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K/.irL,-/?^ <)/ 



^\ AR^' - .-\i 

^^^j ^^TvtC^ 



1953 - 1954 


Welcome 3 

Dorm Life 3 

Daydodgers . 4 
Clothes and Social Life 5 

Academic Life 7 

AWS Officers 8 

A''S Constitution 9 


Ueet Elack-eyed Sue. This gal 
may be Maryland's state- flower, but 
Sue is like any 
other girl aboat 
to enter Marylind 
U» as a new stu- 
dent • She har. tiie 
same clothing Iv.ts, 
revised and edi"-ad 
by a practical 
mother, a fin- 
ancially skeptical 
fat her I and a v^ise 
She has the same 
stomach pangs as she thinks of sor- 
ority rushing, 8 ;00 classes, and 
Saturday night dates* In short, 
Sue has the same problems that you, 
as a new student will have* 

colleo-e friend. 


Her first big concern is where 
and how she will live. The dorm 
assigned to Sue is very similar to 
the other four women' s dorms on 
campus: it houses about 140 girls j 
has a spacious lobby; contains a 
basement equipped with laundering 
facilities, public phones, and candy 
and fruit juice machines. There is 
a large rec room where Sue can enter- 
tain visitors with a ping-pong game 


rV-Bhow^ior piano jam-session# 

Sue's room is on the second 
floor, so with a shout of, "Man 
on secondi", Sue and her folks pro- 
ceed to unload pillow, bed-clothes, 
blankets, spread, rugs, curtains, 
and clothes from the car and start 
the long haul upstairs* An hour 
later the weary workers push the bed 
into place, plug the radio and alarm 
clock (into a newly acquired exten- 
sion cord), and collapse on 3ue*s 
roommate* s bed to survey the four 
walls that Sue will call home during 
the coming year. 

Assue's parents are leaving, 
they meet the housemother who ex- 
plains the dorm rules: quiet. 

hours for 
study, Monday 
night dorm 
meetings, meal- 
time, and the 
dorm judicial 
board. After 
a final fare- 

well to her parents, S^ue dashes 
upstairs to avjait her roommate. 


Ove'r half of SueVs freshmen Will h«^ I>ay dodgers 

and live at home* They may com- 
mute to the University by public 
trainsportation, in their own carst 

or a car 
pool. They 
will find a 
desk at re- 
set up ttd 
help them 
find rides 
if they 
haven't been 

successful yet in finding trans- 
portation. They may put a lock on 
one of the lockers in the Education 
or BPA building to keep books or a 
lunch* Daydodgers may bring 
their lunch and eat in the Rec Kail 
or the Dairy* Of course they may 
buy lunch in the dining hall cafe- 
teria, rec hall, dairy or the drug- 
store if they v^ish. 


Sue begins the long process of 

unpacking, with that harrible fe.,ii'i^ 
of soraetning forgotten* Ab isne •^s'^.gs 

up skirts and folds sweaters, Sus's 

mind -.vanders to the fall football 

games and informal fraternity parties. 

Her green formal brings thoughts; !'f 

the Pan-hel pledge dance, homecojuing 


reek-end, fraternity formals, and 
Rossboroagh • eek-end. Jeans and 
sweatshirts for picnics at '>reen- 
belt are stashed a\':ay; then as 3ue 
pldces saddles, loafers, and heels 
into her shoe bag, she remembers 
the forgotten: RaIN".VEAHI I .Vhere 
are the boots, slicker, and um- 
bFella? ^uick, a note to motherl 
Sue finishes her unpacking by hang» 
ing her prized possession, THE suit, 
in her closet. Sue may wear The 
Suit to basketball games, boxing 
matches, Convocation exercisesi 
the movies, church, and all inbe- 
tv.'een occasions that don't re- 
quire dressy clothes or jeans* 

■Vith a usual frown, Sue- takes 
out the envelope -A'ith her monthly 
\ allowance 

in it. ■ 
Whether it 
v;ill be 
for shampoo, 
club dues, 
.ectioh, s'tamps, snacksi 
cigarettes, and cokes will be up 
to Sue. and her feather* 


So Sue sits and waitsc Her 
companion for the year should be 
moving in soon and togethe*r thcce 
will be registration, mail from 
home, their personal conference 

with the Dean of '.Vomen, Saturday 
classes, phone calls from the • 
current man, study for finals, and 
all the other activities that will 
make the coming year one that 
Black-eyed Sue will never forget. 


You will meet the A'.VS officers 
upon yo'*r arrival at Maryland and 
get to knov; them through out the 
year ; 

President - Mary Jo Turner 
Vice-President - Joy Covert 
Secretary - '.'/anda Mehring 
Treasurer - Maureen Quinn 
Judicial Board Chairman - 

Aileen Zuriff 
Academic Board Chairman - 

Maxine Moffett 

Dormitory Presidents: 

Anne Arundel Hall - Jeanne Monk 
HH - Frances Campbell 
^ueen Anne* s - Barbara Hammond 
St, Mary's - Virginia Dunlap 
Somerset - Barbara Paten 

Even the smallest organizations 
must have a set of laws to follow* 
The AWS is not a sm^all org-anization 
however: for every women on the 
Maryland campus is a member. Now 
is a good time for you to become 
acquainted with their constitution. 


1953 - 1954 


'.Ve , the women students of the 
University of Maryland, in order 
to further our practical education 
in the process of democratic self 
government delegated to us in the 
interest of the University and for 
the general welfare of the women 
students do hereby establish this 
constitution of the Associated ivo- 
men Students of the University of 



The name of this organization 
shall be As3 0ciated 7omen Students 
better kncv.n as A7S. 


The Purpose of this organizaxion 
shall be to serve as a governing 
body for the women students and to 
encourage their participation in the 
administration of student life. 


The staff of the Dean of '.Vomen 
shall constitute the Advisory Board 
of the Associated Women Students, 


The officers of this organiza- 
tion shall be: 

A» President 

B. Vice President 

C. Secretary 
D« Treasurer 

£• Chairman of the Judicial 

F» Chairman of the Academic 



Section 1, Definition. 

The Executive Council shall be 
the active administration organiza- 
tion of the vjomen students. 

Section 2» Membership, 

The Executive Council shall con- 
sist of the follov/ing members: 
President, Vice-President, Secretary, 
Treasurer, Chairman of Judicial 
Board, Chairman of the Academic 
Board, the Dormitory Presidents, 
Deputy President of the Panhellenic 
Council, Representative of the Day- 
dodgers Student Association, and 
Representative frorn each class - 

Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and 
Freshiiiaii, enl a ?3presentative of 
the In^.ornaiional Club. 


Sectioa 1. De-^irJ.t ion« 

Th--^ ?^::ia.,u:^ Council shall be 
t he a c ' -■ I : -i .1 % -• a o i''?.- n i za t i o n 
between l-.s c^/^;'m;ei houses f'^r 
women '.ir-i.-.^ :>• ^'- rrrj: +: jurisdi :"':ion 
and the " "Sxc-cu f". ivc ^^ouacil of A'^c-j 

Section 2r Mcib.rRhiDt 

Th.^ Fos.- '^oi'- i Council shall con- 
sist of tjie .""c- ': 'j'/v' tiiT ."i-rHibers : mem- 
bers f r^i^c /.T 1 /e C c ur: :) il , Jud .c ial 
Chairman cT e.-::;.i s;:r':-i?ty house. 
Judicial C^a-Lr:':r.r. cf eacn off- 
campus woraci''s !-t si'lence, Chairman 
of each stitndin^ cru-iil'Ctee of A'V3 , 
Chairman of each tamporary committee 
of A-''3 during the period when the 
temporary commiitee is functioning. 


Section !♦ Definition 

The Judicial Board shall have 
jurisdiction over violations of 
women's regulations. 

Section 2. Purpose, 

The purpose of the Judicial 
Board is to maintain a high level 
of personal and group standarcfe of 
behavior in the college community. 

Section 3. Membership, 

The Judicial Board shall be com- 
posed of nine members, five of whom 
to be appointed as judicial chair- 
men of the five dormitories and four 
to be appointed by the retiring AWS 
executive council from the incoming 
Junior and Senior classes. 

The Chairman of the Judicial 
Board shall be elected by the in- 
coming and retiring members of the 
campus Judicial Board meeting to- 
gether for this purpose. 


Elections of the President, 
Vice-President, Secretairy, and 
Treasurer shall be handled by the 
Student Government Association in 
the manner prescribed by the Stu- 
dent Government Association. 


Section 1. 

Meetings shall be held and con- 
ducted in the manner as specified 
^y R obert's Rules of Order. 

Section 2« 

At all meetings a two-thirds 
majority of the respective members 
shall constitute a quorum. 



Section 1. 

This Constitution shall be 
amended by the affirmative vote of 
two«-thirds of the voting women of 
the Student body provided that 
thirty days have elapsed since the 
publication of the proposed amend- 
ment and the date of referendum, 

aection 2. 

^Amendments to the Constitution 
may be proposed by a two-thirds 
majority of the Executive Council 
or by the process of initiative* 


This Constitution shall be im- 
plemented with By-Laws, which shall 
be amendable by the three-fourths 
vote of Executive Council, and 
Residence Council and the approval 
of the Dean of Women's staff t 


The term of office* shall bs 
concurrent with that of the 
Student Government Association* 




A» The Executive Council shalL 
transact all official business 
of the A'-VS, and shall" consider 
and act upon all problems 
which pertain to the welfare 
of the women students. 

B* The Executive Council shall 

consider suggestions for legis- 
lation from any individual stu- 
dent or any group of students, 
the House Directors ♦ and the 
staff of the Dean of Women. 

C. The Executive Council shall co- 
ordinate the activities of AlvS* 

D* The Executive Council shall 
meet weekly. 

£• The Executive Council shall 
approve appointments made by 
the presidents 

F. The Executive Council shall pre- 
pare the agenda for the Resi- 
dence Council* 

G. The Executive Council shall 
approve the annual budget. 

H. All proposed legislation must 
be publicized in all living 
units prior to final considera- 
tion by Executive Council. 



A» The Residence Council shall 
approve changes in all Houre 
Rules submitted by the living 
units, and may suggest and 
approve any changes in House 
Rules which it deems necessary« 

B« The Residence Council shall meet 
at least once a month or more 
frequently at the discretion of 
the Executive Council. 

C. All proposed legislation regard- 
ing house rules shall be pub- 
licized in all living units 
prior to final consideration by 
the Residence Council. 


A. Jurisdiction 

The Campus Judicial Board shall 
hear and act upon: 

!• All cases of lateness of 30 
minutes or more. 

2. All cases involving refusal by 
a student to accept penalties 
imposed by a residence judi- 
cial board. 

3« All cases wherein repeated 
offenses have been made by a 
student against, student gov- 
^/ernment regulations arjd stan- 

4» All cases involving serious 
deviation from social moral 


standards of the Student CJov- 
ernment Association of the Uni* 
versity of Maryland, 
5. The third offense against the 
University regulation concerning 
the use of alcoholic beverages. 
(First and second offenses will 
be handled by responsible 
officers and the housemother 
of the living undt«) 
B« Procedure 
!• All dormitory house directors, 
sorority housemothers, and per- 
sons in charge of off-campus 
housing units, and sorority and 
dormitory house presidents shall 
receive notification of Judicial 
Board decisions pertaining to 
cases of residents of their 
respective living units within 
24 hours following such deci- 
2« The Judicial Board, sorority 
and dormitory judicial boards 
shall keep permanent files for 
records of all judiciary cases 
handled by these respective 
3« Records of all cases handled by 
the Campus Judicial Board will 
be filed in the permanent per- 
sonnel folders of the rtespec- 
tive students in the office of 

the Dean of V^omen. 
iv* The Judicial Board shall meet 

weekly at a regular time> 

decided upon by the members.. 
5* All cases that are to be tried 
shall be reported to the Judi- 
cial Board 2k hours after the 
offense is committed* 
•C. General Policy 
1* Violations of rules and stan- 
dards of the Student Govern- 
ment Association shall be con- 
sidered by all Judicial todies 
in the light of the gravity of 
the offense, attitude, motiva- 
tion,- and past record of the - 
offender, and all other ex- 
tenuating circumstances. 
2* The Judicial Eoard shall re-- 
view all cases handled by the 
residence judicial boards:, i^.-.d 
if the action taken by these 
boards is deemed unjust, the 
Judicial Board members may act 
upon the original decision. 
3* The Judicial Board v;ill fiinc- 
tion as an appeals board fcr-. 
any- students who are not sat.LS- 
'fied with decisions of dormi- 
tory or sorority judicial 
k* The residence unit may not al- 
ter-ia decision made by the 
Campus Judicial Board;* 
5* The Campus Judicial Board mem- 
bers may refer cases to the 
Dean of Women for final action 

with or without, recommendation,. 

6» All cases which involve extreme 
departure from accepted stan- 
dards of behavior or which are 
caught up in circumstances of 
a strictly confidential nature^ 

• information concerning which 
the Judicial Board members have 
no access to,, shall be referred 
to the Dean of Women* 

D» Penalties, 

1, "Campus" - Confinement to resi- 
dence after 7:00 p^m. 

2* Revocation of late leave privi- 

3* Detail work in residence under 
supervision of housemother* 

4« Other penalties deemed advisable* 


Af Purpose* 

The purpose of the Academic Board 
shall be to inspire higher aca*- 
demic standards among women stu- 
dents, augment personal integrity, 
and to stimulate intellectual life* 

B. Membership. 
1* The Academic Board shall be com- 
posed of the dormitory academic 
Chairman, four sorority repre- 
sentatives elected by the Execu- 

tive Council of A'-V3 and one day^ 
dodger representative chosen 
from the official Daydodg^rs 
Student Organization* 

2# The Chairman, to be appointed 
by the President of A.V3 with 
the Approval of Executive 
Council, shall be chosen from 
the members of this board. 

3» Eaph member shall have an 
overall average of 2*7« 

C. Duties 

Members of the Academic Board 
shall be chairmen of the following 
recommended committees: honor 
system, tutoring, lecturers, and 
publicity. The members of thes^ 
committees shall be chosen from 
interested women students. Other 
committees shall be formed as 
deemed necessary by this board. 


A. President 
1* Qualifications 
a. She must be chosen from in- 
coming Junior or senior 
B. She must have a minimum of 
one semester* s experience oh 
either the A,V3 Executive 
Council, Eesidcme Council, 


Judicial Board, Academic Board, 
or any Chairman of AlYS Committee, 
or a member of three AV/3 committees* 
This does not include dormitory 
government experience except for 
membership on the Dormitory 
Executive Council. 
0* She must have a 2«2 overall 
2% Duties 

a. She shall officially represent 
AWS on the S«G.A. Executive 
Council and on all occasions 
calling for such representa- 
b» She shall preside at all 
meetings of the Executive 
Council and Residence Council* 
c* She shall submit the annual 
budget to the V/ays and Means 
Committee of the S»G,A, 

d. She shall maka appointments 
approved by the Executive 

e. She must reside in one of the 
women's dormitories during her 
term of office. 

B» Vice President 
1. Q^ualifications 
a# She must be chosen from the 
incoming junior or senior 
b» She must have a minimum of 

one semc;ster*s experience on 

either the ASW Executive Coua- 
cil, Residence Council, Judi- 
cial Board, Academic Board y or 
any A'FS Committee. This does 
not include Dormitory govern- 
ment experience except for mem- 
bership on the Dormitory Execu- 
tive Council. 
c. She must have a 2.2 overall 
2« Duties 

a. She shall assist the President. 

b. She shall act for the Presi- 
dent in her absence. 

C. Secretary 

1. [Qualifications. 

a. She must be chosen from the in- 
coming sophomore, Junior, or 
senior class. 

b« She must have a minimum of one 
semester's experience on either 
AVif'S Executive Council, Resi- 
dence Council, Judicial Board, 
Academic Board, or any A-VS 
Committee. This does not in- 
clude dormitory government 
experience except for member- 
ship on the Dormitory Executive 

c. She must have a 2.2 overall 


2. Duties 

a. S-he shall be responsible for 
^B$^gS:^mjr^ of the A'VS office, 

b. She snaTI send a copy of the 
minutes of Executive Council 
and Residence Council meetings 
to every residence unit and to 


the Deans cf ^ornen and to the 
Deans of Men vathin the week 
following each meeting, and shall 
. maintain a copy for the A^"3 files^ 

c. She shall keep a calendar of 
regularly scheduled meetings of 
all branches of the government. 
This calendar shall be posted in 
the office of AWS and in the 
office cf the Deans of Women* 

i. She shall call |*or removal of an 
officer of the organization who 
has twt unexGUsed absences from 
the meetings* 

Dt Treasurer 

1. qualifications. 

a. She ixiust be chosen from the 
incomi^ig ;scphomore, junior, or 
senior class. 

b* She must have a minimum of one 
semester's experience on either 
the All 3 Council, Residence 
Council, Judicial Board, Aca- 
demic Board, or any AWS Com- 
mittee* This does not in- 
clude dormitory government ex- 
perience except for membership 
on the Dormitory Executive 

c. She must have a 2*2 overall 

2. Duties 

-• She sha;! 1 keep a record of all 
fi jaj tr-- nr,ao tions of the 

organizatj n.u, 


b» SJie shall procure all re- 
quisitions from the Purchasing 

Ef Judicial Board Chairman. 
1* ;^ualif ications 

a^ She must be chosen from in- 
coming junior or senior class* 

b» She must have had a minimum 
of one semester* s experience 
on either the dormitory or 
campus judicial boardf 

c» She must have a 2t2 overall 
2# Duties 

a^ She shall preside over all 
official meetings of the 
Judicial Boards 

b* She shall hold the board to 
its proper Judicial and edu- 
cational functions. 

c% She shall be responsible for 
thorough investigation of all 
incidences of standard vi:>"- 
lation among women students^ 

d# She shall be responsible for 
supervision of all records 
maintained by judicial board* 

Ff Academic Board Chairman 
!• Qualifications 
a. She must be chosen from in- 
coming junior or senior class. 


b* She must have had a minimum 
of one semester's experience 
on either the dcrmitory rr 
campus Academic Board, 
c* She must have a 2.7 overall 
average • 
2* Duties 

a. She shall preside over all 
official meetings of the 
Academic ,Boardt 

b. She shall hold the Board to 
its proper academic and 
educational functions. 

c. She shall be responsible for 
thorough investigation of all 
incidences of academic viola- 
tion among women students* 

d. She shall be responsible for 
supervision of all records' 
maintained by the Academic 


A, If a vacancj occurs in the 
presidency, the succession to 'the 
office shall be in the order 
of Vice-President, Secretary, and 

B.. Vacancies occurring in all 
rffices except that of Presi- 
dent of Ars shall be filled by 
appointment with the approval 
of Executive Council. 


A# Dormitory Council 

1. Purpose: The dcrmitory council 
is the Administrative organi- 
zation of the dormitory. 

2. Membership: Membership on the 
council shall consist of Presi- 
dent, Vice-President J Secretary, 
Treasurer," Judicial Chairman, 
Academic Chairman, Orientation 
Chairman, Social Chairman, and 
representative of the classes. 
The Dormitory Director shall 
serve on the Council in the 
capacity of advisor. 

B» Judicial Council 

1. Purpose: The purpose of the 

Judicial Council is to serve 
as standards committee and to 
maintain order and decorum in 
the dormitory. 

2. Membership: The members of the 
Judicial Council shall be com- 
posed of Judicial Chairman, 
Orientation Chairman, and 
four members from the incoming 
freshman, sophomore, junior, 
and senior class to be appoin- 
ted by the Dormitory President 
with the approval of the Dormi- 
tory Coancil. The freshman 
representative shall be appoin- 
ted one month after school has 
officially begun in the fall 

C. Elected Officers 
Im The following officers shall 

be elected by a majority vote: 
President, Vice-President, Secre 
tary, Treasurer, and representa- 
tives of the four classes^ 
2. General qualifications* 
a. The President " and Vice-Presi- 
dent should be chosen from the 
incoming junior or senior 
classes. The Treasurer and 
the Secretary may be chosea 
from the incoming sophomore, 
junior or senior classes. 
b.Xhe elected officers shall 
have a 2.2 overall average. 
D. Appointed officers; 
1. The following officers shall 
be appointed by the new presi- 
dent in consultation with the 
retiring president and House 
Director, and with the approval 
of the new. Dormitory Council: 
Judicial Chairman, Academic 
Chairman, Orientation Chair- 
man, and Social Chairman. 
2* General Qualifications: 
a. The Judicial Chairman, Aca- 
demic Chairman, and Orienta- 
tion Chairman should be chosen 
from the incoming junior or 
senior classes* The Social 
Chairman should be chosen 
from the incoming sophomore, 
junior or senior class. 
B. The appointed officers shall 
have an over all 2.2 average, 

with the exoep.tlon of the Aca*: 
demic Chairman who must have an 
oeverall average of 2«7«. 
3. Duties* 
a* Judicial chairman* 

1. She shall preside over all 
official meetings of the 
judicial board. 

2» She shall be responsible for 
thorough investigation of all 
cases of rules and standards 
violations in her dormitory* 

3« She shall be responsible for 
referral to Campus Judicial 
Board of all cases which can- 
not be handled in the living 

4« She shall serve as her dormi- 
tory* s official member on the 
Campus Judicial Board. 
b» Academic Chairman • 

!♦ The Academic Chairman Shall 
encourage an attitude of 

2| She shall be responsible for 
maintainance uf study room 
c. Orientation Chairman* 

!• She shall incorporate a big 
sister program. 

2» She shall organize the orien- 
tation program in her dormi- 

3. She shall inform all hall 
members as to the various 


extra-academic pursuits of the 
,' campusf and cultural offerings 
of the -surrounding community » 
and shall encourage , the parti- 
cipation, of hall ■ members in 
student government and other 
organizational activities* 
d. Social Chairman 
1. She is responsible for the 
Organization and- the planning 
of balanced social program 
- far all residents of the 
living unit* 
-■ 2* She shall form her own com- 
mittee which must be approved 
by the Dormitory Council* 
S* Elections. 
•!• The Dormitory Council shall 

serve as a Nomination Committee. 
2« The slate shall be presented 
that Monday following 3.G.A. 
elections unless otherwise 
designated by the Executive 
■Council of AV.'So. 
3* Nominations v;ill be accepted 

from the floor. 
4* xhe^hali membership shall vote 
by ballot within a week 
following presentation of slatet 
5* First semester Freshmen are not 
permitted to vote in specia^ 
elections held in fall to fill 

6. A special election will be held 

within three weeks following 

the opening of the fall semester 
in which freshmen will choose a 
representative to the Dormitory 

F. Term of officeo 

Dormitory officers will remain 
in office one year and will be 
installed within t^^o weeks fol- 
lowing elections, 

(>• Written Reports. 

All officers shall submit to the 
incoming President written re- 
por"fe at the completion of their 
period of service. These reports- 
shall be kept on file in the 
dormitory, with copies in' the 
A-v3 office. 


A. Purpose: The Sorority House 
Residence Council shall serve as 
the administrative body of the 
living unit. 

B. Membership: The Council shall be 
composed of the House President, 
Judicial Chairman, Sorority 
President, Housemother, and any 
other officers deemed necessary 
by the President. 

C. Duties: The Sorority Council 
shall perform such administrative 
and judicial functions as are 
deemed necessary for the best 
interest of the residence. 


D.. The Judicial Chairman who 
serves also on AWS Residence 
Council shall bu considered the 
official student government 
representative of her residence* 
She must have a 2.2 overall 


A. The- standing committees of Ail^S 
shall be: Constitution, Current 
Events, D^ C. Tours, Big- and 
Little Sistar Program, Publica- 
tions, Publicity, and Social. 
1. The President of A'" 3 shall •. 
appoint the chairman of each 
committer, witn the approval of 
Executiv^; Council. 
2* Each committee chairman must 
have an overall average of 2»2« 
E« The temporary committees of AV/S 
shall be: Housemothers Tea, 
Christmas Pageant, May Day Teai 
and any others which the Presi- 
dent deems necessary. 

1. The President of A/^"S shall 
appoint the chairman of each 
committee with the approval of 
Executive .Council. 

2. Each commit\efc chairman must 
have an overall average of 2.2. 



A. Signing in and out. 
1. Departure from the campus at 
any time, and from the Univer- 
sity residence after 8 p,m% 
must be registered by the stu- 
dent at the time of departure,. 
a» Campus is defined as the area 
including the buildings and 
grounds of the University, the 
sorority and fraternity houses, 
and the commercial district of 
College Park, 
b. In registering, the student 
must record name, time of de- 
parture, expected time of i-i : 
return, destination, and tcr?.e- 
phone number of destinatir;-:: , 
name of companion and mode of 
travel if she is leaving cam- 
pus, on forms provided, 
c» She is personally responsible 
for recording time upon her 
2» When away from residence, a 
student may be signed out for 
the evening by the dosk super- 
visor or by the housemother if 
she phones her request no iater 
than 8 p.m. 
3. If a student wishes to leave 
the campus before 8 a»m, s.".ie is 
asked to si^n out the night 
prior to her leaving. 
4» Any woman student who is do- 

layed and finds that she will 
not be able to return to her 
residence on time is requested 
to call her house director, 
a. Students living on campus 
should call 7arfield 7-3800* 
The campus police will connect 
her with her house director. 
If calling long distance a stu- 
dent should tell the operator 
that this is an emergency call. 
Arrangements can be made to 
have the night watchman admit 
her to her residence upon re- 
turning late, 
b* Student living off campus 
should call their respective 
residences directly*.. 
5. Students may not leave their 
residence Sunday through Thurs- 
day after 10:30 p.m. and on 
Friday and Saturday after 11. '45 
B. General Leaves (These rules 

apply except in the case of late 

1. Freshmen are permitted to 
return to residences no later 
than : 

a. 8 p.m. Monday - Thursday 

b. 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday 
G. 10:1x5 P»tn. Sunday. 

2. Sophomores and Juniors are 
permitted to return to resi- 
dences no lat^:r than: 


dfc. 10:.00 p.m. Monday. 
b» 10:45 P«m«- Sunday.. 

c. 10:30 p^m. Tuesday - Thursday. 

d. 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. 
3* Seniors are permitted to re- 
turn to residences no later 
than ; 

a.. 10:00 p.m. Monday, 
b. Unlimited late leaves other 
days (without conditions or 
C. Late Leaves (late leaves may be 
taken as follows:) 

1. Freshmen* 

a. Freshmen are permitted to re- 
turn to residences no latsr 
than 10:30 p.m. two evenings 
each week: Tuesday through 

b. Freshmen are allowed 5 addi- 
tional late leaves per semester 
which may be taken until 12:45 
on any Tuesday, '"ednesday, Thurs- 
day, or Sunday evening. 

2. Sophomores are allowed 9 late 
leaves per semester which may 

be taken until 12:45 any Tuesday, 
iiVednesday, Thursday, or Sunday 

3« Juniors are allowed 14 late 

leaves per semester v^/hich may be 
taken until 12:45 any Tuesday, 
Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday 

4. Seniors are allowed unlimited 

late leaves (v;ithout conditions 
or failures)* 
!)• Special Leaves. 

1. Special Permission. 

a. All women students are gFanted 
11:15 leaves for attendance at 
the following University spon- 
sered functions; University 
Theater performance, Gymkana 
Show, Clef and Key productions, 
KA Minstrel Show, Modern Dance 
Recital, and Suburban Symphony 

b» Any privileges not provided for 
under these regulations and 
those involving exceptions to 
these regulations must be se- 
cured through the Office of the 
Dean of Women (i.e. late leaves 
for extra-curricular activities, 
University Theater, Diamondback, 
etc., or for personal necessity). 

c. All freshmen women who make a 
3»3 average their first semes- 
ter are granted unlimited 10:30' s 
except for Monday during their 
second semester. 

2. Transfer students shall use the 
academic classification of their 
previous schools until such time 
as they are officially classified 
at the University of Maryland. 
Privilege categories of unclassi- 
fied students shall be determined 
by the Dean of Vi/omen. 


3- Holiday Leaves - Free late 
leaves for all women on the 
night preceding one day vaca- 
tions, and on the night which 
officially closes the vacation 
k» Exam Week. Leaves - Free late 
leaves are granted following 
completion of exams until dormi- 
tory is officially closed. 
5« Overnight and l^eekend Leaves - 
a» A student may not remain av.^y 
overnight from the University 
residence until the "Parents* 
Authorization Form" shall have 
■ been completed, signed, and 
returned to the' housemother by 
the parent or the guardian of 
the said student* 
b. An overnight leave shall be 
considered as a late leave,. 
c« A weekend leave may extend from 
Friday after the last class un- 
til Monday before the first 
class* A weekend leave shall 
not be considered as a late 
leave* However if a student re- 
turns to her dormitory on Sun- 
day ni.^ht after 10 J 30 p.m. she 
shall be charged with a late 
leave for that evening. 
6* Early Morning Leave "- Any stu- 
dent desiring 'to leave the resi- 
dence before 6 a.m. for any 
reason must havt permission 


• of residence director» 
£•. Housing during vacation and be- 
t^jveen semesters - jVomen students 
who request the privilege of be- 
ing housed by thi^ University 
during. these periods shall abide 
by the conditions regarding clos- 
ing hours and other arrangements 
as shall be specified by the Dean 
of Women and the housemother dur- 
ing these periods* 
F« Guests* 
1. Guest Hours. 

a. Guest hours for dormitories. 
1. Men may be received M»n. - 

Thur. 2:30 to 10:00 p.m. Fri. 
and Sat. Noon - 12:45 a.m. 
Sun. 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. 
2«. Women .guesta Shalliabid^ by 
the same rules as students 
living in the dormitories. 

b. Guest Hours for Sorority Houses: 
l.Men may be received on 

appointed days from 4 - 3 p.m. 
I^Ionday through Thur. and may 
remain until 10:00 one of 
these days. (If sororities 
will provide substitute house- 
mothers approved by the Dean 
of .Vomen's Office for the re- 
maining two days wlon. through 
Thur., men may be received on 
these days, 4-10 p.m.) 
Fri. and Sat, Noon - 12:45 ^*'^* 

Sun# noon - 10; 30 p«m». Men nay 
be received to wait for datis 
for a short time according lj 
the jurisdiction of the hoo-.-.e- 
2». V/omen guests shall abide by the 
same rules as students li^■il:j^ 
in the sorority house. 
c« Gentlemen guests may be enter- 
tained in private-of f-campiir. re- 
sidences under Jurisdictioii -.f 
the University.iuring the hcurs 
designated by the house dirc.tx^ 
These hours shall not exceed 
those established for the v.-omun 
in dormitories, 
d.. The governing body of each re- 
sidence shall designate the 
rooms in which guests are to be 
2* Overnight Guests. 
a* Students may have overnight 

guests on weekends, and the night 
pre'ceding a holiday*, .Vith the 
permission of the housemotheri 
a student may have overnight 
guests Sunday through Thursday* 
b« The house-director must be noti- 
fied, guest fee paidt and ne- 
'cessary linens procured and 
other arrangements made 2k hours 
prior to the arrival of the 
guest* If guest is a resi.dent 
of another University of Mary- 
land dormitory or sorority 


house, no fee is to be charged. 
(Quests must register in the guest 
book immediately upon arrival.. 
c» All guests must abide by clos- 
ing hours and other hall regu- 
lations • 
d. A guest shall have the samo 
leave permissions as her hostess 
G# Social Events. 

1. Calendar--/ill organized social 
functions must be registered 
prior to the function in the 
Dean of Women's Office by Wed. 
noon in each week.. These will 
be included in the social cal- 
endar which is sent to each re- 
sidence by Fri. each week. 

2. Fraternity houses and Men* s 
Dorm 3-uest privileges. 

a. Visits of women gueslg must be 
confined to those times when 
chaperones are present. 

b. Hours for women guests: 
Fri. - 4*30 - 7:00 p.m. 

Sat. and Sun. - 1 p.m. - 7 p»ni» 

c. Women students may remain in 
Fraternity houses after 7 P«ni. 
until 12:00 p.m. on weekends 
and may be entertained in fra- 
ternity houses from Mon. 
through Thur. from 4-3 p.m. 
for registered social functicns. 

H. Dormitory Management. 
1. Q^uiet Hours: 
a* Monday through Thursday : 


8;00 a»m, - 11 :30 a#m, 

1 :30 p*m, - 4:30 p,m, 

7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. 

11 :00 p.m. - 3:00 a^m. 

,b., Friday through Sunday. 

Quiet hours are to be observed 
from 11:00 p.m. the preceding 
night until noon the following 

c* Radios must ,be turned softly so 
as not to be heard in adjacent 
. rooms during quiet hours. 

d. No lengthy conversation or 
visiting is permitted in the 
hallways during quiet hours. 

e# All telephoning except in case 
of emergency must stop at 11:00 

f» Hall proctors shall be respon- 
sible for maintaining quiet 
hours. They must report all 
offenders to the Dormitory Judi- 
cial Board after their third 


2. Reception Hall. 

The Dormitory Reception Hall can- 
not be used by the residents for 
studying or for any other puror.r-.e 
after closing hours. Only desig- 
nated study rooms shall be uso-:' for 
study purposes after 12:45 a-ern, 

3» Entrances and Exits. 

Only entrances and exits specified 
by the hall governing body shail 
be used from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m* 


I,. Restrictions and Penalties* 
1. Maintenance of AWS rules is the 
responsit>ility of all council 
members.., F^-ilure cf an;y stu- 
dent to by these rules 
will be penalized by the re- 
sidence council at the discre- 
tion of this body in accordance 
with the extenuating circum- 
stances involved in the indi- 
vidual offense* Continued dis- 
regard of rules and flagrant 
violations of the standards of 
the University of Maryland may 
be referred to the A'^^3 Judi- 
cial Board.- 
2« Privileges may be restricted if 
the academic standing of the 
student falls below 2.O. Re- 
strictions will be made by a 
committee composed of the hall 
Academic Chairman, the hall or 
House President, the dorm di- 
rector or housemother, and a 
member of the staff of Dean of 
Women. Restrictions will be 
made in accordance with in- 
dividual problems*