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3 1833 02412 8636 

S L 





"i a 






23 DO-w. 

J£Tw'.r:Y, ) 

H -- J 



SAS, Iowa, Illinois, and West Virginia State Gazetteers, anu City 


Grand Ravids, Saginaw, Easi' Saginaw, Bay C:ty, 

Fort Wayne, and London- (Ont). / 



Sliscellaui ■ ,' lank Books and Oftice Stationery, Indiana] 



Holzmeier Peter, ihucmafcer. 

:..:!t;i Mollis, Pools, Shoes 

Hovey & Menzies, lawyers. 

CI hing, Dry Goods, Notions, etc, coi 

Ilwusmt & Co, Manufactur 

srs Horn- 

Mam and 2d. 

iny, Grits, Pearl Meal, Con. Fli tr, 1 

Kahn Isaac, saloon. - t^A*. 
Kahn Joseph L, saloon. JL 1 ijQ 1 

and Clean Mill. (Set ado.) 

Hutclieson Pliilo A, Re 

corder of 

Kalbfuss Philip, grocer. 

Posey County, Court House. 

Kreie Charles, harnessmaker. 

Hutehiscii A!e\, in ■ • . ■ . 

Kuehl Louis, saloon. 

Inboden Peter. shoemaker. 

Lefiel & Williams, pubs Western Star and 

Jackson Waller S, lawyer. 

Mt Vernon Woehenblatt. 



. vJ ^ ^ 

Also Fanners' Dram Mile, kc. "- . , 

Ml orders promptly filled and satisfaction guarani id. K , 

MT. Vi I N, IND. 



at, 2\<Lt. Vernoa, X:o.c3.. 

One square from Post Office, Telegraph Office, Express Office, 
Kahn's Billiard Parlors, and Masonic Hall. 





cost you, ill ai 

! examine mj 







l.atvsl st' le :ti d , ■■ii.-; til i . 

■ . . I : I i. I I.1..I - ' ' 
>,..!_ oi -h'.i-. 'i i ■ ■ > I ■■ r l 1 ■ . 

Galvanized iron CGrnio8Ss:iS;:' : '""\E':iSl :i : 

g ■*■ l f* Ml Policies noi)-forfcititisri 

1'?% .\OTvV«rK,.-.i';rr.T ! ..r. 
I l jy I double lheir business. E. H. KEL.LOC 

under (1st; law cf 

liable Agents to 
KELLOGG, Sfip'l, Chicago, III. 





Leukrotb Rheinhart, shoemaker. 
Loerch C & C, marble works. 
Louden Win, lawyer. 
Loveland Preston, newsdealer. 
McCallisterM C & Son, general store. 
MagiU It & J X, Carriages, Plow 

and Wagon Manufacturers, Store Let 5th 

and 6th. [See ndv.) 
Maier Conrad, merchant tailor. 
Mann Philip, merchant lailor. 
Marshall John j, second-hand goods. 
Moeller John, cooper. 

Mool i> Jo-'qih, la >. \ cl . 

Moore R S. phj sicien. 

Ml Vernon Banking Co, Charles A Parke, 

pies, C J Carpentei 1 ash. 

.' -.■ aoii EDemocral : ive< klj . 

Albert A, Sparks Proprietor, 51 Main. 

Ml\eniini Wochenblatt (weekly), 2d. 

Naas & Schneider, grocers, 2d. 

■ . v..', Vjnd.-rtak- 
er, 4th 1 t Mai 1 ! tore. |.''v '; ) 

NetteltOU W O, Proprietor St Clair 
Hotel, cor Main and 3d. 

Owen Ernest D, lawyer, 

Parke, Owen & Co, insurance. 

Patterson A Mrs, milliner. 

Paul & Gray, photographers. 

PeaiSC RXiltOll W| Lawyer, .till opp 
Court House. 

Pearse S Ii, physician, Main. 

PfefTer & Traudt, Hour mill. 

Pitcher J & II C, lawyers. 

Quick Charles, sewing machines. 

Quinzer Adam, furniture. 

Reckart Fred, shoemaker. 

Reis John T, gunsmith. 

Rhein Charles, shoemaker. 

Richter Charles, cooper. 

Rosenbaum & Pro, dry goods. 

Rosen . 1 1 Max, saloon. 

Roser L & L,. general store. 

Rowe Geo D, township trustee. 

St Clair Motel, W D Nettleton Pro- 
prietor, Corner Main and 3d. 

Scheidel Michael, harness. 

Schenk Eberhard B, pumps. 

Schieber Augustus, grocer, 

Schiela Charles & Son, furniture. 

Schnur Henry, fiour mill. 

Schrader Henry C, grocer. 

Schultz U T, physician. 

Schutz Charles, harness. 

Smith Ellwood, dentist. 

Soechtig Henry, jeweler. 

SparltS Albert A, Publisher and 
Proprietor Mt Vernon Democrat, 51 
Main. [S e 1 ... . ) 

Spencer Elijah M, lawyer. 

Springer Charles, f^v: mill. 

Spencer E A' phy ician. 

Stackler & Weckesser, grocers. 

Stallmann Christian, shoemaker. 

Steffan Charles R, tanner. 

Steward Wesley, barber. 

Stritter Fred T, barber. 

Tente Christian F, grocer. 

Terry Oliver C, grocer. 

Teschendorf S Sul liffe Misses, millinery. 

Tompkins George, blacksmith. 

Turner John, restaurant. 

Uri Abraham W, general store. 

Walter Pel r, sah 11. 

Wasem A n lrew, s: loi n. 

Wo m Cl rl , 1I0011. 

Wa; i m ' & A, gn ers, 

Weavci John R, physician. 

Weekly Sun (The). 

Wehr Charles, saloon. 

WeilLirennei Geo : ■ M, grocer. 

'Weir diaries P, Drugs, 2d bet 
Main and Store. 

Weisinger Henry, undertaker. 

Western Star (weekly). 

Western union Tel Co, W G Stannard 

Whitworth James W, surveyor. 

Wilber M B, general store. 

Williams S C & Co, milliners. 

Wimpelberg Win, saloon. 

Wolf, Freeman & Pfeffer meat market. 

Wolf II, wagonmaker. 

Wolter & Brettnet, saloon. 

Woody & Keck, maeh ists. 

■:-., Root and Shoe- 
maker, 56 Main. [See adv.) 

MOUXT ZION. Wells conn 
ulation 5.;., is distant 12 miles soutbw 
I'.'ufiion court house, and 3 from Bn< 
its shipping station, on the'T. D. & B. 
Mail is received tri-weekly, J. H. 

Bargdall W B, pla tercr. 
Bias Sylvester Rev {United Brethren) 
Burley George G, physician. 
Cloud Henry S, justice of the peace. 
Ellis Thomas, carpenter. 
Griffith [0 leph, carpenter. 
Iricfe J 15, General Store. 
Jen ey Walter, painter. 

I smith. 
Minni< ] Peter, i gricultui il implts. 
Neff& Burgess, grocers as ; 
\ ' 1 Jo ph, .maker. 

R. R. 


' >', .' l-in.'Froo.'i Garble Clocks, with Gong 
i'sd. I Strike, Half and Quarter Strike. ^ 

W3 . : :. BELLp»j 

Sells Houses, Lots an \ i < 

Tipper Third tit. 

(Ctmriiic, Inch 




Albert A. Sparks, - - Editor and Proprietor, 
Mt. Vernon, Posey County, Indiana. 

This paper is a six-column quarlo, published every Thursday, containing about thirty 

columns of good reading matter. It is strongly Democratic, the official paper 

of Posey County, and ha; a circulation of 1,400 copies, 

Kjj-sti: :■■',- :,;•• ,■ ■)■;.■; u 

W. BACON. S. 131.0 

BACON & BLOOMER, 'Prop's. 

East Side Main St., Bet. First and Second, 
I ' MT. ' 

_\l I:fWc keep none but the very best Horses, Carriages, 

;< , ,;,; Etc., and also buy and sell the same on reasonable terms. 

; A Our carriages will make regular trips to and from the De- 

,. pot and Steamboat Landing. Orders to attend Funerals 

■/.,,...., , v.ill receive prompt attention. 

3F5L. db 


=Jlz~-±^ ,^ wagons, Buggies, 


J. r Horseshoeing, General BlaeksmitUing and 

/ .1 v Repairing done Promptly and 

Cs~«. ^ Skillfully. 

West Side of Store, bet, Fifth and Sixth, - - - MT. VERNON, IND. 


4th St., bet. Main and Store, 

3 L ■■ ' • • .., ] • ■.. 

Tumi! are Of every de-en j>! ion. All work warrantee 

1, ;«!?. n~>A f«lA. (1 . C HAS. r». COtsos; IOS i liO .":.': 

JSliw.- liiriiviiiilfso Kur^a.^lil^, 

Knlicr<.»'J 'il<s,t'0!Plitliu!ie.'.v'Jfui-niicc'.,.vc, fuuss E'<>:i!<tiej-o £ tsrriiii ,v, H" 
pola Urick. fifejySce Adv., j>;-:.o 1. 

• • driven profitably by » ■ 

552 MUD 

ago 3. 



MU1>I> Y FOllK. Sometimes; called 
Bridgeport, is a station on the L. N. A. & 
C. Ry., in Carr township, Clark county, 15 
milts norths est of Jeff'ersonville, the county 
seat, contains United Brethren church and 
district school. Mail daily. J. L. War- 
man, postmaster. 
Bradley Collins Rev (Advent). 
Spurgcon Frank, physician. 
Tackett Green, blacksmith. 
Thomas Aithur, genera! store. 
Trippell German, tanner. 
Warman J L, general store. 

MUD TACK. Is a village in Monroe 
township, Jefferson county, S miles due 
north of Madison courthouse. North Mad- 
ison, on the J. M. & I. R. R., 6 miles south, 
is the most accessible sliijipiny station. It 
contains about iou inhabitants, three 
churches — Methodist, Baptist and I 
lian — and < : ; .ui. '■ .m1. Mail is received 
tri-weekly from Madison. John King, post- 

Alliser John, Hour and saw mill. 
Baker Samuel, hay press. 

Ills, Hotel and Saloon. 
Co] : rV, oni taker. 

tii.. .sin 11 Go irge, hay press. 
Grossn 11 John, grocer. 
Jessup A W, hay press. 
King JollM, General Store and Justice. 
King John G, shoemaker. 
Kisei R ichat d, blacksmith. 
E J, Hay Press. 
Oehler Michael, blacksmith. 
Venn li A, physician. 

. ■» & SSKitll, Saw Mill, 
t- ! v . ,_;e M, (lour mill. 

Waltz Griffith, hay press. 
Waltz John, hay press. 

MULBEJRRY. In Madison town- 
ship, western portion of Clinton county, on 
L. E. & W. Ry., is a village claiming a 
population of 200, located 10 miles north- 
west of Frankfort, the county seat, contains 
Methodist church and graded school. Im- 
press, United States. Mail daily. S. S. 
Ohl, postmaster. 
Baer Louis, wagonmaker. 
Conlon & Rothenberger, meat market. 
Earhart George W, drugs. 
Earhart 1 S, physician. 
Kiefer 12 £»', Harnessmaker. 
Koons M T, physician. 
Kuntz J J Rev, clergyman. 
M :i. ! ' J, shoemaker. 
Milii r John, carpenter. 

Mohr John, hotel. 
MotterT S, physician. 
Nunnaker D, carpenter. 
{Mil f> S, General Store. 
Peters M C Rev, clergyman. 
Roth E, blacksmith. 
Sims 1 M, general store. 
Slipher W 1, hardware. 
Smitli 11 irrj . get era] stot ; . 
Steckcl E T, R R and Ex agent. 
Wagner T. physician. 
Weider John, bio :1 511 ith, 
Weidner J S, general store. 

MUNVIE. The conn!-, sea t of Dela- 
ware county, is located in center of county, 
on the south ban] of White 1 ivi r, and is 
traversed by the Lake km- & Western, Fort 
\'. . ', . turn iocs Cincinnati a,:.! CI 
Columbus. 1 :, hid; p ,li ; , Rys, 

distant 54 mil of ] 

65 south of 1 11 1 V. 

of Richmond. Tli city in ; porated, 
contains 6000 inhabitants, has 1 
business M ici ant [5 

of graded stree - lined will and 

lighted by gas, a splendidly cou: 
department with fire alai m tel . 
magni fici nt 0] t ra hoii ■■. twclvi churc h es 
of!". rent denomin.rtii , a pi 
containing 4000 volumes, one of the finest 
high school buildin ;s in the state, besides 
three excellent graded schi il . It is gov- 
erned by the mayor and five members oi 
council, 'ha- a boai I of he lth, and supports 
three banks— two national and 01 e priv ite 
— and six hotels. The prcs ■ 1 , e ited 
by two daily and three . ■ . 

Dailies— A',-u>s and Times (both Republican); 

weeklies-/' A and ! tr. Its 

manufai luring i ' nsi\ e, 

and include the larg t flax b: factory 

in the United Slati ~. M uncit has a bonded 
indebtedness of only ?ro,ooo, and offers 
liberal inducements to mauufat lurci desir- 
ous of locating fot thai purpose. The Uni- 
ted States and \1ncrica11 1 . and. Wes- 
tern Union Telegi.iph Companies have offi- 
ces here. Usual mail facilities. John C. 
Eiler, postmaster. 
Adamson Jonathan P, grocer. 
A lam J. Iin O, artist. ' 
Ad m ...:. & Good '. ._ toccrs. 

,'roti 1 li bacco. 

i\lli 1 Sarah Mi ;, dressmaker. 
Alii in Sarah ] Mrs, tin in iker, 

Andrews Geoi 

1 ] 1 

n«ns,;.-- I ftl-y-,, JOHN RAUCH, Manufacturer, 

'■ ■ ' INDIAI . 



For Sale from Stock. A ' Ss Co. 

i "72 and WW. 

mm 553 

A.N"B lUhSlNEsS DT1UX J'(U;V. 

Bandey Peter, carpenter. 

Bradbury Allison 1>, physician. 

B.mta John E, confectioner. . 

Brady Ei'.varC V,:, Editor md Pro- 

Barnes lames M, photographer. 

prietor Muncic 1 imes, Times Buildii .. 

Bartle Wm, blacksmith, 

Brady John, trustee Center township. 

B.ullett A Clarence, physician. 

Bratton Benjamin F, dry goods. 

Beemer Margaret U, millinery. 

Brothevton Wm, lawyer. 

Beuoy Owen, livei j . 

Brown Francis M, dry goods and groceries- 

Bicknell J R Rev (Episcopalian). 

Buckles 5: Ryan, law; 

Bishop E B, agt C C C & I Ry. 

Son, dentists. 

Blease Thomas, slice; laker. 

Calvert Edward If, restaurant. 

Blount George W, hotel. 

Calvert S A .V Co, millinery goods, 6y N 

Blount & Templer, lav yers. 


Bower & Klopfer, carriage mnfrs. 

Care). bell Wm W, meat market, 

Bowles Thomas J, physician. 

Canfield Charles S, restaurant. 

Boyce James, boots and shoes. 

Carpenter James, carpenter. 

Boyce fames, flax mill. 

Carson Wm J, sewing machines. 

Hoyden Wilbur f, ph) icii n. 

Carvalt & Hassett, carpenters. 


i-4, 18SO. 


The following points of superiority possessed by the QUEEN OF THE WEST 
commend it to the public as being the best washing machine in the market: 

1st. That it wash, upon the no principle 01 rubbins llie clothes. 

Bet. Its plan of con. t.< , ... . •• > . .1 tiaull Inline- or a licai y utiilt can tie. wit-. bed equally 

as well. 

Si. Clothes ca.l he »J-i»-i in buibiie water. 

■llli. Ciothc-s an la « .:■. nr.ili required by other methods. 

Sth Tt sn\rs In-.- '..ear ti:. : n. aa: y nitoa!; w ashing-, on account of the conn :i! - -.1 roller in the 
upper washboard, the ruhhii • l.ei : i-ei'h. 

lith. It tun h ,-:.,■ -i i-> a in in or ho , v. u.-ia-lij the bun.,; wife is relieved l'roin the lire-orae 
labor incident to w, i ' 

We manufacture a boiiei and shi t fun . attachment, which burns ordinary 

stove wood, by men--, ol w hich water ran be heated and transferred to the washer through 
a faucet, llirieby rondeiing it unnecessary to eairy the water from the boiler to the ma- 
chine, ami doing ..way with much heavy lifting. ' The Washer, Boiler, and Furnace are 
so constructed that they can be set in a room separate and apart from the cool; i-oom. thus 
avoiding the drainage that usually attends the cook room on wash-days. The Washer can 
be used separately bom the Furnace and Boiler if desired. We also have for sale a fold- 
ing Wringer, which can be used to great advantage with our washers. Agents \v \\ i ; o. 




'ork First-CIcss. 


FnruiKbert on Application. 

E. W. BRADY, Proprietor. 


Buy a Fiist-clliss J'iaun or < ■ e tusy Icri'is iiinii I 

FJt'AFfXlN & CO., 58 & tiO NorMi . uiu Street, SMOIAXAFOL) I, IS I 






Cassady John V II, crockery. 

Chapman Nathaniel L, saloon, 

Charman James, baker, 

Citizens' National Bank, capital ?ioo,ooo, 

Geo W Spilker pies, John Marsh cash, 
Clancy A V, , county supt schools. 
Clavengei John B, grocer. 
C "i k Thoma A, grocci . 
Coffeen L & Co, marble works. 
Cook & Dwyer, grocers. 
Cooper WiSiiassi M >l, Attorney 

at Law and Notary Public, N Walnut. 
Cowing G.v.nville, nursery, 3 mile: north. 
Oil lice Sarah Miss, dressmaker. 
Darracott George, justice of the peace. 
Davi fob H, pn lu :. 

X, Hubs, I pi i es and 

Bending Stock Manufacturer, s w cor 

Adams . nd Beacon, 
Delaware Carriage Works. 
Denihan Dennis, confectioner. 
Dubson J A Re\ (Universalist). 
Doherty Peter, boilermaker. 
Dougherty & Milligan, saloon. 
Drury John W, barber. 
Duncan Thomas, sewing machines. 
Earickson Thomas B, city treasurer. 
Egbert Will A, physician. 
Elliott George L, jeweler. 
Emerson Warren C, saw mill. 
Ervin John K. saloon. 
Ethell N F, propr The Muncie News. 
Evsns Isaiah, barber. 
Everett & Fletcher, boot aud shoem '. rs. 
Ferguson fame s, restaurant. 
Fitch & McCaughan, cigar;;. 
Fleming Charles N, carpenter. 
Fox Joseph, prodi 1 1 . 
Fullhart John, nursery, 3 miles s e. 
Fu -""1 1 efferson, saloon. 
Garner' John W, dentist. 
Gatr-H Helen Mrs, grocer. 
Gift Benjamin F, boots and sh ». 
Goodlander Marcus D, photographer. 
Green Charles H, stoves and tinware. 
Griesheimer John C, saloon. 
Haines Samuel T, dry goods and groceries. 
Haines & Hoover, flour and feed. . 
Hall Robert S, hotel. 
Hammer & Adamson, dry goods. 
Harper & Lemmon, fruits. 
Harris Robert, broom mnfr. 
Hart Sarah Mrs, ladies and gents furnishing 

Hawk P & Son, wagonmakers. 
Heath Frederick W, real estate. 
Heath Thomas, grocer. 
HeinsQhn Julius A, hotel. 
Ileirich Joseph S, merchant tail 

Higman George, carpenter, 
Hill foseph A, hats and cap,. 
MiMkley Etoeuester, House Painter 

and Glazier, W Ad: m . 
Hod -■ H C & L L, general store. 
Hough W A Rev (Christian). 
Hough iV Spurgeon, physicians. 
I [owe & Little, boots and shoes. 
Howell lames R, Hour and feed, 
lb well Win P, saloon. 
Huffer Samuel U, stoves and tinware. 
Hummel Joseph, bal 1 r. 
Hurst Po's, floui mill, tU mile; s w. 
Hus ey Stanton 1. ■,. - 
Husted John A, harne 1 il er. 
Hutehings foseph O, shoemaker. 
Inlow Waller, insura 
Ireland Annie C Miss, milliner. 
Jackson & Dungan, blacksmiths. 
]ames M ilton, phy: ician. 
Jesse Alb. rt S, li ei 
John Elizal eth M mill 

Johnson A L&l 1. 

Johnson WmN,< penter. 

fon .■■ ■ . 1 I .tore. 

>i S J 1 v I is t) , 

Ki r J ohn N, restaurant, 

Keeny Lyde Mrs, dressmaker. 

Kepley Wm & Co (William and John), black- 
smiths, Elm. 

Kcrper J M, agt L E & W Ry. 

Kimbioueh Charles W, books. 

Kirby Thomas H, grocer. 

Kirk John, saloon. 

Kirk Joseph B, hotel. 

Kirk Wm, confectioner. 

Koons George II, lawyer. 

Klein A M & Sons, jewelers. 

Kline & Horlacher, marble works. 

Klopfer & Bro, soda water mnfrs. 

Knapp & Kinsley, carriage and wagon- 

Kuechman Mathias, musical instruments. 

Latz & Kilgore, lawyers. 

Leager Pros, restaurant. 

Learned Judson, railroad ticket agt. 

Leech Garrett D, physician. 

Leoi S Metzger, clothing. 

Lewis & Anthony, handle mnfrs. 

Linder James, carriage painter. 

Little John L, insurance agt. 

Lilth John W, feather dusters. 

Little Wm L, lawyer. 

Littler John M, physician. 

Lo hart 1 toratio j, insurance agent. 

1 I Pro.-,, bak( 1 ,. 

Lockwood Charles W, boots and shoes 

2U. '■'.■.. . : ... ; 1 

47 and 49 S. Meridian St., IndiauapoliH. 

Lace Curtains 


A\q Pardee's 
r Loaf Lehigh Antl . 




Long- Jam e ; . M, agricultural implts. 

,' ong Nathan II, stoves and tinware. 

Long & Collins, livery. 

Lutz M & Co, blacksmiths. 

Lyman & Whippo, boots and .'.hoes. 

Lynn Wm & Si n, boots an I 

McCaslin D S Rev (Presbyterian). 

Mcllvain W F, painter. 

McMalian & Smith, law y( i i. 

McWilliams Asbury, blacksmith. 

Maddy Bros, grocers. 

Maddy fame A. Hour and feed. 

Maiden Coleman li, hotel. 

Mann S & 1 .. millii . i ;. 

Manor Charles, dentist. 

Manvell George P, saloon. 

Marble Elizabeth A Mrs, dressmaker. 

March Walter, lawyer. 

Mason Tohn R, grain. 

Meek R I & Co, furniture. 

Meeker Bros, grocers. 

Mellc-tt I E, 1: -yer. 

Mellett& Rose, lawyers. 

Metzger & Co, clothing. 

Miller John U, meat market. 

Milligan Allan A, wines, liquors and to- 

Mock Bros, corn planters. 

Mock Martin G, furniture. 

Modlin William, meat market. 

Mohler form A, wago imi I er. 

Mong Robert II, planing mill. 

Moore Charles W, lawyer. 

Morin John, barber. 

Morin josep . D, b: rb r, 

Morin W rg ■' h ' 

■-,',, ... i , Co, lot! 

Muncie Bank, A i '. laypool cash. 

Muncie Democrat (weekly), Spence & Davis 

Muncie Gas Works. 

Muncie National Bank, capital ,$."00,000, 
F T White pies, S A Wilson cash. 

Muncie News (daily and weekly), N F 
Ethel] pub. 

BlMXlCiC TiMlCS (Daily and Weekly), 
E W Brady Publisher, Times Building. 

Neely I. on M, photographer. 

Nickey Jeremiah F, druggist. 

Nutting Edward, carpenter, 

OrrWm W, lawyer. 

Parker & Powell, clothing. 

Paxson Joseph R, furniture. 

Phillips & Lacev, grocers. 

Phinney Arthur J, physician. 

I'uckett, Smell ,v Martin, pump mnfrs. 

Putnam & Kirbv, lumber and hardware. 

Reid lames E, blacksmith. 

Reid John S, lumber dealer and vinegar 

Rich & Ludlow, carpenters. 
Richey Wallace E, dn , . 

Rid ey W.b tei S Am and U S Ex Cos. 

Riley & Brown, real estate ; its. 
Robinsoi 's Comnn rcial College, Samuel S 

Robinson pr or. 
Rose Theo F, lawy . 
Ross John C, physician. 
Rothschild Aaron, clothing. 
Roush & Pfeifcr, shoemakers. 
Sanders rohn 1 . i 
Schmidl Y. ,.. . [Catholic). 

Scott & Hurst, rest; 
Sear; Lew is, • do 1 t. 
Sells TE Rev (Met'l : i t). 
Shekel, Deam & Co, carriage and wagon 

Shekel Edward T, upholsterer. 

Shepard Jeremiah A, dry goods and gro- 

Silcott i 



, merchant tailor. 

Simmons G 

V, agri implts. 

Simmon. Jan,,: i 

Simson T I. Rev ( 

Singleton 1 

Slinger Andn w T, 

Smell Mi 

. « .n maker. 

Smith r\ R 

I ■■)• 

Smith l: S m, tb 

Smith Elias !', bri 

k and. tile mnfr. 

Smith W R & Son 

maiblc works. 

Smith & Gilbert, 1 

1 ' ' y- 

Snell Solomon U, 


Si. ell Thomas B, g 



n D, physician. 

Snodgrass 1 >..\ 1 i 1 

, physician. 

Snyder John M. Ce 


Spence Nathan N, 


Spence & Davis, publishers Muncie I) 

! on . S Wilson, lawyers. 

Stephenson George W, dry goods 
St.'. ar( |. ; - 1, saw mill. 
Sti •■ : . \ v . in 11, grocer. 
Strectet 1. .\ Co, produce. 
Street. 1 Stephen B, produce. 

Sun; an John Y, vinegar mnfr. 
Tcmpler & Gregory, lawyers. 

Thomas ee I'.ilt. is,. it, lu . . y. 


. . . . isonSt. 
ill S Communications Promptly Answered, 


profitably by n Threshing Kngirc, 
Seeling! 3. 


i\ in -. , \ statu c.Azi'.rTKEi; 


Thomas fcTempler, hotel. 
Topp Marcus, meat market. 
Truitt Wm, surveyor. 
Tumbleson lames, grocer. 
Turner Ira A, saloon. 
Tyler Orson M, justice of the p .■■ 
Upton & Brees, restaurant. 

ess, Stoves and 

Tinware, and Manufacturers of the Queen 

of the West Washing Machine, 460 S 

Walnut. {Sec adv.) 
Vogt Jacob, merchant tailor. 
Wachtell Calvin S, city clerk. 
Wachtell & March, dry goods. 
Wachtell 0; Tyner, harnessmakers. 
Watson Frank S, painter. 
Walterhouse T S, lawyer. 
Weeks J ■ -, meat market. 
Weller Lawrence L, saw mill and org in 

m n fr. 
Wells Austin T, auctioneer. 
Western Union Tel Co, Wm Patterson agt. 
Whiteley Maria I Mrs, millinery. 
Whitney C B, clothing. 
Wilcoxon L & Son, flour mill. 
Wildermuth Charles, baker. 
Williams John W, oarber. 
Williams J osiah F, restaurant. 
Williams Warren, wagonmaker. 
Wilson & Thompson, agrl implts. 
Winans Henry C, physician. 
Winans Henry M, physician, 
Winings Thomas J, grocer. 
Winten & Kemper, phvsieians. 
Wolff Arthur R, clothier. 
Wright Alberl L, insurance agt. 
VVri| ht .. Son, furniture and" undertakers. 
Wysor, Haines & Co, engine mnfrs, 
Wysor, Kline & Co, flour mill. 
Yijuse Daniel K, confectioner. 
Youst Bros, livery. 

MURRAY, Formerly called New 
Lancaster, is a village of 150 inhabitants in 
Lancaster township, Well-, county, 4 miles 
north of Bluffton, the county 1 I 

most available shipping point. The Wabash 
river furnishes water power to drive one 
flour mill. Churches, Christian ami Pres- 
byterian. Schools, district. Mail daily. 
L. F. Sin eve, postmaster. 
Chalfout M, justice o! the peace. 
Clemens Peter, shoemaker. 
Bsixler George C, Saw Mill. 
Fink John N, blacksmith. 
Fulton George, physician. 
Fulton T C. physician. 
King C F, drugs. 
McRea James Rev (Prcsbyte. 

Markley T 1 Rev (Christian). 

Meeker Andrew, saw mill. 
RE.verS JaCOfr, Carpenter. 
Reaser John, wagonmaker. 
Shrader D, physician. 

■ ■ : JL, i.'*, General Store. 
Stone, Smith & Perkins, Hour mill. 
Townsend Eli, blacksmith. 
Webber George C, shoemaker. 
Wisehaupt D F, cooper. 

NAB13. Contains 2$ persons, and is 
located on the Louisville branch G. & M. 
Ry., in Scott county, )0 miles southeast of 
Scottsburgh, the county scat. Lumber and 
live slock are the chief articles of export. 
Express, O. & M. Mail daily. A. II. 
Barnes, postmaster. 

[, General Store, Railroad 

raid Express Agent. 
:■ W L, flour mill. 

Hardy 11 S, Sour mill. 
Kimberlain J T, general store. 
Mummert Jacob, blacksmith, 
Russell J R, physician. 

NAPOLEON. On daily mail route 
to Osgood, is located in Ri cot tty, I - 1 

miles north of Versaill . tl 1 county seat, 
ami 5 miles northvt est of 1 t, the 1 ail- 

road depot, with a popul tti ni [ 550. The 
village has four chui hi -C; tholic, Lu- 
theran, Baptist ami Chi u id graded 
school. Miles Mendenh II,] istraaster, 
Arkenburg Wm, Hour mill. 
Brademer F, blacksmith. 
Brandt Margaret Mrs, genera! store. 
Craiu John, blacksmith, 
Dammyer D, blacksmith. 

r It Krerterie^, Hotel and 

Fisher Ferdinand, gene:::! store. 
Foreman G W, general store. 
Frank G F, general store. 
Gerth A, wagonmaker. 
Ilertenstein R, general store. 
Hicks P.ruee R, physician. 
llicks John C, physician. 
Hines August, carpenter. 

SOil C«at'5es IS, Lawyer and 

Joseph A F", physician. 
Koop Benjamin J, saloon. 
Lissett Louis, saloon. 
Litalei N, wagonmaker. 
Maxwell Abram F, carpenter. 
Meildi . i ... Postm 1 ter. 

Morbach Nicholas, justice of the- peace. 
Motz John, blacksmith. 

Solicitor of Am evict in ami i''"(irc iff" 1'<ttrit(.<: ! 
and Notary Public. Office, Room iS, Hubbard Bio k, 
f Indianapolis, Ind. 

J.<in> Publisher 

and Booksellers, - INDIANAPOLIS. 



Myers Vm jr, flour mill. 

located on Salt creek, 13 miles south of 

Rork Thomas, blacksmith. 

Morgantown, on the F. F. & M. R. R., its 

Schlicht I. hotel. 

nearest railroad station, ami about 50 mill 

Taraiski Peter, shoemaker. 

south of Indiana,,, lis. This pi c< has one 

Thackery John, shoemaker. 

flout mill, operated by wat< r po\ rived 

/ ■ I C, Saw Mill. 

bom Salt creek, Methodist and Pri 

Wagner Frederick, hotel. 

churches, two hotels, graded schi ol , and a 


weekly n. ivsp r. Staves and amber are 

NA PPANE12. \ new a 

k1 enter- 

the chief exp ills. Mail daily. A. S. 

pi isii vjlla .-■• i i 1 Ikhart county, 

on tl 

: B. 

Helms, p 

5:0 l . R., i 3 miles - mthwest o 



Allis. n G W, pr. 1 facl sonian. 

the county seat. Its sett len nt 

dates in 

' M, lawyer. 

I S 7 , and now ha ■ a populati m i 

f 700. 


Calvin T D, tanner. 

excellent opening is here p.. 

Chapped A T, drugs. 

flour mill. The village has two churi 

es — 

. 1 iwyer. 

United Brethren and Aumish. Li 



Cook j M, ■ hysi, i. ,. ' 

■ ■, ii orts. B 



Cornelius'' \V Mrs, milliner. 

Mail daily. J. B. Pi , : iycord, postmaster. 

Cornelius* Colvin, dru . 

Beihl Charles, luriit smakcr. 

Cox W I., lawyer. 

V st D M, justice of the peace. 

Dew 1 J... undertaker. 

Dri is 

Duncan M A, pi 

Brown i\ Vcl.r". : _■ I ■ ' T . , > saloon. 

Genolin 1 F, physician. 

Bryson F G, blacksmith. 

Gibson Charles, general store. 

Bums iV Kreider, pumps, 

Grey & Myers, ca | 

Cleveland A S, restaurant. 

Hoppei Wm M, blacksmith. 

Cowan W B, hardware 

Jacksonian (v eekly), G W Allison propr. 

Detrich J & Co, genera! store. 

Jones A B. barber. 

Geutzhorn I). saloon. 

Kelp Wm, shoemaker. 

Good rv Schrock, saw mill. 

Me«rciV»K" J '»■» Stave Manufacturer. 

' , ' . . ■:-;>.! Store. 

McGrayel |ames, saloon. 

Hcmmin-er lacob, shoemaker. 

Mason •: ral store. 

Iloff Mose, v.a. maker. 

Mason Wro M, hotel. 

Holdetm .;, i.'ai Mi- . milliner. 

Minor Robert N, hotel. 

Holderman & Farrvwald, shingle 


Patterson S, blacksmith. 

Johnson& Co, grain. 

Percificld Anderson, lawyer. 

Julian T K, physician. 

Ralphy A J. physici; a. 

Martin & Good, meat market. 

Robert- N J, shoemaker. 

Mellinger J C & Co, saw mill. 

Smith Lee, wagonmaker. 

Mills M, barber. 

Stone George J, blacksmith. 

Myers S, clothing. 

Taggart & Gratton, grocer. 

Nettram ,V Flowers, restaurant. 

Taggart & Hester, general More. 

PetUlvcord J Ii, Books 



Wilson Mary V, milliner. 

News'Dealer. ' 

Yotlcr Edwartl, Flour Mill. 

Peddycord \V F, justice of the p- 


Richmond F D, hotel. 

NEBRASKA. Has 150 inhabitants, 

Sanders R M, shoemaker. 

one flour mill, district school, Methodist 

Siereh Bros, druggists. 

and Catholic churches, and is situated in 

Smith 1 B, blacksmith. 

Campbell township, Jennings county, 12 

Stanley P C, furniture. 

miles northea t of Vernon, the county seat. 

Stoner E D Mrs, milliner. 

Strahm J, agricultural implts. 

press, Ohio aud"Mis,;",r Pi >i/' Telegraph, 

Swart- C 11, physician. 

Western Union. Mail daily. Sanford El- 

Uriel! W F, Agricultural In 



liott, pi ti '.. iter. 

Valkman Bros, shinnies and stave 

Bin thai tm :r Hi nry, shoemaker. 

Witharn Bro<, blacksmiths. 

Case C A, R R and Ex agt. 

Willis F I.C, Planing Mill. 

Case AG, ph : ■ 

Elliott Hiram, gen ral store. 

NASHVILLE. The ->■.: 

w se 

at of 

Elliott SailfOrd, Cattle Dealer. 

Brown county, having 500 pop-,, n , 

• Koltzenlogel M, saloon. 

.!! .Vrd.MccH »■><! ('entire firm* to 
, c«.»...i.i,.»it-un- «il!i .«s«t„mlK£ii«- «« 

AJJrca J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chic.go, III. 


■ dividends, ha ■■ till 
surplus for . . l ideiuts 
Agents. E. H. KELLOGG,! .. , Chicago, III. 



GnPIANA STAT;" (.'AZi-.Vl ; 


M. R. R., 6 

the county 


Fruhauf & Wac-htel, general store. 
Gordon M nomas, blacksmith. 
Grinsteail J A, general store. 
Johnson W T, justice of the peace. 
O'Connor Hiram, lawyer. 
Runyan E C, carpenter. 
Samuels J W, Saloon. 
Taylor W S, blacksmith. 
Wolf Jacob, flour mill. 


prosperous village of 150 inhabitants, in 
Johnson countv, on F. F. • 
miles northeast of Frankli 
seat. Lumber is manufactu 
sively here. Sugar creek fi 
for flour mill in the iinnic 
The pi ice has two churches- 
Methodist— shaded school 
mills. Grain, r-.g, and Loo 
cii^al articles ol c> port. Am 
Mail daily. Warren Judd, p 
Anderson James, hotel. 
Bans J, shoe 

Caldwell George, blacksmith. 
Carter J H, physician. 
Clark j", flour mill. 
Duckworth I Rev (Methodist), 

Jones V, mi at market. 
Jlldcl Y- orfC", Postmaster and Ex- 
press Agent. 
■ alls, General Store. 

McLean T D, general store. 
Mabley & Owens, saw mill. 
Mavity John Rev (Christian). 
Maze Thomas, hotel. 
Maze T B, physician, 
Ne'edham Wm, grain. 
Owens John, grain. 
Owens John Q, saw mill. 
Berry N S & Co, shoemakers. 
West Henry, barber. 
Wile; Frederick, blacksmith. 

NEEDMOBE. Contains loo inhab- 
itants, three churches— Methodist, Baptist 
and Christian — and graded school. A saw- 
mill, spoke and hub factory and Hoar mill, 
are operated by water power from Bean 
Blossom and Plumb creeks. Tin- village is 
located in Jackson township, Brown county, 
7 miles northwest of Nashville, the county 
seat, and 9 miles south of Mahalasville, on 
the F. F. & M. R. R. Mail received semi- 
weekly in winter, and 4 times per week in 
summer. I, S. Wade, postn 1 '■ .. 
Arnold John H, wood turner. 
Beaty Wm II, physician. 

Bvookr.hire lames, bias!. smith. 

Finney & Fisher, spoke and hub mnfrs. 

Jones James, blacl - 

Paling 1) W, justice of the peace. 

Roberts Norman J, shoemaker. 

Sanders Henry, saw and Hour mill. 

Wade IS & Scm, General Store. 

NEFF. The location of a country 
store since 1S40, is a rural i« .h'hice f " a 
fanning community in Randolph county, 
15 miles south'.'. I of Winchi tei court 
hou . Fat ml tnd, 7 mi 1 h on tl C. 
C. C. &I. Ry, is the shi • it. Mail 

semi-weekly. A Cai Id, postmaster. 
. Genera! Store. 

NEIL'S CREEK. Is located in 

Graham township, kiVcrson county, 14 
m' ; c. !n-!t!i'.' .m "f .b.'i on, the county 
seat, and 3)^ mil 1 1 is C: 

station on the O. & M (Jeff. Branch) R. R. 
Contains Catholic church and district 
school. Creek of same name as the town, 
fu: nishf s power to d 1 i ■.• a s tw mill, 
dailv. G. Shinneys, postmaster. 
Macarlney W C, wagonmaker. 
Shinneys G, postmaster. 
Weaver A C, blacl. 1 1 

NELSON. Or Bloommgton, as it is 
known locally, is situated in Sugai I 1 ', 
1 1, Vigo county, 7 miles west of 
Terre Haute court hou-. A flour mill is 
much needed here. Mail semi-weekly. 
John ! bs, ] istmaster. 
J foSSM, Grocer. 

Winand John, hotel. 

KETTLE CHEEK. More gener- 
ally known as Franklin, is ioeated in 
Wayne county, 21 miles northwest of Rich- 
mond, the county seat. Hagerstown, 5 


railroad station, 
stream known a; 
power for Hour 1 
churches— United Brethren 
< tage communication 4 time* 
Hagerstown— fare, 20c, am. 
75c. Mail 4 times each 

' : master. 
Baldwin C, shoemaker. 
Billheimer S, furniture. 
Deri ■■ foltn, i hoemaker. 
Hardcsty I, physician, 
llocketl Z, general store. 
Julian M ¥ Rev (Christian) 

Creek furnishes 

J. w. 



Loans an ■' Horn ion 

, i, . 

Evansville, lud. 


AND BUrii..i' ;; DJ ltrXTOJ-' r . 

Wacy J W-, Posti .aster. 

portation and excellent location, this city is 

M arkl Jacob, flour mill. 

an extensive manufacturing place. Promi- 

nent among its manufactured articles are 

NEVADA. Liberty township, Tip- 

furniture, lumber, steam boilers, pottery, 

ton county, with a population of ";o, is lo- 

handles, flour, leather, iron fence, 

cated on the P. C. S : : t. L. Ry., "10 miles 

plate glass, railroad iron, ships, boots and 

north of Tipton, the county scat, contains 

shoes, brass, beer, car i tli coffi] 

Me hodisl church, district school, and ex- 

stone.-,, pumps and engines. The \ 

n. American Ex- 

American and 1 . N. A. S: C. Ry. 1 

; . ' il. ]. C. Riley, postmas- 

i - • offices here. Mr. M. M. 



Brown '.-■ \ . . ju peace. 

Ackli .■ Wm P, shoemaker, cor Lowe 

Coals Rohf rts, i eix ral toi e. 

and' ".Main. 

F-I, . hysician. 

Adolph Adam, tailor, 30 Lower Market. 

Payne 1: N, bl 

Albert Slephei millinery, 109 Pearl, 

Rc( der | B, insurance agt. 

Alexander Stephen J, physician, 90 Upper 

Ricketts M, saw mill, 


J C, Gen, al Store. 

Alexander Stephen J jr, druggist, cor Up- 
pei 4th ai d Main. 

■ ■ v\ . ■ 1 . merchant tailor, 61 Pearl. 


as it is known loc; 

M, wooden v. are, Male bet 

hip, S n county, 11 


' ' i ■ 

George E, architect, cor Oak and 



of 75, thi . : 

Argo John W, sewing machines, Opera 


House Building. 

derive po . ! Crool reek, T.i- 

Austin Thoma: K, druggist, cor Main and 


Wi shin 

Neutz, postmaster. 

AxlineD vi C, carri gemnfr,£ (Upper 3d. 

.. mill. 

Bach Henry, 1 . an 1 tobacco, 6S Upper 

, General Store. 


M, Postmaster. 

Bader Charles W, meat market, cor Upper 

loth ami Market. 

NEW A LB A . • ; . Was laid out as 

Bader Jacob, saloon, cor Uppei 10th and 

a village in 181 nty seat of 

1 ty , 1 Ohio 

,103 Pearl. 

and L. N. A. & < . . & I. \\. Rs, 

IBakcr fohn F, , mnfr, 6 Upper Main. 

nearly opposite 1 .. ■ 

Baker SB, lawyer, 60 Pearl. 

of Indianapolis. It has i 

m B, cigars and tobacco, cor Bank 

nectio.i with Lou- ... 

it the advantage of rai 

Baldwin Thomas, rjroccr, 2=,( Oak. 

th< re, : ■ •■■ ell as 1 . ra l« aj .. 

Barford Mary Mrs, milliner, 71 Upper Mar- 

The city is incorp :.ded in- 


debtedness of $300,000, excellent water 

Barke T ,\; Sons, boots and shoes, 34 Upper 

worl . a good lire depa mei ., Is 

lighted by gas, and has : :■ ■•■ ition ol 

Barnes W & T T, carpenters, cor Upper 

17,500. it.- publh build .■::■■■ 

Market and 9 th. 

resid re both ntial and hand- 

Barth A & Co, tanners, cor Upper loth and 

some, has church ■ 


tions, excellent grai 

Beck George \V & Son, edge tool mnfrs, cor 

College for ladies, a public library and an 

Upper 3d and Market. 

opera house. The pre i-. represented by 

Bedlow Thomas, saloon, cor State and Main. 

tl z Ledger-. 

Beh iy Frank, gr 1 er, 1.; 1 Sycamore. 

Herald (weekly), and Da Echo ..-' - (A. .-.•>- 

Bender Henry, looks, 338 Main. 

Da (Zeitgeist (semi-monthly); the 

Bentley Alfred \V, insurance agt, cor State 

last mentioned is an old established, influ- 

and Main. 

ential < '.. 1 ... in sheet. . ilbanj supports 

Bentley Wm R, carpets, 32 Upper Main. 

five banks ,.<u.<' : and foui ni 

Bei n tein Jacob, second-hand g iods, 1 ^7 

and eight hotels, Owing ti Is i cap tri 

- 10* 1 ! irOF'm.iMi,, street C ,: 

. > ' II... 
•' - v . % ; • i ■• ■ ' '- • 

i u....iuf..,-i,.n 1 by CHANDLER & T* 
L,Iudi, Ual ,oli 8 , lud. tawi. 



INDIANA STATE f.A/l.l ii:: E 


Best Jacob, cigar mnfr, 35 Upper 6th. 
Betti n nn Charles, grocer, 597 CJpp r 

Bettermann John G, florist, 424 Upper Main. 
Beust Bernhard, di u ; 1 I , n ' ■ ician.Up- 

per Market, ! 1 t 13th and 14th. 

15th an J Sprint;. 
Ik'ki..;. e; Co, founders .'m<l machinists, 

v. iter, bet Lower 5th and 7th. 
Bir 1 ouis, grocer, 343 Uppei Spring. 
Mi Sylvester, grocer, c >r Upper loth and 


■ " . . : ithing, J ; Pi irl. 
E Iward \\ , s. le stable, State, opp 

Court House, 
Blust Mary Mrs, grocer, 48 Main. 
Blust Ceorge, blacksmith, Lowei Albany. 
B lard Oscar, agt L N A & C Ry, 1 1 

Oak and Pea 1. 

linj L-'i li rick, grocer, Lower Al- 

: ■. 0. 11 tkei Uppei Market, 

":: t An? 1, , tloon, Market, bet Pearl and 

ih, furniture, Upper Market. 
Co, notions, v. 1/ ; oe, Market. 

Carter fames, barber, 85 Main. 

Carter Travis S, < er, P< rl. 

Cerfr. . md Retail Mil- 

linery an I ( ion Mercfc nt, 57 Up- 

per Market. 

Ceil' Ida Miss, milliner, 11 Lov er Mai 

v, : oil Ke, -■;.,;- I'm,, ile- 
tor, cur Lowei 4th and Spring. 

Clapp Wm A, physician, 11 E Main. 

Olcmenson ei Co, carpenters, ce.r Pearl and 

'■ I njam F, lumber, Upper Markel 

bet /ik and Sth. 

Cline M J Mrs, hardware, 40 Upper Mar- 

Clynes Anna M, grocer, cor Upper 4th 
and Main. 

' ' '• •- '■ '■ • •■ ■ mmakers, Stale. 

k . - 

■ :.i, ken; 
. A ■ mj Stn et 

Bourd To; 
Bowen Charl :s, groo r, 118 Lower Market. 

1 Charles, ... i. ian, " ier 3d. 
Bracken Man- ) . ci rpel 1 eaver, Oi k. 
Bradford Charles 11, jeweler, 93 Pearl. 
Bradley & Leyden, Hour mill, cor State 

Braunbeck Joseph, saloon, cor Maiket'and 

Brewer J C & Son, dry goods, 75 Pearl. 

Briggs John S, hard 1 71 

Bri H meopathic 

Physician and Surgeon, Iso Oculist and 
Aurist, 131 Upper Main. 

Broeker C Mrs, general store, 72 Main. 

Brothers James F, agrl implts, 140 State. 

Brown Gerhard, baker, i?i Upper Market. 

Brown James, marble works, 96 State. 

Brown V. n, & Son, agrl implts, 30 Slate. 

Buche John, saloon, 78 Pearl. 

Buclllieit Barbara Mrs, Proprie- 
tor Markel Street Brewery, cor Upper 
10th and Market. 

Buchheit John, grocer, 231 U] per Sth. 

Park Robert E, sewing machines,!) L Main. 

Cadwalader M & J, general store, 6i State. 

Cain Charles, notions, Lower jd. 

Cardwill George Ik lawyer, 105 Pearl. 

Carpenter Frank .X: Pre, barbers, 100 Pearl. 

Carpenter Robert, barber, t22 Mate. 

Carroll Thomas, Bonnet Bleacher 
and Manilaeluier Ponnc-l am! Hat B ■ ■-, 
Upper Main bet 3d and .ph. 1 ,■ I .) 

1 1 : rincennes 
is and shoes, 46 Up- 


J M & I R 

Collins Henry 1 

per Main. ' 
Collins John, grocer, 133 Slat 
Collins Thomas, justice ol il 

Condiff Mercell D, insui ee, 49 r. 

' . ■ .Deputy Collector 

Internal Re mi . n M iin. ' 

Connei James li, druggist, 121 Pearl. 
Conner J li & Co, pubs Saturday Herald, 

121 Pearl. 

Connor , ett, Real Estate 

and 1 1 sural . . ' 
Conrad & 1 of glue and 

fertili; . state. ' 

Copelan I Ge ., n .ti :. , _ . 17] | ei Market. 
Cox Crittenden A, 

R, foot State. 
I '1 tg & Gifford, car] enters, Upper 9th. 
C1.0K John E, croekei" and pi. 1- ...are, 715 

Crane Wm C, burial case mnfr, cor 71I1 and 

Elm, ' 

Crnmbo & Melclicr, Stone Yard 

and Mai hie Works, Pearl opp LN A & C 

Depot. {Sec adv.) 
I nil Pi rry N, grocer, 00 Main. 
Cu.lis Wm D, propr Centra! Hole!, cor 

Bank and Market. 

Das Kclio der Gegrenwart, and 

Her Zeitgeist, F W A Kiedel Publisher, 

B ink in Spun;;. 
Davis P C Mrs, notions, cor Lower 1st and 

I '. \ is Robei t A, di uj gist, no, Upi ■■ ?d 

and Market. 
: ' Ezi kiel R, books, 34 Slate. 

»s£S^'( pi 

I A. KNISELY & CO., 72 & 74 W. Monroe St. 

' Chicago, Send for Catalogue and Prices, 

NEW asd m> ninxrroKY. NEW 5G1 

Day Theodore & Sous, tanners, cor Upper 

, 4lh and Oak. 

Day Tl eodore S, sewing machine supplies, 

34 State. 
D( l -.. W C, plate glass manfr, cor nth 

ami Water. 
Deuser Alois, boots and shoes, 133 Upper 

Devol Horatio X, stoves and tinware, 285 

Devol James M, hats and caps, 91 Pearl. 
Dieckmai , b b s, Pi rl, bet Market 

and S] 
Dietz John, saloon, cor Upper 5th and Mar- 

: et. 
Diet/ Reinhard, ri^ats and tobacco, 7 Up- 

pei Market. 
Dishman Fr: nk E, I st >ne mufr, Lower 

2d, bet Main and Water. 
Doliem Michael, saloon, II Upper Market. 

Dowd Thomas, grocer, 157 Upper Market. 
Draper A E Mrs, notions, cor I:., 

Drayer & Lowry, agrl implts and seeds, 61 

Durnell Marcellus L, feed and sale stable, 

Pearl, bet Market and Spring. 
Ea • v ElihiiP.'physician, 40 Upper Spring. 
Eckart VVm, grocer, cor Washington and 

Eckhart Henry J, grocer, cor Upper 8th 

and Shelby. 
Eckerle Frank, tailor, Bank, bet Main and 

'! Ihi i . , 1 1 George, grocer, 399 Uppei Spring. 
Ekert Bernliard, saloon, cor Up] 

and M: 
Elgin Joseph T.,, uit.-jMst, ',?- Upper Main. 
Elliott James T, grocer, cor Upper 4th and 


~j$['T<r\\r ALBANY 


French s . i ! Ivered Plate, 

Particu] ... en to Era] ' l - n S 

Plates for Summer Front J 


■ ■ 

FRANK NADORFF, Proprietor, 

—Manufacturer of— 

■' " ■ JPUREC: IN 

JVortJi End Yincemies St., 

'. .v ALBANY, IHD, 

,■ .■! '!ii . !or.illiijt PinnoHiiit OritftnHonMOf 

.•..-■-... >,vA f..rlV-,-l,..t,,u,.l. 

I VU«B8 and 60 North Penns nla NAPOLIS, IHD. 


3SWAXJD ove: , 

IntHauapolis, AJid. 





Endris Anton, saloon, 15 Upper 'Market. 
• ; teir B, clothing, 33 State. 

Erdmann Henry, brick mnfr, cor State and 

Farmers' House, cor State and Spring. 

Fawcett Ephraim W, ice, cor Pearl and 

Fawcett Henry W, cool, cor Pearl and 

Featherengill Meridith, agricultural imple- 
ments, 63 Sti te. 

Fein Joseph, grocer, cor Vincennes and 

Feiock Casper, saloon, cor Market and 

Fengei Charles, cigars and tobacco, 179 
Upper Spring. 

Fenger John, wagonmaker, Pearl bet Mar- 
ket and Spt ing. 

•Fein Jacob, > ; vmj and tobacco, State opp 
Court Hou! -. 

First ! ional Bank, capital ,"300,000, sur- 
plus $75,000, Jesse J Brown pres, Win N 
Mahan cash, cor Bank and Wain. 

Fisher 1'liilip, cooper, Green nr State. 

Fisher Wm M, propr Farmers' House, cor 
State and Spring. 

Fleischer George, grocer, cor Spring and 

JFontaisse Cinciiiziattis T'l, Pa- 
loon, Restaurant and Billiard Parlor, 72 

Force Isaiah F, bent wood work and handle 

mnfr, river bank. 
Form an James II, grocer, 117 Pearl. 
Franck Maggie Mrs, notion;, 96 Upper 

Frederick Lafayette, real estate, 2S9 Main. 
Friend Isaac 53, doors, sash and blinds, cor 

Oak and Pearl. 
Fronmillcr Mathias, merchant tailor, 95 

Gassmann John A, saloon, cor Lower 5th 

and Main. 
Gehlbach Wm, crockery, 10 Upper Market. 
Godfrey George H, manager W U Tel Co, 

7 L Main. 
Goebel F & Co, leather and findings, cor 

State and Market. 
Goodbub Chas F, grocer, 12 Upper Market. 
Goodbub George F, confectioner, 42 State. 
Goodbub Jacob, confectioner, 74 Pearl. 
Graf L A iv Pro, harness, 31 ! Main. 
Graff & Julton, wagonmakers, cor Lower 

1st and Spring'. 
Graham John K, nursery, cor Main and 

Vincetim ;. 
Graham Mary Mrs, hair goods, cor Upper 

4th and Main. 

Grandidier Jcdin B, shoemaker, 148 Lower 

Graves Cains C, grocer, 35 Lower Market. 
Greene Frank C, dentist," 276 Market. 
Greene John O, lawyer, State nr S] rui ■. 
Gresham'Wm, feed stable, cor Lower "7th 

and Main. 
Gvosheider George W, grocer, cor Market 

and Pearl. 
Gruber Wm E, grocer, cor Main and Lower 

Gin .t lames 11, insurance, 14 Upper Main, 
Gunkel Ziprian, grocer, Spring nr 13th. 
< , Liveryj cor Upper 

3d and Market ; .' . . dv.) 
Hair Laura Mrs, notions, cor Upper Spring 

and Bank. 
! II J Mrs, dressi 1; I :r, 291 0..!:. 

Haller Henry, saloon, 97 Pearl. 
Halm Com ad, shoemaker, Pan! bet Mar- 
ket and M ain, 

•. ■ icer, 272 Market. 

Hancock Laiah, hotel," cor Main and Lower 


icock Robert, sale stabl . Pearl, m El 
man James, grocer, cor Spring and Vii 


Hannan John P, books, 2S4 Market. 

! I .. ; . m James A, 1 er, 80 Main. 

I! : John, grocer, Lower Albany. 

. ., Manufacturer 
The New Albany Stone Pump, also Stone 
Pottery of All Kinds, col Upper 15th and 

Han ison James G, insurance agt, ') F. Main. 

Hartley John W, grocer, 1 ower Market, nr 

Hase'are.ilicr Nicholas, wagonmaker, 391 
Upper Market. John, grocer, cor Lower 1st and 

HcKl ( Mrs, confectioner, cor Lower 1st 
and Main. 

Hedden, Phelps & Co, general store, 2 
Upper Market. 

Hegewald Charles & Co, founders and ma- 
chinists, Water bet Bank and Pearl. 

Heimberger Christopher, photographer 103 

Hendrich Charles G, cigar mnfr, Upper 

Henry Edward G, lawyer, ,cor State and 


thias, clothing, 99 Pearl. 
) ' .. ! v y- -i .. 272 Vincennes. 

Hertcr Jacob, lawyer, 17 Upper Market. 
l].vt\ Jacob, general Store, 384 Upper 

HiebJohn, clothing, 105 Pearl. 

-A.. X... WEIGHT c&r^aO., 

Successors to Vdams, Man ur & Co., 

47 ar.d/,9 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

Largest Stock in the State. 

, 'OtlS, can famish Nut and 
Cosi for Steam purposes, at satisfactoi ; 




/:(;: : 

Himer Henry, baker, 213 Upper 8th. 

Ilimcr John, grocer, cor Upper 14th and 

Hindmarch John, propr Gibson House, 120 

Hinkebein Gerhard IT, boots and shoes, 10S 

• Upper Market. 

Hoffeld Alfred, druggist, cor Upper 4H1 and 

Hoffer Kranl , wh 1 tors, 101 Pearl. 

Hoffman Jol n, gi :r, 100 State. 

Hoffmann Otto, gn cer, cot Vincennes and 

Holman Mary, cigars and tobacco, cor Up- 
per 4th and Main. 

Hood George, shoemaker, State bet Spring 
and Elm. 

Hoover Charles L, wh druggist, 65 State. 

lEopJiistS 'jP & A, Tanner: and Su- 
mac Dealers, Cherry w of State. (Sec 

Hoppcnjon John H, shoemaker, 151 Slate. 

Horn John, Pearl. 

ITowk c; ■ ■■ rt. 

Hu by ;tice of the peace, 

Hi. K 

stab! , 1 eai 1 

Huncilman Angie Mrs, notions, Upper 

Spring bet 4th and 5th. 
Huncilman & Kirk, stoves and tinware, So 

I 1 1 ; Market. 
Hurrle Uiv.hvig, boot; and shoes-, So Pearl. 
Hyatt Sarah, grocer, cor Lower IOth and 

Jackson Lafayette, grocer, 407 Upper 

Jackson Thomas 1, lawyer, Sprint/, opp 

Court House. 
Jackson & Thomas, carriage painters, 135 

Jacoby John, grocer, coi 3d and Elm. 
James Joseph A, blacksmith, cor State and 


ffen nville, Madison & Indianapolis R. 

H., Benjamin F Lai 

Freight and Passenger I>c] ot, fool : 

; en ; stoi e, cor Low- 

er Sth and Main/ 
Jennings & Bro, marbl ,-.:■-, Pear!. 

Johannigman Win, cigars and tobacco, S5 

Johnson James J, carpenter, Upper 5th, nr 

Johnson Wm J, barber, Upper Market, nr 


: . . 

J. M. Gwi.n 


Cor. Upper Third and 

JAS. N. P, 

V Mcll Payton 


With. Wagon and Feed Stables Attached. 

Accommodations at all hours, Day or Night, at Lowest Rates. Special 
Attention to the Feeding of Stock, Etc. 

Ladies' Entrance, 77 Seven nt St. Nos. 1V«, ISO k 184 Lower <tii A. Main Sts 

- " ' ' ■: 

W ! . . ] 391 W, I lison ■ 

profitably ly n Tliti bin : Riign 

rt-.] by CHANDLER .-. i .:..' R, 





JchriSon Wm M, physician, cor tipper 5th 
; and Main, 
i mi . Charles E, insurance, cor Pearl and 

Kaiser Josenhine Mrs, confectioner, 107 

Kannapel Nicholas, grocer, 302 Oak. 
Keach Lafayette, grocer, cor Stale and 

Kcach \V H & Son, harnessmakers, 122 

Keane Michael J, shoemaker, Main, bet 

Lower .-} ill and Lafayette. 
Keck George, wagonmaker, cor Upper 51I1 

and Market. 
Kelly Henry M, grocer, 122 Lower Main. 
Kelso James V, lawyer, cor State and Mar- 
Kemble ]ohn, boots and shoes, 46 Lower 
• Main. ' 

Kent Alibi-' Mrs, hair "oods, 136 Pearl. 
Kent Beln C, mayor, office City Hi 11, 
Kepler Elijah, mnfr picture frames, 323 

Upper Main. 
Kepley Philip M, livery, State opp Court 

Kern John P, general store, 134 Pearl. 
Kesler & Dudley, job printers, cor State 

Kiefer Martin, saloon, 14 Upper Market. 
Kiel Guslav, tobacco and cirrars, cor Pearl 

and Spring. 
Killingcr John, boots and shoes, 3S Lower 

physician, 253 Upper 

King Enoch 

Sprii : ■ 
Kin rt E, t Ad ms Mid A 

Ex Cos, Opera House Building. 
KLcr John li, phi. '■■_"; : h ', cm Pearl and 

Kistler AuStiM J, Manufacturer 

Lumber, Shingles, Lath and Pickets, cor 

Upper 14th and Water, 
Kistner Joseph, merchant tailor, 69 Pearl. 
Klarer Mathias, saloon. Pearl bet Market 

and Spring. 
Klcioci I'liri.slian jr, grocer, cor Spring and 

Lower 2d. 
Klein Jacob, boots and shoes, 246 Upper 

Klein Victor, barber, Upper 8th bet Oak 

and Elm. 
Klerner 11 & Sons, furniture, 71 Pearl. 
Klin;. man Adam, boots and shoes, 262 Mar- 
Klo 1 Henry, druggist, 59 State. 

, ■ ; ci , V State. 

Knabke Frederick, grocer, 9 Upper Market. 
Knirihm Herman, in-u> u re, ?Xj Main. 

Knob City Sumac Mills, T & A Hopkins 
proprs, Cherry, w of State. 

Knobloch .V. Steinhauer, barbers, 59 Pearl. 

Knoefel August, druggist, 21 Low r Mar- 

Knoefel A Mrs, notions, 19 Lower Market. 

Knoefel Robert C, steam ship agent, 2! 
Lower Market. 

Koch August, meat market, Upper Market. 

Koch John, jeweler, 44 State. 

Koch Kale L Miss, milliner, 60 Upper 

Kodalle Alois, baker, Vincennes. 

Kohler John I', shoemaker, 17 Lower Mar- 
oon2 Jeremiah W, carpenter, 37 Lower 

Kraemer George, grocer, 98 State, 
Kraft Conrad, saloon, 13 Up] arl 1 1. 

Kraft Ferdinand, shoemaker, cor Upper 

1 ■:'. .'. Market. 
Kraft Geo, furniture, 47 E M tin. 
Kraft kulfi-i i , c'jais and tobacco, Pearl 

s, notions, ; 
jrocer, 244 Up] 8th. 
notions, cor Pearl and 

Kremei d; . 
Kremer Ch 

Kuelin Magdalen. 1 Mrs, notions, cor Bank 

and Market. 
Kuhn Charles, iron fence mnfr, 730 Stale. 
Laden John E, saloon, oq Uppci '-. ■' .. 
Laffeny Benjamin F, agl'j M cc I K K, foot 

La Follette & Tuley, lawyers, Main bet 

State and !'. : ! 
Lang F & son, saloon, 82 Pearl. 
Lapping George W, grocer, coi Upper 4th 

and Market. 
Lasch Charles, furniture, 32 Lower Market. 
Lavigne M & [ Misses, notions, c6 Upper 

Ledger-Standard (daily and weekly), Led- 
ger-Standard Co pubs, 115 Pearl. 
Ledger-Standard Co, J Peters pics J Gwin 

Ireas, pubs Ledger-Standard, book and 

job printers. 
Leist Kasper, tailor, 9 Lower Market. 
Leist Nicholas, jeweler, 3 Upper Market. 
Lemmon David, grocer, cor Lower Main 

and 6th. 
Lemmon Harrison M, grocer, cor Lower 

7th and Main. 
Lemmon 1 & Son, grocers, 50 Lower Mar- 
Lemmon Thoi 

Lemon John II, physician 


1 .m, er 

On all matters pertaining to 
18 Hubbard BJ k, Ind mi po 
ial, and given careful and 


'. 11 bu in - s i onfi len- 
personal attention. 

rill Hubbard & Co. 

Booksellers, Stationers and Paper Dealers, 


and buh.injoss piklctory. 



Lennox S & L, dry good?, 3l Pearl. 

Lindei lai n folm, ice dealer, 90 Slate. 

Littell M &0 B, dry goods,, 117 Pearl. 

Lobig Geo, harnessmakcr, Pearl, bet Mar- 
ket and ! 

Locke Lou Miss, milliner, 64 Pearl. 

Logue Win, dyer and scourer, 259 Main. 

Logue Wm sr, dyer and scoi rer, 13 Lower 

Losson Ernst, saloon. 1S2 Main. 

Losson Frank, baker, 236 Lower Main. 

Losson J, baker, cos Lowei Market and 1st. 

Losson Nicholas, grocer, Market, bet Hank 
and Pearl. 

Loughmill •■• 1 i 1 ph, hi rdware, 54 State. 
Albany &. 

ay, R S Veach, 

Presic'ent and General l .;ai:a:-er, Louis- 
ville, Kentucky; John McLocd, Gel 
• Superintendent, New Albtinj ; W JF 
Lewis, Secretary and Treasurer, New Al- 
bany; A B Southard, General : 
and Tickel Agent Louisville, Freight 
and Pnssdiger Depot, cor Oak and Pearl. 

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Ry Go's 
Express, Harry Rose manager, . ' 

Louisville, New Albany & St Louis Ry 
Co, general offices cor Pearl and Market, 
G Lyman sec an 1 1 r< a .. 

Luhr Jacob, shoemaker, cor Upper Main ;>nd 

Mcliride John, boots and shoes, 64 Lower 

McBride Malcolm, grocer, cor Upper 3d 

and Main. 
McClintick & Bro, grocers, 131 Pearl. 
McClung & Deming, boot and shoe mnfrs, 

121 Pearl. 
McCullooch Robert G, pork packer and 

grocer, cor State and E.ily. 
V ■ 1 , „■ (McDonald & 

Co), President New Albany Water 

Works Company, Office 169 Pearl, 

, Flouring Mill, 

169 to 171 Pearl. 
Mclntyre Charles W, physician, 2-j Vin- 

Mclntyre John, propr Park Hotel, cor 

I . He and Main. 

McKay Win II, insurance, 14 Upper Main. 
McM'ullen Daniel II, general store, IIO 

McNeil A, physician, cor Upper 5th and 

Maienthal Isaac, clothing, cor Market and 

Main Reuben P, wh grocer and liquors, 

84 State. 
Mann Frederick, cm put weaver, Lower 9t.l1. 
Mann Peter, flouring mill, 50 State. 
Mann ee Fawcett, wh grocers, 67 and 69 



Plaster I ' ufaeturer, 

No. 8 Upper .Main Sired, 

I<TEW ^.LBA.KrV, - - - XInTXD. 




Ornamental and Plain Fronts, Window Sills, floor Sills, Steps, Caps, Flagging, 

Platforms, Cistern Tops, Curbing, Posts, Etc. 

Stone Yard, Pearl St., Opp. L. N. A. & C. Freight Depot. 

DM, ^u^w^: n Sl ffl^ 0Bl NEW ALBANY, IND. 

[» S ! 3 Gl •■-.■■• 

;■:>.! for »!- 
■..'•■■ ■ . ■ . 

W O 313 :-! ull moil Street, CHICAGO, IIX. 


JEa* perfected plans for n large bus i lies* «i» dxiriuy IS81. fori appl to 

E. H. ItL-iU-C-CG, Hi:p't, (Shioago, (II., 



i.\])!.\ :,a ; tati; <;a'.i,!tki;u 


BSar&et Street Brewery, Mrs 

Barbara Buchheit Proprietor, cor Upper 
loth and Market. 
Markmeyer Charles, mnfr stoneware pot- 
tery and flower pots, cor Stale and Mon- 

Mar»h Samuel S, blacksmith, or Lower 3d 
and Water. 

Martin Willis, barber, 8 Upper Main. 

Marl.; Killian, shoemaker, 114 State. 

Meisenhelrier Charles, confectioner, 40 Up- 
pei Market. 

Merchant 01 I Rani., capital $100,000, 

J B Winstandley pres, E C Hani . 
cor Pearl and Main. 

Mergy Peter, notions, 225 Upper 8th. 

Merkel John, blacksmith, Uppei Market. 

Merlcer & '.' Urn takers, coi 

Upper 3d and Market. 

' ■ ■ ■■ ;e, blacLmilh, Uppei '> ket. 

Meuier Theodore, physician, 70 Upper Mrir- 

Meyer Henry, wagonmaker, SS Upper Mar- 

Meyer Jacob, blacksmith, cor Upper Sth 
and Oak. 

Miller Alois, general store, 178 Spring. 

Miller Anton, grocer, 362 Main. 

Miller Conrad, grocer, 219 Upper Sth. 

Miller Frederick, grocer, cor Charder and 

Miller Kate M Miss, boots and shoes, 2S4 

Milligan Jas, confectioner, 3 Lower Main. 

Mitchell Wm W, grocer, 351 Vincennes. 

Mix Wm M 0; Co, brass foundry, cor Lower 
1st and Water. 

Monroe Allan \Y, lawyer, State nr Spring. 

Morrill Wilbur F, dentist, 256 Main. 

Morris John R jr, shoemaker, Lower Main. 

Morris Noble D, assistant postmaster and 
newsdealer, pdstoffice. 

Moser George, tanner, n end Upper Sth. 

Moser Louis, merchant tailor, 76 Pearl. 

Moss Wm W, grocer, Lower nth, 111 Floyd. 

Mousty Kate Miss, milliner, 290 Lower 

Mouth Emelia Mrs, notions, 94 Upper Mar- 

Mundle George, grocer, cor Locust and 

Munstcr Wm, blacksmith, Pearl, bet Mar- 
ket and S] 

Murrav & llatsuner, Ship Builders 
at .1 : aw Mill, Lower Albany. 

Myers Annie Mis, hair goods, 254 Main. 

Myers John 1 >, painti r, 2 , | Main. 

NatlorfT Frank, Proprietor Spring 
Brewery, n end Vincennes. [See adv.) 

Nance Lafayette, grocer, Main, nr Lower 

New Albany Banking Co, capital, 

1 B Winstandlej pres, 1 S Winstandley 

cash, cor Pearl and Market. 
New Albany Gas Light and Coke Co, \V g 

Culbertson pres, 1 K Woodw aid jr treas, 

2S6 Main. 
New Albany National Pan!:, capital ,-coo,- 

oco, lames M Hains pies, 11 A Scribuer 
Uainl State and Pearl. 

ISS Co, William B Rosenbaum 

Gei I an er, 155 Upper Main. 

(•■:. «<&.) 

New Albany Oiphnns' Home, Mary I 1 Mc- 
Clain matron, cor Uppei 3 1 and Spring, 

New Albany Rail Mill Co, W CI I 
pres, Albert Trinlei manager, Watei bet 
Lower 5th and 7th. 

New Albany Steam Forge, J B Winstandley 
pres, George E Sacked sec an.! :■■ ■ , 
mnfrs car axles etc, Water nr Upper 6th. 


CO, R V Yrcf'ci:! 1 . 1 --■ 1 . ' ■ 
J Coleman Superintendent ami General 
Manager, office cor Vincennes and Char- 

A Ibauy \V. 

Co, Morns McDonald President, 1 rank 
Schcfold, Superintendent, 49 Upper 

New Albany Woden Mills, Lawi l 

ley pres, James M Hains see, 17 EMain. 

New' Albany & Portland Ferry Co, Moses 
Irwin supt, office cor Pearl and Water. 

Nunemacher John R, printer, 40 Upper 

Nutt C N, physician, 1 10 Bank. 

O'Donncll Angeline, grocer, cor Lower loth 
and Floyd. 

Ohio Falls Iron Works, Water bet Upper 
4lh and 5th. 

Oldenburg Minnie Mrs, fancy goods, 54 Up- 
per Market. 

(Dime Morris, saddles and harness, 257 Main. 

Owens Ollie, druggist, Vincennes opp Wool- 
en Mills. 

Owen Samuel H, druggist, cor Upper 9th 
and Spring. 

Parsons F Ward, sewing machine.--, 5 Low- 
er Main. 

Parsons Hester, dressmaker, 5 Lower Main. 

Paulsen A ec Son, barbers, 250 Main. 

Payton Wm L, barber, cor Lower 5th and 

Payton & Sou, Proprietors Payton 
House, and Feed Stable, 17S to " I5'1 
Lower 71I1. [See ad, .) 

BUT&HAM, WALK % MA HEW, ) THe Leadin.g' House 

I N ii 1 A .-N A VO L iS, i N I» . 

in. tlic Bta/le. 

' • IT T f Meal JBstateAffent and Hotary 

, J . , ^ev Third 

IStrei t, 



Peacock & Co, produce, 4 Upper Market. 

Peake James S, dry goods, 286 Marl 1. 

Peirce James, mnfr tobacco boxes, 10S 
Lower Mi 

Pepper Frederick W, barber, W State, bet 
Spring and Elm. 

Perrj I dward, grocer, 262 Upper Market. 

Petery Jaci b D, grocer, 3:') Upper Market. 

Phillips James, notion*, tor 13th an': 

Plotz Jul. i), coal, 36 Pearl. 

Phvmer & Co, .stoves, tinware and plumb- 
ing, 38 k I ite. 

Poutch C ft & Co, hats and caps, cor Main 
and State. 

Poutch James, second-hand goods, cor 
Lower 2d and Main. 

Poutch Toe D, boots and shoes, cor Main 
and State. 

Preetz Charles II, grocer, Upper Market 
bel 2d and Bank. 

Preis August, dears and tobacco, 148 

Lcibel K-.c-f.h, saloon, 16 Uppci Market, 

John W, dry goods, 52 Upper 

Reisert John, saloon, 5S ! : 

Reikis ; I 1 iprietor City Brew- 

ery, cor Lower 4th and Spring. 

Renn Joseph jr, bottling works, 147 State. 

Renshaw L Mrs, milliner, cor Upper 4th 
and Market. 

Kick man Edward, barber, Stale nr Elm, 

Riebel Joseph 11, - 

Ried'el Freslericll W A, Pub- 
lisher Da* Echo der Ge.'eiiwart and der 
Zeitgeist, Bank, neai Spring. 

Riley John, brick n id Green. 

1 in riberg John sr, grocer, cor Green 
and State. 

Rippel Frederick, shoemaker, cor Spring 
and Hank. 

Ritter Jacob, baker, 295 Oak. 

Ritz Frank, boots and shoes, 70 Upper Main. 

Rbbellaz John L, locksmith, Pearl, bet 
Spring and Elm. 

Roberts Geo, notions, cor Lower 5th and 

Robinson Henry, grocer, Upper Main, bet 
4th and 5th. 

Robinson Matthew J, pump mnfr, cor Lower 
4H1 and Water. 

Rockenbach Rudolph, music and musical 
instruments, 15 Lower Marl ft. 

DLOCl-^'- a 1L, 

Leather and Findings, 14 Oak. 

Rose Harry, manager' L N A & C Ry Go's 
Express, 66 Pearl. 

' William B, Gen- 
eral Manager New Albany Ornamental 
Glass Company, 35* Uppci Main. (Sv 

Ross Win II, produce, 21 State. 

Rumbolt Joseph, notions, cor Main and 
Lower 6th. 

Rupperl Nicholas, confectioner, 5 Uppei 

Rus ell Lew, books, 12 Uppei Main. 

Saekett Ozern, druggist, cor Pearl and Mar- 

, Deputy Inspec- 
tor of Oils, 301 Mam. 

Sands Wm, grocer, r ,2 Main. 

Saturday Herald (weekly) J II Conner & 
Co pubs, 121 Pearl. 

Sauer Nicholas, saloon, Upper Market nr 

Scales Alfred, second-hand goods, cor Low- 
er Market and 1st. 

Scales Wm, stoves and tinware, 29 Stale. 

Schaaf Henry, hotel, cor Oak and Pearl. 

Sch.-cfcr Jeter F, grocer, cor Sycamore and 

Schan Charles, boots and shoes, 65 Pearl. 

Scharf Anton, saloon and cigar mnfr, cor 
Spring and Upper 51I1. 

Scharf Stephen, stoves and tinware, 356 
Upper Ma .in. 

Schaub Peter, willow ware, 55 State. 

Schechter Jacob, baker, 362 Upper Market. 

Schepp AB& Bro, grocers, 263 Vincennes. 

T. cfo A.. HOPKXSTS. 


CJierry Street, west of State, NEW ALBANY, IXD. 

F. *s, J>. CORSON, 10s .'.: no Franklin St., C 
• ;:,.:•-...•:.'■ 
LXY. .Sco Adv., page .. 

. n pin BtaMy by n Threshing 
I lndisnapolia, Ind. : ■ 



■ state ga;.eti.i;kr 


Scheier Louis, tailor, 61 Bank. 
Schlagetcr Liizie Mrs, baker, coi i 


r Andreas, cigars and tobacco, 17 
I pp r Market. 

Schraadel Tobias, boots and shoes, 23; Up- 
per 8th. 

Schmidt Fit. iciic!., ilnn maker, 39 Lower 

: midt Frank X, clothing, cor Lo r< 1st 
and Market. 

Schmidt F Mi . notions, 39 Lower Market. 

Schmidt J'!, tin, sh >ei aker, 62 Upper 

Schmidt Louis, saloon, 41 Upper Market. 

Schmidt Peter, confectioner, I ' a Lo^er 

Schneiderhan An 1 n, confec i ■ r, 62 Low- 
er Main. 
Sclmicker M Mrs, milliner, Bank bet Main 

and Marl.-. 

ichael, produce, 57 
S hwarti Leo, dry goods, 3; . 
Scott & Co, general .-lure, 116 Slate. 
Scribner Eda.i.i.d 1 . ■' • .m 1 ;, , . 1 . ' 

Upper 8th. 
Scab. 00k John W, grocer, cor Lower 2d 

and Main. 
Seai Frank A, grocer, cor Up] er 51I1 and 

Second National Bank, capital o.loo,coo, L 

Bradley pies, M A Weir cash, M 

State and Pearl. 
Seehausen Louis, tanner, cor Lowei 3d 

and Main. 
Sehlbrede Henry W, grocer, cor Upper 

Seif Joe:., notion , 03 Upper Market. 
Seithel T Mrs, notions, 60 Upper Main. 
Rheri tan & Eru, clothing, 32 >t.'te. 

John sr, furniture mnfr, 25; Lower 

SI . ler John II jr, carpets, 253 and 255 

Lower Main. 
Shrader Louis I, shoemaker, So Upper 

Sieveking Charles, shoemaker, 1S7 Upper 

Silberman Ricky, wall paper, 40 State. 
Smith Edward F, marble works, cor Upper 

7th and Shelby. 
Smith E Mrs, notions, 20<; Vinccnnes. 
Smith George M, agr implts, .iS State. 
Smith George \V, books, 40 Upper Main. 
Smith Thomas L, lawyer, 135 Pearl. 
Sparrow Agnes E Mrs, notions, Uppci Mai- 

kct near 3d. 

. .' Brewery, Frank 

Proprietor, n end Vincennes. (See adv.) 

Springer Andrew, furniture, 42 Upper Main. 

Stace Philip, wagonmaker, Lower Albany. 

Staler.;) Samuel S, genera! store, 36 State. 

'. ias, baker, Market, bet State and 

Slein 1 rank N, grocer, 138 State. 
Stein Nicholas, grocer, 'u Slate. 
Stein Peter, boots and shoes, c,S Upper 

Steinhaucr Conrad, barber, Market 111 Vin- 

on, lawyer, 258 Spring, 
bell Ml :, notions, 95 Upper 

L, physician, State, nr 

nwarc, 45 

Stephens Al 
Ste] li 11 son 

"... - I. 
Stewart, John 

Sti Edward, stoves 

Stoneeipher S E Mrs, grocer, cor Lower 

51'n and Mam. 

|ohn H, lawyer, 105 Pearl. 
Stotz Pel baker, 66 1 
Sti r R, hardwan I Main. 

Strcepey Michael, je\ ler, .1 
Strobe! Simon, leathei and findings, 8 

U] pel V rke 
Strunk & Hammond, business college, 

Pearl, bet Spring and Market. 
Swarens Jackson Id, met market, Spring. 

ni Upper 4th. 
Tellom Maggii Mrs, notions, Lower Main. 
Tersterge loseph J, boots and shoe., ?; 

St; I . 
Terstegge, Gohmann & Co, stove mnfrs, 35 

Theilei Louisa Mrs, notions, 42 Upper Mar- 

Thou ] on Thomas, grocer, cor Lowei 7th 

Tigart Cornelius, grocer, 145 Si 

Tising S Mrs. grocei 
Preset- Charles II, 

Market, nr 12th. 
Treuter George, gro 
Tribbey & Hydron 


ill I owe 
meat mar 

er, 42] V, 

! 1 
mnfrs, 1 

Trinlcr Geo 

and Low 

Trucck Toh 

Truman' | at 

rge, boo 
r Marke 
1 F, shoe 
tesA, di 

s and shoe 
maker, 1 8 

ggist, 326 

s, coi St 

Upper M 

Trunk Gee 

rge E, 


134 Low 

Trunk Join 
Tulev Edw 


, grocei, 505 Sprin 
ird P, saddles 1 1 


Turnei G 1 

•<■.■ F, gn cer, 3 n f 
M, tailor, 337 Mail 


factwrer *>'' 
82 West Was 

.NAPOLIS, 11)0. 

W. Monroe Street,, CHICAGO. 

i Slate e : ti i , rs, 

ail cut Trori. 





Unclebach George, geneva) store, cor Sth 
. and Sycamore. 

Underhill Benjamin F, gunsmith, 47 State. 
Veit August, barber, 64 Upper Main. 
Vernia John & Co, marble works, n w cor 

Pearl and Elm. 
Vernia Louis, grocer, 57 Up] r S] ring. 
Vol/. Lucas, shoemaker, Pearl bet Market 

Wagner Henry E, grocer, cor Upper 5th 

and Syc: 
Wagner W Mrs, milliner, cor Main and 

Walker Philip, grocer, S T owei 10th. 
Wattam Joseph, second-hand good •, Lumci 

Market, nr 1st. 
Waym 1 1 Edm id G, furniture repairer, coi 

Lank and Main. 
Wayman Edwin, notions, 90 Bank. 
Wayman & Co, planing mill, Upper Oak, 

bet 5th and 6th. 
Weaver Martha Mrs, confi ctioner, 104 Up- 
per Market. 
Webb John R, sheet ironworker, 127 Main. 
Weber John, saloon, -52: Upper Main. 
Weber Joseph B, b rber, 14 Upper Market. 
Weber Joseph F, saloon, 251 Lower Main. 
Weber & Plott, grocers, 1S7 Vinccnnes. 
Webster & Pitt, (,:, and mai hinists, 

Lower 1st bet Main and Water. 
Weidman Edward, saloon, Pearl bet Mar- 
ket and Spring. 
Weinmaun Henry, grocer, cor Main and 

Yi ncenne j. 
Weinmani! Peter, grocer, cor Upper Sth' 

and Sycamore. 
Wellman Wilford II, boots and shoes, Main 

bet State and Pearl. 
Wertzler Jordan, tailor, Lower Main. 
Wcrle John, saloon, cor Oak and State. 
Wcmsing Wilhelmina Miss, notions, 32 

Lower Market. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, George II 

Godfrey mangr, 7 E Mam. 
White ec Co, job printer:,, cor Bank and 

Whiterow N I, painter, Loner Main. 
Whitten James, grocer, Fli yd nr River. 
Wicks Henry II, grocer, 112 Lower Main. 
Wilcox Se) tour C, physici 3 Upper 

WiKcox WiUet M, Physician, 270 

Market, bet Bank and Pearl. 
Wile) Isaac, blacksmith, cor Upper 5th and 

Williams Andrew T, shoemaker, 86 Main. 
Wilb.on. Benjamin 1', sewing machine.,, 50 

Upper Main. 
Williams Epaminondas, grocer, 131 Main. 

Williams Henry T, justice of the peace, 

Spring opp court house. 
Williams R L & Sons, dry goods, 36 Upper 

Wilson James A, photographer, coi Main 

and State. 
Windell Thomas, dentist, 77 Lower 1st. 
Wiseman & Son, giocers, cor Lower ytb 

and Market. 
Woli'e Simon P, grocer. 9b Lower Main. 
Wolfe & Soil iday, lawyers, 103 
W i Lafayette, commission, 6 Uppei 

Woodbury Horatio, lawyer, Spring opp 

Court House. 
Woodward John K, dry goods, 28G Main. 
Woodward folin K jr, real estate, 2S6 M son. 
i . Wholesale Liq- 
uors, Cigars and Tobacco, cor Pearl and 
. \ , rnia's Bh '.. 
Yocliuin George, grocer, cor Oak and [3th 
Vounj Janets, barber, Pearl bet Market 

and Spring. 
Zeller Albert, shoemaker, Upper Market 

nr Vincennes. 
Ziegelbaur Frank B, grocery an 1 

cor Upper 4th and Sycamore. 
Zier M & Co, boiler works, Lower 2d bet 

Main and river. 
Zinsmeister F & Sons, grocers, State bet 

Cherry and Ealy. 
Zipprian Christian, saloon, State. 

NEW ALSACE. An enterprising 
German settlement of 500 i. habit ts, in 
Kelso towi : ■ mty, 15 mil :s 

northwest of Lawrcnceburg I • at, 

and 3 northea of ,V« .. ,, St; .,, on 
C. I. St. L. 0: C. R. R. The village con- 
tains Catholic church and three schools. 
Its chief exports are hay, wheat, potatoes, 
hogs and cattle. Mail is received tri- 
weekly. Peter Werst, postmaster. 
Benz Michael, meat market. 
Blattner August, general store and saloon. 
Burgermeister A, shoemaker. 
Evan John, stoves and tinware. 

Fette Gerliardt, Flour Mill. 
Freeland John P, physician. 
Gcbharl Jacob, hotel and undertaker. 
Genshcimer Jolin, carpenter. 
Glaab John, cooper. 
GofTga A, cigar mnl'g. 
HilU-rt Gcrge, general store. 
ICichler John, black ;milh. 
Klump Co: iieli 11 ;, b! 1 ksmith. 
K 1 a -. ■. Anton, coop,.''. 
Labby Wm, general store rim! saloon. 
Lang Mathias, carpenter. 


11 AH Styles mad »t All I r rl«'<-f:, at 

o. n- r/'/'/.rv ,•;■ cos, 

GS and GO X, Pennsylvania St., IndiiinnunHs, In<L 


Atlu <rr. 
eliaifapo! i, ] 



L\niA.NA Si'ATF HA'/.i : 


lilj. Brewer. 

: • i Frederick, si i ial er. 

S h - end Fi I tovi i nd thiu ai . 

.']''' .e iter. 

Stenger John A, slv n : i . 

; ; :i eicr .: j Co, General Store. 
Wol G irge bat her. 
Zb iliehael, brewer. 

Lies on 
the Ohio river, in Washington town .hip, 

i couDty, 15 mil 
Co yd 11 court " house. The villi 
tain 1 Fnite '< Brethren church, di itrii I 
school, and 180 inhabitai 1 

idains, Daily mail. James H. Bennett, 

Aydelotte C W, get e; '1 store. 
Bern it! 1 1!. physician. 

■«, General Store 
Di igs. 
•ti I Co, coin mill. 
Burd T T, carpenter. 
Ci Roi .-1, pis iterer. 

.'.-no, !,]■.•:■ ■ .anfrs. 
French Hugh, physician. 
Frr.mholt? Sip-on. gen. ■ '.1 .si' :c. 
H ardsaw Pitman, carpenter. 
Kemper A M, shoemaker. 
Kemper Bros, flour mill. 
KemUe J W, general store. 

tonl imery Henry, carpenter, 
Pip< :. j \V, confectioner. 
Reader V. H, physician. 
Ross Andrew J, blacksmith. 
Willet 1 L, plasterer. 
m J 1 \J, hotel. 

NEW A UK. Five miles east of White 
river, in Beech cre<-k iov nship, Greene- 
county, containing 2on inhabitants, and is 
situated > 2 miles north ; st of Bloomfield, 
the county seat, and 7 southeast of Free- 
dom, its shipping point on the I. & V. Ry. 
li contain-, district school, Methodist and 
Baptist Mail received daily. 
Joseph G. Smith, postmaster. 
Crawford James, grain. 
Crawford & Young, general store. 
Gooden Benton carpenter. 
Huh M L, physician. 
Lashure T B, shoemaker. 
Mcintosh T P, physici in. 
Mcintosh & Son, drill's. 
Oliver I B, blacksmith. 
Oliver W II & Bio, blacksmiths. 
Sanders A J, justice of tin 
: ' ilr.rshman, Hour mill. 

Sll?-itls J £J, Gr-in and Live Stock. 

Qlisillh! .R: Rcper, General Store. 
Sullivan Jessi . grocer. 

NEW AUGUSTA. Ten miles 
northwest of Indianapolis, is a place 01300 
population, on C. I. SI. I,, k C. R. R., in 
Marion county. The village conl tins three 
churches— Methodist, Christian and Lu- 
theran—and di trict schools. Lumber is 
the principal article of export. Express, 
American. Mail daily. R. Klingensmith, 

Avery O . . ■ , - ' store. 

Berry B. F, genei a! store. 
1 .el, carpenter. 
C ix I ec, gener; 1 store. 

I '. ' 1 '1 ,-, black: roth. 

II ungate 1 B, phj sician. 
Johnston J M, general store. 
Kepple George, saw mill. 

Is lingers;.-.' ' ■ . '..-.. 

. General Store. 
McClain L, gencal store. 
McDonald '. . , | '. ; . ■ 11, 
Mark Is W, barbel and carpenter. 
Neidlinger W H, flour mill. 
Purdy E, ph 
Ray Allen, druggist. 
Sourwine J, blacksmith. 

NEW J Vli O^ A. A farmers' post- 
office only, located in Tippecanoe county, 
12 mile; soutli ivest of Lafayette, the county 
seat. Glen Hal! is the shipping statio: , 
miles north on the W. St. L. & B. Ry. 
Tri-weekly mail. A. B. McMillin, pos't- 

NEir nr; r,:o.r:s itlle, a post- 
office in Brown county, with a population 
of 4$, is situated ID miles south of Nash- 
ville, the county seat, and 13 miles west of 
Columbus, the nearest railroad approach. 
Mail semi-weekly. Henry W. Cook, post- 
Cooli Hesirv "W, General Store and 

Holder R E, physician. 
Kiney Thomas, blacksmith. 
Moore E II, leaf tobacco. 
Williams W B, shoemaker. 

NEWJiEIiN. Is a village of 300 in- 

habitant.; in Clifty township, Bartholomew 
county, 10 mile- east of Columbus, the 
county seat ami nearest shipping depot. 
Contains three churches— Mcthoi ist, Chris- 
tian and Unite ■ '■ ■'. school 
and has sta 

nunication with Colum- 
4 7 and 49 S. Meridian .St., Indianapolis, j Latest Stylus and Co) 


Goal in Car Lota a Specialty. 



1ms — fare 75c. — Greensburgh — fare Si— and 

of Indianapolis, contains 30 inhabi 

Hartsville— fare 35c. Mail tri-weekly. Jen- 

Gallaudet, 1.2 miles south, on the '". 

1. st! 

nie Shepherd, postmaster. 

L. & C. R. R, is its shipping poin 

t and 

Brown James G, general store. 


Burgi 1 ■-'. i, bl: cksmith. 

Brown ee Helms, general store. 

Carter George, bi 

Wilson ec Bond, general store. 

Grant James C, hotel. 


Wm, justice of the 

NEW BOSTON. Huff tow 


Hunter John, blacksmith. 

Spencer county, lias a population 


Tones A. general store. 

and is located 17 miles no; 1 lie-as-; 1 l-'.o '• 

Nu .-in T, blacksmith. 

port, the county seat. Troy, on the 


Smul ; J ; - , | hysician. 

liver, 5 miles south, is the shipping 



NEWBERRY. On Whit, river, in 

1 1 : ::l ' in, sr '. , 

V. ski, :•'.(_ :l lowi'sbi;., Grt Clio COUIll y, is : 

Klahn Z, general store. 

vill tge with 

vest of Bio mil 1, count ; 

cast of Marco, Lhe ti 


point, on I. & V. I'.n ,contai i 

jVJG UIi ON. Sixteen 


Methodist, Lutheran and I 

northe; 1 ■ tm 1 1 , is a \ ilia" 


ded scl !, - • i.'in 

ICOpopu!.,, , 

St: ge communical . ■. 

ty, on the LP.. I 

1: ... 

■ — and Washington — fare S1.50. Mail daily. 

Noblesville, the con 1 lew ] 

i Hon 

11. C. Owen sr, postmaster. 

■ has three chui ist, I 

Buther D F & Co, general store. 

Brethren and 1 ist—; trict 

Christia , >rry & Greenwood, drugs. 

Express, United . , | mail. 


ClarkSarah, milliner. 

uel Triltipo, pos 

Cox A J, stock dealer. 

Brandom O H P, notary. 

Craft" B JK, Livery. 

Calhoun T C Rev (Baptist). 

1 \V, undertaker. 

Dahana F L, blacksmith. 

Dagley James M, blacksmith. 

Feary & O let er, ihoemakers. 

Dennent C R, physician. 

Helms SS i icl 

Edwards Thornton, lawyer. 

Powell K hodist). 

Hclphistine James, barber. 

Rice B C 1 "• (Unil 1 Bi elhren). 

1 j ician. 

, General Sto 

e and 

Hill ,&< 

Grain \>. 1 ler. 

Hindman \V E, saddles and harness. 

White T A, physician. 

Hise S, floui mill. 

Killian JW H, justice of th< , 

NEW BRUNS) U ■--. Is 

di - 

McFallJ 1 tair mnfr. 

continue,! ,• ; .. ■ .rrison tow 


Miller Daniel, justice of the pe e. 

Boone com ity, 1 ■■ 1 ■ 7 miles sot 

th of 

Neff Alex, flour mill. 

Lebanon, the county seat, and 4 no 

1 tH of 

O'Neal \V A, ph) . n 

Lizton, its shipping point, on the I 

B. & 

Ov.-eu K C Sr, Hotel. 

W. Ry. 

Owen J M, furniture. 

Shields \V & Sun, flourmill. 

NEWBURG. Clay county. 


Sim . J A, physician. 


Slirikard Riley, gem . 

Snyder N B, agricultural implts. 

NEWBURGM. Is a village 


Stime W F, -'.eves, tinware and groceries. 

tainin ; Soo i ill >it: nl :, located in 


Thomas <ri Waldrcu, Groceries. 

town hip, Warri ' tmty, on the 


Thompson G F, saloon. 

river, 12 - .. ■:'., 1 t\ 1 

, the 

Wadsworth EJ Mrs, hotel. 

county seat, and by water 2 mil< 


Waldron Jacob, boots and shoes. 

Evan iville. TI villi ins om 


Ward Daniel, war/on. .'.'. n, 

Wood J F, geuei.: : si ire. 

ery, and one hotel, the Natii lal, 



NEW BETHEL. In Franklin 

M Root, pot Imaster. 

township, Marion county, 9 mil southeast 

Angel Jehu E, grocer., 
301 VS. Jt.siMiisou Street, Chicago. 

. . . . 

572! NEW 

; profitably ry n Thrtshin 
mifactureu by CHANDLER h 

auapoUii, laO i .. 


ni:w t 

i ': -' '."ncs M, wagonmaker, 

Bates John E, books. 

Bate.- Sarah E, milliner. 

Blemker & Orr, stoves and tinware. 

Brennei C W & Bro, millers. 

Brizius Charles J, butcher. . 

Brizius C & Co, brewers. 

Brizius Frank, grocer. 
■ ■ ' 

Bt'OV >l«ms J, Proprietor Na- 

tio'nal H< 

ichael, saloon. 

Butterworth John Win, confectionery, 

Butlerworth Wm, stone yard, 

DuBois Jasper N, physician. 

Durgin & Abshire, lumber. 

Folz Wm & Co, general store. 
; ,hn >.', confei ticnery. 

i ; \", general store. 

Garwood & Fowler, blacksmiths. 

Gunnel Thon s P, 1 • 

I store. 

Klall G ikion and Billiard 

Hall, Ciioh ■ v, .. , i U', Oys- 

ters in Every Style, Voter opp Steam- 
boat Landing. 

Hanebuth Charles, grocer. 

Hargan Henry C, dentist, 

i ' Ul ert, coal miner. 

Herscher Philip, grocer. 

Hicks Andrew J, grocer. 
1 1 nry, grocer. 

Hochhalter Philip, grocer. 

Holler John P, grocer. 

Holzworth diaries, barber. 

1 I diaries F. general store. 

: rn h& li, furniture. 

Johnson Marcellns, confectioner. 

Jordan mmaker. 

K Her l therine, grocer. 

John G, general store. 

Koch Peter, grocer. 

Kiie-c: fh-.iles, Idackso ith. 

Kuebler John M, tanner. 

Lake George, physician, 

Leggett \\" m T, harnessmaker, 

Lennert John J, cigars and shoemaker. 

Lewis Wm T, township trustee. 

1 oi hi Hi nry, grocer. 

Love J D & Bro, eoal miners. 

McCormick Cornelius B, grocer, 

McKinney Clayton C, livery. 

Mi ■■■ ■ I iseph, shoemaker. 

National i'iotel, T J Brown Propri- 

Pen ce John W, justice of the peace. 

i J n Co, saloon. 
Roberts R R >\: Co, coal miners. 
K lot M try M Mrs, milliner. 

Rutledge & Grey, lawyers. 
Slaughter Wm W, physician. 
Sohn Bcmhard, grocer. 
Spitz Joseph L, tinner. 
Thompson Peter S, physician. 
Thompson Taswell R, barber. 
Tillman Jonathan R, physician. 
Townsend Nathaniel, druggist. 
Vogt Jacob, shoemi ker. 
Walden Samuel H, d 
Weihe Henry, 
Weis Henry, harness. 
Willershausen George, grocer. 

JS r E W li UIiJ,IXG TON. Popula- 

tion 53, situated in Perry township, Dela- 
ware county, contains M ihodist church 
and district school. Muncie, the county 
scat and place of shipment, is located 7 
miles northwest. Four mails received each 
week. G. W. Shrover, postmaster. 
Cory A J Rev (Methodist). 
1. : ' S k, physician. 
Kirby \7 ; , : ' 

, General Store. 
in H, carpenter, 
Th : i ' mi iker. 

Tuthill Phineas, shoemaker. 

NE)F CARLISLE. A thrifty vil- 
lage, of 850 inhabitants, located in St. Jo- 
seph county, on L. S. & M. S. Ry, 14 miles 
west of South Bend, the county seat. The 
place has three churches— Methodist, Dis- 
ciple and Lutheran — and high school. 
Grain and lumber are the principal ship- 
ments. United States Express, Mail 
daily. F. D. Warner, post: 
Adams E B, hardware and agricultural 

Brown F, flour mill. 
Brui h & Smith, restaurant. 
Bulhand C Mrs, milliner. 
Carlisle House, J White propr. 
Champion James, jeweler. 
CuiliptOXI M V, Livery. 
Davi< J, physician. 
Davis 1 & Co, dry goods. 
Dickev W A, blacksmith, 
Eners'j G, saw mill. 
Faek Charles, meat market. 
Garroutte T I, dry goo Is, 
Han auer John, live stock. 
Han is E H, grocer. 
Harris Joel, physician. 
ISjsvr!' I mt Postmaster. 

;c S 

■;■ th 

C. BRADFORD, Solicitor of PatonSs, 18 Hubbard Clock, Indianapolis, Ind. Call or write fur Infi ri Hon. 

lofTman F, co 
Hollenl ■ '. vV 

- ■ 


AM) itUSINIM.S DiKW-l'or.V. 


Hughes E, : ■ >n. 

Humphrey S: McDonald, hardware. 

Lancaster S C, h irness. 

Leyda rohn Mrs, milliner. 

Mc3G>h' Ul M, Apiacult- 

McDonald T T, physician. 

VV P 1 , Method i. 
Mansfield | B, d 
Massey T F, 

Miller & Bull n mm: kei -. 

N, , Carl le ekly). 

Wfiuarcl ' I id Shoes. 

Parnell I i , I a ure. 
I h Hi] E A Mrs millinery. 
RiddelleO W . : t I S&MS R.y, 
Robung C, cooper. 
Servi C1I, dry goods. 

■ - an, Bankers and Grain 
. Dealers. 
Sparrow T J, barber. 
Taylor E C, grocer. 

Thoi i] W II Rev (Christian). 

Trowbridge W, dry goods. 

Vail J N, wagonmakcr. 

Waruoir F S>, Druggist and Insurance 

While Joseph, propr Carlisle House. 
White & Tappan, grocers. 
Wildei 1 A, wagonmaker. 
Woods Eli, cattle deal . 

2SEir CASTLE. Tl t 

of Henry county, contains 2500 inhabitants, 
and is beautifully located in an 1 
farming districl ■ of P. C. 

L. and' Ft. \Y. M. & C. R. Rs, 4S miles 
n ,1 thea • of Indianapolis, ij norl 
Richmond, and S.l south ol Fort Wayne. 
The village has a debt of :'.t,ioo in school 
bonds, a publii library, foul churches — 
Methodist, Christian, Presbyterian and Lu- 
theran — graded school, two hotels, three 
banks and four newspapers-^The Co, 
(Republican), D Ax, and 

Mercury (Republican); first named is daily 
and weekly; last three mentioned weekly- 
only. New Castle has the followin manu- 
factories; two flour mills, two brickyards, 
woolen mill, tile factory, ;a\v mill, two 111- 

iture factories, planing mill and fom ry. 



i ii 

in. \. 

lumber. Express, American. 
Western Uni .11. Mail daily. Thadd 
Coffin, postm 
Albright Will H) Photographer. 

Allison rl I at tailor. 

nt tailor. 
Arnold Samuel, grocer. 

Barnhard Wm O, lawyer. 

Barnctt D \V & Co, flax mill. 

Benbow Julius, pump mnfr, 

Bond Jesse, general store. 

Boor \V F& W A, physicians. 

Brown James, lawyer. 

Brown roseph M, lawyer. 

Brown Wm A, lawyer. 

Bunch George W, scwine machines. 

Bundy Charles, livery. 

Bundy josiah, hotel. 

Bundy Marl in L, lawyer. 

Burke George W, physician. 

I'.i.i! .' .. n S, justice of the peace. 

Campbell Bros, dry go ids. 

Canday Winfield :-, barber. 

Cars m K 13, b< ots an i sho 

Citizens S ti Bank, capital $150,000, J R 

ikan pros, 1) W b iiuc » c.< i'-i •. 
City Carri ige Co, Wm II Bi Char] 

' I ! . V, m 11 Shirk, M M Fouts proprs. 
L'lav.son ci. Conner, carpenters. 
Coffin Harry T, jeweler, 
Coffin Thaddeus, postmaster. 
Colburn Charles C, livery. 

Ill C, Blacksmith. 
Counceller Thomas, horseshoer. 
Courier Co, pub-. New Castle Courier. 
Cummins lames, confectioner. 

I C, Pro- 


..".TV, Artist, Live Slock 
Painting a Specialty. 
1 )owell Bradford M, tilemaker. 

:. Sells Kf., Carpenter and 
Elliott & Thornburg, insurance agents. 


1!: 1 

Goodwin & Allinder, clothing. 
Cordon Henry C, hamessmaker. 

. ■", V. Mrs milliner. 
G01 1 In dd " . If, agricultural implt 

Gordon Wm 11 X: Co, stoves and tinwa 


. 109 and 1 I 

Siimncy ", 

iiiic bund and l'.i-< 

Slreet, >' : 

Urick. See Ad 



■: . t, Chicago, ill. 


:•; ;w 

tndi/xa !;;'V'i'i: oaziottfeu 


Grose Wm, lawyer. 

New Castle Democrat (weekly), John M 

Gronendyke T W, physician. 

Goar pub. 

Hamilton J J, dentist. 

1 1 le Furniture Association. 

' , . ., SCV.-Ni:; in ncli i IH'S. 

New Castle Iron Works. 

Harvey Lee Mrs, milliner. 

New Castle Mercury (weekly), Parker & 

Hawkins Alej n lei M, meat market. 

Wickersham pub.-, 

Hernly Henry L, flour mill. 

Nix & Son, druggists. 

Hemly John R, livi ry. 

Offutt John S, hi rn 

Un ,'n, 1 -"■ cers. 
Hillock \V G ji lei 

Parker St Wickersham, pubs Now Castle 

Hipes&Harvc ,1 1! rd hall. 

1 ....'■ rgi .. 

Houck Bi , meati rl et. 

Pitman! i, rl implts. 

Ice Cos woolen mill. 

Powell &i tii ware. 

Jennings Levi 1 : : nd furniture. 

Rea George M, physi 

Jenning , a P, 1 Iwai e. 

Reajohn, , 

lone. 1 M, in urai i s ■ ' . 

Reddii ■ 

Wm C Cunn 


Reicl ; ' : 

ham, Proprietor. [S t adv.) 

. imaker. 

1 ahn 1 d, dry foods. 


, . 

blacl smith. 

nd shoes. 

i o. ■ . . ■ I ■ i C i hardv . . 

Liv ■ ;■ N 

: - ' ..:■■■. W, . ;, 

1 oi ghd mgh Wi i m laker. 

Sculptors, Monumental Designers and 

■ hen&l i .. inters. 

Builders. (>, , v.) 

McCall i . d Hi ■ ry. 

Shelley Wm F, d. 

;•: li. n ( bo . nd ' ' 

Shirk, Jol nsonl i cradles. 

Shoemaker & Holland, 1 . 


Shroyer, . rj ds, 

Simms George W, notio 

Stabler T W 1;.- (i •:! ■ ist). 

Millil Thoi J, boots and shoes. 

Stiiley Wm f 1 ots and shot 5 

Mitchell .eander P, lawyer. 

Stoffei 1, 

Modlin \ Ice, agricultural implts. 

Swain M : irtist. 

Moningi r Jacob, n 

Swi ' ::'.!.. 

M ,o .y Eli B, marble works. 


tloore tHRci • istian). 

TawncyD ibyterian). 

Moore Ct ■ mrant. 

Tayl ... tural implts. 

Mooie J T Co, . 

:kly), Labau W 

Morris fohn, 1 the peace. 

1 . 

Morris John M, 1 

Vaughan Theodore K. clothing. 

Mowrer Bi .,...' lakers. 

Vestal Milton M, lumber. 

■ nil . ephR, sale .n. 

Warner Rollin, lawyer. 

Murphy Bros & Co, general store. 

Watkins Richard M, biick mnfr. 

Murphy Charles P, jeweler. 

Wayman Alon/.o II, grocer. 

Murphy E & Co, grocers. 

Wayman John C, grocer a. id physician. 

Murphy John F, grocer. 

"Vfe»«lms>.n & Goodwin, Wines, 

Nation!-.!" Ik'nk, .-'50,000, ST Po\ 



pres, Colin C Livez y cash. 

Wi Idon Fred ■ ..\ker. 

Nay E & Co, dry goods. 

. .... 

Needham John, physician. 

Zimmerman Kate Miss, millinery. 

ill Publisher 

The Broad Ax, Designer, Printer 



Eng -. . -" . 

county. {See Ovid.) 


New Castle Courier (daily and week 


NEW CORNER. With 195 inhab- 

Courier Co pubs. 

itants, is situated in Washington town- 

• . I ' 

,1T T f-B Utte, 


AM) 1>,USJ.N1>'.> jukectory. 


ship, Delaware county, 12 m 

les noi t 


east of Portland, the county seat, and •/ 

of Muncie, the county scut, 

southeast of Geneva, on the G. R. & I. 

depot. Hogs, con; and wlica 

arc the 


R. K. lay City, ',< mile west, rei 

cipa! shipments. Mail is 



mail at this office. The village has Metho- 

weekiy. William L Resoner 


dist church, district school and stage com- 

Brady George, blacksmith. 

munication daily with Geneva — fare 50c 

Case E H & Co, tile mnfrs, 

Mail daily. M. Stone, postmaster. 

Clements W D, physician. 

Bartlett Isaac A, harnessmaker. 

Hoover Frederic!:, Horn mill. 

1 a 1 h.n 1 1 • W. imakers. 

Miers Peter, undert; ker. 

Boehm B B & Son, wagonm iki 1 ;. 

Munsey Dr. ph ysb i 

B lelnn John A, hotel, 

Nickey V A, 

Butcher Jacob, justice. 

KLesoner "William 

Iv, Gt 


Fravel roseph, gro er, 


Houser & Mr-Campbell, saw mill. 

Koepple Joseph, shoemaker. 

yEW cor- . 

On W 

Lock er D P, h an 

river, in \i bash 1 

ty, is 

Martin George & Son, reneial store. 

a place of ioo pop 1 

ran-, . 


Minich Joseph M, general store. 

D. B. Scogoan. 

J. A. Trunk. 

Sculp g ors, 

.i^nd B"aildei*s 3 

Dealers iu and Manufac 
and Headstones. -\1 
different ■■ 

All work • 

No, 124 North Main St., 

mn and An 1 ■ 1 Marl/lea! onument: . TaHeU 

.: ,b< u (-. order. We h nolle tlio iir.1 I'.ji \vl. I it i not. 

li neatness aud | ei ej , and 

at the very lowest price. 

. : 


New Castle, Indiana. 




Send for Price List or Estimate. Burr's Block, JVeW Castle, Illd. 
T£S:£S hx'ZH3M.U AX. 

Ad Independent, pnirv newspaper, tlovo'.od 10 tV' interests of the people. Published every Tlmrs- 
clue, )>v t,. ~>V r . •'.etUnam. M«b .eri f-' »>'" orice 7r> Cents 11 Vtnr. « •■■<■■' ■■-, . 

, v ... MKllll'M IN THE ( Cl'MTY. 

.CO] 1 



[ably by ?. 'I hn ! by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, ol 

■■. I ' | S. 


IXJHANA STAT): f>A/KTTi: lil: 


Rr.l ton G, physician. 
Reed Hezekiah, carpenter.- 
Reed & Mackenback, brokers. 
Remaklcs & Loux, Hour mill. 
.Smith C \V, tinner. 

I ■ K, Druggist and Physician. 
Tharp C B, lawyer. 
\\ ie it Jonas, physician, 

:, genera! store. 

NEW C Ul TBI )RLA XI). Having 
pi , ilation of too, located in Jefferson 

i rwr I ; , . G .! unty, 1 iS i I 

ion, I ' ' it, and S 

mil I tof City, on P. C. 

school. B 
to operate 

.week. Jol 
- " 

' i I .1 Store. 

Di i n i ■ 



flour mill. 
', hotel. 

Hollii ! . 

il ysici m, 

Lyon Noal 


i eral s 1 

Reasoner ' 

Thon p 


, < lioemaker. 



H H, barber. 

[. A station on the Ft. 
W. & J. R. R, having a population of 50, 
and is located in i'ulier tov. u-Iip, Delvalb 
county, 18 miles souths t of J aburn, the 
county seat, and 16 north of Fort Wayne. 
II- r'r.-thod'.-t cl.i.rcl., district school, saw 
mill, flour mill, and grain elevator with a 
capacity of 3000 bushels. Express, Amer- 
ican. Mail daily. Geo. H. Post, postmas- 

Kell Geo W, flour mill. 
Miller J A, saw mill. 

POSt GeorjJC H, Grocery and Grain. 
Simon Si; is, live stock. 

NE W rRAXKFOn r. A hamlet 
iii Johnson township, Scott county, 5 miles 
northea t of Scottsburgh, the county seal 

McFadden j" II, general sl'.ve. 
Vanover James, slioci.::.! or. 

NEW GOSITES. Having 225 in- 
habitants, and is located in Fayette town- 
ship, Vigo county, 10 miles northwest of 
Terre Haute, the county seat. Sanford, 7 

miles southwes 
is its shipping 
Brethren and C 

on the I. &St. L. R. R., 

point. Churches, United 
iristian. Schools, district, 
it improvements is a town 

hall, store room, and a substantia 
United Brethren church in process of erec- 
tion. Mail tri-weekly. John II. Huff, 
i . .■, I 

Allen CT, shoci ker, 
Barler Eph , m I 111 rket. 
Bennett i . 
Bolton J M, pressed hay. 

. ncis M, constable. 
Cole VVm H, carpenter rnd justice. 

.( icral Store and Phy- 

Mini ick Noah J, blacksmith. 
Minnick John W, general store. 
Morgan John H, physician. 
Owen G B, wagonmaker. 
PiersonO J, physici . 
Pierson Thomas, hotel I justice. 
Piety Samuel Rev (Christian) 
Shiiley & Shirley, cattle dealers. 
Slock L II, physician. 
Ummel Wm II, blacksmith. 

NEIP HA ' . ')'. Is surrounded 
by an exceedingly fertile agricultural dis- 
trict in Harmony township ■ 
on thi Wal h river, is miles north of 


R. Tl ■ •■ 

>n - ins 1200 inhabitants, 

several churciu •. 

■■ il, noui :: ill, 

one ban!., a we 

:■ A'« ■ 

/. i. : ■ 

(Demo ■.•■ie)— and the 

Randolpl H 

• • an < ccellent 

hotel. It is a t 

nifty, enterprising, busy 

little vill 

» id awake 

business , 

:. : uildings. 

Express, Adams. 

Mail daily. Julius C. 

Miller, postmaster 

Adams Benjamin 

F, photographer. 

Alsop Wilson, s.d 



•..'.. ■ ; 

Ruch.ll. Carriage and 

\\ ■■■ . M 

turersand General Black- 

smiths, tfachii 

ery of All Kinds Re- 

1 i. 1. 

Bedell Geo T, sah 


Wm M, c 

triage mnfr. 

Breitfl Jacob, Dealer in I . I 




. fractured V. ■ ucri, 

82 V • 


tctured and for i 

','..:> 7 .... : onroo Street, CHH 






Scliool Books, Stationery, Etc., 



Lively © Boarding Stable, 

j. Cor. Main and I 1] Street, 

| ■ NEW HARMONY, S3 ►, 

! LTst Livery Stable on entering New Harmony 
from Mt. Vernon. 

ge. Orders promptly filled for all kinds of conveyances. 

■ I atti ntion given to orders for funerals. 

" ' 

. . . ■ i 

53X.SO E>3S0=?, ZD^SZT. DAVID RANDOLPH, Proprietor, 

Sg?*Good Sample Rooms and every accommodation for Commercial Travelers. 




Trnseott's Oli! Stand, New llnrmoiiT, Ind. 

"Reapers, Mowers and Separators Repaired. Horse Shoeing a Specialty. 
.a. ill woe±c ■^y4.3^r r r.i : t!X3, 

ti All Styles oik' at All Prices, at 

1& 60 North Pcnnsylvanij St., IN DIANAPOLIS, 1 M D. 

Automatic Farm Gates, 







Brown Henry, clothing. 
Bucklin George W, physician. 
Critsei Nathan L, undertaker. 
Cross YVm, physician. 
Davis fames \V, carpenter, 
Dransficld & Husband, brick and tile. 
Drinkwater M E Mrs, milliner. 
1 (uclos & Son, stavi 
Eagle J T, saloon. 

5V, ! »ry Guccis, 
nd Millinery. [See adv.) 
Ford, Owens i: Co, general store. 
Ford Wffi 1', dentist. 

I C irbin, Hour mill. 

: I [oab, livery. 

Fretageot \ 
Goodv in E ] 

1 Inn man "'.',: 
Hayden, Ov. 
Hialt Joel, li 
Hick; i 


il store. 

Krcipke Win, barber. 

Lichtenberger & Sons, general store. 

Lyon James, confectionery. 

M',IK-,'|, .'..., W, >,, Va'e works. 

Miller Julius C, confectioner. 

Murphy E, physician. 

Neal Dank 1, phy ' ; n 

New li. i ■ . Co, capital $20,- 

ooo. Eugene S Thrall pres, Horace P 

Owen cash, 
New Harmony Register, C \Y Slater pub. 
Owen E F&Co, hardware. 
Pi i.l Henry, jeweler. 
I'l/i ] ;.. iik y, wagonmakcr. 
IYllinni I onis, insurance. 
PlllIHpS i'Eattie M Mrs, Flour and 

Pisely Henry TV, Livery and Board- 

Pn t: i h I Hi n , gunsmith. 

Pri i i.. rd, Owen & Co, meat market. 

lollpll Mouse, David Randolph 

Pioprietor. {iW a„ .) 
Rawl ik- Samuel O, physician. 
Reed \\ m, blacksmith. 
Ribyre John, grain and stock. 
UobSOli , Wagon and 

Kuggj Manufacturer and G meral Black- 

Schmitt W, tailor. 

Schnell David M, grocer. 

Slater C W, editor New Harmony Register, 

Thrall & Mumford, drugs. 

TretliCN ray W O, Carriage and 
Wagon Manufai Hirer. [Sec adv.) 

Truscott Thomas J, lawyer. 

Twigg Win A, painter. 

Viets & Gentry, livery. 

"WalZ J»llH, Manufacturer and Dealer 
in Boots and ... 

Wardclmai •'",'.'. llll, Dealer in Tin- 
ware and Manufacturei of Tin Roofing 
and Gutters. 

Weber Peter, merchant tailor. 

Wilhelm John A, barber. 

Wilsey Miles V, hardware. 


ail tri-weekly. 
ral Store. 

North. Ma 

pot. In th 


.). Barr I 


Kigali Jac 

Whipp O 

NEW HA VEN. Located in Adams 

township, Allen county, on W. St. L. ei V. 
R. R., is an enterprising village, with a 
population of Soo, 6 miles east of Fort 
Wayne, and 15c. northwest of In i 


s, Pacific. Teh 

I received daily. 

, ph nil g mill, drain 
iv mill, hotel, weekly 

(Democratic). Staves 
uincipal ex, - . Ex- 
raph, Westc I uion, 

Joseph W. Whitaker, 



;!i David F, painter, 
ack John J, constabl 

Bueter& Zurbuch, general store. 
Bi ■ '■ nry, l ian age nt. 

55ei«ry C IMC, Druggi: 
nd Oils. 
Cameron Jam< i, groi er. 
Cook PS Rev (Methodist). 
Crippen A B & Son, dn y ;, 

■ •■•.-• c..., 
4? and 49 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Carpets and Wall Paper. 

[Coke for Foui - z\. Low Prices. 


and mjs-i.'-.Kss ui;:v:cTui:r. 



Dickerson Rob rl B, R R and Ex agi 
fowling Bartholomew, ha 
Evf rgn a House, Wm H 1 ' 
Federspiel B & Bi . 

Federspiel \o : :ph, v\ agonn . r, 
Fischer ft Margrave, lil, mnfi ;. 
Golhc Carl, tailor. 
Gothe G ft Co, planing mill. 
Guslin M Rev (Methodist). 
Hagar Henry, baker. 
Hargrave Wm, constable. 

.•-.-. W, Pi 1 

i ■ : lium. 
Keefe Henry, city marshal. 
Kuode Robert T, Physiciai 

■ ■ 

I. ce :■■!•■ . 
I ■ 

Mack Fro. 
Mead ,'. J 
Mill r i i 

Rogers Orrin D, justice of the peace. 

Heading M; nufacturc. . 
Schnitker Au R, I maker. 

Schwanz Co mrad, ju I ,. 
SI rk Joseph 

Stilzel Tohn ' ■ rmnfr. 
Stutz fo :■'■, ' ■ n. 
WhitakerJ ;eph W, 
Whitaker & Schm Ik :r, neral store. 
Wiedan Father (Catholic). 
Williamson Maviorj F, physician. 
Wolf Carl, saloon. 

NEW HOLLAND. This hamlet 
of 75 inhabitants is in La Gr< I 
Wabash county, 7 miles from I, a Gio, on 
the W. St. L. ft P. Ky, it; -.hip;, 
and II from Wa! :.. 1 unty seat. 

Rush creek f unisli \v;:ter power to oper- 

an abundance of power whicl 
ized. Tri-weekly mail stage 
Gro. \\ m. I > S ' uten, posi 
Copeland Jonathan, si iemak< 
Harrow Nathaniel, ; mnl 

Mtimcicr ToXiii, Tile .' 
Ki . ' . 

Modeline Nathan, blacksmith 
Pickering Hiram, lann 1. 

; D, Physician. 
Slraughn J M, general store. 


ton county. (See River.) 


place in Tipton county, 10 miles southeas 
'• seat. Elwood, 3! 
i of P. C. ft St. L. , 

Tipton, tli. 
iles easl 
. E. ft W, 

Mail tri-wcekly. J: 

Gait ■ V.\ ley, bl 

Harbit I W, ju . ft Uarl I lore. 

] . ' ■ General Store, 

Stremmel G W, bl 1 

. '.. LANCASTER. Wells conn- 
ty. (See Murray.) 

NEW LEBANON. With a popu- 

lation of 300, is a village locate. 1 in Gil! 

,, Sullivan county, 6 miles south- 

west of Sullivan, !!.■• county seat, on B. S. 

a Methodist society 
Mail daily. A. W. 

F \ Re . (Methodist). 

Knott:, R F, 

I isman E C, black 

Lrisman § J & PI 

Lisman Thornton, «• 

Mason Thomas A, physician. 

Murphy J S, physician. 

Sherman Lewi-, shoemaker. 

&t}i-i«J^er A EH, General Store. 


M ,. 



a cui ;ier of 
:,C. R. R., 

.A.t Spragrne's, .'.;. . CaAisozx Street, C 

ilrm-n j.rofi'..! !;. !■.. p ''' ir , .i,i 7 , r: ;;. r ;, 

• driven profitaWj bj n 'J in il 
Ih, Iud. 



i\iiiAx.-\ hTAi'i-. (.;a>;i;tti-;i-:i; 


phj iician. 

Johnson & Sullivan, blacksmiths, 
Natii >n I Iros, stock dealers. 
Raffenberger John, carpenter. 
Swaffo Hi cat penter. 

Vickery 11 N, clocks. 
Ward 1 M, walnut burls. 

nley, drain tile. 
Weaver C C, bool rid I 

m , .- -i Ft W M 8 C R R. 

Grain Deal- 
\. i i J, general 

a popu- 
lation of ■■ ! "siitr! in Monroe 
township, Howard county, to miles south- 
west of Kol-orno, the con ' 
miles north of Russiaville, on the F. & IC. 
R. R., has three churches- Fri Meth 

and big] liool. 1 
en ■',. fui ni - ■ i I 

and flour mill. Daily mail stage I 
mo — fare i's cents. W. L. Newlin, post- 

Archer Martin, harnessmaker. 
Arvett James li, hotel. 
Beeks L A, physician. 
G'ithru'i> V'idup, shot m, '.. , . 
IlOlIiltgWOrtfa & Bro, Woolen 

McDaniel F M, hotel. 

i W 1,, Physii 
tl & BeekS, Drugs and Gro- 

Uichiiian A J, barber. 
Rickmi n Wm, wag >i 
Shirley C C, lawyer. 
Shirley D J, physician. 
Thorn] ■ Bumell, general store. 
. i i I smiths, 
TllOlttpSOU & Son, Hour Mill. 
Wymer J- l.r, shoemaker. 


, Ches- 


W'al .i-h co'.intv, 

north of Wabash, the county seal, and 4 
miles soi he I of North Manchester, on 
the C. W. & M. Ry. Population 75. 
Church, Christian. Mail tri-ivcekly. Post- 
master, C. Steller. 

Anderson A J, physician and druggist. 
Foust John N, cai penter. 
Honius iV Ilippensteel, saw mill. 
Johnston J S, carpenter, 

|i hn, blacksmith. 
Kinnai ■'. gonm iker. 

Suns John, carpenter. 
Steilcr C, General.";-. . 

feats, Prints 

Steller F, shoemaker. 
Tanner Samuel, thresher. 

iud6sou theO 

ii- ship] ing pci '. tl . ,1 •• 

church, r: :ii. I '--'::.! ;; inhabitants. 

Mail daily. E. Westover, postmaster. 

Bush A, general sti 1 -. 

I in :lt [ohn, shi i maker. 

Cornett P P, 

Ebel Martin, wagonmaker. 

Barrel I! F, agrl implU. 

Kramer M C, .. 

Merrill F M, und 

Mink WK, cigars and tobacco. 

,'.- : ti 1. Al rah m, bla. k imith. 

ison 1 M, carpenter. 
Smith Lucy, milliner, 
Strickland M L, flour mill. 

- 1 General Store. 
Young J B, blacksm 

NEW 3IARKET. Clark county. 
[&, Oregon.) 

, Has 
lion of 2O0, Methodist church and district 
school. Is located on Log. Div. T. 11 . & I. 

of Crawfordsvi 

and staves. '. 
mail. A. F. W 
Banister Wm, s 


,, Ca renter. 
Newkirk C S, general store. 
I'.-.tii rson Samuel, saw mill. 
Proctor M T, plasterer. 
Rush T I, wagoni 
Vancleve J W, pump mnfr. 
Walden C H, physician. 

. e r A F, R R and Express Agent. 
Wallcer & ArmKaitrout, General 

Williams J W, meat market. 
Wray W H, live stock. 


township, Putnam county, contain 
habitants, di itrii scln 1, Methodist, 11 ip- 
tist and Christian churches. It is located 
15 miles northeast of Green ca .lie, the county 

IicIm, Copyriu'ltts. All business perta 

. ..rid carefully attend J ; i,bj C 
uts, IS Hubbard Block, Indianapolis, Indiam 


Miscellaneous and Blank Books at ndia 





se:\t, and .',;< fiom baniard, on the I. D. & 

S. Ry, its shipping point. Mail received 

tri-weekly. J. W. Sutherlin, postn 

Coates R L, hotel. 

George L W, (lour mill. 

George W J, constable. 

Hendricks George P, blacksmith. 

Kendall Jesse, ju : ■ . 

McCandlei s A S, pi 

Oakley J C & Co, general stove. 

Owsley \V I , 

Rich II W, toer, 

Sutliei I . ," General Store. 

merly known as Middletown, is a village 
located in Webstei township, 
county, 6 miles southeast of Cory-don, the 
county scat, and I S miles southwest of New 
Albany, which is the most available ship- 
ping point, con tains V o inh: hilani . thr. c 
churches- irei I 

Methodist— daily staj ecor unication with 

New Albai y— fai Mail sen i-week- 

ly. Matthew A. Ri t/c stmaster. 

Barth J N R< r (Lull 

Bullett Em; tuel, I mith. 

Bullett Peter, «v; g. a il r. 

Bullett V 1!, blacksmith. 

Davi ■'- m 11, physician. 

DeBerrj Allen, 

Elhvanger John K, gei eral store and justice. 

Haskins J *K Rev (United Brethren). 

Heckelman J P, saw mill. 

Hedge Robert, justice. 

Kanapple Anthony, Hour mill, 

LefHer G, barber. 

Marsh James lawyer. 

Marsh J H, wagonmaker. 

Miller Lyman, general store. 

Rowe MattUe-W A, General Store. 

Watson A H, hardware. 

Watson S G, lawyer. 

Weaver Jacob, carpenter. 

Zener J, physician. 

Ziniineiman James, barber. 


Having a population of 150, is located in 
Jefferson township, Jay county, 'J miles 
southwest of Portland, the t mil j ■ at, and 
5 northwest of Rid ■. '.ill , at 1 ' dm ..I !'. 
C. &St. L. and G. R. & 1. R. R , contains 
two religi.ii . ! j ii tii — CkrUtian and Meth- 
odist — and district school. Mail received 
semi-weekly. L. H. Moon, ] ostmaster. 
l'air Samuel, hotel. 
Brenner & Vanskyock, druggists. 
Kliler C E, physician. 

Fouts & Silvers, flour mill. 

Gunkcl Philip, shoemaker. 

Hatzel George, shoemaker. 

HaUc! .'.' N, ;i !i"i-d : '.m . . 

Hcston J W, constable. 

K idder J F, physician. 

IHOOU & Vanskyock, General 

Reeves E K & Son, wagonmakers. 
Rhodes John, justice of the peace. 
Silvers J M, saw mill. 

NET) F U / '. ■' fE. Hancock 

county, (eve St^.a O.v'i.) 

al. School-, g re- 
live stock and 
i ■ n . Mail 


Ry, in Jackson town 1 
is located 6 mile 

1 and con 
Elkhart rivet furnishei 
Hour, saw and woolen 
' . 11 Ii i and Evange 
ded. Shipmciits, grail 
lumber. United Stat 
daily. James Matthew; 
Asher J B, carriage painter, 
Blanchard E G, hotel. 
Brodrick C S, physician. 
Carrier T C, blacksmith. 
Dietz John &Son, agrl in. oils 
Ednie Andrew, caniave trimmer. 
Edwards Chiist, painter. 
Eisenbeiss S, physician, 
llerriman Wm, undertaker. 

Banki nd 
fulliard Henry, she a ' . 
Landgraver & Whit, lead, carri 
DZattliewa Jai tea, Druggi 

Metzler S: Zigler, wagon mnfrs. 
Mills M, barber. 
Pells fames, tailor. 
Penland & Finfrock, meat market. 
Rodabaugh David, Hour, saw and 

Shively John, blacksmith. 
Stoutnom Samuel J, general store. 
Strohin Abraham, general store. 
Welch C \V, R R and Ex agt. 
Wright & McFerren, meat market. 
Yost Henry, hardware. 

C. W. & M. 
thart county, 
Goshen, the 


of Han 


1'JllA. With 

fiend for FMimatos. J. W. ATKE1VSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO. •*-»-. 

I s. 

■ •![• a larpre bin 
For Agencies i '■ 

Id. ItELLCUCI, Sup't, Chic,, Ml. 


inma:-. v iTATv: f. •,:■■.: : i ■. 


tri-weekly; B. F. Howell, pustmas- 

: I ■ i ■ :?. blacksmith. 
Brent R Rev | Presbyterian). 
Elrod A N Rev (Methodist). 

II B F, General Store. 
Kettrey A, saw mill. 
McClellan H if. :■ r.eral store. 
McCoy Wm Re* (Bi pti t). 

■. T A 'i I .. h . ness. 
Newbi Stanford, tanner. 
Oatley 1 II, physician. 

B F, carpenter. 
Robison Jasper 11, justice. 
Thompson ]oseph, wavvonmaker, 
VanMeter W H, ji Li 


ft e and village of ioo inhabit! 

known locally as Pittsl 

Jackson toM nship, P mdolph co 

miles northeast of Winchester, tli 

seat, and ti no: thwest 

chief product and article of export 

Mail semi-weekly, 11. B. Ivoon, 


Delanlei Simon, blacksmith. 

Fields N W, General Store. 

Koon 1 1 ]>, postmaster. 

McFarland N, physician. 

Morris Peter, cooper. 

Wickersham E L, agricultural imp 

Wickersham II C, sa\ mill. 

i NEW POINT. Having a popula- 
ti in of 200, is a village in Decatur county, 
on C. I. & St. L. & C. R. R., 9 miles south- 
east of Greensburg, the county scat. Con- 
tains ChVistian church and graded school, 
and presents an opening for a good flour 
mill. Wheat and hogs comprise the prin- 
cipal e> : . Mail daily. Express, Ainer- 
1 CI ] .;.: aster. 

Claris WarilCr, General Store. 
Dowd \Y, physician. 

Hagei : ' ' , g< neral store. 

IcO I G W, physician. 

Marlin C & C, blacksmiths. 
Marlirt W, hotel. 

Puttman J J, agt C 1 St L & C R R. 
Wagoner & Colson, flour mill. 

NEWPORT. The capital of Ver- 
million county, is situated on the C. & E. 
1, R. R., 30 miles nprth of IV, ir Haute 
and 74 northwest of Indianapolis. The 
surrounding eountiy i< fertile, and adapted 
to the growth of 1 cr< : ; s. 1 11 tin p! , 
there are Methodist and Presbyterian 

churches, gi.olc 1 schrol, ..i.e hank, one 1) 
tel, a Hour mill, saw mill and weekly new 
paper. Grain, hogs and lumber compv 
the chief articles of export. Populati 
.-rn Unii 

750. Express, American, Wes 

telegraph. Mail daily. R. E. 


Bishop Francis M, (lour mill. 

Brely& Osman, lumber. 

Chipps James, agricultural imp] 

Coil Lewis, confectioner. 

Collet; & Co, bankers. 

1 ihn, blacksmith. 

1 '.f- i , Elihu F, general store. 

Davis Samuel B, propr Ho, 


Dillow 1 phC, bl cksmith. 

po tof- 

Edmonds Edmond, saloon. 

ts and 

Gibson William, general store. 

ted in 

M J Rev (Methodist). 


at market. 
13 Davis propr 

Jackson Rosclia Miss, dressmaker, 
jump & Ward, lawyers. 
'Kerdolfl fohn, liv< .v. 
Lightle & Co, coopers.' 
Little Wm L, lawyer. 


Odell Geo W, sewing machines and agent 

Am Ex Co. 
Odeil & Sem, Proprietors Newport 

Parks L C ec Co, milliners. 
Parrelt John W, justice. 
Peters H 0& Bro, | enera] store. 
Place Ernest, bather. 

NEWPORT. Wayne county. {See 
J mitt in CV/i.) 


of 300 inhal'itants, on the L. X. A. u C. 

. BELL{ 

• ■ .■ 

No. -■:■. hirdSt. 

Evansville. ln<>. 


AM. I'.l - i I ■ HI ::>;, ,.,!' 



Rv, in Wood township, Clark county, 21 
■ ' ii< ■ '.■■■ ..■■.!,[ J : r.cille, tlic county 
scat. White sand, leaf tobacco and tan 
Lark are exported. The place has three 
societies and graded school. 
L. N. A. & C. express. Mad daily. T. A. 
Mayes, postmaster. 
B rly Evan, hip I 

Bell C.ei'nTe, justice of the peace. 
Bell Thomas, blacksmith. 
Bellows George, justice of the peace. 
Borden W W, farmei an 1 miner. 
Brown Jeremiah, horse dealer. 
Burns J A, dour and saw mill. 
Dillon Robert, painter. 
Doup 1 ivid, nursery. 
Gos i rhomas J, cooper, 
lack on Thomas I, plasterer. 
Jones C, physician. 
Little John A, \ agonmaker. 
Me ICinley Ed n kei . 

McKinley John, white sand. 
McK.nlev Samuel, tanner. 
McWilliams lohn A, carpenter. 
Martle Conrad, shoen ! ir. 

, General Store, 
Railroad and Express Agent. 
Mayes Win H, blacksmith. 
Miller G \i . grocer and hotel. 
Pa , I Henry, nursery. 
Ranson T S, general store. 
Shoemaker 11, genera] store. 
Stalker B T, physician. 
Standeford A T, produce. 
Vance John K, blacksmith and justice. 

2TEn'J:JC'iL"MO:;j>. In Coal Creek 
township, :ounty, 12 miles 

northwest of Craw fordsville, the county 
seat, and most available shipping point, 
and claims a population of ioo. There is 
a Methodist church ind district school in 
the place. Mail received semi-weekly. J. 
S. Anderson, po : u ti . 
Aloys Anton, tailor. 
Campbell 1 C, blacksmith. 

Campbell VVm, gi r. 

DetCllCr S S, Physician. 
llallin & Anderson, drugs. 
Logan & Swank, flour mill. 
McComasSam tel, hotel. 
Mitchell S M, blacksmith. 
Pender fohn, hoemaker. 
Plunkett 1' C, saloon. 
PhHJkcit ? W, General Store. 
Tayloi Ch rl 
Tribby Jason, carpenter. 
Washburn & Black, physicians. 

NEW ROSS. A thriving village of 

500 inhabitants, in Montgomery county, at 
junction !of the I. B. & W. and A. L. & 
St. L. Rys, 12 miles southeast of Craw- 
fordsvilk', the county seat, and 33 north- 
west of Indianapolis, contains two churches 
— Methodist and Christian. Wheat, hogs 
and produce are the principal exports. 
Semi-i :1 ly sta ;e for Orth, Shi tin 
and Thorntown. Daily mail. United 
States Express. Homei Bowers, postmas- 

Adkins B F, physician. 
Adkins T A c.-., general store. 
Adkins & Bell, flour' mill. 
Bowers Hlomer, Physician. 
B iwei "i vV, drti ist, 
Biown W A & Son, grocers. 
Clodfelter M E, lawyer. 
Dorsey G T, undertaker. 
Elter I R, physician. 
Evans W W, sewing machines. 
Everson Tames, saw' mill. 
Gathright E, blacksmith. 
(Green R. B5, Lawyer. 
J !ob ri A I, mi it market. 
Howard G \V, druggist, 
lulon John, R R agent. 
McLaughlin N, hotel and Ex agent. 
May A C, staves and heading. 
May W YV, general store. 
Melson ] & Co, grocers. 
Munhall T T Mrs, milliner. 
Myers C L, physician. 
Norman D, blacksmith. 
Noyes F V, grocer. 
Pitman A M," shoemaker. 
Plemhelt A Rev (Christian). 
Rome C, justice of the peace. 
Templin G, blacksmith. 

., & Co,General Store. 
Vancannon W, boots and shoes. 
Williamson G \V. justice of the peace. 
Wilson F M, livery. 
Witt & Darnell, meats and produce. 
Wren Robert, barber. 

NEW SALEM. With a popi 
of 200, is located in Noble township, Rush 
county, 6 miles southeast of Rushville, the 
county seat and nearest rail approach. 
Daily stage communication with Anderson- 
ville and Rushville. Mail received daily. 
James L. Cowing, postmaster. 
Cow-ill"": fames I«, Postmaster. 
Dei yshin I . phj ;ii ian. 
C ildsmith 5 S m, 1 lacksmiths. 
H W S, physician. 

Mercer John R, general store. 

lJi.ukJx:nU J Sit . ■. ' ., J.-.!i;;-l 

:!, Koy»louc, ioiii, s"c 

:. Coke, Cm l«.r- 
• attest, 

[ng Kngino, 
luhctu -1 !y CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 
tudiffnapolla, Iud. Scojmgo3. 


ixpiana stat;; gaz ;i"ri.;:i; 


Mil lev & Morris, general store. • 
.Wellman A P, general store. 
Wellman A W, grocer. 


population of loo, on proposed line of the 
L. N. A. & St. L. Air Line R, R., in Jack- 
son township, Harrison county, is 7 miles 
north of Corydon, the county seat, and 16 
west of New Albany, its present shipping 
point. Has two Methodist churches and a 
district school. Mail daily. Robert F. 
ill . 1. tmaster. 
Adams L C, organs. 
Bill Jacob, blacksmith. 
Bryler Sarah, milliner. 

• iiuel, Hole!. 
Eslci L ircnas, notions. 
Flagg A D, physician. 
Graves John C, stock dealer and trustee. 
Haub Philip, shoemaker. 
1 [ogan Albeit, sho :mal er. 
Hurst Jerome, ceo pi it 
Isterling John, hoi I . 
McCann Stephen, painter. 

, General Store. 
John W, Wag01::;>. 
Patterson Joseph, horse dealer. 
Stevens Ambrose, carpenter. 


uated in Tippecanoe county, 5 1 tiles north- 

t ol Lafayette, the county seat and 

shipping point. Mail tri-weekly. J. B. 

Stinespring, postmaster and general store. 


township, Change county, with a population 
of 75, is located 15 miles southwest of Paoli, 
the conatv '■eat, and iS east of Jasper, on 
the C. R. & S. W. R. R., its shipping point. 
Mail semi-weekly. II. II. Poison, post- 

Brow Joseph, cabinetmaker. 
Br< S Bro, flour mill. 
Dillard lames, physician. 
Dill- rd&D , . imakers. 

Johnson Eli, shoemaker. 
I*©lSUJl H & SOU, General Store. 
Pol , 11 •., ,1, harm ..maker. 
Shoulders Wesley, live stock. 
Smith E A, physician. 
Xilleny & Hub;, saw mill. 
S 01 ii| J ('. saloon. 
Young S D, cabinetmaker. 

Spencei county, ■.. . ' - o <•: :•;<>. 

is located in a tobacco growing district, 12 

miles northeast of Rockport, the county 
seat. Grandview, cm the Ohio river, 6 
miles southwest, is the usual shippii 
Contains two churches — Methodist :■■■ 
list — and good brick school building. 
Win it, tob ■ 1 and potatoes are the prin- 
cipal articles of export. Semi-v ei kly stage 
communication with Grandview — fare 25c. 
Mail semi-weekly. Wm. Woodward, post- 

Abbott James, saw mill. 
Abbott Martin, physician. 
Abbott & Son, blaci smiths. 
Adye Geoi'i 1', phy tci: n and drugs. 
Paltu:, T, shoemaki 1 . 
Bean J T Rev (Methodist). 
Beard J C, wagonmaker. 
Caddei k i ; i nj sal 101 . 
Coo] I M, justice of the peace. 
Hopkins 1 & 1 J . coal miners. 
Huff George, saloon. 
John Benjamin, phy ii 
Lasswcl! Granville, cooper. 
Mahoney Mc M, coop r. 
Mosier David, blaci smith. 
Rumple J G, general store. 
Sharp A W, hotel and grocery. 
Sutton Stephen, druggist and grocer. 
Sutton I ■■', ! 

\ !■■■ .. .1 t.u. 1 vu-. saw and Hour mill. 

.... General Store and 


NEWTOWN. Richland township, 
Fountain county, containing a population 
of 350 persons, is located l.\ miles northeast 
of Covington, the county seat. Hillsborough, 
7 miles south., on the 1. B. & \V. Ry, and 
Attica, 10 miles northwest, on the W. St. 
L. oc I'. Ry, are the shipping stations. 
Newtown has three churches — Methodist, 
Presbyterian and baptist — and graded 
school. Tri-weekly stage route to Hills- 
borough- -fare 50c. — Crawfordsville — fare 
75c. Mail daily. Robert Campbell, post- 

Bitteneherder John, blacksmith. 
Campbell IS. & Son, General Store.. 
Clark S 1), wagonmaker. 
Colby T S, wagonmaker. 
Dunwiddie Win, meat market. 
Ewart David, wagonmaker. 
Graves A M, drugs. 
Handley David Rev (Methodist). 
Harris R, justice of the peace. 
Helbig A S, shoemaker. 
Mann J \V Rev (Presbyterian). 
Moore J W, drugs. 
Rice i'e Gcbhart, jecneia! store. 

JCiier; »AUcn, 
■ st Wash 


• . CO., 72 &74 W.Monroe St. 
o. Send for Catalogue- and Prices. 




Iteed Daniel, Furniture. 
Reffle J S, physician. 
Russell B P Rev (Baptist). 
Scott A M F, hotel. 

Sherman W N, physician. 
Voliva J H, justii e of the peace. 
Wiles N H, physician. 
Wilson H S, dentist. 

NEW TRENTON. Stands near 
line between Franklin and Dearborn coun- 
ties, on W. \V. R. R., in White Water 
township, Franklin county, n mil a ' 

east of Brookville, lie county seat, 
village contains rco inhabitants, graded 
school, Methodist and United Bi thren 
Wheat, hogs and fruit the 

exports. Express, American. Mail daily. 
C. Hull, postmaster. 
Cox LI, carriage painter. 
Cox W r, -. ■ ■ . ' 

I ; ■ I ■ ( maker. 

Mull COIirad, General S ore. 

Miller C, general store. 
Ostheimer Andrew, hotel and saloon. 
Schuck T, shoemaker. 
Sintz Gottleib, coi per. 

le A J, bla i 
W liamsj J, blacksmith. 
Zalin Simeon, blacksmith. 

NEWriLLE. Concord township, 

!■■ iniv, himvn locally as Yimom. 
i| e with a population of 300, situ- 
ated 12 miles southeast of Auburn, the 
county seat. St. loe, p. station on the B. 
& O. R. R., Butler, a station on the L. S. 
& M. S. ami Eel River division \V. St. L. 
& P. C. R. Rs. are the shipping stations. 
St, Joseph river furnishes ware) powci to 
operate a Hour mill. The church' 
known as Disciple and Ui Brel 

lias graded school. Stage 1 
with Butler, St. Joe and It. Wayne. Mail 
daily. David Denman, postmaster. 
Bartlett S II, lawyer and justice. 
Blair 13 F, hotel. ' 
Bowman G \V, physician. 
Cobum 11 \V, general store. 
Dean Walker, wagonmaker. 
Del ong & Co, saw mill. 
Deinstall David, Boot and Shoe- 
Hamilton Bros, Hour mill. 
Hathaway Z, carpenter. 
Headle; 1 tmth. 

Lawrence I M, lawyer. 
Miller J W, ham 

Moody W A, live stock. 
Olmstead Stephen, drugs. 
Overt O Q Rev (United Brethren). 
Porter G W, blacksmith. 
Rlioads S E & Son, general store. 
Secley Wm, saw and planing mill. 
Smith Philander, cabinetmaker. 
Tanney John W, wagonmaker, 


population of 350, is a village i 
county, 24 miles northeast of Jeffer 
the county seal. Has three ch' 
Methodist, Presbyterian and C 
Ship to Nabb's Station, O, on O. 

jMlhands l> S, pkvasism. 
Benjamin D C Rev (Methodist). 
Bow ei 1 1 y , general store. 
1 ■.■■..: ■ . eksmith. 

Davis BT, boot a: I 


G L 

•1 iCl. 

Haymaker G W, ph> 
Hopwood E M, blac 
Hopwood J L, wagoi 
Hopwood M, wagon 


r f V m A, justii 

Phil 1 i , ge 

: of the pea 
ieral store. 
d millinery 

east of Logansport, 

nUie'w. ! 



The village has erne Methodist churcl, and 
good graded school. Pacific Express, 
.Mail daily. S. N. Pennel, postmaster. 
Castle P W, blacksmith. 



of the pc 


' ■■ it, General Store. 
1 U, vinegar mnfr. 
Price \V C, K R and Ex agent. 
Qui k 1. 1 , physician. 
t H, pin ian, 
Sail 1 ' .'..' ""makers. 

Walker D C, saloon. 


rHi-el.-LSS S'ijMJO or Ol 

i'r/viTiL£.\ fc CO, , 58 it 80 Noirtl 

HO -' ' *VE, 


ylviiuiti Street, iVOfANAFOl.tS, JN/>. 

Indianapolis, I>id. 


lsudaxa .ST.vrr, «,\;:].:'i"j'j'i;): 


Weaver Isaac, carpenter. 

2TB W U'J 2TC JIB S T E Ji . Four 
miles northwest of Reno, its shipping sta- 
tion, on the 1. & St. L. R. R., contains 150 
nts, and is located in Mai ion tow n- 
ship, Hendricks county, 7 miles wesl of 
Danville, the county seat. Has graded 
school, Christian, Baptist, and i 

rche .. Mail tri-we kly. Rii hard 
T. Harper, postmaster. 
Allison [ose-pli, justice of the peace. 
Banta John Q A, phj 
Byrd \Vm, caj penter, 
C lvin I .:.,'. 
, ' Im'.ilh, lumber. 
, dru i 

■ • »rd T, Postmaster. 
Kelly A W, justice ol the pi 1 e. 
K tnnedy I ( i, general store. 
Rich LH, ; iak« 
Robbin \ 1 1 1 ,'si 
West B, wagonmaki 1 . 
West X E, live st< cl . 
West Perry, 1 arpentei . 
Worlinc Wm, blacksmith. 

2TIC02TZA, Distant four miles from 
Roann, its shipping depot, on Eel River 
Div. W. St. L. .x P. Ry, contains ■ 
itants, graded school, Baptist and Unit. 1 
1 churches, and is situated in Mi- 
ami com ■■ onheast of Peru, 
the county seat. Mail tri-weekly. David 
LuiU'.', 1 . :. t master. 
Browei 1 F, live stock. 
Craven Noah, blai . 
Craven N, physician. 
Ferree F N, nursei y. 
Harman Alvin, carpenter. 

neclcer David, Wagon- 
I.oit!;aueekcr Jesse, Farmer. 
Lukens"M, live stock. 

\\ m, shoemaker. 

JVIXE MILE. Located in Lafayette 
township, Allen county, is a rural postbffice, 
o. miles southwest of r'ort Wayne, the coun- 
ty seal and shipping point. It has district 
school, Albright, United Brethren and Lu- 
theran churches. Population 10. Mail 
tri-weekly. John Vagerlenner, postmaster. 
Nonemaker J ames, black inilh, 
YageileiUlCr Jollll, Physician. 
Vagerlenher Mary Is Mrs, general .store. 

NI2TEVAII. Called formerly Wil- 
liamsburg, is a place of zoo population, lo- 


cated in Nincvah township, Johnson coun- 
ty, Smiles south of Franklin, the com 
si at. Edinbui 6 mill - erst, on the J. M. 
& I. R. R., is its shipping di | t. The vil- 
lage has graded school, Methodist 
Christian churches. Mail received 
wi e! ly. \. J . Belk, postmaster. 
Belk V J , wagonmaker. 

Li Belk, grocers. 

Chapman W m, sh 

I Gei H, leral store. 

Dunham J M, carpi 
Dunham Joal 

, Carpenter. 
1 luuliam r.r and saw m 

Bale ! 1 hua, shoemaker. 
Gosncy Wm, blacksmith. 

1, .i, ■,-..!.; c . ; mith. 

Marshall J A, physician. 
Mellette U N, drug 
Ri lenbi igh J . maker. 

St John W M, ] \. ■ .. 

NOAH. Bettei known . 
cated in Shelby county, on B 
4% miles north of Shelbyvi ... u 

seat and nearest railroad ap] 
lage of 100 inhabitants, with 
church and graded school, he ri 
iiisln pow ..'1 for flour mill 

1 aving an oj ■■. (ring : : 

factory. Tri-wceklj 

with Morristown— fare 25c— Shelbyvil 

fare 15c. Daily mail. L. LC. . :. ly, ] 


Adams J M, physician. 

Gaunt C, carpenter. 

Helen Geo, wagonmaker. 

edy JL, General St 1 . 
Lucas F M, blacksmith. 

Piatt W c'physician." 
Sanders [ohm, wagonmaker. 
Thrasher W R, carpenter. 
Vandergrift T F, blacksmith. 

KOBLBSriLLE. The capita 
ilan.ii. .m county, is an im . 
of 2500 inhabitants, beautifully locale. 
White liver, ;.'.: miles north 1 . 
at junction of I. P. & C. and ' . I . . 
L. Rys. The village contains five chur. 

■ ', Pn ibyl rian, ( hri.- ian, 

angelical and Bapti: t- -two graded sch 

i nd one bank. Th. . re: i i epresent. 

I (Deniocra 



A. L. ., w«m ■ ,- 

il & il) S. Me: idian St., Indianapolis. 

.U Iniei im- Di ctir,:iitne- 

w ii.11 1 ;ai i 


s. W. i ... 





can). T! e | ill lie b il lin i mbrace the 
I coKntj court hou c an i jail, both being of 

' exceeding tine architecture, the cou 

having cosl ovei $100,000, is hand >mel) 
' '/ located in thi public |ii in . an I is - 11 honor 

to the county. '! ■ in Union. 

Express, United States. Daily mail. I. 

H. Jessup, postma ter. Bonded debt, 

1 Abernathcy A \ ph i in 1. 

AUrey Henrj ta\ and 1 ading. 
Allison A 1 & McGHre, i.i«i. - ., ' 
Allison & McGuire, floui and feed. 

L p - ite & Dale, blacksmiths. 
Austin G I : 

Bachmann • grocers. 

Baker Albert 11 & C By. 

Baker Albert R, livery. 
Baker James M, :,rocer. 

Bed ei ' ■ ml , ' ; ■. 
Belle & Carlin, pump mnfrs. 
Booth William, 1 
Booth & Jei 

Boswell Wm 11, publisher Noblesville In- 
dependi nt. 

Bower Peter S, dru 
Brown Oscar F, saddles and harness. 
Buchart John, city treasurer. 
Burl :.. V he !■ r, :at market. 

Burrouphs James, merit market. 

. ">, Healer in Cal- 

' ■■ Connor. 

Campbell Samuel Rev (Methodist). 

Carlin Wm D, agrl i 

Carr Hi m y, ■ In :n aki 1 . 

Case Elon E, agrl implts. 

Caylor Henry 1, propr Caylor Housi . 

Caylor Henry M, luml er. 

CheadleJ 1 . ■ 1 1 <To1 1 iville Republican. 

Citi/.cns 1'iink, capital m'.o.cvo, Wm Locke 
pres, Elbret Shirts rash. 

Connei Wm 11, plij iii ian. 

Cook E C, a itist. 

Cottingham Cynthia A, dressmaker. 

Cottin;>h.un hrvn A lU-v [M( tliodist). 

Cottingham B & H E, milliners. 

Cottingham S D & Co, livery. 

Craft Frost Rev (M thodi it). 

Craig John Rev (Presbyterian). 

Craycr ft Daniel, notions. 

Crull Daniel C, flour and feed. 

Cyrus & Mi< ;se phj ;ii ians. 

Cyrus Wm H, physician. 

. Orriu Maker Proprietor, 
ne coi ' • ■ • I 

Darrah A M S Co, livi ry. 

Davidson R H and shoes. 

Depul 'i m 1 ', dentist. 

• ■., I'm n ! > Manufac- 
turers. \. ' thaime, n Logan. 


Northeast Cor. Polk and Wiltshire Streets, 



The Dale is one of the leading Hot :1s in the city. Good rooms, well ventilated, good 

table, and everything convenient. Mr. M aki t is making his Hotel the 

attraction of the traveling public. 

' £ -ari per IDay, $1.50."®8 


East Side Public Square, Up Stairs, in Bachrnan Block, 


■ ... , 

imunications Promptly / n ..• 

Hi |, 8 driven prof.UM, 
| hi maaufacl, I bj 
,81 .. . LLyliuli.n.polis, Ind 

driven profitnUy I<j : & TAYLOR, ol 
" : : z page ;>. 


Evans \V N & Co, dry goods. 

Noblesville Ledger (weekly), Oscar Miles 

Evans & Soli!, grain. 


Farrell Joseph K, grocer. 

Noblesville Republican (weekly). 

Fenton James 1), saloon. 

Oltift'-'. m]. Trustee, 

Fishei 1 »anicl, grocer. 

Nobles ..-■.- Court He ise. 

Fisher Wm A, pro; -r Wainwright House. 

Osbon Jasper N, saloon. 

Foland Emma Mrs, milliner. 

Oursler La Fayette, boots and shoes. 

G ihnH, billiards. 

Pearc Wm S, livery. 

Garver & Graham, lawyers. 

Peed Thomas, j ropi 1 - ed }]cv.=.t. 

Gibl on f ieo W, b; ' er, 

Pfaff Finley [}, ii .u i ict 

Graham Wm B, physician. 

Pontioi Bros, agrl i pi :ments. 

<:-.■ . V 11, lawyer. 

Potb rCl rlesD, law) -.-. 

Grange) Join:, livery. 

Powell ■ .. ' 

Gray John M, physician. 

Pry ' . ket. 


- ■ ' 

Lure lohn 11, blacksmith. 

Reynolds J &i i titure. 


- ;-<:■!- 11, shoemaker. 


- i '.min, barber. 

. ::• . i d '.) 

j 1 , Bakery and Res- 

Hawkins Abijah, jeweler. 

taurant, !0 W 1 

ins T A, fla: mill. 

. lohn, barber. 

Hawkins & Bower., icslamaut. 

Roudebush Mary H, milliner. 

H M C, ; . _-. iician. 

Blacksmith, w s 

Haynes Thomas, barber. 


Heylmnrm John G, 

Scott V, : dealers. 

Hobn ; ; f Mi-.., 

i 1 lawyers. 

Hollenbach George L, barber. 

Sede ..... il. grocer. 

[FM, lawyer. 

Sedenburg & Ci.inger, jewelers. 

; 1 - . i- 1 -. peace. 

Smock, Ilaworth & Co, flour mill. 

Jenkins A M, lumber. 

! & Son, grain. 

J enkius Sidney, barber. 

Stafford & 1 a, lawyers. 

Johnson & Gray, carpenters. 

nd harness. 

Joseph Julius A; Co, clothing. 

. : di f roods. 

Joseph X, saloon. 

. ..--.-.. 

"Kane & Davis, lawyers. 

Thomas Wm 

td shoes. 

, Co, hardware. 

Kitchell Jason S, physician. 


Kline John, sewing machines. 

Thoi ,- in )■ col . tinware. 

Lebo 1 evina, grocer. 

Ti - .'. , 1 

Lebo Morris S, saloon. 

Toll & li.-. ■ .. '. • making. 

Levinson Newman D, clothing. 

Teak: •!..!. ;roci rs. 

Lindsey Marion Miss, rubber goods. 

Trissal Fran is M, lawyer. 

Loehr Ed C, physician. 

Truitt A \\ , books. 

Loehr & Dunn, hardware. 

Truitt & 

Longley & Emmons, meat market. 

United , AM Baker agent. 

Lowther Wm, justice of the peace. 

Vestal & Ilaworth, druggists. 

Lybi ■! i ucii s, di - ;ist. 

Wallace [ohn A., - roccr. 

McKinsey Urban 1', l-v\ crii.tendent county 

Warren W C, painter. 


Whet .. 1 . Iici -- Co, lumber. 

M: a Iter Orrillj Proprietor The Dale 

. - niths. 

Hotel, ii e co> Polk and Wiltshire. 

Wild '. -.. .-. 

Miles Oscar, Proprietor Noblesville 

Ledger, s e cor Calhaine and Logan. 

(. i-i.ii... 

■ imin, furniture. 

Williams William W, furniture. 

Morrow Charles \\ , saddles and harness. 

Wolfgang Rachel Miss, dre maker. 

Mo s & Stephenson, 1 i\\ j ers. 

Yeaman S: l.v- as, in irble dealers. 

Nelson Bi o , mc l i 

. — 

Noblesville 1 1 le] ndi t (weekly), cor Con- 

NOBLESriLLE. Noble county. 

ner and Catharine. 

(See Meniam.) 

C. Bradford, Solicitor of J 

and Foreign Patents, 

■-■ :■ i ."I'lUiUp-* 

■ wrilo for InrormatioDi 

i i v, 

Law Publishers <t?t(l Booksellers, - INDIANS A'POLIS. 


and busk.rss )>h:i:utu!;y. 


NOXIO. Was established as ' a post- 
office in 18S0 for the convenience of a fann- 
ing community of 20 families, in Howard 
county, 13 '.' z miles northeast of Kokomo, 
' the county seat and shipping place, Wheat 
and corn are marketed. Mail tri-weckly. 
James Gray, postmaster. 
Canter George \V, justice of the peace. 

Lawrena 1 M, -v, mill 
Weed E C, physician. 

NORA. A settlement of 50 inhab- 
itants ill Washington township, Marion 
county, io'i miles north of Indii 

n 5 miles east on the I. P. & C. 
Ry., i. ; the .shipping place. Mail tri- 
weekly. Peter Lawson, postmaster. 
Bowen James, grocer. 
LawSOll Peter, General Store. 
Whitting i ■ smith. 

11 & Heaton, saw mill. 

NOR3I.ANDA. Possessing 150 in- 
habitants, is a village located in Jefferson 
township, Tipton county, S miles west of 
Tipton, the county seat, and I-'.' : , M - < 
Goldsmith, a station on the L. E. : W. 
Ry. The place has Christian and Metho- 
dist churches and district school. Mail re- 
ceived tti-weekly. J. I>. Campbell, post- 

Campbell D R, physician. 
Campbell J B, general store. 
Gossett J M, physician. 
Hodson M J Rev (clergyman). 
] ai goi B oar 1, tile mnfr. 
Myers Wm D, blacksmith. 
Rood A N, carpenter. 
Sailors A J, general store. 
Titer & Co, saw and flour mill. 
Wilcox E, hotel. 

NORRISTOWN. Shelby county. 
(See Wintered.) 

NOIt TlfFIELV. Contains 200 in. 
habitants, Methodist church and district 
school. Is situated ill Union township, 
Boone county, 10 miles east of Lebanon 
court house. Zionsville, 6 Miles south on 
the. C. 1. St. L. & C. R. R., is its shipping 
point. Mail tri-weekly. Rosston and Slab- 
town receive their mail at this office also. 
H. W. Nichols, postmaster. tteerjje, Physician and 

Jul '... e 
Doutrich John, general store. 

Monett S, physician. 
Ross Bros, general store. 


location of 25 persons, in Prairie township, 
Kosciusko county, 7 miles northwest of 
Warsaw, the county scat. Lecsburgh, 4 
miles east on the C. W. & M. Ry, is its 
shipping point and postoffice. 
lloggess Hiram, saloon. 
Johnson T II, physician. 

.',• "VV, Genera) Store. 

NORTH GROVE. Situated in 
Harrison township, Miami county, on P. C. 
& St. L. Ry, with a population of 400, lies 
1 : mil southeast of Peru, the county seat. 
The village has a Union church building 
and graded school. It presents an excep- 
tionally good opening foi a lloui mill. Ex- 
press, United States.' Mail daily. \Y. C. 
Yarnall, postmaster. 
Barnhart Joel, brick mnfr. 
1 [ T, physician, 

Hay T J, phj 

Epley Cyrus, brick mason. 
Gri dstafl M V, carpenter. 
Hammer David, jeweler, 
I jams J F, physician. 
i' ■■ i ' A-hburv, general store. 
Marks George, blacksmith. 
Michaels P A, blacksmith. 
Miller C E, general store. 
Moorman J H, lawyer. 



Olden L D, shoemaker. 
Parker Wm W, hotel. 
Reagan A K, justice of the peace. 
Smith IraM, drain tile. 
Thomas L M, saloon. 

Yarnall "W C, Railroad Agent and 


manufacturing suburb of Indianapolis, lo- 
cated 3 miles northwest of the city, in Cen- 
ter township, Marion county, on C. I. St. 
L. & C. R. R. This is the location of 
Crown Hill Cemetery, a wooden ware fac- 
tory, cradle works, chair factory, wagon 
factory, Population 700. Mail daily. Eu- 
gene Udell, postmaster. 
Armstrong John & Sons, ice. 
Cochran W A, physician. 
' I.. -.- 1 he! Geoir-e, florist. 
LePage J V, Manufacturer of Marble 
anil Granite Monument-, Office ai t Ware- 
house near Crown Hill Cemetery, w en- 
trance. {See adv.) 

Illustrator! Cataloij'if 1 just out. frro fu Arc'ii 

it- . 1 ■' ' ■ . ' '- nt l.y i.vprc-'-E. 

J. \V. ATKINSON, 313-32! South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, If-L. . 

■Iit:} Ilk, !>::;, ;.-n B 

With Rr.,O0O,O0O of Assets, lias no! one dollar of ir.tores! 

oil led, For : gencies D'rect with I 
Apply to E. H. KE2.LOCC, Slfp't, Chic , lit. 



IS in ANA ST A 'i ,, i;;,\/ i i : ' . : 


North lr.diananr.lis Cradle Works, II L 
Hewitt manager. 

North Indianapolis Wagon Works Co, Jas 
Frank ] res. 

CO, Capital .M 00,000, Henry Oc o it Pres- 
ident, A W Ilaxchigg Secretary and 
Treasurer, EC Wheeler Superi . 
Chaii Mam facturers. (.v. . . .; 

Thayer Albert, grocer, Michigan road. 

tlrtcit El ■', Grocer and Postmas- 

'ter, 23 .'■ I 

Udell Woodenware Co, J L Ketchain recvr. 

NORTH J UOSOy. The P. C. & 

St. L.Rj pa 51 tin h il !< ml littl 

village of 400 inhabi rhicl located 

in Wayne township, Starl ' , to mile; 

southwest ol Kn . ihe 1 '. '» ■'. There 

arc Methodist and Lutheran churchei and 

district school here. ] 

Mail daily, 1 !( n ge I ,ig! ti ip, | 1 m: : . 

Bal er ... !\ T ewp .rt, 1 : :k mitlis. 

Burch facob, saloon. 

Engleth Henry H, blacksmith. 

Jackson J M Rev (Methodist). 

Keller J, general store. 

Lightcap A G, hotel. 

Lightcap H, drugs. 

Lightcap W & G, genera' ' ■ . 

Lore Wm Rev (United Brethren). 

Nealis John, hotel. 

Perry Wm, druggist and physician. 

Phillips J R, saloon. 

Schuesler Geo, shoemaker. 

Scuddei W L, was onmaker. 

Weir W II, physician. 

Whi.te Pros, general store. 

NORTH LIBERTY. A thriving 
village located in St. Joseph county, 14 
miles southwest of South Bend, the county 
seat, with a populatian of ■■ 1, i distanl 6 
miles from Wa.kerton, al ci n >f I. P. 
& C. and B. S O. R. Rs, the n, 
road approach. Clear Lake < 
water power for a Hour mill 
lias two churches — Metht lis 
Daily stage communication 
ton — fare rs.c, and South Bend — fare Si. 50. 
Mail daily." N. S. Miller, postmaster. 
Anderson J C, hard ware. 
BecbeO R Rev (Meth. rli t), 
Berger B F, blacl ..1 
Campbell A S, physician. 
Cherry G P, justice of the peace. 

: ',v Mill. 
Cole M R, gro er. 
Cullar & Oleng :r, general store. 

ek furnishes 

The village 
nd Advent, 
ti, Walker- 

Flood Georce R, harness. 
Garrard J J Mrs, milliner. 
Geifrer Jacob, saw mill. 
Hitchcock W W, physician. 
Hoffman Daniel, drugs and groc 
Houser Pros, general store. 
Irvin John F, barber. 
Keck Pl.t 

! pp & 1 [ouser, saw mill. 
Kring f W, undertaki r. 
Lee E T, blacksmith. 




n ill. 

i;,mi 1 an. 

I tree L S, catth dealer. 
Pearce N W, cattle dealer. 
Ports & Matz, meal marl 1 t. 
: b, .": gonmaker. 
Rowan i loan!, wagonmaker. 

Varier 1 A, physici n. 
Whitaker W S, painter. 
Warstcr A, wagonmaker. 
Worgter H B, Carpenter. 
Young Fred, boots and shoes. 

NORTH MA '":: ■'■ 
of Madison, 1 ■ tht I. 

R., in Madi 1 towi .... [ei e 
The village contain: 600 ' 
churches — Methodist, Ba 

K.vpre,-,' Amcriosn.' Tele- A; 
Union. Mail daily. Hannah 

Alfred L, carpenter. 
Allen J, blacksmith. 
Early John Mrs, general store. 
Elwin W J, shoemaker. 
Ewers Father Rev (Catholic). 
Fox John, shoemaker. 
Hamilton Wm, carpenter. 
Leonard Felix, Hour mill. 
Losey Til, general store. 
Mathews D, carpenter. 
Monroe W Z Rev (Baptist.) 

bchmidl v. , groi 1 . 
S>.,;, ike J S, blacksmith. 
Sul ir P, w agonmaker. 
Tilford W E, physii ian. 
Vawter J S, gen 

Y*,) The Best Line of Imp rted Wal 
iMHANAi'oits, »si». ) in the State, 

• • ' ■ ■' ( Bents Houses and Farms, 

I .iVl. iVl. jbilJ I »"<»•*£ Ira Be., 


anjj uu.sinkss directory 



Wickham George, carpenter. 
Wray L, justice of the peace. 
Wright C H, physician. 


cated at crossing of C. \V. & M. and Eel 
River Division W. St. L. and i. . i 
an enterprising incorporated village of raoo 
inhabitants, in CI. ester . rn ! 
county, 14 miles northeast of Wabash court Eel river flows by the place, and 
furnishes excelU-nt v. aler power, which is 
utilized to operate I flour mill. The place 
has 3 churches— Methodist, Rcfoi 
United Bi 

a weekly newspapei -the Journal — and 1 
pri\ ate bai k. It., mann! :, : 1 ie ■ ■ . • < ■ 

z, dries, pump factory, flax mill, pot- 
tery, spoke and hub factory, flour mill, 
pi 1 . > mill, drain tile and brick manufac- 
tories. Grain, produce, hubs 
are the chief 1 n T. 
Union, Express, American. Mail daily. 
Jar.:.- Wallace, postmaster. 
American House, R- R Grimes 
Proprietor, Corner .Mam and Walnut. 

'. : . ..'.u , V. iener, clothing. 
Argerbright Sol N, undertaker. 
Arnoli I Prop: 


Beauchamp A G, agent \V St L & V Ry. 
Beauchamp Noah \V, editor North Man- 
chester Journal. 
Bell & Wells, lawyers. 
Blickenstaff Bros, j 

Bohuard Donades, prop Bohnard House. 
Bolin Elisha, city marshal. 
BopeWT, 1: .... 

Bowman Amos W, agricultural implts. 
Brady James N 0. Co, flax mill. 

Bunfcer 1 (avi 1 V, millinery. 

jjutterbaugh Joseph 11, harnessmaker. 
Clem .ins It )', justice of the p< .1. c. 

Cowgill Jol . 1 ., bo it 1 nd shoes. 

Ebbi d. ....,: . ',.., books. 

Eichholtz John F, boots and shoes. 

Eichholtz, Petry& Valdenaire, planing mill. 

Flook Columbus II, pottery. 

Ford ICittie, dressmaker. 

Frame David, hardware. 

Gintl ■ 1 David, pi j 1 :i in. 

Ginther D & Co, druggists. 

Gosshorn David A, physician. 

Green Fred, salo in. 

Gresso G , ; nd '■ 11 . 

GritlieS RufuS M, Proprietor of the 
American House. Good Livery in Con- 
nection. Free Buss. Cor Main and 
Walnut streets. 

Grossnickle N & J, grocers. 
Gander Henry, supt public school. 
HagaxiS DorriS N, Proprietor of 

Groi ry, Depot Restaurant and Billiard 

Saloon, near American House. 
Hamilton David, brick mnfr and saloon, 
Hartei D C, agent C \V & M Ry. 
Barter J B & J, druggists. 

! dm E, grocer. 
Holbrook Wm L, dentist. 
Homin a W E & Co, grocers. 
Horn Smith, wagon mnfr. 
1 lower Wm [I, barber. 
Jennings Jacob M, grocer. 
I-'.: 01 '. yi u D, lively. 
Keen Daniel P, physician. 
Keller E F, propr Keller House. 

i odist). 

Klmn S C Mrs, dressmaker. 
Krisher ec Sraidni:, meat market. 
I . i Son, jewelers. 

La .. . ■to . & Co, dry goods. 
Leonard & Leonard, 
1 in| 1 : 1. ii" tice of the peace. 
•Lower M O, physician. 
Lutz I lanii I, gro( ei ies. 
. ' I, Apiaculturist, 

Principal Factory a; New Carlisle, Ind. 
Fam A F, painter. 
BKailCliester Bailie, Jesse Arnold & 

Co, Proprietors, .Main. 
Martin John J, photographe . 
Mendcnhall Win T, physician. 
Meharg Mary & Co, milliners. 
Miller A B, carriage repository. 
M illei i )an S, grocer. 
Miller Jesse E, foundry. 
Mills Henry, grocer. 
Mills k Lavey, clothing. 
Moe Adelbert, foundry. 
Moore Isaiah B, grocer. 
Newhouse & Miller, druggists. 
Noftzger J P, marble yard. 
North Manchester Journal (weekly), N W 

Beauchamp propr. 
Ohinart Eli C, physician. 
Oppenhcim Jacob, dry goods. 
Reed Levi, Saddle and Harness Maker. 
Robb.Samue!, meal market. 

Slu ;ei Jacob \, coi I fioner. 

;■ ihn, t .11 penter. 
Stewart A E & C, furniture. 

CnAS.D.OOj. ;"d" 7,1 J03 and 210 :? strain Street. Chic?/ 

Sec Adv, 

ly a Tlirrahlng tlngli 
roctureJ bj CHANDLER 1 
[«di.i] apolis, Inil ■ ' i ■ 9 





StraUSS Daniel, Flouring Mill and 

Feed Stoic, Main. 
;..,. o & Weber, flour and feed. 
Straw Join. H, furniture. 
Strayer Wm II, saloon. 
Swindell [oseph, produce. 
TolandFinlaw M, agt Am Ex Co. 
Tyler J' - |, carriage re] ' 5 ■ 

Waddell I I physicu n. 

' - Postmaster, Mam. 
Waller Bros, hub n u pok m ttr: . 
Wells H Rev (Lutheran). 
Whitlow Hiram C, black mith. 
Williams 1 V,' ... : ■ • 

Winton Horace, physician. 
Young Simon P, carriage mnfr. 

NORTH SALEM. An enterpris- 
ing villa' e, with a r>o 1: tion <<< 300, on I. 
D.&S. Ry, in Eel Rive, town hip, Hen- 
dricks county, 9 miles northwest of Dan- 
ville court hou-.e. It hastnreechu rches- 
Christian, Baptist and Methodist— good 
graded school, and « r U:. .-.-inn, horses, 
mule., cattle ana hogs. Ame "ican Express, 
Daily mail. Aaron Smith, postmaster. 
Adams A, err; : 
Adams T T, physician. _ _ 

■ . . "!,. 
hurst W, liarnessmaker. 
CroseW 11, barber. 
EJaviS F M, Flo"'' Mill. 
Davis & Davis, general store. 
Ellington J M, bin 

Emmons J M, carpenter. 

Fleece C it, general store and physician. 

Fleece John, grocer. 

Fleece M I, hotel. 

Fleece S F, rrocer. 

Clay, Livery. 

)i kley W 11, blacksmith. 

], W J K P, druggist. 

Linn I, lawyer. 

1 J S, shoemaker. 

O ir R F, physician. 

V 01 I M, physician. 

It & Davidson, General s tore. 
r G G, wagonmaker. _ 

Sowder Milton, lawyer and justice. 

Sowder Nelson, blacksmith. 

Thompson G W, agt I D & S Ry. 

Thrift L L, flour mill. 

Wright H L, wagonmaker. 


Ohio river, in Randolph township, in the 
extreme northeastern c< ,, er ol io 01 it) 

is .- village of - . > '.,..■:■.>.; 

miles s.. 1 ■ I . 

It has district school, Methodist and Bap- 
tist churches. Expre- , Adams. Dally 
stage route to Rising Sun-fare 10c— Fat- 
riol -fare 50c— and Aurora— fare 60c. Mail 
daily. Nathan II. North, postmaster. 
Ellis W C, saw mill. 
Hodges Esquire, blacksmith. 
Ilov./e C S, wharfmaster. 
Mobler A Rev (Baptist). 
North !', C, produ :i . 
] ' General store. 

Pari . C, painter. 
Penrod John, ear] 
R, Hii it, black.:.,: 1 '.. 



lie, the 

Div.M" \ J. ' 

county seat. 11 ■ ■ ■ 

,,;.,. ■..:.■..-.;■.- 

ican Express. Daily mail. 

Armantroul E F, i 1 dealer. 

Bi ye : ' ■'■ 

Miller Th . nib. 

Wagnei G \\ & Son I our mill. 

NORT ON. Sta " ds a j 

crossing ol Madison blanch J. M. ec L and 
O.&M. R. Rs., and is northern terminus 
of the Louisvillf branch of O. & M. R; .."i 
Goitre lowi . ,p, Jenuinj ...•--..■ 


The village 

Lther and C. H. Tri] 
rated in 1876, and no 

cont; n a population of 2000. It has 

churches, graded schools, five hotels, ',-. 

weekly newspapers— The Plain Dealt) (K 

publican), andS«« (Democratic)— a fun 

tare factory and one flour mill. Grai 

stone, furniture and live si ck; ei porl 

Express, American and Ohi & k i PI 

Mail daily. Walter S. Prather, postmasK 

Adam Charles, grocer-. 

Adams John A, boot:: and shoes. 

Alexander Michael, ch thing. 

Alexander Moses, clothing. 

Alley Charles, grocer. 

Alio,- George, livery. 

Amc'rican Express Co, A Poll agt. 

Andrew, Myron H, druggist. 

Baker Oliver 1\ hotel. 

Batman Francis M, Physician, 
4 th. 

Bay David, livery. 

is. < E, 1 ei ti '. 


I'.'innt;l;icturer of tho 

ton S(r-ot, 

|| | ........ LIS, IND. 

mi mm mi 

l J., W and H % 

i. ,'icjid for Catalogue. 




Brcnnei Charles, meat market. 
Brolley Francis, merchant tailor. 
I'.iino Margaret Mrs, grocer. 
( : .::>..■ Henry A, photographer. 
Cone J D & Co, gem ral store. 
Conkling I'iersou, , ;ni.iv.l .-.tore. 
Conner Allen S, groi er. 
Copi I G & Co, grocers. 
Davis John P, agent 0& M Ry. 
l lickei son fohn N, saloon, 
Doll Abraham, drugs. 
Euler John, boots and shoes. 
Evans Fred & Bro, furniture. 
Fable fohn, in m ., . 
Fedders.n M li Rev (German Lu 

i I '■ : K i.111. 

Foster Thomas. h'acKmith. 

Fowler John G. erocer. 

GautierCh; : "go, 

<! ••;..■.■ .■'■ I ':■■> ei M: ;, milliner. 

:. I i ; eralstore. 

Ilaag Ambon; ,)'•■• 

llaar |o. : , ■ " '.'...■-.. 

11 W, 1 ' . 
Hermicl Iter. 

Hicks, Holm & Burl 
Hill Lewis H, furniture. 

■ 11) •' in n . , :.. tel. 
Kimmel Am ■ i ichant tailor 

Klinger i.ui ti ; . nfi . 

Kutchback Char] ; H, gen. I o 
Levy Reuben, general store. 
Loftus fohn, gn c( i . 
McGannon PC, flour mill. 
Matuslca f, gunsmith. 
Meloy Volney C, restaurant. 
Merer Charles, saloon. 

John.M Rev (Catholi 

No.ris Vi . ' ■• i.;, 




North Vernon Sun (weekly), C D Shank 

O. . > myer D ■. id, lawyer. 
Overmyer 1 ih'n, lawyer. 
Pickett' ros ph S, foundry. 
Plain Dealei (weekly), W G Norris prop. 
Prathei V\ liter S, books. 
Rapp Charles, furniture. 
Rech John E, barber. 
Reedei House. \V S Reeder pro;..-. 
Hieeder "William S, Proprietor 

Ver li 


Rig; ii i W, hotel. 
Rheil Fi ink Mrs, gene 
Robinson Jennie R Mr 
Rowland S ' . ■ ill 
Shank Charles D, propr North \\ 
: ner Peter, ;ar mnfr. 
Smith A J, 1 

Smith fohn Y, tailor. 

Thomas J Mrs, hotel. 
Steams Marcellus, grocer. 
Stein Sebastian, shoemaker. 
Stott John Rev (Baptist), 
Templin Samuel, baker. 
Trip]! Bros, stoves and tinware. 

Vaught He ey C, undertaker. 

Verbarg George F, meat market. 

Vcrbarg Win A, saloon. 

Wall Peter, barber. 

Ward Hannah A Mis, barber. 

v, . . : iiegfi ied, saloon. 

Vet/el Peter, blacksmith. 

■ " '•,'■ ' "• 
Wliitcoinb lid ward S, general store. 
White Win li, marble works. 

n ') nomas, ; eneral store. 
Wood Charles O, agl i M ,', 1 R R. 
Zurriu Join W, hi mess. 
Zuri in Rosa Mrs, dressmaker. 

ton Mills, . ca Webster, 

situated in Tippi cj town : ■ , ''. , , .-. n 
county, on Bo; dston lake, l 
east of Warsaw, the county seat. Pierce- 

W. C. 





Alexander Samuel, meat market. 
Be J, tel Philip, blacksmith. 
Iti, bop Levi & Bro, flour mill. 

\ Grocer 
B ij dston B S, physician. 
Caipenier li i j , carpenter and um 
Clem John, drugs. 
it'll iug S L & Co, general store. 
Kline llenrv, general store. 
Mark, Lb, blacksmith. 

j K, Wagonmaker. 
Ogle I f, physician. 
Leed R S Rev (Methodist). 
I B, barber. 

Riltci 1 W, physician, 
SecrLst Jolly/i, Carpenter. 
Stc ler Ja Cl b, shoemaker. 

XOTME DA M E. Lo« i 

miles north oi South Hciul, on th. Ji 
Southern railroad, in St. fo 
no village population, but is the lo< 
the best'! nov n educali, i il i 
the w< .i, namely, tli I i \\ 
Dame, foi males, th 

emy, I •- females. Y. ' i] 
known, o win j; to theii 1 1 

be, omes nee ■ u y I i 

! __ | I" - ; Thck-;aii:i: V ■■rt-io !•.:.! Ursraii llonid « 

HtiUl I luilllli '■■ . , ; 

r,&C,, EW j^l 


Utnapolis, Intl, 





sketch. '/"/,• University pf Notre Dame was 
founded in 1842, by the congregation of the 
Holy Cross, under the direction of the Very 
Rev. E. Sorin, and was chartered by the 

: ■ of the state of Indiana 
with full power to confei all usual 1 
and is now conducted by its Pi ii nt, 
Very Rev. Williai I rby, C. S. C. On 
Vprll I,l8; " ■ ■ - 

stt ycd 1 v fire. The style of ill 
building (which was erected in the same 
[hat it was 1 n Gothic, 

and pn ills a front \ feel and a 

depth of 155, with a proje on 

eacl side directly connected with the main 
building, makes a total frontage 1 
The hcighth of main building from the 
ground I'll' ' ! ' " ".1 r-l.ove the 

dome is 170 feet. Its facilities foi edu- 
cation are briefly stated, being calcula- 
ted to form both the ' ■ ■ : rid i 
of its students. The St. Marys Academy, 
under din clion of I lie Si ' < '• the Holy 
Cross, is the best disciplined and 1 

b institution of its class in the 
United States. The building, of brick with 
stone dressing, is spacious and comma lious, 
and one of the best con tru 1 luca- 

tiona! purposes in the country. 
on the St. Joseph 1 : ' 1 
eighty acre i of land 1 in 

ure grounds, make i 

end inviting. Th | • ol the insti- 

tution is i In v. n by : - p 
of pupils includes fern; 
ery state in the Union. 
Notre Dime and St. Ma 
venience to parent i havi 
institutions, as a visit to 
at the same time. The 1 has a 

Western Union T. 1. ;rt : I . Ameri an 
Express office in tl • I ini . Mail is re- 
ceived daily. E. Sorin, postmaster. 
Corby Wilt Very Rev, President 

Notre' Dame University. 
Granger A Very Rev (Catholic). 

: Very Rev (Catholic). 
St Mary's AcacteiUV, Conducted by 

tlu Sistei of the llolj Cn s. (S ■ , >v.) 
University of Kotrc Dame, 

Very Rev Wm Corby President. [See 

NOTTINGHAM. In townshp of 

.same name, county of Wells, col 
persons, Christian church and district 
school. It is located 11 miles south of 
Elufflon court hou . h ICeystone, 

' ■■ , ■ ; 
from nearly" ev- 
hc proximity of 
i is a great con- 
children at both 
thcanbe made 

on the Ft. W. M. & C. R. R. Mail daily. 

MalachiTin ley, postmaster. 

Coffell George \V, blacksmith. 

Cory Ephraim, wagonmaker. 

Cory N D, saw mill. 

Her George, shoemaker. 

[ones David i', physician, 

corge W, blacksmith. 


: . '.d Store. 
Waldron Richard A, physician. 

NUL Or Null Town, 

as it is .-.■:.. :'i.,. ■. 1 ;i:_d, is in Columbia 
; 1 ,m 1, Fayette county, 4 1 ,' miles south 
of Connersville, on the W. \V. R. R. It 
:i<t church, and ex- 
ports live stock and grain. Mail daily. S. 

Curtis II C & Co, general store, and car. 

Ennis John A, blacksmith. 
F'aikcrt Jacob, shoemaker and grocer. 
istei and K R agent. 
I -mith. 
. aid, distiller. 
Turner John, physician. 

Fayette county. 


{See Null's Mills.) 

NYESVILLE. Is a coal mining 
village of 200 inhabitants, located in Wash- 
: ; ivnship, Parke county, 4 miles 
northeast of Rockville, the county i 
I north of Sand creek on Log. Div. T. II. 
& I. Ry. Mail daily. Martin Nowling, 

Bosley David, coal miner. 
Grimley L N, coal miner. 

; !, General Store. 
Hudson George, coal miner. 

OA iZ. More generally known as Rose- 
dale, is a postofhee and station on the P. C. 
& St. L. Ry, in Pulaski county, 10 miles 

southeast of Winamac, the cou 

Has Method! ; and 1 .; ti I so ieties and 

district school. Express, American. Mail 

daily. D. : ■ th, postmaster. 

Buck F G, physician. 

Tones H P, physician. 

Miller A H, justice of the peace. 

Osborn Wm, fl< ur and saw mill. 

Smith M Rev , Baptist). 

OAKALLA. Name of postoffice at 

Fern Station, on the I. ..v. St. L. R. R. is lo- 

-'■■■ ■ •: Am *: 


iKT & CO. 

47 and 49 S. Meridian Streot, !:id!in;.po!ts. 

Cobb & Branham, 

INDIANAPOLIS, sell Bloss- 
burg Coal for- Blacksmithing % 


AND KUoL.NK-'.-. J11 i; liOTOKY. 


catedin Madison township, Putnam county, 
4'< miles west of Gri - in as le, the county 
seat, population 35, churches Methodist 
and Christian. Exports lime and stone. 

I . ily. Wm., postmaster. 
Elliott Dr, phj '■■ i a. 
Eppinghausen & Johnson, lime kiln. 
Hurst Allen, stave mnfr. 

lex, live stock. 

. '■ miner. 
Mercer Lewi;, ^uu.: 1 -;•>. ■, 
Moss & Hillis, lime kiln. 
Shean Andrew, carpenter. 
Thomas Win, justice of the peace. 
Ti >rr Janv Son, lime kiln. 
Torr Wm L, live stock. 
Vickers A B, blacksmith. 
Zanes Thomas, physii ian. 

OAKDALE. Centre township, Jen- 
nii . I ims 40 ii,li;..l)itani . '. 1 . 
located on the O. & M. Ry, ., mill s 1 orth- 
cast of Vernon, the county seal. T ■■■ ' r, 
1 and stor - are shipp d. Mail daily. 
Jesse H. McElroy, postmaster. 
Hicks o ilnlnv-i, stone quarry. 
King Charles, stave manfr. 

... Mill. 
Miles Thomas R, blacl sm 
Riley D B, staves and heading. 
Runyan Wm, carpenter. 
Swift Wm, carpenter. 

OAKDAM. A small hamlet in Scott 
township, Vanderburgh county, 13 miles 
northeast of Evansviile court house. Ingle- 
held, 4 miles southwest, on the E. & T. II. 
R. K., is the nearest rail approach. Popu- 
lation 40. • Mail semi-weekly. Charles J. 
;h, postmaster. 

up Frederick, blacksmith. 
Elliott James, carpenter. 
McCutcheon George, justice of the peace. 
m A, carpenter. 
1 Cli irles J, wagonmaker. 
Wheeler Henry Rev (Methodist). 

OAK FARM. A discontinued post- 
office in Jackson town -hip, I'rown county, 
6 miles northwest of X.ohville court house, 
and 12 miles northeast of Bloomingtou, on 
the L. N. A. & C. Ry. 

OAKFORD. Known once as Fair- 
field, is a place of 300 inhabitants, 
on the I. P. & C. Ry. in '!'. ylor 
Howard county, 5 miles Rokomo, 

the county seal. It has a Christi 
id 1 tct school. Live stock ; 

are exported. U. S, express. Mail daily. 
1.. L. Bennett, postmaster. 

0, I,, Justice, Railroad and 
Exprc is Agent. 
Bennett & Martin, general store. 
Campbell Andrew, blacksmith. 
Crowdy W A, blacksmith, 
Eades Wm, shoemaker. 
Flasket* Joseph, Hour mill. 
Lowry George, inert market. 
McCoy S M & Co, general store. 
Purcell M A, saloon. 
Rice E C, physician. 
Weaver Henry, va-onmal'.er. 
Yager Franklin, hot 1. 

FOREST. A small place in 

Fi ..'. in ( 01 nl 1 , v. il h ipulation of 50 

, is 1 ted 6 miles southwest of 

Brookville, the count) seat and railroad 
statii i Pipe creek furnishes water power 
to op 1 te i 1 and 1 w mill. The vil- 

ree churches— Mi ' .dist, United 
and Catholic. Semi-v. ■ ! il 

stage to Brookville — fare 50c. Frederick 
: ' .. . ter. 

Abbott 1 ti ic s, physician. 
Altheer F, groceries and liquors. 

1 Wm, blacksmith. 
Houun Tobias sr, shoemaker. 
Honesfagel Adam, carpenter. 
Homing John & Son, carpenters. 
Jones jeiemiah, flour mill. 
Jones & White, saw mill. 
JLee Alexander W> Lawyer and 

Claim Agent. 
Line J, cooper and justice. 
Netendail Adam, carpenter. 
Pflum Joseph, grocer. 
Stai ke in .i!'.. . . hoemaker. 

.;... ., General Store. 
White Robert T, cooper. 
Williams George, blacksmith. 

OAKLAND. Marion county. (S;i 

OAKLAND. Called also Centre- 
ville, is a piacc of too inhabitant 
in Grass town, hip, Spencer county, 9 miles 
north of Rockport, the county seat, and 3 
..00. iresl of Spring Station, on the C. R. 
& S. W. Ry. Churches, Catholic, Lutheran 
and Methodist. Schools, German and 
li. Mail daily. M. P. Bcasley, post- 

■X M 5», General Stole 1 
Eaton J M, physician. 

A 1 aRat< i • ■ ague's, 

. :...! . adison St,, Chic . Ill 

• II driven profitably bj n Thro ring 1 -me, 

8 m»mjfiicturi-d by CHANDLER ft TAYLOR, of 
. [udiauupolis, Ind. S ■■ y, ■ ::. 





■ S V . ph ii : i ■ 
Polk FA, hoemaker. 

Wagoner Bros, liquors. 


V. ohll ii ■• ; More. 

OAKLAND I I at east- 

ern terminus 1 .. X. A. & St. L. ' Colum- 
bia tow: ....',. iv, 1 dill 
east of Prin 

tied i n j ; ' n and fa- 

cob \V. 1 ; .-. i-j ; ' -.\ c, and now numl . 
inhabitants. J lie % itla^e lias 3 chi 
Baptist, Methodi 1 
an excellent grade 1 school, I hoti 
mill ant! v >■ ■. i.l '•■■■, 

3 in, coal, 1 
stocl an shipped. Mail dail; . Jacob J. 
' ' by , 

r, ■ f, mill. 
Barrett Edwai I H, gi iccr. 

ry Mrs, mil er. 
Berkshire James B, propr Oakland City 

B-.-ov.-n Thomas M, physician. 
Broyton John W, bakery. 
Bullivant . ' smith. 

Chnppell lame. E, justice of the peace. 
Cockrum James M, general si >re. 
Colvin Joseph, general store. 
Corwin John, undertaker. 
J, Postinastf 


Hard are 
Crow & A', illi n . 1 ■■- mill. 
Di ugl ■ ty L, 1 ker. 

Duncan Ri nei al store. 

Emmerso I ; - '■ '■" . : :•-.. 
)-'..i mer b hn, meal market. 
Fowler W F, leaf tobacco. 
Fowler & Maxam, grain. 
Gooden E !', physician. 
Grismer, Cockrum & Co, spoke and hub 

Grismer & Brinkman, stave mnfrs. 
Harrington Jeremiah, saddler. 
Hillyard 1 M Rev (Methodist). 
Howe irtin V, physician. 
Kurt James U, Proprietor Hint's 

}lo el, the Best Hotel in the City. 
Hun's Hotel, J J Hurt propr, 
Jackson George W, blacksmith. 
J; pii • Osi .'i J ', general store. 
Jarrett Lawrence W, General 

Store and Hardware, n e cor Main and 

Harri igton St. 
Justii George, lioemaker. 
Kemble George W, livery. 
Lt-k-ter \V !,, physician. 

McGowan W J, physician. 

Mai tin fa pi r, ph itographei . 

Mo in Clinton, 5ad lies and harness. 

Milk 1 B, flour mill. 

Oakland City Enterprise, N N Spil 

Oakland City Times (weekly), J J! Berk; 

Reid Bi os, grocers, 
Slack Charles \V, wag mmaker. 
Spilman N N, propr Oakland Enterpri 
Spillman Henry, barber. 
in i ' 

• ' ■ ■ gi 
\ ie li ::■ IVoprieloi . (AV ■ ..■. '; .) 
; . '. 1.1 ii. 1 hysician. 

. ."■ , Prop! 

; I 
Vickers iienrv C, general store. 
Wahn iedl -r |o :p"h, roc r, 
While Wn !, n er. 
Wih ■ i - ,vi< fi< v (Congregationalist). 

R. R., in 

tion of 2 
Meth li 


Caccy ai 

drew F, 

ast of. 
— and 
5 Ex- 
, post- 

Moorc ! il n, w, onmaker. 
Morse Charles A, blacksmith. 
Moulden fasper, saw mill. 
Pickl ■ Daniel, shoemaker. 
FluMiaiSLCi: N C, General Store. 
Rolettei Ludwig, cooper. 
Roh-lter Oswalt; barber. 
Stanley G W, R R and Ex agt. 

Win, barbe 

OAKLET. On line between Lin- 
coin and Middle township, in Hendricks 
county, S miles northeast of Danville, the 
county seat, is a station on the 1. 1). S S, 
Ry. Xn mail. 

OAK RIDGE. A small pli I • 

pi , located in Ko ciusko county, ii 

Solicitor of American and V'orci'jn I'atcut;:, 
and Notary Public. Office, Room IS, Hubbard Block, 
^ ( Indianapolis, In '.. 

to Go. 





p - ' ,.■;■■■ • ! ' ■ .■ . . !'..•■ i niinty seat 
and most ;- ■- .^1 .' ' il- >hii.;.ing point, i tain 
two churches— Met todist and 
district school, Semi-weckh si; connec- 
tion with Warsaw —fare 3 
D.-.m — fare 25c. Mail received mi-week- 
ly. ! . J ton, ] 
Ilubber H ivy, rao.t] 

jolinr, GciK-i il Store. 

;., anwai lug KLiotl. bote!. 
Wiley Thomas M Rev, clergyman, 

OAKTi ■ •'.".. Poj til tii . 250, is a 

1 1 . .,■'■■': ■ • county, 

on E. & T. IX. R. R., 15 milt n< rth ol 

Vincenm e ha 

two churches—Christian 

Grain and li icipal ex- 

ports, I ■ ■ 

H. Bond po 

' ' fohn , a penter. 

1 11 A , . market. 

Blann & Potter, cultivator mnfrs. 
. . 

George it, Grocer and Con- 

Bond Watts, genera] store. 

Charley S B, wagonmaker. 

Craft Alex, cooper. 

Crone Jackson, barber. 

Fairfurst Noah, meat market. 

Fisher Samuel E, chair mnfr. 

Goch , I ' 1 

Gri bj ,1 . sician. 

1 e John 1 S in, grocers. 

Haughton Charles L, general store. 

Haughton A J, physician. 
.'.,■■ C o , d r uggi 

Joice Wm, h nessmal er. 

Jones A A, : . R nd Es igt, 

BlcGowea William, Di Gro- 

cene-s, .::. i i. '■; , r : ,1 G'".e!> iionse. 

John J, saloon, 
Met titt T ..", ph) sician. 
Merrvfie'ld Wm, , . 
I ■ Th .1 II ian. 

Polk I & Son, stocl 1 
Polk& Walker, hardware. 
Pugh fohn W, physician. 
; iiti r Fran! R, b'la ' mith. 
Shepard J M, justio - if 1 h : peat e. 
Spri at t H iS: Son . 

. Hardware, 
•r E E, 1 h, ician. 
\\\ , ■ :< hj 

George D it-, t. ■■ "1 ._ ' ■ 1 ' 
Volfe J :', hotel. 


' VIL Which was form 

H nhabitanl 

on tiie Ft. W. M. & CI 
M iiroe to 1 hi] , I ' I 
south of Muncie, the 1 oui ty 
are gr a in , 

Mail daily. 
G n ■ '1 Thomas, sho 
:• L J, genet 

Johnson T H, si 
J! ei it Jacob, carpentt 
Ri plogle S & j, saw 

OA K WOO D. A postoffice in 

i Porte county, 5 miles from l.a Porte, tlic 
fi ti ' it, and is ! 1 a . (1 ?" station on the 

I. P. & C. Ry. Mai! daily. L. S. Fitch, 
postm -1 1'. 

OATSV1LLE. Country postoffice 
in Pike county, distant 10 miles from Pe- 
tersburg, the county seat, and 12 miles 

ic -ton, the most available h , 
i int. There is United Brethren church 



■**! ! i . : 1 ',. s,*^- 

The Largest and Best Livcrj Stable in ilie County. 

Double and single rigs furnished f.n commercial travel, in fact everything in the livery 

line for all classes of 

tl] when anythi 

O-^i-r-jLj-^iN-x) c: 

and gone! tes 
my line is needed. 

"ST, I3ST3D. 

VII kinds <:f interior ami exterior* 

■ : ; .- 
V.'. ATKINSON, 3I3-32I ! 

Active Agents will heisr <>£ sow;etIU jfr to 

KELLOGG, ±.ai>'l, CJJtJcaffo, III. 




and district school in the vicinity. Mail 
. . kly. J. II. Creceli , p i tmaster. 

ISS J 12, Black milh. 
1 . '-s'akr. 

; ^ J, physician. 

SF, physician. 

OCEOLA. oTT. S. & M. S. Ry, 
situated in St. Joseph county, is a place of 
loo inhabitants, distant g miles east i 
South Bend, ths c< 

h: i s Met h dist church and graded school. 
I . ;-. to drive a 

mill. I ,Uni ed Slates. 

Mail daily. E. Washburn, postmaster. 
Baker A I . 

Bancrofl ,' i till. 

Belpre Charle ., sh n 
Bullhand C H, pi 3 ; 

. iter. 


□ I lea! 

, 1 : . 1 I SI , .Insurance 
/ jenl and Justice. 

in dealer. 
niE, Posi 

OCTAGOX. A rural postoffice in 
■ county 9 ;. 
Lafayette, the county seal and raihoad sta- 
tion. Joseph Walsh, pos 
1 qui ; ] '. 1 hysician. 

Jl , Grocer. 

With a population of 50, 
is located in Jackson township, Tippecanoe 
county, 14 miles southwest of Lafayette, 
nl - seat, and 5 south of West Point 
Station, on the W. St. L. & P. Ky. Mail 
tri-v ekl . A ■■■•' - 1 1, postni ter. 
Gronnan James, blacksmith. 
■ 1 A J, blacksmith. 

SlUStard A, General Store. 
Verhey C, general store. 

OODEN. Having a population of 
<;oo, is located in Henry county, on the P. 
C. & St. L. Ry, 12 miles south of Green- 
castle, the county sef.t. Buck creek fur- 
nishes water power for Hour mill. The vil- 
la] lias 3 churches — Chri tian, M isl 
and- Friends — and <!i . trie "..;■."/!;. Ameri- 
can Express. Mail daily. E, F. Hodson, 
p'ostma; ter. 
/ Hi i L, * arpenter. 

[ II Rev Frii nds). 
Bently Wm, - agom taker. 
I J W, physi 

Byrkett II, hotel. 
Coo r J W, 1 trri: ; T e painter. 
.1 1 1',, on Thomas, blai ksmith. 
Flora E E, general store. 
Gilbreth T, shoemaker. 
Hall J N, justice of the peace. 
Haugh T S, tinw; rt . 
Hodson Eug ter. 

'', Drugs, Groceries and 

Hodson F II C ' ini r ai :, 
1 I 1 f E, grain and nrodtice. 
Harner A C, R R : 
Jackson Ji hn, fl . ' ■'■ I. 

- S 1 !, pin sii ian. 
Parker N D, 

k E, carpenter. 
Price A M, saw mill. 
Swaim'C A, carp 1 


i. in; , \V, 1 1. .her. 
W inslow F VV, si oem deer, 

OIL CKEEK. Perry county. (See 
Branch . :.) 

OL7>i -' : UBG Is Gei a: nscho- 
lastic village of 743 
: ' ■ 
14 miles southwest of Bi 
ly seat, and 4 n rth '" 1 it ill on tl e 
C. I. St. L. .x. C. I':./ 11 
proach, with whi it ha 
munication— fare joe. Its ed tl fa- 

cilities consist of tv, : 

of the Immaculate ; ncepti for 1 
conducted by the Sisl s of Si . Fi . nd 

the Franciscan Fa' - ■ C -'.'■ . • ' i- 

cati a of males for the priestl .' ■ 

lei, ilictatnr. The villa' e is ino .r ■ .: 
Catholic church, one hotel, v .. )h ,1 

mill, flour mill, saw mill, grain cradle fac- 
tory and a tannery. Mail daily. John 
Sellmeyer, postmaster. 
Bachtis Joseph 1 , blacksmith. 
Bunnemeyer C, tailor. 

luailtl Phillip. Furniture. 
Drees |o .-n, wagonmakcr. 
I. mkin Benjamin, waironmaker. 

i issc Tomny, sal. :.. 

FSocUler U H & Co, Woolen Mill 

and Merchant Tailors. 
Franciscan Fathers, College Father Peter 

> ' , '...'*' . and tinware. 

Glow,:.. EOtto, 
11. rhir.anr A A, . n- 1.1I store. 


' V^'t.'L'S, kSD. 


No. 30", ■ MrdSt,, 

EvanaviUe, Ind. 


and iu.slmi:^ i>ir:i-:.t':TOi;Y. 



Haverkos August, shoemaker. 
Haverkos Henry, saloon. 

I , Saloon. 
I [oil I I ei trd B, general store. 
Holtel & Ortmann, saw mill. 
Hurmm i . saloon. 

■ :" the Immaculate Conception, in 

■ . r 

Kelleman John, barber. 

iph [1 jei ■ i . 

I ' ■ i - 
• amj ling Jo] ' ' .ker. 

Mollaun Anthony, general 
Mollaun Joi eph, li ...... 

Peter Fathi i Rev, director Fi 

Fathers College. 
Roi 1' B, brewer. 

■.•■';■ Mail, Flour Mill. 
Saurland fr'm, ; ■ 
Schepper F J Mrs, grocer and saloon. 
Schi :in i 1' \V, physician. 
Sellmeyer John H, general store. 
Sellmeyer John S, tanner. 
Wei hter Edw: ■■. i ain :ra lie mnfr, 
Wilzbacher August, cooper. 

OI/EAN, Having a population of 

200, is located in Brown township, Ripley 
county, 7 miles southeast of Versailles, the 
county seat, and it miles ..•■■.; . ■ >: . 
good, on . -I ■ O. & M. Rj , its shipping 
point. The village has a German Lutheran 
church and district schools. Mail daily. 
Bertha Pegee, postmaster. 
Barth Mori;/, n i gonmal er. 
Dre Geoi 

Die elliai Gei ;e, general store. 
KaL-ei 1'iedeiick. blacksmith and agricul- 
tural imph 
i. ;): (., |: bus, blacksmith. 

ICn | i H, I shoes. 

JJerlSia, Confections and No- 
Pegee Moritz, surveyor. 
Schroegman Frederick, shoemaker. 
Smith John, grocer. 
Thum Charles T, tinner. 
Wendt F Rev (Lull • 
Winkler L A, saddles and harness. 


OLIVE HILL. On P. C. &St. 1. 



Webster to 
ral postofli nd tion, 6 miles 

northwest of Richmond court house. Mail 
daily, foseph G, Steele, postmaster and 


OMEGA. This village of loo in- 
habitants is located in White River town- 
ship, Hamilton county, 12 miles northeast 
of Noblesville, the county seat, and 6 east 
of Arcadia, its shipping point, on the I. P. 
& C. Ry. ' Has < ' . district 

school and tri-weekly stage connect! 

fare 25c, and Aroma— fare i.Sc. 
'. ill ■ .1 Wm. Carroll, postmaster. 

Bartlow & -Villi, blacksmiths. 
Carlo: , General Stoic. 

Clark & Hebble, general store. 
Hill James, carpenter. 
Moore J B, physician and heading mnfr. 
Smock Finley, saw mill. 

ONTARIO, On daily mail stare 
route from Lima, i ■. . \ ,^u inhab- 

itants, located in Lagrange county, 

of 1 range, I he c mnty s at. 
Lima, on the G. R. & I. R. R. 
west, is the shipping point. Tli ■ | 
one flour mill, a woolen mill and plan- 
ing mill, which derive power from water 
".■ un Creek. Express, Uni- 
ted States. Mail daily. Timothy Field, 

Peach Alexander, Hour mill. 
Cone Win H, cooper. 
Cookingham George, cooper. 
1 layton Dr, physician. 
Doolittle Charles, planing mill. 

. . General Store. 
WmH, hotel. 
Helper A F, shoemaker. 
Hendricks Wm II, drugs and groceries. 
Holmes fames 11, blai ! smith. 
Keith J H & Sons, planing mill. 
Miller David, justice of the peace. 
Miller Wm, RR and Ex agt. 
Scott J G, woolen mill. 
Shindler John, wagonmaker. 

ONWA KT>. A rural postoffice in 
Cass county, located miles southwest of 
Logansport, the county seat, contains 
Christian chinch, district school and two 
flour mills, deriving power from Pipe creek. 
Mail tri-weekly. John Coslenlorder, post- 

Hums .V M, physician. 
Costenlortler Doltu, Flour Mill. 
Hanson John H, ivagonmaker. 
KilgoreT, flour mill. 

ONWA 1! O STA TION. CassCo. 

L TOSa„ 

d,-:.-u lion of Cast! 

Ridi illows, Brushes, etc., of extra quality, for Foundry 


lin Stn .-l. CHICAGO. 

: . ■ i ■■ 

, . S| ,,lly. Blscklicad'Crucibl 

I ■ 
i bj CHANDLER & T> OR, 
i Tod. ! ■ 


jmua ■: v stati: <; v/.ktj v.<- 


ORANGE. Or Fayctteville, as it 
was formerly known, if a village in Orange 
township, Fayette county, \i mil 
wesl oi i !onnei ville, the count 

.' i ■' ,':-. the shipping point, Contains 
-•co inhabitants, two churches I 

100I. Daily 
mail. Josi ' 

., General Store. 

Daniel I P, justi : : of the peace. 

i . . . ', 


Ilecb C. . . ■ i mnfrs. 


Moore CI 

O'Koif Ti n UliY, '- ■ ■•!•.', . 

Reed Charles A, blacksmith. 

Sipc R V , physici n 

Stone ;■ T, saw i '. 

Strieker James M, blacksmith. 

OR A K G It I "I L L i:. On Lost ri ver, 
Orange county, is o town with a population 
of ioo, located 9 miles northwest oi Paoli, 
the countj seat, and 8 mile iuthwi i\ of 
Orleans, on L. N. A. & C. 1'y. A flour 
mill is driven by water powei fern; '■. . ' ,• 
the river, Mail semi. weekly. Van R. 
Nobbitt, postm 

1 ancy Job 
Di \ is Si muel A, cat tie di il 
Gerkin Miller, blacksmith. 
Hicks Samuel Rev (Methodist). 
Hicl r mill. 

Nofoli ,1 moral Store. 

Rittcr ce Carter, pi y 
Ross L H, justice of the \ • 1 . 
' 1:1 lames, shoemaker. 

Wright i! V, Rev (Methodist). 

office and village in Lake county, 10 miles 
south o( Crown Point, the county seat, and 
nearest raihoad approach, connected by a 
ti i-weel :■. with Hehion— ft re 

?I — Lowell— fare 50c Mail tri-weekly. J. 
M. Kenncy, postmaster. 
Handley & Kenney, cheese mnfrs. 
KeiUtC)' 5 M, General Store. 
Volke W, blacksmith. 

OREGON. In township of same 

name, county of Clark, locally known as 
New Market, isavillage containing 75 per- 
sons, two churches — Presbyterian and 


of the peace. 

Christian— and district school, located i~: 
miles northeast of Jeffersonville, the county 
seat, and 3 miles east of Otisco, a station on 
the Lou." Div. O. & M. Ry. Fourteen 
Mile creek furnishes good watei power, but 
is not milked at 'tin's place. Mail tri- 
weekly. Joel Amick, postma; ter. 
:. General Store. 

P. ad win e To'ies, meat 
Can- F M. phy i, 

! • ill 1 ! 
Covert John, 1 hysician. 
Haymaker I N, li 
Moore John, blacksmith. 
Ray Gilbert, carpenter. 

!. Is a recently es 

postofiici in Madison county. 

ORGAN ■ SPR \NG. L, , 
Blue rh . 1 , in 1 1 >-a : 1 hip, T 

ton comity, is a rural 
south of - 

of shipment. Mail 51 mi-weekly. 
A no! I, 1 itmaster, 
Andrew J T, flour mill. 
Nagle George, justice of the peace. 

ORIOJST. Located on P. F. 



400 inhabitants i 

son, Mich., 
which are s 
furnishes r , 

Bennett Tames U, live stock. 
Bennett S L Miss, milliner. 
.:■>' V* r , Lawyer. 
Bi ■ I .eonard, livery. 
[il ;] Gardner, justice of the peace. 
Y.rov. n \\ m M, law yer. 
Biirnham 1 M. hotel. 

. Hotel. 
Cause J ohn A, crocir. 
Clark \Vm F, gn cer. 
Fox J •'■ Co, dri and books. 









Frisbii fi Heine, vm'.tih,: ' ■ 

Gray A X, & Co, General Store. 

Green Wm, cooper. 

Helme A M, shoemake r. 

Jones L J >, photographer and jeweler. 

Kimball M agricull I implts. 
Light J tith. 

dressi laker, 
ohn G, general store. 
Purdy N, justice of the pi i 
Rice George, saddler. 
Roberts D H, gener il -tore. 
Roberl [ohn A, flour mill. 
Sabin S C fu niture. 

:\ Postmaster. 
.'. . er. 
S. s Thomas B, ] I); ici: n. 
Stucl l reorge A, g rocer. 
Taylor, \' ikl r&C >, li irth are, 

' Fui liture. 
Wallac. i H, ph; ician. 
Wilkinson J J, physician. 

OJJ C1SAXS. A village of S50 inhab- 
itants ia township of sunt- 1 nine 1 omity of 
Orange, is 1 ated on ll .'■ . C. Ry, 

S miles du 1 th of Paoli, the 1 
Orleans is the shi; ping point for the entire 
county, thereby drawing a large trade for 
miles around. It is surrounded by forests 
of almost inexhaustible timber, which is 
extensively manufactured by five saw mills, 
three planing mi!- , ■■■■-' v '. factories, 
that, with grain, f tl ;.. 

The churches are . ■ in, 

Presbyterian and Baj t. is also an 

excellent graded school, two hotel am a 
weekly 'newspaper — 7/v ■':':,;:> ir.r (Repub- 
lican in politics). It has stage communi- 
cation with the in : rech Lick 
and Baden Springs. Express, Adams and 
L. N, A. & C. Mail daily. Jeptha S. 
Jeter. ]... tmaster. 
Alers Lj.:/.ie C Mrs, milliner. 
1 tin A, barber, 
r H, agt L N A & C Ry and Express 

Bowles John II, ill ii{ . 1 t. 
Carter Wm, blacksmith. 
Carter & Meeci, General Store. 
Chamberlain John B, lumbi r. 
Chenoweth & King, flour mill. 
Clark Jam; 5 1!. « t| mm 
Complon Grace G M . ssmaker, 
Compton Wm H, 
Conder Charles A, in 
Cornier :. Gilfojd, lumber. 
Cooper II J ' ;!■ t'hi ' .'.miner. 

Cox John J, furniture. 

Cremer John II, carpenter. 

Fenimore John, general store. 

Ficklin John W, blacksmith, 

Fidler Squire, gunsmith. 

Genochio John, baker. 

Giffol ' ral store. ,. 

Glover Stephen J, wagonmakcr. 

G . Albert, medicine mnfr. 

GraVf - " • i'loprictor 

Ph 1. ■ Hotel. 

1 1 anim, m David, druggist, 

Haugher Alexander, lumber. 

Hon Benton I, physician. 

Teter Jeptl -, I 

Keelh& Diehl, sin n 

Kemp J E, agi Adams Ex Co. 

Kemp Wm C R, stove and tinware. 

Laughlin E D & C E, physicians. 

,. \V, Boots and Shoes. 

1 ingle John J, insui tnce agent. 

Lingle Rich; rd \V, ph; ician. 

Mahan Thomas G, 1 iwyer. 

Mallory & Merryman, lively. 

Menaugh Volney B, painter. 

Merry; ,. . .' iiiry, Carriage 

and Wagonmakers. 

lies P, j 11 stice of the pei ( 

Montgomery Sallie Mrs, milliner. 

Moore Reynolds, lumber mnfr. 

Nugi nt & Albertson, marble works. 

Ochs & Bnsick, furniture. 

0\ erman li T, physician. 

»X Hotel, Wm II Graves, Pro- 

Pickens & Son, shingle mnfrs. 

Pitts & Lee, Straw cutters. 

Qi irten an Valentine, brickmaker. 

Reed Wm L, general store. 

Roby fohn I. blacksmith. 

Roby Tessie M Mis.,, milliner. 

SuHav.iS &.: Situ, Marble Works. 

Smit.fl & i ,vis, lui lb 1 mnfrs. 

Spear fohn Rev (Methodist). 

Spicely Wm T, lawyer. 

Steei . John 11, hotel and justice. 

Taylor Eleaser H, undertaker. 

Taylor re Crate, lumber. 

The Examiner (w ekly), H J Cooper pubr. 

Turlcy New .n, iv 11 1 .ur mill. 

Walker T B & .- in, g. nei 1 store. 

Webb Lizzie Miss, millin 1. 

Webb Thomas K, grocer. 

Woner Jacob C, shingle mnfr. 

Worrell James L, stoves and tinware. 

is a couul 1.1 
Montgomery count; 


r, ,,/ciX'ri 

id nt Alt Prices, at 

cnnsylvania St., Indiunai) 


s and Pans* 


olis, IimI. 





i ville court house. New ■' - ,3 
, ■ nth en the I. B. & W. Ry, 1 the 
shipping 1 ' ■ '■■ '1 - -ii , corn and 

i '■ ■ tock. Mail tri-weekly. 
Charle Rowe, po tmastei and justi x of 
the peace. 

OSGOOD. Is a thrifty \ 
inhabi Is, 1 Led « the O. . M. Ry, in 

. Ripley county, 5 miles 

\ 1 II l . ' . :?!, 311-,' V~ 

west of Cincinnati. This being 

and several other 
; towns gives il a larj 
throughoui the ci iinty. It contains two 
churches —3 
ed school, chaii . ■■ 
a week!; 1 

I ■ use is the best, 
been refilled rind ;. nvni 
|.:r ;..-..,. : ! i.M ■ ,.: M. Tel- 

1 Union. Mail daily. Sam- 
uel ?,[. Smith, postmaster. 
Alexander Wm M, and til ware. 

Barnard Joseph, ; • 
Baylor John \Y, saloon. 

BrentC Jo, Druggists, s w 

cor Euckeye and Ripley. 
Oscar F, hotel. 
Clark Caleb W, Proprietor Clark 


Cra> ens John O, lawyer. 

Dopp Killian, hotel. 

'I 'Mas W, livery. 

Freeman Edward D, physician. 
[■' hn 1, 1 rocer. 
Harding, geners 1 ' e. 

Goodjn L, agt & M Ry and E>: Co. 

Gooking Wm, stoves and tinware. 

Gould Erastus W, chair mnfr. 

Gray Wm, grocer. 

Griffin George R, propr Ripley County 
Journal. ' 

Hardin? S \ lams, hardware. 

Harlan Geo \V, furniture. 

Hartmann August, saloon. 

Hawes Henry, grocer, 

Holland Wm G, lawyer. 

Hoyle John B, pb; i i n. 

Kcnnes Jacob, shoemaker. 

King 1 lenry, foundry. 

Leedom E D, general store. 

Levi Isaac, meat market. 

McKee David 1>, grocer. 

Morrel Alfr< d E, justice of the p 

Perrj Richard li. eral I n 

Ripley Comity Journal (weekly), G R Grif- 
fin propr. 

Shoo'.: F & J II, general store. 

SaiUUel M, Postmaster and 
Trader George W, barber. 
\Y. gn< 1 Peter, saloon. 
Watts Richard T, grocer. 
Wilson W D & TE, flour mill. 

OSSJ. A W. Is a village of Coo popula- 
tion on Ft. W, M. & C. R. R., in J« 
township, \\ ells c 111 y, I 1 1 

three churches-- : ; • ■ ' '. ."I'-l 

and Christian— graded school, flour mill, 
saw mill, slave and herding manufactory. 
Staves, grain and lumber are the chief ex- 
ports. Mail received daily. Ameri an 

: " ' T. 

Alicia • gricullural Imple- 


Austin A W & Bro, shoemakers. 

Beaty & Doann, saw mill. 

Grouse J W, physician. 

Donaldson E R, genera! store. 

, Assistant 

Gelty Jacob, hotel and livery. 

Glass J W ee Co, live stock. 

Gorrell Tames & Son, handle mnfrs. 

Haase F S, furniture. 

Hatfield H ec San, general store. 

Hoover ] II, druggist. 

- • f, Carpenter. 

McCollum fam . i i ksmith. 

Me edith GBB ■ ' . ; list). 

Metts John I, phj i 

Miller 'W B, rtru ist. 

Mitchell John Rev (Presbyterian). 
• . I r , phy si in . 

Nimmons& Bro, slaves and h 

Seaton R L, grocer. 

©peiicer C "W, Meat Market. 

Stine D & Bro, blacksmiths. 

Struator W A Rev (Christian). 

Vail E A, cooper. 

Weaver N, saddles and harness. 

Wilson L F, flour mill. 

OSWEGO. Is a village of 150 in- 
habitants, located in Kosciusko county, 8 
miles northeast of Warsaw, the county, 
and 3 miles cast of Leesburgh, on C. W. >V 
M. Ry, either of which are shipping points 
for the place. Tippecanoe river furnishes 
power tor Hour mill. The churches are 
known as Baptist and Methodist. Mail 
semi-weekly. John Hower, postmaster. 
Archer O C, wagonmaker. 
Howerjohn, General Store. 


per and rpliclstcry, 
Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

obb ranham 


.•; i» all kinds 

Anthracite Co. it. Ask for 



• .: :; . ■ : - ; i, :; : , i : , :, ,' 


_Jc.lii.son James, blacksmith.. 
'Johnson T, justice. 

1 lichael E, ph) sici in. 

g b A II, lownship trustee. 

Schoortover V\'m R, physician. 

Shaw L, shoemaker. 

Starry Michael, miller. 

Wilson FH, flour mill. 

OTIS. This village, with a population 
of 2=0, is situated in Lai 
crossing of L. S. & M. S. and L, N. A. & 
C. Rys. LaPorte, the seal i r ji ti e, . 
locate.! io miles east, The place has Cath- 
olic and 1 .utheran cli uri he ;. and • i d 
schools. Wh< i t ■' nd ho] are e> 

daily. Win. 
Kcgkin, I- !.„.. -i .-. 

: market. 
Betz Frank, blacksmith, 
Brown f. ph, ,,; <-. 

Cattron' VV I ', | 
Dobeski ]•"! ■'• , .■■".. 

Hannaman E Rev (Lutheran). 

. p nter. 

Jurgenson Peter, shoemaker. 
I . lolic). 

Metz V. m, furniture. 
Nelson Mrs, el 
B ind II G Ft, R K agt. 

I tmaster. 
:■'. lathias, dry j 

. saloon. 

I flour mill, 
Ulrich D, ca j 
Warren C R, drugs and di ■ 

OTTSCO. This villa ;e with 
habitants, is located in Ci 
ship, Clark county, on Jeff. Branch of the 
O. & M. Ry, 20 miles north of ) 
v i 1 1 e com t house. Mo - 1 
Methodist and Gei man Refori 
and is the mail distributing office for Beth- 
lehem, Oregon, New Washington, Solon 
and Otto. Express, O. & M, Mail daily. 
Edward Covert, postmaster. 
Bolly Com ad, shoemaker. 
Conner Sisnev, gcp-rai -.'..-re. 

Covert Edward, R U and Express 

Coulinf Samuel, undertaker. 

Eddy Richard B, physician. 

Evans S W, general store. 

Kirk J 

Nevil I VI 

St Clair \ n I . i. 

OTTJSIlIilCiy. This village is sit- 
uated in Benton county, on the C. I. St. L. 
& C. and L. E. & W. R. Rs., 20 miles 
southeast of Fowler the county seat, with 
population of 1; 5. Has M< thodi 
am! graded school. Good opening for flour 
mill and furniture store. Daily I 

ction with Poolsville — fare 50c. ; 
United States. Mail daily. Herberl C. 
Woodhams. p.. !n . . 

kei S E, hardware. 
Beeker Win, stock dealer. 
Bennett J C, saddlt : nd li irn< ;s. 
Uri I 1 ridge and Warrick, commission. 
I :hi noweth K W, painter. 
Clancy P M, s doo 1 
Cox ]v^\ C, justics ol the | ici . 

.... lioi mal 1 1 . 
Fisher ] 1 nter. 

Gray fame . A, pi ] 
1 la wkins 1 '.".', St. k di ill r, 
Litz F, meat marl - '. 
Long M, agt U S Ex. 
McManis f B Re\ [ethi '. it). 
Moore Geor ■■• ' I livery. 

Moore H N, .... - 
Moore Samuel C, gi neral - tore. 

eral store. 
Robinetie S T. ,i] lin, b] . ksmiths. 
Sa-, age ] A, d ,iggi si . 

■ 1 liarh , h agonmaker. 
'■ I on j son John K, physician. 
Timmons Ira, gen. ral store. 

UlSKC, insurance. 

OTVO. Is a hamlet of 25 i 
in Clark couuty, on county road 
leheni to New Washington, 30 m 
easl of Jefiersonville court house, 
district school, Methodist and 
churches. Mail tri-weekly. W 
Boyer, postmaster. 

■ muel, shoemaker. 

illlam H, Genci 
C lev Samuel C, justice of the 

Ge irge, saw mill. 
Rook Sanford, blacksmith. 
Stansbury Samuel A, 1 liller. 
Tucker Henry, Lawyer. 

OTWELL. Jefferson towr 

distant'u miles so of Pet. 

count; . 1 


al StO 


United Bret 

lid in Order* ic 

:iii( W. iTtjitlHo.; St»c« t, Ctote 


i profitably by n Thn 
factur.d by CHAN'DILT, 6 TOYLOR. 
dianapolis, IncJ. ifco pago 3. 





weekly stage communication with Peters- 

i I.- .per, fare 75c. Mail 
daily. L. L. Taylor, postmaster. 
Arnold L W, blacl 
! laniel J 1 ' ', ■■ ist ai physician. 

i ii ■. .■ . tie! ■ i ire. 

: idist). 
■•: i -, , ph; sici; n. 

Lafolletl i P 
I.emmou \V \V, e. ' , . ician. 

I urniture. 

OUFA. Establbhed a a po 1 ii 

iunty, S's 
mile ■ from .-'■ ngola. the 1 
from Pic; 

&J. R. R. Ii has a Methodist church and 
trio . . O. A. 

Matthews, postmaster. 
Carpenter 11 1 Rev (Methodist). 
Ingalls W R, lawyer. 
1 ■'"'')', justice of tin 1 

Q A, Geneva! Store. 

\ ■', 3 foi ie 1. 

[ 1! : : -" . Co- 

lumbus, ;.'■'•. 


Mad - . 1 co un ty , 

; . • mil 5 

south of Andei 


most accessible shippim' plr 

ce. It has stage 

commmiication with Andi 

and KnivhKtuwi) .. 1 

00, Population 

40. Mail daily. L.S.Pat 

. | 

Fesler & Bro, general store. 
Forney John,, saw mill. 

' P, jus tice of the peace. 

, ' ' irpenters. 
: S W^.d, blacksmiths. 

OWEN. Also known as Herculan urn, 
is a village on the Ohio river, in C 
county, with a population of 50 persons, 

I of Jefl '. ; ; 1 . 

the county seat, and S miles east of Charles- 
town, the nearest railroad station. Adams 
Express. Daily mail. \V. E. Bqttorff, 

BottorfT "W K, General Store. 
Calvin Hugh, blacksmith. 
K i -" .mil h J', hocmaker, 
McCormick J C, justice of the peace. 
'■ 1 . ; John, physician. 
Taggarl Win, grain and cattle. 

OWBNSBU11G ■'.. 1 • 1 

the B. S. O. & B. Rv, in Jackson I 

Greene county, 15 ml :ast of Bloom- 

field court house. The village lias 500 in- 
habitants, two hotels, spoke and hub fac- 
tory, flour mill, three chnn ' 
P.apri-i stv.l Cliristian — and ■■: : 
1 oal, Iiv< sto I and timber are the chief 
exports. Express, Adams. Daily mail. 
i Ii Whitted, a ;si ;l mt po ,tmaster. 
Bi aty fohn, live -lock. 
Blackburn Dr, physician. 
Blaluel ' mith. 

Blalock 1 C, carp :i tcr. 

: , Flom Mill. 
B ■.. 1 \ 1 ician. 
BridwellLal - . ician. 

i-'.i own & Son, j 
Burcham Belle Mrs, hotel. 
D ibbins'Wi ;, 1 in 
Dowden & Mitch el 
Fields H V, R K and Ex; . 
Geoi; B F, j ■ ■ ■;' 1 : , ■ 1 

Hatfi :1 : \ 

Hen no ; 

Ilea & Son, dry 1 00 I , 

Holt Dawes, wagonmaker. 

I, Livery. 
1 niture. 
Mi Ivinzie & C >, milliners. 

' 1 ' 
Ryois, liallinbacher & Co, spoke and hub 

Strosiiide-r t: Son, shoetn kers. 

> I .. h 

Winder Wm, live stock. 
Winder & Graham, genera! store. 

OirnXSriLLlC. A village with 
850 inhabitants, is situated in Montgom- 
ery town hip, to'' on county, at term- 
inus 1 >w 1 o nch E. & T. II. 

!'..''.;■ dl '. tof Princeton court 

house,; nd 25 northwest 1 : Evansville. The 
village contains a good graded school, 
erected at a cost o. ( . • :. ch trches — 
! re bvteri n, Methodisl andB.iptist — grain 
elevator, hotel, two flouring mills, a weekly 
Ech < (Independent), 
isons and Odd Fel- 
in< ipal crop raised 

newspaper— 0: nrjill. 1 
— and two societies, M 1 
lows. Wheat is the pi 
in the surrounding cour 
live stock forms the chit 
Adams. Daily mail. 

1 '0, Frank V 
Bird ] ohn I', lawys r. 
Bird & Smi I 




Soliwiwr r.f i hi , . : ■ 

enccn given if duvii Culi 


Wholes : lis. Iiid. 




Oar!; -[.in.. , Ti, 1 ■ ,. • ker. ■ 

).. i Wm T Rev (Methodist); 

Garrett Jesse II, barber. 

Gentry Wya :, ' . 

Gill N F Rev (I've bylerian). 

Gorman Gei W, 1 

Harrison Thomas Mrs, milliner. 

Hauss Frank W. R R and Ex agt. 

Hoffman I F, blacksmith. 

Hull h D, shoemaker. 

i Ewin D, editor Owcnsvillc Echo 
and bool s and st; 



i. i i , saloon. 

Kimball Wm B, stoves and tinware. 
Kirkpatrick Madis in, meal marl 
Kill pal u k Wm 1 1, ~m ; 

Lawre .filer. 

LocUhart Thomas, blacksmith. 

; Richaict P, clru! 
McReynolds J iln , 
McRe> i • '• , i mer. 

Malon'e D R, physician. 
Massey Wm T, s ■ 

■ i al I •■- Keneipp, flour mill. 

Mauck John, hotel. 
Messick John W, jeweler. 

, C, Assistant Pi 
and Sewing Machii 
Montgomery David B Rev (Baptist). 
Montgomery fames, gr; in. 
Montgomery rhom ) . , 
Montgom :i y & Hu n, general store. 

Nau & Smith, 1 . .:. . 
Neely John M, physician. 

';,- V,] : , (v.'eel IV:, }i-; D Hulfisl) 

edil .. 
TKfjo'C BL,ewiSj Harness. 
1'ivk'Gco vY. barber. 

r '.:, i.ainler. 

Irs, dressmaker. 
Pruitt Broi . general si n e. 
A it Co, grain. 
SCOtt William & Kro, Genera! 

Scotf & H» lelson, flour mill. 
Simpson Samuel, saloon. 
Som n t Lockhart, agrl implts. 
Speck Wm A, general sf< re. 
Sprague A W, lawyer. 
Stri l.i ad Horace L, di ugg i t. 
Summers Henry, meat mai i . 
Suratt Ralph M, I lacksmith, 
Tichenor Willis H, blacksmith. 
Tremor John G, shoemaker. 
Weaver Fred i irl; , eon 
Wi Ibi .i I ■! S Co, : enei 
■V C, physician. 


ship, Daviess county, has 200 ii 
ant , md is 16 miles north of Washi 

i: :\r. 

Of Sll 

the county seat. 

Sandborn, 6 miles n I on I 

Has Methodist church and district scl 

Has semi-weekly stage connection 

Newbury — rare 50c ; and Wi 

K1.50. Mail daily. A. R. St: 


Cutler M B, lumber. 

Gadberry H O, jewel r. 

Irwin Roberl, ju lice of the peace. 

Rankin J laviil, grocer. 

Sears Barton, physician. 

Sears T, , 

Simpkin D, 

I , General Store and 
Stuffle Andrew, livery. 
Taylor D H, poultry. 
Yount I laniel, blacksmith. 


w i t h 


W. Ry., in Oak 

the L 

E. & 

: , the 

ford Academy, thi ' nk and 

a weekly newspaper, tl Tribune. Live 
slock and grain form the chief articles of 
export. Daily si - rou ■. 10 Pine Village 

: .:.• -fare s°c. Ex- 

press, United States. Mail daily. George 
W. posti 

Albaugh Jacob S, meat market. 
Barnes James W, physician and druggist. 
Barnes Opha A, milliner. 
Btlll J M & Biro, Proprietors Ohio 

I : 
Bliss George W, carpenter. 

Briar Ma 


Ed I, 

Ca.,cl II C Rev (Eva,.ge!: 
Chancellor & Thomas, I 
Commerci: 1 U ink, R S 

Du iggins cash. 
Cour.oll) I . . a! on 
CowgiU Alonzu lawyer. 

Dailey Charles, lawyer. 

i I inning A si i, groi er. 

and shoes 
I'iggius pn 


. ".. 313—321 So. < 

,:■'.. lot hi 


Is fl 



j;\-i;).\ n \ siw'j •:...■: kttbeb 


Foltz Cyrus, meat 

Ives Clinton S, livery. 

Johnson August, tailor. 

j I my, R R and Ex agt. 

Kelley Wm H, gi - < >cer. 

Lank Mitchell, c«! and It'. . 

Lewis T ;■■• Son, grain. 

Lewis '■ 

I I i Li 1. , g 

, i i - 

I . 
McNeil Wm T, pubr ne. 

:? 3 "-. , Saloon and 
Bill ■ 
Messn( i >' ith, en 
Miller 1 b, ti< e ol the- peace. 

: i other Pro- 

Oxford Tribune (weekly), W T McNeil 
Parkeri ivagonmal 

i ■■ ! . .r. peace, 

Payne P.lch ibge J, hotel. 
Ripple John J, hardware. 
Roberts Samuel K, physician. 
R J '■'],.' irniture. 
\ m, •': ntist. 

;'..', druggist. 
Shelb) Wm, barber. 
Shenkenberger Henry C, shoemaker. 
Sleeper Wm M, nursery. 
Smith Hiram, carpentf i . 
Sunder! li aker. 

Wilmoth Joel C, hai 
Wood Re." it, h n.essm.Aer. 
Yarbrot: is B, . 

Yarbrough Sarah E, milliner. 
Youn j garet J, mil 

Zeis'.' ] Baker, Confectioner 

and Gr 

PALESTINE. Franklin county. 
(See !1, ..) 

PALESTINE. Hancock county. 
(Set S ... Creek.) 

PA LES Tl NE. Having a population 
of 300, is located in Kosciusko county, 7 
miles southwest of Warsaw, the county seat 
and place of shipment. Trimbh creek fur- 
nishes power to drive one flour mill. The 
village has two churches^-Methodist and 
Christian. Mail semi-weekly, K. M. Pear- 
man, postmaster. 
Henderson Wm, flour mill. 
Horn A, drugs. 
Huffman G L, saw mill. 

VdlTTZM- . "': -siciau. 

Up E W, al i tore. 

Warrick Geo, shoemaker. 

PADOBA. A discontinue:: 

fice in Pro. , 1 , , ,, county, 

18 miles northwest of Leavenworth, the 
county seat : availab 

point. Mail is m .. reci ived al I 
postoffice, 4 miles n t. 

PALMYJRA. Has 250 inl 

north of Corydon 
court house. New All any, 18 mil 

t; si, i tl'e usual .hi] 
ceived daily by stage from New 
The place has three churchcr -United 
. . Christi 

.' . Tayl , j ' 
'. n 

1 . ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ , ,. 1 o l ; a 1 ■ . ... . ■ 

Burns S, phj 

te , boar mill. 
Cullens & Tayloi . coop 1 . 
Davis C P, 1 ill iciai 

k( j., , 

F, Hotel 
I! irdman John, justice of the peace. 
Jones Wm C, shot 

1 • 
McCollen Hays H, justice of the peace. 
Martin & Half, geuei tl store. 

;'rg, Flour Mill. 
Ran 1 1 J ' . 
Poising Adam, broom miifr. 

icr, black: miths. 
.. ger Davi 1, t arpenter. 
Simpson John, carp ler. 

, Wholesale and Re- 
tail Millinery. 

PAOLI. The comity seat of Orange 
county, is a village containing 700 inhabi- 
tants situated on the old New Albany and 
Vincennes Turnpike, S miles south of Or- 
leans, on the L. N. A. & C. Ivy., its ;1 
point, and no southwest of Indianapolis. 
The village has three churches — Methodist, 
Presbyterian and Papti-t — graded and the 
Southern Indiana".'.' rma! schools, one hotel 
and a weel ly 1 \ >er- -the A', as. It 

has d.tilv sta.'e couiao nientioji with Orleans 
and tri-weekly with New Albany. Mail is 
. .', twice a day from O. leans and tri- 
weekly boar New Albany. Andrew J. 
lihi ; . . po tmaster. 


..•.;,.. • ' ■ ■ . ents. 

W". f Sells Hoitses, Lots and Farms 

} . 1 Xo.30 

{ svtlle, Ind. 



va r 

Albert John C, hotel. 
Andrews] M, general store. 
Bagperlv Win, milliner. 
Bowles L S dru 
Buskirk Thomas B, lawyer. 
Co h, lawyer. 

Dayhuff Ellen Miss, milliner. 
Dickey Anthony V, bl Icsi 

Giben . nn al i r. 

Goodpaster A, cattle dealer. 
Harvey & Ril . fi 
Hollingsworth ] v, . , 
Hop] ■ \V F, boots and shoes. 

:h H, physician. 
King iS: K:- , r .■. - t h.-.cco. 

■, Flour Mill. 
Lindley Lai n, physi an, 
Lindley W i 

. Linglc Benjamin M, sr idler. 
McVey Alfred, i ker, 

Martin Win H, 1 \ 
Matthews ec Harvey, i . ■ :■ i ■ : ■ /. . 
Meginity T S, propr Paoli 
Osborn W ]•', cry ; i Is. 
Paoli News (weekly), J S Meginity propr. 
Parsons A S, barber. 
Pinnick G W, wagonmaker. 
Pro C & Son, grocers. 
Pro George, blacksmith. 

■ ■', Grocer. 

Riley B< njamin D, tinner. 
Scott & Wolfe, drugs. 
Simpson Arthur J, lawyer. 
Snyder Jacob, bin, kst th. 
; lenjamin, insurance agt. 

Si ml & Bn | leral 
Throop & Throop, lawyers, 
Trueblood, A W, dentist. 
\Veb. .'; An irews, agricultural impks. 
White & Hancock, confectioners. 

PARAGON. Oil White river, in 
Morgan county, is a thrivii 

- i ■■ '■ I f l . I ■ i - 

apolis and 7 miles southwest of Martins- 
ville, the county seat, located on the I, & 
V. Ry. The village a nti i 1 Christian 
church and an unusually goi d 
school. Grain ami hogs are the principal 
shipments. A good flour mill would pi 
profitable here. Mail daily. J. K. Stout, 

Abbett Charles, wngonmaker. 
Ashley Thomas, justice of the \ cace. 
Byram Anna Mi 5, I el. 
EUett John, 
Fair TJ H physician. 
Geuldiakg. & S*u?i-J.!, Saw Mill. 

Johnson P, shoemaker. 

Jones C II, general store. 
Knight James II, physician. 
Maddcx'john, hotel. 
Maris TD Rev (Christian). 
Prather T W, drugs. 
Prathei J W & Co, saw mill. 

■ ■ ntist. 
Raber P A & Son, gener; 1 store. 
Robinson Gabriel, blacksmith. 
Robinson J C, blacl 
Ro v justice ol tin ;■■ ace. 
General Store. 

PAIilS. Located on Lou. Div. O. 

& M. Ry, one-half mile from the 
known locally as Paris Ci< 1 

illation of 300, and is located in J 
county, distant 12 miles south of Vernon, 
the county scat. The village- conl 
Methodist church and district school. O. 
& M. Express. Mail daily. W. W. 

; ' ; . ; , wagonmaker. 
Aries Joseph, undertaker. 
Burton W H Lev (Methodist). 
Cave J C. dentist. 
' •" '• . .', Postmaster. 

: R, Huckster. 
Hill J A, genera) store. 
Jones Edward, cattle dealer. 
Jones Philip, ho 1 el. 

J Of S c ',-■ '.V A, General Store and Wool- 
" en Mill, 

LnfeberJ M, druggist and physician. 
Lett W, 'carpenter. 
Ray Daniel, blacksmith. 
Reynolds J M, carpenter. 
Rowland | H, carpenter. 
Russell B F, physician. 
Tibbetts ! C, harness. 
Tibbetts M, tinner. 
Tobias John, justice of the p< .ire. 
Tobias M T, cattle dealer. 
Wilson J II, R R and Ex agt. 

il 1. jus en ossing . 

office for station of 

Branch O. & M. Ry, an I foi 1 

] n ile it Lhv, : : -. Momg 

Jennings 1 . • ■ ] 1 1 
Vernon, the . ay 
1 xpr. .. O. & V. M li dai 
Humphrey, postinasl r. 

1 I , ■. 
Deputy Solom 
Caddy O, 1 
Hanna I . - '■ ci . 

[), !.tr •■;!.-.. 

, Conic . ■ 

driven it...'. .1.' :.., - 'i :. 

od by CH - . ■ 

i : ' ;' i .■■ 


Indiana sta'ik gazkttkkr 


Hill Mien Rev, clergyman. 
Horn T B, wa ni ■' . r. 
1 [udson A V, i Icaler, 

. - icral Stoic. 
Monl • . ■ ■ ■ ■ 
. ■ e, blacksmith. 

■ Irs, mill r. 
Tobias M J, c 
Troulman Jacob, hotel. 
: -'ore. 
H,RR and Ex agt. 


located in Richland ti 
ty, 6 mi 

■ the IS. S. I 

... . 

; Cur.ii- 
.', the 
M in- 

Kh.ina:d G R, .1 
Ross W D Rev (Chi 
Scott fohn K, --i ■ 

I mr Mill, 
n Henry, bl icUs mitli. 
N . ■ n Wni \V, hai ( ■. 
Wilson J E, sawmill. 

; . 

"" pei ■ ■ ' ■ lip. 


. tian. and 
and dis rli 
received daily. G. 

.. :, 


i ] 

GoadAb aliam, b 
Goad Tor.: 
Heaton K'l i 

' : . fohi 
Sleeth J 

Sparks Henry, cattle dealer. 
Stalcup , : 
Stanfield Austin, slock raiser 

P "''.'. Otherwise 
Morristown, is located in Ran 

known as 
>lph county, 
rest of Win- 

Dale Win, hote 

i ■ Jonathan 
I ■ '. ' . 

J M 

Lucas H \V, saw i ill 
■ j W, physic 
Stranghn K K , ph'v -'■. 
Welch r E. hlacl 


■ ■.'•'■ 1101 
in, the county seat. St. 
liles south on th S : . 
il of si ipment. Tri- 

M :'■■ Frien '..-and g 



v 1. stage route to Evansvill, 

school. Express, United States. 


—and New Harmony— fare $1. Mail daily. 

daily. II. Hinchman, posli 

i th H fmam | ister. 

.. al store. 

DenstoitT Herman, i hvsician. 

Cecil G tt . constable. 

Griess Charli 

Heal Pet .. blacksmith. 

H rth i 

Dick i •■.•■iter. 

: Postma '. .r, 

Dotson I lies, grain dealer. 

i i let lie; |i , ..:■, . 

Dragoo 11 l'\ carpenter. 

Philip, bote! and grocer. 

Frid lie M, blacksmith. 

Gwin M •: Rev (Christian). 

PA RKEVILLE. Greene town hip, 

' titJ SS, Hotel, Railroad 



• ■ unty, is a rural po torfii ted 

1 ,„ gent. 

i i miles not thee si of Rock\ 

1 . | in A, justice of the peace. 

sei i. Guion, 5 mil. - noi 

, H, Insurance. 

of I ■ .-. Div. [\ 11. i I. i ■ 1. ... & s. 

Knapp A, blacksmit h. 

R. Rs., is it- shin, i,. E point. 

i, stock dealers. 

weekly. J. I. No, 

Muller F M, j .-.inter. 

■ ■ n. 

PASI1 : IT. Po ■. . 50 inhabitants, 

Phillips '.i 

is in. LaGi 

Ran ton J a , grocer. 

1 Grange, tin i iearest rail 

r> — w, 

etureel 1 - -.ArCI!', 

A, KNISELY & CO., 72 & 74 W. Monroe St, 
-Ghira.-o. Send for Catalogue and Prices. 




approach. Mail received four times each 

week. T. W. Myers, postmaster. 

Kingler Galen tine, lawyer. 

Miller Jacob E, hotel. 

Miller Jacob :- ; . justice of Lhe peace. 

Myers J 

I. ; shoem.t] ei 
: ;nydi i Ch tries, bis ' il . 
Stutsman A, general store. 
Wcirich J G, w: 

JPATOKA. Gibson county, p) ■ t- 
ly situated on the E. & T. H. K.. I 
the river from which il d :rives it- name, is 
a busy, manufactui 

nts, f Pi inceton, the coun- 

■'., i itith \ i I ji north 

ville. Patoka is an In 
nilying " log in the bottom," Thi 
i- especiallj rable to e nu- 

iacturing, as the railroad f; 
the inexhaustible supply of oak, poplar, 
hickory and beech timber, the slot 
lies, and I I and p it 

cli y, all easy of access, make s le o) 
the mo: ; prominent inducements to safe and 
' ' : investment, lis pre •■■;' l manu- 
: our mills and a distiller) , will 
of 503 bushels of corn dai 

in wh 
the production 1 loc ■' de- 

1 and probably 75,000 bushels annually. 
i'atoka rivet furnishes good water power 
1 ow being made navigable for 100 
miles east by a slack water navigation com- 
. my, with capital slock of , ; !o,ooo, which 
.ful. Its educatii 
advantages consist of an - 
graded school and three churches— Prcsby- 
' it and Baptist. Adams Ex- 
ress. Western Union Telegraph Co. 
Daily mail. Samuel A. Sevan, postmas- 

Alams Express Co, Forbes C Cowden agt. 

Adams John Rev (Baptit t). 
Alvis Lucius K, blacksmith. 
Bingham eV Co, general store and floi 

Boci k Emil, saloon, 
I'm own Pleasant D, undertaker. 
Church Medicine C", patent medicines. 
Coleman D con, in M mai ket, 
Cowden 1 C, R R, ex and telagt. 

Damon Hezel iah C, hotel. 
Fisher George C, general stole and phys 

F.ench Bros, flour mill. 
Gibbs George B, physician. 
GivensWm, saloon. 
Kawes Edward Rev (Methodist). 

■ 1. bn H, physician. 
: \ i', lowr hip trustee. 

Wm V mith. 

Hard Wood Lmnbi 

ry K, h. 

:>f the pea 

I .. ( ' 

n & Co, staves and heading. 
it Edwin R, blacksmith. 

it t T*, Saw Mill and 
ml Wood Lumber Manufacturer. 

Gavin M, physician. 
- W S & Bro, druggists. 

Wc.l Kdmu-.d, bather. 

Western Union Telegraph Co, Forbes C 


: ■ , : 

Manufacturer a nd Dealer it 



0, BBandCi 


' r t h h . 


Indianapolis, I/n 



INDIANA STAM 10 C,A> ; . . 


p i T if!cxs71 ' : : G. Called for- 
mei Ij Lam asl , is a thriving n\ e with 
a populati m of 400, locatei n Owen coi 
ty, 13 mile i west of Spencer ll 
seat, and nearest rail appro 
three church CI uthe id 

Metl odi t md graded hool. Lumber 
and spokes are th 1 I I if ex- 

port. Mail tri-weekly. E. F. Harrold, 
posl ter. 

Coats & Schi lalz, dry goods. 
Gin; : T. drugs. 
Harrison S ike mnfr, 

Harstinc Henry, tinner. 
1 1 . 

Kei ;er & J blacks 
Magerli le t mill. 

: • . iturc. 

■ ire. 
Nation f VV, carpi nter. 
Phi) i C, meat market. 


R & l.oyd, 'pi . mill. 

Rid '. icians. 

Rinehart V V, . 
Rover AY, hotel. 

1 Store. 

Llenry, I on. 
Schmalz Join 
\ liet ; 1 miel. ( ai penter. 
\ lie) Joli 1 
Wecber C, w ag mmaker, 

Williams v. ' 
ZincklerJ, furn lure. 

i>A TRIO T. A prosperous village of 
700 inhabitants on the Ohio river, located 
in Switzerland county, 20 miles northeast 
of Vevay, the county seat. Patriot has 
two churches- Mi thodisl and Univei ilist 
— and high school. Good point for the lo- 
cation of .; (lour mill. Daily stage to Ris- 
fare 50c. i ■,■ , A.t: ms. Mail 
rimly. Allien M :. .-mister. 

Baxter P, h ioti ami shoes. 
Bonnell T O, hardware. 
Bruner 1, saloon. 
Charles's A, hotel. 
Cove I C, dentist. 
Dibble H, meat market. 
Fletcher Cora, milliner. 
Green, Merrilt j Butler, grain and entile. 
Green William, " store. 

J G, lawyer. 
Men. el: II U, shoemaker. 
Hcvn S Bi 

Howe S k Co, genei 

J . ni< in F .-'■ , physii ian. 
1 . ]e, 1 eneral 1 tore. 

Lev. e ) I, blacksmith. 
Merritt D & Co, li 

1 ral Store. 
1 Will al ston 

I tt W A, 

Piatt Ralph, blacksmith. 
Robinson i , ... 

Rutter R K, physician. 
! i .-', ■ loon. 

Shirey J W, saloon. 
Smock W G, v. ag .1111 akcr. 
Taylor A 'L, nu it market. 
Taylor I S Son, barl ... 
Tail & Long, blacl ailhs. 
VanHoulan S H general store. 
WadcG B, la. 

■ ' 1 . 

Wudc S W, i lie peace. 

, Lawyei 
Watts V Mrs, mill 


: onnly, 5 \ i< kpoi 

the eon. i!i eat and jilace ol 

rural posloffice for the conveniem ol 

■ . 

J'. Han isi m, p( •■<■<■■ ter. 

FA W FA ,:', 1 Ricl ir.dtoi 
Miami county, 12 miles nort of I 

the county veal, is a I ition on the 1' 
er Divisi in W. St. L. & P. Rv. 

I ', inl ' . ■'.■■' 

and district s !. .ol. Datlj ma .. .,. 
troi 1 ' . 

: ' ■ 
i fohn, shoemak. r. 

Deal R 11. bl icksn : h. 
Hardwi H, stock ler. 
lone.- I M, justice of ll e [ 1 a< . 
Miller G B, hotel. 
Miller N G, tockcl 
Miller S C Rev (Methodist). 

FAXTOX. An entei 
village in Sulliv an conn I , ■ 
tion ol 250, I. K.e.e 1 on the 1 • ' ■ 
R., 32 miles south of )\ 
mil. . south of Sull tl 

lias a Christian church 
Express, Adams. .Iail daily Li 
Bri ;gs < F, | h; 
Eat. it R G, gen. al 1 

A. .; .,. ( l/U., in" 




.1X1) P,' •■ i DIE 


Griffith V.'m, genera] store, 
Hardesty .-. arose, I ir mill. 

ird I J';, Railroad and Express 

A K cnt. 

I P, Postmaster. 

MeKinncy John T, drugs and groceries. 

Payton II H , phj 

Sloop Henry bla. dth. 

Walters & Hancock, grain dealers. 

PECKSJB JJItG. Twenty-three 

I ...:.: J . '■!:.. -i :'■ . 

V. T. Ti. &I. R. R., with 75 inhal il nts, 
is located in Clay : [ci 

county, S miles southwest of Danville, the 
cor.l.iv fi'.t. lU'.iic, i -'•? ami prod a' .; Mi: 

Mail d y. T. S 
slial, •■ i tmastt r. 
Archer Alex & Sun, blacksmiths. 

II amblin *\ incent, ;■ n .■:. 
Harvey Robert N 1 

1! illowell Robert T, i .■ 
House Gei • '■■ tan. 

iS, B.e and Poul- 

try Raiser. 

. i leneral Store and 

Railroad Agent 
Shiic'y James, painter and carpenter. 
Shirely V. m, general store. 
Trustc'i War Rev (Lutheran). 
West ec Whicker, poultry breeders. 

PEKIX. A poste'nec end station on 
the L. N. A.-&C. Ry, in Polk township 
Washington county, 9 miles soutl 

. the county seat, and 23 northu t of 
Louisville. The place ha: inh bitan 
two churches — Methodist . 
district school and a thee., 1 deriving 

power from Blue river, which 
tl . Ex] 1 5, 1 ■: ion. Mail 

(;. M. Johnson, postn ter. 
Baker T H B, | ivsi 
1 1 1 , s . : 
Caubl SI inks, thee- mill. 
C 1 l '! ' 1 I ' ;. 115, sho ' 
I'm: ] ) (', 
Gray X. vrton, 1 he ksmith. 
Humphrey Isaac, blacksmith. 

1 ; neral Store and 

Railroad Agent. 
Martin John Rev, oler-yman. 
Meadoi . T I, blacksmith. 
Piatt Albert, wagonmaker. 

General Store. 


[816 by Mr. Th m H 

Uled i 

. Ill I m, fo 

whom it was named, and i 
Creek township, Madison county, 
C. C. & I. Ry, S miles south of An 
and 2S northeast of Indi, polis. r j 
village contains 612 inh ibitanl 1 
churches— VietiindLt, h're a I Univei 

salist— a graded si hool, foi • tills, 1 
saw mill, one hank, one hoi la ,-eek! 

; ■ : round 

ed by an excellent grain vesvi.e di.tiict 
and has substantial bti 1 blocks, 

residences and enei tii : 
Grain, ho; '■■, ier 1 

exported. Express, Unil d Si ti 
daily. Win. F. Mori is, p. 
Aiman Be.aja: lii I 7 , flour 1 II. 

ici n ;;;■ I 
■" : . • ' ' 

Beck Robert R, barber. 
Beeson Jai 

Brewintrton R Fl . tethodist). 
Brov 11 [ohn, bit ' 11 h. 
e . ge, blai 1 ith, 

Caddy CI ai les B, pi opr Pendleton 



.1 It 

stice of thi 
lour mill, 

uronmakc r. 

Ci ki ■ 1 B« .; 

Cole G V. &B , ■ 

C Hi Ei 1 W, jewel v 

Cook Wm, s: ii ■■ r, . I.i, es. 

Co . Co, gents' furnishings. 

Cumin; Edward, sin tker. 

Fai iners' II ■ 1 . , > a ] 1 , - I . 

prs -, E L' Ro crs cash. 
Frampton Win C, wagon mnfr. 
Frampi on .'. '! ■ ■■• -. 

Givens Len - 

' , li 1, lawyei 
Hallowell George, meat market. 
Hard) [oseph O, .0 tin. 
Hcflci Ge'F, iddles and 1 •■<. 
Ireland A S, saddles and ham ;. 
Ireland John S Son, blacksmiths. 
Ireland. S'.enhenson cr. Co, hardware. 
Irish Ira, dm 
Irish Harry R. grocer. 
I inn I hua P, furniture. 
Johnston John D, shoemaker. 
Lake Nathaniel, saloon. 
Lewark John \V, livery. 
Lewis V- all 1 H, phj ;ician. 
Lukens & Son, genei tl ti e. 
Luhir.s 11. 1 j.iuiin \ < '• , grain. 
Morris .', ; ■ , ral st ire. 

Pattet on J. hn T, tailor. 


01 imuni ■ Pronij tlj/ i n 

drircn profitably 1 . 

. , : ■ . i ,diarmpoir 5 , lud. , ■,.,.. 





Pen Hi n Republican (weekly), C B 


Riley Davis, harness. 

Roberts & A 

Reicl J.-.lni A, v.vjf.n. i ' 

Ru U J , ; ,; 

1 i P, boot : i lakec. 

scitler K X, tarn 

B ■. ■ II, i i kel. 

Sheafl S A, floui mill. 

Roj sTUi "i, d u 

Shepht rd T S, physician. 

: C E Mrs, milliner. 

Trucks Wm, hotel. 

Silver In:,:-- K ?■ Sii', general store. 

Turner Thomas R, lawyer. 


Whetsell & Orcutt, drugs. 

. .'■ ii 1, i ' ore. 

. ii, grain. 

P fSORIA. With 50 


: r II, dentist. 


! ayloi , general sti ire. 

1 ■ ■ . . 

Tvler e. Lev is, 1. tdware. 

cessib lias 

Walker William, livery. 

church, ■: i 1, tmltr. 

Welch Mattie J Mrs, milliner. 

connection with H 

V( >t Lewis M, flour and saw mill. 

• P. J in*, i 

■ luce. 

P-EjyjN i 

. Rip- 

Howell ( 

ley county. ( S i . ■ } 

■ . 1 ml Store. 

1'erry l)r, j li) - ciu ■. 

E. 1 rmerly 


Spangler H, blacksmith. 

Camden, contains ?oo inl 1 

_ . . 

SC 00 , ..... 

PEORIA. Miami county. | 


;;\ .-■ -, 


PEPFEKTOn'X. A vill 




Franklin county, will a | 

: . 

I g mile: . of ! 

. , 

stride com '.\:iii._,-ti ' ■'. 


the county t at. lamoi j 

r.oc!— Bryant- -faie -v c. .■; ' Ulu 


fare 7$c. Mail daily. H. Z. Jc 
i E H, hotel. 


pot Mail veekty. . ' . ..... | 


Gehringei i'\.'. ho ' : . :r. 

T, cabinetmaker. 

: i;-. ph 

:■■".,■! ysician. 

Kocmier Louis. ■■ :n i . 1 store. 

. Grocer. 

sr Al 

Bowman J. .1' n, c; i penter. 


Fi nk Simon, ge ei al store. 

Peppei Karl, saw mill. 

Freeman \Ym, physician. 

Peppe, Loui , sal a and lumber. 

GrC'"T; Xi-.irait.:., Nursery. 

1 :,: A tdrew, < : onmaker. 

Bi , . C, physician. 

Reifel Jacob, bit 1 ith. 

. Winters, hardware. 

' '. ■ ' '•: i -, l.lillir... r. 

PJS 7?. KIFSri LL E. On Whit 

;' :.• Charles S S m, bo and si 


river having a po'.'i!.ti"ii "f jc~, i- 

a vil- 

i n i iffin, em r. ' ■ e, 

1- I, : I in M liwii • >nt; [2 


Jenkins H Z, 1 

northw est of Andet ■■, ' 1 

■ and 

Jenkins Y\ m Z, gi i er. 

usual shi iping depot, 

i ■ •'■. ugustus, \* agonn '. ei . 

ti 1 i ■ : : | .. • 1 . . 


Johnson Samuel, justice of the jicao 

1 and 

Jones Thomas, blacksmith. 


Levis E B Mrs, physician. 

7S C — 

Lu]Hon A, wagonmaker. 

tri-i kly. 1. C. i hen , postm 

i ;t< I . 

i i 1. ,, liths. 

,Vm, v mill. 

Moore Jollll X, Planing Mill 

Ub i ;hl John, ' 

Paxson C C, live stock. 

V.ppli ■:.■'. | ' ' 

Paxson H. sion, shoemaker. 

. B, Drugs. 

. ■ 1 m 1 1 m a rke t . 

1 ■ . , mith. 

r Sarah ( Mi -, di 

Branch C N, phj 

CBRAOFOiiO, Solicitor oir.-tcr.tB, IS Hubbard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. Call or write lor In? on Hon 





Deselnes Thomas T, wagon mnfr. 
Divine C E, physician. 
Esller J \V, shoemaker. 
Garretson J M, physician. 
Garriso; S imuel, gunsmith. 
Hamerly&Co, general store. 
Ilcnn CF, tailor. 
Hollingsworth [ohr, cai penter. 
Hougham J S, physician. 

House PSey* t« , I loui Mill. 

Kurt/; Samuel, justice oi 
Kurtz YV E & Co, furniture. 

n . doom 

Lee Daniel, blacksmith. 
Perkins I A, harness. 

1 ', ! am - . I, shi emaker. 
Smith J YV Rev (Methodist). 
StepiienSOll E C, Grocer. 
Young Ge.i :■■■....,■. 
Zcller Wm S, Flour mill. 

PERRT. Allen county. 


{See Hun 



P E .?; K FS ?»' ?7 i? G If. In Union 
township, Miami county, with a population 
of 150, is located i i - est of Peru, 

the county seat. Deedsville, on I. P. & C. 
Ry, ^ miles east is its shipping point. 
Mail tri-weekly. Jacob S. Rannells 

Ager N A, physician. 
Fisher Abraham, blacksmith. 
T - hi Samuel \V, carpenter. 
McEwer E 1, butcher. 

Miller J YV Rev (Methodist). 
IS-EJItueilS Jacob S, General 

and Hotel. 
Ravi r Samuel, carpenter. 
S.igers Conrad, saw mill. 
Smith R f, wagonmaker. 
. : mith. 

YVright George YV, general store. 

riSRR TS FILL E. Located on the 
west bank of Wabash river and C. & E. I. 
R. R., in Highland township, Vermillion 
county, i.j miles north of Newport, the 
county seat, is a village of 750 inhabitants. 
It supports three churche -Methodist 
Presbyterian, and United Brethren — a 
graded school, two hotels, drain tile yard, 
Hour mill, woolen mill, and one foundry. 
Live stock and grain form the chief ex] orts. 
, American.' Mail daily. Smith 

v. m M, grocer. 
Berry Oliver J, grocer. 

Brummett Campbell S, blacksmith. 
Bryant S; . ■',,,< naker. 
Comingore Hugh & Son, foundry. 
Compton S: Lowe, grocers. 
Dale ! lat R Rev (Methodist). 
Dunbar Solomon, painter. 
Dutton II C Mrs, dressmaker. 
Fanner Thorn > ', • '",■' and harness. 
Ferguson X: llain, live stock. 
i ■ ■ i Lc w i ?, ] \ i ci an . 

Josi ph F, tailor. 
Haines Samuel, s-l ■ 
Haven Hiram B, painter. 
Hepburn M, woole 1 ; '. 

Hold Loren; IV 
Howard ' 

Johnson. David 1 
Jones Mai r , I, 

McKibUnJ e P 
McNeill George 
Masbargei ■ 
Metzgcr it. zin, i 
Morgan L ■ 

. ha. , 

Moudy Peter, ws 

.v Son, 

i* J J» 5 




Sanders Le 
Smith Da-- 
Smith Join 
Smith Johi 
Smith Tho 
Smith & Fi 

T, physic 

Spotlswood ..V San, general store. 

Stephens Jacob S, hotel. 

Stephens John, agt ET 11 & C R R. 

Stevens Elhanon, grain. 

Terrence William G, furniture. 

YY'ebstei Lyman, meat market. 

YY'ainscott Adam YY' Rev (United Brethren). 

PERT FT. Established as a postoflice 
in 18S0, and is located on the I. & St. L. R. 
R, in Dick Johnson township, Clay county, 
6 miles north of Brazil court house, and! 52 
west of Indianapolis. Population 50. 
Staves and heading are shipp-M. Mail semi- 
weekly. Nils H. V'egoe, postmaster. 
Compton Richard, justice of the pi ice. 
Paterson John, blacksmith. 
Xep^aCsS H, General Store. 


- .• . Atkinson, 313-321 So. Clinton St., I 

i.iy.:.:-.. {-.. l-l, ■: 




JL'llllU. 'J'lic capital of Miami [''■mil)', 
i .1 cit) ol 6701 .inhabitant loi ited in I he 
central portion of the county, on the Wa- 
bash river. It is distant from I n 

i from l hi i 143 miles, at the 

of I. r. & C. and W. St. L. & P. 
Rys, It is surrou ded by a 
tural district. The city ; lighted 
and has exi it w: 1 

miles of 1 - [00 fire plugs ; co 

of same, ,?1 10,000. Peru is an acth 

. foundries and machine •■'.■•,e,. scw-me 
I ■■ , three fiour mills, 
tills, woolen m : 
... m: n . I ictor) .• nd bre iv- 
. 1 ' . ove is the 
! ... T, F. Lovatt, who is ex- 
1 . ....: in the manu 
; hot air furr 

[1 i erests. I I otels, six 
m I , are up to ihc usual 

and affords 
1 h 
■ mil bunks, and amonp, it . churches 
foil j . h : 

Baptist, Lutl 

Pi byteri . ■■ I pal. ' 

..•■ 1 
' 1 . Three 

ire pub! ed at thi 

1 : •. ■■■ ' (Democratic), and 

1 .:.- 1 > pr< Companies 

and Pad ic. Tele- 

V\ . 11 Union. Ira "Myers, post- 


' 1 ■• Wm, '■■■ cl 1 tith. 
I I), insurance. 

. . - ■•> Wnt t-i Co, Grocers, w s 

dway, S Main. 
An ■ vs 1' n N.agt IP&G Ry. 
A| p 1 Al ■ . ler, bi ier. 

it D i\ id I!, blacksmith. 
Arnold Wm, < igar mnfr. 

C, meat market. 
Augur CC Mrs, dressm: ... 
■ . . . t s acJ S , Barber, 6 Broad- 
1 3 
1 I mes E, jeweler. 

Mis, saloon. 
Nearss Ellen R Mrs, dressmaker. 
1 '. k Ge. :,-. W, floui mill. 

ISI ■ I '■ , ..' "U . 

! ihn, merchant tailor. 

' : . ■ ' 
Bouslog |.mn a, real estate. 

Bouslog Ka. .'. ie\ )i, insurance. 
Brenton & Ward, ph; 1 
Brower Noah C, boots and shoes. 
Brown Rev (Methodist). 

11, Attorneys at 
Law, s e cut Broad-.- ..-■' ami -i 1. 
Busick Jennie Miss, mi er. 
Calvert & Neff, lawyers. 

:■ I', House , nd Sign 
Painter, ! 

1 National Bank, capital ?ioo,ooo, 
D C Darrow pres, M S Robinson cash, 

.., Marble Works, 
w s Broa Iwaj 
Cob lames 0, br, . r. 
Cole & McClintic, 1 
Comer II ai 

(.'... .-.■ li Bros, leather, 
Conr.-Mt ' . i .1 imco. 

-. , hoots and shoes. 
Crumel liny M, Looks. 

Dentist, e s 
Broa,!-- - . , ■ .1 

■■ • i naker. 

ihn, propr An ican House. 
Cunra try [, ... 

Cutis David W, lawyer. 
Dart G .rye L, flour and feed. 
! '1 . ty Amos F, real estate ayt. 

jjavey James A, insurance ayt. 
1 . ■ ■■ F, mei . hant tailor. 
Dcibert Frank 1, grocer. 
I nM P&CE, hardware. 


■ yer, 

Ellis 1 W, physician. 

Ei ier: k Charles M, lawyer. 

I 11 6c Son, dry roods. 

Engart M Lew, real estate. 

Falk Julius, clothing. 

Farrar J L & J, carpenters. 

Fan : fohn II, saloon. 

Faust Joseph, cooper. 

Fetter Henry G, photographer. 

First National Bank, capital $100,000, E 
II Shirk pies, Milton Shirk cash. 

Figliei Samuel, Blacksmith, s s Ca- 
nal e Huntington. 

Fob . . ah P, agent United States and 
Pacific Ex Cos. 

Fuhvilei Tames li, justice of the peace. 

1 : ■ .' I Cole, proprs Miami County Sen- 
tii !. Main. 

1 I 1 merchant tailors. 

Gates I sins M, lumber mnfr. 

1 lates ( ii orge, lumber. 

Vi liiisi V. . • i,i>.-vtRii !•-;>•<■. 

WI : . j( i -3« , a?5SJS»%. 

Evansville, lad. 





German C A Rev (Lutheran). 

Hale Wm 1\ boots and shoes. 

Gilbert Wm II, dentist. 

Hale John S, dry goods. 

Gould Louis, furniture. 

li as etl Patrick, saloon. 

Graf Henry, saloon. 

Helderle Geo, saloon. 

Graf Phillip V, saloon. 

Helm T II, physician. 

Gray Edward, carriage mnfr. 

Ksn- L-ks- 1 ) ?:JE trnggists. 

G; egg A H & Co, di ' 

Ileness Frederic]:, tailor. 

Grij gs JaneT, saddles and hardware. 

Heness Maria Miss, dressmaker. 

Hagce Elizabeth Mrs, milliner. 

Herbert John, salo sn. 

i ' 


1 1 icl ev Thomas, propr Tremont 


John Muhlfeld, Agent, .. :' , 


11 i-.'ins C LJ, physician. 


Hile John, restaurant. 


■::. - 

n ... ... 

' .-: HXC2£OE.Y, 

.Footf t>/" JfitV/ Street, East River, New York. 


■■a- Dimension Lumber and Wagon Material, 


Lj'T. & C. R. )t. and Miami Street, Fern, Ind. 
Fool of 11 th Street, Ensl River, Ximt York. 

] Crawfoidsville, India 

I Danville, Illinois. 

T- . • ■ SOW UOTrrnMin Street ' Hh \ 
t-;U.M-.i »!«ll..vv E ; r, ;;.,. - .' |,, t i...„s ,.. 
Uo.D.-.lq^M y. Ai ., JJ,.i ,■„!. -Jol.! ■ : t , / 

See .'.■ \ ,. t ■-. . • 

driven profitably by u Tbrosbtng Kngii 
manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 

TtHlkiruipulis, Iml. See page, 3. 





Horan Michael, painter. ■ 

Huber Geo, shoemaker. 

HutscI John H, grocer. 

Indiana Manufacturing Co, sewing machine 

wood work. 
Indianapolis, Peru & Chicago Ry, car shops, 

W 8th. 
Jamison Eli J, undertaker. 
Jamison John H, carpenter. 
Jamison & Enyart, lawyers. 
Kartholl & Geves, druggists. 
Kittner D & H, dry goods. 
Koob Jacob, shoemaker. 
Kratzer John C, jeweler. 
Krentzer Tacob, notions. 
Kuch Daniel, shoemaker. 
Kuch Jacob, shoemaker. 
Kumler & Graves, proprs New Bearss House. 
Leas James O, photographer. 
Lehman, Rosenthal & Co, flax bagging 

Lenhart John S, furniture. 
Lentz Lewis, tinware. 
Leonard George E Rev (Baptist). 
Levi Samuel, junk dealer. 
Levi 'William, dry goods. 
Levy F & Co, notions. 
Logue Joseph H, jeweler. 
Lohmyer Henry, grocer. 
I^OVHit Xliessnas F, Founder and 

Machinist, s s Canal, e Huntington. (See 

adv. ) 
Lucas Caleb A, agent W St L & P Ry. 
McCaffrey M & Co, grocers. 
McEachran Edward L, shoemaker. 
McGrady Charles, saloon. 
Mclvenna Tohn, master mechanic I P & C 

Ry shop". 
Meissner H Rev (Catholic). 
Melcherjohn A, saloon. 
Mentzer Joseph, saloon. 
Miami County Sentinel (weekly), Main. 
Miller Ferdinand G, meat market. 
Miller John F Mrs, milliner. 
Miller John H, wagonmakcr. 
Miller Martin L, produce. 
Miller L & Co, flour mill. 
Millikan William, blacksmith. 
Mohler Oliver P, flour and feed. 
Moorehead W P, physician. 
Morehouse Emmet P, shoemaker. 
Monis Eddmore S, groceries. 
Morse Edmund B, saddles and harness. 
Moss Albert T, barber. I 

Moss Alexander, barber. ' 

Mowbray William E, lawyer. 
Itlllllifeld JoJl!!, Agent for George 

Hagemeyer (of New Void.), Lumber 

Dealer, N Miami. (See adv.) 

Nelp Charles F, grocer. 

Neff Bros, meat market. 

Newman ec Nolan, saloon. 

Kiclswls C, Proprietor St Tames Hotel, 

s s 8th e Broadway. (See adv.) 
Ord David, grocer. 
Passage Henry V, surgeon. 
Pelkey Robert, toys and notions. 
Peru Gas Light & Coke Co, II E & C F 

Sterne & Co proprs, W 2d. 
Peru Marble Works, A Clevell propr, vv s 

Broadway s Canal. 
Peru Republican (weekly), Main. 
Peru Woolen Mills, W 2d. 
Powley Jacob, saloon. 
Rademaker lohn.T, saloon. 
Rademaker Theodore, merchant tailor. 

Raynioud William C, Lumber, 

Lath and Shingles, w s Broadway s Sth. 

Raymond W C & Bro, druggists. 

Ream A A &Co, grocers. 

Ream John & Tom, grocers. 

XteagOUer Ethan T, Lawyer and 
County Prosecuting Attorney, west side 
Broadway, near 3d, 

Reed Bros, meat market. 

Reed & Lockwood, proprs Peru Republi- 
can, Main. 

Reisecker Andy, merchant tailor. 

Kennert John F, physician. 

Renz John G, lumber mnfr. 

Rettig Sarah Mrs, milliner. 

Rosenthal S & Co, clothing. 

Rutherford Comfort E, physician. 

St. James IfiOtel, C Nichols Propri- 
etor, south side 8th, east Broadway. (See 
adv. ) 

Saine Joseph II, general store. 

Sanders Joseph, cooper. 

Schumecher Jacob, flour and feed. 

Scott Aaron B, grocer. 

Seager & Griswold, livery. 

Segner John A, barber. 

Seisler John, meat market. 

Servoss & Berry, carpenters. 

Scsiler Elizabeth Mrs, hotel. 

Seyfert John, blacksmith. 

Shearer David L, grain. 

Sheldon Geo, photographer. 

Shirk & Miller, general store. 

Shirk & Mitchell, lawyers. 

Shoop Geo, furniture. 

Slider Phcebe M, dressmaker. 

Small Enoch P, restaurant. 

Smith Christopher, shoemaker. 

Smith Milan F, foundry. 

Smith Valentine, harness. 

Spinning W V & Co, druggists. 

Spitznagle John, saloon. 

Capital City Cigar, 

JOIS^ KAIJCH, Manufacturer, 

82 Wost Washington Street, 


i**eb I 173 aud 7 1- W. I 

Hares' Patent. The Bostis IhcCht-apost. AVtir, 
y respect. A. KNISELT & CO., 
. 3Iciiroc Street, CIJCAGO. 



* Pounder & Machinist, 

East Canal Street, 

^' [ Manufacturer of the CELEBEATED 

Hackley Iron Beam Plow 

With the Improvements of March 3, 1SS0., which makes it Superior to all other Plows 

in the Market. Also make the Old Original Hackley Plow, and 

do all kinds of repair work, such as 

Stationary and Portable Engine V^ ork 5 




Best Furnished Hotel, with Most Commodious Sample Rooms in the 
City. Accommodations Strictly First-Class. 

C. NICHOLS, Proprietor, PERU, EYE. 


(E~^ :i> t .:. ; f. .i\ i tj >' ^y 

East Side Broadway, near 3d, PERU, INDIANA. 


Buy n First-class (Mnito or Orean on til 
Pl'All'LlN' Be CO., 58 A. CO North i'i-<insylvi 

Empire Two-toe Brill Agency, 


ewald or mi, 

Indianavolis, Iiid. 



• Stafford Miles A, physician. 
Steele James O. cigar 'mnfr. 
Sterne II E fc C F & Co, woolen mills. 
Stewart C Miss, 1, rber. 
Stutesman Nathaniel E, grocer. 
Statesman & Puterbaugh, hardware. 
Sullivan & Bailey, lawyers. 
Sullivan & Eagle, carriage mnlYs. 
Swauger Martin, patternmaker. 
Taylor Oliver S», Gunsmith, Choke 
Boring a specialty, work warranted, s s 
2d w Broadway. 
Theobald Jacob, carpenter. 
Titus Belle A Mrs, dressmaker. 
Topping & Miller, saloon. 
Trimble DS Rev (Episcopal). 
Tri ' roah, county school pt. 
Ulricfc Frederick, Wagon Manu- 
facturer, \V Sth. 
Underwood Henry F, lawyer. 
Vanwormer Frank, shoe, laker. 
Wabash Valley Blade (weekly), Broadway. 
Wallace Bros, livery. 
Wallick Wesley, baled hay. 
Wallpe Frederick, shoemaker. 
Wampler William L, fruits, etc. 
Watkins Frank II, physician. 
Webb Grover M, grocer. 
Weesner & Drumm, blacksmiths. 
Weimer Benjamin F, grocer. 
Wey Andrew, hotel. 
Whitford W II Rev (Presbvterian). 
Whittenberger John F, grocer. 
Whittenbcrger Robert S, grain. 
Wilcox & Paul, proprs city bus line.' 
Wilkinson Daniel, doors, 'sash and blinds. 
Winter Samuel F, propr The Wabash Val- 
ley Blade, Broadway. 

PETEHSIi URG. The county seat 
of Fike county, located on the old Wabash 
& Erie canal and near White river, is sur- 
rounded byaslighlly undulating country, 
which is remarkable for its fertility. The 
village contains 1,500 inhabitants, and is 
distant from Indianapolis 125 miles, Wash- 
ington, on the O. & M. Ry, 12 miles, and 
Oakland City, on the L. N. A. & St. L. Ry, 
13 miles, the two last named are its shipping 
depots. Petersburg has good public build- 
ings, including the county buildings, four 
church edifices and a graded school struc- 
ture erected at a cost of <iS,ooo. It sup- 
ports three hotels, two weekly newspapers 
—the Pike County Democrat and the j',v<s~ 
and three flour mills. Grain, lumber and 
■coal form the principal exports. Mail re- 
ceived daily by stage from Vincennes. Miss 
Mary M. Gle/eji, postmaster. 

Adams J R, physician. 

AeSuras Bros, Proprietors of Livery, 
Feed and Boarding Stables, Office cot- 
Mam and 6th. 

Alexander Ahbeny II, justice of the peace. 

Banks Francis M, marble works. 

Barrett Squire G, general slorc. 

Beasley Elizabeth Mrs, dressmaker. 

Billmc-ycr & Smith, hardware. 

Brown John A, livery. 

Buress Alfred, barber. 

Buigcr C E & Bros, merchant tailors. 

Byers Alexander R, physician. 

Citizens' State Bank, capital §25,000, Tames 
Shawhan pres, N W Thornton cash. 

Coonrod Samuel G, confectioner. 

Coleman George, confectioner, 

Craig Bros, meat market. 

Dickscc; John K, blacksmith. 

Boyle & Malott, agricultural implts. 

Duncan Tames B, physician. 

Eisert J J-& Son, grocers. 

Evans James G, wagonmaker. 

Fowler I P, hotel. 

Frank Muse's! 'gX'ral'^tore"' 

Frank Simon P. flour mill. 

Glezen Mary M Miss, milliner. 

Gore Wm T, shoemaker. 

Goslin Eli II, carpenter. 

Green Wm A, grocer. 

Gullick John W, druggist. 

Hammond John M, agrl implts. 

Mar.Illllfi.Md Oscar, Sewing Machine 

and Insurance Agent, n s Main. 
Hammond P C & Son, general store. 
Hass Moses, general store. 
Havt kins John, physician. 

H icksj B &JE, druggists?" 

' I : •'.'•' ' '■-'>' Mrs, grocer. 

Horton David W, shoemaker. 

I-lurst Wesley S, Attorney at Law, 

11 s Main. 
Johnson & Berry, grocers. 
Julian J W Rev (Methodist). 
Keifier Jacob A, meat market. 
Kepley Wm, physician. 
King Edwin R, 'furniture. 
Knight Eliza Miss, milliner. 
Knight & McSwane, iroprs Pike County 

Ivrebs Malachi, propr Petersburg Press. 
Leslie Alexander, physician. 
McBay Wm, general store. 
McCarty Patrick, saloon. 
McCarty & Heimann, notions. 
McCarty & Thompson, lawyers. 

. . ! ; ! — I- v, :-:(;;rr a c -sV~ 

WHOLESALE AND KETA1L. 41 and 49 s" Mam^tiUtuiodian^olls. 

INDIANAPOLIS, have (he best qual- 

j ity Pittsburgh Goal for domestic use. 



ami )'.r. ko'ss ]:ij'i:< jui;-, . 



McCarty & Vincent, saloon. 

Milford M L Rev (Presbyterian). 

Miller Wm, blacksmith. 

Miller & Richardson, lawyers. 

Misenhelter John, brewer. 

Mitchell J aiiies R, blacksmith. 

Montgomery Charles E, general store and 
(lour mill. 

'.' xander, saloon. 

Mount & Seybum, flour mill. 

Osborn Bros, shoemakers. 

Osborn Sarah Miss, milliner. 

Parker Carrie Miss, milliner. 

Parker Wm T, sal 

Petersburg Press (weekly), Malachi Krebs 

Phillips Daniel J, dentist. 

Pike County Democrat (weekly), Knight & 
McSwane proprs. 

Posey & Wilson, lawyers. 

Potter Wm S, carpenter. 

Quiinby Geo, hotel. 

ReeJ & Harrison, dressmakers. 

Reuss Frederick, saddles and harness. 

Rickrich Henry, grocer. 

Schaefer Charles, hotel. 

Shawhan & Boonshot, hardware. 

Smith & Coming, saddles and harness. 

Slucky & Son, woolen mill. 

Taylor Arthur 11, lawyer. 

Tislow Thomas R, wagonmaker. 

Trafzer lohn F, carriage mnfr. 

Turner John E, barber. 

Warner Joseph B, marble works. 

■Willie Havidj Blacksmith, Wagon- 
maker and Dealer in Agricultural Imple- 
ments, n s Main. 

White John M, justice of the peace. 

Withers & Brady, painters. 

PETERSONS. A newly established 
postorhce and station on the T. D. cv B. R. 

R., in Adams county, 4j< miles from De- 
catur, the county seat. Population 25. 
Lumber is the principal shipment. Ex- 
press, American. Mail daily. Peter 11. 
Weldy, postmaster. 
Johnson R, blacksmith. 
Lcnhart J H, justice of the peace. 
Meek & Co, lumber. 
Steele ILennart & Co, Lumber. 

PETERSVILLE. On mail route 
from Hope to Columbus, is a place with a 
population of 60, located in Bartholomew 
1 lunty, 0',' mile-- northeast of Columbu , 
the county seat and nearest rail approach. 
Contains Methodist church. Mail tri- 
weekly. Henry Smith, postmaster. 

Carr V M, general store. 
Fuller M, shoemaker. 
Click George H, grocer. 
McAlley A J, carpenter. 
McAlley James, carpenter, 
Norton F D, physician. 
Smith Henry, blacksmith. 

PETTIT. Inhabited by IOO persons, 
in Perry township, Tippecanoe county, is 
located 9 miles east of Lafayette, the county 
seat, and most available shippin: p i A. 
It contains ihree churches — Baptist, Dunk- 
ard, and Christian — and grided: school, 
and has stage connection daily with Ross- 
ville, fare 35c, Etna, fare 15c, Monitor, 
fare 15c, and Lafayette, fare \oc. Mail 
daily, David Sense, postmaster. 
Antrim I 11 Rev (United Brethren). 
Fretz Henry, saw mill. 
Lafevre 1 'avid, justice of the peace. 
Myers John, teacher. 
Overly Nancy Miss, dressmaker, 
Perrin J M, physician. 
Powell Andrew, brickmason. 
Powell J A, carpenter. 
Powell \d C, I 10k Agent. 
Rodgers J M, township trustee. 

Sense David, Hotel. 

Wade Walter, news depot. 
Wiley David, general store. 

PETTYSV1LLE. A flag station 
and postoffice, of 30 inhabitants, loca- 
ted on the Eel River Division W. St. L. 
& P. Ry, in Miami county, II miles north- 
east of Pern, the county seat. Eel river 
flows by tlie village and furnishes water 
power to drive one flour mill. Mail daily. 
A. T. Petty, postmaster. 
Huddleson Woodson, agricultural imp! s. 
Petty A J, Agent W. St. L. & P. Ry. 
Wayman John, lumber. 
Zehner W, flour mill. 

PHI LABEL PHI A. Having a 
population of 200, is a thriving village, lo- 
cated in Hancock county, 4 miles west ol 
Greenfield, the county seat, on the P. C. & 
St. L. Ry., contains Methodist chu ch : I 
district school. Grain is the prii ; I irti- 
cle of export. Express, Am rican. Mail 
daily. Sylvester Burk, postmaster. 
Anderson Wm Rev (Methodist). 
Bell J S, physician. 
Black Rufus, R K an 1 Ex a.,:. 
Burk & AtnertOIl, General Store. 
Eubank G C, drugs, groceries and physi- 


.A.t Sprstgrixe's, G31 ~W. ^ao-ison. Street, C2a.icag-o, 111- 


driven profitably by a TiiretMnc Knjine, 
manufactured hy CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 
ludiuimjiolia, InJ. See riago 3. 





Gillson A, shoemaker.- 
-•King Warren, physician. 
McKelvey John, justice of the peace, 
Meek & liro, general store. 
Moore & King, Hour mill. 
Scolten James H, general store. 
Smith & Bro, grain dealci -, 
Stutsman & Elliott, blacksmiths. 
Stutsman & Werbe, wagonmakers. 
Sutherlin Harvey Rev (Methodist). 


known as Hillsboro, has a population of 
150, and is situated in Sugar Creek town- 
ship, Clinton county, 17 miles southeast of 
Frankfort, the county sea 
of Kempton, on L. E. 
churches arc Episcopal, Methodist 
Baptist. Mail tri-weekly. John W. Urn- 
k!e, postmaster. 
Clark Rufus, shoemaker. 
Cooper \V E, physician. 
KinJtle & SiliiCl, Drugs and Gro- 

Holmes H D, physician. 
Holmes T F, physician. 
Light R C, physician. 
Littleton A C, general store. 
McMath James, blacksmith. 
Short M, hotel. 
Wells J D, wagonmaker. 

ind 5 southw 

PIERCETON. With a population 
of 900, is a pleasant village located in 
Washington township, Kosciusko county, 
on the P. Ft. W, & C. Ky 10 miles east of 
Warsaw, the county seat. Its churches are 
Catholic, Universafist, Methodist and Pres- 
byterian. Schools, district and graded. Ex- 
ports grain, furniture and lumber. In the 
village there are two hotels, one bank, one 
planing mill, two saw mills, grain cradle 
factory, two chair factories, flour mill and 
furniture factory. The press is represented 
by one weekly newspaper, the Independent, 
Express, Adams. Telegraph, Western Un- 
ion. Daily mail. David II. Connell, post- 

Adams J H B, physician. 
Amerman H C, physician. 
Ancllauer B Fred, merchant tailor. 
Atchison James, carriage and wagon mnfr. 
Baker Charles G, druggist. 
Balliet D &Co, flour 'mill. 
Botkin Wm B, photographer. 
Bowman Him & Co, general store. 
Brower Henry F, barber. 
Central House, 11 R Kretsinger propr. 

On ali matters pertaining to 
iS Hubbard Block, Indiana 
ial, and given cartful an 

Clematis Comodore, Attorney at 

Law, corner Main and 1st. 
Clemans & Clemans, lawyers. 
Connell David H, books and stationery. 
Covert Billy M, jeweler. 
Douglass & Cornell, saw mill. 
Eddv Wm F, painter. 
Elder Robert II, barber. 
Elliott F M Rev (Presbyterian). 
Elmore, Heagy & Co, general store. 
Fovsythe Samuel, justice of the peace. 
Foster Bros, pubis Pierceton Independent. 
Fox Wm B, depty postmaster. 
Frochly Bros, general store. 
Harvout Wm C, livery. 
Hayes Henry W & Co, restaurant. 
Hayes Win, physician. 
Kavler Daniel, justice of the peace. 
King Hiram O, physician. 
Kirkland Boyd W, chair mnfr. 
ICrelSJiS'4'er i'ienry K, Proprietor 

Central'Hotel, 1st. 
Lawrence, Spayde & Co, general store and 

Leedy Jacob, notions. 
Long Charles E, physician. 
McCarty Wm, restaurant. 
McCarty Win E Rev (Methodist). 
McGonigal Charles I, town cleik. 
Makemson E II, physician. 
Matchett Wm C, physician. 
Miller Bros, hardware. 
Moore David E, milliner. 
Moore John, furniture mnfr. 
Mosser Gabriel, saloon. 
Netter Bros, meat market. 
Nichols Charles, Ex agt. 
Nichols Lorenzo D, agt P F W & C Ry. 
Palmer Isaiah, hotel. 
Pierceton Independent (weekly), Foster 

Bros proprs. 
Reed Stephen, saw mill. 
Rush & Leedy, blacksmiths. 
Schaefer Wm R, hardware. 
Shumnker & Humphreys, grain cradle mnfrs. 
Snyder Levi, boots and shoes. 
Stinson John W, justice of the peace. 
Vanwormer Wm II, shoemaker. 
Wickman Father (Catholic). 
Widup J B Mrs, millinery. 

PIERCEVILLE. Has 200 inhabit- 
ants, and is located in Franklin township, 
Ripley county, on the O. & M. Ry, 6 miles 
northeast of Versailles, the county seat, and 
40 west of Cincinnati. It has graded school 
and Baptist church. Charcoal, lumber and 
grain are the exports. Express, O. & M. 
Mail daily. C. D. Sumner, postmaster. 



s, consult C. Bra 1.1 ORD, 
:. All business confiden- 
: personal attention. 

. .CO 

Miscellaneous ami Blank Hooks and Office Stationery, Indianapolis. 
" PIK 




Ilorton Win, physician. 

Montgomery I J, wagonmaker. 

Mulford B F, saw mill. 

Redlow D M, physician. 

Sumner Caleb, justice of the peace. 

Sumner C !>, Railroad and Express 

Toph Wm H, general store. 

PIKE'S PEAK. Brown county, a 
village of 40 inhabitants, 12 mile-; south- 
east of Nashville, the county seat. Co- 
lumbus, 16 miles northeast, is the nearest 
shipping place. Weekly mail. J. II. 
Fravel, postmaster. 
Banks W H, Physician. 
Dye R M. flour and saw mill. 
Fravel J H, General Store. 
Kinsey G W, blacksmith. 
Saffle& Bartholomew, saw mill. 
Swain T E, general store. 
Wilson S C, physician. 

PIKEriL LE. Lockhart township, 
Pike county, is a place of 150 population, 
situated 20 miles southeast of Petersburg, the 
county seat. Huntingburg, 10 miles east, on 
theC. R.& S. W. Ry, is the railroad depot. 
The village contains 3 churches— Metho- 
dist, Christian and Evangelical. Wheat 
and tobacco are exported. Stage comma- 
cation tri-weekly with If untingburg — fare, 
50c, and Petersburg, fare, 75c. Four mails 
per week. H. Hollenberg, postmaster. 
ISirteld John, general store. 
Broadwell G R, general store. 
Cole A C, lawyer. 
Cook G, wagonmaker. 
F.sher F, blacksmith. 
Ho'leuberg H, General Store and 

Leaf Tobacco. 
Lock-port Levi, lawyer. 
Martin James & Co, saw mill. 
Rhoadcs A J, physician. 
Shalden 11, shoemaker. 
Slant J A, physician. 
Stutsman Joseph, general store. 

PILOT GROVE. Population 40, 

located in Jackson township, Newton 

county, S miles west of Rensselaer, its 

shipping depot, on the I. D. & C. Ry, and 

20 northeast of Kentland, the county seat. 

lias a Methodist church and district school. 

Mail received tri-weekly. 


Ashley J B, blacksmith. 

Bowman Wm. physician, 

Brencr J J & Son, drugs. 

J. M. Hufty, 

Ilelmuth D, carpenter. 

Muftv J M, General Store and Justice. 

Hufty J M & Son, hardware. 

Miller Henry, constable. 

Seward A D, harnessmakcr. 

Thorp John, hotel. 

PILOT KXOB. Located in Whisky 
Run township, Crawford county, is a rural 
postoflice 7 miles north of Leavenworth, 
the county seat and steamboat landing. 
Has Methodist church and district school. 
Mail semi-weekly. Thomas J. Bowman, 

>Ja\v.3iiasi 'i:'lJ'.r;:.;rc : . I. Postmaster. 
Chambers S B F, physician! 
Froman M C, saw mill. 
Mills J C, justice of the peace. 
Morris Wm, blacksmith. 

PIMENTO. Formerly called Hart- 
ford, is situated on tl.e E. & T. H. R. R., 
in Linton township, Vigo county, 12 miles 
due south of Terre Haute court house, con- 
tains 150 inhabitants, graded school, Bap- 
tist and Christian churches. Wheat, corn, 
flour, hay and staves are shipped. Express, 
Adams. Daily mail. N. P. Kennett, post- 

Bledsoe P, grain. 
Bowne B F, carpenter. 
Bowne G W, carpenter. 
Boyle A C, grocer. 
ColUsif>:y W O, Physician. 
Cornell Eraslus, carpenter. 
Cowden Martin, R R and Ex agt. 
Endcrs Peter, blacksmith. 
French W T, general store. 
Hampton G F, justice of the peace. 
Hippie Isaac, carpenter. 
HolmesN S, physician. 
Holverstadt T, hotel. 
Keiistctt K II, General Store. 
Kester Bros, flour mill. 
Leachman J S, physician. 
Leinburger J & Co, dry goods. 
McGee John, saloon. 
Mcjohnston A D, physician. 
Newmasi Uaviti, Carpenter. 
Sharp F J, wagonmaker. 
Sparks Richard M, shoemaker. 
Thompson W A Rev (Baptist). 
Weeks A II, live slock. 

PIXE TILLAGE. This is a vil 
lage of 295 inhabitants, in Adams township, 
Warren county, 14 miles north of Williams- 
port court house, and 5 south of Oxford, its 
shipping place on the L. E. & W. Ry. Big 

Galvanized Iron Cornices^ 

-321 So. Clinton Stre-t, CHICAGO, ILL 
10 "Send for Illustrated Catiloguu and Price! 

!!!*>■ .*« <rx 8 n£** !.., ' " requires TWO.T 





Pine creel; operates by water power a tile 
'factory. The place has Methodist church, 
district school, and ships live stock and 
grain. Mail daily. J. M. Wagner, post- 

Campbell M L, general store. 
Drummond Win, blacksmith. 
Fenton S C, physician. 
Fenton & Bu kles, tile mnfrs. 
Haun A 11, general store. 
McMullen J W, physician. 
Roivcn JamcsF, harnessmaker. 
Rowen J B, shoemaker. 
Swadley 1 M, wagonmaker. 
Swadley 1 J Mrs, milliner. 

village of soo inhabitants, located in Mid- 
dle township, Hendricks county, on I. B. & 
W. Ry, 10 miles northeast of Danville, the 
county seat, and 18 miles northwest of In- 
dianapolis, contains three churches— Bap- 
tist, Methodist and Christian— and graded 
school. United States Express. Mail daily. 
J>. F. Hall, postmaster. 
Adams John Q, blacksmith. 
l!e^ Jacob, shoemaker. 
Breniz Isaac M, physician. 
Kriil J as nes M, Physician. 
Brunafield & McLean, Hour mill. 
Bucrgelin L, blacksmith. 
Cloud C F C, physician. 
Dorman & Dillon, dines. 
Feely Daniel, stave mnfr. 
Hill D> F, Lawyer, Railroad and. Ex- 

press Agent. 
Hook H A, general store. 
Ilornaday & Thompson, cattle dealers, 
McLean J M, general store. 
Pittison j F, wagonmaker. 
Smith W J, sawmill. 
Stanley & Plaster, drugs. 
Waters Isaac ]!, justice of the peace. 
Weaver A C, General Store. 
Wills James M, lawyer. 

PITTSBURG. Randolph county. 
[See j\\..' r.i. .) 

PITTSBURG. Sullivan county. 
{See lhme.a.) 

PITTSB UR G if. An enterprising 

manufacturing village on the Wabash river, 

in Tippecanoe township, Wabash county, 
two miles northwest of Delphi, the county 
seat. The liver furnishes water power for 
a Bom mill, woolen mill and two saw mills. 

Population 3S J. It has Methodht, United 

Brethren and Presbyterian churches and 
good graded school. The I. D. & C. Ry. 
passes through the village. Express, Amer- 
ican. Mail daily. A. M. Maxson, post- 

Angcll C, physician. 
Armstrong Eliza, restaurant. 
Badorf Israel S, Blacksmith. 
Beauchamp David, harness. 
Blessing W II, tinner. 
Deane John, agt I D & C Ry. 
Depew G A, general store. 
Fain hi) 1 R W, lime kiln. 
Fisher, Vandcwolgen & Co, flour mill. 
Gardner Joseph, blacksmith. 
Graham Gcor.-e, Shoemaker. 
Greenup Pros, cattie dealers. 
Hudson S S, wagonmaker. 
Lane Martin, saloon. 
Martin T C Rev [Methodist). 
Mathews James, woolen mills. 
. - SI A M, Postmaster. 

Messer II G, grain dealer. 
'. -row J £,, physii ian. 
Never W II, meat market. 

C \V, 

G W, 


Troxell J G, justice of the peace. 
Vanscoy R Mrs, milliner. 

Ware! Jolimsosi, Saw Mill. 

Wokhofi fohn, general stole. 
Wiley John, blacksmith. 

PLA1NF1JSLB. Fourteen miles 
west of Indianapolis, on the St. L. V. T. 
11. & I. R. R., is a thrifty village, with a 
population of iooo, was settled in 1S36, and 

>f Da 

315 inmates. The county orphan ' h >me 
was established at this place 111 1S77, . nd 
now is in a nourishing condition, with about 
25 inmates. The village contains a flour 
mill, tile manufactory, hotel, newspaper- 
/■,. r, County Citizen (Republican)— and 

chi. f 



h, Western Union. Maildaily. ];, 
S. Odell, postmaster. 
Alinon 1 ,\ Record, meat market. 
Bal El ■ i . : , ■ 
Barnhill J C Rev (Christian), 

. ;. . ■ \ :■.-• . . :• ■ 

1:2 M.-.^lY, :oas»l"ii SSitfl, ' 
J.'.iHA.sAl'OLiS, «.M>. 

Sojurh Gold Pesadantj 



Buys Heal JSntatc, 

No. 3 07 Upper Third St., 
JJcansviUc, Ind. 


AND BU.-.tNK-S UUaiTdliV, 



Bonney Orrin Rev (Baptist). 
Burton Eli C, carpenter. 
Cook S M, general store. 
Cx - ej£g- Jo5ni C, House and Carriage 
Painter, all work warranted, n w cor 
• ' Main ami Vine. 

Dalton Caleb, meat market. 
Dennis Obed H, wagonmaker. 
Doan Jesse, bricklayer. 
Doan John, shoemaker. 
Dobbins James,carpenter. 
Douglass Clark, carpenter. 
Douglass jolin, painter. 
Douglass .V Strauglin, carpenters. 
Edwards Jesse Rev (Fiiends). 
Ellis Thomas E, physician. 
Ellis Win, wagonmaker. 
Ellis & Carter, lu« 
Evans Thomas, physician. 
Fawcett Win T, boots and shoes. 
Fogleman i Bo 5, carpenters. 
' Fox Allied B, saw mill. 
Fullcn Joi.':. ;enei .'. ■■ re. 
Geigcr Wiuiiold S, blacksmith. 
Green Cyrus, R R and E> agt. 
Greene J L Rev (Mell I 
Greene & li idh y, Iruggisl . 
Hadley Davi I. townsl in trustee. 

Hiss Sebastian, 

Chilton supt. 
Jackson Allen, 
Jenkins Henry 
Johnson Eli, ju 
Johnson Elias 1 
John! on I a ■ . 
Johnson Wra G 

J N V, 

aid harness. 


vrebs August, shoemaker. 
jewis Robert, physician. 

Moore Pattison F, grocer. 
Morgan O J, lawyer. 
Munday Thomas, carpenter. 
Newland Charles O, patternmaker. 
Odell II C, cigars, tobacco and confections, 
©deli . fa Hies £>, Postmaster. 
Orphans' Home, \V T Johnson pres. 
OSJJOrn Slmbcl A, Carriage and 

Spring Wagon Maker, e s Center n Main. 
Osborn Stephen, blacksmith. 
Phelps J, tile mnfr. 
Phelps J H, live stock. 
Phillips Milton, druggist. 
Pollard Thomas, painter. 
Pritchard A M, carpenter. 
Reagan Jes,,ie, physician. 
Reagan John W, physician. 
Reagan Taylor, gr cer. 
Scliolle John H, Restaurant and 

Bakery, n s Main \v Vine, next door to- 

Smith Frederick W, physician. 
Snipes Wm R, grocer. 
Stone Zephaniah, blacksmith. 
Strong John T, physician. 
Tomlinson Moses, photographer. 
Tully Perry, live stock. 
Vestal B & N, live stock. 
Vestal JohnN, propr Hendricks County 

Wai'oner Alice Mrs, milliner. 

Wilkin William S Sun, blacksmiths. 
Wilkins & Tomlinson, flour mill. 
Miller Barney, tailor. 
Worth Benjamin F, grocer. 
Worth Joseph C, shoemaker. 
"WaSSOlR <Sr F-razierj Carriage ami 
Wagonmakers. (Sc-e iniv.) 

PLA INVILLE. Is the location of 
loo persons, in Steele township, Daviess 
county, io miles north of Washington, the 


1 A 1 

Buggies, Spring Wagons, 



.U<o a General Repair and Cusloin Shop. 

SI "■' ' ' ;~ ^nT CH.AS. I). COr.SO.V, 10<i ond 110 KranUin Street. CHICAGO. 

1 : 1.J..O, I>r;i!;-. Til:-, flijtnnpy Tops, rt-i«n:», I»>;is«t-r, 

tail I 91 hi Stucco, Wliiic ,V:iml antt Fire Brick. Soo Adv., page 4. 




Ii.d. Sue jmge 3. 


county seal. Edwardsport, 5 miles west on 
the I. & V. Ry., is the most avaiiablc ship- 
ping point. The place has Christian church, 
distiicl school, and daily stage communica- 
tion with Washington. Mail daily. Wil- 
lis B. McRae, postmaster. 
Bullett T W, physician. 
COJittaer "William G, Justice of the 

Dyer Samuel Rev (Christian). 
Herring George, blacksmith. 
Hildreth Wm, geneial store. 
Home M D, physician. 
Lee Henry Rev (Christian). 

e Will; 9 B, General Store. 
Rankin David, general store. 
St rouse W 11 II, physician. 
Willis E D, physician. 

.PLE AS AWT. A rural postoffice in 
Switzerland county, 13 miles northwest of 
Vevay, the county seat. The village has 
two churches — Presbyterian and Baptist. 
Ship to Vevay on the Ohio river. Mail 
daily. W. S. Francis, postmaster and gen- 
eral store. 

in Jasper county, S miles northeast of 
Renssalaer, the county seat, and 4 miles 
north of Pleasant Ridge, a station on the 
I. D. & C. Ry., is a rural postoffice for a 
farming community, and contains a Metho- 
dist chinch, di-stiict school, and exports 
livestock. Mail tri-wcekly. W. K. Parki-, 
son, postmaster. 
Brown George II sr, live stock. 
Parkeson A, live stock. 
Parkison W iv, Live Stock. 
Read A J, live stock. 

county. {See Oakviile.) 

IOO, is situated in Coal Creek town, hip, 
Montgomery county, 14 miles northwest of 
Crawfordsville court house. Wavnetown, 
6 miles due south on the 1. B. & W. Ry, is 
the place of shipment. Tri-weekly stage 
■connection with Newtown and Boston 
Store. Mail tri-weekly. J. W. Cord, post- 

Bedle I M, agricultural implts. 
Bennett G M ,' blacksmith. 
Cortl J \V, Farmer. 
Devoss Allen, cooper. 
Doss & Bain, wagonmakers. 
Harrison J Rev (Methodist). 

llixeon Wm, apiarist. 

HclliM Zt Aiitlersoil, Druggists. 

Jett & McClure, general store. 

Jones I N, shoemaker. 

Krug Henry, live stock. 

Lee L Miss, milliner. 

Mcjimscy John, hotel. 

Miley John, painter. 

Phillips C A, physician. 

Pnillips F 1, tewing machines. 

Thornburg J R, physician. 

PLEASANT LAKE. Deriv* s it, 

name from the lake upon which it is situ- 
ated, in Steuben township and county, on 
Ft. W. & J. R. R, 5 miles south of Angola 
court house. Wheat, corn, oats and live 
stock are exported. The village contains 
500 inhabitants, graded school, Baptist, 
Universalis! and Congregational churches. 
Express, American. Mail daily. S. B. 
George, postmaster. 
Ban Samuel, saloon. 
Biery T E, physician. 
Bigler Robert, saloon. 
Chachvick Frank & Co, general store. 
Concle G W, livery. 
Croxton John G, Hour mill. 
Dodge H B, justice of the peace. 
Forward J M, notary public. 
Freeman Samuel, wagonmaker. 
Fuller S H, physician. 
George S B, Postmaster. 
Johnson James, saddles and harness. 
Ketchum James, boots and shoes. 
Knight Austin, blacksmith. 
Mann John, agricultural implts. 
Matson Geo, hardware. 
Merry & Slioaf, hotel. 
Miller Henry, blacksmith. 
Morse R R, general .-.lore. 
Oberline Hiram, drugs. 
Ransburg & Bro, saw mill. 
Ritter Philip, undertaker. 
Roby & Sons, carpenters. 
Sisson Onin, blacksmith. 
Swartout Homer, meat market. 
VanOrden Jacob, ice. 
Weaver Bros, druggists. 
Willard & Shuster, lumber. 
Young Geo E, real estate. 

lage of 150 inhabitants is located on the T. 
D. & B. R. R., in St. Mary's township, 

Adams county. Dec: 
is 6 miles northwes 
churches — United Br 
district school and llo 

thren and Baplist- 
ir mill, which derive 


rturcr of tho 
■Hon Street. 

Capital City Ci 


N A. KNISELY & CO., M and W "W. Mon- 
UJUmi «e St., Chicago. Send for Catalogue. 

jy Mi 




power from St. Mary's river. Mail daily. 

George V.'. Archbold, postmaster. 

Arclltoold G VV, General Store. 

Barlling F W, stirrups. 

Bonnell G H Rev (United Brethren). 

Cowan I R, hotel. 

Deviney A J, blacksmith. 

Gephart H W, general store. 

Hammell Cyrus, saw mill. 

Harper J L, physician. 

Merriss S B, carpenter. 

Pond John M, wagonmaker. 

Wordeu W II, flour mill. 

miles south of Huntington court house, is 
in Huntington county, and contains 
Friends church, district school, and ioo 
inhabitants. It exports hogs, eggs and 
butter, and has tri-weekly mail stage route 
to Huntington, fare 25c. Leroy Stevens, 


ms Aaron 



sier & Cus 

ter, general store. 


vents Cha 

ties, lawyer. 


wood Ev; 

n. sewing machines. 


idshey Ec 

ward Rev (Friends). 


ulshcy Sa 

nuel, justice of the peac 

Howell N P, 



phy N J, 

general store. 

Nunemaker 5 

amuel, basket mnfr. 


chart Dan 

iel, cooper. 



S E, township trustee. 


ens Lei^ 

, general store. 


ght M R, 


established postoflice in Jasper comity, 4 
miles southeast of Rensselaer, the county 
seat, and is a station on the I. D. & C. Ry. 
Contains Methodist church and district 
school. Mail daily. J. V. Parkison, post- 

Gwin J P & T C, produce. 
Gwin J M, shoemaker. 
Gwin W. II, carpenter. 
E'arltition J V, General Store. 

jimty. {See Beecamfi.) 


mnty. {See Goodvie-.v.) 


50 inhabitants, in Chester to 
bash county, is located 1 
of Wabash court house. 
south, on the W. St. L 




■ townsrup, 
miles northcas 
La Gro, 6 mile: 
S: P. Ry, is th. 

shipping point, It has Baptist chinch .and 

district school. Mail semi-weekly. "\V. Z. 

Taylor, postmaster. 

Bloomer F H, physician. 

O'Neal D C, blacksmith. 

Taylor W Z, General Store and Jus- 

ty. (See Spurgeon.) 

population of 200, is located in Sullivan 
county, 15 miles southeast of Sullivan, the 
county seat, and 7 miles northwest of Mar- 
co, on the I. & V. Ry. The village has 2 
churches— Methodist and Presbyterian— 
and graded school. Daily mail. Stage to 
Marco. VV. P. O'Haver, postmaster. 
Baker & Hines, furniture and undertakers. 
Bedwcll S J, general store. 
Brunei- John Rev (Methodist). 
Bunting James & Co, flour mill. 
Douthilt J L, wagonmaker. 
Howard S M, harness. 
McDowell M C, physician. 
McDowell & Fleming, physicians. 
McCluny S Y, physician. 
Newkirk F, blacksmith. 
O'Haver C J, druggist. 
O'Haver P M, hotel. 
O'lJaver W P, General Store. 
Staley L B, physician. 
Stevens Thomas, shoemaker. 
Wood L R, general store. 

PL UM TREE. With a population 
of 60, is located in Huntington county. 12 
miles southeast of Huntington, the county 
seat and railroad depot. The village con- 
tains 2 churches — Christain and Methodist. 
Mail semi-weekly. II. K. Groves, post- 

Calhoun S D, shoemaker. 
Floyd J II, saw mill. 
Groves I-I K, General Store. 
Hultz I ]), justice of the peace. 
Smith Charles, blacksmith. 
Somcrs A R, hotel. 
Wilmore J M, barber. 



mnty sea 


flourishing village of ^00 inhabitants, lo- 
cated at the crossing of the I. P. & C. and 
P. F. W. & C. Rys, 11S miles north of In- 
dianapolis, and 85 miles southeast of Chi- 
cago. The city is divided into three wards, 
electing two councilmen to each ward every 

TL»« Y^K^itl" f) 8"8 TUe leading 1'ijtiio and Orir 

Tneo. Pfafflm & Co.^j^u-ttcwr.sS 

IfO'.ISC o* 

DIANA, '6U3, IND. 




Indianapolis, lucl. 

[mm \.\ \ statj: c v^ )■:: j- i : i ; i 


two /tears. Among the many prominent 
features of Plymouth may be enumerated 
six churches— Christian, Advent, Catholic, 
Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopal — 
three public schools, two banks — one na- 
tional and one private — a monthly news- 
paper — the lifii! C<la!£ A'es'/.'/er — tv.o week- 
ly — Rtpublican and Democrat — a good opera 
hoiuse, city library containing 500 volumes, 
and the great magnetic flowing we'l, pro- 
ducing 500 gallons of water per minute, 
which has excellent magnetic properties, 
and would furnish water for a town of 50,- 
000 inhabitants. Express, United States 
and Adams. Mail daily. \Ym. A. Kendall, 

Adams Wai T, founder and machinist. 
Alleman Aaron L, undertaker. 
Alleman Mahlon N, restaurant. 
Allman Mayer, general store. 
Bailey Wra N, physician. 
Baily & Capron, flour mill. 
Baker Edgar M, druggist. 
Baker Tosiah S, physician. 
Ball, Carabin & Co, general store. 
Barrthill Ezra K, grocer. 
Baxter S A& Co Mrs, milliner. 
Becker Abraham, grocer. 
Becker Emil, clothing. 
Becker Simon, general store. 
Bender John S, lawyer. 
Bennett Bros, grocers. 
Biegh George W, physician. 
Black Peter, hotel. 
Blain G ..V Co, groceries and drugs. 
Borton T A, physician. 
Bower G W Rev (Methodist). 
Bowers Isaiah, physician. 
Briggs& Zumbaugh, blacksmiths. 
Buck & Toan, bankers and hardware. 
Burch Ann Mrs, dressmaker. 
Burket Francis M, dentist. 
Capron Albertus C, lawyer. 
Chancy George R, lawyer. 
Chaplain Father Rev (Adventist). 
Cieaveland John W, grain and agrl irnplts. 
Coffy Adelbert B, dry goods. 
Conover Josepli X3., Wagonmaker 
and Repairer, n s Washington w Mich- 
Corbin &Co, real estate and abstracts of 

Corbin & Son, lawyers. 
Covert & Karns, dentists. 
Crawford Baron D, lawyer. 
Crawford Bros, saddles and harness." 
Crawford Moses & Bro, meat market. 
Crawford William & Son, china, C lass and 

Dial John, agt Adams and United States 
Ex Cos. 

DeStees Flora Miss, dentist. 

Dunham Z A Mrs, milliner. 

Dunlap J Mrs, physician. 

Durr C C, dentist. 

Elliott Anson P, wagonmaker. 

Fargo Abner R, merchant tailor. 

First National Bank, capital .50,000, M A 
O Packard pres, James A Gilmore cash. 

Fisher William R, carpenter. 

Fondy J J Rev (Episcopal). 

Frank Henry A, dry goods and notions. 

Gabbert & Langfeldt, meat market. 

Gibson, Gretzinger & Co, marble works. 

Gilmore James A, city treas. 

Graves Newell, boots and shoes. 

Grinder II & J, furniture. 

Hank Joseph, barber. 

Ilaslanger C & Co, blacksmiths. 

I la-danger Wm, hotel. 

llauk Henry, marble works. 

Hawley Abijah, boots and shoes. 

Hensey J B Rev (Christian Reform). 

Herter Hans, cigars and tobacco. 

Hertz, Jacob, grocer. 

MeSS "William B, Attorney at Law 
and Notary Public. Special Attention 
Given to Collections and Real Estate Bus- 
iness, e s Michigan s Gano. 

Hill Wm W, bakery and restaurant. 

Hoglan Spencer A, city marshal. 

Hoover George W, wagonmaker. 

Houghton John W, insurance. 

Houghton & Bro, grocers. 

Hume Albert C, dentist. 

Hupp Thomas J, wines and liquors. 

Jilson John C, agt 1 P & C Ry. 

Johnson Amasa, lawyer. 

Jones Perry O, lawyer. 

Kendall Wm M, books. 

Klingcr Jesse, surveyor. 

Klocpfer ,'*: Fofmger, dry goods. 

Koontz Ernests E Mrs, restaurant. 

Kraus Pros, dry goods. 

Kuhn Fred H, meat market. 

Kuhn John C, boots and shoes. 

Lauer & Bro, general store. 

Lenfestey H, feed stable. 

Leonard John G, wagonmaker. 

Leonard J & Son, furniture. 

Leonard & Wiltfong, grocers. 

Linkenhelt Benjamin, butter and eggs. 

Linkenhelt Lawrence, grain. 

Little G orge A Rev (Presbyterian). 

Loesh Christian, saddles and harness. 

Losey John R, jeweler. 

McCall John, shoemaker. 

McCance & Scott, sash, doors and blinds. 

A. L. WRIGHT & CO., 

•17 and 40 South Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

All the New Styles in 

Carpels, Wall Paper and Upholstery. 

fYJ\"L Rr Rnnlinm handle Hie best Blacksmith Coal 
vAMJi.) (A DUUllkUll in the market. Indianapolis, Ind. 





McClaren Tohn D, lawyer. 

McKelvy S L & Co, real estate. 

Matthews Williams S, architect. 

Miller Frederick, shoemaker. 

Montgomery Wm, livery. 

I»I«or, JLclanirt & CO, Carpenters 
and Guilders, south side LaPorte, east of 

Mueller John, barber. 

Nussbaurn & Mayer, grocers. 

O'Day Michael, shoemaker. 

Oglesbee Nathan H, lumber. 

Palmer Charles, furniture. 

Palmer John W, grocer. 

Parlter House, Edgar Taylor Pro- 
prietor. (See adv.) 

Parks JOSD & J W, lawyers. 

Peed Henry A, piopr The Plymouth Dem- 

Pershing & Hulverson, grocers. 

Philpot Aquilla R, jeweler. 

Pilchcr Charles O, agricultural implts. 

Plymouth Democrat' (weekly), 11 A Peed 

Plymouth Republican (weekly), J W Siders 

Poe & Chapman, druggists. 

Portmess Jacob E, photographer. 
Reeves James S, lawyer. 
Renbarger Aaron, saddles and harness. 
Renner Frederick J, restaurant. 
Reutsrhler & Haslinger, saloon. 
Reynolds George R, physician. 
Richardson Charles, lawyer. 
Richardson & VanGorder, milliners. 
Rudowsky Robert C, saloon. 
Ruge Marx, saloon. 
Ryder Bernard E, shoemaker. 
Shaffer Ray A Miss, milliner. 
Shakes •& Collins, saloon. 
Shoemaker John.M, flour mill. 
Short Aaron, saddles and harness. 
Siders John \V, propr The Plymouth Re- 
Simons Millard W, agt P F W & C Ry. 
Singler John, hardware. 
Smith Clara O Mrs, milliner. 
Snyder David E, insurance agent. 
Snyder & Snyder, lawyers. 
Spiesshofer Michael, saloon. 
Stansbury & Co, hardware. 
Stegmann Peter, shoemaker. 
Stemmler Phillip H, merchant tailor. 
Taber & Chaplin, general store. 

y . 

nn ' ' : ■ . ■ i 



ED. XAYliOa, Propriotc*. 

The only first-class Hotel in the city. Charges always reasonable and 
accommodations of the very best order. 

ST.SU. Cor. Miehig&a. <& Washington Sts., 

Sample Rooms on ground floor. Free bus to and from all trains. 
The onl}' and best point for those wishing to go to the great summer 
resort, Maxinkuckec Lake ; hacks run from the House daily. 

kM BOOK YOU WANT«rartt»£, , 8E5riil: 

II iBLEOltl! . B:::: 

fitably by n. Threshing Engl. 





Tannci Lucius, drugj i it. 
Taylor Kcl&ar, Proprietor Parker 
House. (Sec adv.) 

Thayer Henry G, gram. 

TM10I11SOI1 & Brink, Lumber Deal- 
ers and Proprietors Brick Planing Mill. 
Mouldings, Brackets, Building Timber, 
Wagon Spokes, Walnut Balustrades, etc, 
south of P F W & C K R Depot. 

Tuttle & Hoover, photographers. 

Vcitz Edward W, physician. 

Vinnedge Adam, hotel. 

\A ebi r Albeit R, meat market. 

Weirder [ohn, saloon. 

Western Union Telegraph Co, J J O'Brien 

Whitmore Charles, pianos and oigans. 

Whitlock & Co, hardware. 

Williamson Richard, dry goods. 

Wilson 1 II, physician. 

Wolf Gustave, clothing. 

.Wolf Mayer, dry goods. 

YockCV JoSlsi A, Meat Market w s 
Michigan, n LaPorte. 

Young William F, barber. 

Zurwellan George Rev (Catholic). 


uth of 


PO. Locally known a: 
is located on St. Mary's ri 
township, Allen county, II 
Fort Wayne. The river fur 
operate a flour mill. The 
inhabitants, two religious d 
Unite! Brethren anci Methodist— and dis- 
trict school. Ship to Fort Wayne. Mai: 
semi-weekly. Charles F. True, postmaster, 
Brow ; !, general store. 
Cody M, flour mill. 

Deal T: 
I. u 1 : 
Kill 11 
Ogle 1 


Rev (United Brethren). 
Charles F, General Store. 

P OJJV T ISA BEL. 1 laving a popu- 
lation of 150, is located in Green township. 
Grant county, 15 miles southwest of Marion 
court house, 10 west of Fairmount, on C. 
W. & M. Ry, and 10 north of Elwood, on 
P. C. & St. L. and L. E. & W. Rys. Con- 
tains Methodist church and district school. 
Mail semi-weekly. Frank Lennox, post- 

Cavoll 1, stock dealer. 
DowriS Win M, Carpenter. 
Hood A W, carpenter. 

John David, blacksmith. 
John John V, wagonmaker. 
Kilgore Mark M, general store. 
Lennox Frank., Physician. 
Malott Robert & Sons, flour mill. 
Matchett Lewis, c lrpenter. 
Miller Joseph, meat market. 
Plauck Valentine F, shoemaker. 
Sii'-elO'V*" BrOK, Tile Manufacturers. 
Stilwell Wm, genua! stove. 
Thornton Mrs, dressmaker. 
Williams John, carpenter. 

POLAND. With ico inhabitants, is 
located in Cass township, Cl-y county. 
Brazil, the county seat, is 14 miles n r h- 
west. The shipping place is Knightsville, 
on St. L. V. T. II. & I. R. R., o miles 
northwest. Contains two churches— Metho- 
dist and Presbyterian— and graded school. 
Mail tri-weekly. John J. Huffman, post- 

Banmunk Peter, shoemaker. 
Bartholomew N B, physician, 
Chamberlain W L, physician. 
Counts Preston, saddler. 
Huber Samuel C, blacksmith. 
MufTinaU John J, Lawyer. 
Ingram J L, drugs. 
Schroer John, carriage painter. 
Stone & Elliott, physicians. 
Stwalley i'c M'.iiTuiati, General 

Teany & Shoppell, blacksmiths. 
'Tressel & Kattman, general store. 
Wcrremyer Henry, hotel. 

POLK PATCH. Also known as 
Taylorsville, is a village of 300 inhabitants, 
located in Warrick county, 15 miles south- 
east of Boonville, the county seat. The 
place has two churches— Methodist and 
Baptist. Tobacco is the principal article of 
export. Stage communication daily with 
Boonville and Huntingburg. Ship to Boon- 
ville. Daily mail. E. M. Naney, postmas- 

Allen D M, hotel and physician. 
Armstrong Martha, hotel. 
Black J A & Bio, general store. 

Cutler C II, cooper. 
Julian B F Rev (Methodist). 
Julian Henry, shoemaker. 
Katterjohn J F, hour mill. 
Lamar L H, physician. 
McVay W H, physician. 
NiUiev K :«i, General Store. 
Reesor John, wagonmaker. 


1 C. Bradford, Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents, 

I Bio I;, cornel ..f Washington and Meridian Streets, ln'lmritp- 
All busincM confldential. Call or write for Information. 

Merrill Hubbard & Co. 

Jlooksellers, Stationers and Paper dealers, 



AND lsrM.NI>-: DIKKCTukt. 



Spencer R B Rev (Methodist). . 
Taylor H C& Co, blacksmiths. 
Taylor 1 N & Co, millinery. 
Tavlor James, justice of the peace. 
Temple W R, physician. 
Thry J N, cooper. 
Tilman I N, blacksmith. 
Wtaitmgllill W S, Lawyer. 
Wood & Black, drugs. 

POLK R UN. A discontinued post- 
office, in Clark county, 21 miles northeast 
of Jeffersonville, the county scat. Otisco, 
4 miles west, on the Jefi Branch O. & M. 
R. R., is the shipping point. 

POLSONTON. Formerly called 
Knoxville, is a place of 100 inhabitants, lo- 
cated at the four corners of Harrison, Co- 
lumbia, Hall and Marion townships, in 
Dubois county, 10 miles northeast of Jas- 
per, the county seat. Patoka rivei fur- 
nishes power to operate a flour and saw 
mill. The village has three churches — Lu- 
theran, Episcopal : 
graded school. Mail rece 
C. W. Ellis, postmaster, 
Allen Edward A, miller. 
Coble P L, physician. 
DilUemper Geprge, black; 
KlHs C W, General Store and Flour 

Klee Frank, blacksmith. 
Luchauer E, carpenter. 
Lothes John, grocer. 
Poison Thomas, physician and hotel. 
Reuss Michael, wagonmaker. 
Shodd George, shoemaker. 
Waldrip, H L, physician. 

ral postoffice, in Harrison township, Knox 
county, 15 miles southeast of Yincennes, 
the county seat, and S southwest of Wash- 
ington, its place of shipment on the O. & 
M. Ry. Mail semi-weekly. 

POPLAR GROVE. In the north- 
western corner of Howard county and Er- 
vin township, is a small place, with a pop- 
ulation of 50, located 16 miles northwest of 
Kokomo, t lie county seat and most avail- 
able shipping point, has United Brethren 
church and district school. Stage com- 
munication tri-weekly with Kokomo — fare 
round trip Si. Mail tri-weekly. David 
Dillman, postmaster. 
Ault Jesse, plasterer. 
Cant George W, justice of the peace. 

Methodist — and 
ived semi-weekly. 



ocs and 




s and 

-, An 



Dillman David, General Store. 
Kerr Richard, wagonmaker. 
Martin E M Rev (United Brethren). 
Staley David, general store. 
Tucker T C, physician. 

P OPLA R GR O VE. Marion coun- 
ty. {Su/tmy) 

POR TER S TA Tl OX. Is located 
on the Michigan Central Railroad, in Porter 
county, 12 miles north of Valparaiso court 
house. The exports ai 
It has 200 inhabitan 
district school. Expr 
mail. F. Michael, postmaster. 
Challman H Rev, clergyman. 
UXieJeael IF, General Store. 
Rundguist S, shoemaker. 
Swensen Toseph, procer. 
Whitten II E, R R and Ex agl. 

habitants, Union church and district school. 
Situated on While river, in Boone township, 
Dubois county, 9 miles north of Jasper, the 
county seat, and 15 south of Loogootee, on 
the O. & M. Ry. Has daily stage commu- 
nication with Jasper— fare 75c, and Loo- 
gootee— fare Si. 50. Mail daily. C. II. 
Rudolph, postmaster. 
Abel Milton, blacksmith. 
Chiismon J R, marble works. 
Eckert Ferdinand, wagonmaker. 
Gray A C, coal miner." 

Lehrberg ,\ S tig, general store. 
Mehne & Veaglcv, carpenters. 
Munkelt Frederick, shoemaker. 
Rudolph C M & A, Gene 
Rudolph John, hotel. 
Senning Christian, saloon. 

PORTLAND. Fountain 
(See Fountain.) 

PORTLAND. The count 
Jay county, is a pleasant village 
inhabitants, located at crossin • 1 
W. andG. R. & I. R. Us, A ., mile 
Fort Wayne, and 100 northeast ol 
polls. It is a lively business town, 
siderable activity and enterprise, c 
three churches— Catholic, Presbyt 
Methodist— graded school, foui h 
banks, two newspapers, the Comm 
Sun. The Salamoni. river flow 
village but is not used for 

iiimiil y.iuc Oi-unnsi'i 

Address J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinion St., Chi 

Life los, Co 

lifts rrj;iovc<3 
and travel p< 
! to work. E. H. KELLOGG 

tricUoii'.iipO" residence 

Aide ben Co. for Agents 

up't, Chicago, III. 





Its manufactories consist of l»o flour mills,- 
stave and heading factory, saw mills, fur- 
niture factory, Max mill, bracket and mold- 
ing factory, two planing mills, and spoke 
and handle factories. Grain, live stock 
and lumber are the chief exports. Express, 
United States. Telegraph. Western Union. 
Mail daily. Nimvod Headington, post- 

Adair Oscar II, lawyer. 
Adams Silas M, Manufacturer Oil 
and Spirit Barrel Staves and Heading. 
Also, Pork and Tierce Slaves and Sawed 
Alexander I M, carpenter. 
Allen Daniel M, physician. 
Bailey Theodore, lawyer. 
Baker Bros, photographers. 
Baker David' V, lawyer. 
Benedict George & Co, agricultural implts. 
Beit-man Samuel, flour mill. 
Bimel & Sosn, Handle and Spoke 

Borden Thomas E, saddles and harness. 
Bosworth Thomas, lawyer. 
Boyd Tames M, barber. 
Burden Win II, barber. 
Cartwright i Headington. general store. 
Chalfant Henry C, hardware. 
Citizens' Bank, capital $30,000, C S Ar- 
thur pies. J B Taqua cash. 
Coffin Thomas W, meat market. 
Coffin, Resiir & Co, Lumber, Lath, 

Shingle.-, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc. 
Conkle J, justice of the peace. 
Cnrger Lewis, sawmill. 
Cring John, furnitnre. 
Eagle House, T E Bordon propr. 
Eichelberger Samuel II, planing mill. 

EymanAl " '■ -..^roceu ' 

Faul& Bachholz, flour mill. 

Fulton Ber-iamin F, grocer. 

Fulton Bros, grocers. 

Fulton & Hearn, grocers. 

Gable Nathaniel H, boots and shoes. 

Gillum James, physician. 

Gilpin Levi L, agt G R& I R R. 

Grafton & Co, jewelers. 

Green Edward O, grocer. 

Greenawal; & Cookerly, wagonmakers. 

Hale Silas W, grain. 

Haynes Jacob M, lawyer. 

Haynes Sumner W, lawyer. 

Headington Nimrod, hotel and postmaster. 

Headington W E & Co, livery. 

XSeaciington & l.a S'olletle, 

Lawyer-, Insurance and Collection Agts. 


Holloway George P, harnessmaker. 

Holmes L L & Son, marble works. 

Hood W II & Co, grocers. 

Huey & Hawkins, harnessmakers. 

Humphries ,v Holmes, meat market. 

Johnson Thomas S, stoves and tinware. 

Kelly Peter, Max mill. 

Kikendall Edward B, general store. 

Kinsey D S, physician. 

Kirshbaum ei Silvernale, general store. 

LeeperWm 1!, hardware. 

Littell .Bros, druggists. 

McAdams Joseph I. C, dentist. 

McGovney S T, drugs. 

SICLa«;.;-Sftlill VrailCJS M, Ab- 
stracts ol Title, Real Estate, Loan, In- 
surance and Collection Agent. (See adv.) 

McGill & Br 


Malin & Smi, jewelry and books. 

Marsh Elias J, propr Portland Commercial. 

Meeker Norton A, druggist and Ex agt. 

Miller Charles S, agrl implts. 

Millett John, grocer. 

Moon Ezra W, physician, 

Moran John J, saloon. 

Morehous John A, druggist. 

Moses John S, photographer. 

O.-walt Lewis, propr Portland House. 

Parrot R S Rev (Methodist). 

Peoples' Bank, capital 550,000, J M Haynes 

pres, W M Haynes cash. 
Perdieu John R, lawyer. 
Portland Commercial (weekly), E I Marsh 

Portland House, Lewis Oswalt, propr. 
PcrUana Novcllv V*'ooti 

Works, J C M Shanks propr. (&: 

Portland Sun (weekly), VV \Y Timmonds 

Premer Wm, saw mill. 
Rantze & English saw mill. 
Reid James P, lawyer. 
Roll Orin, surveyor. 
Ross Joseph, hotel and billiards. 
Schamp George W, boots and shoes. 
Se ring Bros, grocers. 
Shanks JoStu C M, Propriety 
Portland Novelty Wood Works. (SeeaJ: I 
Shanks John P C, lawyer. 
Shannon Wm, blacksmith. 
Simmons Isaac, lawyer. 
Stanton David S, physician. 
Stu'J W C, jeweler. 
i.v.lor & Smith, lawyers. 
Hr-imonds W W, propr Portland Sun. 
T ::ard John II, furniture. 
V ipple Olney, druggist. 
V. Lit John S, grocer. 

BD SHSt^S , 5^¥ii?SF w ' - r ! ! MHMnQ mounter 


WM. M. BBLL{Sg| 

state A gent and Xotarif 
307 Upper Third 
Evansvillo-, Jnd. 




line between Parke and Putnam counties, 
12 miles east of Rockville, 14 northwest of 

Greencastle, and 6 south of Russelville, its 
shipping point on I. D. & S. Rv. Big 
Raccoon creek Hows through the place and 
supplies a flour and saw mill with water 
power. The village has 150 inhabitants, 
Christian church and district school. Mail 
daily. Andrew French, postmaster. 
ISlake John E, saw and flour mill. 
FreiiciU Andrew, General Store. 
Garver A H, tanner. 
Hamilton Allen, blacksmith. 

Hargrave J W, undertaker. 
Howe & Vermillion, general store. 
Kendall Philip, hotel. 
Larew Benjamin, physician. 
Myers Joseph, physician. 
O'Mear John, shoemaker. 
Sigler II f, harnessmaker. 
Sowder Daniel, blacksmith. 
Thompson James W, wagonmaker. 

POSEYVILLJE. With a popula- 
tion of 300 inhabitants, is located in Posey 
county, :i miles northeast of Mount Ver- 
non, the county seat. Evansville, 21 miles 


. ■■ - ! " ( V > t ' 


J&.T1.&. Counselors ctt 3Lh&,tw, 



Francis M. McLaughlin, 



tatements of Titles, buy and sell Real Estate on Commission, eollectXotes 

irnish Abstracts anil Stater. 

aud accounts, foreclose At 
of security, for uon-ris 

PORTLASI), .!;i.v County, 

J. C. M. SHA.3STKS. 

■ proprietor of 

E*ODL»-tlea.XL<3., TL-n'CLL 

All kinds of Scroll Sawing, Planing-, Bracket Work, Etc. Matchii 
Moulding and Turning Executed at Reasonable Rates. 

Gas Retorts and 3 

Gits ISlMI. UOS ' 
etc., furnished i 

r«a.M>N-, 1:3 •: r.: r— :::. 

In' « . •-.. (ti > ', ; AS. 

omixly. JU-ncSi est* tin 
jG-ar-S-ec ,'clv., j.aijc-l. 

I I Lg Indianapolis, I,,,.. Se„We 3 




utheast, is the shipping depot. 
iekly mail stage to Owensville and 

T. M. Wc 


Bonensaill V 5", Banker. 

Copeland W M, blacksmith. 

Grim John, boots and shoes. 

Jaqucs S C, general store. 

Lak< man E W, boots and shoes. 

Lewis I T, grocer. 

M( Reynolds S D, drugs. 

Marsh Jonathan, blacksmith. 

RutledgeJ C, physician. 

Spain A W, physician. 

Stevens I W, wagonmaker. 

Walker J & Son, flour mill. 

Weaver T M, General Store. 

Williams S II, harness. 

Woodry Albert, physician. 

Young T P, physician. 

POST02?. Is a station on the O. & 
M. Ry, in Otter Creel; township, Ripley 
county, 5 miles west of Versailles, the coun- 
ty seat. Population ioo. Express, O. & 
M. Mail daily. 
Sheets &Bro, general store. 

P O TA TO CR EEK. A rural post- 
office situated in Montgomery county, 14 
miles northeast of Crawfo'rdsville, the 
county seat, 6 miles east of Linden and 5 
miles north of Darlington, the last two 
named being the shipping points. Tri- 
weekly mail. Semi-weekly stage communi, 
cation with Crawfordsville fare, 50c. J. A. 
Berryman, postmaster. 

BerrymanJ A, Physician and Insur- 
ance Agent. 
Davis Jacob, blacksmith. 
Irons J P., stock dealer. 
Martin S .', collecting agent. 
Peterson John, stock dealer. 
Peterson SilaS, stock dealer. 

county. [Set A>i.) 

POWERS. A postoffice and station 
on the P. C. & St. L. Ry, in Jefferson town- 
ship, Jay county, having a population of 
300 and located II miles southwest of Port- 
land, the county seat. The churches are 
Christian and Baptist, and district schools. 
United Slates express. Mail daily. C. E. 
Cartwright, postmaster. 
CartWl'i&llt C 13 & Co, General 

Store and Grain. 
Corbin E H, drugs. 
Dailcy H L, insurance agt. 

Engle John, carpenter'. 

Jenkins James M, saw mill. 

Johnson Joseph, blacksmith. 

Neely John, carpenter. 

Steed John, justice of the peace. < 

Swihart G W, general store. 

Thompson E, wagon maker. 

White T C, drugs. 


postoffice at Middletown, is situated in 
Prairie Creek township, Vigo county, 15 
miles southwest of Ten e Haute, the county 
seat. Contains 250 inhabitants. Christian, 
Baptist and Methodist churches, district 
school, and is in stage communication with 
Tcrre Haute tri-weekly. Mail daily. W. 
II. PieU, postmaster. 
Butler Adam, justice of the peace. 
Debann B T, township trustee. 
Elliott Albert, blacksmith. 
Elliott Amos, general store. 

jer J W, Boots and Shoes. 
Harmon A J, hotel. 
Harper Clement, general store. 
Mater D, justice of the peace. 
Pielz T D E, drugs. 
PietZ T y» T M, Justice of the Peace. 
Pielz & Trueblood, general store. 
Talbott T M, physician. 
Tobin Bros, flour and saw mill. 
Walters Dr, physician. 
Whitaker I B, physician. 

PKAIUIETON. Located in town- 
ship of same name, county of Vigo, with a 
population of 300, is S miles southwest of 
Terre Haute. Contains two churches- 
Methodist and United Brethren— and is in 
communication by tri-weekly mail stage 
with Middletown and Terre Haute. L. S. 
Ball, postmaster. 

Ball 3L, S, Druggist, Physician and Gro- 
Carson L E, physician. 
Davis W E Rev (Methodist). 
Drake T G, physician. 
Gilbert James, shoemaker. 

Glover E E, physician. y 

Gunn John, carpenter, 
lnfange II H, general store. 
Jones T L, grocer. 
Lang \Vm, machinist. 
Malone J N, shoemaker. 
Malone W D, shoemaker. 
Page fame, Rev (United Brethren). 
Reynolds Jaur.cs, Meat Market. 
Voges Henry, blacksmith. 
Volkers F, wagonmaker. 

jt:-:-." : ; :-,'; :-;■:; 

Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 
82 West Washington Strom, 


12 ami 14 W. Jr 
Tin, Slat 

• Have Iccn in luiiicu 

inroe Street,, ClfiCAGO, 
and 'roii Roofers, 

20 years, ssJ warrant all on: vork. 




Volkers Win, wagonmaker and justice. 
Wilson John, blacksmith. 

TltATJlEK. A postoffice in Clark 
county with a population of 400, is also a 
station on the Lou. Div. O. & M. Ry., 
known as Gibson. It lies S miles northeast 
of Jeffersonville, the county seat, and con- 
tains a Methodist chinch and union school. 
Express, Ohio and Mississippi. .Mail daily. 
G. R. Thompson, postmaster. 
. Bennett J S, hotel. 
Evening Times, A C Stacy, propr. 
Gibson Jacob, meat market. 
Gibson 'Win M, justice. 
Hosea Z T, R R and Ex agt. 
Hosea Z T & Co, general store. 
Prather U L, grain and cattle. 
Pralher Jefferson, barber. 
Stacy A C, editor Evening Times. 
Stacy J W, veterinary surgeon, 
TIlOlMpSon (i JK, Postmaster. 
Williams John M, blacksmith. 
Williams J W, livery. 
Young F C & Co, carpenters. 

PRATT. Or Prattsville, as it is 

sometimes called, is situated in Clay coun- 
ty, distant miles from Brazil, the county 
seat, and I mile from Coal Bluff, on the I. 
& St. L. Ry. Population 30. Mail daily. 
James M. Halbert, postmaster. 
Malfoert James: M, Farmer. 
Rankin M C, saw mill. 

PRESCOTT. Is a place of 250 in- 
habitants, in Addi-.on township, Shelby 
county, on the C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., 5 
miles southeast of Shelbyville, the county 
seat. The village has three churches — 
Catholic, Methodist and Baptist — graded 
and Catholic schools. Express, American. 
Mail daily. Lizzie Henry, postmaster. 
Bernhamer Charles, general store. 
Beruliaisier Ed It, Card and Job 

Printer, Books and Newspapers. 
Dellekamp Henry, blacksmith. 
Fussner Joseph, wagonmaker. 
Hdiry L,iz%ie, Postmaster. 
Reek Joseph, saloon. 
Meer Henry, general store and justice. 
Rudolph F J Rev (Catholic). 
Schwartz Henry, shoemaker. 
Witteride Barney, produce. 

PRZA^f. Locally known as Trenton, 
is situated in Jackson township, Blackford 
county, 7 miles due east of Hartford City, 
the county seat and shipping point, and 

contains two Methodist churches and a 
graded school. Population 300. Mail 
semi- weekly. Theodore M. Gehrett, post- 

Armstrpng A M, general store. 
Armstrong Thomas, cattle dealer. 
Cartright Geoige, general store. 
Cartright Henry, carpenter. 
Empshiller M M, drugs. 
Fair John, blacksmith. 

Gelirett Theodore M, Physician. 
Landon L C, physician, 
Porter Thomas, saloon. 
Ransom Bros, saw mill. 

PRINCETON, Is the county seat 
of Gibson county, 82 miles south of Terre 
Haute, 27 north of Evansville and 134 
southwest of Indianapolis. The village is 
incorporated, and has 3000 inhabitants, ten 
churches of different denominations, graded, 
school often departments, a national bank, 
and five hotels, prominent among which is 
the Donald House, being centrally located, 
and affords excellent accommodations to 
guests. Princeton is nicely laid out, hav- 
ing wide streets beautifully lined with shade 
trees, substantial county and public build- 
ings and handsome residences. It is on 
the E. & T. H. and L. N. A. & St. 
L. R. Rs, and is the eastern terminus of 
the Owensville Branch E. & T. H. R. 
R. The press is represented by two weekly 
newspapers — Clarion (Republican), and 
Democrat. It has an extensive grain trade, 
and exports a large quantity of both corn 
and wheat. The manufacturing interest; 
of the place are four Hour mills, furniture 
factory, woolen mill, planing mill and brie!: 
and tile manufactory. The Masons, Odd 
Fellows and A. O. U. W. have- lodges here. 
Express, Adams. Telegraph, 'Western 
Union. Mail daily. Andrew J. Calkins, 

Adams Ex Co, James L Thornton agt. 
Agar Bros, books. 
Agniel George, livery. 
Archer ec Crow, clothing. 
Awcnius Peter, saloon. 
lialier Georjje, carriagemaki 

Baker Laura J Mrs, milliner. 
Barrett Leonard, hardware. 
Barrett & Stiain, agricultural impll 
Beck Valentine, boots and shoes. 
Bieger & Snapp, carriage mnfrs. 


•belt i. 

Blair Wm W, physician. 
Branham Bros, stoves and tinuai 

All Styles nntl nt All 1'rlofs, at 

TllJSO. PFA r/'/,7.Y ,;• GO'S. 
8 find GO >'. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Incl. 



Xnclianajwlis, Ind. 





Branham Preston, hotel. 

Brownk-e Charles, general store. 

Burger Ferdinand A, merchant tailor. 

Burger Frank H, barber. 

Burruckcr John, marble yard. 

Buskirk Claience A, lawyer, 

Calkins Andrew J, furniture. 

Clay Stephen Rev (Baptist). 

Cox Harvey, shoemaker. 

Daugherty & Hamilton, furniture. 

Devih lames A, general store. 

»OUald Kotel, Mrs N K Donald 
Proprietor, Feilding R Macy Manager. 
(See adv.) 

Donald Mrs N K, propr Donald Hotel. 
(See adv.) 

Downey Wm D, general store. 

Eads Erastus, physician, 

Eilers Henry, baker. 

Embree Lucius C, lawyer. 

Erwin Charles O, lawyer. 

Evans VVra II, editor Princeton Democrat. 

Ewing John W, lawyer. 

Fields Martin W, lawyer. 

Fleming Joseph T, druggist. 

Ford & Bro, planing mill. 

Gamble James B, lawyer. 

Gieseke Dederick, meat market. 

Gieseke Henry, blacksmith. Mary I Misb, milliner. 

Gilmore Steele F, dentist. 

Givens Philip, saloon. 

Gray Wm F, jeweler. 

Greek .V Hallett, Hour mill. 

Hallock Richard A, druggist. 

Hall John B, groceries. 

Haniia, Baker & Co, blacksmiths. 

Hartin & Richardson, carriage mnfrs. 

Henneberger Frank I, baker. 

Hcston & Teague, milliners. 

Hudson Oliver L, physician. 

Ingram Taylor, barber. 

Jean, Thurman & Co, produce. 

Jenkins John E Rev (Cumberland Presby- 

Jerauld George N, general store. 

Jcssop Wm, woolen factory. 

Jessop & Roll,, flour mill. 

Johnston Newton H, stoves and tinware. 

junker John B, notions. 

Kaufman John D, clothing. 

Kirtcl William 4i, 'Physician, Brick 
and Tile Manufacturer. 

Kimball Jesse C, stoves and tinware. 

Kimball ) Ck Co. agricultural implts. 

Kimball & Rem, lightning rods. 

Knight Aaron II Rev (Methodist). 

Roll., Lewis & Co, grocers. 

Kurtz Harry, lawyer. 

Kurtz John W, jeweler. 

Kurtz Wm, notary. 

Lagow Henry W, propr Lagow House. 

LagOW Mouse, Henry W Lagow, 

Land Wm M, lawyer. 

McCuIlough Tames E, lawyer. 

McDonald Wilford B, insurance. 

McGarrah James II, harness. 

McMasters Wm H Rev (United Presby- 

Malone John A, physician. 

Martin David C Rev (Presbyterian). 

Mason Alfred Rev (Methodist). 

Massey John B, saloon. 

Mauck Samuel, cigars and tobacco. 

Maxam Frank II, 'physician. 

Michael A Rev (Lutheran). 

Miller Daniel S W, livery. 

Miller R M I, lawyer. 

Mills Benjamin Rev (Presbyterian). 

Muncy Feilding R, manager Donald Hotel. 

Munford Samuel E, physician. 

Noble, Lukins Bros, flour mills. 

Norris Wm 11, agt E & T II R R. 

Orr R R & Co, grocers. 

Patton James C, cigars and tobacco. 

Paxton Thomas R, lawyer. 

Peoples National Bank, canital S^, 
Wm L Evans pres, Wm L Dorsey cash. 

Pfohl Wm & Co, shoemaker. 

Powell G, physician. 

Prater John, barber. 

Princeton Clarion (weekly), Gilbert R Stor- 
mont editor and propr. 

Princeton Democrat (weekly), Wm K Evans 
ed and propr. 

Profit Mary T Mrs, dressmaker. 

Pumphrey Lot H, dentist. 

Rembe Louis, shoemaker. 

Riggs Richard, grocer. 

Robb Thomas J, agrl implts. 

Rothchild Leopold, clothing. 

Schneck & Co, druggists. 

Shannon Andrew A, clothing. 

Shoptaugh Shelton H, physician. 

Shucl John W, meat market. 

Singer' Manufacturing Co, Willett R Way- 

Skidmore Thomas W, harness. 

Soller Henry, boots and shoes. 

Stern S & J C, Hour mill. 

Stewart & Co, druggists. 

Stokes Albert E, hotel. 

Stormunt Gilbert R, editor Princeton Clar- 


John, grocer, 
t Allen C, cooper, 
n Bros, general st 

.a.. -X-,. -Vv-j^,xc3-3H:a? d= CO., ,t> 

Successors to Adams, Mansur ,V Co., 
l~] ar.d A') S. Meridian St., Indianapol 

Largest Stock in the State. 

I/YPOLIS, handic the best quality 
of Wilkesbai're Anthracite Coal. 


AND l!t>IM:-:: l.lKKl'TCKV. 


Sutton Thomas, meat market. 

Thornton James L, agt A'tams Ex Co. 

Trippet Win II, lawyer. 

Twineham Arthur 1', lawyer. 

Wade Wm T, jeweler. 

Wallace Henry L, cigars and tobacco. 

Ward Seth, harness. 

Wavman Willett R, mngr Singer Mnfg Co. 

Weir Wm, physician. 

West Vincent T, physician. 

Western Union Tel Co, Wm II Norris mgr. 

Wheeler Lewis II, general store, 

Wilhite James C, saloon. 

Williams & Claik, sewing machines. 

Wright Andrew T, justice of the peace. 

Wright Theophilus, general store. 

Wright Wm R, photographer. 

Wright & Criswell, picture frames. 

Yeager Henry A, lawyer. 

Youngman Sarah A Mrs, hotel. 

Zaring Wm Rev (Methodist). 

township, Carroll county, with a population 
of 50, is located 12 miles southeast of Del- 
phi", the county seat, and 4 miles southwest 
of Cutler, on the T. II. & I. (Log. Div.) 
R. R. Mail tri-weekly. G. G. Moore, 

Bowen Alfred, grocer and saloon. 

Clark A A, notary public. 

Fleming J F, blacksmith. 

Haines K, saw mill. 

Kerner John, shoemaker. 

Mini: S, sorghum mnfr. 

Mocre G G & A 1*1, General Store. 

Watson Isaac, auctioneer. 

PROGRESS. Was established as a 
postoffice in 1880, is a small (lag station on 
the I. D..& S. Ry, with no village popula- 
tion, in Hendricks county, 6 miles from 
Danville, the county seat. Mail daily. 
Jacob Hoerner, postmaster. 

PROVIDENCE. Established as a 
postoffice in 1SS0, contains 100 inhabitants, 
and is situated in Johnson county, 7 miles 
from Franklin, the county seat and ship- 
ping point. It has district school, Christ- 
ian and Methodist churches. Mail daily. 
John W. Deer, postmaster. 
Deer J W, general store. 
Dill J'W, physician. 
Gilman C L, wagonmaker. 
Harris Samuel, undertaker. 
Province W M, physician. 
Robbins Ralph, carpenter. 


C23QSiaSl BAB] i: L 

PEIITCETO^T, - - - X2STX3-, 

7 liie ferriages and Buggies 

And Light YJagons. 


Repairing of all kinds done promptly and at reasonable rates. 


MRS. N. K. DONALD, Proprietress, 


This Mouse is run for the accommodation of the traveling public ex- 
clusively, is near the business part of the city and first-class in every 
particular. Rooms are all large, we'll ventilated and handsomely fur- 
nished. Accommodating clerks. Good Sample Rooms on first floor. 

Blank Books" Sol 

J^TJ? X-.O"''^^^.'^'^ BATES. 
Etir-Senil iu Order,, to SPKAGVE, 

3*J1 \V. Madison Struct, CUicago. 


JirofitaMy l.y a Thrcsbinc; Kngii 
ctured by CHANDLEU & TAYLOR, 
jImlianai>olH, luil. See pago 3. 




Smith G W, blacksmith. 
Titus J K, saw mill. 

PULASKI. On Tippecanoe river, 
in Indian Creek township, Pulaski county, 
with a population of 60, is located 7 miles 
southwest of Winamac, the county seat. 
The river furnishes power to operate a flour 
mill. Mail tri-weekly. S. B. Low, post- 

Butler A A, general store. 
Clarriage E H, blacksmith. 
LOW S B, General Store. 
McPherson C F, physician. 
Shank A G, saloon. 
Simmermaker A, shoemaker. 
Wood J P, Hour mill. 

rUltCELLS. A rural postoflicc, lo- 
cated in Johnson township, Knox county, 
5 miles 'south of Vincennes, the county 
seat. It is also a flag station on the E. & 
T. H. R. R., and contains district school 
and Presbyterian church. Mail daily. 
Wm. M. Setzer, postmaster, justice of the 
peace and grain and live slock dealer. 

PUTNAMVILLV. This thriving 
village, with a population of 225, is located 
on the L. N. A. & C. R. R., in Warren town- 
ship, Putnam county, 5 miles south of 
Greencastle, the county seat, contains 3 
churches — Christian, Presbyterian and 
Methodist — and graded schools. Stone, 
staves and lumber are exported. Express, 
Union. Mail daily. S. C. Bishop, post- 
SSisItOp S C, Drugs, Groceries, Books 

and St 



id justice. 

Bolton & Hendrix, flour mill. 

Bowen R II, justice of the peace. 

Boyd & Crawford, blacksmiths. 

Brothers Thomas, blacksmith. 

Cooper John B, hotel. 

Crawley Johnson, shoemaker 

GrigSljy W A, Harness 

Hamaker John, wagonmaker 

Haney Elizabeth, hotel. 

Hurst & Bro, general store. 

Layman D W, physician. 

Mcllvain M M, undertaker. 

McNut Geo F, physician. 

O'Neal \V II, meat market. 

Stoops <Jc Bowcn, General Store 

Walden W II, R R and Ex agt. 

Williams J II, ge. 

county, S miles south of Delphi, the county 
seat, on north fork of Wildcat creek, which 
furnishes power to operate a flour mill. 
The village contains 50 inhabitants, Dunk- 
ard church and district school. Mail tri- 
weekly. Israel German, postmaster. 
Calvert R H, physician. 
Cripe J J, flour mill. 
German Israel, General Store. 
Jones A G, blacksmith. 
Miller B II, shoemaker. 
Robinson G W, miller. 
Shively J J. meat market. 
Wert P P, wagonmaker. 

QUAKER HILL. An unimport- 
ant postoirice, in Vermillion county, 8 miles 
west o( Newport, the county seat, and 6 
north of Dana, on I. D. & S. Ry, has 
Friends church and district school. Mail 
tri-weekly. Edwin K. l'ugh, postmaster. 

QUAKEnrOnX. The location 
of about 50 persons (principally Friends) in 
Harmony township, Union county, on the 
east fork of Whitewater river, which fur- 
nishes water power to operate one flour 
mill. The place has Friends church, dis- 
trict school, and is located 6 miles south- 
west of Liberty, the county seat and near- 
est rail approach. It has tri-weekly stage 
route to Liberty— fare 35c, and Brookville 
—fare 50c. Mail tri-weekly. J. M. Stan- 
ton, postmaster. 

Brookbank B F, justice of the peace. 
Dair Frank, blacksmith. 
Gardner Paul, flour mill. 
Stanton S E, General Store. 

Q UEE2TS TILLE. With a location 
in Jennings county, is a postofii.e and sta- 
tion on J. M. & I. R. R., having a popula- 
tion of 125 persons, 6 miles northwest of 
Vernon, the county seal. The place has 
two churches — Baptist and Christian — gra- 
ded school and cheese manufactory. Ex- 
press, American. Mail daily. C. B. Cur- 
tis, postmaster. 
Cowell O N, cheese mnfr. 
CurtiS C 15, Postmaster and Farmer. 
Day P H, cooper. 
Kennedy R., General Store. 
Parker E L, general store. 
Peterson Samuel, blacksmith. 
Smith J B, hay. 

QUEBCUS GROVE. Located in 
Switzerland county, 16 miles northeast of 
Vevav, the county seat, is a small post vil- 

... Solicitor of 

7 and Notary 

( Indi 

American and Foreign T'<ili 

Public. Office, Room iS, Hubbard I 
, Ind. 

. . . ■ I 

Wholesale Booksellers and Paper Dealers, Indianapolis, 1ml.' 


AM) ];1'K1M:SS nilMXTOUY. 



lage of 30- persons. The shipping point is 

North's Landing, on the Ohio liver, 5 miles 

northeast. Mail daily. R. W. Galbreath, 


Cheever E M, physician. 

Dublane W, blacksmith. 

Galbreatll Bros, General Store. 

Loshelter P R, lawyer. 

Piatt John, blacksmith. 

Ricketts J C, general store. 

Riley John, wagonmaker. 

Q U1NCY. Located on the L. N. A. 

& C. Ky., in Taylor township, Owen county, 
16 miles northeast of Spencer, the county 
seat. Population 400. Churches, Metho- 
dist and Baptist. Schools, district. Ex- 
press, Adams. Mail daily. D. H. McDon- 
ald, postmaster. 
Anderson E, hotel and notions. 
Beaman J W & Co, general store. 
Buchanan J H, blacksmith. 
Curry Jane, milliner. 
Davis J W, saw mill. 
€iradv A Vv r , Carpenter. 
Hart H & Son, notions. 
Jones Belle, milliner. 
Klcltcmaitl D H, Physician. 
Mel 1 vain J C & Co, general store. 
Mullinix P, druggist. 
Orrell M L, hardware. 
Phillips H, blacksmith. 
Pierce M O, shoemaker. 
Raymon W, barber. 
Tyler G, carpenter. 
Unklesbie Z, wagonmakar. 
Wygal & Co, flour mill. 

It A CCO OX. Is a recently estab- 
lished postoffice on the I. D. & S. Ry, in 
Franklin township, Putnam county, 15 
miles north of Greencastle, the county seat. 
Mail daily. 

JRAGLESVILLE. Is located in 
an excellent coal district, in Van Burcn 
township, Daviess county, 16 miles north- 
east of Washington, the county seat, and 
10 north of Loogootee, on the O. & M. Ry, 
contains loo persons, Methodist and 
United Brethren churches and district 
school. Mail tri-weekly. Logan Allen, 

Casey T \V, general store. 
Clark J Y & Son, blacksmiths. 
Dcarmin John, physician. 
Dearmin Win, carpenter. 
Edwards & Hewit, shoemakers. 
Hobbs W P, physician. 

Love E M Rev, clergyman. 
Myers I B, wagonmaker. 
Rinehart John J, flour mill. 
Stuckey S H, blacksmith. 
Wadsworth John, teacher. 
Wadsworth P R, juslire of the peace. 
Whitley J S, physician. 
Wiiiiiey J S & Co, D-uggists. 

JRAINSTO WK. On the I. B. & W. 

Ry, in Union township, Hendricks county, 

has 200 inhabitants, is 10 miles north of 

Danville couit house, and 20 northwest of 

Indianapolis. Lumber is the chief article of 

shipment. Mail daily. Stephen bowler, 


Fowler StepSieil, General Store. 

Hale James R, tile innfr. 

Keeney Bros, slave and heading mnfrs. 

Rains Hiram, saw mill. 

ItAlNSVILLE. Pine township, 
Warren county, contains 150 inhabitants, 
Methodist church and district school, and 
is located 12 miles north of Williamsport, 
the county scat, and 10 south o( Oxford, its 
shipping point, on the L. E. & W. Ry. 
Pine creek is utilized to operate one flour 
mill. Daily stage to Oxford— fare 50c. 
Mail daily. 
Pair Wm, carpenter. 
Brown James F, general store. 
Carpenter B O, flour mill. 
Hickman S H, saloon. 
"Hoffman C II, physician. 
Kern John, drugs. 
Lawson John, shoemaker. 
Nordstrum E, blacksmith. 
Ogburn Newton, wagonmaker. 
Shawcross Tohn, dry goods. 
Wikoff R H, physician. 

RALEIGH. Five miles south of 
Lewisville, its shipping point, on the P. C. 
& St. L. Ry, contains 136 inhabitants, lo- 
cated in Washington township, Rush coun- 
ty, 12 miles northeast of Rushvilie, the 
county seat. Mail is received weekly. 
Wm. B. Ilartzell, postmaster. 
Axline J A, physician. 
Black S A, blacksmith. 
Boles J B, Shoemaker. 
Bush N E, blacksmith. 
F.insher lohn H, shoemaker. 
Frew L B, brick mason. 
HartZClI William B, Grocer. 
Herri n J W, wagonmaker. 
Jackson W C, cattle dealer. 
Jackson W T, justice of the peace. 


t/ D 313-381 SoutU Clinton S»trics, CHICAGO, ILL,. 

:£9,— ™ 

for a largo biisin 

' For Ag !: .,;. . 

E.LLOCG, Sup't, Chicago, £11. 





Jones Wm, carpenter. 

McCann J R, Harnessmaker. 

Martin B L .V Co, general store. 

Nelson J T, carpenter. 

Ross L G, physician. 

Saul D P, justice of the peace. 

It A ME h TON. A rural postoffice in 
Hamblin township, Brown county, 7 miles 
northeast of Nashville, the county seat. 
Morgantown, 10 miles northwest, on the F. 
F. & M. R. R., is its shipping point. There 
are in the neighborhood three churches — 
Christian, Baptist and Methodist — and a 
district school. Mail is received once a 
week. Samuel \V. Tracy, postmaster. 
Mcllvaiue James E, blacksmith. 
Parsley Robert M, general slore. 

Tracy Samuel W, Farmer. 

Walker A E Rev (Methodist). 

RANDOLPH. Name of postoffice 
2 miles from Deerfield, its shipping point, 
on the P. C. & St. L. Ry, in Ward town- 
ship, Randolph county, 5 miles north of 
Winchester, the county seat. Grain is the 
principal farm product and export. 
Churches, Methodic and United Brethren. 
Population 200. Express, United States. 
Mail daily. C. E. Cartwright, postmaster. 
Baker Wm, blacksmith. 

CartWTigfllt C K, Railroad and Ex- 
press Agent. 
Clapp J B, saw mill. 
Clevenger S S, general store. 
Collet; J M & Co, grain. 
Collins Amos, general store. 
Fields H W, grain. 
Sipe John H, saw mill. 
Vorhis Alexander, general store. 
Whip. ile & Haiker, Hour mill. 

SANGER. Is a village of 50 inhab- 
itants, in Anderson township, Perry coun- 
ty, 13 miles north of Cannelton, thecounty 
seat and place of shipment. Mail tri-week- 
ly. Mrs. Mary E. Rhodes, postmaster. 
Coultas Wm, blacksmith. 
Rhodes Mary E, general store. 
Rhodes Sylvester, saw mill. 
Slaughter J B, physician. 

RAUB. Settled in 1876, now having 
a population of 300, is a growing village 
located in Benton county, on the C. L. & 
C. Ry, 12 miles northwest of Fowler, the 
county seat, contains a Methodist church 
and district school. Express, American. 
Mail daily. William Keefe, postmaster. 

Austin Freeman, blacksmith. 

Bishop A T, physician. 

Booty Peter, shoemaker. 

Brown B, blacksmith. 

Burry James, druggist. 

Gillett S J, R R and Ex agt. 

Houser A, meat market. 

Keefe Bros, General Store. 

Nacc J J, hotel. 

Ross James, dry goods. 

Shonkwiler Jacob, grain. 

Smith J F, hardware, lumber and justice. 

Yerrill Wm II, saloon. 

R A UB S TA Tl ON. Tippecanoe 
i county. {See South Raui,) 

R A l r . Formerly known as State Line, 
is located on the Ft. W. & J. R. R. and 
the Michigan State line, in Fremont town- 
ship, Steuben county, 12 miles northeast of 
Angola, the county seat. The village con- 
tains 200 inhabitants, one church and a 
district school. Wheat, corn and apples 
are the chief exports. Express, American. 
Mail received daily. A. Paul, postmaster. 
Bennett Maggie, milliner, 
Bennett O B, hotel. 
Bodley A P., physician. 
French E J, grain. 
French John Rev, clergyman. 
Handy & Peters, meat market. 
Lord H C, brick mason. 
McLouth B M, broker. 
McNaughton R. general store. 
Pasjl AI!>crt, General Store. 
Paul D 11, sewing machines. 
Phillips Adam, wagonmaker. 
Stewart Marshall A, wagonmaker. 
Stone H, blacksmith. 
Willetl F, physician. 

HAT'S CROSSING. Is on the 

Rushville division of the J. M. & I. R. R., 

and has 75 inhabitants, in Union township, 

Shelby county, 6 miles northeast of Shelby- 

ville court house. The village contains 

three churches — Methodist, Baptist and 

Lutheran — and district school. Mail daily. 

H. S. Sleeth, postmaster. 

Brown T M, general store. 

Brown R C, meat market. 

Cross Jacob F, blacksmith. 

Gordon W B, physician. ' 

Moberly Thomas, justice of the peace. 

Pharcs Amos T, justice of the peace. 

Phares John Rev (Baptist). 

Slee.U II S, General Store and Grain. 

Sytma Richard, shoemaker, 

ry:;o:~ in, walk & hathsw, 

Blegaut Table Ware, 

and Silver Tea Sets. 


cuts TTovses and Forms, 
Tfo.SOT Upper Third St., 
JCvansvili'e, lud. 




Thomas Jacob II, saw mill, grain and gen- 
eral store. 
Wagner J P, blacksmith, 

KATSTILLE. Located on Blue 
[ river, with a population of 125, in Henry 
I county, is 14 miles southwest of New Castle, 

the county seat, on the P. C. & St. L. Ry. 

The churches are Friends and Methodist. 

Express, American. Mail daily. D. B. 

Fordea, postmaster. 

Barnaby C F Mrs, saloon. 

Barnaby Wm, grocer. 

Burton Isaac, general store. 

Buzan M A Mrs, milliner. 
j Kotlrea 15 IS, Boots and Shoes. 
! Fuller Wm, physician. 

Gaylor M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Thompson E Mrs, milliner. 

Thompson M, huckster. 

Troxel! A M, R R and Ex agt. 

White M, saloon. 

BED CLOUD. Postoffice in Knox 

county, iS miles southwest of Vincennes, 
the county seat, and 6 miles southwest of 
Hazleton, on the E. & T. 11. R. R The 
community has a Methodist society and dis- 
trict school. Mail semi-weekly. i\. B. 
Edwards, postmaster. 
Decker Henry, stock dealer. 
Edwards N il5, Justice of the Peace. 
Morgan John S, justice of the peace. 

BEDDINGTOK. In the extreme 
northeastern corner of Jackson county, 
with a population of 60, is on White river, 
18 miles northeast of Brownstown, the 
county seat, and 7 northeast of Seymour, 
its shipping point. Mail tri-weekly. 
Charles Swengel, postmaster. 
Marsh L, meat market. 
Barker Stephen, blacksmith. 
Redmon John, drugs. 
Ruddock Lindley, physician. 
Ruddock Louis, carpenter. 
Ruddock Scott, blacksmith. 
Swengel Charles, General Store. 

BED MOUSE. Is a discontinued 
postoliice in Morgan county, located 13 
miles northeast of Martinsville, the county 
seat, and 15 southwest of Indianapolis. 
Ship to Mooresville, on 1. & V. Ry. 

BED KEY. Lies at crossing of the 
P. C. & St. L. and L. E. & W. Rys, in 
Richland township, Jay county, 12 miles 
southwest of Portland court house. It has 

graded school, Methodist and Christian 
churches. Grain and lumber are the chief 
exports. Express, United States. Tele- 
graph, Western Union. Mail daily. I. T. 
Lake, postmaster. 
Campbell E J, hotel. 
Conner N F, physician. 
Conner & Co, drugs and stationery. 
Crisler J HI & Bro, Saw Mill. 
Crowell J, furniture. 
Davis A, drain tile mnfr. 
Davis P, P, physician. 
DragooT J, blacksmith. 
Krskine John, photographer. 
Faulkner G II, stave and heading mnfr. 
Fiers George, grocer. 
Hammer "W E, Grocer. 
Hopkins D S, general store. 
Horn & Freeman, harness. 
Jack & Hollowell, boots and shoes. 
Johnson N, hardware. 
Kern W I, general store. 



La5*e 5 T, Agt U S Express and P C 
and St. L R R. 

< : Soil, Grain Dealers. 
Lyon James, general store. 
McKinsey A W, hardware. 
Paxson P I, boots and shoes. 
Payne S B & Co, stoves and tinware. 
Richardson W II, furniture. 
Schneiderman H, wagonmakc-r. 
Shepherd G \V, physician. 
Smith P J, grocer. 

Spencer II, hotel. 

Spencer \V, meat market. 
Stewart C C, barber. 
Sutton D B, shoemaker. 
Winters L C, drugs. 


E. & \V. Ry, in Mount Pleasant township, 
Delaware county, 7 miles northwest of 
Muncie, the county seat, contains 100 in- 
habitants. Mail daily. H. H. Darter, 

Allen S, hub and spoke mnfr. 
XSarter SI M, General Store. 
Fraser R, grain. 
Groningdike S C, harness. 
Miller j, wagonmaker. 
Pucket E S, physician. 
Summer S, blacksmith. 
Tuttle Daniel, carpenter. 
Triplet S, saw mill. 

(See Camllton.) 



COt.SilN', lOS <* 110 X'mul.liu St., CE68CA4.0. 
A Sl'liCIALXY, See Adv., |>urru 1. 

• : if T ! ISWP1UI Pill I ariT6 ° P rof,t ' lbl J r hy a Threshing fcngln., 

I manufactured by CHANDLLH & UYLOu, ol 
ILLjIndianapoUs,!,,.!. fa.p^.8. 





■ IiEELSVILLE. Contains 200 in- 
habitants, and is situated-cm the St. L. V. 
T. H. & I. R. K., in Washington township, 

Putnam county, 10 miles .south west of Green- 
castle, the county seat. It has a Union church 
and district school. Express, American. 
Mail daily. D Huffman, postmaster. 
Butler J T, drugs. 
Foster G M, general store. 
Hathaway Milton, boots and shoes. 

ia« », General Store. 
Mullenix M L, saloon. 
Reel Daniel, saw and flour mill. 
Taylor W S, blacksmith. 
Zane N, wagonmaker. 


on of 

to oper 

as Mechanicsburg, with a p 
200, is located in Washingtoi 
Boone county, S miles north ( 
the county seat and usual shi] 
Sugar creek furnishes water po' 
ate a flour mill. The village has three 
churches— Christian, United Brethren and 
Methodist— and distriet school. Mail re- 
ceived semi-weekly. John S. Meoie, post- 

Beech C II & Bro, general store. 
Brown E W, carpenter. 
Demass Wilson, carpenter. 
Harrison } S, saw mill. 
James David, saw mill. 
McCord & Moore, blacksmiths. 
Moore B L, carpenter. 
Moore Jolill g, wagonmaker. 
Moore M W, druggist. 
Reagan Jesse S, physician. 
Ryan George, tlour mill. 
Trowbridge J F, general store. 
Walker David, physician. 
Wood 13 R, shoemaker. 

2l}'.GO, A postoffice in Orange coun- 
ty, li • .ted 10 miles southeast of I'aoli, the 
county seat, and 15 south of Lancaster, 
on the L. N. A. & C. Ry, its shipping 
point. Has two Baptist and one Christian 
church, and district school. Daily stage 
communication with I'aoli — fare 50c. Mail 
daily. Thomas Vance, postmaster. 
Littell John T, flour mill. 
Mcintosh George W, nursery. 
Mattox N S, blacksmith. 
Vance Yiiemas, General Store. 

HEIIOIiOTIl. A farmers' postoffice 
in Harrison county, with no village popu- 
lation, located 12 miles southeast of Cory- 
don, the county seat. Ship to New Albany, 

20 miles northeast. Stage communication 
tri-weekly with New Albany — fare 65 cents. 

Mail daily. John S. I-,eminon, 

Postmaster and General Store. 

REI. Locally known as Delaware, is 
a village of 250 inhabitants, in Ripley coun- 
ty, on the O. & M. Ry, six miles north of 
Versailles, the county seat. Goods are 
shipped in name of Delaware Station. The 
village- has one Methodist society and grad- 
ed schools. Express, O. & M. Daily mail. 
J. W. Hamilton, postmaster. 
Bailey Luther, general store. 
Belden E J, carpenter. 
Clark Freeman, physician. 
Crane L T, broom mnfr. 
Graham George, shoemaker. 
Grow John ce'Son, flout mill. 
IJ_r;'isr t i-o:; V '-.'.", General Store. 
Match Charles W, drugs. 
llawley Z, general Store. 
Jordon I S, R R and E>: agt. 
Kelley J R, hardware. 
Munger A, lawyer. 
Parsons Geo E, physician. 
Saddler & Wise, meal market. 
Shotwell James M, general store. 
Webster George, wagonmaker. 
Wilson Geo W Rev (Methodist). 
Wise C III, Lawyer. 

UEIFFSB Uli G. Having 50 inhab- 
itants, is a postoffice in Harrison township, 
Wells county, 6 miles southeast of Bluli'ion, 
the county seat, and most available shipping 
point. Mail received semi-weekly. D. 
Huss, postmaster. 
Drewett & Dunwiddie, saw mill. 
HllgS IS, General Store. 
Karns O, shoemaker. 
Rible C, physician. 
Myers H C Rev (Methodist). 
Smith S M, physician. 
Sutter Jacob, carpenter. 

REMINGTON. A thriving incor- 
porated village of Soo inhabitants, in Car- 
penter township, Jasper county, 13 miles 
due south of Rensselaer, the county seat, on 
the P. C. & St. L. Ry, is surrounded by one 
of the richest prairie farming districts in the 
stale. Its business interests comprise three 
hotels, two banks and a weekly newspaper 
—the Reporter. There are in the place four 
churches — Methodist, Catholic, Christian 
and Presbyterian — and a graded school of 
four departments. Hay and grain are ex- 

'■■:"- ,"< 

Manufactured "ov fQtlX RATUCX3, 
S2 V/c-st Washington Stroot, 


JU/OOnng &Ulb& 92 and 94 V. Monroe Street, CBICAeo. 


AX]) business !)ij:i:cj>)kv. 



ported. Express, United States, Mai 

Landon Hannibal, physician. 

daily. G. B. Clark, postmaster. 

Lecklider Mary E Mrs, milliner. 

Allman Josiah H, justice of the peace. 

Letherman & Arnold, milliners. 

BaltJlJ Henrv M, Proprietor Babb's 

Love Wm R, carpenter. 

Motel. (See adv.) 

Lowery Daniel, tailor. 

Babb'S Hotel, Henry M Babb, Pro- 

Maxwell Samuel C, physician. 

prietor. (Set adv.) 

Newcomb Piatt, car]. enter. 

Bates David 11, furniture. 

O'Connor Timothy, grocer. 

Boasley Ammon, photographer. 

I'atton Barnabas H, livery. 

Bingman John K, shoemaker. 

Patton David II, physician. 

Bloorn George F, grain. 

Paxlon Hezekiah, painter. 

Bowman Bros, blacksmiths. 

Payne Smith, barber. 

Briggs John M, grocer. 

Peck Daniel \V, grocer. 

Broadie James, meat market. 

Pefley James, agrl implts. 

Burger & Parker, bankers. 

Pettit Joshua, billiard room. 

Butler B M , ( c Co, druggists. 

Peugh John T, blacksmith. 

Catiier fean, general store. 

Phelps Henrv C, justice of the peace. 

Carson, Fttrguson D, general store. 

Phelps M J & Co, agrl implts. 

Chappell George B, insurance. 

Pierce Wiley II, lawyer. 

Church & Hartley, grain. 

Pngh Emma Mrs, hotel. 

Clark Mary E Mrs, news. 

Railsback Edward, painter. 

Cox C S, pub Remington Reporter. 

Reigle Michael \Y, physician. 

Crowe J 1! Rev (Presbyterian). 

Remington Reporter (weekly), C S Cox 

Donnelly Felix, painter. 


Doster Peter, shoemaker. 

Riley Luther, general store. 

Downing Henry, coal. 

Riley L & Co, marble works. 

Ellis Albert, saloon. 

Schaeffer John B, carpenter. 

Exchange Bank, O B Mclntire pies, \Y II 

Shaw Wm II, insurance. 

Wells cash. 

Sheffler James S, livery. 

Garrison David V, harnessmaker. 

Smith J A Rev (United Brethren). 

Goldsberry & Co, general store. 

Snyder Harper W, lawyer. 

Green & Son, hardware. 

Solomon S & M, general store. 

Guj 1 per, druggist. 

Spencer James, druggist. 

Hardy Abraham, 'live stock. 

Stiller James E, restaurant. 

Harlacker Charles E, harnessmaker. 

Stoudt John, wagonmaker. 

Harris Thomas, saloon. 

Thomas Bros, agricultural implts. 

Hart's Esau Hotel. 

Thompson lames A, jeweler. 

Hodshire John M, brick mnfr. 

Traugh A M, nursery. 

Hollett John E, hardware. 

Tra.ugh Marion G, dentist. 

Hollett Thomas J, coal. 

Williams Wright, R R and Ex agt. 

Irwin j'Rilies S, Grain Dealer. 

Jeffries Benjamin B, justice of the peace. 

IilCXO. Twenty-eight miles west of 

Kingsbery I C & Co, general store. 

Indianapolis, on the I. & St. L. R. R„ with 

Kirk Win C, barber. 

loo inhabitants, is in Clay township, Hen- 

Lally Patrick H, wagonmaker. 

dricks county, io miles southwest of Dan- 

! - 



1 i -. 


! I '" |f|£» n»*I fll^n A <"'T» '" A " Styles and »t All Prices, at 

' - th:-;o. PFAFFUN & GO'S 

I milUU tilSU Ui&Ui'-Sa *iC 58&60Nonh Pennsylvania St.,INDlANAPOLIS, IND. 

: •: : ; :. : stoi , . : as, 

KWAL D OVER.. Indianapolis* Iitd. 




ville court house. Grain, live "stock and 

staves are exported. Express, American. 

Mail daily. Wm. T. Davis, postmaster. 

Brown G W, live stock. 

Christy Bros, live stock. 

DaviS Wm T, General Store. 

Gose L T, blacksmith. 

Loyd J E, wagonmaker. 

Mendenhall Isaac, lumber. 

Mendenhall Nathan C, hotel. 

EENSSELAEH. Is the scat of 
justice for Jasper county, and is located on 
the I. D. cc C. Ry and Iroquois river, 40 
miles north of Lafayette and 125 northwest 
of Indianapolis. The village is incorpor- 
ated, has a population of 901, and since 
the building of the I. D. & C. Ry is rap- 
idly increasing in size and improving in 
business. It has no bonded indebtedness. 
Its principal buildings are seven churches- 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Advent, Chris- 
tian, Catholic and two Baptist — wie county 
buildings and an excellent graded school. 
Rensselaer lias three hotels, two banks, two 
flour mills, two saw mills and two weekly 
newspapers — the Republican anil Sentinel. 
Its principal exports are hogs, corn, oats, 
wheat, cattle and horses. Express, Ameri- 
can. Mail daily. Horace E. James, post- 
Alter I V & Son, flour mill. 
Babcock Frank W, lawyer. 
Bedford Fit?. W, grocer. • 

Boroughs John F, lawyer. 
Boroughs Thomas, real estate. 
Chilcote Mordecai F, lawyer. 
Cissel Mervin O, printer. 
Citizens Bank, K S Dwiggins pres, Zimri 

Dwiggins cash. 
Co!c & Donelly, painters. 
Collins Wm 11, insurance. 
Connor Edward, saloon. 
Corkins & Johnson, pubs Rensselaer Re- 
Cotton Frank L, lumber. 
Davison John P, hotel. 
Democratic Sentinel (weekly), James W 

McEwen pubr. 
Douthit lames W, lawyer. 
Duvall Wesley, livery. 
Dwiggins Robert S, lawyer. 
Eger ^v. Norris, carpenters.; 
Eigelsbach Jacob J, meat market. 
Ervin Wm A, live slock. 
Erwin Sampson, blacksmith. 
Fcndig & Jost, general store. 
Fisher II & Son, brick and tile. 
Furguson Benjamin F, lumber. 

Goddard Resin F, baker. 

Goldman & Hardman, jewelers. 

Grant & Dickey, blacksmiths. 

Halloian Michael, livery. 

Hamar Walter L, jeweler. 

Harding Eldridge T, justice of the peace. 

Harding & Tharp, druggists. 

Haste George, lumber mnfr. 

Healey Julia A Mrs, milliner. 

Healy & Meyer, shoemakers. 

Hengisbach Frank, brick and tile. 

Mcryltins K SS., Proprietor Hopkins 

House. (See adv.] 
Hfjplcilis House, E R Hopkins 

Proprietor. {See adv.) 
Hopkins Ludrl, general store. 
Hopkins & Saylor, Hour mill. 
Xlowland RailS, Marble Works. 
Imes Willis J, druggist. 
James Horace E, 1 Joks. 
Johnson M F, luml 1 r, 
[ones Thorn. is M, merchant tailor. 
Kannal Emmet, druggist. 
Kern Louis, grocer. 
Kirtley & Son, hotel. 
Kohler John, brick mnfr. '. 
Larue Samuel M, news. 
Leopold Abraham, general stoie. 
Link Oliver C, physician. 
Loughridge & Bitters, physicians. 
McCoy A & Thompson, bankers. 
McEwen James W, pubr Democratic Sen- 

McKeever Tohn L, loan agent. 
Mayhev Charles P, hardware. 
Miller Daniel B, lawyer. 
Morgan Bros, barbers. 
Owens James S, physician. 
Peacock Joseph II, harnessmaker. 
Purcupile Archibald, agent Am Ex Co. 
Purcupile & Co, general stoie. 
Ralph Richard, shoemaker. 
Rensselaer Republican (weekly), Corkins 
& Johnson publishers. 
, Rhoades Marshal D, barber. 
Rhoades Wm 11 & C, harness. 
Roberts & Bro, blacksmiths. 
Sears & Son, furniture. 
Sharp Joseph A, photographer. 
Smith W 11 Rev (Presbyterian). 
Spencer R E & Co, bakers. 
Spitler Marion L, lawyer. 
Starr C C & Co, grocers. 
Thompson J & Co, merchant tailors. 
Thompson Simon P, lawyer. 
Thompson & Bro, real estate. 
Tuteur Lena Mrs, grocer. 
Warner John P, wagonmaker. 
Warner Louis B, clothing. 

A. t-. WIE&IGHESX «Sc CO., 

47 ami 49 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

Lace Ciirtains and. 


mo Wholesale Dealers ami Shippers of Iho 
Celebrated Strazil Kioclt Coal 1 , 
Indianapolis, i/j< 


AND mrsi.Vhss r»i;i-:i:iuj;v. 



Warner Norman, furniture and hardware. 

Washburn Israel B, physician. 

Willey & Sigler, general store. 

Wirt Alvin H, dentist. 

Wo "1 Augustus II, justice of the peace. 

Wood A W Rev (Methodist). 

Wright Willis |, undertaker. 

Zumbuelte Matthew Rev (Catholic). 

RESERVE. Otherwise known as 
Peoria, is a village of 100 inhabitants, lo- 
cated on tin: Mi=,;issincwa river, in Butler 
township, Miami county, 7 miles southeast 
of Peru, the county seat and nearest rail- 
road depot, A flour and saw mill derive 
water power from the river. Has two 
churches— Adventist and Iiaptisl— and dis- 
trict school. Mail In-weekly. Noah Min- 
nick, postmaster. 
BIa< k F M, physician. 
Cook F M, collection agent. 
Flook Jacob, saloon. 
Halm John W, blacksmith. 
MillSiiclt Noall, General Store. 
Paul Jonas W, wagonmaker. 
Plummer Alf, lawyer. 
Ramsey Samuel, physician. 
Shaffer Wm, carpenter and wagonmaker. 
Stuart Joseph, Hour mill. 
Sullivan II G, shoemaker. 

RETREAT. Established as a post- 
office in iSSo, is a station on J. M. & I. R. 
R., in Vernon township, Jackson county, 
10 miles south of Seymour, the county seat. 
Mail daily. 

REXFILLE. Distant 15 miles from 
Madison, its shipping point, is a village 
with 150 inhabitants, in Shelby township, 
Ripley county, 9 miles southwest of Ver- 
sailles, the county seat. It lias district 
school, Methodist church and daily mail. 
N. P.. Rynerson, postmaster. 
Coplinger F, wagonmaker. 

Clark E J, blacksmith. 

Noycs I M, jeweler. 

Olmstead R T, physician. 

RynerSOll N B, General Store. 

Shepherd D P, cooper. 

Vawter T S, saw mill. 

Walton J A, carpenter. 

REYNOLDS. With a population of 
373, is located at crossing of P. C. & St. L. 
and L. N. A. kC. Rys, in Honey Creek 
township, White county, 6 miles due west 
of Monticello and 23 north of Lafayette, 
and contains four churches — Lutheran, Ca- 
tholic, Methodist and Christian — graded 
and Catholic schools, a public library of 200 
volumes, one hotel and a flour mill. The 
village is incorporated, and surrounded by 
an excellent grain growing district, and 
that, with live slock, form' the chief ex- 
ports. Express, United States and L. N. 
A. & C. Mail daily. Wm. A, Hennegar, 

Batson John A, druggist. 
Brasket James, blacksmith. 
Brucker & Schweinle, wagonmakers. 
Buchanan Columbus L, grain and R R and 

Ex agent. 
Cooper Samuel, barber. 
Delzell Robert M, physician. 
Dunham Jeremiah E, grocer. 
Dyer George W, general store. 
Emge Valentine, hotel. 
Grissmer John S, saloon. 
Gundermann P P Rev (Catholic). 
Hertlein John, dry goods and groceries. 
Hertleiu John & Co, Hour mill. 
Holtom Abel J, saloon. 
Johnson & Hennegar, general store. 
Kleist Rudolph, furniture. 
Meyer Frederick, boots and shoes. 
Neidenberger Mathias, hardware. 
Nordykc Paris, lumber. 
Pruckler Jacob F, lumber. 
Robb George, dry goods and groceries. 


E. R. HOPKINS, Pro/r, 


This House is fitted up and furnished in first-class style, and is a favorite stopping 
place for 

G^ 5 ./^. G-ood Hii/vorsr in Coian.octioia.'' :: 5^-' 

At SPRAGUE'S, 391 "W. Madison St. 

ULU I Ji! Communications Promptly Answered. 

U ^ QIU=S£t 

Threshing Engine, 
pago 3. 





Sohlesselmann Henry Rev (Lutheran). 

Stallo Q Rev (Catholic). 

Thomas Frank A, boots and shoes. 

Tolei Si Bros, carpenters. 

Trowbridge Wm V, physician. 

Vogel Michael, boots and shoes. 

Wiese Gustave, meat market. 

Wilson Clara F Mrs, milliner. 

Wilson Joseph R, agricultural iraplts. 

Wood Aaron, general store. 

Wood Elijah, restaurant. 

Wood Jerome, agt P C & St L Ry and U S 

Ex. (i 
Wright James P, lawyer. 

RICHARDSON. Name of post 
office at Terrc Coupee station, on the L. S. 
& M. S. Ry, in St. Joseph county, 
is 12 miles west of South Bend, the county 
seat. Mail daily. 'W E 7 Kiuj^, Post- 
master and Agent L. S. & M. S. Ry. 

R I C IITjA ND . Situated in Rush 
county, 10 miles south of Rushville, the 
county seat, has a population of 125, has 
two churches — Methodist and Frcsbylci ian. 
Hogs and grain are principal exports. 
Ship to Rushville. Communication daily 
by stage with Milroy, fare 25c, Rushville, 
fare 75c. Daily mail. Robert E. Stewart, 

Anderson S, blacksmith. 
Beaver Asa, Saddles and Harness. 
Cowan & Wagonncr, stock dealers. 
Gilmore Robert, teacher. 
Graham A E, physician. 
Lambert J J, blacksmith. 
McDill N C Rev (Presbyterian). 
Millei B S, painter. 
Mills John, notions. 
Mills M, shoemaker. 
Morgan D S, lawyer. 
O'l ien J, carpenter and harness. 
Ru lell Cornelius, meat market. 
Ryan R, gunsmith. 
Sidney Wm, justice of the peace. & ISro, General Store. 

three miles from Tiosa, its shipping point 
on the I. P. & C. Ry, is a small place in 
Fulton county, 8 miles from Rochester, the 
county seat. Mail tri-weekly. Orlando 
Emmons, postmaster. 
Allen Charles, shoemaker. 
Black J A, physician. 

lilitinoiiH Orlitntlo, General Store. 
Fry David, blacksmith. 
Ostherly George, wagonmaker. 

JRICIir, AND CITY. Spencer 
county. [See Lake.) 

RICHMOND. With a population of, is one of the most healthy cities in 
the state, and the seat of justice for Wayne 
county. The city was incorporated in 181S, 
and has steadily grown in size and com- 
mercial importance until now it is one of 
the most extensive manufacturing places in 
the stale, and is the centre of trade for a 
large area. It is situated on White river, 
and is the northern terminus of the Cincin- 
nati, Richmond and Chicago; southern 
terminus of Grand Rapids and Indiana, and 
the eastern terminus of the Dayton and 
Western Railroads, and is the junction of 
the Columbus and Pittsburgh, and Rich- 
mond and State Line Divisions of the Pitts- 

Ft. Wayne, 92 and Chicago 224 mill =, ha 
ing a commodious and well aranged Unii 
passenger depot. It is also connected wil 

many miles by thirteen excellent 
making it the centre of a large local fai 
ers' trade, and the shipping point for 
large amount of farm products produi 
from the unusually fertile land by which 




nd cf : 

tia! character, the growth of the city being 
shown by the fact that 148 building per- 
mits were issued in 1S79. The county 
buildings arc substantial, residences hand- 
some, streets wide, well lighted by gas, and 
traversed by $y z miles of street railway. 
The paid lire department is the peer of any 
in the land, consisting of two steamers 
with hose carriages, hook and ladder trucks 
equipped with all modern improvements, 
and tire alarm telegraph. 

There are in Richmond 160 manufactur- 
ing establishments, in which an aggregate 
capital of $3,500,000 is invested, employing 
2200 persons, among whom ?i, 000,000 is 
distributed annually as wages. During the 
year 1879 these manufactories consumed 
$2,400,000 worth of raw material, which 
produced over 55,ooo,0OO 1 worth of manufac- 
tured at tides, which find a market not only 
throughout the United States and territo- 
ries, but are shipped to Europe and South 
America. The abundant water power fur- 

C"n T> i T \ T^ f\ T\ X\ Solicitor of Patents. Indianapolis 


J G^JRI133IIYIDr?D 3 lOTosrse 


. _ 


Said College was organized in 1859, but a Boarding School for 
instruction in the higher branches had ahead)' been in operation for 
about twelve years. 

There are two regular courses of study of four years each. 
I The degrees conferred are A. B. for the Classical, and B. S. for the 

I Scientific Course. 

Students may receive a second degree by an additional year of 
study at the College, by an examination on selected studies, or on 
the presentation of a satisfactory thesis. 

There is a Preparatory School, with a two years' course, and 
students are allowed to select such studies from the curriculum as 
they are qualified to pursue to advantage. 

The College has Libraries containing in all near 5,000 volumes, 
an Observatory supplied with an Equatorial Telescope, a Transit in- 
strument and an Astronomical Clock, and a Museum of Zoology, 
Geology, Archeology, etc. 



Farosidosxt o£ DSar^Xkam Col'.'- 




ra-: ;: : : , : go., 

Sole Owners and Manufacturers, 

i 201, 203 & 205 S. Front gt„ Richmond, Ind, 

\ V: 







: tiic-1 the follow h)>; experiments with /.->..\Vj / ./.':.';./)■,.• /;,..<> v/ r ir>t. ■ 
n f!ihrli>, Hie >tl.iili of wiiieh \< a* c;.reli'ily te-l. I in |ul ml- i.n-l olnnvi->. 1 

:hin 1 H i.l;. .1 . It. Wei- 

■■ ' • I I 1. 1 .km in mil. of In 

Nat. i:iinl.,l:u-l.iiioiiil. J. I'. -Ville 

.. C. .t St. L. l!y. 

: : ' . ■ , 

Law Publishers and Pooksclltrs, 



asd DUsiMv-s m ii kctoby. 



nislied by Whitewater river is utilized 
the flour mills, which are very excellc 
and numerous. 




Its public schools are second to none in 
the state, employing 50 teachers, and to- 
gether with three private schools, famish 
instruction to nearlv 3000 pupils. Eavlbam 
College, situated one-half mile west of the 
city, is conducted by the Friends society, 
through a board of twelve managers, em- 
ploying nine teachers, and in 1S79-S0 the 
enrollment showed 164 pupils. Morrison 
Library, comprising over 10,000 volumes, 
was established by donation of the late 
Robert Morrison^and is contained in a sub- 
stantial building erected for that purpose 
by the donor. Its use is free to all citizens 
of Wayne township, which comprises the 
city and immediate vicinity. The Wayne 
Law Library Association has in the library 
of the court house a law library of 2000 vol- 
umes. There are 24 churches of nearly all 
denominations, and of good substantial ar- 
chitecture. Among its charitable institu- 
tions are to he found Home Tor Friendless 
Women, Orphans' Home, and the Wernley 
Orphans' Home, which is a German Lu- 
theran institution. 

is represented by five newspapers, three of 
which are- daily and weekly— Palladium, 
Independent and Ei ning It m, a id two 
weekly only— Tilt T, .•■•.:,'. 
uiig. Richmond has se\ 11 I tel , p emi- 
nent among which is the Githens House, 
strictly first-class, four banks, three Nation- 
al and one private, two opera houses. The 
Atlantic anf Pacific, American Union, and 
Western Union Telegraph, and American 
and United States Express Cos. have well 
equipped offices in the city. Almon Sam- 
son, postmaster. 

Ablcy Edward, boots and shoes, 407 Main. 
Addiugtou Leander, bake., 17 N 51I1. 
Ahaus Herman, flour mill, cor 6th and Elm, 

grocer, cor Boston and Central. 
Akin Ezekiel, woolen mill, n end 14th. 
Allen George I), insurance, 304 Main. 
American Ex Co, 310 Main. 
American Union Tel Co, 3 N 5th. 
Anderson K V, lawyer, 270 Main. 
Arlington House, opp Union Depot. 
Arnett Mahlon, grocer, cor Main and Front. 
Arnold liernh.ird, fancy good,, 290 Main. 
Atlantic & Pacific Telegraph Co, cor 5th 

and Main. 

Aue Fred & Co, grocers, 20S Main. 
Avenue House, 244 Ft Wayne ave. 
Avey G YY &Co, mnfrs mouldings, 17 S Sth. 
Bader& Johnson, saloon, 27 Noble. 
Baer O P, physician, 2S N 6th. 
Ball Henry S, restaurant, 35 N 5th. 
Ballard M B, druggist, 20V Fl Wayne ave. 
Ballinger Charles, baker, 166 Main. 
Bargis M E Mrs, stoves and tinware, cor 

Main and Pearl. 
Barnes George W, pork packer, 9 and II S 

Bartel Adam H, wh notions, 210 Ft Wayne 

Baitel'& Goldrick, horscshoers,43 S Marion. 
Barth George A, saloon, 1S3 Main. 
Baumer John H, grocer, 36 S Marion. 
Baumer Wm A, undertaker, 14 N 5th. 
Baylies Edgar M, lumber, 19.; Ft' Wayne 

Baylies, Vaughn & Co, founders and ma- 
chinists, on railroad n e of depot. 

Beck John K, business college, 2S4 Main. 

Bell Wm E, insurance, 311 Main. 

Bellis & Stubbs, insurance, 10 N Franklin. 

Benners Wm I & Son, lumber, cor North 
and Ft Wayne ave. 

Bennett Thomas W, mayor and attorney at 
law, city building, N Pearl. 

Bennett Wm II, livery and saloon, 299 and 
301 Main. 

Bescher Frank, propr Gcrmania Hotel, 14 
S Pearl. 

Besselman Fied, wines and liquors, 34 S 

ns, 207 M.i 
233 Main. 

25 N 5 th. 

1 1 :art •. '■ ; .-. ins ■: = •_ >f. Mair 
Bostwick John H, notions, 286 Main. 
Bott & Hammersley, pottery. 
Brackensiek Lizzie Mrs, dressmaker, 240 

Bradbury Bros, photographers, 2S6 Main. 
Bradbury M E Mrs. milliner, iS N 5th. 
Hradbttrv William 15 »s: Koji, 

Insurance, Real E, tale and Loan Agents, 

30S Main. 
Bradwiy A & Son, iron and steel, Noble 

opp Union Depot. 
Brannon & Hawkins, ice dealers, 26S Ft 

Wayne aye. 
Braschcr Green, second-hand goods, 204 

Brehm John, carpet v 
Brookens Philip, coal 
Brown Van D, grocer 


CHICAGO ; ■ - ■■■ u ^^^z:r i ^i^^^ 

J. W. ATKINSON, 313-3;..'! South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

,000.000 of Assets, lias not one dollar of interest 
uncollected. For agencies D'rect with Company, 

E. H. KELLOCC, Sup't, Chicago, III. 





Brownell Theodore C, confectioner, 27 N 

Bruggenkamp Fred, grocer, 141 S Marion. 
Brunton |ohn R, painter, 323 Main. 
1 ; : 1.1 :•;..>■ . 1. M Miss, dressmaker, 323 Main. 
Buchtel H A Rev (Methodist). 
Bin kl y Samuel M, cigars and tobacco, 22S 

Buhl & Eggemeyer, grocers, 179 and 1S2 

Bvila R W, physician, 26 N 6th. 
Burchenal Charles II, lawyer, 220 Main. 
Burson J E & Co, proprs Richmond Bell 

Telephone Exchange, cor 5 1 1 1 and Main. 
Cadwallader A II, lithographer, 175 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Cadwallader Howard, pump mnfr, 8th. 
Cadwallader Reese J, grocer, 435 Main. 
Cain Wm jr, lumber, cor Sth and Main. 
Candler Theodore, marble works, 190 Fort 

Wayne ave. 
Carpenter Charles G, flour mills, cor Green 

and Short. 
Carson Robert B,b< ■ •■ ■• [shoes, 237 Main. 
Case L B, florist, 133 N 12th. 
Cavanaugh Wm, grocer, no S 8th. 
Chambers Charles II, grocer, cor 9th and 

Chapman & Egbert, painters, 255 Main. 
Chase Piano Co, J M Stair pics, Richard 

Jackson sec and treas, 37 N 51I1. 
Chase & Finney, peddlers' supplies, cor Ft 

Wayne ave and Cliff. 
Clark A ]!, pianos and organs, 192 Mam. 
Clark Dougan, physician, 32 S 5U1. 
Clemens Charles Rev (Methodist). 
Coale George, justice of the peace, cor Main 

and Marion. 
Coffman A J, leather and findings, 231 Main. 
Cogg .hall j S, physician, Sevastopol. 
Coggshall Oliver W, insurance, 310 Main. 
Cole G Mrs, dressmaker, 333 Main. 
Collins J G, propr Richmond Temperance 

Hotel, 91 N Front. 
Commercial House, Mrs S D Peck propr, 

200 Main. 
Conkle C II, carpenter, Broadway. 
Cooke Joseph H, city treasurer, City Build- 

Cowhig Jeremiah, boiler maker, n of Union 

Craft Wm, gunsmith, Sevastopol. 
Crabb James N, meat market, 147 Franklin. 
Craigmile John, propr Phillips House, 14 N 

Crawford D B&Son, dry goods and carpets, 

242 Main. 
Creamer Thomas, wholesale hardware, 212 

Ft Wayne ave. 

Crocker Alvin E, real estate and insurance, 

292 Main. 
Crocker 11 II Mrs, notions, 19 N 5th. 
Crocker M L& Co, auction and commission, 

247 Main. 
Crocker O P & Co, jeweler, 5 N 5th. 
Crocker Peter, carnage good-;, 335 Main. 
Cunningham Joseph A, boots and .shoes, 

241 Main. 
Curme, Dunn & Co, leather and horse col- 

lar mnfrs, cor Short and Washington. 
Cutter Henry, grocer, 109 S Front. 
Davenport John F, second-hand goods, 217 

Davis S A 1 Mrs, milliner, 17 N Franklin. 
Davis T II, physician, 399 Main. 
Davis & Husson, bakers, 331 Main. 
Deal B F & Co, produce, 1S4 Ft Wayne 

Deal j D Mrs dressmaker, 329 Main. 
Deck Monroe, propr Avenue House, 244 

Dennison Edgar P, hats and caps, 29S Main. 
Delch George & Son, woodenware mnfrs 

and seeds, 229 Main. 
Deuker Henry W, grocer, 121 Ft Wayne 

DeWitt, Stokes & Co, woolen and cotton 
mill supplies, 147 N 5th. 

DeYarmon Thomas E, printer, 14 N Frank- 

Dickinson Charles A. jeweler, 294 Main. 

Dickinson Edmund, gunsmith, S W Front. 

Dickinson 1 & Co, loan agents, cor 5th and 

Dickinson Robert B, jeweler, 235 Main. 

Dilks & Hill, flour and feed, 11 N Gth. 

Dille & McGuire, machinists, Noble, nr 9th. 

Dingley Edward, shoemaker, 412 Main. 

Doane Isaac C, insurance, 6 N Franklin. 

Dobbins Bros, billposters, n e cor Main and 


grocer, 197 Ft Wayne 

Dougan Isaac J, blacksmith, cor Ft Wayne 
ave and Franklin. 

X>onj*"an |"or?.n Vj Cashier Second 
National Bank, corner 5th and Mam. 

Dowell Warner, blacksmith, 383 Main. 

Downing II R & Son, undertakers, 16 N 

Drake & Watson, music and musical insts, 
1 N sth. 

Itrifmever Acl-ltU, Cigar Manufac- 
turer and Tobacco Dealer, 259 Main. 

Drifmeyer Wm, cigars and tobacco, 7 N 5th. 

IJ'ruilllM »*£: Lent, Tile Manufactur- 
ers, near Union Depot. [Sit adv.) 

.< . , v.'AVv !-■■ JTAY^V, 

lMMAAAk'OJUS, i.M>. 


Juug vvluiv d h bOul Hi 11 u I ul L 



r-tP rri X>— — r^r 


Cor. I2th and North Sts., Hichmond, Ind, 

Each year the question of the cheapest and at the same time the most durable and 
effective fence becomes more prominent, and it has remained for the firm of SEDGWICK 
BROS, to solve the problem. This they have done by the invention of machinery by 
which wire can be rapidly made into a double twist net-work of diamond shapi me h. 
This is conceded by all who have seen it to be the most scientific and economi . I manner 
in which steel or iron can be used to insure the greatest strength and durability. 


Is the only general purpose wire fence in use. It is just the fence for gardeners, farmers, 
stock raisers anil railroads, and is very desirable for lawns, parks and cemeteries. 

Wherever it has been tried it has given satisfaction, and we offer no other testimonials 
than full and free reference to all our patrons, knowing that our fence will wear itself into 

Are made of wrought-iron pipe and steel wire, and defy all competition in neal 
ness, strength and durability. These gates are all fitted with our adjustable 

allows of the gate being set high or low, and to open either way or both ways, 
latch and either double or reversible catch, as per order. All our gates ai 
suited to self-opening attachments. 

P. S.— Our net-work will 
be found excellent for grape 
arbors, trellises, flowerbeds 
and various 
purposes. It will be found 
specially useful in bottom 
lands subject to overflow. 

This Cut represents the gener 

:ss, light 


Cii vie- 

>n profitably by a Threshing Kngino, 
isfacturod by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 





Dugdale James K, mnfrs clothes wringer?, 

164 Main. 
Dunham E Li & Co, lumber, Junction 9th 

and R K. 
Dunham & Smith, furniture, 275 Main. 
Dunlevy Suzetle, physician, 16 N 6th. 
Dunn James, confectioner, 195 Ft. Wayne 


Charles, pump maker, 13 N Ma- 

I3ai-!iJRSn Ccslleg-e, Joseph Moore 
President, Parvin Wright Superintendent 
and Treasurer, ) Mile West on National 
Road. (See adv.) 

Eaton Samuel, grocer, Main. 

Eckel George i; Son, tinware, 363 Main. 

Eckel & Co, eave trough mnfrs, 363 Main. 

Edrington G V, barber, 9th. 

Elliott Josiah T, boot and shoe mnfr, 297 

Elliott W II, notions, 224 Main. 

Ellis Marlin C, dyer and scourer, 412 Main. 

Emmons Joshua, physician, 21 S 5th. 

Emrich Henry, shoemaker, 4 S Pearl. 

Enders G W Rev (Lutheran). 

Erk H II & Son, grocers. 136 S 5th. 

Esteb J II & Co, brokers 336 Main. 

Estell Bros, boots and shoes, 1S1 Main. 

European Hotel, opp Union Depot. 

Evans Eli, horseshoer, 13 N 6th. 

Evening Item (daily and weekly), Isaac 
Kline pubr, 317 Main. 

Evans Ferguson & Reeves, linseed oil mnfrs. 

Fager C C, shoemaker, 334 Main. 

Farmers' Bank, Stanley Esteb & Co proprs, 
269 Main. 

Farnham C E, lumber, n end Sth. 

Fetta Bros, cigars and tobacco, cor 5th and 
Ft Wayne ave. 

Fetta George A, brick mnfr, Main nr 16th. 

Fetta & Jenks, real estate and loan agents, 
263 Main. 

Firs'. National Bank of Richmond, capita' 
>.. >,ooo, surplus, James E 
Reeves pres, James F Reeves cash, cor 
Main and Franklin. 

Fisher Bros, broom mnfrs, 194 Main. 

FiUgibbons Michael, grocer, Ft Wayne ave. 

Flanagan Patrick, dry goods, 210 Main. 

Flatley John, grocer, Sevastopol. 

Fleming Joseph D, chief of police, City 

Forkner James, dry goods, 270 Mam. 

Forkner Samuel A, lawyer, 249 Main. 

Forltiicr & Dennis, Procure Pat- 
ents, Prosecute and Defend Infringe- 
ments, Experts and Counsellors in Patent 
Cases, Vaughn's Block. 

Foulke W W & Co, carriage hardware, 1 77 
Ft Wayne ave. 

Fox Henry C, lawyer, 226 Main. 

Fox Simon, merchant tailor, 252 Main. 

Fox & Bio, clothing, 274 Mam. 

Fox S & Co, gents' furnishing goods, 278 

Francisco & Dickinson, boots and shoes, 
260 Main. 

Freier Gustave, shoemaker, 3 S 5th. 

I- rick A & J F, crockery, 209 Main. 

Fry Broa, sash, doors and blind mnfrs, 17 

Gaar, Scott & Co, agricultural implement 
mnfrs, cor Finley and Washington ave. 

Gardner Benjamin Rev (Baptist). 

Garvcy Ferdinand, blacksmith, Central ave. 

SSeier Charles, Saloon, 23 N 5th. 

tieier, Rosa & Co, Manufacturers 
and Sole Owners of Lincoln's Lightning 
Fluid Soap, also, Manufacturers Lincoln's 
Fluid Blueing, 199 to 205 S Front. (See 

Gcrmania Hotel, 14 S Peail. 

Getz Tacob, grocer, 3S1 Ft Wayne ave. 

Gilbert J B & J N, boots and shoes, 320 

Gitliens }2oteX, J H Philbrooks Pro- 
prietor, Main bet Marion and Franklin. 
(See adv.) 

Githens Walter L, job printer, 329 Main. 

Gohner John, grocer, 115 S Franklin. 

Graff Paul C, agt American and U S Ex 
Cos, 316 Main. 

Grand Opera House, s e cor 5th and Broad- 

Grant Geo H & Hempleman, school furni- 
ture, cor 6th and Walnut. 

Grave Vernon D, lawyer, 202 Main. 

GrilTui Tames F, plumber, 30; Main. 

Griffith" John W, flour and feed, 1S3 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Griggs Edgar, ticket agt C II & D Rv. 

Grogg M E Mrs, hair goods, 17 N 5th. 

Grothaus Gerard, furniture, -\l S Pearl. 

Grubbs John W & Co, wh grocers, s w cor 
6th and Noble. 

Haberkern Charles, stoneyard, cor Wash- 
ington and Market. 

Had'ley Edwin, physician, Walnut. 

Hadley John C & Co, insurance agts, cor 
Marion & Broadway. 

Hadley & Newman, chair mnfrs, 17 S Sth. 

Haines Joshua W, dry goods, cor 6th and 

Haines Harry, lawyer, cor Main and Frank- 

Hale Wn 

te, 6 N Fr 


pital City Cigar. 

JOMM RAUCfl, Manufacturer, 
82 West V/afhin£ton Street, 






Patentee and Manufacturer cf the 

Crawford Double Cane Seat Chairs 

/:.:■.: r:» rooe: sess. 


5 1 r ; 

h \ \ - 



rt' V 





































5 ^r 

(Pat. Ar.gust 25, 1875.) 
Send for Catalogue and P*rice List. 



Misses' and Gnildrcn's Rockers and Chairs. 

j:walt> oyt,r, 

iHdiauapolis, Ind. 





Hammer Anna M Mrs, milliner, 63 S 

Ilaner Benjamin, cigar mnfr, 124 S Frank- 

llaner Charles II, jeweler, 217 Main. 

Harritnan Simeon 1!, physician, 16 N Pearl. 

Harrington John J, leather, findings and 
saddlery hardware, 297 Main. 

Harris Benjamin F, lawyer, 224 Main. 

Hasecoster John A, architect, S N Franklin. 

] l.Uheld loiin ir, grocer, cor 12th and Main. 

Hatfield & Vaughan, livery, 14 N 5th. 

Hawekotte, Kunk & Co, painters, 25! Main. 

Hawke George P, filemaker, 134 N 5th. 

Hayes Henry H, confectioner, 15 Noble. 

Haynes Henry O, carpets, cor 6th and Main. 

Haynes, Spencer & Co, school furniture, cor 
9th and Noble. 

Haywood & Abbott, lawyers, 306 Main. 

Heidingsfeld E, clothing, 274 M on. 

Hempleman & Nickerson, school furniture, 
cor 9th and Noble. 

Henderson James W, lawyer, 292 Main. 

Henley II & Son, carpenters, nth nr Sassa- 

Henley John, lumber, 379 Main. 
Hiatt Wm F, grocer, 317 Main. 
Hibberd James F, physician, 4S N Jth. 
Ilibbert & Frick, crockery, 209 Main. 
Hill Dayid II, lawyer, ^00 Main. 
Hill & Hill, flour and feed, 353 Main. 
Hill & Stafford, flour mill, n end 9th. 
Hinmon L W, grocer, 201 N 9th. 
Hinton John M, baker, 195 Ft. Wayne ave. 
Hirst Flisha F, jeweler, 262 Main. 
IlittleO L, broker, 338 Main. 
Hobbs Mattie Mis florist, 22 S 5th. 
Hobbs M W, physician, 24 S 5th. 
Hochland Paul, saloon, 257 Main. 
Hodgin J N, carpenter, s \v cor Sth and 

Main. ' 
Hoerner Havid J, baker, 13 S Pearl. 
Hoffman Fred, stoves and tinware, 206 

Hoffman John, grocer, 113 S 6th. 
Hoffman P S, regalia mnfr, 371 Main. 
1 Iollingsworth F, grocer, 1 79 Ft Wayne aye. 
Ilolthouae Barneo & Co, grocers, 253 Main. 
Home for the Friendless, Miss Celia Ar- 
nold matron, 12c S 7th. 
Hoosier Drill Co, J M Westcott pres, Jas 

A Carr sec, cor Kent and Noble. 
Horn Charles II, baker, 15 N 5th. 
Ilotchkiss Zart C, manager Atlantic and 

Pacific, and Western Union Tel Cos, cor 

5th and Main. 
Howard I R & Co, wh grocers, 200 to 206 

Ft Wayne aye. 
Howarth Samuel C, upholster, 437 Main. 

Howells Joseph, physician, icS N 6th. 

Howes J B & Co, coal and lime, 192 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Hudson & Ireton, painters, 322 Main. 

Hughes I M Rev (Presbyterian). 

Hughes Thomas F, shoemaker, 21S Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Hunt Clayton B, grocer, 332 Main. 

Hunt& Bro, flour mill, Williamsburg Pike. 

HuntFB&Co, machinists, cor 5th and 

Hunter Jackson, dyer and scourer, 8 N Ma- 

Huntington House, cor Main and Franklin. 

Hutton J M & Co, burial case mnfrs, cor 
oth and Noble. 

Hi li Bros, notions, 250 Main. 

Indiana House, 205 "Main, 

In inn James, stoves and tinware 403 Main. 

Iutzi Joseph, physician, ill S 5th. 

Jackson Alonzo, barber, 251 Main. 

Jacobs John K, grocer, cor nth and Mul- 

Jay Joseph W, dentist, 300 Main. 

Jenkins Newton, jeweler, 270 Main. 

J ess J*- in sou, CKllston & 

Reeves, Proprietors Richmond Pal- 
ladium, and Book and Job Printers, 339 
and 341 Main. 

Jenks David C, real estate, 263 Main. 

Jewett James B, ticket agt Union Depot. 

Johnson Henry U, lawyer, 224 Main. 

Johnson, Woodhurst & Co, stoves and tin- 
ware, 320 Main. 

Jones Allied P, painter, 119 N jth. 

Jones Bros, proprs Huntington House, cor 
Main and Franklin. 

Jones Calvin, barber, 6 N Marion. 

Jones Jesse E, county recorder. 

Ionian James J, confectioner, 240 Main. 

"Kates II S, frt agent G R & I R R, Union 

Kemper Adam, saloon, 16 S Marion. 

Kendall, Barnes & Co, mnfrs linseed oil, 
cor Pool and Fort Wayne ave. 

Kennepohl Bernard A, saloon, 315 Main. 

Kennepohl & Rost, saloon, 18 S Marion. 

Keil worth >; J ££, Wholesale and Re- 
tail Grocer, Foreign and Domestic Fruits, 
and Sole Proprietor and Inventor Ken- 
worthy's Cash Register, 193 Fort Wayne 
ave. {See adv.) 

Kersey C A, physician, 362 Main. 

Keys Charles A, harness. 

Kibbey Joseph II, lawyer, 294 Main. 

Kidder & Beetle, contractors and builders, 
89 N nth. 

Kielhoiu August, grocer, 237 Main. 

Kielhora A Mrs, milliner, 239 Main. 

■ ■-.::.' 


T- WJtrCillT & CO.! 

47 and ^9 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 
to Adams, Mans-ur &» Co. 

.,, INDIANA POLIS, are Agents for the 
\\!\ celebrated Indiana Cannel Coal, used 
\.iij for gas purposes. 


AND JU.i.sJNE.-'S ])ji:Ei-'TOILY. 


King Richard If, city dirk, City Building. 
Kirkman Wm H, grocer, 103 N Front. 
Kirn Peter P & Co, real estate, 314 Main. 
Klein Solomon, baker, 169 Ft Wayne ave. 
Kline Isaac, pubr Evening Item, 317 Main. 
Knabe A & Son, pork packers, 151 S Tear!. 
Knabe Frank A, notions, 277 Main. 
Knabe Joseph A, grocer, 223 Main. 
Knollenberg George H, dry goods, 319 

Knopf Bros, meal market, cor Pearl and 

Koehring John G, dry goods, 246 Main. 
Korthaus & Schwegmanrt, ice dealers, 34 S 

Kreimeier Bernhart, clothing, 201 Main.. 
Laccy R M, sewing machines, 244 Main. 
Lallan & Burns, livery, 46 S Mai ion. 
Lammcrt Win & Bro, groceries, cor 5th and 

Central avc. 
Lane & Raukopf, barbers, 10 N 5th. 
Langford W S Rev (A M K). 
Larbes Joseph, chair mnfr, 199 S 7th. 
Laudig T J, painter, 12 N 6th. 

Lavelle Mary Miss, dressmaker, 10 S Frank- 

Leonard L E & Co, dry goods, 329 Main. 
Lichtenfels Gottlieb, shoemaker, 17 S Ma- 

Lichtenfels Peter & Co, clothing, 272 Main. 
Lichtenfels Thomas C, saloon, 20 S Marion. 
Lincoln Wm M, billiard room, 13 N Jth. 
Lippencott Samuel R, undertaker, 2S4 Alain. 
Loehle Charles, grocer, 219 SI .1. 
Luken A G & Co, drug 1 Main. 

Luken J H, physician, SS S Franklin. 
Luring Henry, sewing machines, 204 Main. 
i,yle JoJlll g», Justice of the Peace 

and Collection Agent, 5 N Pearl. 
McCarthy & Varlcy, grocers, 145 N 5th. 
McClelland Theodore, painter, 5 S 6th. 
McClelland John D, carriage mnfr, cor 

Franklin and Broadway. 
McClure be Woods, painters, 263 Main. 
McCreight & Co, coal and wood, cor 12th 

and R R. 
McCullough George C*, jeweler, 125 N 5th. 
McDivitt E G, physician, 23 S 5th. 

eisc: . :.7T2L.: 



Great saving for Machinists, Blacksmiths, Mill Owners, and nil >v!io use Files. 

Old Files and Rasps ground smooth ; new teeth cut by hand, tempered in a superior man 

ner, and warranted as good as when new. SEND FOR ClRCt lak and Price List. 

Drvimixt dc Xjeaat, IR,ic:h.m.ona., Ind. 


/. //. PJ I I LB ROOKS, Proprietor. 

•*) v-g==E.L. MEEK, Clerk. <=$-> W 




-A-t Spragr-cue's, 391 "W. 3^a,d.isoM. Street, Cli.icag-0, Xll. 

II 1! DIU,= 

n profitably bj- a Threshing Engine, 

tl. Poo pago S. 





McGuire Henry I, ticket agt C. II. & I. 

R. R., Union Depot. 
Mclntyre J H, physician, s w cor 6th and 

McMuUen Father Rev (Catholic). 
McMullen W M & Co, notions, 31 N 5th. 
McPhcron Nannie Mrs, tailor, 24 N Ma- 

McWhinney, Daugherty & Co, wli milli- 
nery, 149 N 5th. 

Maag Benjamin, boots and shoes, 219 Main. 

Maag Fred, publisher "Richmond Daily 
Independent," "Richmond Weekly In- 
dependent Tress" and "Richmond 
Volkszeitung (German, weekly), cor Main 
and Marion. 

Macke Mm F, saloon, 263 Main. 

Mackc John H, hats and caps, 24S Main. 

Mackee & Edwards, dry goods, 316 Main. 

Mann Leonidas S, physician, 47 N 6th. 

Mansfield L A Mrs, dressmaker, 19 N Ma- 

Marchent & Haynes, ranfrs baking powder, 
3^7 Main. 

Marcus J & Co, clothing 333 Main. 

Marlatt Samuel, blacksmith, 123 Ft Wayne 

Martischang Margaret, brewer, S 5th. 

Mason Robert M, sewing machines, 244 

Mather David L, coal, lime, cement, etc, 
260 Ft Wayne ave and 400 Main. 

Matthews Winder & Co, linseed oil mnfrs, 

Mayer Paul, saloon, 30 S Pearl. 

Meerhoff Henry H, plumber, 7 S 6th. 

Mendenhall Lindley H, seeds and flowers, 
354 Main. 

Mendenhall M H Rev (Methodist). 

Mendenhall N ] Mrs, milliner, 114 N 5th. 

Mendenhall S C, real estate, 204 Main. 

Mendenhall Walter S, lawyer, 10 Odd Fel- 
lows' Blclg. 

Menke E II & San, boots and shoes, 197 

Meredith S D, propr Arlington House. 

Mering L M, Hour mill. 

Mertens Henry, basketmaker, 199 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Meyer A II, blacksmith, 54 Central ave. 

Meyer A W & Co, grocers, 254 Main. 

Meyer Frank J, coal and wood, 5S S Frank- 

Meyer John H, grocer, 329 S Pearl. 

Meyer Louis A, saloon, 172 Main. 

Meyers V & Co, clothing, 28S Main. 

Middleton Win II & Co, mnfrs sash, doors 
and blinds, 164 Ft Wayne ave. 

Miller Henry, pottery, Chestnut. 

Miller JoJlll F, Superintendent P C 
& St L Ky, Office Union Depot. 

Minck Emil, brewer and bottler, 95 Main. 

Michell Alford, laundry, 215 Walnut. 

Mitchell John, cooper, 32 Cliff. 

Moon Ossian C, dentist, 279 Main. 

Moore Jchiel F, boots and shoes, 295 Main. 

Moore James W, county clerk. 

Moure Joseph, President Earlham 

Moore Joseph W, wood and coal, Si N 

Moormann John II, books, groceries, etc, 
23S Main. 

Morel Eugene, saloon, 1S7 Main. 

Morgan Nathan jr, meat market, 1S9 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Morgan Thomas F, plumber, 369 Main. 

Morris Eh, flour and feed, Main. 

Morris Isaac B, lawyer, 309 Main. 

Morris ec Hunt, books, jOO Main. 

Morrison Library, Mrs Sarah A Wrigley li- 
brarian, cor Marion and Broadway. 

Morrow Albert T, grocer, 175 Ft Wayne 

Morse Wm 13, 
Mote Bros, ph 

works, 55 S Franklin. 
3hers, 304 Main, 
ait painter, 300 Main. 

Motes Mar 

Mull George, propr European Hotel, opp 
Union depot. 

Mull Wm, grocer, cor Ft Wayne ave and 

Muller Bernard, druggist, 251 Main. 

Myriss 13 B jr, grocer," cor 5th and Noble. 

Needham Wm G, abstract of title, court 

Newman Charles E, wood turner, 16 N 

Newman J W, lawyer, 310 Main. 

Newman Theodore, wood turner, cor 9th 
and Noble. 

Newton Aimer N, dentist, 44S Main. 

Nichols Noah, meat market, 195 Main. 

KicliolstMt Jolisi H, Cigar and 
Paper Box Manufacturer, 12, 14 and 16 
S 5th. 

^Jieholson & BrO,Books and Sta- 
tionery, Blank Book Manufacturers, Book 
Binders, Wall Paper, etc, 307 Main. 

Niehaus Bernard, shoemaker, cor Marion 
and Sycamore. 

Nixon Martin IV, Manufacturer Man- 
illa, Wrapping, and Roll, Bag Paper, n 
s Whitewater River, on Williamsburg 

Nolle John M, shoemaker, 43 S Marion. 

Nulling C F Mrs, grocer, 170 Main. 

Nutting Samuel F, shoemaker, 16S Main. 


1 Caveats, Prints, Labels, Copyrights. Ai! business pertaining 
ami like in itters, promptly ami cnrefiillj attended to, by C. Ba*n- 
ilicitor i'f Patents, IS Mubbard Block, Indianapolia, Indiana. 

T- ■ ' ■■ . ■ ' ' 

Miscellaneous ;)nti Blank Books and Office Stationery, Indianapolis. 


AND ]!l"SI.\r.S:j DIKKCTOIvY. 



Nye Ezra & Alexander, galvanized iron 

cornice, 185 Fort Wayne ave; 
Nye Ralph W, crockery, 33S Main. 
Oesling Henry F. junk, 100 S Green. 
Orphans' Home, Miss Hannah Jones ma- 
tron, 49 S Pearl. 
Outland Calvin, barber, 10 S Marion. 
Overman Anton, saloon, 169 S Pearl. 
Pare John C, detective, cor 5th and Main. 
Pardick Herman, chair mnfr, 6S S Pearl. 
Parker Elihu M, county auditor. 
Parry Joseph, restaurant, 19 N Noble. 
Parry Web, real estate, s e cor 7th and 

Patterson E & Co, plow amirs, n of Union 

Patterson L M & Co, boot-, and shoes, 21 

N 5th. 
Patty M Mrs, dressmaker, 17 N Marion. 
Paxson Isaac H, meat market, 1S1 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Taxson John M, meat market, 322 Main. 
Paxson Thomas, restaurant, cor 5th and 

Payne & Lindcmuth, lawyers, n w cor Main 

and Franklin. 
Peck Orlando H, portrait painter, 212 Main. 
Peck S D Mrs, propr Commercial House, 

200 Main. 
Peele & Comstock, lawyers, 220 Main. 
Feeples Wm A, dry goods, 296 Main. 
Peltz John E, merchant tailor, 337 Main. 
Perry Charles C, manager American Union 

Tel Co, 3 N 5th. 
Perry James, lawyer, tSS Main. 
Perry John 15, meat market, Pail;, e of 6th. 
Perry & Ashley, genu' furnishing goods, 3 

N 5th. 
Peterson C P & Co, foundry, cor 5th and 

Peterson Johr, grocer, 203 Main. 
PflilUrOOr-s J I-J, Proprietor Githens 

Hotel, Main, between Marion and Frank- 

lin. (See adv.) 
Phillips Iloti=.e, 14 N Marion. 
Pickens Thomas, livery, 135 N 5th. 
Pierce it Poinier, painters, 297 Main. 
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St 

L,OUlS Railwav Co, Operating 

Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central 

Railway, John F Miller Superintendent. 
Pleasant & Dennis, painters, cor nth and 

Potts J & Son, stoves and tinware, 356 

Powell Maria Mrs, grocer, 402 Main. 
Toynier George H, fruits, etc, 315 Main. 
Preston J R & Co, boots and shoes, 336 


PrestOll J K, General Agent I.aCaisse 
Generale of Paris, Western Insurance 
Company of Toronto Ont, and North 
German Fire Insurance Company of Ham- 
burg, 336 Main. 

Price Charles T jr, confectioner, 318 Main. 

Price Melville C, hardware, 326 Main. 

Provident Live Asssociation, James F 
Reeves pres, Eli Stubbs treas, 10N Frank- 

Pyle Bros, dairy, Boston Pike. 

Rankin Prank I?2, Wines and 
Liquors, 23 Noble, opp Union Depot. 

Reckers Joseph, boots and shoes, 16S S 

Reed Irvin & Sons, hardware, etc, 279 

Reeg Henry, saloon, cor Pearl and Sailor. 

Rees Samuel, halter, 190 Main. 

Reid, Peeler & Co, pork packers, office cor 
5th and Noble. 

Reif Frederick A, baker, 196 N 5th. 

Renk Geo, meat market, 265 Main. 

Reynolds Elisha I, boots and shoes, 129 N 

Reynolds Erie L, boots and shoes, 244 Main. 

Reynolds & Atkinson, saw mill, cor 12th 
and North. 

Rice Albert, barber, 179 Ft Wayne ave. 

Richards Wm H, barber, -,05 Main. 

Richey D M Mrs, dressmaker, 242 Main. 

Richey Walter M, druggist, 211 Main. 

Richmond Bell Telephone Exchange, J E 

Burson & Co, proprs, cor 5th and Main. 

'R.ieitmoii<tI Cliair Company, 

W W Crawford Manager and Patentee, 

corner loth and Noole. (See adv.) 

Ricliiiiioncl City Mill ^VorliS, 
Mill Stones and Flouring Mill Machine- 
ry, corner 13U1 and North. 

Richmond Cutlery Co, Samson Boone 
pres, Eli Jay treas, nr Union Depot. 

Richmond Daily Independent, Fred Maag 
propr, n e cor Main and Marion. 

Rielitiioncl Kile Worlts, Drumm 
& Lent Proprietors, near Union Depot. 
(See adv.) 

Richmond Gas Co, James M Starr pres and 

lessee, 32S Main." 
Richmond National Bank, capital ;s200,ooo, 

Charles F Coffin pres, Charles II Coffin 

cash, 216 Main. 
Riehnioucl Palladium (Daily 

and Weekly), established I.S31, Jenkm- 

son, Cullaton & Reeves proprs, 339 and 

341, Main. 

EHicStmond Paper Mills, Martin 
X Nixon propr, 11 s Whitewater river on 
Williamsburg pike. 

- rks. riv 

111 (J* 

.f inlrrif 

:\. ■ . 

ATl.l.'i HJ.'I, 313-321 So 

1 St., CHICAGO. 

s, Go, 

Active Agents will lirar of somctliiM-r to 
their aelv»n(ai.Tv by Viriiiiipf— ■ 

E. It. KELJLOC.G, -Sup't, Chicago, 111. 

(J6 I 




Richmond Tannery and Collar Works, cap- 
ital $100,000, A A Curme pres, Lee J 
Templeton sec and treas, cor Washington 
and Short. 

Richmond Telegram (weekly), Telegram 
Printing Co pubs, 3^7 Main. 

Richmond Temperance Hotel, 91 N Front. 

Richmond Volkszcitung, Fred Mang propr, 
n e cor Main and Marion. 

Richmond Weekly Independent Press, 
Fred Maag propr, n e cor Main and Ma- 

Ritter'ei Warder, marble works, 15 N Pearl. 

Robbins John F, lawyer, 221 Main. 

Roberts Thomas W, Si N Sill. 

Robinson & Co, founders and machinists, 

Rodenbcrg & Vogert, saloon, 191 Ft Wayne 

Rogers Sylvester, cigars and tobacco, 5 N 
5th, and 17 N Noble. 

Roling John 11, hardware, 25S Main, and 
11 N Marion. 

Roney J I, ins and news agent, s e cor 6th 
and Noble. 

K.<t>Sa IE W <£: Soft, Soda and Mine- 
ral Water Manufacturers, and Dealers in 
Cincinnati Lager, and Bottlers of Beer, 
Ale and Cider, 201 S Front. 

Rose II M Mrs, milliner, 29 N 5th. 

Ross O C, tinner, 151 N 5th. 

Ross Wm H, druggist, 314 Main. 

Rost Fred F, saloon, [2 S .Marion. 

Ruffner Joseph, lawyer, 222^ Main.. 

Rump Theodore, gunsmith, 27 N Marion. 

Runge Lewis & Son, flour and feed, 14 N 

Runge & McCoy, blacksmiths, 37 S Marion. 

Rupe John L, lawyer, 294 Main. 

Rusk A E Miss, physician, 79; ', N 7th. 

Russell fames T, real estate and lawyer, 304 

Salter Edward J, constable, 5 N Pearl. 

Salter James W, physician, 74 S 7 tli. 

SumSOll AllUOIi, Postmaster, 22 S 

Sawyer Edmund O, physician, 207 Broad- 

Schaefer C F & Co, notions, 243 Main. 

Scheibler Frank, meat market, 9 N 5th. 

Schell Henry, boots and shoes, 199 Ft 
Wayne ave. 

Schepmann John H, clothing, 1S5 Main. 

Srhlatrr Wm II, lawyer, cor 5th and Main. 

Schneider Philip, carriage mnfr, 9S Marion. 

Schnoing Herman, grocer, 121 S Pearl. 

Schooley Wilson D, model maker, iS N 

Schntte & Bros, wagonmakers, 39 S Marion. 

Schwegman Christian, flour and feed, 141 

S Front. 
Scott Gib II, confectioner, 335 Main. 

Second National Bank, Capital 

S2OO.O0O, Andrew F Scott pres, John V 
Dougan Cash, cor 5th and Main. 

SedgWicJi Bros, Manufacturers 
Wire Net Work for Fences and Gates, 
cor 12th and North. (Set adv.) 

Shissler Henry, propr Indiana House, 205 

Shofer Harmon, livery, 49 S Marion. 

Shofer Louis O, city marshal, city build- 

Shute & Bolin, carriagemakers, 355 Main. 

Siddall & Foulke, lawyers, n w cor Main 
and Franklin. 

Sicweke F & Co, wagonmakers, n S 5th. 

Silvers & Rogers, restaurant, 19 Noble. 

Simpson A B, physician, 295 Main. 

Sinex Plow Co, plow mnfrs, 174 Ft Wayne 

Singer Manufacturing Co, Oscar Wood agt, 
289 Main. 

Sloan J F Rev (Christian). 

Smith E.:ra & Co, coffin mnfrs, cor 6th and 

Smith Win J, stencil cutter and die sinker, 
13 S Marion. 

Smithers Edwin P, veterinary surgeon, 4.1 
S Marion. 

Stanley, Esteb & Co, propr Farmers Bank, 
269 Main. 

Star Grocery, J R Kenworthy Pro- 
prietor, 193 Fort Wayne ave. (See adv.) 

Starr J S & Son, clothing, 249 Main. 

Starr W C & Son, chain mnfrs, cor 10th and 
R R. 

Staubcr Albert, barber, 303 Main. 

Stearns M E Mrs, notions, 291 Main. 

Stein II & Co, notions, 302 Main. 

Stiens John 15, tailor, 2S S Pearl. 

Stigleman George W, photographer, 249 

St Mary's School, s e cor Franklin and 

Stout James M & Son, saloon, 261 Main. 

Strattan Benjamin, real estate, 309 Main. 

Strattan D B, blacksmith, 172 Ft Wayne 

Strattan & Benton, carriage mnfrs, 158 Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Street & Dawson, grocers, 325 Main. 
Stubbs Lewis D, lawyer, 21S Main. 
Study Abel L, lawyer, 309 Main. 
Study Thomas J, lawyer, 24S Main. 
Sutton John G, r.grl implts, 396 Main. 
Swaine Jacob II, photographer, 30S Main. 
Swope Samuel, clothing, 266 Main. 

BINGHAM, '\7A1,K ft JUJZllDW, 

1M»1 ANAI'OLIS, I.M», ) 

Full Line of Ladies' and Gentlemen's 


Sells Heal Estate, 

No. 307 Upper Third St., 
EvanSville, Ind. 





Tale Wm, barber, Z ll 'A Main. 
Taylor J E, physician, 6 N Franklin. 
Telegram Printing Co, pubs Richmond 

Telegram, 357 Main. 
.Tennis Israel, physician, 37 S 51V1. 
Test Alpheus, dairy, e end .Main. 
Thatcher Edward, sewing machines, 304 

TheisCline H, barber, 273 Main. 
Thomas Enos, insurance, 223 Main. 
Thomas H C, coal, corSth ami Noble. 
Thomas Joseph, grocer, cor 9th and Noble. 
Thomas Mary F Mrs, physician, 14 S 6th. 
Thomas Samuel II, horseshoer, 11 S 5th. 
Thomas & Wolfer, blacksmiths and horsc- 

shoers, 14S Main. 
Thompson Daniei, sewing machines, 292 

Thompson Wiley, barber, 7 Noble. 
Tibbals L S & Co, druggists, 30S Main. 
Tieman Wm, brick mnfr. 
Tigner M Mrs, dressmaker, 2S4 Main. 
Toles S H, restaurant, cor 5th and Main. 
Tompkins N C, hats and caps, 323 Main. 
Toschlag Henry, dyer and scourer, 2S S 

Trindal Wm, sheriff. 
Tuch Bros, clothing, 30G Main. 
Uhde August, dyer, w end Main st Bridge. 
United States Ex Co, 316 Main. 
Van Aerman T B, dry goods, 210 Ft Wayne 

Van Frank Henry M, grain dealer and feed 

mill, Ft Wayne ave opp Depot. 
Van Sant Samuel, grocer, 447 Main. 
Van Sant & Davis, confectioners, 222 Main. 
Van Uxem, Frank & Co, stoves and tin- 
ware, 273 Main. 
Vaughn Bios, hardware, 2S4 and 209 Main. 
Vet Charles M, music teacher, 2S N 7th. 
Vigus W J Rev (Methodist). 
Walker Calvin B, lawyer, 21S Main. 
Walls Charles, shoemaker. 
Walsh Maurice, saloon, cor 5th and Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Waring Wm P, physician, 43 S 5th. 
Washburn Paul V, lawyer, n w cor 5th and 

Main. . 
Watson Wm, cooper, cor Cedar and Ft 

Wayne ave. 
Watt N L C, grocer, 12 N Marion. 
Watts J S, physician, 99 N 6th. 
Wayne Agricultural Co, L L Lawrence 
pies, Thaddeus Wright sec and trcas, cor 
1 2th and North. 
Weaver Clara Mrs, hair goods, 5 S 5th. 
Weaver James N, barber, 15 Noble. 
Weber Jacob, locksmith, 195 Main. 
Webster Wm R, dentist, 249 Main. 

Wedokind M C Mis, milliner, 291 Main. 
Weeghman August, blacksmith, cor 5th 

and Central avenue. 
Wefel Gerhard II, pump mnfr, 10 S Sixth. 
Weidner & Deri;, meat maiket, 255 Main. 
Weisbrod Henry, barber, 2 S Tearl. 
Weist J R, physician, 6S N 5th. 
Welsh Morris, saloon, cor 5th and Noble. 
Welsh Patrick, painter, 197 Ft Wayne ave. 
Wenger Jacob, shoemaker, 214 Ft Wayne 

Werner Joseph, merchant tailor, 355 Main. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, Zort P 

Hotchkiss manager, cor 51I1 and Main. 
Whelan & Moorman, saloon, 11 N 5th. 
Whitridge John C, lawyer, 306 Main. 
Whitridge Wm T, merchant tailor, N 

Wickemycr Henry Rev (Lutheran). 
Wiggins S R & Son, tanners, cor Market 

ggins & Co, saddlery hi 



Wilcox Anna Miss, milliner, 294 Main. 
Wilkins & Daub, meat market, 345 Main. 
Williams J B, dentist, 2S6 Main. 
Williams J M & Co, boots and shoes, 304 

Wilson George & Son, blacksmiths, 17 N 

Wilson W N, dentist, 329 Main. 
Wilson Wm P, city treasurer. 
Wolfer Martin JI, wagonmaker, ic,o Main. 
Wood Oscar, manager Singer Mnfg Co, 289 

Woods Isaac R, painter, 263 Main. 
Wrigley Luke II, lawyer, 279 Main. 
Wrig-Ilt Parvin, Superintendent and 

Treasurer Earlham College. 
Yaryan Adamson & Co, linseed oil mnfrs. 

302 Main. 
Yaryan & Yaryan, lawyers, 302 Main. 
Young Peter, cigar mnfr, 69 S Pearl. 
Young Wm K, photographer, 246 Main. 
Zeller & Co, cracker bakers and wholesale 

confectioners, 357 to 361 Main. 
Zeyen J & Bro, merchant tailors, 232 Main. 

RICH VALLEY. Located on Wa- 
bash river, in Noble township, Wabash 
county, on W. St. L. iV P. Ry., 6 miles 
southwest of Wabash, the county seat, is 
known locally as Kellers, and contains 200 
persons, United Brethren church and dis- 
trict school. Pacific Express. Mail daily. 
P. G. Moore, postmaster. 
Alexander Wm, carpenter. 
Beroth O, hotel. 
Bradley & Clark, saw and Hour mill. 


OKAS. D.C0LS02T, 108 anrl 110 SV^ihliu Mi-cot, Chicago. 

The Celcbivt.d vVillJrnlnn Wlnto S.-..d. Best Brand? of Imported 
and Domestic Hydraulic Cements, New York and Mictiiyan Stucco. Etc. 
See Adv., page •». 

. r P *r.« B prohtably by . TbmMDS C 
II I manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLC 

■ ' ■ i._L,Iud„u,,v, u r,», Ind. Sec page 3. 





Davis Samuel, wagonmaker. 
' Kelley Ira, R R and Ex agt: 
Malott Thomas, blacksmith. 
Moore P G, general store and physician, 
Small G W, justice of the peace. 
Tripper Joseph, saloon. 

RlCJlWOOnS. A farmers » post- 
office, in Salem township, Delaware county, 
5 miles southwest of Muncie, the county 
seat. It has Methodist church, and re- 
ceives mail semi-weekly. Elias Good, post- 

Good EHaSj Postmaster. 
Lykins David sr, general store. 
Lykins 1 Livid jr, blacksmith. 
Neff W II, carpenter. 

BIDGKVJLLIj:. At crossing of the 

•P. C. & St. L. and G. R. & I. R. Rs., in 
Franklin township, Randolph county, 9 
miles north of Winchester, the county seat, 
and 84 miles northwest of Indianapolis. The 
Mississinewa river flows through the village 
and operates, by water power, a flouring 
mill. It contains a population of 1000, two 
churches— Baptist and Methodist— graded 
school, two hotels and the Ridgeville Col- 
lege. Its manufactories are limited a< yet, 
and consist of two flour mills, handle fac- 
tory and a saw mill. Express, United 
States. Telegraph, Western Union. Mail 
daily. Elisha T. Bailey, ppstmaster. 
Addington James A, carpenter. 
Allen Seymour R, druggist. 
Anderson Silas, barber. 
Bailey Elisha T, general store. 
Bailey LaSalle F, insurance agt. 
Lames G, cigats and tobacco. 
Bickner Henry, wagonmaker. 
Brown Augustus, barber. 
Cook Geo W, livery. 
Cook L N, stoves and tinware. 
Cool C H, blacksmith. 
Cinningham & Boswell, grocers. 
Dickerson A K, saw mill. 
Dowell Wm H jr, agt G R & I Ry. 
Farquhar Allen II, physician. 
Fetters Andrew, gunsmith. 
Franklin Santarrelli S, grocer. 
Trench T B, hotel. 

Gegner George L, saddles and harness. 
Graham Thomas A, hardware, 
Hiatt Christopher C, druggist. 
Hiatt Joseph, shoemaker. 
Hiatt Milton R, drugs. 
Hiatt Nelson B, dry goods. 
Hoke John I, jeweler'. 
Jack Marion L, stoves and tinware. 

Kirkpatrick Henry, carriagemaker. 

Kitselman Sisters &, Co, milliners. 

Kitselman & Son, hardware. 

Lemaux Geo, grocer. 

McKew A & Co, boots and shoes. 

McNerney T E. saloon. 

Madden T E Rev (Methodist). 

Meyer Peter, blacksmith. 

Miller & Kitselman, dry goods. 

Miller & Shaw, saw mill. 

Mullennix Henry, shoemaker. 

Overman & Brooks, blacksmiths. 

Porter David W, grocer. 

Press A K, handle mnfr. 

Retter John C, blacksmith. 

Reynolds Frank A, physician. 

Ridgeville College (Freewill Baptist), Rev 

S M Bates pies. 
Ryan John, hotel. 
Sackman & Marot, furniture. 
Seaney J W & Co. boots and shoes. 
Shifter George, grocer. 
Shoemaker Wm, physician. 
Shoemaker & Reynolds, physicians. 
Siegler George, baker. 
Simpson Alexander, restaurant. 
Smith Henry, hotel. 
Starbuck Robert B, agt P C & St L Ry and 

U S Ex Co. 
Starr C P & Co, flour mill. 
Stratton Isaac N, grocer. 
Studabaker \\" F, produce. 
Sumption M T, hotel. 
Swain E Mrs, milliner. 
Underwood Miles M, barber. 
Wellinger John, meat market. 
Whipple & Seaney, grain. 
Whipple & Son, llour mill. 
Williamson & Williamson, lawyers. 
Winner John, shoemaker. 
Wood Andrew J, grocer.. 
Wood A J Mrs, milliner. 

ItlGDOX. Known generally as In- 
dependence, is located partly in each Grant 
and Madison counties, 16 miles southwest 
of Marion, county seat of Grant county, 
and 24 miles northwest of Anderson, coun- 
ty seat of Madison county. Elwood, 10 
miles southwest, at crossing of L. E. & W. 
and P. C. & St. I,. Rys, is the usual ship- 
ping station. With a population of 200, 
the village has two churches— Christian and 
Methodist. Tri-weekly stage communica- 
tion with Elwood — fare 50c. Mail tri- 
weekly. Reuben Patrick, postmaster. 
Adair J A, flour mill. 
Benton J C, carpenter. 
Call J W, stock dealer. 

f'/ii-.nufiicturor of tho 

Ei U'evt Washinqlon Street, 

Capital City 0: 


^ A, KNISELY& CO., 72 &74 W. Monroe St. 
''^Chicago. Send for Catalogue and Prices. 





L'rawhan Errs, saw mill. 
England Henry, carpenter- 
Kite A J, carpenter. 
Free A E Mrs, milliner. 
FreeOrizon, drugs. 
Gemmell A, general store. 
Goodin S A, physician. 
Hughes C M, wagonmaker. 
John Win, blacksmith. 
Lightfoot Newton, blacksmith. 
MxTurnan M J, physician. 
Mauring N H, physician. 
Maturing & McMatian, drugs. 
Parson George W, shoemaker. 
Parson Jennie Mrs, hotel. 
Patricli Hicubei! & Co, General 

Pickard John L, general store. 
Reed J H, blacksmith. 
RiggS C E, physician and hotel. 
Wills Shcpard, plasterer. 

B1I,EY. Or Lockport, as the station 
is known, has a population of 500, located 
on the T. 11. & S. E. R. R., in Vigo coun- 
ty, lies 9 miles southwest of Terre Haute, 
the county seat. The village has a Chris- 
tian church and graded school. Grain is 
the principal article of export. Mail daily. 
J. P. Fowler, postmaster. 
Allen Thomas, general store. 
Baker George, blacksmith. 
Conley Will, Coal Mine. 
Foglesang Christ, saloon. 
Fowler J P, Druggist. 
Fox J, grocer. 
Gillespie E J, me'at market, 
llarringer VVm, grocer. 
llixon G W, physician. 
Holston D, wagonmaker. 
Littlejohn 11 C, physician. 
Murle Matthew, grocer. 
Nottkemper 11, saloon. 



s, flour mill. 

Rumbley 1 W, general store. 
Russdl C \Y, physician. 
Sanford W A, barber. 
Shultz G R, wagonmaker. 
Smith Edward, "blacksmith. 
Smith Wm, physician. 
Smith & Ilagcr, harncssmaker. 
Tryon J J, hotel. 
Tiyon J R, general store. 
Willis Andrew, saw mill. 

JIIXGGOLD. Has no village or- 
ganisation whatever, only a country post- 
office in LaGrange county, S miles south- 

west of LaGrange, the county seat. Mail 
received weekly. Daniel Musser, postmas- 

HIPLEY. Is a poaoffice on the line 
of the B. & O. R. R., in Noble county, 5 
miles from Albion, the county seat, 7 from 
Kendallville, on L. S. '& M. S. and G. R. & 
I. R. Rs., and 5 from A villa, 011 the B. & 
O. and G. R. & I. R. Rs. Mail is received 
daily. J. W. Bell, postmaster. 

RISING SUN. The county seat of 
Ohio county, is located on the Ohio river, 
92 miles southeast of Indianapolis, and 3S 
below Cincinnati. This is a flourishing in- 
corporated village of 1S03 inhabitants, con- 
taining six churches— Methodi t, Pre by- 
terian, Christian, Universal t, Baptist and 
Lutheran — good graded schools, two I tels, 
a national bank, two weekly newspapei — 
the Local and Recorder — one planing, one 
saw and two flour mills. The place has a 
bonded debt of $6,400, substantial county 
buildings, good business blocks, handsome 
residences, live, wide-awake business and 
professional men, and with its rich agricul- 
tural district and cheap transportation ad- 
vantages offers especially favorable induce- 
ments to manufacture or commerce. It has 
daily stage communication with Aurora, its 
nearest rail approach. Express, Adams 
andO. &M. Mail daily. Eliza M. Spen- 
cer, postmaster. 
Aldcn Thomas E, physician. 
Anderson & McHenry, livery. 
Armstrong Sanford L, procer. 
Best Sallie Mrs, milliner. 

Buchanan Benjamin F, Drugs, 

Books, Stationery, and Wall Paper. 
Buchanan Perry, carpenter. 
Bush & Dalrymple, produce, Ex agts. 
Calkin Eliza Mrs, dressmaker. 
Calkin Lois, prop Riverside House. 
Cedar Hedge Cemetery, John II Jones prop. 
Clark Cornelius, blacksmith. 
Clore Wm, plow mnfr. 
Coficld Wm R, sewing machines. 
Coles John B, Lawyer and Mayor. 
Coltei Wm, general store. 
Crandall & Summers, general store. 
Davis John K>, boots and shoes. 
Davis Rodman L, lawyer. 
Downey Alexander C, lawyer. 
Duncan Ilezekiah L, grocer. 
Fades James S, stoves and tinware. 
Knipire House, Lee W Scranton 

Proprietor. [See adv.) 
Enoch Walter F, blacksmith. 

FrT"L~„ I F)/°» PI a d F4 Tliw lemllns: Plnno nnri On 

I IP'! Kffl TT1 1T1 Xf flft fi..- W.-sl. MNlf.rlT,.,.!,-,,:,,:! 

■Jn a ■ -> o-j^<!,-.!i*Jdi Wtf WUa Git and GO i.'arlh K. any.liaaia St., INI 

use of 

Indianapolis, Iiacl. 




Eshman John, lumber and coal. 

Espcy II S & Son, grocers and R R agents. 

Fisher David W, shoemaker. 

Gary Enos, furniture. 

Gary & Son, bakers. 

Gibson George R, hardware. 

Gillespie Wm, physician. 

Gould Richard II, livery. 

Hall Matthias R, sewing machines. 

Harris James P, carpenter. 

Harrison Wm Rev (Methodist). 

Harwood & Son, painters. 

Hathaway Shadrach, shoemaker. 

lleyn X Bro, drv goods. 

EEito&ew Oliver H, Dry Goods, No- 
tions, Etc, Millinery a specialty. 

Hirschauer Paul, carriage and wagon- 

Hoffner Walter, locksmith. 

Horsfall Thomas, merchant tailor. 

James Reuben R, corn mil!. 

Jelley & Jelley, lawyers. 

Jones Jolsn Kt, Real Estate and 
General Purchasing Agent. 

Jones ©sear, Giocer. (.Sv adv.) 

lones Richard M, justice of the peace. 

Kenner Charles E, grocer. 

Kittle Solomon K, boots and shoes. 

Kurr Henry, shoemaker. 

McAroy George, druggist. 

Marble James \Y, grocer. 

Marquett Frederick, harnessmaker. 

Martin Francis J, harnessmaker. 

Matson John T, physician. 

May held" George T, baker. 

Merrell & Son, blacksmiths. 

Miller Wm W, cigars and tobaccos. 

Miller & Son, (louring mill. 

Moore George I, lumber. 

Murdock John, confectioner. 

National Bank of Rising Sun, capital $100,- 
ooo, Samuel Seward pres, H S Espey 
vice pres, J N Perkins cash. 

Ncaman Win II, saloon. 

Newman Ellsworth V, grocer. 

Olmstead H F Rev (Presbyterian). 

Pate <& CJrejyory, General Store. 

Price & Hemphill, cigar mnfrs. 

Redd Smith B, barber. 

Riggs John, blacksmith. 

Rising Sun Local (weekly), Daily B Hall 

Rising Sun Recorder (weekly), F J Waldo 
& Co, pubs. 

Riverside House, Lois Calkin prop. 

Rollins Richard J, barber. 

Schelly Wm, cigar 

SeraiStOtl X,CC W, Proprietor Empire 
House. {See adv.) 

Seward M J & Co, dry goods. 
Seward Wm R & Co, grocers. 
Smith Ernest, wagonmaker. 
Spencer Eliza M Mrs, pos 
Steele Richard A, furniture. 
Stevenson, Geo A, physician. 
Stewart Stephen H, lawyer. 
Sullivan Wm II, physician. 
Talbott Joseph W, flour mill. 
Tholke Frederick, saloon. 
Thorn David C, druggist. 
Toohy John, marble works. 
Turner Daniel, sewing machines. 
Ulrey Joel P, dentist. 
Walton Daniel K, photographer. 
Weaver Jacob, justice of the peace. 
Whitlock John Tjr, grocer. 
Whitlock John T sr, undertaker. 
Whitlock Wm H, saw mill. 
Wilber David, insurance. 
William John D, jeweler. 
Williams & Meis, dry goods. 
Zimmerman Peter, coal. 

IilVEB. Called Lancaster and New 
Lancaster, is a village with 140 inhabitants 
in Lancaster township, Huntington county, 
10 miles south of Huntington, the county 
seat, and most accessible place of shipment. 
The Salamonie river flows through the 
place and furnishes power to operate one 
flour mill. Mail tri-weekly. Wm. II. 
Hoover, postmaster. 
Beal Jonathan, shoemaker. 
Edwards E, wagonmaker. 
Hacker Warren, carpenter. 
Hoover Witt EC, General Store. 
Leonard John, cider mnfr. 
Schooley S, physician. 
Shideler A B, blacksmith. 
Shultz H P, carpenter. 
Williams W H, physician. 
Zell John W, blacksmith. 

RIVERSIDE. Name of postoffice 
on the W. St. L. & P. Ry, in Davis town- 
ship, Fountain county, 20 miles northeast 
of Covington, the county seat. Population 
50. Mail daily. James E. Page, post- 

Bunch Jesse, blacksmith. 
Conklin O, wagonmaker. 
Crane Cyrus, justice of the peace. 
Page James E, General Store. 

RIVER TALE. Name of postoffice 

at Scottville station, on the O. & M. ;R. R., 
with a population of loo, is located in 
Lawrence county, 10 miles southeast of 


i. 7 and 40 S. lltridian St., Iiidijuujoolis. J Latest .Stylos and Colorfiijjs. 


oke at lena prices. 


and i!i;.-iM»: Dutr.CTOJiV. 


Bedford., the county sent. The village has 
two churches— Methodist and Catholic— 
an.! distiict school. The east fork of White 
river furnishes power to operate a flour 
mill. Express, Ohio and Mississippi. Mail 
daily. Charles C. Lewis, postmaster. 
Andrews James T, general store. 
Berry A F, physician. 
Rerrv IJSros, Stone Quarry. 
Bright 'Henry, distiller. 
B'ooking Win II, shoemaker. 
Bullitt Albion, lawyer. 
Dilley Joseph T, township trustee. 
Dunn Daniel Rev (Catholic). 
French George, cooper. 
Gault Ricliard, Carpenter. 
Hays George, hotel. 
Harmeyer Henry, flour mill. 
Hoffman Robert, miller. 
Hoffman \Vm, saloon. 
Hos'tettler Daniel, saw mill. 
Jolley Wm R, justice of the peace. 
Leatherman Henry, blacksmith. 
Lewis C C, Agt O & M Ky and Ex- 
press Co. 
Newkirk B F, quarry foreman. 
Turley Wm, cattle dealer. 
Wells Gideon Rev (Methodist). 

BOA CUD ALE. Was laid out in 
1SS0, and is a thrifty, growing place of 150 
inhabitants, located at crossing of I. D. & 
S. and L. N. A. & C. Rys, in Putnam 
county, distant 16 miles from Greencastle, 

the county seat. This place is located in 
an excellent farming country, and is des- 
tined to become an important village at no 
distant day. Express, American. Mail 
daily. J. T. Cline, postmaster. 
Barnard E, saw mill. 
Cline j X, General Store. 
Dickerson & Owens, brick mnfrs. 
Genthy C, shoemaker. 
Ghormley F M, general store. 
Ghormley J M, agricultural implts. 
Grantham J W, drugs. 
Homiday & Kendall, general store. 
Hymer James W, stock dealer. 
Lewis W R, livery. 
Matkins C, hotel. 
May A C, staves and heading, 
Miller J R, drugs. 
Sellers Y T, physician. 
Stutzman & Bowers, grocers. 
Sweeny S B, blacksmith. 
West William, Carpenter. 

-RCMJVJV. On Eel River, in Paw Paw 
township, Wabash county, having 500 in- 
habitants, is also a station on the Eel River 
Division W. St. L. & P. Ry, 10 miles north- 
west of Wabash, the county seat. There 
are three churches — Universalist, Methodist 
and Christian — and graded high school here. 
American Express. Mail daily. Mrs. J. 
A. Thatcher, postmaster. 
Arthur iirOS, Lawyers. 
Baker J F, justice of the' peace. 


Supplies, Motions, 


Cor. Walnut and Second Sis., 



og cs^TExiovrs, $1.50 pek' id^L^t.^s^^ 


Furnished th 
with the 

oughout with entirely new Furniture and Bedding. The Bar is supplied 
best of Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco ; also two good Pool Tables. 

The only House in the City that lias a Stable attached. 


; i . . Sw 






Baker S V, drugs. 

Black & Butterbaugh, furniture. 

Bryan H B, confectioner. 

Fike C G, clothing. 

Cause & Dedrick, saw mill. 

Ciipc & AnkerinaU, Livery. 

Hettmanspcrger C, restaurant. 

Kidd & Jones, physician. 

Leets Chris, barber. 

Lowman & Zoo!:, wagonmakers. 

Meyers lacub, grocer. 

Miller R S, hotel. 

Mowry Peter, blacksmith. 

Murphy R, general store. 

Murray H I*, Drugs. 

Nciswander S, shoemaker. 

Oren & Hoke, wagonmakers. 

Patterson Levi, general store. 

Roann Clarion (weekly), Johnson Bros 

RUtiV & Mead, Milliners. 
Samuel's W, tailor. 
Smith & Tillman, saw mill. 
Swager John, meat market. 
Tliafclier J A Mra, Fancy Goods. 
Whitaker & Schnclker, general store. 
Williams S A Mrs, milliner. 
Willis A L, saddles and harness. 

ltOAXOKE. On the W. St. L. & 

P. Ry, in Jackson township, Huntington 
county, IO miles northeast of Huntington, 
the county seat, is a thrifty village of 606 
inhabitants, containing Methodist, United 
Brethren and Catholic churches, a graded 
school, an academy, I hotel, 3 saw mills, 1 
bank and I flour mill. Grain, lumber and 
wagon wood-work are the chief exports. 
Express, Pacific. Mail daily. James B. 
Slusser, postmaster. 
Barr John H, stock dealer. 
Brahs Fred C, general store. 
Broolcs & ttcvnolds, House and 

Sign Painters, e s Main. [See adv.) 
Bryson J B & Co, saw mill. 
Carson W F, physician. 
Chafee Albert B, physician. 
Chafee Wm C, physician. 
Cressinger Alexander, lawyer. 
Dinius Solomon B, saddles and harness. 
Eagle House, N M Wilsh propr. 
Ebersole Charles F, clothing. 
Ervin John, tinsmith. 
Franktait Sisters, milliners. 
Futlon John M, druggist. 
Grim Joseph S, lawyer. 
Hackett John, justice of the peace. 
Hackett & Mowry, druggists. 

Hilton Albert, billiards. 

Kahn Abraham, clothing. 

Koontz Alfred, furniture. 

Lipes Andrew, jeweler. 

Long M DeWitt Rev (United Brethren). 

Mcl'herren Cyrus II, wagonmaker. 

Meredith V B Rev (Methodist). 

Miner Bros, saw mill. 

Mitchell Ella Miss, milliner. 

Myers John D, wagon mnfr. 

Myers Joseph, saw mill. 

Nix Nicholas, shoemaker. 

Olds Ebenezer C, boots and shoes. 

Overdeer Jacob & Son, meat market. 

Overdeer Wm G, barber. 

Pickle Theodore II, saloon, 

Regedanz Christian, general store. 

Reynolds John F, physician. 

Robinson Edward B, general store. 

Rose Daniel \V, saloon. 

Rose Mary Mrs, baker. 

Searls F M, justice of the peace. 

Slusser James B, giocer. 

Twining Thomas J, blacksmith. 

VanArsdal Wm, blacksmith. 

Walton Wm W, boot and shoemaker. 

Ward James O, general store. 

Welsh Daniel, constable. 

Welsh Leroy, livery stable. 

Weisii r--*at M," Proprietor Eagle House, 
Centrally Located, All Conveniences of a 
First-class Hotel, Good Sample Rooms on 
First Floor. 

Wertsbougher Marv Mrs, milliner. 
Wilkerson George, blacksmith. 
Win, lie & Wasmuth, bankers. 
Woerste Wm Rev (Catholic). 
Wright Ervine, physician. 
Wuersten Henry, cigar mnfr, 
Zent S II, R R and Ex agt. 
Zent Tillie Miss, milliner. 

HOB BOY. A settlement of 50 per- 
sons, in Shawnee township, Fountain coun- 
ty, on the Chicago and Block Coal R. R., 
12 miles northeast of Covington court house. 
Big and Little Shawnee creeks furnish 
power to operate three flour mills located 
in the vicinity. Grain and live stock are 
shipped. Mail daily. Robert D. Keefer, 

Brown Barney, R R agt. 
Cole Wm, physician. 
Kecfer K. I>, General Store. 
Tarrott Barton, grain. 
Parrott Wm, confer. 
Snyder J G & Son, flour mill. 
Swank i Orr, Hour mill. 

On all matters pertaining to 1~\ I m 771 "VT TIP O Patents, consult 
i Hubbard Block, Indianapo- I' A i H V | X lis, Ind. All bu 
il. and riven careful and -»- H 1 iJil -*- r^J • prompt person: 

and g 

C. Bradford, 

usiness confiden- 
prompt personal attention. 

Hubbard & Go. 

Booksellers, Stationers and Taper l)ealer3, 





n O CHJZS TJSlt. The county seat of 
J\ilton county, is located 98 miles north of 
Indianapolis, on the I. P. & C. Ry, was 
settled in 1830, and incorporated a 3 a Mi- 
lage in 1S55, and now contains a popula- 
tion of 2,500. The public buildings com- 
prise the county buildings and schools, 
among the last named is an exceedingly 
fine building costing $50,000. Ilr.r. also 
four churches— two Presbyterian, one Meth- 
odist and one Lutheran — and one bank. 
Rochester now has a bonded indebtedness 
of £20,000. The press is represented by 
the />',', -Vc/v A/,*,i» and Mi'-hesio S.);'i- 
nel (Democrat.) The village has quite a 
notoriety f jr its fishing grounds, there be- 
ing two lakes in the vicinity— Lake Mani- 
tou, I,'.' miles, Lake Maxinkuckee, 16 
miles distant. Telegraph, Western Union. 
Express, United States. Mail daily. \Ym. 
Mattingly, postmaster. 
Adams Francis J, restaurant. 
Alexander Isaac H, saloon. 
Allman & Moses, general store. 
Anderson Hiram, blacksmith. 
Ashton Francis M, foundry. 
Ault A & Co, medicine mnfrs. 
Ault David, photographer. 
Barber Jeremiah, barber. 
Barkdoll Samuel A, carpenter. 
Barns John, grocer. 

Batchelor & Stockberger, meat market. 
Bell Richard A, cooper. 
Bitters Andrew T, propr Rochester Sen- 
Bitters John D, harness. 
Bosenberg Frederick, saloon. 
Brackett & Surgiiy, physicians. 
Brouillettc James, barber. 
Brown Angus, physician. 
Brown Mary M Mrs, carpet ninfr. 
Calkins Edward, lawyer. 
Carr Andrew J, saloon. 
Central House, s e cor Main and York. 
Chamberlain Chester, grocer. 
Chandler Robert II, grocer. 
Chapin & Pro, general store. 
Chestnut Joseph B, cooper. 
Clark George \V, meat market. 
Clarke Thomas, saloon. 
Cleary Daniel, boot and shoemaker. 
Clifford James M, agt I P & C Ry. 
Coffin Griffin A, milliner. 
Collins'James F, grocer. 
Conner & Sickman, lawyers. 
Cooper D & Co, hardware. 
Corbet Andrew, restaurant. 
Cornelius Ernest, saloon. 
Cornelius F H, grocer. 
Covert & Karns, dentists. 
Cowgill E E, boots and shoes. 
Cowgill E E & Co, lumber. 



Brooks &' Reynolds, 

Calsoniiuing, Paper Hanging and Graining, Promptly and Neatly Pone. 

East Side Main, Roanoke, Ind. 


ROBERT WALLACE, Proprietor. 

The Wallace is now one of the leading hotels in the city. It has recently been repaire( 

and newly furnished. The rooms are large, neat and well ventilated. The table 

is supplied with the best viands the market affords. Free and 

accommodating bus to and from all trains. Call and see us. 


TraRflft-AI-L KIM)S. .1. V. ATKINSON. 313-321 So. t'liii. 
.. ton St., I'iikCACU, 11.1.. £ -.- K.ior to tl.m;-,.-. «l 
11 V llvUt ti \.Ui Contrucls completed throughout lite country. 

tee Life Ins, Co.ES 

cies non-forfeit in::' under tlie lin 
rk,ufier Jim. 1, IStiO. Will cn.ibleAge 
r business, £. H. KELLOGG; Sup't, Cliicag 





Davidson WmH, livery. 

Dawson J & Son, druggists. 

Decker Oscar R, jeweler. 

Decker Robert G, painter. 

Demont Geo A, livery. 

Dorsch Miss Melviana, milliner. 

Eichelberger Edward, restaurant. 

Elliott Benjamin M, com merchant. 

Emrick L S, cigar mnfr. 

Essick& Holman, lawyers. 

Feder & Silberberg, clothing. 

Fekler Christian L, grocer. 

Fieser John B, wagonuiaker. 

Frain, Miner & Co, marble works. 

Frain, Miner & Hoffman, marble works. 

Fromm John F, general store. 

Gerson Jacob, merchant tailor. 

Glass Charles E, telegraph operator W U 

Goldsmith Jennie Mrs, grocer. • 

Golinghorist John H, livery. 

Goul D S & Bio, general store. 

Gould Robert, photographer. 

Gould Vernon, physician. 

Gray Alfred II D, general store. 

Hector Cornelius, physician. 

Hector Frank M, physician. 

Heffley Samuel, wagonmaker. 

Heilburn L & Co, general store. 

Herman & Rowley, lawyers. 

Hicks Fred, barber. 

Hill John G, baker. 

Hill Wm, physician. 

Holeman Allen W, general store. 

Hoover Christian, furniture. 

Hoover Isaiah, boarding. 

House A V Rev (Lutheran). 

House & Elliott, real estate. 

Hughtbn Alice Mrs, hairdresser. 

Jcssen Jessie, flour mill. 

Jewell Robert S, boats. 

Johnson Benjamin O, woolen factory. 

"Kammerer C, blacksmith. 

EtCWIiev © M, Founder and Machin- 
ist, e s Main n Market. 

Kewnev & Thompson, founders. 

Kirtlalld EliaS, Books, Stationery 
and Variety Store, established in 1S65, e 
s Main n Washington. 

Kitten G II & Co, grocers. 

Knopp Calvin, saloon. 

Koch Solomon, hats and caps. 

Kochendorfer C F, grocer. 

Lane Wm A. grocer. 

Langsdorf Charles, meat market. 

Lauer J & Co, clothing. 

Lawrence Eli, Hour mill. 

Letter & Hickman, flour mill. 

Letcher & Baxter, grain dealers. 

Line Samuel, marble works. 

Lord N L Rev (Presbyterian). 

McClary T 1, lawyer. 

McDougall Wm T, saw mill. 

McMahan Marv J Mrs, milliner. 

Manheim M & Son, crockery. 

Mattingly W H & I M, proprs Rocheste 

Mercer Levi, hardware. 
Meyer Henry, saloon. 
Miller George & Co, grain dealers. 
Miller George I Mrs, milliner. 
Miller Melyne, gunsmith. 
Mirier Oliver C, cigar mnfr. 
Moore Milton H, photographer. 
Divers VOIIMS, Planing Mill, n s Pearl 

e' I P iCc ky. 
Nellans Tames, restaurant. 
Newhouse Elizabeth P, milliner. 
O'Blenis Isaac H, blacksmith. 
Osgood Ovid P, harness. 
Parsons Allen B, notions. 
Pellens Joseph B, druggist. 
Plank &Brackett, druggists. 
Plank & Miller, druggists. 
Plough William M, "baker. 
Rannells Lycurgus, books. 
Ranuells R N &S011, proprs Central House 
RCX Xtlicliacl M, Dentist, s w co 

Main and York. 
Richter Francis, grocer. 
Robbins & Sutton, physicians. 
Rochester Bank. AC Copeland, cash. 
Rochester Republican (weekly), n w cc 

Main and Pearl. 
Rochester Sentinel (weekly), s w cor Mai 

and South. 

R.OSS & Cilazc", Founders and Mi 
chinists. head Market e Main. 

Rule F M Rev (Methodist). 

Sergent George M, general store. 

Shanks Calvin, grocer. 

Sharpe Gray & Co, general store. 

Shepherd & Deniston, hardware. 

Sherwin Horace E, dentist. 

Shields, general store. 

Shields & Burch, meat market. 

Shoemaker Enos R, sewing machines. 

Shore Perry M, grocer. 

Shryock Kline G, lawyer, s s Washingtot 

Sidniore J, shoemaker. 

Slick Jaco5> S, Attorney at Law, s 
Cor Main and South. 

Smith John W, lawyer. 

Smith Milo R, lawyer. 

Sterner Daniel, lime and hair. 

Stieglilz Charles C, shoemaker. 

Stockton Geo W, harness. 


12 JLust Wiisl»inelon Street, 


,;:..;;; :":,::;. .![;- 


Sells Houses, Lots and Farms, 
No. SG 7 Upper Third St., 
Evausviile, Jud. 


and business iniux'roiiv. 



Stradlcy Charles J, justice of the-peace. 

{Jtump John, restaurant. 

Thalman Anion, saloon. 

Vampner Lewis, restaurant. 

Wallace Mouse, Robert Wallace 
Proprietor, southeast corner Main and 
Market. (See adv.) 

Wallace ISofocrt, Proprietor Wallace 
House, southeast corner Main and Mar- 
ket. [See adv.) 

Wallace Win, justice of the peace. 

Western Union Tel Co, depot. 

Westfall Lucinda T, milliner. 

Wile Mycr, general store. 

Wolf Christopher C, jewelry. 

Zimmerman Valentine, furniture and un- 

HOCK CHEEK. Known also as 
P>ock Creel; Centre, is a place of ioo inhab- 
itants in township of same name, Hunting- 
ton county, 10 miles southeast of Huntington 
court house and shipping depot. There is 
one Union chapel and a district school in 
the village. Mail semi-weekly. Wilboru 
Day, postmaster. 
Boyd Jethro M, carpenter. 
Day Wilborn, Grocer. 
Gates G M, general store. 
Hoag N S, grocer. 
Kelsey King, carpenter. 
Kokerly Wm, blacksmith. 
Souers Amos, carpenter. 
Smith Charles C, live stock. 
Swaidener 1) & Son, tile mnfrs. 
White Dow, carpenter. 

IIOCKFIELD. Inhabited by 300 
persons, in Rock Creek township, Carroll 
county, is a station on the W. St. L. & P.Ry, 
7 miles northwest of Delphi, the county seat, 
containing a graded school, Presbyterian 
and Methodist churches. Grain, cattle, 

hogs and 


are expor 

ed. Ex 


Pacific. Mail daily. A. Gregg, postmas- 

Bousom W A, harnessmaker. 
Briggs John, justice of the peace. 
Crabbs Laura, milliner. 
Dougherty & Anderson, flour mills. 
Emerick David, shoemaker. 
Gregg Samuel, telegraph operator. 
Gregg & Co, General Store. 
Kromrn Frederick W, blacksmith. 
Lytic Frank T, druggist. 
McCormick & Stauffer, saw mill. 
McKennn Edward, barber. 
Miller A F, carpenter. 
Newell lames, blacksmith. 

He-well John Wi Hotel. 

Patton loseph, photographer. 

Powell I W, physician. 

Rankin A M, general store. 

Sharrer W F, physician. 

Shultz Frederick W, general store. 

Small Gilbert Rev (Presbyterian). 

Steel J L, R R and Ex agt. 

Stewart A W & Jolm, shoemakers. 

Thompson A M Mrs, millinery. 

Thompson William & Bit B, 

Tribbctt Robert, carpenter. 
Turner Levi, meat market. 
Vangundy A, grain and live stock. 
Vangundy & Cole, tile mnfrs. 
Young Leonard, wagonmaker. 

HOCKFOHTt. A flag station on 
the J. M. & I. K. R., in Red. ing township, 
Jackson county, II miles northeast of 
Brownstown, the county seat. Mail daily. 
F. Huber, postmaster and general stoie. 

HOCKFOBD. Wells county. (See 
Barber's Mills.) 

H O CKLA ND. A newly establish ed 

postofiice, in Henry county, containing 50 
inhabitants, Christian church and district 
school, distant 8 miles from New Castle, 
the county seat and most accessible ship- 
ping point. Lumber and grain are mar- 
keted. Mail tri-weekly. David Daniels, 
Daniels Davit! & Sou, Wagon 

Houck T C, saw mill. 
LakeS"j, general store. 
Snider G C, shoemaker. 
Wrightsman Abraham, justice of the peace. 

ROCKLANE. Known formerly as 
Clarksbnrg, is a village located in the north- 
eastern portion of Johnson county, 10 miles 
northeast of Franklin, the county seat. 
Acton, on C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., 5 miles 
northeast, is the depot. Rocklane, with a 
population of 75, has two churches — Meth- 
odist and Christian. Mail tri-wcekly. Wm. 
M. Myers, postmaster. 
Dungan James, constable. 
Eldridge Wm, lawyer. 
Foster George, shoemaker. 
Grubbs James T, justice of the peace. 
Mitchell Wm II, Physician. 

Myers John P, justice of the peace. 
Myers Will BI, General Store. 


CI IAS. ». < 
I'uU-nt IJc 

Hoofsof foestq 



nd 110 Franklin Streof, CHICAGO. 
Fireproof Tili-s. for Walls, Floor? and 
Also. Hotand Cclil Air I lues, Chimney I -i», -:. 
See Adv., l>U(je 4. 


m profitably by a Threshing Engii 
ufacturod by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 
.wiapolis. Ind. S.>(" pngo 3. 





Noach Charles, blacksmith. 
Richler Adolph, wagonmaker. 
Wilson & Sons, saw mill. 

ROCKPORT. The county seat of 
Spencer county, is located on the Ohio 
river, and surrounded by one of the best 
tobacco-growing districts in the state. The 
village has good county build- 
ings, comfortable residences, several 
churches, and excellent graded schools. 
It hns a population of 3.000, and is situated 
250 miles west of Cincinnati, 150 west of 
Louisville, and 45 cast of Evansville. 
There are six hotels, several of which are 
very good. The Veranda deserves especial 
mention, as it affords excellent accommo- 
dations, and is located near the levee. 
One bank, and four weekly newspapers, 
Journal (Republican), Democrat and Gazette 
(Democratic), and The Banner (German 
Independent). The last named has a large 
circulation, and is a first-class advertising 
medium. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 
L. S. Gilkey, postmaster. 
Abshire John, general store. 

Armstrong Josepli I>, Auditor 

of Spencer County, Court House. 
Ayer Robert II, general store. 
Baird F J, barber. 
Baimsjjaertner Jolin, Proprietor 

Veranda Hotel, Main, First Hotel from 

Levee. [See cuk.) 
Bennett James P, justice of the peace. 
Bennett John G, tinsmith. 
BiedenkopfHOtlge, Mrs C Bieden- 

kopf Proprietor, n s Main bet 3d and 4th. 
Bilk Joseph, shoemaker. 
Bodenhamer Henry, merchant tailor. 
Border F, wagonmaker. 
Boyd Emery L, lawyer. 
Branham Henry C, supt C R & S \V Ry. 
Brinkmann John C, wagonmaker. 
Bryant J II, physician. 
Burr Bros, confectioners. 
Burr Edward M, grocer. 
Busch ..v. Sieffert, livery. 
Cady George W, livery. 
Camp & Bosler, dentists. 
Cavin J J & Co, leaf tobacco. 

Cincinnati, Rockport & 
SouSltwesteru Rv, J E Martin 
President, Fred Heakes Secretary and 
Treasurer, H C Branham Superintendent. 

Citizens Bank, capital £67,Soo, James Ham- 
mond pres, \Y T Mason cash. 

Collins Thomas, propr Rockport Gazette. 

Craig lb. use, Joseph Craig propr, cor Elm 
and 3d. 

Cunningham John \V, drugs. 

Dailey James M, physician. 

Doughe'rty Tohn R, agt Adams Ex. 

Eckman Wm H, blacksmith. 

Eigenman Philip, brick mnfr. 

Eigenman & Lieb, ilour mill. 

Evans Alfred, grocer. 

Evans & Garlinghouse, real estate. 

Fee John S, stirrup mnfr. 

1'eehrer John, general store. 

FcJJjel George A, Proprietor Rail- 
road House, Saloon and Boarding, corner 
Washington and 5th. 

Gabbcrt Charles SV, physician. 

Gentry Allen, sheriff. 

Gillett I & Son, grocers. 

Graham James, livery. 

Graham John Yv , news. 

Granderson Charles, confectionery. 

Kacitleman Francis M, Physi- 
cian and Surgeon, n s Main bet 3d and 

II r. li ruge Charles, shoemaker. 

Hamilton David & Co, leaf tobacco. 

Hardesty Wm II, general store. 

Hardy Thomas R, dry goods. 

Hartmann Gottfried, shoemaker. 

Ila.sel & Bro, saloon. 

Hatfield Wesley, grocer. 

Hayford D, propr Rockport Journal. 

Heid Louis J, jeweler. 

Held J P H, tailor. 

Hermes August, gunsmith. 

Hibbs George B, saloon. 

MiclES Roval S, Lawyer and Notary 
Public, cor Main and 3d. 

Hirsch Matthew, wagon and plow mnfr. 

Hirsch Philip, harnessmaker. 

Hitner Frederick, grocer. 

Honig, Killian oc Co, furniture mnfr. 

Xiylaml House, Mrs D Hyland Pro- 
prietor, Washington, nr Depot. 

Hyland Wilmer, general store. 

Jones Calvin, propr Rockport Democrat. 

Kahn Nathan, grocer. 

Kanzler Paul F, blacksmith. 

Knox James, barber. 

Kohlbecker Anthony, boots and shoes. 

Krieger John G, saloon. 

Lafe Boone, barber. 

Laird David T, lawyer. 

Landsberg Wm & Son, general store. 

Lansberry & Co, saw mill. 

Lemmon W, merchant tailor. 

Lemons Alexander, tinsmith. 

Littlepage Samuel B, physician. 

I. v Inn Hiram M, lawyer. 

McFarland David, barber. 

Maas Henry, blacksmith. 


Manufacturer of FINE CIGARS, 

82 V/ost Washington Stioet, 


,-„ •;/-;' . -v//m : ' 

eniTS list la business fcr £C> years, and warrant all our wori. 


■ . . . 

. ) 

X3 '"? extra large circulur saws thai ot 
• v v arc lower llian any shop in the West. 

ing extra large circular saws thai others have failed on. Aly'pnc 
jP \% ' 


(Successor to PHILIP EIGENMAN.)" 

3N^E£s,iaa Street, opposite Co-art, 

Large Sample Hooms. Bar is constantly supplied with ROfSKPORT IMDIAMA 

1 best Liquors, Choke Wines, Ciguis and Kresn Uoer. nu " ftl %Jn 8 I Hv Wl/.Urt. 

Conveniently Located, Newly Furnished. Every Attention Paid to Traveling Men. 

■Mtj b: : bakkbsiei,** 

J. 33. -V^-o£.^2r, BdAtor, 


Established 1877. German (Independent), published every Wednesday; has met with 
mere than ordinary success, and is still adding to its subscription list and advertising 
patrons. It is the only German paper in the county. An 8-column quarto, well 
filled with fresh news and good articles. As an advertising medium, it is ap- 
preciated at home and abroad. PST-Rates Low. 



Geo Motteler, Jr., 



\ Boots and Shoes. 

■.'y Repairing Neatly Done. 

rocI'Iport, xxsrxx 

\\ *3nt| V THEO. J'lAiFhiy .(■ GO'S, 

I IHHUd ««■" UllUltHd 58 and 60 K. Pen 

jiiiisylviiiiia St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Mansfield & Jones, agricultural implts. 

Martin John, painter. 

Marx Henry, shoemaker. 

Mason Charles H Hon, Lawyer, 
cor 3d and Main, Carmelton Office 3d bet 
Taylor and Washington. 

Maxev JU J & Sons; KlrS, Propri- 
etors Spencer House, cor 3d and Walnut. 

Mcdcalf & Wallace, lawyer,,. 

BSilier C &: Son, Meat Market, 
Main cor 5U1. 

Milner & Ambrose, physicians. 

Mohr Daniel, saloon. 

Motteler GeorR'e, Boot and Shoe- 
maker, Main. [See adv.) 

Nevil Richard S, leaf tobacco. 

Niblack Frank A, printer. 

Niblack L A & Son, (lour mill. 

Nohsey Henry, stoves and tinware. 

Olsch George B, cooper. 

Park: John S, Sawmaket and Re- 
pairer, 5th, nr Main. (Sre adv.) 

Partridge Wm L, flour and feed. 

Pentecost Henry C, hardware. 

Pfeifer Christian, planing mill. 

Procaskey George J, baker. 

Railroad House, George A Feigel, piopr. 

Reinhard George L (Reinhard cS: Libber- 
man), prosecuting attorney 2d judicial 
circuit, cor main and 3d. 

Reinhard & Lil/oennatl, Law- 
yers, cor Main and 3d. 

Ripky Henry, saloon. 

Rockport Banner, T E Wolff Ed- 
itor, Main. (A c - adv.) 

Rockport Democrat, Calvin Jones propr. 

Rockport Gazette, Thomas Collins propr. 

Rockport Journal, D Hayford propr. 

Romig Henry, meat market. 

Romine James, county clerk. 

St Bernard's Academy, conducted by Bene- 
dictine Sisters. 

Schoenfeld Aaron, confectioner. 

Schoenfeld Bonaparte, confectioner. 

Schoenfeld Louis N, saloon. 

Schoenfeld S Mrs, milliner. 

Schwab Arthur, hides, wool, etc. 

Shaw Andrew R, produce. 

Snyder Thomas E, lawyer. 

Spencer House, Mrs L J Ma\ey 

& Sons Proprietors, corner 3d and Wal- 

Staley Aaron A, grocer. 

Stevenson John, grocer. 

Stocking Sidney W, saddler. 

Sumner James, justice of the peace. 

Swan Casper V, druggist. 

Sweeney & Smith, insurance. 

Taylor Townsend J, general store. 

Thomas Wm H, lv ,. •. ■ 
Thompson S B, sc . 
Vasye John, drug 1 

Veranda Hotel, ' ' ; - 

ner Proprietor, '.' II from 

Levee. [See adv.) 
Vogel Conrad B, 5; 
Vogel & Kehrer, sal 
Walker Fred, general : 
Walker John H. gi :. 
Wentherford fames A, 
Wedding & Sv.-.-.p, I..- , 
Weil F & Co, genera! • 
Wesseler Elias E, h 
White Arthur, pin , , 
Wilkinson S A & P C, 
Willian James 11, prim .. 
Wolff J K, Edil r I t I uner. 

Woodruff Purl <., ■ i . cor 

Main and 3d. 
Wyttcnbach John, ' v . 
Yates Alfred II, grocer. 
Zachritz Ewald H, barl r. 
Zenor Nettie Mrs, cord, r.rry. 
Zuckriegel Charles, mar! 1 ■■ iV«. 

nocicriLLi:. 'd- ■ •■• < [ i« ii=e 

for Parke county, 1 in ■ I li village 
of 2500 Inhabitants 1< ' '■■•■■ '■■■■ 
ship, on T. H. & I. i , • •) Ky., 23 
miles northeast of Terr< !; . • ■■ • 
of Indianapolis. Tl e tulifully 
located and surroui ■ ' y 
fertile agricultural ' ' ' '• • hand- 
some public buildii - . : a court 
house recently erecti ■:, ' ' ' ' ■ ! 5?o,ooo, 
and high school build , • • ■ si ;«V 
000. There are now ' rce ! ■'•.-, and a 

A. I_. WRIGHT &. CO. 

47 <fc 49 S. meridian St., Indianapolis. 

in height, which will : - li •■ ')« mcly fur- 


nished and presided ovei 1 y Mr. James H. 

Cochran, present pr< prictor . 1 the Central, 

ten churches— Melhm'.i-!. 1. ■•..-!, Presby- 

terian, Christian and Cull .,■ -two banks, 

private and nation.:!, an 1 two weekly news- 

papers, Trilntue and /.V,'.-.'.. •...•«. Its manu- 


facturing interests compri ts foundry and 


machine shop, two saw mills, a pottery, 

flour mill and furniture m inul tctory. Ex- 

press, American. Telegraph, Western 
Union. Daily mad. John li, Dowd, post- 



Alexander Wm, jewel t. 

American Express Co, Wm N Hunnicutt 


Ashton & M»il, mithners. 

Raker Brothers, | >U ... 

Rale. At'.u-usC, druggist. 

Batman Geo W, flour and feed. 

Wall Paper am. Interior Decorations, 



Cobb & Branham, \ 

'oughiogheny Coal, - 





Beadle John II, eel and propr Rockvitle 

Mack & Gibbs, barbers. 

Bulion Mary E, milliner. 

Burks Albert, sewing machines. 

Burroughs James G Rev (Christian). 

Burquin Ida Miss, dressmaker. 

Carlisle Daniel M, cooper. 

Central Mouse, James H Cochran 

Chesser John, justice of the peace. 

Clark James F, lawyer. 

Cochran JaillCS IS, Proprietor Cen- 
tral House. 

Coffin & Walker, grocers. 

Collings Geo W, lawyer. 

Colman Moses \V, merchant tailor. 

Cross & Gillum, physicians. 

Cummirgs Norval W, livery stable. 

Daly George P, physician. 

Daniels Henry, lawyer. 

Darroch A & Son, hotel. 

Dawes Edward M, mngr W U Tel Co. 

Ferguson Solon, saw mill. 

Foster Eros, Carriage Manufacturers. 
(See adv.) 

Fuson Stephen K Rev (Baptist). 

Glass lames, justice of the peace. 

Good \Vm H, saloon. 

Hall Frank M, jeweler. 

Ilargraves Hannah, milliner. 

Hargraves & McCampbell, boots and shoes. 

Hillis Wm H Rev (Presbyterian). 

Howard Frank N, lawyer. 

Hungerford Wm G, general store. 

Hunnicutt Wm N, jeweler and Ex agt. 

Hutchinson Bros, grocers. 

Innis Obadiah J, real estate. 



R, li 

Jackman & Overman, furniture. 
Joiner Wm S, saloon. 
Keeney Madison, editor Rockvi 

Kendall Reuben, furniture. 

Klee Wm, tailor. 

Knowles Ov Cummings, agrl implts. 

Kraus & Rosenthal, clothing. 

Lankford Whitten K Rev (Methodist). 

Lee Henry J, meat market. 

Lee Wm R, merchant tailor. 

McDevitt Robert C, shoemaker. 

McFadden Isaac M, machinist. 

Mahan & Bro, druggists. 

Meacham John F, boots and shoes. 

Meacham John J, harness. 

Meredith Thomas Rev (Methodist). 

Miller Tohn Rev (Baptist). 

Moore Sylvanus, grocer. 

Morris Charles C, physician. 

National Bank of Rockville, capital Sioo,- 

ooo. Jonathan M Nichols pres, Samuel 

L McCune cash. 
Noel Scott, justice of the peace. 
Noel & Mitchell, grocers. 
Ohavor John, marble yard. 
Ott & Boyd, hardware. 
Overman & McMurtry, dry goods. 
Parke Banking Co, Alfred K Stark pies, 

John H Tate cash. 
Paxson Walter R, picture frames. 
Paxson Wm, furniture. 
Puett Samuel D, lawyer. 
Quinlan Cornelius, saloon. 
Rice & Johnson, lawyers. 
Richard John L, shoemaker. 
Rockville Republican, Madison Keeney ed. 
Rockville Tribune, John H Beadle ed and 

Russell & Brown, flour mill. 
Rulledge Charles A, photographer. 
Singer Mnfg Co, S Howard agt. 
Sneath Thomas, meat market. 
Snyder & Aydclott, blacksmiths. 
Stark & Dooley hardware. 
Stevenson W N & Sons, dry goods. 
Stewart Hallcr J, stoves and tinware. 

)■:■■ . ,.' .. : :.■■:.■■. r . , 

Manufacturers of 



Blank Books Sold ^H 

st :r,.a_t:e:3 

. to st>»£A«;i e;, 
iUutli-.ou Street, Cliiciino 

proliUMy by n Threshing Kngir 
oturoU l.y CHANDLER & TRYLO!!, 
ipolis, Ind. Seo page 3. 





SUch David R, hotel. 

Stockbridge Bros, druggists. 

Strous Samuel, carriages and bupgies. 

Tcnbrook Andrew, saw mill. 

Thomas George, barber. 

Thomas Patrick, barber. 

Thomson, McEwen & Bryant, dry goods. 

Vollmer George, baker. 

Ward Greenbcrrv, dry goods. 

Warder Silas F, baker. 

Watton Wm T, grocer. 

Webb & Elliott, carriage nmfrs. 

Western Union Tel Co, Edward M Dawes 

White & Hunt, lawyers. 
Wilson Robert F, picture frame maker. 
Wirt Wm N, dentist. 

ROGERSVILLE. A settlement of 
50 persons, in Stony Creek township, Henry 
county, 9 miles northeast of New Castle, 
the county seat, and most available ship- 
ping point. Mail received tri-weekly. 
John W, Lake, postmaster. 
Kilmer J H, flour mill. 
i,aice'joim V^, General Store. 
Luce T J, physician. 


flourishing village of 500 inhabitants on the 
L. S. & M. S. Ry, in Kankakee township, 
LaPorte county, 7 miles northeast of La- 
Porte, the county seat. There are three 
churches — Christian, Methodist and Pres- 
byterian — and a graded school in the vil- 
lage. Wheat, corn, oats and hogs are the 
chief exports. Express, United States. 
Mail daily. James Powell, postmaster. 
Bbwell B C, physician. 
Campbell Wm Rev (Presbyterian). 
•Carmcr S„ JL, Dentist. 
ClendencnGeo Rev (Christian). 
Dawson Bros, broom handle mnfrs. 
Folsom C G, hardware. 
Guffy G W, justice of the peace. 
Huntsman BrtiS, Saw Mill. 
Lambert II S, boots and shoes. 
Lloyd Joseph, saddler. 
McCarty B F, blacksmith. 
Marshall Edward, grain. 
JVSartin J S, Physician. 
Middleton H M Rev (Methodist). 
Nash I H, wagonmaker. 
Noble' John A, general store. 
Parker Willis, cattle dealer. 
l*Owell Janses, Groceries, Crockery 

Provolt John, carpenter. 
Sharpless 1' D, druggist. 

Shults D C, saloon. 
Shults F T, blacksmith. 
Stevens W B & Son, general store. 
Storm Wm A, boots and shoes. 
StrutZ & Hon, Flour Mill. 
Unruh A, cooper. 
Wilson W B, physician. 
Zeeter H, meat market. 

HOME. Pleasantly located on tire 
Ohio river, in Tobiu township, Perry coun- 
ty, is a place of 170 inhabitants, distant 16 
miles northeast of Canneltou, the county 
seat, and about IOO from Louisville. Has 
Methodist church and district school, and 
ships grain, potatoes, tobacco and apples. 
Mail daily. Luther 11. Bennett, postmas- 

Ackerman A, general store. 
Ackerman A J, grain. 
Anspach Bros, general store. 
Jleitnctt Luther Et, Postmaster. 
Bennett Sarah Mrs, hotel. 
Bubenzer G, physician. 
Deweese Flint, lawyer. 
Farmer A S, cooper. 
Mitchell F A, physician. 
Patterson J T, blacksmith. 
Pulman A, shoemaker. 
Reynolds & Carey, general store. 
Turner Joseph Rev (Methodist). 
Waldschmidt II, shoemaker. 
Wheeler A T, wagonmaker. 
Whitmer R II, justice of the peace. 
Wilson Jacob, hotel. 

ROME CITY. An attractive, heal- 
thy watering place on the shore of Syl- 
van lake, of 500 inhabitants, is in 
Orange township, Noble county, S miles 
northeast of Albion, the county seat, on 
the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad. 
Sylvan lake is a very beautiful body of 
water, with islands of rare beauty resting 
in it, on the largest of which, known as 
Island Park, are pavilion, restaurant, foun- 
tains, etc., belonging to the Island Park 
Assembly, a Christian institution, destined 
to prove very successful. The lake is well 
supplied with fish, and is one of the most 
charming boating places in Northern Indi- 
ana. Messrs. Owen, Swinehart & Co. have 
a fleet of fifty clinker, family and fishing 
boats, and all kinds of fishing tackle. The 
W. O. llughart Steamer Company run two 
fine steamers and a new barge, which are 
comfortable, handsome and reasonable as 
to price. The only hotel in the place, a 
fine brick building, erected in 1SS0, and 


. . .,.'■; :: ■.; : ' : 

CBRADront), Solicitor ot Patents, IB Hubbard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Call or write to: Information. 

Wholesale Uooksellcrs and Paper Dealers, Indianapolis, lad." 




n : II LIKE 


1 Mi 


3 ' atli 1 'ookis 



This is n New Brick Building, and the only Mold in Ihc city. FirsNClass in every re- 
spect. Built and furnished in 1SS0. Located directly opposite the G. R. & I. 
Depot and Sylvan Lake, affording guests of the house 

Good Livery and Feed Barn in Connection. Bar and Billiard Hall. 



I ! 1 . I i rill : I Ml 

W ~: ' 


(3^r~"'Syl 1 &ran Lake, Rome City, Indiana.^r^O 

Boat Landings North of Depot and on Park Island. Main Office at R. R. Depot. 
We have a fleet of fifty boats, of all sizes and styles. Special attention given to excur- 
sionists. REASONABLE RATES. Gentlemanly employes on grounds and trains. 

w. o. hughart yrisr^TSEja co. 



Warm Meals. Also Full Stock of Fishing Tackle. 


Gi;o. TRIPLET, Proprietor. 

C1-=-«J!£ ..I J. , 6 «•*.'« « ''ii- i«:«'.v>ii vuv.wv.vr- >vm-,«>\'s p.vr- 
S Lf-fJ* pifith^e 1 1 :si'rns!i:.>,v!,'..>Mi \v.vs-?:ti iv«:<>;, •. s.-.-.i r„ :<_ 

few. V i, i,-± AiL'M .', I" •« r.-.i«-<: (.it;,!.;.:!..- a«»c! ITiccs. J. W. _IV..1\m:v, 

t, t mic.jua, II. L. 

U«lrMf> I ' f*« "as Perfected plan, for a Jarf 

Hn IP 8 IrJ IRQ Li! inniunaauruigr 1881. For Agen 

:•' - ■ : E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't 

pe hncinciiii in 

ncies apply ic. 

Chicago, (II. 



INDIANA STAT)-: oazi:tt.i":i:i: 


i is lirst- 
Ied with 

Mail daily. 

known as the Sylvan Lake House, owned 
by Mr. S. "W. Dodge, is not surpassed in 
this part of the state, and may safely be 
called "The Tourist's Home." Its min- 
eral springs, after the most scientific and 
careful analysis by eminent chemists, are 
pronounced to be the most beneficial in the 
state, and wonderful cures arc reported 
from use of their waters. The Rome City 
Mineral Spring Therapy and Surgical Insti- 
tute, Dr. C. A. Wilson proprietor, is loca- 
ted at the springs, and his system of treat- 
ment has proven wonderfully successful in 
curing rheumatism, neuralgia, consumption 
and a host of other diseases. 

The manufacturing interests of the place 
include one flour mill and two saw mills. 
Its religious and educational facilities are 
good, in fact, Rome City of i i tduci ments 
to the tourist, invalid and sportsman thai 
can not be found elsewhere in Indiana. The 
Grand Rapids & Indiana 
class in every respect, and 
all necessaiy accommodati 
portation of the tourist, i 
man. Express, United St; 
Fordis U. Miller, postmaster. 
Allen \Ym J, pianos and organs. 
Chapman James P, druggist. 
Clark Geo W, tailor. 
Cobbs Henry G, grocer. 
Conklin Wm A, saloon. 
Cook Edwin, livery. 
Damman Henry, meat market. 
Dickson Wm, justice of the peace. 
Eotiire SaiiSttei "W, Proprietor Syl- 
van Lake House. (See adv.) 
Gaunt S W, carpenter. 
Hall M V, blacksmith. 
Herald of Gospel Freedom (semi-monthly), 

I W I.owman propr. 
Holder G H, lawyer. 
Hosier Wm L, jeweler. 

Jenninf>-8 ILeoniclari S, Saw Mill. 

KingC O Re\ (Methodist). 

Lowman J M, propr Herald of Gospel 

McR.ea Jesse, wagonmalcer. 
Mansion House, W R Myers propr. 
Miller Cordis U, General Store and 

Agt U S Express Co. 
Mineral Springs Theranv, Dr 

C A Wilson Proprietor. (See adv.) 
Myers Wm I!, propr Mansion House. 
Owen Millard Jr , Station Agt G R 

& 1 R R. (See adv.) 

0%ven, KiYtsre.vr-rt & Co, Pleas- 
ure and Fishing Boats and Fishing 
Tackle. [See adv.) 

Parker & Berry, drugs. 

Repine J C, blacksmith. 

Rinchard J S, general store. 

Rogers O F, clothes bar mnfr. 

Rome City Mills, J M Shackleton propr. 

St J.'ary Peter, saloon. 

Shackleton fames M, Proprietor 

Rome City Flouring Mills. 
Skillen Wm W, grocer. 
Stout & Bothman, meat market. 
Slrawn Enos K, physician. 

Sylvan ILake House, S W Dodge 

Proprietor (See adv.) 
Taylor I M, shoemaker. 
Teal John W, livery. 
Triplet George, Proprietor Park 

Island Eating Rooms. (See adv.) 
Williams Robert I!, physician. 
"Wilson £?r C A, Proprietor Mineral 

Springs Therapy. (See adv.) 

Jl OMNJS T. The postoffice for Corwin 
Station (distant </ 2 mile) on L. N. A. & C. 
Ry, is in Randolph township, Tippecanoe 
county, 12 miles south of Lafayette. The 
village contains 300 inhabitants, two 
churches — Methodist and Presbyterian — 
and district school. Express, American. 
Mail daily. J. H. Kyle, postmaster. 

A !>■>.- 

,v \\\ 


' > 

Burkhart Henry, blacks 

Hains C S, meat market. 

Hall J M, grain dealer. 

Hutton S, carpenter. 

KylC J H, General Store and Dr 

Litson R E, boot md shoemaker. 

McClellan \V S, R R and Ex agt. 

Oglesby I P & Son, general store. 

Pyke E B, physician. 

ROSS "W H & Sons, Carpenters. 

Simison & Webster, physicians. 

Sutton C C, drugs. 

Tally A D, grocer. 

Webb T, harnessmaker. 

MONO. Lies on the Ohio river, in 
Union township, Perry county, 22 miles 
northeast of Cannelton court house. The 

churches, and good graded school. Ex- 
press, Adams. Mail daily. M. L. Stiles, 

Ballard T A, wagonmaker. 
Hatfield L D, general store. 
Hendrickson A M, physician. 
Price J II, flour mill and slave mnfr. 
Stephens James, cooper. 
Stiles M ?_,, Drugs and Genera! Store. 

' . } 3kXJ££J&&£ r *>\ Ladies' Gold %??;•■ 


Rents Houses and Farms, 

No.307 Upper Third St., 

Eva Hsville. lad. 


AM) KUSIM-.SS J.lllK'i'OltY. 



ROOT- Known formerly as Middle- 
town, lias ioo inhabitants, and is situated 
in M'arion township. Allen county, II miles 
southeast of Fort Wayne. Hoagland Sta- 
tion, on the G. R. & I. R. R., 3 miles east, 
is the place of shipment. The village has 
three churches — Evangelical, Lutheran and 
Methodist — and graded school. Mail semi- 
weekly. Jacob Hess, postmaster. 
Brown John, justice ol the peace. 
Cane Rev (Lutheran). 
t'odv Jerfirt, Flour Mill. 
Covadall Dr, physician. 
Drage Christian, wagonmaker. 
Herod Morgan, cattle dealer. 
lEess Jfacofo, Blacksmith. 
Lopshire Lewis, wagonmaker. 
Moneysmith Henry, saw miU. 
Ruhl James, justice of the peace. 
Kulil Wm », Physician. 
Small John, brick manfr. 
Small Robert, brick manfr. 
Sweet Charles, barber. 
Sweet Warren, meat market. 
Sweet Wm, Cooper. 
Wining Rev (Methodist). 

ROSEBURGTI. A postoffice lo- 
cated in Grant county, 5 miles west of 
Marion, the county seat and place of ship- 
ment. In the vicinity there is a Methodist 
church. Mail tri-weekly. Werten Mickey, 
postmaster, and general store. 

ROSE CREEK. A country post- 
office in Van Buren township, Monroe 
county, 7 miles southwest of Bloomington, 
the county scat, and nearest shipping de- 
pot. Mail tri-weekly. Freeland Koonse, 

ROSEDALE. This village with 350 
inhabitants, in Florida township, Farke 
county, is a station on thcT. H. & I. (Log 
Div.) Ry, 10 miles southwest of Rockville, 
the county seat. It has a steam (lour mill, 
two hotels, two churches — Methodist and 
Christian — and district school. Ships coal, 
prain and lumber. Express, American. 
Telegraph, Western Union. Mail daily. 
1>. L. lialdndge, postmaster. 
Bacher Wm M, Ex agt. 
Halclriclge H> TL, Druggist. 
KaldridgeJ H, physician, 
liarucs T A, grocer. 
Bolton Bros, flour mill. 
Krazier J, hotel. 
Ilogle Wm, meat market. 
Jacobs E W, giocer. 

Jacobs Wm, general store and saloon. 

Johnson N 1!, justice of the peace. 

Lewis Barney, coal. 

Mark. J W, Grocer and Hotel. 

Martin Joseph, coal. 

Melvin C L, grain dealer. 

Mulnix Theodore, blacksmith. 

Webb W T, blacksmith, 

Wilson O L, physician. 


Pulaski county. {Set 


ROSE HILL. Name of postoffice at 
County Line station, is on the C. W. & M. 
Ry, in Lake township, Kosciusko county, 
12 miles south of Warsaw, the county seat. 
The place is on the Wabash county line, 
but claims Kosciusko county as its location. 
Population 50. Has Baptist church, ships 
lumber and grain. Mail daily. P. K. 
Feigley, postmaster. " 
Butterbaugh G W, saw mill. 
Feigley I* K, Railroad Agent and 

Grain. ' 
Feigley R2arv E, Grocer. 
Lindsey W B, wagonmaker. 
Presslcr & Fisher, geneial store. 

EOSEVILLE. Situated on Big 
Raccoon creek, in Florida township, Parke 
county, with a population of 75, is 9 miles 
south of Rockville, the county seat, and 2 
west of Jessup's Station, on I.oganspoit 
Division T. H. & I. Ry. Mail is received 
tri-weekly. James K. Armstrong, post- 

Armstrong James K, grocer. 
Kibler D & Son, flour mill. 
Merrill M M, shoemaker. 
Nevins V J, harnessmaker. 
Roth & Jount, pumps. 
Wlieat E S_> General Store. 

ROSEWOOD. A landing .0,1 the 
Ohio river, in Taylor township, Harrison 
county, 20 miles southeast of Corydon, the 
county seat, has 100 inhabitants, Methodist 
church and district school. Express, 
Adams. Mail tri-weekly. E. 13. Berry, 
postmaster and express agent. 

ROSS. Located in township of same 
name, and county of Lake, is a place of 125 
inhabitants, on the Jolict branch M. C. R. 
R., 8 miles north of Crown Point, the 
county seat. The village has a Christian 
church and district school. Express, Ameri- 

CHAS, X>. COK.SON, 10S Sc 110 Frnnliliii St., CHICAGO. 
UlCfEL A SPECIALTY. Sec Adv., pi^e +• 

I RftftYSn! F PI II I IV PR HI drivon p«> fitaU * 'v » 

n, iDQfactured by CHAN! 

I., „oli.,lna. s-, ?i 

g Er-/ 
ULt'R & TAYLOTi, . 
pngo 3. 





can. Mail daily. L. D. Holmes, post- 

Andrews D W Rev (Christian). 
Clancy Charles Rev (Christian). 
Hay ward T T, general store. 
Holmes J-, it, Livery. 
Horner Amos, justice. 
Hortz Michael, saloon. 
Kronkright E M, hotel. 
Mathias August, blacksmith. 
Osborn Judge, shoemaker. 
Sidwell A T, grain. 
Smith J B, carpenter, 
Thomas Samuel, barber. 
Woodbridge S J, flour and feed. 

liOSSTOX. Located in Union town- 
ship, Boone county, 10 miles east of Leba- 
non, the county seat, and I north of North- 
held, its postofiice. 

ItOSSVJLLE. An enterprising vil- 
lage of 475 inhabitants, located in Ross 
township, Clinton county, 10 miles north- 
west of Frankfort, the county seat. It is 
on proposed extension of the I. D. & S. Ry, 
now in course of construction. Sedalia, 
4'.< miles east on the Log. Div. T. H. & I. 
Ry, is its present shipping point. The vil- 
lage has five churches — Methodist, Presby- 
terian, Baptist, Lutheran and German Re- 
formed — and a graded school. Has daily 
stage route to Lafayette— fare 75c. Mail 
daily. James Shcffier, postmaster. 
Bates J, cooper. 
Brandon Jesse, harness. 
Brownson S J Rev (Presbyterian). 
Carson Robert, harness. 
Dc-bolt Wm Rev (Baptist). 
Erb John, hotel. 
Fisher John, physician. 
Fisher Jonathan, wagonmaker. 
Fisher S B, physician. 
Glick Simon, wagonmaker. 
Hoffman Wm, meat market. 
Horner Geo, meat market. 
Jackson Wm L, wagonmaker. 
Roup Geo, furniture. 
Kuhn J J Rev (Lutheran). 
Lighty Henry, furniture. 
McGilvery James, drugs. 
Merrill Marsh, shoemaker. 
Peters Madison (Reformed). 
1'inketton James, ed Rossville Examiner. 
Radcliff Zack, barber. 
Ramey J J, saw mill. 
Rogers A J, painter. 
Rogers J C, lawyer. 
Roth Cosmos, pump mnfr. 

Ryhn M H, carriagemaker. 

Sayler A J, physician. 

Schooley Belle Mrs, milliner. 

Shaw James, physician. 

Shefller Bros, dry goods. 

Shefller fames, General Store. 

Sheffler 1 T, grocer. 

Short & Smith, drain (i.e. 

Smith Geo & Bro, dry goods. 

Smith H L, hardware. 

Snyder James, blacksmith. 

Snitzei John, shoemaker. 

Town S B Rev (Methodist). 

Trip Charles, wagonmakers. 

White M li, dry goods. 

Wilson AM, physician. 

Wilson Jonathan, cooper. 

Witherow J L, blacksmith. 

B O VXD Gn O VE. Is a small ham- 
let in township of same name, county of 
White, iS miles southwest of Monticello, 
the county seat. Montmorency, S miles 
south, on the C. L. & C. Ry, is its nearest 
shipping point. In the vicinity there is a 
Methodist church and district school. Mail 
received from Lafayette tri-weekly. J. 11. 
Stotts, postmaster. 
Cain George, harnessmaker. 
Hill Samuel, livestock. 
StOttS J H, Grocer. 
Ryman John, carpenter. 

11 UND 1IILL. Is a discontinued 
postoffice in Montgomery county, 10 miles 
from Crawfordsville, the county scat and 
shipping point. 

ItOYAL CENTltE. Inhabited by 
500 persons, is on the P. C. & St. L. Ry, in 
Boone township, Cass county, II miles 
northwest of Logansport, the county seat. 
Has Methodist church, district school, and 
exports wheat, oats and corn. Express, 
American. Mail daily. Wm M. Kistler, 

Anderson James A, restaurant. 
Cahill James, saloon. 
Fisher "Tames, furniture. 
Grant Henry, blacksmith. 
Hamilton E J, general store. 

Ilauselinan William, Planing 

Hanson Henry, wagonmaker. 
Hopkins Samuel S, restaurant. 
Kistler Daniel, scales. 
McGovcrn Catharine, saloon. 
MehafTey Robert, general store and cooper. 
Rea E», Drugs. 

Capital City Gi . 

Manufactured Ijv JOHN RAVCH, 

82 West Washington Street, 

SWLtiAriAPOLiS, ihiD. 

S L AT E IwOO^ISNi^ 1 ?^ mjAM W. Konroa St., Chicago. 





sllivv) Jerry, barber. 
; ,-eel Bros, general store. 
Thompson P, restaurant. 
fbelhauser J B, saloon. 

Jl l'J L TO N. Is a hamlet in Eagle 
township, Boone county, u miles southeast 
, :" Lebanon, the countv seat. Zionsville, 
. ,. iles east, on the C. I. St. L. & C. R. R, 
i. the shipping point. Population S5. It 
has a Methodist society and district school. 
Mail is received semi-weei-cly. S. Straw- 
river, postmaster. 

V, general store. 
StrawMiyer S-, General Store. 

ROTEBTOK. Located in Hainil- , 
ion township, Delaware county, with a pop- ! 
ulation of 150,'is a'village on line of Ft. W. 
M. & C. Ry, 5 miles north of Muncie, the 
I i'unty seat, has a Christian church and 
district school. Grain is the principal ex- 
port. Express, American, Mail daily. J. 
G irrard, postmaster. 
Abbott & Dearth, drain tile. 
Dearth A, general store. 
Heeler W R Rev (Baptist). 
(Jarrard Jerre, Insurance. 
Green A 1, physician. 
Green G R, physician. 
lohnsonbaugh George, saw mill. 
Kirby Theodore, carpenter. 
McLane O \V, blacksmith. 
Monroe R \V, lawyer. 
Pixley lames, stock dealer. 
Shaffer J D, shoemaker. 
Shiileler J K, general store. 

11 UltA L. As its name signifies, is a 
country postoffice and station on the G. R. 
• I. R. R, known formerly as Wood's Sta- 
tion, in Washington township, Randolph 
' 'imty, 5 miles south of Winchester, 



jtion 50. Express, 


Mail daily. J. C. Barnes, 

Barnes J C, General Store, Railroad 

and Express Agent. 
Cat. K C, saw mill. 
' ' ' » ion A Ii, grocer. 
Hawkins C C, flour mill. 


1 ' ••'• township, Washington county, is a 
* •' of 100 inhabitants, located S miles 
1 ' hwest of Salem, the county seat, and 
'>«rest railroad approach, contains two 
•!• ■;:ehe; -Baptist and Methodist — and di- 

trict school. Mail semi-weekly. \V. G. 

Williams, postmaster. 

Bolts C T, raw mill. 

Canble A G, justice of the peace. 

Peden Thomas, Hour mill. 

Smith T J , justice of the peace. 

Williams I N & H C, dentists. 

Williams \V 4i, General Store. 

Wilson George, wagonmaker. 

RUSHVILLE. The seat of jus- 
tice for Rush county, is a handsome in- 
corporated village of 2517 population, pleas- 
antly located at crossing of C. II. & I. and 
Rushville Branch J. M. & I. R. Rs., S9 
miles southeast of Indianapolis, and 84 
northwest of Cincinnati. Its public build- 
ings consist of good county buildings, ex- 
cellent graded school, several fine church 
edifices and two hotels. The village is 
growing and improving rapidly, and sup- 
ports two national banks and two weekly 
newspapers, the Republican and Jacksonian 
(Democratic). Manufacturing is represen- 



planing mills and one foundry. The sur- 
rounding country is not surpassed by any 
in Indiana for productiveness. Live stock 
and grain form the chief exports. The 
American and United States Express and 
Western Union Telegraph companies are 
represented here. Mail daily. Mrs. Sarah 
Hackleman, postmaster. 
Abcrcromhie Theodore, merchant tailor. 
Allen, Weeks & Co, meat market. 
Arnold J, physician. 
Bailey Charles II. furniture. 
Barnard & Fleener, Jewelers. 

IJeSier Edward U J)r, Dealer in 

Drugs, Wall Paper, etc, Manufacturing 
Chemist, and Proprietor and Wholesale 
Dealer in Ratliff's Burnishing Ink, 11 N 

Betker Theodore, cigarmaker. 

Bigger Finlay, lawyer. 

Blacklidge A N, lawyer. 

Block J & Co, clothing. 

Blount Jacob B, county supt public instruc- 

Bodine Virgil B, boots and shoes. 

Bohannon Martin, grocer. 

Boomer & Mahan, merchant tailors. 

Bowen Abraham S, furniture. 

lirann & Scott, saw mill. 

Brown fames L, blacksmith. 

Camber Claude N, lawyer. 

Campbell George W, lawyer 

Cannichael John, flour mill. 

Carmichael John R, dry goods. 

Tt\r,« F5 £«,//!;.„ O ITi^. Tlio lradlnif Fiium and Orfvan riou*e off 
M r, n ruPTVfPil Kl Pft file West. Send for Price-lists and Catalogues. 
»»UUl I iUllitkii £« Uy«33ar.d60 North l J <innsyh..niaSL, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 


o Filler Water under Pressure. 
EWALI) OVER, Indianapolis. Ind. 


Carr Herbert C, agt Am and U S Ex Cos, 

McMillan Thomas, saloon. 

Can- Win W, harnessmaker. ■ 

Marshall [erome I:, d 

Carr & Marshal], bakery, 

Martin & Co, dry 

Carroll & Frarer, wagonmakers. 

Mason E Mis, milliner. 

Cassidy Wm, lawyer. 

Mason & Riggs, restaurant. 
Maltox & Co, meat market. 

Cauley Michael, saloon. 

Christie Isaiah, harnessmaker. 

Mau^v A G & Sons, dry goods. 
Mauzy V,' <_' & Sons, dry floods. 

Churchill & Co, lumber. 

Churchill & Man.-y, grain. 

Mau/y & Caldwell, dry goods. 

Clcvengcr Foseph, saloon. 

Merrill fame; K, harm Jmaker. 

Cox & Pugh, druggists. 

Miller Pleasant A, sal .on. 

Craig Theodore L, barber. 

Mitchell Fames W, dry roods. 

Cullen .<t Smith, lawyers. 

Mock & Walker, planinr mill. 

Dixon James H, grain. 

Moffat & Fom., saw mill. 

Eastlack A, shoemaker. 

Moses John F, pub Rushville Republican. 

Egan Daniel J, grocer. 

Muire "Tolm 11. dentist. 

Farrar Edwin, artist. 

Newby Thomas, insurance. 

Fitzgerald Paul, merchant tailor. 

Newkirk Thomas [. lawyer. 

Fouls & Moffett, saw mill. 

Nolan, Madden &Co, f< undry. 

Fritch Jacob, blacksmith. 

Nordmcyer & llransman, shoemakers. 

Gantner John, saloon. 

Ogelsby Edward, saloon. 

Gantner X. hoi , - loon. 

OrrJ P, physician. 

Geraghty L L, blacksmith. 

Orwin Wintield S, jeweler. 

GloreJ D& Son, bakery. 

Oster Philip, shoemaker. 

Green & Kitchen, agricultural implts. 

Parker I C, agt J M & 1 R R. 

Guffin John P, grocer. 

Parry & femison, hardware. 

Guire George \V, justice of the peace. 

Parsons Charles, physician. 

Gwinn & Gray, livery. 

Patron & Patlon, grocers. 

Gyer iV Burt, grocers. 

Perry R W, carpenter. 

Hall Frank J, lawyer. 

Pearce Manley, planing mill. 

Harris Isaac N, dentist. 

Pinkerton & Wright, druggists. 

Hart Patrick, saloon. 

Poe Wm B, jeweler. 

Havens Geo H, grocer. 

Poundstone Richard, justice of the peace. 

Havens & Sou, lumber. 

Poundstone & Myers, wagonmakers. 

Hays Wm, dentist. 

Puntenney & Irvin, lawyers. 

Heeb Philip, wagonmaker. 

Helm ,V Me-ee, iV.vxer . 

Puntenuey ec Wallace, pubs Rushville Jack- 

Hilligoss Horace G," books. 

Rcadle John A, wall paper and paints. 

Hinchman A B, livery. 

Reeve & Burt, dry goods. 

Holman Charles B, fancy goods. 

Riley & Link, grocers. 

James Edward, barber. 

Rush County National Bank, capital $ioo,- 

Jennings Theodore, carpenter. 

ooo, Oliver Posey pres, John Megeecash. 

Johnson Bros, hotel. 

Rushville Jacksonian (weekly), Puntenney 

Tones Wm A, saloon. 

& Wallace pubs. 

Keith Robert, restaurant. 

Rushville National Bank, capital Rioo,ooo, 

Kendall, Stockham & Newby, marble works. 

George C Clark pres, E Payne cash. 

Kennedy Charles F, books. 

Rushville Republican (weekly), John F 

Kennedy John B, hardware. 

Moses pub. 

Kiplinger John, livery. 

Sargent A J, photographer. 

Kohn S 11 & Co, dry goods. 

Scanlin & Son, grocers. 

Lakin & Carr, clothing. 

Schrichte John )!, marble works. 

Landis ei Danser, jewelers. 

Schuck & Walter, harnessmakers. 

Letsinger Charles, blacksmith. 

Sexton M, physician. 

Leviston & Son, hotel. 

Sheaff Charles P, stoves and tinware. 

Logan fohn Q, agent C II & I R R. 

Sleeth George P, lawyer. 

McCarthy P, tailor. 

Smith Joseph M, wagonmaker. 

McFadden & Austin, planing mill. 

Smith W H, physician. 

McGuire & Fleehart, stoves and tinware. 

Souder & Brown, undertakers. 

McMahan S \V, physician. 

Spurrier J 11, physician. 



A.. 2,. WRIGHT & CO.. 

Succossorsl . Adarr.s.MrinBur & Co., 
47 and 49 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis. 

LObu U brftnllcllTl, mont Coal for Blachsmithing. 


AND business JHKKCTOUY. 



Stephens II S, photographer. 

Stewail & Kitchen, furniture. • 

Study fohn W, lawyer. 

Sweet Mordecai, blacksmith. 

Talbott KriSUasi ZU, Dealer in Drugs, 
Chemicals, Oils, Toilet Articles, etc.; a 
practical Pharmacist in charge of the Pre- 
scription Department, 22 Melodeon Blk. 

Thomas & Spann, lawyers. 

Tingley Bros, boots and shoes. 

Trimpc- Henry, tailor. 

Weeks Nathan, meat market. 

Wilson James, live stock. 

Wilson Wm L, undertaker. 

Wolfe Edward II, boots and shoes. 

Young George W, lawyer. 

JiUSS ELL'S MILLS. Distant 6 
miles from Marshall, on the I. D. & S. Ry, 
its place of shipment, and 14 north of Rock- 
ville, the county seat. Contains 47 inhab- 
itants. Mail is received daily. James C. 
Ward, postmaster. 
Davis Michael, blacksmith. 
Garrigus J L, physician. 
Levingston J M, drugs. 
McKe'y R II, physician. 
Morarity Edward, shoemaker. 
Morgan David, har-nessmaker. 
Ward & White, General Store. 

ItUSSLLLVILLIJ. Is located on 
the I. D. & S. Ry, in Russell township, 
Putnam county, iS miles northwest of 
Greencastle, the county seat. Contains 200 
inhabitants, Methodist church, graded 
school, and exports grain and live stock. 
American Express. Daily mail. J. T. 
Hopkins, postmaster. 
Baird J W, general store. 
Benefiel John W, hotel. 
Fink Frederick, blacksmith. 
Fordice Jesse H, physician. 
Garwood D, hotel. 
Grimes Harvey, saddler. 
Hopkins j_ X, Grocer. 
Miller lames W, carpenter. 
Rice J, blacksmith. 
Ritchey Samuel J, general store. 
Stallard J J, physician. 
Wasson McLeode, general store. 
Winn C B, wagonmaker. 
Woolever A W, shoemaker. 

11USSIAYILLE. With a popula- 
tion of 600, is a pleasant, thriving village 
located in Honey Creek township, Howard 
county, on the F. & K. R. R., 10 miles 
soudiwest of Kokomo court house, and 17 

northeast of Frankfort. It has three re- 
ligious societies— Friends, Methodist and 
Christian — and one graded school. Giain 
and lumber are the chief exports. Ameri- 
can Express. Daily mail. John Gunebcck, 

Allison & Graham, wagonmakers. 
Armstrong, Picket & Co, hardware. 
Baldwin C L, grocer. 
KJSiAOJi V» T H, General Store. 
Bowers Wm, saw mill. 
Chandler Richard T, general store. 
Cline A, planing mill. 
Coffin O G, general store. 
CofiiEi HE W) Grocer. 
Cook I N, dentist. 
Douglass M II, jeweler. 
Fanchier Frank, meat market. 
Fritz 1 liram, grocer. 
Gilland David, shoemaker. 
Gray Charles, blacksmith. 
Gray James, blacksmith. 
CUiueTjCClt Joint, Undertaker, 
lies S P, physician. 
Jones D R & Rons, blacksmiths. 
Kemp G W, physician. 
McReynolds M H Mrs, milliner. 
Molder Eou Miss, milliner. 
Molder Thomas, physician. 
©J£le X 'F, Boots and Shoes. 
Orc'n & Gavd, grocers. 
Orr John, livery. 
Philips Lewis, shoemaker. 
Richards & Whitaker, harness. 
'Seward & Hollingsworth, flour mill, 
Shelton J N, Drugs. 
She! ton M F Mrs, milliner. 
Wright J C, dentist. 

KTIfEAH. Sixty-one miles north- 
west of Indianapolis, on the I. B. & W. 
Ry, in Cain township, Fountain county, 11 
miles east of Covington court house, con- 
tains 150 inhabitants and ships wheat, com 
and pork. Express, United States. Mad 
daily. Geo. Redden, postmaster. 
ISiC'O C & Co, General Store. 
Hisler Wm, flour mill. 
Hinds Wesley, flour mill. 
1-S.edcleil (Georji'e, Railroad and Ex. 

press Agent. 
Simpson James, blacksmith. 
Walter W N, shoemaker. 
Willis E A Mrs, drugs. 

SABINE. Otherwise known as Sunny 
Side, is located on the I. & St. I.. R. R, in 
Marion county, 6]J. miles west of In liana- 
polis, contains'21 persons, Methodist church 

GIB mm I ' Hit" 

Communications Promptly Answered, 

II ... . fHILLSSS 

profitably by .1 Threshing Kn?ir 






and district school. daily. Joseph 
Williams, postmaster. 
Williams Catharine, general store. 
Williams Jose'pll, General Store. 


ulation of 77, is located in Jackson town- 
ship, Dubois county. 9 mile* southeast of 
Jasper, the county seat. Huntingburg, 8 
miles west, on the C. R. & S. W. Ry, is the 
nearest railroad depot. There is in the town 
a Catholic church am! district school. Mail 
tri-weekly. Michael Demuth, postmaster. 
Ames Jacob, wagonmaker. 
Bird Joseph, saw mill. 
Brenner Geo, hotel. 
Cox Camden, flour mill. 
Bemiitll Miclsael, General Store. 
Harris James F, physician. 
Hbefling Andrew, saloon. 
Hoony J & Co, general store. 
Radamacher C, general store. 
Rusche Henry, tailor. 
Schneider Jacob, blacksmith. 
Schricfer John, physician. 
Troxler Anthony, shoemaker. 
Widmer F B, drugs. 


township, Vermillion county, contains 150 
inhabitants, and is located iG miles south- 
west of Newport, the county seat. Clinton, 
7 miles southeast on the E. T. H. & C. R. 
R., is the most available shipping point. 
The village was formerly known as Jones- 
town, and contains di-tiict school, United 

Brethren, Methodist a 

d Chri. 

tian chu 


cs. Mail tri-weekly. H. Jone 

, pastma 


Corbridge Thomas, sh 


J!oui-s H, Phj ' ia 

Kinds Ge< rg« Co, fl 

3ur mill 

McFali C G, live stoc! 

McFall W D, general 


Reed L II, drugs. 

Spear B V, blacksmith 



r es- 

tablished postoffice in Perry 


, 20 

miles north of Cannel 



and 12 west of Alton 

on the 

Ohio 1 


which is its shipping | 

t hasC 


lie church and district 

Mail \ 


ly. S. P. Dupaquiet, 


Bilger C Rev (Catholi 


Bullington W 11, phy 


Hupac^isiet S t*, 



Easey J, 'blacksmith. 

Faulkenburg J \V, las 


Inlow J, flour mill. 

SAIXT HENRY. Located rl miles 
from Ferdinand station, on C. R. & S. W. 
Ry, is on line between Cass and Ferdinand 
townships, Dubois county, 12 miles south 
of Jasper court house. Has Catholic 
church and district school, and exports to- 
bacco and wheat, population 80. Mail 
daily. Elizabeth Kuper, \ ostmaster. 
Backting B, cooper. 
Boehm P Rev (Catholic). 
Fischer C, general store. 
Heim G, carpenter. 
Huston J C, physician. 
ftkttpeir EHxsJ^ei'l, Postmaster. 
Kuper John, carpenter. 
Kuper W !■£, General Store. 
Lubbchusen August, harnessmaker. 
Lubbehusen Henry, wagonmaker. 
Lubbers Barney, blacksmith. 
Markley Arnold, shoemaker. 
Schmidt George, sawmill. 
Thyen Anton, merchant tailor. 
Vollmerke F, cabinetmaker. 
Woods S, dru[;s and saloon. 



on tl 

e F 

. & 


II. R. R., is 

Johnson tc 


;ounty, 11 m 

south of 

;ounty seat, 

north of E 

i!h , 

I 91 

south of Tc 

Haute, coi 



: ch 

irch and sent 



e P h 



icy, po-tmas 

Garhard F 




r - 


Lamcy George, 

Latnev josepn W, General Store. 

Lehr Joseph, wagonmaker. 

Meyer George, carpenter. 

Smith Charles B, dry goods. 

Specr J jr, flour mill. 

Ten Barge John, grocer. 

Ulsomer' George, blacksmith. 

SAIXT JOE. DeKalb county. (See 

SAINT. JOHN. Having 50 inhab- 
itants, is located in township of same name, 
county of Lake, 6',' miles northwest of 
Crown Point, the countv seat, and 3 Ji south 
of Schererville, on the' P. C. & St. L. Ry, 
its shipping station. Tri-weekly mail. F. 
R. Kcilman, postmaster. 
Broughton O, dry goods. 
Keilman & Gerlach, general store. 
Schmidt & Mathias, hotel. 
Spannier Adam, blacksmith. 

SAIXT JOHX. Warrick county. 
{See Welles.) 




Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents, 

an 1 Notary Public. Office, Room iS, Hubbard Block, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

Law and liookseilers, 

IX 1)1 A NA V ti LIS. 


and busini:-'s jurkctoky. 


SAINT JOHNS. DeKalb county. 
v ',-. DeKalb.) 

SAINT JOSEPH. Is a village in 
German township, Vanderburgh county, 9 
miles northwest of Evansville, the county 
;c?.t, and most available shipping point. 
Contains 200 inhabitants, 3 churches — 
Catholic, Lutheran and Evangelical — and 
graded school. Tri-wcekly mail, stage to 
Evansville; Joseph Ilartlein, postmaster. 
Broermann E, stonemason. 
Fisher Samuel, meat market. 
Grimm II, saloon. 
Grimm Jacob, blacksmith. 
Ilartlein flascpli, General Store, 

Hotel and Justice. 
Hummel Charles Rev (Evangelical). 
Ochsner Frank, wagonmaker. 
Oehknann Charles, physician. 
Reese J M, shoemaker. 
Schuck Joseph Rev (Catholic). 
SmittJ P & Co, saloon. 
Welding A P, physician. 
Weyel E Rev (Lutheran). 


country postoffice and Hag station on the L. 
N A & C Ry, in Silver Creek township, 
Clark county, II miles northwest of Jeffer- 
sonville, the county seat. Has Catholic 
church and district school. Mail daily, 
lacob Schaefer, postmaster. 
Bin Charles, blacksmith. 
Graff Alois, general store. 
Sciiaefer JaCOli, General Store. 

SAINT LEON. Five miles south of 

its shipping point, on the W. W. R. R., in 
Kelso township, Dearborn county, contains 
150 inhabitants, Catholic church and dis- 
trict school, and is located iS miles north- 
west of Lawrenceburgh court house. 
Brookville is the nearest bank location. 
Mail tri-wcekly. Patrick Diver, postmaster. 
Barnard Charles, shoemaker. 
Bishoff Alois, miller. 
Bishoff Leonard, brewer. 
Bolach J Mrs, general store. 
Bruder Basil, cooper. 
Diver Patrick, General Store. 
Doerfline Henry, blacksmith. 
Donolan Wm, justice of the peace. 
Gabriel John Rev (Catholic). 
Holller Martin, shoemaker. 
Hilbert John, wagonmaker. 
Probst John, justice of Che peace. 
Stenger Charles, carpenter. 
Stenger Christopher, shoemaker. 

Stengel - Joint C, Flour Mill. 
Stenger Joseph, general store. 
Stenger Peter, blacksmith. 
Wells Charles, cooper. 


On Rushville branch J. M. & I. R. R., in 
Flatrock Rock township, Bartholomew 
countv, contains 200 inhabitants, district 
school and Methodist church. It is located 
10 miles north of Columbus court house, 
and exports grain and produce. Has daily 
stage route to Hope — fare 25c. Express, 
American. Mail daily. B. D. Right, post- 

Bennett FG, grocer and railroad apent. 
Coats Henry, carpenter. 
Essex Martin, saw mill. 
Ford Wm, blacksmith. 
Gilli ;pie George, chair mnfr. 
Harrell .V Pro, wagonmakers. 
Nading John & Co, grain. 
Newton | A & Pro, general store. 
tt.ig.-Ilt B H», Grain. 

man settlement in Ripley county, compris- 
ing 100 families in the immediate vicinity, 
is located I2j< miles southwest of Versail- 
les, the county seat, and 10 miles south of 
Poston station, on the O. & M. Ry, the 
nearest shipping point. The village has a 
Catholic church and school. Mail tri- 
weekly. John Merl, postmaster. 
Bergot Thomas, supt county schools. 
Eckstein Anton, carpenter. 
Haas Nicholas, carpenter. 
Hants James, saw mill. 
Hess John II, physician. 
Hilgert Sebastian, saw mill. 
Linder Frank, boot and shoemaker. 
Meisberger F, general store. 
Merl Jollll, Postmaster and County 

Michael J A Rev (Catholic). 
Semon Jacob, cattle dealer. 
Semon Peter, nursery. 
Stratman Wm, blacksmith. 

SAINT MARY'S. With a popula- 
tion of 100, is pleasantly located in Vigo 
county, on the I. & St. L. R. R., 4 miles 
northwest of Terre Haute. The village 
contains a Catholic church, and the educa- 
tional institute widely known as St. Mary's 
of the Woo. Is. Express, American. Mail 
daily. Isadora Mulvaney, postmaster. 
Alvey J P, carpenter. 
Alvey Lewis, cabinetmaker. 


tand for Estimates. J. \V. A'i'iil \SON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CEiBCACO, 1L.1,. 


r:^;.:U;'.:'- , ;/:, 

Only requires TWlLTilUlUS PREM11TM 
paid, balance loin:, six pot- cent. Affording 
Agcxiss a great advantage? 




Concannon Michael, shoemaker. ' 

Curley Bros, general store, 

Curley M T, barber, blacksmith and meat 

Delihia John, hotel. 
Michaels S A, K Rand Ex agt. 
Mtth-ancv Jfsatikore, General Store. 
Riehle Father Rev (Cat!,..,licl. 
St. Mary's of the Woods. 
Thralls Lee, cooper. 
Ward Thos J, nursery. 

SA INT MA VlllCE. Contai ns Go 
inhabitants, Catholic church, two schools 
— Catholic and district — and exports grain 
and produce. The village is located in 
Fugit township, Decatur county, o miles 
northeast of Greensburg, the county seat. 
New Point, 4 miles south, on the C. I. St. 
L. & C. R. R, is its shipping point. Mail 
tri-weekly. Joseph Hopster, postmaster. 
Brickler A S, general store. 
Ernstes Joseph, blacksmith. 
Frederick lohn, shoemaker. 
Hopster Henry, shoemaker. 
Mop.stcr Josepil, Wagon Manufac- 
Kessing E Mrs, general store. 
Kneevan Benjamin, saddler. 
Moormann Ferdinand, wagoiirnaker. 
Moser Martin, tailor. 
Walke Wm, blacksmith. 

population of 300 (principally Catholic), is 
a village located in Harrison township, in 
the extreme northeast corner o( Spencer 
county, 32 miles northeast of Rockport, the 
county seat, 9 east of Dale station, on the C. 
R. & S. NY. Ry, and 15 north of Troy land- 
ing, on the Ohio river. Anderson river 
furnishes power to operale a saw mill. The 
place has Catholic church, convent and 
monastery conducted by the Order of Saint 
Benedict. Tri-weekly stage connection 
with Troy and Spencer — hire to each Si. 25. 
Mail daily. Edward Ringemann, postmas- 

Beccher Melchoir, carpenter. 
Boos Tohn, wagonmaker. 
Breit Mathias, wagonmaker. 
Ender Paul & Son', shoemakers. 
Fischer Joscpll, Harnessmaker. 
Friedman Joseph, general store. 
Gudorf Frank, basket mnfr. 
Rubers John, general store. 
RillgCLUami Kllward, General 


has a Methodi 
press. Daily 

Saint Meinrad Benedictine Convent, 

Mundwiller abbot. 
Schutz Peter, wagonmaker. 
ShuU&N.-w, saw mill. 
Sturm Joseph G, general store. 

Wattersnausi Keitjamitti, Ca 


Weber Frank, hotel. 
Weingartner Joseph, tinner. 
Zarii Peter, Coal Mine. 

SAINT. OMEIi. Situated in Dec 
tur county, is a place of 250 persons, 10 mil 

northwest of Greensburg, the county sea 

and 2 miles east of St. Paul, lis shippir 

station. The \ 

ciety. Americ: 

Israel D. Jewell, postmaster. 

Bishop R"H, R Rand Ex agt. 

Crow C F, blacksmith. 

Godard Tohn, carpenter. 

Jev.otS KsraeS », General Store, 

Photographer and Printer. 
Kilso John, carpenter, 

SAINT FA VL. Contains a popu- 
lation of 9S0 inhabitants, and is pleasantly 
situated on the C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., in 
lunty, on county line between 
I Decatur counties, 11 miles 
if Greensburg, and 10 southeast 
lie. This village is noted for its 
aality of building and limestone, 
having three large qoarries, which arc ex- 
tensively worked' and that, with four flour 
mills, constitute the principal manufactur- 
ing indl tries. I: ".pi .it, three churches — 
Methodist, Christian and Catholic— a gra- 
ded school of six departments, two hotels 
and a weekly newspaper. Stone, grain and 






of Shelb 



1 q 

live stock arc the chief exports. 


American. Mail daily. A. II. 



Allen Bros, genera! store. 

Arnold Cassius H, saloon. 

Arnold John D, saloon. 

Avery Frederick W, furniture. 

Avery Herman, carpenter. 

Baily Alvin, druggist. 

Bailey Bros, (lour mill. 

Ballard J D, carpenter. 

Ballard Madison, lumber. 

Ballard TJ, physician. 

Bentley R H, sewing machines. 

Bishop R H, R R and Ex agt. 

Bromm Jacob, blacksmith. 

Buell John M, hardware. 

Burr A II, carpenter. 

' : Wt, VAX" & ^ATHEV, 

lii I.ati V. asliiiiu'lnn sir<Ti, 

ISJUAVAt'tltlS, INI). 

M i&l Factory 


Buys Jleal Estate, 

Wo. 307 Upper Third St. 
JEvansville, Ind. 





Collier John II, saloon. 

Cop»!and M L, justice of the peace. 

Cutting Joseph, shoemaker. 

Davis James, live stock. 

Debolt Thomas J, meat market. 

Dcpew R J, physician. 

Dickey George S, saw mill. 

Kubanks A M, barber. 

K.irrer James T, (lour mill. 

Floyd E L, Hour mill. 

Floyd & Avery, grain. 

French Joseph R, saddler. 

Fugit MA Mrs, milliner. 

Gooding Joseph, boots and shoes. 

Hankins Isaac F, pub St Paul Register. 

Hann Wm P, drugs. 

Hoover Ali&aloill M, Confectioner, 

Restaurant and Postmaster. 
Hoover Henry C, saloon. 
Howard F M, physician. 
Iuppenlatz G M, general store. 
Jemison J K, blacksmith. 
Jenkins Benjamin, druggist. 
Johannes & Bro, wagonmaker. 
Karbarker Geo, meat market. 
King James, tailor. 
Lathram John, flour mill. 
J. (Trior M," blacksmith. 
Lowe W W, stone quarry. 
McCall James Rev (Methodist). 
Martin Ralph, general store. 
Miller Wm L, saloon. 
Neal Robert, barber. 
Neighbors James T, boots and shoes. 
Pahnerton John, saloon. 
I'earson W H, wagonmaker. 
Phair House, Robert Phair, propr. 
Pollus Daniel, live stock. 
Reed Theodore H, grain. 
Kider Stephen, justice of the peace. 
Robuck T J, carpenter. 
Russell Robert C, grocer. 
M Paul Register (weekly), I F Hankins 

Scanlan John, stone. 
Scanlen J L, saw mill. 
Sder N J, jeweler. 
Stevens Wm, general store. 
Stribling Orlando T, harnessmakei. 
Sylers N J, jeweler, 
levis Joel, physician. 
Van Scvoc & Teinpleton, general store. 
Walter W H. soap mnfr. 

SA IX T PETliliS. Highland town- 
Franklin county, with a population 
), is situated S miles south of Brook- 
tlie county seat, and S north of Sun- 
on the CI. St. L. & C. R. K., and 


contains Catholic church and district school. 
Mail semi-weekly. Simon Dudley, postmas- 

Beidler John, tailor. 
Busald Adam, brewer. 
Dudley John, brick mnfr. 
Dudley Simon, General Store and 

Ditell John, stone mason. 
Fuersick Michael, shoemaker. 
Fuersick Dr, physician. 
Fussner Matthew, carpenter. 
Gasser Frederick, blacksmith. 
Hack J, blacksmith. 
Pies' JollU P, Agent Union Central 

Life Insurance Co of Cincinnati. 
Ripperger Alfred, wagonmaker. 
Schuck J Mrs, general stoie. 
Shum C, physician. 
Thalheimer Adam, wagonmaker. 

SAINT P1IIL1P. Known also as 
Philip Station, is located on the St. L. & 
S. E, Ry, in Marrs township, Posey county, 
II miles east of Mt. Vernon court bouse. 
This place contains 50 persons, four 
churches, district and" parish schools. 
Wheat, hay and clover seed are exported. 
Mail daily. Elizabeth Dcig, postmaster. 
Appel B, carpenter, 
Bastnagel H, carpenter. 
Bowman Joseph, carpenter. 
»ei}V Elifcafietlt, Hay Press. 
DiestelJ H Rev (Catholic). 
Ehrhardt Jacob, blacksmith. 
Henderson S C, physician. 
Lukemyer J H Rev (Methodist). 
Miller John, general store. 
Schiffman John, shoemaker. 
Stafieth Robert, shoemaker. 

SAIKT WEXDLE. This village, 
with a population of 350, is located in 
Robinson township, Posey county, on the 
Vanderburgh county line, 21 miles north- 
east of Mount Vernon, the county seat, and 
14 miles northwest of Evansville, which is 
the most available shipping point, has Cath- 
olic church and school, is in tri-weekly 

communication with Evansville — fare 
— by mail stage. George Naai, pos 


Amen Joseph, general store. 
Engbers Lambert, cooper. 
Flucks Carl, physician. 
Gumberts A R, physician. 

I-IeckM Rev (Catholic). 

Heyns Wm, saloon. 
Kirsch Mathias, shoemaker. 



S ond I ll> Kr.,i .llin St. .-ct, CHICAGO. 

Hastings, (Steel Inoots .i Specialty.) Shovolt 
,' for Foundry use, a Specialty. ElucU.cJd Cruciblei. 

Ill I IIU.S5S 

profitably by a Threshing Engir 
Soo i.ago ;>. 


SAL v.\ si'A'i'i-; <iazi;-jtki:i- 


Lautz James, undertaker, 
Leuthocfer Fred, shoemaker. 
Menhaus J & H, wagonmakers. 
Miller Marcus, blacksmith. 
Miller & Schiff, blacksmiths. 
Naas George, Postmaster. 
Raben, Raschke & Naas, flour mill. 
IRnhen Naas, General Store. 
Schmitt Benjamin, hamessmaker. 
Schneider Win, general store. 
Scheirer Jacob, undertaker. 

SALAMONIA. Call,,' formerly 

Lancaster, is located in Madi 01 ship, 

Jay county, 9 miles southeast or Portland, 
the county seat and most available shipping 
point. Churches, Methodist, Disciple and 
Lutheran. Schools, common district. Pop- 
ulation 200. Has tri-weekly stage commu- 
nication with Fort Recovery, O. — fare 25c. 
— and Union City, End. — fare 50c. Mail 
daily. A. J. Brake, postmaster. 
Bishoff John M, blacksmith. 
Brake & Beard, General Store. 
Franke F W Rev (Lutheran). 
Gimel Wm, blacksmith. 
Ilaiter James G, justice of the peace. 
Hutchens Alexander, drugs. 
Hutchens Geo, general store. 
Hutchinson James A, physician. 
Messner Geo F, shoemaker. 
Myers John G, wagonmaker. 
Skinner D T, physician. 
Wehrle W P, saw mill. 
White Nelson, undertaker. 

SALEM. Jay county. (Sec Jordan.) 

SALEM. The seat of justice for 
Washington county, located on the L. 
N. A. & C. Ry, about 90 miles south of 
Indianapolis, contains 1,600 inhabitants, 
and has a bonded indebtedness of ^3,500. 
The village is incorporated and contains 
three hotels, one bank, and two weekly 
newspapers, 7 he Press (Republican), and 
the Democrat. Its religious and educa- 
tional wants are supplied by five churches — 
Catholic, Christian, Presbyterian, Baptist, 
and Methodist — graded and private schools. 
Its manufactories consist of four flour mills, 
a stone quarry, planing mill, furniture fac- 
tory, a foundry, two tanneries, a woolen 
mill, three saw mills, one spoke factory, 
one brick yard, and a straw-cutter manu- 
factory. Grain, furniture, jeans, leather 
and stone are exported. Express, Adams 
and L. N. A. lS; C. Mail daily. James IJ. 
Hicks, postmaster. 

Alexander Wm F, dry goods. 

Alexander Wm R, spoke tnnfr. 

Allen Charles A, Publisher The 

Salem Press. 
Allen Robert W, groceries. 
Alspaugh & Lawier, lawyers. 
Alvis Wm M & Son, grocers. 
Asbuiy J W Rev (Methodist). 
Auger & McMurran, grocers. 
Bank of Salem, Tohn A Bowman pres, D 

M McMahan cash. 
Banks Wm F, commission. 
Bare John R, physician. 
Bamett Geo W, tanner. 
Bcal Wm A, baker. 
Berkey T B & Sons, general store. 
Berkey & Motsinger, general store. 
Bonifacino John, boots and shoes. 
Bryant Robert C, physician. 
Chapman Mahlon IC, saloon. 
CI art-. <r;eor«;e K, Photographer. 
Clarke |ol:n K, confectioner. 
Collins Alfred B, lawyer. 
Craycraft John, florist. 
Dale N R Rev (Christian). 
Davis Knock, wagonmaker. 
Drom Levi, clothing. 
Duckwall David F, general store. 
Duckunll Wm W, general store. 
Dull" Samuel W, physician. 
Gibbins Harvey, horseshoer. 
Godfrey James, general store. 
Green Louisa Miss, dressmaker. 
Guffey James B, restaurant. 
Hamilton Henry M, tailor. 



Martiev Tils'ljsuail, House and 

Sign Painter. (Sec adv.) 
I lauger Albert T, blacksmith. 
Hanger Jacob, wagonmaker. 
Hanger John, wagonmaker. 
Hanger ec McMurran, tanners. 
Heffren & Zaring, lawyers. 
Ilcud, rson Harvey D, druegist. 
Hendricks & Thompson, lawyers. 
Hobbs - mel B, stoves and tinware. 
Hoffman Daniel S. hotel. 
Iioggatt Mahlon R, physician. 
Huilgate House, Thomas Williams 

Proprietor. (See adv.) 
lEumvate Jesse f, Livery and Sale 

Huston Thad. lawyer. 
Jordon W M Rev (Baptist). 
Kemp James A. books and stationery. 
KJerner G II & Co, furniture. 
Knight Andrew, lumber. 

Capita! City Cigar. 

JOHN RAFJCHt, Manufacturer, 
82 Wost Washington Street, 


,-/. , cv . < a ?,,,.„, Manufacture! and for sale by A. Kniscly & 

y Oil U2,<& &8U. il Uil. Co., 72 £: 74 7/. Monroe Street, CHICAGO. 





Kr.ight Gayer, flour mill. 

Ruth Duncan, carpenter. 

ICyte John P, grocer. 

Salcni Democrat, Warder AY Stevens pubr. 

I.anning Azariah, dentist. 

Sayles Steven D, lumber. 

Linscott Will M & I F, marble works. 

Shanks John T, meat market. 

Lyndon John B, painter. 

Schlagel Henry E, barber. 

McClintock & Co, druggists. 

Shamo Wm, boots and shoes. 

ItlcCoskey William C, County 

Shrun Allied, brick mnfr. 


Shull Leonard, horseshoer. 

McCree M C Rev (Presbyterian). 

Sinclair 1LCC W, General Store. 

McGindley House, D S Hoffman propr. 

Smith George W, barber. 

Mcintosh Andrew J, general store. 

Smith & Bro, stoves and tinware. 

McKinney Collin, insurance. 

Spaulding Milton, tailor. 

Mobley Charles W, hardware. 

Stanley Abel C, hamessinaker. 

Mobley Eliza Miss, millinery. 

Star Flouriug Mill, H R Mun- 

Mum i» Anderson, lumber. 

kelt Proprietor. 

Morris & Reid, hardware. 

Slivers Jeptha D, cooper. 

niunltelt H XL, Proprietor Star Flour- 

Streaker Henry, boots and shoes. 

ing Mill. 

Telle Ambrose sr, propr Telle House. 

Neal George L, physician. 

Telle EOUSe, Ambrose Telle Sr Pro- 

Xeal James II & Son, harnessmakcrs. 


Overman Wm, physician. 

The Salens Press;, Charles A Allen 

Tace Beverly T, jeweler. 


Paynter Christian L, physician. 

Thomas James S, coal. 

Paynter G & H, hardware. 

Thompson Wm N, justice of the peace. 

Paynter Walker B, physician. 

Tilford Solon M, meat market. 

Peden Alexander, flour mill. 

Trucblootl Esartoil V, Saloon and 

Peter Wm B, saloon. 


Peter & Burkhardt, lime kiln. 

Tucker Benjamin W, physician. 

Prow Fred L, lawyer. 

Tuel Jesse, barber. 

Halts Francis, saloon and livery. 

Upjiingliouse Robert, Black- 

Kedfield James II, elevator and purifier 

smith and Carriage Dealer. 


"Vovles JoIHE O, Lawyer. 

Riester Anton, Blacksmith. 

Voyfes & Morris, lawyers. 

**mn kb i[c:'j;: %**■ Cor. IF'-u.Tolic S©L\, 

Til OS. WILLIAMS, Proprietor, &£iJ*ZZ7lJZ, XSTD. 

Good table, pleasant rooms, and good clean beds. Sample Rooms 
on first floor. Fake, $2.00 per Day. 

Diamond Straw Gutter! 

Patented by T. HARTLEY, SALEM, IND„ July, 18S0. 
**2rTerrit.ory for Sale on Reasonable Terms.^ 

I'his Cutler is cheap and durable, and cuts on an angle of 45 degrees, and docs the cutting 

with half the power required by any other hand cutter. It is therefore bound 

to find its way into every barn in the land. 


U'.'.y '•■ 1 irsl-rluss 1'iuito or Orfrun on those terms siini I-v Tim:{». 
« 'VitLlS A. C«., JS & tit) Xurllt I'cmisjlniiiia fe Ireet, I.MJiiArVAI'OLfS, l.\l>. 

i'y :.'y/:\^ '.):/. i'o ;■-, Cwu:-, 

X2WA£,» OVETi, 

Incliauapolis, Incl, 





Walker BavicI A, Manufacturer of 
the Diamond Straw Cutter. (See adv.) 

Walker Eliza B Mrs, milliner. 

Ward Wm H, jnsticc of the peace. 

Webster J J, agl Adams Ex Co. 

"WilliaillS ' 'JPIlomaS, Proprietor 
Hungate House. 

Wilson Dale W, blacksmith. 

Wilson Otho, shoemaker. 

ZtLtiU. ElliatttiOi, Stone Quarry. 

Zink 1". & Son, grocers. 

Zornman Christopher C, shoemaker. 

SALEM CENTRE. With a pop- 
ulation of ioo, is a village located in Salem 
township, Steuben county, 10 miles south- 
west of Angola, the county seat, and dis- 
tant 8 miles from Pleasant Lake Station, 
on the F. & J. R. R. Contains 2 
churches — Methodist and Presbyterian — 
and district school. Daily stage route to 
Angola and Ker.dallville. 'Mail' daily. W. 
E. Kinsey, postmaster. 
Barnes M H, blacksmith. 
Bryan E, wagonmaker. 
Kinsey J C, physician. 
KillSey W S3, General Store. 
KirkwoodJ M, carpenter. 
Richardson & Teal, grocers. 
Walsh J, shoemaker. 
Warner T f, general store. 
Woodford J C, hotel. 

SALINA. A postofiice in Fulton 
county, 8 miles northwest of Rochester 
couit house. In the vicinity there are 3 
churches _ Methodist, Evangelical and 
Presbyterian. lias tri-weekly mail stage 
route to Rochester. Mail tri-weekly. M. 
W. Walters, postmaster. 
Graber Lewis, justice of the peace. 
Prugh Wm J, blacksmith. 
Walters M W, General Store. 

S ALIKE CITY. On the T. 11. & 

S. E. R. R., is a place of 400 inhabitants, 
in Ridge township, Clay county, 12 miles 
south of Brazil, the county seat. It pos- 
sesses district school, Methodist church, 
hub and spoke factory and a very large 
stave factory. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 
J. Beeson, postmaster. 
Raggett John, cooper. 
Barnett Z, general store. 
Kceson J, Railroad and Express Agent. 
Cahal George, meal market. 
Carrithers George, hotel. 
Coppey Edward, drugs. 
Gant.' K, physician. 

Hawkins Eugene, physician. 
Hershficld benjamin, blacksmith. 
McBride G, lumber. 
McCormack Samuel, livery. 


1 >... 

Pattern 5 ? o.r«vtlie i 

Pugli J \V, carpenter. 
Richardson & Co, general st 
Shyer Bros, spoke and hub : 
Wardlav, J & J, drugs. 


Co, Stave 

eat, and ;, from Christ- 
ligan Central Railroad. 
lich the town is located, 

operate one flour mill. 

G. C. Wheeler, post- 

Blachly & Co, flour mill. 

Wliecier G C, General Store. 



per county. (Sic 
shington county. 

(See SaltUlavilU.) 

postofiice at Saltillo Station on the L. N. A. 
& C. Ry., in Brown township, Washington 
county, 12 miles northwest of Salem court 
house, contains 1^0 inhabitants, Christian 
church and district school. Express, 
L. N. A. & C. Mail daily. Wm. A. Elliott, 

Cook W C, general store. 
Davis J C, hotel. 
Elliott William A, General Store, 

Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. 
Heyman E M C, physician. 
Holliday W P, blacksmith. 
Johnson W M, druggist. 

Matthew, J H & Bro, Hour mill. 
Moden W 11, chair mnfr. 
Morgan Thomas, harnessmaker. 

Vittan A T, carpenter. 

SAL VT>A . Two miles west of Saluda 
Landing on the Ohio river, is a country 
postofiice in Jefferson county, 10 miles south- 

A.LWright&co.;r;i;i. 1 :, 

■1- and Upholstery, 
idinn St., Indianapolis. 


INDIANAPOLIS, handle Pardee's 
Sugar Loaf Lehigh Anthracite Coal. 

~ SAN 683 


: west of Madison, the county seat. Lexing- 
; ion, on Jeff. Branch O. & M. Ry., 7 miles 

cast, is the nearest railroad station. In the 
immediate vicinity there are five churches — 
two Methodist, two Baptist and one Uni- 
versalis! — and district schools. Mail tri- 
weekly. B. Franklin Scull, postmaster, 
liair Charles, blacksmith. 
Il.-mna Bras, (lour mill. 
King lames, general store. 
Palmer P P & Co, saw mill. 
Payne A M, grocer, 
Pender Joseph, carpenter. 
Phillips A H, physician. 
.Scull B F, Physician. 
Wells Win H, lawyer. 

SAMARIA. On line of the F. F. & 
M. R. B., in Hensley township, Johnson 
county, contains 150 inhabitants, and is sit- 
uated 10 miles southwest of Franklin, the 
county seat. Flour, wheat, corn and hogs 
are the shipments. Express, American. 
Mail daily. A. Henshaw, postmaster. 
Poles John, blacksmith. 
Uevec Joseph, saloon. 
Dunham W W, carpenter. 
HeiiHliaw A, Flour Mill. 
Lee Harrison, shoemaker. 
Nixon A, blacksmith. 
Ruftin Benjamin, carpenter. 
Shake James, wagonmaker. 
Sidwell Dr, physician. 
Slatlery L A, general store, 

SANIUJORN. On the I. & V. Ry, 
in Vigo township, Knox county, is a village 
of 300 inhabitants, situated 26 miles noitli- 
east of Vincennes, the county seat, 91 
southwest of Indianapolis. It contains two 
churches— Methodist and Christian— dis- 
trict and private schools. Its chief ship- 
ments are cattle, hogs, wheat and corn. 
Adams express. Daily mail. Thomas E. 
Jones, postmaster. 
Bailey & Hill, general store. 
Clauss Julius, harnessmaker. 
Clauss L A, drugs. 
Coppes Cornish, saw mill. 
Crane C E, lawyer. 
Davis W, blacksmith. 
Dunniyant Wm T, wagonmaker. 
Halstead A N, grain. 
Halstead George, clothing. 
Hill & Hill, flour mill. 
Joill'S 'fi s )tlOiliat* E, Justice of the 

Kitchen Charles, hotel. 
McGinnis Samuel, general store. 

Merritt Adam, wagonmaker. 
Miller Abraham, undertaker. 
Richardson Wm, drugs. 
Ross W, grocer. 
Ryan James, saloon. 
Wimer Eli, shoemaker, 

SANDFOUD. Eighty miles south- 
west of Indianapolis, on the I. & St. E. R. 
R., is a place of 250 inhabitants, located in 
Fayette township, Vigo county, 9 miles 
northwest of Terre Haute. Has Methodist 
church, district school, American Express, 
and daily mail. Duane D. Stilwell, post- 
Bright J A, physician. 
Cooper Frederick, shoemaker. 
Fucjua Wm W, blacksmith. 
Hussong A B &Co, general store. 
Hussong T H, stave mnfr. 
KITjIer Fratik, Flour Mill. 
Ricketts S A, general store. 
Shickel & Johnson, druggists. 
Stilwcll D> n, R R and Express Agent. 
Swap J H, physician. 
Watts J W, grain dealer. 

SAN JACINTO. Inhabited by 50 
persons, in Bigger township, Jennings 
county, 7 miles east of Vernon, the county 
seat, and most available shipping point, is 
situated on Graham creek, which furnishes 
power to operate one saw and one flour 
mill. Mail is received semi-weekly. B. F. 
Wildman, postmaster. 
Hand L A, blacksmith. 
Johnson F M, justice of thep^acc. 
]fc>JlllS0!i X Kiev (Baptist). 
Kendrick N, physician. 
Spencer J A, physician. 
Stanley J F, general store. 
Wildmail K F, Township Trustee. 

SAN PIERRE. Having a popula- 
tion of 300, is a village located on the L. 
N. A. & C. Ry, in Railroad township, 
Starke county, 20 miles southwest of Knox, 
the county seat. There are two religious 
societies — Catholic and Methodist — and a 
graded school in the place. Its exports in- 
clude hogs, cattle and hay. Winamac is 
the location of nearest bank. Express, L. 
N. A. & C. and American. Mail daily. C. 
E. Mulvain, postmaster. 
Arndt Wm, wagonmaker. 
Barnes J W, grocer. 
itijJR'S El> £», Grocer. 
Daily Patrick, hotel and grocer. 
Dunn Isaac C. pressed hay. 


-A.t Spiagrae'c, 330. "W. ."I>v<la,aiso:~ Street, Cli.xca.g-o, 211. 


profitably by ix ThroflMng Engine, 
* Soq jiago 3. 





Franzer Peter Rev (Catholic). 
Glazebrook B, general store. 
Glazebrook L I), druggist. 
Jackson J K Rev (Methodist). 
Luken W, general store. 
McLaughlin D, general store. 
MlllvaiM C E, Agricultural Imple- 
ments and Dealer in Blooded Horses. 
Prim Christian, blacksmith. 
Smidth Peter, wagonmaker. 
Welsh Edward D, grocer and hotel. 

SANTA CLA US. With a popula- 
tion of roo, is situated in Spencer county, 
22 miles northeast of Rockport, the county 
seat. Troy, 12 miles south, on the Ohio, 
is the most available .shipping place. The 
place has Evangelical church and district 
school. Tobacco and grain are shipped. 
Mail daily. Charles Surmann, postmaster. 
Freiberger Matthew, saloon. 
Grotthaus Herman, cooper. 
Hancock A R, physician. 
Hillemeyer Henry, wagonmaker. 
Mohr Jacob, general store. 
Poellein John, blacksmith. 

Strenger John', shoemaker. 
Surmanu diaries, Hotel. 
Wittenbach Christian Rev (Evangelical). 
Zwickel Philip & Son, flour mill. 

itants, dis- 


SANTA FE. In But! 
Miami county, with 200 inh 
trict school and Methodist t 
cated 9 miles southeast o! Peru court house. 
North Grove, on the P. C. & St. L. Ry., <■ 
miles south, is the shipping point. Mail 
daily. T. R. Jones, postmaster. 
Allen J T, general store. 
Harber D C, justice. 
Hendricks Jasper, plasterer. 
Holt Alfred, saloon. 
Jones T'R, general store. 
Rees J N, general store. 
Stout, Rease & Co, saw mill. 
Thorn & Thorn, flour mill. 
Wiltman Wm, shoemaker. 
Wyland Win, blacksmith. 

SANTA FE. Owen county. {See 

SARA TOGA. Frequently called 

Warren, is a station on the P. C. & St. L. 
Ry., in Ward township, Randolph county, 
S miles northeast of Winchester court house. 
A flour mil! is very much needed here and 
would certainly pay handsomely. It con- 

tains 200 inhabitants, graded school, United 
Brethren and Methodist churches. Mail 
daily. C. Bousman, postmaster. 
liOUSIieail C, General Store, Railroad 

Agent, Hotel and Livery. 
Bousman C Mrs, milliner. 
Bousman & Lucas, general store. 
Evans G S, physician. 
Ford Raston, physician. 
Frazier & Dav's, blacksmiths. 
Girten L P, shoemaker. 
Lucas J R, justice of the peace. 
Pogue Jefferson, undertaker. 
PogUC & BlOUSe, Carpenters. 
St John I B, saw mill. 
Warren J F & J, general store. 

SARDINIA. Jackson township, De- 
catur county, is located IS miles southwest 
of Greensburg, the county seat. North 
Vernon, 10 miles south, at the crossing of 
O. & M. and J. M. & I. R. Rs, is the ship- 
ping peint. With a population of 200 the 
village has two churches— Presbyterian and 
Baptist — and good graded school. Tri- 
weekly stage communication wilh North 
Vernon, fare 50c, Greensburg, fare Si. 00. 
Mail daily. E. L. Ferran, postmaster. 
Aencw Joseph, carriage mnfr. 
Dawson D E, plasterer. 
Denniston Wm, meat market. 
Feodlcr J A, hotel. 
Ferrail IS I,, Postmaster. 
Gondie George, stoves and tinware. 
Earper J S, General Store. 
Hill L IS. physician. 
Meredith L, drain tile mnfr. 
Miller & Tremain, harness. 
Moore C F, harness. 
Moore C F & Co, flour mill. 
Moore Seal & Bro, saw mill. 
Morton J J, blacksmith. 
Reiley W F & Bro, physicians. 
Roberts W A, carriage mnfr. 

SATURN. Has 200 inhabitants, 
is located in Jefferson township, Wli 
county, 12 miles southeast of Colur 
City, the county seat, and 5 northwes 
Aboite Station, on the W. St. L. & P. 
It has two graded schools, Baptist 
Christian churches. Ships grain and 
stock. Mail tri-weekly. James Bro 

Adams George, live stock. 
Ake D W, wagon manfr. 
Bayless G S, saw mill. 
Bowman Jacob, general store. 
Bridge Henry Rev (Methodist). 


Bradford, Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents, 

miscellaneous and Blank Books and Office Stationery, Indianapolis. 


and bu.sjn.lns mukctouy. 



tiroxon James, Druggist. 

Broxcn J T, carriage mnfr. 
Dmly j'\V, physician. 
Gillespie W M, slock dealer. 
Jeffries George, live slock. 
Reed A D, physician. 
Swisher Wm, veterinary surgeon. 
Thompson John Rev (Baptist). 

SCALESVIZLE. Is a country 
postoffice in Lane township, Warrick coun- 
ty, 12 miles from Boonville, ihe county 
seat and shipping point. Mail semi-weekly. 
F. M. Hall, postmaster and general store. 

SCHEJtERVILLE. Seven miles 
northwest of Crown Point court house, on 
the P. C. & St. L. Ky, is in St. Johns town- 
ship, Lake county, lias Catholic church, 
district school, and ships hay, grain and 
hags. Express, American. Mail daily. 
Adolph Landgraf, postmaster. 
Austgen John, saloon. 
Austgen J Tacob, general store. 
Diemel F X Rev (Catholic). 
Etna Fowder Co, powder mill. 
Hart A N, pressed hay. 
Kaupal Anton, apiarian. 
Kaupal John, shoemaker. 
I^aildjjraf Aslolpll, Hardware. 
Schubert Adam, saloon. 
Schulthe Bernhart, grain. 
Schulthe Henry, live slock. 
Thiel John, blacksmith. 
Treinen John, pressed hay. 

settlement of 60 inhabitants in Jefferson 
township, Dubois county, 12 miles south- 
east of Jasper court house and same dis- 
tance east of Huntingburg, either of which 
are available shipping points. The place 
has Catholic church and district school. 
Mail received four times per week. J. F. 
Faulkner, postmaster. 
Brosmer Joseph, shoemaker. 
Buchart Joseph E, general store. 
Fimlltuer J i T , Physician. 
Grass Mary E, dry goods. 
Long John E, carpenter. 
Merkley Joseph, carpenter. 
Newhouse Andrew, shoemaker. 
Sclinell Kcxirv, Hotel. 
Setler C & W, wagonmakers. 
Streigel 1 C, blacksmith. 
Wirsing David, blacksmith. 

SCHOOLER. Or Schooner Valley, 
derives its name from a small stream upon 

which it is located, in Brown county, dis- 
tant 4J,' miles from Nashville court house, 
and 15 from Morgantown, on the F. F. & 
M. R. R., the nearest rail approach. It 
has a district school, Christian and Baptist 
churches. Population 30. Four mails re- 
ceived each week. Wm. H. Durnal, post- 

Beetdick Rufus R, justice of the peace. 
nurical Winiaiti £1 Eiev (Chris- 
Mossup Stephen, physician. 
Wise James, grocer. 

SCII'IO. On the 1. M. & I. R. R. 

(Madison Division), is a' village of 200 in- 
habitants, located in Jennings county, 9 
miles north of Vernon, the county seat, 'and 
contains two churches — Catholic and Pres- 
byterian. Grain and stock are the exports. 
Express, American. Mai! daily. G. F. 

Arsiiell CI F ££ ']?, General Store. 

Bain John 1, wagonmaker. 

Bourghstead H, blacksmith. 

Brow'n Wm H, saw mill. 

Eurge Mollie Mrs, milliner. 

Butler C D, general store. 

Blttler M Ci, Railroad and Express 

Buxton W II & Bro, general store. 
Clapp K F, cattle dealer. 
Clever M, flour mill. 
HouserG II, flour mill. 
Jayne E, harnessmaker. 
jaync J S, shoemaker. 
Rceper A B, blacksmith. 
Keeper Smith, wagonmaker. 
McConnell N li Mrs, dry goods. 
McIIenry Rev (Presbyterian). 
Misser Rev (Catholic). 
Parkhill N R Miss, milliner. 
Reynolds G E, physician. 
Reynolds S H, physician. 
Ritcherson fohn, shoemaker. 
Thompson E M, justice of the peace. 
Thorp Robert, harnessmaker. 
Wilkerson T, general store, 

SCIJi CLE riLLE. Has a location 
on the L. E. & W. Ry, in Johnson town- 
ship, Clinton county, 12 miles clue east of 
Frankfort, the county seat, and contains 
graded school, Methodist and Baptist 
churches. Population 120. Grain, staves 
and lumber are shipped. Express, United 
States. Mai! daily. Charles Howard, 
Allen D T & Bro, grain. 

Galvanized Iron Cornices 

313-331 So. Clinton Sticc-t. CHICAGO, ILL. 
i'A>" Send for lliiuiraiod Ci'iloguo uml Pricsi. 

Home Life Ins, Co. 

Ilni p!ii;l Invito «livi(tc«<i?J, Ii.'fs the I:iv~,- T 
surplus loi- dividends in future. fc?tt Co. for 
Agents. E. H. KELLOCC, Sup't, Chicago, III. 





Armstrong ,S, confectioner. 
Baker Win, lawyer. 
Berryman Charles E, drugs. 
Burget E M, justice of the peace. 
Cooper W T, physician. 
Corn James, grocer. 
Drake* J W, hotel. 
Fisher & Burk, stave mnfrs. 
Groves Abel W, livery. 
Kayden J A, blacksmith. 
Herald Albert, shoemaker. 
Ilillis B F, cattle dealer. 
Howard C, furniture. 
Moore James, broom mnfr. 
Murphy J, saloon. 
Richards Lewis, carpenter. 
Kichey lames M, general store. 
Richey Theodore, general store. 
Smith G \V, physician. 

thriving village, 
uts, situ.-. ted in 
county, 10 miles 


containing 150 inha 
Taylor township, Gre< 

southeast of Bloomfield court house, and 6 
south of Mineral City, on the B. S. O. & B. 
Ry. Has 3 churches— Presbyterian, Meth- 
odist and Baptist — and district school. 
Mail daily. John Hornbaker, postmaster. 
Akin J M, undertaker. 
Bellmyer Philip, tinner. 
Keitnelt "W C, Nursery. 
Blackmore Bros, general store. 
Bramble James D, confectioner. 
Burke Win II, physician. 
Crookc A E5, Undertaker. 
Dickey A J, flour mill. 
Doney J A, pumps. 
Eaton John W F, shoemaker. 
Garrett Tohn W, cooper. 
Gcddes Daniel, live stock. 
Haig John, physician. 
Haiff feliu & Co, General Store. 
Haig Mary, hotel. 
Hanna James II, lawyer. 
Hannon John W, physician. 
HornlJalicr Jolill, Shoemaker. 
Ingles James Rev (Presbyterian). 
Isenogle Stephen, wngonmaker. 
King Paris, general store. 
Laughead George G, physician. 
Morrison John, druggist. 
Nicholson Isaac, blacksmith. 
StOlie 15. M &S011, Flour Mill. 
Taylor W B, earthenware. 
Woods Wm, druggist. 

SCOTT. Formerly called Van Buren, 
is located on ^Pigeon river, in Van Buren 
township, Lagrange county, 14 miles north- 

west of Lagrange court house, and S west 
of Lima, on the G. R. & I. R. R. Has 150 
inhabitants, and has Methodist church and 
district school. Mail tri-weekly. Frank- 
lin Galloway, postmaster. 
Beckly W L, grocer. 
Dalton John, cattle dealer. 
Erb Jacob, saloon. 

GaHoway Franklin, Genera 1 

Grimes J C & Co, drugs. 
Giubb Wm B, hotel. 
Hagerty James, justice of the peace. 
Hixson John & Co, flour mill. 
Mendenhall Bros, sorghum mnfrs. 
Tonis A, physician. 
Weiss Casper, blacksmith. 

SCOTTSBUJia. The county seat 
of Scott county, is located on the J. M, & 
I. R. R., 78 miles south of Indianapolis 
and 30 north of Louisville. The village 
contains 600 inhabitant:,, Methodist church, 
graded school and one weekly newspaper, 
the Scott County Democrat, which was es- 
tablished in 1865 by the present publisher, 
Mr. J. II. J. Sierp, at Austin, but was con- 
solidated with the Austin News and moved 
to Scottsburg in 1S7.1 , where it now nour- 
ishes. All of its printing is done at home, 
has no patent outside, and is a first-class 
advertising medium. The corner stone of 
the court house was laid on July 4, 1877, 
being about the time of Scottsburg's first set- 
tlement. There are two hotels, the princi- 
pal one, the Hubbard House, is a neat 
brick structure, three stories in height, sur- 
rounded by a shady lawn and affords ex- 
cellent accommodations for commercial 
men. Telegraph, Western Union. Ex- 
press, American. Mail daily. C.C.Wills, 

Andis Thomas C, carpenter. 
Bartle Orrin C, confectionery. 
Berkshire John G, judge 6th judicial cir- 
Brott Henry W, restaurant. 
Cravens & Robison, saw mill. 
Crowe & Jewett, lawyers. 
Elrod Elizabeth Mrs, milliner. 
Garriott Frank M, general store. 
Hai-rod Columbus B, justice of the peace. 
Harrod & Brown, lawyers. 
Houghland Isaac, agent American Express. 
Mutibarrt House, Melvin Hubbard 

Johnson & Karnes, flour mill. 
Johnson & Mitchell, milliners. 
Keaton Thomas S, shoemaker. 



Fine French Marble Clocks, with Gong 
Strike, Half and Quarter Strike. 


Loans and Jiorrows Monet/, 

No. HO 7 Upper Third St., 
Evansville, Ind. 


AMI BIKINI >'.-i mithCTOKY. 



Loorais II H, hotel. 

McFadden, Sarah E, general store. 

McMullin Albert B, saloon. 

Mathes Xacariah C, hardware. 

Mitchell Win T, saloon. 

Nickles John M, physician. 

Nye Thomas, livery. 

Price George T, justice of the peace. 

Robertson Milton H, furniture. 

Sapinsky 6c Steinberg, general store. 

Scott County Democrat, John 

11. J. Sierp Proprietor. (See adv.) 
Sierp JoI.Hl H J, Proprietor Scott 

County Democrat, Lawyer and Notary 

Public. (See adv. ) 
Smith Milton W, druggist. 
Spurgeon M E, blacksmith. 
Stout John M, harnessmaker. 
'FIlOHia JaiJKCS, Dealer in Watches, 

Clocks and Jewelry. 
Trulock Wm, lawyer. 
Van Ness James, livery. 
Walker Will T. lawyer. 
Watson John M, physician. 
Wetltile Joseptllis, Blacksmith and 

Wills Cornelius C. druggist. 
Wilson Newton M, county clerk. 
Wyman David W, blacksmith. 
Yoimt Benjamin F, Saloon, Choice 

Liquors and Cigars. 

SCOTTSVILLE. Lafayette town- 
ship, Floyd county, with loo inhabitants, is 
located 12 miles northwest of New Albany, 
the cou.'ty seat. St. Joseph, 5 miles east 
on the L. N. A. & C. Ry., is its shipping 
point. Mail tri-weekly. 
Kiefer Nicholas, general store. 
Scott W G, blacksmith. 

SEAFIELD. A postoffice and vil- 
lage of 200 inhabitants 'on the P. C. & St. 
L. Ry., in Princeton township, White 
county, located 12 miles west of Monticello, 
the county scat, has two churches— United 
Brethien and Christian. Express, United 
States. Mail daily. John G. Keilin, post- 

Fleeger Robert, grain dealer. 
Kerlill JofltJl G, Grocer. 
Pippenger M A, flour mill. 
Rigley J H, general store. 
Temp'lcton H, live stock. 

SEDALIA. ' Is on the T. II. & I. 

(Log. Div.) Ry., in Owen township, Clin- 
ton county, 10 miles due north of Frankfort 
court house. Population 200. It has a 
Union church, district school, and ships 
grain and live stock. Express, American. 


(See River Vale ) 


daily. E. Campbell, 
Butt Joshua, shoemak 
Campbell K, General Store. 
Campbell James A, saw mill. 
Fennell Bros, tile ninfrs. 
Franklin N, hotel. 
Kemple George, carpenter. 
McCune Jackson B, live stock. 
Masters John Q, tile mnfr. 
Pritsch Carl, saloon. 
Shields Hugh, general store. 
Sigler J N, physician. 
Taylor CT, blacksmith. 
Thompson II, physician. 
Young John C, grain. 

SEDAN. Is a small station and post- 
office on the L. S. & M. S. Ry., formerly 
called Lawrence, containing 150 persons, a 
district school and Lutheran church, located 
in DeKalb county, C miles northwest of 
Auburn, the county seat. Mail is received 
daily. W. H. Crane, postmaster. 



Published at Scottsburgh, Scott County Indiana, by JOHN M. J. SIEBP. 

15th Year— Only Paper in the County. 
Good Advertising Medium. Published Rates Strictly Adhered to. 

Fire Brick and piay.EE^&S? 

Ar.ii '£ ill s,( .■«.....';. l-'iiriuici 
ruacci, iVc. lSrus>. I'mniilcrs' Ftirttat 
B®»Sec Adv., jiarjt 


, l~ 

ably by & Threshing Ei 


Sec ]>age 3. 




Eateman J N, agrl implts. 
Crane W I J, Grocer. 

Hine S II, saw mill. 

Krusc Wm, wagonmaker. 

McliUyre Nicholas, justice of the peace. 

Rinehart Martin, carpenter. 

Shoutz F, blacksmith. 

Shrader Charles, carpenter. 

Wittie Fred, carpenter. 

SEELYVILLE. On the St. L. V. 

T. II. X 1. R; R., in Lost Creek township, 
Vigo county, has 50 inhabitants, and is sit- 
uated S miles cast of Tore Haute. The 
surrounding country is rich in coal ami 
timber, which are the principal exports. 
Wail received daily. Anna M. Dickerson, 

Chamberlain Moody, saw mill. 
J&ieS^ei-SOll £2 C, General Store. 
McLaughlin James, physician. 
McPherson Donald, coal mine. 
Morris Allen, coal mine. 

SELL Ell SIS U JIG II. Silver Creek 
township, Clark county, is a village of 300 
inhabitants, on the J. M. & I. R. R., 9 
miles north of Jeffersonville, the county 
seat. The village has two churches— Chris- 
tian and Methodist. Express, American. 
Mail daily. John Schell, postmaster. 
Beck John, blacksmith. 
Cluchne A B Rev Methodist). 
Covert & Ilaross, physicians. 
Dold Edward, R R and Ex agt. 
liismitaism Joliill, General Store and 

Grosbach If, shoemaker. 

Hanger C H, saloon. 

Harrod W H, general store. 

Little A N, justice of the peace. 

Littell A M "Rev (Christian). 

Mabrey J II, blacksmith. 

Salle W E, physician. 

ScSiC'Iier JoJm, Postmaster and 

Township Trustee. 
Seitz A, shoemaker. 
Sellers H T, general store. 
Williams & Krakle, flour mill. 
W'oll M. wagonmaker. 

SELMA. Sixty miles northeast of 
Indianapolis, on the C. C. C. & I. Ry, is a 
thriving village of 300 inhabitants, situated 
in Liberty township, Delaware county, 6 
miles due east of Muncie court house. 
Wheat, com, hogs and cattle are shipped. 
Churches, Methodist, United Brethren 
and Presbyterian. Schools, district and 

graded. Express, United States. Mail 

daily. J. L. Simmons, postmaster. 

Rlacli BUaR-j? ic Mrs, Milliner. 

Black N E harnessmaker. 

Black N W, physician. 

Boots E P, pumps. 

Bortsfield J W, tile mnfr. 

Bortsfield Wm, carpenter. 

UicI-'Over S, Carpenter. 

Goings 1 W, ■ eneral itore. 

Goings Susanah, hotel. 

Goings \Ym, grain and live slock. 

Harrington T E, grocer. 

KCYVCJ Wi51ir.II! C, Grocer. 

Hoover John, carpenter. 

Johnson Eugene & Co, drugs. 

Knapp II C, blacksmith. 

miller William, Flour Mill. 

Moore C W, boots and shoes. 

Orr JN, genera, stole. 

Patrick N, grocer. 

Ribble D M, hardware. 

Roseboom L C, shoemaker. 

Shroyer S J, justice of the peace. 

SitlllllftaiS J L, Agent C C C & I Ry 
and United Slates Express Company and 
Dealer in Grain, Seeds, Live Stock and 
Agricultural Implements. 

Simmons Z L, blacksmith. 

Skiff C, physician. 

Sliers F R, physician. 

Tcague M A Rev (Methodist). 

Wilson Henry, barber. 

SEVASTOPOL. Is a village of 
inhabitants, located in Franklin towns! 
Kosciusko county, 14 miles southwest 
Warsaw, the county seat. Claypool, 
shipping point, on the C. W. & M. Ry 
7 miles east. It has graded school, Me 
odist church, and tri-weekly stage route 
Warsaw. Mail tri-weekly.' A." M. To 

Bisle David, meat market. 
Blue P A, stock dealer. 
Bybee Allen, slock dealer. 
Cox Bros & Co, Saw Mill. 
Dormire R G, shoemaker. 

KMlIllap Will, Notary Public. 
Filer Wm II, justice of the peace. 
Ernspcrger II li, physician. 
lEire MiltOIl, Slock Dealer. 


McFarse & Co, general store. 
Molinhour John II, carriage painter. 

im vizx" 

anufneturor of tlio 

F.2 VVU V... ,l,i, M lon Street, 

Capital City Cigar 

; :A.KNISEI.Y&C0.,72&74W,MonroeSt. 
I yVAfl I (.Chicago, Send for Catalogue aud Prices. 





Mott George, Carpenter. 
Newhouse E A, drugs. 
Pasehull 1 E, painter. 
Pasehull T M, wagon maker. 
Persenatt F B, carpenter. 
Towl A M, Physician. 
Tucker Albert, stock dealer. 
Tucker II, livestock. 
Vandemark J H, hotel. 

SEYMOUB. An incorporated vil- 
lage of 4500 inhabitants, located at crossing 
of" the O. & M. and J. M. & 1. R. Rs, in 
Jackson township and county, 1 1 miles from 
Brownstown, the county seal, S7 west of 
Cincinnati, 59 South of Indianapolis, 51 
north of Louisville and 104 miles east of 
Vincennes. It is quite an extensive manu- 
facturing place, being the location of the 
Ohio.and Mississippi Railway shops, three 
planing mills, spoke factory, two flour 
mills, stave factory, woolen mill, two foun- 
dries and machine shops and a carriage 
manufactory. Seymour has substantial 
business blocks, wide streets, lighted by 
gas, several churches, excellent schools, an 
opera house, one national bank, one daily — 
the Local Lever (independent)— and four 
weekly newspapers — the Democrat, Republi- 
can, Times and hlonitor-Journal (temper- 
ance) — and several good hotels. Thi 1 1 all - 
coner House is reasonable in price, cen- 
trally located, and its table is not equalled 
by any in the place. Express, American 
and O. & M. Telegraph, Western Union, 
and usual mail facilities. Lcroy M. Mains, 

Abernathy & lioland, proprs Seymour Re- 
Alcrding Herman, tailor. 
Alwes Henrv, clothing. 
Andrews 1 H & Co, druggists. 
Anthony Oliver 15, barber. 
Arnold & Co, grocers. 
Balsley J, carpenter. 
Barlup Jesse, painter. 
Baruch A Mrs, restaurant. 
UatmiaiEJi Jollll, Saloon, Dealer in 
Choice Wines and Liquors, cor 2d and 
Becker Jacob, saloon. 
Pecker Jacob jr, blacksmith. 
Bennette A Mrs, milliner. 
Berdon A, shoemaker. 
I'lggs Samuel L, livery. 
Blish & Co, flouring mill. 
Wythe James H, grocer. 
Boland Daniel, merchant tailor. 
Holies Lyman L, grocer. 

Bollinger Albert, boots and shoes. 
Bollinger Conrad, grocer. 
Bowman Win B, confectioner. 
Brand Daniel E, grocer. 
Brown Frank E, grocer. 
Brown Jason B, lawyer. 
Brown Tohn M, grocer. 
Bulger) E, hotel. 
Burkart George, restaurant. 
Burkart Michael jr, wagonmaker. 
Burklev Wm H, clothing. 
Byrne & Clutch, marbleworks. 
Car,-, Eli B, lawyer. 
Carpenter Lucius D, hardware. 
Carter Petei L, general store. 
Carter T & Co, planing mill. 
Charles Albert P, lawyer. 
OiarStoai. Bamuel If J, Thys 

and Surgeon, Office 2d res Walnut. 
Collarn John, saloon. 
Cordes Bros, stoves and tinware. 
Culver James M, grocer. 
Daily Local Lever, Emil E Rettig pro] 

S>ai8«ctteil Sieorge W, La 

and Notary Public, Chestnut. 
Daumrick Martin, brewer. 
Davison Alex A, agil implts. 



Dryden Thomas, general store. 
I Duckworth & Fox, blacksmiths. 
J Duley W R & Co, marble works. 

Dunphy Walter, saloon. 
) Dm land Nelson C, g.ocer. 
I Elliott Robert II, grocer. 
! Erwood Wm T, dentist. 

Everhart Reuben F, shoemaker. 

Ewing Thomas L, grocer. 

Fiiulkconcr E-Scsvise, J K Faulk- 
coner Proprietor, opposite Depot, north- 
east corner railroad crossing. (See ad::) 

FaulkCOHer J K, Proprietor Faulk- 



Fettig Joseph, harm 
First National Bank, capit 

L Gardiner pies, G H 

Ford Benjamin E, dentist. 
Fox Hugo, shoemaker. 
Fox Michael, shoemaker. 
Frey Christian C. agt O & M Ry t 
Galbraith Thomas S, physician. 
Gardner W I i Co, hardware. 
Gerrish James W F, physician. 
Giger Joseph, bonis and shoes. 
Gibson & McDonald, stave mnfrs. 
Godfrey Harvey W, marble work 

00,000, Jas 
phy cash, 

if;; :v;k;.:: iff ::;«. 

Ill SlyU 

& 60 North Po 

itiKl at All 1'ricc-;, at 
>i-'APl"L.IN & GO'S 

niuana mat;: (.A/.r/ii i:n; 


Indianapolis, Ind. 


Goodale & Bro, saloon. 

Goslen Wm, restaurant. 

Goulding Richard J, confectioner. 

Greule Aaron, barber. 

Groub John C, giocer. 

Gudgel Bros, general store. 

Hancock Charles II, furniture. 

Hancock & Guernsey, grocers. 

Harding Samuel V, jeweler. 

Haup Conrad, saloon. 

llawley John C, druggist. 

Heins John, cabinetmaker. 

Heins M Mrs & Son, confectioners. 

lleitman E Mrs, milliner. 

Hemphill J & Co, grain. 

Hennessey John, harnessmaker. 

Heuser Conrad, restaurant. 

Heuser George, grocer. 

Jleuser John C, saloon. 

Hibuer Joseph, notions. 

Hibner Leonard, meat market. 

High Yank, livery. 

Hill Finley P, ale bottler. 

Honan lames, saloon. 

Hoskins M B Mrs, general store. 

Hotel Jonas, W H Jonas propr. 

Hotzel Philip, blacksmith. 

Humes John, planing mill. 

Hunter Benjamin, meat market. 

Hnstedt Charles, furniture. 

Jackson John F, harness mnfr. 

Jeffrey & Tabb, milliners. 

Johnson Bros, blacksmiths. 

Jonas \V H, hotel. 

Jones, Vinzant & Isaacs, general stove. 

Kasting Wm L, general store. 

Kelley Dominicus A, merchant tailor. 

Kidd Peter, saloon. 

Kling Joseph, general store. 

Knowland Joseph, tailor. 

Krebs Joseph, tailor. 

Krnger Emil O, shoemaker. 

Laugel Philip, insurance agt. 

Laupus, John G, jeweler. 

Lauster & Billings, grocers. 

Lester Frank, lawyer. 

Ley Bros, blacksmiths. 

Lloyed Wesley, barber. 

Loertz Jacob, shoemaker. 

Lyon George, general store. 

McGinn Frank, grocer. 

McGinty James F, hotel. 

Mains Leroy M, postmaster. 

Mann James, leather and findings. 

Marks Carl, jeweler. 

Marshall & McCunc, lawyers. 

Martens Wm, merchant tailor. 

Massmann Henry, geneial store. 

Massmann J W & Co, dry goods. 

Massmann Wm, meat market. 

Meeh Frank, barber. 

Meyer Wm, grocer. 

Miller Henry P, harnessmaker. 

Miller John V, tanner. 

Miller cV Albrand Bros, carriage mnfrs. 

Monitor-Journal (weekly), M E Shiel propr. 

Monroe J R, physician and pub Seymour 

Mooney Mary Mrs, milliner. 
Moore Bros, merchant tailors. 
Morrison John B, general store. 
Nassoy & Baldwin, saloon. 
Newby John, saloon. 
Newby Robert G, blacksmith. 
Newby Thomas F, druggist. 
Ne'oritirJs; Andrew L, Physician 

and Surgeon, 2d. 
Ortman L, cigar mnfr. 
Orvis C Q, physician. 
Patrick Robeti M, lawyer. 
Paulman B, stave mnfr. 
Peacock John R, shoemaker. 
Pellens & Pfingst, druggists. 
Teters Ernst, shoemaker. 
Ffaffenberger Wilbur F, boots and shoes. 
Platter & Sons, wall paper. 
Postlethwaitc T X & Sons, Hour mills. 
Ralph Benjamin, grocer. 
Reeves Mills S, justi 
Rettig Emil E, pub ! 

Daily Local Lever 
Ricketts & McDuff, milliners. 
Robinson James II, livery. 
Rooney Wm P, saloon. 
Rosenberg Abraham, general store. 
Rosenfield Robert C, clothing. 
Sandau Bros, dry goods. 
Sauer Charles, g'rocer. 
Schmitt John M, general store. 
Schnottinger E, restaurant. 
Schoberth John A, confectioner and baker 
Schroeder Gottlieb, shoemaker. 
Schuh Mary A, confectioner. 
Schwein Cornelius L, planing mill. 
ScliwiHj.; y.f. :*s & CO, Gr 

Queensware Dealers, Chestnut. 
Seymour Democrat (weekly), Emil E Rettig 

Seymour Gas Light Co. 
Seymour Mnfg Co., spoke and grain cradle 

'■ pen..-. 

: and 



Reform Club, Wm Durh 

Seymour Republican (weekly), Abcrnathy 
& Boland proprs. > 

Seymour Times (weekly), Dr J R Monroe 

Seymour \\ oolen Factory Co, Louis Sclineck 
pres, Albeit N Meyer sec. 

M.. !JL. WJFS.ZiGX-ar.'r <3z GO. 

Su. ,:;,„! ,. .-I..-.,,,:,, Mansurlr' Co., 

47 and li) s. itlcrtriiiiu St., Indianapolis. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Carpets and Wail Paper. 


j Coal in Car Lots a-S'peoialt?, 


AND liUhlNl'.-S J)1JIKCTd;;Y. 



Shiel M E, pub The Monitor Journal:, 
rtfwcltls J 1" & J S, Physicians and 

Surgeons, Ewing, bel 2d and 3d. 
Shipman Norboume N, physician. 
Shockley John, restaurant. 
;4ief kcr "Win, Foundry and Machine 

Shop, cor Brown & Maple. 
Smcarsall M Mrs, moat market. 
Smith Christian, painter. 
Spray diaries H, insurance. 
Sprengar Henry, merchant tailor. 
Staudt John, saloon. 
Stein Joseph, shoemaker. 
Stringer Joseph, machinist. 
Swift Joseph W, second-hand goods and agt 

Am" Ex Co. 
Thomas H & Co, general store. 
Thurston Alex J D, insurance. 
Van Cleave & Co, meat market. 
Voss- Frederick, cooper. 
Walter H G, cigars and tobacco. 
Weil & Reinhart, barbers. 
Westman M A Mrs, milliner. 
Wilhelm Philip, barber. 
Williams George, jeweler. 
Winters & Ferguson, cigar mnfrs. 
Wolf John, general store. 
Wood Richard II, notions. 
Woodrnansee A & P, clothing. 
Woodrnansee \V B & Co, general store. 

SHADESVILLE. A discontinued 
postoflice in Liberty township, Grant county, 
S miles southwest of Marion, 6 west of 
Jonesboro, and 3 north of Iiackleman; last 
named receives mail for the place. It lias 
no village organization. 

SHANGHAI. A country postoflice 
in Howard county, 13 miles southwest of 
Kokomo, the county seat. Russiaville, 5 
miles southeast, is the usual shipping point. 
In the immediate vicinity can be found a 
Friends society. Mail tri-wcekly. James 
M. Williams, postmaster. 

Allen J G, stockdealer. 

Morris Aaron, physician. 

Williams .5 attics M, Sa\ 


SHANNON!) A LE. Is a village of 
125 inhabitants, located in Franklin town- 
ship, Montgomery county, II miles east of 
Crawfordsville, the county seal and most 
available shipping depot. Mail is received 
tri-wcekly. J. F. Shannon, postmaster. 
Burroughs W II, physician. 
Johnson Win, wagonmaker. 
McCafferty Albert, carpenter. 
McClure M, blacksmith. 
Madden John, blacksmith. 
SIsaHEeOU J F, General Store. 
Shannon ] J, physician. 
Tull John, painter. 
Utter J A, physician. 
Young Thomas, carpenter. 

SUAU ON. Was formerly called Clif- 
ton, and is situated in Delaware township 
and county, 7J'j miles northeast of Muncie 
court house and 4 south of Albany, on the 
L. E. & W. Ry. A flour and saw mill are 
operated by water power from the Missis- 
sinewa river. It has Methodist chinch and 
district school. Mail daily. Joseph Zeh- 
ner, postmaster. 
Barwick G W, carpenter. 
Bunch A, physician. 
Courtney S II, shoemaker. 
Irvin Bransom, blacksmith. 
Milson S E, miller. 
Voder Geo, carpenter. 
Zehner Benjamin, Hour mill. 

2;elmer'joscpIn, Saw Mill. 


county. {See Monroe Mills.) 

SHARPS. Located on Big Blue 
river, in Spencer township, Harrison coun- 
ty, 10 miles northeast of Corydon, the 

The Faulkconer House, 


Q31.SS 3?23I^ XJ.A.72". 

The Best Table in the City. Sample rooms and Arc without extra charge. 
Headquarters fur Commercial Men. 

KM BOOK Y00 WANTtfrffiBT* 

son St., Chicago, Hi. 

i : . " m~ 

iitably by a Threshing Engino, 
red by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 
Ind. See page 3. 

I ill '1 




county seat, is a small place containing' some 
25 persons, a district school, and (lour mill 
run by water power derived from the river. 
Ship to Leavenworth, on the Ohio river. 
Mail weekly in winter, semi-weekly in sum- 
mer. Millard F. Sharp, postmaster. 
Sliarp M K, Flour Mill. 
Swarens Wm, general store. 

SHARP SVIZLE. Forty-six miles 
north of Indianapolis, on the I. P. & C. 

Ry, is a thriving village of 400 inhabitants, 

7 miles north of Tipton, the county seat, 

contains Methodist church, graded school, 

2 saw mills, flour mill, cigar box factory 

and planing mill. Exports, grain, live 

stock and lumber. Express, United Slates. 

Mail daily. \V. A. Robinson, postmaster. 

Armstrong T L, hotel. 

Batchelor J C, R R and Ex agt. 

C«X JOSepll, Carpenter. 

Crockett F B, lawyer. 

Cunningham Wm M, carpenter. 

Daugherty E J, restaurant. 

Daivitt F P, justice of the peace. 

Fish Alice Mrs, milliner. 

Fish R S, hotel. 

Cud W P, live stock. 

Grayson Joseph, poultry dealer. 

Hamilton J T, saloon. 

Hankins Mrs, milliner. 

Haynes, Grishaw & Shook, general store. 

Heath VV N, physician. 

EEufTmaii IS'ieliacl, Wagonmaker. 

Hughes Thomas, staves and heading. 

Johnson S C, blacksmith. 

Lindsay I> F, Lawyer. 

Lindsay J P, physician. 

McGeeG VV, live stock. 

McGuire John M, hotel. 

Mehlig L, drugs. 

Naylor P J, agricultural implts. 

Parker VV A, town marshal. 

Powell D D Rev (Methodist). 

Pumphrey S B, saloon. 

RamseyerJ D, carpenter. 

KLoJjiilSOSS W A, Newspapers and 

Periodicals, Saddles, Harness, Collars, 

Whips and Healer in Hides, Pelts, Furs 

and Tallow. 
Rubush D P, physician. 
Sallee II II, shoemaker. 
Spaulding N, general store. 
Sullivan Thomas, meat market. 
TltOSSUlH & Hoback, General 

Store, Flour Mill, Saw Mill, planing Mill, 

Furniture and Undertaker. 
Weser E & P, saw mill. 
Wilson A I, physician. 

Wisner V C, shoemaker. 
Wood G C, physician. 

SHARPTOII -jY. An unimportant 
postoflice in Franklin county, 12 miles 
southeast of Brookv.ille, the county seat, 
and 9 north of Harrison, O., on the W. VV. 
R. R. Ships wheat, barley and hogs. Mail 
tri-weekly. J. M. Hutchinson, postmaster 
and general stoie. 

from the mound located here, now owned 
by Mr. Jesse Meharry, and supposed to have 
been made by the Shawnee Indians, is a 
country postoffice in Jackson township, Tip- 
pecanoe county, iS miles southwest of La- 
fayette and S south of West Point, a station 
on the VV. St. L. & P. Ry. Mail received 
tri-weekly. Jesse Meharry, postmaster. 
Meharry G Norton, saw mill. 

Metearrv Jesse, Farmer. 
Merrill Henry A Rev (Methodist). 
Wilson W W, drain tilemnfr. 

SHEFFIELD. In the extreme 
northwestern corner of the Slate, on Lake 
Michigan, is traversed by the P. F. VV. & 
C, L. S. & M. S. and B. & O. R. Rs., is in 
Lake county, 25 miles northwest of Crown 
Point, the county seat, and 16 miles from 
Chicago. The plaee contains 100 inhabi- 
tants, and has had a government survey for 
a harbor, and presents many excellent 
natural features for the same. The esti- 
mated amount of ice shipped annually is 


icob Forsyth, 

80,000 tons. Ma 

Atchison Robert, fisherman 
Barnes Aaron, hotel. 
Bush Martin, hotel. 
E'orsvtH Jacob, Post 
Forsyth Oliver, R R agt. 
Rreut/.er John, blacksmith, 
Langraber Jacob, hotel. 
Shedd E A & Co, ice deale 


located on line between Curry and II 
ton townships, in Sullivan county, is also : 
station on the E. & T. H. R. R., 6 mile 
north of Sullivan, the county seat, and 2; 
south of Terre Haute, having a popula 
tion of 350, it contains three churches- 
two Baptist and one Christian- 
school. Grain, live stock and coal arc ex- 
ported. Express, Adrms. Mail daily. J. 
S. Buskirk, postmaster. 
Annis Bros, (lour mill. 




Caveats, Prinl 

Labels, Copyrights. All business pertaining 
Hitters, proniptlj anil carefully attended to, by C. Ba±n- 
PatontB, IS Hubbard JiluLk, Indiaaupolis, Indian*. 

Merrill Hubkrd & Co., 

Booksellers, Stationers aw! Paper Dealers, 






BanhoizerJ & Son, flour mill. 

Bolinger M & & Co, general store. 

XtWPlvirli J S, Physician and Drugs. 

Coffin W H, blacksmith. 

Cuppy J L, produce. 

Cuppy S E, general store. 

Delashmult V E, physician. 

Fuson G P Rev (Baptist). 

Hanna B G, justice of the peace. 

Harper James A, physician. 

John Godfried, shoemaker. 

Knight C T, R R and Ex agt. 

Sharpless M, physician. 

Shattuck C C, saloon. 

Sheltrarn Coal Company, Coa 

Sinclair J F Rev (Methodist). 
Stark E W, insurance agent. 
Whitman J, general store. 

SHE LB TVILJOE. The county sea 
of Shelby county, is an enlerpr' 
porated village of 3741 inhabitanl 
at junction of C. I. St. L. & C. a 
ville Branch J. M. & I. R. Rs., 
southeast of Indianapolis and S4 
of Cincinnati, surrounded by soi 
richest bottom lands in the stale, 
has excellent county buildings, 
business blocks, handsome reside; 
streets, regularly laid out, beautifully lined 
with shade trees and well lighted by gas, a 
good fire department, an ojiera house, 
churches of the Methodist, Baptist, Cath- 
olic, Christian and Presbyterian sects, a 
splendid high school building, two banks- 
one national and one private — and three 
hotels. The press is represented by the 
Republican (daily and weekly), Democrat 
(daily and weekly), and the Volunteer 
(weekly). Its manufacturing interests con- 
sist of three saw mills, four Hour mills — one 
of which is operated by water power de- 
rived from Big Blue river— two planing 
mills, a furniture factory, distillery, carri- 
age factory and one machine shop. The 
chief shipments of the [dace are grain and 
livestock. Express, American. Telegraph, 
Western Union. Mail daily. A P. Bone, 

Adams & Michencr, lawyers. 
Amsden Eteazar B, carriage dealer. 
Armbuster Charles, general store. 
Ayers George W Mrs, dressmaker. 
Beggs John, distiller. 
Benson George, restaurant. 
Berryman & Wiles, lawyers. 
Bookwalter Levi, notions. 
Bruce & Ross, insurance. 

17 miles 
e of the 
The city 
;es, wide 

Bryan Chancelor K, grocer. 

Burkher Henry jr, blacksmith. 

Burkher Henry sr, blacksmith. 

Campbell C H, agent C I St L & C R R. 

Carithers M, carriage-maker. 

Carson S S, grocer. 

Caughey George W, merchant tailor. 

Cheney Charles W, harnessmaker. 

Cheney John C, harnessmaker. 

Clayton J R, dentist. 

Cochrane John, saloon. 

Collins Thomas, saloon. , 

Conrey, Wallar & Deprez, furniture. 

Craycraft & Brown, lumber. 

Cross Abner D, grocer. 

Culbertson C W, agt T M & I R R. 

Cummins Joseph, undertaker. 

Cummins & Wilson, undertakers. 

Dan E Q, harnessmaker. 

Daugherty Harvey H, lawyer. 

Degelow Ernst, leather and findings. 

Denny George, saloon. 

Deprez Daniel, hotel. 

Deprez M Mrs, restaurant. 

Dcvol& Tetters, grain. 

Doble & Williams, hardware. 

Dorsey Sylvester L, dry goods. 

Downey Harry S, lawyer. 

Drake I II & Son, physicians. 

Dull Christian C, furniture. 

Dunn Georre 11, boots and shoes. 

Elliott Wm P, grocer. 

Elliott & Co, Hour mill. 

Ellis & Girton, a ? rl implts. 

Enos Joshua II, marble works. 

Evening Democrat (daily), Ray & McCor 

kle publishers. 
Evening Republican (daily), Sim J Thomp 

son publisher. 
Fastlaben Henry, boots and shoes. 
Feibleman D Mrs, milliner. 
Ferguson & Eubanks, barbers. 
KerriS EStlwin V, Attorney at Law 
Ferris & Wray, Artorneys at Law 

east side Public Square. 
First National Bank, capital 5ioo,ooo, Join 

Elliott pres, John A Young cash. 

Flaitz Richard T, meat market. 

Fulford David, wagonmaker. 

Garletch |acob, carpenter. 

Girton J D & Co, gents' furnishing goods. 

Girton & Co, grain elevator. 

Glab Frank, jeweler. 

Glessner, Adams & Hackney, lawyers. 

Gorgas& Strong, hardware. 

Goulding George M, clothing. 

Grassow J & Bro, grocers. 

Green W F, physician. 

: ING SLATE ,.£& 

A I, E — A L Jj COLO 11 8. 
tTsiason, 013-321 So. Olintoa St., OMcago. 

Homo Life Ins, Co 

Has perfected ;>iuns for ;i larpc business in 
1 idii'iin. <Uirii::.v ISSl. For Agencies apply to 

E. H. Ki£i-LOGG, Sup'x, Chicago, ill 



isin.'.:i.\ .'Vi'atk (;a/.'/i n;i;u 


Griffey J B & Co, stoves and tinware. 

Mitchell & Sutton, lawyers. 

Grover Wm J, grocer. 

Morris Sylvan B, dry goods. 

Hale C P, painter. 

Morrison James, Livery. 

Hamilton E & Co, dry goods. 

Morrison & Deprez, druggists. 

Hamilton Samuel, banker. 

Muchmore John B, confectioner. 

Hardebcck Barney, saloon. 

Mueller E, confectioner. 

Harris I'ierson J), machine shop. 

Murdock M G, flour mill. 

Harrison Tames, lawyer. 

Murdock & McKenzie, flour mill. 

Hartman E Airs, meat market. 

Neff Daniel, jeweler. 

Ilaskett Win, painter. 

Neighbours C W, shoemaker. 

Hazard W H, dry goods. 

Nichols George D, saloon. 

Hegner Louis 13, cigars. 

O'Connor Samuel wh liquors. 

Heiss Isaac, bakery. 

Parrish J W, druggist. 

Hester John M, carpenter. 

Parrish L 11, coal. 

Higgins Andrew 1, justice of the peace. 

Patterson & Co, grain elevator. 

Higgins T B & Co, jewelers. 

Posz Michael, agt Am E.v Co and justice. 

Hinds James O, blacksmith. 

Powell Erastus S, boots and shoes. 

Hoop John, hotel. 

Powell Henry, grocer. 

Hord Kendall M, judge of circuit court. 

Powell Leonard C, grocer. 

Horst John & Co, boots and shoes. 

Puntenney J R, grocer. 

Howard & St ] 1 lard, carpenters. 

Randall J M & Son, general store. 

Hugle Charle , saloon. 

Ray House, L Rockfield propr. 

Jones Benoni, livery. 

Ray & McCorkle, pubs Shelby Democrat 

Jones George S, pub Shelby Volunteer. 

and Evening Democrat. 

Jones Preston, sewing machines. 

Ray & Ray, lawyers. 

Joseph Julius, clothing. 

Raymond Andrew, cigars and tobacco. 

Joseph M & Son, dry goods. 

Reed & McGee, painters. 

Karmire Charles E, agricultural implts. 

Regelsburg John, carpenter. 

Keck O G, hotel and saloon. 

Richtcr Henry, cigar mnfr. 

Kendall Jeflferson, saloon. 

Robertson M A Mrs, milliner. 

Kennedy Forrest, hats and caps. 

Robertson Samuel B, saloon. 

Kennedy George W, flour mill. 

Robertson Wm H, saloon. 

King \V T, dentist. 

Robins Tames P, physician. 

Kirk G W F, hats and caps. 

Robins Milton B, books. 

Kulm Adam, saloon. 

Robinson Wm H, planing mill. 

Lange & Pettibone, painters. 

Rockaticld Eveline, grocer. 

Leech Elliott, physician. 

Rockfield H L, propr Ray House. 

Leefers John H, druggist. 

Roth Frank, dry goods. 

Letzinger John C, blacksmith. 

Rust C H A, barber. 

Levinson J Mrs, milliner. 

Schelck Mathias, brick mnfr. 

Louden David, saloon. 

. Schroeder Conrad, saloon. 

Love & Morri ion, lawyns. 

Schrotemeire Henrv E, grocer. 

McConnell &Havmond, lumber. 

Seright Daniel W, 'livery. 

McCorkle Albert', sheriff. 

Shaw & Co, dry goods. 

McCrea & Bishop, druggists. 

Shelby Democrat (weekly), Ray & Mc- 

McFadden James B, lawyer. 

Corkle pubs. 

McFadden W G, physician. 

Shelby Republican (weekly), Sim J Thomp- 

McGee Charles, restaurant. 

son pub. 

MeGuirc foJlll M, Carriage Manu- 

Shelby Volunteer (weekly), G S Tones pub. 


Shelbyville Gas Works, gas mnfr's. 

McMahan & Zeigler, painters. 

Sheldon Frank C, jeweler. 

Maddox J F, physician. 

Sheik John, boots and shoes. 

MahoInvS Michelsen, barbers. 

Sindlinger Philip F, meat market. 

Major Squire L, county supt public schools. 

Slocunrj C, physician. 

Major \- Major, lawyers. 

Small K, News Stand and Fruits. 

Mather Frank P, bill poster. 

Smucker P, tinner. 

Metiger Silas, saloon. 

Sorden Mart, livery. 

Michelsen John, barber. 

Sorden N Mrs, grocer. 

Miller Wm C, real estate. 

Sparks Harry L, blacksmith. 




Wl. M. BELL 

f Heal Estate Agent and Notary 
\\ Public, JSu. :i07 Upper Third 
I Street, Evansvllle, lad. 





Sprague J II, stave mnfr. 

Stephen Frederick, boots and shoes. 

Stephen John, brewer. 

Stewart James Y, grain dealer. 

Stewart) R & Bro, planing mill. 

Stilwell Emmett S, lawyer. 

Stoddard t V Co, restaurant. 

Stroup Everett E, lawyer. 

Talbot Frank, saw mill. 

Tatman J E, photographer. 

Thatcher George C, grocer. 

Thompson Sim J, pub Shelby Republican. 

Thurston Arthur J, agricultural implts. 

Tindall Isaac N, physician. 

Tindall John A, lawyer. 

Vance & Ensminger, livery. 

Vannoy John W, wh liquors. 

Watkins | S, painter. 

Weakly Elisha, agt C I St L & C R R. 

Webster Charles F, surveyor. 

Weingarth Geoige, photographer. 

Wiener Philip, notions. 

Wilson David L, lawyer. 

Wingate E B, lumber. 

Wingate Mary IC, dressmaker. 

Wingate W J, tinner. 

Wood Charles H, grocer. 

Worland S 13, sewing machines. 

SHE LD ON. Situated on the Ft. W. 
M. & C. R. R., in Pleasant township, Allen 
county, is a place of 200 inhabitants, 11 
miles south of Ft. Wayne. The village has 
district school, Disciple, Catholic, Metho- 
dist and Lutheran churches, and two saw 
mills. Lumber, grain and produce are the 
chief exports. American express. Daily 
mail. E. S. Walker, postmaster. 
Borne E A Rev (Lutheran). 
Deal E, carpenter. 
FeltS & Wallter, General Store and 

Foulks C S, justice of the peace. 
Greek W W, insurance agt. 
Hatfield John, wagonmaker. 
Kordt F Rev (Catholic). 
MeBride Robert, shoemaker. 
McDowell D, hve stock. 
McDowell E, live stock. 
Miller J F, agt Ft \V M & C R R. 
Newton O C Rev (Disciple). 
Schuler F X, shoemaker. 
Sevmoure C A, Physician. 
Slack J O Rev (Methodist). 
Sutter Charles, blacksmith. 
Swank k Weaver, saw mill. 
Tavlor A J, carriage mnfr. 
Terrall J \V, saw mill. 

SHERIDAN. Adams township, 
Hamilton county, containing 450 inhabi- 
tants, is located 13 miles west of Nobles- 
villc, the county seat, on daily mail route 
from Cicero, the shipping depot. The vil- 
lage has Methodist church and district 
schools. Hack fare to Cicero — 50c. II. 
Emmons, postmaster. 
Boxley C, lawyer. 
Clements Mrs, milliner. 
Cole G W, confectioner. 
Cropper M, painter. 
Davenport II, physician. 
Davis H C, painter. 
Emmons Mrs, milliner. 
EmniOJU. K, General Store. 
Fancher J W, physician. 
Foight D, drugs. 
Green J T, shoemaker. 
Hiatt & Hutchens, drain tile. 
Jessup Cyrus, carpenter. 
Mann & Wainscott, wagonmakers. 
Moore II, physician. 
Myers & Whitaker, staves and heading. 
Owens & Co, Saw Mill. 
Pearson J D, harness. 
Pearson P G, jeweler. 
Pearson & Son, flour mill. 
Remsen Thomas, painter. 
Scott A C, pump mnfrs. 
StOMt C %V, Drugs. 
Thistlethwaite E & C, general store. 
Thistlethwaite, II J, general store. 
Whitaker Mrs, dressmaker. 

SHIDELER. Inhabited by 75 peo- 
ple, situated in Hamilton township, Dela- 
ware county, on the Ft. W. M. & C. K. R., 
S miles north of Muncie, the county seat. 
In the vicinity can be found a Christian 
church and district school. Express, Ameri- 
can. Mail daily. W. S. Shidcler, post- 

Case & Trowbridge, drain tile. 
Potter Julius J, blacksmith. 
Reasoner O I, physician. 
SSlidcler Will S, General Store, Lum- 
ber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Railroad and 
Express Agent. 

SHIELDS. Situated on White river 
and O. & M. Ry, in Brownstown township, 
Tackson county, 3 miles northeast of 
Brownstown, the county seat. Population 
50. Express, Ohio and Mississippi. Mail 
daily. E. Sewell, postmaster. 


Tt. I Of. SON, IOS and 110 Franklin Street, CHICAGO. 

.0, H ititu Sund 

id lire ltrii-k 

« omriit, I'll 


profitably by a Threshing Hngli 
ufacturcd by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 
polls, lnd. &■ paccR. 





Bland J C, blacksmith. 
Knost George, blacksmith. 
Shtpard A A, wagonmaker. 
Sewell X3, General Store. 
Sewell & Co, grain dealers. 

SBIELVILLE, Known locally as 
Buena Vista, lias a population of 400, is 
situated in Hamilton county, on I. P. & C. 
Ry, 34 miles north of Indianapolis, and 12 
miles north of Noblesville. The village 
has 3 churches—Christian, Methodist and 
Dunkard — and district schools. Lumber, 
staves and grain are the principal articles 
of export. Express, United States. Mail 
daily. Asher G. Walton, postmaster. 
Busher & Daniels, general store. 
Dunn John G, harness. 
Freeman A C, physician. 
Glass Wm, physician. 
Jackson W H, drugs. 
Ivring W C & Co, saw mill. 
Lafeber Joseph, drugs. 
Matthew's J A, hotel, 
Neidneimer & Walton, Flour 

Rhoades Anna, physician. 
Roads M, drugs. 
Walton & Whetstone, Lumber 

and Staves. 
Walton & Wuisler, General Store. 

SHOALS. Was first settled in 1844 
by James Horsey, and was then called 
Memphis. It was incorporated and named 
Shoals in 1S72, and now contains a popula- 
tion of Soo. The village is pleasantly lo- 
cated on the east bank of the east fork of 
White' river, and the O. & M. Ry, in Mar- 
tin county, directly opposite Wesl Shoals, 
the county seat, located on west side of the 
river. Although West She 

ted in Shoals, 
rely the location of the 
als supports 4 hotels, 3 
:, Methodist and Chris- 
uled school and a weekly 
manufacturing interests 
lills, a shingle factory, 2 
llour mill, a pottery, 1 

The former is 
court house. I 
churches— Catl: 
tian — and good 
newspaper. Ii 
consist of 3 sai 
stave factories, 
spoke and hub factory 
ufactory. Express, O 
Samuel M. Reeve, postmaster. 
Baker Frank, druggist. 
Baker James M, general store. 
Baker James M, hotel. 
Baker, Johnson & Co, flour mill 
Bell Alexander, general store. 
Boyle Michael, jeweler. 

a pig iron 
M. Mail 


Brown DeWitt C, physician. 

Bundy Minnie Miss, dressmaker. 

Catterson J YV & Son, pottery. 

Chomel Alexander, propr Martin County 

Claris. & BlQBer, Lawyers. 
Collins Denton Rev (Christian). 
Crim Thomas, grocer. 
De Moss George, grocer. 
ISofofotilS Cutler S, Lawyer. 
Doss John A, ph'ysii ian. 
Douglass Wm, hotel. 
Flinn Pauline Miss, dressmaker and milli- 

Fordice Nelson, pig iron mnfr. 
Freeman James IS, General Store. 

Gladish J W, lawyer. 

Grabill & Co, lumber mnfrs. 

Green Wm G, grocer. 

Hamilton J B Rev (Methodist). 

Hammond Wm P, general store. 

Hickman lohn, hotel. 

Hill Letha A Mrs, milliner. 

Hill & Yenne, grocers. 

Hunt Robert E, agt O & M R R. 

Johnson Benjamin C, druggLt. 

Johnson & Chenoweth, general store. 

Jones D S & Bro, lumber. 

Kreusel Wm, barber. 

Lehrburger Solomon, clothing. 

Lucas Wm, shoemaker. 

Luzader Alexander, general store. 

Mcllroy George, hub and spoke mnfr. 

Marsh George H, general store. 

BJariin Comitv Meralil (weekly), 
Alexander Chomel Proprietor. 

Meyer Frank R, saddles and harness. 

Mohr Martin, saloon. 

Moss James D, saloon. 

Myers Joseph H, general store. 

Passell Emma Mrs, milliner. 

Pipher Levi J, livery. 

PluiEimer <Jt Wllite, General Store. 
Quinlin M Rev (Catholic). 
Reeve Samuel 3J. Postmaster. 
Reeve & MaHaiiy, Books and Sta- 
Rogers & Shirty, lawyers. 
Schracker Herman, meat market. 
Shirley Henry W, physician. 
Smelser Edwin M, county recorder. 
fcimitls Will K, Hardware and Grocer. 
Stell & Naugle, barbers. 
Stephens Richard C, hotel. 
Town Wm L, Auditor Martin county. 
Vogel Frederick, shoemaker. 
Walls G W, physician. 
Wilds Wm, saloon. 
Wilson House, J R Wilson propr. 


Manufacturer of FIXH CIGARS, 

82 Wost Washington Strc-ot, 


W.mft A. KNISELY & CO., "72 and *7i "W. Kcn- 
iliffliNi l'oe St., Chicago. Send for Catalogue. 


AND );i:si>i;ss dii:i:c i oky. 



Wilson John R, hotel. 

Vennc Joseph A, shingle mnfr. 

SHORE. Was established as a post- 
office in 1SS0, and is located 10 miles from 
LaGrange, the county seat and shipping 
point. Mail semi-weekly. 

SILVER LAKE. An enterprising 
village of 500 inhabitants, located on the 
C. W. & M. Ry, in Lake township, Kosci- 
usko county, 12 miles south of Warsaw, 
the county scat. North Manchester is the 
location of nearest bank. Methodist, Lu- 
theran and United Brethren churches and a 
graded school are supported. Wheat, live 
stock and lumber are exported. Express, 
American. Telegraph, Western Union. 
Mail daily. Daniel Myers, postmaster. 
Ball D R, grain and seeds, 
liilger Mrs, milliner. 
Boulton Wm II, fiour and feed. 
Brown P W, livery. 
Brush G A, R R and Ex agent, 
llurkett P J M, drugs. 
Conner £fc ©OJ!, General Store. 
Crisher David, blacksmith. 
Decker & Haney, marble. 
Htton&Jontz, grocers. 
burst M Mc, general store. 
Getty & Yount, saloon. 
Haney Bros, shoemakers. 
Uawley J W, furniture. 
Henry lohn H, barber. 
Hill Adam, carriage mnfr. 
Hill Charles W, painter. 
Kosa.CJt A, Saddler. 
Jaques Oliver P, general store. 
Jones & Hinkle, machine shop. 
Kerlin John, grocer. 
Lawrence John, hotel. 
McClure A E, baker. 
>IcCoy A & & Co, Marble. 
Myers Levi, saloon. 
Paulus Henry, boots and shoes. 
Rantz Charles E, stock dealer. 
Robinson Alvin, drugs. 
Shipley Tiros, Lumber. 
■•- mith & Bigler, hardware, 
ferry D E, physician. 
rurner O B, artist. 
< alentine & Bright, drugs. 
Vangilder & Sickman, lumber. 
« iltrout F, tailor. 
Vottcr&Bro, fiour mill. 

SILVERVILLE. Indian Creek 
■ 'wnship, Lawrence county, with a popu- 
lation of 50, is located 10 miles west of 

Bedford, the county seat. The village has- 
two churches — Baptist and Methodist — and 
district school. Ship to Bedford, on L. N. 
A. & C. Ry. Mail weekly. Burgess Cox- 

Baker Lewis J, general store. 
Baker Wm Rev (Baptist). 
Cox BurgeSS, Justice of the Peace. 
Craig Robert, Hour mill. 
Hornacker S D, physician. 
Kern James E, flour mill. 
Sentney A P, blacksmith. - 
Simpson Alexander, physician. 
Tucker Wm, blacksmith. 
Turley Floyd, general store. 
Waggoner Alexander Rev (Baptist). 

SITKA. Is the location of a postoffice 
at a farm house in White county, 10 mile? 
north of Monticello, the county seat and 
place of shipment. Mail tri-weekly. C. 
W. Read, postmaster. 

1ST villa 


station is called, is a thrivi 
inhabitants, located in Jennings county, on 
the O. & M. Ry, 9 miles west ol Vernon, 
the county seat, and 79 miles west of Cin- 
cinnati. The place has two churches- 
Baptist and Methodist— and graded school. 
Express, Ohio and Mississippi. Mail daily. 
G. II. Hartpence, postmaster. 
Arbuckle & Fox, blacksmiths. 
Bruner II C, general store. 
Chamberlain C W, furniture. 
Chiids & Haley, cattle dealers. 
Dean & Farce, flour mill. 
Fox Matthew, shoemaker. 
Griffith D L, barber. 
Harrison J W, meat market. 
Hartpeisce €i C, Physician. 
Jolly H, agt O .V M Ry and Ex Co. 
Justis John S, carpenter. 
Kendrick J L, pressed hay. 
Kolm Wm F, tinner. 
Mang Joseph, tanner. 
Moore George & Sons, blacksmiths. 
Sullivan John, General Store. 
Van Riper John, erocer. 
Whitcomb W B, justice of the peace. 
Wiles C H, physician. 

SLABTOWN. A small place in 
Marion township, Boone county, discontin- 
ued as a postoffice, is 10 miles northeast of 
Lebanon court house, and 4 north of North- 
field, its postoffice. For list of names sec 

: NosandGRGAHs::: 

11 Stylos 11 nil at AH I'l-lopn, at 

Tin.o. rf'Airj.iy <r co'S, 

58 aud 00 S. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind» 

Iton Fences, Bailing, Cresting, k, E '™Z* »,. 





SLASH. For the convenience of a 
farming community in Grant county, is lo- 
cated J3 miles southwest of Marion, the 
county seat, and 7 miles south of Mier, on 
the P. C. & St. L. Ry, the nearest railroad 
station. Semi-weekly mail. Thomas 13. 
I.aer, postmaster. 
Arnold A J, druggist. 
Horine C S, carpenter. 
Jackson Win, physician. 
i,aer Tbainas Ji, Postmaster and 

Nuzum D P, physician and hotel. 
Spencer Josephine, (lour mill. 
Spencer Martin, meat market. 
Stephens B F, physician. 
Steward Samuel, blacksmith. 
Stilwell Win, general store. 
Swan W S, grocer. 
Thraelkie II, blacksmith. 

SLATE. Is a village in Jennings 
county, with a population of 250, located 13 
miles southwest of Vernon, the county seat. 
Ship to Commiskey, 3 miles east, or. J. M. & 

I. R. R. The place has two churches- 
Methodist and Baptist — and district school. 
Mail weekly. William Deputy, postmaster. 
Deputy Lewis W, justice of the peace. 
n&pt'Ay, Postmaster and 

Gruber Henry, shoemaker. 
Miller Albert, blacksmith. 
Wells Eli, saw mill. 
Wilson Evan, justice of the peace. 

SLATE CUT. A flag station and 
country postoflice on the J. M. & I. R. R., 
in Union township, Clark county, I?, miles 
north of Jeffersonville, the county seat. 
The place has 30 inhabitants, district 
school. Methodist, Chiistian and Baptist 
churches. Memphis, 3 miles north, is the 
shipping place for all but prepaid freights. 
Mail daily. Isaac M Perry, Post- 
master and Blacksmith. 

SLEETJT. Or McCoy's Station, as it 
is locally known, is a newly established 
postoflice and station on the I. D. & C. Ry, 
in Carroll county, 6 miles north of Delphi, 
the county seat. Mail is received daily. J. 

II. Johnson, postmaster, grain dealer and 

ington county. (See Heffren.) 

SMITHFIELD. A rural postoflice 

in Liberty township, Delaware county, 
7 miles southeast of Muncie, the county 
seat, and 2 south of Selma, on the C. I . 
C. & I. Ry, its place of shipment. Ma , 

SMITHLANJ). Having a popula- 
tion of 100, is a post village in Shelby 
county, 5 miles southwest of Shelbyville, 
the county seat, and shipping station. Mail 
tri-weekly. Hezekiah Smith, postmaster. 
Cochran Wm, justice of the peace. 
Roney ] Vv r . meat market. 
Smith Clarence, Assistant Postmas- 
Smith M, Physician. 
Smith & Son, general store. 
Snider Frank, live stock. 
Trees J W, physician. 

county. (See Wintersville.) 

SMITHV1LLE. A station on the 
L. N. A. & C. Ry., in Clear Creek town- 
ship, Monroe county, 7 miles south of 
Bloomington court house. Population 300. 
Churches, Christian and Methodist. Ex- 
ports, cattle, hogs and lumber. Express, 
Union. Mail daily. T. Thrasher, post- 
master. ( 
Bennett A F, general store. 
Clay James T, blacksmith. 
Dowden J L, live stock. 
Fry George S, blacksmith. 
Humston S R, physician. 
Ross W W, blacksmith. 
Thrasher Amzi, flour null. 
Thrasher X, General Store. 
Warring J M, physician. 
Woodward C, lumber. 

SXODDY'S MILLS. A coal min- 
ing village of 700 inhabitants, situated in ; 
Wabash township, Fountain county, on C. 
& E. I. R. R., S miles south of Covington, 
the county seat. A flour mill derives water 
power from Coal creek. There are Baptist i 
and Catholic churches and two district 
schools in the place. Coal is extensively 
mined, and is the principal article of ex- 
port. Express, American. Mail daily, i 
Samuel I. Snoddy, postmaster. 
Burns Patrick, saloon. j 

COi??>iJtS C PI, Physician. 
Fountain Cord and Mining Co, coal mines. : 
Habbeman Charles, saloon. 
Henderson J T, physician. 
Kellogg Joseph, carpenter. 

w a li paps n , A - tJZSSSZZJl co co " 

WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. *7 and 49 S. Meridian Streat, Indianapolis. 

INDIANAPOLIS, can furnish Nut and Slack 

PfiDI ' ' '' ■ ! " 

, CoaJfor Steam purposes, at satisfactory -prices. 


and mrsiNJcss jmi:i.("ioi;y. 


McLaughlin Win & Son, general store. 

;»IcI»Ialioii James, Saloon. 
McMahon T, general store. 
McVeagh James, saloon. 
Moran Edward, justice of the peace. 
Murphy John, saloon. 


sal urn. 

Patterson W P, physician. 

I'erkins Wm, grocer. 

IlCUCl W it* & CO, Coal Miners. 

Reynolds John, saloon. 

Reynolds Wm, saloon. 

Russell T J, general store. 

Rvan Peter, saloon. 

Sailors J W W, physician. 

Snoddy Samuel I, General Store 

and Flour Mill. 
Snoddy & Samuels, general store. 
Thomas John G, shoemaker. 
Thomas Samuel, saloon. 
Vandevur Vick, saloon. 
Williams Geo, blacksmith. 
Worth Jacob, shoemaker. 

SKO IV HILL. Is a station on the 
G. R. & I. R. R., in Washington township, 
Randolph county, 6 miles south of Win- 
chester, the county seat. Population 50. 
Mail daily, 
l'latt Jacob II, general store. 

SOLITUDE. Lynn township, Po- 
sey county, is a rural postoffice, 6}i miles 
north of Mount Vernon, the county seat 
and shipping point. Mail tri-weekly. 

SOLSliERRT. Is a village of 200 
inhabitants, located in Beech Creek town- 
ship, Greene county, 12 miles northeast of 
Rloomfield, the county seat, 13 miles south- 
c isl of Freedom, on the I. & V. Ry. Has 
two religious societies — Methodist and Con- 
gregational — and district school. Grain 
and tobacco are the chief exports. Mail 
daily. Thomas R. Cook, postmaster. 
Nryan John E, general store. 
Cook Peter M, physician. 
Cools. Thomas M, Justice of the 

( - ")k Wm F, carpenter. 
Cooper A L Rev (Methodist). 
Dalyrumple James, blacksmith. 
Frame E E, general store. 
Gillcy George, barber. 
Jlarrah John M, physician. 
I addock Clinton, harnessmaker, 
Shields A J, general store. 
S-uclds Henry, cattle dealer. 

Taylor Mason, hotel. 
Weaver John, harnessmaker. 

SOMERSET. On the Mississinewa 

river, is a pleasant village of 250 inhabi- 
tants, located in Waltz township, Wabash 
county, 10 miles south of Wabash, the 
county seat, and 7 north of Xenia, on the 
P. C. & St. L. Ry. The place has two 
churches — Christian and Methodist — grad- 
ed school and three flour mills, deriving 
power from the river. Grain, flour and 
flaxseed are the chief shipments. Mail 
daily by stage from Wabash. James M. 
Ferree, postmaster. 
Ader Henry, physician. 
Bamhart T & Co, drugs. 
Bloomer & Albaugh, flour mill. 
Ferree C E, Stoves and Tinware. 
Ferree J M, Postmaster. 
Ferree O S, drugs. 

Ferree, Ross & Co, Flour Mill. 
Fish Wm S, physician. 
Follis Isaac, blacksmith. 
Gochenour J C, general store. 
Hesler G F, physician. 
Huff BF, blacksmith. 
Huff Sue Mrs, milliner. 
Jones M J Mrs, milliner. 
Lucas H, meat market. 
Morgan David, hotel. 
Morton Wm, boots and shoes. 
O'Neal L, physician. 
ES.OSS B S, Boots and Shoes. 
Ross D & Bro, boots and shoes. 
Sowers George, druggist. 
Slarbuck D B, general store. 
Swoards Samuel, livery. 
Thompson John H, flour mill. 
Torney Daniel, meat market. 
Vanfleet John, hotel. 
Weesner O & A, harnessmakers. 
"WeeSIier K., General Store. 
Wimmer John, carpenter. 

SOMERTILLE. With a village 
population of 60, is a postoffice in Gibson 
county, 14 miles southeast of Princeton, 
the county seat, and 12 miles northeast of 
Fort Branch. Shipments are made to either 
point. Stage connection with Oakland 

City semi-weekly. Tri-weekly n 
Barrett, postmaster. 
Barrett S G, General Store 
Greer Ira, general store. 
Hunter W W, general store. 
McNcely D, wagonmaker. 
Moore Robert, physician. 
Schwartz August, wagonmaker. 

S. G. 

■Blank Books Sold 

fe^Send ■•! Orders «<■ SPKACilt;, 

3'Jl \V. Madison Street, Chicago. 


ThreshinR F.n r i. 





Shelton J W, physician. 
Snitheler J, shoemaker. 
Volke'l Jacob, blacksmith. 
Weston S M, blacksmith. 

SOONOVER. Was established as a' 
postoftice in 1SS0, and is located in Vigo 
county, 13 miles from Terre Haute, the 
county seat, and 6 from Pimento, its ship- 
ping point on the E. & T. II. K. R. Mail 

SOUTH BEND. The county seal 
of St. Joseph county, is the third largest 
manufacturing city in the state, located on 
the St. Joseph river, which furnishes a 
water power that no other stream In Indi- 
ana can compete with. It is traversed by 

an enviousand world-wide reputation. The 
city supports four banks — two national an 
two savings — several churches of different 
denominations, and seven hotels, am,,.. 
which the Oliver and St. James are the b. ■■•.' 
and are both decidedly first-clas? in every 
respect, and are not equaled in Northern 
Indiana. South liend has a very healthy 
location, is supplied with a mineral well 
and baths, and is destined to become the 
largest manufacturing place in Indiana if 
it continues to grow in that branch of tra le 
as heretofore. It can now enumerate tin- 
following factories, mills, etc.: Three flour 
mills, a chair factory, two paper mills, a 
sewing machine wood work factory, three 
planing mills, an edge tool factory, a wind 
mill factory, file works, one woolen mill. 


the Michigan Central, North Western 
Grand Trunk, Lake Shore and Michigan 
Southern Railroads, S5 miles east of Chi- 
cago and 160 north of Indianapolis. The 
city has a population of 13,32.1, an increase 
of over 100 per cent, since 1S70, fully one- 
half of which are employed in ils extensive 
manufactories. Its wide streets are well 
lighted by gas. It has a good fire depart- 
ment, and a bonded indebtedness of $-75,- 
000, but no floating debt whatever. The 
valuation of property, real and personal, 
for taxation, will reach fully $5,000,000 for 
18S0. No city in the west is better sup- 
plied with educational facilities; besides 
the high school, ward schools, and St. 
Joseph Academy, two miles north, is 
the old established and well known Notre 
Dame University and St. Mary's Academy, 
the former for males, the latter for females. 
These institutions have built for themselves 

three furniture, two plow, fi 
bracket, one grain drill, one el 
a stone and cement and two 1 



wagon, one 

:r separator, 

lp factories. 


firms is the Koontz Bros., manufacturers of 
the celebrated "Hercules" Wind Mill. 
I This is an enterprising firm, and their mill 
has no superior in the market. TheMisha- 
waka Wood Pulp Co., with mills located at 
Mishawaka and South Bend, are extensive 
manufacturers of tine ground wood pulp, also 
South Bend Chilled Plow Co., manufactur- 
ers of the celebrated South Bend Chilled 
Plow. In the manufacture of wagons and 
carriages, this city stands for 
United States, and Mr. A. 
manufacturer of the well knov 
"Coquillard " Wagon, while not 
ing the largest institution, plac 
market a superior road wagon 
coming more popular each year, 

t celebrated 


of Patents. Indianapolis, !nd. Especlf 










the be 

hoine ami abrond 

BECAUSE My prices aie as Low as the Lowest for first-class Wagons. 
BECAUSE They are built by skilled mechanics upon scientific principles, com- 
ne, ihe greatest strength with lightness and ease of draft, 

BECAUSE The Thimble skeins are made to our own pattern from selected iron, 
K'iiiij! more than most of others, and are set by Patent Skein Setters, thereby making 

BECAUSE The wood- work is made of the choicest selected Indiana timber, 
n uglily seasuned, kept under cover, and each piece carefully inspected, :.sing tough 
I tul shell bark hickory for axles, and white oak for wheels and gears. 

BECAUSE They aie made with the latest and most approved machinery from 
rm | atterns, ami each wagon, in all its parts, a fac-simile of the other. 

BECAUSE It is the best and heaviest ironed and finest painted wagon in the 

BECAUSE They have been before the American public fo 
■ : during lhat lime over 50,000 have been sold and establishe 
n. ind are sold only by responsible parties, and every wagon g 
re satisfaction. 

BECAUSE They are made under the personal superi 
1 1 < iiiu-ud entirely to foremen, as is the case in most f; 

nteed to give 
ce of the proprietor, 

make n full and complete lim- of Knr-irs. (';, tribes and Sleighs; light 
work of every description; SiuV-Bar, Platform ami Elliptic 
Spring Wagons. 


south: TBi^iTxo, xostid. 


' , 


j •' '.' 

1 1 

V ■' / 





/ / 

1 / 






\ '{ 


\ ' 


■'; Q 

; ffi 

;,. < 


■j J 

i 5 

; O 

j O 

.: u 

I z 


"Wholesale Booksellers and Paper Dealers, Indianapolis, Ind. ' 


and iu'sixk.-s j)iui'.( ruiiv. 



■ -..vcs by Its rapidly increasing sale, 'that 
Utenfis all over the United States. The 
press of South Bend is represented by two 
daily and five weekly newspapers. The 
dallies are known as the Tribune and Register, 
neeklies as the Herald, Register, Courier, 

Tribune and Era, which does not include 
(he monthly and annual sheets. There arc 
in the city, 'offices of the United States and 
American Express and Western Union Tel- 

ji.ijih companies, with usual mail facilities. 
(ieorgc Pfleger postmaster. 
Adler& Co, gents' furnishings, 101 Main. 
Ambos Frank, hotel and saloon, 72 and 74 

American Express Co, 94 Main. 
Anderson Andrew, lawyer, 75 Washington. 


rs, Gl Wi 

infr, W 

abstracts of 

[chinists and 
Is, and Deal- 
tings, Brass 
ngs, foot of 

Andrews Br 
Arnold C Wm, pop 
Arnold & Creed, lawyer 
title, 87 and 89 Washi: 

A si re J T\I & fie.n. 

Manufacturers of Edge 

crs in Iron Pipe anc 

Goods and Engine T 

Aspiisvvall Oavid, Carriage Bodv 

and Sleigh Wood Manufacturer, W Race'- 

[See adz:) 
Augustine, Ranney & Co, dry goods 113 

Axford Lewis C, grain elevator, Division. 
Badger George j & Bro, sewing machines, 

99 Michigan. 
Rakei DH& Bro, boots and shoes, 102 

i 'in Frank J, saloon, E Water. 
Barrett Anthony, milliner, 89 Michigan. 
Barrett Wm L, jeweler, 89 Michigan. 
! met Frenz jr & Co, saloon, 75 Michigan. 
I ixter & Ingham, plumbers, 21 Market. 
Bender Wm, saloon, lis Michigan. 
' ger F, tailor, 37 Washington. 
Berkley A E Mrs, milliner, So Michigan. 
Berkley Thomas F, painter, 96 Main. 
Biemer John, shoemaker, in Michigan. 
I irdsell Mnfg Co, J C Birdscll pres, J B 

Birdscll sec and treas, clover separator 

mnfrs, cor Division and Columbia. 
! "■■> 'e 1', oculist, 63 Michigan. 
j; 'lion, Clark & Co, paper mnfrs, E Market. 
• : 'ley lames M, photographer, 103 Mich- 
Brick Ephraim, agricultural implements, S9 

'■ad John N, dyer and scourer, 21 
"• wn F G, manager W U Telegraph Co, 
Oliver House Block. 

1 1 ill 

Browntield John, dry goods, 67 Michigan. 
Brownfield John jr, lawyer, cor Main and 

Bugbee Willis A, lawyer, cor Main and 

Bulla Wm D, photographer, SS Michigan. 
Buysse Edward, jeweler, 77 Washington. 
Buzby& Gallagher, clothing, 109 Michigan. 
Cahill Hugh P, grocer, cor South and Wil- 

Calvert Daniel M, dentist, 71 Washington. 
Campbell Marvin, hardware, 15 Market. 
Camper James W, gunsmith, Main. 
Carpenter, Cooke & Co, oil stove and tin- 
ware mnfrs, W Race. 
Carpenter G W, physician, 31 Wayne. 
Case Homer W, dry goods, 97 .Michigan. 
Cassidy John, physician, 90 Michigan. 
Cclania L & Co, confectioners, 6S Wash- 

Chapin Edward F, coal, lime and cement, 
i',o Michigan. 

Chesnutwood Reese J, cigar mnfr, Main. 

Che nutwood Reese J jr, dep int rev col- 
lector, 87 Main. 

Chockelt lohu A, carriage and wagonmak- 
er, Jefferson. 

Clifford & Derr, bracket mnfrs, W Race. 

Clipfel H F, agt U S Ex Co, 93 Main. 

Collins ec Kuespert, shoemakers, 96 Main. 

Collnier Geo, shoemaker, 7 Pearl ave. 

Collmer John C, saloon, cor Jefferson and 
St Joseph. 

Collmer & Bro, wagonmakers, 10 St Joseph. 

Condon Edward, barber, cor Main and 

Cone Nett, upholsterer, 70 Michigan. 

Cooke & Emmons, grocers, 7S Main. 

Coonley Bros, druggists, 103 Michigan. 

Copelaiacl Lucius F, Lawyer, 106 

Coqtiillartl Alexis, Manufacturer 
of the Celebrated "Coquillard" Wagon, 
and all Styles of Carriages, cor Water 
and Lafayette. [See adv.) 

Coquillard A T, real estate, S6 Michigan. 

Coquillard Benjamin, livery, 136 Michigan. 

Corning James N, justice of peace, 84 Main. 

Cottrell Elizabeth, dressmaker, 142 Michi- 

Cross Franklin A, restaurant, 120 Michi- 

Cummings David E, dentist, 96 Michigan. 

Cushing & Co, druggists, 101 Michigan. 

Daugherty Charles A, physician, 107 Mich- 

Deacon A M & Son, cigars and tobacco, 76 

DefreesTW. carpenter. 

AVc desire All Architects and Cornice 

oiumunieiite v. itli us k1>oiiI Zinc Drum 

Address J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago, I 


Home Life Ins. Co. SI 

removed all restrictions ui-oii resident- 
travel policies. Worldwide bo >: i . ■■ 

E. H. KKLLOCG, Sup't, Chicago, Si 





Dc Marcellonni Harvey, restaurant, 122 

Deming Dwight, coal, wood and lime, 50 

Dille John C, meat market, Emerick. 

Drollingcr Erastus M, physician, 106 

Drumm John P, shoemaker, Main. 

Dubail Peter, barber, 71 Washington. 

Dunbar & Alward, lawyers and real estate, 
78 Washington. 

Dunning Lehman II, physician, 69 Wash- 

Dutch Frederick, saloon, 05 Main. 

Dwight House, cor Michigan and Water. 

Eassnacht Christ, carpenter. 

Easton James, real estate, III Michigan. 

Eastwood Leroy, meat market, 102 Wash- 

Edwards & Bro, marble works, 156 Michi- 

Egbert T E Rev (Baptist). 

Elliott George L, agt M C R R, Emerick. 

Ellsworth Fred D, notions, 90 Michigan. 

Ellsworth'james H, lawyer, 51 Washington. 

Emerson George W, books and stationery, 
77 Washington. 

Evening Register (daily), SS Main. 

Fikentscher G, pub South Bend Courier, 
72 Main. 

First National Bank, capital $157,000, L 
Hubbard pies, C A Kimball cash, cor 
Michigan and Water. 

Fisher John E, lawyer, Odd Fellows Block. 

Flory Wm, physician, 67 Jefferson. 

Ford George, lawyer, 87 Main. 

Foist David, shoemaker, 74 Michigan. 

Fox Wm Mrs, millinery. 92 Michigan". 

Frank F, shoemaker, Main. 

Frank Isaac, junk dealer, E Water. 

Freeman John, propr Dwight House, cor 
Michigan and Water. 

Garrity John, blacksmith, rear 123 Michi- 

GaskiU C J, agent N W G T R R, cor St 

• Joseph and Division. 

George & Pileger, lawyers, cor Main and 

Gerhardt Charles, shoemaker, 112 Michi- 

Gillan Edward, restaurant, 133 Michigan. 

Gingrich Benjamin, furniture and under- 
taker, 116 Michigan. 

Gish C P & Son, livery, 12S Michigan. 

Gobin II A Rev (Methodist). 

GoeU Christopher, saloon. 77 Main. 

Ciranrt Central EXotel, Frank 

Knill Proprietor, 114 Michigan. 
Green Daniel, insurance, S9 Mam. 

Greene J II & Bro, grocer, 97 Main. 

Grether Ernst F, sewing machines, isr 

Hageity Jeremiah, grocer, 71 William. 

Hagerty John, lawyer, 25 Market. 

Ham Levi J, physician, 100 Washington. 

Hauford W H, physician, 76 Washington. 

Harbou John W, justice of the peace, cor 
Main and Washington. 

Harman Homer C, farm implements and 
seeds, 135 Michigan. 

Harris Robert, physician, 67 Jefferson. 

Hartman Tohn A, auction and commission. 
127 Michigan. 

Haslinger David, justice of the peace, 67 

Hatch Daniel, livery, cor Jefferson and St 

Heath &, Steele, saddles and harness, 80 

Heller Henry, barber, S7 Michigan. 

Henderson Joseph, lawyer, 96 Washington. 

Henry Joseph L, horseshoer, 54 Michigan. 

Hertzell & Hartman, planing mill, W Race. 

ri;f;Ilt & Fairfield, Dealers in 
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Spectacles, 
Plated Ware, Etc, 90 Michigan. 

Hill, Lauderbach & Co, flour mill, foot of 

Hodson G T & Co, sash, doors and blinds, 
W Race. 

Hoffmann Ernst, saloon, 55 Washington. 

Holland Daniel J, cigar mnfr, 5S Washing- 

Honer Ferdinand, saloon, 112 Michigan. 

Hoover E W, wood engraver, S7 Washing- 
ton. * 

Howe & Rowley, dentists, 67 Washington. 

Howies Christena, milliner, Division. 

Hubbard Lucius, lawyer, Odd Fellows' 

Huey & Hall, chairmakers, W Race. 

Hull Bros, grocers, E Water. 

Huston Jacob K, constable. 

Ireland & Son, livery, 54 Michigan. 

Jackson & Smith, lumber and furniture 
ninfrs, W Race. 

Jacobs & Sedarias, meat market, 79 Michi- 

Johnson Wm, saloon, 133 Michigan. 

Jolllisoit O. liert, Meat Market and 
Live Stock Dealers, 87 Main. 

Jones Tohn, saloon, Oliver House. 

Jones J O, upholsterer, 82 Michigan. 

Keller G T Rev (Presbyterian). 

Keller W Rev (German Methodist). 

Kellogg Harry J, artist, Michigan. 

Kenney George J, grocer, E Water. 

Kern Anion S, dry goods, lly Michigan. 

«Ktt«w.i.i.i»fi.n«« r t 1 _ lxx tlrie state. 

!\£>IA"« li'«l,i>, SNIV. 

I ..' f ., I i i V i ; ; :■ i.-f i ... 


I Mm 

First. — This Institution is now in a more flourishing condition 
than ever before. 

Second. — -Tt has grater facilities to impart knowledge. 

Third. — The buildings are magnificent, far surpassing the old ones 
in point of architecture, convenience, and comfort. They are furnished 
with gas, hot and cold water, are scientifically ventilated, and, in a 
word, have all the modern improvements. 

Fourth. — The number of students is greater than at any period 
in the past. The faculty is first-class and larger than ever, numbering 
forty members. 

Fifth. — Students of five years and upwards are received, and are 
divided into three grand divisions, viz.: Minims, Juniors, and Seniors. 
Minims comprise all over five and under thirteen; Juniors, all over 
thirteen and under seventeen : Seniors, all over seventeen. 


FrepamteFy, Commercial, 
Scientific, Classical, 

Law, and Medicine. 

8®°CATAEOGUES, giving full particulars, will be sent FBEE on 
'Plication to the President, 

Very Rev. WM. CORBY, C. S. C., 

nSTotre Daaae IE?. O., Im-cLiaxia.- 


Notre Dame, Ind. 





Uq Extra Charges for French or German, 



Under the charge of a competent corps of teachers ; comprises a large 
Music Hall and twenty-seven separate rooms for harps and pianos — a 
thorough course for graduation in theory and practice. ^Esthetic com- 
position. Large Musical Library in French, German, English and 
Italian; four weekly lessons and daily practice; weekly lessons and 

In the Art Department the same principles which form the 
basis for instruction in the great Art Schools of Europe are embodied in 
the course of Drawing and Painting. Pupils in the Schools of Painting 
or Music may pursue a special course. 

Those who have passed creditably through the Academic and Clas- 
sical course receive the Graduating Gold Medals of the Departments. 
Graduating Medals are awarded to the students who have pursued a 
special course in the Conservatory of Music or in the Art Department. 

Prize Gold Medals awarded in the following courses: German, 
French, Christian Doctrine, Painting and Drawing, and Domestic Econ- 
omy, in the Senior Department ; and for Polite and Amiable Deport- 
ment, both in the Senior and Junior Departments. 

Number of teachers engaged in Preparatory, Academical, and Clas- 
sical Departments, 14; Modern Languages, G; Drawing and Painting, 
5; Instrumental Music, 10; Vocal Music, 2 ; Dressmaking, plain and 
fancy needle-work, 7. 

Simplicity of dress enforced by rule. For Catalogue, address, 


St. Mary's Academy, Notre Dame P. 0., Indiana. 

Wlvi. M. BELLf -« 

Estate and Mortgages, 
" SO 7 Upper Third Ht., 
Evansville, Jnd. 








A. GAYLOR, Superintend'! 


Manufacturers or the 

Hercules Wind Mill. 




New method of adjusting and fasten- 
ing sails. Self-regulating. Prices 
low. Send for Prick List 
before buying. 

South Bend, 2nd- 

Gas Retorts and Fire Brick. ^\\?i£\ r ^ -\^ttm> z r 

<■!:•, i.Vm ■;..... in iucim iiitjil'OVfit (.()!<• built Jironi jit ! > . liosictj C:islili({S, 
'«i., furnished wliere required. jjfejy*Sce Adv., page 1. 







Killmer Samuel L, physician, 102 Michigan. 

Kizer & Woolverton, real estate aiid insur- 
ance, 75 Washington. 

Klingel Alfred, boots and shoes, 69 Wash- 

Klingel & Hauck, barbers, 67 Washington. 

Klingel & Son, boots, shoes, hats and caps, 
7S Washington. 

Ksii^Iit Brothers, Proprietors Oli- 

House, n w cor Main and Wasr 


n S- 

KlSJil Frauls, Proprietor Grand Cen- 
tral Hole!, ) 14 Michigan. 

KltOfolQClc 25roS, Furniture and 
Undertakers, 75 Main. 

XCuotoloch: Flouring Mills, 
Knoblock, Gin: & Co Proprietors, E 

KltolHocIc, GiliZ & Co, Proprie- 
tors Knoblock's Flour Mill, Fa=t Race. 

££llO&loefc J C & Co, Grocers, 62 

_K.eG»lte BrOP, Wind Mill Manufac- 
turers, cor Wayne and Ashtabula, (Sfe 

Kopf John P, barber, 95 Main. 

Kotz J & G, blacksmiths, 52 Michigan. 

Kramer Nathan, grocer, 76 Mam. 

Kunstmann Andrew, saloon, 124 Main. 

Labodie Randolph, jeweler, 92 Main. 

Landegraft George, barber, 117 Michigan. 

Italic Hi' &J "W* Healers in Coal, Lime, 
Plaster, Cement, Wood, Corn and Hay, 
S7 Main. 

Lauder Thomas A, blacksmith, 1S7 Michi- 

Lauth P J Rev (Catholic). 

Lcchner Jacob, hotel and saloon, E Water. 

Lederer Carl, saloon, S6 Michigan. 

Lcmen John R, boots and shoes, 9S Michi- 

Lcntz N, physician, 72 Michigan. 

Lewis Jasper E, insurance agent, 7S Wash- 

X,iet>jg- George I», Floist, 65 Jef- 
ferson, bet Main and Lafayette. (See adv.) 

Liphart& Co, furniture mnfrs, 122 Michigan. 

Lippinan Liebman, leather. 37 Washington. 

Listenherger Miner E, real estate and insur- 
ance, 1 19 Michigan. 

Livingston Meyer, clothing, 56 Washington. 

Livingston Moses & Co, clothing, 94 Mich- 

Livingston Wolf, meat market, Division. 

Loshbough Anthony W, horseshoer, rear 
S4 Main. 

Lou John B, barber, 129 Michigan. 

McAllister E W, physician, 149 Main. 

McCarthy John J, grocer, 77 Gen Taylor. 

McDonald Albert, photographer, 103 Mich, 

McGill John A, physician, 100 Michigan. 

Macy & Safford, pianos and organs, 23 

Mahler Martin, dry goods, 123 Michigan. 

Marrs James, shoemaker, 70 Michigan, 

Martin Charles W, saddles and harness, SS 

Mai tin Jacob, saloon, 76 Michigan. 

Matthews George W, real estate, cor Main 
and Washington. 

Matthews Marry M, Proprietor 
St James Hotel, corner Lafayette and 
southeast of L S & M S Depot. (See 

Maurerjohn, physician, 107 Michigan. 

Mayr Frank, jeweler, 69 Washington. 

Meyer & Poehlman, hardware, 85 Michi- 

Miles Hiram C, sewing machines, 72 Main. 

Miller A G, physician, 15- Michigan. 

Miller RyeliT,' dentist, 10; MichT-an. 

Miller J C, physician, 102 Washington. 

Milton & Eliel, druggists, 103 Main. 

Mish Jacob, grocer, cor Division and Will- 

Mishawaka Pulp Compauv, 

A Gaylor Superintendent, Wood Pulp 
Manufacturers, W Race. (See adv.) 

Moeck B, saloon, 33 Washington. 

Moon Calvin, supt public schools, Court 

Morgan Henry C, grocer, 63 Washington. 

Morrill S E, physician, foot Washington. 

Muessel Geo C, grocer, 91 Main. 

Murdoch & France, hardware, 11S Michi- 

Murrav Charles L, pub South Bend Herald, 
90 Main. 

Myer Albert, meal market, 79 South. 

Myser John, plumber, 99 Main. 

Neufeldt August, file works, foot Washing- 

Neuperth & Weber, furniture mnfrs, E 

Neville A J Mrs, physician, 143 Main. 

Neville Henry, physician. 143 Main. 

Nevius George A, dentist, 103 Michigan. 

Newman ] C & L, dry goods, 121 Michigan. 

Nickel Louis jr & Co, grocers, 85 Main. 

Oliver House, Knight Brothers Pro- 
prietors, n w cor Main and Washington. 

Oltsch Conrad, saloon, 125 Michigan. 

Orvis George \V, Machinist, Foun- 
dry and Blacksmith, Forge Manufacturer 
and General Job Work, cor Wayne and 

Owens M Mrs, millincV, 137 Michigan. 

Capital City Cigar/ 

anufactured t»v JOKX KAUCH, 
82 West Washington Street, 


< ■'■•-: - ■■' i - 1 - ■' « ■■ ■ ' '>-'-' ;..m: 7 I v. 

IJayes' Patent. The BeMistlicCIifnpest. War. 
•i-j- respect. A. ItM.NELV d. CO. 
Monroe Street, CIICAGO. 



I * 

C3 B Q> r] 

m s . ! tap, 

m - ' I b •■ 

o « .V ] fi M 

This House is new and first-class and the second largest in the city. 

Convenient to the Depots. Large Sample Rooms for agents. 

The traveling public will receive the best of attention. 

6areiage Body & Sleigh Wood Mr. 



C — -J j£ Patent Slide Seal Carriage Body 

a BPKOAi/rr. 


I ■ .,f; (BE Oil &3S B* HEM B 9 


Cor. Lafayette and Jefferson Sis., South liend, Ind. 

iO.Pfamia&Co ,! 

Th" le.'iclmu : r (:m.» Oru-iill St i>u«e of 
t!:e XV.-si. >• n.! r .. l' n.-.l '.'at. iI-l-im-. . 
03 and fcO North Pi-nnijlvania St., INDIANAPOLIS, !K0. 


to keep ftlud out of Boiler 

5 _K. OTKR, Indianapolis, In a. 





Pagin Lewis, physician, cor Washington 
and Scott. 

Painter S Mrs, laundry, Washington. 

Palmer Amos, music dealer, S4 Michigan. 

Parker Horace G, hats and caps, no 

Parker J Mrs, hair goods, SS Michigan. 

Partridge Joel M, physician, 102 Michigan. 

Patton James H, confectioner, 66 Washing- 

Paxson Bros, grocers, 40 Jefferson. ' 

Payne Daniel A, painter, 6S Michigan. 

Peck Elisha S, clothing, 100 and 102 Mich- 

Peoples Saving Bank, J B Arnold jr pres, 
Newton Jackson sec, So Washington. 

Perkins Alfred T Rev (Episcopal). 

Plleeer George, lawyer, cor Main and Mar- 

Philion Philias, grocer, 55 E Water. 

JPilOeiEix Mills, Smith Bend Milling 
Co Proprietors, foot Market. 

Piepenbrink Christ, druggist, opn L S & M 
S By depot. 

IPittH James JL, Saw Manufacturer, 
W Race. 

Plessner Henry, insurance agt, 51 Michigan. 

Poezeki George, grocer, cor Chapin and 

Polack C, tobacco and cigars, 64 Washing- 

Pomeroy Henry C, hardware, 137 Mich- 

Poole Emery E, photographer, S2 Main. 

Porter George H, grocer, 139 Michigan. 

Powell Benjamin, barber, 61 Washington. 

Price B F & Son, furniture, 7S Michigan. 

Prost Charles, grocer, Water. 

Quay & Sons, coopers, 209 Michigan. 

Raff Simon, physician and druggist, E 

Rankert Charles, saloon, 2S Washington. 

Reamer & Williams, grocers, 255 Michigan. 

Register Printing Co, H S Fassett pres, C 
N Fassett sec, pubs St Joseph Valley 
Register, SS Main. 

Renfranz Carl, merchant tailor, cor Main 
and Washington. 

Reynolds Ethan S, paper mills, East Race. 

Ringle L, physician, 94 Michigan. 

Rixa Alexander, physician, 81 South. 

Rockafeller Joseph, grocer, Washington 
cor LaPorte. 

Rockstroh Bros, meat market, 6S Washing- 

Rogers Melbourn S, crockery, III Michi- 
Rulo George W, harnessmaker, 116 Michi- 

Rupp Peter E, druggist, 75 Washington. 
Russ Dwight W, grocer and baker, i<- 

Russwurm Andrew, harnessmaker, 3l\Vash- 

Rutherford & Co, groceries, 161 Michigan. 
St. James Hotel, Harry M 

Matthews Proprietor, s e cor Lafayette 

and s e of L S & M R R Depot. ' [X, 


St. Joseph County Savings 

Uaiilc, George Matthews President,! 
J Seixas cashier, 141 Michigan. 

St Joseph Valley Register (weekly), SS 

St. Mary's Academy, Con- 
ducted by the Sisters of the Holy Cross, 
Notre Dame. (Set adv.) 

Sandhovel Henry, hardware, 94 Main. 

Schmok A M, shoemaker, 7S Washington. 

Schopbach Henry, hardware, 126 Michigan. 

Schubert Charles, shoemaker, 106 Mich- 

Seafer John, blacksmith, E Water. 

Seifert Wm, saloon, 71; South. 

Sell T F, physician, 113 Michigan. 

Seltzer & Davis, liquors, 117 Michigan. ' 

Shively B F, pub South Bend Era, 71; 

Shively Daniel M, dry goods, 104 Michigan. 

Sibley & Ware, machinists, foot of Market. 

Singer Manufacturing Co, sewing machine 
wood work mnfis, E Race. 

Skerritt Win, agt American Express Co, 04 

Smith Milo A, books, 105 Michigan. 

Snyder Alfred H, druggist, 129 Michigan. 

Soechtig Charles, upholsterer, 150 Michigan 

Solomon P &E, cigar mnfrs,57 Washington. 

Sorden &; Lister, boots and shoes, 77 Michi- 

Soutli I£enrl Chilled I"2ow Co, 
Capital $100,000, A S Baker President, G 
W Baker Secretary, J C Knoblock Treas- 
urer, head of Washington. {See adv.) 

Soutli Bend Courier (weekly), G Fikents- 
cher pub, 72 Main. 

South Bend Era (weekly), 75 Washington. 

South Bend Gaslight Co, B R Perkins supt, 
2 Jefferson. 

South Bend Herald (weekly), 90 Main. 

South Bend Iron Works, proprs Oliver 
Chilled Plow Works ; James Oliver pres, 
E D Meagher sec, J D Oliver treas, Cha- 
pin south uf LS & M S R R. 

South Kcnd lUilliiij; Co, A Cor- 
bett President, C N Lawlon Treasurer, 
W A Foote Secretary, Flouring Mill and 
Grain Dealers, Foot of Market. 

A. L WEIGHT & CO.'xiSi^Sr 


a EAJEItA L A G E .Y T, 



• r-aj '\-X HOl-f TASX DEtOW 

< ■ o . ''..'7 WHiLS 1 SPIT ON MY HANOS 

rJOl,^ ' ■ -■ _ 

X vvc WILL 


The Chapman Tubular or Bored Well, 

As show,, i„ ihe "New Style,'' differs materially from the Drive Well, or the '■<>' it 

Iiard-'pan, rock and quicksand/ In making the CHAPMAN WELL all these difficult 
are easily overcome by boring inside and ahead of the pipe, settling the pipe as fa-: .i- 
thc hole is formed by the tools (we use no point, hut work with pipe open), thus by adding 
more work-pipe r.nd more tubing any desired depth can lie reached. After water suflieienl 
lias been reached, the screen is dropped inside and the tubing or pipe drawn back until 
Ihe screen is uncovered, as at F, Fig. l; the "check," Fig. 3. is placetl and the rubber 
ring is expanded, as at B, Fig. i; the plunger, Fig. 2, attached to wood rods is inserted, 
a-^ at J; attach the rod to pump handle, and von hare a well where no drive., well tan be 
made. The "check" an.', "plunger," Figs. 2 and 3. are brass bodies with liard n I 1 
I alls, making them durable and non-corrosive. To repair the pump, disconnect the 1 I 
and handle, remove ihe lop of the pump, pull the "plungi .," and v itli •'■ grab pul 1. 
check, then use a "puller" to remove the screen ami you have everything '■'> top of 

mi 1. Repair and return them ami your pump is new. The "check" and ••; lun . 
being submerged, the water is Lll 11. I> and not SUCKEb. 




>. l. 

reen and Vi 

r ''\ 



The Chapman Tubular or Ecred Well, 

. As shown in the "New Stylo," differs materi- 
ally from the Driven Well, or the "Old Style," 
the latter being driven often meets obstacles 
that c:m not be overcome, such as clay, hard- 
pan, rock and quicksand. In making the 
CHAPMAN WELL all these difficulties are 
easily overcome by boring inside and ahead 
of the pipe, settling the pipe as fa:U as the 
hole is formed by the tools (we use no point, 
but work with pipe open), thus by adding 
more work-pipe and "more tubing any desired 
depth can be reached. After water suilicient 
has been reached, the screen is dropped in- 
side and the tubing or pipe drawn back until 
the screen is uncovered, as at F, Fig. 1; the 
"check, ".Fig. 3, is placed and the rubber ring 
is expanded, as at B, Fig. 1; the plunger, Fig. 
2, attached to wood rods is inserted, as at J; 
attach the rod to pump handle and you have 
a well where no driven well can be made. 
The "check" and "plunger," Figs. 2 and 3, are 
brass bodies with hard rubber balls, making 
them durable and non-corosive. To repair 
the pump, disconnect the rod and handle, re- 
move the top of the pump, pull the "plunger," 
and with a grab pull the check, then use a 
"puller" to remove the screen and you have 
everything on top of tho ground. Repair and 
return them and your pump is new. The 
"check" and "plunger" being submerged, the 
water is lifted and not sucked. 

Having lite exclusive right for this county we warn persons against infringing;" 

and feel justified in warranting, in any case, pleniy of water or no pay. 

We have for sale a few counties in Southern Michigan and nearly 

all of Indiana. We have also a full line of 

Pumps, Pipe, Well Fixtures, Wind- 
mills, Etc, 



Wholesale Dealers in all kinds Coal and Colcc, 

S. W. Cor. Market and Delaware Sts., 






ilh Bend National Bank, capital Sioo,- 

ooo John Brownfield prcs, Wm Miller 

cash, 73 Michigan.. 
S uih Bend Pump Co, Stephenson Bros 

proprs, 140 Michigan. 
- ith Bend Tribune (daily and weekly), 73 

South Bend Woolen Co, J Warden pies, H 

C Niles sec, East Race. 
Speth Henry, barber, 57 Washington. 
Mace A J, county surveyor, court house. 
Sialcy & Son, woolen yarn mnfrs, E Race. 
Sunficld Howard S, lumber, cor Main and 

Sledman Levi T, tin and glassware, 90 

Lida V Mrs, milliner, 59 Wash- 
& Sons, plumbers, 146 

Stephenson A 

Simis Bros, dry goods, 65 Washington. 

Sterns Tobias, grocer, 74 Washington. 

Stewart Wm J, notions, S2 Main. 

Siock H Rev (Lutheran). 

SlockwellS F Mrs, physician, 59 Washing- 
Stone and Pipe Manufacturing Co, T Mil- 
It n prcs, M W Stokes sec, cement, stone, 
drain and sewer pipe mnfrs, 156 Lafay- 

Stover C C Mrs, milliner, 129 Michigan. 

Stover J H Rev (Christian). 

Stover & Wing, marble works, 171 Michigan. 

Straycr Jacob, gunsmith, 62 Michigan. 

S: raver Jacob & Co, mnfrs grain drills, 
E Water. 

Studebaker Elros KXamifactu- 

I'illjf Co, Clemens Studebaker Presi- 
dent, lohn M Studebaker Vice-President, 
Peter E Studebaker Treasurer, Tacob F 
Studebaker Superintendent, Win Mack 
Cashier, Manufacturers Farm, Freight 
and Spring Wagons, and Light Buggies 
and Carriages. 

Sullivan Timothy A, grocer, S9 South. 

Taylor Bros, hardware, 91 Michigan. 
nylar George, painter, 37 Washington. 
'-el & Badet, wood turners, E Race. 
l-omas A N, agt land and passenger depot, 
Pacific R R, 92 Main. 


rpenter, 49 Lafayette. 

T ickmorton J G, painter, 78 Main." 
' Pp P & Sons, dry goods, 6~ Washington 
l '"; Lucius G, lawyer, S7 Washington, 
■'••u.or John, druggist, Washington. 
tribune Printing Co, Alf B Miller pres, 
M Deffenbaugh sec, pub South Benl 
Dail) and Weekly Tribune, 73 Washing 

Turner Timothy G, lawyer, SS Main. 
Tutt Francis R, lawyer, 7S Washington. 
Uller R I) Rev (Methodist). 
Underwood Israel, physician, 19 Chapin. 
Union Motel, John C Wagner Pro- 
prietor, S3 Michigan. 
United Slates Express Co, 93 Main. 

University of Notre Dante, 
Very Rev WilliamCorby C S Coresident, 
Notre Dame. (See adv.) 

Vahlert Frank, saloon, E Water. 

Vanderhoof A F, restaurant, 70 Washing- 

Vanlew Henry C, druggist, 87 South. 

Van Wormcr J, groceries, 71 Michigan. 

Vinson Charles, meat market, 70 'Washing- 

Voedisch Frederick, cooper, 201 Michigan. 

Voedish Henry, saloon, 77 South. 

Wagener John, saloon, 71 Washington. 

■Wagner ifoSlIl C, Saloon and Pro- 
prietor Union House, 83 Michigan. 

Waisner E, meal market, E Water. 

Wallace J C, physician, 51 Washington. 

Walworth & Lawton Mnfg Co, planing mill 
and lumber, William. 

Warner C & Bro, grocers, 120 Michigan. 

Weber Bros, grocers, E Water. 

Weiss John F, grocer and saloon, E Water. 

Weiss Phillip, painter, 84 Main. 

Wells & Son, patternmakers, foot c! Wash- 

Western Accident and Relief Association, 
L G Tong pres, J U Ellsworth sec, 51 

Western Union Tel Co, Oliver House Blk. 

Westervelt Edward C, grocer, 72 Washing- 

Westphal Robert, saloon, E Water. 

Wharton B F, carriage and wagonmaker, 
195 Michigan. 

Wheelock W G & Son, crockery and glass- 
ware, 59 Washington. 

Williams Kilmer 5„, Manufacturer 
and Dealer in Tubular Wells, Tools, Fix- 
tures, etc, and Grain Dealer. (Sfe adz:) 

Williamson N D Rev (Reformed). 

Winsman Wm, shoemaker, 5S Washington. 

Witherill Orlando S, lawyer, 51 Washing- 

Wood Ira, broom maker, Market. 
j Woolverton & Blowers, agrl implts. 

Wrightsman Peter R, physician, 50 Market. 

Wyman, George & Co, dry goods, 03 Mich- 

Vockey John, grocer, 232 Michigan. 


population of 75, is Incited 



-&.t ■=>pr»gr"u.e's, 331 "W. Zfcv£a.cLiscn Street, Cliico.go, 111. 


profitably by n Tbn-sbiii£ llnr-in 

ctured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 

ndiunapolie, Intl. Seepage 3. 





omew county, 9 miles southwest 'of Co- 
lumbus, the county scat. The village 
contains three churches — Methodist, Bap- 
tist and Christian — and graded school. 
Ship to Columbus 011 the J. M. & I. R. R., 
where stage connects tri-weekly. Mail 
tri-weekly. T. M.Hawkins, postmaster. 
Farrow & Snedeker, physicians. 
HawkillS J M, General Stove. 
Price Samuel, wagonmaker. 
Purtlebaugh G, shingle mnfr. 
Reed Joseph, blacksmith. 
Smith T E, physician. 

SOUTH BOSTON. Called also 
Boston, is a small village of 50 persons, in 
Washington county, 7 miles southeast of 

the L. N. A. Kl C. Rv., 4 miles west, is the 

nearest railroad station. In the immediate 

vicinity there are two churches — Methodist 

and Baptist. Mail semi-weekly. A. N, 

Spurgeon, postmaster. 

Kettrie A jr, wagonmaker. 

Kettrie A, saw mill. 

Kettrie Elizabeth, dressmaker. 

Kettrie John C, wagonmaker. 

Kettrie Wm H, shoemaker. 

McClellan Wm C, blacksmith. 

Payne John G, general store. 

Rodman N E, blacksmith. 

Spurgeon A K, Physician. 

SOUTH GATE. Highland town- 
ship, Franklin county, is a village located 
7 miles southeast of Brookville, the county 
seat, and 3 miles south of Cedar Grove, on 
the W. W. V. R. R., contains 200 inhabi- 
tants, and district school. Mail semi- 
weekly. Adam Stenger, postmaster. 
Amrhein John, blacksmith. 
Benz Frank, meat market. 
Benz & Knecht, cattle dealers. 
Eschenbach Adam, tailor. 
Gehr George & Son, wagonmakers. 
Gillman Philip, carpenter. 
Hartman Anton, shoemaker. 
Roell & Hartman, lumber. 
Schuck Jacob, general store and saloon. 
Schuck lohn J, carpenter. 
Schuck "Philip, teacher. 
Steilg'er Adam, Boot, Shoe, and 

Stum John, churns. 
Wissel Conrad A, Justice of the 

on Salt creek, in Polk township, Monroe 

M. Ry. Ms 
ttle dealer. 

county, 12 miles southwest of Bloomington 
the county seat, and 6 east of Smith' .Ik- 
on the L. N. A. .V C. Ry, has no villa;, 
population. Mail semi-weekly. Isaac A 
Chandler, postmaster. 
Blackwcll & Co, saw mill. 
Chandler Isaac A, Justice of th 

Giltrap E C, dentist. 

SOUTH MARTIN. Location ii 

Martin county, lS miles southwest of We, 

Shoals court house, and 12 south of Loo 

gootee, the most available shipping poi: 

situated on O. 

Homer Gwin, p. 

Chattin resse N, 

Gray C D, lawyer. 

Gray Wm, physician. 

Gwin Homer, Blacksmith and wag- 

Gwin Thomas, justice of the peace. 

SOUTH MILAN. Ripley county. 
(See Milan.) ' 

SOUTH MILFOBD. Is located 
in Milford township, Lagrange county, 15 
miles southeast of Lagrange court house. 
Kendallville, 6 miles south, is the shipping 
depot. The village contains 169 inhabit- 
ants, and a district school. Mail tri-weekly. 
John N Strayer, postmaster. 
Clawson A A, saw mill. 
Dancer Joltn, Physician. 
Dubois John, blacksmith. 
Grate L.W, saw mill. 
Green John, saw mill. 
Gnim Henry, Carpenter. 
Henry Francs, druggist and saloon. 
Hellmer Ira, justice of the peace. 
Magowen L D, shoemaker. 
mills. Isaac, Hotel. 
Newman N B & Frank, live stock. 
Pelton O 11, harnessmaker. 
Ross George, saw mill. 
Strayer John N, General Store. 
Upson Theodore F, wagonmaker. 
Vanllusan S C Mrs, milliner. 
Walters John, shoemaker. 
Walton Wm, carriage painter. 
Wonders George, blacksmith. 



en miles sc 


east of 



1 thriving 




age with 600 


, lo- 

cated it 


1011 county, 


the J. M. 

,v T. 

R. R. 


hport has 


ree churcl 






1 Baptist- 


— — P Jk. T K 3DT T ! S< 

C. B ADFORD. Solicitor of Patents, 18 Hubbard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. Call or write for Information. 

: ;a: ;b&co. 

Miscellaneous ami Blank Books and Ollice Stationery, Indianapolis. 





■ j graded school. Grain is tlie principal 
licle of export. Express, American. 
Sj ,j| daily. H. A. McAlpin, postmaster. 
Anderson O A, carpenter. 
| ,ilcy T E, drugs, 
ii.ulcv W P, physician. 


R K, confectioner. 

liray Wm, plasterer. 
,ver A, carpenter. 
•,'. ei F, carpenter. 
Brvau <£i, Live Stock. . 
; • ..'m J T, carpenter, 
i gill J II, livery, 
Crockett G W, painter. 
1 i irander N B S, brick mnfr. 
Gardner D M, carriage mnfr. 
Gravis diaries M, Physician. 
Ci lydon K G, physician. 
Grubc Aaron, saw mill. 
Grube D, carpenter. 
Grube Isaac, general store. 
Hankins W P, blacksmith. 
Hannah A M, live stock. 
ij rdesty L A, justice of the peace. 
! ■;■! John, blacksmith. 
nicAlpill 7.1 A, Grocer. 

McLaughlin C R, carpenter. 
McLaughlin W II, hotel. 
Moody E T, meat market. 
I'etlit Thomas, shoemaker. 
Simmons A A, briekmason. 
S'.rohle John, shoemaker. 
Wallace Irwin, confectioner. 
Ward lames, plasterer. 
Ward O A, physician. 
Ward O P, plasterer. 
Webb J W, Flour Mill. 
Williams j E, painter. 
Worman C R, general store. 

SO UTI1 HA UB. Name of postof- 
f:cc at Raub station, on the L. N. A. & C. 
Ky, in Randolph township, Tippecanoe 

duty, is to miles south of Lafayette. It 
i; merely a country postoffice and flag sta- 
ti 'n, with no village population. Mail 
daily. E. Raub, postmaster. 
Raub A & K, Grain Dealers. 


I. D. & S. Ry, in Greene township, Parke 
county, 12 miles northeast of Rockville, the 
county seat. It has no postoffice. 

SOUTH IV EST. Harrison town- 

;\ Elkhart county, is located 7'J miles 

southwest of Goshen, the county seat and 

'hipping point. Has tri-wcekly stage com- 

munication with Goshen. Mail tri-weekly. 

Aaron K. Cra ; ,g, postmaster. 

Apple Monroe, wagonmaker. 

Blander Francis, blacksmith. 

Coble Jacob, gunsmith. 

Craiy Aaron 15, General Store. 

Holsapple Adam, blacksmith. 

Martin Moses, wagonmaker. 


river and Eel River Division W. St. L. & 
P. Ry, in Cleveland township, Whitley 
county, 9 miles southwest of Columbia City 
court house, contains 400 inhabitants, 
graded school, Methodist and Baptist 
churches. The river furnishes water power 
to drive one flour mill. Grain, hogs, cat- 
tle and sheep are the principal shipments. 
Express, Pacific. Mail daily. S. Robbins, 

Arnold John & Co, Hour mill and bankers. 
Baker John, boots and shoes. 
Beauchamp P M, R R and Ex agent. 
Bonebrake G W, blacksmith. 
Coombs J K & Co, general store. 
Coverstone J D Rev (United Brethren). 
Creagor J A, agl implts. 
Cuppy Thomas T, agl implts. 
Doll & Dickev, meat market, 
lssumlav} "Wm, Hotel. 
Emerson M B, justice of the peace. 
Fisher Geo E, stave mnfr. 
Forst Samuel, grocer. 
FOSler CS II, Livery. 
Glapley Wm, weaver. 
Glassley John, harness. 
Glassley & Pritchard, grocers. 
Grimes & Stultz, dry goods. 
Henry J C, saw mill. 
LaFollette T J, physician. 
Maloney C D, tailor. 
Martin John, hardware. 
Merriman E, physician. 
Merrisnan & liioJjtjius, Druggists. 

Miller J S Rev (United Brethren). 
Norris Wm J, stock dealer. 
Powless W H, saloon. 
Remington F S & Co, hardware. 
Robinson FA Rev (Methodist). 
Sheibly H, grocer, boots and shoes. 
Sheibly Mrs, milliner. 
Shuh Charles, saw and planing mill, 
Sickafoose A W, blacksmith. 
Sickafoose S H, wagonmaker. 
Smith lohn G, furniture. 
Ward Azar, justice of the peace. 
Ward P T Rev (Baptist). 
Wyatt Karton, Dry Goods. 
Widup A P Miss, milliner. 

Chicago Zinc Works ,S of iii 

:il «>vl< 

.ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clii 


of Asse'.s, has not one rfollar of inior- 

I. For agencies DVccf with Com! in 

CCLLOCG, Sup't, Chicago, ti 



injvian> :--j'.\'i'i. (,',\zr: r i ri:i:i; 


SPADE'S DEPOT. -With a popu- 
lation of 150, is located in Ripley county, 

17 miles northwest of Versailles, the county 

seat, on C. I. St. L. & C. R. R. Grain, 

hay, lumber and staves are the exports. 

Express, American. Mail daily. August. 

Franke, postmaster. 

Bauman C, carpenter. 

Bohmer Fred, blacksmith. 

Buhl Adam, painter. 

Dirshell J, carpenter. 

Frasilke A, General Store and Grain. 

Hahn John, saw mill. 

Kostens Henry, general store. 

Kiamer George, saloon and justice. 

Lyreight T, wagonmaker. 

Mitchell Adam, general store and saloon. 

NewforOi Bros, Saw Mill. 

Pehringer J M, tailor. 

Pirner Charles, wagonmaker. 

Serrer Albert, general store. 

Steinfort John C, farmer. 

Steinfort J 11 & Bro, saw mill and agricul- 
tural implts. 

Snnman T W \Y, farmer. 

Wiesehan C E, teacher. 

SPARKSVILLE. Having a popu- 
lation of 100, is located on O. & M. Ry, in 
Jackson county, 14 miles southwest of 
Brownstown, the county seat. The village 
contains Christian church and district 
school. Express, Ohio and Mississippi. 
Mail daily. Andrew J. Lee, postmaster. 
Beck S N, R R and Ex agt. 
Blythe Henry, shoemaker. 
Booker George \V, grain dealer. 
Lee Andrew J, General Store. 
Lillis Daniel, saloon. 
Starr Jacob F, live stock. 

SPARTA. In township of same 
name, county of Dearborn, is located 3 
miles west of Moore's Hill, the nearest ra-.l 
approach on O. & M. Ry, and 14 miles 
west of Lawrenceburgh court house. Con- 
tains Baptist church, district school and re- 
ceives mail tri-weekly. Population, 150. 
Frederick Slater, postmaster. 
Bedunah J \V, carpenter. 
Chamberlain S li, physician. 
Johnson J W, justice of the peace. 
Slater F & Son, General Store. 
Tyrrell Frank, blacksmith. 

S PAP T A X B U R G. Green's 
Fork township, southeast corner of Ran- 
dolph county, 12 miles southeast of Win- 
chester, the county seat, 5 northeast of 


12 Last'WinluiiittoH street, ' 

i?a>tA.\As>i>i J is, rS'ix. 

Lynn, on the G. R. & I. R. R., and i a 
southwest of Union City, on the C. C. C 
& I. and P. C. & St. L. Rys— last t« 
named are both shipping points. Has two 
churches — Methodist and Christian — and 
district school. Population 175. Daily 
stage communication with Union City .11.:. 
Arba. Mail daily. J. H. Curtib, postmas- 

Baldwin George, physician. 
Berry J S, physician. 
Bunch James, carpenter. 
Claik Tames W, wagonmaker. 
Clark John \Y, hotel. 
Clark Levi, saw mill. 
Curtis J M, Diugs, Paints and Oils. 
Dunman \V H, shoemaker. 
Elliott R, carpenter. 
Forkner R E, general store. 
Hill J W, general store ami hotel. 
Hunt II, saw and flour mill. 
Loeke*J W. furniture. 
McDonald H, blacksmith. 
Morgan R H, physician. 
Pierson Ludlow, wagonmaker. 
Shaffer W H, barber. 
Taylor John H, shoemaker. 
Williams J H, blacksmith. 

SPEARSVILLE. Has 50 inhabi- 
tants, situated in Hamblin township, 
Brown county, 10 miles northeast of Nash- 
ville, the county seat. Contains Methodist 
church and district school. Samaria, 5 
miles north, on the F. F. & M. R. R., is 
the nearest railroad depot. Mail semi- 
weekly. David James, postmaster. 
Barnett G \V, blacksmith. 
Crabb Wm, general store. 
James £>avill, General Store. 
Knee A A, shoemaker. 
Moser J P, physician. 
Stockwell A F, wagonmaker. 
Stockwell Palmer, teacher. 

SPENCER. The county seat of 
Owen county, was first settled March 14, 
1S20, and incorporated as a village in 1S67. 
It is an enterprising place of 1660 inhabi- 
tants, located on the west bank of While 
river and on the I. & V. Ry, 52 miles south- 
west of Indianapolis. Spencer is surround- 
ed by an exceedingly fertile agricultural 

building stone and Indiana marble. Grain, 
live stock, stone and lumber are its chief 
exports. There can be found in the village 
five churches— Baptist, Christian, Presby- 
terian and two Methodist — a good graded 

The Best Line of Imported Watches 
in the State, 


Sells Ileal Estate, 

No. 307 Upper Third St. 
Evansville. Ind. 





h iol, two flour mills, one saw mill, a 
len mill, three hotels, two weekly news- 
:rs— the Owen County People and Oiuen 
\-unty Journal— and two banks. Promi- 
. ;•, among its hotels is the National, which 
ill be found to be clean, new, centrally 

lied and well managed. Express, 
.dams. Telegraph, Western Union. Mail 
,u!v. T°el A. Coffey, postmaster. 
.Iberson & White, flour mill. 
j Igcr Felix D & Son, general store. 
lalterton Frank T, hardware. 

cm, rerlen & Co, bankers. 
i(iD & Newsom, general store. 
dies J T, physician. 
oswell T 11 & Co, boots and shoes, 
ratlin Alexander R. jeweler. 
harabers Samuel N, coroner, 
happell Robert W, physician. 
leaver J«$lstl W, Proprietor Na- 

lional Hotel, northwest cor Public 


bats John H, livery. 
1 !:•-•)• Joel A, postmaster, 
nlfev Minter L, saloon. 
ooper Joseph A, agt Adams Ex Co. 
uoper I I & Son, general store. 
ox Nathaniel D, physician. 
r.lmcr John W Rev (Methodist), 
ulmer J C, justice of the peace, 
urlis John T, druggist. 

'I I'V) _ 

Curtis & Fishier, Flour Mill, I & V 

Ry west of Depot. 
Daggy Wallace L, hardware. 
Dittemore & Johnson, lawyers. 
Drescher Louis, furniture. 
Early John B, lawyer. 
Elliott Fountain B, photographer. 
Ellis Bros, saw mill. 
Evans John E, hotel. 
Exchange Bank, capital ,$50,000, Wm M 

Franklin pres, S L Wallace cash. 
Fisher J & Son, woolen mill. 
Fowler Inman II, lawyer. 

at Law, n s Public Square. 
Gentry Wm C, jeweler. 
Hall. Barton, painter. 
Hardin Richard T, saloon. 
Harris John E, livery. 
Harris Thomas J, dry goods. 
Harris Wm B, propr Owen County Peopl 
Havish & Repass, furniture. 
Hight Harris Rev (Christian). 
Hight Harrison, grocer. 
Hecht Charles A & Co, wines and liquor 
Hoffman August, barber. 
Huff A M, hides and pelts. 
Huff Romeo A, druggist. 
Hulet Etta Miss, hair work. 
Hunt Celia W, supt public schools. 
Jacobs Bernard, grocer. 



The beds and bedding are all new and kept in the neatest order. The table is sup- 
lied with the best the markets afford, and the National is justly considered by the 
raveling public a first-class Hotel in every respect. Sample Rooms on the first floor. 

JOHN IF. CLEA VER, Proprietor. 

Tlie best stable in the county for first-class accommodations at all 
times. Give Me a Call. 

Nl. E. Cop. Public Square, Spencer, Ind. 

cms. n. cni.snx. 

FOTTXTDEY 3? AGlimB, &c. ,<* 4 .,„ f™*.* ««.,, Chicago. 

• "Ulrul, licjMoiif, t.'.iiil, .V.O. XU<: l«l nt.lialli.iilr, (tml (i.< I Iicui'i'tC 


profitably l,y a Threshing EriRit, 
apolis, Ind. J5cei>agu3. 





Johnson Charles E, lawyer. 

Jury Thomas J, merchant tailor. 

Keene Theodore, saloon. 

Keueilebcr Adolph, grocer. 

Kipliart JabolJ, Recorder of Owen 

Lanham John D, agt I & V Ry. 

Lawson James F & Co, druggists. 

Levestein B & Co Mrs, general store. 

Lucas Isaac S, hotel. 

McCormickJ I!, shoemaker. 

MeKimji't Alexander, Attorney 
at Law, southwest corner Public Square. 

McMahon Edward W, tefc op, Western 
Union Tel Co. 

McNaught Thomas A, general store. 

Massey, Robert & Co, ice dealers. 

Mead Wm S, stave and heading mnfr. 

Meek James S, lawyer. 

Miller Krasili, Livery, northeast cor- 
ner Public Square. [See adv.) 

Moore Lula Mrs, milliner. 

Moore Mollie Miss, milliner. 

Moore Robert Rev (Baptist). 

Mount William A & Co, general store. 

Mullinnix Elislia N, physician. 

Mullinnix Maston G, physician. 

Murphey Alice K Mrs, saddles and harness. 

National Hotel, 1 W Cleaver propr. 

Overstreet Richard G, boots and shoes. 

Owen County Journal (weekly), Smith & 
Schell proprs. 

Owen County People (weekly), Wm B 
Harris propr. 

Patrick C 15, carpenter. 

Perry Zebulon, grocer. 

Pool Charlotte Mrs, milliner. 

Pryor Watson W, grocer. 

Richards Harlin Rev (Methodist). 

Richards & Fullerton, lawyers. 

Ridenour Frank, blacksmith. 

Sadler Samuel C, general store. 

Sadler, Greene & Co, grocers. 

Schell F A, physician. 

Schell Walker, physician. 

Schmidt Ludwig, shoemaker. 

Schweitzer 15, stone quarry. 

Smith Luther II, wagonmaker. 

Smith & Schell, proprs Owen County Jour- 

Spencer Pork House Co, pork packers. 

Starkey John W, lawyer. 

Stewart & Pratt, blacksmiths. 

Stoker Charles, shoemaker. 

Strother George W, wagonmaker. 

Swigert Wm E, dentist. 

Thomas Charles II Rev (Methodist). 

Van Sant Francis W, dentist. 

Van Sant Wm P, physician. 

j Viquesney & Son, marble works. 
' VValden Jesse F, barber. 
I Walls Ann Mrs, milliner. 

Wampler John M, wagonmaker. 
! Ward David L, jeweler. 
I Wellmati S Grauman, clothing. 

Whitakcr O W, meat market. 
• Wiles Wm V, phvsician. 
'■ Wile, W V & F M, druggists. 
i Williams Noel \V, county clerk. 
I Wood Lycurgus H, sheriff. 

SPENCER V1LLE. Has 400 pop- 
ulation and is in Concord township, D,'- 
Kalb county, on St. Joseph river, 12 miles 
southeast of Auburn, the county seat, and 
3 south of St. Joe station, on the 15. & O. 
R. R. The village has Methodist and Lu- 
thoran churches and graded school. A flour 
mill is operated by water power furnished 
from the river. Mail daily. J. A. Pro- 
vines, postmaster. 
Barney Bros, dry goods. 
Bishop P, genera! store. 
Bowman R Mrs, milliner. 
Cahill J M, tinner. 
Cleany Bros, meat market. 
F.dls 11 H & Son, furniture. 
Horn ] L, wagonmaker. 
Houghton Lloyd, physician. 
Jones L, shoemaker. 
Moore Benjamin, barber. 
Murphy George, physician. 
Murray Bros, Hour mill. 
Nichols J R. insurance. 
Olds Samuel N, dry goods. 

Pro-vines jolmi A, Drugs. 
Ruinmell O M, saddles and harness. 
Sehappach A, boots and shoes. 
Smith G W A & Son, blacksmiths. 
Summers J B, saddles and harness. 
Wise George, blacksmith. 

ST1CELA yi). An incorporated 
village of 700 inhabitants, located in Henry 
county, S miles southwest of New Castle 
and 2}i miles north of Dunreith, the ship- 
ping point on P. C. & St. L. Ry. The 
place has two churches — Friends and Meth- 
odist — the Friends church being a very sub- 
stantial edifice, erected at a cost of $10,000. 
Its educational facilities are unsurpassed by 
any place of its size in the state, and in- 
cludes the Spiceland Academy and good 
graded schools. Daily stage communica- 
tion with Dunreith— fare 20c — and New 
Castle— fare 40c Mail daily. O. H. 
Nixon, postmaster. 
Bailey John Q, blacksmith. 


Manufacturer of the 
82 We! 


» Capital City Cigar 

A. Kbtisely & Co 

72 anrt -,-i XV. Jflonroe Street,, CHICAGO. 
Tin, Slate :m«l Iron Hoofers. 

nBave fceen to fcusiaess for 20 ysar:, and warrasVill en: w:ri. 





Binford & Talbert, sawmill. 

Butler Joseph, justice of the peace. 

Chamness Wm S, dry goods. 

Cochran & Bailey, physicians. 

Collins H A, shoemaker. 

Dawson Wm Rev (Friends), shoemaker. 

EaStridge J L, Saddles and Harness. 

Ging Wm, physician. 

Cordon M C, physician. 

Harold L, grocer. 

Holloway J W, insurance. 

Jones H \V, physician. 

Kissel T M, editor Spiceland Reporter. 

Millikan T K, livery. 

Newman & Son, meat market. 

Nixait O M, Drugs, School Books and 

Parker Bros, groceries. 
Pleas A E, hotel. 
Porch -R F, hardware. 
Ratlin" C W, photographer. 
Sears James W, blacksmith. 
Sieg Henry, tailor. 

Spiceland Reporter, J M Kissel propr. 
Unthank J T, constable. 
Vj'Ilite Jw, Lawyer. 
Wilson John, wagonmaker. 
Wilson M A, dry goods. 
Winslow Spencer, barber. 

SPJIA YTO M'N. Is located in Jack- 
son county, 6 miles northwest of Browns- 

town, the county seat. Ewing, 6 
southeast on the O. & M. Ry, is the 



ping point, population 20. Mail 
weekly. Jacob Louster, postmaste 
general store. 


SPRING DALE. Is located in 
Johnson township, Ripley county, 4 miles 
from Versailles, the county seat, and same 
distance from Pierceville, its shipping point 
on the O. & M. Ry. Mail tri-weekly. 
Thomas G.'Toph, postmaster. 
Kissel Jacob, carpenter. 



SPRINGFIELD. A hamlet in 
township of same name, county of Frank- 
lin, 8 miles east of Brookville court house 
and place of shipment. There is Metho- 
odist church and district school here. Mail 
received four times per week. J. F. Miles, 

Buckingham George, physician. 
Miles } F\ General Store. 
Thorp &Bro, blacksmiths. 

SPRINGFIELD. Lagrange coun- 
ty. (See Brushy Prairie). 

SPRING HILL. Contains 2S in- 
habitants, Presbyterian church anil district, 
school, and is located in Fugit township, 
Decatur county, 10 miles north of Greens- 
burg, the county seat and shipping point. 
Mail received tri-weekly by stage from 
Greensburg, Mary Mitchell, postmaster. 
Donnell S A, live stock. 
McCready J, blacksmith. 
Sands J P, wagonmaker. 
Sands L W, painter. 
Vincent S A Clergyman. 

SPRING POUT. Is a station on 
the Ft. W. M. & C. R. R., in Prairie 
township, Henry county, S miles north of 
New Castle, the county seat, has 109 inhab- 
itants, and ships com, wheat and hogs. 
Express, American. Mail daily. II. Ben- 
edict, postmaster. 

Kewetlict M, Physician and Druggist. 
Benedict L F, justice of the peace. 
Eslabrook L W, physician. 
Gilmore J B, grain. 
Hickman J M, general store. 
Jones L H, shoemaker. 
Messerly G E, blacksmith. 
Nash A H, wagonmaker. 
rSx-eman 15, Nursery. 
Sivard C W, blacksmith. 
Smith Bros, general store, R R and Ex 



settled place with a population 

situated in Spencer county, 10 in 

of Rockport, the county seat, on 

& S. W. Ry, has a Methodist soc 
j press, Adams. Mail daily. Join 
! ney, po^ma=ter. 
j Bays John, general store. 

Beasley II C, blacksmith. 

Carleton Wm, blacksmith. 

Chapman B F, constable. 

ClJrisncv J IS, General Stor 

Courier C F, shoemaker. 
j Fisher B N, carpenter. 
I GarbrOUffJl K, Drugs, Hot 
ler and Flour Mill. 

Inerch C, blacksmith. 

Johnson John I, livery. 

Johnson 'Matilda Mrs, hotel. 

Kramer 1 II, cattle dealer. 

McCoy Geo W, physician. 

McCoy Luther, lawyer. 




200, is 




C. R. 


. Ex- 



Theo. Pfafflin & C( 

10 Ic.-Kiinsr I'iuno 
:• West. Send for Pr 
and CO North Pcnnsjlva 

ind Ortrntt House of 

e-lisis and Catalogue-:;. 


Indianapolis, Iiul. 





Smilh J R, physician. 

Smilli \V F F Rev (Methodist). 

SPRING iriLLE. Contains 300 
inhabitants, three churches — Methodist, 
Baptist and Church of Christ— district 
school, and exports lumber and live stock. 
The village is located on Spring creek, in 
Terry township, Lawrence county, and is a 
station on the IS. S. O. & B. Ry, 12 miles 
northwest of Bedford, the county seat. 
Express, Adams. Mail daily. George 
Richard, postmaster. 
Crooke J G, harnessmaker. 
Deeahl Geo, shoemaker. 
Evans Alex, meat market. 
Gaiuey John M, general store. 
Gainey & Gunn, general store. 
GunnJ H, physician. 
Johnson Levi Rev (Methodist). 
Miller Wm, vvagonmaker. 
Pierce James, general store. 
Raffcrty M C, general store. 
X£icliard George, Hotel and Jus- 
Richard James, constable. 
Richard James II, carpenter. 
Short Owen Rev (Church of Christ). 
Short Quincy Rev (Church of Christ). 
Short Wesley, physician. 
Whitted Silas, blacksmith. 
Woodward W B, druggist. 

SPTJRGEON. Name of the post- 
office at the village of Pleasantville, a set- 
tlement in Pike county, iS miles south of 
Petersburg, the county seat. Oakland City, 
10 miles northeast, on the L. N. A. & St. 
L. R. R., and Boonville, 15 miles south, on 
the L. E. E. & S. W. R. R., are the ship- 
ping stations. Contains two churches — 
Baptist and Christian. Wheat and tobacco 
are the principal exports. Mail daily. John 
Ferguson, postmaster. 
Coleman J W, physician. 
Farmer A B, saw mill. 
Ferguson John Rev (Methodist). 
Ferguson Thomas, physician. 
Green Wm Rev (Baptist). 
Ross J L, blacksmith. 
Roy Leonard Rev (Baptist). 
Shepard James A, justice of the peace. 
Shepard & Sarton, general store. 
Taylor J H & Co, general store. 
West E A, physician. 

postofnee for village of Millersburg. Con- 
tains 50 inhabitants, a Methodist church 

and district school, and is located in Stam; 
er's Creek township, Orange county, 7 mih 
east of Paoli, the county seat, S south 
Lancaster and 10 southeast of Orleans. 
Either of last named are shipping poin: 
on L. N. A. & C. Ry. Has Baptist chur L „ 
and district school. Mail semi-weekly. 
Ulrick Sailer, postmaster. 
Baker James, physician. 
Breugle Milton, carpenter. 
Dolts Philip, blacksmith. 
Lewis J M, shoemaker. 
McCoy Allen, hotel. 
McCoy Bros, distillers. 
Sailer Ulrselt, General Store. 
Wolf Allen, justice of the peace. 

STANFORD. Located in Van 
Buren township, Monroe county, 10 miles 
southwest of Bloomington, the county seat 
and nearest railroad approach, is a village 
containing 300 inhabitants, two churches — 
Baptist and Methodist — and graded school. 
Mail received tri-weekly. H. A. Baker, 
Baiter FsJJ-OS, General Store, Grain 

and Stock. 
Carpenter J, shoemaker. 
Connet N, hotel. 
Eaton J H, general store. 
Gaston & Boggs, physicians. 
Greene Joseph, blacksmith. 
Walker J S, justice of the peace. 

STAR. The postoffice at Ging's Sta- 
tion on Rushville Division of the J. M. & 
1. R. R., in Union township, Rush county, 
7 miles northeast of Rushville, the county 
seat. Express, American. Mail daily. 
Mrs. N. E. Ging, postmaster. 
Bell'Joseph M, lumber. 
Francis J B2, Grocer R R & Express 

Newkirk Daniel B, saw mill. 
Peters A R, dry goods. 
Schonert Theodore & Son, blacksmiths. 
Wikoff Samuel C, grain. 

STAR C1TV. On the P. C. & St. 

L. Ry, in Van Buren township, Pulaski 
county, 6 miles southeast of Winamac, the 
county seat. Stock and grain are shipped. 
The village has two religious societies — 
Methodist and Christian. American Ex- 
press. Mail daily. Jacob Wirick, post- 

Blue E T, drugs. 
Brown W R, lumber. 
Iruilii m ITi, Lumber and Grain. 

-A.. Xj. -WJtllCS-X-XT £z. CO. 

Successors I . Adams, Mansur & Co., 

47 and/9 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

Largest Stock in the State. 

n 11 C r>, on U m INDIANAPOLIS, sell Picd- 
LODD (X 1313.11113.111, ?W Qm/.> Blacksmithing. 





Treed Wm R, cooper. 
Fultz L, meat market. 
Heward O II P, general store. 
Hubbard John, saloon, 
kahler Henry, undertaker. 
Kinman I N, physician. 
Korner Wm, live stock. 
Osborn James, physician. 
Peters 1H&G, physicians. 
ReicJiartf JaCO«>, Shoemaker. 
Kcinhart J J, grocer. 
Reinhart Michael, shoemaker. 
South Oliver, harnessmaker. 
Stanhiser George, blacksmith. 
Stewart C G, justice of the peace. 
Stewart W F, gunsmith. 
Whitraer John, blacksmith. 
Wirick. Jlacotf, Hotel. 

STATE LINE. Steuben county. 
(Set Ray.) 

STATE LINE. Derives its name 
from its location on the the Illinois state 
line, is in Kent township, Warren county, 
on the W. St. L. & P. Ry., 17 miles south- 
west of Williamsport court house, contains 
300 inhabitants, three churches — Christ- 

i, Methodist and Presbyterian — and gra- 

ded school. Corn, wheat, 

are shipped. Express, Pacific. Mai 

A. R. Simpson, postmaster. 

Andrews D P, grocer. 

Andrews S J S, wagonmaker, 

Barger Wm, grocer, 

Birch E K, physician. 

Bonebrake B F, general store. 

Brown K S, Physician. 

liuttingham B, grain dealer. 

Cavanaugh Patrick, livery. 

Combs J B Rev (Methodist). 

Crowe W B, R R and Ex agt. 

Douilmc J R, Hour mill. 

Gregg D, grain. 

J ihnson L II, lawyer. 

Linn Thomas, hotel. 

I.acas John P, justice of the peace. 

Marple B F, drugs. 

I'fuuder Fred, harnessmaker. 

I'orter A M, physician. 

Post E 11 Rev (Presbyterian). 

Shepler David, Hardware. 

Stephens E E, hardware, 

Stephens Job, meat market. 

Stephens J W, physician. 

Stephens T H, grocer. 

Van Allen Asa, blacksmith. 

Wilson Thomas K, boots and shoes. 

STA UNTON. A village of 600 in- 
habitants, in Clay county, 4 miles south- 
west of Brazil, the county seat. The St. 
L. V. T. H. & I. R. R. passes through the 
village. There is a good flour mill, four 
churches— Methodist, German Reformed 
and two Christian — and graded school in 
the place. Coal is mined here quite ex- 
tensively and is the principal article of ex- 
port. Express, American. Mail daily. 
Albert Webster, postmaster. 
Akers A J Rev (Christian). 
Bayh C, wagonmaker. 
Biler J G, saloon. 
Boon Philip, cooper. 
Brown J Rev (Christian). 
Danner F B, shoemaker. 
Gerkinsinger F J Rev (German Reformed). 
Gertsmyer J, physician. 
James F J, justice of Hie peace. 
King John, blacksmith. 
Lanham J, meat market. 
Larkins E L, physician. 
Lawson fames, Blacksmith. 
Lehnar M, saloon. 
Little & Yocum, coal miners. 
Eucas J T, R R and Ex agt. 
McCullough F B, physician. 
Maxy J C, physician. 
Sherb John G, general store. 
Somers Joseph, coal miner. 
Wardlaw J & J, general store. 
Wardlaw & Ell, drugs. 
"Webster & Vauclcve, General 

Wright E, shoemaker. 

STEAM CORNER. A place in 
Mill Creek township, Fountain county, 12 
miles southeast of Covington court house. 
Veedersburg, on the I. B. & W. Ry, 6 
miles north, is the shipping point. Popu- 
lation 50. Has Methodist church and 
graded school. Mail received daily. F. 
H. Hershberger, postmaster. 
Cartwright Wm Rev (Baptist). 
Fine E M, physician. 
Gossett Henry, hotel. 

MerpJibcrjjer & Bouel>ralter, 
General Store, Boot and Shoe Manufac- 
Long I) R, shoemaker. 
Lucas J L, general store. 
Ludlow Volney, broom mnfr. 
McNeil Scott, physician. 
Woodgate Win, blacksmith. 

STENT) A L. Is a village of 125 in- 
habitants, located in Lockhart township, 

OlO BOOKS BOUGHT ^omm^nlrations'PromptlyAnsSSred. 




Pike county, 20 miles southeast 

of Peters- 

4 miles south of Anio, its nearest railron 

burg, the county scat, and 12 


st of 

station, has three churches— Baptist, Meth- 

Huntingburgh, on the C. R. & S. W 


odist and Christian— daily stage communi- 

It has 'a Lutheran church an 

d di 


cation with Amo -fare 30c. Mail daily. 

school. Mail received four times 

per \ 


B. M. Gentry, postmaster. 

Wm. Harmeyer, postmaster. 

Crawford A li, stocl; dealer. 

BcelerJ S, physician. 

Crawford & Garrison, blacksmiths. 

Caldmeyer Wm, flour mill. 

Fitchett D E, - :maker. 

DeTar David, physician. 

Gentry f, stock denier. 

Eilert Christian, wajjonmaker. 

Gentry Bros, General Store. 

Hannever & Martin, n 


Green J X, pl.v-iei in. 

Hartke |ohn, shoemaker. 

Heavenridge A, physician. 

Hillemeyei 11 11, blacksmith. 

HeavenridgeS Dunnington, drugs. 

Hoover 1' N, physician. 

Johnson A W, hotel. 

Knider Henry, saloon. 

McAninch E, justice of the peace. 

Meyer Henry, carpenter. 

Marker E H, flour mill. 

Poetker F 11, general store. 

Masters N G, physician. 

Rixe Henry, cabinetmaker. 

Masters & Sons, general store. 

Stork Wm, general store. 

0>born J M, blacksmith. 

Upenkamp Henry, blacksmith. 

Robards E, druggist. 

Wise J M, painter. 

Shoptaugh W A, general store and hotel. 

STENO. Was established 

as a 


STILLVE/y!,. Lies at crossing of I. 

office in iSSo, and is situated in 


P. & C. and N. W. G. T. R. Rs., in Pleas- 

county, S'A ,llilcs from LnG 


' the 

ant township, La Porte county, S miles 

county seat, and nearest rail 


southeast of La Porte, the county sea 1 .. 

Mail semi-weekly. Martin Kc 



Wheat, corn, oats and potatoes ore the 


chief exports. Population so- Express, 

Bishop N, carpenter. 

American. Mail daily. C. E. Young, post- 

Brayton Tohn, live stock. 


Byers W Rev clergyman. 

Bear George, agrl iniplts. 

Koontz. George, shoemaker. 

Boserman S S, grain and live stock. 


CrowellO, justice of the peace. 


ship, Posey county, is lc 
em portion of the com 

Dowker II F, R R a 
Loon, is D, constable 
McCarthy D, groceri 

of Mt. Vernon, the county seat. Evans- 

Moore A P, R R agt. 

ville, 23 miles south, is the usual shipping 

Young C E, Drugs, Cigars, Tobacco 

depot. The village, with a population of 

and Express Agent. 

I^o, has three churches — Methodist, Bap- 

tist, and Evangelical. Tri-weekly stage 

STJWESV1LLE. Situated hi Blos- 

communication with Owensville and New 

som township, Monroe county, is a village 

Harmony. Mail daily. H. Demberger, 

possessing a population of 400, on line of 


the L. N. A. iY C. Ry., 12 miles northwest 

Calvin J E, saloon. 

of Bloomington, the county seat, has two 

IScmber^er & Fail!, General Store. 

churches— Baptist and Methodist— and dis- 

Duclos J C, "blacksmith. 

trict school. Bean Blossom creek supplies 

Faul Fred, harness. 

one saw and two flour mills with water 

Hyne 1 B, cattle dealer. 

power. Limestone is quarried extensively 

Hyne Lewis, cattle dealer. 

here and is the principal article of export. 

Robb I W, general store. 

Express, L. N. A. & C. Mail daily. 

Rutlcd'ge J J, confectioner. 

James T. Greer, postmaster. 

Steinbrenner C, shoemaker. 

Ashbright F, shoemaker. 

Tretheway George, wagonmakcr. 

Beeman R, carriagemaker. 

Davis & Casner, stone quarry. 

STILESVILLE. This village of 

Dunn C C, general store. 

400 inhabitants is situated in the southwest- 

Easton J Mrs, hotel. 

ern portion of Hendricks county, 10 miles 

Greer James T, Railroad and Ex- 

southwest of Danville, tbe county seat, and 

press Agent. 

On all matters pertaining to 
IS Hubbard Block, Indiana 
ial, and given careful an 

t0 D A HPTTOTO Pa ^-S consult C. Bradford, 
P»-r A 5 Hi V X lis, Ind. A!ilm,incssconnden- 

m dl -£*• i- JUll 1 rJ.prompt personal attention. 

J^nw Publishers and Booksellers 

3AED c% GO. 






Grcer R M, physician. 
Hadley & Litllen, flour mill, 
Hadley & Son, (lour mill. 
McHenry & Bro, stone quarry. 
McHenryfi Son, stone quarry. 

RigrgTS & Waltien, Stone Quarry. 

Smock 1, blacksmith. 
Williams J S, saw mill. 
Williams .X. Pugh, stoneyard. 

STIPP'S JflLL. More generally 
known as Ruena Vista, is located in Frank- 
lin county, 16 miles west of lirookvilic, the 
county scat, and S miles west of Metamo- 
ra, on the W. W. V. R. R. With a popu- 


Methodist. Mail semi- 
weekly. James T. Osborn, postmaster. 
Cupp Millard F, physician. 
Hidgon George W, blacksmith. 
Monroe Jacob, carpenter. 
OSiJOr'll James T, General Store. 
Vail David, plasterer. 

S TO CKDA L E. Known formerly as 
Mount Vernon, on the line between Miami 
and Wabash counties, but claiming the first 
mentioned as its location, is 15 miles north- 
east of Pern court house and one northwest 
of Roann, on the Eel Riv. Div. W. St. 
L. & P. Rv, its shipping point. Eel river, 
which flows through the village, furnishes 
water power for one flour mill. It has 
Lutheran church, district school, American 
E\pre«s and daily mail. R. Cowman, post- 
Appleman, Rank & Son, flour mill. 

!i.) r wmaVR, C "roc"r. er ' 

Caultield Francis, cooper and hotel. 

Conner W J, artist. 

Hurd M V, Carpenter. 

Marine John W, physician. 

Stewart James W, teacher. 

Cplinger John, musician. 

STOCKWELL. Fifty-one miles 
northwest of Indianapolis, on C. I. St. L. 
'V C. R. R , in Eauramie township, Tippe- 
canoe county, 12 miles southeast of Lafay- 
ette court house, contains Methodist church, 
Stockwell Institute and 500 inhabitants. 
Express, American. Mail daily. J. G. 

lira, postmaster. 

iker Joseph, physician. 

r' Moses, physician. 

Blickenstafl" John, cattle dealer. 

Boyd J L Rev (Methodist). 

Brooks H, shoemaker. 

Cole E Mrs, hotel. 

Cole J W, general store. 

Cole Wesley, constable. 

llamil Nathan, carpenter. 

Hanawalt J A, general store. 

JLairtI J fi, President Stockwell lnsti- 

Laird W O, R R and E.n agent. 

Lambert Wm C, physician. 

Miller John, general store. 

Murphy R S, undertaker. 

Osborn S & Co, meat market. 

Prettyman J T, physician. 

Rhinehart David, justice of the peace. 

Storms A, drugs. 

Stockwell Institute, J G Laird pies. 

Swanson & Co, blacksmiths. 

Wasson Wm, harnessmaker. 

Wells A A, Physician. 

Wells A V, cattle 'dealer. 

STONE BE UFFS. Is a settlement 
in Van Buren township, Fountain county, 
and a station on the C. & B. C. R. R., S 
miles southeast of Covington, the county 
seat. Coal Creek operates by water power 
one flour and one saw mill. With a popu- 
lation of 100, the village has United Breth- 
ren church, and ships grain and hogs. 
Mail daily. Washington Struder, postmas- 

Boord Newton, general store. 
Boyd C C. harnessmaker. 
"Calvert Wm, physician. 
D.iss Samuel, blacksmith. 
EJudley M, Tailor. 
Grubb John, carpenter. 
Mallett Wm, saw and flour mill. 
Miner S, shoemaker. 
Morgan S, grain dealer. 
Richardson A G, physician. 
Rise H Rev (United Brethren). 
Simpson 1 II, blacksmith. 
Stritiler & KelSOlI, General Store. 

30, is located in White River township, 
Johnson county, 9 miles northwest of Frank- 
lin court house. Whitelan.l, 6 miles east, 
on the J. M. & I. R. R., is the shipping 
point. There are in the vicinity Methodist 
and Christian churches. Mail received 
weekly. R. Church, postmaster. 
Clmreli It & Soil, General Store. 
Grimes J \V, shoemaker. 
Keesling L, blacksmith. 


J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South 


just < 

Sects and Cornice firms. Sent Ly 

Clinton Street, CHICACO, ILL 

. '.r.Sl- 


ns. Co, 

■e Asentsi will honr 
idvaiitagc by writing— 
t). II. KEI.LO(.(J, sup't, Cliicafro, in 





Kegley John L, physician. 
Smith A, saw mill. 
Surface F M, wagonmaker. 

STONE STAT I OX. Randolph 
county. (Sec Claris.) 

STONT POINT. Established for 
the convenience of a community of farm- 
ers, is a postoffice in Jefferson county, 5 
miles north of Madison the county seat and 
shipping point. Tri-weekly mail. \Vm. 
Watlington, postmaster. 
Wagner George, wagoninaker. 
"Watlillg;t«>18 "W, Stock Agent. 

southeastern part of Henry county, Dudley 
township, with a population of 150, is lo- 
cated on P. C. & St. L. Ry, 12 miles south- 
east of New Castle, the county seat. The 
village has a Christian church and district 
schools. Lumber, grain and stock are the 
principal shipments. Express, American. 
Daily mail. Eli Smith, postmaster. 
Allison A A, meat market. 
CliarlCS S, Carpenter. 
Dennis & Stephenson, drain tile. 
Eifer E Rev (Christian), insurance. 
Haydcn BF, blacksmith. 
Martindale RA, sewing machines. 
Pike N T, shoemaker. 
Reynolds Eli, saw mill. 
Shinn Israel, grain. 
Snnitli Elij Grain Dealer, Railroad and 

Express Agent. 
Starr John L, general store. 
Straughn J J, blacksmith. 
Vanlangham Lee, justice of the peace. 
Weakly David, physician. 
Willis AO, barber. 
Willis James L, general store. 
Willis j T, carpenter. 
Winslow E P, wagonmaker. 

STRAIVTON. Contains 100 inhab- 
itants, Methodist church and district school. 
It is located on White river, in White River 
township, Hamilton county, 7 mites norfh- 
east of Noblesville, the county scat. Cicero, 
4 miles west on the I. P. & C. Ry, is its 
shipping point. Mail tri-weekly. G. W. 
Ross, postmaster. 
Brown J S, physician. 
Coy & R.OSS, General Store. 
Fenley J D, justice. 
Flanders James M, live stock. 
Knapp A, hotel and blacksmith. 
McMahan James, live stock. 


Morris James, grain and cattle. 
Richwine G B, shoemaker. 
Smith T J, physician. 
Spery Samuel, saloon. 


office in Ripley county, distant 
from Versailles, the county scat, and 6 from 
Milan, its shipping place on the O. & M. 
Ry, contains German Lutheran church and 
district school. Mail semi-weekly, ller.rr 
Stumke, postmaster. 
Gartamann Frederick, shoemaker. 
Kramer Wm, general store. 
Luhring Christian, saddletree mnfr. 
RiuiUice EtCSiry, General Store, 
Saloon and Shoemaker. 

SUGAR BRANCH. Also called 
Fairview, is a place with 60 inhabitants, 
situated in Cotton township, Switzerland 
county, .10 miles southeast of Vevay, the 
county seat and shipping point. Sugar 
Branch creek furnishes power to operate a 
saw mill. The village has a Methodist 
society and district school. Mail daily. S. 
R. Heath, postmaster. 
Allen J W Rev (Methodist). 
Gaither Minnie Mrs, milliner. 
Gibbs James II, general store. 
Heatll S R., General Store. 
Lee David B, saw mill. 
Likely Henry, harnessmaker. 
Long F M, hotel and blacksmith. 
Oxley L M & O I, millinery. 
Tinker S R, wagonmaker. 

SUGAR CREEK. Named also 
New Palestine, is a thriving village of 500 
inhabitants, situated in Hancock county, 
on the C. H. & I. Ry, 10 miles southwest 
of Greenfield, the county seat, and 14 miles 
southeast of Indianapolis. Power is fur- 
nished by stream known as Sugar Creek 
for saw mill and flour mill. Sugar Creek 
has three churches — two Methodist and 
one Christian — and graded school. Daily 
mail. Wm. T. Eaton, postmaster, 
liuchel Jacob, physician. 
Buttner Tohn, shoemaker. 
Collins C C, hotel and constable. 
Dave & Richman, carpenters. 
Eaton & Son, General Store. 
Elliott D J, drugs. 
Ely J M, physician. 
Ely L C, physician. 
Espey Paul, physician. 
Everson Wm, cooper. 
Faut Bros, wagonmakers. 

BIl-GTTAJK, "vTAL'.: Ss M ^.mEW, 

13i;a>.t'\ta>.iM:)i;i<.n Mr.-et. ' 
IMU Li\.ll'i)Li.'i, INII. 

-.■:.; ■ . 


Rents Houses and Farms, 

Xo. .107 Upper Third St. 
Evansville, "Ind. 





Foglcsong L 5, restaurant. 

Frankenstine George, barber. 

Freeman & Scott, grain. 

Freigal F M, harness. 

rreig. -1 ! George, wagonmaker. 

Geisel C, blacksmith. 

Oesler Frederick, Saw Mill. 

Hawkins R, undertaker. 

Hoffman Henry, agl C H & I Ry. 

Hogle A P, flour mill. 

Hook ST, fruit trees. 

Kingeny Geo, justice of the peace. 

Kirkhoff C H, physician. 

Kneriham Edward, meat market. 

.Starting J C Rev (Christian). 

Pauley A H, saloon. 

Place E» W, Barber. 

Kichman II, harness. 

Schriber H A, drugs. 

Schriber J A, general store. 

Sleeter Chris, wagonmaker. 

Smith A G, blacksmith. 

Stewart R H, photographer. 

True B F, physician. 

Vansickle & Smith, general store. 

Waltke F, shoemaker. 

Winchester George W Rev (Methodist). 

Woener Charles, shoemaker. 

SUGAR GROVE. With loo in- 
habitants, is located in Jackson township, 
Tippecanoe county, l8 miles southwest of 
Lafayette court house, 5 miles southwest 
of Corwin, its shipping point, on the L. N. 
A. & C. R. R. The 'place has Methodist 
church and district school. Mail tri-week- 
ly. George L. Miller, postmaster. 
Arnett J N, blacksmith. 
Boyer James, carpenter. 
Cade Marsh, grain. 
Holt Stewart, meat market. 
Hyatt G W, physician. 
McCoy John, justice. 
'•Idler George L, general store. 
Shuer VVm, live stock. 
Stafford Ira, carpenter. 

SULLIVAK. The capital of Sulli- 
van county is a thrifty, enterprising grow- 
ing village, located on the E. & T. H. R. 
R., 22 miles south of Terre Haute, and qS 
southwest of Indianapolis. It was first set- 
tled by Enoch Walls, and laid out as a 
town in 1S42, is incorporated and contains 
2,500 inhabitants. The court house was 
erected in 1S53, and its new addition built 
in 1S71, and is within 100 yards of being 
in the direct centre of the county. The 
place has substantial business blocks, fine 
residences, a handsome opera house, and 
reliable, energetic business firms, prominent 
among which is the firm of John Davis & 
Sons, which are highly respected for their 
business qualities and integrity, having built 
up one of the largest hardware and general 
agricultural implement trades in Southern 
Indiana by their close attention to business. 
Sullivan contains six churches of different 
denomination-, an excellent graded school 
of ten departments, three hotels, and two 
banks. The press is represented by three 
weekly newspapers, Democrat, Trite Demo- 
cracy and the Union. The city is surround- 
ed by a very fertile agricultural district, 
which is underlaid with a choice quality of 
block coal, and is destined to become a 
place of no unusual importance in the near 
future. Express, Adams. Telegraph, West- 
ern Union. Mail daily. James A. Hayes, 

A bell James B, clothing. 
Basler George W, propr The True Demo- 
Basler'F E, R R and Ex agt. 
Bass Jethro, barber. 
Benefield Mary J Miss, dressmaking. 
Blue Perry II, lawyer. 
Borders Wm G, saloon. 
Brewer & Burton, hardware. 
Briggs Fred, insurance. 
Briggs Murray, propr Sullivan Democrat. 
**rijj"-<3 <-^ Massic, Lawyers. 
Brown James, livery. 


Insurance $L 3L®an Agent, 

Money loaned on Improved Farms, in sums of 5300 and upward. 
Insurance in all the First-Class Companies. 

N. E. Corner Washington and Court Sts., 



HAS.D.C0LSOiT,10S and 110 Franklin Street, Onicago. 

' ' atetl Willington White Sand. Besl Brands of Imported 

Hydraul.c Cements, New York .,„d Miehi 3 .in Slurro. Lie. 
.Sec Atlv., j»ayc -i . 

Ill dr " 00 '' ro, "" ,>ly * "Throng ,,,. 
ftKIr I manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOP 

(1 I UnJiKvEA :. ii r.:.rf»| iiliLL.Iudiaaapolis, Ind.' Bee png.8. 






Brown Wm T, livery. 

Houck Wallace W, sewing machines. 

Brunger S & Co, woolen mill. 

Houpt ec Curtis, carpenters. 

Buff & Patten, lawyers. 

Jean Charles F, saloon. 

Buff & Taylor, physicians. 

Jean & Thurman, produce. 

Bundy K E Mrs, milliner. 

Johnson Wm W, photographer. 

Burks Wm II, druggist. 

Kelly Edward W, jeweler. 

Cavins Riley W, physician. 

Kibett John, dentist. 

Chancy John C, lawyer. 

Kirkham Michael & Son, saddles and bar- 

Clugagc Abbie Miss, dressmaker. 


Coffee Bennet V, justice of the peace. 

Koltinsky Barney, groceries and liquors. 

Coffman Stuart S, druggist. 

Koltinsky Louis, saloon! 

Collier James A, dentist. 

Lacey 5 1!. i"gs, pumps. 

Cooper Jennie Miss, dressmaker. 

Leach Edmond, grocer. 

Co'.iisma, c: Cemlson, 

1 each & Cunningham, grain. 

Lawyers, n w cor Court and Was 


Lui ,: . Barton R, fruil trees. 

Cozine W, H, tailor. 

McCammon Wm, clothing. 

Crawley & McKinley, furniture. 

McEneney Patrick, marble works. 

Crowder Bros, saddles and harness 

Maple & Waggoner, lawyers. 

Crowder Robert H, physician. 

Mason Robert 11, grocer. 

Crowdcr & Reed, druggists. 

Meteer James 11 Rev (Presbyterian). 

Crowley John B, physician. 

Mor.gene J & Co, bakery. 

Curry Dutton, grocer. 

Morgan John C, dentist. 

Davis John & Sons, H 


Murphy Alexander D, physician. 

Stoves, Lumber, Wagons, etc, N Court. 

Murphy Alexander M, physician. 

(S,y adv.) 

Neal John C, Hour mill. 

De Vol! James, gunsmith. 

Neller Henry, shoemaker. 

Doolcy George W, marshal. 

Padgett George W, saloon. 

Dooley Stephen J, blacksmith. 

Parks George ec Co, dry goods. 

Draper Isaac P, saloon. 

Perrow George L, telegraph operator E . v i: 

Draper Solomon, blacksmith. 

T II R R. 

Draper Squire M, grocer. 

Reid James, flour mill. 

Dudley John, sheriff. 

Keid Thomas, grocer. 

Eaton Charles M, physician. 

Ruddell George W, shoemaker. 

Eaton & Eaton, flour mill. 

Russell & Glass, livery. 

Eaton & Thompson, restaurant. 

Shattuck Charles C, saloon. 

Englc Samuel R, Buyer and Man- 

Shattuck Jamison, druggist. 

ager John Davis & Sons, North 


Shelburn Coal Co, Wm Jefferson pies, 

Ernest Josh, boots and shoes. 

Hugh Moore sec. 

Evans Fletcher, hotel. 

Sherman T K & Son, dry goods. 

Evans & Condit, saloon. 

Simmons Thomas, grocer. 

Farmers National Bank, capital 


Smith Wm S, news depot. 

John Giles pres, Medford B Wil 

son cash. 

South Samuel, blacksmith. 

Goodman Solomon, clothing. 

Stewart Bros, grocers. 

Griffin John T .'c Co, grocers. 

Stewart Lafayette, Insurance and 

Griffith Shelbourn C, druggist. 

Loan Agent. (See aih'.) 

Gruhn Abraham, dry goods. 

Stratton Joseph P, saddles and harness. 

Gunn John T, lawyer. 

Sullivan County Hank, capital $75,000, 

drain & Chancy, abstracts of title 

Wm H Crowder pres, Wm E Crawley 

Harris & Payne, barbers. 


Hawkins George R. hotel. 

Sullivan Democrat (weekly), M Briggs 

Hays James A, propr Sullivan Un on. 


Hays John T& Bro, lawyers. 

Sullivan House, Carr B white 

Higbee George W, physician. 


Hilderbrand Edward J C, carriage 


Sullivan Union (weekly), J A Hays propr. 

Hinkle Tames R, physician. 

Teegarden William Y, 'carriages. 

Hinkle James W, boots and shoes 

Troll & Burks, boots and shoes. 

Hoke Jacob F, hardware. 

True Democracy (weekly), G W Baslcr 

Hoskins Edward A, tailor. 


Hosteller cc Williams, general sto 

c - 

Undcrhill Wm, dour mill, 7 miles east. 


JOMr-sT RAUCH, Manufacturer, 
82 West Washington Street, 


f awwhi M"s vac^ T^^'rt Maaufactiwod and for sale lay A. Kzissly Ss 
, !■■'. OIL Co., "72 Sb WW. Monroe Street, CHICAaO. 


^SL r^3SS^7^r 330TS3L,. 


<:>;/? A 5 />'. WHITE, Proprietor. 

(Better known as "Captain.") 

Locate.! on North Main Street, three squares North of the Public Square. The Sullivan 

is now the leading attraction in the hotel line. The house is newly repaired, 

newly papered, rooms large, neatly furnished and well ventilated. The 

beds arc all new, ne; . and clean, and the table is supplied with 

everything in season, and in connection with the house is a 


CAPTAIN WHITE, being an old Kentuckiau, knows just how to cater to the wants 
of the traveling public, and spares no pains to make all feel perfectly at home. Give him 
a call when in Sullivan. 

Only Three Squares North of Public Square, SULLIVAN, 1ND. 

John Davis. C. L. Davis. Ben-j. Davis. 


ixdware & Implement House, 

oh I v.;! _£ 

O £ fr- /va 2 r 




Hltcneil Form and Spring Wr.t,«n. 

Usborn Self-Kinding Harvester, 
icenjicr hiuI Mower. 
Wler Sulky Plow mid Cultivator. 
TlioiMiiM Sulky liny Rnke. 

1'armcrs' Friend Urnln Drill 



Heavy and E,f};!i( Hardware, 
Stoves, Tinware, 

I'.inksii.T Material, 

Farming Implements, 

Carriages, Ete., Ete. 


Buy r First-class l*i;iiin or <ir;'n« on tliose easy terms iriven by TJiKO, 
PrAt'FLIN &CO„ o« U GO NortU'l'i-mihj tvnniu. feirccl, I.MnAa'Al'uLlS, i*B.- 

Sorghum Mills and Pans, 


Indianapolis, I ml. 





Van Fossen Albert, hotel. 

Wall Samuel, justice of the peace. 

Wall Samuel Mrs, milliner. 

Ward John A Rev (Methodist). 

Weir S P, physician. 

Weir & Reed, druggists. 

Welling J H, carriage maker. 

White Can- II, Proprietor Sullivan 

House. (See adv.) 
Whitman John T, grocer. 
Wilkey & Allen, .-rocers. 
Wilson Medford B, dry goods. 
Wolfe Bros, lawyers. 
Young William G & Co, dry goods. 

as it is locally known, is situated in Shelby 
county, II miles southeast of Shelby ville, 
the county seat, and 7 miles southwest of 
St. Paul, on the C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., 
its shipping depot. Flat Ruck river furn- 
ishes power for a flour mill. Good oppor- 
tunity for a saw mill at this point. The 
village has two Methodist churches and a 
graded school. Semi-weekly mail. T. P. 
Edwards, postmaster. 
Prison J, blacksmith. 
Brandenburg B, carpenter. 
Charles M E & J, flour mill. 
Pronberger John, general store. 
Edwards X P, Postmaster and 

Elsberry James, justice of the peace. 
Gregory S H, lime mnfr. 
Hier Leonard, hotel. 
Keeling W W, druggist. 
Moore W E, physician. 
Seward Arthur, carpenter. 
Taylor J F, physician. 
Wiley James M, saloon. 
Woods J N, blacksmith. 
Woods T J, carpenter. 

miles, northwest of New Castle court house, 
in Jefferson township, Henry county, on 
the T. C. & St. L. Ry, is a village contain- 
ing 275 inhabitants. Its exports are live 
stock, lumber and grain. Has graded 
school, Union church, American Express 
and daily mail. Noah W. Warner, post- 

Anderson John, physician. 
Baker & Warner, wagonmakers. 
Cory Isaac, grocei. 
Crabill Charles, meat market. 
Culp W P, blacksmith. 
Edleman Richard T, justice, R R and Ex 

A. L. WRIGHT & CO., 

47 and f!) South .Meridian St., Indianapolis 

Freezer James E, blacksmith. 
Furnace C L, flour mill. 
Ginn John Y, saloon. 
Good & Sowash, tile mnfrs. 
Harry M P, general store. 
Jennings George \V, shoemaker. 
Lines Richard, liniment mnfr. 
Netz Peter, saw mill. 
Ocker John, dry goods. 
Petty T J, livery. 
Rescner Wm M, physician. 
Sellers John G, physician. 
Sowash John, hotel. 
Studle Andrew, shoemaker. 
Thompson J H, drugs. 
"Warner Xoa3» W, Barber. 
Wilson E A, dry goods, 
Yost A N, live stock. 

SUMAKVILLK. Has a population 

of 60, a Methodist church, graded school 
and one saw mill. It is located on the B. 
& O. R. R, in Porter county, 7 miles north 
of Valparaiso, the county scat. Wheat and 
live stock are the shipments. Express, B, 
& O. Mail daily. I. C. B. Suman, post- 

Miller W H Rev (Methodist). 
Pratt Guy, justice. 
Sumau I C B, Grain Dealer. 

SUMMIT. On the Ft. W. & J. R. R, 
in Sinithfield township, DeKalb county, 
contains about 60 people, and is situated 
10 miles north of Auburn, the county seat. 
Has Methodist church, district school, and 
ships grain, lumber and live stock. Express, 
American. Mail daily. P. H. Gramling, 

Baxter John, cattle dealer. 
Beard E W, general store and grain. 
Carpenter O S, general store. 
Crays John, cattle dealer. 
4Jrauslin;» P II, Carpenter. 
Gramling R .V Son, brick mnfrs. 
MartolT Samuel, saw mill. 
Mattinger S B, carpenter. 
Myers Henry, carpenter. 
Parish Charles, blacksmith. 
Penick Joseph, hub, spoke and stave mnfr. 
Scoheld James, physician and druggist. 
Snoberger H P, grain dealer. 
Snoberger Peter, lumber. 
Strong Joseph, lumber. 

SUMMIT GROVE. Located in 
Helt township, Vermillion county, is a place 
of 75 persons, on the E. T. II. & C. R. R„ 
12 miles south of Newport, the county seat. 

All the New Styles in 

as, Wall Paper and Upholstery. 

Cobb & Branham, 7 " 7 ™ 7 ' 077 ^ 

burg Coal for Blacksmithing, 



The village is located also on the 


Point, on the N. W. G. T. R. R. 

It is for 

rive;-, and contains a Methodist chi 

rch and 

the convenience of a farming coi 


district school. Mail daily. N. T. 

Lei ton, 

solely. Mail received semi-weekly 

. Jack- 


son Greene, postmaster. 

Ammcrman Isaac, physician. 

Hayes & James, slock dealers. 

SUNMAN. Adams township 


Rallies 1Y2 C, Lawyer. 

county, is a thriving village of 20 

. inhab- 

Jf„eitOSl X T, Grain Dealer. 

Hants, located on C. I. St. L. & C 

it U., 

McDaniel John Rev (Methodist). 

IS miles northeast of Versailles, th 

: county 

Mack Spencer, srencral stoic. 

seat. Express, American. Mail c 

aily. G. 

White F B, lawyer. 

B. Ashton, potsmaster. 


Awlsloan 52 El, Lumber, R. R. 

and Ex 




lion of 400, is a prosperous village 

n Mad- 

Barwonger M, painter. 

ison county, on C. W. & M. Ry, 

S miles 

Beekcr M, saloon. 

north of Anderson, the county se 

at, con- 

Bennett John, poultry. 

tains'Methodist church and graded 


Bennett & Fedele, grain. 

Express, United States. Mail daily 


Brunse C 11, carpenter. 

A. Roseboom, postmaster. 

Felix John, blacksmith. 

Allen EE, hardware. 

Felix M, painter. 

Allen J C, hardware. 

Flodten F A, cigars and tobacco. 

BruntS F, physician. 

Gutaphel Wm, blacksmith. 

Camphell Wm, carpenter. 

Hartman Val, harness. 

Connety Wm, shoemaker. 

llazen A, blacksmith. 

Cox Matthew, meat market. 

Hazen Gideon, lath and shingles. 

Cranfill M L, physician. 

Hess Mrs, dressmaker. 

Fear S E, general store. 

Langman John, live stock. 

Fenimore S, hotel. 

NietuaiB XX, Saw Mill and 


Fulton J F, general store. 


Howard W A, general store. 

Schuck II, hotel. 

Klowaiftl ik lioseliooiU 


Seder John, carpenter. 


Smith Wm, sawmill and tilemnfr 

Littler \Y D, shoemaker. 

Stephens Mrs, dressmaker. 

May T, saloon. 

Trantman B, wagonmaker. 

Menefee K A, drugs. 

Torrence Mrs, dressmaker. 

Moore A, general store. 

Vincent K K, Physician. 

Morris A J, billiard hall, 

Walter Fred, saloon. 

Morris N C, hardware. 

Werncke Henry, shoemaker. 

Nichols Elmer, barber. 

Wiesehan Lewis, agrl implts. 

Price J E, grocer. 

Wintmiller II, stoves and tinware. 

Ray A W, grocer. 

Wuest Geo, staves. 

Roseljoom "WilllaEia A, 



SUNS' Y SIF>H. Marion 


Sharp W L, meat market. 

(See Sa&ine.) 

Vinson Elmer, livery. 

Webb Jasper, blacksmith. 

SWAN. Located on the G. 

R. & I. 

Williams L S, tanner. 

R. R., in township of same name 


Wilkins W II, grocer. 

of Noble, is a village of 175 inh 


Wood M F, justice of the peace. 

15 miles southeast of Albion cour 


Woolen & Morris, grain dealers, 

Has Methodist church and graded 


Worth Peter, wagonmaker. 

Express, United States. Mail da 

ily. E. 

— . 

Cramer, postmaster. 



Amos Wm, carpenter. 

county. {Sse Johnsonville.) 

Bentley D B, blacksmith. 

Bolton L A, millinery. 

sump tjox Prairie, a 

Bricker J W, wagonmaker. 

small place in Green township, St. 


Broughton S, general store. 

county, S miles southwest of South Bend 

Csailter K, General Store. 

court house, and 4 southeast of 


Dunn A Mrs, dressmaker. 

Blank Books Sold 

i ..' Send ill Orders to SPBAGl'G, 

3i)l \V. ilIndiNOii Street, Chicago. 


driven profitably by a Threshing EngiM, 





Dunn I T, physician. 
Hagget G B, teacher. 
Iddings H L, physician. 
Jackson T, shoemaker. 
1,11 CC CL& Co, flour m 
Maples J II, general store. 
Rickard H M, R R and Ex ag 
Simon C C, lumber. 
Worman H, hubs and spokes. 
Worman W, drugs. 

publican town- 
rural postoffice, 
;on, the county 
t of Lexington, 
Ry. Contains 




E. jes 


ship. Jefferson conn 

12 miles southwest 1 

seat, and 4 1 ;' miles 

on the Jeff. Div. (. 

Presbyterian churc 

Daily stage connec 

fare 25c. — and Ma 

received tri-weekly 


Epley & Epley, saw mill. 

RalStOll William, General Store. 

Renchlcr J F, shoemaker. 

Sipe Bros, saw mill. 

8WEETSERS. A hamlet and s 

lion on the 1'. C. & St. L. Ry, in Pie 
ant township, Grant county, miles nor 
west of Marion, the county seat, with 
population of 300, and has Method 
church and district schoo 
United States. Mail daily, 

Bauin Bros, grain dealers. 
Brown Wm, general store. 
Catlett R 11, saw mill. 
Daniels George W, physician. 
Fordyce Frank, carpenter. 
Hall lohn W, physician; 
Jester E, Agt U. S. Ex. Co. 
fester J K, General Store. 
Lewis John R, blacksmith. 
Loring & Surface, general store. 
Trice & Summons, druggists. 
Tucker Bros, saw mill. 

SWITZ CITY. Stands at crossing 
of the I. & V. and B. S. O. & B. Rys, on 
the line between Grand and Fiirplay town- 
ships, Greene county, 7 miles west of 
Bloomfield, the county seat. Contains a 
population of 150, and ships corn and 
wheat. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 11. 
Hunt, postmaster. 
Alton D R, lawyer. 
Benefiel M E Mrs, hotel. 
Bruce D M, general store. 
Cole \V H, physician. 

FiUpatrick 1.1, grain. 

Forman Emanuel, general store. 

Hale Wm, saw and flour mill. 

HUJlt M, Grocer. 

Hunt, Nicholas & Co, general store. 

Kennard G W, R R and Ex agt. 

Martin A Mrs, hotel. 

Meachem C A, physician. 

Meachem & Rodcnbeck, saddlers. 

Shoptaw A H, blacksmith. 

Spencer J D, physician. 

Sl>e»cer W B, Physician. 

Swil/ Henry, saloon. 

Switz John ec Co, general store. 

Uhlendorff George, saloon. 

uated in Jackson township, Howard county, 
14 miles east of Kokomo, the county seat, 
and 6 miles south of Xenia, its shipping 
point, on the P. C. & St. L. Ry. It has no 
village population. No mail. 

SYLVANIA. Liberty township, 
Parke county, with 150 inhabitants, is dis- 
tant from Rockville, the county seat, 13 
miles; from Bloomingdale, on the I. D. & 
S. Ry, 7 milts. Its churches are Friends, 
Methodist and Presbyterian. Tri-weekly 
stige communication with Annapolis and 
Veedersburg. Mail daily. Win. B. Gil- 
lum, postmaster. 
Doan Charles, engineer. 
Doan James E, blacksmith. 
Durham Henry, shingle mnfr. 
Durham Wm, blacksmith. 
Milium Bros, General Store. 
Gillum Ira 11, physician. 
Ciillum William B, Notary and Col- 
lecting Agent. 
Harvey Edward B, agrl implts, 
Hodson J 13, saw mill. 
Ireland Wm, engineer. 
Kirkham John A, harnessmaker. 
Maris John T, carpenter. 
Mendenhall E W, physician. 
Rhoads Stephen, wagonmaker. 
Stout M M, shoemaker. 
Ward White & McCord, general store. 
Wilkey E L, drain tile. 
Wilkey H M, carpenter. 
Woody Lat L, carpenter. 

SYRACUSE. A thriving village of 

700 1 


located on the B. & O. R. 

. ... in Turkey Creek township, Kosciusko 
county, 12 miles northeast of Warsaw, the 
county seat. Turkey river furnishes water 
power to operate a Hour and saw mill. The 

Solicitor of American and Foreipn Patents, 

and Notary Public. Oflice, Room lS, Hubbard Biocit, 
( ?»diac5v>olis, Ind, 

Wholesale Booksellers and Paper Dealers, Indianapolis, Iifd. 


AX]) Bl'.'lNK-jS IMlJEuTOKY. 



place litis one church and a graded 's 


TABOR. A recently established post- 

Etfpress, Baltimore & Ohio. Mail 


office in Delaware county, 7 miles from 

Wra. A. Mann, postmaster. 

Muncie, the county seat, and 3 from Cowan, 

Afocr Amy S, Books and Notio 


on the Ft. \Y. M. & C. R. R. It has a 

Bashorc Samuel, saw mill. 

Christian church and district school. Mail 

Basney N, blacksmith. 

received tri-weckly. £,« SlJClI, Post- 

Benner & Roberts, meat market. 

master and General Store. 

Bilderback E M, harness. 

Bowld Win, saloon. 

TALliOT. A postoffice in Hickory 

Brower A C, saw mill. 

Grove township, in the southwestern corner 

Bruster David, shoemaker. 

of Benton county, 14 miles southwest of 

Bushong Joseph, grocer. 

Fowler, the county scat, on L. E. & W. Ry, 

Collailtler liS N, Lawyer. 

contains 100 inhabitants. Grain is the 

Collar A K, physican. 

principal exported article. Express. United 

Crow N, flour mill. 

States. Mail daily. J. L. Cooke, post- 

Eppert Thomas, blacksmith. 


Eymon Frank P, agt B & O R R and Ex Co. 

CooStC & CO, General Store. 

Green Addison, hardware. 

Uanawalt A, general store. 

Hardesty C Mrs, milliner. 

Jordan L II, R R and Ex agt. 

I-Iciulcrsam J S, Flour Mill. 

Kaidle John, blacksmith. 

Herrick R A. tinner. 

Lewis & Co, grain. 

Hollow-ay Eli, drugs. 

Morris John, shoemaker. 

Ihrig F M, physician. 

Murphey A, grain. 

Reefer Henry, grocer. 

Siddins 11 C, justice of the peace. 

Kelley D C, hotel. 

Smith E G, grain. 

Ketring S L & Co, grain. 

Kindig Isaac, livery. 

TAMPICO. Howard county. [See 

Kindig & Miles, general store. 


Knorr Charles W, physician and drug 


LaililiS Frank, Furniture. 

TAMPICO. Inhabited by 60 per- 

Lesh Frank, shoemaker. 

sons, in Grass Fork township, Jackson 

Miles E E, restaurant. 

county, 7 miles southwest of Langdon's 

Miles E W, blacksmith. 

Station, on the J. M. & I. R. R., its place 

Miles Georj^e W, Editor Sy 


of shipment, and same distance southeast 


of Brownstown, the county seat, contains 

Miles Preston, hotel. 

.Christian church and graded school. Mail 

Miller E Rev, clergyman. 

leceived by stage from Brownstown tri- 

Mitchell Henry, shoemaker. 

weekly. James F. Reach, postmaster. 

Ray George M, lawyer and justice. 

Anthony J R, physician. 

Ridcnour \Y H, lawyer. 

Charles J N, physician. 

Snyder M, wagonmaker. 

Cooley Harrison, blacksmith. 

Sterling Henry, barber. 

Cox Jesse, saw and heading mill. 

Stetler John \Y, dry goods. 

Keacll James K, General Store. 

Syracuse Gazette (weekly), G W 


Morgan Win, blacksmith. 


Sickles C, grocer. 

"NVillner Ira, Harness. 

Widner Z, wagonmaker. 

TAItKEO. A small settlement of 

Younce Davis, hardware. 

22 persons in Decatur county, 5 miles south 

Young Wm, blacksmith. 

of Greensburg, the county seat and ship- 
ping depot. Mail is received tri-weekly. 

SYRIA. A newly established 


Leander S. Whipple, postmaster. 

office in Orange county, 4!-; miles 


Whipple John W & Bro, general store. 

Paoli, the county seat, and 7 from Orleans, 

its place of shipment, on the L. N. A 


TASSIXOXG. A village of 150 in- 

Ry. Population 30. Mail semi-w 


habitants, located in Morgan township, 

I". H. Coruwell, postmaster. 

Porter county, 10 miles south of Valparaiso 

CornweH & Lewis, General Store. 

court house. Koutts Station, on the P. C. 

Curry F II, blacksmith. 

& St. L. Ry, i)z miles south, is the ship- 

Still A C, physician. 

ping depot, it has Presbyterian church, 


teU^V rUP,U,U5 . luMrntr.l (i.t^to-n,' a.ul friers. .« . IV. AiKIVMV> 
W O aiJ-tfJl SoulU t'lintuu Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

l>erfec«< <i vlw.n for a large business in 
utliaitiv rtiuin;r 1SS1. For Agencies apply to 

E. H. KELLOCC, Sup't, Chicago, III. 





district school and tri-weekly mail. S. 

l'ierce, postmaster. 

Hoffman C, general store. 

Ferguson M Rev (Presbyterian). 

Kins; II, blacksmith. 

S'ietce S, General Store. 

Tart J, blacksmith. 

Welch B A, physician. 

TAYLOR. Is a postoffice and flag 
station on Eel River Division of the W. St. 
L. & P. Ry, in Whitley county, J miles 
southwest of Columbia City, the "county 
scat. It is the location of a saw mill, which 
is the only business done in the place. 
Mail daily. S. J. Peabadv, Post- 
master and Saw Mill. 

TA YL On S VI LLE. Thirty-li ve 

miles southeast of Indianapolis, on J. M. & 
I. R. R., is a village of '400 inhabitants, 
located in Bartholomew count), 7 miles 
northeast of Columbus, the county seat. 
Has two churches— Methodist and 'Christ- 
ian. Express, American. Mail daily. Til- 
mon Fulp, pi 
Beck George 





-, (New Light), 
flour mill. 
Fisher LT Rev (Methodist). 
I>"«ll> Tilm.OM, General Store. 
Griffith A S, physician. 
Harris J G, justice of the peace. 
Hunt John, hotel. 
Jonn j R, shoemaker. 
Lyle J D, saw mill. 
M'iller Daniel, general store. 
Miller Nathan, blacksmith. 
Murray J T, justice of the peace. 
Oard W B, physician. 
Richards F B, physician. 
Russel Nathan, wagonmaker. 
Steinberger S F, drugs. 
Steinberger S H, R R and Ex agt. 

TA YL OP.S J1LJ.E. Warren coun- 
ty. {See Polk Patch.) 

TEEGABDEN. Population 100, 
located in Polk township, Marshall county, 
12 miles northwest of Plymouth court house, 
on the 15. & O. R. R. Its exports are 
wheat and lumber. Express, O. & M. 
Mail daily. J. D. Johnson, postmaster. 
Baugher Adam, wagonmaker. 
Dreibelbes Bios, floui mill. 
Eads Alva, blacksmith. 

JoIillSOU J I>, General Store. 
Landis & Mead, saw mill. 
Mack ey D V, druggist. 
Neville R, physician. 
Obcnshain j S, hotel. 
Stull E, shoemaker. 
Treyer D B, cabinetmaker. 
Walter Bios, general store. 
Witte Henry, hardware. 

TELL CITY. Located on the Ohio 
river, ill Troy township, 1'erry county, 
is an extensive manufacturing village of 
2500 population, 70 miles above Evans- 
ville, and 124 below Louisville. It is sup- 
plied with good substantial churches, 
schools and business blocks, ha: one bank, 
one weekly newspaper — the Tell City Aiuei- 
ger (German Republican)— and four hotels, 
among which the Washington House de- 
serves mention as being centrally located 
and furnishing substantial accommodations. 
Its manufacturing interests are unexcelled 
by any town of its size in the state and 
include three furniture factories, two distil- 
leries, one machine shop, two chair facto- 
ries, one saw mill, a brewery, cooper shop, 
chair splint factory, brickyard, woolen mill, 
shingle factory, two planing mills and two 
flour mills. Express, Adams. Mail daily. 
G. F. Bott, postmaster. 
Adam Joseph, saloon. 
Althof Joseph L, clothing. 
Bader Lornze, meat market. 
Baumann Rudolph, general store. 
Baur R Mrs, mineral water mnfr. 
Becker Charles, brewer. 
Becker Ferdinand, hardware. 
Bender Andrew, barber. 
Bellinger Michael, woolen mill. 
Bielefeld Henry, grocer. 
Birstengel Ernst, blacksmith. 
Blum Cv Deringer, distillery. 
Bollinger Jacob, lawyer. 
Ttiitlt George F, Publisher Tell City 
■ Anzeiger, General Store and Postmaster. 
Cabinet Makers' Union, furniture mnfrs. 
Chair Makers' Union, chair mnfrs. 
Clark Thomas, plow mnfr. 
Combs & Harlman. chair mnfrs. 
Derendinger Michael, distiller. 
Ehret John, grocer. 
Ehrnsperger Albert, mattress mnfr. 
Einsiedlei Joseph, saloon. 
Fischer Jost, hotel. 
Fry Christian, physician. 
Geigcr John, tanner. 
Gloor Casper, confectioner. 
Haacke John, brick mnfr. * 

!;! Lavt \V:e.:iiiii;liiii •.;...,. 

IMH.l.-V.ll'OLIS, SXIi. 

Solid .Silver Spoons, Etc. 
ior Wedding Presents. 


Sells Houses, Lots and Farms, 
Ko. SOT Upper. Third St., 
Evansville, Jnd. 





Hartman Annie Mrs, general store. 
Hauenstein Jacob, harnessmaker. 
Hauser Adam, planing mill. 
Hauser Jacob, saloon. 
Ilerr John, tailor. 
Herrmann & Bro, wagon mnfrs. 
Hertzsch Adolph, jeweler, 
Hertzsch Albert, barber. 
Hoby John, saloon. 
Hoeppel George, cooper. 
Hofmann Wendel, saloon. 
Ilubcr John, jeweler. 
Hugger Charles, carpenter. 
Intzi P, newsdealer. 
Joachim John, cooper. 
Kampschaefer Wm, brickmaker. 
Keller Henry, bellows mnfr. 
Kiefer Lawrence, general store. 
Kiefer & Seipert, coopers. 
Koch Charles, wagonmaker 
Krecker John, shoemaker. 
Krogman August, distillery. 
Kurtz Jacob, general store. 
Kuser Henry, shoemaker. 
Langenhan Frederick, tailor. 
Launer John M, hardware. 
Libb Jacob, hotel. 
Ludwig Henry, marble works. 

id tiu- 

Mannintrer Au 


Merles Charles, chair split mnfr. 

Meyer John, stoves and tinware. 

Miller Henry M, physician. 

Moraweck A, hotel. 

Moore R P Mrs, dressmaker. 

Nimsgem Henry, a.crl implts. 

Obrecht John, shingle mnfr. 

Plililieier Henry, Proprietor Wash- 
ington House, cor Sth and Washington. 
(See adv.) 

Keif Charles sr, hardware. 

Ress John V, stoves and tinware. 

Rheinlander Charles, meat market. 

Rlieinlander Christian, meat market. 

Rode Adam, cigars. 

Ruchti John, blacksmith. 

Rumpel John, grocer. 

Ryf Henry, flour mill. 

Schellhase Fred Win, physician. 

Schergens John II, undertaker. 

Schrader Wm, cooper. 

Schreiber August, druggist. 

Schweitzer Annie, saloon. 

SsilitU Andrew ,J, Physician, 5th. 

Southwestern Furniture Assn, furniture. 

Stahl Barbara, saloon. 

Stalder Herman, general store. 

Steinauer A & Co, flour mill. 

Steinhauer George, meat market. 

Stocker Jacob, general store. 

Stuehrk C Mrs, milliner. 

Suthoff John, general store. 

Tell City Anaeiger (weekly), G F 

Bott Publisher, cor Blum and Sth. 

Tell City Bank, capital $20,000, M Hettin- 
ger pres, G Huthsteiner cash. 

Tell City Furniture Co. 

Tell City Planing Mill Co. 

Tewcs Bernhard, general store. 

Voclke Frederick jr, brewer. 

W a^llillgtOll House, Henry 
Plumeier Proprietor, cor Washington and 
Sth. (See adz:) 

Wiedmcr, Oboussier & Co, machinists. 

Wintcrath Stephen, grocer. 

Zollinger John, saloon. 

TEMPLETOy. Eighty-four miles 
northeast of Indianapolis, at junction of L. 
E. & W. and C. L. & C. Rys, is a place of 
300 population, io miles southeast of Fowler 
court house. Grain is the chief article of 
export. Express, American and United 
States. Telegraph, Western Union. Daily 
mail. George H. Finch, postmaster. 
Ashby Daniel, carpenter. 
Blue Joseph, hotel. 


HENRY PLUMEIER, Proprietor. 
Corner Sth and Washington Streets, TELL CITY. !ND. 

This House 
hotel in Southei 
the finest impor 

JttTGood s 

'EATE3, $1.00 3FS^, JD^.-*?.- 

new, large and complete in all its apartments. Table ; 
Indiana. Sample Room for Commercial Agents. A fust- 
liquors, wines, cigars, etc., is connected with the House 
iles for the accommodation of farmers. 

"P*ivft "Rn-.ifO-' *v\A fl/if* CHAN. ?>. COI.SOX, 303 i 110 rrwilis C'.rc:'., CHICAGO. 

Italici-M Tiles., Confectioned' luriuico., A c. Krass I'iMiiKlcrs' Hirnarcs, Cu- 
pula Uiick. J&ayscu Adv., pagre I. 


ofltably Vy * Threshing Kngli 
ired bv CflANDLCii & TAYLOR, 
lis, Ind. Sco page 3. 





litistow Jasper, physician. 
Cochran YVni, justice of the peace. 
Finch G II a Sou, General Store. 
Fiucli Perry, Deputy Posttna^ai- 

Haver & Templcton, lumber. 
Olney W C, cigars and tobacco. 
Rosa John 1', grocer. 
Steele A M, carpenter. 

Stevens J C, blacksmith. 
Templeton V.' J, s'.ock dealer. 

TERItE COUPEE. Is located 
l}4 miles north of station of same name, 
on L. S. & M. S. ky, in Olive township, St. 
Joseph county, 14 miles northwest of South 
Bend, the county seat. The place has 
Methodist church and district school. Pop- 
ulation 50. Mail daily. Alexander Mc- 
Bain, postmaster. 
Denen Wm, saw mill. 
Farott T, blacksmith. 
McBain Alexander, Postmaster. 
McCollem fames, ;r cer. 
McCurdy Join,, hotel. 
Muehler Jacob, saw mill. 
Reynolds John, saw mill. 
Shank J, physician. 
Whitaker A, insurance. 


St. Joseph county. {See Richardson.) 

TEHEE JIA UTE. Tins beautiful 
and progressive city, now the third in Indi- 
ana in population and wealth, is most de- 
lightfully situated upon an elevation of 
some 60 feet on the cast bank of the Wabash 
river, near the lower edge of Fort Harrison 
prairie, regarded as the finest in the county. 
The city has always been known as the beau- 
tiful " Prairie City of the West." It is the 
county seat of Vigo county, one of the 
richest agricultural counties in the State. 
The census of 1SS0 shows a population of 
2 6>593- I' s growth for the last 30 years has 
been steady and substantial. Its population 
in 1S50 was only 4051 ; in lS6o, N504 ; in 
1870, 16,103, of whom 13,003 were natives 
of the United States and 3101 were foreign 
born. Its growth during the past ten years 
has exceeded that of any city in the 
state, and its prospi 1 S are most excellent. 
The city is 73 miles west of Indianapolis, 
and has two straight line railroads connect- 
ing it with that city. It is 102 miles north 
of Evansville, by which it is connected bv 
the E. &T. II. K. R. It is nearly equi-distant 
from each of the cities of Cincinnati; Chi- 
cago and St. Louis, lu railroad and gen- 

Capital City Cigar, " 

eral transportation facilities can be said to be 
hardly second to any inland city in the west, 
the Wabash river being navigable during 
the greater part of the year for light draft 
water craft, and there being ten railroads 
centering here. In consequence of its prox- 
imity to the block coal fields of Clay coun- 
ty, only 12 miles, and the rich bed, of bi- 
tuminous coal all around it, making the price 
of that fuel only the cost of mining and 
delivering it, the city has developed in the 

and nail works, and car works, the Ilud- 
nut hominy mills, which are the largest in 
the world, having a grinding capacity of 
1000 barrels per day, and a storage capacity 
of 300,000 bushels, in addition to several 
foundries, mills, and other machine shops 
of various kinds. 

Its educational facilities are very fine. 
The Indiana State Normal School, which is 
in a most prosperous condition, is located 
here. The Rose Polytechnic Institute, 
destined to take rank as the leading insti- 
tution of this kind in the United States, 
with an endowment of one-half a million 
dollars, all the work of one man, the late 
Chauncy Rose, is also located here. It has 
ten newspapers (of which three are dailies), 
and 31 churches. 

In consequence of its porous soil, excel- 
lent drainage, and purity of atmosphere, it 
is regarded now as the healthiest city in the 
state, its mortuary list being less in propor- 
tion to population than any city in Indiana, 
no epidemic of any kind ever having visited 
the place. The Magnetic Artesian Well 
here is rapidly attracting the attention of 
invalids on account of the neat curative 
qualities of its water. Express, Adams and 
American. N. Filbeck, postmaster. 
Abbott Benjamin G, township trustee, cor 

5th and Main. 
Acuff Thomas A, grocer, 411 Lafayette. 
Adams Catherine J Mrs, general store, 703 

N 7th. 
Adams Ex Co, 610 Main. 
Adams John M, photographer, 417^ Main. 
Adams Laura Mrs, dressmakei, 603 ' '. N 4 th. 
Alder & Stuckwish, wail pacer, 503 Ohio. 
Allen Anna Mrs, milliner, 125 N 4th. 
Allen S S& Co, dry goods, 331 Ohio. 
Allen Wm C, merchant tailor, 104 S 6th. 
Allen & Mack, lawyers, 318 Ohio. 
Aliny George, grocer, 1134 Main. 
Ames A Preston, dentist, 407;; Main. 
Anderson Thomas C, lawyer, 309 ',< Ohio. 

anufactured bv joi-sr* KAUCK, 
82 ,West Washington Street. 


Booing Slate, 

For Snlo from StocJs. A. KHISELY & CO. 

W and V-i W. Slonroo Street. CHICAGO. 




Andrew Edward, conferlioner, 667 Main. 

Andrews N & Son, boots and shoes, 505 

Apmann Henry, boots and shoes, 1022 Main. 

Apmann Herman H, grocer, 414 S 2d. 

Appleby Matthias, physician, 19 S 7th. 

Armstrong fohn, gunsmith, 10 N ^d. 

Armstrong \Vm P, physician, 126 N 7th. 

Arnold Adolph, clothing, 423 Main. 

Arnold David 15, livery,' 207 S 3d. 

Attmore George \V, meat market, 442 N 

Auble David, shoemaker, 325 N 4th. 

Austin A G & Co, hardware, 60S Main. 

Axford Annie Mrs, restaurant, 617 Tippe- 

backus Josephus R, shoemaker, 90S S 2d. 

Baganz '& Faller, furniture, cor 10th and 



b.-.ird & Cruft, la 
Baker George H, saloon, 1236 Main. 
baker & Alvey, wh liquors, 636 Mail 
Ball Isaac, undertaker, 30 N 3d. 
Ball Richard L, stoves and tinwan 

Ball W C & Co, proprs Terre Ilau 

zette, 25 S 5th. 
Ballew George \V, dentist, 423^ M: 

Baiter Nicholas, cigars and tobacco, 25 N 

Barber & Rafferty, saloon, cor 1st and Pop- 
Barnard John G, foundry, 61 5 N 6th. 
Barnard & Spracklen, boilermakers, 619 N 

Barns Turner, gunsmith, III S 3d. 
Barrett Dennis, grocer, 909 Main. 
Bartholomew & Hall, dentists, 523;^ Main. 
Barton Wm F, feed mills, cor 2d and Ohio. 
Bauer Emil, millinery, 22 S 4th. 
Bauerineister & Busch, grocers, 102 Main. 
Baur John J, druggist, 701 and 703 Main. 
Bayr Alexander, shoemaker, 509J2 Main. 
Beauchamp & Miller, livery, 119 aad 123 S 

Behringer John J, grocer, S32 Main. 
Bement, Rea & Co, wh grocers, 526 Main. 
Benson N W, boot and shoemaker, 401 

Berkshire Garrett, barber, 414 Ohio. 
Biel Frederick T, cigars and tobacco, 409 

Biel Wm, cigars and tobacco, 827 Main. 
Bindley E H & Co, wholesale druggists, 644 

Black Robert C, physician, S07 Poplar. 

-<Sl BiT *!!? O IKT 3JME J&. "$T 

jfe-S-B jur-u. 




ft . 

■— -' 1 

••! 1 

Corner Popiar and Ninth Streets, Terre Haute, Ind, 

The immense Improvements, of latest patterns, enable the Proprietor to compete 
with any Brewery. SSyOrders Solicited. 

PlflMHtf* «~,i«*! finO A ft!C» i " AU Styles and tit .'.ll Prir.-s, at 
j\ anfl *> THiZG. PFAFFLIN & GO'S 

Automatic Farm Gates,* 


Indianapolis, Ind. 





Blake Joseph II, lawyer, 225 Ohio. 
Blcemel Ernest, grocer, 904 Poplar. 
Boegeman Albert H, boots and shoes, 11S 

Bogard Albert, junk dealer, 101 Ohio. 
Boggs John W, painter, 614'C Main. 
Boland& Boland, boots and shoes, 509 Main 
Boston House 202 S 4th. 
Boudinot Henry H, lawyer, 400 Main. 
Bractdfellow Ferdinand, shoemaker, 420 

Brennan Joseph P, mer tailor, 625 Main. 
Briggs Joseph H, produce, 101 N 4th. 
Briggs T, carpenter, 413 N 41I1. 
Briggs & Holmes, lumber, 925 Chestnut. 
Brinkraan & Russell, staves and heading, 

near Union depot. 
Briscoe Wm F, grocer, 33 S 6th. 
Broadhurst Wm M, restaurant, 320 Main. 
Brokaw Bros, wall paper, 413 Main. 
Bronson David, propr Bronson. House, cor 

10th and Spruce, and Exchange Hotel, 

1009 Chestnut. 
BroilSOrt ESouse, David Bronson 

Proprietor, cor 10th and Spruce. 
Brown B F, saloon, 310 Main. 
Brown C W, printer, 501 S Jth. 
Brown Isaac M & Sons, printers, n w cor 

Main and 5th. 
Brumfield Barton, gunsmith, 32S Ohio. 
Bryant David C, photographer, cor 1st and 

Bryant E R, agt Adams Ex Co, 610 Main. 
Buff & Beechcr, lawyers, 320 Ohio. 
Buntin T C, newsdealer, 22 S 6th. 
Buntin & Armstrong, druggists, 600 Main. 
Buntin & Duy, abstracts of title, 315 Ohio. 
Burgert Ferdinand, grocer, 737 N 6th. 
Burgert Valentine, grocer, 1209 Main. 
Burn John, meat market, cor Oak and Sth. 
Burnett Linus A, leather and hides, 115 S 

Burnett & Watson, blacksmiths, 31S Cherry. 
Bums Bros, saloon, 214 S 4th. 
Burns E, grocer, cor 4th and Walnut. 
Burns Michael, saloon, ng Lafayette. 
Button J Q & Co, books, 524 Main. 
Byers Bros, grocers, m 84th. 
Byers Ettie Miss, bleachery, 320 N 4th. 
Byers & Briggs, produce, S2S Cherry. 
Calder Pros, grocers, 603 N 4th. 
Caldwell Henry H, physician, 219K Main. 
Callin & Heinle;,-, saloon, National House. 
Carico George W, livery, 24 N 3d. 
Carlton & Lamb, lawyers, 329 ' ^ Ohio. 
Carney Edward, barber, 14 S Sth. 
Cary & McClintock, grocers, 9 Main. 
Carter George, restaurant, 309^ Ohio. 
Catt Milton, bleacher, 12S S 3d. 

CbailwicXt & Meyer, Stone Yard, 

Corner loth and Mulberry. 
Chadwick & Son, livery, 14 S 4th. 
Chambers John R, grocer, 27 S 6th. 
Champer& Black, grocers, 1244 Poplar. 
Chestnut-street Hotel, 952 Chestnut. 
Cincinnati House, 17 N 4th. 
Claridge Henry, dyer, 902 Main. 

CSnic£!/ro & Eastern lUiiiioiy 

Eiaili'OJirt, H L Bushnell General 

Agent. (See adv.) 
Clark II & Son, boots and shoes, 314 Main. 
Clark Wm, barber, 14 S 4th. 
Clatfelter Israel K, boots and shoes, 511 

Clayton Julia Mrs, dressmaker, 130 N 6th. 
Cliii'& Son, boilermakers, 223 S 1st. 
Clifl, Williams & Co, sash, doors and 

blinds, cor Mulberry and gth. 
Cline John, filemaher, 130 N 5th. 
Cliver Wm. W & Co, grocers, 100 N 4th. 
Chine Patrick, general store, 822 Main. 
Clutter Jesse, cooper, W Chestnut. 
Cole E B Mrs, milliner, 27 S 4th. 
Combs & Rogers, coal, 122 S 3d. 
Confard John M, saloon, 411 Main. 
Conner & Schwanz, wagonmakers, 1321 

Conway Timothy, saloon, 431 Tippecanoe. 
Conzman Gus, bookbinder, 20 N 6th. 
Cook & Bell, druggists, 301 Main. 
Cookerly Grafton F, justice of peace, 326 

Cooper Susan B, grocer, 309 N 4th. 
Cory John W, lawyer, 320 Ohio. 
Cowlcs & Bowsher, grocers, 117 N 4th. 
Coylc & Wills, saloon, 615 Main. 
Cox David P, druggist, Sol Main. 
Cox Thomas, grocer, 7 Main. 
Ctafts Eugene W, cigars and tobacco, 700 

Crafts Major P, news dealer, 21 S 6th. 
Crapo George W, physician, 227 Walnut. 
Crapo House, cor 1st and Poplar. 
Crapo Tohn R, physician, 229 Walnut. 
Crawford & Melvin, grain, cor 4 th and La- 
Creager John S, grocer, cor Lafayette and 

Cronin Jeremiah J, grocer, cor 13th and 

Cronin Mary A, millinery, iS S 4th. 
Crowe Daniel, saloon, 13 N 3d. 
Dailev Jacob j, Superintendent 

Magnetic Artesian Springs, Office Same. 
Daniels Simon, barber, Union depot. 
Davis James, coal, 317 N 4th. 
Davis Joshua, barber, 224 Main. 
Davis & Co, pork packers, 13 S 4th. 

............ . . : , , 


a. x.. wiiitmx & co.? 

47 and 49 S. Meridian St., Inclianapclls. 
owc.vjj.'rj /.» .-U.ims, Mansur &* Co. 

Cobb & Branham 

arelfliolcsiiJfi Dealers in oil hinds 
Anthracite Coal. Ask for. prices. 


A NO I'.rsiNi': S nil. -Hi ToUY. 


O.wis Robert P, propr Earlcy House, 14 

DaviW & Davis, Lawyers, Postoffice 


Debs Daniel, grocer, lico Main. 

Denehil Linus Ii, justice of the peace, 309 

De Puy Abraham II, physician, 117 N Cth. 
De Puy Ozias, physician, 117 N 6th. 
Dickhout Valentine G, trunk mnfr, 642 

Dickinson Harry, brass foundry, 314 Cherry. 
Dickemper Henry, grocer, 1301 Main. 
Dietz & Kizer, horseshoers, 215 S 3d. 
Dinkel Henry W, grocer, G16S 3d. 
Dishon James M, billposter, 20 N 6th. 
Dobbs John G, grocer, 1335 S 2J. 
Dodson George C, junk dealer, 23 and 25 S 


Dodson Samuel, junk dealer, 132 S 2d. 
Donnelly Peter M, drugs, 24 S 4th. 
Douglass John \V, millinery, S26 Main. 

Drees David, grocer, 700 S 6lh. 
Dressier Christopher, saloon, 602 Tippeca- 
Dreusicke Louis, locksmith, 42S Ohio. 
Drusike Win, carpenter, cor yth and Syca- 

Duenwig Reinhold J, leather and findings, 

205 Olio. 
Dunigan & Stimson, lawyers, 320K Ohio. 
Durham Milton S, lawyer, 507 'i Ohio. 
Duy & Hawkins, loan agents, 31 5^^ Terre 

Early House, 14 Main. 

Early Jacob D, insurance agent, 11S Main. 
Early Samuel S, pork packer, 1 18 Main. 
Eaton A, coal, cor oth and Main. 
Ebel Charles O, pub The Terre Haute 

National, 620|< Main. 
Eckerman Louis H, saloon, 410 N 12th. 
Eckhoff John, grocer, 16 N 4th. 
Eggleston .V Reed, lawyers, 330j< Ohio. 
Ehrenhardt Adolph, saloon, 30S Ohio. 



These Mineral 

»ia. Gleet, Ca 



plete Al- 

ssible, by £0od 



AMV r»P*W VQH lAIAMTAtllDdiiceaBates.atSpragne's, 

-■'U L, ....... v. iU3 \. v >iUl 0:1] W.Li " 

Madison St., Chicago, Ii!, 

BftDTADI SMfflBI! drlTcn prj ' lh " ,,y by a Thre£ " iT,s Fn ei..c, 



Ehrenhardt Henry, saloon 

Eiser August F, baker, 83: 

Elder Wm II, physician, 602 Eagle. 

ElSis CiCOrfi-C F, Proprietor Wabash 

Wooleu Mills, n w cor 1st and Walnut. 
Eppert Charles, photographer, 323'.' Main. 
Erlanger Joseph, clothing, 513 Main. 
Eshrnan & Reese, lumber dealers, cor 7th 

and Canal. 
Espenhain & Albrecht, dry good.--, 23 and 

25 S 4th. 
ENchange Hotel, D Bronson propr, 1009 

Faris & Ross, insurance, 106 S 6th. 
Farley & Roach, harness, 312 Main. 
Farmer Discartis M, shoemal: 

30 S 4th. 


Frisbie R I, & Co. saloon, 620 Main. 
Frisz Joseph, grocer, 301 N 13th. 
Froeb Bros, saddlery hardware, 19 S 5th. 
Froeb Chailes F, wh liquors, 313 Main. 
Froeb II L, grocer, 1200 Poplar. 
Fuhr Wm, grocer, 532 S 2d. 
Fuqua & Serrin, grocers. 20, Lafayette. 
Gagg Rudolph, artists' material , 646 Mam. 
Gainey Michael, doon, 9 I Chestnut. 
Gallaghe, Anthony J, plumber, cor 5th and 

Gardner & Turner, grocer,, 620 N 7th. . 
Gartrell C, real estate, 430 Ohio. 

L : I-bell, 



1 paper, 

31 S 6 


124 Ma 




$300, c 
cash, c 

00, D 
or 4th 

•12 M 

Fanner,' Hotel, cor oth and Cherry. 
Farmer Wm, cigars and tobacco, 420 Ohio. 

FarriiJtrtoix George E, Secretary 

Si L V T H & 1 R R, Office Corner 6th 

and Main. 
Faust Fred & Co, grocers, 645 Lafayette. 
Fechheimer I, fancy goods, 20 S 4th. 
Feltus Charles I, 
Felsenthal Abral 
Ferguson Isaac S 
Filbeck House, 502 Cherry 
First Nationa" 

Deming pre 

and Main. 
Fisbeck Bros, harness mnfrs 
Fisher Geo, saloon, 1120 Main. 
Fisher Joseph R, general store, 104 S 4th. 
Fislc Wm II, sewing machines, 117 S 3d. 
Fitzgerald David, grocer, cor ioih and Lo- 
Fojk Joseph, sewing machines, 411 Ohio. 
Foltz David, grocer, 32 Main. 
Foltz Hiram J, grocer, 30 Main. 
Foote Joseph" A, seeds, 306 Main. 
Foster"Bros, dry goods, 41S Main. 
Forster R & Son, 'furniture, 104 N 4th. 
Forsters Leopold, grocer, 102 S 4th. 
Fonts, Hunter & Dolan, livery, 123 and 125 

S 3d. 
Fowler E P, second-hand goods, 26 N 3d. 
Frank Samuel, overall mnfr, 327 Mam. 
Franz Frederick, grocer, 20 N 4th. 
Fredericks John, shoemaker, cor 3d ami 

Freeman Stephen R, jeweler, 304 Main. 
Freers Frederick, merchant tailor, 825 

Fremont John II, cigars and tobacco, 6=52 

Fremont Win, grocer, 301 S 3d. 
Frerichs Andrew, propr Vandalia Hotel, 

317 N 10th. 

n. I ness College, 601/2 Main. 

611 Tip- j GeniS Louis, Receiver Illinois Mid- 
land R R, office cor 6th and Main. 
! Gerhardt Catharine Mrs, grocer, S24 S 13th. 
Gerke Annette Mrs, grocer, 1526 S 1st. 
Gfroerer Peter, propr Terte Haute Banner, 

21 S 5th. 
Gillniore Andrew II, physician, 2iSjj Main. 
Gilman Bros & Co, staves and heading, 

1040 S 1st. 
Gilman & Reynolds, staves and heading, 

cor 2d and 1 & St L R R. 
Gilmore Samuel II, shoemaker, 611 S 2d. 
Godccke Edward L, books, 406 Main. 
Godsey Thomas, saloon, 130 Main. 
Goetz Fred, furniture, 635' Main. 
Goldsmith Charles II, produce, 29 N 4 th. 
Goodman J L & Co, clothing, 410 Main. 
Gookins James F, artist, 705 Ohio. 
Gookins & Day, lawyers, 3 1 5 ' < Ohio. 
Gott John S, painter; 104 N 2d. 
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, 1639 2d. 
Gray Virginia I, crockery, 2S N 4th. 
Greiner Wm II, boots andshoes, 329 Ohio. 
Griffin Mary Mrs, grocer, no Ohio. 
Griffith Bros, hoots and shoe,, 204 Main. 
Griffiths Thomas J, boots and shoes, 311 

and 313 Ohio. 
Griswold Henry M, grocer, 602 N 7th. 
Grosjean & McKennan, cigars and tobacco, 

629 Main. 
Groves & Lowry, druggists, 232 Main. 
Gulick & Berry, wh druggists, 330 Main. 
Guthrie Thornton E, barber, 109 S 3d. 
Haas J M & Co, grain, cor oth and Main. 
Hager Luther G, insurance, 11 N 6th. 
Hagist George F, wagonmaker, 216 Poplar, 
llahn Henry, general store, 113 Main. 
Halin Jacob, blacksmith, n S 1st. 
Hahn Xaver, boots and shoes, 115 Main, 
llamill & McNutt, lawyers, 322 Ohio. 
Handwork George, harness, 126 S 3d. 
Hanisch John, carpet weaver, 21 N 9th. 
Ilanley John, awnings and tents, zS'i N 

4 th. 

1) I rnTlTtT. nfl C. Bradford, Solicitor of American and Foreign 

1 A 1 li/iN 1 h. is "" u ' :ir " "•'■ k; - — ,,f w - ,,i "^ ■ M -'" !ii " —' 

A. j.*. j_ JL^SS.^ XUi olis.Iud. All luiainoss confidential. Call or unte for informi 

L r n Paten's, 

Merrill, Hubbard & Co.. 

Booksellers, Stationers anil Paper Dealers, 


and i;l'.si.\i:ss i>ii:kctouv. 



Hanna Wm H, shoemaker, Il2r>;< Main. 
Hannon O J, merchant tailor, 307 Ohio. ■ 
Hanrahan M & Co, marble works, 120 S 

Harberl Emily Mrs, restaurant, 810 Main. 
Hardesty Tol.n O, editor Terre Haute Sat- 

llmris lam - I:. i:.-.,r mill, 0.-4 Poplar. 
Harris & Co, saloon, 2iSS 4 th. 
Harrison Geoigc L, grocer, 700 Poplar. 
Harrison, Jackson & Co, carriage mnfrs, 

319 and 321 Cherry. „ 

Harvey Elnathan D, furniture, 319 Main. 
Hatcher James J, confectioner, 204 Lafa- 


Hebb & Goodwin, job printers, 20 N 6th. 
Hcinig Charles, restaurant, cor 10th and 

Heinig Frank, baker, 41S N 121I1. 
Heinig Frederick A, grocer, 1142 Main. 
Heinl John G, florist, 25 N Sth. 
If CiJliev & WatSOll, Proprietors 

National' House, corOlh and Main. 
Heitman M A Mrs, restaurant, 2 S 2nd. 
Helderle & Mollis, bakers, 20S S 4 th. 
Henderson House, 200 S 4th. 
Hendrich & Meyer, abstracts of title, 229 

Hensil Wm M, grocer, n S 4th. 
Hentschel Amelia Mrs, confectioner, 669 

Herbert G S & Co, grain, 503^ Main. 
Herz Adolph, fancy goods, 412 Main. 
Hess Francis J, livery, 120 S 4th. 
Heuer Henry, saloon, S21 Main. 
Hickey Patrick, grocer, 1 143 Main, 
Miltl Henry, Boiler Maker, cor Mul- 
berry and iot'h. 
Hirsch Lee, clothier, 302 Main. 
Hirschberg Emil, cigars and tobacco, 529 

Hirzel E, grocer, iS N 4th. 
Hixon Jacob, coal, 300 Lafayette. 
Hoberg August, notions, 675 Main, 
lloberg, Root & Co, notions, cor 4th and 

Hoctor Wm P, plumber, 12 S 6th. 
HolT Fred W, grocer, 1300 Main. 
Hoffmann Charles, shoemaker, 120S Poplar. 
Hoffmann Frederick W, saloon, 16 S 4th. 


rick, saloon, S03 Main. 

Hogan Patrick J, cigars, 503 Main. 
Holdaway Clark, grocer, 214 Main. 

Hollingei & Huston, lawyers, 229 Ohio. 

Holloway Susan Mrs, dressmaker, 305 S 5th. 

Holmes B, real est, 4 S 4th. 

Holmes Jasper, general store, 331 Main. 

Holmes Joseph 11, livery, 1132 Main, 

Hook James, planing mill, 422 N 3d. 

Horn Peter, meat market, 405 Lafayette. 

Ilornung Charles F, barber, 1 141 Main. 

Horsley Wm, grocer, 619 N 3d. 

IlOsiforcl C E, Lawyer ami Insurance, 
cor 4 ill and Main. 

Houpt Ellen & Co, bleachery, 201 N 4th. 

Houser M Mrs, second-hand goods, 26 N 

Howard & Price, barbers, 330 Ohio. 

BtudlBUt & Co, Manufacturers Hom- 
iny, Grits, Pear! Meal, Corn Flour, Feed 
and Clean Meal, Corner 3d and Chest- 
nut. [&e adv.) 

Hughes & Meeker, junk dealers, 1357 Main. 


S, 1LS 

nit, in 


Huiet John H, photographer, 715 Main. 
Hulman Herman, wh grocer, 11 e cor Main 

and 5 th. 
Humaston M C Mrs, confectioner, 30 4th. 
Humble Scott, barber, 607 Tippecanoe. 
Humphrey Wm H, physician, 337^ Wal- 

HllHtcr Jaittes, Laundry and Shirt 

Manufacturer, 523 Main. 
Huster Frederick, grocer, 1234 S 2d. 
Hyde John, physician, 512 Walnut. 
SllinolM 7.n<LllvAia Kv, Louis Genis 

President and Receiver, W T Smith, Au- 
ditor, Day K Smith Superintendent, cor 

6th and Main. 
Indiana State Normal School, e s 6th bet 

Mulberry and Eagle. 
Indiana Stone Co, John Marion mngr, cor 

Cherry and 91I1. 
Ironsmith J & J, blacksmiths, 424 Ohio. 
Jackson Leander, grocer, cor Lafayette and 

Jacob Wm P, shoemaker, 202 S 3d. 
Jahns Christian, shoemaker, cor Mulberry 

and 10th. 
James Wm D, notions, 517 Main. 
Jauriet J F & Co, dry goods, cor 5th and 

Jean James H, grocer, cor 14th and Poplar. 
Jeffers Uriah, woolen mills, cor 10th and 

Jescrich Adolphus R & Son, notions, 404 

Joab Michael M, lawyer, 3 t3'£ Ohio. 
Johns Thomas 1!, lumber, 133 N 1st. 
Johnson Louis H, lawyer, 318^ Main. 
Johnson & Flinu, wines and liquors, 613 


, :. . .J &,ur«ctVco, 

.1. xv. atkhson, ai^- n i i 

*«0, J E.I.. i ^Kctcr to tb 
>[>Sc*eU ttirmjs,'Jio:i4 tSs* cq 

Home Life Ins, Co, 

AH Policies in 
New lork,afl 

dcutilo their busine 






Jones Edward D, lawyer, 225 Ohio. 
Jones Horace Ii, lawyer, 417); Main. 
Jones Nancy A, restaurant, 505 Main. 
Jordan diaries R, printer, 21 \' L S 2d. 
Jordan John S, physician, 326',' Main. 
Joseph Max, clothing, -52.1 Main. 
Jung W H& Bro, news dealers, Sn Main. 
Kadcl Philip II, saddles and harness, 560 

Kafader Englebert, wines and liquors, S02 

Kamier Louis, meat market, I so Main. 
Katzenbach Peter, undertaker, 20 N 3d. 
Keilbert Joseph, tailor, 416'-.' Ohio. 
Keith Fleury F, grain, 601 ''- Main. 
Kelley Albert !, lawyer, 24 S 3d. 
Kellogg Sarau 1, upholsterer, 27 N 5th. 
Kemp Nannie E, dressmaker, I N 3d. 
Kennedy John, saloon, 548 N 4th. 
Kent Joseph, agricultural implts, 17 S 2d. 
Kester Eliza Mrs, dressmaker, 312 Toplar. 
Kester Wm I, iewelry, 33 S 4th. 
Kickler Frederick, saloon, 10S S 4th. 
Kidder Bros, (lour mills, cor Main and 

Kiefner George \Y, propr Filbeck Mouse, 

502 Cherry. 
Kinney Malachi, saloon, 60s Tippecanoe. 
Kivits Albert P, boots and shoes, 326 Main. 
Kizer & Dietz, horseshoers, 114 S 6th. 
Knight E J Mrs, restaurant, 671 Main. 
Koehler & Co, grocers, 121 1 Main. 
Koopman Bernard M, wh leather, s w cor 

6th and Cherry. 
Kornman Peter, barber, 501 Main.. 
Kramer Bros, harness mnfrs, 667 Main. 
Kretz John G, shoemaker, 472 N 4th. 
Kugler Florian, saloon, 806 Main. 
Kuhlnian Charles, grocer, 730 Poplar. 
Kussner Laurence, music dealer, 213 Ohio. 
Kustcr Charles E, physician, 14 S 7th. 
Kuster Edward, physician, 629 N 6th. 
Lambert John A, meat market, 543 N 4th. 
Lammert Louis, grocer, 611 N T 4th. 
Lang Herman, barber, 19 N 4th. 
Larkin Michael, grocer, 1131 Main. 
Laughead James T, physician, 603 N 4th. 
Lawrence Ed E, baker, 31 N 4th." 
Layher Charles, meat market, 724 Poplar. 
Leake Junius P, lumber, 925 Mulberry. 
Lee Frank, saloon, 222 Main. 
Lcedham John, saloon, 937 Poplar. 
Leeds Eli VV, jewelry, 27 S 4th. 
Leibing Christopher, shoemaker, 1 1 17 

Lewis Jehu, livery, S07 Main. 
Lilienkamp Ernest, grocer, 1 123 Poplar. 
Lincoln Charles O, dentist, \o]' z S 6th. 
Link Adam R, stair builder, 903 Chestnut. 

Link John E, physician, 703 Ohio. 

Linker Wm, grain, t>29J5 Main. 

Locke Bros, wh paper dealers, 21 S 2d. 

Loeb& Co, hatters, 501 Main. 

Long Henry, druggist, 220 Main. 

Long Jackson, baker, 124841)1. 

Long J H, physician, 329^ Ohio. 

Long Thomas B, lawyer, 32o;< Ohio. 

Lott & Toodles, barbers, cor 6th and Main. 

Lotze Wm, stoves and tinware, 311 Main. 

Ludowici John B, boots and shoes, 53! 

Lukeus John, grocer, cor 3d and Willow. 

Lundcy Jane Mrs, grocer, 15 Main. 

Lutz Christopher, meat market, 513 Tippe- 

Lynch Daniel, grocer, 817 Main. 

Lyne James B, wholesale liquors, 705 Main. 

Lyons Mary Mrs, grocer, 547 N 4th. 

McArthur Peter, tailor, 123 N 5th. 

McBride Ann Mrs, second-hand goods, 12: 
N 2d. 

McBrum Henry, barber, 1025 Main. 

McCune Cyrus B, lawyer, 417^ Main. 

McDonald Wm, restaurant, 4 N 2d. 

McFerrin Nathaniel II, agricultural implls, 
IS S 2d. 

McGrew James E, physician, 320 '< Main. 

McGrew W E & Co, druggists, 261 S 3d. 

McKeen Bros, flour mill, cor Main and loth. 

McKeen & Co, bankers, 530 Main. 

McKenzie H S, saloon, 114 Main. 

EcLcau "William 'R, Lawyer, 420 

Macarty Wm, general store, 1220 Main. 

Madigan & Keefe, saloon, 24 N 2d. 

Magnetic Artesian Springs, 

Cor Walnut and Water. [See adv.) 
Magoon James N, physician, 117 N 4th. 
Mahoney Wm, saloon, 512 N"4th. 
Mallory Lafayette, coal, crossing 13th and 

Vandalia R R. 
Mank Teter, cigars and tobacco, 1 109 Main. 
Mann C Alex, grocer, n c cor 6th and Ohio. 
Mann Henry D, physician, cor 7th and 

Manning Wm B, painter, 412'^ Ohio. 
Manning W Howard, painterj 6ls, l / z Main. 
Markle Joseph D, druggist, 1015 S 2d. 
Marshall & Sammis, sewing machines and 

music, 32S Main. 
Mautz Fanny Mrs, millinery, 10 S 4th. 
May Phillip, saloon, 13 N 4th. 
Mayer Anton, Lager Beer Brewer 

and Bottler, corner Poplar and 9th. (See 

Mayer House, 29 and 30 S 1st. 
Mayer B, propr Mayer House, 29 and 30 S 


3/.^ .:.:/:"", W'.L",?. £3 2^A^:T\3W, 

\i K;>-.t W::-.]w.i:r.o!i Mrccl, 

SMfiA:«.u"(SL!.s, ii\n. 

Sterling Silver Goods 
for Wedding Presents* 


Buys Real Estate, 

Xo. S(>7 Upper Third St. 
Evansville, Jnd. 


AM) lirsiMw )Mi:)'.i'i(ii;v. 



Means W C & Son, proprs St Clair House, 
204 Main. 

Meinberg Henry, shoemaker, S04 Oak. 
' Meissel Win, grocer, 203 Ohio. 
' Melick Alice Miss, dressmaker, 23^ Main. 
1 Merrill Elias F, coal, 409 Ohio. 

Messick John B, meat market, 704 Spruce. 

Messmore Elizabeth 13 Mrs, hair goods, 
507^ Main. 

Mewliinney Albert B, baker, 425 Main. 

Meyer Arnold, grocer, 500 S 7th. 

Meyer Frederick L, wagonmaker, 513 

Meyer George, saloon, 1112 Main. 
1 Miller Daniel & Son, grocers, 631 Main. 
I Miller H C & Co, stoves and tinware, 1 1 22 
i Main. 

; Miller John R. boots and shoes, 23 N 4th. 

Miller Peter, saddlery hardware, 17 S 4th. 

Mdlcr Sebastian, saloon, 1127 Main. 

Miller & Cox, merchant tailors, 522 Main. 

Minshall Deloss W, revenue collector, e,og 

Winter Oscar, grocer, 131 Lafayette. 

Mischler Peter P, meat market, 28 N 4th. 

Mitchell Henry, barber, 226 Main. 

Mitchell John D, physician, 220 N 8th. 

Mitchell Orlando, physician, 02S Chestnut. 

Mitchell & Taylor, lawyers, 310^ Ohio. 

Mohan Michael M, saloon, 810 S 13th. 

Monninger C & L, saloon, 31S Main. 

Mooney Thomas, saloon, 1015 Chestnut. 

Moore Wilmot, physician, 410!,' Main. 

Moore & Hagerty, galvanized iron workers, 
623 Main. 

Moore & Langen, printers, 16 S Fifth. 

Moorhead John, general store, 908 Main. 

Moorhead Thomas W, physician, 12 S 8th. 

Morgan Joseph A, coal, 526 Ohio. 

Morrison G W,' artist, 620^ Main. 

Mount Robert, hotel, 6l2|< Main. 

Munn John P, shoemaker, 17 N 3d. 

Musick James T, druggist, 24 S Oth. 

Musselman Samuel, harness mnfr, cor 2d 
j and Main. 

Myers Geo W, physician, 1224 Main. 

Myers Wra, tish, 426 Ohio. 

Nantz Thomas A, lawyer, 503 \' z Main. 

National SEoUse, Heinly & Watson 
I Proprietors, cor 6th and Main. 

National Road House, 1013 Main. 

National State Bank, capital 5400,000, Pres- 
ton Hussey pies, Charles M Warren cash, 
401 Main. 

Naylor Wilson, grocer, 34 S 4th. 

Nelson Wm, second-hand goods, 210 Main. 

Neukom Jacob, grocer, 200 N 5th. 

Neukom Solomon, grocer, 517 S 2d. 

Newhart & Greiner, hominy mills, 12 S 1st. 

Nichols James, grocer, cor 1st and Swan. 

Nichols tV.Renc.kerl, druggists, 101S Poplar. 

Nicholson Wm, blacksmith, 231 N 4th. 

Nicolai Gustave, saloon, 647 Main. 

Nirdlinger Samuel F, clothing, 422 Main. 

Nitsche Kobeit, shoemaker, 657 Main. 

Norton Wm M, saloon, 22 N 4th. 

Nurnberger George, grocer, 402 N 13th. 

O'lSovle J II & Son', leather and findings, 
618 Main. 

O'Reilly John F, saloon, 673 Main. 

O'Reilly Joseph, saloon, 412 Ohio. 

O'SuIlivan Patrick, grocer, cor 4th and 

Ohm Fred, groce*-, 1200 S 2d. 

Ohmer N & G, proprs Ohmers' Depot Ho- 
tel, cor 10th and Chestnut. 

Ohmers' Depot Hotel, cor 10th and Chest- 

Olin Thomas D, sewing machine agt, 23 
S 6th. 

Orth Charles, grocer, 1243 Poplar. 

Owen, Pixley ,V Co, clothing, 50S Main. 

Owen Sylvester, blacksmith, cor Sth and 

Owen & McClung, wagonmakers, 1323 

Paddock Wm & Co, millers, 535 N 5th. 

Paddock & Purcell, boots and shoes, 407 

Pagette Edmond F, model maker, 614 1 / 

Paige W II &Co, music dealers, 607 Main. 

Parker J A & Co, machinists, 201 S 1st. 

Patterson Sarah E Mrs, dressmaker, 204 W 

Patton Bros, grocers, 116 S4th. 

Patzelt Hermann, saloon, 21 S 4th. 

Pence Allen, druggist and physician, 133 

Pelt Henry, grocer, 92S S 2d. 

Phelan Alonzo E, confectioner, no Lafay- 

Phcenix Foundry and Machine Works, 231 
N 9 th. 

Piepenbrink Wm C, cigar mnfr, 44 N nth. 

Pierce R F & Co, grocers, 121 and 123 N 

Pierce & Harper, lawyers, 300 ',< Ohio. 

Pierson Martha J Mrs, dressmaker, 21S La- 

Pothe Wm, carriage mnfr, 121 S 3d. 

Power Charles A, agrl implts, 104 Main. 

Prairie City Bank, ^J S Beach prcs, C W 
Conn cash, 14 S 6th. 

Trairie Hotel, 131 N nth. 

Preston Samuel C, physician, 6th nrOhio. 

Pritchard Wm, saloon, 12 N 2d. 

Frobst Edward L, stoves, 26 S 4th. 

ril )B- raraiKVf cuas 

COK.S03T, 10s fc 110 Frnnkliu St., CIEff'ii.O. 
fc« See Adv., pnge •*• 

ft PORTfiBLE ! DIIL.£=£££ 





Frobst Frederick J, picture frames, 26 S 

Prox Frank, plumber, 677^ Main. 
Purccll Edward T, sewing machines, 627 

Quigley James F, justice of the peace, 225 

Rahder August, cutlery grinder, 17 S 9th. 
Rankin I) \V, propr Farmers' Hotel, cor 

9th and Cherry. 
Rapp Charles, grist mills, 901 Lafayette. 
Ran Charles, grocer, cor 3d and Moffatt. 
Reed Mary Mrs, general store, cor 20th 

and Main. 
Reed & St John, saloon, 11 N 3d. 
Reibold Daniel, boots and shoes, n e cor 

Main and 3d. 
Reicliert John C, insurance agent, 675^ 

Reif Adam J, gas fitter, 505 Ohio. 
Reiman A & E, provisions, S13 Main. 
Reiners Hajo F, dyer and scourer, 655 Main. 
Reisman Wm J, saloon, 1014 Poplar. 
Reiss John C, grocer, 907 Main. 
Retz Wm, meat market, cor 12th and Pop- 

Rhoads Baskin E, lawyer, n fc cor 3d and 

Rhoads Martin G, grocer, 13 Main. 
Richardson Joseph, dentist, 314^ Ohio. 
Richardson Samuel C, physician, 1 1 1 N 4th. 
Richardson & Co, crockery, 307 Main. 
Riddle, Hamilton & Co, insurance agents, 

601^ Main. 
Riddle Thomas H Mrs, fancy goods, 12 S 

Rifneis M C, grocer, no S 4th. 
Riley Bridgel M Mrs, second-hand goods, 

100 N 3d. 
Ring Bartholomew, second-hand goods, 9 

N 3d. 
Rippetoe Richard W, grocer, 521 Main. 
Roach Kate, dressmaker, 620 ]/ 2 Main. 
Roache Edward, produce, 30 N 4th. 
Robbins John E, tinner, 509 Lafayette. 
Robbins Wm H, boots and shoes, 30S Main. 
Roberts John, painter, 524 Ohio. 
Robertson & Crowther, grocers, 12S Main. 
Robinson Geo C, saloon, 609 Main. 
Robinson H & Co, wholesale notions, 602 

Robinson & Reiss, druggists, 601 N 4th. 
Robinson & Sherburne, druggists, 930 

Rockwell Henry T, oculist and aurist, 43S 

N 7th. 
Rodeius Andrew, barber, 1 134 Poplar. 
Roderus Christian F, printer, 312K Main. 

Roedel John F, general sti 

Roetkcr John F, grocer, cc 

, cor 1st and 
14th and Pop- 
id shoes, 329 

Rogers G A & Co, boots 

Rogers & Co, agricultural implls, I, 2 and 

Rose Polytechnic Institute, n w'cor Locust 
and 13th. 

Rosenburg Lewis, fancy goods, 405 Main. 

Ross Edwin W, hides and pelts, 19 S zd. 

Ross Fred A, real estate, 521 Ohio. 

Rothschild Emanuel, commission, 315 Wal- 

Rottman Charles II, commission, cor 9H1 
and Main. 

Royse Samuel, insurance, 503 '£ Main. 

Royse & Royse, lawyers, 5033/; Main. 

Rowe & VVhitaker, meat market, 61S N 7th. 

Rubsch John, harness mnfr, 32 N 4th. 

Rumsey Wm W, lawyer, 309^ Ohio. 

Rupp Charles, horseshoer, 430 N 3d. 

Rupp Francis J, meat market, 611 Main. 

Rusk John A, barber, 657 Main. 

Ryan Peter J, undertaker, 14 N 2d. 

Ryan Wm A, boots and shoes, 100 S 4th. 

Ryce & Walmsley, carpenters, 309 Main. 

St Charles Hotel, 120S 3d. 

St Clair House, 204 Main. 

St Louis, Vaiiclalia, Terrc 
Haute and Indianapolis 
Railroad, W R McKeen President, 
R A Morris Treasurer, George E Far- 
rington Secretary, cor 6th and Main. (See 

Sargent, Black & Co, sewing machines, cor 

6th and Ohio. 
Sattler Wm H, grocer, 539 S 1st. 
Saturday Evening Ledger, 20 N 6th. 
Sauer Jacob, notions, 1135 Main. 
Sehael Geo A, saloon, 305 Ohio. 
Schaefer's Hotel, H Schaefer propr, 639 

Schaefer H, propr Schaefer's Hotel, 639 

Schafer Bros, meat market, 824 Main. 
Schloss Phillip, merchant tailor, 420 Main. 
Schlotterbeck Jacob, saloon, 913 Chestnut. 
Schmidt II F & Co, jewelers, 403 Main. 
Schmitz Wm, bakery, 911 Chestnut. 
Schroder L Herman, grocer, 100c S 2d. 
Schult/ August L, baker, 713 S 3d. 
Schumaker Adam, meat market, IIOI Main. 
Schumaker Teter M, saloon, 659 Main. 
Schwab Charles & Son, meat market, 305 

N 4th. 
Scott John T, judge Supreme Court. 
Scott Joseph, pumpmaker, 415 Walnut. 


P-\ri"f Manufacturer of FINE CIGAHS, 
82 West Washington Stroot, 


m , • : , ! aA.Kr ;!S El.Y«0.,726V4 W . H „„ rO oS, 

sChicago. Send for Catalogue ami Prices. 


and iu;sixi>.s i>ikkciv>uy. 



Scott & Gruff, carriage mnfrs, 5 and 7 S 2d. 
Scott.f: Scott, lawyers, 229 Ohio. 
Scudder & Co, wh confectioners, 63S Main. 
Seaman Lewis & Co, proprs Terre Haute 

Daily News, 501^ Ohio. 
Seeborger George A, meat market, 52S 

Seeburtrer Charles L, meat market, 665 

Seeman C H, cigar mnfr, O43 Main. 
Seitz Jacob, prop Cincinnati House, 17 

N 4th. 
Sellers John D, carriage maker, cor 4th and 

Shaley Frederick W, grocer, 731 Poplar. 
Shannessy Thomas, saloon, 22 N 5th. 
Shannons Patrick, banker, 324 Ohio. 
Slia'W A, Manager Teire Haute House, 

700 Main. 
Sheap AYm A, confectioner, 19 S 8th. 
Sheets Andrew R, restaurant, 120 Main. 
Shelburn Coal Co, T023 Main, 
Sheldon Win, carpenter, 125 Ohio. 
Shellon 3; lohnson, lawyers, 324;; Ohio. 
Shepler Sanford P, meat market, 29 S 6th. 
Shickel John F, physician, 1313 Main. 
Shinkle Floriman L, druggist, 403 N 4th. 
Shirk M M Mrs, notions, 1136 Poplar. 
Shryer Bros, hub and spoke mnfrs, cor 2d 

and Vine. 
Shryer Bros, wh hardware, 518 and 520 

Sibley Wallace W, saloon, 12 S 5th. 
Sibley & Neal, painters, 1200 Main. 
Sickford George S, patternmaker, 5lS0hio. 
Simmons & Pierce, grocers, 512 Main. 
Sirronia Leo D, barber, 710 Main. 
Slaughter, Watkins &Co, wh hardware, 504 

Slaughter & Co, notions, 628 Main. - 
Smith Christian, meat market, 530 S 3d. 
Smith C C & Son, wh stoves and tinware, 

124 and 126 Main and 417 Main. 
Smith Edward, barber 1014 Main. 
Smith E M, coal, 945 Main and cor 5th and 

I&St L R R. 
Smith Frank, confectioner, 3 S 4th. 
Smith John J, grocer, 600 N 5th. 
Smith John S, "furniture, 419 Walnut. 
Smith & Burnett, grocers, 339 Walnut. 
Smock Alex, general store, 206 Main. 
Snapp Thomas B, lumber, 417 Walnut. 
Snighursh John C, meat market, 311 Wal- 

Somers James E, druggist, 1201 Main. 
Sparks John F, grocer, 701 Spruce. 
Spengler Philip, barber, 640 Main. 
Stack Peter W, propr Chestnut Street Ho- 
tel, 952 Chestnut. 

Staff John T, saloon, 24 S 3d. 

Staff "Peter N, saloon, 913 Main. 

Slahl Theodore, wh queens ware, 634 Main. 

Stark Christian, mineral water mnfr, 1532 

Stark Leopold, meat market, 1^9 Main. 
Statz Otto H, watchmaker, 627 'Main. 
Staub Charles P, livery, 218 Main. 
Staub Geo W & Co, marble wks, 14 and 16 

N 3d. 
Slant} Ileiirv II, Livery and Board- 

ing Stable, 130 S 3d. 
Slaub J P, livery, 3 10 Cherry. 
Stausbcrg Teter, grocer, 1100 Poplar. 
Stein Bros, blacksmiths, 31 N 3d. 
Stein Louis, meat market, 123 N 4th. 
Stein & Heckelsbcrg, boots and shoes, 421 

Steincarnp Henry, grocer, 131 N 3d. 
Steinmehl Jacob, justice of the peace, 329 y' z 

Stevenson Cyrus P, confectioner, 905 Main. 
Stevenson Wm M, physician, 23;^ S 6th. 
Stevenson & Spotts, grocers, 28 Main. 
Stewart James W, shoemaker, cor Elm and 

Stitson Edwin-F, physician, 521^ Ohio. 
Stone Samuel, grocer, 6S1 Main. 
Storey & Frost, saloon, 25 S 6th. 
Storlz John, shoemaker, 409 Lafayette. 
Stough James A, shoemaker, 1 1 23 Main. 
Stout James W, propr Henderson House, 

209 S 4th. 
Stout Theodore, cigars and tobacco. 33 S 

Stout Wm, livery, 209 S 4th. 
Strasser E & Co, hides and pelts, 31 S 2d. 
Straus Hertez, junk dealer, 5 S 2d. 
Straus Samuel L, milliner, 426 Main. 
Strong JOSCpSl, Coftee and Spice 

Mills, 19 and 21 N 6th. 
Strouse Enos, grocer, 22S Main. 
Strouse Jonas, general store, cor 2d and 

Stliart Ilobert, Merchant Tailor, 624 

Stucker Frederick, grocer, Vincennes road. 
Stuempfle George, propr National Road 

House, ion Main. 
Stuempile & Welte, saloon, Soo Main. 
Stunkard Z Mrs, propr St Charles Hotel, 

120 S 3d. 
Sullivan Dennis Y, second-hand goods, 103 

N 4th. 
Swallord Benjamin F, physician, 102 S 6lh. 
Swope Sheldon, jeweler, 412 Main. 
Sykes Eli A, hats, 28 S 4th. 
Sykes John H, hats and caps, 419 Main. 
Taylor Edward, barber, 619 Main. 

I fi M fiP fi H P J N P lu AH s, y ,<,s " ud Kt Al1 Price*, at 

\nm\\ and S KMR\ tueo. i>fafflix &co>s, 

Cci$«U^ *-'"« UnJywSBU 68 and 60 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Empire Two-horse Brill Agency, *"'^,Z2. „,„. 





Uclitmann Henry C, cigars and tobacco, 

621 Main. 
Van Borssum R, grocer, 1369 Main. 
Vance J R, well borer, 113 N 6th. 
Vandalia Hotel, 317 N 10th. 
Van Sant & Son, sewing machines, 426 

Van Valzah Robert, dentist, 400 Main. 
Veneman & Elder, restaurant, 22 S 3d. 
Vice John, grocer, S29 S 3d. 
Voges Henry B, saloon, 112 S4th. 
Wabash Iron Co, Andrew J Crawford pres, 

James P Crawford sec, 712 N 2d. 
Wagner & Ripley, marble works, 418 

Wahler Thomas, meat market, 210 S 4th. 
Walden Wm, barber, 121 Lafayette. 
Waldele George, barber, 28 N 3d. 
WalkerLouis E, mdse broker, 601^ Main. 
Walmsley'Robert C, feed stable, 317 N 4th. 
Walmsley Wm F, acrl implts, 323 N 4th. 
Walsh Michael G, news dealer, 661 Main. 
Walter John, boots and shoes, 906 Main. 
Warrell Jonathan P, physician, 521 }i Ohio. 
Waters Moses H, physician, 613 Mulberry. 
Watson D W, plumber, 634 Main. 
Weber Hermann, saloon, 641 Main. 
Wedlake John, saloon, cor 9th and Main. 
Weidel Charles, cigars and tobacco, 19 S 

Weinstein Leo J, physician, 503 N 13th. 
Welch Andrew J, carriage mnfr, cor 2d and 

Wells George, blacksmith, cor 7th and 

Werner Leo, saloon, 416 Main. 
Wey Frank, grocer, 1027 S 2d. 
Wheat Nathaniel S, coal and coke, Main. 
Whitaker & Backstein, shoemakers, 127 N 

Whitaker & Stickle, carriage mnfrs, 20S 

White James M, shoemaker, 117 S 3d. 
White WmR, restaurant, 525 Main. 
Wliite & Wrigllt, (Jacob White 

and John W Wright), Wholesale Confec- 
tioners, 28 N 6th. 
. Whitmore James W, blacksmith, near Mo 

Keen's Mill. 
Wilde Otto, dentist, 626 '.< Main. 
Williams Isaac Mrs, dressmaker, 100;,^ N 

Willien Leon J, physician, 667 Chestnut. 
Wilson Wm, notions, 325 Main. 
Winter Henry A, conlectioner, 119 N 4th. 
Wissel Andrew, shoemaker, 623 N 13th. 
Wittig Anette Mrs, notions, 677 Main. 
Woelllc Charles, shoemaker, 25 N 5th. 
! Wolfe & Alder, wall paper, 41S Ohio. 

Taylor George A, shoemaker, 1 2 10 Poplar. 

Taylor John A, barber, 15 S 6th. 

Taylor Robert A, grocer, 1017 S 2d. 

Taylor Romulus N, grocer, 1373 Main. 

Teitge Emil, grocer, 1703 S 1st. 

Tennant & Thomas, lawyers, 330;^ Ohio. 

Terre Haute Banner (German), 21 S 5th. 

Terre Haute Business College, Garvin & Is- 
bell proprs, 6oi}< Main. 

Terre Haute Car & Mnfg Co, capital §50,- 
000, J B Hager pres, L G Hager sec, 
Ohio'bet 10th and nth. 

Terre Haute Daily News, 50134 Ohio. 

Terre Haute Elevator Co, capital stock 
£15,000, Samuel McKeen pies, J E Har- 
ris treas, W P Ijams sec, cor 10th and 

Terre Haute Express (daily and weekly), 16 

Terre Haute Gas Light Co, W B Warren 
pres, 507 Ohio. 

Terre Haute Gazette (daily and weekly), 
25 S 5th. 

Terre Ilaule House, A Shaw 
Manager, 700 Main. 

Terre Haute Iron and Nail Works, F Nip- 
pert pres, cor 13th and E *T H R R. 

Terre Haute Trad'e Journal, 20 N 6th. 

Terre Haute National (weekly), 620J/J Main. 

Terre Haute Saturday Courier, 421 '; Main. 

Terre Haute Savings Bank, T C Buntin 
pres, J S Beach sec and treas, 14 S 6th. 

Terre Haute & Indianapolis 

My, Operated by St Louis, Vandalia, 

Terre Haute & Indianapolis R R, Office 
cor 6th and Main. 
Terre Haute & Southeastern R R, W B 

Tuell pres, George Atherton supt, Wm 

M Tuell aud. 
Terry S D &Co, proprs The Saturday Even- 
ing Ledger, 20 N 6th. 
Thomas Calvin, jeweler, 527 Main. 
Thomas Robert II, fish market, 25 N 4th. 
Thomas & Rupp, horseshoers, 231 S 3d. 
Thompson John C, physician, 14 S 7th. 
Thompson Ralph L, rlour mill, cor Poplar 

and Jst, stave factory, 311 S 2d. 
Thur Frederick, saloon, 416 Ohio. 
Tiernan Richard A, millinery, 320 Main. 
Tirnay Michael, saloon, cor Lafayette and 

Titus Charles H, shoemaker, 611 Main. 
Townlcy Bros, stoves and tinware, 514 

Treat Horace J, physician, 19% S 6th. 
Tressel Adam, grocer, 130S Poplar. 
Triche Charles, cabinet maker, 513 Walnut. 
Tuemler Louis, shoemaker, 443 N 9th. 
Tutt James, shoemaker, 113 S 4th. 

A. I-. W3RIGrX3:i7 & CO., Lace Curtains and 
47 aud 49 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. DrapCi ICS. 

INDIANAPOLIS, can furnish Nut and Slack 
Coal for Steam purposes, at satisfactory prices. 





Wolfe John N, hardware, .)2.t Main. 
Wright David H, photographer, 421^ 

Wright & King, grocers, 6S3 Main. 
Young Stephen J, physician, 1 24 S 5th. 
Yung Charles, saloon, 335 Walnut. 
Zcigler Ferdinand, grocer, 765 Lafayette. 
Zimmerman George S, stoves and tinware, 

648 Main. 
Zimmerman John, grocer, 204 S 4th. 
Zimmermann Charles, overalls mnfr, 2S 

N 6th. 

TISTEBSBURGH. Tipton county. 
{See Blacksmith.) 

THOMAS. A settlement of 10 per- 
sons, on the Havana, Rantoul & Eastern 
railroad, in Warren county, 15 miles from 
Williamsport, the county seat. Grain, 
corn, wheat and hogs are exported. Ex- 
press, United States. Mail daily. F. E. 
Thomas, postmaster. 

Clifford Paul, Agent H R & E R R. 
Condit W R, agent U S Ex Co. 
TIxoma9 I<* E, General Store and 

Woolard W II, blacksmith. 

THORN TO irX. Thirty-seven miles 
northwest of Indianapolis, on the C. I. St. 
L. & C. R. R., in Sugar Creek township, 
Boone county, is an incorporated village of 
1500 inhabitants, pleasantly located on 
Sugar creek, which furnishes water power 
to operate 2 saw and 2 Hour mills, and 
they, together with I steam flour mill, 2 
planing mills and a stave factory, comprise 
its principal manufactories. The village is 
distant 10 miles from Lebanon, the county 
seat, and supports 5 churches — Presbyteri- 
an, Christian, Baptist and 2 Methodist— a 
graded school of 6 departments, 2 hotels, a 
national bank and one weekly newspaper. 
Express, American. Telegraph, Western 
Union and American Union. Mail daily. 
John L. Smith, postmaster. 
Alford & Hoath, plasterers. 
Allen Herman H, dentist. 
Allen & Givler, dentists. 
Anderson, Maiden & Co, grocers. 
Austin Abner V, lawyer. 
Ayres Benjamin S, tailor. 
Barker John C, justice of the peace. 
Barnhart Solomon, livery. 
Beldon George A, lumber mnfr. 
Bennett John, saloon. 
Belts Alfred H, merchant tailor. 
Buckles L C Rev (Methodist). 

Bunton & Perkins, lumber. 

Burk, Alfred grain dealer. 

Burk Wm C, druggist. 

Burton J Rev (Methodist). 

Buser & Buntin, meat market. 

Carlisle John, flour mill. 

Chafee Eliza B Mrs, milliner. 

Champion Isaac N, marble works. 

Cloud & Haworth, flour mill. 

Cochran M & Co, coopers. 

Cole Ebenezer, stoves and tinware. 

Coolmau Robert W, blacksmith. 

Cory Augustus M, clothing. 

Coulsun George, druggist and Ex agt. 

Coulson Win F, druggist. 

Craig P J Mrs, milliner. 

Craven Oliver, notary public. 

Curryer Wm F, physician. 

Custer Malissie M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Daugherty Chas M, books and stationery, 

DavTs David B, physician. 

Davis Wm II, physician. 

Deck Alfred, notions. 

Dutch Patrick H, lawyer. 

Eldridge Simon, barber. 

Elliott S W Rev (Presbyterian). 

Farber John C, lawyer. 

Fielding George W, jeweler. 

First National Bank, capital .350,000, Joh 

Neven pres, J M Boyd cash. 
Gapcn Nathaniel, wagonmaker. 
Gapen Stephen, marble works. 
Goldsberry Louisa Mrs, milliner. 
Gray & VanCleave, dressmakers. 
Griffin Washington, lawyer. 
Groves Tohn I, physician. 
Hall David W, furniture. 
Hanna James, druggist. 
Harris Wm, barber. 
Hazelrigg Geo W, hardware. 
Henderson Henry W, shoemaker. 
Hill John J, insurance agent. 
Ilines John C, grocer. 
Hopkins W W Rev (Christian). 
Hughes John, horseshoer. 
Hunter & Gilbert, painters. 
Janell Lorenzo D, wagonmaker. 
Johnson Charles W, grocer. 
Keeler Mahlon A, photographer. 
Kramer Baltzer, grocer. 
Linch G R & Co, produce. 
McCormick Munroe C, dry goods. 
McCoy & Bro, meat market. 
McDowell Marion M, justice of the peace 
Maudlin Jesse, wagonmaker. 
Mathews Ansell, flour mill. 
Millions Thomas, boots and shoes. 
Miller James H, carpenter. 
Millikan Wm W, harnessmaker. 


-&-t Spiagne's, 391 ~\KT. 35v£ad.isoz5. Street. Ci--i=Cv£r=>, 111. 

": ; : m~l^ 

rcfitably liy u Throbbing Engine, 
ago 3. 





Moffitt Joshua, grain and coal. 

Moore Bros, grocers. 

Moore \V E & Son, blacksmiths. 

Mossier Aaron, general store. 

O'Rear John S, hotel. 

ration &01dendorf, wagon mnfrs. 

Pierson Harvey, shoemaker. 

Perrin John D, boots and shoes. 

Rankin" & Davis, livery. 

Reaber G B Rev (Baptist). 

RidgewayOtis N, jeweler. 

Rogers Francis C, carpenter. 

Robinson Samuel, grain dealer. 

Rose Madison H, physician. 

PvOsenbaum & Mills, brickmakcrs. 

Rous& Co, hardware. 

Russell Parke, lawyer. 

Sailors James L, general store. 

Sims & Neptune, staves and heading. 

Smiley Wm W, furniture. 

Snyder Charles 11, boots and shoes. 

Stall Arthur S, grocer. 

Staton Millerd F, dry goods. 

Templelon John, carpenter. 

The Argus, F B Rose pub. 

Vanarsdell Joseph, justice of the peace. 

Weekly N W, R R agt. 

Welch & Boyd, planing mill. 

Wild John, brick and tile mnfr. 

Wilson & Sims, grocers. 

TILDE N. A recently established 
postoffice on the Indianapolis, Decatur and 
Springfield Ry., in Hendricks county, 7 
miles from Danville, the county seat. Pop- 
ulation ?5. It ships grain and lumber. 
Express, American. Mail daily. Henry 
L. Parker, postmaster. 
Harris J, blacksmith. 
Hole Oliver, agt I D & S Ry and American 

Ex Co. 
McDonald P H, stock dealer. 
Parker C L, general store. 

Parltcr Henry L, Farmer. 

TINKEKVILLE. Lake county. 
(See Cedar Lake). 

TIOSA. Is on the I. P. & C. Ry, in 

Richland township, Fulton county, 6 miles 
north of Rochester court house, and con- 
tains So inhabitants, a district school and 
one saw mill. Lumber, grain and hogs are 
exported. Express, United States. Mail 
daily. Jacob Miller, postmaster. 
Bush Charles, carpenter. 
Flory & Fry, blacksmiths. 
Forker Wm, justice of the peace. 
Loder C C, physician. 

Miller Jacob, General Store, Saw 
Mill, Planing Mill, Grain Dealer, R R 
and Express Agent. 

Newton John, blacksmith 

Winbigler Dan : ~' ■ 


on river of and township of same name, 
Marshall county, is a place of 200 inhabit- 
ants, 5 miles south of Bourbon, its shipping 
depot, and 17 southeast of Plymouth court 
house. Contains district school and Chris- 
tian church. Mail tri-weekly. Wm. Yais- 
er, postmaster. 
Blue R, cattle dealer. 

Braeltetl 28 B, Physician and Drug- 
Duff & Kaley, flour and planing mill. 
Hall M, physician. 
Hartmeyer Joseph, blacksmith. 
Hubler David, sawmill. 
Jones A, carpenter. 
Kluck Frederick, hotel. 
Latham Adolphus, saw mill. 
Latham C, carpenter. 
Mahoney John, blacksmith. 
Sevalt A, justice of the peace. 
Spencer Joseph, physician. 
Tyrrell L S, physician. 
Warm & Son, general store. 
YaiSCr & CO, General Store. 

TIPTON. Is situated at the inter- 
section of the I. P. & C. and L. E. & W. 
Ry s i 39 miles north of Indianapolis, is a 
thriving city of 1,500 inhabitants, and seat 
of justice for county of same name. Tip- 
ton has two weekly newspapers — the Advo- 
cate (Republican), and the Tipton Times 
(Democrat), five churches and an excellent 
graded school. Has a bonded indebted- 
ness of Principal exports are 
are grain and lumber. Express, American. 
Mail daily. Stephen Lowley, postmaster. 
American Express Co, W C Baker agt. 
Armstrong C, hardware. 
Baker W C, agt I P & C Ry. 
Banta John H, printer. 
Barker Andrew J, physician. 
Barlow Wm, grocer. 
Baur Peter, shoemaker. 
Eeauchamp & GilTord, lawyers. 
Behymer P & J O, proprs The Tipton 

Weekly Times. 
Berryman Wm L, saw mill. 
Bert Peter, tailor. 
Bowers John, blacksmith. 
Bowlin Melvin L, hardware. 
Boyer George, blacksmith. 


•rials, Labels, Copyrights. All bus 

.1 like mutters, promptly una carefully alien, 
Solicitor of Tuti'iits, IS Uubbara Block, luiii.uiui 

Miscellaneous and Blank Hooks .and OfTice Stationery, Indianapolis. 


llradbnry Samuel B, boots and shoos. 
ItriStOW & Swain, Lawyers, n e 

cor Jefferson and Court. 
Charles & Warner, blacksmiths. 
Clouser Daniel, meat market. 
Collins George M, physician. 
Cope Areta Miss, dressmaker. 
Deal Adam, grocer. 
Drinkwater li, barber. 
Emchiser Kcnyon, livery. 
Fear Bros, marble works. 
Gleason & Son, grocers. 
Graham Bros, meat market. 
Green & Waugh, lawyers. 
Grishaw, llaynes & Co, general store. 
Grove Granville, jeweler. 
Grove Jasper M, physician. 
Haas Moses, general store. 
Harding & Downard, grocers. 
HcmlricUs Katiiau, Carpenter, n 

s Jefferson. 
Hill l'inley M, boots and shoes. 
Hutchings John F, hardware. 
Indiana House, A Lay Proprietor, 

E Jefferson. 
Jackson A & Co, general store, 
lolley lohn S, painter. 
Jones DeWitt C, blacksmith, 
lordan Miles R, propr United States Hotel. 
Kleyla Martin, baker. 
Lane Ananas, constable. 
JLay A, Proprietor Indiana House, Rates 

$1 per Day, Satisfaction Guaranteed, 

Pleasantly Located. 
Lay Thomas J, saloon. 
Long John, propr Long House. 
Lowley Stephen, merchant tailor. 
McJunkin Elmira J, dressmaker. 
Mcjunkin Joshua, grocer. 
Martindale E P. jr, insurance. 
Martindale James M, abstracts of title. 
Martindale & Hancock, real est. 
Marshall & Butts, meat market. 
Mehlig Henry, druggist. 
Metts M S, clergyman. 

Miller B T, saddles and harness. 
Murphy John, saloon. 
Nance & Nicholson, saloon. 
Newcomer & Evans, physicians. 
Nicholson Leonard, barber. 
Oliphant & Drysdale, marble works. 
Pershing M \V, propr The Advocate. 
Pershing & COX, Milliners and 

Fancy Goods. [See adv.) 
Picken & Bros, general store. 
Porter Robert L, jeweler. 
Prillaman Sarah S, milliner. 
Propest Elias, carpenter. 
Pursel Lizzie Mrs, milliner. 
Quaker Thomas, saloon. 
Rosenthal Moses, general store. 
Rumsey John E, sewing machines. 
Smith & Forrer, druggists. 
Spacy Alice Miss, milliner. 
Steiger Joseph, wagonmaker. 
Swovelauirt & Coffill, Lawyers, n 

s Jefferson e Court. 
Taylor Samuel M, flouring mill. 
The Advocate, n s Jefferson. 
Thomas Caroline I, dressmaker. 
Thomas James P, justice of the peace. 
Tichenor James A, livery. 
Tipton County Bank, capital, E 

H Shirk sr pres, E H Shirk jr cash. 
Tipton Weekly Times, n s Jefferson. 
Tyner Stephen, planing mill. 
United States Hotel, s s Jefferson. 
Vickery A M, druggist. 
Vickrey Martin V B, physician. 
Waits Erastus C, hotel. 
Wallace William IS, Groceries 

and Provisions, s e cor Jefferson and East. 
Waugh Dan, lawyer. 
Wilson A K, live'ry. 
Windheld W S, clergyman. 
Woodruff H A, hotel. 
Young Wm B, furniture. 


a country store and postoftice 

location of 
in Shelby 

North Side of Jefferson Street, North of Main, 

Tipton, Ind. 

Martindale Block, 

We have the leading Bazaar in the city, and handle a large and complete line of the latest 

styles of MILLINERY GOODS. Trim and make Hats lo order. Also 

handle Lacks, Scarfs, Flowers, and a full line of Fancv 

Goods. Tlease give us a call and learn prices. 


S^nU for Estimates. J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CEIIlCAtiO, 11-k. 

Lf^yfc [:::: £ 

IIa«3 paid large dividends. Jsns Iho l.-si-. .< ... 
! surplus lor dividends in fuliire. Best Co. for 
8 Agonts. E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't, Chicago, ill. 





township, Ripley county, 7 miles south- 
west of Versailles, the county seat, and 12 
south of Osgood, the nearest shipping 
point, located on O. & M. Ry. Mail is re- 
ceived tii-weekly. James C. MycrSj 
Postmaster and General Store. 


Ohio river, in Harrison county, 17 miles 
southeast of Corydon, the county seat, is 
only a steamboat landing. No postoffice. 

TORIXSROR T. On the Ohio river, 
in Tobin township, Perry county, is located 
10 miles above Cannelton, the county seat, 
and contains 50 inhabitants, district school, 
Methodist and Baptist churches. Clover- 
port, Ky., is its nearest bank. Express, 
Adams. Mail daily. Robert Tobin, post- 

Anderson C T, physician. 
Babage T D, agt Adams Ex Co. 
Miller J, blacksmith. 
Taylor John H, lawyer. 
Tobin Robert, general store. 

TOEESTOX. At the crossing of 
P. Ft. W. & C. and M. C. Rys., in Lake 
county, 16 miles north of Crown Point 
court house. Church, Lutheran. Schools, 
district. Population 300. Express, Amer- 
ican. Mail daily. Christ Bormann, post- 

Akers James, tailor. 
Bentley R L, physician. 
Roi-raau Christ, Flour and Feed. 
Bringolf George, carpenter. 
Forsythe D M, physician. 
Harmes Ernst, saloon. 
Hecker Charles, blacksmith. 
Keck August, grocer. 
Kunert Charles, grocer. 
Ludwig Adolph, hardware. 
Nagle Charles, saloon. 
Schoneman Frederick, grocer. 
Schoneman L, shoemaker. 
Swingendorf Charles, general store. 
Traptrow Fred, wagonmaker. 

TOJiONTO. Formerly called Bono, 
is a village with 100 population, located in 
Helt township, Vermillion county, 12 miles 
southwest of Newport, the county seat, 
and 3 miles south of Dana, on the I. D. & 
S. Ry, has Presbyterian church and district 
school. Mail tri-weekly. F. N. Austin, 
AllHtill )P N, General Store. 

Eaton H C, physician. 
Pritchard E & Co, general store. 

TOTO. A country postoffice in Jack- 
son township, Starke county, located 4'. 
miles southwest of Knox, the county seat, 
and same distance northeast of Mt. Judson, 
on the P. C. & St. L. Ry. A small stream 
furnishes waler power to propel a flour and 
saw mill. The place is also on daily mail 
route from Knox to Mt. Judson. T. R. 
Bascom, postmaster. 
UaSCOlJl T IS., Farmer. 
Baughman George, flour mill. 
Mann Win, blacksmith. 

TRADER'S 1'OIXT. Twelvemiles 

north of Indianapolis, in Pike township, 

Marion county, contains 100 inhabitants, 

graded school, Methodist and Christian 

churches. Eagle creek flows by the place, 

and furnishes power to propel a saw and 

grist mill. New Augusta, 3 miles east on 

the C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., is the place of 

shipment. Mail tri-weekly. T. M. Harris, 


Birt Jabez, carpenter. 

Carson L O, physician. 

Edwards Clarence, blacksmith. 

Foreman Milton, blacksmith. 

Goss Ludwig, wagonmaker. 

Hanstein Christian, wagonmaker. 

Harris X Itl, General Store. 

Howard G W, carpenter. 

Hudson Thomas J, teacher. 

Irick David, saw and flour mill. 

Neff Elias, live stock. 

Ray Chesley, general store. 

Read T, physician. 

Schroe'der Henry,' blacksmith. 

VoriS Alien, Carpenter. 

Watts Thomas, stock dealer. 

TRAFALGAR. Containing 600 
inhabitants, three churches — Baptist, Meth- 
odist and Christian — and two saw mills 
and one flour mill, is located in Hensley 
township, Johnson county, on F. F. & M. 
R. R., 7Ji miles southwest of Franklin, the 
county seat. Grain, lumber and live stock 
are the chief exports. Express, American. 
Mail daily. James N. Stout, postmaster. 
Buckner G W, agt F F & M R R. 
Camphor M P, livery. 

Campbell M, Ci 
Christy W C, harness: 
Cottle John, miller. 
Davis Daniel, boots and shoes. 
Durman C T, blacksmith. 


8I17&HAM, WAX/vI & HATHB-W, ) Roman Gold Pendants 
12 Ku * 1 % b ^i2i£V% e il«D. \ and LOCKETS. 


Jjoans and Sorrows Money, 
No. X07 Upper Third St. 

Evattsville, ]jul. 





Eaton C M; furniture. 

EUiS JOtlll, Saw Mill. 

Ennis J, photographer. 

Ennis Maria, milliner. 

Eansler J B, painter. 

Forsyche J, carpenter. 

Foster Mrs, milliner. 

Hedges H » «*i: Bra, Livery. 

Iliggens M E, painter. 

Jollili'J S, justice of the peace. 

Lyman J S, wagonmaker, 

Mann A N & Co, general store. 

Moore J J & Co, general store. 

Moore R M & Co, groceries. 

Morgan E \V, flour mill. 

Morgan W C, General Store. 

Perry H, carpenter. 

Pitcher P M, live stock. 

Ragsdale J T, saw mill. 

Ragsdale L M, drugs. 

Ray James M, stock dealer. 

K.CP.1U JoIJSl, Lumber. 

Ream J B, 

Richardson Shelton, meat market. 

Shoemaker W R, grocer. 

Simpson John, blacksmith. 

Sims G R. staves and heading. 

Slack R W, wagonmaker. 

Spears T L, painter. 

Spicer Thomas, shoemaker. 

Stevens J M, shoemaker. 

Stout fasiI.CS >*, Harnessmaker and 

Terhune Julia, milliner. 
Ward J M, carpenter. 
Wiley J, carpenter. 
Willan E B, physician. 
Willan R D, physician. 
Willan W R, drugs. 

TRANS1TTILLE. Situated on 
the W. St. L. ec P. Ry, in Tippecanoe coun- 
ty, S miles northeast of Lafayette, the 
county seat, is a village containing 400 in- 
habitants, Methodist and United Brethren 
churches and graded school. Express, Pa- 
cific. Mail daily. R. D. Hale, postmaster. 
Blood L T, saw mill. 
Brown W W C, physician. 
Douglass F, meat market. 
Hale R. I>, Blacksmith. 


W, grocer 

Miller Samuel, jt 
Payne A T, physicia 
Walters Wm, drugs. 
Weymire, general st 


Tillage organization, 

of the peace. 

stoffice with no 
in Grant coun- 


ty, 14 miles southeast of Marion, the county 
seat, and 7 miles southeast of Jonesboro, on 
the P. C. & St. L. and C. W. & M. Rys. 
Stage communication four times per week 
with Jonesboro — fare 25c, and Muncic — 
fare 75c. Mail four times each week. Ira 
J. Carter, postmaster. 
Carter Era J, Notary Public. 
Richards J W, justice of the peace. 

TJiEA TY. A village of 50 inhabit- 
ants, on Treaty creek, in Liberty township, 
Wabash county, 6 miles south of Wabash, 
the county seat, on the C. W. & M. Ry. It 
has Christian and United Brethren socie- 
ties, but no churches. Express, United 
States. Mail daily. George F. Wohlga- 
muth, postmaster. 
Armstrong John, live stock. 
Daugherty T G, live stock. 
Ferree J C, Assistant Postmaster. 
Geltion E F, saw mill. 
Minnick H R, physician. 
Mossman J J, live stock. 
ParKe Wm H, blacksmith. 
Taylor A, wagonmaker. 
Vandegrift A, blacksmith. 

WoMrjaimiUi & Wait, General 

TRENTON. Blackford county. (Sec 

TRENTON. Called formerly Hunts- 
yille, with 400 inhabitants, is situated 
in West River township, Randolph county, 
9>< miles southwest of Winchester, the 
county seat and most available shipping 
point. It has Methodist church and dis- 
trict school. Mail tri-weekly. Mary Ann 
Paschal], postmaster. 
Cox Edward, druggist. 
Cropper Daniel, hotel. 
Cropper E J Mrs, hotel. 
Cropper Thomas E, general store. 
Garrett Fremont, lawyer. 
Garrett S Mrs, milliner. 
Gordon & Willis, drain tile mnfrs. 
Graham Lemuel, meat market. 
Gwin John T, carpenter. 
Harvey lames C, carnage and wagonmaker. 
Harvey "John II, shoemaker. 
Harvey John I, blacksmith. 
Harvey Z, blacksmith. 
Iliatt & Hiatt, saw mill. 
Hunt Henry C, physician. 
Jacobs Albert, carpenter. 
Johnson Levi, general store. 
Jordan T W, physician. 

CIIAS. 1>. COJ.SOS, KW and 1 1()Vrnnklin S«r«t, CHICAGo" 
Sec Adv., j ■■_■.,■.<■ 4. 

itmmz: 'biils 

driven profitably hy a Threshing F.npjini., 
.1 by CHANDLER & TAYLOK, of 
;>olis, Ind. ' Sio page, 3. 





Kepler & Lamb, flour mill. 

Lamb David H, justice of the peace. 

Miller Robert C & Son, general store. 

Parsons Wm, dentist. 

Pascliall Mary Attn, Postmaster. 

Pastures Charles, wagonmaker. 

Stierling Phoebe C, florist. 

1837, has a population of 200, and is located 
in Martin county, S miles north of Shoals, 
the county seat and usual shipping place. 
The village was known formerly as Har- 
risonville, and at one time was a thriving 
business place. The celebrated Trinity 
Springs are located here, but since burning 
of the hotel in 1S60 they have lost some- 
what of their notoriety. The place is still 
quite a summer resort. Indian Springs, 2 
miles north, are well known throughout the 
state. Indian creek furnishes power to 
operate a flouring mill. The place lias a 
Christian church and district school. Daily 
mail. Stage route to Shoals — fare $1.50. 
Levi Denson, postmaster. 
Davenport E J Mrs, hotel. 
XCctlSOU Levi Rev, Blacksmith. 
Dollens T C, physician. 
Dunn B F, propr Trinity Springs. 
Edmonson C YV & Co, general store. 
Elliott E P, flour mill. 
Fox George, gunsmith. 
Gresham S P, shoemaker. 
Jeter James N, cabinetmaker and justice. 
Leonard M O Mrs, hotel. 
Lukenbill W W, wagonmaker. 
McCave T NT, Lawyer. 
McKee Milton Rev (Christian). 
Voyl'es H W, physician. 

TROY. On the Ohio river, is an en- 
tcrprising, thrifty village of 600 inhabitants, 
in township of same name, county of Perry, 
7 miles northwest ofCannelton court house. 
It has three religious societies— Methodist, 
Catholic and Lutheran — graded school, 
three hotels, sash and blind factory, tobacco 
warehouse, brewery, distillery and coal 
mine. Its chief exports arc corn, wheat, 
tobacco, barley, oats and hay. Express, 
Adams. Mail daily. James A. Gardner, 

Anderson O P, sewing machines. 
Backer Peter, hotel. 
Bacon J D, physician. 
Baertish Herman, hardware. 
Ballis Jacob, blacksmith. 
Burkhart Alexander Rev (Catholic). 

Clemens Jacob, Distiller. 
Connor S K, lawyer. 
Coombs C E, gro.-er. 
Dannbauer Jacob, grain. 
Eble A, general store. 
Eichling Daniel, furniture. 
EvaUS 33 51, Druggist. 
Feldhausch August, stonemason. 
Fisher George, carpenter. 
Freeman John, grocer. 
Friedcl J"B, flour mill. 
Gage Willard, agrl implts. 
Gardner James A, Grocer. 
Gasser Theodore, druggist. 
Gerth J P, planing mill. 
Greer H, wagonmaker. 
KCillrfiro JS, Pottery. 
Holumann Jacob, saloon. 
Jackson James, saw mill. 
Jergens Wm, stonemason. 
Kelsch Hiram, shoemaker. 
Kurtzdorfer John, produce. 
Larue Isaac, Cooper. 
Leingang Bros, general store. 
Leingang Jacob, general store. 
Lindauer Adam, tinner. 
Lindermnnn Chris, general store. 
Linderrnann Frank, dry goods. 
I„iimey A, Coal Miner. 
Linton Anton, stonemason. 
Lorch D C, carpenter. 
McDaniel H D, wharfboat. 
Mark N, justice of the peace. 
Meyers Joseph, saddler. 
Nester Jacob, Hotel. 

Orndorff Jacob, carpenter. 

Paulin Seraphim, carpenter. 

Patterson James L, wagonmaker. 

Richards John, boots and shoes. 

Robinson Albert, barber. 

Salm S'& Son, leaf tobacco. 

Schmuck George, tailor. 

Smith Joseph, meat market. 
j Streigel Margaret, hotel. 
I Sul.-er J F & Bro. general store. 
j XllOClia J G, Brewery. 

Vogel John, hotel and undertaker. 

Washer Wm T, bridge builder. 

Webb J R, physician. 

Webber Ulrich, saloon. 

Wilson Samuel, pottery. 

TUNNELTON. So called from the 
tunnel on O. & M. Ry, about \)' z miles 
from the place, is a village of 200 inhabi- 
tants, in Guthrie township, Lawrence coun- 
ty, 12 miles southeast of Bedford, the coun- 
ty seat. A Methodist church and district 
school are located here. Express, Ohio & 

JOHN PiOCH3« ? H"° Capital City Cigar 

<? T A Hi 17 T5 A f\ V T 1\T ft A « kniseiuy & co. 

9 .Li *£^ oL & tSW W W £ A iL\ U » 72 and 71 W. Monroe St.,- Chicago. 





Mississippi. Mail daily. M. T. Guthrie, 


Allen J T Rev (Methodist). 

Brooking J 11, grocer. 

Browning E Y, hotel. Thomas, saloon. 

Cooper George, hotel. 

Dim L A, physician. 

Dixon II C, physician. 

Guthrie A & Son, General Store. 

Guthrie M T, postmaster. 

Jones Johnson, justice of the peace. 

'lones & Bro, flour mill. 

I.ittcn .] H, wagonmaker. . 

I.itten M M, blacksmith. 

Malott James II, general store. 

Shirley Thomas, barber. 

TURKEY CHEEK. Is a place of 
40 inhabitants, located in Salem township, 
Steuben county, II miles southeaster An- 
gola, the county seat. Steubenville, 7 
miles east on the'. Ft. \V. & J. R. R., is the 
shipping point. Mail tri-weekly. 
Tinklepaugh A H, agricultural iinplts. 
Wcimer George, grocer. 

county. (See Fairbank.) 

TURNER. Once known as Newburg, 
is a village with 225 inhabitants, located 
on the St. L. V. T. II. & I. R. R., in Clay 
county, 3 miles southwest of Brazil, the 
county seat, and 13 miles east of Terre 
Haute. Coal is mined here quite exten- 
sively, and is the principal article of ex- 
port. Mail tri-weekly. Frederick Mackel, 

Iyer Samuel, saw mill. 
Carmichael David, general store. 
Ehrlich Christian, coal mine. 
Ehrlich Julius, coal mine. 
Ehrlich Peter, coal mine. 
1 ravel J, carpenter, 
"anion Daniel, shoemaker. 
Johnson Alexander, carpenter. 
■Haclcel I-'rcclericlc, General Store. 
Thomas Phillip, hotel. 
J\ heeler II, coal mine. 
Wheeler Philip, coal mine. 

TWELVE MILE. Four and one- 

-lf miles north of Hoover, on Eel River 
'.''vision W. S..L. & P. Ry, in Adams town- 
: i'i Cass county, contains So inhabitants, 
Wd is located 12 miles northeast of I.ogans- 
i Tt court house. Its exports are cattle, 

tri-weekly. Samuel 

hogs and sheep. M 
Decker, postmaster. 
Decker A J, wagonmaker. 
Decker J B, wagonmakej. 
Eyart P & D, saw mill. 
Hill Thomas, justice of the peace. 
Hoover John A, saw mill. 
Lawrence Mack, blacksmith. 
Lew-is Francis M, carpenter. 
Lewis Henry, carpenter. 
Morris S M, physician. 
K.f«nif.cHs j N, General Store. 
Shoemaker Anna, general store. 
Simons Noah, flour mill. 
Skinner Samuel J, shoemaker. 
Wilson James, harnessmakcr. 
Woodhouse Seaborn, cattle dealer. 
Young Wm M, justice of the peace. 

county. (See Cafe Sandy.) 

TYNER CITY. Contains 275 in- 
habitants, Methodist and United Brethren 

churches, saw mill, flour mill, and ships 

lumber and grain. Is located on the I. P. 

& C. Ry, in Polk township, Marshall 

county, 8 miles northwest of Plymouth 

court house. Express, United States. Mail 

daily. Win Trowbridge, postmaster. 

Boyd Jennie Mrs, general store. 

Dillman L G & Son, flour mill. 

Dunn D D, restaurant. 

Harris M, carpenter. 

Ilelminger J, shoemaker. 

JOXICS A.liee, Milliner. 

Kreighbaum Andrew, blacksmith. 

Long John, wagonmaker. 

McCormick J P, physician. 

Miller Koall, Carpenter. 

Myers L C, saloon. 

Myers M, carpenter. 

Richardson D, physician. 

Shaffer R S, justice of the peace. 

Simpson Samuel, physician. 

Smith J M, physician and hotel. 

Swearengin & Martin, general store. 

TrowlJvitlf'-e Win, General Store 
and Agent I. P. & C. Ry, and U. S. Ex- 
press Co. 

TYRONE. Lincoln township, Den- 
dricks county, is a station on the I, D. & S. 
Ry, S miles northeast of Danville, the 
county seat, and 13 northwest of Indiana- 

UNDERWOOD. Is composed of 
4 families, located in Clark county, 24 

Theo. Pfafflin & Go, 

58 and CO North Perinsylvo, 

nml Ovtran Jfousc of 



Indianapolis, In<i 





miles north of Jeffersorrville, the county 
seat, and is also a flag station and post- 
office, on the J. M. & I. K. R. Mail 
daily. M. Jones, postmaster. 
Crum Wesley, saw mill. 
Jasper Benjamin, cheese box mnfr. 
Jones M, Stock Dealer. 

UNION. Was fust settled in 1842, 
now contains 1 10 inhabitants, and is located 
in Clay township, Pike county, 10 miles 
west of Petersburg, the county seat. 11a- 
zelton, 7 miles west, on the E. & T. II. R. 
R., is the place of shipment, lias daily 
stage communication with Hazelton, fare 
50c, and Petersburg, fare 50c. Mail daily. 
R. W. Phillips, postmaster. 
Bartmess S T, physician. 
Calvin \Vm II, blacksmith. 
Hargrove M A & Son, general store. 
Hornbrook & Son, physicians. 
Kime & Cobb, general store. 
Kime & Son, physicians. 
McWilliams & Piigmore, flour mill. 
Flliilxps 15. W, Drugs. 
Shroder J A, blacksmith. 
Woodard L E, physician. 

UNION CITY. The most import- 
ant manufacturing place in Randolph coun- 
ty, has a population of 4500, and is located 
on the Ohio state line, 10 miles east of 
Winchester, the county scat, and S5 north- 
east of Indianapolis. It is pleasantly lo- 
cated about midway between the Ohio and 
Indiana capitols, in one of the best agricul- 
tural districts in the state, and has most 
excellent rail facilities, being traversed by 
the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and 
Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh, Cincinnati 
and St. Louis Railways, is also western 
terminus of the Dayton and Union Road, 
giving direct connection with all of the 
large eastern and western cities. The city 
has substantial brick and stone business 
blocks, fine residences, wide streets, lighted 
by gas, and first-class water-works. There 
are two banks, five hotels, three weekly 
newspapers — Times, Eagle, and the Plain 
Dealer — two graded schools and eight 
churches, in the city. For its size, Union 
City is not surpassed as a manufacturing 
place in the stale, having two planing 
mills, two furniture factories, hub, spoke 
and screw factory, saw mills, butter tub 
and pail factory, flax mill, trunk slat fac- 
tory, brick and tile yard, whiffletree factory, 
foundry and machine shop, flax mill, pump 
factory, three Hour mills and a stave and 

heading manufactory, which demonstrate 

that the town is active and enterprising. 

Has United States Express, and Wester. 

Union telegraph offices. Daily mail. A. 

B. Cooper, postmaster. 

Adams Adolphus, livery. 

Anderson Edwin L, general store. 

Anderson John W, lime. 

Anderson Wm, blacksmith. 

Ashton .Miles A, saloon. 

Baker Oscar A, lawyer. 

Ball Uriah, justice of the peace,. 

Bartholomew C G Rev (Christian). 

Best Newton, jeweler. 

Bowers A J S & Bro, dry goods. 

Bowsman Noah, saloon. 

Branham House, S Branham & Son proprs. 

Branham S & Son, hotel. 

Rincikm^liam ISenjamin F, 

Bunger, Sutton & Co, boots and shoes. 

Cain J Mrs, saloon. 

Carter Samuel L, Manufacturer 

Trunk Slats and Clamp Screws. {Set 

Carson Joseph D, grocer. 
Castle & McDonald, meat market. 
Central Honge, Harrison Dill Pro- 
Citizens' Bank, N Cadwallader pros, E M 

Tansey cash. 
Clark Robert J, baker and confectioner. 
Clevenger Waller C, barber. 
Coddington & Bowen, flax mill. 
Commercial Bank, capital ^60,000, J S 

Johnson pres, J F Rubey asst cash. 
Commons Wm M, physician. 
Coulter Wm Rev (Presbyterian). 
Cowdery & LeFever, dentists. 
Davidson George, marble works. 
Denison Frank A, millinery. 
Dick Peter B, physician. 
I>ill Harrison, Proprietor Central 

Doty Morris, propr Doty House. 
Eisenhour & Gruber, saddles and harness. 
Eisenmann John, shoemaker. 
Evans C S, physician. 
Ferguson David, physician. 
Fey Henry agt, meat market. 
Fisher Samuel J, coal and wood. 
Fowler Gabriel, grain dealer and grocer. 
Frank John, flax mill. 
Galloway Preston R, cooper. 
Gard & McGrif, saloon. 
Gimbel Henry, blacksmith. 
Gist Joseph T, blacksmith. 
Gist & Newbern, grocers. 

WFSEGiHT & GO. Wal1 1>a l )er aml Interior Decorations, 
47 k 40 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. wholesale and retail. 

A. L, 







Manufacturer's Agent for the Sale of the 


/- »j. Sewer Pipe, Well Tubing, Fire Clay Flues, Fire Brick, 

f-"'\ \ y-.. "f\ Fire Clay and all kinds of Terra Cotta Goods. 

Also Keep a Large Sloek of 

; Fioi^rer liases and Statuary 

* of all kinds, for Decorating Lawns, Show Windows, Etc. 
Turnpike Contractors, Sewer Builders, County 
Commissioners, Township Trustees, as 
well as all cosumers of Sewer Pipe, 
or Terra Cotta Wort, will iind 
it to their interest to in- 
spect the 

Caluraet Pipe, 

And get prices before buying. 

Goods delivered in any part of the 
J-siited States or Canadas, accessible 
•T Kailroad or Water Navigation. 

Correspondence Solicited. 

Yard and Office, 

Crossing of Columbia Street 
and Railroads. 

Alex. A. Knapp, 

P. O. BOX No. 365. 



M1TULL Bills 

drirto r.rofnauly by ft Threshing ».•> 
irfacturcd by CHANDLER U TAYLOR. 





Grabill Jacob D, physician. ' 

Nivison Wm W, agt U S Ex Co. 

Grahs Frank-, shoemaker. 

Okey Wm II, barber. 

Grahs George & Son, merchant tailors. 

Orr House, W A Orr propr. 

Gray & Gray, lawyers. 

Orr William A, Proprietor Or: 

Green J H, physician. 

House. (See adv.) 

Grener Joseph, wagonmaker. 

Patchell George W, piopr Union City 

Grimes Wm M, justice of the peace. 


Gruber Dennis, saloon. 

Paxson Jesse E, boots and shoes. 

Ilaney J, rgil implts. 

People's Building and Loan Assoc 

iation, ! 

Hardy Charles S, druggist. 

D Smith pies, B Masslich sec. 

Harrison IT. H, physician. 

Pierce Charles W, grain dealer. 

Harshman E J, harnessmaker. 

Plain Dealer (weekly), S M WcnU 

rorth ed. 

Hartzell John T, hardware. 

Price Robert L, grocer. 

Hoke Selh, jeweler. 

Prior Charles, livery. 

Ilommowun Levi, cigar mnfr. 

Probasco S E Mrs, grocer. 

Hook Bros, mnfrs butter tubs and pails. 

Troclor Jeremiah A, physician. 

Hutchinson A A, grocer. 

Proctor J A & Co, druggists. 

Jaqua Allen, insurance. 
Jaqua & Co, hardware. 

Pyle Isaac, boots and shoes. 

Quinlan J H Rev (Catholic). 

Johnson Alfred, shoemaker. 

Reeder&Co, flour mill. 

Jones, Beiuser & Eliert, Whole- 

Reeves John L, physician. 

sale Lumber Dealers. 

Reitenhour Henrv & Sons, notion 

Kaiser Gottleib, meat market. 

Rodman Francis H, baker. 

Keister S W Rev (United Brethren), 

Ronz Charles H, barber. 

Keller Wm G, wagonmaker. 

Ross Geo W, carriage mnfr. 

Kennedy Cornelius G, grocer. 

Ross & Bell, lawyers. 

Kerr Mattie Miss, milliner. 

Ruhy Samuel B, physician. 

Kerr Wm, hardware. 

Ruff Andrew, general store. 

Kingsley James, shoemaker. 

Schaknat Frederick, shoemaker. 

Kirsch Charles L, shoemaker. 

Shank Joseph M, stoves and tinw 


Kirshbaum R & Co, general store. 

Shaw John T, dry goods. 

Knapp Alex A, Superintendent City 

Shellebarger PI S, painter. 

Water Works, Plumber, Steam and Gas 

Shockney & Woodbury, lawyers. 

Fitter, Dealer in Sewer Pipe, Lead, Hose 

Shronz J G, barber. 

etc. (See adv.) 

Simpkins T & Co, poultry. 

Koontz John, furniture. 

Sipes Robert H, marble works. 

Kuntz Peter, lumber. 

SitiitH i'Jrotliers, Engine 


Lahiff Patrick, saloon. 

and Machinists. ( See adv.) 

Lambert G & Son, grain. 

Smith Coppey C, livery. 

Lambert Lorenzo D, lawyer. 

Smith John D, jeweler. 

Lambert & McKenzie, harncssmakers. 

Smith Wm K, boots and shoes. 

Lanter Lorenzo D, grocer. 

Snell Isaac W, undertaker. 

Lenox Alfred, restaurant. 

Snook Taco!> Ei, Manufacturer < 

Lingle David A, barber. 

Brick, Tile, Furniture, Hubs 


Littler J C & Co, flour mill. 

Single and Double Trees, etc. 


McFeely Thomas, flour mill. 

Stall I G, dentist. 

McFeely & Co, Hour mill. 

Starbuck J S & Co, produce. 

Masslich Bentley, pub Union City Eagle. 

Starbuck J W & Son, druggists. 

Masslich & Schricker, grocers. 

Stewart & Stautt, grocers. 

Mauzy John R, hotel. 

Stumpp Gottfried, grocer. 

Mearick & Sou, furniture. 

Sullivan T Mrs, saloon. 

Meek II J Rev (Methodist). 

Swain & Piatt, books. 

Meier John C, baker. 

Taylor Perry A, agt P C & St L Ry. 

Meranda Macy, milliner. 

Thokey Wm, merchant tailor. 

Meyer Conrad, saloon. 

Thomas Charles F, painter. 

Michaelis August II W, harnessmaker. 

Tritt & Grims, grocers. 

Michaelis A Rev (German Lutheran). 

Turner's Opera House, Oak st. 

Moon Albert L, grocer. 

TurpCH & Harris, Wholesale 

Murphy Moses, saloon. 

duce Dealers and Grocers. 


Solicitor ol Patents. Indianapolis, Ind. Eupcclal 


Law Publishers and Bookseller's, 

1X1)1 AX A POLIS. 


,xd iii.-si.MNs muixrrony. 


woviaVdaaai tarn uicai n»aiiwl<&i; 


— And Manufacturers of— 

Steam Engines, from I 1o 75 Horse Tower, 
Steam Pumps, Boiler Feeders, SI earn Pump- 
ing Engines for Water Works, capacity 
from 300 to 3000 gallons per minute, 
Jet Pumps, Force Pumps, eie. 
Flour Mills Built on Improved Plans. 

Special attention given (o Repairing Steam 
Engines ami Flour Mill Machinery, 

It h.'i* Ihiii I l.i- nhjcct of tin- ili-iirn./r, while cod- 



For further purl 


€.\roX t'll'V, IM)IAJ>A. 




CTn'Tf* 5 A t* f\ '91' ^Vr* "TSTrtT? TTC! New Illustrated Catalogue just out. Frccto/ 
J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Stroet, CHICACO, ILL. 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has perfected plans for a lnrjrc n-.isimx, in 

lllcliitmi dllrilirr 18S1. For Agencies apply to 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't, Chicago, ill. 





Union City Eagle (weekly), -Bently Mass- 
lich pub. 

Union City Times (weekly), George \V 
Patchell propr. 

Vestal Trunk E, station agt C C C & I and 
Dayton & Union R Rs. 

Vinson Harrison, shoemaker. 

Vinson J II Mrs, milliner. 

Walden Rufus H, grocer. 

Wallace Tames, saloon. 

Wallace Patrick, saloon. 

Wentworth Stephen M, propr Plain Dealer. 

Wiggin Hugh, staves and heading. 

Wiley W A & Co, grain dealers. 

Williams John W, marble works. 

Williams & Williams, dressmakers. 

Williamson James II, physician. 

Wilson S J Mrs, milliner. 

Wilson Thomas T, photographer. 

Wimer Win, physician. 

Witham Anderson t V Co, lumber and hard- 

Witham & Young, meat market. 

Wolf Levi, blacksmith. 

Worthington Wm T, livery. 

Wright Wm W, furniture. 

Yerger Harvey H, physician. 

Yerger & Cowdery, millinery. 

UNION GJi O YE. A country post- 
office located at the four corners of Wash- 
ington, Van Buren, Centre and Monroe 
townships, in Grant county, 6 miles east of 
Marion, the county seat and place of ship- 
ment. Hat Methodist church and district 
school. Weekly mail. John W. Lugar, 

Bosley D S Rev (Methodist). 
Lugar Jollll W, Grocer. 

UNION MILLS. Population 350, 
is located in Laporte county, at junction of 
B. & O. and N. W. G. T. Rs, 10 miles 
south of Eaporte, the county seat. Mill 
creek furnishes water power to operate a 
flour mill. The village has 3 churches — 
Advent, Methodist and Presbyterian. Ex- 
press, Baltimore & Ohio and American. 
Daily mail. F. A. Freeman, postmaster. 
Arnold E V, furniture. 
Bennett D L, blacksmith. 
Bennett R N, blacksmith. 
Block August, wagon innfr. 
Croup & McLane, general store. 
Crumpacker Daniel S, physician. 
Frederickson C, meat market. 
Freeman !<" A, General Store. 
Harran O, druggist. 
McEvoy A J, R R agent. 

McLane G L & Co, general store. 
Mansfield D R Rev (Advent). 
Meredith George W, physician. 
Miller J II, hotel. 
Rogers A, drugs. 
Smith S E Rev (Presbyterian). 
Stafford J T Rev (Methodist). 
Turner 11 B, meat market. 
"Weed! I* C, Harnessmaker. 
Wendt John, wagonmaker. 
Worden & Son, blacksmiths. 

UNlONPOliT. Located in Ran- 
dolph county, 8^ miles southwest of Wiu- 
chester, the county seat, is a place of 200 
inhabitants. Farmland, 6 miles north, on 
the C. C. C. & I. Ry, is the shipping sta- 
tion. Cabin creek furnishes power for 
woolen mill. The village has a Methodist 
church and district school. Mail semi- 
weekly. M. V. B. Weaver, postmaster. 
Batkin Thomas W, physician. 
Briggs & Mendenhall, woolen mill. 
Howard S, gunsmith. 
Ledbetter E, cattle dealer. 
Mendenhall John B, blacksmith. 
Phister John, wagonmaker. 
Slack George, general store. 
Weaver 32 V K, General Store. 

UNIONVILLE. A place in Mon- 
roe county, of 50 persons, is located 9 
miles northeast of Bloomington, the county 
seat and nearest railroad approach. The 
village has two churches — Baptist and 
Christian — and district school. Mail semi- 
weekly. T. II. Barnhill, postmaster. 
Baruhill T H, General Store. 
Barrow J M Rev (Baptist). 
Benington Dr, physician. 
Benington J C Rev (Christian). 
Broch Geo N, justice of the peace. 
Campbell James B, physician. 
Campbell L B, hotel. 
Miller B F, tanner. 
Peterson & Co, saw mill. 
Spencer Dr, physician. 

UNION VILLE. Orange county. 
(See Young's Creek.) 

UPLAND. Was first settled Septem- 
ber 30, 1S67, by Jacob Bugher, and is now 
an enterprising place of 225 inhabitants, 
located on the P. C. & St. L. Ry, in Jeffer- 
son township, Grant county, 12 miles south- 
east of Marion, the county seat. The vil- 
lage contains three churches — Friends, 
United Brethren and Methodist — graded 

bingham, walk 8s mayhem , £■ n \AI«* P U Dansirmo 1 

■;:-:. vv. x :)■.:": 

Ileal Estate Jycnt.and Notary 
Public, No. 307 Upper Third 
Street, Evansville, l?iU. 


AND IH ; Sl.Ni-:ss nlUOCTOliV. 


• ohool and one saw mill. Express, United 
Slates. Mail daily. Jacob Bughcr, post- 

liallinger Isaac, shoemaker. 
::iilini;er James F, blacksmith. 
liallinger James P, shoemaker 
Hates A J, physician and druggist. 
liuffHer Jacob, General Store and 

Capper Meredith, blacksmith. 
Connelly John W, hotel. 
Doeren Thomas J, carpenter, 
i isherbuck Augustus, hardware. 
Lyon David, general store, grain, R R and 

Ex agent, 
Lvon James \V, grocer. 
McMichael James, shoemaker. 
Newport B F, wagonmaker. 
Pugh Alfred, justice of the peace. 
Pugh'Mahlon, physician. 
Sciben Michael, Saw Mill. 
Smith Jesse, plasterer. 
Stover Henry, carpenter. 
Webb Wesley, blacksmith. 

UPTONS* Is a country postofuce 
and fag station on the St. L. & S. E. Ry, 

in Black township, Posey county, 5 miles 
northwest of Mt. Vernon, the county seat. 
Mail daily. 

UJIBANA. In Lagro township, Wa- 
bash county, on the C. W. & M. Ry, 7 
miles north of Wabash, the county seat, 
contains 100 inhabitants, district school, 
United Brethren and Evangelical churches. 
Grain and staves are shipped. Mail daily. 
Charles Miller, postmaster. 
Clapp & Palmer, saw mill. 
Maurer Henry J, shoemaker. 
9Killer Cisarles, General Store. 
Zimmerman L, saw mill. 

UMMETVILLE. A station and 
postofficc on the F. F. & M. R. R., in 
Franklin township, Johnson county, 4J3 
miles northeast of Franklin, the county 
seat. A flour mill is operated by water 
power from Sugar creek. Population 7S. 
Corn, wheat and hogs are shipped. Mail 
daily. H. Fisher, postmaster. 
Clark Wm, flour mill. 
Fi Slier SI, General Store. 
Follis John, wagonmaker. 

TJISriODCsr citt, insrnD., 




: U1, 



W. A. ORE, Proprietor, - 




Riddles, Bellow! 

tot; an ,| f hi f-, ; ,„ k i:„ birf, 1. t HicAco. 

of Catlings, (Steel l.-gnts .i K,„ cully. 1 Shovels, 


IToiHnMj by ft Threshing Kngla 
anufaclured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 
nolia, IucU See page 3. 





McLean J C, live stock. 
Patterson J J, carpenter. 
Patterson & Co, saw mill. 

UT1CA. On the Ohio river, in town- 
ship of same name, county of Clark, with 
a population of tko, is situated 7 miles north- 
east of JefTcrsonville, the county seat. The 
surrounding country is imbedded with lime- 
stone, and lime is very extensively manufac- 
tured, the production amounting to over 
100,000 barrels per year. The village has 
four churches— Baptist, Methodist, Presby- 
terian and Christian — and graded school. 
Daily stage line to Jcffersonville-fare 25c 
Mail daily. S. W. Belknap, postmaster. 
Belknap S W, Superintendent Utica 

Lime Co. 
Belknap & Canter, general store. 
Briggs D & Son, grocers. 
Grimes lesse, justice of the peace. 
Hazard John \V, blacksmith and justice. 
Holeman I N, general store. 
Hooper Reuben, wagonmaker. 
Jennings TS, drugs. 
Jenkins G V Rev (Methodist). 
Long Martin, blacksmith. 
Mercer T C, Physician. 
Petz F, shoemaker. 
Smith Tacob, saloon. 
Speed j B & Co, lime mnfrs. 
Tyler W J, blacksmith. 
Utica Lime Company, S W Bel- 
knap Superintendent. 
Van Pelt Charles, hour mill. 
Wilcox James R, physician. 

VALEENE. A settlement of 120 
persons, in Southeast township, Orange 
county, 10 miles southeast of Paoli court 
house, and iS southeast of Orleans, its 
shipping point, on the L. N. A. & C. Ry, has 
district school, Christian church and stage 
communication with Paoli and Leaven- 
worth. Mail received 4 times each week. 
J. W. Montgomery, postmaster. 
Glenn E, blacksmith. 
Haywood Lee, physician. 
Maxcdon P, blacksmith. 
MOIltR'OIIierv J W, General Store. 
Self E, blacksmith. 
Summers J M, cabinetmaker. 

VALENTINE. Has a location on 
the G. R. & 1. R. R., in Johnson township, 
Lagrange county, 6 miles south of La- 
grange, the county seat. Contains 100 
population, Methodist church and district 
school. Lumber, staves and handles are 

shipped. Express, United States. Mail 
daily. Win. Painter, postmaster. 
Gardner O S, general store. 
Green N K, justice of the peace. 
Miller M, blacksmith. 

Painter William, Hotel. 

Sargcant A, saw mill. 

Scovill A: Lockwood, handle mnfrs. 

Shabson Wm, shoemaker. 

VA LLE Y C / T Y. A hamlet in 
Washington township, Harrison county, 
12 miles southwest of Corydoh, the county 

nd 3 

on the 

of New An 
Ohio river. Mail received si 
C. R. Felts, postmaster. 
Arnold John, wagonmaker. 
Carroll G W, shoemaker. 
Felts C K, General Store. 
Ross M V, blacksmith. 
Topp W H, physician. 
Wendell G W, carpenter. 

VALLEY MILLS. Eight miles 
southwest of Indianapolis, on the I. & V. 
Ry, in Decatur township, Marion county, 
has 100 inhabitants, and contains di=trict 
school and two Friends churches. Adams 
express. Daily mail. James T. Turner, 

Breedlove John, shoemaker. 
Compton David W, justice of the peace. 
Furnace J W & Sons, nursery. 
Janeway John, saw mill. 
McCreary Noah, township trustee. 
Mills Abner, notary public. 
Mills Seth, physician. 
Naugle John, blacksmith. 
Turner James T, general store. 

TALLOXIA. With a population of 
200, is in Driftwood township, Jackson 
county, on the O. & M. Ry, 4 miles south- 
west of Brownstown, the county seat. The 
village contains two religious societies — 
Methodist and Christian — graded school. 
Exports grain and live stock. Express, O. 
& M. Mail daily. W. M. Empson, post- 
Albright Andrew, carpenter. 
Applcgatc P D, druggist. 
Borcharding Henry, cabinet maker. 
Ciaft Thomas, tanner. 
Delano John, restaurant. 
Dougherty Alex, blacksmith. 
Durham 11, R R and Ex agt. 

EmpSOIl Willi, drain and. Pork. 
Ewing F M, physician. 

Capita! City Cigar, 

[OHN RAl'CH, Mamifac((trcr. 
82 West Washington Street, 


;: :■.//•;- -^::;q^ 

■X'Iic Befit is tlio CiicJt pest. AVar, 
• respect. A. UMSi:i,Y & CO., 
Monroe Street, CI1CAGO. 





Fosbrink J II, general store. 
Locljiarl & Lubker, general store.- 
Meyer Frederick, justice of the peace. 
Miller Frederick, lawyer. 
Kick Henry, shoemaker. 

SaltmarsU C A., Clerk. 
Whitehead W E, physician. 

VALPARAISO. The county scat 
of Porter county, is a thrifty incorporated 
village of 4^60 population, pleasantly lo- 
cated on the P. F. W. & C. and N. W. G. 
T. R. Rs., ISS northwest of Indianapolis, 
and 45 southeast of Chicago. The place 
has excellent county buildings, substantial 

edifices, good grided schools, and the 
Northern Indiana Normal- school. It sup- 
ports two national banks, two weekly news- 
papers — the Messenger (Democratic), and 
Videtle (Republican)— and live hotels, 
among which the Tremont, standing 
most prominent, is centrally located and 
first-class in every respect. Valparaiso has 
not as yet become fully developed as a man- 
ufacturing place, but now has two planing 
mills, a foundry, two Hour mills, one paper 
mill and one woolen yarn factory. The 
American and Adams Express and Western 
Union Telegraph companies have offices in 
the village." T. C. McCarthy postmaster. 
Acker Wm J, lumber. 
Adams David M, grocer. 
Albe Max, clothing. 
Axe Cyrus, meat market. 
Babcock & Son, agrl implts. 
Bacon E O, dyer. 
Ball Erasmus,' agt P F W & C Ry. 
Barry Michael, blacksmith. 
Barry Thomas, blacksmith. 
Bartholomew Artclius V, dry goods. 
Bartholomew & Smith, lawyers. 
Baylor Harmoi " 

Bean George, dining rooms, I' F W & C 

R. R. depot. 
Bean Ransom, wagonmaker. 
Beer Robert Rev (Presbyterian). 
Bell & Lett, insurance agents. 
Berry & Osgood, general store. 
Beyer Phillip, saloon. 
Rhymer L A & Son, painters. 
Bondy Louis D, dry goods. 
Born holt John, meat market. 
Bourne Henry, barber. 
Boyd Isaac, dentist. 
Boye Mans, saloon. 
Bozarth & Rose, lawyers. 
Brakeman N L Rev (Catholic). 
Bruhn John, saloon. 
Budd & Bell, jewelers. 
Buel George C, grocer. 
Cass John E, lawyer. 
Cattron W O, physician. 
Coates II C, physician. 
Commerford Frank, druggist. 
Conn John, propr Conn House. 
Crosby & Son, flour mill. 
Dale Wm, agent N \V G T R R. 
Deckover C W, lime and cement. 
Decourcy B W Mrs, hair goods. 
Dille E W, carpenter. 
Dodge George A, mngr W U Telegraph. 
Dolson Bros, livery. 
Domke Edward, shoemaker. 
Douglass Robert, painter. 
Dresser Charles A, confectioner. 
Dunning John, justice of the peace. 
Ebersol Frederick, saloon. 
Edmonds J II, dentist. 
Farmers' National Bank, capital $50,000, 

Joseph Gardner pres, Geo F Bartholomew 

Fernekes Charles, baker. 
First National Bank, capital £50,000, B F 

Skinner pres, M L McClelland cash. 
Filzwilliams John, saloon. 


Cor. Main and Franklin Streets, Valparaiso, Indiana. 

Prompt and particular attention paid to investigating; and perfectii 
Titles, paying Taxes, furnishing Tax Statements, buying and sell- 
ing Real Estate ; gives strict attention to valuation of property; 
also protecting lands from trespass, and everything per- 
taining to a Real Estate Agency. 


lc.Mtiiit- JMnim 

.-.!. S.-nd for Prl 

GO North Pcnnsyhan 

Orcnn Jfotiscof 

'if.Ol/W.U'OL-IS, l:.D. 

< . ::. 

. i Indianapolis, J»d. 



INDIANA KTATK (! a zi ■; ttlku 


Flake Geo, boots and shoes. 

Noel Wilfred, undertaker. 

Foster N B Mrs, milliner. 

Northern Indiana Normal School and Busi- 

Franklin Hotel, Henry Nuppnau ] 


ness Institute, II B Brown principal. 

GifTord l.uther, carpenter. 

Nuppnau Henry, hotel and saloon. * 

Gillett Hiram A, lawyer. 

O'Keefe Michael E, cigais. 

Goodrich Russell L, grocer. 

O'Kiley M Rev (Catholic). 

Gould Fred A, propr Gould House 

Pagin S, physician. 

Grcenman L E Mrs, milliner. 

Pagin Wm, 'lawyer. 

Hammond Mary, millinery. 

Paramore Wm C, physician. 

Harding Tames, saloon. 

Parks Aaron, gunsmith. 

Haste A Hollett, hardware. 

Patrick Thomas H, harnessmaker. 

Hawkins J B, hardware. 

Peirce A J & Bro, boots and shoes. 

Herrick & Bartholomew, grocers. 

Perrilte 28 F, Manufacturer Blank 

Hiller George, brewery. 

Books, Book and Job Printing, Ruling 

Hiser Thomas, livery, 

and Book Binding, and Proprietor Nor- 

Holabird Wm H, gunsmith. 

mal Bool; Store, College Hill. 

Horn Conrad, meat market. 

Pierce & Martin, boots and shoes. 

Howe John J, saloon. 

Pinney Win E, lawyer. 

Howell Frank G, lawyer. 

Todoll Gustav, furniture. 

Huett Ada L Miss, milliner. 

Porter County Vidette (weekly), C R Tal- 

Hunt Franklin VV, dry goods. 

cott pub. 

Huntington & Whipple, musical 


Powell Geo & Co, woolen yarn mnfr. 


Pratt Geo S, confectioner. 

Ingram ES Miss, milliner. 

Quatermass E & Co, dry goods. 

Ingram Frank J, agt Am and Adams Ex 

Quinn Wm, cooper. 


Rankin Henry, surveyor. 

Johnson Wm, lawyer. 

Reese David, painter. 

Jones Bradford, blacksmith. 

Reifcrt Wm, physician. 

Jones & Demotte, lawyers. 

Reynolds Thomas E, blacksmith. 

Jones i: Jones, agrl implts. 

Riley ES Rev (Baptist). 

Kellogg Bros, founders and machinists. 

Rogers Aaron, jeweler. 

Laforge & Bro, shoemakers. 

Robinson M M, justice of the peace. 

Laport Louis, meat market. 

Rothermel Bernhard, pop mnfr. 

Leavy Bros, clothing. 

Rowley & Letherman, druggists. 

LeClarc Charles, shoemaker. 

Rudell George, barber. 

Leiben Anthony V, meat market. 

Ruge Henry, saloon. 

Lepell & Bro, furniture. 

Ryan J A, physician. 

Leppell M, undertaker. 

Sager Wm, grocer. 

Letherman A P, physician. 

Salisbury Marion A, books. 

Letter M Miss, dressmaker. 

Salyer Don A, paper mill. 

Louderback John S, grocer. 

Savles M F, physician. 

Louilerback Tipton B, 


Sayles & McFetrich, hardware. 

and Wagonmaker. 

Shinnaberger Reason, supt pub inst. 

Lytle Thomas G, grocer. 

Shoemaker John, saloon. 

McCarthy J F, postmaster. 

Shreve & Finney, grocers. 

McClelland F M, insurance agt. 

Shrop & Page, wagonmakers. 

McConkey Wm, flour mill, 2j4 m 

les west. 

Sievers Eggert, saloon. 

McLellan J W, photographer. 

Sievers plans, saloon. 

Mandeville Louis H, photographer. 

Silberberg Gustav, clothing. 

Marsh L U, grocer. 

Skinner & Co, grocers. 

Massey & Massey, barbers. 

Smith Edward, restaurant. 

Maulsby Thomas T, propr Merchan 

s' Hotel. 

Smith Wm B, blacksmith. 

Merchants' Hotel, T T Maulsby p 


Smith iV Son, bakers. 

Merrifield T J. lawyer. 

Spry John B, wagonmaker. 

Miller & Starr, grocers. 

Stanton A C, ph> .cian. 

Moran Peter, boots and shoes. 

Steppel A W, barber. 

Morrical F H, physician. 

Steward Harrison, marble works. 

Newland I H, physician. 

Stickney H V H Mrs, notions. 

Nichols J "A Mrs, milliner. 

Strauss iV Joel, clothing. 


47 aud 49 S. Sleridian St., Indianapolis.. J Latest Styles aud Colorings. 


| INDIANAPOLIS, will sell you Connellsville 
il^Coke for Foundry purposes at Low Frices. 


and r.rsixixi ihi:i:utouv. 


Swa>«C AlllOS K, Proprietor Tre- 
Kiont House, and Real Estate Agent, Cor 
Main and Franklin. {Set- adv.) 

Talcott Charles R, pub Porter County Vi- 

• dette. 

Tialun Israel, wagonmaker. 

Trcdy & Miller, marble works. 

Tremont House, A B Swayze Pro- 
prietor, Cor Main and Franklin. (See 

Vail Wm H, jeweler. 

Valparaiso Messenger (weekly), E Zimmer- 
man propr. 

Vanatta & Son, saddles and harness. 

Wark John, hides, leather and findings. 

WatsiKa H I F, tailor. 

Wells & Mandeville, dry goods. 

Whipple Galon, photographer. 

White, Hunt & Co, lumber. 

Wilcox Willis P, druggist. 

Williams Henry T, wagonmaker. 

Williams & Sheffield, livery. 

Wilson John D, planing mill. 

Wilson & Drago, agrl implts. 

Wilson lS: Son," hardware. 

Windlc Templeton, justice of the peace. 

Windle Wm H, grocer. 

Wininger Andrew J, blacksmith. 

Wood John W, grocer. 

Young & Purdy, barbers. 

Zimmerman Englebert, pub Valparaiso 

Zorn & Wallace, furniture. 

VAN JiUBEN. Situated in town- 
ship of same name, county of Grant, is a 
growing village of 126 inhabitants, on T. 
D. &B. R. R., 12 miles northeast of Marion, 
the county seat. The above mentioned 
railroad has just been completed to this 
place, which will prove an incentive to its 
growth. Express, United States. Mail 
daily. James S. Paxton, postmaster. 
Beidlcr & Swisher, flour mill. 
Corey L, drugs. 
Corey L I, physician. 
Dunwoodey Alex, shoemaker. 
Fornsheu R D, general store. 
Hawley Fred L, general store. 
Hederir.k Jacob M C, saw mill. 
1'axtOJl lames H, General Store. 
Shrimp S V. saw mill. 
Strange S, general store. 

VAN BUBEN. LaGrange county. 
(See Scott.) 

VANDATjIA. With 100 inhabitants, 
is situated in Lafayette township, Owen 

county, 6 miles northwest of Spencer, the 

county seat and nearest rail approach. It 

has stage communication with Lancaster — 

fare 25c, and Spencer — fare 35c — tri-weekly, 

mail. W. R. Wisely, postmaster. 

Berlten David, cabinetmaker. 

Berlien James, carpenter. 

IBerlSeil fosepll, Carpenter. 

Davis Harper, drugs. 

Freeman John, cattle dealer. 

Gudgen Abraham, shoemaker. 

Hixon John W, cattle dealer. 

Hixon Thomas, painter. 

Hixon Wm, carpenter. 

yarviS A <f>, Blacksmith. 

larvis John, blacksmith. 

jarvis 'Philip Rev (Christian). 

Maddox W B S, physician. 

Phillips Wm, justice of the peace. 

Price I N, harnessmaker. 

Robinson J W, live slock. 

Kobinson & Wisely, General 

St Clair R G, produce. 
Ward John, -wagonmaker. 
Ward J W, wagonmaker. 

VANDEBBIET. Name of post- 
office for Miller's Station, located at crossing 
of B. & O. and L. S. & M. S. R. Rs, in 
Lake county, lS miles northeast of Crown 
Point, the county seat, and I mile south of 
the Lake Michigan shore. Exports moss 
and fish. Population 100. Fixpress, United 
States and Baltimore & Ohio. Mail daily. 
W. G. Cook, postmaster. 
Anderson M, moss and peat, 
Ausbro Joseph, hotel. 
Barrett J W, agt B & O R R and Ex. 
Blank C F, general store. 
CooTt W G, Agent L S & M S R R 

and U S Express. 
F'oster S S, physician. 
Olander S, carpenter. 
Victor John, carpenter. 

VAX SICKLES. Morgan county. 
(See Mahalasvill,:) 

VEEDEBSBUBG. A thriving 
village of 1,000 inhabitants, located in Van 
Buren township, Fountain county. It is 
the southern terminus of the Chicago & 
Block Coal Railroad, and the location of 
its general offices. Is also on the line of I. 
B. & W. Ry, S miles east of Covington, the 
county seat, and 65 northwest of Indiana- 
polis. Veedersburg contains 3 churches — 
Christian, Methodist and United Brethren 



Chicago, lid 


My l,y » Thrc-hitiR r nS ir 
y CH -.HOLER & TAYLOfl, 
id. Se» P aeo3. 



INDIANA STAT I'. C \/ iri'l'i: I" U 


— I graded scliool and I district school, 2 
hotels, l newspaper — Vecdersburg Reporter 
— woolen mill, brick manufactory, planing 
mill, 3 Hour mills, » stave manufactories 
and 4 saw mills. Of the above, 2 saw 
mills, I flour mill and the woolen mill are 
operated by water power from Coal creek. 
Cattle, grain, staves and railroad tics are 
exported. Stage communication with An- 
napolis tri-weekly. Express, United States. 
Telegraph, Western Union. Mail daily. 
George S. Zuck, postmaster. 
Alborn Herman, shoemaker. 
Anderson Henry, saw mill. 
Baker Wm E, lawyer. 
Boden John, justice of the peace. 
Bogan & Nixon, brickyard. 
Butt Henry, shoemaker. 
Campbell Andrew T, Dainter. 
Chicago and Block Coal Railroad, Robert 

E Ray agt. 
Clark Horace A, barber. 
Fishero Thomas, furniture. 
Fowler Moses, physician. 
Furr, Wert?., Coates & Co, general store.' 
Gallahcr Edward, painter. 
Glascock Bros, livery. 
Goodin & McClelland, physicians. 
Gookins James \V, general store. 
Grigston Oliver, cooper. 
Grigson O I' Rev (Christian). 
Hancock & Cook, grocers. 
Hartley Jane Mrs, milliner. 
Hayden [acob T, carpenter. 
Heath C' B Rev (Methodist). 
Helms Francis M, general store. 
Helms James F, grocer. 
Iletfield Abner T, barber. 
Hetfield Lewis R, propr Keeling House. 
Hetfield, Songer & Co, woolen and (lour 

Hinds Wesley, flour mill. 
Hunt John, grocer. 
Inlow Philip' F, grocer. 
Inlow & Reynerson, harnessmakers. 
Keeliugf Mouse, Lewis R Hetfield 

Kelley Michael, salobn. 
Lebo Wm, carpenter. 
Lightle & Co, staves and lumber. 
Little Laura M, milliner. 
Little & Rogers, dressmakers. 
Lucas Lewis A, train. 
McClelland & Goodin, druggists. 
McClure John, tinsmith. 
Mclrvin Samuel, grocer. 
McManigal Samuel, saloon. 
Marshall R I'aert L, agt I B W Rv and U S 

Ex Co. 

Maxwell Garrit R, grocer. 
Michener& Stull, flour mill. 
Miller Francis 11, drut's. 
Nixon Marshall, lumber. 
Osborn Elijah B, general store. 
Osborn & Son, furniture. 
Patterson George H, stave mnfr. 
Paugh George W, blacksmith. 
l'etiu Marshall, physician. 
Ray Robert E, agt C & B C Ry. 
Reed & O-born, millinery. 
Richardson & Firestone, wagonmakc 
Rosenbarger Jacob, diugs. 
Runyan Isaac N, harnessmaker. 
St Clair R & Bro, carriagemakers. 
Simmerman James, meat market. 
Snyder George W, propr Veedersbu: 

Steinbach John, tailor. 
Stevenson Matthew, hardware. 
Sullivan James, grocer. 
Thomas Mary J Mrs, hotel. 
Van Fleet Samuel, jeweler and justic 
Veedersburg Reporter.Geo W Snyder 
Wade & Liriuer, hardware, 
Wells James T, physician. 
Zuck George S, postmaster. 

VERA CRUZ. Is located ir 
rison township, Wells coanty, on th 
bash river, 6 milfs southeast of Bl 
the county seat and nearest r 
A flour mill is operated by 
from the river. Population 300. Ch 
Evangelical and German RcYorm. S 
graded aud primary. Mail semi-v 
Wm. Mertz, jr., postmaster. 
Heeler Frederick, meat market. 

Bibersteirl & Son', saw mill. 
B.xler D, jeweler. 
Bixler Margaret, hotel. 
Brunner John, saloon. 
Engeler Frederick, justice. 
Engeler & North, flour mill. 
Fi.zpatrick J D, physician. 
Geisel & Hang, general store. 




.'fort Michael, bl 


Joray Samuel, wagonmaker. 
Kuntz H, shoemaker. 
IVScrts; Wm jr, Druggi S, grocer and linn. 
Mosure D, wagonmaker. 
Mosure J, blacksmith. 
Roederer George Rev (E 
Siegnist S, wagonmaker. 
Tremp Leonard, shoemaker 
Vitz Reo I' Rev (German R 
Matthew, furnitui 


On all matters pertaining to T) k ff\l^ YU'I ' fl Patents, 
,S Hubbard Block, lndiauapo.p/\ UN ^hs.Ind. 

ial, and given careful and A 11 J- J-JiS i kJ.p lom p t 

consult C. Braihok 
All business confide 
person.lI attention. 

Merrill, Unbbard & Co. 

Booksellers, Staiioners anil Paper Dealers, 


and hi;sink.-'.s djbeotory. 



JfEHXON. Is tlie seat of justice for 
Jennings county, located on the Madison 
Branch J. M. & I. R. R., 2 miles south of 
North Vernon and 6S southeast of Indian- 
apolis. It was laid out Sept. 7th, 1S15, is 
now incorporated and contains 700 inhabit- 
ants. The Muscatatuck river flows through 
the village but is not used for power. The 
village contains several good substantial 
brick business blocks, four churches — Meth- 
odist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Reform— a 
graded school, two hotels, a weekly news- 
paper, one foundry, one flour mill, a spoke 
and hub factory, and one plow factory, and 
is surrounded by a rich agricultural district. 
Grain and live stock are shipped. Express, 
American. Telegraph, Western Union. 
Mail daily. Adolphus G. Cotton, post- 

Bailey & Cope, dentists. 
Baker Benjamin C, pump mnfr. 
Batchelor Thomas C, lawyer. 
Baughn Patrick D, mayor. 
Baughn Sabina L) Mrs, milliner. 
Beckley Frank, agt J M & I R R. 
BOTt'en Blaildall, Blacksmith. 
Brazilton John Rev (Reform). 
Brenner Charles, saloon. 
Burdg Albert, livery. 
Burt J C Rev (Presbyterian). 
Claypole Wra, flour mill. 
Cotton Adolphus G, Ex agt. 
Cunliff Minerva Mrs, milliner. 
De Versy Nicholas, general store. 
Dixon Harmon, sheriff. 
Dole Aaron, blacksmith. 
Feadler H, propr Vernon Hotel. 
Foebel Jacob jr, general store. 
Hagins Joseph, lawyer. 

Heill»isi;-^er Fac© J>, Grocer, ss Brown 
Hill Allen Rev (Baptist). 
Hill Wayland B, general store. 
Hutchings James A, hardware. 
Jordan John N, shoemaker. 
Leavitt Robert, hub and spoke mnfr. 
Mitchell J F, physician. 
New John, lawyer. 
New by Elijah, barber. 
Osborn & Wagner, furniture. 
Reed & Rogers, blacksmiths. 
Reiley J, druggist. 
Reynolds Wm \V Rev (Methodist). 
Richardson & Hagins, druggists. 
Richardson & Son, physicians. 
Sparks Wm J, grocer. 
Specht Geo, shoemaker. 
Storey S \V & Co, druggists. 
Stott Allen, hotel. 
Swarthout Geo, lawyer. 

Thomas Amos, grocer. 

Vanwye T C, painter. 

Vawter Smith jr, saddles and harness. 

Vernon Banner (weekly), C E Wagner 

Vernon Hotel, H, Feadler propr. 
Wagner Charles E, propr Vernon Banner. 
Wagner J H & Co, plow mnfrs. 
Wenzel John, stoves and tinware. 

VERSAILLES. With a popula- 
tion of 462, is the county seal of Ripley 
county, located nearly in center of the 
county, 5 miles south of Osgood, on the O. 
& M. Ry, its nearest rail approach, most 
available shipping place, and location of 
the nearest express and telegraph office. 
The town was first laid out in 1S16, and on 
account of having no rail facilities has not 
advanced much. It now contains two 
churches, a graded school, four hotels, a 
flour mill, woolen mill, tannery, saw mill, 
and a weekly newspaper. Mail is received 
by stage from Osgood daily. Wm. Will, 

Alberding Herman, tanner. 
Allen James, painter. 
Anderson James, physician. 
Anderson William, physician. 
Bagot Thomas, supt public schools. 
Benhatn Jacob L, lawyer. 
Beer Robert F, jeweler. 
Briant Charles C, churn mnfr. 
-Btush Benjamin F, lumber mnfr. 
Cady Andrew, pump dealer. 
Chandler Stephen, justice of the peace. 
Collop Rev (Baptist). 
Coilyerf. John W. General Store. 
Deckerson Newton, painter. 
Durbin E Greene, lawyer. 
Engelbrecht Edward, hotel. 
Engelbrecht Henry, cigar mnfr. 
Folsom James N, carpenter. 
Fritz Adolph, plasterer. 
Grether Charles, marble works. 
HaSKllier Alltoiiy C, Proprietor 

Versailles House. 
Hassmer Antony J jr, iusurance agt. 
Hunter Charles, stone pumps. 
Hunter Kii E>, Stoves and Tinware. 
Hunter Joseph, cigar mnfr. 
Hyatt WXiadrielt, Woolen Mills. 
Jones Henry C, lawyer. 
Jones John G, physician. 
Jones Samuel M, lawyer. 
Renan Tilford J, saddles and harness. 
LathropWm Rev (Methodist). 
Lawber Henry, Lawyer. 
Loyd James B, lawyer. 

Galvanized Iron Comicesi^S 

ustratcd Catalogue and Prices. 

Hems Life Ins. Co. 

Only require* TWO.THIKWS 
paid, balance loan, six per cent. Affording 
Agents a great advantage. 





Loyd Robert W, carpenter. 

McClain Newton, hotel. 

Marsh David, wagonmaker. 

Marshall Moses N, baker. 

Matthy Henry, shoemaker. 

Ormshy Graham, general store. 

Pappet Eugene, carpenter. 

Pelton C II, propr Ripley Index. 

Pullman William M, blacksmith. 

Prentice Wm C, cigarmaker. 

RelJUClc John B, Lawyer. 

Richardson Amon, carpenter and justice. 

Ripley Index (weekly), C H Pelton propr. 

Risinger Sisters, dressmakers. 

Roberts Dr, physician. 

Rodgers James, blacksmith. 

Rowland fames D, saddles and harness. 

Shoolt XXezekiali, Flour Mill. 

Smith John H, meat market. 

Spencer Benjamin F, druggist. 

Stimmitz Anthony, hotel. 

Stewart William K, general store. 

Stockinger Adam, lawyer. 

Taylor John E, barber. 

Thompson Frances Mrs, dressmaker. 

Tooms August, cigar mnfr. 

Versailles House, A C Hassmer 

. Proprietor. 
Will Wm, grocer. 
Wilson Ovid, lawyer. 
Wilson W D & C H, lawyers. 
Wingate Mattie Miss, milliner. 
Windsor Benjamin, blacksmith. 
Wright Wm E, photographer. 

YISYAY. The seat of justice for 
Switzerland county, is an incorporated city 
of 2000 inhabitants, located about ICO 
miles south of Indianapolis and 75 below 
Cincinnati, on the Ohio river, in the midst 
of a good agricultural district. The place 
is in a flourishing condition, having no 
bonded debt, and is supplied with good 
county buildings, substantial business 
blocks, six churches, excellent graded and 
select schools, four hotels and a national 
bank. The press is represented by two 
weekly newspapers, the Reveille (Republi- 
can), and the Democrat. Its manufacturing 
interests are as yet undeveloped, consisting 
of a woolen mill, chair factory, flour mill, 
furniture factory and two saw mills, but 
owing to its cheap transportation advanta- 
ges Vevay is destined to become at no dis- 
tant day a manufacturing place of consid- 
erable importance. It has daily stage com- 
munication with Liberty Station, Ivy., its 
nearest rail approach. Express, Adams. 
Mail daily. Alfred Shaw, postmaster. 


1.1 tail V. ;••-!>. 11 c<..!i street, ' 
lMHA.VU'OLfS, 1H9, 

Anderson Eli A, hotel. 

Anderson James, general store. 

Armstrong Irving, pub Vevay Democrat. 

Baird W J, propr Vevay Reveille. 

Baxter John W jr, dentist. 

Baxter John W sr, dentist. 

Black J & Son, clothing. 

Boerner Charles G, jeweler. 

Boulton John T, wagonmaker. 

Bowman Isaiah, sewing machines. 

Boyd John W, stoves and tinware. 

Brown Matthew, grocer. 

Cain & Bonner, grocers. 

Chatelin John, grain. 

Craig Albert G, physician. 

Cunningham Jonathan R, boots and shoes. 

Davison Geo, baker. 

Delauey Thomas, saloon. 

Detraz Francis R, carpenter. 

Detraz Mary J Mrs, milliner. 

Dufore Perret, justice of the peace. 

Edgar Alexander, grocer. 

Fallis Geo M, saloon. 

Fallis Geo W, justice of the peace. 

Fallis Henry M, grocer. 

Finch Wm H, meat market. 

First National Bank, capital $100,000, U P 

Schenck pres, Wm Hall cash. 
Fisk Wilbur L, chair mnfr. 
Freeman Wm, physician. 
Gilbert Margaret Mrs, dressmaker. 
Golay & Stevens, druggists. 
Goldenburg C & Son, stoves and tinware. 
Goldsmith A D Rev (Presbyterian). 
Gordon Catherine A, milliner. 
Gray John W, tailor. 
Greenleaf Hannibal, physician. 
Griffith Thomas J, physician. 
Grisard F L c\ Son, general store. 
Hall & Lewis, general store. 
Hathorn George W, carpenter. 
Heady & Lewis, lumber. 
Henry House, Henry Todd propr. 
Hilgert Peter, liquors. 
Holder Ella Mrs, dressmaker. 
Hollar John, barber. 
Hollcroft Flavins J, undertaker. 
Hull Wm C, physician. 
Tockell Joseph, baker. 
Johnston & Griffith, lawyers. 
Kessler Victor, harnessmaker. 
Kincaid Maggie I Mrs, milliner. 
Kincaid & Bro. meat market. 
Kirk Vincent T, lawyer. 
Kirtley E Rev (Baptist). 
Knox James S, livery. 
Kyle House, Geo II Kyle propr. 
LeClere ItOUSe, Mrs Julia LeClerc 

Proprietor. (fe adz:) 

I31ej?ajil Tabic Ware, 

axicl Silver Tea Sets. 


Ileal Estate and Mortr/af/en, 

No. 307 Upper.Third St., 
Evansville, Ind. 





LeCIcrc Jl&Iia Mrs, Proprietor Le 

Clerc House. 
McCrellis & Pleasants, lawyers. 
McMahan S S Rev (Methodist). 
Mayer Adolph, cigar mnfr. 
Melcher John, marble works. 
Mendel 1 George W, lawyer. 
Mier & Co, nour mill. 
Orem John, lawyer. 
Orsmby & Long, milliners. 
Owens, Tague & Livings, real estate. 
Patton Win M, undertaker. 
Pleasants James K & Son, clothing. 
Roberts Lewis, billiard room. 
Rochat Charles, blacksmith. 
Riehl Francis, ale bottler. 
Rook Wm, saloon. 
Russell Antoinette Mrs, milliner. 
Sage Philander S, physician. 
Schenck U P & Son, general store. 
Schewe Henry, saloon. 
Schofield & Son, woolen goods. 
Schroeder Louis O, lawyer. 
Shadday John H, physician. 
Sharp Virginia B, milliner. 
Shaw Alfred, postmaster. 
Shaw Charles C, produce. 
Shaw Frank P, wagonmaker. 
Sheflall Eugene, barber. 
Shuff & Waldo, lumber. 
Sieglitz Frank P, jeweler. 
Simmons Benjamin W, grocer. 
Smiley John \Y, livery. 
Smith Benjamin F, shoemaker. 
Smith Bros, druggists. 
Stevenson W & B A, general store. 
Stow Alfred, painter. 

Thiebaud Charles O, druggist and Ex agt. 
Thiebaud Charles V, grocer. 
Thiebaud John L, druggist. 
Thiebaud & Beagle, boots and shoes. 
Todd Henry, hotel. 
Told W L & S, coal. 
Union Furniture Co, U P Schenck pres, J 

W Faulkner sec, C Demann sunt and 

Vevay Democrat (weekly), Irving Arm- 
strong pub. 

Vevay Reveille (weely), W J Baird pub. 

Waldo Otis S, general store. 

Waldo & Pleasants, brickmakers. 

Walton Joseph E, photographer. 

Ward & Livings, lawyers. 

Warden Adam, carpenter. 

Weals John, lawyer. 

Weaver David C, warronmaker. 

White John P, sheriff.' 

Woolen Mills of the City of Vevay, U P 
Schenck pres, O S Waldo sec, Wm Hall 
treas, Jas Chaddock supt. 

Woollen & Craig, physicians. 

Works James A jr, livery. 

Works & Works, lawyers. 

Yonge Z I & Co, general store. 

Young Wm H, lawyer. 

Ncwvillc. ) 



VIENNA. Rush county. (See Glen- 

VIENNA. In township of same name, 
Scott county, is a village with 200 inhab- 
itants on J. M. & I. R. R., 3 miles south of 
Scotlsburgh, the county seat. It has three 
churches — Methodist, Baptist and Christ- 
ian — and district school. Express, Amer- 
ican. Mail daily. ,John S. Swope, post- 

Alpha A L, general store. 
Bennett Felix A, hotel. 
Buchanan Miles, shoemaker. 
Cochran Sarah, hotel. 
Ditzler Geo W, physician. 
Hougliland M E M, justice of the peace. 
Bobbins D M, blacksmith. 
Robbins Jackson Rev (Baptist). 
Stage W B, physician. 
Swope Edward M, grocer. 
Swope Jollll S, General Store. 

LeCLERC house, 

Corner Main and Ferry Streets, 

/. LeCLERC, Proprietor, VEVAY ; I2TD. 

Special accommodations for Commercial Travelers. Rates per 
day, $ 1. 75 and $2.00. 


VS. IS. tor,S()X, lOS and 
i>, Drain Tile, Chimney 
Ssucco, Uliite .Sitnil aiut i'i 

10 Franklin Street, CH'CAGO. 
Tops, Cement. Plaster, 
-o tirtclt. See Adv., page 4. 


profitably l.y n Threshing Isor-ln 
rmfacturcd by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 
napolifi, Ind. fcleo pago 3. 





Wiek Philip, R R agt. 
Younker Henry, flour mill. 

VINCENNES. The oldest town in 
the state, is the county seat of Knox coun- 
ty, on the Wabash river, 117 miles south- 
west of Indianapolis, 149 east of St. Louis, 
and 259 southeast of Chicago. Its rail- 
road facilities are excellent, being traversed 
by the O. & M. and E. & T. H. R. Rs, is 
the southern terminus of I. & V., northern 
of Cairo and Vincennes, southern of Dan- 
ville and southwestern, and western of 
Vincennes and Petersburg R. Rs. The 
city is incorporated, has 12,000 inhabitants, 
and is regularly laid out, the streets run- 
ning at right angles are nicely paved, 
beautifully lined with shade trees, and 
lighted by gas. The public building em- 
brace the county buildings, which are both 
substantial and handsome, ten churches, 
and the Vincennes University, which is an 
ornament to the city, both in its grade and 
appearance. There are two national banks, 
three weekly and two daily newspapers — ■ 
weekly Newt (Democratic), Commercial (Re- 
publican), and The Western Sun (Demo- 
cratic). Dailies — Commercial and Western 
Sun. Vincennes is surrounded by one of 
the most fertile agricultural districts in the 
state. Corn and wheat are the principal 
crops raised, and form the chief article of 
export. It lias eight hotels ; the Grand is 
acknowledged by all to be the best, and, in 
fact is strictly first-class. In the line of 
manufactories the city has four flour mills, 
agricultural implement manufactory, three 
foundries and machine shops, woolen mill, 
furniture factory, planing mill, and two 
pork packing establishments. Western Un- 
ion Telegraph,. Adams and Ohio & Miss- 
issippi Express Companies have offices 
here. Wm. N. Denny, postmaster. 
Agnew C J Mrs, milliner. 
Aguew C J & Co, auctioneers. 
Almy Charles W, harness. 
Alonzo Albert, physician. 
Anderson James J, plumber. 
Apel George W, druggist. 
Austin Thomas R Rev (Episcopal). 
Avenue Hotel. 
Ayers John, livery. 
Bailey W W & Co, proprs The News. 
Baker Ernest, general store. 
Ball Nathan, furniture. 
Bauer Modestus, druggist. 
Beale Nancy Mrs, milliner. 

Beard Ferdinand W, Physician. 

Bernard & Beckes, general store. 

Bernstein Joseph, merchant tailor. 

Bierhaus E & Sons, grocers. 

Bierhaus k Son, pork packers. 

Blase Ospar S, shoemaker. 

Blomc Henry, boots and shoes. 

Blum Samuel, clothing. 

Borrowman Thomas, grain. 

Boyer Eli, physician. 

Boyer Pierre, carpenter. 

Brace O B & Bro, milliner. 

Branstrup Wm T. physician. 

Breivogel Edward, hats and caps, and agt 
Adams Ex Co. 

Brewer Bros, barbers. 

Brouillette Anthony M, harness. 

Brouillette Bradmore, blacksmith. 

Brown Win, photographer, 

Burke John, grocer. 

Burnet S S & Co, lumber and planing mill. 

Burns & Adams, lawyers. 

Busse Otto & Co, druggists. 

Busse Wm, baker. 

Callahan & Boyer, saloon. 

Carter George A, livery. 

Case John K, machinist. 

Cassell Jacob W, grocer. 

Cauihorn & Boyle, lawyers. 

Citizens' Gas Light Co, George Ramsdell 
pres, cor Nicholas and 1st. 

Clark fames R, ticket agt. 

Clark John, barber. 

Clark Thomas J Rev (Christian). 

Clarke & Buck, foundry. 

Cobb & Cobb, lawyers. 

Cohen Alex, junk dealer. 

Convery Jerome, insurance. 

COllvei'V John C, Druggist. 

Cox <K: Bros, Proprietors Grand Hotel. 

Crolts Alfred V, printer. 

Cunningham John J, cigars and tobacco. 

Curry Michael, Proprietor Vincennes 
Machine Shops and Boiler Works, corner 
Hickman and Sth. {Set adv.) 

Dalton & Lamport, lumber. 

Dance Wm M, blacksmith. 

Davidson Wm, books and stationery. 

DeWolf Wm H, lawyer. 

Dick James A, agrl implts. 

Dubois Henry 11, stoves and tinware. 

Duesterberg Bros, grocers. 

Duesterberg G H & Son, undertakers. 

Dunkle Tolin, furniture. 

Easton Charles W, city clerk. 

Ebner John, saloon. 

Edwards Jesse P, shoemaker. 

Elevator A, C W Jones & Co, Propri- 

Eiuere Prosper, gunsmith. . 

Emison J & S, flour mill. 


Capital City Cigar, 

Manufactured by JOII?tf RAt'CU, 
82 West Washington Street, 


fWTOOTTl fflfffl ffffiWTPW A - KNISELY & CO., 72 & 74 W.Monroe St, 

ra&'i&U III:. ! -Cliicn-o. Send for Catalogue and Prices. 


and htsini'ss dii:i;ctoi:y. 



Englehart Henry, blacksmith. 

Gazzollo Anthony G, fruits. 

Etzler David L, grain. 

Gees Victor, baker. 

Evans Wm H, boots and shoes. 

Gigenasky Edward, meat market. 

Eyving W D & Co, feed and ice. 

Gimbel A & Son, clothing. 

Fay Frank M, coal and wood. 

Gimbcl Lemuel, clothing. 

Feldmart Gerard, merchant tailor. 

Gimbel Samuel, liquors. 

Fendrich George, cigars and tobacco. 

Goodale Charles E, agt O & M Ex Co. 

Ferguson John R (Methodist). 

Graeder Frederick, livery. 

Finirock John P, blacksmith. 

Grand Motel, Cox & Bros, Proprie- 

First National Bank, capital Sioo.oco, John 


F Rabb pres, Joseph L Bayard cash. 

Green John K jr, meat market. 

Fogcrty Michael J, harness. 

Green Wm, livery. 

Fosmeyer Charles F, saloon. 

Grill & Weissenbach, saloon. 

Freidley Frank A Rev (Methodist). 

Haartje John C, grocer. 

Fuller Edgar M, blacksmith. 

Hackman Henry, restaurant. 

Gardner Eldridge G, furniture. 

Hackman Henry H, guns and ammunition. 

COH <& BROS., Prop's. 

yimgemmies, ara. 



Cor. Eighth and Hickman Sts., Vincennes, Ind. 

during anil Repairing of all kinds of Machinery dune on Short Notice 
and Work Guaranteed. 

MICHAEL CURRY. Proprietor. 


Styles siixl at All Prices, nt 


orth Pennsylvania St., INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 



Indianapolis, Intl. 





Hahn Louis, blacksmith. 

Hall Bros, grocers. 

Kamaker Daniel B, gents' furnishing goods. 

Hammond Harry M, grocer. 

Harkness Edwin, marble. 

Harris Francis M, physician. 

Harris George, crockery. 

Harris Wm B, physician. 

Harrison Sarah S Miss, milliner. 

Harsch J Fred, jeweler. 

Hartman Charles R, agrl implts.- 

Hartmetz Michael, confectioner. 

Harvey Gabriel R, milliner. 

Heberd Wm, hardware. 

Heidenreich Charles, justice of the peace. 

Heidenreich Christina, shoemaker. 

Heidenreich Henry, shoemaker. 

Hendey Wm, painter. 

Hendz Clementine Mrs, dressmaker. 

Hensley Margaret Miss, dressmaker. 

Hindman Walter M, dentist. 

Hockman Benjamin F, shoemaker. 

Hockman John II, fruits. 

Hoffmann Frank & Bro, meat market. 

Hoffman Henry & Bros, meat market. 

Hood Perry, manager W U Tel Co. 

Horrall S F & Sons, proprs Vincennes Com- 

Horsting Frank, grocer. 

Huslage Theodore, dry goods. 

Inderrieden John L, saloon. 

Jarard Truman B, dentist. 

Johnson Lenson, agrl implts. 

Jones Charles W, coal, wood and ice, cor 
3d and Scott. 

JOlieg CAV <& Co, Proprietors Ele- 
vator A and Grain Dealers, Water. 

Jones E M Mrs, propr Avenue Hotel. 

Jones Martha Mrs, carpet weaver. 

Joseph 1 & Son, dry goods. 

Kapps Anthony, boots and shoes. 

Kapps Joseph, saloon. 

Kellum* Edward M, druggist. 

Kelly & Slater, hardware'; 

Kilfoil John, saloon. 

King Joel B, restaurant. 

King Margaret Mrs, dyeing and scouring. 

King Robert R, dentist. 

Kinsey & Butler, lumber. 

Ki tell ell Joseph, shoemaker. 

Klein George, boots and shoes. 

Knirihni Benjamin, grocer. 

Kotter John T, stoves and tinware. 

Kramer John, saloon. 

Krieser Wm F, barber. 

Kuhn B & Co, dry goods. 

Kuhn John, saloon. 

Kuntz Peter, saloon. 

Laakmann Michael, saloon. 

LaCroix John D, grocer. 

Lahr Wm F, propr Lahr House. 

LaMarsche Nicholas, confectioner. 

LaPlante John B, propr l.ariante House. 

LaPlante J B & Bro, general store. 

Laugel Andrew, cooper. 

Laval August, saloon. 

Laws Christopher C, propr Mitchell House. 

Lieberman Frank, bookbinder. 

Liebshutz Israel H, clothing. 

Lindner Edward, propr Central Hotel. 

Lipe & Holmes, boots and shoes. 

Long John, saloon. 

Long & Wetzel, lawyers. ., . ^ 

Lotcn Eleanor J Mrs, paints and oils. 

Louis John A, grocer. 

Louis Samuel, tailor. 

Love John jr, lawyer. 

Lyfield, Hall & Co, woolen mills. 

McCarthy Florence, saloon. 

McCarthy P R & Bro, stoves and tinware. 

McCarty James B, saloon. 

McClure & Brouillette, druggists. 

McCord Charles G, lawyer. 

McFee & Duree, milliners. 

Mcjimsey John T, sewing machines. 

McKenney Robert J, physician. 

McKernon Owen, saloon. 

Madare Jacob, saloon. 

Mallet Peter & Co, meat market. 

Mantle & Fairhurst, physicians. 

Marone August, meat market. 

Martin John R, saloon. 

Mass & Watson, proprs Union Depot Hotel. 

Massey John H, justice of the peace. 

Mayes James S, justice of the peace. 

Merchant Alf & Co, agricultural implts. 

Mertz Father A Rev (Catholic). 

Miller Charles II, agricultural implts. 

Miller Fred & Co, leather. 

Miller John F, wagon mnfr. 

Moore & Harris, druggists. 

Moss Bernard F, blacksmith. 

Moyes Louis, shoemaker. 

Murphy Francis, saloon. 

Murphy Martin, saloon. 

Myers Gcorjfe IF, Carriage Trimmer 
and Painter, 4th nr Broadway. 

Niblack Wm E, judge Supreme Court. 

Nugent Wm, saloon. 

O'Connor Thomas, saloon. 

Ohio X: Mississippi Ex Co, Charles E Good- 
ale agent. 

Orr James T, harness. 

Ostendorf J & H, jewelers. 

Osweiler John, baker. 

Page John B, harness. 

Parham Daniel W, carpenter. 

Patterson & Matters, wagonmakers. 




WIOfJMT &. CO., 
SucccsenrB 10 Adums, Maneui A- Co., 
47 and 49 S. Meridian Street, Indianapotls. 


If INDIANAPOLIS, have the best qual- 
([ ity Pittsburgh Coal for domestic use 




Pi»tton Alfred, physician. 
PaUon Harry W, lawyer. 
Phram Frank R Rev (Lutheran). 
•Pollock Joseph & Co, flour mill. 
Pomil Peter, general store. 
Porter C P & Bro, grocers. 
Proctor Melinda R, milliner. 
Purcell Royal E, propr The Western Sun. 
Pythinya Father Rev (Catholic). 
(Hiinn John, saloon. 
Raker Charles F, grocer. 
Ramsdell Ezra B, books and stationery. 
Reel Alfred, grain. 
Reily, Johnson & Niblack, lawyers. 
Rcimers Henry, wagonmaker. 
Rinck Frederick, saloon. 
Ritterskamp & Schaffer, general store. 
Rumer Samuel, livery. 
Schaller & Ohnemus, bakers. 
Scheefer Conrad, saloon. 
Schmidt Joseph, cigar mnfr. . 
Schmitt John P, furniture. 
Schocnebaum Albert, marble works. 
Schoenfeld Victor, notions. , 

Schultz Christopher W, grocer. 
Schwartzel James A, physician. 
Scott Wm & Co, grain. 
Seeleman Louis, saloon. 
Seidel Peter, carpenter. 
Shaw Geo W, real estate. 
Short Samuel W, lawyer. 
Shory A E Rev (Evangelical). 
Simpson James H, florist. 
Simpson John M, lawyer. 
Slawson Abner R, blacksmith. 
Sleet & Co, flour mills. 
Smith Charles J, harness. 
Smith Hubbard M, physician. 
Smith John, saloon. 
Smith Lebanon B, grocers. 
Smith N & Sons, stoves and tinware. 
Smith Wm, horseshoer. 
Spiegel & Roberts, furniture. 
Steele Newton S, agt Singer Mnfg Co. 
Steward Wm H, barber. 
Taylor Charles, barber. 
Teilelbaum Samuel, notions. 
Temple Henry, agt Adams Ex Co, Union 

The Western Sun (daily and weekly). 
Thins Henry F, confectioner. 
Thuis Theodore G, confectioner. 
Xlmrfvooel «»eorfje 1£, Proprietor 

Vigo Mill and Stock Healer, cor 6th and 

Tindolph Perry, jeweler. 
Tindolph Wiley, grain. 
Tomlin Benjamin F, physician. 
Toml'm James F, physician. 

Tootle & Posey, barbers. 

Twietmeyer John F, grocer. 

Tyler M, Son & Co, hardware. 

Ulmer John, meat market. 

Vickery Bros & Co, grocers. 

Vickery John, grocer. 

Viehe & Evans, lawyers. 

VifVO Mill, G R Thurgood Proprietor, 

Flour Mill, cor 6th and Vigo. 
Vincennes Commercial (daily and weekly), 

S F Horrall & Sons proprs. 
Vmcesssses Mat-Eiine SIsops, 

Michael Curry Proprietor, cor Hi< 

and 8th. 
Vincennes National Bank, capital $100,000, 

Wilson J Wilson pres, Wilson M Tyler 

Vincennes News (weekly). 
Vradenburg Joseph Rev (Baptist). 
Wagar Henry A, carpenter. 
Walter Theodore, saloon. 
Watjen Herman ], druggist. 
Weems J P L, lawyer. 
Weigelt Herman, saloon. 
Weinstein G & Co, dry goods. 
Weisert Charles, pork packer. 
Weissenberger George, prop.- Commercial 

Wendling Wm A, druggist. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, Perry Hood 

Whallon Edward P Rev (Presbyterian). 
Wile Moses, grocer. 
Wilhelm ]ohn, lawyer. 
Williams Samuel W, lawyer. 
Willoughby Benjamin W, lawyer. 
Willoughby II & Son, clothing. 
Winkler Henry, phrenologist. 
Wise L A & Co, dry goods. 
Wise Wm J, land agent. 
Yunghans Emil H, cigars and tobacco. 

VINE'S SPRINGS. Claims some 
notoriety as a summer resort, and is a flag 
station and postoffice on the O. & M. Ry, 
located in Ripley county, 5 miles from Ver- 
sailles, the county seat, 50 from Cincinnati, 
62 from Indianapolis. Mail daily. Abra- 
ham Vines, Postmaster, General Store 
and Hotel. 

VINE YA 11 D. Established as a post- 
office in 1SS0, for the convenience of a farm- 
ing community, in Craig township, Switzer- 
land county, is situated 7 miles west of 
Vevay, the county seat and place of ship- 
ment. Baled hay, grain and live stock are 
marketed. Mail daily. John I). Banta, 


At SPRAGllE's, 391 V/. Ka&ison St. 
Communications Promptly Answered. 

INBTM!IMjra = 

l rmfituMy by a ThrcaliinR Engin 
ffcctumil by pHANDLO! 4 VAYLOfi. 
uapoliu, Iud. Soo jiago 3. 





Banla Jolin O, General Store-. 
Moon Wm L, physician. 
Shafer George W, blacksmith. 

VISTULA. Containing 200 inhab.. . 
ants, three churches— Methodist, Lutheran 
and Disciple— and district school, is located , 
on L. S. & M. S. Ry, in York township, 
Elkhart county. 16 miles northwest of Go- 
shen, the county scat. Daily stage route 
to Middlebury — fare 50c. Express, United 
States. Mail daily. J. S. Smith, postmaster. 
Corp E 11, wagonmaker. 
Freelr.nd B, agt L S & M S Ry. 
Grciner G G, physician and justice. 
Gorman L, agt U S Ex. 
Hopt T R, hotel. 
Osborn R Rev (Christian). 
Patterson David, collecting agt. 
Shellenbarger I 1, grocer. 
Snellen barger J J & Co, saw mill. 
Seymour D, blacksmith. 
pimiti* & Patterson, General Store. 
Stroup j, live stock. 

VOLGA. Is a small 
Smyrna township, Madison c< 
northwest of Madison, thi 
Deputy, 7 miles west, 1 
O. & M. Ry, is its plac 
the vicinity there are th 

ettlement in 
:ounty, 10 miles 
le county seat, 
he Jeff. Branch 
shipment. In 
churches and a 

school. Mail daily. Wm. Corrier, 

Corrier William, General Store. 
Judkins A, harnessmaker. 
Judkins L, harnessmaker. 
Officer & Sons, saw mill. 
Porter T V Rev (Adventist). 
Richie & Bro, saw mill. 
Snider Rev (Methodist). 
Thompson Rev (Baptist). 
Wallace George, general store. 
Young Frank, physician. 

WAB A Sir. The county seat of 
Wabash county, is situated on the Wa- 
bash river, in a very rich agricultural 
district. The bottom lands of the Wabash, 
Mississinewa, Salamonic and Eel rivers, all 
of which flow through the county, arc 
noted for their fertility. The city is incor- 
porated, and has a population of 4,500, lo- 
cated at crossing of W. St. L. & P. and C. 
W. & M. Rys. The latter road has erected 
extensive machine shops here. It is 90 
miles northeast of Indianapolis, and 43 

Rock City. The business houses are most- 
ly built of that material, and are very sub- 
stantial. The streets are well improved, 
have miles of Hag-stone sidewalk, and are 
beautifully lined with shade trees. 

The city is practically out of debt, and 
evidences of thrift and enterprise are every- 
where visible, it being famous as the first 
place where the experiment was made of 
lighting a city by electric light, and a large 
majority of her citizens consider it a great 

The court house, erected in 1879, is one 
of the handsomest in the state. 

Its educational and religious facilities 
are excellent, having 1 high, 1 graded and 
2 private schools, and churches of nearly 

ill de 

ress is represented 
Courier [Demo- 
ed in 1S59, has a 
, ablv edited by 
e arc three banks, 
irivate, and four 
Sherman House, 

southwest of Ft. Wayne. A good 

of building stone is found surrounding the 

city — in fact, the place is sometimes called 

■BBBSBSSPi", P»"^ £&k 
C. BRADFORD, Solicitor of Patents, 

by the Wabash Week 
cratic), and the Plain L 
Last named was eslabli 
large circulation, and 
Thc-ronP. Keator. Th 
one national and two 
hotels, among which l! 
opposite the C. W. & M. depot, will be 
found very comfortable, and with a good 
table. Wabash is essentially a manufactur- 
ing point, and has steadily advanced in the 
number and magnitude of its industries, 
chief among which may be enumerated four 
flour mills, two foundries and machine 
shops, furniture manufactory, spoke and 
hub factory, woolen mill, flax mill, stave 
and heading manufactory, lime kiln, brick 
yard, school furniture manufactory, two 
saw mills, planing mill, and linseed oil 
mill. Express, Pacific and United States. 
Telegraph, Western Union and American 
Union. Daily stage route from Somerset, 
fare 50c, and the usual mail facilities. 
Daniel Sayrc, postmaster. 
Atkinson Alonzo M, insurance. 
American Union Telegraph Co, C P Smi- 
ley operator. 
Bach Bros & Co, dry goods. 
Bach D & Son. grocers. 
Bailey James E, livery. 
Baumbauer Bros, saloon. 
Baumbauer Henry, saluon. 
Beck Francis M, harnessmaker. 
Bechtol Bros, boots and shoes. 
Becker F Rabbi (Jewish). 
Benham & Hill, grocers. 
Bent Geo K, restaurant. 
Bidwell Charles, agent U S and Pacific Ex- 
Bigfler Warren, Lawyer and Ab- 
stracts of Title. 


I Hubbard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. Call or write for Informal!! 


■ .? fc SlSLL, HUBBAHD d,CO. s 

Jaiw Publishers and Booksellers, 



and m'MNi>s ])]]:i:ctim:v. 



Blount Bros, drugs. 

Cincinnati, "Wa?>asSi & KticJi- 

Bru'ner, Eikenl.ery & Co, hardware. 

isjaix R.V, Owen Rice Genl Frt and 

Bruncr L & Son, spoke and bent work fac- 

T A. 


Citizens' Bank, capital $42,000, Jas McCrea 

Buigett Erastus J, carpenter. 

pres, Tno II Bireley cash. 

Butler Annie Mrs, laundry. 

Conner JD&JB, lawyers. 

Butler Tliad, ed Plain Dealer. 

Conner O \V & Co, dry goods. 

Campbell Sam, hotel. 

Cook Simon, junk dealer. 

Carpenter LL Rev (Christian). 

Cowgill Calvin, Hon M C. 

Charles Thomas E, poultry breeder. 

Cowjfill, Jsliiveley & Cowgill, 

Christman John, hats and crps. 



M". J. QX7I02C, Proprietor, 
I S®-Opposite Cincinnati, Wabash & Michigan R. R. Depot, - - WABASH, INI). 


This House has been thoroughly refitted throughout, and offers first- 
class accommodations to guests. Good Sample Rooms. 




^2550 COPIES.^: 

The largest paper and the best appointed printing office in the Wabash 
Valley. New Type. New Presses. Steam Power. 


E. S. Ross. Thos. Mote. 

EOES <d?a ISfflOTJS, 

Insurance dk R@al Estate Agents 


We represent first-class Insurance Companies, 
and satisfaction guaranteed in all bu»it 

Wabash, Indian; 



J.W. Atkinson, 313-321 So. Clinton St., Chicago. 

!ta Ufa Ins. Oo.S 

asrciuavnl.'iU restiiclions U)-oii resilience 
travel policies. World-wide best Co. for Agents 

k. E. H.KEiLLOCCjGup't, Chicago, ill. 





Cromback Samuel, fancy store. 

Curtner John M, lawyer. 

Daniels Amanda Miss, milliner. 

Daugherty, Gordon & Thurston, drugs. 

Daugherty J S & D, live stock. 

Davis Albert, lawyer. 

Davis L B & Co, boots and shoes. 

Davis Wm K, hardware. 

DePuy G, lawyer. 

DePuy John II, physician. 

Dicken James L, physician. 

Dickerson Elisha, saw mill. 

Ditton Wm, saloon. 

Donaldson Ebenezer F, physician. 

Donovan & Barton, blacksmiths. 

Duck & Pressler, planing mill. 

Eagle Francis M, lawyer. 

Ebbinghonse & Austin, boots and shoes. 

ElliS Cl«arles ?'"., Physician. 

Elward Wm A, agt W St L & P Ry. 

Ferguson & Roberts, barbers. 

Ferry Alanson T, justice of the peace. 

First Katiomal Barik, Capital and 
Surplus ?i 12,500, 1 S Daugherty Pres- 
ident, F W Morse Cashier. 

Ford J & J II, physicians. 

Fosbury Joseph, barber. 

Fougeres Felix E, grocer. 

Fougcres Louis II, grocer. 

Fowler Lew W, cigar mnfr. 

Furrow James M, grocer. 

Gauggel Andrew, saloon. 

Geible Bros, meat market. 

Gillen & Holmes, physicians. 

Good KEacy, Prosecutor Wabash Cir- 
cuit Court. 

Good & Bognc, lawyers. 

Goodiandcr John, painter. 

GrafTe Frederick A, carpenter. 

Grade Henry C & Co, jewelers. 

Green & Lawton, machinists. 

Gries Francis, meat market. 

Gries Joseph, saloon. 

Ilallinan II C Rev (Catholic). 

Hanna Ella Mrs, dressmaker. 

Hanna James W, millinery. 

Hanna & Woods, lumber. 

Harris Reuben, cooper. 

Harter Bros, books. 

Hartkorn Bros, meat market. 

Hern" Charles, grocer. 

Herff Henry, billiard hall. 

Ilerriclc. Cicorj^c X, Lawyer and 
County Superintendent Schools. 

Hess Alexander, lawyer. 

Hoover James N, boots and shoes. 

Hoover John I, brickyard. 

Hubbard Samuel M, lightning rods. 

Hubbard & Haas, agrl implts. 

Hunter Thomas C, physician. 

Hutton Charles E, harnessmaker. 

Hyman L & M, linseed oil mill. 

Hymati & Marks, woolen mill. 

Johnson Geo B, merchant tailor. 

Johnson Richard P, tailor. 

Jones W Pieslon, furniture. 

Jordan N M Rev (Methodist). 

Keator Tlieron i!% Editor Plain 

Keller Sarah Mrs, milliner. 

Kern & Simon, meat market. 

Kidd& Hunter, lawyers. 

Kilby Almon S, photographer. 

Knight John L, lawyer. 

Kohn Julius, baker. 

K,aR.OSae LUCiUS J, Physician, s s 
Canal, 2d door w Courier office. 

Laundei & Harter, carriagemakers and liv- 

Lego Josiah B, saw mill. 

Lehman fc Rosenthal, flax mill. 

Lcssig James C, meat market. 

Lessig John C, painter. 

Lindner & Heyer, shoemaker. 

Linn Lee, ed Wabash Weekly Courier. 

Little C F Rev (Presbyterian). 

Lutz Reuben F, lumber. 

Lynch J C Rev (Methodist). 

Lyon Elijah A, physician. 

McConu Thomas C, plasterer. 

McGuire John W H, cigala. 

McLain & Davis, grocers. 

McNamee & King, hardware. 

Rfaclccy &: Amoss, Lawyers, Col- 
lectors and Real Estate. 

MarJtley &. Son, Marble Works. 

Mergy Henry, saloon. 

Mergy Ignace, merchant tailor. 

Meyer & Cuni, dry goods. 

Mikesell & Lassell, agrl implts. 

Monson & Son, books. 

Morgan Daniel B, wagonmaker. 

Morgan Miles, gunsmith. 

Morris Thomas M, carpenter. 

New Isaac, dry goods. 

Newman Mary A Mrs, hotel. 

Nye Henry C, marble works. 

Paugh J aiiics S, plasterer. 

JfaXTisIl Cfiarles S, Lawyer and 

Pauling George W, agricultural implts. 

Payne T F & Co, furniture. 

Peters Eden P, insurance. 

Pettit John U, lawyer. 

Pf.el Simon, merchant tailor. 

I'lain IJcalcr (TS»e), riain Dealer 
Printing Co Proprietors, (fc adv.) 


Vi liastW:i'.hiiis!(in S!rce(, 

j:.i>L«Al'liHS, Ii\». 



Bents Houses find Farms, 

No. 307 Upper Third St., 
Evansville, Ind. 





Plain -IDealer friiitisi;'; Co, Book 
ajid Job Printing and Proprietors The 
Plain' Dealer. 

Plase J H, meat market. 

Quick 'FItOl'-lfIS J, Proprietor Sher- 
man House. [See adv.) 

Reed George F, mngr gas works. 

Rice Ow«), General Frt and T A 
C W & M Ry. 

Richlmyer Peter, grocer. 

Rohbock Albert L, druggist. 

Rosenthal Samuel, boots and shoes and 

Ross Bros, hardware. 

1JLOSS & JTotC, Real Estate, Insurance, 
and Note Brokers. {See adv.) 

Ruddell Bros, boots and shoes. 

Ruddell George, live stock. 

Russell Wm L, justice of the peace. 

Sack'ett Krwin G, dentist. 

Sandoz Philip, jeweler. 

Sawyer & Atherton, hotel. 

Bavre Oasiiel, Postmaster. 

Sayrc & Hutchens, lawyers. 

Sclioll Geo C Rev (Lutheran). 

Scully Edward, painter. 

Shauahan Michael, blacksmith. 

Shea lames W, surveyor. 

Slic'rmau Mouse, Thomas G Quick, 
Proprietor. (See adv.) 

Shiles, Wheeler & Co, blacksmiths and 

Simon Bros, grocers. 

Sivey & Stephenson, lawyers. 

Small & Son, flour mill. 

Smalzried Frederick J, grocer. 

Smith Warren, artist. 

Smith Wm P, laundry. 

Smith & Blount, physicians. 

Staadecker Caroline, dry goods. 

Steele & Elward, grain. 

Stephenson Amos L, dentist. 

Stieglitz John, shoemaker. 

Stitt Archibald, confectioner. 

Stitt James E, meat market. 

Stone & Austin, flour mill and feed. 

Swarts Simon, saloon. 

Sweetser Bros, dry goods. 

Taylor Alvah, lawyer. 

Taylor Charles M, saloon. 

Thompson D & Sons, flour mill. 

Tower Eliza A, laundry. 

Treaty Creek Stone and Lime Co, lumber, 
stone and lime. 

Tycr & Herring, grocers. 

United Slates Espre,s Co, Canal. 

Walusslj Couistv Al>siract Of- 
fice, W Bigler Proprietor. 

Wabash County Bank, J W Busick pres, J 

I Robertson cash. 
Wabash School Furniture Co, J S Daugherty 

Wabash Weekly Courier, Lee Linn propr. 
Walbridge Harry D, agrl implts. 
Wells Martin, painter. 
Wertz Jeremiah, carpenter. 
Western Union Telegraph Co, J D Waldo 

Wharton John, photographer. 
Whiteside & Goodlander, dry goods. 
Williams, Benjamin F, lawyer. 
Williams & Coate, bakers and confectioners. 
Wilson Levi S, foundry. 
Wilson & Charles, meat market. 
Wolf & Beitman, general store. 
Young Charles, notions. 
Zeigler Wm, dry goods. 

WADESVILLE. Situated in Cen- 
ter township, Posey county, 16 miles north- 
east of Mt. Vernon, the county seat, and 
same distance northwest of Evansville, 
contains 250 inhabitants, Baptist church 
and district school. Stage communication 
daily with New Harmony — fare Si. 00, and 
Evansville fare, 3i-5o. Mail daily. James 
Cross, postmaster. 
Allison & Son, general store. 
Baker Jacob, shoemaker. 
Cox Benjamin, justice of the peace. 
Cross James, Insurance. 
Culp Conrad, blacksmith. 
'Defar Theo, undertaker. 
Elliott Cyrenus sr, physician. 
Elliott Cyrenus jr, physician. 
Fisher Andrew, blacksmith, 
Fox G L, saloon. 
Frink Louis, carpenter. 
Hayes & Cox, saw mill. 
Herrman John, carpenter. 
Joest & Cross, General Store, 
Krausgrill D, physician. 
Langner Charles, plasterer. 
Leopold Thilip, wagonmaker. 
Leopold Rhinehart, wagonmaker. 
McReynolds S D, saloon. 
Plock Henry, wagonmaker. 
Smith EXenrv, Tailor. 
Stagrur Wm, cabinetmaker. 
Stegmire Christian, cooper. 
Williams John, meat market. 
Wraze Moses, barber. 

WAOO X E li'S S T A T 1 O 2T. 
Known locally as Wagoners, is a post- 
office and station on the 1. P. & C. Ry, 
iS miles north ol Peru, the county seat. 

Olas Eotorts and Firs Brick. Td 

\S. >». COI 

■lied where 

r<t Mjtc- Imiit 

, 103 4 110 r:j:ili3 St., 

«• ( . N. Villi. *<.<>. 

nipt I y. Bench Castings, 

jfeaysce Adv., iiaj,'c 1. 


i i>rc.ntably by a Tlirosliini; Englii 
lactnrwl by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, 
unpolis, Ii..l. s>u ihiroS. 



1XMAXA STATi: G A/1. 1'TKI :U 


250. Exp 
H. J; 

Stage communicati 

Green Oak. Population 250 

United Slates. Mail daily. 'J 

son, postmaster. 

Cook & Richter, saw mill. 

Feece H & Son, blacksmiths. 

Hoover & Son, flour mill. 

JameWOSl F IS, General Store, Drugs, 
Lumber, Insurance, Railroad and Ex- 
press Agent. 

McKinseyJ M Rev (Christian). 

Orr A C, physician. 

Savage Wm, live stock. 

Slusser& Johnson, flour mill. 

Wright S M, physician. 

WA IL ESJB OH O V G II. A station 
and postoffice on the J. M. & 1. R. R., in 
Wayne township, Bartholomew county, 4^ 
miles south of Columbus, the county seat. 
The village contains 200 inhabitants, a 
gradedschool, Methodist and Baptist church- 
es. Grain, staves and lumber are shipped. 
Express, American. Mail daily. 11. A. 
Schroer, postmaster. 
Beaty W II, blacksmith. 
Clark J S, physician. 
Dougherty John H, justice. 
lleaton Wm C, carriage maker. 
Joslyn J, meat market. 
Kincaid John, physician. 
Schamber M, shoemaker. 
gclirocr II A, General Store. 
Stader W W. justice. 
Stone Charles B, general store. 
Walker Jesse, live slock. 
Walker John, live stock. 

WA KA 11 USA. A village of 500 in- 
habitants, situated in Olive township, Elk- 
hart county, 12 miles southwe-t of Elkhart 
court house, and 8 north of Napp.uiee, on 
the B. & O. K. R. It has two saw mills, a 
flour mill, four churches, and a graded 
school. Mail tri weekly. Thomas Clay, 

Clay Tiiomas, General Store. 
Copinhave D, harnessmaker. 
Culbertson lames M, agrl iinplts. 
Culp Henry J, undertaker. 
Ever Rate, milliner. 
Gore, Nusbaum & Co, stave mnfrs. 
Harrington S C, justice of the peace. 
Kilmer George W, drugs. 
Knepple W 11, physician. 
Montgomery 11 T, physician. 
Ralison S, physician. 
Rupp Wm S, shoemaker. 
Seaman J W, Flour Mill. 

Sensick A S, physician. 

Sloat J A, harnessmaker. 

Smeltzer & Son, saw mill. 

Uline Barney, general store. 

Uline Wm, tinner. 

Wagner Lewis, saloon. 

Weriitz, Culp & Uell, Saw Mill. 

Werntz & Sellers, drugs. 

Woolverton L M, hotel. 

Young Frederick, shoemaker. 

IFALVROX. A thriving village of 
400 inhabitants, located in Shelby county, 
on C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., 7 miles southeast 
of Shelbyville, the county seat, contains 
Methodist church, graded .school and steam 
saw mill. American Express. Mail daily. 
Amos Sparks, postmaster. 
Allen R S, barber. 
Archey I, shoemaker. 
Buell Israel, cattle dealer. 
Cummins J, hotel. 
Curl is J J, general store. 
Drummond II, meat market. 
Duty J R, R R and Ex agent. 
Grubb Da\id, grain dealer. 
Gullett J C Rev (Methodist). 
Gullett "Win, Phvsician. 
Haymond A II, general store. 
Ilaymond J W, lawyer. 
Haymond J & K, hardware. 
Jenkins J R, physician. 
Jenkins & Arnold, saloon. 
Jones Jacob, blacksmith. 
Lewis T D, justice of the peace. 
McCain T I, physician. 
Marlow S T, wagonmaker. 
Miller & Powell, Distillers. 
Mings II R, undertaker. 
Sacre Wm. saloon. 
Sparlcs Amos, Grocer. 
Sparks C, news depot. 
Stansifer T, cattle dealer. 
Siroup G W, agrl implts. 
Stroup S P, saw mill. 
Thompson D II, general store. 
VanpeltJ I, blacksmith. 
Wagner R W, cattle dealer. 
Washburn R R, druggist. 
Wilson G, cattle dealer. 
VOUllgHiail & Co, Drugs and Gro- 

W AJjE S li O R O . Bartholomew 
county. (Ste WaiUsborough.} 

WALK EI! TOX. This enterprising 
village of 800 inhabitants is situated at 
crossing of 1. P. & C. and B. & O. R. Rs., 




Manufacturer of FIXE CXCSAUS, 
82 Wert Washington Street, 


Ilf KM! iOTtf 

KN1SBLT & CO., "72 and W VT". Kca- 
roa St., Chicago. Send for Catalogue. 





in Lincoln township, St. Joseph county, 20 
miles southwest of South Bend, the county 
seat, and 29 southeast of Michigan City. 
It contains three churches — Methodist, 
Catholic and Baptist — and a graded school. 
Grain, produce, lumber, wool, coal and 
clover seed are the chief exports. It has 
stage communication with North Liberty- 


ld South Lend— fare Si. Ex- 

United Stales and B. & O. Mail 
daily. C. W. N. Stephens, postmaster. 
Arlington J W, druggist. 
Hailey I C, general store. 
Beall B H, lawyer. 
Behrens C, general store. 
Berger M R, blacksmith. 
Burcley F A, grocer. 
Clark J J, shoemaker. 
Cooley F M, restaurant. 
Cotton J Willis, sewing machines. 
Covert & Curtis, blacksmiths. 
Cunningham A, agricultural implts. 
Balilev W A, Lawyer. 
Endley I F, druggist. 
Endley J F Mrs, milliner. 
Fitzgerald Patrick, hotel. 
Giberson J M B, hotel. 
Hale & Recce, meat market. 
Hoodworth II A, druggist. 
Hudlemeyer Samuel, grocer. 
Jackson J T, physician. 
Kirtsinger J W, hotel. 
Leslie Geo II, agt B & O R R and Ex Co. 
Libey C B, jeweler. 
Liebold E, carpenter. 
McComber II N, dentist. 
McCool A W, physician. 
Marks C L, barber. 
Oakcs Omar, grocer. 
Poffenberger I, physician. 
Ruggles & Arnold, meat market. 
Itliplc A B, Harness. 
Schwartz & Tischer, planing mill. 
Smith M F, physician. 
Smith S L, milliner. 
Steinkle A, baker. 
Stepliens C W N, General Store, 

Railroad and Express Agent. 
Stephens & Wolfe, clothing. 
Stow D L, barber. 
Taylor Jacob, restaurant. 
Thompson Perry, saloon. 
Townsend U F, shoemaker. 
Vincent B M & E J, Furniture. 
Wallace Alex T, flour mill. 
Wolfe M B Miss, milliner. 
Wolfenberger J, saloon. 

WALLA C'E. Known formerly as 

Jacksonville, with a population of 200, is 
located in Jackson township, Fountain 
county, 16 miles southeast of Covington, 
the county seat, and 9 miles south of Hills- 
borough, on the I. B. & W. Ky, has Chris- 
tian church, district school, and ships grain, 
produce and lumber. Mail received four 
times per week. D. T. Oliver, postmaster. 
Bowman E Mrs, hotel. 
Clare T, general store. 
Holman II I, harnessmaker. 
McCrary HP, justice of the peace. 
Mickell J S Rev (Christian). 
Murphy J R, grocer. 
Newlin H, drugs. 
Oliver I> T, General Store. 
Osborn John, blacksmith. 
Talbott J N, physician. 
Thomas G V, justice of the peace. 
Tucker G W, physician. 

W ALLEN. Situated on the G. R. & 
I. R. R., in Washington township, Allen 
county, 7 miles north of Fort Wayne, is a 
village with 200 population, Methodist 
church and district school. Express, Uni- 
ted States. Mail daily. E. F. Clansmeier, 

Anders Jacob, blacksmith. 
Baird David, lawyer. 
Barrand John, carpenter. 
Calhetzor Aaron, plasterer. 
ClauSUlier E E, Insurance. 
Cour August, blacksmith. 
Gordon Charles, physician. 
Grosseau & Cook, saw mill. 
Kimball Samuel, justice of the peace. 
Marks John, shoemaker. 
Opliger George, hotel. 
Orvis J, physician. 

Konslot & Bercot, General Store. 
Sutton II, physician. 
Waite C N, painter. 

WALNUT. The location of 200 in- 
habitants, in township of same name, Mar- 
shall county, on the I. P. & C. Ry, 13 miles 
southeast of Plymouth, the county seat, has 
Methodist church and district school. Lum- 
ber, hogs and cattle are exported. Express, 
United States. Daily mail. Wm. H. Bun- 
nell, postmaster. 

Body Samuel, justice of the peace. 
Bunnell C S, blacksmith. 
Bunnell V/llI M, Phvsician, Drug- 
gist, Flour and Feed. 
Burnett G W & Co, general store. 
Doke J T, physician. 
Ilartzell J N, saw mill. 


Itiiv » I irst-class 

IF! . ;: I : . IPS, 


Indianapolis, Intl. 





Hill C M, saw mill. 
Jackson T P, grocer. 
Leffel L W, wagonmaker. 

McCoy J L, agt I P & C Ry. 
McClure Win, hotel. 
Ncely J S, general store. 
Pocock E II, physician. 
Steffey J D, barber. 
Town Lyman, broom mnfr. 

miles south of Boswell, its shipping point 
on the L. E. & W. Ry, is a place of 50 in- 
habitants, in Warren county, 14 miles 
northwest of Williamsport court house. 
Mail tri-weekly. N. M. Gehris, postmaster. 
Everhart J, carpenter. 
GeliriS N M, Tustice of the Peace. 
Hazzard John, blacksmith. 
Home Charles A, general store. 
Noll Samuel, cattle dealer. 
Pricket James, wagonmaker. 
Sutton F M, lawyer. 

WALTQN. Inhabited by 200 peo- 
ple, in Tipton township, Cass county, on 
the P. C. & St. L. Ry, is 9 miles southeast 
of Logansport. Methodist, Lutheran and 
Universalist churches and graded schools 
are in the village. Its shipments are live 

stock, gn 

ican. Mail daily 

W. P 

Express, Airier- 
Beall, postmas- 

Alford II, physician. 
Beall E Mrs, milliner. 
Beall J, wagonmaker. 
TiCail W 1*, Confectioner. 
Bishop G W, general store. 
Bishop Wm, carpenter. 
Cromer D P, Hour mill. 
Drake J B, hardware. 
Dutche C P, physician. 
Engle David, hotel. 

CiOUlel K M, Furniture. 

Green & Beall, blacksmiths. 

llurd & Curtis, saw mill. 

Keesling J Q, drugs. 

Miller Lorenzo I), meat market. 

Neff J N, physician. 

Penrose Joseph, blacksmith. 

Phillips & Roucher, saw mill. 

Rooker V Mrs, milliner. 

Ruth Thomas, meal market. 

Small & Drake, Undertake 

Snyder S P Rev (Lutheran). 

Stagg John, baker and restaurant. 

S'tuter & Co, stirrup mnfrs. 

Surface Adam, general store. 

Watkins O D Rev (Methodist). 

71 A Tj TZ. Located on the Mississinewa 
river, in township of same name and county 
of Wabash, is a place of 100 inhabitants, 9 
miles south of Wabash, the county seat and 
shipping depot. Has a Dunkard society 
and district school. Daily mail. Stage 
route to Wabash— fare 75c. Catharine 
Hursh, postmaster. 
Hammond & Koons, saw mill. 
Hursll Catharine, Postmaster. 
Hursh II K &M, drain tile. 
Reeves Geo, blacksmith. 

WAN AT All. A pleasantly located 
village of 600 inhabitants, in Cass town- 
ship, LaPorte county, at crossing of P. Ft. 
W. & C. and L. N. A. & C. Rys,.2 3 miles 
southwest of LaPorte, the county seat, and 
54 miles southeast of Chicago. The place 
has two churches — Christian and Lutheran 
— common and graded schools. American 

Burner J O, drugs. 

Burner & Leming, agricultural implts. 

Campbell A B, justice of the peace. 

COMi'iZ a°i KiclJMTiaM, Hardware. 

Domke Edward, dry goods. 

Efncr Simon H, justice of the peace. 

Fudenski Peter, dry goods. 

Gallert Christian, saloon. 

Groth Otto, dry goods. 

Groth & Wyatt, pressed hay. 

Hennig Julius, meat market. 

Henrichey Charles, physician. 

Higgins I II, agent L N A & C Ry. 

X£ig;gil!S J X-'i <& CO, Grain Dealers. 

Kalies Wm & Co, wagonmakers. 

Kapelski Adolph, shoemaker. 

Keil Emil L, flour mill. 

Komitz Herman, harnessmaker. 

McCurdy G G, agt P Ft W & C R R. 

McCurdy G T, grain. 

RIcEkOWU. jjolm, Blacksmith. 

Mitzner August, saloon. 

Mitzner F & Co, general store and pressed 

Ringleman Carl, shoemaker. 

Rosenbaum C H, produce. 

Tuley John, meat market. 

Ward N & J M, physicians. 

Whitlock Robert, hotel. 

Windk- Lem, wagonmaker. 

Varger W 2*, Insurance, Sewing Ma- 
chine and Express Agent. 


Carpels, Wall Paper and Upholstery, 
47 & 49 S. Meridian St., Indianapoli 

and Adams Expi 
here. Mail rece 

ess companies have offices 
ved daily. W. P. Yargcr, 

Abraham Angus 
Boehlke John, sr 
Boehlke 1 & Co, 

, wagonmaker. 

I I 

Cobb & Branham " 

., Coke for sale 


AND business JHl.T-iTOKV. 



WAR REX. This village with '6oo 
inhabitants, is located in Salamonie town- 
ship, on the Salamonie river and T. D. & 
B. ky, Huntington county, 15 miles south- 
east of Huntington, the county seat. One 
flour mill derives water water power from 
the river. The place has four religious 
societies — Methodist, Presbyterian, Chris- 
tian and Lutheran — and graded school. 
Grain, lumber and staves are shipped. Ex- 
press, American. Mail daily. J. Irwin, 

Anderson I J, wagon maker. 
Andrews & Norwich, blacksmiths. 
Brawley M A, milliner. 
Brown H & Co, furniture. 
Caiiwell I„ V, Physician. 
Christy J E, harnessmaker. 
Coles Henry J, shoemaker. 
Ewart L C & Son, hardware. 
Ewarl & Anderson, general store. 
Tinkle David, miller. 
Flenii«5? & Co, Saw Mill. 
Foster J M, meat market. 
Frash lohn, general store. 
Gavin M E & Sister, Milliners. 
Good Jonas, physician. 
Good & Thompson, grain. 
Hammond E W, physician. 
Hupp Samuel, druggist. 
Irwin J & Co, General Store. 
Jones G A, saw mill. 
Little M W & Son, general store. 
McClery A L, saloon. 
Madtlox GeorffC EI, Livery. 
Miller A, tailor. 
Nelson & Jones, bakers. 
Palmer D, physician. 
Powell Win, wagonmaker. 
Shults Samuel, wagonmaker. 
Smethurst E R & Co, hardware. 
Smethursl Pi: Co, sawmill. 
Smith M & Co, general store. 
Sprowl J S, physician, 
Sprowl J & & Co, Drugs. 
Suiter Catharine, hotel. 
Sutton John & Sons, blacksmiths. 
Turner Bros, planing mill. 
Van Horn John, general store. 

WARREN. Randolpl 

county. (&i 

WARREN CENTRE. Is the lo- 

cation of a country stove in St. Joseph 
county, and a (lag station on the L. S. & 
M. S. Ry, 7 miles northwest of South 
Bend, the county seat. Wheat, berries 

and hogs are exported. Mail daily. George 
B. Dunnsho, postmaster. 
Parker Wm H, agt L S & M S Ry. 
Dunnsho George B, general store. 
Rosch Michael, blacksmith. 

WARRENTON. With 150 inhab- 
itants, is situated in Johnson township, 
Gibson county, 13 miles southeast of Gib- 
son, the county seat. Habstadt, 3 miles 
northwest on the E. & T. II. R. R., is its 
shipping point and postoffice. 
Blair Michael, wagonmaker. 
Brobander Richard, carpenter. 
Heiman Isaac L, live stock. 
Heiman Jacob, live stock. 
Heiinail 3C, General Store. 
Heiman M, general store. 
Littlepage G C, physician. 
Ludwig Henry, tailor. 
Marchard V, physician. 
Ninaker C, shoemaker. 
Shambe.g Christ, blacksmith. 
Sipp John, blacksmith. 

_ W ARRIS G TON. Has a popula- 
tion of 150, and is situated in Brown town- 
ship, Hancock county, 15 miles northeast 
of Greenfield, the county seat, 10 north- 
west of Knightstown, and 10 southeast of 
Pendleton. Last two named are its ship- 
ping points. The village contains two 
churches — United Brethren and Methodist 
— and graded school. Daily stage connec- 
tion with Anderson, fare 60c, and Knights- 
town, fare 40c. Mail daily. Henry C. 
Garriott, postmaster. 
Collins II 15, wagonmaker and justice. 
Cook Levi, harnessmaker. 
Crivel J F, general store. 
Diven Charles, drugs. 
Gall & Seman, flour mill. 
Garriott Henry C, general store. 
Garriott Wm L, undertaker and township 

Hanna Daniel, physician. 
Kenyon Win, blacksmith. 
Miller John, shoemaker. 
Ryan W B, physician. 
Thorp A C, stock dealer. 
Trees Wm, hotel and physician. 
Vanhorn Frank, painter. 
Warrington Tile Co, tile mnfrs. 

irARSA W. The county seat of Kos- 
ciusko county, is a prosperous incorporated 
village of 4000 inhabitants, situated at 
crossing of C. W. & M. and P. Ft. W. & C. 
Rys, and on the Tippecanoe river. It is 

Blank looks Sold - 

Z_ j O-\7^-:~!G'X' KATES. 
S0111I is? Orders. 10 Sf.'E£A«;C 80, 
3*J1 W. .Uii.Iii.011 Street, CUicago. 

,;■:■:;:::.. ■.■;. .:-:::: 

driven profitably by a Threshing Kngtne, 
ml. See page 3. 





delightfully located in a fertile agricultural 
district, and surrounded by three lakes, 
known as Pike, Centre and Eagle lakes, 
■which give it the very appropriate name of 
"Lake City." These lakes are amply pro- 
vided with boats for fishing, rowing and 
yachting purposes, and are stocked with 
fish, thus making Warsaw a delightful 
summer resort. It has excellent county 
buildings, substantial business blocks, wide 
streets beautifully lined with shade trees 
and lighted by gas, and supports two banks, 
three weekly newspapers — Northern InJi- 
anian (Republican), National l.'m'on (Demo- 
cratic) and the Republican — and three 
hotels, of which the Wright House stands 
at the head, and is in every way first- 
class. There are in the place five 
churches — Methodist, Paptist, Presbyte- 
rian, Catholic and Christian — graded 
schools, and a public library containing 
500 volumes. Its manufactured articles are 
numerous and extensive, and include brick, 
lumber, sash, doors and blinds, cooperage, 
furniture, flour, handles, plows, wagons, 
wood stock and cast-iron machinery. The 
American and Adams Express and Western 
Union Telegraph companies have offices 
here. John N. Kv.nyan, postmaster. 
Armstrong, Pro & Co, bung mnfrs. 
Avery & Kichhart, marble yard. 
Ayers Isaac L, lawyer. 
Pair A J, boots and shoes. 
ISafcer Joseph S, County Auditor. 
Pall Pros, "grocers. 
Bash John M, physician. 
Pates Andrew J, justice of the peace. 
Paumbauer Bros, saloon. 
Beazel Harvey T, hamessmaker. 
Becker Abraham, liquors. 
Bennett Ceorge W, grocer. 
Peroth Bros, wagonmakers. -•' 
Berry George E, saloon. 
Berst Fred C, insurance. 
Biddlecorne Andrew J, pumpmaker. 
Piewcnd Bros, druggists. 
Biggs Hiram, lawyer. 
Binns Win, general store. 
Bitner Daniel S, grocer. 
Bitner John A, lawyer, 
Boulton & Perkins, carpenters. 
Bowser & Clark, sewing machines. 
Boyd Thomas Rev (Presbyterian). 
Pratt Daniel, shoemaker. 
Pratt Zenice C, alderman. 
Brown Otto, baker. 
Brown Perry, meat market. 
Brubaker Abraham, insurance. 
Burdge Johnson M, hardware. 

Pyler Joseph M, physician. 

Carpenter & Cook, lawyers. 

Carroll Wm, brickmaker. 

Carter Joseph, foundry. 

Chapman Charles \V, grocer. 

Chapman Charles W, lawyer. 

Chipman Silas W, dry goods. 

Cisney Daniel H, alderman. 

Cisuey James H, dry goods. 

Clark George Mrs, millinery. 

Clayton C M, physician. 

Coleman Pros, insurance. 

Comstock Pros, grocers. 

Conrad Wm, wagon mnfr. 

Cosgrove Win, mayor. 

Cullers R F, saloon. 

Curtis Joshua W, jeweler. 

Daniels Freeman, livery. 

Deeds Daniel & Son, coopers. 

Dunlap Lyman M, millinery. 

Dunnick & Hersburger, saw mill. 

Edwards G R Rev (Paptist). 

Eggleston Wm H, dentist. 

Encell Robert R, lawyer. 

Encell R P Mrs, millinery. 

Ettinger Flavius J, hamessmaker. 

Faber Andrew E, liquors. 

First National Rank, capital $50,000, Sam- 
uel II Chipman pies, Wm C Graves cash. 

Frasier S B, lawyer. 

Fraxer & Frazer, Lawyers *"and 
Collection Agents, Buffalo. 

Funk Bros, general store. 

Funk Wm R, druggist. 

Furlong Myron C & Son, marble yard. 

Gibson Wm H, general store. 

Gillian Calvin, saloon. 

Gattshalls Frank, lawyer. 

Glessner John, boots and shoes. 

Goodwin Thomas A, dentist. 

Grabner John, hardware. 

Gray Samuel C, physician. 

Greene George W, propr Kirtley House. 

Crosspilch Charles P, bakery. 

Haas Wm, meat market. 

Hamlin I>aniel "W, Dealer in Soft 
and Hard Wood Lumber at Warsaw and 
Etna Green, Ind, Warsaw Yard near 

Hart Herbert H, saloon. 

Heller Norris D, general store. 

Hendee Caleb, boots and shoes. ' 

Hendee George, boot and shoemaker. 

Hetfield Hamlet D, grocer. 

Hetrick Frank, gunsmith. 

Hickman Robert M. billiard hall. 

Himes Ada Miss, dressmaker. 

Hinds Ed C, jeweler. 

Ilines Sophia Mrs, tailor. 

1 i 

Solicitor of American and Foreign Patents) 

and Notary Public. Office, Room IS, Hubbard Block, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 

. : i: ' ; : ub: : ;b&co. 

"Wiiolcsule Booksellers and l'uper Dealers, Indianapolis, Ind. 


Hitzler Robert, furniture. 

Old father Samuel W, grain. 

Hoover Miles, cooper. 

Olney Frederick. E, Eye, Ear and 

Hossler Quincy A, editor Warsaw Repub- 

Aural Surgeon, cor Center and Buffalo. 


Pfeil Simon, tailor. 

Huffman Philip, saloon. 

Phillips Miles 11, boot and shoemaker. 

Hughes Caleb, surveyor. 

Phillipson Marcus, clothing. 

Jackson James, meat market. 

Pierce Charles M, brick mnfr. 

Jarrelt Leander, billiards. 

Pierce diaries M, Proprietor Oc- 

jaqua Oliver P, ice dealer. 

cidental Hotel. 

Johnson James R, blacksmith. 

Place Frank A, photograper. 

Johnson Wm J, horseshoer. 

Porter Martha A Mrs, books. 

Keller Emil D, barber. 

Pringle & Wiley, cigar mnfr. 

Kelly JoliU, Tailoring, Repairing and 

Pyle Charles V, druggist. 


Redrup Elmer K, telegraph operator. 

Lake City Bank, capital S6o,ooo, Hudson 

Reynolds Albert J, agt C W & M R R. 

Beck pres, John 11 Lewis cash. 

Ripple Wm H, livery. 

Lake City Library, Martha A Porter li- 

Rizer Martin, blacksmith. 


Rouch Henry, machine shop. 

Lake City Practical Painting Co. 

Rousseau John II, livery. 

Large James, saloon. 

Runyan John N, undertaker. 

Lathiop Henry, saloon. 

Runyan Peter L jr, agt U S and Adams Ex 

Lemon A F Rev (Christian). 


Lesh & Mathews, hard wood lumber. 

Runyan & Milice, books. 

Long Elisha V, judge Kosciusko C C. 

Rutter Richard S, hardware. 

McAlpin G Frank, county superintendent. 

Samson J Noah, lawyer. 

McCauley & Co, hats and caps. 

Scott & Bartol, dry goods. 

McClure John, carpenter. 

Seymour W P, physician. 

McKaig R N Rev (Methodist). 

Shane Henry, grocer. 

Marshall W S, lawyer. 

Shoemaker Jonathan F, photographer. 

Mershon A J, lumber and warehouse. 

Shorb E B, restaurant. 

Milice Ebenezer O, meat market. 

Shoup & Oldfather, flour mill. 

Moon George, collector of internal revenue. 

Sickafoose Michael, lawyer. 

Moro Frank, physician. 

Sissons Egbert P, horeshoer. 

Morris Isaiah J & Son, agrl implts. 

Smith Christopher, foundry. 

Mort Anthony, harnesmaker. 

Smith Gwin L, sewing machines. 

Mulford David, tailor. 

Smith James S, physician. 

Neediiam JSIO C, Lawyer, Notary 

Smith Robert C, undertaker. 

and Insurance Agent. 

Snyder Eli, saloon. 

Neff Charles E, druggist. 

Spangle Effie H, jeweler. 

Nichols Dwight P, agt P Ft \V & C R R. 

Spratl Mary Mrs, dressmaker. 

Nortiicru lutfianian (weekly), 

Stofler & Compton, furniture. 

Williams & Son Proprietors. 

Swyhart Charles M, physician. 

Nye John, meal Market. 

Taylor JOSepll ja, County Clerk. 

Occidental Hotel, Charles M 

Terry John, justice of the peace. 

Pierce Proprietor, Buffalo. 

Thayer J D"& Co, grain elevator. 



33. ]?. WEIGHT, Prop., 
Good Sample Roomo. WARSAW, IND. 


J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 So. Clii 

., Chi- 

Home Life Ins. Co. ^ 

IK. KCLLUbti, iuii^ Chicago, 111. 





Thomas A W & Bro, groceries. 

TliOHiaS A W & Co, Planing Mill 
and Dealers in Lumber, Sash, Doors and 
Blinds, cor Market and Columbia. 

Thomas George M & Co, druggists. 

Thompson & Hatfield, millinery. 

Trish Bros, carriage and wagon mnfrs. 

Trish John, carriage and wagon mnfr. 

Valentine & Baker, grocers. 

Vanata & Ilartman, carpenters. 

Vangilter & Hessel. hardware. 

Ward Charles H, flour mill. 

Warsaw Gas Light & Coke Co. 

Warsaw National Union (weekly), Frank J 
Zimmerman propr. 

Warsaw Republican (weekly), Quincy A 
Hossler propr. 

Webber Selden, hardware. 

Weichman Father Rev (Catholic). 

Weirick David & Co, carpenters. 

Wheeler Isaac, bakery. 

Widaman John D, lawyer. 

"WilliflWlS & Soil, Publishers of the 
Northern Indianian, Reub Williams Ed- 
itor, 57 Buffalo. 

Wiltshire L C, bakery. 

Wolf Wm & Co, clothing. 

Wolf & Weimer, grocers. 

Wood & Brubaker, lawyers. 

Woolley A &: Son, druggists. 

Wrigflit IScnjamiu P, Proprietor 
of the Wright House, Good Sample 
Rooms and Good Accommodations for 
the Traveling Public, cor Center and Buf- 

WrijyJit Mouse, B P Wright Propri- 
etor, cor Center and Buffalo. 

Wright Joseph, saloon. 

Wynant David, carpenter. 

Zimmerman Frank J, propr Warsaw Na- 
tional Union. 

Zumbrun & Secrist, brick mnfrs. 

WA SlirXO TOy. The county seat 
of Daviess county, with a population of 
4326, is a thrifty incorporated city, located 
on the O. & M. Ry, 19 miles east of Vin- 
cennes, 136 southwest of Indianapolis, 168 
west of Cincinnati, and 172 east of St. 
Louis. The first deed for land upon which 
the place stands. was recorded May 2, lSl7, 
and soon thereafter it was made the county 
seat, court being held in an old log cabin. 
It now has one of the finest court houses in 
Southern Indiana, erected at a cost of 
?S5,ooo. The bonded indebtedness of the 
city is $10,000, with a surplus in the treas- 
ury to liquidate the same. The city has 
excellent water works, is lighted by gas, 

the works of which were erected in 1S7S, at 

a cost of §30,000, four public school build- 
ings, eight churches — Baptist, Christian, 

two Catholic, two Methodist and two Pres- 
byterian — a handsome opera house, two 

banks, four hotels, two weekly newspapers 

and several factories and mills. Express, 

O. & M. Telegraphs, Western Union, and 

Washington and Petersburg. Mail daily. 

Albion Hoirell, postmaster. 

Aker John II, restaurant. 

Anderson Francis A, physician. 

Armstrong & Kercheval, lawyers. 

Ashton Henry B, photographer. 

Axtell T J & Co, dry goods. 

Backes Henry, saloon. 

Baldwin S D & Co, druggists. 

Barton Gaylord G jr, lawyer. 

Barton G G, physician. 

Bath Peter, saloon. 

Beddol & Burke, lawyers. 

Beitman G, clothing. 

Beitnian Louis, grocer. 

Beitman R & E, clothing. 

Belding Stephen, propr Daviess County 

Berens Peter, meat maikct. 

Billheiner & Candler, lawyers. 

Blades Zachariah, confectioner. 

Bon Durant E G, agt O & M Ex Co and 
mangr Washington and Petersburg Tel 

Bonham St Gill, furniture. 

Bostwick George E, picture frames. 

Bott Wm S, livery. 

Bradford Thomas II, cooper. 

Brann Oliver H, grocer. 

Bray Harry, books. 

Brown Henry C, flour mill. 

Buckeye Cainel Coal Co, coal mines. 

Burkhart L Rev (German Catholic). 

Burrell H H, druggist. 

Burton Jesse W, lawyer. 

Bynum i Padgett, lawyers. 

Cabel, Kauffman & Co, general store. 

Cabel, Wilson & Co, coal. 

Camphell P A, general store. 

Clark John W, dentist. 

Cloud & Bro, grocers. 

Conlon James, grocer. 

Conrad Gustave, general store. 

Cook John, furniture. 

Cruse, Coulter & Co, boots and shoes. 

Dair Edward, confectioner. 

Dale James A, dentist. 

Daviess County Democrat (weekly;, Ste- 
phen Belding propr. 

Deck Wm L, fancy goods. 

Dils Carrie Miss, milliner. 

SI1T0HAM, JTALK & MAYHEW, } Full Line of Ladies' and Gentlemen's 

nuiAMl'OLIS, IND. ) VjrO-LiU v_±±^i>l±_lN to. 

¥M. M. BELL{ 

Sells Heal Estate, 

No. 307 Upper Third St., 
Evansville, I ml. 


and m>;ixi:>'s mitKcTonv. 



Doherty- Alexander H, stoves and tinware. 

Lacy J J, druggist. 

Doyle John W Rev (Catholic). 

Laycock T R, lawyer. 

Easthan Wm, meat market. 

Lee Clement, flour mill. 

Eckhouse Siegmund, liquors. 

Leslie Alexander, real estate. 

Eskridge Elijah R, saddles and harness. 

Lindley & Bro, dry goods. 

Evans Mary Mrs, milliner. 

Loeb David, clothing. 

Faris Wm H, general store. 

Loeb Louis, clothing. 

Faust Joseph, saloon. 

Logan Wm C Rev (Cumberland Presby- 

Feagans James R, agrl implts. 


Feagans Read & Co, general store. 

McCafi'erty John C, general store. 

Ferguson Andrew J Rev (Methodist). 

McCarty John, saloon. 

Fey Elizabeth Mrs, groceries. 

McCarty Michael, saloon. 

Fields Sim M, restaurant. 

McKee Hester Wm Rev (Methodist). 

Fitts Wm C, wagonmaker. 

McReman & Bro, foundry. 

Foster George, gents' furnishing goods. 

McMullen James, saloon. 

Foster Wm, furniture. 

Mailer James E, stoves and tinware. 

Frorame Henry F, saloon. 

Matlingly James, confectioner. 

Fryer Mary A Miss, millinery. 

Mauk Jacob, blacksmith. 

Fuller James D, tailor. 

Mayer George, jeweler. 

Gaudc Margaret Mrs, meat market. 

Maynard Gardner, blacksmith. 

Garaghan Patrick T, druggist. 

Mees Mathias, grocer. 

Gardiner & Taylor, lawyers. 

Meredstlx E5iirre21 T, Justice of 

Gazette Co, pub Washington Gazette. 

the Peace and Agent Victor Sewing Ma- 

Gceting D M, county supt public schools. 

chines, n s Main, over Postoftice. 

Geeting J A, justice of the peace. 

Meredith John B, grocer. 

Geeting R E & Bro, jewelers. 

Meredith Thomas C, blacksmith. 

Gers Henry, physician. 

Meredith Wm R, livery. 

Gorsage Jolm grocer. 

Millman John H, physician. 

Greenfield Adam, foundry. 

Milis John R, livery. 

Grefe Ernst, shoemaker. 

Moore J L, physician. 

Harned F M, physician. 

Morgan James S, hotel. 

Harris Wm P, hotel. 

Mulholland S H & Co, furniture. 

Hart Herman, fancy goods. 

Murphy John, dry goods. 

Hart Warren, flour mill. 

Myers Frederick M, general store. 

Hatfield & Palmer, agrl implts. 

' Noel S A Mrs, dressmaker. 

Hawkins Nichols, saloon. 

Nutter Randal, grocer. 

Hawley R E Rev (Presbyterian). 

O'Neall & Fefron, lawyers. 

Hayes Michael J, grocer. 

Ogdon & Tharp, lawyers. 

Heer Joseph, confectioner. 

Oliver Joh-n, saloon. 

Hefron Lawrence A, druggist. 

Phillis Emeline D Mrs, milliner. 

Hill Andy, barber. 

Phipps Daniel, grocer. 

Uoffmaster Jacob, general store. 

Pierce & Robbins, lawyers. 

Horner Bros, grain. 

Pollock Joseph, grain. 

Horrell Albion, postmaster. 

Popp Henry, photographer. 

Hyatt Henry 11, general store. 

Raber & Bros, meat market. 

Hyatt John & Co, flour mill. 

Ragsdale Samuel H, blacksmith. 

Hyatt, Levings & Co, bankers. 

Reinsel John, boots and shoes. 

Jackson & Thomas, druggists. 

Reuss Henry J, saddles and harness. 

Jepson Nathaniel H, jewelry. 

Riley & Williams, saloon. 

Jones John N, druggist. 

Rogers & Bro, hardware. 

Jones Zachariah, grocer. 

Scudder John A, physician. 

Joseph Simon, clothing. 

Schuck Phillip, saloon. 

Kauffmann August, confectioner. 

Sherburne Charles, confectioner. 

Kellenbcrger Peter 15, grocer. 

Sefrit & Barber, ins agt. 

Kempf Andrew, barber. 

Slater Mariah E Mrs, milliner. 

Kempf John, meat market. 

Smith James V, saddles and harness. 

Kiefcr Gu.-tave, hotel. 

Smith John T, shoemaker 

Klapper Charles, baker. 

Smith & Carnahan, hardware. 

Lack Edward L, tailor. 

Snyder George W, carriage mnfr. 


CHAS.D.C0LS02T,103 and 110 Fr-aiUin Street, Chicago. 

White Sa„d 

Michigan Stucco, 
See Adv., pugu 1. 


driven profitably by u Throbbing ]:ngirce, 
manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 
Indianapolis, Ind. £eifpagu3. 





Solomon David, wagonmaker. 

Solon Thomas, shoemaker. 

Sparks John T, general store. 

Spink & Co, flour mill. 

Stewart Joseph, barber. 

Strouse Wm II IT, physician. 

Sltllivau Jolm W, Confectioner and 

Sum Jacob & Bros, cigar mnfrs. 
Sylvester Eli, hotel. 
Thomas & St Clair, livery. 
Thompson J E & Co, hardware. 
Thompson Wm R, grocer. 
Toy Jerry, saloon. 
Tranter Flora Miss, dressmaker. 
Van Trees John M, lawyer. 
Volmcr Henry, grocer. 
Walker I G, lumber mnfr. 
Waller Richard L, meat market. 
Waller & Prentiss, saddles and harness. 
Walter Henry, grocer. 
Walter John, shoemaker. 
Washington Gas Co, capital £30,000, Geo 

W Updyke pies, John M Woodson sec, 

J C Lord supt. 
Washington Garette (weekly), Gazette Co 

Washington National Bank, capital $$o,- 

000, 1 N Brecn pres, R M Reed cash. 
Washington & Petersburgh Telegraph Co, 

E G Hon Durant mangr. 
Washington & Stewart, barbers. 
Wathan James F Mrs, milliner. 
Wickiser Simon II, photographer. 
Wildridge John, gunsmith. 
Windle James II, blacksmith. 

WASHINGTON. Wayne county. 
(See Green's Fori.) 

WA TEltFORJ}. A station and post- 
office on the I. P. & C. Ry, in Laporte 
county, 2 miles northwest of Laporte, the 
county seat. Tri-weekly mail stage route 
to Michigan City. C. KuiJXll, Postmas- 
ter, General Store and Flour Mill. 

ated on the C. W. & M. Ry, in Elkhart 
township and county, 3 miles south of 
Goshen, the county seat, is a village con- 
taining 150 inhabitants, district school, 
Methodist and Christian churches. Ship 
all but prepaid freights to Goshen or New 
Paris. Mail daily. Henry Snider, post- 

Haverstock John, shoemaker. 
Houl C D, physician. 
Mittenbarger George, blacksmith. 

Moorehousc Nathan, cooper. 
Oxby John, shoemaker. 
Plough M, carpenter. 
Richards J S, physician. 
Sisidcr Menrv, Postmast 
WerU Philip L, general store. 


township, DeKalb county, 

n Union 
>ssmg of 

Air Line Division of the L. S. & M. S. and 
Ft. W. & J. R. Rs., 4!-j miles north of Au- 
burn, the county seat. A portion of the 
village was first settled in 1S39, but the 
southern or main part was established in 
1856, and now contains 1500 inhabitants. 
Its public buildings are good, and comprise 
one graded school building, erected in 
1S72-3 at a cost of $20,000, one waid school, 
two public halls and eight churches — Pres- 
byterian, Methodist, United Brethren, Dis- 
ciple, Catholic, Evangelical and two Ger- 
man Reformed. The bonded indebtedness 
amounts to §9,000, contracted by building 
of the graded school. There is a good fire 
company, two hotels, two banks and one 
weekly newspaper, Waterloo Press, in the vil- 
lage. Its manufacturing interests are as yet 
undeveloped, comprising now two planing 
mills, flour mill, foundry and two saw mills. 
This is the location of the Northeastern Indi- 
ana Agricultural Association, established in 
1872, having very excellent fair grounds 
and one of the most successful in the state. 
Grain, live stock and lumber are exported. 
Express, United States and American. 
Telegraph, Western Union. Mail daily. 
John M. Kinsey, postmaster. 
American Express Co, J \V Sinclair agt. 
KarilS fames A, Insurance Agent. 
Bassett & Maxron, jewelers. 
Baxter Charles K, pub Waterloo Press. 
Beck Jacob, baker. 
Best James I, lawyer. 
Best & McClellan, bankers. 
Bevier Wm, druggist. 
Beyrer C C Rev (Evangelical). 
Blair Lewis J, lawyer. 
Bowers John S, furniture. 
Boyer & Campbell, druggists. 
Brand & Duncan, grocers. 
Braun Henry E, meat market. 
Buckland Charles N, produce. 
Burkhart George, tailor. 
Butt John, hotel. 
Campbell John, blacksmith. 
CJiamlJerlaiit James X, Physi- 
Citizens" Bank, Miles Waterman cash. 
Clark Orlando T, general store. 

IfMJM DAM nil M «5' 

il.'l'^.M'lJLIS, 1,,'D. 

Capital Gliy Cigar 

t i 

A! ■ f*| «3 72 and Tt XV. ^loin 

;-. V, . : V .'.',' ;, ; . I •■ i Til.,,, 

a s5,£imN«m»«»b»*JJ A W V«iBm beea la busiaeM for 20 

Of Slrocl,, TOICACO. 
<1 Iron Roofers. 

years, sad warwat all our vcri. 


AND lit 'SINKS.-; lilliKC'IUllV. 



Clifford James H, saloon. 
Crane, Duncan & Co, planing mill. 
Danks Orris, boots and shoes. 
Darby A Byron, physician. 
Day Frank P, agrl implts. 
DcKalb Bank, Best & McClcllan pre 
Dennison Julius A, confectioner. 
Duncan & Bros, flour mill. 
Edge Samuel iV- Co, meat market. 
Espy Henry, harnessmaker. 
Farrington Almond S, physician. 
Fisher Bros, clothing. 
Fisk Royal J, confectioner. 
Ford Thomas C, livery stable. 
Forsyth J K & Co, grocers. 
Frager J I, justice of the peace. 
Frank Henry, wagonmaker. 
Frank Oscar W, wagonmaker. 
Froehlich Herman, marble yard. 
Givens Samuel R, meat market. 
Goodwin Daniel, saw mill. 
Greuter Rosanna, grocer. 
Gruhlky Myra A Mrs, millinery. 
Haines Abel S, grocer. 
Hale Hannah L Mrs, dressmaker. 
Hartwick Charles, photographer. 
Haskin Frederick P, barber. 
Heckathorn David, saw mill. 
Heign John, blacksmith. 
Heuke Louis, blacksmith. 
XEowcIl K K & Co (Edw 

Howell and Samuel Beck), Produc 

Husselman & Leas, lawyers. 
Husselman & Vcaley, saw mill. 
Johnson. Waller B, photographer. 
Johnson W 1! & Co, grocers and millinery. 
Johnston Silas B, dentist. 
Kahn J & Co, general store. 
Kapp Levi, grocer. 
KilUSey Jollll HI, Postmaster. 
Kimsey YYm T, foundry. 
Kiplinger Michael, sewing machines. 
Knott & Imhoff, planing mill. 
Koons & Son, furniture dealers. 

rd B 

Lacey II J Rev (Methodist). 
Locke Simon J, restaurant. 
IvOHJi' Ell, Proprietor Long's Hotel. 

(Sm adv.) 
JUOSIJJ'S Hotel, Ed Long Proprietor. 

(&,■ adv.) 
McKriele It TVes, Lawyer. 
McClcllan Charles A O, lawyer. 
Miller George \V, grocer. 
Mitchell Moses M, carringemaker. 
Montavon Peter, shoemaker. 
Morell Phillip, shoemaker. 
Patterson & Smith, general store. 
Phillips Cyrus M, lawyer. 
Reiner Richard, harnessmaker. 
Sanders Malvina Mrs, tailor. 
Shepherd Zcphaniah W, physician. 
Shoemaker Henry T, painter. 
Shull J & J A & Co, general store. 
Sinclair Bros, hardware. 
Sinclair John W, agt U S and American 

Ex Cos. 
Sloan John N, lawyer. 
Smith A T & Co, agricultural implts. 
Smith Oliver P, justice of the peace. 
Snider James D Rev (United Brethren). 
Stevens Almon R, tailor. 
Slough Solomon S, physician. 
Strack Mary Miss, dressmaker. 
Strow Simon P, shoemaker. 
Thompson Waller M, barber. 
Till Richard, grocer. 
Troute Eugene, livery. 
Uniled States Ex Co,' J W Sinclair agt. 
Vateson Maggie Miss, milliner. 
Wallace Wm, harnessmaker. 
Waterloo Press, C K Baxter pub. 
Willis Frank W, claim agt. 
Willis & Co, books. 
Winslow Joshua U, druggist. 
Yant Aurilla E Mrs, milliner. 
Zimmerman James W, blacksmith. 


erty township, Park' 

located in 
unty, 19 B 

f TV- fX 

; ' lf§ S»t# | 

ED. LONG, Proprietor, 

Nearest Hotel to I,ake Shore and Mii-.liigan Southern 

Depot. Free carriage to mid from all trains. 

KS-Saiuule Rooms ou iir>l Iloor.-«l 

Waterloo, Indiana, 

Yltrtrt T\t*+ttll*» f) fl. Tlie Irailinr I'lano and «r 

itieo. Pfaiflin & Co.^jmjL-aMi»,5i 





E"WAJL,1» OVEK. Indianawolin, Ind. 

INDIANA hTATi', ( .; AZI'/I "I TJ'.!: 

northwest of Rockville court house, and 3 
east of Eugene, on the E. T. H & C. R. R. 
Contains 100 inhabitants, two churches — 
Baptist and Methodist — and an artesian 
well, 1350 feet in depth, of the finest min- 
eral water in the State, which has flowed 
45 feet above the surface. Mail daily by 
messenger. Oliver La Tourette, postmaster. 
Bright & Davis, flour mill. 
Clickner John L, carpenter. 
Dickason & English, general store. 
Holmes Wm B, physician. 

ILa Tourette Oliver, Druggist. 

Nolen Thomas, shoemaker. 

Randolph II C, grain. 
Randolph Wm F, carpenter. 
Rcdnion T B, physician. 
Simpson & Paschal, wagonmakers. 

Wann James M, hotel. 
Waterman Cale W, stock breeder. 
Whitford D W, blacksmith. 

WA TSON. Contains a population of 
150, located on Louisville branch O. & M. 
Ry, in Utica township, Clark county, 6 
miles north 01 Jeffersonville court house. 
Cement is extensively manufactured, its 
exports amounting to 523.000 annually. 
Express, O. & M. Mail daily. W. II. 
Snod^rass, postmaster. 
Burke M, general store. 
Connor D S, cooper. 
Cristenscn Peter, grocer. 
Fox George, blacksmith. 
Gilligan T J, lawyer and justice. 
Louisville Cement Co. 
Noe N C, hotel. 
SnodgraSS W M, Carpenter. 

WAVELAND. This village of 700 
inhabitants is located in Brown township, 
Montgomery county, 14 miles southwest of 
Crawfordsville, the county seat, and 37 
northwest of Terre Haute, on line of T. II. 
& I. (Log. Div.) Ry. The place has two 
hotels, three churches— Methodist, Chris- 
tian and Presbyterian — flour mill, saw mill, 
weekly newspaper — Waveland Item — and 
good graded school. Express, American. 
Western Union Telegraph, Mail daily. 
James T. Scott, postmaster. 
American Ex Co, John Spruhan agt. 
Ball Z, physician. 
Barker Joseph J, lawyer. 
Belton Mary E Mrs, dressmaker. 
Burton James C, hardware. 
Coleman John A, barber. 
Conner Elizabeth Mrs, dressmaker. 
Davis S C, justice of the peace. 

Dietrich John L, hotel. 

Foley M F & Son, wagonmakers. 

Foley & Talburt, eds Waveland Item. 

Geiger Wm, flour mill. 

Ciltner Malhias L, druggist. 

Haley John D, stoves and tinware. 

Hanna & Johnson, general store. 

Harris S S, blacksmith. 

Hummel Henry, baker. 

Hutton & Ong, grocers. 

Jackson & Robertson, grocers. 

Tohnson James Rev (Methodist). 

Lewis Samantha Mrs, dressmaker. 

McCall W D, blacksmith. 

McCormick Tames O, druggist. 

McGowan Charles, dentist. 

Masterson John W, meat market. 

May Elizabeth J Miss, milliner. 

Miller Abraham f, jeweler. 

Milligan E M & Cro, general store. 

Milligan Joseph & Co, general store. 

Pratt Hiram A, .Sewing Machines. 

Read Mary A Mrs, dressmaker. 

Rhoads Wm F, harnessmaker. 

Rhodes Henry E, wagon nmfr. 

Russell J P, physician. 

SCOtt James T, Merchant Tailor. 

Seybold George, hardware. 

Smith Fred, hotel. 

Spruhan John, agt Am Ex and W U Tel 

Stone Lorenzo D, furniture. 

Steele Thomas A, physician. 

Talburt Wm C, general store. 

Van Nuys John D, physician. 

Waveland Item, Foley & Talburt eds. 

Western Union Telegraph Co, John Spru- 
han agt. 

Whittington Thomas S, dentist. 

Wilcox & Willabouy, saw mill. 

JFAVERLY. A settlement of 100 
persons ill Madison township, Morgan 
county, 15 miles northeast of Martinsville 
and 17 southwest of Indianapolis. The last 
named is the most available shipping point. 
White river flows by the village, but is not 
used for water power. The place has a 
Methodist church, district school and daily 
mail. Jacob W. Duncan, postmaster. 
Armstrong James, justice of the peace. 
Bellows W M, carpenter. 
Dolen & Armstrong, saw mill. 
Xttmean Jacob "W, General Store. 
. Fields Francis M, hardware. 
Lewis Samuel, blacksmith. 
Nicholas J N, drugs. 
Reese R, live stock. 
Scruggs G R, general store. 

£L. H* V7RIGHT «Sc GO., 

47 and i!) S. Meridian' St., Indianapolis. 

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in 

Carpets and Wall Paper 

pnnJ} t : ' INDIANAPOLIS, handle the best quality 

, ■. ;,. of Wilkesbarre Anthracite Coal. 





Sedam V, blacksmith. 
Tulty Geo, shoemaker. 
Vincent J K, physician. 
Wharton J O, physician 
Woods C \V Rev, clerg 
Yoe Geo, wagonmaker. 

WAWAKA. Pleasantly located in 
Elkhart township, Noble county, on L. S. 
& M. S. Ry, is a village of 400 inhabitants, 
situated 7 miles northwest of Albion, the 
county seat. Contains two religious soci- 
eties — Methodist and Dunkard — and graded 
school. Wheat is the principal article of 
export. Express, United States. Mail 
daily. W. C. Mummert, postmaster. 
Bartlett R W, physician. 
Beazle James, agt U S Ex Co. 
Bolc'y David, blacksmith. 
Blown J, wagonmaker. 
Flowers T, saloon. 
Folwell S A, agt L S & M S Ry. 
Giant D, barber. 
Greece C K, Drugs. 
Hathaway R II & Co, general store. 
Henry Jane Mrs, hotel. 
Klingle II C Rev (Methodist). 
Long Jacob, blacksmith. 
Mummert G W, saw mill. 
Mummert W C, Groceries and No- 
Nimmans J T, drugs. 
Nowles J E, hotel. 
Richards J, physician. 
Schwab Fred, general store. 
Schwab G, shoemaker. 
Stienberger George, shoemaker. 
Sturgis John, physician. • 
Teal Thomas, wagonmaker. 
Thompson John, notions. 
£ilimierniaJt Jollll, Hardware. 

TTA WPECONG. Is in Clay town- 
ship, Miami county, 12 miles south of Peru, 
the county seat, and 4'< east of Bennett's 
Switch, on the I. P. & C. Ry, contains 
Evangelical church, district school, and 200 
inhabitants. Its chief exports are grain 
and hogs. Mail tri-weekly. Henry My- 
grants, postmaster. 
Bradley Philip, hotel. 
Holcomb A, physician. 
MygrantS Kenrv, General Store. 
Schmacher J C, Hour mill. 
Smith A F, physician. 
Swoveland Levi, carriage mnfr. 
Teegarden E, saw mill. 

WAYMAFSriLLJS. A village of 

80 inhabitants, and is located in Jackson 
township, Bartholomew county, 15 miles 
southwest of Columbus court house. Sey- 
mour, 12 miles southeast, is the most 
available shipping point. Has two churches 
— Methodist and Lutheran — and ships lum- 
ber, tanbark and hoop poles. Mail tri- 
weekly. William Tobrocke, postmaster. 
Allen Z T, physician. 
Allen W H, physician. 
Behrman Bros, shoemakers. 
Meyer II A, hardware. 
Miller & Aldenhagen, general store. 
Pardick H, wagonmaker. 
Settloh F, blacksmith. 

Tobrwcke & Alcleiiliag-eiif. 
Flour Mill. 

IFAYNESJiUKGH. Possessing a 
population of 100, is a village located in 
Decatur county, 16 miles southwest of 
Greeusburg, the county seat. Elizabeth- 
town, 14 miles southwest, on the J. M. & 
I. R. R., is the usual place of shipment. 
Contains two churches— Christian and 
Methodist. Mail tri-weekly. Wm. Scott, 

Amerman J S, blacksmith. 
Barton, J M, general store. 
Bayless S A, physician. 
Bidinger S W, physician. 
Clark D M, general store. 
.Howell C R, general store. 
Scott William & J HL, Flour Mill. 
Somers P, shoemaker. 
Thrailkill T, cooper. 
Trisler J W, shoemaker. 
Webb J D, wagonmaker. 
Wollinger J, blacksmith. 

WA YNE S VI L L E. Located on 
the J. M. & I. R. R., in Wayne town- 
ship, Bartholomew county, 7 miles south 
of Columbus, the county seat, contains 100 
inhabitants, Methodist church and district 
school. Mail daily. S. Goshorn, post- 
Clark A, carpenter. 

CiOSlJoril Smitll, General Store. 
Ward J C, carpenter. 

WAYNETOWX. Fifty-four miles 
northwest of Indianapolis, on the I. B. & 
W. Ry, in Wayne township, Montgomery 
county, 10 miles northwest of Crawfords- 
ville couit house, was incorporated as a 
town in 1S76, and contains 562 inhabitants. 
It has Christian and Methodist churches, 


.A.t Spra,g-«.e"s, 391 W. 2>v<Ead.iso:n. Street, Cli.ico.rjo, 111. 

poei \[[,z 

diivcn profitably by ft Threshing Engine 
facta™! by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, J: 
uapolib, Ind. Stio pago 3. 





graded school, one hotel, a weekly news- 
paper, two flour mills, two saw mills and 
one planing mill. The surrounding country 
is undulating and adapted to grazing and 
the growth of grain. Lumber, live stock 
and grain are the chief exports. Express, 
United States. Mail daily. Joseph S. 
Henry, postmaster. 
Badgly Win P, carpenter. 
Beckwith Franklin J, saloon. 
Billings Harmon M, lawyer. 
Bowles Charles J Rev (Baptist). 
Britton & Brewer, druggists. 
Brown George D, flour mill. 
Cates Joseph, carpenter. 
Claypool Stanley, physician. 
Cochrane Robert, grocer. 
Cox Winlield S, saloon. 
Cramer Isaac S, grocer. 
Fauncc Wm E, wagon maker. 
Fitch Alexander P, physician. 
Green S J. saw mill. 
Haas Amelia Mrs, milliner. 
Hallowell & Dale, flour mill. 
Hamilton Albert N, physician. 
Hays Richard T, carpenter. 
Hayes & Co, saddles and harness. 
Henry JQSCJ>I» S, Postmaster. 
Hero.-.og Morris, general store. 
I-Holtleu "William, Cabinetmaker, n 


.d Vi 



Houver Jacob W, gr 

Hughes & Nixon, pi 

Hurt W J, physician. 

Kelly Edward, shoemaker. 

Kerr W II Rev (Christian). 

Lenox Andrew J, blacksmith. 

Lucas Wm H, genei 

McClnre Alexander, 

Meiser & Tierce, lumber. 

Merrell Basil T, carpenter. 

Merrell & White, furniture. 

Moffitt Winfield S, lawyer. 

Moore Silas R, saw mill. 

Powell II C, physician. 

Richardson A L, lawyer. 

Rider & Brant, hardware. 

Runyan Riley, propr Waynetown B: 

Shipman George P, carpenter. 

Shurr John A, blacksmith. 

Smith & Miller, druggists. 

Snyder 1 M, flour mill, 2 miles west. 

Ste.le Mary E Mrs, hotel. 

Stewart Edmond L, agt I B & W Ry. 

Sumner Bros, wagonmakers. 

Waynetown Banner, Riley Runyan ] 

Webster & Ellis, general store. 

Wilson John W, carpenter. 

York Abraham, livery. 

Zuck David, carpenter. 
Zuck John S, lawyer. 
Zuck Wm E, livery. 

WAYPORT. Is situated in Wash- 
ington township, Monroe county, 9 mile, 
north of Bloomington, the county seat and 
nearest rail approach. Population, 25. 
Mail tri-weeklv. T. L. Brown, postmaster. 
Brown M F, physician. 
Brown T L, general store. 

WEA. Two hundred and ten mile:, 
west of Toledo, is a. flag station and post- 
office on the W. St. L. & P. Ry, in Tippe- 
canoe county, 7 miles southwest of Lafa- 
yette. Has Methodist church and exports 
grain. Mail daily. Arvine W. Fox, post- 

Bayle B, flour mill. 
Fox Arvine "W, Grain Dealer and 

Hull N, flour mill. 
Tinkler C, R R agt. 
Tinkler & Fox, grain dealers. 

WEBSTER. Kosciusko county. 
(See North Webster.) 

V/EliSTER. Is a settlement of 100 
persons in township of same name, county 
of Wayne, 6 miles northwest of Richmond, 
the county seat and most accessible ship- 
ping point. Its churches are Methodist 
and Friends. Schools, common district. 
It is on stage route from Bloomingsport to 
Richmond. Mail daily. S. H. Bond, post- 
Atkinson Milton, wagonmaker. 
Black Wm H, saw mill. 
IJonel S M, General Store. 
Thomas Owen, physician. 

WEISJi UB Gil. Thirty-eight miles 
northwest of Cincinnati on the C. I. St. L. 
& C. R. R., in Jackson township, Dear- 
born county, contains 150 inhabitants, Lu- 
theran church, graded and parochial 
schools. Lawrenceburgh, the county seat, 
is 16 miles southeast. Hay and grain are 
shipped. Express, American. Mail daily. 
H. Chairsell, postmaster. 
AlthoffC H Rev (Lutheran). 
Bauermeister Wm Rev (Lutheran). 
Buchert James, hotel and saloon. 
C2iairseil H, General Store. 
Fermier I'ierre, physician. 
GuUwiller Philip, blacksmith. 
Hilbert G, wagonmaker. 


C. Bradford, Solicitor of American nn<l Foreign Patents, 

IS Hubbard Block, . 
clia, IuJ. Allbuah 

BILL,! ' ' :i&CO. 

Miscellaneous ami Blank Books and Office Stationery, Indianapolis. 


ami m sim.^s mm;, roiiv. 



j Minneman F II, agrl implts. 

IOelker C, cabinetmaker. 
Schweitzer R H, general store. 
fitoltlman l,o«is, Ilarnessmaker. 
I Stumpke Fred, boots and shoes, 
j Walters John F, saloon, 
j Weis Christian, lumber. 
! Weis Philip, flour mill. 

1FELLSBOHO. At the crossing 

of B. & O. and N. W. G. T. R. Rs., in No- 
ble township, LaPorte county, 10 miles 
south of LaPorte court house, contains loo 
inhabitants and exports grain, cattle, hogs 
and hay. Express, 13. & O. Mail daily. 
J. B. Chipman, postmaster. 
Chipmaii J B, Grocer. 
Frederickson Wm, general store. 
Frederickson & Crichton, meat market. 
Frederickson & Rambo, stave mnfrs. 
McCormick & Croft, hardware. 
Miller Geo, stave mnfr. 
Titus N J, carpenter. 
Wells TH, R R and Ex agent. 
Wells & McLane, grain. 

WJELTES. Is a village of 50 inhab- 
itants, located in Campbell township, War- 
rick county, 12 miles west of Boonville, the 
county seat. The place is known locally as 
St. Johns, and contains a Catholic church 
and school. Evansville, 12 miles south- 
west, is its place of shipment. Mail semi- 
weekly. Joseph Welte, postmaster. 
Conrad C I Rev (Catholic). 
Moll Andrew, blacksmith. 
Olberding Henry, carpenter, 
Welte Joseph, General Store. 
Wick Henry, blacksmith. 

WESLEY. Fifty-one miles northwest 
of Indianapolis, on the I. B. & W. Ry, is 
in Wayne township, Montgomery county, 
7)4 miles northwest of Crawfordsville, the 
county seat. It has Christian and Metho- 
dist churches. Grain is the principal ex- 
ported article. Population 25. Mail daily. 
D. M. Phillips, postmaster. 
Baldwin E J, blooded horses. 
Davis Isaac, live stock. 
Detcheon S E, physician. 
Phillips K HI, Grocer. 
Pierce E, carpenter. 

WESTIiADEX. Is noted for its 
springs, known as West Kaden Springs, and 
oilstone quarries. It is located on Lost 
river, in French Lick township, Orange 
county, 8 miles west of Paoli, the county 

seat, and IS southwest of Orleans, on the 
L. N. A. & C. Ry. Lost river furnishes 
water power to run a flour mill. Oilstone 
is the chief article of export. Has daily 
stage connection with Paoli — fare 50c. — 
and Orleans — fare $1. Mail daily. James 
W. Pro, postmaster. 
Dixson John, blacksmith. 
Dixson Sol, shoemaker. 
Grigsby & Grigsby, tlour mill. 
Lane J A, West Baden Springs and Ho- 
Pro James W, General Store. 
Fitter J A, physician. 
Ritter & Bro, drugs. 

WESTCHESTER. Five miles 
southeast of Bryant station, its shipping 
point, on the G. K. & I. R. R., is a place 
of 50 inhabitants, in Bear Creek township, 
Jay county, 8 miles northeast of Portland 
court house. It contains Congregational 
church and district school. Mail daily. 
J. A. Griffith, postmaster. 
Brown A, agricultural implts. 
•KriKItli & Montgomery, General 

Haviland Wm J, saw mill. 
Vail & Ross, physicians. 
Williams & Rendrick, blacksmiths. 

WEST CREEK. A rural postoflice, 
located in Lake county, 17 miles southwest 
of Crown Point, the county seat, and 8 
miles west of Grant Park, 111., on the C. & 
E. I. R. R. In the immediate vicinity 
there are three churches — Lutheran, Pres- 
byteiian and Methodist — semi- weekly stage 
route to Lowell — fare 25c. — and Hebron — 
fare 50c. J. P. Spalding, postmaster. 
Sheely II Rev (Presbyterian). 
Spalllsiiry J I», Postmaster. 
Wasson H Rev (Presbyterian). 

WESTFIELIX Containing a popu- 
lation of 400, is a thriving village in Hamil- 
ton county, situated 6 miles west of Nobles- 
ville, the county seat, and nearest rail com- 
munication. Westtield contains three 
churches — two Methodist and one Friends — 
union high and graded schools. Daily 
stage to Carmel and Noblesville ; tri- 
weekly to Zionsville. Mail daily. John 
W. Davis, postmaster. 
Ballard Ralph, furniture. 
Ballard M T, milliner. 
Barker A L, wagon mnfr. 
Karlcer Bros, Saw Mill. 
Benson J L, physician. 

fiF'l'ilAC-1 KTTtffi ■?S7YYR'K' ,< 3 Mew Illustrated Cataloque just out. Fre, 
WUJiWAUW «J.i\V W WAAfetd. feels snd Ornice firms Sent by E 

J. VV. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHiCACO, ILL. 


Home Life Ins, Co, 

Stns perfected plans fcr a Jiirire business In 
I il.liau.i tlurjsirr 1SS1. For Agencies cpply to 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't, Chicago, III. 



Bowman Phoebe, milliner. 

Klingman Henry, wagonmaker. 

Brown F, harness. 

Myler C T, lawyer. 

Brown II, drugs. 

Perkins Wm F, cooper. 

Brown R R, stoves and tinwa 

Iieasor James A, Cooper. 

•Carson Samuel, shoemaker. 

Reasor Paul & Son, flour mill. 

Cloud Wm C, justice of the pc 


Reasor Wm S, cooper. 

Coffin B F, physician. 

Robertson Wm II, shoemaker. 

Coffin E T, milliner. 

Romine Alfred G, general store. 

Conklin W H, drug:,. 

Sanders James M, distiller. 

Cook lesse, justice of the peac 


Smallwood James P, hotel. 

DaveSC, physician. 

m>avis & Pennington 

, Fa 




cers and Confectioners. 

river in Marrs township, Posey county, is a 

Dwigins Wm, blacksmith. 

village of 100 inhabitants, 16 miles above 

Ellis R C, physician. 

Ml. Vernon, the county seal and nearest 

Kisiiclcrljurg- A E, Ta 


bank location. Mail daily. 

Hayworth D, meat market. 

Earnett Isaac, thresher. 

Hetherington & Son, general 


Dieg J & Co, flour mill. 

Hiatt 1 W, furniture. 

Mollis Thomas, wagonmaker. 

Howe A P, principal graded s 



Stevens John, general store. 

Ilowk D C, blacksmith. 

Sweetscr Alonzo M, notary public. 

Kane J M, physician. 

Millis Tennie, milliner. 

WESTLAND. A rural postoffice in 

Barr Wm D Rev (Methodist). 

township of Blue River, county of Hancock, 

P-ettiioJin J 12, Physicia 

located 6' y < miles southeast of Greenfield, 

Pfafl B F, wagonmaker. 

the county seat, and same distance north of 

Pfaff J C, blacksmith. 

Morristown, on the C. II. & I. Ky, either 

Pfaff M J, milliner. 

of which are shipping points. Mail semi- 

Pfaff Thomas, hotel. 

weekly. T- L. Binford, postmaster. 

Phelps E N, barber. 

Bennett J M, shoemaker. 

Sanders Tames, nursery. 

Binford Eros, General Store. 

Semans ] L, Hour mill. 

Johnson & Coffin, blacksmiths. 

White Charles, barber. 

Williams C P, general store. 

WEST LEBANON. Is a village 

Williams J A, grocer. 

containing 600 inhabitants, four churches — 
Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Uni- 

WEST FORK. Locally V 

n as 

verSalist — graded school, flour mill, and a 

Marietta, is a town of 200 it 



s, in 

newspaper — Statesman. Its location is in 

Union township, Crawford co 


12 r 


Pike township, Warren county, 6 miles west 

west of Leavenworth, the cot 




of Williamsport, the county seat, and 30 

place of shipment. The v 




miles southwest of Lafayette, at junction 

rounded by a fertile agricul 




of W. St. L. ,v P. and II. R. & E. R. Rs. 

and its requirements are a fl 

our 1 



Express, United States. Daily mail. J. 

genera! store. Mail semi-we 




W. Brown, postmaster. 

M. Dufhn, postmaster. 

Abell cV- Biggs, wagonmakers. 

Abell G A, distiller. 

Bell Wm, hardware. 

BulliHg-ion C A A, La 


Biggs E A, jeweler. 

Bullington Wm 11, lawyer. 

Breen James, boots and shoes. 

Bullington W W, justice of tl 

c peace. 

Brooks Rev (Universalis!). 

Campbell H, carpenter. 

Browsi J W, Books and Stationery. 

Campbell R N, stock dealer. 

Brown f YY A Co, grocers. 

Davis George W, blacksmith. 

Cadwallader Bros, grocers. 

Dexter Ansel, physician. 

Campbell T B, physician. 

Duflin A M, lawyer. 

Carithers George, 'furniture. 

ESuffiia James M, Genet 

al Store. 

DemingJ C, physician. 

Duflin T C, lawyer. 

Donnelly G W, druggist. 

Dunham Calvin, carpenter. 

Elsasser C, boots and shoes. 

Jobe James W, blacksmith. 

Evans B F, hotel. 

Johnson R M, lawyer. 

Fleming Bros, dry good:. 

! I 


irlfii* iifelibSs ncpail lllfji 


Buys Ileal Estate, 

No. 307 Upper Third St. 
Evansville, Iud. 


AND puslnkss dipj-xtory. 



Fleming J, physician. 

IOX Peter, Harnessmaker. 

Frankeberger M, millinery. 

Jones R B, lawyer. 

Kimble James, grain dealer, R R and Ex 

Riser Wm, livery. 
Kraft Wm Rev (Baptist). 
Mason T Rev (Methodist). 
Olds W C, editor Statesman. 
Post Rev (Presbyterian). 
Raiborn \V L, lawyer. 
RailieS O, Carpenter. 
Sanford C S, dry goods. 
Shepherd A M, justice of the peace. 
Spurrier J H, hardware. 
Swisher j'ames, cattle dealer. 
Statesman, W C Olds editor. 
Stephens & Kendall, meal market. 
Tinkler & Uarnaday, (lour mill. 
Walker A C, druggist. 
Ward & Riggs, marble works. 
Ward & Clieesman,Wagonmakers. 
White John, confectioner. 

WEST LIBERTY. Inhabited by 

ioo people, in Union township, Howard 
county, is 16 miles southwest of Kokomo 
court house. Windfall, S miles south on 
the P. C. & St. L. Ry, is its shipping point. 
Mail received daily by stage from Kokomo. 
Cheniah Covalt, postmaster. 
Covalt Cltcuiall, General Store and 

Martz L W, flour mill. 
Roberts F M, clergyman. 
Simpson S, general store. 
Ware C M, physician. 

WEST LI li Ell TY. Jay county. 
[See Mill's Comers.) 

township, Howard county, is on the F. & 
K. R. R., 7 miles southwest of Kokomo, 
the county seat, contains graded school, 
Friends and Methodist churches. Its ex- 
ports arc corn, wheat and lumber. Popu- 
lation 300. American Express. 
daily. James I. Quick, postmaster. 
Rates J W, painter. 
Buseeker J W, physician. 
Conncll Levi, lumber. 
Marshall Bros, saw mill. 
Middleton Wm, stock denier. 
Quick James I, General Store. 


R E, 

WEST NEWTON. Twelve miles 
southwest of Indianapolis and 2 south of its 
station on the I. & V. Ry., is a place of 
300 inhabitants, located in Marion county. 
It contains graded school, Methodist and 
Friends churches. Wheat and corn are the 
chief exports. Mail daily. Joel Jackson, 

Allen Joseph, livestock. 
Allen Wesley, physician. 
Black ZT, saw mill. 
Breedlove John, shoemaker. 
Burl; George, livery. 
Burk Thomas, grain. 
Card Wm Rev (Methodist). 
Coppock & Clark, blacksmiths. 
Green 11 E, general store. 
Haworth J D, justice of the peace. 
Iloiton C Rev (Friends). 
Horton Joseph, painter. 
Horlon Wm, carpenter. 
Jackson Ellis B, restaurant. 
Jackson Joel, General Store. 
Jessop Wm, meat market. 
Landers Wm, nursery. 
Martin A, wagonmaker. 
Russell [osiah, harnessmaker and hotel. 
Shelly L L, lawyer. 
Updegraff Robert, poultry. 

WEST POINT. Is a village of 200 

inhabitants, located on the W. St. L. & P. 
Ry, in Wayne township, Tippecanoe 
county, 10 miles southwest of Lafayette, 
the county seat. Its station is i{ mile 
north of the town. It has graded' school, 
Methodist, Presbyterian and Christian 
churches. Mail daily. Express, Pacific. 
Jesse Rider, postmaster. 
Beers George, general stoi'e. 
Burton Hotoert I, Groceries, Boots 
and Shoes. 

Charles R E, physician. 

Charles & Gardner, general store. 

Ceding Philip, shoemaker. 

Durgan Edu-ard, lawyer. 

Graham & Poland, saloon. 

Heath | H, physician. 

Kennell & Kinals, blacksmiths. 

King Wm H, meat market. 

Kiser J 11, general store. 

Niehergall George, shoemaker. 

Peterson Charles, wagonmaker. 

Vermillion Henry, grocer. 

Weaver C II, physician and justice. 

WESTI'ORT. On projected line of 
the Vernon, Grcensburg & Rushville R. K. 
(now building), is a village of 225 popula- 

EOTHDEY FACOTa-S, 850. ,on 4 K; k S SS?^r«ca 

"" lie, ( n ; ;rci>;il, S<i:i|»,:im<', l.rhiu li, « 'like, lurlion 
Cou.1, Ac, Xll« best obtainable, and. Itie Cheapest. 

: ;M 

driven profitably by a Tbresblng Kmrio 
manufactured by CHANDLEK & TAYLOR, 
a Indianapolis, Ind. See pago 3. 





tion, located in Sand Creek township, De- 
catur county, 14 miles south of-Grcensburg, 
the county seat. It has Baptist, Methodist 
and Chriitian churches, and graded school' 
Mail daily. Milton M. Mewhinney, post- 

Armstrong James W, cattle dealer. 
Karlsley & Tanner, Saw Mill. 

Boicourt Aaron, stone quarry. 
Boicourt E G, hotel. 
Boicourt John E, stone quarry. 
Koicouri: il, Stone Quarry. 
Burk & McCullough, carriage mnfrs. 
Burroughs 1 P, physician. 
Cann John, general store. 
Childers Joseph T, shoemaker. 
Conwell James T, general store. 
DeArmon John, general store. 

EJeiifciai:! ESeiijamzn, Hour Mill. 

Denham B Rev Baptist). 
Dowell C II Rev (Methodist). 
Falkerson Mary A Mrs, milliner. 
Freed Elizabeth Mrs, milliner. 
Giddings L S, harnessmaker. 
Glasscock J W & Son, carpenters, 
fliravsoii SaucliOl'rt, Lawyer. 
Havtse Mary A Mrs, milliner. 
Hause Wm, physician. 
Hockenberry John H, blacksmith. 
Holmes & Boicourt, flour mill. 
Lane C L, sewing machines. 
Lund Isaac S, blacksmith. 
Lyle Jolin », Saw Mill. 
McCammon Isham T, general store. 
McCollough Win D, wagonmaker. 
McCollough Wni M, general store. 
McKee Milton Rev (Baptist). 
Mewltimiey & I 5 roclor, Drugs 

and Groceries. 
Patterson Daniel, lawyer. 
Robbins Wm F, justice of the peace. 
Rogers Benjamin B, shoemaker. 
Talkington Charles, blacksmith. 
Venholt Louis G, tinner. 
Williams T J, Harnessmaker. 

SFHIXGS. Is located in Pike county, 
9 miles southwest of Petersburg, the county 
seat, and 14 miles northeast of Princeton, 
the railroad station and shipping point. 
This place is noted for the mineral springs 
from which it derives its name. Has three 
churches — Methodist, Cumberland and 
Presbyterian. Stage communication tri- 
weekly with Princeton and Petersburgh — 
fare to each place $1. Tii-weekly mail. S. 
S. Shannon, postmaster. 
Borders G W, justice of the peace. 

Cloin G W, justice of the peace. 

Falls Richards, miner of coal. 

Hillman James, constable. 

Jenkins Lemuel, flour mill. 

Sli anil Oil &. CaE^el, General Store 

and Proprietors West Saratoga Springs 

and Hotel. 
Smith E, cattle dealer. 

_ WEST SHOALS. The seat of jus- 
tice of Martin county, is a village contain- 
ing 150 inhabitants — the smallest county 
seat in the state — located on White river 
and O. & M. Ry, about % mile from 
Shoals, on opposite side of the river; the 
town in fact, but the county buildings are 
located in West Shoals, and they are two 
distinct postoffices, known as Shoals and 
West Shoals. The churches are all located 
in Shoals, which is the shipping point for 
both places. Mail daily. Rufus Brown, 
Bell J T, hotel. 
Brown K.ufr<S, Livery. 
Demett George, grocer. 
Denny Wm, hotel. 
Hamilton M, hotel. 
Luzzaddcr A, grocer. 
Sleight Wm, saloon. 

WESTVJLLE. Located on the L. 
N. A. C. Ry, in New Durham township, 
Marshall county, 12 miles southwest of 
LaPorte, the county seat, is an incorporated 
village of 6?-7 inhabitants. It contains 
four churches — Methodist, Baptist, Chris- 
tian and Catholic — a good graded school, 
one hotel, three saw mills, one grain cradle 
factory, one planing mill, and one flour 
mill. Grain, stock and apples arc shipped. 
Express, American and L. N. A. & C. 
Mail daily. Mrs. M. M. Duncan, post- 

Allen Judith Mrs, lumber mnfr. 
Allen Nathan, wagonmaker. 
Ansley Elmore, general store. 
Armitage Granville, meat market. 
Atkins Lyman, druggist. 
Benedict Wm II, hardware and Ex agent. 
Cathcart Charles P, physician. 
Cathcart Leander J, druggist. 
Clark John F, grain cradles. 
Cole EIOUSC, Zina Cole Proprietor. 
Cole JLeoimrtI K., Livery, Sale and 

Feed Stable. 
Cole Xilia, Proprietor Cole House. (Sei 

Concannon Wm F, saloon. 
Crumpacker D L, live stock. 

Capita! City Cigar, 

JOHN I2.ArciiU MamiC-icfurcr, 
32 West Washington Street, 


Hoofing Slate 

For Salo from Stock. A. E172SELY & CO. 
, "72 and *7i W. Konrse Stroet.- CHICAGO. 




Dennis George P, barber. 
Dille John, planing mill. 
Dolman Joseph, flour mill. 
Eahart Alexander, agricultural implts. 
Fravel Theophilus, physician. 
Freeman Brook B, physician. 
Glazebrook & Bridges, grocers. 
Haus Theodore W, baker. 
Haus Wm, wagonmaker. 
Henton Evan, meat market. 
Herold, Tuly & Co, grain. 
Houser Reuben C, photographer. 
Howel Francis M, blacksmith. 
Irwin Joseph IT, shoemaker. 
Kimbell Joseph, lumber. 
McClure Charles, general store. 
Massey Daniel, barber. 
Miles Jacob, harnessmaker. 
Reynold Wm, justice of the peace. 
Reynolds Thomas C, jeweler. 
Sanders James, justice of the peace. 
Scholtz Hernion, shoemaker. 
Smith E S, druggist. 
Smith Wm J. furniture. 
Southwick H B, dentist. 
Standiford Abraham G, physician. 
Standiford Wm F, physician. 
Thompson George B, plasterer. 
Webber Wm M, groceries. 
Weed Timothy, undertaker. 
Welcome Jerome, shoemaker. 
Wood D M Rev (Methodist). 
Wrenn Robert, hotel. 
Wright & Brewer, lumber. 
Young Andrew S, blacksmith. 
Zenor 13 E, wagonmaker. 

r WHEA TLAND. Steen township, 

Knox county, is a village with a population 
of 400, located on the O. & M. Ry, 12 miles 
east of Vincennes, the county seat, con- 
tains two churches — Methodist and Presby- 
terian—and graded school. Wheatland is 
surrounded by a fertile agricultural and 
stock raising district The principal ex- 
ports are grain and stock. Express, Ohio 

& Mississippi. Daily mail. W. J. Nichol- 
son, postmaster. 
Anderson Job D, grocer. 
Anderson M E & Son, general store. 
Black E C, physician. 
Brown James, justice of the peace. 
Bllller \V S & Co, Flour Mill. 
Bunting J M, saloon. 
Burrus J W, shoemaker. 
Cramer A Mrs, hotel. 
Dukate J 13, physician. 
Dukate J S, physician. 
Dukate & Mcrrell, druggists. 
HarUiii I'ranJc, Carpenter. 
Harbin J M Rev, clergyman. 
Lvtton J, physician. 
N'iblack S L & Co, general store. 
Nicholson W^J <& Co, General 

Store, Drugs and Grain. 
Ridgway W H, grocer. 
Watjen J H, wagonmaker. 
Weaver W, Saloon. 
Williams 11, justice of the peace. 
Wood & Traylor, furniture. 
Young Hannibal, justice of the peace. 

WHEELER. Having a population 
of 200, is a village in Porter county, on P. 
Ft. W. & C. R. R., 7 miles northwest of 
Valparaiso, the county seat, contains Meth- 
odist church and district school. Express, 
Adams. Mail daily. Samuel Sigler, post- 

Arnold G V r , physician. 
Bay C A, wagonmaker. 
Ehrtsman John, blacksmith. 
Ellis H I, physician. 
Gott W L, justice of the peace, 
Jones C F, hay. 

Jones & Hart, live stock and grain. 
Pearce George W, flour mill. 
Reed S S, hotel. 

Siller S & Soil, General Store, 
Stanza N 13, blacksmith. 
Yaught G J Rev (Methodist). 
Woodhull & Bacon, General Store. 


ZINA COLE, Proprietor. 
"WestTrille, - - ' - - In-d. 

Pi&NOS and OBGAHS : 

i» Ali Styles and at All I'iIcn. at 

t 111:0. rv.iFFLiy a- co's, 

S and (JO X. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Inil. 



Siidiafiapolis, Iitd. 





WHEELING. Carroll county. (Stt 

WHEELING. Lies on the Missis- 
sinewa river, in Washington township, 
Delaware county, 12% miles northwest of 
Muncie court hou-c, and most accessible 
shipping point. The river operates a flour 
mill by water power. It contains So in- 
habitants, Methodist church, and ships 
wheat, corn and live stock. Mail daily. 
Ephraim Smith, postmaster. 
Braddock M C, justice of the peace. 
Dunn J C, flour mill. 
Ginn Liberty, live stock. 
Hoover I M, physician. 
Johnson Henry, hotel. 
Lewis Henson, live stock. 
Maddox John, blacksmith. 
Milhollen & Co, flour mill. 
Nixon Jesse, grain and cattle. 
Powers Mark, live stock. 
Sleeth Isaac N, grocer. 
Ssuitil KpSiraims, General Store. 
Spencer JJ H, Farmer. 
Trout R H, flax mill. 

WHITCOTtlB. in Franklin county, 
5 miles northeast of Brookville. the county 
seat and nearest place of shipment. The 
village contains a population of 200 per- 
sons. Has one Methodist church, steam 
saw mill and drain tile manufactory. Mail 
semi-weekly. H. S. Jaques, postmaster. 
Beesley I, drain tile mnfr. 
Campbell & March, saw mill. 
Jaques IE H, General Store. 
Kennedy J J, wagonmaker. 
Lincgar D 15, physician. 
Robinson S A, shoemaker. 
Smith Michael, meat market. 
Whitney J W, blacksmith. 
Vanness E, harness. 

WIIITE HALE. Contains 52 in- 
habitants, United Brethren church and dis- 
trict school. It is located in Clay town- 
ship, Owen county, 10 miles southeast of 
Spencer, and S miles west of Bloomington, 
its shipping point, on the L. N. A. & C. 
Ry. Mail received four times each week. 
Orlando E. Foster, postmaster. 
Cooper & -Livingston, general store. 
I'OStcr Orlando R, General Store. 
Gray O F, physician and druggist. 
Livingstone N F, general store and justice. 
Neill James B, livestock. 
Oliphant Peter T, physician. 

WIIITELANJ). Sixteen miles south 
of Indianapolis, on the J. M. & I. R. R., 
in Pleasant township, Johnson county, con- 
tains 22S inhabitants, Presbyterian church 
and district school. It is distant from 
Franklin court house 5 miles. Express, 
American. Mail daily. M. P. Greene, 

Beehe James, physician. 
Binkley Henry, wagonmaker. 
Boon A, justice of the peace. 
Covert G W, physician and dentist. 

Currv George W, Saloon. 

Diek-on F, Hour mill. 
Farmer Charles E, blacksmith. 
Fisher & Fisher, general store. 
Greene, Brooks & &&, General 

McCameron Tohn, saloon. 
McClain Sarah Mrs, milliner. 
McKinney Geo, boots and shoes. 
Maxfield & Bro, tile mnfrs. 
Miller A, physician. 
Perrine ,Ss Son, coopers. 
Shutters D H, meat market. 
Springer Mary Miss, drugs. 
Varner John F, grain dealer. 
Walker Thomas, shoemaker. 
"Wheeling W, Carpenter. 
White Jacob B, hotel. 
Wilson T, lawyer. 

WHITE LICK. Formerly called 
Fayette, located in Perry township, Boone 
county, 9 miles southeast of Lebanon, the 
county seat, and 6 southwest of Whites- 
town, on the C. I. St. L. & C. R, R., con- 
tains 200 inhabitants, Christian church, 
district school, flour and saw mill. Mail 
semi-weekly. J. N. Stoker, postmaster. 
Bird Asa, blacksmith. 
Comstable James, shoemaker. 
Everett & Fitch, druggists. 
IKrazier Simeon, Blacksmith. 
Lumpkin C J, general store. 
Lumpkin D O, carriage and wagonmaker. 
McDaniel I J, general store. 
McDaniel John S, general store. 
Sparks Thomas & Sons, flour and saw mill. 
Stolter J X, Grocer. 
Talbott Win, physician. 

WH1TESTOWX. Twenty miles 
northwest of Indianapolis, is a village of 
Soo inhabitants, on C. I. St. L. & C. R. R., 
7 miles southeast of Lebanon court house. 
Lumber, live stock and produce are the 
exports. Churches, Methodist and Lu- 
theran. Schools, high and primary. Amer- 

■ W A LL PAPBIi, A - L,n"L* co co * 

WHOLESALE AKD KETAIL. « and 49 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis. 

fVVKK ^ RrnnViom handle the best Blacksmith Coal 
LUlJIJ (X Jjlalllkllll in the market, Indianapolis, Ind. 




ican express. Daily mail. J. T. Ross, 


Atchison & Lewis, saw mill. 

Bowser Jollfl "W, Grain Elevator. 

Christy J W, cooper. 

Pay John F, blacksmith. 

Dowden W W, saloon. 

Eichman C, general store. 

KiclllStail E», General Store. 

Hager Thomas C, harness. 

Hardy John S, physician. 

Harmon Joseph S, drugs. 

Hill Jacob, blacksmith. 

Jones R E, physician. 

Laughner J II, hardware. 

Moniorl J M, shoemaker. 

Moody F M, grocer and R R agt. 

Neidlinger & IClirigcnsmith, flour mill. 

Richardson Tohn R. blacksmith. 

Roberts W H, hotel. 

ROSS J T, Physician. 

Ross T T, druggist. 

Sigman D M, furniture. 

Sims Wright, broker. 

Smith J S, shoemaker. 

Smocii Iv, Shoemaker. 

Snyder John F, confectioner. 

Watts & St Clair general store. 


A. & C. Ry, contains 300 inhabitants, and 
is located in Union township, Montgomery 
county, 6 miles southeast of Crawfordsville 
court house. It has district school, Christ- 
ian church, and exports wheat, hogs and 
sheep. Express, American. Daily mail. 
J. L. Nichols, postmaster. 
Cohoon & Fisher, general store. 
Culver O M, physician. 
Evcrson, Hanks & Guntle, saw mill. 
Nicltols jf JL, Groceries and Drugs. 
Wren Frank, blacksmith. 

WHITE WATER. Derives its 
name from the river upon which it is situ- 
ated, in Franklin township, Wayne county, 
contains 300 inhabitants, graded school, 
Christian and Methodist churches. Rich- 
mond, the county seat, is 10 miles south, 
and Fountain City, its shipping point, is 
4'A miles west, on the G. R. & I. R. R. 
Wheat, corn and hogs are the principal ex- 
ports. It has daily stage connection with 
Arbo — fare 25c. — and Richmond — fare 30c. 
Mail daily. B. W. Addleman, postmaster. 
Atlilleinail B "W, Justice of the Peace. 
Addleman John H, carpenter. 
Addleman J C, carpenter. 
Addleman Wm H, painter. 

Barton L, veterinary surgeon. 

Bickliell J M, Saw Mill. 

Cain J S Rev (Methodist). 

Courtney J T, physician. 

Ellis P M, stone moson. 

Gossard J T, physician. 

CirifiittlS W X, Physician. 

Grove N, grocer. 

Harlan Lee, painter. 

Jackson A, blacksmith. 

Parshell John, wagonmaker. 

E.o1iertSOll "W 1L, General Store. 

Simpson John, plasterer. 

Simpson Wm, plasterer. 

Suplee F, grocer. 

White T P, blacksmith. 

Williams Wm, physician. 

Woolverton C, shoemaker. 

WHITING. In the extreme north- 
eastern corner of the state, is traversed by 
L. S. & M. S., P. Ft. W. & C. and B. & O. 
R. Rs, located in Lake county, on Lake 
George and Lake Michigan, 30 miles north- 
west of Crown Point, the county seat. Con- 
tains Lutheran church and district school. 
Population 120. Express, B. & O. Mail 
daily. Henry Schrage, postmaster. 
Hamisch Joseph, carpenter. 
Roberts G M, justice of the peace. 
SelirajJC Meiirv, General Store and 

R R Agent. 
Seehousen H, shoemaker. 

WHITTINGTON. Clay county. 
(See Hoosierville. ) 

WICKLIFFE. With a population 
of 50, is located in Patoka township, 
Crawford county, on Patoka river, 25 miles 
northwest of Leavenworth, the county 
seat. Has two churches — Methodist and 
Christian — and district school. Mail re- 
ceived four times per week. W. II. Bu- 
ford, postmaster. 
Babbitt John Rev (Christian). 
Brown & Bro, flour mill. 
miford W H, General Store. 
Eastman W W Rev (Methodist). 
Fisher W S, physician. 
Guinder lohn, wagonmaker. 
Leonard J R, blacksmith. 
McLaughlin L, hotel. 
Smith J H, physician. 
Sturm D H, justice of the peace. 
Thomas T II Rev (Baptist). 

WILBUR. With a population of 
200, is located in Gregg township, Morgan 

hhW DPI!! 1/ V n E I \ P j? A C\ § T At Reduced Kates, at .s*>ras«e's, 

Aft t blsijh f L . .i 8 391 W. Madison St., Chicago, 111, 

mUUDIUTU' I!ll,=™ 

Threshing Tnginn, 





county, S miles northwest of Martinsville, 

the county seat and nearest shipping depot. 

Contains Methodist and Baptist churches 

and district school. Mail semi-weekly. J. 

W. Minton, postmaster. 

Bryant G R, photographer. 

Gordon & Elmore, undertakers. 

Hinson S H, saw mill. 

Hinson T M, physician. 

Isahower D, grocer. 

MilltOJ! J W, General Store. 

Pearce J C, blacksmith. 

WILD CA T. This is a settlement of 
30 persons, one mile from T. II. & I. Ry 
(Log. Div.), in Carroll county, 14 miles 
southeast of Delphi, the county seat. 
Wild Cat creek furnishes power for one 
flour am', one saw mill. Ship to Cutter. 
American Express. Tri-weekly mail. War- 
ren B. Adams, postmaster. 
Adams Warren B, Postmaster. 
Anderson S W, flour mill. 
Gerald T, blacksmith. 
Hawks J Rev (Presbyterian). 
Kelsey J S, physician. 
Monroe J E, farmer. 
Penn J W, general store. 
Watring L E, saw mill. 

WILLIAMS. Adams county. (Set 
Binge n.) 

WILLIAMS. On White river, in 
Lawrence county, contains 25 inhabitants, 
Christian church and district school, locat- 
ed 10 miles southwest of Bedford, the 
county scat, and 6 north of Huron, the 
place of shipment on O. & M. Ry. Mail 
semi-weekly. Jacob H. Baker, postmaster. 
Baiter Jacob H, General Store. 
Green Laban & Bro, saw mill. 

county. {See Ninevah.') 

WIL LI A MS V, UK G. A village in 
Green township, Wayne county, 10 miles 
northwest of Richmond, the seat of justice, 
and most available shipping point, has 
350 inhabitants, graded school, two 
churches— Methodist and United Brethren 
— and flour mill which derives power from 
Green's Fork creek. Daily stage commun- 
ication with Richmond — fare 25 cents. 
Mail daily. James L. Pearce, postmaster. 
Bond James A, blacksmith. 
Cranor J D, stock dealer. 
Cranor Milton, stock dealer. 

Davis O S, undertaker. 

Davis Robert, general store. 

Helm Wm, druggist. 

Pearce A, general store. 

Pearce Jaisses Iv, General Store. 

Reynolds JJ 11, bote! and wagonmaker. 

Reynolds Vernon, boots and shoes. 

Reynolds & Bro, planing mill. 

Richtcr Bros, carriage mnfrs. 

Roberts & Son, blacksmiths. 

Roberts & Sturges, grocers. 

Ryland C V, flour mill. 

Smelser John, liarnessmaker. 

Taylor T P, physician. 

Woolev & TJuIve, Saw Miil. 

Wooley & Yelvington, carpenters. 

WILLIAMS POUT. Allen county. 
(See Po.) 

WILLIAMS! OUT. The county 
seat of Warren county, is a village of 1,300 
inhabitants, located on W. St. L. & P. Ry, 
88 miles northwest of Indianapolis, and 24 
southwest of Lafayette. Wabash river 
flows through the place, but is not utilized 
for water power. Williamsport is pleas- 
antly located, and surrounded by a good 
agricultural district, contains two hotels, 
one weekly newspaper — The Warren Re- 
publican — which is ably edited by John 
Gregory. Educational and religious ad- 
vantages are good, as the village has three 
churches — Methodist, Presbyterian and 
Christian — and good graded school. Its 
manufactories are a saw mill, grain eleva- 
tor, two drain tile manufactories, two flour 
mills, stone quarrv and pottery. Express, 
Pacific. Telegraph, Western Union. Mail 
daily. Elisha Hitchens, postmaster. 
Adams & Moflitt, Abstracts of Title. 
Adams Jennie Mrs, dressmaker. 
Ammerman Dor, blacksmith. 
Ammerman John W, barber. 
Armstrong John F, grocer. 
Baldwin James E, shoemaker. 
Benson Iverson H, grocer. 
Benson Osrow D, physician. 
Best Wm H, shoemaker. 
Bowman John M, drugs. 
Brown Joseph E, restaurant. 
Cameron Geo, justice of the peace. 
Cameron Wm T, livery. 
Cast George \V, Dentist. 

Clawson Cornelius J, jeweler. 
Claypool R W & E P, grain. 
Conklin Oaklev, blacksmith. 
DeHart Jacob,' physician. 
Durborow A C & \V B, lawyers. 

(^ 1")!} i '\'\ I^VAlt") T~\ So,,cit cir oT t'at^nts. ln<.tm^.T[»r>!is Intl. j:«|'«mM »tt 

ard & Co., 11 

ookscllcrs, Stationers and Paper Dealers, 



AX1) BUSINKSS ])!)ii:( TORY. 



FiSlier Samuel C, Lawyer and 
Collecting Agent. 

Good & Dolson. flour mill. 

tircj^ory JollZl, Editor and Proprie- 
tor Wifcrren Republican. 

Hargrave & Gregory, lawyers. 

Ilarrell A F 1 , Prosecuting Attorney 
Warren C C. 

Harrell & Pearson, lawyers. 

Hatlen & Bro, grocers. 

Held Henry, harnessmaker. 

Hellwig Edward, pottery. 

Hitchens Elisha, books. 

Hodgson John, wagonmaker. 

Hosise Hotel, Mrs Mary Personette 

James Win P, saloon. 

Karst Henry, saloon. 

Kent Ella Miss, operator W U Tel Co. 

Kent Wm II, agt W St L & P Ry. 

Koelder Geo F, meat ma-ket. 

Livengood James D, county recorder. 

Longley Frank P, hardware. 

McBride John, drugs. 

McCabc James, lawyer. 

Mathis Eli, junk dealer. 

Mellott House, Mrs Mary Mellott propr. 

Messner J H & Bro, general store. 

Nash Alfred T, meat market. 
eNebeker Alonzo, drugs. 

Nichol Wm T, dry goods. 

Nodurft Philip, drain tile. 

Nodurft Wm, saw mill. 

Ogden H N Rev (Methodist). 

Personette Mary Mrs, propr Home Hotel. 

Pfeifer Jacob, stone quarry. 

Pilcher Jesse E, lawyer. 

Pitcher Charles, restaurant. 

Pomeroy Astley C, blacksmith. 

Rabb Joseph M, lawyer. 

Redford Edward E, restaurant. 

Rhodes & Owen, lawyers. 

Ross Ellis, grocer. 

ROSS JllSlin, Physician and Surgeon. 

Sager John J, blacksmith. 

Schlos^er EHas, live stock. 

Schlosser John II, live stock. 

Shurtz Henry, grocer. 

Simpkins Robert J, physician. 

Smith Samuel, surveyor. 

Smodell George II, furniture. 

Stark Wm W, grocer. 

Sialler Hi K & Co, Flour Mill. 

Surls Lemuel, meat market. 

Sutton & Hunter, lawyers. 

Thomas Company, general store and Ex. 

Thomas E Darwin sr, live stock. 
Thomas J & A Misses, milliners. 
Ward Wm K, merchant tailor. 

Warren Republican, John Greg- 
ory Editor and Proprietor. (See adv.) 

Wilmer Wm Rev (Presbyterian). 

Wmiamsvxort Mills, B F Statler & 
Co, New Process Flour. 

Willis Sydney A, justice of the peace. 

WILLIAMS TOW 'Jf. A country 
postoflice, with a population of 100, in De- 
catur county, 8 miles nortli of Greensburg, 
the county seat and shipping point. Stage 
connection with Greensburg — fare jil. 
Mail daily. John S. Parker, postmaster. 
Anderson Joel, clergyman. 
Bell James C, blacksmith. 
Fishback J M, blacksmith. 
Nation J W, cattle dealer. 
Parker E M, grocer. 
F'arlter Bros, Wagonmakers. 
Tharp Daniel, justice of the peace. 

WILLIS GliOVE. Located on 
White river, in Knox county, is a rural 
postoftice, 12 miles southeast of Vincennes, 
the county seat. Wheatland, on the O. & 
M. Ry, 9 miles north, is the place of ship- 




A four-page, eight-column, weekly paper, published every Thursday 
morning by J. Gregory. Subscription, $i. 50 per annum. 
^"Advertising rates reasonable. 


Chicago Zinc Works. ^ 

i.ts of 

iome Life ins, Co. 

Has pnul Inrec ilividi-ivriH, lias llic laifrest 
Mirplus for dividends i!t- future. Best Co. for 
Agents. E. H. KELLGCG, Sup't, Chicago, 111. 





WILLOW BRANCH. A recently 
appointed postoiTice, in Hancock county, 
II miles northeast of Greenfield, the county 
seat and shipping point, has a Methodist 
church and district school. Mail tri-weekly. 

A. B. Thomas, postmaster. 
Brown Samantha, milliner. 
Kenyon II, blacksmith. 

XSlOXWas A B, General Store, Grain 
and Agricultural Implements. 

1FILMING TON. Two and cme-half 
miles from the Ohio river and i from the 

B. & O. R. R., in Hogan township, Dear- 
born county, has 350 inhabitants and is 
situated 7 miles southwest of Lawrer.ceburg 
court house and 2\' z west of Aurora. Con- 
tains Methodist church and district school. 
Mail daily. Elizabeth Livingston, post- 

Baker T L, general store. 

Barnhart Joseph, wagonrnaker. 

Boardman B P, general store. 

Bradford C H, painter. 

Bridwell Win & Co, meat market. 

Brown R D, lawyer. 

Chisman T L, carpenter. 

Cottingham T W, blacksmith. 

Duncan J W, justice of the peace. 

Dunn Wm II, physician. 

Goodrich M, confectioner. 

HayHCS JoSll* I>, Lawyer. 

Hilphenstine James Q, organs. 

House James, justice of the peace. 

Jackson John, shoemaker. 

JLiyin^ston Elizabeth, Notions. 

Miller OP, druggist. 
Rawls Edward B Rev (Methodist). 
Snell Joseph, blacksmith. 
Taylor Win, general store. 
Todd James, wagonrnaker. 

WILMOT. A settlement in Wash- 
ington township, Noble county, ifi miles 
southwest of Albion, the county scat, and 
7 south of Cromwell, on B. & O. R. R. 
Tippecanoe river furnishes power for a saw 
and flour mill here. It has Lutheran church 
and district school. Population 20. Stage 
communication with Columbia City and 
Cromwell. Mail semi-weekly. II. S. Co- 
baugh, postmaster. 
CoUatJi;!: Henry S, General Store, 

Saw and Flour Mills' 
Cruder fohn, blacksmith. 

WINAMAC. The seat of justice of 
Fulaski county, is a thrifty incorporated 
village of 1000 inhabitants, located on the 
P. C. & St. L. Ry and Tippecanoe river, 25 
miles northwest of Logansport, and 102 
northwest of Indianapolis. The river fur- 
nishes power to operate two flour mills. 
Its churches are Methodist, Reformed, 
Christian and Catholic. Schools, graded 
and Catholic Parochial. The village sup- 
ports one bank, three hotels and three 
weekly newspapers — the Democrat, Republi- 
can and Journal. Bonded indebtedness 
£3000. Wheat, corn, flour, produce, cattle 
and hogs are shipped. American Express. 
Daily mail. Jacob Reiser, postmaster. 
Agnew Huldah Mrs, milliner. 
Anheier Jacob, barber. 
Anstis John, harncssmaker. 
Baker Henry, livery. 
Bank of Winamac, capital $30,000, Jacob 

Reller prcs, YV H Liu slog cash. 
Bean Louisa J Mrs, milliner. 
Bennett & Bro, undertakers. 
Bridegroom Conrad, grocer. 
ErookS & Co, Iron and Brass Foun- 
ders. (See adv.) 
Brown, Wood & Co, general store. 
Bruce Stephen, flour mill, 
liurgel Michael, meat market. 
Burson George, lawyer. 

Carper I-kowse, J A Gilkey Proprie- 
tor. (See adv.) 
Carter James, livery. 
Carter Wm E, justice of the peace. 
Clark Jesse D, grocer. 
Clarsey Laura N Mrs, dressmaker. 
Clifton Andrew J Rev (Methodist). 
Conn Wm H, restaurant. 
Deutsch Adolph, saloon. 
Dills Ellen A, dressmaker. 
Dolph & Carper, druggists. 
Dyer Charles, gunsmith. 
Falvey Mark D, grocer. 
Gary D II Rev (Christian). 
Gertig Charles W, carriage painter. 
CJilltev Josepll A, Proprietor Car- 
per House. (See adv.) 
Gillespie Lorinda A Mrs, milliner. 
Gross Peter, saloon. 
Gross Sebastian, hotel. 
Guss Edwin, plasterer. 
Hamton D, painter. 
Harris Frank, carpenter. 
Hartinger Sebastian, cooper. ' 
Hazen Silas B, photographer. 
Hoch Rudolph, furniture. 
Hoffman Lewis, hardware. 
Hoffman & Long, barbers. 


lSJLMt'^n:„!i;:i«.i ■!'.-;, 

lMUA.\Al'UI,tS, 1ND. 

■ irams of mm. 

Wit M. BELL{ 

Sells Houses, Lots and Farms, 
2To. 307 Upper J bird St., 
Kvansville, Ind. 





Hogan Michael, hardware. 

Hoover & Rogers, general store. 

Hornbeck Win B, wagonmaker. 

Ingrira M H, pub Winamac Journal. 

Jenkins & Collins, carpenters. 

Keiser Jacob, pub Winamac Republican. 

Keller, Bouslog & Co, general store. 

Kelly John H, hardware. 

Key Win, marble wotks. 

Kilander Hugh M, shoemaker. 

Kilmer John A, harnessmaker, 

Kittinger Henry, physician. 

Kittinger & Perry, lumber and grain. 

Korner Wm, live stock. 

Kramer George P, jeweler. 

Kroft Peter, restaurant. 

Martin Thomas B, jeweler. 

Messerly Christian, justice of the peace. 

Messerly & Wolfe, blacksmiths. 

Michael Tonas Rev (Reformed). 

Miller Anton A, baker. 

Miller John A, saloon. 

Nigsch Christian Rev (Catholic). 

Nye John C, lawyer. 

O'Connell John, saloon. 

Pattison & Moss, physicians. 

Pearson Shubel, confectioner and Ex agt. 

Perry A D & Son, nursery. 

Phillips Abraham, general store. 

lieariclc JSciiry E, Carriage and 

Rhodes Geo W, carpenter. 
Houtson Katiiauiel, Proprietor St 

Nicholas Hotel. 

St Mary's Academy, Rev Cluistian Nigsch 

St KicIiOlaS Motel, N Routson Pro- 

Schadell Wm A, druggist. 

SeirU-1 Ferdinand, grocer. 

Snaffle Francis P, merchant tailor. 

Spangler Wm, lawyer. 

Steis John, grain. 

Summers Andrew J, photographer. 

Taylor Jesse, grocer. 

Teeter Robert C, meat market. 

Thomas Felix B, druggist and pub Wina- 
mac Democrat. 

Thomas F'elixW, lawyer. 

Thomas John J, physician. 

Thompson Bros, physicians. 

Vurpillat Joseph, general store. 

Wagner John G, furniture. 

Wall A P & Bro, brick mnfrs. 

Way Klias, flour mill. 

Weaver John II, saloon. 

White Wm L, hardware. 

Wichcrsham & Weyand, lawyers. 

Williams Francis W, produce. 

Winamac Democrat (weekly), F B Thomas 

Winamac Journal (weekly), M II Ingrim 

Winamac Republican (weekly), Jacob Kei- 
ser pub. 

Wittmer Joseph G, merchant tailor. 

Wolferman Henry, shoemaker. 

Wood Bros & Bamett, Hour mill. 


Iron and Brass Founders. 



Fronting Court House and Opposite Bank and Keller Hall, 

J. A.-. QIJLKHTY", Proprietors 

I iHl : U ton St., Villi A«;U. U.S.. ,; ; , H.-lcr to ,i. 

« El V (It^<i8 Eft VitJ Contracts completed throughout I lie col 


drjvon profitablj by & Threshing Engine, 
manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, ci 
Indianapolis, Ind. Seo page 3. 





Wright Wm G, physician. 
Zinkins Thomas, grocer. 

WIXCHESTElt. The scat of jus- 
tice for Randolph county, is an incorporat- 
ed village of 2200 inhabitants, located al 
crossing of the C. C. C. & I. and G. R. & 
I. R. Rs, 75 miles northeast of Indianap- 
olis and 67 south of Fort Wayne. Il is 
surrounded by a very fcitile agricultural 
district. Wheat, corn and flax are the 
principal products and exports. Its public 
buildings are both substantial and hand- 
some, having one of the finest court houses 
in Eastern Indiana, good graded schools 
and four churches. Prominent among the 
manufactories are two saw mills, a planing 
mill, foundry and machine shop, tannery, 
glue factory, brick and drain tile yard, Hour 
mill and two carriage and wagon factories. 
There are two hotels, two banks and two 
weekly newspapers — Herald and Journal — 
in the place. United States Express and 
Western Union Telegraph companies have 
offices here. Mail daily, Charles E. Fer- 
ris, postmaster. 

Alexander James W, meat market. 
Ashton Wm E, saloon. 
Bales Pleasant W, propr Indiana House. 
Ballinger Mahlon, grocer. 
Bartholomew Jonathan, restaurant. 
Bates Bros & Co, flour mills. 
Best Alonzo M, grocer. 
Best Thomas, grocer. 
Bosworth R, physician. 
Brandon Mary C, milliner. 
Brewer Jacob, dry goods. 
Brown Kent, barber. 
Bundy Benjamin F, dry goods. 
Campfield Aaron G, lumber and saw mill. 
Canada & Canada, lawyers. 
Carland P Rev (Methodist). 
Carter Henry, butter and eggs. 
Carter & Gill, wagonmakers. 
Carver Andrew C, druggist. 
Chapman Ferdinand B, harness. 
Chapman & Ginn, carriagemakers. 
Chenoweth J T, physician. 
Coats Seth D, boots and shoes. 
Commons follll, Proprietor Win- 
chester Herald. {See adv.) 
Connor & Chamberlin, confectioners, 
Cotton James S, sewing machines. 
Cox Cyrus, physician. 
Cranor Bros, hardware. 
Cropper Silas A, justice of the peace. 
Dean & Tisor, photographers. 
Diggs J W, undertaker. 
Edger James W, stoves and tinware. 

Elzroth John W, restaurant. 

Engle Frederick A, live slock. 

Engle E&Son, insurance. 

Engle & Study, lawyers. 

Farmers & Merchants' Bank, capital SSo,- 

000, Nathan Reed pres, T F Moorman 

Fitzmaurice Wm, foundry. 
Fudge David, milliner. 
Gafley Michael C, surveyor. 
Gardner & Horen, carriage mnfrs. 
Ginger John W, gunsmith. 
Gordon Thomas, agricultural implts. 
Gutheil Charles, tanner. 
Harris Jesse M, dry goods. 
Harter James, livery. 
Heart Gustave, barber. 
Heaston iv Cooke, flax mill. 
Helms & Bishop, hardware. 
Hcrron Alexander P, dentist. 
Hiatt Allen R, hardware. 
Hiatt Jonathan S, news depot. 
Hiatt & Hiatt, photographers. 
Hinshaw J A & Son, harnessmnkers. 
Hirsch Adam, furniture. 
Hirsh Joseph C, druggist. 
Hodson & Beeson, pioprs Winchester Jour- 
Hoffman Daniel E, marble works. 
Hoover Isaac N, agt C C C & I Ry and U 

S Ex Co. 
Irvin & Son, jewelers. 
Kaufman Benjamin, clothing. 
Kayser Christian, boots and shoes. 
Keener Charles F, livery. 
Keller G G & Son, grocers. 
Kelley Dennis, dry goods. 
Kemp Joseph S, dry goods. 
Kizer Thomas W, grain. 
Kizer & Shaw, druggists. 
Klambcrg Louis, jeweler. 
Klink Thomas sr, wagon mnfr. 
Knecht & Thomas, pumps. 
Leavell Richard A, real estate. 
Lennon Edward, saloon. 
Leslev Waniel, Abstracts of Title 

and Loan Agent. [See adv.) 
Lewis Charles L, lawyer. 
Litschert Robert J, jeweler. 
McCusker Theresa, hair goods. 
McGee Charles E, stoves and tinware. 
Manderbach Wm, saloon. 
Markle John E, physician. 
Marlatt Hezekiah K, tinware. 
Martin Win A, tile and brick. 
Miller Mori, boots and shoes. 
Miller & Gullett, lawyers. 
Mills Ishmael C, grocer. 
Mills & Alexander, blacksmiths. 

Capita! City Cigar. 

Manufactured bv JOJXX RAl'CM, 
82 West Washington Street, 


Corrugated Iron 

Manufactured and for sale 'by A. Knisoly & 
L Co., 72 & 71 W. Monroo Street, CHICAGO. 





Monks Christopher C, meat maiket. 

Monks & Spence, lawyers. 

Moore & Newton, lawyers. 

Morrow Robert B, general store. 

NelT David, saloon. 

Neff John, grain. 

Patty Alon/o H, justice of the peace. 

Pottle James W, shoemaker. 

Poyncr Isaac L, grocer. 

Preston Si Seagraves, meat market. 

Fuckett & Mendenhall, grocers. 

Ramsey Martin, restaurant. 

Randolph County Bank, capital $100,000, 

A Stone pres, W A Martin cash. 
Reed & Rcinheimer, druggists. 
Reinheimer Peter, hotel. 
Rcinheimer Wm H, grocer. 
Rice & Vaughn, saw and planing mill. 
Richardson John, merchant tailor. 
Roberts H M & Son, lumber. 
Segraves John L, restaurant. 
Smith & Markle, physicians. 
Snattinger M & Co, clothing. 
Snedeker \V B, restaurant. 
Stakebrake Andrew J, lawyer. 
Stakebake John L, furniture. 
Stedke J H Rev (German Evangelical). 
Stine Joseph L, blacksmith. 
Stringer Thomas, shoemaker. 
Thomas Tames M, billiard hall. 

Thompson & Marsh, lawyers. 

Thornburg Richmond, merchant tailor. 

Watson & Chaney, lawyers. 

Watts Isaiah P, lawyer. 

Way Ella Mrs, milliner. 

Way Morman, lawyer. 

Welch Edmund B, grocer. 

Willits Levi R, restaurant. 

"Winchester Herald, John Com- 
mons Proprietor. [See adv.) 

Winchester Journal (weekly), llodson & 
Beeson proprs. 

Wolverton Charles W, boots and shoes. 

Wright A W, dentist. 

Youse Frank, sewing machines. 

WINDFALL. This village, of 1000 
inhabitants, is located on the P. C. & St. L. 
Ry, in Wildcat township, Tipton county, 7 
miles north of Tipton, the county seat. 
There are two churches — Methodist and 
Christian— and a graded school in the place. 
Wheat, corn and hogs are exported. Ex- 
press, American. Mail daily. E. L. Pick- 
ering, postmaster. 
Applegate P, blacksmith. 
Austin W, physician. 
Bailey W R, grocer. 
Bailey & Freeman, grocers. 
Beeson D C, blacksmith. 



Randolph County Abstract Office 


Abstracts furnished. Titles examined and corrected. Deeds, Mortgages, etc., promptly and 

The "Winchester Herald, 

Newspaper mid Job Printing Oflice. 

JOHN COMMONS, Editor and Publisher, 

Winchester, Indiana, 





XiicHanapolis, Ind. 





BeHyxacr r, Lawyer. 

Barrow Jacob, justice. 

Conklin L C, saw mill. 

Conner & Ellis, physicians. 

Craig Mary A Mrs, hotel. 

Craftori W H, General Store. 

Dean W O, lawyer. 

Farrington E H, shoemaker. 

Gray C C, blacksmith. 

Ilirons & Thornburg, saw mill. 

Hobbs F F, justice. 

Jones Lee, general store. 

Lawson A J, livery. 

Legg AM, justice. 

McAlister L, drugs and flour mill. 

Miner W J, Hardware. 

Murphy H, tile mnfr. 

Null M W, stave mnfr. 

IPicIverillJJ B 1L, Drugs and G 

Piatt T \V, blacksmith. 

Price W L, physician. 

Rippe A D, justice. 

Schell J A, drugs. 

Scott W F, general store. 

Spitznesser J L, druggist. 

Steele Hugh, Undertaker. 

Vice & Nutter, dry goods. 

Zeek F S, physician. 

Zehner A II, grocer. 

Zehner J H, general store. 

WINDSOR. Is a place of 300 per- 
sons, located in Stony Creek township, 
Randolph county, on the Delaware county 
line, 12 miles southwest of Winchester, 
the county seat, and 2|< miles south of 
Parker, a station on the C. C. C. & I. Ry. 
Stony creek furnishes power to operate a 
flour mill. The churches are Methodist 
and Christian. Mail semi-weekly. John 
E. Heikes, postmaster. 
Amburn Samuel, cattle dealer. 
Arment W111O, miller. 
Chenoweth N T, physician. 
Davis Win T, dry goods. 
Davidson F L H, hotel. 
Davidson & Heikes, blacksmiths. 
Dick Jacob, justice of the peace. 
Dixon A J, blacksmith. 
Dixon G W, wagonmaker. 
Heikes Jollll E, Notary Public. 
Newhouse John T Rev (Christian). 
Sackman O Y, carpenter. 
Smith J J, cattle dealer. 
Thornburg John T, flour mill. 
Thornburg & Randolph, carriages. 

WINFIELD. Is a for a 
farming community in Lake county, and is 

located 7 miles east of Crown Point, the 
county seat and nearest railroad approach, 
contains a Methodist society and district 
school. Mail semi-weekly. John Fisher, 

WINSL O W. Located 1 
:. in Pike county, with a 1 

. Patoka riv- 
pulation of 

200, is situated 9 miles southeast of Peters- 
burg, the county seat. Oakland, 8 miles 

southwest, is the usual place of shipment. 

Mail five times each week. C. H. Bee, 


Anst F T, physician. 

Bee C I-S, Saddles and Harness. 

Brenton & Whitman, general store. 

Hobbs A G, physician. 

Johnson J M, general store. 

Kinmann W T, carpenter. 

Martin A, drugs. 

Martin Thomas, general store. 

Millard Joseph, blacksmith. 

Montgomery G B, physician. 

W1NTJEHB O UI>. More generally 
known as Norristown, is a small post vil- 
lage in Shelby county, containing 75 per- 
sons, and is located II miles southeast of 
Shclbyville, the county seat. Ship either 
to Flat Rock, on the ]. M. & I. R. R., or 
Shelby ville, on the C. 1. St. L. & C. R. R. 
Connection by stage tri-weekly with Hope, 
fare 25c, and Shelbyville, fare 50c. Semi- 
weekly mail. D. C. Dodds, postmaster. 
Conger S, constable. 
Conner M H, blacksmith. 
Custer J W, blacksmith. 
Denvert \Tm, justice of the peace. 
Ootids 1> C, Postmaster. 
Kennedy S A, physician. 
Kimberlin J W, blacksmith. 
Newton Bros, carpenters. 
Newton F A. general store. 
Winterrowd N S, physician. 

Crossing, with a population of 75, is situ- 
ated in Decatur county, on the C. I. St. L. 
& C. R. R., 7 miles southeast of Greens 
burg, the county seat. Lumber, staves and 
stone are the principal exports. Mail daily. 
E. R. Little, postmaster. 
Little E R, general store and R R agt. 

WIRT. Is a station on the J. M. & I. 

R. R., and a post village of 75 inhabitants, 
in Madison township, Jefferson county, 6 
miles northwest of Madison, the county 
seat. It contains Baptist church and dis- 

^l.. Xj. ■v^ie^ic 

Successors to Adams 
Ifl and /\o, S. Meridian 

:t ez co., 

ansur & Co., 
, Indianapolis. 

£a£pcl\> a lib g|^cif£ "Xcipe-'S 

Largest Stock in the State. 

I I 


I M iy JUAN AP OLTS, are Agents for the 

/J j|| celebrated Indiana Cannel Coal, used 

gas purposes. 





trie* school. Express, American. Mail 

daily. H. Francisco, postmaster. 

Finehout J II, carpenter. 

Francisco II, live stock. 

Goldsborough Charles A, blacksmith. 

Goldsborough ] R, blacksmith. 

Kill J Clark, General Store. 

Manclia John, wagonmaker. 

Marquis Wm, physician and drugs. 

Noble P A, cheese mnfr. 

Reynolds J H, physician. 

Smith E M, physician. 

Smith S W H, painter. 

Stiles J G, broom mnfr. 

WOLCOTT. Is located on the P. 

C. & St. L. Ry, in Princeton township, 

White county, 15 miles west of Monticello, 

the county seat, and contains 450 inhab- 
itants. There are Methodist and Christian 

churches and graded school here. Express, 

United States. Mail daily. C. A. G. Ray- 

houser, postmaster. * 

Baxter C II, lawyer. 

Berry Julia Mrs, milliner. 

Brown Thomas, grain. 

BiEIlIieSI J B, Lawyer. 

Didlake M T, physician. 

Dike A W, grocer. 

Dobbins Samuel I, justice of the peace. 

Goodrich L A, wagonmaker. 

Grant F A, physician. 

Harmon J N Rev (Methodist). 

Henaphill George, blacksmith. 

Tackson D K, general store. 

Johnson James O, grain. 

Tones E A, wagonmaker. 

Jones E A & Co, general store. 

Leek & Bunnell, blacksmiths. 

Lisk Wm, general store. 

Moore Ambrose, shoemaker. 

Neal J H, harnessmaker. 

Pugh Wm 11, hotel. 

RayllOUSer C A G, Books and Sta- 

Snyder & Traugh, dru^s. 

Sv.artzell John YV, hotel. 

Wood B Y, grocer. 

Wright Reuben, grocer. 

WOLCOTTVILLE. With a popu- 
lation of 500, is located on the G. R. & I. 
R. R., in Johnson township, LaGrange 
county, 10 miles south of LaGrange court 
house. It has good graded schools, Meth- 
odist and Baptist churches. Wheat is the 
principal product and export. Express, 
United States. Mail daily. A.A.Snyder, 


Barnes Win J, blacksmith. 
Bassett James W, shoemaker. 
Brayton Edward, blacksmith. 
Broughton F H, physician. 
Brown M M, carpenter. 
Buck E W, harness. 
Kllioy W EI, Harness. 
Clugston M E Miss, milliner. 
Cochran J C, saw mill. 
Cutter John A, wagonmaker. 
Dickinson & Tuck, drugs. 
Glor Thomas J, painter. 
5IaJ.Icr Henry, Carpenter. 
Halsinger S W, lumber. 
Hamblin II F, saw mill. 
Hardin Vi'iiliaiu 15, Foun 
Law C E, barber. 
Miller C F, drugs. 
Miller D D, carpenter. 
Moon Charles R, furniture. 
Moon & Rodgers, wagonmakers. 
Paulus & Yeager, machinists. 
Raber A, Saloon and Grocer. 
Rabey E Mrs, milliner. 
Rockwell & Stroh, drugs. 
Rosenberger H, shoemaker. 
Romine H, hotel. 
Sanders S P & Son, hardware. 
Sanders Bros, stoves and tinware. 
Smith & Hoke, meat market. 
Sl»y«ler A A, Drugs and G 
Taylor H L, grain. 
Welt Bros, general store. 
Wesller & Perkey, flour mill. 
Wildman L L, banker. 
Woodruff & Taylor, general store, 
Yeager & Wildman, general store 
Youngkin J W, physician. 

WOLF CHEEK. With a popula- 
tion of 75, is located in Green township, 
Marshall county, 6 miles south of Ply- 
mouth, the county seat and shipping point. 
Mail tri-weekly. Michael Zehner, post- 

Zchner David, saw mill. 
Zehner Michael, flour mill. 

WOLF LAKE. A posloftice and 
village of 300 inhabitants, in Noble town- 
ship and county, 7 miles south of Albion, 
the county seat and most available shipping 
point. It has three churches — Baptist, 
Methodist and Advent — graded school and 
stage communication with Albion and 
Churubusco. Mail received four times each 
week. Charles V. Barnhart, postmaster. 
Altimes David, blacksmith. 
Cants B F, hotel. 

fill PI DflflS/0 DfJlIBfi'iITAtSP»AGUE»S,391 , W.MaaisoaSt. 

0111 um&h mmm 

Communications Promptly Answered, 


profitably by a Threshing 
d. Soo jiagu 3. 





Depcn E W, physician. 
Druriheller C, hotel. 
Gray B P, general store. 
Shock Henry, physician. 
Thumma & Shambaugh, flour mill. 
Wiley Carlos R, general store. 
Williams G H, general store. 
Winebrenner Daniel, blacksmith. 
Winebrcnncr James, blacksmith. 

WOODBUSN. A rural postoffice 
in Allen county, also a station on the W. 
St. L. & P. Ry, 17 miles northeast of 
Fort Wayne. Mail daily. Wm. II. Faulk- 
ner, postmaster. 

WOODBUliY. Population 75. Is 
located in Vernon township, Hancock 
county, on the C. C. C. & I. Ry, 14 miles 
northwest of Greenfield, the county seat, 
and iS miles northeast of Indianapolis. 
Contains Methodist church and district 
school. Mail daily. D. Brown, post- 
Brown I> & A, General Store. 

WOODLAND. Madison township, 
St. Joseph county, is a country postoffice 
on the tri-weekly mail route from Misha- 
waka, II miles southeast of South Bend, 
the county seat. Staves and lumber are the 
piincipal exports. It contains two churches 
— Lutheran and Evangelical. Fred Weber, 
Baker A C, physician. 
Beehlcr Philip, blacksmith. 
Lang Frank & Co, lumber and staves. 
Mochel & Weber, general store. 
Retlering M, live slock. 
Weber Kred, Wagonmaker and Car- 

WOODRUFF. Was known for- 
merly as Wright's Corner, then as Marcy, 
and contains 40 inhabitants, located in 
Johnson township, LaGrange county, 8 
miles southeast of LaGrange, the county 
seat, and 4 north of Wolcottville, its ship- 
ping point, on the G. R. & I. R. R. It has 
one church, a district school, and tri-weekly 
stage connection with Wolcottville. Mail 
tri-weekly. Allen Woodruff, postmaster. 
Eminger Abraham, shoemaker. 
Howard Franklin, produce. 
Price II B, physician. 
Smith Michael, blacksmith. 
Taylor Toseph, blacksmith. 
Woodruff" Allen, General Store. 

county. (See Rural. ) 

WOODY COBNUT!. A settlement 
in Tarke county, with 50 inhabitants, is lo- 
cated 15 miles north of Rockville court 
house, and 9 northwest of Bloomingdale, 
on the T. H. & I. (Log. Div.) Ry. Has 
daily stage communication with Veeders- 
burgh — fare Si, and Bloomingdale — fare 
50c. Mail daily. Mrs. Mary C. Woody, 

Dove Noah A, blacksmith. 
Finney J D, stave mnfr. 
Harvey Henry, R R ties. 
Hepler Addison L, blacksmith. 
Ilobson Ira, township trustee. 
Sanders & Harvey, carpenters. 
Woody Jehu H, shoemaker and justice. 
"Woody Mary C Mrs, Postmaster. 

WOOSTFB. A postoffice in Kosci- 
usko county, is also a station on the P. F. 
W. & C. Ry, known as Kosciusko, with a 
population of 100, is located 6 miles south- 
United Brethren society anil district school. 
Lumber is the principal shipment. Mail 
daily. Lewis L. Baker, postmaster. 
3Sa5cer Lewis £,, Grocer. 
Callahan Jesse, shoemaker. 
Chapin Morse P, cooper. 
Cluen Peter, tailor. 
Dick M L, physician. 
Huffman & Sons, saw mill. 
Pollock Darius, blacksmith. 
Stonebraker John, meat market. 

WOOSTEIiTOWN. Scott couuty. 
(5« New Frankfort.) 

WOM TIL One-half mile from Ken- 
die's Landing, on the Ohio river, its ship- 
ping point, is the location of three families 
in Scott township, Harrison county, 12 
miles southwest of Corydon court house, 
containing United Brethren church and dis- 
trict school. Mail is received once a week. 
H. H. Popham, postmaster. 
Cline G W, blacksmith. 
Odle S A, saw mill. 
Popliam M H, General Store. 

WOB THING TON. Was fi rst set- 
tled in 1S50, by a few families who emigra- 
ted from town of same name in Ohio. It 
was incorporated in 1S70, and is now a 
flourishing village of 1 170 inhabitants, loca- 
ted on the I. & V. Ry, and on White river, 

1"> I rn'nvrmn CaTeats, Prints, Labels, Co] 
- ili JJXl -fi. KJ» jokd, Solicitor of 1'uterits, Is Uu 

onyritrhts. Allbusines: 

.-fully attended t( 

bbaril Block, luiliunapulis, 



Imw PublisJicrs and J>ooks filers. 



and iu:sinj>s dikectoky. 



at its confluence with Eel river, in Jefferson 
township, Greene county, S miles northwest 
of Bloomfield, the county seat, and 73 
southwest of Indianapolis. Worthington is 
surrounded by the most fertile bottom lands 
in the state, and supports one weekly news- 
paper — the Worthington Times — one bank, 
one planing mill, two flour mills, a stave 
manufactory and four hotels, .prominent 
among which if the Osborn House, well 
known and universally praised for its excel- 
lent accommodations. In the village there 
are six churches of various denominations, 
an excellent graded school and a public 
library of 1000 volumes. Grain, wool, live 
stock, lumber and staves form the princi- 
pal exports. Express, Adams. Telegraph, 
Western Union. Mail daily. Isaac N. 
Morrison, postmaster. 
Aikman Archibald, undertaker. 
Ajax James, merchant tailor. 
Allison John F, justice of the peace. 
Andrews & Hosteller, lawyers. 
Austin James A, druggist. 
Aydelotte Thomas, physician. 
Beach James, grocer. 
Beaver Bell F Miss, milliner. 
Banackman Demis A, agrl implts. 
Browning G W & Co, flour mill. 
Brouillelte P L, physician. 
Bruner Elias E, millinery and hotel. 
Burns & Yerian, dressmakers. 
Burr Philander, general store. 
Clark B M Rev (Methodist). 
Clary H T, druggist. 
Conant Frederick D, v.-agonmaker. 
Darnell Isaac M, planing mill. 
Dixson John II, flour mills. 
Dyer & Squire, jewelers. 
Farver Alexander, barber. 
Fort Mavitl !*» Blacksmith, s s Prairie 

e Commercial. 
Foster, Cooper & Co, grocers. 
Fox Anderson F, jeweler. 
Gastineau & Mullinix, physicians. ' 

Geckler Jacob & Son, wagonmakers. 

Gray S, physician. 

Greves & Little, boots and shoes. 

Guard John, blacksmith. 

Guard Win A, carriage trimmer. 

Haas Alexander, clothing. 

Harrah & Shaw, hardware. 

Harris James L, liverv. 

Hatfield & Rumpel, blacksmiths. 

Heinemann George, bakery. 

Helms Alexantler S, Proprietc 

The Worthington Times, Commercial. 
Heston Samuel J, gunsmith. 
Kayser John, shoemaker. 
Knotts LeviS Rev (Methodist). 
Langworthy George W, dry goods. 
Langworthy James, junk dealer. 
Layman A C Rev (Christian). 
McGee Wm, furniture. 
McKee Bros, hardware. 
Mayer Frederick, meat market. 
Mazingo Robert M, barber. 
Mead A Wallace, staves and heading. 
Middleton Carrie E Mrs, dressmaker. 
Miller James E, grain. 
Moore Joseph, propr Moore House. 
Moore & Stevens, general store. 
Moudy M B & Son, hotel. 
Mullenbeck Wm, saloon. 
Myers Henry, sewing machines. 
Myers Martha E Mrs, milliner. 
Osborn Charles A, grocer. 
Os'ooril U. B, Proprietor Osboi 

House. (See adv.) 
Osborn & Osborn, dressmakers. 
Page Rebecca A Miss, milliner. 
Page Thomas W, grocer. 
Pennoyer & Hays, grocers. 
Reath George, grocer. 
Reeves Abram Rev (Episcopal). 
Riggs Daniel, justice of the peace. 
Roth Charles, saloon. 
Rottman Henry, furniture. 
Rutledge Elijah H, barber. 
Sanders Charles G, saloon. 
Shaw Hempstead C, milliner. 
Shryer Godfrey, insurance. 

Located just North of Depot one Square, 
K. D. OSBORN, Proprietor, - - WORTHINGTON, I WD. 

After twenty years experience in the Hotel business, I am now prepared 
to suit all. New house, new furniture ; all at reasonable rates. 


SI i> b ti 1 i; (;::-'."!'i.iv ;:,'>TA>r> cin: irrsT — itki\s 
?"vT 1 ffl h i C* I i:>ts!!;!:,s-,ihv,am) i'ihiuf. s 
.L V llPliW^ i I..MraI.,,I < ; ,1al<».,n.. a...! l'r.c,,. ... \V. A 
\J O 313-;s;U .*>oiun Clinton Mrctt, CHICAGO, Si 

.: e Life Ins, Co .5 

798 WOE 

With 65,000,000 of Asieif, hal not ono dollsr of intores* 

ncollected. For agencies D'roct with Company, 

Apply to E. hi. KtlLLOCG, Sup'X, Chicago, *". 



Siner Benjamin, carpenter. 
Smith Martin V B, saloon. 
Smydth Wm C, physician. 
Squire Wm B, drugggist. 
Squire Wm B & Son, general store. 
Stone George P, lawyer. 
Swain Joseph G, sewing machines. 
Taylor Bros, general store. 
Thropp James E, general store. 
Voil Julius, saddles and harness. 
Watson Willis, grain. 
Welch & English, dentists. 
Westerhaven Arnold & Co, furnittn 
Willis George, pottery. 
Wilson Patrick II, dentist. 
Worthington Exchange Bank, Wn 
ins pres, C N Shi 

Times (weekly), A S lie 


won thix 6 t ox cros s- 

1NG. Liberty township, Wells county, 
contains 125 inhabitants, and is located on 
the Ft. W. M. & C. R. R., 6 miles south- 
west of Bluffton, the county seat. There 
is a Methodist church and district school in 
the place. Express, American. Mail daily. 
Ephraim Ruth, postmaster. 
Bigby John J, saw mill. 
Doster H, physician. 
Hardwidge John, general store. 
Holcomb Benjamin Rev (United Brethren). 
Howard B Rev (Baptist). 
Ruth Ephraim, general store. 
Shull E L, drugs. 

WEIGHT. A country postoffice in 
township of same name, Greene county, 
located lS miles northwest of Bloomfield, 
the county seat, and 12 west of Worthing- 
ton, on the I. & V. Ry, contains two 
churches — Baptist and Methodist — and dis- 
trict school. Mail semi-weekly. Albert 
Larr, postmaster. 
Cain Wm, constable. 
Cook II U, shoemaker. 
Ellis Joel Rev (Baptist). 
Harrel John, coal miner. 
I^arr A1J>ert, Notary Public. 
Blew J M Rev (Baptist). 
Rhodes A J, general store. 
Todd J W, sewing machines. 
Trump Charles, general store. 

ment of 100 persons in Manchester town- 
ship, dearborn county, S miles west of 
Lawrenceburg, the county seat, location of 
bank and shipping place, has a dis- 

trict school, Baptist and Methodist 
churches, and exports hay, grain and cat- 
tle. Mail tri-weekly. D. G. Dcvore, post- 
Bennett Tohn, shoemaker. 
Clark D II, blacksmith. 
Devore t> <TS, General Store. 
Duncan D, shoemaker. 
Howerton A, painter. 
Jackson A D, carpenter. 
Johnson J & Co, flour mill. 
Kyle T M, physician. 
Mcllwain R, blacksmith. 
Mandell J II, carpenter. 
Mendell Wm, carpenter. 
Ruble John, justice of the peace. 
True R S, wagonmaker. 

Grange county. (See Many.) 

WYXX. Or Palestine, as it is some- 
times called, is located in Franklin county, 
4j4 miles east of Brookville, the county 
seat and place of shipment. Population 
40. Mail semi-weekly. James I. Russell, 

Bess Wm, wagonmaker. 
EUaSSCU J I & Bro, General Store. 
Tliorpe X N, Blacksmith. 

XENIA.. Called also Converse, was 
settled in 1S44, and is located on the P. C. 
& St. L. Ry, in Jackson township, Miami 
county, 20 miles southeast of Teru, the 
county seat, and 20 northeast of Kokomo. 
This village has a population of 950, and 
contains two hotels, one flour mill, a furni- 
ture factory, two saw mills, a drain tile fac- 
tory and a weekly newspaper — The Times. 
Churches, Methodist, Christian and United 
Brethren. Schools, graded and district. 
Grain, lumber and staves are shipped. Ex- 
press, United States. Mail daily. Richard 
Powell, postmaster. 

Aydelolt & Sou, Flour Mill, Jeffer- 
Babb Geo, saloon. 
Bond John, stoves and tinware. 
Bryan Wm, barber. 
Carrell Wm F, hotel. 
Carver Loyd B, agt P C & St L Ry. 
Clark Elisha, lumber. 
Conner David O, saloon. 
Cooper Ellen M Miss, dressmaker. 
Covert John, wagonmaker. 
Crtimrinc William K M, Dent- 
ist, Main. 
Currie Adam II Rev (Methodist). 

ana^^mOTv,) La diss' Gold "Watches, 


^. s3F'x:cx^vx J 'x v :c-. 

, I 

{Street, Evaiisritic, 1 

ml Hotary 
>/>er Third 


and liUsiMNs nii:r,rT.!i:v. 



Dale James W, grocer. 

Darby, Jemima E Mrs, dry goods. 

Ewfird Jollll W, Attorney at Law, 

Jefferson, over Postofnce. 
Fliim James E, Grain Dealer, west 

of Depot. 
Harrison John E, clothing. 
Hooper J J, tile mnfr. 
Keyes A & J J, general store. 
Kimball Abner D, physician. 
Kimball Thomas C, physician. 
Landcaster William C, balcer. 
Lewis David, cabinetmaker. 
Lewis James J, confectioner. 
Lillard & Phillips, hardware. 
McCormick J S, furniture. 
Mcllvaine J Q & Bro, grain. 
McKinney Patterson, shoemaker. 
McLane Milton, tanner. 
Macy Qliver II P, lumber. 
Mendenhall Daniel, general store. 
Mendenhall Oscar A, druggist. 
Michael Aaron, blacksmith. 
Murphy Leven J, furniture. 
Powell R & Pro, general store. 
Rausman Henry J, general store. 
Rayburn John, blacksmith. 
Reel Aaron, meat market. 
Reeves L M, justice of the peace. 
Reynold Cleveland J, propr Xenia Times. 
Reynolds Francis, physician. 
Robison Robert K, physician. 
St Clair Jacob K, blacksmith. 
St Clair S P., hotel. 
Sanders Wm, general store. 
Smith Cyrus Rev (United Brethren). 
Smith Reuben W, physician. 
Stevenson B B, physician. 
Stewart Hezekiah, barber. 
Sullivan James L, jeweler. 
Swartz William, meat market. 
Tilman Nelson T, druggist. 
Warnburgh George, barber. 
Weaver Alfred 1!, restaurant. 
Wright John M, druggist. 
Xenia Times (weekly), C J Reynolds propr. 
Zeek & Kcasby, milliners. 

YAXKEETOWX. Anderson town- 
ship, Warrick county, has 200 inhabitants, 
and is situated 10 miles south of Boonville 
court house and 7 cast of Newburgh, on the 
Ohio river. The village has two churches 
— Methodist and Baptist— and graded school. 
Mail daily. T. J. Kay, postmaster. 
Adiuerc iS: V.iy, Saw Mill. 
Allfultisch M, coal miner. 
Harnett Andrew, wagonmaker. 
Cornell George N, justice of the peace. 

Dega Frederick, blacksmith. 

Kay KI & Soli, General Store. 

Funk Joseph,*shoemaker. 

Hartley Robert, blacksmith and hotel. 

Johnson Wesley, saw mill. 

Lester F A Rev (Methodist). 

Merrill ) II, carpenter. 

Perigo T B, cattle dealer. 

Purdue S L Rev (Baptist). 

Silby W Z, wagonmaker. 

Taylor Perry, cattle dealer. 

Temple T R. physician. 

Watson "David, blacksmith. 

Williams N, shoemaker. 

WilSOH W, Physician. 

TEL'LOW CHEEK. Was settled in 

1S75, and now has a population of 100, is 
located in Kosciusko county, 13 miles south- 
west of Warsaw, the comity seat, and 8 
miles south of Etna Green, on the P. Ft. W. 
& C. Ry. Contains two Methodist churches 
and a district school. Tri-weekly mail 
stage to Warsaw — fare 40c. S. S. Bonner, 

Blue E R, general store. 
Blue Rhesa, live stock. 
Boimer S S, Druggist. 
Dulany 1 N, wood turner. 
Garrison Samuel Rev (Methodist), shoe- 
Hyers Wm, blacksmith. 
Lee Samuel A Rev (Methodist). 
Mentzer P & A, baluster mnfrs. 
McnUler Samuel S, saw mill. 

hue 1 n .-.I 


Itiil* K A M'liCIJ 

YOCKT. Was established as a 
office in 1S79 and was known formei 
Juliett, a station on the L. N. A. & C, 
in Marion township, Lawrence coun 
miles south of Bedford court house. I 
a population of 35, Methodist church 
district school. Mail daily. Isaiah Ph 

Biddle Lemuel, carpenter. 
I'ljipps Isaiall, General Store. 
Sheeks D L, saw mill. 
Spirlin Daniel, carpenter. 
Wilkinson George, saw mill. 

YORK CEXTJIE. Ten miles north- 
east of Fremont, on the Ft. W. M. & C. R. 
R., its shipping point, is a place of 150 
persons, in Steuben county, II miles north- 
east of Angola, the county seat. It con- 
tains district school, Methodist and United 
Brethren churches. Mail daily. II. D. 
Ellis, postmaster. 
Eradner E, job printer. 

IOS .V: 110 Franklin .St., CHICAGO. 
LTV. Sec Adv., page I. 

; : : ;:.l;~™' 



INDIANA STATK f: A /.'', I TI :r,l; 


Colgen S J Rev (United Brethren). . 
Davis Hiram, saw mill. 
Ellis H B, General Store. 
Ellis W J, cooper. 
Gillis John, blacksmith. 
Gundrum L, justice of the peace, 
Judson H I, general store. 
. Rathbun W V, lawyer. 
Sowles Dwight, wagonmaker. 
Taylor E A, physician. 

YORJLTOWN. Forty-eight miles 
northeast of Indianapolis, on the C. C. C. 
& I. Ky, in Mount Pleasant township, Del- 
aware county, 6 miles west of Muncie, the 
county seat, contains 300 inhabitants. The 
village is surrounded by very fertile agri- 
cultural land, and contains Methodist, 
Presbyterian and Adventist religious socie- 
ties, and graded school. Express, United 
States. Mail daily. R. T. .Shinier, post- 

Allen Thomas, general store. 
Brundage W S & Son, general store. 
Cocslt James E, Wagon Manufactu- 

Davis A J, stoves and tinware. 

Donovan John G, saloon. 

Erther Jacob, blacksmith. 

Goings A W, grain, R R and Ex agent. 

Heart Gus, barber. 

Home John, physician. 

Moriie Win, Physician. 

Keener B F, cooper. 

Koontz J H, general store. 

Mathe Charles, blacksmith. 

Overman Joseph, blacksmith. 

Overmire Heniy, shoemaker. 

Patterson \Y G, furniture. 

SlJimer R. X, Grocer. 

Shively D M, physician. 

Skinner Jacob, shoemaker. 

Slack G W, physician. 

Spann Geo W, druggist. 

Stewart Joseph, meat market. 

Xllltle folmi, Carpenter. 

Voorhees Wm, blacksmith. 

Williamson James, livery. 

■Williamson lesse II, flour mill. 

Williamson Wm, hotel. 

Singling A & B 31, Woolen Mill. 

HYOIi-KVJLLE. With a population 
of 100. is located in Dearborn county, 12 
miles northwest of Lawrenccburg, the 
county seat, and 4'i miles northwest of 
Guilford, on C. I. St. L. & C. R. R. The 
village has a Catholic church and district 

school. Mail semi-weekly. M. Reidinger, 


Bruegeman H Rev (Catholic). 

Dumont Michael, blacksmith. 

Eye Joseph jr, saw mill. 

Graff August, general store. 

Hagar W, furniture. 

Miller Francis Mrs, general store. 

Miller J SG, blacksmiths. 

Nordmeier H, shoemaker. 

Reidinger M, postmaster. 

Steinmetz Albert, blacksmith. 

Steinmetz Michael, saloon. 

miles south of Logansport, and 16 north- 
west of Kokomo, contains 250 inhabitants, 
and is located in Cass county. It has 
Christian church, graded school, and tri- 
weekly stage route to Kokomo and Loga 


t— far 


50c. Mail tri 

weekly. J. G. Johnson, postmaster. 
Bain;tt D C, physician. 
Barnelt & Tucker, milliners. 
Beck S T, justice of the peace., 
Cain L W, drugs. 
Cummins Susan Mrs, hotel. 
Hunter R, undertaker. 
Hunter Wm, boots and shoes. 
Johnson A, saw mill. 
TollilSCMl J G, General Store. 
Johnson & Henry, flour mill, 
Kerr R & Son, wagonmakers. 
Kressen Theodore, blacksmith. 
Lybrook W E, physician. 
Montgomery Edward, shoemaker. 
Morris M B, general store. 
Pottoff Henry, blacksmith. 
Shoales W L, physician. 
Turley H N, general store. 
Walters A C, harnessmaker. 
Wikle Philip, wagonmaker. 

YOUXG'S CHEEK. Was formerly 

called Unionville, and is situated in Green- 
field township, Orange county, 6 miles 
south of Paoli, the county seat, and 14 
south of Orleans, on the L. JT. A. & C. Ry. 
With 100 inhabitants, the place has Chris- 
tian and Baptist churches, district school 
and semi-weekly mail. Wm. B. Gilliatt, 

Apple Wm R, general store. 
Bumlv A G, shoemaker. 
Gilliatt Will B, Physician and Sur- 
Gobbel II, stone cutter. 
Hancock M S, gunsmith. 
Hill Joseph, carpenter. 

fATTW T1 A TTWTT Manufacturer of Fztsk CIGARS, 

J U LJ M J\i f \ i U LJ 82 West Washington Street, 


(JT Am-P V fSrWTTffe A - knisei,y & co. 

y JLl tii «L «ti £W U U £ i iN W . 72 and '/4 W. KonrocSt., Chicago. 


and ni'si:<].'s directory. 



Xlill "William B, Gc-neral Store. 
Lemox Alfred, cabinetmaker. 
McBride A L, blacksmirh. 
Mayfield G L Rev (Baptist). 

Moore J R, sewing machines. 
' Palmer SI, Carpenter. 
Teaford H H & G W, flour mill. 
Weeks T A, blacksmith. 
Wright E R Rev (Christian). 
Wright L H, wagonmaker. 
Wright Reed, stone cutter. 

TOUNGSTOWN. Vigo county, 
population loo, is in Honey Creek town- 
ship, on the E. & T. H. R. R., 7!, miles 
due south of Terre Haute court house. It 
has graded schools, Methodist and Baptist 
churches and ships grain and hogs. Mail 
received daily. John B. McCloskey, post- 

Boyll Henry, justice of the peace. 
Halstead R A, live stock. 
Layer Samuel & Charles, saw mill. 
McCoskev Joe X, General Store, 

Railroad Agent and Grain Dealer. 
McCoskey Wm H, blacksmith. 
Mcjohnston W E, physician. 
Young W E, carpenter. 

TOUNTSVILCE. Located on the 
I. B. & W. Ry, in Montgomery county, 4}{ 
miles west of Crawfordsville, the county 
seat, has a population of 150. Rock, or 
Sugar creek furnishes water power for a 
woolen factory and two flouring mills. 
The village contains Methodist church and 
district schools. Mail daily. J. M. Trout- 
man, postmaster. 
Brown T F, physician. 
Fink R J & Son, carriage mnfrs. 
Jones J J Rev (Methodist). 
Snyder A J & Son, flour mill. 
Sweeney C, grocer. 
Troutiuan J M, Flour Mill. 
Walters A, grocer and boots and shoes. 
Vomit D & Sons, general store and woolen 


ZAJSTESVIIiLE. Is directly on the 
line between Allen and Wells counties, 14 
miles southwest of Fort Wayne, county 
seat of Allen, and 16 northwest of Bluffton, 
county seat of Wells county, and contains 
250 inhabitants. Sheldon, 6 miles east on 
Ft. W. M. & C. R. R., or Roanoke, 6 miles 
northwest, on the W. St. L. & P. Ry, are 
available shipping points. Mail is received 
tri weekly from Fort Wayne. David B. 
Waid, postmaster. 

Angevine Wm, blacksmith. 

Austin Thomas, Dentist. 

Barnett Jacob, carpenter. 

Biddle George W, shoemaker. 

Byers George W, drugs and groceries. 

Carroll, Weaver & Wilkinson, saw mill. 

Claris Xlotiert G, Harnessmakcr. 

Diflendorfer Bros, painters. 

Her Oliver P, carpenter. 

Jacoby J C Rev (Lutheran). 

Kelsey Abner, meat market. 

KuifjTlt Conrad, Flour Mill. 

Lew Jacob, stoves and tinware. 

Mahe'n S T Rev (United Brethren). 

Michael Jonathan, hotel and shoemaker. 

Murray R V & Son, phvsicians. 

Ncely H T, physician. ' 

Schoonover Wm, general store and drugs. 

Seaman Henry, carpenter. 

Thomas John L F, blacksmith. 

"Waid & Adams, General Store. 

Ward Amos, wagonmaker. 

Weaver & Hartup, general store. 

Williams Oliver & Son, cattle dealers. 

Voung Cyrus, blacksmith. 

ZEN AS. Columbia township, Jen- 
nings county, with a population _of 100, is 
located 15 miles northeast of Vernon, the 
county seat. The village has a Baptist 
society and district school. Nebraska, 5 
miles south, on the O. & M. Ry, is the 
shipping point, and has daily stage connec- 

.00. Mail daily. A. L. Grin- 

Bliters C C, carpenter. 
CoryaFM, Physician. 
Elliott J L, hair dresser. 
Galloway John, produce. 
Gleason G W Rev (United 
Grinstead A X.,, Gene 
Hittle S S, shoemaker. 
McNew J II, blacksmith. 
Myers James, lawyer. 
O'Connor Jacob, musician. 
O'Connor Samuel, carpenter. 
O'Connor Thomas, cooper. 
Parker & Clements, flour mill. 
Ramy A S, physician. 
Ramy A S Mrs, milliner. 
Thorp N, teamster. 
Woods Thomas, general store. 
Vaiiarsdel & Gillet, Flour Mill. 

ZIONS TIL L E. Fifteen miles north- 
west of Indianapolis, on the C. I. St. L. & 
C. R. R., is an incorporated village of 1,000 
inhabitants, located in Eagle township, 
Boone county, 15 miles southeast of Leb- 

stead, postr 

il Store. 



tciiilin:; l'i:ini. ..11. 1 (irsan Sios.xi, of 
a LB and 60 North Pennsylvania St., INDIANAPOLIS, IKD. 

FIT TFRS"" 1 ""' 

Wafer under Pressure. 
OVER, Indianapolis, Ind. 







anon, the county scat. Its principal pub- 
lic buildings are four churches — Christian, 
Methodist, Presbyterian, and Union — a 
graded school building of four departments, 
and an opera house. There arc in the 
place two hotels, one bank and a weekly 
newspaper, the Zionsville Tim 
American. Mad daily. W: 

Alford Frank, marble works. 
Alford James S, druggist. 
Alford Jonathan, hotel. 
Alford Mary A Mrs, milliner. 
Ambrose Rev (Methodist). 
Anderson Marcellus S, wagoni 
Atchison & Lewis, lumber. 
Barnhill John, barber. 
Beard RatlilT, justice of the peace. 
Bradley John, express agent. 
Bradley John M, banker. 
Byers Joseph M, stoves and tinware. 
Cadwallader Orrin, baker. 
Calvin John L, druggist. 
Clark Benjamin F, general store. 
Compton Win, lumber. 
Cotton Henry T, physician. 
Crafton Wm S, physician. 
Cropper Edward S, furniture. 
Crosby Nathan, physician. 
Davenport M S, insurance. 
Davenport Wm, justice of the peace. 
Davis & Harrison, Hour mill. 
DeLong Abraham, blacksmith. 
Denney John E, wagonmaker. 
Derndinger Oscar, jeweler. 
Doehleman Frederick, saloon. 
Duzan George N, phvsician. 
Duzan Win N, physician. 
Essex Joseph M, boots and shoes. 
Feeman Jacob, dentist. 
Fclton Sylvander, grocer. 
Fleming George, lumber. 
Gartman-Charles L, harnessmaker. 
Gates Peter, carpenter. 
Gault Cal, pub Zionsville Times. 
Green Anna Miss, milliner. 
Gregory Benjamin F, hardware. 
Gregory & Anderson, wagonmakcrs. 
Hardy II C .V Bro, livery. 
Hardy Samuel K, general store. 
Heckman & Negbeison, meat market. 
Iliggms & Gates, carpenters. 
Hurst James O, dentist. 

Hutchinson George W, barber. 
Hutchinson John F, blacksmith. 
Jackson Charles M, photographer. 
Kersey Samuel, barber. 
Kinnaman John M, carpenter. 
Larimore Allen \V, shoemaker, 
l.arimore Alonzo, meat market. 
Loughrun Noah, justice of the peace. 
McGuire Wm, postmaster. 
McLain Rev (Baptist). 
Malin James, grain. 
Martz John, shoemaker. 
Newho'use J E Rev (Methodist). 
Nichols Oliver II, livery. 
Patterson Isaac S, shoemaker. 
Perrill Nathan A, druggist. 
Pock John A, lawyer. 
Pome.oy George M P., blacksmith. 
Ransdale T E Rev (Baptist). 
Rash A K & Bro, general store. 
Read Charles H, shoemaker. 
Rodman Samuel W, physician. 
Rosenstihl & Hoffman, grain. 
Rund Henry, meat market. 
Ryan Addison, plasterer. 
Smith Caleb, propr Smith House. 
SltlitJtl Mouse, Caleb Smith, Propri- 
Smith Jesse, lawyer. 
Sparks Jesse, tailor. 
Sterrelt Howard D, lawyer. 
Stubbs Samuel, sewing machines. 
Swindler Frank, meat market. 
Van Benthuysen James H, fish. 
Warren Wm S, jeweler. 
White Smith M, general store. 
Wieseham John A, saloon. 
Yoh Wm, clothing. 
Zimmerle Addison R, painter. 
Zionsville Bank, J M Bradley propr. 
Zionsville Times (weekly), Cal Gault, pub. 

ZULU. Established as a postoffice 
in 1S79, is a small place in Allen county 13 
miles east of Ft. Wayne and 5 miles north 
of Munroeville, on the P. Ft. W. cSl C. Ry, 
has Methodist church and saw mill. Semi- 
weekly mail stage to Monroeville. N. C. 
Chilcote, postmaster. 
Castleman H, saw mill. 
CllilCOte J*. C, General Store. 
Gladieux C, township trustee. 
Neal Thomas, justice of the peace. 

A. L. WRIGHT &C0./7J 


Carpctlnas in all grades, 


tt R AX 1* O I,IS. 


Indiana State Gazetteer 




Comprising a Classified List of all Trades, Professions and Pursuits in the State 
of Indiana, Arranged Alphabetically, by Postoffices. 

Abstracts of Tide. 

Baker & Shaw, Bloomfield 
Perry & Perring, 

Dailey, Mock & Bulger, 

Wigent J C, Columbia City 
isdiurger J, [See adv.) 




Anderson W C, 

"Weaver D N, 



Hcnnel J, 


Brown I & L M, 

Henrich S, 


Elliott & Butler, 

Kuhne & White 

Ft Wayne 

Miner F D, 

Clais I H, 


Routh J R, 

Vail & Neidig, 


Steeg S- Bern- 

Craig J W, 


Stiimer, " 

ranyan Watkins & | Grant & Harness, Kokomo 

Spencer, Huntington I Culver P P, Lafayette 


Abstracts of Title to Real Estate 


Commissioner of Deeds for New York and Pennsylvania. Charges Reasonable. 
Correspondence Solicited. 

86 East Market Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 

JOHN L. F. STEEG, Notary Public. WILL F. A. BEF.NHAMER, Attorneyat Law. 


c-c: :;::■■; : " a:?/.. ' T\7,:i^,o^m 

to eeal estate m marion county, ind. 

Offico: Booms 12 and 15 Thorpe Block, East Market Street, 

Blank Books Sold 

£~§-Seiid in Orders to Sl'HAfil'E, 

GDI \V. i?ludisou Street, C'liicujro. 


jirotit.iblj liy a Threshing Kni;ln. 
actnred byXHANDLER & TAYLOK, i 
lapolis, lnd. St:o pH^o 3. 





Abstracts of Title— Cont. [ Russell & Co, 

{Sec adv.) Indianapolii 

Ford C H, Lafayette 

Dorland & Wilson, LaPorte 
Abbott & Fergusson, 

Fisk & Vclsey, Logansport 
Haney W E, 
Scott J K, Martinsville 



Underwood II F, Peru 

Corbin & Co, Plymouth 

McX,augliliii F KI, 

{Set adv.) Portland 

Needham W G, Richmond 
Berryman & Wiles, 

Arnold & Creed, South Bend 
Bugbec W A, 
Sullivan Abstract Co, 

Buntin & Duy, Terre Haute 
Hendrick & Meyer, " 
Martindale 1 M, Tipton 

Finney W E, Valparaiso 

Bigler Warren, Wabash 

Adams &. Moffitt, 


fievmour, Safoiu 

& Co. [See adv.) " 
O'HairJohn, Laurel 

Rude Bros, Liberty 

St Joseph Mnfff Co, 

(See adv.) Mishawaka 

Mock Bros, Muncie 

Blann & Potter, O.iktown 
Gaar, Scott & Co, Richmond 
[loosier Drill Co, 
Wayne Agricultl Co, " 
South Bead Chilled 

I B Iow Co, (See adv.) 

South Bend 
Hartman C R, Vincennes 

retts Cree 


rt, " 


Lesley Daniel, (Set 
adv.) Winchester 


(See Colleges, Schools, etc.) 

Advertising Agents. 
Indiana Advertis- 
ing- Agency, Wm C 
Grubb Propr, Indianapolis 

Agricultural Implement 

Johnson J B & Sons, 

Tucker & Howe, Logansport 

Agricultural Implements. 

Cambridge City Agrl & Mchn 
Works, Cambridge City 
Reeves & Co, Columbus 

Dublin Agrl Works, Dublin 
Aultman, Miller & Co, 

Fort Wayne 

Over Ewald, 

(See top lines and page z t ) 




I McCormick J P, Acton 

I Carver Win, Alexandria 

Cosner W W, Amo 

Alford B F, Anderson 

Biacklid^e&FalKiior, " 
Moore G R, 
Qumn & Sons, 
Wagoner & Fisher 
M jss W & Co, 
Snyder J H, 

Thomas J, Arba 

Green H J, Attica 

Ensley N & G, Auburn 

Myers J N & Co, 
Snyder D D, 

Downey E S, Aurora 

Hubbord & Fry, Bainbridge 
Edmunson J, Balbec 

Benefiel W H H, Barbersville 
Jones L H, Bloomfleld 

Allen Wm J, Bloomington 
Bonsall N F&Co, 
Stuart & McPheeters, " 
Mosure Ab, Bluffton 

Acker W J & Son, Bourbon 
Arnold & Tescher, " 

Harley D, 

Ketcham & Borton, " 
Drake Dan, Bowling Green 
Bryson J G, Brazil 

Hill R S & Co, 
Kerfoot R A, " 



Frees lacob, 

Plank M, Bringhurst 

Little C S & Son, Brookston 
Hutchinson J W & Co, 

Senefeld J P, 
Young Hugh, Bro' 

i liur. 

Hamilton & Son, 

Wimer & Love, 

Ely & Egnew, 
Brown Z A, 
Musselman A, 
Kay, Rice & Stewa 
Gage Willard & So 

Cummins S B&Sons, Carlisle 
Swartz Bros, Chesterton 

Boggs Henry, Cliurubusco 
Brown Charles, 
Colbert & Bradley, Claypool 
Downing & Hamilton, 

Hagenbanch Bros, " 

Morris & Hart, Cloverdale 
Hayden C N & Co, Collamer 
Clark R A & Co, Colfax 

Jones B F, Columbus 

Kerr & Curry, 
Lucas & Stevens, " 

Watson & Hagar, " 

Marks R, Connersville 

Parry & Ellis, 
Stewart G F & Co, 
Byrn R N, Corydon 

Allen J L, Covington 

Miles J R, 

Mahomey Z, Crawfordsville 
Robb T B, 

Winga'le J C & Co, " 
Rider R, Crothersville 

Fancher R, Crown Point 
Foster J M, 
Lorscheider M, 

Vanwinkle S P, 
Chamness A A, 
Hall S A, 
Dunklc & Kilgore, 
Noftzger C, 
Lewis & Hagerman, 

Diffendorfer F Q, Eel River 
Frank G W H, Elkhart 

McKay A W, 
Nighbert J W, 
Lceson R L, 
Wagner J H, 
Zimmerman E & Son 
Cavana S, Etn 

GriessJjr, Ev 

Herrmann & Bro, 





El wood 

Solicitor of American and Foreiffn Vatents, 

and Notary Public. Oliice, Room lS, Hubbard Block, 
Indianapolis, lnd. 

: ; The South Bend Hed- Plow. 


I. . . •. . ,....,..,.>..,_ Jbx ., 3±JL/JEj. 

Steady Running. Lightest Draft. Easiest Handled. 




35,000 Manufactured for the Season of 1880 

Beware of Worthless Imitations. Get the Genuine 


Send for Descriptive Circular of our SO I r TH BEND SULKY 

PLOW, the Latest Improved, Simplest Constructed 

and Easiest Adjusted Sulky Plow 

in the Market. 

South Bend Chilled Plow Co., Manufacturers, 

1J1 (I III lilO . i Xii-hMlIc i.i.n. 
(. HnrriSfbarg, I'em 

Sonlli Bend, liid. 

A . ' CC , 

Yi holesale Booksellers and Taper Dealers, Indianapolis, Imf. 

3r -rr 





Ilornhrook & Co, Evansville 


Opp A & Son, 

Farmers' Retreat 
Landis W & Co, Flora 

Hoffman F, Ft Branch 

Victor E Bros, 

Cannaday C R, Fortville 
Alderman Frank, Ft. Wayne 
Palus & Kaough, " 

Shordon Daniel, " 

Sraick M M & W P, " 
Thomas I R, Fountain City 
Barrett S K, Fountaintown 
Cast 1 M, Frankfort 

Marvin, Booker & 

Richardson Scott, 
Parkhurst, Polk & 
■ Rif'gs, Franklin 

Turner Alex, 
McPhceters E E, 

Hilton E T, Fremont 

Cullv A, Geneva 

Kelly G II & Bro, 
Parker Bros, Goodland 

Perry M I. & Co, 
Potter A J, 

Carmicn & Bro, Goshen 

Curtis & Morse, 
Minnick& Bartholomew" 
Welch P A, 

Baily T C, Gosport 

Dudleston Isaiah, Granville 
Wright J I, 

Bicknell G, Greencastle 

Stevenson J D& Son, " 
Baldwin & Pratt, Greenfield 
Goble 1) II, 

Thompson G W, Green Hill 
Hamilton & Cunningham, 

Winnings Wm, Ilagerstown 
Howell F P, Hartford City 
Elton C A, 

Tunes Robert, *' 

Spence Win H, 
Vount W, Harveysburgh 

KieffnerG, Haysville 

Nelson & Andrews, Hebron 
Ferrin H I., Hobart 

Wettcnger Louis, 

Hutchison & Co, Idaville 

Caylor J, Indianapolis 

Dickson & Co, 

Frauer A, 

Hamilton A C, Agent 
Seymour, Sabin & Co's 
Threshers. (See adv.) 


Indiana Exchange, " 


Nichol T M & Co, 

Over Ewald. (See adv.) 

Pope & Turner, 
RUSSell & Co,(& adv ) 

Ouei backer & Caldwell, 

Campbell F M & Bro, 

Powers James, " 

Crist Ezra, Liberty 

Fosdick, Ecrtch & Wilson, 

Atkinson & Bro, Logansport 
Douglass & Sons, " 

Hopkins & Co, 

Patterson StTomlinson," 
Fisher A S & Son, Ligonier 
Graves C R, 

Indianapolis i Willmore & Denton, 

Lovely Dale 
Larschneider M, Lowell 

Zimmerman I M, Lynnville 
Fred I, " McCordsville 

Leu is J E, Madison 

Littlejohn J D, 
Richardson C & Son, " 
Scott Walter, 

Riddle J V, Manchester 

Steinmetz G W, " 

Feighuer Wm, Marion 

Haines U A, 
Haines E M, 
McCleerv Bros, 
Mather Charles, 
Price & Foster, 
Hay ward & Geyer 

Tyner & Hartley, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Webb W H & Co, 
Davis R F, Jamestown 

Lowry J P, 

M eh ringer G, Jasper 

Everbach M F, Jeffersonville 
PinneyGW, " Jordan 

Brillhart G A, Kendallville 
Davis C W, Kentland 

Poole & Bro, 
Bell H & W N & Co, 

Hcaton White, " 

Armstrong, Pickett & Co, 

Dixon & Co, 
Moore & Ellis, 

Koutts B, Rout's Station 
Wright H A, 

Anderson & Henry, Ladoga 
Beardsley & Sears, Lafayette 
Johnson & Reule, 
WagstafT C L, 

Oliver R J, LaGrange 

Sefton & Hoagland, " 

K nipple W, Lagro 

Todd J & Son, 
Holbrook H L&Bro, LaOtto 
Crane L & Co, LaPorte 

Dunn & Wilson, 
Mirrcll & Crane, 
Whitehead I N, 
Murdoch W II, 

Brown J C & Co, Lebanon 
g Adolphus, 

Buchanan S, Huntington Stanley II B, Lee.-burgh 

Humbert, O'Lcary & Shank, 1 Stephens M & Son, 

Huntington Lewis Creek 

MeClintick JO, " Voorhes S R, 

Whitelock W T, " Day & Reibold 


Miller &Guthridge, " 
Mitchell EV&Co, " 

Strother O P, Martz 

Alley J P, Metamora 

McCain George, Mctz 

Bushing Andrew, 

Franklin Milton, 
Hulchings J M, Mitchell 

Turpie Bros, Monon 

Argo A S, Monroeville 

Gardner E R, Monticello 

Nordyke & Co, " 

Switser J H, 
Witz & Roberts, 
Walmslcy Bros, Montezuma 
Tyner & Hatlley, Mooresville 
Coleman J S, Morgantown 
Crawford J W & Son, " 
Burtis & Brinkman, 

Mt Vernon 
Butler & Ashworth, " 
Minnich Peter, Mt Zion 

Lewisville Long J M, Muncie 

Laurel ; Simmon:- G W, 


Send for Estimates. J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CMICAUO, H.S., 

Home Life Ins, Co, £SS£ 

All Policies i>tm-forffeit lug umlor tlio liivr o£ 
rail. J, 1880. Will on.ihle Agents to 
E. H. KELLOG&, Sup't, Chicago, III. 


A Gil 



Agricultural Impl'Is— Con. 

Wilson & Thompson, Muncie 

Strahm J, Nappanee 

Urich W F, 

Brothers J F, New Albany 

Brown W & Son, " 

Drayet & Lowry, " 

Featheringill M, 

Smith G M, 

Snyder N B, Newberry 

Adams E B, New Carlisle 

Humphreys & McDonald, 

New Carlisle 
Gordon T H, New Castle 
Modlin & Ice, " 

Pitman I W & Son " 
Taylor & Stratum 
Kramer M C, New Marion 
Dietz John & Son, New Paris 
Wicke'rsham E L, 

New Pittsburg 
Chipps Tames, Newport 

Carlin W D, Noblesville 

Case E E, 

Loehr & Dunn, " 

Pontious Bros, " 

Bowman A W, 

North Manchester 
Frame David, " 

Tripp Bros, North Vernon 
Kaiser F, Olean 

Kimball M B, Orland 

Carter & Reed, Orleans 

Snyder Win, Otis 

Somers & Lockhart, 

Wells & Andiews, Paoli 

Stewart & Danks, Tatoka 

Tyler & Lewis, Pendleton 
Smith J F sr, Perrysville 

Deniston M P & C E, Peru 
Stutesman & Puter- 

baugh, " 

Billmeyer & Smith, 

Doyle & Malott, " 

Shawhnn & Boonshot, " 
White David, 
Huddleson & Woodson, 


Cook S M, 
Hiss S, 
Bedle I M, 
Mann John, 
Buck & Toan, 
Cleaveland J W 
Leonaid J G, 
Pilcher C O, 


Pleasant Hill 

Pleasant Lake 


Singler J, Plymouth 

Stansbury & Co, 

Whitlock & Co, 

Benedict G & Co, Portland 

Miller C S 

Barrett & Strain, Princeton 

Kimball T C & Co, 

Robb T j, 

Orrell M L, . Quincy 

Pefley James, Remington 

Thomas Bros, " 

Phelps M J & Co, 

Mayhew C P, Rensselaer 

Warner N, 

Wilson J R, Reynolds 

Sutton J G, Richmond 

Pate & "Gregory, Rising Sun 

Ghormley J M, Roachdale 

Cooper D & Co, Rochester 

Froinm J F, " 

Mercer L, " 

Shepherd & Deniston, " 

Zimmerman V, 

Mansfield & Jones, Rockport 

Knowles & Cummings, 

Stark & Dooley, " 

Green & Kitchen, Rushville 
Mobley C W, Salem 

Morris & Reid, 
Munkelt II R, 

Mulvain C E, San Pierre 
Bateman J N, Sedan 

Simmons J- L, Selma 

Carpenter L D, Seymour 
Davison A A, " 

Naylor P J, Sharpsvillc 

Ellis & Girton, Shelbyville 
Karmire C E, " 

Thurston A J, " 

Brick Ephraim, South Bend 
Harman H C, 
Paxson Bros, 
Williams E I*. 

(See adv.) 
Woolverton& Blowers " 
Creagor J A, South Whitley 
Cuppy T J, 
Steinfort J II & Bro, 

Spade's Depot 
Bear G, Still well 

Davis J & Sons, 

{See adv.) Sullivan 

Hoke J F, 
Leach & Cunningham, 

Shattuck & Jamison, " 
Wiesehan L, Sunman 

Harvey E B, Sylvania 

Nimsgern H, Tell City 

Kent J, Terre Haute 

McFcrrin N H, 

Powers C A, 

Rogers & Co, " 

Walmsley W F, " 

Hazelrigg G W, Thorntown 

Armstrong Co, Tipton 

Bowlin ML, 


Gage W, Troy 

Tinklepaugh A H, 

Turkey Creek 
Haney J, Union City 

Fisherbuck A, Upland 

Babcock & Son, Valparaiso 
Jones & Jones, " 

Wilson & Drayo, " 

Nixon & Marshall, 

Shaw C C, Vevay 

Dick J A, Vincennes 

Heberd Win, 
Johnson L, " 

Merchant Alf & Co, " 
Miller C H, " 

Tyler M Son & Co, 
Hubbard & Haas, Wabash 
Mikesell & Lassell, 
Pauling G W, 
Walbridge II D, 
Culbertson J M, Wakarusa 
Stroup G W, Waldron 

Cunningham A, Walkerton 
Burner & Leming, Wanatah 
Conitz & Richman, " 
Domke E, !" 

Morris I 1 & Son, Warsaw 
Webber S, 

Feagans J R, Washington 
Hatfield & Palmer, 
Rogers & Bro, " 

Day F P, Waterloo 

Smith A T & Co, 
Seybold G, Waveland 

Rider & Brant, Waynetown 
Minneman F H, Weisburg 
Brown A, Westchester 

Eahart A, Westville 

Longley F P, Williamsport 
Thomas A B, Willow Branch 
Vurpillat f, Winamac 

Gordon T, Winchester 

Helms & Bishop, 
Barrackman D A, 
Hanah&Shav?, Worthington 
MclCee Bros, 

Lillard & Phillips, Xenia 
Gregory B F, Zionsville 


U Vt .•i!.:iin::-ic,ii Micrr. 

l.M>lANAJt>UlL.lS, BM». 

Elegant Diamond Goods 


' Loans and Borrows Money, 
iYo. 307 Upper Third St. 
JCv a ii s v i lie,' J >id. 


and i;rsiNi-:.-s dii:i:ctoky. 



Alooliol Manufacturers. 
Halter's \V H Sons, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis. 

(Set Theatres and Opera 


McKinley B V, Bcecamp 
Kirkpatrick J C, 

Center Square 
Baldwin J H, Clarke Station 
Brooks Joseph, Columbus 
Crawford J, Dunlapsville 
O'Neel S K, Dupont 

Fordyce Wm, Edwardsville 
Secrest C, Herbcmont 

Demeree James, Home 

Young James, Larwill 

Banta J H, Mt Sterling 

McDaniels W H.New Carlisle 
McDaniels W H, 

North Manchester 
Hixeon Wm, Pleasant Hill 
Craycraft John, Salem 

Kaupal Anton, Schcrerville 

Apple Grinder Manufac- 
Over Ewald, 

(Set adv.) Indianapolis 

Archery Goods. 

( Wholesale and Retail.) 

Mayer C & Co, 

(Set adv.) Indianapolis 


l'earson & Points, Attica 

Nichols H J, Bloomington 
Levering L L, Columbus 
Andrews \V P, Dana 

Barley & Ballard, Delphi 
'"rick J K, Evansville 

Muisinna II, " 

T.teid ItrOS, Evansville 
Vrydagh .V Clarke, 
Tolan T J & Son, Ft Wayne 
Trenam G, " 

Bohlen D A, Indianapolis 
Brown \V H, 
Bunting G W, 

Da-ell' R P & Co, " 
Enos B V & Son, " 
Hoi!.; on E J, " 

Hodgson I, " 

Huebner & Mueller, " 
Ketcham E H, " 

Bc!ieireir Adolf, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Stem J II, 

Wallingford C A, 

Alexander L S, Lafayette 
Max E, 

Renkawitz J, Michigan City 
Archer G E, New Albany 
Matthews W S, Plymouth 
Hnsecoster J A, Richmond 
Balsley J, Seymour 

Art Emporium. 

Lieber II & Co, Indianapolis 

Art Publisher. 

Rollins S A, Indianapolis 

Artificial Limit Manufac- 
Foster J A, Chicago, 111 
hosier J A, Cincinnati,0 
Foster J A, 

Detroit, Mich 
Foster J A, 

St Louis, Mo 
Haywood A, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Artificial Stone Manufac- 

Wilson & Mann, Evansville 
Wanner H, Goshen 


Lebo G, 
Massey I 

Harris G R, Boonville 

Iden J, Etna Green. 

Poindexter J T, Evansville 
Zeller \V E, Farmland 

Bennett J W, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 
Cox Jacob, •' 

Dennis J M, 
Fetsch C P, 

Forsyth & Scott, " 

Hays B S, 

Kendrick J R, *' 

Lieu T, 

Ludington J, " 

HatleyJH, Jeffersonville 
Alfonte G M, Laporte 

Carter A Mrs, Liberty 

Adams 1 O, Muncie 

Dousa H, New Castle 

1 Swain M H Miss 
Mote M, Richmond 

I Peck OH, 
Farrar Edwin, Rushville 

Turner O B, Silver Lake 
Kellogg II J, South Bend 
Lesh Frank, Syracuse 

Gookins Jas F, Terre Haute 
Morrison G W, " 

Smith Warren, Wabash 

Artists' Material. 

Gagg Rudolph, Terre Haute 
Auction and Commission. 

Tlessinger J B, 


Snyder J F, 


Bracher lohn, 


Elliott T M, 


Gustin John, I 


Hunt & McCurdy 

Kahn Isaac, 

Payne & Solomon 


Hamilton E, 


Dodd & Moore, 


Nickerson E, 

La Porte 

C. A. TWAIm 

tt 1" 

XTS Gl? 4 CHD, 

So ^letciL: 
&aY"Take the Elevator. 

<5z Sharpe's ZBloclr, 

xasr zdx^.jzt^.f o iii £ 

Fire Brick and Olay.i^nSi 

,, , er! »'.Tiles,Coii£cciioncrK> luniacca 

COI.S»>. 1:3 1 110 F::tV!:= :tr.:'. CHIC.'CO. 
WArrli 'S'ilcs, < t'n rim (•<■ Ti!r», 
ct-!>, A.C. liriiss > minders' l'uru.-iccs, Cu- 
B^grSoe Adv., j>:iro 4. 


profitably by a Thrcs 
Murc.l by CKANDLCR 





And ion and Com. — Cont. 

Hillman E A, 

Nodler Conrad, Madison 
Rodgers Ebenezcr, " 
Wells A T, Muncie 

Wood L, New Albany 

Crocker M L & Co, 

Hartman J A, South Bend 
Agnew C j & Co, Vincennes 

Alitor Manufacturers. 

Harding <& Smith, 

(See adv.) Lafayette 

AYrnhigs, Tents, etc. 

Martens Herman, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Thatcher C. 
Trumper C J, 

Chapman A, Madison 

Hanley J, Terre Haute 

Bag Holder Manufactur- 
American ESafj Hol- 
der Co, (See adv.) 


Duugan W H, (See 

adv.) Indianapolis 

Bagging Manufacturers. 

Harrison J B, Evansville 

Niblock I, Huntington 

Casely J & Son, Knightstown 
Boyce J, Muncie 

Lehman, Rosenthal & Co, 


Bakers. Galbert R, 

(Wholesale.) I Plumb wf' 

Bryce P F, Indianapolis ' i;i c hl [, 

Tajrjjart It, (See adv.) ; Wolff J, 

Indianapolis , Kienzle H, 
Koeber C, 

Bakers and Confectioners. Stead S w, 
Ohlrogge J I 



Menzenberger S H, Angola 

Smith C, 

Boring J B, 

Caswell A C, 

Hixon & Seals, 

Clark & Son, 

Lash Frederick, 

Sattely I S, 

Baker Edward, 

Gibson Finley, 

Johnson Adam, 

Kastner Phillip, 

Oswald George, 

Siemantel G, 

Scheer F, 

Lane & Co, 

Reuter Tacob, 

Unkel August, 

White T, 

Buck J M, 

Benchart G A, Bloom 

Hobson & Wilson, 

Langley Win L, 

McPheeters J G, 

Blackburn T D & Bro, 

Christman Frank, 
Forst B F, 

Kuntzman Louis, Boonville 
Lilley T, Bourbon 

Swank G W & Co, 
Waehter & Hang, 
Fevrell I C, Brazil 







1, Br 



gs J W, 

M Mrs, 




C B Ml 
Kunath F A, 
Farmer A, 
Kichler J, 
Morgan J T, 
Weber E, 
French H M, 
Duke D, 
De Boss J, 
King S, 
Kitzinger G, 
Ulrich F, 
Winterberg A, 
DepnerH, C 

Mulbeeren J, 
Schoenholtz F, 
Ginkins & Shuck, 
Lopp L, 
Miller T, 

FryjC, Crs 

Gilbert D, 
Perry I W, 
Shean A Mrs, 
Taylor J H, 
Goulding F A 
Hoover C F, 







imbia City 




C.own Poir 


Wholesale and Retail Dealer in 

AK . rS, TENTS, 


Ducking in all Widths and Weights, 


OILCLOTHS, Etc., Etc., 

32 South Meridian Street, INDIANAPOLIS, HID. 


Manufacturer of the 

82 West Washington Street, 

Capital City Cigar 

< it WM IBflW NffitffPW A - KNISELY & CO., 72 & 74 W. Monroe St. 
l,UVMlil^ W UUMI^Chicago. Send for Catalogue and Prices. 




Tinder E M, 


Ki.efer C, Greencastle 

StrangmannF C, Indianapolis 

Bosse F B, 


Lueteke C, 

Striebeck Charles 

, " 

Miller C A, 

Bohm John, G 


TagRart Ba 


Martin J, 


Demarce James, 

[See adv.) 


Lathrope J A jr, 


Ryon, Stevens & Co, 

Thalmnn John, 

McGlenen & EngU 


Stagmaier Adam, 

Ward J G, 

White W H, 



Warmeling H & Son, " 

Stein W, 


Zickendraht F W, 


Weiker Henry, 

Winterburg F, 


McGlennon Bros, 


Wilson J McC, 


Hoover F X, Ed 


Haas G K, 


Huber John, 


Titus J W, 


Black A D, Huntington 

Finter G, J 


Zeitler J, 

Blackburn Bros, 

Holmes & Thias, 

Bah H, 


Griffith G A, 

Jackson A, 


Bentz A W, 


Griffith Win H, 

Keasalmin J, 


Gonnermann C, 


Luder & Mader, 



Hartmann C, 


Anderson J A, Indi 


Miller P C, 


Heblich J, 


Ball Anton, 

Nagel H, 

Hofmann F, 


Baun J D, 

Petrie L, 

Hollander R Mrs, 

Beck Conrad, 

Rauth W C F, 

Klinger J J, 


Bentz Joseph, 

Rognon J P, 

Lauer J, 


Bittner Adam, 

Pierce Bros, 


Meixner F, 

• < 

Boeling Ferdinand, 

Kraner J, Kendallville 

Paul J sr, 


Bossert John, 

Osborn J C Mrs 

Stadler F, 

Bott G, 

Schwartz P, 

Stroebel J V, 

Bridgins & Son, 

Walton H P, 


Hitter A, 


Bross S Mrs, 

Hittcl S, K 


Roettger F, 


Bruce J P, 

Stewart C, 

Schmitz J, 

Bryce P F, 

Duke Bros. 


Schulz E, 

• < 

Culman J, 

Pearce W W, 


Watson G B, 


Deschler Eliza, 

Scofield F, 

Hasson & Persenot 

DeVersy T, 

Rhoads & Stamp 



Dux J, 

Stamp Daniel, 

Blase Lewis, Ft. \ 

Efinger A, 

Everhart F, 


Braun Geo, 

Feldmann P, . 

Ewiy G II, 

Brown George, 


Ferger C, 

Kohl J, 

Glascr Edward, 

Giezendanner W, 

Ruger J B, 

Gumpper C C, 

Grein T, 

Weigele C, 


Haffner Christian, 


Hall H E Mrs, 

Redd & Wolfe 


Jacobs C W, 


Hammer C, 

Randall E, 


Langohr A J, 


Hespelt C, 


L, LaPorte 

McConnell E R, 

■ < 

Hoffman A W, 


Niebergall II, 


Hoffman I M, 

Wolf P, 


Nieter II, 


Hoffman & Lipp, 

Raeboldt C, 


Trentman & Fox, 

• < 

Jacobs & Graham, 

DeuschleJ, Lav 


Matthews J U, 


Jones T E, 


■ « 

Meadcr S R, 


Keeler G W, 

Jansen J N, 

Cole S If, 


Lehr Louis, 

Kastner A, 

Cushwa M, 


Loechle Joseph, 

Krieger J, 

Fuller & Wild, 


Mattheus Edward, 

Kurrus J, 

Kempf Bros, 


Miessen Julius, 

Sicking G L, 

Kempf P, 


Minter F & Co, 

Woehle II, 

Strickler II C, 


Mossmann Samuel, 

Mailman J, 


SchaefTer D, 


Pyburn 11, 

Kiesel J, 


Rowe N B, 


Raible Charles, 

Sutphen I D, 


Smith T A, 


Rauser P Mrs, 

White J C, 


Swett G W, 


Rebesberger II, 

Zuttermeisler C, 

Kolb & Gross, 


Repp Bros, 

Sack Bros, 


Osborn S D, 


Schligel E, 

Ferguson J D, 


Bliercroth G, G 

rand View 

Stedtfeld Henry, 

Gilkison D C, 

Theo. Pfafflin & Co.E? 

«<Iin:r Piano 

■ West. Send for Pr 

5Bar,d 60 North Pennsylvj 


Castings Made to Order. 


XiidfauapoHs, Xutd. 





Bakers ami Confection- 

La Rose N J, Logansport 
McCanlis K L, 
Vigus & Clem. " 

Sliafer M A, Lowell 

GertzCA, Madison 

Glass F, 
Kleinhenz G, 
Miller J, 

Schoenstein H, " 

Zeiser J, 
Winnefeld F W, 
Bish & Custer, Marion 

Koontz S, " 

Webb W, Martinsville 

Dawdy R, Metamora 

Haldom R, Michigan City 
Warkentin H F, 
Kleder G M, Milford 

Rollins C W, Mor.roeville 
Richey S A, Montezuma 

Burns 1 II, Monticello 

Hessj"T, Montpelier 

Franck G H, Mt Vernon 

Charman James, Mnncic 

Hummel Joseph, " 

Lockwood Bros, " 

Wildermuth Charles, " 
Brown Gerhard, New Albany 
Himer H, 

Kodalle Alois, " 

Losson Frank, " 

Losson Jolin, " 

Ritter Jacob, " 

Schechter Jacob, " 
Schlageter L Mrs, " 
Stasey Tobias, " 

Stotz Peter, " 

Denius L S, New Castle 

Ilagar Henry, New Haven 
Becker F, Noblesvilie 

Gibbons G W, 

Roberts J B, Noblesvilie 

Tiest A, 

Templin Saml, North Vernon 

Broyton J W, Oakland City 

Genochio John, Orleans 

Webb T R, 

Barnard Joseph, Osgood 

Mau& Smith, Owensville 

Zeis C H, Oxford 

Dubbs E, Peru 

Morris E S, " 


Hill W W, Plymouth 

Eilers H, Princeton 

Henneberger F J, " 

Pierce \V H, Remington 

Goddard R F, Rensselaer 

j Spencer R E& Co, 

■ Addington L, Richmond 

Bellinger C, 

1 Davis & Husson, 

'Hinton J M, 
Hoerner D I, 

; Horn C H, 
Klein S, 
Reif F A, 
Siegler G, Ridgeville 

j Gary & Son, Rising Sun 

I Mayfield G T, 
Murdoch J, 
Rose M Mrs, Roanoke 

| Eichelberger E, Rochester 

I Hill J G, 

j Plough W M, 

j Vollmer G, Rockville 

' Warder S F, 

! Glore J D & Son, Rushville 
Beal W A, Salem 

I Clarke I B, 
Kyle J P, 

', Schobert J A, Seymour 

j Heiss I, Shelbyville 

! McClure A E, Silver Lake 

Knoblock J C & Co, 

South Bend 
Russ D W, 

Curry & Dutton, Sullivan 
Mongene J & Co, " 

Eiser A F, Terre Haute 

Heinig F, 

Helderle & Hollis, " 
Lawrence E E, 
Long J, 
Schmitz W, 
Schultz A L, 

O'Rear J S, Thorntown 

Kleyla M, Tipton 

Clark R J, Union City 

Meier J C, 
Rodman F II, 

Fernekes C, Valparaiso 

Smith & Son, 

Sullivan J, Veedersburg 

Marshall M N, Versailles 
Davison G, Vcvay 

Jockell J, 

Busse W, Vincennes 

Gees V, " 

Osweiler J, " 

j Schaller & Ohnemus, " 
Kohn Julius, Wabash 

Williams & Coate, 

ISteinkeA, Walkerton- 

j Stagg J, Walton 

Nelson & Jones, Warren 

Brown O, Warsaw 

Grosspitch C B, 
Wheeler I, 

I Wiltshire L C, 

I Klapper C, Washington 

Beck Jacob, Waterloo 

Hummel Henry, Waveland 
Haus T W, Westville 

Miller A A, Winamae 

Pearson Shubel, " 

Heinemann G, Worthington 

F. JENiSriNG-S, 


Baking Powde? and Min©3 Meat 

Capital Baking Powder packed in fancy styles of glassware, j£, J< and l-lb jars and 
jelly glasses. Jennings' Cream Tartar Baking Powder sold only in cans. 

'3^F z -Mos. 6, 7 and 8 Cleaveland Bloek,-^") 


(CM J '-, |||j) i 


47 and 19 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis. 
Successors U Adams, Mansur & Cc. 


• I INDIANAPOLIS, handle the best quality 
:. k ,i. of Wilkesbarre Anthracite Coal. 





Lancaster \V C, Xenia 

Cadwallader O, Zionsville 

Baking Powder Manirfac- 

Jennings F, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 
Moody C W, 

Culver & Gciger, Lafayette 
Marchant & Haynes, 


Band and Orchestral In- 

Conn C G, Elkhart 

Cameron J B, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Wulschner Emil, " 

Baud Saws. 
Kerrlcfe J H & Co, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Bands of Music. 

Grcsh's Band, 

(See adv.) Indianapolis 

Banks and Bankers. 

Bank of Albion, Albion 

Alexandria Banking Co, 

Citizens Bank, Anderson 
Exchange Bank, " 

Madison Co Nat Bank, " 
Angola Bank, Angola 

Kinney & Co, " 

First Nat Bank, Attica 

Davis J L, Auburn 

First National, " 

Fust National, Aurora 

Bedford National, Bedford . 
Bloomfield Bank, Bloomfield , 
First National, Bloomington i 
Citizens, BlulTton I 

StudabakerJ & Co, 
BoonviUe National, Boonville [ 
Brazil Bank, Brazil' 

Brighton & Teter, «' | 

Brookville Bank, Brookville ! 
First National, 

Cambridge City i 
Kay & Rice, Camden 

Bank of Carthage, Carthage 
First National, Centreville 
Farmers' Bank, Colfax 

Columbia City, 

Columbia City 
Farmers' Bank, " 

First National, Columbus 
Ii win J I, " 

Citizens' Bank, Connersville 
First National, " 

Farmers' Bank, Covington 
Hardy J G & Co, 
Elston & Son, Crawfordsville 
First National, " 

First National, Crown Point 
First National, Danville 

Hadley, Homan&Co, " 
Adams County Bank, Decatur 
Bowen A H & A T, Delphi 
Citizens' Bank, 
Thompson A C & Co, 

Thompson J A, " 

Elkhart Bank, Elkhart 

First National, " 

St Joseph Valley, 
Warley F E, Ellettsville 

Archer & Co, Evansville 

Citizens' National, " 
Evansville National, " 
First National, " 

German National, " 

Merchants' National, " 
People's Savings, " 

First National, Ft Wayne 
Ft Wayne National " 
Hamilton National " 
Lauferty I, 

Bank of Fowler, Fowler 

F'armers' Bank, Frankfort 
First National, " 

Second National, Franklin 
Goodland Bank, Goodland 
People's Bank, 
City National, Goshen 

Farmers' and Citizens', " 
Salem Bank, 
Wilden A F, 
Montgomery & Henry, 

First National, Greencastle 
Citizens' Greenfield 

Greenfield Banking Co, " 
Citizens' National, 

F'irst National, " 

Commercial Bank, 

Citizens' Bank, Hartford City 
Citizens' Bank, Huntington 
Fir;.t National, " 

Bank of Commerce, 

Central Bank, 
Citizens' National, " 
First National, " 

Fletcher S A & Co, 
Fletcher & Sharpe, 
Harrisons' Bank, " 

Indiana Banking Co, " 
Indiana National, " 

Indianapolis National, " 
Mansur Isaiah, " 

Merchants' National, " 
Meridian National, " 
Ritzinger & Co, 
Woollen, Webb & Co, " 
Citizens' National, 

Citizens, " 

First National, 
First National, Kendallville 
Discount & Deposit, 

First National, Knightstown 
First National, Kokcmo 

Howard National, 
Russell, Dolman & Co, " 
Andress & Wood, Lafayette 
Coleman T, " 

First National, " 

Indiana National, " 

Lafayette National, " 
Lafayette Savings, " 

National Stale Bank, " 
Wilson & Hanna, " 

Ellison A &Son, LaGrange 
First National 
Andrew A P jr & Son, 

First National, " 

Hall, Weaver & Co, " 
LaPorte Savings, " 

Wile J, 

First Nati'n'I, Lawrenceburg 
People's Bank, 

First National, Lebanon 

Lebanon Bank, " 

First National, Liberty 

Union Co National, 
Citizens' Bank, Ligonier 

Mier Sol, 

Howe J B, Lima 

Williams S P, 
Logansport Banking Co, 

Logansport National " 
F'irst National Madison 

National Branch, 
Sweetser's Bank Marion 


■A-t SprcxgrvuG's, 391 "W". Zb.-£a,d.isoxi. Street, Clxicagro, 111. 


I ■ ■ driTCn 

I »»-'■ 

! l.LjlH-li.ii. 

riven profitably ly a Thre«hin£ Kntrlne, 
factured by CHANDLER & TAYLO!?, of 
polis, I ml. 'Site |>ayo ,\. 





Banks and Bankers— Con.' 
Willson J & Co, Marion 

First National, Martinsville 
Mitchell J M, 
Mitchell S M, 
First National, 

Michigan City 
Clark & Whitson, Mishawaka 
Citizens' Bank, Monticcllo 
Farmers' Bank, Mooresville 
First National, Mt. Vernon 
Mt. Vernon Bank- 
ing Co, " 
Citizens' National, Muncie 
Muncie Bank, " 
Muncie National, " 
First National, New Albany 
Merchants' Na- 
tional, " 
New Albany 

Banking Co, " 

New Albany 

National, " 

Second National, " 

Service & Son, New Carlisle 
Citizens' State, " 

First National, " 

National, " 

New Harmony Banking Co, 
New Harmony 
Johnson & Son, New Pari; 
Collett & Co, Newport 

Citizens', Noblesvilk 

Arnold J & Co, 

North Manchester 
Commercial, Oxford 

Farmers', Pendleton 

Citizens' National, Peru 

First National, " 

Citizens' State, Petersburg 
Lawrence, Spayde & Co, 





First National, 



Bozeman V P, Poseyville 

People's National, Princeton 

Burger & Parker, Remington 

Exchange Bank, " 

Citizens' Bank, Rensselaer 

McCoy A & Thompson, " 

Farmers', Richmond 

First National, " 

Second National, " 

Richmond National, " 

National Bank, Rising Sun 

Windle & Wasmuth, 

Rochester Bank, Rochester 
Citizens' Bank, Rockport 

National Bank, Rockville 
Parke Banking Co, 
Rush Co National, Rushville 
Rushville National, " 
Bank of Salem, Salem 

First National, Seymour 

First National, Shelbyvillc 
St Joseph Co Savings, 

South Bend 
First National, 
People's Savings, 
South Bend National, " 
Arnold J & Co, South Whitley 
Bcem, Pcden & Co, Spencer 
Exchange Bank, 
Farmers' National, Sullivan 
Sullivan Co Bank, 
Tell City Bank, Tell City 

First National, Terre Haute 
McKeen & Co, 
National State, 
Prairie City, 
Shannon P, 
Terre Haute Savings, 

Terre Haute 
First National, Thorntown 
Tipton Co Bank, Tipton 

Vickery's Bank, 
Citizens'' Bank, Union City 
Commercial Bank, " 

Farmers'National, Valparaiso 
First National, " 

First National, Vevay 

First National, Vincennes 
Vincennes National, " 
Citizens' Bank, Wabash 

First National, " 

Wabash Co Bank, 
First National, Warsaw 

Lake City, 
Hyatt, Levings & Co, 

Washington Natl, 
Citizens' Bank, Waterloo 

De Kalb Bank, 
Bank of Winamac, Winamac 
Farmers & Merchants', 

Randolph Countv, " 

Wildman L L, Wolcottville 
Worthington Exchange, 


Barber Chair Manufactur- 

Ott L w, 


(See adv.) 



Freeman Samu 

•1, Albion 

Henderson Wn 


Newman J T, 


Ogden G W, 


East J H & Sor 

, Anderson 


West & Jordon 

Green J L, 


McKillen J C, 

Correll A J, 


Shadley S, 


Frambach P, 


Patterson &: Re 


Roley A, 


Calvert C, 


Coker G, 


Edgington W, 


Pommert S, 

Bitner H, 


Flohr J, 


Hauck I, 


Hauck L, 

Uhly W, 

Howard W C, 

Battle Ground 

Mitchell W D, 


Reath Bros, 


Stoesser L, 


Knaucr H, 




Bass B, 


Hughes E H, 


Promt W, 


Voss W T, 


Grooms W C, 


Kline C J, 


Waterman Bro 

Knight W P, 


Bohrer Bros, 




Wiley J, 


Johnson L F, 


Johnson & Shi 


Talbott A, Bowling Green 
Ritter H B, Boydston's Mills 
Bond W, Brazil 

Pappy J, 

Bradley J M, 

Clark F, 
Straub J, 
Zionsville j Storm A, 


C. BRADFORD, Solicitor of Patents, 18 Hubbard Block 

JEZm „'i.\J JBL i.~,.J La **" 1J *~'' 

polis, Ind. Call or write lor Information. 


, " ; wa hub* 


» ■ 

Also Patentee and Manufacturer of the Adjt 

stable and the Swing Head 




MAV.CHlOCItrO- Chi. 


"rSSBSST - * 1 98 E. Randolph, near 5th Ave., CHICAGO, ILL 


Miscellaneous and Wank Books anil Office Stationery, Indianapolis. 




Holtzman & Strouse, 

Gwinnup H, • 


Koehler H, 



ICeplinger J 11, 

Koenig A, 

Shaffer J, 


Brown H, C 


Kuehn C W, 


Duffy J W, 


Gibson A, 

Mann M, 


Hermann C, 

Lewis L H, 

Porter N, 


Griffith J W, 


Neilest G, 

Raesenger J S, 


Fossold F, 


Wheeler E, 

Reisinger J F, 


Tinder J P, 


Atkin & Allen, 

Crown Point 

Ruppert J, 


Grimes J, 


Kogeler L, 

Schmidt & Nacge 

e, " 

Buck Samuel, 


Volk G, 

Schreiber F, 


Jennings S H, 


Pittman F M, 


Staiger A, 

■ < 

Mays E, 

Bunker Hill 

Cook G W. 


Talbott G, 

Leigh ton D, 


Bennett H C, 


Trunz P, 


Grant H, 


Johnson Bros, 

Waddill G, 


Snyder Bros, 




Washington F 


Anderson T J, 

Miller & McCoi 

nell, Decatur 

Wehrstedt D, 


Cambridge City 

Nichols A, 




Fletcher Win M 

Whipple L, 


(See adv.) 


Outland Alfred, 


Bachman & Meyer, Delphi 

DuBois J, 


Turner Burr, 

Hamilton B, 


Fields A, 


Tyler H A, 


Riddle C J, 


Rea S W, 


Dixon Jeremiah, 


Wallace G T, 


Garver E, 


Green D, 


Malonev G G, 


Lepper J, 


Sampson W C, 


Smith S, 


Fanning M, 


White W C, 


Artist G, 


Williams J F, 


Davidbon F M, 


Burden A J, 


Strickland W, 

Fort 1 

Wilson J, 


Burden L, 


Wing E D, 


Owens Wm I, 


Willis S C, 


Gardner T, 


Carter Robert, 


Calvin W, 

Earl Park 

Hunter F, 


Berry James, 


Heath B C, East Enterprise 

Bass Alfred, 


ort Wayne 

Mitchem Natha 

i) " 

Boon D, East 


Blake B B, 


Langston E, Charlottesville 

Haslem S, 


Brooks C F, 


Patterson G, 


Schall W, 


Durfee W R, 

Schaper E, 


Warner W H, 

Ellert B, 


Nichols J W, 


Wicker J II D, 


Fitzgibbon M E, 


Shaw W O, 

Christman P, 


Hoenig & Can 


Cox M, 


Hayden W M, 

Johnson J, 



Lilley J T, 


Kinsey J J, 


Norton Milford, 


Shaffer L F, 

I.auer J, 


Roberts A, 

Thorp Bros, 

Mannveiler M, 

■ < 

Hendricks N W 


Thorp & Spauld 

ing, " 

Meyers F C, 

Reid J \V, 


Weith R, 

Meyers L, 

Firth F, 


May J A, 


Meyers M F, 


Jenkins James, 


Barnes Bros, 

El wood 

Michael II, 

Feist & Paules, Columbia City 

Helms L L, 


Nave F, 


Nuxoll H, 


Anderson O B, 


Pegg L B, 


Wei he R T, 


Brizius Geo, 


Ridley & Sleet 


Emig Michael, 


Brizius Gus, 


Shidel C, 


Holland J A, 

Carter A, 


Uplegger L, 

Lay Leonard, 

Cramer C, 

Walter J, 

Middleton Silas, 


Cramer C F & £ 

on, " 

Keever F, 

Fountain < 

Pfeifer Jacob, 


Curry W N, 

Danner J S, 


Bass Eli, 


Daum C, 


Hoffman C A, 


Holland Henry, 

Daum & Kohl, 

Johnson R, 


Myers Wm R, 


Dorget G, 


Parker J, 


Roberts & Bailey, 

Fey J. 


Williams S B, 


Turner A II & S 

on, " 

Grandison J, 


Fossett & Chri. 



Griffith D, 


Hayncs P J, 


Metzger T T, 

Dannenfalser H 


Keuffer J, 


Pettiford & Ca> 


nan, " 

J. W. ATKINSON, 313-321 South Clinton Street, CHICAGO, ILL. 

Home Life Ins. Co. ""■ -C 

perfected plans for ;i large business in 
dnriiiU- ISSf. For Aqencivs apply to 
H. KELLOGG, Sup-t, Chicago, III. 






Blakemore H, Indianapolis 

Tone F Mrs, I 


Layne L A, 
Knowles L L 

Frank ton 

Brahm O, " 
Brandt & Harms, 
Buckner A, " 

Carter A, 

Traut George, 
Urech Adolph, 
Vondergotten 11, 
Weber L, 


Lynn J B, 


Carter E, 

Welch T, 


Armcntrout W L, Freedom 

Carter & Lanier, " 

Wilbrecht H, 


Davison 11 R 


Crockett A, 

Wormser N, 


Schelter H, 


Dorbecker Brothers " 

Wright L, 

Earney S, 

Doyel W L, 

Arnold A, 


Roll A, 


Eddy Mary Mrs, 

Scott J W 


Pitigan J, 


Ellis Charles, 

Hays E F, 


Smith Thoma 


Elsasser R, " 

Stephens J W, 

Pentecost L, 

Evans J L, 

Soliga C, 


Goodwin's Corner 

Farley A J, 

Alexander R, J 


Keipp V, 


Felter Edmond, 

Clemens J S, 

Santschi J, 

Fisher |, 

Dcibell & Pfau, 


Braiser W A, 


Floyd W T, 

Evans T & W J, 


Shoemaker M Miss " 

Gibbs M B, 

Gcissler J M, ' 


Fussier & Meltzer, 

Goins H, 

Hill J, 



Coins & Dickson, 

Kern F X, 


Johnson T H, 


Grader J, 

Pfiester G C, 


Jones F, 


Green J, 

Montfort W 13, 


Jones S, 

Harden R, 

Oerther G, 




Harris T F, 

Rivers C, 

Knox G L, 


Heckler A, 

Woodward A M, 


Young L, 

■ ■ 

Heitkam & Smith, 

Eleman Lewis, 


Moore W R, Greenfield Mills 

Hettinger I B, 

Brumley G W, 

Linnell J, 

Green Hill 

Hill James, 

Carpenter E II & Bro, 

Tracy, Thurman & Jones, 

Hoggott L N, " 

Kendall ville 


Hughcy & Mathews, " 

Diggins Wesley, 

Knox T E, 

Green's Fork 

Jones R, " 

Gonser Jacob, 

Milton J A, 


Knox F A, " 

Lattin Shepherd, 


Lamb G W, 


Laird W, 

Wilson Abraham 


Pittman 11, 


Martin G'W, 

McKinsey S: Foglesang, 

Smith S, 


Mays W A, 


Daly D B, 


Meyer J, 

Peppenrjer C, 


Hoffman G, 


Meyers Louis, " 

Bog.m ^ Davenp 

>rt, Kirklin 

Carter R, 


Okey John, " 

Brooks John, K 


Anderson J, 


Osier J W, 

Moss M C, 

Smith J A, 

Hartford City 

Outland Edward, " 

Scott Ithmer, 



Paulsen Charles, " 

McCowan R L, Knightsville 

Hirshberger 1 

, Haubstadt 

Partee Samuel, " 

Brayboy T, 


Zeits A, 


Pearson Charles, " 

Felding W, 

Briscoe B F, 


Porter J F, " 

Gaskin W, 

Boon C, 



Johnson II, 


Staton C, 


Robertson J G, " 

Sloan S, 


Petro H, 


Russell W H, 

Sumner C P, 


Colburn Z, 


Sanders Aaron, " 

Bills Charles, 


Showers F, 

Honey Creek 

Schnetzer Fred, " 

Gibson J L, 


Holder J W, 


Schnetzer Lewis,' " 

Jackson Lewis, 

Woraack J W 


Scott A J, 

Pritchet Wm C, 


Zoeller T, 


Smith Thomas, " 

Buncc Charles, 


Ashley Bros, 


Spitznagel L, " 

Cunningham Y, 


Bernhart G, 


Stein F, 

Dunlap^E R, 


Slater Milton, 


Steward T M, 

Hall & Jones, 


Artis \V H, 


Stev.-.m Edward, 

Hofmann C, 


Becker C T, 

Teats Henry, " 

Hunt J E, 


Bibbs W A, 


Thaetcrs J A, " 

Langknc-cht J, 


IJ »:ust \\n>.li in '.-k.m -;,.<-.. 


! i 



llents Houses and Farms, 

No. 307 Upper Third St., 
l£vaiisville~, Iud. 



Lorcher J, 


Hoffman G, 


Carpenter F & Bro, 

Mauch J, 


Hoffman M, 


New Albany 

Meehen H, 

Schultz M, 


Carpenter R, " 

I'ottinoC P, 

Smith A, 


Carter J, 

Renz J, 

Stephen A, 

Dieckman Bros, 

Keule F S, 

Thompson A G, 


Johnson W J, 

Scheffee & Hamerstadt " 

Weber J, 


"Klein V, 

Swjip H D, 


Weber J B, 

Knobloch & Stein- 

Tcrbush H, 


Williamson C W, 


Russell J, 

La Fontaine 

Woolf C, 


Martin W, 

Glore George, 


Bradford T W, 


Paulsen A & Son, " 

Henderson Emi 

ra, •' 


Lav ton W L, 

Hunt J H, 

La Gro 

Pisemore W J, 

Pepper F W, 

Utz Andrew, 


Small W II, 

Rickman E, " 

Banks Bros, 


Stinespring J, 


Steinhauer C, " 

Cochrane E M, 

F.ndicut cV Goin 


Lord A, 


Weber J B, 

Miller T J, 

Gillig T M, 

Young J, " 

Sterling E, 


Butler J, 


Wolter G, New Alsace 

Williams J, 


Hampson W, 


Mark E W, New Augusta 



Matthias I, 


Carter G, Newbern 

Kirsch V, 

Coles Bros, Michigan City 

Helphistine J, Newferry 

Holzworth C, Newburgh 

Fleischmann C A, 

Lcusch F, 


Moody A, 

Talifaro S G, 


Thompson T R, " 

Mysonhimer P, 

Lillard H E, 


Sparrow T J, New Carlisle 

Pollock J R, 




Canady W S, New Castle 

lircedan M A, 


Fate G, 


Shoemaker & Holland, 

Gray R, 

Rollins A, 


New Castle 

Johnson II, 


Rollins T E, 


Winslow Q, 

King J, ; 


Powell E, 


Thompson W H II, 

Silver 13 C, 


Sawyer R, 


New Cumber land 

Knox G, 


Allen W, 


Kreipke W, New Harmony 

Minor D, 


Palmer A, 


Wilhelm J A, 

Mitchell G W, 


Parson A S, 


Rickman A J, New London 

Gordon J E, 


Conroy T II, 


Leffler G, New Middletown 

Wilson A, 


Rollins C W, 

Zimmerman J, " 

Marvin J A, 


Lent/. W, 


Mills M, New Paris 

Boszar A, 


Aldrich M Mrs, 


Place E, Newport 

Thixton P, ■ 


Ilufl'W H, 

McKinley E, 

Dugan D, 


Parcels W II, 


New Providence 




J. " 

Taylor C W, New Richmond 

tlugged Mattie 

Mrs, " 

White M W, 


Wren R, New Ross 

'iner M, 


Russell S, 


Hopwood J L, 

'1 I A, 

Wood WC, 

New Washington 

S J«tz 15, 


Stetler W, 


Haynes T, Noblesvrlle 

t \V, 

■ < 

Spurrier R G, 


Hollenbach G L, 

& Gray, 


McMickle F, * 

Mt Prospect 

Jenkins S, 

i Stemler 

Feldmann G A, 

Mt Vernon 

Roberts B, 

r JH, 


Henrich G, 


Roper J, 

Allen T B, 


Hinch W S, 


Williams R R, 


• " 

Steward W; 


Irvin J F, North Liberty 

Ashton H, 


Stritter F T, 


Hower W II, 

Grant W, 

Drury J W, 


North Manchester 

Steller J, 


Evans I, 


Russell Allen, 

Halstead D N, 


Morin J D, 


Crose W II, North Salem 

Vanausdall & Abbott. Mace 

Williams I W, 


Harvey J W, North Vernon 

Argus O F, 


Mills M, 


Reck John E, " ' 

Christian J C, 

Jones A B, 


Wall Peter, 

Heflang L, 


West 11, Needham's Station 

Ward Hannah A " 


Dtc, of extra quality, for Fo 


'(! il.» 1 rn.-.Uir, Mr.', t. I HICAGO. 

ings, (Steel Inrnts a Specialty.) Shovels, 
use, a Specially. Blackhead Crucibles. 

S DflQTifi 

[nmiTdHEiiii — - 

>flto.L]y by r Thrcahlng Knclr.s, 
red l.y CHANDLCn & TAYLO.t, ct 

A rUHIfiu 

.1 fetfJuLbl UHil 111 l LLjIndianapoli., Ind. Jieo pagoS. 


Barbers — Continue J. 

Theis C H, Richmond 
Thompson W, 

Lott J B, South Bend 
Powell Benjamin, " 

Spillman H, O 

ikland City 

Weaver J N, 

Speth Henry, 

Wimley F, 

Weisbrod H, " 

Shafler W H, Spartanburg 

Rolelter O, 


Anderson S, Ridgeville 

Hoffman A, Spencer 

Vest Wm, 

Brown A, 

Walden J F, 

Crome J, 


Underwood M M, 

Moore Benj, Spencerville 

Miller D P, 


San ford W A, Riley 

Winslow S, Spiceland 

Relleman T, 


Redd S B, Rising Sun 

Willis A 0, 

Ashley M A, 


Rollins R J, 

Straughn's Station 

Trader G W, 

Osgood ] 

Leets C, Roann 

FrankenstineG, Sugar Creek 

Garrett J II, 

Owensville . 

Overdeer W G, Roanoke 

Place D W, 

Peck G W, 


Barber J, Rochester Bass J, 

Simpkin D, 

Owl Prairie 

Brouillette J, 

Hams & Payne, 

Shelhy Wm, 


Hicks F, 

Warner N W, 

Parsons A S, 


McKcnan E, Rockf.eld 

Sulphur Sorings 

West Edmund, 


Myers F, Rocklane 

Nichols E, Summ'itville 

Vliet J E, Patricksburg 

Baird F J, Rockport 

Sterling H, Syracuse 

Taylor J & Son, 


Knox T, ' " 

Bender A, Tell City 

Keck R R, 


Lafe B, 

Hertzsch A, 

Givens N D, 

McFarland David, 

Berkshire G, Terre Haute 

RheuleJ, ■ 


Zaclnilz E II, 

Carney E, 

Appel A, 


Black .V Gibbs, Rockville 

Clark W, 

Backes M S, 

Thomas G, 

Daniels S, 

Segner J A, 

Thomas P, 

Davis J, 

Stewart C Mrs, 

Sweet C, Root 

Guthrie T E. 

Moss A T, 


Thomas S, Ross 

Hoonung C F, 

Moss L, 

Sullivan J, Royal Centre 

Howard & Price, 

Buress Alfred, 


Craig T L, Rushville 

Humble S, 

Turner J E, 

James E, 

Korman P, " 

Elder R 11, 


Curley M T, St. Marys 

Lang H, 

Erower H F, 

Eubanks A M, St. Paul 

Lott & Toodles, 

Kellev J, 


Neol R, 

McBrum II, " 

Wilmore J M, 

Plum Tree 

Scnlagal H E, Salem 

Mitchell H, 

Hank 1, 


Smith G W, 

Roderus A, " 

Mueller T, 


Tuel T, 

Rusk J A, 

Young \V F, 


Brott H J, Scottsburgh 

Sirronia L D, 

Boyd J M, 


Wilson II, Selma 

Smith Edward, 

Burden W H, 

Anthony O B, Seymour 

Spengler P, 

rralhcr T, 


Greule A, 

Taylor E, 

Burger F 11, 


Lloyed W, 

Taylor J A, 

Ingram Taylor, 

Meeh F, 

Waldele G, 

Prator John, 


Weil & Reinhart, 

Walden W, 

Rayman W, 


Wilhelm P, 

Eldridge Simon, Thorntown 

Stewart C C, 


Ferguson & Eubanks, 

Harris Wm, 

Kirk Wm C, 



Drinkwater B, Tipton 

Payne Smith, 

Michelsen 1, " 

Nicholson L, " 

Morgan Bros, 


Rust C HA, 

Spears T L Trafalgar 

Rhoades M D, 

Krcusel Wm, Shoals 

Robinson Albert, Troy 

Cooper Samuel, 


Stell & Natigle, 

Shirley Thomas, Tunnelton 

Edrington G V 


Henry J 11, Silver Lake 

Clevenger W C, Union City 

Jackson Alonzo 


Griffith D L, Six Mile 

Lingle D A, 

Jones Calvin, 


Gilley G, Solsberry 


Lane A Kaukopf, 

Condon Edward, South Bend 

Ronz C H, 

Outland Calvin 

Dubai! Peter, 

Shronz J G, 

Rice Albert, 


Heller Henry, 

Bourne Henry, Valparaiso 

Richards W H, 

Klingel & Hauck, " 

Massey & Massey, " 

Stauber Albert 

Kopf J P, 

Rudell George, " 

Tate Wm, 

Landegraft Geo, " 

Steppel A W, " 

- I 

Capiia! City Cigar, 

JOHN RAlTCrSt, illatiuniclurcr, 
82 West Washington Street, 


Eugene Bemin§haus, 

r\ Mm. 



■ ^ 


barbers 7 "Supplies, 




Nos. 82, 84, 86 AND 88 $fe 

T ?I 

Western Avenue, $ 

Patentee, Manufacturer and Introducer of 

tterniughaus' Celebrated Triple and Single E'oot Lever 

Barbers' Chairs. Also Children's Hair Cutting Chairs. 

Ail Illustrated Catalogue witli lull price list 

containing other information, which 

every barber should have, 

Wi!! be sent free on application., 

j, WISELY. CO.,72 4 74W.Mo„roeS«, 


Chicago, Send for Catalogue and Prices, 



Young & Purely, Valparaiso Heath D, East Enterprise Moonev, Xaylor &. 
Veedersburg Schank Louis, Fort Wayne I Smith, Indianapolis. 
| Frank J P, Indianapolis | Nordyke&Marfitoil 

Vernon I Hartley XV J, " j Co, (See adv.) Indianapolis 

Versailles Ohleyer Geo, " 

Vevay j Helmer Philo, Inwood \ Bent Wood Manufacturers. 

" I Fristch ] B, Lafayette ,., ... nT1II /, . , 

, r . I,, ,, £■•.' T ; .„ ShankhnWV&Co.Anderson 

\mcennes U. .... It h s -^J'"^' <; Snyder D D, Auburn 

Me, tens Henry, Richmond '< *™}\ J " & Co > ^luffton 
Gudovf F, Saint Meinrad ! M r .' st \ X V' T .. bl " cm f' 1 

rntscne C C, Indianapolis 
„ ,. Gillett Bros, 

Baths. r~ n ■ l „ ... 

Cox, Price iY Co. Marion 

Ferguson & Roberts, \\ abash .... ,, r , r rr , • ,, _'.,„_, ' ' . 

p u T ii Winkler G ii (lurkish), Davis W T, Muncie 

Wr.J'-M w l -n I Indianapolis Force I F, New Albany 

Mi RS XV Tl ! Bf ap,netic Artesian J Bruner L & Son, Wabash 

Marks CL, Walker™ SprillffB, (£«*■) 

Stow D L, ■• _ ,e """""j Bicycles and Velocipedes. 

Ke'l'll'/ED' Warsaw 1!( ' ,,s1( ' ild Manufacturer!. 

II ill A, ' Washington 


Clark H A, 
ILlfield AT, 
Kewby E, 
Taylor 1 E, 
Sheftall E, 
Brewer Bros, 
Clark J, 
Krieser W F, 
Steward W H, 
Taylor C, 
Tootle & Perry 

Washington & Stewart " 
Haskin F P, Waterloo 

Thompson W M, " Bee Hive Manufacturer 

Coleman T A, Waveland 

Pratt HA, 

{Wholesale and Retail.) 
Showers Bros, Bloomington j Maver C & Co, 

BostwicJl liefrifT- {See adv.) Indianapolis 

erator Co, (Seeadv.)\ 

Mishawaka JJill Fosters. 

McDougallGF, Indi 



ill A G, 
Young J & Son, 

.eml .In 

Bennett Bros, Anderson 

Edwards J, Indianapolis 

Harbison & Abrains, " 
j Shaffer C J, LaPorte 

rwill I Dobbins Br 

PhXf E H N M ' ^Vestndd | ^ Coo ^ anufafftur . j ^ f M. 


White C, 
Perkins W F, 
Dennis G P, 
Massey D, 

nan J W, 

West Fork ! 


Terre Haute 
Bhyrner L A & Son, 
Lochnis George, Valparaiso 


Billiard Halls. 


AnheierT, ■ Ivinama'c Beer Stills - 

Hoffman & Long, " ! I$ea<leil & McA«- Prouty J R, Albion 

Brown K, Winchester ley, {See fl(fo.)Chicago,Ill Mentzer S C, Attica 

Heart G, " I Fayler G, BlulTton 

Law C E, Wolcottville | Bell Founders— Amalgam, ! Baker O B, Brookville 

FawcrA, Worthington Farm and Church. Schnur H, Columbus 

Mazingo R M, " I „ _ _ ,_, , I Doll L, Connersville 

Rutledge E H, « Over EwaW, [&e aJv.{ McF '„ M 

Bryan Wm, Xenia Indianapolis ' W ,„ Corydon 

Stewart Hc/.ckiah, " 

Wamburgh Geo, 

Heart Gus, Yorktown 

Bliters C C, Zenas 

Barnhill John, Zionsville 

Hutchinson G VV, 

Kersey Samuel, " 

Basket Manufacturers. 
(See also Willow Ware.) 

Strader Henry, Cartersburg 

Bellows Manufacturers. 

Tell City ; : 

& John 

BeltiiisrManiifaeturersaiKl i>. ....... r. ; V. son 

Dealers. I ^ n2 ,,_ ' ' 

Kiele, Leather &|CarrWC, 

Belting Co, (See adv.) Aughe J W & \Y 
In'dianapolis Carpenter J, 
Kerriclt J IS it Co, Fqysi M, 
(See adz-:) Indianapolis I Ripley L E, 





Goo, Hand 



Kiiy a First-class l'iano or Orenn oil IJiosu .:>■•> terms Riven liy sjn:o. 
PFAFFJL.1N & CO., js & GO iNortli Pennsylvania Street, l.M)IA.\.li'«Lls, IM), 



In d fti napol i s, In d . 




Billiard Halls.— Continued. 
Glazier C C, Indianapolis 
Hagerhorst C F, 

• Blacksmiths. 

(See Carriage and Wagonmak- 
ers, also Horseshocrs.) 

Cochran F, 
Long C M, 
Bush T B, 
Johnson E, 




Howe J L 

McHenry T B, 


Caylor & Robi 

nson, Arcadia 

Klare E'red, 

Bailey G C, 



(See adv.) 

Littleheld J H, 

Barnes 11 R, 



Williams T, 


Gcyer A, 


MW. (&«fl«fe.) " 

Gillespie f) J, 


Smith & Bank 


Powell S, 

McGregor J, 


True L, 

Byers P A, Lafayette 

Adkins C, 


Scoby W, 


Grilling C, 

Conner \Y M, 


Long J, 


Kreis G M, 

Gayer J W. 


Nations C F, 

Madeira & McKnight, " 

Armstrong H, 


Babbett J W, 


Newman & Bohn, 

Brell J C, 
Hunter A R, 


Chatman T, 


Priess & Stuben, 


Lindsey A W, 


Zahrt H, LaPorte 

Blaine E, 


Hammock J, 


Steffey W T, Laurel 

Bell R S, 


McCallister J W, 

Cheek J F & Co, 

Campbell G W, 

Norton J B, 



Tucker A, 

Stierly George 


Jeffries J, 

Caviness W \Y, 


Allen B F, 


Yohn G, Leesburgh 

Dowden R, 


Knudson J, 


Low C C, Liberty 

Haney A E, 


Sanders O, 


Coyle E S, Madison 

Long J, 


Nicholas 1, 


Smith W, 

Finch & Kelly, 


Carlson A F, 


Hampson W, Medora 

'Burke T J, 

Millard Harrison, " 

Kirk J, Muncie 

Taylor A J, 


Accard E, 


Fontaine C H, New Albany 

Yvhelchell M, 


Lutes S, 

Lang F & Son, 

Alford & Grinder 


Snyder Wm, 


Hipes& Harvey, New Castle 


Sthair Wm S, 

Weiiiiiian & Goodwin, 

Cord ill II F, 


Arnold J W, 


New Castle 

Marshall & Pair 

Heitz L, 

Garrett J H, Noblesville 
Hagens D N, 

North Manchester 

Eades W H, Allen's Creek 

Kerr M B, 


Ducer P, 


McClcllan Wn 

Griffith L, 


Skirving Andrew, " 

Massey A R, Oxford 

Anthony I T, 
Henry J, 
Riley R, 
Sprague D, 
Stiffier A, 
Stiffler W, 


Walker A I), 
Ogden O, 


Andlauer B F, Pierceton 


Reynolds A, 

Pettit Joshua, Remington 
Lincoln W M, Richmond 
Scranton L W, Rising Sun 


Isbell John, 
Lathrop Ellas 
Fodrea Benj, 


Hilton Albert, Roanoke 

Molo Bros, 


Grimstead B C 

, Bainbridge 

Clarke T, Rochester 
Thalman A, " 
Conklin W A, Rome City 
Borders \V G, Sullivan 
Morris A J, Summitville 
Roberts Lewis, Vevay 
Herff Henry, Wabash 

Marks G, 
Vounoe S, 
Eperson J, 
Cosner A J, 
Binns J, 

Gustin B & Son, 




Lloyd C, 
Smith J E, 
Cash H, 

Bush A, 
Stall David, 


Barber's Mills 

Wolf J, 
Clark G, 


Hickman R B, Warsaw 

Shaffer W, 


Rice A G, 


Jarrett Leander, " 
Thomas J M, Winchester 

Terry W A, 

Gwinnup G, Andersonville 

Miles W J, 
Wetzel J, 


Marshall J S, 


Gist H C, 


Thorpe W, 


Nickol J, 


Bird Cages. 

Hurter G, 


Abbott TD, 

Battle Ground 

{Wholesale and Retail.) 

Richardson J D, 

Sautee & Sprague, " 

Keibeck A, " 
McMillen & Pat- 

Mayer Cliarles & Co 

Carty U F, 




[See adv.) Indianapolis 

Dcverter A B, 

Miller J, 

Bean Blossom 

A. L. WRIGHT & CO., 

47 and 40 South Meridian St., Indianapolis. 

All the New Styles in 

Carpets, Wall Paper and Upholstery. 

are Wholesale Dealers and Shippers of Uie 
Celebrated lirazil Block Coal, 

lndianap'olis, ind. 




Gibbs W'J, Bear Branch 

Winthorst F 


Mcintosh T W, 


Lorrgcamp J F, " 

Wilfong M A, 


Rotan J & Son, 

Clark G W, Beaver Timber 

Fisher Ira, 

Boon Grove 

Gude Alfred, 


Kinsey A C, Beck's Grove 

Gardner Charles 

, Boonville 

Keakley Ellas, 

Kay J P, Beck's Mills 

Clark & Rhoade 

s, Boston 

Simpson J T, 

Wym'an S W, 

Harmon J, 

Boston Store 

Beiriger Casper, 


Adams G W, Bedford 

Granburg J, 


Hasse J, 


Cups G, 

Stickel S, 


Bowers S, Bi 

ushy Prairie 


Hupp & Son, 


Failor J M, 

Miller J, 

McCrum C B 


Votaw A, 


Wolf F G, Beecamp 

Zebley & Kreid 

„ " 

Bassett J, 


Gregerson F, Beechy Mire 

Hoffa J, Bowling Green 

Matthews J, 

Macy D W, Belle Union 

Staley T J, 

Etehenson J, 

Bryan tsville 

Smith W A & Son, Bellmore 

Ogle 'J R, 


Etehenson W, 

Grant J, Ben Davis 

Steffey J, 

FruhwaM L, 


Pratt P, 

Bechtel P. Boydston's Mills 

Tonnemaker F, 

Tuley G M, " 

Marks E, 

Cook A P, 

Bunker Hill 

death R M, Benham's Store 

Ashley Howard 

, Boyleston 

Fike H G, 


Newkirk C M, Bennington 

Harbaugh W W 

, " 

Myers W E, Bui 

nett's Creek. 

Shaddy A, " 

Bolinger S, 


Davis B F, 


Young & Longacre, Benton 

King R, 


Lovell II A, 

Schenck II, Bentonville 

Rockner J, 


Gulley. W, 


Thompson C & Son, " 

Stemm II, 

Moore J A, 


Seamon E, Benville 

Ronald M J, 


Weaver J L, 


Baker J H, Berne 

Ellis W H, 


Fox J F, 


Colby A H, Bethel 

Osborn R, 


Booth C, 


Jackson J \V, Bethlehem 

Stough & Stunkard, 

Vanmetre J, 

"Kirmillcr H, Bicknell 

Hans J, 


Black & Beck, 

Colyers G, Billingsville 

Bretz W, 



lbridge City 

Jacobs J W, Birds Eye 

Hall H F, 

Brick Chapel 

Brandenburg C, 


Bower G, Blacksmith 

McNary W H, 


Rummell Felix, 

Hiatt J B, Blaineton 

Wyatt S, 


Peck J F, 


Lachapelle A, Blair 

Cliekncr J S, 


Mills T J, 


Fox J, Blairsville 

Belt G C, 


Chastian Henry 

Salwachter M S, " 

Casey W C, 


Hayes M, Bloom field 

Crim J, 


Hubbard J & Son, " 

Kidd JW, 

Swales C A, 

Manford J, 


Nickerson H H, " 

Whipple A B, 

■ • 

Cherry R, 


KainboltA, " 

Hoover A, 


O'Brian W P, Cannelsburgh 

Coleman E T, Bloomingdale 

Price G W, 


Cunniff P, 


Fullenwider J, " 

Sears J, 


Layman Win, 

Murray Win, " 

Parks F M, 


Staiber J, 

Metzger J, Blooming Grove 

Ashby J A, 


Faulkconer J S, 


Miller & Gross, 

Justice G, Broad Ripple 

Green R, 

Hamlet W, Bloomingsburgh 

Means A & Bro 


McCoskey L B, 


Hardwick A, Bloomingsport 

Dyke W & Son, 


Downs J A, 



King W R, 

Kerr J A, 


Chalfant J, Blountsville 

Rike S, 


Conner H, 


Connell R, 

Martin A, 


Lisman J W, 


Weber John, Blue Creek 

Sanders F, 

Greenfield & Son, 

Barker Thomas, Blue Grass 

Klotz C, 


Green S, 


KenkirkT W, 

Liming J F, 

Harrold W M, 

Query & Yager, Blue Ridge 

Tappam J M, 

• < 

Anderson E, Ca 


Gray II L, Blue River 

Forshee W J & Son, 

Parker E J, 

Berry G H, Bluff Creek 


Bell T, 


Moody C, 

Brown F, 


Awl J, 


Brunn John, Bluffton 

Fall D, Br 

own's Corner 

Matillo E, 

Gettle J W, 

Wolter F & W, 


O'Conroy P, 

Barker J H, Boggstown 

Foster W S, . Brown's Valley 

Okeley F, 


amy bom YOU WANK ■* 

591 VV. Madison 'St., Chicago, 

IUBIUT Utfllll 

driven profitably by a Threshing Tngino, 
manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, of 
Indianapolis, Ind. See'page 3. 

8 -JO 




Blacksmiths — Continued. 

Bundy & Hill, Carthage 

Coffin OS, 
Hill & Talbert, 

Smith J, Cason 

Wilks G W, ' Cass 

Tames J, Cassville 

Hunter J, Castleton 

Walden L, Cataract 

Branson G W, Catlin 

Sullivan J, 

McDowell A, Cedar Creek 

Botzner T, Cedar Grove 


Moller F, Cedar Lake 

Stevick \V H, Cedarville 

Kopp M, Cedar Wood 

Sch'nause G, Celestine 

Strigle J, 

Carmichael A, Celina 

Carr J, 

Cunningham T, 

Gleason B N, Centre Square 

Hare E & Co, Centreton 

Strader B, 

Johnson J M & Son, 

Cerro Gordo 
Cowling J, Chalmers 

Barrall J," Chamberlain 

Dillinger R S, Chambersburg 
Miller C, 

Strickland J, Chandler 

Knight S B, Charlestown 

McCoy J E, 

Spriestersbach J G, " 
Frederick II, Charlottsvillc 
Thomas J S, " 

Grandb'urg A T, Chase 

Clatterbaugh C, Chesterfield 
Addleman J B, Chester 

McHenry D, Chesterton 

Mitchell C G, 

Chestnut Ridge 
Fike C, Chili 

Hall J W, China 

Shafer J, 

Scott P, Cicero 

Shafer VV H, 

Van Meter T, Cincinnati 

Ewick W W, Clarksburg 
Humphrey \V & J, 
Patterson II, " 

Ray C, 

Williams C, Clark's Hill 

Freeman CW, Clark's Prairie 
Shawcross T T, Clarksville 
Heim J, Clay City 

Tridle E, Claypool 


Clear Creek 



Golden G, 

Norman J, 

Rynerson W, 

Robinson J N, 

Earhart C, 

Foreman J, 

j Austil H, 
I Diel D, 

Williamson S D, 

Briles J P, 
! Smith E D, 
I Vicloo T, 

Stringer D C, 

Sharrard J N, 
i Bowles A N, 
, Losson W, 
| Reagan 1), 

Jenkins W P, 

Roberts F, 

Stanley N, 

Sieferman J, 

Aker & Bro, 

Collins D C, 

Grippkey H, 

Armstrong I N, 

Jenkirs S H, 
I Roudebush G P, 
[Shcaeneld R, 
| Stranalhan Wm, 

Dohner L B, 

Stokes Wm, 

Morris W W, 
'. Anthonv J M, 

Lynch f W, Colu 
I Trout Z, 

Blatz C \V, 


Gilgour W, 
! Miller T, 
j Rothrock H, 


Burdsal J H, Commiskey 

Gill J, Concord 

Wood J H, Connersville 

Woods G, 

Weamer F, 

Killon J N, 
j Woesner J, 
, Carpenter A, 
j Shaffer L, 
j Click Bros, 

Hessemer P, 

Lewis & Long, 
| Gleeson P, Cottage Grove 
! Wright G R C, 
■ Armantrout Peter, Courier 
I Reed I S, Covington 

j Shockley A. 



Clinton Falls 
Coal Bluff 
Coal City 




Cold Spring 













Welch P S, Covington 

Johnson & Shaw, Cowan 
Hawkins Henry, Cox's Mills 
Hawkins J B, 
Roberts Joseph, " 

Williams G, 

Burrows John, Crandall 

Francis & Bro, Crawfordsville 
Harris & Conway, " 
Smith & Markley, " 
Stemper N, Crisman 

Couts & Co, Cromwell 

McAllister E P, 

Crooked Creek 
O'Neal F C, Cross Plains 

Baxter J, Crothersville 

Burch J, 
Rider R, 

Conaway S B, Crown Point 
Deubois J A, " 

Rohl W E, Crum's Point 
Hofl'ee Bros, Cuba 

Cornell W F, Culver's Station 
HanleinJJ, Cumberland 
Lancaster H, 
Shepherd A, 
Little W, 
Shinkle W, 
Kinney J, 
Rhea A, 
Henson & Bo 
Langford S, 
Malone H, 
Bays G W, 
Jackson John N, 
Lavin J, 
Rader H, 
Chamness G W, 
Chamness Wesley, 
Fullenwider Wm, 
Scott E L, 
Hicks H, 
Johnson Geo, 

Bushnell S: Schlegel, Decatur 
Cox & Thomas, " 

Sclegel Benneville, " 
Flitcraft Wm, Deedsville 

Helbrich Adam, Deep River 
Groninger & Rhea, 

Deer Creek 
Rhea AS, 

Haynes A B, DeKalb 

Buecker W, Delaware 

Green G W, Delectable Hill 
McCain Henry, 
Fmley & Sherriff, Delphi 

Finney P, " 

Givens & Scott, 
Wheeler A Armitage, 








Da. win 



Bradford, Solicitor of American .ind Foreign Patents, 

Hlock, corner of Washington and Meridian Streets, Indiauap- 
oliti, lud. All bueim.6b coLifidtJlilial. Call or write for information. 

Merrill, Hubbard & Co. 

Uooksellers, Stationers and Paper Dealers 





Hiatte E C, 


Baxter J, 

Eel River 

Utterback Wm, 


Perry W A, 

Jones N P, 


Armstrong J S, 


Fortney A, 


Bundy J, 


Holmes T H, 


Warren & Evans, Deputy 

Susott Bros, 


Johnson J, 


Davis J W, 


Breese G W, 


Osborn T, 

Mitchell W H, 

Rusk H C, 

Snider J E, 

Mattingly A, 


Rusk J Q A, 

Sthair F, Fa 

r field Centre 

Smith D, 

Adam's & Oren, 

Hoop 1, 


Ketcham S, 



McCoflum J, 

Harmon I, 

Ditney Hill 

Boddenbohm & Ludden, " 

Osborn A C, 

Robert? G W, 


Tomlinson J C, 


Pickard & Fritz 


Rumley M, 


Bradcn J D, 


Smith J, 

Fair Play 

Leonard B T, 

Bussard & Drake 


Bramagan J T, 


Doolittle's Mills 

Jones Leonard, 

Fager J C, 

Peterson G, 

Door Village 

Linderman John, 

Meeker M J, 


King & Heslet 


Fhillippee J V, 


Newett P, 

Hixson J, 

Dover Hill 

Copcnhaver Bros 


Doctor F, Farmers' Retreat 

Schooly T, 

Sedwick T E, 

Coutz I, 


Stalcup W, 


Shook J 11, 

Leverton A J, 


Waltz G E, 

Lynch J P, 


Wilson \V W, 

Bilby A G, 


Barnes & Avis, 

El wood 

Voorhis i\: Espy, 


Carraony D, 

Wheeler & Fishe 

, " 

Bromm P, 


Reed W, 

Cheneworth S A 


Heidet F, 


Roth W, 


Garrison J E, 

Knapp C, 

Warrensman F 


Watson A, 

Capeheart R M 


Thomas G \V, 


Slawson form, 


Rice J W, 


Thomas J \V, 


Huser J H, 


Harris C, 


Crawford A, 


Ilayden John, 


Twigg C W, 


Freeman M, 


Lowerv Bros, 


Asken J, 


Stambaugh F, 


McAfee W T, 


Millspaugh J F, 

Steele A, 


Aairgood F D, 

Etna Green 

Saston S, 


Newkirk P, 


Sconce J R, 


Kepner S, Fisher's Switch 

Williams B B, 

Hart L, 


Almeroth L, 

Flat Rock 

Schafer J, 


KanapleJ, . 


Cleveland G, 


Couch H, 


Magee R, Evan's Landing 

Cobert J, 

Gordon B, 

Becker C, 


Gerald Bros, 


Muhs A, 


Benker J, 

Piatt B, 


Bradley C, 

Earl Park 

Cameron ] M, 

Freiberg J, Floyd's Knobs 

Wees E, 

Camming* Wm, 

Schumann J, 

Sedam A J, E 

ist Enterprise 

Damm Wm, 

Husk W J, 


Simpson J, 

Dassel W C, 


Childers J, 


Condo Peter, 

Eickmeier Wm, 

Fraley E S, 

Forest Hili 

East Gcrmantown 

Griess J, 

Fraley & Weldon, 

Riegel W H, 

Hand & Weston, 

Butler D B, 

Fort Branch 

Morris R M, 


Heffherr & Bro, 

Dickson J T, 

Russey H, 

Jung C, 

Lambert E, 

Shrode E P, 


Raymond C W, 

Hubbard N, 

Fort Ritner 

Cook & Son, 


Ruschmeier C, 

Hardin & Tarrett, Fortville 

Williams M B, 

• ■ 

Schrciber S, 

Jarrett & Yarya 

-i, " 

Clark B F, 


Schweitzer J, 

Kellum R, 

Gephart J, 


Snyder J S, 

Becker F, 

Ft Wayne 

Griffith C, 

■ < 

Stannard C H, 

Biemer & Ehrm 

inn, " 

Irwin W B, 


Truckey & Bruce 

Bowman A B, 


Pittman A, 


Wagner II C, 


Brossard & Hal 

Wild C, 


Wnnd G. 



IVrkholder L, 

Edna Mills 

Hubbell t T, 


Far'nan 0, 


Slawson M B, 


JermanTJ&RH, '< 

Fetter D, 


Krousgril] C, 


Silvey T H, 

Harter & Son, 


Krousgrill G, 


Samples W, 


Lauer M, 



\l iiflSlliif '^S 313-321 So. Clinton Street, CHICAGO, It.l 

• S Ull UUF UgyUWicjj'-SendforlllustratedCatalogusandPricei 

Home Life Ins. Oo.S 

Only requires TWO-TIflKUS I'KEltm M 
balance loan, six per cent. Afiordiufj 
Agents a s r cat advantage. 





Blacksmiths — Continued. 
Logan \V L, Ft Wayne 

Meyer F II, 
Sovine S II, 
Vogele A, 
Wnterhous Bros, 
Reed L D, Fountain 

Barker & Clark, 

Fountain City 
Boyd cY Shaffer, " 

Wadkins P, 

Anions G, Fountaintown 

Kroening & Brandt, " 
Williams & Fisher, 
Jones Peter, Fowler 

Mitchell John, 
Nelson & Bros, " 

Rogers Bros, " 

Granger Geo, Francisco 

Harrington Thomas, " 
Lough Tleasant, Frankfort 
Moody F M, 

HaKaker P C, Franklin 

Rose W J, 
Sloan James, 
Thompson R S, 
Davis C S, Frankton 

Billington S R, 

Gresham C W, 
Hottel J D, 

Kemmerer E, Freedom 

Wise John, 

Begeman II L, Freelandville 
Brandt Win, 
Lane Henry, " 

Seddlemier G, " 

Miller G, Freeport 

Reecly & Manuel, Freetown 
Thompson S A, " 

Cluck P, Fremont 

Gore & Melendy " 

Klock P, 
Pettit J, 

Plummcr L C, French Lick 
Frederick G, Friedheim 

Renz A, 

Elleinan S, Friendship 

Rump C, 

Letler A, Friendswood 

Zogleman I, Fulda 

Crathwell F, Fulton 

Ernest A, Furnessville 

Loesch P, Galena 

Rule A B, Galveston 

Thomas L, " 

Wooley W J, 

Rothgeb Michael, Gar Creek 

Bloomfield E, Garrett 

Dyguart R R, 

Suteys & Parker, Gaynorville 

Beil E, Geetingsville 

Stutsman I N, Gem 

Cary Jesse, Geneva 

Cookerly G W, 

Dodd J T, Gentryville 

Sandage J T & Son, " 

Loesh J, Georgetown 

Vansickle A, Gessie 

Chick C, Gibson's Station 

McKee J J, Gilead 

Cook J A, Glen Hall 

Wnite W I, Glenn's Valley 

Griffin G, Goodland 

Pettit A, 

Poulsan J, 

Bowers R, Goodview 

Wisner N, " 

Brown G, Goodwin's Corner 

Tallman C II, 

Hope F, Goshen 

Hoyt N, 

Kincel W H, 

Dunagan O B & J L, Gosport 

Stines W E, 

Strother W, 

Hendricks J, Graham 

Anderson S F, Grand View 

Williams A C, 

Bowers M, Grant 

Coleman S, Grantsburgh 

rarbo W, 

Brackin J S, Granville 

Langforci W, Grass 

Westfall W, 

Neifflin W, Gravel Point 

Jones II 11, Graysville 

Roberts J, Green Brier 

BicknellJ, Greencastle 

Houck J, 

Owens O, 

Pfeiffenberger C, 


Weik F, 

Ketchum Harris, 

• Green Centre 
Phillips J, Greene 

Chambers Hiram, Greenfield 
Huston & King, " 

Meek J C, 

Chorus J, Greenfield Mills 
Knowles Hamilton, | 

Green Hill 
Smith G II, 

Vanduyne Elias, Green Oak 
Dillon Wm, Greensboro 

Gray Thomas, Greensboro 

Jay Hugh, 

Templeton Alfred, " 

Elder D C, Grecnsburg 


Teague & Teague, " 

Weeks T H, 

Fra;ier"M L, Green's Fork 

Roller S A, 

Squires E PI, " 

Winkle & Smith, 

Beeson B F, Greentown 

Lipscum Tames, Greenville 

Walter Henry, 

Pierce & Clark, Greenwood 

Smith J E, 

White G T, 

Keeler W, Groomsville 

Dodge W, Groveland 

Erwin S, Groves 

Higley W, 

Cole F, Guilford 


Klausing II, Guionsville 

Sink D B, 

Fink it Sons, Hackleman 

iDeatherage G B &Son, 

I Riley J, Hageman 

Davis W T, Hsgerstown 


Smith J H, 

Farley & Bell, Hamilton 

Roberts W H, Hamlet 

Gibson II & Son, Hancock 

McMullen M H, 

Haney's Corners 

Boyd T, Hanna Station 

Frechette C, " 

Shillo J A, Hanover Centre 

Shuetz F, 

Barnett M, Hardinsburg 

Kern C, " 

Brown G, Harlan 

Copp R, " 

Knous H, " 

Page Wm, 

Weaver T G, 

Adamson T VV, Harmony 

Burroughs' G, 

Hall O F, Harrisburg 

Daniels M W, Hamslown 

Baugher & Buchanan, 


Anderson Wm, Hartford 

Craft F M & Bro, 

Hartford City, 
i Hoover E, ' ' 

'Moon J W, 



Heal Estate and Mortr/aaes, 

No. 307 Upper Third St., 
Evansville,' Ind. 





Brown W & )3ro, Hartsville 

Little & Dillman, Hope 

Walle M & Bro. 


Phillips G, 

Hendry M, Houston 

Williams W, 


Paddy K, Harveysburgh 

Owens Wm, 

Wilson & Braffett, 

Martin Bros, " 

Miller P, Hudson 

Wonnell C, 


Thomas M, 

Miller W II, 

Wright J II, 


Kessel M P, Haubsladt 

Slaybaugh J, 

Clemens W, 


Shanberg C, " 

Glazier N C, Huntertown 

Davidson J, 


Sipp J, 

Kunklejohn, Huntingburgh 

Hull D, 


Travis A, Hansertown 

Schneck Henry, 

Hill & Hauger, 


Kieffner G, Haysville 

Beaver D G, Huntington 

Kellems T, 


Kieffner J, 

Fetters Isaac, 

Parker H C, 


Ferguson L II, Hazleton 

Highlands Matthew," 

Condo & Kirk, 


Henderson C. A, 

Hoffman C F, 

Dillman J, 

Lyon G L, " 

Lahmyer Win, 

Kesler W, 


Heart G, Headlec 

Reom Francis, 

Nichols B, 

Parmore J W, Hebron Peak Robert, Huron 

Fitzsimmons J, 


Volka J, 

Snow Thomas, " 

Bcnkei t Edmun 

d, Jasper 

Weigan G, 

Mann John, Hymera 

Flick W, 

Hartsock S L, Hecla 

Jones R F, Idaville 

Gasser W, 


Moore P, " 

Vandeman J W, " 

Geyer J, 


Campbell D S, 

Carter S, Independence 

ILasiifoert J. 

", (See adv.) 

Heller's Corner 

Claffey Wm, Indianapolis 


Carson D & Son, Heltonville 

Craft Smith, 

Reeves J, 


Hannei J W, " 

Crowe Stephen, 

Boyer J A, 


Ferguson J R, Ilenryville 

Danner S R, 

Happy II B, 

Gasaway T, " 

DavU S H, 

Holzbog G, 

Westfall D R, 

Forshee G W, 

Ball W, 


Iiuehler W, Hermaan 

Gilbert CR, 

Nance A S, Jcssup's Station 

Miles & Cornwall, Hall Gliliic G, (Seeadu.) " 

Small T, 


Jones L, Hillham 

Golding J E, 

German W, 


McKeigben \V D, 

Guedelhoefer J & Son, " 

Drake A L, 


Jones Bros, Hillisburgh 

Ilartman & Dreier, " 

Morris D B, 

Firestone & Wilt, 

Hillman & Son, 

Lattridge F M 



Howden W, " 

Whitlock B F, 


Cauble & Son, 

Kahl C, 

Zeek J A, 

Hitchcock's Station i Kenton & Co, " 

Poft'enberger A 


McWhirter Hugh, Hoagland | Kurtz H P, 

Gibbons L, 


Killigraw Jerry, Hobart LaRue, Lucke & Hill, " 

Davis & Baker, 


Scholler Wm, 

Martin G, 

Keeling J, 


Buher A, Hobbieville 

MendenhallVW C, 

Beaty J C, 


Lowden D C, Hobbs 

Moore T C & Son, 

Keif J, 

Mollenkamp R H, Holland 

Moore & Moore, " 

Jacobs M, 


Rousher & Steinkam, " 

Nolting C II, " 

Banks I, Keek's Church 

Culberth W H, 

Nye Benjamin, " 

Graham S, 



O'Brien P, 

Strader W, 


Stout J 0, 

Okey T D & Son, " 

Anderson T D, 


Thompson A, . Oliver R R, " 

Chambers W T 

Holman Station | Quinn & Perkins, 

Fletcher & Cou 

ch, Kentland 

Rozean A, Holmesville | Renner C, 

Hoobei & Son, 

■ > 

McFatridgc John, Holton ) Roesencr C, " 

Schuh & Plunkett, 

Davis John, Home! Schaub & Garlacb, 

Klee F, 


Reed Thornton, " 

Scherer G, 

Aker D W, 


Anderson J M, Homer 

Schneider C, 

Esterline W, 

Odell Wm, 

Sherfey T R, 

Probts & Doyle 

, Kelso 

Taylor T W, 

Smith J G, 

Zimmer A, 

Neff John, Honey Creek 

Sourwine & Rubush, " 

Booher & Co, 


Lee Wm, Hooker 

Trussell W, 

Geddis V* M, 


Fiesel August, Hope 

Viekcr& Mullen, 

Knox J, 


George J J & Son, " 

Vondersaar W, 

Williamson H A, " 

Gas Eotorts and Fire Brick. SH^;,WTZ 

tiiriiislicil -ivlicrc required. 

110 F:::Hb St., 
(tin t(;o. 
uniplly. ISoncli tastings. 


U r f III n.rijl 1 driven profitably by a Tb^sinug h^ine, (< 
| manufactured by CHANDLER & TAYLOR, ol 
\l yiiii ^i) iLL, Indianapolis, Ind. Seepa B o3. 


Blacksmiths— Continued. 

Gibbons L, Lake Valley 
Kerney Wm, Lake Village 

Leverton F M, Lewisville 
Shirk & Elliott, 

Heimburger F J, Kewanna 

Peterson N, " 

Wilson W B, 


Bachtall D, Lakeville 

Wright I N, 

Zcllers S, 

Wernlz I, 

I'.randrifl Charles, Lexington 

Kendlesparke J, Keys'.one 

Wemtz II, 

Brandrifl Wm, 

Cornelison T, Kilmore 

McCluskey A, Landersdale 

Richardson S A, 

Ingram C II, Kingsbury 

Schafer G G, Lanesville 

Robinson Matthew, " 

Mecum R, " 

Lynn I, 

Davis A, Liber 

Biel F, King's Station 

Yeager & Schetter, 

Atkinson C J, Liberty 

Jackson A C, Kington 

Snyder P, LaOtto 

Jones Wm 11, 

Harding S & Son, Kirklin 

Waiter F, LaPaz 

Yaryan Edward, 


Bagley A F, LaPorte 

Ramsey A J, Liberty Centre 

Brown & Haynes, 

Batzschlaff A, 

Martin S S, Liberty Mills 


Lundquist C J, 

Landes G W, Libertyville 

Steele J & Son, 

Moulton & Nickerson, " 

Jones T A, Lick Creek 

VanSickle R E, 

Swanson C J, " 

Bush & Northan, Ligonier 

Smith G W, Knightsville 

Young O K, 

Regula Peter, 

Anderson W, Knox 

Alhvein F P, Larwill 

Teal & Knight, 

Seagraves W, 

Carrier G, 

TeaUV Wiclner, 

Giles & Hockley, Kokomo 

McCrea B, 

Kimball A, Lima 


Allison J H, Laurel 

Vanfossen & Bro, Limedale 

Ramsey L J, 

Secrest D L, 

Hart H, Lincoln 


Selm O B, 

Gift Daniel, Lincolnville 

Wasson W, 

Shoemaker J, 

Holloway I. 

ChincoskiW, Kout's Station 

Wintering F, 

Holloway Tob, 

Kee Wm, 

Peters M, Lawrence 

GalbreathJ, Linden 

Harris II D, Laconia 

Smith J, 

Blew Jacob, Linn Grove 

Lenan H, " 

Springer G, " 

Falb Isaac, 

Herod L, Ladoga 

Dexhcimer J P, 

Fry II , Linton 

Nicholson 13 H, 

Lawrence burgh 

Hinman Boon, " 

Souther & Yeagley, " 

Heustis B & O, 

Hofedit? 11, " 

Allen A G, Lafayette 

Schlotter Melchior, " 

Sherwood H M, 

Baugher & Wcgnei, " 

Haefner John, " 

Boszor A, Lisbon 

Marks G A, 

HofTman Joseph, " 

Fry John, 

Meehen J, 

Coleman Alex, Leavenworoh 

Conner E N, Livonia 


Hedden Elias, 

Turner A F, " 

Shoemaker C H, " 

Jenner & Bro, Leavenworth 

Grone C, Locke 

Snyder E & Co, •' 

Ott G S & Son, 

Mellinger J H, 

Streber H A, " 

Lakin L S, Lebanon 

Burk lacob, Lockport 

Ullrich J, 


Burk James, 


Armington John, Leesburgh 

Clark "J, 

Johnston G F, LaFontaine 

Armington W F, 

McMimls E, Lock Spring 


Beane C C, 

Shuck F, Locust Point 

Billings C H, LaGrange 

Consalus lohn, Leesville 

Keiser W, Logansport 

Develin J, 

McAfee I'D, 

Klimsick II & Bro, 

Lutz B F & Co, 

Wilson John, " 

Mover J, 

Sefton G W, 

Leatherman George, Leipsic 

Thompson J M, 

Slack J, 

Matthews J H, 

Garthwait M, London 

Donevan D, LaGro 

Gisinger II, Leiter's Ford 

Hoop A " 

Lynch J, 

Deventer F, Leo 

Dowling D, Loogootee 

Noonan J, " 

Cody & Wilson, Leopold 

O'Brien I F, 

Park A L, 

Beach A II, Leroy 

Bais A H & E, Lornne 

Carter B, Lake 

Miller A, Lett's Corner 

Bradfield W H, Losantville 

Fisher C, " 

Bowman W P, Lewis 

Try S, Lotus , 

Hilderbrant Wm, 

Cady C J, 
Dolgam Marsh, 

Willmore W C, Lovely Dale 

Willis J, 

Wood R YY, Lovett 

Seydcl C, Lake Station 

Mahan W A, 

Cox E, Lowell 

Rager& Ilager, Laketon 

Alexander I B, Lewis Creek 

Field F, 

Capita! City Cigar. 

Maimfactiirccl t>v JOHN TC.AVCM, 
G2 Wost Washington Stroot, 



tout. Tlic Best is (he Cheapest. AVur. 
every respect. A. KMS1H.Y & CO., 
ami 7* W. Monroe Street, CHICAGO. 




Hepp V, 


Culbertson Wm, Marland 

Trout R A, 


Powers j A, 


Allen 11, Markle 

Hudson J II, 


lackson J A, 


Alshouse H, 

Compton J S, 


Shute J S, 

Toulston W S, 

Robertson E, 


Martin E 11, 


Judd & Forks, Markleville 

Seaton J, 

Wiard A, 

Vandyke J, 

Barkley T M, 


Mclndoo Bros 


Kreig L, Marmont 

Betts G P, 

Milford D H, 


HannaD, Marshall 

Pigeon P, 

Heider J T, 

Lyons' Station 

Mitchell J, 

Rupp F, 


I.ohr J, 


Nail J, Marshfield 

Dowden S, 


Edmondson L 


Pechen E, 

Troutman J M 


Wagoner I, 


Shepherd T J, Martinsburg 

Royal J E, 


Gaskins S & S 


Cramer & Smith, Martinsville 

Widner T, 



Fuselman & Quinn, " 

Caldwell J, 


Wright J M, 

Hayward & Geyer, •' 

Scheidler J, 


Dean E, t, 

cCoy's Station 

Hou-e A, 

Elliott J, 


Eppley S, 


Jerman A P, 

Atz A, 



M ace 

Kiefer J, 

Atz C, 

Misch M, 


Mills & Crider, 

Summers & Summers, " 

Stewart T, 


Fitch T, Martz 

Bland C, 


Gross E M, 


Mammoth J L, Marysville 

Neff D, 

All D II, 


Cook F, Mattsviile 

Newhouse W, 

Burk J A, 


Bodenstadt H, Mauckport 

Bell W, 


Donlan A, 


Norris A C, Maxinkuckee 

Gwinnup C, 


Heck J, 


Burris E, Mechanicsburg 

Richey A, 


Hollis J P, 


Wood & Brown, 

Smith S R, 


Rushton D, 

Martz E& L, Mechanicsville 

Leverton & Ba 

ker, Milton 

Wood A B & Son, 

Falkner J, Medarysville 

Plummer Z B, 

Brown L H, 



Schmid D, 


Dodson D S, 


Dougherty W T, Medora 

Vest W A, 

Mineral City 

Swalla & Sproul, Majenica 

James L L, " 

Nettleton & G 


Clark D H, 


Smith G A, 


Claspill R C, 

Meltzer A, Meltzer 

Taylor A, 

Linems J C, 


Buchanan S, * Memphis 

Coleman D, 


Purlec D, 

Gray S, 

Head J A, 

Frank L, 


Barker C H, Merom 

Runyan T L, 


Coffin Z, 


Reed W T, 

Zink & Davis, 


Snyder W F, 

Leonard M, Merrillville 

ColweU T, 


Hardesty J, 


Stonestreet A, " 

Yost P J, 


Rohm, Nelson 

& Rohm, 

Masters & Ryman, 

Lord M, 




Hildebrand T, 


Holmes L K, 


Thorpe C II, 

Denton &Mart 

n, "