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FALL 1988 


NO. 1 

New Students "Learn the Ropes 
At Orientation for '89-Q^^Year 


President Kaplan addressed the new 

Freshmen and transfer students gathered in the North Campus gym to hear greetings from 
university officials on the first day of their two-day orientation. 

Incoming freshmen and transfer students 
in the day division were welcomed to 
UNH Tuesday, Sept. 6 as part of a two- 
day orientation presented by the Office 
for Student Life. 

"Fall Horizons '88," held Sept. 6 and 7, 
opened with greetings from Mike Sagar, 
Day Student Government president; Dr 
Phillip Kaplan, UNH president; Dr. Alexis 
Sommers, provost; and Dr James Martin, 
Jr, dean for student life. 

Besides taking care of business picking 
up tuition receipts, parking stickers and 
I.D. cards, incoming students participated 
in workshops designed to help them 
make the transition to UNH and attended 
dean's meetings to learn what to expect as 
students in their respective schools. 

Freshmen listened to talks about 

student government, student activities 
and leadership development, and 
participated in a "Horizon Hunt" search 
to acquaint them with special services on 
campus. Transfer students took placement 
tests and some attended academic 
advising sessions. 

All was not work, though. Barbecue 
lunches gave students the chance to get to 
know each other, and a magician and a 
hypnotist provided entertainment 
Tuesday night. 

Freshmen and transfer students living 
on campus moved into the residence halls 
on Sunday, Sept. 4, and returning resident 
students moved in Sept. 6. Evening 
classes began Sept. 7 and day classes Sept. 
8. Graduate and southeastern Connecticut 
courses began on Sept. 12. ■ 

New resident students struggled against 
the rain as they moved in on the Sunday 
before Labor Day. 


UNH Develops New 
Tuition Assistance Program 

The University of New Haven 
announced in July a pilot project 
designed to provide tuition 
assistance to low-income 
Connecticut residents who are 
academically qualified to attend 
the university but who might be 
unable to enroll due to financial 
constraints. The goal of the 
newly developed Tuition 
Assistance Program (TAP) is to 
locate — in conjunction with 
local school boards, businesses, 
and community 
organizations — talented low- 
income individuals from 
throughout the state and assist 
them in applying for admission 
to UNH, obtaining the 
necessary financial aid, and 
successfully completing a 
course of study leading to a 
degree or a professional-level 
certificate from the university. 

UNH held an information 
session and open house for 
potential TAP participants on 
July 2. The session, which 
focused on scholarships and 
grants for low-income students, 
was attended by approximately 
40 low-income and other 
qualified residents of the 
Greater New Haven area who 
expressed an interest in seeking 
financial help to fund a UNH 
education. More potential 
participants contacted the 
university following statewide 
publicity on the new program. 

Recruiting for the program 
will continue; the goal is to have 
100 participants within the next 
two years. 

The Tuition Assistance 
Program includes not only 
actual tuition assistance for 
economically disadvantaged 
residents but also textbook 

Fall 1988 Volume XI, No. 1 

INSIGHT (ISSN 089-6314) Is 
published quarterly by the University 
of New Haven. Second Class Postage 
paid at New Haven, Connecticut, 
publication number USPS 496-870. 
Postmaster: Please send form 3579 
to Public Relations Dept., University 
of New Haven. PO. Box 9605, New 
Haven, CT 06535-9996. 

Address correction — to correct 
addresses, clip out mailing label and 
return with changes to Public 
Relations Dept.. Address Changes, 
University of New Haven, West 
Haven, CT065t6. 

allowances where needed, 
tutorial and supplemental 
instruction as required, and the 
development of academic and 
social counseling and advisory 
systems to support the 
participants throughout their 
years at UNH. Career 
counseling and placement 
assistance are also available. 

TAP is open to potential 
students in all age groups. 
Funds from the program may be 
applied to full- or part-time, day 
or evening programs at the 
university. Although basic 
academic requirements need to 
be met, eligibility is based 
primarily on financial 
qualifications. TAP participants 
will be required to apply for the 
federally funded Pell Grant. 
College costs not covered by the 
Pell Grant will then be paid for 
through the TAP program. 

The inauguration of TAP 
marks the first step in what 

UNH expects will be a long- 
term project to help low-income 
citizens achieve career goals, 
become productive members of 
the workforce, and take 
advantage of the wide range of 
opportunities presented by our 
changing society. 

Commenting on the Tuition 
Assistance Program, Dr. Phillip 
Kaplan, president of the 
university, said, "We at UNH 
are proud of the role we have 
played over the years in 
providing students with the 
education and commitment to 
meet their personal career goals 
and further economic growth 
and development in our 
community and our state. Our 
new Tuition Assistance Program 
is an important educational 
initiative aimed at continuing 
and expanding our leadership 
in this area. We look forward to 
continuing our work with 
educational and community 
organizations to recruit, enroll 
and support talented students 
who, without TAP, might be 
unable to pursue education at 
the university level." ■ 

The Graduate School dean. Dr. William Gere, was on hand to help 
advise students at the Waterbury registration session for off -campus 
classes, Sept. 8. UNH students in the Waterbury area have access to a 
UNH microcomputer lab housed at Post College's conference center, 
about a mile from St. Margaret' s-McTernan School, where classes are 
held. Besides having full library privileges at Post's library, UNH 
maintains a private collection specifically for our own students in 
Waterbury. St. Margaret's is one of six off-campus graduate school 
locations in the state. ■ 

UNH Hosts 
College Fair 

The University of New Haven 
hosted a regional college fair for 
area high school students on 
Tuesday and Wednesday, 
October 11 and 12. Juniors and 
seniors, along with many 
parents, from more than 20 area 
high schools attended the event 
to meet with representatives 
from nearly 200 colleges and 
universities located throughout 
the Northeast. 

" We were able to 
reach a large 
number of high 
school students." 

The fair, sponsored by the 
New England Association of 
College Admission Councelors 
(NEACAC), a regional affiliate 
of the National Association of 
College Admission Counselors, 
is one of three held each fall at 
colleges in Connecticut — one at 
the Coast Guard Academy, one 
at the University of Hartford 
and the third at either UNH or 
the University of Bridgeport. 
NEACAC's goal in setting up 
the event is to afford high 
schoolers an opportunity to talk 
with admissions and other 
personnel from many colleges 
in one day or evening. 

"In that respect, this year's 
college fair was a great 
success," said Laurie Saunders, 
director of undergraduate 
admissions at UNH. "We were 
able to reach a large number of 
high school students and, we 
hope, impress them with the 
programs UNH has to offer. It 
was especially useful to have 
the fair on our campus," she 
added; "that way, the students 
and their families were able to 
see some of our facilities and 
meet current UNH personnel. 
Those things are so important 
to our recruiting effort." 

NEACAC has a membership 
of approximately 1800 
admissions professionals who 
are dedicated to assisting 
young men and women with 
the transition from secondary to 
post-secondary education. ■ 


Lower Gym Expanded and Refurbished 

Senior Elected 
Student Group 

University of New Haven senior 
Tom Reynolds has been elected 
president of the Connecticut 
Student Association (CSA) for 
the 1988-89 academic year. 
Reynolds, who has been 
involved in student activities 
throughout his college career, 
served as president of the UNH 
Day Student Government 
during his junior year. 

Founded in 1986, CSA is a 
statewide advocacy group for 
Connecticut college students. 
Organized and funded by 
students, the group voices 
student concerns and serves as a 
means by which student 
government leaders may assist 
each other in managing their 
respective student 
organi/atit)ns. Activities have 
included legislative lobbying on 
the state and federal levels, 
voter registration drives, and 
leadership development 
programs designed to produce 
effective student leaders. 

Discussing his CSA 
involvement, Reynolds stated 
that he is proud of the growth 
the organization has achieved 
over the past three years. State 
student asscKiations have 
existed in other states for a 
number of years, he said, but 
the idea is really very new in 
Connecticut. "We've gone from 
two students at the University 

Anyone visiting the UNH 
gymnasium on the North 
Campus this fall found many 
changes. Over the summer, 
construction crews rebuilt, 
refurbished and added new 
facilities in the locker rooms, 
training area and weight room. 
All together, nearly $400,000 
worth of improvements were 

The walls in the lower level 
of the gym now feature a blue 
and gold theme, and new 
entranceways, new flooring and 
new lighting can be seen 
throughout. In the men's varsity 
locker room, used by UNH's 
varsity basketball, baseball, 
soccer, lacrosse and track/cross 
country teams, new benches and 
showers have been installed, 
and the lockers have been 
refurbished and repainted. The 
same holds true in the visitors' 
locker rooms, and down the 
hall, the football locker room 
has been significantly expanded, 
with new showers, benches and 

On the women's side, the 
locker room has been re- 
configured, with larger lockers 
and a female coaches' room 
added. Not to be outdone, male 
coaches also have a new 
locker/dressing room, and there 
are locker rooms and shower 
areas for referees and other 
officials, too. The latter are 
available to UNH faculty and 
staff whenever interscholastic 
games are not on tap. 

Into exercise and body 
building? The weight room has 
been expanded so that there are 
actually two such rooms in the 

gym now, with sufficient space 
for larger numbers of people to 
use the equipment. This area is 
open to all UNH students, 
faculty and staff. 

Another section of the gym 
that has been expanded and 
given a complete facelift is the 
training room. There is now a 
separate area for heat, ice and 
whirlpool treatments as well as 
a portion of the room equipped 
with padded tables for the 
examination and treatment of 

injuries. An office for the head 
trainer has been added as well. 
Other improvements include a 
refinished racquetball court, a 
new garage and expanded 
storage areas. 

"We're proud of these new 
facilities," said William Leete, 
Jr, UNH athletic director. "I 
hope people will stop by to see 
them. The changes are extensive 
and add greatly to the 
attractiveness of our athletic 
complex and programs. "■ 




Dr. Ruth Gonchar Brennan of 
Bridgeport has been named 
director of the University of 
New Haven's Executive MBA 
program. The appointment, 
which was effective Sept. 6, was 
announced by Dean M.L. 
McLaughlin of the School of 

"We are pleased to welcome 
Dr. Gonchar Brennan," said 
Dean McLaughlin. "She has 
excellent credentials and will, 
we believe, make an important 
contribution to both the EMBA 
program and the university." 

Gonchar Brennan, who 
earned a Ph.D. in speech 
communication and political 
science from Temple University, 
brings to her new position 
broad experience in business, 
government and higher 

of Hartford to active 
membership by 15 colleges and 
universities throughout the state 
— with several more colleges 
expected to join this fall. That's 
a pretty good record." 

What's more, Reynolds 
noted, CSA was the first state 
student organization in the 
nation to accept members from 
private colleges and 
universities, community 
colleges and technical schools as 
well as from public colleges. 

"Housing problems, financial 
aid issues, parking questions 
affect all college students, no 
matter what type of school we 

attend," Reynolds said, "so why 
shouldn't we work together to 
resolve them? The CSA gives us 
the ability to do that." 

Reynolds, a criminal justice 
major, is from Ledyard, Conn. 
He is the second member of his 
family to study at UNH; his 
brother John, a basketball 
player, graduated in 1987. On 
campus, Reynolds has been 
active in the Day Student 
Government (DSG) since his 
freshman year. He served as 
DSG vice-president as a 
sophomore and as its president 
last year. After graduation, he 
plans to study law. ■ 

education. Prior to coming to 
UNH, she was president of 
Mediax Interactive 
Technologies, a human 
resources assessment testing 
firm and, before that, served as 
director of human resources 
development for the City of 
Bridgeport, corporate vice 
president of the Katharine Gibbs 
organization, and a market 
research and planning specialist 
with the Strategy Workshop, an 
arm of the advertising 
conglomerate Interpublic. In 
addition, she taught fulltime, 
primarily at Hunter College, for 
twelve years and has served as 
an adjunct professor at UNH (in 
the EMBA program), Fairfield 
University and the University of 

Commenting on her 
appointment, Gonchar Brennan 
said: "I am happy to join the 
UNH team to market an 
outstanding EMBA program 
that is, at once, academically 
rigorous, effective and efficient. 
That's an unbeatable 
combination — one that makes 
an EMBA from the University of 
New Haven extremely attractive 
to both potential students and 
corporate sponsors." ■ 


Graduate Fellowships Awarded 

Twenty-nine University of New 
Haven (UNH) students have 
been awarded graduate 
fellowships for the 1988-89 
academic year. 

Graduate fellowships are 
awarded annually to those 
students who have 
demonstrated outstanding 
academic achievement in the 
completion of a minimum of 21 
credit hours of graduate study 
at UNH. Recipients receive a 
certificate and a stipend 
covering tuition for one or two 
graduate courses, depending on 
whether the student is enrolled 
at UNH on a full- or part-time 
basis. Winners whose tuition is 
already paid by an employer or 
sponsor receive a small 

Graduate fellowship 
recipients for 1988-89 (some of 
whom are pictured above) are: 
Joseph Abraham of West 
Redding; Robert J. Bessette of 
Pawcatuck; Edmundo S. Brown 
of New Haven; Mark A. Caplan 

of Hamden; Bruce F. Carmichael 
of Hamden; Mei-Hsiang Chang 
of West Haven; Gail L. Conway 
of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; 
Stephen F. Favreau of New 
Britain; Robert W. Fish of Old 
Saybrook; Deborah K. Click of 
Naugatuck; Allyson M. Hagen 
of Meriden; Mark B. Haskins of 
Meriden; Sandra Honig-Haftel 
of Cromwell; Daniel J. lanniello 
of Branford; Leonard K. Kane of 
Canterbury; Russell F. Kniehl of 
West Haven; Jean W. Laliberte 
of Springfield, Mass; Claudia C. 
Marks of Madison; Michelle D. 
Mazerolle of West Haven; 
Michael E. Regan of 
Wallingford; Deeann P. 
Richmond of New Haven; Lori 
Ann Scott of Danbury; Joseph 
W. Spalding of Pawcatuck; 
Samuel Lee Sutter of Milford; 
Juliette Thai of East Haven; 
Roberta Weinberg of Monroe; 
Andrew Jay Woods of Danbury; 
Joseph R. Zaharewicz of New 
Haven; and Steven E. Zalesch of 
New Haven. ■ 

Three Win UNH Engineering Awards 

Three 1988 graduates of the 
University of New Haven have 
received Buckman Prizes for 
outstanding achievement in the 
study of engineering at the 
university. They are: Jeffrey F. 
Lundy of Stratford, who earned 
a bachelor's degree in 
mechanical engineering at 
UNH, graduating with a grade 
point average of 3.99 out of a 
possible 4.0; David Tipping of 
Northford, who received a B.S. 
degree in electrical engineering, 
finishing with a 3.95 grade point 
average; and Joseph Valiante of 
Norwalk, who completed a 

degree in civil engineering this 
year. His grade point average 
was 3.33. 

The Buckman Prize is named 
for the late Jacob F. Buckman, an 
important New Haven-area 
industrialist, co-founder of 
Enthone, Inc., and a leader in 
the technology of electroplating. 
Funds for the award have been 
provided annually since 1986 by 
Clarice L. Buckman, a UNH 
benefactor and former board 
member, in memory of her 
husband. Recipients are chosen 
by the faculty of the university's 
School of Engineering. ■ 




The University of New Haven 
recently announced two 
promotions in the Provost's 
Office. Effective September 1 , 
James W. Uebelacker of Milford 
became vice provost of the 
university; he had been 
associate provost. And Caroline 
A. Dinegar of New Haven 
became associate provost; she 
had been assistant provost. 

Uebelacker, a mathematics 
professor, has been affiliated 
with UNH since 1978, when he 
joined the faculty as associate 
professor of mathematics and 
coordinator of pre-calculus 
math. He was named assistant 
provost in 1979 and associate 
provost in 1982, at which time 
he was also promoted to full 
professor. He holds a B.A. in 
mathematics, magna cum laiuie, 
from LeMoyne College and 
earned his M.A. and Ph.D. 
degrees, also in math, from 
Syracuse University. 

As associate provost, 
Uebelacker has been responsible 
for supervising university 
academic policies and 
scheduling. He also oversees the 
developmental studies program 
at UNH and chaired the task 
force which developed the 
Institute of Computer Studies 
on campus. In addition, he has 
published a number of articles 
and monographs in his field, 
was selected as an Outstanding 
Young Man of America in 1980, 
and was an executive board 
member of the Quinnipiac 
Council of the Boy Scouts of 
America. In 1986, he was 
appointed to the Statewide 
Committee to Study the 
Feasibility of Establishing a 
Professional Teacher Standards 
Board, an outgrowth of the 
Governor's Commission on 
Equity and Excellence in 

Dinegar joined the UNH 
faculty in 1970 as professor and 
chairman of the political science 
department. She was appointed 
assistant provost (with responsi- 
bility for governmental and 
accreditation matters) and 
affirmative action director in 
1983. She received her 
bachelor's degree in Far Eastern 
history from Cornell University 

and earned her master's degree 
and Ph.D. in political science 
from Columbia University. 
Before coming to UNH, 
Dinegar served as a foreign 
affairs officer with the U.S. State 
Department and taught at the 
University of Connecticut, 
California State-Northridge, and 
the University of Virginia. 
During 1973-75, on leave from 
UNH, she served as country 
director for the U.S. Peace Corps 
in Malaysia. More recently 
(1980-81), she was a professor of 
strategy at the Naval War 
College in Newport, R.I. Her 
geographic areas of expertise 
are China and Southeast Asia. In 
addition, she has been involved 
in numerous community 
activities and has long been 
active in New Haven area 
politics. In the latter regard, she 
twice ran for mayor of the Elm 
City. Along with her duties as 
associate provost, Dinegar is 
serving as acting university 
librarian for the 1988-89 
academic year. ■ 

Grads Earn 

At its annual spring awards 
dinner/dance in Niantic, the 
university's Southeastern 
Connecticut branch honored six 
graduating students with 
awards for academic excellence. 
Each attained the highest grade 
point average in his or her 
particular field of study among 
the 1 988 graduates from the 

The recipients were: Thomas 
O. Peck of Waterford, who 
earned a B.S. in computer 
science/industrial applications; 
Karen Zrenda, also of 
Waterford, who earned an A.S. 
in mechanical engineering; 
Frank Oiler of New London, 
who earned an A.S. in 
mechanical engineering; Gerald 
Arpin of Baltic, who earned a 
B.S. in electrical engineering; 
Joseph A. Wilson of Groton, 
who completed a B.S. in 
mechanical engineering; and 
Clifford Bernier of Preston, who 
received a B.S. in business 
administration. ■ 




Tliii m/uraia/iOH uws prcfiarccl and wrillen by llu- ilajj of Ihc Public Rclalwiis Office from 
mformalion supplied by UNH faculty and staff. 

Provost's Office 

Dr. Alexis Sommcrs, provost 
and professor of industrial 
engineering, chaired a panel 
discussion on World Class 
Manufacturing at the Sixth 
World Productivity Congress in 
Montreal on September 25 to 28. 
Dr. Sonimers is the secretary of 
the Connecticut Task Force on 

School of Arts & 

Dr. David E. E. Sloane's book, 
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: 
American Comic Vision, was 
released in August by G. K. 
Hall-Twayne Publishing, as part 
of Twayne's Masterworks 
Studies. Sloane, a professor of 
English, focuses on the moral 
and racial perspectives of Huck 
Finn and explains Twain's 
literary sources. 

Dr. Sloane will speak on 
Woody Allen's work at the 
Modem Literature Association 
conference in December. 

Theatre director Lila Wolff- 
Wilkinson participated in the 
Association for Theatre in 
Higher Education Conference in 
San Diego, July 31 to August 6. 
She was chosen chair-elect of 
Theatre as a Liberal Art (TLA) a 
committee of the ATHE, and 
will be in charge of planning all 
of the groups' 1989 programs. 
Wolff-Wilkinson was an invited 
speaker on the panel, 
"Challenges Facing Women in 
Small Theatre Programs." Also, 
she chaired "Bringing the 
Isolation of the Small Programs: 
Multi-Media Presentation of 
Successful Productions," and 
used video, masks and still 
photos to present "An 
Approach to Sophocles's 

Wolff-Wilkinson has been 
invited by Gannon University, 
Pa., to be a guest speaker and 
respondent to their fall 1988 
production of A Midsummer 
Night's Dream. 

Dr. Walter Jewell, professor 
of sociology, traveled to the 
People's Republic of China with 
Dr David Maxwell. See School 
of Business section. 

School of Business 

Dr. David Maxwell, chairman of 
the public management 
department, and Dr. Walter 
Jewell, professor of sociology, 
spent several weeks in the 
People's Republic of China 
studying various aspects of the 
Chinese criminal justice system. 
They were two of four 
American scholars who were 
hosted by the People's Police 
Officers University in Beijing. 
They lectured to students and 
met with faculty, police and 
prison officials and forensic 
science technicians in Beijing, 
Tianjing, Shanghai and Jaingsu 

The UNH forensic science 
program in cooperation with the 
Northeastern Association of 
Forensic Scientists sponsored 
and ran a successful seminar 
workshop. Forensic Applica- 
tions ofDNA and DNA Typing, 
May 23-25 at UNH. The seminar 
attracted speakers from Yale 
Medical School, the FBI 
Research and Training Center at 
Quantico, Va., Lifecodes Corp., 
Cellmark Diagnostics and the 
Cetus Corp., in addition to Dr. 
Robert Gaensslen and Dr. Henry 
Lee. Dr. Gaensslen is a full 
professor and the director of the 
UNH forensic science program; 
Dr. Lee is the program's 
practitioner-in-residence and the 
chief criminalist and director of 
the Connecticut State Police 
Forensic Science Laboratory. 
Participants came from forensic 
labs all over the U.S. and as far 
away as Japan. Sixty-five 
forensic lab practitioners 

Dr. Gaensslen and Dr. Lee 
were among a handful of 
scientists from throughout the 
United States invited to attend 

and participate in A Seminar on 
Forensic ApfAtcations of DNA 
Typing held by the FBI at 
its Research and Training 
Center in Quantico, Va., in 
late May. 

Nancy Folk has joined the 
forensic science department as 
laboratory coordinator. She has 
her B.S. from Oklahoma State 
University, and will pursue M.S. 
studies in forensic science while 
working in the laboratories. 

School of 

Dr. B. Badri Saleeby, professor of 
mechanical engineering, was 
elected to the board of 
governors of the Connecticut 
Pre-Engineering Program 
(CPEP). CPEP is intended to 
stimulate interest in engineering 
as a career among middle and 
high school students. 

Richard Strauss, assistant 
dean for administration, and Dr. 
Saleeby have been named site 
coordinators for CPEP projects 
in the New Haven area. In July, 
UNH hosted a two-week pilot 
session with students from the 
Roberto Clemente Middle 
School. See article on page 6. 

School of 

Professional Studies 
& Continuing 

Pat Bolles has been appointed 
assistant director of cooperative 
education. Bolles, who has been 
co-op coordinator for the School 
of Business since January 1987, 
will coordinate recruitment 

The new co-op coordinator 
for business programs is Marcia 
Proto, formerly the assistant to 
the dean of students and a 
resident director at Springfield 
College, Mass. Proto earned a 
master's degree and a certificate 
of advanced graduate study in 
counseling and student 
personnel administration at 
Springfield College and 
received her B.A. in 
mathematics and education 
from Providence College, R.I. 

Roberta Holland is the new 
administrative assistant to the 
director for co-op. Holland was 
previously the data communi- 

cations specialist for the 
Evening Division. 

Admissions & 
Financial Aid 

Jim Anderson, director of 
financial aid, has been elected to 
a h\'o-year term as vice- 
president of the Connecticut 
Association of Professional 
Financial Aid Administrators 
(CAPFAA), a statewide 
organization serving 
administrators and counselors 
in this field. 

Kathleen Kane was recently 
named assistant director of 
admissions. Kane had been an 
admissions counselor at UNH 
since 1985. She earned her B.S. 
in psychology at Springfield 

Lisa Meyer joined the 
admissions staff as an 
admissions counselor. She 
received an A.S. in marketing 
and a B.S. in management from 
Post College in May 1988 and 
was a member of the 
Admissions Council at Post. 
Meyers was also a legislative 
intern in the Connecticut 
General Assembly. 

Ivo Philbert, a recent 
graduate of UNH with a B.S. in 
hotel and restaurant 
management, has also been 
appointed as an admissions 
counselor. Philbert worked as a 
graduate assistant in the UNH 
Financial Aid Office, has been a 
Student Ambassador for 

Student Life 

WNHU-FM was recently voted 
one of the best local radio 
stations by readers of the New 
Haven Advocate. The student 
radio station placed just after 
WPLR and WKCI, New Haven 
area commercial stations, in the 
poll results. 


Jack Jones was appointed the 
new sports information director 
this summer. Jones was 
formerly assistant to the S.I.D. at 
Princeton. He received B.A. 
degrees in public relations and 
journalism from Purdue in 1985. 
He is currently completing his 
master's in public relations from 
Glassboro State College, N.J. ■ 



Robert R. Ruhlin 
October 24, 1938 - August 3, 1988 

An experienced manager, 
engineer and consultant, 
Robert R. "Pete" Ruhlin had 
been director of UNH's 
Executive M.B.A. program 
since October 1987. 

Born in Oceanside, New 
York, Ruhlin received his B.S. 
degree in electrical engineering 
from the University of Notre 
Dame in 1960 and his M.B.A. 
in general management from 
UNH in 1986. He was a 
professionally registered 
engineer, certified 
management consultant, 
certified plant engineer, and 
author of numerous textbooks 
and articles in the field of 
facilities management. 

A New Canaan resident, 
Ruhlin was serving as both 

president of his own 
engineering consulting firm. 
Facilities Management 
Corporation, and head of the 
EMBA program at the time of 
his passing. 

Prior to joining the 
university staff, he was 
director of the facilities 
management division of Syska 
and Hennessy, Inc., a New 
York consulting firm, from 
1972 to 1987; maintenance 
group director for the K.W. 
Tunnell Consulting Company 
of Pennsylvania during 1969- 
72; and operations and 
production manager of the 
New Jersey-based Shell 
Chemical Company from 1964 
to 1968. During 1960-64, he 
served as an engineer in the 
U.S. Navy 

Ruhlin's professional 
affiliations included the 
American Institute of Plant 
Engineers (president, 1987) 
and the American Association 
of Engineering societies. He 
was also a member of the 
board of governors of the 
National Research Council and 
previously served on the UNH 
School of Business Advisory 

Pete Ruhlin will be 
remembered by the UNH 
community as an 
accomplished and personable 
director who was liked and 
respected by both colleagues 
and students. ■ 

Sixth Graders Learn About Engineering 

More than a dozen specially 
selected sixth graders from the 
Roberto Clemente Middle 
School in New Haven took part 
in a special summer program 
designed to develop the parti- 
cipants' interest in engineering 
and the sciences. 

The UNH Summer Pre- 
Engineering Program, from July 
6 to 15, brought the youths to 
campus for eight day-long 
sessions that included hands-on 
laboratory and computer 
experiences as well as exposure 
to civil, electrical, industrial and 
mechanical engineering. Parti- 

cipants received certificates of 
achievement and attended a 
banquet in their honor. 

This specialized program, 
conducted in conjunction with 
the Connecticut Pre-Engineer- 
ing Program (CPEP), was 
directed by Dr. B. Badri Saleeby, 
UNH professor of mechanical 
engineering. The goal was to 
show the students what 
engineering is about and to give 
them the guidance they will 
need to prepare themselves for 
college-level engineering studies 
and careers in the field. ■ 

Specialist Speaks 
at UNH Meeting 

Dr. Jennifer A. Jolly, vice 
president for human resources 
research and planning at Merrill 
Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith 
Inc., New York City, was the 
featured speaker at the 
University of New Haven's 
sixth annual Spring 
Colloquium on Industrial and 
Organizational Psychology. The 
event was held in the Arbeiter 
Maenner Chor building on the 
UNH campus on June 14. 

Jolly's topic was careers in 
the field of industrial and 
organizational psychology; 
her talk was followed by a 

A well-known practitioner in 
her field. Jolly is particularly 
interested in such areas as 
employee attitude surveys, 
employee stress, performance 
appraisal and management 
planning. She holds a Ph.D. in 
psychology from New York 
University and was affiliated 
with Citibank, AT&T and J.C. 
Penney before joining Merrill 

The spring colloquium was 
co-sponsored by the university's 
industrial and organizational 
psychology graduate program, 
the Graduate Student Council 
and the UNH Chapter of the 
American Society for Personnel 
Administrators. ■ 

JETS-TEAMS Reminder 

As you may remember from 
reading the Summer issue of 
Insight, the University of New 
Haven hosts the annual 
Connecticut JETS-TEAMS 
competition. United 
Technologies sponsors the 
event. JETS-TEAMS stands for 
Junior Engineering Technical 
Society — Tests for Engineering 
Aptitude, Mathematics, and 

The yearly competition, a 
day-long event in which 
talented high schoolers 
participate for honors 
individually and on a team 
basis, is designed to encourage 
academic excellence in math 
and the sciences. Although the 

next competition in Connecti- 
cut will not take place until 
March 1989, high school teams 
must register by November 30 
if they wish to participate. 

In 1988, teams from more 
than 50 Connecticut high 
schools, public and private, 
came to the UNH campus to 
compete. We expect to have an 
even greater turnout in 1989. 

You can help by alerting the 
high schooKs) in your area to 
this opportunity. Anyone 
wishing more information on 
the 1989 JETS-TEAMS 
competition may contact Mr. 
Richard Strauss, assistant 
dean. School of Engineering, at 
932-7394. ■ 

Some of last year's JETS-TEA.V1S competitors 




Th- i.if.iriiwd.m .T-is ,n,-i;imi anJ wnltni hu Ihc Sficr/s hiWnmlllou s(,lfl,i) the Mhlclui Dej'l 

Fall Sports Preview 


, * 

» "^ / 







> * 




UNH HS-'H^ Football Seniors— Front row (1 to r): Tim Jackson, Bernie 
Gancarz, Walt Oko, Bob Wietecha, Piper Kenny, Major Ruth. Back row (1 
to r): Mike Dobos, Paul Zarodkiewicz, Don Scott, Kevin Wade, Mike 
Horton, Bo Birkhead, Rob Thompson, Issac Kelley. 


In last year's final NCAA top 20 
poll, the Chargers ranked 16th 
in the nation. That's the good 
news. The bad news was only 
the top eight teams received a 
bid to the NCAA playoffs. But 
UNH football fans can rejoice 
because the playoffs have 
expanded to 16 teams and UNH 
should be right in the battle for 
the NCAA Division II football 

A newcomer will lead the 
Blue and Gold toward their 
playoff goal — Head Coach Mark 
Whipple. Before making the 
move to New Haven, Whipple 
served the University of New 
Hampshire as offensive 
coordinator. During his stay 
with the Wildcats, he coached a 
record-breaking quarterback 
and two record -setting 
receivers. His resume also 
includes stints with the USFL's 
Arizona Wranglers, Brown 
University, Union College and 
St. Lawrence University. 

Whipple has the good 
fortune of 12 returning starters, 
including quarterback Mike 
Horton, the New England 
Offensive Plaver of the Year, 
offensive guard Rob Thompson, 
an All-ECAC selection, and Walt 

Oko, an All-New England pick 
at defensive back. 

Without a doubt, Horton 
anchors the offense. The senior 
signal caller already holds 
numerous university records, 
including career total offense 
(4,691 yards), passing yards in a 
season (2,607) and a game (411). 
He ranks second in career 
passing touchdowns with 28, 
one behind Paul Kelly '85. 

Last season, Horton 
completed 139 of 294 passes 
(47.7 per cent) for 1,902 yards 
and 11 touchdowns. Senior Bo 
Birkhead will battle Horton for 
playing time after seeing action 
in five games last season. 

Talented receivers have been 
a mainstay at New Haven and 
this year's edition proves true to 
tradition. Bob Wietecha, Pierre 
Fils, Charles Griffin and Dan 
Schwab each have the potential 
to catch 30 passes this season. 
Last year, Wietecha grabbed 21 
passes for 249 yards while 
Griffin, the top returning 
receiver, snagged 22 aerials for 
423 yards. 

Coach Whipple pledges a 
more balanced attack than the 
traditional run and shoot 
offense. He should not have any 
problems achieving this goal 

with his strong corps of running 
backs. Keith McCoy returns 
after leading the Chargers in 
rushing last season. In fact, his 
461 yards accounted for one- 
third of the Chargers' ground 
game. Marc Williams promises 
quickness and Jim Lewis offers 
experience to the Charger 
running attack. 

The offensive line often gets 
the least amount of publicity 
but, in reality, is the cornerstone 
of the offense. In addition to 
Thompson, the Chargers will 
benefit from Issac Kelley's 
experience. Both Thompson's 
and Kelley's experience will be 
vital to the line's success as new 
faces will appear at the two 
guard positions and at center. 

Scoring points alone does not 
win football games. A team 
needs to play well on both sides 
of the ball and UNH's defense is 
up to the challenge. Whipple 
deems the line as the defensive 
strength. Keith Dudzinski and 
Tom Collett will check in from 
the tackle positions while Bill 
Daley will be one of the starting 
ends. Dudzinski is the top 
returning tackier with 38 while 
Collett and Daley aren't far 
behind with 35 and 32 stops, 
respectively. Liam McKiernan, 
Kurt Carney and Leo Pinkston 
will fight for the fourth starting 

The linebacker unit was hit 
hardest by graduation, losing 
Mike Murphy and Kodak Ail- 
American Erik Lesinski. If that 
wasn't bad enough. Bob Long 
will not dress this year due to an 
injury. But there are plenty of 
talented players awaiting their 
chance to fill the vacancies. Matt 
D'Aloia should slip into one of 
the openings after making 21 
tackles in 1987. Among the 
other probable replacements are 
outside linebackers Mark 
Shelton, Nick Lombardo, 
Wendell Bruno, Cole Scott and 
Tyrone Bartnett. The middle 
linebackers are Darryl Mack, 
Piper Kenny and Spiro 

The secondary seems secure 
with the return of Walt Oko and 
Mike Dobbs. Oko led the team 
with four interceptions, and his 
37 tackles ranks second among 
returning starters. Dobbs 
recorded two forced fumbles 
and two recovered fumbles as 
well as two interceptions. The 

other secondary spots sht)uld be 
filled by Tim Jackson, Jason 
Pringle, Richie Scott and Byron 

The special teams positions 
could prove interesting this 
year. Jack Reed was the 1987 
opening day kicker but Pat 
Fitzpatrick took over at mid- 
season. Both battled during 
camp for the starting nod in '88. 
Kevin Kirsch owned a 35.6 
punting average a year ago and 
will look to inflate those figures 
in 1988. 

The Chargers have the talent 
and ability to improve on last 
year's national ranking. With 
the expanded playoff field, the 
Blue and Gold may have an 
"extended" season in 1988. 


The football team may not be 
the only team traveling to the 
NCAA playoffs this fall. The 
soccer team hopes to rebound 
from last year's 7-13 record and 
return to the perennial playoff 
team to which fans are 

Tony Inyama and Ronen 
Shay return for their second 
term as co-captains. Inyama, an 
All-Conference player and 
NEISL All-Star, led' the Charger 
offense with 11 goals and four 
assists while Shay contributed 
three goals to the Blue and Gold 
cause. Completing the midfield 
are Douglas EmesHca, Frank 
Omonte and Joe Oha. Emestica 
provides four seasons of 
experience and his strong 
defensive ability will be a 
hazard to the opposition's 

Omonte tallied two goals and 
three assists for seven points, 
second only to Inyama. He 

and Ronen Shay. 


complements Inyama in the 
Chargers' "one-two punch" on 
offense. Joe Oha returns to the 
offense after spending a year in 
the backfield. The Lagos, 
Nigeria, native was named to 
the All-Conference second team 
and could improve on that 
position this year. 

Chris Anigala decided to 
move from one coast to the 
other for the 1988 season. After 
spending last season at a 
California junior college, 
Anigala will give the offense 
more experience as well as 
quickness and strength. 

Defense was never a 
question mark last season and 
should remain stable in '88. 
Petur Valdimarsson anchors the 
backs as he enters his fourth 
season with the Chargers. Tom 
McManus will return with one 
year of collegiate experience 
under his belt. An All-State high 
school player, McManus could 
be one of the surprises to UNH 

Anthony Affragola 
transferred to UNH from Keene 
State. He should be able to 
adapt quickly to the Chargers' 
style of play. 

The goalkeeping tandem of 
Phillipe Hilaire and Marco 
Ventura provides the squad 
with an excellent final line of 
defense. The duo combined for 
a 2.10 goals against average, 
three shutouts and 152 saves. 
Both enter camp with a clear 
shot at the starting position. 

The Chargers' main goal is to 
make the NECC playoffs this 
season and receive an automatic 
bid to the NCAA playoffs. With 
another year of experience 
under their belts, the Chargers 
may achieve their goal and 
begin another string of winning 
seasons, something to which the 
fans are accustomed. 

So far, the football and soccer 
squads' previews show both 
teams have the potential to 
make their respective national 
tournament. Without a doubt, 
the volleyball team could give 
UNH a third national bid in '88. 


New Haven finished last season 
with a 25-16 overall record and 
a perfect 7-0 New England 

Collegiate Conference mark, 
winning their sixth consecutive 
NECC Title. Five returning 
starters and four strong 
newcomers should help Coach 
Deborah Chin achieve yet 
another 30-win season. 

Setter Ann Marie Bahantka 
returns as the squad's leading 
hitter, sporting a .281 kill 
percentage. She registered 916 
assists and an impressive 172 
digs. Bahantka was named to 
the All-Conference first team as 
well as earning a spot on the 
American Volleyball Coaches 
Association (AVCA) All-Region 

Despite standing at 5'9", 
Luana Perry can defend the net 
as well as most 6'0" opponents. 
The middle blocker's strong 
vertical leap helped her 
accumulate 31 block solos and 
41 block assists, both ranked 
second on the team. Perry was 
selected the NECC Player of the 
Year and was an obvious choice 
for the All-Conference first 

After sitting out two years, 
Shirley Bacon hopes to return to 
her 1985 MVP season. A middle 
blocker. Bacon was named to the 
All-CVCA second team as well 
as being an All-Conference first 
team member. She capped off 
her success with the conference 
MVP award. 

Despite seeing limited action 
last season, Arlene Marshall 
should contribute to a successful 
year The St. Lawrence, 
Barbados, native drove home 25 
kills and nine service aces in 26 

Mix the above experience 
with the 1988 recruiting class 
and you can understand why 
Charger fans are excited about 
this season. Although not a 
freshman, junior Lisa Reza is 
considered a newcomer. She 
transferred from Eastern 
Arizona Community College 
where she was listed as a setter 
She helped the squad to a 
second place finish in the 1986 
JCC National Championship 
and also to a return trip to the 
National in 1987. 

Wendy Hudson is another 
transfer student, hailing from 
Delaware Tech. The 
Wilmington, Del., native plays 

from the outside hitter position. 
Last season, Delaware Tech 
attended the 1987 National JCC 

The freshmen include 
Stephanie Hodge, a 6'0" middle 
blocker from St. Thomas, VI; 
Angela Grice, a 5'11" middle 
blocker from Greenburgh, NY; 
Missi Pimentel, a 5'4" setter 
hailing from North Atleboro, 
Mass; and Noel Ostrander, a 
5' 11" blocker from Nesconset, 
N.Y. Ostrander was an All- 
League and All-County player 
at Smithtown East High School. 

The volleyball team has its 
work cut out for itself in 1988 
but with the talent and 
experience of its members, an 
NCAA bid could be well within 

Cross Country 

After a successful 1987 cross 
country season, the Chargers 
will look toward another super 
year in 1988. Many veteran 
runners return to the squad 
including senior captain Brian 
Creedan, Al Ulinskas, an All- 
Connecticut and All-ECAC 
performer, Rob Backhaus, 
Andrew Soliwoda, David and 
Mark Rivers and Maurico 
Montero. This group of runners 
will face a challenging New 
England schedule in '88, 
including the Fairfield 
Invitational, the Connecticut 
Invitational Championships and 
individual meets against URI, 
Central Connecticut and 
Southern Connecticut. ■ 

Ann Marie Bahantka (right) sets up Shirley Bacon for the kill. Both are 
senior co-captains for the 1988 volleyball season. 

Fall Sports 

Schedule (an times pm; 

Varsity Football 


Sat. 22 Southern Conn. 1:30 

Sat. 29 Springfield College 1:30 

Sat. 5 at Towson State U. 1:30 

Sat. 12 BloomsburgU. 1:00 

Women's Volleyball 


Wed. 19 at NY Institute ot 

Technology 7:00 

Fri. 21- at 2nd Annual 
Sat. 22 Naval Classic 4:00 

Tubs. 25 at C,W. Post College 7:00 
Thurs.27 Bryant College 7:00 


Tues. 1 Southern Conn. 7:00 

Thurs. 3 at Springfield College 

Fri. 4 NECC Champ, 

Sat. 5 at UNH 

Wed. 9 at U.S. Military Acad. 5:00 

Fri. 11- at 2nd Annual 

Sat. 12 UNH Classic 

Tues. 15 at Bentley College 7:00 

Varsity Soccer. 


Wed 19 at Keene State 3:00 

Sat. 22 at U. of Bridgeport 1:00 
Wed, 26 at IVIercy College 3:30 

Sat, 29 at Southhampton 1:00 


Tues, 1 Kean College of N,J. 2:30 
Sat. 5 NECC Play-Offs 




Ken Colby (#29) follows Kob McFadden's (#88) block in the 35-14 win 
over Norwich Sept. 24. 

65 points in first two games 

Football Opens Strong 

The Charger football team has 
so far lived up to its fans' 
expectations by scoring a lot of 
points and winning games. In 
the season opener, UNH handed 
host California (Pa.) University 
a 35-30 loss in front of 3000 
spectators. Defensive back 
Fiichie Scott ran back his two 
interceptions for touchdowns 
(33 and 24 yards). For his 
performance, Scott was named 
ECAC Division II Defensive 
Player of the Week. 

Also in the game, senior 
Mike Horton threw two 
touchdown passes, giving him a 
school record 30 TDs in his 
career. The quarterback 
surpasses Paul Kelly's (BS'85) 
previous record of 29. Horton 
finished the game with 110 
passing yards, raising his career 
total to 4, 801. That total 
eclipsed Kelly's passing yardage 
standard of 4,732, giving Horton 
his 16th UNH football record. 

The Chargers took a quick 
7-0 lead on Pierre Fils' 60-yard 
punt return and built it to a 14-0 
margin on Scott's first 
interception return just 50 
seconds later California cut the 
deficit to 14-6 with six minutes 
left in the first stanza. 

UNH bounced back and 
scored its third TD of the game 
on Horton's three-yard scoring 
strike to Jeff Emery, giving the 
Chargers what seemed to be a 
comfortable lead. But the 
Vulcans scored the next 17 
points to grab their only lead of 
the game, 23-21, with 11 
minutes remaining in the third 

The Blue and Gold took the 
ensuing kickoff and marched 90 
yards, culminating with 
Horton's 20-yard TD pass to 
Dan Schwab giving the 
Chargers the lead for good. 

UNH never trailed in their 
second game, a 30-14 win over 
Edinboro University (Pa.). The 
Blue and Gold tallied the game's 
first touchdown when Horton 
hit Weaver Williams for a three- 
yard pass. The scoring drive 
was set up when Bill Daley 
recovered a fumble on the 
Edinboro 18 yard line. The 
fighting Scots tied the game in 
the second quarter sending the 
teams into the locker room 
deadlocked at 7-7. 

New Haven came out strong 
in the third quarter, scoring 13 
points on Ken Colby's two-yard 
run and Horton's 25-yard pass 
to Bob Wietecha, putting the 
Chargers up 20-7. After an 
Edinboro TD, Pat Fitzpatrick 
booted a 26-yard field goal and 
Horton threw a 51 -yard 
touchdown pass to Keith 
McCoy, putting the game away 
at 30-l'4. 

Horton completed 21 of 39 
passes for 258 yards and three 
touchdowns while Wietecha 
grabbed 1 1 passes for 
130 yards. Both players were 
named to the ECAC 
Honor Roll for their 

Defensively, Mike Dobos, 
Piper Kenny and Keith Stamp 
each intercepted an Edinboro 
aerial. Keith Dudzinski made 
nine stops, raising his team- 
leading total to 22 tackles. ■ 

//ms information wa-^ fm'pan-d iittii written ^y ''"' >tafi of the Alumni and Diirhpmt'nt Offw 
Submit ntfornwtum for this section to the UNH Alumni Office. 

University of New Haven 
Alumni Association Organizes 
for '88-'89 Year 

On September 1 , even before 
classes began, the officers and 
committee chairmen of the 
Alumni Association met to lay 
out plans for the year ahead. 
Association President Frank 
Schneiders (AS'54) chaired the 
meeting and called on the 
following persons for reports: 

Ed Drew (BS'75, MS'86) and 
Sheila Camam (BS'83), co- 
chairs of next spring's 
Scholarship Ball. Drew and 
Camam are raring to go and are 
forming a large committee to 
help them achieve their goal of 
packing Yale Commons for this 
big event. 

Joe Cieplak (BS'72), 
chairman of the Phonathon 
Committee. Cieplak explained 
that there will be an alumni 
captain for each of the 34 
telephoning sessions this year 
and that there will be one event, 
with both alums and parents 
participating. Cieplak's co- 
chairs are Ray Havican 
(MBA'78) and Ron Urquhart 

Julia Gelgauda (BA'76), 
Homecoming chairman. The 

theme for this year's 
Homecoming was Oktoberfest, 
and Gelgauda and all who 
worked with her are to be 
congratulated on a super job. 

John Beckert (MBA'72), 
chairman of the Distinguished 
Alumnus Selection Committee. 

Reporting for Beckert, Scheiders 
said this committee expects to 
complete its work by December, 
making its choice from as wide 
a pool of potential recipients as 

Michelle Robeson (MBA'87), 
chairman of the Planning and 

Evaluation Committee. This is a 
new committee whose primary 
function will be to evaluate all 
alumni activities during the 
coming year and offer 
suggestions for change and /or 

In conjunction with the 
committee reports, the group 
scheduled Alumni Council and 
Board meetings for the rest of 
the year (see box) and added 
that' Mary Hart (BS'75) has 
agreed to take charge of the 
council's annual dinner in May.* 

Dates to Remember 


Oct. 3-Nov. 1 7 

Scholarship Ball 

April 1, 1989 

Alumni Meeting 


September 21, 
November 30, 
February 22, April 19 


December 7 (Shubert), 
May 19 (annual dinner) 

Please mark these dates 
on your calendar. Anyone 
interested in joining the 
council should contact 
Madelyne Mansfield at 


New Alumni Director Named 

Robert H. Morgan of Cheshire 
has been named associate 
director of development for 
alumni relations and annual 
giving. Morgan, a UNH 
alumnus (BA 69), is well 
known among the university 
community, having been a 
member of the development 
staff for seven years. Prior to 
assuming his current duties, he 
was associate director of 
development, in which capacity 

he worked on major capital 
campaigns and was instru- 
mental in the establishment of 
the Parents' Association and the 
Parents' Fund. 

Morgan, who replaces 
Patricia A. Morgan (yes, they 
are husband and wife) in the 
alumni position, is responsible 
for all aspects of alumni 
relations at the university, 
including alumni programs and 

events, such as the Scholarship 
Ball; alumni and parent giving, 
which includes organizing the 
Phonathon; and building and 
working with the Alumni 
Association, Council and Board. 
He reports to the director of 

Discussing his new position, 
Morgan said that he is excited 
about the high degree of alumni 
activity at UNH and pleased 

with the outstanding level of 
leadership on the Alumni 
Board. He added that among his 
goals will be an expanded effort 
to reach out to all segments of 
the alumni community and to 
encourage even greater alumni 
involvement in all aspects of 
UNH hfe. 

"1 already know many of the 
alums from my years with the 
university," he stated, and "1 
look forward to meeting and 
working even more closely with 
each and every one to make 
1988-89 banner year for alumni 
and parent relations at UNH."b 





Tour Features 

• Round Inp jel transportation via Qanlas Airways with inflight 
movie, meal and beverage service 
All transportation tjetween destinations 
Deluxe/First Class hotel accomodations 
Pre-registration at all hotels: all flight reservations, and tickets 
prepared in advance 

Complete travel and tourst information pnor to departure 
A professional Vantage Travel Senrice Tour Director for the 
full duration of the vacation 
American breakfast each morning 
Three lunches including lunch on City Tour in Auckland, buffet 
lunch in Mount Cook, lunch enroute from Mt. Cook to 

Four dinners including a Welcome Dinner in Sydney, a New 
Zealand barbecue in Queenstown, a 'meet the friendly New 
Zealanders" Home Dinner in Chnstchurch and a farewell 
Dinner in Cairns 

Special tour o( outer Great Barrier Reef including a sumptu- 
ous smorgasbord lunch aboard a first class semi-submersible 
coral viewing boat off Cairns, Australia 
City tours in Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch and Caims 

' Infonnative briefings on the highlights and customs of each 

' All transfers and luggage handling between airports and 
hotels except in customs areas 

' All taxes and service charges for included features 
All departure taxes 

Hospitality desk at all hotels staffed by on-site professionals 
Welcome drinks upon arrival at all hotels, a wine and cheese 
reception in Cairns 

' Complimentary comprehensive travel guide 
Deluxe oversized travel bag 

Convenient passport wallet, name badge and distinctive bag 

Automatic $250,000 Common Carrier Accident Insurance 
Plan for each Vantage passenger, at no additional charge 
Optional Insurance coverage is available for Baggage/ 
Accident and Trip Cancellation/lnternjption at special low- 
cost group rates 
Optional: A full and varied program of sightseeing excursions 

The University Of New Haven Alumni Association 

D YES — please send me your FREE information packet on the South 
Pacific Vacation. I understand that making this request does not obligate me 
in any way. 

Your Name 

Group Name 

Street & Number 



Telephone ( ) 

Area Code 

Send for your FREE information Now to: 

VANTAGE TRAVEL, 111 Cypress Street 

Brookline, MA 02146 or Call: 

D YES, send me 

additional destination ^ 

information: -^^B 

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D Africa 

D Grenadines & Orinoco Cruise 

D Caribbean Cruise 

D Russia/Scandinavian Cmise 

D Alaskan Cnjise 

D Exotic Far East 

1-800-322-6677 or m Massachusetts 617-734-8000 


Parents' Day 



"Shake, Rattle, and Roll," an 
echo of the '50s, is the theme 
for this year's Parents' Day, set 
for October 29 on the UNH 
campus. Numerous events are 
planned for this special day, 
designed to bring together 
students, parents and 
university faculty and staff. 

The schedule includes 
registration at the Student 
Center from 11:00 a.m. until 
noon, followed by an informal 
luncheon — hamburgers, hot 
dogs, and the like — under a 
tent on the North Campus. At 
1:30 p.m., the 1988 Charger 
football team will meet the 
Springfield College Chiefs at 
Dodds Stadium. After the 
game, UNH President PhiUip 
Kaplan will greet parents and 
students at a reception in the 
Student Center Lounge. At 
5:30 p.m. there will be a buffet 
dinner in the main cafeteria in 
honor of parents; a brief 
Parents' Association meeting 
will be held over coffee and 
dessert. The day will conclude 
with a ~50s dance in the 

Commenting on plans for 
the event. President Kaplan 
said, "Parents and families of 
all our students are 
encouraged to join us for what 
we believe will be an 
enjoyable day and an excellent 
introduction to a typical fall 
weekend on the UNH 
campus." ■ 


Alumni Notes 


Edward P. Hcllcnbrecht is 

enginoi'rinj;;i'r lor Kagii 
Foods Inc., in Sholtim, Conn. He 
lives in Watorburv. 


Michael F. Granucci is operations 
manager at CHR Industries of New 
Haven and is responsible for 
manufacturing, engineering and 
materials management. He and his 
wife Marcia and their two children 
live in Killingworth, Conn. 

Michael Granucci 72 


Henri David, Jr. has been promoted 
to vice chairman at the Connecticut 
Bank and Trust company in 
Hartford, Conn. He lives in Old 

Leon G. LeClerc and his wife 
Valerie own and operate Val-le of 
the Dolls in Waterbury, Conn. They 
supply all miniatures and building 
supplies associated with doUhouses 
and do custom work. 
Charles F. Schatra has been 
promoted field ser\'ice supervisor 
for General Electric consumer 
Ser\'ice of Jessup, Maryland. He 
lives in EUicot City with his wife 
Kathy and daughter Jessica. 


Jerry McKinney is on the faculty of 
the College of Great Falls Montana 
as an instructor in criminal justice. 
He and his wife, Joyce and their 
three children live in Cobalt, Conn. 
He is a member of the UNH Alumni 


Robert Cizmadia is manager of 
security and safety for Telenet 
Communications Corp., U.S. Sprint 
Company in Reston, Va. He, his wife 
Karen and their three children live 
in Hemdon, Va. 

Eric J. Idee is director of creative 
marketing and design for Risdon 
Corptuation in Naugatuck, Conn. 
Mr. Idee holds eight patents in 
consumer and cosmetic packaging. 

1 le IS also a lieutenant colonel in the 
U.S. Army Reserves. He, his wife 
and daughter live in Madison, 

George M. Straznitskas is owner 
and manager of Excellence, Inc. 
emplovment agency which 
specializes in permanent 
professional placement in 
Naugatuck, Conn. 
Peter F. Warren has been promoted 
from trooper to sergeant in the 
Connecticut Police Department He 
is assigned to Troop "A" in 
Southbury, where he supervises 
fourteen police officers. 


David M. Ruffino is supervisor in 
the Criminalistics liunau of the Las 
Vegas, Nevada Metropolitan Police 
Department. He is an ID specialist 
and has been with the department 
more than 10 years. 


Albert R. Lindblom is a traffic 
officer for the West Haven Police 
Department and is a member of the 
W.H.PD. Major Accident Unit. He is 
certified as an Accident 
Reconstructionist. He lives in West 
Haven, Conn., with his wife, the 
former Kathleen Sullivan 78, and 
their two sons. 

Rolando T. Martinez is director of 
social work for Waterbury Hospital, 
Waterbury, Conn. He will direct the 
delivery of counseling, discharge 
planning, referral to community 
agencies and emotional support to 
hospital patients and their families. 


William E. Solberg is senior vice- 
president at Centerbank in 
Southbury, Conn. He will be 
responsible for the commercial 
operation, supervise lending 
personnel in Connecticut as well as 
in the bank's loan origination 
subsidiaries in Long Island and 
South Carolina. 


Walter B. Tucker, Jr. is CEO of Booth 
Tucker & Co. Inc., residential real 
estate developers, and is also 
general partner in the holding 
company for the Amos Dickerman 
House, an historic estate in 
Westville, Conn. 


Nicholas T. Hovaland is personnel 
administrator for the C.R. Gibson 
Company, manufacturers of paper 
gift products and stationary items in 
Norwalk, Conn. He lives in 


Erica Lavorgna is manager of 
operations at Constitution Health 
Network. She will be supervising 
claims processing and customer 
service employees. CHN is a 

Eric Idee 76 

Meriden-based non-profit 
organization providing prepaid 
health coverage and is affiliated 
with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of 

John L. Nickerson was elected chief 
of the Old Lyme Fire Department. 
He is employed by Northeast 
Utilities as Fire Training Instructor. 
He, his wife and their two daughters 
live in Old Lyme, Conn. 
John B. Popolizio, Jr. is news 
anchor for WELI (960 AM) in New 
Haven, Conn. 


Bryan H. Anderson is area service 
manager for General Electric, 
Electrical Distribution and Control 
Division, for the Ohio Valley Region, 
located at the National Service 
Center in Plainville, Conn. 


Ensign Thomas D. Barzee of Bristol, 
Conn., was commissioned in his 
present rank upon completing 
Aviation Officer Candidate School in 
Pensacola, Florida. He will enter 
primary flight training. 
Michael D. Grace is senior vice 
president, secretary and controller of 
the Mechanics and Farmers Savings 
Bank in Trumbull, Conn. 


John W. Barwis is human resources 
director for the American Tobacco 
Company in Stamford, Conn. He 
lives in Monroe with his wife and 
two daughters. 

James Buckley is special agent for 
the Federal Bureau of Investigation 
in New Haven, Conn. 



Hugh Clifford Teel, Jr. to Jane Ellen 


Robert A. Vibberts to Janet L. Hand 


Barbara Jean Mollinari to Victor 

Vienng II 

Austin Snow to Stephanie Frasca 


Thomas Kyle Moore to Nancy Ann 


Susan Marie Trabka to Gregory 

John Stamos 


Joseph Alan Czarkowski to Joan 

Celeste Granata 

Arnold F. D'Angelo, Jr. to Tamela 

Ann Neininger 

Sebastian Lisitano to Donna M. Gill 

David Andrew Plaskon to Kathleen 

Eli/dbeth Saley 

Gerald J. Szuch to Barbara J. Bencze 


John Licari, )r to Rosanne Pastore 

George Melanson, Jr. to Joan 


Michael Gary Ruthen to Gina M. 



Dean Mickey Zippo to Patricia 

Anne Calabrese 

Louis Anthony Zullo, Jr. to Eda 

Anne Rederscheid 


Debra Bartholomew to Daniel 


Frank Anthony Calvi to Mary Joan 


Robert Francis Coyne, Jr. to Lisa 

Beth Basserman 

Annmarie Alison Renzulli to Brian 

Coleman Dolan 

Jeanne Saska to John C. Toste 

William C. Utter to Marion J. Davis 


James F. Dempsey, Jr. to Joan Carol 


Heidi A. Gauger to Brian A. 


Sharon M. Sprouse to Eyripidis A. 

Drossopoulos '87 


Susan Mary Hayes to .Michael 

Francis Barrv 

Eyripidis A. Drossopoulos to 

Sharon M. Sprouse '86 

Joseph P. Rotell, Jr. to Jodie Ann 



Debra L. David to Walter G. Kenney 

Daniel John Nardini to Linda 

Marlene Hosmer 

Charles J. Peschel to Nan Stockmal 

Dawn Victoria Rau to Edward J. 

Kowalski, 111 

Theresa Ann Sojke to David John 




John S. Assmar 


Arley McQueen, Jr. 


Robert (Pete) Ruhlin 


Janakan Pathmanathan 

1989 Distinguished Alumnus Award Nominee 

Nominee Name: 

Class year & degree 

Address (if known): 

Employer and position (if known): 

On a separate sheet, please include a brief summary of your reasons for nominating your 

Submitted by: 

Day phone: 


(Mail to: Alumni Office, UNH 

300 Orange Ave., West Haven, CT 06516) 

Alumnus Award 

The Distinguished Alumnus 
Selection Committee, under the 
chairmanship of John Beckert, 
MBA'72, is currently seeking 
nominations for the 1989 
recipient. The final selection is 
to be made by the end of 1988. 

The award is presented each 
year at the Scholarship Ball. The 
award publicly recognizes an 
alumna or alumnus who has 
achieved distinction in her or 
his chosen profession and 
demonstrated commitment to 
outside civic and charitable 
responsibilities. Previous award 
winners include: Joseph 
Duplinsky, AS'41, (1984); Orest 
(Tom) Dubno, AS'64, BS'68, 
MPA'75, (1985); William Webb, 
BS'71, (1986); Lester Forst, 
BS'76, (1987) and Roland T 
Bixler, EMBA'78, (1988). 

Nominations for this 
prestigious award should be 
made using the form provided 
here and the requested 
summary sheet. 

Responses must be received 
in the Alumni Office no later 
than November 15, 1988. ■ 


University of New Haven 
300 Orange Avenue 
West Haven, CT 06516 

New Haven, CT