16 Min 1971) 

Shows procedure for diagnos- 
ing and treating supperative throm- 
bophlebitis ; demonstrates excision 
of greater saphenous vein. 

PMF 5440 Electrical Trauma 

(Color 13 Min 1971) 

Shows treatment of a patient 
with severe electrical burns to the 
hands and arms. 

PMF 5442 Saggital Osteotomy of the Mandible 

(Color 19 Min 1972) 

Demonstrates this procedure 
for correcting class II and III mal- 
occlusions. Compares pre- and post- 
operative x-rays and facial views. 


Research and Development Films 

58. RD; Research and Development Films RD 8 

RD films are intended to inform major Army 
commanders and their staffs, AMC organiza- 
tions, and other interested personnel, of current 
progress in the field of Army firepower, mobil- 
ity, communications, combat materiel, and hu- 
man factors resources. Most early issues are 
classified. The RDPR film series contains some RD 9 
of the early subject matter in unclassified form. 

RD 2 

RD 3 

RD 4 

RD 5 

RD 6 


Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 2 (U) 

(Color 29 Min 1957) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 3 (U) 

(Color 20 Min 1957) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 4 (U) 

(Color 26 Min 1958) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals, 
except UK and Canada. By author- 
ity of Chief, R&D 2 Dec 57. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 5 (U) 

(Color 22 Min 1958) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals 
except UK and Canada. Auth: 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 6 (U) 

(Color 25 Min 1958) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
DATA. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: none by authority of 
chief, Army R&D, 5 Sep 58. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 7 (U) 

(Color 29 Min 1958) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 
STRICTED DATA. Special hand- 
ling required. Not releasable to for- 
eign nationals. Exceptions: None 
by authority of Chief Army R&D, 
5 Sep 58. 

RD 10 

RD 11 

RD 12 

RD 13 

RD 14 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 8 (U) 

(Color 27 Min 1959) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada by 
authority of chief, Army R&D, 5 
Sep 58. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 9 (U) 

(Color 24 Min 1959) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada by 
authority of Chief, Army R&D, 5 
Sep 58. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 10 (U) 

(Color 24 Min 1959) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 
STRICTED DATA. Atomic Energy 
Act of 1954. Special handling re- 
quired. Not releasable to foreign 
nationals. Exceptions: None by au- 
thority of Chief, Army R&D, 5 Sep 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 11 (U) 

(Color 25 Min 1959) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada. By 
authority of Chief, R&D, 5 Sep 58. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 12 (U) 

(Color 29 Min 1960) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals. Ex- 
ceptions: UK and Canada. By au- 
thority of Chief, R&D, 5 Sep 58. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 13 (U) 

(Color 28 Min 1960) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada. By 
authority of Chief, R&D, 1 Mar 60. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 14 (U) 

(Color 28 Min 1960) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 


Research and Development Films 

RD 18 

RD 19 

RD 20 

Not releasable to foreign nationals. RD 21 
Exceptions: UK and Canada. By 
authority of Chief, R&D, 1 July 60. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 15 (U) 

(Color 29 Min 1961) 

Film is Classified SECRET RE- 
STRICTED DATA. Atomic Energy 
Act 1954. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. RD 22 
Exceptions: None by authority of 
chief, R&D, 1 Nov 60. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 16 (U) 

(Color 24 Min 1962) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada. By 
authority of Chief, R&D, 1 Dec 61. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 17 (U) 

(Color 30 Min 1962) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals without 
prior approval of chief, R&D. Ex- 
ceptions: TTK and Canada, 1 Dec 

RD 23 

RD 24 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 18 (U) 

(Color 23 Min 1963) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
Exceptions: UK and Canada. By j^p 25 
authority of Chief, R&D, 30 Jun 62. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 19 (U) 

(Color 28 Min 1963) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals. Excep- 
tions : UK and Canada. By authority 
of commanding General, Army Ma- 
teriel Command, 15 October 1962. RD 26 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 20 (U) 

(Color 27 Min 1964) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- RD 27 
leasable to foreign nationals. Excep- 
tions : UK and Canada. By authority 
of Commanding General, Army Ma- 
teriel Command, 1 Dec 63. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 21 (U) 

(Color 32 Min 1964) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals. Excep- 
tions : UK and Canada. By authority 
of Commanding General, Army Ma- 
teriel Command, 1 March 1964. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 22 (U) 

(Color 23 Min 1965) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Not releasable to foreign na- 
tionals. Exceptions: UK, Canada 
and Australia. By authority of 
the Commanding General, Army Ma- 
teriel Command, 1 August 1964. 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 23 

(Color 23 Min 1965) 

Sequence on Hummingbird (SV- 
4A) fan in wing (XV-5A) 
pershing explosive anchor util- 
ity transport aircraft (CV-7A) 
explosive foxhole digging aid, chi- 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 24 

(Color 23 Min 1966) 

Armament subsystem helicopter 
M5 vertical takeoff landing trans- 
port aircraft load carrying device 
GAU-2A 7.62mm minigun cargo 
truck XM 561 morse code device 
air/ground pickup system. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 25 

(Color 30 Min 1966) 

Post crash fire marsh screw 
amphibian OH-6A light observa- 
tion helicopter medical unit self- 
contained transportable (must) 
XV-9A hot cycle research helicopter 
jungle canopy platform demoli- 
tion charge ML18. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 26 (U) 

(Color 20 Min 1966) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

Army Research and Development Film 

Report No. 27 (U) 

(B&W 29 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. Not 


Research and Development Films 

RD 28 

RD 29 

RD 30 

RD 31 

RD 32 

RD 33 

releasable to foreign nationals. Ex- 
cept: UK, Canada and Australia. 
By authority of Commanding Gen- 
eral, US AMC. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 28 (U) 
(Color 24 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals. No ex- 
ceptions. By authority of CG, US 
Army Material Command. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 29 (U) 

(Color 29 Min 1967) 

Film is Classified SECRET. 
Special handling required. Not re- 
leasable to foreign nationals. Ex- 
cept: UK, Canada and Australia. 
By authority of Commanding Gen- 
eral, US Army Materiel Command. 

Army Res:arch and Development Film 

Report No. 30 (U) 

(Color 26 Min 1968) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 
TIAL. Special handling required. 
Not releasable to foreign nationals. 
No exceptions. By authority of Com- 
manding General, US Army Mate- 
riel Command. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 31 

(Color 29 Min 1968) 

New Army developments: CH- 
54 heavy lift helicopter, three-man 
reconnaissance boat, landing con- 
trol central (AN/TSQ-72), redeye 
report, M-21 helicopter armament 
subsystem (UH-1B/C), and floating 
Army maintenance facility (Air- 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 32 US Army R&D at 
Natick Laboratories 

(Color 23 Min 1968) 

A film report on 15 R&D proj- 
ects underway at the US Army 
Natick Laboratories. 

Special Interest Expedited Items for 

(Color 24 Min 1969) 

Illustrates the new items of 
equipment developed for use by the 
combat soldier in Vietnam cloth- 
ing, load-carrying equipment, tools, 
XM28 mask, long range patrol food 
packet, waterproof wrist compass, 

RD 34 

RD 35 

RD 36 

RD 37 

RD 38 

RD 39 

collapsible canteen, and light com- A 
pact pneumatic boat. 

Research and Development Film Report 
No. 34 Seeing the Unseeable (Photo 

(Color 30 Min 1969) 

Describes the role of photo in- 
strumentation in research and de- 
velopment projects, focusing on the 
more outstanding devices and sys- 
tems used in studies related to muni- 
tions, ballistics, rocketry, space ve- 
hicles, nuclear effects, oceanography, 
medicine, agriculture, and industry. 

Research and Development Film Report 
No. 35 Fluerics Thinking With Air 

(Color 38 Min 1969) 

Research into fluid dynamics at 
the Army's Harry Diamond Labora- 
tories design, functioning, and re- 
volutionary applications of newly 
developed flueric systems advant- 
ages of flueric units in terms of 
simplicity, reliability, and economy. 

Army Research and Development Film 
Report No. 36 (U) 

(Color 27 Min 1969) 

Film is Classified CONFIDEN- 

R&D Film Report No. 37 (US Army 
Missile Command) 

(Color 19 Min 1969) 

A report on the R&D program 
at the US Army Missile Command 
(MICOM), Redstone Arsenal, Ala- 
bama, covering some of the advances 
and current projects related to: au- 
tomated missile tracking and data 
reduction methods, magneto hydro- 
dynamics, and lasers. 

R&D Film Report No. 38 (New Army 

(Color 21 Min 1969) 

A report on the features and 
capabilities of: AH-56A 'Cheyenne' 
armed helicopter, ionic devices, pow- 
ered lowering retrieval system for 
CH-47 helicopter, XM 203 AA1 
grenade launcher, U-21A 'UTE' 
utility airplane, and walking ma- 

R&D Film Report No. 39 Ballistic 
Research Labs 

(Color 35 Min 1970) 

This film outlines the capabil- 
ities and functions of ballistic re- 
search laboratories, Aberdeen Prov- 


RD 40 

RD 41 

ing Ground, Maryland. It specifically 
illustrates those areas of ballistics 
being researched at the present time. 

Research and Development Film Report 
No. 40 

(Color 21 Min 1970) 

New army developments; Loran 
portable navigation set AN/PSN-2 
lightweight water purification unit 
random access discrete address 
(RAD A) communications system 
flare chromacorder. 

R&D Film Report No. 41 (New Army 

(Color 22 Min 1970) 

Heavy equipment transporter 
HeT-70-Tank mounted mine clear- 
ing roller barbed tape obstacle 
body armor vest repair and mainte- 

RD 43 

RD 44 

Research and Development Films 

nance artificial hand OH-58A 
Kiowa (Helicopter). 

Research & Development Film Report 

No. 43: (Research & Development For 
(Color 21 Min 1971) 

This report features new army 
developments by the mobility equip- 
ment research & development center. 

Research and Development Film Report 
No. 44 

(Color 28 Min 1971) 

Progress reports on radiac, 
radiation detection devices; mexe- 
flote, a self-propelled floating plat- 
form; tacfire, computerized fire con- 
trol system, and the XM 204 Soft 
Recoil Howitzer. 


Research and Development Progress Reports 

59. RDPR; Research and Development 
Progress Reports 

RDPR films are similar to Film Bulletins, and 
deal with military equipment and developments 
being tested, but not necessarily approved DA 
doctrine or equipment. 

RDPR 1 United States Army Research and Develop- 

HIST ment Progress Report Number One 

(B&W Color 28 Min 1960) 

Capabilities and tactical use of 
latest weaponry and equipment 
(ground and air) current research 
projects aircraft, army boots, fire 
fighting suit, and missiles. 

RDPR 2 US Army Research and Development 

HIST Progress Report Number Two 

(B&W Color 28 Min 1961) 

Objectives, scope, accomplish- 
ments, and future goals significant 
role in maintaining army's posture 
of readiness in the modern age. 

RDPR 3 US Army Resrareh and Development 

HIST Progress Report Number Three 

(B&W Color 31 Min 1961) 

Communication satellite, ser- 
geant, ground effect machines, 
Pershing, instrumentation, Hercules 
vs Corporal, CW protection, M88 
vehicle, TL16 carrier, airborne sur- 
veillance system. 

RDPR 4 US Army Research and Devalopment 

HIST Progress Report Number Four 

(B&W Color 28 Min 1962) 

Report by Office of the Chief of 
Research and Development on latest 
advancements in areas of firepower, 
mobility, communications, and con- 

RDPR 5 US Army Research and Development 

HIST Progress Report No. 5 

(B&W 25 Min 1964) 

Latest achievements : Univeral 
engineer tractor, image processing 
by numbers, FA computer, air tread 
amphibian vehicle, hand radar, and 
Chinook helicopter. 

RDPR 6 US Army Research and Development 

HIST Progress Report Number Six Camp 


(Color 32 Min 1964) 

Construction of Camp Century 
on icecap by Army Engineers in 
1959 assembly emplacement and 
activity of nuclear power plant role 
of Camp Century as Arctic Research 

RDPR 7 R&D Progress Report Number Seven- 

Swamp Fox II Panama Mobility 
in the Tropics 

(B&W 24 Min 1964) 

Aims, scope, and results of tests 
conducted by US Army in coopera- 
tion with Panama to evaluate mobi- 
lity of wheeled, track, and amphibian 
vehicles in tropics. 

RDPR 8 Research and Development Progress 

Report Number Eight The Army Fi=ld 
Radio Conversion Program 
(Color 23 Min 1965) 

Development and application of 
two new radio systems, AN/VRC 12 
and AN/VRC 25 adopted by Army 
to meet changing tactical require- 

RDPR 9 Research and Development Progress 

Report Number 9 DeLong Piers 

(Color 12 Min 1967) 

Story of the construction and 
installation of Delong Piers to re- 
lieve the logistical problem in Viet- 

RDPR 10 Research and Development Progress 

Report Number 10 
(Color 20 Min 1968) 

Report on following Army de- 
velopments: Air Transportability of 
CH-47 Chinook, mobile ion ex- 
change unit, M-102 howitzer intensi- 
fied type II confirmatory test, 
CONEX handling and transport 

RDPR 11 Research and Development Progress 

Report Number 11 

(Color 31 Min 1968) 

A progress report on 18 R&D 
projects underway at the US Army 
Tank-Automotive Center (ATAC). 


Recruiting Films 

60. RF; Recruiting Films 

RF is primarily for recruiting purposes, but 
also has applications for orientation and esprit 
de corps. 

RF 5-1 

RF 5-2 

RF 11-1 

Career Reports Construction Worker 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Career opportunities in con- 
struction work trades within struc- 
tural, mechanical and finishing 
fields; available counseling services 
and training schools. 

Car er Reports Draftsman 

(B&W 27 Min 1962) 

Career opportunities for drafts- 
man in construction, electronics, and 
surveying fields; available counsel- 
ing services and training facilities. 

Formula for a Career (Recruitment Film 
for Signal Corps) 

(Color 24 Min 1958) 

Aimed at ROTC and USMA 
graduates. Formula for satisfying 
career as a signal corps officer 

opportunities for job variety and 
career advancement. 

RF 15-1 The Most Rewarding Law (Recruitment) 

HIST (Color 30 Min 1960) 

(For use in recruiting young 
lawyers into Judge Advocate Gen- 
eral's Corps) 

Benefits of a career in Judge 
Advocate General's Corps profes- 
sional experience, advanced study in 
the law, travel and security. 

RF 216 Your Stake in Tomorrow (Army 


(B&W 20 Min 1965) 

Encourages high school gradu- 
ates to enlist in army for career 
development cites opportunities for 
specialist training. 

RF 35-1 The Choice is Mine (WAC Recruiting) 

(Color 21 Min 1965) 

Aims and scope of the 1-month 
summer training course conducted 
for college junior women at WAC 
Training Center, Ft McClellan, 


Special Bulletins 

61. SB; Special Bulletins 

SB films are reports of US Army activities 
and operations in overseas areas and com- 
mands. This SB series covering Southeast Asia 
and other significant areas was the forerunner 
of, and supplements, the Staff Film Report 
(SFR) series. 

SB 7 

SB l 

SB 2 

SB 3 

SB 4 

SB 5 

SB 6 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 1 Delivery 
of Map Equipment Upper Volta and 
Niger-April 1962 

(Color 10 Min 1963) 

US Air Delivery of map equip- 
ment to Republics of Upper Volta 
and Niger assembly of shipment in 
US, and formal presentations of sup- 
plies at destinations. 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 2-US 
Army Support to Thailand, 1962 

(B&W 13 Min 1962) 

Report on US Army support in 
Thailand during May-August 1962 
Military Training Program and 
Civic Action Program to thwart 
communist insurgency in area. 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 3 
Operation Sea Swallow Viet-Nam 

(Color 16 Min 1963) 

Military and civic action in the 
implementation of the Province Re- 
habilitation Program in South Viet- 
nam to defeat communist infiltra- 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 4 US Army 
Communications in Southeast Asia, 
1962 (U) 

(Color 16 Min 1963) 
Film is Classified SECRET. 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 5 Military 
Assistance Shipment to Republic of 
the Congo 

(Color 8 Min 1963) 

US Air Delivery of supplies to 
Leopoldville formal reception cere- 
monies unloading, transfer and 
storage of items by Congolese troops. 

US Army Special Bulletin No. 6 US Army 
Helicopter Operations in South Vietnam 

(Color 24 Min 1963) 

Crew organization, tactical em- 
ployment, and firepower of H-21, 
UH-1A, and UH-1B used in heli- 
borne strike against Viet Cong in 
South Vietnam. 

SB 8 

SB 9 

SB 10 

SB 11 

SB 12 

SB 13 

Summary of Special Warfare Activities A 

Around the World 

(Color 19 Min 1963) 

Training a