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4635 Jones Trail 

Lakeland, PL 33813 

Volume 60 


Florida Southern College 
Lakeland, Florida 33802 

Opening il 

, t t * * 
, t ¥ t * 

I sure wish someone would fake a drowning so I could take a swim. 
Jake Bast enjoys getting a tan, while protecting FSC swimmers. 

Like any educated person, Shawn Samberg tries to stay abreast of 

current world events. 


"Child of the Sun" 

Light of the World 

Frank Lloyd Wright was the genius behind 
the "Child of the Sun." His ideas and creativity 
have been an inspiration in the lives of all who 
have crossed the Florida Southern College 
campus. However, it is the refreshing life and 
vigor that the students bring to the campus each 
year that adds bright, new meaning to the cam- 
pus and the "Child of the Sun." It is to these 
very special students that this annual is 

(Above left) I disagree, I think "Calvin and Hobbes" is funnier than "Family 
Circus." Two students discuss the finer points of FSC studies. 

I dare you to hit the ball over here. Donna is ready for anything, as she joins 
in intramural softball. 

Honest, I didn't do it. Cindy wonders just how long you have to smile for 
one of these cameras. 


You know, I'm not quite sure what everyone is lookin' at. 
Mark and Todd look into the camera for the answer. 

Convo is great! Susie Stringfellow exhibits her sorority 
spirit by wearing her jersey to the first Convocation of the 


Opening \4J 

Hello, beautiful. Doing anything Friday night? An FSC 
gentleman shares sweet nothings with his lovely, yet quiet, 

Everyone talks too fast, but they do have good ice-cream. 
Misa and Shiori enjoy some of the perks of being FSC 
boarding students. 

The sun was great, but we're ready for some nice cool showers, now. 
Deana and Lara head back to their dorms after a taxing day at the pool. 

Two scoops or three? Decisions, decisions. Lisa Kasza helps herself to all 
the fixings for a banana split, complements of SUB. 


If I have to write this paper, I might as well do it in a nice setting. 
Michael Powell works diligently, to the musical sound of fountains, in 
front of the Roux Library. 

One little, two little, three little mermaids... Cooling off after a long day 
of classes. 

Hey, she's cute. Go talk to her, man. Burt Grimm, Everett Baber, and 
Shannon Beckett find that SUB study breaks are a great place to unwind. 

I'm too full to move. Two FSC students kick back and relax in the shade 
outside the caf. 

"And then Moses said to Pharaoh..." Chaplain Standleyand Dean Wade 
swap stories, while they wait for the first Convocation processional to 

(7) Opening 

Are you sure this is you? Deana Hartman is anxious to eat lunch, as she 

shows a cafeteria worker her I.D. 

Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum are the worst! Heidi Deck 
studies on a Lake Hollingsworth dock. 

Mmmm. Students can choose from several delectable dishes that are 
diligently prepared by the cafeteria workers. 

Ooops! I think this shrank. Even guys have to learn to do their laundry at 


Opening CO 


Hi darlings, just taking a short break before getting back to work. 
The cafeteria workers rest for a moment in order to prepare for the 
evening rush. 

You put your right hand in. You pull your right hand out. You do 
the hokey-pokey... The FSC soccer team huddles during a game. 


Opening JlO 

New Horizons 

Light and Knowledge 

College-life is a succession of changes. 
From morning until night, students are 
learning and growing, as well as setting 
and reaching goals. And while the changes 
will never end, the friendships and knowl- 
edge gained at FSC will always remind 
each student of the light shed abroad in 
the "Child of the Sun." 

.ft s y * * 

Ahh, perfect. Judy molds a masterpiece in sculpting class. 

Maybe I should have gone to the deli line. Michelle Morton has 
second thoughts, while eating her meal. 

Actually the view is not that bad from here. David Mcmaster looks 
across the FSC campus at dusk. 

11) Opening 

Juliet! Juliet! It's me, Romeo! 

Is it a bird, a plane, Dean Wade on his bike? Whatever they're watching, it 

seems to have the full attention of Allison Arnold, Amy Stroyan, Claudia 

Wasserbauer, and Professor Snodgrass. 

Soccer players are wonderful! Rachel Mamolou, Susie Nelson, and Beckie 
Clark are admiring the amount of work and dedication it takes to be an FSC 


I am sooo thirsty. FSC students get a taste of "the real thing." 

Opening {12 

Officers & Staff 

A dedicated administration is the key to 
any successful institution. The Florida South- 
ern administrative officers and staff are just 
that. Even with all of the responsibilities of 
running a college, the FSC administration and 
staff still take time to interact with the students. 
The personal relationships between these im- 
portant individuals and the students make 
Florida Southern more than just a place to 

Florida Southern College Chaplain 
Meredith R. Standley credits the college's suc- 
cess and high standings to the "clear focus and 
dynamic purpose of the leadership of Presi- 
dent Robert A. Davis." 

Many well-known individuals have visited Florida Southern 

College. Here, President Davis gives Winston Churchill III a 

tour of the beautiful campus. 


President Davis talks with David Gergen, editor- 
at-large of "U.S. News and World Report," before 
the October 1991 Convocation. 

Dean Moran, Dean Wade, and President Davis 
converse during "O-Week." 

13 } Administrative Officers and Staff 

Dr. Ben F. Wade, Vice President and Dean of the College. 

Dr. Wade has worked at Florida Southern since 1973. He has a B. A. from 
Bridgewater College, an M. Div. from the United Theological Seminary, 
an S.T.M. from Boston University, an M.S. from Columbia University, 
and a Ph. D. from Hartford Seminary. 

Mr.Brunner R. Hunt, Vice President of Finance. 

Mr. Hunt has been a member of the FSC staff since 1978. He obtained his 
B.A. from Emory University, and his M.B.A. from Harvard Graduate 
School of Business Administration. 

Mrs. Sheelagh R. Boisvert 
Director of the Orlando 

Mrs. E. Ann Boyles 

Director of AESL Program 

Dr. Sidney T. Davis 
Director of Port Charlotte 

Mr. Donald M. Clayton Jr. 

Director of Student 

Mr. V. Terry Dennis 


Miss Michelle C. Gesche 

Asst. to the Dean of Stu- 
dents, Dir. of Greek Life 

Mrs. Lynn M. Griffith 

Director of Alumni 

Dr. Theodore M. Haggard 

Director of the Library 

Dr. Douglas F. Mailman 
Director of Church 

Mr. William S. Hatten 

Assistant Vice President for 


Mr. William H. Jago 

Manager of the College 

Mr. Gerald W. Jones 
Director of Buildings and 

Mr. William F. Jones 

Development Officer 

Mr. Norman F. Kamp 

Director of Food Services 

Mr. Wayne E. Koehler 

Director of Sports Informa- 

Administrative Officers and Staff 

Mr. Hugh A. Moran, Jr., Vice President and Dean of Students. 

Mr. Moran joined the FSC staff in 1975, and holds an A.A. degree from 
Brevard College, a B.A. from High Point College, and an M.Ed, from the 
University of North Carolina at Greensboro. 

Mr. William R. Finch, Vice President of Development. 

Mr. Finch joined the FSC staff in January of 1990. He currently holds a 
Bachelor of Science degree from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. 

Mrs. Donna J. Koewler 

Director of Student Activi- 
ties and Recreation 

Mrs. Marsha M. Leap 

Director of Career Counsel- 
ing and Placement 

Mr. Benjamin E. McDaniel 

Assistant Director of 

Mr. Fred T. Nielson 
Chief Security Officer 

Ms. Marilyn J. Nissen 
Director of Testing 

Mrs. Kimberly A. Pickering 
Dean of Women and 
Director of Housing 

Mr. Larry A. Powell 

Director of Intramurals and 
Volunteer Service Projects 

Mr. Harold M. Smeltzly 

Director of Athletics 

Mr. William B. Stephens, Jr. 

Director of Admissions 

Mr. Robert L. Sterling 

Director of Financial Aid 

Ms. Shari A. Szabo 

Director of Annual Funds 

Miss Sally L. Thissen 

Mr. Michael E. Thom 

Campus Photographer 

Mr. R. Russell Walker, Jr. 
Director of Institutional 

i m / 

Mr. Darrell D. Webb 

Operations Manager 

Administrative Officers and Staff 

Board of Trustees 

Mr. Jack M. Berry 

The Hon. C. Farris Bryant 

Dr. Charles W. Courtoy 

Mr. Roosevelt Dell, Jr. 

Mr. Sam T. Dell, Jr. 

Mr. James L. Ferman, Jr. 

Mr. Frank H. Furman, Jr. 

Mr. J. R. Graves 

Mr. Lloyd G. Hendry 

Mr. Andrew H. Hines, Jr. 

Bishop H. Hasbrouck Hughes, Jr. 

Mr. John E. Hunt, Sr. 

Mr. Charles H. Jenkins, Sr. 

Dr. Jimmy S. Jones 

Dr. Thomas C. Kelsey 

Mrs. Alice W. Lockmiller 

Mr. Joseph O. Macbeth 

Dr. James M. Marlowe 

Mr. E. Vane McClurg 

Mr. George T. Miller 

Mr. Fred R. Millsaps 

Mr. J. Quinton Rumph 

Mr. James W. Russell 

Mr. T. Terrell Sessums 

Mr. Robert R. Sharp 

Dr. John P. Simon 

Mr. George A. Snelling 

Mrs. Dorotha C. Tanner 

Mr. Robert S. Trinkle 

Mr. J. Lanier Upshaw 

Mrs. Ruth S. Wedgworth 


Dr. R. C. Holmes 

Mr. Ernest C. McClurg 

Mr. A.L. Ellis 

Bishop Edward J. Pendergrass 

President Robert A. Davis 

Florida Southern College is proud to have Robert A. Davis as the college's fifteenth president. 
President Davis joined the FSC administration in 1 976 after his election by the College Board of Trustees. 
Dr. Davis is an honor graduate of the University of Georgia. He also holds degrees from Emory 
University and Yale University, in addition to two honorary degrees. His other accomplishments 
include being named in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the World. Dr. Davis is a member 
of Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Omicron Delta Kappa. Dr. Davis was also the President of 
the National Association of Schools and Colleges of the United Methodist Church. 

Dr. Davis' other achievements have included leadership positions in numerous state and national 
educational associations. Florida Southern College has benefited greatly during the last sixteen years, 
with President Robert A. Davis as its outstanding leader. 

Administrative Officers and Staff 



Florida Southern College recognizes students 
with exemplary leadership and academic 
attributes, by offering to them the privilege 
of membership in national honorary 

For many students their abilities come to 
recognition through involvement in various 
college competitions, including Mr. and Miss 
Interlachen, Miss Greek, and the James C. 
Rogers and Miss Southern awards. One 
student is also selected each year as the 
Florida Southern College Honor Walk 
Student. We are very proud of these students 
for their involvement and the achievements 

that they have made. 

Trent Davis found time to serve as a Resident Advisor and justice on the 
Judicial Review Board, while studying at FSC. Here, he takes a break at 
the Cafe. Many students make notable additions to the campus through 
participation in extra-curricular activities. 

Florida Southern College expands leadership 
qualities and teaches people how to get along 
better and to cooperate in order to achieve a 
desired goal or outcome. —Dawn Mura 

We may be freshmen, but we're still notable! 
Student Government Senator Kris Fessel and 
International Student Association Vice 
President Candice Nelson worked to make 
1991-92 a memorable year. 





Omicron Delta Kappa is recognized 
as the top national leadership honor soci- 
ety in America for college men and 
women. To be considered for member- 
ship a student must be of exemplary char- 
acter, rank in the upper 35% in scholar- 
ship (above a 3.0 grade point average), 
and have a record of significant respon- 
sible leadership. The Florida Southern 
Circle was established in 1951 and has 
been involved in campus activities ever 
since. ODK at Florida Southern College 
was recognized as the outstanding Circle 
in 1984, 1986 and 1988. 

Omicron Delta Kappa: Melissa Ayers, Heather Benedict, Keith Berend, David Campbell, John Cleveland, 
Shannon Daugherty, Barbie Polk Davis, Pete Davis, Geof f ery Freebern, Tracy Hardie, Shae Harrell, Michael 
Haynes, Emily Heath, Holly Huber, Beth Hunt, Jennifer Kleman, Richard l.ofink, Timothy May, Melinda 
McConnaughhay, Joy Milner, Lazarus Mitchell, Dawn Mura, Cathy Pike, Karen Pontuti, Jacqueline Powers, 
Emily Schorr, Victoria Sheffield, Holly Shields, Jennifer Simpson, Noel Slater, John Vondruska, Brian 
Walsh, Heather Williams, Kimberly Wilson, Jamelle Wooldridge, Christina Younkers, Marc Zeff. Faculty 
Members: C. Jeffrey Wiley, Richard R. Burnette, W. Waite Willis, Raymond H. Fischer, Harold M. Smeltzly, 
Robert M. MacDonald, Lawrence R. Burke, Henry C Hartje, Jr., Margaret L. Gilbert, Kathleen M. Benn, 
Robert A. Davis, Hugh A. Moran, Sandra L. Ivey, Wendell E. Hulcher, Kimberly A. Pickering, Lynn M. 
Griffith, Charley C. Matlock, Robert H. Tate, Shari A. Szabo, Lois Webb, Missy Northrup, Walter P. Weaver, 
Charles E. Anderson, James A. Dodd, Ben F. Wade, Joan G. Buccino, Lawrence L. Campbell, Jill D. Finnerty, 
John E. Santosuosso, Kimberly Yang, Michelle C. Gesche, Sally L. Thissen, Dana L. Egolf, Robert H. Baum. 

Alma Mater 

Orange groves o'erspread her campus 

Chimes her hymn intone, 

India greets across the garden 

Southern's mystic throne. 


Florida Southern, thee we love; 

Thee we'll never fail 

Hail to thee our alma mater, 

Hail to Southern, hail. 


Stately walls alone can never 

Compass learning's goal 

Heart to heart must pass the token 

Soul inspirit soul. 


Miss Greek 


This year's Miss Greek is Stacia Prior. Stacia is a 
sophomore studying Marketing. She represented 
her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, in the competition. 
The Miss Greek Pageant is sponsored each year by 
the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity in support of their 
philanthropy, the American Cancer Society. 

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Tammy Ahlbrandt, Melissa Ayers, 
Michelle Becker, Heather Benedict, Heather Bischoff, David Campbell, Christina Ch'Ng, John Cleveland, 
Shannon Daugherty, Barbara Polk Davis, Peter Davis, Susan Fife, Judith Frierman, Tracy Hardie, Shae 
Harrell, Michael Haynes, Emily Heath, Denise Hefke, Linda Hessinger, Holly Huber, Kimberly Hunt, Mary 
Keener, Julie Kent, Jennifer Kleman, Timothy May, Melinda McConnaughhay, Joy Milner, Lazarus 
Mitchell, Dawn Mura, Brian Nottage, Cathy Pike, Karen Pontuti, Jacqueline Powers, Emily Schorr, Victoria 
Sheffield, Holly Shields, Jennifer Simpson, Noel Slater, Kimberly Thornton, Missy Turbeville, Kara 
Wahlbrink, Brian Walsh, Heather Williams, Kimberly Wilson, Jamelle Wooldridge, Christina Younkers. 

Phi Eta Sigma: Tammy Ahlbrandt, Tricia Banks, Michelle Becker, Keith Berend, Heidi Breuer, 
Stephanie Brown, Ke Hie Chaplin, Christina Ch'Ng, Tiffany Cutts, Barbara Polk Davis, Peter Davis, 
Terrence Delikat, Donna Deragon, Dana Farley, Karen Fife, Susan Fife, Andrea Finn, Geoffrey Freebern, 
Jill Greene, Melissa Harlason, Emily Heath, Denise Hefke, Linda Hessinger, Holly Higinbotham, Holly 
Huber, Paula Huffman, Kelly Jackson, Julie Kent, Amy Knollinger, Trina Knotts, Stephanie Lang, Kim 
Lickliter, Coleen McCreanor, Donna Miller, Ellen Muse, Brian Nottage, Birju Patel, Danielle Phypers, 
Cathy Pike, Tanya Pollnow, Jacqueline Powers, Jennifer Schmid, Emily Schorr, Sharon Schroer, Victoria 
Sheffield, Holly Shields, Noel Slater, Donna Smathers, Anita Smith, Linda Smith, Mandie Stagg, 
Tamara Stratton, James Terrell, Kevin Thurman, Amy Trogan, Missy Turbeville, April Turnquest, Brian 
Walsh, Chester Wiley, Kimberly Wilson, Jamelle Wooldridge, Courtney Wright, Christina Younkers; 
Honorary Members: Dr. Robert A. Davis, Dr. Ben F. Wade, Dean Hugh A. Moran, Jr., Dr. Joan G. 
Buccino, Mrs. Paula R. Buck, Dr. Richard Burnette, Mr. Francis DeReus, Mrs. Patricia Dockery, Dr. 
Margaret Gilbert, Dr. Henry Harrje, Jr., Mr. Duane Hopkins, Mr. Wendell Hulcher, Dr. Frank Johnson, 
Dr. Edwin L. Plowman, Dr. John Santosuosso, Mr. Robert H. Tate, Dr. Walter Weaver, Dr. Waite W. 
Willis, Jr., Mr. Chester S. Wiley. 


This year forty-six students were se- 
lected among the student body of Florida 
Southern CoUege to be listed in the 1991- 
1992 edition of Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Colleges and Universi- 
ties. Thesesrudentshaveabovea3.0grade 
point average, are involved in numerous 
campus activities, and are recognized 
leaders among their peers and the college 
administration and faculty." 

Phi Eta 

Phi Eta Sigma is a national college 
scholastic honor society for freshmen. All 
freshmen who earn a cumulative grade 
point average of 3.5 or above at the end of 
their first semester or second semester are 
eligible for membership. Chapters engage 
in many activities designed to recognize 
and promote high scholarship among 
freshmen. Inductions are held twice a year 
and membership is for life. 


Miss Southern 

Heather Doreen Benedict of Lake 
Placid, Florida, was crowned the 55th 
Miss Southern on February 18, 1992, succeeding Alicia Victoria Wiggins. She was chosen 
out of 13 candidates. Sponsored by the Student Government Association, she has served 
the organization as president, Junior Class president, and Sophomore Class president. 
Heather also served as vice president of Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega 
president, and as a representative for the Association of Women Students. 

She was vice president of membership in her sorority, Kappa Delta, as well as 
Philanthropy Chairperson and Pledge Class vice president. Heather's Greek activities 
also include Panhellenic Council president and Scholarship Chairman, as well as Lambda 
Chi Alpha Chapter Sweetheart and A.M. Class Sweetheart. 

Heather is listed in "Who's Who" and received the Outstanding Sophomore of the 
Year award. She has been a member of the Student Affairs, Orientation, and Founders' 
Week Committees, as well as serving as a Junior Advisor and Miss Molly. 

Melissa A vers Robin Clark 

Tracy Hardic ShaeHarrell 

Tracy Heffner 

Denise Hefke 

Mary Jane Keener 

Jennifer Kleman 

Melinda McConnaughay Karen Ponruti 

Jacqueline Powers Jennifer Simpson 

James C. Rogers Award 

David Alex Campbell was deemed the 11th recipient of the James C. Rogers, Jr., 
Award on February 18, 1992. David represented the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He 
served the fraternity as a member of the Rush Committee and Scholarship Committee. 

A biology major, David has been an active participant in the American Chemical 
Society and served as president, vice president, and historian of Tri-Beta. 

David participated in the Student Government Association as part of the Escort 
Service and was also a member of Circle K. His other campus activities include Florida 
Public Relations Association, Senior Class Project Committee, and he was a Resident 
Advisor for two years. In previous years, he has also been involved with the James C. 
Rogers/Miss Southern Committee. 

David was honored on the Dean's List, as a President's Scholarand in "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges." He is also a mem- 
ber of Omicron Delta Kappa. 

David was selected from five can- 
didates, who along with the Miss South- 
ern candidates, must meet the follow- 
ing requirements: earned at least a 3.0 
GPA, 92 credit hours, and participate in 
at least three campus activities. 


Keith Berend 

Bradley Pa Hon 

John Steward 

— 1 1 

Miss Interlachen 

First Runner-up 
Robin Clark 

Year: Senior 

Sponsor: Alpha Delta Pi 

Christina Younkers 

Sponsored by Joseph Reynolds 

Year: Junior 

Major: Public Relations 

Christina is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and has been 

active in several campus organizations, as a Junior Advisor, 

Student Ambassador, and member of Omicron Delta Kappa. 

After graduation, Christina plans to pursue a career in media 


First Runner-up 
William K. Melvin 

Year: Junior 

Sponsor: Commuter 

Student Organization 



Year: Junior 

Sponsor: Commuter 

Student Organization 

Mr. Interlachen 

Second Runner-up 
Trent Davis 

Year: Junior 
Sponsor Hollis Hall 

Brant Menswar 

Sponsored by Jenkins Hall 

Year: Junior 

Major: Public Relations 

Brant is involved in many organizations. He is an RA 

for Jenkins Hall , staff member on The Southern, a Student 

Ambassador, and a member of SGA. Brant's goals for the 

future include being an Account Executive and establishing 

himself as an actor. 

Our Thanks To... 

this year's judge, Kim Boyce. Ms. Boyce is a native of Winter Haven, Florida, 
and represented her home state in the 1984 Miss America Pageant, placing in 
the Top 10. She now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and is one of Contemporary 
Christian Music's Top Artists with numerous Number One and Top 10 radio 
hits. She recently signed a new album deal with Warner Alliance, a division 
of Warner Brothers Records, with a new album to be released in the summer of 


1992 Honor Walk Student 

Wendy Shae Harrell 

Shae is a Communications major from Winter Haven, Florida. Her campus honors 
and activities include: Omicron Delta Kappa; Who's Who Among Students in American 
Colleges and Universities; FSC Best Actress Award 1990-91; President's Scholar; Editor, 
INTERLACHEN 1991-92; and Associate Editor, THE SOUTHERN 1991-92. 

Other extra curricular activities include: Member Founder's Week Committee, Poetry 
Day Committee, and Senior Class Project Committee; Big Buddy; Miss Molly; and Com- 
munications Club. 

In addition, Shae spent time in Quebec, Canada studying French and served as 
French Club President. 


Departments & 

Every student in college goes through a per- 
sonal transition in his or her life—choosing a major. 
When it comes down to choosing what they want to 
do with the rest of their lives, some people are 
confused, while others have it all planned out. 

Fortunately, FSC offers a variety of organiza- 
tions for students to participate in. These organiza- 
tions allow students to broaden their outlooks through 
their own or through someone else's experiences. 
They also help the students see if their majors really 
suit them now and more importantly in the future. 
All in all, FSC has some great organizations 
to choose from. Whether they are traditional or non- 
traditional, they offer students a valuable taste of 
the opportunities that are available to them. 

James Boschulte studies plant life. Hands-on experience gives 
students added knowledge in their field of study. 

'Life is what you make of it You have 
to go straight ahead and never look 
back.' Kimberly Thornton shares a 
quote from the FSC production of 
Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap." 

Blowing bubbles creates fond memories 
and brings the child out in all of us, 
especially education majors. 

23} Departments/Organizations 


The Art Department at Florida 
Southern College provides a number of 
opportunities for students who want to 
pursue an interest in art. Courses in art 
history and studio art are available as 
electives. There are three concentra- 
tions for the art major: studio, art com- 
munications, and art education. 

Monthly exhibits by significant 
artists are featured in the Melvin Art 
Gallery and one or more field trips to 
museums or art exhibits are scheduled 
each semester. 

Art majors get to use all 

of their talents. Cathy 

Chalfant works on 

getting those nasty knots 


Mr. W. Downing Barnitz 

Mrs. Allyson E. Sheckler 

Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity: Rowl: Laura Speier, Ka ye Madonia, Kellie Chaplin; Row 2: Mr. Barnitz, Cara Baker, 
Shannon Brown, Mild Overcast, Jerry Eisen, Victoria Heywood, Joy Cramer, Michael Powell, Lazarus Mitchell. Missing 
from photo: Susan Schild. 

Departments/Organizations {24 


Students in the Biology Department 
have interests as broad as the discipline 
of biology itself. Their interests range 
from study and research in molecular 
biology to coral reef biology in Jamaica. 
A number of students have taken the 
opportunity to extend their research in 
cooperative programs at medical schools 
and in field areas, including the Florida 
Keys. In addition, Tri-Beta sponsors a 
trip to a scientific meeting each year. 

In the Biology Department, 
examining cells is a part of 

Dr. Robert Baum 


■ «►. XjfP 

- m 

- ; fits 



Dr. Margaret Gilbert 
Division Chairman 

Tri-Beta: Row 1: Heidi Brewer, Lynn Fox, Trina Knotts, Michelle Becker, Tina Bower, Lisa 
Marichal; Row 2: Susan Fife, Susan Simmons, Karyn Lynch, Laura Posick, Jenn Hodges, 
Jill Thomas, Cheryl Champion, Kymberli Williams, Holly Shields, Michelle Means, 
Candy Wood; Row 3: Terry Delikat, David Campbell, Keith Beren, Frere Barrett, David 

Dr. John Haldeman Dr. John Tripp 

125/ Departments/Organizations 

Business & 

Over one-third of Florida Southern 
students choose to graduate with a major 
in accounting, business administration, 
or economics. Instructors share high 
academic credentials and practical busi- 
ness experience with students. Activi- 
ties include field trips, special lectures, 
business internships, seminars for the 

. . Future Accounts of America; Row 1: Ron Girard, Kim Christian, Marc Zeff, Holly Huber, 

buSineSS Community, and five Student CandiceMcRae,LesliePowell,StefanieLang,EhzabethRovaldi,EmilyHeath,T.J.Leahy, 

professional organizations. The depart- Sk^An^Ro*^ ° ave StackS ' ^ FiSCher ' Kem ° ^ MiCheUe 

ment is advised by a council of local 
senior business executives. 

Dr. Peter V. Bias 

Dr. Joan G. Buccino Mrs. Lynn Clements 

Departments/Organizations C26J 

Phi Chi Theta: Row 1 : Eva Herrera, Tangie Bums, Jamelle Wooldridge; Row 2: Dr. Joan 
Buccino, Amy Day, Holly Huber, Emily Heath, Tammy Ahlbrandt, Ginny Sandbrook, 
Barbie Polk Davis. 

milium. iKiir ii 1 





itim E..-JE: 


Toastmaster International; Row 1: Rich McGlynn, Tammy Ahlbrandt, Joy Cramer, Jen 
Albright, Marsha Leap, Michelle Ewald, Bill Brown, Karin Anderson, Lisa Moffit, Andrew 
Pearson, Dr. Edward Thorn; Row 2: GrantWainscott,NivenNutt,GeoffryFreebern,Dave 
Ammerman, Mike Ketter, John Vondruska, Prof. Walter Coleman, Neal Bogosian. 


Y.A.L.E. 1991-1992 

Delta Sigma Pi 1991-1992 

;-.-', ->- 

Programming and problem solving is all in a day's work for business 
and economic majors. Jamelle Wooldridge practices her computer skills 
in the Business Department. 

Mr. Wendell E. Hulcher Dr. Yeong M. Jang 


Mr. Michael W. Way Mr. C. jeffery Wiley 

27/ Departments/Organizations 

Chemistry & 

The Chemistry and Physics De- 
partment sets high goals for itself every 
year, and achieves them through hard 
work and dedication. Along with hard 
work, there is also time for fun activities. 
Everyone has heard of the Haunted Lab, 
right? The creative people who scare FSC 
students each Halloween are from the 
American Chemical Society. This is an 
annual event, which is very popular on 

The clubs that students can partici- 
pate in include American Chemical Soci- 
ety, Physical Chemical Club, Students for 
the Exploration and Development of Space, 
and the Society of Physics Students. Al- 
though students in these clubs keep busy 
throughout the year learning more about 
their majors, they still manage to have fun 
on planned trips, including visits to the 
Kennedy Space Center, to watch space 

shuttle launches. 

Officers of American Chemical Society Student Affiliates: Michelle Becker-Secretary; 
Frere Barrett-President; Holly Shields- Vice-President; Bud Powell. 

Dr. Mossayeb Jamshid 

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates: Frere Barrett, Lynn Fox, Karyn Lynch, Dr. Spencer, Cheryl Champion, Dr. 
Healy, Keith Denny, Michelle Becker, Russ Devane, Birju Patel, Bud Powell, Holly Shields, Jenn Hodges. 

Departments/Organizations {28 



Frere Barrett carefully 
adds the final touches 
to an experiment, 
while Miriam Garras- 
tegui, Jeanne Ro- 
driguez, and Michelle 
Becker watch. 

Society of Physics Students: Row 1: Wesley Webb, Brian Walsh, Russell Devane; Row 2: Mandie Stagg, Yee Lim, Matt Dr. John L. Spencer 
Johnson, Terri Delikat. 

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space: Row One: Timothy J. Cheney, Noel Groe, Dr. Mossayeb Jamshid, 
Joe Delvechio, Michelle Means, Lazarus Mitchell; Row Two: Jacob Kuska, Dr. David A. Ward, Terry Carter, Niven Nutt, 
Laurie Trayers, Randy Burch. Not Pictured: Rakesh Sanghui, Lim Yee Hoon, John L. Avery, Terry S. Delikat, and Bo Taylor. 

Dr. Thomas M. Willard 

29} Departments/Organizations 


The Communications Department at Flor- 
ida Southern is a very active and energetic de- 
partment. With three emphases to choose from- 
-public relations, journalism and advertising- 
students enjoy a wide variety of career choices. 
A well-rounded knowledge in the liberal arts 
tradition is the focus of the department. 

Many non-communications majors take 
courses in the Communications Department as 
elective or supportive requirements. These stu- 
dents often find that they enjoy the hands-on 
approach of the department. Some of the more 
popular courses include: Basic Photography, 
Public Relations, Interpersonal Communications, 
and Advertising. 

Mr. John P. Obrecht 

An editor's work is never done. Shae Harrell spends another 
countless hour at the computer terminal. 

Dr. Edward W. Thorn 

Dr. William H. Turpin 

Departments/Organizations 130 

The Interlachen: Row One: Mindy Larrison, Wendy Littler, Heather Wilson, Jenni White, Deny Diemez, Robin 
Musgrove, Liza Smith, Michele McFall; Row Two: Kristen Woods, Kuryne Lee, Terry Carter, KimCamerier, 
Michael Carter, Jennifer Bouw, Stephanie Brown, Therese Smith, Shae Harrell; Row Three: Ray Inman, Shookie 
Suchma, Bill Rhodes, Vivian Moraes, Jennifer Franks, Heather Hensley, Missy Turbeville. 


The Southern: Allison Arnold, 
Mary Cannaday, Therese Smith, 
Melissa Mercado, Ernesto Silva, 
Kathy Ferrara, Ana Medeiros, 
Eric Barton, Holly Shields, Brett 
Bowman, Todd Percy, Len 
Petnford, Michael Hulten, Shae 
Harrell, Brant Menswar, and 
John Radaker. 

Junior Janel McTarnaghan 
brushes up on her media 
writing skills. 

"And then..." Michael 
Hulten and Melissa 
Mercado converse outside 
the journalism building, 
before class. 

31} Departments/Organizations 

Citrus & 

The Citrus and Horticulture 
Department offers majors and minors 
in either citrus or ornamental horti- 
culture and combine some with busi- 
ness courses. The department has 
close ties to the local horticulture in- 
dustries and students are encouraged 
to participate in the cooperative work 
program as a part of school activities. 
Fruit and plant sales provide experi- 
ence in the growing, handling, and 
marketing of agricultural products. 
Social and educational events are a 
part of club activities. 

Dr. Manners goes over 
the specifics of a 
horticulture lab experi- 
ment with Matt Arnold 
and Hans Katros. 

Mr. John L. Griffis, Jr. 

Mr. Malcolm M. Manners 


3>afM : 

Citrus-Ornamental Club 1991-1992 

Dr. Rubert W. Prevatt 

Departments/Organizations 132 

Kappa Delta Pi 1991-1992 

Early childhood majors assist their class in the art of blowing bubbles. 


The Education Department offers 
state and regionally accredited programs 
for teacher preparation in primary edu- 
cation, K-3; elementary education, 1-6; 
and specific learning disabilities. The de- 
partment also offers professional prepa- 
ration for majors in art, biology, English, 
foreign languages, history, political sci- 
ence, mathematics, music education, 
physical education, and social sciences. 
These students mentor and/or intern in 
area elementary, junior high, and high 


Miss Florence A. Babcock Dr. Barbara A. Block 

Dr. Wayne R. Fetter 

Dr. Jack E. Haynes 

Dr. Davis R. Holland 


i *~* ir^H 

L ^M 




Stacy Ungashick quickly reviews a few more 

notes, cramming before a test Dr. Gina A. Maynard Dr. Mary V. Peaslee 

33} Departments/Organizations 


One of the first things a student 
learns at FSC is that the English Depart- 
ment is known for its high academic stan- 
dards. The grading system within the 
department is very stringent, but with 
help from Pens Central and a lot of extra 
time from the stu- 
dent, the require- 
ments can seem less 

The department 
combines grammar 
and writing skills 
with the study of 
classic, English and 
American literature. 

Mr. Robert H. Tate 

Dr. Robert L. Zimmerman 

Departments/Organizations {34 

Stacey Bochis and Stosh Pesack find that studying with a friend makes 
learning fun. 



Some students, likeTracey Brown and Nancy McWilliams, prefer to 
study in front of the Roux Librar 

The Roux Library at Florida 
Southern is a place where students meet 
to work on group projects, as well as 
individual study time, away from the 

The library offers an array of re- 
sources from which one may receive in- 
formation. Students are often sent there 
by teachers to look up a word in the 
Oxford English Dictionary, or to analyze 
an article in a recent magazine. 

The library staff is helpful and 
frequently comes to the aid of students 
who need help finding research materi- 
als, as well as change for the copy ma- 

Students flock to the library during mid-term and final exam periods. 
Here, Michael Powell and Kuryne Lee shared some laughter once the 
stress of studying had lifted. 

Miss Janet K. Thomas 
35} Departments/Organizations 


The Department of Modern Lan- 
guages involves the study of the lan- 
guages, literature, and civilizations of 
France, Germany, Spain and Spanish- 
America. Classroom instruction is sup- 
plemented by opportunities for participa- 
tion in the various language clubs and 
Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish National 
Honorary. Typical club activities include 
making ethnic foods, viewing foreign 
language movies and cultural programs, 
discussion sessions, and trips to nearby 
points of cultural interest. 

Dr. Bennett O. Cole 

"Etudier. Estudiar." Mara 

Sullivan knows "to study" 

in any language. 

Dr. Jose R. Martinez 

Mrs. Gerda von Paleske 


Spanish Club 1991-1992 

Departments/Organizations \36 

k*ta. ■**»-■ ■ 

"Quoi?" Louis Desbiens 
tries to comprehend a 
foreign language, while 
working in the language lab 
in Ordway. 

Sigma Delta Pi: Dr. Martinez, 
Maria Fallon, Lucie Turk, Joe 
Delvecchio, Virginia Franco, 
Karen St. Amour, Anna Bolet, 
Dr. Cole. 

fs Z "j; ~ ' 'j^$ r Tom CesUro and Leslie 
, J&'s'fjml* Robichaud study for a 

Spanish quiz in Ordway. 

37j Departments/Organizations 


The Department of Music offers 
academic programs in performance, music 
education, and sacred music. 

The Music Department is respon- 
sible for providing seven different con- 
certs in the Festival of Arts series, includ- 
ing the well-loved Christmas Gala. In 
addition, special music is provided for 
convocations, theatre productions, chapel 
services, and other prestigious events in 
the life of the college. There are over fifty 
music majors in the department. Organi- 
zations include Delta Omicron, Phi Mu Delta Omicron: Rowl: Michelle Allen, Lori Bottoms, Stacy Summers, Deanna 
A11 a- c • -i j.- 11 Colborn, Shannon Freeney; Row 2: Holly Huber, Kim Wilson, Beth Hunt, Lynn 

Alpha Sinfonia, international honorary Uckliter . 

mUSIC fraternities, and MUSIC hidUCatOrS m.E.N.C. (Music Educators National Conference): Row 1: Stephanie Moorhead, Beth 
National Conference. Hunt, Stacy Summers, Shannon Freeney; Row 2: Dr. Sledge, Michelle Allen, Rob Lambert, 

Deanna Colborn; Row 3: Eric Keller, Ron Lagg, Kevin Sandridge, Don West. 

Mr. Robert MacDonald 

Concert Chorale 1991-1992 

Departments/Organizations {38 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia: Rowl: Jason Aquila, Sean McLaurin, Mike Kreusch; Row 2: Dr. Willard, Brant Menswar, Don West, 
Marcus Brix, Gary Larsen, John Stephens, Ron Lagg, Cade Stafford; Row 3: Brad Scott, Michael Wickersheim, Shannon 
Jarrett, Michael Haynes, Fred Smith, Eric Keller, Kevin Sandridge, Chris Taylor. 

Symphonic Band 1991-92 

Mrs. Diane W. Stahl 

39/ Departments/Organizations 


The Mathematics Department at 
Florida Southern College prepares stu- 
dents for the future in the areas of educa- 
tion, business, and computer science. The 
department also acts as a service depart- 
ment by preparing students for careers in 
Business and Research. Recently, it has 
also become the responsibility of the math 
department to prepare students for the 
CLAST examination. This department 
also sponsors an honorary society called 
Kappa Mu Epsilon, a nationwide group 
representing excellence in mathematics. 

'Tour plus four equals seven?" Dr. Hartje, Dawn Griffith, and Linda 
Smith chuckle as they look over some math tests. 

Mr. Daniel Carrara 

Mrs. Caroline C Durham 


Dr.GayleKent Dr. Albert Sheppard 

Departments/Organizations C40 

Mr. Allen Wuertz 


The Nursing Department at Flor- 
ida Southern College is structured within 
the evening degree program. This de- 
partment offers professional registered 
nurses the opportunity to build on their 
associate degrees and earn bachelor 
degrees in nursing. In existence since 
1978, over four hundred nurses have 
graduated from the Lakeland and Orlando 
campus programs. 

Yes, I can see the symptoms of hypocaliphobia syntosis, the disease that 
only comes from too much studying. "Doctor" Barry Roller sees his first 
and last patient, Kellie Chaplin. 

"Let's see. We can give that to you in pill form or as a shot." Nurses like Pam Nierman have to have a Mrs. Rosemarie Lamm 

lot of patience. 

T 41 } Departments/Organizations 

n between classes, students contemplate on what they are 
doing that night. 

Brett Freese, Clark Green, and Susan Meltzer take advan- 
tage of the Florida sunshine by taking their studies outside. 

Candy studies the Polysphona Life Cycle in the Biology Lab for her weekly 
quiz. * 

"Any requests?" Jeff Robertson practices on the piano in the Music Depart- 

Departments/Organizations {42 



The Physical Education and Rec- 
reation Department offers its majors a 
state accredited program in physical 
education for grades 6-12. For those 
majors who do not wish to pursue teach- 
ing, the department offers a recreation 
concentration for careers in both public 
and commercial recreation. In a joint 
venture with the Business and Eco- 
nomics Department, this department 
also offers a sports management major 
for careers in a variety of sport- related 

Tee fore two. Florida Southern students fulfill their P.E. requirement by 
relaxing on the turf. 

"I have to get an 'A.'" Sunny Turner will certainly get an 'E' for effort, 

43} Departments/Organizations 


The History/Political Science 
Department offers two separate majors, 
one in history and the other in political 
science. Many majors in this department 
have gone on to graduate school and law 
school. In addition to law, many have had 
successful careers in government service, 
business, and teaching. 

Dr. John Santosuosso Dr. A. Rand Sutherland 


Phi Gamma Mu 1991-1992 

Departments/Organizations {44 




The Psychology Department pro- 
vides a strong background in the major 
approaches to psychological issues with 
courses ranging from clinical psychology 
to psychology as a social science, as well as 
courses in research methods. Along with 
visits and internships in area mental 
health facilities, this curriculum provides 
students with the necessary skills and 
understanding to enter a diversity of 
graduate programs and pursue careers in 

The student/faculty ratio at Florida Southern is a plus. Here, Geoff 
Freebern and Dr. Darby take advantage of faculty and student friend- 
ships that are seen in all departments across the campus. 

Dr. Richard Bumette, Jr. Dr. Bruce Darby 

Division Chairman 

Psi Chi; The National Honor Society in Psychology 1991-1992 

Dr. Christopher Weaver 

45} Departments/Organizations 


The Religion Department serves the 
core requirement of six hours in religion/ 
philosophy, and also provides training 
for pre-ministerial and Christian educa- 
tion students. High academic expecta- 
tions are maintained with accessible fac- 
ulty and the personal interest of stu- 
dents. The two organizations in the Re- 
ligion Department are Sigma Rho Epsi- 
lon and Theta Chi Beta. Activities in- 
clude the Willis Lecture, an annual event 
featuring world class scholars, and the 
annual Biblical Symposium, a panel of 
four Biblical experts discussing papers 
on significant topics. 

Dr. Walter Weaver 
Divison & Department 

Dr. Waite Willis 

Theta Chi Beta: Rowl: Eric Crites, Kim Lickliter, Javier Viera, Shannon Hamrick; Row 
2: Dr. Tucker, Kim Stewart, Dr. Willis, Dr. Smith, Paige Goodman, Dr. Johnson, John 
Cleveland, Dr. Weaver. 

Sigma Rho Epsilon: Kim Lickliter, Eric Crites, Kim Stewart, Paige Goodman, Shannon 
Hamrick, John Cleveland, Dr. Smith. 

Kim Wilson and Donna Deragon study for an upcoming ethics exam. 

Departments/Organizations \46 

R. O. T. C. 

R.O.T.C. was established in 1916 
when Congress passed the National De- 
fense Act. Florida Southern has had an 
outstanding program since 1951. Agreat 
deal has changed in the forty years FSC 
has offered this program; It is no longer 
mandatory for male students and it is 
now open to females. In addition to the 
classes that can be taken, cadets can also 
be involved in such extra-curricular ac- 
tivities as Rangers and Ranger Chal- 
lenge. Each year the Moccasin Battalion 
sponsors a 5k race around Lake 

R.O.T.C. members go through intense training in order to move up the 

Thomas Kelly, CPT 

2" i 

Artis T. Loftiri, MAJ 

Hey guys, look up here. A little time to pose for G.Q. never hurts. 

Edward Mercado, CPT 

47l Departments/Organizations 

Sociology & 

The Sociology and Criminolgy 
Department is involved in a variety of 
activities on campus and in the commu- 
nity, including family studies, gerontol- 
ogy, criminal justice agency practices, 
homelessness, Habitat for Humanity 
and more. The department offers courses 
that are of social relevance to non-ma- 
jors and community internships. The 
Criminology and Sociology Club hosts a 
speaker's function and an annual moot 
trial, when local lawyers argue cases 
and actual judges preside. 

Dr. Patrick Anderson 

Dr. Plowman gives a 

sociology exam to 

Amy Ganger. 

Dr. Sharon Masters 


Dr. Edwin Plowman 

Sociology and Criminology Club 1991-1992 

Departments/Organizations \48} 



The Florida Southern Theatre 
Department offers a Bachelor of Arts in 
theatre, with either a performance or 
production concentration. The depart- 
ment, in cooperation with the Vagabonds, 
presents four main-stage productions each 
year in the Buckner Theatre. They are 
supported by faculty, students, and the 
community. Alpha Psi Omega is the hon- 
orary dramatic fraternity. 

Behind the scenes in the Theatre Department, Tara 
Wise and Leanne Everhart work on the props for the 
Vagabonds next production. 

Vagabonds: Row One: Amy Booher, Dawn Jorgenson, Stefanie Lang, Jill Willis, Eric Olsen, Pete Davis, Brant Menswar; 
Row Two: Tom Shorrock, Shawn Leeland, Judy Niemann, Gail Vann, Tara Weiss, Donny Thompson, Mr. Richard LeVene, 
Roberta Lane; Row Three: Mary T. Albright, Mark Green, Shaun McGinnis, Russel McMullan, Dr. James Cunningham, 
Carolyn Norton, Thereasa Prow, Alice Shaffer, Ca thy Mel vin, Kim Thornton, Joy Mueller, Donna Smathers, Mike Micucci, 
Vicki Haywood. 

1 49 } Departments/Organizations 

Mr. Richard W. LeVene 


The House Mothers of Florida 
Southern College are very important to 
the campus. Otherwise known as "Mom," 
each house mother is close with her "adult 
children" and takes care of the mainte- 
nance repairs in her dorm. The House 
Mothers are there for the students, who 
usually need some guidance and com- 

Florida Southern College is proud 
of its dorm moms. We could not do it 
without you and we love you all. 

Two smiles are better than one! You can always 
count on a friendly smile from your House Mother. 

Mom away from home. Nancy McWilliams 
knows that her House Mom, Mrs. Gupton, is a 

Housemothers: Virginia Anglado, Lessie Barbour, Pauline Borders, Margaret Brewer, Marion 
Council, Sarah Fletcher, Michelle Gesche, Mildred Huggings, Ellen King, Mazie MacKay, Helen 
Mann, Muriel Oxford, Pell Yelton. Also present: Mr. Ben McDaniel, Dean Hugh A. Moran and 
Dean Kimberly A. Pickering. 

Departments/Organizations 0*0 



Housekeeping Staff 1991-1992 

& Grounds 

The Housekeeping and Grounds 
department has set very high standards 
j for itself in keeping all student and 
1 administrative areas clean and comfort- 
able. They take great pride in the Florida 
Southern grounds and plan on maintain- 
ing their high quality work. 

Deep appreciation goes to this 
department that helps to maintain the 
beauty that Frank Lloyd Wright imag- 
ined for his "Child of the Sun." 

Maintenance, Building and Grounds Staff 1991-1992 

This year the female upperclassmen were in for a treat when the new dormitory was opened to residents. 

51} Departments/Organizations 

Cafeteria & 
College Terrace 

The cafeteria at Florida Southern is a 
well-known part of the campus. Students 
can look forward to the wonderful steak 
and shrimp dinner on Saturday, as well as 
the other tasty delights served throughout 
the week. A favorite for many students is 
Ice-Cream Night. 

The College Terrace is the place where 
students can still any craving, after cafe 
hours. From great hamburgers and french 
fries to a bagel and cream cheese, the C.T 
has it all for those late night hunger crav- 

ings that just can't be assuaged by a pizza 

Bonnie Haberman and April Dantzman take a study break in the 
C.T., before a test. 

"I'll have a steak, medium well, and a baked potato, please." The cafe is 
a great place to get together and chat with friends. 


Down the hatch. Students spend time in the cafe 
to eat a home cooked meal and to socialize with 
close friends. 

Cafeteria Staff 1991-1992 

Departments/Organizations {52 



Rituals and Relationships 

Greek life at Florida Southern is demanding 
yet rewarding. Greeks stay busy with various 
activities including chapter meetings, socials, 
bonding, formals, rush, and ritual. They also 
compete in intramurals, raise funds for their 
philanthropies, and make friendships with 
brothers or sisters that will last a lifetime. The 
Greek system at Florida Southern includes seven 
fraternities and six sororities, each with its own 
special rituals and relationships. The Greeks 
exhibit pride in their organizations and are an 
active part of Florida Southern campus life. 

Guy Petrone loves to be a Greek and even more than that he loves I 

being a Lambda Chi Alpha brother. kitLu- 


Being involved with the Greeks has helped 
me meet more people and become involved 
on campus. 

— Maria Fallon 

Stephanie Vieman, Amy Ganger, and Nicole 
Brozyna exemplify Greek unity at Florida 
Southern. No matter what letters you wear, 
there are always new friendships to find. 


Alpha Chi Omega is...True Sisterhood...Candlelights...Quota...Goobers...Subway...Road Trips...Parents' Weekend. ..Crickets..."You're a Dork!"...It!...The 
Vegetable Game...Red Camation...lO O'clock 241...Chilis...Moc Rock Winners...BiT...Pfister Award...Carnation Ball...Wenches I, II &. HI...Sigma Chi 
Sweethearts 3 years in a row...Chi Guys...Dictionary..."Bueno"... Breakfast Club...Hat Day...Pledges...Christmas Cozy...Unique but Divided...Girls at the 
Golden Lyre. ..Sweethearts Drew and Wade...A Lifetime of Love and Friendship! 

Alpha Chi Omega was founded on October 15, 1885 at Depauw University in 
Greencastle, Indiana. The Beta Omicron chapter was the first national sorority 
to be installed on the Florida Southern campus on November 13, 1936. Alpha 
Chi's are active in many aspects of college life including athletics, honoraries, 
and sweethearts of fraternities. Every year Alpha Chi's raise money for their 
philanthropies, which include Cerebral Palsy, Easter Seals, and Cystic Fibrosis. 
Alpha Chi's symbol is the lyre, their flower is the red carnation, and their colors 
are scarlet and olive green. Alpha Chi's strive to be their best as their motto 
states, "Together Let Us Seek the Heights." 


Tracy Fortenberry 

Karen Pontuti 

Melinda McConnaughhay 

Karen Fife 

Elizabeth Lahman 

Debbie Patton 

Holly Parsons 

Barb Morgan 

Jennifer Barton 

Chris Martin 

Susie Stringfellow 

Paula Huffman 

Kelly McCarthy 
Karin Petry 
Christie Spurlock 
Debbie Franzke 
Anna Bolet 
Sara Rust 
Michelle Jackson 
Stephanie Moorhead 
Kim Olson 
Misty Smith 
Melissa Haralson 
Cindy Hoskinson 

Jessica Perry 
Amy Fisher 
Lynn Berry 
Laura Speier 
Christine Shiver 
Ellen Muse 
Heather Brown 
Heather Thomas 
Coleen McCreanor 
Andrea Finn 
Kelli O'Dell 
Annie Avery 

Cristy Daniels 
Marisol Lugo 
Karin Upmeyer 
Shannon Brown 
Denise Malm 
Robyn Avery 
Denise Pontuti 
Jane Newell 
Amy Thoeming 
Amy Knollinger 
Not Pictured: 
Sue Fontana 



Alpha Delta Pi is...Lions...Violets...Alphas..Black Diamond. ..Pearls...True Sisterhood. ..Alphic.PI LOVE...We Live for Each Other...Pata...Pacas...True and 
Forever Friendships...Eta Beta '91 Rules...Miss Creek '90...First Secret Society...Football Champs...Sweetheart Roger...Mom Fountain—Diamond 
Ball...Derby Key '91...Diamond Four Point...Unity...Love...The Blue and Whitc.Proper and Prim...Stoopin'...Line Dancc.Blue Shoes...Flim Flam...Pooh 
Bear...Candlelights...The Keys...Tri Kappa... Around the World...Margaritaville at the Koner...Love Will Be Our Home...The First and Finest! 

Alpha Delta Pi was founded on May 15, 1851 at Wesleyan Female College 
in Macon, Georgia, and was the first secret society for women. The Gamma 
Gamma chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was installed at Florida Southern College 
on April 27, 1946. Gamma Gamma ADPi's have continuously achieved 
excellence nationally by winning the prestigious Diamond Four Point 
Award three years in a row and chapter excellence awards, including the 
Panhellenic Achievement Award for Region I, encompassing seven states of 
Alpha Delta Pi chapters. The Alpha Delta Pi philanthropy is the Ronald 
McDonald House and the sorority colors are azure blue and white. The 
symbol of the sorority is the lion and the flower is the woodland violet. The 
open motto all ADPi's follow is "We Live For Each Other." 


Julee Maynard 
Sheila Scott 
Peggy Maxson 
Emily Taylor 
Amy Stroyan 
Liz Jago 
Nancy Kalna 
Alii Arnold 
Amy Mutzabaugh 
LeeAnn Manley 
Becky Eatman 

Robin Clark 
Pam Wendt 
Sunny Robinson 
Sunny Turner 
Beth Hunt 
Christy Bratton 
Michelle Luckie 
Carole Hower 
Jen Fassman 
Keli Davis 
Marsha Facey 

Christine Andrus 
Tricia Lobaugh 
Kristina Hilson 
Melissa Whatley 
Beth Walsh 
Heather Harris 
Stacia Prior 
Karen Brown 
Donna Evans 
Caroline Dillon 
Shannon LeMoine 

Alicia Beree 
Tory Field 
Jen Stoval 
Deanna Colbom 
Heather Luckie 
Nicole Brozyna 
Elisa Hamm 
Jerrie Milner 
Audrey McDowell 
Not Pictured: 
Stephanie Brown 


Alpha Omicron Pi is. ..Individuals United Under One Common Bond...Whafs In...Whafs Out. ..Key of Fun...Whoopie...Shine your 
Bear.. . Sugar.. . Va. ..Pileg...Ratt...MJ... Win. ..Loni... Scoop. ..Pambello... Milky.. Jude... Vic. ..Beaner...Staci Q...Vixen...Jen...Zuls...Maiolo...Trabo...I 
Never...Dragma...Roses and Thorns...Sheaf Talks...Sweethearts...Sisters by Chance, Friends by Choice...Kau's...Slip the Grip...Garden Talks...Couch 
Club...Doin' the Lake...Softball...Not...Safety ...Carlos Sanchez...Pearl Check...Copa...Dawgz...Pledges...Rose Ball...Bonzai...I Don't Like It and I Don't 
Want to Hear It...AOPi One Time, Friends Two Times, Sisters All the Time...Respect. 

Alpha Omicron Pi was founded at Barnard College on January 2, 1897. The 
Kappa Gamma chapter was installed at Florida Southern in 1946. Their 
mascot is the Panda Bear, their flower is the Jacquemenot Rose, and their color 
is cardinal red. Alpha Omicron Pi works each year to raise money for the 
Arthritis Research Foundation, their national philanthropy. Their motto is 
"Individuals United Under One Common Bond." 


Windy Earl 
Vici Sheffield 
Victoria Yarvote 
Virginia Salazar 
Amy Rattman 
Carla Mobley 
Amy Pambello 
Truitt Mach 

Jennifer Maiolo 
Jennifer Aaron 
Tracy Brown 
Judy Frierman 
Julia Cunningham 
April Edwards 
Tracy Chaires 
Jodi DiCarlo 

Christina Collins 
Julie Westendorf 
Julie Kent 
Jennifer Badurak 
Elaine Oates 
Christy Drake 
Dara Adams 
Kim Harvey 

Jennifer Tedesco 
Susan Tinsley 
Terry Oakley 
Shawn Sandberg 
Rachelle Reynolds 
Carrie Johnson 
Jeni Taylor 
Sara Lauerman 


Kappa Alpha is...Scud... Great Grand Master.. . Weekend. ..Mus... Maria Our Rose...Mikolai...Brook...My Momy...Jaws... Hobby is the 
coolest...44.44...Shenk...Seav...Rut...Spaz...Red Wings...RP...Decibel...Hormone...JR...Mooch...Squid...PE...NNNNNN...Barkley...Eechies...3rd 
Floor...Arcade...Little Sisters...Gerkin...Poopie Paats...SLACK...Get Out of My Face...Rent Stimpy.-.Road KUl...What is it Man...Eye of the Tiger.-.Bob 
Vila..."Sociar...B-Wave...Wha'd Momma Say...Brown Bear Brown Bear...Turtle...Lil Cokc.Ruby Tuesday's...Coleman...Turbo...Wheat Barley ...Par Ships 
...Blue Hens...Spocastitutes...Gremlin n...Golf Cart Rides-Pipeline...Bonfires...Ryan...Drive In, Anyone. 

Kappa Alpha Order was founded at Washington and Lee University in 1865. 
The Gamma Pi chapter was installed at Florida Southern College in 1958. 
"Dieu E t Les Dames" is their motto and it stands for honoring God and women, 
hence their nickname was established as "Southern Gentlemen." Kappa Alpha 
works extrahard each year holding car washes and numerous other fundraisers 
for their national philanthropy, the Muscular Distrophy Association. The 
KA's pride themselves on brotherhood and are always trying to better themselves 
and FSC. So, if you see a flag waving crimson and gold, stop by and meet 
someone interesting— meet a KAl 



Kappa Delta is. Sisterhood...True Friendships... KD Ladies...Serenades..."Violent Love".. .Sweethearts.. .Garter Day..."Krush"Party...Mom's 

Weekend...Dad's Day...FormaI...Car Washes.-.Donut Sales...All Nighters...Wags...Emeralds...Pearls...Diamonds...Katydids...Teddy Bears...Nautilus 
Shells-Sisterhood Retreat.."Demon Roomates"..."Party Hardie"..."Maulfant"...Halloweenies...Candlelights...The Finest Sorority..."Sprout"...Finally 
Fridays...Teddy Bear Award. ..Bud of the Week...Intramurals...All Sports Champions-3 years...Beautiful Inside...Circle of Friendship...Sigma Chi Derby 
Champions-3 years... Christ-centered. ..Unique but United-Squirt Gun Wars. ..Aquatic Assasins... Sisters are Forever Friends-Once a KD, Always a KD. 

The ladies of Kappa Delta can be seen quite frequently across campus in their 
sorority colors, green and white. Their flower is the white rose of friendship, 
because it is the only rose without thorns. Kappa Delta's philanthropies include 
the prevention of child abuse, the Children's Hospital in Richmond, Virginia, 
and the Baptist Children's Home in Lakeland. Kappa Delta sorority was 
founded in Farmsville, Virginia, in 1897 and came to FSC in 1955. The open 
motto of Kappa Delta is "Ta Kala Diokomen," which means "Let Us Strive For 
That Which Is Honorable, Beautiful, and Highest." On campus the ladies of 
Kappa Delta can be seen living their open motto in all aspects of college life, 
including honoraries, athletics, and leadership organizations. 


Jennifer Swisher 
Cathy Pike 
Susan Schild 
Jamelle Wooldridge 
Tracy Hardie 
Denise Ashdown 
Heather Bischoff 
Amy Trogan 

Gail Trochelman 
Holly Higinbotham 
Susan Meltzer 
Julie Mohler 
Lorie Gleason 
Vikki Sparkman 
Kristy Smith 
Dixie Choate 
Lisa Intagliata 

Michele Perez 
Heather Williams 
Shelly Cesari 
Sheryl Stratton 
Renee Cook 
Dawn Mura 
Kellie Chaplin 
Jen Stein 
Leslie Carlton 

Tanya Mayhall 
Stacy Ungashick 
Beth Herman 
Alicia Lewis 
Kelly Jackson 
Janet Meginley 
Katie Dowdy 


Lambda Chi Alpha is...Brotherhood...Ritual...Crossand Crescent.. .Magic Carpet Ride...Sweethearts Susan and Heather...Associate Membership... Grand 
High Alpha...Delta PL..Z AX ...Darkside...Late Nite Pillow Committee-Guy's Mom...Allll Right!!...That Ain't Your Boy...You're the Man...Kevin-Get Out 
of Here!...Judas and Brutus...Water Wars...The Oval Office...The Film Boys. ..Crazy Keith...Grampa Tolli...Spurs...Cattleman's...Great Alumni...The Blue 
Rose...Magnum...Da Ranch...Thafs a Risk!...Mandatory...Recycle, Recycle, Recycle...So long Toupsy!...Puerto Rico...Guitars...The Polo 
Club...Whipped...Campus Involvement-Community Service. ..Tony's Tea...The Fraternity of Honest Friendship. 

Lambda Chi Alpha was founded at Boston University on November 2, 1909. 
The Epsilon Xi chapter was installed at Florida Southern in April ofl 938. This 
chapter is ranked among the top three percent of all Lambda Chi chapters 
throughout the world. Each year the fraternity hosts the Miss Greek Pageant 
to raise money for their national philanthropy, the National Cancer Society. 
They also give time, service, and contributions to the Florida Presbyterian 
Homes, Habitat for Humanity, and the Boys' Club of America. The colors of 
Lambda Chi Alpha are purple, green, and gold and their symbols are the cross 
and the crescent. Lambda Chi Alpha holds as its highest standard perfect 
brotherly love, which means that Lambda Chi Alpha is a way of life. 


Udani Rahman 
Javier Viera 
Tom Cooksey 
Dave Blewett 
Steve Parker 
Dave Campbell 
Bryce Tidwell 
Tim May 
Bradley Snow 
Gunner Aker 
Guy Petrone 
David Ammerman 
Marc Caldwell 

Vinny Iosue 
Clark Green 
Pete Davis 
George Gansner 
Steve Ekes 
Ron Urban 
Craig Stanley 
Parish Parker 
Mike Moyer 
Kevin Thuman 
Brett Freese 
Chris Garmon 
Chris Chatfield 

Geoff Chretien 
Noel Slater 
Grant Crockett 
Hank Brain 
Marcus Zillman 
B.G. Westerfield 
Mitch Durhan 
Brad Scott 
Zack Dietz 
Brian DeAngelis 
Matt Brown 
Drew Forness 
Chad Dunbar 

Wesley Webb 
Zack Kaplan 
Not Pictured: 
Norris McMiller 
Jerry Eisen 
Eric Crites 
Phil Brooks 
Gregg Tollini 
Scott Goodger 
Brian Nottage 
Mike Bartos 
Shannon Jarrett 
John Stevens 


Pi Kappa Alpha is. ..Jamaica. ..Awesome... Champs. ..Macey...Stoney... Boushie. ..Ox. ..Fink. ..Winfree. ..Regs. ..Job Dog...Shokbaum... 
Kamberg...Python...Mich...Elvis...Stew...Curtis...AJ... Stritch...C...Fannin...Gulli...Kemo...Robnett...Junior...Lir pledgey T...Dream Girl Kelly. ..Ladies of 
the Shield and Diamond...Kill-it...SMAB...Shooters Club...Firetruck...ll :30...IT...Oh! Brians...Lit...ROOMS ...C'mon...Chilli-B...Please Try to Pay 
Attention—Stair Climbing...Between the Cheek and Gum...Pucker up butter cup. ..Good Luck Rub...Yaba-daba-do...Days...Pit...You're the Man, Be the 
Man...Threw like Stew...Lyin' Like Brian... Ma Fletcher...Fly-by Knight...Little Sisters... See Ya Round-Bye, Thanks For Coming Out! 

In 1947, the Delta Delta tradition of Pi Kappa Alpha was started at Florida 
Southern College. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at the University of 
Virginia in 1868 and is represented in over 200 colleges and universities 
nationwide. The symbol of Pi Kappa Alpha, the firetruck, stands for 
leadership, readiness, and dependability. The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha 
proudly wear the colors of garnet and gold, while participating in athletics 
and academics on campus. The Pikes' motto, "Once a Pike, Always a Pike," 
shows their dedication to loyalty and unity forever. 


Todd Michaud 
Jeff Alleborn 
Cory Mansfield 
Ron DiFava 
Brent Hering 
Rich Lofink 

Robb Fannin 
A.J. Carpino 
Mike Stewart 
Joby Sherrod 
Rich Robnett 
Dave Gulli 

Andy Macey 
Brian Regan 
Todd Shelbaugh 
Mark Neitzke 
Brandon Stritch 
Rob Winfree 

Ricarlos Guzman 
Chris Kamberg 
Not Pictured: 
Brian Boushie 
Curtis Taylor 


— I 

Pi Kappa Phi is...The Only Frat On Campus...The Bull...Captain Morgan...Fat Cat...Rock-N-Roll...Pork Chop...Barbarian...Ruskin...L.L...Coats...Who Do 
It...Hi, How Are You? The Shocker-Somebody's Getting Antsy...Tax Master...Don't Be Scared Of It...Gone Fishin'...Jus' Chillin'...True Men...Blues 
Brothers Livc.Wish You Were Here...The End...See Ya Later Bye. 

The Beta Beta chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was established at Florida Southern 
College on October 14, 1948 with the national chapter being founded 
December 10, 1904. The colors of Pi Kappa Phi are gold, blue and white. 
Pi Kapps know that of all the men in the world, none are equal to brothers. 


Oliver Pechacek 
Santiago Escobar 
Andrew Greenstein 
David Stafford 
Christopher Meredith 

Charles Pons 
Ross Cable 
Travis Council 
John Hildenbrand 
Jeff Lee 
Scott Austin 

Zack Bonczek 
Mark Thompson 
Mark Campbell 
Brad Patton 
Carl Brosky 


Phi Mu is Think Pink-Pink Bar...Ribbit...Rose and White...Paw Prints...Cosby Night...Candlelights...Memories...Sisterhood... Please Don t Let This 
Feeling End...Sisters are Forever...Brandy Snifters-Carnation Sisters...Carnarion Ball...Laughter...Smiles... Love...Steel Magnolias-Movies... Olive 
Garden Phis "They said"-Scrapbooks...Composites-Rush Retreats...Big and Lil's...Quadrafoil...Mary, Mary, and Martha. Phi Mu s 
Kaleidoiope-Alumnae-Macon Out in Georgia...3-D...Senior Wills...Road Trips...Phi Mu Phantom-TP and Tapinfr..S^ F,del.Jj.ons...I».nk 
Castles...Procrastinarion...Why-Pyros-Fire Drills...Phi Dinners-Love, Honor, and Truth...Pink Formals-Paint the World Pink...GO PHI MU- 

Phi Muisthe second oldest and fifth largest national sorority. Phi Muwas 
founded on March 4, 1854 at Wesleyan college in Macon, Georgia. The 
Alpha Tau chapter of Phi Muwas founded in 1954. Their flower is the rose 
carnation and their colors are rose and white. Phi Mu's mascot is the lion, 
their jewel is the pearl and their open motto is "The Faithful Sisters." 



Sigma Alpha Epsilon is...Big Parties...Shiny Pins...Beastmaster Award—Brown Bagger...Bubble gum...Tough guy...Jcrky...Ruc... Bernie...Jim's 1st Year 
Ann..Banquet...WeddingRings...SweetT-LittleBoys...TatSpaniowz...Hollywood...Brotherhood...Phi Alpha...RheaShirgio...Pauli-Huh-Huh...Intramural 
hogs...Lablidiot...Mushroom Head...Karate Keith...Do you know who I am?...Lay Down. ..Set Me Up...I See How You Are.-.Hot Box...Mission 
Impossible...Slack Lil...Lil Last Batch...Thanks!... Chick Magnet. ..Rat Boy...We Promise!!. ..Leo...Minerva...Florida Gamma...Gerbal...Sigma Alpha 
Eplison...The Gentlemen...Hypa-Menatater.. .Canoe Finale...Weekend...Don...Pumpkin Head Boyette...The Addams Family... Pauli's Blood Bath. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded on March 9, 1856 at the University of 
Alabama at Tuscaloosa. The Florida Gamma chapter was founded on 
November 12, 1949. Sigma Alpha Epsilon's symbol is the lion. It 
represents the chapter's dedication to vitality as well as the virtue of being 
a true gentleman and embracing eternal friendship. 


Todd Percy 
Matt Sennet 
Bill Blomeley 

Jim Roberts 

Neal Bogosian 

Jack Snider 

Tripp Norton 

Dave Boyette 

Kevin Wall 

Dave Brockley 

Dan Nelson 

Paul Mena 

Britt Swaine 


Sigma Chi is...The White Cross...AH-Sports Champs...Odie...3rd Floor Crew!. ..Bid Day...Alumni...Sweetheart, Sara...Roger, ADPi Sweetheart...Wade 
Alpha ChiSweetheart...Druska, the Womanizer...Sega...Tony / Can You Cut a Check For Me?...Eh, Get Ta' Know Me!. ..Space Shettle...AXL...Rhodesy...Who 
Took Browny's Shirt?...Bud...Retreat...Opie...SL Petc.Jake, Boog Dog!... Chapter Room Wrestlemania...Smitty...AAAFTFrH!... Little Sisters...The Norman 
Shield...Huuuughes!...Why ask Why?... Flipper, Gumbo YaYa!...Tack...UncleYammies...TheBigDippaaaa!...I-Week...Doherty..."D"...Tim...Where's Brett? 
No, the Other One...Ryan, the Real McCoy...B.K...Doogie ...Rirual...Committment...A Way of Life...True Brothers. 

The Sigma Chi fraternity was founded in 1855 at Miami University in 
Oxford, Ohio. For over thirty years, the spirit of Sigma Chi has shined at 
Florida Southern College with the Epsilon Sigma chapter. With over 30 
active brothers, Sigma Chi continues to maintain the high ideals of friendship, 
justice, andlearning. Sigma Chi is very competitive in intramural sports and 
other Greek competitions. Every year Sigma Chi involves the sororities on 
campus in Derby Days, its largest annual fundraiser. Proceeds go to 
Wheelhouse and the Geo Wallace Center. Sigma Chi is more than just a 
fraternity; It is an opportunity and a way of life. 


Mike Marcell 
Brian Rutledge 
Dan Pruehs 
John Doherty 
Daryll Denson 
Todd Shettle 
Brett Bowman 
Brian Kennedy 
Bill Brown 

Scott Anderson 
Brian O'Driscoll 
Tim Siedem 
Wade Patterson 
Rich Chapman 
Roger Whiteman 
William James 
Ray Inman 
Kevin Neal 
Rich McGlynn 

Grant Wainscott 
Alan Dozer 
Brian Hughes 
William Rhodes 
Mike Smith 
Scott Tackett 
Ryan Phillips 
Thomas Leahy 
Nicholas Arnold 
Not Pictured: 

Brett Thompson 
Michael Jeffries 
Brian Layton 
Steven Douglas 
Craig Roberts 
John Vondruska 
Scott Ferguson 
Chris Asbell 

''=•<* I 


Theta Chi is...Tight...Dougie Utah...Big...Sean...UVA...Fire...Joc Bob...smell ya...Late Night Terror...Solid...Unity and Rcspect...Burrow...Get It 
Done...Rip Club. ..Eat It...Chilly Willy...Helmut...X-Man Club...Cookies N'Crcam...Dog...Squid...Grog...Chinstrap...The Barber...Roberts...Why Can't 
You Do It?...Foil...Brotherhood...Equality... Excellence...Rcvcnge...Nice Onion...Tool...Swing...It... Vegetable...Garden...Drag It Skip...The 
Truck...Jeep...Hansens... Bad Boy Club...Vegas...Pull the Goalie..-222's..TRI'S...Mike Myers...Mattresses not VCR's...Ho...You Know If s 
True...Hardball...Lef s Do It...Anti/Slack...Eat It...Have to Have It...Vote...REDDMAN...Safety. 

Theta Chi fraternity was founded inl856 at Norwich University in Norwich, 
Vermont. The Gamma Delta chapter was introduced to the Florida Southern 
College campus in 1946 and since then has proven to bea builder of character 
and inspirer of true friendship. A brother of Theta Chi is not just a member 
of a fraternity, he is also part of a family. Look for Theta Chi. 

Not Pictured: 
David Uva 
Joe Fumari 


Zeta Tau Alpha is...Baakaw...Bill who?...Get Off With Your Bad SelfL.Greek Week Champs Again!...Pout...Opes...Ooh-Rah...I.V... Q.M...Round- 
up...Snap...Co-Jo Em...Gaige and Payle...Shari and Shawn...Kerr-Bear...Bonk...Kaus...Senoir!...Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum...Mom Higgins...Mr. 
Greek...Vinny... WEU...Sweethearts...Emz...Ria...Lolo...Pill...Right Here BabeL.NotL.They'll Get Over It!...You Want To What!?...Why Ask Why..Xaura/ 
Sophie/Jane...Groovy...Yeah, Right...6 JA's...Volleyball Players...KROP...Crown Chapter Again...New Orleans Spring Break. 

Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority was founded in Farmville, Virginia, at Longwood 
College in 1 898. Nine women joined together to become the original founding 
members. Six enthusiastic girls established theDelta Beta Chapter at Florida 
Southern College in 1956. As of last fall, the chapter has a total of 50 
members. Their national philanthropy is the Association of Retarded 
Citizens. Through their service projects, such as the Mr. Greek Contest, the 
Zetas are also able to make a donation to the Special Olympics. This year they 
held their first Crown Classic Race. The sorority's motto is "Seek the 
Noblest," their symbol is the crown, and the chapter mascot is the frog. 


Becky Thysen 
Maris Norris 
Melissa Padgett 
Marcy Bullard 
Jill Dittus 
Jen Cross 
Barb Burnham 
Amy Ganger 
Jen Simpson 
Tracy Goelz 

Amy Day 
Gayle E'Nama 
Paige Goodman 
Tanya Pollnow 
Cammie Iosue 
Jill Greene 
Kerry Krichbaum 
HoUy Huber 
K.C. Canada 
Nancy Hoskinson 

Emily Rohm 
Maria Fallon 
Christina Younkers 
Phyllis Gross 
Kelley Emery 
Laurie Hawk 
Kelly Walls 
Donna Deragon 
Jill Pugh 
Holly Bicknell 

Kim Wilson 
l.ibbic Millen 
Shauna Young 
Lori Nicholason 
Emily Schorr 
Melanie Hill 
Jill Easton 
Sharon Schroer 
Mindy Pugsley 
Lesley Robichaud 



This has been an exciting year for the sports 
program at FSC. The athletes have worked 
hard this season in preparation for achieving 
their goals. All of the teams set high standards 
and their achievements are proof of their 

For example, the soccer team finished their 
impressive season with, for the first time ever, 
a national ranking and the volleyball team 
finished fourth at the NCAA Division II National 
Volleyball Championship this season. The 
cheerleaders continued to sparkle this year on 
the sidelines at Men's and Women's Basketball 

FSC is proud of the athletic department and 
appreciates the outstanding spirit of competition 
that they possess. 

Bill Drost makes the grade for FSCs Men's Basketball Team, as some 

of DeVry's players stand in awe. 

FSCs athletic program teaches success 
on the field, as well as in the game of 

— Katy Cortelyou 

Jill Stephens and Kari Kiepe do some 
■^j, C digging/ while teammates Becky 

Thyhsen and Leigh Ann Justice block in 
synchronized motion. 

67/ Sports 

The Mocs 29-game schedule this season, was a 
tough pre-conference slate of Division II powers, along 
with a tournament featuring six major Division I schools. 
Although the Moccasins lost five seniors from last sea- 
son, Coach Gibbons was very optimistic. 

"With seven new players, we have a lot of work 
ahead. The players and staff are looking forward to the 
new season," he said. 


Manager David Uva Tim Gatz 

Reggie Washington Jesse White 

Chet Galloway Bill Conners 

Shanaka Weerasooriya Asst. Coach Joe Niland 

Larry Murphy Head Coach Gordon Gibbons 

Tony Newberg Mike Spain 

Scott Head St. Aide Tim Cheeney 

Chris Lee St. Aide Chris Conley 

Randy Hagerdon Mgr. Brandon Stritch 

Bill Drost Trainer Hugh Harling 

Sports 168 

The past two years have been tough for our Lady 
Moccasins, but with the help of their returning starters 
and the enthusiasm of the incoming freshmen the Ladies 
are raring to go. Head Coach Norm Benn said, "I'm 
optimistic about this season. For the first time in two 
years, we have some experience on the squad." 


Bm i' I 

Kelly Charron 
Jill Stephens 
Stacey Ungashick 
Julie Milford 
Andrea Evans 

Angie Robinson Head Coach Norm Benn Amy Conklin 

Cindy Shannon Asst. Coach Dot Schoeller Rhonda Ross 

Emily Sisson Tracy Salmon Ladreda Borom 

Manager Lisa Colaiocco Lorraine Richer TrainerNita Hospel 
Asst. Coach Frank Lopez Stacey Sherbon 

691 Sports 

>•> >> 

The Moccasin baseball team was practicing in 
early January in order to prepare themselves for a win- 
ning season. Coach Anderson stated, "This should be an 
exciting year. After a fifth place finish in the World Series 
in 1991, we hope to do better in 1992." 


Row One: 
Jason Neel 
Mark Sobolewski 
Rodney Morris 
Steve Marchitto 
Rick Mariucci 
Jeff Marchitto 
Tom Hilbert 
Tim Leto 

Row Two: 
Jeff Haag 
Scott Robillard 
Steve Gressel 
John DeClue 
Glenn Getner 
Richard Townsend 
Chris DeClue 
Brian Cone 
Shawn Wallace 

Row Three: 
Ken Chapman 
Brett Whidden 
Todd Hudson 
Greg S cheer 
John Morsehead 
Mark Ashley 
Jason Peterson 
Tom Taylor 
Robert Turkett 

Row Four: 
Todd Taylor 
Mike Mullen 
Mike Pratt 
Brett Fitzgerald 
Russ Hedgecock 
Jason Leto 
Eddie G ji I laid 
Chuck Bauer 
John Adamczewski 


With a talented group returning, and an impressive 
cast of newcomers, the outlook for 1992, was a bright 
one. Returning to the mound and behind home plate, 
were Candy Carrico and Andrea Fellner. The newcom- 
ers were experienced in both infield and outfield posi- 
tions, so depth was no problem for the Lady Mocs this 
season. The 1992 schedule included not only the Sun- 
shine State Conference, but also a doubleheader with the 
University of South Florida and South Carolina-Spar- 


1* WW 

Courtney Asbee Ginger Dudley Michelle Montgomery Chrissy Teresi 

Karen Conway 
Tangi Burns 
Brandi Britton 

Michelle Beale 
Tonya Regoli 
Amy Dyer 
Candy Carrico 
Asst. Coach Al Belotto 

Andrea Fuller 
Trainer Nita Hospel 
Julie Hansen 
Kellie Robinson 

Coach Chris Belotto 

Jana Merten 
Katy Cortelyou 
Wanda Graham 

7y Sports 

At the beginning of their season, the Lady Mocs 
were ranked seventh in the American Volleyball Coaches 
Association Poll. By the end of the season, their record 
was 36-10 and they finished fourth at the NCAA Divi- 
sion II National Volleyball Championships. Three of the 
Lady Mocs were named to the All-Sunshine State Con- 
ference first team, along with receiving AVC A All-South 
honors: Becky Thyhsen, Leigh Ann Justice, and Christi 




y ' ■ a f ? At * 

Kelly Fitzgerald 
Paige DuBois 
Christy Nash 
Liza Villarreal 

Jill Stephens Kari Kiepe Trainer Nita Hospel 

Becky Perez Leigh Ann Justice Shannan Brown 

Missy Meyer Asst. Coach Susan Freeman Becky Thyhsen 

Sharon Schroer Head Coach Lois Webb Amy Thoeming 

Sports 172 

The Mocs' Soccer team finished with a 10-8 record, 
their first winning season since 1978. The Mocs were 
ranked as high as #20 in the Nation and #5 in the South. 
This national ranking was their first ever and team play- 
ers succeeded in making impacts on the field: Roberto 
Rampino - second team All-South; Frank Bresk - Honor- 
able Mention All-State and Second Team All-Conference; 
Team Captain Phil Bethea, John Idle, and Barry Young- 
Honorable Mentions All-Conference . Coach Snow said, 
"I've been at F.S.C. for 11 years and this was our most suc- 
cessful and exciting season." 


George Gansner 
Roberto Rampino 
Tyler Hall 

Head Coach Sam Snow 
Asst. Coach Kris Pahl 

Phil Bethea 
Frank Bresk 
John Congrove 
John Idle 
Barry Young 

Trainer Hugh Marling 
James Francke 
Sidney O'Neal 
Andy Thompson 
Chris McLaurin 

Darryl Denson 
Rick Fredrickson 
Mike Hulten 
Matt Sennet 
Jose Hernandez 

731 Sports 

The Cross Country teams ran through a season of 
rebuilding and retrenching. A crop of new recruits helped 
the men's team achieve a fourth place finish at the 
conference meet and the women's team placed fourth 


Corey Mansfield Brian DeAngelis Chad Magnuson Not Picured: 
Brad Patton William Jay Keith Summers Coach Tom Kelly 

Coach Mike Way Clint Haldane Ken Bailey 

Sports 174 

The golf team of 1992 faced a challenge that had 
never been conquered by a Division II golf team in the 
history of the NCAA. Only seven times has a team won 
two National Championships in a row and never has a 
team had a 3rd Championship come their way. This 
year, four of the 1991 Golf Team members returned to 
play. Their goal was to qualify for the National Cham- 
pionships and to be successful in representing Florida 
Southern in the fashion they richly deserve. 


Corey Doel 
Mike Cloer 
Rodney Butcher 

Gary Cona 
Chad Lucovsky 
Teke Carson 

Coach Charley Matlock 

Tony Westbrock 
Richard Cole 
Darron Stiles 

Kurt Marty 
Cameron Murray 
Matt Boyce 

751 Sports 

t , t * * r* 

In 1991 the Lady Mocs maintained a 21-5 record and 
earned a National Ranking of fourth place. In 1992 the 
team had a great nucleus with six returning players from 
the previous spring and their schedule included a trip to 
California where they received more national recognition. 


Laura Newmark Rachel Mamolou 

Dana Suttile Caroline Albertsma 

Padget Cole Laura Hersey 

Head Coach Ed Jeffries 
Mara Sullivan 
Lori Feingold 

Not pictured: 
Jennifer Race 


Sports l7tfy 

Since 1948 the Florida Southern College water ski 
team has been going strong. This year was no exception. 
Team members ranged from top ranked competitors to 
excellent newcomers. National champion Mark Ritchhart 
served his second year as coach and was overjoyed 
about the desire and goals the team was striving to 
achieve. Top skiers on the FSC team were: Mark Bedsole, 
Noel Slater, Liz Peoples, and Amy Cromack and the 
powerful men's trick team took a lead in winning 
tournaments this year, as well. 


Cris Ashbill 
Liz Peoples 
Erica Cope 
Michelle Barnes 
Amy Cromack 

Cheryl Bermeo 
Dan Nelson 
Bill Blomeley 
Nick Shirgio 
John Baldwin 

Mark Reemelin 
Bill Glynn 

Noel Slater 
Mark Bedsole 

Coach Mark Richart Andrew Turner 

Brian Walsh 
Brent Swanson 

Scott Fessler 


771 Sports 

This year's Florida Southern Cheerleaders were seen 
displaying their "Moc Spirit" at the men's and women's 
basketball games. The squad consisted of eight members, 
two of which returned from last year. They performed a 
variety of cheers and dances with dynamic stunts and 
tumbling, as well as a crowd pleasing half-time routine. 

Along with promoting school spirit, the FSC cheer- 
leaders judged tryouts and competitions for local high 
school squads. They also helped at fundraising events 
sponsored by Florida Southern athletic teams. 


Heather Luckie Christy Mills Sonia Ward Molly Vogt 

Dawn Rhoades (C apt.) Nikki Bedard Elisa Hamm (Co-Capt.) Lesli Lazanis 

Sports 178 

Student Life 

Life on the Florida Southern campus en- 
compasses activities offering community and 
student services. While the Student Govern- 
ment Association serves as a liaison between 
students and administration /faculty, the Stu- 
dent Union Board coordinates events like ca- 
noe trips, study breaks, and performances by 
special guests. 

The opportunities to experience FSC's stu- 
dent life are great with sorority, dorm, and 
commuter representatives in the Association 
of Women Students, Circle K offering commu- 
nity service, religious life supporting spiritual 
growth and fellowship, and international as- 
pects integrating American and foreign stu- 
dents into the FSC program. At FSC student 
life is full! 

"You've lost that lovin' feeling." David Gulli takes the spotlight 

during "O-Week '91," but it looks like Pete Davis is just 

"Chopping Broccoli" in the background. 

Getting involved is the key to a successful 
social and academic life. Everything we do 
outside academics will build our character, 
confidence, and a sense of friendship that 
will become intrinsical parts of our careers 
for years to come. 

— Ernesto Silva 

What? You're telling me I could've gotten 
this book cheaper at the SGA Book Swap?! 

Student Life 

The Student Government As- 
sociation (SGA) coordinates the 
various subsidiaries of student government 
to enhance a cooperative working relation- 
ship among the college administration, the 
faculty, and the student body. The goal of 
SGA is to bring valid student suggestions 
to the attention of the college administra- 
tion and effectively pursue a course of ac- 
tion, for example environmental aware- 
ness and security have been instilled 
through the SGA sponsored campus- 
wide recycling program and the Student 
Escort Service . 

Only one more photo, please... I need to get ready for an SGA 

meeting! Sara Rust (center) was one of several senators on the 

Student Government during 1991-92. 

I don't know about you guys, 

but I'm going to an SGA 


SGA Officers: Julie Westendorf, 

Vice President; Heather 

Benedict, President; Missy 

Ayers, Secretary; Brett Freese, 


SGA: Melinda 

McConnaughhay, Bill Brown, 

Kris Fessel, Julie Westendorf, 

Holly Higinbotham, Heather 

Benedict, Rick DePianta, Karen 

Brown, Kevin Thuman, Annie 

Avery, Dean Kimberly 

Pickering, , Drew Forness Matt 

Brown, Brett Freese, Brad Scott, 

Fred Wolfe, Hank Brain, Shae 

Harrell, Sara Rust, Missy 


Student Life 

^T T¥> The Student Union Board 
^ ^ ** (SUB) strives to establish 
a myriad of opportunities for Florida 
Southern College students to meet, 
interact, and take a break from the 
rigors of college life. SUB plans the 
O-Week and Greek Week dances, as 
well as occasional other dances dur- 
ing the course of each school year. 
This year SUB sponsored a trip to Sea 
World, as well as camping and ca- 
noeing excursions. SUB is also fa- 
mous for its hot wings study breaks. 

Power Twins activate into SUB thinking caps. 

Student Union Board Officers: Jennifer Simpson, 
Secretary/Treasurer; Jennifer Kleman, President; Jim 
Evans, Vice President. 

%, „ 


4 L 

Student Union Board 1991-92 

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's on a SUB weekend we go! 

Student Life 


The Association of Women 
Students (AWS) strives for 
cheerfulness, prosperity, well-being, and 
the progress of community involvement at 
Florida Southern College. Their goal is to 
maintain a system of government to make 
every aspect of life in college more produc- 
tive. This year AWS sponsored the success- 
ful "Winter Wonderland" fashion show, as 
well as other student-related activities. 

I'm telling you - AWS is a rising star. 

Association of Women Students: Christina Alfieri, Missy Ayers, Macy Bennett, Nicole Brozyna, Toni Butterfield, Kellie Chaplin, Joy 
Cramer, Amy Day, Angie DiDomineck, Katie Dowdy, Susanne Fontana, Annie Franco, April Hallman, Shae Harrell, Samantha Harries, 
Emily Harris, Laurie Hawk, Tracy Heffner, Laura Hersey, Holly Higinbotham, Millicent Horton, Kelly Jackson, Dawn King, Kimberly 
Kloots, Jennifer LaRochelle, Kena Leak, Ashley Leech, Marisol Lugo, Paula Malfitano, Deanne Malley, Rachel Mamolou, Liz Marretta, 
Janet Meginley, Monique Montgomery, Candice Nelson, Susie Nelson, Laura Nofi, Marris Norris, Melanie Norris, Melissa Padgett, Vicky 
Pagel, Lesli Powell, Jodi Reed, Yamira Santos, Tina Schneider, Jennifer Simpson, Vikki Sparkman, Laura Speier, Jody Steg, Jennifer 
Swisher, Jessica Traupman, Christy Umsted, Kara Wahlbrink, Sonia Ward, Mendy Watson, Leslie Weninger, Jenni White, Ann Williams, 
Kymberli Williams. 

Association of Women Students Officers: 

Jennifer Simpson, Vice President; Melissa 

Ayers, President; Michelle Gesche, Advisor; 

Kellie Chaplin, Clerk; Laura Speier, 

Secretary /Treasurer. 

Student Life 

J A. S & lv/Y. S Resident 
Advisors are often the most important 
people in the lives of new Florida South- 
ern students, by helping them adjust to 
the ways of college life. JA's and RA's 
help first-time FSC students, by being a 
friend and counselor who lives close 
enough to be found any time, day or 

Three's not a crowd when it comes to new friends. 
Freshmen Stacie Colbum and Mendy Watson get to know 
Junior Advisor Christina Younkers as they swing into 
FSC life on the front porch of Student Personnel. 

Junior and Resident Advisors: 
Row I: Dawn Mura, Susanne 
Fontana, Missy Ayers, Jennifer 
Simpson, Maria Fallon; Row 
II: Cindy Oakley, Missy 
Turbeville, Christina 
Younkers, Sara Rust, Heather 
Bischoff, Emily Rohm, Jennifer 
Kleman; Row III: Julie Kent, 
Julie Westendorf, Stephanie 
Moorhead, Renee Cook; Row 
IV: Dave Campbell, Brad 
Scott, Scott Tackert, T.J. Leahy, 
Marc Zeff, Brant Menswar, 
Brett Freese, Trent Davis, John 

Miss Molly's & Mr. Moc's^^f^et 

transition to college life eas- 
ier by corresponding with 
new students the summer 
before their years at FSC 

Miss Molly's and Mr. Moc's: Christine 
Shiver, Tripp Norton, Lorie Gleason, Scott 
Goodger, Laurie Hawk, Jackie Withers, 
Drew Forness, Dixie Choate, Holly 
Higinbotham, Susan Meltzer, Kena Leak, 
Kelley Emery, Todd Percy, Marc Zillman, 
Tanya Pollnow, Kellie Chaplin, Audrey 
McDowell, Leslie Weninger, Denise 
Pontuti, Shae Harrell, Javier Viera, 
Michelle Gesche, Kathy Ferrara, Mark 
Caldwell, Mandy Alston, Hank Brain, 
Jane Newell, Brian Nottage, Jill Greene, 
Donna Deragon, Tricia Banks, Bill Brown. 

Student Life 

> * * * "• 


&TT7/^ 1 The Inter- Fraternity 
IJri^ Council (IFC) is the gov- 
erning board for all Greek men. IFC 
sponsors the male rush programs, while 
Panhellenic, an organization for all Greek 
women, serves as the governing and co- 
ordinating body for FSC's six sororities, 
organizing various all-sorority pro- 
grams. IFC and Panhellenic promote 
Greek unity, and the respect, under- 
standing, and acceptance for those 
participating in Greek-life. 

With this investment we could really win big. Brett 
Freese and Scott Goodger try to find winning ways for 


O.K. You're going to chair that committee. Heather 

Benedict delegates some work for Panhellenic. 

Panhellenic: Cindy Hoskinson, 

Amy Fisher, Heather Benedict, 

Sue Kulp, Jennifer Simpson, 

Joy Milner, Julie Westendorf, 

Tracy Chaires, Susanne 

Fontana, Sunny Turner, 

Stephanie Viehman, Paige 

Farmer, Amy Day, Paula 

Huffman, Amy Srroyan. 

IFC: Keith Berend, Andy 

Macey, Steve Parker, Scott 

Anderson, Santiago Escobar, 

Michelle Gesche, John Turek, 

Paul Mena, Oaryl Denson, 

Brent Hering, Brandon Stritch, 

Andy Shenk, Jim Ransom, 

Oliver Pechacek, Brett Freese. 

Student Life 


The Student Ambassadors were created for 
the purpose of giving prospective students 
guided tours of FSC's beautiful Frank Lloyd 
Wright campus. Selected by Admissions and 
faculty, these students serve as a voice for 
the FSC community, welcoming guest 
speakers and other important visitors to the 
college. Celebrating only their second year 
on campus, the student ambassadors are a 
welcomed addition to our college. 

Hello, I'm your tour guide Sharon Ott and we are now outside 
the Ordway Building. 

I can't go today, 111 be giving a tour of the campus. 

Prospective students are sure to attend FSC once they've been 
greeted with a warm Student Ambassador smile. 

Student Ambassadors: Row I: 
Maria Fallon, Sharon Ott, Susan 
Meltzer, Brett Freese, Christina 
Ch'Ng; Row II: Christina Younkers, 
Stefanie Lang, Shannon Jarrett, 
Laura Speier, Jason Squitier; Row 
III: Brant Menswar, Vinny Iosue, 
Tracy Heffner, Mark Caldwell, Hank 

Student Life 

v> ♦■•:;< 


Intramural sports are exciting and 
competitive facets of the Florida Southern 
experience. Great for staying fit or just 
plain having fun, Intramurals allow 
fraternity, sorority, and independent teams 
to compete in a variety of different sports. 
The Intramural sports program is on the 
uprise in campus popularity and is 
certainly an exciting aspect of college life 

Student Life {86 

"Where did the ball go?" Everybody looks surprised 
during this Intramural game, including Intramural's 
Director Larry Powell. 

Body Slamming...Is this Dance Fever or FSC Intramural 

Student Life 


ITMeligious Life 

without its important place in Florida 
Southern College life. Various religiously 
affiliated organizations exist on campus to 
contribute to the spiritual awareness of 
students. Groups such as ACF and the 
Wesley Fellowship allow students the 
opportunity to join together in Christian 
fellowship. Additional organizations and 
events include the chapel choir, chapel 
services, and Roman Catholic services. 

Javier Viera seems to believe that "man cannot live 

by bread alone." 

Student Life (88 

Wesley Fellowship 1991-92 

Sponsored byrj^lo If 

Kiwarus International, V-^ XX L1C XV 
Circle K is a collegiate service and social 
club for students. Members of Circle K 
offer their time to various service 
endeavors each year. Some of these service 
activities include helping with chapel 
services, assisting the recycling program, 
and ushering for the Festival of Fine Arts. 
Through its conscientious efforts, Circle 
K has completed yet another successful 
year at Florida Southern College. 

O.K. Turn the spotlight off, I can't see. 
Hello and whaf s your name? 

Circle K: Beckie Clark, 
Jennifer Cross, Charlotte 
Gopher, Samantha Harries, 
Tracy Heffner, Denise Hefke, 
Tracy Hiller, Dina Kalinoski, 
Lisa Koch, Kim Kloots, 
Nonnie LoFrumento, Laurel 
Loften, Paula Malfitano, 
Alicia McCole, Jennifer 
MoUison, Rebecca Olmsted, 
Melissa Padgett, Tanya 
Pollnow, Adelita Rivera, 
Garen Seiler, Jennifer 
Simpson, Holly Tuxberry, 
Sonia Ward, Wendy Wicker, 
Kymberli Williams, Heather 
Wilson, Alisa White, Missy 
Ayers, Jody Steg, Tina 

Student Life 


^- ■% * International 

d 111 CI 611 1 S Students Association 
(ISA) is an organization with the goal of 
creating a lasting attitude of goodwill and 
peace on the campus, in the community, 
and across the world. It focuses on educating 
the community about diversities and 
similarities among people from all nations. 

Ingun Hoel shares the international language of music, as she 

practices her piano skills. 

"To be or not to be," that is the question Goetz von 
Berlichingen of Germany asks. 

International Students Association: Cheonmok Kim, Kouichi Furuta, Kanae Okuyama, 

Michelle Gesche, Eva Helsing, Chris Vasquez, Gerhard Toth, Sabrina Chowdhury, Udani 

Rahman, Sujatha Rajarum, Christina Ch'Ng, Candice Nelson, Brian Nottage, Michael 


Just writing a letter to some friends in Europe. FSC students like to take their work 

outside under the warm Florida sunshine. 

Student Life 

Senior Class 

"Children of the Sun" 

Just hearing the word "senior" makes this 
year's graduating class shine. This one word 
encompasses much meaning for four-year col- 
lege students. The World Book Dictionary 
lists several definitions for that awesome word: 

Senior - 

1) an older person 

2) a person of higher rank or longer service 

3) a student who is a member of the gradu- 
ating class. ..of a college 

Thus, Florida Southern Seniors are the eld- 
est students on campus, maintaining higher 
rank due to longer service, as members of the 
1992 Graduating Class. They will look at Flor- 
ida Southern not only as a place of learning, 
but as their Alma Mater, as well. 

Between studying and serving in Operation Desert Storm, 
Chuck Pons remained busy while attending Florida Southern. 
His involvement in the Gulf crisis inspired many students on 


Through my years at FSC, I've been 
involved in many organizations. Being 
active and taking part in school is the best 
experience you can get out of college. 

— Melissa Mercado 
Nancy McWilliams, Therese Smith, and 
Kuryne Lee formed a lasting friendship, 
during their years at FSC 


Lauren M. Acord 

Tammy D. Ahlbrandt 

Jennifer N. Albright 

Michelle E. Allen 

Christine Almeida 

Jonathan S. Anderson 

Karen S. Anderson 

Laurie I. Ankli n 

Allison M. Arnold 

Melissa A. Ayers 

Senior Spotlight 

Heather Doreen Benedict 

Heather Doreen Benedict is originally from Bridgeport, 
Connecticut. She is an education major who has been active in 
the Greek and political aspects of campus life at FSC. Her 
activities include being president of the Student Government 
Association, Order of Omega, and Panhellenic. She is also vice 
president of Omicron Delta Kappa. Heather is in the Kappa 
Delta sorority and is involved in Kappa Delta Pi, the education 
honorary. She is a Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter Sweetheart and 
AM. Class Sweetheart. She has also been a Junior Advisor, 
Miss Molly, member of AWS, junior and sophomore class 
president, and part of the Orientation Week and Founders 
Week committees. Her goals after gradua tion are to further her 
education in a graduate program and to work with early 
childhood and exceptional children. While at FSC, Heather 
received the Outstanding Sophomore Award and she has 
learned that "not all things come from textbooks, but from day 
to day experiences." Heather shared a statement that she has 
practiced at FSC, "Never, never quit." 

Andrea F. Bailey 
Heather L. Bailey 
Charles F. Barrett 
Robert W. Baxla 
Marc L. Bedsole 

Teresa L. Beebe 

Heather D. Benedict 

Kenneth R. Benton 

Cheryl J. Bermeo 

Natasha O. Bethell 


David A. Blewett 

Susan B. Blomquist 

Anastasia Bochis 

Christopher J. Boening 

Neal Bogosian 

Anna M. Bolet 

Brenna F. Boring 

Christine M. Bower 

Kerri A. Boyle 

Scott A. Bressler 

Laura J. Brittenham 

David P. Brockley 

Tracey A. Brown 

Deborah Buchheit 

Marcy L. Bullard 

Barbara Burnham 
Tangela Bums 
Brian A. Callahan 
Julie L. Callahan 
Andrea L. Calvert 

Kim Camerier 

David A. Campbell 

Dianna S. Campbell 

Kimberly C. Campbell 

Susan R. Campbell 

Christian L. Cerbino 

Raschelle A. Cesari 

Cathy D. Chalfant 

Cheryl Champion 

Clay G. Chancey 

Steven H. Chasey 

Areti T. Clark 

Robin L. Clark 

Geri Clary 

John P. Cleveland 

93 J Seniors 

t t » • * l 

George R. Coats 

Tara L. Cochran 

Peggy S. Cochrane 

Thomas C Cooksey 

Nicholas R. Coon 

Travis D. Council 

Joy E. Cramer 

Richard J. Crawford 

Eric Crites 

Jennifer K. Cross 

Senior Spotlight 

Wendy Shae Harrell 

Wendy Shae Harrell is from Winter Haven, Florida. Her 
major is communications with an emphasis in journalism. 
Shae has earned experience in her field of study as editor of the 
Interlachen and associate editor of The Sou them . Her other ac- 
tivities on campus include Omicron Delta Kappa, Judicial 
Review Board justice , Student Government Association sena- 
tor and Commuter Committee chairperson. She also worked 
with the Orientation Week Committee, the Founders Week 
Committee, AWS, the Big Buddy program and was selected as 
a Miss Molly. Her term as French Club president was ex- 
tended into an intensive French study program in Quebec. 
Shae participated in the 1 991 production of "The Desk Set" and 
received a Best Actress Award for the year. Other awards she 
has received include Who's Who and President's Scholar. 
Shae's goal upon graduation is to further her education in 
graduate school and pursue a career in broadcasting. The 
main thing Shae has learned through her experiences at FSC is 
not to compromise what she believes in to achieve her goals 
and to strive for success. 

- ! ; .<;.-■■ •■• 

David A. Daniels 

Shannon L. Daugherty 

Barbara P. Davis 

Trent E. Davis 

Amy E. Day 

Louis Desbiens 

Mark E. Dimarzio 

Jill L. Ditrus 

Courtney Dirullio 

Cathy A. Drake 


Windy L. Earl 
Rebecca A. Eattnan 
James T. Eatmon 
Kelli A. Ebert 
Patrick W. Ellis 

Cayle A. Enama 
Eileen J. Eschrich 
Andrea D. Evans 
Maria E. Evans 
James J. Faloni 

Lori L. Feingold 
Jena Ferlise-Hall 
Karen E. Fife 
Susan M. Fife 
Teresa M. Fortenbeny 

Lynne M. Fox 
Angelina B. Franco 
Virginia Franco 
Deborah J. Franzke 
Geoffrey D. Freebern 

Judith L. Frierman 
Joseph Fuer II 
Joseph Furnari III 
Sean D. Futch 
Amy W. Ganger 

Richard J. Geringswald, Jr. 
Ellen L. Giddens 
Katherine M. Gieschen 
Wyndham J. Girard 
Tracy L. Goelz 

Christy P. Goodman 
Tara S. Grandin 
Dawn M. Griffith 
Rebecca E. Haas 
Clinton James Haldane 




George D. Hale II 

Lee A. Hall 

Julie L. Hamilton 

Shannon M. Hamrick 

Eula B. Hanscel 

Tracy D. Hardie 

Robert S. Hardy 

Wendy Shae Harrell 

Tracy D. Heffner 

Denise L. Hefke 

Senior Spotlight 

Jennifer Lynn Kleman 

Jennifer Lynn Kleman is a communications major 
with an emphasis in advertising. She is originally from 
North Port, Florida, and she enjoys walking, writing 
letters, talking on the phone and dining out. Jennifer's 
activities on campus, as president of the Student Union 
Board, have strengthened her desire to work as a cam- 
pus activities coordinator, go to graduate school and 
ultimately pursue a career in student personnel. She is 
a Zeta Tau Alpha sister, has been on the FSC cheerlead- 
ing squad, and often finds time to write for the college 
newspaper, as well. She has participated in the Student 
Government Association, FPRA, and served as a Jun- 
ior Advisor. Jennifer has also worked with the Orien- 
tation Week and Founders Week Committees. She 
believes that students should take advantage of all of 
the opportunities available to them at Florida Southern 
and her favorite quote is to "think positive, but be 

Eva M. Herrera 

Laura M. Herrera 

Linda Jo Hessinger 

Jennifer L. Hodges 

Michelle R. Hohnstreiter 

Rachel J. Hood 
Julia A. Hoppe 

Paula A. Huffman 
John I. Hughes 

Laurie K. Hughes 


Michael A. Hulten 
Edwin E. Hunt 
Kimberly B. Hunt 
Laurie A. Hurner 
David O. Hutchinson 

Jennifer E. Hutto 
Elizabeth B. Jago 
Scott J. Jakubowski 
Kenneth D. James 
William H. James 

Dolores A. Jauregui 
Cindy A. Johansen 
Shannon D. Johnson 
Shanon E. Johnson 
Leigh A. Justice 

Nancy A. Kalna 
Maryjane Keener 
Carey L. Keith 
Brian A. Kennedy 
Michael R. Ketter 

Kari E. Kiepe 
Jennifer L. Kleman 
Jennifer A. Kruck 
Elizabeth A. Lahman 
Robert L. Lambert 

Thomas J. Leahy 
Jeffrey D. Lee 
Kuryne M. Lee 
Robert R. Lefebre 
Portia L. Lewis 

Kim T. Lickliter 
Denise Lorance 
Meley L. Lorren 
Cheryln A. Lubertazza 
Dana M. Luckie 


Karyn E. Lynch 

Robert A. Macey 

Michael Jay Machado 

Kaye K. Madonia 

Jennifer A. Maiolo 

Leeann Manley 

Tracy E. Mann 

Melynda J. Mansika 

Jeffrey Marchitto 

Lynn Marretta 

Senior Spotlight 

Thomas John Leahy 

Thomas John Leahy is from Port St. Lucie, 
Florida. He's a sports enthusiast who enjoys 
spending time with friends. T.J . is a brother in the 
Sigma Chi fraternity and he is also an Alpha 
Delta Pi Little Brother. He played an instrumen- 
tal part in organizing the Association of Male 
Students at FSC and he is also a member of the 
Association of Future Accountants. He is in- 
volved in Order of Omega and the Founders 
Week Committee. T.J.'s goals include earning an 
M.B.A., his CPA designation, and then to work 
fora large accounting firm. He will take with him 
the knowledge he's learned at FSC "that life is full 
of many challenges, but with a lot of hard work 
you can succeed at anything." His favorite say- 
ing, "What the mind can conceive, the body can 
achieve," will take him far. 

Christine K. Martin 

David A. Matson 

Timothy M. May 

Tanya M. Mayhall 

Julee Maynard 

Kelly C. McCarthy 

Patricia McCool 

Melinda C. McConnaughhay 

Melissa K. McDonald 

Christopher Boyd McCill 


Katherine D. McSwain 
Nancy K. McWilliams 
Lekha S. Menon 
Melissa L. Mercado 
Terrence R. Miller 

Joy D. Milner 
Lazarus M. Mitchell 
Carta C Mobley 
Michelle Monkiewicz 
Barbara Morgan 

Fred M. Morgan 
Michelle Morton 
Robert C. Moss 
Katherine A. Mulcay 
Sean F. Murray 

Amy Mutzabaugh 
Jason A. Neel 
Deborah J. Nelson 
Thomas H. Norton III 
Niven G. Nutt 

Brian D. O'Driscoll 
Michelle L. Overcast 
Melissa E. Padgett 
Stacey A. Page 
Amy B. Pambello 

Steve Parker 
Holly M. Parsons 
Patrick W. Patterson 
Deborah A. Patton 
Elisabeth A. Peoples 

Todd D. Percy 
Karin L. Petrey 
Leonard A. Pettif ord, Jr. 
Christoph D. Phillips 
Ryan M. Phillips 


Dorene A. Pillitteri 

James M. Pogue 

Tammy D. Pohl 

Seth N. Polk 

Karen L. Pontuti 

Jacquelin V. Powers 

Megan E. Pritchard 

Sujatha Rajaram 

Tracy L. Randle 

James V. Ransom 

Senior Spotlight 

Karen Lynn Pontuti 

Karen Lynn Pontuti is an elementary\early childhood edu- 
cation major from Carrollton, Ohio. She is president of Omicron 
Delta Kappa and a sister of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority. 
Karen has shown her FSC spirit as co-captain of the college 
cheerleaders and she is a representative in Panhellenic. She be- 
longs to Order of Omega and is also a Sigma Chi Little Sister. 
During her years at FSC, she was a Junior Advisor and a Miss 
Molly and she has also served on the Founders Week Commit- 
tee. Karen was selected for Who's Who Among American 
Colleges and Universities and is on the Dean's List for her 
academic achievements. She is also involved with the education 
honorary, Kappa Delta Pi. Karen's goals upon graduation are to 
teach elementary school and to earn a masters degree. She has 
learned through her college experience at FSC "how important 
it is to stand behind what you believe in, to rise each time you 
may fall, and that the strength of true friendship and family can 
pull you through anything." Her favorite saying is "God grant 
me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to 
change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference." 

Amy C Rattman 

Nicholas A. Redd 

Walter L. Rentz 

Chantal M. Richards 

Lisa A. Riley 

Wendy E. Ritchie 

James H. Roberts, III 

Kellie S. Robinson 

Sonya D. Robinson 

Angela K. Rohrer 


Tara H. Ryan 

Virginia Salazar 

Linda R. Sandifer 

Lisa M. Santos 

Brett A. Scharf 

Susan E. Schild 

Sheila L. Scott 

Stacy L. Sexsmith 

Alice M. Shaffer 

Darek L. Sharp 

Victoria L. Sheffield 

Ernesto Silva, Jr. 

Lynn A. Simmons 

Jennifer L. Simpson 

William L. Sineath, III 

Iris S. Smith 

Linda L. Smith 

Rebecca A. Smith 

Tami S. Smith 

Therese M.. Smith 

Orrinna R. Speese 

Barbara J. Springer 

Christie L. Spurlock 

David J. Stack 

John W. Stephens 

John C. Steward 

Kimberly C. Stewart 

Michael E. Stock 

Sheryl L. Stratton 

Tamara L. Stratton 

Susan J. Stringfellow 

Amy E. Stroyan 

Lucinda M. Stuckey 

Dennine A. Suchma 

Cynthia L. Sumner 


Dana M. Suttile 

Kerry A. Taylor 

Christina L. Thayer 

Mark A. Thompson 

Rebecca L. Thyhsen 

Bryce L. Tidwell 
Gregg G. Tollini 
James E. Towey 
Anne M. Towles 
Gail H. Trochelman 

Senior Spotlight ^» 

Jatnelle Jeane Wooldridge 

Jamelle Jeane Wooldridge is from St. Petersburg, Florida. 
She is studying accounting and computer information systems 
at FSC. She is president of the Kappa Delta sorority and 
treasurer of Order of Omega. She served as president of Phi Eta 
Sigma and is currently senior advisor. Jamelle is a member of 
Omicron Delta Kappa and a little sister for the Lambda Chi 
Alpha fraternity. She is pledge educator of Phi Chi Theta and 
tutors in the study of accounting in the athletic deparment. 
Jamelle also found time to be a Junior Advisor, Intramurals 
representative, and part of the Founders Week Committee. 
Jamelle has been the recipient of various college awards, in- 
cluding the Renee Turbeville Accounting Award, Burnette- 
Gilbert Outstanding Junior Award, and President's Scholar. 
Her goals upon graduation are to pass the CPA exam and begin 
a career in public accounting. The most important thing 
Jamelle has learned at FSC is "There are many different people 
in this world with many different views. People with open 
minds can make more of a difference than those whose minds 
are closed." 

Amy L. Trogan 

Paul E. Trunzo 

Lucia I. Turk 

Sunny K. Turner 

Christena S. Umstead 

David J. Uva 

Georgette L. Varady 

Jennifer L. Vickery 

Stephanie A. Viehman 

Duane F. Vincent 


Leigh A. Vinzant 
Kimberly T. Wade 
Kara S. Wahlbrink 

Jan W. Waite, Jr. 
Kevin R. Wall 

Rebecca L. Waller 

Todd W. Ward 

Pamela J. Wendt 

Heather L. Williams 

Ronald L. Williams 

James R. Wilson 

Staci A. Winslow 

Jamelle J. Wooldridge 

Laura E. Wright 

Victoria Yarvote 

James B. Yazdan-Parasti 
Marc C Zeff 

to the Fall CLASS of 
1991 and the CLASS 

of 1992! 

03* Seniors 

I think we'll call the Senior Class Project "Take Five." Chairman 
Nancy Kalna brainstorms outside the Communications Building 

Well, I honestly can't believe the time has gone by so 

quickly. Sheila Scott and Becky Eatmon agree that time 

flies when you're having funl 

Hey, did you see that Intramurals game yesterday? Neal Bogo- 

sian, Tripp Norton, and Intramural President Todd Percy teach 

freshman Marcus Cobbe about the latest lingo in college sports. 


Koby Kirwin smiles as he remembers the fun he had 

attending FSC . 

Seniors fl04) 

Money or air mail? Amy Mutzabaugh opens her box in anticipa- 


Junior Class 

Rays of Success 

As we look back on our junior year at 
Florida Southern College, we are assailed 
with memories of late night study breaks at 
// Wags / " weekend excursions to local places 
of interest, professors and administrators who 
took the time to care, and friendships that 
will last a lifetime. As third year veterans, we 
consider Florida Southern to be our home 
away from home. Here we have worked, 
played and struggled to achieve. Our junior 
year has been a busy time that has proved 
our worth as able Florida Southern students, 
as well as strong individuals. 

"Say cheese!" Kathy Ferrara focuses in on life at Florida 


The junior class has been through everything, 
from the Gainesville murders to the Gulf 
War. We haven't made "school" friends that 
will become memories. We have made "true" 
friends that will last a lifetime. 

— Brant Menswar 
Vinny Iosue, Chris Gannon, Drew Forness, 
and Christine Findlay take time to study 
before a test. 


John J. Adamczewski, Jr. 

David J. Adams 

Shannon E. Agnew 

Caroline A. Albertsma 

Jeffrey S. Alleborn 

David F. Ammerman 

Angela M. Apostol 

Denise E. Ashdown 

Scott R. Austin 

Kenneth M. Bailey 

Todd M. Bair 

Cheray N. Balentine 

Tricia L. Banks 

Michelle A. Barnes 

Carolyn A. Barnett 

Jennifer M. Barton 

John A. Bazley, II 

Douglas S. Becker 

Michelle L. Becker 

Emily J. Bennett 

Janice L. Berry 

Thomas O. Berryhill, HI 

Philip P. Bethea, IV 

Ian M. Bethune 

Heather L. Bischoff 

Alan R. Black 

Anne C. Blondeau 

Constance J. Boakes 

Zachary J. Bonczek 

Ladreda A. Borom 

Laurie L. Bostelman 

Brian Boushie 

Brett K. Bowman 

David J. Boyette 

Christina M. Bratten 

Brandie L. Britton 

George H. Britton, III 

Marcus R. Brixa 

Julie L. Brock 

Gina L. Brooks 

Carl A. Brosky 

Stephanie M. Brown 

Kristin L. Bubenick 

Ross E. Cable 

Kathryn C. Canada 

Jennifer L. Cannata 

Charles M. Carnes 

Candice A. Carrico 


It's O.K., popcorn's good for you! The Wellness Commit- 
tee sponsors FSC's annual Health Fair, serving treats and 
information that are good for you. 
FSC is a great place to be! 

Terry P. Carter 
Harry A. Cassarino 
Cheryl C. Causey 
Jennifer A. Cayer 
Tracy A. Chaires 
Lisa J. Chandler 

Christopher L. Chatfield 
Rachelle L. Childress 
Geoffrey H. Chretien 
Sylvia A. Clark 
Tami L. Clarke 
Jeanne M. Claycomb 

Michael G. Cloer 
Kerri Jo Collins 
Gary R. Cona 
Andrew J. Conroy 
Renee L. Cook 
Kari B. Coram 

Louisa L. Cullem 
Keli A. Davis 
Peter P. Davis 
Rutledge L. Davis 
Roberta A. Deakins 
Adrian N. Dean 

Jonathan R. DeClue 
John R. Dees 
Terrence S. Delikat 
Darryl R. Denson 
Donna M. Deragon 
Michael W. Diamond 

Fielding H. Dickey, V 
Amy S. Diedrick 
John T. Doherty, Jr. 
Stephen J. Douglas 
Kathryn Dowdy 
Christine L. Drake 

07j Juniors 


William D. Drost 

Chad M. Dunbar 

Jillian S. Easton 

April C. Edwards 

Jerry L. Eisen 

James Patrick Evans 

Michelle J. Ewald 

Marsha H. Facey 

Maria Teresa Fallon 

Kenneth W. Faneuf f 

Robert E. Fannin, Jr. 

Dana R. Farley 

Wendel E. Farley 

Traci P. Farmer 

Jennifer A. Fassman 

Scott A. Ferguson 

Katherine J. Ferrara 

Christine M. Findlay 

Amy M. Fisher 

Jeffrey S. Fletcher 

Kristine C. Focht 

Susanne Fontana 

Andrew E. Forness 

Kristi L. Forsberg 

Julie A. Freeman 

Shannon L. Freeney 

Donielle D. Freer 

Evelyn S. Gardner 

Christopher W. Garmon 

Gayle M. Gavin 

Jalonne K. Gernazian 

Glenn M. Getner 

Christopher Giddings 

Ginger N. Gilbreath 

Peter C. Gomes 

Sandra K. Greatens 

Morris S. Griffith 

Burton P. Grimm 

Phyllis M. Gross 

Barbara Guinet 

Matthew L. Hall 

Marsha L. Hamilton 

Julie A. Hansen 

Melissa L. Haralson 

Melanie A. Hardin 

Shelley C. Harper 

Heather L. Harris 

Deana L. Hartman 


I Priceless FSC smiles; reminders of friends and fun that 
go hand in hand. 

Haven't I seen you somewhere before? 

Kimberly A. Harvey 
Bardetta D. Haygood 
Michael A. Haynes 
Emily D. Heath 
Christine E. Heintzelman 
Tom D. Hilbert 

Melanie A. Hill 
Tara M. Hill 
Jeffrey A. Hitt 
Deana R. Hodges 
Erin A. Hollifield 
Cindy Hoskinson 

Jeffery J. Howard 
Carole L. Hower 
Holly L. Huber 
Jennifer T. Hunt 
John M. Hunt 
Raymond M. Inman, Jr. 

Vincent F. Iosue 
Ananiah D. Israel 
Michelle L. Jackson 
Jon F. Jamshid 
George S. Jarrett 
Julie Ann Jenkins 

Jana P. Johnson 
Jimmy L. Johnson, Jr. 
James E. Johnston 
Christopher J. Karo 
Hans M. Katros 
Julie L. Kent 

Stephanie P. Klettner 
Trina A. Knotts 
David A. Kondor 
Kerry L. Krichbaum 
Bryce T. Kucks 
Susan C. Kulp 


Roger A. LaBrie 

Ronald A. Lagg 

Jennifer C. Lahnoudi 

Stefanie K. Lang 

Michael P. Lawlor 

Brian W. Layton 

Chong D. Lee 

Timothy J. Leto 

Alicia Lewis 

David T. Liebert 

Tricia L. Lobaugh 

Richard J. Lofink 

Robin A. Ludden 

Edward Lugo 

Scott A. Lutz 

William C. Lynch, HI 

Jeffrey J. MacDonell 

Truit Mach 

DeAnne E. Malley 
Brian L. Manley 

Cory J. Mansfield 
Pamela M. Maples 

Lisa M. Marichal 
Richard A. Marino 

Amy R. Maxfield 

Hayden C. McClurg 

Lon G. McCormick 

Audrey K. McDowell 

William R. Mcllvaine 

Patrick J. McKnight 

Elizabeth A. McLean 

Demetra G. McMiller 

Janel K. McTarnaghan 

Catherine G. Melvin 

William K. Melvin, Jr. 

Brant C. Menswar 

Carolyn E. Merritt 

Mary Jane Michaels 

Michael A. Micucci 

Stephanie S. Miller 

Holly Minix 

Lisa M. Moffett 

Michelle Monkiewicz 

Monique D. Montgomery 

Arthur W. Moore, Jr. 

Stephanie C. Moorhead 

Marie G. Morse 

Arnold R. Moyer, rV 


Cindy Hansen and Christy Drake dream about 
the perfect weekend. 

Just turn this knob a little to the left and we 
should have the answers to the next exam. 

Dawn M. Mura 
Brendan J. Murphy 
Mark J. Neitzke 
Lori J. Nicholason 
Frances A. Noone 
Melanie M. Norris 

Brian A. Nottage 
Cindy K. Oakley 
Ronald E. Oakley, Jr. 
Kelly S. O'Donnell 
Kimberly A. Olson 
Sharon L. Ott 

Deborah R. Overton 
Elizabeth A. Parham 
Donna L. Pasley 
David H. Pattison 
James L. Pears 
John W. Pender 

JoAnna M. Perez 
Jeffrey A. Perkins 
Jessica Reddish Perry 
Jason H. Peterson 
Guy D. Petrone 
Danielle L. Phypers 

Cathy A. Pike 
Laura E. Posick 
April L. Precourt 
Gregory J. Premo 
Theresa F. Prow 
Daniel J. Pruehs 


11} Juniors 


Michael L. Pugh 

William M. Purvis 

John J. Radaker 

Udani A. Rahman 

Lee C. Raley 

Erica Rasmussen-Taxdal 

Mark E. Reemelin 

Velda Y. Rexach 

Rachelle A. Reynolds 

Shawn H. Reynolds 

William J. Rhodes, Jr. 

Jeffery K. Robertson 

Richard W. Robnett, Ell 

James E. Rodgers, Jr. 

Emily M. Rohm 

Rhonda R. Ross 

Chad E. Rush 

Sara M. Rust 

Shawn L. Sandberg 

Virginia M. Sandbrook 

Emily B. Schorr 

Malissa Jo Schrader 

Sharon M. Schroer 

Adam A. Shaivitz 

Catherine E. Sheetz 

Todd A. Shettle 

Holly S. Shields 

Nicholas Shirghio 

Daniel P. Shoemaker 

Lori L. Shumard 

Shelli L. Shutts 

Timothy T. Siedem 

Susan L. Simmons 

Timothy B. Simpson 

Trina L. Skinner 

Noel C. Slater 

Bret T. Slavik 

Donna L. Smathers 

Anita A. Smith 

Frederick K. Smith 

Kristi L. Smith 

Misty A. Smith 

Jack M. Snider, III 

Mark A. Sobolewski 

Laura J. Speier 

Jason W. Spinks 

David J. Stafford 

Andrew M. Stahnke 


Jennifer L. Stoval 
David S. Strong 
Paula J. Stutzman 
Mara M. Sullivan 
Britton R. Swaine 
Tina E. Swindell 

Timothy D. Sypko 
Christina L. Teresi 
Kristin D. Thomas 
Kimberly R. Thornton 
Richard C. Townsend 
Betty A. Tracy 

Missy L. Turbeville 
Mary V. Turner 
April G. Turnquest 
Joyann A. Turnquest 
Stacey Ungashick 
Ronald D. Urban 

Sherry A. Varnum 
Grant A Vaughan 
John M. Vondruska 
Mina M. Vorce 
Beth A. Walsh 
Brian P. Walsh 

Mary K. Walts 
Darrell W. Webb 
Donald A. West 
Deborah L. Weston 
Melissa L. Whatley 
Jennifer A. White 

Jesse R. White 
John W. White, Jr. 
Roderick H. White 
Roger A. Whiteman 
Michael E. Wickersheim 
Deborah L. Wiemken 

Christopher G. Williams 
Cynthia L. Williams 
Royce M. Williams 
Rachel S. Wills 
Frances R. Wilson 
Kimberly J. Wilson 

Melissa A. Winkler 
Paul L. Womble 
Akashi Yokoyama 
Shauna L. Young 
Christina A. Younkers 

13} Juniors 

>Jvv> >■> '■■:'•• >. 

Juniors ill 

Sophomore Class 

Light of Discovery 

Sophomores return to Florida South- 
ern unified by old friendships. They are 
no longer separate points of light, but 
friends who have bonded together, through 
the trials and tribulations of being college 

Surrounded by friends and familiar 
places, they can achieve success, while en- 
joying the full Florida Southern College 
experience. As sophomores, they are now 
able to look toward the bright future and 
the many options that are available to 
them. Due to the strong friendships sopho- 
mores have acquired, they are able to look 
within and discover themselves. 

"According to the Bill of Rights..." While leaning against a 
looming Oak tree, Alan Seaver does some last minute 

studying . 

The features of Florida Southern College 

are distinguished through the beauty of the 

campus and the cooperative attitudes of the 

faculty and students. ., , _ ,. „ 

' — Mark Caldwell 

Donna Evans and Sue Galuska pose for a 
picture outside the new girls'dorm, before 
going to class. 

15* Sophomores 

Cheryl L. Acevedo 

Heather L. Addison 

Elizabeth E. Airth 

James G. Aker 

Christina M. Alfieri 

Amanda M. Alston 

Gabriel M . Alvarado 

Dana L. Andrews 

Nicholas F. Arnold 

Courtney E. Asbee 

April H. Ashley 

Mark W. Ashley 

Kelly Ashmore 

Maria A. Avalos 

Annie M. Avery 

Robyn L. Avery 

Diane M. Babineau 

Jennifer A. Badurak 

Mark J. Beaudry, Jr. 

Nicole M. Bennett 

Alicia T. Berree 

Holly J. Bicknell 

Carmen M. Bilhardt 

William T. Blomeley, Jr. 

Dayna A. Blundo 
Amy E. Booher 

Jennifer R. Bouw 

Catherine A. Bradley 

Henry K. Brain 

Heidi J. Breuer 

Wendy J. Bridges 

David M. Broadhurst 

Phillips A. Brooks, Jr. 

Kyle P. Brophy 

Heather A. Brown 

Jason C. Brown 

Karen L. Brown 

Matthew A. Brown 

Shannan E. Brown 

William K. Brown 

Edward F. Cain, Jr. 

Mark C. Caldwell 

Mark R. Campbell 

Thomas H. Cangley 

Leslie R. Carlton 

Eric D. Casteel 

Thomas Cestaro 

Engtho Ch'Ng 


Lori Mencarelli has found that some classes mix knowledge 

with creativity. 

Frank Bresk tells some new students how to be cool at the 


Bradley E. Chandler 
Kellie M. Chaplin 
Richard L. Chapman 
Dixie L. Choate 
Carol J. Christenson 
Janine Marie Cieslak 

Deanna A. Colborn 
Austin W. Coleman 
Scott L. Coletti 
Christina M. Collins 
Erica Y. Cope 
Todd R. Craver 

Michelle L. Crawley 
Grant D. Crockett 
Julia L. Cunningham 
Donald B. Curley, Jr. 
Tiffany D. Cutts 
Cristina Y. Daniels 

April R. Dantzman 
Brian De Angelis 
Heidi L. Deck 
Russell H. Devane 
Jodi M. Dicarlo 
Darrin R. Diem 

Zachariah L. Dietz 
Ronald DiFava 
Thomas A. Dionisio 
Corey R. Doel 
Shadia M. Dovale 
Angela Dubendorfer 

17/ Sophomores 

Ginger L. Dudley 
Michael D. Durhan, Jr. 

Tracy L. Edwards 

Kelley L. Emery 

Tawnya D. Ensminger 

Santiago Escobar 

Donna C. Evans 

Amy S. Farrell 

Roxanna L. Fazlin 

Andrea K. Fellner 

Tory E. Field 

Andrea D. Finn 

Christina A. Fish 

Maria C. Foran 

Tamara A. Fox 

Erma C. Francis 

Brett W. Freese 

Julian E. Ga i 1 lard, IV 

Chet K. Galloway 

George A. Gansner, III 

Shellie P. Garr 

Heather M. Gifford 

Kristie L. Gilford 

Lorie D. Gleason 

Charlotte W. Gopher 

Luis R. Gracia-Arreche 

Wanda Y. Graham 

Chad A. Greathouse 

Clark E. Green 

Jill N. Greene 

Andrew J. Greenstein 

Steven L. Gressel 

Thomas W. Grimes 

David J. Gulli 

Ricarlos Guzman 

Jeffrey G. Haag 

Peter C. Haakon 

Randall S. Hagerdon 

Christina L. Hall 

Tyler R. Hall 

April L. Hall man 

Cynthia B. Hansen 

Leslie A. Harbison 

LaSundra A. Harley 

Matthew J. Harper 

Scott J. Head 

Carlene S. Heck 

Brent Hering 

€% fa 


Elizabeth A. Hermann 
Jose Hernandez-Campos 
Leslie C. Heydt 
Holly D. Higinbotham 
John W. Hildenbrand 
Jennifer L. Hilliard 

Nicole R. Hills 
Kristina L. Hilson 
Kenneth W. Hodsdon 
Angela L. Hollowell 
Daniel R. Hopgood 
John R. Hoskinson 

Allison E. Huebner 
Lisa C. Intagliata 
Carmela F. Iosue 
Kelly A. Jackson 
Mark G. Jaehnigen 
David K. Jamshid 

Sherri L. Jerantowski 
Ruthie B. Johns 
Carrie S. Johnson 
Matthew K. Johnson 
Julie M. Jones 
Christopher T. Kamberg 

Zachary C. Kaplan 
Lisa M. Kasza 
Eric S. Keller 
Casey Kelly 
Dawn M. King 
Amy M. Knollinger 

Matthew Steven Laws 
Christopher A. Lee 
Larry K. Legg 
Shannon E. Lemoine 
Kristina H. Lenseth 
Jeffrey W. Lesniewski 

Lyn A. Lickliter 
Scott R. Lilly 
Yee H. Lim 
Lanae C. Lisk 
Nanina LoFrumento 
Chad S. Lucovsky 

Marisol Lugo 
Jennifer L. Mackler 
Tracey A. Mallin 
Mike R. Marcell 
Steve J. Marchitto 
Donna A. Martin 

19} Sophomores 


Kurt A. Marty 

Tracy A. Matkovich 

Lawrence Todd Maxwell 

Elizabeth A. McCarel 

Coleen M. McCreanor 

Shaun J. McGinnis 

William R. McGlynn 

Candice M. McRae 

Michelle E. Means 

Janet M. Meginley 

Susan M. Meltzer 

Lori B. Mencarelli 

Jana L. Merten 

Jennifer K. Meyer 

Debra Suong Miles 

Elizabeth C. Millen 

Donna J. Miller 

Michelle M. Miller 

Pamela D. Mills 

Jerrie D. Milner 

Matthew D. Miloch 

Michelle M. Montgomery 

Rodney H. Morris 

Marcus W. Mouery 

Joy J. Mueller 

Larry D. Murphy 

Ellen N. Muse 

Jacquline E. Musgrave 

Anthony C. Newberg 

Jane S. Newell 

Laura L. Nofi 

Carolyn G. Norton 

Theresa M. Oakley 

Nancy E. Oates 

Vicky L. Pagel 

Eilah I. Pangrazio 

Joseph P. Parker 

Susan Passaretti 

Birju B. Patel 

Kimberly R. Paulus 

Christoph Pearson 

Tanya A. Pollnow 

Richard D. Powell 

Tricia L. Powers 

Jennifer K. Price 

Stacia E. Prior 

Jill E. Pugh 

Melinda L. Pugsley 

Sophomores U2Q 

Jennifer C. Race 
Daniel R. Radebaugh 
Mark L. Raponi 
Dawn M. Rhoades 
Brent E. Roberts 
Craig M. Roberts 

Kim Roberts 
Lesley A. Robichaud 
Angela J. Robinson 
Jules M. Roma 
Elizabeth A. Rovaldi 
Andrew S. Russell 

Bryan B. Rutledge 
Kevin D. Ryan 
Tracy E. Salmon 
Tracy L. Santo 
Julie A. Sargeant 
Thomas J. Scharfenstein 

Carole A. Schulz 
Edward W. Schwabeland 
Bradley L. Scott 
Charles A. Seaver 
Matthew Sennet 
Todd P. Shelbaugh 

Andrew D. Shenk 
Stacy Lynn Sherbon 
Joseph B. Sherrod 
Christine A. Shiver 
Mary M. Sligar 
Julie A. Smalley 

Laurie A. Smith 
Michael A. Smith 
Edward L. Sm oak, Jr. 
Bradley L. Snow 
John B. Snyder 
Vikki M. Sparkman 

Lorrie Specht 
Jeffrey W. Spolyar 
Jason M. Squitier 
Karen L. St. Amour 
Cade P. Stafford 
Mandie L. Stagg 

Keith E. Stahl 
Michael P. Stan- 
Jennifer L. Stein 
Michael D. Stewart 
Scott D. Strausser 
Brandon A. Stritch 

211 Sophomores 

Sheila R. Sutphin 

Daniel K. Sutton 

Jennifer K. Swisher 

Teck Joo Tan 

Thomas M. Taylor 

Jennifer Tedesco 

Amy K. Thoeming 

Heather L. Thomas 

Donald B. Thompson 

Jon M. Thornton 

Kevin Thuman 

Gregory A. Tomlin 

Gerhard Toth 

Melanie K. Truitt 

John A. Turek 

Tresa M. Turvin 

Christopher J. Tynan 

Karin L. Upmeyer 

Kimberlee A. Vails 

Robert A. Vincent 

Grant M. Wainscott 

Charles J. Walbroel 

John C. Walker 

Mary "Denise" Wall 

Ashley L. Wallace 

Kelly E. Walls 

Monica K. Walston 

Shanaka L. Weerasooriya 

Leslie A. Weninger 

Anthony G. Westbrock 

Julia Marie Westendorf 

Byron G. Westerfield 

Kristin E. Wiegand 

John C. Williamson 

Jill N. Willis 

Chad C. Wills 

Marie C. Wills 

Tara E. Wise 

Chad E. Witham 

Jacquelyn Emma Withers 

Candy L. Wood 

Courtney P. Wright 

Hillary A. Wurtz 
Marcus P. Zillman, II 

J I -' m 


Freshman Class 

Stars of Tomorrow 

The 1991 Florida Southern College fresh- 
men courageously tackled their first week 
away from home. Ready to broaden their 
horizons, they prepared themselves for the 
new experience of college classes. The fresh- 
men were loaded down with books and 
schedules, as they headed into the scorching 
sun to begin their new lives as FSC students. 
Besides going to classes, the freshmen made 
friends. Sections became close and familiar, 
as Junior and Resident Advisors strived to 
make everyone feel comfortable in their new 
surroundings. After a few short weeks, it 
seemed as if they had always attended Flor- 
ida Southern College. This year's freshmen 
were made for FSC! 

Look, Ma! No hands. Russell Mc Mullan skates his way 
through his freshman year at Florida Southern. 

My freshman year seemed very scary at 
first, but I found there was nothing to be 
afraid of. Everyone was very friendly and 
the teachers were extremely helpful. 

— Erica Falk 

Robin Musgrove, Carrie Cremeans, Ashley 
Reese and Kelly Charron are all smiles! 



Andrea L. Abbott 

Brian P. Abdon 

Eric W. Abell 

DaraJ. Adams 

Richard J. Adduci, Jr. 

Tamotsu Akiyama 

Nadine M. Alajajian 

Heather J. Alexander 

Mary E. Allen 

Jeffrey M. Almeida 

Kevin J. Alvarez 

Lisa C. Ammon 

Christine A. Andrus 

Brian L. Anthony 

Jarrett B. An/alone 

Jason D. Aquila 

Kumiko Atsukawa 

Holly E. Aumack 

John L. Avery 

Andrew D. Bair 

John C. Baldwin 

Joseph M. Harnett 

Larry A. Barr, Jr. 

Jacob J. Bast 

Charles E. Bauer, Jr. 

Sharon R. Baumgartner 

Michelle R. Beale 

Shannon D. Beckett 

Nicole M. Bedard 

Elisa L. Bedell 

Amy M. Beer 

Jennifer L. Belden 

Carmen J. Bell 

Andrew C. Black 

Wreth E. Bonham 

Lori J. Bottoms 

Jorge A. Bou 

Andrew J. Bourgard 

Matthew J. Boyce 

Frank John Bresk, III 

Sean P. Britt 

Tracey A. Brock 

Nicole A. Brozyna 
Jowayne M. Bucci 

Melissa A. Bullard 
Randall O. Burch 
James D. Burchell 

Amy J. Burlingame 


Nicole R. Burlison 
Cheryl L. Burton 
Toni L. Butterfield 
Stephen C. Byrne 
Karen L. Cabe 
Shelley L. Cabot 

David L. Campo 
Debra A. Capetillo 
Denise A. Cappello 
Teke Carson 
Christopher M. Carter 
Michael A. Carter 

Thomas R. Cavanaugh 
Kelly M. Charron 
Chih-Ming Chen 
Timothy J. Cheney 
Holly Chiappone 
Albab A. Chowdhury 

Kimberly P. Christian 
Elizabeth A. Clack 
Beth A. Clark 
Kimberlea B. Clark 
Rebecca A. Clark 
Dawn M. Clary 

Kenneth W. Clifton 
Marcus J. Cobbe 
Lisa Colaiocco 
Stacie R. Colburn 
Padget E. Cole 
Richard S. Cole, Jr. 

Rebecca L. Coleman 
Milagros Colon 
Brian D. Cone 
John C. Congrove 
Amy E. Conklin 
Byron L. Conley 

Christopher G. Conley 
Karen A. Conway 
Mark A. Cook 
Joanne L. Corliss 
Kathryn R. Cortelyou 
Deborah J. Craig 

Matthew L. Crews 
Amy L. Cromack 
John C. Cross 
Talitha Daddona 
Nicole C. Danesi 
Jennifer L. Daniel 


Jeffrey Daversa 

David L. Davis, Jr. 

Amy K. Dejong 

Deirdre A. DeLeone 

Alexander W. Delia Grotta 

Keith W. Denny 

Rick P. DePianta 

Dana M. DeRussy 

Todd R. Devore 

Jill M. Diaz 

Angela M. DiDomineck 

Denyse L. Diemoz 

Alan D. Dozer 
Michelle L. Dubois 

Paige A. DuBois 
Angelia R. Duggan 

Rebalynn Dunn 
CarolAnn Durkalec 

Amy R. Dyer 

Barbra L. Edwards 

Brian K. Eiss 

Stephen E. Ekes 

Adam T. Elder 

Richard J. Elliott 

Timothy J. Ellorin 

Jennifer L. Etzkom 

Erica L. Falk 

David Fecht 

Ana V. Feliciano 

Laura J. Fernandez 

Christine N. Fessel 

Scott A. Fessler 

Ross Fishman 

Brett S. Fitzgerald 

Kelly C. Fitzgerald 

Kelly M. Flanagan 

Jennifer J. Foulk 

Eric C. Fowlie 

Stephanie E. France 

James B. Francke 

Jennifer M. Franks 

Richard B. Fredrickson 

Jack Fulop 

J axed E. Futch 

Melissa L. Gajdos 

Susan E. Galuska 

Jenene R. Gargiulo 

Timothy M. Gatz 


Robin S. Gayle 
Dorean L. Gibson 
Amanda L. Gill 
William D. Glynn 
Eugene C. Goff 
John T. Goglia, Jr. 

Andrew W. Graham 
Colleen A. Gray 
Bernadette M. Green 
Mark E. Green 
Chad D. Gressani 
Carl T. Griffith, II 

Noel S. Groe 
Tracy L. Grout 
John D. Guptill 
Nathan T. Guteras 
Bonnie L. Haberman 
ElisaJ. Hamm 

Zachary C. Hamrick 
Paul C. Hannigan 
Amy N. Haralson 
Samantha T. Harries 
Emily D. Harris 
Nathan A. Harris 

Janice E. Hasty 
Laurie J. Hawk 
Larry T. Hawkes 
John L. Hazel 
Russell L. Hedgecock 
Eva G. Helsing 

Heather L. Hensley 
Laura T. Hersey 
Julia C. Hewson 
Alana D. Higgs 
Tracy A. Hiller 
Charlea D. Hinton 

Ingun K. Hoel 
Lynn Elizabeth Hollis 
Chris P. Holzshu 
Charles M. Hood, IV 
Millicent P. Horton 
Brian R. Hughes 

Donald B. Humphrys 
Jonathan Idle 
Vicky A. Imparato 
Morgan A. Indek 
Candace S. Jackson 
William R. Jay 


Jennifer A. Jenkins 

Leah K. Johnson 

Wendy D. Johnson 

Michael J. Jones 

Karen D. Jorgensen 

Cynthia M. Joyner 

Joon Yol Jung 

Timothy J. Kaiser 

Jill T. Kalinowski 

Jeffrey T. Kamp 

Michael S. Katterhenry 

Jeffrey S. Keener 

Marvin L. Keys 

Cheonmok Kim 

Kip G. Kimberley 

Robert L. Kirkland 

Kimberly A. Kloots 

Lisa A. Koch 

Barrington "Barry" F. Koller 

Dina L. Kolonoski 

Sean M. Krause 

Michael A. Kreusch 

Jeanne K. Krottnauer 

Jacob S. Kuska 

Eric M. Lafrance 

Ross M. Landreth 

Roberta A. Lane 

Michelle L. Langford 

Jennifer L. LaRochelle 

Mindy J. Larrison 

Gary E. Larsen 

Sarah E. Lauerman 

Lesli E. Lazanis 

Kena D. Leak 

Timothy D. LeBlanc 

Lory M. Lee 

Katherine A. Leech 

Shawn K. Leland 

John Lembidakis 

Tiffany J. Lewis 

Jacquelyn A. LiCausi 

Wendy M. Littler 

Laurel L. Lofton 

Philip C. Longhurst 

Heather L. Luckie 

Jennifer S. Macbeth 

Thomas J. MacDonald 

Marc Andrew Macomber 


Chad M. Magnuson 
Marcel S. Maillet 
Michael R. Maiure 
Paula A. Malfitano 
Denise Malm 
Rachel E. Mamolou 

Rita J. Mancini 
Greg J. Maresco 
Brian J. Marinelli 
Richard M. Mariucci 
Lizabeth A. Marretta 
Scott T. Martz 

Michael Kisomose Matutu 
Jahim A. McArthur 
Tara E. McClary 
Alicia L. McCole 
Kevin D. McCranie 
Michele A. McFall 

Kimberly D. McKenzie 
David C. McLavirin 
Sean M. McLaurin 
Russell T. McMullan 
Shawna D. McNeff 
Ana E. Medeiros 

Anita P. Mehrer 
Kristen K. Mell 
Jeri K. Melroy 
Paul Mena 
Joseph F. Merrill 
Barbara A. Merritt 

Stacy A. Mesyn 
Melissa A. Meyer 
Todd M. Michaud 
Melinda S. Miller 
Terry L. Miller, Jr 
Christy L. Mills 

John C. Mills, ni 
Julianne L. Mohler 
Jennifer C. Mollison 
Tracy M. Monek 
Timothy P. Mooney 
Frank C. Moore, III 

Vivian Moraes 
Melanie K. Moye 
April G. Mullis 
Krista A. Mundahl 
Debra L. Munini 
Darren G. Munzing 



>.>■■# ■■••♦ >.■< 

Dan B. Murphy 

Cameron T. Murray 

Jennifer J. Murray 

Jennifer R. Musgrove 

Christina A. Nash 

Candice C. Nelson 

Susan L. Nelson 

Laura M. Newmark 

Judith A. Niemann 

Kelli K. O'Dell 

Kanae Okuyama 
Rebecca F. Olmsted 

Eric B. Olsen 

Richard J. Olszewski 

Christy A. Ott 

Darcy L. Paige 

Jeffrey H. Paige 

Jens Panckow 

Dominiki Papagianneris 

Marika Papagianneris 

Christopher A. Pappagallo 

Dane P. Peachee 

Aimee L. Peeples 

Matthew L. Peeples 

Scott T. Pence 

Cynthia A. Penney 

Patricia R. Perez 

Drew W. Phypers 

Jason W. Pitts 

Mihael Polak 

Denise L. Pontuti 

Lesli M. Powell 

Jacob E. Pratt 

Stacey D. Proctor 

Richard J. Provost 

Kelley J. Purvis 

Steven T. Rajavich 

Roberto Rampino 

Glenn M. Reed 

Jodi L. Reed 

Ashley D. Reese 

Clark D. Reese 

Joshua D. Reisner 

Sandra C. Renshaw 

Jennifer A. Richer 

Lorraine F. Richer 

Thomas Michael Riley 

Lara A. Riordan 


Adelita Rivera-Franceschi 
Carlos E. Rivera 
Scott P. Robillard 
Jeanne Rodriguez 
Scott R. Rolfe 
Cynthia L. Rosado 

Melissa C. Ross 
Tracey L. Ross 
Lory A. Rosynsky 
Kathleen E. Roule 
Loreto R. Rubio 
David T. Sakowski 

Kelley L. Sandberg 
Rakesh V. Sanghvi 
Yamira Santos 
Ken N. Satrio 
Anne E. Sawyer 
Brandon E. Schaefer 

Christopher R. Schmidt 
Jessica L. Schneider 
Tina E. Schneider 
Dawn Scoppa 
Garen M. Seiler 
Sean M. Sexton 

Cynthia M. Shannon 
Lisa M. Shenefield 
Re nee S. Shindore 
Thomas M. Shorrock 
Scott P. Shuster 
John R. Siemers 

Mary R. Sigurnak 
Emily S. Sisson 
Liza A. Smith 
Christi A. Snyder 
Joel S. Snyder 
Christopher Sorgi 

Hiroaki Sotono 
Michael B. Spain 
Andrea C. Stacey 
Dennis A. Stancavish 
Craig P. Stanley 
Christopher M. Stedem 

Amy L. Steenblock 
Jody B. Steg 
Jill A. Stephens 
Patricia E. Stephens 
Kathryn L. Stepnicka 
Darron G. Stiles 




* t ~*/i 

Heather L. Stock 

Stephanie C. Stubenrauch 

Chad H. Stuck 

Jason A. Sturgis 

Christen A. Sullivan 

Greta A. Sullivan 

Russell K. Summers, Jr. 

Stacy M. Summers 

Brent A. Swanson 

Julie L. Tackett 

Boon H. Tan 

Christopher N. Taylor 

Jennifer P. Taylor 

Joseph R. Taylor, EI 

Derek E. Thomas 

Heather Renae Thomas 

Charles A. Thompson 

Tara C. Thompson 

Robert W. Thornley 

Scott W. Thuman 

Jennifer E. Tibboles 

Susan E. Tinsley 

Joshua E. Toftness 

Jonathan S. Tolson 

Steve D. Toskes 

Jessica L. Traupman 

Laurie S. Trayers 

Michael R. Trotta 

Hoi Kit T. Tse 

Robert L. Turkett 

Andrew D. Turner 
Ryan S. Turner 

Juliana Turnquist 
Holly E. Tuxbury 
Kristin L. Ungaro 

Jason A. Van Horn 

Christopher L. Vazquez 

Raymond C. Veras 

Jennifer A. Vetter 

Aurora E. Vicas 

Kimberly D. Vickers 

Liza Villarreal 

Molly D. Vogt 

Allison L. Volpe 

Goetz von Berlichingen 

Alexander B. Waddell 

Matthew G. Waldau 

Scott M. Wallace 


Shawn M. Wallace 
Tracy Lynne Wallis 
Xiaoxia Wang 
Sonia M. Ward 
Katherine E. Warford 
Reginald L. Washington 

Claudia M. Wasserbauer 
Melinda B. Watson 
Kimberly L. Webb 
Edward A. Weingarten 
Brett T. Whidden 
Alisa J. White 

Allison M. White 
Cheryl Whiting 
Wendy L. Wicker 
Ann M. Williams 
Kimberly M. Williams 
Stacy A. Williams 

Heather D. Wilson 
Julie A. Woelfel 
Frederick E. Wolf 
Kristen B. Woods 
Vicki R. Worley 
Kevin E. Wright 

Pamela Yang 
Barry M. Young 
Jeffrey V. Zottola 
Andrea L. Zuza 

Orientation Week '91 

133* Freshmen 



Freshmen 113 


Abbott, Andrea L. 124 
Abdon, Brian P. 124 
Abell, Eric W. 124 
Acevedo, Cheryl L. 116 
Acord, Lauren M. 92 
Adamczewski, John J., Jr. 

Adams, Dara J. 124 
Adams, David J. 106 
Addison, Heather L. 116 
Adduci, Richard J., Jr. 124 
Agnew, Shannon E. 106 
Ahlbrandt, Tammy D. 92 
Airth, Elizabeth E. 116 
Aker, James G. 116 
Akiyama, Tamotsu 124 
Alajajian, Nadine M. 124 
Albertsma, Caroline A. 106 
Albright, Jennifer N. 92 
Alexander, Heather J. 124 
Alfieri, Christina M. 116 
Allebom, Jeffrey S. 106 
Allen, Mary E. 124 
Allen, Michelle E. 92 
Almeida, Christine 92 
Almeida, Jeffrey M. 124 
Alston, Amanda M. 116 
Alvarado, Gabriel M. 116 
Alvarez, Kevin J. 124 
Ammerman, David F. 106 
Ammon, Lisa C. 124 
Anderson, Jonathan S. 92 
Anderson, Karen S. 92 
Andrews, Dana L. 116 
Andrus, Christine A. 124 
Anklin, Laurie I. 92 
Anthony, Brian L. 124 
Anzalone, Jarrett B. 124 
Apostol, Angela M. 106 
Aquila, Jason D. 124 
Arnold, Allison M. 92 
Arnold, Nicholas F. 116 
Asbee, Courtney E. 116 
Ashdown, Denise E. 106 
Ashley, April H. 116 
Ashley, Mark W. 116 
Ashmore, Kelly 116 
Atsukawa, Kumiko 124 
Aumack, Holly E. 124 
Austin, Scott R. 106 
Avalos, Maria A. 116 
Avery, Annie M. 116 
Avery, John L.124 
Avery, Robyn L. 116 
Ayers, Melissa A. 92 

Dabineau, Diane M. 116 
Badurak, Jennifer A. 116 
Bailey, Andrea F. 92 
Bailey, Heather L. 92 
Bailey, Kenneth M. 106 
Bair, Andrew D. 124 
Bair, Todd M. 106 
Baldwin, John C. 124 
Balentine, Cheray N. 106 
Banks, Tricia L. 106 
Barnes, Michelle A. 106 
Barnett, Carolyn A. 106 
Barnett, Joseph M. 124 
Barr, Larry A., Jr. 124 
Barrett, Charles F. 92 
Barton, Jennifer M. 106 
Bast, Jacob J. 124 
Bauer, Charles E., Jr. 124 
Baumgartner, Sharon R. 124 
Baxla, Robert Warren 92 
Bazley, John A., II 106 
Beale, Michelle R. 124 
Beaudry, Jr., Mark J. 1 16 
Becker, Douglas S. 106 
Becker, Michelle L. 106 
Beckett, Shannon D. 124 
Bedard, Nicole M. 124 
Bedell, Elisa L. 124 
Bedsole, Marc L. 92 
Beebe, Teresa L. 92 
Beer, Amy M. 124 
Belden, Jennifer L. 124 
Bell, Carmen J. 124 
Benedict, Heather D. 92 
Bennett, Emily J. 106 
Bennett, Nicole M. 116 
Benton, Kenneth R. 92 
Bermeo, Cheryl J. 92 
Berree, Alicia T. 116 
Berry, Janice L. 106 
Berryhill, Thomas O., Ill 106 
Bethea, Philip P., IV 106 
Bethell, Natasha O. 92 
Bethune, Ian M. 106 
BicknelLHollyJ. 116 
Bilhardt, Carmen M. 116 
Bischoff, Heather L. 106 
Black, Alan R. 106 
Black, Andrew C. 124 
Blewett, David A. 93 
Blomeley, William T., Jr. 

Blomquist, Susan B. 93 
Blondeau, Anne C. 106 
Blundo, Dayna A. 116 

Boakes, Constance J. 106 
Bochis, Anastasia 93 
Boening, Christopher J. 93 
Bogosian, Neal 93 
Bolet, Anna M. 93 
Bonczek, Zachary J. 106 
Bonham, Wreth E. 124 
Booher, Amy E. 116 
Boring, Brenna F. 93 
Borom, Ladreda A. 106 
Bostelman, Laurie L. 106 
Bottoms, Lori J. 124 
Bou, Jorge A. 124 
Bourgard, Andrew J. 124 
Boushie, Brian 106 
Bouw, Jennifer R. 116 
Bower, Christine M. 93 
Bowman, Brett K. 106 
Boyce, Matthew J. 124 
Boyette, David J. 106 
Boyle, Kerri A. 93 
Bradley, Catherine A. 116 
Brain, Henry K. 116 
Bratten, Christina M. 106 
Bresk, Frank John, II 124 
Bressler, Scott A. 93 
Breuer, Heidi J. 116 
Bridges, Wendy J. 116 
Britt, Sean P. 124 
Brittenham, Laura J. 93 
Britton, Brandie L. 106 
Britton, George H., ID 106 
Brixa, Marcus R. 106 
Broadhurst, David M. 116 
Brock, Julie L. 106 
Brock, Tracey A. 124 
Brockley, David P. 93 
Brooks, Gina L. 106 
Brooks, Phillips A., Jr. 116 
Brophy, Kyle P. 116 
Brosky, Carl A. 106 
Brown, Heather A. 116 
Brown, Jason C. 116 
Brown, Karen L. 1 16 
Brown, Matthew A. 116 
Brown, Shannan E. 1 16 
Brown, Stephanie M. 106 
Brown, Tracey A. 93 
Brown, William K. 116 
Brozyna, Nicole A. 124 
Bubenick, Kristin L. 106 
Bucci, Jowayne M. 124 
Buchheit, Deborah 93 
Bullard, Marcy L. 93 
Bullard, Melissa A. 124 

Burch, Randall 0. 124 
Burchell, James D. 124 
Burlingame, Amy J. 124 
Burlison, Nicole R. 125 
Burnham, Barbara 93 
Burns, Tangela 93 
Burton, Cheryl L. 125 
Butterfield, Toni L. 125 
Byrne, Stephen C. 125 

Cabe, Karen L. 125 
Cable, Ross E. 106 
Cabot, Shelley L. 125 
Cain, Edward F., Jr. 116 
Caldwell, Mark C. 116 
Callahan, Brian A. 93 
Callahan, Julie L. 93 
Calvert, Andrea L. 93 
Camerier, Kim 93 
Campbell, David A. 93 
Campbell, Dianna S. 93 
Campbell, Kimberly C. 93 
Campbell, Mark R. 116 
Campbell, Susan R. 93 
Campo, David L. 125 
Canada, Kathryn C. 106 
Cangley, Thomas H. 116 
Cannata, Jennifer L. 106 
Capetillo, Debra A. 125 
Cappello, Denise A. 125 
Carlton, Leslie R. 116 
Carnes, Charles M. 106 
Carrico, Candice A. 106 
Carson, Teke 125 
Carter, Christopher M. 125 
Carter, Michael A. 125 
Carter, Terry P. 107 
Cassarino, Harry A. 107 
Casteel, Eric D. 116 
Causey, Cheryl C. 107 
Cavanaugh, Thomas R. 125 
Cayer, Jennifer A. 107 
Cerbino, Christian L. 93 
Cesari, Raschelle A. 93 
Cestaro, Thomas 116 
Chaires, Tracy A. 107 
Chalfant, Cathy D. 93 
Champion, Cheryl 93 
Chancey, Clay G. 93 
Chandler, Bradley E. 117 
Chandler, Lisa J. 107 
Chaplin, KellieM. 117 
Chapman, Richard L. 117 
Charron, Kelly M. 125 



>.> * y. 


Chasey, Steven H. 93 
Chatfield, Christopher L. 

Chen, Chih-Ming 125 
Cheney, Timothy J. 125 
Chiappone, Holly 125 
Childress, Rachelle L. 107 
Choate, Dixie L. 117 
Chowdhury, Albab A. 125 
Chretien, Geoffrey H. 107 
Christenson, Carol J. 117 
Christian, Kimberly P. 125 
Cieslak, Janine Marie 117 
Clack, Elizabeth A. 125 
Clark, Areti T. 93 
Clark, Beth A. 125 
Clark, Kimberlea B. 125 
Clark, Rebecca A. 125 
Clark, Robin L. 93 
Clark, Sylvia A. 107 
Clary, Dawn M. 125 
Clary, Geri 93 
Claycomb, Jeanne M. 107 
Cleveland, John P. 93 
Clifton, Kenneth W. 125 
Cloer, Michael G. 107 
Coats, George R. 94 
Cobbe, Marcus J. 125 
Cochran, Tara L. 94 
Cochrane, Peggy S. 94 
Colaiocco, Lisa 125 
Colborn, Deanna A. 117 
Colbum, Stacie R. 125 
Cole, Padget E. 125 
Cole, RichardS. Jr. 125 
Coleman, Austin W. 117 
Coleman, Rebecca L. 125 
Coletti, Scott L. 117 
Collins, Christina M. 117 
Collins, Kerri Jo 107 
Colon, Milagros 125 
Cona, Gary R. 107 
Cone, Brian D. 125 
Congrove, John C. 125 
Conklin, Amy E. 125 
Conley, Byron L. 125 
Conley, Christopher G. 125 
Conroy, Andrew J. 107 
Conway, Karen A . 125 
Cook, Mark A. 125 
Cook, Renee L. 107 
Coon, Nicholas R. 94 
Cope, Erica Y. 117 
Corliss, Joanne L. 125 

Cortelyou, Kathryn R. 125 
Corum, Kari B. 107 
Council, Travis D. 94 
Craig, Deborah J. 125 
Cramer, Joy E. 94 
Craver, Todd R. 117 
Crawford, Richard J. 94 
Crawley, Michelle L. 117 
Crews, Matthew L. 125 
Crites, Eric 94 
Crockett, Grant D. 117 
Cromack, Amy L. 125 
Cross, Jennifer K. 94 
Cross, John C. 125 
Cullem, Louisa L. 107 
Cunningham, Julia L. 117 
Curley, Donald B. Jr. 117 
Cutts, Tiffany D. 117 

Daddona, Talitha 125 
Danesi, Nicole C. 125 
Daniel, Jennifer L. 125 
Daniels, Cristina Y. 117 
Daniels, David A. 94 
Dantzman, April R. 117 
Daugherty, Shannon L. 94 
Da versa, Jeffrey 126 
Davis, Barbara P. 94 
Davis, David L., Jr. 126 
Davis, Keli A. 107 
Davis, Peter P. 107 
Davis, RutledgeL. 107 
Davis, Trent E. 94 
Day, Amy E. 94 
Deakins, Roberta A. 107 
Dean, Adrian N. 107 
De Angelis, Brian 117 
Deck, Heidi L. 117 
DeClue, Jonathan R. 107 
Dees, John R. 107 
DeJong,AmyK. 126 
DeLeone, Deirdre A. 126 
Delikat, Terrence S. 107 
Delia Grotta, Alexander W. 

Denny, Keith W. 126 
Denson, Darryl R. 107 
DePianta, Rick P. 126 
Deragon, Donna M. 107 
DeRussy, Dana M. 126 
Desbiens, Louis 94 
Devane, Russell H. 117 
Devore, Todd R. 126 
Diamond, Michael W. 107 

Diaz, Jill M. 126 
Dicarlo, Jodi M. 117 
Dickey, Fielding H., V. 107 
DiDomineck, Angela M. 126 
Diedrick, Amy S. 107 
Diem, Damn R. 117 
Diemoz, Denyse L. 126 
Dietz, Zachariah L. 117 
DiFava, Ronald 117 
DiMarzio, Mark E. 94 
Dionisio, Thomas A. 117 
Dittus, Jill L. 94 
Ditullio, Courtney 94 
Doel, Corey R. 117 
Doherty, John T., Jr. 107 
Douglas, Stephen J. 107 
Dowdy, Kathryn A. 107 
Dovale, ShadiaM. 117 
Dozer, Alan D. 126 
Drake, Cathy A. 94 
Drake, Christine L. 107 
Drost, William D. 108 
Dubendorfer, Angela 117 
Dubois, Michelle L. 126 
DuBois, Paige A. 126 
Dudley, Ginger L. 118 
Duggan, Angelia R. 126 
Dunbar, Chad M. 108 
Dunn, Rebalynn 126 
Durhan, Jr., Michael D. 118 
Durkalec, CarolAnn 126 
Dyer, Amy R. 126 

Earl, Windy L. 95 
Easton, Jillian S. 108 
Eatman, Rebecca A. 95 
Eatmon, James T. 95 
Ebert, Kelli A. 95 
Edwards, April C. 108 
Edwards, Barbra L. 126 
Edwards, Tracy L. 118 
Eisen, Jerry L. 108 
Eiss, Brian K. 126 
Ekes, Stephen E. 126 
Elder, Adam T. 126 
Elliott, Richard J. 126 
Ellis, Patrick W. 95 
Ellorin, Timothy J. 126 
Emery, Kelley L. 118 
Enama, Gayle A. 95 
Ensminger, Tawnya D. 118 
Eschrich, Eileen J. 95 
Escobar, Santiago 118 
Etzkorn, Jennifer L. 126 

Evans, Andrea D. 95 
Evans, Donna C. 118 
Evans, James Patrick 108 
Evans, Maria E. 95 
Ewald, Michelle J. 108 

Facey, Marsha H. 108 
Falk, Erica L. 126 
Fallon, Maria Teresa 108 
Faloni, James J. 95 
Faneuff, Kenneth W. 108 
Fannin, Robert E., Jr. 108 
Farley, Dana R. 108 
Farley, Wendel E. 108 
Farmer, Traci P. 108 
Farrell, Amy S. 118 
Fassman, Jennifer A. 108 
Fazlin, Roxanna L. 118 
Fecht, David 126 
Feingold, Lori L. 95 
Feliciano, Ana V. 126 
Fellner, Andrea K. 118 
Ferguson, Scott A. 108 
Ferlise-Hall, Jena 95 
Fernandez, Laura J. 126 
Ferrara, Katherine J. 108 
Fessel, Christine N. 126 
Fessler, Scott A. 126 
Field, Tory E. 118 
Fife, Karen E. 95 
Fife, Susan M. 95 
Findlay, Christine M. 108 
Finn, Andrea D. 118 
Fish, Christina A. 118 
Fisher, Amy M. 108 
Fishman, Ross 126 
Fitzgerald, Brett S. 126 
Fitzgerald, Kelly C. 126 
Flanagan, Kelly M. 126 
Fletcher, Jeffreys. 108 
Focht, Kristine C. 108 
Fontana, Susanne 108 
Foran, Maria C. 118 
Forness, Andrew E. 108 
Forsberg, Kristi L. 108 
Fortenberry, Teresa M. 95 
Foulk, Jennifer J. 126 
Fowlie, EricC. 126 
Fox, Lynne M. 95 
Fox, Tamara A. 118 
France, Stephanie E. 126 
Francis, Erma C. 118 
Francke, James B. 126 
Franco, Angelina B. 95 



Franco, Virginia 95 
Franks, Jennifer M. 126 
Franzke, Deborah J. 95 
Fredrickson, Richard B. 126 
Freebern, Geoffrey D. 95 
Freeman, Julie A. 108 
Freeney, Shannon L. 108 
Freer, Donielle D. 108 
Freese, Brett W. 118 
Frierman, Judith L. 95 
Fuer, Joseph, II 95 
Fulop,Jack 126 
Fumari, Joseph, III 95 
Futch, Jared E. 126 
Futch, Sean D. 95 

Gaillard, Julian E., IV 118 
Gajdos, Melissa L. 126 
Galloway, ChetK. 118 
Galuska, Susan E. 126 
Ganger, Amy W. 95 
Gansner, George A., Ill 118 
Gardner, Evelyn S. 108 
Gargiulo, Jenene R. 126 
Garmon, Christopher W. 

Garr, Shellie P. 118 
Gatz, Timothy M. 126 
Gavin, Gayle M. 108 
Gayle, Robin S. 127 
Geringswald, Richard J., Jr. 

Gernazian, Jalonne K. 108 
Getner, Glenn M. 108 
Gibson, Dorean L. 127 
Giddens, Ellen L. 95 
Giddings, Christopher 108 
Gieschen, Katherine M. 95 
Gifford, Heather M. 118 
Gilbreath, Ginger N. 108 
Gilford, KristieL. 118 
Gill, Amanda L. 127 
Girard, Wyndham J. 95 
Gleason, Lorie D. 118 
Glynn, William D. 127 
Goelz, Tracy L. 95 
Goff, Eugene C. 127 
Goglia,JohnT.,Jr. 127 
Gomes, Peter C. 108 
Goodman, Christy P. 95 
Gopher, Charlotte W. 118 
Gracia-Arreche, Luis R. 118 
Graham, Andrew W. 127 
Graham, Wanda Y. 118 

Grandin, Tara S. 95 
Gray, Colleen A. 127 
Greatens, Sandra K. 108 
Greathouse, Chad A. 1 18 
Green, Clark E. 118 
Green, Bernadette M. 127 
Green, Mark E. 127 
Greene, Jill N. 118 
Greenstein, Andrew J. 118 
Gressani, Chad D. 127 
Gressel, Steven L. 118 
Griffith, Carl T. II 127 
Griffith, Dawn M. 95 
Griffith, Morris S. 108 
Grimes, Thomas W. 118 
Grimm, Burton P. 108 
Groe, Noel S. 127 
Gross, Phyllis M. 108 
Grout, Tracy L. 127 
Guinet, Barbara 108 
Gulli, David J. 118 
Guptill, John D. 127 
Guteras, Nathan T. 127 
Guzman, Ricarlos 118 

Haag, Jeffrey G. 118 
Haakon, Peter C. 118 
Haas, Rebecca E. 95 
Haberman, Bonnie L. 127 
Hagerdon, Randall S. 118 
Haldane, Clinton James 95 
Hale, George D., II 96 
Hall, Christina L. 118 
Hall, Lee A. 96 
Hall, Matthew L. 108 
Hall, Tyler R. 118 
Hallman, April L. 118 
Hamilton, Julie L. 96 
Hamilton, Marsha L. 108 
Hamm, Elisa J. 127 
Hamrick, Zachary C. 127 
Hamrick, Shannon M. 96 
Hannigan, Paul C. 127 
Hanscel, Eula B. 96 
Hansen, Cynthia B. 118 
Hansen, Julie A. 108 
Haralson, Amy N. 127 
Haralson, Melissa L. 108 
Harbison, Leslie A. 118 
Hardie, Tracy D. 96 
Hardin, Melanie A. 108 
Hardy, Robert S. 96 
Harley, LaSundra A. 118 
Harper, Matthew J. 118 

Harper, Shelley C. 108 
Harrell, Wendy Shae 96 
Harries, Samantha T. 127 
Harris, Emily D. 127 
Harris, Heather L. 108 
Harris, Nathan A. 127 
Hartman, Deana L. 108 
Harvey, Kimberly A. 109 
Hasty, Janice E. 127 
Hawk, Laurie J. 127 
Hawkes, Larry T. 127 
Haygood, Bardetta D. 109 
Haynes, Michael A. 109 
Hazel, John L. 127 
Head, Scott J. 118 
Heath, Emily D. 109 
Heck, CarleneS. 118 
Hedgecock, Russell L. 127 
Heffner, Tracy D. 96 
Hefke, Denise L. 96 
Heintzelman, Christine E. 109 
Helsing, Eva G. 127 
Hensley, Heather L. 127 
Hering, Brent 118 
Hermann, Elizabeth A. 119 
Hernandez -Campos, Jose 

Marcos 119 
Herrera, Eva M. 96 
Herrera, Laura M. 96 
Hersey, Laura T. 127 
Hessinger, Linda Jo 96 
Hewson, Julia C 127 
Heydt, Leslie CI 19 
Higgs, Alana D. 127 
Higinbotham, Holly D. 119 
Hilbert, Tom D. 109 
Hildenbrand, John W. 119 
Hill, Melanie A. 109 
Hill, Tara M. 109 
Hiller, Tracy A. 127 
Hilliard, Jennifer L. 119 
Hills, Nicole R. 119 
Hilson, Krishna L. 119 
Hinton, Charlea D. 127 
Hirt, Jeffrey A. 109 
Hodges, Deana R. 109 
Hodges, Jennifer L. 96 
Hodsdon, Kenneth W. 119 
Hoel, Ingun K. 127 
Hohnstreiter, Michelle R. 96 
Hollifield, Erin A. 109 
Hollis, Lynn Elizabeth 127 
Hollowell, Angela L. 119 
Holzshu, Chris P. 127 
Hood, Charles M., IV 127 

Hood, Rachel J. 96 
Hopgood, Daniel R. 119 
Hoppe, Julia A. 96 
Horton, Millicent P. 127 
Hoskinson, Cindy 109 
Hoskinson, John R. 119 
Howard, Jeffery J. 109 
Hower, Carole L. 109 
Huber, Holly L. 109 
Huebner, Allison E. 119 
Huffman, Paula A. 96 
Hughes, Brian R. 127 
Hughes, John I. 96 
Hughes, Laurie K. 96 
Hulten, Michael A. 97 
Humphrys, Donald B. 127 
Hunt, Edwin E. 97 
Hunt, Jennifer T. 109 
Hunt, John M. 109 
Hunt, Kimberly B. 97 
Hurner, Laurie A. 97 
Hutchinson, David O. 97 
Hutto, Jennifer E. 97 

Idle, Jonathan 127 
Imparato, Vicky A. 127 
Indek, Morgan A. 127 
Inman, Raymond M., Jr. 109 
Intagliata, Lisa C. 119 
Iosue, Carmela F. 119 
Iosue, Vincent F. 109 
Israel, Ananiah D. 109 

Jackson, Candace S. 127 
Jackson, Kelly A. 119 
Jackson, Michelle L. 109 
Jaehnigen, Mark G. 119 
Jago, Elizabeth B. 97 
Jakubowski, Scott J. 97 
James, Kenneth D. 97 
James, William H. 97 
Jamshid, David K. 119 
Jamshid, Jon F. 109 
Jarrett, George S. 109 
Jauregui, Dolores A. 97 
Jay, William R. 127 
Jenkins, Jennifer A. 128 
Jenkins, Julie Ann 109 
Jerantowski, Sherri L. 119 
Johansen, Cindy A. 97 
Johns, Ruthie B. 119 
Johnson, Carrie S. 119 
Johnson, Jana P. 109 



Johnson, Jimmy L., Jr. 109 
Johnson, Leah K. 128 
Johnson, Matthew K. 119 
Johnson, Shannon D. 97 
Johnson, Shanon E. 97 
Johnson, Wendy D. 128 
Johnston, James E. 109 
Jones, Julie M. 119 
Jones, Michael J. 128 
Jorgensen, Karen D. 128 
Joyner, Cynthia M. 128 
Jung,JoonYol 128 
Justice, Leigh A. 97 

JVaiser, Timothy J. 128 
Kalinowski, Jill T. 128 
Kalna, Nancy A. 97 
Kamberg, Christopher T. 

Kamp, Jeffrey T. 128 
Kaplan, Zachary C. 119 
Karo, Christopher J. 109 
Kasza, Lisa M. 119 
Karros, Hans M. 109 
Katterhenry, Michael S. 128 
Keener, Jeffrey S. 128 
Keener, Maryjane 97 
Keith, Carey L. 97 
Keller, Eric S. 119 
Kelly, Casey 119 
Kennedy, Brian A. 97 
Kent, Julie L. 109 
Ketter, Michael R. 97 
Keys, Marvin L. 128 
Kiepe, Kari E. 97 
Kim, Cheonmok 128 
Kimberley, Kip G. 128 
King, Dawn M. 119 
Kirkland, Robert L 128 
Kleman, Jennifer L. 97 
Klettner, Stephanie P. 109 
Kloots, Kimberly A. 128 
Knollinger, Amy M. 119 
Knotts, Trina A. 109 
Koch, Lisa A. 128 
Koller, Barrington "Barry" 

F. 128 
Kolonoski, Dina L. 128 
Kondor, David A. 109 
Krause, Sean M. 128 
Kreusch, Michael A. 128 
Krichbaum, Kerry L. 109 
Krottnauer, Jeanne K. 128 
Kruck, Jennifer A. 97 

Kucks, Bryce T. 109 
Kulp, Susan C. 109 
Kuska, Jacob S. 128 

LaBrie, Roger A. 110 
Lafrance, Eric M. 128 
Lagg, Ronald A. 110 
Lahman, Elizabeth A. 97 
Lahnoudi, Jennifer C. 110 
Lambert, Robert L. 97 
Landreth, Ross M. 128 
Lane, Roberta A. 128 
Lang, StefanieK.110 
Langford, Michelle L. 128 
LaRochelle, Jennifer L. 128 
Larrison, Mindy J. 128 
Larsen, Gary E. 128 
Lauerman, Sarah E. 128 
La wlor, Michael P. 110 
Laws, Matthew Steven 119 
Lay ton, Brian W. 110 
Lazanis, Lesli E. 128 
Leahy, Thomas J. 97 
Leak, Kena D. 128 
LeBlanc, Timothy D. 128 
Lee,ChongD. 110 
Lee, Christopher A. 119 
Lee, Jeffrey D. 97 
Lee, Kuryne M. 97 
Lee, Lory M. 128 
Leech, Katherine A. 128 
Lefebre, Robert R. 97 
Legg, Larry K. 119 
Leland, Shawn K. 128 
Lembidakis, John 128 
Lemoine, Shannon E. 119 
Lenseth, Krishna H. 119 
Lesniewski, Jeffrey W. 119 
Leto, Timothy J. 110 
Lewis, Alicia 110 
Lewis, Portia L. 97 
Lewis, Tiffany J. 128 
LiCausi, Jacquelyn A. 128 
Lickliter, Kim T. 97 
Lickliter, Lyn A. 119 
Liebert, David T. 110 
Lilly, Scott R. 119 
Lim, YeeH. 119 
Lisk, LanaeC. 119 
Littler, Wendy M. 128 
Lobaugh, Tricia L. 110 
Lofink, Richard J. 110 
LoFrumento, Nanina 119 
Lofton, Laurel L. 128 

Longhurst, Philip C. 128 
Lorance, Denise 97 
Lorren, Meley L. 97 
Lubertazza, Cheryln A. 97 
Luckie, Dana M. 97 
Luckie, Heather L. 128 
Lucovsky, Chad S. 119 
Ludden, Robin Aimee 110 
Lugo, Marisol 119 
Lugo, Edward 110 
Lutz, Scott A. 110 
Lynch, Karyn E. 98 
Lynch, William C, III 110 

Macbeth, Jennifer S. 128 
MacDonald, Thomas J. 128 
Macey, Robert A. 98 
Mach, C. V. Truit 110 
Machado, Michael Jay 98 
Mackler, Jennifer L. 119 
Macomber, Marc Andrew 

Madonia, Kaye K. 98 
Magnuson, Chad M. 129 
Maillet, Marcel S. 129 
Maiolo, Jennifer A. 98 
Maiure, Michael R. 129 
Malfitano, Paula A. 129 
Malley, DeAnne E. 110 
Mallin, Tracey A. 119 
Malm, Denise 129 
Mamolou, Rachel E. 129 
Mancini, Rita J. 129 
Manley, Brian L. 110 
Manley, Leeann 98 
Mann, Tracy E. 98 
Mansfield, Cory J. 110 
Mansika, Melynda J. 98 
Maples, Pamela M. 110 
Marcell, Mike R. 119 
Marchitto, Jeffrey 98 
Marchitto, Steve J. 119 
Maresco, Greg J. 129 
Marichal, Lisa M. 110 
Marinelli, Brian J. 129 
Marino, Richard A. 1 10 
Mariucci, Richard M. 129 
Marretta, Lizabeth A. 129 
Marretta, Lynn 98 
Martin, Christine K. 98 
Martin, Donna A. 119 
Marty, Kurt A. 120 
Martz, Scott T. 129 
Matkovich, Tracy A. 120 

Matson, David A. 98 
Matutu, Michael K. 129 
Maxfield, Amy R. 110 
Maxwell, Lawrence T. 120 
May, Timothy M. 98 
Mayhall, Tanya M. 98 
Maynard, Julee 98 
McArthur, Jahim A. 129 
McCarel, Elizabeth A. 120 
McCarthy, Kelly C. 98 
McClary, Tara E. 129 
McClurg, Hayden C. 110 
McCole, Alicia L. 129 
McConnaughhay, Melinda 

G. 98 
McCool, Patricia 98 
McCormick, Lon G. 110 
McCranie, Kevin D. 129 
McCreanor, Coleen M. 120 
McDonald, Melissa K. 98 
McDowell, Audrey K. 110 
McFall, Michele A. 129 
McGill, Christopher Boyd 98 
McGinnis, Shaun J. 120 
McGlynn, William R. 120 
Mcllvaine, William R. 110 
McKenzie, Kimberly D. 129 
McKnight, Patrick J. 110 
McLaurin, David C. 129 
McLaurin, Sea/ M. 129 
McLean, Elizabeth A. 110 
McMiller, Demetra G. 110 
McMullan, Russell T. 129 
McNeff, Shawna D. 129 
McRae, Candice M. 120 
McSwain, Katherine D. 99 
McTarnaghan, Janel K. 110 
McWilliams, Nancy K. 99 
Means, Michelle E. 120 
Medeiros, Ana E. 129 
Meginley, Janet M. 120 
Mehrer, Anita P. 129 
Mell, Kristen K. 129 
Melroy, Jeri K. 129 
Melvin, Catherine G. 110 
Melvin, William K., Jr. 110 
Meltzer, Susan M. 120 
Mena, Paul 129 
Mencarelli, Lori B. 120 
Menon, Lekha S. 99 
Menswar, Brant C. 1 10 
Mercado, Melissa L. 99 
Merrill, Joseph F. 129 
Merritt, Barbara A. 129 
Merritt, Carolyn E. 110 



Merten, Jana L. 120 
Mesyn, Stacey A. 129 
Meyer, Jennifer K. 120 
Meyer, Melissa A. 129 
Michaels, Mary Jane 110 
Michaud, Todd M. 129 
Micucci, Michael A. 110 
Miles, Debra Suong 120 
Millen, Elizabeth C. 120 
Miller, Donna J. 120 
Miller, Melinda S. 129 
Miller, Michelle M. 120 
Miller, Stephanie S. 110 
Miller, Terrence R. 99 
Miller, Terry L. Jr. 129 
Mills, Christy L. 129 
Mills, John C, III 129 
Mills, Pamela D. 120 
Milner, Jerrie D. 120 
Milner, Joy D. 99 
Miloch, Matthew D. 120 
Minix, Holly 110 
Mitchell, Lazarus M. 99 
Mobley, Carta C. 99 
Moffett, Lisa M. 110 
Mohler, Julianne L. 129 
Mollison, Jennifer C. 129 
Monek, Tracy M. 129 
Monkiewicz, Michelle 99 
Montgomery, Michelle M. 

Montgomery, Monique D. 

Mooney, Timothy P. 129 
Moore, Arthur W., Jr. 110 
Moore, Frank C, III 129 
Moorhead, Stephanie C. 

Moraes, Vivian 129 
Morgan, Barbara 99 
Morgan, Fred M. 99 
Morris, Rodney H. 120 
Morse, Marie G. 1 10 
Morton, Michelle A. 99 
Moss, Robert C. 99 
Mouery, Marcus W. 120 
Moye, Melanie K. 129 
Moyer, Arnold R., IV 110 
Mueller, Joy J. 120 
Mulcay, Katherine A. 99 
Mullis, April G. 129 
Mundahl, Krista A. 129 
Munini, Debra L. 129 
Munzing, Darren G. 129 
Mura, Dawn M. Ill 

Murphy, Brendan J. Ill 
Murphy, Dan B. 130 
Murphy, Larry D. 120 
Murray, Cameron T. 130 
Murray, Jennifer J. 130 
Murray, Sean F. 99 
Muse, Ellen N. 120 
Musgrave, Jacquline E. 120 
Musgrove, Jennifer R. 130 
Mutzabaugh, Amy 99 

Nash, Christina A. 130 
Neel, Jason A. 99 
Neitzke, Mark J. Ill 
Nelson, Candice C. 130 
Nelson, Deborah J. 99 
Nelson, Susan L. 130 
Newberg, Anthony C. 120 
Newell, Jane S. 120 
Newmark, Laura M. 130 
Nicholason, Lori J. Ill 
Niemann, Judith A. 130 
Nofi, Laura L. 120 
Noone, Frances A. Ill 
Norris, Melanie M. Ill 
Norton, Carolyn G. 120 
Norton, Thomas H., Ill 99 
Nottage, Brian A. Ill 
Nutt, Niven G. 99 

Oakley, Cynthia K. Ill 
Oakley, Ronald E. Jr. Ill 
Oakley, Theresa M. 120 
Oates, Nancy E. 120 
O'Dell, Kelli K. 130 
O'Donnell, Kelly S. Ill 
O'Driscoll, Brian D. 99 
Okuyama, Kanae 130 
Olmsted, Rebecca F. 130 
Olsen, Eric B. 130 
Olson, KimberlyA. Ill 
Olszewski, Richard J. 130 
Ott, Christy A. 130 
Ott, Sharon L. Ill 
Overcast, Michelle L. 99 
Overton, Deborah R. Ill 

Padgett, Melissa E. 99 
Page, Stacey A. 99 
Pagel, Vicky L. 120 
Paige, Darcy L. 130 
Paige, Jeffrey H. 130 

Pambello, Amy B. 99 
Panckow, Jens 130 
Pangrazio, Eilah 1. 120 
Papagianneris, Dominiki 130 
Papagianneris, Marika 130 
Pappagallo, Christopher A. 

Parham, Elizabeth A. 1 1 1 
Parker, Joseph P. 120 
Parker, Steve 99 
Parsons, Holly M. 99 
Pasley, Donna L. Ill 
Passaretti, Susan 120 
Patel, Birju B. 120 
Patterson, Patrick W. 99 
Pattison, David H. Ill 
Patton, Deborah A. 99 
Paulus, Kimberly R. 120 
Peachee, Dane P. 130 
Pears, James L. Ill 
Pearson, Christoph 120 
Peeples, Aimee L. 130 
Peeples, Matthew L. 130 
Pence, Scott T. 130 
Pender, John W. Ill 
Penney, Cynthia A. 130 
Peoples, Elisabeth A. 99 
Percy, Todd D. 99 
Perez, JoAnna M. Ill 
Perez, Patricia R. 130 
Perkins, Jeffrey A. Ill 
Perry, Jessica Reddish 111 
Peterson, Jason H. Ill 
Petrey, Karin L. 99 
Petrone, Guy D. Ill 
Pettiford, Leonard A., Jr. 99 
Phillips, Christopher D. 99 
Phillips, Ryan M. 99 
Phypers, Danielle L. Ill 
Phypers, Drew W. 130 
Pike, Cathy A. Ill 
Pillitteri, Dorene A. 100 
Pitts, Jason W. 130 
Pogue, James M. 100 
Pohl, Tammy D. 100 
Polak, Mihael 130 
Polk, Seth N. 100 
Pollnow, Tanya A. 120 
Pontuti, Karen L. 100 
Pontuti, Denise L. 130 
Posick, Laura E. Ill 
Powell, Lesli M. 130 
Powell, Richard D. 120 
Powers, Jacquelin V. 100 
Powers, Tricia L. 1 20 

Pratt, Jacob E. 130 
Precourt, April L. 1 1 1 
Premo, Gregory J. 1 1 1 
Price, Jennifer K. 120 
Prior, Stacia E. 120 
Pritchard, Megan E. 100 
Proctor, Stacey D. 130 
Provost, Richard J. 130 
Prow, Theresa F. Ill 
Pruehs, Daniel J. Ill 
Pugh, Jill E. 120 
Pugh, Michael L. 112 
Pugsley, Melinda L. 120 
Purvis, Kelley J. 130 
Purvis, William M. 112 

Race, Jennifer C. 121 
Radaker, John J. 112 
Radebaugh, Daniel R. 121 
Rahman, Udani A. 112 
Rajaram, Sujatha 100 
Rajavich, Steven T. 130 
Raley,LeeC. 112 
Rampino, Roberto 130 
Randle, Tracy L. 100 
Ransom, James V. 100 
Raponi, Mark L. 121 
Rasmussen-Taxdal, Erica L. 

Rattman, Amy C. 100 
Redd, Nicholas A. 100 
Reed, Glenn M. 130 
Reed, JodiL. 130 
Reemelin, Mark E. 112 
Reese, Ashley D. 130 
Reese, Clark D. 130 
Reisner, Joshua D. 130 
Renshaw, Sandra C. 130 
Rentz, Walter L. 100 
Rexach, Velda Y. 112 
Reynolds, Rachelle A. 112 
Reynolds, Shawn H. 112 
Rhoades, Dawn M. 121 
Rhodes, William J., Jr. 112 
Richards, Chantal M. 100 
Richer, Jennifer A. 130 
Richer, Lorraine F. 130 
Riley, Lisa A. 100 
Riley, Thomas Michael 130 
Riordan, Lara A. 130 
Ritchie, Wendy E. 100 
Rivera, Carlos E. 131 
Rivera-Franceschi, Adelita 




Roberts, James H., ni 100 
Roberts, Brent E. 121 
Roberts, Craig M. 121 
Roberts, Kim 121 
Robertson, Jeffery K. 112 
Robichaud, Lesley A. 121 
Robillard, Scott P. 131 
Robinson, Angela J. 121 
Robinson, Kellie S. 100 
Robinson, Sonya D. 100 
Robnett, Richard W., Ill 112 
Rodgers, James E., Jr. 112 
Rodriguez, Jeanne 131 
Rohm, Emily M. 112 
Rohrer, Angela K. 100 
Rolfe, Scott R. 131 
Roma, Jules M. 121 
Rosado, Cynthia L. 131 
Ross, Melissa C. 131 
Ross, Rhonda R. 112 
Ross, Tracey L. 131 
Rosynsky, Lory A. 131 
Rovaldi, Elizabeth A. 121 
Roule, Kathleen E. 131 
Rovaldi, Elizabeth A. 121 
Rubio, LoretoR. 131 
Rush, Chad E. 112 
Russell, Andrew S. 121 
Rust, Sara M. 112 
Rutledge, Bryan B. 121 
Ryan, Kevin D. 121 
Ryan, Tara H. 101 

Oakowski, David T. 131 
Salazar, Virginia 101 
Salmon, Tracy E. 121 
Sandberg, Kelley L. 131 
Sandberg, Shawn L. 112 
Sandbrook, Virginia M. 112 
Sandifer, Linda R. 101 
Sanghvi, Rakesh V. 131 
Santo, Tracy L. 121 
Santos, Lisa M. 101 
Santos, Yamira 131 
Sargeant, Julie A. 121 
Satrio, Ken N. 131 
Sawyer, Anne E. 131 
Schaefer, Brandon E. 131 
Scharf, Brett A. 101 
Scharfenstein, Thomas J. 

Schild, Susan E. 101 
Schmidt, Christopher R. 


Schneider, Jessica L. 131 
Schneider, Tina E. 131 
Schorr, Emily B. 112 
Schrader, Malissa Jo 112 
Schroer, Sharon M. 112 
Schulz, Carole A. 121 
Schwabeland, Edward W. 

Scoppa, Dawn 131 
Scott, Bradley L. 121 
Scott, Sheila L. 101 
Seaver, Charles A. 121 
Seiler, Garen M. 131 
Sennet, Matthew 121 
Sexsmith, Stacy L. 101 
Sexton, Sean M. 131 
Shaffer, Alice M. 101 
Shaivitz, Adam A. 112 
Shannon, Cynthia M. 131 
Sharp, Darek L. 101 
Sheetz, Catherine E. 112 
Sheffield, Victoria L. 101 
Shelbaugh, Todd P. 121 
Shenefield, Lisa M. 131 
Shenk, Andrew D. 121 
Sherbon, Stacy Lynn 121 
Sherrod, Joseph B. 121 
Shettle, Todd A. 112 
Shields, Holly S. 112 
Shindore, Renee S. 131 
Shirghio, Nicholas 112 
Shiver, Christine A. 121 
Shoemaker, Daniel P. 112 
Shorrock, Thomas M. 131 
Shumard, Lori L. 112 
Shuster, Scott P. 131 
Shutts, Shelli L. 112 
Siedem, Timothy T. 112 
Siemers, John R. 131 
Sigurnjak, Mary R. 131 
Silva, Ernesto, Jr. 101 
Simmons, Lynn A. 101 
Simmons, Susan L. 112 
Simpson, Jennifer L. 101 
Simpson, Timothy B. 112 
Sineath, William L., Ill 101 
Sisson, Emily S. 131 
Skinner, Trina L. 112 
Slater, Noel C. 112 
Slavik, Bret T. 112 
Sligar, Mary M. 121 
Smalley, Julie A. 121 
Smathers, Donna L. 112 
Smith, Anita A. 112 
Smith, Frederick K. 112 

Smith, Iris S. 101 
Smith, Kimberly S. 
Smith, KristiL. 112 
Smith, Laurie A. 121 
Smith, Linda L. 101 
Smith, Liza A. 131 
Smith, Michael A. 121 
Smith, Misty A. 112 
Smith, Rebecca A. 101 
Smith, Tami S. 101 
Smith, Therese M. 101 
Smoak, Edward L., Jr. 121 
Snider, Jack M., Ill 112 
Snow, Bradley L. 121 
Snyder, Christi A. 131 
Snyder, Joel S. 131 
Snyder, John B. 121 
Sobolewski, Mark A. 112 
Sorgi, Christopher 131 
Sotono, Hiroaki 131 
Spain, Michael B. 131 
Sparkman, Vikki M. 121 
Specht, Lorrie 121 
Speese, Orrinna R. 101 
Speier, Laura J. 112 
Spinks, Jason W. 112 
Spolyar, Jeffrey W. 121 
Springer, Barbara J. 101 
Spurlock, Christie L. 101 
Squitier, Jason M. 121 
Stacey, Andrea C. 131 
Stack, David J. 101 
Stafford, Cade P. 121 
Stafford, David J. 112 
Stagg, Mandie L. 121 
Stahl, Keith E. 121 
Stahnke, Andrew M. 112 
St. Amour, Karen L. 121 
Stancavish, Dennis A. 131 
Stanley, Craig P. 131 
Starr, Michael P. 121 
Stedem, Christopher M. 131 
Steenblock, Amy L. 131 
Steg,JodyB. 131 
Stein, Jennifer L. 121 
Stephens, Jill A.131 
Stephens, John W. 101 
Stephens, Patricia E. 131 
Stepnicka, Kathryn L. 131 
Steward, John C. 101 
Stewart, Kimberly C. 101 
Stewart, Michael D. 121 
Stiles, Darron G. 131 
Stock, Heather L. 132 
Stock, Michael E. 101 

Stoval, Jennifer L. 113 
Stratton, Sheryl L. 101 
Stratton, Tamara L. 101 
Strausser, Scott D. 121 
Stringfellow, Susan J. 101 
Stritch, Brandon A. 121 
Strong, DavidS. 113 
Stroyan, Amy E. 101 
Stubenrauch, Stephanie C. 

Stuck, Chad H. 132 
Stuckey, Lucinda M. 101 
Sturgis, Jason A. 132 
Stutzman, Paula J. 113 
Suchma, Dennine A. 101 
Sullivan, Christen A. 132 
Sullivan, Greta A. 132 
Sullivan, Mara Megan 113 
Summers, Russell K., Jr. 132 
Summers, Stacy M. 132 
Sumner, Cynthia L. 101 
Sutphin, Sheila R. 122 
Suttile, Dana M. 102 
Sutton, Daniel K. 122 
Swaine, Britton R. 113 
Swanson, Brent A. 132 
Swindell, Tina E. 113 
Swisher, Jennifer K. 122 
Sypko, Timothy D. 113 

Tackett, Julie L. 132 
Tan, Boon H. 132 
Tan, Teck Joo 122 
Taylor, Christopher N. 132 
Taylor, Jennifer P. 132 
Taylor, Joseph R., Ill 132 
Taylor, Kerry A. 101 
Taylor, Thomas M. 122 
Tedesco, Jennifer 122 
Teresi, Christina L. 113 
Thayer, Christina L. 102 
Thoeming, Amy K. 122 
Thomas, Derek E. 132 
Thomas, Heather L. 122 
Thomas, Heather Renae 132 
Thomas, Kristin D. 113 
Thompson, Charles A. 132 
Thompson, Donald B. 122 
Thompson, Mark A. 102 
Thompson, Tara C. 132 
Thornley, Robert W. 132 
Thornton, Jon M. 122 
Thornton, Kimberly R. 113 
Thuman, Kevin 122 



Thuman, Scott W. 132 
Thyhsen, Rebecca L. 102 
Tibboles, Jennifer E. 132 
Tidwell, Bryce L. 102 
Tinsley, Susan E. 132 
Toftness, Joshua E. 132 
Tollini, Gregg G. 102 
Tolson, Jonathan S. 132 
Tomlin, Gregory A. 122 
Toskes, Steve D. 132 
Toth, Gerhard 122 
Towey, James E. 102 
Towles, Anne M. 102 
Townsend, Richard C. 1 13 
Tracy, Betty A. 113 
Traupman, Jessica L. 132 
Trayers, Laurie S. 132 
Trochelman, Gail H. 102 
Trogan, Amy L. 102 
Trotta, Michael R. 132 
Truitt, Melanie K. 122 
Trunzo, Paul E. 102 
Tse,HoiKitT. 132 
Turbeville, Michelle (Missy) 

L. 113 
Turek, John A. 122 
Turk, Lucia 1. 102 
Turkett, Robert L. 132 
Turner, Andrew D. 132 
Turner, Mary V. 113 
Turner, Ryan S. 132 
Turner, Sunny K. 102 
Turnquest, April G. 113 
Turnquest, Joyann A. 113 
Turnquist, Juliana 132 
Turvin, Tresa M. 122 
Tuxbury, Holly E. 132 
Tynan, Christopher J. 122 

Umsted, Christena S. 102 
Ungaro, Kristin L. 132 
Ungashick, Stacey 113 
Upmeyer, Karin L. 122 
Urban, Ronald D. 113 
Uva, David J. 102 

Vails, Kimberlee A. 122 
Van Horn, Jason A. 132 
Varady, Georgette L. 102 
Varnum, Sherry A. 113 
Vaughan, Grant A. 113 
Vazquez, Christopher L. 

Veras, Raymond C. 132 
Vetter, Jennifer A. 132 
Vicas, Aurora E. 132 
Vickers, Kimberly D. 132 
Vickery, Jennifer L. 102 
Viehman, Stephanie A. 102 
Villarreal, Liza 132 
Vincent, Duane F. 102 
Vincent, Robert A. 122 
Vinzant, Leigh A. 103 
Vogt, Molly D. 132 
Volpe, Allison L. 132 
von Berlichingen, Goetz 

Vondruska, John M. 113 
Vorce, Mina M. 113 

Waddell, Alexander B. 

Wade, Kimberly T. 103 
Wahlbrink, Kara S. 103 
Wainscott, Grant M. 122 
Waite, Jan W., Jr. 103 
Walbroel, Charles J. 122 
Waldau, Matthew G. 132 
Walker, John C 122 
Wall, Kevin R. 103 
Wall, Mary "Denise" 122 
Wallace, Ashley L. 122 
Wallace, Scott M. 132 
Wallace, Shawn M. 133 
Waller, Rebecca L. 103 
Wallis, Tracy Lynne 133 
Walls, Kelly E. 122 
Walsh, Beth A. 113 
Walsh, Brian P. 113 
Walston, Monica K. 122 
Walts, Mary K. 113 
Wang, Xiaoxia 133 
Ward, SoniaM. 133 
Ward, Todd W. 103 
Warford, Katherine E. 133 
Washington, Reginald L. 

Wasserbauer, Claudia M. 

Watson, Melinda B. 133 
Webb, DarrellW. 113 
Webb, Kimberly L. 133 
Weerasooriya, Shanaka L. 

Weingarten, Edward A. 133 
Wendt, Pamela J. 103 
Weninger, Leslie A. 122 

West, Donald A. 113 
Westbrock, Anthony G. 122 
Westendorf, Julia Marie 122 
Westerfield, Byron G. 122 
Weston, Deborah L. 113 
Whatley, Melissa L. 113 
Whidden, Brett T. 133 
White, Alisa J. 133 
White, Allison M. 133 
White, Jennifer A. 113 
White, Jesse R. 113 
White, John W. Jr. 113 
White, Roderick H. 113 
Whiteman, Roger A. 113 
Whiting, Cheryl 133 
Wicker, Wendy L. 133 
Wickersheim, Michael E. 113 
Wiegand, Kristin E. 122 
Wiemken, Deborah L. 113 
Williams, Ann M. 133 
Williams, Christopher G. 113 
Williams, Cynthia L. 113 
Williams, Heather L. 103 
Williams, Kimberly M. 133 
Williams, Ronald L. 103 
Williams, Royce M. 113 
Williams, Stacy A. 133 
Williamson, John C. 122 
Willis, Jill N. 122 
Wills, Chad C 122 
Wills, Marie C. 122 
Wills, RachelS. 113 
Wilson, Frances R. 113 
Wilson, Heather D. 133 
Wilson, James R. 103 
Wilson, Kimberly J. 113 
Winkler, Melissa A. 113 
Winslow, Staci A. 103 
Wise, Tara E. 122 
Witham, Chad E. 122 
Withers, Jacquelyn Emma 122 
Woelfel,JulieA. 133 
Wolf, Frederick E. 133 
Womble, Paul L. 113 
Wood, Candy L. 122 
Woods, Kristen B. 133 
Wooldridge, Jamelle J. 103 
Worley, Vicki R. 133 
Wright, Courtney P. 122 
Wright, Kevin E. 133 
Wright, Laura E. 103 
Wurtz, Hillary A. 122 

Yang, Pamela 133 

Yarvote, Victoria 103 
Yazdan-Parasti, James B. 

Yokoyama, Akashi 113 
Young, Barry M.133 
Young, Shauna L. 113 
Younkers, Christina A. 113 

Zeff, Marc C. 103 
Zillman, Marcus P., II 122 
Zottola, Jeffrey V. 133 
Zuza, Andrea L. 133 


Florida Southern College Alumni Association 

Welcomes the Class of 1992 

As Life Members in Good Standing 

We encourage you to keep in touch with the Alumni Office. Through our 
quarterly publication, The Southernnews, you can share important moments in your 
life as well as keep track of other graduates, faculty and staff. Let us know about 





You can become an active part of the Alumni Association 
in many ways.... 








March 1992-March 1994 

Area Vice Presidents 
Brevard County 
Duval County 
Ft. Myers 
Pinellas County 
Plant City 
Sarasota /Manatee 
Polk County 
Vero Beach 
Palm Beach 
Washington, DC 

Molly Carter Hancock, 74 
J. Lenora King, '85 
R. Al Glover, 71 

Lynne Krnoul Roll, '65 
Shelley Overholt Gudzak, '80 
Gary and Florayne Snyder '68 
C. Edward Morris, 74 
William D. Pigozzi, '80 
Renatta Filewicz Cochran, '53 
Alva Zebendon Swilley, '39 
Robert L. Waldron, '82 
Joe R. Baker, '85 
Joan Burr Creese, '53/ 
Fran R. Brisbin, '49 
Sally O Toole Morton, 75 
Janice Elliott Ellis, '65 
William R. Buck, 71 




Class of 1949 

Service to the Florida Southern College Alumni Association 

Past President of the Florida Southern College Alumni Association 
Member of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 

President of Rollins 

and Associates 
St. Charles, Illinois 





Class of 1955 

Alumni Achievement Citation 

Former Director of the School of Mass Communications 

Virginia Communications 
Hall of Fame 

Honorary Life Member of the Virginia Press Association 

Former National President of Kappa Tau Alpha 

Former National President of Society of Professional 

Advisory Board Member for the American Press Institute 






Class of 1972 

Alumni Achievement Citation 

Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) FBI Academy 

FBI Academy-Special 
Operations and Research Unit 

Assistant Program Manager for Crisis Management an Major Case Programs 

Lecturer for Crisis Management at the FBI National Academy 

Investigative Case Agent for the TWA Flight #847 Hijacking 

Investigative Case Agent in Achille Lauro Hijacking 


George T. Crutchfield, '55 


Gary W. Noesner, '72 




Florida Southern 


A classic solid brass table lamp. 

Featuring a richly detailed 

three-dimensional re-creation of 

the College Seal 

finished in pure 24 kt. gold. 

Issue price: $175.00 
plus $7.50 shipping and handling. 

To order by American Express, MasterCard, 
or Visa, please call toll free 1-800-523-0124 
(Pennsylvania residents only should call 
1-800-367-5248). Calls are accepted seven 
days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern 
Time. All callers should ask for operator 
509JM. To order by mail, write to: Florida 
Southern College Alumni Association, c/o 
P.O. Box 51 1, Wayne, PA 19087 and include 
check or money order, made payable to 
"Official Florida Southern Lamp". Credit 

The Official 

Florida Southern College 

Signet Ring 

For faster service, credit card orders may be placed weekdays from 

9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern Time). 

Telephone toll free 1-800-523-0124 and request Operator 606JR 

Personal Reservation Torm 

Mall Orders to: 

Florida Southern College 
P.O. Box 670 
Exton.PA 19341-0670 

^Ladies' 10K Gold Signet Ring { FLC-SRL) @ $250* ea. Ring size(s 

_Ladies' 14K Gold Signet Ring (FLC-SRL) @ $295* ea Ring size(s 

^Men's 10K Gold Signet Ring (FLC-SRM) @ $325* ea. Ring size(s 

_Men's 14K Gold Signet Ring (FLC-SRM) @ $395' ea. Ring size(s) _ 

" Plus $7.50 handling and insured shipping charge per ring. On ship- 
ments to Pennsylvania, include 6% stale sales tax to total of order. 


Purchaser's Name _ 

Street Address 


Daytime Phone ( ) - 

If "ship to" address is different from above please attach correct address to order 


Place onto finger and pull lab tfirougf 1 
slo! until the paper is snug on your fingc 
5. Read linger size on scale 

Operator No. 606JP 
I prefer to pay as follows: 

□ ENCLOSED IS MY INITIAL INSTALLMENT — $25 00 for each ladies* 10k 
gold ring. $29.50for each ladies' 14kgold ring. $32.50foreach men's 10k gold 
ring, or $39.50 for each men's 1 4k gold ring — payable by check or credit card 
(information provided below). I agree to pay the balance due in 9 equal 
monthly installments.*" Please include shipping and handling charge of $7.50 
per ring with initial installment. (On shipments to Pennsylvania only, please 
also include 6% state sales tax on the total of your order with your deposit ) 

□ IN FULL BY CHECK. Enclosed please find my check or money order for the 
full amount due, made payable to "Official Florida Southern College 

Credn Card Information 


"All orders are subject lo acceptance There is no finance charge on (he monthly payment plan 
The amount of payments (total sales pnee) is equal to the single payment pnee If purchaser (ails 
to pay any portion ol the total payments scheduled, the entire balance shall become immediately 
due at the election of the nng distributor, Wayneco Enterpnses 

See Ring Slzer Inttrucllons 

r left of order form 


, > t *•■# 


Florida Southern College 




f.Ui s € 

■ <j' m 

A Seiko Quafttz timepiece available for a limited time only. Featuring 
a richly detailed three-dimensional re-creation of the College Seal on 
the 14 kt. gold-finished dial. Electronic quartz movement guaranteed 
accurate to withM fifteen seconds per month. 
The ladies' and men's wrist watches are $200 each; the pocket watch 
with matching chain is $230 each. There is a $5.75 shipping and 
handling charge for each watch ordered. On shipments to Pennsylvania 
only, purchasers should add 6% state sales tax. 
lb order by American Express, MasterCard, or Visa, please 
call toll-free 1-800-523-0124 (Pennsylvania residents only call 
1-800-367-5248). All callers should ask for operator number 1273L. 
Calls are accepted weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time. To 
order by mail, write to: Florida Southern College Alumni Association, 
P.O. Box 511, Wayne, PA 19087 and include check, or money order, 
payable to Florida Southern College Watch. Credit card orders can 
also be sent by mail — please include full account number and 
expiration date. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. © * 1989 




LAKELAND, FL 33801-5698 

PHONE: 813/680-4110 
FAX: 8131680-4112 




1991-92 Interlachen Staff 

Shae Harrell, Editor 

Kuryne Lee, Associate Editor 

Stephanie Brown, Assistant Editor 

Jennifer Bouw, Assistant Editor 

Therese Smith, Photo Editor 

John P. Obrecht, Advisor 

Missy Green, Walsworth Publishing Co. 



Missy Turbeville 

Departments & Organizations 

Lisa Kasza 


Stephanie Brown 


Dawn Mura 


Jennifer Bouw 

Senior Class 

Kuryne Lee 

Junior Class 

Missy Turbeville 


Melissa Mercado 
Don Bonham 

Sophomore Class 

Jennifer Bouw 

Freshman Class 
Lisa Kasza 


Monique Montgomery 

STAFF: Tammy Ahlbrandt, Mike Carter, Debbie Craig, Deny Diemez, Heather Hensley, 
Trina Knotts, Wendy Littler, Tara McClary, Michelle McFall, Monique Montgomery, Wendy 
Wicker, Meley Lorren, Garen Seiler. 

PHOTO CREDITS: Michael Thorn, Campus Photographer; Virginia Wesson; Melissa Mer- 
cado; Kuryne Lee; Ernesto Silva; Michael Hulten; Macy Bennett; Denine Suchma; Kim Camer- 
ier; Terry Carter; Nick Shirgio; Monique Montgomery; and the Fall 1991 Basic and Creative 
Photography classes. 

Special Thanks to Mary Ann Woodson - the Communication Department's right hand woman; 
Dean Hugh A. Moran for selecting Senior Spotlights; Kim Boyce; Mr. Wayne Koehler, Sports 
Information; Lynn Griffith & the Alumni Dept.; Mark Caldwell, Katy Cortelyou, Erica Falk, 
Maria Fallon, Brant Menswar, Melissa Mercado, Dawn Mura, Ernesto Silva, and Kimberly 
Thornton for their timeless quotes; Mom, my personal prayer warrior; and the Lord Jesus for 
His joy and strength. 


» » ♦ 

.'HI. I