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Full text of "Index to the Moseley map of North Carolina, 1733"

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Susan M. Trimble 







NC Div. of Archives and History 
Historical Publication Section 






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on the Moseley Map of 1733 is included 
grid reference, based on the latitude 
he map and longitude marks three 
gned to each entry (e.g. Al, B8). The 
tered from A to I down the side of the 

10 across the map. The reference 

block in which the first letter of 
entry begins on a line of the grid it 
block where the major portion falls, 
ings of the alphabetized entries in 
ar on the map. Modern spellings and 

Certain terms, such as creek, 
me instances been expanded to avoid 
ears more than once, although not in 
ces have been combined, 
ntries have been made where possible 

towns, rivers) and the grouped entry 
me appears with a single dot as an 
nd it cannot be determined whether or 
ent, it is placed in the plantations 
up of a term could not be determined 

was not placed in any group. When a 
, the information in the brackets 

abbreviation. If [reference to] 

term is referred to in the 
s not itself appear in the block. The 
on of Ocacock Inlet have been indexed 
oximately 820 main entries. 

Susan M . Trimble 
North Carolina Colonial 
Records Project 
February , 1991 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 

A large Shoal and Several 

broken Islands D9 
Abescaru Creek D4 
Acconeechy C3 
Acconeechy Island A4 
Acconeechy-Neck B6 
Adams C7 (2) 
Adams Creek E7 
Adams Point D8 
Akin FA 

Albemarle County B5 
Albemarle Sound C8 
Alden B6 

Alderson, S. , C7 
Alexander F5 
Allegator Creek C9 
Allegator River C9 
Allen B6 

Allen, E., A7, F5 (2) 
Alston, I., B8 
Anaschum Creek DA 
Anderson B7 
Aramanchy River C2 
Ashe FA 

Ashe, I., FA (2), F5 
Atlin B8 
Baity B8 
Baker B7 , C8 
Baker, H. , B7, B8 
BaldwiTi FA 
Ballance B9 
Banks, Rogue E6 , 

Core E8, 15 
Bapt[ist] M[eeting House] 
Barfields B7 
Barns B7 

Barren Head GA, 13 
Barren Inlet F5 
Barrow C8 
Bartlet B8 
Bat's Grave B8 
Batchellors Creek D6 
Bateman B8 
Bath County DA 
Bath Town C7 
Bay River D8 
Bays, Black A9 , 

Long G3, Winyau 

Beacon E9, H6 
Beacon Island E8 
Beacon Island Shoal H6 
Bear Creek E6 
Bear Inlet E6 

Bear Island E6 

Beards Creek D7 

Beasly B8, C7, F5 

Beaufort Precinct C7 

Beaufort Town E7 , HA 

Beaver Pond Creek A6 

Bells Ferry GA 

Bells, T., Ferry C8 

Benbury B8 

Bennet Creek B8 

Bennets Point GA , H3 

Bertie Court House B7 

Bertie Precinct B6 

Beverley B7 

Black Abram D7 

Black Bay A9 

B[lack] Mingo's Creek HI 

Black River EA, H2 

Black Rock EA 

Black water Creek A9 

Blackwater River A7 

Blanthard B8 

Blount C7, D7 

Blount, I., B8 

Blue wing Creek AA 

Bluff Point B8 

Bluffs, High E5 (2), 

Machapunga C8, 

Welch's FA 
Bogue Banks E6 
Bogue Inlet E6 
Bogue Sound E6, H4 
Boone B7 
Bond, I., B7 
Boyd B9, C7 
Branches See Creeks, branches, 

rivulets, runs 
Brice' s Creek E7 
Brice' s Ford E6 
Bridges, Stony B7 
Bridges Creek B7 
Broad Creek C7 , D7 (2), E6 
Broad Inlet F5 
Brown Meadow E3 

Brown's, Dr., Ferry, Road to A7 
Browns Inlet F6 
Brunswick Town FA, H3 
Bryan B7 
Bryans Ferry B7 
Bryant, T,, B7 
Buffalo Creek A3, C3 
Buncomb, I. , C8 
Burdens Island, Part of HA 
Burington, G., GA, H3 

Burkham, G. , B8 

Burnet H5 

Burridg G4 

Burridge H3 

Burrington, Ge. -30225 acres 03, F5 

Byrd , William, Col., 

of Virginia A2 
Cabbage Inlet F5 
Campaign, R., D8 
Cane Creek A3 
Canes E4 
Canoe Creek B6 
Cape Carteret 12 
Cape Fear G5, lA 
Cape Fear Harbour HA 
Cape Fear River, N.E. Branch E5 
Cape Hatteras DIO 
Cape Lookout F7 

Cape Lookout Island, Part of H5 
Cape Roman 13 
Capes, Carteret 12, 

Fear G5, lA, 

Hatteras DIO, 

Lookout F7, 

Roman 13 
Careening Point H5 
Carter F5 

Carteret Precinct E6 
Cascade Creek A2 
Castellaw, 1. , C7 
Cataubos [reference to] Dl 
Cataubos. Indian Trading 

Road from the 

and Charokee Indians to 

Virginia Dl 
Catawisky Creek B7 
Catchmaid B8 
Cedar Island A9, E8 
Cedar Point E6 
Chainshot Island E8 
Channel shews itself fairly 

between the Sholes, The lA 
Channels, straits, 

channel lA, straights 

Chapel (Chappel) B8 (3), B9 (A), C8 
Chapels, churches, meeting 

houses, B8 (3), B9 (A), 

C8, Bapt[ist] 

M[eeting House] B8 

(Chappel) B8 (3), 

B9 (A), C8, Jamestown 

Church A8, Quaker 

Meeting House [Q.M.] 

B8 (2), B9, Webster 

Chappel C8 
Charles Town in South Carolina 

to North Carolina, The Main 

Road from, H2 
Charlton, W. , C7 
Charokee [reference to] Dl 
Charokee. Indian Trading Road 

from the Cataubos and 

Indians to Virginia Dl 
Charokee Mountains Bl 
Cheecods Creek C6 
Cheetock River E6 
Cheeweo C7 
Cheshires Ferry B7 
Chickinocommock Inlet CIO 
Chinkapin Creek B7 
Chowan B8 

Chowan Precinct B8 
Chowan River B8 
Chowan to Nansemond in Virginia, 

Road from, B8 
Churches See Chapels, 

churches, meeting houses 
Church's Island B9 
Clare B8 
Clarendon County, South Carolina, 

Part of, E2 
Clark FA 
Clayton FA (2) 
Clayton, Clies, FA 
Clayton, Gibbs, FA 
Cliffe Creek A3 
Clubfoot Creek E7 
Clun B5 

Cockade Creek B3 
Coldom Hill D7 
Colleton C9 
Conaby Creek C7 
Conneghta Creek B5, D6 
Conneghta Fort B5 
Conway Creek B5 
Coopers C8 
Core Banks E8, 15 
Core Creek D6 
Core Sound E7 
Cotehasky Creek D5 
Cotton, I. , B7 
Counties, Albemarle B5, 

Bath DA, Clarendon, 

South Carolina, Part of 

Court House (Court H.) B9 (2) 
Court Houses, (Court H.), B9 

(2), Bertie B7, Pequimans 

Crab Creek Pokesen D5 

Crane Island E7, H5 

Craven Precinct D6 

Cravens Island H3 

Creeks, branches, rivulets, runs, 
Abescaru D4, Adams E7 , 
Allegator C9, Anaschum 
D4, Batchellors D6, 
Bear E6, Beards D7 , 
Beaver Pond A6, Bennet 
B8, Black water A9, 
Blue wing A4, Brice's 
E7, Bridges B7, Broad 
C7, D7 (2), E6, Buffalo 
A3, C3, B[lack] Mingo's 
HI, Cane A3, Canoe, B6, 
Cascade A2, Catawisky B7 , 
Cheecods C6 , Chinkapin B7 , 
Cliff e A3, Clubfoot E7, 
Cockade B3, Conaby C7 , 
Conneghta B5 , D6, Conway 
B5, Core D6 , Cotehasky D5, 
Crooked Al, Darby's A9 , 
Dawsons D7 , Deep B8, 
Dividing, No. D8, Duck 
C7, Earthquake Branch E4 
Fishing B5, Flatty B9, 
Fontains A6, Gales E7 , 
Goose D7, E6, Great B5, 
Great Fishing B5 , Grindal 
C7 , Hammonds F4, Handcocks 
E7, Haw tree B5, Hix's B3, 
Hyoo-ote B3, Indian F4 , 
Indian T[own] B8, Irvine 
A2, Island E6, Jarrets E7, 
Jumping Run C3, Kendricks 
C8, Lakers B8, Lanatta 
D5, Lizard A6, Long F5, 
Lowland B2 , Lynch 's G2, 
Machapunga C8 , Mallard 
C6, Matrimony A2, Mausa 
A5, Meherrin B7 , Mesues 
C9, Mill E6, Moyock B9 , 
Nahungnare D4, Nannys 
A9, New Mattamuskeet 
C9, Nutbush B5, Ohimpa B4, 
Old Mattamuskeet C9, Old 
Town F4, Orapeak A8, 
Orchard D7, Otasque D5, 
Oyster E7, Pantego C8, 
Peahill A6, Pidgeon roost 
A5, Piper D5, Potocasy B7, 

Queens E6, Quountka B6, 
Rattle snake D4, Rivulet 
[reference to] Al, Rock 
C6, Rock-fish E3, E5, 
Rockabrick B8, Rocquis 
C7, Rogers B6, Sable B3, 
Salmon D5 , Sampit H2, 
Sarum B7 , Scarunteh D5, 
Shacco's A4 , Six-pound B5 , 
Slocombs E7 , Smiths D7 , 
E6, Somerton A8, Spencers 
C9, Sugar tree B4, Suttons 
B8, Swift B5, Swifts D6, 
Teewauho B4, looks B8, 
Tranters C7, Uerout D5, 
Ununteh D5, Wadcush B3, 
Weecaunse B7, Weerenunteh 
C7, Welch's C7, Wild 
Boar C9, Woodstock C8, 
Yapatica B4 

Croatan C9 

Crofton D7 

Crooked Creek Al 

Currituck Inlet A9 

Currituck Precinct B9 

Currituck Sound B9 

Cuscoponung River C8 

Cypress Swamp B6, B8 

Dan River A2 

Danson's B9 

Darby' s Creek A9 

Davis Ferry B8 

Davis, I., F4, F5 (2) 

Davis, W., A5 

Dawsons Creek D7 

Deep Creek B8 

Deep River Al [reference to], C2 

Deep water Point G4, H3 

Delightfull Plains F4 

Denaho F4 

Denman, C, B8 

Dew B7 

Directions for [Navigation 
of] Ocacock Inlet H8 

Dividing Creek, No. D8 

Dividing Line between 

Virginia and Carolina A4 

Dog Island E7 

Downing , W. , C8 

Dowry C8 

Drum Inlet E8 

Drummond Point B8 

Duck Creek C7 

Duckinfield, N., B7 

Dudley E7 

Dugs Island CIO 

Dukes Mill A8, B9 

Dunn F5 

Durant B8 

Durants Island C9 

Durants Point B8 

Earthquake Branch E4 

Eborn C8 

Edenton B8 

Edgcomb Precinct B6 

Elizabeth River GA, H3 

Elizabeth River, Road to, A9 

Elm Swamp A8 

Ennets Ferry F5 

Eno River B3 

Etheridg B9 (2) 

Evans B8 

Explanation of shoals G5 

Explanation of wildlife and 

vegetation D2 
Falls B6 
Falls, B6 
Fergus F5 
Ferries, B8, F5 (2), H2 

(2), H4, 12, Bells G4, 

Bells, T. C8, Brown's, 

Dr. , Road to, A7 

Bryans B7 , Cheshires 

fi7, Davis B8, 

Ennets F5, Franks E6, 

Graves D6, Heidelbergs 

E6, Marshal's F5, 

Marsy's D6, Newby's, 

G., B8, Olstone B7 , 

Sawyers B9, Simmon's 

G4, Whites B8 
Ferry B8, F5 (2), H2 (2), H4, 12 
Fishing Creek B5 
Fitzwilliam River A3 
Flat River B4 
Flatty Creek B9 
Fontains Creek A6 
Fonville D6 
Fords, Brice's E6, 

Mony shap A5 
Forks, Joys B8 
Forster, F., B8 
Forster, R., B7 
Fort Barnwell D6 
Forts, Conneghta B5, 

Barnwell D6, 

Nooherooka C5 , 

Torhunta C4, 

Totero CI 
Frank, M. , D7 
Franks Ferry E6 
Frederick F5 
Frilie C8 
From this Ford to James River 

is computed 130 miles A5 
Gale, C, B8 
Gale, E., B8 
Gales Creek E7 
Gatlin D7 
Gee B7 

Gibbs D9, F4 
Gibby B9 
Glover, C. , D7 
Godfry F4 

Goose Creek D7, E6 
Governor Gibb's Point A9 
Grange, I. , F5 
Graves Ferry D6 
Great Creek B5 
Great Dismal Swamp, The A8 
Great Fishing Creek B5 
Great White Marsh F3 
Green E6 

Grindal Creek C7 
Grovely F5 
Gul Island D8 
Gun Inlet CIO 
Hague B9 
Hains B7 
Hall B8, F4 
Hamilton F4 
Hammonds Creek F4 
Hancock D7 
Handcock, W. , E7 
Handcocks Creek E7 
Handcocks Town C5 
Handy D6 

Harbors, Cape Fear H4 
Harbour Island E8 
Harker E7 

Harnet, C, (2) F4 
Harrison, C, F5 
Harvey, T., B8 
Hatch, A., B8, E7 
Hatteras Indians D9 
Hatteras Inlet D9 
Haul Over G5 
Hauser F5 
Haw tree Creek B5 
Hawkins B9, F4 
Heath B8 
Heidelbergs Ferry E6 

Henderson, D. , C7 
High Bluff E5 (2) 
Hill F4 
Hill, I., B7 
Hills, hummocks, 

Coldom D7 , Rich 

Hummock H5 
Hix's Creek B3 
Hodges Mill B9 
Hog Island E8 
Horse Pool B8 
Howard E6 
Howe F5 
Howes, I. , FA 
Hudson F5 

Hummocks See Hills, hummocks 
Hunter B8 

Hunting Quarter Inlet E8 
Hunting Quarter Sound E8 
Husbands F4 
Hyde Precinct C7 
Hyoo-ote Creek B3 
Hyrne, Capt . , G4 
laccuck B7 
lacks Swamp B6 
Indian Creek F4 
Indian settlements See Indian 

tovms, settlements 
Indian T[own] Creek B8 
Indian towns, settlements, 

Cheeweo C7, Chowan B8, 

Handcocks Town C5 , 

Keeauwee-Old Town C2, 

Meherrin Indian Town B7 , 

Nansemond Indian Town 

B7 , Ooneroy B7, Potoskite 

B9, Resootskeh B7 , 

Ucohnerunt-King Blounts 

Town C6 
Indian Trading Road from the 

Cataubos and Charokee Indians 

to Virginia Dl 
Indian tribes, 

Cataubos [reference to] Dl 

Charokee [reference to] Dl 

Hatteras D9, 

Keeauwees E2, 

Mattamuskeet C9, 

Meherrin B7 , 

Pedees F2, Saraus 

E2, Tuskeruro C7 
Inlets, Barren F5 , 

Bear E6, Bogue 

E6, Broad F5, 

Browns F6, 

Cabbage F5, 


CIO, Currituck 

A9, Drum E8, Gun 

CIO, Hatteras D9, 

Hunting Quarter E8, 

Little F6, Lockwoods 

Folly G4, New B9, 

E8, New River F6, 

New Top Sail F5, 

North H3, Ocacock 

E9, H5, Rich F5, 

Roanoke CIO, Sandy F5, 

Shole F5, Stumpy F5, 

Topsail E7, 14, Unesau 

H3 , Wachesau H3, 

Wahacau H3 
Innes F4 
Int. Grange F5 
Irvine Creek A2 
Island Creek E6 
Islands D9 
Islands, D9, Acconeechy A4 , 

Bat's Grave B8, 

Beacon E8 , Bear E6, 

Burdens, Part of H4, 

Cape Lookout, Part of 

H5, Cedar A9, E8, 

Chainshot E8, Church's 

B9, Colleton C9, 

Crane E7, H5, Cravens 

H3, Dog E7, Dugs CIO, 

Durants C9, Gul D8, 

Harbour E8, Hog E8, 

Landgrave Smith's G5, 

H4, Long A9, Nots A9, 

Ocacock E9, H6, Ragged 

A9, Roanoke C9, Shell 

E8, Stones E6 
Jackson A7 

James River [reference to] A5 
Jamestown Church A8 
Jarrets Creek E7 
Jasper D8 
Jessop, I. , B8 
Jewell D7 
Johnson D6, F5 
Jones B7, B9, C7 (2), D8 
Jones, F., B8 
Jones, G., B9 , E4 
Jones, H. , B8 

Jones, Mr. Frederick-7375 Acres D6 
Jones, P. , C8 

Jones, T., B7, F4 
Jordan B9 
Joys Fork B8 
Jumping Run C3 
Keeauwee-Old Town C2 
Keeauwees E2 
Kendricks Creek C8 
Kenyon C7 
Kesiah River C7 
Kill, B., B7 
Kinchin B7 

King Blounts Town C6 
Kingman C7 
Kitchin B8 
La Pierre F4 
Lakers Creek B8 
Lakes, Mattamuskeet C9 

Stumpy Point C9 , 

Waggomau F4 
Lanatta Creek D5 
Landgrave Smith's Island G5, H4 
Larkin F4 
Leary, R., C8 
Lee A7, C8 
Lee, S., C8 
Lees, S . , E6 
Leigh D7 
Lewis F4 

Lillington, A., C7 
Lillifigton, M., E6 
Little Inlet F6 
Little Pedee River G3 
Little River B4, B9, G4 
Little White Marsh F3 
Little, W. , B6 
Lizard Creek A6 
Lockart , I. , C7 
Locker D7 

Lockwoods Folly Inlet G4 
Long C8 
Long Bay G3 
Long Creek F5 
Long Island A9 
Long Shoale Point C9 
Long Shoale River C9 
Lovick, I., B7 
Low B9 

Lower Haul Over H4 
Lowland Creek B2 
Lowry B8 
Lowther B9 
Luton B8 

Lynch 's Creek G2 
Machapunga Bluff C8 

Machapunga Creek C8 
Machapunga River C8 , D8 
Machapungo Shoal H6 
Mackinne, B., B6 
Macknight F4, G4, H4 
Main Road from Charles Town 

in South Carolina to North 

Carolina, The H2 
Mallard Creek C6 
Mann B9 
Mann, I., C9 
Marisdon F5 
Marrow Bone River C3 
Marsh B9 

Marshal's Ferry F5 
Marshes, pocosins. 

Crab Creek Pokesen 

D5, Great White 

Marsh F3, Little 

White Marsh F3, 

Marsh B9, Romney 

Marsh D7, Whitemarsh 

Marsy's Ferry D6 
Martin C7 
Mason F4 

Matrimony Creek A2 
Mattamuskeet Indians C9 
Mattamuskeet Lake C9 
Maule, P., D7 (2) 
Maule, W., B7 
Mausa Creek A5 
Mayo River A2 
Meadows, Brown E3 
Meazlle C7 
Meeting Houses See Chapels, 

churches, meeting houses 
Meherrin Creek B7 
Meherrin Indian Town B7 
Meherrin Indians B7 
Meherrin River A6 
Melliken, I. , B6 
Mesues Creek C9 
Middle Ground H6 
Mill B8 (3) 
Mill Creek E6 
Mills, saw mills, 

B8 (3), Dukes A8, B9, 

Hodges B9, Rogers B6, 

Saw C8, F4 (3), F5, 

Spanns, B6, Summers 

A8, Wheelers B7 
Mines C6 (2), E3 
Mony shap Ford A5 

Moor, Col., G5, 114 
Moore EA, H4 
Moore, I., F5 
Moore, M. , F5 
Moore, N., F4, F5 
Moore, R., F4 (2), F5 
Moseley, E., B8, F5 
Mountains, Charokee Bl, 

Mt. Ararat E4, Mt. 

Misery F5 
Moyock Creek B9 
Mt. Ararat E4 
Mt. Misery F5 
N. W. Landing A9 
Nabson B9 

Nahungnare Creek D4 
Nannys Creek A9 
Nansemond. Chowan to 

in Virginia, Road from, 1 

Nansemond Indian Town B7 

Nansemond, Road to, A8 

Narrows, The B9, C9 

Neal D9 

Necks, Acconeechy B6 

Nelson E8 

Neus River D7 

Nevil D7 

New Bern D6 

New Hanover Precinct G4 

New Inlet B9, E8 

New Mattamuskeet Creek C9 

Now River C3, E5 

New River Inlet F6 

New Top Sail Inlet F5 

Newby's, C, Ferry B8 

Newport River E7, H4 

Nixon B8 (2), F5 (2) 

Nooherooka Fort C5 

Norcomb B8 

Norfolk Town, Road to, A8 

North Breakers H6 

North Carolina, The Main 
Road from Charles Town 
in South Carolina to, H2 

North Inlet 113 

North River A9 , B9 , E7 , H5 

North West River A9 

Northern B9 

Norton B9, F4 

Nots Island A9 

Nottaway River A7 

Nutbush Creek B5 

Ocacock Inlet E9, H5 

Ocacock Island E9, H6 

Odeon C7 

Ohimpa Creek B4 

Old Mattamuskeet Creek C9 

Old Point F5 

Old Town Creek F4 

Olstone Ferry B7 

One tree Point G4, H3 

Onslow Precinct F5 

Ooneroy B7 

Orapeak Creek A8 

Orchard Creek D7 

Otasque Creek D5 

Ottiwell D7 

Oyster Creek E7 

Paget B8 

Palatine Settlement E3 

Palatines D7 

Pamticoe River D7 

Pamticoe Sound D8, H5 

Pantego Creek C8 

Parish B8 

Parker B8 (2) 

Part of Clarendon County, 
South Carolina E2 

Pasquotank Precinct B8 

Pasquotank River B9 

Patin, I. , B9 

Peahill Creek A6 

Pearce, T., B8 

Pedee River F2 

Pedees F2 

Peitevint F5 

Pendleton B9 

Pequimans Court House B8 

Pequimans Precinct B8 

Pequimans River B8 

Perkins C7 

Perry F5 

Pettiver B8 

Peyton, R., D7 

Phelps B8 

Pidgeon roost Creek A5 

Pilkinton C7 

Piny Point D8, E8 

Piper Creek D5 

Pitman A7 

Plantations, Adams C7 
(2), Akin F4, Alden 
B6, Alderson, S., C7, 
Alexander F5, Allen 
B6, Allen, E., A7, 
F5 (2), Alston, I., 
B8, Anderson B7 , Ashe 
F4, Ashe, I., F4 (2), 

F5, Atlin B8, Baity 
B8, Baker B7 , C8, 
Baker, H., B7, B8, 
Baldwin FA, Ballance 
B9, Barfields B7 , 
Barns B7 , Barrow C8, 
Bartlet B8, Bateman 
B8, Beasly B8, C7, F5, 
Benbury B8, Beverley 
B7, Blanthard B8, 
Blount C7, D7, Blount, 
I., B8, Boone B7, 
Boud, I., B7, Boyd 
B9, C7, Bryan B7 , 
Bryant, T., B7 , 
Buncomb, I. , C8, 
Burington, G., GA, 
H3, Burkham, G., B8 , 
Burnet H5, Burridg 
GA, Burridge H3, 
Burrington, Ge. -30225 
acres C3, Byrd, William, 
Col., of Virginia A2, 
Campaign, R., D8, Canes 
EA, Carter F5, Castellaw, 
I., C7, Catchmaid B8, 
Charlton, W., C7 , Clare 
B8, Clark FA, Clayton 
FA (2), Clayton, Clies, 
FA, Clayton, Gibbs, FA 
Clun B5 , Coopers C8 , 
Cotton, 1., B7, Crofton 
D7 , Danson's B9, Davis, 
I., FA, F5 (2), Davis, 
W., A5, Denaho FA, 
Denman, C, B8 , Dew B7 , 
Downing, W., C8 , Dowry 
C8, Duckinfield, N. , 
B7, Dudley E7 , Dunn F5, 
Durant B8, Eborn C8, 
Etheridge B9 (2), Evans 
B8, Fergus F5, Fonville 
D6, Forster, F., B8, 
Forster, R., B7 , Frank, 
M., D7, Frederick F5, 
Frilie C8, Gale, C, B8, 
Gale, E., B8, Gatlin D7, 
Gee B7, Gibbs D9, FA, 
Gibby B9 , Glover, C, 
D7, Godfry FA, Grange, 
I., F5, Green E6 , Grovely 
F5, Hague B9 , Hains B7 , 
Hall B8, FA, Hamilton 
FA, Hancock D7 , Handcock, 

W., E7, Handy D6, Harker 
E7, Harnet, C, FA (2), 
Harrison, C., F5, Harvey, 
T., B8, Hatch, A., B8, 
E7, Hauser F5, Hawkins 
B9, FA, Heath B8, 
Henderson, D., C7, Hill 
FA, Hill, I., B7, 
Howard E6, Howe F5 , 
Howes, I., FA, Hudson 
F5, Hunter B8, Husbands 
FA, Hyrne, Capt., GA, 
laccuck B7, Innes FA, 
Jackson A7 , Jasper D8, 
Jessop, I., B8, Jewell 
D7 , Johnson D6, F5, 
Jones B7, B9, C7 (2), 
D8 , Jones, F., B8 , Jones, 
G., B9, EA, Jones, H. , 
B8, Jones, Mr. Frederick- 
7375 Acres D6, Jones, P., 
C8, Jones, T., B7, FA, 
Jordan B9 , Kenyon C7, Kill, 
B., B7, Kinchin B7, Kingman 
C7 , Kitchin B8, La Pierre 
FA, Larkin FA, Leary, R., 
C8, Lee A7 , C8, Lee, S., 
C8, Lees, S., E6, Leigh 
D7 , Lewis FA, Lillington, 
A., C7, Lillington, M., 
E6, Little, W. , B6, 
Lockart, I., C7, Locker 
D7, Long C8, Lovick, I., 
B7, Low B9, Lowry B8 , 
Lowther B9 , Luton B8, 
Mackinne, B., B6, 
Macknight FA, GA, HA, 
Mann B9, Mann, I., C9, 
Marisdon F5, Martin, C7, 
Mason FA, Maule, P., D7 
(2), Maule, W. , B7 , 
Meazlle C7 , Melliken, I., 
B6, Moor, Col., G5, HA, 
Moore EA, HA, Moore, I., 
F5, Moore, M. , F5, Moore, 
N., FA, F5, Moore, R., 
FA (2), F5, Moseley, E., 
B8, F5, Nabson B9, Neal 
D9, Nelson E8, Nevil D7, 
Nixon B8 (2), F5 (2), 
Norcomb B8, Northern B9 , 
Norton B9 , FA, Odeon C7 , 
Ottiwell D7, Paget B8, 
Parish B8, Parker B8 (2), 

Patin, I., B9, Pearce, 
T., B8, Peitevint F5, 
Pendleton B9, Perkins 
C7, Perry F5, Pettiver 
B8, Peyton, R., D7 , 
Phelps B8, Pilkinton C7, 
Pitman A7, Pollack, T., 
B7, Pollock, C, C8, 
Pollock, G., B7, Porter 
F5, Porter, E., B8, 
Porter, I., C3 , D7, F5 (2), 
Porter, S., F5, Powers B7, 
Pritchard B9, Quitzna C7 , 
Randel EA, Reach FA, F5, 
Reading D7 , Reed, W., B9, 
Reels D7, Reeves B6 , Rice, 
N., FA, Rieusset, C7 , 
Rowan FA, Rowan, M. , EA, 
FA (2), Rudal A7, Rusteel 
E7, Rusteel, R., H5, Salter 
FA, Salter, E., C6, D7, 
Salton B8, Sander B8, 
Sanderson B8, B9, Sanderson, 
P., B8, Shakelford H5, Shaw 
H5, Sheppard, HA, Shute D7, 
Shutes FA, Simmons F5, 
Singletarry EA, Skinner, R., 
B8, Slade D7, D8, Slade, B., 
D7, Smith F5, Snoad C7 , 
Sole FA, Spann, I., B6 , 
Speight B8, Speight, T., 
B8, Speller C7 , Spence B9 , 
Spivy B8 (2), Stag Park- 
10,000 Acres belonging to 
Ge. Burrington F5, Staples 
F5, Stenton E6, Sturgeons 
B8, Swain H3, Swains H3, 
Swann EA, Swann, I., F5, 
Swann, S., B8, F5 (3), 
Swann, T., B9 (2), Swann, 
W., B9, Swanns FA, Taylor, 
N., H5, Tooty A9, Trip D7 , 
Tulle B9, Turner, R., D7, 
Vaile B8, Vaile, I. , B8, 
F5, Waldron H3, Wallis E8, 
Ward, I. , B8, Waters FA 
(2), F5, Watson F5, Watts 
F5 (2), Welch FA, F5, 
Well H6, West, R., C7 , 
Whidby, R., B8, Wicker 
H5, Wilkins A9, Williams 
B7, B9, William, A., B7 , 
Williamson B9, Wilson, 
W., D7, Winn, G., B7 , 

Worly, I., C8, Worsley, 
I. , D7, Worsly D7, Yernon 
FA, Young, E., B5, Young, 
F., B5 
Pocosins See Marshes, pocosins 
Points, Adams D8, 
Bennets GA , H3 
Bluff B8, Careening 
H5, Cedar E6, 
Deep water GA, H3, 
Drummond B8, Durants 
B8, Governor Gibb's 
A9, Long Shoale C9 , 
Old F5, One tree GA, 
H3, Piny D8, E8, 
Powells B9, Sandy B8, 
C9, Shepherds E7 , 
Stumpy C9, Sturgeons 
GA, H3, Wades B9, 
Wards H5, Wilkinsons 

Pollack, T., B7 

Pollock, C, C8 

Pollock, G., B7 

Port Beaufort E7 , lA 

Port Brunswick H3 

Ports, Beaufort E7 , lA, 
Brunswick H3, Vernon 

Port Vernon FA 

Porter F5 

Porter, E., B8 

Porter, I., C3, D7 , F5 (2) 

Porter, S., F5 

Potocasy Creek B7 

Potoskite B9 

Powells Point B9 

Powers B7 

Precincts, Beaufort C7, 
Bertie B6, Carteret 
E6, Chowan B8, 
Craven D6, Currituck 
B9, Edgcomb B6, Hyde 
C7, New Hanover GA, 
Onslow F5, Pasquotank 
B8, Pequimans B8 

Pritchard B9 

Quaker Meeting House [Q.M.] 
B8 (2), B9 

Queens Creek E6 

Quitzna C7 

Quountka Creek B6 

Ragged Island A9 

Randel EA 


Rattle snake Creek D4 
Reach F4, F5 
Reading D7 
Reed, W. , B9 
Reels D7 
Reeves B6 
Resootskeh B7 
Rice, N., F4 
Rich Hummock H5 
Rich Inlet F5 
Rieusset C7 

Allegator C9 , 
Aramanchy C2, Bay 
D8, Black E4, H2, 
Blackwater A8, 
Cape Fear, N. E. 
Branch E5, Cheetock 
E6, Chowan B8, 
Cuscoponung C8, 
Dan A2, Deep C2, 
Elizabeth GA, H3, 
Eno B3, Fitzwilliam 
A3, Flat B4, Kesiah C7, 
Little Pedee G3, 
Little B4, B9, G4, 
Long Shoale C9, 
Machapunga C8, D8 
Marrow Bone C3, 
Mayo A2, Meherrin 
A6, Neus D7, New 
C3, E5, Newport E7 , 
H4, North A9, B9, 
E7, H5, North West 
A9, Nottaway AS, 
Pamticoe D7 , 
Pasquotank B9 , Pedee 
F2, Pequimans B8, 
Roanoke A5, B6, 
Santee H2, Sapona 
Dl , Saxapahaw B2, 
Shallot G4, South 
E7, Stanton A4, 
Swampy E4, Tar B5 , 
Trent D6, Uharee C2, 
Waggemau G3, Yadkin 
Dl, Yawpim B8 
Rivulets See Creeks, branches, 

rivulets, runs 
Road from Chowan to Nansemond 

in Virginia B8 
Road to Dr. Brown's Ferry A7 
Road to Elizabeth River A9 
Road to Nansemond A8 

Road to Norfolk Town A8 

Roads, Brown's, Dr., Ferry, 

Road to, A7, Cataubos. Indian 

Trading Road from the 

and Charokee Indians to 
Virginia Dl, Charles Town 
in South Carolina to North 
Carolina, The Main Road from, 
H2, Charokee. Indian Trading 
Road from the Cataubos and 

Indians to Virginia Dl , 

Chowan to Nansemond in Virginia, 
Road from, B8, Elizabeth River, 
Road to, A9, Nansemond. Chowan 

to in Virginia, Road 

from, B8, Nansemond, Road to, 
A8, Norfolk Town, Road to, A8 
North Carolina, The Main Road 
from Charles Town in South 
Carolina to, H2, Somerton Road 
A8, South Carolina. The Main 
Road from Charles Town in 

to North 

Carolina H2, Virginia, Indian 
Trading Road from the Cataubos 
and Charokee Indians to, Dl , 
Virginia, Road from Chowan to 
Nansemond in, B8 

Roanoke Inlet CIO 

Roanoke Island C9 

Roanoke River A5, B6 

Rock Creek C6 

Rock-fish Creek E3, E5 

Rockabrick Creek B8 

Rocquis Creek C7 

Rogers Creek B6 

Rogers Mill B6 

Romney Marsh D7 

Rowan F4 

Rowan, M. , E4, F4 (2) 

Rudal A7 

Runs See Creeks, branches, 
rivulets, runs 

Rusteel E7 

Rusteel, R., H5 

Ryals Shoal H5 

Sable Creek B3 

Salmon Creek D5 

Salter F4 

Salter, E., C6, D7 

Sal ton B8 

Sampit Creek H2 

Sander B8 

Sanderson B8, B9 


Sanderson, P., B8 

Sandy Inlet F5 

Sandy Point B8, C9 

Santee River H2 

Sapona River Dl 

Saraus E2 

Sarum Creek B7 

Saw Mill C8, F4 (3), F5 

Saw Mills See Mills, saw mills 

Sawyers Ferry B9 

Saxapahaw River Al [reference to], 

Scarunteh Creek D5 
Settlements See Towns, settlements 
Shacco's Creek A4 
Shakelford H5 
Shallot River G4 
Shauhuntacot B5 
Shaw H5 

Shell Island EB 
Shepherds Point E7 
Sheppard H4 
Shifting Shoals [Hatteras 

Inlet] D9 
Shoals, D9, Beacon 

Island H6, 

Machapungo 116, 

Ryals H5, Shifting 

[Hatteras Inlet] 


Shole Inlet F5 
Shute D7 
Shutes F4 
Simmon's Ferry G4 
Simmons F5 
Singletarry E4 
Six-pound Creek B5 
Skinner, R., B8 
Slade D7, D8 
Slade, B., D7 
Slocombs Creek E7 
Smith F5 

Smiths Creek D7 , E6 
Snoad C7 
Sole F4 

Somerton Creek A7 
Somerton Road A8 
Sounds, Albemarle C8, 

Bogue E6, H4, Core 

E7, Currituck B9, 

Hunting Quarter E8, 

Pamticoe D8, H5 
South Breakers 16 
South Carolina. The Main 

Road from Charles Town 

in to 

North Carolina H2 
South River E7 
Spann , I . , B6 
Spanns Mill B6 
Speight B8 
Speight, T., B8 
Speller C7 
Spence B9 
Spencers Creek C9 
Spivy B8 (2) 
Stag Park-10,000 Acres 

belonging to Ge. 

Burrington F5 
Stanton River A4 
Staples F5 
Stenton E6 
Stones Island E6 
Stony Bridge B7 
Straights H5 

Straits See Channels, straits 
Stumpy Inlet F5 
Stumpy Point C9 
Stumpy Point Lake C9 
Sturgeons B8 
Sturgeons Point G4, H3 
Sugar tree Creek B4 
Summers Mill A8 
Suttons Creek B8 
Swain H3 
Swains H3 
Swampy River E4 
Swamps, Cypress B6, B8, 

Elm A8, Great Dismal 
Swamp, The A8, lacks 
Swann E4 
Swann, I., F5 
Swann, S., B8, F5 (3) 
Swann, T., B9 (2) 
Swann, W. , B9 
Swanns F4 
Swift Creek B5 
Swifts Creek D6 
Tar River B5 
Taylor, N . , H5 
Teewauho Creek B4 
Thatches Hole D9, H6 
This part of the Country 
was formerly Inhabited 
by the Tuskeruro Indians C4 
This Rivulet is supposed to 
fall into Saxapahaw or 


Deep River Al 
Tooks Creek B8 
Tooty A9 

Topsail Inlet E7, 14 
Torhunta Fort C4 
Totero Fort CI 
Towns, settlements, 

Acconeechy C3 , Bath 

Town C7 , Beaufort 

Town E7, H4, Brunswick 

Town F4, H3, Edenton 

B8, New Bern D6, 

Palatine Settlement E3 , 

Welch Settlements E4 (2), 

Yawpim B9 
Tranters Creek C7 
Trent River D6 
Trip D7 
Tulle B9 
Turner, R. , D7 
Tuskeruro Indians C4 [reference 

to], C7 
Twenty Thousand Acres B2 
Ucohnerunt-King Blounts Town C6 
Uerout Creek D5 
Uharee River C2 
Unesau Inlet H3 
Ununteh Creek D5 
Vaile B8 

Vaile, I. , B8, F5 
Virginia, Indian Trading Road 

from the Cataubos and 

Charokee Indians to, Dl 
Virginia, Part of A3 
Virginia, Road from Chowan to 

Nansemond in, B8 
Wachesau Inlet H3 
Wadcush Creek B3 
Wades Point B9 
Waggemau River 03 
Waggomau Lake F4 
Wahacau Inlet H3 
Waldron H3 
Wallis E8 
Ward, I., B8 
Wards Point H5 
Waters F4 (2), F5 
Watson F5 
Watts F5 (2) 
Webster Chappel C8 
Weecaunse Creek B7 
Weerenunteh Creek C7 
Welch F4, F5 
Welch Settlements E4 (2) 

Welch's Bluff F4 
Welch' s Creek C7 
Well H6 
West, R., C7 
Western Ocean, Part of 

the Great F8 
Wheelers Mill B7 
Whidby, R . , B8 
Whitemarsh C8 
Whites Ferry B8 
Wicker H5 

Wild Boar Creek C9 
Wilkins A9 
Wilkinsons Point D7 
Williams B7, B9 
Williams, A., B7 
Williamson B9 
Wilson, W., D7 
Winn, G., B7 
Winyau Bay H3 
Woodstock Creek C8 
Worly, I., C8 
Worsley , I. , D7 
Worsly D7 
Yadkin River Dl 
Yapatica Creek B4 
Yawpim B9 
Yawpim River B8 
Yernon F4 
Young, E. , B5 
Young, F., B5