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Full text of "Index to the Trinity College and Duke University Chronicle, v.1, 1905-v.29, 1933"

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R^rM j9^^n 


l/i T^rC 




Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2010 with funding from 
Duke University Libraries 





V.l, 1905 - V.29, 1933 

Compiled by 

Ttearjre Rootn r I S2>^Qj 

A. Xv<^^ 

v.\ - i 

Abbott, Ken - Football, picture, 37:11:5; 29:5:6; 29:9B:i. \^o'i> 

Abbott, Dr.L. - Lectures, 2:13:1. 

Abbott, Miss Ruth - Picture, 25:9:1. 

Achlson, John - Taurlan Players, picture, 25:3:i. 

Adams, Rev. a. T. - Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 4:10:1; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A., 4:10:4. 

Adams, John Stokes - Donates books to law library, 29:11:3; 
Visits Law School, 29:17:1. 

Adams, Dr. R. G. - Lectures on British Imperialism, 15:22:3; 
Appointed to faculty, 16:i:i; 
Speaks to student'', 18:10:1; 
Addresses Historical Society, 18:5:1; 
Publishes Political Ideas of the American Revolution . 

Apnolnted custodian of Clements Library at the University 

of Michigan, I9:l:i. 

Adams, Spencer - Former Duke student dies, 25:10:1. 

Adams, W.J. - Trinity graduate appointed Judge, 4:14:3. 

Adams, William (Bill) - Football, oicture, 22:8:5; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:3i:i. 

A^aras, Jane - Speaker for Phi Beta Kappa, 17:23:1; 
Speaks on Euronean situation, 17:24:1. 

Adam^LS, Martha - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11:1. 

Adkins, Emory - Football, picture, 27:11:5; 28:10:1. 

Adkins, Dr.M.T. - New baseball coach, 3:15:1; 
Picture, 3:23:1; 
Leaves, 3:29:1; 
To coach baseball, 4:17:1; 
Leaves, 5:26:3; 

To coach baseball this season, 8:20:4; 
To coach baseball, 9:15:1; 
To direct Glee Club, 13: 19:1; 

Aiken, J.N. - Elected president of Hesperia L.3., 7:8:1. 


Alderman, 3. S. - Eulogizes J. B. Duke, 21:8:1. 

Aldrldge, F. S. - Delivers address, 4:20:1; 
Apoointed to faculty, 18:1:1; 
Former head Trinity Park School, picture, 23:24:3. 

Aldrldge, Tom - Football, picture, 19:12:3; 20:11:4. 

Alexander, Bruce - Director, Glee Club, 25:17:1. 

Allen, L.C. - '/line Wiley Gray Award, 11:31:1. 

Allison, W. H. - With W.M.M&rr and J.W.Harblm speaks on "House 
Fly" to Science Club, 7:10:1. 

Alpha Kappa Psl - Newson, Llr.M.E., speaks, 28:12:1. 

Alpha Tau Omega - Initiates, 2:19:1; 
Initiates, 3:i9:l; 
Picture, S:26:i; 
Initiates, 4:18:1; 
Has picnic, S:19:3. 

Al Smith Club - Organized here, 25:4:1; 
Makes democratic drive, 25:5:1. 

Alspaugh, Col.J.W. - Dies, 8:9:1. 

Alspaugh Dormitory, - Picture, 20:26:3. 

Alumnae - Starts for SlOO,000, 9:24:1. 

Alumni - Second annual dinner given, 1:11:1; 
Letters, 2:i0:l; 

R. J. A. Edwsji'ds, oldest alumnus, picture, 3:3:3; 
To be addressed by W. A. Lambeth, 4:32:1; 
Meet at Wins ton- Sal em, 6:12:1; 
Hears address by ElshoD Kllgo, 12:3:1; 
Pledge |2,000 toward new gym, 12:14:1; 
To assist in reconstruction, 14:ll:l; 
Address to be delivered by Col. Sherrlll, 17:30:1; 
R. E. Thlgoen works to better Alumni organizations, 18:16:1; 
Campaign opened with speech by W. P. Few, 18:17:3; 
Advocate medical school plan proposed by Few, 18:18:4; 
To gather for Carolina-Trinity game, 19:4:1; 
President W.P. Few speaks at alumni banquet, 20:5:3; 
Elect R.L. Flowers vice president, 20:9:1; 
Elect E.B.Hobgood president, 20:9:1; 
To hear L.L.Hendren, 20:31:1; 
To raise funds for sale of "loyalty bonds", 21:1 :l; 


Alumni (continued) 

Plans fjrr new university shown to alumni, 21:18:1; 
Loyalty fund campaign plajined by R. E. Thigpen, 22:4:1; 
Drive headed by Senator F.M. Simmons, 22:9:1; 
Thigpen, R. E. reelected secretary, 22:11:1; 
J.H.Separk elected head for 1927, 22:11:1; 
R.E. Thigpen, secretary, picture, 23:32:2; 
300 alumni enjoy homecoming, 28:4:7; 
R. P.Reade elected president, 28:14:1; 
Momument to Dr. John C.Kilgo planned, 29:5:3. 

Alumni Association of law school - Elects Dr. J.P.Frlzzelle 
first r)resident, 17:22:1. 

Alumni Club - Of Atlanta hears sr>eech by Dr.W.P. Few, 24:29:1; 
Of New York hears Dr. John F. Crowell, 20:22:1; 
R. E. Thlgnen has established forty alumni chapters In 3 

months, 18:26:4; 
To celebrate Duke Day Dec. 11, 22:11 :l; 
Hear President W. P.Few and Col. J.F. Bruton speak, 24:24:1. 

Alumni Council - Holds meet here, 28:10:1. 

Alumni Register - Hakes first bow to public, 10:27:1. 

American Literature - Journal, to be published by Duke Univeriity 
Press, 25:ll:l; 
First Issue off the press, 28:24:3. 

American Physical Society - Elects C.W.Edwards as fellow, 20:8:1. 

Amass, Dr. Harold L. - Apnolnted to medical school faculty, 25:17J1; 
Lectures to medical students, 29:9:1; 

Anders, Fred - Business manager. Chanticleer, 25:29:1; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 25:31:1; 
Elected Into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Anderson, Dr. Albert - Spenks to Y.M. G.A. , 18:21:1; 
To speak to law students, 28:7:4. 

Anderson, Ewlng - Appointed to faculty, 29:l:i. 

Anderson, Dr.L.T. - Speaks on China, 3:23:1. 

Anderson, Miss Louise - Prettiest co-ed, picture, 23:16:3; 
Picture, 24:25:2. 

Anderson, William, Jr. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Andrews, Hon.A. B. - To speak to Legal Aid Clinic, 29:11:3. 

Andrews, Dr. D. H. - To lecture, 29:17:1. 

Apgar, L.C. - Organist, 29:3:1. 

Archive - Stsjidard high, i:iO:l; 
Staff selected, 2:23:1; 

Feb. Issue devoted to N.C. history, 3:18:1; 
Staff entertained by W. A. Stambury, 3:23:1; 
Versus Chronicle, 5:27:1; 

N.I.White, editor; S.W.Marr, bus. mgr. , 7:i8:i; 
Harwell, I.S. elected next editor, 10:29:4; 
H. C.West to be editor, C.S.Bunn to be business mgr., 

Final Archive to be converted Into yearbook, 13:20:i; 
Has S. S. Faraboux and T. A. Banks as next editor and 

business manfiger, 16:28:3; 
Issued In honor of Student O^overnment, 17:l0:i; 
Mike Bradshaw, editor; Walter Turrentlne, bus. mgr. , 

Hal A. Oliver to edit 1923-24 Archive, 18:30^3; 
New editor - E. B. Carstarphen, olcture, 23:32:2; 
Adjudged best In state by N.CC.P.A. , 24:29:1; 
To be edited by D.H.Thorpe and managed by R.M.Johnston, 

24 : 30:1* 
Adjudged best In state by N.CC.P.A., 25:27:i; 
To be edited by Crona and managed by Connally, 25:29:1; 
Edlter and bus. manager for next yaar are Ovid Pierce and 

Alfred Williams, 2?: 27:1; 
Wins first at N.CC.P.A. meeting, 28:28:i; 
Receives press award, 29:29:i;. 

Ardrey, Dr.L.L. - Dies, 3:21:3. 

Arendell, Banks - Editor of the Chronicle, li:3i:i. 
Lieutenant, sees great waf end, 14:6:i. 

Arnold, Dean D.M. - To form language clubs, 29:2:1; 
Speaks to Delta Phi Alpha, 29:6:6; 
Speaks at Phi Eta Sigma banquet, 29:24:i;. 

Athena Literary Society - Organized, 7:17:1; 
Dr. Dixon Carroll speaks, 10:10:i; 
Mrs. F. A. G. Cowper speaks, 14^16:2; 
Gives morality play, 14:i0:i; 
And Hesperla have Joint meeting, 15:ii:3;. 

Athletic Council - Meets, 6:451; 
Rules, 6:22:1; 

Athletic relPtlons with U.N.C renewed, 14:23:1; 
Awards letters, 21:15:1. 

Athletics - Football, wrestling, and cross country are new 
branch of athletics at Trinity, 18:16:1; 
B.W.Parnerd resigns as graduate manager, 18:22*1;. 

Atkins, Ennls - President of Taurlans, picture, 27:9:1. 

Atkins, -Football, picture, 27:ii:5. 

Auditorium - To be completed next year, 23'23:i. 

Auld, Elizabeth, -picture, 28:3l5l. 

Auten, Joe - Wins 9019 declamation contest, 20:26:l. 

Avera, L.E. -Eulogized by W. T.Bost, 12:ii:i. 


Avera Bible Lecture - To be held here this year, 2*3*1; 
Dr.Wllbtir F. Tlllett, 2:i9:i; 

First lecture delivered by Dr. W. F. Tlllett, 2:28:1; 
Bishop Haas to deliver series, 4:18:1; 

Rev. Thornton Whaling to deliver Avera lectures, 8:23:1; 
First of Avera lectures made Impression, 8:25:1;. 

Avery, Rev. T.N. - Puts out Methodist handbook, 3:i8:i. 

Avery's - "Idle Comments", 1:4:1. 

Aycock, Harold - Wins declamation contest of 9019, 18:24:1. 

Aycock Dormitory - Picture, 20:26:3. 

Aydette, A.L. - Editor of Wataugan at State College, pic- 
ture, 24:28:4. 

Babbitt, Dr. Irving - 7o lecture, 21:16:1; 
To lecture, 21:22*1; 
Delivers Phi Beta ^appa address, 21 : 23:1. 

Babcock, Dr.H. - Of University of South Carolina, Picture, 

Bachelor's Degree - New requirements, 8:1:1. 

Bases, John C. - Manager of Chronicle, li:2i:i; 

Reelected business manager of Chronicle, li:3i:i. 

Bagley, Charles R. - Appointed to factjty, 12:i:i; 
Passes Rhodes Scholarship exams, 12:ii:i; 
Rhodes scholsj*, writes on Oxford, 15:23:6; 
Completes Oxford letters, 15:29:3; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 17:2:1; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1. 

Bailey, Coach "Bill" - To coach at ftarvard, 30:20:i. 

BAiley, Senator Joslah W. - Speaks to N.C. Student Con- 
ference, 27t29:i. 

Baker R. S. - Is visitor at Trinity, 3!23:i. 

Baldwin, Dean Alice M. - Sr»eaks on "Recreation", 21:16J1; 
Authors history books, 24:l0:4j 
Sneaks on life of Russians, 24'23:3; 
Elected to White Duchy, 24:30:i; 
Attends meeting of Southern 'Vomen's Education Alliance, 

Attends meeting of National Association of Dean of 

Women, 25:21:1; 
Attends Southern Women's Educational Alliance, 29:7:1;. 

Baldwin, Coach "Big Jim" - Interviews officials, 20:21:3. 

Ballard, Captain V. - Dies, 2^11 :i. 

Balsley, C.T. - Dies, 3:2i:3. 

Band - Organized, 1:13*4; 

Agitation begun to or^^anlze college band, 9:8:1; 

And Glee Club are developing rabidly, 10:4:1; 

College band to become military, 13*5:1; 

S. A.Braxter Is hired to lead university band, 20:19:1; 

Picture, 22:11:3; 

Picture, 23:32:5; 

Picture, 28:10:4. 

Banks, T. A. - Business manager of Archive, 16:28:3; 
Tapped for Red Friars, 16:30:i. 

Bar Association - Begins activities, 28:6:4; 

Hears Judge H. O-. Cochran speak on crime, 29:10:6; 
Votes to establish honor istystem, 29:l3:i; 
Elects Robert C. Flnley president, 29:24:1. 

Barnard, B.W. - Ao^olnted to faculty, li:i:i; 
Given fellowship, 11:27:1; 
Takes charge of musical clubs, 17:3:1; 
Picture, 18:22:1; 
Resigns as graduate manager of athletics, 18:22:i. 

Barnes, J.Foster - Becomes soclal-rellglous director, 24:i:i; 
Directs glee club, 24:l6:i; 
Takes Glee Club on western trip, 24:21:1; 
Directs Glee Ciub in presentation of "Miss Cherry Blos- 
som", 24:27:1; 
Picture, 25:18:1; 

Barnes, J.Foster (continued) 
Picture, 27:3:1; 

Takes musical clubs to Virginia, 37:20:1; 
Picture, 28:i7:i; 
Try-outs for Glee Club, 29:3:1; 
Picture, 29:10:3. 

Barnes, Sam - Picture, 29:25:1. 

Barnes, W. Soelght - Elected president of Student Government, 

Barrere Little Syraplieny - G-lves concert, picture, 29:19:1. 

Barrett, J.M. - Tapped for Red Friars, 16:30:1. 

Barrett, M. - Picture, 17:9:4. 

Barrlnger, L.N. - Donor, picture, 23:ie:i. 

Baseball - Team to take southern trip, 1:14:1; 
Uass rally for baseball, 2:2451; 
Cornell defeats Trinity 1-0, 2:26:i; 

President T.Roosevelt receives Trinity ball team, 2^30:1; 
Dr.M.T. Adklns Is new baseball coach, 3:15:1; 
Rules changed, 3:i7:i; 
Trinity defeats Lafayette, 3:25*1; 
Picture, 3:3i:i; 
Adklns to coach, 4:i7:i; 

Ganutt pitches great games against ^Rhlladelphla, 4:24:i; 
Gantt shuts Lafayette out twice, 4*24:i; 
Seniors defeat faculty nine, 4!29:i; 
Phillies win over Trinity, 5:23:i; 
Trinity wins over A.C.C. , 5:23:i; 
Defeats Amherst twice, 5«24'1; 
Y/lns over Richmond and ^amoden- Sidney, 5*26:1; 
Defeats Wake Forest, 5:27:i; 
Wake Forest wins over Trinity, 5:28:1; 
Summary of baseball season, 5:29:7; 
M.T. Adklns will coach this se son, 8^20:3; 
Dr. Adklns to coach baseball again, 9: 15:1; 
Schedule, 9:17:1; 
Picture of 1914«15 team, 10:16:1; 
Short sumary of recent ball season, 10:30:1; 
Coach - Frank Manush, 12:i9:i; 
Fall baseball schedule announced, 13:4:1; 
Students to aid In financing baseball, 13122^1; 
Chick Doak to coach, 13*22:1; 
J.D.Johnson, picture, 18:28:3; 

Trinity Is wonder team of 1923, picture, 18:29:1; 
Year's record of Duke's (Southern Champion) team, 18: 

Manager Eugene Bollck gives out baseball schedule, 19:21:1; 

Baseball (continued) 

Tentative schedule for 1925, 20!19:1; 

Caotaln Dempter - picture, 20:23:3; 

Blue Devil sauad, picture, 20:29:1; 

George '.^Taltted to coach baseball, 21:16:1; 

Varsity team, picture, 24:25:4; 

Nick barren elected captain, picture, 25:31:3; 

Bill 77erber, baseball star, goes to Yan^cees, 27:13:3; 

Werber makes good In big time baseball, 27:20:1; 

Art Kersey, captain, 28:32:3. 

Basketball - Trinity to have basketball, 1:5:1; 

First basketball game was played Friday night, 1:10:1; 

Practice begins, 3:20:1; 

F.J.KlSer is elected captain, 5:2:2; 

Furman vs Trinity, 5:i5:i; 

J'ethodlsts vs Baptists, 5:17:1; 

Plays Columbus, 5:17:1; 

Trinity team attacked by Wake Forest students, 8:20:1; 

Trinity is champion of North and South Carolinas, 8:2i:i; 

Wins first game with Elon, 8:23'1; 

Schedule for season, 9:3:3; 

Season begins, 10:8:1; 

Clay elected coach, 10:ii:i; 

Annual pre-Christmas trip proves successful for Trinity, 

Schedule for 1915 is announced, 10:16:3; 
Picture of 1915-14 team, 10:16:4; 
Story of basket ball at Trinity ^ollege, 10:16:4; 
Trip through Virginia proves disastrous, 10:17:1; 
Review of Trinity basket ball season, 10:22:1; 
To be coacP/ed by Bob Doak, 11:10:1; 
Doak to coach, 12:ii:i; 

Trinity wins state championship, 12:21:1; 
Schedule, 14:9:1; 

State basket ball champions, 15:22:1; 
Simpson, Spikes, Neal, Brooks, and Cnate, pictures, 

Team loses 4 games and places second in state, 18:20:1; 
Everett Spikes is elected captain, 18:22:1; 

E.J.Bullock is elected captain of basketball squad, 19:2?:i; 
Schedule for season, 20:9:1; 
Schedule for 1924-25, 20:13: 1; 
Schedule, 22:12:5; 

D.L.Kelly, captain, picture, 23:32:6; 
Duke team wins state title, 27:i7:i; 
State basket ball champions, picture, 28:19:5. 

Bassett, Dr. John Spencer - Addresses the students of Trinity 
College, 1:8:3; 
Speaks of northern Trinity College, 1:9:3; 

Bassett, Dr. John SDenc^r - Srieaks to students, l:ll:i 
Speaks to YI'^CA, 1:12:1 
Is Interviewed, 2:1:3 
Lecturing at M.Y.U. , 4:23:1 
To lecture here, 15:27:1 
Lectures on t;ie "Presidency" ,15:28:5 
Killed In Washington, 24:16:1 

Battle, Keap P. - To speak at Duke Par meeting, 29:18:1 

Bearaan, DrR. C. - Makes talk, 5:20:1 

Beasley, Edna - Elected Hay ^ueen, 17:26:1 

Beauc .amp. Bishop W. B. - Speaks to students, 19:21:1 

Beaven, Dr. A W. - Speaks on "God in Everyday Life", 29:9:4 

Beavers, Elsie - Elected 'ay Queen, 20:23:1 
Picture, 20:29:3 

Beck, Cameron, - To speak to students, 27:21:1 
Picture, ?7:2?:1 

Bell - "ew one for Trinity piirchased, 6:24:1 

^ell, Dr. - Lectures to Chemistry Glut, 16:14:5 

Bement, -oward - Sneaks to students, 28:36:4 

Benefactor's Day - A holiday, 2:3:1 
Kilgo makes ad-^ress, 2:4:1 
Plato Durham -nakes s-^eech, 4:4:1 
'^bserved, 5:5:1 
To be held, 6 :3:2 
T.^. Parker to Tiake speech, 6:5:1 
Dr W.J. "artin speaks, 8:5:1 
Webb, Dr. W. A. , sneaker, 9:3:1 
Celebrated, 10:5:1 

Speaker is Bruton Col. J. F. , 11:2:3 
Speech given by Dillard, Dr. J. H. , 12:4:1 
Pou, J. H. , 8-)eaker, 13:3:1 
To be observed, 15:2:1 
To be great occasion, 15:3:1 

Interest manifested in Benefactor's Day, 15:4:1 
To be on November 4, 18:7:1 
Few, Dr.W.P. is principal speaker, 20:3:1 
Few, Dr.W P. speaks on "Success in Life", 24:3:1 

Bennett, C.C. - Picture, 22:10:5 

Football captain, 22:11:3 
Tapped by Re« Friars, 23:31:i 
Picture, 23:32:6 

Bennett, C. S. - Elected to 0. D. ^. - Picture, 24:31:1 

Bennett, 'i'laude - First Editor of Annual, 7:14:1 

Bennett, Dr. P.H. - Lectures on "Christian !iinistry"12:87:l 

Spealcs to students, 21:27:1 

Bennett, R.H. ,Jr. - Treasurer of Senior Class, 12:29:1 

Eenson, C.K. -Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 16:10:1 

Benson and Trlpple - Tloted Tduc»tors will speak here, 19:15:1 
Speak to students, 19: 16:4 

Berghauser, A. - Appointed to faculty, 29:1:1 

Best, P.'". - Initiated into Phi Beta ''ap'^a, 18:20:1 

Beta Pi Fraternity, - Has installation at Trinity, 19:20:1 

Biblical Literature - C'^nference provides chair of, 2:15:3 

Blckett, G-ov. - Speaks to students, 12:21:1 

Pld.ile, "rs.A. J D. nnd Duke, Anp-ier P.- 'rive 325,000 to und 
for gynnsslum, 17:19:1 
Donated S25,000 to aluTini gymnasiu-n, 18rl:l 

Biglow, Dean Harry A. - Visits Puke La'.v School, 2.^:17:1 

Elgelow, Dr.L.A - Pr^sid-s at meeting so state chemists, 27:7:6 

Ei^gs, W. A. - ^l?cted to student council, 20:28:1 
Elected oresident of T^Ck, 21:28:1 
Initiated into 0. D.^, , 22:5:1 

Biological club - Johnston, P. L. s ;eaks, 15:9:3 
Takes in new menbers, 15:10:3 

Birmingham Southern College - "lives -ew, r s vV. ?,, degree, 27:21:3 

Blspliam, David - To give concert, 16:8-1 
Gives concert, 16:9:1 

Elsson.R. J. - Elected into Pal Beta Kappa, 27:18:1 

Bird, M.J. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 35:11:1 

Pivens, ^.L. - Elected vlce-nre<^ident of senior class, 4:5:2 

And H.". TJorth lead discus: ion in ^ortnightly Club, 4:22:1 

Pivens, ■^'. L. - Busine-s "pjip.«er of Chron'.cle, 23:31:1 
Elected to Red ^riars, 23:31:1 
Pictu--e, 24:31:1 

^Ivens, "rs. Alice - Sponson for Chronicle - Picture, 24:29:3 

Bivirs Doroitory, - *^0:2e:3 

Black, "ugh, - '-'oncert speaker, 4:21:1 

Black, Dr. "ugh - To deliver comiiencenient sermon, 13:27:1 

Placlc, Martin L. - Takes Illinois C.P.A. exam, 27:7:1 

Baiclcburn, t. ".- Ap'-'Olnted to faculty, p2:4:1 

Describes ^uke for English Journal, ?4:15:i 

"^lackwel"^, Dr. ■"obert '^. - To maXe adriress, 201-20:1 
SoeaXs on "Being afraid t •> think", 20:31:1 

Blackwood, ^tov, Albra •" - Attends endowment day exercise, 29:12 '4 

Blake, "ishoo - 3 leaks to students, 20:11:1 

Ela'^enev', V,'. S. - 'Elected nresident of Student government, 20:27:1 
Picture, 21:28:l" 

Blalock, J. 2. - Wins sophjore debate, 4:51:1 

Blanchard, '!r. Julian -Goes tn Columbia, 1:7:3 
Ad ed to faculty., 5:2:2 

Elanton, S.L. - V/ins 9019 declanatioi:! c ntest, 17:12:1 

Blount, H. - Lectures to students, 5:15'1 

Bledsoe, largaret - Picture, 28:29:1 

Bledsoe, S. C. - Dtes, 2:1:1 

Ploomauist, Dr.". L. - Aopointed to faculty, 16:1:1 
Lectures to r'CA, 16: "3:1 
■^-ets Ph. P. at Chicago, 17:3:3 
To ofer botany course at Junaluska, 34:2?:1 

Poaxd of Education - '°eport, 3:15:1 

Boardl of "^rustees - Votes O'^. '^uestion o^ ownership ^f frpternity 
houses. 18:7-? 
Issue statem nt on changing name of school, 20 14:1 
Chairman, Frown, J. -. , pas-es away, ^3 •"'7:1 
Consider new publlction '^lans, 23:20:1 
Elects ne men or faculty, 23'32:i 
Hears ^ev; and "^ruton sneak, 34:24:1 

P.O. S. - Initiates twenty fr shmen, 18:25:5 

To hold smoker for fresh r.e;i, 24:11 :i 

Bobbitt, Williaa - 'Vins ceclamation contest, 12:13:1 

Bogg, Lieutenant J.C.- Retursn from France, 14:10:1 

Bolen, Amos,- Picture, 29:10:5 

Eollch, E. - I'lanager of Bas ball, 19:21:1 

Eollch, W. Brvan - At)r)lies for "hodes Scliolars --In, 19:5:2 
^"rites of PJiodes Sciaolarehlo, 19:10:2 
Appointed Law School Facult.v, 24:4:1 

Elected Chief alu.iinus of ^appa Alpha Fraternity, 24:14:1 
Speaker at Phi Etta Sigma Panquet, 2:^:241 

Booth, CD. - ■''icture, 28:8:1 

Lectures to students, 28:9:7 

Eoren, Allen - Wins 9019 declarers Tiedal, 21-?0:1 

Borghum, G. - Sculptor, to address students, 20:8:1 
Picture, 20:11:1 
Lectures, 20:12:1 

Bost, ^'ei.ry ?. - Picture, 5:23:i 

Bost, W.T. - Eulogizes Avers, I.E., 12:11:1 
To soeak t.- legal students, 29:7:4 

Bost, Mrs. "'. T. - speaks t- ^egal Aid ^linio, 28:10:1 

Eostwick, H.E. - Addresses y*!CA, 4:2:1 

Eotanica]. Club - "^ormed, 7:ie:i 

Bowley, General A J. - Lectu>'es to students, 19:18:1 

Pownan, C ". - Elected to Phi Beta Kap-a, 27:1'5-1 

Boxing - Team to "re develcneo at i^u'-e under Tllson, 23:21:1 
Carper elected cantain, 25:11:5 
Eiiiie Sairt Armand elected cantain, 25:22:5 
Leroy Sides elected captain, 29-28:1 

Boxing Team - Picture, 28:17:5 

Poyett, D.". - Elected to "hi Beta Rappa, 25:11*1 

Boyd, J. P. - -Elected pr ident of Columbian Lit. 3oc, ,20:9:4 

Boyd, James - To speak at Sigma Unsilon initiation, 28:26:1 
Speaks at banquet of Sigma 'psiloi;, 28:27:1 

Bojt^, Dr. W.K. - Succeeds Dr.Bassett at Prof, of history, 2:i :l 
And Phiijjips wcrkin^;; on history museum, 2*16:1 
Gives lectu-e on literary aspects o 1.3th centgnry, ?: 14 :i 
Mar-ies, 4:15:3 

And ^ev laud Lincoln on 100th anniversary, 4:19:1 
GraA*W leave, 16:26:1 

Elected nresident of State Historical Ass., 17:12:1 
Lectures on early history of N. C. , 18:9:4 
Lectures on history of Durham County, 18:29:4 

Boyle, Greorge - Pianist to appear at Duke, 28:18:4. 

Bradbury, Dr. O.C. - Sneaks to Phi Sigma, 21: 30:1. 

Bradshaw, Rev.M. - To conduct annual revival, 12: 17:1; 
Dies, 28:i7:i. 

Bradshaw, Mike - Editor of Archive, 17:S0:i; 

One of Duke renresentatlve? for Rhodes scholarship, 

Speaks to Hesperla L.S., 18:4:4. 

Bradsher, Charles K. - Applicant for Rhodes scholarship, 
29 : 6 : 6 • 
Initiated into O.D.K., 29:12:1; 

Duke representative for Rhodes scholarship, 29:12:1; 
Track, picture, 29*29:5; 
Receives Robert E.Lee prize, 29:3i:i. 

Bradsher, Mary - Pictuxe, 29:17:1. 

Bradley, Thomas B. - Colixmbian debater, 18:15:1; 
With debate team, 18:21:4. 

Bradway, Dr. John S.- ^^pointed to faculty, 27:1 :i; 
Appointed to law school faculty, 27:25:1; 
Heads legal aid clinic, 28^2:4; 
Speaks to Rotarians, 28:354; 
Picture, 28:4:1; 
Speaks to Columbian L. S. , 28:23*6. 

Brady, L. S. - Elected oresident of ^esperla, 18:8:1; 
With debate team, 18:21:4. 

Branch, Eva H. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 16:2451. 

Brandt, - Picture, 29: SB: 5. 

Branscomb, Dr. B. Harvle - On Rhodes Scholarship Committee, 
Address, school of rellgioA, 25:1:2; 
Awarded Guggenheim fellowship, 27:2321; 
Returns from Europe, 29:7:4. 

Braswell, M. A. - Elected president of Hesneria L.S., 15:i45l. 

Braxton, S. A. - To direct band, 20:i9:i. 

Bray, Jerry - Picture, 29:25:1; 

Elected to O.D.K., 29:30:1; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 29:31:1. 

Beck, Dr. Edward - Lectures to students, 11:10:1. 

Breedlove, J. P. - G-lves history of Trinity Library, 4:10:1; 
President of North Carolina Library Association, 

Reelected president of K.C. Library Ass., 7:12:1; 
Gives library report, 11:21:3; 
Increase of library, 18:16:7; 
Librarian since 1998, picture, 25:19:1. 

Brees, Anton - To play on Duke carillon, 28:25:1; 
Picture, 28:27:1; 
Concludes summer program, 29:2:4; 
To play carillon at commencement, 29:30:2; 
Back for summer, 29:31:3. 

Brethall, Carl F. - Elected to Phi Beta ^ppa, 27: 18:1. 

Brewer, Captsln George A. - Picture, 14:9:2. 

Brewer, "Kid" - Football, picture, 27:11:5; 
Football cnptaln, picture, 27:11*5; 
Picture, 28:10:1; 
Picture, 28:10: 3B; 
Picture, 28:li:i; 
Wins Robert E.Lee prize, 28:32:1. 

Brewer, Mr. Nicholas R. - Chicago artist, opens exhibition on 
East Campus, 28:25:i; 
Is Chapel speaker, 28:26:1, 

Bridgers, John - Reads oaner, 18:10:5; 

Applicant for Rhodes Scholarship, 19:6:1. 

Briggs, M.Arnold - And A.M.Jordan, tennis champions, 4:9:1; 
Elected president of senior class, 4:5:1. 

Brightman, Dr. Edgar - To lecture, 24:6:1; 
Picture, 24:8:1; 
Philosopher, completes lectures here, 24:9:1. 

Brim, K.M. - !.!akes out Trinity basketball schedule, 16:13:1. 

Brltt, G. W. - Elected editor of Chanticleer, 10:25:i. 

Brogan, W.J. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 5:29:1. 

Brooks, Professor E. C. - To edit new Encyclopedia, l:27:i; 
Appointed to department of education, 3:i:i; 
Returns from educational meeting, 3:25:1; 
Is author of "The Study of History in the El. Schools," 

Speaks to Historical Society, 6:23:lp 
Issues "The Story of Cotton", 7:6:1; 
Book, "North Carolina", 7:S:i; 

Brooks, Professor E.G. (continued) 

Heads North Carolina Teachers Association, 7:13*1; 

Writes article on "dishonesty", 7:24:1; 

Has leare of absence, 9:it4;^ 

Lectures on Dr. Craven, 10:24*1* 

Writes book on "Woodrow Wilson", 12:2'1; 

Begins class on Race Question, 13^24:1. 

Brooks, E.G., Jr. - Basketball, picture, 18:17:3. 

Brookshire, Mrs, J.C. - Sponsor for business manager of the 
Chronicle, picture, 23:28:3. 

Brower, A. S. - Appointed to faculty at N.C. State, 19:7:1. 

Browers, A. S. - Business aanager of Annual, 7:i4:i. 

Brown, Arlo A. - To hkad training school, 20:2i:i. 

Brown, Dr. C.R. - Addresses Preechers Institute, 17:20:i; 
To deliver commencement address, 17:30:1; 
Speaks to students, 2i:30:i. 

Brown, Dr. F. C. - Speaks to Writer's Club on "Short Story", 

Lectures to Y.M.C.A. , 5:4*1; 
Speaks to Fortnightly Club, 7:2i:i; 
Publishes book on "Ballads", 11:8:1; 
Lectures, 13.'17:i; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A., 14:ii:i; 
Lectures on Folklore, 15:28:1; 
Speaks in Greensboro, 16:10:1; 
Reads papers to Sigma. Upsllon, 16:i9:i; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa j 16:20:3; 
Speaks on Folklore, 16:22*4; 
Initiated into Fhl Beta Kappa, 16:24:1; 
Elected sec. and treasure of N.C. ^^olk Lore Society for 16 

th consecutive year, 22:12*1; 
Tells story of Folk Lore ^lub, 24:11 :4; 
Directs work on new structures, 24:15*4. 
O.D.K. advisor, nicture, 24:Si:i; 
Picture, 25:22*1; 

Elected vice president of O.D.K. , 25:22!1; 
Elected national O.D.K. president, 27:20:1; 
President of O.D.K., picture, 29:20:1; 
with Few and Flowers speaks at memorial services of Unlversi* 

ty's founder, 21: 5:1. 

Brown, Llrs Frank C. - V/ife of Duke Comptroller dies, 25!i:i. 

Brown, Hon. Joseph G-. - Speaks at college opening, 18: 2: 1; 
PlsLns to add to college income, 18:10:1; 
Chalrmsin of Board of Trustees, dies, 23:17:1; 

Brown, Joseph G. - Picture, 23:17:1 
Funeral services, 23:17:1; 
Eulogy by Few, W.P., 23:17:4; 
Memorial to be held on Feb. 23rd, 23:18:1; 
Eulogized, 23:19:1. 

Brown, W. A. , of Chicago - Addresses Y.M.C^A. on "New Field to 
Discover," 4:12:1 

Brown, ^.G-. - Lectures to students, 5:25:1; 
Soeaks to students, 5:26:1; 
G-lves last lecture, 5:27:1; 
Dies, 9:7:1. 

Brown, W. R. - Hesoerlan debates, 1*^:13:1; 

Wins nation-wide historical contest, 18:?4:l. 

Brownell, W. A. - Picture, 27:1:1; Appointed to faculty, 27:1:1. 

Erownlee, John - Picture, 28:10:3B; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 
Track, picture, 28:30:5; 

Football, picture, 29:1:6; 29:9B;l; 29:22:1; 29:27:6; 
Track, plctui^e, 29:29:5; 
Red rrlar, picture, 29:30:1 

Brubaker, Horace G. - Visits Duke, 28:9:1. 

Brummltt, Fred - Nominated for presidency of Student Grovernment, 
Picture, 25:2:4; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30:1^ 

Bruton, Col. J.F. - Speaks on Benefactor's Day, 11:2:3; 
Chairmaa of Board of Trustees, picture, 24:9:1; 
and Dr. W. P. Few to adc'ress alumni clubs and Board of 

Trustees, 24:24:1; 
At Medical School dedication, 27:25:1. 

Bruton, Ogden, picture, 25:2:4. 

Bruton, Paul W. - Appointed to Law School faculty, 28:32:1; 
App olnted to Law School faculty, 29:1:1. 

Bruton, Robert B. - Part\.n "!!iss Cherry Blossom? picture, 24:30:1; 
O.D.K. , oicture, 24:31:1; 
Elected president of Glee Clu" , 24:32:1; 
Lead in musical club production, picture, 25:29:1. 

Bryan, Bill - Football, picture, 28:10:1. 

Byron Kern Democratic Glut - Formed, 4:6:1; 
Holds Byron rally, 4:8:3; 
Holds Byron rally, 4:7:1. 

Bryce, Ambassador - Is visitor, 5:9:1. 

Bryson, Judge - Appointed to Law School facutly, 24:4:1. 

Buck, Morden - Taurian, picture, 24:4:1. 

Buckheit, Coach G-eor-je - Will assist Jones, Howc^rd, 20:1:4. 

Buie, Sam - Football, picture, 25:8:5. 

Buildings - Nev; dormitory soon ready for occupation, 8:6:1; 
Jarvis Dormitory ready for occupation, 8:7:1; 
(and Grounds) - Many general improvements made over campus, 

New-plans Very elaborate, 20:1S:1; 

Quality of granite to be used for new buildings tested, 20:18:4; 
Of new university are rapidly making nrogress, 22:2:1; 
Plans for new camDUS approved by officials, 23:15:1; 
Tyre, W. A. announces opening of new dormitories, 23tl6:4; 
Much r)ropress being made on new cajupus, 23:22:1. 

Bullard, Lucille !^. - Traces co-ed history of Trinity, 18:16:7. 

Bullock, E.J. - Elected caitain of basketball, 19:22:1. 

Eumposs, R.O. - Dies, 1:20:1. 

Bunch, Pardue, - Picture, 29:25:1; 
President of Y. M. C.A. , 29:26:1; 
Tapped by O.D.K., 29:30:1. 

Bundy, Sam D. - Elected president of Hesperia, 21:30:1; 
Iniated into O.D.K., 22:5:1. 

Eunn, C.S. - Elected presidnet of Y.M.C.A. , 11:22:1; 
Business Manger of Archive, 11: 29; 3. 

Burbage, Coagh J. S. - Picture, 18:l:i; 
Is welcomed to Trinity, 18: 1:4; 
Picture, 19:12:3; 
Head coach, picture, 20:26:3. 

Burdick, Edraind - Wins 9019 declamation contest, 10:13:1. 

Burrus, J.H. - To edit Chanticleer, 11:31:1. 

Burrus, Dr. J.T. - Appointed to Medical School faculty, 29:1:1 

Burt, Maxv.ell 3. - To lecture, 29:24:1. 

Burwell, John C. - Elected president of Senior Class, 24:3:1; 
Picture, 24:9:5; 
0. D. K. , picture, 24:31:1; 

Byrd - Will renresent Trnlty in r^eace contest, 8:16:3; 
V/ins first nlace in state peace contest, 8:2i:i. 


Cade, W. A. - Elected secretary of Hesoerians, 7:8:1; 
Elected Vice-president of Y.M. C.A. , 7:13:1. 

Caffey, Mr. P.J. - Lectures to students, 28:5:1. 

Cohen, f'r. Joshep - Makes anti-war speech, 29:8:1. 

Caldwell, Elizabeth - Chosen May Q,ueen by coeds, 27:19:1. 

Caldwell, E. M. - Tapped by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 
Picture, 29:22:1; 
Red FViar, picture, 29:30:1. 

Caldwell, G.B. (Jaclc) - Football, picture, 20:7:1; 20:11:4; 
Elected to Student Cornell, 20:28:1; 
Football, oicture, 21:8:4. 

Cameron, Eddie - Coaeh, jlicture, 29:17:5. 

Campbell, Mr. Fay - Sr>ealcs to students, 27il9:l. 

Campbell, R.B. - Appointed to faculty, 25:3:1. 

Campus - Landscape improved, 3:4:1; 
To be lighted, S:17:3. 

Caranus Club - G-lves vlctrola recital, 9:?.2:3; 
Sends Xmas gifts to soldiers, 13:13:1; 
Ladies to give reception for Trinity, 13:28:4. 

Candler, Coke, - Picture, 25:2:4; 

Elected president of senior class, 25:4:1; 
Picture, 25:4:1; 

Captiftin of basketball, picture, 25:13:5; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30:1. 

Cannon, James - Elected treasurer of Hesoerians, 7:8:1; 
Elected editor-in-chief of Chronicle, 8:28:1 

Cannon, Bishop James, Jr. - Speaker at Missions Institute, 18:21:1; 
Speaks on Mexico, 18:23:4; 
Is mission sneaker here, 24:21:1; 
Given recognition for "bravery (Chaplain), 14:9:2; 
Speaks to ministerial band, 15:6:4 (Prof. ) 
Sr>e^.s to Y.:!.C.A. , 15:13:1; 
Lectures on "Mexico", 15:20:1; 
Speaks to Y.M. C.A. on ""^ar", 15:23:6; 
To wed, 16:3:1; 

Weds Miss !!arsaret Fair, 16115:3; 
Spea ks on"Armistice Day Snirit", 19:9:1; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1; 
Author, 21:17:1; 
Addresses School of Religion, 29:2:1. 

Capart, Prof. Jean, eminent Belgi6ui,4- To lecture here, 20:6:1; 
Lectures on "The Tomb of Tutankhamen", 20:7:4. 

Capelli, Signer Maria - To a-^near here in concert, 25:13:1. 

Card, \V.W. - Praised for his good work, 1:20:3; 
Compiles interesting physical data, 3:11:3; 
Introduces voiley ball and soccer, 11:2:1; 
Presents annual gym exhibition, 12:29:1; 
Reveals physical orooortions of students, 13:5:1; 
Elected state chairman of American Physical Education Society, 

Biography, poem, pi rtfcure, 24:9:3^ 

Card, T.Irs. W.W. - and Mrs. Waldo to give song recital, 3:20:1; 
Entertains ?trs. ^aldo, 3:22:1. 

Carr, Julian - Married, 3 '24: 3. 

Carr, Prof. J.'V. - Added to education department, 24:1:1. 

Carden4, Frank 3. - Picutre, 29:22:1. 

Carillon neard for first tiiae, 28:17:1; 

Carlton, Blss Jane, picture, 29:17:1. 

Carlton, Jo/e - '"ins declajnation contest, 19:27:1. 

Carlitz, Prof. L. - Appointed to faculty, 29:1:1. 

Carpenter, Don - Football, picture, 28:18:1. 

Carpenter, J. D. - Elected oresident of Columlan Literary Society, 

Carpenter, Jesse S. - V/^ins state ->eace congest, 15:29:3. 

Carpenter, Jesse T. - Wins Essay Award, 24:10:1. 

Carpenter, C. Ray - Elected to head Y.M.C.A. , 23:26:1; 
Elected to Red Friars, 23:31'1;, 
Y.M.C.A. president, picture, 24'i:i; 
To advise women on "Choosing Life Partner", 24:12:4; 
O.D.K., picture, 24:31:1; 
To represent Duke In debating on northern tour, 25:20:1. 

Carper, J.H. - Picture, 28:2:4; 

Elected captain of boxing team, 25:11:5. 

Carr, General Julian S. - Memorial exercises are held for 
General Csrr, 19:29:2. 

Carr, Rer. H. - Makes several talks on campus, 28:i9:i; 
Speaks to Duke students, 28:19:4. 

Carr, J.W. - Essay on "Manhood Suffrage" read to Historical 
Society, li:s:l. 

Carr, Profesor John W. - Added to faculty. Education Dent, 

Carroll, Dr. Dixon • Spe-^ke to Athena literature Society, 

Carroll, Dr.E.M. - Holds Ouggenhelm Fellowship, 24:24:4; 
Returns from research abroad, 25:3^1; 
Writes book, 28:454. 

Carruthers, Joseph - President of Junior Class, picture, 
Nominated for presidency of student government, 24:27:1; 
To represent Duke at O.D.K. convention, picture, 25:16:1; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30*1. 

Carstarphen, B.B. - Nev editor of Archive, pictiu'e, 23:32:2; 
Picture, 24:3:1; 
Editor of Archive, picture, 24:S:4. 

Carter, Barney - Picture, 19:12:3. 

Carter, Dr. F.Bayard - Added to medical school faculty, 27:15:1; 
Added to Duke Medical school, 28:3:3. 

Carter, Raymond - Elected oreslden to Duke Players for 1931-32, 
picture, 27:29:3. 

Carver, Dr.H.M. - T© lecture here, 24:16:3; 
Addresses Graduate Club, 24:17:4. 

Cash, Rosanelle - Elected i->resldent ofY.W.C.A. conference, 29:28:3; 
Tapped by V.Tiite Duchy, 29:30:1. 


Casting, Dr. H.J. - Added to faculty, 29:i:l. 

Chaff In, Miss Nora - Elected president of Women's Student 
Government, 18:18:1. 

Chandler, Alice - Named rhl Beta Kapna, 24:ii:4. 

Chandler, A.N. - Lecture on Single Tax, 12:80:i. 

Chandler, Stuart - Picture, 29:9B:6. 

Chanticleer - Llass meeting for Annual, 7:10:1; 
Is tumdd down by seniors, 7:10:i; 
Plans go forward, 7:12:1; 
Board begins work., 7:13:1; 
Now In press, 7:23:1; 
Editor outlines new volvime, 9:31:1; 
Brltt, G.W. elected new editor, 10:25:1; 
Dedicated to Professor Pegram, 11:30:1; 
J.H.Burrus, editor; H. C.West, bus, mgr, li:3i:i; 
Saved by student rally, 12:5:1; 
Dedicated to Professor R.L. Flowers, 12:23:1; 
To be suspended, 13:17:1; 
Dedicated to J. B. Duke, 15:18:1; 
Dedicated to President W. P.Few, 16:5:1; 
H.C. Sprinkle, editor; 0. A. Robeson, bus, mgr. ,17:30:1; 
Photographer says modern women are rarely ugly, 24:10:6; 
To be edited by Pope and managed by Llnebnck, 24:30:1; 
To be edited by ^anes and majiaged by Andrews, 25:29:1; 
Has Paul Garner and M.K.Green as editor and business manager 

for next year, 27:27:1; 
Receives nress award, 29:29:1; 
Staff announced by Gordon Townley, 29:30:7. 

Chapel - Preslden t W. P. Few speaks at laylrtg cornerstone of 
new char>el, 27:5:1; 
Majestic organ bought for chapel, 27:16:1; 
Carillon now being made, 27:17:4; 
Ranks with finest gothlc structure, picture, 29:1:7. 

Chapell, Dr. Ashley - To hold revival at Trinity, 19:10:1; 
Cpens revival, 19:13:1; 
Brings revivals to dramatic close, 19:l4:i. 

Chapman, ^enry - Killed In automobile accident, picture, 

Chappell, Dr. G.G. - To hold revival here, 15:15:1; 
Conducts revival here, 15:16:1; 
Closes revival, 15:17:1; 
To sneak at commencement, 15:29:1. 

Chase, Dr. ^arry W. - U.N.C.prexy, to speak to PM Beta Kappa, 
Speaks here, 24:28:1. 

Cheerleaders - Don G-lassll elected head cheer leader, pic- 
ture, 25:24:1. 

Chemisty Club - Chemist organize club, 15:15:1; 
Elect K.L.Elmore president, 16:19^3; 
Dr.Paul Gross lectures, 19:17:1; 
Dr. Epperson lectures, 19:22:1: 
Dr. Prank E.PJ.ce speaks, 2i:23'l. 

Chemistry ^ent. - Receiving national recognition, 24:10:1. 

Cheyney, Dr.E.P. - Speaker for Civic celebration, 10:17:1; 
Sneaker for Civic celebration, 10:19:1. 

Chi Tau - National fraternity disbands, 25:13:1. 

Childs, B.C-. - Appointed to fadulty, 20:2:1. 

Christenbury, lUss Elva - Appointed to physical training force, 

Chronicle - Special N.C. Student Conference edition, 2:21:1; 
W.H. Sanders is editor, 2:32:1; 
By laws approved by societies, 4:4:1; 
Versus Archive, 5:27:1; 

Jaiaes Cannon is elected editor-in-chief, 8:28:1; 
Staff to be chosen by competition, 9:2:1; 
R. T.Lucas, business manager, resigns, 9:19:2; 
C.R.Edwards is new business manager, 9:20:1; 
Picture of Chronicle governing board, 10:18:1; 
R.M. Johnston will edit 1916 Chroniclds, 10:28:1; 
J.C.Bagss elected manager, li:2l:i; 
Banks Arendell, editor; John Baggs, business manager, 

P;L. Sample is new business manager of Chronicle, 12:29:1; 
H.W.Kendall elected new editor, 12:29:1; 
Joins state press association, 16:17:1; 
^as R.D.Ware and B. I. Satterfleld as editor and business 

manager, 16:28:3; 
W.H.Lander, editor; J.O.Sanderson, bus. mgr. , 17:30:1; 
J.D. Secrest is editor for 1923-24, 18:30:1; 
Chronicle sponsors: Frances Lander, Nannie Russell, 

pictures, 18:30:1; 
Editor's snonsor, Mr. J.F. Shinn, picture, 20:30:1; 
Business managers 's soonsor, '■r. D. W. Long, oicture, 

Has seen twenty years of service, 21:13:1; 
Snonsor: I'rs J. C.Brookshlre, picture, 23:28:3; 
Sponsor for editor: I'lrs T.E.Wagg, picture, 23:28:3; 

Chronicle (continued) 

Receives N.C.C.P.A. cup for being "best college paper In N. C. 
In 1926-27, 23:30:i; 

Representative, H.L.Hester, to N.C.C.P.A. elected presi- 
dent, 23:30:1; 

To be edited by H.L.Hester, 23:31:1; 

To be managed by H.L.Blvens, 23:31:1; 

History, 24:12:2; 

AdjHdged best college newspaper in state for second con- 
successive year by N.C.C.P.A., 24:29:1; 

Editor's sponsor: -'rs, J.L.Hester; Business "Manager's 
sponsor: I^lrs Alice Bivens, pictxires, 24:29:3; 

To be edited by R. H Ellison and managed by I.E. Harris, 

Awarded cup by N.C.C.P.A. for having best college newspaper 
in state', 25:27:1; 

Sponsors: Mrs. I. E. Hanfiis and Mrs. S.M. Ellison, pictures, 
' 25:28:3; 

To be edited by Lippard and managed by Rousseau, 25:29:1; 

Edward Thomas and John ''inter are editor and business 
manager for coming year, 27:27:1; 

Mrs. C. H.Li vengood sponsoring 1930-31 Chronicle, 27:30:2; 

Now in 27th year of opeaation, 28:21:1; 

Sponsors: Mrs. E.B. Thomas and Mrs J.E.Mlnter, pictures, 

Sponsor: Hiss 'I. R. ftlnter, picture, 29:31:3. 

Civic - Celebration held, 3:21:1; 
Celebration day, 5:19:1; 
Annual civic celebration to be held, 8:17:1. 

Clairbert, Clare - To sing here, 28:13:1; 

Appears before large audience, 28:14:1; 

And Doris Kenyon return to Duke for concert, 29:5:1. 

Clark, J.B. - Picture, 29:22:1. 

Clark, R. T. - Added to faculty, 29:1:1. 

Clarke, Miss Blanche H. - Elected to Fhl Beta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Clarke, David S. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

Classes - Class of 1914 fills many good positions, 10:i:4; 
Senior class of 1915 holds first meeting, 10:2:1; 
Class of 1917 elects J.R.Smith senior president, 12:2:1; 
Henry P.Cole elected senior president, 16:3:1; 
Howard P.Powell elected freshman president, 16:4:1; 
J.L.Jackson elected senior president by the class of 

1923, 18:3:5; 
J.J.Farriss elected senior president of class of 1925, 


Classes (continued) 

Class of 1927 elects FYirman McLarty as ^resident, 

Juniors hold first official school dance, 23:18:1; 
Class of 1929 elects Coke Candler as senior president, 

Class of 1930 elects "Lefty" Jenkins as ijunlor oresldent, 

Class of 19S4 elects Carl Shock as senior oresldent, 

Class of 1936 elects William Klove as sooh nresldent, 


Class Songs - 1907 class song written by H. E. Spence, 2:18:3. 

Classical Club - Initiates, 10:11 :2; 

Hears soeech by H.L.Davis, 16:11:2; 

Hears Dr.Peppler talk on "Labyrinth of Crete", 18:16:3; 

Is oldest deoartmental society, 29:23:5. 

Clay, Coach - Elected basketball coach, 10:ii:l. 

Clegg, W.L. - Hesperian debater, 18:13:1; 

Delivered oration at Hesperian meeting, 19:26:4. 

Clement, ^^anes - Tapped by V/hlte Duchy, 29:30:i. 

Coaches - Bob Doak to coach basketball, 11: 10:1; 
"Chick" Doak to coach basketball, 12:11:1; 
Frank Llanush Is new baseball coach, 12:19:1; 
Floyd J. E^an Is new football caach, 16:1:1; 
Coach Stelner tutors squad In mountains, 18:i:i; 
Coach J. S. Burgage, picture, 18:l:i; 
Coach J. S. Burbage comes to Trinity, 18:1:4; 
Trinity has new coaching staff headed by Howard Jones, 

20 : 1 : 1 ; 
Coach George Euckhelt will assist Howard Jones, 20:1:4; 
Coach toward Jones to coach at U. of So. California next 

year, 20:16:1; 
Coach Howard Jones sends In resignation, 20:18:1; 
Coach "Bill" Ealley to coach at arvard, 20:20:1; 
Coach "Big Jim" Baldwin comes to talk with officials, 

N.I.White, tennis, picture, 20:26:3; 
J. S. Burbage, olcture, 20:26:3; 
James F. Herron to coach football rs substitute for De ^art 

In 1925, 20:27:1; 
James De Hart to coach football In 1926, 20 : 27:1; 
James De Hart, picture, 20:28:1; 
James F. Herron, football, picture, 20:28:1; 
James De Hart, picture, 22:8:5; 

luonk Younger, Davidson head coach, picture, 22:10:6; 
Coach Tllson to develop boxing team at Duke, 23:21:5; 

Coaches (continued) 

Jack Coombs, baseball, picture, 25t25t5; 

Tony Longo, new golf coach, 25:27:5; 

Wallace V/ade assumes duties here as athletic director 
and head coach, 27:15:1; 

Carl Voyles to be football coach next year, 27:15:1; 

Fred 31ngton comes here as asslststnt freshman coach, 

Wade and Coombs speak In Graqtland Rice sports re- 
view, 27:22:1; 

Add V/arren succeeds Til so as boxing and wrestling 
coach, TDlcture, 27:26:3; 

Pic Vore of coaching staff, 29:9B:3. 

Coburn Players - Coming, 6:19:1; 
To come in May, 11:23:1; 
To present Shakespeare plays, 11:28:1. 

Cochrsm, Judge H. C. - Will speak to Duke Bar Association, 
29 : 9 : 1 ; 
Speaks to Bar Association on crime, 29:10:6. 

Co-eds - Visit Hesperla Loclety, 2:25:1; 
Entertain team, 5:24:1; 
Glre party, 14:13:1; 

Many upperclassmen co-eds leave school, 24:14:1; 
Organize string club, 24:17:1; 
Plan for May Day, 24:17:3; 
Diary made nubile, 24:17:3; 
First co-ed ball to be held, 27:17:1; 
Model gowns from Sodey to Ziegfeld, pictures, 29:27:3. 

Coeducation - Luclle M. Bullard traces co-educatlonal history, 

Coffin, President H. S. - To complete series of biblical lectures, 

Coker, Dr.W. C. - Speaks at Science Club function, 18:22:6. 

Cole, "Chin" - Wrestling captain, picture, 27:13:3. 

Cole, ^-enry P. - Elected president of senior class, 16:3:1. 

Cole, J.N. - Announces Crlee Club practise, 4:7:1; 
And Holland Hoi ton, picture, 2:14:1; 
And Liartln chosen as debaters in ^anderbllt contest, 2:6:1. 

Cole, Miss L. C. - Elected to ?hl Beta Kappa, 17:18:6. 

College Directory - 6:10:3. 

College Offices - Now In new building, 7:24:1. 

year, 9:15:1; 
T. Laprade, 

Colvimbla Literary Society - Hesperian versus Columbian, 1:1:1; 
And Hesneria hold election, 1:3:1; 
Have reunion, 1:17:2; 
And Hesnerlans meet Jointly, 2:13:3; 
Elects officers, 2:15:4; 
Elects officers, 2:25:2; 
Defeats "esoerians, 2:30:1; 
Hold election, 3:15:4; 

And Hesoeria L.S. to have debate, 3:23:1; 
Elects officers, 3:23:2; 
Are defeated by "^es-nerians, 3:32:1; 
Have preliminary debate, 3:26:3; 
Defeated by Hesperians, 4:31:1; 
Holds election, 5:22:1; 
Lose to Hesoerians in debate, 6:29:1; 
And Hesoeria try open house debating, 7:12:1; 
Elect officers, 7:16:1; 
And ^esneria have meeting, 8:2:1; 
Selected their debating team, 8:12:1; 
Award medals, 8:29:1; 

State Peace Contest to be continued this 
Addressed by President Jackson and Dr. W. 
Strive to get new men, 10:2:4; 
Initiates freshmen, 10:5:1; 

Choses Gw^n, Cline, and Jordan as debaters, 12:11:1; 
Holds meeing with Hesperla, 13:2:1; 
Wins over Hesperia in debate, 13:15:1; 
Takes in new men, 15:3:1; 
Reception held, 15:9:1; 
Preliminary debate held, 15:11:1; 
Wins annual debate from ftesnerla, 15:15:1; 
J. D. Carpenter elected president, 15:15:4; 
R.A.Smith elected president, 15:21:1; 
J.W. Hathcock elected president, 15:28:4; 
Debating team is made un of Grlgg, Jackson, and Lafler, 

Wins debate from Hesperia, 16:15:1; 
Wins intersociety debate, 17:14:3; 
W. (rrigg is elected president of society, 18: 
Hears address by C.G.Llm on "World Peace", 
Takes in 38 new raen, 19:3:3; 
C.H.King is elected^ nresident, 19:10:4; 
Chooses J. P. Boy as president, 20:9:4; 
To hold reception, 24:ii:5; 
Agree on Phillinine Independence for annual debate, 

Dr. Paul Monroe is sneaker, 28:8:1; 
Dean Justin Miller speaks, 28:24:1. 


Coman, J.H. - Appointed to faculty, 12:1:1. 
Combs, Dr.G.R. - Speaks at vespers, 28:16:1. 

Commencement - Program completed, 1:7:1; 

Address by Hon. David J. Brewer, 2:18:1; 

Officers, 2:20:1; 

Program detailed, 2:33:4; 

Program, 4:21:1; 4:32:1; 

Program planned, 5:28:1; 

Faculty committee formiilates new plans, 7:18:1; 

Address to be delivered by Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, 7:21:1; 

Rear-admiral Robert E. Peary to deliver address, 8:22:1; 

Distinguished speakers announced, 9:26:1; 

Wolfe, Dr. J. J. dies at coiomencement, 15:1:1; 

Big program planned for cora-nencement, 19:26:1; 

Brees, Anton to play carillon, 29:30:2. 

Commencement Speakers - King, President H. C. to preach commence- 
ment sermon, 9:28:1; 

Wister, Owen to deliver address, 10:22:1; 

Lee, Rev. James to preach sermon, 10:22tl; 

Randall, Dr. J. H. to give sermon, 11:29:1; 

Kllgo, Bishop to give Baccalaureate, 11:29:1; 

Folf, Gov. to be speaker, 11:29:1; 

Montogoraery, Dr. J. S. to preach sermon, 12:27:1; 

Holt, Hamilton to make commencement address, 12:27:1; 

McCall, (k»v. 3. W. to deliver address, l.'^:?7:l; 

Black, Dr. Hugh to deliver sermon, 13:27:1; 

Hughes, Bishop E. H. to deliver sermon, 15:29:1; 

Chappel, Dr. C. G. to soeak, 15:29:1; 

Egan, Hon. Maurice P. to deliver address, 15:29:1; 

Hitchcock, G-en. G. M. , 16:26:1; 

Stevenson, Dr. J. R. to give sermon, 16:27:3; 

Darlino;, Bishop to give Baccalaureate address, 16:27:3; 

Norwood, Dr. Frederick W. to sneak sermon, 17:17:1; 

Moore, Bishop J.M. to deliver Baccalaureate, 17:30:1; 

Brown, Dean Charles R. to deliver address, 17:30:^; 

Connor, Ralph may be soealier at next commencement, 18:1S;1; 

Macfaydr-n, Dr. Dugal, Dobbs , Bisnoo H. Mc W. and Faunce, 
Dr. W.H.P. , 18:28:1; 

Macfayden, Dr. Dugal, and Dobbs, Bishop, D.M. to speak, 18:30:1; 

Ford, Henry suggested for nex* commencement speaker, 19:7:3; 

Jones, Rev. Stanley to speak, 20:30:1; 

Blackwell, R. E. to speak, 20:30:1; 

Blackwell, R. E. sneaks on "lieing Afraid to Think", 20:31:1; 

Little, Rev. will preach baccalaureate sermon, 21:29:1; 

Robinson, Sen. T. T. to deliver address. 21:29:1; 

Goodell, Dr. Charles S. to give baccaulaureate address, 21:30:1; 

Llttlejohn, M. W. , New York attorney, to deliver address, 

Lew, Dr. T. T. to oreach sermon, 23:31:1; 

Russel, Dr. Elbert ooens commencement with Baccalaureate 
address, 23:32:1; 

Lew, Dr. T. T. addresses seniors, 23:32:1; 

Flint, Dr. Charles P. And Shannon, Dr. F. S. , 24:28:1; 

Commencement speakers - Flint, Charles W. , Chancellor of Syracuse 

University to soeak, 24:32:1; 
McConnell, Blshon J. F. to deliver sermon, ?5:30:1; 
George, Sen. ?.'. F. to deliver address, 25:30:1; 
Thompsen, Dr. Huston, to deliver commencement address, 27: 30: J; 
Rogers, J.G-. to deliver address, Newton, J.F. to deliver 

S'=rmon, 28:29:1; 
Rogers, J.G. and Newton, J.^. to speak, pictures, 28:31:1; 
Stamp, Sir J. C. to deliver address, 29:2*7:1; 
Rice, Rev. M.S. to de'lver sermon, olcture, 29:27:1; 
Rice, Rev. M.S. And Stamp, Sir J.G. to speak, 29:30:2^ 

Commonwealth Club - Lanrade, Dr. 'V.T. spealcs, 10:3:1; 
Glasson, Dr. W.H. spealcs, 10:8:1. 

Comnton, Dr. A. H. , ohysicist - Speaks here, 25:27:1^ 

Coapton, Dr. C.T. - Will soealt on N. C. Physicists Collooulum, 

Corns took, Miss E. Mc V. - Speaks on Southgate, 17:8:1; 
Connally, Julian - To manage Archive, 25:29:1. 

Concert - Bisohom, David, 16:8:1; 
Russian symnhony, 16:26:1; 
Balcer, Kiss Elsle-Chinqullla, Rrlncess, and the TolleCson Trio 

offer concert series, 18:9:5; 
Warren, L!lss Rosa, 13:16:2; 

Wymon, !/.is3 Lorraine, folk lore singer, 18:17:5; 
Hamnton Institute negroes, 18:19:4; 
Zlmmer Harn Trlsi concert, 20:8:1; 
Welsh singers, 20:25:1; 
Capelll, Signer Mario, 25113:1; 
English slnp,ers, 25:16:1; 
ITryl's concert band, ^7:2:1; 
Paderweskl, 27:6:1; 87:7:3; 
Rabe, "^s Allen T, -o^^rano, 27:8:1; 
Paderewski, Ignaz, 27:12:1; 27:14:1; 
Raleigh Male Chorus, 27:14:1; 
Haranton auartette here, 27:18:1; 
I'alitores, Mr. & "rs. , 27:21:1; 

Royal Russians chorus, 27:21:1; picture, 27:22:1; 
Royaly Russian Chorus popular here, 27:23:1; 
Hunter, Nell, colored soloist, 27:87:1; 
Kenyan, Doris, 29:11:1. 

Conference track stars - Picture, 29:20:3. 

Connor, R.D.W. - Addresses civic celebration, 9:18:3; 
Addresses on city gov rnment, 9:20:1. 

Connor, Ralph - May be commencement speaker, 18:19:1. 

Conrade, L. E. - Winner of thousand dollar contest, now a student 
at Duke, Sl:l:l. 

Cooke, Morris L. - Industrial engineer visits camous, 27:19:1. 

Coombs, Eabfcy - Picture, 29:23:8; 29:27:6. 

Coombs, Coach Jack - Baseball coach, nlcture, 25:25:5; 
Sr>eaks over radio, 25:27:4; 

Sneaks in Gmntland Rice soorts review, 27:22:1; 
Picture, 29:23:8. 

Cope, Dr. H. F. - Speaks to students, 10:15:1. 

Coneland, Rachel - Elected Women's Student Government oresldent, 
Picture, 24:22:1; 

Installed as president of '.Voraen's Student Sovernment, 24:27:1; 
Elected to '.Tnite Duchy, 24:30:1; 
Campus leader, picture, 25:2:4; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kapoa, 25:11:1. 

Corwln, Edwin S. - To speak here at International Relation Conference, 

Cosmppolitan Club - Formed by foreigners at Duke, 21:26:3. 

Cotton, Dr. v/.G.H. - Added to faculty, l6:l:l; 
To make tour of Europe, 24:30:4; 
Dies of heart attack, 29:1:1. 

Cowles, Dr. - A world famous scientific lecturer to spetik here, 
Lectures on "Why Science Aids Culture", 19:23:1. 

Cowper, TVs. F.A.G-. - Soeaks to Athena about feminism, 14:16:2; 
Sneaks to Historical Society (Dr.), 15:7:2; 
Writes book, Italian Folk Tales and Folk Son^s, 18:8:4; 
Sneaks at Sigma Upsilon meeting, 16:8:5; 
Granted leave, 24:5:1; 
Returns after year in Europe, 25:2:1, 

Cox, Bob - Picture, 29:2:5; 29:9B:5. 

Craft, E. F. - New editor of Chronicle, 13:28:1. 

Craighead, E.E. - Pays tribute to Kllgo, 5:25:4. 

Crane, Dr. Kenry H. - To give seriesf of sermons here, picture, 

Cranford, Dr. W.I. - Sneaks to Y.Y.G.A. , 1:10:2; 
Soeaks to Y.M.':'.A. , 3:10:1; 

Addresses Y !' 
Sneaks to Y.M 
Sneaks to Y.!.! 
Addresses Y.?' 

-^.A. , 4:ll:l; 

C.A. on "Influence", 7:10:1; 

C.A., 10:3:3; 

C.A. on "Forward Loop of Kan", 11:2:1; 
Long "ith University, 24:11:4; 
Picture, 28:17:4. 

Craven, Urs. Irene - Dies, 1:18:3. 

Craven, Dr. Leslie - To Join law faculty, picture, 28:16:1; 
Appointed to Lew School faculty, 29:1:1; 
Flays present teaching system of law schools, 29:22:1; 
Speaks to Duke Bar Association, picture, 29:23:2. 

Cavers, Mr. David - Appointed to Law School faculty, 27:23:1. 

Craven, Rev. R.G. - AddrP9ses Y.M.C.A. , 9:23:4. 

Crawford, Miss Aanie LoulSe - Picture, 19129:1. 

Crawford, Fred - Picture, 28:10:1; 

Football, picture, 29:1:5; 29:9B:2:29:27:6. 

Crawford, L. '■'/. - Inlated into Phi Beta Kapna, 18:20:1. 

Crawford, Major M. - In charge of R.O.T.C., 14:15:1. 

■fci, T.B. - Iniated into Red Friars, 16:30:1. 

Crawford, W.J. - Snoke to Y.M.C.A., 14:20:1. 

Creecy, Col. - Comments, 1:6:2. 

Croissant, Dr. Dewitt - Lectures on snelling, 11:14:1. 

Crona, Gerald - To ddit Archive, 25:29:1. 

Crook, C.E. - Elected nresident of Hesperian Literary Society, 

Crowell, Dr. John F. - Speaks, 2:26:1; 

Receives Dr. of Laws degree from Trinity, 13:2:1; 

Sneaks to New York Alumni on "Freedom of Thought and Worlds 

Vision", 20:22:1; 
Addresses 9019 members at banauet, 23:19:1; 
Picture, 24:25:1; 
Dies, 28:1:1; 
President of Trinity, picture, 29:16:4. 

Crowell Scientific Society - lecture by Cunningham, Dr. Bert, 
Lecture by Patterson, Dr. of University of North Carolina, 

Meets, 19:4:3; 

Heck, Dr. C.?!. sfoke, 19:6:3; 
Gross, Dr. Paul sneaks on "Chemical ''Varfare", 19:13:1. 

Crum, Dr. '%son - Soeaks to freshmen, 28:10:1; 
Studies student difficulties, 39:26:2. 

Crute, Fritz, - Picture, 17:9:3; 

Basketball player, picture, 18:17:3. 

Culbrett, J. I.I. - and C.J. Harrell are chosen to s>->eak for Founders' 
Day medal, 2:29:4. 

Culbreth, T.F. - Picture, 25:2:4; 
Elected to 0. D. K. , 25:31:1. 

Culp, "Hank" - Football, picture, 20:11:4; 

Captain of wrestling team, picture, 23:20:5; 24:20:5; 
Tries for Olymnic team, 24:21:5. 

Culp, I'lss Mary Alice - From M.C.C.W. , picture, 25:9:1. 

Cunninggin, J. L. - of Vandrrbilt, sneaks to Y.V.C.A. , 4:26:3. 

Cunningham, Dr. Bert - Makes imoortsnt discovery, 11:P,2:1; 
Elected to faculty, 13:1:1; 
Lectures on "Turtles", 16:5:1; 

Lectures to members of Crowell Scientific Society, 19:9:5; 
Sneaks to Educational Convention, 19:6:3; 
Elected ^resident of N. C. Academy of Science, 21:28:1^ 

Cunnlngglm, T^errlman - Duke applicant for Rhodes Scholarship, 29:6:6: 
Duke re-^resentative for Rhodes Scholarship, 29:12:1; 
Duke graduate student gets Rhodes Schotalr award, Picture, 

Tapped by O.D.K., 29:30:1. 

Curry, H. D. - Third Duke Stu< >nt killed in auto accident In two 
weeks, ^^Icture, 27:6:1. 

Curtis, Dr. W.C. - noted University of Missouri scientist, sneaks 
here, 27:15:1. 

Cutchln, Miss Anne Lee, - Picture, 29:29:1. 


Dana, William J. - Appointed to faculty, 29:1:1; 

Named president of N. C. engineer group, 29:18:7; 
Picture, 29:16:7. 


Dance Band - Duke Blue Devil orchestra, olcture, 23:19:4; 
Blue Devils to play In Belgium this summer, 35:23:1; 
Kassel, Art signed for dances by Pan«Hellenlc, 29:16:1. 

Dances - Final ball schedule TBor season annoum^ed, 10:21:1; 
Students vote on campus dances, ?2:10:1; 
Hajorlty of students "tote for cainpus dances, 22:11:1; 
First official school dance held for Juniors, 23:18:1. 

Daniel, D.'W. - Picture, 3:26:1. 

Daniel, G. M. - and G. W.Vlck to debate Sev;anee, 4:25:2. 

Daniel, Helen - Tanped by 'T ite Duchy, 29:30:1. 

Daniel, J. M. - --akes address, 3:2:1. 

Daniels, Josephus - To ppeak at Seventh N.C.P.A. Convention, 
picture, 19:9:1. 

Darling, Blshoo - To give Baccalaureate address at commencement, 

Davis, H.L. - Speaks to Classical Club, 16:11:2. 

Davis, Miss Ruth - Picture, 29:28:1. 

Davis, Wade - Kurt in auto collision, 29:9:1. 

Davison, Dr. 'Vilbur C. - To head medical school, 23:17:1; 
New dean of Medical School, picture, 23:20:3; 
Predicts great future, 33:22:1; 
Picture, 23:32:7; 

Outlines Medical School plans, 24:8:4; 
Addresses Phi Sigma, 24:14:6; 
and McDougall , Dr. Wm. conduct clasres through insane 

hospital at Raleigh, 24:25:1; 
To sneak to Co-ed class, 24:32:1; 

Heads I/edical School as it enters first year, 25:3:2; 
S'^aks st medical congiress, 27:15:1; 
Srjcaks to seniors, 27:22:3; 
Sneaks on medical profession, 28:16:1. 

Dawson, Robert CJ. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 22:9:1; 

Dawson, Dr. W.G. - G-ives Baccalaureate address, 5:29:1. 

Dean, Dayton - Picture, 25:2:4; 

Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 25:31:1. 

Debating - 'i'rlnlty wina debate against Vanderbllt, 1:2:1; 

Trinity debates Tenn., 2:28:1; 

Colunbians defeat Hesperlans, 2'30:1; 

S.Merbln wins s4plmore debate, 2:32:1; 

Horton and Herbln to represent fi'inlty against Van- 
derbllt, 3:8:1; 

norton and Herbln to represent Trinity In debating at 
Vanderbllt, 3^19:3; 

Vanderbllt defeats Trinity in debate, 3:20:i; 

Columbia and Mesperia to have debate, 3«23«1; 

Hesperlans hold prelimAnary debate, 3^25:1; 

Columbians have preliminary debate, 3:26:3; 

Trinity defeats Tenn. 3:27:1; 

Sopri?riore debate announced by Dr. Mims, 3:28:1; 

Hesperlans defeat Columbians, 3:32:1; 

Trinity to debate Sewan\ee, 4:i2:l; 

Trinity and Sewanee to debate Federal Board of Arbltr;tion, 

Daniel and Vlck cnosen to debate Sewanee, 4:25:2; 

SewanHee defieats Trinity, 4:26:1; 

J.E.*lalock wins sophmore debate, 4:31:1; 

Hesperlans defeat Columbians, 4:31:1; 

hesperlans and Columbians try open house debating, 

Trinity versus South "-"arolina, 7:21:1; 

Trinity lost to U. of g.C in debate, 7:22:1; 

Inter-society debate held, 7:24:1; 

Trinity defeats Swarthinore , 7:27:1; 

Inter-society debate won by hesperlans, 7:30:1; 

Columbians and "esperlane, have selected tnelr debating 
teams, 8:12:1; 

Trinity wins final debate with Swarthnore, 8:21:1; 

Trinity wins from U. ofi S.C, 8:24:1; 

E. 8. Savage wins sophmore debate prize, 8:24:6; 

Trinity to debate University of South Carolina, 9:8:1; 

Wasnlngton and i^ee to meet trinity, 9:10:1; 

Varsity debating preliminaries held, 9:14:1; 

Varsity teams complete, 9:19:1; 

Sopnmores to debate Panama '^anal Tolls Query, 9:22:1; 

Trinity versus Wasnlngton and ^ee in debate, 9:22:1; 

South Carolines final appA'ance in debate, 9:23:1; 

Trinity won first of series with '.7. And L. , 9:23:1; 

Trinity wins over South Carolina in debate, 9:24:1; 

Rules established for awarding debaters "T", 9:29:1; 

Debate council holds important session, 10:10:1; 

Both societies hold debate preliminaries, 10:12:1; 

Debate Council has Interesting session, 10:14:1; 

Annual inter-society debate won by HesT^erians, 10:16:1; 

Swarthnore debate rreliralnary held, 10:18:3; 

Swarthmore wins in debate with Trinity, 10:22:1; 

Sophnores have preliminary debate, 10:23:4; 

M.C.West is winner of sophmmore debate, 10:29:1; 

Debating (continued) 

Team of Brady, Grlgg, and Allen to debate Swarthraore. 

Team of Shelton, G-reenberg, and Matthews defeat W. and L. 

Team beats Swarthraore, 11:25:1; 

Varsity team: David Irady and W.W.Matthews, 12:17:1; 
Inter-soclety debaters chosen, 13:12:1; 
W. and L. and Swarthraore to debate, 13:19:1; 
Debaters chosen, 13:21:1; 

Trinity wins over Washington and ^ee In debate, 13:24:1; 
Trinity defeats Swarthraore In debate, 13:25:1; 
Trinity to debate with Swarthraore, 14:3:1; 
Inter-soclety debate to be on "Railroad Control" 

Trinity to debate Swarthraore College, 14:12:1; 
Debaters selected by inter-soclety, 14:12:1; 
Hesperian winner in 27th annual debate, 14:14:1; 
Varsity teara: A.H.Gwyn and H. P. Newman, 12:15:1; 
Swarthraore defeats Trinity in debate, 14:16:1; 
Trinity to debate Washington and Lee, 14:18:1; 
Trinity to debate W.ancJj.., 14:23:1; 

Prelirainarles for inter-soclety debate scheduled, 15:10:3; 
Swarthraore debate to be held here, 15:13:1; 
Trinity to debate Emory, 15:16:1; 
Trinity to debate Swarthraore, 15:18:1; 

Trinity again wins 3rd series from Swarthraore, 15:23:4; 
Trinity to debate Emory, 15:23:5; 
Trinity defeats Eraory, 15:28:1; 

Team chosen: H.T.Lefler, S.M.Holton, J.H.Sraall, G.D.Har- 
raon, H.C. Sprinkle, R.D.Ward, J.L.Jackson, and Claude Grlee 
16:16:2; ^^' 

Duke defeats Richmond, 16:21:1; 
Swarthraore and R^lchraond defeated, 16:22:4; 
Trinity teara to debate Swarthraore, Emory, Richmond, and N.Y. 

U., 17:14:1; 
Women to have debate council, 17:14:3; 
Team: H.J. herring, R.D.Ware, 1. I.Satterf leld, W.O.Grlec 

and I. S.B.Fisher, 17:16:1; 
Team of Grlgg Satterfleld, Irady, Herring, and Fisher 

defeat Richmond, 17:18:1; 
Teara of Small and West to debate N.Y.U., 17:20:1; 
Teara of Grlgg, Satterfleld, and *rady beaten by Swarth- 
raore, 17:20:1; 
Teara of West and Smll to debate N.Y.U., 17:23:1; 
Team of West and Snail defeated by N.Y.U., 17:25:1; 
Trinity's record, 17:25:1; 

Teara of Sprinkle, Ware, and Herring defeat Eraory, 17:26:1; 
Trinity debating teara to raeet Swarthraore, N.Y.U., and 

Eraory, 13:6:3; 
W.R.lrown, J.R.Kllllan, and W.L.Clegg of Hesperla to de- 
bate T.I.Bradley, L.L.Wall, and G.CErwln of Columbia. 

Columbia L.S^ defeats ^esperla in debate over bonus ques- 

Debating (continued) 

Tom Bradley, J.L.Jackson, and L.S.lrady leave to meet 

N.Y.U. and Swarthmore, 18:21:4; 
N.Y.U. defeats Duke debaters, 18:23:1; 
Duke debaters defeat Swarthmore, 18:23:1; 
Trinity debaters defeat Davidson, 19:26:1; 
Forensic teams have made a great record, 19:27:2; 
Wake Forest wins over Trinity in debate, 19:28:1; 
Duke and W.and L. to debate in Lexington, 21:13:1; 
Duke to debate Washington and Lee, 21:26:1; 
Duke team beats Oxford, 22:6:1; 
Oxford first debating opponent, 24:9:5; 
Season opens against Oxford, 24:10:1; 
Oxford debaters defeat D\ike, 24:11:1; 
Charles Livengood, J.I.Morgan, and N.M.Johnson selected 

as ttesperia debate team, 24:14:6; 
Duke to debate West Virginia, 24:18:1; 
Debaters to meet Alabama, Rutgers, and Swarthmore, 

Debaters start southern tour, 24:22:}; 
Debaters down Rutgers and Alabama, 24:24:1; 
Team goes south to meet Emory, Alabama, and lirmingham 

Southern. 24:26:1; 
Duke teams beat Emory, 25:24:1; 

Duke team defeats Princeton and Mercer, 25:25:1; 
Duke team beats South Carolina and harvard, 25:26:1; 
Duke tefiim beats lirmingham Southern, 25:27:1; 
John A.Jenkins to represent Duke in debating, 28:19:1; 
Arthur Koffler to represent Duke in debating, 28:19:1; 
Lawson Knott ready for Tulane debate, 29:19:1; 
Team of Gregory and McLean to meet Princeton, 29:24:1; 
Team to meet ^eorgia Tech, 29:26:1; 
Team triumphant on northern trip, 29:28:1. 

Declamation "-"ontest - Edmund lurdick wins contest, 10:13:1; 
Announced by 9019, 10:6:1; 
A.P.Wiggins, 11:13:1; 
Wlllin Babbitt wins contest, 12:13:1; 
M.O.Epstlen wins contest, 13:12:1; 
William tr.Head wins contest, 15:12:1; 
S.L.»lanton, 17:12:1; 

Many high schools enter 9019 Dec. contest, 18:23:1; 
Harold Aycock wins contest, 18:24:1; 
Joe Auten wins contest, 20:26:1; 
Thurraan Troxler wins contest, 25:23:1. 

De Hart, James - Coach of football, picture, 20:28:1; 
Takes active cnarge, 21:14:3; r 

Picture, 22:8:5; 
Picture, 23:32:7; 
Picture, 24:3:5:. 

Dein, Harry L. - Elected into Phi leta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

Delta Phi Alpha - (Jrants cnarter to German Club here, 
Dean D.M.Arnold speaks, 29:6:6;. 

Delta Sigma Phi - Has installation, 15:16:1. 

Delta Tau Delta - Cnapter to be established here soon, 
Will establish cftapter here, 25:1:1; 
To establish cnapter here, 25i3:l; 
To install cnapter at Diike 25:12:1; 
Install local in national chapter, 25:13:2. 

Demraitt, L.M. - Appointed to faculty, 25:3:1. 

Demonratic Club - Jtears speech by Senator L. 8. Overman, 
Holds Wilson parade, 12:10:4. 

Dempster, John - Elected president of Junior class, 19:5:1; 
Captain of baseball, picture, 20:23:3; 
Baseball, picture, 20:31:3. 

Derieux, Dr. J.B. - Of N.C. State lectures Physics students, 

Detwiler, Dr. G.H. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 1:12:3; 
To condHot revival, 2:17:1; 
Closes revival, 2*20:1. 

Deutsche Verein, der - Meets, 5:7:1; 
Meets, 5:10:1; 
Meets, 5:12:1; 
Meets, 5:17:1; 
Meets, 5:26:1; 
Meets, 6:9:4; 
Meets, 6:11:1; 
Club has banquet, 6:22:1. 

Devereaux Players - To offer Shakespere's Ro meo and J u lie t. 
Shaw's Arms an d the Man, and Ibsen's Grhosts .l8:5:l; 
Play before large crowd, 18:11:1; 
Plays are enjoyed by college people, 19:30:1. 

Devine, Dr. - Lectures on social problems, 15:23:4. 

Deytan, Ora - Elected to Phi leta ^appa, 20:i9:l. 

Deyton, Velma - Elected to Phi leta Kappa, 20:19:1. 

Dickens, Charles - Anniversary celebra-ted at Trinity, 7:17:1. 

Dillard, Dr. J.M. - Gives Benefactor's Day Sr.eech 12:4:1. 

. £rO'^':'' 

Doak, lob - ^o coach basketball at Trinity, 11:10:1; 
To coach basketball, 12:11:1; cL.^^ u^c ,,^/„ ., -J 
To coach baseball, 13:12:1. ^ 

Dobbs , Ji^lshop Hoyt McWharter - Of Brazil to deliver commencement 
address here, 18:28:1; 
'^0 make speech during commencement, 18:30:1. 

Dodd, Professor W.K. - Has strong plea for truth In history, 

Dolllver, Senator - Commencement, 4:21:1. 

Dooley, J.I^. - Speaks to Engineer's Club, 9:19:1. 

Doss, H.C. - Kiected treasurer of senior class, 4:5:2. 

Douglas, Proffossor A.l. - Added to Education Dept., 24:1:1. 

Douglass, Anna G. - Elected into Phi leta ^appa, 29:7:1. 

Dowd, Professor, Jerome - Publishes book, 3:15:1; 
Writes book entitled "The Negro Ra<e", 3:18:3. 

Downey, Manager - Picture, 10:24:1. 

Doxey - And Ashv/orth and Woodward, track, pictures, 25:13^5. 

Doxey, J. Ellwood - Elected into O.D.K., 25:11:4. 

Dramatics - See Duke Players and Taurians. 

Dramatic Society - '■^'heta AlpJ^a Phi, national ddamatic society, 
established here, 20:14:1. 

Draper, L.M. - Lectures on "The Magic of Chemistry", 16:21:3. 

Du lase, llshop H.M. - Speedcs on possibility of Duke's great- 
ness, 23:19:1. 

Duchess - Humour magazine planned, 25:6:4; 

wuraour magaizlne, banned by publication board, 25:8:1. 

Duke, Angler - Injured, 1:2:4; 

And Mies A.J.D.liddle complete gymnasium fund with 

$25,000, 17:19:1; 
And Miss A.J.D.liddle donate $25,000 to alumni gym, 18:1:}; 
Bequeathed $250,000 to college in will, I9:i:i;. 

Duke, Benjamin N. - Presents building, 6:10:1; 

With J. B. Duke and many more give million and half to en- 
dowment, 9:5:1; 

Duke, l.N. (continued) 

Receives loving cup from students In honor of fiSth birth- 
day, 18:27:3; 
Picture, 2l:9;3; 

Pledges ^100, 000 to Wofford, 21:21:1; 
Picture, 24:28:3; 

To celebrate 73rd birthday, 24:28:3; 
His marble bust is placed in library, 24:29:1; 
Dies, 25:14:1; 
Picture, 25:14:1; 
Laid to rest, 25:15:1; 

Work praised by Dr.S.l.Turrentine, 25:15:4; 
Memorial services to be held, 25:16:1. 

Duke, Miss Corls - Will lay cornerstone here, 24:32:1. 

Duke, James luchanan - Endows Trinity with ^1,025,000, 18:3:1; 
O-ives millions to Trinity and forms new university, 

Dies after long Illness, 21:4:1; 
Q-ave much to welfare, 21:4:1; 
Has interesting history, 21:4:1; 
Picture, 21 : 4:1; 

Amply provides for Duke University in will, 21^6:1; 
310,000,000 medical school is last gift of Duke, 21:6:1; 
Duke mausoleum where body of Duke lies, 21:7:1; 
Eulogized at service by S. 3. Alderman, 21*8:1; 
To be honored at chapel service, 21:10:1; 
Story of his rise in Industry, 22:12:1; 
Picture, 22:12:1; 

His gift is topic of sreech by Professor R.L.* lowers, 
Service commemorating death of James B.Duke held at grave, 

honored by tobacconists, 24:19:1; 
Paid tribute, 25:4:1; 
Paid tttbute by W.p.Few, 27:3:1; 
Commemoration held, 29:4:7. 

Duke, Miss ""ary - Entertains senior class, 2:25:1. 

Duke, Washington -^ Monument to, 3:3:1; 
Monument completed, 3:16:1; 
To be unveiled at commencement, 3*20:1; 
Statue changed, 16:22:3; 
New hotel, Washington Duke, opened as memorial to Durham's 

benefactor, 21:5^1; 
Picture, 21:9:1. 

Duke Building (Washington) - picture, 20»26:3; 
Picture, 20:26:3. 

Duke Day - -^o be celebrated on December 11, 22:11:1; 
To be celebrHted, 22:12:1; 
To be observed here, 24:11:1; 
To be observed in all leading cities of the state, 

Elaborate celebration planned by alumni clubs, 

Speaker to Congressman-elect W.J.Lambeth, 27:12:1; 
Duke University will observe seventh annual Diike Day, 

Willis Smith Speaks, 28:13:4; 
To be obsserved, 28:13:4. 

Duke Forests - Dr. G.F.Korstian heads forestry dept., 
William Maughan appointed assistant forester, 27:8:1; 
Dr. G.F.Korstian, head forester, picture, 27:8:1; 
Development directed ^y Dr.Korstiara, 27:15:1. 

Duke Homestead - To be restored, 27:18:4. 

Duke Hospital - Treats many patients, 27:4:3; 

Wards named for famous southern medical men, 27:15:3; 

Irace shop, picture, 27:18:4; 

Medical school to ]Be dedicated ^n April 20, 1931. 

Duke Laundry - First opened, 25:1:1. 

Duke Players - Mary Jane Tate elected vice president of 193L- 

32, 27:29:3; 
Raymond Garter elected preeident Cor 1931-32, picture, 

27' 29 ' 3 * 
Make 'hit with "Outward Bound", 29:22:1; 
Win awards at Carolina dramatic festival, 29:25:1; 
Mpke hit with "A Thousand Years Ago", 29:29:1; 
Development discussed by Professor R.L. Flowers, 

Duke University - Formed from Trinity when J. 1. Duke gives 

millions, 20:14:1; 
New building plans very elaborate, 20:15:1; 
ttistory from Normal College in Randolph County 20:17:3; 
Women's School development of early Duke Gift, 21:1:1; 
Buildings to be torn away soon, 21:1:1; 
First unit of New Southgate College now being erected, 

Duke women have unique opportunity for service, 21:2:1; 
Duke's great benefactor buried, 21:4:1; 
Plans for Duke University, picture, 21:6:1; 
Am^y provided for by James B. Duke in will, 21:6:1; 
Duke among leading schools in amount of endowment, 


Duke University (continued) 

Library foundation at new Duk^inished, 21:7:1; 

Two prrtraits, one of J. E. Duke and the other of Wash- 
ington Duke presented to university by Duke Family, 

Building on west campus shows progress, 21:9:i; 

Building plans to make Duke finest equipped college, 
21 : 11 : 1 ; 

Plans for new campus nearing completion, 2i:ii:i; 

Science building changed at consultation, 2i:i5:i;. 

Walls of university continue to grow higher, 21:23*1; 

Picture of new Duke under work, 21:23^1; 

Plans of new Duke were shown students, 21:25^1; 

New heating plant has been started, 21:2?!!; 
/ Buildings rapidly making orogress, 22:2:1; 

Construction progresses, 22:9:3; 

Possible greatness discussed by Blshoo H.M. DuEose, 

Architects plan of new (west) caraous, picture, 23:32:7; 

View of East Campus, pictur4, 33:32:7; 

Plans are apnroved by officials, 23:i55l; 

Union building opened for first ti-ne, 24:i;i; 

Nev; auditorium ready for use, 24:i:i; 

Thirty new men added to Duke faculty, 24:2:1; 

million dollar heating plant, picture, 24:3:4; 

Executive?, fronychief state institutions gather here. 

Surveyed by French commission, 24:13:1; 

B. S. degree to be offered here, 24:14:1; 

Structure of chapel discussed, 24:14:3; 

Gaining world attention, 24:14:3; 

Construction begun on new site, 24:14:3; 

Seven million permit issued by Duke Construction Co. , 

Many visitors see new campus, 24:i8:i; 

Beautlfication of CFinous continues, 24:18:4; 

East ^^ampus, picture, 24:25:4; 

Campus most beautiful in university alstory, 24:32:1; 

Diagram of campus and new stadlGm, 25:i:5; 

Greater Duke building project progressing raoidly, 

Fourth anniversary - Allen H. Gwyn speaks, 25:13:1; 

Building program progresses fast, 28:1 :i; 

Geographical and religious statistics taken, 28:5:1; 

Historical relations of Duke and Durham cited, 28:19:4; 

Requirements for graduation changed, 28:21:1; 

New campus entirely finished with comoletion of nurse's home, 

Discussion of growth of Duke, 29:3:4; 

West camDus, picture, 29:9B:4; 

Banks closing has disastrous affect on colleges, 29:23:2. 

Duke t^nlverslty Press - Nearlng auarter century of growth, 

South Atlantic Quarterly first published 1902, 25!i:i; 

Prints J.A.Thomas' book "A Pioneer Tobacco !!erchant in the 
Orient", 25:6:1; 

To DUblish American literature, 25:li:i; 

Publishes "American Literature", 25:24:3; 

Dr. J. Fred Hippy published volumes, 29:30:3. 

Duke University Store - "-^ne thousand "dopes" a day seized by 
college store, 24:ii:i. 

Dula, C.C. - Gives university $200,000 on Duke University Day, 

Dulin, Leroy - Chosen president of Y.U.C.A. , 16:22:1. 

Dunlap,E.B. - Football, picture, 29:9B:2;. 

Dunlap, Jack - Picture, football, 29:9B:2. 

Dunstan, R. - Taken into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:18:3; 
Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:24:i; 

Duttera, Maurice - Chosen head cheer leader, 28: 18:1; 

Represents Duke in debate against '-'hio Wesleyan, 29:23:1. 

Durham - ttolds educational day, 5:25:i. 

Durham J. 0. - Elected president of senior class, 12:29:1; 
To conduct Trinity drtlls, 13:1:1. 

Durham, Mr. Plato - Benefpctor's Day spehker, 4:4:1; 
To hold revival, 17:7:1; 
Endf annual revival, 17:13:1. 

Durham, R. L. - "is novel "Call of the South" is one of the 
strongest yet written on race question, 3:19:1. 

Dwire, Henry R. - Picture, 27:3:1; 

Outlines alumni projects for coming year, 28:1:4; 
Speaks to Junior Class, 28:13:1. 


Eanes, Tom S. - -^lected to student council, 20:28:1; 
Injured in auto accident, 25:l2:i; 
O.D.K., picture, 24:31:1. 

Easley, Br. Howard -Added to faculty, 27:1 :l. 

Easter, Dr.E.B. - Of Washington and Lee, addresses modern 
language meeting, 18:24:1. 

Edmuson, L. H. - Represents Duke In debate against Ohio Wes- 
leyan, 29:23:1. 

Edmondson, L. H. - One of iDUbllcatlon heads for 1933-34, pic- 
ture, 29:31:1. 

Edsall, Dr. D.L. - Present at medical school dedication, 

Education - Education library Installed, 4:5:1; 

Changes to be made In school of education, 5:29:3; 
Durham holds educational day, 5:25:1; 
Educational conditions are much better, 7:27:1. 

Education Club - Hears Professor A. K.Merritt on "Occupations of 
Athenians," 7:8:3. 

Edwards, C.r. _ New business raajsager of Chronicle, 9:20:1. 

Edwards, Professor C.W. - Discusses "Light" at Science Club, 
"Some Recent Discoveries in Physical Science", 3:12:1; 
Tells of his trip In Europe, 6:8:2;. 
Speaks to Educational convention, 19:8:3; 
Elected Into American Physical Society, 20:6:1; 
Resumes duties at Duke, 22:2:1; 
Speaks to frosh, 28:8:1; 
Speaks to students, 29:17:6; 
During research work, picture, 29:19:1. 

Edwards, R.J. A. - Oldest alumnus, picture, 3:3:3. 

Eflrd, Miss Mary Gray ^ Picture, 29:17:1, 

Egan, Honorable I'aurlce F. - ?o deliver commencement address, 15:29: 1. 

Egan, Floyd J. - Is Trinity's new football coach, 16:i:i; 
Football, picture, 16:12:4. 

EKO-L - Initiates, 13:5:1; 

Starts state writing contest, 13^22:1; 
And 9019 hold banquet, 14:22:1. 

Eliot, President Charles W, - Of Harvard to visit Dean Few, 
To speak, 4524:1. 

Eller, W. E. - President of ^'rlters' Club, 7:10:1. 

Elliott, Dr. Canon - Of England, makes address on campus, 28: 
Vicar of Leeds, England, picture, 28:30:1; 

Elliott, Dr. Canon (continued) 

Cf England, speaks on present social problems, 28:31:1. 

Ellis, Miss Bessie - Entertains young ladles of senior class, 

Ellis, Dr.H.:;. - To tender resignation, 14:30:1; 
Elected to faculty, 13:i:i. 

Ellison, R.Harold - To edit eiironlcle, 24:30:i; 
Picture, 24:30:i; 
Picture, 25:2:4; 

Represents Duke at N. CO. P. A. meeting, 25:7:1; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30:i. 

Ellison, Mrs.S.M. - ■'Editor's sponsor for the Chronicle, nicture, 

Elmore, K.L. - Elected prexy of Chemistry Club, 16:19:3; 
ApDolnted to faculty, 20:2:1. 

Elon - Is defeated by Trinity In basketball, 8:23:1. 

Ellwood, Dr. C. A. - Duke sociologist, predicts bright future for 
south, 27:1 : 2; 
Speaks on Fascist Italy, 27:9:1; 
Sr)eak9 pt vespers, 29:10:4; 
Picture, 28:27:1; 

Praised as a leader in the field of social psychology, 

Employment - Bureau organized by Y.H.C.A. , 5:14:1; 

Many Jobs ooen for university students needing money, 

Bureau heliis many self-aid students, 25:1:4. 

Endowment - Fund Increased at Conference, 7:12:1; 

A. B. Duke and A. J. D.Blddle give S25,000 toward gym fund, 

James B. Dulce gives Trinity ^1,025,000, 18:3:i; 
J. Gr. Brown plans to add income from million dollars to 

college, 18:10:1; 
S.C.Vann gives 510,000, 18:10:1; 

Duke among leading schofi>ls in amount of endowment, 2l:6:i; 
C.C.Dula gives University $200,000 on Duke University 

Day, 24:12:1; 
Sends $20,000 to retired oreachers, 24:13^1; 
Duke Endowment give large gifts to hospitals, 27:14:1; 
Largest share of Duke's endowment ^Iven to hospital, 

o8 . D • 8. 

Engineers Club - J. R. Dooley speaks, 9:19:1; 
Publishes new booklet, 10:1:3. 

Engineering School - Professor D.C.Jackson added to school, 

Engineering Society - ^o meet at Trinity, 19:3tl. 

Epperson, Dr. - Lectures to Chemistry Club, 19:23*1. 

Epstien, H. G. - 'Vins declaminatlon contest, 13:i2:i. 

Srwln, Llr.^eorge - Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 17:9:4; 
Columbia debatJer, 18:i3:i. 

Erwin, Dr.L.W. - President of Santa Mario College, Rome, Italy, 
to sneak at vespers, 25:3:1. 

Ershler, Arthur - ^ootball, picture, 2?: 11: 5; 
Picture, 28:iO:3B; 
Football, nlcture, 29:(B:i; 
Initiated into O.D.K. , 29:12:1. 

Erwin, VI. A. - To speak to Y.M.C.A. , 25 3:4; 
Spoke to Y.M.C.A. , 2:9:1;. 

Escarra, Professor «^ean - Speaks to law students, picture, 

Eubanks, ?.!iss Kiien - Plays lead in musical club production, 
picture, 25:29:1. 

Evans, Professor G. C. - Of Rice Instit\l&, to speak here, 

Everett, Dr. J.W. - Added to medical school faculty, 29:i:i; 
Speaks at Duke, 21:24:1. 

Everett, Professor Salter G. - Famous philosopher, speaks to 
co-eds, 29:3322. 

Everton, T.B. - Elected secretary of Y.!^C.A. , 7:13:1. 

Exum, J.H. - Picture, 25:2:4. 


Faculty - Members on committee on public lectures, 2:22:5; 
Professors who will give faculty lectures, 3:12*3; 
Pay tribute to W.B. Lilly, 3:22:3; 
Two new men added to Trinity faculty - ^atea and Blanchard, 

New members, 7:1 :i; 

Facility (continued) 

New faculty members and changes In courses, 8:1 :l; 

Dr. C.E.Landon writes book "Readings in Marketing Princi- 

d1 es " 
Several 'instinictors are added to faculty, 10:1 :i; 
W.W. Peele, appointed, ll:l:i; 
B.W.Barnard, appointed, li:i:l; 
W.H.Hall, aooointed, li:l:i; 
Dr. E. W. Knight publishes book, 11:10:2; 
New encyclopedia to be edited by f'rofessor E.C.Brooks, 

J.H. Coman, appointed, 12:i:l; 
C.L. ftomaday, appointed, 12'i:l; 
C.R.Bagley, appointed, IS'l^l; 

Dr. E. v;. Knight oublishes book on education, 12:7:1; 
Dr. H.M.Ellis elected to faculty, 13-1 :i; 
Dr. Bert Cunningham elected to faculty, 13!l:i; 
N.I.Wlilte, appointed, 15:i:i; 
M.Paul Gross, apnolnted, 15:1:1; 
Miss Fronce Kennedy, auoointed, 15:i:i; 
Favors football, 15:i7:i; 

Professor E.B.Patterson apnolnted, 16:11:1; 
Dr. W.J. H.Cotton, appointed, 16:i:i; 
Professor M.L.Lopez added to faculty, 16:i:l; 
R.Ct. Adams, anpolnted, 16:1:1; 
Professor H.Bloomqulst, appointed, 16:i:i; 
Professor ^ames <^annon weds Miss -'-ar^atet Faw, 16:15:3; 
Dr. W.K.Boyd granted leave, ie:2e:i; 
Dr. A. E.Gilbert, appointed, 17:i:l; 
G.W.Vaughn, appointed, 17:i:i; 
Holland Holton, appointed, 17:1:1; 

Professor H.L. Biooraquist given Doctor's Degree, 17:3:3; 
Dr.W. H.-tegram returns to Trinity, 17:13:1; 
Professor C.L.Hornadmr elected president ef Davenport 

College, 17:i9:l; 
Irving B. McKay, appointed, 18:i:l; 
F. S. Aldridge, aooolnted, 18:i:i; 
C.A. Krummel, added, 13:151; 
A. C, Jordsin, appointed, 18:1:1; 
Lliss Elva Christenbury, appointed, 18:2:i; 
J. W. rtathcock, appointed, 18:7:1; 
Dr. Adams comnletes book "Political ^deas to the American 

Revolution", 18:8:4; 
Dr. CowDer completes book "Italian 'oik Tales and ^olk 

Songs", 18:8:4; 
Dr.Lar»rade comriletes book "Parliamentary Papers of John 

Robinson", 18:8:4; 
Dr. H. E. Spence completes book "A Guide to the Study of the 

English Bible", 18:S'4; 
William Towe aDoointed law instructor, 20:1:2; 
R.N.Wilson returns from sabbatical leave, 20:2:1; 
W. A. Tyree, annolnted, 20:2:i; 
R. C.Ritter, aopolnted, 20: 2:1; 

Faculty (continued) 

Dr. J. S.Harrell, appointed, 17:i:i; 

N. A. Patillo, appointed, 20:2tl; 

George H.?tount, appointed, 2C:2:i; 

H.J. Herring, apnolnted, P.O'?:l; 

P.N. Garber, appointed, S0:2:i; 

K.L.Elmore, appointed, 20.*2:i; 

B.G. Chllds, appointed, 20-2:i; 

Dr. Shirley Qraves, former Trinity nrofessor, dies, 20^21:1; 

Retirement annutties voted for DuJte faculty, 2i:6:i; 

H.E.Myers to Join faculty, 21:20:i; 

Dr. W. P. Few sjinounces additions to faculty, 2i:27:i* 

Dr. J. Fred Rippy appointed to the history dept. , 22«2:i; 

Professor Charles W.Edwards returns from Sabbatical 

leave, 22*2:1; 
Ilrs. Z.B.Vance apnolnted to the English Dept., 22:3:1; 
Miss "elen H. Scott, added, 22:3:1; 
Dr. E.W. Nelson, appointed, 22:3:1; 

Seventeen additions announced by President Fewj 22:4:1; 
Lewis Patton is added to the English dept., 22'4:i; 
F.K.mltchell is added to tne English deot. , 22:4:i; 
Dr. Frank. P.Johnson is aooolnted to the Greek Denartment, 

W.M.Blackburn is apoolnted to the English dept. ,22:4:1; 
Professor John W. Carr is apoolnted to the education deot., 

22 '5: 3; 
Dr. William T.Laprade writes book "British History for 

American Students", 22:7:1; 
Prominent men listed on school of religion faculty, 

Dr. Arthur Pearse is a-ipointed to the zoology dept. ,23*16:1; 
Dr. William McDougall accepts chfllr of psychology, 23:17:1; 
Dr. McDougall to take charge of denartment of psychology, 

olcture, 235 20:3; 
Professor J.Fred Rippy sails for Europe, 23:31:1; 
Faculty of school of religion, picture, 23:32:7; 
Professor O.B.Douglas is added to education dept. ,24:i:i; 
Thirty new aen added, 24^2:1; 
Dr. W.K.Green to Join English dept., 24:13:1; 
Grover S.Munfort Joins faculty, 24:18:1; 
Dr. W. H, Pef7,ram dies, picture, 24:29:1; 
Dr. R. S. Rankin to assist in administration of graduate school 

of arts and science, 35:2:1; 
W. C. Vosburfeh, appointed, 25:3:1; 
K.E. Zener, ar)Dolnt-d, 25:3:1; 
W. C.Sledd, appointed, 25:3:1; 
J.H. Saylor, appointed, 25'3:i; 
J.B.Rhine, appointed, 25:3:i; 
B. U. Rat ch ford, appointed, 25*3:1; 
C.W. Peppier returns, 25:3:i; 
Vivian Voize, appointed, 25:3:1; 
R. A. f^arvill, appointed, 25:3:1; 
William K.^Teen added, 25:3:1; 

Faculty (continued) 

L.M. Demmitt, appointed, 25:3:1; 

Dr. E. ^Carroll returns, 25:3:1; 

R.B.Campbell, appointed, 25:3:i; 

R.B.Flanders, appointed, 25- 3*1; 

G. T.Rowe, added, 25:3:i; 

Dr. A. S.Pearse and PC.F. G. ttall write book "Horaolotherism", 

Dr. N.I.White writes book "American ^^^egro Folk Songs", 

Dr. J. T. Lsnnlng writes book on Spain, 25:9:1; 
Dr. Harold S.Amoss of John ^-opklns is latest addition to 

medical school faculty, 25:17:1; 
Dr. William Morbus is elected to faculty, 25:23:1; 
Dr. Julian D.Hart is elected to faculty, 25*23:1; 
Dr. A. S. Pearse to establish research lab in Keia Instltutie 

in Japan, 25:23:3; 
Dr. 'Villi am "cDougall returns f ran Ohio, 25*24:1; 
Dr. P.H. Vieth, appointed, 27:1 :i; 

Malcolm T'cDerraott appointed to law fscult", 27:l:i; 
Dr. D.B.I'aggs appointed to law faculty, 27: 1:1; 
Dr.T^arion Klrkwood appointed to law faculty, 27:i:i; 
Dr. H. C.Horack, appointed, 27*1:1; 
Dr. Howard Easley, appointed, 27:i:i; 
Dr. W. A. Brownell , appointed, 27: 1:1; 
Dr. J. S.Bradway, appointed, 27: 1:1; 
Dr. A. 3. Pearse returns from orient, 27:2:3; 
Dr. C. B, Hoover returns from economic study of Russia, 

W.C.Maxwell, newly appointed Grennan instructor, discusses 

German schools, 27:5:1; 
Dr. '^. T.Lanning goes to South America on Guggenheim Fellow- 
ship, 27:7:1; 
Ilartin L. Black ranks high In 111. C.P. A. examination, 

Dr. E.J.Hamilton doing research in Spain, 27:7:3; 
Dr. A. S.Pearse returns, 27:7:4; 
Medical school faculty hears address by Dr. F. D. -^cCrea, 

Dr. H. E. Jensen, appointed to sociology dept. , 27:10:1; 
Dr. W. I;!. Nielson returns, 27:15:1; 
Dr. PaulH. Vieth returns, 27:15:1; 
Dr. F. Bayard Carter added to medical school f-culty, 

27:l5:i; . 
Dr. Calvin Hoover writes book "The Econouic Life of Soviet 

Russia",' 27:16:4; 
David Cavers appointed to law school faculty, 27:23:1; 
PrBfessor A. H. Prey appointed, Picture, 27:24:1; 
Dr.Leslle Craven to join lawX faculty, 28:ia:i; 
Professor P.W. Pruton appointed to law school faculty, 

R.S.Smith, added, 29:l:i; 
Dr. J. J.Spengler, added, 29:1:1; 
Dr. J. W. Everett Is appointed to medical school fa-culty, 


Faculxy (continued) 

Dr.D.H.Sprtknt added to medical scnool, 29:1:1; 

Dr.H.H. Trou'c added to medical scnool faculty, 29:1:1; 

Lois Raymona added, 29:1:1; 

H.S.Perry added, 29:1:1; 

Dr. J. Parrot added to medical scnool, 29:1:1; 

Dr. J.C.Mouzon added, 29*1:1; 

Dr.Ricnard McDonald appointed to medical scnool faculty, 

G.W.McCrea added, 29:1:1; 
J.M.Godard added, 29:1:1; 

Warner Fuller added to law scnool faculty, 29:1:1; 
W.J.Dana added, 29:1:19 

Leslie Craven apr^olnted to law faculty, 29^1:1; 
William J.H.Cotton dies of neart attack, 29:1:1; 
Clark, R.T. - appointed, 29^1:1; 
L.Carllty added, 29^1:1; 

Dr.J.Burrus appointed to medical scnool faculty, 29:1:1; 
Paul Bruton ar^^ olnted to law scnool faculty, 29:1:1; 
A.Bergnauser anpointed, 29^1:1; 
EwlUi^ Anderson ay pointed, 29:1:1; 
Dr. F.G.Hall, Duke biologist, perfects electric tnerraoneter, 

29 : 1 : 3 ; 
Dr. F.hall and Dr. A. S.Pearse study tropical animal life in 

Yucatan, 29:1:6; 
Dr.J.P.Troxwell added, 29:l:v; 
Warnen CVosDurgn to cnange post witn Scotland professor, 

Many books written by Duke faculty, 29:15:3; 
Duke faculty raentoers active in literary way, 29:19:b; 
Dr.H.E.*Jensen speaks at Rutnerford College commencement, 

J.Frederick Rippy speaks on niepanic American affairs, 29:31:1. 

Faculty Club - Picture, 20:2b:3. 

Falf, G-overnor - To De commencement speaker, 11:29:1. 

Fanning, Helen - Killed, 28:1:3. 

Farabank, S.S. - Made editor of Arcnive, 16:23:3. 

Farley, Roland - Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

FarriSB, J.J. - Rends paper before nlstoridal Society, 18:18:4; 
Elected senior presiden^f class of 1925, 20:4:1. 

Fartning, William - Wins 9019 declamation contest, 24?lB7l; 
Cnosen new Y.M.C.A. president, picture, 27:25:1. 

Faunce, Dr.W.H.P. - President of Brown University to deliver com- 
mencement address nere, 18:28:1. 

Feldinan, Glare - Picture, 2B:30:3. 

Ferrell - And Sexton to be cneer leaders, 10:23:1. 

Ferreil, Dr. A. - Speaks to students on "Hookworm", 6:28:1. 

Few, E.G. - Chosen for commencement marehall, 11:19:3. 

Few. Dr. William P. - Attends tne meeting of tne xrinity College Alumni 
Ass. of N.Y., 1:10:1; 
And Dr.Mlms laud McNeil, 3:6:1; 
On Shakespeare, 3:12*1; 

Returns from educational ass. meeting, 3:10:1; 
Leaves to deliver founder's Day address at ^ander College, 

To be visited by President Eliot of Harvard, 4:15:1; 
And ^oyd laud Lincoln o^ lOOth anniveraayjr, 4:19:1; 
Speaks on atnletics, 4:26:1; 
Welcomes scientists 4130:1; 
Lectures ojj "Life", 5:1:1; 
New president of Trinity, 5:29:1; 
Speaks to Fortni^r-tly Club, 5:29:1; 
Makes address, 6:2:1; 
Addressed students, 6:4:1; 
Inauguration to be on memorial day, 6:9:1; 

Trinity's nresldent Inducted witn impressive exercise, 6:10:1; 
Receives seal and charter from lisnop Kilgo, 6:10:7; 
Save opening address, 7:3:1; 
On Harvard ^oard of Overseers, 7:7:3; 
Speaks of Trinity ^ollege at "Igh Point, 8:12:2; 
Opening address to students, 8^3:1; 
Speaks to students, 9:2:2; 
Address to students, 9:3:1; 

Spoke to Y.I-I.C.A. on the "Ideal Life", 9:22:2; 
Speaks to Y.M.G.A., 10:211; 
Delivers onening address, 10:3:1; 
Speaks to Allegheny College, 10:2812; 
Speaks on "Discipline of Suffering", 11:3:1; 
To raal'ce Shaltespeare celebration dddress, 11:23:1; 
Welcomes new students, I3131I; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A., 14122:1; 
-::> Announces plans for Soutngate Bljg. , 15124:1; 
Honored by Educational Commission, 16:14:3; 
Speaks at Durnain High, 16:13:3; 
Recovering from pneumonia, 16:22:1; 

Attends meeting of college heada in tireensboro, 17:5il; 
Offers 54,000,000 from -trinity toward medical school, 18:15:1; 
-■> Speaks at opening of alumni campaign, 18:17:3; 
Snealts to scientists, 19:29:1; 

Is principal speaker on Benefactor's Cay, 20:3:1; 
Speaks at alumni banquet in *JTeensboro, 20:5:3; 
His statement to students concerning new university, 20:14:1; 
Picture, 20:26:3; 
Speaks to seniors, 21:3:1; 

Few, Dr.W.P. (continued) 

SpeaJts for students, 21;4il; 

Celebrates 15tti anniversary of inaugeration, 21:8:1; 

Picture, 21:8:1; 

Working for W.H.Page's raenorial school, 21:8:1; 

Speaks on "Education", 21:9:1; 

Asks tnat critics watch work of Duke for next ten years, 21:; 6:1; 

Attending American "^edical Ass. in Chicago, 21:17:1; 

Returns ftOm northern trip, 21:20:3; 

Announces additions to faculty, 21:27:1; 

Announces 17 additions to faculty, 22:4:1; 

Eulogizes J. Gr. Brown, 23:17:4; 

Picture, 23:32:7; 

Speaks on Benefactor's Day on "Success in LifE", 24:3:1; 

An article on his life 24:4:4; 

Picture, 24:4:4; 

Predicts Dvike hospital to rank above any other in the world, 

Attends college conference, 24:11:1; 
To raake radio talk from Raltigh, 24:20:1; 
Addressed alunnl banquet at Washington, 24:24:1; 
And Col.J.F.3ruton to address Joint session of federated alunnl 

clubs and Board of trustees, 24:24:1; 
Spealcs to Atlanta aluranl, 24:29:1; 
Picture, 25:1:1; 

Makes armistice day speech, 25:9:1; 
Picture, 25:9:1; 

Presents paner at Chattanooga, 25:15:1; 

Delivers dedication address at Asheville Jr.Hdigh, 25:19:1; 
Receives L.L.D. degree at Ohio Wesleyan, 25:19:1; 
Speaks at opening of new plant, 27:1:1; 
Pays tribute to J.B. Duke, 27:3:1; 
To speak at Randolph Macon centennial, 27:4:1; 
Speaks at laying cornerstone of new chapel, 27:5:1; 
Takes part in centennial at Randolph Macon, 27:5:1; 
Speaks before assembly, picture, 27:8:1; 

Given honorai'y degree by Birmingham Southern College, 27:22:3; 
Speaks to students on aims of college, 27:24:1; 
Speaks to students, 28:1:1; 
Speaks at formal opening of v^chool, 29:i:i; 
Speech at o-eAing of school (copy), 29j1:4; 
With Dean Alice M.Baldwin at teiid Southern Women's Educational 

Alliance, 29:7:1; 
Address Historical society on Duke University, 29:11:3; 
Elected prexy of Southern Association of Colleges, picture, 

To speik at meeting of American Alumni Council, 29:20:1. 

Fields, Paul H. - Elected to Fhi Beta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Finley, Robert C. - Football, picture, 20:11:4; 
Elected head of Bar Association, 29:24:1; 
Picture, 29:25:1; 
Emphasizes public speaking for law firainirlg, 29:26:1;. 

Fish, Doris - Tapped by ^Yhite Ducny, 29:30:1. 

Fisher, CC - Leaves for Sewanee, 6:15:1. 

Fisher, G.O. - Oiven fellowship, 11:27:1; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 17:18:6. 

Fisher, Bishop F.B. - Of India, makes address on camr)ug, 28:30:1; 
Picture, 28:30:1; 
Former Bishop of India, sr^eaks here, 28:31:1;. 

Fisher, H.E. - Taken into Pni Beta Kappa, 16:10:1. 

Fisher, I.E.B. - On Trinity debating tdarn, 17:16:1. 

Fisher, R.L. - Initiated into T.K.A. , 12:23:1. 

Flander^, R.B. - Wins ^250. 00 essay prize, 24:19:1; 
Added to faculty, 25:3:1; 
Picture, 28^22:4. 

Fletcher, Geraldine - Elected to Phi Beta Kap^^a, 29:7:1. 

Flint, Dr. Charles P. - Of Syracuse, to deliver commencement address, 

Flohr, Mort - Baseball, picture, 29:26:2; 
Picture, 29:27:6. 

Flowers, Claude - Picture, 3:30:1. 

Flowers, Fred - Picture, 3:30:1. 

Flowers, Prof. R.L. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 1:13:4; 

Lectures to Science '^lub on Simon Newcorab, 5:5:1; 

Address Y.M.C.A., 9:4*4; 

Chanticleer dedicated to, 12:23:1; 

Honored by Hesperia Society with oil painting, 12:23:1; 

Honored by educational committee, 16:10:1; 

Speaks at Winston Salem, 16:10:1; 

Honored by Educational commission, 16:14:3; 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A., I7:i0:l; 

Addresses Hesperian Society, 13:2:4; 

Speaks at N.C. College conference, 18:23:3; 

Lectures to Y.M.C.A., 19:5:2; 

Return is celebrat ed by students, 19:22:1; 

Elected vice nresident of alumni, 20:9:1; 

Expresses himself concerning change to Duke U. from Trinity, 

And Drs. Few and Brown apeak at memorial services of Univer- 
sity's founder, 21:5:1; 

Speaks on "Recreation", 21:16:1; 

Discusses college social life, 21:17*3; 

Addresses alumni of New York city, 21:19:1; 

Speaks on Duke U. development, 22:5:1; 

Flowers, Prof.R.-^. (continued) 

Speaks on Duke's gift, 93:13:1; 

Picture, 23:32:7; 

Picture, 24:9:1; 

Attends meeting of Duke Endownaent, 24:11:1; 

Will preside over tar>ping ceremonies of Red ^riars, 24:32:1; 

Picture, 24:32:1; 

Presides at public-.tions board meeting which bans humour 

magazine, 25:8:1; 
Picture, 25'25:1; 

Initiated iilito O.D.K. as honorary member, 27:10:1; 
Picture, 23:15:1; 
Speaks at vespers, 23:15:1; 

Flo^7ers, John McTyre - His lectures presented at Duke bv Dr.W.W.Keen 

Football - John M.Van Liew to be new football coach, 15:3:1; 

1921 squad, picture, 16:2:1; 

To be nlayed for Ist time since 1894, 15:2:1; 

Trinity wins first game played in 26 years, 16:6:1; 

1921 squad, 16:12*1; 

Schedule for 1921, 16:14:1; 

Squad of 1921, 17:9:3; 

To train in mountains, 17:30*1; 

Coach Steiner tutors squad in mountains, 18:1:1; 

Capt.Tom Neal, picture, 18:2^1; 

Trinity to play 'Carolina for'flrst time since revival of foot- 
Boil, 18:4:1; 

Carolina defeats i^lue Devil in first game since revival of 
football, 18:5:1; 

Tom Neal, Jlmiay Simnson, and Ikey Taylor make All State team, 

J.B.Harriss next year's fcjtball manager, 18:13:5; 

Fresnman squad honored by banquet, 19:14:1; 

Schedule for 1924, 20:1:1; 

G-.B. Caldwell, picture, 2017:1; 

John P.Frank, picture, 20:7:1; 

Fred "^rlgg, picture, 20:7:1; 

Edward Lagerstadt, picture, 20:7:1; 

Is introduced in ffouth when ■trinity defeated Carolina in 1387, 

Ed. Lagerstadt chosen 1925 captain, 20:13:1; 

Ed. Lagerstadt, captain, picture, 20:26:3; 

Squad of 1924, 20:26:3; 

Freshman team of 1924, 20:26^3; 

James De Hart to coach in 1926, 20:27:1; 

James P.Herron to coach in 1925, 20:27:1; 

Picture of squad of 1925, 21:3:4; 

Schedule of 1926, 22:1:1; 

Squad, picture, 22:2*5; 

Football (continued) 

"Big Jim" Thompson, captain, picture, 22:8:5; 
C.C.Bennett eledted captain for 1997. 22:11:3; 
Schedule for 1927, 23; 13:5; 
Charles Bennett, captain, picture, 23:32:6; 
Schedule, 24:1:5; 

1927 football squad, picture, 24:1:5; 

Duke loses to State in N.C.'s greatest football game, 24:9:6; 
Team given banquet by Union, 24:13:1; 
Roy Hunter elected captsln, 24:13:3; 
Roy Hunter, picture, 25:2:5; 

1928 squad, picture, 25:13:5; 

Duke wins first state championship, 27:11:1; 

1930 squad, state champions, picture, 27:11:1; 

Kid Brewer elected next year's captain, picture, 27:11:5; 

Duke wins Southern Conference in football, 29:10:1; 

Fortnightly Club - Organized by Dr.Mims, 3:17:1; 
Admits 6 Juniors, 3:31:1; 
H.E.Spence reads poems, 4:9:1; 
Topic - "E.A.Poe", 4;16:1; 

Hears papers by Briggs and Marr on Shaw and Dargon, 4:20:1; 
C.L.Bivens and H.M. North lead discussion of Kenniday and 

poetry, 4:22:1; 
Hears L.I.Jaffe, 5:11:1; 
Hears Dr. W. P. Few, 5:29:1; 

Hears Prof .A.M. McCobb on "The Faust Legend", 7:10:3; 
Hears Dr. F.C. Brown, 7:21:1; 
Hears Dr. F.N. Parker, 8;8:1; 
To give literary prize, 8:14:1; 
Becomes Sigma Upsilon, 9:10:1; 
Dr. J.R.Royster speaks, 9:28:2; 

Discusses J. H. Boner and Charles i^^cNeil, 16:23:3; 
Hears speech by Dr. N.I. White, 17:7:2. 

Foster, Allyn K. - To speak here, 24:20:1. 

Folger, Fred - Initiated into Red Friars, 16:30:1. 

Forbus , Dr. Wiley Davis - Of John Hopkins elected to faculty of 
future medical school, 25:23:1. 

Ford, ^enry - Suggested for next commencement speaker, 19:7:3. 

Forte, V. - To lead Ea.ster dances, 28:23:3. 

Founders Da y - Picture, 28:5:1. 

Foushee, Emma - Gives reception to young women of senior class, 

Frank, Grady - Rhodes scholar, sails for England, 27:2:1; 
Picture, 27:2:6; 
Duke Rhodes scholar, winning distinction at "^xford, 29:7:1. 

Frank, J. P. - Football, picture, 20:7:1; 
Picture, 20:11:3; 
Elected to student council, 20:28:1;. 

Frank, Margaret - Speaks on the "Sapaclty of ^^ermany to Pay", 19:14:3. 

Franklin, Dr.W.S. - Lectures on "Physics", 11:14:1. 

Franklin, Dr. F.N. - Closes revival, 11:18:1. 

Fraternities - See also names of fraternities 

Takes action on scholarship requirement, 6:23:4; p r 
Fraternity houses not authorized by trustees, 18:6:1; 'i'^' 
Board of Trustees votes on ownership of fraternity houses, 18: 

Finally given fraternity houses, 20:1:1; 
Drinking blamed on fraternities, 21:14:1; 

Mr.WiShbur Walden apeaks here at inter-fraternity conference, 

Freeman, Prof.W.E. - U. of Kentucky, addresses engineers, 29:8:1. 

Freshmen - Facts about, 2^3:1; 
Walloped, i?:23:l; 
Physical statistics, 4:3:1;. 

Fretwell, S.J. - Picture, 29:22:1. 

Frey, Mr.A.H. - Added to law school faculty, 27:23:1; 
Comes as professor of law, picture, 27:24:1; 
Given reception, 29:10:1. 

Frizzelle, Dr. J. P. - Elected first president of law cchool alurani 
ass., 17:22:1. 

Frost, Dr.E.B. - Director of Yerkes Observatory, speaks od as- 
tronomy, 23:24:1. 

Fulford, C.W. - Elected president of Y.M.O.A., 4:16:1. 

Fuller, Mr L.L. - Added to law school faculty, 27:23:1. 

Fuller, T.B. - Speaks to Y.M.G.A. on "Citlenship" , 13:25:3. 

Fuller, Warner - Added to law school faculty, 29:1:1. 

Fulmer, ttenry - Track, picture, 28:30:5; 
Picture, 29:27:6; 
Picture, 29:29:5; 
Picture, 29:29:6;. 

Fysal, Ellis - Of U.N.C., football, picture, 28:10:3. 

G-aevernltz, Von Schulze - To be heard by students, 19:16:1; 
Sr>eAk8 to students, 19:18:1. 

Gaddis, Adam M. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

G-aines, Dr.F.P. - To deliver annual 9019 address, 24:18:1; 
Speech here sponored bj' 9019, 24:19:1. 

Galney, Lucille - Elected into White Duchy, 28:51:1. 

G-alloway, Miss Louise - Picture, 28:13:4. 

Gantt, Bob - Pitches great game against Phila. , 4:24:1; 
Shuts Lafayette out twice, 4:24:1. 

G-arber, P.N. - Appointed to faculty, 20:2:1; 

Speaks on Latin- American relations, 21:19:1; 
Appointed to serve on National Committees, 21:23:1. 

Gardner, Gov. O.Max - To address Lit. Society, 12:7:1; 

Initiated into O.D.K. as honorary member, 27:10:1; 
Attended endownriient day exercise, 29:12:4. 

Garland, i^amlin - '■^o give lecture at •'■'rinlty, 14:13:1; 
Delivers delightfully lectures, 14:15:1. 

Garner, Paul - Elected editor of Chanticleer, 27:27:1. 

Garrett, T.J. - Is Duke delegate to American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers, 29:12*1. 

Garrett, Miss Ella -FJ.cture, 28:13:4. 

Gates, Arthur M. - Added to faculty as ass, in Latin, 5:2:2; 
Speaks to Classical Club, 6:21:3; 
Spoke to Y.M.C.A., 6:14:1; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 13:14:1; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A., 14:10:1. 

Gauss, Dr. Christian - Dean of Princeton to speak at Duke, 25:22:1; 
Speaks at SHtanBeta Kappa meeting, 25:25:1. 

Gee, Willie A. - Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 27:18:1. 

George, Senator Walter F. - ■'■'o be coranencenent speaker, 25:30:1. 

Germer, Dr.L.H. - N.Y. physicist speak? to Duke physicists, 25:13:1. 

German Club - May be made national, 27:17:1; 

Gibson, E.P. - Represents Trinity at convention of collegiate 
writers, 10:7:1. ^ 

G-lbson, Elsie Neal - Taurian star, picture, 24:9:1. 

G-ibson, Frances - Secretary N.C.C.P.A., picture, 24:?8:1. 

G-ieseklng, Walter - Great pianist, to offer concertVtn Page Au- 
ditorium, 29:15:1; 
Thrills Duke audiencd, picture, 29:16:7. 

Gilbert, Dr. Allen H. - Appointed to faculty, 17:1:1. 

Gilbert, Dr.Katherine - Spoke on "Literature and Politics", 19:16:2 

Gilbreath, Red - Picture, 28:10:3. 

Gill, A.F. - College to have .-nemorlal established in hie honor, 

Gill, Miss Laura Drake - Speaks of new women's college, 10:5:1; 
Expects new women's college soon, 10:11:1; 
Dies, 21:16:1. 

Gill, Prof.W.F. - Dies, 13:7:1. 

Gittings, Dr. John C. - To speak at Duke ^spital, 28:8:6. 

Glassie, Don - Elected head cneerleader, picture, 25:24:1. 

Glasson, Marjorie - Elected into vThite Duchy, 28:31:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

Glasson, Lucy - Elected to Phi ^eta Kappa, 20:19:1. 

Glasson, Dr.W.H. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 3:13:2; 
On American Ec.Ass. Comra. , 4:19:1; 
Gives faculty lecture, 4:25:1; 
Speaks to Y. on "The Christian Religion as a Social Force", 

To lecture at John Hopkins, 8:25;2; 
Writes on "Federal Pensions", 9:9^1; 
Sreaks to Commonwealth ^lub, 10:8:1; 
Closes seeies of lectures, 10:20:1; 

Appointed collaborate of Carnegie Peace Endownment, 11:16:4; 
Lectures to Peace Society, 11:26:1; 
Speaks on "What Business of fere Men", 17:26:1; 
Attended Economic conference, 21:15:1; 
To speak at Ashville, 21:17:1; 

Appointed head of graduate school of arts and sciences, 23:17:1; 
Completes 25 years here, picture, 23:32:3; 
Chairman of Conference of Graduate deans, 26:12:1; 
Speaks to ^.C.Ass. of Real Estate boards, 28:5:1; 
Represents Duke at '-'onference of '^'outhern Graduate Schools, 

Explains banking crisis, 29:22:1; 
Picture, 29:23:9. 

G-lee Club - And orcnestra to take trip, 1:6:1; 
And orchestra goes on trip, 1:9:1; 
And orcnestra on eastern tour, 1:11:1; 
Returns, picture, 3:13:1; 
Wlllsing in Ra.leigh, 3:25:1; 
Practice announced by J.N.Cole Jr., 4:7:1; 
Picture, 4:14:1; 
Goes to Greensboro, _ 5:13 Jl; 
(Quartette chosen, 7*7:1; 
To take trip, 10:9:1; 
Recital successful, 10:12'1; 
Returns from annual tour, 10:13:1; 
To give recital, 10:11:1; 
Gives final concert, 11:13:1; to direct club, 13:i9:l; 
Trinity to have glee club, 15:7:1; 
To reappear, 15:22:4; 
Completes tour, 15:28:1; 
Making big hit on western tour, 16:13:1; 
To tour North Carolina, 18:7:4; 

i;.anaged by C.E.Jordan, plans eastern tour of N.C., 18:19:5; 
Trinity quartet wins silver cup in intercollegiate contest, 

Leaves on Western trip, 20:23:1; 
Under Prof .W.P.Twaddell, starts on Eastern trip with orchestra 

under "Jelly" Leftwich, 22:9:1; 
Club under Mr. Barnes will tour states, 24:3:1; 
Leaves on Eastern trip, 24:10:1; 
Duke to try for N.C. Glee Club trophy, 24:11:1; 
Enjoys successful trip, 24:11:1; 
Wins intercollegiate contest, 24:12:1; 
Prepares for Southern meet, 24:13:1; 
To attend Southern meet, 24:17:1; 
Going on western trip this spring, 24:20:1; 
Directed by J. Foster Barnes presents "Miss Cherry Blossom", 

Robert Bruton elected president, 24:32:1; 
Begins fall tour, 25:9:1; 
Tours east Carolina, 25:10:1; 
Expects to win state contest, 25:12:1; 
Wins title as beat in state, 25:13:1; 
Bruce Alexander, student glee club directer, 25:17:1; 
Duke glee club in Southern Inter-Collegiate Contest, 25:17:1; 
Duke glee club wins Southern contest and right to represent 

South in New York at ^^ational contest, 25:18:1; 
Leaves for New York, 25:21:1; 
Enters national contest, 25:21:1; 

National ^lee Club contest won by Dartmouth, 25:22:4; 
Manager, H.C.Bost, picture, 25:23:1; 
Invited to sing before ^^ational Fed. of iiusic Clubs, meeting 

in *^al. , 27:13:1; 
Enters contest of southern glee clubs, 27:14:1; 
Picture, 28:17:4; 
Picture, 29:10:4. 

G-olf - Bill Jennings wins Sedgefleld ^olf trophy, 24:11:6; 
Jennings to organize golf club, 24:16:4; 
Team, picture, 28:31:5; 
Peacock elected cartain, 28:31:5. 

&oech, Miss Page - Picture, 28:30:1. 

G-ot)bel, L.L. - Elected president of Y. , 12:2411. 

Godard, J.M. - Added to faculty, 29:1:1. 

G-odfrey, O.C. - Injured in auto accident, 25:12:1. 

Godwin, H.L. - Elected to Congress, 5:22:4. 

Goheen, Dr.R.H. - Medical missionary, delivers 3rd of vocational 
lecture series, 17:22:4. 

Goodwin, Kiss Mlrian - Speaks to Volunteer group, 28:4:1. 

Goode, Prof. J. Paul - To speak at Duke, 21:21:1; 

Lectures about coal and our civilization, 21:22:1. 

Goodell, Dr.Charlea - To deliver baccalaureate address, 21:30:1. 

Goodspeed, Dr. E.J. - Of Chicago, to speak here Phi Beta Kapna day, 
Makes Phi Beta Kappa da y address, picture, 27:23:1. 

Gordon, Miss Margaret - Is youngest woraan attorney in U.S., 24:13:1. 

Gordon, Mr.S.D. - To speak at Trinity, 16:10:5; 
Lectures at Trinity, 16:13:1; 
holds Chapel service, 19:11:3. 

Governing Board - Of Chronicle is eleeted by both Literary Societies, 

Graduate Club - Dr.L.M.Searr to address graduate club, 24:11:1. 

Graduates - Trinity f:rads honored at Vanderbllt and Harvard, 

Graduate School - Of religion is first to receive definite organi- 
zation, 22:2:1; 
Shows much progress, 22:6:3; 

Of arts and sciences is headed by Dr.W.'ti.Glasson, 23:17:1; 
Makes 49 awards, 29:29:4. 

Graf, Zlnita - Picture, 24:7:1. 

Grafflln, Samuel V/. - Speaks in Page, 29:22:4. 

Srahan, Fra nk P. - President of U. of N.C., initiated Into O.D. 
K. as honorary nenber, 27:10:1. 

G-randgent, Prof. - Fralses Duke U. press work, 21:27:1. 

Grant, T.M. - Addressed Y.M.C.A. , 4:7:1. 

Graves, Dr. Shirley, - Foner Trinity professor, dies, 20: 

Graves, Dr.T.S. - Does Elizabethan Theatre vorlc, 9:21:1; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A. on "War", 15:23:5. 

Greeks - Hold carnival, 6:17:1. 

Green, iiartin K. - Elected president of student government, 
picture, 27:25:1; 
Elected business lianager of ChantlcleT, 27:27:1; 
Represented Duke in student nieet, 23:15:1. 

Green, Paul - Contributes to Archive, 24:10:4. 

Green, Dr.'V.K. - To Join English dept., 24:1J:1; 
ApT-ointed to faculty, 25:3:1; 
Speaks on John Bunyan, 25:11:1; 
To deliver coanienceiaent address for Winston Salea High 

School, 25:16:1; 
Soeaks at Fortsraouth, Va. on public schools and educational 

probleas, 27:8:1; 
Sneaks to seniors, 23:4:1; 
Sr^eaks to seniors, 28:8:3; 

Selected .-uost popular rrofeseor, ricture, 28:18:1; 
Speaks to freslomen on "What College lieans to the Uodern 

Youth", 29:6:1;. 

Greensboro College Glee Club - Picture, 28:15:4. 

Greenwood, Prof.E.E. - Replaces Prof. Webb who is granted 
leate.n 2:31:1; 
Appointed to department of Roraance languages, 3:1:1. 

Grenfell, Dr.W. - Speaks to students, 19:31:1. 

Gregory,, ^lalborne - Tanped by O.D.K., 29:30:1; 

One of publication heads for 1933-34, picture, 29:31:1. 

Grlgr^, J.H. -Selected for Wiley Gray a7:ar^a, 11:31:1. 

Grlgp, Fred - Football, picture, 20:7:1; 
'picture, 20:11:3; 
Captain, picture, 21:8:4. 

Grlgg, W. 0. - On Trinity debating team, 17:16:1. 

Griggs, Mrs. Lillian - Sreaks at Chapel Hill, 29:6:6. 

Griffin, Janet - Tapped by White Duchy, 29i30:l. 

Grissom, W.L. - Dead, 8:3:1. 

Gross, Dr. Paul - Lectures to Physics Club, 15:13:2; 
Lectures on "Poison Gas", 15:19 ;2; 

Speaks to Crowell Society on "Chemical 'Yarfare", 19:13:1; 
Lectures to Ghenistry Club, 19:17:1; 
Discusses distillation of vegetable oils, 19:18:4. 

Gross, Mrs Paul - Directs Taurians in r>roduction of "Wap- 
pin Dwarf", 22:7:1; 
Picture, 24:7:1. 

Gudger, Lindsey - Asheville artist, to display painting on 
East Campus, 29:8:1. 

Guggenheim Fellowship - Sends Dr. J.T.Lanning to South 
America, 27:7:1; 

Fellowship av/arded Dr. Harvey Brans comb for research, 27: 

Gulledge, Idalene - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1. 

Gunnin, Carroll - Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Gwyn, A.H. - Initiated into T.K.A., 12:28:1; 

Speaks at fourth anniversary of Duke, 25:13:1. 

Gymnasium - Gives exhibition 1:6:1; 

Contributions accented -:y Bishop KIIro, 12:3:1; 

$2,000 pledged by alumni, 12:14:1; 

Work begun on Memorial gym, 17:16:1; 

Alumni gym started, A.B.Dake and A.J.D.Blddle donate 

S25,000, 13:1:1; 
Under construction, picture, 18:13:4; 
New alumni gym to be unexcelled in state, 13:13:4; 
Architects drawing of new alumni gym, picture, 18:16:2; 
Captain Card gives exhibition, 11:30:2. 


Haas, Bishop - To deliver Avera Series, 4:18:1. 

Haggard, Mable Claire - Of Meredith ^ollege, oicturd, 

Hall, Dr.F.G. - Spends summer of research in Woods Hall, Mass., 
And Dr. A. S.Pearse co-authors of book "Haraaiotherisra" , 

Hall, Dr.F.G-. (continued) 

Duke biologist perfects electric thernometer, 29:1;3; 
With Dr.A.S.Pearse studied tropical animal life in Yucafean, 
29 : 1 : 6 ; 

Hall, Professor W.H. - Appointed to faculty, 11;1:1; 
To conduct Trinity drills, 13:1:1. 

Hanblen, Dr.Aiposs - Added to Duke Medical School, 28:3:3. 

Hejnlin, Professor A.D.F. - Lectures to students, 19:21:1; 
Speaks at Trinity, 19:27:2. 

Hamlin, Dr.M-L. - Writes book called "Chemical Resistance of 
Engineering ikiaterial" , 19:4:3. 

Hamilton, Professor Carl Jr. - ^elat^s of past year's studies, 

Hamilton, Dr. E.J. - Duke professor, in Spain doing research 
on nrice revolution, 27:7:3; 
To lecture in Snain, 29:26:7. 

Hamilton, Dr.J.C. - Lectures to Historical Society, 6:28:1. 

Hanes, Chisinan - To edit Chanticleer, 25:29:1; 
Chosen by Red Friars, 25:31:1; 
Elected Into O.D.K. , 25:31:1. 

Hanes, Dr. Frederic - Added to Duke Medical School, 28:3:3. 

Hardaway, R.T. - Elected captain of wrestling team, 19:22:1; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1. 

Hardin, L.L. - -^aken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11:1. 

Hargrave, C.H. - Picture, 25:2:4. 

Harmon, Francis S. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A., on "World Problem", 
picture, 29:3:1. 

Harmon, G-eorge - Trinity's Peace Contest speaker, 16:26:1. 

Harper, Dr.W.A. - Elon pi-exy, was honored guest at 9019 banquet, 
picture, 25:20:1. 

Harrell, C.J. - And J.M.Culbreth are chosen to SDeak for Founderb 
Day Lledal, 2:2( :4. 

Harrell, I.S. - Elected deitor of next Archive, 10:29:4. 

Harrell, Dr. I.S. - Appointed to faculty, 17:1:1. 

Harris, Arthur - Candidate for president of student government, 

Harris, I.E. - '^'o manage Chronicle, 24:30:1; 
Picture, 24:30:1. 

Harris, Mrs. I.E. - Bus. manager's sponsor for the Chronicle, 
picture, 25:28:3. 

Harris, I.E. - Picture, 25:2:4; 

Represents Duke at N.C.C.P.A. meeting, 25L7:1; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Harris, John B. - Elected president of student governjjent, 
Tapped by Red Friars, 18:30:1. 

Harrlss, Florence - Elected president of Y.M.C.A. , 17:22:1. 

Harrison, B.B. - Installed as president of Y.M.C.A., 17:27:1; 
Initiated into Red Friars, 17:29:3. 

Harrison, Fairfax - Lauds Duke University plans, 21:3:1. 

Harrison, Dr. Paul - I.!edical missionary, addresses medical 
students, 27:19:1. 

Harriss, J.B. - To manage football team next year, 18:13:5. 

Hart, Dr. Julian - Of John Hopkins, elected to faculty of future 
medical school, 25:23:1. 

Harton, Weldon - Picture, 28:10:2. 

Harvey, Margaret - Speaks to Parthenon Society, 16:13:3; 
Elected to Phi Beta ^appa, 17:13:6. 

Harvill, R.A. - Added to faculty, 25:3:1. 

Hatcher, Bob - Cheer leader, piotcire, 24:2:5; 
O-lee club manager, picture, 24:23:1. 

Hatcher, H.J. - Picture, 17:9:5; 
Picture, 19:12:5. 

Hathcock, J.W. - Elected president of Columbia L.S., 15:28:4; 
Appointed to faculty, 18:1:1. 

Hathaway, S.B. - Taken into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:18:3;. 

Hatley, Professor C.C - ■^'o lecture ojj atoms, 19:17:3; 
Lectures to Physics Club, 19:19:1; 

Hatley, Charles C. -Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1;. 

Hauser, Dr.C.R. - lilakes invention of vanishing chemical 
corapaund, 28:24:1. 

Hauser, Jessie - Elected president of Y.W.C.A., 19:19:1; 
President of Women's Student Government, forbids 
smoking among women, 20:13:1. 

Hauss, Mary A. - Elected into White Duchy, 24:30:1. 

Hawks, Dr. Evelyn J. - Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 27:13:1. 

Hay, Dr. J. Howell - Leaves valuable books to library, 

Hayes, Bob - Football, picture, 27:3:5. 

Haywood, Luther - ^orraer Duke student killed in accident, 
picture, 25:30:1. 

Head, William G. - Won declamation contest, 15:12:1; 
Picture, 15:12:1. 

Heck, Dr. CM. - Spoke to Crowell Scientific Club, 19:6:3. 

Hedrick, ^.(^. - And Willis Snith speak to Y.M.C.A., 5:23:3; 
Speaks at Law Clinic, 28:14:1; 
Tells Inw school history, 28:15:1; 

Hegner, Professor R.W. - Lectures at Duke, 28:9:1. 

Heitman, Polly - Elected president of Athena Coed Lit.Soc, 

Heizer, James - Picture, 27:28:1. 

Hendren, Di'.L.L. - Spealcs to Science Club, 1:5:1; 
Speaks to Science Club, 1:6:2; 
Lectures on N.Y. Tunnel system 2:24:1; 
Lectures on air fllgnt, 3:16:1; 
To address alumni, 20:31:1. 

Hendrickson, Horace - Tapped by Red Friars, 29:31:1. 

Hendrix, Bishop E.E. - To deliver Avera Lectures, 11:17:3; 

Delivers Avera Ifecture on "Christian Teachings", 11:27:1, 

Herbert, Russell - Picture, 29:25:1. 

Herbin, S. - Wins Sophmore debate, 2:32:1; 

And A. ^.Proctor issue -^ hahdbook, 4:1:1. 

Herring, H.J. - Initiated into Red Friars, 16:30:1; 
On Trinity debating leara, 17:16:1; 
Selected as regional chairman of Student Conference, 

Attends convention of national student committee for the 

limitation of armanents, 17:19:1; 
Speaks to ,,esperla L.S., 18:4:4; 

Herring, H,J. (continued) 

Arrointed to faculty, 20:2:1; 

Calls roll in sophraore class meeting, 24:11:5; 

To study at Columbia, 25:14:1; 

Talks on pronibition, 28:17:1; 

Herron, Jaraes P. - To substitue for De "art in 1925, 
Picture, 20:28:1. 

Hesperia Literary Society - Versus ^olurabians, 1:1:1; 
Holton elected president, 2:12:1; 
And Colubbians meet Jointly, 2:13:3; 
Is visited by co-eds, 2:25:1; 
Are defeated by Colunbians, 2:30:1; 
Elect officers, 3:6:1; 
Invite coeds to meeting, 3:13:3; 
Elects officers, 3:24:2; 
Defeat Columbian*, 3:32:1; 
Defeats Columbians, 4:31:1; 
Holds elctlon, 5:22:1; 
Triumps over Columbians, 6:29:1; 
Elects officers, 7:8:1; 

And Col.L.S. try open house debating, 7:12:1; 
Wins inter-society debate, 7:30:1; 
And 'Columbians have meeting, 8:2:1; 
Selected their debating team, 8:12:1; 
Award medals, 8:29:1; 
Strive to get new men, 10:2:4; 
Initiates freshmen, 10:3:1; 
have reception, 10:10:1; 

Annual inter-societ won by Hesperians, 10:16:1; 
Win inter society debate, 11:16:1; 

Chooses Fisher, Newman, and West as debaters, 12:11:1; 
Defeats Columbia in debate, 12:15:1; 
Honors R.L. •flowers with oil painting, 12:23:1; 
^^^olds meeting with Colu^Jbia L.S., 13:2:1; 
Winner in 27th annual debate, 14:14:1; 
Talces in new men, 15:3:1; 
To nave reception, 15:7:1; 
Have preliminary debate, 15:12:4; 
M.A.Braswell elcted president, 15:14:1; 
H.K.King elected president, 16:22:3; 
Selects Small, Sprinkle, Chambers, and f'isher as de- 

Qatprs, 16:13:1; 
President Snrinkle si^eaks, 13:2:4; 
Professor R.L. Flowers speaks, 18:2:4; 

Hears addresses by Herring, and R.W, Bradshaw, 19:4:4; 
L.S.Brady elected president, 18:8:1; 
Takes in 22 men, 19:3:3; 
Rev.lvl.T.Plyler speaks, 19:5:4; 

C.Cr.Knox elected president of ttesperia, 19:7:2; 
W.L.Glegg delivered oration, 19:26:4; 
S.D.Bundy elected president, 21:30:1; 

Hesperla Literary Society (continued) 

Agree on Hhllllr>lne Indeoendence for annual debate, 

Charles Llvingood, J.I.Morgan, and R.M.Johnson se- 
lected as debate team, 24:14:6; 

Debaters win Inter-soclety debate for third consecutive 
year, 25:i9:i;. 

Hester, H.L. - Presidential candidate for student government, 

Chronicle representative, elected N.GC.P.A. president, 

23 ' 30: 1* 
Elected Into Red Friars, 23:31::^; 
Picture, 23:3i:i; 
To edit "^hronicle, 23:31:1; 
O.D.K., picture, 24j3l:l; 
Duke candidate for ^hodes Scholarship, 25:5:1;. 

Hester, Mrs. H.L. - Editor's sponsor for the '^hronlcle, pic- 
ture, 24:29:3. 

Hickman, Dr. Frank S. - Begins series of lectures, 24:i4:6; 
Speaks to students, picture, 27:14:1; 

Gives vlvfld account of conditions in Far East, 28:3:3; 
To Speak to co-ed meeting, 28:6:1; 
Speaks at vesprrs, 28:12:1; 
Soeaks at Older ®oys Conference, 28:13:4; 
picture, 29:2:1; 
Speaks to students, 29:3:3; 
Preaches on "Creative Power", 29:19:6; 
Grives strong sermon on "The Beginning of Wisdom", 

High, Mr. Stanley - Picture, 28:6:1; 
To speak to students, 28:6:1; 
Is speaker at vespers, 28:7:1; 
Addresses student body, 28:7:4. 

Hlnahara, Rev. Z. - To be suonorted by Hay Street Church of Fay- 
etteville, 1:14:3; 
Speaks to students, 21:3:3. 

Hlnshaw Opera Troupe - '-^'o present "Don Pasquale", 20:3:3; 

Presents "Don Pasquale" before large audience, 20:5:1. 

Hlpps, M. T. - Elected chairman of ^alelgh district of Student 
Qonference of ^oiunteers, 18:21:5. 

Historical Society - Hears Professor J. A. I-Iorgan, 6:10:10. 

Hitchcock, Senator G-. M. - ^o be commencement soeaker, 16: 

Hobbs, A. J. - Elected president of Y.M.C.A. , 13:25:1; 
New business mgr. of Chronicle, 13:28:1. 

Hobbs, Marcus E. - Elected vice pres. of student gov. , 27:26:1. 

Hobgood, E.B. - And A. W. Morton are chosen as Duke debaters 
against Tenn. , 2:19:1; 
Elected president of federated alumni clubs, 20:9:i. 

Hobson, tiaptaln R- P. - Speaks on the "New Era", 13! 20:1. 

Hoffman, V.N. - Chosen editor-ln-chlef for next year, 1:19:2. 

Holllngsworth, Harry - Football, picture, 22ilO:5;ODK, 25:11:4. 

Hogue, Rev. - Hakes address to Y. on "Bible Study", 6:5:1. 

Holt, Hamilton - "^o make commencement address, 12:27:1. 

Holloway, Helen - Selected aa May Queen, 18:18:4; 
To be queen at May festival, 18:25:1. 

Holt, Dp. Ivan Lee - Leads revival here, 24:ii:l; 
Completes revival, 24:12:1. 

Holton, Holland - Elected president Hegperia L. S. , 2:12:1; 

And E.O.Cole are the winning debaters against Vanderbllt, 

picture, 2:l4:i; 
To conduct course In oratory, 11:2:3; 
To direct summer school, 13:20:1; 
Appointed to faculty, 17:1 :l; 
To again direct summer school, 17:20:1; 
Announceel outline of summer courses, 18:16:1; 
Discusses first summer school, 18:17:B; 
Plans to offer more courses, ?0:l9:l; 
To direct summer school again, 20:31:1; 
Will direct summer school this year, 24:23:1; 
Announces summer course, 25:22:3; 
Speaks to freshmen, 27:26:1; 
Plans sammer session, 29:22:B. 

Holton, Samuel M. - Chosen by Phi Beta Kappa, 16:10:1. 

Holton, Mildred - Taken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:ii:i. 

Homecoming - Expected to attract many alumni, 22:10:1; 
Varied program pleinned, 28:3:1; 
Enjoyed by 300 alumni, 28:4:7; 
To be held in October, 29:2:1; 
Big rally nl?inned, 29:4:1; 
Many alumni welcomed back, 29:5:1. 

Honeycutt, C. - Picture, 27:28:1. 

Honor System - Adopted by Men's Association, 18:4:1; 

Is subject of talk by Dr.'Vm.Llle (Dean of U.of Va. ) , 

900 hear Dean Llle speak on honor system, 18:10:1; 
Honor system upheld, 24:i5:i; 
Honor system of colleges being questioned, 25:15:4. 

Hooker, Miss Louisa - Fictiire, 28:13!4; 
G-lven extensive trip, 29:24:4; 
Represents Duke at Women's Inter-Colleglate Association, 

picture, 29:9:1; 
Represents Duke at Student Federation meet, 29:i4:i. 

Hoover, Professor C.B. - Aids in local survey, 2i:2i:3; 
Returns from economic study of Russia, 27:2:4; 
Picture, 27:3:1; 
Writes book, "The Economic Life of Soviet Russia", 

Elected Into Phi Beta Kappa, 27:18:1; 
Speaks to seniors, 28'8:3; 
Is honored in Berlin, picture, 29:i6:3;. 

Hoover, Herbert C. - Picture, 25:2:1. 

Hoover, Mr. Lyman - Speaks on "Christian Calling", 18:22:4. 

Hopl Indians - Appear at Duke, 24:15:6. 

Horack, Dr.H.C. - Added to faculty, 27:1 :i; 
Returns from European tour, 29:12:3; 
Chosen lay California to Investigate situation of law 
schools, 29:22:1. 

Hornaday, Professor C.L. - Anpolnted to faculty, 12:i:i; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 14:3:1; 
Elected president of Davenport College, 17:19:1. 

Home, J.L. - Elected head cheer leader, 2:25:1. 

Home, J.L. Jr. - To sneak at N.C.C.P.A. convention, picture, 

Home, Wendell - Is elected president of men's student government, 
picture, 28:26:1; 
Represents Duke at Student Federation meet, 29:14:1; 
Picture, 29*22:1; 
Elected president of N.C. federation, 29:29:1. 

Horton, A. W. - And E. B. Hobgood choosen as Duke debaters against 
tenn. , 2:19:1; 
Wins sophraore debate, 1:19:1. 

Hounshell, ReV.C.G-. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 6:10:5; 
Addresses college on "Duty", 13:25:3; 
To direct Mission Institue Here, 19:22:4. 

Howard, RpV.L.P. - Addresses Y.M.C.A., 9:16:4. 

Howie, Martha - ^enresents Duke at Women's Intercollegiate Ass- 
ociation, 29:9:1. 

Hubcrman, Edward - Dlsevsses adrant&ge In Prance* a UalTcrsltj 
City, ?9:l?:5. 

Rubfcell, Dr. Jay - "o a.»ad nutllc^tlon of new j3vamal,*i»> 
erlcan Literature', 25:22:1. 

Huch.lna, Chesley K. - Elected to Thl Beta Kappa, 2C:19:1. 

Huckatee, Kiss Ell en H. - Elected to head Toaen's Asaoelatlon, 

Huckabee, W.T. - Initiated Into Red Frlara, 17:29:3. 

Hudson, H.G. - Wins 9019 dee. contest, 7:i3:l. 

Hu^es, BlshoD Edwin H. - To :;reach coxaenceaent seraon, 

Hugglns, D. S. - U. S.C. student chosen as !r-rth rarollaa 
Rhodes scholar, 2S:i3:l. 

Hughes Law Clut - C-ranted charter, 28*2:1. 

Hunter, Claudia T. - Elected to Phi 3eta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Hunter, H.R. - Elected to ass. tus. agr. of Chronicle, 


Hunter, Nell - ^olored soloist, will be heard la last •oocert of 
year, 27:27:1; 
jlves last concert of year, 27:28:1. 

Hunter, Roy - Elected football caotaln, 24:13:3; 
Picture, 25:2:4; 
Picture, 25:2:5; 

Elected Into C.D.I. , 25:31:1. 

Kulty, A. - To be guest of Art Ass- of Duke U. , 29:19:1. 
Hutchlngs, CM. - Speais to Fortnlshtly Tlub, 5:25:1. 
Hyatt, Don - Picture, 28:10:1. 


Inauguration - Progra*, fi:7:l; 
FrosraE coapletsd, *:3:1; 

Trinity's oresldent Inducted with laTjressire exercise, 

Inaugural address, 6:10:8. 

Infiraary - Has treated 100 patients, 24:11:4. 

International Relations - Club formed by Dr. J. Fred Rlppy , 

R.S.Rankin, and R. R. Wilson, 25:S:l; 
ConferBnce speaker are Edwin S. Couvln, G. G-. Wilson, and 

Pierre de Lannux, 27:18:1; 
Student conference to be held, 27:15:1. 

Ivey, George F. - Establishes gold prize for best science stu- 
dent, 20:15:1. 


Jackh, Dr. Ernst - Speaks before Historical Society, 23:17:1. 

Jackson, Professor D. C. - Added to Engineering School, 19: 

Jackson, D. K. - Taken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:ii:i; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Jackson, J.L. - Initiated into Red Friars, 17:29:3; 
Addresses Colunbia L.S. , 18:2:6; 
Elected president of senior class, 1923, 18:3:5; 
Leads student government In first term of operation, 

Leaves with debate team to meet N.Y.U. and Swarthmore, 

Wins second place in oratorical eontest, 18:27:6; 
Is one of Duke representatives for Rhodes Scholarship,, 


Jackson, Jean - To lead Easter dances, 28:l3t3. 

Jaffa, J.I. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 17:18:6. 

Jaffe, L.I. - Speaks to Fortnightly Ciub, 5: 11:1. 

Jaffe, Louis - Wins honors ftom Europe, 15:12:5; 

Editor of the Norfolk, Va. "Virginia Pilot" to speak 

at N.C.C.P.A. meeting, picture, 29:15:1; 
Speech at N. C.C.P. A.meeting, 29:16:2. 

James, Beefy - Taurlan, picture, 23:25:1. 

James, Pinkie - Football, picture, 29:96^2. 

Jankftski, Jan - Football, picture, 24:3:5; 

Nation's leading scorer, picture, 25:13:5. 

Jarrett, R. F. - Of Davidson, elected N. CO. P. A. president, 
picture, 25:28:1. 

Jarvls Dormitory - Ready for occupation, 8:7:1, 

Jeanette, Dot - Star in Taurlans presentatioh of "Yello?/ Jkck- 
et", picture, 23:25:1. 

Jefferson, Rev. Charles E. - To preach commencement sermon, 

Jenkins, Ernest - Picture, 25:5:1; 

Chosen head of Junior class, 25:5:1; 
Baseball, picture, 25:25:5; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1; 
Baseball, picture, 25:31:3. 

Jenkins, John R. - "''o represent Duke in debating, 28:19:1. 

Jennings, Bill - Wins Sedgefield (k>lf trophy, 24:11:6; 
To organize golf club, 24:16:4. 

Jensen, Dr. Howard E. - Added to socioliogy dept. for coming year, 
Speaks at vespers, 28:6:1; 
Speaks to graduates, 28:17:1; 
Speaks to students, 29:17:6; 
Speaks at Rutherford College Commencement, 29:31:1;. 

Jitney Players - To make appearance on Women's Campus, 27:9:1; 
Present, 27:10:1. 

Johnson, Amos - Nominated for oresldent of student government, 
Elected nresident of student government, 24:28:1; 
Is inducted into office, 24:31:1; 
One of csjnpus leaders, picture, 25:2:4; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30:i. 

Johnson, Miss Audrey - Picture, 22:10:1; 
Selected queen of May, 25:20:1; 
May Queen, picture, 25:22:1; 
To be crowned queen of May, 25:28:1. 

Johnson, Dr. Frank P. - Added to faculty, Greek dept., 22:4:1. 

Johnson, Harvey - Football, picture, 20:11:4. 

Johnson, J.D. - Initiated into Red Friars, 16:30:1; 
Initiated into Red Friars, 17:29:3; 
Baseball, picture, 18:28:3. 

Johnson, James - Killed in auto accident, picture, 27:4:1. 

Johnson, Rev.L. - Speaks at Y.M.C.A. , 2: 10:1. 

Johnston, Gay - Chosen May Qyeen, picture, 28:22:1. 

Johnston, R.L. - Speaks to Biologicil Club, 15:9:3. 

Johnston, R.M. - Will edit 1916 Chronicle, 10:28:1; 
Bus. mgr. of Archive, 24:30:1; 

Johnston, R.M. (continued) 
Picture, 25:2B:1; 
Picture, 25:9:4;. 

Jones, Dr.B. - Endows a college to bear his name, 21:20:1. 

Jones, Miss Beryl - '^'o be Queen of May, 24:18:1; 
Elected ^ay Queen, 24:26:1. 

Jones, Captain - Football, picture, 16:12*1, 

Jones, E.L. - Receives Wesp'^rian orator's .-nedal, 7:29:1. 

Jones, Coach "oward - Here to begin work, 19:20:1; 
Makes team work, 19:21:1; 
Picture, 19:27:.3; 

Heads Trinity's new coaching staff, 20:1:1; 
To coach at U. of So. Cal. next year, 20:16:1; 
Sends in resignation as coach, 20:13:1. 

Jones, S.C. - Dies in auto accident, 27:28:1. 

Jones, Rev. Stanley - Of India, to give cormencernent speech, 20: 

Jones, V.D. - Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Jones V.O. - New wrestling captain, picture, 24:21:5; 
Picture, 25:2:4; 

Elected captain of wrestling tean, 25:11:5; 
To enter natiobal wrertling tourney in Chicago, pic- 
ture, 25:23:3. 

Jordan, A.C. - Appointed to faculty, 18:1:1; 

To preside over N.C. English Teachers Convention, 
28 : 10 : 1 ; 

Jordan, A.M. - And Arnold ^rlggs are tennis champions, 4:9:1;. 

Jordan, C.E. - G-lee club manager, plan tour of eastern N.C, 18f 
19:5; . 

Joslin, Dr. Elliot - To conduct clinic at Duke, 28:16:1. 

Joyner, J.Y. - Spoke to students, 3*22:1. 

Judd, Walter - Medlcnl missionary, speaJcs to students, 28: 

Judson, Dr.H.P. - To make address at inautmration SKercise, 
Picture, 6:10:5. 

Kale, Maxwell - Elected to Phi Beta Kapm, 20:i9:i. 

Kacpa Alplia - Hold party, 3:12:1; 

Is given dinner by Dr.Kllgo, 3:22:3; 
Has picnic, 7:5:2;. 

Kappa Alnha Theta - Installed here, 24:12:1; 

Professor Bryan Bollch elected chief alumnus of 

Kapt)a AlToha fraternity, 24:i4:i; 
To be installed, 24:17:1; 
Installation to be elaborate affair, 24:18:1. 

Kappa Kappa '^amma - To install chapter on campus, 27:2:1; 
Installs ckkpter here, 27:5:1. 

Kappa 3igma - History, 3:32:1; 
Has picnic, 5:4:1; 
Has picnic, 6:5:1; 
Has Dlcnic, 7:4:2; 
Elects officers, 24:17:4. 

Karpinsky, William - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

Kartzke, Dr. George - Speaks on interchange of culture among 
nations, 29:2i.:3. 

Kassel, Art - Picture, 29:16:1. 

Keen, Dr. W. W. - To present series of lectures, 18:2i:i; 
Delivers lectures, 18:23:1; 
Speaks before Phi Beta Kappa, 18:26:1; 
To speak on Louis Pasteur, 18:27:1; 
Concludes "Flowers" series of lectures, 18:28:1. 

Kellam, E.G. - Editor of Chanticlier, picture, 29:16:2; 
Picture, 29:22:1;. 

Kelly, D.L. - Football, captain of basketball, picture, 23:32: 6; 
O.D.K., picture, 24:31:1. 

Kelly, R. C. - Elected oresident of Hesr.erian L. 3. , 2:7:1; 

Marries Miss Ellen Ibrdecal, 5:3:1. 

Kendall, H. W. - Editor of Chronicle, 12:29:1. 

Kendrlck, Professor B.B. - Speaks on Civil Weir Era, 27: 

Kennedy, Charles R. - Author and playwright, oicture, 25: 

Kent, Ray - One of publication heads for 1933-34, picture, 

Kenyon, Doris - To give recital, 38:10:1; 

And Clare Clalrbent return to Duke for concert, 29:5:1; 
Picture, 29:8:6; 
Picture, 29:10:1; 
Gives recital, 29:ii:i. 

Kenyon, San Tilalo - Recital attracts large audience, 28:10:4. 

Kerr, Judge Joiin H. - Address Washington celebration, 
Speaks on efficiency and service, 17:18:1. 

Kersey, Art - Chosen captain of baseball, 28:32:3; 
Picture, 29:27:6. 

Klker, P.J. - Elected basketball captain, 5:2:2. 

Kilgo, Dr. John Carlisle - Will conduct revival, l:4:i; 
Speaks at Charlotte, 1:4:3; 

Gives sermon of great farrce as Revival opened, i:6:i; 
Revival conducted by Dr. Kilgo closes, i:7:i; 
Spoke to Y.M.C.A. , 1:9:1; 
Condition still critical, i:ii:4; 

To deliver cornmenceraent address at ^'^anderbilt, 1:14:1; 
To preach sermon Sunday, 1:18:1; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 2:i:l; 
To make address at celebration of Lee's 100th ann. , 

Addresses flrtt meeting of Y.II.C.A. , 2:16:1; 
On general leave, 2:17:1; 
To make address to the Bar Ass., 2:18:1; 
Speaks in Raleigh, 2:25:3; 
Autobiographical address, 2:26:1; 
Attends meeting in St. Louis, 2:30:1; 
Takes hand In Athletic Ass. strife, 2-33:4; 
Gives opening sermon, 3:3:1; , 
Speaks on Benefactor's Day, 3*4:1; 
Speaks in GreensborO; 3:19:4; 
Gives Kappa Alpha dinner, 3:22:3; 
Addresses flrfct Y. meeting, 4:i:i; 
"I Have Finished the Work", 4:3:1; 

"The American Voter", first Faculty Lecture, 4:8:1; 
Conducting annual Revival, 4:i7:i; 
Closes revival, 4:i8:l; 
Commencement speaker, 4:2i:i; 

In Chicago attending ^ankers Convention, 5:2:1; 
Is heard by large crowd, 5^4:1; 
Gives sermon, 5:10:1; 
Gives sermon, 5:14:1; 
Talks, 5:20:1; 

Receives L.L.D. degree. 5:21:3; 
Is paid tribute by E.B. Craighead, 5:25:4; 
Gives baccalaureate address, 5:29:1; 

Kllgo, J.C. (continued) 

Retires as oresldent of Trinity ^ollege, 5:29:8; 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 6:6:i; 

Picture, 6^10:6; 

Turns over Seal and Charter to Dr. Few, 6:10:7; 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 6:25:4; 

Speaks to students, 8:6:1; 

Preaches first college sermon, 8:i5:i; 

Preaches second college sermon, 8:l6:i; 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A. 9:6:1; 

Speaks to Y.M. C. A. , '9:10:1; 

To deliver taccalaureate address, 11:29:1; 

Accepts gym contributions, 12'3:i; 

Address alumni, 12:3:1; 

"Chapel Talks" added to Southern Literature, 17:17:1; 

Letters published , 18:10:4; 

"Chapel Talks" widely read, 18:16:5. 

Killlan, J. R. - Hesperian debater, 18:13:1. 

Kim, Miss Influk - Traveling secretary of student volunteer move- 
ment speaks, picture, 25:28:1. 

King, Betsy - Elected Into White Duchy, 24:30:1;. 

King, Carl - Discusses life of O.Henry, 18:15:4; 
Elected president of Coliimblans, 19:10:4. 

King, H. C. - To preach commencement sermon, 9:28:1. 

King, H.K. - Addresses students at Mission Instltlte, 20:24:1; 
Elected president of Hesperla L. S. , 15:22:3. 

King, J.G. - Picture, 25:2:4; 

Taken In by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11 :l;. 

King, Jennings - Tq represent Duke In debating, 25:20:1. 

Klngdoll^, Dr. Frank C. - To lecture here, picture, 27:23:1; 
Speaks during Y.M.C.A. student week, 27:24:1; 
Lectures at Duke, 28:11 :l; 

Delivers series of lectures, picture, 28:12:1; 
Is heard by students, 28:13:1; 
Talk at vespers, 28:13:4; 
To lecture here, nlcture, 29:12:1; 
Visits Duke for third time, 29:i3:i. 

Klrkpatrlck, C. A. - O.D.K., picture, 24:31:1. 

Klrkoatrlck, D. E. - Elected to student council, 20:28:1; 

Elected ^resident of I!en's Student Government, 21:26:1; 
Picture, 21: 28:1; 
Welcomes freshem en, 22:i:i; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Klrkpatrlck, Miss Virginia - From N.C.C.W. , picture, 25:9:1. 

Klrkwood, Dr. Marlon R. - Added to faculty, 27:l:i; 
Picture, 27:l:i. 

Kistler, Henry - Chosen by Red Friars, 25:31:1; 
Elected into O.D.K. , 25:3i:i. 

Kltchln, Dr. T.D. - Present at medical school dedication, 

Kittredge, Dr. George - Addresses student body, 8:24:1. 

Klove, William - Elected soph president, 29:27:1. 

Knight, Dr.E. W. - V7rites book "The Influence of Reconstruction 
on Education in the South", 9:8:4; 
Published book on teaching, 11:10:3; 
Publishes book on education, 12:7:1. 

Knott, Lawson B. - Ppesident of senior class, plcturd, 
Is ready for Tulane debate, 29:19:1; 
Picture, 29:22:1. 

Knoff, Baron - To lecture here, 15:27:1; 
Lectures on "Bolshevism", 15:28:3. 

Knott, L.B. - Picture, 29:22:1. 

Knox, C. G. - Elected ^resident of senior class, 19:3:4; 
Elected president of Hesperia, 19:7:2. 

Koffler, Arthur - '^o represent Duce in debating, 28:i9:i; 
Wins oratorical contest, 28:32:1. 

Kolbe, Henry E. - Elected into Phi Beta Kanpa, 29:7:1. 

Koneeny, Josef - Violinist, to be heard here, 15:9:1; 
Violin concert was very good, 15:12:1. 

Koo, Dr.T. Z. - Speaks to students, 28:17:1. 

Korstian, Dr. C.F. - New director of Duke Forests, 27:6:3; 
Head forester, picture, 37:9:1; 
Directs development of Duke forests, 27:15:1; 
Assists in editing manual, 28:i:i; 
Writes book, 28:4:4; 
Returns from Europe, 29:6:7. 

Kramer, Kiss Elizabeth - Picture, 19:29:1. 

Krummel, Dr. Charles A. - Appointed to faculty, 18:i:l; 
Writes for "South Atlantic Quarterly", 29:7:3. 

Kubota, Mr. - Of Japan enters Trinity, 4: 1:1. 

Kuchnemann, Eugene - '^o speak here, 28:34:1; 

Speaks at PM Beta Kappa festivities on Goethe, 28:25:1. 

Kuglmiya, T. - Writes letter to Y.U.C.A. , 1:15:3. 


Lacy, Dr.B.R. - Speaks here, picture, 28:2351. 

LaFlamme, Dr.H.F. - Addresses Y. on "Mission Study", 4:5:1. 

Lagerstadt, Captain Ed. - Football, picture, 20:7:1; 
Picture, 20^11 : 3; 

Chosen captain of football, 20:i3:i; 
Picture, 20:26:3. 

Lalvlng, Miss Sadie - Elected queen of May, 23*20:1. 

Lambda Phi - Musical fraternity organized, 20:i0:l. 

Lambeth, Manager - Picture, 10:16:1. 

Lambeth, W. A. - Commencement speaker, 4:21:1; 
To address alumni meeting, 4:32:1. 

Lambeth, Rev. W. A. - Resigns work, i:i9:i. 

Lambeth, Dr. W. A. - Speaks to students, 28:i:i. 

Lambeth, Congressman-elect W.J. - To speak on Duke Day, 

Land, Anne Marguerite - Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 

Lander, W. H. - Reads paper to Sigma Upsilon, 18:20:3; 
Initiated into Red Friars, 17:29:3; 
Selected Chronicle editor, 17:30:i. 

Landon, Dr. C.E. - Writes book "Readings in Marketing Prin- 
ciples", 22:3:1. 

Lander, Frances - CrKonlcle sponsor, picture, 18:30:1. 

Lane, Dr. R. P. - Speaks on European Misery, 18:20:1. 

Lane, S.L. - ^ade business manager of Chanticleer, 16:28:3. 

Laney, Nick - Picture, 28:9:5; 

Laney, Mick (continued) 
Picture, 28:i0:i; 
Football, picture, 39:i:5; 
Picture, 29:5:5; 
Picture, 29:9B:3. 

Lang, Dr.G-eorge - Elected president of O.D.K., 29:21:1;. 

Langley, Dr. W. H. - To lecture here, 25:14:1; 
Pictures marine life here, 25:15:1. 

Lannlng, Dr.John T. - V/rltes book about Spain, 25:9:1; 
Gi-oes to *'outh America on Guggenhelmer fellowship, 

Picture, 27:7:4; 
To represent Duke at Montevideo Congress In ^ruguay, 


de Lannux, Pleere - To sneak here at conference of International 
relations, 27:18:1. 

Lapey, Professor M.L. - Added to faculty, 16:l:i. 

Laprade, Dr.W. T. - Writes book, 5:16:1; 

Spoke to students on "The Eyes of History", 5;27:i; 
Author of "England and French Revolution, 1708-1797", 

Speaks to Y.M.G.A. , 6:7:4; 
Writes book, 6:18:4; 

Addresses Y.M.C.A. , on "Sympathy", 7:7:3; 
Writes on "Negroes In District of Columbia", 7:7:3; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 8:8:1; 
Gets high praise In Richmond, 8:19:4; 
Marries, 9:1:5; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 9:14J4; 
Speaks to Commonwealth Club, 10:3:i; 
Speaks to students on "Ewropean Situation", 10:4:1; 
Speaks on war, 11:7:1; 
Speaks on war, 12:26:1; 

Speaks on need of educatfed. men, 13:i3:i; 
Addresses members of S.A. T.C., 14*1 :i; 
Lectures to Y.M.C.A., 15^10:1; 
Lectures on the German constitution, 15^25:1; 
Speaks on the "Race Question", 15:28:1; 
Lectures on the "Ministry", 16:5:1; 
Addresses Columbia L. S. , 18:2:6; 
V/rites book "Parliamentary Papers of John Robinson", 

Lectures to Y.M.C.A., 19:4:4; 
Writes book "British History for American Students? 

Back after research work of fourteen months, 24:i:2;. 

Lee, Rev.E-F. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 9:9:1. 

Lee, Rev. James - To preach, comniencenient sermon, 10:22:1. 

Lee, T.C. - Chief engineer of Duke Construction Co., pic- 
ture, 25:25:1. 

Lee, W. B. - Addresses Y.M.C.A., 10:9:1. 

Leftwlch, A. E. - Leads orchestra on eastern trip with glee 
club, 22:9:1; 
Picture, 24:20:1; 

And J.F.Barnes take musical clubs to Virginia, 27:20:1; 
Picture, 28:17:1; 

And his University Club Band, picture, 29:4:3; 
Picture, 29:ll:l. 

Legal Aid Clinic - To be opened by Duke Law School, 28:1:3; 

Professor John S.Bradway heads legal aid clinic, 28:2:4; 

Explained to bar, 28:4:1; 

Is going strong, 28:7:1; 

Ti's. W. T.Bost speaks, 28:10:1; 

H.3-. Hedrlck sioeaks, 28:13:1; 

Hon. Willis Smith speaks, 28:13:1; 

Shows much Increase, 28:15:4; 

Hears speech by Hon. A. B. Andrews, 29:11:3. 

Lehrbach, Chip - Picture, 28:2:1. 

Le Sound, Dr.H.M. - Succeeds Soper on Y.LI.C.A. com., 25:19:1. 

Letter Club - Organized, 7:21:1. 

Levermore, Dr. Charles H. - Speaks on I.ionroe Doctrine and 
Foreign Policy, 17:10:3. 

Levin, Jacob - Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 

Lew, Dr. Timothy Tingfong - To preach commencement sermon, 
Addresses seniors at commencement, 23:32:1. 

Lewis, H.L. - Initiated into O.D.K., 29:12:1. 

Lewis, Senator J.H. - Opens 5rd Liberty Loan Campaign in 
Durhajn, 13:27:3. 

Lewis, M.S. - Organises Trinity orchestra, 13:13:1. 

Lewis, "Red" - Track, picture, 29:29:5. 

Lewis, W. M. - Delivers address on war, 13:21:1. 

Leyburn, Rev. E.R. - Sooke to Y.M.C.A. on missions, 1:11:3; 
Speaks to Y.1,!.C.A. , 14:17:1. 

Leybrun, I.Ir.J. G. - G-iven Princeton fellowship, 16:24:3. 

Liberal Club - Hears speech by Norman Thomas, 27:10:1. 

Library - Reoort, 1905, 1:7:1; 
Report, 2:l9:i; 

Receives excellent education and law books, 3:i7:i; 
Education library installed, 4:5:1; 
Breedlove gives history of Trinitj'- Library, 4:i0:i; 
Mr.Breedlove Is elected president of N.C. Library Ass., 

Breedlove re-elected president, 7:l2:i; 
To aid men in khaki, 13:2:1; 

Receives Martin R. Chaff in collection, 16:16:3; 
Dr. A. LL Shipp's collection added, 17:14:1; 
Under J. P. Breedlove has Increased 63,240, 18:1S:7; 
Library foundation at new Dulte is finished, 21:7:1; 
Picture, 21: 18:1; 

G-eorge Washington's diary in library, 21:18:1; 
New library is almost ready to open, 23: 19:1; 
J. P. Breedlove head since 1898, 23:19:1; 
B.Powell to do away with stolen book problem, 24:16:1; 
G-ets marble bust of B.N. Duke, 24:29:1; 
Ben Powell put in charge of circulation, 25:i:l; 
Law library of 40,000 vol. capacity Installed on new 

campus, 27: 1:4; 
History at Duke U. , 27:2:3; 
Shows remarkable expansion, 27:10:4; 
Expanding rapidly, 28:1:3; 

Duke has largest library in Southeast, 28:12:4; 
Posresses remarkable collection, 28:16:1;'^ 
Holds first rank in Southeast, 29:1 :3; 
Ben Powell gives cotlrse in general library science, 29:3:3. 

Llle, Dr.'.Villlara I'. - Dean of U.of Va. , speaks regarding Honor 
System, 18:9:1; 
900 hear speech on honor system, 18:10:1. 

Lilly, Dr. D.Clay - Edits Y.H.C.A. Handbook, li:l:i; 
Picture, 24:27:1; 

Will soeak at semi-centennial banquet of Phi Delta Theta, 

Lilly, 'A'llllam B. - Dies, 3:20:1; 

Ilemorlam in his honor, 3^20:4; 

Sonnet to his memory, 3:21:2; 

Is given tribute by faculty, 3:22:3; 

Is given tribute by sophmore class, 3:22:3. 

Is given memoriam honor by Y.LI.C. A., 3'22:3. 

Llm, CO. - Speaks on "World Peace", 18:11:4; 

Llneback, V.R. - Bus.mgr. of Chanticleer, 24:30:1; 
Picture, 25:2:4. 

Lindsay, Dr. Samuel LI. - Addresses students of economics, 9:27:1. 

Lippard, Homer - To edit Chronicle, 25:29:1; 
Elected Into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Literary Societies - See names of societies 
Award medals, 1:19:1; 
To have joint meeting, 2:9:1; 
Begun, 7:2:1; 
Award medals, 8:29:1; 
Become war saving clubs, 13:23:1; 
Ask for publication fee, 13:28:1. 

Seniors give up complete control of publications, 23:14:1; 
Hear address by Hon. O.Max Gardner, 12:7:1; 
Plan debate, 12:9:1. 

Little John, Hon.MeJ?tln W. - To deliver commencement address, 
To addpess seniors, 23:3?:i. 

Llvengood, Charles - One of Duke candidates for Rhoder schol- 
arship, 27:3:1; 

Interviewed by Rhodes Scholarship Committee, 27:10:1; 

Picture, 27:28:1; 

Former Chronicle editor, elected to Harvard Law Revue, 
picture, 29:8:4. 

Llvengood, Mrs C.H. - Sr)onsoring 1950-31 Chronicle, nicture, 

Livermore, Dr. C.H. - To address students on peace, 17:9:1. 

Lloyd, Fred M. - Wins Southern Conference boxing championship, 
picture, 28:21:3; 
Picture, 29:15:5; 
Picture, 29:27:6. 

Loan Fund - Committee to aid students now planned, 29:23:9. 

Locldiart, Hon. James A. - Dies, 1:2:1. 

Lomax, Professor J. A. - To speak to students, 6:24:1; 
Speaks to students, 6:29:1. 

London, Henry M. - To speak to law students, 28:7:4. 

Long, Mrs.D. W. -'Sponsor of the business manager of the Chronicle, 
picture, 20:30:i. 

Long, J. A. - 0-1 ves library books, 3 1 28:1. 

Longo, Tony - New golf coach, picture, 25:27:5. 

Lowe, ReV. G. - To conduct annual revival, 3:1611. 

Lucas, Miss Carle - Picture, 29:8:1. 

Lucas, R. - Business manager of Chronicle resigns, 9:19:2. 

Luccock, Dr. H. E. - Speaks before lai'ge audience. Picture, 

Lundgren, Carl R. - Tapped by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 
Elected Into Phi Beta Kap^^a, 29:7:1. 

Lundgren, Ray - Picture, 29:2P:i; 
Red Friar, picture, 29:30:1. 

Lunn, Sir Henry - Will streak on the League on Nations, 
To speak at Duke, 25:17:1; 
Picture, 25:21:1; 
To lecture here, picture, 24:8:1; 
Speaks on "Prevention of War", 24:ii:l. 

Lynch, J. W. - Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 5:8:1. 

Lyon, Professor D^vld G-. - Noted £U?cheologl9t, lectures 
here, 19:i9:i; 
Lectures on explorations In Palestine, 19:20:i. 


Mabry, W. A. - Initiated Into C.D.K,, 22:5:1. 

McCall, Gov. S. W. - Tq deliver commencement address, 15:27:1. 

McCai-thy - His play, "If I Were King" to be presented by 
Taurlans, 18:20:3. 

McCollum, Dr.E. V. - Of Johns-Hopkins, lectures on vitamins 
and food analysis, 18:15:1; 
To speak to Chemical society, 28:15:1. 

McCobb, Professor k.H. - Reads paper on "The Faust Legend" 
to Fortnightly ^lub, 7:10:3. 

McConnell, Bishop F.J. - '^o deliver commencement sermon, 

McCormack, John - ■'•'o appear here In concert, 28:1)9:1; 
v:ill sing here, picture, 28:21:1; 

J^cCrea, Dr. F. D. - Addresses medical school faculty, 27: 

McCrea, G. W. - Added to faculty, 29: 1:1. 

McDermott, Dr. Malcolm - Added to faculty, S7:i:l; 
Picture, 27:1:4; 
Sioeaks to students, 27:21:1; 
Speaks to students, 28:5:3; 
Speaks at florists convention, 28J9:l; 
Speaks to student body, picture, 29!S:i; 

McDonald, R. W. - Added to faculty, 29:i:l. 

McDonald, U.J. - Scotch Highland Sand played on camr>us, 

McDougall, Dr. William - Accents chair of psychology, 23: 17:1; 

To take charge of department of psychology, pic- 
ture, 23:20:3; 

Picture, 24:2:1; 

Talks to students on Anglo- Am eric an relations, 

And Dr. '", C. Davison conduct classes for insane at Raleigh, 

Returns from Ohio, picture, 255 24:1; 

Publishes pamplet, 28:4:1; 

Returns from England, 28:4:4; 

Reveals important facts in reseach, 28:32:1; 

Praised as a leader in the field of social psychology, 

Picture, 29:9:4; 

Gives views on Duke student body, 29:13:1; 

New book, "Energies of I.Ian" receives much oraise, 

M'Dowell, Eishop - Tq preach bacc. sermon, 7:21:1. 

McEntree, Frank - Spoke to students on "Everyman", 2:9:1. 

Macfayden, Dr- Dugae - To deliver commencement address, 
To make speech during commencement, 18:30!1. 

McFayden, Miss Elizabeth - Chosen TDresldent of Y.W.C.A. , 
Picture, 25:23:1. 

McGill, S.W. - Picture, 3:26:2. 

McCrulre, 'V. B. - C^ogeri president of student government, 
picture, 28:32:1. 

Mcintosh, Professor A. C. - Lectures to Y.H.C.A. , 1:8:1; 
Speaks on legal profession, 1:14:3; 
Book, "Cases on Contracts", 4:6:1; 
Addressed Y.IvI.G. A. , 5:13:1; 

Mcintosh, C.B. - Heads founding of Soanish Club on Camous, 

McKay, Irving B. - Appointed to faculty, 18:i:l. 

McKee, Dr. W.J. - SpeaJts at vespers, 28:i4:i. 

McLarty, Dr. E.K. - Held successful revival, 10:17:1; 
Conducts annual revivsl, 16:16:3; 
Revival reviewed, 16:17:1; 
Chosen Y.M.CA. president, 35:R8:i; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1; 

Leader in Musical Club's presentation of "Robin Hood", 
picture, ?7:S9:i. 

licLarty, Furman - Tq be chief marrhall, 2i:25:i; 
Elected ^resident of senior cikss, 22:3:1; 
Initiated into O.D.K. , 22:5:1; 
Elected North Carolina's Rhodes Scholar representative, 

Duke Rhodes Scholar, pictures life at Oxford, 25J 

McLean, Governor A. V7. - To be guest at law school banquet, 

Pays tribute to memory of J. B. Duke, 21: 11^1; 
Will speak on O.D.K. day, 24:29:1. 

McNeill, J. C. - To soeak here, 2:4:1; 
Gives lecture, 2:5:1; 
Lauded by Few and Mlms, 5:6:1. 

JicRae, W.V. - Elected president of Y.M.CA. , 2:14:3. 

I.!ack, Moxy - Picture, 28:305 3. 

Mackie, D. 3. - ¥p preach commencement sermon, 2:18:1. 

Maddox, Captain - Picture, 10:24:i. 

Maggs, Dr. D.B. - Added to faculty, 27:i:i. 

Manchester, Dr. A. K. - Speaks to co-eds, 28: 15:1. 

Manly, John M. - '^o visit, 8:2:2; 

Speaks o f William Van M-od^', 8:3:1. 

Mann, Dr.F. A. - Speaks to Science Club, 5:7:1. 

Manush, Frank - New baseball coach, 13:i9:i. 

Marget, E. - Elected into Vmite Duchy, 28:3i:i. 

Marshall, W.H. _ Candidate for Rhodes Scholarship, 27:3:i; 
Interviewed by Rhodes Scholarship committee, 

Markham, Miss Peyton - Wins Eko*L short story contest, 13:28:1. 

Markham, Charles E, - Elected to Phi Beta ^appa, 20'19:i. 

Marr, W. M. - Addresses Hist, Society on ^herftkee Indian, 

7 ! 7 J 3* 
With W.^. Allison and J. W.Hajrblsm speak on "House Fly" 

to Science Club, 7:10:1; 
Elected secretary of 3otanic»|Clut>, 7:16:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kaooa, 16:20:3; 
Initiated into flh.1 Beta Kappa, 16:24:1. 

Marr, S. W. - Business manager , Archive, 7:i8:i. 

Martin, Dr. W.J. - Speaks on Benefactor's Day, 8:5:1. 

Mason, Dr. A. T. - Theory hotly attacked, 21:25:5; 
Book is praised, 2i:30:i. 

Mason, Lowell -F^ootball, plctiare, 27:ii:5; 
Picture, 2C:10{5B; 
Picture, 28:i4:3; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 28«29:i; 
Picture, 29:i:5; 
Picture, 29:3B:i; 
Picture, 29:22:i; 
Red Friar, picture, 29:30:i. 

Mason, WiiliajD,- Chosen to lead Phi Deltia Phi, legal 
fraternity, 29:15:1. 

Mathison, Edith W. - Picture, 25:i5:i. 

Matton, W.G. - Elected nresident of Y. , 4:i3:i. 

Maughan, William,- To come here as assistant forester, 

Maxwell, W. C. - Speaks on ^erraan schools, 27:5:1. 

May Day - Plans are elenborate, 23:29:1; 
Co-eds plan for May Day, 24:17:3; 
Featured by Taurian presentaion and pageant, 

May (^ueen - Martha Wiggins crov/ned, 16:28:1; 
Edna Eeasley selected, 17:26:1; 
Helen Holloway selected, 18:18:4; 
Miss Elsie leavers selected I'ay i^ueen, 20:23:i; 
Miss Beavers, pict'ore, 20:29:3; 
Miss Sadie Laiving elected, 23^20:1; 
Miss E. Jones to be queen of May, 24:18:1; 
Beryl Jones elected, 24:26:1; 

Miss Audrey Johnson selected queen of May, 25:20:1; 
Miss Audrey Johnson, 25:28:1; 
Elizabeth Caldwell chosen, 27:19:1; 
Gay Johnston chosen May ^ueen, 28:22:1; 
Dorthy Newson to be May Queen, 29:20:3. 

Mayo, Dr. Charles H. - Address surgical clinic, 28:i4:i. 

Medical School - Dr. V/. P. Few' s proposal and Trinity's 

$4,000,000 offer toward medical school still un- 
decided, 18:15:1; 

Dr- Few's plan advocated by alumni, 18:18:4; 

^10,000,000 medical school is last gift of James B. 
Duke, 21 : 6:1; 

To have full tloie teaching staff, 21 : 22:1; 

Dr. Wilbur C. Davison to head school, 23:i7:l; 

Dr. Davison, dean, picture, 23:20:3; 

Will rajik with best says Dr. Davison, 23:22:1; 

Tuberculosis hospital may be added, 23*23:1; 

To ODen\ its first unit of new school, 24:5:1; 

Plan's made for opening in fall of 1929, 24:7:1; 

Dr. W.C.Davison outlines plans, 2-^:8:4; 

Enters first year with Dr. Davison as dean, 25:3^2; 

Dr. Harold Amoss is added to medical school faculty, 

Dr. William Forbus elected to faculty, 25:23:1; 

Dr. Julian Hart elected to faculty, 25:23:1; 

Opens for work, 2751 :i; 

Dr. M. V/. Weinberg, eminent toacteriologist, sioeaks, 

Medical School and hospital is to be dedicated on Aoril 20, 
1931, 27:24:1; 

Dedicated - Notables present: Gr. G.Allen (head of Board of 
trustees) , Col. Bruton, Dr. Kitchen, Dr- D. L.Edsall (Har- 
vard dean of medicine), 27*25:1; 

Opens, 2851:1; 

Opens for second year, 28:3:1; 

Dr. Bayard Carter added to I'ledical School, 28:5«2; 

Dr. Frederic Hanes added, 28:3:3; 

Dr. Amoss "?#bl4n added, 28:3:3; 

First medical elass to graduate soon, 28:25:1; 

Melton, Jack, - Picture, 28:3i:i. 

Menaker, ^red - Taurian leader, picture, 27:26:1. 

Meritt, Professor A. H. - Speaks at Y.M.C.A. , 1:18:2; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 3:4:1; 
Lectures to Y. , 5*5:1; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A., 7:^:1; 
Lectures to Education ^lub on "Occupations of Athenians", 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 7:28:i. 

Mexico - Discussed by Bishop James '^annon, 18:23:4. 

Mldyette, G.E. - 'flaking great success, 3:21:3. 

Miller, Dean Justin - Deaji of law school, addresses students on 
legal profession, picture, 27:7:1; 
Speaks on preventive Justice, 27:i2:i; 
Attends American Bar Ass., 27:i6:i; 

Miller, Dean Justin - (continued) 

To speak to freshmen class, 27:20:i; 

Speaks to C.P.A. , 28:7:i; 

Spea-ks at fresliman dinner, 28:10:1; 

Speaks to seniors, 28:ii:i; 

Speaks at vespers, 28:ii:3; 

Speaks to newspaper men, picture^ 28:i5'l; 

To speak on "I'odern Crime" over ^^.B. C. network, 

Speaks to Columbia L. S. , 28:24:1; 

G-oes to annual meeting of American Bar Ass., 29:5:i; 
Speaks to senior class, 29*8^1; 
Is sent charter from Coif, National Law Scholarshio 

society, 29:i6:i; 
Recommends new police methods, 29:20:2; 
Spealcs to freshmen, 29:23:2. 

Miller, Dr. H.K. - Establishes m^Aeral museum, 24:10:1;. 

Miller, X. - Chosen to head Y.W.C.A. , 24:22:1; 
Elected into Wliite Duchy, 24:30:1. 

Mlllikin, Dr.Robert - To lecture here, 16:27:3; 
Speaks on "Atoms", 16:27:5; 

Speaks here before packed house, picture, 27:12:1; 
Speaks on religion and science, 2R:28'1. 

Mills, Dr. John N. - Pleads for China and her people, 

Mlms, Dr. Edwin - Snoke in Baltimore, 1:5:3; 
Speaks to Y. ,' 1:0:3; 

Delivers two a'^ in Charlotte, 1J10:1; 
To deliver commencement ac^dress at Elizabeth College, 

To speak to Y.I.I.C.A. , 2-2:1; 
Gives enjoyable hour, 2:5:1; 
Spoke in Ralei£:h, 2^9:1; 
V/ins Patterson loving cup, 2:10:1; 
On Lee in the "Outlook", 2:15:4; 
Is president of Debfite Council, 3*i:i; 
And Few laud UcNeil, 3:6:1; 
Speaks on Job at Y. "ible Inst., 3:7:1; 
Opens lecture series, 3:,10:l; 
Organizing Fortnightly ^lub, 3:17:1; 
His book is adopted by book club, 3:19:2; 
'Uinounces sophraore debate, 3:28:i; 
V/rites article on criticism/ 3:28:1; 
Addresses K.C. Literary and Hist. Society, 4*5:2; 
Addresses Y. , 4:8:3; 

•^Ives speech celebrating birth of TTilton, 4:13:1; 
Addresses N.C. Literary and Hist. Society, 4:15:3; 
Leaves U.N. C. , 7:13:4; 

Speaker for Southgate memorial, 15:23^1; 
Delivers address to students, 19:2:1. 

Minneapolis Syrnphoney - To play here, 28:17:1. 

Minter, John - Buslnesss manager of Chronicle, S7:27:i; 

Elected business manager of Chronicle, picture, 28:28:1; 

Tapned by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 

Picture, 29:22:1; 

Red Friar, picture, 29:30:1. 

Minter, "rs.J.E. - Chronicle sponsor, picture, 28:32:2. 

Minter, !!lss M.R. - Chronicle sponsor, r>lcture, 29:31:3. 

Mission Institute- To be held here with Bishop James ^annon as 
orinclple sneaker, 18:2i:i; 
To be directed by Rev. C.B. Hounshell, 13:23:4; 
Hears Rev. H.K.King, 20:24:1; 

Mission School - ^o be held at Duke, 2i:i9:l. 

Mitchell, Broadus - To soeak In Durham or "The American 
Scene", 29:14:1. 

Mitchell, Frank K. - Added to faculty, English Deot. , 
Will take student to England, 24:25:4. 

Molze, Vivian - Added to faculty, 25:3:1. 

Moll tore, Mr. and I.Irs Edward - Picture, 27:20:1; 
Give concert here, 27:21:1; 
To sing here, picture, 29:i7:4; 
Prove very popular, 29:13:1. 

Moody, C.L. - Wins oratorical contest at Raleigh, 23:i9:3. 

Moore, Bishop John 'j-. - Addresses Preachers Institution, 
To deliver baccalaureate address, 17:30:1. 

Moore, Dr. Paul - To sneak at Trinity, 12:24:1. 

Moot Court - ?!eetlng to be held, 2:6:1. 

Moot Deixiocratic Convention - Plans formulated, 7:13:1; 
Control gained by Woodrow 'Vllson, 7:20:i. 

Monroe, Dr. Paul - Speaks to Columbia L. S. , 23:8:1. 

Montgomery, Dr.J.S. - -^'o nreach co-nmencement sermon, 

llordecai, Deari Samuel - 'Vrites book, 1:14:3; 
Completes two law works, 2:15:1; 
"Law Lecture" oublished, 2:23:1; 
Married to R. C.Kelley, 5^3:1; 
Gives law students a dinner, 8:6:1; 

Mordecal, Dean Samuel Fox (continued) 

Maintain perefect law examination, 1311:3; 

Recovering from serious illness, 23:20:1; 

Picture, 24:5:4; 

Shows little improvement, 24:11:1; 

Picture, 24:l3:i; 

Dies after long illness, 34:13:1. 

Mordecai Club - Lawyers form club, 24:14:1; 
Resolutions drawn up, 24:15:4. 

Morgan, Dr. G. Campbell - To give lectures here, 18:2:1; 
To give Benefactor's Day speaker, 16:3:1; 
Lectures on the Bible, 16:4:1; 
To address Preachers Institute, 17:20:1. 

Morgan, Irwin - Picture, 27:28:1. 

Morgan, J. A. - Given fellowship to Cornell, 3:21:1; 
Speaks to Historical Society, 6:10:10; 
Married, 6:16:1. 

Morrison, '^'ov. Clarence - Spoke to students, 21:9:1. 

Morse, Hon.W. Cr. - Is doing research on the Duke camnup, 

Moton, Major R. R. - Speaks on race relations, 16:22:3. 

Mount, G-eorge H. - Appointed to faculty, 20:2:1. 

Mountain boomer's Club - Meets, 5:8:1. 

MoujRon, Bishop Edwin D, - To conduct religious services, 
Sneaks to students, 25:23:1; 
Tq speak here, 27:21:1; 
Speaks at vespers, 27:22:1; 
Speaks on "What is Christlaiilty?" , 29:15:6;. 


Mouyon, Dr. J. C. - Added to faculty, 29'i:i. 

Mullin, Jim - ^'ootball, picture, 27: S: 3; 
Picture, 27:11:5. 

Mulo, Alfredo S. - •^o give recital, 28: 10:1. 

Mumford, GroveE S. - Taken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 16:10:1; 
'Vins Quinton Holton award, 16:16:3; 
Joins faculty, 24:16:1. 

Munyan, Ida - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:i9:i. 

Murchlson, Alton - Tapped by O.D.K., 29:30:1. 

Murnick, Mildred - Taken into Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11:1. 

Murray, Bill - ^ootball, picture, 25*8:5; 
Picture, 27:2:5; 
Picture, 27t23:l. 

Murray, Mrs.J.S. - Added to Union staff, 24:13:1. 

Murrow, E. R. - President of National Fed. of Students to 
address students, 27:4:1; 
Picture, 27:4:3. 

Musetun - Changes tsie place, 3: 16:1. 

Musical Clubs - Picture, 16:i«:l; 

To be headed by B. '.Y.Bprnard, 17:3:i; 

Eainbda Phi, first musical fraternity, organized at 

Trinity, 20:i0:i; 
Leaves on v/estern trip, 20:23:1; 
On Spring, tour, 23:29:1; 
To present concert, 24:i4:i; 

Cacaclty crowd hear musical concert, 24:l5:i; 
Present "Belle of Barulona", 25:29 1; 
Appear at Salem College, 27:10:1; ' 
Render corcert on campus, 27:12:1; 
Taken to ^Irglnla by Barnes and Leftwlch, 27:20:1; 
Presentiitlon of "Robin Kood" bring activities to a 

close, 27:30:1; 
Constitution written, 29:6:1; 
Fall tour, 29:ii:l; 
Present "IUge Cherry ^lossom", 29:29:1. 

Myers, Miss Ruth - Picture, 29: 17:1. 


Nash, George - Spe^i:s to Science Club, 5:2i:i. 

Neal, J.W. - Dies in hospital, 14:20-1. 

Neal, Tom - ^"'ootball, olcture, 17: 9: 1; 

Initiated Into Red Friars, 17:29:3; 
Captain of football team, picture, 1812:1; 
TIakes all-state football team, is:il:2; 
Basketball nlayer, picture, 18:i7:3; 
May play at Trinity, 19:2:1. 

Nelms, "argaret - Picture, 29:21:1. 

Nelson, Dr. E.W. - Of Cornell, added to faculty, 22:3:1; 
Spends summer In Italy, 28:7:4; 

Newbald, N.C. - Elected into ?hl Beta Kanpa, 16:20:3; 
Initiated Into Fhl Beta Kappa, 16:24:t. 

Newsora, D. W. - Spoke to Y.Ll.C.A.on "Onward State", 17:11:2; 

Newsom, D. W. (continued) 

Book"3onfe and Dreams" added to Southern literature, 

Nev/som, Dorothy - Elected into '/^hite D-achy, 28:31:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1; 
To be 1953 I.^ay ^ueen, picture, 29:20:3. 

Newsom, Eugene - Picture, 29:25:1; 
Tanned by O.D.K., 29:30:1; 
Tapped by Red Friars, 29:3i:i. 

Nersom, --U E. - Heads new drive for gym, 15:21:1; 
Addresses Y.M.C.A. , 14:23^1; 

One of publication heads for 1933-34, picture, 
29:31:1; Speaks at A. K. P. meeting, 28:i2:i. 

Newton, Rev.J. C.C. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 6:12:1. 

Newton, J.F. - ^o deliver commencement sermon, 28:29:1; 
Will make commencement speech, picture, 28:3i:i. 

Nicholson, B.B. - Sketch, 3^11: 3. 

Nicholson, ^. C. - Lectures to Science Club, 5*25:i. 

Nicholson, "aude - Taken into Phi Beta Kanna, 16:18:3; 
Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:24:1. 

Nielson, Dr.W.M. - Returns to faculty, 27:i5:i. 

1906 Men - V.Oiere they are now, 2:2:1. 

9019 - Initiates, i:8:l; 

Resolutions, 2:4:4; 

Initiates, 2:20:4; 

H.A. Pape sneaks at Civic 'Celebration, 2' 22:1; 

Picture, 3'2l:l; 

Holds reception, 3'2i:i; 

Holds initiation, 6:4:i; 

Holds initiations, 7:3:1; 

H.G.Hudson wins declaration contest, 7:13:1; 

President V*'. S.Poteat to address Trinity under "9019"ausolces, 

Dr. Poteat on "Patriotlsra" at annual 9019 civic cele- 
bration, 7:20:i; 

Has initiation, 8:20:i; 

Has banquet, 8:20:3; 

Announces high schools receiving nrizes, S:28:l; 

Initiates men, 9:4:1; 

20 hold declamation contest, 9:7:i; 

Does work among state schools, 9:11 :l; 

Many declamers for high school meet, 9: 12:1; 

Third declamation contest successful, 9:i3:i; 

9019 (contlnaedt 

Holds initiation, 9:20:3; 

Holds annual Initiation ceremony, 10:4:1; 

Declamation contest is won by Edmund ^urdick, 

Honor twenty-fifth anniversary, 10:S5!1; 
Holds initiation, li:3:i; 

Secures Dr. Fred Turner for civic celebration, Ii:i9:i; 
"olds initiation, 13=5:1; 

Initiates R. "\ Sanders and H.H.Jones, 13:23:1; 
And Eko-L hold banquet, 14:22:i; 
Resumes annual declajnation contert, 15^6:1; 
Holds regular initiation, 15:7:i; 

Eighth annual dec]amation aontest a success, 15:12:1; 
Elects: G.D. Harmon, H.Lefler, H.J. Herring, R.E.Thig- 

oen, 16:18:1; 
Elects: D.T.Ferrell, and L. W.Roonhardt, 16:22:1; 
Declajnation contest won by S.L.Blajiton, 17:12:1; 
Initiates six junior?, 13: 5; 4; 

Declaration contest won by Harold Aycock, 18:24:1; 
Takes in seven new members, 19:3:2; 
Declamation contest won Joe Auten, 20:26:1; 
>\llen Boren v/ins declaimers' medal, 21 : 20:1; 
Hears address by Dr. J.F. Crowell, 23:19:1; 
Declaration contest won by 'vViHiam Farthing, 

24: 18:1; 
Dr. F. P. Gaines to deliver annual address, 24''18:i; 
To establish memorial to John Spencer Bassett, 24:24=1; 
Initiates eleven Juniors, 25:7:1; 
22 men parrticipate in nineteenth axinual declajnation 

contest, 25:22:1; 
Declamation contest won Troxler Tnurman, 25:23:1; 
Takes in eleven new men, 28:i0:l; 

North Carolina Academy of Science - -^o meet at Trinity, 

4: 29: 1 • 
:!eeting held at Chanel ^'i]l, 7:28:1; 
To meet at Trinity, 19:28:1; 
Dr. Bert Cunningham elected president of N. C. Academy 

of Science, 21:28:1; 

North Carolina Conference - Hears Dr. R.L. Flowers and Dr. 
Spence, 18:23:3;. 

Norht Carolina Collegiate "'^ress Association - To hold next 
meeting at Trinlt:', 18:26:3; 

Josephus Daniels to sr.eak at seventh K.C.C.P.A. con- 
vention, 19:9:1; 

H.L.Hester, Chronicle representative, is elected president, 

Awards "Chronicle" a cud for beinp; best I'orth Carolina 
college paoer in 1926-27, 23:30:1; 

W.O.Saunders, editor of Elizabeth Citjz "Independent", to 
be chief speaker at meeting here, 24:27:1; 

Decide "Chronicle" and "Archive" best prbli Cfiticns of their 
type in the state, 24:29:1; 

R.H.Ellison and I.E.Harrlss are delegates from Duke, 25:7:1* 

North Carolina ^olleglate Press Association (continued) 
Delegates at Charlotte, picture, 25! 9: 3; 
Chronicle and Archive awarded cups for best publications, 

E.G.Thomas, Duke student, chosen as head for 1931-32, 

To hold convention at Duke, 28:5:1; 
To convene here, 29:6:1; 
J. Home Jr. speaks, 28:8:1; 
Dean Justin speais, 28:7:8; 

Archive wins first at N. C . C.P. A. meeting, 28:28:1; 
To meet at V/ake Forest, 29:6:7; 
Meeting held at Wake orest, 29:7:1; 
Louis I.Jaffe to speak at meeting, 29:i5:i. 

North Carolina Conference - Ileets in Durham, 4:13:1; 
Is given reception by Trinity, 4:14:1. 

North Carolina Educational Association - Elects Professor 
A.M. Proctor president of higher educntion division, 

Norht Carolina Folk Lore Society - Elects Frank C.Brown sec- 
treasure for 16th consecutive year, 22:i2:i. 

North Caro?-lna Literary and Historical ^ociety - Addressed 
by Dr.IIlms, 4:5:2. 

North Carolina Scientific Society - Has successful session, 9:30:1. 

North Carolina Student Federation - To meet here, 27:28:1. 

North, H.M. - Soeaks before Y.1.:.C.A. , 3:6:1; 
Address^? Y.M.C.A. , 4:5;1; 
And C.L-Blvens lead discussion in ^'ortnightly Club, 

Of Raleigh holds revival, 6:17:4; 
Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 17:18:6;. 

Norwood, Dr. Frederick W. - Tq give commencement sermon, 
To deliver Baccalaureate address, 17:30:1. 

Noyes, Alfred - To lecture at "^rinity, 11:10:1. 

Nu Sigma Nu - National medical fv-aternity, established 
on campus, 27:19:1. 


Obituaries - W. G-arrott Bj.o'vr dies, 9:7:4; 
"Uncle" Jack oasses away, li:S:i; 
Professor W. F. Gill dies, 13:7:1; 
Dr. J.J. Wolfe dies at commencement, 16:i:l; 
Captain E.J.Parrish dies, 16:7:1; 

Obituaries (continued) 

Uncle Jeff Adams dies, 19:25tl; 

Joe Ruff dies, 19:28:1; 

James B. Duke dies after long illness, 2i:4:i; 

Miss Laura Gill dies, 2i:i6:l; 

Victor Pendergranh dies, 24:i2:i: 

Samuel Fox !:orclecai dies after long Illness, 24:i3:i; 

John S.Passett killed in Washington, 24:i6:l; 

Dr. '.V. H.pegram, beloved faculty member, dies, pic- 
ture, 24:39:1; 

Mrs. Frank C.Ero\m, wife of Duke coraotroller, dies, 

Mrs.K. B.ratterson, wife of Duke orofessor, dies, 

B.N. Duke dies, 25'14:i; 

Henry Chaoman killed in auto accident, picture, 

Jaiaes Jolinson killed in auto accident, picture, 

H. D. Eurry killed in auto accident, picture, 27:8:1; 

H.C.Zachary, student, dies from pneumonia, 27:16:1; 

Lawi^ence Lawless dies in auto accident, 27:28:1; 

S.C.Jones dies in auto accident, 27:28:1; 

John Franklin Crowell dies, 28:i:i; 

Helen Fanning killed, 28*1:?; 

R. M. Bradshaw dies, 28: 17: 1; 

Dr.'.Villlam J. H. Cotton dies of heart attack, 29*1:1; 

Earle W. V^ebb, Duke soohmore, dies of Pneumonia, 

Funeral of I.!rs. E. B. Schealer held, 29:28:1. 

O'Brien, Mr.W. T. - Dies, 1:5:3. 

O.D.K. - Initiates T.E.Wagg, 22:e:1; 

Initiate^ FArman !'cLarty, 32:5:1; 

Initiates W. A. Mabry, 22: 5: 1; 

Initiates S.D. Bundy, 22:5:1; 

Initiates W. A. Biggs, 22:5:1; 

Iniates C. C. '.Vaaver, 22: 5: 1; 

Hears soeach by Dr. Bruce Payne, -oresident of Peabody 

College, 23:51:1; 
Elects Robert Bruton, Harry Bivons, Ray Carpenter, 

C. A. Klrkoatrick, And K. E.Newsome, 24:5:1; 
To hepr Gk) v. Angus ^.McLean, 24:29:1; 
Advlson of local chapter if Frank C.Brown, picture 

with active memebers, 24:31:1; 
Renresentative from I^ke is Joe Carruthers, Dicture, 

Dr. FrankC. Brown elected vice president of O.D.K. , 

Elects, 25:31:1; 
Elects, 27:10:1; 

Dr. Frank C.Brown elected national president, 27:20:1; 
Dean W. . V/annerraaker speaks, picture, 28:8:1; 
Elects, 29: 12:1; 

O.D.K. (continued) 

Dr. J. vV. Shepardson raalnes address at convention, 29:20:1; 
Dr. G-eorge Long, of University of Alabama, elected pres- 
ident of O.D.K. , 29:2l:i; 
Elects, 29:30:1. 

Oliver, Hal A. - ^o edit Archive next (1923-24) year, 

Oliver, Dr. John Rathbone - Speaks to medical students, 28*14:1. 

Oratorical Contest - State contest won by '.Y.R. Shelton, 

11*28:1; „r,.. 

W.R. Shelt(y alternate for national contest, ll:PV'-i, 
^.Harmon Is Trinity's Peace Contest speaker, 15:26:1; 
C.L.Moody wins at Raleigh, 23-19:3; 
Everett 'Veathersooon rehires ents Duke in state contest, 

25: 7: 1; 
Everett Weatherspoon wins second r>lace, 25*8:1; 
Won by Arhtur Koffler, 28:32:1; 

Orchestra - lilakes its debut, 1*2*'3; 

Glee club and orchestra to take trip, l!6:l; 
And glee club on eastern trip, ;^Jli:i; 

Oraond, Professof J.!.!. - Tq return to Trinity, 19:10:1; 
Picture, 24*551. 

Osborne, Professor ^J. E. - Added to law school faculty, 27:23:1. 

Orraond, Loys Edv/ards - Dies, 6*1:1. 

Oser, David - T© direct Blue Devil in Belgium this summer, 

Ostrom, Rev.J.C. - Speaks to Y.II.C.A. on "Japan Situation", 

Otis, James - Tapped by O.D.K., 29:30:i. 

Overman, Senator L.3. - Speaks to Democratic Club, 12:5:1. 

Ownbey, Sara - Picture, 28:31:1. 


Paate, Dr. E.^. - Added to faculty of medical school, 29*i:i. 

Paderewskl, I. - T© play here in anuary, 27:6'1; 
To appear here," 2?'7:3; 
To play here, 27:12:1; 

Paderewskl, Ignaz (continued) 

Plays tomorrow night, picture, 27:i3:i; 
Plays before large audience, 27 ! 14:1. 

Page, Llajor F.P. - '^'o condact Trinity military program, 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 13:25*3; 

Page, R.N. -.i^akes gubernationial campaign soeech here, 

Page, Walter Hines - "^o visit Trinity, 8;245l; 

Honored by memorial established at "^ohns Hopkins, 

20* 21:1; 
Organized first fraternity at Trinity, 2i:i4:i; 
Life at Trinity, 21*19:1. 

Pan-Hellenic Council - Accents new rules, 10:8:1; 

Plans campaign for fraternity houses, 18:20:3; 

Sponsors dance, 24^1351; 

To be headed by "^ake Sullivan and Bill Parker, 29=31:1; 

Parham, R. A. - Sleeted president of Y.M.CA. , 15:22:4. 

Parker, Wmiam - Tq head Pan-Hellenic council, 29:31:1. 

Pa^^ker, Dr. F.N. _ Lectures at Trinity, 6:l8:i; 
Lectures at Trinity, 6:27:1; 
Soeaks to Fortnightly Club, 8=8:1; 
To preach to students, 8:26:3; 
Preached college sermon, 9:6:1; 
Soeaks to Y.I'.C.A. , 10:4:2; 
Addresses students, 17:6:2. 

Parker, Glenn - Baritone, well received on campus, 27 6:i. 

Parker, Dr. J.N. - Conducts annual revival, 11:17:1. 

Parker, I-Iiss I.Iargaret - Picture, 29:17:1. 

Parker, T.F. - Makes speech on Benefactor's Day, 6:5:1. 

Parkhurst, Iittss Ilary - Picture, 29:17:1. 

Parrish, Captain E.J. - '^ies, 16:7:1. 

Parrot, Dr. J. - Added to medical school faculty, 29:1:1. 

Pascall, Sidney W. - Cruest at Duke luncheon, 28:li:i. 

Pasteur, Louis - Is subject of speech by Dr. W. '.V. Keen, 
Pasteur school planned by Duke, 24*24:1. 

Patillo, N. A. - Appointed to faculty, 20: 2:1. 

Patter, Profes.= or Fred ^. - Of University of Fenn, lectures 
on !!ark Twain and American ttomance, ?4:26:i; 
Lectures on Marie Twain, 24:27:1. 

Patterson, C. - Elected into White Duchy, 28:3i:i. 

Patterson, Professor E.B. - Added to faculty, 16'i:i; 
'Vrltes on astronomy, 17'17:3. 

Patterson, Dr. - Of University of TTorth Carolina, lectures to 
Crowell Scientific Society, 13:i4:i. 

Patterson, !.!rs.K.B. - V/ife of Duke professor, dies, 25'8:4. 

Patterson, R. LI. - Elected oresdlent of *^olumbia Lit.^ociety, 

Pat ton, Judge James J. - Addresses Duke students, 29J7:6. 

Patton, Lewis - Added to faculty, English dept. , 22:4:1. 

Patten, Lt.N.M. - Returns frora oversea duty, 14:i5:l. 

Payne, Dr. Bruce I. - President of Feabody college, speaks at 
O.D.K. celebration, 23:31:1. 

Payne, S.R. - ?^eceives Dr. of Laws from Trinity, 13:2:1. 

Peabody, Dr. F. G. - Speaks to Y.M.G.A. , 9:l7:i. 

Peacock, Helen - -^eader in I'lusicsl '^lubs' presentation of 
"Robin Hood", 27:29:1. 

Peacock, Roger -.Elected captain of golf team, 28:31:5; 
Picture, 29*27:6. 

Pearse, Dr.A.S. - Aooointefl to faculty, zoology dept., 23*16:1; 

Returns after year of research in Africa and London, 

Internationally Icnown biologist, 24:ii:i; 

Lectures at Elon, 24:ii:i; 

Is under auspices of Carnegie foundation, 25:5:3; 

And Dr. F. Gr. Hall are co-authors of book "Homolotherlsm", 

To erect research lab in Keio Institute in Japan, 25:23:3; 

Returns from Orient, 27:2:3; 

Returns to Duke, picture, 27:7:4; 

Lectures "before freshmen, 27:22:3; 

Returns from Tortugas, , 28:i:i; 

Speaks at Davidson, 28*11:1; 

With Dr. F.H.Hall studied tropical animal life in Yu- 
catan, 29:1:6;. 

Pearson, Dr. Gilbert - -^o lecture at meeting I.'orth Carolina 
Academy at Trinity, 4:29:1. 

Peary, Rear-admiral Robert E. - Tq deliver commencement ad- 
dress, 8:22:1. 

Peele, Talmage - Taken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11:1. 

Peele, W. W. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 7:5:2; 
Appointed to faculty, 115 1:1; 

Appeals to students to Join army and Christ, 12:28:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 16: 20; 3; 
Inlated into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:24*1; 
Gives series of lectures to students, 19:i7:i. 

Pegram, Dr. Gr.B. - Finds lost rr.dlam, 2:i5:i; 
Lectures on "Relativity", 15:27:i; 
Speaks at Sigma XI banquet, 29:25*1. 

Pegrajn, J. E. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 4*23:1; 
Spoke to Y.I.I.C.A. , 14:i8:i. 

Pegram, Professor ^^. H. - Sneaks to Science Club, 7:5:1; 
Speaks to Science Club, 8:22:i; 
Clves course in elocution to seniors, i:6:l; 
Resigns as secretary of the faculty, 6:i:i; 
Speaks to Science ^lub, 6:6:1; 
Sneak? to N.C. Academy of Science, 6: .30:1; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A., e:2i:4; 

Chanticleer dedicated to Dr. Pegram, 11 : 30:1; 
Receives Dr. of Laws from Trinity, 13:2:1; 
Returns to Trinity, I?:i3:i; 
Speaks on "History of Science in Trinity ^ollege", 

Honored at banquet by Rotary ^lub, 18:9:1; 
Picture, 13:16:1; 

Long active at Duke, picture, 24*19:4; 
Dies, picture, 24:29:1. 

Pell, Dr.E.L. - Speaks at chapel, 17:22:3. 

Pend rgraph, Victor - Dies, 24:i2:l. 

Peppier, Dr. - Speaks on Aristotle, 16:22*3; 
Speaks on Greek drama, 13:22:4; 
Talks on "Labyrinth of Crete" before Classical Club, 

On sabbatical leave, 24:2:1; 

Returns from a year of sabbatical leave in Greece, 25:3:1; 
Appointed to Athens, Greece, 29:30:1. 

Pennington, J. G. - Initiated into Red Friai-, 17:29:3. 

Perkins, Judge 'Villi am R. - To address body at formal opening 
of Bar Association, 29:4:4; 
Speaks at Bar Ass., 29:5:4; 

President of Duke Endovnnent greets law men, 29:6:1; 
Address, 29:6:4. 

Perrow, E.G. - And R.^. Sessions are aw-.rded fellowships at 
Harvard, 2*29:4. 

Ferry, H. 3. _ Added to faculty, 29:i:l. 

Peterson, Segred - Picture, 29:21:1. 

Phi Beta Kappa, - V^ill grant charter to Trinity, 15:i:i; 
installation arranged, 15:13:1; 
To be installed here, 15:16:1; 
Gov.T.V/.Bickett, Dr. Few, and D. Glasson spoke at Phi 

Beta Kappa fxercise, 15*24:1; 
Installed, 15*24:1; ^ «.>, ^^ 

Elects 5 C.H.Benson, H.E.Fisher, S.'^.^olton, G. a.llumford, 

B.E.'A'alton,M. E.V/igslns, 16:10:1; 
Elects: Maude Nicholson, Irene Pitts, R. T. Dundtan, O.L. 

Richardson, 5. B. Hathaway, 16:18:3; 
Elects'Dr. F.C.Brown, N.C.Newbold, Rev. W. W.Peele, and W.M. 

M,,rr, ie:20:3; „ „ ^. 

Initiates Nicholson, Pitts, DinstM., Richprdson, Hatnaway, 

I'.ai-r, Peele, Branch, Ilewbold, Brown, 16:24:1; 
Initiates Anne Land, Ilary Smith, Paul Best, L.W.Crawford, and 

SteiDhen Steward, 18'20:i; 
To hear Dr.W.W.Keen, 18:26:1; ^ „, ^, 

Elects: L.C.Cole, Kargaret arvey, a. T.Rowe, C.W.Plyer, 

H.!!. North, L.I.Jaffe, Dr. CO. Fisher, 17:18:6; 
P.B.K.''ay to be featured by Jane Adriam's address, 17:23:1; 
Elects^ T. Cannon, Ora Deyton, Velma Deyton, Lucy Glasson, 

I. Crulledge, H. T. Hgrdoway , Charles Hatley, Chesley Huchins, 

M. Kale, C.B.^arl'Jiam, Ida Munyan, J.'Vlggins, 20:i9:i; 
Professor Irving Bab>'itt delivei-s address, 21:23-1; 
Elects: Mary Vaughn, R.B.Salisbury, D. E.Kir^atrick, C.W. 

HunterT P. H. Fields, R. C-. Tawson, Blanclae Clarke, and 

William Anderson, 22:9:1; 
To hear Dr. d. G. Wilson of ^flj-vard, 23*20:1; 
Hears Dr. Wilson's speech on "Readjustment of 'orld ^elation' , 

23 : 24: 1* 

To hear talk by Dr. H. ''. Chase, U.K.C. president, 24:27:1; 

Hear talk by Dr. Christian C-auss, dean of Princeton, 25:25:1; 

Elects' Llary Walker, C, F. Brethall, R.J.Blsson, Clarice ^owman, 
W.A.CTee, Dr. A. I>I. Proctor, Dr. E.J. Hawk, Dr. E. Russell , Dr. 
C.B.Hoover, 27:18:1; 

Address made by Dr. E. J. G-oodspeed of Chicago, 27:22:1; 

Address by Dr. ^oodspeed, picture, 27:23:1; 

Eugene Kuchneraann speaks, 28:25:1; 

Elects: iJi. (^lasson, A. G. Douglass, H. A. Wyun. A. M.Gaddls, H.L. 
Dein, J. Levin, R. Vaughan, G.Power, D.S. Clarke, D.^^ewsom, 
M.C.Ward. W.Karninsky, CLund^iren, G.Fletcher, ". Kolbe, 
and L. S. vickers, 29:7:1; 

Sir Francis V/ylie speaks, 29:19:1; 

To have Dr. D. Clay Lilly as speaker at semi centennial ban- 
quet, 24:27:1;. 

Phi Eta Sigma - l^ational honorary freshman scholastic fraternity 
installed on camnus, 28:30:1; 
Members hear De^m Amold and Prof, ^olich at banquet, 29:24:1. 

Picture (continued) 

Stadium, 23*32:7; 

^eating olant, 24*3'4; 

East campus, 24J25J4; 

Campus and new stodium, 25ti:5; 

Proposed stadium, 25:4*5; 

Hospital, (brace shop), 27:18:4; 

Founders Dpy, 28:5:1; 

Duke University Chanel, 29^1:7; 

Law school and library, 2916:4; 

West camnus, 29:9B:4; 

Archeologlcal collection of W.G.Polk, Duke soph, 29:30:2; 

Stadium, 29:30:8. 

PI Epsilon PI - Local fraternity organized, 22:9:i; 
New local frat. , organized, 22-9:1. 

Pierce, Ovid - Elected editor of Archive, 27:27:i. 

Pierce, Miss Martha - Picture, 29!l7:i. 

PI ICapoa Aloha - Has outing, 6:1354; 
Initiates, 4:18:1; 
Initiates, 2:i9:l;. 

Pillow, Dorthy - Picture, 24:9:3. 

Plnnlx, Isabelle - Elected secretary of senior class, 4*5:2: 

Pitts, Irene - Taken into Phi Beta Knopa, 16:18:3; 
Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:24:1. 

Plaine, Major W. C. - •'•'ells of war experiences, 13:i8:i. 

Plyler, Rev. A. W. - Elected tc Phi Beta Kappa, 17:18:6; 
Establishes Robert E.Lee award, 18:3:1. 

Plyler, Rev. LI. T. - Speaks to ^esDerla Society, 19:5:4. 

Poe, C.H. - Speaks tc students on Orient, 6:23:i. 

Polk, "William G. - Duke soph, owns rare archeologlcal col- 
lection, picture, 29: 30:2. 

Poole, H. 3. - Injured in auto accident, 25:12:1. 

Pool, Dr.XO-. - Speaks to students, 21:26:1. 

Pope, Gr.P. - Elected business manager of Chronicle, 1:19:2; 
Elected president of senior class, 2:i:4. 

Pope, H.A. - Speaks at Civic Celebration, 2:22:1. 

Pope, Listen - Candidate for T?residency of Y.M.CA. , 34:25:1; 
Elected Y.M.C.A. president, 24:23:1; 

Pope, Listen (continued) 
Picture, 34:?8:i; 
To edit Chanticleer, 24:30:1; 
Picture, 25:2:4; 

Y.M.C.A. president, picture, 25:13:1; 
Red Friar, picture, 25:30:1. 

Porreca, Nick - FootT^all, picture, 29:9B:2. 

Porter, Charles W. - Footbell, picture. 20: 11 : 4; 
On honeymoon, 21:25:1. 

Porter, Paul - '^'o speak here, picture, 27:20:1. 

Poteat, Dr.MCNeil - SpeaJcs at vespers, 26:3:1. 

Post Office - Tp open, 7:7:1. 

Poteat, Dr. E. McNeil - Speaks in chanel on the "baptism of 
John", 29:4:6; 

Poteat, Dr.v:. 3. - ^o address Trinity, "9019" auspices, 
7: 18:1; 
On "Patriotism" at annual 9019 civic celebration, 7:2031; 
Chosen head of N.C. colleges, 2l:l3:i; 
To speaic here, 24: 17:1. 

Powell, Een - In charge of circulation denartraent of library, 
Crives course in general library science, 29:3:3. 

Powell, Howard P. - Elected president of freshmen class, 

Pover, Gordon Ci. - Taoped by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1; 
Businesp manager of Chanticleer, picture, 29:16:2; 
Picture, 29:22:1; 
Red Friar, picture, 29:30:i. 

Pou, James H. - ^enef ^^ctors Dpy sneaker, 13:3:1; 

Pleads for sucessful war in address, 13:4:1. 

Prayer "eeting - Held every evening by ladies of women's 
building, 2:3:1. 

Presson, H.L. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 25:11:1. 

Presson, Hiss Irene - Auto victim, still in hospital, 24:13:1. 

Price, LIr. Guy - Writes on "orld Peace, 28:14:1. 

Price, L^iss Irene - Shows oil paintings, 29:18:1. 

Pritchard, Judge J.C - Speaks to 9019, 6:20:1; 
V/ill speak at Trinity, e:i7:l. 

Proctor, A.M. - ■^lect.ed president of Junior class, 4!3:i; 
Issues Y. handbook with. L.Herbln, 4:i:l. 

Proctor, Professor A.-U. - 'Vill head suminer school, 23:19:3; 
Announces summer school plans, 23:22:1; 
Elected president of higher education depart^ient, N.C. 

Educational Association, 23124:1; 
Elected into Phi Beta Kanpa, 27: 13:1. 

Fsi I^elta Sigma - -ocal fraternity granted charter by 3.A.E. - 
National, 27:13:1; 
To be Installed as 3.A. E. fraternity group, 27:17:1. 

Publications - New publication fee nlan to be presented to the 
Trustees, 13:7:6; 

Control of publications given up by seniors and lit- 
erary clubs, 23: 14:1; 

New plans presented to trustees, 23:20:1; 

Publication board advises lower exnences, 24:i0:i;. 

Pupln, Dr.lM. - Addresses alumni of New York city, 21:19:1. 

Quadrangle Picture-s - Caicpus theater opened, 34*16:1; 
Secures new Vitaphone set, 27*1:1; 
To install best sound equipment In N.C, 29:30:3. 

R.O.T.C. - Starts regular drills at Trinity, 14^10:2; 
Major i^. Crawford in charge, 14:i5:i; 
V/lll start to work, 15:i:i; 
Offers advantages, 15:2:1; 
Officers for vear announced, 15:7:1; 
Unit to enter rifle contest, 15:i6:i; 
Plans reception, 15:21:1. 

Rabe, LIrs Allen Thompson - ^o appear in Page Auditorium, 27:8:1; 
Give s recital, 27:9:1. 

Ragan, Virginia - New Y.vV.C.A. president installed, 28:26:1. 

Raleigh Male ^horus - Picture, 28:26:3;. 

Ramsey, ^ev. speaks to students, 19:9:1. 

Randall, Dr.J.H. - ^^o give comr^^^ehcement sermon, li:29:i. 

Rankin, Dr. ■^bert S. - Class exhibits voting machine, 
To be assistant dean of graduate school, 25:2:i; 

Rankin, Dr.^obert S. (continued) 

Helps to srionsor newly formed International relations 

club, 25:9:1; 
Speaks on "The Party System in Politics", 29:7:4; 
Delivers oaper at Atlanta T^olltical meeting, 25:19:1; 
Reoresents Duke at -lational Convention of American 

Political Science, 29:14:3; 

Rankin, Dr. W. S. - Lectures on health, 11:24:1; 
Writes of Duke foundation, 2i:29:i; 

Ratchford, Dr.B.U. - Added to faculty, 25:3:1; 

Duke economist, discusses Ranking situation, 29:22:1; 

Raymond, Lois - Added to faculty, 29:i:l. 

Reade, R.P. - Elected head of Duke Alumni Ass., 28:14:1. 

Red Friar Order - Seven men selected, 9:31:1; 
Initiates new members, 16:30:1; 
Tap new members, 17:29:3; 
Tap new members, 18:30:1; 
Tap Marshall Pickens, 20:3*3; 
Sleet new members, 23-31:1; 

Dr. R. L. ^lowers will preside over tapping ceremonies, pic- 
ture, 24:32:1; 
Elect new members, 25:31:1; 
New members, picture, 27:28:1; 
Takes in seven new men, 27:29:1; 
Tap new men, 28:29:1; 
New members, olcture, 29:30:i; 
Tap seven new men, 29:31:1; 

Rehder, T^iss Jesple - Picture, 20:3i:5. 

Reld, Dr. C.F. - Sneaks to students on China, 8:9:1. 

Reinsch, Dr. Paul - Delivers series of lectures on citizenship, 

Requirements - ^f S.I. A. A., 1:6:3. 

Resolutions ^ Of Columbia Literary Society, 2^2:4; 
Of 9019, 2:4:4;. 

Revival - Conducted by Dr.Kllgo, 1:7:1; 
Conducted by (J. T.Rowe, 7:17:1; 
Meetings held for past week, 9:18:1; 
Dr. E.K.McLarty held successful revival, 10:17:1; 
Conducted by Dr. J. N. Parker, 11:17:1; 
Closed by Dr. F. N. Franklin, li:i^:l; 
To be conducted by Rev. :.l. Bradsloaw, 12-17:1; 
R. S. Truesdale to conduct annual i-evival, 13:i7:i; 
Annual revival underway, 13-13:1; 
Dr. C.CJ. Chappell to hold revival liere, 15:15^1; 
Dr. Chappell closes revival, 15:17:1; 

Revival (continued) 

Conducted by Dr.E.K.l.IcLarty, 16;i3:3; 

Conducted by Dr. P. T. Durham, 17:7:1; 

Dr. Durham's closes revival, I7:l3:i; 

To be conducted by Dr. ^eorge Stoves, 13:7:3; 

To be headed by Dr. ^eorge Steves, 13:ii:i; 

RevivaJ. conducted by Dr. Stoves well attended, 18:12:1; 

Dr. Ashley Chapell to hold revival at Trinity, 19:10:i; 

Dr. Chapell opens revival, 19:1311; 

Dr. Chapell brings revivals to dramatic close, 19:14:1; 

To be conducted by Dr. K. T. Sentner, 20:16:1; 

Dr. E. Sooer to begin revival on campus, 21 : 10:1; 

To be conducted by Bishop E.D. ^!ouyon in !:arch, ?3:i5!3; 

Dr. Ivrn Lee Holt leads revival, 24'li:l; 

To be conducted by Dr. "'. Aiken Smart, picture, 25^17:1; 

Dr. Smart of Emory University hold? revival, 25:18:1; 

'^'o be lead by Dr. H. H. Crane, oicturej 29:ii:i; 

Rexford, W. T. - -Carries, 2:i3:i. 

Rhine, J.B. - Ad-ied to faculty, 25:3:1;. 

Rhodes Scholarship - C.R.Bagley passes exams, 12^11:1; 
v;. Eryon Eollch wins, 16:3:1; 
C.R.Bagley sends Information about Rhodes Scholarship, 

Bryan Bolich to try for Rhodes Scholarship, 19:5:2; 
Charles R^^Bagley to try for scholarship, 19:5*2; 
Jackson, radshaw, and Bridgers represent Duke, 19:6:1; 
'Y.E. Bolich writes of Riiodes Scholarship, 19:10:2; 
Duke candidates fall to get scholarship, 21;13:i; 
Rhodes scholar from N.C. to be Eurman McLarty, 23:i3:l; 
F.McLarty of Duke pictures life of Oxford, 25:4:1;; 
Duke CG-ndldntes are Hester, Rogers, Truesdale, Tut tie, 

<d>^ I >^ . 1 ; 
aiven to D.E. Muggins of U.N.C., 25:i3:i; 
Grady Frank s .lis for England, 27:2:1; 
Committee Intervles Stanbury, Livengood, and -arshall, 

Diake representatives, 27:10:1; 
Merriman Cunninggim is Duke applicant, 29:6:6; 
C.K.^radsher is Duke applicant, 29:6:6: 
Grady C.Frank winning distinction,,at Oxford, 29:7:1; 
Bradsher and Cunninggim are I^ike representatives, 29:i2:i; 
Cunninggim gets scholarship, picture, 29:13:1; 

Rice, Dr. Frank - Speaks to Chemistry ""lub, 2i:23:i; 

Rice, Rev.^^. S. - -^o deliver commencement sermon, picture, 

To sneak at commencement, 29:30:2. 

Rich, Cciptaln C.T. - Speaks on war situation, 12:28:i. 

Richardson, O.L. - Taken into Phi Beta Kapna, 16^18:3; 
Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 16:24:1. 

Richardson, P. - Picture, 28:30:3. 

Rlis, Jacob - Tq deliver commencement address, 6*23:1. 

F.lppy, Dr. J. Fred - Joins lal story denartment, 2i:30:i; 
Added to faculty, 23*2:1; 
Invited to soeak before historical society of Louisiana, 

Addresses International delations conference, 23^17:1; 
Receives tvo research fellowships, 23*17:6; 
Speaks to Rotarians, 23*23:1; 
Sails for Europe, 23:3i:i; 
Picture, 24:9:4; 

Starts on Jounney to South American countries, 24122:1; 
^olds •juggenheiaer fellowship, 24-24:4; 
Picture, 25:2:1; 

■■•'ells of experiences in Columbia, South America, 25:2:i; 
Will speak to graduate cTub, 25:7:1; 
Speaks to graduate club, 25:8:1; 
Sponsors International Relations club, 28:9:i; 
Speaks on Fan Americanism, 25-11:2; 
Speaks on ^Jlexlcan affairs, 25*22:1; 
Speaks to co-eds on ^atln America, 27:4:i; 
V/rltes book, 28:4:4; 
Completes new book, 29:5:3; 

V/rites article for "South Atlantic Quarterly-", 29:7:3; 
Speaks to co-eds on nresent problems, 29:14*3; 
TalkG to co-eds on foreign affairs, 29:i5:i; 
Speaks on "Debts Owed In this Country by the Latin 

American States", 29:16:1; 
Latest book, "Hiptorical Evolution of Hisoonlc America", 

receives riraise, 29:16:1; 
^eads ^ke press in nublishing many volumes, 29:30:3; 
Speaker at Conference on Hispanic American affairs, 29:31 :i. 

Ritter, R.C, _ Apnointed to faculty, 20:2:i. 

Robert E.Lee^Award - V'on by "Kid" Brewer, 23:32:1; 
Won by ^harles Bradsher, 29:31:1; 

Roberts, Dr. Christopher - "^harges 'technocrats deal in necra- 
many and mythology, 29:16:1. 

Roberts, Dr. Lindsay - Lectures on labor relations, 16:27:3. 

Roberson, Mias Kathleen - Picture, 29:17:1. 

Robeson, 0. A. - Selected business manager of Chanticleer, 

Robinson, Professor D.M. - '•'^o speak here, 12:26:1; 
Lectures, 12:27*1. 

Robinson, J. A. - Speaks to Quill Club, 10:10:1. 

Robinson, Senator J.T. - To deliver commencement address, 2i:29:i, 

Robinson, Dr. Stewart - To adlress those interested in Journalism, 
Sr.eaks to Chronicle staff about Journalism'^ 24:2i:i. 

Rodgers, Evelyn - Elected Into Tnlte I>u.chy, 28:3i:i;. 

Rogers, ^ames G. - Mslste^t secretarj- of st-^te, to deliver 
commencemont address, 29: 29:1; 
Will make commencement s-oeech, picture, 28:31:1;. 

Rogers, Will - Says "Duke's his school", 2i:24:i. 

Rogers, 'V. S. - Aike candidate for Rhodes scholarship, 25;5tl. 

Roosevelt, President Theodore, - Receives Trinity ball team, 

Roper, Daniel C. - Duke alunonus , chosen for F.D.Roosevelt's 
cabinet, 29:21:4. 

Rosenberg, ^^.^. - Taken in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25:ii:i. 

Rosky, Buzz - Football, oicture, 27:3:5. 

Ross iter, ^arry - Football, picture, 29:9B:2; 
Picture, 29:93:3; 

Nominee for president of student government, 29*25:1; 
Picture, 29:25:1; 
Picture, 23:27:6; 

Rostajid - ^Is play "Cyrano De 6er^:erac" to be presented by 
Taurians, 20:31:1. 

Rotary '^lub - Elects Dean W. H. V/annamaker president, 20:28:3; 
Invites Duke students who are sons and daughters of 

Rotarlans, to luncheon, 21 : 18:1; 
"ears speech by Dr. "^.^red Rlppy, 23:23'1; 
Hear J.'S.Dradway and v;. K. v/anna-maker, 28:3:4. 

Rothlnslis, 'V.J. - To coach at Trinity, 15:6:1. 

Roussel, Rev. - Sneaks an appeal for ^ ranch protestants, i:23:i. 

Rousseau, W. H. - •'•o manager -Chronicle, 25:29:1; 
Elected into O.D.K., 25:31:1. 

Rowe, Dr. G-. T. - •^lected to Phi Seta ^^appa, 17:13:6; 
Is minister for annual revival, 3:18:1; 
Speaks at T^ethodlst Church, 6: 2?: 2; 
Conducts Y.!!.C.A. revival, 7:17:1; 
Added to faculty, 25:3:1;. 

Royal Russian Chorus - Picture, 26:22:1. 

Royster, Dr. J.R. - Speaks to ^'ortnlghtly ""lub, 9:28:2. 

Rozzelle, C.E. - Elected vice president of Columbia Literary 
Society, 7:16:1. 

Ruff, Joe - Dies, 19:23:1; 

Is eulogized by II. C.Bar, 19:29:2;. 
Won Croix de G-uerre, 14:is:i. 

Russell, Dr. Elbert - Opens commencement with Baccalaureate ad- 
dress, 23:32:1;' 

Picture, 24:e:l; 

With South 'American goodv.^.ll group, 24:i3:i; 

Reports succdssful South American trip, 24:15:1; 

To" talk on recent tour, 24:16:1; 

To srieak against Kavy legislation, 24:17:1; 

Delivers address at N.C.C'.V. , 25:10:6; 

Picture, 27:2:i; 

Elected Into Fhl Beta Kappa, 27:18:1; 

Speaks to students, 23:i:i; 

Addresses H.C. Laundry Ass., 28:2:3; 

Speaks at vespers, 28:8:1; 

Speaks to students, 28:2i:i; 

Invited by ^ov. J. Q-. Pollard of Va. to attend celebration of 
the religious life of Oeorge Washington, 29:5:4; 

To speak at Methodist Conference to be held here, 29:6:1; 

Speaks on "Omnipresence of &od", 29:10:6; 

r'akes plans for Institute on world problems here, 29:23:S; 

Russell, !.!lss I'orcla Rachel - Engagement announced, picture, 25: 
_ • o , « 

Russell, Nannie - Chronicle sponsor, picture, 1S:30:1. 


Sabiston, I'lss Dorothy - Elected president of student body, 

pT t OT • -1 , 
U/±. • LJ.L, • JL , 

Heads co-ed student government, 21^23:1. 

Salnte Amand, Emlle - Elected cantaln of boxing team for 1930, 

Salisbury, Richard E. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 22:9:1. 

Sample, P.L. - Elected business manager of Chronicle, 12: 

3a.ndburg, Carl - To present orogram of original verse, 
Spoke here, Picture, 25:26:1. 

Sanders, V,'. K. - Editor of Chronicle, 2:32:1. 

Sanderson, J.O. - Selecteo Chronicle business manager, 

Satterfleld, B.I. - Made business manager of Chronicle, 
On Trinity debating tesjn, 17:16:1. 

Saunders, V/. 0. - Editor of Elizabeth City "Independent" to 
be chief speaker at N.C.C.P.A. meeting here, 24:27:1. 

Savage, E. S. - Wins sophmore debate prize, 8:24:e. 

Savage, Joe - Father killed in accident, 24:li:i; 

Elected riresident of student government, r)icture, 25:26:1; 
Elected to O.D.K. , 25:31:1: 
Chosen by Red Friars, 25:3i:i. 

Saylor, J- K. - Added to faculty, 25:3:1. 

Scanlon, lUlss !!argaret - '''Ins beauty contest, 17:8:1. 

Schealer, I^rs. Evelyn B. _ Funeral held, 29:28:1. 

School of Religion - Plans made for opening, 22:2:1; 
To have formal opening, 22:5:1; 

Opens next week - Pr-R. V/. Sockman opens program, 22:7:1; 
Prominent men listed on faculty, 22:8:1; 
Dr. E. D. Soper, dean, nicture, 22:8:1; 
Dr. Soper to head School of Religion, 21 -1:1; 
Faculty, picture, 25:32:7; 
Loses Deaii E. D. Soper who becomes prexy of Ohio '.lethodist 

College, 25:l:l; 
Third onening - Dr.Hai'vle Branscomb delivers address, 

Hears address by Dr. James Cannon, III , 29:2:1; 

Science Club - Hears ^lower's lectiire on Simon llewcomb, 5:5:1; 
Hears Dr. F. A. llann . 5:7:1; 
Hears I'r. <^eorge ^''ash, 5:21:1; 
Hears lecture by L.C.Nicholson, 5:25:1; 
Hears W. H.Pegram, 6:e:i; 
Hears Professor R. 1^\ V/llson, 6:11:1; 
Hears W. M. Marr, W.H.Allison, and J.W. Harbism sr)ea.k on 

"House Fly", 7:lO:i; 
Hears Dr. J. J.'^olfe talk on "Bacteria", 7:23:4; 
Hears Professor R.N.Wilson, 9:ii:i; 
Hears Professor Pegram, 8:?2:i; 

Scott, »^lss Helen H. - Added to women's faculty, 2'': 31;. 

Scott, J. D. - Hawaiian lecturer to give talk at Duke, 22:4:1. 

Scott, V,'.L, - Elected vice ^resident of Hesoerlans, 7:8:1. 

Seager, Dr. Henry R. - Speaks at Duke, 21:25:3. 

Sears, Dr.L.M. - To address graduate club, 24:11:1; 
Addresses graduates, 24: 12:1. 

Sharpe, J. A. - Enters Journalistic field, 3:31:2. 

Sheety, Harry - And his syncopating seven - big attraction at 
concert of musical clubs, 18:i7:i. 

Shelton, R.H. - Initiated into T.K.A. , 12:29!1. 

Shelton, W.P.. - Chosen for Peace contest, li:23:i; 
vans state oratorical contest, ll:?!6:i; 
Alternate for national oratorical contest, ll:30:i; 
Selected for 'Viley Gray Award, li:3i:i;. 

Shepardson, Dr.J.'V. - ''.'iii make principle address at O.D.K. 
convention, picture, 29:20^1. 

Sherrill, '^ol. - '^o deliver alumni address, 17:30:1. 

Sherwood J Eddife - To appear here, picture, 24:i4:i; 
Impressive in two addresses, 24:i6:l. 

Sheyhlll, Signaller - Speaks to students, 14:7:i. 

Shields, Professor J.H. - Is 'Tiember of Nntional Educational 
Ass. , 28:8:1. 

Shinn, I.'-rs.J.F. - Chronicle editor's sponsor, picture, 20:30:1. 

Shipp, Dr. A.::. - Collection added to library, 17:i4:i. 

Shock, Carl - Football, picture, 29:SB;S; 

Elected cresldent of senior class, 29:26:1; 
Tapped by O.D.K. , 29:30:1; 
Tapped by Red Friers, 29:31^1. 

Shotwell, James T. - Lectures on world neace, 20:28:1. 

Shute, Frances - ■''o lead Easter droices, 28:23:3. 

Shuford, Miss Trlady - Picture, 28:38:4. 

Sides, Leroy - Picture, 29:19:5; 

Elected caotain of boxing team, 29:28:i; 
Tanoed by O.D.K., 29:30:i; 
Tapped by Red Friars, ?9:3i:i; 

Siegar, ^lorlai - Actress, picture, 27:26:1. 

Sievent, Herman - Penowned organist, to give concert, 29:33*3;. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon - '^roup j.nstalled on camnus, Psi Delta 
Sigma granted charter, 27:17:1; 
Chanter installed here, 27:18:1; 

national fraternity to be installed on campus, 27:i3:i; 
To hold province convention here, 28:26:3; 
Holds conclave on ^uke cax^pus, 28:27:1. 

Sigma Chi - gas installation, 7:28:1; 
Has reception, 9:2i:4; 
Holds annual initiation, 14:i4*l; 
House almost totally destroyed by fire, 20:20:i. 

Sigma Delta - Holds initiation, 6:10:5. 

Sigma G-amraa - Has banquet, 21 : 18:1. 

Sigma Kappa - National sorority, installs chapter here, 27*13:1. 

Sigma Nu Phi - Legal fraternity, installed here, 18:24:3. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon - Organized, A'.^'.Z; 
Initiates new men, 14:i2'l. 

Sigma Tau Alpha - New local fraternity, formed on campus, 

Sigma Upsllon - ^ortnightly ^lub is now a member, 9: 10:1; 
Initiates seven upper -classmen, 14:i2:i; 
Holds regular initiation, 15:6:1; 

Hears talk by D. F.C.Brown on Judge Longstreet, 16:19:1; 
Dr.F. A.G-. Cowoer speaks, 18:8:5; 

Hears oaners on Ibsen Bji John Fridgers, 18:10:5; 
Hears Carl King discuss life of 'Henry, 18:15:4; 
Hears James Secrest on life of Edmond ^ostand, 18:18:4; 
Hears 'V. H.Lander rer.d paper on Jacinto Benavente, 18:20:3; 
To have initiation at banquet, 24:11 :i; 
James Boyd sneaks at initiation, 28:26:1. 

Sigma Xi - National honorary scientific fraternity to be installed 
on camous, 29:22:1; 
To be installed, 29:24:1; 
Banquet featured by sneech of 'J-eorge Pegram, 29:25*1. 

Siler, Frank - Speaks to Y.U.C.A. , 3 = 24*1. 

Siler, Grilmer - Elected president of Tennis Ass., 3:3:1;. 

Simmons, Senator F.I.!. - Will pilot alumni drive, 22:9^1; 
Graduate of Trinity, 24:9:5. 

Simons, Itecon - Football, picture, 20:il:4. 

Simoson, Jimmie - Picture, 17:9:3; 

:.'a>es a]l-state football team, 18:11 : 2; 

Basketball player, picture, 18:17:3; 
Tapped by Red ^^riars, 18:30:i; 

Picture, 19:4:1; 
Picture, 19:^.2:4. 

Slngton, Fred - Comes to Duke as assistant freshman coach, 

Sink, Joe - Picture, 38:10:2. 

Skeyhlll, Tom - Lectures to English students, 14:8:4. 

Skinner, Joseph L. - Initiated into O.D.K., 29:i2:i. 

Sledd, Dr.E.F. - Lectures on the war, 11:1<!*1. 

Sledd, W.C. - Added to faculty, 25:3*1. 

Sloan, '.7. S. - Tay.en in by Phi Beta Kappa, 25'li:i. 

Slusser, "Rip" - Picture, 28:i0:2. 

Smart, Dr. 'V.Aiken - "^o conduct annual religious services here, 
picture, 25:i7:l; 
Of Emory University holds revival, 25:18:1. 

Smith, Alfred E. - Picture, 25:2:1; 
Club organized here, 25:4:1; 
Picture, 25:7:i; 

Favored fey college students for oresidency of U.S. 25: 

Smith, E.F. ("Fritz"), picture, 17:9:2. 

Smith, B.L. - Selected for V/iley Gray Award, ll:3i:i. 

Smith, Charles - Picture, 29:i0:5. 

Smith, Professor K. F. - Of John Hopkins speaks here, 8:29:1. 

Smith, Henry Louis - Addresses students, 19:29:4. 

Smith, J.R. - Chosen for commencement marshall, 11:19:3; 
Elected nresident of senidr class, 12*2:i', 
Elected vice president of senior class, 12:29:i. 

Smith, Mrxy Loomls - Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 18:20:1. 

Smith, R. A. - Elected nresldent of Columbia Literary Society, 
One of nublloation heads for 1933-34, nicture, 29:31:1. 

Smith, ^bert S. - "riven extra j'^ear for rei^earch work, 
28 : 9 : 8 ; 
Added to faculty, 29:i:i;. 

Smith, 'Viiiis - Elected vice nresldent of Y.U.C.A, 4:i6:i; 
Speaks to ^egal Aid Clinic, 28:i3:i; 
Sneaks on Duke Day, 28:13:4; 
Visits Duke Law School, 29:17:1; 
Speaks to law group, 29:17:6. 

Smoking - Girls^are forbidden to smoke by order of the Women's 
Student overn-aent, 20:15:1. 

Snyder, Dr.H.K. - To speak to students, 7:35l; 
Addresses, 7:4:1. 

Soccer - Introduced by Captain Cajr'd, li:S:i. 

Sockraan, Dr.R. V«'. - Opens program at opening of school of 
religion, 22*7:i. 

Soper, ^r. Edmund D. - T© head school of religion, 3i:i:i; 
To begin revival on cajnnus, 21: 10:1; 
Picture, 2i:i9:l; 

Delivers I'lchigan lecture, 21:19:1; 
Says he has been misrenresented on racial Intermarriage, 

21 : 20: 3* 
Dean of School of ^eli^ion, picture, 2^:8:1; 
Will start "Duke in China" drive, 25 5 27:1; 
Picture, 23:32:7; 
Picture, 24:1:5; 

"/ill address negro college, 24:ii:i; 
At Student Volunteer Convention, 24:12:4; 
Picture, 25:1 :i; 
Leaves school of religion to become orexy of Ohio 

Methodist College, 25:i:i; 
Inaugarated as president of Ohio "esleyan, picture, 


Soohmore Class - Issue of Archive, 2:33:4; 
aive tribute to X B.Lilly, 3:22:2; 
Has reception, 6:12:1; 

Sororities - See name of sorority. 

Southern Conference - Track stars, picture, 29:30:5. 

South Atlantic Quarterly - Incorporated, 2:2:1; 

Best of its kind in country says "Charlotte Observer", 

2:7:3. History, 25:i:i; Articles by Krummel and Rlppy, 29:7:3 

Southgate, - Holds fellowship week, 24:15:4; 
Football team, picture, 29:25:5. 

Southgate, J.H. - Chairman of Board of Tj-ustees, gives set of 
books yearly, 2:32:1; 
Washington orator, 4*20:1; 
Picture, 6:10:6; 
Picture, 17: 1:6. 

Southgate Building - Plans completed by architect, 16:17:1; 
Completed, 17:i:l; 
Southgate dormityry, picture, 20:26:3. 

Spsngler, J.J. - Added to faculty, 29:1:1. 

Spanish ^lub - Headed by C.b. Ilclntosh, is founded an cai- 
pus, 20:12:3. 

spearman, Charles - To lecture on human abilities, 28:24:1. 

Speed, Dr. J. A. - Secured for college physician, 15:2:1; 
Weds Miss Glady Oorman, 13:10:5. 

Spence, Curti-s T. - Is elected president of Y.M.C.A. , pic- 
ture, 28:26:1; 
Picture, 29:22:1. 

Spence, 11. E. - ".'rote 1907 clar.s song, 2:18:3; 
Reeds poeas to Fortnightly Club, 4:9:1; 
'i'alks to Y.M.C.A., 8:4:2; 
Sneaks to minlsterlc:! band, 14:9:2; 
Lectures to Y.M.C.A., 14: 13:1; 
Delivers lecture, 15:5:8; 
Lectures on "Anerlcfin Humor", 15:14:1; 
'.Vrites book "A Guide to the 'Stud;/ of the English Bible", 

Addresses Y.M.C.A. on "Hov to be Good", 18:9:3; 
Spe.nks st N.C. College Conference, 18:?3:3; 
To return to Trinity, 19:10:1; 
Writes nlay "'ATien Crossroads Cross", 19:18:4; 
To give his play soon, 19:22:1;. 

Spencer, Richard - Tapped by Red Friars, 18:30:1. 

Spikes, Everett - Basketball player^ picture, 19:17:3; 
Elected captain of basketball, 18:22:1; 
Tap-ied by Red Friars, 18:30:1. 

Spinner, Joe - 'A'ill be meinagerlng editor of Chronicle, pic- 
ture, 28:28:6. 

Sjtorza y Count Carlo - Italy's distinguished World War hero, 
D visits on campus, 29:14:6; 

First lectwre to cover Wor].d War, picture, 29:16:1; 
Speaks on "Locarno Pact", 29:17:1; 
To speak on present European policy, 29:18:3; 
Speaks about "College Hen and Politics", 29:19:1; 
Ends lecture series by attack on dictators, 29:20:1. 

Sprinkle, H.C. - Initiated into Red Friars, 17:29:3; 
Selected editor of Chanticleer, 17:30:1; 
Address Hesperian L.S. , 18:2:4; 
Elected senior class leader, 18:3:4. 

Sprinkle, V/. V. - Prominent Taurian, picture, 23:22:3; 
Taurian president, picture, 23:32:5. 

Sprunt, Dr. D. H. - Added to medical school faculty, 29:1:1. 

Stacy, Judge W. P. - Chief Justice of N.C. Supreme Court, to 
STDeak here, 25:20:1; 
Speaks on "State Characteristics", 25:21:1; 
Speaks to students, 27:8:1; 
Initiated into O.D.K. as honorary member, 27:iO:i. 

stadium - Large stadium planned for Trinity, 20:10:1; 
Architectf! view, picture, 2?:5:o; 
Picture, 23:32:7; 

Proposed for Cuke, picture, 25:4:5; 
Site of Southern Conference Track Meet, picture, 29:30:3. 

Stamey, A.V/. - Tapped by Red Friars, 18:30:1. 

Stamey, Dr.E.L. - Speaks to Y.LI.C.A. on "Alcohol", 10t?6:l;. 

Stamp, Sir Josiah Charles - To deliver commencement address, 
picture, S9:r!7:l; 
To speak at commencement, 29:30:2. 

Stanbury, Albert - One of Duke candidates for Rhodes Scholar- 
ship, 27:3:1; 
Interviewed by Rhodes Scholarship committee, 27:10:1. 

Stanbury, T!r. W. A. - Entertains staff of Archive, 3:23:1; 
To sneak at Y.M.C.A. , 3:32:1; 

Stanbury, D^. 'V. A. - Addresses women students, 28:3:1. 

Starnea, Ralph - Elected wrestling cp'^tain for 1930, 25:23:5; 
To represent Duke in national wrestling tourney in 
Chicago, picture, 25:23:3. 

State Collegiate Press Ass. - To meet at Trinity, 19:3:1. 

Steel, Dr. S. A. - Lectures to students, 5:11:1. 

Steele, Edward I.'. - To reoresent Vanderbilt in debating here, 

Steidley, May Beth - Tau"ian, to star in "Captain Aoolejack", 

Steiner, Coach Herman - Tutors squad in mountains, 18:i:l; 
(Jym director, picture, 20:25:3. 

Stelling, Charlotte - Picture, 24:23:1. 

Stem, T.G. - Elected basketball captain, 1:9:1; 

Stem, Major Thaddeus G-. - '^o deliver Armistice Day address, 
Honors Trinitj' heroes in Armistice Day speech, 18:9:1. 

Stephenson, E. R. - Elected treasurer of Y. , 4:16:1. 

Stevens, Virginia - President of Y.'V.C.A. , picture, 24:l:i. 

Stevenson, Dr. J.R. - To 3ive commencement sermon, 16:27:3. 

Stewart, J^nes L. - Elected editor of Chronicle, picture, 
Tanned by Red Friars, 28:29:1; 
Picture, 29:22:1; 
Red Friar, picture, 29:30:1;. 

Stewart, 3. A- - Spea^ts at college ooening, 16:2:1; 
Initiated into Phi Beta Kappa, 18:20:i. 

Stoclcsdale, Coach - Says baseball nrospects good, 2:24:1; 
Leaves, 2:27:1. 

Stout, Dr. A. E. - Calves address here, 28:i7:i. 

Stoves, Dr.G-eorge - To conduct revival at Trinity, 18:7:3; 
To head revival, 18:11:1; 
Made Interesting talk at revival, 18:13:1. 

Strait, Virginal - Recftlves 0' Henry award with story In 
Archive, 25:17:1. 

Student Conference - Held near Ashevllle, 2:i:l; 
Is a big success, 2:21:1; 

Breaks up with election of negro, 21:13:5; 
Held at Greensboro, 21: 18:1. 

Student Goverment - Move started by Junior class, 16:21:1; 
Formed by uniting of 3 lower classes, 16:24:1; 
Honored by Archive, 17:10:1; 
Outlined to students, 17:29:1; 
Finishes flrpt term of operation under J.L.Jackson, 

John B.Harris Is elected president, 13:28:4; 
Barnes elected president, 19:?6'l; 
Constitution, 20:i:3; 

V/. S.Plakeney elected ^resident, 20:27:1; 
G.B.CaldMrell elected, 20:28:i; 
Tom Eanes elected, 20:28:i; 
D.E.Klrkpatrick elected, 20:2e:i; 
J. P. Frank elected, 20:28:1; 
W. A. Biggs elected, 20:28:i; 
D.E.Klrkpatrick elected president, 21:26:1; 
Kirkpatrick welcoTies freshmen, 22:1:1; 
H.LHester candidate for ^residency, 23:26:i; 
Arthur Harris cmidldate, 23:26:1; 
C.C.'.Veaver candidate, 23-26:i; 
Weaver elcedted president, 23:28:1; 
Fred Briiraraitt, Joe Carruthers, and Amos Johnson nominated 

for presidency, 34:27*1; 
Johnson elected president, 24:28:1; 
Joe Savage elected, picture, 25:26:1; 

I.IKG-reen, PiM.Bollch, and P.O. Brewer, candidates, 27:24:1; 
Green elcted president, 27:26:1; 
Ilarcus E.Hobbs elected vice president, 27:26:1; 
Wendell Home electdd president, 28:26:1; 
Council, picture, 28:27:4; 


Taft, Koover, - Is ready for Tulane debate, 29!19:i. 

Tamblyn, Dr.Ronald - Heard by Y.W.C.A. , 29:i0:3. 

Tate, ^ary Jane - Elected vice 'resident of IXike Flayers for 
1931-32, picture, 37:29:3. 

Tau Kappa Alpha - Chapter installed here, 10:29:1; 
Initiates members, 11:25:1; 
Initiates, 12:28:1; 
Initiates, 17:27:1;. 

Taurians, - Plan to nresent McCarthy's "If I V.'ere King", 

To present Rostand's "Cyrano De Bergerac", 20:3:1; 

Present "Crow's I'est", 21:12^1; 

Club woricahAp, picture, 22^3; 6; 

Directed by 'Irs Paul ^ross in production of "'Vappin 
Dwarf", 2^:7:i; 

W, Van E. Sprinkle, member, picture, 23:22:3; 

Janes, member, picture, 23:?5*1; 

Dot Jeannette, star in presentation of "Yellow ^aclcet", 
TDlcture, 2?:25:i; 

Present "Yellow Jacket", 23125:1; 

W.V.Sr»rln>le, retiring nresldent, oicture, 23:3?:5; 

:iake hit in Rocky Mount, 24:iO:i; 

To revive "Black Ev'd Susan", 24:i2:i; 

Taurlan t^ep.ter to be dedicated, 24:17:1; 

Play on J 'ay D^y, 24:24:1; 

Polly V/eber chosen r^resldent, ?4:3l:i; 

Polly 'Veber, olcture, 25:5:1; 

Present "Pc.lly with a Past", 27:s:i; 

Ennls Atkins, nrftsldent, olcture, 27:9:1; 

A. T. '.Vest, director, picture, 27:17:1; 

Under A. T. 'Vest wins first Dlece In state drajuatic con- 
test, 27:23:1; . 

Feature ^ay Day with presentation and pageant, 27*26:1; 

Taylor, Dr. C.C. - Analyzes rural conditions, 17:20:5. 

Tsylor, I.Ilss ^orothy - Picture, 28:13:4. 

Taylor, Helen - Elected jnto Tnite Duchy, 24:30:i; 
Taken in by Phi Beta ^appa, 25:ii:i. 

Taylor, R. V. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. , 3'18:4. 

Taylor, "Ikey" - Uakes all-st; te football team, 18'11:2; 
Picture, 19:s:i; 
Picture, 19:12:*. 

Taylor, V.'esley - Former "^rinlty'^ student, establishes record 
for small writing, 20*15*1. 

Teachers - l^lst of Trinity graduates v/ho have gone iijto 
teaching, 2*7!l. 

Tennis - '"ourth annual southern Intercollegiate tennis 
tournraent to be held, 5:28:4. 

Tennis Ciub - Officer? elected, SMtl. 

Tentera, Csjnilla - to sing here, picture, 29: 17: 4. 

Tevermore, Dr. C.H. - SpeoJcs to students at Trinity, 10:23:1. 

Thayer, Dr.'''. 3. - Si^eaks to graduating medical school class, 
Will deliver eddress during coni'r.ence.Tient, nlcture, 

Theses - Abolished as senior graduation requirement, 1:3:4. 

Theta Alph Phi - National dramatic society established here, 

Thigpen, R. E. - Works to better alunnl organizations and 
create revolving fund, 18:16:1; 
Discusses e] aborate plans for greater Trinity, 18:17:4; 
Has created forty alumni chapterfii; 3 months, 18:26:4; 
Plans alumni loyalty fund cairtpaign, 22:4:1; 
Completes plans for Homecoming Day, 22:9:1; 
tte-elected secretary of alumni, 22:ii:i; 
Alumni secretary, picture, 23:32:2. 

Thomas, Mrs.E. B. _ Chronicle sponsor, picture, 28:32:2. 

Thomas, E.G. - Duke student, chosen to head N.G.C.P.A. for 
Editor of Chronicle for coming year, 27:37:1. 

Thomas, James A. - !Iakes donation to librr^ry, 10:29:4; 
Picture, 24:2i:i; 
Writes book "A Pioneer Tobacco -erchajit in the Orient", 

Picture, 25:6:1; 
V/rites nev; book, 28:10: 2E. 

Thomas, Norman - Speaks before liberal club, 27:10: 1; 

ST5eaks to students on the need of a new social ohilo- 

sophy, 27*li:i; 

Explains policies to Duke Audience, 29:21:1; 

Offers collegians a place in socialist party, 29:24:6. 

Thompson, Lieut. Earl M. - Given Croix de Guerre, 14:15:1. 

Thompson, Hutson - Prominent V/ashington attorney to spaak at 
commencement, 27:27:1; 
To deliver commencement address, picture, 27:30:1. 

Thompson, Jim - Football, picture, 20:11:4; 
Car)taln of football, T>icture, 22:8:5; 
Picture, 29119:5; 29:27:6. 

Thompson, Dr. Taliaferro - Speaks to freshmen, 28:9:3; 
Speaks to students, 38:S:l; 
Speaks at vesners, 28:9:7. 

Thome, Captain Bob - Picture, 10:16:1. 

Thornton, Spruill - One of campus lea(Sers, nicture, 25:2:4: 

To renresent Duke in debating in Northern tour, 25;,20:1; 
Elected into D K, 25:31:1; 

Thorpe, D. K. *i. To edit Archive, 24:30:1; 

One of csuipus lepders, picture, 25:2:4; 
Picture, 2*5:27:1. 

Tillett, Dr. W. F. - Deliver? 1st Avera lecture, 2:28:1; 
Completes Avera series, 2:29:1. 

Tlllotson, Virginia - Tapped by '^mite Duchy, 29:30:1. 

Tilson, Tex - '.Yill coach wrestling, 2l:ie:o; 
To develop boring tean at Duke, 23:21:5; 
Basketball, picture, 27:12:3. 

Tittle, Rev. - Will preach baccalaureate sermon, 21:29:1. 

Toll, Senator Henry VV. - Speaks to Duke University Bar 
Association, 28:4:1. 

Torabo, Dr. Rudolph - Gives lecture on "G-oethe's Faust", 2:10:1; 
Speaks, 2:li:l. 

Tombs - Initiates, 2:3:1; 

Annual banquet, 2:33:1; 

Initiates seven men, 4:?:1; 

Initiates, 6:6:1; 

Offers cup, 6:21:4; 

Antics of Initiates, 7:4:1; 

Open with seventeen men, 10:4:1; 

Holds initiation, 11:4:1; 

Takes twelve men through secrets, 14:12:1; 

Annual initiation held, 15:4:1; 

Eighteen inifetited, 18:2:1; 

Institutes "student day" for entertaining nrospective 

high school students, 18:20:6; 
Initiates 20 men, 20:3:1; 
Initiation, plcttre, 20:5:1; 
Initiates 20 athletes, 25:8:1; 
Initiates thirty, 29:11:1. 

Tomnklns, D. A. - Spealcs, 1:1:1; 
Writes about Trinity, 1:3:1. 

Torchlight Parade - Given by students to Dr. Few, 6:11:1. 

Town G-irls Club - Crganl7ed, 34:11:1; 

Wins first Jubilie prized 24:19:3. 

Tourney, Prof. J.''., of Yale, - Leaves valupblc forpstr'y books to 
Duke Library, ?9:15:l. 

Tove, Wm. '^. - Appointed as law instructor, 20:1:2; 
Appointed to faculty; 
Speaks at senior meeting, 28:5:4; 

Townley, Gordon - Tapped by D K, 29:30:1; 

Coiiiing editor of Chanticleer announces s^.aff, 28:30:7; 
One of publication heads for 1935-34, picture, 29:31:1 
Tapped iDy Red Friars, 29:31:1. 

Townsend, C. L. - Nev/ associate orofessor of French and German, 

Track - Team assured, 2:23:1; 

Preliminary held for purpose of selecting a relay team, 6:9:1; 
Relay race is great success, 6:10:3; 
Freshmen win relay r.nce, 7:3:1; 
Team to enter meet at relay, 7:26:1; 
Relay race try-out, 8:3:1; 

Junior class wins relay race for second time, 8:3:1; 
Sophomores win the inter-class track meet, 8:24:1; 
Team does well In second track meet, 8:28:1; 
Shankel, Capt. Bryon, nicutre, 18:30:2; 
Squad 192S, picture, 20:28:5; 

Conference track stars will meet at Chanel Hill, picture, 

Training School - Church - to be headed by Brown, Arloa of 
Chattanooga, 20:21:1. 

Trawlck, Dr. A. I.!. - Addresses Y on "Negro Life", 7:3:1, 

Trinity College - Receives donation for handsome building, 1:5:4; 
Old Trinity, 2:4:2; 

To celebrate Lee's 100th anniversary, 2:15:1; 
"Old Trinity" - sacred meaorles and charms, 2:22:1; 
Free courses and college facllitfees opened to teachers, 3:5:1 
Fiftieth year opened, 4:1:1; 
New building to be erected, 5:3:1; 
Opinions of Trinity, 5:20:4; 

Trinity College - Receives .^150,000 for Educational toard, 6:3:1; 
In era of growth, 6:30:1; 

Nev,' reouireraents for Bachelor's degree, 8:1:1; 
'.VI thdr aws from S . I . A. A. , 3:15:1; 

Gharar)lons of North & South Carolina in basketbal] , 8:?l:l; 
Has many new additions, 9:1:1; 
Is on movement for strict rules, 9:38:1; 

Motor truck attempted to climb over X Duke statue, 9::!4:2; 
V/ork is being done on proposed college for v;omen, 10:1:1; 
Epworth building is modem dormitory, 10:1 ;1; 
Increase in number this year, 10:1:3; 
Extension work of education department, 10:7:1; 
Trinity College entertains D.A.R. Convention , 10:9:1; 
V7hat becajne of the lawyers of Trinity, 10:12:3; 
Who's Who, 11:8:1; 

Studenst flock to enlist in military course, 12:28:1; 
Student drill continues, 12:29:1; 
Patriotism high on campus, 12:29:1; 

Sixty-five Trinity men comrrassioned in army, 13:1:1; 
Sixty-sixth session formally opened, 13:2:1; 
Drills made compulsory, 13:3:1; 
To establish A. F. Gill memorial, 13:10:1; 
Students demand football, 13:12:1; 
Pastors school to be held at Trinity, 13:14:1; 
Students send Chronicle to soldiers', 13:14:1; 
Donations made for Dr. Grill's memorial, 13:17:1; 
Sotthgate memorial tablet given college, 13:13:1; 
Students open cpjnpaign for football, 13:r0:l; 
Progress reported in football campaign, 13:24:1; 
Food conservation courses offered, 13:25:3; 
To have regulation uniforms, 13:27:4; 
Trinity troopers perform in patriotic r^lly, 13:28:3; 
Army life among the students at Trinity, 14:2:1; 
Much anxiety about exens before Christmas, 14:3:1; 
Opens v.'ith large attendance, 14:6:1; 

Memorial service held for .Lieutenant Harris, 14:10:1,' 
Magnificent gym to be erected as memorial to Trinity men 

v/ho took part in gre?t V/ortd War, 14:14:1; 
TIemorlal service held fcr Sergeant Eastman, 14:13:1; 
Takes nart in "Welcome Home" cfttebration, 14:21:1; 
Academy of Science held here, 14:22:1; 

Memorial service held in honor of R^yal W.lfiliey, 14:22"L* 
Wjio's niao in the S.A.'^.C. at Trinity, 14:1:1; ' ' 

Permanent record of Trinity's part in war, 14:i:3; 
Scientists to meet here, 14:19:1; 
Memorial ^lymnasium nlan nrogresslng, 15: 4:1; 
To have Glee Club, i5:7:i; 
To send delegates to Des Moins, Iowa for Volunteer 

Conference of North America, 15:10:1; 
Compulsory exercise effective, 15:20:1; 
Trinity re-enters Peace Contest, 15:20:1; 
Trinity State basketball champions, 15:22:1; 
Southgate memorial fund pro^jresses, 15:23:1; 

Trinity College - Southgate memorial fund over the top, 15:^4:1; 
Soon to have gym, 17:4:1; 
Submits disarmament resolution, 17:17:1; 

Joins American School of Classical Studies Asrociation, 17:295 
14,000,000 offered by Trinity through Dr. V.'.P.Few toward 

Medical school, 13:15:1; 
Airplane view of Trinity, picture, 13:16:7; 
Elaborate plans for greater Trinity discussed by R. E. 

Thlgpen,' 18:17:4; 
Memorial gymnasitlm soon r'^ady for occupation, 19:1:1; 
Nine foreign students registered at Trinity, 19:4:1; 
Japanese fpar earthaua^es for relatives, 19:5:1; 
Ormond, Prof. J. .'1. to return to Trinity, 19:10:1; 
Spence, Prof. H. E. to return to Trinity, 19:10:1; 
Fifteen colleges represented at College Scribe Convention, 

Scientific fraternity organizec' by students, 19:ii:i; 
Trinity Bell to arouse College Sunday moriing, 19:11:1; 
Prayer meeting to be held nightly for boys, 19:13:1; 
Swimming pool to be finished soon, 19:3;1; 
Motion picture company to film Trinity Activities, 19:1:3; 
Conference on Democracy to be held soon, 19:14:3; 
Venetiaji glass blov;-rs entertain the students, 19:14:1; 
Fifteen delegates attended the Students Conference at 

Indianapolis, 19:15:1; 
Trinity students will not vote on prl^e )lan of Bo'c Peace 

Award, 19:16:1; 
V/elfare of women students has been imnroved, 19:16:1; 
Vote overwhelmingly in frvor of adoption of Bole's Peace 

Plan, 19:17:1; 
Memorial service was held in honor of great war ^resident, 

Rire prevented by two students in Alsnaugh, 19:18:3; 
Summer school to be held in Europe, 19:21:2; 
Annual sunday school institute opens at Trinity, 19:23:1; 
Methodist students to hold conference, 19:24:2; 
Methodist Conference is effort to unite churches, 19:24:4; 
Dr. A. D.F.Hamlin sneaks her'=, 19:27:2; 
Scientific study continues at ^rlnlty, 19:27:4; 
Introduced footbnll Into south by defeating 'Carolina in 

1837, 20:i0:i; 
Becomes a university, J. B. Duke gives millions to new uni- 
versity, 20:i4:i;. 

Trinity College Historical Society - Holds its first meeting, 
Hears W.I'.Marr on Cherokee Indian, 7:7:3; 
Meets, 9:8:1; 

Dr. John H.Latajie speaks on the "Monroe Doctrine" ,9: 27:i; 
Hears paper on "Manhood" by J. W. Carr, li:8:i; 
Reorganizes for year, 14:9:2; 
Prof. F. A.G.Cowper speaks, 15:7:1; 

Trinity College Historical Society (continued) 
Hears Dr. R. G-. Adams, 18:5:1; 

J.JFarrlss reads paper on Lowpie G-ang, 1S:18:4; 
Hears Dr. R.P.Lane speak on European misery, 18:20:i; 
Hears German scholar, Dr. Erns*. Jackh, 23:17:1;. 

Trinity Park School - Holds final exercises, 16:28:1; 
Abolished, 18'1:1; 

Picture of Professor F. S. Aldridge, once head of the 
school, 23:24:3. 

Tripple and Benson - Noted educators will speak here, 19:i5:i; 
Noted lectures, speak to students, 19*16:4. 

Trout, Dr. H.H. - Added to medical school faculty, 29:i:i. 

Troxler, Thurmon - 'Vins 9019 Declamation ''ontest, 25:23:1. 

Troxwell, Dr. J. P. - Added to faculty, 29:i:7. 

Truesdale, J.N. - Sleeted into Red Friars, 23:31:1; 
O.D.K., picture, 24:3i:i; 
Duke c-ndidate for Rhodes scholarship, 25^5:1; 

Truesdale, R. 3. - To conduct annual revival, 13:i7:i. 

Tunney, Gene - Discusses sports, 24:14^4. 

Turner, Aaron ("Pee Wee") - Picture, 21:24:4. 

Turner, Dr. Fred I. - Secured for civic celebration, li:i9:i; 
Address 9019 on "V/hy Did U.S. Become Another Euro-oe", 

Turner, I'-r. S.E. - ^-'otable lawyer, visits unlveristy, 27:27:1. 

Turrentine, Dr. 3. B. - SneaJcs to Y.M.C.A. , 5*22:4; 
Praises work of B.N. Duke, 25:1554. 

Turrentine, Walter - Selected business mans-ger of Archive, 
Composes popular new song, 18:13:5. 

Tuttle, R. G. - Trsck, picture, 23:20:5; 
Elected into Red Friars, 23:3i:i; 
Cross country captain, oictur3, 24: 5-: 5; 
O.D.K., picture, 24:3i:i; 
Duke candidate for Rhodes scholarship, 25:5:1. 

Twaddell, Professor '.'/. P. - Leads glee club on Eastern trio, 

Tyne, Professor V?n - Noted historian of University of 
:!ichigan, visits here, 25tl0:i. 

Tyree, V/. A. - Appointed to faculty, 20:2:1; 

Announces opening of new dormitories, 23*16:4. 


Umstead, Mr. William B. - Spealcs at vespers, 28:4:i. 

Underwood, S.B. - First 1906 man to marry, 3:i2:i; 
Married after T.Ir.Rexford, 2:i3:i. 

Unexcused Absences - Students will not be nermitted to take 
monthly exams, 2*2:3. 

University of North Carolina - Establishes new school of 
religious training, 22:i:2. 

Upchurch, W.M. - Picture, 272 28-1. 

Uwazural, Minoru - Japanese youth, comes to I>aie, 21! 22: 4. 


Vance, LIrs.Z.B. - Added to faculty, English dept. , 22:3:i. 

Vanderbllt Univercity - Trinity wins debate against Van- 
derbilt, i:2:i. 

Van Liew, John -^. - Tq be football coach, 15!3:i. 

Vann, S. C. - CJives school $10,000, 1P,:10''1. 

Vaughn, G. '.V. - Appointed to faculty, 17:i:i. 

Vaughn, Hary E. - Elected to Fhi Beta Kappa, 22'9!l. 

Vaughan, Robert McN. , Elected to Phi Beta Kaooa, 29-7:1; 
Initiated into O.D.K., 29:i2:i. 

Vereiners - Celebrate, 6*15*3. 

Vesoers - Dr. S.W.Erwin, president of Santi I'srio ^oHege, 
Rome, Italy, to soe.ak, 25:3:i; 
BishoT) E. D.Mouyon spealcs, 27:22:1; 
Dr.I.iCiTeil Poteat speaks, 28:3:1; 
Fj?. William B. Umstead speaks, 2814:1; 
Dr. Howard Jenson speaks, 28:6:1; 
Till'. Stanley High is speaker, ?8'7«1; 
Dr. Elbert Russell speaks, 28*8:1; 
Dr. W.T. Thompson sneaks, 28:9*7; 
Dean Justin miler speaks, 28] 11 : 3; 
Dr. Frank S.Hickman speaks, 28*12:1; 
Dr. Frank Kingdon sneaks, 28:13:4; 
Dr. W.^.LIcKee speaks, 28:i4:i; 
Dr. R.L. Flowers spealcs, 28:15!1; 
Dr. Ct. R. Combs speaks, 28!16:i; 

Vick, a.W. - And (J. M.Daniel to debate Sewanee, 4*2552. 

Vicker?, Lee E. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:i. 

Vlckers, Chaplain T.G. - Praised for fearlessness, 14:12:3; 
Awarded Croix de G-uerre, 14:17:1; 
Gives Armistice day address, 20:8:3. 

Vleth, Dr. Paul K. - Added to faculty, 27:1 :1; 
Returns to faculty, 27: 15:1. 

Vinson, Edward - Picture, 28:23:2. 

Volley Ball - Introduced by Captain Card, 11:2:1. 

Vollmer, Dr. Clement - Speaks to Raleigh club, 23:26:1; 
Relates experiences of vacation In G-ercay, 25:6:1; 
Relates experiences In Germany, 28:9:4; 
Talks on Goethe, 28:24:i. 

Volunteer Movement - To hold Its fifth convention, i:?:3. 

Vosburgh, Dr. 'A'arren C. - Added to faculty, 25:3:1; 

To chani^e post with Scotland professor, 29:i:i. 

Voyles, Carl - Assistant athletic director and football coach 
for next year, picture, 27:15^1; 
Added to athletic staff, 27:15:4. 


Wade, '.Vallace - Assumes duties as coach and athletic dir- 
ector here, picture, 27:15:1; 
Is received with enthusiasm, 27:15:4; 
!!akeE first talk at student meeting, 27:16:1; 
Speaks In Grantland Rice sports review, 27:22:1; 
To s'^eak at A-Qerlcin college newsnaoer assembly at 

Chanel Hill, 27:23:5; 
Picture, 28:iO:l; 

Speaks at Cider Boys Conference, 28:13:4; 
Picture, 29:4:1; 

Wage, T.E. - Initiated Into O.D.K., 22:5:1. 

Wagg, Mrs.T.E. - Soonsor for Chronicle editor, picture, 

Waggoner, T.R. - Made editor of Chanticleer, 18:28:3. 

Wagner, Charles - Speaks at sophmore meeting, 28^14:1. 

V/ake County Alumni Association - Meets, 5:6:1; 
Meets, 5:20:1. 

Wake Forest - Glee club entertains at Duke, 1:18:4. 

Walden, Mr. Wilbur - Sneaks at inter- fraternity conference 
here, 27:ie:l.' 

Walker, Augusta - Made president of women's student govern- 
jTient, 29:2?:i; 
Picture, 39:23:1; 
Tapped by V^Tilte Duchy, 29:30:1. 

V/slker, Mary L. - Elected to Fhl Beta Kappa, 27:18:1. 

Wall, George - Has been Janitor here 45 yeprs, 24:1?: 4. 

Wall, L.L. - Columbian debater, 18:13:1. 

Waller, Ervln - Picture, 29:9B:e. 

Walton, BeulP.h, E. - Chosen by Phi Beta Kappa, 16:10:1. 

Wannamaker, Harriet - To lead Easter dances, 28:23:3. 

WannaJBiaker, Professor Olln - Sneaks on the "Fascist! Re- 
gime", 21:20:1. 

Wannamaker, V,'. H. - Gives third faculty lecture, 1:13:1; 

Spepks to Y.K.C.A. on a German student's life, 1:16:3; 

Outlines GennaJi program for Charlotte club, 3!16:4; 

Entertains "v.d.w. ", 3:25:3; 

Addresses Y.I'.C.A. , 5*11:1; 

Speaks to Y.I.I.C.A. , 6:8:1; 

Spoke to Fortnit^htly ^Club, 6:27:1; 

SpeakLS to Y.M.C.A. 9:7:3; 

Speaks on "German viewooint", 10:9:1: 

Succeeds Dr. W. I. Cranford as dean, 13'l:l; 

Spenks to Y.M.C.A. on the benefits of war, 13:i0:i; 

Reminds stude*nt8 of expulsion for olaying football, 13:12:1; 

Leads woodchopper? into action, 13:i9:i; 

Lectures to Y".i.I.C.A. , 15:9:1; 

Speaks at college opening, 18:2:1; 

Shows how college curriculum has exnanded in oast few 

yeaa-s, 18:16:3; 
Speaks to students, 19:15:4; 
Leads pep meeting, 20:9:3; 
Elected president of Rotary Club, 20:28:3; 
Attends athletic conference, 2i:i4:i; 
Picture, 23:32:7; 

Hakes address to Gastonia audience, 24:1353; 
Speaks to students, 28:1 !1; 
Speaks to students, 28:2:1; 
Is heard by Rotarlaiis. 28: 3.' 4; 
Speaks for O.D.K., 28'8:i; 
Speaks about student spirit, 28: 10:1; 

Ward, Dr. H.F. - Speaks to Y.M.C.A. on Christ and wai', 13524:1; 

Ward, liytrlce C. - Elected to Fhl Beta Kappa, 29:7:i. 

Ware, R. D. - Elected editor of "Chronicle", 15:28:3; 
Cn Trinity debating fieain, 17:16:1. 

Warllck, Selma - Discusses co-eds in Archive, 34:15:3. 

V/arren, Add - Succeeds Tilson as boxing and wrestling coach, 
picture, ?7:?6:3. 

Warren, C.3. - Wins Wlley-Cxrey medal, 5:29:1. 

V.'arren, L. A. - Elected into C.D.K., 25:31:1^ 

Warren, IJlck - Captain elect oB baseball, picture, 35:31:3. 

V/arren, Miss Rosa - To sing at concert given by musical clubs, 

Washburn, A. U. , of \'hXe Forest - Chosen ^resident of N.C.C.F.A. , 

Washinf^ton Duke Building - Burned, 6:i8:i; 
Nearly completed, 7:15:1. 

Washington, Greorpe - Diary in Duke Library, 21:lS:l. 

Watson, Dr. John Broadus - Speaks to students, 10:28:3; 
Presents his nyw psychology, 10:29:1. 

Watson, Miss Lama T!ae - From N. C.C.v;., picture, 25:9:1. 

Watts Hospital - Opens, 5:13:1. 

Weathersrioon, Everett - Picture, 24:-T:l. 

Weaver, Chas. C. - Initiated Into O.D.K., 22:5:1; 

Candidate for presidency of student governraent, 23:26:1; 

Picture, 23:28:1; 

Elected president of student government, 23:28:1; 

Elected Into Red Friars, 25:31:1; 

To attend Congress of National Student Federation of 

America, 24:ll:l; 
Attends national Student Federation of America Convention, 

O.D.K., r)lcture, 24:31:1 

Weathersooon, Everett - Reoresents Duke in state orator icaJ. 
contest, 25:7:1; 
Wins second olace In state oratorical contest, 25:8:1; 
Elected into" 0. D.K:. , 25:31 :l ; 
Chosen by Red Friars, 25:31:1. 

v;ebb, A.II. - Writes letter to editor of Chronicle, 3:23:3; 
Granted a year's leave, 2:31:1; 
Speaks to Fortnightly Club, 6:12:1; 

STDCPks on "France ajid her nart In the Euror^ean strugrle", 

Webb, Prof. A.'^ - Returns home from Eurooe, 19:16:4; 
To again lead sumner cruise, 24:16:6. 

!".^ebb, Earle W. - Duke s-^nhoniore dies of pneumonia, 29:14:1. 

Webb, Dr. V/. A. - Spea'^er for benefactor's Day, 9:3; :1; 
Speaks on Benefactor's Day, 9:5:1^ 

".'ebb. Prof. '.V.?.,- S eaks at Trinity, 10:2:1. 

V/eber, John - Red Friar, picture, 25:30:1. 

Weber, Pauline - Taurian star, loicture, S3: 28:1; 
Picture, 24:3:1; ?!4:22:3. 
Electdd into White Duchy, 24:30:1; 
Chosen president of Taurians, 24:31:1; 
Selected Taurian prexy, picture, 25:5:1. 

Weifcle, Dr. Li A. - Gives Eible lectures, 21:14:1; 
Favors religion in child school, 21:15:1. 

Weinberg, Dr. fl.W. - Eminent bActeriologist soeaks at medical 
school, 27: 5; 1. 

Welch, Dr. J. E. - Spenits to Y.I.'.CA. , 17:7:1. 

Werber, Bill - Chosen by Red Friars, 25:31:1; 
Elected into O.-^.K., 25:31:1; 
Baseball star Koes to Yankees, 27:13:3; 
Is making good in big time baseball, 27:20:1^ 

Werner, Poo (A. A.) - ^ootball, picture, 27:11:5; 
Picture, 2p:10:2; 
Football, riicture, 29:9E:2; 
'"ap-^ed by C.D.K., 29:30:1. 

West, A.T. - Taurian director, picture, 27:17:1; 

Leads Taurians to first place in state dramatic contest, 27:23:1; 
Picture, 29:8:1. 

West, Claude - Elected as Junior reore? entative on athletic board, 

West, H. C. - Is winnei' of sonhomore debate, 10:29:1; 
To edit Archive, 11:29:3; 
To be Business Mana^ger of Chanticleer, 11:31:1. 

West, '.'.'alter - Elected E4we-president of Junior class, 4:3:1. 

Westbrook, John - Elected president of Y.M.C.A. , 20:24:1. 

Whaling, Rev. Thornton - To deliver Avera lectures, 8:23:1; 
Lectures on "'Voodrow '.Vllson", 14:21:1. 

V/heeler, H.N. - of U.S. Pof'estry Service lectures here, 27:19:1; 

White - Poottall manager, picture, 12:1^:4. 

?/hlte, Miss Helen - Picture, 29:17:1. 

White, John, E. - To make address, 1:3:1; 

Delivers a sneech on I!emorlal Hall, l:9Fl. 

v/hite, il. I. - Editor of Archive, 7:1^:1; 

(Dr.) Soeaks to Fortnightly Club, 17:7:2; 

Author o"^ book on nef-ro poetry, 19:11:1; 

Tennis coach, oicture, 20:28:?; 

Publishes book;: American V.erro ^olk Sohrs . ''5:8:3; 

Back from tour of England, 25:15:1. 

"Tiite Duchy - Elects nev.- members, 24:30:1; 
Elected new member:?, 25:31:1; 
Ta'^es in four new members, 27:29:1; 
ElectHs nev- members, 28:31:1; 
Retiring ^ s, icture, 23:31:3; 
Electa ne ers, 29:30:1. 

';Vhitted, Hiss Eessie - Entertains senior class, 1:17:4, 

Whitted, George - To «oach baseball, 21:ie:l. 

Wldenhouse, MJss Edna - In "I.liss Cherry Blossom", oicture, 24:32:1. 

Widgery, Prof. Alban G. - Sneaks on cha;.ger in philosophy, 27:7:1; 
Sr-eaks to Graduate Club, 23:14:1. 

Wiggins, A. P. - Wins 9019 Decla:nation Contest, 11:13:1. 

Wiggins, Jajnes A. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 20:19:1; 

Wiggins, Ilartha E. - Taken 'ay Phi Beta Kaiopa, 15:10:1; 
Crowned :.Iay Queen, IS: 28:1. 

Wlgmore, Dean John, of Northwester, - Visits University, 27:27:1. 

V/iley, Dr. Hervey W. - To deliver commencement address, 7:21:1. 

Wiikinson, Albert A. - Wins ohoto orize, 21:18:1. 

Will, Dr. - Lectu^-s, 3:3;1. 

Williams, Alfred - Elected business manager of Archive, 27:37:1. 

Williams, Anne - To lead Easter dances, 28:23:3. 

Wlllla.'ns, Davis - Nominee for president of student government, 29:25:1; 
Picture, 29:25:1. 

Wilson, Allen - Picture, 29:23:2. 

V/llson, Mr. E.G. - Snea]cs to Y.M.C.A. , 9:29:4. 

Wilson, Dr. f^.a. , of Harvard - To sneak to Phi Betta Kaonas, 23:20:1: 
Sner.ks to Phi Beta Kanoa on "Readjustment of World Relations", 

To s^e?> r,f. Conference of International Relations, 27:18:1. 

V/llson, J. Stilt - Adr^resses students, 24:?3:l. 

Wilson, f'ax - Addresses Business Men's Association of ATierica, 

Wilson, Prof. R. !:. - "arries, 6:3:1; 
Lectures to Science Club, 6:11:1; 
Speaks to Y.M.C.A. on "loyalty", 6:19:1; 
Speaks to Y.M.CA. , 8:4:1; 
SreakeH to Science Club, 8:11:1; 
Lectures to Chemistry Club, 16:10:4; 
Returns to faculty from sabbatical leave, 20:2:1; 
Speaks to freshmen class, 27:18:1. 

V/llson, Dr. R.R. - Sponsors International Relations Club, 25:9:1; 
Reads paper at Political Science meeting, 25:19:1; 
To do special work for government, 28:4:5; 
Represents Duke at National Convention, 29:14:3. 

V/llson, "Stilt" - To speak here, 24:20:1. 

Wilson, Woodrow, - His forces gain control of Moot Democratic 
Convention, 7:20:1; 
G-ets nomination^ for president, 7:22:1; 
Day to be observed, 17:14:3. 

V/lnslow, Miss Elizabeth - Picture, 39:17:1. 

"^ireless - Is subject of Science Club, 6:26:1. 

Wlster, O'ven - To deliver Commencement Address, 10:22:1. 

Wolfe, Dr. J.J. - Gave closing faculty le.-^ure, 1:17:1; 
Speaks to Science Club, 2:11:4; 

'^olfe. Dr. J.J. - Third annual reception, ?:13:1; 
Spes.k<5 to Science Club, 6:15:1; 
Elected T5re=;i^ent of Botanical Glut, 7:ie:l; 
?'iea>p to Science Club on "bacteria", 7:33:4. 

.'olfe, Dr. James J. - Dies, 13:1:1; 

Memorial library fund started, 16:17:1. 

Wood, Robert L. - Talks on life at University of Madi-ld, 29:19:4. 

y.'oodhouse. Prof. E.J. - To lecture to wonen, 22:3:1. 

V/oodward, Frederic - Visits Dui-.e Law School, 29:17:1; 

V/ood-.vard, J. L. - Taken in by Phi Beta Kapoa, 25:11:1. 

Woody, Dr. H.H. - Aw-^rded prl?,9 for history essay on Southern 
scene, picture, 28:22:4. 

V/ooten, J. C. - Soe^ks to Y.M.C.A. , 3:1:1; 

Is ppnointed to religion department, 3:1:1; 

Lectured, S:l6:l; 

Aooresses ministerial students, 5:2:1; 

Speaks to Y.M.C.A., 5:2^:3; 

Spenks to students, 6:9:4; 

To af^cent nastorshl'o in Wilmington, 6:14:1; 

(Rev.) SpeaksV to Y.l'.Z.A. on "leadership", 11:23:3. 

v;ooten, T'rs. J. C. - Die?, 6:2:3. 

"'orley, Harry - Handball chamoion, 4:12:1. 

'.Vormser, Lea - ""o s^ealc here, 28:18:1. 

Wrestling - Hardway elected captain of team, 19:^2:1; 
Jones elected cnotaln, 25:11:5; 
Tex "^11 son -a-III coach, 21:16:5; 
CulTO, "Hank" elected captain, nicture, 23:20:5; 
Starnes, Ralph elected captain for 1S30, 25:22:5; 
JJnes to enter natlonnl Chicago tourney, olcture, 25:23:3; 
Sta.rne,Raloh enters national wrestling tourney In Chicago, 25: 23:3. 

".'riters' Club - '.V.E.Eller elected president, 7:10:1; 
Hears Dr. F.C.Brown on "Short Story", 2:10:1. 

V/yche, Miss Alma - Elected oresident of student government, 25:23:1; 
Picture, .25:23:1; 

Elected treasurer of Southern Ass'n of V/omen's Student Govi^rn- 
ment, 25:27:1. 

Wylle, Sir Francis - To address Phi Beta Kappa, 29:19:1; 
To deliver address on "Cecil Rhodes", 29:20:1- 
Depicts life of Cecil Rhodes in Phi Beta Kappa address, 29:21:1; 

Wylle, Sir Frajicis - Picture, 29: Si: 3. 
Wyrnan, Hiss Lorraine - To offer concert, here, 18:17:5. 
Wyraan, Henry A. - Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 29:7:1. 
'.Vyrick, H. T. - Footbell, picture, P2:10:5. 

Yahoos - versus Trinity, 1:17:4. 

Yanapitla, Pun^ro - Freshniaji from Janan, 2:1:1. 

Yarborough, E.S. - Picture, 25:2:4; 

Elected to Phi Eeta Kapna, ''5:11:1. 

Yates, Dr. E.A. - Dies aaddenly, 4:32:2. 

Y. M. C.A. - Interstate convention helrS, 1:12:1; 
Gives musical nroscrajn, 1:17:1; 
To off»r Bible" course, 2;9:2; 
Johnson, Rev. L. sr^eaks, 2:10:1' 
KcRai, v!. V. elected president, 2:14:3: 
'Cilgo addresses first raeetin,^, 2:16:1- 
To conduet ^ible Study Institute, 2:17:1; 
Sponsors student conference, 8:20:1; 
Revival closed by Dr. Detwiler, 2:20:1; 

Speeial N. C. Student Conference edition of Chronicle, 2:21:1; 
He^rs 'ifooten, 3::;:l; 
Is addressed by Prof, "eritt, 3:4:1; 
Addressed by H.M. '.Vcrth, 3:^:1; 
Is Adoressed by Dr. Crawford, 3:10:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. CJlnsson, 3:13:2; 
Is addressed by Rev. Bradwhaw, 3:17:1; 
Is addressed by R.V.TaJlor, 3:18:4; 

Cfffrlns mernoria.Ti in honor of V/mieji by Lilly, 3:22:3; 
Is addressed b:/ Dr. S.E.Turi-entine, 3:22:4; 
Is addressed by Frshk Slier, 3:24:1; 
Is addressed by V/. A. St anbury , 3:32:1; 
Is addressed by Bostwick, 4: 2:1; 
Addressed by Dr. La Flanman, 4:5:1; 
Is Addressed by H.", North, 4:5:1; 
Sponsors Bible classes, 4:5:1; 
Is addressee! by T.'/^. Grant, 4:7:1; 
Hears Dr. '.!ims", 4:8:3; 
He»rs Rev. G.T. Ada.iis , 4:10:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. Crawford, 4:11:1; 

"New Fields to Discover" - address by 'V.A.Brown of Chcago, 

Y.M.C.A. - Is addressed "by Dr. Raince(|h, 4:14:1; 
Elects officers, 4:16:1; 

Annual revival being conducted by Kfclgo, 4:17:1; 
Kilgo closes revival, 4:18:1; 
Is addressed by J. E. Pe^rran, 4:??:L; 
Is addressed by Dr. Brown, 5:4:1; 
Is addressed by Prof. Merrit, 5:5:1; 
Is addiessed by J. W. Lynch 5:8:1; 
Is addresr.ed by Dr. Wananaker, 5:11:1; 
Is addressed by A. C. Mcintosh, 5:13:1; 
Organized Students Enr^loyment Bureau, 5:14:1; 
International Convention, 5:17:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. G-lasson on "The Christian Religion as 

A Social Foree, 5:?1:1; 
Has Bible study program:, 5:^^2:1; 
Is addressed by Hedrick and Smith 5:P2:3; 
Is addressed by J. C. Wooten, 5:24:3; 
To reorganize on ne'v basis, 5:P8:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. Spenne, 6:4:2; 
Is addressed by Rev. Hague, 6:5;1; 
Is addressed by Bishor Kilgo, 6:6:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. Laprade, 6:7:4; 
Is addressed by Rev. C. G-. Homshell, 6:10:5; 
Is addressed by ^. W. Pedle, 7:5:2; 
Hears Dr. Larrade's talk on^Symrathy" , 7:7:3; 
Is addressed by Dr. A.; M. Tranick on "Negro Life", 7:8:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. Crawford on "Influence", 7:10:1; 
Revival conducted by G-. T. Rowe, 7:17:1; 
Rears Rev. J. L. Cunniggin of V.-mderbilt , 7:96:3; 
Is Pddresped by Pi^of. A. lierritt, 7:28:1; 
Is addressed by Prof. R. N. Wilson, 8:4;1; 
Is addj eesed by Dr. V7. P. Larrpde, 8:8:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. F. G-. Penbody, 8:17:1; 
Has good plans for the year, 9:1:1; 
Gives recer tion, 9:2;1; 

Is addressed by Flovers , Prof. R. L. , 9:4:4; 
Has conference, 9:5:1; Is addressed by Bishor John C. Kilgo, 

W. H- Wanaraaker sreaks, 9:7:3; 
Is addresG.vd by Pev. E. F. Lee, 9:9:3i; 
Is addressed by Bishor J. C. Kilgo, 9:10:1; 
200 students attending Bible class, 9:11:1; 
Delegates go to Kansas for convention, 9:14:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. W T. Laprade, 9:14:4; 
Kansas City convention a great success, 9:16:1; 
Is addresser! by Rev. L. P. ^'onard, 9:16:4; 
Cii^^nges planned in activities, 9:21:4; 
Dr. W. p. Few p'.roke on the "Ideal Life", 9:22:2; 
Is addressed by Rev. R. C. Craven 9:23:4; 
Excellent work done by Y.M.C.A., 10:1:1; 
Reception T^roves big success, 10:2:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. W P. Few, 10:2; :1; 
Is addressed by Dr. W. I. Crawford, 10:3;3: 

Y.M.C.A. - In addressed by Dr. F.N. Parser, 10:4:5; 
Is addressed by 'V.B.Lee, 10:9:1; 
To own Blue Ridf^e Home, 10116:1; 
To abandon Blue Ridge Hone plan, 10: "1:1; 
Attendance largely increased, 10:55:4; 
Is addressed by Dr. E.L.Staraey on "Alcohol", 10:?6:1; 
Handbook edited by Pres . Lilley, 11:1:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. W. I. Crav;ford, 11:2;:1; 
G.S.Bunn ic elected president, 11:92:1; 
L.L.G-obbel is elected -^resident, 1?:24:1; 
Issues freshman handbook, 13:1:1; 
Holds rece-r^tlon for ne"? nen, 13:3; :1; 
Dean W.H. Wanamalcer sneaks, 13:4:1; 
To hold celebration honoring Luther, 13:6:3; 
le addressed by Dr. A.M. Yates on "prevailing ^rayer" ,13:14 :$ 
A.J.Hobbs is elected ^resident, 13:S5:1; 
Excellent voik done, 15:1:1; 
RecejDtion banauet given, 15:3:1; 
To hnve Joint neetinp, 15:7:1; 
Is addressed by Dean H.H.'Vananakor, 15:9:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. W.T.Laprade, If:-: 10:1; 
Heard rer-ort of Blue Ridge deleg'tec, 15:11:1; 
la addressed by Prof. Jaraes Cannon, 15:13:1; 
R.A.Parhan is elected president, 15:92:4; 
Leory Dulin is elected president, 16:22:1; 
Hears H.L.Bloomquist, 16:23:3; 
Sponsors Ii'^isslonary drive, 16:26:1; 
Is addressed by Chas ' , Baf;ley, 17:2:1; 
Is addressed by Dr. J.E.Telch, 17:7:1; 
Is addiessed by I^r. George Er^'in, 17::); 4; 
Is addressed by Prof. R.L. Flov/ers, 17:10:1; 
Si-.ring lectures, 17:18:1; 

Instals B.B.Harrison as rreeid^^nt, 17:27:1; 
Ir^ addressed by Prof. H.E.Spence, 18:9:3; 
Is addressed by Dr. Albert A-ideison on "Iledicine ns a 

Profession", 18:21:1; 
Gives freshmen reception, 19:3:3; 
Is addressed by Di'. Laprade , 19:444; 
Is ad'ire.'^sed by Prof. R.L. Flowers, 19:5:2; 
Is address e"*- by Dr. Swann, 19:9:1; 
John Weatbrook elected presi<.''ent , 20:24:1; 
Walter A. Bigf-s elected -•resident 21:28:1; 
Ray Carpenter elected '^resident, 23:26:1; 
Sponsors movies at Duke, 24:12:1; 
Ray Carpenter to advise women on "Choosing Life Partner," 

Presents program for co-eds, 24:19:4; 
Listen, elected ^resident, 24:"'3:1; 
Dr. H.M. Le Sound on committee, 25:19:1; 
Emmett K. McLarty president, 25:26:1; 
Sponsors series of concerts, 27:6:1; 
Presented Mrs. A.T.Rabe, soprano, in concert, 27:3:1; 

y.M.C.A. - Sponsor concert by Molitores, Wr. & Mrs., 27:21:1; 
Student vreek features Dr. FranV Kin^^dorn, 27:24:1; 
W. Farthing elected president, picture, 27:25:1; 
Active durinfr Orien' ation of freshmen, 28:1:1; 
G-ives program of activities for year, 23:3; :4; 
State cabinefis meet p'c DuV.e, 28:14:1; 
Spence, Curtis elected president, 28:26:1; 
Does much for freshmen during;; orienta. ion week, 29:1:7; 
Francis S. Harmon s-pealcs on "World Problem". '^■?:.T:1; 
Candidates for presidency, 29:25:1; 
Elects Pardue Bunch president , 29:26:1; 

Yong, Dr. Y. C, prexy of Soo Chow University - Sr^eaks here, 

Young, Miss Betty - Duke Plpyer, ricture, 28:29:1; 

Young, W.". - To sveak to law ptudents, 28:7:4. 

Younger, Coach Monk - Davidson coach, ricture, 22:10:6. 

Y.W.C.A. - Gives benefit carnival, 13:5:1; 

Convention to convene at Trinity, 13:25:3; 

Convention threat success, 13:25:3; 

To have Joint meetint^, 15:7:1; 

Elects Florence Harriss president, 17:22:1; 

N.C. Collegiate Conference of Y.W.CA. meets at '^rinity, 

18 : 25 : 1 ; 
Gives freshman recei^tion, 19::' :Z; 
JesPie Hauser elected ^-resident, 19:19:1; 
Annual Jubilee to be held, 24:17:1; 
Kellah Miller chosen ^resident, 24:22:1; 
Elects Miss Eli?'^beth McFayden rrenident, 25:23:1; 
Social service work dlscusced, 29:8:1; 
Dr. Ronald Lerblyn s^e^iks, 29:10:3; 
Rosanelle Cash elected president of conference, 29:28:3. 

Zachary, Harry C. - Sturipn'- dies 27:16:1; 

Zener, K.E. - Added to faculty^ 25:3:1. 

Z.T.A. - Has convention here (sorority), 25:21:1. 

Zur>pke, Bob - Illinois coach recommends Voyles, Carl assistant 
athletic director here, 27:15:4. 


imiiriiii II iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 


. .^1 


■ tf