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VOLUME • 52 


For us, SOUTHERN LIVING is more than just a term to describe a life style. It's a moment-to- 
moment series of experiences that, put together, comprise us in terms of character, personality, 
and potential. And we're busy putting together all our yesterdays to prepare us for our tomor- 

» • ♦ 







We'd like to pretend otherwise, but most of our time is 
spent preparing for our potential. From classrooms to 
library to dormitory desks our paths are most heavily 
worn. There are the flings, but even in the midst of them 
we know what we have to get back to. 


■*'•'■ • '"■-?■ 

* r& 


There's a book waiting somewhere, a term 
paper to do, and a quiz that won't go away. 
But the moments in between are often more 
of an education, at least until we're able to 
assimilate the academics into the everyday. 

m mm ' 


And on the horizon we see the same day, and 
give it different names. For those pressed 
into this life, it's a day of deliverance, for 
others it's a day of decision, and for the rest 
of us it's a day of goodbyes. But for all of us, 
SOUTHERN LIVING, as we each knew it, 
will pass into our yesterdays as tomorrow 
becomes today. 

Si > 

*L * 




\ S 




•_■ ^B .■i- r'<? 


w«wnw»Mwnwwn.Biii mh^hmiaj 

■ ' ■ 

,% J » .» ♦ « ♦ ♦ 







"^•"Lu,, I^P^AAA-K-^W 1 >>«A^ 


'-"■«»"' — -1 


School spirit reaches a goal 


School Spirit . . . every student wit- 
nesses it in his or her college years. 
Some have more than others, but even 
those students with an ounce of spirit 
put forth a positive attitude to keep 
FSC a number one college. 

The Alma Mater 
Orange groves o'er spread her 

Chimes her hymns intone, 
India greets across the garden 
Southern's mystic throne. 

Florida Southern, thee we love; 
Thee we'll never fail 
Hail to thee our Alma Mater, 
Hail to Southern, hail. 

Stately walls alone can never 
Compass learning's goal 
Heart to heart must pass the 

Soul inspirit soul. 





Everyone has been misunderstood at 
one time or another. At FSC, the need 
to express oneself and to have the abili- 
ty to communicate well became appar- 

Each semester we were classified as 
students all possessing individual 

Many students expressed their indi- 
vidual interests by participating in 
clubs and fraternities or sororities. Out 
of more than forty organizations, ten 
fraternities, and six sororities offered 
at FSC, the majority of students didn't 
have any trouble finding a group that 
fitted their social needs, (continued) 

. . . expressions 

The different bands and choirs were 
outlets for those students to express 
their muscial talents. Throughout the 
year, the talent of these groups were 
displayed at such events as concerts, 
basketball games, and the Christmas 

Practice, discipline, and a lot of hard 
work were necessities for the students 
who chose to express their individual- 
ism in sports. These athletes spent 
many long hours conditioning their 
minds and bodies for competition. 

Throughout the year, each student at 
FSC expressed his or her own individ- 
ualism. It might not have been through 
participation in clubs, greeks or sports, 
but through the communication and 
interaction with friends and acquaint- 


Keeping fit and trim 

Muscles, strength, and physical pow- 
er were emphasized as body-building 
became popular among many college 

Daily, some students worked-out in 
the weight room under Edge Hall. A lot 

of strenuous effort was put forth in 
those hours. Some may have felt the 
pains of sore muscles, but they know 
the exercise will keep them fit and 

2 3436 

gone with 
the wind 

The sun was shining, the sky was 
clear, and there was a stiffening breeze 
originating from the west. It was early, 
but already obvious that it was a per- 
fect day for sailing. 

White, colored, and even rainbow 
specs of dacron dotted the horizon as 
many people had the same plan. FSC 
students seemed to succumb to the 
beautiful weather. Finding themselves 
where the sky and the water came to- 
gether, students were able to relax and 
let their tensions blow away with the 

Music reflects individual styles 

Music is all around us. It provides 
entertainment and dominates a 
large part of our lives. The distinct 
beat of rock, country, and mellow 
music could be heard on favorite ra- 
dio stations as well as in the campus 
fine arts concerts. 

Radio stations in the area pro- 
vided musical entertainment that 
fulfilled the needs and wants of their 
listeners. Certain stations held con- 
tests and gave away prizes such as 
money, albums, movie tickets, and 
gift certificates. 

A good number of the students 
participated in the many band and 
choirs. The respective directors in- 
spired the groups to use their indi- 
vidual talents and natural abilities. 

Music is in many forms and re- 
flects many different ways of life. 
But all types of music have one basic 
factor in common — music is a form 
of communication through orga- 
nized sounds that provide entertain- 
ment and makes memories. 



"Get up. Do your homework, attend 
meetings, go through rush, turn the 
page ..." Sound familiar? Despite busy 
schedules and unsympathetic teach- 
ers, students usually found excuses to 
condone talking on the telephone, 
watching television, not doing that re- 
search paper, and staying up past mid- 
night, thus risking a nap during first 
period. Not only was studying put off 
and ignored on weekdays, but the pro- 
cess of studying was delayed even 
longer on the weekends. Saturday and 

. . . just for fun 

Sunday offered a two-day break which 
was used to catch up on lost sleep, 
missed meals, and an occassional chore 
or piece of homework. More often than 
not, students were obsessed with hav- 
ing a good time — whether at a basket- 
ball game, or cracking jokes behind a 
teacher's back. To prove this, just take a 
look at the things we did, and the 
places we went ... all for fun. 


Faculty, staff, and administration . . . 

human too 

Education is unquestionably a pri- 
mary ingredient in the upbringing of all 
eras. But in the course of time, the job 
of an educator becomes more than a 
job; it becomes a big part of life. 

"Teachers are people too," seemed to 
be the message that the faculty and ad- 
ministration attempted to get across to 
the students. There has always been a 
barrier that makes students think of 
their teachers as anything but human. 
But they are. At the heart of the con- 
cerned staff were the teachers who dai- 
ly gave of themselves to the students. 




The diversification of many courses 
offered at FSC gave a wide range of 
subject matter for even the most discri- 
minating student. There were approxi- 
mately 300 courses offered each semes- 
ter. Such a varied curriculum met the 
demands of most of the students re- 
gardless of their interests. 



to all 

"And Joseph also went up from Gali- 
lee, from the city of Nazareth, to Judea, 
to the city of David, which is called 
Bethlehem, to be enrolled with Mary 
his betrothed, who was with child. And 
while they were there, the time came 
for her to be delivered. And she gave 
birth to her first-born son and wrapped 
him in swaddling clothes, and laid him 
in a manger, because there was no 
place for them in the inn." Luke 2:4-7 


Dedication plays a major role 

The United States Government 
maintains a Senior Division of the 
Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps 
at Florida Southern College. The gen- 
eral objective of the Army ROTC cur- 
riculum is to produce junior officers 
possessing qualities and attributes es- 
sential to their progressive and contin- 
ued development in the Regular Army 
and in the United States Army Reserve. 

It will provide the student with an 

lit %■■ « 

. . . ROTC 

appreciation of the responsibilities of 
each American as a citizen, to contrib- 
ute time, talent, and energies to be the 
protection of liberty and an apprecia- 
tion of the need for trained leadership 
in the military defense organization of 
the United States of America. 



Slogans parade campus 
as T-shirts lead styles 

Easygoing attire often dominated the 
college fashions since few students felt 
like donning their "Sunday best" after 
dragging themselves out of bed for a 
first period class. It was often much 
easier to stumble around in the closet 
and pull out a pair of blue jeans and a T- 

A T-shirt . . . just a simple piece of 
cotton clothing. Some are white while 
others are multicolored. Some support 
professional teams and others display 
fraternal-organization favorites. 

Regardless of the color or slogan, stu- 
dents who sought comfort found it in 
the T-shirt. 


Students benefit from 
good nutrition 

Nutrition . . . something of major 
concern to those seeking good health. 
For the students of FSC, eating proved 
to be a major pastime. 

Mealtimes provided an outlet that 
broke up the monotony of the reading 
and writing drudgeries. During each 

meal, hungry students congregated in 
the cafeteria in anticipation of a good 

To receive the benefits of good 
health, many students followed the ad- 
vice of doctors — exercise daily, get 
plenty of rest, and eat nutritionally. 



A common 

At FSC, it was common to see long 
lines, wait in lines, and even perform 
in lines. Yet, emotions of all types were 
exposed as students patiently became 
included in lines. 

Along with the first day of registra- 
tion came chaos and confusion, and 
many long lines. Aggravation was com- 
monly felt by many as the process of 
drop-add became necessary. 

Other lines were encountered by 
those students who congregated in the 
cafeteria. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
seemed to be a way to break the mono- 
tony of classes as students assembled 
in the various lines. 

Mixed emotions of happiness, sad- 
ness, and a feeling of accomplishment 
always felt as the soon-to-be graduates 
line up for their hard-earned diplomas. 

Undoubtedly, a feeling of unity was 
always present as people experienced 
all types of lines. 



Fashion conscious students adopt 

new styles 

People expressed their own individ- 
uality through different styles of cloth- 
ing. Hair and skirt length varied in 
length from long to short and alterna- 
tive feminine fashions contrasted with 
the popular masculine look. 

Once again blue jeans received the 
vote of popularity. Jeans were seen ca- 
sually or dressed up with boots. An- 
other version of the All-American blue 
jeans were the designer jeans. Many 
students paid as much as $50 for a pres- 
tigious name such as Calvin Klein, Sas- 
son, or Gloria Vanderbilt scrawled 
across the back pocket. 


1 Ibi 




*-r • 

. . . fashions 

Dresses and skirts also took on a new 
look. Many dresses had side, front, and 
back seams that were slit. The rebirth 
of the mini-skirt was also in fashion. 

When the north winds blew through, 
winter sweaters and coats were 
brought out. Sweaters, blouses and 
boys shirts were dominant. Winter also 
provided an opportunity to flaunt FSC 
athletic jackets. 

Whether it was a t-shirt, jeans, dress 
or suit, FSC students didn't want to be 
left out of the newest fashions. They 
continued to show their own individ- 
uality through their choice of clothing. 


More than just a cheerleader 

A cheerleader's devotion is over- 
powering, not only to the school and 
the players, but also to each other. The 
FSC cheerleaders have just that — de- 

The twelve member squad, consist- 
ing of six women and six men, prac- 
ticed every afternoon. Practices began 
with 15-20 minutes of stretching and 

individual warm-ups, and were fol- 
lowed by a two-hour period of cheers, 
chants, jumps, stunts and pyramids. 

The cheerleader's main goal is to set 
an example of school spirit and team 
support. Many of the cheerleaders 
were designed to ignite the crowd to a 
peak of rowdiness. 

Nowadays, cheerleading is more 

dangerous and challenging than ever 
before. Yet cheerleading will always be 
the same because nothing can ever 
suppress the smiles or deplete the vast 
reserves of the Moc Magic spirit that 
the 1983-84 FSC Cheerleaders pos- 

Front Row: Kelleigh Withers, Holly Alexander, Jodie Drees, Cathy Kirk, Andrea Moror, Lisa Durham Back Row: Dave Marmol, Brooks Goodgame, Bill 
Welch, Keith Greenwood, Pat Burns, Rob lies. 

A year of 

Transition is the difference in what 
things start out to be and how they 
wind up. The 1983-84 school year 
wound up with many renovations re- 
lieving problems but changing the 
campus appearance. 

The Carlisle Rogers Building, largely 
funded through a one million dollar 
gift from Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, will host 
classrooms for Business Administra- 
tion and Economics. The new building, 
the third major facility constructed at 
FSC in the last five years, is scheduled 
for completion by the fall of 1984. 





Practices prepare teams 

Practice ... a word heard by many, 
especially athletes. But for the athletes 
of FSC, this was not just a word that 
was heard. Athletes practiced all year 
round for their sport. If they didn't 
practice with a team, they practiced on 
their own. 

Practice . . . something which may be 
taken seriously or neglected. For Flor- 
ida Southern's athletes, practice was 
utilized until accomplishments be- 
came apparent. 

r ^ i 


^^ -u llfej 


WHtKK/^* n (KU 


Bottom row sitting: Glen Fernandez, Lew 
Marotti, Johnnie Pleicones, Jimmy Roberts, 
Nelson Menendez, Hector Villanueva, Carl 
Feraro, Dave Carter. Middle row: Don Samra, 

Jimmy Mee, John Thompson, Jim Barr, Robert 
Green, Dave Minotti, Drew Miller, Carl 
Wilbanks. Back row: Tracy Toy, Ken Kranick, 
Mike Workman, Keith Sullivan, John Cedarburg, 

Dave McCorkle, Tom Temrowski, Aaron 
Anderson, Jim Bridges, Dave Parkulo, Rich 
Glickman, Mike Culumber. 


Baseball: more than just a 'pastime' 

Baseball — it is the team sport that epitomizes 
the idea of sportsmanship. It is a game played 
and watched by both scholars and schoolboys. 
But for the FSC baseball team, it was more than 
just a way to pass time. 

In his first year as head coach, Chuck Ander- 
son worked the team hard, developed skills, 
and got his players in top condition for the sea- 
son. Stretching to loosen muscles, pushups to 
strengthen the arms, and sprints for all-around 
agility helped to improve the players' physical 
condition. In addition, the team members put 
on their mitts to practice throwing, fielding, 



. . . Baseball 

and batting which developed them into 
a winning ball club. 

While some students were out play- 
ing a pick-up game in a sand lot, the 
baseball team members were in the 
midst of a very serious game. Base- 
ball — it is not just a game to pass time, 
it is a pastime. 

Coaching staff (left to right): Head Coach Chuck 
Anderson, Asst. Coach Mike Coombs, Asst. 
Coach Gary Calhoun, Asst. Coach Mike Gaski. 


%/j JSffi® 

|MKf V' 


RmSI ' J 

■(Jt&y , 







HIH ^^H 


Quality team plays ball - Southern style 

There are all kinds of polls. Gallop 
polls, presidential polls, and public 
opinion polls. The information gained 
from these polls is usually very accu- 
rate. But, sporting polls are probably 
the hardest type of poll to compile be- 
cause of the many different factors in- 
volved. It is quite an honor to be recog- 
nized as a quality team. The men's bas- 
ketball team possessed the talents of a 
quality team. 

All year head coach George Scholz 
and his assistants worked 

. . . men's basketball 

the team hard, developed skills, and 
got their players in top physical condi- 
tion for a challenging season. 

Support was apparent for the basket- 
ball team. Our team had the talent to be 
a top-ranked team and through dedica- 
tion, practice, and support they were 
highly recognized. 

• \ l XT 







b-' i 







< * i^* m 

I " lt> N 


\W m 

i . 




Front Row: Jim Jones — Manager, Wayne Washington, Travis Stanley, Mark DeVoss, Al Garmon, Wade Luke, Jim Harris, Bill Conners — Trainer. Back 
Row: George Scholz — Head Coach, Moses Johnson — Assistant Coach, Scott Knecht, Bill Sawyer, Bob Salmi, Paul Woerner, Kevan Miles, Eric Hartje, 
Cesar Odio — Assistant Coach, Kirk Speraw — Assistant Coach. 



Determined to win 

Looking down the court, eyes 
searched for a fellow player positioned 
near the basket. Eye contact was made, 
and a pass followed. The shot went up 
and through. Two points registered on 
the scoreboard and the crowd cheered. 

Under the guidance of head coach 
Dick Goding, the Lady Mocs strived for 
success. Despite the many unfortunate 
injuries of the team members, they 
united and put forth a positive effort 
for each game. 

Front Row: Becky Bachtel — Manager, Robin Rosemeier, Kelly Carson, Jody Kay, Megan Henry, Pam Sheffer, Teri Cinelli, Dina Lauricella, Chris Bellotto — 
Trainer. Back Row: Dick Goding — Head Coach, Janet Gray, Deidre Lane, Mary Ann Lantinga, Cindy Galbicka, Kim Disbro, Janet Reynolds, Lois Webb — 
Assistant Coach. 

Left to Right: Angie Cicanese, Lisa Harrison 
Janet Gray, Marolyn Rhodes, Janae Jennings 
Marcella Cox. 


the epitome of running 

Withstanding the distance shows the 
true test of your ability. Everyone has 
the pain, the drive, the feeling of dis- 
may. To be able to see your potential 
and know your diversity . . . That's 
what makes a runner an athlete. Cross- 
country tests endurance, the chance 
for giving your best shot. 

The FSC cross-country teams are the 
athletes that happened to choose run- 
ning. Hurdling over obstructions and 
jumping into challenges, the team 
members performed in a way that 
showed that they were true running 

(left to right): Dusty Boyd, Paul Westcott, Eric Lymon, Rob Nicholson, Coach Ed Plowman, Harold 


Florida Southern's tee-team 

drives toward success 

Silence greets you as you enter a 
green world, and your feet leave a trail 
in the dewey early morning grass. You 
struggle beneath a bag full of heavy 
clubs as you pursue a small white ball 
around a designated course. Under the 
leadership of head coach Charley Mat- 

lock, the 1983-84 golf team played 
many strong rounds in tournaments. 

Although golf is not a glamor sport, it 
is one that tests a golfer's skills, talent, 
and determination. The FSC golfers 
seemed to pass the test as they were 
rewarded by a successful season. 

Front row: Pat Chisholm, Rocco Mediate, Jim 
Winhelm. Middle row: Jeff Schumcher, Lee 
Janzen. Standing: Greg Gamster, Wally Les, 

Ralph Howe, Coach Charley Matlock, Ric 
Manning, Marc Dawson, Craig Kindrat. 

Scoring a goal for success 

In its 27th season of existence, the 
FSC soccer team has established itself 
as a dominant force in the conference. 
They were faced with some of the 
toughest games ever by playing top- 
ranked teams. 

In his third year as head coach, Sam 
Snow was an aggressive coach. The 
players felt this was an asset because 
the discipline and determination made 
everyone learn to work together. 

Without the skillful players, coaches, 
and assistants, the soccer team could 
not have been the team we knew them 
to be. 

Front Row: (left to right) Craig Seitz, Tony Middleton, Robert Warden, Toby Therrien, Kris Pahl, Jeff 
Janszen, Carlos deRada, Frank Srtazulla, Frank Stork, Adam Uchin, Scott Hutchinson. Second Row: 
(left to right) Butch Nichols — Asst. Coach Rich Compana — Student Asst., David Green, John Jane, 
Scott Levine, John Mines, Hank Gibson, Darryl Long, Joie Davis, Pat Hegert, Howard Penney, Todd 
Starks, Terry Rinehart — Equip. Mgr., Sam Snow — Head Coach. 


(Left to right) Kathy Fishbaugh, Dawn Smith, 
Kelly Carson, Lorri Marvel, Robin Rosemeier, 
Anne Hartman, Susan Young, Kim Disbro, Jody 
Kav, Lora Ash, Lorri Zuidema. Second row: 
Laurie Baker, Susan Main, Pam Sheffer. Coach: 
Chris Bellotto, Asst. Coach: Pete Oglesby. 

A style 
of their 


Similiar yet different from the tra- 
ditional men's sport of baseball, soft- 
ball is one of the strenuous sports 
played exclusively by women. 

Under head coach Chris Bellotto, 
the Lady Mocs had a chance to prove 
their athletic abilities. Through the 
consistency of grueling practices 
and a determined spirit, the team 
headed for a winning season. 

Although softball is a take-off of 
baseball, it became a sport that the 
Lady Mocs placyed with a style of 
their own. 


Men's team nets victories 

Contrary to what may be popular be- 
lief, being on the tennis team does not 
consist simply of getting on the court 
and hitting a few balls back and forth 
with another player. It requires dedica- 
tion, talent, concentration, and a lot of 
hard work. 

Under the coaching skills of Jim 
Bush, the men's tennis team competed 
well. They knew that consistency was 
a major factor in the teams' success. 
Not only did this quality win respect, 
but it attributed to their successful 
matches and games. 

Front row: Rick Soule, Jim Pehrson, Vinne 
Montleone. Second row: Rob Goulet, Doug Dodd, 
Sam Garcia, Scott Reinmund. Third row: Jim 
Taggart, Paul Laporta, Tom Evans. Back: Coach 
Jim Bush. 



■ :::: miimm : : tmtTQ I 

. , .--T«~t- 



. i \ i > 


A hope for victory 

The rhythmic slamming of the tennis 
balls echoed throughout the tennis 
courts. This sound was a common oc- 
currence at the FSC tennis complex as 
the women's tennis team continued 
their quest for mastery. 

Many hours of practice proved to be 
a necessity as the women tried to mas- 

ter one of the hardest sports. The near- 
ly everyday practice sessions involved 
a great deal of stretching and practice 
matches among team members. 

Along with head coach Ed Jeffries 
and the individual talents and hard 
work of the women, the team had high 
hopes of victory. 


(Left to right) Mary Key Priest, Allison Avey, Darcy Ranson, Mary Lloyd, Kim Smith, Coach Ed Jeffries, Kathy Lloyd, Betsy Broadwater, Kim Storkel, Darla 
Holb, Deborah Dodd. 

Sitting, Front row: Jeanne Stupm, Lisa Testworth, Susan Young, Nancy Blakeslee, Beth Haslage, Jill Petrie. Back Row: Chris Bellotto — Trainer, Lorrie 
Marvel, Michelle Kurtgis, Cindy Galbicka, Dana DeLoach, Haili Wurtz, Dana Cozine, Lois Webb — Head Coach. 

Lady Mocs spike 
their way to success 

Once the volleyball team established 
momentum, the points began to regis- 
ter on the scoreboard. 

Under the guidance of head coach 
Lois Webb, momentum was built up 
in a variety of ways. Getting the first 
point usually started the wheel turn- 
ing. Makinggood set-ups, which result- 
ed in point-scoring spikes, shifted the 
action into second gear. The driving 
force built as the number of points to- 
taled higher and higher, 

i > i t i 


. . . volleyball 

By this time the women's emotions 
flowed with confidence, and the wheels 
were churning at full speed. 

Even though momentum was not the 
biggest factor in the success of the wom- 
en's volleyball team, it contributed a great 
deal. The players' talents and attitude 
was the true reason for their success. 

Ski Team 

Front: (Left to right) Brian Guyer, Lynn Domagala, Sean Shoppee, Sandy Roeder 
Middle: Mary Raynor, Charlie Aurich, Jeffrey Jones, Rick Anderson 
Back: Dave Styron 



Lori Cochrane, Gwendolyn Jones, Missy Lee, Carrie Roche, Jama Smith, Barbara Turney, Donna Chastain, Susan Stauffer, Patricia Willcox, Kim Barfield, 
Debbie Dorsey, Susan Ferris, Mary Nichols, Jane Robert, Kelley Schroeder, Nancy Stanley, Hilary Counts, Darcy Flynn, Beth Harding, Shawna Scott, Shaun 
Steggles, Kathleen Wood, Susan Young, Kristen Fishbaugh, Marty Pottorff, Allison Avey, Beth Bass, Melanie McMullen, Tina Westburg, Anne Marie Bucy, 
Kelly Daly, Kathy Fishbaugh, Karyn Folland, Dawn Garner, Anne Geiger, Dhays Gruber, Penny Langston, Mary Lloyd, Tawn Prior, Mary Jo Sattler, Ruth 
Spencer, Caroll Sprauer, Lynn Stauffer, Sharon Thomas, Katie Ward, Meridy Werder, Natalie Williams, Beth Deaton, Celaine McCart, Yvette Talley, Cindy 
Beswick, Alejandra Evans, Kellie Fitzpatrick, Beth Harrelson, Kelly Landers, Mary Beth Thomas, Janet Trucks, Jill Winkler. 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Alpha Chi Omega began as a national 
sorority at DePaw University in Green- 
castle, Indiana, on October 15, 1885. The 
Beta Omicron chapter of Alpha Chi was 
founded at Florida Southern College on 
Nov. 15, 1936. Alpha Chi's symbol is the 
lyre and the carnation is their flower. 

The Alpha Chis are represented in ev- 
ery major honorary on campus. They are 
class officers, Junior advisors, and little 
sisters for Pike, Pi Kapp, TKE, SAE, Sigma 
Chi, Phi Sig, and Sig Ep. 

Every year they raise money for one of 
their three philanthropies, cerebal palsy, 
and by working with the Theta Chis to 
accomplish a 52 hour dance-a-thon. 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Alpha Delta Pi was the first sorority 
for college women, founded on May 15, 
1856 at Wesleyan College in Macon, 
GA. Gamma Gamma chapter was char- 
tered at F.S.C. on April 27, 1946. Alpha 
Delta Pi's have served as class officers, 
members in honoraries, S.G.A., and 
fraternity little sisters. ADPi's current- 
ly have five Junior Advisors, Sigma 
Chi, Sig Ep, KA, and Pike sweethearts, 
Miss Interlachen and Miss Southern ti- 

Alpha Delta Pi's colors are azure blue 
and white, their flower is the violet, 
and the lion their symbol. Their open 
motto is "We live for each other". 
Qualifications have remained un- 
changed throughout the years — schol- 
arship, high principals of behavior, and 
true friendship. 

Donna Auger, Amy Bardill, AnnMarie Bassett, Sarah Beasley, Lori Boyd, Joan Brady, Cherilynn Brown, Susie Bubregh, Pam Campo, Kim Christensen, Nancy 
Clark, Patty Davis, Tammy Dean, Lynn Demmer, Ely DeRada, Kathy Erwin, Kim Ferdinandsen, Debbie Green, Terri Griggs, Tammy Haer, Holly Hangen, 
Becky Hedges, Holly Hight, Darla Holb, Debbie Hutchinson, Linda King, Jennifer Kunde, Sally Land, Evanne Logan, Beth McGuire, Julie Michaels, Mollis 
Mussler, Laurie Paullin, Cindy Robinson, Jodi Roskosh, Joy Rossi, Pam Roy, Patti Roy, Barb Scherer, Teresa Schrader, Debbie Smoak, Nancy Straw, Jenny 
Stevens, Dayna Swalley, Valerie Thomas, Kelly Thompson, Susan Tonn, Judy Truitt, Renee Turbeville, Sherry Tye, Eileen Walsh, Nancy Walsh, Melanie Ward, 
Beth White, Melody Witt, Michele Bonina, Kim Bergstrom, Jeannie Blocker, Kelly Doppelheuer, Bibiana Gomez, Paige Kasper, Beth Lewis, Laurie McNew, 
Sissy Meyer, Irene Sowards. 

lean Agee, Beth Allen, Holly Alexander, Dana Casini, Lois Cananico, Teri Courtoy, Jackie Chung, Joy DeCaro, Lynn Domagala, 
Caroline Dossett, )ane Gordon, Stacey Grimm, Janet Grey, Amy Hodge, Brenda Hulen, Kim Isaacs, Lisa Jackson, Suzanne Jackson, 
Janae Jennings, Mary Kelly, Margriet Knetsch, Jane Knickerbocker, Kyle Krein, Virginia Landry, Diedre Lloyd, Alicia Loadholtz, 
Elise Maclennon, Ana Morejon, Cindy Morvillo, Kim Mutzel, Susan Oliva, Betsy Powell, Winnie Putnam, Jelane Reed, Lorraine 
Rideout, Sheli Rogers, Cheri Shultz, Kelly Sheel, Robin Smith, Wendy Starling, Joyce Tibeno, Pam Topping, Lisa Trongone, Mirtha 
Vallejo, Kim Wirick, Kathy Zimmer, Crystal Barwis, Susan Easton, Martha Herron, Monica Kiley, Virginia Nunan, Allison Odom, 
Mari Payne, Dawn Yates. 



Alpha Omicron Pi 


Many years ago, Mary 
Gatewood Pullian and Sam 
Banks arrived at F.S.C. They 
decided to form two clubs 
made up of their own friends, 
and presented a petition to the 
proper authorities. When this 
plan failed, Kappa Gamma Tau 
held secret meetings until 
Ludd M. Spivey, in 1924 recog- 
nized the group as a sorority. In 
the fall of 1945, Kappa Gamma 
Tau petitioned Alpha Omicron 
Pi fraternity. On May 5, 1946, 
Alpha Omicron Pi installed the 
local sorority as Kappa Gamma, 
the 52 chapter of the fraternity. 

Ever since its first days, AOPI 
members have been leaders in 
campus activities and scholar- 
ship, and have maintained high 
ideals and a cooperative spirit 
in all understanding. 

Denise Wolfe, Karen Kladakis, Beverly Avis, Debbie Waldo, Marcia Gillett, Cynthia Trickel, Lori Rainey, Kathy Bouse, Kim Calvert, Debbie Gerg, Beth Haslage, 
Mary |o Nobile, Linda Dinkins, Floanne Murdoch, Kathy Axt, Sarah Cohn, Deedra Stebbins, Michelle Boisvert, Lisa Carlton, Kathleen Donohue, Jill Emerson, 
Maria Hardwick, Margie Johnson, Kindra Mickelsen, Sandy Miller, Leicha Rittgers, Kim Davis, Charla Drake, Darice Fields, Susie Hause, Lori Petrie, Betsy 
Raymond, |anet Reynolds, Jane Brandfass, Nancy Doane, Laura Fraker, Laura Dunaway, Betsy Ennis, Laurie Hiatt, Donna Hill, Cindy Michaelis, [amie Piper, 
Peggy Reynolds, Elizabeth Sellers, |ill Sheffield, Marcy Strong, Kelly Sullivan, Nancy Baggett, Donna Beede, Ml Desplinter, Susan Ernst, Robin Ciminello, 
Claire Dukes, Megan Henry, (eanne Leslie, Kathy Miller, Lauren Rodberg, Alicia Stein, Elizabeth Stidham, Sherry Worth. 

Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta sorority was 
founded on October 23, 1897 at 
Longwood College, Farmville, 
Virginia. The Gamma Epsilon 
Chapter was founded at Florida 
Southern College on February 5, 
1955. Our sisters are well recog- 
nized on campus with members 
participating in major honoraries, 
S.G.A., The Southern, Interla- 
chen, athletic teams, and fraterni- 
ty little sisters and sweethearts. 
The chosen colors of our sorority 
are olive green and pearl white. 
Our flower is the white rose, and 
our mascot is the katydid. Kappa 
Delta's National Philanthropy is 
the Crippled Children's Home in 

Richmond, Virginia. We, as sis- 
ters, strive for that which is hon- 
orable, beautiful, and highest. 


Phi Mu Fraternity is the second ol- 
dest and fifth largest secret organiza- 
tion for women. It was founded at Wes- 
leyan College in Macon, Georgia in 
1853. The Alpha Tau Chapter was es- 
tablished on F.S.C.'s campus in 1954 
and will be celebrating our 30th anni- 
versary this year. Phi Mu is seen in 
many organizations across campus in- 

cluding JA's, members of honorary fra- 
ternities, and fraternity little sisters. 
Phi Mu's colors are pink and white. 
The jewel is the pearl, the flower is a 
pink carnation, and our mascot is the 
lion. Our motto is: The Faithful Sisters; 
yet we strive to be faithful to others 
outside our family as well. 

Phi Mu 

Sally Austin, Eileen Berry, Yasmin Bowman, Julie Cockrill, Barbara Devonmille, Evelyn Duell, Nora Gould, Sherry Gauntlett, Beth Hammond, Judith Jacoby, i 
Pam Johnson, Linda Lohne, Kelly McCarley, Jacquie O'Leary, Ann Palo, Diane Rhea, Penny Sherman, Michelle Tomkow, Laurie True, Karen Wertz, Jane Zewalk. 


Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity was 
founded in 1898 at Longwood Col- 
lege in Farmville, Virginia. The Del- 
ta Beta Chapter was established here 
at F.S.C. in 1957. Zeta's colors are 
turquoise blue and steel gray, and 

her flower is the white violet. The 
national philanthropic project of 
Zeta Tau Alpha is the National Asso- 
ciation of Retarded Citizens. Delta 
Beta's mascot is the frog, homer 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

Barbie Allen, Suzette Caroli, Missy Gouture, Amy Downey, Ellen Fluck, Polly Hamilton, Barb Hoover, Penny Orr, Amy Wood, Debbie Bidwell, Laurie Acton, 
Gina Colina, Kelly Funston, Leona Hammond, Tricia Johnson, Tami Shearer, Paige Smith, Susan Stuart, Susan Burton, Heather Chryst, Julie Rodgers, Terri 
Tremain, Terri Almond, Janet Collins, Patty Connors, Laura Di Marco, Cindy Dygert, Vicki Garrone, Colleen Gillogly, Tami Goetz, Gwyn Graham, April 
Henderson, Susan Howard, Cindy Kimbril, Kim Krasinski, Gretchen McCurdy, Layla Alo, Susan H. Jones, Lisa Osmer, Kathleen Freeman, Robin Freeman, 
Maura Tysver, Kimble Palmer, Anne Miotke. 


(left to right) Scott Crossman, Scott Wynn, Rod Jaeger, Mark Owen, Paul Ferracci, Rob Chronahite, Kirk McKinnon, Pete Alridge, Greg Owens, Bob Flynn, 
Larry Brooks, Bill Meakin, Joe Morrison, Bill Yancy, Scott Crosby, Bob Blaydes, Scott Longley, Charlie Jewett, Mike Chisum, Pete Mollo, Paul Wescott, Joe 
Gang, Rich Rear, Steve Ridge, Chris Kaelin, Ron Bridges, Darrell Brackin. 

Kappa Alpha is an order of great heri- 
tage. KAwas born in 1865 at Washing- 
ton and Lee University with Robert E. 
Lee as its spiritual founding father. The 
Gamma Pi chapter of Kappa Alpha has 
been on the campus of Florida South- 
ern since 1958. Kappa Alpha takes 
pride in its chivalrous values taken 
from Lee. The Knights of KA emulate 
the values of their spiritual founding 
father, putting God and women above 

Kappa Alpha 


The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity 
was started in 1809 at Boston Universi- 
ty Law School by Warren Albert Cole. 
In the last 75 years Lambda Chi Alpha 
has grown from its original chapter to 
more than 220 chapters in the U.S. and 
Canada. Lambda Chi Alpha is the third 
largest fraternal brotherhood in the na- 
tion and also has the second largest 

number of chapters. Florida Southern's 
Epsilon Xi Zeta is the oldest chapter on 
campus. Originally chartered in 1938 
and re-chartered in 1979. A strong 
characteristic of the Lambs is a strictly 
enforced national policy against haz- 
ing. Lambda Chi does not have pledges 
but Associate Members and an A.M. 
program for fraternity education. 

1984 was the 75th anniversary of the 
existence of the national fraternity. A 
General Assembly was held in New 
Orleans to celebrate the past and plan 
for the future with the theme, "Cele- 
brate Our Heritage . . . Tomorrow's 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

David Knowles, Lyndon Sweeting, Alan Pex, Roy Kramer, Jr., William Welch, Wade Warren, Alan Garey, Joe Baker, Jr., Robert Collins, Thomas Padro, John 
Burnett, Scott Shellabarger, H. Thomas Adair, Jr., Keith Clanton, Richard Rasmussen II, Michael Crawford, Brooks Goodgame, D. James Amick III, Jeffery Grove, 
Scott Chappell, David Springer, Mitch Bailey, Ragan Harrison, Mike Ivey, Munro Sefcik, Toyokazu Kosugi, Paul Krist, Mark Raiford, Steven DeWitt, James 
Burnett, Steven Dollenmayer, Robert lies, Robert Bateman, Steven Breathitt, Andrew Walls. 

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity was 
founded March 15, 1873 at the Uni- 
versity of Massachusetts. Our pre- 
sent chapter here at Florida South- 
ern received our charter on Decem- 
ber 1, 1981. The "NEW PHI SIG" is 
working hard to promote our ideals 
of brotherhood, scholarship, and 
character as well as fulfilling our 
goals of making a positive contribu- 
tion to Florida Southern College. 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Prescott Palmer, Eric Anderson, Joe Burley, Jim McGuire, Chris Fielder, Dave Logan, Nick Zanni, Nate Freeman, Gary Westerman, Pat McCarly, Mike Zizzo, 
John Sumple, Jim Pehrson, Brian Basile, Mark Tallo, Jack Chapell, Mike Stevens, Michael Fields, Mark Peet, Keith Hulbert, Rich Hayes, Rich Engler. 

Scott Bushouse, Ken Clark, Giovanni Delcompaure, Joe Falls, Jeff Sheehan, Maury Filips, Bill Glode, Rudy Rodreguez, Jeff Jones, Tom Kirsten, Steve Lindemann, 
Darryl Long, Wes Longstreath, Tom McDonald, Ed Meszaros, Tom Murphy, Mike Paracca, Rod Radloff, Billy Rogers, Sammy Samsel, Julio Spinosa, Todd Starks! 
Jeremiah Steiner, Frank Wheeler, Ronnie Doremus, Scott Levine, John Cervini, Dome (Mascott). 

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity 
was founded on March 1, 1868 at the 
University of Virginia. The founding 
was attributed to the high ideals, 
characteristics and principles of 
Robertson Howard, Julian Edward 
Wood, James Benjamin Sclaten Jr., 
Fredrick Southgate Taylor, Littleton 
Walker Tazewell (Bradford) and Wil- 
liam Alexander, our founders. Our 
Chapter Delta-Delta, became the 
100th Chapter back in 1947. For 37 
years we have continued to uphold 
the lasting brotherhood, good times, 
and the tradition of Pi Kappa Alpha. 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Pi Kappa Phi was founded on Decem- 
ber 10, 1904 at Charleston, S.C. Our 
Three Founding Fathers, Andrew A. 
Kroeg, Jr., Simon Fogarty, Jr. and Law- 
rence H. Mixon established the tradi- 
tions upon which our fraternity is 
built. Pi Kapp was established here at 
Southern in 1948. Our colors are gold 
and white and the totem pole stands 
here as a representation of the Beta 
Beta chapter. Little sisters of the star 
and lamp represent four sororities and 
various other campus organizations. 
Sweetheart for 1983-1984 is AOFI Jean 

Our National philanthrophy is Pro- 
ject Push which provides handicapped 
children a learning environment. 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Bill Aber, Barry Logan, Dave Loisell, Dave Marmol, Chuck Dutil, Vince Wyalt, Kurt Beronja, Dan Painter, Joe Strada, Tim Vangellow, Dave Ake, Jeff Dumas, 
Doug Grayson, Don Klein, Dave Lange, Franklin McKinney, Don Moose, Rob Nicholson, Steve Polonus, Vinnie Propst, John Steadman, Todd Von Weyhe, Scott 
White, Jim Harris, John Matz, Todd Allen, Charlie Ranaudo, Phil Fabiano, Kent Abbett, Jeff Wallace. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded 
May 9, 1856 at the University of Ala- 
bama. It is currently the largest na- 
tional fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsi- 
lon is primarily a southern based fra- 
ternity and hold true to southern 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

(left to right) Mark Dorrill, Cliff Johnson, Robert Evans, Jayce Holley, David Beck, Bill Harlan, Tomas Gustoff, Michael Crfumber, I«3^5^SSff 
Brackman, John Jane, Craig Bachar, Michael Marcouiller, Todd Sturlin, Clarke Jones, Brian Gurch.ek, Tim Packman, Louis Girardin. Not pictured - 
Gene Panzer, John Cedarburg. 

Founded in 1885, the Sigma Chi fra- 
ternity is well recognized in the Greek 
world today. Likewise, the Epsilon Sig- 
ma Chapter chartered in 1959 main- 
tains a similar stature here at F.S.C., fol- 
lowing the ideas represented in the 

white cross, a symbol of our fraternity. 
Through it all, Sigma Chi remains a 
privilege, a foundation for the future, 
and a eternal friendship. Sigma Chi is 
what others strive to be — an organiza- 
tion that knows no age. 

Sigma Chi 

Jay Alford, John Anastasia, David Anderson, Sean Barclay, Trent Boleski, Rick Bovay, Rob Burnette, Jim Carroll, Glenn Clark, Bill Dickman, Cort Douglas, 
Bobby Duncan, Joe Finnegan, Wade Harvey, Ed Hecker, Jeff Henderson, Carter Hopkins, John Houchin, Brian Jefferies, Jim Kazanecki, Chris Reefer, John 
Rorbel, Ward Michaels, David Moenning, Jeff Moore, Tim Mulford, Paul Parzik, Dan Pfister, Rick Price, Tony Senzamici, Jeff Soukup, Hector Villanueva, Paul 
Walker, Barney White, Chuck Williams, Barry McGee, Todd Joiner, Mark Benson, Rich Knowles, Vinnie Monteleone. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon was established 
on November 1, 1901 at Richmond Col- 
lege. Founded on the principles of vir- 
tue, diligence, and brotherly love; Sig 
Ep has grown from a group of twelve 

determined young men to the second 
largest national fraternity. Our own 
Florida Delta Chapter was chartered 
here at Florida Southern on May 28, 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Brandon Fluman, Don Leon, Tom Kramig, Mark Ziebarth, Kirk Hobart, Robert Stigleman, Ralph Ferrara, Craig Seitz, Pat Hegert, Robert Hunt, John Reeck, 
John Couture, Scott Hutchinson, Henry Gibson, Chris Scheuer, Richard Campana, Robert Dynarski, Rich Hopper, Craig Poffenbarger, Scott Reinmond, Skip 
Shumway, David Batman, Gary Franek, Jeff Mathewson, Craig Scates, Wally Les. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon, the largest social 
fraternity in the world with over 300 ac- 
tive chapters, was founded at Florida 
Southern in 1947 when the Jones House 
on Lake Hollingsworth became the Beta 
Tau Chapter of TKE. TKE Fraternity is 
based on the belief that the three essential 

elements of meaningful fraternal rela- 
tions are love, charity, and esteem. The 
TEKES of 83-84 will remember our sweet- 
heart Traci Lincoln and Mom Chisolm for 
their support and love. We will also re- 
member our little sisters for all the help 
they have given us. 

Tau Kappa EpsiJon 

Spencer Artman, Glenn Steffenhagan, Dean Sasek, Chris Johns, Chris Pharo, Joe Preston, Roger Ward, Bobby Bass, Steve Behre, Hideto Nishimoto, Matt 
Richards, Jack Harris, Stuart Morrison, Dave Barnum, Paul Mersch, Marrion Flowers, Aaron Anderson, Joe Salvaggio, Bill Hopkins, Tim Hyatt, Vince Leone. 

The Gamma Delta Chapter of Theta 
Chi began its FSC brotherhood in 1946 
and has been growing stronger ever 
since. Although times have changed, 
the quality of brotherhood has not. 
Unity and respect for each other is 

Theta Chi 

what our house strives on as Theta Chi 
continues its role as a leader in the FSC 
campus. The good times we share with 
each other during our short stay here 
will always be remembered. 

Dave Davenport, James Wilhelm, Jim Cadott, Kevin Banfield, David Raymond, Gardener Reynolds, Marco Dawson, Craig Kindrat, Jeff Babineau, John 
Lefeber, Rob Goulet, Dave Flower, Trip Bowlby, Eden Escamilla, Wes Starling, Paul Montoya, John Santiago, Chris Kops, Mike Gentile, Scot Hagadorn, Jim 




Advertising Club 

eated: Jeanne Mason, Byrd, Darla Holb, Brenda Hulen, Missy Lee, Back Krein, Not pictured: Eileen Berry, Jane Considine, 

i, Douglas Trudeau, Row: Teri Courtoy, Cynthia Trickel, Floanne Sharon Jackson, Jane Robert, Terri Tremain, Jama 

t, Sanford Lechner, Murdoch, Laurie Allegood, Michelle Boisvert, Smith, Roger Ward, Susan Young 

nianQ Rnirh Patriria Shpli Rnpprs CinHv Mnrvilln. Paul Mnntnva. Kvle 

(Left to Right) Front Row Seated: Jeanne Mason, 
Rob lies, Maureen Jahns, ~ 

Middle Row: Mr. Obrecht, l>» u >u> u ^-™..~., ...«.„„™, u _...... . „.. — , 

Nancy Straw, Julie Gallin, Diana Bruch, Patricia Sheli Rogers, Cindy Morvillo, Paul Montoya, Kyle 




(Left to Right) Front Row: Diana Bryan, Susie Hause, 
Sherry Worth, Cynthia Trickel, Jodi Drees, Maureen 
Jahns, Vickie Carver, Donna Beede, Row 2: Ralph 
Spencer, Marian Gilmore, Robin Ciminello, Kletia 
Carlson, Adrea Morar, Row 3: Jana Huling, Jeannine 
Headley, Jill Emerson, Maria Hardwick, Back Row: 
Kendra Mickelsen, Brooks Goodgame, Brian 
Roskamp, Joe Baker 

Alpha Psi 

(Drama Honorary) 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Amy Bardill, Kathy 
Connelly, Rafe Vigil, Robin Gerhard. Back Row: Tim 
Connelly, Doug Trudeau, William Willard, Bill 

American Chemical Society 

(Left to Right) Front row: Dr. White, Steve Ridge, Joseph D. Wheatley, Jeff Wallace, James Futch, Daniel 
Robertson. Back Row: Tom Hicks, Liz Palmer, Susie Hause, Kathy Dedlow, Ann Palo, Cheri Schulze, 
Angela Cowden. 

American Society for 
Personnel Administration 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Lisa Carlton, Kelly 
Stanley, Back Row: Carole Washuta, Mary 
Thorn, Jon Brow 

Association of Women Students 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Mary Thorn, Middle Row: Ann-Marie Fox, Victoria Villalba, Smith, Back Row: Kim Pickering, Pam Tipps, 
Kathleen Donahue, Suzette Veal, Kim Karina Holt, Jan King, Jr., Sally Sechrest, Cari Dineen Scoggins, Leslie Brown, Liz Palmer, 
Christensen, Kathy Miller, Jackie Rossing, Weaver, Anne Geiger, Tami Shearer, Jama Cathy Kirk, Ann Jago 

Baptist Campus Ministry 

Front Row: jimmy Lewis, Karen Kelly, 
Kathryn Shelly, Thomas Eddy, Ann 
Sokolowski. Row 2: Scott Shellabarger, 
Randy Lewis, left Lawson, John Burnett. 

Bell Choir 

(left to right) Row 1: Tesi Hansen, Robert 
Walker, Row 2: Lorri Zuidema, Mrs. Linda 
Cox, Valerie Posenauer, Row 3: Shannon 
Roberts, Shelly Crenshaw, Luke Nash, Vickie 
Johnson, Susan Christopher 



(left to right) Front Row: Eden Escamilla, Sue 
Stauffer, Patricia Wilcox, Karen Pierce, Barbara 
Makris, Row 2: Steve Seipp, Tom Kramig, 
Toyokazu Kosugi, Kristen Fishbaugh, Brad 
Moore, Jana Huling, Back: Mr. Winzenburg 

Citrus Ciub 

Concert Band 

(left to right) Linda Zirbas, Keith Clanton, Julia 
Cunningham, Yoshiko Oshida, Deb Driskell, 
)anet Whaley, Jeannine Headley, Iris Albritton, 
Donna Yeomans, Jackie Kourmpates, Marie 
Bridges, Liz Cox, Nancy Doane, Diane Thomas, 
Betty Bickhart, William Willard, Elaine Willard, 
Christine Gannon, Kim Sharpe, Deonne Barger, 

Trudy White, Shelley Longnecker, Darrell 
Joachim, Virginia Nunan, Mike Crawford, 
Barbara Willard, Dretha Ison, Greg Wilks, Cathy 
Lamb, Tesi Hansen, Susan Ernst, Kim Croft, 
Bunny Sutton, Steve Allen, Martha Wolfe, 
William Fisackerly IV, William Johnson, Chris 
Kirchman, Robert Heckeo, Jill Clemmons, 

Lonnie Buchanon, Tom Willard, Gigi Lyon, 
Claude Burnett, Keith McKeehan, Andy Major, 
Dineen Scoggins, Steve Breathitt, Dan Dominick, 
Ian McConkey, Bill Cockrell, David Tisdale, 
Steve Scoffield, Sandy Lechner, Dirk Schmidt, 
Lisa White, Valerie Posenauer, Linda Mann 


(left to right) Front Row: Nancy Bock Brzezinski, 
Iris Albritton, Charla Drake, Keri Lamparter, 
Tracy Thayer, Kelly Lewison, Julie Michael, 
Valerie Schleicher, Andrea Dort, Joy Milligan, 
Maritza Padron, Marie Bridges, Julia 
Cunningham, Row 2: Melanie Ward, Donna Hill, 
Jill Sheffield, Jennifer Hermany, Marcia Forsett, 
Jill Stephens, Angie Dean, Cathy Lamb, Jill 
Emerson, Jackie Kourmpates, Lynn Keenan, 
Cindy Lambert, Robin Roberts, Row 3: Kathy 

McBurney, Lisa Jackson, Deb Driskell, Kathy 
Bouse, Linda Parkos, Shelly Crenshaw, Tracy 
Torrance, Ann (ago, Shannon Roberts, Anna 
Sokolowski, Linda Mann, Valerie Posenauer, 
Susan Christopher, Row 4: Rob Walker, Donald 
Weeks, Greg Wilks, Mike Crawford, Mark 
Mangum, Ken Cheshire, Jay Michael, Dan 
Dominick, Paul Parzik, Luke Nash, Robert 
Evands, Lee Brackman 


(Music Honorary) 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Miss Rita Fandrich, 
Mark Mangum, Susan Christopher, Row 2: Linda 
Mann, Lynn Keenan, Jackie Kourmpates, Dretha 
Ison, Linda Zirbas, Linda Parkos, Row 3: Cindy 
Roberts, Iris Albritton, Jill Emerson, Jennifer 
Hermany, Charla Drake, Elizabeth Cox, Back 
Row: Diane Thomas, Kathleen McBurney, 
Valerie Posenauer, Deb Driskell, Kathy Bouse 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Juan Carlos Zapata, 
Tammy Reichert, Kelly Stanley, Sandy D'Agati, 
Alison Taylor, Liz Cox, Denise Wolfe, Debbie 
Hutchinson, Holly Alexander, Pam Johnson, 
Frank Campano, Second Row: Scott Kolar, John 
Burnett, John Stohler, Lori Cochrane, Vince 
Wyatt, John Lennon, Lisa Ham, Carole Washuta, 
Mary Thorn, Back Row: Juan Carlos DeRada, 
Gary Franek, Jeff Mathewson, Rich Hopper, Jon 
Brow, Bob Blaydes, Scott Crossman, Shelly Price, 
Mark Ziebarth 

Delta Sigma Pi 

Dixieland Band 

(left to right) Bill Johnson, Keith Clanton, Linda 
Zirbas, Janet Whaley, Dirk Schmidt, Steve 
Scofield, Claude Burnett, Steve Allen, Lisa 
White, Dretha Ison, Martha Wolfe 

Florida Nursery Growers Association 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Mary Key Priest, 
Deborah Dodd, Maria Hardwick, Michelle 
Boisvert, Jill Petrie, Middle Row: Paul Imig, Ben 
McDaniel, Van Davis, Mark Peet, Dave 
Moenning, Douglas Dodd, Back Row: Bill Yancy, 
D. W. Irvine, Jim Roberts, S. M. Carlton 


(Left to Right) Front: Mylene Alberto, Amy 
)orgensen, Row 2: Bret Seligman, Bob 
Kenworthy, Row 3: Jodi Lisa Rome, Karen Kelly, 
Row 4: Scott Shellabarger, Randy Lewis 


(top to bottom) Kathy Shelly, Maureen Jahns, 
Paige Kasper, Laurie Struck, Jackie Rossing, Dan 
Brady, Joy Rossi, Beth Allen. 

(left to right) Bobby Duncan, Jane Steiner, Karen 
Pierce, Jackie Rossing, Lauren Rodberg, Tom 



Left to Right) First Row: Susan Ernst, Steve 
Allen, Row 2: Dretha Ison, Mr. Eric Osterling, 
Row 3: Dan Dominick, Darice Fields, Row 4: Kim 
Croft, Steve Breathitt, Linda Zirbas, Row 5: 
Martha Wolfe, Greg Wilks, Lisa White, Chris 

Kirkman, Row 6: Michael Crawford, Bunny 
Sutton, Steve Scofield, Durk Schmidt, Row 7: 
Regina Arndt, Shelly Longnecker, Ian McConkey, 
Jay Michaels, Linda Mann, Back Row: Bill 
Fisackerly IV, Keith Clanton, Bill Johnson 

Jazz Band 


(Left to Right) Front Row: Holly Hangen, Linda 
Lohne, Patti Roy, Middle Row: Lisa Dunson, 
Tami Shearer, Jodi Drees, Suzanne Jackson, 
Susan Burton, Pam Roy, Back Row: Lori Petrie, 
Kimberly Christensen, Kayrn Folland, Susie 
Hause, Vickie Carver 

Kappa Delta Pi 

{Education Honorary) 


Kappa Mu 

(Math Honorary) 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. 
Durham, Mrs. Kent, Brent Lowe, Debbie 
Waldo, Row 2: Ellen Fluck, Scott Meeker, Liz 
Palmer, Kim Christensen, Row 3: Henry 
Hartje, Daniel Carreira, Lane Goodson, Allen 
Wuertz, Jeff Penrod 

Men's Intramurals 

Men's Intramurals (Left to Right) Front: Ira Back: Pete Aldrich, Steve Polonous, Rob 
Anderson, Alan Geary, Bill Globe, Rick Hilmer, Cronkhite, Chris Johns, Jim Carroll 
Rob Dynarski, Todd VonWehe, Eric Anderson, 

I Club 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Mylene Alberto, 
Chaplain Barbara McLaughlin, Suzanne 
Bubregh, Elizabeth De Rada, Back Row: Bill 
Welch, Steve Dallenmayer, Tom Padro, Maura 
Tysrer, Kim Krasinski, Not pictured: Paul 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Vickie Burton, Paul 
Wescott, Joan Brady, Liz Cox, Evanne Logan, Sue 
Stauffer, Row 2: Kim Christensen, Tim 
Richardson, Barb Scherer, Mrs. Gilbert, Dr. 
Cook, Joe Baker, Darice Fields, Jodie Drees, 

Karen Wuertz, Angie Cicanese, Michelle 
Bouvier, Mary Thorn, Linda Pittard, Lisa Page, 
Jane Steiner, Debbie Waldo, Jill Emerson, Jayce 
Holly, Row 3: Debbie Hutchinson, Amy Bardill, 
Barbie Allen, Jill Petrie, Row 4: Ann-Marie 

Bassett, Sarah Cohn, Denise Wolfe, Rob Isles, 
Tami Shearer, Holly Hangen, Ron Bridges, Steve 
Allen, Row 5: Mr. Winzenburg, Vickie Johnson, 
Mr. Hulcher, Mr. Tate, Dr. Burnette, Dr. 


(Left to Right) Front Row: Dayna Swalley, Penny 
Orr, Nora Gould, Middle Row: Carrie Roche, 
Elizabeth Sellers, Kimberly Calvert, Back Row: 
Jodi Roskosh, Mary Nichols, Suzanne Jackson, 
Kim Pickering 

Phi Chi 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Kelly Bruce, Donna Julian, Missy Maver, Lisa Page, Back Row: Kim 
Christensen, Debbie Waldo, Ann Marie Bassett, Kathryn Holmes, Dee Dee Howard, Beth Harrelson, 
(BusineSS/EcOnOmiC Honorary] Bibiana Gomez, Joan Buccino 

Phi-Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

(Music Honorary] 

M r 

P re-Ministerial 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Lee Ferdon, William 
Fisackerly IV, Jill Sheffield, Brett Pace, Row 2: 
Jimmy Lewis, Jeanne Johnston, Brian James, 
Jeannine Headley, Rafe Vigil, Bob Kenworthy, 
Madison Hankal, Row 3: Ray Warren, Randy 
Lewis, Row 4: Art Sputa, Stephen Hartsfield, 
David Moenning, Mark Mangum, Vickie Johnson 

Psi Chi 

(Psychology Honorary) 

(Left to Right) Eloise Grams, Joe Morrison, 
Linda King, Alan Pex, Amy Jorgensen, Vicky 
Burton, Linda Pittard, Glenda Gage, Suzanne 


(Left to Right) Front Row: Bill Daniels, Joe 
Baker, Pete Oglesby, Middle Row: David 
Knowles, Rich Knowles, Scott Crossman, 
Back Row: Tim Richardson, Paul Westcott, 
Steve Allmond, Back: Bill Yancy 

' • • ■■ 

Sigma Delta Chi 

[Journalism Honorary) 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Kim Scott, Kim Davis, 
Betsy Raymond, Jackie Rossing, Kim Barrows, 
Row 2: Mark Miley, Pat McCarley, Rich Knowles, 
Barbie Allen, Vickie Johnson, Leo Owens, Back: 
Mr. Rick Wilbur 

Delta Pi 

(Spanish Honorary] 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Juan Carlos Zapata, 
Middle Row: Kim Barrows, Suzanne Bubregh, 
Elizabeth De Rada, Back Row: Juan Carlos De 
Rada, Mirtha Vallejo, Jill Petrie, Dr. Martinez 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Vicky Burton, Tesi 
Hansen, Amy Jorgensen, Kathryn Shelly, 
Jimmy Lewis, Kimberly Barrows, Karen 
Kelly, Back Row: Gail Cates, Art Sputa, 
Jeannine Headley, Vicki Johnson, Ray 
Warren, Susan Christopher, Chuck 
Underwood, Bob Kenworthy 

Sigma Rho Epsilon 

(Christian Service Organization) 

Ski Ciub 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Erin Flanagan, Lynn 
Domagala, Brian Goyer, Sandy Roeder, Row 
2: Charlie Aurich, Mary Raynor, Sean 
Shapper, Chris Rogers, Row 3: Meridy 
Werder, Rick Anderson, Row 4: Steve 
Hierholzer, Jeffrey Jones, Ken Janata, Dave 
Styron, Gregory Lietzau 

The Southern 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Carie Call, Anita Jones, 
Diana Bruch, Eileen Berry, Middle Row: Rich 
Knowles, Dusty Boyd, Scott Shellabarger, Brenda 
Wilks, Kim Barrows, Back Row: Rich 
Rasmussen, Roger Ward, Susan Howard, 
Maureen )ahns, Jana Huling 

Editor: Kim Davis 



(Left to Right) Heidi Rigby, (ennilyn Chuck, 
Elizabeth DeRada, Back Row: Dr. Cole, 
Lauren Schild, Juan Carlos DeRada, Cathy 
Kirk, Suzanne Bubregh 

Student Council For Exceptional 

(Left to Right) Front Row Seated: Laura 
DiMarco, Debbie Bidwell, Back Row Seated: 
Missy Coutare, Mrs. Pitt, Lala Cade, Brenda 

Student Government Association 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Victoria Villalba, 
Debbie Caldwell, Jan King, Jr., Beth White, Nancy 
Straw, Tammy Reichert, Row 2: Jeff Jones, Tim 

Richardson, Kim Calvert, Kristen Fishbaugh, Bill 
Hankes, Teresa Schraeder, Scott White, Row 3: 
Ann Jago, Jeff Grove, Joe Baker, Scott Crossman, 

Row 4: Paul Westcott, Dave Flower, Munro 
Sefeik, William Daniels, Dean Hugh Moran 

Tim Richardson 
Dave Flower 
Kim Calvert 
Joe Baker 




(Left to Right) Front Row: Tammy Reichert, 
Ann Jago, Middle Row: Jodi Lisa Rome, Anne- 
Marie Fox, Mary Thorn, Cari Weaver, Back 
Row: Bret Seligman, Richard Woodall, Mark 

Chi Beta 

(Left to Right) Front: Steve Hartsfield, Bill 
Fisackerly IV, Dr. Walt Weaver, Rafe Vigil 


(Left to Right) Front Row: William Meakin, Kim 
Scott, Joyce Bradley, Kelly Stanley, Catherine 
Neff, Lori Black, Back Row: Allen Larsen, 
Kendra Mickelsen, Murrell Gillan, Deanna 
Tingley, Richard Woodall, Danny Cannon 

!■)/ 1 

Beta Beta Beta 

(Biology Honorary) 

(Left to Right) First Row: Brent Lowe, Bette 
Ann Pelley, Jeff Grove, Joseph Wheatley, 
Mickie Germain, Susan Hogge, Skelly Ton, 
Kathy Dedlow, Becky Glass, Row 2: Margaret 
Gilbert, Susie Hause, Ann Palo, Dineen 
Scoggins, Mark Jordan, Row 3: Cheryl Pierce, 
Janet Collins, Janet Whaley, Liz Palmer, 
Allanna Stephens, Catherine Neff, James 
Futch, Row 4: Ronny Bridges, Cheri Schulze, 
Tom Hicks, Robert Jadvsingh, Judi Jones, 
Robert Baum 


(Left to Right) First Row Seated: Doug Trudeau, 
Amy Bardill, Linda Pittard. Row 2: Robin 
Gerhard, Terry Derr, Andrea Dort, Deonne 
Barger, Nancy Fisher, Christine Gannon, Kathy 
Connelly, Row 3: Bill Grange, Rafe Vigil, Lauren 

Mayer, Bill Willard, Amy Schneider, Katie 
Hester, Ric Fearnow, Tim Connelly, Back Row: 
Cort Douglas, Christopher Sanders, Charles 
Williams, Larry Lebo, Lee Hegley 

Wesley Fellowship 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Vicky Burton, Heidi Rouse, Martha Wolfe, Jeannine Headley, Bob Jorgensen, Ray Warren, Shelly Crenshaw, Vickie 
Rigby, Jimmy Lewis, Linda Pittard, Jill Sheffield, Kenworthy, Kathryn Shelly, Lois Wittenberg, Johnson, Randy Lewis 
Brett Pace, Diane Oleson, Middle Row: Lorelei Back Row: Bill Fisackerly IV, Art Sputa, Amy 

In tram lira Is 

(Left to Right) Front Row: Mrs. Straw, Patty 
Connors, Donna Laing, Judy Killan, Myra 
Penvel, Mrs. Benn, Back Row: Kelly Funston, 
Betsy Powell, Darcy Flynn, Lori Petrie, 
Elizabeth Sellers 

Dedication . . . 

William S. Barnes, Chaplain 

1984 Honor Walk Student 

Jill S. Petrie 

Miss Interlachen 1984 

Melody Witt 



Vicky Hodge 


Meridy Werder 

Miss Interlachen 

Marcy Strong 

Leslie Brown 


Adair Valdespino 

Miss Interlachen Contestants 

Polly Hamilton — Zeta Tau Alpha 
Dana Casini — Building 15 
Tammy Rigdill — Theta Chi 

First Row: 

Kelly Fitzpatrick — Alpha Chi Omega 

Jodie Drees — Joseph Reynolds 

Melody Witt — Alpha Delta Pi 

Karen Hanlon — Lambda Chi 

Barb Scherer — Sigma Chi 

Terry Derr — Building 25 

Jane Bistline — Allen Spivey 

Kelly McCarley — Phi Mu 

Second Row: 

Vicky Hodge — Kappa Alpha 

Betsy Powell — Alpha Omicron Pi 

Meridy Werder — Upperclassmen/Jo- 

seph Reynolds 

Leslie Brown — Freshman Dorm 

Adair Valdespino — Freshman Dorm 

Laura Melton — 115 Hollingsworth 

Janine Lott — Building 14 

Marcy Strong — Kappa Delta 

Deedra Stebbins — Wright Hall 

Tracy Lincoln — Tau Kappa Epsilon 

Miss Interlachen Judge 

Chuck WooJery 

Mr. Chuck Woolery was chosen to be this year's Miss Interlachen judge. Mr. Woolery had the difficult task of selecting 
Florida Southern's Miss Interlachen and two runners-up from the photographs of seven finalists. A great deal of thanks goes 
to Mr. Woolery for his assistance in FCS's beauty pageant. 

Mr. Woolery was the former host of the T.V. game show, "Wheel of Fortune," and is currently the host of "Love 

Miss Southern 1984 

Holly Alexander 

Holly Alexander, a senior from Glastonburg, Connecticut, represented Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority. Her 
major is marketing and her activities and honors include: AWS representative, Alpha Omicron Pi pledge 
— class treasurer, Delta Sigma Pi, Greek Hall of Fame, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, French Club 
President, and Cheerleading Captain. 

Miss Southern Candidates 



Mary Thorn 
Assoc, of Women Students 

Karen Wertz 
Phi Mu 

Denise Wolfe 
Kappa Delta 

Kathleen Wood 
Alpha Chi Omega 

James C. Rogers, Jr. Award 

Tim Richardson 

Tim Richardson, a senior from Haines City, Florida, represented the Association of Women Students. 
His major is Business-Finance/Marketing. His activities and honors include: Student Government Asso- 
ciation — President, Junior Class President, American Student Association — Vice Chairman of Private 
Schools for the Nation, Omicron Delta Kappa, Delta Sigma Pi, 1982-83 Outstanding S.G.A. Senate mem- 
bers award, Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, Wesley Fellowship, Committee on Student 
Affairs, National Association of Accountants, Resident Advisor — 3 years. 

50th Honorary Chancellor 

Gerald R. Ford - 

38th President of the United States 

Who's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities 

Front row (left to right): Angie Cicanese, 
Linda Pittard, Jodie Drees, Sarah Cohn, 
Kimberly Christensen, Jackie Kourmpates, 
Darice Fields. Middle Row — (left to right): 
Mark DeVoss, Rich Knowles, Douglas 

Trudeau, Dori Hernquist, Tami Shearer, 
Debbie Hutchinson, Joe Baker, Jr. Back Row 
— (left to right): Mark Ziebarth, Juan Carlos, 
DeRada, Paul Westcott, Tim Richardson, Rob 
Collins. NOT PICTURED: Amy Bardill, Ann 

Bassett, Kim Belmonte, Deborah Bid well. Ron 
Bridges, Kim Calvert, David Flower, Al 
Garmon, Beth Haslage, Jayce Holley, Rob lies, 
Jody Kay, John Mines, Linda Parkos, Jill 
Petrie, Sue Stauffer. 

Greek Hall of Fame 

Front Row — (left to right): Polly Hamilton, Holly Alexander. Back Row — (left to right): Denise Wolfe, 
Joy DeCaro, Sarah Cohn. NOT PICTURED: Kim Clavert, Evanne Logan, and the Men's Greek Hall of 


Theodore H. Haggard 
Assistant to the President 


Mead F. Rogers 
Vice President for Development 


*■ ' ' 

|j[ l 


f ,' •--• 

"" *7*. ■ 


Bishop E.J. Pendergrass 
Assistant to the President 

Dr. Charles Thrift, Jr. 
President Emeritus 

William B. Stephens 
Director of Admissions 

William S. Barnes 

Robert Sterling 
Director of Student Financial Aid 

Mary Lou Spencer 


Francis L. Luce 
Placement Assistant 



■ ] 




■ ^m 



1 f 

If H 

Frank P. Szabo 
Assistant Dean of Students for Men 

Hugh A. Moran, Jr. 
Dean of Students 

Darrell D. Webb 
Physical Plant Manager 

Kim A. Pickering 
Assistant to the Dean of Students for Lynn Goding 

Women Assistant Dean of Students for Women 

■ " - 

Samuel W. Luce 
Director of Recreation 

Melinda B. Luce 
Director of Student Activities 


(Left to Right) Gale Doak, Joyce Davis, Banton Doak, Downing Barnitz, Beth Ford 


(Left to Right) Malcolm Manners, Margaret Gilbert, Robert Baum, Sharon Hooker, John Halderman, Mary Walker, John Tripp, Laurence Campbell 

Business /Economics 

(Left to Right) Row 1 : Murrell Gillan, Wendell Hulcher, Harold O'Leary, Mary Jo Berquist, Jeffrey Wiley, Margaret Bair, Joan Buccino, Row 2: Mrs. Long, Allen 
Larsen, Patricia Dockery, Samuel Newman, Bruce Arnold, Duane Hopkins, William Juchau 

Citrus /Horti culture 

(Left to Right) Sue Herdman, Vern Mullen, Robert Prevatt, Thomas Mack, Malcolm Manners 


(Left to Right) Edward Thorn, Gary English, Stephen Winzenberg, Harold Waters, Richard Wilber, John O'Brecht 


(Left to Right) Row 1: Mary Peaslee, Louise Pitt, Emily Hancock, Row 2: Davis Holland, Jo Ann Little, Katherine Betts, Jack Haynes 


(Left to Right) Paula Romanik, Gwendolyn Ziemann, Wesley Ryals, Robert Tate, Glenn lames, Mary Ann Hodges, Robert Zimmerman, Raymond Lott 

History /Political Science 

(Left to Right) John Santosuosso, Francis Hodges, Larry Durrence, Rand Sutherland 


(Lef 1 lo Right) Bennett Cole, Gerda von Paleske, Jose Martinez, Wallace Brandon 


(Left to Right) Row 1: Allen Wuertz, Caroline Durham, Brunner Hunt, Row 2: Lane Goodson, Daniel Carreira, Henry Hartje 

Military Science 

(Left to Right) Sgt. Orden, Sgt. Kos, Cpt. Dardoza, Col. Bailey, Maj. Fox, Sgt. Pierce, Specialsit Hodges 


(Left to Right) Robert MacDonald, Rita Fandrich, William Woodruff, Paula Parsche, Bennett Penn, James Slutz, Beverly Wolff — not pictured 


(Left to Right) Rose Marie Lamm, Clara Clayton 


Physical Education 

(Left to Right) Row 1: Mary Clarke, Lois Webb, Row 2: Charlie Anderson, Harold Smeltzly, Kathleen Benn, (Catherine Straw, Edward Jefferies, Bill Conners, 
Chris Bellotto, Sam Snow, Row 3: Kirk Speraw, James Bush, Mike Gaski, Pat McFadden, Row 4: George Scholz, Charley Matlock 


(Left to Right) Gregory Mugg, Sandra Ivey, Richard Burnette, Christopher Weaver 


(Left to Right) Waite Willis, John Cook, Frank Johnson, Walter Weaver 


(Left to Right) Deborah Padgett, Barbara Sreenan, Edward Plowman 


(Left to Right) William Grange, Mary Clarke, Amy Diche, Timothy Connelly 


(Left to Right) Mrs. Chisholm, Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Westerfield, Mrs. Pope, Mrs. Yelton, Row 2: Mrs. Huggins, Mrs. House, Mrs. Mohler, Mrs. 
Michael, Mrs. Blanton, Mrs. Denman, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Council, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Lashbrook, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Achor, Mrs. Glass, Mrs. Brotherton, Mrs. 
Covington, Mrs. Mericle 

Library Staff 

(Left to Right) Larry Stallings, Sally Gullage, Mary Flekke, Rosina Urquiza, Barbara Elliot, Margaret Barthe, Polly McCormick, Louise Eastwood, Harry 



Jayce Holley, President Barney White, Male Senator Amy Bardill, Female Senator 

Kristen Fishbaugh, 
SUB Representative 

William Aber 
Robin Adkisson 
Jean Agee 
Art Therapy 
Mylene Alberto 
Iris Albritton 

Holly Alexander 
Elizabeth Allan 
France Allegood Jr. 
Barbara Allen 
Cindy Allen 
Elementary Ed. 

Stephen Allen 

Timothy Allison 
Business Adm. 
John Anastasia 
Mark Angelo 
Spencer Artman 

Lora Ash 
Criminal Justice 
Katherine Axt 
Elementary Ed. 
Jeffery Babineau 
Craig Bachar 
Rebecca Bachtel 
Christian Ed. 

Cynthia Ball 

Business Ed. 

Kevin Banfield 


Amy Bardill 

Political Science 

Kim Barfield 

Art Communication 

Brian Basile 

Art Communication 

Elizabeth Bass 

Personnel Management 

Ann Marie Bassett 


Kimberly Belmonte 


Ronald Betz 


Deborah Bidwell 


Seniors 201 

Melinda Bittinger 

Art Communication 

David Black 

Ornamental Hort. 

Carrie Blackwell 


Robert Blaydes 


Michelle Boisvert 

Public Relations 

Katherine Boose 

Elementary Ed. 

MaryBeth Bosserdet 

Financial Mgmt. 

Richard Bovay 


Darrell Brackin 


Joyce Bradley 

Political Science 

Joan Brady 

Art Therapy 

James Bridges 

Social Science 

Ronny Bridges 


Ray Britt Jr. 


Lawerance Brooks 

Criminal Justice 

Jon Brow 


Jacqueline Brown 

Social Work 

Jennifer Brown 


David Buckner 


George Budd 

Ornamental Hort. 


Uawbia daiodsO 
ollnmatf; .M 

%2 Seniors 

Joseph Burley 
Business Management 
Robert Burnette 
Business Adm. 
Victoria Burton 
Kimberly Calvert 
Frank Campano 

Larry Campbell 

Tammy Campbell 
Marketing Mgmt. 
Lisa Ann Carlton 
Stephen Carlton 
Suzette Caroli 
Social Work 

Chris Cates 

Business Adm. 

David Carter 


Gail Cates 

Business Adm. 

Donna Chastain 


Kimberly Christensen 


Susan Christopher 
Tina Christy 
Kenneth Clark 
Political Science 
Lori Clark 
Nancy Clark 

Lori Cochrane 


Bill Cockrell 

Music Management 

Sarah Cohn 


Kathryn Cole 

Art Communication 

Robert Collins 


Michael Conners 
Patricia Connors 
Therapeutic Recreation 
Jeanne Cope 
Teri Courtoy 

Elizabeth Cox 

Music Management 

Kevin Cox 

Political Science 

Robert Cronkhite 


Kris Crooks 


Kristian Crooks 

Sports Management 

Michael Culumber 


Sheila Daniels 

Art Recreation 

Kimberly Davis 


Joseph Davis 


Patty Davis 


Stacy Davis 


Van Davis 


Joy DeCaro 

Business Adm. 

Kathlena Dedlow 


Felix Deering 


Giovanni Delcompare 


Lynn Demmer 


Shari Dennard 

Business Adm. 

Barbara Devonville 

Personnel Mgmt. 

Elizabeth Derada 


Juan Carlos DeRada 


Linda Dinkins 


Douglas Dobrinich 

Financial Mgmt. 

John Dolan 


Lynn Domagala 


Clay Donald 

Music Ed. 

Kathleen Donohue 


Mark Dorrill 


Debra Dorsey 


Amy Bewney 

204 Setildrs 


Cynthia Dunwoody 
Cindy Durrance 
Elementary Ed. 
Charles Dutil 
Alan Edwards 
Mark Edwards 

Deborah Ellis 
Business Adm. 
Frederick Elmhorst 
Eden Escamilla 
Dean Fagally 
Wade Fahnestock 
Business Adm. 

Douglas Feek 
Lee Ferdon 
Susan Ferris 
Sports Mgmt. 
Christopher Fielder 
Maury Filips 
Political Science 

eff Fillmore 
Political Science 

oseph Finnegan 
William Fisackerly 

Kristen Fishbaugh 
Erin Flanagan 

Seniors 205 

David Flower 

Marketing Mgmt. 

Marrion Flowers 


Ellen Fluck 


Lori Fogel 

Social Science 

Julia Gallin 


Deborah Gerg 


Laura Gilcrest 

Social Science 

David Glod 

Business Adm. 

Raymond Goodin, Jr. 


Jane Gordon 


Rob Goulet 


Gwyndolyn Graham 

Business Adm. 

Eloise Grams 


Janet Gray 

Sports Mgmt. 

Jennifer Gray 

Elementary Ed. 

Teresa Green 

Therapeutic Recreation 

Keith Greenwood 


Stacey Grimm 


Karen Grob 


Brian Gurchiek 


Joseph Giuttari 

Sports Mgmt. 

Tammy Haer 


Scot Hagadorn 


Polly Hamilton 

Elementary Ed. 

Marie Hannah 

Social Science 

Maria Hardwick 

Sports Mgmt. 

Jack Harris 


James Harris 


Jay Harris 

Political Science 

Rhonda Hartje 


206 Seniors 

Stephen Hartsfield 


Wade Harvey 


Elizabeth Haslage 

Business Adm. 

Richard Hayes 

Art Communication 

Ronnie Hayes 


Edward Hecker 
Business Adm. 
Rebecca Hedges 
Social Work 
April Henderson 
Phyllis Henderson 
Elementary Ed. 
Mark Henschel 
Music Mgmt. 

Susann Hensley 
Jennifer Hermany 
Sacred Music 
Dori Hernquist 
Political Science 
Laurie Hiatt 

Ronald Hicks 
Elementary Ed. 

Holly Hight 
James Hill 
Marketing Mgmt. 
Susan Hogge 
Jayce Holley 
Political Science 
Barbara Hoover 
Social Work 


Brenda Hulen 


Robert Hunt 


Blanche Hutchinson 

Physical Education 

Deborah Hutchinson 


Paul Imig 


Dretha Ison 

Music Education 

Michael Ivey 


Robert Jadusingh 


Rodman Jaeger 

Ornamental Horticulture 

Jeff Janszen 


Brian Jefferies 

Personnel Mgmt. 

Christopher Johns 


Moses Johnson 


Pamela Johnson 


Gwendolyn Jones 


Jeffrey Jones 

Marketing Mgmt. 

Judith Jones 


Mark Jordan 


Tamela Jordan 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Amy Jorgensen 


208 Seniors 

Donna Julian 


Christian Kaelin 

Criminal Justice 

Jody Kay 

Physical Education 

Lynn Keenan 


Karen Kelly 

Christian Ed. 

Satoshi Kimura 
Linda King 
Karen Kladakis 
Elementary Ed. 
Walter Klein 
Joseph Knaack 

David Knowles 


David Knutson 

Physical Education 

Richard Koepsel 


Jackie Kourmpates 


Tom Kramig 


Robin Krimm 
Jennifer Kunde 
Virginia Landry 
Social Work 
Janet Langford 
Elementary Ed. 
Dina Lauricella 

Hugh Lawson 


Margie Lee 


Stephen Lehman 


Donald Leon 


Vincent Leone 

Art Communication 

Jim Lewis 
Natural Science 
Gregory Lietzau 

Alicia Loadholtes 
Marketing Mgmt. 
Jeffrey Locascio 
Political Science 
Barry Logan 

Evanne Logan 


David Loiselle 

Marketing Mgmt. 

Dairy] Long 


Lowell Longstreth 


Marcos Lopez 


William Lowe 


John MacKay 


Richard Mackenzie 


Larbara Makris 


Cindy Manley 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Katrina Manz 

Early Childhood Ed. 

Christine Marmen 

Computer Science 

David Marmo 


Lorri Marve 

Physical Education 

Phil Masie 


210 Seniors 

^ £! £1 

5T ' 

Paul McCann 

Colleen McGehee 
Elementary Ed. 
Judi McMillan 
Matthew McMillan 
Political Science 
Serena McQuillen 
Business Ed. 

Jimmy Mee 


Laura Melton 


Edward Meszaros 


Ward Michaels 


Craig Miley 


Mark Miley 
Wendy Miller 
Elementary Ed. 
Lori Milligan 
Dave Minotti 
Peter Mollo 

Debra Moore 
Michael Moore 
Political Science 
Michael Moore 
Physical Education 
Cynthia Morvillo 
Floanne Murdoch 

Dawn Murphy 
Joseph Newton 
Windon Newton 
Art Communication 
Mary Nichols 
Marketing Mgmt. 
Mary-Jo Nobile 
Special Education 

Timothy O'Leary 


Chris O'Meara 


Penny Orr 


Emily Page 


Elizabeth Palmer 


Seniors 211 

Michael Paracca 

Marketing Mgmt. 

Linda Parkos 

Music Education 

Paul Parzik 


Mark Patricoski 


Myra Penuel 

Physical Education 

Alan Pex 


Dan Pfister jr. 


Chris Pharo 


lack Piemonte 

Business Adm. 

Cheryl Pierce 


Linda Pittard 


Monika Plischue 


Elizabeth Powell 

Business Adm. 

Thomas Powers 


Eric Pratt 

Business Adm. 

Kavick Price 


Michelle Price 


Sara Putnam 


Winnifred Putnam 


James Ranson 

Political Science 

Robert Rawls 


Curtis Rawsthorne 

Business Mgmt. 

Jelane Reed 

Business Adm. 

Jo Dee Reese 


Gregory Reints 


Gardner Reynolds 


Tim Richardson 


Lorraine Rideout 


Tamara Ridgdill 


Diane Rhea 


212 Seniors 

tf '^* 



i4& w 



I u 




ane Robert 
Cindy Roberts 

Carrie Roche 
Chris Rogers 

William Rogers Jr. 
Computer Info. Syst. 

Robin Rosemeier 
Jodi Roskosh 
Jackie Rossing 
Brent Ryan 
William Ryan 

Patricia Sacco 
Robert Salmi 
Kelly Sanders 
Physical Education 
Dean Sasek 
Lynn Satterfield 
Broadcast Comm. 

Bonnie Saunders 
Physical Education 
Barbara Scherer 
Dirk Schmidt 
Music Mgmt. 
Kelley Schroeder 
Physical Education 
Amy Schuler 
Special Education 


Shawna Scott 


Steve Seipp 


Craig Seitz 


Anthony Senzamici 

Physical Education 

Linda Sessions 

Elementary Ed. 

Kelly Sheel 

Art Therapy 

Lynne Simms 

Elementary Ed. 

Bruce Simpson 


lama Smith 


Lance Smith 


Lisa Smith 


Patricia Smith 


Robin Smith 

Marketing Mgmt. 

Allen Spears 


Frank Spinosa Ir. 

Business Mgmt. 

Robert Stambaugh 


Nancy Stanley 


Travis Stanley 


Stephen Stapor 


Landa Starling 

Special Education 

Wes Starling 

Political Science 

William Starr 


Susan Stauffer 


Deedra Stebbins 


Jeremiah Steiner 


Glenn Stettenhagen 


Elizabeth Stewart 

Criminal Justice 

Rebecca Stevens 

Art Communications 

Helen Stewart 

Elementary Ed. 

Chuck Stickler 


Renee St. Louis 


John Stohler 


Laurie Struck 

Art Communications 

David Styron 

Sports Mgmt. 

Alison Taylor 


Bruce Templin 
James Tew 
Marketing Mgmt. 
John Thompson 
Sports Mgmt. 
Steven Thompson 
Political Science 
Mary Thorn 

Joyce Tiberio 
Financial Mgmt. 
Susan Tonn 

Douglas Trudeau 
Laurie True 
ohn Tuc«;er 
Personnel Mgmt. 

Edna Vulcano 


Deborah Waldo 


Samuel Walker 


Michael Walsh 


Carla Warren 


Wade Warren 

Social Science 

Diane Wegerif 


Curtis Weishaupt 


Karen Wertz 

Art Therapy 

Joseph Wheatley 


Beaugwynn Wigley 


Patricia Wilcox 


Pamela Williams 

Business Adm. 

Kimberly Wirick 

Business Mgmt. 

Barney White 


Paul Woerner 
Robert Wolf 
Business Adm. 
Denise Wolfe 
Amy Wood 

Kathleen Wood 

Vince Wyatt 
Mary Wyllie 
Hollye Yard 
Computer Science 
Joseph Zamrin 
Nicholas Zahni 


(Left to Right) Tammy Reichert, Scott Grossman, Paul Westcott, Nancy Straw 

fc^i f*«*J 

Cyndie Ade 
Caryn Alberti 
Victor Albo 
Carla Albrilton 
Pete Aldrich 
Laurie Allegood 
Steve Allmond 

Beverly Alvis 
Kathy Amick 
Aaron Anderson 
lames Anderson 
Ira Anderson 
Mary Anderson 
Paula Anderson 

Richard Anderson 
Deborah Andrews 
Kolby Andrews 
Theodore Armistead 
Donna Auger 
Sally Austin 
Allison Avey 

Philip Bagwell 
Mitch Bailey 
Joe Baker 
lames Barr 
Kimberly Barrows 
Robert Bass 
Katherine Bastidas 

Darryl Baxley 
Sarah Beasley 
Steven Behre 
lames Belanger 
Mark Benson 
Kurt Beronja 
Eileen Berry 

Cindy Beswick 
Nancy Blakeslee 
(eannie Blocker 
Trent Bolesky 
Michele Bonina 
Lynne Bovay 
Walter Bowlby 

Shelly Brady 
Fluman Brandan 
Steven Breathitt 
Daniel Britt 
Elizabeth Broadwater 
George Brooks 
Cherilynn Brown 

Juniors 219 

Kelly Bruce 

Thomas Bruder 

Suzanne Bubregh 

Patsy Bull 

Claude Burnett 

John Burnett 

Patrick Burns 

Sandra Burns 
Susan Burton 
Scott Bushouse 
Harold Cameron 
Luis Campano 
Tim Campbell 
Danny Cannon 

Edwin Carlson 

Kletia Carlson 

Jim Carroll 

William Cary 

William Cash 

Dana Casini 

George Castine 

Richard Cates 

lohn Cedarbury 

Michelle Cerdan 

Joyce Ceto 

Michel Chisum 

Heather Chryst 

Robin Ciminello 

Susan Clark 

Terri Cole 

Angeline Colina 

Garnett Coolier 

Kenneth Comer 

Katherine Connelly 

Hillary Counts 

John Couture 

Chris Coward 

Dana Cozine 

Ray Crone 

Scott Crossman 

Sandra D'Agati 

William Daniels 

Cynthia Davenport 

Angelia Dean 

Tammy Sue Dean 

Elizabeth Deaton 

Jill DeFino 

Joe DiCesare 

Bill Dickman 

220 Juniors 


Chuck Diggs 
Dan Domimick 
David Douglas 
Stephen Dowdie 
Charla Drake 
)odie Drees 
Bobby Duncan 

Lisa Dunson 
Lisa Durham 
loAnne Dyer 
David Dyrek 
Timothy Edwards 
Marion Ellis 
(ill Emerson 

Lisa Estes 
Thomas Evans 
Philip Fabiano 
Harry Farnbaugh 
Richard Fearnow 
Tina Feleccia 
Carl Ferrano 

Daniel Field 
Darice Fields 
Susan Flschbach 
lames Floyd 
Dorothy Flynn 
Robert Flynn 
Karyn Folland 

Juniors 221 

Anne-Marie Fox 

Gary Franek 

Till Freeman 

Kathleene Freeman 

Robin Freeman 

Kathie Fuller 

Kelly Funston 

James Futch 

Glenda Gage 

Gregg Gamester 

Anglea Gann 

Brian Gardner 

Alan Garey 

Alvin Garmon 

Vicki Garrone 
Sherry Gauntlett 
Thomas Geller 
Robin Gerhard 
Henry Gibson 
Marcia Gillett 
Colleen Gillogly 

Peter Girardin 

William Glode 

Bibiana Gomez 

Joseph Gong 

Ricardo Gonzales 

Brooks Goodgame 

Holly Goodrich 

222 Juniors 

Nora Gould 
Steve Graves 
Robert Green 
Suzanne Green 
Teresa Grig 
Brett Grover 
Dhays Gruber 

Mark Guzior 
Lynn Hallock 
Lisa Ham 
Leona Hammond 
Holly Hangen 
Madison Hankal 
Margaret Hannon 

Susan Hansberger 
Beth Ann Harding 
William Hardman 
Beth Harrelson 
Ragan Harrison 
Eric Hartje 
Susan Hause 

Patrick Hegert 
Jeff Henderson 
Melissa Hendley 
Harold Hendren 
Martha Herron 
Greg Highnam 
Frederick Hilmer 

Juniors 223 

Kirk ; 

Kelly Hobbs 

Amy Hodge 

Kirk Hodson 

Heidi Holcomb 

Kathryn Holmes 

Richard Hopper 

Leslie Hosick 

Carolyn Howard 

William Hughes 

Sharon Humburg 

Lisa Hunt 

Lori Hurt 

Douglas Hutchison 

Timothy Hyatt 

Robert lies 

Lisa Jackson 

Sharon Jackson 

Suzanne Jackson 

Seeta Jadusingh 

Maureen Jahns 

Brian James 

John Jane 

Paula Jenkins 

Juanita Jess 

Charlie Jewett 

Clifford Johnson 

Marjorie Johnson 

Mary Johnson 

Tricia Johnson 

Christy Jones 

Clarke Jones 

Randy Jones 

Susan Jones 

Stephen |ones 

Paige Kasper 

Richard Kear 

William Kelley 

Robert Kenworthy 

Annette Kilgore 

Jan King 

Thomas Kirsten 

Scott Knecht 

Sharin Knoop 

Richard Knowles 

Scott Kolar 

Chris Kops 

Roy Kramer 

Ken Kranick 

224 Juniors 


fc- y 

^ ) 

■3 <;. 




■ v 1 3* 




Kyle Krein 
Patricia Kramig 
Sally Land 
Kelly Landers 
Deidre Lane 
Sanford Lechner 
Traci Lincoln 

Linda Lohne 
(oanne Lyke 
H. T. Lykes II 
Sherry Lynch 
Laurie Madonia 
Rosemary Madonia 
Mark Mangum 

Linda Mann 
Edward Marable 
Russell Marlowe 
Timothy Marshall 
Lenor Marti 
(eanne Mason 
leffrey Mathewson 


Kelly McCarley 

Celaine McCart 

David McCorkle 

Ben McDaniel 

Barry McGee 

lames McGuire 

Mable McKee 

Patrick McKenna 

Jeffrey McKey 

Kirk McKinnon 

Sharon McLellan 

Melanie McMullen 

Albert McNorton 

Greg McNutt 

William Meakin 

Rocco Mediate 

Scott Meeker 

Densie Michalowski 

Kendra Mickelsen 

Grant Millensted 

Kathy Miller 

Sandra Miller 

Joy Milligan 

John Mines 

Anne Miotke 

David Moenning 

Brad Moore 

Charles Moore 

226 Juniors 

Diane Moore 
Don Moose 
Adrea Morar 
Nicole Morgan 
Stuart Morrison 
William Morrison 
Tim Mulford 

Tom Murphy 
Hollis Mussler 
Kimberly Mutzel 
Steven Myers 
Leigh Nabers 
Nicholas Nalepa 
Luke Nash 

Rachel Nash 
Catherine Neff 
Douglas Noah 
Virginia Nunan 
Arne Oak 
Allison Odom 
Kay Odom 

Pete Oglesby 
Jacquie O'Leary 
Patrick O'Sullivan 
Mark Owen 
Greg Owens 
Leo Owens 
Thomas Padro 

Lisa Page 

Prescott Palmer 

Ann Palo 

Lois Pansier 

Gene Panzer 

Dave Parkulo 

Laurie Paullin 

Mary Frances Payne 
Michael Peace 
Erick Pedersen 
Mark Peet 
James Pehrson 
Howard Penney 
leffrev Penrod 

Michelle Perdue 

Marty Perez 

Jill Petrie 

Lori Petrie 

Carla Pfotenhauer 

Karen Pierce 

lohnnie Pleicones 

Craig Poffenbarger 

Robert Pontious 

Marty Pottorff 

Todd Radloff 

Lori Rainey 

Betsy Raymond 

David Raymond 

Mary Raynor 

John Reeck 

John Reese 

Tammy Reichert 

Scott Reinmund 

lanet Reynolds 

Steve Ridge 

Mary lane Riner 
leanette Rinker 
Leicha Rittgers 
Jimmy Roberts 
Shannon Roberts 
Andrew Robinson 
Cindy Robinson 

Lauren Rodberg 
Julie Rogers 
Sheli Rogers 
|odi Rome 
Joy Rossi 
Pam Roy 
Patti Roy 

Scott Samsel 
William Sawyer 
Chris Scheuer 
Jeff Schnuckee 
Teresa Schrader 
Bret Seligman 
Elizabeth Sellers 

Sean Shappee 
Karen Shaw 
Tami Shearer 
Scott Shellabarger 
Debra Shepherd 
Penny Sherman 
Holly Sisson 

Alison Smith 
Paige Smith 
Stephen Smith 
Brenda Snedden 
Greg Sorensera 
Jeffrey Soukup 
Irene Sowards 

Louise Spencer 
Arthur Sputa 
Linda Stafford 
Kelly Stanley 
Todd Starks 
Wendy Starling 
Shaun Steggles 

Jane Steiner 
Scott Stewart 
Robert Stigleman 
Karen Stoff 
Donald Stokes 
Joseph Starda 
Nancy Straw 

Susan Stuart 

Jeanne Stump 

Judi Sullivan 

Robert Sullivan 

Dayna Swalley 

Joni Synatschk 

Mark Tallo 

Thomas Temrowski 

James Teschner 

Lisa Tetsworth 

Diane Thomas 

MaryBeth Thomas 

Valerie Thomas 

Debra Thompson 

Cord Thorson 

Jeff Thurn 

Deanna Tingley 

Pamela Tipps 

Jeff Titus 

Raymond Titus 

Michelle Tomkow 

Pamela Topping 

Christine Towne 

Kosugi Toyokazu 

Terri Tremain 

Cynthia Trickel 

Paul Trinklein 

Mary Ann Troiano 

Lisa Trongone 

Janet Trucks 

Judy Truitt 

Maura Tysver 

Charles Underwood 

Lou Vaden 

Hector Villanueva 

Todd VonWeyhe 

William Wallace 

Nancv Walsh 

Kelly Ward 

Dowwie Ray Warren 

Wayne Washington 

Carole Washuta 

Gregory Waters 

Louis Weeks 

Christina Westberg 

Paul Westcott 

Gary Westerman 

Carl Winbanks 

Brenda Wilks 

230 Juniors 

Greg Wilks 
William Willard 
Barbara Williams 
Paul Williams 
Tammy Wilson 
[ill Winkler 
lanet Winslow 

lanice Wireman 
Melody Witt 
Beth Woerner 
Martha Wolfe 
Richard Woodal 
Kay Woodard 
Michael Workman 

Cheryl Worth 
Robert Wyckoff 
Matthew Wynne 

Susan Yelton 
Susan Young 
uan Zapata 




(Left to Right) Jeff Grove, Munro Sefeik, Beth White, Scott White 

Tom Adair 
David Ake 
Christine Albino 
Tony Alford 
Brian Allen 
Terrie Almond 
Kris Alvarez 

Donald Amick 
lames Andrews 
Erik Anderson 
Jerome Andenbrandt 
Cynthia Anson 
William Archebelle 
Jeanine Armbrester 

Regina Arndt 
Charles Aurich 
Nancy Baggett 
Laurie Baker 
Donovan Baltich 
Sean Barclay 
Steve Barger 

Connie Bartels 
Tami Basey 
Robert Bateman 
Gregory Becker 
Donna Beede 
Lori Belanger 
Caren Belli 

Eric Bendfeldt 
Kimberly Bergstrom 
Tanya Bessert 
Chris Bianca 
(eff Birge 
Lori Black 
Steven Blount 

Frances Boag 
Robert Bolger 
Mark Bovee 
Yasmin Bowman 
Dusty Boyd 
Lori Boyd 
Lee Brackman 

Michael Bradley 
Dan Brady 
Betsy Bramley 
Jane Brandfass 
Kathleen Braun 
Diana Bruch 
Diana Bryan 

Sophomores 233 

Lisa Buck 

Ann-Marie Bucy 

Dean Burkey 

James Burnett 

iMark Andrew Buzza 

Patricia Byrd 

Lala Cade 

James Cadott 

Debbie Caldwell 

Susan Callahan 

Richard Campana 

Dennis Camper 

Pam Campo 

Lois Canonico 

Casey Carlson 
Miriam Carrion 
Vickie Carver 
Kathy Causey 
John Cervini 
Scott Chappell 
Debra Chipley 

Patrick Chisholm 

Jackie Chung 

Keith Clanton 

Beth Clark 

Glenn Clark 

Patrick Clawson 

Krista Cochran 

Julianne Cockrill 

Vicki Cohill 

Richard Collette 

Janet Collins 

Jane Considine 

Charles Cook 

Joseph Coyne 

234 Sophomores 

Michael Crawford 
Michelle Crenshaw 
Cindy Crimmel 
Steven Crosby 
ulia Cunningham 
Steven Dalton 
Kelly Daly 

Dana Deloach 
Todd Denson 
Terry Derr 
Timothy Desmond 
Jill DeSplinter 
Steve DeWitt 
Kim Diamond 

Laura Dimarco 
Gina Dixon 
Nancy Doane 
Deborah Dodd 
Steve Dollenmayer 
Sheldon Donohoe 
Kelly Doppelheuer 

Ronald Doremus 
Caroline Dossett 
Cort Douglas 
Cathleen Dowdie 
Deborah Driskell 
Sarah Dudenhoefer 
Evelyn Duell 

Sophomores 235 

Sarah Dukes 

Jeff Dumas 

Laura Dunavvay 

Cindy Dygert 

Robert Dynarski 

John Dziedzic 

Thomas Eddy 

Ronnie Elrod 

Denise Engel 

Betsy Ennis 

Susan Ernst 

Kathy Ervvin 

Mickey Etherton 

Alejandra Evans 

Robert Evans 

Paul Feraci 

Kim Ferdinandsen 

Ann Ferguson 

Roseanna Ferguson 

Kathy F'ishbaugh 

Kellie Fitzpatrick 

Shannon Ford 

Teresa Fordham 

Laura Fraker 

Staci Franklin 

Nathan Freeman 

Gerrie Gage 

Suzanne Gainer 

Cynthia Galbicka 

Sam Garcia 

Dawn Garner 

Anne Geiger 

Michael Gentile 

Lynn Girardin 

Joe Gisondi 

Becky Glass 

Rich Glickman 

Tamara Goetz 

Stephen Goodrick 

Deborah Green 

Jeff Grove 

Thomas Gustoff 

Brian Guyer 

Tammy Haire 

Teresa Hallman 

Elizabeth Hammond 

Tesi Hansen 

William Harlan 

Leigh Harrison 

236 Sophomores 

Carolyn Harvey 
Beth Ann Hauser 
Robert Heckel 
Richard Heilig 
Diana Heitman 
Megan Henry 
Katherine Hester 

Thomas Hicks 
Pam Highnam 
Donna Hill 
Misako Hirama 
Darla Holb 
(ulie Hone 
Michael Honsharuk 

Carter Hopkins 
William Hopkins 
)ohn Houchin 
Susan Howard 
Jana Huling 
Doris Huss 
Paul Imathiu 

D. W. Irvine 
ludith Jacoby 
Glen Jaffee 
James Jarvie 
Lee |anzen 
|anae (ennings 
Archie Johnson 

Blair Johnson 
Edythe Johnson 
Peggy Johnson 
Richard Johnson 
Todd Joiner 
Anita Jones 
James Jones Jr. 

Susan Jones 
Christopher Keefer 
Gary Kelly 
Kevin Killingsworth 
Cynthia Kimbril 
Kinora King 
Don Klein 

Margriet Knetsch 

Jane Knickerbocker 

Judith Konsler 

John Korbel 

Timothy Koutsaftes 

Kim Krasinski 

Paul Krist 

Tracey Kuehn 

Carrie Kunde 

Michael Labriola 

Amy Lack 

Paul LaFauci 

Penny Langston 

Alo Layla 

John Lennon III 
(eanne Leslie 
Scott Levine 
Beth Lewis 
Randy Lewis 
Steven Lindemann 
Diedre Lloyd 

Mary Lloyd 

Clinton Logan 

Janine Lott 

|uan Luzio 

Glynda Lyon 

Judy MacDonald 

Elise MacLennan 

Michelle Major 

Salvatore Maniscalco 

James Manoli 

Michael Marcouiller 

Lew Marotti 

Owen Marr III 

lohn Martinez 

Rir.h Martyn 
Kathleen Mathews 
Kathleen McBurney 
Patrick McCarley 
Susan McCollum 
Ian McConkey 
Gretchen McCurdy 

Thomas McDonald 
Elizabeth McGuire 
Franklin McKinney 
Thomas McMaster 
Laurel McNew 
Nelson Menendez 
Paul Mersch 

Beatrice Meyer 
ulie Michael 
Cynthia Michaelis 
Drew Mil 

Vincent Monteleone 
Paul Montoya 
Jeff Moore 

Ana Morejon 
Amy Morgan 
Matthew James Mosher 
Kimberly Napier 
Cynthia Newell 
Robert Nicholson 
Hideto Nishimoto 

Sophomores 239 


Mary Nutt 

Susan Oliva 

Kieth Onderdonk 

Lisa Osmer 

Irene O'Sullivan 

)im Pacioni 

Tim Packman 

Bettina R. Padgett 

Debra Padgett 

Kris Pahl 

Kimble Palmer 

Richard Parker 

Caroly Pasos 

Lee Pau 

BetteAnn Pelley 

Drew Peloubet 

Joy Permane 

Dawn Perry 

Lisa Peterson 

Jamie Piper 

Karen Pipkin 

Nicole Pleasants 

Steve Polonus 

Valerie Posenauer 

Bryan Powerl 

Rhonda Powner 

Joe Preston 

Tawn Prior 

240 Sophomores 


Tracey Prather 
Steven Puertas 
Michael Pursel 
Martha Puryear 
Warren Quets 
Mark Damon Raiford 
Charles Ranaudo 

Richard Rasmussen 
Greg Reynolds 
Margaret Reynolds 
Maralyn Rhoades 
Patricia Richards 
Duncan Ridley 
Mike Roberts 

Daniel Robertson 
Dorothy Robinson 
Stephen Robenson 
Brenda Rogers 
Brian Roskamp 
Sandra Russell 
Donald Samra 

|ohn Santiago 
Hamilton Sargent 
Mary )o Saltier 
Craig Scates 
Scott Schaefer 
Valerie Schleicher 
Lauren Schild 

Cherilyn Schulze 
Amy Schweider 
Dineen Scoggins 
Kimberly Scott 
Sally Sechrest 
Munro Sefcik 
Cammie Selig 

Sophomores 241 


Pam Sessions 

Jill Sheffield 

Kathryn Kim Shelly 

Beth Sherrick 

Paul Shumway 

Anita Sipe 

Sandi Slate 

Edward Slechta 

Dawn Smith 

Kim Smith 

Sandy Smith 

Deborah Smoak 

Josh Snively 

Richard Soule 

Ruth Spencer 
Caroll Sprauer 
David Springer 
Richard Spurlin 
Lynda Stauffer 
John Steadman 
John Steele 

Michael Steele 

Alicia Stein 

Jennifer Stevens 

Michael Stevens 

Jeffrey Stewart 

Elizabeth Stidham 

Susana Stilson 

Marcy Strong 
Kelly Sullivan 
Catherine Szaro 
Richard Tevault 
Chalah Thomas 
Sharon Thomas 
Kelly Thompson 

Fleet Tilden 

Tracy Toy 

James Travis 

John Turner 

Kevin Venancio 

Kelly Walker 

Les Walter 

Paul Walker 

Andrew Walls 

Eileen Walsh 

Katherine Ward 

Melanie Ward 

Roger Ward 

Aileen Ware 

242 Sophomores 

Patty Warren 
Connie Waschull 
Kathy Watkins 
Polly Watson 
Caroline Weaver 
Steve Weis 
Meridy Werder 

Janet Whaley 
Frank Wheeler 
Gena Wheeler 
Beth White 
Lisa White 
|im Wilhelm 
Charles M. Williams 

Natalie Williams 
Wendell Witten 
Roxann Woerner 
Elise Wood 
Kevin Wood 
Haili Wurtz 
Scott Wynn 

Dawn Yates 
James Yelsits 
Kimberly Young 
Valerie Young 
Ed Zamorski 
Daniel Seisler 
Jane Zewalk 

Sophomores 243 


(Left to Right) Vickie Villalba, Bill Hankes, Ann Jago, Scott Sells 


Leon K. Abbetl 
Susan E. Abello 
Ralph Acquaro 
Sally Ann Adkisson 
Beth Allen 
Kyle Altstadt 
Ernie Anderson 

Joseph Angelino 
Stephen Auld 
Russell Ausley 
Lesley Austin 
Robert Bailey II 
William Ball 
Deonne Barger 

Gregory Barnes 
David Batman 
Thomas Beall 
Steven Bedford 
Kristi Beggs 
Renee Behr 
Ana Bejar 

Marisa Bell 
Ian-Annette Bellamy 
Al Bellotto 
Babette Bennett 
Lynn Bergmon II 
Matt Bernal 
Elizabeth A. Bickhart 

|ane Bistline 
(oseph Bivona 
Ashley Blackridge 
Paul Blackwood 
David Boisvert 
Christine Bowes 
Teresa Bowman 

(ames Bracey 
Lynn Bradley 

Hope Brandis 
Rick Brandt 

Freshmen 245 

Jeffrey Bua 

Otto Bundy 

Kristine Butler 

Carie Ca 

Russell Carawan 

Maritza Carrion 

Timothy Carson 

Vera Carson 

Christopher Carton 

Charles Casten 

Stanley Castor 

Stephen Castor 

Karen Cates 

Faith Chapin 

Ken Chesire 

Brad Chill 

lennilyn Chuck 

Teri Cinelli 

Pamela Claughton 

Traci Close 

Laurie Colacini 

Shawn Coleman 

Gregory Cook 

Linda Covello 

Angela Cowden 

Lee Cox 

Marcella Cox 

Scott Croak 

Kimberly Croft 

Todd Csencsits 

Robert Curran 

Lori Daniels 

Jeannie Davis 

Shannon Dean 

Laurie DeLoach 

Sue Denman 

Anthony Densmore 

James Desmarais 

Dawn DeVoss 

James Dickinson 

Martin DiGregory 

Lois Dinkins 

4M ~ - mm i 

mAmU t mi 

h mm i k 

246 Freshmen 


Kimberly Disbro 
Douglas Dodd 
Tammy Dolan 
Andrea Dort 
Patricia Douglas 
William Dudman 
Gretchen Dunker 

Gilbert Dunlap 
Marti Dunn 
Edythe Durbeck 
Kritin Dye 
Daniel Dyer 
Hugh Eighmie 
Tom Elliott 

Suellen Embler 
(ennifer Ertel 
Pamela Evers 
Douglas Fagan 
James Ferland 
Keli Fink 
Robert Fiore 

Nancy Fisher 
David Fisico 
Megan Fletcher 
Anne Floyd 
Thomas Flynn 
Emily Folker 
Marcia Forsett 

I f 

Freshmen 247 

Kim Frasier 

Douglas Freebern 

Sean French 

Donald Fry 

Mark Fugett 

Leyla Gagliano 

Martha Gales 

Christine Gannon 

Kirk Geiger 

Michele Germain 

Marian Gilmore 

Terrance Gilmore 

Sheila Glover 

Marcie Gogerty 

Cindy Gordon 

Richard Gordon 

Tom Gram 

Thomas Grant 

David Green 

Lauralee Green 

Alison Greer 

Roben Griffin 
Mike Grossman 
Marylynn Haas 
Jeff Hagy 
Molly Hamilton 
William Hankes 

Karen Hanlon 


248 Freshmen 

Rebecca Hardaway 
Melanie Harden 
Steve Harder 
Suzanne Harmon 
Thomas Harris 
Lisa Harrison 
Holly Hartery 

Anne Hartman 
Bruce Hartup 
Yali Hasan 
Chris Hayes 
Jeannine Headley 
Lee Hegley 
Susan Hegyessy 

Kimberly Hewett 
Scott Higgenbotham 
William Hill 
Kimberly Hilson 
Clark L. Hippler 
Victoria Hodge 
Roger Holler III 

Karina Holt 
Ralph Howe 
Laura Hulse 
lannie Hunt 
Sherry Hussey 
Laura Huth 
Barbara Ianzano 

Beatrix Ivanyi 
Yugoro Iwamuta 
Lori Izzo 
Lisa Jackson 
Lisa Jackson 
Ann Jago 
Jeffrey Jakes 

Scott James 
Irene Jenkins 
James Jenkins 
Paul Jenkins 
Jackie Jennings 
Rosemarie Johnson 
Jeanne Johnston 

Jennifer Jones 
Mary Lynne Jones 
Michael Jones 
Linda Justice 
David Kalchbrenner 
Denise Kanitsch 
Craig Kardon 

Freshmen 249 

Lisa Kaytis 

r A 

Elisa Kennedy 

T » «5 * 

Sabrina Kershner 

i ...\ 

Judith Killam 

A^— &* 

William King IV 

%-mr l*k 

Chris Kirchman 

Cathy Kirk 


Adam Korsick 

lames Kreinbrink 

Catherine Krist 

Michelle Kurtgis 

Donna Laing 

Cathy Lamb 

Cynthia Lambert 

Scott Lambeth 

Keri Lamparter 

Todd Lanfave 

Maryann Lantinga 

Paul LaPorta 

John Lasch 

Mary Lemasters 

Christina Lenihan 

Nancy Leonard 

Pearl Levy 

Brian Lewandowski 

Kelly Lewision 

Richard Lindau 

Nancy Lindell 

Suaan Lippmann 

Karen Lloyd 

Kathryn Lloyd 

Thomas Long 

Shelley Longnecker 

Wade Luke 

Eric Lyman 

Amy Maclntyre 

Janie Maguire 

Michael Mahoney 

Susan Main 

Robert Malan 

Eric Manning 

William Manson 

Keith Martin 

Roxanne Martin 

Stephen Mathis 

Roy McCrerey 

Missy McDermott 

Mary McDonald 

Mary McGee 

250 Freshmen 

r ^ V • - j 


Paula McKay 
David Meehan 
Pliil Mendham 
loseph Merenda 
Lauren Meyer 
lay Michael 
John Michael 

Debbie Michel 
Anthony Middleton 
Kevan Miles 
Scott Milleman 
Kimberly Miller 
Frank Miner 
[.aura Mischley 

Calina Mitchell 
David Mixner 
Yoshizawa Miyuki 
Charity Moore 
Tracy Moore 
|ohn Morgan 
(ennifer Mosher 

Maria Mossbarger 
lulie Mulford 
lames Murphy Jr. 
Maureen Murphy 
Paula Napolitano 
Stephanie Nase 
Elizabeth Nesbitt 

. .. 


Dee Newsome 

Rebecca Nichols 

April Norris 

Kimber Norris 

Denise Notaro 

Diane Oleson 

Yoshiko Oshida 

Jeanette Owen 

Tom Paar 

Brett Pace 

Ann Padgett 

Maritza Padron 

Anthony Panno 

Samantha Parkman 

Greg Parks 

Elba Pasos 

Toby Patterson 

Frank Peacock 

Paul Pederson 

Shannan Peterson 

Lori Petrella 

Lisa Philbeck 

Lisa Pinder 

Loriann Pinner 

Kathy Pirkle 

lohnnie Pleicones 

Lorie Plyer 

Andrea Pope 

252 Freshmen 



Gerald Prescott 
Debra Price 
Mary Priest 
Alex Prieto 
|odi Radake 
Patricia Ralston 
Darcy Ranson 

Paula Rappleyea 
Kenneth Rea 
Julie Reese 
Kelly Reimann 
David Richardson | 
Donna Richardson 
Keli Richardson 

Heidi Rigby 
Rob Rittgers 
David Roberts 
Kim Roberts 
Susan Robertson 
Shelli Robinson 
Sandy Roeder 

tvlichele Rogers 
Richard Ross Jr. 
Catherine Roth 
Lorelei Rouse 
Suzanne Roy 
Kim Russ 
Paul Rybinski 

LeeAnne Rymph 
Stephen Santiago 
Mollie Sawyer 
Regina Sayer 
Lynne Scalf 
Traci Scatchard 
Martin Schiller III 

Stephen Schofield 
Cynthia Scott 
Holly Sellman 
Scott Sells 
Sandra Sessums 
Stuart Setcavage 
Michael Setzer 

Kim Sharpe 
Debbie Shaver 
Pamela Sheffer 

Freshmen 253 

[ill Sheneman 
Lee Shewmake 
Cheryl Shirah 
Thomas Shorter 
Frances Sickler 
Allyn Simmons 
Robin Sirota 

Jonathan Sjogren 

Alise Smith 

Tammy Smith 

Alan Snapp 

Anna Sokolowski 

Carole Spedale 

Ralph Spencer 

Paul Spurlin 

Kathryn Stammberger 

Christopher Stegura 

Allanna Stephens 

Jill Stephens 

Cynthia Stevens 

Kimberly Ann Stevens 

Scott Stevens 

Kenneth Stoff 

Roger Stone 

Frank Stork 

Kim Storkel 

Frank Strazzula 

Gretchen Stross 

Bunny Sutton 

Joyce Swenson 

lames Taggart 

Cheryl Talbott 

John Taylor 

Lisa Taylor 

Karen Teel 

David Thacker 

Tracy Thayer 

Sagine Thebaud 

Toby Therrien 

Donald Thiele 

Cindy Thompson 

Margaret Thompson 

Elizabeth Tierney 

David Tisdale 

Tracy Ann Torrance 

Kathleen Tourville 

William Travi 

Michael True 

Lisa Tucci 



l *v% 

J* «jp 





x 7 




254 Freshmen 


Adam Uchin 
Tricia Urban 
Valerie Valdespino 
Victoria Villalba 
Lee Wages 
Vance Waggener 
Michael Walker 

Robert Walker 
Mickey Waller 
Robert Warden 
Kristi Watkins 
Thomas Watson 
Allen West 
Cynthia West 

Christopher White 
Trudy White 
Carol Wiggins 
Holly Williams 
Mark Wilson 
(ulia Wirtz 
Kelleigh Withers 

Lois Wittenburg 
Kimberly Wooten 
Kimberly Workman 
Roland Wyant 
Richard Yelton 
Laura Zimmerman 
Tahar Zenati 

Freshmen 255 



IP!? JL~ 

/ % 

& 1 


1 1 ■ 

\ 1 


A year of memories 

Along with the closing of another school year were the memories of victorious 
triumphs and JoneJy defeats, good times and bad situations and the remembrances 
of new beginnings and old friends. 

Graduation prompts new challenges 

It all hits at once. Nerves become jumpy and stomachs ache with excitement. Graduation is upon us! 

Hundreds of dedicated seniors are about to take one of the most important steps in their Jives. For the past four years, 
seniors have endured almost every kind of hardship. Now they must turn to a new world where they will be faced with many 
new challenges. These graduates must act as the responsible adults that they are. They must accept the responsibilities that 
are handed to them. 

A lifetime of challenges are waiting to he completed and infinite opportunities are right ahead of them. 




In memory of . 

Tom Wilnau 

Editor's Note: The following is a re- 
print of the memorial to Mr. Wilnau 
written by William H. Skip Boyer, edi- 
tor of the Southern News, as it ap- 
peared in the July 1983 issue. 

When Tom Wilnau walked across the 
stage at this year's commencement to 
receive his degree, he also received a 
standing ovation from the members of 
the senior class. Tom was 56 years old 
when he received that degree. He had 
been attending classes in both the 
evening and day programs to complete 
his work. He was also teaching classes 
in the journalism department, bringing 
to his classroom years of experience as 
an accredited public relations profes- 
sional and radio broadcaster. He had 

fallen in love with Florida Southern 
and the students and staff members of 
the College had fallen in love with him. 
Tom Wilnau was a very special man, a 
loving father, talented professional, 
caring teacher and close friend. He 
died of heart failure on July 2, 1983. To 
say he will be missed doesn't begin to 
do justice to the emptiness that his 
passing leaves in the lives of those of us 
who were fortunate enough to be num- 
bered among his friends. 

tt tliern4cfe 



. . . but we want to say thanks to the businesses and 
organizations that appear in this section of the 1984 
INTERLACHEN. Our advertisers are very special — 
their support and interest helps make this record of 
the 1983-84 school year possible. They represent 
quality and service and we encourage you to call upon 
them. Quality and service, like saying "thanks", are 
ideas that never go out of style. 

to the Class of '84 

Compliments of 






to the 

Class of '84 

Best Wishes 

to all 

Southern Students 

The FSC Bookstore 

Good times begin at the Publix Deli You'll 
find everything from complete Deli Dinners, 
including tried chicken and all the limns, to 

at Publix 



Searstown Shopping Center 


2150 E. Edgewood Dr. 


Lake Miriam Square 


435 S. Combee Road 


Lake Gibson Shopping Center 


1515 S. Central Avenue 

Peoples Bank of Lakeland 

115 S. MISSOURI AVE. • PHONE 687-6500 • MEMBER F.D.I.C 






All limuit Banln are members ofFDIC 







Home of the New CHEYENNE IV and 




'Behold, the fear of fhe Lord, that is wisdom; and to 
depart from evil is understanding." (Job: 28:28) 


architecture - engineering - planning - construction services 



ORLANDO FLORIDA 32802 TELEPHONE (305) 425-0922 




an imvr juamm 
wick, oncz kwrtin, 



(5 UWIY6 



finte WW 

10% Discount 

given to all 

FSC students 


m 682-4754 

or 688-7355 
207 E. Main St. 

Maas Brothers. Florida's quality 
department store. 

Here's our invitation to come 
in and say hello to Maas 
Brothers, a Florida tradition. 

And you'll welcome having a 
Maas Brothers near you at 310 
E. Orange Street where you'll 
find exciting fashions for you, 
your family and your home. 

Our Bridal Gift Registry 
Computer will assist you in the 
selection and registration of 
the perfect wedding gift to 
give or receive. We offer gift 
wrap and delivery for 
registered Pride purchases 
at no charge, of course. 

In the Suncoast Restaurant 

you'll enjoy gourmet entrees, 
crisp salads and delicious 
tempting desserts 

Use our Shop-at-Home 
service to shop for custom 
draperies and window 
treatments for your home. 

Charge purchases 3 ways 

with your Maas Brothers credit 
card, American Express or 
Diner's CluP. With a Maas 
Brothers account you'll receive 
advance notice of all our 
exciting sale events. 

Our Continuing Club Account 

allows you to stretch your 
payments over a longer period 
for major home purchases. 

"Jane Lee" lets you shop Py 
mail or phone, whichever is 
more convenient 

Maas Brothers' Travel Service, 

a division of Exchange Travel 
Service, can map out exciting 
vacation cruises and tours for 
you and your family 

Our Gift Wrap department will 
gladly make your purchase as 
special on the outside as the 
gift is on the inside. 

/Haas Brothers 

Tampa St Petersburg Clear 

Sarasota fort Myer: 

Tallahassee Lakeland Bradenton Napi< 



•# $g#?ito 

to the 

Class of 1984 

Compliments of: 

Touchton &<m. 

Good Luck 

the tfivefer 

For All Your Travel Needs 

2015 S. Fla. Ave. 

Lakeland, Fla. 33803 

(813) 682-2172 


New 12 oz. Apple Juice 
from concentrate 

Now, our delicious Apple Juice 
is available in 12 ounce 
containers. Like our other 
canned juices, it's made 
from concentrate, so we 
can guarantee the quality. 
More important, we can 
guarantee the freshness. 

The fresh Ideas Company.™ 


PO Box 1048 
lakeland, Florida 33802 
(813) 665-5515 













516 W. Main 
Lakeland, Florida 

1741 East Gary Road 
Lakeland, Fl. 33801 

IMC Florida 







OF 84 


Congratulates its Graduating Seniors: 

Mitch Bailey Rob Collins 

Lyndon Sweeting 
Dave Knowles Wade Warren 

— The Fraternity of Honest Friendship — 

Great State. 

Great People, 

Great Bank. 



I 13 South Tennessee Avenue Lakeland 33802 (813) 686-1 136 

6108 US 98 North Lakeland 33805. (813) 858 4448 
2105 New Tampa Highway Lakeland 33801 , (813) 688 6918 
4405 South Florida Avenue Lakeland 33803, (813) 644-8483 

Member FDIC 

Movies!!! Specials!!! Sports!!! 

We take you to the stars! !! ! 




Westinghouse Broadcasting and Cable, Inc. 

*^ C-iood ' %$g* 
V Lucie bjmr£> %'<g 




Best Wishes from 

a newspaper with 
close ties and 
genuine affection for 
Florida Southern College: 

We're practically one of you. 

The Polk County Democrat 

Bartow's NEWSpaper 
Southern's FRIEND 

Printers of The Southern 
Two FSC alumni on the staff 

Advisors to the 

FSC Communications Dept. 

Sponsor of a Community 

Journalism Scholarship 

925 E. PARKER ST. 

phone 682-6859 






Balloons for all occasions. 


Graduating Class 

of FSC 

from the 

College Cafe 
and Terrace 

^ - 


1145 E. Main St. 
Campus Facilities 

Fraternity and Sorority Supplies, 

Check Cashing, Linen Supplies, 

Laundry & Dry Cleaning, 

Shoe Repair 

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Group 5023 Recker Hwy. 

Winter Haven, FL 33880 813-967-4491 

The Interlachen Staff 


Jane Steiner 

Tom Adair 

Bobby Duncan, Jr. 

Karen Pierce 

Lauren Rodberg 

Jackie Rossing 

Patricia Willcox 


Dan Brady 

Paige Kasper 

Nancy Lindell 

Cindy Robinson 

Joy Rossi 

Kathy Shelly 

ARTIST Laurie Struck 


PHOTOGRAPHERS Brad Beck, Campus Photographer 

Chris Bowes 

Chuck Diggs 

Chris O'Meara 

Jodi Lisa Rome 

D.J. Theile 

Basic photography 

class, fall semester 


PUBLISHER Delmar Publishing Co. 

Charlotte, N.C.