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Full text of "Inscriptions in Balmville burying ground"

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Imprint^ille Cemethry. 25 



Letters or figures illegible are imlieate<l by an asterisk ( * ). Epitaphs have been omitted. 

Jacob Hloomer, died Feb. 15, 1851, aged 70 years and 9 days. 

In memory of Catharine, wife of Jacob Bloomep, who departed this 
life Nov. 1, 1831, aged * * years. Id mos. and 11 days. 

Sarah Ann, wife of John II. Atkinson, daughter of Jacob and Catharine 
Bloomer, born April 3, 1820, died July 28, 1851. 

William Bloomer, son of John H. and Sarah Ann Atkinson, born March 
4, 1848, died May 14, 184'J. 

Died, 2()th Oct. 1807, James Butterworth,, in his 43d year. 

Died, 14 April, 1802, Mary Butterworth, in her 38th year, firgt wife of 
James Butterworth. 

In memory of James Butterworth, who departed this life Aug. 23, 1826, 
ae. 34 years and 3 days. 

Charles Henry, infant son of Theron H. and Elizabeth A. Butterworth, 
died May 7, 1857. 

Sacred to the memory of John Henry, infant son of Joan F. and Marj' 
M. Butterworth, who died in New York, December ISth, 183U, aged 8 
Tionths and 27 days. 

Butterworth Monument, 1st side. 

Henry Butterworth, born in England, died in Newburgh, aged 46 years, 
2 mos. and 18 days. LDate of death not inscribed. From Surrogate' o 
records his death occurred Jan. 16, 1831.1 

Charlotte, daughter of John Fowler, and wife of Henry F^utterworth, 
died March 5, 1848, aged Gl years and 10 days. 

2nd side of same Monument. 

Aspasta, son of Henry and Charlotte Butterworth, died March 3, 1823. 
aged 1 year, 3 mos. and 2 days. 

William, son of Henry and Charlotte Butterworth, died Aug. Sf), 1838, 
aged 12 years, 2 mos. and 13 days. 

3d side of same Monument. 

Mary, daughter of Henry and Charlotte Butterworth, and wife of Alan- 
son Randol, died April 23, 1846, aged 38 years, 1 mo. and 12 dtiys. 

Alanson Randol, died March 11, 1859, aged 55 years. 

William B., son of Alanson and Mary B. Randol, died July 5, 1849, 
ttged 7 years. 

26 In Rural Cemetekies. 

Died, 22nd Feb. 1826, Elizabeth Ely Brown, consort of James Butter- 
wortti, aged 26 years, 7 mos. and 2 days. 

Sarah Jane, child of J. B. and E. Boardingham, died Nov. 24th, 1862, 
aged -i years and 7 mos. 

John Eversden, son of John B. and Eliza'h Boardingham, died Aiwil 
;!Oth, 1859, aged 2 yrs. 10 mos. 

Our little Lucy, daughter of Nathaniel and Martha Barnes, died Maj 
12, 1863, aged 5 months. 

Sacred to the memory of Margaret, wife of James Brown, who departed 
this life January 30th, 1839, aged 18 years, 19 days; also Charles, their 
son, who died August 11th, 1838, aged 6 months, 17 days. 

Hannah Bradley, died Nov. 22, 1848, aged 73 years. 11 months and 3 

Our father and mother: Esther (i. Coleman, died Oct. 10, 1847, in 
the 52 year of her age. Dennis Coleman, drowned Nov. 3d, 1849, aged 

52 years, 7 m"s, 3 da. 

Nathan Coleman, born Sept. 9, 1823, was. drowned Sept. 9, 1850. 

In memory of John Cantield, who died Feb. 6, 1836, ag^ed 86 yrs. 

Sacred to the memory of Rachel Ann, daughter of Timothy and Agnes 
Corwin, who died Sept. 30, 184(!, aged 7 years. 

Martin Corwin, born May l(j, 1775, died Oct. 6, 1849. 

Died Nov. 7, 1860, Sarah E. Denton, wife of Robert Roi^srs, aged 27 

In memory of Eliza, wife of Thos. Denton, who died July 26, 1855, JE 
33 years, 10 mo. 18 days. 

Thomas Denton, died Nov. 16, 1871, aged 76 years. 

Died, June 30', 1838, Elizabeth Vincent, wife of Capt. Robert Denton, 
in the 70 year of her age. 

In memory of Samuel, son of Charles M. and DX3borah Demall, who 
died Feb. 18, 1833, aged 1 year, 8 mos. 9 d's. 

In memory of John Dolson, "who died April 7, 1831, aged 45 ye. 6 m. 
itnd 24 d's. 

In memory of Jane, wife of John JJolson, who died Dec. 7, 1841, aged 

53 years, 3 mo. and 27 d's. 

In memory of Green Evans, who died Nov. 2, 1842, aged 30 years, 10 
months and 2 days. 

In memory of Elizabeth, wife of Green Evans, born Oct. 26, 1814, died 
Oct. 6^ 1839. Also Emely, daughter of Green and Elizabeth Evans, born 
July 25, 1839, died August 26, 1839. 

IBalmvii.le Cemeteky. 27 

Martha Ann, daughter of Green and Elizabeth Parens, (died Nov. 2, 1836, 
M It) yr's, 8 mo's and 10 days. 

Cornbiiry Evans, born Oct. 2, 1801), died June VS, 1877. 

Phoebe Josephine, daughter of David and Ann B. Evans, died Sept. 
23, 1852, aged 5 years, 7 mo's, 28 days. 

Annor Elizabeth, daughter of David and Ann E. Evans, died July 21, 
1854, aged 5 years, 2 mo. and 10 days.. 

In memory of Theodore, son of Uufus and Phoebe Evans, died May 2, 
1848, aged 5 yrs. mo's and It) d's. 

Ann Eliza Evans, wife of David Evans, died Dec. 28, 1853, aged 27 
years, (> mo. and 27 days. 

In memory of John W., son of Cornbury and p]lizabeth E • * s, who 
died 18 * * aged 1 year, 10 mo., 6 d. 

Rachel, dau. of Dr. John W. and Rachel A. Fenton, born Nov. 14, 1848, 
died March 21st, 1851. 

( 'harles W. (ioodsell, son of John and Elizabeth Goodsell, died in New- 
burgh, Aug. 26th, 1851, aged 28 years and 3 mos. 

Eleanor Goodsell, died April 25, 1830, aged 5 years, 7 mo's and 10 days. 

Elizabeth Merritt, wife of John (Joodsell, died at Newburgh, Dec. 22nd, 
1824, aged 25 years, i) mo's and 10 daysi 

In memory of Rev. John (Joodsell, who was born at Dove^r, Dutichess 
Co., March 27th„ 17S)1, died at Newburgh, June llth, 1841, aged iM years, 
2 months and 15 days. 

The grave of Melissa D., dau. of Rev. Jas. and Anna G. Govel, who 
died 20 Dec, 1833, A^ 11 ms. 23 as. 

In memory of Silas CJardiner, died 1 May, 1834, aged 01 y's, 7 d's. 

In memory of Elsy, daughter of Silas D. and Rebecca Gardiner, who 
died Aug. 10, 1837, M 5 mo's, 11 d's. 

Svanfoi'd, son of Benjamin D. and ('atharine CJardiner, died Mar. 3, 
1839, aged 11 mo. and 22 d. 

Denton C, son of Daniel D. and Catharine Gardner, died Feb. 15, 183* 

Elizabeth Gardner, departed this life June 25th, 1851, aged 81 years, 
2 mos. and 8 days. 

William R. Green, born May 17, 1812, died May 2, 1870. 

Sacred to the memory of Jane, wife of Daniel Holmes, who died April 
17, 1831, aged 23 yrs. 3 mo. 7 d's. Also, Eilizabeth, wife of Joseph Rice, 
who died April 18, 1831, aged 21 yrs. 1 mo. and 28 d's, daughters of M&r- 
dfrcai L. and Sarah Flagler. 

In memory of Reuben, son of David and Mary Holmes, who died Oct. 
S, 1825, M 29 years, 11 mo. and 15 ds. 

28 In Rural Cemeteries. 

Miss Sarah Holmes, died April 6, 1850, aged 49 years, 1 mo. 

In memory of Rev. Daniel Holmes, a local minister of the Methodist 
Episcopal Church nearly 50 years, who died July 25, 1839, aged 69 y'rs, 
11 mo. and 18 d's. 

In memory of Mary, wife of Daniel Holmes, who died -June 12, 1833, 
aged 61 years, 5 mo. and 21 d's. 

In memory of Hester Jane, daughter of Daniel and Mary Holmes, who 
died Sept. 28, 1825, ^ 9 years, 10 mo. 17 ds. 

In memory of Johanna Holmes, who died April 30. 1831, aged 71 yrs. 
1 mo. and 11) days. 

Died, July 24th, 1848, Mrs. Eliza, wife of William S. Holmes, aged 47 
yrs. 2 mo. and 22 days. 

In memory of Jane, wife of Elliott Howell, who died Feb. 27, 1839, 
a.^ed 29 years and 7 days. 

In memory of Nancy, wife of Elliott H'owell, who died July 2, 1836, 
aged 31 ye. 7 mo. ajid 16 d's. 

In memory of Sarah, relict of Isaac Hay ward, who died Nov. 6, 1830, 
aged 71 years, 7 mo. 20 d's. 

In memory of Jamima I^ewis, who died Aug. 22d, 1832, M 76 years, 5 

In memory of Mary Jane, daughter of Malcolm and Ann Lozier, who 
departed this life Oct. 5, 1853, aged 23 years and 20 days. 

In memory of Malcolm Lozier, who departed this life Oct. 30, 1853, aged 
60 years, 2 months and 17 days. 

Oliver, son of Malcolm and Ann Lozier, died May 26, 1833, aged 9 
years, 9 m. and 9 d's. 

Died, April 22, 1841, Ann, wife of Malcolm Lozier, aged 46 years, 10 

In memory of Catharine, wife of Corneliua I^zea*, who died Feb. 16, 
1831, aged 65 years and 24 ds. 

In memory of Mary Morton, who died Aug. 25, 1883, aged 72 years. 

James Henry, son of Henry and Hannah Moore, aged 2 yrs. 5 m's and 
10 d'ys. 

William Merritt, died May 11th, 1855, aged 22 years, son of Andrew 
and Amy Merritt. 

Andrew Merritt, died March 2t), 1869, aged 79 years, 1 month and 24 

Children of Chauncey and Catharine Merritt: Andrew, born Oct 11, 
1838, died Jan. 10, 1845; Louise, born March 5, 1841, died March 1, 1842; 
Aaron, born April 21, 1M3, died Oct. 10, 1844, 

Balmville Cemetery. 29 

In memory of Jane Nelson, who died June 2, 184,3, aged r»r) y'rs, 9 mo. 
and 5 d's. 

Parmella, daughter of John and Rebecca Martin, died May 21, 1839, M 
X y'r and 11 m. 

In memory of Gilbert Nelson, who died May 14, 1838, aged 73 years, 
11 mo. and 25 d's. 

In memory of Sarah, wife of Gilbert Nelson, who died Jan. 15, 1838, 
aged 74 y'rs, 3 mo. and 25 d's. 

Charles Nelson, son of John and Eunice Nelson, died April 23, 1865, 
aged 49 years, 3 mo. and 28 d's. 

Died, 15 Jan. 1823, John B. Nelson, in his 38th year. 

In memory of John DeWitt, son of John B. and Elinice Nelson, who 
died Dec. 3, 1852, aged 32 years, 8 mos. 22 days. 

In memory of Eunice, wife of John B. Nelson, who died July 13th, 1858, 
aged G2 years and 2 months. 

Maria Quick, born June 13, 1819: married March 4th, 1837; departed 
'iiis life Nov. 8th, 1842, aged 23 y'rs, 4 m. and 23 days. 

Sacred to the memory of Thomas Russell, who died May 28, 1824, aged 
38 years, 2 mo's and 5 days. 

Sacred to the memory of Catharine Rapilye. daughter of Robert and 
Maria Phillips, who died Sept. 1st, 1837, aged 1 yr. 4 mo. 15 days. 

In memory of Nancy, consort of William Smith, who departed this life 
Nov. 21, 1S42, aged 05 years, 2 mo. and 18 d's. 

In memory of William Smith, who died Feb. 16, 1854, aged 84 years, 
1 mo. and 5 days. 

William S., son of William and Eliza Holmes, died April 5, 1833, aged 
4 years. 2 mos. a.nd 9 days. 

Amy Smith, wife of Andrew Merritt, died March 23, 1869. 

Sacred to the memory of Eliza Hannah, darJ^hter of John H. and Eliza 

M. V/aters, who departed this life Aug. 17, 18 * * , aged 7 days. 

Sacred to the memory of Charles Henry, son of John If. and Eliza M. 
Waters, who departed this life Aug. 22, 1846, aged 8 mo. and 9 d'a. 

In memory of Charlotte Woolsey, who died November 9th, 1851. aged 
68 years. 

The grave of Margaret Wilson, who died .Mar. 10, 1S.32, in her 23d year. 

In memory of John Y., con of Benjamin and Sarah Williams, who died 
Dec. 11th, 1834, aged 25) ye. 9 mo. and 6 d's. 

In memory of Sarah, wife of Benjamin Williams, who c*ied Sept. 13, 
1841, aged 64 years, 6 m. and 23 d's. 

In memory of Benjamin Williams, who died Nov. 25, 1845, JE 73 yr's, 
8 mo. and 3 d's, 

30 In Rural Cemeteries. 

In memory of Alonzo, son of Daniel and Hlizabeth We»ed, died I>ec. 
18th, 1850, aged 1 year, 6 months and 22 days. 

In memory of Alice, daughter of Daniel T. and Eiizabeth A. Weed, 
died April 8. 18,51. aged 2 months and 27 days. 

In memory of Mary Theall. who died Feb.. 20th, 1858, aged 88 yrs. 7 
mos. and 18 d's. 

In memory of Hannah Theal, who died in Oct. of 1852, aged 8(> yeara. 

In memory of Thomas Theal, who died May 13, 1827, a^^ed 57 years. 

Matilda Ann, wife of J. B. Terheun, died May 2, 1849, aged 32 years. 
John Albert, their son, died Sept. 29, 1850, aged 9 years. 

The Balmville Cemetery consists of two small adjacent parcels of 
land which were laid out at different periods; the first, in 1825, consist- 
,ing of ten lots twelve feet wide, owned respectively by John Wells, 
Henry Butterworth, Janios Butterworth, Jacob Bloomer, Richard Corwln, 
Thomas Denton, Alex. Dailey, Reuben Fowler, James Banks, William But- 
terworth, Daniel Merritt, Daniel Westlake, William Smith and David 
Wyatt. The second, or new plot, was owned by Chas. W. Holmes, Wm. 
S. Holmes, William Smith, Gilbert Holmes, Jacob Wilkes, John B. Cor- 
win, Gilbert Williams, Samuel Corwin, Dr. J. W. Fenton, Simeon Brad- 
ley, Nathaniel Barnes, F. T. Flagler, Silas D. Gardner, Benj. B. Gardner, 
Moses Aldridge, Daniel Gardner, Malcolm Lozier, A. Bush, Peter V. B. 
Fowler, Dr. James Nelson, Anthony Cook, John Cosman, Walter Blair and 
Andrew Merritt. In most cases the titles remain in the heirs of the par- 
ties named, few of whom are now residents of the town.