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UPuj6 5 3y^(^ 


J he y^rganizaiion and 

h^eqfulaiions or ine 
^^^ssociatea VUomen 

Published for Women Students 

of the 

University of Maryland 

Edited by Jean Spencer 

Digitized by tine Internet Arcinive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 



Introduction to AWS 4 

AWS Officers 5 

Graph of the AWS Organizations 5 

The Judicial Board 5 

Sorority Residence Councils 6 

The Executive Council 6 

The Academic Board 6 

The Residence Council 7 

Dormitory Government 7 

The Advisory Board 7 

AWS Committees 8 


Signing Out and In 9 

General and Late Leaves 10 

Special (III) Leaves 12 

Visitors — Women 14 

Overnight Guests 14 

Men's Calling Hours 15 

Fraternity and Men's Dorm Visiting Hours 15 

Be Sure You Know About 16 



What It Is 

. . . the Associated Women Students is the cam- 
pus governing body for women students. 

Who's In It 

. . . every women student on the Maryland 

What It Does 

. . . sets up and enforces the standards of con- 
duct and residence rules for women students, 
sponsors cultural and social activities and coordi- 
nates women's activities on campus. 

Why Have AWS 

... to give women students an opportunity to 
govern themselves within their grant of powers 
from the administration. 

Where You Fit In 

... as an active member, you'll gain experience 
in democratic self-government, work with the 
Men's League in planning joint social functions, 
and promote such activities as the Student-Fac- 
ulty Coffee Hours, the campus cultural program 
and freshman orientation. 

Note to Daydodgers 

. . . daydodgers are just as much a part of AWS 
as on-campus students. Their help is needed to 
carry out the AWS program for more social, aca- 
demic and cultural activities for women students. 
AWS gives off-campus women an opportunity to 
meet new friends and become a more active part 
of the Maryland campus. 

How to Get Started 

. . . sign up in the armory booth during registra- 
tion; contact Carmen Guevara, AWS president, in 
Somerset Hall; or drop by the AWS office any 
afternoon in the Student Union Building for fur- 
ther information and application blanks for AWS 



*President Carmen Guevara 

* Vice-president Dorothy Delaney 

*Secretary Ellen Kehoe 

*Treasurer Joan Hamburger 

tJudicial Board Chairman Nancy Rankin 

-{Academic Board Chairman Dorothy Williams 

*Elected in campus-wide SGA elections. 

t Appointed by AWS Executive Council. 



Judicial Board has jurisdiction over violations of 
women's regulations. They can review and set aside 
decisions of the residence judicial boards and act as 
an appeals board for students not satisfied with a 
dormitory or sorority board decision. 

The five dormitory judicial chairmen and the four 
members appointed from either the junior or senior 
classes by the retiring AWS Executive Council 
make up the Board's membership. The chairman is 
elected at a joint meeting of the incoming and 
retiring board members. 



The Executive Council is the central, coordinating 
body of AWS, It passes upon all AWS legislation, 
approves committee chairmanships recommended 
by the AWS president, and delegates funds for 
AWS activities from their SGA appropriation. 

The Council's official membership consists of: 

— AWS president, vice-president, secretary and 

— Chairman of the Judicial and Academic Boards 

— Dormitory presidents 

— Representatives from each class, the Daydodg- 
ers Association, the International Club, and the In- 
dependent Students' Association, the Panhellenic 
Association, and chairmen of AWS standing com- 

The weekly meetings of the Council, held on 
Wednesday afternoons at 4 p. m. in their Student 
Union Building office, are open to all women stu- 
dents. Girls who want to take an active part in 
AWS activities are invited to attend these meetings. 


The Academic Board is composed of the dormi- 
tory academic chairmen and five non-dormitory 
women, appointed by the Executive Council, 
one of whom must be a daydodger. These members 
carry out the Board's purposes of encouraging 
scholarship and improving student-faculty relations 
by arranging special tutoring, working for better 
study facilities on campus, and by sponsoring the 
Student-Faculty Coffee Hours. Board members 
serve as chairmen of the Academic Board commit- 
tees and must have an overall average of 2.7. Mem- 
bers for the committees are selected from women 
interested in the work of the Board. 


The house president, judicial chairman, sorority 
president, and house director of each residence com- 
pose the Sorority Residence Councils. Their duties 
and powers are similar to those of the dormitory 



The Residence Council, the liaison between the 
women's residences and the AWS Executive Coun- 
cil, suggests and approves all changes in the House 
Rules for University living units for women. The 
Council consists of members of the Executive Coun- 
cil, the judicial chairmen of all sorority houses and 
off-campus residences, and all chairmen of AWS 
standing and temporary committees. Suggestions 
for changes in the House Rules may be made by 
individual living units to the Council through their 


The Dormitory Councils are the administrative 
bodies for on-campus residences for women. Each 
dorm council is made up of the president, vice-presi- 
dent, secretary, treasurer, the judicial, academic, 
orientation and social chairmen and four class rep- 
resentatives of that dorm. The house director 
serves as the council advisor. 

Each council supervises the conduct and scholar- 
ship within its dormitory and promotes extra-cur- 
ricular activities among its students. 

The officers and class representatives are elected 
by a majority vote of the residents. The freshman 
representative is elected in the fall one month after 
the beginning of school. The chairman and mem- 
bers of the committees are appointed by a commit- 
tee of the new officers, the incoming and retiring 
presidents, and the house director from the applica- 
tions of interested students. 


The members of the Dean of Women's staff con- 
stitute the AWS Advisory Board. 



Most of the work of the AWS is carried out 
through its committees. To make its program a 
valuable and functional part of campus life, AWS 
needs interested students to become a part of its 
organization. Its wide range of activities demands 
a wider range of talents — including everything 
from a knowledge of parliamentary law to the abil- 
ity to draw, write, and act as hostesses and party 
organizers. Some of the major AWS committees 
open to interested students are: 

Cultural Committee 

. . . publicizes local cultural events and obtains 
special student rates and extended late leaves for 
such functions. 

Social Committee 

. . . works with the Men's League to coordinate 
inter-dormitory parties and desserts and is in 
charge of dormitory teas for special days (Home- 
coming, Dad's Day). 

Orientation Committee 

. . . supervises the "big sister" program in the 
dormitories, writes letters of welcome to incom- 
ing students, and helps new students get ac- 
quainted with the campus. 

Convention Committee 

. . . plans the area conventions which provide 
neighboring colleges an opportunity to discuss 
with us common student government problems. 

Publicity and Publications Committee 

. . . publicizes the activities of AWS, informs 
students of changes in AWS regulations, and pub- 
lishes the AWS handbook. 

Constitution Committee 

... is in charge of revising the constitution and 
by-laws of AWS to keep them up to date. 




Every girl is personally responsible for recording 
the required information on pro\'ided forms when 
she departs from campus"-^' at any time or from her 
residence after 8:00 p. m. This is called "signing 

*Campus means the area including the univer- 
sity buildings and grounds, sorority and frater- 
nity houses, and the College Park commercial 

. . . when away from her residence, a girl may 
may be signed out by the desk supervisor or by 
the house director if she phones her request 
before 8 p. m. 

. . . when delayed or unable to return on time, 
she must call her house director. 

Off-campus students — call your residence di- 
On campus students — call WA. 7-3800 and 

your dorm extension 
If long distance — tell the operator this is an 
emergency call 


Each girl must record the time she returns. 
Lateness results in judicial board action and a pos- 
sible "campus" (confinement to vour residence after 
7 p. m.). 




General Leaves 


Week NisM^ 

*A freshman is allowed two 10:30 P. M. leaves 
each week which may be used on Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday or Thursday nights. If used on a Mon- 
day (closed night), she may sign out until 10:00 
P. M. but it will count as one of her 10:30 leaves. 
Freshman women who make a 3.3 average their 
first semester are granted unlimited 10:30's 
during the second semester (except on Mon- 
days) . 

Late Leaves 

A "late leave" permits a student to remain out 
of the dorin after 10:30 p. m. but no later than the 
closing hour unless she is staying away overnight. 

A freshman is allowed five "late leaves" per se- 
mester, which permits her to remain out of her 
residence until 12:45 a. m. on any Tuesday, Wednes- 
day, Thursdav or Sunday night, exclusive of her 
10:30 privilege. These also may be used as over- 
night leaves. 

Late Leaves are granted according to the follow- 
ing academic classification: (hygiene and physical 
education credits are not included (, provided the 
girl has at least a 2.0 average. Appeal may be 
made to the Academic Board for special circum- 


Freshman less than 28 credits 5 per semester 

Sophomore... .28 credits 9 per semester 

Junior 58 credits 14 per semester 

Senior 88 credits unlimited* 

* Without conditions or failures 
Transfer students use the academic classification 
of their previous school until they are officially 
classified at this University. 

Closing Hours 

Residences for women will close at the following 
times. Girls returning after these hours must make 
arrangements through their house director to be 
admitted by the night watchman. 

Monday (closed night) 10:00 p.m. 

Tuesday through Thursday 12:45 a.m. 

Friday and Saturday 1:00 a.m. 

Sunday 12:45 a.m. 

Closing hour during registration week will be 
11:00 p. m. for all women's dorms. Regular hours 
and leaves will begin on the weekend prior to the 
beginning of classes (Friday, Saturday and Sun- 

General Leaves 

Week MitWfe* 


night is a closed night (10:00 p. m. 

* Monday 


A senior woman (who has no academic conditions 
or failures) is granted unlimited late leaves 
(12:45's) every night except Monday which is a 
closed night (10:00 P. M.). 



All women students are granted: 

. . . 10:15 leaves for Monday night basketball 
games. This is considered a 10:30 leave. 

. . . free late leaves for attendance at off-campus 
cultural activities (i. e., symphonies, plays) ap- 
proved by AWS Executive Council. 

. . . free late leaves for extra-curricular activi- 
ties, personal necessity or exceptions not covered 
by these regulations must be secured through the 
Office of the Dean of Women. 

Holiday Leaves 

. . . free late leaves on the nights preceding and 
closing vacation periods. 

Overnight Leaves 

. . . overnight leaves are granted only when the 
"Parent's Permission Form" has been signed by 
your parents and returned to the house director. 

Overnight leaves are considered late leaves unless 
the student signs out for the infirmary or her home 
because of illness. In this case, she must notify the 
house director before signing out and must present 
a written excuse upon her return. 


Early Morning Leaves 

... to leave a dorm be- 
fore 6:00 a. m. for any 
reason, a student must 
secure the permission of 
the house director. 

Exam Week Leaves 

. . . free late leaves from the completion of exams 
until the dorm is officially closed. 
. . . 11:15 leaves for the following University- 
sponsored functions:* 

University Theatre plays 

Gymkana Show 

Clef and Key productions 

KA Minstrel Show 

Suburban Symphony concerts 

Aqualiner's Water Show 

Interfraternity Sing 

Modern Dance Recital 
* Leaves are extended until 15 minutes following 

the finish of the performance if the function 

runs later than 11:15. 

Weekend Leaves 

. . . weekend leaves may be taken as often as de- 
sired as soon as the "Permission Form" is in. 
. . . weekend leaves may extend from Friday 
after the last class until Monday before the first 
class. They are not considered late leaves, unless 
a student returns to her dorm on Sunday night 
after 10:45 p. m. Then she will be charged for a 
late leave for that evening. 






A visitor: 

. . . must announce herself at the reception desk 
and sign the visitors' book before going to her 
hostess' room. 

. . . must not enter the rooms of residents in the 
absence of these residents without the house di- 
rector's permission. 

. . . must not use donnitory facilities unless she 
is visiting residents who are present at the time 
of her visit or unless she has the permission of 
the house director-. 
. . . may visit a dormitory at the following times: 

Hours for Visitors — Women 

Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 

Friday and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. 

Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. 

Women may stay in the dormitories until 12:30 
for studying purposes with the house director's 



. . . may be invited on weekends and on nights 
before a holiday. Other nights require special 
permission from the house director. The house 
director must be notified, the guest fee paid and 
all necessary arrangements made 24 hours prior 
to the guest's arrival. No fee is charged if the 
guest is a resident of another campus dorm. 
. . . must abide by the closing hours and other 
hall regulations, such as signing out and in, dur- 
ing their stay. 

. . . will be allowed the same leave permissions 
as their hostess. 



Dormitories Sorority Houses 

Mon. to Thurs 2:30 p.m. -10:00 p.m *4:00 p.m.— 8:00 p.m. 

Fri. and Sat 12:00 noon— 12:45 p.m 12:00 noon— 12:45 a.m. 

Sun 9:00 a.m.— 10:30 p.m 12:00 noon— 10:30 p.m. 

*two of these days will be closed to men visitors; one 
day the hour will he 10:00 p.m. 

Men callers who arrive at times other than those 
specified may wait for their dates in the reception 
hall or lobby (but no longer than five minutes) 
according to the jurisdiction of the house director. 

Visiting Hours 

Visiting hours for all off-campus houses under 
university jurisdiction will be determined by the 
house holder, but shall not exceed those for dormi- 




Women will be allowed to visit fraternity houses 
and men's dorms during the following specified 
times only, provided chaperones are present: 


Friday 4:30 p. m.-7:00 p. m. 

Saturday and Sunday 1:00 p. m. -7:00 p. m. 

Women may visit fraternity houses for registered 
social functions:** 

. . . from 1 p. m. until 12 a. m. on weekends 
. . . from 4 p. m. until 8 p. m. during the week 
**all organized social functions must be registered by 
Wednesday noon of each week for the following 
weekend in the Dean of Women's office. These will 
then be included in the social calander which is 
sent to each residence on Friday of each week. 

( 15) 


Entrances and Exits 

Only entrances and exits specified by the dorm 
council will be used from 8:00 p. m. to 8:00 a. m. 

Reception Halls and Lobbies 

The reception halls and lobbies of dorms cannot 
be used after closing hours. Studying- must be done 
in designated study rooms after 12:45 a. m. 

Housing During Vacation and Between Semesters 

Women students \\'lio wish to remain on campus 
during these periods must al)ide by the closing 
hours and other arrangements that will be specified 
by the Dean of Women and the house director. 

Fire Drills 

The student fire marshal and house director of 
your residence are responsible for planning and 
directing fire drills. Be sure you understand all 
instructions concerning fire drills thoroughly. 


Smoking is not permitted in classrooms or the 
dorm lobbies. 

Smoking while walking across campus is frowned 
upon at Maryland — try to limit your smoking to 
acceptable indoor places. 


Be sure to lock your room whenever you plan to 
be away for any length of time. The University 
cannot be responsible for loss or theft of articles. 

Never walk alone on campus after dark. (What 
better excuse to get HIM to walk you home from 
the library!) 


Standards of Dress on the Maryland Campus 


To make a good impression on our co-ed campus, 
appear at your best in the traditional sweater and 
skirt combinations. 

Shorts, slacks, jeans and other sports wear are 
not allowed in the Library, dining hall or anywhere 
else on campus unless required for active sports or 
for special classes, like painting or field trips. 
When you must wear sports clothes, keep them cov- 
ered with a long coat while on campus. 

In residence halls: 

No active sports apparel or dressing robes are 
allowed in the lobbies except after closing hours. 


Allowed only in areas set aside for this purpose. 


Monday through Thursday: 
10:30 p. m.— 11:30 a. m. 
1:30 p. m.— 4:30 p. m. 
*7:00 p. m.— 10:00 p. m. 
Friday through Sunday: 

— from 11:00 p. m. the preceding night until 
noon the following day. 
* The beginning of evening quiet hours may begin any- 
time between 7 and 8 p.m., and will be left to the 
discretion of the executive council and house director 
of each residence. 


. . . radios must be turned so as not to be heard in 
the adjacent rooms. 

. . . no lengthy conversations or visiting in the hall- 
ways is allowed during quiet hours. 
. . . all telephoning must stop except in case of an 
emergency after 11:00 p. m. 

. . . hall proctors are responsible for maintaining 
quiet hours and must report all offenders to the 
Dorm Judicial Board after their third offense. 

XS'^^^vr^^^^^ NOISY PERIOD 


( / /)a/ Cc ^^ A half-hour "noisy pe- 

'^V.n/VGtr ^ riod" is allowed each 

night between 10 and 11 
p. m. The exact time is 
set by the council and di- 
rector of each residence. 

Telephone Manners 

Limit each call to five minutes. (Don't waste all 
your time with one boy — others may be waiting to 
call you!) 

Important — no calls come into the dorms after 
10:30 p. m. on week nights and 11:00 p. m. on 
weekends. The campus switchboard is covered by 
the police department after these hours. 

Emergency calls will be transmitted to the dorms 
after these hours by the police.