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U N I V 

I T 




H A V 

FALL 1992 



NO. 1 




Some describe it as embodying a 
new way of tliinking. Others see 
it as a blueprint for tiie future. 
Purists deem it simply an action 

Wliatever the frame of reference, 
one thing is certain. Tlie university's 
Strategic Plan, which was publicly 
unveiled for the first time in August, 
has already garnered the attention of 
university constituents and others 
interested in the educational arena. 

Tlie 44-page plan, the culmination 
of a two-year effort involving input 
from all sectors within the university 
community, stresses key elements 
crucial to the university's future. 

Central to the university's heralded 
Students First philosophy, the plan 
envisions a university that "will 
strive to achieve prominent and 
distinctive leadership as an institu- 
tion that empowers students with 
substantive knowledge, the ability to 
communicate, problem-solving skills, 
and the practical experience appro- 
priate for success as leaders in their 
professions and as citizens of the 
local and world communities." 

In short, the plan concerns educat- 
ing the "whole" person and prepar- 
ing students for life's encounters. To 
that end, the plan calls for ensuring 
quality academic preparation, top- 
flight institutional management, 
continued financial stability and 
revenue growth, and student 
comfort, enjoyment, productivity 
and safety. Also key are plans for an 
expanded UNH with multiple 
campuses and continued beautifica- 
tion efforts on the main campus. 

Already, implementation of the 
plan is well underway, says Presi- 
dent Lawrence J. DeNardis, who, as 
continued on page 2 

It was smiles all around as Alan Schmidt, class of 1993, presented the class banner to 
Christimtna Shetbanee, class of 1996, during this year's Convocation ceremony held on the 
Maxcy Quad. Addressing incoming students is Jason Mumbach, Day Student Government 

Convocation Opens New Year 

He encouraged them to get to 
know some of their professors 
as well as fellow students. But 
perhaps most important of all, 
Michael Morris, professor of psychol- 
ogy, told incoming students, "Get to 
know yourself." 

With a touch of whimsy and sage 
advice from one who has long been 
affiliated with academia both as a 
student and a professor, Morris, 
extending greetings to the class of 
1996 on behalf of the UNH faculty, 
spoke directly to UNH's newest 
charges, who gathered under a 
sunny sky on the Maxcy Hall quad 
the afternoon of September 1 for the 
university's second Convocation. 
Faculty and staff donned their 
academic regalia for the occasion, 
and video cameras rolled as Presi- 
dent Lawrence J. IDeNardis took 
center stage and presented the 
University Award for Distinguisiied 
Teaching to Tara L'Heureux-Barrett, 
assistant professor of psychology. 

and the University Adjunct Award 
for Distinguished Teaching to 
Pauline M. Schwartz, who teaches 
in the School of Engineering chemis- 
try department. Later, Brenda 
Williams, associate provost for 
students' academic development and 
enrollment management, presented 
Outstanding Staff Member and 
Service Employee awards to Paul 
Stankowski, electrical technician in 
the School of Engineering, and 
Maureen Chase who operates the 
Central Duplicating Office. 

But the day focused largely on 
incoming freshman and transfer 
students. Tlie Presidential and 
Humphrey Scholars were recognized 
as were the graduate fellows. Tlie 
newest members of tiie UNH family 
also received hearty greetings from 
the Day Student Government, the 
Board of Governors and Provost 
James Uebelacker, who also served 
as master of ceremonies. 

continued on page 4 


Strategic Plan 

Progress To Pate 


•Task Force for the 
'90s explores Strategic 


•General nneetings 
held on campus to 
solicit staff input on 
university's future 

•Three Working 
Groups formed to 
address academic 
affairs, student life and 
governance issues 




•Proposed Strategic 

Plan draft released 


•Input from campus 

community sought 

through open meetings 




•Strategic Plan 
•Greening of UNH 
Campaign officially 



•Plans for new 
academic programs 
•Williams appointed 
head of enrollment 

•Strategic Plan 
released publicly 
•Kleinfeld appointed to 
head external 
operations as part of 
•Site for Groton 
campus sought 



•School of Public 

Safety and Professional 

Studies formally 


•VP for University 



Strategic Plan... 

continued from page I 

part of his first year at the helm of 
the university, initiated the final 
planning process. Now in iiis 
second year as president, DeNardis, 
along with the university's Board of 
Governors, is making that fine-tuned 
plan a reality. 

New School, 
New Programs 

Addressing the need for quality 
academic opportunities, the Presi- 
dent announced the formation of a 
new School for Public Safety and 
Professional Studies this September. 
Headed by Acting Dean R.E. 
Gaensslen, director and professor of 
forensic science, the school consoli- 
dates the university's many re- 
spected specialty programs: aviation, 
criminal justice, fire science, forensic 
science, occupational safety and 
health, and paralegal studies. 

Tlie university also announced 
plans to develop three new academic 
programs designed to enhance and 
expand offerings in the health and 
human services disciplines. Tlie 
programs, offering a B.S. degree in 
dental hygiene and M.S. degrees in 
human nutrition and education, are 
currently pending licensure. Under 
review is a B.A. in music industry, 
which would complement existing 
programs. Tlie Graduate School's 
degree offerings also were expanded. 

Integral to its academic strength is 
the university's globalization efforts. 
Tliis fall, the university welcomed 12 
Siberian students from the Kuzbass 
region of Russia and 45 Israeli 
students (see related articles Sum- 
mer Imiglit 1992 and this issue on 
page 7), bringing the total number of 
foreign students currently enrolled at 
UNH to approximately 560. In 
addition, the university continues to 
attract visiting professors from other 
countries, such as Fulbright Scholar 
Stefan Samko (see related story on 
page 7.) 

The president has also instituted 
several organizational changes and 
appointments. A new vice president 
for university advancement, Donald 
Ibsen, was appointed with responsi- 
bility for the [Development, Alumiii 
Relations and Public Relations 
offices. Tlie creation of the new post 

and the organizational restructuring 
it represents follow recommenda- 
tions in the Strategic Plan. Addi- 
tional changes include the promotion 
of former assistant provost Brenda 
Williams to associate provost with 
expanded responsibilities for enroll- 
ment management; the naming of 
Ira Kleinfeld, previously chair of the 
Department of Industrial Engineer- 
ing, to be assistant provost for 
external operations; and the selec- 
tion of Oliver Porter to serve as 
outreach assistant to the Provost. 

Campus Physical 
Plant Addressed 

Tlie university's plans to expand in 
the Groton/New London area have 
drawn considerable attention in the 
media. Currently, the university is 
examining several possible sites for a 
permanent campus for the 1,000 
students pursuing degrees at UNH's 
Southeastern branch. University 
officials also hope to address the 
need for retraining defense industry 
workers in that area. 

Meanwhile, a three-phase campus 
beautification program is well 
undenvay. New brick entryways, 
the revamped Maxcy Hall portico 
and the recently completed Admis- 
sions Building, housing the 
university's undergraduate admis- 
sions and financial aid personnel, 
were part of the initial phase. Now 
plans are in the works to construct 
recreational and athletic fields 
adjacent to the upperclass residence 
halls as well as an Alumni and 
Friends Walkway to Success that will 
begin at the Admissions Building 
and, ultimately, join a number of 
buildings on campus. Funding for 
both projects is the focus of the 
recently announced Greening of 
UNH Campaign. 

"I am both pleased and excited 
about the opportunities that lie 
ahead for our university and about 
the progress that we have made so 
far," says President DeNardis, 
crediting the university community's 
support as instrumental to the 
implementation process. "As we 
continue to phase in recommenda- 
tions of our Strategic Plan, I think 
the future of the university, and, 
more important, that of our stu- 
dents, will only continue to grow 
and prosper." 


Top 600 Mark 

Six hundred plus. That's a popu- 
lar figure on campus these days, 
ever since the Undergraduate 
Admissions Office tallied the num- 
ber of the university's incoming class 
this fall. Tlie entering class is more 
than 10 percent larger than last year, 
when freshmen and transfers 
numbered 523 students. All told, 
the university has some 1,550 
undergraduate students, up from 
just under 1,400 in fall 1991. 

In a time of declining enrollments 
nationwide, the news is particularly 
heartening, says Steve Briggs, dean 
of undergraduate admissions and 
financial aid. 

"We've concentrated our efforts, 
expanding our recruiting outreacii, 
offering more opportunities to bring 
perspective students and their 
parents to campus, and working 
more closely with guidance counsel- 
ors," says Briggs. He believes, too. 

Freshmen stmients found newly pnintcd and revamped quarters awaited them in the Freshman 
Residaice Hall, one of the several facilities projects that was undertakat over the summer. 

that assistance from faculty, student 
tour guides, staff and alumni iiave 
made a difference in recruiting efforts. 

Profiling our newest UNHers, 
figures show the majority— 350 
students-are from Connecticut, with 
New York and New Jersey residents 
holding second and tiiird place. 

CONGRATULATIONS-Pausing for the camera just outside the Graduate School Building are 
this year's Graduate Felloivship recipients: Front row (l-r) Marilyn Harris, Jennifer Foley, 
David Lewis, Brmden Beckstein, Brian Cyr, Cynette Qivaliere, Robin Cohn, David Fusco, 
Patricia Littel, Debra Dahlmcyer, Ken Lombart; Second row (l-r) Bernard Wirkus, Henry 
Paszczuk, Edward Banasiak, Guy W. Wolf, III, Stephanie Jurta, Lex Horbal, Stephen Hurd, 
Vera Miller, James Stein, David Jurnn, and; Third rou' (l-r): Susan Rodrigue, David Salc-C, 
Janet Sagnella, Charles Deskin, UNH President Lawrence J. DeNardis, Provost James 
Ucbelacker, Graduate School Dean William Gere, and Julie Allen. Recipients not shotvn include 
Joseph Castillo, Nongnuch Chaireuangsri, Kuo-Ting Chiu, Kenneth Lombart, Rosemary 
Rzeszutek, John Waller and Susan Winkel. 

Overall, the new students represent 
a cross-section of 19 states as well as 
the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. 

Tlie group is also diversified 
internationally; the university 
welcomed students from 24 coun- 
tries. Midge Burnette, director of 
international student admissions, 
notes that this year UNH has 
students from countries such as the 
Netherlands and South Africa, 
which have not previously been 
represented at UNH. She adds that 
countries such as Bangladesh, 
Greece, Iceland, Morocco, Spain, 
Turkey and Canada have in the past 
sent "only a student here and there, 
so it is exciting to see students 
coming this fall from these countries 
as well." 

Also adding to the university's 
growing cosmopolitan flavor are 12 
Siberian students from the Kuzbass 
region of Russia, 45 new Israeli 
students who are working toward a 
variety of engineering degrees (the 
university welcomed 70 Israeli 
students last year), and a sizeable 
number of Korean students. 

Wliile traditional programs con- 
tinue to be big draws as major areas 
of study, the most noticeable growth 
appears to be in such programs as 
criminal justice, engineering, envi- 
ronmental science, fire science, 
music and sound recording and the 
management of sports industries, 
one of the university's newest 
degree programs. 


The UNH College Connection Program 

Developing Student Potential/Sampling College Life 

Tliey were all interested in 
attending UNH. Tliey all had 
potential for college-level work. But 
they needed a little help honing 
their academic skills. Tliis summer 
they found the help they needed 
through the university's unique 
College Connection Program, which 
also afforded them a taste of college 
life UNH-style. 

Some 14 students from New York, 
New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont 
and Rhode Island participated in the 
program, which stresses mathemat- 
ics and language arts skills. Students 
had the opportunity to live in the 
residence halls and participate in 
social activities. Tliey also were 
encouraged to seek additional help 
through the university's Center for 
Learning Resources, a popular and 
busy office during the academic 

Program Coordinator Donald 
Fridshal, who is professor and chair 
of the Department of Mathematics, 
notes that, since the program was 
first introduced last year, both the 

Nicole Muller, English instructor, helps 
students hone their language arts skills as 
part of the university's College Connection 
Program, now in its second year. 

number of students and the geo- 
graphical range has grown, a factor 
he credits largely to the Admissions 
Office's intensified recruiting. He 
notes, too, that in efforts to assist 

LEARNING BY D01NG--Thc university welcomed 31 middle school students to campus this 
summer in conjunction u'ith the Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP), a Hartford- 
based non-profit organization. The five-week pmgram, which ran fivm June 29 through ]uly 
31, included classes in chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer and English guidance as well 
as field trips. The university is one of five CPEP sites throughout the state. 

students who have the potential to 
succeed in college but for one reason 
or another may be deficient in a 
particular area, the program was 
expanded to include both provision- 
ally and conditionally accepted 

Of the students who completed the 
program, all are currently enrolled at 
UNH. As an offshoot of the pro- 
gram, all will be carefully monitored 
throughout their freshman year to 
ensure their continued success, says 


continued from page 1 

In his presidential address. Presi- 
dent DeNardis highlighted what the 
university offers students in the way 
of a quality academic experience that 
combines the best of both worlds-a 
traditional liberal education and top- 
notch career preparation. 

"We stand ready to teach you. We 
stand ready to help you," said 
DeNardis as he wished them the 
best for a great year. 

Fall 1992 


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Elections/Media are Focus of Ethics Forum 

When lier daughter asked her 
whetlier all fairy tales began with 
"Once Upon a Time," Ruth 
Brennan said that wasn't always the 
case. "Sometimes they start with 
'Wlien I get elected..."' quipped 
Brennan, director of the EMBA 
Program who recounted the dia- 
logue with her daughter as part of 
her opening comments in the recent 
Ethics in the Workplace symposium 
entitled, appropriately enough, 
"Ethics and Elections: Tlie Role of 
the Media." 

Tlie October 14 symposium, held 
just days after the televised vice 
presidential debates and shortly 
before the second scheduled Presi- 
dential one, made for a lively 
evening. Brennan's comments were 

Sharing incu<s oit ethical issues facing the 
media during election coverage were outside 
speakers Kathlcai E. Kendall and Al Terzi. 

but a few of several insights she and 
her fellow panelists and commenta- 
tors shared with close to 100 people 
who filled Dodds Hall that evening. 

After a brief introduction by 
Philosophy Professor Joel Marks, 
two panelists shared their views- 
Kathleen E. Kendall, associate 
professor of communication at the 
State University of New York at 
Albany and chair of the Political 
Communication Division of the 
International Communication 
Association; and Al Terzi, co-anchor 
of WTNH-TV Channel 8's Action 
News. Their presentations were 

followed by commentaries by UNH 
faculty Jerry Allen, chair of the 
Department of Communication and 
Marketing; Brennan; James W. Dull, 
professor of political science and UNH 
President Lawrence J. DeNardis, 
who is also a professor of political 
science and former state senator and 
congressman. Each touched on 
different aspects of the way the 
media impacts the electoral process. 

Kendall commented on the interac- 
tion among the media, candidates 
and the general public. Wliile 
candidates may have difficulty 
telling the truth, particularly about 
each other, she says the public 
expects ample, clear information 
from the media. Siie also spoke 
about the need to separate truth 
from fiction in political advertising 

News Anchor Terzi addressed the 
difficulty the media has reporting 
timely information in a news pro- 
gram that may have five commercial 
breaks as well as sports and weather 
reporting. He notes too that politi- 
ciaiis have become adept at using 
their television persona to their 
advantage. Tlie media has an 
obligation to look deeper into the 
issues, to ask questions and find out 
what is the truth and then report it 
to the public. 

Other topics of interest focused on 
the newspaper practice of "pack" 
reporting and the general indiffer- 
ence of the American people toward 
their government. President DeNar- 
dis underscored the decline of the 
efficacy of the political parties over 
the last 20 years and the rise of 
special interest groups and Political 
Action Committees which influence 
candidates with their financial clout. 
Addressing the rise of divided 
government since 1956, he says that 
split parties have caused conflict and 
rancor, giving the media an arena in 
which to operate. 

A lively question and answer 
period which included questions on 
media coverage of independent 
candidates, why candidates are not 
often asked to comment on "real 
issues," and whether the public 
knows more about political candidates 
than they did 100 years ago, con- 
cluded the symposium. A reception 
followed in Dodds Hall's Art Gallerv. 

Donald J. Ibsen 

Ibsen Appointed 

VP for University 


Donald J. Ibsen, retired presi- 
dent of the Instrument Division of 
Dresser Industries, Inc., was ap- 
pointed to the newly created posi- 
tion of vice-president for univer- 
sity advancement, effective Sep- 
tember 1. His responsibilities will 
be to direct 
the functions 
of the Devel- 
Alumni Rela- 
tions and 
Public Rela- 
tions offices. 

Ibsen, who 
holds a B.S. 
from Yale 
and an M.B.A. from the Univer- 
sity of Bridgeport, joined Dresser 
Industries in 1962 and held in- 
creasingly responsible manage- 
ment positions over the next 13 
years. In 1975, he was named 
manager of manufacturing; he 
became vice-president of the 
company's 12-plant instrument 
division in 1983, taking early re- 
tirement in April 1991 after a suc- 
cessful career. 

A member of the board of direc- 
tors of the Connecticut Business 
and Industry Association and the 
advisory board of Connecticut 
National Bank, Ibsen's past board 
affiliations have included Good- 
will Industries, the YMCA, Junior 
Achievement and the Southern 
Connecticut Manufacturers 

He also has been an active 
fundraiser, having served as 
chairman of the board of the 
United Way of Eastern Fairfield 
County, and as a board member 
of the Klingberg Family Centers 
in New Britain. 

"We are extremely fortunate to 
have found a leader of Don 
Ibsen's calibre to join our execu- 
tive ranks at this important junc- 
ture-when we are preparing for a 
major fund-raising campaign," 
says President Lawrence J. De- 


University welcomes new faculty 

The university welcomed several 
new faculty members at the start 
of the academic year. They are: 

School of Arts & Sciences 

Anne Magee Dichele was ap- 
pointed assistant professor of 
education. Dichele was an assistant 
professor at the University of 
Bridgeport. She holds an Ed.M. and 
a master's in reading education. 
Harvard Graduate School of Educa- 
tion, and a B.S. in elementary 
education. Northeastern University. 
Valeria Heckman was appointed 
assistant professor of physics. She 
served as an adjunct faculty member 
in physics at the University of 
Hartford and as a visiting assistant 
professor of physics at Connecticut 
College. She holds a B.S., M.S. and 
Ph.D. in physics. University of 

Jeanne Maloney was appointed 
associate professor of dental hy- 
giene/biology. Maloney was divi- 
sion director and associate professor, 
Fones School of Dental Hygiene, 
University of Bridgeport. She holds a 
B.S. and M.S. in dental hygiene 
education. University of Missouri- 
Kansas City. 

Michael J. Rossi was named 
assistant professor of biology/ 
environmental science. He was a 
postdoctoral fellow with Nasser 
Chegini, Ph.D., Principal Investiga- 
tor, Department of Obstetrics and 
Gynecology, University of Florida, 
and a teaching assistant. University 
of Kentucky. He earned a B.S. in 
biology, Xavier University, and a 
Ph.D. in biology. University of 

Louise M. Scares was named 
director of education programs and 
professor of education. She was 
director, internship and residency 
programs, and professor of educa- 
tional psychology. University of 
Bridgeport. She holds a bachelor of 
music and master of fine arts, Boston 
University, and a Ph.D. in educa- 
tional psychology. University of 

School of Business 

John Coulter was named assistant 
professor of accounting. He served 
as a teaching assistant and lecturer at 

the University of Massachusetts, 
Amlierst. He holds a B.B.A., and an 
M.S. in accounting. University of 

John Teall was named associate 
professor of economics and finance. 
He was an assistant professor of 
finance at the University of Bridge- 
port. He holds a B.S. in economics 
and business administration, 
Towson State University, an M.B.A., 
Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and an 
M.Phil, and Ph.D. in finance, NYU. 

Linda A. Tetrault was named 
assistant professor of management. 
Tetrault was an assistant professor. 
Department of Management, James 
Madison University. She holds a 
B.S. in human resource manage- 
ment/industrial relations, California 
State University, Chico, and an M.S. 
and Ph.D. in management/organiza- 
tional psychology. University of 

School of Engineering 

Samuel Bogan was named assis- 
tant professor of mechanical engi- 
neering. He was a teaching assistant 
and Ph.D. candidate at Boston 
University, College of Engineering, 
where he also earned a B.S. and 
M.S. in aerospace engineering. 

Agamemnon D. Koutsospyros was 

named assistant professor of civil 
and enviroiimental engineering. He 
was an assistant professor, Pratt 
Institute. He holds a B.S./M.S. in 
chemical engineering. National 
Technical University of Athens, 
Greece, an M.S. in civil engineering. 
Polytechnic Institute of New York, 
and a Ph.D. in civil engineering. 
Polytechnic University. 

School of HRTA 

Sophia Anne Rolle was appointed 
assistant professor of hotel/restau- 
rant tourism. Rolle was affiliated 
with Iowa State University Memorial 
Union. She holds a B.S. in business 
management. Saint Augustine's 
College, Raleigh, NC, and an M.S. 
in hotel, restaurant and institution 
management and a Ph.D. in family 
and consumer sciences education, 
Iowa State University. 

Visiting Professor Horst Hcnschd taught a 
graduate course about the economic 
evolution of Eastern Europe this summer. 

German Professor 
Visits UNH 

Tliis summer UNH students were 
afforded an inside look at the 
changes in eastern Europe thanks to 
Visiting Professor Horst Henschel. A 
distinguished economist affiliated 
with the University of Leipzig, 
Henschel taught a graduate course 
entitled "Tlie Economic Evolution of 
Eastern Europe." Tlte course cov- 
ered such topics as technological 
developments, changes in the 
production and distribution pro- 
cesses and pricing policies. 

Henschel, whose credentials have 
also included serving as vice director 
for research on the national 
economy, says that the change to a 
market-driven economy, while 
welcomed by many Europeans, also 
brought problems that people had 
not anticipated. Wliile people saw 
the advantages of the Western 
system in terms of the variety of 
goods that were available, they 
"were very astonished at what the 
problems are," he says. As part of 
the evolutionary process, rents and 
unemployment have increased and 
workers have found they no longer 
have the high level of social security 
they had been accustomed to under 
the old system. "People are com- 
paring what is good in the new 
system and the old system. They 
want both, and that is not possible." 


UNH Hosts Russian Fulbright Scholar 

For Fulbright Scholar Stefan 
Samko the opportunity to come 
to the United States and pursue 
research and teaching opportunities 
at the University of New Haven was 
something he couldn't resist. Samko 
who is currently residing in New 
Haven thanks to the hospitality of 
UNH professor Richard Morrison, 
hails from Rostov-on-Don which is 
located in the southern part of 
Russia near the Black Sea. As 
professor and chair of the Depart- 
ment of Mathematics at Rostov State 
University, he is truly a mathemati- 
cian at heart and says he is looking 
forward to meeting his U.S. counter- 
parts so he can learn from and share 
with them. 

"Any two people tliink in different 
ways at any time... joint work gives 
more results," says Samko, adding 
"I hope to have good results here." 

Wliile at UNH Samko will devote 
his first semester to research activi- 
ties focusing on fractional calculus in 
analysis and mathematical physics, 
his speciality areas. Some years ago 
he collaborated on a text entitled 
Theory and Application of Fractional 
CalcuhiS. Tlie work turned out to be 

Russian Fulbright Scholar btcjan bamko 
plans to pursue research interests as part of 
his one-year stay at UNH. 

a two-year project which was 
published in Russian and is due for 
publication in the U.S. by Gordon 
and Bridge Science Publishers. 

Much of his second semester may 
be spent in the classroom teaching. 
Sarnko, who was born and educated 

in Russia, says he is looking forward 
to working with American students, 
whom he describes as having a 
"much freer" outlook than their 
Russian counterparts because, in 
Russia, studies (and students) have 
been more strictly regulated, though 
that is changing. 

For Samko, the 10-month stay at 
UNH, which was arranged through 
the Council for International Ex- 
change of Scholars in Washington, 
D.C., is the first time he has been to 
America. Comparing Rostov with 
New Haven, he says the former is 
smaller geographically but is much 
more densely populated. And like 
many out-of-towners he jokes about 
transportation, or rather the lack 
thereof. "In the U.S., everyone must 
have a car," he says. Nevertheless, 
he does plan to visit mathematicians 
throughout the U.S. during his stay. 

And while he has been here only a 
relatively short time, he has already 
begun to show traces of Yankee 
humor. Asked how the breakup of 
the Soviet Union impacted on 
education or travel, Samko quipped, 
"Our students have an expression, 
'Ask something easier.'" 

Israeli Students Enjoy U.S. Studies 

As a practicing engineer in 
Israel, Yoram Grebler knew 
he had made considerable strides 
during the course of his career 
with the Israel Aircraft Industry. 
His most recent post, as project 
supervisor within the firm's Elec- 
tronic Division, afforded him var- 
ied responsibilities. But Grebler 
also knew that he was rapidly 
reaching the top of the career lad- 
der, unless he went back to college 
for a four-year degree. 

Currently, Grebler is one of ap- 
proximately 70 Israeli students 
who are pursuing a variety of 
engineering degrees at UNH. Tlie 
students, who have completed 
core courses in the humanities at 
the Biotechnical Institute of Tel 
Aviv, are enrolled in upper-level 
engineering courses at UNH, 
where they are combining class- 
room learning with laboratory 

experience. Provost Jim 
Uebelacker describes the relation- 
ship as a win-win situation. "In 
general, the Israeli students are 
very good students who contribute 
to the academic quality of the pro- 
grams being offered," he says. 
And as international students, 
they add to the university's 
globalization efforts. In turn, the 
Israeli students can earn an Ameri- 
can engineering degree within a 
compressed period of time while 
also learning about a new culture. 
Students Daniel Cohen and Guy 
Shocet, seniors in electrical engi- 
neering, find the program de- 
manding. Tliey take five to six 
courses per semester and find 
themselves "just studying all the 
time." Tliey describe their first 
two weeks here as "a culture 
shock" and note differences in 
everything from class size— UNH 

classes are considerably smaller 
than back home-to teaching 
styles. Tliey note, too, that compe- 
tition among their fellow Israeli 
students is great. "Getting high 
marks is very important to us," 
says Cohen. 

Grebler says his employers urged 
him to complete his studies and 
are holding a position for him. In 
addition to the time factor, he says 
he was looking for a program that 
would give him an opportunity to 
study new material in depth. And 
like several of the students who 
are pursuing their degrees here, 
he says that, with his new knowl- 
edge and exposure to American 
language and customs, career op- 
portunities will be wide open. 
Says Grebler, "I've been dreaming 
about completing my studies for 
the past 10 years. I finally have a 
chance to do it." 





Provost's Office 

Loretta K. Smith, director of tiie 
Center for Learning Resources, is 
serving in her second year as chair- 
man of the Orange Public Library 
Commission. Tlie commission re- 
cently inaugurated a Friends of the 
Library group and has begun plan- 
ning for an expansion of the library's 
physical plant. 

School of Arts & 

Caroline Dinegar, professor of politi- 
cal science, participated in the Brown 
University Scholars Program on the 
future of U.S. Foreign Policy. 
Dinegar hosted two public meetings 
held at the Wallingford Library on 
October 7 and 21 and will host two 
others on November 4 and 18. Tlte 
seminars address the future of U.S. 
foreign policy; the CIS and the New 
Russia; the Middle East and the 
European Community. The pro- 
gram is sponsored by OPTIONS, 

and is funded by a grant from the 
Connecticut Humanities Council. 

Ed Todd, associate professor of 
history, delivered a paper entitled, 
'Tnstructional Literature: Construct- 
ing Electric Power Systems in Ger- 
many, 1910-1930," in a session on 
Legitimizing High-Tech at the meet- 
ing of the Society for the History of 
Technology in Uppsala, Sweden, 
held August 16-20. 

David E.E. Sloane, professor of En- 
glish, published his fifth book. Sister 
Carrie: Tlieodore Dreiser's Sociolocial 
Tragedij (MacMillan-Twayne, New 
York), in July. Tlie book, a 150-page 
study of the sources, background 
and meaning of Sister Carrie, which 
begins the twentieth-century realistic 
novel tradition. He also completed 
Volume 22 of "Country Dance and 
Song," the national research publi- 
cation of the Country Dance and 
Song Society of America. Sloane, 
who is the editor of the publication, 
also published an article/book review 
in that issue. 

SPECIAL HONORS-Presideiit Lawrence ]. DeNnrdis pauses for a moment after Convocxition to 
congratulate (I) Tara L'Heureiix-Barratt, assistant professor of psychology, and Pauline M. 
Schwartz, who received the University Award for Distingusihed Teaching and the University 
Adjunct Aivard, respectively. Paul Bienkoivski, technical assistant, Department of Electrical and 
Computer Engineering, and Maureai Chase, Central Duplicating, received the Outstanding 
Staff Member and Outstanding Service Member awards, respectively. 

President Lawrence J. DeNardis, 

spoke on "Broadening Our Hori- 
zons," as the guest speaker of the 
Warwick Rhode Island Chamber of 
Commerce "Solution Series" lun- 
cheon held this summer. 

Douglas Robillard, professor of 
English, was one of 12 specialists 
who contributed to Savage Eye (pub- 
lisher-The Kent State University 
Press), a ground-breaking study ex- 
amining Herman Melville's interest 
in the many facets of the visual arts. 

School of Business 

Jerry Allen, professor and chair of 
the Department of Communication 
and Marketing, was appointed ex- 
ecutive secretary of the Eastern 
Communication Association. Tlie 
Association, the oldest of the four 
regional communication associations, 
covers the geographical area from 
Washington, D.C. to the Canadian 
border, and from the western border 
of Ohio eastward. Allen will be re- 
sponsible for the organization's busi- 
ness affairs, publishing a newsletter, 
EGA Neivs, and a national research 
]OUTna\,Coini>uimcation Quarterly, and 
planning conferences. 

Steven D. Goldberg, assistant pro- 
fessor of management, presented a 
paper entitled, "Self-Confidence and 
Dominance/Control: An Alternative 
Perspective for Succession in Family 
Business," at the annual conference 
of Tlie Family Farm Firm Institute 
held in Boston from September 30 to 
October 3. Goldberg won the 
Institute's Outstanding Contribution 
to the Field Award for Research. 

Goldberg also participated in the 
annual meeting of the Academy of 
Management held in Las Vegas this 
August, at which time he addressed 
"Succession from the Other End of 
the Telescope." Joining him was 
Judith Neal, associate professor of 
management, who presented "High 
Performance Work Systems: An 
Analysis of Strategies for Improving 
Quality and Competitiveness." 

School of Engineering 

Ross M. Lanius, Jr., professor of 
civil engineering, was appointed 
news correspondent, structural divi- 
sion, for the American Society of Civil 
Engineers (ASCE) Neios. In this posi- 


tion, he reports on activities of tlie 
division's 12 administrative and 
technical committees. 

Alex Sommers, professor of indus- 
trial engineering, published an ab- 
stract of a paper entitled "State- 
Assisted Centers for Technical Assis- 
tance to Manufacturing," accepted 
for presentation at the Production 
and Operations Management 
Society's annual meeting in Florida 
in October. 

Ismail I. Orabi, associate professor 
of mechanical engineering, chaired a 
session at the fourth conference on 
Nonlinear Vibrations, Stability and 
Dynamics of Structures and Mecha- 
nisms held at Virginia Polyteciinic 
Institute and State University in 
Blacksburg, VA, from June 7 to 11. 
He also presented a paper entitled, 
"Response of a Sliding Rigid Struc- 
ture under Horizontal- Vertical Earth- 
quake Excitations." 

School of Hotel, 
Restaurant & Tourism 

Vincent Marottoli, an adjunct in- 
structor in the Department of Hotel 
and Restaurant Management, re- 
cently returned from guiding two 
tours through the Bordeaux wine 
region in France. For the past 11 
years, he has organized and led 
these tours of the major wine re- 
gions of France. Next year, he plans 
to visit Provence/Lanquedoc. 

Rosanne Paluszewski, a junior pur- 
suing a degree in hotel and restau- 
rant management, was awarded a 
$1,500 scholarship from the Network 
of Executive Women in Hospitality, 
Inc., Greater New York. 

School of Public Safety 
& Professional Studies 

David A. Maxwell, professor of 
criminal justice and coordinator of 
the security management program, 
was honored by the Connecticut 
Chapter of the American Society for 
Industrial Security on June 5 for his 
many years "of outstanding service 
and dedication to the Chapter, fos- 
tering professional growth and de- 
velopment of the security industry." 

^P^^^^sV*- -^■■^^M 


EXECUTI\'E MBA OPEN HOUSE-"An Open House !S the best nmy to get to knoxv the 
Executive MBA Program, short of enrolling in it," said Ruth Brennan, EMBA director. An 
EMBA Open House, set for December 9 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at Echlin Hall, mil have 
current EMBA students, alumni and fnailty on hand to talk about their experiences with the 
Executive MBA and answer questions prospective students might have. 

The program is a theory plus hands-on alternative to a traditional MBA for middle and 
upper-level managers u'ho have always wanted a graduate managemmt degree but have never 
had the time to go back and earn one. "We call it the '1 Have a Life Executive MBA ' because 
we designed it so that it would not interfere iinth an executive's lifestyle or career. Let our 
alumni tell you how it uwrks," said Brennan. 

Pictured here is a typical Executive MBA alumni panel, from left to right, Larry Bingamaii, 
vice-president, marketing and communication, EMBA '92, Al D'Addario, manager/ 
manufacturing, BIC, EMBA '89, Linda Lind, director administrative sen^ices, GTE, EMBA 
'91, Ron Urquhart, first ince president. People's Bank, EMBA '90. Smiling at the humor (far 
left) IS EMBA Professor Ernie Lisi. 

Gerald Robin, professor of criminal 
justice, received rave reviews for his 
book Violent Crime and Gitn Control, 
in a recent issue of P.I. Magazine. 
Reviewer Chuck Klein noted "this 
text might become the bible on the 

Marvin K. Peterson 

Hanko Dobi, university librarian, 
was elected chair of the Greater 
New Haven Academic Library Con- 
sortium in July. She will serve a one- 
year term. Dobi was also part of a 
team of evaluators who visited the 
Bridgeport Engineering Institute to 
review the institution's application 
to tlie Board of Governors for 
licensure to offer a M.S. program in 
management of technology. 

Mary Fiorelli, reference librarian. 
Southeastern Connecticut branch, 
was elected to a two-year term as 

Region VI representative to the Con- 
necticut Library Association's Execu- 
tive Board. 

Admissions & 
Financial Aid 

Scott Farber, director of transfer 
admissions, represented the univer- 
sity at the annual conference of the 
New England Transfer Articulation 
Association held in New Hampshire 
this May. Farber currently serves as 
a member of the association's execu- 
tive board, a position he has held for 
the past three years. 

Student Services 

Patricia S. Christiano joined the 
Office of Residential Life as assistant 
director. Previously, she held a simi- 
lar post at Fairfield University. She 
holds a M.S. in higher education 
administration from Syracuse Uni- 
versity and a B.A. in Psychology 
from St. Bonaventure. 





Dear Aluitwi, 

As an alumnus of UNH, I am proud and Imppy to see the amount of favorable press 
coverage afforded the university recently. Such press coverage has featured President 
Larry DeNardis and the administration, campus beautification plans, accreditation for 
neiv degree programs, as well as a focus on the university's dedicated faculty and staff. 
Coverage lias also included the outstanding sports programs offered by UNH. In fact, I 
have just read yet another naospaper article highlighting tlie superb performance by the 
UNH "Chargers" football team this year, which, as of this writing, has a 7-0 record. 
The season began xvith a thrilling victory against UConn, a game which I enjoyed with 
my family and mil never forget. 

It is clear that the publicity bestaiccd upon UNH has been earned through hard work 
and a commitment by the administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni. Consis- 
tent xvith past practice, UNH continues to nwke progress and has developed into a 
university which is attractive to prospective students. 

The recently elected UNH Alumni Board and Conned is committed to providing on- 
going support for the continued groicth and development of the university and our 
felloic alumni. The Alumni Council has already met to discuss the various icays in 
which we can enhance relations and better serve our alumni and university. Areas of 
focus include the establishment of Alumni Clubs, as well as facilitating communication 
betzvecn the alumni and the UNH Career Development Office. The Career Development 
staff is committed to assisting UNH alumni with job search and employment strategies 
and tlie Alumni Council is currently working with this office to identify icays in which 
we can help them assist our alumni. 

The Alumni Council mil continue to work hard to identify zvays in which we can 
better serve the alumni and the university nmo and in the fidure. The council is 
receptive to recommendations from our fellow alumni and in an effort to cam/ out our 
mission, we would like to hear from you. Your idem and suggestions are important to 
us. For those of you interested in either serving on the Alumni Council or assisting in 
the process of establishing Alumni Clubs in your region, please let us knoio. 

Youts truly. 


Edward Drao, Jr. 

President, Alumni Association 

Hershey/Frey Fund Established 

Recently, John A Frey'42, alum- 
nus and long standing member of 
the Board of Governors, paid a 
visit to campus to bring to fruition 
an idea that he and his wife had 
discussed for some time-the estab- 
lishment of a scholarship fund 
dedicated to improving the lives of 
people in the Naugatuck Valley 
area. Today, that idea has become 
a reality with the establishment of 
the Hershey/Frey Scholarship Fund. 

Initiated with a gift of $65,000, 

the fund shares the names of two 
prominent businessmen, Paul H. 
Hershey, founder of Hershey Metal 
Products Company in Ansonia in 
1920, and Frey, his nephew, who 
also serves as president and cliief 
executive officer of the corporation. 
Tlie fund will directly aid students 
from the towns of Derby, Ansoiiia 
and Seymour who are enrolled 
either full- or part-time in any pro- 
gram of the university at the gradu- 
ate or undergraduate level. 

UNH Calling... 

Tlie university's annual phonathon 
is currently underway. This year, all 
gifts of $100 or more will be recog- 
nized with a personalized brick to be 
placed in the Alumni and Friends 
Walkway to Success as part of tlie 
Greening of UNH campaign. All 
alumni will have the opportunity to 
place a brick in the Walkway to 
Success when called by phoners. To 
date more than 200 alumni and 
friends have already participated in 
the project as part of UNH's overall 
campus beautification plan. 

Tlie phonathon, which is being 
conducted externally due to the 
rapid growth of the alumni popula- 
tion (just over 25,000 members), will 
run tlirougli Tlianksgiving. 

Greening Update 

Tlie university wishes to recognize 
the following contributors who have 
shown their support for the Green- 
ing of UNH Campaign. 

Major Gifts/Services 

Roger Funk BS'63; Martin Printing; 
]. Terrence Meyers BS'78; Alexander 
Nicholson, Jr. AS'63, BS'65, EMB'78; 
Fenmore & Phyllis Seton; Cheever 

Super Bricks 

Earle Anderson SED'58; Robert 
Babcock; Henry E. Bartels; John 
Benevento AS'67, BS'68; Margaret 
Bixler MA'82 & Roland Bixler EMB78; 
Robert J. Boucher BS'65, SED'69; 
Lawrence J. DeNardis; Robert 
Donnelly MS'76; James Durkin 
MS'91; Jeffrey Ellis BS'74; Susan 
Federgreen MBA'85; Alan T. 
Ferdinandsen BS'79, MBA'87; 
Edward J. Fignar MBA'87; Frederick 
G. Fischer; Murray Gerber EMB'79; 
Anthony & Jennie Gesso & Jane 
McDermott; John Hodin EMB'78; 
Mailer P. Mama; Ellis Maxcy; David 
Maxwell; Sharon O'Neill MA'79; 
Reunion '92; Arthur Seigel EMB'89; 
Edward Vidou BS'75, AS'83 


Douglas R. Brandt BS'72; Joseph 
DePaola BA'72; Vernon W. Kelsey 
AS'41; Edyth Lang for J. Lange; 
John Peckingham AS'61, BS'63; 
Dennis Polio BS'68; Benjamin W. 
Sallard EMB'78; Janet Schwartz 
BS'71; Kenneth Teran MBA'90; 
George A. Waldron 


Class Notes 


William ]. Heinrichs has re- 
tired for the third time, once 
from AT&T and twice from the 
Town of Orange. A certified 
Connecticut town clerk, he 
was honored by the Town of 
Orange when it proclaimed 
June 27, 1992, William J. 
Heinrichs Day. 


Tom O'ComieU celebrated 31 
years as a pilot with U.S. Air, 
having served as captain for 26 
years of that time. He resides 
in Wales, ME. 


Edward T. Eilertsen has been 
named executive director of 
the Vermont Association of 
Snow Travelers, which is a 
non-profit organization of 
18,000 snowmobilers. He and 
his wife reside in Corinth, VT. 


WUliam L. Bucknall, Jr. has 

been elected senior vice presi- 
dent, human resources and 
organization, at United Tech- 
nologies in Hartford. 


Thomas F. HaUihan, mayor of 
Ansonia, was honored recently 
with a dinner sponsored by the 
Democratic Town Committee. 


WiUiam Sambilo has been 
appointed sales agent by 
AT&T. He resides in 
Colebrook, NH. 


Nelson E. French has joined 
American National Bank to 
serve as assistant vice presi- 
dent/North Haven branch 


Joseph J. Cieplak has been 
named general manager for 
sales and marketing with Bet- 
ter Packages in Shelton. He is 
a resident of 

Fred Diggle, lieutenant. State 
Police, Troop B, is in command 
of the newly reassembled way- 
station in Canaan. He resides 
in Norfolk with his wife and 

Donald T. Lineen has been 
appointed vice president of 
operations at Pinetree Periph- 
erals, Inc., Longmont, CO. 


John R. Savory was honored 
by being selected as the "Real- 
tor of the Year" by the 
Monterey Peninsula board of 
realtors. He resides in Pacific 
Grove, CA. 

Anthony J. Vanzino has joined 
the Moscom Corporation, 
Rochester, NY, as its regional 
sales manager. 


Crest T. Ehibno was ap- 
pointed president and chief 
executive officer of the Green- 
wood Bank of Bethel. 


Richard H. Grolheer was 

recentiy elected to the KPMG 
Peat Marwick partnership in 
Chicago, IL. 

David H. Gulvin was recentiy 
named president of Newport 
Electric Corporation in Rhode 
Island at a recent directors 
meeting. Gulvin is also presi- 
dent of Blackstone Valley Elec- 
tric Co. 

Byron Harrod has been named 
director of administrative ser- 
vices by Pfizer Specialty 
Chemicals Group at its Groton 
plant site. 

Charles H. Mclntyre has been 
promoted to master sergeant 
with the Connecticut State 
Police Troop N in Hartford. 

Carl J. Maleri, Jr. recently was 
elected to the post of senior 
vice president. Health Delivery 
Systems, with Blue Cross Blue 
Shield of Connecticut. 


Robert Craw, Jr. was pro- 
moted to rank of sergeant in 
the Bridgeport Police Depart- 
ment. He lives in Bridgeport 
with his wife and daughter. 

Thomas F. Lillis has been 
promoted to corporate man- 
ager of marketing services at 
Enthone-OMl Inc. in West 
Haven. He makes his home in 

Albert R. Lindblom, sergeant, 
was recently appointed to 
head the traffic division of the 

West Haven Police Depart- 

Hugh C. Teel, Jr. was pro- 
moted to sergeant in the 
Waterford Police Department. 
He has been with the force 
since 1977. 


Richard J. DeMayo has been 
named president of the Walter 
Camp Football Foundation. 
DeMayo is also director of the 
Better Business Bureau Foun- 
dation of Southern Connecti- 

Doug Monroe, a member of 
the technical staff at AT&T Bell 
Laboratories, Engineering 
Research Center, Princeton, 
N], has been awarded his 
fourth U.S. patent. The inven- 
tion involves methods for 
depositing glass that is used 
for making optical fibers. 

SheUah Rostow, vice president 
and region manager. Personal 
Trust Division, Connecticut 
National Bank, was named 
Woman of the Year by the 
Connecticut Chapter of Finan- 
cial Women International. 


Helen W. Wolfe had an article 
entitled "Computer Literacy 
For The 1990s" pubUshed in 
the spring 1992 issue of The 
Journal of Information Systems 


George ConstantLne has been 
named commander of state 
police Troop F, which has 
jurisdiction over the area 
which stretches from East 
Haven through Old Lyme and 
as far north as Cromwell. 


Michael J. Donahue is a lieu- 
tenant in the State Corrections 
Department and is presentiy 
stationed at Cheshire Correc- 
tional Institijtion. He resides 
in Cheshire with his wife and 
two children. 


Hermina V. Mazeiko has been 
named senior analyst at 
ReGenerating Solutions, a new 
division of Westport-based 
Gawiser Associates, Inc., a 
computer hardware and soft- 
ware consulting firm. 

Paul Wysopal recently com- 
pleted service as a prosecuting 
attorney in the U.S. Army 
Judge Advocate General's 
Corps. He resides in Dana 
Point, CA. 


Barbara M. Baker has been 
appointed to the post of con- 
troller at Summit Corporation 
of America in Thomaston. 
Baker recently passed the CPA 
exam and resides in 


Edward R. Foley, Jr. Esq. has 

recentiy started his private law 
firm in Branford. 

Jamil A. Khan, manager, sales 
and marketing for EniChem 
America, Inc., NY, was 
granted Life Membership by 
President George Bush and 
Senator Phil Gramm in the 
Republican Presidential Task 
Force during a special Presi- 
dential event held in Washing- 
ton, DC. The aim of the Task 
Force is to provide advisory 
services to improve the educa- 
tional standard in the United 


Robert Pannone has joined the 
staff of Bernard Haldane Asso- 
ciates, Hartford. He will be 
working as a career advisor, 
specializing in outplacement 

Susan Shields was elected vice 
president of Milford Bank. 
She joined the bank in 1985. 


Kyle Buckley has joined 
Union Trust Company as vice 
president of the commercial 
loan workout department. 

Arthur Howe of East Hartford 
has been promoted to captain 
with the West Hartford Fire 
Department, Station 1, Pros- 
pect Avenue. 

Suzaime M. Johnson has 

started an advertising, hot air 
balloon company. Color the 
Sky, Inc. in Doylestown, PA. 


Carolyn F. Anderson has 

received a juris doctorate de- 
gree from Western New En- 
gland College of Law. 


Bradley S. Kass is working for 
Ventures in Education, NY, an 
independent, non-profit educa- 
tional organization whose 
purpose is to lift academic 
performance of minority and 
economically disadvantaged 
high school students, enabling 
them to meet admission re- 
quirements of selective major 
colleges and universities. 

Robert L. Macdonald has been 
promoted to corporate control- 
ler with BIC Corporation in 
Milford. He and his family 
reside in Guilford. 

Karen Dillman Young has 

been promoted to assistant 
director, patient financial ser- 
vices, Yale New Haven Hospi- 
tal, where she has worked for 
11 years. 


Cathy Aljjert has been pro- 
moted to product manager for 
BIC Lighters, a division of BIC 
Corporation. She is respon- 
sible for all marketing and 
promotional activities related to 
BIC Lighter. She and her 
husband reside in Danbury. 


Cher Aiudi '71 to 
John Washenko 

William Swatkoski 74 to 
Kathleen Wacelitz 

Rick E. Koonz 79 to 

Leslieann Rindfleisch 

Therese Guida '86 to 

Fernando B. Guimaraes 

Terri Stahl '87 to 
Ronald Sells, Jr. 

Therese M. Brabec '88 to 

William L. Hrabak 

Maureen Candella '89 to 

Brad Kass '89 

Michael S. Dobos '89 to 
Lisa K. Borrelli 

Donald G. Robinson, Jr. '89 to 
Jennifer W. Heath 

Dominic Tranchida '89 to 

Laura Ellen Rossi 

Lynn Diane Bowes '90 to 

Bruce T. Sperry, Jr. 

Steven T. Slowik '90 to 

Debra R. Mancarella 

Christopher J. Gemeasky '91 

to Lori M. Rodgers 

•1993* „ 

Distinguished Alumni Awards ll 


Sponsored by the UNH Ahmmi Assocmtion 
I proudly nominate Yr. 

The 1993 Distinguished Alumni 
Awards will be presented at the 
10th Annual Scholarship Ball on 
March 27, 1993. The purpose of the 
awards is to publicly recognize 
alumni who have achieved 
noteworthy distinction in their 
chosen profession and have 
demonstrated commitment to civic 
and charitable activities. 

Name of nominator 

Street Address 

To nominate yourself or someone 
else, please complete the 
information form, and forward a 
summary of achievement to: 

Distinguished Alumni Awards 
Office of Alumni Relations 
University of New Haven 
300 Orange Avenue 
West Haven, CT 06516 

Deadline for return of completed 
nomination forms is Decemoer 1, 
1992. For further information call 
(203) 932-7270. 





Kenneth Giuntoli '91 to 

Ann M. Tottenham 

James B. Lamoureux '91 to 

Lisa M. Consic 

David A. LaRosa '91 to 

Sandra L. Wright 

Franz Rudolph Pielmeier '91 

to Susan G. Wolf 

New Arrivals 

Joseph A. Geretnia, Jr. and 

wife, Michelle, Bethany, CT, 
daughter-Chelsea Michelle 
July 29, 1992 


Anthony J. Corsini and wife, 
Cheryl, Middletown, CT, 
daughter-Samantha Nicole 
AprU 14, 1992 

Robert PicciriUo and wife, 
yllis,Hamden, CT, daughter- 
becca Ashley, May 4, 1992 


John M. Lang '45 
Alvin A. Kent '48 
Donald Williams '50 
Joseph M. Ryan '52 
Eric H Nelson '54 
Earle W. Peterson '67 
Paul P. Plunimer '73 
Gordon S. Kalley '77 
Peter H. Lofhis '78 
Leroy Highsmith '81 
John M. Quevedo '82 
Roderick L. Hook '90 


10th Annual 
Scholarship Ball 

March 27, 1993 




Tim mformatioii ims preptimi and writlcn h/ Ihc S/mr/s liihnmHion staff cf the Athldicf Department. 

(Photo right) Fullback John Raba urns one of 
the key players during the UConn game 
when UNH won a stunning U-13 inctory 
over its opponents. (Above) jubilant players 
Dave Carlon, A.J. Liinngston and Raba 
congratulate themselves out on the field. 

New Haven Opens Season with UConn Win 


Tliat word passed through the 
home stands, echoed off the press 
box walls and was whispered 
throughout the Uiiiversity of Con- 
necticut locker room. Much like 
little Virginia's belief in Santa Claus, 
five bus loads of Charger fans 
believed in the Blue and Gold. And 
that faith was rewarded with a 14-13 
victory over the University of 
Connecticut before a crowd of more 
than 7,000 people. 

Fans and reporters alike said that 
UNH did not have a chance of 
staying with the Huskies never mind 
beat them. In fact, one reporter 
wrote that the Chargers had as 
much chance of winning as Farmer 
Brown's prize pig sprouting wings 
and flying. Tliat article became the 
rallying cry for players and fans 
alike. Signs and chants exclaiming 
"Pigs Can Fly" were seen and heard 
by the multitudes. 

Tltose chants were husiied when 
UConn scored a touciidown on its 

first possession, pushing the Charg- 
ers into a 7-0 hole. As the game 
progressed, the New Haven sideline 
and bleachers became more ani- 
mated with each offensive drive and 
defensive stop. Tiie players began 
to believe more and more, especially 
when they headed into the locker 
room trailing by a meager, 7-0 

Tlie Huskies ebbed the tides of 
momentum with a touchdown drive 
on its first possession of the second 
half, increasing the lead to 13-0. On 
the ensuing kickoff, John Raba ran 
the kickoff back 60 plus yards, giving 
UNH the ball on the UConn 23-yard 
line. Wlien AJ Livingston ran 19- 
yards for a touchdown three plays 
later, the Huskies found the tides 

Tlie Chargers defense kept UConn 
at bay for the rest of the game, 
stopping the Huskies several times 
on just three plays. Finally, New 
Haven broke through with a 20-yard 
touchdown pass from Ken Suiil to 

Raba, tying the game at 13-13. Peter 
Capuano connected on the extra 
point, giving UNH its first lead of 
the game, 14-13. 

Tlie offense kept the ball for over 
11 minutes of the fourth quarter, 
denying the Huskies an opportunity 
to win the game. With less than 
three minutes left, UConn received 
its final chance when it took control 
at its own 33 yard line. Two plays 
later, the Huskies hopes were 
dashed when James Bailey inter- 
cepted a pass. With no time outs 
remaiiiing, UConn watched help- 
lessly as New Haven erased the final 
two minutes with running plays. 

Tlie win was deemed one of the 
biggest in the Chargers 20-year 
history. But the team realizes that it 
must continue to win in order for 
the UConn game to hold meaning. 
Tliat could be a tall order with UNH 
playing its most difficult schedule in 
years. But if you have any doubts, 
just look up in the sky and ask one 
of those flying pigs. 


Sports Roundup 


Tlte soccer team is clearly off to a 
good start, boasting a 5-0 record. 
Abou Cissoklio has become one of 
the university's all-time leading scor- 
ers, currently tied for sixth with 82 
points (36 goals, 10 assists). Team- 
mate Luigi Cappetta has already net- 
ted two goals in the first 10 games. 

Steve MacKenzie has scored one 
goal and assisted on four others. He 
will be counted upon by his team- 
mates to score more this season. 

Seniors John Camara and Moussa 
Ndiaye, who will play both midfield 
and defense this season, can also 
produce offense. Camara has al- 
ready found the back of the net 
twice while Ndiaye has set up a goal 
from his defensive position. 

Carlos Silva will be juggled as a 
midfielder and a defender. He has 
scored two goals in 10 games. 

Junior Aggi Koriositis and sopho- 
more Michael Raccuia will also play 
a significant role. Koriositis has al- 
ready scored his first goal of the 
year, helping the Chargers post a 4-0 
win over American International. 
Raccuia likes to stay back which 
complements the Chargers defense. 

Lou Raba continues to mind the 
Chargers' nets, already posting three 
shutouts in his first 10 games. Raba 
was the only goalkeeper on last 
year's team but has help in the per- 
son of Victor Mancini, who has al- 
ready seen action in three games. 


Last year, the Charger volleyball 
team opened with 13 straight wins 
which helped vault the team into its 
fourth straight NCAA tournament. 
New Haven has surpassed that start 
in 1992, winning its first 19 matches 
as it tries for its ninth NCAA tourn- 
ament berth in the last 10 years. 

Tlie team is lead by Co-captains 
Vincia St. Jean and Semaj Douglas, 
both veterans. St. Jean currently 
ranks third in kills (97) and blocks 
(28), trailing Douglas (120 kills, 38 
blocks) and senior Amy Stufflebeam 
(105 kills, 52 blocks). 

Without question, the success of 
the hitters can be drawn to the 
team's senior setter Marina Contreras. 
Tlie setter has averaged over 30 assists 
per match and has collected over 475 

assists through the first 19 matches. 
She ranks second in service aces 
with 32 this season after leading the 
team in that same category last year. 

New Haven has also enjoyed the 
play of newcomer Elise Hutchinson 
and sophomore Richelle Hewins. To 
date, Hewins has recorded 90 kills 
and 103 digs while Hutchinson has 
accumulated 114 kills with 147 digs. 

The Chargers have strong support 
in sophomore Cheryl Sehon and 
freshmen Natasha Varn and Lakisha 
Piatt. Sehon will serve a dual role, 
both as a reserve and a spot starter. 
Piatt has outstanding hitting and 
leaping ability, both of which will 
bolster the Chargers offense and 
defense. Varn will contribute mostly 
as a reserve. 


Tlie Chargers have opened the 
1992 season with six straight victo- 
ries, including a 14-13 decision over 
the University of Connecticut, a 
record-setting 80-26 win over Vir- 
ginia Union and a 66-7 victory over 
American International. New Ha- 
ven set school records in the Virginia 
Union victory, including most total 
yards (880 yards) and most points 
(80) in a game. 

Tailback A.J. Livingston, fullback 
John Raba and quarterback Ken Suhl 
join Roger Graliam in the backfield, 
giving the Chargers one of the top 

rushing attacks in the nation. After 
six games, the team is first in the na- 
tion in rushing offense (393.0 yards 
per game) which has helped it to the 
nation's top spot in total offense 
(631.7 yards per game). 

Suhl probably frustrates the oppo- 
sition more than any other player. 
He ranked second last season with 
527 yards and passed for an addi- 
tional 1,775 yards. He was respon- 
sible for 24 of the team's 44 toucli- 
downs, rushing for seven and 
throwing for 17. So far, Suhl has 
rushed for over 350 yards and 
passed for over 1300 yards, placing 
him fourth in the nation in total of- 
fense (283.5 yards per game). 

Seniors Scott Emmert and Brian 
Houston anchor the offensive line 
which has helped gain over 3,500 
yards in six games. Juniors Peter 
Indresano, Tom Dempsey and 
sophomore Frank Sheehan round 
out the line. 

Meanwhile, defense has kept the 
opposition guessing. Juniors George 
Byrd and Bill Covert are the top two 
tacklers with 43 and 40 stops, respec- 
tively. Sophomore Joe Newsome 
ranks third on the team with 39 tack- 
les and has one of the team's 12 
sacks. James Bailey is the only se- 
nior on defense. 

Tlie Chargers are currently ranked 
sixth in the nation-the highest rank- 
ing in the school's 20-year history. 




WINNING TEAM-Morc than 120 people participated in the university's Charger Golf Open 
held at the Whitney Farms Country Club in Monroe on June 25. Vie evait raised $6,000 
which will he used to support UNH's athletic programs. Plans are already underway for next 
year's tournament which is tentatively scheduled to be held on Thursday, June 24 at Whitney 
Farms. Pictured above are members of the winning "low score" team (l-r): Sal Bocuzzi, Al 
Nicholson, Rick and Dick Gessick. 


To Our Friends, 

The liiglilights of the 1991-92 academic year 
offer clear evidence of your generosity and 
commitment to the University of New Haven. 
Tlie support of sucli valued alumni and friends 
has made possible many dianges tliis past year. 

We have witnessed the completion of our new 
Admissioi^ Building located in tlie heart of tlie 
main campus and new academic initiatives both 
on the inteniational and home fronts. We have 
also seen the enliancement of our Students First 
pliilosophy by tending to students' educational 
and comfort needs. To that end, tliere was tlie 
establishment of two new endowed scliolarsliips: 
the Hersey/Frey Fund, designed primarily to 
assist students from the Naugatuck Valley, aitd 
the Forensic Scltolarship Fund, and a major 
upgrading of the Freslitnan Residence Hall. 

A new program entitled Substance Preven- 
tion, Awareness, Responsibility, and Knowl- 
edge, known as SPARK, was established on 
campus as a result of an award from the federal 
Department of Education's Fund for Improve- 
ment of Postsecondary Education. Tlie two-year 
program, staffed by two experienced counselors 
who share the directorship, addresses the 
problem of drug and alcohol abuse on campus 
tluough education and couiiseling. 

Several faculty were awarded researcli grants 
during the year, among them Erik Rosenthal, 
professor of mathematics, who will continue Ws 
research on the implementation and analysis of 
inference techmques for classical and multiple- 
valued logics; and Bijan Karimi, associate pro- 

fessor of electrical and computer engineering, 
who will researcli the design and implementa- 
tion of aii adaptive, liigltly integrated computer 
VISION system using relaxation and neural 
networks metliods. Robert Gaeiisslen, acting 
dean of tlie new Scliool for Public Safety and 
Professional Studies and professor of forensic 
science, will conduct a national survey of medi- 
cal, governmental and other agencies and 
facilities to determine their metliods of handling 
sexual assault victims, cases and evidence. 

Finally, the Alumni Scliolarsliip Ball, always a 
success, realized the largest dollar amount in its 
nine-year history, enabling tlie university to 
offer scliolarsliip assistance to four students at 
the April gala and the President's Circle Dinner 
in Marcli brought 100 distinguished guests to 
the campus. 

Tlianks to the dedicated and loyal support of 
our alumni and friends, these are but some of 
the many ways tlie university has flourished. 

Know that your generosity in the years ahead 
will ensure our continued success in shaping 
the future of our university, and more impor- 
tantly, tliat of our students. Speaking for tlie 
entire university community, tliank you. 

Yours truly. 



Lawrence J. DeNardis 


Gift Sources 

Corporations/Businesses- $410,349 / 34% 
-Friends and Parents- $260,137 / 22% 
Alumni- $164,793 / 14% 

Grants & Contracts- $341,146 / 29% 
Other- $17,115 / 1% 

Total- 51,193,540 




Alumni Scholarship Fund 


AT&T Information Systems 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Bartels 

Clarice L. Buck man 

Digital Equipment Corporation 

Tlie John E. Echlin Family 

Hewlett-Packard Co. 

Patel Investment Co. 

Prime Computer, Inc. 

Peter & Irving Stich 



Brennan College Service 

Clarice L. Buckman 

Chesebrough-Pond's Inc. 

Dodds Charitable Lead Trust 

The Echlin Foundation 

Echlin Inc. 

Gems tar 

Victor B. Haliberg 

MacDermid Incorporated 

S. F. Shattuck Charitable Trust 

United Technologies 

The Upjohn Company 


American Cyanamid Company 
Apple Oil Company 

Sam Livieri 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Bartels 
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of 

Connecticut Inc. 
Chesebrough-Pond's Inc. 
Dresser Industries Instrument 


Donald J. Ibsen 
John E. EchUn, Jr. EMB'80 
Friends of the University of 

New Haven 
Miles Inc. 
Alexander W. Nicholson, Jr. 

BS'65, EMB'78 
Northeast Utilities 
Mr. & Mrs. Fenmore R. Seton 
Southern New England 

University of New Haven 

Graduate Student Council 


Robert P. Adler 
Aetna Life & Casualty 

Richard F. Connell 
Allied-Signal Inc. 

Edmund M. Autuori BS'81 
The Bank of New Haven 
Robert J. Barrington, Jr. BS'71, 

M. Hamdy Bechir 
Samuel S. Bergami, Jr. EMB'85 
Laurence R. Bertolini BS70 

Roland M. EMB'78, Hon '72 & 

Margaret T. Bixler MA '82 
Boehringer Ingelheim 

Norman I. Hon'76 & Marjorie 

R. Botwinik 
Burndy Corporation 
Connecticut National Bank 
Connecticut Societ)' of 

Certified Public Accountants 
The Daphne Scybolt Culpeper 

Memorial Foundation, Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Curran 
Delmar Products, Inc. 
Mr. &. Mrs. Lawrence J. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. 

Dunbar Armored Security Inc. 

Dennis Grove 
Joseph F. Duplinsky AS'41 
Lala Dutta 
Eder Brothers 
Ernst & Young 
Alan T. Ferdinandsen BS'79 
First Constitution Bank 
Shelly J. Frank BS'66 
John A. Frey AS'44 
General Dynamics 


Electric Boat Division 
General Electric Co. 
Murray A. Gerber EMB'79 
Stanley A. Gniazdowski BS'72 
Robert M. Gordon Hon'87 
Richard J. Grossi EMB'81 
Wilfred Harricharan 
Hartford Whalers 
Jeffery P. Hazell BS'83 
The Paul H. Hershey 

Foundation, Inc. 
Phillip Kaplan 
Richard D. Knott 
George E. Laursen 
Harold R. Logan 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Lyons 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lyons 
Joseph P. Macionus BS'70, 

Frederick J. Mancheski Hon '86 
William G. AS'54, MBA'79 & 

Mary Ellen Manthey 

MBA '81 
ElUs C. Maxcy Hon '77 
Dennis R. McGough MA '81 
J. Michael McHugh 
Olin Corporation 
Herbert H. Hon'80 & Margaret 

John F. BS'63 & Sheila 

Peckingham AS'61 
Brian Phelps BS'76 
The Procter & Gamble Fund 
Ragu Foods Co. 
D. C. Reams 
Arthur C. Rider BS'75 
Francis A. Schneiders AS'54 
Spectrum Associates Inc. 
Peter J. Stanaitis BS'66 

Starter Corporation 
Thomas E. Sullivan BS'68 
Louis F. Tagliatela, Sr. 
Leon J. Talalay Hon '88 
Tliomas O. Terrace 
Textron Inc. 
Toad's Place 
Angelo Tomasso, Jr. 
Raymond David Tse 
Checver Tyler Hon '89 
University of New Haven 

Southeastern Connecticut 

Student Council 
The Vision 
City of West Haven 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Wilson 

Hon '88 
Wyatt, Inc. 

Kirk Blanchard 
James P. BS'73 & Judy AS'76 



Richard H. Gesseck BS'70 
Joseph Kenny 

Verneris Quality Siding 
Linda H. Lmd EMB'91 
George I. Mordecai AS '55 
New Haven Brewing Co., Inc. 
Charles T. Park BS'73 
Premier Roofing Co. Inc. 
Raymond Engineering, Inc. 
Evelyn C. Sherwood 


Anquillare, Lipnicki, Ruocco & 

H. Michael M. EMB'91, & 

Linda R. Armstrong BS'87, 

Automated Services 
Richard D. Barlow EMB'90 
Robert J. Boucher, Sr. BS'65, 

Frederick J. Carew, Jr. AS'64 
Paul T. Carroccio BS'74 
Connecticut Insurance Group 

George Brushett BS'69 
D. C. Electric Company, Inc. 
William S. DeMayo 
John N. Deming AS'48, AS '52 
Richard E. Fehr 
Robert L. Fiscus 
Friends of the Library 
Anthony C. Goldense BS'72 
Juan B. Haydu EMB'79 
Mildred Hull 
Image Development Inc. 
Ara Kaloustian BS'67 
Ross M. MS'85 & Mary G. 

Lanius MBA'82, MS'86 
Joseph F. Layman 
Mr. & Mrs. William S. Lewis 
Vincent Longobardo EMB'92 
National Association of 

Network of Executive Women 
Maureen F. Norton BS'77, 

Robert Rainish 

John E. Roche BS'64 
LouLs P. SaveneUi BA'69 
Stephen Sawtelle 
Loretta K. Smith 
Samuel E. Thurston BS'66 
Dennis M. Torello 
United Parcel Service 
John K. Zane BS'69 


Christopher W. Adams 

MBS '89 
Charles T. Aldridge EMB'92 
Salvatore A. All AS'54 
AU-Brite Electric, Inc. 

Stephen Borrelli 
Kenneth E. Allen BS'72 
Alumni & Development Staff 

& Friends 
American Linen Supply Co. 
American National Bank 
Earlc G. Anderson SED'58 
Elizabeth C. Anderson BS'88 
Art Anglace 

Patricia A. Arbusto BS'75 
Richard J. Babyak BS'73 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Baeder 
Henry G. Bahe AS'88 
Elizabeth Baines 
Kenneth L. Bakalar BS'82 
Donald A. Bamberg AS'60 
Eric Barbarito 

Dean D. Barger, Jr. EMB'84 
Robert N. Barnett AS'49 
Paul B. Baron EMB'80 
Alvaro A. Barrios BS'80 
Louis P. Barth MBA'82 
John W. BarwLsEMB'87 
Batter's Box, Inc. 
Henry E. Baxter SED'63 
Robert M. Beck MS'77 
David A. Beckerman AS'66 
Carolyn M. L. Bell BS'87 
Donald R. Bender EMB'80 
JohnE. BS'68 & Joan M. 

Benevento MS '87 
James Q. Bensen Hon'81 
Richard C. Benson BS'62, 

David W. Bergman BS'76 
Seth A. Berman EMB'91 
Larry L. Bingaman EMB'92 
Robert E. Bird BS'73 
Kenneth A. Blade BS'78 
Salvatore R. Boccuzzi BS'69 
Paul A. Bodmer BS'65 
Ronald J. Boehmke BS'73 
Mark J. Borrelli 
Boston Harbor Hotel 
Ned Bowman 
James J. Boylan BS'66 
James J. Boyle BS'64 
Anthony J. Brancato EMB'91 
Douglas R. Brandt BS'72 
James M. Brangi, Jr. MBA '85 
Eckhard A. Brause EMB'86 
Ross H. Bray BA'69 
Edward J. Brennan, Jr. AS'39 
Frederick J. Brennan BS'65 


Cathy A. Briggs BS'87 
Jack R. Brooks MPA77 
VViUiam N. Brooks MS'85 
James E. Brown BS'66 
Robert N. Brown BS'63 
WiUiam R. Browne BS'62 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Bruce 
Morris H. Buck IH BS72 
WiUiam L. Bucknall BS'65 
John A. Buffa BS'70 
Timothy R. Burke 
Benjamin Campagnuolo 

Edward L. Canell AS79 
Richard J. Capezzano MBA 74 
Paul M. Carenza 
David A. Carleton BS'68 
Andrew J. Cariotto AS '52 
Nick Carparelli 
John J. Carroll AS70 
Roger F. Carroll AS'52 
William R. CarroU, Jr. AS'57 
Ching Ling Chen MBA '90 
Deborah Chin 
Donald M. Chludzinski 

Joseph E. Chmura MS'77, 

MS '79, MBA '91 
William Church BS'76 
Anthony J. Ciaramella BS'82, 

MBA '86 
Anthony C. Ciasulli BS'64, 

MBA'74, MS'80 
Stephen L. Ciskowski BS'80, 

Robert G. Clancy BS'70 
David F. Clark EMB'87 
Elizabeth M. Clark 
Brian C. Clarke EMB'85 
Francesco A. Clemenzi BS'80 
C & N Electronics 
Linda D. Cohen MS '83 
Frank J. Colabella BS'68 
Joseph J. Coleman, Jr. BS'82, 

MBA '87 
T. Brian Condon MBA'74, 

MA '77 
Connecticut Marine Model 

Albert A. Coppola MBA'72 
James T. CosteUo BS'89 
John J. CosteUo BS'76 
Dominic Cozzolino 
Larry Cozzolino 
John G. Cronin AS'62 
Gregory J. Crook BS'73 
James A. Crowley BS'70, 

MS '73 
Alan C. Gushing MBA '73 
Katherine E. Danielczuk BS'85 
Louis C. DeAngelis, Jr. 
DeKarz Corporation 
Thomas F. Dejoseph 
James E. DclGreco BS'80 
Delmonaco's Restaurant 
Frank DeMeo EMB'91 
Joseph E. DePaola BA'72 
David J. DeRosa BS'88 
Joseph A. Derwin BS'69 

Gerald F. Dierman BS'75 
Thomas M. Dillon 
James E. Dion BS'90 
Ronald M. Diorio BS'69 
Hanko H. Dobi 
Isabella E. Dodds 
Robert H. DonneUy AS'63 
Leonard E. Dorsett EMB'92 
Dennis M. Dougherty EMB'89 
Martin E. Drab BS'79 
Edward J. Drew, Sr. BS'82 
Richard J. Drew BA'72, 

MBA '75 
George Dropo 
Orest T. Dubno BS'68, 

MP A '75 
Thomas K. Duda BS'65 
James Dull 
Ann Dupree EMB'92 
James P. Durkin MS '91 
PhiUp J. Durosko EMB'86 
Frank W. Dworak BS'72 
Wayne A. Eddy 
Ed-Mor Electric Co., Inc. 
E. Robert Edson AS'42 
Alfred L. Ehrenfels BS'64 
Jeffery B. Eldridge EMB'91 
Jeffrey S. EUis BS'74 
Charles C. EngUsh, Jr. BS'78 
Environmental Engineering 

Brian L. Fagan BS'70 
Frederick W. Farnsworth 

Joseph W. Farren BS'70 
Susan S. Federgreen MBA'85 
Harold E. Fidler AS'62 
Edward J. Fignar MBA '87 
Richard E. Finnigan, BS'82, 

MBA '84 
Alfred R. Fiore III, BS'89 
Frederick G. Fischer 
Joann M. FLsher BS'84 
Richard M. Fitzgerald BS'84 
Martha L. Fordiani MPA'74 
Ellwood R. Foster, Jr. EMB'83 
Frame Shop 

Anthony J. Franco BS'67 
Burvee M. Franz, Jr. BS'71, 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew M. 

Lewis Freifeld EMB'88 
John E. Fries BS'89 
Bruce L. Galaro BS'72 
Robert C. GaUigan MBA '89 
Herman 1. Galvin AS'34 
Brad Garber 
Richard L. BS'74, Julie 

Gelgauda BS'76 
Michael A. Gerber 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gesso 
Guy C. Gilbert BS'77 
George H. Gilmore AS'53 
Steven D. Goldberg 
Alice L. Golden 
Terry W. Goodwin EMB'82 
Gregg D. Gottshall BS'79 
Grand Hyatt New York 

Grid Building Co. 
George A. Grogan, Jr. AS'60 
Richard H. Grotheer BS'77 
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart H. Grove 
Richard B. Gunter BS'76 
Kevin E. Gusa MS'87, EMB'91 
David J. Haddon BS'82 
John J. Haggerty 
Thomas Haggerty EMB'85 
R. W. Haggerty Pool Service, 

Charles C. Halbing, Jr. BS'77, 

MS '84 
John J. Hanlon BS'68 
John C. Hare BS'72 
Harold's Formalwear 
Frederick J. Harris, Sr., AS'60, 

AS '64 
Robert E. Haskell BS'72 
Robert H. Heavens AS'55 
Nancy M. Hedman AS'52 
John S. Hegedus AS'49 
WiUiam F. Hehmann EMB'91 
Robert C. Henrickson AS'41, 

Graham G. Herwerth, Jr. 

BS'77, MPA'81 
Anthony V. Herzog BS'71 
John Hewes 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Hickey, 

Joseph J. Higgins Sr., MBA'75 
E. Clifford HUl BS'75, MBA'77 
Ralph E. HUls EMB'92 
Anthony C. Ho MBA '82 
David W. Hoffman EMB'81 
Holiday Inn Orlando Florida 
Holiday Inn Washington D.C. 
David L. HopewcU MBA'72 
Hotel Macklowe New York 
Howard Johnson 

St. Petersburg, Florida 
Richard D. Hurlbut BS'68 
Lloyd C. Hutchins MS'89 
Quaslim Inham EMB'91 
David J. loime BS'72, MBA'81 
RobertJ.Jacek BS'70 
James M. Jacob, Sr. BS'75 
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Jardine 
Tom Jason BS'80, MBA '86 
Robert J. Jennings BS'71 
Bradley D. Johnson EMB'85 
Everett R. Jones AS'63 
Joseph D. Joy BS'66 
Raymond J. Juris MBA'81 
Milton W. Kadish AS'54 
Jordan Kahn 
Kaman Corporation 

Raymond Engineering 
Charles A. Kathan AS'70 
Jeff S. Kaufman 
Deborah D. Kelly BS'76 
Frederick A. Kendrick BS'80 
M. Jerry Kenig 
Michael Kennedy BS'89 
Michael D. Kenney MS'79 
Key Tours 
Steve Kirck 
Mr. & Mrs. Ake Ilmar Koel 

Donald W. KoerUn BA'79 
Charles M. EMB'91 & Patricia 

Kopf MS'91 
Teresa & Krystyna Korzenko 
Kos Chiropractic Center 
Cynthia J. Kranyik MS'74 
Edward J. Krause MBA'73 
John H. Kreisher EMB'87 
Steven Kroh BS'76 
Michael KubUn 
Petros S. Kykriakides BS'75 
Robert P. LaPorta AS'61 
Michael A. Lassonde 
Henry R. Lattanzi MBA'72 
Frank A. LaViola BS'72 
Robert M. Lee BS'78 
WiUiam M. Leete, Jr. 
Dan Lederer 
Laura E. Lendacky BS'81 
Wayne S. LePard AS'60 
Vincent C. LeRoy, Jr. MBA'88 
Robert A. Lever EMB'88 
Gary B. Liberatore BS'67 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lingane 
David R. Loane BS'91 
Mark Loane 
Domenic F. Lombardo, R. 

Kevin L. LoughUn BS'71 
Robert E. Lovell BS'80 
James L. Lucas BS'85 
Robert W. Lucas BS'65 
James G. LucibeUo BS'71 
Gregory Lugansky, Jr. EMB'91 
Jeffrey F. Lundy BS'88 
Leon J. Lussier BS'80, MS'83 
Eugene E. Luthe BS'77 
Richard C. Lutz EMB'91 
Leonard F. Lye BS'66, MS'85 
Richard E. MacGregor BS'73 
David J. Madsen BS'78, MS'86 
Maria Maiaroto EMB'91 
Raymond J. ManzeUi 
Robert A. Marchetti BA'80 
Robert J. Mark BS'90 
Nathan H. Marks BS'73 
Alfred J. Mascia, Jr. BS'78 
Anthony J. Massaro BS'68 
PhUip V. Massaro BS'63 
Kenneth A. McAULster BS'75 
Daniel J. McCarthy MBA'77 
Jane McDermott 
Richard McEttrick EMB'91 
Patrick J. McDonough 
David C. McKinley BS'91 
Mr. & Mrs. Justin T. McManus 
Arthur P. Meister BS'75, 

James R. MendiUo BS'69 
Daniel J. Metz, Jr. BS'78, 

MS '82 
Harold G. Michel 

Michel & Company 
John M. Mietlicki MBA'89 
WUUam MU<los 
Dennis A. M]ko BS'78 
Stephen L. Miller BA'76 
Edward P. Minor & Co., Inc. 
WiUiam A. Minter 


Kevin Moffett BS'76 
Kathleen M. Monaco MBA'86 
Brian L. Mook MPA'74 
Stephen J. Mordecai BS'85, 

Robert H. BA'69 & Patricia 

Morgan MBA '84 
David Morris 
Gilbert B. Morris BS'Sl 
Vincent P. Morrissey BS'65 
David W. Moulton BA76 
Oiarles F. Mulin, Jr. 
Brian Mulrooney 
Gary P. Naegel MBA '80 
New Haven Country Dancers 
Tracy L. Nichols BS'76 
John J. Niro BS'70 
Notre Dame High School 
James A. O'Brien EMB'84 
John F. O'Brien MBA'81 
Howard L. Odom BS'73, 

MBA '75 
Russell D. Offenbach BS'65 
Donald J. O'Hare EMB'79 
O'Keefe Controls Company 
Ralph G. Okenquist MBA'76 
Walter G. Oko 
Olive Electric Supply, Inc. 

Donald Aurora 
Chet O'Neill 
Jose M. Pacheco BA'71 
Timothy Pagnam 
PhUip Paolella 
Anthony S. Papa, Jr. BS'88 
Joseph Parker 
Beth B. Parrott 
John P. Patram MBA '75 
Jericho P. MBA '84 & Barbara 

The Pellegrino Law Firm 
WUliamJ. Peters, Jr. AS'60 
Theodore R. Peterson BS'70 
Thomas B. Peterson AS '52 
John W. Phillips MBA '73 
Constantine G. Proestakis 

BS'67, MBA '85 
Alben F. Puhlick BS'71 
Norman S. Randall BS'70 
Brook W. Reams BS'74 
LauraJ. Reid BA'75 
E. John Reinke AS '39 
Res-A-Vue, Inc. 
Paul J. Rettman EMB'90 
Michael P. Ribnicky BS'75 
James A. Riggs, Sr. EMB'79 
Kenneth C. Ritter MS'88 
Robert Henry's Restaurant 
Earl H. Roberts AS '53 
Kayo Rodriguez 
Roebic Laboratories 
Alvin C. Rogers BS'78 
Glenn D. Rosenquist BS'63 
Robert E. BS'76 & Kathy-Leigh 

Russo BS'77, MBA'85 
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Saldibar 
Thomas S. Scarpati EMB'84 
Albert H. Scharf 
Chuck Schlegel 
Jeffrey N. Schleppy BS'76 

Jonas Sciuckas BS'64 
FrankUn D. Scott, Sr. BS'72 
Arthur M. Seigel EMB'89 
Francis J. Serva, Jr. MBA'78 
Jesse J. Shandrowski BS'75 
Ernest Shapiro MBA'72 
J. Russell Sharpe BA'77 
WUliam H. Shay BS'79, 

MBA '87 
Kevin T. Sheehan BS'72 
Sheraton Greenbelt Hotel New 

Charles W. Sherwood, BS'73, 

MPA'78, MA '87 
The Short Stop 
Robert Sieff 
Robert P. Siena BS'76 
David E. E. & Bonnie Sloane 
Slovak Catholic Sokol 
David A. Smith 
David P. Smith BS'79, MBA'72 
Jud W. Smith 
Peter M. Smith BS'70 
Paul Smotas MS '84 
Joseph F. Soja BS'65, MPA'77 
Mr. & Mrs. Alexis Sommers 
Mark A. Soneson BS'85 
Arthur E. Sonnichsen BS'72 
Robert A. Spagnoletti ENfB'87 
Anthony J. Sparano ID BS'84 
Jeffrey Spencer 
Robert G. Spignesi BS'68 
John E. SpiUane BS'77 
Stamford 15 EMBA Class 
Stamford Marriott 
Star Tire 

Andy Weinstein 
Jeffrey S. Steward BS'66 
R. Thomas Stocker, Jr. BS'79, 

MBA '79 
Todd Stoeffler 
Sullivan & Son Carpet 
Timothy J. Sullivan BS'69 
Vincent F. MPA'79 & Eleanor 

Susco, Jr. NtA'79 
Paul K. Taff 

Stephen J. Tavemier BS'64 
Bruce I. Taylor EMB'92 
R. C. Taylor ffl 
Robert F. Teevan AS'54 
John M. Teplansky BS'76, 

Kenneth Teran MBA '90 
John F. Terry BS'65 
Irene C. Theriot EMB'90 
George W. Thomas BS'89 
George R. Tiernan 
Maryann P. Tiscione MS'88 
Wallace E. Tobin m EMB'80 
Edmund N. Todd 
TPA Design Group 
Ronald J. TsoUs BS'66 
Joseph A. Tucker, Sr. AS'42 
Ellen K. Turschmann BS'70, 

MA '91 
United Illuminating 
Ronald T. Urquhart BS'81, 

James M. Vaccarelli MS'84 

Joseph Valenzi 
Vemeris Quality Siding 

James Kenny 
Edward P. Vidou AS'83, BS'75 
Steward G. Wackel AS'55, 

Ronald R. Walczak BS'71 
George A. Waldron BS'69 
Robert R. Walker BS'71 
Frank A. Warner AS'62 
Kimberly Washington 
Louis S. Weady EMB'80 
West Haven Medical Group 
Dennis M. Whalen BS'73 
John J. White, Jr. BS'75, 

MBA '82 
John D. Wiedemann BS'70, 

MBA '73 
Steven H. Winkley 
Woodland Brokers, Ltd. 
Charles W. Woodruff 
Jo Wynschenk BA'70, EMB'87 
Randy J. Yri EMB'84 
Gary J. Zavatkay BS'83 
Robert G. Zeig BA'73 
Joseph G. Ziak 
David S. Ziaks BS'77 
Orbert G. Zieg 
Dean M. BS'84 & Patricia 

Zippo BS'84 
F. Paul Zgymont, Jr. BS'73 


Jeffrey M. Abelli 

Bobby Adams 

Ario M. Afshar 

Michelle A. Agliardi 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Ahrens 

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Alderman 

Stephen B. Alderman 

Hugo Allegrini 

1219 Restaurant 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Allen 
Rosa P. Alvarez 
Nadir Amato 
Pauline Amento 
Johanna Andrejko 
Charles Anderson 
Ann Andrus 
Annette's Unisex 
Michael Appleby 
Ana M. Arellano 
Philip B. & AlLson Arnold 
Atlantic Healthcare Products 
Mr. & Mrs. Austin M. Avery 
Victoria M. Babcock 
Ann Bachlechner 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bachlechner 
Sharon Baines 
Paul A. Balko 
Elizabeth Ball 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Balogh 
Barber Shop Friends 
Carl Barratt 

Mr. & Mrs. WUliam C. Barrett 
Barrie-Kent Photographers 
Kimberly Bartolotta 

Adam S. Bashaw 

Efrat Battat 

Jason Bayard 

James A. Beattie, Jr. 

Paul L. Beauparlant 

Joseph M. Becker, Jr. 

Mark E. Becker 

SrUekha Bell 

Doretha Bendolph 

Mr. & Mrs. Laddie Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. Berglund 

Tom Berkoski 

Peter I. Berman 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Beschel 

Lola C. Bethel 

Frank Billowitz 

Letitia H. Bingham 

Teela D. Black 

Charles C. Blake 

Blanchette Sporting Goods, 

Anne Blankenbaker 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Blood 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Bloomquist 
Blue Check Deli 
Blue Cross Blue Shield of 

Connecticut Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Boczar 
Patrick Bohan 
Mildred E. Bohannah 
CUnt Bolden 
James W. Borowitz 
Rosanne Bowman 
William P. Brennan 
Alfred R. Broderick, Jr. 
Deborah Brooks 
Randolph E. Brown 
Mr. & Nlrs. Sigmund F. 

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Burgh 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Burke 
Midge A. Burnette 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Bums 
Bianca Butler 
John J. Byar 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. 

Vincent T. Camputaro 
Campus Copy 

Nancy Cunningham 
Sean Canning 
Margaret L. CantareUa 
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Cantillo 
Mr. & Mrs. Bazyli Cap 
Anne Capuano 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Carew 
Carbone's Ristorante 
Sheila & Shiriey Carmon 
James W. Carter 
Mary Carter 

Carvel of North Haven #1239 
Mr. & Mrs. Aniello Celotto 
Cathy Lynn Centabar 
Crista M. Champion 
Charlton Offset, Inc. 
C. T. Chieffo 
Christopher John Michael's 



Mr. & Mrs. Franchard M. 

Mr. & Mrs. John Clarke 
Minnie Clayton 
Rose Clifford 
Wendy CUfford 
Stuart Colby 
Charles N. Coleman 
John J. P. Coleman 
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Condron 
Connecticut Valley Wholesale 

Florist, Inc. 
Eva B. Conner 

Mr. & Mrs. WUliam Connolly 
Raymond V. Corbett 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. 

Cosmo's Barber Shop 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Cotter 
John Country 
Katharine E. Cowles 
Mary B. Cox 
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard B. 

Donna A. Cristo 
James J. Cullen 
Jerry Clupper 
Robert J. Cummings 
Kellie A. Cunningham 
A. F. Currie Company, Inc. 
Denise Morris Curt 
Thomas J. Cusack, Jr. 
Thomas R. Czako 

Ronald Damico 
Dennis Danaher 
Martha Dann 
R. Laurence Davis 
James De Biaso 
Debonair Motel Inc. 
DeFosche Motor Freight 
Dekisa, Inc. 
Deli on the Green 
Maria Demianczyk 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. 

DeMonte, m 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Densmore 
Mr. & Mrs. George Dermer 
Peter J. Desio 
Donald Desmond 
Diglio Ristorante 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dildy, Jr. 
Shirley G. Dion 
John F. Doohan 
Edward Downe 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Droney 
Robert D. Dugan 
Paul Dunn 
Margaret M. Dosha 
Ben S. Dyczkowski 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dziezyk 
Zenon Dziezyk 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. 

The George Ellis Company, 

Lynn W. Ellis 
Mr. &Mrs. WUliam H. 


Emmett's Auto Service, Inc. 

Alida Engel 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter Engel 

Carol Evans 

Executive Companies 

Walt Fagan 
Marilyn E. Famiglietti 
David Farrell 
Farricelli's Flower City 
Ada Fazzino 
Feingold & Rappaport 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Ferrucci 
Frank Fiore 
Michael J. Fischer 
Fitz's Mug N' Muffin 
500 Blake St. Restaurant 
Jeff Flanagan 
Flower Affair 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Foley 
Eileen Fortsch 
Scott M. Francis 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce French 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Fridshal 
G. Fox 

Elizabeth M. Fried 
C. J. Fucci Construction, Inc. 
Robert P. Gabriel 
Gabriele's Restaurant 
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Gaffney 
Paul Gagne 
John J. Gallagher 
Audrey S. Gallogly 
Fanny C. Garcia 
Mr. & Mrs. Willis F. Gautliier 
Doreen L. Gayer 
Anne C. Gebelein 
Germania Sport Club, Inc. 
Alan R. Gibbons 
Kimberly M. Gibson 
G. M. S. Management 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. 

Patricia Gonzalez 
Paul K. Gorham 
Scott Gornstein 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gorry, 

Arthur S. Gow 10 
Eugenia Grabicki 
Mr. & Mrs. Tliomas W. 

Crantland, Jr. 
Greater New Haven Baseball 

Umpires Association 
Susan M. Green 
Dennis J. Greenblatt 
Anne M. Griepenburg 
Charles W. Grimshaw 
Waldemar Grzybko 
Brian K. Haeckler 
Alexandra Hahn 
Joan B. Halligan 
Hamden Woman's Club 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hanlon 
Nelson A. Hardigg 
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Harding 
Sadie Harrison 
Peter Hartman 
F. W. Hartwell 

Daryl E. Hawes 

Becky Hayes 

David Heslin 

Helen F. Higgins 

Hill Promotional Group 

Charles R. Hinchcliffe 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Frank 

Hinckley, Jr. 
Mary Hitchcock 
Robert J. Hoffnung 
Ruik Holmes 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Honan 
Brain Hopkins 
David R. House 
Mr. & Mrs. George Howard 
Warren F. Howe, Jr. 
Beatrice Howell 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hoyt, Jr. 
Stephen Hudobenko 
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Hughes 
Ray L. Hughes 
Arnold & Gertrude Hyman 
Irish-American Community 

Irish History Round Table, Inc. 
Aric M. Isaacs 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Isaacs 
Gilbert Isaia 
Jacki L. Jardine 
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Johns 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin R. Johnson 
John Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward 

Kyle L. Kashima 
Patrick & Joan Kennedy 
Peter Kennedy 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kepics 
Enrico G. & Leonora C. Khu 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Kilduff 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Killheffer 
Mary S. KUton 
Bernadette A. King 
Mr. & Mrs. F. Ward 

Virginia D. Klump 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Knapczyk 
Peppie M. Knapp 
Jean McAndrews Koehler 
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Koehler 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Koripsky 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Kosack 
Mr. Sz Mrs. Edward D. Kosner 
Mr. & Mrs. Greg S. Kowalczyk 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Krause 
Jennifer Krenkel 
Sharon Krenkel 
E. B. Kubler 
Catherine Ann Kuziel 
Jeffrey W. LaForge 
Mary F. Lane 
William Langevin 
Luke Lauretano 
Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Leftridge 
Mr. & Mrs. Cleven Leggett 
John Levine 
Brigid B. Lillis 
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Lindberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugeniusz K. 

Andrew G. Lippitt 
Edith S. Loglisci 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. 

Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Long 
Edward J. & Norma R. Luppi 
Henry Luzzi 
Donna Lynch 
Gary MacConnie 
John Mackey 
Michael J. Macri 
Ann Griffith Magda 
Mr. & Mrs. Casimir Majewski 
Eileen Manning 
Remigio Marichal 
Vanessa A. Marshall 
Carol Martin 
Katherine Martin 
Marion G. Martin 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Masek 
Victoria J. Mason 
Matthew's Tavern, Inc. 
Nancy J. Mayo 
Paul J. Mazzacane 
Susan G. McColl 
Mr. & Mrs. James McCormack 
Robert J. McCue 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael 

Patrick McDonough 
Patrick D. McGahen 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McGarth 
Catherine H. McGreevy 
Tom & Frances McGreevy 
Jane B. McGuire 
Hanora McKenna 
Deborah A. McNeill 
Anne M. McNulty 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent T. 

Mercaldi, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward 

Edward Mierzwa 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter 

Evelyn Miklos 
William Miniter 
Brian Minnick 
Jeanne Minnick 
Adam Mizelle 
Cheryl Modzelewski 
Elizabeth Moffitt 
Elesia Moncrease 
Louis A. MongiUo 
Ali Montazer 
Louis Moore 
Monica Moore 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morgan 
Anthony J. Mortali 
Clifford P. Mott 
Robert C. Muise 
ElizabetlT Mulvey 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Murphy 
Robert J. Murphy 
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Murrihy 


Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Nankin 

Frank Napolatano 

Stella Nardini 

Bruce E. Neild 

New England Food & 

Beverage Co. 
New Haven Gaelic Club 
New Haven Post 320, Inc. 
New Haven Women's Club 
Christopher Newton 
Andy Nichols 
Teresa A. Nick 
Michele Norman 
Northern Aid Committee 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. O'Brien 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry O'Connor 
Jean O'Donovan 
John O'Donovan 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis O'Keefe 
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Keefe 
Howard F. Okrent 
Maurice O'Mahony 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Malley 
Gary F. Onofrio 
Maria Orkisz 
Stefan Ovchar, Jr. 
Belgica Oyanedel 
Ester Oyanedel 
Hugo Oyanedel 
Dennis Paglialunga 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. 

Victor P. Pantani 
Joseph P. Paolillo 
Pasta Fair 
Leo P. Paquette 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Parisi, Jr. 
Parks Sausage Company 
M. N. Parthasarathi 
P. Penny Pecka 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. 

Mark C. PerreUi 
Mary A. Perrone 
Ernest Pettine 
Phil's Hair Styles 
E. Steven Pickman 
June C. Pierce 
James M. Pinto 
Brian Plante 

Polish National Alliance 513 
Polish Youth Circle 
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Pollak 
Polysar Incorporated 
Dennis Pomfret 
Oliver H. Porter 
Dorothy J. Powell 
David Prentice 
Stephanie Y. Preston 
Jennifer Price 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic F. Proto 
Prototype & Plastic Mold Co. 

Wanda Pyrdol 
EUia K. & Robin D. Racz 
Phyllis Raffone 
Mr. & Mrs. John S. Rak 
Linda Raymond 
Randall's Ordinary Restaurant 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rednak 
Mr. & Mrs. John Reynolds 
The Rib House Inc. 

John Vigorito 
Patricia A. Riccio 
Mr. & Mrs. Norman C. 

Roberto Taylor Agency 
Janet A. Robinson 
Patricia J. Rooney, RSM 
Alicia Rosado 

Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Roslon 
Theresa Rosenplanter 
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard R. 

Maria K. Ruggiero 
Dawn Russo 
Barbara F. Ruth 
Dan Ryan, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. 

S & D Enterprises Inc. 
Marion H. Sachdeva 
James Sachs 
Allen L. Sack 
St. Stanislaus Church 
Sandra Salvato 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Sandora 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Schultz, 

Mr. & Mrs. Marc D. Schwartz 
Dina D. Scottel 
Mr. & Mrs. Beau Segal 
Joseph L. Seidl 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven J. Shapiro 
Lee Roy Shaw 

Mr. & Mrs. LouLs B. Sheehan 
Shelton Roofing Company, 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sholtys 
Jorge SignoreUi 
Linda Siliris 
Jeffrey Siwicki 
Slovak Alliance of Greater 

Bridgeport, Inc. 
Donald C. Smith 
Donald M. Smith 
Phillip & Mary Smith 
Bernice G. Smyth 
Joseph Soto 
Jeffrey Sowocio 
Spectro Lume, Inc. 
Lisa M. Spetrini 
Lonnie Spikes 
John J. Splaine 
Stadium System, Inc. 
Dorothy Seiberling Steinberg 
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Stratton 
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. Stratton 
Catherine Stretton 
Maxine Sumrell 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Swords 
Connecticut College Umpires 

Systems Development Inc. 
Frank A. Szoldra 

Mr. & Mrs. Chester Tabaka 

Henry Tappin 

Pamela Tatge 

Robert Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Thompson 

William M. Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Travers 

Gil & Franny Treat 

Jerome M. Turner 

Mr. & Mrs. James Uebelacker 

Ultimate Travel, Inc. 

Fernando & Carmen Valencia 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Valente 

Elisabeth VanDyke 

Scott K. Van Why 

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Veleas 

Frank F. Vieira 

Henry Violin 

Hank & Sally Voegeli 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Walker 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Walters, 

Russell Warnitsky 
Shaun Washburn 
Robert Watstein 
James Welch 
Karen Wendland 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Wendler 
Jack Werblow 
Frances Westbrook 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Wheeler 
White Eagles Society of 

Brotherly Help, Inc. 
White Flower Farm 
Mr. & Mrs. Antoni J. 

Andrew W. Williams 
Deborah Winograd 
Leszek Wolejko 
Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Wysocki 
Eric Yanosky 

Mr. & Mrs. August Zadrozny 
Rudolph F. Zallinger 
Mr. & Mrs. Tadeusz Zdunek 
Daniel P. Zimmer 
Jerry T. Zinser 
Zofia's Unisex Salon 


Ann Andrus 
John C. Anquillare'66 
Carl Barratt 
M. Hamdy Bechir 
Srilekha Bell 
Peter 1. Bcrman 
Letitia H. Bingham 
Antoinette M. Blood 
Midge A. Burnette 
Deborah Chin 
Mary Colandrea 
William S. DeMayo 
Lawrence J. DeNardis 
Peter J. Desio 
Hanko H. Dobi 
David DuBuisson'78 
Robert D. Dugan 
James Dull 
Lynn W. ElUs 

Frederick G. Fischer 
Donald Fridshal 
Stuart H. Grove 
Daniel J. Hally'91 
Wilfred Harricharan 
David C. Hennessey 
Robert J. Hoffnung 
David P. Hunter'86 
Arnold Hyman 
M. Jerry Kenig 
Virginia D. Klump 
Joanna Krol 
Michael Kublin 
Ross M. Lanius 
William M. Leete, Jr. 
Nikki Lindberg 
Joseph P. Macionus '70 
Justin T. McManus 
Elizabeth Moffitt 
M. AU Montazer 
David Morris 
Michele Norman 
Howard F. Okrent 
Leo P. Paquette 
Joseph Parker 
M. N. Parthasarathi 
P. Penny Pecka 
Oliver H. Porter 
Phyllis Raffone 
D. C. Reams 
Robert Rainish 
Patricia J. Rooney, R.S.M. 
Marion H. Sachedeva 
Allen L. Sack 
David E. E. Sloane 
Donald C. Smith 
Donald M. Smith 
Loretta K. Smith 
Edmund N. Todd 
James W. Uebelacker 
Frank F. Vieira 
Sandra ViUano 
Hank Voegeli 
Lucy Wendland 
Jack H. Werblow 
Jerry T. Zinser 


Aetna Life & Casualty 
Albany International 

Allegheny Ludlum 

Alliant Techsystems Inc. 
Allied-Signal Inc. 
AMR/American Airlines, Inc. 
American Cyanamid Company 
Arthur Andersen & Co 
Baltimore Gas and Electric 

Bank of Boston Corporation 
Barnes Group Inc. 
Becton Dickinson & Co. 


The Black & Decker 

The Boeing Company 
BP America Inc. 
Brunswick Corp. 
CalComp, Inc. 
Campbell Soup Company 
Champion Lntemational 

The Chase Manhattan Bank, 

Chesebrough-Pond's Inc. 
CIBA-GEIGY Corporation 
Cincinnati Bell 
Citicorp-Citibank, N.A. 
Connecticut Light and Power 

Connecticut Mutual Life 

Conoco Inc. 

Consolidated Rail Corporation 
Cooper Industries Floundation 

Digital Equipment Corporation 
R.R. Donnelly & Sons 

Dow Jones & Company, Inc. 
The Dun & Bradstreet 

Duracell Inc. 
The Durham Manufacturing 

Emerson Electric Company 
Ernst & Young 
FMC Corporation 
General Dynamics Corporation 
General Electric Co. 
General Motors Corporation 
General Re Services 

The BF Goodrich Company 
GTE Corporation 
The Hartford Insurance Group 
Hershey Foods Corp. 
The Home Depot 
Honeywell Inc. 
Hubbeli Inc. 

IN CO United States Inc. 
Industrial Risk Insurers 
IngersoU-Rand Company 
Intergrated Industrial Systems 
International Business 

ITT Corporation 
James River Corporation 
John Hancock Mutual Life 

Insurance Co. 
Kmart Corporation 
KPMG Peat Marwick 
Lowe's Companies, Inc. 
Marsh & McLennan Cos. 
Medtronic, Inc. 
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. 
Metropolitan Life Insurance 

The J.M. Ney Company 
North American PhCips 

Northeast Utilities 

NYNEX Corporation 

Olin Corporation 

People's Bank 

The Perkin Elmer Corporation 

Pfizer Inc. 

Pitney Bowes Inc. 

The Prudential Insurance Co. 

of America 
Pure Carbon Company 
Raytheon Company 
Rohm and Haas Company 
ROLM Corporation 
Shawmut National 

Shell Oil Company 
Siemens Energy & 

Automation, Inc. 
Sonat Inc. 
The Stanley Works 
Teledyne, Inc. 
Tenneco Management 

Texaco Inc. 
Textron Inc. 

Thomas & Betts Corporation 
J. Walter Thompson Co. 
3M Company 
Timex Corporation 
The Torrington Company 
The Travelers Corp. 
Union Trust Company 
United Technologies 

UPS of America, Inc. 
Warnaco Inc. 

Warner-Lambert Company 
Western Massachusetts Electric 

Westinghouse Electric Corp. 
Whitman Corporation 
Xerox Corp. 


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Anderson 
Joseph J. Arnold 
Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Arnold 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Baker 
Seymour J. Becker 
Mr. & Mrs. Alloy Beddoe 
Mr. & Mrs. David Berkowitz 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Bertacchi 
Mr. & Mrs. WilUam Birdsell 
Linda Bishop 
Marlene Bishop 
Mr. &: Mrs. Carl E. Bloomquist 
Mr. & Mrs. James R. Bowen, 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Brandt 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Brescia 
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Breslin 
Mr. & Mrs. John Buchta 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Burke 
Colleen K. Burns 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cerritelli 
Claira Clados 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Colandrea 

Michael A. Common 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Cosgrove 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Costa 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Cote 

Dale Cuomo 

Mr. & Mrs. James Dandles 

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel de la Cruz, 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeMattie 
Mr. & Mrs. Alex DiCaprio 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Di Elsi, 

Paul DiLoreto 
Janis Donahue 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dragan 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Elinson 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Elliott 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert R. Fabrizi, 

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Fazzone 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Fessler 
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Forgione 
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Gasparrlni 
Barbara J. Gilkenson 
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Gilman 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ginz 
Anna D. Godfrey 
Mr. & Ktrs. Richard J. 

Dolores Graham 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen P. Grenet 
Theresa M. Harmsworth 
Caroline L. Harrington 
Pamela Haynes 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Heffernan 
David C. Hennessey 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Hernly 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hilton 
Mr. & Mrs. James Huie 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hunt, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Hutton 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Indresano 
Susan Janak 

Mr. & Mrs. Felix O. Jimenez 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Johnson 
Harry W. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs. Andre S. Kalapir 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Karbiwnyk 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Killoran 
Mr. & Mrs. Morton Koss 
Mr. & Mrs. William G. Kovac, 

Mr. & Mrs. George Krol 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome M. Krzos 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick T. 

Donna J. Lamonia 
Roberta E. Langewisch 
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford H. LaPolt 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Lavigne 
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio S. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lenahan, 

Mary E. Levatino 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Levine 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jay 

Mr & Mrs. Angelo Luchetta 
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Lynn 
Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Mancini 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Martino 
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McKeon 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McLucas 
Mr. & Mrs. Berthony Milord 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mosiello 
Mary Ann Nemec 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. New 
Mr. & Mrs. Everett C. Nichols 
Anca NicoU 

Mr. & Mrs. James Oberempt 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. 

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Ortega 
Patrick O'Sullivan 
Mr. & Mrs. Innocent Paul 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Petrone 
Joyce Pope 
Sandra Pope 
Donna S. Quinn 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Rebhun 
Ronald A. Ries 
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Robare 
Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Roderick, 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Roth 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Rourke 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie R. Saracino 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl T. Scholfield 
Mar)' Ann Sipin 
Robert Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernardo P. SteUa 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence V. 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell T. Sullivan 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Swindon 
Geraldine Thomas 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs. John Tierney 
Sandra C. Villano 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. 

Jacqueline Waite 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. 

Webster, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wendland 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayland B. 

Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Witman, HI 
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Wyslick 




Anthony Cacace 


Joseph D. Horowitz 


Rudolph Greenhouse 
Roland O. Palmer 


Herman I. Galvin 


Stanley F. Durfee 
Vincent C. Pasqualoni 


Alphonse C. Lepri 


William J. Heinrichs 
David E. Hungerford 
Dennison H. MacDonald 
Raymond G. Winnick 


Edward J. Brennan, Jr. 
Robert W. Harrison 
John S. Klein 
E. John Reinke 


Clifford C.Albrecht 
Alex J. Hadzega 
Julius Z. Paolucci 
Louis J. Petriel, Jr. 


Frank P. Brancato 
Ivar H. Henrickson IE 
Vernon W. Kelsey 
George H. Loomis 
Fred Luzietti 
Bruce MacWilliam 


Harold Alpert 
Harry M. Antonio 
E. Robert Edson 
John P. Granfield 
Edward H. Grohman 
William G. Madden 
David E. Ostrom 
Arthur F. Tidmarsh 
Joseph A. Tucker, Sr. 


Robert Jay Caplow 
George C. Venter 


John A. Frey 


Helen T. Huth 
Robert E. Lovett 
Arthur L. Stahl 


Simeon L. Esposito 
Bernard H. Page 
John W. Vogt 


Howard R. Chandler 
Wilbur E. Qark 
Richard A. Crocker 
John N. Deming 
John H. Jarvie 
John Kerpchar 
Frank A. Kustas 
J. William LaFlamme 
Basil S. Nickerson 
Morton E. Schnitman 
Stephen D. Wayne 
Everett G. Winston 


Russell L. Ailing 
Richard D. Anderson 
Robert N. Barnett 
Matthew Beianic 
Boniface J. Brandolini 
Paul T. Creagan, Jr. 
Frederiick M. Dingle 
Thad M. Hasbrouck 
John S. Hegedus 
Robert C. Henrickson 
Herman M. Johns, Jr. 
Ruth Kravitz 
John J. Lines 
Charles E. Miner 
Charles H. Pierce 
Ladislaus S. Skowronek 
Georege S. Triebel 
Raymond E. Vierregger 


Apley H. Austin, Jr. 
Michael J. Chuckrey 
WUUam J. Comboni 
Ira G. Hubbell 
Thomas E. Lewis, Jr. 
Fred B. Midgley 
A. Henry Mirel 
WUliam N. Pantalone 
John F. Poole 
William A. Prescott 
Frank P. Scampolino 
Reeves T. Spencer 
Werner D. Zukunft 


Milton L. Anderson, Jr. 
Robert E. Arcand 
John B. Breuler 
Robert J. Brown 
Wesley A. Cann 
Charles F. Chester 
Robert F. DeLaubell 
Leslie C. Findell 
Edward J. Grandjean 
Jesse J. Hoagland 
Douglas E. Kellogg 
Albert F. Muller 
Francis Tirendi 
Lewis A. Wolf 


Thomas C. Andrew, Sr. 
Andrew J. Carlotto 
Roger F. Carroll 
John N. Deming 
John R. Gehring 
John J. Healey 
Nancy M. Hedman 
Edwin P. Hemingway 
Edward Jackson 
Warren Lindsay 
Thomas B. Peterson 
Arthur M. Popolizio 
Joseph W. Taylor 
Louis J. Werzinger, Jr. 


Salvatore S. Amato 
Harold B. Amroy 
Americo M. Bellard 
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Honorary Gifts 

III Honor of 

Mrs. Norman I. Botwinik 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Cahn 

In Honor of 

Elizabeth Ciirren AS'SS 

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Baskin 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. 

Ralph E. Marcarelli 
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Schatz 
In Honor of 
Lawrence /. DeNardis 
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold M. Baskin 
In Honor of 

Mr. & Mrs. Femnore R. Seton 
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Kops 

Memorial Gifts 

/;; Memory of 

Genevieve W. Barrington 

Robert J. Barrington, Jr. '77 

In Memory of 

Joseph Cassclla 

Cathy A. Briggs'87 

David J. DeRosa'88 
Karen DeRosa 
Mary A. DeRosa 
In Memory of 
Rebecca Drabkin 
Jane W. Markle 
In Memory of 
Mary Lou Flemming 
David Morris 
In Memory of 
James Gesso'90 
Ernest Pettine 

In Memory of 
Nathaniel Kaplan 
Louis P. Savenelli'69 

In Memory of 

Ellen "Peggy" Leuzzi 

Joseph'73 & Rosemary 

In Memory of 
Arnold Markle 
Jacob D. Zeldes 

In Memory of 
Gregory Alan Morris 
Colleen Morris 
David Morris 
Frances Morris 

In Memory of 

Robert "Peter" Ruhlin 

Charles T. Aldridge'92 
Robert J. Andrejczyk'92 
H. M. Armstrong '91 
Linda Armstrong '91 
Seth A. Berman'91 
Larry L. Bingaman '92 
Anthony J. Brancato'91 
Mark Cetrone'92 
Donald Chludzinski'89 
Steven L. Ciskowski'91 
Audrey Davison '92 
Frank DeMeo '91 
Leonard S. Dorsett'92 
Ann Dupree'92 
Jeffrey B. Eldridge'91 
Kevin E. Gusa'87 
William Hehmann '91 
Ralph E. HULs'92 
Jason Kolbert'92 
Charles M. Kopf'91 
Linda Lind '91 
Vincent Longobardo'92 
Gregory Lugansky'91 
Maria Maiaroto '91 
Robert W. Maurer'92 
Rena M. McGreevy'92 
Janice A. McKinney'91 
Paul G. Messier'92 
Gregory T. Milbum'92 
Bernard P. Moran'92 
Alberto Negron '92 
Beth B. Parrott 
James M. Peccerillo'92 
William G. Regan '92 
Nancy G. Riedy'92 
Thomas J. Smolinski'92 
Bruce I. Taylor'92 

Russian Chorus Kicks-Off 
Performing Arts Series 

It was a lesson in cultural diversity 
set to music. Tills October, the 
Yale Russian Chorus gave a rousing 
performance on campus as the 
opening presentation of the Fall 1992 
Performing Arts Series. More than 
100 people turned out for the event, 
which featured religious and secular 
music from Russia, Georgia, Latvia, 
the Ukraine and other republics of 
the former Soviet Union as well as 
Slavic areas of Eastern Europe. 

In welcoming members of the 
audience. President Lawrence J. 
DeNardis recognized the 12 Siberian 
students from the Kuzbass region of 
Russia who arrived this September 
to begin their studies at UNH. 

Next in the series of scheduled 
performances was an afternoon 
presentation by a string quartet from 
Orchestra New England held 
Sunday, November 15, in the 
Student Center Lounge. Slated is a 

return engagement of the United 
States Coast Guard Band, which will 
perform a medley of classical and 

popular holiday music on Sunday, 
December 13, at 2:30 p.m. in the 
North Campus Athletic Complex. 

Members of the Yak Russian Chorus chat with {center, l-r) Mary Lou DeNardis, Russian 
Professors Eugenia Rasskazova and Stefan Samko, and President Lawrence J. DeNardis after the 
October 7 concert. 


University of New Haven 
300 Orange Avenue 
West Haven, CT 06516 

New Haven, CT