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H/omen s hcecrealion .s^ssociation 



lAniversHy of tynaryland 



AWS Editor Monica Maizek 

WRA Edifor Robyn Rudolph 


''''- 'm 

QtiJc /or 1962-63 


We of the Dean of Women's Office bid you 

Your main purpose in entering the University 
is to acquire an education. A great part of this 
you will get in the classrooms and the Library, 
from professors, books, and from one another. 
It is also hoped that you will recognize and take 
advantage of the extra-curricular offerings of the 

Though the University is large and as such may 
seem confusing at times, there are a great many 
people here — fellow students, faculty, administra- 
tors and staff — who are personally interested in 
your welfare and happiness and will be pleased to 
be of help if you will let them know your concerns. 

When you arrive on campus you will be given 
much information to help you learn your way 
around our community. In addition, regulations applicable to all students are set forth 
in a booklet entiiied Universify General and Academic Regulations. The catalog of the 
College in which you register will also set forth certain requirements with which you must 
become familiar. 

Included in this handbook are rules and bits of advice from two campus organizations 
to which all undergraduate women automatically belong — the Associated Women Students 
and the Women's Recreation Association. AWS is the student government organization 
through which the women largely determine the social rules and regulations by which they 

WRA offers a great variety of sports activities which will not only prove beneficial from 
a physical standpoint, but will also enable you to make friends with others who share your 
interests. Each organization extends to you an Invitation to participate — won't you accept! 

Remember, this is now YOUR UNIVERSITY. If we In the Dean of Women's Office can 
in any way assist you in taking advantage of and enjoying all that Is here for you, please 
give us the privilege of doing so. 

Dean of Women 

Miss Julia Billings 

Assistant Dean of Women 

AWS Ad^^sel• 

Miss Ethel Kesler 

Physical Education Department 

WRA Adviser 



Welcome to Maryland. Your own in- 
itiative Is the key to friendship, culture, 
and participation In self-government and 
student activities. The Associated Women 
Students Is composed of all the under- 
graduate women at Maryland — Greek and 
Independent, Daydodger and Dormdweller. 
Our existence Is circular. We are organized 
to serve you and in return we need your 
ideas, talents, and enthusiastic support. 
Consider yourself an important part of 
AWS. As a new member of AWS, It is 
your privilege and duty to take part In 
making and enforcing the rules by which 
the women students at Maryland live. 

We have tried to anticipate and answer your questions about college life. 
Do you have more? Feel free to ask. Now that we have met, a friendly 
"hll" will serve to open a conversation with any of the officers of AWS. 

AWS President 

WELCOME to the University of Mary- 
land and to WRA! The Women's Recrea- 
tion Association Is a student organization 
which plans and sponsors many recrea- 
tional and sports activities. It is designed 
to meet your Interests and is dedicated 
to making your college years more enjoy- 
able. All of you belong and may partici- 
pate in any part of Its program. 

I feel that participation in our sports 
program is one of the best ways of keep- 
ing healthy, making close friends and 
practicing good sportsmanship. By being 
active In WRA you can become a vital 

art of an organization that gives every Maryland co-ed the opportunity to 

ave these experiences. 

This should be a wonderful year for WRA, and we are depending on you 
to help make it possible. Remember, WRA is YOUR organization and is only 
as strong as your interest and support. 

WRA President 



'Small service is true service while it lasts: 
Of humblest friends, bright creature! scorn not one: 
The daisy, by the shadow that it casts. 
Protects the lingering dewdrop from the sun." 

William Wordsworth 


1st Vice-President 
Beverly Macht 

2nd Vice-President 
Linda Tatum 

Judith Stover 

Valorie Wood 


You and every other woman student at the University are members of 
AWS — the Associated Women Students. It Is your governing body, making 
the rules which guide you in habits of dress and manner. It has its counter- 
part in the Men's League. Both the AWS President and the Men's League 
President are members of the Student Government Association Cabinet. 

hHeaded by the Executive Council of President, First Vice-President, Second 
Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, AWS is closely attuned to your 
problems. You are represented at each meeting by your class representative 
and at dormitory and sorority council meetings by your dormitory or sorority 
president. AWS meetings are open to the public, and everyone is invited 
TO attend especially those of you who would like to become active in AWS 

You can take your study problems to your Academic Board Representa- 
tive, and she. In turn, will take them to the campus Academic Board. The 
Academic Board is concerned with the scholastic standards of women stu- 
dents and has done a great deal to curtail the campus cheating problem and 
encourage a stimulating academic atmosphere. 

Rules governing dormitory and sorority living were set up by the Campus 
Judicial Board. You are represented here by the chairman of your dorm 
or sorority judicial board. Most disciplinary problems are settled within 
your own residence, but habitual miscreants will be asked to appear before 
Campus Judicial Board. 

In addition to these programs AWS has a long list of activities which 
it sponsors that are of interest to women. Among these are the annual Christ- 
mas Pageant, Orphans' Party and Bridal Fair. 

Those of you interested in participating in any AWS program may get 
an application from your residence president or the Dean of Women's office. 
When you have filled one out, return It to the president or Dean's office. 


AWS has designed many activities especially with you in mind. Most of 
them are annual events, programs which you will enjoy your first year and, 
perhaps, help to create in the years to come. Your Introduction to AWS 
will probably be the Big Sister Program. Whether you are a dorm dweller, 
a Daydodger or become a sorority pledge, you will have an upper-class 
"sister" to whom you can turn In your more confused moments. 

As a dorm dweller you will meet your big sister when you move In, or, 
If you are a Daydodger, you will meet her at the Coke Date in the Student 
Union if she hasn't seen you beforehand. 

In December AWS presents Its annual Christmas Pageant, hield in the 
Chapel, the pageant recreates the beauty and magic of the traditional 
Christmas story. After the pageant, groups of students go caroling and are 
often Invited into the homes of local residents for hot chocolate and cookies. 



Executive Council 

1st Vice-President 







2nd Vice-President 

Committee Chairmen 

Early In the spring a young 
girl's fancy turns to thoughts of 
romance, and AWS is right In 
step with Its Bridal Fair. Plan- 
ning a wedding or not, you will 
find sonnething of Interest at the 
Bridal Fair where there are booths 
with merchandise from jewelry to 
sports cars. The highlights of the 
evening are a fashion show by 
Julius Garfinkle and the raffling 
of a wedding cake. 

AWS tries to lend a helping 
hand wherever It can and every 
spring holds a party for Washing- 
ton area orphans. The party Is 
held In conjunction with the Pan- 
hellenic Council. Those who at- 
tend do their best to cheer the 
children with games, candy and 

AWS sponsors a counseling 
program for everyone, but It Is 
especially geared to freshmen. It 
can help you learn how to study 
and how to decide which major 
Is best for you. AWS also spon- 
sors biannual employment con- 
ferences. These are attended by 
representatives of all the major 
companies with offices In the area. 
Talks dre given on appropriate 
dress, how to handle Interviews 
and other topics of Interest to the 
potential career girl. Miss Future 
Success is also selected. 

To develop leadership qualities 
in women AWS holds an annual 
workshop to which an outstand- 
ing personality is invited to speak. 
Afterwards, campus problems of 
all kinds are discussed, many from 
new and exciting angles. 

For the first time last year 
AWS, In conjunction with Diadem, 
sponsored a women's convoca- 
tion to which they invited Nancy 
hianschman, CBS Correspondent. 
The purpose was to honor women 
students on campus, the honor- 
arles, outstanding members of 
each sorority and dormitory, and 
women's clubs. It was a big suc- 
cess, and we hope it will be con- 
tinued as an AWS tradition. 

All of these programs are 
planned and executed by com- 
mittees selected by the AWS Ex- 
ecutive Council. Also, AWS has 
many standing committees that 
need able and eager volunteers. 
These Include the Cultural Com- 
mittee, the Social Committee, the 
Elections Committee, the Consti- 
tution Committee, the Secretarial 
Committee, the Publicity Com- 
mittee, and the Information Please 


Li ^ ij 

it 3 i 



Anne Arundel Hall 
Caroline Hall 
Carroll Hall 
Centreville North 
Centrevllle South 
Cumberland Hall 
Dorchester Hall 
Montgonnery Hall Center 
Montgonnery Hall East 
Montgomery Hall West 
Queen Anne's Hall 
St. Mary's Hall 
Somerset Hall 
Wicomico Hall 
Worcester Hall 


Patricia Olsen 
Dale Devey 
Florence Bernstein 
Kay Hanley 
Anne Teter 
Judith Lanier 
Diane Soiled 
Judith Fenner 
Karen Jeisi 
Barbara Potzner 
Sue Battaglia 
Judith Paige 
Linda Hyssong 
Fran Pinter 
Sandra Whalen 



Alpha Chi Omega 
Alpha Delta Pi 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 
Alpha Gamma Delta 
Alpha Omicron PI 
Alpha Phi 
Alpha XI Delta 
Delta Delta Delta 
Delta Gamma 
Delta Phi Epsilon 
Gamma Phi Beta 
Kappa Alpha Theta 
Kappa Delta 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Phi Sigma Sigma 
Pi Beta Phi 
Sigma Delta Tau 
Sigma Kappa 


Marcia Henderson 
Bonnie Blxby 
Reggie Klein 
Bonnie Schlndler 
Marilyn Shure 
Joyce Ward 
Joanne Scullin 
Jane Wharton 
Elizabeth Goodridge 
Marlene Porter 
Dee Latimer 
Linda Cavin 
Elaine RIcca 
Joanne Moser 
Nancy Julius 
Duane PIncuspy 
Linda Abelman 
Virginia Taggart 

I I 


At first you are going to think AWS has a rule for every nninute of the day, fronn the 
time you get up to the tinne you go to bed. hlowever, Maryland rules for wonnen are 
liberal in comparison with others across the country, and as you become acquainted with 
them you will realize the reasoning behind each one. Also, now that you are enrolled at 
Maryland, you will have a voice in future modifications and changes of these regulations. 

SIGN OUT: You must sign out at the reception desk whenever you expect to be out of 
your residence after 8:00 p.m. You must include your time of departure, 
expected return, destination, with whom you are leaving and the mode of 

OVERNIGHT SIGN OUT: S'gn out on your CARD at the main reception desk. INDI- 
CATE ThIE DATE and use consecutive lines on the card until It Is full; then 
ask the Head Resident or graduate student for a new card. 

OFF-CAMPUS SIGN OUT: (To ret^.m before the residence closes the same day) Sign 
out In the loose-leaf BOOK at the desk. 

SIGN IN: Record yo-r exact time of return including late minutes — if any. SIGN YOUR- 
SELF OUT AND IN! No one may do this for you except your Head Resi- 
dent or the desk receptionist on duty. 

EXPECTED RETURN: Please Indicate In this space the time you estimate you will be 
back in the residence hall. Having this information could be important in 
the event of an emergency. Also, It Is helpful, should someone wish to reach 
you for any reason, to be able to indicate when you might return. There 
will be no penalty for returning later than the time you indicate as your 
expected return unless you return after your closing hour. It Is understood, 
of course, that you may not sign out for a time later than the closing hour 
for your class without special permission from your Head Resident or the 
Dean of Women's Office. 
















1 :00 a.m. 

1:00 a.m. 






1 1 :00 

1 :00 a.m. 

1:00 a.m. 


1 1:30 



1 1:30 


1:00 a.m. 

1 :00 a.m. 






1 1:30 

1 :00 a.m. 

1 :00 a.m. 

SPECIAL LATE LEAVES: Special permission to return to the residence hall after your 

regular closing hours may be granted by your Head Resident for purposes 
of attending cultural events, such as those held at Constitution Hall, Na- 
tional Theater, and Arena Stage. Arrangements for such special late leaves 
must be made 48 hours In advance except in cases of real emergency. 

( 12] 

Automatic extension of closing hours will be granted for those attending 
special campus events. The following are Included: 

1) Aquallners Water Show 

2) Band and University Orchestra Concerts 

3) Gymkana Show 

4) hiarmony HHall 

5) Interfraternlty Sing 

6) Modern Dance Concert 

7) University Theater Plays 

8) Suburban Symphony Concerts 

9) AWS Christmas Pageant 
10) SGA Cultural Events 

I I ) Basketball Games 

You are expected to return to your residence hall 20 minutes after the func- 
tion is over. When signing out to attend one of the above, you should not 
estimate the time you expect to return as later than the time you are due in 
the residence hall, but you should sign out indicating your closing hour as 
the time of expected return, write "Special Leave", and an automatic exten- 
sion will be granted if necessary. 

Everyone will be granted 2:00 a.m. permissions the Saturday night of 
Homecoming, the night of the Junior Prom, and the night of the Senior Ball. 

Requests for special late leaves for campus events not listed should be 
taken to the AWS Dormitory Council two weeks In advance. 

OVERNIGHT AND WEEK END LEAVES: Overnight leaves are granted only when the 
"Parents' Authorization Form" has been signed by the student's parents 
and returned to the Dean of Women's Office. 

Weekday Overnights: Overnight leaves may not be taken Monday 
through Thursday except for emergencies and by special permission of the 
Head Resident. 

Exception: Seniors may take weekday overnights Tuesday through Thursday 
within the provisions of the parents' authorization form. 

EARLY MORNING LEAVES: To leave the residence before 6:00 a.m., a student must secure 
permission of the Head Resident the day before. She signs out the previous 
night before the residence closing hour. The earliest time one can enter 
a residence is 7:30 a.m. 

ORGANIZATION SPECIAL LEAVES: Special late leaves for organizations such as Uni- 
versity Theater and Diamondback must be cleared through Miss Billings' office. 
(The required 2.0 average Is checked.) Requests should be presented typed 
at least one week in advance. Individual arrangements will be made by 
the Head Resident when she receives the official list. 

Overnight leaves such as choir trips are cleared through Miss McCormlck's 
office. Lists should be given to her at least one week in advance. 

( 13) 

LATENESS: Upon the accumula+ion of 10 late miniates in any one semester, whether ac- 
cumulated on several occasions or on one, you will be penalized by your 
residence judicial board. The penalty will usually be a campus, its severity 
depending upon a consideration of the circumstances surrounding the indi- 
vidual case. The following are definitions of the three types of campuses 
which may be imposed for late minutes: 

1) Residence Campus: Confinement to residence after 7:00 p.m. with 
no callers or phone calls. 

2) Room Campus: Confinement to residence room after 7:00 p.m. with 
no callers or phone calls. 

3) Sign-in Campus: Student signs in hourly all day when not in class 
and is confined to room after 7:00 p.m. with no callers or phone calls. 

MEN'S CALLING HOURS: Memorize these hours. They are the times men can visit you 
in your residence. 

Monday: 12 noon -9:45 p.m. 

Tuesday through Thursday: 12 noon- 10:00 p.m. 
Friday and Saturday: 12 noon to 12:45 a.m. 
Sunday: 9:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m. 

He can call for you at other times but must wait in the lobby until you 
are ready. Calling hours at the sorority houses are decided within Univer- 
sity limits by the housemother. 

Recreation room calling hours in the residences vary according to the 
facilities in your dorm. These may begin no earlier than 1:00 p.m. and end 
no later than 9:30 p.m. Consult your Bulletin Board. 

MEN'S RESIDENCES: Co-ed undergraduates are not allowed to visit the off-campus 
'•ooms or apartments of any male students nor are they to visit any men's 
campus residences except when attending registered social events. 

VISITING A FRATERNITY: Women students may attend only those functions registered 
on the University Social Calendar which is sent to all residences by Friday 
of each week. Desserts on week nights may last until 8:00 p.m., and women 
students may not go to fraternity houses during intermissions when attending 
campus dances. 

The housemother or an approved chaperone must be present at all times 
that co-eds are in the house. Before a member may bring a co-ed into the 
house, he must obtain permission from the housemother. These rules are for 
your protection and good reputation. Please obey them fully. The risk of 
impulsive, unwise action is obvious. 

Calling hours: Weekdays— NONE 

Friday — 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.* 

Saturday — I :00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.* 

Sunday — 2:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.* 
* If Housemother is present and has given permission. 

( 14] 

OVERNIGHT GUESTS: A friend who is not attending the University may spend the night 
in your dormitory on Friday and Saturday provided your Head Resident 
agrees and there is room for her. Also with the consent of the Head Resi- 
dent a Daydodger may spend the night following a University function if 
she is unable to get home. 

To make the proper arrangements for your guest, you must give your Head 
Resident a completed guest card 24 hours in advance. When your guest 
arrives, introduce her to the Head Resident, show her how to sign in and 
out and acquaint her with the residence customs. You are responsible for 
her and her Infractions. 

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours are based on courtesy, and it is up to you to see that they 
work. Do not type after 12 midnight or before 8:00 a.m. Keep your door 
closed if you are being sociable. Quiet hours will be enforced by your 
judicial board, and excesses will bring a withdrawal of privileges. 

Quiet hours are In effect ALL THE TIME Monday through Friday except 
for the lunch hour, 11:30 a.m. — 1:30 p.m.; the dinner hour, 4:30 p.m. — 7:00 
p.m.; and a half hour at night 10:00 — 10:30 p.m. or 10:30 — 11:00 p.m., if 
the residence Executive Council approves. 

Saturday and Sunday quiet hours are somewhat relaxed after noon; Sunday 
evening quiet hours begin at 7:30 p.m. with a half hour break between 10:00 
and I 1:00. 

SPORTSWEAR: Women students may wear Bermuda shorts or slacks which are in good 
taste on the campus except for the following locations: Classroom Buildings, 
upper levels of the Student Union, Dining Halls, Library, Chapel, Administra- 
tion Buildings, Residence lobbies and living rooms (except upon leaving and 
entering) . 

This is a new ruling and will remain In effect only as long as it is not 

SUN BATHING: Sun bathing is allowed only In those areas so specified by the Dean of 

Women's office. You will all be notified In the spring as to specific locations. 

FIRE DRILLS: Each residence is required to hold one fire drill each month. When you 
hear the alarm, leave your light on and your door open, put on a long coat 
and outdoor shoes: then walk quietly to your assigned exit. 

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: Possession or use of alcoholic beverages, including light 
wines and beer, Is prohibited on the campus or in any residence, fraternity 
or sorority house or at any activity recognized by the University as a student 
organization function. 

According to Maryland state law It Is unlawful to sell or furnish any 
alcoholic beverages at any time to a minor (under 21 years of age) either 
for his own use or for the use of any other person. In Prince George's 
County it is unlawful for any person under the age of 2 I : 

I ) to enter the premises of a holder of a class B Beer, Wine and Liquor 
license between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless In the 
immediate company of one of his parents or legal guardians; 

2) to enter the premises of the holder of a Class B or Class D Beer or 
Beer and Light Wine license, except for the purpose of obtaining or 
consuming food, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian; 

3) to purchase alcoholic beverages or misrepresent his age to obtain 
alcoholic beverages or to have them on or about his person. 

( 15) 


The University is a big place and even your residence halls usually have more than 100 
inhabitants. Most of these general regulations are matters of common courtesy, but they 
are often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of college life. It will take a little extra 
effort on your part, but the rewards make the effort very worthwhile. 

More than anything else, the University wants you to be safe and happy in an atmosphere 
conducive to study and friendship. The rules will take you only part of the way; your own 
honor and integrity, kindness and consideration must bridge the gap between a college 
life which is just ordinary and one which is a really great experience. 

Residence doors — Because so many of the residences are close to the street or to fields 
and woods, all doors except the front door must be kept locked after dark. They will re- 
main closed until 7:30 a.m., but you may leave the dorm at 6:00 a.m. If you so desire. 

Reception lobbies may be used for study after closing hours with the Head Resident's 
consent. Smoking, however, is not allowed, and please pull down the shades! You may 
smoke anywhere else in your residence. 

Pets are not allowed. Please don't encourage those strays — you just make it harder 
for them and everyone concerned. 

Telephones are busy so limit your call to 3 minutes. You may make and receive calls 
from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Monday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday 
and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. on weekends. 

Room inspections will be made several times a week by your Head Resident. For safety 
and health reasons these rules must be enforced: 

1) Food and dishes may not be taken from the Dining Hail. 

2) Coke bottles must be returned to the cases provided for this purpose. 

3) The only electrical appliances allowed in rooms are table 12-inch fans, hairdryers, 
electric clocks, radios and phonographs. 

4) After dark when lights are on, shades must be drawn. 

5) Calling or talking from windows is prohibited. 

6) Food may not be kept on window sills. 

7) Food kept in rooms must be placed in metal containers with tight covers. 

Please keep your dormitory room locked when you are not there. You may know that 
everyone on your floor is honest, but strangers can wander in. 

Never walk alone on campus after dark — it is not safe. 

( 16) 


Set up a study schedule; it will prove Invaluable if you stick to it. 

Go easy in getting into activities. Maryland is such a big place you can 
get lost overnight and nniss the point of your college career — namely educa- 

Problems, big and little, may come thick and fast your first few weeks. 
Take advantage of the help your big sister, your hlead Resident, graduate 
assistant or the Counseling Center can give you. 

You may have problems, too, with your roommate. Chances are she Is 
someone you have never met, and two diametrically opposed personalities 
may have to learn to live together. Talk out your problems and you can 
solve most of them. 

College rooms will respond to a little imagination — bright drapes, spreads 
and pillows. You will want to bring blankets, linens, lamps, personal knick- 
knacks, etc. An early project with your roommate could be planning the 
decor of your room. 

Common courtesy is a must. It Is always nice to rise when an older person 
comes into a room — particularly your hlead Resident, a dean or a professor. 

Most of you probably want to know what to wear. At Maryland everyone 
is casual. For classes most girls prefer all-year-round-cottons when it's warm 
and skirts and sweaters In the fall and winter. Wool dresses for dates down- 
town and one or two cocktail dresses for really BIG events will stand you 
in good stead. That tailored wool will also be just right for attending ser- 
vices in the Chapel or other area churches on Sunday. Regardless of your 
faith there is a chaplain and a youth group to serve you. 

Welcome to Maryland and Good Luck! 

¥fti}i%i^' fniti f^ovst 

! SB ! 




'We can't all he captains, some have to be crew; 
There's something for all of us here; 
There's big work to do; there's lesser to do; 
And the task we must do is near. 

'If you can't be a highway, then just be a trail, 

If you can't be a sun, be a star. 

It isn't by size that you win or you fail — 

Be the Best of whatever You Are." 

Joe Dirk 


f'^ «rf 



Cece Jennings 

Recording Secretary 
Diane Baxter 

Corresponding Secretary 
Teddie Lou Kelly 

Barbara Burnett 


The WRA Council is made up of the officers you elect, committee chair- 
men, interest group and club leaders, Intramural managers, and representa- 
tives from each dorm, sorority and the Daydodgers. 

Your WRA Representative is the main link between you and the Council. 
She keeps you informed on events and brings your ideas to Council meetings. 

Applications for leadership roles may be obtained from your WRA 
representative or from the WRA office in Prelnkert Field hHouse. You may 
become more active by attending Council meetings and offering your help. 

You are always welcome at the Council meetings whether you have a 
specific job or not. WRA is your organization! 

ARFCW, the Athletic and Recreation Federation of College Women, 

is the national organization of which WRA is a member. Some students have 
started saving for its 1963 convention at the Woman's College of the Univer- 
sity of North Carolina in Greensboro. Maybe you would like to go! 



Sigma Tau Epsilon honors those women who have contributed outstanding 
leadership and service in the WRA program and its affiliated clubs, Aqua- 
liners and Modern Dance. To be eligible for tapping a girl must have com- 
pleted her freshman year and have maintained an overall average of at 
least 2.5. 

Tapping ceremonies are held twice each year, at the second WRA meet- 
ing of the Spring semester and at the annual WRA Banquet each May. The 
members of Sigma Tau Epsilon have an annual dinner each spring, which is 
held in a member's home. Sigma Tau Epsilon helps with many WRA projects 
and ushers at various University functions. This year Sigma Tau Epsilon 
conducted a campus-wide survey to determine WRA participation and to 
evaluate the WRA program. A total of 2600 questionnaires were returned 
and tabulated. 

The 1962-63 officers of Sigma Tau Epsilon are: President, Robyn Rudolph; 
Vice-President, Dale Devey; Secretary, Teddie Lou Kelly; and Treasurer, 
Gloria Silverstein. The members include: Amy Sakers, Cecille Pelovitz, Diane 
Baxter, and Virginia Crocker. Those tapped at the 1962 Spring Banquet 
were Joan Wilkinson and Marie Powell. 

Jean Weaver of the Modern Dance Club beams as she 
Wright at the 1960 Spring Banquet. 

tapped into Sigma Tau Epsilon by Judi 


A summer of fun and relaxation . . . but now it is timie to concentrate 
en those books! However, WRA offers a wonderful program of intramural 
sports for recreation between study hours! 

Each season brings forth some popular activities. In the fall tennis singles, 
badminton doubles, archery, bowling and ping pong offer a challenge. The 
v/inter season brings basketball, volleyball and badminton singles, while 
springtime produces the swimming meet, softball and tennis doubles. CO-ED 
volleyball and bowling tournaments will be planned in cooperation with the 
Men's Intramural Department. 

Intramural tournaments are arranged on an organizational level; you play 
for your dormitory, sorority or the Daydodgers. Your WRA representative, 
in dorm or sorority meetings, will keep you informed of the team and indi- 
vidual sport schedules. 


Since the Daydodgers have a more difficult time seeing each other, their 
representative will call a meeting before each team sport tournament to get 
organized. Individual sports enthusiasts may obtain entry blanks either from 
their WRA representative or the WRA office In Prelnkert Field hlouse. That 
is all, and you will be notified when to play. 

Several of the dorms and sororities assist with the Intramural program 
by donating the trophies which are awarded to the tournament winners at 
the annual Spring Banquet. The tournament managers are usually members 
of these "sponsoring" groups. A trophy must be won three consecutive years 
to become a permanent possession. 

Dress for intramurals is CASUAL. However, tennis shoes in the gym and 
bowling shoes at the alleys are always worn. Equipment for practice or 
individual activity may be checked out from Prelnkert Field hlouse Monday 
through Friday from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. 


The swimming pool in Preinkert Is open from 4:00 to 5:15 on Monday, 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons and on Wednesday nights from 
6:30 to 8:00. Bring self and cap. Suits and towels will be supplied. 

CO-RECREATIONAL swimming is held at Cole Activities Building on 
Friday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 and on Sundays from 1:00 to 5:30 and 7:30 
to 9:30 p.m. Bring self, cap and bathing suit of course! 

Perhaps most important in WRA is the fact that you do not have to be 
an expert to take part. The emphasis of the intramural program Is on FUN 
and the participation of everyone — not on winning and the participation of 
only the more highly skilled. You are encouraged to try your hand at any 
activity. Be seeing you! 



Archery Queen Anne's Hall Signna Delta Tau 

(Pann Prince) 

Badminton Doubles Carroll Hall Delta Delta Delta 

(Faith Ferris and 
Sue Baust) 

Badminton Singles Carroll Hall Alpha Omicron Pi 

(Faith Ferris) 

Basketball Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Kappa 

Bowling Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha Epsllon Phi 

Ping Pong Carroll Hall Caroline Hall 

(Florence Bernstein) 

Softball Alpha Chi Omega Somerset Hall 

Swimming Delta Gamma Kappa Delta 

Tennis Doubles Carroll Hall Alpha Delta Pi 

(Faith Ferris and 
Sue Baust) 

Tennis Singles Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Sigma 

(Audrey Maier) 

Volleyball Alpha Chi Omega WRA 



Participate in WRA's "club-type" program! You may also obtain points 
for your organization by being active in the interest groups. Choose from 
any of the eleven seasonal groups. Appropriate dress is the only requisite. 
Membership Is open to all beginners as well as experienced persons. All 
equipment (except for ice skating) will be provided. 

During Its regular season, each interest group meets once or twice a week 
for practice periods. Sometimes they play other area colleges. The teams 
which engage in these competitive matches are not varsity teams, but are 
made up of all members who wish to participate. Refreshments served after 
a game afford both schools an opportunity to socialize! 

Continue the activities you have always enjoyed ... or cultivate a new 
interest. At least one of these groups will hold some exciting moments for 
you. Announcements of meetings are found in the Diamondback. Watch 
for them! 


No worry about finding a court 
during tennis fever season . . . 

Time: Fall and Spring 

Place: Preinkert tennis courts 

Opportunities: Learn ... or inn- 
prove game. Matches with other 
schools . . . Sports Day! 


,,#.™„ „^ <- -«f~»* 


Are you an equestrian? If not, 
here's your chance to become 

Time: Fall and Spring 

Place: Aitcheson Stables 

Opportunities: Free instruction . . . 
trail riding . . . fun 

Cost: $2.00 an hour for horses 



A golf ball traveling along the 
putting green into the hole ... It 
could be your ball! 

Time: Fall . . . weekly sessions 

Place: University of Maryland 
driving range 

Opportunities: Student instruc- 
tion . . . Sports Day 


Practice those junnps, pivots and 
leaps ... a popular sport in any 

Time: Winter . . . two practices 
a week 

Place: Preinkert Gynn 

Opportunities: Play for your or- 
ganization . . . compete with 
other area schools ... a good 
record last season! 


Swinanners ready . . . take your 
marks . . . BANG! 

Time: Winter and Spring . . . 
Thursday nights 

Place: Preinkert Pool 

Opportunities: Earn WRA points 
. . . enjoy competing 



Fancy footwork, a parry, 
and a thrust . . . touche! 

Time: All year . . . Thurs- 
day afternoons, 4:00-5:00 

Place: Preinkert Gym 

Opportunities: Learn poise 
and grace ... a different 
sport . . . CO-ED 


I. ii*< 


Crisp fall air . . . rugged 
action . . . Field Hockey! 
Time: Fall . . . Tuesday and 
Thursday, 4:00-5:00 p.m. 
Place: Preinkert Field 

Opportunities: Sports Day 
. . . games with other 



Join Lacrosse ... a fast 
growing sport! 

Time: Spring . . . Tuesday 
and Thursday, 4:00-5:00 

Place: Preinkert Field 

Opportunities: Possible 
games this season 



Duck or ten pin 


Time: Winter and Spring . . . 
Wednesday afternoons, 4:00-6:00 

Place: Fairlane Alleys 

Opportunities: Improve . . . tele- 
graphic tournannents 


A figure 8 . . . fun to learn! It's 
CO-ED too! 

Time: Winter . . . Wednesday 
afternoons, 4:00-6:00 

Place: Silver Spring Studio 

Cost: $6.00 per four-week in- 
struction session 


Started this past year by popu- 
lar demand . . . Men, beware! 

Time: All year long . . . one day 
a week 

Place: Preinkert Gym 

Opportunities: Learn the art of 
self defense . . . who knows? 



Two performing groups are affiliated with WRA — Modern Dance and 
Aqualiners. These clubs, OPEN TO BOTH MEN AND WOMEN, add to 
the variety of the WRA program and to your enjoyment either as a partici- 
pant or as a receptive viewer. 


If you are a fairly strong swimmer with good form and can learn new skills 
quickly, Aqualiners, Maryland's synchronized swimming club, has a place 
for you. Tryouts are held in the early fall; the dates will be announced soon 
after school starts. 

The club practices every Tuesday night in the Preinkert Pool polishing 
strokes, learning new stunts and putting together the big water pageant pre- 
sented in the spring under the magic spell of lights and music. The numbers 
are choreographed and the scenery and costumes are designed and made 
by the club members. Last year's show, "Once Upon a Year", based on the 
12 months and special holidays, was a real success. 

Aqualiners is the only synchronized swimming group in the Washington 
area — a real distinction to be a member! 



"Interest Is the first qualification" for Modern Dance Club mennbership, 
which gives you an opportunity for creative expression as well as recreation 

end enjoyment. 

Those with ilttle or no experience are welcome to join the Beginning Group 
at 6:00 p.m. every Tuesday to learn basic techniques and the construction 
of a dance. Participation In group dances and helping with publicity, cos- 
tumes and back stage work for the various performances are the main activi- 
ties of the group. The Advanced Group meets on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 
and selects its members from those with previous experience. 

The Modern Dance Club members are constantly rehearsing for their many 
programs and demonstrations. Last year they performed at neighboring 
high schools and colleges and climaxed their activities with the Annual Con- 
cert on campus. Some of the Advanced Group also performed In the Uni- 
versity Theater musical, and others helped to bring a doctoral dissertation 
to completion by an excellent performance In New York City. 

Think you might be Interested In joining such an Illustrious group? You 

are always welcome: 



For the past four years co-eds have been wearing sharp University of 
Maryland blazers. WRA started this tradition with the aid of the Robert 
Rollins Blazer Company. These well made jackets have an emblem em- 
broidered on the pocket with either sorority letters or class year, an Inside 
pocket, choice of piping and an extra plain pocket for later use. 

The Rollins Blazer, popular on college campuses throughout the country, q.vq 
personally tailored and especially designed for every well-dressed co-ed. 
Fittings ^VQ made twice a year — fall and spring — allowing you to take full 
advantage of blazer weather. They are available in five colors — red, white, 
camel, navy blue and oxford grey — with prices ranging from $22.95 to $29.95. 

When you wear your stylish Maryland University blazer, just see how 
people will look twice, admire it and ask you where you got It. This apparel 
is a musf for every girl! 



Every spring WRA climaxes Its year's activities with the traditional 
banquet. At this time the newly elected WRA officers are installed, Sigma 
Tau Epsilon taps its new members, and the tournament trophies are awarded. 
The culmination of these activities Is the eagerly awaited presentation of the 
WRA Participation Cup. Besides being an event for these purposes, the 
banquet also presents an opportunity for much enjoyment and hilarity as the 
humorous events of the past year are reviewed and laughed about. 

Under the chairmanship of Gloria Silverstein the May, 1962, Banquet was 
held In the Rotary Room of the University Dining hHall. Dr. Arthur Stelnhaus, 
Professor of Physiology and Dean of George Williams College In Chicago, 
highlighted the evening with his address entitled "What I Have Learned from 
Animals." Dr. Stelnhaus has served as chief of the division of physical ed- 
ucation and health activities in the U. S. Office of Education and has been 
president of the American Academy of Physical Education. A listing of his 
other positions and honors would cover pages. It was Indeed an honor for 
WRA to have such an outstanding guest speak to the group. 

In his talk Dr. Stelnhaus cleverly and humorously compared the results of 
experiments with animals to human reactions and responses. 'He spoke on 
the problem of people not attaining the full capacity of their strength and 
suggested that "The reason we do not have enough strength is that we in- 
hibit It. We plant Inhibitions in our lives." He then commended recreation 
by pointing out that any activity in which one may lose himself and direct 
his full attention is an excellent therapeutic method for alleviating Inhibitions. 
Dr. Stelnhaus' speech convinced the audience once again that WRA Is cer- 
tainly worthwhile! 

Everyone who has participated in WRA Is welcome at the banquet. We'll 
be expecting you this spring! 

Dr. Arthur Steinhaus, Professor of Physiology and Dean of George Williams College, holds up his 
"brainless" pigeon in a demonstration as he speaks at the May, 1962, Banquet. 


I ^, #. 




The presentation of the WRA Participation Cup at the annual Spring 
Banquet is the clinnax of the year's activities. To win this cup, an organization 
must have been active in most of the events sponsored by WRA throughout 
the year. Participation points are awarded to each dormitory, sorority, and 
the Daydodgers for taking part in intramurals, interest groups and affiliated 
clubs. Points are also given for placing in the tournaments, but it is not 
necessary to be the champion in order to win the cup. 

Carroll hHall pulled quite an upset this spring when it overcame the earlier 
lead of the Daydodgers, three-time winner of the cup, by an Impressive score 
of 393. Close behind the Daydodgers' 345 points came Alpha Chi Omega 
with 319. Wicomico Hall was fourth and Kappa Alpha Theta was fifth. 
Credit should also be given to the other 28 participating dorms and soror- 
ities that joined in all the fun. 

This year, again, the field is wide open. Carroll hiall wishes each organiza- 
tion the best of luck for 1962-63 but warns one and all that it has hopes of 
repeating Its accomplishment of winning the Participation Cup. 



Listed below Is the method by which the dormitories, sororities and the 
Daydodgers earn points toward the WRA Participation Cup. Points are 
awarded whether a team or Individual wins or loses; only when forfeits occur 
are points subtracted. 



Participation — 30 points ( I or 2 teams] 
1st place in tournannent — 30 points 
2nd place in tournament — 25 points 
3rd place in tournament — 20 points 
4th place in tournament — 15 points 


Participation — 3 points for each participant 
or pair. (Limit of 15 points 
per organization.) 

1st place in tournament — 5 points 

2nd place in tournament — 4 points 

3rd place in tournament — 3 points 

4th place in tournament — 2 points 

With one team in the tournament: 

One forfeit — minus 15 points 

Two forfeits — minus 30 points and out of 
the tournament 

With two teams in the tournament: 

One team, I forfeit — minus 7 points 

Each team, I forfeit — minus 15 points 

Same team, 2 forfeits — minus 15 points 
and Ihat team out of the tournament 

Each team, 2 forfeits — minus 30 points and 
both teams out of the tournament 


Participant or participants lose the 3 points 
earned by playing and are dropped out of 
the tournament. 


Participation — 5 points for each participant. 
(Limit of 30 points per or- 

1st place in meet — 30 points 

2nd place in meet — 25 points 

3rd place in meet — 20 points 

4th place In meet — 15 points 



Participation — 5 points for each participant 
who attends at least half of 
the meetings and activities. 
(Limit of 30 points per or- 

Participation — 5 points for each participant 
who attends at least half of 
the meetings and activities. 
(Limit of 30 points per or- 

If the group meets both semesters, points 
are figured separately for each semester. 



WRA Freshman Picnic — Wednesday, September 19, 5:00 p.m. 

WRA Council meetings — alternate Wednesday nights, 6:15-7:15 beginning 
October 3 

hlockey - Tennis - Golf Sports Day — Saturday, November 3, 9:00 a.m. to 

3:00 p.m. 
Telegraphic Bowling Tournaments — December through April 
Modern Dance Concert — March 20-23, 1963 
Aqualiners Water Show— March 28-30, 1963 
WRA Banquet— May, 1963 







Badminton Doubles 

Field hHockey 







Modern Dance 

Tennis Singles 



hHorseback Riding 

Ping Pong 





Badminton Singles 








Ice Skating 

Modern Dance 


Co-ed Volleyball 



Co-ed Bowling 






Tennis Doubles 




Modern Dance 



Horseback Riding 




"When the Great Recorder comes 
To write against your name. 

He writes not that you won or lost 
But how you played the game." 



2, 3 



Organization 6 

Programs and Committees . . 7 

Presidents 11 

Official AWS Rules 

Signing Out and In 12 

Expected Return 12 

Women's Closing Hours ... 12 

Special Late Leaves 12 

Overnight Leaves 13 

Early Morning Leaves .... 13 

Organization Leaves 1 

Lateness 1 

Men's Calling Hours .... 1 

Men's Residences 1 

Visiting a Fraternity 1 

Overnight Guests 15 

Quiet Hours 15 

Sportswear 15 

Sunbathing 15 

Fire Drills 1 

Alcoholic Beverages 1 

General Regulations 1 

Residence Doors 1 

Reception Lobbies 1 

Pets 1 

Telephones 1 

Room inspections 1 

Locking Doors 1 

Walking at Night .... 1 

Words of Advice 1 

Organization 20 

Sigma Tou Epsilon 21 

Intramurals 22 

Intramural Winners 25 

Interest Groups 26 

Tennis 26 

Riding 26 

Golf 27 

Basketball 27 

Swimming 27 

Fencing 28 

Field Hockey 28 

Lacrosse 28 

Bowling 29 

Ice Skating 29 

Judo 29 

Affiliated Clubs 30 

Aqualiners 30 

Modern Dance 31 

Maryland Blazers 32 

Spring Banquet 33 

Participation Cup 34 

Point System 35 

Calendar of Events 36 

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